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E 2 21 TT 5 54 15 gl 3 z E S f 3 5 5 L1 2 W G Q ,. 5 S 5 2 E 3 E 3 3 e " - ' ' :I .:.mrrwmsmB!sxi.:9.'J!hf fir:-fr', ,- 1.1,w2+'z-2...1 1. film? :z4f1' -Jmiisisvfraxlim-. .nk A. 14- f I . . , w v A ., H - '4 " v I . ,-, V, . w , F- 55' .,,: ,f ' 1 , . . . ,xi ' " Pi.f i'4t v 'I . :I .-L 'H 'V 1--:. , 4 N I ' if ,fr 1 ' in A f ,fr Y , V V4 ' 'Q -'f4T7'5Vff4- ,. I.. ggi vzzwkri . ,3- .E r -, ft 1--WE .,A Q, '11 -Y T fix. Li," '::'1.,q 3, 1 fx AP. . 3 -1 n 1 J I 'mm me... I 34. Q I .- : . lj. .. .J R A 'J , - 'fm "1 MI.-Lf. -Il 14 f ,p 4 -12 1 UV.: ' - , 3:11, - .. , 1 Q v . , Nz - P- "1 fic A M Br! ' Q , A , A ffiji 1 M Ht" Lv , .4 ggi ,QQ Em 1 . fsxgfficf is ig4'jgvf?9 -ff' . W ,L fr- I ,.1.v 'fwntili :L T1 x l ,.'. Ax B. . . '3 lf. . 1 "'- f- I 'fofliofflfifofifoffi 2DSSSS5fofo5fofofoSfoSS'5 af'fiof828o.3o3fi0.0f3f33 g M "4 oo " vu M so W ICI oo P4 L? sig Poi OO Ill M 50 .VA Ee w lla Ev IO! OO ICI OO IO! OO Nl O0 U61 OO lil Q0 DOI OO pu 3 in 1 P5951 if me so an 'sf lo Qs: L53 O6 FOI OO na 00 lil 00 ne oo ll O lil 00 Ill it 24 Ill 0 'TffE BEEHIVE 1928 VOLUME XV MID-YEAR: Non scholae, sed vitae discimus CWe learn not for school, but for lifej JUNE! Conquering and still to conquer Published by the BOARD OF PUBLICATION of the SENIOR CLASS of the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, NEW BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT N1 OO lil O0 lil O0 U04 OO W L94 5, . W D01 OO W PM 1 'g 56 DOI OO nn OO IN of Ml to ICI 00 DO! 00 ill OO D04 oo IO! OO 'Ol to Nl M F9 -If ' a 701 OO I 04 fo? M' A , I I 55 W W IQ 1 54 ICQ no aol oo 'fl oe W IOC se ll WI O. v- ---- .--QI .,v - .-.-,,..Y3---------.-..,.. We offffffffffffofoi. I'52fofffo.ffffo'fo'o'e?e. ' I!!!o9o?o'l!ofofofofofioso' ' vv'v'vvvv 'vvvvpav "" 'v',v.'vv'vv:0vvvvvvvvvvvvv vvv gfgfofiiiifiiiiiofdgzbpSSSS.o55Sp.o55Sf.?2'f8.?8d8i6o52ofef128Q 4 IDI IN O0 Ol I 4 N1 iQ WlllllllilllIHIIII-llllllllI-lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllu ra ll : 'f f ,fl-:X X' E OO iii i I li fffiffii f 2 324 .Q E E i f X! If ,1 ' xxx xx XXX X ? Q : we ' E E III 2 we I i .-:'. ff 'c 'ff xxxxx N I E I ,.' : 3 i f, 1,,,x, xgxjf1 xxx i -,E . lf' 6-1 2 f ffifrrfrfff ----:NSN 'nl' , 5 I HlllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllll.lllllllvlllllll'lIllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTIIUm ll D01 4 26 Ag BOARD OF PUBLICATION 'ID 3 pg Mid- Year Class June Class ng Ill Ol O OO 0' Efmm-in-Chief PN fd , 901 A 9 FRANCIS C'AMPlzEI.I. MARJORIE XOIINO O 34 34 1 we .Q Associate Editors of 1 3 . PAUL STAIII. IDONALD ARBOUR ' I OI 41 'G in Business Alanagers .Q 8 ALDEN HEWETT XYILLIAM HOLCOMIIE a 3 ? I I lg Associate Business Managers q .A LOUIS CHESTER HOWARD HEINISCH 0.4 'A W . Art Editors f .vi OO 0 .4 GLENNIE PETERSON RICHARD GORDON ll I 0 OO l , IO1 :Q Associate Art Editors fa O OO Ffa RUTII HEWITT , GEORGE STEFFICK 33 W ,.. Facult Advisor ml fd y 919 OO IESSE DWIGIIT SALLEE U' Ill ' ICI fo? B1 . .. -.. , -..-v- ..n.--- .--,,.'vfvv Qvvvvvv' vvvvv ' . -, 0 0-'-L O0 O 6 4 'p.o?863'oi8d8888q-asia!!! 8o58 o?.?'f in J3.' o.o,S95'...fofa,?.-. 3 x F". 'W?f'fY''i'rYi"f'r'f qii'f,YY , iTH'TfY"'3'iI". ' "F:'i'i'T G'TY'ff"."r'.w"rgw'TP 'f5iuifggg,g-:eg,f,g1,!,f,f.1..t.g2:Y. ..1.AggfBfJJ..7.a.j..Y..f.i31Z2ai:'..1.,.Y..K.1.1-1-1J.1J.l.'J ,. Q 1 I ai 'ri v.N, xiii r,' ...Q vF,4 rt'.4 ffl X. l wil gay rl x , , 1 i ffl .1 X, rf-,kj Tfxsf' fig ti " fAN Zhi ,Aw. Vi L35 Vi? . l gi ,131 rt, N 1 L i.,L4 to 1 . '64, L Qig . :QU 'ks '1 er i' jli at-3 N s I, tv 4 .Ml in .Wk . ,Av kp .V J I A ,1 .M lil 14 ra, , V , HJJA WD mi? ' . J r .Ny v 1. rj 1 . VJ Y. Y r- 'wx PURE W GRD ' Jff 1 Yi fp ll gulf . . . 'NA' Institutions are worthless if they do yt. not Contribute to the welfare of humanityg ii, traditions perish if they are not upheldg QI, history deceives us if it does not tell the plain unvarnished truth: and year-books .lik tso we hearj are absolutely nihil if they have no foreword. XYell, here goes! We have labored early and late by the sweat of our brows to get this, the tifteenth edition of the BEEHIVE, over the hills to the printing-house. 1 We have scoured and ransacked every inconspicious nook for material. We have even dared to peek behind closed doors. We have alternately j pleaded for and demanded support. Behold the resultlfrk true pen- picture of the classes of 1928. tor so we hope.j .fix We see no reason why we should not take this opportunity to offer fi our sincerest thanks to those of our number who have given us a helping i' . , . y . . V V' hand along lifes dreary way. To Miss Waddell and her typewritmg ff classes we give our deepest appreciation for their assistance. To Miss AIN, Olson we give our most genuine gratitude for her kind cooperation. To A 4 Miss Stella Dezeck we offer our broad-smiling thanks for her invaluable 1, A, service. Long may she type. ' We ask each one who finds himself "knocked" to remember that every knock is a boost. If we didn't like you we wouldn't boost you. f We hope you will like this book. In years to come, when you read its ' pages, may it bring smiles and pleasant memories, and perhaps be some- 3 thing of an inspiration. .Ii gi X i w 'W' iq' " "' I 1'i"1'i'T'1WB"j -i!f'7'i'7'YfrTT':' e:"r'Y"""'"j"1"z" ' 7A7.'fi""i" " "f"',"Y,'f 'K " t ' .i .1,C.1.,LLIQf3t.t.42J'J,.1.1..-.L.1L L1.1.iL1flfJJ. J. it. 1. i .l1.'.i-fl1..?f5.I.v. .1. .1513 lfifgf MEJVIORIAM Vivian Eleanor Carlson Florence Mary Walsh Harold H. Washburn o me uw-:e.eAc n 134' 000000000000 QQ DQoo000o00O0oooog 000000 .0003 00 O si EWS' Ei ill To MRS. AMY C. GUILFORD - - For her interest in student activities and her desire to bring out the best in each student, 'we dedicate this fifteenth edition of the BEEHIVE. Ei PJ Nl 0 0 PJ W PJ W nn ro 'Wi GS QI .15 9.1 00 IO! Ol D04 OO ltd OO 26 Ill oo '01 on Ill Ol IQ1 oo W fl , 'u'0'So'U0'COD'uD50'0'1if'a'o'ODb'00b'o'0'ob3'0'oKd?Q'o3'o33'o'og3'o3'obgfvo' , M M ' K ' ni oo 0 ICI N1 O0 CO ll Ill so 0 D I F , . ,QQ .. . '15 09 F01 t M 0 0 s-s, s t 3.4 0 s t t 0 we t va Log , nu Sig is - ' L hi ' s hi as i 0' oo W not an 1 - j v 0 4. .yr lil t t , ng 00 0 Q QQ Ill , 9 NI P01 t Y' e s Ol 0 A e 0 0 ' 00 IDI ul 09' . s s O0 not A s me 0 oo IO! . we M P! to to DOI t me 90' OO Ill ICI 'OU OO nl mg '00 Oo ill ggq Zi 54 M rd 3.1 M ge as Q' PC n p.nQ.0s.on.o.qo.o.qo.o. 1331553.03538i.Q.n.nil'zuo9.o.nqn.op. 3.5 onuoouuwwo'o'+ "-noun o naive '?0'03'0'0'lWf0W'0'Q030L acil"l'I'r ' """"' ""'t2'4' "" ' """" gY"'v"'vvvvv vow ggfiiafidfifofiiiofe :v35SS55SSfo5f.Sf.SS'gsb?8.f838886fof4.f524Q 4 IDI - I I O fo? M ll CO L9 PJ Ill pg. O0 F 1 oo Q4 RCU ty L04 IN NI OO O0 P01 . :Q Louis P. Slade Josephine Crawley Gladys I. Nickerson Q Principal Stenography French 4 :QQ Newell S. An'leS Emma N, Dawson Leonard R. N1XOn Of ,Assistant to Principal English Alegebra .Q gig Millie G. McAuley Lionel M. Depot PlaywGwmem' hog ggl Director, Commerce Physical Edumg-ian Jennie H. Olsson ,.' QQ Charles J. Drapeau Agnes M, Finnegan Aff Q 3 -9 Director, French English lone D. Proctor ,' Robert R. Goff Mildred P. Edwards H'-'Wy Director, Mathematics Latin Dora Pl'0F355 George B. Mathews Mar aret GIOVCI' Bookkeeping 5.1 O0 PJ B? IO! OO DOI OO Nl O0 ill Oo lil on W Ill EE LN D 67' W I . 1 O . 'A . 'u W? no m oo an on m on m O. lla o lol oo non oo m fo! oo Director, M uisc Jesse D. Sallee Director, English .David B. Swift Director, Science Ernest F. Upham Director, History Dewey Van Cott Director, Art Eleanor B. Yates Director. Latin Edith Adams English Ruby Baldwin Dressmaking Grace L. Ballou English Helen E. Barksdale English Charles J. Campbell Physics Rachel S. Carpenter Algebra Plane Geometry Dorothy M. Carr Biology George M. Cassidy Physical Education Katherine H. Clark History Grace Coholan English , V H. Regina Connor English 8 Typewriting Rose C. Glover Physical Education Ruth C. Goodwin Stenography Typewriting Katherine Griffin English Amy C. Guilford Civics, German Andrew Guilliano Spanish Ilga F. Harvey History, Civics Sylvia Hawes French, Latin Clara E. Hefner Latin Eunice Hildebrandt English Palmer P. Howard History Elizabeth L. Hungerford Household Arts Bertha M. Jones Bookkeeping Commercial Law Idella K. Knapp Dressmaking Elizabeth L.Mackintosh Biology Marie E. May English Florence E.. Meacham Stenography Typewriting Business Practice Adrienne Raby French Mary Reynolds English Charlotte Segur Art . Helen F. Smith librarian Pearl M. Snow American History Mary M. Souther French Helen H. Stahl English Bertha K. Tallon Spanish Hazel F. True Chemistry Bertha E. Waddell Ojice Practice Sara J. Walker Algebra Plane Geometry Mildred G. Weld Mathematics Evna E. Westhaver English Antoinette j. White Bookkeeping Florence Winter American History Civics Helen N. Wolski English la OO Lil O PM 0 ul O0 we DOI 00 Ill OO D04 00 D01 OO gi O as D04 65 DOJ I l 51 sq we 23 ICI Q nd 3.1 oo in no not oo von on no oo W von ll' . ..- --- "" "" v" '--- -vvv v evvvvvilyavvvvvvvvvvvvvvv . 'opfiliofiffoftddoitssifdtidddffifcfofk.'-?!4o?of.'.?!3Qf.Sf.?4.,., ' 7 0 000000000 QQ D0000000000000004f 000000 0000.9 00 i .n,!.u...Cu,,.!',r1f4a'o'00000000'0Own33Q-f?.f.?,t.t.t3vf2f0012.61 J .'- .... -.4.-A-AA-- -A--A ------""' ' " IDI W I ra rg 52 PJ . U 5-4 M1dfYear 53 W' oo oo ' ' gg Graduatlon EXCICISCS QQ PJ 'fo the ' if PROCESSIONAL is "War March of the Priests" Mendelssohn 504 A SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA :QQ ,pf I ."a W ia 50: INVOCATION 0 Pla REVEREND W. H. ALDERSON gg 0.0 Pg MUSIC 21 Pg A "The Two Grenadiersn Schuman-Leighter u pg B "A Dream Boat Passes By" Lemare-Page me SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS fa 00 M 21 SAXOPHONE SOLO 03 is "Spring Song" Mendelssohn ag BENJAMIN ISRAEL SCHLAFER EE.: Mid-Year Class of 1928 ' 13 0 us l Eg OVERTURE E1 "The Four Ages of Man" Lochner by SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA I I-NS as rl: his PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS .Q 2: MR. PATRICK F. KING, President of the School Committee. fa 00 8.1 PJ "STAR SPANGLED BANNER" Ri CLASS OF 1928, ORCHESTRA AND AUDIENCE . 51 oo M W RECESSIONAL Ol 00 um ICA .. f . - vvv- - v vv -Q x . Q -1 - G , , - v vvv as - -vvvv - v v v v v ' , .offfifffffifffoif52fiif0f2f0'o?o?1S2. .'!!0'o'o'o'3330foSf80.oG. 8 . o.o.o.l9.o0o0900 qsjvoooooooooooooogf oooooo Ooooo o I 5 P ee' 14 Eff: ak? U oo Ill oo ne no m O. ne oo not oo m oo m oo W on A Message To THE MID-YEAR AND JUNE GRADUATES OF 1928: awarded and distinctions conferred there come to my mind some of the verses of Robert Burns: A prince can make a belted knight A marquis duke and a that' But an honest man s aboon his might Guid faith he mauna fa that! For a that and a that Their dignities and a that The pith 0 sense and pride 0 worth Are higher rank than a that. Then let us pray that come it may As come it will for a that' That sense and worth o er a the earth May bear the gree and a that. For a' that, and a' that, It's coming yet, for a' that, That man to man the warld o'er Shall brothers be for a' that." And I am moved to urge you all to adopt the philosophy of Scotland's most beloved poet and to come under the inspiration of his prophecy. One hundred and thirty-three years ago he assured his countrymen that the time would come when sense and Worth would be the goal of man's striv- ing and that brotherhood would overshadow all distinctions. For twelve years, more or less, the City of New Britain has organized for you a systematic education and now certifies to all interested that this particular stage of education is completed. But this education has failed of one of its chief purposes unless you are persuaded that your greatest concern is to think straight and to recognize the true, the inner, the real worth in yourself and' others. And I would pray that you may find such fruits of your education and that in the finding you may have a rich store of happiness and peace. Genuinely yours, Louis P. SLADE june 11, 1928 PQ 0 G' to Q1 f . r U 3.1 oo W I C l fd OC IU on IDI Ol W IQ! OC I 4 n uguoooooooon -oooaouooooouo anoouonoaoooa , 0b'u'ou'Uuou3oQ'qf'a'o'oDDoooonovaate,0L'o333'o'o'o3wqwoalfa? ' fi ui 9. Q' 7.4 N1 I0 O ll pa ll gg I l ,'l fo! 'I as 5.4 55 5' S. Q f J ll 4' L' At this graduation season when, the country over, diplomas are being N' an M 2' so " 'L -Q Cs.f . ll ' ' -01 1 M .Q x vy 1 W Y ' W his , Y , 7 sg: L04 , , ' y , Lo! IN ' , i 5.1 B1 M 99 OO we . Y --' 04 . n P8 31 , , , gg O 1 ,ll ,O Ol fa to an "' an Pd L, , r 1 1 31 nd go so 01 U04 E5 fo? O Q0 r " . P l J OO on fd o,0o909.vs.0.0o,oQo.o.C oil!O9.00.QQl0.0000C9. .booooooooo,o, 9 CENERAL HONORS FOR THRFF YEARS - - - - on - .' .'.'!n'!!93!333 35, ISSSQSSSSSSSS'-11 ' x'8.'!!8!'6'8.2.' 88 b ll s-I Nl AP 5? rd 'T 55 m oo m fo? O. ' o M1d Year Honors In SChOlarsh1p Honors 'm scholarshzp are awarded to those who mamtazn an average rank of ezghty five or over FRANCES NORTHROP CAMPBELL NORMAN MAXWELL EARL FLORINE HAZEL CHRISTESEN STELLA GLADYS EISENBERC WAI TER GERALD DROGUE LIBBIE ELLA DUNN KENNETH JUDSON FROST GLENNIE CAROLYN PFTFRSON SPIE CIAI HONORS ENGLISH HELENE AMELIA BOBER FRANCES NORTHROP CAMPBELL FLORINE HAZEL CHRISTESEN EMILY RUTH CONSTANCE CLARK WALTER GERALD DROGUE LIBBIE ELLA DUNN STELLA GLADYS EISENBERG HELEN LOUISE ERICKSON AUDREY MARGARET FAGAN WILLIAM HASWELL GLFNNIE CAROLYN PETERSON FRENCH FRANCES NORTHROP CAMPBELL LIBBIE ELLA DUNN STELLA GLADYS EISENBERG HELEN LOUISE ERICKSON HISTORY AUDREY MARGARET FAGAN WILLIAM HASWELL EDITH ALVIDA JOHNSON GLENNIE CAROLYN PETERSON LATIN FRANCES NORTHROP CAMPBELL FLORINE HAZEL CHRISTESEN LIBBIE ELLA DUNN STELLA GLADYS EISENBERG GLENNIE CAROLYN PETERSOM MATHEMATICS HELENE AMELIA BOBER FRANCIS NORTHROP CAMPBELL FLORINE HAZEL CHRISTESEN LIBBIE ELLA DUNN STELLA GLADYS EISENBERC TRADE WORK CMach1r1e Tradesj NORMAN MAXWELL EARL KENNETH JUDSON FROST BERNARD TRANCHIDA QPrmt1ngj IDA SOFIE SWANSON STANLEY F KULESIR SFWING RUTH ELIZABETH DUNTZ 'ff if-' fr U' 'oooootobbtom -' 'obacoznoooooo -?n0 ooatogaoa 4 91 fo? vu A fa .O ' - . I9 f . vo? W D fo? an ' ' 99 gg IN pg M 21 M Q21 ' - , f . . . 4.J gg ' U01 m ' 00 Q' Nl aol 00 J . .. PO? E? 51- M ,9 .9 Ol "I 301 Q . 51 0 gg ' f Nl lu 0' oo 'Ol :Ol - 00 '- - 1 A Sf va PJ ue all fa to ntl .U 23 ron ui fa foe 00 -- wa L24 m - K Q 51 fd so not . 0 Q. UO! PA 1 63 ge. N' g 4 '01 ' 0 oo . 2' P3 'O m 5' OC Q 10 V 1 IO . ?1 - 3 vo 4 . fo on W v v v v u Q, ofotmoooooonwbf ' ' ' ' ' ' 'E 2 ' ' """" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - . . . . . . . . . . . - . - ,u.oo.o.o.o.o.n.op. pgs 'r IPQISQISQ ' 595 1685 939. 9 ooofo 2:,f.u,1bQ Q6.LfuIfllEl: ' 0" ' o " o" '1fxY v'1f"'w 1 v Q ,Eg EQ, x w EH 593 -gy Q ik ik 375 it X M we 3 5' 5 f I' Fx 749' v' L f E ik N Q 1 f i f XXX W 2' f f--X A GLY f f A V ' Q' ,img X ji .nl"' ,ull Utmmx J K 1 ss l' X' KJ i l 'Q , L , 9 Q 2? P H31 Rv 'Y .g,i Effff 22 5 X.'i ?iNYQi' 5? 15 ZfHEii?ZlEiYXfp?Q3EQ1 'rw ' p Y so an at nu oo on 3 Q I 'Q r - ii Ol 1 A Q2 rg- . . 'E O 4 I 93 'J J P LO DO O ? O ' l I O , i , -5 ' 'E f l 22255 'YE' 7' FRED ZEHRER New Britain, Conn. "Fred" january 18, 1010 "Force of his own merit makes his way."--Shakespeare Our class president and all-round athlete. The holder of the first midyear Burns' Memorial Trophy. The secret of Fred's popularity must be his affability. He's easy to get along with The opposite sex has long since found this out. Where a fellow takes part in football, basketball, and track athletics, and still keeps a good average in his studies, its a sign he's no slouch mentally or physically. We think he's the ideal class president and those of you who have seen him handle a class meeting will nominate him to handle a meeting any time. Class Presidentg Class Night Cast: Basketball '25, '26, '27 Football '25, '26, '273 Track '25, '26, '274Captain '26g President Senior Clubg Alpha Iota Epsilon Fraternity. HELEN ERICKSON New Britain, Conn. "Lallie" June 7, 1910 "A malady preys on my heart that medicine cannot cure." Helen has very little interest in boys in general. There's only just one! She added much fun to our Class Night rehearsals by her realistic interpretation of the Dutch dance, and we owe her a debt of gratitude for the pep she put into that very dry subject-Latin. Those children who like pretty teachers land all children doj will certainly adore our pretty Vice-President if, and when, she graduates from Normal member, you were in their place once. Class Night Castg Vice-President '273 Spanish Clubg Senior Club. GLENNIE CAROLYN PETERSON New Britain, Conn. September 15, 1910 " Virtue is its own regard"- lVlay we here present our secretary,fmost efficient recorder of our class activities. By the way, if anyone wonders why she is an. honor student, just remember that her middle initial "C", stands for "Clever," Glennie Clever Peterson-doesn t that account for her honor record? As for her popularity well, you know when one is good-looking and sociable, and a good friend besides one really can't help being popular-and that's Glennie. Good Luck. Secretary of Class '27g Art Editor of Beehivep Class Night Chorus. ALDEN HEWETT New Britain, Conn. "Andy" June 13, 1910 "A nd certainly he was a good fellow"fChaucer Our prominent business executive is jack of all trades and master of some also. Football, basketball, business manager of the Beehive, class treasurerfthese are just a few of his pursuits. But there is one thing about him which has impressed us. He has an ingenious and diplomatic way of extracting money from the tightest person living. He is an adept at collecting and accumulating funds from any and all sources We sincerely trust that he may always have his "taking" ways in money matters. Basketball '25, '26, '27g Football '26, '27g Treasurer of Class '25, '26, '27g Senior Clubg Business Manager of Beehiveg Class Night Chrousg Delta X Fraternity. Q , fs?- I O 36 W I JJ W DN . OO . at 91, . Wg. 84 ' W 'U sa? 3 Ill OO W W W Ng School. Don't be too hard on the poor kids, Helen! Re- q W lla 9 I.: 94 P' Q -is 9 04 W 9! c.-1 FQ' O0 UCI Ol he OO Ill OO F6 5 Ill I as ol v' l 12 ' 'O'f0'fCUi'lUU3U 'O'f"'O'O' 3330377 ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' ' v ' - - - - . 5, 9.on9.op.o.o9s.09' new ' poop L o MS? -2f'f8of833S' Q.'l?3 . A 1 Q . W m W fd ,u ELLEN ALEXANDER L OO .. England "L" November 25 1909 '.' UU! HS. ll d QI. . ,, ' .0 '. ' H H .ma an . -lm-and very lrzm BQ: Thats L . She's not valn at -all but her flgure is the cause ,.' ,.' of no llttle envy about the PFBITIISQS. But we mllst say that, Q. .. on the other hanrl, her scholastlcs record does not excite any D01 D Sllch feeling, fOr "L" 'ust hates homework and she ' s ' .O O , J , Ju t couldn t Q.. brlng herself to do one more iota than her fond instructors si" compelled her to. All she hoped to do was graduate, and since 1, she's done that what' more is there to worry about? All you 4,3 O.. :live tOlgI?H1'IOW IS enjoy life with Travelers Co. isn't it? Well, , Q e sgo . sq senior Club. Big l CLIFFORD BELL Fa New Britain, Conn. "Darkie" February 7, 1909 .. "Mighty and great f solid was he." j.l gn .sehufflg-scume-slaml-Bangityglaangl It is only Hoar- OO 'Q kle Coming lfltO.t.l'lC room and taklng his seat. His remarkable .Q UOISE-making ablllty had been developing for a number of ,.q i .1 years, so that when he reached 12th grade lt was at the peak of .O .' Rlerfectlon: and lt was thls very tralt that called forth from LQ' iss Souther the tier invectives and elo u s '- 'Q' Y A . q ent ermons on etl .O .. quette. But he pleaded hls own case Wlth remarkable success and '.1 IQ' set up an admirable defense. All that we can say is that we ho e .. . P O' .Q that the good luck and fortune which was with him at school ve wlll always abide with him. ul ,.' Football '26, '27g Theta Sigma Fraternity: Basketball '27g .Q Senlor Club. lOl la? oo 01 DOROTHY BARNES sg New Britain, Conn. "Daya" September 26, 1000 IQI Ill "Always cheerful, always gay." .. Dot Barnes is a lively specimen-here, there, and ever where 'Q . Y l 3 always wlth the same galety. She was evidently not a student, PQI . 5 one who desired knowledge, but she was merely working for th .0 twelve credlts. She finally achieved her goal and graduated . ' jjj Wlth us. Socially, she was quite an attraction to the boys- . not necessarily all the boys, but anyway, an attraction. We P. dog-lt kngnhw what you are clgganninggltjo do, but we hope you will I.: .1 ac ICVE e same success . you l . Q - Delta Gamma Sigma Sororityg Senior Club. F-Y ' 1 1 rl? " Q lvl no OO O0 Uno josEPl'l lsERTol INE 'S' . ' ' ' O0 K8nSlDgtOIl, Conn. "Bert" January 17' 1910 lOl pl " Not so innocenf as he looks." . Ugo is a quiet chap in a crowd, but ohl, get him alone! He .0 d d " " ' lOl r.Q ma e a goo companlon for jumbo, but don t meet the two .. of.then1 alone.. We dont know what the football s uad is Q ll H . . q 'fl golng to do wlthout you, .Bt-rt. All kidding aside you're IO o K and ll R .. . .1 we WlS you luc ln whatever you take up. l.l PJ smlof Club: Football '27, M Ill oo 'U' Ill Cl fa? W O ' .-..-....--- .. 'Ol v 0000 000000 'f 'uve' wwovoovcvflaa' ' ' 'o"' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 0 snoop. p.o.qeo.eo.o.csS2ons.o9gnnn,o.oQt1L983o.oS??62of3n ' 13 Rf if 135. 1 ei HE 3 l Oil il LUCY MARY BLOGOSLAWSKI New Britain, Conn. "May" November 8, 1907 "Softly speak and sweetly smile" Aikenson That's what "May" aims to do-but when those little squeaks and shouts betray her excitement, and a wide grin indicates her glee shes anything but rlemure. Did you ever see May when she didn t have something up her sleeve? You can al ways see when she s coming down the line that she s just fairly bubbling over and if you don t go to meet her she s liable to explode before she gets to you You reallv ought to have a safety valve for that surplus diviltrv Phi Umegl Sororltv Senior Club WARREN BRAINERD New Britain Conn B1 February 23 1910 And cerfoznly he was a good fellow Chesterton He may be all right otherwise but with the teachers hes the most unpopular young man in school Hes one of those argumentative fellows who love to put in a question at the wrong time he s also one of that number of biology enthusiasts who have slowly driven Miss lVIcIntosh to the verge of desper ation But Bill is not so slow considering for he s won his letter at the pole vault and ns now a member of our orchestra And by the wav Bill we can t never forget them high collars you used to wear' High School Orchestra 26 27 Amphlon Club 'lruk Team 27 Senior Club HEI ENE AMELIA BOBER New Britain Conn Mea Bo May 26 1910 But on the whale gemus zs a secret to itself Carlvle This is our versatile Mea She is so to speak both poetess and artist Like all true artists she has at times craved an audience and we have at all times done our best to prove sym pathetic flVIore credit to us eh?b Doesn t she look appeal ing? for appall1ng?J Seriously Mea Bo s a good sport and has added considerably to our fun at school Not quite so innocent as she looks, however Do you mark that come brother look in her eye? lunior College Club Senior Club MERTON CLARK New Britain Conn Mert November 8 1909 Wtthout human soczety lzfe 19 stale Mert is the red headed boy of the class as well as L1nd bergh s chief competltor for future aerial honors Hes the boy who sets em all laughing every time he gets up to talk Imagine a fellow who goes out to the Newington Grange and comes home sober Thats Mert Hes reputed to have worn out three telephone books during the week before one of the De Molay dances and he finally went stag Mert b lieves in the policy of no entanglmg alliances We think that if he unloaded his store of Scotch jokes once and for all he would find himself increasingly popular J I l A 9 1 .. ,, . 1 , I , . . K fa 0' . . . rl ' - Jin 1 . , 2 e , 3 . . 113 4, ' T ' K' y ' ' 11 -Hn f K, I 3 U , i was W , - z , . U . K. t fe .J I . ' ' H . ,,. h " 'Y . . Y , .J . ' A , I . ' Ol ' - y y - O ' N x 0. , , . I ' 1 - I f Ig 55 M W A f s " T - - , ' rr rr y ' . H - A - 1 -as , xr t g - ' ' li -vi - , X ll ' . ' - . ' . 1 , I, L ' - ' I' .. ' U I ng U s . A H g ,, . ' 1 5, 8' . I S . l V7 'ini r l fir, . - ' - u rv Q. v 1 - 1 ' 5.4 H .A . . . . ,, ll ,, ,, . " ' ' ' . N' . '. . 1 ' .H ' - - ' ' Q . ' . - gf , , Ill ' l . O, . nr 11 e- . . V . ,, . . .,, . .0 . . . V , OO W ug ' 'eff' Y 'f'f'fl 1 H? c' ..t.i.i.l1ieQgi1iiz,ffff 1 1 C " 5 o' 14 U14 FRANCES N. CAIVIPBELI. 1-Illa Ceneseo, New York "Frisco" May 3, 1010 E 1 1 "Qf cheery disposition and infused with llze brains L1 of the gods." - I " 'Tis not often one finds in one person a combination of ex- cellent scholarship, nice appearance and pleasing personality. ' I Yet here is such a girl. About her only fault is her sensitiveness. wa She takes matters too much to heart and has often felt hurt gi' because of a little teasing just in fun. Besides coming out on .7 top in scholarship she has been working Saturdays selling cures for peoples' ailments-an animated example of industry it . might be well for some of us to copy. We know you will be a . success at Normal, Frisco! .6 Amphion Clubg Class Night Castg Banquet Committee: Y Beehive Editor. it 'r WALTER GERALD DROGUE .0 Providence, R. l. "Jerry" December 26, 1910 .0 "Sarcasm conceive In be, in general, the language nf .Q the devil. gCarlyle CQ Not that we mean to insinuate that Mr. Drogue is any re- '.1 lation to the Tempter-goodness no! But what we are trying .1 to say is that he has the most amazing sense of sarcasm--clid .. you ever hear of such a sense?-and the most curious streak of .1 cynicism you can imagine. His oral topics are simply peppery h Q with sarcasm. Wonder if all genuises are cynics-we don't . exactly think so. Still "Jerry's" genius is bringing him off with . honors, which is not speaking so bad for-er4er--cynical . geniuses, eh? Thatls .all right "jerry," you've got a sense of ,. humor--alllwe're afraid of is that your cynicism will develop .' into pessimism. Guess there's no danger, though, Anyway, so ,.l long! ..e Senior Club, Motto Committeeg Chairman. ANNA IRENE CARLSON I - - .1 ., . New Britain, Conn. An May 27, 1910 r i. 5 "I saw a lady there-she is a lady fair." 5 We're not quite sure we could call Anna a lady in the delicate sense of the word. In the one place she is rather petite, and in i the two lplace, she doesn't act like one of these English dames 1 who are inevitably attached to a lorgnette. But she is fair-no L . doubt about that-Gee! but isn't letting ones hair grow ln awful ' mess?fbut her blonde tresses are the envy of many. We hear aw N you're going to be a nurse "An"-well., our only advice is-don't wake up some day to findyourself going home with a too hand- '.q some patient. That certainly would be a "faux pas"l sg JULIUS J. DINER . New Britain, Conn. "Jud" March 24, 1909 .g " He whasays muclz must be right snrnetimesf' .Q Perhaps "Jud" is right sometimes, but how d'ya suppose we're to know, as long as he never comes to a point. He drags ll his speeches like a talking machine, that's run clown, but no .1 one dares wind him for' fear he will never stop-seldom does .. know when to stop as it IS.. S all right, "Jud," you may be able to talk your way through llfeg we wish you luck in the attempt, anyway. B Senior Slulrg vglpsiloii Lankbrla Phi lfraternityq Spanish Clnbg if ' 't 1:1 - 5' racc '-. ,.' ls t , , . LIQYIRI " 'O' - it so Q' o vo '- 4'nou'o' 'A' 'own . .css o 0 qu seth on ' ' 15 '1 , .l BARBARA BENNETT CHRIST " fl New Britain, Conn. 'leabbia' April 27, 1910 . .IJ "A little golden haired maiden." Introducing our little Dutch Clog Dancer of Class Night.- ' if Very clever work "Bobbie," we couldn't have done without LIYQ you. By the way, "Bobbie," has that sort of bright aureate locks which have their own color-that's where some of these walking Hair Restorer advertisements have a chance to be L envious. We've often wondered if those golden tresses-it 'AJ4 may be something else of course-were what attracted a certain Lv glass lcaslgier to her side-but of course we'll never know-our . r arc uc , Amphion Clubg Alpha Alpha Sorority: junior College Club, Motto Committee, Class Night Cast. ' W JOHN ERICSON ' New Britain, Conn. "Sunny" May 20, 1909 L ' "All the world loves a happy man." I The athlete with the angel face! Imagine a fellow who 'X drives a LaSalle car and is just getting over his shynessg a boy who could "knock 'em dead" and doesn't care to and you'll Y know what "Sunny's" like. He's getting over it, however. ' If you haven't seen him on the baseball or basketball teams, II you can't have missed him on the football team, where he's been a regular for two years. Great stuff, "Sunnyl" ' Football '2S' '26, '27g Baseball '26, '27g Basketball '27g Chair- Q man Class Night Committee: Class Night Castg Senior Club. ,w ' l J EMILY RUTH CONSTANCE CLARK K New Britain, Conn. "Emmy Ru" April 22, 1911 1 "She's got the cutest little baby face" I L But such a long name for a baby to carry!-and such an innocent little CPD thing too! We did hope to sophisticate her, l"'i'X' but all our efforts were in vain. We wonder what will become L of Emily when she gets to college, will she still wear those curls? L ,t But never mind "Emmy" we wouldn't want you to change one Q Y .Q bit, and as for the other part of it, why, you might be the first H83 bride in our class! You never can tell! fl I . junior College Club. J' I QQ' I NORMAN MAXWELL EARL V New Britain, Conn. H Norm" November 7, 1910 'Y "Norm" is just one of those quiet modest fellows that every- f body likes. His hobby is keeping bees and he says he doesn't if N mind getting stung. He was an excellent scholar, did everything l - he ever undertook well, got along with everyone except the if girls, and leaves us with the feeling that a regular fellow is " passing out of our lives. Come back and see us once in a while, "Norm," N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Manager Basketball 4. L i Q, C YN. Q ' K 3' ' - i - . -.., av - ..v.vv- v v v v v v .kf1.i,t.f.L,i,.1,go-,z 0 t G Sfohoooqoiofoosi.. ,.?!afon'of . Q 16 . oi Q' , '1 0 cc - 1 .nmrfa FLORINE HAZEL CHRISTESEN New Haven Conn. o April 19 1910 In action faitliful in honor clear. Flo is one of our honor students-but look out! Dont call her Flo within her hearing-how she hates that name well so do we-and furthermore she is one of our best liked students. She has a few fast friends who couldn t getlalong without her because shes such a comrade and- affectionate friend but shes liked by everyone else too. Florme has been a star pupil all through High and so it follows naturally that she'll be as good a one at Normal. Best wishes! Florme. WILLIAIVI FAY New Britain, Conn. "Bill" November 25, 1908 " Hitch your wagon to a star." "Bill" graduated into the class of high gentlemen of society when the teacher began calling him "Mr," It was a new feature for him and we expect that he got a real thrill out of it. But if a word to the wise is sufficient, we would recommend a few more correspondence courses on etiquette before he may .call his social education complete. Of course we all appreciate the social ambitions of "Bill," but we feel sure that if he follows , 5" X gf 5+ f 6 . of . i -O ft 1- 1 Q9 1 'f' 'S. " , 'iii' .?.iE?'Z'f3I'fi'l'li1?iEf5N I0 O N. O .. ., ' , 1 0' v 1 '.L , ' H N O o'4 our advice he will climb the social ladder much more quickly. ,, We feel that Fay will be a man like Burns, not a genius as Burns , was, but, like the great poet, "one who saw the heights fsocialb 'T -x and failed to reach them." f fi? Class Nightg Orchestra. RUTH DUNTZ ' High Park, New Yotk "Red" February 13, 1909 A Impos animi-Plautus 1 "Red" doesn't shine in scholarship, but she's a peach of a - seamstress and an efficient housekeeper-while some of her ,, classmates will have to own up they're not so brilliant along Q ,N those lines. "Red" is going to enter the business world. We wish her happiness. i Senior Club. ' ANDREW NATAL FERRARIS New Britain, Conn. "Andy" November 30, 1908 "Courtesy makes the gentlemen." Poor "Andy." He Certainly was overworked in his Senior year. His stay in Section 18 was one long era of shutting doors, closing windows, reading thermometers, and adjusting window shades. He only came to school half a day and he certainly needed his afternoon's rest! Well, we all appreciate your untiring efforts on our behalf and we are sure that, what with your thoughtfulness and submissiveness, you will make a first class helpmate for some lady. 'U r - -- -.4"t3cg" "' " ..-L .vfafthm . J, . at nnifa .ffm - .'o' . fo rs 17 1 ' N' U0 ' 0' Y' rgovobt' Otto' 3w'0"6'5'o3331v Q' ' at we nnppppsp. 9 as so .gn t 'opp f as , - 0 . .vkgg IDI IOC 00 Ol Ill N1 ll ao all IO! fa ELISE DRAGER 50 .. New liritain, Conn. "Kid" April 16, 1910 I.: H Now 1'.rn't lhatfunnyslefs laugh." .1 In scrutinizing "Kid's" past record we tind she's not exactly ,.' Q perfectfbut we have found that "Kid" has the most delicious QQ .1 sense of humor. Well do certain persons remember certain l.l ga gym days when "Kid" just couldn't stop cracking jokes and 35 acting generally foolish in line. But there's a serious side to ,759 .i her as well,.for, we understood, she has completed a commercial .Q course and is working outside too,fquite praiseworthy conduct, . .1 "Kid," Now the question is, does she have any outside in- Q1 , f terest beside work? Of course, we don't know but we can :J conjecture a lot. g.. 4, 4 as f Ill Ill -KENNETH JUDSON FROST .0 New York "Ken" March 10, 1910 .Q "Ken" is one of those fellows that most of us must ever look ra Ep tot hHe is ix feet four inches tal: when ligfe isKbeni1Cing OXQF. ,.. ut i e was uilt along the lines o a Gira e, en new ow f to make good use of it. For three years he was the star guard 0 .J on the State'Trade School Basketball Team where hishlong reach .1 was ever a disadvantage to those who played against im. i, O N. B. S. T. S. A. A., 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 2, 3,43 Baseball 43 . lg Captain Basketball, 4. Ol O4 O . O I C .' MARY DROBNIS . 1 5 Waterbury, Conn. February 9, 1910 ' .1 "Ambition feeds the spark of life." ' . 5- Of course you can tell right away that 1Vlary's a comparative , 1 , ', f stranger, but she's well started toward making herself one of Q' .l our well-known classmates. She's just jumped a'term and . caught up with usfhow do you like that for ambition? We L . .A admire pnyone whobaccompgshes thdat feag. Wehstipplose you ..4 ave a ot more am itions, ut we on t now w a ey are. ig Don't suppose you'd tell us though, would you? W ' t Q P.- . n -va 1 Q 1 W ' , Q - C Q0 1 P 1 .4 BURTON GRIFFITH :Q g Kensington, Conn. "Burt" December 8, 1010 ' .1 "And a jolly good fellow 'was he." IQQ aa We for one-sounds funny doesn't it, but our intentions are s., .. goodfdo solemnly swear that we never saw "Burt" wearing a .. lja hang-dog look or even a slightly serious expression: He owns a IQQ . perpetual grin-not a bad asset, however. In his own circle, he's quite the shining light-the trouble is, he's never "showed Ol .. up" much around school. But to utter truth we really prefer j the absence rather than the presence of ostentation, premeditated .t or otherwise. No, Smarty, we haven't got a dictionary either. ,.' OO 1 Ol "4 1 W B' 'Q ff? S' S E55i5iES6EY 0 W '55 """"""'5 W ' ' 18 O LIBBIE ELLA DUNN llaltimore lVlaryl'uul i June 29 1911 Another honor student! Theres a pretty long list of them this time isn t there? That s the good old Midyears of 28 for you! And Lib is not the least member of our group. But it seems that recently-only just recently you understand- Lib has had other troubles besides those of her schoolwork- there s a young man in the story. We know his name but we wouldn t even whisper it-we re too good a friend of Libbie s to do that. Don t you appreciate our hdelity Lib ? Of course you do! So long! Junior College Club' Senior Club' Class Night Cast. WILLIAM S. HASWELL Springlielcl lVl'1ss. Bi December 18, 1909 Speech is silier silence is golden. Ah! Enter the hero. Bill was most always L homme impor- tant in the Amphion Club plays. Then too Bill is noted for his stupendous words and has sometimes astounded his teachers and classmates when upon failing to think of a proper word he coined on- for himself. Nevertheless hes bound for Wes- leyan at Middletown-heh heh It s all decided that he s going Ol oo IO1 5 '- QF il D01 O0 not OO IO' 00 an O0 IO! O0 ill OO Ill Ol ill ll IO! S1 O n S"""??S'2223 f53 Sic 1,9 -1 , lil ICI if Of U04 N1 ll l OO Ol ng 0 A oo Q . , . H1. 11" , ng .' "I have studied books rather lhan men"-Bacon ' OO 0 ll ' ' 94 Og ' lil . H H rg ' L if ' , f H ' ' 01 i H , L Q v 9 4 . . be I, :Q 'W ' ' 1 , . H in Q 1 if ' ' og 01 PM O 0 1 4 1 Y J! Ol P A , ' IQ! ' Y of UO I .1 01 OO Ol 01 8 6 'J , to be a journalist-we hope it won't be the "I-lerald." Another 'I of his aims is to take the place of Milton C. VVork, noted bridge H authorityfjust ask him. Well, Bill, never mind, there's good .1 things in store for you at the A 81 P. i . Senior Club, Class Night Castg Amphion Club. ' MARGUERITE DOWNHAM New Britain, Conn. "Midge" February 21, 1910 "She greets you kindly, one and all." Q A pleasant companion is "Midge" Anyone in the Class will ,J LP agree to that. She is not snobbish or grumpy, but alwa s Y 'N pleasant and agreeable. Though certainly not conspicious in ,.' size, she found a better way to become noticed-that of being everybody's friend. "Midge" didn't graduate with honors for . she wasn't a brilliant scholar, but many a brighter student has ' envied her personality. By means of that she will win her l 1 way anywhere. Our best wishes go with you, "Midge"l V .Phi Sigma Sorority, Vice-President of Senior Club, Class KS' Night Committee and Chorus. i Q2 AUGUST JOHN HEISLER .1 . . .. New Britain, Conn. November 8, 1910 Ol August was the silver tongued soloist who starred in the ..q Trade School Ministrels. His voice, which has filled many an 0. auditorium, will some day be the means of Filling his pockets sg with gold. Heisler is a draftsman, and he may work at it as a ifdi line, but why woguk for a living, August, when the world wx a ways give you one or a song. .9 v B s T s A A if z 4 0' 1. ... ,.. . ...,.,. 