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ATHLMQILS L..8EGLE7T q'gg1Qic"''QxfQic'Qx1gic'QxIQxc 1:23 ,ps :PB ,ps 12,223 L32 :l2s, QQQJQQQS 'tgfxiqcgfaiccgfgiq 5:531NbJ521x3:xlIx1, Pb 'sa gcrqg 455: Q555 fcggfvc fc 4555 gg Ysigzxsrz sgixxggvixxgr 253 kxsr 60 063' iz-Ju BCE' LARGE but inexperienced squad of prospective candidates reported to Mr. Cassidy on the second day of school. After the most promising looking members had been properly equipped, preparations for the hard schedule of games to follow began. The prospects for a winning team from the first were not bright as only two "regulars" from the H1921 State and Triangular League Championship Team" reported for duty, namely Captain Murtha and Charles Rakowski. The other squad members were almost totally lacking in football experience and -sufficient weight to match up to the size with any of our season's opponents. Nevertheless, the team which wore the Red and Gold of 1922, while not measuring up to that of the 1921 championship quality, was by no means the weakest team that has ever represented the Red and Gold. The fact that the team was able to score 19 points in six out of nine games contested indicates that the team was not altogether lacking in consistency, skill and power. Its efficiency seemed to in- crease as the season advanced and when the season's climax was reached-the Hartford game-the team was at its best. Although outweighing New Britain twenty pounds a man and boasting the best team in the state and one ot the heaviest and best that ever represented the Blue and White, Hartford could only defeat us 13 to 3. In that game alone, our team won more esteem in defeat than many others in victory. In closing, the team and school wish to express its sincere praise and appre- ciation to Coach Cassidy for his splendid coaching, good co-operation with every- one connected with the school and for the fine spirit which has been manifested by all the teams which he has coached for the Red and Gold. Q THE TEAM: Ends-Haber, Giana, LaHar and Naples Tackles-Bojrowski and McCabe Guards-Deodorian and Rakowski ' Center-Coyle and Thorne Quarterback-Erickson and Reynolds .Halfbacks-Gierochowski, McCue, O'Brien and.VValker Fullback-Murtha and Thorne The following are the results of the games of 1922 : Opponents N. B. H. S. 21 East Hartford 0 N, B, H, S, 0 Drury High QN. Adams, Mass.j 36 N. B. H. S. . 6 ' Alumni 13 N, B. H, S, 0 Kent School 47 N. B. H. S. 0 Meriden High School 13 N. B. H. S. 7 New Haven High School 13 N. B. H. S. 13 Bulkley High School 6 N. B. H. S. 46 Columbia Prep. School QN.Y.J 0 N. B. H. S. 3 Hartford High School 13 E523 S23 E553 232335-mi? 325583 225552 32555, 2 E931 4U A A N V xxyvl NJ v pw .NV VV' J QJ nl 'A N' A5 w if xig 2155 KCC KIQQC v4cc 454cv4 cc V 'A J J 'fi ,I A 'A KN I' 'fx A 'A ,X 0 A MX 'A 'A ,VX A 'A UN A wr A A QA 92 M R 'AQ AA I 'aa Y Y A 9 Q22 'AM A rw I' 'A 'A 'A A A A 'A 'A 'A , 2 U. VM :Cl W V V V J 7 ' v 1V 'D UR vy vw WI P A IV Am 'Y' Qf ,X W My A C Sa MI Am 1 x CAQCZZ Q Q'-3 fix? Qi c'CC1 CC q'QC1iS iq W 25 5-:'if5j 5-55 S51 5'55i ,i,'i5f:2 52 Ziqixfiic 'lx1xCcQg1ki4Qx1xfcg7 355378535215 35522: Qy531S5Ds2 if Yccfqgrcrcgt 1 Qgfcvi gc Qgfcvi zcfqgrcvc zz 4571322511 SQZXBYE S DZXBY f -3 x 2253-23: , r I I , v., iz' ' 5' jf if-A" W- 'f ', Af i 5 f 5,5 F P ,.:.l it L -, V n EW I , L " f 5 5 'fx ' qi A A Z iq' Z' ' A Zi ' 52 A 'i5': Aa'55':2 3':'5s :2'3':f5s :ini flggghiiigixl LQSZQ 555211 sbsgix 1, gps?-fx bbxg li !cfQ gfc-Cf!g ggrcvircc Qgfc-1,66 Qffi fi Kc S73 372215 322513 32 IXQ -53775513 I941 Ciqcgfiif ixlkiqcxfixccxliiq XQDsQIS5D327S5D521N 2, 775118 bbs if C ,ic Qc v z cc v f qccvc c 125233 ,b2X3bxb1X3T ,b2X35i :gCQxfZ'H"c'5 'ilixzix CYQXIZ x ixxzcx Q' 1 1 255-:'5s 1 2 5455921 bmsi 5 is ,'iis Q c Q c c c Q c c Q c a x px i Vi i Vi v l Vi i Vi l i m N i Ai fi ml. an UG? igasfkethall EMORY ot' the 1922-23 basketball season will long be cherished with a great. deal of pleasure, pride and satisfaction by every supporter of the New Britain High School. Our team this year not only tied VVilby High School for state championship honors, but also, by winning every game in the Triangular League, brought to New Britain the Triangular League Championship Cup, donated for this series by the Yale University Athletic Association. To win from New Haven and Hartford in basketball on their own courts in the same year is an athletic teat which has been accomplished by few former New Britain High School teams. ' The last game of the season was played at Hart lord, and during the first. twenty minutes of play, so intensely keen was the struggle that the score at half time was only 2 to 1, with our team leading. This keen competition continued throughout the whole game and the final score, New Britain 9, Hartford 6, records more accurately and forcefully perhaps, than any detail of words could. What may be said o I' the Hartford game may be said of every game played by the Red and Gold. p It would be unfair to single out any particular player for praise as every member played equally well. Captain James Reynolds was used by Coach Cas- sidy to build the team around. His strong, steady and consistent playing throughout the season fully justified this plan. Space is lacking here to tell what the next plan was, but it is enough to say that it resultedpin 13 victories out ot 17 games played. Five of the regular players of the team will be graduated this June, but with such sterling players as Captain-elect Neipp, Belser and Gripp to start the season with next year ought to result in another good team. The team and school can give nothing but its highest praise and appreciation to Coach Cassidy for his good coaching and splendid school spirit which he holds ever in mind for the benefit of the Red and Gold. ' THE TEAM: Forzvards-Reynolds, LaHar, Gripp and Belser GlLfI'l'dS-XV6l1', Neipp, Gripp and Murtha Center-McCabe :il CQ? S CS X AQQ1 Qiixx fix QAQK Iii Q ,Aff f 9 2 5119 5 Q is-p'5f:Qq7 his-if 5 D C121 gziif Txzkicc xfxgqc gfxxqg 55218 125215 bbsgix 1, RJ 52183252 rc fc Q 4 C c fc Qc cvivqcggrcvt fffgrcvc fc 1 igzxsg j?2N5-332251 -1 12233-1 X Awww' vw l96l LTQQIYTHHQXIYTB-QKZQ, H Y-if 'HEY' 'Bri -HTHYY ?iC-QKKSC- isa ggc -xc 1222222 222222222222 22222222 CQCQQZKC4 HCQZQQCCQIQQCCQZKQC lb27S3?32ZSDP32ZT DBZISDD rr: fc Qc? Q14 qc C :fc Q1 4 ice qc C :fc Y2321XBY2l2153f232153Y 721213372 5' 2 , 2 - , 2 Y , , , Y , wi Mvw MVv 533 1 ifv' N. B. H. S 52 Portland High School 5 25 The following are the results of the games played: V N , . - N i tjwi N. B. H. S. 30 Alumni 25 Wi, N. B. H. S. 37 South Manchester High School 29 N. B. H. s. 30 South BT3.I1Cl1CSt61' High School 22 N. B. H. 16 si. Thomas' soihiiioi-y 24 M N. B. H. s. 26 wiihy High School 24 W MW N. B. H. S. 37 Collegiate Prep. CNew Havenj 19 gg? N. B. H..S. ' 18 Meriden High School 14 N. B. H. S. P 28 New Haven High School 22 Mig N. B. H. s. is wiihy High School 22 55 N. B. H. S. 15 Crosby High CWate1'lJu1'yj 34 law N. B. H. S. 18 Meriden High School V 3-1 NJ' 5 I N. B. H. S. 29 Gilbert School fWl11St6dD 19 H .N J lx Q 15552155 WWW WD-P-OO -J -J C: ZQE SEP: 42:1 flee E22 2222 DEE E399 ,... 23" qgd f-N C0 i-120 mn-up' 539' 9-5 1-110 no na co 5 2 N. B. H. S. 9 Hartford High School 6 0 l 1. OFFICERS OF THE SEASON i Captain, James Reynolds i Manager Leroy Begley General Mafnuger, George Sclieyd Hi AM "f 'AAO 222' QQ: ., . My . , Coach, George M. Cassidy M Wim' The officers of the season were: QQZ 'AGA AM on, CC 1 i , Captain, George Murtha 1 I General M imager, George Scheyd N .A . ' Ki Manager, Isadore Croll ,QQ iii MAW dag! Wi. 'ANN MW mi M6 'NNN W ww A . ' :gi-QXZZ X 4' 'ggggiiggggi iaxzgi Q' - 'WT52 2-2'2i22 2A2'22' 22 2'2'22 22 2'2'2 B 3 qq44g1ZiC 'K xfaccc xzaqct xfacc 2221X2D2l152J221S1. 2231223 25 ff 555.4 IC . 55 5.f.f5.455,1.C.C S.f.c,i ff ,I S 21 31552255252 293, , 23 DJ xp 2' V' f971 ft Nt F, t , - - 4 ' ' 75 ' HJJBVDJ b'D'5b'J2 LADHSB 99 DYDSSDFDAJ ixiilfgig X5i5g?2?2f2222i22E2 ,53115vvbzfxbvxzfwigugbbzfxbgsz 42 5245 4 4 64 X 4444444 QSKQCKC 45,4355 1 b33?2N3.5 32259332251 9 avoir S : sa , BELL 'ltltlgxll' li l lt za lk X 5 l GRPCE. RBCHTER '23. HE prospects for this seasons team do not seem very bright as only three lettcrmen remain in school to start tl1e season of 1923, namely: Captain XVcir. Ralph Gray, and Harold Beagle. The team met with many drawbacks. For example, Kania, Klatka, and Prciser did not return to school, and Haber and Gerochowski were unable to compete because ol' low scholastic standing. This changed the prospects which otherwise seemed bright. However, it is a little early to assign the team to the scrap heap, for they may yet give us some pleasant surprises. So far only one game has been played, that with South Manchester High School, from which our team emerged victorious, 7 to 4. Coach Cassidy is putting the team through a course of intensive training and rapid improvement is easily discernible. The way in which some of the men are working shows that Coach Cassidy's efforts have not been in vain, and that a winning team may be hoped for. tic' 2 x Q' ' ' Z" 'Q' ' lic' ' ' Z x 4' 1 :Q ,Axis 22 fiis :2':': P 5 1 Qjfiii 95:2 K 5 452915 45? X255 4 3514 4 32214 4 D 3218 D P 3213 12' 5273 D P 3213 :J sz qc 4 4 45,4-124 Y 547471 4454f4Yc 44fq 4f4Yc 44 1 V vb s 22X3Y1322533522X3' 932233733 ' E981 li :'QQ1 is 1' " ' "xxx Z5 q'Qx'z Zi Q'Qx 1 Qi Q' pi 5-55 9 D fi? P X, D 55's 5 5' Ji 3fiiYi5 at SQ Q Y Z , - , , X x J ccxf ic cxficccgz fccx1fXfc4 PBDINPPBWXNP 3P15l DEXXDPY -c 1c5gfcvc fc 55,4-ig: Qgfcrqgq ggcfcgc 1 v, 3322X3p3b2X3vlS22XBl, f ,3,2X3v1i- 'Q f -A: ' Q, ,Bb N31 'x 'fx 'Kr v- ,XXV .fx ny, mn. ln- :S QAQQK iifa fix? gli gggk giixxzgx Q' if BAS55' 2 Q 5-:'if:2 :Assn 1 5f5':'5f:2 DAQ Zxccxfffq g7x4,qc QIQCC x1x34 PBSIN 3932735535-131, Rbsxfxxbsl 3 cc ggycrc ac Ycgfcvc -cc cgfcvc fc qc cf fc L 715225575 SQIXBQ 2 225jiXfv3 x52X63 5 2 ' E991 4 'v ' c4CQ1 QR A M N, lj V 'Cv U M W' nl f vl N. J WJ xl Cv A: 'J xl +2 Ai 107 M 'A A ft A 'rx 'fx 'A 'N 0 'A fx A 'A 'N A 'A 'fx 'rx 'A 'N A 'A A A 'A fx 0 A 'fx 'A 'A 'N rw 'A 'A N A 'A 'N Wn M W A LC E E A A A A C 6 'x c'Qx1Si Q' ' 'QRIZCCQXK giiiizi-3 Q I by 1-:'5s 3 5 3-:'if25 ,'i5i :i1's Q 3 Q 1' p lic: QZQQC xzxgccxzxiccxfxxc Jxgzxxyxgzxpzxglx 352133251 rrccc qc crigc ggrcvcfc qccfcgc ggrcvcfg p3225bY1s22X3Y1S21X3Y fr f53Q2H5j3 ,M - . Q s 51. .1 -'-.' ., 31 Sunn i .Q nuts J' ' ' 1.7, -n """"' WWA i n i o . jp 0 0 - . Q 0' I 43, Hof' X 9 . U op X, I f,-T 9 qs-4. ft ,I 2 tn 4 ,1 .. ,, gf THE PICTURE TAKING "All ready .... Thatfs it, fold your arms and sit a little straighter. Just moisten your lips a bit, can you? Now keep your eyes about here. Fine! No, a little farther over here. Hold it! A little more. Hold it! Not quite so much. Ah, that's Hue! Now just a little show of happiness." f Click! It was finished. I paid my dollar down, then went out with the promise of my proofs next week. Being deeply engrossed in thinking of my pleasing personality and what girls would appreciate my picture the most, I so far forgot myself as to pass Dickin- son's Drug Store without having a soda. LE GRAND PRIX After nearly four years of trying, Paul LaHar has succeeded in breaking the school record for tardiness. Instead of figuring out how many times he was tardy, the clerks now find it much easier to ind out how many times he was not. A special supply of tardy passes has been ordered for his use. IK! 'lf 'F OVERHEARD IN THE CORRIDOR "How did youcome out in your Eng- lish test?" 'tOh! I knocked it 00ld." X Howzat ? " "Got zerof' iz'ii1 QS Q7 ' 'CQ if QYQXIQ c'qx xiii Q' :Q 3'i5f Q 5 1-:'5s 1 51'55 J :Q 5':'5i 2 ix' D S DD 1i5D lik, QDBEZSBD CQcc xlxic 1 gfxxccxzuicc gfxQc 3-fx 53 bl Y 52 354 qgrcrc zc 557:-Cgc cc c5 rc 5555 31 1s22YXY33322X3'b 351337 rv-b 32251531 tvs ,D ,ui Nj' lr JJ yt vs .CV ev at U73 wxllvfh lu .Nj J is .95 GJ iss .QU dl .Ju ,av MV IM iv c'Qxzgg C Qlii 4 V li yt if J U W .yy W w yd V if lvl x 6 lu M G J lm MV 5 V :Q f?ii??f P52522 5225255525222 ily' ' Di 2332 55 2332 ii 2 D32 1 35 D 332 D' 2 Q 5 , B5 5 D f C s55.f !s ,ss,C,f ff 55,c,1!f 455.4 fs I Y: 5293 615 971 si 2533 gg SSZXQE 3 SUFFERING HU MANITY t'Hello!" "Hel1o!" "Done our French?" Y SlNO'7Y "Your Trig?" UNO 77 "Done anything?" UNO 73 "XVhat's the matter? Sick?" UNO 7! "Spring fever ?" UNO 77 "In love?" QNO U "Wo1'ki11g ?? UNO Y7 4'Athletics ?" KSNOD77 t'Dancing?" HN0'77 f'Then what's the matter?" "Too busy-that's allf' 'tOh!" ii fl? if BRIGHT SENIOR ' Physics Teacher: "Mr-, can you tell me whatwe use as a common con- ductor of electricity?" . Student: 'fWhy-er-" Physics Teacher: "Correct! Now please tell us by what we measure a cur- rent of electricityf' Student: "The what? sir." Physics Teacher: "Very good. That will do." ' if if 46 Frank: "Have you noticed ho W round-shouldered Bleau is getting?', Art: "Yep, he's running around with a short girl." ikliifik i REMEMBRANCE We remember, we remember, The school where we were taught: The teachers and the study books That Knowledge to us brought. We remember, we remember, The tests we used to crib: And how we explained absences Witli answers smooth and glib. THE PATHOLOGY OF PROHIBITION Sambo: "Say, Joe, ah's got a cow. Yessuh, dat cow gives two hun- dred quarts of milk a day." Joe: "Two hundred quarts ob milk a day! Lawda Massa! Dat am some cow! You ought to have a patriotic name for her: why don't you call her "United States'?" Sambo: "What.! Me call ma cow 'United States' and she go dry? Nuthin' doin'." good 25? SF 1? AT THE PROM She: 'AI could just dance all nightf' He: 'ASO could I." She : "Dont you love that jazz piece? Isn't it peppy?" He: "Isn't it, though?" Q She: A'And the orchestra, isn't it grand?" - He: "Yes, so it is." She: "I'd just love to sit over there in that dark, cool place. Let's, will you?" He: HSure." She: "Look, you can see the stars and moon from here! Ainlt nature grand?" Latter She: 'tGood night."! He: "Good night." She: "Mother, I just think he's the nicest boy I ever met. Mother: "Yes? XVhy do you like him so well, dear?" She: 4'XVhy, I don't know. I guess it's because he's so conversational." 7? - Z ' ' ' xf kiqif Ziq-Qfggiqr I 553755592 3':'5B :j3':'53 9j5'52'f:i xgxiiicc igiqcc QZCQQ .5213 553215 555115 I Q? bll5 DPL? Qvcc 45 Ycii ac cg cvc ec Qgfcfc cc Q c :vc za ,QEQJXBQ 3221522253 g QSQFRYB S 1:1011 IFIIFI BEEHI 1923 VOLUME X I 71716717.0111 Vfzzm 1111! I'1lIl'l'!Il7I. :yi -Nm A Pzlbfisfzed by 1 Q? -75 THE BOARD OF PUBLICATION OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NEW BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT .165 Q c'gxa CCC ' 'ixxz if IICCI 3 CTQYI Q' ccx1xQc5 Tx1QQcQx1QQccx1 gc qrcgcvc ac qc c5 cc qggcvc 1:55, 3a :23::3:23::3223::3 :23:p3:231 Q14 23313 1233133732131 73213 3931 crcfc Y3g31333321x1333133Y Y 735313335 Editor: "Will you try and think of something funny which has happened for a. Beehive joke?" Pupil: "I'm sorry but I have two classes this afternoon so I will have no time to think." THE NECESSITIES OF M'LADY A pretty little pout around her little mouth, A pretty little 'twinkle 'round her eye, A pretty of lungs with which to laugh and shout., NVhen her hero's on the gridiron with his colors flying high. A little bit ot' powder to dab upon her nose, Some pretty clothes to make her quite "petite," A little smile of sunshine. A blush that 's like a rose, All these necessities make m'lady quite complete. 4 i i Teacher texplaining Math. probleml -"Now you watch this board closely and I'll run through it." is 3 S "XVhat is steam?" "Water gone crazy with the heat." if if if Linton: "My head is afiref' Boardman: "I thought I smelled wood burning." if If if Teacher: "IVhat is a synonym?" Senior: "The word you use when you can't spell the other." if i 95 Teacher to ex-student at Yale: "How are you getting along in your lan- gua.ges?" Student: "NVell, they were all Greek to me and I wot in Dutch so I took TEACHERS' FAMOUS EXPRESSIONS Show me your pass!" "When I lived in Albany." Whata mess of papers!" Our object for to-day is to-" Bees and gossips buzz." You'll never pass." Lack of visualization, no plan at all." t'You're sure to get one of these on the College Board." "XVhen I was in college." 'tWill the cla-a-ss please come to ord-a-i-r. " "Remember you are J uniors." t'Who signed this excuse'Z,' "I've said this before and I'll say it again." "We'll have it quiet." "Whats the matter? Didn't the rest of you hear it?" 'tSmart people, why canlt we all be like them?', "For your own guidance." "Now I am going to talk with the cherubs. " "Quiet, girls." "If you act like freshmen I'll treat you like freshmenf, "Is that clear?" , "If there is any talking to be done I'll do it." "Please read that expla-na-tion." if ll i in ax 44 n u L6 Mr. Cassidy: 'tDid you ever drill be- fore you joined the R.O.T.C.?" Shurberg: "Sure, I worked three summers in a coal mine." i 1 if Shurberg: "Miss IVoodward must be a good checker player." Ellms: "What makes you think so?" Shurberg: "She told me it was my move, and if I didnlt move right away she'd make me jumpf' o 7? French leave. Q'CC1Z 3 Q' 'iQx1iSQ'gK1Qg chxzitg ' Q2 3'5if:: fiis Q, 37555 53':':'3' 22 32 iii cxzxiccglxq i D32135P33135b3l13 532133332 5: 5545152.56 as Q9 Q 4,5 5: gc-2-SEE 5,321,333 2251, aww' ,Evals S I1021 V I fy If l ,J V ll V lu M ,vl 7 J . C, 1 4 iigxzi 3 ' is ,f ,J l 'J W , ft A yy rs 1 n lr 0 ,vw ,vt w ft It 'X 0 'rx l A 'ft ln fn tl ln 'w 'fs . f nw ill J N J v all Q E lv Q 'Ef:J3:2:'::5:53':p5 2239933231 Qxgixzpxsix abxgzxp JxQ1x:Db 55 :':'5b 22 :A:'5i :53': 55 nj :TD 9 5 22 D3513 57bs1X2DbS18l DEBISDJ k22533k 2 253,5 3 P 2 N 2k2LND.1 S A Y5S7lX5vlS22X3vbS:?2XiX -23133-132 Teacher: "Johnson, compose a sen- tence containing the words: Boys, bees, and bear. Johnson: "Boys bees bear when they go in swimmin'." . R W ll "Iona Webster, but I couldn't find the meaning of upremisculous osculat- ' 77 ing. il it SF "If Marion fell in a few wells QVVellsj would Henry Zehrer care?" , if il 'IF R She: "When Grace Richter went shopping did she buy 'Gordon' hosiery?" He: "No, she changed her mind and got 'Pickles' instead." IF SF SF Teacher: "Miss Richter, read the next sentence correctly." Miss Richter Cabsentlylz "Napoleon stood with his arms spread apart, and his feet folded behind his back." ll Sl 'lk Miss Duiguid: "Name a sacred ani- mal." Miss Meehan: f'The mosquitoe-first it sings over you, then it preys on youf' if 'K W Ellms: "Did you hear the story about the peacock, Bill?" Dorsey: "No." . Ellms: "It's a beautiful tale." Y ag se as Marion: "If Edie got tired what would he do?" Grace: "Why, he'd ride on his Uncle's back." CUnkelbach.D if W ill Miss VVoodWard: "Where is your homework ?" Smidt: "I ain't got none." Miss Woodward: "Where is your Rain: HWhat's yer hobby, Red?" Hale: ' "Chasing Butterflies." 4? if Sk Mr. Wessels: "Iodide." Bob Thorne: "Well, then, Barium." Il? ii fl? Miss Duiguid: "What is Darwin's Theory?" . ' K. Hart: "Monkey business." SF its ll? A Senior Girl sat on a stump, The more she saw, the more she spake, The more she spoke, the less she heard, A Senior is a NVise Old Bird! il Si: 5? Latin Teacher: "Give the principal parts of "ammo," Mr. Kilbourne! Mr. Kilbourne fwhisper to a fellow studentj : "Hey! what's the verb?" Fellow student: "Blessed if I know!" Kilbourne: "Blessedifaeno-Blessedr fawnare-Blessedifarnoavi - Blessedifae- natusf' if 35 4? "SOMEBODY IS ALWAYS TAKING THE JOY OUT OF LIFEU Reports had just been issued. One pupil took his home, threw it down in front of his father and Said proudly, "Take a look at that." His father opened it, looked at it, and said, "Hm-three A's and a B-1,-, That's all right but make it four A's next time. The next time reports were issued, the son came home and said, "NVell! I got four A's. I'm at the head of my class now." His father remarked, sarcastically, f'Hm! That's a fine commentary on the New Britain Senior High School fac- ultyf, if SF 'lk Bob Halloran: "I thought you took this course last year?" grammar?" V Schmidt: "I did, but the teacher Smidt: "Out with my grandparf' gave me an encore." l103I ivy Cv 73 ,Ju NX SM E5 ,Ju W lvlf ,Nj ,QV V ,UT W Cv 35 ,J MV V ,tw vb ,ut VV C15 E5 ,ut fav W QA -CQ 0 'A :AQ A l Mt 'VX WVU' gf N M Ah 'NA VV' FC W ,M gm A F AC ffl Ni M 'VW , F ,A f :lp , w M M lan NN 0 C 'N l Fr f 'N A 9 ,QN M M rv , v ANN JW ,VIN Nyv J V Juv vgv J v vVv NN Nv JW ,Nw W v x 0 U iX!llQX!SS xzail qc 451: if Ji U75 MLN ft tae It NN it 9 ah MV Mgt iii MQ! wi, IAC 221+ 'MW iggr l l np' It AQ N M N AQ fi rf N M M M A nf N M ww vw VV V v Uv Vi ol 7 Ju SSCKKICQXCE, QQxaZiq'Qx'1Qic'Qx?4i:' 5 AA," 's Q 'ii 5 D 5-,ps 5 ' Ap' ' ' ZQccx1xiC lxzxfccxzxiccxfxicg PBLZNEPBBZSDPBQZXD Db2fNDPb2 - Y l 2 9 2 J 2 DW 2: 25 725 Kvqcgggfcg ac LZ ky fqgrc-cg: qgfefcgc ggc5 cc: XQvbj?2Bl5i2X3v3jb2bEl R-bigzvgpi "Say, Dot, feel my pulse, it beats fif- teen and then skips two beats." "Well," said Dot after feeling of her pulse, "you'd better go to the Doctor. Maybe you're dead and don't know itfl The Sophomore noticed something And thought it was the Freshman But when they happened to draw green class, near, They found it was a looking glass. 9? il: Marsh: "Say, Linton, what is the height of your ambition '?" Linton: "VVell, I don't exactly know, but she just comes up to my shoulderfy :Dt Kimball: "Say, Dorbuck, what is the best wood for shingles?" Dorbuck: "VVell, there are several but I think Slate is the best. Miss Souther: "VVhite, why dont you answer U?" White: "Because I'm afraid to." SF all Mr. Esten: "Begley, don't you speak again in my class until I tell you to. Do you hear me?" No answer. Mr. Esten: "Do you hear me?" No answer. Mr. Esten: "You ca11 speak now. Do you hear me?" Begley: "Yes, sir." Pupil in Chemistry: "Wliat. is it that makes us stick on the earth when we're upside downfln Teacher: "Why, the law of gravity of course." - Pupil: "Well, how'd we stay on be- fore that law was passed?" S-S1 SGI SK: Ruth: "I wouldn't stoop to conquer "XVhy George, whatare you laughing at?" "At me?" "No," answered George chokingly. "NVell, what's the joke?" "Well," said George, "I was walking down Cherry Street, and when I got in front of a brick house I heard the queer- est noises that you could ever imagine, I ,heard fa squeak, something like a mouse, and then that squeak, sounding louder and louder. I didn't know what to do. I turned around and saw a cop on the corner, and was going to call him, but I happened to look up to the win- dow of the brick house and there was 'Naples' playing on his fiddle, 'All Over Nothing at Ally." Swiftly come, and swiftly pass, Ours as any other class, Eager all, at first, to clasp ' The higher thing that mocked our grasp, That led us, lured us, Beckonine' forward D . Clerk to Freshman: "Are you tardy?" Freshman: "No, ma'm, I'm latefl St: 27? i? Mr. Campbell: HIS that clear?" CAfter talking about 15 minutes on a new les- sonj. Kilbourne: "Yes, clear as mud." Mr. Campbell: "'Well, that covers the ground." Sk W 3? Timid Freshman to a haughty Senior: "Can you tell me where Room 38 is?" Haughty Senior: "Sure, you go up to the second floor and take the eleva- tor. Get off at the fourth floor, turn to your right corridor and then to your left. It is the second room to your left. P.S. - The Freshman was late for . ' . 77 ' any man-I d stand. up. C1355- ziigxlii' Ciiziiclxzki QAQXZQY 'A I 525-3 ss' :fp-5 is D2 isis 1 s23'55s'22 Q Zcccxzgic Cx1xQccg1ZfccQ1x1Cr p552xyp35fxpp3sg35 pgiyxspsl is ,ff5f,C.f ff 555.1 KC 4f,f.irc 4 1 f5!C , , ggizxxvz 33155335 frxwjxr Q-uiijgygg l1o41 . lu I IV 9 xv :Qu 0 w V 3 J J 'I I I q'Qx1QiC" Qfixlkif CCCQKC CIC 'W ,vl ,x 6 N Uv v I W MVN fvv vVv Nbv J il ,W w WA M M , , A ,AQ N Nl 29' We CNN lfifylfix Nlrx 9 AQN ANA 'MM 'WWW' 'n 'A 22 'A fx l C 5 rl 9 X lv. A i PQ my MQQ 'N 2 VV Nu: bv v VV, Vv Dv v Vu VM VV, Vv uv v bv? Mvtv 'W wi, A l I ftp' llxn ,Q inf M 'vs vw i?c'Qx1gS C' ' ' gfzii c'Qx1gi Cgxzii ' 52 ,sbs QJDA555 7, ffis sf ,-figs, ,A, IK CKIQK LQQCCQI K KQIQQ PBEITBPBZITDDB ISI, 53517552 rcfcgcccfc Qcqcecccccfcqccczcf bi ' i' gg 4 c Q c C 5 - - - - - Y - - - - - - - - - - Y I-722517 3?2X5.13275l .P 2233.3 Freshman: "Goodness, it's hot! I wish I had something cooling to eat." Junior: "Have you ever tried Chili Sauce? 75 Wiki? Don't fail to see "Nero" in twelve massive parts. if fi? 3? Student in Chemistry: "Professor, I can't get one drop of liquid from this can. How can I get it out?" Professor: "Squeeze it, Miss Rand. Squeeze it." ' 1 Student: "I canytf' CProfessor takes the can and is suc- cessful in getting some fluid from it by squeezing itj. Student: "Thanks, Professor, you're a wonderful squeezerf' Professor Qcalmlyj: "A matter of practice. A matter of practice." A MODEL BOOK REPORT One day Boardman was called to give an oral book-report. He got up from his seat and marched down the aisle with a smile as though he could tell the book backwards by heart. He faced the class and started. "I have chosen for my book report Robinson Caruso. This is a book which I presume that no one has read." A roar of laughter followed. Then he continued, "How many have read this book?" - "NVell, seeing that everyone has read it I will not take the time to report on it." And the 11:12 bell saved him from the count. P.S.-Of course he got "A," PIG 916 if Mr. Esten: "NVhat did Sir Walter Raleigh say to the queen when he put his coat down for her?" Kilbourne Cin rear of the roomb : "Step on it, Kid." 4 DID YOU? DID YOU? i Did you ever hear a Camp bell? l Did you ever Neal? Did you ever play Goff? ij Did you ever feel the wind from a Souther ly direction? ' Did you ever feel awfully Moody? , Freshman to Sophomore: "XVho's i that teacher?" Sophomore: 'tThat isn't a teacher: wt V that's a Seniorf' l Pi? W Ondrick CProsecuting Attorneyl : , "The next case is a case of whiskey? i 4 . . . , I Leghorn Ctludgej : :Bring it inf I S? il ' l Harold Wei1': "I wish thatdI were a l flower." Jimmy Reynolds: "XVhy, XVeir?" VVeir: "Because then I could stay in y bed." 1 it ii Ruth: "VVhy do boys part their hair in the middle?" Mary: "The law says there must be an alley in every block." Mr. Levin: "Miss Elmer, what do l you think is the least used bone in the I body?" Miss Elmer: "The head." at at if M McCabe Crushing in section roomj: "I just beat up Mr. Cassidy." y l Classmate: ?'You are in 'Dutch' now." My Duke: f'He was walking up the I stairs, so I ranf, When the Prince is in town the peo- l ple swarmed CSchwarmedj around the Lyceum. I S? 'BF iii Teacher: "What bell was that which . just rang?" l Pupil: 'tThe one up on the wall." l w ' ' ""' - If 7 Zil' Qi A 'A 1:jpAn'i3:55-155253695 22 :':'55 J 'A Qbsgix 3 P xlix sb Blix Q3 3218 15,35 ,- ,egv55f4'c5c 5 gfcrcfcc qgrcvc zcregrcwc cc xii 32231132 251132231 vb 32 Q33 X : D051 'Mf l ln q'Q!1 Qx iI ix c'Qx X ig QTCQ 1 i Q 223JJ392332b22b3D5 32399532 CC QIQQC Cgfxicixzaifi xzxic 2351'X1DbQ1B2D521X1 Dsgixxb fi f1S5YlN3vlf122X5jj22X3f Y'5S2JX11 gc qgrcrcgc cc crcrcc ggrcfcgc QgVc5 CAN YOU IMAGINE: A day going by without 'tBob" Hal- loran arguing with some teacher? Oscar Desmarais on the "outs" with Mr. Goff? Birnbaum on time for English Class? Mr. Moody buying a car for school ath- letic teams? Leghorn missing a good afternoon show? Croll missing out on an English reci- tation? Ben Durham in rompe1's? Prescott Brown with his hair mussed' up? Harold Rossberg playing hockey? Porter and Cashman not sc1'apping? Howard Stephenson not talking about Plainville? John Ondrick overcome by studies? Ben Durham in a hurry? Dom Naples walking to school alone? A day off in Miss Weld's class? The High School Orchestra playing "The Vllearin' of the Grcen"? Everett Fowler unprepared for class? Jimmy Reynolds and Duke McCabe not talking Athletics? A report in which Mrs. Tallon passed everybody ? George Murtha agreeing with Mr. Cas- sidy? ' A test in which Kimball got less than 90? Mr. Estens' weekly history quiz omitted? A sound sleep in Room 13? "Red'l Hale doing "King Tut's lValk"? Everson unable to talk radio? Eileen Johnson with her hair untidy? "Duckie" Scheyd singing "Why Should I Cry Over You"? The faculty in full array at a football game? Basketball without Jimmy Reynolds? Ella Drobnis confining herself to the limits of an ordinary vocabulary? The trolley cars on time on a rainy morning? The office without Miss Holmes? Louise Skelly going into Biology and actually knowing what page her les- son is on? V lVarren Hale with his lessons unpre- pared? Duke McCabe with a shave? What Miss Holmes would do if all the Seniors came to school on time? Mr. Levine letting a day go by without a "Quizz,'? Not seeing those two well known Juniors -Mary and Porter-together? Margie Henry iiunking a subject? The Berlin trolley on time? "Red" Reynolds taking dance? George Murtha refusing to a party? A dime dance without those Junior flap- pers? VVhat would happen if "Pat" Kiniry didnit meet the mailman when defl- ciencies went out? Wliat Mike Leghorn would do if he didn't get at least one deficiency? This school next year without Paul La- Har? "Bob" Halloran not staying out 'ton business" at least one afternoon a week? Gladys Clark unable to answer a ques- tion in Civics? Mary Stack going to a dance and not having every dance? Gladys Slaney going home from a dance alone? a girl to a an invitation Wiki? I know a girl named Margaret lVho is an English shark, But when it comes to reciting She really is very dark. if it Ili ,Twas in a restaurant they met, Romeo and Julietg They had no cash to pay the debt So Romeo'd what Juliet. A 7 'vi' "" " A "5 1pa:p3:95:23:75 225993: It 22292223 k?l532?2if E52Q2 'S ilfw wbzn 573215 ive: ssfx :Ss cc 457471714 gg cvc cc Qgrcvc fc Qgrc-c cc Qjbijjwtxgijjb 3223337 ,blglll 11061 I If Q ' YYQYITW-QQIQ Qyxfixi cxg 4SSg5gc5 I :2::95:23:9x:23:1s 3:2322 cc xzgcc gzxqcc xzx gzgc 9329 XPSQIS 593113 P 3213 DD cc Q1 c 4 qc 4 ice Qccrcfcigrcvc fc QEQID-DSQIXXB 3p1x3Y piyzxyvu E ith? He stood on the bridge at midnight, Drinking in the air, Someone took the bridge away And left him standing there. 