New Brighton High School - Alaurum Yearbook (New Brighton, PA)

 - Class of 1949

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f' W 4 ll A , .,.. mm" M- E 1 V XX ' 3 V?fqEg4 kig Sgiw ,FGM m KW ,,,f ,N 7,55 T EZK Q, f Q g M1111-111NfEkmXs:egxg+mfLk1 -11 ' ' ' 'f WWW , 111mwwwy 1 111117 i7 ' ' F- if1 1 5 n 1 f f X Q 1 1 ':?11u1111i1m1m11111 "SEI . 4 I 1 I " N 1 ,Z , 'cf-f HQ f Q 1 PM X 64 11 2 10,1 X 11, ' 'zzzpzzzm-1, l 113 ' X ff 1 g X 1 I' X K f 1 , 1 1 1,14 ,e M 1 A 1 4 '1w1'1'W1TTFTY 1'1- S, 1 'EQ X 1 14157 Z ' " "Wi K , E. .: , .WIDE 15- ,ff 1 ' 11 T'-L-' xx fffff M ,,, , f 1 1 f . ff , gl N11 1 163 2: 1 IL 1 -1111 11' 1. 11 -R 1r.1g',11,9f 1 1 ' ,. 1 1 11,1 4 WM 11 1111 1 11 V1 11111111 1 11 7 f f E 1 1 mm W1 Zi W 1l1111 111115 Q 'nfl 11 1 QQ ,W XZ kj 2 I 11111'mm 3 F 'If' 1 1241262 111 Efife F 1 1 f y f , 5' ' 5 Z 55' Sf N 11 , 1 -F II I J ' 41 2 E 1 f V 1 1 1 1 Q40 1 F 311 ' 1111 1 11, .Ah .51 mkh. ' 1 1 1 ,f , 1 ,ia ll 111 111 1 15 1 ' 1 111 1 111111111 1 IU fa 1911 1 l 5 ws. 1 11 ff 1 A1 ff 11 XH111 7 H MW W A 1 mf 11111111 l1111x1 E- 1 X 7 V 1? Z 1'11111IlI1111' 1 1 11 ' 1- EW!-Q?"?'T 11 1 NEW BRIGHTON W 1 -. 1111111 1 .11 11 HIM! swoon. 1 QW-, 1 1 11 1 Ei??FL -1 1 1 1 H51-T DJJ! --3 f 1 J wg" W' "1 , , H.. 1- L., ,- - 12 f .1 11'1I'11111111 1 U 'U' im 7 we KQ X 3 X 114132111 1 f' f 11 mmf L ,QET V ,yr 11 111 1 1' 11111 1 1 L J 1111 1157? 1 fl 11111 -Ka 1 1 A 11111251 '11 J 1E 1' 112:91 i MIX lv. ' .W MYH V' W H! 'ui Vg, 'QW11 .S 1 f 1 "F J X, L M1wW1Wm1mWk? 11 .J 5 1 11 11 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1? ' m1111111'1'111111111V 1 1'111'mmf 1 in .IX ,N ' J - , 1 .- V -'N'.' , N X 1, 1 X f I X 2 1 f 1, . A-4- .,f-, - xxx.- AE 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 N11 ,,3',,,5,Q??f ,", f Xxfxi Qfrg Ig ' - 'Wg-if-X Wjfgcl' ze - fN. f ?, f S S, 5 , 5 1 1 405640006 SENIOR CLASS of NEW BRIGHTON HIGH SCHOOL NEW BRIGHTON. PA. EMORIESl Ah, yes. Do you remem- loer the snow we waded through. the sudden showers of rain which drenched us to the sldn. the little accidents, shall we call them. on the slippery ice. and the mud. which found such an easy way ot clinging to our shoes? All these great perils we endured to reach none other than the old portahles. Whether it felt as though we were in Eslcimo Land ol the Frigid Zone or in the Torrid Zone. the news from the otlice was usually limited: and We settled down only to he aroused in torty-tive minutes hy an ear-piercing hell. Then we made our wav thro h h 1 ug t e elements again to reach the North Temper t 7 a e -one and Civiliza- tion. Our hattle with the elements has ended- Well gone. hut never lo he forgotten. The port- ables have heen replaced hy a modern hrick huilding connected to the main huilding. The hlealc grayness has vanished and has been re- placed hy heautitul greens and reds which im- mediately meet your eye. The green tile walls the green and red cem t tl en oors. the cork ceil- ings the greenh d . oar s no longer bl 'ich het ac oards. p to make even the d II u est ot suhjects in- teresting. O . ,. . . : e new hand room. The hlasts ot instruments are no longer to he heard throughout the main building. The hand does not have to wait until various cluh meet- ings are over alter chapel. No longer is the auditorium littered with the instruments ol' the hand memhers, tor there is a special room tor them. The hand room also is the practice room of tooth the mixed chorus and girls' chorus. Also, there is a larger room for art. ln it will he conveniences for wh' l . ici art