0 lil O ll OO yu ' Vaal new is 'X ec oooh .af LL!1II '- .t ai ft- H , 19 11 5341.55 It Imia.-:lizasaasaffffseeawtzQgiegiazfiaiafzrglsyf STELLA EISENBERG New Britain, Conn. "Stella" July 22, 1010 "Quick to grow pugnacinus- but lively and U'li2lIlC1'0uS.H One never really knows where Stella is going to break out next. We may think we have her effectually silenced, but the next moment she has .another bright wise crack on hand. She is the torment and delight of our lives. We don't know how we could have surviyed the everlasting grind without herq and yet, how we did survive with her is an open question now. Sarcasm is all very well, but we did enjoy her company in our three years, and wish her every sort of luck at Wellesley. junior College Club: Senior Clubg Class Night Castg Motto Committee. BYRON HENRY JACOBY New Britain, Conn. "Jake" March 3, 1910 "A bird is known by its feathers." Byron, does not promise to be as great a poet as his name- sake: nevertheless, he does show great business ability and we expect great things of him in the next few years. We don't know just what the attraction was but "jake" certainly liked his third period history class for some reason or other. Although he never paid much attention to any of us, we wish him success in the same condescending tone in which he spoke to us. AUDREY MARGARET FAGAN Hartford, Conn. "Ami" April 30, 1010 "Ain't we gotf1tn?" Come now, "Aud," 'fess up! You know yourself that you're quite a stepper. Whom'd you go skating with last night? "Vell dot's a question yet, ain't it?" Maybe she doesn't even know herself. But when you come right down to brass tacks, it isn't hard to understand "Aud's " popularity with the stronger sex, for she's not so bad to look at, in fact she's very attractive. Wonder what will happen to you after graduation, "Aud"?- anyway, you know we wish you luck! Senior Clubg Secretary of junior College Club: Photo Commit- tee: Class Night Cast. PETER PAUL KELLY New Britain, Conn. "Pete" June 8, 1000 "Lucky Strikes-They're toasted" Our class night accomplished one thingg it discovered that "Pete" could make an attempt at singing, even if he could'nt produce the real thing. Probably his success was due in no small measure to the use of Lucky Strikes, and we suggest that he send in his written endorsement to the company to be used for publicity purposes. Well done, "Pete," and accept our congratulations and best wishes for the future. Theta Sigma Fraternityg Class Night Cast: Senior Clnbg Spanish Club. l r , YY WN 'v ,gk Jw ' N J'- ,4 Iii Z 9 " 'YY 'WY' Tp. is C' .1 A as fi'it?2.fffxQ62.1fil3f1 . c fa at 20 '1 L senior Club: Junior College Club. A X-.-Y -Y 'T , . L flfiff. Y L Y - " in Y'Xx'j"i7'3. 'H 151 'T If xiiafigyftg. ,Mfr X52 , ,f,1.A3.1s1.71jJJ,13 ' IN ol Nl 1 CO W MARY FRANCES GIANNETTINO Y , 'llOl'I'lIlgt0ll, Conn. "May" january 21, 1908 .00 "She enjoys the mutual blessings of sisterhoadf' ' Here comes "big sister" and close behind, "little sister." DQQ ' "Big sister" is very much like her younger "pard,"'except that ' she really is different. As a matter of fact "May" is somewhat O Z' larger in construction, and perhaps more .mature in misjudg- .f- ' ment, but she does have the light hair, pink and white com- l. . ,Ns plexion and blue eyes which we assume must be family traits. Q img We don't know what "May" intends to do upon completion of . her struggles here, but we wish her luck, Q :gil Senior Club, junior College Club. .Q 153 Q if f fi YY STANLEY F. KULESIK . New Britain, Conn. "Stan" December 31, 1909 Q "Silent Stan" is the name that suits him best. He seldom talks, but when he does he knows his subject. Stanley starts out in life as a printer and in time he may publish a chain of newspapers. Then he will have his chance to say what he thinks- 'A N. B. S. T, S. A. A. 2, 3, 4. Manager Baseball 4. - ,Qif 3 A lt pri: iw 1 we , s M ,, ROSE ANNA GIANNE'I"l'INO Hartford, Conn. "Billie" September 21, 1910 " What's in a name?" "Little sister" was rightly nicknamed when somebody called her "Billie" We don't know whether somebody thought "May" ought to have a brother or what, but anyway, now 1 "little sister" is universally called "Billie" and personally we're iff' fond of the name. However, she doesn't bear the least resem- blance to her millions of masculine namesakes, but, on the contrary, is the most ladylike little girl imaginable. Who could help wishing her a Merry Christmas and a lucky future? V - pl ' FRANCIS KELLEY New Britain, Conn. "Hugh" December 29, 1909 "One who never turned his back, but marched breast forward." I. Kelley was quite a boy. He could cross examine the faculty better than Miss McAuley can third-degree the students. His hearing was very poorg he could hear only when he Could answer I the question. Well, our dear fellow pupil ought to make a i famous poker player. Kelley is much indebted to Browning's ' 1 poetry for an insight into social rules, and the noise of the organ l of Abt Vogler is still ringing in his ears. Kelley intends to be married someday. VVe wish him silver and golden anniver- saries. Senior Club. ' Ai .iivw ,. ,, , , H ,V A ,M ,wax , flofifwfffiixf e- biE?14NmKiE'fHLff?Q1SS2S55Qf2E51. 21 . fs fy V We ifffyfefr '71, 'wi T 'IEYWX' 'TY ii" "Qrf':'YHT'T"?'E'T'r"xfir'z" 'T'Qil.f JY.1'.f,1.gQ1f1QJ,3.,1il113'a1 ...TJ . TJ Qi r - .1 -f,f.,f,1-w.' I THERESA JOSEPHINE GUITE fi V New Britain, Conn. "Terry" March 8, 1910 513 "Save the surface and you save all" , f We offer our most humble apologies to Mr. Clark-but the Mitt above phrase seemed so fitting, we just had to copy it. Didn't , ll: 1 you know that."Terry" believes in that slogan? She certainly A if .Lu does and practices her creed too. But never mind, "Terry," th ' L, not one iota of our love for you is detached by your creed. This ' .' T is a free country, isn't it? Ergo, go to it! Going into business EW' JJ-, in the near future, "Terry"? We know you'll win-in the enrlg ' -"N f or somebody. ' Ax 15,1 Phi Sigma Sorority, Senior Club: Class Night Cast. ' v ivy 1' N 'S ,' V11 1? HOLLIS WHIPPLE KINCAID , Fair Haven, Vt. "Kink" August 4, 1909 1' f Kink is the boy with the innocent look and he sure knows how ' - to make use of a good thing. How many times that innocent ,-A look has been the cause of some one else getting the blame for yy E what Kink did. But a sweet face is not all that he is famous ,f'vN lf? for: Hollis is an Architectural Draftsman. He plans to go to Wx .Vi New York to work where Architects aim high. Someday we'll Ay, "loop up" to his work. l , N. B. S, T, S. A. A. 2, 3, 4. 'lu rr' rr' RUTH HANSEN . A W New Britain, Conn. "Rufus" january 31, 1910 z 1 "She nf the golden misses" 1 Oh my no! Rufus' hair isn't red it's gold. just compare gl ' the red of her dress with her hair and see for yourself. You Aw! NI 1 know we've heard that hair of that color is the sign of a hot 'ff I i, temper, but it seems that in "Rufus" case it indicates a sense of ' ' ' iff' humor instead of a hasty temper. Really, "Rufus".can be so ' funny at times that you could split your sides laughing at her. , A Her giggle, fyou couldn't call it a laugh reallyl, is that merry E-L,-Q. K A infectious kind too, and altogether she is the most desirable ,M V - N companion imaginable. You're going to Normal, "Rufus"? fjfh Well, all we've got to say is, we're sorry for those who aren't 2 TY - N T going up there with you. - ly 'tl ga, Class Night Cast, ,. ,xkf ' lv ' 'sr 1 A ' PAUL KOETHER V Wallingford, Conn. December 16, 1909 N " Hia talents were Qf the silent kind"fByron 2 if We would think the world at an end if ever our Paul smiled I 2-, or made the least bit of noise. Silence itself., in comparison ' A with him, would seem like a boiler factory.. If "silence is golden," x our Paul is a multi-millionaire. Yet, it is a generally accepted AY fact that those who are quietest in school make the most noise 171. X, out of school. Who knows? 11,1 ' Alphia Iota Epsilon Fraternityg Senior Club. fi' 1 A xi 1 ,f Y l X 1159 A ti "V" 7"7'i' " l"'7Si.'fT'.?'w F sffTTYf1f 'ITf1'YTTX1TTTT"ufYiY- 1 i'rf'T'1S'Y"f'f f'1'YYYYY '17' f ,if " if, at 4,1 1,1,-..iam.,Q,f,1J . flask 1.1.1 fren H' lil, 11-4.4 Jalan .-,,Qaagf-1. ?..17.-1f.-Jil 22 l' r V -'N - -4 - -i '-'.'-- 4' if - f,f.wAyY- - V' V ,fr - . - 1 ---1 fi f,f .....,..,., ,, .,, ,,, .,, W ,iwt-,N 1 YF',w nigga? n,3f,'riifrY1,iw t ,rg ri iw V. 1 S v rv . fi I . . . ff I '- .S,1t.1,..'-'.'-'.1k1 .. X.,-Mr. .A MJUJE .. I .,l.,'..I.i ' I ' 1 I I ' , . till: W " 1 J. LJ L MI T r I ,JV if L:-Qkii A X-,rJ'y.,x--L,1,l ix 'I w ' ll 1' . L g X 4 IRENE HECKMAN fl? ' 11 New Britain, Cioun. May 27, 1010 1111 HIIt'll1'!'7lS, I fIllIlt'1fllllf'7I in law!" 1' ' ' '4 Irene hasn't proved the fact to us, but it seems that she must T A 50:21 be attractive if she can make a fellow who lives on Farmington v ,A Avenue walk all the way to Kensington Avenue to go home with 'ff' so 1 her. Anyway, that is what happens eight days a week. .Per- I 3 haps she has been too absorbed to let us become acquainted nfs! '. 'T with her. Nevertheless, Irene, you are a member of the class of ' .fl fl j '28, a position of which to he proud. We hope you appreciate .IIN ' Y it. ' ' sux I 1 I ' ' rv? X,--,-H Senior L lub. ,V r-'VNS N f Ate? D it HM' I I Y rs, JOSEPH A. KOSZALKA 1' New Britain, Conn. "Joe" July 3, 1010 fvly. ffgylt Joe is proportioned like a string bean. He 'was six feet 'tall 'j IE - before he was sixteen years old and he kept right on growing- f' jx ,AJ If there is any advantage in high altitude and a long reach Joe I jr. Aff has ut. He is a gradute of the Machine Department of the State Trade School and is now working at his trade and "making l,-.I ' , good." lf xl ill vissrsaazzi lv-1 VI, .. ,..,...,... ,ww I fl J ',4 'A l 1. . 'fri 1 f Il i' in lf- If ' QA, EDITH JOHNSON 1-,XJ New Britain, Conn. "Edie" December 22, 1900 1 'Q i'S1H1Shf7ll" gay and pleasing" 'pi- ill I Edith is a girl whom everybody likes, simply because she is Q l all always pleasant and sunny. Whoever can resist the warmth of T Q1 that sweet smile, bestowed so freedly, must be a hard-hearted l ' V-If wretch. Can any one who tries, cultivate a disposition like .H 3 T r Edithls or is it a gift? We wonder how long she will remain a ' , school ma'am.'s hope you at least get through Normal ,l hrst, Edie. ff 'jljf Delta Gamma Sigma Sororityg Senior Club, Junior College Z.,-.I i' ' Club. 1' 'si ,ul L .4-'TU ' " 21, ! ' . v' f . x fl ,,l. fiylg JOSEPH THEODORE LARSON 'fwj New Britain, Conn. "Ted" May 16, 1910 4 f l Ted should take the nex-t train for Hollywood and get into I N, the.movies while he still has his sweet schoolgirl complexion. ff e A, J He is a graduate of the carpentry department of the State Trade it f 5111 School. Will he pound nails for a living or will he make the - 4 W l' lxl most of his million dollar face? There may be some disadvan- 1' 2' ,IX 1 tage in being a facsimile of Cupid, but there are few who have ' V14 ,LQ known Ted who wouldn't like to have his opportunities. Make ffj w ' the most of them, Ted. ' I . i 5 ' ,. , . . . , , I 1 K1 N.lI.S.'I.S.A.A.Z.3,Al. 1 - . - Y mb ,fil . . ' Y Y l vw, A. 'A A -., w'g's- v 'nw' -' ' ",""'."," "'v'g.i 1 ---X ft-YY vw-e -Q -'-- V' .. - -.7 K T' .. - t -.v v-We V - ' 7 1 11,1 M 1.1.-sf'-i.i,Y,r.'if!.f1.x irf?e'Y"Y"z'f. LJ. 2.1-1.'.m..aQx.u...f3et,QJ.,f..1 .111-.1.f. ..1.,1.T1g,1.,f-..f-.1 f. ,Ill .t1afaf1l -Q1..1ff.f..1 44545 23 1 TTTYNS W' 'Yi ii Yi f ' T 37 ' T wm..J. QW . L, , 4 9. DOI ELIZABETH ,IAKEL fa East Bristol, Conn. "Belly" May 2, 1910 I ' "Ragged is the breast that music cannot lame"-Bampfylde mf: . "Betty" plays in our orchestra. We believe that accounts- no l is in great. measure, for the success of our orchestra in delighting . its admiringaudiences. By the way, you've had to use some .Q scholastic skill lately, haven't you, in order to catch up with us? f f? TI! That's great work, Betty, but don't let your head swell too much. 1- ' 1' Furthermore, don't spend too much time enjoying yourself, Q Q N now, will you? Too much fun might not agree with you. .1 'ii Senior High School Orchestra. LQ? 'Sv ' 8 YY JOSEPH MORTELLITI . New Britain, Conn. "Joe November 29, 1908 ' "For has a jolly good fellow" Nj "joe" never had any enemy. He kept to himself more or . less but was always willing to do anyone a good turn. He was Q x often called the "Mussolini" of our class. His excellent work Ol . I in class goes to prove that "Joe" was not a loaferfin fact he . seemed to like work-and arguments. We have no doubt that KY, "joe" will be a success in life for he's just built that way. .1 v I N O MYRTLE KELLER 0. " New Britain, Conn. June 2, 1911 Q l V "A stenographer of no mean ability." - ' And so young! Myrtle's ability explains this. Studies come A . . A so easily to her she doesn't know how to sympathize with the ' , ,nj rest of us. This class has a number of clever students and here . f , , is an outstanding one in the commercial group. We don't I , need to bother wishing her luck, because we know she will be - , successful in the business world and do credit to the midyears . ' V of '28. ' l Senior Clubg Class Night Chorus. li . , 0' Q oi Q HEYWOOD MANSERGH .. ' Duluth, Minnesota "Hays" October 18, 1908 IQ! "Westward Ho!" Yes, we know you come from the "wild and wooly west," .Q , "Hays,"-and if we didn't know, you'd tell us, wouldn't you? lla Duluth High may be all right but personally we prefer good old f.. Lk N. B. H. S.-and, of course, everybody has a right to his own . , opinion. How about football? Pretty good little old sport, r.l isn't it? Oh Yes! we know your team was a marvel-but why 'Q not take a look at the Red and Gold, it's not such a bad one! Ill Well, so long. "Hays," we wish you Godspeed in recovering from your attack of homesickness. 9 Ill Q n . 'Q ,tv ,I ,,.,-,Q-,, Vi , ,,,,, ,. Zu-vvvvvvvvvvvvvv Q .L . l ri J X. -U' 4 O 630 1 s 000000500 .0 Hi ALLY1 gi',g!,,lih i AU. .L WQAOCQA .O CQQOO .ODDQ SAQ . 24 EH 'Ymx N 5tg1211.51.sgg1.. CATHERINE KING New Britain, Conn. "Kay" February 27, 1910 "A good companion, she." Kay's a good sport, one who can give and take compliments '- the kind offered so freely in room 30. Her hobby was French. Poor Kay! We all have our trials. Did you ever attempt to return the pens and pencils you were continually borrowing, Kay? Let's hope some one presented you with an "unlosable" pen and pencil set for graduation. You need it. Good luck to you at college and don't forget your friends of '28. junior College Club, Senior Club. HYMAN MELTZER Augusta, Poland "Hym1'e" October 6, 1909 "Music is the soul of man" Here is our star musician! "Hymie" is so smart he can play two instruments-the violin and the clarionet. And further- more, he's quite some Latin student. How did you enjoy the tales of Virgil, "Hymie"? You aren't, by any chance, planning a pedagogical career? We prefer to think you will choose a musical one instead. But when sometime in the future you be- come a renowned composer, don't forget good old N. B. H. S.! Orchestra, Senior Club, Class Night Orchestra. MARTHA KOPLOVVITZ New Britain, Conn. "Koppy" May 3, 1910 "Golden silence is all r1fghl,,but I prefer silzw spa eclzf' "Koppy" really has quite a little to drag around school with her, but still she seems to manage all right, lugging around those extra pounds. And she's very ambitious too-goes to school every morning C?J and works every afternoon. In fact, she was so busy she was unable to participate in the class night excerises. We're sorry to have her go but we must admit that she leaves quite a bit of space behind her. We believe that "Koppy" is quiet only while she's asleep, but then, an industrious tongue will get you as far as anything else,- well, so long! Senior Club. GUY l.. MADDOCKS Bangor, Maine November 23, 1908 In Guy we find that most delightful combination, a fat boy who can sing. He carries his two hundred pounds plus without apparent effort, and steps and dances as lightly as a fairy. Guy is an electrician. just now he is right where Steimnetz started. Where will you finish, Guy? B. S. T. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Nlanager of Baseball 4. ffm ? A pf38?S'??'. '52f?7'ff'9'?'3"?z rl". fo by 0096 OOQOCOOCOOIOOG 4 0 O 2 5 'E I 1 U V , og , 1, if 0 S fi' 'J ntl i 0 3 'J ol oo 'J 0 51 IO - 'Q as e if l P o Y ef oo . .1 oo 31 o no M 0 we W W if ARLINE M. LARSON New Britain. Conn. September 6, 1909 "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance" Behold, Arline, the left-handed artist! She entertained her class mates fin room 202, for instancel by drawing cartoons- oh, pardon, were they supposed to be pictures? We like your merry ways, but really you will have to become more serious if you intend to become a competent business woman, Arline. Senior Club. VIRGII. MACUIRE New Britain, Conn. "Mac" August 18, 1910 "The lad with a sweet UD indi1ference"ABuchanan "Mac" is our chauffeur extraodinaryfextraordinary be- cause he never gives anyone a ride. Yet he is a very unob- trusive and quiet fellow and we cannot criticize him for wanting to preserve his car. We hope that he will always take as good care of both himself and his car as he did here at school! ANNA MARY LaROSA New Britain, Conn. "An" April 26, 1910 " Very good corn grows i n little fields" Here, indeed, is a little field growing good corn. Anna is a quiet fsometinesj industrious girl, a commercial student of good standing. She hasn't been conspicuous among us, but she has had too much competition for first rank in such a fine class of clever students. However, Anne, when you become private secretary for the president of a billion dollar corporation, don't forget you graduated with us in '28. ARASSY MINASIAN Kars, Armenia "Lassy" May 18, 1910 "I have seen the world" To think we have a fellow with us who was born on the con- tinent of Asial We're beginning to think our class is very rep- resentative. How'd it feel to cross the ocean? Trouble is, perhaps "Lassy" wasn't old enough to know his own feelings-- though we don't know anything about it, of course. But it's quite some accomplishment to graduate from High School over here, and to be as well-liked as "Lassy" is too. What are your plans for the future? Well herels our good wishes,- -and now don't say we never gave you anything. 26 U M no vu no Ill - 1 lg 0 1 3 1 I on O 'J Ol ,L I Ol ' 1 01 o on of . 5 r 136933. .ffl o vi JQ SQSSQSYSSQQSSV' . 8 fivfaliiffalt HELEN MARGIlERlTE LESIAK New Britain, Conn. "Sl1nrt-v" Dcvember 14, 1900 "Better slmrl and swcrl than lung and la.x"' Helen is so little she hasn't even been seen by some of us. Don't you know her? Well, she's that fair, easy-going, garru- lous half-a-pint about four feet high. She's quite friendly and interesting when you know her. School work is only her avo- cation. What her vocation is, or will be, even she doesn't seem to know. Hasn't this brilliant class been an inspiration to you? Anyway, we wish you well in whatever you do. Senior Club. GERALD McCOUR'I' New Britain, Conn. "Jerry" June 18, 1908 "The best of Ihings some in small packages" "Vot is dot you were said." Ah! yes, remember Hans in the class night production. It was not other than our own "jerry." Maybe we shall see Jerry in more "Girlie" shows. Besides his acting ability Jerry played basketball and participated in a few other sports. He could never be on time when it came to Eng' lish recitations but when it came to a date with one of the weaker sex he never needed a late pass. Short though he is we know he'll do big things. Theta Sigma Fraternity: Basketball '27, Baseball '27g Senior Club: Class Night Cast: Class Night Committee, Spanish Club. ROXIE NAJARIAN New Britain, Conn. "Rox" February 8, 1910 And here is "Rox," But somehow we always thought Rox were sturdy objects, not easily moved you know, but just look at this one-don't you think even an ogre's breath would blow her into next year? For goodness' sake, "Rox," why don't you put on some flesh? We know the answer-she's worked too hard, that's it, she's worn herself to a frazzle over svhoolworkl Believe that and we'll tell you another one! So long, "Rox"! Spanish Club: Senior Clubg Class Night Cast. THOMAS NEWMAN New Britain, Conn. "Slim" December 12, 1010 " He was such a dear little cock-tailed pup" "Slim" is a recruit to our ranks. rightfully belonging to the june class. We welcome you, "Slim" and admire your swift progress no less than you yourself do. We hope, though, that you will not always be so eager to leave your friends and seek new ones. Here's luck to you ui whatever you do. Senior Club, Basketball, T'rU'l ' 27. ' U' A Umxrvl Y X' ' A 0. , A 1 ,,J58SfSE,2f ilfgggfigy A W. , ,. . ,, M . . Ii . , .lHwffEA1,:5L1X?f9i:f? 4 "ll ho? UO ., . C .. Ol , A C A lg t ' XI . . LBINA PASSAUR . 1 ew Britain, Conn- UAIMFM . , UA mt . d f December 2, 1910 ,.. Ol Did you eve g of ww would blow hw away, .Q r - . Q anybody quite Sosifiiigiigggy quiitii so Slight as mblelloof 9 ,hr never hear her and hal-dl alll' 0 Y quite so demure? You IQ wr , y ever see her-but ou k ' ll Same' that shes a good worker-she's ke ty ' hnow' lllst the f class, till now she's graduating with us. G?Jodll?0rtylgP1i,lXm1bilg?,lE L 4 K4 5 .ie M " Q 37 UO 'fi ,Q Nlorthampt M VVALTER JOHN PUTALA A OU, ass. Q . Aug st 16, 1910 '9 .J St0Tl!lough built rather close to the ground' .Short muh S I.. th Olghaeh gmong his classmates He is a drafgm a away? .. e in in ustry needs more of. Y an' pne 0 tall, Sh t ,b - OU may never be si f t Of pg The wa? tlo thliet gdlrirliezrstotlleli ways of gettlllg UP in the VT7OI'i3, l.. 93 a good start. Keep goingralg t ahead for you, and youyve got N N. B. s. T. s. A. A. 2, 3 4. OO Q. ' IO! ru 0 O ICI an 00 . Ill g O0 . M -1 ELINOR POND ' . f erxr en, Conn. UTIL ' npondieu September 25' 1909 A ere .v music in the air" I.l f' fx, 'My word! A d M' , " you never would glilesilitln will-,clqmiocan liigy the, pump! Why . tge Street with that ngot-to-Catda a tiiiley'9l'lillf!d coirnang along G0 , A t I 1 . ' - s ri e o , , ' 3Il9l:J?0hgloliiafleherrgig?nandahear hcg talk, y0u'd think shgrspeziirdi L llllf1llY,didn'tyou "Po 'Wg ut You had fo Settle down . ' l you. Best 0' lucli, "lgoriflie"'vfOr fear that diploma might evade w V ' A O. sl' lfl lm 1 X ., QI 1 9 'Y DOI . ,f ' ' Q. Cy. VlCTOR PAUI OZ 'J Q1 Berlin Conn nwci, 4 .. 31 A th f I AAPPVeCiat'ion is half llle giftll dm 3, 1909 1 no er I f - . .Q Sington seen? if heOIr?relt5f5lllilvhll1i'2Sregev rtsdof' Berlin Elnd Ken' Y ' - . I1 e in our Cass. All ll :lhe re.Vlf0l'l'Ylll8 about is whether or not these sca .. , - - . . pegraces f IQ! at jose xxlrixggies of New Britain reallae fully the privilege theyrl-:E Ol 00 Bur we krillnliv Ileangllliiiclifithe mulyear class of 1928-ahem! 'U' .1 he does appreciate it M15 rllotf an ungrateful fellow and that Q your Company uxjicvy and 32 h ully. We ve 5-ertainly enjoyed .. If Ours' 0Pe you haven t been bored hy p.' O0 'A M M M A . A X Y ' jug. , , X -- wha- - - - , , vol -2 - 'Mn . ppm. A .an QQGEE? '."'W vq ' 2' '.q 28 ,wax A1 L -.1512 L 1. , .tr .1 Lk . J . .l L 1 at fa' HY MARION RAND Cleveland, Ohio August 30, 1910 "The best elixer is rt friend''fSnn1er2'1'lle -and it tastes better if the friend is a lively, vivacious one like Marion. She's always up and doin' and ready with her smile. That's why she's so well-liked. Ain't it awful to be short, Marion? We know some people who sympathize with you in your "short" misfortune. But gee, she's all there just ,5 L... N the same folks, for Marionls left her own class, and is graduating s with us. Now she's showing some sense. n'est-ce pas? ' Q 0 , I , X sa? , -5-x ' MORSE RICHTMYER, JR. ' s ' Bristol, Conn. "Rick" March 27, 1908 Q AA Rick has always been thought of by his classmates as the . ' "Trade School Star." His work in athletics and other activities for the Trade School has won for him a name that will long be remembered. He is one of those likeable sort of fellows who h. Carries his honors well, and does his work, whatever it may be, . in a creditable way. May he ever have a host of friends and may .I l we ever be among them. Og N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4. Vice-President 35 President 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 33 Baseball 2. 3, 43 Captain 2, 4. .. ,Q 1 A ' , , , , OO ELILABILTH SANDBERG 'Q' 'X New Britain, Conn. "Betty" December 7, 1909 . , V ' , , . ,, il ' 1 " Why hurry! There s another day cornzng tomorrow. Q .V A Here's a studious girl for you! She is always industrious- N ' if ly drawing pictures, reading fiction, or powdering her nose in ' ' 'Y class. What about work? She plans to go to St. Paul to study. She says she is going out there to work, but we just can't imagine , 1 , Betty working. The change will be good for her. , -'w - Senior Club. . .VY ' . 'ti C BENJAMIN SCHLAFER lsmokiyn, N. Y. "Fat" september 10, 1910 m "The bigger they come the harder they fall" Q. "Fat" always was fatfjust look at him. Nevertheless, he always was a "good fellow" both in and out of class. What ljl would Class night have been without "Fat" at the controls of f. his lip buster? Then too he went to the "Prom" with his math. 'Q book, instead of a girl-'now wasn't that delicious? Both went P to sleep. We hope "Fat" is as ambitious in life as he was in :I playing that saxophone, but we also hope his suevess will be ya just the opposite. Ta, ta-"Fat." . Class Night Orchestra, Urcllcstrzl. gl id . v e ' ' we s fifsiisw -.JQ..1..?.l.f2s2J. . . .. . .Gif sb - sf 09. . -. .1 .L 1.1if.1l1.--.. A ' 29 i 1- 4 K i ,Q -?j,,iY.7,.,?Y TY? ...FFT--1 X l.2.4...a.s.-3.Qi..:..e..t..' .l felis ' i 7 U1 JN . LLL? 111, 5 '- , 1 ug., l AN r 'ff ,'J-4 wx, 1 A 1 ' 'Aj lvavfl lgzjl Five .LK 13 .M AA .wav jj: 4.1. -AWN. . ,. , ,ll .,..,, 1 Nr l i 11 " rl, . . V ,ll iigl iam ,ff mm NY. .xi-7 'I' 'Ia 1 y X1 l I . T Y ii x 1 4 4 i Y L' . A ...,,..' .,-vw 1-.w- .--N '- v,T2 I-fly. .v'JYI"l lgkwA,,V,,! 5- f 1 , 1 , - . A 1 f ' Ir.t'..41...'.-'ini 'SQL-.d.ff..,xL,.f...'.1 Lf.. A353 A 1 1 1 1 'fY'YQYf"":f'I'?'f'VE,5'1"i'E'Tf'T'f?ff"y'?'i" ' , . . A J.2fl.,f.L.l.LA.amQ3'ff J.. .LIJQ -, P ,L ff -1 A Q ' Cir W ' il T: 1 I. ,. 1, .. . Xp. RUIH ELIZABETH SCHAEP ER X, -,vt New Britain, Conn. "Ruthie" December 8, 1909 'Af' "Tu spend much time in studies is sloth"-Bacon till , Ruthie believes in letting others do her work so that she can U gi have a good time. She has been a social light, and a friend 1 1 ' to a favored few. These latter have seemed to enjoy her lf 1' company very much, but why leave the rest of us in the cold? fvl, , However, we can't deny she's entertaining when she does choose 'iff to condescend. Well, who are going to be your friends and do your work at Normal School, Ruth? Too bad you can't have f f' the good old class of '28 with you always. l IV . Phi Sigma Sororityg Class Night Committeeg Spanish Clubg 'fl Senior Club. Q ' W WALTER STACHELEK fi f, New Britain, Conn. "Weller" September 24, 1909 ll K "Fortunaeflius"-Horace T I This year's Virgil class has enjoyed the presence and coopera- tion of Mr. Walter Stachelek. He has been a very industrious V. CPD student, and we're sure he'd be able to teach Latin to a class lvl of dumbells. We don't know what other fortunes or misfor- If., tunes "Waller" has had, but one of his chief difficulties has been YN getting people to pronounce his name correctly. But what's pf, in a name? All we care about is the boy himself, and we like him pretty well. We don't know, of course, but we suspect Lvivl "Waller" of being successful in the future. ,.-'VJ . . . .Al Senior Club. j Ll v' ei 11,11 L., SUSAN SCHOFIELD fly-5 Berlin, Conn. "Sue" March 4, 1910 ljili "We all .lmie a pretty girl." l!j"'jH -And especially when that girl has a pleasant disposition and is not vain or haughty. Sue is an amiable, friendly girl rg., with an easy-going manner. She has a smile as sunny as her F35 hair. She plans to go with Betty Sandberg to St. Paul to study. ' ' 1 Best wishes to you, Sue! rl Class Night Chorusg Senior Club, Amphion Club. if-fl Wt lil SIDNEY STEINBERG New ihieiin, Conn. ww" August 30, 1910 Q "Beware the fury of a patient man" Although very small, one would be rather surprised to dis- fyi cover the power of resistance in our "baby." Woe be it to the girl who marries "Sid" and tries to lord it over him for she shall ' 'l meet her doom. "Sid," however, is a good fellow and a very 1 earnest workerwand he deserves a good wife. "A word to the , wise is sufficient." ,lr Banquet Committeeg Senior Club. ' l fr X f fwrvvvrsrvvgf wiiifjq? . ., -- ,T , x , V .JJ-.. J .., ,I .Q1.f.fJJ. -task 5- J l .J..L.'...L, 30 'r'F'ijQYrf"iYrrxrrrrgfjfgcrjmZ3oi'53jr'r'r'?F"l1'v-'Vlaams''f'f'rrmirir'r' a l . v 1 tg gg , rr f If 1 f T iipgxgigg 7 -1..Q.-J..E'.z. ui f.,.J,I.y1W1..Jf.1.I.f..1g1f.lJ.QL,j-lj,rJt1,Q,-1' ,I is l-ll 3. rl N o L ls fl i ' lvl 1 ELIZABETH SPRING i-Ii 'fl' New Britain, Conn. "Brill" February 12, 1910 'I I ai I4 "I am cnnlffnl with what I haw" ' IJ , 1, Beth is quiet, contented, and inconspicious. She has been lil I neither a brilliant student nor a social light, just one of the ,II L 1 ordinary members of our class. Yet it is the "ordinary" mem- A , x , bers who are necessary to make a class like ours. Perhaps we I X, haven't been particulary interesting to her because HE has lb x i " taken most of her attention. What are you going to do after f' 3 school, get married? Should we wish you luck, or isn't that tbl fx nesessary? -li -Af junior College Club, Senior Club, Spanish Club. L X JAIVIES SCULLY 'Al f New Britain, Conn. "Scrap" September IS, 1909 , r "Athletics -first, las! and always" "Scrap" is living up to the reputation of his family by being a candidate for nearly all our school teams. But we hope, " , "Scrap," that you will not put aside the main things of life for ' athletics. Cood luck to you, "Scrap," at Fordham for we -VIC L imagine that that will be your ultimate destination. ,a A Track '25, '26, '273 Football '26, '27: Baseball '26, '27, Senior lx 'KAY Club: Theta Sigma Fraternity. ' N l. AUGUSTA NI. STIPEK ,IPI New Britain, Conn. "Girlie" August 20, 1910 -pl "As long live the merry as the sad" fvli I Therefore, "Girlie" will undoubtedly live long. Ever viva- wk I cious and fond of fun, she has been popular Cin her opinion, at 'ff gg leastj through her whole High School career. She didn't do ' 1 ' 1 qi much studying, but it seems not all of us came to school for that V - purpose, anyway, We don't know what she plans to do, for lj, l either she doesn't know or she doesn't tell what she knows. At ik' l 'l least we hope she aspires to be more than an errand girl. Here's 'Hy ' good luck and "Pax teculn!" f'-gf r' ? Senior Club, Class Night Cast, Spanish Club. iff , , -it , FREDERICK SENF ,Y Y, New Britain, Conn. "Snef" November 19, 1909 jk, "A thing Qf implusen-Byron . 'lv , Freddie is the scientist of the class. Chemistry, Biology, frfj r, Physics, etc. are his meat. He was quite a "sheik" in his time, I ' f but the girls finally caused him to leave his old job up at the ' I f'Spa".and he's never been himself since. To appreciate his I, impulsive genius you must see the way he throws a biscuit up '5 gl .4 at the Hi- Y club on Wednesday noons. "Snef's" been troubled f with an inferiority complex ever since the day Miss McIntosh f f caught him in .the act of dropping the vital organs of a defunct , . I frog out the window-but we know the act was committed in a ,l. ll g moment of impulse. -fl Chairman Photograph Committee. if Y if ' ' 'fr' 'Y V e K rf X ft- .- -'rf-1 'Ti - TT fl fri n . , . . r Y yi?-it 1 rxgwjlcfw.. XiYY,lL'Yj,Tr1 e CLLJJ.. .D...1.,1.,L.e . ICA.. .La ' 452.521 f?1l?tQifp Ti. 31 G 'J 9 C1 8 .1 00 J O flag 004' 00 L C iiiiiiiif ' ' J ' W S " 0 " 2' 4 W U01 ' 00 Ol I O W s xr O A S? IDA S. SWANSON Hartford, Conn. March 12, 1911 "I know a lady that loves to talk so incessantly, she 'won't gave an echo fair play." Yep! That chatterbox coming down the corridor is Ida You can always tell who is coming when you hear that sweet voice. This picture of her isn't a good one, but you see she d.oesn't look natural unless she's talking. Still, rather than being tiresome, she's a good sport4even when trying to chaperone two Dutch girls. Good luck to you at Normal School, Ida! Senior Club, Junior College Club, Class Night Cast. EARL SCOTT New Britain, Conn. "Scotty" February 9, 1910 ". ., .. .bewarel Never compare Woman to aught in earth or air"-Bayley A wise man once said that people improve with age. And now we believe him, for we think that "Scottie" still hates the girls as much or even more than he did three years ago. We can. discover no reason for his attitude, but he has a particular dislike for the fair sex. But beware, it is always his kind that fall hardest when they do fall. Football '26, Track '26, '27, Senior Club '27, Amphion Club. ELIZABETH TALLARD Torrington Conn. Betty july 30 1910 True friends are ever so When Miss Tallard president of our Junior College Club wishes to be very prim and lady-like we must call her Elizabeth. But as we never saw Betty when she was prim and haughty we ve never called her Elizabeth-anyway we prefer Betty and don t you think that s the name which Hts her? Howsomever we know some people who will always think of sweetness thought- fulness and true friendship wherever they hear the name Betty- And Betty can t help being the girl she is she s just made that way. You re coming up to Normal with us arent you Bet? Please do! Class Night Chorus' President of junior College Club' Ban- 'quet Committee. ' FRANCIS TRAVER Nlew Britain Conn. Frank April 10 1910 He has the countenance of a cherubim but he s a rogue at heart !Vanbrugh When Frank knocks on the Pearly Gates and humbly begs admission St. Peter will demand Are you the boy who sings tenor and plays the banjo? And if Frank answers No. then down he ll go for you can t fool Old Pete' and if he admits it then down he ll go just the same for they won t have him around throwing the harps out of tune. We don t know what our class would have done without our versatile toastmaster and banquet committee chairman however. just imagine! mutt! Chairman Banquet Committee' Class Night Cast' Amphion Club' Senior Club Committee. m 00 us 00 nl 00 m oo W U04 fat Q? 251 Sc DOI 00 IO 00 IN 00 B8 ICI O .0 lil O 9 Y ,. ., Y 0, ,. X la vv ' 1 DO a Y 1 3 ' 0 , ' , ' g tgp . I -'Q i , , . . l , ' V lf . 34 io , i . X 1 1 it H ' 1 d ll ,V ' H , , Ol yy n ii ' Y ' ' 1 va l S ' ' W , 'O' He steps out with a damsel from the Normal School. Torrid Ol . . . 1 - Ill l , Ol P3 ' """'." g- - -.- ..vv v--vvv'-v,v, . 0' O OC OOO 3 ig .090 0. . 0'. . . - ' .2fff'ff?9f""'. ."99"99fF?f?3Y30 .' O 0 .00 000006 3000000000000000. 000000000000 00 0 32 1 9 ,,. 1 1 1 X- Y"'T'?"i"7'T '1"Ini'Y""fY'i"Y"" "'f""" -ff ,Lg ,- .infigbt p1g2f1fa.fJ.g.!13sgotf.tEff'f.llfQ11lu' S gi, ei s R A A ' jfs, . -,V . , , '4 A if 4 'll i 4 EDNA TRESKY "il VT, , New Britain, Conn. "Ed" August 12, 1910 lrrfis if HB1Il'1U6 are all lhe same, thefools of our own woes"-M. Arnold ll, L, 'Lyla "Ed" had the time of her life during the greater part of her 'jiri lg, career at High, and now she's had the time of her life the last ,K jl QNX few weeks trying to finish in time. Wouldn't be surprised if ffl , she lost a Couple of pounds in worryingfbetter be careful next ,V i 3 time, "Ed"! But now at last she's graduated, and ready to Ying, start business. What do you plan to do, by the way? Haven't ll H 1 .AJ the slightest idea, I suppose? Well, here's good luck anyway. iff' By the way, "Ed" did you enjoy yourself at the "Prom"? 1 Senior Club. N R LW if I , . 4 Jn l fin - 1 ,-r BERNARD TRANCHIDA Jo' I Italy "Benny" August 7, 1910 FY? f A 2 ' Q Benny was the short end of a "Mutt and jeff Hook4Up," a .YI kind of dual entente that he formed with Koszalka. The pair , fl., were constant companions at school, but no one ever mistook 'V'-l . them for twins. He represents the finished product of the f TH! K Machine Department of the State Trade School. The world Il lv f looks to the mechanic toda , more than ever, to supply its ever , W . . Y . . , ,z ff increasing needs. There are undreamed of opportunities for 1' Y' you, Benny. , .4 wk - ,,1 , B. S. T. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4. " 4 , , , ,J 1 l N. ' L , A 'uw U- FRANCES TROOP Nfl Indianapolis, lnd. "Fran" September, 18 1909 wil' lik' "Smooth and quiet in manner." lj' YQ ' 5:9 To all outward appearances, at least, Frances is a nice, quiet l' I dm girl. Are we misjudging her? So few have had a chance to ig, , A X become really well acquainted with her, the class does not ap- l ,ff L preciate what'a good friend she is. She has been minus her il'-1, r ' better CPD half since Helen Connor left, but she has not lacked gy. ll f friends. Remember us always, Frances! A,--l Y . ' it-' Amphlon Club. A f 4 , 4 ' -J L :EN irilxv MYR 'Y' V. ., . .1 A., GORDON VENIRES 1 . 4 . 'N ' Izast Hartford, Conn. January 25, 1908 wil I '-Every daisy in the den, lljfy Y Knows my secret, knows il well" ll-. -. 1111 "Yesfno-'yes-no last petal gone, and negatively at that. Wgi Out of luck, Gordon! But don't give up, maybe she'll love you f?y. N X: tomorrow night." Oh, blah!," retorts Gordon "What do l ..,f. 'bk' care about the girls?" Well, we're not so sure about that. mi kj 1 However, we must admit that Gordon is a good student and r If" A 'lj that's one point in his favor. How's things, old boy, going to I v' .Y command a salary right along now? lf so, we hope it may , s 1 Increase. 1, , .4 . ff ll vt wfv LIT? 7'7"1''FfTY1'1"z'r'k',3fZi"i'Yiff?v7f'f'1"1' rTa rf .1 9 '.2,1k2.f ..l-.!'lX, .LL,ii.1c.A.k.I..f-.-fl1r:i2QQf.I.1 .1J-.l..'li 11.11. 'Q l Qrftgiiffl. .-.,L1lJJ-l .1.,Ql.ik 1-99 ' .