11 'lk 11 Ham bone am delicious, Chicken am devine 5 But I'd rather have yo' smile Most any ole time. is SF 1? WHEN WE WERE FRESHMEN We came as little Freshmen, Our eyes downcast in gloom, XVe felt like homeless orphans When asking for our room. Once inside our heads we lifted And looked about to see Some other shrinking freshman To keep us company. We saw him just beside us, And firmly clasped his hand, NVe felt like storm-tossed sailors Once more upon the land. NVe raced about from class to class, Mute-eyed and in despair, Each teacher told us books to buy And how, and when, and where. Our school days now are over, Yet when we think-alas! It was hard to be a freshman, Yet we loved the freshman class. , -NATHALIE CASE. SPRING To deadened hearts, the steady beat Of rain upon the roof, The melting ice that floods the street, The gutters where the rivers meet, Is but a dreary proof. Of Winter-always bad-at worst. But how I pity them! As really, I do think them cursed With Blindness of the Soul, whose Spring song is one of blame. c'Qx1giQ' " Qx1QiC35Q4 KS CCQIQKQ 1!QqfliIQ first For rather should one want to sing CWhen fairy-soft 'tis here! Of all the Silvery Beauty, Spring With primrose footsteps sweetly brings The love-time of the year, Of robins nesting in the trees, The Springtime's heralds dear, Of snowy blossoms in the breeze, Who laugh to scorn old Winter's Without a bit of fear. The daffodils in bright array, Dancing to the Wind, Give promise of another day As lovely, in another way,- So you will quickly find. The May-day lilalirsggifeet the June With dainty scent, and sweetg The birches are a silver tune Played i11 the light of a lonely moon, With petals at your feet. VVithout the Winter, deep and drear, How to love the Spring that's here? Every sorrow is, you see, A promise of joys to be. -NIARJORIE GALPIN. April, 1923. THE LOST FRE SHMAN One day, as I walked thru my class room, I was weary and ill at ease, When loud, like the blast of a trumpet I heard a Senior sneeze. p I looked around in amazement, The dreadful sight made me blench A Senior surmounted by glasses A-studying hard at his French!! I tottered, and would have fallen, On seeing him study like that, The sight was the more interesting That he b'longed to the A.D.S. frat. ,,, ,,,,,3,,,, ,g,,,,,3 75 3 S Q S22 1 53532 1 , H071 gc Qc C c gg cvicc qfrc czcrqvg-c freeze Q gggggq' Lgxgqgq gggggq gggggq 22 fiiisy 5':'5i:2 DAS55' 52' ffii vii CYQQQZQQQ Yiifzifiliifiiliif M15 5Pb5lTIPbSIi2 23525323 i gcyqgrcvc r 5g,c5 fc Q c c-Q gc 4555 1 s 22XBvb SSZXBQ 332X5Y2K 31333375 S He smiled when he saw me astounded, Removed his glasses to cry:- "Appearances often deceive one, And my book is not at all dry !" So saying, he drew from his French book The latest of 0ppenheim's art, And said, 'tFor a camouflage, Daudet Possess no real counterpart.'l tlVith apologies to Adelaide Proctor! -RIARJORIE GALPIN, M9233 ie CAN HE DO IT? XYhere can George Murtha buy a cap for his knee Or a key for the lock of his hair? Can his eyes be called an academy Because there are pupils there? In the crown of his head What jewels are found? Who travels the bridge of his nose? If he wants to shingle the roof of his mouth Would he use the nails of his toes? Or beat the drums of his ears? Can the calf of his leg eat the corn on his toe Then why not grow corn on his ear? Can he sit in the shade of the palm of his hand? Can the crook on his elbow be sent to jail? If so, what did it do? How can he sharpen his shoulder blade? I'll be darned if I know-do you? EXIT R.O.T.C. Gone but not forgotten is the great R.O.T.C., The colonel and the captain With their thrilling soldiery, The sturdy line of warriors with heavy pack and gun, The days of tedious hardship and the loads of jolly fun. ' The colonel's voice, the sergeants, yells are gone forevermore, The dreary hikes, the double time that left us all footsore, ' The classes skipped, special period slips, the bitter with the sweet, Parading through the Glen Street dump in rai11 or snow or sleet. But peace restored to earth again, the soldiers, day is o'er. They're home a.gain and bonusless, back from a foreign shore, And we ambitious boys in school, all happy, bright, and free, Lay down our guns, pick up our books- farewell R.O.T.C. -ROBERT SNEIDEMAN H9245 SF 3? SF PASSES I have some little passes that go in and out with me, And what can be the use of them is more than I can see. VVhenever I'm a minute late I'm told to get a pass, And I have to have it with me when I go into my class. The funniest thing about them is the way they disappear, You have one-then you haven't-and it's really very queer. XVhen your teacher asks you for it it's certain to be gone, And you travel to the office, to get an- other one. I havenlt any notion of how they came to be, And the foolish man that made them Ild really like to see. They're an ever-present nuisance, and I think that I shall try, To come back when I'm very old, and get a pass to die. -DOROTHY HALE H9231 Q-gg, qi 4' Qggg gs CAQYK Zic'Qi1ZjiCqT Si D-p'5s 22 fiifjj 3-55 5 :Q 3-1'5s 1 1 L QQQQQXZQCQ xzxicc x1Zicqx1Qicgi Ds11Sbb521x3p321xb Qbblfs 2:51 qrfffg 4,1 fa Qgfvc fc QYQ45 fc 455-1 gg 1 Yssgzrxyzigzgprz gpzxsr Y: -gin 5 mei ' ' ' ' "" A-" ' "" A" ' " A ' ' Zif A"'A T22f:'5S::'3'n'i522'i'9'55 , 5j5'D'5Y: ' 3cgX!cXl XK43Cix!qXQQx! 5518 525518 xbsxzx JK Jsvlx bib iii? ii? ig C 5555? 15255 5545 Eg I vm g531Yx5gs3253gi2533 Qgizxxg s MODERN VERSE "A visitor comes- On O'SulZivan's He stands looking Over corridors and classrooms O11 silent haunches And then moves on." THE N.B.H.S. BOOKLIST QAS we would have it.j Snappy Stories-Excuses. e Youthis Companion-Crib Notes. Review of Reviews-Exams. Vogue-Bandannas. World? Work-Getting the Beehive to- gether. CosmopoZitfm-N.B.H.S. Life-Dime dances. The Three M-usketccrs-Mullin, Mc Gary and Hayden. Ancient H istory-XVho painted the nu- merals on the sidewalk. - I H ' -G. E. R. "CLEAN UP YOUR oWN BACKYARDU Don't spend your time in judging Theithings that others dog Don't seek to make a model For others out of you. For Ending fault with everything, You only make life hard, So get to Work in earnest, Clean up your own ba.ckyard. Don't blame the other fellow Just 'cause he didn't work, Don't think that there are duties Wliich you've a right to shirkg When you condemn another Yourself you've also marred, Make no mistake, know that you must Clean up 'your own backyard. -Exchfmge. DID YOU EVER?- "Did you ever see a rabbit climb a tree? Did you ever see a lobster ride a flea? Did you ever? No, you never! For they simply couldn't do it, donlt you see? Did you ever see a fire burn with snow? Did you ever climb a ladder down- below? Did you ever? No, you never! For these things cannot happen, don't you know? g Did you ever see a ship sail on the land ? Did you ever hold a mountain in your hand ? Did you ever? No, you never! For it really can't be done, you under- stand !'l 512 25? XVHAT WOL'LD HAPPEN IF- -WVarren Hale stopped studying? -A Junior could Wear a size "6" hat? -The Chorus sang in pitch? -We had a day off from school? 91: S? HP? Mother Cwriting to sonj : 'K-and be- cause of your good Work this year, we are going to send you abroad for vaca- tion." Son Qwriting to motherb z "When you send me the "broad," send Archie o11e, too!" Katherine: "Wl1at are you thinking about?" Leone: "How did you know I was thinking ?" Katherine: "I saw an unusual ex- pression on your face." A' " '- ' ' ' ZQQAQXIZQCAQXIZYCH 'A ' ' 'ia ' A ' ' ' ' 7' ' - Y glgxiqcxlxfcc gfxxcg Ebssixbbxsfx 19232: 252515 5522 , 1 - l, ,QLD pysppsegr W 9952, , ? 15511 ff Q 4 4.4 ff sf 4.1fc sfxvf KS 5i?N3Y1xE2X3'1322X33 R-1 -izxs-uni? I:109:I WW, 'xl gsjqsq CXQ' ' iii' ZS ' 'A 52 3':'5i :5fiii:93-ii, ' 3','53 9,5 SeesefiffihkiiiesiiiisSSQSEEENHRa223ss1ac:g3gs3ESlEEasS2siaa all POPULAR SONGS AND THE CLASS OF 1923 'Wil "I'm All Alone" ...,. Danny Mullin -, 55 , "I'm Happy" - - - Dunc. Dllncanson j t'Kitten on the Keys" - - Annamay Bonney V52 "Sweet Lady" .... Betty Burr Zu: "Ml-. Gallagher and Mr. Sheehan" Ed. Delaney-Tom Murtha 'lm f "SH1il0S" ..... Justine Traut Nflitl g "Fair One" - - - Prescott Brown wwf "Homesick" - - - f 11:13 Q "Why Should I Cry Over You" Deficiencies l'Peggy Dear" - - - Peggy 'Christ l "Dapper Dan" - - Tom Murtlla I "TU-lllOl'1'OWn - - - Tests H l "XVhen Hearts Were Young" Freshman Days l , "Fate" . .... D on Fourth Report l l "The Vamp" - Dot Hale I l l "Stumbling" - - "Duke" McCabe l "Ain't Vile Got Fun" - Movies Friday Afternoons l "Song ot Love" - - Irene Torrel l l l "Uh Hee! Oh Gosh!" - Monday Morning l l l "Vamp a Little Lady" - - - George Murtha 1 l "All Over Nothing at All" - - Studying the wrong lesson "They All Go Simply XVild Over Me" 'tRed" Reynolds ,Wy "I NVish I Knew" - - - Cordie Kilbourne IWW i "Nobody Lied" - - - During a recitation-they bluffed WW: l "Three o'Clock in the Morning" - Dot Kent l "Do It Again" ..... Ebba Kronholm ' pl X as as at l THE Book WORM'S CLUB liihigi l Aim : To produce VVO1-ms capable of swallowing and digesting all forms of ,Egg literature, especially that of the dry variety. ' My I Rcqllil'emc1lts: They must have successfully bored their way through ten limi l volumes of prose and poetry, the date of copyright to be not later than I6 B.C. QQ? Age-13 years, both sexes. No person having read modern fiction is eligible to IQ fl . membership. Payment ot annual dues shall consist in the contribution by each li Q member of three volumes to the club library. Q,Q,vg Activities: The Worms meet every Thursday A.M. at 2:30 to bore their way " l through the musty tomes of the ancient attics. Once each month the Worms pre- y y sent a report on all material digested. Once each year a boring contest is held. l l All competing Wol'ms must abstain from the reading of all material of less than l y l 1,000 years of age. Points are given for the number of books bored through, the l l l age of the books, and the best resume of their eolltents. This contest and other activities of the Club are open to students of the lil School to analyze and discard filing procedure. The next topic for discussion Qf MR. B. I. G. BLUFF, yi l Secretary. Qi I ,l lg. A e 2 g l1J.0l 'gigygi Q' I xx! Qi lVQf1Qi dxxk ix c 52 3'i5s D 2 b':'5 5:2 BA552 :55'i5f: 2 Ccxrxic Qzxicc g1QKccx1xic 73218 553211553515 D5lISbD c Qgyc-c 'Kg Q 4 4Yqgc rc grcvq ec Q gre-c gc 73 3 2 1x11 3 71X3v:g5 2 PND1 '1,Q,225b-D UNITED SOCIETY OF FILE CLERKS ' Aim: To file papers in such a manner that exhumation is impossible. Requirements: Only students of Miss E. Poland are eligible to membership. They must have successfully completed a course in tiling of not less than six months' duration and must be unable to find material filed in accordance with Improper Indexing and Filing Rules. The payment of annual dues shall consist in the suggesting of new ways of disregarding filing rules. Activities: The members of the United Society of File Clerks meet once a week at 1:05 A.M. in Room 301 in the Vocational Building of the Senior High School to analyze and discard filing procedure, The next topic for discussion will be "How to extract papers from the file, leaving no trace of their where- abouts." S Membership in this Club is passed on to succeeding classes who meet the above requirements. . I. M. A. DUBB, Secfretary. :Xl S11 if SUGGESTED PROGRAM FOR CLASS NIGHT I. GRAND OPENING MARCH CChopin specialj Naples, Jazz Orchestra II. Paul LaHar and Mr. Scheyd, well known vocalists, will favor us with a song entitled "I Hate to Leave You, Darling, But I Hear Your Hus- band's Footsteps" CComposed by J. Beach and F. Boardmanj III. SPEECH-"VVild Womeii I Have Known" Ckind advice to classmatesj By "Duke" McCabe IV. A Dramatic Reading of XVebster's New Unabridged Dictionary By Harold NVeir V. SONG-"I Got That NVay Sleeping in the Garage VVhcn I Had-an-Auto" fsay the last three words fastb - Mr. Oliver Everson VI. Exhibitions of the smallest book in the world - positively without. equal. A postage stamp would hide it. It contains two whole pages, each containing three words, "NVhat I Don't Know." By Ella Drobnis VII. A SHORT TALK-"Advice to Lovelorn Students," by a student of Psychology or, in other words, Mr. Edmund Marsh, DQD., Pl1.D., A.A., P.D.Q. VIII. Animated Indian War Dance by Superintendent of Indian Reserva- tions in Berlin. Franklin Q. Boardman tHe does 'em dizzyj IX. CLOSING CHORUS-Class Song, "Climb up Ye Children, Climb"- Composed by Charlie Ralsowski 8a Company. ' X gig' V QQQQV Xgx Qlggigq DELVDAJB Difiiu 22 5A:'5S 52 3'D'ii C 7 Q Z H A , if IT I J I 55,52 SQXSQSLQQ 5, :gg-5: 252255 svissssaslsef ,151 QQAQ n I I1-lll Iifxxfgs Q' 'iff Ziixxzti QAQKIQ QA 4 1 15,72 5 s as ,Aff S22 fp 2 5 :Q 5'p'5f92 Q 5255 555255 5 5552 55 555255 55525: 5313523512518 iiE52 ii1A 5 D 22 NI-7 77 YY,-Y -Y ,, Y, v,,,,,- 7, ,,Y7,YY vYY22N3-ij, I , V 5 AAI: V 5' WH-llllllllI-llll-llll-IllI-HII-IlllllllllllllIIIIIIIHIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllilllllllu IJ . . ... -.- .. M : .li-1. 1 I f--5 X 1-1 :utr ,: : I N' : Il- I O 1 ff-2---Nix x XX ... E555' 1 : III . fl: f!z,... 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To them all we express our gratitude. :we Many and varied will be our memories of these days together when we are A . . . . . . . . ME, out in the world, a little older, and, it is to be hoped, a little wiser. To aid this " ' feat of memory we offer this, the tenth edition of the Bcelzive, to you for your ,Fl perusal, with the hope that too critical an attitude will not be taken of its pos- sible errors. - t . . . . . Iwi We wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to those people Q29 who have helped to make this book possible. To Mr. Sallee, for his labors, to the l . . . ,QQQ class advisors, Miss XVeld and Miss Harvey, and to the many others who have MQ: aided us in the compilation of the Beehive of 1923. ag, lA f his 'NNN frm! Wi, , -M ,AQ llQ,:fgrfav5'6Fx,,9mIl ,NCQ ,MN MW ww, Q' i inf iflrlflf 'AM t, ,, QCA ll M4 ,ANN ,Q W, ,, u l5l ' - 11:12-ff.1.r2: "ff-.., ?.E?fE?f'I'li-fw!2.?.E::.!iiggg.,,5:fi5Hfi'.5..555:5.:.f2:-jg...::-i55?::fF -5'.'2.f::'-'::i." -A - lhrsgxa.-: :r:':-:"::"1:' .-.:-1.-ay-L''-s."::::r'.:":-:,:1..'.:.: :.- :'-.nie :f -11.-r.r.:. ,,.:..x,.,,....,.......:.,.. .,,f,..,f,,-we,-f-,-..-...Q. 1.'-::5,g?:L:'a"zp1:':jH-.ri ":F45:3-,'?C4.5f-A?5'5'f-E 'IW-"'f-'H'"'-I-J-'7-'ll 'S-55 'fi '.f-5,ff.'4:f:g1fs5.ffffg.55 :Ms-'12 ffrfff: H: -1' 1 3:'.f-'f3fIQ:.f:f:L1:.' sf. 5. 1 51:5-1-1' 1.fs:?sa':45:2ffsJ.e::5514.531F5?Ffiiyfffffffffs-sv.':i1.?1.w7,-a'sf -3-fir?-f. 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SLADE Vice Principal, JAMES C. Moom' DIRECTORS UF C'ommcrcc, James C. Moody English, Jesse D. Sallee DEPARTMENTS Latin, Eleanor B. Yates Mathematics, Robert R. Goff . History and Social Science, R. Stewart Esten TEAC Edith Adams: History Edith A. Adams: English Ruby Baldwin: Drcssmaldng Grace L. Ballon: English Charles J. Campbell: Physics. History Eleanor Carr: French, Spanish George M. Cassidy: Ph ysicnl Education Jennie Clark: Stcnogrrzphy, Pcnnzo-nship Josephine Crawley: Stenogruphy, Ty126'll'l'lfl"Ilg Olive Davis: History Emma N. Dawson : English Sadie J. Duguid: Biology Frances M. Ferguson: English Agnes M, Finnegan: Latin Margaret Glover: Bookkeeping, Penmonship. Stenogrnphy Ruth Goodwin: Stenography Amy C. Guilford: French, German Problems of Democracy Andrew Guilliano: Spanish Florence L. Harrison: Art llga F. Harvey: Problcms of DC'Hl0CI'llCjf Clara F. Hefner: Latin Elizabeth L. Hungerford: Cookery, Dietetics, Hoztscholcl Science Bertha N. Jones: Boohhccping, Penmanship Marie A. Johnston: French HERS ldella K. Knapp: Dressmalfing Hortense G. Lambert: English Martine Liegey: Typewriting George B. Mathews: Music Ellene L. Mc-Carthy: History M. Augusta. MacLeod: English Beatrice E. Neal: Mathematics Emma, Poland: Commercial Law, Oyflce Practice ' Edith A. Porter: Housekeeping Elizabeth B. Powers: English lone D. Proc-tor: History, English Adrienne Raby: French May A. Regan: English Norma K. Regan: English Rebecca. Segal: French, English Dorothy Sibley: Physical Education Mary M. Souther: French Ellen C. Taleott: Typewriting Bertha K. Tallon: Spanish. Bertha E. Vlladdell: Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Ojjtlce Practice Sarah J. Mlalker: Mathematics Cecilia XValsh: Mathcnmitics Ruth NVa1-ner: Biology, Chemistry Cora E. Wleleh: Bookkeeping, Pcnnwnship Mildred G. Vlleld: Mathematics Harry Vilessels : Chemistry Florence Vilinterz History Ruth A. Xhloodward: English CLERKS - Yernah M. XVright, Main Giiice and Vocational Building Fannie E. Holmes, Academic Building :K f'Qx1i5i'4.A 'X1QK?QSL'Qx1-iI'xx!4'i.Q' 14" i iff? ii 92 3HPY5fPP 3i9F53F 25b'v 2 B DP' iiccxzxxc Cxzxxqcxzxgccxilfifc P5115 133211 5552135 QPAQIN 59 D L4f:r5f,f.C P? . '5f5.if 1 Q 4 1.4: C Q fl 1 1 , ,... -B 322 9252252 32135, L L 2 322553 ' ESI Z5.4'Qx1S1is' iQxzgAS1xzi,sfQxzgg if ' Fzgflj s' :5s', 5 s pfsrsps ,Q ,Axis 1 QCCQISQQ SQZSQQQSIKQCCXZKQCQ PBQZEDDSEZBDDBQIS 7278553 cfqgrefqg 4 5g?5 agrggrcvig c Qg c-cg: 1 L fb EQIXBYBEYQJXB-5323337 452 72532 'QQ CW nrfv jlfltlzssage tu the lass uf 1923 CN arm S I THINK of your four school years about to close and of the years that are before you, there come running through my mind some of Kipling's versesg they are among his very best: t'XVhen Ea.rth's last picture is painted, Zllld the tubes are twisted and dried, XNIIGH the oldest colours have faded, and the youngest critic has died, IVe shall rest, and, faith, we shall need it-lie down for an a.eon or two, Till the Master of All Good VVorkmen shall set us to work anew! And those that were good shall be happy: they shall sit in a golden chairg They shall splash at a. ten-league canvas with brushes of comets' hairg They shall find real saints to draw from-Magdalene, Peter, and Paul: They shall work for an age at a sitting and never be tired at all! And only the Master shall praise us, and only the Master shall blame: And no one shall work for money, and no one shall Work for fameg But each for the joy of working, and each, in his separate star, Shall draw the Thing as he sees It for the God of Things as They Are !" I Every year has had its successes and its failures, and so will every year to come. How far have you been successful? How far will you be? i Success, as I understand it, depends i11 general upon the extent to which our actual attainments correspond to the aims and the designs that we have set before us. But there are two other elements that enter in. Each of us should have some particular object for which he is striving and should attain it. He should also have ideals that dominate his whole lifeg the particular objects toward which he strives from time to time should be the expression of these ideals. And in his striving for attainment he should employ only such means as are in keeping with the same ideals. Ideals, expression in particular aims: means appropriate to the idealsg the attainment of the particular aims: that is success. 5c'qx1gi Q' igxfg xc'Q ' iisxzg iii 'A 1 zz ilii 92 3': 2 s 1 2 5-555 'g A ' : i4qxfxic Txzxiqchfiicqgzxfcc ix JBLISDDEEISQDSNQL 9325535 C 455.4 ff '5 Qcvf ,Cf,4 5,45 ,495 f 4,455 rv, 5? 2511i ,2N3.l S 22 NB, .P 527553 Y I9l Q' ' ' 2' 'Q' ' ' ' ati 41 c'Qx1iEc'qt' iff: is pipmiifsf 3','5v as 3'1'55'J 5 Z2 C5 xszgix 4S25Zi ct gzix c P B115 DD 5213 D 2 B215 P BQIN 5 P S c Q gcfqgc Qgfc-c ac Qgfcvc fcfqg 74,5 3 v-132253-bjylxin 321gf3v giyzxdp S In the line art of making a life, the artist must, in picturing his ideals, "draw the Thing as he sees It for the God of Things as They Are V' He may not, if he is to succeed, be dominated by the ideals of someone else, unless he has gen- uinely accepted the ideals as his own. He should be open-minded to the ideals of others, but should not allow them to displace his own until he is satisfied that they are better than his own. He should strive to approach ever nearer the ideals of the "God of Things as They Are." With his ideals clear and compelling, a part of his very being, our artist in making a life should decide from day to day what particular objectives he will aim at, as being possible under the circumstances in which he may be placed. He must reckon with many things: with the rights and privileges of others, and with the social and economic and political organization of which he is a part. The larger are the possibilities which he discovers, the greater will be his work as an artist. And in working toward his objectives, he must be quick to see when any means that he would employ are not in keeping with his ideals. If thorough- going honesty is an ideal, no course of action that violates honesty can bring real success. If unselfish service is an ideal, there may be no disregard of the in- terests of thc other fellow. This all may mean a slow advance toward the attain- ment of some particular design. If so the slow advance will mark success, while a more rapid advance, destructive of the ideals, would mark failure. Here in the Senior High School the ideals of the administration have not always appealed to you, and when such has been the case you have done right in refusing to adopt them as your own. Sometimes you have made the mistake of aiming to accomplish what the circumstances have made impossible and, of course, have failed. Sometimes you have chosen ways to your goal that have violated your ideals, by such ways true success cannot come. Your experiences as men and women have but just begun. Set your hearts upon the highest and the best. Study and reflect to determine how far the en- vironment will make possible the realization of your designs. Select the means of achievement that are in keeping with the highest and thc best. And achieve! Achieve! Genuinely yours, ' 1 April 27, 1923 LOUIS P. SLADE gicxzgc' fQx1 25 QYCXYIQ l'Qi15ji i 'YY' 22 ,Aff 5 pf fiifgy ,Axis 12 ,Ass s D 5 ZQQQQQQQ Zxfxiccxfxiccgzafc Qbbzzxbyxgzx 3:32155 Dxxzxbasg 55 grc-c fc Qgrcvc ccggfcvc 1 4 Q 4 cfq fc 1 ij 32135-1 5 2233332253 -3 SSIXS-1 l10l lv J lu 'v J V 5 ,J U U M 'rw v 3 tt: jvv xlfv 153 Je., Vet v git N5 W v V JV vii J U Us ,D yt V' ft 'N MQ np' ln ting Nl AM 22" an fx ,N nw big A QM ANA 'MW W .CC if 'Xt ww' IAC nh ANA ifflwy wi XC Age WANA AM wt vt VV Vu bv v iii QZSQC T ili C C Q21 Q7 --Z3 DD 7 P32 , S h- 6:55.47 fc sccffc s55.f f,c,s5f.f KS ' ,32153-ugpzxzvuynzxxr Y -mipzxsgig :K q'Qx xiii' Cgxz is l'QQa QR c'Qx 1? Q' 'A I 52 5-no 5 1 5 5-iff: 2 ,'i5 sr 5i1'55 5:1 9 C 2, K i4C KC P53 35153 132 DBBITDDB YC C 5 CKQH IIQXD iiaunurs in Snbnlarsbip Honors in scholarship are awarded to those who maintain an average rank of eighty-five per cent or over. vi V V N 1 N vt to K' f N A f GENERAL HONORS FUR FUUR YEARS Margaret Gotten Allison Myrtle Kathern Beyer Barbara Case Ella L. Drobnis Marguerite Anna Henry Clara Margaret Lindgren Edmund Parsons Marsh Helen Sophie Rechenberg Margaret Gotton Allison Elizabeth Emma Benjamin Seth Willard Booth Nathalie Case Mary Alma Davis Mabel Josephine Ericson Cordelia Smith Kilbourne Edmund Parsons Marsh Helen Laura Miner Louis Fenn Pike Lillian Lois Schwaderer Coribell Edla Sims Helen Gertrude Magdelene Waskelewicz James Smith Beach Myrtle Kathern Beyer Elizabeth Harding Burr Margaret Gofton Allison Alfred Irenus Bengston Myrtle Kathern Beyer Barbara Case Gladys Marie Clark Mabel Josephine Ericson Vivian Rhodes Scott James Smith Beach Hilmcr Gunnard Bengston Nathalie Case Dorothy Hale George Elbert Kimball Aldona Juliana Lynch Louis Fenn Pike Lillian Lois Schwaderer SPECIAL HONORS English Benjamin Thomas Cashman Ella L. Drobnis Russell John Haigis Eunice Johnson George Elbert Kimball Edith lngeborg Peterson Helen Sophie Rechenberg Vivian Rhodes Scott Constance Virginia Taylor Ione Webster' Marjorie Galpin Robert Jonathan Kliugberg Cornelius Aloysius McAloon Mary Veronica Maloszka Lillian June Putterman History Dora R. Bagdasarian Elizabeth Emma, Benjamin Ma1'y Bogosian Nathalie Case Mary Alma Davis Alice Elizabeth Forscll 0 c ' ' ' ' ' tic' 'gil ig Q'ii1 Qi,Q'QC1 555' ' 752 iiiv H 2 p':'if22 prprii 52 fiifp i 'K Q1eQccx1sQccQZQQc ,5DSl133Pb21XbD:11X: Dbsixugig ze fc Q C cvqgc cgrcf fc s5,c,4 4 c 5945 fc 5.1 i22N3.1522N3p S5252 vu xizxs si: llll Psi 'L f 5 Cqgzc X Q' Ci i1Z"'i'Qx1Z Q :'QQz Kitts 1 if s':'5i 1 ,-:'5f 2 1' 'ii Cffiiikqf 'YQZQKCCSIQKCQRZQSC 2 SZSDDBSZSDPBSISD :pp :pa :J 5- Dbxzx 1:53 a Y - Y Wx, - A, . X J 2 9 , 5.4 fi ,QKFAQKQLJK 95,C.4 ff i!,C.C 6 C i!,4.C im-1 sizxz are DQSZXE lil Hixt01'y f Cont. J Mildred Emma Goodale Astrid Linnea Johnson Leone Isabelle Homan Aldona Juliana Lynch Robert Jonathan Klingberg MacAlister Avery Schultz Cornelius Aloysius McAloon Vivian Rhodes Scott Lillian Lois Schwaderer Ione Vlfebster Robert Anthony Thorne Mary Veronica Maloska Edna Gorine Olsen ' Science James Smith Beach Barbara Case Oscar Joseph Desmarais Everett NVheeler Fowler Herman VVells Kilbourne Esther Katrina Lindquist VValter Edward Norkevicius Harold -Clinton Rossberg A Irene Art Helen Sophie Rechenberg F ren f-71. James Smith Beach Margaret Elizabeth Christ Ella L. Drobnis Dorothy Hale . Clara Margaret Lindgren Louis Fenn Pike Latin. Heorge Elbert Kimball Flara Margaret Lindgren SfF'il0gI'IIl1lI.Il Margaret Gofton Allison Mary Bogosian Nathalie Case Hertrude V. Connelly Mary Alma Davis Aldona Juliana Lynch Edith Ingeborg Peterson Alvin Seth XVillard Booth Lois Hart Cowles Ella L. Drobnis Russell John Haigis George Elbert Kimball Cornelius Aloysius MeAloon Louis Fenn Pike Howard Fenn Stephenson a Vahlstrom Bookkeeping Margaret Gofton Allison Mary Bogosian Vivian Rhodes Scott lllathematies James Smith Beach Seth lVillard Booth Everett Wheeler Fowler Russell John Haigis George Elbert Kimball Louis Fenn Pike Marjorie Galpin ffonstanee Virginia Taylor Npmzislz Nathalie Case YVarren Ha le T'ljlI!l'll'l'l1li7lfj Margaret Gotten Allison Mary Bogosian V l V Vt V l all vu vt, Vu Vi Vt 'N v VM VV v vv. Vl ll Y 1v1an Rhodes Scott . 12' ad? W wk' FUN Tum, Y lime Xvebqm, Hilmer Gunnard Bengston John Ivanov I-Iamilla, Bernard Xllilson Richardson 'iggxzg-Q K' Qgxg' 'iz'Qg1gi :'Qx! Z5 C' V if QAJSQQQ :'i5f22 p'i5i Difiifjy ni 552525253 zziissssias 5215? Sli? -wgaszsggczsgaazzillqlaiaaeksgga L1 2l We Ut vw W' V Jet ,Jw ow alll fbi' yt lar :avi fvv lvlxsvl Vt Vw N v K A s CC l i AW F ati hcl! za VV I' lm ANA 'AM wt, wfwp Aff tile N Ml, r gl MAC: lgla f Wi 'W r Agn CQ ANA' IM: W! ISE! 