students have wished for such l . . a ong time. Lots ot cupboard space and an individual d rawer for each stu- dent's Work are onlx t if wo of its many advan- tages. Yes. the portahles are gone. The old has at last given wax t l . rj o t1e new tor the en- joyment ot all. ne ol: its hest uses is th W ibeokcafion To llw new building, ilu' rlass of lliYl0f!'Pll lllLllClYPCl and forty-nine is proud to dedicate llris issuv of the Alaurum, with a sincere wish Um! all studenls following us will apprvciafe its many comforts, Concluvivv fo goocl sfucly. wfziclr rnalae for a better slucfonf-the aim of Nvw Bright ' on Hxglw School. J M. .xgfma Wa fer XXII' IIUIIOI' Allllll lX'1lltUl', Xve love New Brighton llig Its ever glorious spirit Never ceases lo be niglnf The years will never lessen fjur loyulfy so lmlfl. Or dim our deep clevolion For llle Crimson and Gold. I1 N f ZLL 0 Qnfenlfd XIJMINISTRATION Cl iioarcl ol' Ecluralion Nlr. Nlclxlill . . ixlr, Taylor . Facully . . Svlmool SL-rrelarivs .ASSES SLNIORS Class Poem . . . . Senior Cllliifers ancl Hislory . firacluales ...... Senior literary . . . . Senior Class Play Class Xvill , . Class Proplacrcy . OFHQ-ers .... .luwlons ,lunior Class llicluro . .lunior Class anal lilerary Sovnomouus Sophomore Class Picture . Sophomore Class and Literary . IjRliSli5lliN Freslwman Class Picture . Freshman Class and Lila-:rary XC'I'IVI'l'lES Hi-Y . . Y-Teens . . Clues-rleaclers . G. A. A. . . Science Clulo . Crimson ancl fioltl . . ljlvrary Clulx . . . 3 Ushers' clan, . . 10 Slancl Commiltfrc . . Alaurum Stall . . . 12 '4 Music lgilllfl . . . - lwlixecl Clxorus . Girls' Clmorus . IS Triple Trio . , . IO i,DHIlfC Igflnll . . . 29 Chapel Pianisls . , . 30 Stage Crew . . 37 58 sPoRTs 42 46 Varsity Foollmall . . Coaclwes .... . Baslcetluall ixlanagers . . 48 Senior Football players . 50 Football Nlanagcrs . Reserve Football . . . - .lunior High Foolluall . 12 Baslceleers .... . 34 Varsity Baslcellmall , , . Reserve Basketball . . . . 55 Junior Higlw Haslaellmnll . . . 58 Baseball ...... . JUNIOR HIGH . , . 02 CALENDAR ..... . sTUDENT COLJNCIL . . . 69 SNAPSHCDTS . 15. 47. 51. 55. 64. 72 l09. IIO. 74 73 70 77 78 82 84 83 83 S0 87 87 00 95 95 94 94 O3 96 98 OO l00 D01 102 1011 I 00 108 O7 Ill Marc! O! gyncafion The Board which directs the activities oi the New Brighton Schooi system is composed oi competent citizens of our community. These men are aiways aware of the wants and wishes of the student body and through their eiltorts many of the schooiis prohiems have heen smoothly soived. Vve. the student body. have caused them manv trying moments during the past four years and wish to take this opportunity to thanic them for their patienre and uIIcicrslandiIIg1. Seated, ic-it tu right-Edward F. Stafford, J. D. Brubaker. Vice President, .ioscph Saianionv, ifranic E. Rs-cd. Dr. L. B. Niiiier, Prcsi dent. Stewart Vtiood, Secretary, John VV. Young. Treasurer, and H. K. Bingiu-IIII. COMMITTEES FINANCE .ATHLETIC EDLICATIONAL J. D. Bruioaicer, Chairman Joseph Saiamone, Chairman Frank E. Reed, Chairman Joseph Saiamone J. D. Brubaker H. K. Bingham John NV. Young Edward F. Stafford J. D. Bruioaicer BUILDING SUPPLY .iohn XV. Young, Chairman Edward F. Staiziord. Chairman H. K. Bingham H. K. Bingham Edward F. Staizford Frank E. Reed E81 - agpuperinlfenclenl 0 ,SZ 004 ll' you itave a problem there is always one man you can go to for lic-lp. Fir. lN'leNitt, our superintcnclent. is always willing lo aicl the stuclenl lworiy. Besides being well-known in our eommunily. he is an