-.ffl 33 I H I I 7 LUIS WAKEFIELD New Britain Conn. December 10 1909 Lo and behold here comes Lo As 'xl matter of fact Lo doesn t make an awful pile of noise butlstlll we d miss her were she gone. Shes of that com- p'unon'1ble sort that go to make up 1 good crowd. The minute we see her coming we know there s something worth while to be said or done. And we always enjoy her company. We can t vouch for your hopes for the hereafter but whatever they are we wish you the best of luck. Senior Club. CHARLES NEWTON New Britain, Conn. "Charlie" July 17, 1910 "A man may be down but he's never out." To know the what's what concerning our young hero all one has to do is to consult Mrs. Smith. One would almost believe he knew her, so much was he in her company. After a lot of hard luck on Charlie's part our class succeeded in graduating this supposed protege. But never mind, "Charlie" always meant well even tho he never could manage to do things just on time. He was Mr. Cassidy's great friend when said coach wanted to sell him some insurance. So long-"Charlie," ELIZABETH IIONISS 1:13 c l szasf POI M OO I JJ D01 1 l 1 al ULDH I , .. ga ' f ' ui Q L Q Y ,Y 32 . ' 1 I VJ! W of by 45,1 W Nl fo? Q o P4 W 24 ill East Berlin, Conn. "Lib" june 21, 1909 "Slow but sure" We weren't quite certain even this term that "Lib" would ffl graduate. She seemed to have such a peculiar fondnesshfor the ' N old school. But you know this kind who are so very quiet here 'fy in the boundaries of these halls of learning, are the ones you ew never can tell about when once they're out of the spell. All the same "Lib", you got there finally, and now you've got our , best wishes for the future. ' I Q, . - A in lx J . LYDIA KLOIBER .1 l New York "Lyd" November 12, 1908 "Music exalls each joy, allays each grief." Q. Another musician! "Lyd" can pick up a piece of music- 'fl and lol it is played! There's not many of us can perform such tricks on the "pinano," "Lyd." And another thing, "Lyd" .. C, 1 can perform other kinds of tricks too! You ought to see her 'QQ f ' stand on her head, and she plays lJall,fand how?! Of course, ' we know that she's small,-4 in fact, when you suddenly see a Ill fur coat coming down the street,you have to look sharp before w l you can see a Lydia inside itfstill, Napoleon was small wasn't he? 1 Ill Ol I W 'Q E' 'fvVxyV'- T. 4 . . . as-ovv vvvvvvv v . .1 A 1 I lei --ig .C O C 'Oil' WTO . -O 0.0330 O .QQ 1 E.e.f.L2Q11i2iJ.1J. i gl . W, 0.60034 9:09900 .6O.g.9 O.l. 34 'fa "f 'v . A 1 '?'1'r'T 'fu' YE 'T Y'1"1""1"f'YY 4 'Y-f'e'W"?"f'V' f". -- -,-- r- bw.- . f,1,,xi.a 1.Ef..1.2. Ek1.2QLJ.1iL5'1J1L.5f'fE.5Llg1,f'f.fiff.1103A ul Qf'L:':,Qg'1',1.. lrp 3111 f ' i l .-Y., , .Tl 'W , ,ill il LUREN LARSON , M Ml-3 New Britain, Conn. "Larry" April 18, 1909 'T 1 Ll YL l "A finished gmzlleman from lop Ln tm"' -Bryon f ' l "Larry" is our shiek. He has all the things ordinarily at- if 'j, tributed to a shiek- -clothes, flashy ties, leather heels, "duck" -Qi, hat and a Dodge grocery truck Qnot his howeverj There is 4 only one difference between our shiek and the genuine article, K NH K 'l but it makes all the difference in the world. A real shiek al- '- F, T ways comes out on top, whereas Larry sometimes hits the Nfl bottom. Socially he is at the top of the ladder, but scholas- all ', . g. . - . r Ai tlcallyfbut we won't discuss that now. We cannot all of us ML Z Z 3 be Haswellsl .KL :QWS Alpha Iota Epsilon Fraternity: Senior Club. fav' llfb? 1 1 Fill ELENA MARY FERRARIS 7,1 r 3 , . . . ,i Zfafi New Britain, Conn. "Len" June 29, 1907 Nl ffl "If at-first you don'l succeed, try, try, again." ,Jw 'N Elena was so fond ol our school that she stayed around a H , long time trymg to lind out wh teachers wear s ecks, and Y i . . y . p , ni Vwj principals grow grey early. She plans on being a nurse so she fl' VN, can sport the nobby little white cap, and the blue gingham fLJ fjfj apron. Giving pills and sitting up nights don't appeal to us, ,lj-j .112 but we wish her luck! -Tb' i -.1 College Clubg spanish Club: senior Club. 7 Q ffl I T N iw AE Tag, Y 21 l af. h Itrlj Q f x 4 "HE 'Ali QQ will , -6' 'A L-Jai ' fr ii A 'Ali . INN ', Y, L . f' 'f .- ' . if my Af, L u'K Wu' . 1 Hi - 1 4 X .g . JJ ffl Y iff I' x ' fm 1: 1- all ' 1 l If" QKIQ ,fv 1,111 fr- - ' ,il .' bxlll "lil 1 A V LL' tl, I ' XA1 rs, 1 bldg .Mi 1 IS' 1 lvl f f'fY'Y"ifff?'H 51fTYY'fr"ff",f'."ff-fff- 'X r' fn" ' fagei..a.13.i.uLafs:s.,e'1..f.1.14.1-11 Ill. 241- .1-1ga.'a.f-. ,1 t1..:l111.J.3. 1 ffilfift 3 5 30 . , 'Q -1. 4 4 I osooooooouo or-4ao'nu0co0oo'o efhoooooouaouo U IP 12 l U si ri D 98 Nl M si in OO and Poe fC 33 in OO m oo nu oo IO! oo m Ol ill on pu 11 is is O6 in OO m EQ 5? Ol OO Ill 9.1 EE lid O not O0 ms oo m oo IO! so W I Greeting ....... Frederick Zehrer Presidenl II Tulip Time . . Act 1 . . . Class Night Cast III Class History ....... Audrey Fagan IV Class Will Written by Florien Christesen Warren Brainerd William Haswell Read by Florine Christesen V A Trust ..... Graduates to Craduates-Elect VI Tulip Time Act II. Class Night Cast TULIP TIME:-An Operetta in Two Acts. Books Lyrics and Music by Geoffrey F. Morgan and Frederick G. Johnson CAST OF CHARACTERS Un order of their first appearancej Hans a Dutch apprentice ...... Gerald McCourt Aunt Anna Christina s guardian ..... Ida Swanson Katinka a village maiden ...... Frances Campbell Hendrick Van Ooster Burgomaster of Osendorf john Ericson Christina A Dutch Girl ..... Augusta Stlpek Theophilis McSp1ndle an Authority on Botany William Haswell Ned Baxter an American College Student . . August Heisler Dick Warren a fellow student of Ned . . . Peter Kelly Mina a village maiden ....... Barbara Christ Chorus of Dutch Villagers and American Students. DUTCH VILLAGERS Ellen Alexander Clifford Bell Barbara Christ Maxwell Earl Marguerite Downham William Fay ' Helen Erickson Kenneth Frost Audrey Fagan Alden Hewitt Ruth Hansen Byron Jacoby Edith Johnson Hollis Kincaid Glennie Peterson Jospeh Koszalka ' Ruth Schafer Morse Richtmyer Susan Schofield Bernard Tranchida AMERICAN STUDENTS Libbie Dunn Betty Tallard Myrtle Keller Theresa Guite Edna Tresky Thomas Newman Roxie Najarian Stella Eisenberg Earle Scott Fred Zehrer ORCHESTRA Piano Mabel Benedict Violin Hyman Meltzer Cornet Warren Brainerd Saxophone ' Benjamin Schlafer Drums Milton Young CLASS OFFICERS Frederick Zehrer, President Helen Erickson, Vice-President Glennie Peterson, Secretary Alden Hewitt, Treasurer CLASS NIGHT COMMITTEE john Erickson, Chairman Marguerite Downham Gerald McCourt Ruth Schaefer Earle Scott 'fl 6 F C Q . 0 , fd 00 P4 IO4 9 in ll I 9.1 O0 ul oo In 00 me OO in Ol lil 00 mu 00 Ill OO PJ ICI 3, E.oh.eQ.QS.QQ9.0S IS4QaDj.o.o.o9.oQQQQQQQQQQZf ',oQ.l.1Q.S,o Sgji i 233' 4 IN IO OO Ol Ill ' ' - Nl gg M1dfYear Glass N1ght EXCICISCS ga OC O0 we H it l we Ill lil .O OO m , m M ' M no f Q' I I J I I ' ' 1 l O W Y , ,if , ' W , IDI - OO .' . . . N4 , O9 f W , ' . ' IOI fo OO Ill OO ICI OO pn O W DOI vs- -v-- vv-v vy---v - -uv-vvvvvlhravvvvvvv vvvvvvv. nfiidofiffdtidofasS268do5388836?8s!affLf84io398.?8.S?of4iu ' 37 W W l 0 I 0 D if 4-I r JHH Nl ii? 101090090000 09f50000!.0.90Q0003. ga W 00 0000 0. f , 'o'tWSo'0'0'6l'o'o03369-q4a'o'cDU'cOWUvotwo'otqwovoiibvgwawobpva' .O QhAAgLLAAn xgbbii 0- 44-' x L10 . MidfYear Class Night Exercises T IS my most pleasant privilege, as President of the Mid-year Class of 1928, to greet you our parents, teachers and friends to these exercises. I wish to take this time to thank you all for the en- couragement and assistance you have given us for the past three years: our parents, who have made possible our chance for education, our teachers, who have made pleasant our path to knowledgeg and our friends, who have made our leisure moments a joy. "This evening we are presenting a musical come- dy "Tulip Time" and sincerely hope that you derive as much enjoyment in hearing it as we did in pre- paring it for your approval. It may be of interest to know that we are the first group east of the Mis- sissippi to present the play. 'lMid-year classes, though smaller in number than the june group, manage somehow to introduce novel features in the graduation . events. Last year they initiated the plan of combining the ban- quet and Prom and met with such success that the plan bids fair to become a graduation institution. This year we Mid-years are leaving to our dear old high school a real school song. This is the 'Fight Song' which will be sung during the second act of 'Tulip Time.' "Tonight as we see ourselves surrounded by you, our friends, we realize that the routine work of our school days is nearly over. School life ends+but not its influence. These we take with us. And as we we go out into the life that awaits us may we carry a high resolve and a noble purpose-thus exempli- fying our motto 'We learn not for school but for life,' " FRED ZEHRER Class History 'HREE short years ago a happy excited band of Freshmen entered the Senior High School as the Mid-year Class of 1928. We were a brave little group, for we stood the taunts of the Seniors, followed the directions of the misleading Juniors thereby landing in the Biology room where we were looking for the gymnasium. Indeed we were as green as the class color that the departing Senior Class had willed us! Ult did not take us long to get acquainted, or to obtain a well organi- zed class. We elected our class officers, making Donald Horton, presidentg Audrey Fagan, vice-president, Marguerite Downham, secretary, and Alden Hewett, treasurer. I0 P I EE D01 OI N1 as is? 51 24 'Gs I 1 U I M 00 U01 00 lil 00 01 00 94 PJ 94 W I? L01 - ja EE PJ PJ Ei 2: PJ Ill r.3 is W PJ W pu ro U' tv'ooDO3uw1 "-Q' 'una' o' 'o' 'o' were-f?io3'o'o'i'L0's'4' ' 'AZ' 6'2- qv P4 W PJ W P04 00 D01 M fel M po f . fl' IDI 00 W PJ W W Lil W Ill 00 pm o U01 M 99 YH 00 IN hi 3" . 1 4 91 D01 00 P04 on ICQ 00 an 00 me 00 IO' 00 P01 00 ill Ol PJ . 'Q p.o1o.o.o.9ssoo. .mo.o.csTS2op9.o.on6o66.2.1121e...o, .npfofopio 38 ,,,,, ,-,.:,'..,1 --v vvvv-vvfnvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvv " 'fdiflfiiibffiaDSSSS5SSSSfoSSfoSS'-ea'23888306301' 38 1 "The Class of '28 was well represented in all the sports in the year of '25. Fred Zehrer and john Erickson made the football team. James Scully and Fred Zehrer lent their running ability to the track team. Erick- son represented us on the baseball nine, and Scully and Zehrer on the basketball squad. In january 1926, we were proud to be sectioned in the Academic building. There we progressed rapidly electing Fred Zehrer, a prominent athlete, president, Audrey Fagan his assistant, Marguerite Downham, secretary and Alden Hewett, to guard our finances. "That fall, Zehrer, Erickson, Scully, and Bell, who had grown heavier, played on the victorious football team of 1926. You will remember, we beat Hartford, at Clarken Field. No wonder! Four players were mem- bers of the Midyear Class of 1928, Erickson again played baseball. Zehrer was honored with the captaincy of the track team. Scully, Hewett, Mc- Court, and Zehrer added their ability to the basketball team. It was in 1926, when we were juniors, that john Erickson, against great odds, was elected captain of the 1927 football team. We were very proud that this honor had been given to a member of our class. At last we were Seniors! It was the best year of all. We held our last election for class officials. We re-elected Fred Zehrer, president and Alden Hewett, treasure. Knowing gentlemen perfer blondes, we chose Helen Erickson, vice-president and Glennie Peterson, secretary. We were now elegible for the Senior club. Fred Zehrer became president and Marguerite Downham, vice-president. Some of the girls of the class joined the junior College Club. Some members, who had dramatic ability made the Amphion Club, and some with musical talent joined the or- chestra. In the fall of 1927, Scully, Hewett, Bell, Casale and Zehrer under the leadership of Captain Erickson fought many hard battles in the football field. Erickson, Zehrer, Scully and Hewett gave their time to basket- ball, and Brainard, Scully and Zehrer to track. Our class is proud to have three white sweater men. This honor has been received by Fred Zehrer james Scully and John Erickson. With the presentation of the sweaters we thought we had received all honors in athletics, but we are proud to day, that the highest honor the Senior High School confers in her athletics, the William Burns Memorial Emblem, has been presented for the first time to a member of a Mid-year Class, Fred A. Zehrer. Our Senior year passed so quickly that before we realized it, the time had come to look forward to graduation. We appointed our various C '52 , Q o n 4 o'o m oo IQ! oo nl to m oo W 5.4 , f 'N Nl OO N1 M sf? 6 m Oo IDI O0 N1 .O ICI to IO' oo me oo Ill oo aol UC DOI OO lol Oo W m o '5 Ill OC noe M 5? JJ nu OO me oo as oo W an committees in preparation for our activities. The banquet and promenade were combined into one large event. At the banquet the toasts were clever, the speeches witty. The prom was the greatest social success of our school career. ' Then came-Class Night when we entertained our relatives, teachers and friends with a musical comedy "Tulip Time." Then we read our Class History. .C At last, Graduation-our longed for goal, and we step out into the world as graduates. Behind us lie many happy days, which in years to Ill come are to prove dear memories. Our School days will now be over- but not school life. That we shall take with us as we go. For "Non Q. Scholae, sed Vitae, Discimusf' "We learn, not for school, but for life." '04 AUDREY FAGAN. .- .... ...-- . ...- . ,,,.-,,,.A.?----,,---...,,..Q 0336868868362 f?3i83o5338I38o'.'s!i.',s'!8ofoS'.'383ofof2d8n. 39 'li'O'50'Ul3'UlU0' D' 'O' Pffflii' OUCUODWO' ' ' 'fi' ' ' ' v ' - - v - - Q - - - . ?a101l9D.983 306' 6233 I op 9p.opp.oS?a'f8of8883 62.223 4 ra , va X W 1 ' f ata, QLD X X sq fl I 4 6 X .4 OO I ICI Ill QQ lf Nl an OO SS W l 01 W og U04 SJ Cb -. -lr ISL. 'J fd O1 OO 5 W 56 PM , ' W CLASS OF NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT NJ 1 Senior High School Gymnasium Monday Evening, Januar 23,1928 ll of at six o'cl k Y 90 C fd 0 P4 0 MENU I as '4 G f ' .4 Queen Olives rape mt Native Celerv .4 i 1 After Dinner Mints ' QQ Q Lhicken Bouillon with Noodles Water Rolls Ol Roast Young Turkey with Dressing 1 . fStuffIngl .. l Cranberry Sauce .1 Mashed Potatoes June Peas O . Lettuce Salad with Russian Dressing Q1 I Harlequin Ice Cream Q .Q llflfly Fingers D a T Nlacnroons Ol K 4, emi- 2.356 " Q TOASTS f g- lg FRANCIS TRAVER-Toastmaster STELLA EISENBERG-"Our Garden" Ol Q1 MERTCJN CI,ARKv"Our Flowers" MARGUERITE DOWNHAM,- .Q Q "Hardy Perennials" ,A Prophecy-LIEBI5 IJDUIGN ang WILLIAM HASWELL L i VVILI IAM HASWELL "Ou:fgarfiliene:j? MLRNT, P S " " .6 J A A 4 I . OUIS . LADE, Porter K 'Q Ol 00 P 1 .1 M Q GUESTS OF HONOR go . R AND MRS. LoUIS P. SLADE MR. AND MRS. NEWELL S. AMES Og MISS MILLIE MCAULEY MRS. AMY C. GUILFORD ug 534 MISS ELIZABETH MACKINTOSH fa ll 34 OFFICERS COMMITTEE 'Og 0. FREDERICK ZEHRER, President HELEN ERICKSON, Vice-President rll BQ1 GLENNIE PETERSON, Secretary ALDEN HEWITT, Treasurer 'a FRANCIS TRAVER, Chairman gg .. FRANCIS CAMPBELL PAUL KOETHER v' 504 ' ELIZABETH TALLARD SYDNEY STEINBERG me U' A M P U' 'OU' U' 33" ,1'l!"" ' " """.,A?""vv- v v A O adn o,.opS2o.qob.csFa38868od0 '?3P'f3.5f'! o2oSf.9'Z"'Q 40 3 , ..Mc.11o6 '55 D xp . X? QITIHIBB mills xl . .gwuggi - E IT KNOWN to all persons that we, the Midyear Class of 1928 of the New Britain Senior High School, of the City of New Britain in the county of Hartford in the state of Connecticut, being of lawful age, of sound and disposing mind, memory, and judgement, do hereby make publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all previous wills and codicils by us made. VVe give, devise and bequeath to our lawful heirs as follows: I To Mr. Slade we leave a gratitude which we can only try to ex- press, a sincere thank-you for the ideal which, unconsciously, he has been to each of us. II To Mrs. Guilford, our class advisor, we give our heartfelt ap- preciation of her untiring efforts for the promotion of all class activities. III To Miss MacIntosh, our assistant advisor, we leave our gratitude for her willing assistance. IV To William Kuhs we leave an answer book compiled by Goff for Drill Book in Algebra, as a proof that Mr. Goff really can do those examples. V To Mr. Bollman, 'tThe Man in the Iron Hat," we give a book on the cultivation of an engaging manner of conversation. VI To the classes which are to be located in the newly constructed class rooms next to the girls' gymnasium we leave individual megaphones and amplifiers, to the unfortunate instructors-unlimited sympathy. VII To whom they may concern we leave the following requests: 1. That to Mr. Upham be assigned an ungraded class of model pupils, each of whom is to have at least one conference a week and is to remain awake, or appear to do so, during the entire period. We rather think Mr. Upham will appreciate this change. 2. That the june Senior Class be supplied with several books on how to make Tuesday class meetings exciting. We especially recommend 'LThe Other Side of the Question" by Julius Diner, and "Diplomacy and the Class Meeting" by Clifford Bell. 3. That Miss Walker be given a Math 6 class in which football squad members are conspicuously absent. Sportsmanship so often enters into the class room. V 4. That on the third floor of the Academic Building there be installed two drinking fountains. no oa""1m1' -9 ' H" ?"""""'- n'3ooo.vf8838oqo.o2 528843683o?.'6?6z. .3881-'oSS?88qS?Q'! 0. 41 a ooosnoooon 655 0 . 0 . 0 i L , 0 oo0.9 oo , 'lD3'S0'C0VC0U'uD3o'g't'A-9:60033UDVtobi'o'otQ.Q33'o'31'owpwowo'gave' A . - A A A - 4 .. if su . , - .. 33 Ill UC :Cl IO nu 0 'a r I Ol , 'J 'J .55 P3 ill ol CO IO! oo 93 lil OO lil OO not . OO IDI Ol W W 2 524 I '. if P3 24 P4 51..- Bi W Pi PJ W ll J lil fo? O. lil OO Ill UO W ' ff VIII To Miss Souther, for her desk, we leave a row of electric but- tons: one to open the windows, another to turn on the light, and still an- other ro arrange the calendar. We believe this device will give the pupils more time to themselves. IX For the use of incoming seniors to room 18 we leave several packages of composition paper so that they may not have to beg or borrow. X To our librarian, Mrs. Smith, we leave a "mike" so that she can be heard in all parts of the room. XI For the undergraduates we leave these perplexing questions: 1. Why did Mr. Campbell suddenly object to the eating of candy in class? 2. What did we do to Freddie Saunders to make him leave us? 3. When will Clifford Bell reform? 4. Why is Betty Corbly always the last one to leave the Art class? 5. Is John Erickson "girl shy" or just tongue-tied? 6. How Young is joe Vetrano? 7. How does Lillian Gerdis get away with so many things?" 8. When will the Senior High School have a cafeteria? 9. Where does Bill Haswell get those wise remarks of his? 10. With what does Helen Erickson's pet name, Lollie, rhyme? 11. Was it because of studious inclination, his sociable nature, or something else, that one so often found Fred Zehrer conversing with the teacher in room 30? 12. just what becomes of a used pass? XII Our graph cards we leave for each succeeding freshman class as standards of attainment and in moments of despair-encouragements. XIII To Douglas Harwood for his careful perusal we bequeath that absorbing essay How I Cultivate My Sense of Humor by Merton Clark. XIV To Edmund Burke we leave a place in our memories-that far dim corner reserved for nightmares. XV To prospective Virgil students we leave this bit of information: no one is always consistent' do not depend upon not getting translation today because you had it yesterday. XVI To the administration to be posted conspicuously in both in- dividual offlces we leave pamphlets Last Minute Suggestions for Your Tardy Excuse. XVII To the President of the June Class Arnold Reckert we leave our best wishes for a Class Night performance almost as successful as our own. XVIII To the Midyear Class of 1931 we leave a heritage symbolic of hope promise and growth-our class color green XIX Any property not herein disposed of we bequeath to the junlor Midyear Class. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and seal this 25th day of january A. D. One Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Eight. MID-YEAR CLASS OF 1928 Witnesses: Per WARREN Brainard S. S. KRESGE . WILLIAM HASWELL ED. WYNNE FLORENCE CHR1sTEsEN WILL RoGERs j P. MORGAN CODICIL-T0 Mr. Sallee we express our deep appreciation of his faith- ful work in the publication of the BEEHIVE. ' " oocooo coco' -I 'ob 0' Q' ooooo '?no'oou6'oo0 oo C IO M L' Nl OO IN OO 501 ul 9 is w lo m oo IDI oo bod OO ul oo me oo 5? not 1 6 ll :I H v 1 Ol O Ol 8 ' 0 1,5 I ' lt ,YY , 6 , 04 r v . , fi 1 1 ' . . 9 N 1 v Q ' o 3 'O , O 5 C 5 ' """ -54' 3 vv vvvvc-L v' vvvv vvvvvv J 9. 9o.0gvp.og'o.o.qo.qcsbfonppggfo.o.o.n.nQt.ann9.o.n.o.n.opfoplo. 42 'Ol gf I ra OC ll! ra gs sf 94 9' 'Q .Qi fi O0 'Q n. re I OO IOC 00 IO! OO v. gm s' gr ww . if' li Q . s 1 51 gr gr , , :Ze O . IO as U 2 P Q . i - . I - ui IN OO ryDXfQ Cla?l5S PROPER I ILL and I went to a circus one day last summer, and as we were walking along one of the rows of booths, we came to one of those palmistry fakirs. A gaudy banner above the entrance bore the inscription "Madame Carramba"-Sees All, Knows All." And then in smaller script, "Madame Carramba can read your palm. Her magic globe can foresee the future." "She's a gyp, not a gypsy," snapped Bill. VVe entered the booth and sat down in two rickety camp chairs, di- rectly in front of a heavy curtain. After a wait of a few seconds, the lights went out and the curtain parted revealing Madame Carramba seated in front of a small table on which gleamed a large crystal sphere The medium gazed at the crystal for some moments. Presently she said, "I see Fred Zehrer who is destined to become famous under the name of Rouget, designer and establisher of feminine styles. His youthful ignorance upon this subject led him to go deeply into the study of it. Helen Erickson will become widely known as the founder of the page in "The Woman's Home Companion" known as"Helen's Home Forum," a page of advice to lovelorn girls. She still writes as Helen Erickson although her rightful name is Mrs. Vlfilliam Fay, wife of the prominent humorist. I see a young woman named Glennie Peterson, who has acquired fame as the first woman to cross the ocean in an airplane. The epoch making flight was directed by Capt. Merton Clark, who has taken the place of Lindbergh in the hearts of the public. Capt. Clark refers to the machine and its occupants as "Us," Alden Hewett holder of the national shut and international open titles, has taken Bobby jones' place as the "Wizard of Golf." The voice of Francis Traver has become the chief announcer of station XYTIC at Hartford. A close observer will note a tender and sorrowful expression in Frank's eyes as his car passes the State Normal School. DEB 1-eff f -Nea see ',aa A X gfo .0s. p9no.o.mohcs5 995.0 o , 9? -ia? ami. 4 3 'lW6o'sn'6 ' ' ' - ' -' 14 ' v - -- u . 00000 Qt- gg.g,. '- - . - -- - , g - .00.l0.0.9.9QQOQ v 1: Oltooggg ' yd' - v- v v - . , ,, , , , -a " Q 'M' -" 91- S-0552- ' !"3!8?'!'1' ' O0 ee - . ,t - CO rg Aug t St' k h ' LIS a lpe b . Lg Pointed Chief of Polic? aiSi0IgentchveI :ggi of Cgerald McCourt, newly ap- sw in aUXb0?,y'S car, as she pleases without fea? ofrfczoln all trams regulations I 1 Ht IS point a l k f Y Sequencesn g.. Chfford Bello, SES Safid deepaliorrow passed over the medium's face, .4 of the excessive smoking Of. Luck S ginlllf to ,an Untlmfily end on account .1 become a Stage Singer A d y ri e Cigarettes in an endeavor to - 0, of I . - fl rew Ferraris also met Sudd Q. P .gmg tocivl much confidence in an observation ballo en death because " .r ymen It - - 011- .4 a lqng time asethielggilg Ilgiglgarnlnsvn Schlgafer were. featured on the air for 0 fl001S," and now he's collect' mg' .ut one Illght Bennie's sax "went - lllg pennies in a tin ' . a National Bank. CUP 111 front of the First magiliiintfll Schaefer has made a fortune writing stories for the "True Storiesn If and +?3S'L1e5hs.4g1fs:.?z2.Tf.iiztnlrag become a hero, 4 . 1 teinberg t k - - ' , of JUmp.0ne day, landedxbn Elarlsgtilrdlitijgllng apd Whell making 21 parachute ra enacting the more intimate Scenes Oarlg Just in time togsee its proprietor 33 Tr0OgbbIbiieOFI1hri's?b?gt'S apgfoved style. Onieo and Juhet wlth Frances , . 1 an e t ' ,.' O'f Welght pills and now holdsfgovspl init on Height, swallowed a whole box at sideshow. Pecla y C0nStructed chair in a circus .. Warren Brai d - . we all the materials RirBgE13:yaeilgggr!in franklin Square where he supplies ,.' Edith Johnson is mana f en s. D His specialty 1S frogs legs. .. Najarian is teachin S . get 0 th? National Biscuit Company. Roxie 59 ing art in Rome, gngagsh at Trinity Col-lege' Helene Bobef is Study- Fu mlmd Bllfkey' has been presghteacibtthglgtlngs' sped "The Last of Ed- tis Celveilumrthlgauch Enthusiasm by the studeninbcdiiy lgh School and was re- 1 S ' ' ' rf? practice in tllgehlgseasf lijtgrgirlne district attorney for Hartford County. His sq must have Stood him in goodgsilgggilments in a certain room of N. B. H. S. no Emil Cl k 11 - ' L3 Sg..33z'..,f 512. 325.35263 i1.Mafy U en th . CD Cr cur s. excitement. Y 'fisgiargis bffcime VQYY agitated. Her cheeks bumed with : ,.- 1 d- - - ' , C Sig ed with satisfaction "I B' W, ea 1I1g1I13l'llllbLlSt , , See 1ll Haswell ,Ji I er in the U. S Senate h h - . .6 the history of that body, An OV ,W 1C threatens to eclipse any in B.: demanding that Speeches be limited if EI? the left I see Stella Eisenberg, su of mg? 21.3 o ree minutes. COh, all ye shades ?3 .....1...f.::.r Ga5.22i.:z2ffs2.1.':.iz22r.::L:2m1:.e foimeqagbfafy of 01 red Senf h - - . e ar 0 akellp- 93 leadef Sue Schofiagdentered the ministry and is soon to marry his choir see Gerald D ' , 24 the Y. W. C. A. H2021 ijffigfigfgszxinigf? edge of the swimming pooi at 5.6 marksl Seem to .......,, .,,, ' ' mg instructor' H15 Cynical re- ' " must ask you t 'thdi I I "' . H4 .?,..::gnf.sF.i. of the Old ffm 00 LIBBIfE DUNN ?J4 WILLIAM HASWELL 5 OW Q' ' ' -Hu, an-W-- -, fe e 0 o fo. "'fg?g,iwQ30Noono'o' 'aww Q.. W W V Q. Q 44 V1 'f 1. . 'L ,:.,s. 1 LL ,V , 1 .Sw-w.4. -'ffl .M Thar-'5' llswn- 5'ffFS.-H . Q -"-x - " -.S-'-1-vf L-if -. -. .- 'T F..-if , -125' "'ff I-35"-.. 'Sv 1 'MN . -:gr-Y '.j:' . -5753.5 319' 'Vial -l . f 'Eff if f -' " f Qi-Emi. 5.4 4.'- -, '15 4, ,.. fu,-, .. - '31-W . . , ., . - -,f -'ffikig' 'p' 21?-Y' -F .' S., A?ilf-mf'w!,-.3:Efi'.'-'.- Hg.. J:--f I ,Q .L j...A.j3fF.yfgz,15,,l11Jv I .fr 2-,iv 1-.5 . 5-5,,wQ,-X.. 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E., 4' . 1. 1,- --4 .J '4 ,W ' v-J " Q Z'-.' n .. -.1 i ..,,, f 1- . .-.L -A n' Hn.' I . 1, L ,. -.E , - . - .- .tw .K g ' ,. r 1, . . v . , 1.,..f wg.. ,.V Q-... ' ...f Wr -.11 " - ,V .LUN , .. 5 .Sw 1 ,, .e Q Q K ..- ,.! - we u'.-, 'w . ,T .gi I Hg J... f-p j, -v 1 . .Lf- . W. V 1 i ' '- A A f IF, . n V .x ... s .4,, - 5 .1 f-x.. .A - .. . .. A.. ss in 5.-6, f-- . f.. .,-- fw- 1 Il --v f --13 . 'gg' .- 3 - f- ,A,.. '13 4,-.,,-,r- -- -. -". '- ' ' Y .-L'-'-' Xa, . ll .- 15 ' .1 ' ' ' " -' - A, J., A. 1, .,., -..5 ., 4, wx- 111 J ---1: ' ' .4-M ,--'-ba ' ' v - . - . 5-.g,,. 5-2,615 .-L, ., - "if, ' 3.-94 -- -3 .N f . Y, . -.,- :, L :W --,-. . 1 .f ' -Y -sg 5---1 ,L-,.-' - ., 41 2 I". ' 7 "kg - Jw"- t. li . . ..g..71..:1 f. J 1: 4.,- 1, - ,-.19 - -1-Q.. - , . - - W-:f ..- -.f . J I, ,1',.2w - , ., - . . nw g -I V V . I- L,i -: . 2 "f14 .- --- -.p . . -1- ' 'i 'ff Jy - . V 1, Fifi? . L - 1 f T- 1 5 I ' - .. , . ,1fY'r?.-Vi.""'-.HZ I' . ..-.. 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Q? - '-w' if K "' ' X 'ff' 331, 5- 45: ' .4 " wif' .'-Qs. :J -h' 3 1 .EL img ,.j,. -uw Q . ,- 1:,. -Ji - 'W'-f - --X . -- . fi- ---.-.f--iw.-'ffm--ig 4. - .gsqjgxi 1,11 r 'gh Yf'Qw,AWo LH- ' ' - , '41-.,-qg,g.'-I ,E .. ..g1.a-:-..:..-W 1 - - ' " - zi- --+-- .-.,:?...--fp-Q. ...,,,.n..- f I .. . . , .f -- ff.. . . V " A , " g 42- f . "r 1. g 4 -2 L. . , I .,, ,pg . . .v .71 gf. Q., 953-ff.'.fE - . ., V r ,I'M,...-QV. , , .51-.4-. 'H .f. . 2 f-'1 .Q . ' K "W 1.-"BMW-L N.,-, 1 if I A 1- - -- .- . J- ..--.,-hw: 5-L. EW ix... -1- ,- u. ax 1 4, 151 -- ,vu 1, .914 . gr,-.1s rl.,-'ff - . .h'j.,A--:'Z - .tk-1 . L L, f F-5,1 1-P-.'. 'Tr 7ii..,f!1 .3122-.s. , Q21 -,,s-'.. 'E-'I F- .H-gs!-1:1 -:Q--,132 sf-.1-,kzgh . -- gal.. - 1 .1 . 1 -..Y..'! L ' 1 .." "-vi .,,i.Q,- '. Us.. -nf'-k.,.f.g, 4 -'ll X , '- ,gxfx 1 fm, , 1? - 5J7"l V g in M' , K, . ,I ".,:-L,- - ..'. , 1 . , .Mr .r. px. ,h. 92- .1 ' S' 'V' -Q A ,114 -MV ,,' .,:-1 .' sl' ' ..- .. n . X I .sh l x..,"' ,- , .'4 . Q. , f. .. WN, 1 H , .vw ', IVA. ..,R Q .fa ,1. . 1-.. ri.. 4 ' ..Fff' '2. .J M "Q, J I V, . ,A . -- , . . I.. I wi... , ,, 1 .1 .. . r--rr. . liar: ' , A l -...J - 1 - - "LL ,5 .,,'4'-.' W- I .WZ ' ',-r,,' " ' , ' Fi ' .v . .Q Y.. u . .,-, R 'W vm 4 . .. '3' , , .mtg .5 ,I -ga, . . .sk . 'a. .., 4 ...--1,., I '+ I ' .. ,.-, .Af 15:-:W fi if' - V-. v. f . 7 .V , A . 1 .- ' .: -" E , - 4 X WJ -.f 13. 4... " f . ..., 4 J...- .c.-4' ,. H . A--ve'--4-, , -.'f',1"w':' Q.. -tl' xl N1 P-i - . "1 i....,u,....., I H 4. N, 'iz' ' A" v . 3.5 .l.,,..n1.- , I .1 A.: . rv. 'nfl M ,,. ,Q A1- 1 "f- . . 6 sf' no oo m so an fo? C' RADE SCHOOL ACULTY UD' 2 D 'F ' 1 aa' 03 060330 81'SOI'l h afle HI' 2 -C1 Q UDQ. .-E '11 QC .ev CI Pu LL. AQ. G -wb-1 Q. F1 A GJ 'U CU 1-. .Cl K. 'N .4 ,.. UZ Herman . 'Q -N ector Et S Dir Pu o D5 .D GJ GJ L.. C O 3 0118. U GJ U 3-1 LL. FE GJ 'T as CD E x.. F5 GJ Q-4 B Q. N 5 'S LU E ef' ff N .2 2 ul x Q 3 'cu Ld ng tra Dr if llrch e l. -v.. Q 'Q S U 1- Z 4.. 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Morey lilliam E. lilson ' ' ch ne Depar men Prznt ng Department . it ct' I . ti Electrical Department . am Fenn . old G Hull Otto yffle Agnes A. M Carthy mb ng Depar men Autrmvb le Department . hop Mathematics in l k omas F r h "'Matt e K0 man om s C. R Margaret A. Corr mb ng Depar men Qlutomfzbz e Deplrtment ,Masonry Department Cl k August Fors Stewart Munson 3 C Utility Me .Z X t' fl fx f P xl 1 31? , vu wif ' so m on IO! so m oo m .O I0 o not oo m so m oo m fo? C. QClO0.0..Q.. QQ 'DOoO0O0o00Ooooooy4 ooooo0 June Class Honors In SchO1arsh1p Honors In scholarshzp are awarded to those who mamtam an average rank of ezghty five or o er GENERAL HONORS FOR THREE YEARS MILDRED EIIZABETH BENGSTON HELEN LOUISE INGHAM GFRTRUDF MURIEL BROMBERG EARLE FRANKLIN KONOLD EI IZABETH ANN CORBLY WILLIAM SAMUEL TALLON STFN CUNNAR FLYGT NORA FRANCES TOMASSO MARJORIE KEAM YOUNG SPECIAL HONORS ART RICHARD GORDON BOOKKEEPI NG ANNE ROSENTHAL ENGLISH MILDRED ELIZABETH BENGSTON MARION ELIZABETH BOWEN GERTRUDE MURIEL BROMBERG ELIZABETH ANN CORBLY STEN GUNNAR FLYGT RUTH MERRILL GOLDSTEIN HELEN LOUISE INGHAM MARJORIE ELSIE MUELLER ANNE ROSENTHAL DOROTHY RUSSELL SCANLON WILLIAM SAMUEL TALLON NORA FRANCES TOMASSO MARJORIE KEAM YOUNG CECELIA DOROTHY ZABRENSKY FRENCH EDWARD DONALD RYAN WILLIAM SAMUEL TAITLON GERMAN ABRAHAM BELL HILDEGARDE ANNA BRAUNSTEIN STEN GUNNAR FLYGT HISTORY MABEL ANNA BENEDICT MILDRED ELIZABETH BENGSTON MARION ELIZABETH BOWMEN GERTRUDE MURIEL BROMBERG ELIZABETH ANN CORBLY MAE LOUISE FRESEN HELEN LOUISE ENGHAM MARY MARGARET MESKILL ANNE ROSENTHAL LILLIAN ELZIABETH SANDERSON DOROTHY RUSSELL SCANLON VERA DOROTHY SHERMAN EVELYN ELIzABETH SORROW NORA FRANCES TOMASSO CECELIA DOROTHY ZABRENSKY LATIN STEN GUNNAR FLYGT MATHEMATICS KATHRYN MARY HANNON ALEX ANTHONY SARISKY WILLIAM SAMUEL TALLON MARJORIE KFAM YOUNG SCIENCE MARION ELIZABETH BOWFN GERTRUDE MURIEL BROMBERG ELIZABETH ANN CORBLY DOUGLAS HARWOOD WILLIAM SAMUEL TALLON SEWING CATHERINE MARY ARENA SPANISH GERTRUDE MURIEL BROMBERG MAE LOUISE FRESEN STENOGRAPHY MILDRED ELIZABETH BENGSTON LILLIAN ELIZABETH SANDERSON TYPEWRITING MILDRED ELIZABETH BENGSTON TRADE COURSES CEngliShJ ERNEST GEORGE FENN JR PAUL BI TURNER QMathematicsl EDEN PAUL KREGER URWOOD ALBERT POND EDWARD EDMUND SZYMANSRI fMachine Workj EARLE FRANKLIN KONOLD JOHN PAUL KREGER , 000.49 OO 1 54, 1 1 V. lvl 00 DQ1 O0 Ill OO Ile OO lOl OC 'Ol OC IO! OO Ill OC Ill O. PJ ICI 0 no Dbiibwbz "- ooooooooobbva' '?io'o's'o'oW6 'O'O'Q6'8 ' 'o'g6So'60'CuuD3oO'rvfxubtlUWo'waivei3ZQ'o333'o'o'o3'vovoOpwo E4 vi W ' PJ Ol ul 00 ' oo D I ' ' pg no .4 '01 na 00 OO 94 ' ' 94 2: . . . - W Q'-I In - A W . in , hi 00 .. . I - O0 Lg 4 A wt a 1 . Y . so Q 'tus ' C Q! Ev Sv W A W "4 I sv Eg not O0 IO1 pq 09 00 P4 94 W A 24 at A f rd A W 0. - nog lil ' . fm 301 4 " oo PJ IU' ICI 5.1 ea f rs 52 vi PJ W W L9 Q ' ' , ' njpfS.OR.oD9go.o.qo.o.cHif.SOSOOQQS.o.n.o.s1i4i..o.o9.o.oSq3o.op. ,gn ' 48 1 X X2 'N9"T'lf fx . NN E'YNi..' ll' i y N I A. . 4. 1 .L I gr .nj ' 1 Q. s il T :NN 'XNA -'.AJ 4 4 . -'I lull 1.1 - V. L o, la . ,A YA l ,-. L - +A' .1 ,. PA' lin.. .Nl ,- L ' Y fi .RYA r.AN'1 L, , li' Ti Lil w il li ff I1 rl lvivl fir? :ai fr? Lrg, ,JI 151.1 151 p L fi ' V if - s ' L1 il in -mv 3 .Bc . lf ARNOLD RICHARD RECKERT New Britain, Conn. "Dutch" january 11, 1910 " Yet shall thy name, conspicuous and subline, Stand in the spacious firmament of time." 'LA motion is now in order for adjournment." Yes, it's our president entreating some reliable classmate to conclude one of our Tuesday morning Assemblies. But it is not in politics that Arnold shines. His athletic ability has won him fame. In spite of his manifold duties, he manages to do well in his studies. He is a fine athlete, good scholar, and all-found good sport. Is it a wonder that we selected him to lead our class? Best of luck for the future, Arnold. fHoweVer, his frat brothers are still wondering where he gets those "Dutch" haircuts.D President Senior Classg Treasurer Senior Clubg Class Night Castg Football 33 Delta Xi Fraternityg Basketball 2, 35 Track 2, 3: Captain of Track 3. MARJORIE KEAM YOUNG New Britain, Conn. "Marge" December 13, 1910 "A servant to the wishes of others." Behold the fair Vice-President! Gaze with respect upon the editor of the Beehive! Look upon one who, had she studied more, would have known moreg and, had she danced less, would have slept more. Some say she is no busier than she seems, while others say she has more to do than she'll do. Is she a scholar? Yes, sometimes. Is she interested in many enter- prizes? Yes! Will she loan you money? Yes. Will she tell a Hb? No, not a yellow one. Will she do well in college? She can. We hope she will. Amphion Club: Senior Clubg Vice-President 35 Class Night Castg Phi Sigma Sororityg Editor Beehive Cjunej RICHARD GORDON New Britain, Conn. "Dick" july 27, 1910 "Praised be the Art whose subtle power could stay Yon cloud and fix it in that glorious shape." That Dick is one of our most popular young men is shown by the fact that he has been a class officer for three years. We also have reason to think that his personality has not been overlooked by the fairer sex. But at present, Dick has a more absorbing interestg he is an artist of exceptional ability. Is it Art School next year, Dick? We know you will succeed wherever you go. Anyway, our advice is-be goody don't fall for any woman and stay away from "Lizzies." Track 1, 2, 33 Senior Club: Art Editor Beehiveg Class Officer 1, 2, 3, Class Night. NORA FRANCES TOMASSO Waterbury, Conn. "Tommie" july 19, 1911 "Sweet, winsome, and dignified." Every Tuesday morning we heard a charming voice read, "A meeting of the june Class of 1928 was held," etc., but the minutes were not half so interesting as the reader. "Tommie" was one of our smart illustrious students-one of those rare specimens that can think for herself, keep her .secrets to herself, and work without foolish remonstrances against a little hard work. We believe that she intends to go to Normal in the fall. She'll probably be the queen of work out there for she has brains and good looks. U Secretary of Class 33 Amphion Club, Senior Club, Class Night Cast. i - v --v o vvvv Q vvv vv v 1 ' .1..fl.- i' if is 2.1. .' .f'9'Q' .113o'8o'ZS fs ' 5313.131 .A xi .lil 5 6000 ,CCL v nnmieivrwvr YY if 1' r r ' WY ' ' "f"'r'e"w's'v-ff he -.W-eff fL,L1lLL3,z.'is 2.l.1g,.?..f2,rf. ' 9 fs1i1fEg3Q15f.i15f.Q.fU-1sa.i1 f1.j11f5QfQi1'1l J . 1 T1 fl illll fig Pio JOSPEH AHBATE , ll -.ll New Britain, Conn. January 3, 1011 V1 yi f 'Y' "Lexi the fiend some new trouble raise " 1 I- l 'V' . . ' . . ' 1 l l A Pio lS more than ordinarily fond of trouble. His idea of a ffl l -'If perfect day is one on which he has been able to get into a real ,ll 1.4 scuffle.. When it gets rough, however, he takes a leading part, - and being a good sprinter, has little difficulty in maintaining r' '-x 'gt' i his lead. Pio is a graduate of the Machine Department of the Q' l AT State Trade School. ,X I' N. lx. s. 'r. s. A, A. 2 3 4 llfl My ' ' ' , ,i , iff? M' .' "1 Ptyl ,f 'L - GER'l'RlllJE ELYIRA ANDERSON i Ai,- I New llritain, Conn. "Gert" july -1, 1910 'V ll ,gf "A kind and gentle heart to comforlfrrfendsf' AN! Gert is one of the nicest girls we know. She's always full of - 7 ,Q pep, always has a friendly word for somebody. Gert intends to enter the business world, though we don't think she'll stay there V' Yi very' long. -There are many desirable young men who are ff' , looking forljust such a wife as she will make, but choose him 'nj vv carefully, girl, flon't pick a frostbite! V t f A . ' ' ' I Senior flubg Phi Sigma Sorority' Class Night 'lr"i 1' Y ' ' ' ' lyk, 'Nm it ,Lx r ,NN wp "N , MARION HENRY ADAMOWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Adam" November qv 11,10 ff ' " Ile' works steadily by jerks." ' The way this young man works you'd think he was a relative ikf .. . 1 V of Henry l"ord's famous grasshopper, otherwise called a "I.izzie." , -fp He works well enough when he takes the notion. He never l V seems to say much, but when he does, it is generally something -- i L V1 worthwhile. Henry is the first on the gym floor with uniform L on, and chest out. He must like Physical Education like the f 1 Q Y iaest fl?.f?J Wherever you go next year, and whatever you do, l r on't orget to use your brains, for you know von have them r If l N ' ' ' ' 1 A x rl' : . , . , 3 1 KY 1 ,Q CA'l'llliRINli MARY ARENA ,' lg New Britain, Conn. D "Kay" Septgmhgr 5. 