'Agri W X55 GRRCE RICHTER. V '25, 3 52' A-2 9 5 3 ix QAQJESKS 'gifiiiff !iL'Qif!ic'C 2 3 2 Qs 22 3 9 2 s 2557, 9 5 D SSCCKIKQQ 'ZRISQTRZKQCCKIKQCQJ 3Jbll3393l733?3l75 932755 gif: Q55-gig 555554 44 crigc 49:71 ac: gs22x3g5p233-uxgzxwv 352156, be Senior lass f-'YKBIV -A - CGW KEY TO SYMBOLS A means Academic Division P means Praetit-al Arts Division 'I' means Trade School Euung women H Allison, Margaret Gofton P 591 Stanley Street Bagdasarian, Dora R. P 21 Tremont Street Barth, Dorothy Helen A 113 Commonwealth Avenue Barnum, Dorothy Muller A 126 Shuttlemeadow Avenue Benjamin, Elizabeth Emma P 15 Farmington Ave., Plainville Berglund, Mildred Vililllttlllllllil A 56 Griswold Street, Beyer, Myrtle Kathern P 329 Maple Street, Bogosian, Mary P 21 Union Street Bonney, Annaniay P -18 Beaver Street But-halter, Bertha Edith P Berlin Burns, Catherine Mary A 63 Vine Street Burr, Elizabeth Harding A 42 Frances Street Bush, Ada Pansy A 80 Elm Street Byrne. Phoebe Agnes P R.F.D. No. 2, New Britain Carlson, Rose Alvina P 20 Sunrise Avenue Carswell. Eleanor Marie A 548 Vilest Main Street Case, Barbara A 39 Park Street, Plainville Case, Dorothy A 74 Forest Street Case, Nathalie P 39 Park Street, Plainville Christ. Margaret Elizabeth A 58 Garden Street Clark, Gladys Marie A 33 Crown Street Connelly, Gertrude V. P 119 Linwood Street Cowles, Lois Hart A Kensington ' Croll. Rose P 6-L Fairview Street Danielson, Ruth Judith P Davis, Mary Alma, P S1 Farmington Ave., Plainville Drobnis, Ella L. A 62 Smalley St1'eet Dyer, Margaret Ingalls A Newington Jet., Newington Edman, Dagmar Lillian P 3-L1 South Main Street Ericson, Mabel Josephine P 232 Bassett Street Ericson, Mildred Caroll P Elm Hill Evans, Helen Shepard A 20 Hawley Street ll-il MW 'Aw l QA C0 Alf, AA gl PNK, 'AQ A ill lvl AAA, AA CA At Wil ln!! AQA ' Zi ' "F iii' ' lic' 122' 'P' 5z':':'59:2p::m 223:15 l2Qb':2b:i:-' I ESESEEEESE 2325.223 Kisaazzsaaeissgzacziilfesaaissgget lf Fel-Sell, Alice Elizabeth r 126 Fell-View Street Q5 ,J Galpin, Majorie A Berlin lj Garston, Naomi Emma P 154 Lyons Street 5, Garvey, Marie E. A 458 Main Street ly Giannetta, Eva Giovanna A Kensington ,J Glaeser, Frieda Elizabeth P 161 Hart Street Goodale, Florence Rosella A Newington TX' Goodale, Mildred Emma A. R.F.D. No. 2, New Britain f Gorman, Margaret Gertrude P 87 Elm Street lj Grace, Catherine Marie A 93 West Street Grace, Elizabeth Agnes A 79 LaSalle Street WN AMA' Hale, Dorothy A 10 Camp Street Q58 Hart, Katherine Loretta A Kensington 45 Hart, Ruth Page A 50 Olive Street Heisler, Irene Frances P 48 Beaver Street 5 Helene, Edith Alfreda P 526 Church Street j Henry, Marguerite Anna A 175 South Main Street 1-I Homan, Leone Isabelle A 154 Cherry Street A Hubay, Sophie Geraldine A 196 Higll Street lj Johnson, Astrid Linnea A 155 Dwight Street Johnson, Eileen Amanda P 24 Xllilliam Street lu, Johnson, Evelina Helma P East Berlin Johnson, Eunice A 12 South Burritt Street Josephson, Lillian Olivia P 3-L6 Park Street ' Juengst, Mildred Bertha P 256 Maple Street ll 'A Kasprow, Frances Blanche A 42 Maple Street gf Kelly, Helen Merle P 19 Franklin Street Q, Kenney, Helen Grace P 177 Elm Street Q' Kenney, Mary Leona P Berlin lgf Kilbourne, Cordelia Smith A 1600 Stanley Street ' Kindelan, Madeline Grace P 26 North Glen Street A Kronholm, Ebba Eleanora A 15 Lillden Street A A Lindgren, Clara Margaret A 50 Wloodland Street Lindquist, Ester Katrina A Berlin A Ludorf, Hedwig Jennie A. P 205 Broad Street Lynch, Aldona Juliana P 104 Dwight Street , Lynch, Eleanor Millieent A 163 Clark Street MacCullough, Grace Elizabeth P 392 South Main Street A Maguire, Mary Fagan A 131 Black Rock Avenue A Maloska, Julia Elizabeth P 706 Stanley Street Q Maloska, Mary Veronica P 706 Stanley Street Matulis, Nell-ie Mildred P 74 Seymour Street , McClean, Margaret Mary A V 699 Stanley Street LA A l15l A tt lil Us W 3, Mr 2 it A0 YW 'VN , Aw t tl MW, K' Nfl V V l Meehan, Josephine Bridget A 96 Wallace Street wt Messenger, Florence Agnes P 14 Connerton Street Jw Middleton, Gladys Eleanor P 170 Arch Street u W, , Miner, Helen Laura P 17 Park Place "S Mitchell, Helen Margaret A XVashington St., Plainville Qt Molchan, Anne Ruth P 25 Sexton Street JC Najarian, Cecelia Helen A 330 East Street ml Nero, Alyce Elizabeth P 312 South Main Street if Norris, Marjorie Goodrich A 61 Grove Hill Nyborg, Mildred Viola P 51 Harvard Street Nygren, Astrid Victoria P 485 Stanley Street lmi we, Olsen, ,Edna Gorine P 136 Winthrop Street M381 Olson, Hildur J. P 19 Stanley Court ,ji Osborne, Emma Doris A S0 Monroe Street Vu! Paulson, Helen Dorothy P 66 Ash Street 531 Peterson, Edith Ingeborg P 67 Commonwealth Avenue ' jg Polumbo, Lena Agnes P 494 South Main Street Putterman, Lillian June P 201 Hartford Avenue Vw Rechenberg, Helen Sophie , P 69 Columbia Street Richter, Grace Emily A 591 Arch Street V., Rund. Elsie Lydia P 216 Bassett Street ASQ Wy 0 Schofield, Helen Dorothy A Berlin wi Schwaderer, Lillian Lois P 23 Whiting Street ., Scott, Vivian Rhodes P 167 Maple Street C Sims, Coribelle Edla A 182 Carlton Street .Xt Skelly, Louise Katherine A 385 South Main Street Slaney, Gladys Mary A 193 Main Street A Stack, Mary Margaret A 108 Maple Street Q W . . . . I' Taylor, Constance Virginia A Berlin A: Trehy, Dorothy Cecelia A Kensington M1 Tierney, Helen Catherine P 14 Elm Court, Plainville ,N vi Vahlstrom, Irene Alvina A 25 Franklin Square ' A' l Vtlaskelexvicz, Helen Gertrude Magdelene P 15 Clinton Street W8lJSt61', Ione P 15 Blake Court X, VVells, Marion Carlotta A 53 Hart Street I lfl ft, tv it Aft 22' Qi it E QS! cxxzggc' 'Qx1QSC ' ' ggi Q' 1" 52 ,Axis 22 ,Aiif22 3Aiii 52 3'iii22: ' 2: Xsfihkrxasefiias :Er C C Q 53753 Essaasesggaszss 33 3 13:33 un fc 5gYcY C gxigxc' 'QiziKq'Qx1cxC Zxc' ff 12 b'l:s :Qp'pps:2 AA: is 1 11255572 I cc x1xQC g7Zf4cxfiicSgifc JBSIS 355513 PP Slfxg 375215 5751 c c Q ff S 55. 1 C, !,C.C f,f,15,C.C , 53 155.532 753.5 2 255, L .I 32 2 53,5 young Msn Anderson, Evald Holmtrid P 102 Hillcrest Avenue Anderson, Carl Richard T 52 East Street, Plainville Beach, James Smith A 136 1Vest Main Street Beach, Howard Alfred T 5 Osgood Avenue Begley, Leroy Jerome A 59 Beaver Street Bengston, Alfred Irenus A 51 Ash Street Bengston, Hilmer Gunnard T Box 1-1, Kensington Birnbaum, Leon P 20-1 Vtfashington Street Bleau, Ernest Joseph P 192 Monroe Street Boardman, Franklin Holland A Berlin Street, Berlin Booth, Seth Willard A 52 Lincoln Street Brown, Prescott Leroy A 22-1 1Vooster Street Bulmahn, Anton Albert T S8 Jubilee Street Carlson, Carl Elmer T 16-1 Dwight Street Cashman, Benjamin Thomas A Berlin Curioni, Joseph Paul A 236 Oak Street . IJesrnarais,lJscar Joselni 11 11 liastljaxvlor Street Iloiseyg 1ViHian1 Ilernlaii 11 213 hlalde Street Durham, Benedict Francis A 171 South Main Street Ellms, Gordon Lloyd A 1 Columbia Street Everson, Oliver Frederick A 20 XVarlock Street Fowler, Everett Wlieelei' A 9-1 Camp Street Freedell, Carl Kenneth A 127 Shuttle Meadow Avenue Fruchtman, Jacob Leon P 169 Hartford Avenue Gale, Frederick Raymond A Stanley Quarter Grennerod, Clifford P -10 Kelsey Street Hackney, Donald Lapine P 337 VVashing'ton Street Haigis, Russell,John A R.F.D. No. 1, Kensington Hale, W31'1'6l1 A 10 Camp Street Halloran, George Edward A -157 VVest Main Street - Halloran, Robert Louis A 1693 Stanley Street Hamilla, John Ivanov T LaSalle and Beaver Streets Hart, James Howard P 195 Maple Street Hartung, Leslie Alexander T 613 Main Street Hjerpe, Gustav A 406 Chestnut Street Johnson, Charles Albert A 471 Commonwealth Ave. Johnson, Gunnard A 593 East Street Johnson, XValter Andrew A -1-1 Commonwealth Avenue U71 ' QPQQI is Q' DQR! Eiixxz QS Cgxaii 1 2: gas sm :sas is 1525: 2 2 Kei-win, Philip Edward P 46 Union Street Kilbourne, Herman XVells A 1600 Stanley St1'eet Kimball, George Elbert A 61 Lexington Street Klingberg, Robert Jonathan P 91 State Street . Krakauski, Joseph E. P 314 High Street Kulikowski, Chessel Joseph T Avon, Conn. LaHar, Paul Be1'nard P 23 Cedar Street Laurinaitis, George T 99 Park Street, Hartford Marsh, Edmund Parsons A 60 Garden Street McAloon, Cornelius Aloysius P 109-1 Stanley Street Mc-Cabe, Thomas John A 8 Lee Street Murtha, George Lester A 330 East Main Street Naples. Domonie Anthony A 66 Cherry Street Nevulis, Benjamin Joseph P 124 Dwight Street Norkevius, Vtlalter Edward A 7 Rhodes Street Ondrick, John George A 103 Sexton Street Patrus, Michael George T 154 Kelsey Street Person, Carl August T 33 Vega Street Pike, Louis Fenn A 23 Strong Court. Plainville Pilarski, Thomas M., Jr. P 189 Beaver Street. Porter. Gordon Disbrow A T7 Adams Street Proudman, Donald XValter A Maple Hill Rakowski, Charles Joseph A 53 Beaver Street Regula, Joseph J. P 133 Beaver Street, Reynolds, James Joseph A 219 Vtlest. Main Street ' Richardson, Bernard VVilson T 88 Franklin Street Rossberg, Harold Clinton A 52 Vine Street Rowe, Stanley John A Elm Hill Savonis. Joseph Vtlilliam P 11 Dwight Court Scheyd, George Boniface P 298 East Main Street Schmidt, Eugene Max A 494 Church Street Schultz, MacAlister Avery A 105 Lincoln Street Stack. TVarren Sheldon P 122 Mill Street Stempien, Stanley Casimer T 11 Silver Street Stephenson, Howard Fenn A Plainville Stillman, Floyd Barnum T 25 New Britain Av., Plainyille Thorne, Robert Anthony A 23 Bradley Street Wei1', Harold Arthur A 22 Cottage Place White, Frank Albert A 74 VVhiting Street, Plainville Ziegler, Roy Howard A 467 Park Street Ext. Zimmerman, Raymond Anton A 50 Prospect Street - 5 l18l W. WN. W!! ,ziggy jd v, 'JW with v ixilivi my W gut: ow Nv lvwlti Nbv J v lu l V, Vi hw. Jw Adfifi v Mau' wht, UVM 3 . ,WN .VINE Nav, J V, 'JW wovw ill' Dil if ilk lflmvi pw fm 0 . I l K' NC My NIA M! lgfv, fl .A 9 NN Mfr ffm! pry Ann lmfal NW 'AM 'VW ,HE My inf' l AM 22" in Q My In WIN Nlwl ' l lwi WC My Nl WMV lxfllnl ggi-" gf' - w' 4'-'Q' ggi' 2'-'Q' :1p':'i5:j3:2s:23:J5 921325223 zaeeizii b?iiQeSl5zeeS25fc2ea Qssfwspssfssvssfsn Jsszwsssz I-Q cc Qc cfcfcc YcgYc5 zcY4gYcvq ccrigrcwi cc ' Y13?2N33 SPIXB DYDINS 5 SDIXS 1 S GEORGE LESTER MURTHA "BATTLER" New Britain, Conn. February 22, 1904 "I may be small, but oh My!!" Rattle-tit-tat-wliis-'boom!ll VVho is making all the noise? George Murtha of course. Didn't you know that "Battler" battles with all New Britain Fords? Sure he does. He's one of our big men. Did anyone ever see him when he wasn't hold- ing up traliic in the corridors to talk to some pretty girl? "Battlc1"' was the captain of our football teain and has broken some of the worltl's records, we think, in that capacity. He expects to go to Andover next year to learn some more about football. Wc're sure he will be a success. Football 2-3-43 Baseball 23 Basketball 43 Track 43 Interclass Basketball 1-23 Class President 23 Treasurer 33 President 43 Executive Council 33 Senior Club 4. EDITH INGEBORG PETERSON ' "EDIE" New Britain. Conn. September 30, 1905 "Her looks was kind 0' hard to forget." Our Vice-President! "Edie" certainly is a fine class oiiicer as all may know from her unusual work this year. A pretty, dancing, happy lass, she is always to be found enjoying her- self or making others enjoy theinselves. Her many friends made :luring her school life all wish her success in her business life. Spanish Club 23 Senior Club 43 Y. IV. A. A, 23 Girls' League 43 Vice-President 4. CONSTANCE VIRGINIA TAYLOR "CONNIE" New Britain, Conn. December 23, 1905 "Calm and sedate." "Connie" is one of the most popular members of our Senior class. Although she has nothing whatsoever to do with the opposite sex, this is no fault. During her four years at High School she has cheerfully accepted the many ofiices which have been conferred upon her. Best of luck in the future, "Connie" Vice-President of Class 13 French Club 3-43 Secretary of Class 4: Girls' League Secretary 4. PAUL BERNARD LA HAR "BENNIE" New Britain, Conn. ' August 3, 1904 "Hush-sh-sh! He talks money." Paul, with his happy smile, was always a popular fellow in our class, but he became doubly popular when, in his Senior year, he became Treasurer of our class, and we learned that money talked. He is one of our three-lettered men and will take his place with the other famous athletes of the school. V Letterman's Club 3-43 Senior Banquet Committee 43 Treas- urer of Class 2-4: Senior Club 4: Secretary of Student Execu- tive Council 33 Football 41 Basketball 3-43 Track 33 Baseball 4. f-7 A ' -' -A' ' ' ' i"'Q' ziigggiq' I :iA'i5f923 D Db 223 9 D5 225 3 9 LQQQQSXQZQCQ xzsic Pbllx 355513 DD 3x18 1 D 551: 3931 74 54 Qgfcfq C4 ggfcvqfcc qgwcvc cc pq c cfc cc, v Y1321YX3Ybib2NB BSDRNBN 325133 bil if '...1' I QAQX Kgs c' Qz Qi c'Qi fix c'Qi1 gg Q' 2 p'ii5 953-:'5f22 ,Asif if s-:'sf if si' 7 CCKJQKC filiqfl i.7iiCCiZiiCQj PBZIXDPBQIEBPBRITD DBQZSDDB W5 s.C KC5 5.4.1 If sc 1.1 ff 55.1.1 fs 994.4 KS I vb 52133-:322x3-zgpzxsg 23222153 :MN WV ' , ilisv ,, , ' l V . J J ' - 'JW Al EVALD HOLMFRID ANDERSON vw ' "ANDY" . New Britain, Conn. October 3, 1905 ww Evald is one of our fellows with an ever ready smile which WL ' I proves to be a gem to him at all times. He is quite popular 'uw with the fair sex, and is known to have passed many witty wif, ' remarks in 30-L for both his enjoyment and for that of the kb: V rest of the class. He is quite a business man and may be J v seen in Kinney's at any time after school hours. He is con- Mr neeted with the business end of our Brcliirf. We wish you 5 Z5 - success in the future, "Anily". - M li, Spanish Club 33 Senior Club 4: Assistant Business Manager Board of Publication 33 Business Manager Board of Publica- ' f' i":'1'-liens 5011 44 Nitin I ,. .',:1.-,..: -15 ..,. f-: , Nov ' if Vi 'ii X MARGARET GOFTON ALLISON wx' 4 Y "PEGGY" L ul ' 1 Sunderland. England August 4, 1905 .jgvi , "Genius is the ability to do hard work." 'WX Z. f Margaret has not idled her four years at High School away. ,ililwg , She is a bright, willing worker and has more than once shown 'KW .g Y her ability in handling affairs. Margaret is an exceptionally 1 J " eiiicient stenographer who would prove valuable to some MV 'et business man, but she intends to become a school teacher. , ,Lg ' Senior Club 43 Class Day Committee 31 Secretary of Class 13 M gtg Tratiic -1: Assistant'Manager Board of Publication 35 Editor-in- Nw, L um., ,,., ang,-NY V "4 ehiel Board of Publication 4: Track 2. Mu iw 4 ' " 2-vt -' 2 -.exif 3 WW J -is' H-geL'...-..:.- ,L 'VV if . A .i Y, Q GRACE EMILY RICHTER ,NF K "GRACUNIS" ' fi wi 'A Springlield Mass Januarv 16 1005 A ,N . 3 w . . . . . thaw "A laughing schoolgirl, without care or grief." fi :' . . . . . . , . ,QM gg- A ray ot sunshine is this fair Senior, full of fun and always ,WJ fl- gig ready to do some one a good turn. Grace believes in enjoying Qfeffl Q-, herself all of the time, for did anyone ever see her when she MIX fx 1 wasn't laughing? 'MJ' ni- Grace says her favorite pastime is drawing, but we know mo, 4 that she enjoys strolling to Number 591 with "Pickles" Just i s as well. How about it, Grace? NX, ...vim --.5 if, President of Art Club 4: Treasurer of Art Club 3: Basketball 'Mil igQ.4:.4g'5gi3,,ii 1:2-3: Assistant Art-Editor Board of Publication 3: Art Editor ,A , i Y "'A""' is ,f oi Board of Publication -1. Wi . ' fi ' np , JAMES SMITH BEACH ' . . . l fi kt A sxJIMMYvy . WQAK, ml? , New Britain, Conn. August 16, 1906 In j i fir "Quietness and sincerity personified." 'l VW' ff 'Ss 4. - . . . . 'vyif f ig Jimmy" is a quiet fellow, but he studies hard and always iinfl Q if knows his lessons. He has a pleasant personality which ae- ,AQWX Mal f - counts for his having so many friends. He is a very industrious lznai Wifi 3. ffjl young man and we feel he will be a success in everything MMI QQ? qi he undertakes. i and ffff' :' ! Mathematics Club 4: Board of Directors of Hi Y Club 43 Sec- A 1 L: A51 i ,:4?Tv, tion Chairman 3. - FAN M J ,. A I WVU . l l ii ixixflii' iiizciigxzli Cgxgkiqw T5Qx'5j 9 1 'fi5f:2 s':'5s' ' ' A ' ' ' ' - y- - - .Y W H - 2 X :2::p32,P:l liaise filltls-5325252 ssgaazsc Elsssszrsgzssssgzsissv 3252332 l20l 'Hal ' W" "" f A 4"q' ff" "N sP,Ai5f:51spss2s:ps 225:-ps 12 ,zcyxzgxq QXIQXQQXIE Qxz-se 737,77 523717 , DQR P5577 ,bb Q Qi Cc Qi C , 2 5:72552 :FIRE 254,252 :five 675545 C333 s SMD., a ,As X , Asa sages s X D LEOlNI BIRNBAUM Russia May 5, 1904 "AIl's right with the world." So thinks Leon. He is always wearing the broadest of smiles and seems quite satisfied with the world. His good nature is probably due to the fact that he has completed his course in three years. Not, of course, that he was anxious to get through with school, for he was a willing and able seholar. Orchestra. 3: Debating Club 4. DORA R. BAG DASARIAN "DEBE" Russia - October 16, 1905 Serene she sits on other shores than ours." Dora, the quietest of our quiet classmates, is always sure to succeed. Her splendid eharaeter, her charming personality, and her attitude towards life in general are to be envied. Many have found her to be their standby in emergeneies. The nn- nsual nature of her work has made her respected by all. Senior Club 4: Girls' League 4. DOROTHY BARNUM AADOTH New Haven, Conn. April 2, 1907 "This way ladies to the big circus." Unfortunately "Dot" isn't the owner of the best shows on earth. What bliss-if she were ! The clerks in both buildings would need Hawkshaw the detectatiif, to keep track of their little Seniors. Best wishes for a bright and prosperous future ..D0t,,. Senior Club 41 Girls' League 2. EARNEST JOSEPH BLEAU "ERNIE" Chester, Conn. May 25, 1906 "Heaveps, I have fallen in lqve !" . We "Ernest-ly" believe that "Ernie" did "Bleau" into the arms of some nice lady friend on Hungerford Court during his Senior year. No, you don't need to tell us how you did it "Ernie", we'll guess it's your demeanor of a perfect gentlemen that brought you success. , "Ernie" has spent a successful four years i11 which time he has made many friends, including' the teachers. ' Spanish Club 3: Senior Club 4. Xc'Qx1ti Q' 'iifis c'Qi15x c'QQgg,5,6 f 553-:'5f5fs Q as 2 5 J Q 5 :Q 5 P 2 5 22 5 Cqccx1'gQc cx1xQccx1xicqx1Q3c '3Pb21S5PBBfX 195315 Pb5133P3b fczc c c c7c7cg 557471 fc 557474 fc Qc Q7c!5 71 572NB7BX72X3 bi.b2N3'X ESDIXB BX l21l 3' ' ' ' "" -'f ' ' ' ' A ' g A Zirqr Y :23': SS: ' ':'5S:i3':'5f 525'9'5fi2 es 61945 hxfxzgxc QXZEQC c 2 3x15 zfislx 1: xsix :xszx :ox K Z Q 5 C xzxi c Q x1 c ' Y Y - Y gif Sc Qgfc-C fc gg c it 'tc Qgrcrt c i5 32255 S 2251552237 f 11 Sblgli S . Y ,I r , 2? . -M '- "T ,. . ' ' ff fn.7f."'T1 .,11?'44' , . ,VX . I V' ...1 rf 1- . gli. .sl ,z. ' g.:5 , e .lg . A -"i-' 'l-75g?fff?T'Q'ssLL'Hf1- 3. I 'i CLIFFORD GRENNEROD A HGRENNYH - New Britain. Conn. December 19, 1904 "Grenny" has a hobby of trying to master foreign languages. Spanish, Swedish and German are some of the tongues he has tried to taekle. "Grenny" takes a deep interest in his studies, especially in Spanish. Might be a minister to Spain someday, eh, "Grenny"? Spanish Club 1-2. ELIZABETH EMMA BENJAMIN "LEEBECK" Plainville. Conn. April 6, 1905 "For the good are always the merry." Ka-ehoo!! Elizabeth is here!! No day is complete without her soul-inspiring sneeze. It welcomed us here and we know it will always remain in our memories. Besides her unusual sneeze, Elizabeth is a good natured, smiling, lovable girl, a good sport, a fine student and a true friend. Senior Club 41 Girls' League 4. MILDRED WILHELMINA BERGLUND "MlLLIE" New Britain. Conn. I November 17, 1904 "She laps us in soft Lydian airs. "Millie's" skill as a pianist together with the fact that she is a friendly and delightful girl whom everyone likes im- mensely, will pave a successful future for her. Glee Club 2: Senior Club 4: Class Day Cast 4. DONALD LA PINE HACKNEY "HOOKS" New Britain, Conn. , November 20, 1905 "A Flivver-A Packard-what's the difference." "Hooks" has got a Flivver that he will put up against a Packard any day in the week. If his Ford refuses to go he will calmly talk Spanish to it and away it goes. Prep School next year. Spanish Club 1-2: Senior Club 4. gg Q-QQ? Q- ' 'igqgiqq-Qqg giigxziic' ' 55 fiis a5,':'5i:2 5'i5f by in 2 fpy 3 'Q KS 'xfxg QQ It Sbbwfxlbxsix 3355181 3351537 C C 6 X S Q il 4 x C C RZ QC 11 C ' 7 7 , Y 7 32 376: Q I 45 gg Q55-c ff Q cr Y C 55:74 gg 'svns gixwvs xgzgpggp 1x53 -1321 xsvu s l22l x LAQKIQ-gi' 'CQK,gg 4-Qylgg QAQXKQSQ' if :Q :'p :S my :':'i5 22 bA:'ix' , 1 22 3':'ib D2 pi ZQccxfkic5 'C glifiqcxliiccxziif Dblfx 5P5215575l15lll P3117 5332 TC g5ffcvC Kg V ffif 555574-CVC: Q55-ifi is f5j21X5vDi22Dv1j22X53 -QSQZXQY N s H WARREN HALE New Britain, Conn. April 16, 1905 "Man delights me not, no, nor woman either." Warren is the understudy of Traiic Onicer Joe Kennedy, It isn't W3l'1'GHyS fault if the traffic regulations are abused- we know it ! He is very quiet in school and applies himself diligently to his studies, at any rate, women are nothing in his young life. Traffic Oflicer 2-3-41 Spanish Club 2-33 French Club 3-4: Senior Club. r MARY BBGOSIAN New Britain, Conn. Julie 15, 1905 "And none that hear her may forget." This quiet, splendid young lady, has done much to make our school years complete. Her iine appreciation of her studies inspire many of us, while her general good nature and her pleasant smiles have iilled many a dreary day with sunshine and brightness. She is always prepared, always concerned in the welfare of her classmates, and, best of all, can be relied upon for help at any time. V Senior Club -lg Girls' League 4. I BERTHA EDITH BUCHALTER "BlRDlE" New York City January 8, 11109 "A slip of a girl." Bertha, one of our out-of-town students, although quiet and unassuming, is always to be counted upon. Her fine disposi- tion and powers of concentration are enviable, while her unusual abilities along scholastic lines as well as social are noticeable. A Senior Club -iz Spanish Club 3. ROBERT LOUIS HALLORAN ' HBOBIY New Britain, Conn. August 19, 1905 "Better late than never." "Bob" Halloran is a happy-go-lucky chapg a favorite with the girls, and-a tormentor of teachers. His favorite song seems to be, "Nero my God to thee." We wonder why? Never mind, "Bob," they all fall before the wiles of women, sooner or later-mostly sooner. 9.4: p ,141 g .Iii ,Lai ,ESE I .V - Hifi? ezfsje. "5 ..:e.s.-e1a:vsw,- :mei , , - 1 rf. gq'Qiggx c' 'Qi1ii5Qi1gic'gx1gi Q' ' 52 fisi 3 2 ,rs Q 5 J, fs 9 s 1' 5:3'i5f: 2 ZQCCQZSQC CQZSQCCRZQQCCQIQQ D ' :Al C U Qffyilhlf Q FS.i.CC57C,C-C!C gave 25.523 asses D P BEA if seein we l23l 2 , 5,3 B22 333 .RS.?2D3.5 N Q cgfggfg-K Q' B fgggiiciyfgiifixki-ii' 52 5': 2 5 :2':': is ay :': SS :ipA:'5f:2 BAQ 5252 25221152 :s.sza25:.eia2 SEE w3?EQSviiE?83iE53 3i3523.3 in wwf v - 1 , h WJ - ' ' ' . ,Nl v WALTER ANDREW JOHNSON "HA-HA" . ' ' Wil New Britain, Conn. July 29, 1906 igml U "Laughter holding both his sides." JV' There is not the slightest doubt but what Walter is the vi best natured fellow in his class. He is small in stature, but 1 Vx . I you'd be surprised I VVe have often wondered whether or not ly v, hc has a girl. Unfortiuiately we l1aveu't the goods on him Wu, , -yet I my French Club 35 Mathematics Club 43 Science Club 35 Section HV V Room Oflicer 3. l , l V . " A J MVN i 1. till all ADA PANSY BUSH lvmj ' if "PANSY" wmv, -- Lil' ,CharlesLown, VV. Virginia December 13, 1907 "Southern sunshine in a northern land." J vi if XVe all agree that N B H. S. was real lucky when Pansy Mat, Q.: lleviflell to forsake the South. A great many times gloom has MW been scared away by Pansy's comical pranks, especially at those lvldvf , iff "Girls' League" meetings. Too bad that "E, S." didn't wait 'I for thc class of '23. JU If Girls' League 4: Orchestra 1-2-3-4: Literary Club 33 Y. XV. 1 7,5 Y A. A, 4: Glee Club 43 French Club 43 Senior Club 4. JT B l c ill i- ww' ' fx v - sci- A.-'Zl'7f: 'WI i -' wi PHOEBE AGNES BYRNE . N 2 z . rw - Roxbury. Conn. September 26. 1906 Ln if "-A laughing lovable school girl." QQVRN fj sf Phoebe sure lives up to the above quotation. Always ready IAN, ,Q ' with a sunny smile that has won many friends for her during lgfyi 6' her four years at school. Last year she took a great liking 'l fl 1' -K to a young man named Mucke. Too bad he graduated last : 'F year, isn't it Phoebe? Best wishes for a successful future. MA -p 'fi Banquet Committee 43 Senior Club -1. ,x' 3: xmpi .,g. W K' . X 'A Nix -e sg, .g B-.. 1 --. ' 1' MW ' J QNX 1' . I ROBERT J. KLINGBERG N ,fe Q' HBOBH. AF QQ New Britain, Conn. . August 29, 1905 In f - . "A mind of wisdom." I I "Bob" is a born writer and orator as any ot lns classmates my ,if 4' can verify. "Bob" sure is a master mind of all subjects, as A no recitation is complete unless he recites half the time. We'll .'. not lze surprised to see you the champion talker of Congress some clay. Some school will be glad to get "Bob" next year. ' Traflic 43 Senior Club 4: Class History 4. '-": 4 -S - ,f - -f f A Y - - ' 5 7 ' is ' rpris 155-spspiymggpi 22 5'i5f92 5'- ,XQQXIQAKS QxIg,:.Q3xzg3QQx1g Q S5152 IXDD ,Xb 7 D Q Q f C Q Y 32 bb. S12 D SS 2 527252224 mffegff 14252 5 3522x3-nggzgdggpfxzv'Y-1 sgzxs-1 sz l24l ijiiauti. 5 q'Qg2ai Q' Aqggki qkgg gag grief 43 1' . sjarp 5 s 3 5 isis' 22 34175572 I 9 9 5':'55 :iii Zi QIZQC , 'C xiii iq "Q 31513 DDBQIS DD 5223 1 QBQIX 5-231 1 525915 fc 55,15 5554 fills? SEQ SSI Xvvvi 21b3.1i?1N33K 32522532 2 z ALFRED I. BENGSTON uvvowu New Britain, Conn. June 3, 1906 I "Prince of felIows." A prince of fellows is Al. He leaves our school with an enviable reputation in' l1is four years here. Al also is one of the mainstays of the Amphion Club, being second on the stage 011ly to such an actor as John Barrymore. VVe wonder why "Al" gets all dolled up every Thursday evening. We can make a pretty fair guess, but that's his afair. We wish him luck. Amphion .Club 4: French Club 33 Debating Club 3-4: Progres- sive Committeeg Triangular League Team. ROSE ALVINA CARLSON New Britain, Conn June 18, 1905 ' "Of speech unguarded, ' Man doth oft repent, Bu. not of keeping silence." Don't infer from this that Rose never talks for she does, but there is a difference. While others chatter she either- says nothing or something of value. She is quiet but makes her iniiuence felt wherever she may be. Always knowing what others are supposed to know, one never iinds her unwilling to help others with her knowledge. She expects to enter the lpusiness world next year. Senior Club 4: Girls' League 4. BARBARA CASE HBH' UBOBBYH Plainville, Conn. May 17, 1905 "Genius must be born, not made." -'Barlara came to us from Plainville and like most of the country folks, she is rather quiet and shy, but she makes a good friend and can be depended upon for her share in any task. She is planning to teach girls how to bake ice cream and fry pickles after taking a four year course in dietetics at Storrs. Good luck to you HB". Spanish Club 3, Dietetics Club 4: Girls' League -l. A OLIVER FREDERICK EVERSON "0LLlE" New Britain, Conn. December 7. 190-l - "A silver iongued crater." "Ollie's" ambition lies between two things: becoming a wireless operator or a delwater. Having heard his weird ora- tions in front of the Debating Club, we advise him to take up the former. He is very popular among his classmates and we know he will make good in anything he takes up. Debating Club. CQ caliic Cxziiccxficcxfiic 93113 325113 D?b2152. 13215293 I cc Qgrcvi flg ggcvi ffcfigrcit Y Qgfcvt fc 'E j22fX11 32257 5-532 ix 53-1 -E' X 22 X25 3 X Qlkfc -S q' igz Q q'Qg1ggCq Q 14 Q . j s-is s 1 5 fiii 9 2 5':A5 j ,Axis D 2 ,AJ - f C - l251 Www 2 v i , ,i i 12551 an '43 v M i til rs I f V Wv: ,Nyc J J, ,Jw NM pw vw x wi, M X1 f. il V will My 'filly - 1 1 ox I if vi Vi 'J X1 J li Ni' 1 i C X EU do Nv, vivo! D551 on., MVN lvl 'i Vi NM Un 1 I yu ll? it , Now? 1 fi i Mfr lang fl f-,f l M Q29 , 'N W an 'Vip' f XV, 'X N C001 .tl :qs an ww fl fl QW f v 'Ml' an f' i w flflfli wr, nffr . -:wi , 5- A -4- S- 'Q- CQXIQQ 4-QXKQBQAQCKQQJ' Asjawp ps p5,'s5i:, QA, ps :f5'ii532 1? 52? ESRB-5252252 1222: :geese 323 aaczsgaaisii 2212533 aeczsg as 1 V1 l if 1111, ,...,,.?,,q,,,.. . 1 V 13' . V, 1535, , ROLAND ARCHER HALE al., QM 1. 3 "ZOWlE" , KM, Vw, q 1 Dover Punns, N. Y. July 30, 1904 WV, ltlw, f 1 "rm the shiew' 11331 .4 - . - Q 1 Q l h UZOWICH came all the way from Dover Plains via Plainville lj v ,Vw ' to attend a real school. We hear he's the "S11iek of Plainville," 1052 ,Dfw Vf taking out a different girl every night in the week. Worcester WV, MJVE Tech next fall. XV! A French Club 2-3-45 Mathematics Club 4: Science Club 4. VV W 'A 1 V 1 1 , , 1 INS -.fin M WM V 'wtf 1,51 .ie. . , . 5,531 :tw of NATHALIE CASE , . . V -1 111a1nv111e. vonn. May 17, 1905 ,JW 'mm "Thy lordly genius blooms for all to see." ,Vw 1-fm There is nothing commonplace about Nathalie, she is gifted, ,CMJ Ilya: .553 lll'L'k'UC'lOl1S, versatile and dependable. She always does things ,ww 6 v cnri-ectly, knows everything she should know, and usually has out lvw her work in long before it is called for. Poetry is her second 'ew 711111, nature while for general knowledges she cannot be surpassed. WV, KISS 31:2 Glee Club 15 Spanish Club 2-35 Traffic Oliicer 45 Senior Club 4. ' . J v dur' Q' JV W v , 2- ef' ' 0 Af' U vw eafaw- ----- - - ---T-gi? M111 -, LL'-.M ....,.. .V -... , .c.....-:ma ,A , , - , .. QMV. 