active participant in many ol the community activities and a member of many eivie organiza- tions. Xve take this opportunity to tiwanlc Wir. N1cNitt lor lending us a lic-lping island anri giving us advice in our numerous eciueational problems. For tire past twelve years. you llave been suluieeting yourselves to a program of formal terlueation clesignerl to assist you. Cluring later years. in formulating personal opinions. lo earn u livelilioocl. uncl to live a .lull anrl iiappy life. Probably the most important lesson learnerl lxas lneen tlmt your rewarcls are in exact proportion to the energy ancl eniliusiasm Ll7IllCll you llama expenelefl. lway eacli of you earry that supply of energy and en- lliusiasm into your Business anal professional ventures as well as your private lives tlwt all your living will lue crowned willi success. -ERNEST B. Mt-NITT. M. S. t91 rincayoa, LLOYD TAYLOR, M. En. Prinipal of New Brigilion Higii School XVQ, time class of 1049, wish lo thank Wir. Taylor for iiis cooperation and helpfulness liwrougimout our four years of inigiw sciwooi. Nve feel certain that his friendly guidance will liginen tiie load of successive classes. U01 jQ6l,ClfLAfg MQQUEEN, RAY A ..... A .B., M.A.. PILD., Gen:-va Col- lvgr-, Univ:-rsity ol Pittsliurgli . . . Senior Ainvriran History, Anrivnt History, Soplmmorc Class Advisor. TRITSCHLIZR, MARTHA .IEAN . , , l5.A. in lfrluration. Pvnnsylvania Slate Cnllcgv, Univvrsity ol llittsliurgll . . Algvlwra ll, Y-'liven Arlvisor. PAINTER, BURTON C ..., A.B., M.A.. Geneva College, University ol pittslvurgli . . . Nloclcrn History, Pennsylvania History. Civics. SHAFFER, Cl.AlRAl-ENE . . . in Eduration, lnrliana Statr Tcaclu-rs Coll:-gn, Pennsylvania State College . . . Englisli Ill. GEARY, ANNA li ..... XB., Geneva, Cam:-gic Tncli, Berlitz Languagr- Srliool . . . Spanisli, .lunior Sponsor. SHELAR, l-ILIZABETH . . , AB., Geneva College . . . Commercial Algr-lura, Business Aritlimctir. Business Writ- ing ancl Spelling, l.unr'li Room. GRANT, ROBERT M 4... B.A., Ml-Id., Gt-nf-va Collegc, University ol Pittsburgli . . , Englisli Il and lll, Hcaltli, Hi-Y Aclvisor. CAMPBELL, ANNA MARY . . , A.B., Grim' City, Uni- vr-rsity ol Pittslmurgli . . . Biology, Scif-ncc Clula Aclvisur DUNHAM, .lULlllTl'E . , . A.B.. Clcncvu Cnllcgv, Grove City Cnllvgv, Univcrsity ul Pittsluurgli . . . Englisli l. HECKNIAN, EVA . . . BS. in Cmnmcrfr, Grove City Cul- lvgc, Syracuse University, Univ!-rsity ul Pittslxurgli . . Slnortliand l, Sliortliaml ll, ancl illransrriptinn. lfrcslimnn Class Aclvisor, Crimson anrl Golrl Atlvisor, HOPKINS, .l. ROGER ...A A ,B,, Gr-neva College, Uni- versity ol Pittsluurgli . . . linglisli, Business Writing ancl Spvlling. CARTER, MIRIAM l.. . . ,, lndinnn Siniv T1-nflnn-5 College, Genova College, Univ:-rsity ol Pittslmurgli . . Englisli lv. Class Niglit, Coinnnencmncnl, HILL, RICHARD C .... BS., lVl.Ecl., Grove City Cnllf-gn, University ol Pittsluurgli . . . Plane and Snlicl Gr-omf-try. Trigononmtry, Senior Class Aclvisor, GARMEN, ANNA JANE . . , B.A., Pennsylvania State Collect-, Geneva Colle-gc, Duquesne University, Univcrsity ol Pittslyurgli . . . Civics, Pennsylvania History, Prolwlonis all Dcnmrracy. l t12l SIIIfI':II.-XX. ROBHRII' . . . ISS. in Ifusinr-ss Administralion. 63.1.11-vi. Cnllpgp, lfniv-may QI Pnesimrgh . . . Busines, Law, Cnnmrimfs Science-, CmnmcrciziI Geography. Senior Ilusim-ss .-XriIIum-lic. SnIvsnmnsIiip, ArIvisnr UI Slancl Com- lniIIr'l'. I.YI'I.I':. li'I'IIlfI. NI .... AB.. Un-nvvu IwoIIcgr-. l'nive-rsiiy UI I'iIIsImurgIi . . . I,nIin, Ifng1IisIn, .Iuninr I'Iny f'na4'Iu. I'R.'X'I.I4. 