1911 N Al " Iler hazr is lrer crowning glory. ." Gr I ,I Kay isn't 'as fond of studying as she might be. We think 1 a. ihe has outside interests. Her skilllas a seamstress and hair- f , c resser cannot. be overlooked. Kay is always full of pep and if ' you' spend a little of your time with her, your vocabulary will LJ be increased. for she 'also has a reputation as a "slang-stress"! lletter stick to the l'l1lll'fll'f,'SSlll2 business, Kay. A 4 Senior Club. V I 'As c ' ' . i'77Y""l'lI,wv'Yv"wr'i7Y 7':'f"""v" 4' ' 1 """" -A ' YY HW ' H. . . J..-.l.l..,, 1, L 1 fifx ff' fy iff? , K r,'fi,.1fkf3.r.ff2 in .bit fa 'gg ng regfx' of ffl. S1 , ,V - , ,Y -f Y - T -4 V 1"T,- 1 T' nfl 0. D99 . as 9 - pgs? . 4. 122229. g " m IDI Q' " m ull .0 ra VVALTER JUSEPII ARBOUR re New Britain, Conn, October 7, 1909 .6 " What a 'whale of difference just afew notes make." Q. U. Here we have a person who is truly 21' genius. Can he play the sq piano? Well, now, that's an easier thing to answer than Ask Q. Me Another." Walt is the fellow -who made us sit spellbound sf- i at Senior Club so wie wouliimtlugnss fitaote of his Il18l'Vil.?,liS I-"L playing. He certain y is sp enci ant a s no exaggera 1 1. - We hope and know you'll make good m the future, Walt. 8 we id so 04 W ' O Q if v .- r!9 ' ' E ELEANUR BERTHA ARENIYI' New Britain, Conn. "Fl" Augllst 12, 1910 "Tn know her is tn like her." D QQ El's best talent is her music, but her favorite sideline is chewing .. gllfll. We wonder how she gets away with lt. 'And where d-ild '.' you get that "line," El? We ve heard you spielmg it oFf a nne '.' QQ a minute, Cespecially in gym.D .EVS g00fl nature haS.VlQ',2l,hi' many friends besides the attentions of a Certain Chap in mf A sor, I .4 .Q Senior Clubg Spanish Club: Phi Sigma Sorority. 2 W 9 4 not W Q O ' 1 no 0 ff JOHN josEPH ANIJRUKIENNICZ QQ . New Britain, Conn. H Yagef' June 14' 1908 w "And he haunted that corner night rlnzl day." , . h fl H ' b found in one of two places. If he is not ,. atjsiihgoff vffigri hincerlfainly is at the Y. M. C. A. It seems that I , P' "I the readihg he does at school is insufficient, for he fran be seen at . the HY" reading-'reading what? Uh, Judge, Iliff. and Other P equally interesting literature. I X I 1, V h . ,. We hope that in your work you will not .bt assaiiled ray tie Q , difficulties of natural and perhaps mutual animosity mvo ver in 0 Latin! ,N .Q 3 z, We N5 lvl l J A .. .Q DOROTHY ELIZABETH AYER Rovkforfl, lll. iiGf715,'fVH Juno 3' 1011 ..' .. "Cin west, young wonmn. .510 wffllu I vt We think that, at some time or other. Dot must have dipped .Q j Q into "ma's" ginger box. Her western airs of gayety and I6 slg 0 have pepped up many a dreary day and won her many friends '.. i. Kas well as her nicknamej She wasn't with US l0l'I2'hUT She 5 established at Eepugatiogqtas a first-class srholar. Don t desert .. ns, ' nnger, or e w . . we Senior Club. 24 W non pg UO ff' ' 1' 1 1' f X ' A 2' A Y '9 ,dfiHffi? e 6? . 52 WALTER ARZYLOWICZ New Britain, Conn. "ZH" October 19, 1907 "Indeed, sir!" We can imagine "Zil" saying this to our most esteemed coach after the coach tolcl him how good CP! he was for can be?l And to think of all those wonderful nights wasted! "Zil" tried I for three years to make the football team. He thought he was 'Jretty good but he hadn't sufficiently developed his powers of , argument to convince "coach" of the fact. Nev'mind "Zil" J hhev say "Persistency wins." 1 xt, HELEN BACLASKI , New Britain, Conn. '!Tools" May 28, 1910 "The soul whose beauty is divine." . Well, Helen, we certainly were surprised at your standing ' K up there just as cool as a cucumber and telling us that you're N going to Normal. Heavens, another teacher! just the same - we're glad we had her, Phi Omega Sorority. XJ gi ANDREW BAGDIGIAN New Britain, Conn. "Andybag" February 27, 1909 ' "Seldom seen and never heard." Andrew's way of thinking seemed to annoy the teachers. These ungraded classes are certainly a WOW in English! Here's "if " to your success in the future! fi" Y rx w . Y fxfv DORIS SERENA BALDWIN Kensington, Conn. "Dar" March 12, 1909 ' "I don'l care, nothing puts me out, ' I am resolved to be happy." Doris is one of our happy-go-lucky members. She doesn't believe in crossing a bridge before she comes to it Cwhich is the best policy.J Her appearance warrants that fashion is her hobby. She intends to go away to school next year. Best ' 1 wishes for a bright future, "Dor." J I Senior Club. A ll 2 a Nl ' 'i vu' 'W' ' f A Nltuvoio' svn Po' ' ' "o"'1'?' ' ' ' ' ' 9. nofoqonfos Sfqogongqoniocqt,e3.8o'o's, , . .ogofku 53 t t 1 1 4 1 4 Tiiwfliirftiif 3TY1"'f"CfTE 913005,YYY?ii SQii1i73FI'i1nIfI'Y'L'7fi'3 'ir' "FTW if lf Yi il 1KLi,j12,,i,g,,f,J..,.1..M.,. X. -Kgs X221--Is,i Al , xftl,'-l,.f.2-vilsfxfilglbyfifilj ft 1 Nl all lft IVAN A. Ksiussiz Li, New Britain, Conn. "Bub" December O, 1908 TIL! 'Q ll "Il was Greek to me." il, ' V "Bub" seems rather shy at first, but you have to know him " . to learn that he isn't. He is a great help to the teachers in col- , lecting' the attendance slips, but we think it's just a stall for ,Vt wasting time, as we never thought "Bub" was over fond of works max, ing. Well, old boy, we wish you luck, but don't forget that qw' Lis, luck generally comes to the fellow who works for it. yff ,fSf, Delta Xi Fraternity: Senior Club. f ffl 1' rt- , A 1 V Y at .gs MABEL ANNA BENEDICT - , , New Britain, Conn, August 20, 1911 Af "Music, il is the tears and laughter Qf the soul." N Mabel is one of our best musicians. Anyone that has attended ' Y the Amphion Dramatic attempts has surely heard her play. WVR , Not many wondered who she was though, for Mabel has loads of friends. We wish you good luck as you leave us. Mabel. . ' You are one that we're sorry to see go. N' Orchestrag Amphion Clubg Senior Club: Chairman Song ' W' .YY , .. 1 AY Committee if L fm,A ,Ap Az is fi ABRAHAM BELL 'TN1 Dcrechyn, Poland "Abe" August 20, 1908 U Was their ctw a man with such a ,How of wif." ikfls Vw. -f' f Every class must have a politician and Abe happens to be ours. No need to read political news. just ask this illustrious "ward-healer," and be enlightened. He's started his career with Mr. Upham in the American history class, but the finish is a question for dispute. However, Abe hasn't neglected his other A '1 1 s 'rv 4 studies and he may be a second "Ceasar" yet. ififi I VTE, , .fix ' ri , . , LY , MILDRED ELIZABETH BENGSTON ' ii' Q Kensington, Conn. "Mil" November 19, 1909 ,QL LA "The devil lurks in her eyes." 't 'il r ' Lately Mil and her side kick, Gert have been in the habit of ,- f riding in a red Ford Sedan with some Frat fellows, on Tuesday Vfj I ' nights. Mil comes from the City of Kensington and her vo- 'Ly cabulary at times makes us think she lives on a farm. ls that right Mil? Anyway you certainly helped us out on this "Bee- 1,11 hive" and we're very grateful. Here's to your success in the 1,1 jones' Insurance Agency. And don't. for Heaven's sake, say "look-it." lfll ' Amphion Club, Phi Sigma Sororityg Social Committee: Senior 'VZ 1 k Club, Class Night Cast. 3 e' WYCTLYTIWIWYC BYO? Y A VTX? iiYpg'i'Y"r'Y'YK'?XYYYYYiQ' 'iii 4111-5 -ss .5.24a.mc5.1..L.1Jfmsf'.,iZJc-.. Jtxhici f xg. . A 21 , f..f..L.L3L 1.14 AH- QL 1g.2aIs1?fn.f.f 5-1 5: Ti' 'i'-"-'f'ljf"wf"I':y"1"7 I Y Iwi' gikqj g"'f"?"f i I is-t .. ..T.1.2..5.:.i-'i.lJJJ..4 lv-s.z.1..A..1Jef-.',-..'JJJJ 7 ' ,f. JI 116-1 l 1 ll 1 if: fl? l 'itll HARRY ALEXANDER BENTZ :fl New Britain, Conn. August 30, 1910 .V l "Success depends on efforlf' Nfl Harry, we sympathize with you in your past difficulties in jvi' English. It seems now that the rough spots have been ironed . V 1 out quite neatly, and you are in our company again for the close 1, of our high school days. Now, that you have come thru with ,, if flying colors, we hope that this fall will see you in some good Vw' universitv. fx- ' ' -.x FZ'-T MARGARET HELENA BERQUIST lvtyi New Britain, Conn. "Peg" December 18, 1909 li Ei "An expert lypist is she." ffl Peg is one of our serious minded girls. And my! how she ,X-'Yi can typel Her fingersdiy and lo, the work is done. Some day we will not be surprised to hear that she has won the world's r'Yi typewriting championship for she is unusually accurate. She 'ffl intends to become a stenographer and we know she will make an A ,A 1 excellent one. rbi Senior Club. -fvl . pc, lj. lit? . :ij 1 SAMUEI. BIRNBAUM it-,l. New Britain, Conn. "Cy" October 2, 1909 if-lk' " He knew Coolidge." for thought he didj "Cy" is one of these tall, lithe fellows, pevrfectly sociable, 5 .Q u only rather bored with the world at large. We ve got to admit -.,-, you've kept us guessing with your constant state of preoccupied lN,'-- bliss. Most of us are ignorant of your fixture plans. but please 'rip accept our most crisp crackerjack wishes. +.l,2 Phi Beta Fraternity. 111 I3-tn, Cf. , il, Q lv: HELEN BARBARA Bl.OGOSl.AWSKl 'Z' New Britain, Conn. "Balm" December S, 1909 "0 that ambiiion might be had by wishing!" ,ff Here's the girl with the sophisticated expression and air. 5' gn She lives up to her name, for she's quite a doll. There is much flvl, good about her just the same. She'll help you in trouble, and fu. - loan you money if you're broke. Her scholarship has been about ,-32 so-so, but she has worked hard when she wasn't talking to some 'T 1 uear neighbor. We hear she is going to Salem Normal up in ' Massachusetts, U. S. A. Beware "Babe," there's a lot of sailors ful! A strolling around up there. LM Phi Omega Sororityg Senior Club. lit ,IEE , . 1'T'i'Yx'YYi ' - W'ZY"'YY'i'1""z"' if r iq 4- 1 f,gotf.a.a.g,1.m -Q ,lf1J.11,1.ziurgtixligjix N I ,t m 1 Mt, 5 5 TTTISTY El 1 IYXI YI YL E ' iff fSIrl,'1f"l'XlYYY-'f 'TT' 'T' T135 , , J4?.x.u-Ic1.,kg,1.gfJ,-:igf , 1 I ' X 4 ' 1 L - DONALD WALLACE BOOTH ,YI ij I: Southold, Long Island "Don" February 9, 1009 yi - I ' "Don" believes in advertising. He wears mortar on his - shoes that all may know he is a bricklayer. For three years fl i , "Don" has been making a daily-except Sundayepilgrimage from 'vlfq Hartford to attend the Masonry Department of the State Trade ' fl School. We always feel that one who is willing to travel to ' L learn will get the knowledge he goes after and make use of what 'ka , 1 he acquires. If he ever learns to take life seriously "Don" will -J 1 probably become a contractor. -.df 'K N. li. S. T. S. A. A. 3, 2, 45 Basketball 2, 3, Baseball 3, 4. A I I 35 MARION ELIZABETH BOWEN New Britain, Conn. june 14, 1909 N "Blithe and carefree as a meadow lark." X y Marion, we've appreciated your delightful sense of humor ' J' at all times. ln fact your gayety has been positively over- , V whelming at times. If we all were as jolly and happy as you cy are, what a wonderful world this would bel if I junior College Club, Senior Club. " YY fvw trfif , Lf! .,,. 4 HORACE BAKER laRowN A24 f Salem, lVlass. "Brownie" December 27, 1910 , "Awake me noi, I love my slumber." -,ef We can always tell Horace by his bright shirt and necktie. As 'r He certainly does love brilliant colors, especially green and 1 orange. Horace's reciting in the Civic's room was always a g,'f,,. great amusement to the rest of the class. You're a clever kid, 2, Horace, we hope you'll wake up some day! - 1, ' Alpha Delta Sigma Fraternity. A -N . ' lg' Zill g L , V . HILDEGARDE ANNA BRAUNSTEIN 020 New York, N. Y. january 9, 1911 " Whose looks are fond and wrwdsfewf' Hilda is one of our popular musicians and a promising one at that. ln school she pays little attention to the opposite sex butfwhat is the attraction outside, Hilda? She has been popular with her class-mates and gained many friends during her high school days. She was always a diligent worker and there is no doubt of her future success either business or musical. Amphion Club: Senior Club. 1 fry fwtffij FQYSQQQQ 1 ,im - ffm 56 .T1T.TQTiffff5f'J' ' . f A AL.. .g,- -- - t.g.,.,., - ,. -, .. 11, X. .. -4 R i BETTY LOUISE BRIXUS , ' 'li0I'I'lll2t0Il, Conn. November -1, 1910 ' 1 I "But as-for me, give me a good lime." ,I 1 We wonder how it is that Betty always knows her lessons, ge? because we never see her rarrying home books. Betty just " 1 wandered through High School having a good time and gradu- ating after three hard years of "toil," As for l3etty's "latest," 'f its hard tellin! 1 Senior Club: Spanish Club. QSPJ .fklw if ALFRED WILLIAM BROFF ,1'.l New Britain, Conn. january 2, 1910 :JAM "A pennyfor your thoughts." 'mil You know appearances are sometimes rather deceptive. IAYL4 Were a stranger to look at Alfred, he would certainly suppose ,f him to be a Freshman, but he is very much a Senior. We have gained the inpressiom that he is rather brilliant. At least he ffiw could get away with oral topics in Room 30. of'-' I 'visl v-'YI fi 'ali 'ri E jj GERTRUDE MURIEL BROMBERG EYE-. Hartford, Conn. "Gert" December 20, 1010 'ill' "Consc1'entinus as can be." 4 Gert is the kind of girl on whom the teachers call when visitors 5 ...M come in. What more can be said of a girl who is friendly and llxtf charming as well? You'll make an ideal teacher, Gert--keep if up your good work! 'lull Spanish Club: ,lunior College Club: Senior Club: Class Night. .LV xg' - 51... lr Ki, . 761. f 1' ' EUGENE CLARK IBROXVN I W A Salem. Mass. "Gene" April 1, 1909 11013 "Prince of-fellows," 'tit May we present for your approval for otherwisel one of our A -1 handsome shieks, known and lvlked by everyone, he of the white if Ex. sweater. And how! We dont know whether he studies much idly: or not but he certainly made a good athletic manager. Keep Qyvixl right on managing, Gene. 'TH' General Manager of Athletivsz Senior Clubg Class Night. V 4 s 'rf 1 5 L . T I H55 ' 'j' 'k'! ' 'fiwv w,. v.?.. E V .1-1':"f':"Yti :lar dl-xiii. Gr-Evv'YrF--wif-Qivjlv VF-fr! ll ,' J. ,Q - -. 's .'.-lAI.a LQJ.Qix.L.f.-.,i .'..' Ml-.fl -I.,I-.A..L..I..1,l..'.4' 1 57 L V 1 1' Y T ASTE? l W I LUCY JOHANNA BUDNICK New Britain, Conn. "Lu" March 22, 1910 "Still 'waters run deep." We haven't yet been able to decide whether Lucy is letting her hair grow or not, but we think she is. Anyway we wish she would make up her mind. Lucy never says very much but we know that she thinks a great deal. She is a good worker and if she ever comes to school with her lessons unprepared we shall expect earthquakes and direful consequences. Phi Omega Sorority, Senior Club, Class Night Cast. EARLE FRANKLIN KONOLD Collinsville, Conn. "Dutch" September 5, 1008 "Laugh, clown, laugh." When "Dutch" came from Collinsville to enroll in the Machine Department of the State Trade School he "started something." A good part of the younger generation of that little town is now following in his foot steps. "Dutch" is a comedian who never failed to please his au- dience when he played a leading part in the State Trade School Minstrels. He was always well liked by his fellow students and praised by his instructors for his good work. He is now working for the Collins Axe Company. Since he has always been a leader we expect to see him running that organization some day. N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4, President N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 4. MARGARET FLORENCE BURKE New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" july 23, 1910 "And she who has many friends is wise." It's always wise to have friends in the faculty and Peggy certainly is a "wise" girl. In class rooms she always takes the front seat. CWe are not in the dark as to the reason whyll All kidding aside, Peggy certainly has done a lot of work on her committee, and, for that matter, for graduation in general. We offer our heartiest thanks and wish you the best of futures. Senior Club, Class Night Cast: Prom and Banquet Committee. NORMAN PORTER CAMP, JR. Newington, Conn. "Bob" November 6, 1909 "Small, but mighty." Bob hails from that famous metropolis, Newington, and may- be that's the reason why he used to be so bashful. CKindly notice the "used to."J In other words, "them days are gone forever." He has finally blossomed forth in his true colors. His oral topics in Room 29 made the class sit up and take notice, that is, if he wasn't talking about automobiles. Well. "here's luck." Q ta 1 4 I l 0 W m oo m oo nl oo m oo m B1 'Q 'T J 0? '5 5? ll 01 O 'J 41 8 so ICI oo W nog I .Q 8 Y. 'J pe 7' 3 oo DOI oo no oo W fi 8 we on nu ll me B1 o .. v -vw v-vv ?v"'vvvvvvvvvvvv v'.33J!o3n.c 52886!66e?!6!!.?6z. ..!!43oS'.?23of.'bf84'u, ' 58 ' V i.. 1 so r' - f'l'V7'Y"1"TTd'i'i?'YY'I'YY'f'x""'r'1"""r'?'Y lsr' A 'rr- yj' fo .. f.,l1.?111.J..t.z.xfgrpui.f-45'.g1.gf5.l.'fib5.1,.fy 1 1 , . li'-.l , 'HQ lk., g' 1 iff V fs, , , . Sgr, HAZEL EVELYN mwsox 1 A I A ' Adams, Mass. "Heier" March 10, 1911 r A1 l .Al "One of nur quiet, SfuIlf01!S classmates." L1 sl Hazel is so quiet that many of her classmates donlt really fl . ' 'fl know her. Silence is her only fault. but sometimes this is neces' ol,- VN' Q sh' ' llh vk fi fi 'll , .ary.. - e is earnest in a I er -wor an got aong especia y if sl, ,-N X, well in those oral compositions m Room 254. Her earnestness ttf: 1 will insure her success in the future. n I I, . ua N . 4 fi fi fit' AA W. ,.:-A if :A -, I As J 1 'j-'fi ARTHUR CARLSON 1 ,Ill New Britain, Conn. "Art" September 1, 1910 fllf Y ,Ava "She believed me quiet until I spoke." ,AI H li? We always thought you were bashful, Arthur. fjust as ,lik Q1 "she" didl But lately we've changed our minds. What was 'ff' it worked the miracle. the girl "with the flirty brown eyes?" if lws' We haven't ever seen, Art dance but we hear he likes to Hwaltz- Lf It t-' Y' ski." As an athlete, Arthur's tennis is always Z1 love game. f I 3 1 Tennis Team. Hfl . l T. l f .l i ' . r l 1 ll ' ' . A. , N' -. li A I ik' I 4 r r P v NICKALINE LENORP. CAIAZIIA New Britain, Conn. " Nickeyn March 21, 1910 xA 3 :N 4 " Not much talkin great sweet silence." :Af l Nicky has not had a great deal to say about herself, so we do if In LQQ' not know much about her. There is no doubt that. she is in- f LV dependent. She certainly has no use for New Britain High VL il., School fellows. She prefers her menfolks from out of town. Mj T But Nicky has worked faithfully at her lessons and deserves her jm l 'HN diploma,fand that's more than can be truthfully said of some 11,11 'YY' of us 5 lwl 'N .. ' , 1,1 Senior Club. 1 .wt L 9 ' ' 'il iv 'fijll THEODORE STALK mf. .. ,Lil N'w Britain, Conn. -'1'fd" may 2, 1906 1 "A wise young man! A Daniel come to judgement." ek, l "Ted" is one of those fellows who always has something to fi, ty Il argue about. Never make a statement to him unless you have .vL,l about one hundred different proofs for it, because before you ,-sp? ,lf ki know it he will pick it to pieces and where will you stand? ' "Ted" , N ,., ,J is a hard worker, though, and we can never imagine his being gk, 2 unprepared. Can you? He has also shone in Amphion Club Ig will productions having some good character parts to enact. Ted's 'J 'L tl going to Harvard to ioin the ranks of the seekers of Veritas. Lil! ' I 1 - ' . yi Track: Amphion Club. 'l X. NA, A ' , L l lr 1' 1 A "Yr, WI. ,-1 . Miki 1 'A 'lTlhl""Y?.T1'YI' ll ' '7lhl'i'Z' fl' Y 3 "".Hv""U'h' 1' if 1 'kiwi 'lr ' f -f YE" ' . 1f .t-C1.Q,-f-2.. ,mlm PJ . 1- . g-Qf.:. A if ga. g , '. ,. lkif f2'i.l'.xQ?fJil 5 9 lH,.,,, . ,vii ,xr YY,,.I X -- 'K , , -- .-,,-- -V - 'Ar-3 ,. ,,f,,:, Aw:-Q ,, ,. .- e .,. A . 4 l l-IARMAN WALDERMAN CARLSON Kensington, Conn. "Swede" November 11, 1910 I I, "Many great men have been born in the country." -ILT Harmie hails from Kensington. Th:1t's what makes him so mfg, nice, of course. Harmie looks bashful but then- -you never can ,' Y, tell. There is a rumor that he is very fond of taking certain - C, girls in Kensington riding on Sunday nights. Imagine that! -D3 1' 5 A tablespoonful of luck, Harmie, after earh dav's work! lv ' if Senior Club. if ef .A . 1 V . :U ' 4 JOSEPHINE LOUISE BRANCA .1 .Te Rome, ltaly "Jo" january 27, 1010 l 4 "And she made merry the occasion." " "jo" is the girl who keeps us laughing. Nevertheless her care- x frze nature hasn't kept her from studying. Not a bit of it! fl But why is it that the "Rec" is her favorite car? We've often ISN yy also wondered how she manages to keep that wonderful wave Sc in her hair. Our parting adviceq "keep that schoolgirl complex- vt his ion. u Q1 N LY Delta Gamma Sigma Sororityg Senior Club, Spanish Club: UL. .luuior College Club: Class Night Cast. -V - 'f ' '-r"-'l j. N y Yrs, I M f W FREDERICK JOSEPH GAINER ' Plainville, Conn. ".Spiff" November 3, 1010 in Y' L L' He resembled great men." i "SpiFf" was designed on the same general lines as "Abe Lin- X ve? coln"g he talks like Will Rogers. and works like a hypnotist's 1 ' te' I assistant. He graduated from the Carpentry Department of ,.' the State Trade School and is well known among his fellow PIN' Q Ati students as a first class "wood butcher." There are certain y W' 'E trades and arts which, taken contemporaneously, make for greater grace and finish. When playing his violin, the exercise ,Y Y. ,IQ "Spiff" has had with a saw shows up to good advantage. ,fig 1 1 N. iz. s. T. s. A. A. 2, 3, 4. ' HELEN ROSLYN CONRAD New Britain, Conn. "Connie" August 25, 1012 . "Good things come -in small packages." ' Helen is one of the smallest members in the class, a veritable I , Tom Thumb. She has chosen teaching as her life work. The if only difficulty we can see in it is that visitors may mistake her 1 for a pupil. Helen is right there when it comes to dancing. , . F , She also seems to be popular with a certain somebody in the - Amphion Club. ' - i Amphion Dramatic Club: Junior College Club, Senior Club: 'TY' 1 Class Night. , f i A , 5, 5 r Tr' rf TTWiT'fY'2f e' 'TEV o rt ww' f f+'T"m"f"f' FYVQP of is WJ. .as - - 1. .1..fJ..1J.Hlf5:? .Q'1ff.?iLJ..Li2UgtY,itzoLT.1. .l-.5,.4f..1o.Tf. 60 A WIESLAVV HENRY CHOTKOWSKI Kensington, Conn. "lfVess" April 9, 1011 "Faint heart newer won fair lady." VVieslaw is one of our more quiet members. He would rather wrestle with problems in mathematics than take part in social afiairs. He seems to have a particular aversion to girls, though why he should, we cannot say. Perhaps he will change in time, however. We hope so. Qenior Club, Spanish Club. El.lZABE'l'H ANN CORBLY New Britain, Conn. "Belly" july 30, 1010 "L1'zze," HLiZZ1'k'f71S,ll "Eliza," and what nnt. " Virtue may be assailed, but never hurl." lf virtue were feelings, there would be nothing left of "Betty." This is the nickname she likes best by now, for no matter what one says it must be nice or "she won't play." Betty did a good job in the last Amphion production in which she made a Hpuffect cullud pussonf' Who could resist teasing her when she says, "Don' yo go projectin' wif an ole niggah!" At all events, she'll get where she's aiming, for Betty is the stuff that seriousness is made of. Cheer leader, Amphion Dramatic Club: Senior Club: junior College Club: Class Night Cast. WALTER JOSEPH CHODUKIEVVICZ New Britain, Conn. "lfVaddy" October 16, 1910 "I am he af the belated ambitions." Walter is a chap who doesn't say much, but perhaps he thinks a lot. He stays out a great deal and then has a desperate struggle to get up to date when he comes back. We hear that you have trouble with your Latin. How can that be for you don't take Latin. Perhaps it's a mistake on the part of the teachers. ls it college next year. Walter? Baseball. EMMA HELEN DAVIS New Britain, Conn. "Dave" lzlrlllilry 3, 1910 "Hence, lnathed Melanch11l3'." Emma is a decided optimist and she is very fond of chorus, fwe wonder whyll Her favorite song has in it a passage which starts "Purple the shadows," and you can hear her moaning QFD this anytime and anywhere. Emma is very good-natured and jolly and has a ready smile for everyone. With such adequate equipment she is sure to succeed in any undertaking. Senior Club. - ....,i , .. ..,...-.-... 1131-all-l,1Yr'g.fiv --'sl 5 fwfr-ft ,- .. fx- , -,,1.ii:-:'."X:' ,vf'. - L., 1 R L--A---:SPI-11-11-Lui.-I-Al- v...11- ',c.a.,. .,+.. .4-,,',,,,,,, glgmxf l ,..xv,l,..h7L Axl, .ibll 61 i fc . w I If 1 V Ai x 2 1 5 . HA . v ii. 1 ,o KJ .x4 V P l 1 gi l 'v'-4 A, 1 1 ,. 1.-YK, rV.a!4 1 Mg :Hd V" N 4 Q1 L ,Wg L, . 1 l' 'Q ' .1 ,wg v l x pw,-, ' A lv-'yi 1 ug ll .1 1, 1 4 A 'T fl 1 1 fi .l I e',l l v 1 , N Lui: iY.,1 i Q1 1' Ii -AVJ ml l l 1 1 l. l lifi . f rv 'i .-1 'i Y 1 .4 P '1 vi? i"l fi fri it Ti .VJ xjiijxlisx J I ilffilv il llgiiff .1 I s ?2,E?.ii21liitiY'Xfflfjfigiif ta Kim f lax W 3 1 Y ., I YY we . yy s ',v W2 if qu A ,. , . '-it lflylizaza fjg. HENRY HUDSON CLARK New Britain, Conn. "Clarkee" October 19, 1910 "English is my best and favorite suhiectf' Henry certainly must have "it" judging from his popularity with the girls, especially those of a certain sororityg in fact, he might well be called one of its charter members. How about it, Henry? Henry is also somewhat of a sheik when it comes to dress. As a baseball player, he is quite a manager. Those who know, say he is a fine scholar if you don't go too fast for him. He likes to be about school4that's something. We hear he has visions of being a millionaire. Go to it, old boy, we'll give you a cheer! State Trade School A. A.3 Manager of N. B. lol. S. Baseball '28g Senior Club. ESTELLE CATHERINE DEZECK New Britain, Conn, "Sally" january 6, 1909 "Step right this way for a ticket to the greatest show on earth." Tickets! Tickets! Tickets! Stella's greatest ambition is to own the Lyceum theatre. How's chances for some passes, Stella? In school, Stella was one of our most conscientious workers. She was always anxious to do her best. Besides be- ing up to the minute in her work, she was a sociable body, having many good friends and admirers. We all hope you'll own that big show some day, Stella, we are for you. Senior Club: Phi Omega Sororityg Class Night. HENRY JOHN CONNELLY Rockville, Conn. "Jack" March 18, 1910 "Arr argument livens up a discussion." Henry is the guy with the perpetual grin, and he has so many nicknames that we don't know just what to call him. lf in doubt take a chance on "Jack" and maybe he'll answer you. ,lack has always been fond of arguing but sometimes he gets his English a little twisted Cwe refer to a certain book report.j Anyway, we know he'll make a competent business man. Senior Club. EVELYN HELENE DOLCE "Eve" November 10, 1010 Hey' Wait jor me A loud voice in the halls the stamp stamp of hard heels and you know that Evelvn is approaching She seems to be the happy go lueky type and nex er has a Care in the world Would that we all were like that How do vou do it Evelvn? Evelyn is a little shrimp but you all know that old tattered saying C ood things come in small packages That s 1ust what we think about her Whither awav next year voung one? Spanish Club Senior Club Class Night New Britain, Conn. Mi , I -1 S 1 Z I if tw 1 'i i v', A 1 Fri l as ,e NJ ve. fvl XY,-Y - 'Yi QQ' ,W 5,12 Q , A ,eu W Fe f Hr 1A V ' . .A. 4 Y Y A fs, r- fx ' 1 Y , k . X 1 1 .Q . li 1 'vff FFT' if f'yfff's-VYJFJW O .Q r Y , 5 . u , 'Y l 1 1 m 1 '-2 1 on J .., . 9-'ee -1' fwfs- , - , e, ..,, ,- , . 1 1 ?fZgL2Qsg!,. .,IL..6Jf MigSJJJsf.,'QLXmJt e 62 Y eeimifieifefieeaieifeweasemetmmE511feaaxeifi EMANUEL COPELAND New Britain, Conn. "Red" October 6, 1010 H How pleasanf is a shining face!" Red is the only competition of the sun when it comes to shining capacity. The color red is supposed to be the sign of danger. We wonder if Red is at all dangerous CPD He doesn't seem so. In spite of his wealth of color, Red is quite modest and can't be heard more than a block away. He is one of the boys who work hard three times a day-breakfast, dinner, and supper. His capacity for long-drawn-out study is unlimited. His recitations are brief, and his writing is subject to review. Be good, old boy-f-we'll see you at the show. MINERVA MELVINA SCOTT Holyoke, Mass. "Min" August ZZ, 1910 "The girl with a smile." That's "Min"-everything is rosy to her, whether she has her Civics done or not. We wonder what that Wednesday gym class could do without her. "Min" is the girl to invite to your party-she always supplies all the pep that is needed. We hope she will always find life as cheerful and bright as she found it in school. SAMUEL COPELAND Hamilton, Canaria "Sam" October 30, 1008 H Why should he ambition shun?" Sam is another one of these boys who loved the school so dearly that he has overstayed his allotted time. Sam's ambition seems to be to study the abnormal mind. We hope he succeeds in this without making his own mind ab-normal. No doubt he will be a famous man someday. Ataboy Sam! Stay in the running! EDITH FICHMAN New Britain, Conn. "Fishie" August 16, 1910 "While lhere's life lhere's hope." "O listen to the mocking bird"-yes, Edith, we advise you to continue taking vocal lessons. And y0u'd better take dancing too, for there is still something you may learn. As a student, she is not exactly a prodigy: she has other meats to eat. But we hope her life has lots of rainbows. Senior Club. l K 3 f 1 x, , r I 1 2 Y 6 'Quito' -5?oou.o3ovo'ou31a, if 13 1? Wig. Of. 0 00.0.06 OOO COOOOOOO x 0 O Q0 OOO O . 63 , R il I on -is Ol no Ol .4 "J oc 52 Ol 55 93 nu on pos 11 P if nu E, I 1 W Ili Q1 on 34 DOJ o Ill oo an no nn 52 W U X CHARLES A. COVALESKI Kulpmont, Pa. "Covey" February 21, 1900 "In silence many things are wrought." Charles is one of our quiet boys, but some day he will break out with a hand organ and a monkey, pop-corn, peanuts, and candied apples on sticks. We wouldn't be surprised. fYou know, you can't surprise us anyway.D Although Charles ran in low gear, he has been doing good work while he's been with us. We know he'll do as well after he leaves this august institution of learning. RUTH WITTE FLAGG New Britain, Conn. "maggie" September 27, 1010 "A good pal for .ill times." Ruth prefers good times to studying which is perfectly natural as she never worries and few things bother her. She enjoys receiving letters with a certain post mark. We hear that she likes skating and driving a car and here's hoping that there'lI be lots of sports in her future. Senior Club. VVILLIAM SEWARD COWLES Kensington, Conn. "Bill" October 17, 1900 "She loves me, she loves me not." We hear 'you're interested in photography, Bill. When they repair the South Church they'll have to put a new pew in be- cause Bill and the Photographers daughter wore one out. Here's to your success. Senior Club, Class Night. MARY AGNES FOLEY New Britain, Conn. "Swede" july 17, 1910 "Then along came Hif And, not to lie He slvle her hear! away." Funnyf but this too happened in a Civic's class! Mary has an inexhaustible source of sunshine which she gives to us all in the form of giggles and smiles. We are quite sure she will never rhange her sunny tlispositionfbut here's a warning anyway. "19?8" absolutely would not tolerate it. JKFIE QQ 64 1 ' HIAG YESSIAN New Britain, Conn. February 7, 1910 1,11 ' "A person not too bright or good 31,1 For human nature's daily food." This quotation describes Hiag very well. But don't think M for a minute that he lacks brains or eloquence! On the con- K trary, he has proved that hc has both but they have not made 4, l , him too sophisticated. You have our best wishes in all you W, ' V1 A1 undertake, Hiag. if ' Senior Club. i i . KN ,k M 1 rx: J t 1520 J ' 'ff MAE LOUISE Fiuzsl-:N Y li New Britain, Conn. "Mae" july 15, 1011 ' ' "What a smile-Andfurthermore, oh what style." Mae has won many admiring glances with that smile of hers. VV ln spite of the above quotation she is an excellent student, Her three years of high school are marked by her ability plus , ' her initiative, but why can't you pick out an automobile to go N, riding in Mae, instead of a Ford coupe? We know you will get J. ff along splendidly when you leave us for Normal. 1" 1 Senior Club: Phi Sigma Sorority: Secretary Spanish Club' , Class Night Cast. ,pf "1 FIAIJ h 1 gh' 1 C1-1A1u.15s To1a1N DUNN lr New Britain, Conn. "Chick" September 26, 1910 f X "The morning after the night before." . Don't take the above to heart, "Chick," we really don't - f mean it, but for want of a better we think it will do. "Chick" 1 -- 'Il hardly ever seems to be out of order, butfhe plays the sax. ,--1,1 'Y That's not a curse because he really can play. Why not give 5 1 1 lessons, "Chick?" We won't forget the plaintive voice of our ,T 1 "Hindu Man" in Class Night. - l i Senior Club: Orchestra, Track: Class Nighty Alpha Iota 'TQ Espilon Fraternity. ' tak' 9, Q j HARRIET ROSELIND GEIGER LN! Detroit, Michigan "Hattie" February 19, 1011 Q , ' "Sit on the tack of ambition and you shall rise." 8 This especially suits Hattie. She spends her golden hours I.1 .. at the place which many of us ought to visit more often, the 1 ' Library. Her curly locks and snappy blue eyes, her mannish .. I walk and everlasting giggles, make some of us wonder what she .4 1' is about to do next. "Hat" has always had some sort of a 1 . , "drag" with the faculty. We hope your good luck will follow 1 I you in the business world, for we expect you to be the President's ! ,L private secretary. The ultimate goal is just ahead of you, f ' Hum." no to in , . Q L 1 1 1 1. to 4 11 ' es if '?if"'Y 'YYYY 1 ref -fr' "f'f'f-f ' f '1.f"rf 1 fl f 1 'e 'T i1J..1..1J..f 1 .1 .ieugfimt 31.233 341.2-iiflkf1Q1.'.1.'f,.L. ' jf .1 iQ..J.1b.l.f.' .g gflsh fefgfi 1 65 Ja NYSE Yrw 'W or 'clywqfw W iFL!..Q:ijaJl-.',.!g1li.Lf3 F , ?PtQ31Q2.i.,1,"i STEN GUNNAR FLYGT New Britain, Conn. April 6. 1911 "Why, man, he doth beslride the narrow world like a colossus Anrl we petly men, walk under his huge legs and peep about." y J ev A The face of him of whom we are to tell But slight resemblance to our Lindberg bears: Yet when we see it near a mile in length, The drooping shoulders-and that comic squint, We know Amphion has again prevailed. To him naught greater horrors holds than Math, s But he goes at his Latin with a vim That nigh astounds profoundest critics. SA We doll our caps fif we wear them at alll To him our fellow student. X Amphion Club. RUTH MERRILL GOLDSTEIN llartford, Conn. "Rulhy" October 18, 1911 A "Fair of nature, fair offacef' Vv . We all know that Ruth Fits her quotation. She is an excellent student. Do you remember how she answered all the questions in Miss Adam's English class? We always relied on her to help us Ollt. I Amphion Club: Senior Club, Spanish Clubg junior College fi club. Y if SAIVIUEI. MARVIN FINKLESTEIN x Torrington, Conn. "Bud" December 10, 1008 "In general, those who have nothing lo say, Contriwe to spend the longest time in saying it. Title: The Dictionary , Scene: First period, College English 6 Class. Plot Action: All resources of the class to satisfy teacher W have been exhausted. Special period passes are in evidence "Ahem-m," is suddenly heard. Sammy arises and golden words of wisdom CPD pour forth. Sequence: Bell rings before special period passes are signed. 1, Grand Finale: Sammy exits nonchalantly, his filibuster - having accomplished its purpose. - Upsilon Lambda Phi Fraternity. GLADYS l.OlS GORMAN New Britain, Conn. "Glad" September 17, 1911 "Quips and cranks and wanton wlles, Nods and becks and wrealherl smiles." Everybody likes Glad. And we know why too! Glad's just pre-sactly like her name. Do you remember the nickname she acquired. "Flaming Youth"? CWe'll tell you in case you've forgotten.D We're not sure why but we think it was that blind- ing red dress which seemed to be her favorite. It certainly staggered several of us at first glance. Glad's sort of planning to go to Normal but someone will have to stop that foolishness. Senior Clubg Phi Sigma Sorority: Class Night Cast. jmfrifff , " ' , fit . W rMT',i'YfTeYi , , , ,.i1t.i,.:-1,,?gff so Rf A si? sal5f.tEvf.i7.1aa s .floss ' 66 'A l, ,A n J. V A ff? I ,L my Jw w W A . .J-V. AM f 1 .V lf-. !'i, . W fc 1 1 . v fy.-1 Z--v, . .. 1. vvv- --Y., -JN , K: r .. f--sf -- .-.., ,, , , M N - W ' ,'vs-,R!1,YfflMT,?Yiilfif-Yfyit., if- , 1 L , . ,,,c.,.,.. ,,.-- lb , -N A ,wily-HAXJ-Aingnfl, fu.-'1ML,,-,D gat ' ' ' -Q :Alu "J J .uw Li ,vis iff NH .A 1 N ,il ' v1fQ 1171 czeomse HENRY GLAESER lgfyi Y: 51 Rockville, Conn. "C:mfgif" july 23, woo f,1,i iff " Keep your powder dry." fig: : Although Georgie wore green last year he carries the pink Lyle now. His many friends often wonder what his future holdsll? iff, , fSirle notefHe loves guns of all kindsj However, we'll all cj 'l . 1, vouch that he is a good fellow, and wc hope he'll succeed in 'WH 1,- 1 whatever he attempts. U i , AL W 'fix 'ff r. - 4 EVN L7 ,ll IEE l A , ' Q ijylkl FRANCES HELENE GUNSALUS e-AT4 Newington, Conn. "CM" january Z, 1911 vlvfl To the person who doesn't know her, "Cos" may seem rather . ,Aj 'VY shy and reserved. "Cas" comes from the tropical regions of lif- Maple Hill, where all clever students exist. But we must say, l iw, that all she cares about is the six-by-eight piece of paper, her ,Ax diploma. We hope you'll find just as many jokes in the business , ws world as you found at High, especially being Mid'Year Marshall. Qi ffl" NVe shall watch you climb the ladder of progress-Please don't 1 jf l Q,'j tumble down on us. L T lfl' I , 7 " r l nl .lf i ,fl ROBERT MARK GRACE 1 ,IJ New Britain, Conn. "Bob" April 24, 1010 w 'I' iff "Quiet, studious young man." 1 I Most of us have not had the pleasure of intimate friendship I 1 Jai with Bob as he is so quiet. He is shy and reserved with the fair sex but those who know him consider him a fine fellow. We ' .' .f 1. are not sure of his future plans but we know he will succeed. . 4 Class Night Cast. ij 'gl - .fa ' 1' 0. ll Tl AN. ' 1 -tim' .. I K . ,if Viwiv '1' ra . ff" MARY LUCILLE HALLORAN 'ffl New Haven, Conn. "IIalZoran" November 6, 1010 vigil' ffl "The dust and silence of the upper shelf." .lil Here's Mary. Meet one of our most quiet and serious- 'lil "iii minded girls. Mary did not "mix in" much but she was well nl'-' 'All liked by the ones who really knew her. ln a few more years Ylvi Mary plans to be giving some of her accumulated knowledge I j I 1 .3 to the future generations. We only hope that her future will if ' he a happy one, I . 1 1, r ' f I, 1 "V 1 ll . X1 1 -A Plwxli ri lil LYH ff-QA-N lure-jlAlH.j4:u1H1 K?