'AVWVI 'A' My 111 .M j GERTRUDE VERONICA CONNELLY QA 1 V -,K UGER-I-rv W , , .1535 New Britain, Conn. Apr-11 11, 1906 hi, 1,'Yl1 ''Calm-Cool-Serene-Sweet." my "Gert" has contributed her share towards making our classes QQ, if ,w lively. Although she looks quiet she proved quite to the IAM Mm contrary. She is an excellent stenographer, but ha.s decided MP, fwyw 'ii' she would rather be a kindergartell teacher. Who W0lJ:1d!l,t 12"Q1 5' like to start school over? MN' l :if-' , . , ' , ,WAQ Spanish Club 2-3: Girls' League 45 Y. VV. A. A. 1-2-3-45 Senior Nlgi MVN Q55 Club 45 Basketball 1-3-4: Track 15 Baseball 1-3. A ,MN ,MQ 2,9 MF! ,QQ 53 .QQQ1 11711 1111 MV' Elf 531' ,ML W1 gr, ROSE CROLL QEE1 New Britain. Conn. July 17, 1904 nfl "And she was a jolly old fellow-always cheerful" M' 1 f' R - l'k 1 - 1 '- f ll ' 031 Sl '- if fl AM .gg ose, 1 e lei nan e, is one o our J oonnnb asses. ie is ,AQN ,,fl,,. - noted for her even temper, her good nature, and her unusual ',1,lfv IAM power for making friends. It is her intention to go into the 'MW QM, 5. business world next year, where, we are sure, her fine work as 1"f', a stenofrra her will be a reciated. She likes a ood time M A f ri P g f "IV ,ll . . 1 MN: x. and much gaiety, that out of school better than that ln ,QCA ,Mlm iii. school. MQ, NM: Spanish Club 2: Y. VV. A. A. 25 Senior Club 45 Girls' League 4. "'1fV', fl t ' -fy fi 1,09 -in 1,1 1,,c,N1 V Y . .. 'AQN 1, W 5- j -. . n '- .Q 'AAAI 'AW1 V ,fm fmll, ,nfl " iifsff 225533652522 525: 252:25 D i?3? as-2222 :s2?2:2,1gQQg5s25: ss? 5222 222512 Q 4 4-aff af C5 acre!!-af: L, Y: 5319-15353332357 gginwvs 53 l26l ii ., . av- S igxzkic' Y Ygigiil-QX?Zi Q'QiZ4S Q' T 5j1'i5i:2 5 9 by :Q 3 3 1 x 92 5 3 2 5 :Q 3 CK4cx1iQC Cxliicigfitccxfiic 35213 5?35f51?bl13l 33511353 It ccggrcri cijgifvi cc55i4'q fc55Yc-igc l -lj22X3Yb 5 DIXB bib2NE ESDZXB 52 HERMAN WELLS KILBOURNE UDOCJ1 New Britain, Conn. April 13, 1904 "Humor helps the world go round." Wells can he usually seen walking very soberly around our corridors. Vilith his dry lnnnor he has caused us many laughs, Cespeeially near Rooms 40 and -15. We wonder why he used to leave the North End trolley every morning before it rear-hell the center. He intends to go to Yale next fall. French Club 3: Second Football Team 3. RUTH JUDITH' DANIELSON "RUFUS" New Britain, Conn. October 3, 1906 "O, who will walk a mile with me along Iife's merry way?" Ruth is one of our prominent young ladies of society. Sho is by no means frivolous, but she certainly can enjoy herself. Contrary to the usual result of gaiety, she is certain to be prepared, and hard at work. She is always efficient and self- confident, popular and in demand. Her good nature and charming looks have endeared her to us. Dramatics Club 1: Y. W. A. A. 13 Senior Club 41 Class Night Committee 41 Girls' League 4. MARY ALMA DAVIS Farmington, Conn. August 12, 1905 "Like the fiery rays of the setting sun do h her blush brighten the universe." "Smiles" ought to be Alma's nickname. No day, no matter how dreary, is lacking her smiles or grins, as she calls them. Sheyisalways dependable, cheerful and sincere. She, with her charming blush and smiles, has done much to drive away gloom from some of our bad days. Wholesome, sweet and keen-minded, we know she can do nothing less than be suc- cessful in her chosen profession, nursing. Senior Club 43 Girls' League 4. MARGARET INGALLS DYER "GUDDlE" Boston, Mass. March 26, 1905 "Common sense is very uncommon." Margaret doesn't talk much, but when she is called upon to recite she invariably knows her lesson. She is so studious and so wise that we all feel very conscious of our lack of knowl- edge. Can you imagine Margaret leaving school without a book under her arm? Some day we expect to hear of her doing something really great for we know that she can go far in the world with her learning. Science Club 3-4. v 2"jq""QCgiq'Qg2Qil'iC!Q3C' 52':':'ps 221 Q15 :yy :pb 223 :ps :ah cx1eQ4cQIaQccx1QQc :sQ1xb9bs15 sbxxixm Dbslxbbxg c fc cg cwcrzc qgrcrcgc cc cvccc qrcrcvicc vbj?2N3-DPJPXB BXDJNB BYDIFIS l27l Qxfi C- Xixlixliiixiiilixi 5:25 5:23 'ixif twig AY' if' -Q' A !' A 523':'5in55':55 35-" 55-" :- Fi?-:x1ZQ43 ':x1ai4cxfxicqgfQt4g ?b21N 1352153252151 75:15 DDB 3 5: 457:-1 Zg ' YQgY4-C fcrqgrcvi ccragrcvi fc gb EQZXB-533325322523 -1322523 i .ff-.+.g, ,,., . ' .gg 3-Q z" 5 1 . 2- . ,651 Qliif 2 If . gs: 5522- .325 -sw-.. , Q.. ....- .. .,.. . - " r n TS" :sage -1-4, .E ' ' QQ. X .V ef-SNL. 1 ,. Z :E . 3 Q 25? 1 6 ' A fre 511:55 ' iib5's'Qif1kQ.,,. . H . . Q l Ss et.. .9 i A. --.- - - JOSEPH E. KRAKAUSKI "JAKE" . New Britain, Conn. December 14, 1905 "Never judge a book by its cover." "J oe" is rather a quiet sort of a chap. He cuts the chatter and does more thinking. His favorite hobby is baseball. He enjoys catching flies which come his way. He takes everything without the slightest concern, even for the fair sex. How about it. Joel? LILLIAN EDMAN MLI'-LII Bristol. Conn. September 21, 1905 "I dare you to come nearer." Lillian is not as bashful as she used to be. Four years in company with Miss Paulson has made her wondrous wise. We want you to notice the "come hithe1"' look in her eyes. We wish her success in the work she is taking up. Senior Club 4: Girls' League 43 Glee Club 1. MABLE JOSEPHINE ERICSON nlMAEvr New Britain, Conn. ' August 5. 1906 "We love you for your loving ways." Malvle is one of our quieter young ladies. She has a winning disposition which has made her many friends in the past four years. Her general scholastic ability is unusual while her speed at taking shorthand left handed exceeds the speed liniit. We have heard much of her powers of public speaking, and know the reports are true, although we have never had much opportunity to hear her. Senior Club 4' Girls' League 4. HELEN SHEPARD EVANS VVaterbury, Conn. July 10, 1906 "SLiIl waters run deep." The above quotation fits Helen like a glove. In class it was like pulling teeth to get a rise out of her, but you'd be surprised when you get her off guard, especially in the gym, playing basketball. Our Helen's right at home with a basket- Lall in her hands. Best o' luck for the future. French Club 43 Girls' League 4g Y. W. A. A. 4. ' ' .:fCx'1' '. "' ' ' ' ' Z' f A Z" 'Q' Z"'Q' 1 'T22 ffji :55':'55 n5:':'iS 2 ' '2'is':- Li: Qz kgliii 2351? 4 Slit? c D 5218 12 B118 DD 5213 1 5 5118 v P 1 :vc ac ggrcvc ec L Q c cvigc ggrcvq cc55fcwc cc . vbj2Z33v53Q2j3-53gPX3f -5 ib1X3v-1 S l28l ' gm- ez vs. .F Ze c'Qx!Qs c' x1ggc'gx1QSC'Qi1Qic' , 7 353755922 sesiisggsfs A 1 :55'p'is sp 3 qffifivi se axes: 2525: assfegksescsssssesssescsseilssgfssse EDMUND MARSH uEDu Springfield, Mass. January 23. 1904 I H "You may safely depend on the wisdom and skill of this man." Meet Mr. Marsh, the unprecedented wonder l He took ,f', 'li English for pleasure, but we can forgive him that because wg of his unusual brilliancy. Strongly opinioned, yet always QQ' Q courteous in pressing his opinions on others, he has stood out f'ff'Q among his classmates as one of our few geniuses. His talent in writing is unmistakable while his other fine qualities, A- including that of the ability to lead others, have set him apart as unique. i s A MILDRED CAROLL ERICSON "Mines" New Britain, Conn. February 7, 1905 "Far from the city and the ways of MEN?" VVho's this little mite Coming down the corridor with the ,b air of a Senior? Why it's "Midgic" to he sure. "Midgie's" it hobby is faivncy dawneing. Innocent? VVho said so? Not 'ff' with that curly hair, and baby stare. "Midgie" is planning If to become a teacher. i' A if Junior Prom Committee 3: Science Club 33 Girls' League 4: V, Senior Club 4. , , .- ALICE ELIZABETH FORSELL ':-- "l.ol.l.Y" New Britain, Conn. March 13, 1905 ' -. "Thy voice sounds like a prophet's word." Alice is one of the best liked girls in the class. She is I Efjgfl almost always laligliing. She has a wonderful voice and we - I hope she will study music. She is undecided about next year. i Illv Senior Club 45 Girls' League 43 Girls' Glee Club 2. sw .., NAOMI EMMA GARSTON - UBABSH if ",. Brooklyn, New York June 29, 1906 "And thy .voice in my dreaming ear melted away." "Bains" is always ready for a good time. She loves to play ,. jokes on others and takes those played on her good-naturedly. "1 "Babs" intends to goto a preparatory school next year. live f wish you luck "Bains", - " Spanish Club 25 Girls' League 43 Senior Club 4. f' 1 . i Z, .1 .. QfL:,.fl'T . 1 Q, QQ f xQ'Qx1QSC' 'QC1Zic'Qx1iic'Qi1Z-sc' v 5 - ' ' ' - r ' Y f -AA - - - - - Zig:gfQQ gIZQ4cg1ZQccg1ZQc 5 22ibDDEDQDDRXWPPBDPB 3952 qcfefccfc qc: 165455 cfcrqgrc 4141 QQZZQQSQQZQESQQK I291 -Hind vi C ill I 0 I fi Q-KK! ei CAS CQKIZ5 QAQY 1 Z5 i'2X 14 S CACT I 52 1-55 S 1 5 3' afix 1 2 3'55i ,i5':'5 3 22 DAQ Zicc xzigc mjgxfiscc x1iQ'cc x1iQ mpxsfx pbxxzx bbxsfx 1 bb 5751 55g c Q c crigc L ggrc-igc5gYcYQ ccri :rc-C JCL 575 iii-5 x32X1bi2X3Y W ,DEQSS 5-733 A' ' 41 'Q' NI is B '4 '1lQx'F",' CORNELIUS ALOYSIUS McALOON AANIACH I New Britain, Conn. June 21, 1905 "A man of a hundred minds." "Mac" is a noted authority on everything except women and even they are not entirely foreign to him. To hear him get up and give a half-hour oration on railroad conditions is nothing' unusual. "Mac" is a specimen of a student which the school should be proud of. Senior Club 41 Traffic 41 Class History 4. MARIE ELIZABETH GARVEY New Britain, Conn. - July 25, 1905 "Time for work 'and time for play." Marie is a diligent hard working girl in school, but one of the jolliest girls when she goes to a dance, a party or any other social affair, She believes that school is a place .for work, and that there is plenty of time out of school hours for pleasure. We agree with you, Marie, and hope you always think so. XYell, Marie the Senior High School wishes you the hcst of luck and hopes you succeed in any of you, under- takings. , EVA GIOVANNA GIANOTTA "TAGALONG" Kensington, Conn. July 4, 1905 "Better late than never." "Tag" is captain of the army which daily storms the oiiice at 8:29. She has successfully convinced the clerk that it is better to arrive late than never. Kindly tell the future seniors your alibi, Eva. Senior Fluh 41 Girls' League 4: Y. YV. A. A. 3. FRIEDA ELIZABETH GLAESER V "SPARKY" Rockville, Conn. November 28, 1904 "Little, but-OH MY!" Although her stature is not so far reaching, "Sparlfy" is all the name implies. "Sparky's" hobby is a week-end trip to Meriden with "Eddie", Her good nature, sunny smile, and ability for asking puzzling questions have all helped her to make her way through school in one great cloud of happiness. Senior Club 4. VI at, ri 'N vu VN VV, Vu Uv VI V V VN, III V N I Jil Uv VU VV, Jn yt V UV VN SVI V N l JI, U V rr V QQ I Q9 I PI W I cc fw I VI 0 In 'If In : x Ccxigif AQCIQQ' CQC12iQ'iC1ZKCG 22 55555722 eAf5fPP BA555 95 BA55 Y DD' A, CQccxfxi4 Cxzxsccxzifccxfifc s 'hEDb21557b5fX575215 9?lfSbDi1 3 !f s55.f ,fs ,Q 94,1 f c sgcvc cc55Yc,f!c .2 3,22 2,N15S52b9.5i22N3, .5 124333 il l30l Qzgf Q4 C5 fc u I1 I IAQ W, fl ,,I f 'N I0 W 0 F N f fi WI III' 0 IA, W I I 'If I ,,l xicigi QA' -QXIQSQYQXKQQ-QKIZQ Q' 5:52 55' 1: 3 D ps :Q 5 ZKCCLZSCC VCKIKQCCQZQQCKKZZC- PLSZEDDBSZEDPBBISD Db 13323 c c gg55 f Qc c-Q ccggrcvi ccggrcvc Y1fi2jDYlS52N5 I JIXBK Q-2 x72X3 1 ' MARY VERONICA MALOSZKA New Britain, Conn. July 30, 1904 "And all I know or dream or fear A ls not enough for me." Mary loves to play the piano, and, although she has taken a vocational course, we all expect she will study music next year. She is one of those gifted persons whose chief trouble is to keep the teachers from giving her so many A's that she could graduate before the famous class of 1923. Girls' League 4g Glee Club 25 Senior Club 4. THOMAS M. PILARSKI, Jr. "TINlMY" New Britain, Conn. i April 30, 1905 "All good things come in small packages." "Timmy" is a happy-go-lucky chap, who takes things as they come without worrying about the consequences. He is a popular student with his teachers, as they are always calling him down. "Timmy" takes an interest in athletics, his chief hobby being baseball. We hear he has a ilivvei' and gets on the right side of the girls by taking them riding. We hope you are just as successful in all lields of endeavor. Senior Club 4: Baseball :Z-3-4. NELLIE MILDRED MATULIS "NEl.l." New Britain, Conn. Deeermber 10, 1905 "Nell" is one of the best liked girls in the class. VVhat class could' be boring with "Nell" to giggle and tell funny .storiesil Nellie is undecided about what she will do next year, but we know if she is as original in everything as she has been in her work here that she is sure to succeed. Senior Club 4. I ANNA RUTH MOLCHAN "SHORTY" New Britain, Conn. July 21, 1906 "Good things usually come in tiny bundles." "Shorty" has been rightly named, but it proves to be an advantage when it comes to mischief. Anna's happy disposi- tion has made many friends for her in school, and, we are sure, it will do the same out of school. Senior Club 41 Girls' League 45 Y. W. A. A. 1-2-4: Basketball 1-2-43 Baseball 1-33 Track 1. - gg' ' ' ' ' ciigi ZSCTQKIQQCY 1 52 s'9'5s 2 ' n ps 2 3 as 2 KEEELQQQE- ?6iQcQQgiQcc gfiic 3DP 555i5733PiB7S1 R 5518 3732 Q ggfcvqgq gg c-c zcfqg Q5fc5gYcvc cc A Y-lS22X3Qxb1X33 DJXBN 5x'Szx35X E311 :K CYQKI Qi Q' KKK is KTQXVI ii l'xxaii Q I 5, ,Ai5 9 2 2 ,mis S22 ,Aff f 55 s', 5 s Q iswg SE? 25251 33225 X555 iii? 551 Q23 35253125283-23523 313533333 W.,s,..,,,,,...s...,, V i 5,.1'f'.fsz'zfM-FJ, -,-, v fo! V 1 WILLIAM HUMAN DORSEY W' "BILL" ' ' v . New Britain, Conn. June 9, 1906 "Of all my fal.her's children I like myself the best." Last year hardly anyone had heard of "Bill," but he has ' liloomed out like a rose this year. There are many girls here who have admired "Bill", especially one. You've learned to he a heart breaker, "Bi1l." Although he has many good times and is always to be found where a good time is to be had, he never neglects his work. Success in the future. 2. A ' MYRTLE KATHERN BEYER lf? "MYRT"' New Britain, Conn. December 18, 1904 "And she talks--ye gods, how she can talk." YN'ith hcr pleasant manner Myrtle seems able to win any- lfif thing she wishes so why not the title of the most talkative 'ff - girl in the Senior lass? She has always claimed that she Q3 I would rather go with a crowd of girls, but lately ,she is quite at home i11 the company of a tall young man. She would he wonderful as a public speaker or governor of the state. But the future is hers. May you always find life as W , easy as you found reciting in your Civics Class. i 1 Senior Club 43 Senior Class Night Committee 4. 1 ' Gr A 2 ' .Q 4' ANNAMAY BONNEY V Southington, Conn. AUEUSX 30. 1905 Igif "Say it with music." , f Annumay is one of our popular musicians, and a promising ' one at that. She sure can tickle the ivories and make music "1 as enchanting and fascinating as herself, and that is saying :Q if-f sometliiug. Best wishes for a successful future, Annamay. senior Club 4. -- , S' i' JOSEPHINE B. MEEHAN UJOH New Britain, Conn. April 7, 1905 ' V "Gee, how I hate to go home alone." 1:51 Q "Jo" is one of the nicest girls in our class,-even though she Lai .fj does ruin all the scales she stands on. She was unanimously jeff ffl elected captain of the "Fat Girls' Track Team." "Jo's" one' weakness is the boys, although she is much too bashful to ad- ,fg mit it, and oh, how she hates to go home alone. Why doesn't ,ff 'N h some nice young man take a hint? May your future be bright jfs and sunny, "Joe." A ' Senior Club 42 Girls' League 4: Captain F. G. T. T. 4. ix irikfiif 'lklifiifiklii c'QxIgLic' 52 :wifi :is's as :js-iff 55 s'55s 2252 5525555 ihoseeaasss sages: 55:2 5. , is asstsg sects-2 :scsi-Kiki leases C i321 Y gg A5 ggi' ' ' ggi' ' gg ' 'GA :J b':'5i:2b':'5s'::3':'5S Sink: is :ii z2i?2SiQi2J 2lftq43l5tq c2l5tQ3g P320 575215 593275 73275 523: cc Qc: cac ccccecccccccqcccfcl 5sp2X31S22jb3372XjfYvb522X3Y1S: ANTON ALBERT BULMAHN Haxtiord Conn January 16 1907 How d1d he BVQ1 get bv mthout a n1cknan1e? Bulmahn IS an electllclan and thats sometlunv Tlllllk of Stemmetz anc do youl best Tl1e1e 1S no hunt 111 Voul l1ne NT B S T S A A ELEANOR MARIE CARSWELL HLULLU' ew Brltam Conn August 8 1905 o are those gurl making vamps at boys Instead of u1nn1ng fllellds by he1 speech Lullu has vson l1C1S by her snnles She 1S qu1te some athlete too, and oh V hou she plavs Indoo1 Whv dont you t1y f01 a place on tl1e N B H S n1ne? VVe know you must admne at least one fellow at school, but who 1S he? Best luck to you always Semor Club 4 X W A A 7 3 4 Sclence Club 3 4 Basket ball Baseball Track ELIZABETH HARDING BURR BETTY ' Vllxllzmantxc Conn Septembel 77 1905 ' A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance " Betty 1S a g1rl who 15 fond of small cluldren Every place you see her she l1as a crowd of clnldren mound her Hows Sunday School teaclung, Betty 3 bhe 1S such a fresh a11 tend that she never wears a hat We wonder 1f she has any? Amphlon Club 3 X W A A 4 French Club 2 3 4 Class Pxcture Commlttee 4 HILMER GUNNARD BENGS'l0N HERMIE Neu B1 xtam Conn August 93 1906 Stull water ' :H-6111116 1s qu1et, but you HCV91 can tell HIS W01k 1 the Maelnne Shop would have been a cred1t to a Joulneyman you happen to be looklng for a Job 111 the mecl1an1cal me ten years from now, look up Herrrue Hell be runnmg a plant by that t1me B S T if ,xt saisx-fe Miagvk M fl M 'NN gf, n 4" , - , sei' 1 ' 1-e lf. U 2 . -1 31. I v 'I . . ew ' 1 - , .3 ' , - ' 1' ' I L V b. e 53.2 ' cf:-.1 N- A- ' 1 7"-is-is S1.s.ali-Effie 35,5 1i'5?.' rim.. N ' 1 ' ' 11 ' ' n mf, A ,- ' Wh , t Y. . . I. , n U , 5125+ . . . ' ' , L , H , n y , , 1 ' ' . . Y . . - . 1113 f . . , . . . .lf - , - , - -if: ' g Q . -:-.:': V L f .,s::,'1ffg.e ' , 'ar 1 . ' -.122 I 11 I p , , f- - - . . 1 ' " I A. 1 H Q7 ' .' v ' ' Q I ' H I1 'W ' ' ' . Y . . ' . . . . . . , - - . .Q-wg -1fj1.N1, e,--, IQ.. 3 5 i, X - ,,,',:.,e,i2..fs 'fl' - -,xp . . u 1 ' f n rr :ff ' I V .' . - . 1-2 A ' ' ' " ' Q, 1 u - 1 Q1 41.3-ff ' 151. 115g H . ' H ' ' . ' . ' LST' . . 11 f A 1 . . . ' ru. ' - V ' 5' 11 If ' ' ' ' 21 a . ?5 , . . 1' 14 1 11 ul , , .Fav A V, ' ' 1712 . . N. . . . S. A. A. 2-J-4. ya .- L' ' " -'12 Nav- 1' . fs' we 'rf .. "f,.m.,:s.1 .1 iiiil QC 11!iiCCiZiiCCi!iK EDBQZEIDSQITDPBQTI, 321153535 Y Y , , , 1 , - , , , Y 1 1555, 1 3i2?X3,b3225b,1 , 22N33Y ,vb 322337: 3: SQ-Qffgsl QRISxiQ!g3QQX!9SC N 1:23:95 325 :ps 253-195 2,fW7:2f:'5Yp2: Q ceeccfcmcecccfcxccclc fc x . l33J 'lf .Cl 7 ,J 11 W VI 3 155 M15 EJ VV 35 W W 75 Jw .N Qklix gil QQ G J V ln KQV AA rw 'A AC W WNV 'VN M 'A 'A 'AQ lm 'VN VV! l 124 N Nl N ll M W M 'MN 'Nh 124 N M lr QQ 'AQ M 'n -,QA 5 5 6 XQQXICSC LQXICSQ QXZZQAQXIQQQY 22 pfafib 22 3'iii225AD'55 52 3':'53 22 3-1 Zcccxfaic cxfxicc gfxicc xfaqc azxgfxxbblfx Qyblzxb :SS,fx 3532 rife qc 4 ic: sc c ice Qc 4 qgcyxgrc-ice 712218133233-bj22BEv -DSEZXB-33: DOMONIC ANTHONY NAPLES "NIPPY" , New Britain, Conn. August 2, 1903 "Keep Smiling-be a manly example." "Nippy" is one of the best liked fellows in the school. He had a bad habit of smiling at a certain teacher too much two years ago, but she seemed to like it. He is a star performer on the track team andfootball, getting his letter in his Junior year. It seems to us that "Nippy" has taken a faney to beautiful blonde hair this year, and we can't say that we blame him. How did you get her "Nippy"? Best of luck is always with you. Winner of R. O. T. -C. Shooting Contest: Senior Prom Com- mittee 1Chairma.nJ: Class Night Committee, Track 3-4: Letter- men's Club: Football 4. IRENE FRANCES HEISLER IIRENEH New Britain, Conn. August 22, 1905 "Life is one round of fun after another." "Rene" loves to have lots of fun. Vile hope that she has enjoyed herself during her four years with us, as much as we have. "Rene" can be heard quite often telling stories in the corridors at all hours, and we hope that some day she will publish a book of her comical stories. NNQ have enjoyed your jokes and funny stories and hope that you will keep on telling them. Girls' League 4: Senior Club 4. JULIA ELIZABETH MALOSZKA "JEWEL" New Britain, Conn. November 2,-1905 Julia is one of these laughing, jolly girls whose pet ain- bition is to get all A's and always be on top. Julia says she is going to be a stenographer. We know that she will be successful. Girls' League 43 Senior Club -1. FLORENCE AGNES MESSENGER New Britain, Conn. May 6, 1905 "F1.o.H "Laugh and the world Iaughs.with you." "Flo" is a very jolly girly in fact, we don't think she knows how to frown. Her ambition is to become a secretary to some influential business man. Success is yours with your unusual good nature. - Senior Club 4. ' xi QRZZ X K yi xzixq 4x A ' ' ZS ' L 5jp':'5i:2 z':'i5 :Q iii? :ip-1'5i253-J Q44 xfkii cx1x14SzSxx2S2iiQi XIQPSLIB 57321353115 D. lg? 5115 5252 cf: 4:4 acc Qc: cacqc 4 cfc5gYc-c I5 f5j22Ev1j22bl3j2lYXY5i -522251522 l34l V V 5 V V V 's pt W vlJ u we ,ut bv v 'N IN w Vx iw M, 'vi ii 9 N 'll V vi ul V V. U Nl Vx v V V U v, W M N, V l Vw Nl Vw V N V 73 Je vlfu :Dc 'Jon WN ' VV CW' will 6 1 I U v. N v QI l D S X3vl 255' A Q S C 'N W fl 'lr 9 'll nl f 'N f N 'll W l 3 iixkiiig 'iff Ziigxzii c'Qx12 s : 2 5'p 9 Y 1 2 DA: 5 5 5 2 ,Ap Q YW 22' 5':'5 S :ist Zqcc xziic 'C xzicqc Qziqci xfixgf Jsgzxspxlyxspbgzxz Jsxfw :pb cc Q c c-ifc qgyc-cg: ggvcrc zcrxgrc-C73 v, 753233-5322jDvb322NBN 1 YSIXB 1 s : HOWARD ALFRED BEACH V upopu New Britain, Conn. August 13, 1904 "A ladies man." "Pop" represents the finished product of our pattern shop. He is a wood worker of the better class. Much sought after by the ladies, he says he has tried to avoid them, but has never been able to learn how. It's either learn or perish, "Pop". ' N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2-3-4: Manager Baseball, S. T. S. 3. MARGARET ELIZABETH CHRIST "PEGGY" New Britain. Conn. October 25, 1905 "Wanted-One Porter." "Peggy" Christ is a very likable young lady. Poor Peggy's heart nearly broke when "Kicky" was made one of the 1923 Alumni. Since then she is seen, but hardly ever heard- except near a certain church, where she invariably meets a certain someone. Besides romance, "Peggy" is a classy dresser, and an excellent student. French Club 3-43 Senior Club 41 Girls' League 4. DOROTHY CASE AADOT11 New Britain, Conn. July 16, 1905 "l love coffee, I love tea, l love the boys, and they love me." "Dot" is a jolly, good-natured girl, and is a noted collector of such antiques as fraternity pins. In fact, she must have a rare collection by now. She likes to have a good time, and, while her studies do not Worry her, she manages to keep up. Best luck to you, "Dot," in all your future undertakings. French Club 33 Senior Club 41 Girls' League 4. DAVID JOSEPH BELOIN New Britain. Conn. October 30, 1903 - "DAVlT" - "All gold does not glitter" -"Davit" is one of our consistent pluggers, and Ben Franklin didn't have anything on him when it comes to honesty. He is good natured, too, but you can't boss him around-ask "Jimmy" Reynolds. And as a baseball manager,-he is a wonder. The dragons guarding the golden apples didn't do a better job of taking care of the precious fruit than "Davit" has done in taking care of baseballs, gloves, bats, etc. The hangers-on didn't get many windfalls this year. Besides, "Davit" is-a well-behaved, well-mannered lad. If any fine young lady is looking for a "steady," we recommend "Davit." Plug away, old boy, some day you'll show 'eml Manager Baseball 1923: Senior Club: Captain and Manager Senior Basketball 1923: Junior Basketball Team 1922. . in lv QU 455 lllv MJ 0 fs! V V ,J V lf all .CMV OU ut iv M W G5 :Jo .N .ful E5 ,ul I lil W, 'VN A 1 W A il N fmt 22 'A QC V9 vs nfl .QQ ln' M .gm N if ln' M fs ln!! ,QQ MP SM wx M ,Q lla Wi 3CQx1Qi q'A Acxfi igxziigxr 24 CAQ Di fiiinifiifpy iii? Qi 5-iss ,552 QCCQIQQC 'Ix1QiccgfQi4cQ1xfcgJ PBQITIDBQIBIPBPZYD 235135232 cqgycvccc Vrcjgcrr -gc -gc vgrrvg- YYY vgg ii " 73 QC QCCC QCCC ISDIXEISDIXEDXDIXBPX DSDZFDS A Lan M JV W REV ,J ,ut VN VV .-s riiggggic' CQx1iQg I-QKIZKCHQCIQCR ' :i5': is :Q A-2'5f5: :iii if b'i5s 2 issziszsssildieezsess gigs: xsssggwsississsssses lE53 -3 1352332 . v, uw I . ' 'VV QQW -f f-, . N 655, .V LEROY JEROME BEGLEY lvztx nN0Mn WV New Britain, Conn. November 22, 1906 . W 2 ,Q 'iw ' "l'm no ladies man." Q! J viii "Nom" as ever bod calls Be0'le has become ver o ular J vm, V 1 y y K 'la yu I y P P tum' with the students, especially with .the young ladies. We are WV, fi pleased to hear that he 1S getting along so well in his We studies. The Senior High School has enioyed your society, 5,31 a11d we hope that you have had a good time while with us. 'Jw' The fair sex would like to hear from you now and then Begley, so don't forget in the future to notice them. French Club 33 Art Club 3-45 Orchestra 3-43 Radio Club 33 l 'UT lllklt, 1 , -Y tw 1 J V L Q 1 -1 1 J J get . J V . if QM Q i il, 1133, ,- ,J-fu ' lr- L lube ' -Sill 16V vf i 'Z 1 wi' is ' yu 1 533' ' V ef in ' ::Je...JL....L 2.481 I ,ASQ .Y '. --Ne .775 did , WI . . , QM' I ' gl l M: ' Ap fi f .. A 'N QQ. .1533 N f " f .... if fl IA - . .. 'N VY , 4 - , lp ' if if 'fx ' Ek i f' in W V 5 If ff , Q .W 1 seg. ' f R' 'N . s 5 s 2 tl' i , . , f , N. . .H fm., 4 v 32 .J 9,14 9X S 0, 18, A 4 . 1, , ,X , fe., A 4: 4 wh! 4 ' ' 'Q 47'f.?1"'W'f'1?ii?:4e: 9? ,X X ,Q .U A .. . . , . .V ., ag? A ' A , -S , 5,342 ' ' 23 4 5 VAS. i A i . 9. li nc' ix M M, in in M WI ei fr WC. tc, by Cir ww, W 'AM nag' film 12 N N0 W! Nw, n Science Club 43 Senior Club 43 Debating Club 13 Letterman's Club 4: Bee Hive Illustrations 2-3: High School Club 45 Man- ager of Basketball 43 Assistant Manager of Basketball 3. DOROTHY HELEN BARTH HDOTH Torrington, Conn. September 18, 1905 "Lawd! How dat woman do talk." "Dot" Barth is nothing short of a human talking machine. She would gain great fame with the Edison or Victor Companies. Why not try it? She is also extremely fond of the male sex. -Bet she gives 'em a good time. Well some fellows are quiet, and would rather have another person do the arguing. Best of luck, Chatter-Box. Senior Club 4, LOIS HART COWLES HI-OISH Kensington, Conn. August 8, 1906 "A dream of sweet simpIicity." Lois ranks with the highest of her class in scholarship. She is rather a quiet sort of girl, but decidedly popular among her classmates and teachers. Her many friends wish her the very best of luck in her future career. French Club -lg Science Club 4: Girls' Baseball Teaim 2, Senior Club 4. FREDERICK RAYMOND GALE "BUNK" New Britain, Conn. July 22, 1906 1 ,il ,Q L "The wizard EIectricity's most faithful disciple." 1-fi ,, "Bunk" is very fond of games-"post office" being his specialty, anyway, he collects stamps. He also knows the ' QQ- ins and outs of electricity to a surprising degree. His discourses on Edison could fill a book. Outside of these he is a very quiet and unassuming young man. Best wishes for 'ii the future, but don't put' Edison out of business. Senior Club 4. :YCQCIZ5 1-41 'iiffigcixzii I-QKKCQ Q' ' 12 5Ai5 522' fn 5 Y 22 s'p'5s 52 ,Axis Q 525: ?552,5?ihj5?5?2 ss 25:2 5: 5552 Eggs iiEi?Si2252SiZE52 3iES22il2 l361 i 1 iE2X2222, YQXQSESZCEESXQQTKQ QQSESFQ iiiifi 5533321 pssfx sys 1 C ggfvq gg V Yagfvc 61555-Q fc Q55-2551 Q13-3 155-1 1 yzxx zfvzxx 5 s nzxw u in SETH WILLARD BOOTH HSAP11 New Britain, Conn. February 4, 1906 "Uneasy lies the head that needs a haircut." Seth is one of our "sharks." He excels in practically all his subjects. Seth is also a musician of considerable ability, having been a member of the school orchestra. We have also heard that he played in the mythical "Hi-Y Club Harmony Hounds." Anyway, he has the ability and we wish him luck at Rensselaer, his probable destination. Mathematics Club 4: Orchestra 3-45 Hi Y Club 3-4. GLADYS MARIE CLARK ' "GLADIE" New Britain, Conn. September 11, 1905 "They say most who have least to say." "Gladie" is just a nice, quiet girl, but we are sure that she can have lots of fun if she feels like it. NVe would like to know your plans after you leave us, "Gladie" because we are interested in you. Anyway, we hope that you will have a good time, because you deserve it. Well, Gladie, don't forget the class of 1923 and all the good times you have had with us. 