5III.IDRI'1D If ..,. IIS. in rxrl IiLIurnIiol1. IfLIinf Imm Slash- vI'm'nr'Iwrs CQIIPQ1' .... 'XII Sllpvrvisor. KIfI.I5rXl'GH, C'I,AlRIf . . . BS., Cf-nf-vu Gill:-gf-, Yalr-. IInivI-rsily III I,iIt4I1urgIu . . . G1-ncrziI Srie-inf-, I.unrIu Iinlllll. 5III,I.I'.R, IXIIILYIN R ,... :X.I3,. Vvvslminslrfr. Universily UI I'iIIsIuurr1Ii . . . Iuninr Anivrivnri History, VVnrIrI History. Assislanl I:o0II'mII CUZWII. BasIwII'maII C0a1'I1. XVAYNIC, MARK C .... BS.. N.Ii.. Slippery Rink Stale 'IIA-uiIl1-rs f'nII1-gc. Vvillr-nIwr-rg CnIIf-gc-. lfnivvrsily uI Piils- IwurgfIi . , . I,IiysirnI IfrIurnlion. Hr-arI I:nuIImII CuarIl. Rr-- svrvr- BswIQvlImII C0zu'In, .Iuninr IIiQIl Sr'Im0I HasIif'lI1aII FUQHII. I3I1RC-AN, I-,X'I',I.YN . . . BS., UI-now. KHIIII-gp .... -XIQ1-Im.. In-in-mI Nuvllrrn cIlm'rIm-mIc-re. VRANUO, .-XLBIQRT H ..... -X,B,. NI,If1I., Ch-rwvn CUIII-gi-, Lyniw-rsiiy nI PiIlsI1urgIu , . . I'IvaIII1, CIN-mislry. Assisianl I7mmIImII C'nafIi, ISIN-Imll f'0m'Ii. IIOENIZ. IVAN N .... Univrrsily of PillsIJurQI1. CaIiIornia Shih- Tr'al'Iwrs COIIPQV. Gun-vu COIIOgr', Cariwgir Inslilulf- UI ,II0fIn1nIugy . . . ImIuSlri1-iI AHS. II.-XNIILION. FIARTH.-X . . . BMX.. BS. in I.iImrary Sfimirc- Ce-in-v.: foIIr-qv. Cnrrwgii- If-c-In I.iIvmry Sr-IumI . . . Library Sch-1111-. I-iIvrary CIUII. 'I4I'IO5IAS. ULADYS BROOKS . . . B.,-X.. Bc-lI1any f'0IIogc. IInivvrsiIy OI' I,ilIsImrL1I1 . . . Typing' I. ll. IIANIII.'I4UN. P.-XUI, N ..,. IRS., NAM Crovv City Cnllf-gf-. I7nivvrsily :II I'iIlsIwurgIi . . . Scif-rin-, Cui4I1mun Cuunsvlur. CROIYIQ CII.-XRLIZS . . . BA., Cm:-va CnIIogv . . . Con- sumc-r's Sfimiu-, .Iuniur Businr-se Training. Assisiani Fool- Imll Gm-II. f'Ol7l'II. VIRGINIA . . . BS. in Iirluuniun, Gvnvvn Pnl, Ivgfi-. I'nivr-rsily QI' NIi4'Inigan ,..i A uri:-nl History, VVorIiI IIisI0ry. IJuIrIir' Spf-nIiillg1, AInurum A4Ivi4nr, S1-nior PIny Dir:-dur. DAVIS. II .... PLS., Imlinnsl Simi' 'IQ1-iu'Ilcrs CMI, In-gr. Ijr-misyIvanin Shah- fioIIr'g1-, Carlufic' Inslilulr' UI 'I'r-nInmIugy . .. I5nnrI. Inslrumr-nIuI Imirumlinn. U31 NVAY. S .... Imlimm Shih' rlivzutlmrs Cnllpgc . . , Home lfconomics, STROUP, IVIRS, BOYD 4 . . BS, in Music lfclucalion. ln- cliana Slain- Vllvnrln-rs Collf-ge . , . Mixed Clvorus, Girls' Cllorus. Yllriplv Trio, Grmlr' Srlmul Voral lvlusic. MAJORS, MYRA . . . BA., Gr-nova Cullf-go, Mdlill lini- vr-rsily, VV:-slr-rn R4-sr-rvv llnivvrsily , . , lfrrnrlx. pATllERSfJN, BEl'llY , . . B.S. in llvallll and Pllysifal lffluraliorl, Slippery Rock Stats' ill!-avlif-ri College . . . H4-alllu. Plxysinul lfalxlrnlion. G. A. A. Aslvisor. HOVVARTH, NANCY GROCOTI' , . . BS. in Business Acllnlnislrnlion, flvnvva flollvgv, Univs-rsily ol Pills- lmrglr . . . lloulclienping, lllrr-insurer ol Organiznlinns Ar- uxunl. JOHNSON, Bli'l'l'Y O ,... ABU G:-nova College- . . . lfnglisln ll, Crimson ancl Colcl Aclvisor, Sf-nior Class Play. ,SZcrefarie6 MILDRED THOMPSON Sour-lnry lu lVlr. lVlcNill MARY LOU MACDONALD Ss-rrvlury lu Nlr. ul-:xylnr l14l MQW Q Q 4 as 9: l ,gQlfLJ8l'Lf5 Nlay the knowledge we the class of '40 have gained and the expedences me have arquhed Honmtong years of great effort and fortitude, ever be a stain- ing example to those. our fellow students, who must follow the same tedious paths to graduation. N f t16l jre jorfy-niner5 0 ji any As the lortyeniners traveled the hazardous roacl to wealth and lame, As they fought ancl strove and searched, eavh step the lengthy roacl shorter hecame. As they trocl their