-' f A U Q42-1 V ' i . 1 ' . L ' 67 1 .',.q Ai..-.'m inf.: -XA- ,.. L I ,'. ,. ,, A S1""s 'w7':""TY'1'f'z' ?T"'?7?"i' 'i' A TI 1 .7'l1'Y5,l""lf"3 ',Y'fT-517757 TTTS' , 1 r . f ii ri -5u7-1V.fA!,,"Q, l J..i'. cf, . J. . , .,T.,u.-cz..v J-..'--'.','J.'-'..l.. -1 llktjfsg' Nfl ' x , RALPH LOUIS CIRECO NI f ,fflq Kensington, Conn. "Ray" june 21, 1911 ft lv: "Actions speak louder than words." lf 1 1 1 Ray is one of the boys who are interested in athletics. As t1 jf lv. an "actor," he makes a Fine outfielder on the baseball team. We lk 'ff hear that Ray is in the Fair Store quite often. What's the .A+-5 j attraction in there, Ray? Our fellow student isn't exactly 'f I ' :N speedy in his studies, but by plugging he manages to get the I, .4 little marks signifying satisfactory completion. Keep up the Lil' X g good work, Ray, and success will be yours. 111, fi Senior Club, Spanish Club: Baseball 2, 3. A' , ., Q1 " Y ,cd 'V '35 A l' " ff ,gl FAITH CROSBY HANFORD " '-'N-1 Kensington, Conn. "Faithy" March 10, 1910 V N ' QQ "In manners gentle and affections mild, ' L,-.,j In 'wit a man, simplicity a child." ' .j Faithy is one of these quiet, serious girls in school. But you In iffy should see her at noons in the gym with her gang from Ken- -,Ay 1 il sington--another girl. However, we all want our good time. 8,5 Q,',l Faithy has decided to go to Normal School. Since she has 111' .A the brains, we advise her to go to it. ' Iv! lj I glf'l , , 1 lil 1 fkl . !,.V,A,, K A ALUYSIUS 1. GRZYBOVVSKI tjxfi ,fit New Britain, Conn. "Al" October 15, 1911 ,vfj ,fill " He has secrrls locked '1L'ifh1i7I his breast." 11.1, Ahal sh, sh, not so loud, here comes Al. He is having a picnic iff " thinking he's putting over something on us, but we're wise to 41' N ff your wild ways, old boy. But don't get us wrong, Al is a pretty it f ""' 1- good boy, especially just before meal time. He's a little slow l.'.-I if ' in getting studying done, but by and by he does his work. He's Va '1 ' a courteous lad, and this same courtesy has helped him out in lrffx 1 getting the little graph card signed. .He just diclnlt take to ggi: activities. Nay, he was busy with his own business. Al s il pf., xi "1 wise boy. A , K. iv 1' WAN 4 , , , , fit, KATHRX N MARX llANNOlN , t-ffl New Britain, Conn. " Kay" February 1, 1011 I l' Why use roller skates?" A-R4 Kay is one of these gay, lithe creatures who Hy around and 1 il accomplish everything in a short time. She certainly put over her assignments, even the "sup," The contagious laughter and r N 1 fun which Kay carries about with her has made her one of our , I w 1 most popular girls. She can laugh--yes, she certainly can. yi.. Beta Mu Sorority. ' fx, 1 wif ,vi , IT ffl I 1' V1 1, 1.1 .lf I '11 'fi .FTTT -iv rr r'j"f172' 7YfY? A S . ' 1 'fsrlyjfgi lu AVXJ1 .LINK f,. ."x.h.i4lk-L lui' ii- 1fl.':.4rJ .I..Ix1Iu11 4l.l-L Y J- JL-XLS-llikr' M "ici" 68 1. . , L, l VTLEESYT-H' rl Q I '-fi?--fr-gi 'rv1'QiY'i-v-,I- ,Q QLLQ 5 5 1.1 g,f,L,j,,,,.g .X J t.iI.e.z.a,X.+eIf ..2,,i.Y..l.f.'lx.I.ri'X3.J-Ii?J.fN..'L..1 ii i ' ii W f 1 if! fd 1 L '-4 l ln V ti GEORGE PAUL HAGIST fl- I, pil' New Britain. Conn. "Snowball" May 10, 1000 . 4111! "And the 'whale world was f'lf'clri6ed." ' L ' 'VIL' "Snowball" is a graduate of the Eleetrieal Department of l ' fx' Q the State Trade School. He says he is undecided as yet whether he will go to Pratt Institute or work for the telephone Company. I - He got his nick-name from being an end man in the K fy 1 '-N Minstrel Show, though one might suppose it to be a reference -1 1 ' to his tafy colored hair. What gentlemen prefer doesn't in- yy terest "Snowball," he's wondering if ladies prefer blondes. .1 .Q xlxg. N. li. S. T. S. A. A. 2. 3, 4. ' 'ff ' 'BSD A FLORENCE MARAGRET HANSUN gi New Britain. Conn. "Pmnul5" November 7, 1910 1 "Quiet, demure. and simple." The fact that she is small of stature isn't hindering "Pea- Q nuts," determination to become a teacher. We know she ' " won't have any difficulty in handling her pupils. A knowledge 'AVN of the subject is all that is neeessary and we know you have it, A vt "Peanuts" . ' 'JY Senior Club. j ,fool jg: 'fvl iw w 5.1, ' HENRY JOSEPH HALL New Britain, Conn. September 30, 1010 fl " Walking is the best nf f.vper1'ence." we I Henry has been laboring under the allusion that the shortest Ari, Y Z-fl. route home to Farmington Avenue is via Kensington Avenue. ' ' Q' ls that right, Henry? That's the way we got it. lt's too bad .IL ' she graduated in February for now time must hang heavy on il 1 t , your hands. Henry would rather dream in the Class room than 1 L , J work, but we predirt success in the world. 'lk I. , Senior Club. wif Q f l 2 Q . A ,4 FWS V 1 l jkj I flvl MARY ELIZABETH HAYES ffl lvl New llritain, Conn. "MedgP" May ZZ, 1000 I ' "Still waters run deep." "ff She looks quiet. but we believe she isn't as quiet as she looks. fll w She is a Cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl. popular among certain .L,",' ' young gentlemen as well as among the girls, But of course, we 'ffl xg are all apt to have our fshall we say5 favorites! What she ex' ' 'ii YI peets to do in the future is not known to us. but we prediet for ' ,-I her all there is. I 1 I M .L l f . 1 ,ii . ffl -v rrfr w'1'i'i'x'x' r vi? if Y f ' 'fipeilf rrfv HQYQYYYEXP i A . . .11 Y, .Xl XY. wp A . - x , I V LY V4 I V k A 7 lf1,L1.1,3 -1.-...gsusaaaifell -uf 3.2 asklfflbmuua. IMQJ.. -t.Ls..Q, . 1. Lia' 60 3. 'i r s u 1 . 1'V?'f'VVT""'TVT'V?'T" fi'YY'z'Y1'Tji'T ' or YYY' fe '- jtgg.. . 1 u.g114r.1.z, M 1 ' f-.g.QfJ??.ff4JJQ11-iTQ.f:1i?3fLi 1 L' 'Hi 'M lips iv' ri l -.14 MINNIE ELEANOR HESSE ' l New Britain, Conn. "Min" April 11, 1910 A 1-J. "Music is my namef VST i A 'f Perhaps my second name." . 5-fpl lVlin's depictions of character parts in Amphion plays have ' lag. won her well deserved glory. She was a convincing post- i ' f ' mistress in "An Errand for Polly." We hope to see her treading ,fi .X the boards on the "legitimate", but fear her thes ian art will W . I . P A Iwi be lost in the role of a teacher. if wx-A Amphion Club, Senior Club: Prom Committee, Class Night. f "Z mil , W5 1 1' 1 L .K I, MIA WILFRED LEES HANFORD Kensington, Conn. "Woof" May 8, 1911 fo l'l,J "Dnn't let 'work interfere with pleasure." j' 'N "Tb The minute the bell rings, "Woof" wakes up. He becomes J QV 'Y' "Woof" again and the state of coma is broken. He is there with - f ifft wit when he comes out of "it," but during school he is continually f-A LLL' in a so called "fog," Somehow or someway he always get his ' ' g--J work done though, somehow. May your cup of success be filled f iffy. to the brim, "Woof," We don't know what he is going to do Y " when he grows up. is Y fri " v 'N .f to ffm 'Af .Nei ff. LORRAINE CONSTANCE HIGGINS XG ,Y New Britain, Conn. February 14, 1910 "Life's what you make it." .fy We know where Lorraine's future lies. She's going to start L- Ju' a Gift Shop with the gifts she gets from 'lBert." Who is "Bert," 14, his -' by the way? Well, Lorraine will tell you if she can stop stam- 'SL mering when you mention his name. School work would have yy 4 'ff been more of a scholastic success if she had not been interested ' An' in things more interesting to her. . 5,3 , .ii Q 'f' xji- " tgirl , 1- ti .f y Q - L iff DOUGLAS HARwooD W all New London, Conn. "Doug" September 7, 1910 A I Qlff "Look, how our partnerlr rapt."-Macbeth, Act I, Sc. III i pig Our Amphion friend, Doug, invariably goes about without Tw Il seeing, hearing, or knowing anybody: yet, to knowlhim were to pardon his apparent chilliness. "Satisfy the majority," says ,Y X he. CBut, "my poor fellow," we can't all be appointed to t-he 1,1 ' Banquet and Prom committeej Doug hasn't.made any dehnite ' plans for the future, but he is considering seriously what some- 1 li one at some time said, "Go west, young man, go west!" if Amphiou Clubg Banquet Committee. Y , LA , rdf 1 ii 1 'v -1 g y. N1 fsA,.,jjvY7'MvYiv . . .. , Q., by' a - w vv v v g q ' ,Ji is-f X O0 - ,. ,f ,. f,1..1..t...u.1,-i-,a.11.1.u..f B. .09 pknfnn-Q.. ' 1 1 1111, alan. 1, 'B 70 A T1 XI Ylfw' ' . T 1m25.311s ., , EVELYN I.OIS HIMBERG H , New Britain, Conn. ' "EW" September 23i 1911 A "Of the laughing eyes and lips." X ' A giggle-it must be Ev. Like all true artists she. is as tem- 3 permental as can be. An acknowledged man-hater IS Ev, yet, why all these trips to Hartford? Never mind, old girl, all who 1. L , know you love you and appreciate your attempts alt culrivae W 5 ting a capricious sense of humor. Moody Secretarial School .',X in the fall. v. .Exp j fs! i VN EDWARD BENEDICT HINCHEY New Britain, Conn. "Duke" April 25, 1909 , xx "Give me the rnoonlight M Give me the girl if- And leave the rest to me." ' Edward is one of the popular boys of our class-always on NV the go. It seems he IS quite interested in a certain member of ' the Betu Mu Sorority. Also, the "cap" certainly knows how - to get by without studying. The class of "l928" is proud that it has succeeded where many have failed. You are now a Fl' graduate, Ed, and old N. B. H. S. has Hnally torn away from fi, tj one of her most ardent admirers. ,Y,l, Baseball '27, '283 Football '27g Basketball '27, Track '28gChair- ,K man Prom. CommitteegTreasurer Spanish Club: Delti Xi Frater- ' nity: Captain Baseball '28, f" MARAIORIE FRANCES HODGE f A New Britain, Conn. "Marge" April 25, 1910 fx S , "And she was afriend to everyone." , And lo! The hunt for reducing cures is on! But whether i Q?g she's stout or slim she'll make her way in the world4who could VJN hel it with a sunn dis osition like hers. When it comes to A tw P Y P planning things, Marge shows her stuff, and her parties and hikes I f cifi'5fYfify"'1'.Q Q C. ' o 'J ou ' f 1.1 .faiimle-Q-L,. .fl1-f2.i Y na no N1 so PJ na oo 94 m of 9? K . M , 5? 'Q N W ul 1 1 I rw I it . are huge successes! We hope she continues like this while l A 2, .V teaching school. .4 Senior Clubg Spanish Club. - 5 aj-Q i if WILLIAM STANLEY HOLCOMBE QQ ,gg New Britain, Conn. "Bill" May za, 1011 M , 'F "Business is business." QQ nw Yes, Bill, the Beehive business certainly was business, wasn't RHI it? Bill is just a little shrimp, but that doesn't detract any- 'QQ l' 1 thing from his personality. May we be so bold as to ask how Q. the affair with "Gertie" is coming along? Although he plans Ill Q. ,- to study Art next year, he seems better suited for a policeman. l, Bill has played every thing in the Amphion Club plays from a ET ' "cop" to a "gentleman." We hope you don't have as much ,.' if trouble in drawing flgures as you did in drawing money from our , ' pockets for the Beehive. j.g Spanish Clubg Amphion Clubg Business Manager of Beehive. M I IE, Q : 'f"'V v ' "V ' 'VT ' ' ' ' X 1 'SYUIY A senses? 1fHi25?Ys gzsak fl .La Z., - , . I . ' 71 , I fd 0 O me n ll no W Ill o on F 'J s' - P 'J on 3 'Q 1 'U an no ICJ 34 nog 'J 'J 'J Og 'J as 5 g 'E 'J O1 1 so 'J u 01 'e o'J Ol of 0 - 'Swag' 'Uno' ' ' if wut' OD'O'0'OgO3'OiW65'O'333Y' ' ' 'away-ov 90 . , 5 0 .09 00 econ if .opoofrfvfogo o I JULIA WILHELAMINA HOFFMANN New Britain, Conn. "Touts" November 8, 1911 " What sweet delight a quiet life afordsf' ."Toots" is a jolly good friend and companion to all. Her friends are numbered but well chosen. "Toots" had one ad- vantage over the rest of us because it took only a minute to cross the street to school. Julia took a commercial course and was always a hard worker. We wish her success in the future. Senior Club. WILFRED EMERSON HOUSE New Britain, Conn. "Will" August 4, 1908 "Wherethere's1ire, therelv Will!" Don't be fooled by his "bulk," his soft brown eyes, his long yellow curls, and his Lord Fauntleroy suit, girls, for he's a wolf in sheep's clothing! Really, he's actually barbarous. We have come to the conclusion that he goes around behind his "mask" thinking out villainous and treacherous deeds. The scoundrell , We clon't know what Will is going to be but we fear for young ladies in distress and grayahairecl grandmothers. Co easy, Will. Theta Sigma Fratern ity. i BERNICE CHARLOTTE HYNECK ' New Britain, Conn. "Bern" March 4, 1910 " Why worry, tomorrow may newer came." Although she was not especially fond of study we are sure ' Bern enjoyed her high school course. We hear that she was ' very fond of oral compositions in Room 28. School is not half bad when you think of vacation, is it Bern? Although her plans for the future are undecided the class of '28 wish her success. She made many friends at high school. Senior Cluhg Spanish Club. LESTER CARFIELD HUME New Britain Conn. October 22 1909 . And to the wonder grew. Lester is one of the boys who is keenly interested in athletics seen of men. He has been a track manager. He also likes to talk a great deal and we often wonder what he has to talk about. He wanders all around Cboth on his feet and in his head,J but he never gets anywhere. We do not know just what he is planning to do after leaving High School, but we hope he gets his eye on the North Star. Cheer Leader '27' Senior Club' Chairman Motto Committee' Track Manager '28. on i 02 1 , on ' ' ' f A ,xg v vv v 1 v - sgzlS?35Eff 2Sp9YfE6? ... " af ca n C O l 60 Ill ta M on ni so nn oo m oo W 24 L' 'L M me go oe f 5? F2 no ,o 4 ' 4 .'. IN P -fa ' vi .O , lQl Oo i i ICI .. H gg 1 sw never runs a single race, yet makes the team. He would be Bla lfl 00 N' O. 'll .I ill ,Cl .0 ICI W ' W W Q Q 72 4 eh llw -I1 AI, ww tw L ku is - l,N1 ,Ax nv x . . pf: 55 .il Y N ,go .git fy. .. V' HELEN LOUISE INGHAM New Britain, Conn. ,IUHC ll, 1910 "Let's gal I'm here!" 'I'hat's Helen all over. Always on the jump, especially in English. She's a veritable jack -in-the-box. CDon't be angry.l Helen has had some good parts in the Amphion productions, and has portrayed them with a finesse that characterizes a good amateur. Then, too, she's always ready to help out' using that sunny disposition of hers to cheer a weary-laden person along, Normal next year, Helen? . Alpha Alpha Sorority: Amphion Clubg Spanish Clubg Senior Club: Social Committee. HOWARD WILLIAM JOY Tarryville, Conn. March 19, 1910 "True merit makes but little noise." Howard's philosophy of life is slightly twisted. In the class room he seldom opens his mouth to recite unless he has to. And outside! Try and stop him. His vocabulary is enough to warrant his becoming a U. S. senator. just remember to say something, Howard, that's all. ALDA MARGARET JANSIIION New Britain, Conn. April 10, 1911 "A born little actress was she." Have you ever seen anyone whom you thought was altogether charming? We have: Alda janshion. And how she can act! Do you remember what a vamp she was in "Polly with a Past?" She also has a voice. C"Wha'd'ja bring that up for?"l A person with your talent and manners, Alda, is bound to make her way in the world and we know you will help to brighten the paths of others. Senior Club: Amphion Slubg Class Night Cast. NORMAN ARTHUR YINING New Britain, Conn. " Norm" March 7, 1911 "Any fool can translate." We wonder if you know where we got the above saying Norm It wouldn t be hard to guess would it? Well anyway we won t have any more French translations to prepare for cl while We don t know what you plan to do next year Norm but we know youll be successful Beaucoup de chance MOUSICIII Moody qPClC'El'l3l will probably make 1 million ll e ou of him Spanish Club Senior C lub Cliss Night Cast ,Qi iiwl ff ' .1 ,f f ' ',,. l Ez Par? 73 frii l ' 4 l.,h A . A MI. ,gli ' 'i L' 3. v ,x ,P Y WN lf? ill ' v ni fl VN' XS A ,MAJ Ki if E li .-Y, ,y.. ,. . . ,- ,FKN Q r in X- l l I ...L 4 X N o oe M O gl B 1 0 o 52 as Tililiiilzfgli? . I . .11 .l. .uk I iw l.,,xA a-1 4 M AGNES FLORENCE JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Ag" March 26, 1911 "Sober, steadfast, and demuref' Ag eats dinner at supper time and supper at breakfast. She is timid and studious in school, but outside of schoolf-fwell, we know better. Her tiny feet and bright eyes seem to attravt many of the opposite sex. We hope your tongue will someday loosen, and then we can get you to tell us about yourself. Your speed in shorthand and typewriting will bring you success. Senior Club. DAVID l. KENNEDY New Britain, Conn. "Dave" March 14, 1909 "Life is just another business deal." lf it is anything in the line of business let "Dave" know about it. Dave was always a crackerjack at business. We wonder if he is going to follow in his father's footsteps. You Can be sure the Class of '28 is wishing you suevess in the business world. Say Dave, is "Kennedy" your right name? Upsilon Lambda Phi Fraternity. ALICE INGEBORG JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Al" August 20, 1910 "She's small but she's wise, She's a corker for her size" We think Alive needs to be complimented on her good looks. She re'1lly is cute but shes one of these girls who h'1ve to be talked to before you can a word out of them. We know you get '1 thrill out of attending midnight parties though you don t tell us about them for your sleepy eyes give you away the next morning. lVl'1y you find a pot of gold 'lt the end of the rftinbow. ERNEST ADELBERT KLOPP New l3rit'1in Conn. Ernie April 18 1910 I crate-no boundless horde. And he said so too. Ernie comes from '1 studious family teachers, ministers tinsmiths and exerything. We hope he turns out to be like them but remember the old High Ernie 'ind go easy on the kids. Baseball 1 2. Tv 1 K .lf J . 1 on fd f oi M P02 I i 3 O ll U.: QI Q 1 ' H H l H 1 H up t if , i 3 I Y 4 VA 4 . . . 1 N I N ar vi 2 4 if H no ' ,, ' OO H ' 5'o f 1 K ' va . , , V V ma l ' roi 1 - Y oo l vu UI Ill M po 1" ' 'vw' ' "'w ' ' V" ' - 7. , A, - H: ' af- X X ' ' .sifffgZ14fsL?iI?2Xi?,'5 fa . . 74 0.09.00 .0 ff 5' . . . 9 X , . 0 ,, . -kt 1. Q'-I 1 0 - ' K EINAR WALTER JOHNSON New Britain Conn. Swede July 2 1910 I slept and thought that life was beauty I woke and found that it was duty. Einar may feel that he has mental power but he doesnt make it known- for he is not a fellow who tells everything he knows. He is studious and ambitious but in spite of these faults he is a likable chap who has won many friends. W wonder if he will miss playing basketball. Senior Club' Basketball' Baseball 1 2. ETHEL LINNEA JOHNSON Stamford, Conn. Dimples August 6, 1910 "Tall and divinely fair." Ethel was especially popular with a certain English teacher on account of her beautiful penmanship. We should think that anyone would be attracted by it, and by those delightful dimples too. She saved our reputation many times by coming across with the right answer to a difficult question. Ethel had the honor of being chosen historian of our unusually scholarly class. She has our heartiest congratulations. Her future destination is the business world where she will shine as an effi- cient stenographer. Senior Club, Class Historian. LADISLAUS F. KLOSKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Croesus" May 25, 1910 "Money makes the mare go." These are just two things that "Croesus" is fond of and they are horse racing and saving money. We don't see how these " ' 'W ' ' ' ' 0' ' ' ' 1? '6 ' intros' D3'oo":0'o313'o' ' ' 'r 'o' v ""ff!.d3fn.6p1t9 - tk H! 5 J ' 5' ' if 55 J nl oo m oo m 00 nn . H " . oo .. m .. Y oo m f ' M 1 ot ' 1 - ' on it .. ., ng 30 63' 13 'lb 0 ff 0 on 0 01 oi oo 'J 0 0 I0 0 tastes can he reconciled, but people are peculiar, just like auto- mobiles. Study holds no terrors for this young man. He can lose more books than detective Hickey could find in a year. We hear he is a swell dancer, and very fond of one young woman. Good-land-of goodness, boy, don't be foolish, wait awhile! Look around! sf' j f ' JANET ESTELLE JONHSON .1 Newburgh, N. Y. "Jan" April 2, 1910 3 "A laughing, giggling, girl." Q. From whom did that burst of laughter come? Why Janet, of g.a course. She sees the funny side of everything that happens, '.' and that is a good policy to follow. At least, we know she had Q. the first chance to laugh at our graduation pictures. Janet is U01 a favorite with both the faculty and the pupils on account of r her cheerfulness. Yes-there is a boy friend, too, but that's g not our business. We know your sunny disposition will give you a wonderful start in life, but take also the wishes of the class of '28, ,.g Senior Club, Class Night. J r W Q l0l 00000 0UU033'0' L f' 0030003'0'00' 3VO . '0'0'0'0'0' 'U '0' ' 33? 32o.moo.qqn.o5u-2. Lfnnonhfnfofopnn. 75 '? E4 noe 0? nu no IQI W 0 01 0 ,+ ,. 1 1 R3 fr ,, .i L N it 1 o 'o oe 8 O at 3 . o of J fo W 'Y- 'rl 1 , Al i' . r l' I' XWB . . 'o 'g 4 1 O fc o P , i n is f 'J EMILY ANNA KAGL New Britain, Conn. April 28, 1911 "Dancing hath chorus." "And lo! The wonder grew-" how Emily learns all the latest Ol dance steps! We have come to the conclusion that she is keeping some dark secret from us. Mayhap she is even planning to run away and go into "Keith's." Horrors! Never- theless, she's some dancer! The second "wonder" is where she spends all her evenings, not home studying we know. On your toes, Emily. Senior Club. FRANCIS ALBERIC MALARNEY New Britain, Conn. "Duke" December 22, 1909 "People should be quiet at times." Francis' motto is-"Work in school and have good times outside of school," and we think it is a pretty good one. Duke always studied and never bothered any of his teachers with unnecessary noise. He has kept his future a secret, but he knows that the class wishes him the best of luck. Whatever you do, Francis, don't let the "fair" sex interfere with your bank account. fs f X at ll ,fn . 1 st' 'fl A. . - if A ll BESSIE SHEILAH KAPLAN M Hartford, Conn. "Bess" December 31, 1910 ' "Al Jolson's only cause for worry." Bessie is lively, vivacious and gay, with a reputation for being 1 a wonderful impersonator of Al jolson. What more could be flesired in a future gym teacher, eh Bess? typ, ,Q Senior Club. rj v .ft L Q, JOHN PAUL KREGER A X" White Plains, N. Y. November 20, 1909 i " Up in the sky." 1' Kreger is a member of the National Guards. He carries a ,Af gun and knows how to use it, but for all that, he is not considered s I dangerous if left alone. He wants an aeroplane so that he can 7 "step out." The surest and quickest way to get a pair of wings if these days is to buy an aeroplane. Better keep one foot on the , ' ground, john. , Tl Pi. S. T. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4. J 1 'e c .. . D T . l We ffm 'fare e of rx All 1-.AA-It I X 1 , ,f " ,K - .L X 6 LL I it 76 'VYYI R Y Q 1 rQQtif5E5E2bQ CAIVIILLA MARIE KELLY Kensington, Conn. "Kelly" May 1, 1910 Hlfllere there nn women, men might live like grids." "Chl do I have to do that problem over again?" That is Camilla's favorite saying. A little more time at home and less iazzing out would probably be a cure for an incurable. Camilla loves art and music and we hope she will keep them up. Senior Club. JOIIN KUZLOVVSKI New Britain, Conn. "Johnnie" March 13, 1908 "Tell mc, what means that shadow?" Johnnie is a clever dancer, in fact he is an artist in this pas- time. We hear he is superstitious-afraid to go through ceme- teries at night, and to take his girl home after midnight. He wasn't sure he'd be Clever enough to graduate with the scholarly flass of 1928, but we're glad he made the grade. Johnnie ex- pects to work for a living if he has to, otherwise he will spend his time at the "light fantastic." Don't be discouraged, Johnnie step up and show your pep-W fortune serves whom she must. ELLEN VERONICA KENNEDY New Britain, Conn. "El" June 18, 1910 "A good friend is a choice thing." Everyone knows our meek Ellen, and also knows she will always be found eager to help anyone. "El" is a great "lifter up" and a sharer of other folks burdens, which virtue is, and always will be very commendable. Ellen intends to go to Normal and we hope she has much success in learning Gate's Psychology, Senior Clubg Spanish Club. RICHARD DRIGGS LE MAY Unionville, Conn. "Dick" March 21, 1911 "E.rIreemly reserved is he." Dick is one of our quiet boys. He is very serious, and strikes us as being decidedly studious. We've heard that he is am- bitious, too. You're starting out with admirable character- istics, Dick. Keep it up. Success will certainly come to one who tries as hard as you do. 77 X , li"YQ'Hflif'if1'YKY'rfYg" ui, .KAP ..fX.l.f1x.s,...Jz.'y J find 1 -',..S. L ,il notpdih2bi5n3bQ?bQfbE5QQEQESEETSXQQZQL V' Y 'Y Y -'fl ' vxfx ' ' '04 m U0 OO pg m lil . i RUTH GRISWOLD LANDON . New Bfltalll Con H - H .. Q v fl- Ruthze january 9 1910 P. 'zshe ofthe - - - . . ' Ol Q1 Every k, fgungy dzspnsztzon and jrzendly ways," ,Q , one n , L Q she always hacfwa d HOW Foulfl they help but know her: .Q r1en ly smile for ever o d . ps good natured as the day is long Even wylqeqle SES She was 5 gl mg over some tiresome histor les- ' was puzz' Pg: -- she never lost her temper sy h Son or Over Enghsh grammar '. . . Q .V Why we a . t UC P60ple are rare, Ruth1F3, thafs Lf, 8 ever you Eggiggfeyoll. We know yOu ll be successful ln what- 9 'Z' K ' Senior Club. 4 51 O 9 E5 gg . IRVING LEVINE 'if B Mmden' Conn' "Bi1'fy" De b 4 1910 ss 9 Cem er , J U I-k "Aw we can bent 'wnf' n u - ,, . .Q he to :Usef:?:2:s:J:aeiaCEziyWgzzofrgwhat of fl Wefe W ld b v l:l rest assure that "B'ff " Ki Xfil1mZffiEff2zze 1955533 tRi:12af 253:15 aw" iSfaf'afl5't V5 v ' . one 0 Weisimfi do Wish him loadsoofltiugiii P3 ?J - e as etbull get the best of ynux "P,iffy.H 0 ua .0 OC '01 m 0 o L' 22 Pl JENN113 Ili . X N B I r CORNELIA LUNDQUIST CW' t . U ' H I v rl am, Conn. U W-Conme March 12. 1910 . f HA d h .Szlver blonde." . H 6 h ' h ' YY , f member Connler fovrishefrwaghllvqgjaill ilggygndwlfell filways fe' .. 325139: ml,"5eS?eS as a 12223215 I ' f ha g, Ors e s -ull of fun and a.good sport. Her sociabili 1 , . .. hsdadded many lmks to her Cham of friendship Ahh tly s he oesn't say m ch, h h' k . ' 0'-12 . N! Wits, riwarlg- Vlcle csrtgifllglnwisfilq iflrzdwclefll, as IS shown by her . , mp non ramatir Club' Senior Club Of . ' - IQ! 'QV rl 00 I I ' A 91 o ff IO STEPHEN ANDRE - 'J ' W MAD .. H , W August 3, 1010 . . .. H f Q lo do de do no dn!" at Q , UFFHY Or .teve and his moaning sa a h I N Q. ag ll-lgiyggflgtflffns igglidbouggetgrft tlipg l?3l?.hi?l'clS0gltifN:32 L? ' v Une In y0urse . No need ICI . , Eiotsaytfgilvlstevels Q great fellow. We all know it. And - '. P Saxoes ay hus hfe be as merry and gay as the bleat orlollls I. Orchestra 3. l.l fo N n 1 M fo M . s if f A 9 3 ' LMA A A 9 YQQQTQQXH 78 ' , -, -- J-Iflyv 1, 1 vt' U V ' 'Y ' - ' " " 1 0 00000040 01.20 r X , , - - , - 'MaSpp.on. 0:5192 so" . ' J na O0 OU Ill N1 OO mf OO W 94 'Ol it ll NANCY ELEANOR MAGNANO .J ill l December 2, 1911 .4 .Q Kensington, Conn' ,, 21 "As quiet as a little mo1lse.b h d a V - - 4 d t s e ma e m n, PE f -1T.i.1C2.:fS.'as"25S.s? beHfehSL.2iie55fng. ni 93 DO' me ' l Sh I ays looked as neat as a DHL- AS one can we gig she iiieiifel: failedlto know her lessons jIflhth'EPf!i1Sf'jfffl'3l'?g lou Pg. N Heri future destination IS Normal Schoo . S A :li t0 YOU' NHHCY- O1 I .' Senior Club. .0 5? 599 34 Q 4.1 sf' Nl lv JAMES MAISEL . .Q uv ' " N0veml'Jer 12, 1010 O0 Mobile Alabama Mzckey v OO '.' " Upnn what meat hath he eaten P.q Thai he has grown so great? h tl ' ' h b n with us for a YGYY 5 Off 'me' fa hi5Ag2St1l?eli'nJlCi?JmdliawiShaiehelped ,to make hum anflxlllforiig- .. table fellow student. We hear it s Trinity next d V ' .. Pg Going to take French? 94 W ll Ill 9 O0 P W L. IRENE RUTH KOLOSKI 12 1010 hi NI f B ' ' Conn "If'VH June ' ' ICI ' , ew Fltalfl, . I V ,Z .S WV blandlv, .ll "There's a verv modrsh woman and her smz e 1. N . , ' ' . Y Couldnlt hurry her with 5.1 1 lrene isfalway? Just iihblogg hqghil test Coming She merely 9 n an offer o marriage. l D f . k nd linally ,i 1 Y - . ' ' l S ll I a faithful wor er, a I Q Il . A smiles and falls it tll Crljggitjbl l She only burns 'the mid- ne ve Y 5 ggththea wheii gli-Je comes, home from dances or other dLVfTiSl0nZ mg 0' W - ' 1 School If she does. s e' -we Q W, h ar she is going to lflorma . . I .. U. toieateyeast cakes so she ll get hff Work done on time I., .fq Senior Clubg Phi Omega Sorority. . ,, s' ' C .1 it M 00 MARY CATHERINE MCCUE 7 mo .. pf' , , nl September 2-, 5.1 Britain, C011 H Q. New V ll ,. Q. m -A N f miss U my in um world vf trouble: fhaf f my W y- m we ' "si eriorit Com- .. . kind Of l P Y h lwa s seemed to have a l pg lM?'rlfJuta3vlien ville look int0 tl10S2 big. g1'3C'0U5 eyes' We lmpw CX, - ' he's not missing Ol She didn't mean to be impeflous' AnYWay'.s , ' fWe 0.1 09 od times. And how! Mary has qulte 21 VW- . . Q '. any 'go ' ' 7 Rumor has it that she's had an oller to JOEU .I . aren tvkiddmg-, .t . the Opinion Of 21 Certain .. we iigliiei thigilliiiiwlelllebetgcsvtleiilligrupl Pliilsics for her life's work. Senior Club: Class Night? Slmnlsh Club' Ill l.1 fa OO Bo 'Q , , v v v v vi Y ' t'?U011' 'Q " 0 W 533' have . P l ' g' encode.. oppose .o9.o.n9. .1 E , 9.0D..A3Q------- -- 79 T5112EEffS1HYrlQ:?iQ1i551E2tEEE QHeQ3ii2f33TEf??i7 ! 1 l f NATALIE STACY WOLSKI t . 71, 1 A , 4, New Britain, Conn. H Nettie" April 7, 1911 Hg -iff "She has eyes so jiirty and brown." llx 1 'l in Natalie's latest flame is unknown to us, but we judge he's 911' - O. K. Natalie is a good worker and her recitations are always l - interesting. Rumor has it that she's taken up dancing and is ,A ,X pretty good at it. We will expect her to equal Ann Pennington if is W in time. gg V f 1, 1, Class Night cast. YQ pu 4,1 dire- ,A If ' 1 IRIS KONSTANCE MCMAl'lON f New Britain, Conn. l'Mac" May 24, 1911 "It often grieved her to the heart to think." 1 . M-ac is one of our peppiest girls. She always seems to be 9 looking for a good time, so studies are, you might say, rather K2 "taboo" with her. ln other words her power of thinking is ,VN still in an undeveloped stage. Iris is a clever artist though when Nm, she really does work. Here-'s hoping you won't find too large a Nia crop of wild oats, Mac! O' , if NA! f-js SAM MARTIN l New Britain, Conn. "Samba" August 12, 1910 " How happy could I be with either, Were the other dear chariner away." 1 Af 1 Sammy is a regular Romeo. He has all the charms,-dark ' X A "Q:-J eyes and raven hair, and a smile like ginger-mintjulep. Say .,, , ' boy! he is some scholar, he studies about once every three F25 . years: oftener would interfere with ,his popularity as a social ,IW leader. We hear it said that he intends to marry young, and go to work on the railroad. Well, Sammy, old boy, we'll he Y 'N for you when you run for mayor, or soda water tester. A K ' Phi Betha Fraternity. - . , R X T5 ,fi l . ETHEL VIVIAN MENUS , ' . New Britain, Conn. "Et" October 11, 1912 ,: t I "For nothing is as sweet you know ' As whispering musir soft and low There goes Ethel' Hey' Et' Ethel s preoccupied head is so often among the clouds that we wonder what on earth she is thinking about Perhaps it s the lessons of the next recitation, her next piano lesson her next flame or PP' Anyway, you can t always be sure that shell speak when spoken to. Ethel is a fine worker though whenever she is so inclined Cwhich is 'dwaxsi and shell make good ,, ,E . . f.. Y - ' , H ,MH Q. ' y ' .B . . I M 1 80 I .-,-. ---- -'-' "' Y .R H ',- gqgg gzagunooooo , 1 , ' o' 'figoooo dbi 0' 9 ' J A 953 rg s PJ oo W 1 lol 9' MATHEWs 1 " . JOHN CRAWFORD - 1910 Q jf' Q New Britain, Conn. "Johnny" 'September 18, Y ' .' "Music only gods can appreciate. I ' .. , A moaning saxaphonefa loud voicefa swaying Walkgalgfj . we have John. To be sure, John does play the sax, an l 41? ..4 .1 favorite way of beginning almost 'everything he S3-YS IS, Q0 if played a hot number last night. Evefytlme 5'9u,See an 3 3,- f" orchestra in fact, you look to see if john is ensconce in it some- GJ l i? where. He's playing with an orchestra all summer, and plans .' to enter college in the fall. . O . IO! Football Manager 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 32 Sfmg Commmeei QQ . ' Senior Club. N i 55 1 ill Q1 MARY MARGARET MESKILL .Q .1 New Britain, Conn. September 4' 1910 . "Modesl, unassuming, and shy." I l Ol Mary did not give us much opportunity to know her mix- .Q . mately. We unfortunate ones regret this and envy 'those w o IO' J had the pleasure, Mary was a shining light when it came to .1 writing poetry for supplementary credit. Good luck. 0 Q junior College Club, Senior Club. A A X O ll A O . Q1 0 . O ll OO . JOHN STEPHEN MCGUIRE N0,.Wa1k, Conn. "Mac" ,March 10, 1910 .1 V "I awoke and found myself famous. ' ' I There's so much fun in you, MHC? h0W do YOU Contam if aiu , , ' Ng It's been fine to have you wlth us, we all agree. Good uc . .7 1 - Track Team Squadg Senior Glub. I 04 Q O f ,f - E , 1 V ,315 'G ' of CLARA EUNICE MILLER Q New Britain, Conn. "Clair" April 11, 1910 Q " Happy am I, from care Fmlfree H j.q Why aren't they all content lzke me. . ,oe Clara surprised us all Cand herself into the bargainl- by the .. talent she showed in the last-Amphlolj Play- She Ceftamll' Was lfl a great success as the "gracious leading lady. We hear that Clara is very clever at sewing too. WeIl,. the woods are full of .I fellows who need someone to sew those missing buttons on their Q shirts, etc. Good luck to you. Amphion Club, Senior Club. IQ! Ol 1 IO! to DOI W f f r so Q ' 4' w-:awww as v 'aw 'u'ogugf Q of K S5 0' L of .gosalbfohooq 9.03. s.. .o.o. 81 ' 's' ' r Y' f ' vu' ' vo' " :Qi ' ft ' ' . 5 - '0' w ' 330 A OO OO IN ICI OO Ol ill N1 M fd ga ' LINNEA VICTORIA WESTMAN .0 .. New Britain, Conn. "Skinny" October 28, 1910 lfl " Hath he called fnr rne?-- U.l .Q Know you not he has?" , Victoria is one of the daintiest, and cleverest girls in Hartford QQ . . County. She can dance, and sing, and cook, and sew a fine U.. Q seam. And as a scholar, why man, she does literally devour . 5 books, and her -vocabulary is prodigious. She has no patience f' sl ruth the opposite sex, but still she likes to have them about . er. Tis said she dotes on one. She is going into the business Q .1 world where she'll make a grand success, for she just naturally QI f knows how to do things right. .. 41 '95, X v C 1 rr? -:li IO: EVELYN LUCINDA MOORE ll New Britain, Conn. "EU" March 26, 1910 ' A Q "Blushing is a color of virtue." QQ ..g Evelyn is not often seen and is seldom heard. She has us '.' stuck! We don't know what she does in school but we can make O a pretty good guess at what she does after that good old "3.40" . .1 bell! Haven t we heard something about a steady! Now 1 Q please don't blush. Evelyn has been a commercial student and .Q Ol IS about to launch herself into the fascinating world of "big 5.4 1. business." We know she'll make good. How can she help it? ' 1 . C O 1 Q4 O . O I ,I I . O Q Q JACK MESHKEN Ol ' 4 New Britain, Conn. '-Jack" July 30, 1011 Q J Q "Oh, for zz lock qf lhose sun-burnished curls." ' 5 jack has added a great deal of color to our numbers, for which g we are exceedingly grateful. No doubt he is known all over " ,.f,-, ' the globe for his fascinating assortment of ties. Your com- f' fa mendable scholarship has shown the studious side of your Q - nature, jack. Keep it up! :E Phi Beta Fraternity, Tennis Manager, Prom and Banquet se y Committee. 1 U , 1 - ' N, ' v . s- f .E MARIORIE ELSIE MUELLER b Berlin, Conn. H i D I H May 2, 1011 QI A sweet and penswe maid. ffl ..q Marjorie is quiet and thoughtful, yet we all know that "still ,.1 Q waters run deep." She may be depended upon for any amount Q. .J of work, and is worthy of our most sincere wishes for the future. lfl Marge has shown excellent inclinations toward glory-novel .A writing with Greece as a back ground. .Q .1 Amphion Dramatic Clubg Junior Colleee Club. ,.l 8 M O ll 'J PJ Ol lg ' f its ef' W ' Vieira .. . . 4 f 'Y . . Y . 82 .Q 53 51 M 1 01 Q fi 'E 'J 34 'e 0 'E 'oi 4 5 1 if ll 5 0 X Z4 '01 'e IDA Ol M P6 0.0 it l ' RICHARD PHILLIPS MOFFATT New Britain Conn. Dick November 17 1908 Studying is a luxury Which I do na! indul. e in. How to get through high school without effort - Four clid he think 1928 was the only class to graduate with? Flo Ziegfield will sink into oblivion when you arrive on Broadway CPB , Your popularity has carried you far with the fair sex to s'1y nothing of the teachers. May it carry you further. Theta Sigma fraternity' Senior Club' Class Night Cast. A . f MARY MURRAY Berlin Conn. Molly April 22 1910 A regular little flapper was she. Molly wasn't with us so very long but we certainly got to like her in the short time that we knew her. Her particular aversion seemed to be studying. The teachers knew she was not lacking in brains, but she simply could not be made to do her work. Everyone knows it s much more exciting to go out with a nice boy, Mollyg but then, life isn't all play. We hope you'll never lose those charming ways that endeared you to us. GEORGE MOLCIIAN New Britain, Conn. April 7, 1910 " Have a good time all of the time." .I That's George. Did you ever see him when he wasn't fooling- N V . George certainly knows how to use the element of suspense. . . Every Tuesday night brings the matter up afresh. But we M , won't tease too much for he's "a person of the most perfect and A divine temper." George intends to go to Art School to prove his ability to draw. Senior Clubg Class Night. 4 N CQ ANNA MARY NARKEVICH Forestville, Conn. May 26, 1910 "Don'l pu! of till tomorrow what should be done today. If you have a task lo do, do it right away." Anna persists in doing things when they should be done and doing them thoroughly. She has often shown her classmates 1 the various advantages of this plan of behavior. She is of a f studious nature, and would very much prefer to sit down and . study Cor go swimming! than to go to a dance or to Senior Club. , I In the near future we expect Anna to become a great "life-saver." 1 scfsiffff aseaseai Q 83 3 , ,-. P4 N1 CO lol OO I it H I we I I it va H H' H H ng years!" seems to be the answer. At least Dick found it so. Or .. .. O4 K M0 L "" . ' . gg 4 1 - , - 0? OO UN f V H H ' q " " Ol OO W D04 V 03 Ill O OO lil 0 fpfvfcfxg Y YYTJK- s rr, ' 1 f .,,gQfQ?'fmffU1,l...e,l.A5i. -A -A 'J -7953- QA .c 3 'v lf 50 3 11 ., . Q5 I, . 