'Y. W. A. A. 23 Literary Society, Senior Club 4. ELLA DROBNIS IIA'-LA!! Lithuania April 25, 1906 "She'moves a goddess, and looks a queen." The oHice is a popular place, so some fellows seem to think. Well, why shouldn't it be-"Alla" is leading lady up there. "Alla" also sets the styles for Dame Fashion, and she does adore embroidery. Your classmates wish you a bright and happy future, "Alla". Science Club 3-43 French Club 3--lg Y. XV. A. A. Z, Girls' League 4. ' BENJAMIN THOMAS CASHMAN "BEN" V Berlin, Conn. April 10, 1905 "I saw Dickens turn, and Oliver Twist." "Ben" is an all-around good fellow, although he does come from Hickville. Yes, I guess "Big Ben" alarm clocks were named in his honor. You see, he must have needed one, so as to arrive way from Berlin in time for his daily "Larnin' ". Best wishes for a prosperous future. Amphion Club 43 Senior Basketball Team: Hi Y Club 4. A ki" A 4"'QY 'Y 4' CAQRIQKQY 555-2755 njxnhsn 3:9 gfZiC os27X3D357S5b3xIS3 393x181 c afgrcwcgc qgrcrcgc Qgfvc ff gc 4-Q65 . lj?253'5j71X3DYb2X3iX zspzxs Q l37l :S c'Qi1i s q'S'gQX ,SX Q-gg, giiQi1 iii ' :is-:'5 S22 BYQ5 5 :J ,Aff J up 5-iss 3 D T ' ' c as QQ QQ Jxgfxxyxllx xpxgzxz Dxszx :Db 7 c ' f Y " fCiiZiiC QI Ciil CCR! CQ ,rc 4 57,7cYC5c 1 59171744 Qgrcvc C Qgrc-qgc 752137: gpzyxgsgzszr Y 33225375-Q4 rfk?fE i2E57iEiEff 5 J. OSCAR JOSEPH DESMARAIS Torrington, Conn. March 10, 1906 "Knowledge maketh a perfect man." We have not heard much about Oscar during his four years with us. VVe know that he is a promising debater, and exper-t to see ll1S name 111 some famous debates some day The Se111o1 H1011 School would l1ke to 11ea1 f1om you IIOKV 11111 then aftel vou 1ea1e us, Oscal VVe know he 11111 ha1e 'Ill unusual Lueel 11h1le at college Debated 1n Tzlangular Debate 3 NICE Presldent Debatmg Plub A thanman Programme Lommlttee Debatmg Club 3 1jlE'Nlf16llI of Sue-nee C lub 4 hldthEl'l'lRtlt.S Plub 4 MIL DRED EMMA GOODALE GOODIE XOXXlI1g'tOI1 Conn October 8 1906 'Far from the maddemng throng I come ' Good1e has a SUIIHV Sflllle wluch cannot be subdued S110 001l1Ps f1on1 Newlngton pelhaps thats why Milk fed? M'1vl1e Bv tl1e way, M11l1e how IS Lloyd these days? She IN all ught when it comes to plavmg t11e olgan, and can often le 11031 d p1a11110 111 the Clllllfll 1u the old home town M11l1e has puked 11111s1n0 f1s he1 llfe wo1l1 11l1at 11111 pool Lloyd do then? Glee Llub 1 QC'l9l1CP Club '1 Orchestra. 3 GITIS league 4 Qemox Lluh 4 MARJORIE GALPIN MARGE Amherst Mass Februarv 97 1906 The modest temple of wlsdom " 1e1y l111ll1a11t student And themes V How Malge can wute them She ee1ta111lv has the eaxmarks of a g1eat 81111361 O111 1011 best wishes f0l a blllllallt 11t9l3lW 0a1ee1, M8.lj0l10 L1te1a11 Club 'P 3 -Xmphmn Club 3 4 G1rls League 4 EVERETT WHEELER FOWLER CHICK New Brltam Conn Januarv 19 1906 For thy sake, my stud would do anythlng but due " Cluek IS 0119 of ou1 qu1etest classmates, t11at IS lHSld6 of sehool PEIIIRIJS the teachers hypnotlze Cluck Anywav, st11l 11ate1s 1u11 deep most ot tl1e t1me Chlek appeals to le a look XXOIIII, as l1e IS ve1y f1eq11ent1v seen at the 11b1a1V pou11119, OYCI SOTll9tll1ll,Q, or Otllel We Wlqll vou a happy and plospelous futme Nlathematlcs Llub 4 H1 X Club 4 Senior Club 4 f , . , . 1 , t , - 1 x S .I 1' Y Y Y - . fu - . , , fs ' - 1 - , U ..,2..3H,,Vg,, A ll ll . 1 . h , Y , 1 n - u - , - 1 , . ,' f . 1 , ' - 1 . . y ' , x , , U ' h' 'l' - . 1 :j..,I ' " 1.1 1, ' . g ' , . 5 ' J : tgp . 1.1, . ,s::.14'- , . .1 H - . . 1 -,, , -, 1. - - V1 The above quotation fits "Marge" to a T, for she is a , ,, ,- - .. , . H I - -I. ' - ' - - v -I s . 51.5 ' wife- 3 Q-if, ' 4 . .1 H " I ies.. - I . 11 - ,u ' , ' ' ' - 1 , 1, , , , - .. - U . ' V ' -1 . . s 1 ' ' ' u - n , ' .- . . ' . . 1 1 ' , . ' . 1 - ' ' - ' Q S fffff 53 MESS? ee levee fu fee swiss? as 33? sseeyfeeqgs 53235 if ,, , , - , Y , , , ' v , , - , , , V Xicc xzxcc Cxfxzcc xfxicc gfxqi ' Y ' ' - fczciccqzz qcccfccccqfcqccccc 5ib2X3:s72N63ib1YX3f -:32?X3gx 1381 s Egxzii C' 'iff Zi c'gx1 QS Cgxziii' ' 7 55 D'f5 B 927 YPV5 B 1 2 5-55 9 2975-P P b 2 ZQCCRZQKC CiZiiCiiiiKCCiZQiC VPBQTBDBZXSBDBEISL 325515353 Q Qgrcvq ec ,qc Q-ig: Qgfc-454 qc Q-q!5 13322-X6v1321X3vb3?2X3Y -pi2bD1s CARL KENNETH FREEDELL "KENNY" New Britain, Conn. August 19, 1905 "Fain would I work, - But love I do shirk." "Kenny" is one of the few who will he glad to get out of High School, but he has to admit that he had some good times in school although he had to study hard. He is also a musician, as he has studied the ukelele under Dan Nolan. We are wondering how far he progressed. Good luck for the future. Hi Y Club 2-3-43 Senior Club -1. FLORENCE ROSELLA GOODALE "FLORRY" Newington Center, Conn. May 5, 1905 "She talketh with a delicious drawI." "F1orry" is another one of our quiet girls, hut this quality is sterling most of the time. She looks as if school books never worried her in the least. We surely have to hand it to her for her knowledge of their contents, though. May you be as successful in coming years as you have been here at N. B. H. s. Senior Club 43 Girls' League -i. . MARGARET GERTRUDE GORMAN Hartford, Conn. September 5,' 1905 "There is no such word as "Can't." Here is our optimist and our humorist. She is very clever at writing poetry, especially little verses for the amusement of others. Her humorous remarks often cause one to stnile when feeling discouraged over some failure. Her cheery presence has tided us over many a tight place and we know her optimistic view of life will help her in the future. Senior Club 43 Girls' League 4. GEORGE ELBERT KIMQBALL "VENUS" Chicago, Ill. July 12, 1906 "ln whose body lodged a mighty mind." Yes, "Venus" has a. great mind, especially for mathematics. He was elected president of the "Math" club, an ofice which he filled very efficiently, due to his ability to solve equations, etc. We hear he is going to publish a book entitled, "Calculus Without Study," in the near future, and we surely wish him luck. . , .. F, . 51- 1 4: 4 W 1 X. 1.61 Y ' .N W .-,ix 41.403 3.4 54 ,F-etgssxfim 3: lil: Rf' "" ... ff: :A :fr if- .SE r. 5 -' ff ii , I F.: 4 yu .. L, . . . -1 Q- ' .IS - s,- ' 'fra - :fw: ' f'Ww:+fQ+ 15-'-F i -. f1LZ'5':g. -xx : s 1 -, ' ,-115:-fs.1Q.i'x m,.f:m'tb2fSx2.E5M- AST-Eiieiix g.: . , ami. v t., ..,, we firewireesfisseeseafwfessgs Q1 . . 4.-' ': .. - Qt A- - .F 'C 'cf - - 'sis Traffic 2-3-43 Debating 2, French Club 3-4: Mathematics Q58 X Y , N Q 1, ., . - 1 - A Uuugpe xcqtzn., ' Club 4- isf m55WN-Hos,rxa.:M..eil Xciizic' ' Ku? c'Qx'1QS c'QxciiQ' 52 DA:-'fs 155-fis :Q s'1'5i 55 3-iff, 1 CQCQSIQCC 'CQZSKQCQISKCCQZQKC EPBBZTDPBQZSBDBZTD QDSIEBDBQ C ggvcvc fe reg C-Q 6:5 4 4-c 6:55574 fc W 3x'fS2x3-15421 X3-5 37,1 X33QY -232153 5 K E391 ., 3 1 ii: 3- was xi. 4 aff 5: N W Siixfcxq Q Q ICXCQXZQSC-QIZASCA-A ii3'9 is :js-5:3 :21':'5i 22 :':'5i: ixccxzxcq qqgtxcc xzgccc gzig Jxlfsmzxgzxavslzs zxgzxspxg Q gcc ceq 46 icq Qc 4 qfcregrcvc ag , Y Vgigzxsggpzxiggyiyr -zsgzgprns MARGUERITE ANNA HENRY "MARGIE" Middletown, Conn. June 18, 1904 "As Busy as a Bee." "Margie" is usually seen hurrying to or from some place. She is a busy young lady. Sometimes we think she favors a eertain young man here at school-then again she fools ns. Guess she likes 'em all. How about it "Margie", Senior Club 4: Y. VV. A, A. 2-33 French Club 3. Q EVELYN HELMA JOHNSON nEVEn New Britain, Conn. December 26, 1904 "A cheery word, a cheery smile, ' That's what makes life worth whiIe." We don't know much of "Eve's" outside activities but we do know that she spends a fewevenings at home making fudge that is passed around in school next morning. Thanks for it. "Eve" believes in a smile and a cheery word for erery one, so in return we give to you two words-Good Luck. Senior Club 4: Girls' League 43 Senior Dietetics Club 4. GEORGE EDWARD HALLORAN New Britain, Conn. June 30, 1904 "Perseverence and ability have conquered worlds." During his four years with us, George has been quietly and steadily working. We are pleased to hear that he has been so interested in his studies, for it is so unusual among Seniors. Whatever college he attends will be better for his presence because of the fine work he has always done. We should like to have seen you as one of our athletes, but, of course, your school work is more important. Keep it up, CATHERINE MARIE GRACE HKAYYY "Come and trip it as you go, On your light fantastic toe." ' lflerc-'s the missing link, the other "Gold Dust Twin." She always briglitens things up, everything is usually quiet until "Kay" appears -- then splash l Quietness disappears. Catherine expects to be a teacher some dayg we all hope that she will grow so that we can find her among her pupils. Best luck to you in your future profession, Class Day 2-3: Senior Club 4: Girls' Club 4: Y. W. A. A. 1: Decoration Committee for Junior Prom 3. x ,Q QKKQXQ xgX,4xC QX,4XgQq1gic' 52','i5i:: s'i5s nifiis sp 3':'5is, Qcc gzxqc cgfxi4qx1Qiccg1xi4z,X 2523553215 993115 2- 93213 D231 ceq qc c csc Q44 cfcccc cf: Qgfc-cgi f53Q2x33521,X3v1i215pY f ggsglxlbx E401 xii JS Ju N Jil VU N V vi, lil N l Nl U M W J, at Vi VU VM, JU xy in vw. W. fin C4 A9 ix Qlg 22' 55 My l El il np' Q4 mg- C4 :xc QxIgSC gx1gxC'xxziic'yx1iic' D2 3-:'is as ,Ap is 22 p':'5S 25 -iii si -, gs: X22 lQi5?5QE sfsiss sifggegsscssgzsszsa 62325333 22 ll W . , V ., .. . Ki n ELIZABETH AGNES GRACE N uBE-BEn ' Vi New Britain, Conn. January 30, 1906 ' 1 "When Irish eyes are smiling." "Be-Be" Grace is the famous cousin to Catherine Grace, otherwise runners-up to the world renowned "Gold Dust Twins." ,- I "Be-Be" is vice-president of the Senior Club. Quite well Y' i chosen, we think, Maybe we shall live to see her as vice- ' . president of the United States 110VV that women have the vote. . - Secretary of Sophomore Class 2: Senior Club 4: Photograph - Committee 49 Vice-President of Class 33 Junior Prom Com- mittee 3.. WALTER EDWARD NOVKEVCIUS HREDU . .W New Britain, Conn. January 21, 1907 1 "Extremely reserved is he." Q Most of us have not had the pleasure of an intimate friend- - x. ship with Walter, as he is shy and very reserved. Neverthe- W less, he is considered, by those who know him, to be one ' fine young fellow. Best wishes for a bright future. Senior Club 4. , 'Q u. ' V Q ,.,. gse5i3?i2Ei1E5??Q.,fl i THOMAS JOHN McCABE , "DUKE" -,-' 9 New Britain, Conn. September 17, 1904 ' if . . 1 "See my lords, my beard has grown into my lap." Y ' "Duke" is one of the best sports in the class of 1923. We ' A are justly proud of his record. Not only does he excel as , f, i an athlete, but also as a lady killer. VV:-3 often wonder how 5 if-.QT F 1 many young ladies on the side lines cast admiring optics upon ' ' him, as he strives to uphold the glory of our school on the Q " " gridiron and the diamond. Whom does he prefer? But that 4 7. would be telling tales out of school. Our very best wishes to Q51 "i' ' you "Duke" fand to the future Duchessj 7 , Football 3-43 Baseball 3: Lett'ermen's Club 2-3-45 Chairman V it DW - 4 of Bhotograph Committee -1. HELEN LOUISE HALE ' White Plain-s, N. Y. ' February 3, 1904 "Stay as the true-go as the windy Whate'er thy place, serve God and kind!" if! M: f Helen always has a smile and a kind word for every one-she ,gi 1 meets. As she is planning to be a missionary,Aperhaps she 'jf M, was just practising that smile on' us for use in making a Y M success of her future work. Wa1'n1ngl ! Don't forget your , old friends at New Britain High School during thc next. two gr 3 years at the Hartford School of Pedagogy, Helen. 4 l science Clubg Senior Club 4. i 'lil e . , . 'xcxxlg-sq VQKIQSQQRISS QXKSBQ ::3':'5s ::5':'55 :25'9'5i 5, A55 A ss sz 5522552-H5152 5: :FE H23 125233 125233 2352333535552 2? l41l 1 0-90.0 o,ow0,0,0,000,6,0 O,OAO QQOQ 3 1833 01853 9871 IQ! O0 PQI N "'3"""'V'1"""""""""""" NIVVIWH1 I11411W1H11l1l1l14111HIHHI """'1 1 ' s f 1' 5 i gf Q '12 f 1 3 1 . la X L06 ff :sz A ' 235 A 1 lim A Ni -ff' -9 , f -M 1- sg fn.. 3 '. ,' QQ ' 390-. 'V-,sy was fuu- fi04 .iga jail! . .QQ ll A' I G., P01 60 '- BO' 00 W nb' 00 IO- 30 1 1 nfs: O O D04 0 0 .L M L-F1950-3.91-1' 7-a'w'o'afe1e'ff-a 'fo e'0'0'o'Q'o'o'o's'o'o -.1 1, 4 H' 's-e123in4',w.f,'0 0 040.0 0 0 09 0 0 0 0 o,o,0p,cf,o.o.o.-94434 : A ' ' 5 ' A ' ' ZS A 4Kq' Zi ' A 1 55 seiifsjs-iis 22 5-552' ' 52'2'2'52 22 2 assesses 12932219-qszceee mulls ,Asn ,Msn 2. QDQA 3 P3 gg C Qgyc-1 gc ' Q55-q zgrqgfvc fc 59424 ff ' A5521 X 2 23322 s 2253-2 s 21533 22 X 2 159-2 x Q . A . 1 Q 1 ' 'K 'Sc -if ' i 1 : A , N,-, - ,Av . V, -"ii, ,. .,,"f"' W ' 1 evssrif' . . f..,g:f,g ,. 3 -if .-315 Q 4 1 1 l N -'-2' Q 1 1 0 -, X. .vw LEONE ISABELLE HOMAN "LEE-LEE" Beverly, Mass. March 22, 1906 "O'er rough and smooth she trips along, Always with merry and happy song." "Lee'Lee's" name should be "giggles" for she is always bubbling over with humor and fun. If there is any mis- chief you wish to be committed just ask "Lee-Lee"--she'l1 help you with all her heart. Happy, carefree, witty, full of pep-that's "Lee-Lee." We wonder why her favorite color is "Red." She says it's "Grace" ful. VVell, best of. luck at all future undertakings. Y. VV, A. A. 1-2: Girls' League 4: Class Day 3: Senior Club 43 Art Club 2. GORDON LLOYD ELLMS "PICKLES" South Sudbury, Mass. February 13, 1906 "The harp that once thro' Tara's Halls, Played, Oh ! so very gayly, Was not the lyre which angels use, But Pickles and his ukeIele." 4-gfsq' ' -P "Pickles" loves his uke, together with a few other thingsg fig namely, a certain young lady, hiking, and the Y. M. Never mind, "Pickles," we admire your subjects of adoration, par- tirularly the secoinl one. Northeastern University is his ob- Qfiif l joutive, where, we feel sure, he will prove himself very popular. P ' gi I XVC know that happiness and success will follow him. N N Mathematics Club 4: Senior Club CPublieity Committee? 4, ' Hi Y Club lViue-Presidentj 4. JOHN GEORGE ONDRICK ' V "F'IDO" 1 l-lolyoke, Mass. May 5, 1905 "Let me bask in the pleasures of Poker." V -.', Behold, our illustrious pool shark. Is that the reason for your lleing late so much? Or is it your "Ha1't"'l "Fido" is a i jolly good fellow and we wish him the best of luck i11 the T future. But douft kid the teachers, you may be old and f weak yourself someday. .'.f if senior Club 4. ASTRID LINEA JOHNSON ' Sfif New Britain, Conn. September, 13, 1905 1 ' "I shall come home elevated on election night." 2, N Hail! to the class Maude Adams. Astrid certainly takes the cake, when it comes to acting. Never will we forget the A 'f way in which she entertained the restless Seniors at the Senior ' Club Meeting. For this reason she is the delight of the whole class. , A 2 Amphion Club 3-4: Senior Club 4: Freshman Reception Com- mittee lg French Club Secretary 3. . p. ., . ,.-.,, ss.: ---:. 2 - ,,,'.'.',- e- sms . of ci CQ' Gi- 'AA Zi A Zx - Zi'A4AA"'X'fk52 i555 DjfD'55 Difbfib 152 bA7Yi2:23 5:33252 53l 2e3?Si3Ei?iEEgiii 3352833i5RS32E525iiQil23?3i233 se l42l zEiiizgi iii? 'gxlgi c'gxa4Ki'Q!1!g.iQx X 4 5i'5?2'?g,i332 gi 1 :jg I 25 2 s Q s 4: 25455. ,hostages is iss ssgsesa 335 Assgssss feesfssw s 3523 2 s P . KATHERINE LORETTA HART H KAY!! Amherst, Mass. November 13. 1904 "Conversation is a ventilation of the hart." I wonder where Katharine is? Oh ! a noise, here she eomes. You do not have to see Katharine to know that she is around. Her sweet, melodious voice can be heard at any time in the second eorrid.or, chatting' with her friends. Katharines favorite house is a "pal:-mo". Let's hope that she marries a king some day. VVS' would like to see Katharine liaving :i "palace" but then we would eertainly miss her from our little yellow school house. Y. W. A. A. 1-23 Literary Society 23 Art Club 1: Senior Club 43 Girls' League 4: Class Day 3. - DOROTHY HALE HDO-I-if New Britain, Conn. .January 9, 1907 "Vani'y, vanity-all is vanity." Dorothy is sometimes quiet-then again,-but why discuss it, for you all know "llot's" pet hobby is sleeping, but she manages somehow or other to be present at most dam-es. 'Her favorite pastime is making up work. Has anyone ever men- tioned a fellow's name when Dorothy hasn't asked, "Is he good looking? Introduce me to him." We eonsider Normal quite lucky to have her next year. Spanish Club 2-33 French Club 2-3: President of French Club 2-3: Senior Club 43 Y. XV. A. A. 1-2. GUNNARD JOHNSON "GUNNY" New Britain, Conn. , July 6, 1905 "Keep out of those' desks, Johnson!" W'e have often wondered just how many times we .have heard the above quotation directed to "Gunuy". He always did have a passion for making the rounds, looking in desks. We1'e you looking for gum ends, "Gunny"? "Gunny" fur- nished amusement more than once in English li E by his dry, drawling remarks. Senior Club 4.- MILDRED .VIOLA NYBORG New Britain, Conn. May 27, 1905 "Her heart is like a garden fair, Where many happy thoughts do grow." She's quiet and shy, and quite contented when sitting in a cosy corner unseen, reading a good love story. She also adores Paramount Pictures and relishes a good joke. We must admit that Mildred will make a good housekeeper for she knows how to cook. Boys, here's your ehanee. Senior Club 4. XQ-Qvig 525222-S8932-SESQSQCT Qs 3235552332 isa D D5 asa D P3 U D2 Q C if , I 4 54 9574.4 54 455.4 C 4 55,4744 c s 4,C,f. cgi svn 32 zxsvsg bzxi 5 3522 1 12523 3 if i431 :SYCQCK 2 S Q' ' ' 'ax Zig c'Qx'1lKc'QiJQiI' F 52 :':'5 9 :5:r:'5fff 3-559 if 3-s'5 922 3' .J - 1 .sf is eslxielfillloexse ss 522: gas 55525 255253255333 :s62 3 1352532 S f ' ffja.f2i 1 ff,,fff-i.j"" 5 1 EILEEN AMANDA JOHNSON A "QUEENlE" jj New Britain, Conn. August 30, 1905 1 "Laughing--kidding-that's Eileen." Eileen says she hopes to be a famous writer some day. But you never can tell. She seems to have had everything she wanted so far in life. We hope sl1e will continue in this ' way-always laughing, always joking, always gay. She has contributed both scholarship and humor to the Civics Class. ' A Girls' League 4: Senior Club 4: Y. W. A. A. 1-2. 'xkg . ,F-ea EUNICE JoHNsoN "EUNIE" New Britain, Conn. August 18, 1906 x "Man delights me not." From this, don't think "Ennio" is ay erab. She's the best natured girl in school and has never been known to do a Ni disagreeable, unkind thing. Eunice loves her' teachers and , 'f they seem to return the alfection. There are some Seniors My who wish they had her popularity, and well they might. Maybe if they eonld enltivate her disposition they would. "' Glee Club 2g Senior Club 4. Y L lf' 5 f's3.E3irvt'rw3f-'n.!-'-,m.+xilS?-- it K RUSSELL JOHN HAIGIS QE Hnusss X35 New Britain, Conn. July 10, 1906 " "Diogenes, his lantern needs no more, s An honest man is found, the search is o'er." ' "Russ" is an honest man in the broadest sense of the word. rx , . . Fhere is not a person in the whole school who can say that he fi was ever offended by him. He really enjoys unlimited popu- larity everywhere he goes. "Russ" is quite a musician, too. He j, is also president of the "Hi-Y Club," an office to be proud of. 3-3 We are sure that much happiness and success awaits him for futnre years. Senior Club 4Class Ofhcerj 13 President of I-Ii Y Club 43 Or- 1 f-hestra 45 Mathematics Club 43 Tennis Team. - " +L, .V l RUTH PAGE HART ' "RUTHlE" .Q New Britain, Conn. July 16, 1906 1 "A daughter of the gods. iigf Divinely tall and fair." "See that black and white spotted object going down the '-if street?" No, that isn't a zebra, that's "Ruthie". When not at studies "Ruthie" spends her time ilirting. How do we know? "Seeing is believing." Ruth has made many friends by her X QB' eheeriness. Y Senior Prom Committeeg Senior Club: French Club 3-4. Iii 1XZ4xi' H E E Y tic' Y lif Y E ZKCE I 52 bAD'if52 3-D753 Difiibr 'fiiryfi 55' J5 52215253135352225332525352525g.gS3335333335?33BEGSSRSEBEGBSEE ' l44l A l 088 4 - levi, 0 V jgvl I GEORGE VITO LAURINAITIS ads' 0 vo im, ' "SNOOTUS" i 'Wt ,W New Britain, Conn. April 20, 1906 A WV, Q31 "Music hath charms." 'watt UM "Snootus" was a one man orchestra. He held rehearsals 1 lj v, lust regularly during recitations and was applauded by the entire ix: uv, class. His phantom solos were always appreciated. We never WV, NW found out just what he played, but it sounded like a Jew's lvlfv, harp with a base drum obligate. He has a job drafting now, SN iv. and he can drum with his pencil to his hear-t's content. ,dy N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2-3-45 President 45 Basketball S. T. S. 3-4. : v. vw. loot: VV l V Q91 035' Vi N. 0 J l M L1LL1AN JosEPHsoN 6.3 ww. ., Wt VV LIL" . VV N02 New Britain, Conn. September 24, 1905 ,SIN . "Say it with poetry." ,WJA "Lil" has spent a good deal of her time during her four j ,Jog years here imitating Shakespeare, but we all advise her to ' ,viii W forget him when she enters the employ of some local oifice. wg! wvv, We wish you the best of luck in all your future undertakings. ,cw Q Vi QEven poetryj. my Senior Club 45 Girls' League 4. 4 UU . 'Wi' 'mat' 'AN Wv' AKQ i aww i ASTRID VICTORIA NYGREN -CC Ari New Britain, Conn. November 20, 1904 , 1 ,C "Quiet, demure and simple." if xx, That is, she is in school, but we don't know half of it, do 1 ,QW We Astrid? Astrid is the kind of a girl who will succeed 4 AA, anywhere and our best wishes will be with her always. 1 Af! A Senior Club 45 Girls' League 4. . , C AQ! A l AM A ll? W FW . NIA. . AM P iii WW AM Wi l . l ' . ' HELEN MARIE KELLY ' l f ily QA IVY, AA if i X rl Ni AA, , i 1-Pol.l.Y"-HKEU' , , New Britain, Conn. March 22, 1906 , 'V' M "A friend in need is a friend indeed." ,A P, tw Helen, as her motto explains, is the original good Samaritan. 'AQQ PIG. Many of us know of her willingness to help in an emergency, NIV" QA' while her accommodating nature is sometimes presumed upon -J Aff by her thoughtless classmates. I , AAF' QQ ' She is our star athlete, having been one of a. few to win her l ,QM ,IAQ coveted letters. She, although, having taken a commercial MN AW course, expects to become a school teacher. AM QQ Y. W. A. A. 1-2-3-43 Constitutional committee of Y. W. A. A.g .WH f Basketball 1-2-3-49 Captain 43 Seniior Club 43 Spanish Club 2: 1, Q QN Athletic Manager 49 Baseball 1-2-35 Track 1-23 Science Club 3. WQN AIN NYY M lliflf, 'VY QNX gg qfQg,igg-' CQg1Qiq'Qg'1QQg'Qg1Qiq' - Jiffss ai,-,vis 955-D is :ix-:'5i52 33 'I 52,52 sagem 1225552252 35225-333233323223313625:im33 1352.23 as U51 xcixz XC LQx14ScQxfcxc'CC1iSc' i sis-,'5i:2s':'ii:2 37:33 s5p': is Q :J Csccxlasq igzxxccxfxiclxzxxc Jslfszbxglx 195213: 252151251 iccx 4445 iC4ifC5C,C,ffS' . DSBZXBQSZXBBXDZXB 5272x332 JOHN IVANOV HAMILLA HHANKU New Britain, Conn. October 27, 1905 "Hank" was always on the job. It was hard to get him to leave the Printing Department long enough for Mathematics and English. Stick to the press Hank. Some day you may own a newspaper, then you can tell us just what you think. N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2-3-43 Basketball S. T. S. 3-4. FRANCES BLANCHE KASPROW "FRANKlE" Bristol, Conn. November 13, 1906 "Spreads sunshine everywhere she goes." ' In the Academic Building one sees a great many pretty girls, but one can easily tell "Frankie", She always has a crowd around her and she is the merriest of them all. She always makes the best of everything and We feel sorry to lose her after we have enjoyed her company so long. Here's to UFl'Rllkl9n. Glee Club 2: Senior Club 4: Girls' League 4. MARGARET MARY McCLEAN "PEGGY" New Britain, Conn. December 24, 1906 "Peg of our hearts." Although Peggy is small, we can easily tell when she is around. She is popular with all the students, and is always to be found where there is a good time going on. At the dime dances especially. XVe are wondering what her plans are for the future, and we hope that her hard work will not go un- rewarded. Glee Cluh 23 Girls' League 4: Senior Club 4. CHARLES A. JOHNSON "CHUCK" Newbury, N. J. May 17, 1905 "Laugh and the world laughs with you." A cheerful, giggling, bright disposition is one of the quali- ties which Charles possesses. Did you ever see "Chuck" when he wasn't laughing? Charles' ever-ready smile has won many friends for him during his stay at school. Keep that spirit, Charles, and you'll surely make a success. Spanish Club, Senior Club, Science Club. Q QRIQXK- QKKQBQQKZQXCQQIQQQ- 1 by :'i5f:1 p': 95:2 3':5s 1: 5':'5i: Qccxfgqc lx1Qiccg1xQccx1aQcQ P3lfWPP?275393lS2g 732523532 CQ 4 Q Q e cffeerevqfc ,13P2W3SvP5B3b1 ,. ,,,.132 .. .DS l46l K-QQXZSSQ QKIQQ-CQX1Q3iQg5,Q Y? 395 39592 5223 I ' TQ D39 ID BSIT 37bSIi D Db5ZTDDb2 ess: 2552 :Ellis 255: S: 2555: Q, 3535, eisjpeesfss s S ,Ass ,Swv he BERNARD WVILSON RICHARDSON "BERNIE" New Britain, Conn. August 28, 1903 "Bernie" made a name for himself in the Printing Depart- ment. He enjoyed his work, and stuck to it in a way that leaves no doubt as to his future success. He was well liked throughout the school. N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2-3--lg Basketball S. T. S. 3-43 Senior Club. GRACE ELIZABETH MacCULLOUGH New Britain, Conn. March 1, 1904 "Ever a young heart in thee, ever as now. A look of quenchless youth, beneath thy peerless brow." If you see a girl with rosy cheeks and a happy smile coming down the hall, it's Grace MacCullough. Along with those red cheeks and the smile goes a cheery greeting for every one she meets. The old school will miss you G1'ace when you go out with the good old class of " '23". May you never forget how to smile and be happy. MILDRED BERTHA .IUENGST "MlLLY" New Britain, Conn. January 10, 1906 "She was dreaming of the hour." "Milly" is a favorite with both the faculty and pupils on account of her cheerfuluess. She had the honor of being marshall at last year's graduation. A fortune teller told us that "Milly" is going to take a cooking course soon, but as far as we know she hasn't started it yet. Senior Club 4: Girls' League 4, Banquet Committee 4. EDITH A. HELENE HEDIEYI New Britain, Conn. November 3, 1905 "Good things come in small packages." "Edie" has the reputation for being the smallest member of our class, but this was not a disadvantage when it came to having a good time and making many friends. "Edie" is going to be a stenographer, success is surely her portion. Senior Club 4, Girls' League. SQQKICSC lXl49CQX!CSCQXICSC 923923223 223353 ZQcC xliic Cx1iQcc glifccxiiic Db51XbJb51B1Dbx1S Dx fx obey rc C155-Q fc gg 4-Q gf Yqggcv-1 fc 5gg-:vc fc - 7:5157 2x3-:5e2xB eibz x81 -p pzxv :S l47l sc gyz43q gygcxc QKI4SifQKfZZiCf ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 7 ' ' ' D ' ' DN zzzppszypnpssyyp jpnysagzi Zicixzxic Cx1xQqigfsiCI gzitf b21Sb2:21S5D32I5Y1-. BQISD 31 Qcci qfcc gc xccjcc QSZXBBXBIXBDSPIXBK ESDINBESZ ALBERT DORBUCK New Britain, Conn. July 31, 1904 . ..AL,,-HJOBOH "Silence gives consenL" "Al" is o11e of our quiet fellows who is in direct contrast to the fair sex in that he does not exercise his tongue very much. We all hope that just because the English language is called "Mother Tongue" he will not be led to believe that the Father never has a right to use it. "Al" spends most of his time at the Y. M. C. A. studying religion, and playing pool. and f some day he expects to be a ministerj. Well, remember, "Al," you've got to talk to 'em sometimes, so "speak for your- self John," and if she says no-talk to her, talk to her." yourself, John," and if she says no-talk to her, talk to her. EBBA KRONHOLM New Britain, Conn. July 10, 1905 "On with the dance." Does she? I'll say she does. What? Dance-was there ever a dance that Ebba didnt attend. Besides dancing "Eb" likes to read. She can comment on any novel in the Dick- enson Library. ' . Ebba is undecided where she will go to school next year. lVe suggest Syracuse ! Y. W. A. A. 1-23 Art Club 23 Senior Club el. CLARA MARGARET LINDGREN New Britain, Conn. May 30, 1905 "Modest, almost to a fault." Clara is always cheerful and ready to smile, It is very certain that she cannot count all her friends upon her fingers. If you know something funny, let Clara in on it, for she's the girl to appreciate it. If you ever want to find Clara-- look for Astrid thcv're almost Siamese twins. How about it Clara? French Club 3, Senior Club -l. I 1. I CHESSEL JOSEPH KULIKOWSKI "CH EESE" XVarsaw, Poland ,August S, 1905 As a machinist "Cheese" shows signs of being a good ball player. But why work at a lathe when you can make a living playing ball. When you make the big league "Cheese", don't forget your old friends. Permit us to say that we knew you oncc. N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2-3-4g Baseball S. T. S. 3-43 Baskeiball S. T. S. 3-4. xQQX,4x4 QX,4xQQX,4xCQx,4g4 s,5'ppf5:,-559:25-:pi 52 s':'iss , gqq 'qglgqfq Q C K 23225523215 2232151 QPBS1'iDP irit 55 Q C C C V his 55:32 -Wlgpiszxbgizfivp522533 .1 2502112 l48l .NA 2 5- if g iv v, I ii 1 W ' 3 if V MMV: syi. ,J ii ,M bw, ,Nihvl OW if ,J i Q v WU ut V JN, ,dwg WM Wv, v vi Vi .Vw U U N v MW' iv v N N il PW M J Sl ,an i bvll WV' .QM C0 l A 1 M Wah 'NMA' Mr i we 'll li' 'AM FQ li .r . M4 A .N 'A f F A Ml, ii Mpc' N, lfiflfix wi ina 'Q wr w Q 0 'naw 'VN .mfr Ni MQ, Ma, WVU x c'gx'1Qiq x1giQ'QxlQi CAgX1Qi up :'a 55 :2 p': 9 s :J 5':'5s i p':'5: :Q 3-4 ffilliif CKIQKCC 1IiiCCiZQiC JBQZTBDBQIEBDBQTD P3213 2252 6:59474 fc 555-cf: Q55-cfs Qfcrcgc 1 5j22Dv1S22N5vl 522x53YY pggzxx-531,41 JVVU, 'MVN fvv illtfv, V CARL AUGUST PERSON Nu, ' Uv HCAPU New Britain, Conn. June 17, 1905 MMV, ' "An all-around manager." He managed the baseball and basketball teams, he also J V managed the association, but not in any oiicial capacity. "Cap" is just naturally cut out for a "ward heeler" and political boss. The way he engineered elections in the N. B. S. T. S. A. A. made C. M. of Tammany look like a novice. It's a great life Cap, but watch your step. N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2-3-4: Baseball S. T. S. 3-4 Mgr. 4: Basketball S. T. S. Asst. Mgr. 2, Basketball S. T. S. Mgr. 3-4. MADELINE GRACE KINDELAN New Britain, Conn. December 20, 1905 "Music hath charms." Hail! the class musician. Madeline is more than a musician for she can dance well and act. too. Her interpretation of the juvenile parts of Macbeth certainly proved that to us. She is gifted in many ways, especially in the comprehension of business methods. The most intricate questions and orders a1'e so quickly understood by her that it is no wonder she is already in demand by business men before her graduation. Dramatics 1-23 High School Orchestra 1-2-3--lg Y. W. A. A., Senior Club 4. IRENE ALVINA VAH LSTROM HRENEH East Norwalk, Conn. Febraury 15, 1906 "Oh ! Listen to the Nightingale." "Rene" is known by practically every High School student, as a very fine singer. She was soloist for the Glee Club, and for the Cantata. I11 fact, "Rene" made the tickets well worth the price. Best wishes for a bright and happy future "Rene". Glee Club 2: Cantata Soloist 35 Art Club 3. RAYMOND ANTON ZIMMERMAN "ZlMMlE" New Britain, Conn. . August 1, 1006 "Good things come in small packages." We have believed that this is right ever since we knew "Zimmie". He is a fiddler of merit as well as a. draftsman. We hope he will become a success in .his chosen profession. Orchestra 1919, 1920. ,KKQK 4K5 IQ1QxQkQKIQiQAQXIQii"' 'N 1 5: s'i5s :jfs is 22' iii? :Q 37: as :Q at 2 4 2 xisfillfis 152225452 :serie SER 5.735 assess iaissg 125253335 225283 1? i49l ,ut Vs f v Mufti X. N5 ,Ju i WV ifvw VV M Njv J v, ,M ULN J v NMA: ,Dy ,M NUM v QW: ,aa U' i l im, lim :Wi 'VW CC fi W N WA A i W fi ,Q ANN 'AM Ag? MC iyiNN' 'AM mga' f' fi In fl M! NY' 'ICC 'A 'rx in N 0 ln WN in 'A 'A fi if, 'rx 'rs 'A fi A U N v N li , 9 .QR if IVV, 'Y' ii M fw, FC NN ww M M 53232322 . l l Qi FRANK ALBERT WHITE 16 HAI-In lv Bristol, Conn. March 19, 1905 MM "0h! How he can tickle those keys." ' "Al" is not kitten on the keys either. He not only can lap JV one in soft lydian airs, but he can jazz it up so that your feet lu begin to wiggle. -'S funny-but "Al" actually hails from the J Old Home Town,-Plainvillel It must have seemed good to W come to the "metropolis" every morning. How about the daily if trip over, "Al"? ,J Orchestra, Amphion Club 3-43 French Club 4. ' l lf M is l MARION CARLOTTA WELLS 0 "BUNNY" ljy New Britain. Conn. March 24, 1905 .vlif "SchooIis one darn thing after another, Q Love is two dear things after each other." 