weary way onward, not stopping to question their late, They cliscoverecl their hopes and clreams and longings lor which we must await. VNU-t. the lofty-niners of toclay, have Come a portion ol lile's way. As we stumhlecl anol erred and lell, each lalter the goal has well repaid. As we plodclecl on lrom year to year. not stopping to realize their length, VX7e have gained the long-sought education-the pinnacle ol our strength. Yet we, the forty-niners, must now travel onward to greater heights. To malce our way'-good or had in the great checlcer hoard pattern ol lile, For as the lorty-niners ol yesterday reached their long sought-lor goal. Vve in our great grasp lor education must most ol all lziml our soul. ,-Ann Funninglmnl I 181 XX Il.I.I.XBI Yflfllfl. ' XRK XX'.XI,l..Xl'If Trunsu rvl' Yi. 1' l'rpQi.lffn1 Prvshlvlll II.-XROID I5.XRRIf'I'I' Swrvlury YIRCXINLX UODIIXRD ow gyzfaccalfiolfacaf go!! HMA XV:-, llu- IU-lQ'r-rs. slurlvcl on our 1-xp:-wlilion in if-null ol solrmlllirxg grvnlvr lllnn llu' Golcl Rusll ol llu- If-Hllvvrs. VV1- sr-I out lo gain lor oursolvvs un vrluralion wllirll in ilsvll is "worlll ils vu-iglll in gold." llu- most Llillivult pnrl ol ilu' r-xpmliiiun uunv in 1043, wlar-n WA- 1'ntf'rr'rl N, B, H. S. as lriglllc-nu-cl lroslmwn uncl wvrc sulmimlvcl to ilu- mam' lumlslxips usually cncounh-rr-rl lxy luxu-r rlussnu'n. N4-v1-rllu-lvsd, no vwr'zxllu'rr-sl lllis Slorln nncl Com- pla-lml lllis plmsv ol' ilu' jourlu-y sufrmslully lllmugll sr-vc-ral sufu-sslul nlmuvs mul un 1-njuyulrlv Cllrisl- mus lilvmry program. l.f'zuling5 our rzarzwzm llxis yvur wus Don lqunliluxusffr. wlum In-fl as luis nssislnnt Holm bllurnvr. Nvilma Koluu' r1'4'0rr,l1-Ll our acllivvvlllellls ulxilv our luncls wc-rv inlwn run' ol lxy lic-n l"ox. XNQ- ln-ll monlimlvnl flu-n llml ilu' rlass ol VNU woulrl linnlly uslrilw golcln in spilt' ol llu- lmnlsllips llml wx- 4-ruollllh'-rc-ml, lllu- sc-:mul lamp ol our jounuxy prow-al lc-ss lmmrnl- ous. llu- rlzms wus pvrlnillml lo sil willl llu' iuniors :mal svniors in 1-Imp.-I mul sponsor sz-vvrul srlunol rlmuvs, VV1- rlwf-nlf-sl our alrnlnulim' nlrilily us in clans lay pn-sm-ruling nn lfvr-ning ol I'I1.ys. liour lilvrury programs su-rv pros:-nh-Ll. om' ol wluifll wus lu-lil joinlly witlb llu- llrvslullmlx vluss. fjur lirsl lilvmry uurrh-ml llu- llwnu-s ol mul Arlnisliu- Day, llu- program vurivfl lrom n snylf- slum lo lulnlxling lsy llu- lxoys' gym rlussvs, flux' joini lilvmry mnplln- fizvrl ll1z- Iluwm- ol spring. rlulu- nukmlwrs ol lllc :laws loolc u grvnl fl.-nl ol' lull-rs-sl in llu' vxlru- nurrirulalr iulivilirs. Vvz- wvrv wvll rn-pr0s4'lxh'rl on ilu- loullxnll, lmsluvllmll. mul Img'-In-II Iva-uns, in llu- lmlul, U. A. AU Y-'l's'vlls, Satin-lutr' Clulx, Hi-Y, mul runny ullurr smllool organizations. lmauling us in rl-is 1-xrurwion wvn-: l,rc-simlc-nl-llvn l"ox, X'iu-fl'rr-si- ill-nl-Don l'Vllnlillous4'r. Sn-mrvlnry'-lo Annu- llnrris. E191 mul ,l'rz'usl1r4-r-,lvulm 5l1l..mgl1lin. XY4- ws-rv mon- .lmmmm-ll lo "sunk lo elm- mul." Vlrlu- oulslznmling vvvlxls ol Ilw Ilvinl S1-rlion ol ilu' rxpc-mlition won- our luiglxly nuluinu-cl class play, Nl: Za! So," mul zu vm-ry suru-sslul ,lunior-Svnior Prom, llu- gym was luw-miilully clvrnrnh-fl in spring llowc-rs lo rrvuh- u gurclvn 1-llc-rl. l'ls-zuling our wagon lmin uc-rv: ljrvsiclvnl-lfrl Ayn-rs, Viuhljrvsi- mlm-nl-Boln Flujwil. Sn-1 r4-tory--llu-lnm Humillon. bltrz-nsun-r-Dirli Swum-y. Rvzuluing Ilu- loorlln mul lust mlivisinn ol our zulu- rulionul lrvli, llu- mlnss rvulizvs Ilan! wa- lluvv rovvrml an lol ol