1 X l WILTON EDMUND MOREY New Britain, Conn. "John" june 17, 1910 "A diligent worker in all things." "john" is rather a reserved sort of fellow. He's known chiefly in the realm of sports where he is very popular with everyone. He has been especially successful in baseball. We are not sure Khatf his ambition is, but his good sportsmanship is sure to carry im ar. Baseball 2, 3. EDITH ELIZABETH NELSON Kensington, Conn. "Edie" january 10, 1910 H Happy am I, from care fm free, Why aren't they all contended like me?" Edith cares as much for her marks as she does her Oral Re- ports. She doesn't even know what the word "worry" means. Her hobby is raising Cain but she certainly can behave herself in church as well as in the lunch room, "at noon." "Edie" is as industrious as she is pleasant, and with these two qualities in her favor she is certain to go through life with flying colors. Senior Club. SOFIO JAMES MOTTO New Britain, Conn. "Sof" September 10, 1910 A " He trudged along, unknowing what he sought, And whistled as he went, for want of thought." Well, aren't you glad it's all over! No more pencils, no more books, no moreser-Class Night rehearsals. But you'll miss them, won't you?- -even though the little girl in red would be so "fresh." Senior Club. Pg 5 fi o Ja "IL L- H 7 r L , ,V ,A M I 9 .J 1 .hy ff, 'V' RUTH ETHEL NELSON New Britain, Conn. " Nelly" October 25, 1909 "A kind heart is afountain Qf gladnessf' We all admire "Ethel's" choice in forsaking the Mid-Year Class of '29 and joining our class. The time Ethel doesn't spend in school she spends at home, studying. She seems very quiet to those who don't know her, but to those who know her well, she is a girl full of mischief and jokes. She expects to enter the business world and we know she will conquer her difficulties with the greatest of ease and care. l as .-. mmf , 1 YT if 'f"f1'5'U"'i. .4 C 133' , 'Y , Yg1"'QL,r'X'Y,Y 1 ' eo. 4oef...f1.,:M.d.z.,,1. uf 9+ -L iH.??152.f. -lefas .1.f..a.33lr t in S4 vu M LOQOQOOOCO I O65 90 OQOOOOQ 0009 K ll or gc JOSEPH ANTHONY VETRANO New Britain, Conn. "Joe" june 1, 1910 "Be good! Taka' it easy." If we hear a loud voice shouting the above down the corri- dors, we know who it is. joe is quite an athlete. For a long time, he was undecided whether to be "of us" or to stay at old N. H. H. S. for another football season with some of his "pals." joe is an artist of no mean ability. Good luck in the "banking" business. Senior Club: Assistant Bank Advisor: Class Night Cast: Delta Xi Fraternity: Football l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Track 1. 23 Art Club. EVELYN MARION NELSON New Britain, Conn. "Ev" October 3, 1909 "lf ever I ate a gnnri supper at night, I dreamt of the devil and wak'd with fright." We hate to think of what an English clam would be without Ev, thinking out loud. Ev often performs funny stunts, which throw her observers into fits of giggling. She comes out with the quaintest speeches, and her discourses in Swedish are most amusing. Once in a while the "absent list" causes her spirits to droop, but who can blame her. Although we cannot imagine you as a business woman, Ev, the class of '28 wishes you the best of fortune. Senior Club. MARY BEATRICE ROSS Kensington, Conn. October 15, 1911 "A light heart and carefree manner." g A better friend or a jollier one cannot be found in our class. Although we know this we do wonder why Mary was always so friendly with the boys in Room 43? Better ask Mr. Campbell. Well Mary, have your fun and good times before you get to Normal School. We only hope that you can enioy yourself t iere. MARY MARGARET NOBARIS Brooklyn, N. Y. "May" January 23, 1910 " Her ways are the 'ways af happiness." "Oh yes!" It's Mary trying to explain something. She is a good sport and always willing to help a friend in need. She certainly showed some speed on the typewriter. There is no doubt but that she will be successful in whatever she under- takes. Senior C lub. E '-5 'S Ol . , -,av Ii 1 O S6 K 'J if .3 of 521 ..e 's M U 1 U va v. va Ill as Pd OO we vs rHZi?ff3?il?2SH E Q QE?'f2S3' YZQ5?29?3?f WFlYPflfiffef.ei5e3 C, eeeamieavse ef ALPHONS ,IOHN Zll-IKO Plililflil "Juke" August 1, 1911 "Silence is golden." 'lf 'silence is golden, then Al has at least one golden trait. His is not however, the silence due to dumbness. VVhen he chooses to speak, those about him are usually willing to listen. lf you are in the habit of "putting your foot in it" every time you open your mouth, take a tip from Al. Baseball 3. ADELAIDE LAVINA OSGOOD New Haven, Conn. "Midge" August 27, 1911 "Just a regular pal." Here is our "tomboy." Midge is a prankish, merry girl of ever changing moods. We all remember her as "Touchstone," an example of perfect character acting. Her work in dramatics has been of the highest order, and play directing is her aspiring ambition. Go to it, Midge, but don't forget your humble Amphion Club. Senior Club: Amphion Club, College Club. LEO JEROME O'BRlEN, JR. Ansonia, Conn. "Pat" September 20, 1900 "Deeds will be doneAwhile he boasts his quiesencef' "Pat" is the last word in "quiesence," the very last. When he speaks, the whole world listens and wonders, at his feet..l?J "Pat" is the kind of boy who rides straight home on his bycicle after school, does the chores, and then rides uptown to get his papers which he delivers to various respectable citizens in. the city. This sounds as thought ".Pat" is very busy, but business hasn't kept him from making friends, and loads of 'em, at that. EVELYN ANNA PETERSON New Britain, Conn. "Ev" December 10, 1909 "Oh, who will walk a. mile with me?" "Ev" is very fond of hiking and dancing. This combined with a little study makes her what she is, a gay and charming companion. She is undecided what to do after graduation but her host of friends wish her the best of luck. Senior Club. 1 if 31125 . S 6 WQQQQSEZZQYEHQT 5Pifh52Z:E'9i 1 if . 1. 11 VY ?ITs x , R .1 so .NP O I 0 .O O 501 0 'J Ol O 8 5' 0 5 . X N 1 LUCIAN JOSEPH PIHIEI. New Britain, Conn. "Lou" May 6, 1911 "Tu many, fame comer tfm lafe." When a person proceeds at the rate of a mile a minute, it is but natural that fame should come late. Lucian is always accompanied by a Cloud of dust and generally by a couple of girls. Strange to say, however, he is invariably prepared in his studies, a statement applicable to very few. JOSl2PlllNE JANICE PODLASEK lfarnow, Poland "Jay" August 16, 1010 "Pride dues not agree with all llzingsf' Josephine is a very nice girl, we must admit, but sometimes her pride gets the best of her. She acts as if she were pleased with everything when she isn't. Josephine is planning to go higher in seeking an education because she is the kind that really is willing to work very hard and has her lessons prepared each day. We wish you the best of luck and a host of friends in your future days. Junior College Club, Senior Club. DURWOOD ALBERT POND Bristol, Conn. "Duck" September 25, 1009 For a time "Duck" was known on the State Trade School basketball court as "One Point Pond," with a maximum of one point for his best score in any game. Then, last year he turned, like the proverbial worm, and playing in every game of the season, he totaled 272 points, the highest scorer of the team. "Duck" is a printer and hopes some day to be an editor. Just what he expects to publish we do not know, but the most likely guess would be a sports magazine. N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Sec. N. B. S. T. S. A. A. -13 Baseball 3, 43 Basketball 3, 4. ELEANOR PREGENT New Britain, Conn. "El" June 15, 1011 "Experience, experience is everything." That is, if you have it. Anyway. if you think a thing long enough it sometimes comes true, doesn't it El? So, "Cheer up. Cheeries will soon be ripe." We realize that El must have spent long hours thinking up excuses for her unprepardness and her absences. Not that she wasn't a clever student. She just adored movies that's all. Remember, El, that though "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," they marrv brunettes. Senior Cl ub. CATHERINE PEARL PUKINSKAS Ansonia Conn. Kay December 10 1911 A laughing school girl without grief or care. Well Kay we hear you hare moved to New Haven. The ideal How could you bear to leave old New Britain for such a meager metropolis as New Haven. We re surprised at you but just the same we would love to know who this Yale Scholar is by the name of Stan. Oh well you can t kid Kay. Noth- ing bothers her and she is everybody s friend. Next fall we ll expect to see her wearing blue lipstick. Spanish Club' Senior Club. FREDERICK GEORGE SCHIVIALZ New Britain, Conn. "Freddie" June 28,1911 "The play's the thing." "Freddie" is very much interested in dramatics. He has portrayed several choice character parts during his Amphion Club career. Even outside of dramatics, he has entertained his friends with vivid and amusing imitations. "Of whom, when, and where,"-well, we're not saying. Needless to say, "Freddie" is one of those jolly fellows who is well liked by all his classmates. Senior Club: Spanish Club 25 Amphion Clubg Chairman Class St 0 fo? oo BS m I o .0 a 1 C WWII I I Y YYY? 3QWYYYf'5.Jf55I. f s l21g1ZE?I' m M fd , M ' H H i H ' M i I ' ea ' 0 H V V , 9? " " ' i 9 , on M Night Committee. Iv RUTH EMMA REYNOLDS New Britain, Conn. January 24, 1911 X "Strong and steady wins the race." Ruth is one of our leaders in health and jollity. She is always ready to do anything concerned with the out-of-doors. just HL ask her about her roller-skating incident and watch her fly. " Never mind, Ruthie, we haven't told anyone of it yet. , ' Senior C lub. , ' JOHN JOSPEH REID New London, Conn. "Johnnie" March 8, 1909 a "Big and Strong." Q. john certainly is kept busy courting a certain maiden. Since 5.6 he is kept out so late at night, he does his sleeping in the Civics 1.4 room the following day. John may be a romantic lover, but Q he doesn't shine as a tighter. Next time, duck JohnAit's safer. I. As for studies, well, he hasn't thought of them yet. Football 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Track 2, 33 Theta Sigma Frater- O nity. 5 l M Ol ICI 9 O O. QOOWOOCCOQDQDTO ai 'Q'O'O' ' ' Y' ' ' ' ' ' Q M? 30 c 5:nno.qo o.onosQ. ,.3o9ono'o3no?of3n. S8 my , 5 ' "."'v"."""gvh" ." v-.v'v'-vv:gvvvvvvvvvvvv- vvv 5:10 'u fo kzbso ' 950 'S ' 5a " "3o' ?ofof32Q. lil lOl OO if ill N1 ll O0 :Ol ICI 23 FRANK JAMES Rio If Kensington, Conn. "Frank" january 15, 1011 .. as "Still 'waters run deep." Ol Frank is a very quiet person. He never volunteers to recite, p.' - , but when called upon, knows his lesson well. During recitation .Q g. e istensnan. a sorus a t at is sai , an w en i comes o .8 5' hr abbnn' 'fvavh 1- t F04 SCI tests 98 m his chemistry test. We know that the future holds ,gh " -Q, great promise for you, lfrnnk. L :E Orchestra. a ia SO , 4 of N P' K .99 'Y 3 GRETA KORIN ROSEEN ' .. New Britain, Conn. M3ff'h 8, 1910 Q1 "Try anything once." .Q llave you ever seen Greta without a man? We haven't .Q .. Tell us how you work it. Greta surely is our "modern" .g1rl. j.' We don't know just what her hobby is but we know it lSl1lt . . . . . h nh , .. I. .Q miythiplg tm that scgwolastilc lmeg Sthed as so lganyih eagvy :aes a we on see owsesansupuner es am. . Anyway she hasn't turned into a shadow yet. Her plans- for .J the future are unknown to us but we know she'll have a good tune. Q .1 Alpha Alpha Sorority: Senior Club: Banquet Committeeg .Q Class Night Cast. O O ' . - J '1 WILLIS CHARLES RONKETTY I Q Kensington, Conn. May' ?, 1910 .a " What I have been taught, I have forgotten. .1 What I know I have guexedj' , Willis is a good CPD driver Cas long as nothing gets in his way.D L f' and he's a wow when it comes to girls, especially one in the Alpha - Q Alpha Sorority. Willis is one of our most popular boys at dances . and otherwise. Accept our sincere thanks for the etlicient work . you did as chairman of our banquet committee. . 1 . Delta Xi Fraternity: Chairman of Banquet Committee: Q Class Night Castg Senior Clu . , , Q T Q ". 47' ANNE MIRIAM ROSENTHAI. .. lf ' Bloomfield, Conn. August 3, l0l0 fl "Something accomptixhed, something done, 1 . , .. IO f Has earned a ntght s repose. Q. 'l Anne is one of our most modest and unaffected girls, and she i Q surely must derive her peaceable nature from her home town, l.1 Q. Bloomfield. As a true example of ambitious youth she is Q. B0 always stocked with knowledge, which she imports to her fellow- l.l I' students in a manner precise and polite. Since Anne became a ' r .. Senior, she can spend her class periods in talking. Neverthe- 'g .Q less, her keen sense of humor, her responsive sympathy, and her l ,.' . friendly comradeship have won the admiration and respect of ' I. all who know her. ,Qi 1 Senior Club. i 50 PJ va -'- - - - f I r ' A ,JV vvvvvv vvv 'nfbs . .ooeo.o.ohcaS ni o . " 'fo" ' .s 5. 89 'Q.SQQi?3Y.fLQl3EffffffZE5QQ15Qiy5 ?i5Q2iZS559if?f?51i,li9,9 'I jfs' KN r Fl . '1 my 1 'U f wi fsf y. 'sc W P1 AA 311 nfl L Q3 if? Fig 'J-Q if . lar Q 99,11 kk ,X , ,sv Xl ffl .K it if .L 11 il-- YA 'X' A l ,Dil 5 I fs-wwrfi KENNETH ERWIN RODEN New Britain, Conn. "Kenny" November 27, 1909 "A nd he was a master craftsman." Not many of us have had the pleasure of close friendship with Kenneth. Perhaps this was due to his thirst for work in the Trade School where he has become quite a Jack of all trades. . if We wish him success in whatever he finally decides to do. LT' K VANYA LINNEA RYDEN Gothenberg, Sweden "Van" November 28, 1910 "Content to follow when we lead the way." Yes, it's Van coming down the corridor with a big smile. x Van is one of our jolliest girls-she never takes things too ser- iously. But-will she ever get her English Assignment straight? We hope so, before she gets to Normal School. Good Luck. . it. Q EDWARD DONALD RYAN Qi' New Britain, Conn. "Ed" February 19, 1912 ' "Genius is the infinite capacity for taking pains." ' Do you know where we coined that saying, Ed? I wonder. You may not be a genius, yet you certainly can get those easy I . QD supplementary marks easily. CPD Let us in on your secret. A gf,- You always seemed to be of a quiet nature, but is that just a camouflage or are you really afraid of the "Wimmin?" Ed is going to Harvard, fair Harvard. No doubt his pronunciation will be perfect by the time he returns to the Old Home Town, where his old friends of French 6A will be glad to greet him with T' X spicy morsels learned in N. B. H. S. A A.. r v rg X7 LOUISE ANTONIA SACKETT Oak Bluffs, Mass. l'Weesie" ' July 1, 1910 "Wise to resolve, and patient to perform." Louise is one of our quiet girls who always tends to her work. Even though hard times came, she worked diligently to over- come them. She has decided to go to Pratt Institute and we know that she has the ability and the courage to succeed in whatever she may set out to do. Wl?I'56?IY v 'Y .-- . . vs- , v .,., emi., I 1 L III f,,L,,l,,I .,,, lx ..1.2-i.L,i,,1,,fJ.l,.l.4.2..x.z,c ifljia, X4 9' ooiifb 0.105 90 so no or goo ' vtotcmoooug 33?l32?7,3'KY1'VYf'WH BQZSLQQSLAQZPSJQ 5S'o?n..,59'.'5,..L 1. 1. J E9 HAROLD SELTZER New York Fity, N. Y. "Brown" April 6, 1911 "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Who would adjourn our Tuesday morning meetings if Harold were not present? He inevitably responds to the president's plea for a motion. Harold has proved a true friend to all who know him and we hope that he will Continue to make friends wherever he goes. x 96 e LILLIAN El,lZABETll SANDERSON New Britain, Conn. "Shady" May 9, 1910 I "Ambition is nn! a 'vice for liltle people." W I Lillian is about the smallest among us. However, she be- . lieves that wearing spike heels makes her look more grown up. She may be small but she can talkfuand how." Lil is a ood I g 1 Q sport and is willing "to take a chanc'e" now and then. We Ol hear that she expevts to be a stenographer. Lil and originality Q go very well to-gether. Well l,il, we hope you are suvcessful. . O Ol O Ol O Ol O . , . , . , . " Al.l'.X AIVIHONX SARISRX 1 Q New Britain, Conn. "Al" December 27, 1909 ' "Silenl, shy and meek." QI The above saying was true until something went wrong in Room 18. Then a Cloud burst broke. He really is a studious - person though. Ask the teacher in Room 18 as she knows he . always has his French prepared whether he knows it or not. . Whenever you want to know anything go to him. Next year Al q will be a sophisticated "College Man," and howl O1 - O - I Ye ii! N - l I Q ,. , . . . 1 .1 DOROIHX RUSSELI. SCANLON sg Hartford, Conn. "Dal" September 26, 1909 . "Zealnus, yet modest." i QI Dot is one of our quiet, industrious lgirls. ls she a good stu- .Q dent? Well, we d0n't mean maybe. She is also very pleasant 0. and we know her charming personality will he a great help 'QA in winning the success we are sure she will attain. sl Class Night Cast: Spanish Club: Senior Club: OO fd IDI 0 I 1 OO Ill Ol f ' -f. Hn , . , A 15f.?FaH?fws56mzeffgfea Qfmif YQJYZN 91 ,Q if .Q- my A Q .Il -..L 1,3 fa DOMINICK SATALINO New Britain, Conn. "Dom" September 28, 1909 "Ifeel as if immortal power were given to my mind." ' Dominick may feel he has mental power, but he doesn't make It known, for he is not a fellow who tells everything he knows. He' lS studious and ambitious, but in spite of these faults, he is a likeable chap, who has won many friends. Track, 1, 2, 3. DOROTHY CATHERINE SHANAHAN New Britain, Conn. "Dot" ,Iune 15, 1911 '1Myiime1's my own." Whenever and wherever you see Dot, you see a happy-go- lucky carefree smile, bright eyes, and a mass of brown hair combed in just the right way. From what we can gather she seems to prefer no one person fof the opposite sexl in particular, although she has been seen wearing a "Brown" dress. We wonderr? Time will tell. What's the programme for next year, Dot, Normal, College or Office? Here's luck in anything and everything. Beta Mu Sorority: Vice Presidentg Senior Clubg Class Night Committee, Class Night Cast. FREDERICK WILLIAM SAUNDERS New Britain, Conn. "Freddie" July 17, 1900 " None but the brave deserve the fair." We present Freddie, brillant athletic, and captain of our 1028 basketball team, who helped us take into camp our old foe, Hartford. Freddie was to graduate in February but our class held such attractions that he waited for us. Although a little girl-shy, time and experience will adjust that phase of his make- up. Theta Sigma Fraternity, Football 3, Baseball 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Captain Basketball 3, Class Night Committee, Senior Club. VERA DOROTHY SHERMAN New Britain, Conn. August 16, 1909 "Come and trip it as you go, On the light fantastic toe." Vera certainly can dance. eh what, folks? Then too, Vera is somewhat of a vamp. Do you remember when she looked at you out of those two dark eyes filled with mystery, and twink- ling merrily? Do you remember how you felt? Well, that's the way she always impressed us, too. just the same she's a good little sport. She's planning to go to Normal School this fall. Lots of luck in the future, Vera. Senior Clubg Spanish Clubg Class Night Cast. 92 R. I I . I 0 4 5 ANITIIONX ROBERT QCAI ISE New Britun Conn Fri! Pebruxrx 8 1911 A rill1gr'nt worker zn all things We remember your tardy oral tompositions Fritz Xou Lan t fool us by going up to the Library beeause we know you xren t too studious We don t know where he s going after he leaves us but we re mighty orry to part with him C ood luek qlsritz and don t forget us Des mation Moody Seeretarial c hool Trick 1 2 Bisketball 1 Senior Club Class Ixlffht EX EI X N ELIZABETH SORROVN New Haven Conn. November 8 1910 N0 time to spare! It is touch. and go. Whos whispering somewhere in the class room? Why, its Ex elyn of course. I-low could you be so stupid? That seems to be Evelyn s strong point-whispering. Evelyn is also another Amphion and has made some hits in the plays she has been in. Perhaps her hest was Mrs. Davis the kittenish mother in Polly with a Past. Re will be a school teacher if she doesnt run 1w'1y withfa football star. Senior Club' Phi Sigma Sorority: Amphion Club Class Night. ALFRED FRANCIS SCHWEITZER New Britain, Conn, "A."' April 20, 1007 "Sleady and sure." ' "Al" is a studious and reliable boy, and always has his lessons 'YLEQJWXEQH Y' fl ' ' I tc., H1336 gggfgeggggf' W U04 51 ee V . ,a .' ' 'z', . " 'z"- D ' zj , Q1 Q .. ,, . ,, , .Q U , 1 . .f , I V b , Q 1 . Y i, v ' ' S, Y Y .' V' i 1 .i 'Z' -if' nl y ' I ,- - Q I, , - Qi - r . ,J t 1' , 1 Z ' Q- 1 .'.. K, . .a O1 1' 4 - 1 V HRW A V . . . .6 I I Ol ' i 4 c H H 'V l 1 H V Og A Ol l 1 ' ix prepared on time. That may sound as if he were of these "tut, tut" sort of fellows, but we say very emphatically that he is not. He's very determined, and knows just what he wants the future to hold in store for him. We are sure that his work will be a success, and that the future will be as bright and cheerful as he can make it. ISABEI. GRACE SQIllI.l.ACO'1'E New Britain, Conn. "Izzy" May 6, 1010 "And she never did hurry." "Izzy" is one of those easy-going people who can never be induced to hurry. Her only difiiculty is trying to get answers to the civics questions. "lf you clon't know, don't ask me" is her favorite motto. Well, "Izzy," we hope you will always lie as happy and 1arefree as you are now. V Q f35Hi7iQ5XE3'!1EoES T ' ' X i " "S i .OH mp. 0. ,,. not . 9 oo g X , t . 1 A ll 'Ol Q Ol Ol N1 O OO W PJ pgq JAMES BURTON SMITH PQI 8 New Britain, Conn. "Smitty" April 19, 1910 . H He has the wrath of Achilles." O. .4 I There is only one cloud on "Smitty's" horizon, he has a temper 5.4 .t like a spoiled child. Some day he'll get temperamental with a IQQ . traffic 'policeman and after that he'll be a nice fellow. Although 'fb T4 he weighs one hundred and eighty pounds, "Smitty" is quite il' . well .known as a graceful. ballet dancer. He is a draftsman .8 and intends Ito workyat his trade as soon as he leaves school. I- .' The idea of Smitty working makes some of his friends smile. ,QQ l 4 N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Manager Basketball 43 Baseball 4. N Q ? x Q! 4. is se O1 POI 9 FREDA STAVNEZER go q New Britain, Conn. October 12, 1911 I 1 "Quiet but exceedingly wise." . Freda is olrr most quiet and efficient worker. She provided I rnost of the discussion in that Office Practice 6 class, and made ,.' 0 it less monotonous for the rest of us. We are sure she will .0 .4 defend her rights in later life as well as she did in school and will .1 be a success in anyfundertaking. i ygq Q' ' .Q .3 , - ' - o Q JOHN TRUHAN Ol ' - - 1. H O . New Britain, Conn. Lefty March IS, 1912 1 ' , "Small but sturdy." . g "Lefty" attends school mornings only, and thinks it a great eq arrangement. Small wonder that. His doings of the afternoons , ' ' are very mysterious secrets. Maybe he goes to the park to "' .1 practice baseball in preparation for the Major Leagues. There . :done lthmg that we haven't1 been able to figure out. Why .Q 1 n't e want to p ay with t e school b b ll t ? Wh t' . the answer, "Lefty", "I do not choose?" ase a eam a 5 Q' VZ - x 1, , -is ff' gl 1 O0 O RUTH STEIN N' O ,.e New Britain, Conn. "Beck" May 6, 1911 5.1 .Q "Slow but sure-like molasses." '.e Q N That's Ruth. She's always busy, but somehow she's always .' I. behind. We remember the Math. 6 class in "15." Anyway . - Ruth, you always got there, and you alwa s had a grin for us . Y Ill . as you sauntered down the corridor. The notable fact however '. 5 E that Ruth Eiuld smile just before entering a Latin Class. eep It up at immons. if vu at l M l '01 1 M 0 OO L J W b' '- .wt .am.'.-W 1'-we 1 ,QT J . , . posit .!o'6oo'3qop.6fos4o.o. 94 """"' I Yi I 5952553525 ' anne. sn. ,. L L . e A -Riga , Nl Ol W PJ ALVHILD VIRGINIA SUNDELI. 5.4 New Britain, Conn. "Sunny" May 20, 1910 I j.Q "Counts her sure gains yet hurries back for more." I "Hey! Wait a minute." "I can't, l'm going up to Chemis- Q try." What is the sudden attraction up in room 42? Lately IO Al spends most of her spare time up in Chem. She is planning " to become a member of the teaching staff and so we wish her I , the best luck in Normal School. 1 Senior Club. . Ol M -5? . O JOSEPH FRANK SZABO New York, City "Joe" November 7, 1909 "I crave to 'walk a marathon." Joe is a fast man. This statement may be taken at its face value, for Joe can do one hundred yards on the track in almost less than nothing Hat. But he d0esn't mind that a bit, and is Q as good-natured as ever in spite of this "handicap." Joe hopes 1 he can go to higher institutions of mental misery, and if he is as ..q fast with his mind as he is with his "pedes," he certainly will get . there. W O1 LILLIAN DOROTHY sm-:ss Og New Britain, Conn. "Patsy" October 3, 1010 'l "Laugh and the world laughs with you." jolly and carefree-that's Lil. We've never seen Lil grouchy and her hearty laugh is enough to make anyone forget that he has a care in the world. How we envy you, Lil. What a happy world this would be if we were all like you. Lil intends to be a teacher. Lucky kids. junior College Club: Senior Club, Class Night Cast. EDWARD EDMUND SZYIVIANSKI Lancaster. N. Y. "Lefty" February 15, 1911 "Lefty" is a little fellow, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in ambition. He is an electrician, a graduate of the Electrical Department of the State Trade School. Though naturally quiet, he has taken an active part in sports and other school activities. He is just a regular fellow. Good luck to you, "I.efty." N. R. S. T. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 43 Baseball 1. ' r P . ? IO L 95 , , X X , g Y-Y jf , ,- Hi.. -ga -- va ' m " oo ' r 'Ol Ol 8 VIOLET ALICE TIMM fd .Q New Britain, Conn. ."Pan5y" january 25, 1011 Qof 3.1 "On with the dance, , A Q. Let ioy be unconjinedf' 1 1 . -. k Q Wherever there is music and revelry, you are sure to find 0 O1 Violet. She is one of those vivacious persons who must be , continually "stepping" to be happ and the wonder is how she :fn c .4 y , A ' S ever got any sleep. Although she does not indulge in homework, L.- ,y . ' she manages to keep up with her class. With her charming 1 . l Q personality, we are sure she will succeed in anything she attempts. Q W 1 Good-luck, "Vi". Q A Q Senior Club: Banquet and Prom. Committee. N '4 I WILLIAM SAMUEL TALLON ' U 1 Rosario, Argentina "Bill" May 22, 1010 S 'h A ' J out menca " He's quiet-he's shy Q1 But he'.v a good guy." U Yes, Bill, we mean just what we say. You know, folks, Bill 1 is the kind of person who lets others talk: but when he says . O . . - , 1 .1 something, he knows what he s saying. and he s always ready for 1 Q. an argument. How about the special periods, A. M. and P. M. Q Q1 in Room 28? Then, too, Bill knows his French. Thanks to Ol . 0 him, for more than once he pulled us out of a dangerous corner .' in Room 18. O .1 Track 2, 3. Ol .L O 12 g .1 MARY FRANCES WALICKI .Q New Britain, Conn. "Mae" March 12, 1911 . "She is pretty to 'walk with, Q .4 And winy no talk with." Q1 Q 4,5 You can see "Mae" shine when you are way down 'the cor- , 52 ridor. She is very skilful in escaping Civics or English reci- 1 -' .1 tations, for her sweet voice will whisper, "I am unprepared." . But she always manages to get her graph Tarmilc siglnid. :Ve Y 1 expect you will become famous for your "oo s" ae, ut ' please don't put "Mary PEckford," off the stage. -- 1 F75- vixgfi If 1 J' . g 00 Ol HARRY THOMPSON, JR. N' ag New Britain, Conn. "Hut" june 13, 1909 QQ "There is pleasure in poetic pains QI Which only poets know." .. 6 It came as a great surprise to us that Harry is poetically in- lOl OO clined. We sincerely hope that he will continue the good work ,'d in the future. He is a jolly fellow who has been a good friend 3' to all. Keep up the fine spirit, Harry, and we will vouch for '.l your success. .Q 5? Senior Club. 1 va as P4 W ,, A A 9 1 Will ' 'C A Y Y' QLFEQQQQ' A ' mfi..1it,? lag.. , scsi o if L 2. . ,LQ 1 . -. 3551. 96 ' ""f.'f!' " 3' ' 'ffl - -f-?V f' l5ff5WDEFS to 0500 foo' gb 000 000003 0000 J ,xg 1 ,gl WILMER THOMAS BARNES New Britain, Conn. "Squeaky" November 16, 1908 " His head may be seen over all men." "Squeaky" never knows whether his voice is going to get down to natural safety or not. He had intentions of being a soldier, but Uncle Sam told him to wait until his voice was more staple. Well, "Squeaky" is a great fellow: he is likable, humorous, bleezy, sociable, observing, and lazygexcept in trying to learn to spell. He has traveled over the greater part of the South, and has learned the difference between a moccasin and a copperhead. We understand he makes frequent trips to Canada for reasons pertaining to his personal taste. We're glad he elected to be graduated with our class, for he has helped to make the standard high. Activities-Spelling: Talkingg Whippet driving. MARIAN WHITHAM Kensington, Conn. March 10, 1911 "All's well that ends well." You never hear much about Marion except in Kensington. She may be quiet but "Oh my." just give her "Les" Cnot more! and she's all set to have a good time. Marion is rather un- decided about her future but still that is the least of her worries. Going to make herself famous at Moody's Secretarial School. HARRY THOMAS MULLIN New Britain, Conn. "Moon" December 6, 1910 "The best part of school is between periods." Stop! Look! Listen! Can't you hear Harry coming down the hall! He spends most of his time fooling, especially in Room 221, but the best of us could have been no better liked than Harry. May you live long and prosper, old man. Senior Clubg Alpha lota Epilson Fraternity, Class Night. CECELIA DOROTHY ZABRENSKY New Britain, Conn. june 30, 1910 "An irresistible smile, A canlagious laugh." A studious silence prevails in the room. A sudden burst of laughter breaks the stillness. Of course it is one of Celia's unpremeditated attacks of merriment. We know no cause but still we join the laugh which breaks the monotony of the period. But don't think Celia doesn't work. She is an excellent student l I O m M i on m OO 1 W ! 0.4 l P01 M ff' L at M oo FOI si Ill OO W ul M on W W Ol 4 'J on on on 'J s f- B1 on DOI B1 on W IO! M no and values her good marks. There is no need to wish you IQI luck, Celia, for it will surely follow in your footsteps. ll W 'Q 'viv id ' . un-.v zvvgl :?v 'vwvv vvvvvv' Q 0 90. gwo.q0o. cmJ1 0 1 L 0 S3054 .o'fof0.o5'foS6fof0f3o.e. 97 00 Ill ll ull 00 DOI 00 IO! 00 IN 51 l Q8 9 0 ,P 24 PJ r04 QQ ev 3 E0 not 00 u0l O0 nu OO U01 00 IM 00 PJ ll i 100090000000 QQ D00009.09099000I004f 000000. 03.0.05 .Q0 1 '000'00'000W00000a00'zgl0'0'000000'00'000'0'0taf4'0300v0vgw0w00y0'0' ' . . A A L A A A L Q Q A in A A A A A A 4 as 4 A 4 . . IN D04 A I June Class Graduation Programme 00 m 00 nn 00 ne 00 m 00 m 51 950 PROCESSIONAL Cornation March from "The Prophet" Meyerbeer . SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA INVOCATION ' I ' REVEREND WILLIAM Ross MUSIC A "Glory to Isis" from "Aida" Verdi-Page B "The Bells of St. Mary" Adams SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS JOSEPH VETRANO Class of 1928 Solozst PIANO SOLO A Impromtu S Schubert Op 142 No 2 B Valse brlllante F Chopm Op 34 No 1 WALTER JOSEPH ARBOUR Class of 1928 OVERTURE Golden Sceptre Schlepegrell SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS MR HENRY T BURR Secretary of the School Commzttee CLASS OF 1928 ORCHESTRA AND AUDIENCE RECESSIONAL C 52 PM '? ' 3 SS m 00 nl 00 an oo ul 00 IO! oo W au U l 000O0Q90OO0000OGR0 000000 000000044 300000000000 0 0 I 0 . wi A I A P-1 nn A M 00 H m - P 0 A 84 If' . . . h 1 00 -I ' or , ' . ' . . M Q- wg , fd 04 ao! 00 00 lg U av 5? L3 lf' FQ1 31 ' " . . W' . ' Ol . no fo? I M 00 ' 00 PJ "STAR SPANGLED BANNER" R Pd 'Q m ' fu M 00 ill fo? A W , me if R as p UQOUOOOUUTTWUWA1f5fOU3'O'0U?'O3'OU3'iU4' ?i0'0'0'0'0w60w0330u3L Q 98 .uv ' D.. .O' 1 ' E" '.'."ge3?"iu- . P01 ' 99sj,0'1r4,. M ' l933gSf0'g,- , M JUI1 A Aqgggnw - po C C -0g,Ogv'. Og la -09 - e!?4'g3v , Eg N . ev Sify?-'Q' by A 1 h '-.!.fO3- - gf RE 1' t O Og - QQ pre ETS T eSs of W Xer 3.o,10:?. iii S1 V ea h ' ' 4 - ?3 giighigjetigtpflmi SEQ Friends elcome C1865 fd C1 'S 0 fcise leg 5 Of 1 and O Op tfil Ccaslo S- 1 e Of 928 Cl p 9 h wt H r W W 1 .Ju as 94 pqrenf: to ea? thanfllt to jsgomlng ne, I hillatesi A , rf fa , f h of You th You th A 0 b ded to or the' Us d -all fo e OPP to th e h0n 5 . If elov mea lr gu' unfl r the Qrtuni 659 C Of ml ai iilfpfincislsf pf lia2f:faiSf YSL if man ailin e h- Pat' C o av Y O 9 Y th- g Y- Sl Ie 01 e 1 PO P.. ina-tes' fgngS tligd Llnceaafle aaglhhftansfe whegoufsegcgg O Oo r t h Sm . ls fd w r 0 ha tlfto be tge hap ave mag kmdn Staff ofset f0l' e haVe no is dfmight roken PY asso .6 life ess: Our Qssistauss our 69. 1 lff We 1 le - Clat Plea frle nts O. ere a avl lon San nd 1 fg Q4 '01 Zuccess mm fronfe attemng.0nly S and r fi and S' for thr fo r. nd it b ' all r pun? to mem0rie ations my Clase 0.1 ..' I bid Oth Int' IS fOr p ecedln g1Ve es- ' that S 'a ws most Bggiiiglfe 25355233 5512131 to iyClaSIieg0uIfI0methin are 7 in b enter-t. . ' et gr , gi hearty vsgsgrifaigzzngl mfgggfji 535 ,.' A C. aSs of 19 In ClOS.1 Q. Oo 1 C A RNOLD 28 Ju mg ,N 2 fslectio lass . RECKER ne' a fd wr' 3 Foiiwmi PR lght T' ra 'Il 4 P les Of 1 ' OGRA Oo .Q 5 resent - 928 ' ' M 5.1 6 Clas q't1On . , ' 0. Cl 5 Hlst 5 ARN0 ' , lj' Q1 7 ass W. Ory - - LD R H CQ eu? 3 glosing gl - ' ' - ECKEIJGH SCHO 1335 Recoflgl . ' U ' . 7 Pf5S,l:de,?tL ORCHES Q6 e5S10nal . - l - I CL0f Class1TRA ng' PLAC C . ' q AR Ass 0 928 .1 r- ff1M:SnHe 'ass of' . . W R F 1928 va SY ipfesere' Ther and , MA THEL JECKERT j.. SCE NOIJSI nr e Or A . T MAR RGARE OHNSO 0. NE I S OF S nywhe Scho ' IE-Cl T BU N - ,ll A M Oh B CENE re ol Orcl-Q D as-9 0f RKE rl. SCENE Iunicipalaby S estra REAM KI1928 SCE12ECigy S12-ty Egiygiqund A SSES " C A G II Clit lO1'5 on a . 1 .O SCEN afden S5 N' Nlgh 'Y . '01 E IV Part ight! t Lik f' Q R S Y tsel e T ' '- SCENl1gyQ1Ihm acime Sheet f his , 0 A T a mod M - ' wg SCENt Home he press USIC Cove , 3,g,0:e.., ' ableau feam U , - - x , ' ' - .QQGQQ - . - . H N ' - S,Q'03- - , ' - ' ,Z . ', - sg ini' X 1 'Q 'L' ,.' v "Oo Of- 0 ' n.. ,fav - AQ. 4' - lg -Og O ' . ng . .Qsgw L L Q. ' 99 gg gqggqg 0 6 30 .00 99 0.0042 99.0000000005 00 1 Old Fashioned Girl GERTRUDE ANDERSON MILDRED BENGSTON ALDA JANSHION HELEiN CONRAD EDWARD RYAN HARRY THOMPSON ARNOLD RECKERT EVELYN DOLCE JANET JOHNSON ELEANOR HESSE EVELYN SORRow EDWARD HINCHEY RICHARD MOFFATT FRED SCHMALZ VERA SHERMAN CHARLES DUNN RICHARD GORDON FRED SAUNDERS JOHN REID HAROLD SELTZER HELEN CONRAD EVELYN DOLCE VERA SHERMAN DOROTHY SHANAHAN DOROTHY SCANLON MARJORY YOUNG NORA TOMASSO JOSEPHINE BRANCA NATALIE WOLSKI FRED SCHMALZ ELIZABETH CORBLY WINTHROP WARREN EUGENE BROWN ROBERT GRACE SOFIO MOTTO ANTHONY SCALISE WILLIS RONKETTY NORMAN VINING JOSEPH VETRANO HARRY MULLEN WILLIAM HOLCOMBE ARTHUR CARLSON FRED SAUNDERS JOHN MATTHEWS I LIST OF CHARACTERS O Pricilla Prunella Old Fashioned Girl Luella Decldedly otherwise Sallie Playground Kiddie Tommie Another one . Johnnie Dltto 35? Micky The bashful Boy Annie A Playgroundette sg Daisy Another .Q Suzie Still another QQ Miss Fitt Playground Teacher 13? Capt. Jack Dalton Late of A E F. b . pq Jazbo Jones A Dark Knight Enant OO Mr. Jingling Who owns the circus ma Zaza The Wild Woman O1 Hindu Man The Wonder Worker fa Lemonade Vendor si Balloon Man I Pete A gay young salt fgq Skeet Full O Pepper at Two Little Girls in Blue ,Om Carmen . His Spanish Girl 3.1 Mary His Country Girl r'q Rose His Old Time Girl Peggy His Summer Gir gd Nara His Italian Girl La Charmaine His French Girl 1 A J, Virginia His Southern Gir The Man Q Liberty American Girl Q0 Bugler lil OO U1 . . 0 Playground K1ddlCS, Chorus Rl hi-vi Circus attendants etc. if MARGARET BURKE POI MARY MCCUE QQ STELLA DEZECK OO LUCY 'BUDNICK Pg GERTRUDE BROMBERG PM DOROTHY SHANAHAN ff MAE FRESEN OJ GLADYS GORMAN Pg MARY WALICKE big LILLIAN SUESS lil OO Ill UO Ill OO , , fo 6,45 Q 4? so W V61 00 ICI M 9,1 A '73, vt Nl 00 IO! OO ICQ O0 IO! Ol Ill 00 ICI OO W il' E3 ICI 4 , b3'S0'00'COUOgtsO'Q'v'4aW0DU00000'o0310310f4L'033'033vuW0z'0bpw0' . A - A 5 A , A - - . 5 A 4. -A 4. A - 4 . . li m 0 0 vu m 00 oo an nn o0 so n 1 POI OO O0 me . noe 00 oo oe m fi M Q . Q8 i G 454 O0 - PJ roi sf' . . 6 Nl 00 - ill 00 IN OO not OO me , 00 Ill so ICI , oo aol OC DOI OO 93 FOI . - . -v w' - .,- v-yv ?v'vvvv"'vvvvvw,Q ' offffftfeffffffosi 35!f0fff0'ffff0fo'f0'0's9ia ,!!f0'0?oflff0foSff0.0as 'onioo'nouou 'o'r"oo'uvnbcooou'o ewooosoooedoooo .P rf? Nl I ini' oo me S55 S32 if IN oo Ill . Poi U. an oo an oo not oo Ill oo m Ol lil 0 ul oo pu CU lf! M so m 'sf las bein no Ol oo nu oo nn oo m OC and o lol oo vol ll Ill oo me F55 O. . . SCENE I . Temple Bells . Hindu Man SCENE II 1. Dryland Sailors 2. Colden Gate SCENE III . Song Tune CIS . Vocal Solo . . Aesthetic Dance . Saxaphone Solo . Violin Solo . MuS1cal Numbers . Opening Chorus ..... . . I ENSEMBLE . AS Long as I Have You ....... -LUELLA . Carmen She was Absolutely Charming CAPTAIN JACK DALTON . Spanish Dances ........ CARMEN . That S My Mammy ........ JAZBO . I m Playing at Hide and GO Seek ...... ANNE . . . . . . . . . . CHORUS . . . . THE WONDER WORKER AND CHORUS PETE AND SKETE . PETE AND SKETE . ENSEMBLE ROBERT GRACE NATALIE WOLSKI CHARLES DUNN . . . . . WILLIAM COWLES HE MY BOY FRIEND, . . Song Parady of Popular Songs . ENSEMBLE SCENE IV . Mary . . . . HIS COUNTRY GIRL THE MAN . Old Fashioned Rose . . HIS OLD TIME GIRL . Memories . . . . PEGGY, HIS SUMMER GIRL 4. Angela Mia . . . NORA, HIS ITALIAN GIRL 5. Charmaine . . . CHARMAINE, HIS FRENCH GIRL 6. Romona . . . . CARMEN, HIS SPANISH GIRL 7. Louisiana Lullaby . VIRGINIA, HIS SOUTHERN GIRL 8. Yankee Rose . . LIBERTY, HIS AMERICAN GIRL AND CHORUS SCENE V 1. At Home . . The President Dreams . ARNOLD RECKERT SCENE VI 1. Parady Sweet Marie Cast CHORUS AND CLASS 2. Parady Dream Kisses Cast CHORUS AND CLASS ORCHESTRA MABEL BENEDICT JOHN MATTHEWS WILLIAM COWLES. Leader MILTON YOUNG O 'Q if QQ O P4 5 F01 oo IO! B! FIC vi 533 ICI OO HH lOl OO W I W W Ill oo PJ not 3.imS9D9umSESSsmmgS!mQJamisumogmosmusunssnsmuaif 'QQHQZQEQSILQQELSQEESEFJ non noi so , oo li! li! on so . we P l POI IE! 1 fgi on 2 oo lil 3 bil Ei 4 ' ii S" 2 , ' K G 7 iw 8 i 553 ,QL 58 ' 33 oo W 5 not oo 3 55 4 Ill 5 F5 6 35 'O nos oo 1 ogg 2 gg 3 o --- .v-- -v'-Q.. .... ,.... ...,, , , .:!?,--,,,,,,,.,,,,, . 