'J "Bunny's" pet aversion is school. My! how she detests school fu and all its implements of learning. Sometimes we don't blame iw her. But "Bunny" and a certain someone are so attached to :N each other, that "that certain someone" came back for a Post- Graduate Course, just so as to be together. Ain't love grand, l "Bunny"'? Senior Club 43 Class Night Committee 43 Y. W. A. A. 1-2-3. ll, V 'A 'Wi 20 CORDELIA SMITH KILBOURNE UCORDIEH M New Britain. Conn. January 8, 1906 Yi "I'm happy although man delighteth me not." inf . H . H . AA Every time we see Cordie we admire her happy-go-lucky M ways. She is always full of laughter and fun and has a smile or ,nfl a kind word for everyone. She is reputed to be a future old 'AQ maid, but we all know that some day she may change her mind ,if and leave her single blessedness. Her fine work here has proved lm that she will most certainly win honors in her college work. M Best of luck, "Cordie," you deserve it. French Club 3-43 Secretary of French Club 45 Senior Club 4. ,np M 20 MACALISTER AVERY SCHULTZ uMACu in New Britain, Conn. September 25, 1905 '24 "I ain't nobody's darlin'." 'M "Mac" is one of the school's all-round sports. He always has a cheerful word for every one, at least for the male sex. How- Wn ever, he must like privacy when he's with the opposite sex, bee .gc cause we have never seen him do anything in public except nod if to a girl when he meets one. But we expect he will overcome 'fs his fear of the fair sex when he gets to Princeton. ' 2 Amphion Club 43 French Clubg Senior Club 4. M' E501 zxiiizig-1' ' 'xxaiS c'Qx1Qi C'gxl!x QA i 5j1'i5s 15 as ZQCCQZSQK SZQQCCKZKKCCRZSKC DBQZSDPBSJTQDBBISD DBSZTDDBQ F146 94 2,154 Q! C7454 S!,C,C!C55YcYC fcr p322X35S72X35s72X5T :iS2x81i HOWARD FENN STEPHENSON "STEVIE" Plainville, Conn. January 23, 1906 "Silence is one great art of conversation." Unusual quietness, and good nature, with occasional broad smiling, are things for which "Stevie" is best known. He is one of those to whom the above quotation applies remarkably well. But never mind, "Stevie," other people were blessed with quiet- ness, those who actually need that gift, instead of you. Best luck to the one, to whom "Silence is golden." Science Club 43 Senior Club 4. LENA AGNES POLUMBO Connecticut April 15, 1904 "Today I have grown taller-" Lena is both quiet and small, but by no means uniniluential. Her influence is always felt and her general appearance of steadfastness upholds it. Always sure of her lessons, always self-confident, she has gone a long way toward success through the fine work of her school years. Senior Club 4. V LILLIAN PUTTERMAN HL' L-ll New York City April 26, 1906 "Lil" is another gay young thing. Her cheerfulness and talkativeness have won her many friends among her classmates. Her unusual abilities shown here in school are sure to win her success in the future. The world is yours, "Lil"-go to it. Senior Club 4. ROBERT ANTHONY THORNE HBO B11 Mohawk, N. Y. August 13, 1904 "Deeds-Not Words." "Bob" is one fine chap. Satisfied with life no matter what happens. "Bob" is quite an athlete, too. He is a popular mem- ber of the "Thorne and Fleischer" firm, well known on roads and at summer resorts. May your life be long and sunny, and your wife fat and funny. Football 45 French Clubg Senior Club 43 Lettermen's Club. scgxzgf-C QxIgsQQx1gxcQx1gSQ P23 995 99 KCCKIQQK 'C QZSQQKXIQKCCLQKC P3213 LDBSITDPBSZS D3 '3353 rc fc Q5 :wife egrcvc CC555'-ig C Q55-egg aigzxxgx pzxx 5 5 DJXS 5 si xx as l51l W A y,-QJ V v-.,, , l f . Q. 1, W . V . ww W V :IV ' 1-1- "vr'.,. f- Ji.,f,,v I V ,nf -. 3 , -. -, Ai' - is , I V .- , N .gun .,-, . .I ff 1 " .L Q T sf- ,' lvtxkfy,-tifsfl 1 A . in 1 .5 ff .. .- L :iii '?"V. VI" - '- V4 .f3'.V'I ' H ' V- -143' v, '. ',g ktgcg"., A-fu-V ,V . 5- ,' 'H , " , 'qv V, V. .' -'vf 'V '1 '- -14 . ',',: "HT M ' ' .mv V, H."!,',',:h. .,l,:'i J ,.,.1 j Vg-554535. ,, ,. Vr--V-."-.WMU K ' -H' 'rf -. :W gf - . V . V rnklfx ,111 . L..V up-V,e2,gf E- .2 6' 1 ' L' Sw .X JT' 'LL-fg y' V'.."'?"Y!f nl ,-1-2 V if ,, ",,',',.-1' 1,4 jul' 7'7 . v- fl ' 1 ' 1 . 7 Y f 4 J!-Vrf ff V V. 'VMVLV 1 - ' 'ff V fqzf?- 1 .iffy R-5P" "'2 'Q .V ,- '. ...z-, ., ,' . 1, ...,, ' -' , .A ,. - I- 5"-f""i' ' " , 7I"V' X 1V4."'i. ff 'EU 7 ".,':'f ' ' . . ..V3f"fI .. yHi4qVf'Q11.y,"1S11-fkgw 4. T.. , Vi, 11,92 LL- 4 ,V , ,L 1" VTR, 8.5 K, j L J' .NV 1 ' - V: 'V V - '. "3 tw, .,"f'1,V1V 'Q ,q,'1,, s V n Y ' .:.ifs"'f .. , .,,""n4'f- fi' A " ' 'V-A '-. Vi 1 -Wal P? V. .V..5QI"f ' ' 1- f'+' . QF ' V' 4' ., ' i' , . ' 1'-. ..-'H v. .q .Y ye - --,1 5-mx ' .2 I V .,-- --'.- .Vw-.1 VVV. - . LffF--1? . V ?'7 f' V7 'Qf: . 25 f??j'?P5.V 3'-'Gl fff' ,gm '. F- 'Q V-5. ,V+ .Vg .',,VV,+.-",f V'r,.zf Vg. 1 - Y,.' " IH "-A, " Rbskgl .-'vu YZJVK 4 u TL-'xg v-',".i- '1m.:'I, A If V . V , 1 V ,-, Vfn, , ,-.7 ,Q -:V - .I K V 4-3!'v .V - - iw V-Vi .V SV - .p ,B W V . HMI, - , V, .,,JW' gli' -yi' S , ., . -y ...N Vim' X-I sr A., . - V ,ml .4 ,Iv V , -VL., I My-V V L' A , ,qi .' , YJ' l Y . - .,l y . . Av , .. V A 1- 4- "f if.. '. QI V' ,-' Vw 'Z . --g' 4' ayith. .Nt ' D Ts 'V -4 -4 ffzVf'3gi-Lf: M 17.3 F we ff-N V: .. V' KV: ' J 1 -f"wf+.- . Vw '. .-J' fzgfv ...-4 V V -V ' :' 2 - 4 "J gf , V3-Q '-,us-..5f'X,y ',a , .V ' -j-,I ,film 1' 3' ' "'1 f4:W'w, ",.'i.f'5'5A'. . . A' -'1 'E' ' 'KQ.'hf3'f - Vita 4!'l',,T':k .1 V. at -'I wi: . . .bi 1,HVTu F V N ,t . fix" ffm P4 .W 4lffW.f'-' - - . We T',.V.-C51 V' -- .L xl f V, " - -' H.. ,J 'fig 5 I . A 4' x. 1. ,Sw '. , Tis VJ"'.iV K ,.l"uE.' V '-. "L ' A."-.V ' H - -V Wk 1. ' . 'I ,- .n..-.i',w:.1f,g .ja Y3'-' 'sg ., f- fy ,A V QV ,V fr . V i p gE.'4.1 . .Kira ,pg .5152 -.L-H, K Vit ,N 31, uw,-" P' P .+V 'QI' V ..', 'Q , 'V ' ry, Vi 3 '-- . ' Vfif - 1' X ff 'yi -',.,Y 135 - LVM. 5-if - H "' . 3,3 1 " ' we ' . I V". '54 ,' I -"V Q- IVV '1 li' 'l Q' V' ' t A ' 1 ' "Qs, V , ',! 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Vw - pam ' . ., -' .51 gr f V ' - V ' . nw" .f'g V ff E, Ay , 91 .13-7 Q " '1b'g.'A' f 2 - VV p x 4. M-.V. ,, .,a.4V .V. ,T - ,Y-,f 7,4 ,- 5, 1 5, ,f m yi H- fy! IM :. - I , .. 3" V-gli'5nQ" 1l 'sm' 'L if-Vlx-E?Vg'5f1?5K':?"'f1V 'A ' Eg HW A V7 ...-f sv f ' " um: ' . .11 . mv' - V. .V VV.VfsifV,Vf.VV.V x 9f,V'ff1 f 11 4. ' -V .' J. " Vw'5f'W11.--- I, V' V AV -. .L 3 .ff 'V. . -A V- -1... rf "xv 'V ' --" If V ff , 9. fm'-VI ' . ' "D, K . " mf Y J p .V Il"-" Tyfxx' f'41"' ,V' 'Wx " fd .. if ""' W- "ui ' - " J' 7"'-lL1V'5' iVl' fw'.Ci1"! 'L fd I- L' f. 2 5 :ml ' if ,VW W 4 ff X 'V . A .,.,,,' V' ,I ' X X. ,I M, .. M ,p .. .5 A. u K L '- Hs.. ll. .,- .X 3 :V W Q. K D Q. -ly I s u..-,M 1' V.j..!n3'V-.-. 4- .+i-A' qi 'x .V V V.. L" 47 'Lv l . t 19" V Y Va. , . I 34 .HHGHK - x Z twiki, xaf- V ' 'N effsvisfs feffss fsveffsfffs seg 22233225522 25132 552?E?ii2 W aeszfgifshisssaefacesaf fixes. gg, sian, se,ss,,se,sXE, sasssbs N Wil wil v v ,CV vi ici-f vi ,MDW Nyv. mv IONE WEBSTER 5 vi bl KM, -Aolcw' WEBSTER 'avi WV, New Britain, Conn. December 15, 1905 iflgvy "None but herself can be her parallel." 'VNU ij v Ione has established a name for herself as a firm defender Zo MQ' of English and women's rights. In the Civics Class especially wuts Vw, has she shown her wares in her deadly arguments she picks, Wifi Wil, 4 usually with someone of the opposite sex. Keep it up, Ionc, you XV! wg' might get in Congress some day. Q ,JV Y. VV. A. .-Lg Senior Clubg Senior Banquet Committee: Spanish ,JV , Club. i l il , 'wil 'Ai W Vi VU X i VV WJ tw er :ivy 'JV LOUISE KATHERINE SRELLY 'JV ' vi ' vi "LOUIS" 'VIN New Britain, Conn. ' .Tune 27, 1904 'VIJV "A friend in need is a friend indeed." 'JW Louise certainly has been a true friend to everybody during yet' her four years in High School. Her favorite pastime is wait- V35 CMV! ing for the mailman to bring a letter from Middletown. Louise limi suv hasn't decided what she is going to do next year, but we all 'NDVI Q V wish hcr the best of luck. 4 3 Vi ld . lyv i i E335 'wi 'AW MW. Aww my MW, ROY HOWVARD ZIEGLER Nw. AAZIG11 ,CC ,fi New Britain, Conn. November 2, 1903' , Amp' "As long as l can speak a word or wag AM MN' a finger, I won't admit l'm crushed." AM M01 The above quotation iits "Zig" exactly. Anyone in his Civics ,MIN Class can vouch for. that. In fact he has 'fsaved the day". or VW-' rather saved the recitation many times by his infernal arguing NVQ with "Battler" and the rest of the class, including even the 'Mfr teacher. Never mind, "Zig," you'll make a iine statesman some Mlm WV. day. VVhy don't you start an argument against Prohibition? MM Mgr Senior Club 4, Hi-Y Club 43 Track Team 4. its . M MA Wifi? NM' IYVVW Qfmi 2005 ' ALDONA JULIANA LYNCH -C-C .Abi New Britain, Conn. August 30, 1905 My Ilicfl "And I never laugh nor play, but work all day." A ff MX. Aldona ought to go out for the championship of the book- MM keeping world. Debits and credits have no terrors for her. In MW' MN, fact, she likes them so well that she intends to become a C. P. A. QM, , fMaybej. Her unusual standing as a student, her quietness of AAC. MN: manner, and her habit of saying much by talking little have My wig: endeared her 'to many. Good luck as the most successful C. P. wig! www, A. of the Uiuted States. WM, Senior Club 4. and ,A , MXL C iid imp 'Mfi lm LECCCIQEC' 'gx'14ic'9xzZic'Qff2i6 52 fiiipy ,Axis 22 57555 955-iifpg spfgfwi is gs sais image: S2 252: fs 2:52 SE 5323 zeasgasszsssezsiidlsisfssg si 1521 'xiccx1xQ:Q 'CR1iQCCiliiCCxlZQc Dsgzx nbsllxsyxgixb bsqfw :Qs I-cf.: Q 4 :fc cc Qc cyc ecyqgfc-cgc ggfcvcfg .W p3Q231:322i-3 x,22XB, 3 318533 U. if . Wt wwf FLOYD BARNUM STILLMAN V lvvy UGUY11 V JV, Plainville, Conn. August 11, 1907 Stillman's part in the making of the Bee Hive was in print- lg vi ing it. He knew his place when he found it, stuck to it and IVW made good. Go to it, "Guy." That's where Franklin got his Jw, start. list. N. B. s. T. s. A. A. 2-3-4. .W ' Stu. wi' we HELEN LAURA MINER Qui' "BABE" VW New Britain, Cofnn. June 18, 1905 Cm! "Laugh and the world laughs with you." DVI Up from the back of a study room comes a cheerful laugh. 1 up It's probably "Babe" again, for she always sees the funny side ww of things. "Babe" takes first prize for having the most cheer- MW ful disposition. She is everybody's friend and seems to enjov unlimited popularity. She is also artistically inclined. "Babe" I6 v' goes to the Hartford Art Schoolg but more for fun, we imagine, 4 V than otherwise. ! V ww: 'QQ GORDON DISBROW PORTER l "DIZZY" 'WN New Britain, Conn. February 2, 1903 "Dizzy" is not -what his name implies. "Dizzy's" favorite MQ' indoor sport is conquering the all-baifling problems of mathe- M matics. "Dizz " is sole owner and ilot of the 'ood shi Rock MA Y P 19' P NYJ and Rye, which sails the troubled waters of Lake Pocotopaug every summer. How about it? "Dizzy," will Dodge cars run, MAN on maple syrup instead of oil? W! French Club 2-3:1 Debaiting Olub 15 Science Club 2, mg, Mathematics Club 3-4. W, fi iii 'MN ' ww, My HELEN MARGARET MITCHELL . l -fzERo" ,AQ Plainvine, Conn. September 19, 1906 If you see "Zero's" pleasant smile, you may be sure that Hen- IAQV rietta, "Al," and "Pickey" are not far away. 'S funny how MA, those Plainvillites stick together but I suppore their motto is: gen, "United we stand, divided we fall." She plans to become a Mft' teacher, ami French Club 43 Senior Club 4. l A! clan' w A yr 'AW ' 'ww ,, r - l53l fiq'gi1iic' x 1ZKc'Qx 124 CAQCIZQ Q ' :Aff S 9 i3A:'p 5 3 2' 1-a'5i :4iQC'S,i5'p'5s' 2 ini X Q 9x14 X C XQKZ4 X Q Qxfq S QAQQ ggg c if 3':'5s 22 3-iss ss :fix 52 s'i5f52 Zxccxzxgca Cgfaiqegzaiccxfxic P3115 3932153732131 33213335 C c Q c 1 c 4 cf: Qgfcvc cc :3p2X31sp7X333p2X3f f v7s22X33s HAROLD CLINTON ROSSBERG New Britain. Conn. October 9, 1906 "Rejoice young man in your youth." Did you ever see Harold when he wasn't studying? When it comes to taking a report card home with A's on it, Harold has us all beaten. He is very quiet and we all wonder if he has a tongue. French Club Vice-President 3-45 Mathematics Club. CECILIA NAJARIAN uclsn Armenia July 26, 1904 "Don't do today what you can put off till exam time." "Cis" is one of the quietest girls in our class. She is seen often, but hardly ever heard. Her favorite subject seems to be Civics. It isn't half so worse, "Cis," if you are prepared. Y. VV. A. A. 3: Girls' League 43 Senior Club 4. BENEDICT FRANCIS DURHAM HBULLH New Britain, Conn. September 30, 1905 "Asleep in the deep." Who is the tall, handsome man who crosses the school yard every morning at S:16i That's "Bull" Durham! Late again! "Ben" loves to tease his teachers by sleeping during classes. However, he has proved to be a good sport and a friend to everyone. He seems to delight in playing for us while we hop around at dime dances. Oh! He plays-er-the-drum. You know how, with two sticks and a Hy swatter. He's exceptionally good at it, otherwise he wouldn't be playing for us. H61'9'S luck to our drummer. C1Tgack 2g Track Manager 4: Orchestra 35 Senior Club 45 Art u 4. ESTHER KATRINA LINDQUIST IITESSYI Berlin, Conn. July 26, 1905 "Linked sweetness, long drawn out." The above quotation fits "Tess" very well, for she has a sweet disposition, and is noticeably tall. We have heard little whisperings that "Tess" has a passion for toboganning. We wonder why? Berlin is rather hilly, isn't it? Best wishes for a prosperous future. ' Senior Club 4. gggggqgi ygxlcxcqxzixlqgggq zasapmzypayxzzgnps :23-,asa tqgg glxqq cxfx ccxfQicCx1xQc PS113:bx21X:Jx3I5: Qxlzw 3:31 Q 4 1 Q Q csc55Yc-cg Y1j21YXbYljQ2X3vb3b2NE- YBSQQEQS E541 v , N V V V J cape!!!- acc Cc: U x ul yt V u Vi I I Vw Vi Vv' JU, Vi wg W, l AC Sli M, nl f' fi W .gl 4 N A nl l W nl Ci Q. f l Ci N N W ss. CQQZKC5' 'Cx1gi C'Cxzck QAQQQQCQ- 'Y55 S 2 2 3 if S S if K 5 C C C C C C C C C C C C C i KCC! ixc 1x1 CCCKIYCCC C CK 3--1819 IXSD 5181 D 51832 3 C 5, AC. 57 iv ,Cf YC SV 'Ci 6 57 YC- ff I v5Y,Y21B13Sb2XT3SDlX3 -2i72XEl PRESCOTT LEROY BROWN Pearl River, N. Y. November 10, 1905 "Blushing is the color of virtue." Many a little freshman girl's heart-beat quickens when she sees "P. B." pass down the hall. This is only one of the rea- sons why other male members of the class envy him. Although he is quiet, modest, and unassuming, "P, B." is a favorite among his classmates. His hobby is-well, maybe that's get- ting personal. All fooling aside, though, he expects to become a famous artist. Since he seems to have the power of attract- ing all that is pretty-er-. Here's luck to you. ALYCE ELIZABETH NERO HALUH New Britain, Conn. September 24, 1905 "A Princess among men." "Al" has, as her only responsibility, to see to it that she has a good time, and there is never a dance or party held in school without her. At the beginning of the year "Al" con- sidered moving to Hartford. We suggest that she go only half Way, as we think she will be much happier in Belvidere. Best of luck to you, "Al," STANLEY CASIMER STEMPIEN "STENlP" New Britain, Conn. July 21, 1905 "Work while you work, Play while you play." Here is a young man who believes that you can never do too much work, and yet he enjoys playing as much as anyone. His is an excellent record. Keep it up, "Stemp," and some day the world will applaud. "Stemp" is a. draftsman. Wonder what he will be doing twenty years from now? His friends expect something big of him. N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2-3-4. HILDUR JULIA OLSON New Britalim, Conn. ' August 11, 1905 "We loved you for your buoyant fun." This is another of our quiet though not overlooked class- mates. Hildur may be quiet, but she certainly knows how to be cheerful. Her cheery laugh is Well known in tl1e corridors, while her ready smile is always sure to welcome one. We see little of her in school, so we think outsiders interest her. Senior Club 4, Girls' League 4. - l :Q c'Cx'fQiC' "'CCx1!iCCx1 Qi QYQKYSSC Di fiiv 99 Ziccgfxic 'I g1aCCCxlCiCcx1kiC 3P31l3 ID SRDBS D 5 DD 1 gc ggfegjigg fggrcfcgc Qgfc-c cc5gfcvc cc p3bPX3Y5ib 3Sb2X5 -pxp2X3 :S ' i551 si Qxzcsc QX!43l Qxaf xc'Cx?gSc' ,152 3-1 ps 22 s's Qs 22 s':'5i ' 'sp 3-2 :S 1 Kicqxzxxc XZKQCCQIQYCCXIQCC DBQITDPBQIXDDBSIS 33233952 cz Q44 irc Q6 irc Qc c cccggrc-crqc l QSBINQISDZXBYDSSJBEY Ybgblgppi CHARLES JOSEPH RAKOWSKI "CHARLIE" Poland March 9, 1902 "Now you see him, now you don't." ' The above quotation refers to "Charlie's" gold teeth. When he smiles his big, beaming, "ear to ear" smile, you catch a glit- ter from his gold teeth. Why carry your gold in your mouth, "C'harlie"? Silas Marner had a better up place for his, "Charlie." "Charlie" did notable work on the football team, where he stopped many an opponent with his huge shoulders. Best wishes for a prosperous future. Football 3-4. Senior Club 4: Lettermen's Club. HELEN DOROTHY PAULSON "F'AULlE" New Britain, Conn. August 30, 1905 "And blushed as she gave it." l'lelen's cheerful smile and pleasant disposition have won her many friends in the N. B. H. S. Helen's greatest difficulty is to control those blushes, especially when certain people of thc Civics Class gaze at her.. She is yet undecided as to her future work, but we wish her luck in anything she undertakes. Senior Club 4: Girls' League 4: Basketball. JOSEPH J. REG ULA "REGGlE" New Britain, Conn. October 3, 1005 "Not all great men are poets." Here is one of our future poets. "Reggie" has spent many hours during Civics Class in writing poetry which has made him famous. We would not be surprised to see him rival Long- fellow some day. How do you do it, "Rcggie"? Senior Club 41 Baseball 3-4. EDNA G. OLSON "EDDIE" Meriden, Fonn. February 11, 1906 "You tell 'em kid, that's me." Here comes "Eddie" all ready for some mischief. They say that "Eddie" has a liking for matinees at Fox's. Never mind, "Eddie," you're not the only one-and they say you don't go alone. Basketball 2-3: Y. XV. A. A. 3-4: F. S. S. 43 French Club 21 Senior Club 4. gg gxfqsi' Qxzixc QKIC Sigyggxc 22 5':'5S 92 x':'5i22 p':'ii :55':'5Y: cccxlxxc xzsicc gfascqxfxic P3273 DPBQYN 373213 1 951135252 c cc qc Q Q44 Qc 4 cle Q 1 c Q fc5gfcvcgg vqppiggxb-53?1X3vb321x5f f ,':5,22x'Lb X l56l 0 +V O v 'rf Vu VM wr vllfvi all Jw l M .v l l l ff UU ivifii UV' xl Nav: J v ,JW VV 'M' VW, suv, J V ,JW VVM ly' V V kivv 6 v PM .Ur ,Nw lAlAv ww, pw, .CQ l lil ww Wm A if l"f MJ 'VW' 'ln ,Appl A N lfiflfxl Ylflwl fi nl W fw we lim li 'fl li VM 'MN VV' li 'fs 'fs 'll iw fn V' 22 5'5453 5 2 xlzs 5 Q xlix svn s 225341 M vl t U 'v fl M lan wx U :xqQx1g-gi Qifgxiggggxcgxlgxc I zysfpys ai 12233952 1 ZiCCi!Rff CKliSCIiZifCCiIQKCQu gP5T5!iDD3SZS3P55ITl QDBSYE D3 W-Qc acggrcrc ac 5gYc5gg5g,c-gcc ggrefc cc v1322X3v3Sb2X5bXb2X31 -1 DINBEX v 'um p JAMES JOSEPH REYNOLDS . HREDH New Britain, Con-n. July 22, 1903 "All great men are dead, And I'm not feeling well myselfl' Did you ever meet a fellow who was everybody's friend? lfVe did. His full name is James Joseph Reynolds. He's the cap- tain of our Basketball team and led the team through a most successful season. flu fact, more successful than any other seasonj. "Red" is a regular flrebrand in a game, and is one of our best all-around athletes. "Red', left New Britain for a short while but found that the good old N. B. H. S, was first and last always. VVe'll miss you when you leave again. Best of luck in the future. , Junior' Prom Chairman: Football 4: Basketball Captain 2-4: President of Letter'rnen's Club 2-43 President of Junior Class: Class Basketball 1, Captaing Class Basketball 1. h EMMA DORIS OSBORNE "DODIE" New Britain, Conn. August 22, 1905 , "Love is, and was, my lord and king." "Dodie" can be found at "The Cooked Food Shop" any time between 3:-15 and 6:00 P. M. Woiiclei' what the attraction is? He won't thrive on delicatessen stuff, Doris. Viiell, anyway, "l'lodie" is quite a clever girl. That's sure something to be proud of. Best wishes for a bright and happy future. Science Club 3--lg Senior Club 43 Girls' League 4. MARJORIE NORRIS Hartford, Conn. July 28, 1905 "As merry as the day is long." Did you ever see "Marg" when she wasn't smiling-and ape parently seeming to enjoy herself. "Margie's" hobby is giggling and eating candy during classes. After studying at Roger's Hall, "Marg" plans to study music. Oh! Yes! She's good in all line arts. "Marg" expects to pursue the course of artistry as a side line. We wish her the best of luck and we hope she succeeds in everything she undertakes. VVARREN SHELDON STACK V 'Middletown Conn. March 10, 1905 "I believe no man should live or die without a wife." Look him over, girlsg he is a dashing, lovable young man. The one big ambition that seems to tempt Warren is to take a dive in the field of matrimony. On the other hand, he is one of Mr. Moody's coming lawyers. NVarren is always ready to give some kind of a weird answer to Mr. Moody's questions, but they are always full of thought and logic. Senior Club -lg Banquet Committee 4g School Council 2. si Q' A' ZSQA " 'Qi gixxzg' 'Si'QCzQK Q7 5i3':'5i22 5 3 1 22 XTCiSkiCi1ZSiCCiliQC B51'33535133535231 D 3Pb2 F' Q cc qgfcvc fg qgvcvc,qc ggvc-Qgcrqgrc-c gg ,DSTSINBYD S b2X3 1 X. DZXXCX 3 Q ,133 5 i ' l57l cgi? til 5: 5':-'i5':2 3'5'ii:2 5':'5i :Q 5':'55 Q ?bQ Q2SZK4cXQgiQc 25215 57521N 375218 buMQD521S 325 C QC C C QC C Q C Kcfig cjfg YDj?2X3'bj?2X1b322X3Y 77 -Qj22X15i HELEN SOPHIE RECHENBERG New Britain, Conn. June 18, 1905 "Artistic temperament." Helen is one of the popular girls in the Vocational Building. She intends to be a stenographer, but we are inclined to be- lieve she will choose differently. As she is an excellent designer and stenographer, we feel sure it will be a hard choice for her to make. Don't forget the members of '23, Girls' League 4: Spanish Club 33 Glee Club 23 Art Club 1-2-3-4: Senior Club 4: Refreshment Committee of Junior Prom 3g Secretary of Art Club 3. DONALD WALTER PROUDMAN HDONYY New Britain, Conn. October 1, 1904 "Of all my fatherls family- I love myself the best." "Don" Proudman is rather a quiet chap in school-but only in school. The fellows here at school know him pretty well,- but the girls know very little of the 'real "Don." Girls evi- dently nlean nothing in his young life. Maybe you'll fall hard for one, someday, "D0n." Senior Club 4. MARY FAGAN MAGUIRE New Britain, Conn. July 16, 1905 "In the right place is her heart." There is no doubt at all about Mary's heart being in the right place, for since her entrance into High School, her friendly attitude to all has given evidence of that. She has a cheerful disposition, and a pleasant smile-two reasons for her popu- larity. Senior Club 41 Glee Club 2: Y. XV. A. A. Basketball Z-3-4. GLADYS ELEANOR MIDDLETON "GLADY" New Britain. Conn. August 1, 1905 "It's Three o'Clock In The Morning." Gladys is rather a quiet girl-at times. She often goes and visits a11 Earle. She especially likes English in Room 323, the first period. The next thing she likes to do is to take a 'nice trolley ride, the Hartford division preferred, and listen to see if the motornian will ever stop his ear between stations. Never mind, we hope your future will be bright and sunny. Art Club 1-23 Senior Club 43 Y. NV. A. A. 45 Class Day 2, Traffic 4. SQQXIQSQ iXKQ.3Q Qxziggq Y 7? 373 D3 22 3-D755 2? b'5Y537 b5fJY5'fJ qciK'gSC z???5ccSJKq5f2fZ?5g3gEg3p5Q2X1P52zx1p52zizLEi952zfz:52 l58l xiiygggc' ' 'Caxzgg c'Qx1giq'Qx'fQic'cf'A ciiixkii Q' xQxz4gqQx14XQQx14Six ZQCCQIQSC CKIQQCCKIQKCCKZSQI QCQKZQKC CQZQSCQKZSQCQRZQQE CQCCCKC QCCCICQCCCCCQICCIZ. fCKC4CCCCC QCCQCCC CQCCC LOUIS FENN PIKE "PIKEY" Hartford, Conn. September 4, 1906 "I'm my mamma's own Iambkin." "Pikey" loves the ladies,-we all know that. How about those wild times you had in Ye Olde Towne of Plainville? Louis Fenn is some high stepper, too-you'd ought to see him at the Dime Dances! Mathematics is nothing in his young life. In fact, it's like eating pie to him. Here's luck to you for the future. French Club 4, Mathematics Club 4, Treasurer of French Club. LILLIAN LOIS SCHWADERER ul-'Ln New Britain, Conn. December 20, 1905 "Many and precious are the words which the lips of genius utter." Silence! The Dictionary has arrived! "Lil" certainly knows how to spout long words, droll remarks, and general wisdom. Her recitations are usually perfect, her pessimism and op- timism wisely lwalanced, and her general good nature one of our standbys. Good luck, "Lil," Senior Club 4. HELEN DOROTHY SCHOFIELD "DODIE" Berlin, Conn. July 10. 