lvrrilory in lour yr-urs, :Xa wo luoli lwmli. wr- V404-rs go ow-r in our miluld llu- aullivvvllu-nts wv lmvc' rllmlv 114 au 4luss. llu- loollmll, lmslir-llmll, mul luusc-lmll lm-suns lmvm- lwvn lwnvlly nmnnmul lsy svn- iors. TIN- fxlnurulll Shxll lm pulrlislu-cl an spll-lulixl yn-urlmuoli. flur lilm-mriaw Imvf- lwvn vnjoyulmll- umlvr ilu' guimlullu- ol ljrcsixlolul-llc-I1 ljox, viva--Prvii4l4-all -,lim Rosm-r, Svcr1-lfary-Kollu-rilu' full-llmll, mul Nlnrslml-l.urry Nlognoni. llu- lilurislmus l.ilm-rnry aponsorvml lmy uh., Sopluomonf, .lunior. mul Svnlor closws prow-ml llml ilu- lllrm- mlnssc-s log:-llu-r roulml procluu' xxorllmllilz- vnlvrlnlmlu-nl, ill rourso ur' uxnvl lorgvl ilu- gym 1-xlliluilion or llu- nr! mul mzuluul lmining 1-xllilrils in wllisll many ol us llnfl bonu- purl. llu- :lass ol IUAIU lms lu-1-n tlu' lirsl sc-nior fluse lo 1-oioy lurlrling floss:-s in llu: nvw muu-x, fluicling us in llxis lnsl plums ol our 1-mlurnliolml uflolcl Ruuluu luwc- lu-vo nur Prvsimlm-Ill-l'lzxrolcl Bur- rvll. Vim1--ljrvsirlc-nl-Qilurli XMIIN.-. S4'c'r1'lury--Yil- giniu Gculzlnnl. mul lrvewllrw-r-lfill vogvl, 'lllurugln wx' muy llzlw- lu-fonu' 4lisroumQ01l nl linu-s, wc- nr:- prouml ol llu' lurl llml ilu' floss ol I010 ol ll. S. lms limnlly Hslrnulc pany rlirln in rvwivlmj llu-ir mlulu :lm-airs-ml 1liplomoa. -funn 1xlvl.unglllill I , , 1 , CARL ALHAN IiSIi Carl is one oi our handsome lads. l Uvln-ral Crnxrsf' Iland III, lX': Hi-Y Il, III, IV, TOM Al.BANESli XX e'll surely miss 'I'on1's deep voice and grin. Urn:-ml Course Ilasketlyall ll, Ill. ISARISARA ALINIQUIST llalus is a friend to all. fiolnnuvrmiol Course' tu.. min- ng r.'1'm. nl, lv. VIRGINIA ALMQUIST Vui: is a little one you never hear inurh front. fxonnnvrrial f ours:- X'-'I'eens lll, lX': Stand Vonnnittee: Girls' Vhorus IV, Library fluh III, IV. DONALD L. ANIIHRSUN XXie'll always reinelnber Andy as a friend. Sain-nlilim Course lland ll, Ill. IV: llanre Hand: HiAX': laleiary Ill. NANCY LOLIISI-Q ANDERSON Nauru is a girl with a ready sniile. Sri:-nliIir Course tl. A. A. I, Il, III. IX 3 X-Ieens II, III, . IV: Literary I, II: Class Ilay II. Ill Stand Vomxnittee. JOHN EDXVARIJ AYILRS EQIR tall and quiet. but a mighty athlete. SrivnIiIl4' Course Football l. Il, III, IV: Ilaskethall Il III, lX': llaseluall III, IV. llflvnrili- ,.m..,-.-S no-.M I,-It Io fiyllrl - I 1 f V I K ,QI f -" Qx',.xf.l-if ff lp- uf " I ", CARULYN BACIIISLOR lialfs alwzivs lauzhini: and full of Iun. Stir-nliliir Conrso li. A. A, I, II, III, IX, X-Ieens II, III, IV, Science Club I, II, III, IV: Stand Committee: - Literary Il, III, -lnnior l'roxn fonmutteeg Class Play II. RICHARD BALIBERSON llaldy's go: a quiet nature of real worth. Srlvnliliir Cours:- Hi-X' II, III, IV, Crimson ik Cold II, III: Literary I, II. ROB!-LRT I'5AI.DIfR5UN Iloly is a fellow that never worries. Cf-W-ml Clnrioil Chum- rf...lo,.n1 1, n, ln, lv, Ilaskethall 1, n. FIELVIN BARNETT Red's a fellow who takes life as it goes. Gr-rwrnl Course' LUIS IKNNI'i ISARR .X loyal and kind friend is Ilrnvfa. Scivnlilim Course X'-'l'eens II, III, IV: Ii. A. A. III, IV: Literary ll: Class l'lay II: Stand Coln- nnttee: Science Club III, IV! Iiirls' lilvorns I, IIAROLII BARRETT Moc is our Iootball star of real worth. Cuinunrrrial Course lfootlmall I, II, III, IV, Ilasketball I: Colored Chorus I, tilee Club III, Lit- erary III: Class I'lay IV. CATHERINE BEEGLE Happy is Ilee to one and all. Crnnnn-rrial Course Ii. A. A. I, II, Ill, IX: X3l'eens II, Ill, IV, Library Club II, III, Science fluh II. I21fl RALPII