0NfiofoitdtttnfokaSt8t6o2683.f.98.?.!e.1.'844QSS?4884.?.f.f4.. ' 101 ' v""'v"' ""' 1 nf' "" '"."""v:nvvvvvvv-v-vvvv vv gfS?!6388638idiof892:SSSSSSS55o3Sf.Sf.?f..'988833626 2831 W P4 W 9. :Ol q IQ! OO OO an pg . li 09 IO! U lil S1 fo' O MENU 00 we M sg. L I Grape Fruit Cocktail P kl d O ' -- S 1 ,f ' I' . ... .xi 9 CIW 'Salted Nuts IC CS an IVGS K Q Chicken Gumbo .Q Cl Roast Turkey and Dressing Q Asparagus Candied Sweet Potatoes ' Salad 'U 98 qt b M C 'f ' Coffee . raw ery ousse Cake W W ml TOASTS V nl .Q Toastmaster . .... MR. WILLIS C. RONKETTY ,OO Q. "The Class of 1928" . . . MR. ARNOLD RECKERT .9 IO! "Athletics" . . MR. EDWARD HINCHEY IO QQ "Prophecy" . . , MISS G. BROMEERG , ha "Our Girls" - .... . MR. D. HARWOOD 'Q - "Our Boys" ..... MISS D. SHANAHAN as "Conquering and still to Conguer" . . MISS E. CORBLY sq "Altruistic Advice" . . . MR. RICHARD MOEEATT 0.1 'AWhy Talk?" ....... MR. LOUIS P. SLADE .1 I 2,1 GUESTS GF HONOR QQ ra MR. AND MRS. LOUIS P. SLADE MR. AND MRS. NEWELL S. AMES .Q MISS ILGA HARVEY MISS ADRIENNE RABY CO O L04 MISS MILLIE MCAULEY MRS. AMY C. GUILFORD Ol gif OFFICERS 1' J 2: MR. ARNOLD RECKERT, President MISS NORA TOMASSO, Secretary .5 MISS MAR JORIE YOUNG, Vice President MR. RICHARD GORDON, Treasurer PJ .'4 we COMMITTEE gm MR. WILLIS C. RONKETTY, Chairman fi, "Wi MISS MARGARET BURKE MISS GRETA ROSENE 7 if ?3 MR. DOUGLASS HARWOOD MR. EUGENE BROWN fa ' PROMENADE , 51 01 MR. AND MRS. LOUIS P. SLADE MR. AND MRS. NEWELL S. AMES L.. MISS ILGA HARVEY MISS ADRIENNE RABY gg L94 MISS MILLIE MCAULEY MRS. AMY GUILFORD L94 na Miss PEARL SNOW MISS HELEN WOLSKI an 5' MISS CATHERINE CLARK MISS HELEN STAHL 51 COMMITTEE M UO MR. EDWARD HINCHEY Chairman MISS VIOLET TIMM rd 3.4 MISS E. HESSE MR. J. MESIIKEN .. PJ PJ ll! . 'Ol .. -v--Avvwv vvv- v...,-... ' ,,,.,-,vvf avvvvvvvvvvvvvvv . 0000 y, A -L, 6 O 4 ' o.of8o.os.o384!888iSitdtittdtfttteftekA 1:848o..f.?3384.f.iQ.... ' 102 . .YI J-, N' s ...,..,.., .... . M ..,.,,.v,, ,,,!,xZx l 1 s. 'r-. e a""-'AN l l ', l 4 A. -X, H 1 I . -,,v.. ,, , jx ,f: : ti. ,,., . ,,v . . .. , . .Ml ,.... .-.. -..L ...- -,, K. 4 ff!! f J Kasuxs Tune of "ls His My Boy FRIIENIJH Which is the best class, just listen and wait. Hey, hey, well we should say, the Class of '28, And are we in it. just listen and wait. Well, well, we're proucl to yell, the class of '28 Ancl do we love it, you just het we tlo, We think we've done our hit, to put this class ls this the lmest Class. just listen and wait. flee whiz, we'll say it is, the elass of '28. l7oRo'rnv Avis Tune of "lJR1f:.xx1 Kisses" Were go-ing, we're go-ing and we're here 'lio say goocl-lmye, Were wishing, were fishing for a tear ln your eye, When you come lwaek next fall, in the hall You will loll, lfor you won't have to jump. When we happen to call. For we're all going, still knowing, That we're saying goocl-lmye. l,ORO'l'llY AYICR Tune of "Swif:1cT Minute" Senior High! Senior High! Class of '28 is leaving now, Senior High! Senior High! We will love you always we vow. No one knows, No one Cares for you, clear svhool, But the elass That is leaving for life's school. Say good-hye! To Senior High! You have made all our dreams come true. l'iRlil3lERlC'K St'llN1.Xl.Z , I Q' , fi-V .'T -r.4- fk.,',.s, , , lagifi IHA through. R 'X ' f, S ' I va ... 1 . - O -042. LQ ' , - 0 - 48' B1 - 395' We xif' fo' -110 02 O .9 U . 39-. 1Qf.' D.Q - '02 0 1 - 0' l.f v '.Qq.i ted - if" ish af 6-J S, e S Ye K' - 'sg n Wthe he .5 Y he'n f 1 ,.. . istofy Rockixg, ldors 561-xca v ' - n i he 11' Q ." iss, 1 nth mor Cori t upom . 1 - ' - U ' S H Plyrplqber l thewhlc dow? wlgsfle' 'sad'-' C135 g Onsepf ard 5,1 to kedgaifgift Z? 5,2 -U.' ip t,fiVWr0 100 at t 0 S v '.' ons- I 1-irnha twga Ca' d he Set Oncou Ot: har ' . U- lgtdslo antSCC cry .4 - 'Oh P1 n an ye to , re a he ns ion R1 ta LQ - - . gi 'O re Hlg Hd xlottem eshheyiorl 6 Cca he eoosl , S dems 01 E W?Or n ann a e Fr rlzlper Caggn O d clviesen ae 704 Senefejll 'in 3 we121en2,f SS Wieft aifie 11 F efetiflzd, W 52 sl ninrec ing US' C 551 fl ou I1 en' aw na M W ac hea e. . d 1210 ter po hm e rtu tv eharl 3' IIS ,. La Webuf ne ay' r esdexd ures t W fo-den S WC a P0545 3' la 1231131855120 59133 cg:-12, aghe f!th?v?freS1 Orkbr? lie g0.Ve ijjofthi . t ad SS he nl, f f es el e W S0 -rn tl ter nt , .1 Ca h le t ti e 10 O ef W IC d d ltl eC nyf e fl V Qu pq v0rceNeCd Offigh camselgars intl.. gv V hafoul e u d eff: ma el IH ear :Q fo ebe bethfoundyw mf th an id to idy Bi . o e - r eu iv r a S. e if by 2 5? f in g 0 Wet WSC of it FfeMa Tre to iniain ua att' das' fets m Mfwfranhe of .1 buuldysws Wr tv ll, wn erneer n. us so he ekden resve t r ,yin Q O 61 Wa Ogden he dodetv oohe as- twe tu un' ep h fl' Ou ' 1 .O It for esl itfied d 8" to git t Swit .lnht S S begbe fsepeasoof bers 'V' P5 ers Pit Blat al? ,znt ith hi0nOf Elitiou ad tO- Jil Said em D iq fficdonkre n gfl S 0 mil W fasote an mb 1. h fit re' tbahe r m the .ol .0 OOF EV theul' las ge n ll I1 t0 3 ea lly 9 O0 t U Y- UQ G ,KC 38.9-a f3.y- twf-h fo -ga 94 ffg and Qin? enCg35f5adf1FakSvg1d HgZg13310,iyS'E?aZhdi5 Wiffor Sidegf ifiett 521 0 '1' ill ck Y 10r to fof t Va e ptoqng te H00 Onide EV 1 01 6 EEE Egfagliglissarfgokgge 0:Il,::e5VhCb:113i1gEball fully Igreznd ur wijgzi .1 di C le fiqecewe h it sgze g mfhoshsd, gas Caridolliil-Y' d obut Vex .1 uf ai gjufltful algurlrfqagur yAfRiamCf1II? on Ahagg, Daye izrlu 1-hgegily Y. sq evetljltioillgye WE Ofuad, Wlwas U13 ain-R1C0r SS wefudlto Hen tea ny ,.1 d.1e p agl' C las ad be SMarS s1 L1 9156 mtzfofsoffil Sq an tit P0 d d foth 1 Qtiqn thegle ad ed the ,Q EQ Pin gqi-lclfotbslvkagueas also arouyofizabe annglgngn lg Pie hmgsgos' gs. ., ' W e 5OLeasW. e 9 E he im lvwh re rm Sein to .303 0.1 53 th rd I, las art am S Wt, ll t r mgse hel te O1 nta r s '.eQ ag ggiwagugvr-if Dy ilatgden untl Ogg'athZrfxZ0OsChg10l2eS O 'QQ' q? 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' 0 0' A .- 104 P Yr 3' fd oo lla o lil oo ml OO m oo W wa n oonooooonp 04959000 0 0 0 000 Although we were enjoying our summer vacations immensely looked with eagerness and earnestness upon the reopening of this institu tion of learning and culture The day arrived Those who had gone to the shores came back with their skin a bit tanned and somewhat tough ened Some were unfortunate by being attacked with the annual fall hay fever which made them look as though they had attended a midnight party Thus opened our Senior year The fall brought with it the football activities which we shall never forget Our representatives this year were peeved to the depths of their very hearts when after all the energy they had enacted they were defeated in the most important game of the season by their powerful opponents Hartford High It is with keen enthusiasm that we look for victory as the result of next fall s game Some students of our class found it extremely interesting in enter taining folks and who after passing the standard tryout requirements became members of the Amphion Dramatic Club We are indeed proud of those who took leading parts in the plays which were presented to us for our approval beforehand in the auditorium From our class there were fourteen pupils eligible to enter We particularly liked Sten Flygt or Douglas Harwood as grandpa Elizabeth Corbly or Eleanor Hesse acting the old maid parts Helen Ingham Clara Miller Alda janshion or Mar Jorie Young performmg as tlappers and Frederick Schmalz as a modern sheik May the members of the faculty say that the June class of 28 was not only attending high school from the educational point of view but they also took part in and considered the social standings of the school A number of our young men have Joined fraternities while some of our young women have been initiated into sororities The election of class officers for our Senior year was next on the pro- gram. It took not only the ability to cast a ballot but also judgment to contemplate the efficiency of each individual nominee. When the result of that election was published we were pleased with our choice for Arnold Reckert became President Marjorie Young his assistant Nora Tomasso Secretary and Richard Gordon Treasurer. Now for the basketball season. The team had practiced so vigorously that they won their game against Hartford High. This was one conso- lation over last year s contest for we had been dreadfully defeated at that time. We were then guided to the footlights of the auditorium to elect a Secretary for the Senior Club. Dorothy Shanahan was unanimously chosen. Under the splendid supervision of Miss Ilga Harvey and Miss Adrienne Raby, we have enjoyed many Friday evenings in this favorite Senior High. Class Day this year brought another gratification to our busy minds, but most of all, we Seniors, awaited our Banquet and Promenade. The time came. The toastmaster delighted us with his witty but appropriate introductions. From the very first sound of the gavel to the final tap at the close of the banquet and promenade, Monday evening, june 18, every minute was filled with interesting and worth while events. Our three years at Senior High have rapidly passed by, until we find ourselves here tonight confronted with this last activity of our high school life, which we hope will long be remembered by the faculty, parents, pupils, and friends. ETHEL L. JOHNSON U DDU 3UU333U' "F 'CIOC O OOOUOOC' 'aiO3'0'6'3'WfO'O'C' 333' if to -4 9. 1 M OC 3.1 OC Ill OO ICI Ol ill Ol FJ 'Q . 4 3??vf'fe2?e?2'2se'f'i':" ' - ', ' v if ' ' E29 IOI IO! Q. . . . . we P04 . . . . '. N1 OO - CO ll ' ' ' IDI eq . ' . . . ' Q QQ so - -' W ll! ' . . . ' ng as 1 . 0 . . IN sis ' .1 . . ' . 1 ' be . . . . . ' ICI - N1 if ' . , OO not . . . . - nga . . . H ,, . Q ra ' . . . ' . ' .' . ' ra M . y . . 9,1 0' . . ' . 1 .f ' ' O6 we . V w- ut ' . . . . . M 50 , OO O0 ' . . . . . O0 lil 1 Ill nl , mg OO yy IN Ill 'ui ' ' M Ln 1 1 1 M ' 1 rbi O0 OO Ill ' ICI 'sq ' hi Q ff F 3 vi Ol N1 00 OO 24 W POI N 03993. p.o.qo.o.n.m s?S2o9iS5nRQS.S.oQo.21i4eb. o.o.o V ofa 105 ,- Y , - ' ,F1 , .wxw .N ,R iiiti c ,I aitR?1H6 TLP Y W, . UECY lililllllllliiiEviilllllllllll :" -S! V inf' " ' i ' a I Ill ll .. 1 F, V. F "" u , .lQ 1 :r Zig 1.9 ' " L . " ' ll , , . xl 'Af "' . T lpn f - im Q X li il! ln -f: -1 - f i A ' A: .1 A AA--nl. walt 5 iIl :sin-q aiilng ' ' -luis: ll- ,::'W"', gj'If"T7"1.El 1 it ' D I-EM 'SIM' 'h:'. 'Y " iii il If ! NI M Q f X I 5 f nl an X' lg' sl! WAS jiggling along very uncomfortably on the driver's seat of a dilapi- dated wagon drawn by an equally dilapidated mare. It was a very hot dry day in july, 1928, the road was bumpy and dusty, and this was the only means of transportation I could procure. I was touring Eastern United States, giving a series of speeches. Be- cause of a misunderstanding of dates I found myself in Southern New jersey with two days to dispose of. I had often heard of a new little country town in this section of the state which was often pointed o-ut as a model town. I, therefore, decided to visit it and see the wonder for myself. We finally arrived at the old wooden building which served as a town hall. liaying the driver, I entered, and a young lad in the corridor told me upon inquiry, that Mayor Reckert and his staff were out visiting, but that the Sheriff could receive me. I agreed and was ushered into a small room. I saw, with his back turned to me, a short, rather thin man sitting in a swivel chair with his feet on the desk. His head was enveloped in a cloud of smoke from the cigar he was puffing at. "Here's some one to see you, sir," said the boy and went out. The man leisurely took down his feet from the desk and turned around. To my great surprise I recognized lVIr. Hinchey with his hair slicked back and a fancy handerkercheif in his pocket as in school days. After the preliminaries of handshaking etc., were over, I asked him how he liked his job. "It is an easy one," he said. His work consisted in seeing that the young people were at home and off the street by 9.30 o'clock. He then proceeded to tell me about the town and some of our former classmates. To show me their progress, he told me they edited a "Weekly Clarion." The chief editor was john Mathews who did very well. He added a bit of fiction to truth and had an article. The Sheriff told me he reccived this practice at school. lflo Nl ii I . - -- W vu 51 so l I 53 I.: on W, 33 on of '32, 'H oo III of OO an O0 me no aol oo nu oo POI oo ni n m oo pu 'ai 55 ri! if me ll IC1 A Ed sg. "3 M oo lil Ol PU' on m O. lla o not oo an no r no oo an fo? ro A dry-goods store was doing very well with Broff as proprietor and Marion Bowen as assistant. . Did you know I said from my knowledge of outside affairs that we had much talent in our class? Theodore Stalk is a well known chemist working in the laboratory of Harvard University where Sten Flgt is a history teacher. They very often continue their disputes which originated in Room 28 Edith Fichman is a singer and Mabel Benedict and Ethel Menus well known pianists. Ruth Goldstein is making a practical application of her high school course in Domestic Science under the personal supervision ofl-l. But here Mr. Hinchey broke in anxious to tell me more about the town. We have a bank which is very efiiciently managed he said b Richard Gordon president' Robert Grace vice-president' and Nora Tomas- so secretary. Every member of the town is a depositor he added proudly. Ut sounded like Tuesday mornings at High Schoolj It was very warm in the room and so we walked down the main street. At a drug store we went in to get an ice-cream soda. The proprietor came up and I was astonished to recognize Abe Bell. He had recently been to New Britain, and, as we sat down at a small table, began to tell us about those classmates, whom he had seen: Eleanor Pregent was a clerk at the High School and was very strict about excuses. Many of our classmates had become teachers. Some of these were Lucy Budnick, Gertrude Anderson, Ellen Kennedy, and Evelyn Himberg. Ruth Stein was the private secretary to john Reid who was a second "Red Grange." At busy seasons, Ruth had Stella Dezeck as an assistant to answer letters requesting john's photograph. Majorie Young and joe Vetrano had organized two systems of business. One was a home and the other a unique Gift Shop in which they employed Katherine Hannon and Josephine Branca as clerks. BS no . so oo 'S so nu fd 0 50 9 B8 m J - vvvvwvvvv- vvvv -3 v "" "v-v'v"'v1nvvv vv vvv qv 1 ."S'.'t.!8t448ddt.'955859 'S' "5"'." ir " we. vase . P2 N I l ai '11 H , ll O0 D04 00 bl - s O . O0 D01 ' OO H ' 1l ll ' ' Y as W we jack Meshken and james Maisel were in partnership as lawyers, and in the Professional Building on West Main Street,ASofio Motto and Bill Tallon were established as doctors. Eugene Brown was with the State Board of Education concerning the attendance of Schools. By this time we had finished our sodas and leaving the Store in charge of the assistant, Charles Dunn, we three walked down the street to see Nora at the bank. We were very glad to see each other, and she immedi- ately began to tell us of her two-week stay in New York. She had seen Alda janshion and Douglas Harwood in a Broadway production that had been coached by Elizabeth Corbly and Fred Schmaltz, and had visited the beauty parlor kept by Cecelia Zabrensky and Mary Halloran. lThey are doing very well-Cecelia makes her own cold creamj Betty Brixus, Margaret Burke, and Dorothy Shanahan had opened a smart little clothing store on Fifth Avenue. With Betty's money, Margaret's business ability, and Dorothy's figure, they are making a great success. Florence Hanson, Mary Meskill, and Agnes Johnson have become trianed nurses. IUOOOOOOOOOCO' G F' ' 330' U' OCOCOOO'-?OOOOCOC5DOC OO lf. gl f,- !" i " "" ' vv vvvvvxr "'VVYv vvvvvv 9.0onop.9n.o.qo.o.qo.qcsfiifofoppg .o. 107 rf if Y VV" 77" "" :14""' ' "7' '7lg7V7V7'7'77V" WV? gjfofisffiflfiiioffif n'SSfSSS5S5SSf.S?.'5s' f8.f8t6886fd4vf3f48 IN P01 Nora had been to a vocal concert given by Emily Kagl and Dorothy Scanlon. john Truhan was doing very well on Wall Street as a broker 'and reports have it that he is very wealthy. Samuel Finklestein is a Connecticut representative in the U. S. House where his practice in argument in High School serves him well. At our entrance into politics, we became somewhat hungry and Nora and myself, the two busy men leaving us, walked further up Main Street to an establishment entitled, Light Lunch, and offering "tables for ladies." We had a lunch which was very good, and upon complimenting it, Nora informed me that the proprietors were Fred Saunders and Harold Seltzer. 1 After walking around for a while, we entered the hotel where I secured a room for the night. A When I met the managers, George Molchan and Anthony Scalise, I was transferred to the best room in the house. That evening, all the townsmen who had graduated in '28 assembled in the large dining room of the hotel. :This was a suggestion of our hosts.J We talked over old times and some notable pieces of information were that: Frank Rio was playing the parts of heroes in the movies with Hiag Yessian and Anthony Nevulis taking parts as villians, and Eleanor Hesse and Helen Conrad parts as children. The latter are always featured wearing large pink bows. Norman Vining, Bill Kuhs, and Hilda Braunstein had established a publishing house. They had recently edited aicomplete set of William Holcomb's works on "Poems with which to Win Her." According to re- ports they are selling fast. Evelyn Dolce and Gunnard Nelson are em- ployed as reviewers. We talked thus until 10.30 fan unheard of hourl when the Sheriff remarked that it was time for respectable people to be in bed. The next morning I was given a smiling farewell by all my former classmates and Dick Gordon, the banker, had me taken to the nearest station in his new Ford, a bit more comfortable than the vehicle on which I entered the town. On the train, thinking over all I had heard and seen, I asked myself why this little town was getting along so well. The answer was simple. So many of our classmates were townsmen and they cooperated so well. GERTRUDE M. BROMBERG 6. ' 0 A1 ff 4 I , - - v --v--- .lu .V ..- .,,v ?v--vvvv-'vvvvvv- ofo'8o'668883838e512 52ofaf4o'6of8!8.'3.?42. ,.'!!o'o?.?!3.f.5f83u I l 53 .Ii 28 5 oi of Q1 Q9 'i' W n I4 oo use M M 51 oo an 51 go W W L94 4 M oo PJ se Ei Ill 3.1 E2 PJ not P01 no W 524 Lo 108 1 C W m on ni Po? ov m oo W 'V 93 W P QL as m B1 fo? fd P91 M P6 P3 M Poi Oo if l P1 9.9 ii P4 see 54 W U Ol no M fo! F8 P01 on W I O 1 51 no I fx' Y YYY Y ' 7, , X 'YY '11 ' 'Y' ig.Lr..ifKiQQ"'.,, . . 1 . . , a.ffl1JJ5.RF' g .I ill O Ol ill N1 51 fo? Y Q OO 'o W 1 1 Ill .,l Q OO .gl Nl , OO 1 o W tg 1 Y 1 1 in Bog , ,. QQ Q63 Q S' i . ' og 3 A BE IT KNOWN BY THOSE PREsENT: That we, the june Class of 1928 .Q Ol of New Britain Senior High School, City of New Britain, County of Hart- ,Of I . ford and State of Connecticut, having passed three eventful years in .' I . IQ O courses of study and having completed the unusual amount of work, and Q .4 believing that it is just, to share these properties with others who may, J we do devise and bequeath as follows: sg i I To Mr. Slade we leave our sincere gratitude, for his kind efforts, ICI Q which he willingly offered us during our High School career. , 1 II To Miss McAuley we thank, for her ever ready advice which she displayed to our benefit. III To Miss Harvey and Miss Raby, our class advisors an equal amount of thanks for their faithful and willing work in all our activities. ' , IV To the Freshmen, we leave a large book written by joe Vetrano entitled, "How to start an argument." f .Q-I V To Coach Cassidy, we leave the new model 1928 Ford, provided " . he keeps it clean and in running condition for anyone who wishes to bor- A row it. 1 ' , VI To the incoming Freshmen, we leave our class color "Pink" hoping they will wear it with honor as we have. N ' 5 VII We leave the following puzzles for the February class to solve: 1. VVhen will the first period Physics class be "in order" to Mr. ' R ' Campbell? l I 2. VVhen will Ray Horwitz stop whistling? 3. Vllhat would happen if Al Basney's car broke down? 4. VVill Squeaky Barnes grow any taller? 5. If everything wasn't done CDunnD could Ethel bear it? QBarrettD VIII To Mr. Nixon we leave a book entitled "How to referee a Basketball game" by john Reid. IX To Miss VVestlake, we leave all passes, excuses, etc. not used by the june Class of 1928. X To Miss Souther, we bequeath an automatic window opener, so she will not have to be disturbed by the heat. XI To Beta Mu, we leave enough men to supply all without an argument. ' ' " "" " " v 'ww v-vv ?v"vvv' vvvvvvv offs do. .afwtitohe S2e?t6!t663.?.'A?.2z.1..484.'6S5i98.5?484... 109 s P 34 ICI M Q0 n 9.0000000000 0qv.D00009.09090.00009 , .00.0000 0000.0 00 4 '0'03'So'U0VC00ubgq'c14a'o'0DU'00t'00'0bw'ute0L oiiipzwgwavopwc . AAAq-A4AAnv H-A004 ' '44 D 4444 SQA. nAn.o gig noi Ill M OC Dil so FOI OO IN OO PJ s'- -4 1 L? P5 iq B1 rig il O XII To Mr. Upham, we bequeath the power of making tests harder for the incoming Freshmen. XIII To the incoming Seniors, we leave plenty of dancers so there may be no wallfiowers at Senior Club. XIV Question for Freshmen to think over: 1. Does joe Vetrano like "Young Marjory ?" . Why has Harry Blews taken Dicks place as a rendez-vous? Does Carl Ramsey like 'fPianos?" . If a certain young lady came along would George and Willis greet her? CGretaD 5. Could Betty Tarrent be so mean? QMeehanj XV To Violet Timm, we leave the wish that she may have enough nights in the week to accommodate her "College Fellows." XVI To the Mid-Year Seniors, we leave the privilege of continuing our most exciting Tuesday morning Meetings. XVII To the lower classmen, we leave the artistic designs which decorated our graphs cards. XVIII To Helen Conrad we leave a few yeast cakes so she may rise in the world. XIX To Ed. Sowka Louis Landiono and Bill Kuhs we leave pro- m'nent place' on our football squad. XX To Myrtle Timm we leave a song entitled Why all the boys follow me around by Greta Roseen. XXI To Mrs. Smith our esteemed librarian we leave the w'sh that in the near future she will preside over a model library. XXII To Mr. Campbell we leave a couch so he may rest after his- struggles to explain his difficult theories to dull students. XXIII To Clark s son we leave a bright red suit to attract Beatrice 2 3. 4 Bu. . XXIV To Betty Brixus. and Dick Moffatt we leave the franchise for establishing a bus line to Torrington. XXV We leave the corner in front of the Academic Building to the dogs of Phi Beta. Y XVI To Harry Bentz we leave a large pair of shoes that he may have a better understanding. dignified thoughtful and courteous in other words like that of 1928 une. XXIII To Irene Smith we leave a violin we know she can get the bow. CBeauD XXIX To our President Arnold Reckert we leave our appreciation for his piloting and bringing us into the harbor of Graduation. XXX Questions: . Which grow better around Wilfred s House Iris s or Violets? . Why does a canary CKiniryj bird sing sweetest to Bobby Hodge? . Can Frank O Brien always manage a Curtin. . Was there ever a rainy day without the exchange of raincoats or umbrellas? U' '00000000000' '-' '00u0'0wn0i' 03on ?o0000000000 0 ff: P. Nl 00 m 00 m M 86 C 00 W .'v . D01 00 ill OO PM O M ' M 51 00 Q. 1 1 OO P01 A 2 ue M y iz 0 " 00 IO! ,QQ ' ' ' 1 , m 0 OO DOI . . pq 0' 00 W ' PJ L24 I ll P04 oi ' ' m F61 OO QQ IO1 IO! 00 0 ' 1 1 w gel' 'F XXVII To Mrs. Guilford, we leave a class of Seniors who shall be I 1 1 1 90 J 0 Ill 3. .. 1 1 DUI ll Ol 0 sg y ll YY ICJ pq 9 O Ill , . , pg OO 1 1 Q ICI 2 ' DQ .O 3 Y ' Li ' 79 . Nl . I0 OO 4 O Ill pg 51 00 .. . ' ' "" ' v v Y v v I V ' V V 77 ' V V V V V 1 Y A A A A A A A A A A A 4 A A 4 I gggg 4 4 ip 4 A y A 34 OOO0.Q.,0O0OO.OOC.iii0. 099000000.0.000.s411o.0.0000.0o.0000 0 - . , 110 :fi Sc .-, .1 .A.T.K.-.y, WY,-.. .. .-.Y ,..-,-.. . -f-.,.r, 3- wr,-4.-W.-. ., ,. , .. V x- 1 - f , . V . , 1 ,K V A X, l . 4 . . 5 4. . t i b I , . . . . 1 . .,. ..,. . ai .. 5 ,f..,.,.. -,.. ... ... .. JA, ua. . .. ., , V. - A .- ,. ,st-.,i'Tr!.Tfv1.i'..., ii-1--Tvi,i " "g'fir"q,fN' ' i XXXI To the janitor Mr. Bollman we leave 2 members of the Freshmen class to help him wash his car every Monday morning. XXXII To Mr. Howard, we leave a megaphone so he will he heard in all parts of the room. XXXIII To Miss XYolski, we leave a model fourth period Senior class who will refrain from chewing gum, and also a secretary to take Care of her "Three Centuries." We appoint the Class of 1929 of New Britain Senior High School executors of our last will and testament with power as executors to sell and convey any real or personal estate we may have left. IN XYITNESS 'I'uEREoF: We have hereunto set our hands and seals at New Britain, C'onneCtiCut this 20th day of june 1928. CLASS OF 1928 JUNE Per Mfxkfsixkifir Buiucic. XYilnesses: CIARA Bow MAVOR A. M. PoANEss,x His EX'l'0Hl?7ll',V, Govicuuou j. H. TRUMlllll,l.. I Anfxsrv' Ln'-ah . ,.,,, -.,,., , fa..-.Hi-v-f-V-.'.. . , 1 I , Q, , , ...M . . V . 'TI Y fl . ,.I ff, . I my -17111-.jf E' 'M1fZ.'i. . . ,,-sA..A ...4... ...... ...i... -'4.,4.L.sAl.-l -L 111 ., Y-, N41 4x- .-gm me x-as-nf 4' vi" 'K rv!-1-v-3 , J f - . 4, . v 1 , , - ,.- . --f ,Y ., ,, .., X, nf-v.f-V ..5-., -A V., , ,-vm 4.4. ' ,J L., ,. J-. .,,...-..- -.,, -grg., , K 1.,A.,, .4 -- v 4"---' '- "---- fwfr- Y---rim .-....,,,....-.i L 's't0n00tO0'uo l'f'4OO'C3UUOUCOO30O'O fflbooooooooaoooo l-I si? Nl ? ,mfs ' 'Fa l PJ nr oo ng 0 IO1 OO PJ lil M fo? ro Urchestra GAIN the High School Orchestra under the direction of Prof George B Mathews has completed asuccessful vear It has been a very played for Amphlon Club Plays Graduatlons and frequently assemblles but it has gone outside of the school to furnish music for the Chatauqua Association Y W C A and the New Britain Civic Music Association The custom of sendmg our soloists to var1ous schools for their Parents and Teachers Meetings has also been contmued and been greatly appre mated This orgamzation is very popular with the student body and the public as well There is no reason why the High School Orchestra should not be used for civic and community affairs with mutual pleasure and profit The Instrumentatzon Is As Follows Louis Chester Comellow Daquillo Helen Dekan Mike Tabellione Albin Pikutis Alphonse Anthony Beatrice Appelbaum Maurice Berkowitz Piano Mabel Benedict Mabel Steiner Patrick Faviola Andrew Madrak Walter Young Trombone Everett Wickstrom lsl Vzolzns 2nd Violins Saxes Charles Dunn john Mathews joseph Szabo Trumpets Irene Ratner r Frank Rio Howard Turnoose Ioene Winger Edith Cohen Alfred Dixon Clarinets Stephen Madrak Leonard Schlafer Katherine Wacker Robert Wright Drums Milton Young '-vf---vv'vv'v vv--- -vv v :ma v vvvvvvv . sgffffvfefffffffoi,s5ff0i0sfQo9.qo9?oS2t 3L?o9.o.oS5i9foSfofofio3 ' 'O in C 10 ol 5732 W Ill oo '.l CU ICI oo von UC Ill Ol W ICI 5, Q.2.QS3.SL.SLp.o3 'AQEr5,.o.n.e939i-55,32fa. '.SQ.l1S.5o5.2.5.S 'lf3?', PJ P1 Ill N1 UO CO ll POI OO OO P 1 POI li 00 IQ! lfl OO - OO IN bil M ' M ga VK- io? Fil D04 busy seasong far busier than in the past. Not only has the orchestra 5.1 W '. ' . . . . . . . Sw W1 ' .... , Nl lb ' . . . I . gg ' 1 - . ' PO - OO .1 ' , IN re - - Q . , 9.1 0' ' . ' ' OO lil . . . . . 3.1 OO V , gg IO! . not OO - , A O Nl ' IC ll OO Ill - - ICI 09 0 lil . FOI M ' 0 Nl OO .Q IO' ICI dt 00 Lf! N M ni .9 O. L01 lil O O0 LN 101 Q' P N Pd fd fd M OC Ol 113 SENIOR CLUB OFFICERS ax. LT, ..,..W.. --..-.r,-... e ,-v. .-.,-,f.Y-w.,- -. y- - .H N-,Q ,. ..,..A ,V -, 2 ,, - -...,,. ,.- I. lv -. vw' W f PA. 'W iw lf? 'Fm -,N -63.1 .J l , l ' tl ' I 'C jfgl :Wal 3 .vga .a Q. .ti ,vel I s fa in iff' fllfll 'L 12,145 . tr.. l w .1 rm F 1 ,-R. l ggrll if pix' 1,1 1 "YG 'Aj 'DZ fi? .14 -f .Y l. N N 1 'N .tl .11 tw, kv ...J-, A frzfrfzvfliffii Qf'fY"T7KZ7f1,1 W f'f'f,'. 1 4 A l Qjull, "t,l.l.,J..f.' 2.3. Q ' 9-tv The Senior Club HE Senior Club, a flourishing organization since 1916, has had a very successful year. It's aims: to promote sociability, and to search out the talent of the Senior Class, have been well executed. The ofhcers elected in the fall were: Frederick Zehrer, Presidentg Marguerite Downham, Vice-President, Elizabeth Corbly, Secretary, and Arnold Reckert, Treasurer. The Mid-Year election to Fill the vacancies which occured at graduation resulted in the election of Russell Hallin, Presidentg and Dorothy Shanahan, Vice-President. Many enjoyable meetings have been held by the Club throughout the year. The parties, held both in February and june in honor of the out-going Seniors, brought the Semester to a pleasant close. The biggest venture of the year was the "Senior Club Minstrel" of May 18. This was well received and has put the linances on a lirm basis for the coming year. We are very grateful to Miss Harvey under whose leader- ship the club has thrived. The work with us has been appreciated, we hope that the Senior Clubs in the future may be as happy and prosperous. I2I.1zA1sETn CoR1si,Y, Serrelfzry LIBRARY ,xl Ji.-14... i QM., ,JKAVK 2,53 , 115 Ii . 'xx Wi , .. l' "i Viv l NIR: ' ff ,",A1 IJ . 3- i I .. 1 s 'Sabi 08 , , v , www .sri N I I 5 ,1.-, 'nw '4 v l. it -. , t 53,3 if if ,N rf .J lg' i I l 1 AM PHION CLUB if 1-4 xl ran! Nl 3,-vi l U m on m .Q m oo not oo lil no m oo W u 000000090000 as boooooooooooooosff oooooo noon qs ' Amphion Club UE in a large measure to the able advice and coaching of Mrs Amy Guilford to whom we cannot render suiiicxent thanks the Amphion Club has had a year of which it may be proud We have a thriving membership enthuslastlc supporters and we have produced several suc cessful plays The following officers were elected 1n the Fall Sten Flygt President Elizabeth Corbly Secretary and Douglas Harwood Treasurer The Mid Year election made john Black President Elizabeth Corbly Secretary and Douglas Harwood Treasurer Each performed his executive duties well A frolicsome comedy Polly with a Past was our first offering on December 9th This play was well received Next we produced a comedy drama Pals First on March 23rd the first of 1tS kind ever attempted by the club. This was very well done and received gratifying commen dation. The name Polly seemed to have a peculiar fascination so May 11th witnessed the comedy, "An Errand for Polly," which was also greeted with much applause. Then came our annual Class Day offering on May 25th. It consisted of two one-act plays: "What Happened," and "Say It With Taffy." With these appropriate bits of nonsense we closed a very active season. We wish to extend our appreciation to the School Orchestra, the Art Department, and the Trade School for their kind cooperation. We thank, also, the student body and our friends who were such large factors in making our year a success, not only by serving as an appreciative aud- ience, but also by contributions of candy, the sale of which added to the year's receipts. The accomplishment of which we are most proud is the paying off our entire debts. Now with a clean slate we look forward to a new auditor- ium in our new school in which we hope to entertain you in the future. ELIZABETH CORBLY, Secretary 6 . a fs. o Pd oo Ill no lol no -on on Ill ll IQ! M - C. '03'6o'i0'o'o'o'oa3oQ'11?o'o'oDoo0iffatQ'ffUC5'fQjQQfw3wa'0pov. ' ' va Ill ' N no oo Cl IO! so so id 24 ICI IN on oo an y m on oo PA r . wg FQ 0 5 su c so oo oo m 501 oo . . . 0 aol . DO B9 ' ' ' 4 ki' ' ' ' ' " S3 U01 ' , ' ' , - lil oo . oo ill - V NI no . . , . , oo ul , - , , N 'O , 2 , - 5' an - - . - . - nc .O ' - x 1 ' I 1 Ill Q . U. oo - oo not - mn oo . ,, . ,, . no nl , , hon oo - - , oo u i - 11 l I - on . , , l , , oo m , ns oo oo m vol oo oo P6 L? pi vol M UH so 00 IO! ICI oo ng W pf Q a it .. on D01 M M -' re 117 I ..' -v---v vvvvvv vw---v ---1v-vvyvvivzgavvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ' 9.ofiofiefddfdddttoiisiitttioiftftofdftdz.aL488.foSf.?88.S?of84. Vv JUNIOR FOLLEGE CLUB OFFICERS unior College Club HE junior College Club is one of the few active clubs of the Senior High School. Its membership, which has been greatly in- creased this year, is Composed of girls who are in- terested in college. Much has been done to acquaint its members with the various types of Colleges. 5 FREDERICK ZEHRER 1928 fMid-Yearj Burns Memorial Award WHITE SWEATER GROUP 110 S ER SHI CA OOI- CH S SENIOR HIGH 'Uf"'O"l""lUU" T14O' "" """""'1"" 'v -- --. ' O pifnfoiflfopiopfofg fl-QSSSSSSSSQSSSZSYQ'fioffdiiaflgfoflfff 4 W roi W M W fo? 5? 51 H01 OO B1 PJ OO PN 23 M 93 . W! 93 School Savings '43 W 1 M "1 His YEAR h - - " ' as been the best banking year that the Senior gn High School has ever had. In previous years the monthly ug . statement for our district always showed us at the bottom of V.. the list but we are climbing fast and next year we hope to be very gg P. . close to the top. yu ' . 0 qw We began in September with a very few depositors from each NE LO: room, but with the cooperation of the teachers, cashiers and as- ,QQ '01 slstant cashiers we saw our percentage increasing from IOZ to .0 . sq 21'Z,, which was considered an exceptional record for us. L.: as On December 13th,.Miss.May's room had 100'Z,, the first one 3.4 QQ ever heard of in the Senior High School. When other rooms heard N' wg of this they renewed their efforts to do as well. , rg, 5.4 During the second semester Miss Griffins room has had 100'Z, ra sg for many consecutive weeks, and Mrs. Guilford's room would 3,1 N. have led but for a break on April 17. Miss May's and Miss Oo Q' Wh1te's rooms also reached 100'Z, for a number of weeks but Lg Lg not consecutively. - 5.4 ' A 3 , , Q his U The last semester Mr. joseph Vetrano was appointed as- 2: sxstant to Miss White, the thrift advisor, and then a real cam- ,.' palgn was started. After Mr. Vetrano had spoken in a room there on it wast allnbaly? a linarked incrfase and he brought several of them P4 11 . 12 ' Ng pie-Jrcejntage was raislzsfgdfglghlhgiiginhli ef1i0Elc20E'hall'the School ' I . o es er o 0 t is semester. fy. . ' This IS a, very good beginning and t h h ld BOE our school will be among the leaders in fi? cifyiadnvbiinkcisg da? fa va . Director: Miss ANTOINETTE-J. WHITE wg Student Asst.: JOSEPH VETRANO . PJ t M PJ fa? Ill 0. OO 'll lil U' P8 94 OO W' IO! ll fo? W oo . .. .... - . ,,,,, , - DOI 5 C000 OOOOOOOQVQJH QQZCQ' ' ' " ' -'-'QQ'--vvvv-vv-..v '1 9.099.0A9s.0.t0.0.t0.0.G s5fo.o9.o.of8fio96fofo?t efffioifogffoifoffiog Q 121 . VV FV. it M ' ff Q, ,W - A 0205 .o2v.o 1 1 li li f 0 ll v 1 :+R r . L .r3 1 if 47' 11 F pi? 5"" 111. rvll. if . - -E ' Jss :Q Tgllu m'7iHE"' N THE fall of 1927 the outlook for the football season was dark. XYe had only two of the 1926 veterans with which to build a team. They were Captain john Ericson and Fred Zehrer. However we had many available substitutes left from the 1926 team and the squads drilled hard under the able leadership of Coach Cassidy. This year C1928j we did not come thru in 'rapturing the Triangular League title for we lost to both New Haven and Hartford. Since the New Haven and Hartford team games scoreda 6-6 tie the cup award was held over for another year. ' Louis Landino was elected Captain for the 1928 season. john Mat- hews was manager of the 1927 team, and deserves special credit for his fine work in taking, "a play by play" account of each game. 1 '. i ' 'fi 2 -1' " .'.""i fo. .o.0.Q2020.02d'o 'A 020202 ai Ca f- I lmmnIlllll""""' ff 'und 'ii vflnl II'-lllllllll ' - , ,,...u..., 's Qi 1' xliilllul.-I-.51 1 in 1,7 F 'ull' . 0 'lunu' Z l N ' . ll pi ' A , :O lu 1 ',,, "IJ ' Q 4 - 4 12" . Q ik 51. : 1 . . l ' I 'U ' Iv KL: 1 X S-4 . --- x : ii A 'kd N X ' n 1 x W 'K X P NE Q V r "lin be X I' 'rf' ,IX N f H .' ff: I X P, 4 l plluululIxnlmllli"'lVl, N 7 X Y 3 1 ' 'Lhlln n-.1 F f' ?X5j7t3 X N A - LINE UP FIRST TEAM: john Ericson CCr1.pminl R. T.g Frank Casale C5 William Kuhs R. C.: Anthony Nevulis L. T.g Fred Zehrer R. Eg james Scully L. E.g Clifford Bell F. B3 Alex Zaleski R. H. B.g Edward Sowka L. H. B3 Louis Landino Q. B.g Arnold Reckert I.. G. SECoND TEAM: john Reid F. B5 Michael Grip Q. B. joseph Vet- rano R. E.g john Dumin C.: Fred Saunders R. T.g Cunnard Nelson.L. Eg llgo Bertoline R. C.: justin Urban L. H. B.g Edward Hinchey R. H. B.g David Croll L. C4 Edward Szymanski L. T.g A REsU1.Ts FooTBA1.L 1927 New Britain 20 , Pittsford 0 2 New Britain 7 Weaver 2 New Britain 0 New Haven 24 New Britain 12 Collegiate Prep 7 New Britain 19 Pittsfield 0 New Britain 13 Vermont Acadamy 20 - New Britain 6 Hartford 2-1 New Britain 13 Alumni 20 1 .',"N 'Y rl if 'N fs WL. ,. v .1,i. 1 Mlm., Y l x i 'l 1 2 3 ' 'maflfafaaiaatiaaerezraavasmetmiazafsfz5Fw:asa F' 5. 3. -fa ' F r i Y G-F: -.T : 1 Fi ,ul gggfg rysavgav E Q3EigEEEh?'o'z67 SEAS-Ei! , ::g .5.,::gggr. Q,-4 : zggieei , , s155s'FeL5sr,,.9 af aggaa iz ezswgw ' .- Sasw 5 suse.-. Lsinuf gn-is .7 fa 7 77 'fy wt " M r' .NN ' I Hua llcusE-- Q .lf B HE 1927-28 Basketball season started off with outlooks which were very encouraging. All of the first team men, with one exception, , were letter men of the previous year. The 1927-28 team was led by Captain Fred Saunders who later proved to be a faithful leader and a . V man full of grit. The team consisted of Fred Saunders Captain, Kraszew- ski, Zaleski, Sowka and Landino, along with Zehrer and Scully who were X lost at mid-year graduation. The "find" of the season was Henry I 1 Kraszewski, who in his hrst year out for the team made a regular position . 