1906 "A true friend to all who know her." Helen has many interests besides school. Then, too, her activities among friends have not been few, and she goes on talking to a certain Ella. "Dodie" is always happy, diligent, pleasant, and cheerful, which will no doubt bring her much future happiness. Literary Club 3g Senior Club 45 Science Club 3-43 Glee Club 35 Girls' League 4. VIVIAN RHODES SCOTT "SCOTTlE"-"VlV" . New Britain, Conn. August 31, 1905 "True friends are like diamonds, Precious and rare." "Scottie" certainly is a true friend, always pleasant, al- ways obliging, always helpful. "Scottie" is noted for her strength of character, her veracity, and her excellent work. Never known to break rules or slight Work, she is that unusual thing, a model young lady, with a capacity for fun. Senior Club 4. S -Y' Z' 'YYY Y lil' Sifirlllif :23':'5S:i5:9s: 3 2233: Lsziixggixscc x1i 3213 393373553313 5 933123532 c grcrcvi cc 555'4Yac gg c-:gc Qgrcvq cg -333233-Dj DIXB DKBPNX QSDZXB IS l59l f 4' cxqgxzisi any 2 2 pp 2 'pas is 9 '25 ai !g!lq?222Qgq4c L,Zxc Dxszx sbxsxs zbxxls 3, Dbslx 5:3 if - A. , ,523 523 5',5:'- Y-C 225 5 c-1 Qgfcfc rf: cgvc5 gc qg,c5 gg Y1531X3v1 i1X3v: s31X3' V -3 5338355 2 I E HELEN CATHERINE TIERNEY Plainville. Conn. February 13, 1906 "I fill the skies with laughter and with light. Not tears, but jollity." A giggle and a laugh rings along the corridor. Yes, that's Helen Tierney. That giggle grew in Plainville, but it has been 1'esounding in New Britain years. It isn't the giggle that behind the giggle, and the man pher will get a peach. Y. YV. A. A. 22 Civics Club 4 High School forthe last four matters, Helen, it's that girl who gets you for a stenogra- 1 Girls' Club -l. GEORGE BONIFACE SCHEYD "DUCK" New Britain, Conn. May 9, 1906 "All great men have died and l'm not feeling very well myself." Although "Duck" is small in stature he certainly makes up for this by undertaking a job like that of General Manager of Athletics. "Duck" became famous as Dr. Scheyd and was ad- mired by the fair sex because of the funny little bag he car- ried around. Besides being General Manager, 4'Duck" was Chairman of the Class Night Committee and again showed his ability for managing affairs. The only thing "Duck" couldn't manage was a certain little "someone" down in Kensington. All things considered, "Duck" is a wonderful little man and we sincerely hope he is as successful and popular in later ac- tivities as those in school. Junior Class Day Exercises 33 Senior Club 45 Letter-men's Club 3-43 General Manager 3-45 Class Night, Chairman 4. GLADYS MARY SLANEY f MGI-ADH New Britain, Conn. "Glad" is a girl who has male sex of our school. Her we know that without asking. goes with you from the class gold football? Y. VV. A. A. 3-43 Senior Club 43 Girls' League 4. June 13, 1905 shown a great fondness for the hobby is dancing-and Hirting- She's the "Dobb's," tool Luck of 1923. Gladys, how about that EUGENE MAX SCHMIDT HGENEII New Britain, Conn. August 26, 1905 "Away with thee-Let my slumbers be unbroken." "Gene" liked High School so well that he spent five years here. Who wouldn't like it, if he could spend his time uncon- scious of his surroundings? But when "Gene" wakes up he will do something startling. Teachers and tests are his pet aversions. Good luck to you, "Gene"l 5 Spanish Club: Track 3-4: Senior Club 43 Football 3. P :SCQQI tif? CQiIESQ'QQIQx i'Qx1Qii s':'5s 3 5:-iff: Q :'iis 2 ffifny bi X ' p318bbb21xm7521x2, 73213593 Q55 Qfiiff .DDE ig? Qgiggi 52,Q2 5:4 ..5K2bD.v52zN3.b5v2X3. .1 Sabin S? E601 :ilQXIqxl LQK!CSCQx1CsQgX!SSC ' D21 225 D2 P5 D D25 5 PPE Z " cxliiccxliiqc x1QKc 2321553518 3735182 P3515 DD: Q55 Sifiifgbvlgjcgrcfgc Qgrcvc fcgg :rc KS . gigixwrmsphtuxpixwi bxpixi mx DOROTHY CECELIA TREHY "DAUTY" Kensington, Conn. March 23, 1907 "All nods and becks and wrea1h'd smiles." "Dauty" is one of the sweetest natured girls in the class of 1923. Yes, everyone knows it, and appreciates it, too,-even the faculty. VVe know that she is addicted to giggling, and soft-murmur talking. VVell, best 0' luck, "Dauty." Some little bug will get you yet. -Senior Club 4, Girls' League 4. HAROLD ARTHUR WEIR "WEARY" Newington, Conn. ' August 5, 1904 "Lazy? Weary, will you get up." YVeary's best hobby is being indifferent in classes. Try to catch him reciting. Oh! for a wee bit of sleep. But, be on your guard at a game. Weary's one of our all-around ath- letes. He's uncertain as to what he is going to do after graduation, but we know that he'll probably go to some school and head a basketball team or manage to become captain of a football eleven. Here's luck to you, "Wea1'y," in whatever you do. Basketball 2-3-43 Baseball 2-3-4: Captain of Baseball 43 Class Basketball 1: Le-ttermen's Club 2-3-45 Senior Clubg Senior Prom Committee. HELEN GERTRUDE WASKELEWICZ Bridgeport, Conn. September 6, 1905 "Like to islands in the sea N Stands her personality." Helen is the picture of efficiency. Talk about looks having anything to do with success! Helen, anywhere, would be the picture of an efficient, cool-headed business woman and would make her mark. She is always on time, always prepared, and always ready we could not Helen. Y. VV. A. League 4. - to help anyone. In fact, she is one young lady get along without. Good luck to you next year, A. 23 Spanish Club 2-31 Senior Club 43 Girls' MARY MARGARET STACK "JUST MARY" New Britain, Conn. May 26, 1905 If you want to hear the latest news, just ask Mary. We've never seen Mary without a bright and sunny smile on her face. She's just like a fountain, always bubbling over with joy. We wonder if she knows how to act unpleasant. Mary, why did you leavo the Vocational building? Was Ed. the attraction? Senior Club Ag Y. W. A. A. 2-45 Girls' League 4. 'N 0 0 All , l iirfiilig5-'fQx1Siq'Qx?iiCQx1Qiq' a53':A5s 3 5 an 11 CQCCSIQQC CilKQCiiZSKCii!iK6 P 5I51DSilE3D3S ik 53513 ,PLD 1 cc ggrcwc ag ggfqvc cc gg :fc fc Qgfcvc cc Y5E,5v23pSb2X3 bS71N3 1452338 l51l 41 I . f. L. V Q V , ,I wr, mifw. :ge , .. - - -. Q.. , Q.. , . ,- ,-I ,. -. -, a.- ,a.-V...-gf.-. V - ,:, ' 'lhi V, V-1 .Jw 1.f"'i".-'flu' 'V - '. . .-.A 1 - .', . s, A-,fl V .- I ,I,I I'I,I.I. .III,,I, ,Iv . . I I, II ke I .. .1.lI-. I..s,,.,, ,MI I. I, . , 4. , . I ,.I I . I ,,.. .II.I. I ,I II,I, I "4'.'.' '--' .".. 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V.. f.I'j":-V , 1- "1,7"-r '.4-f-.1',H'.. ,Af .--ii 5 .V v' ' ,- ,,.I Q I . f- ,uf lg1.j, " , I ' ' 3- .Ii -' SQ-.IU . 'V .'.'N4Inr,'qL' r --'q'-I :Int VA. 1 , -. .V-,if Q1 I . 'V I. V. rI:- . LII -.- ,", 'I'--HY' fQIg,:'Vf.w1f'5fj',IL. II ' Is, I , 1 - '. .' - , . '..,v,.'-.., . , I ,V -I 3 -, V' ' - , .V V.-1 F -.-.:.fV1+V- . IIII: I BIEIIIII ..IIII I? . I I- , .I IIr,?IgI :Ir .LI!j'I,,I5I I2 ' - V 4 - V- V .. . .V ' . ei. viii v I I II III II .,. I, . I VIII -r . I fII. .Igt II IIBI-,NX V, . , '. f ,ig - 'I . ' .,,." " -',,:ff rl WS WW 1 l lvvll, VIJW. g, N M 9231 CORIBELLE EDLA snvls df avi, sherbrorke, Que. May 30, 1905 fowl will "Diligence in all things." ,wb ljvj She just came to the N. B. H. S. a short time ago, and we ,cw 6 v, hope that she has enjoyed it while with us. She has proved jf UW a. valuable scholar to the High School. Edla, as she is called, WWE Nv, -, is a very hard worker. The New Britain Senior High School Aw, llfv, wishes you the best of success. vm French Club 43 Senior Club 43 Girls' League 4. if , ' , V J. in v l v ww, .Ml vu WW M JOSEPH WILLIAM SAVONIS W v. gh "VALENTlNO" sh, 05: New Britain, Conn. October 1, 1905 num WM 'fits a gift." JW, lfv, Behold! the noble countenance of Valentino's most dan- Wt, Eye' gerous rival. Joseph is surely a great displayer of a variety lady' W of neckwear which ranges from shoe laces to tape measures. , vu More than due of the fair sex has complimented him on his WG' VW wonderful hair. Leaving all joking aside, Joseph is a musi- jvwvl Nyv, cian of great talent and ability, as he hopes to surpass Fritz QV' Kreisler on the violin some day. We might see you in Fox's W l J orchestra some dav. VVhati' 1 Wy High School Orchestrag Senior Club. QUE o , v. Iii' W rNVWg 'WW fl ELSIE LYDIA RUND . , ANC uEI-H ,FEEL New Britain, Conn. September 6, 1905 ix IA lngly "Let no man come my way." MW 'QNX "El" is rather a determined girl, and so determined in fact 'QNX MQ that she has the rest of her life planned. We Wonder, "El," ,AQ CN, if you will change your mind. "El" has made many friends wig! during her four years here and we all wish her success in any- Ml, NVQ thing she undertakes, whether it be punching a typewriter or Mp' Mn' cooking. acc' QQ Senior Clubg Glee Club 3, Girls' League 4. 'AQN A AN ANA' MQ! Nw Www V' I L03 me 1 M JAMES HOWARD HART 45+ f . W QQ ' STlFF" Mm my New Britain, Conn. September 12, 1904 :trial mn' "Long and Iank, true and frank." ,,Q,Q,,l NYJ Here is one of our longest specimen of a gentlemen. "Stiif" 'mf' says it's no fun to be too tall, especially when dancing with a Mfr Freshman. "Stiff" is a jolly good sport and one the High Lapin' AM School will miss. His many friends among the underclassmen MW QQ? will certainly be without a Senior for a guardian when he has A 4 graduated. Ml Senior Club 45 Interclass Basketball 2-3. Fzpti AM ' AM 'vm 'MV' in l in l E621 gc'QQaZg:' " 'Qs1iic'CC1QsCQx19ic' - CQCCKIKQC QQIKQCCQIQKCCRZQKC Ciccilc QCCQCCQCCCICQQQCKC s QYQK Iii Q' 'ixa ii cAQx1 ii CYQXVI 55 c' 52 BASS fir' D 5 A 5 1 5 Zcqcxfsiq 'txzxsccxzxiccxfs-14 ,bl7x1335755755135 5b5fX5P3 ccc5gfc-:gg 455554 q555gc 4555 Zg A W-53225j:S72X31SbPX3 ISSJXBBS ' JACOB FRUCHTMAN New York City ' July 17, 1906 "Silence is golden." Jacob, who has evidently been influenced by this maxim, is one of our quiet students, but we like him just the same. He thinks a lot, but he says so little that we lose the benefit of his wisdom. A penny for your thoughts, Jacob. Good luck! Spanish Club 3-4. ELEANOR MILLICENT LYNCH HEL!! New Britain, Conn. ' January 12, 1906 "Away with the Gloom." Eleanor might be more iittingly named, were she christened "Giggles," for she is continually bubbling over with laughter. If any mischief is on hand, you may be sure that "El" is at the bottom of it. Please don't ever be parted from your good sense of humor, "El," Best wishes for a happy future. Senior Club 43 Girls' League 4. HELEN GRACE KENNEY AIKEN!! New Britain, Conn. February 11, 1906 "Baby blue eyes." Helen, who is one of our prettiest girls, is also one of the most popular ones. Her vivacious manner, strong character, and pleasant disposition are a classic among her less fortunate class mates. She is always filled with infectious high spirits, but is never accused of frivolity. She certainly will be an addition to the business world. Senior Club 41 Y. W. A. A. 1-2-3--lg Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2--lg Girls' League 4. HEDWIG .IENNIE ANNE LUDORF "BOBBlE" New York City February 15, 1904 "A cute little stenographeru "Bobbie" intends to become a stenographer when she leaves school, and we know she will be a success in the business world for she has worked hard at commercial subjects. If she is the same kind, happy, sympathetic girl then as she is now, she is sure of success. Senior Club 4, High School Orchestra. M -H 'YN' M -Y V-Y H331 Sjfiisayyabsb A 5:93 ,J 35213 xbxsfxzbxsfxz 3b5,x,, VQEQIXBQXQZSB ISDZX3 BQYSZ RT? x c QKZQX Q Xgxx x Q gxzcgigxfis 4' 95 b':'5s 2: iii, 22 b'i5s sapfiiipy 3 I Zxccgfaxc cxzxcqc gfxQcci1x:4 bbgzxybslfxabbllxb 232152951 cz: gcc cfc Q44 gcc 444 ceq Qgycvcfg - v7jblS3'73?2X5,DS72X'3fi-1vD3bIX23i BENJAMIN JOSEPH NEVULIS "CLOUDY" New Britain, Conn. March 12, 1904 "Mischief, thy name is mine." Whenever there is any mischief afoot you can be sure "Cloudy" has a. hand in it. He is a bright chap in all his studies, but is never in any danger of overwork. Bright and cheerful, he is-a real friend to everybody. Stay that way, "Cloudy," and you'll surely make good. MARY LEONA KENNEY HMAREYV Berlin, Conn. , June 21, 1904 "When can her glory fade?" Mary is a. very important member of the renowned "Berlin Bunch." She has made many friends as a result of her friendly disposition. She is going to become a nurse and we are sure she will be a success in that wonderful'profession Her sunny smile and general good nature will insure that. XVho would mind being sick with Mary for a. nurse? Senior Club 4. SOPHIE GERALDINE HUBAY "HUBBY" New Britain, Conn. October 12, 1907 "Hal Ha! Ha! Tee-Hee!" Giggle! Snicker! VVarble! Sophie Huliay and her faithful disciples are approaching us. "Hubby" is noted for her giggling -ask any of her teachers. Giggling has nearly sent her to the oiiiee more than once. Well, Sophie, we'd much prefer to hear your giggles Cif we 1'lll1StD, than hear sobbing. Best luck for a prosperous future. Senior Club 43 Girls' League 4. CATHERINE MARY BURNS HKAYH "What is to be, is" ' New Britain. Conn. December 29, 1004 Catherine is a quiet girl with a ready smile for everyone. On cloudy days her smile brightens our universe. How she loves to study! And we wonder why she lnlushes when the teacher suddenly calls upon her for a recitation. She has al- ready won many friends and we hope that she may gain many more in the years to come. p Basketball 1-2-3-43 Y. NV. A. A. 1-2-3--lg Girls' League -lg Senior Club 4. gc QKISAQ QKIQ x Q Qxzc x CAQXIQS Q' :J 3':'5i 92 5A:'5f22 ,Ai5f 52 ,ADS 5 as Cscxxzxiq cQIsQ4cgxxiccg1QicQ Db2lB3bb21'3393l751- Q?3.5fN DDS: :fc Qcc Cac Qc c Cac csc irc cgyc-cfg - 733222332153-1322527 -lS22Xibi l64l ' ' 4 lm, V 22252522SEQEESEQESEQQSESEQQS:iigggggs532:25532:55232:3qg3s232::sEE fjgcfgfcvitc Qgfifgc Q! C-igc Qgrcii tc fBS22W5 S2l3 -PQQZX5 DS' FRANKLIN HOLLAND BOARDMAN iff, "DRAKE" , igjl' New Britain, Conn. July 18, 1905 g QI 4"' i - "Fain I would dance, but dare not." Qffjj "Drake is a good sport anyway. He pays a dime for dime p, " dances and such, but never dances,-no, not even at Senior Club. We do not know whether it is "Drake'ss" "tugs" or 11is bashful- ness that keeps him from dancing. His favorite expression is, Q "":, 5 "VVhy worry?" 5 senior Club 4. 235 ,W ,-V,Q4. , JOSEPH PAUL CURIONI ' "cum" New Britain, Conn. December 24, 1905 I "lf you don't know, ask some one." He is called "Curi" by his class-mates. Add an "ous" and he will be pretty accurately described for, "Why?" and "What's ff the matter with this?" are two of his favorite expressions. Then add' the fact that he is a good sport and naturally clever and you will have a full description of "Curi." We expect him to 5,225-Q become a successful agent for the "Child's Book of Knowledge," 1 where millions of questions are answered. -,'- 3 ic. . ii. 2" ' STANLEY J. ROWE USTAN' ' New Britain, Conn. April 4, 1905 "Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as he." "Stan" is one of our quiet but likeable fellows. He has one great fear,-that of overwork. He may strike you as a Hart- Schaffner-Marx Clothes model, but that's his every day attire. Yes, he has the class, we'll say so. And when he goes over to Newington in the evening-O boys, you ought to see him. No wonder she likes him. 55.-.s --:. ess- rev? sgaeisxifd GUSTAV HJERPE 1 UJERPH El ge New Britain, Conn. November 6, 1905 ,V - "Practice maketh a perfect man." We never heard of him until his Senior year, but when base- ball came along he stepped right out into the Joe Dugan class. 512 He stopped them right and left on the hot corner, and threw E54 them hard and straight. A regular demon for work, and a great help to the team-that's our third baseman, "Dugan" We W V hope he'll live up to the name and be as successful. - 1 Class Basketball 1-2: President Class of 1924-19 Treasurer Class 1924-23 Baseball 4. in ' 7 ii ' 7 7 7 kg 7 Zi 7 Ci 7 Difiis 22 3' 755 2537 7 7 7 52 b73'557: i SSESSESEERESEEEEQ:EEESSQEEE 3assesssczssgfsiillfesssfsssse K2 ISSJ lv: .Sw DD ,ut Us ,J NV NJ 'J ,jg lwv W 175 Jw ,QV ,J ,at ijt' W ,N Q2 W 35 ,at l A if N ly, A W lgfgl lad MA 22 'N l fl AC ln' M gm SCC f ,gd Wxa flfl 'M M M A ,Q 'Af' M 'VN M M :2' si Q big c c A 256 C Al C 'N , 7' :ill Ml :xL'QxZg,x Zscc xggx YCIC KCC 115 I f CS ' 'QxIiSi'Qx1gx Ciiaiiq' 52 3':'5i:, fp pu ,Q ,Asia if 3-2 Q 5 22 C CSIKQCCXIKECQQZKQC DEBQIXBDBBISJDBSIXD P35753 f .2 ggrcicc cgrcr c5gYc5gc 2515 32 ixwvz 3 pzxsr 521597 em I GAQDII lm-9 rugram PROCESSIONAL Festival Grunrl March .... Grue'nu'uZcZ Op. 458 Senior High School Orchestra INVOCATION The Reverend Doctor Abel Ahlquist MVSIC "Gloriz1" from lXIozart's Twelfth Mass - - - Venzie Senior High School Chorus MUSIC "The Holden Sceptre" ..... - Schlepegrell Senior High School Orchestra SOPRANO SOLO "These Are They" CFrom "The Holy Citynj - - - Gaul Miss Irene Vahlstrom, Class of 1923 PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Mr. Henry T. Burr of the School Committee "STAR-SPANGLED BANNER" Orchestra, Class of 1923, and Audience RECESSICNAL fool :Db:25' Ciirgici 'QQ is c'Qx 1 Qi c'Qx Iii c' Q f Q., Q xlxiccxfax QQXQK l ff egg sslhls, eff K egg it 1555 siwii 22555 225553 ESSAY ii 25233 will ' v 'QW mn nm I I ass L ight rugram M . Nyv, fF?W W4'D pu: D l ww, High School Orchestra ,Cm OME George Murtha N vi SONG-4'We'll Long to Go Back" The Class 'jg' QWords by Alyce Nero and Marion lllellsj N CLASS HISTORY .- Y U Robert Klingberg lm CWr1tten by Cornelius McAloon and Robert lxlnigbergj Wv, SONG-"High School Days" The Class WU Clhlords by Donionic Naplesj CLASS WILL Ella Drobnis SONG-1'High School" The Class WJ CNVords by Alyce Nero and George Scheydj jjj SONG-t'Our Girls and Boys" The Cast my SONG-'tGossip" Irene Vahlstrom and the Cast JM SONG-"Freshman Days" Alyce Nero and the Cast 'VM' . iw vl SONG"Mister Gallagher and Mister Sheehan" Paul LaHar and George Scheyd SONG-"Senior Prom" Walter Johnson and the Cast L SONG-"Farewell, High' School Daysl' The Class 'UUE CWo1'ds by Ella Drobnisj RECESSIONAL High School Orchestra QW 1 l THECAST ni Elizabeth Benjamin Madeline Kindelan Ione Webster .fi Mildred Berglund Ebba Kronholm Marion NVells ,AQ Myrtle Beyer Grace MacCullough Evald Anderson MN Pansy Bush Margaret McClean James Beach NON Phoebe Byrne Helen Miner Prescott Brown Margaret Christ Alyce Nero William Dorsey 'Wi' Ella Drobnis Marjorie Norris Benedict Durham Eva Geannottia Q Hildur Olson Robert Halloran :AM Margaret Gorman Edith Peterson Walter Johnson ,AM Catherine G1'ace Grace Richter Robert Klingberg' Katherine Hart Coribelle Sims Paul LaHar hir Edith Helene Louise Skelly George Murtha Q .X Marguerite Henry Gladys Slaney James Reynolds MM Leone Holman Mary Stack George Scheyd QNX Eileen Johnson Helen Tierney Vllarren Stack llc! Frances Kasprow Dorothy Trehy Harold Weil- : Helen Kelly Irene Vahlstrom 'Roy Ziegler ,A Q, oRoHEsTRA ml Pianist, Constance Taylor Saacaphonist, Russell Haigis . Violinist, Domonic Naples and COMMITTEE my C'lzai1'maln, George Scheyd lfyfw Myrtle Beyer Ruth Danielson QQQ Alyce Nero Marion Wells QM Domonic Naples My M xi ' gi " A Qi A ' Qi ' ' Qi T:jfiif:j?'i5i:23-:pf fpffiiinyfj SEESQQEEW giigggifgggii EEE-Q2 izaczsggalxss 2251532 gg 155:32 E671 Qhliresf of welcome Friends z- It is my pleasure to bid you a hearty welcome this evening. It really is un- necessary to tell you that youare welcome, for you have been with us during our whole High School course, either in Spirit or in person. If you had not we should not be here tonight. And since you have been with us from the beginning it eer- tainly is fitting that you should be with us this evening to take part in our glass night exercises. Four years have passed since the class of '23 entered this schoolg years that seem to have tiown all too soon. XVQ entered filled with ambition and determination. XVe have spentfour happy years encouraged by the hopes of our relatives and the kindness of our instructors. Whether we have made the most of our opportunities, the future alone will tell. To most of us-particularly the boys-the four years have been like our New England weather. XVe have had our sunshine, our rain, and our storms. However, they have been good years and we leave them with regret. The sun- shine of these years came almost continuously through the friendship of our classmates, and the unfailing and never ceasing kindness of our beloved prin- cipal, Mr. Slade, and his staff of assistants. Our troubles 5-as I look back, I am inclined to believe that they never happened-or at most that we only thought they did. But I am trespassing-this time is precious. The Class Night Committee has prepared a program for this evening which We hope you will enjoy. It is my pleasure, in behalf of the class of l23, to extend to you a sincere and cordial welcome. GEORGE IVIURTHA lass bangs VVE'LL LONG TO GO BACK e . TUNE: The Trail of Long Ago Not one of them we'd shun, ' And to the work we sometimes shirked Y To have a little fun. ' We'll long to see the Faculty Who helped us Seniors be, XVhen friends are but few And we're lonesome and blue VVe'll think of High School Daysg NVe'l1 all sigh in vain To be back here again With our friends that were happy andXVe'l1 long to come back to see our gay. friends CHORUS: Of the days of '23, Well long to come back to see our ALYCE NERO friends, MARION NVELIJS qccxzg Zx1xQcCx1gxcQx1xQC P5215 595215553215 55295755 C gggcfqffg qccfq :cg ggc' fc qgcvc fc v- j72X3Y5S2235V p5p2NXv iv 33231532 X c'Qxz ii c' 1 Qi Q'Qx1gx igxz g' 'S' Q W2 3'iis'52' D-3 if 22 5'i5s 1': Q 5 9 in-. C . Q C E681 Ju, MXN V tgltfvf 733 Ju will AW' tl in ln 'vi fl N XLQKIQXQQX ygx1gxQQX!SsqQkIg,3Q ' 'mag-::a:93:px:23::s :2p2,p5 azyg Cxqcxfxicq cgfaiqcgfaccc gzxcc bbgzsnpblzwvvblfx 1, Jsgzxabbz c C 5 ggvc fc I ggrcvc fcgggqwcfc ggffq fc . Y5j?2j15j?2X1bjb2X3l 332251523 V U. wr Mi' Ut U 3 'J M v GN: www, J v at JVM, vv OJ vi U33 W '-:Bi v CIN' Nye, M V35 ON: Wt l l df' 0 ,QQ 'fifth AM Nw, Mp 22 37363422 BB i 5 QQ sg 15 D D xlfs 455275341 S 21N 1x54 4 It C N M VN 'ir 7? N t at M M, A AC vw ,A M M, FAREWELL HIGH SCHOOL DAYS HIGH SCHOOL TUNE: TUNE: Three o'CZock m the Morning When the Leaves Come Tumbling Down I. Our High School days are now over, Days full of memory, The thoughts of them will still hover Ling'ring so tenderly. I Our Freshman year-what a pleasure! Sophomore days were the same, Junior good times we will treasure, But now it's this refrain: g CHORUS: Seniors, Seniors, Pride of our N.B.H.S. Seeking, reaching, Our goal of true happiness! School days, rule days, They're over now entirely, Still, we'l1 never forget Dear '23! II. Our friends we soon will be leaving, Classmates and teachers, too, The thought will cause us much griev- mg- To bid them all adieu. In Mem'ry's Book will be written Colors that dimmed will n'er be, Treasure forever remembrances Of old '23! -ELLA DROBNIS. High School, High School, look what you've done, You've made a graduate of me. High School, High School, my work is done, And what a glad memory. NVell I remember those happy days, Days 'full of gay jollity. CHORUS: I get so blue, thru and thru, when I think I must leave dear old New Britain High, New Britain High. I know I'll sigh and I'll cry when the time comes' I must say MGood-bye" to you all, "Good-bye" to you all. I know Illl feel so blue, For I know that you've been true. here I've spent four happy years. Some full of joys And some full of tears, Oh my troubles have been few. New Britain High, I'll say to you: I'll ne'er forget the good old times I've had at school. You've been a jewel. I know I'll miss dear Mr. Slade And all the other friends I've made. I get so blue, thru and thru, when I think I must leave it all now. ALYCE NERO A GEORGE SCHEYD HIGH SCHOOL DAYS ' TUNE: Call Me Back, Pal 0' Mine Let us roam once again As we dream once again Of our dear High School Days, That put us on the road to success, Of our teachers so true, And our classmates, too, We'll miss them we must confess. CHORUS : Call us back, High School Days, To the honor and praise That we won in our freshman year. And be Sophomores whose fame, VVe all cherished and held so dear. Lct us see once again Our teachers and friends And the Juniors so gay and carefree. But the best year to be Is the Senior year of twenty-three. Call us back, High School Days, To twenty-three. DOMENIC NAPLES. c'gi!iYg c"'CQx'gQiq'Q!z Qiq'Qx IQS Ci. 22 5'25s 2 51':5s 3 53-5751: ai ff, 5 3 CCRZSKC CQZKQCCQZKQCIQIQQC DBQZSDDBQISDDBQIS2 QDBQZSB 1 KC i5,C,i,f? 4 C 4.4 ff 55,4.i ff 45,4 YC qc . QEEZXBQEQJNBYD 57217833 QEQZXB G Iwi x q'QiIifi IA '- WQQQKAQKZQQQAQX 15 CHQ 5: 3'i5i pifiis 22 b'i5i 355-iss 3 , QQCCKIQYC CRZiQCCX!iiCCi7g3q DSQISDDBQISDDBSTD DBSZBBPBE ri ccccicc gcccccqcccccQccca?f ESDIXBBYDJXBDSIXB 3S32N31s 2160 USMS lass ifaistnrp T WAS a dark and dreary day in the fall oi? the year 1973. I was wander- ing idly about the streets of New Britain, the city in which I was born and in which I received my High School education. I had not, before this occasion, returned to New Britain and consequently I was unfamiliar with the city as it had changed considerably. As the night was beginning to settle over the city I decided to cease my aimless wandering and return, so I turned my steps toward the center. I came suddenly upon a large white stone edifice with the words, "Library of the New Britain Institute" over the entrance. I am still in doubt as to what it was that prompted me to enter the building but never- theless I did so. Ascending the stairs I saw to my right a room whose door bore the sign, "Department of History." I entered the room and glanced over the long rows of book-cases. What I was looking for I have not the slightest idea. After about ten minutes of browsing I suddenly came upon a ragged, worm- eatcn, dust-covered volume bearing the inscription, 'iHistory of the Class of 1923" My first glance did not entirely arouse me and I continued my browsing, but I had not passed a dozen books before some unseen power caused me to re- trace my steps to it. I took it from its inconspicuous resting-place on a high shelf and opened it. A single glimpse at the inside of the book revealed its con- tents and immediately scenes of my High School days rose up before me and I was again back in that great institution of learning, The New Britain Senior High School, the school in which I had spent four short years of my young life. Further investigation of the history showed that it was divided into four parts, each part representing the course of events of one year. I eagerly turned to the first part, the Freshman year. By this time my thoughts were so deeply en- grossed in the book that I became unconscious of my surroundings and, before I knew it, my hat and coat were flung over a table and I was settled comfortably in a chair. The first pages contained the names of those who had entered with me in the fall of 1919, and as I went over the list I succeeded in placing quite a number of them, connecting each with some event which I recalled. There Was Joseph Savonis, the violinist of great note. During his first years at High School he played on several occasions in the different class-rooms. When, after two years, the Administration discouraged the use of music in the class-room activities we often wondered what the cause was. Included in the listiwere also Boardman, X Q-QQ! ggi Q' fqx 1 QCQAQXZ Z5 qAQx1 Q5 Q' 'A 1 Dix-D5 s pi fiiiig 3':'is 92 5'f55 9 lxcixzxic lxfxiccxfxiqqxfaxq Jbglsxbxgfsbpsgfxz 4293213 ,,32 Q C Qgrcvcgc Qgfcvc cc 5 gr:-C fc ggrcvc ag Y fb QQPXBQ s QINBYE 322X3v 75 3?1x3f3 g l70l - - Q 3.5 3 'BIX3 3 , IX3 I 3-ZFX A DJXE KCI? C' AQCKQK Ciilii c'Qx1 Qi C Q2 3'1'5i 92 :':'5s :55': 1 5 ' :Q iii S 2 CRZSKC 'liZQQCCiZiiCC QIQKC PBSIYDDBSZT 323523 D IT P Cigiifff QCCKC Y-.x ill i i fi? fit ji iii -Iii that stalwart young student who publicly condemned "bluffingg" VVarren Hale, whose sole aim as traffic officer was to see that all his fellow students were safely installed in their class-rooms before the last bell ceased to ring, and "Duke" McCabe, who always weighed less after he had indulged in a shave. I also re- called Helen Kelly, who was constantly at odds with Paul LaHar over the latter 's conduct in the Civics and English classes. On the next page was a list ot the oiificers of that year. James Skinner who, at the close of the first year, was num- bered among the missing, was President, Constance Taylor the Vice President, Margaret Allison the Secretary and Russell Haigis the Treasurer. Then followed a list of the Social events, which included the Freshman Reception, Class Day, and several others. NVell do I remember that Class Day when we were, for the first time, adorned i11 lavender, the color bequeathed to us by the Class of 1919. That was the day on which all spirited Freshman young women wore lavender waists and all Freshman young men lavender ties, socks, or some other lavender article of clothing. Laughing and merry-making occupied the minds of us all that day rather than the delightful pastime of studying. The next subject dealt with was Athletics. Our Class was represented by Murtha on the Football and Baseball teams. The above events were the principal ones of that year, the year which we spent mainly in acquainting ourselves with the methods of the School. That was the year in which we were reduced from the feeling of superiority of the eighth grades to the lowest grade of "Freshies." But we outlived the year and advanced to the Sophomore stage, a step higher in the struggle for success. During that time we managed to hold our own a little better and gained the name of being an extraordinary Class. lVe were well represented in the field of Ath- letics by such men as "Battlerf' Murtha on the' Football and Baseball squads, "Duke" McCabe and Weil' on the Baseball and Basketball teams, LaHar on the Basketball and Track teams, and Reynolds and Zehrer on the Football team. The same year "Battler" was elected to head the Class, Helen Kopf was chosen Vice President, Elizabeth Graceiwas elected Secretary and Edward LaHar Treasurer. Class Day was a red-letter day in 1921 also. VVe as Sophomores learned to know our big brothers and sisters better and mixed with them more than in the pre- ceding year. V In the fall of 1921 we automatically became Juniors. VVe became so inde- pendent that we even dared to speak to the teachers about things that were in no way connected with work. This is where Paul LaHar received his prelim- inary training, for some of the things which he conversed with his teachers about in his Senior Year were really alarming. The Athletic teams were greatly strengthened by Murtha, McCabe, Paul LaHar, Naples, IVeir, Reynolds and Linton. The two important social functions were the Junior Prom and Class Day as usual. Both these events were marked by a grand array of colors. On 'xiggiq' YQQIQiCFQfIiiCYQfIEgC 1:23 155325325223 ppm D21 125: Qgzxcc cgfxQccg4gcccgfxQc bblzxapxgzxsbxlfxz Qbbszwr c gcc c nc c ce: qc c :fc qc 4 -:ec i5522i3sp2N1:3b1N3f -535251 ----VY Inv IM' YV I l71l 3 "',fi8' Tffiyfffh ,. A f' 5 1.' .Y-'t Q H. ,, 'Lx' ' v , .42 5.4-'r' -...4JfxJMr'Q' "f 4' ' u , Wf1:'?9I ' ,M-if Eff. v: ,, -9 Y Y Q r p .. Q . 