IiENNliT'I'. .I R. Ralplfs our musician without :I doulxt. Sc irntllvir coursi- Iland I. II, Ill. IV: llanfe Iland I, II. Ill, IV: founty liand II, Alidwealern Iiand III, IV, All State llalld III, Class I'lay II. III: I'IiAY5 Junior l'rozn fmmnilleei Crimson Sz liold Staff II, III, IV: I.iterary I, II, III, IV. .I I-IAN IIERCIITOLU vleaniek Inll ol laughter and lots oi joy. Si ivnlilir Course Xlixed l'horus I: Literary II, III: G. ,X. .X. I, II, Ill, IV: Y-'lieens II, III. IV: Srience flnlv I, II, III, IV, Stand Connniltee: -Innior I'roin Connnittee. .IOANNIE LA RUE BINGI IAIXI .loanne gives her hes! to every task. Classix al Course 'I'ri1:le Trio I, II, III, lX': Mixedfhorus ll, III, IV: Science Club Il, IX': Lit- erary I, II. Ill, IV: X'-Teens III, IV, Alslnrnin Srafr. I70l'GI.AS ISLACK Hong: has the virtue ol quietness. Stix-ulilie fioursi' DALE ISLACKBURN lllm-kie's :I fellow upon xrlnnn you ran always depend. Colnlnvrrial Course lfoothall Manager I, ll, III. IVQ Class l'lay ll: Iliisl-ietball II. JOAN BUNIYELI. ,lo's a friend tried and true. Classiral Course Iaterai-y ll, III, IX: 41. .-X. .-X. ll, III, IV: Y-Teens Ill, IV, Band III, IV, Mixed Chorus IV: Class Play II, III: United Nations Contest II, Ill, Science Club Il, III, IX. ELVIRA ANN BUNZU EIcie's affections are always sincere. Srirnliliict Course ' ls. .x. .x. 1. ULIVI'. I.Ii1i BONZO Il silence was golden, Huddy would be a millionaire. I onnnc-rrial Course K., A. A.: X-leens III, IX. MARIAN DORI-IN Marian is a girl with a very pleasant smile. Connnvrciial Course li. A. A. I, III. IV: Y-Teens Il, Ill. IV: Class I'Iay III: Crimson and Hold IV I it I 'iil I . erary : I. -s' Chorus l. XVALTER BURIK XVaIl is a fellow with wit to spare. Coinnwrcial Cours:- lIand I, II, III, IV: Literary I, Il, III: Class I'lay II. III. IV: Hi-V Ill, IV: Dance lland III, IV: All County Iiand II: Junior IH-oni Connnittee. ARTHUR EARL BUREN liones is always friendly and fair. Scientific Course HIAY II, III, IV: Science Club IV: Literary Ill: Ilasketball II. VIRGINIA BOYVSER Ginny is a friendly girl. Colinlimrrial Course- Literary II. ANNA ESTELLA ISRANDT 'l'o Anna speech is great, hut silence is greater. Scicnliliir Cours:- rum' MERLIL IEYERLE llud is a nice looking lad who's a little on the quiet side. St-2.-nialif Umm- niw, Ilaseball n, 111, IV: isttstet- ball II, III, IHJI5 CAMERON t'ooniie's good nature is more valuable than gold. Cnlnnu'rr'iaI Course Ili-Y: Class l'lays III, IV. FRANCES CARROLL Frances is a cute brunette, liked by everyone. Cnnunvrrial Course I-. A. A. 1. INIARY ALICE CHAPPIAN l.iglit-hearted and content, Mae wanders tlirough the world. I la sslral Coursr' lland I. Il, III, IV: Scienre Club I, II, III, IV: li, A. A. I. II, III, IV: Y-Teens I I, Ill, IV Literary I I. ROISERTA CUBURN lIert's ways are ways of iwleasantness. Coinnn-rrial Course IQ. A. A. II, Ill. IV: Y-Teens III, IN, Iiirls' Chorus III: Mixed Chorus IV: Alaurum Staff: Class l'lay III: l.ii- erary II. MARY KATIIERINE COLEIVIAN Kate makes a success of everything. Sri:-nlilic Cours:- X-Ieens Il. III, IX, Ki. A. A, I. Il, III, IV: Literary l, II. III, IV: Class l'Iays II, III, IV: Mixed Chorus II, Ill, IV: Science Club II, IV: Alaurum Staff: Stand Committee. CHARLES COOK Chuck possesses a noble character. Gcnf-ral Course Football II, III. I22I PAU L CORNELIUS Cork relishes a little nonsense now and then, Gi-nvral Course Ifivutlillll II, III, IV: Ilaseball I, ll, IV SIIIRI.IiY CRAFT A good laugh Irom Cheezy is sunshine in the house. Sric-ntilir Course 'ir