71 on the first team. , ' RA Probably the teams who proved to give the hardest opposition were, Laural Business College of Meriden, and New Haven High School. It "WA N, l took us three overtime periods to "trim" Laural Buisness College in Meri- , Y , ' den and in our last game with New Haven, Captain Fred Saunders although heavily guarded made a perfect under hand shot and made the winning basket. In our last game of the season we sent Hartford home with a 24- 18 beating. , Bight out of thirteen starts is not so bad. X V fll .KV E O W N1 CO IO! OO Nl OO 33 we O ri? 3 -3 , 5a 6 .0 1 O , The seasons results: , . Y' rr-,f BAsKE'rnA1.I. 1927-28 fi 4 NWT . . , 1 january 7 New Britain 36 St. Thomas 19 ' 7 - 'pa' . january 13 New Britain 25 Collegiate Prep 39 P' january 20 New Britain 17 Hartford H. 35 1 --lf, january 27 New Britain 27 Laural Business 23 February 4 New Britain 25 Collegiate Prep. 23 is February 11 New Britain 29 New Haven 33 K 4 February 17 New Britain 28 Bulkeley 25 U 4 February 18 New Britain 29 Laural Business 33 LJ February 23 Open February 29 New Britain 29 New Haven 28 fi if March 3 New Britain 33 Pittsfield 23 ly 7 March 9 New Britain 45 Winsted 31 "L N March 10 New Britain 23 St. Thomas 29 1 March 16 New Britain 24 Hartford 18 .1222 ri' 5931 1995 . 1 2 5 1.1 WI' at - . TZf2f?.5E?g1:f9,1,'3T T599 W' :ff !.A'2.2,.n A- ! c , 122 at - i .wg -gg.. . 'llfwxai' HEN the 1928 season rolled around, there were only three of last year's regulars left to "show their stuff"--Captain Edward ' Hinchey, S. S., L. F., "john" Morey, P., and Ray Greco, C. F. With little experience to make up for the remaining absent players, Coach Cassidy had a hard task before him. After much changing in the line ups in practice, the Coach formed a fine looking team, which consisted of Hinchey, Morey, Greco, Saunders, Chodukiewicz, Krazewski, VVesolyg and four freshmen, Potts, Schmarr, Mangan, and Bogdanski, who all made good in their First year out. Our firstgame with Suffield being called, left us to play our old rivals Hartford for our first game. The "Red and Gold Boys" put up quite a fight but we came out on the short end of a 20-12 score. The "boys" couldn't seem to get hold of the winning end of the game until the game with New Haven High School. New Haven undefeated until this time went home on the short end of a 5-4 score. Although minus rooters, the few that were there gave them a great hand. Qur game with St. Thomas was a "Wow," a seven inning game ex- tended to ten innings and every one of the boys played a great game of ball, although we lost 4-3. Although under quite a handicap, we had a fair season, there is plenty of material left for next year, and there should be a winning team. Special mention is made of Mr. Henry Clark, this year's manager, for his hard work and pleasant disposition. Line up-Hinchey tCaptain5 L. F., Potts, Morey and Schmarr, pitchg Mangan, catchy Saunders, lst Base, Chodukiewicz 2nd Base, Bog- danski 3rd Baseg Krazewski S., L. F., XYesoly R. F4 Greco C. F.g Lip- man, Gwiazda, Ludunowicz, Vtright, Zaleski, Sowka, Slade and Landino. bag 2 'fiarafitesfiiaffaiiieiaaeei25531212229532as-?ZTf5i3i55iLgEEiZzf I .2 7 w .TW in . K, f lv.4 f Ay 51' .Qi . -I W X, r It P 1 H4 1 f fl RJ, , ' J gay -a:f:f.e1sfa2.+Bs oi f l x v TR C va if .4 X , , I o . . 38 T all lu " ' f D' A its T 'Gi f f X V . Q: , DACH DEPOT, at his first call for track, had a large number of men on the field. Outdoor practice was continued as long as possible then indoor practice was held until Memorial Field was put into shape. Veterans who were available this year were Captain Reckert in the shot put Reid and Cordon in the high jump Yahm in held events. New men who have since won their letters are Milewski Bogdanski and Zaleski in the pole vault-Sowka and Yahm in the javelin Nevulis in the discus and Saunders in the high jump. P . The Season opened at Suffield in a triangular meet between Suffield 4 t Enfield and New Britain. New Britain came in second and two things - of note are the relay race and pole vault. The local relay team came in inches behind the Suffield-all state champ relay team-and joe Bog- . danski a freshman broke the Suffield record in the pole vault by going 'i Y , - over the bar at 10 feet 6 inches. Our next meet was the Triangular meet , Memorial Day in Hartford with New Haven and Hartford. Hartford 1 - placed first New Haven second and New Britain third. W ' A -. Our season was supposed to have ended with the Triangular meet 5 - but on account of the weather we were forced to have the Crosby 'md , - . South Manchester meet on june Sth and 6th respectively. These two ' - we meets were won with ease. In the Crosby meet we took first place in - ' every event except two those were the javelin and discus and we won ' the South Manchester meet 6034-SSM with ease. N One might call this a very successful season winning two out of four i . 'md placing second and third in the other two. reason to be proud of their team with men like Reid Cordon Szabo ,KT and Saunders to furnish the nucleus of next year s team Bogdanski Zaleski - Lines Xahm and Pfersick aided with an early fall practice to be startec at once on their return to school. A few combinations like these ought . T to turn out 1 winning team and give all their opponents 1 good run for their V ' money. Q I5 cog, 44 f O Ol ' Q . .I oi QQ v 7 v 9 . . 0. k L v Ol ' . if L. i x " ' 'fl ll ' .I .. H - lv 0 . X N 1 r ' N. 0 ' , ' ' , , L it A , - fx F I I L 9 C L 1. X . Y X Y I 'C ' X N ll 11 OC ' ,1 V c p ll rl 1 f.. Coach Depot, Captain Reckert, and Manager Hume have every . 1 K il . . Y . . . I I. 1 V v Y r i frvi OC . . l L B" 1.1: 5. r c c I0 Y 0 l E: - f??HI ' or ' 'f f f we c ' X , . -C 9 , 0 , o 2- .L he fQg5?f5if3?,lg l29 - , W T' f' Tfffr' 'fir f1QfZfiEfE,75 'iff ,A 1 'fyjf -'Q if M I ARNOLD RECKERT 1928 Cjune Classj Burns Memorial Award T A' . nf' "' V A' f ,QTTIYYFTY Y'Z7'f'1""fY'2f1 ' , -'y?"f'T,Y f'if'f" 'YH 1' 2 ,. ' ..a.-L'.- !1,5.43Ll..1..L:J. 3.J-lfLJ.i2.m .l .1.g..L.L3.J. .- J..L 130' FRATERNITY A M CHAPTER OF THE ALPHA DELTA SIG A AMM G A JRORITY ALPH sz ALPHA ' """""""'34' "" """""':mvvvvvvv vvvvv uv: gfifiisfiifiiig .89EDSSSSSSSQSSSHQSSQAQ'98.9886 86S2efpf1f88 , W A H W W ' W .on ' k ' has ra , O es ag ra I A rd is ' ASK ME ANOTHER! as LO: HE? If a cannibal eats his father and mother what is he? IC? 5-,Q ' SHE: I dOn't know, what? " H H : A h . . as E n Orin an 8 sk it N1 HEY THERE! ' . pgq 01 . oo L96 HE: "You're,.pretty as a picture." - I SHAEZ "Yeah, good enough to ha:'1g.":k at ' i If ' YU it 'Q TOM: That guy wears Indian neck-wear.- ICI TIM! "How come?" ,Qi QQ TOM: "Bow tie and Arrow collar." ya . O ' BRIGI-lT IQEMQARKS ' , fd HEWITT1 CReciting on oral topicj ". . : . .and his father died when one , 4 year old, and his mother when three." R 'M M ff .0 ' ' at ik ,kt Pg MISS YATES: "Where do we use the word "sirens" today?" - - fo? ,M MELTzER: "On soda fountains." I 1 .. I ' 4: lk if A .Q I 55 MEA: "when did the poet Ovid die?" , I , I Pd gf BO: "Nine years after his burial." 4 . Lf: Ik ar if , E - L01 .3115 BRAINERD: "Is the prom formal or can we wear our own clothes?" f.Q TEACHER: "What was the Stone Age?" - ' ' I pg E.q ' PUPIL: "That was the age when a man axed a woman to marry him2" Q , 4: 4: lk I ' 0 TEACHER: Schmalz, what's your answer on that question? i 4' i SCHMALZ: I don't know. - - I ,N TEACHER: That's always your answer. 51 s.q Ik Ik 4: ' r.1 A' TEACHER: Yessian, what woke up L'Allegro in the morning? fl Q. YESSIAN: An alarm clock. fa gig . ' 4: 4- It . I ll TEACHER: Miss Conrad, of what is the the Supreme court composed? ' ' IO! Q . '.' HELEN CONRAD: One big court and a lot of little courts under it. . U. 4: ik 4: - . QQ 5.4 TEACHER: CTO class studying Macbethj-What is the common enemy 5.4 of man? I 1 - W' Lg YEssIAN: His wife. I to Ill g.. at pg , I v-" "" "" vrx- "-' vvvvv v vvv:,!,?"' VY' vvvvvvv 1028 68388888861,ssiiiiiobiifofofifieia '1!!8ofo.oSS?8oSSf43.! ' ' . 133 FRATERNITY IDN EPSI ALPHA IOTA 20 Founded 19 fv's. SURORITY B ETA M U FR.-XTERNITY PHI LAMBDA VPSILON D... 25: 'I'Illil.: W'hy do lmoys part their hair in the middle? NNE: The law savs that there must he an allex' in everv hloelc. l Tum.: Oh! So they Can Catch the vrawlers? V i He stood on the hridge at midnight Drinking in the air. Someone took the bridge away And left him standing in a lmoat. PF Pk Bk WH EN? Mr. Bell and Miss Souther agree? lflorine Clhristesen hegin to use ma Emily Clark eut her curls? W'ill Francis Kelley stop shufilng his feet? Will Ellen Alexander he on time? W'ill Paul Koether learn the art of tlirtation? W'ill Betty Tallard grow tall? Will Gerald Drogue forget to he cynieal? Will joe Mortelliti lose his healthy Color? Will all the fellows wear haret tams? W'ill Julius Diner forget to argue the question? Will the High Sehoool have a cafeteria? W'ill Miss Yates learn to "understand" her Freneh Will W'ill ke-up? Will 'i- WEEE? 13? J DELTA GAMMA SIGMA SORORITY ' '03'So'g'u'Cuo0sot'r e'ga'o'0 oDlob'o'o'otvnUe Wobiiivozw4wo'op'o'c o.o9.l9.0.0.o.0!33. 3:92 9.0.o.O9.o99.09.o9s.o.o5'2 .op.o.o9.0.0 03939. A . - Li . 3.4 MECHANIC: Do you know how to Find the horsepower of a car? ICI GIRL: C16 yr. old driverj No, How? 23 MECIIANICZ s Lift up the hood and count the plugs. Fa ik wk IF ag FATHER: How are you getting along on your job son? Q9 SON: Cjohn Reidj "Fine, I got five men under me now. 2: FATHER: That's nice to hear. git JOHN: Yes--I work upstairs. 5 r if Sk ll' fgg TEACHER: Whats the shape of the earth. sq NORMAN CAMP: Round. ' eq TEACHER: How do you know it is round. I NORMAN: All right then it's square, I don't want to start any argument. Ng 4: 4: 4: 3.1 UNDERTAKER: CTO Pat a carpenterj Paint and putty cover a lot of your .O work. , 2.4 PAT: CDouglass Harwoody That may be so, but spade and shovel sig cover a lot of yours. IOI ff 1' If rg? RICHARD GORDON: CStaying at hotelj I never seen such dirty towels ag and I can't find any soap. g.. ANTHONY N EvULIs: fClerkJ You got a tongue in you head haven"t P 1 you. ,' .' RICHARD GORDON: Yes, but I'm no cat. IU' iii Ik Sk I .1 FRESHMAN: Say, Senior what have you got your pants on inside out for? IU SENIOR: Well, I'm going to the 'Prom' tonight and I want to get the fi bag out of the knees. ' 4' in 4: It 4: if . W' BILL KUHS: Hey, you going to class to-day? C . .lg ED. HINCHEY: Whats the matter with you? I went yesterday. Q1 lk lk 4: QV! REID: You aren't superstitious? 'Ni RECKERT: No. - li REID: Then lend me thirteen dollars. 4: ik 4: o l o'o m 0. no o Ill oo non so m oo m fo? ro TEACHER: Where is your pen wiper jack? CONNELLY: Oh, I'm wearing my black suit today? Ik Ill 41 TEACHER: What's that making the noise in there? ANNE ROSENTHAL: Oh, just a noiseless typewriter. ' Sk HK Ik TEACHER: Am I speaking loud enough? SENIOR: Cdozingj Sure, I can't even sleep. 1 .ff not oo m oo W ne fo? oo m 51 Mr 5 .H yi o W m C ff 53 m fd O m oo W we oo W W me oo nu oo von M no P04 ICI id hi 8' .-,,c M M O0 DOI OO Ile OO W lil OC IO' OO Ill Ol Ill Ol IO! Ol 'r 4 - -- vvvv vvvvlyv- ---"-- vv-vvvvv'!,Qvvvvvvvvv'vvvv v ppfiidofitfofdiiobksifteftibidfiofkfoffifL484ofoS9.?88of.f.ft3... 139 THETA SIGMA FRATERNITY RITY RO PHI SIGMA SO PHI B ETA FRATERN I TY ' Tv vvvv Q V V ' - V 9 V ' V "" ' ' 7 ' 7 ' 7 7 ' 'T 7 7 7 Y 9 7 V Y T 7 9 V T V W g iofefiafiififddiidi zziibitiiiiiibiifswr' .09 8 ' f l' IN lil fo? A fo? ll Mlss DAWSON! Mr. Hume kindly tell me what a heifer is? OO he MR. HUME: I don't know. r pg lg Miss DAWSON: Will some one from Berlin answer that question? D01 51 4: wk if ,ft ,gg ENTERPRISING ART STUDENT: May we write in pencil. I haven't a pen. 51 sq , TEACHER: Why, I guess so. Q. STUDENT: May I borrow a pencil? 92 sq az as 4: if vi' ' . . +J we TONY: Do you know what the Scotchman tells his son just before he 501 ,gg 4 retires? . . ,QQ ,Og RUTH: No, what? ff g TONY: Sleep tight, son. cg' sg ar as It C' if Pat and Mike had wanted to go swimming for a long time, and not know- ing how to swim decided to try it on land. They donned their bathing QQ ' J suits and went to the third story of one of the buildings in town, and 51 decided to jump out. Pat went first and he lit on a pile of sand in the ug ff street. Yelling to Mike he said: "Begorra, Mike, go a little to the OO fi left, I struck a sand bar." I. 4' 3' "' ICI OO OO Q1 A SORDID TALE , ug at He saw her quietly gazing sq , Oli' into the slumbering wood. fu gg And his heart pounded and fluttered .Q L.: As he ran up to where she stood. he She turned as she heard him coming, wg Saw his brown eyes gleam with desire, 5.4 LN Her eyes sparkled with fear and she trembled 501 65:3 While her heart seemed as if on fire. 9 O6 65 N4 With a heart rending scream, she had Hed fa While he after her darted, crying, 3.4 OO But she ran with such thoughtless abandon' 5 Thathe caught her without even trying. by As he partook of her to his fill, 1 GI fa He admired her fur "belgique," gg But she at his side was silent' .Q LU: And did not even admire his physique. ICI IO1 ra And now to settle this grim affair gg And to take you out of the fog, QQ 5.4 Let us say "she" was a Belgian hare, 5.4 3.1 And "he" a big savage dog. mg rig 1 WILLIAM HOLCOMBE fd ae CLERK To FRESHMAN: Are you tardy? FRESHMAN: No Ma'am I'm late Ill ' ' IQ! OO OO ll' Ol ..""' "" "" V""' ' vv 'vv vi vvvv v v . O... Fig v bag vv v v v v v ' p.of8o.op.o.8868 .eo.Bs?a28888oi88Sfof8"'i.3? ou ' I 8914288 143 SORORITY UM EG.-X PHI ' " "" "" "" 'F4' "" ""' ' ""fm' 'V'V" Vv"' vvv gflfofisflififofff 395 2v5S5SSSS55535f.31?f.'f8.?8888862o2o'f3283 , lil nl Q0 OO gi CLASSY CLASSICS FROM CHARMING CLASSES 23 1. You're good-lookin' but there's nothing in your head. fd fa 2. Could you possibly stop talking while I'm talking? ' O0 ., 3. Some of you females come up to me and ask me how to do something 5.4 IN important to tell each other while I'm talking. ill as 4. Please don't overwork. 4 gg 5. You're just a figure-head. ' gg, 6. Here's another man who wants to crank. Dil 7. This is not a singing school. I fu O. 8. Help! The boys out. no P01 . . . . not ?.q 9. I tlaope some cgrtelat, big, Swell-headed senior enjoys throwing them ings aroun e room. , 10. Number'9 is the same only different. I jf fa 11. Keep quiet. Where do you get that way? sf .Q 12. This is not a talk festival. sq 5.1 13. Excuse me for livin'. IN bg 14. Now you start lippin' in. ya CQ 15. You may lead a horse to water but you can't make him QQ wg 16. Keep quiet. just because I talk is no sign for you to keep on. P01 lil 17. I've stopped talking. How about you? f.1 18. Shut up, chatterbox. OO QQ 19. Get in your stall, there! Pg 20. You're just a bump on a log. IO ,gg 21. Were you there? 51 Og 22. Every man for himself. QQ Q.. 23. Well, girls, this is not a visiting hour. Ill 24. Pull yourself together. pu fi Bbelievie I remarked something about visiting. Q . rop t at. . .. L94 '04 ' af WHAT ............ 9 bo as 2: Is the attracgon ait Satgrdaly II-Iebrerv classes? 'gg ....... ow on't us ibbie. ca Does Miss Souther mean by "polite society?" LQ Does Frank Traver find so attractive in the Normal School? La Is Miss Yates' idea of a popular novel? fl ' Does Ida Swanson find so engazing in basketball? ' I we 92 Ll: WHERE? I Pa Did "Girlie" Stipek get her nickname? Fa 504 Did Glennie Peterson lose her shyness? M1 I. Did "Mea Bo" get her "poetical soul?" fd od Did "Edie" Johnson get her pretty blush? . Cl L.g Did Helen Erickson get her charming smile? , lil ' ml Lia IRATE ENIFLOYER: "LateHagain. Did you ever do anything on time?" L.: CLERK. I bought a car. W 4 '01 , "'t "" "" VYQ"' ' 'vv'vvvvvf,Lav"'vv' vvvvvvv g ppfiiiefiifiiiiobk.sifidifoiifoffkftski Ibffiofoiktiffoifofiial ' 145 . DELTA XI FRATERNITY W no 51 so sf- B tr 'JH il I D W W Ili 907 'QS Eb IN .C lil OO F01 ff 1 .0 Ill O. IN .O Nl no P01 O0 lil QC P Cl fd 5.1 D of W 24 W S is P3 'S 'O 24 IO I fs! C. W lfl fo? li Ill O U lla 'oi be ' V' "" v"'s""gv,' "" "'"""Y'nV'vYvvvvvvvvv vw gftffffffffffaftffg fbiilgsggifoigggglws'fiffif 1520 PQ! o non m fo? fo' O CLASS SUPERLATIVES Class poet . Class Artist . Class Shiek . Best Dressed . Class Shorty . Tallest . Most Popular . M ost Studious . Best Pianist . Best Looking . Daintiest . Most Coneeited Best Athlete . Wittiest . Best Mannered Best Sportsmen Most Talkative Quietest . Best Dancer . Jazz Player . Best Speaker . Most Cheerful Class Blujfer . M ost I nquisitive - . Most A rnbitious Laziest . N iftiest . Sadest . Greatest Hustler Masculine Horace Brown . George Molchan Henry Clark . Ivan Kerber . William Holcombe Wilmer Barnes . Arnold Reckert Sten Flygt . Walter Arbour . Eugene Brown . Edward Stagis . Edward Hinchey Fred Saunders Richard Moffatt . Fred Schmalz . Richard Moffat . john Reid . Edward Ryan . Sofio Motto . Sam Martin . Douglass Harwood john Meehan . John Reid . joseph Vetrano Abraham Bell . John Mathews . William Kuhs . Norman Camp . Sam Finklestein Feminine Mildred Bengston Greta Roseen Mary Nobaris Clara Miller Helen Conrad Ruth Landon Majorie Young Eleanor Hesse 1 Mabel Benedict Mary Walicki Corneilia Lundquist Hilda Braunstein Ruth Reynolds Molly Murray Ellen Kennedy Evelyn Dolce Violet Timm Majorie Muller Vera Sherman H Eleanor Arendt Elizabeth Corbly Celia Zabrensky Emile Kagl Gertrude Anderson Margaret Berquist Eleanor Pregent Margaret Burke Evelyn Moore Stella Dezeck ill Sk Pk jack and jill went up the hill- Not for a drink of waterf- And that is why they both fell down- They drank what they hadn't orter. Weep to the tale of Willie T8 He met a girl whose name was K8 He courted her at a fearful R8te And begged her soon to become his M8 "I would if I could," said lovely K8 "I pity you lonely unhappy st8 But alas you've come to L8 I'm married already. The mother of 8 if Ik wk C0-ED: "Why do you call your sweetie Pilgrim?" ENG. STUD: "Because every time he comes he makes more progress." lr.. 'z o o 5? 4 E ,' 53 nl fo' 5 B W na fo? M oo PJ W m lie Q 0 P' f I I 5.1 oo at he M M Pol M n I l 4 go 51 ' 5 ' ' ' "' l- " ' "vwvvvvvvvL!,a"'VVV"VV'1VV 9of8o.o.9.on.o.qo.o.qoS.c.ala 99ififQfff6fofo?t af? fofoi 88 Qifii 147 O roi OO DO I OO m OO W nu O - o v v v - v 1 v v - vvvv -' 34 v vvv- - ' v ' v v v v ' V 7 v v v v f v 5:Ef86of88838d3.i6fo?5 2aS3S5SSS555S52.SS?f:'!' 98.988809 oasis. .QR-4 lil U04 P01 51 IF POPULAR SONGS WERE ILLUSTRATED ,,, ea I Love My Old Fashioned Man ,Elizabeth Cornley 901 51 Giggling Gerty ..... . Gertrude Anderson 51 OO She s Everybody's Baby .... Greta Roseen 0.0 Pg Back in My Own Backyard . With Cass's Ford all There's one Little Girl Who Loves Me joe Vetrano L04 Q-Q Is She My Girl Friend .... George Molchan S Among My Sovernirs Graph cards, passes, excuses, etc. QQJ 2: Side by Side . . Miss Harvey and Miss Raby lil Every Tuesday Evening .... Sorority Meeting ybi sq Just A Memory .... High School Days as Ain't it a Grand and Glorious Feeling Being up to date C Dawn of Tomorrow Returning from a Frat Dance N1 Four Walls ..... Senior High School pu r.. Good News ...... Bromoted ra J Give me a Night In June . . . Senior Prom .9 51 Go Home and Tell your Mother To write you an excuse Nl fa Worry'in ...... Before a test 51 QQ Broken Hearted ..... After a test gg pg I fell head over heals in Love . Willis Ronketty 5.4 pg' Hallelujah ..,.. Another Assembly not as Sweetheart of Delta Xi . . . Helena Burke Q. Me and My Shadow John McGuire and Milford Muclre gg 21 The Hours I spend with You . . ' . Latin I ,.q Varsity's Drag .... With the Faculty ,N QC When Day is Done . . . 3.40 every afternoon 00 QQ There oughtgo be a law against . Specialsperimidl slips QI Saxophone am A ..... am artin pgs LQ Where is my Mama .... Freshman mga Just let a smile be your Umbrella When you come with- ga It wasn't my fault Ray I-clgiwjirfj wg , Oh Ilow hate to get up in the Morning Ivan Kerber LCA Hail, Hail the Gang's all Here . . Senior Class 5 ar as an HDO you ever worry old man. NJ .Q Never y QQ Ill "How do you work it?" N' ,ge "In the daytime I'm too busy and a night I'm too sleepy." V 51 r'1 - :k as if foe CUSTOMER: "It's tough when you pay 50 cents a pound for meat." ICJ 53 BUTCHER: "Yes, but it's tougher when you pay 25 cents." ml IK HF Sk r.1 "Do you think hair restorers are any good?" fu QQ "They did me a lot of good." Ol ICI "Did the ive ou new hair?" N' .. tl y g ' y ' YY - 5.4 No, a new villa. I invented one. Ill , 'Ol Q. ,i.-- .v-- v--- v--.--Q -.-.. Y-vvvvvgfgv--vvvvvvvvvvvv Q ' noflfiefiffddiiokkisfafiidfififiifofteir'affiofofsffiftioifdin ' 148 ' 1 7 v vv'Y 1 V 1 ' ""' V "" ' ' v ' Q ' 7 v ' ' 7 7 7 7 Y 7 7 ' 7 7 V V V T V 7 i iffiafiifiiidioffei 2:-SSSSSSS5S5S5f.Sf.0. rffttidtifdftof-flfiig !J W ai NOW SAY, HOW'S THIS? "1 , . fa Do ships have eyes when they go to see? 3.1 QQ Are there springs in the ocean bed. ml 21 Does jolly tar flow from a tree, fig ,gg Can a river lose its head? fa sg Are fishes crazy when they go in Seine? 00 as Can an old hen sing-her lay? I y 'Q , Would youltake a pill for a window pane. ig, hi Can you mind the break of day. ,N 0.0 Would wall-paper make a good hotel, QQ ' 1 ust because there are borders there? W' OO . . QQ D04 , Would you paint a rabbit on a bald man's head, IQ1 just to give him a little hair? gy kv What kind of a vegetable is a policeman's beat? va Is a newspaper white when read? ill jQl Is a baker busted when he kneads his dough? fa lb Is an undertaker's business dead? QQ pgq . . . .0 So, never give a nickel to an old pohceman, R.: IO! For nickels weren't made for coppers. y Cl .' If a grass widow marries a grass widower, ' .0 '04 me 57 iiould tile Chndfen2113if53fsha,iP23ii,,, hurrP M .. you a e a sqaure e . .. N1 Can you dlg with the ace of spades? ag Would you throw a rope to a drowning man, Q6 just to give a little lemon ade? 2. 3 HENRY CONNELLY DOI 9' . ' O0 ill pg' fd KINKS AND KURLIKEWS M gi! Statistics on the use of the paper clip are taken in a large office: Poker Chips .... 19,413 2 if To play with while telephoning 14,163 U9 21 Bobbed Hair Holders . . 10,801 L04 Tooth Picks .u .. . . 9,021 LQ' QS Eliiiriilpsiiffffril Kit ' 31333 L" fb,-A Lingerie Clasps . 7,160 "Q wg To throw around . 5,534 C' ,.l Ford Repair Parts . 5,308 fd O. Cuff Links . . . 5,302 Q , 2: Shirt Sleeve Adjusters , 4,183 LO: Pipe Cleaners . . . 3,163 lQq 5.4 ginerganiybfiarter f. ive ta ers . . g.: Lamp Shade Holders . 192 z. Ill To clip papers with 78 IQ fo? r r r A Ra ' Did you hear about the fellow who burnt some sulphur on a five cent piece PQ i f.1 and thought the black stain was nickel sulfide., 5 OO gg Ill . 3. O. , - . .,., . . H . . . ' 1: n'-- '-f-v'v'vvvk:?"'vvvvvvvvvvv ' 9.of8o.iof8838888oMs.sSfiofioidffqfoffefofoit f.!88ofoS9.?88ofofafofio. 149 53 ,go ki' PJ all M 0.0!l9.0.93.l!OO IN 00 Ill I0 ICI 00 nu O0 D01 OO IN OO PJ sf' is? .0 .,,f .r no m .U na O. W not BI il Y BUGHOUSE BALLADS It was many and many a year ago As the hours were breathing faint and low When freedom from her mountain height On a dark and dreary night Under the spreading chestnut tree Spake, For this I sought thee. f Tell me not in mournful numbers As the baby sleeps and slumbers What workmen wrought thy ribs of steel. Ring out, oh bells, and peal! Tell me of the one hoss shay, Friend of my better day. It was such a night in '95 Hardly a man is now alive To hear- the tolling of the bells, Or what the Ancient Mariner tells, Upon whose bosom snow has lain Ah! Go on thou sudden train. HELENE A. S. BOBER A WET PROPOSITION Wild waters . . . .very rough. Pretty girl . . . .rather tough Saw a boy ....Just a shiek Grabbed a chance . . . .gave a shr1ek. Tumbled back . . . .1nt0 the sea. In he jumped . . . .full a glee Now she s his . . .very trim But she had . . . .to fall for him HELENE A. S. BOBER half an hour late. He couldn t find a place to park- H : I went to hear a memory expert lecture last night SHE: Was he good? H : Naw he forgot to show up. -'-1 ' 5:""""""' Mari ' ' SQ'Sfoiifofdya'ftbfidififdofoflftk 4 IN 0 nt oo nn so not oo m oo W 5.4 f M if f. hi 52 gg: 'Q if 50 n uooouoooouoe -ooooousoooouo anon-uooaooooa W Ill oo PM OO ul OO ner no W Ill 1 4 U QE faq m P91 51 ' P' 0 83 2' non U O4 M Liza ' e f . . y . EE if U01 ' fee 0. O. we 1 wa Q vu pil ' 3, r K T va 0 ' - 5 nu not fd ' - B' oo no na nu fo' " .A if if an B06 Pg The scientist who was to lecture on "The Inlinitude of Space" was lil ' - v I M E H in n 11 ,.l gg ., ,, oo . E , Ill fu B1 o.0o9Q!.v.0.09o.oQo9.G 3i:9,o9oo.qo.oo.onocQt -3'oooooqqso.o9.o99.oa, 150 A ' -H' '-" - -"- 14- "'- ' "" ".fH""""""' "' 5,"8888888886.o2of85f 55' 5555553553194 28888886528 3288 5 I 53 321 as COLLEGE BOY: Your dog is a Satndwich dog." fa gg SWEET YOUNG THING: Why? gg 52 COLLEGE BOY: Because he's half-bred Cbreadl we ICI " I' I nd sq TOURIST: Cin village storej "Whaddya got in the shape of automobile fa gp tire?" QQ Pg CLERK: "Funeral wreaths, life preservers, invalid cushions and dough- gil nuts." 1, if 5 B bk 4: 4: f-J M' MISS SOUTHER: Anyone who has tive or more errors is a failure. ru OO OO P01 MAISEL: Cloudlyj I"ve got four and a half. IO! fa 4 4 4 Q9 PUPIL: What twentieth is this? Q MISS SOUTHER: Ccondescendingklyj :To-:day's. IO . POI as A question we would like answered: fd sg Why does Miss Adams lock boys in her room? ro? Another: he Who was the art teacher who made the following statement? fd as There will be a meeting of tile Amphibious this afternoon. ?.q as Harold Seltzer was reporting on a passage in Shakespeare and chewing gum at intervals. va TEACHER: Seltzer, gum and Shakespeare don't mix. we lk lk IF , nl HISTORY TEACHER: I advise you to use Bassett for this reference. ug QQ "CHICK" 'DUNN1 Which one? ff as TEACHER: Well, the big Bassett is good, but all the little Bassetts are 504 here and they're better. lil U 4: 4: 4: QQ Ol ' ' 501 2915 HELEN INGHAM: Are we going to read "The Pied Piper of Hamlin!" . TEACHER: No, you've probably had that read to you ever since you were Ill in short clothes. .C ' 4: HK if .Q I I Pg HISTORY TEACHER: Mr. Sowka, where's your Beard? 0.0 O1 lol Lg SOWKA: I left it home. .0 Ik 4: 4- "Ili TEACHER: Name a dramatic element in the poem: "How they brought I ' bfi! U ,.q the Good News from Ghent to Aix." . fa gg SCHMALZ: Then the horse rolled over and died. .g ICI Pk 4: 4: IQ! rl! SPANISH TEACHER: CTO "Les" Hume in the ofiicej "I see you're licking fa postage stamps again." - fu r.s "LES" HUME: "Yes,' I'm .trying to find if they all have glue on them." fd a 'K Ht 3 Lg WILFRED HOUSE: Cto his pall "If there were three crows on the back fence and I shot one, how many ,would be left?" . lil 'll ll EUGENE BROWN: "There would be two left." O, 'N WILI-'RED HOUSE: "No, because if I shot one the others would fly away." I. OO - ll LOA EUGENE BROWN: "That's what I have been saying-two left." Nl D01 O0 , - , - . , ' - - - 90 . v ' 'Y v --- 1-rv ?v 'vvv vvvvvv' ' ' oposffeffffffofo? 5fofofffffffofo'fo'o's9?. ,4'ffo'o?o1f3fofoSss.oa ' 151 i 'l'0"'0"0""03""t?40' "" """""'1'vvv--------. -,, , .9.f.,.f.Ae:e.,gces2i,ssssf.ssssssssv, Ol ' oo fo? W E HEIGHTS OF THE GLASS REACHED AND KEPT GJ l I HEIGHT OF AMBITION-T bt ' h 0 l Pa Normal School. 0 o ain t e average of 8O'Z, for 5.4 RQ II l'lEIG.HT OF PRECAUTION-Smoking on school grounds against 'N o, Mr. Slade s wish. ff LO: . III. HEIGHT or FTAMILIARITY-Trying to get Mrs. Smith to 5:4 crack a Joke during periods. .Z IV HEIGHT OF FooLIsHNEss-Giving special period slips. 521. 0. V HEIGHT OF POPULARITY-Senior Club Dances. .1 506 claSSVI HEIGHT OF OBSCURITY-Those not graduating with their vw - I no if VII HEIGHT OF GARRULOU -S k' F h ' DQQ Guilliano'S Spanish Class. SNESS pea mg renc m Mr' C 301 VIII HEIGHT OF UNRESTRAINT-MiSS Glover trying to keep 50 5? Ruth Ramsey quiet. 5.4 P. IX HEIGHT OF CONTROL-Traffic in. the Vocational Building. Ill .w CMove along boys. Last bell has runglj .0 N' HEIGHT OF ABSURDITY-John Reid trying to explain a QQ Physics theory to Mr. Campbell. IQ' Pg XI HEIGHT OF STUPIDITY-Freshmen on first day of school. wg XII HEIGHT OF CLEVERNESS-Seniors putting something over 00 nl on the faculty. gg XIII HEIGHT OF LAZYNESS-Fraternity members the A. M. ICI we after their dance. nl XIV 'HEIGHT OIT AC'l'IVITY1Th6 Clerk giving non-tardy passes QQ. r.q to those missing the bus. ' D01 ., XV HEIGHT OF GENEROSITY-A teacher giving 95 for Sup- fa L01 lementary Work every five weeks. 00 is XVI HEIGHT OF PovERTY-Seniors after Graduation. Lg g Lp XVII HEIGHT OF LUXURY1USlHg all your own books through- Nl out High School. . y wg YOUYPQQIIII HEIGHT car IMPOSSIBILITY-Trying to bluff in getting car signe . A Pg ' XIX HEIGHT OF INNOCENCE-A new teacher on her first day we In High School. h gm MARGARET BURKE. . PSY? 00 MEMORIES F01 00 .. We entered here thre N L.: Thinking and planniriegytliJa1SStuaci?,so, I fo L.: But many of us fell by the way L04 And studied little from day to day, 00 5.4 Perplexed our teachers and went astray. ? I IQ1 But now that we are leaving you 6 r.q To enter in lIfe's field anew, L0 .Q Our thoughts are turning to days gone by IQ L04 When we were gathered at dear old High. I fd 5.4 HARRY THOMPSON. ll' ll 00 . . . , ,,,, , , .S pq D 0000000000000 IH' 'QDDQDQ' 'gig' 3' 'yr ga' - ' vvvv v ' v v . . .. 9.on9.0g.9p9go.o.0p.c,slafospppnfoo.o.8o.8eQtfbffffofofofiffofofofiio, .' ' 152 "' "" "' ' "" 1 :'4"" " """" ""v" vv-'- v-- g SfRafofi833iii8o?9 2a3SSSS55S55SSf.S1'2f,.2t.f388886fd.f.flf48 J PJ w ru M sq JUST IMAGINE .. 23 Glennie Peterson flunking a Civics test. L.: at Schlaefar wearing Alden Hewett's suit. 5.4 .9 Zehrer modest. 3.4 2: Mrs. Smith agreeable. fa ,gg The Senior High School without the present seniors. QQ ga Emily Clark weighing 96 lbs. W 35 Bett Tallard usin make-u . lf!! s r Y . g . P . 6 4' Ili Florxne Christesen wearing spike heels. QQ Scully with a girl. Q. ra Israirgerd a pugilist. B06 aun ers a statesman. p Jacoby the leading character in class night cast. ,a Elsie Drager without her chewing gum. QQ Martha Koplowitz in the Ziegfield follies. ,ll ICI Helen Erickson without a certain young man. f.Q P.g Mrs. Tallon forgetting the traffic regulations. QQ QQ The dressing rooms without the mirrors. LO: L.: Ruth Schaefer graduating with honors. 3.1 Ml Mr. Sallee's desk tidy. .O f.q Fay taking his nice new car out at night or in the rain. na QQ Girls' gymnasium with all modern equipment. O1 21 Clifford Bell in a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit. a ,gg Loren Larson wearing a size 6M hat. . Q OO Frances Campbell upholding the vices of the modern Happer. .J gg Peter Kelly in bed at 7.30 o'clock. .1 Ill Ellen Alexander on time. ,O 51 Ruth Duntz a notorious woman. .J EQ! wk ik if fag JOHN MCGUIRE: "There's two smart boys in my English Class." , 2: W. MOREY: "Yeh, you, and who else?" .1 lff ak as 4: ' ' O0 Ol wg VVILMER BARNES: Cto assailantj Next time you sock me, don't punch me in the stummickf' A f IN JURED AssA1LANT: t'Well, I can't reach your head." ICI wk wk :sf is K ONLY sEN1oRs1 51 ,gg QApologies to Poej fl fa One day as I sat a-thinking, QQ Thinking of the days of yore, LO: 5.4 I heard a rumbling and a tumbling, ,gg 'QQ - Just outside my class room door. rl OO Up the hall a noisy clatteringg .Q 5.4 "Twas some seniors just returning, UCI ICI Only that and nothing more. ag HELENE A. S. BOBER Q. A W oo 'Ol , ' - '- ' v "" " '-"Q- --'-"'v v-vvvvvJ,!?""'vvv'vvvvv vw.. J - .ofiiiefiffdiiiofok.ssfofdifoi .ffoffoftaizr1JP84ofoSf.?8ofof.Sf.f4... ' 3 153 ' """"" ""' 1 340' "" """""vvQv-vvv-v-vvv-- v-- 5:'o288s'888888i888e. 2vp3SSSSS52o5S32.S28g.' 28.288888628892128 . g lil IN OO OO 2' SNAPPY SNATCHES FROM PARIS ?1 n I ht 1. Flat as a flounder. 'Q 2. Bowl you over. .9 g, 3. You couldn't make a worse mistake if you hunted for a week. va pq 4. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. pgq sq 5. Reading is understanding. tg 6. Qui s'excuse s'accuse. gg, tHe who excuses himself accuses himself .D :ji 7. Every minute is precious. at as 8. You haven't said any thing. .O n 9. The hardest workin the world is to think. LQ nog 10. Oh! You poor thing. 11. Now, see here, this has got to stop. f ' Ev . 12. Mathematically correct. sf , I gechave come to the rock bottom of this thing. 5.3 I . B 's. jj' 90 15. Elementary principles. .9 L2 16. Napoleon stalks through the pages. LO: 17. You slaughter this beautiful work. . va lf' an A It an IQI 32 STREIEIUOUS TEAC?-IER! QGlaring 'at classy Who knows the answer to nl t at question. N' Oy Everyone is silent. gg Pg STRENUOUS TEACHER: Nobody. Caccompanied by a few groans! Ill IO! O' OO 53 . A TERRIBLE STRUGGLE QQ I . Ill if QPZaylet in one actj QQ 1 b Ervery gcgfiingg first period. 0.2L : renc ass. ' se CHARACTERS: French teacher, members of French class. f.1 CLast bell rings and teacher speaksj pg OO Commencez a'lire, s'il vous talip, O0 wg Monsieure- QThe gentleman rises and struggles manfully with it for a few v ff. minutes, then makes a bad breakj gd OC TEACHER: femitting a few groansj Oh! Sit down! QQ B.: Sit down! I can't stand that. Next. I 2. Ill fAnother person rises and begins. He mispronounces an im- DOI f,1 portant word.j - ' fa TEACHER: Cin. a high-pitched voicezj Ha! I knew it! I knew it! fa E33 I kngsiniivgiecilinltcfachleldlion you that you'd fail. al: Ha! Ha! Cgrowlingj - L.d That's the trouble with you high-school people. You think you L.: can come here and play your time away. Someday you'll 3.4 pgg be sorry. You wasted your time. CThrows book down Ml ag disgustedlyj 'Prepare your lesson. O ' "' "" "" "Q' """' ""'v'vvk',r ""VY"'vv'vvv Eg Q . 52 ' 9.o28fiQff8ff88foS2ZiTS2o2o2ifof688o28o2o2oi.'-3888oS28888o2oS2888. 154 - . 1. ' "-'v 'vvvv "" "gv4' """ """"'fMv'vvvvvvvvvvv wvv 3 fofoffsffiflffiffofsi21SSSSSfo5SSfofoSfoSS?a'fioffdiifkifpflfi' g W 93 gf THE MOST ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR if The most absent minded professor is the one, who, about to start . ' on a journey, Filled his wife with gasoline, kissed his road map good- gg 9, bye, and tried to shove his automobile into his pocket. 504 Pg , sk 4: af 5.4 LO: ETHEL TOPANNE-DO you know that Hiag Yessian is a real time gre saver. ff ' - ANNE'-HOW do you figure that out? as ETHEL-HE always does his daily dozen in Civics class. faq V . if if it . . , 'gg SELTZER1Wh8H is that skatingunnstructor going to give you a lesson. C I MINERVA-HC promised me a sitting tommorrow. U 1 wk an wk i ,.1 . O I I "I graduate in june." ,ll sg "Allow me to congratulate the school." af fog "' "' " if VISITOR'It,S a funny game they play in this city. fa QQ RESIDENT-Why, what do you mean? QQ .Og VISITOR-You have to walk between those White lines running across pu the streets, because if an automobile hits you outside of them it N sq doesn't count. ru oo " " ' 00 L.: Miss WADDELL-How are you getting on with the Typewriting? ,gg MARY WALICKI-Fine. I can make twenty mistakes in a minute pg' he now. as " " 1 I so L04 I Saw a gum-drop on the street P4 - 1,3 I saw a side-walk without feet f- ' Q W I heard a birch-bark in the dark 2: I saw the moon-light up the park .J ggq I saw a shoe that lost it's sole IQ1 fa Where even doughnuts came out whole -00 ' I saw a lamp-post lots of mail And saw an air-brake out of jail - ' HJ? I saw a cow-slip on some peels iii fd And watched O'Sullivans rubber heels fd QQ I saw a horse-fly Off one day O0 B.: And I think the chimney-flue away 5.4 pg: I saw a tropical-clime a tree N4 fa And felt the night-fall down on me fa O0 I saw Dickens turn and Oliver Twist fd 5.4 There's little I have missed g. jjl Except one very peculiar thing, Ill r.q I'VE NEVER HEARD A WEDDING RING! la I ETHEL JOHNSON fd L. ANNE ROSENTHAL 5. IO1 1 OO li ill Nl ..- v -- vv" "" vvv --v---vvv- vvvvvllravvvvvvvvvvvvviv . ' nofifdefiffdidioiksfieiofddoiidfioffoftfiaG,d836eSf.??.f.f.Sf43.'. 155 .ii P sf 5 o 00090000006 Bvooooooootoooosgi oooooo Qooooooo , TO ONE OF OUR OWN PIONEERS Step forth with your head held high as you did today Step forth with that same firm step on your lonely way Across all fields Straight on though there be no path and the field be wide Straight on though you go alone and We Walk beside The road you left Our choice do not wish we d gone when we paused then let You go alone Step forth all the faith we lack and the strength oh may They too go across the fields as you make your way With head held high FLORINE CHRISTESEN TEACHER Ever read Carlyle s Essay on Burns? BULMAN I m not in the medical school How many sides has a circle? Two the outside and inside MATH TEACHER JANET JOHNSON I eat my peas with honey I've done it all my life, It makes the peas taste funny, But it keeps them on my knife. To meet, to know, to love, to part, ' Is the saddest thing in a schoolgirls heart. ,. FQ"-A P N DOI EE lil ot PM OO ICJ O lil OO lil .O PJ ICA 34 D High School Days have many delights, But they can't compare with the High School Nights. - ik Ik Ill TEACHER-HYOU look weary, Mr. Flgt.'f STEN-YES, opportunity has been knocking at my door so much that I can't sleep. P if if Ik A Senior scanning a Cavalier Tune: "King Charles! and Who'll do him, right now? 04 54. Q0 111 1, ' li vi U01 OO he 00 lOl Ol ICI OC um OO UCI OC ill Ol P01 it PJ 04 L UOORTOVO' 'O0Uf'Q'l2',O'fl'UOOU'O0'OU'3'O'l3fQiA 'O3'O'O'O'0'O??Q'0'0D'b'Q'g" Q - "'- 'Al'-4444-' '-4"' "'--""- '4--44- n44A--. 34 vi OO N1 OI ' OO 21 - - - . P3 fo! I ' f ' W OO g D04 lOl . . O. as . i . i we 83 ' W Fi? LJ at Think not that because we smile we do not regret M . ' - ' A W .Eg , ' , wg, Qi y 1 v I fq we ' ' - ia "1 - ra P01 ff 1 ff oo ' 7 ll YY 00 ' , . . 1 - - Q ICI W l ' I i fo? Nl as wk as I 09 .Q ill 93 . . . . Pd PJ D 2' ' ' ' - l fo? W P01 pu Oo CU Nl vi eg 1 31 I i I we so IO: not 00 oo In P4 hi ks' if as 4: 00 .vi I Q'OD'OlUUUl3'O'O3vg "ggCOD3'O'033'O3'OU3'C54 ' ?fO3'O'6'OWfO'O'C'O'O33' ' .OD9..A.D.O! JSDQ.lQSf.l,O. '10109.03!,0 156 - nyffob in '1 'o o' 0' o ta , was "a'oayo'o' LHOQOOOUOOO Q9 OO O O O O0 fir W OO O 0 - OO I L r xx ,1 ffl X 'vo xx 3 .. li hr N of Q vi., o x - Ol , , I 03 N yn Q' 53 . 0 Y NK X ' gf MB, g 1 9' H - 0' , j 0? 9 1 x w ' r 4 5' ? an b so Q 3' ' 1 " of of 90 1 not L o on J ' ' ' ' ' "" ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' V ' ' V ' Y V V' Q7 ' ' V V 7 V 7 V V V off!" '8883 ' X PV ' 3 ffrfoiigiy "" " '!.f.f3 ,L f J' , ' -f Q'-'rw P- -sf' . . if A M f'ia.-.l-L--.- :LF-1'-'T-'ie5'LJii!"'." 11.112--2ii'i'.4."' '12 :eH--f"'-f-'?.2'-t"- - li'-isff-.3 3.22, 1 W.-4'-1:7 -1 ' gg. --' fri .- 'Q' -. 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Suggestions in the New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) collection:

New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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