0 y J Q, P. ,+P ,. 4. A D . . -Q . -1 4 'fx l 'SL , . .x ti F ' Wk' - . , .. V . , - - as '42--5.Nl.i' -f Ai 'Q -A - ,-'41 "K ifgxb f K ' ,A 'Hn' 4. O' -93" X-fi'-Z1-2 Mill -V3 M ,' ig . N. .Ev Y,-!v4f,, Q '..l ,v - .f .Vg 2' . -A . g,Q.g'2'- H ,A4 P W n W -"fa-G.. fr! v U' Y 4 A 1 . 1 ,- '-K G: -T '94 .. a " -I .qgrf v 'fix' , Kgs -Q N 'Yr . . 'l sf 'ig I " x -,V -'T'-' Q . 1, 'P 5, ef. is .M , . . n- 3, fit 1 xiikfgxi QXIQKCQKZSXQQXIQXQ :25:p5:2p:7522::93 393393: Zqcc QIQQC CxfsQccg1QQccx1xQc bxllwbbsgisxbsgixl 25215335 4 C 5 C cj fc 5g5'c fc Qc Qrqgcrggrcvc Kg 1 7132253-1322igs2253Y ,s5p2x5v1s the evening of the Prom the Gymnasium wasbeautifully decorated with lavender and white, and the whole was an occasion of great enjoyment for all. On Class Day all the students appeared resplendent in their Class colors. It seemed to me as though lavender, the color of the Class of 1923, predominated. I now turned to the last part of the book, that part which contained the events of our Senior Year. This was the all-important year as 'we had reached the last step before Graduation. This was the year 'tDuck" Scheyd and his little brown bag came into such unusual prominence. It must be remembered that "Duck" was the 4'General" Manager of Athletics in the year 1922-23. The Class was represented by the same men on the teams the previous year, George Murtha was again elected President ot the Class, Edith Peterson Vice President, Constance Taylor Secretary and Paul LaHar Treasurer. Soon after February preparations were begun for Graduation. All the committees were appointed and work was commenced on the Beehive. Margaret Allison was the Editor-in- Chief, Grace Richter was the Art Editor and Evald Anderson, Business Manager. Under the supervision of these responsible and capable members was .our Beehive published. During the last part of the year the Senior Club was organized with Harold Roberts, a Senior Midyear. as its President. The three meetings which were held all proved to be enjoyable affairs. By this time my impression was that I had almost completed the reading when I came suddenly upon a page devoted to the Reserve Oflicers' Training Corps. Well do I remember this Noble Order of Khaki-clad Trampers into which we were all drafted, only those fortunates possessing the necessary detects being dcbarred. Great was their lament. In any kind of weather could we be seen and heard Cmostly heardj plodding industriously along through the thoroughfares. arousing the admiration of all spectators. Great was the patience of our esteemed commanders, Lt. Colonel Catlin, Captain Clark, and Sergeants Stone and De- Lorenze, and extremely encouraging to them was the amount of intelligence shown by the majority of the cadets. ' The last pages were occupied with the final events of the Class of 1923. These were the Banquet, the Promenade, Class Night, and finally Graduation, the last act before the dropping ot the curtain which had separated us, the mem- bers of the Class. And I thought when I woke from my undisturbed dream that our High School career might be likened to a great battle for victory, where many entered but not all returned, for thus it was with our Class. When we entered in the fall of 1919 we were 368 strong but at the time of our Graduation our numbers had decreased to 175, the remainder having fallen by the wayside. ROBERT J. KIAINGBERG COR-NELIUS A. MCALOON S Cgggiiigk tax! 4 g qvggggg Ccxziic' 'A 1 52' ,'i5s 21 fiis :i3'a 5 5 N555-iii: 5 J Z ' 'Q Q Dslixbpxlixbbxgzwb bsglxsbb K2 53523 sg Meng 2: 552.55 85455. , QSQABQQ QDQQABS QQA1, 9 H21 . 'QQ1 gs 4' 'QxgQic'QC1Qiq'QiIic' 22 fiis 22 3-555 25 ,'i5s 52 ,Asif . Q Ciliif CiZQqCCi!QiCii!Qif P3213 DDS? DPL? I, Pb5ITD c gg 455: cg crt cc5gYcvc ecggrcvc cc, f1s21N 3v13b1X3vbSb1X3w Y-vb552X3-1 GX n up-'ru Glass ill can im E IT KNOWN to all persons that VVe, the Class of 1923, of the New Britain High School, of the City of New Britain, in the County of Hartford, in the State of Connecticut, being of lawful age, Cin some casesj of sound and disposing mind, memory Know that lessons are no morej, and judgment, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all wills and codicils previously made by us. We give, devise and bequeath to our lawful heirs as follows: I. To our Senior High School we leave our fondest farewells and regrets CVVe shall always treasure these four never-to-be-forgotten years that we spent herej. II. To our principal, Mr. Slade, we leave our sincerest thanks and heart- felt appreciation for all the kindly interest that he has ta.ken in each one of us. III. To our Class Advisors, Miss Weld and Miss Harvey, we leave our thanks for their earnest cooperation in making our Senior Year a success. IV. To the faculty we leave the hope that some day deficiencies will be unknown things in the Senior High School. V. To Miss Duguid we leave the dedication of our Beehive. VI. For all Auditorium Assemblies we bequeath a pianist. tWe missed one sadly this yearj. VII. To the Parents and Teachers' Association we leave plans for full and crowded meetings. VIII. To the Dickinson Drug Company we leave the much-needed sign- "Parking--only five minutes"-to be placed just outside the door. IX. To the Girls' League we bequeath enough Home Made fudge to be passed around after the meetings. X. To Room 4 we selflshly bequeath another class with the wish that it will not be quite so remarkably clever, amusing and brilliant, as the Class from 1923. C2nd. period A.M.D. ' XI. To all Post Graduates we leave a pair of tortoise-shell spectacles. It will be their only asset to that supercilious superiority they so airily assume. XII. To our President, George Murtha, we leave our appreciative esteem I for so creditably piloting the ' Class of '23" through three years of cruising, and CHQXI ti Q' ' 'cxz icffgc x Cgxzgic :Q 3'55i 953-: 2 5 22 p':' Q 3 155-:'5f, c xiii: gfatc xllxccxfxi Jb51Xb23QlS1D5lIS1 Ds5IS5 c Qgfcvi Qgfcv4 cc igfcvt tc fi gfcfif DSQID-2 521N3'5 32 IX br Y -QQIXBQ p mi if " "" ""' AAA ' Qxfgbi VVQXISYCVQXIQQAQXIQLSQ 'Nqfzpsapspfbaps asypzs 92321532 ZQCQSIQKC 'CSlKiCiiZiiCIi.7Kf- RDb2IS3DBQ?S5D3 51, 7322532 147455555 cc 7457:-c gc eg crcgc ggffc cc L, 352253-1 522553 s22331Y -1 Sbzxfnri triumphantly bringing it into the harbor of "Graduation," tWe challenge any other class president to compete with his H1 ree-year recordj. XIII. To his highness, T. J. McCabe, we leave a monocle and a silk hat, for without these a "Duke" is rarely complete, "dont-her know !" XIV. To Robert Halloran we bequeath a private trolley car-or should it be an alarm clock, to bring him to school on time. XV. To "Bob" Leghorn we leave a song entitled: "You're Not My First Little Girl, Nor My Last Little Girl, But Just One in Between." XVI. To "Duck' Scheyd we leave a yeast cake to make him grow bigger. Clt isn't right that such big brains should exist in such a small bodyj. XVII. To "Ben" Durham we leave the phonograph record: "I'm Just a Lonesome Little Raindrop, Looking for a Place to Fall"-Crash-Bang-Bang Bing!!! tOh no, we don't mean to hint at anything, no, not at allg it's only "Ben" favoring us with a selection from his big bass drumj. XVIII. To Paul LaHar, one of our crack athletes, we bequeath the future position of posing for the "Arrow Collar Ads." XIX. To VVarren Stack we bequeath a new joke book and the softest spot on his desk, on which to take his daily exercise ot napping. XX. To Pike and White, the Plainvillites, we leave the fitly complimentary title of the "Sawdust Twins." XXI. To Evald Anderson. to aid his literary career, we leave the cheerful task of writing the obituary notices in the H crnld. He'd have us all dead then. XXII. To George Kimball. our efficient traffic officer, we leave the new posi- tion ot traffic cop on Main Street. Vile know he will find his duties pleasant and agreeable, especially those of escorting pretty, timid young ladies across the street. XXIII. To "Jack" Butler, one of our eminent reporters, we leave the des- perate hope that he may sometimes report something right. XXIV. To the Juniors and High School Alumnae we leave the wish that they'll be stung by the "Bee of Jealousy" when they see the Beehive of 1923. XXV. To the underclassinen, and to whom it may concern we leave the fol- lowing perplexing problems to be solved: C13 When VValter left school did Frances think it was "Wright"? C23 NVhy does Doris Osborne always prefer anything "Gray"? Q35 XVhy does a canary tKiniryD bird sing sweetest to Marion Gagan? ' C45 What does Sarah seem to find so attractive on the second floor? Of course, Roberts is a rather handsome traffic officer, but we just know that isn't the reason for Sarah is such a man-hater. C55 Why does Ruth's Hart Burn at the sight of "Billl'? C65 VVhy does Helen consider all poets of Minor importance except wonderful Milton? C71 Does "Ed" McAloon like a 'fStack" of Marys or just a eer- one? CSD Vllould "Peggy" Christ want to hire "K1cky" as Porter for life? C95 What grows better around R1Cll31'dyS House, Pansies or Burrs? l74l 'I Wil' '65 'Sw Q10j If Dorothy looked at UBill" Regan would it be a special Ju., "Case"'? 1115 VVhy does Ebba like only those flowers that have 'tThornes" Wv, On? C121 VVhy does Leona Homan always wear 'tRed" when she wants Wi to win "Grace" in Clements eyes? War Q13J Why does Henry Zehrer feel so thirsty? He always seems ijjgl to be around "Wells" JJ-1 l C141 Why is Elizabeth Benjamin so partial to Southern Generals, especially ULee"? im, Q15j If Irene Vahlstrom were stranded in the middle Of the Ocean Mijn would she Kling to a Berg? QKlingbergj. 'IDU XXVI. To the entering class we bequeath our Class Color-Lavendar, a shade 'jjj of royal purple and the emblem of a noble Class. Do not blemish its standard 'M l'ti , qua 1 es. lggi' XXVII. To the persons concerned we bequeath the following limericks: Vt There was a fellow-P. Brown, Who never was seen to frown. wif He always did smile, he carried such style, EN NO wonder the girls follow him 'round l V There once was a maiden named Nero : , Who had in her dreams a fair hero, His friends called him "Bob," her heart he did rob, And it's just right it should be so! ml There once was a youngster called Stack, ,ml ' Who of brains did not have a lack, MQ But he said it was foolish, in school to look bookish, VVhen your thoughts wander Off the track. Mgr There was a girl called Grace Richter, IQQQ NVhO had genius to draw a picture. MN For the Beehive she drew-she could do it we knew, QM And that's just the reason we picked her. A i IQQQ, They call Jimmie Reynolds "Red", ,DNN Girls fill his poor heart with dread, 'But such a fine athlete, nowhere else can you meet 1 -NO better praise can be said-! ,Vu XXVIII. All the rest residue, and remainder of our property, both real and MQ personal, we give, devise, and bequeath to our lawful heirs, the Juniors. my IN WITNESS WHEREOF, NVe have hereunto set our hand and seal the wwf thirteenth day of June, Nineteen Hundred and Twenty Three. tml THE CLASS OF 1923. Per. ELLA L. DRoBN1s, '23, WW Witnesses 1 . ww HAROLD ROBERTS, '24 JOHN BUTLER, '24 MQ HOWARD HAUSMAN, '26 CHARLES COVRRT, '24 'Wi .Q . l75l Q'QC1 3 Q' A "f lu N ,E 6 'M if. .V 5 if else N. J lu V f. M E J 'if Mg 355 F' 'A 'A tl' rl 'A 'v t A Ap' Nm YN fn 'Ylg'VAi :aa- ' f RQN 'l WW 'NNW gofl, i 'Y' W, W V VV vifv. vi 4 Vu W Vv. Ju 'wil lftmv. N, gm L01 l ,fx N Ct lx fl X M W' iff lm wn XM 'VN 'VY It rf M M Wi L01 l f' fl Ofw' 4"f'lAi MW an c X q'QxIQx C 'ixxziiiiiz iigiztiq' H' 9 n 5-:'5fs2 ,Asif :55':'ia 52 3'sp 5 1 2' bi- ZSCCQZQSC EKZKQCCSXQQCCQIKQQ D3QI55?3l1ibDb2ZSl DBSTDDBN f.4!C Q C 4.1 !C 4!,C.i fC5S,C,C f C 4 4 45 CC 75 327511 X p1X3v53p2N5Y V vb SSJXBQQ me E New Britain High School, May 29, 1923 . TOASTS Toastmaster, PAUL L.AHAR My Four Years at High School ...... George Murtha Our Boys .......... Myrtle Beyer Our Girls .......... Evald Anderson Success - - ....... Mr. L. P. Slade Trinity Baeehaiialiali Orchestra . GUESTS MR. Lows P. SLADE MISS ILGA F. HARW'EY MR. JAMES C. Moom' MISS lVIILDRED G. WELD Miss EMMA P. POLAND Miss SADIE DUGUID COMMITTEE PAUL L.AHfXR, Clmirmfm XVARREN STACK NIILDRED JUENGST PHOEBE BYRNE IONE WEBSTER l76l YA TS gx xga gli X- W GREG E RICHTER '2 3 AKG X Y. gxf Ba. YZ If - audi fx SM lb.: LQ TW 7i if A W fl I rN. K, I X 5 x if F' I! 1 ae R J ' W Q Sf f' X L Q F3 Q ' b PWS K 1" YA 'J 11' f s M 4 YI , Q Z 5 EW eq L N3 S QM fx Y E' V 1 ' in A if 3 Q 12 KQKGJ ll 'Ili ' 5 in my aw . gf ,Vw 5 5' A if Q u W Q1 , MS Z . Na 1 1 W if! Eb Zig x-'A 5 fi? N 6 All y U' I H 5, , on L L RRILR ya X I F1 f GRPQCE E Ra HTER 25 W1 'xqqggcxq ICSCQXICSCQXIQSC "" "" "" :DDB Zsccxzxqq xfxqccgfgqcc xfgfq Dxxzxbbxxfxxbxsfxz Jxxzx 1:31 . - - - - vabppbnyznpuszppps qc 6:7474 C57 qgrcvq fc5gY4vcfc5g5wc fc v:SS1x5-zizxsg s3253Q .2 s :2x3 as Wil' 07295 Qemnr rum. G30 D145 . Senior High School Gymnasium New Britain, Conn June S, 1923 PATRONS AND PATRONESSES MR. AND MRS. L. P. SLADE MR. AND MRS. J. C. NIOODY Ax i - r T Miss IJUGUID IMRS. hNA1'1f N A Miss FERGLTSON Miss RIACLEOD N J IMRS. GUILFORD Miss REGAN i Miss HARVEY Miss WELD Miss JOHNSTON MR. NVESSELS W COMMITTEE YN N T a . - W , DOMONIC NA11I.Es, Chuzrmrm ,mpg k A 0 A RUTH IIART LOUISE SKICLLY Mi .A f , vfw A J AMES REYNOLDS HAROLD NN EIR my T gg? W Q 'MAL 'AM NF, fi A w MQ ,MN WAAVT A , W' :E E g gQ'Qx1g2 c'Qx?QS Q I 1 sggfifgy ,Asif 1 2 ,Aff 5 if 1-9' Q 5 3 2 ,Ali i4 K :sig Spa: sm 53.535253 135333 3325935325233 ' E801 - ffff If v W gli'- F IKST YEAR -"G, . 'Ha 's-,' ,v 1 , .-5 ,, , , 4. 1 , 4 . Q , - . A ,,g,QLz f 2 70 '. 5 'V ,if -'17 pf--' UU' . - 54, , -5 fl'--.41 -4' lu ef? ww" - 79" . " ' . -.. . , .I 4 , --f 'Jr' . :ek . 1' 5.5. ' V- '- .IH71 L' . f, v , Y - w L ' 1-: . , ' ' 9 ,I , t -sr . . li f 'jx 3' 13' .-1, 'if 'f 31, -4' Q- 4- - f.- , . ' .ff 1 ' ' 1. "fag, 2 ' ' . fi- - 4 -, f- aff- """ .- Vq,,., F J w'.IL1"'I- ' 57 rp 53 . ,1-12-x ' Y 'ii Yr?-1' 3 il . ,,,' , ,. ,H V ,. 1 1 A A . J-f v. " . F , . . 521- ' , . 1. A pu, . ,, . . ., , - ,-.-1, , Z, gl . ,-i. J ik. ..- .4 , Q I I .., A J 5? v ' fs' ' A .vb : Q f . 1 - ,.. , ,, .- , ,J , - X . A 7-r' " 1 , - - -'3 gh N x . If -e,' ' -J , :fs . l , .. V 'a-' ', as e-.5-5 -Q : . 1 1 A 27-5 VL'-ff J ' r L 'V - -'v , .'-'Qu 1 f- ' A M F . .- f . 1 'bv Lf ' -,Ry ., -, J,-l , .1:,ff,-.g., .iv ., , ,. ' - 1 15 3 -A,-fy' , - '- A .721 .i , 4 .A -IAN., -, :Jw . I.. .r 'Ja .1-nga- 'fir 'YZ w.. 1 . , . ,. - ' ,... .-, K, . A if "K 51 ' .c" ' - . 9 F,-V f , -4. + , fa: N .A - ef-,gw,-1 TB - . .. IJ ,V ,.-1 --sq . , 1 ,A ' fn, was 3 3 3 D252 K Q c'Qxzgs q' izQic'QxZi CAQX!QS 12 3'iii:2 Briss' :P 3-as 5 :Q 5? '55 ' Q E 5 Z Q 4 C C C C C 1 7 zifciiiif Cili CCQIQQCCSZSQC ETDPBQZTDDBSZTI, PBZITDPBQ c cc-cg 'gg' 7- c fqgrc-cg qcc5!c f j22fX3fDjQ2Df1i22XEY 335255-13: 04168 'IGMP' is irnls jfrancais E CIRCLE FRANCAIS, organized and directed by Miss Souther, assisted by other members of the French faculty, has had a most successful year, the seventh since its beginning. The officers President, DOROTHY HALE Vice Presiclent, HAROLD ROSSBERG Secretary, CORDELIA KILBOURNE T1'easn1'e1', LOUIS PIKE have cooperated with the Program Committees to make the meetings attractive and valuable. Regular assemblies with short business meetings, conducted in French, take place once each month, with special meetings at other times if de- sired. Programs of scenes from French plays, poems, songs, and reports of cur- rent events taken from the French publications Les Annales, L'Illnstmtion, and Lc Petit J onrnal, which has about one hundred subscribers in the French depart- ment, may preceed or follow the business meeting. This year, programs have been made, more interesting by the reading of letters and cards received from Miss Judge and her pupils in the Lycee de J eunes Filles, Portiers, France. Many of these young women who have lived in the Cathedral towns and cities of France have sent photos and detailed descriptions both in French and English of the wonderful Cathedral of Bourges, Orleans, Amiens, Rheims, Chartres, etc., and a very interesting correspondence has de- veloped between members of our Club and the young Women of the Lycee. Great appreciation is expressed for all that they have done to increase our interest in the study of architecture. , CORDELIA KILBOURNE Secretary s c'Qx IZS 1' 15 c'Qx1 44 Cgxgiiq' pi3'i5s' Q 5 3-iifpy p'i5f 92 1'ii S 22 :Al Z qcgfixc Zxfxicc xfixccxfasqg P5213 5PS2fX 2Db2l3D 95213 DDS2 farce-fc acc eff Qfcvcffafcffcl W E-sip2N3usn1x3mxb2x3 uxszxxsxg l83l 4 'lf ,J 'V V ya ,J 'J 'u 'A 'A 'fx l A I A 'A 'A 'A i 'A l 'M fm W ,Nw ,g 'M mf N 'A AQX1 Q Q Q' F Pgxlii c'Qx1g S is QRS g 5j1':'5a ' 'iifzi 3':'ja 3':'5i :J Ciliif CQZQKQCXIQQ ill cY4gYcYc Qcciccxccceccccc Mathematics lub HE first meeting was held October 10, at which the following officers were elected: President, GEORGE KIMBALLj Vice President, JAMES BEACH, Secretary, RUssELL HA1o1s. Kp to date 18 meetings have been held at which the study of "Calculus" has progressed rapidly under the able instruction of Director Robert R. Goff of the Mathematics Department. The course was divided into two parts: the first dealing with differentiation and the last with integration. Meetings are held every Tuesday afternoon. The members of the club are: Evert Fowler, Vilalter Johnson, Harold Ross- berg, Oscar Desmaris, Gordon Ellms, Louis Pike, Russell Haigis, Roland Hale, Seth Booth, James Beach, Benjamin Slade, Gordon Porter and George Kimball. The Club wishes to extend its thanks and praise to Mr. Goff for his good teaching and time spent with organization. 9 stents Iuh HE SCIENCE CLI'B of the New Britain High School had many inter- esting and instructive meetings during the years of 1922-1923. Miss Duguid, Miss Vilarner, Mr. Wessels and Mr. Campbell have addressed the Club on matters of scientific interest, and Mr. Neuman gave an illustrative lecture pertaining to the subject of Astronomy. Creditable work has been done by the members in their reports upon Pasteur, the eminent French scientist. Trips were taken to various factories to see the practical application of scientific theories to active needs of everyday life. The Club wishes to give its sincerest thanks to Mr. Wessels for the earnest efforts and untiring cooperation that he has shown in behalf of the Club. It was largely due to his efforts that the Club was a success. ELLA DROBNIS, '23 Secretary OFFICERS: OSCAR DEsMARA1s. '23, President ELLA DROBNIS, '23, Secretary BIARGARET DYER, '23, Vice President q'iC1g i L' P 'Qi1QiQ'Qx1QiQ'Qx'1gic 92 3-555 '1'iiy 221-2 2 5 52 ,Axis 35 2 za2QhEssfa: sz Xa: Sf QSSQQQSRSESGSXX3 125333 E841 i S c'CCf2 -S q' xzqi c'gx14i c'Qx1ii j fifs nfnyps 5 D2 fa-5 5 W7 by D-fiinj E CQccQfZi4 cQIZqccg1ZqcixfZQc ?3213575213?P5ll55 RPBZTBPBD qc gc qgrcvt gg ggffc ec ggycficc ggfcvc fc, -1322553 322363 3?2X33f ,vb 3 b1X6,b s 3 , u, V M ' v 3 J I VIN v 3? :mn new V wer new V V M V+ , ll! W Q g XV 0 o 0 0 ,Jw ,M My . V asv' is :T v HE Y. VV. A. A. was reorganized last year under the directorship of Miss l Dorothy Sibley. The Club controls all inter-class athletics for young Women. The officers of the club are: Cl N Director, Miss DOROTHX' SIBLEY Secretary, MARoARnT'MoFF1TT Pi'esidm1.t, NIARION KELIJY Tzcusurer, MILDRED J EUNGST 'X' Vi Vice President, MARIE lVIOFFITT Asst. T1'e1zsu1'er, ELEANOR CARSXVELL i " A new system for awarding numerals and monograms was adopted. i lm .Nw Vv Cliv: X. ful Mau VW M ji xllkly XMIM MW all U 5 JV' N Gmim-ul Athletic Fllnimlgcr, IIELEN Kmim' My MW . 'AM Wi ' The girls who received the monograms were as follows: 'V' Marion Kelly Helen Kenney Ramona Long Hulda Johnson fl il? . QQ? Alice Fieneman ww Mr l QQ 'N 'N IYNNA rm! Eleanor Carswell A MQ 'A Evelyn Carswell y .A f Mae Koplowitz A 1 Mary Maguire YM , l l Elaine VVright Margaret Mc-Grath NC MN ln A , Pl i Margaret Klar Helen Ixelly QAQN We Wish to thank Miss Dorothy Sibley for the interest she has taken in hfw iii ' l athletics. lam ,M ,QQ N M i Nlfl . . , wi ziqifggiq' fiQgQigQx1QSlAQx1Qx Q' 'A 1 :23':pY22 p':'ib :Q fp J ' ' :Q 'Q 9 32 A gasses sm 25222552 ssgaassilg Wi aa52s3g5c2s3i5cSs3l A 33235533 l85l VW J vw vi v! Vu L N YN HC fy Y hp! fi 4 AF' Qi VV. vQ Jw Y V ff: sf X ,gl f. fx 'VVVW fs c'QizQS Q' 'iff gs CYQKIQi QAQxIgx Q' F32 ,Asif p53':'5i :ip':' is wif, 9 fs? 1'1 ZQCCRZRQC 'CXIRQCCQISKCCQIKQC ?b2liDDb2IS!Pb2ZSb DBQZEDDB2 5 it Q5 C74 55 YQfYCvi Itjfrivi CC jfrivi KC X5 I j22X':Y5jQ2j13j22j1 75325371 S I Y W Y W W Y N Y Y W . W , , , W , W Yu hw W , fx 'N A 7: x CQKIZQC ' 'f1X?ifC-Qi! Qiigilii Q' 55322 5 D 5 in 5 S sp 1'i5-, 52 :','p S :ip'1 Iiicqglaic 'Cx1sQcc xzxfcc xzxic ?b1733?3l133P3273l 732133952 T-C fgrq c c-c fag, Q c 471 fcfcg cri cc ggfcwcfc l 5ib2j15i22YX15 EQZXBY Y it 3215333 i361 'A W mf Mn FQ XA V C 21 4 22::9b:2p:93:23:Db zyxnsbz cxfaiq 1x1xiccx1xQccx1QQc Jxglxbbxllx 955315: 55211 DD 5 I flS2lN5v1 j22XlDj22X3:X QSDIXEY 'Qi1QiQ' i1iii'ii?5Q'Ci13 " " ' ' ' "' A ' ' ' ' ' ' ' A ' ' ' c cgrcrircc Qgrcjfc Qgvcjgc 49:55 Quantum' lub HE SENIOR CLUB is an organization composed of the members of the Senior Class of the New Britain High School. This Club was organ- ized in 1916 by Miss Ilga Harvey and Miss Mildred McAuley with a membership of 168. The aim of the Club was to promote greater interest in the civic affairs in this city, and greater sociality among its members. Thefirst officers of the club were: Edward Magg, President, Ruth Johnson, Vice President, Ethel Prior, Secretary, Arthur Peterson, Treasurer. In 1920 Miss McAuley left the directorship of the Club to Miss Harvey and Mrs. Guilford. This year the Club is under the single direction of Miss Harvey. At the first meeting this year the following officers were elected: HAROLD ROBERTS, President ELIZABETH GR-ACE, Vice President WARREN STACK, Secretary WILLIAM KINIRY, Treasurer At the second meeting the Club voted to donate Five Dollars tothe Fresh Air Fund of this city. I HAROLD ROBERTS Qmpbiun Iuh ANY people are probably asking "What has the Amphion Club been doing all this year? VVhy don't they get busy and give us a playtl' From the outside it does look as if we had been doing nothing, but we can show that we have been working even harder than usual for most of our work has not been as interesting. ' Everyone realizes that someone has given a speech in the auditorium each week, but how many know that all the-speakers have been members of the Am- phion Club? How many have stopped to think how much time we have to spend on these speeches in order to learn them thoroughly? That has been our job- to entertain the assembly each week. Mrs. Guilford's part in the auditorium exercises has been no slight one. VVe can't any of us become platform speakers without a little help, you know. Mrs. Guilford has given each one of us that needed help. I am sure you will all join us in thanking her for this. We hope in the near future to give short plays or readings from longer ones in the auditorium exercises in place of the speeches. "Daddy Long Legs" is now scheduled to come May 4th and promises to be a wonderful success. You students have always been very willing to help us in our plays, so we are counting on you this year. We will thank you all now for the help we know you are going to give us. Respectfully submitted, CONSTANCE M. TWICHELL -Qxlcg 5 -gk, gg ggqggx ccxzgi 4' :CCQQQ :A 'xlsxziiigxzig :K Q18 ir gg gltxc x1QiccQ1QQcCxfxic Zxccxzxic cx1xfcQx1xQcc x1aQc 4 ggrcvc qgqi ze Ycrc Q-C gcrggrcrq cc Liga Q55-cg ggrcvc cc5 c c-cgcggrc-Q fc tm . 'Wi' AIT' A'5b22bA .tl ,x. ! Cl N J yy ,ut VX I ,JV l l li ul Gin , . l ll ' lm l U lf V+ IT B 5 YH N U, J al W W j Ui - . . 5. X M . M 55? . - . . HERE are twenty ot us. ies, just twenty. We consist of seven first r violins, live second violins, one clarinet, two saxaphones, two cornets Wx and two pianos. Vife practice twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays. fm How much have we accomplished? Well, we have accomplished a great deal this we year as a result of the careful instruction and kind endeavors ot Mr. George B. ,JJ Mathews. He has succeeded very well indeed in his attempts to direct and in- ,jw struct us in our music. Not only has he helped us as a band ot musicians, but he lelgh, has also helped us individually. Ut I forgot, though, you asked me what we had accomplished. We did not get started with our orchestra rehearsals until about November, as the auditorium , . ,V v was being remodeled. J 5 .The first time we played was in November, at the Elihu Burritt School. XVe l had just gotten the orchestra together and had a tew rehearsals. March 14th we performed at the Junior High School, April 15th we had a concert in our Senior High School auditorium for the Parents and Teachers' Association, April 25th we played at Mr. Slade's home for the College Club, May 4th we played a few selections at the Amphion Clubs play, "Daddy Long Legs," and last but not least we played at the graduation exercises. You see now, we have been applying ourselves, hHV611lI we? We have enjoyed our work in the orchestra very muc ij NVe have found it very interesting and we have also benefited a. great deal by Ti To you other musicians of this Senior High School, we wish to impart a wee bit of information. You may not have come out for the orchestra because you thought you would not get much out of it, but if that .happened to be your thought you are indeed mistaken. You can get the best kind of good out of the orchestra if you want to. So, I want to urge you each and every one, freshman, junior, and senior to do your utmost to help your school next year by joining the orchestra and making it the best orchestra. the school has ever had. You will y , never regret it and I am sure that you will profit by being a member of it. . PANSY BUSH in Y Seth Booth ,, Pansy Bush Q y , George B. Mathews It l Isabelle Westlake l Russell Haigis N . MEMBERS OF THE ORCHESTRA Frances Belkin George Day Gerhadt Young Joseph Savonis Warren Hale Andrew Madrak Max Horenstein Ellen Tomasso Jerome Karbonie Max Abrahamson i, Anna Kallnonowitz Bertha Kaplan Harry Martin 'n xi 1 o ,A t gage? gi Q' riff gs igxzf iQQ1 ggi A I sis-fs sf 9 fs-,ff sf sf,-is sf sf,-ff ,aj ,- :Qcc x1xQc Txzxxccxl cixzsxc bslfx 355111 ppxgfx 9sQ1S 3253 'Q qc Yggvcvcgg Qgvq-c ff Q 4 C c fcragrcvf gg 3 s gzxvgkgzxsgggz xx' rv vb kgppvykg lS9l ' yy tv 73 ,a V V V J 5 yt VV V ,SV NN J V ki V J J .1 v ,f v VV I U5 NJ ad hi, gf, .CC A lr ,Q Nl ,M 22 QQ MA 'Nl .M All EC' MQ 224 C22 Diff DDSSIS IX 22 2 D xlfs 5 :sg Af V W M ,J nl .ai f :ff U, w V V, v. V v M -Lg cg NC' Ju fvw V V V xl L L Mx U .,g VN J, w x,N v , P Vw V1 Vx w X. W f mi Q W .vw fum AV Y CC C K , w WA? P, K' 1. RN M Q f I W W CC ftp! W Wvy VN 'NW W AP A N VY fx rv-W' wh Q MN WWA 'MV 52 :E q'q gzgx 1' A ' 'Cx Ii-iq'Qg1gx C-QRVIQ Q :5,','5 5 3: fiia J 2-,As 55 22 fiii 1 is 5 ZQCQKIQKC CKIKQCC SIQQCI kliif DBQZTBDLQISBPBQISI, PSQZXIDBZ T ' ' ' C ' ' -cg c Qgrqwi lg 5 grc-1, c 747:74-175 K Y ,Y 1.-irflc ,L YD S b2XE-3 322515 32 251 -Q X QIXE-3 S. gxiixfgiiax iQC?5X,ixxI5iiQxf!C6 A- if3'5p 5 22 5-p'5s 95 ,Asif ::5'555 12 ,Ag xfffiikfyj CRZSKCCXIRQCCQIQYC PYBQZXBDBQTDDBQISQ 235135232 :-cfcggfcrc cc 5 gYc5 6 Q5 qc-15:5 :pvc ac L , pi22XDY3321X5-13223 3531x3351 ' . l901

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