s' Y-'l'eens Il, III, IV: Library Club II, III IV I X 'X I II IlIIV'1-I Chorus illlig Stand Czunmittee: Iliterary IV ANN CUNNINC-HAM Ann has a winning way and a smile. friendly Classiral Course Y-'l'eens ll, Ill. IV: Science Club II: I.itei'ai'y I. Il. III. IV: Iianil III IV' Alaurum Stali: Class l'l'1V IV llantl I III, IX, mittee: III. IV: Club III. IJUNALD CUSTER lion says, "lIeware of patient man." Sfivnlilnir' Course the fury ol a tk Hold , II. Ill. IV: Crimson " I-Ii-Y Il, III, IV: l'rrvm Com- Literary I, II: Science Club Class l'lay II, III, IV: filee ILDVVARD DANCE K Eddie is an all around fell Mamie Y-Teen III, IV erary I Staff. Srivnlllic Course IVIARION UAVIUSON will either Iiud a way make one. Sviviililiir 4 ll. III, IX 2 Crimsnn Ez I, III: II, If. Cours:- Science lzt-id III, I-I. S. I: ' or ow. will Club Il, IV: Lit- Alaurum LAP N' ,uf 'Qls 2:- 5 I. l 1 J" ,f 3 1- 1 ist-K IIUIPIKIIJN DAVIS IInil's wisilnin is his best friend, Scivnliiimt Count' Alanrinn Staff: flass I'lay Il. FIJCANOR RUTH DIXUN lil possesses an especially pleasing dispnsnnm. KIrnmm-rrial Course I.. A. A. I, II, III, IN, X-leens II, III, IV: l'lass I'lay III: Literary I. ROBERT DUIISUN II--In sits lvigli in all the penple's hearts. Scivniii-ir' Course Sciencevl'Iuh II, III, IV: Mixed Clmrns III, IX: Literary II, III: Alaurinn Staff. RACIIILI. IIOLIQ IIUIPIJS 'I'lvere's never a minute Rach isn't in il. Siiciniiii Cullm- lL.V'A,l,H,lH,IV:SdmwelMm III, IN: I-Teens II, III, IV, Mixed i'liurns I, Il. III, IV, Literary II, III, IX: Stand Vnxniniitee, Class I'lay Il. XVI LIIERTA DRAKE liert is always willing lu lend a lielping hand. Scif-ntillir Course V-Teens II, III, IV, G. A. A. IV, Lil- eiiagy III: Stand Cnnnnitteeg Librarv fn 1. ' DO LOR IES EVANS Ifreda knnws. pnliteness costs nothing and gains everything. fmninz-rrial Sr-rrviarial Course SHIRLEY EVANS Shirley is quiet, well-liked, and a willing wnrker. S4 ivnIiIii' Cours:- Y-'Iieens Il, III, IV, ii. A. .-X, IV. IIIIMIIIIY pizlnrvs uiross Inf-I In rigIxI,I TEU FIELD 'lied is an easy-goiny.: lad. Sricniiiic Course DONALD J. FIELDS lJnn's noblest ambition is In heroine a Ianmns musician. Si icnliiir' Course Dance Iianml I, II, III, IV: Ilancl I, II, III, IV, County liand II, Midwestern Ilaml III, IV: Literary I, II, III, IV: Hi-V III, IV. A. IIEN.IABIIN FOX Liavlus is calni and resolute. Srivniiiiict Cnnrsr' Liierary Il, III, IV, lilass I'lay II: Iiaskerball I, II, III, IV: Iiaseball III, IV! .Inniur I'rnm fmnnnliiteez Hi-V II, III, IV. IJUNALIJ G. FUN KIIOUSILR Ilun will surely exvel in life. SAIL-ntilirt Klonrsv lfnntball Manager l, II, III, IV: lIas- liellrallll II, III, Ili-V III. IV: Class :mn .IUANNE GEPHARDT ileppy's always happy, gay, and carefree. Classical Course Literary I, II, III, IV 3 Ir. :V .V I, II, III, IV, V-Teens II, III, IV: Science flub II, III, IV, Crimson K iiolrl III, IV, Midwestern Iland III, I?f,HIlIan1l I, II, III, IV, Class Illay PATRICIA ANNE GLASS l'ally has pep, vim, and viyrnr. Srivniilil' Coursi' llancl 1, Il, IH, IV: Literary I, II, III, icirvnce Club II, III, G. A. A. I, Il, III, Hi, V-Teens II, Ill, IV, flass I'lz v I . I25I J EAN RAE GREER ,ISan's a pretty valcli Im' snine buy ln lm.-k. S.-il-milnv Cnursf- Iiallil I, II, III. IV: I.itel'al'y I, II, III: li. A. A. I, II, III, IV: V-Teens II, Ill, IV: Kilass I'llIy II, III: Science flnlz II, Ill. VIRGINIA GODIYARIJ Ginger is bripln-eveil, and cute with a pleasingYpei's4+naliI3'. lInnnn1-rrial SP1 rvlarlal fnnrsr' ii. .V A. I, II, III, IV: V-'lieens ll, III, IV: iiirls' i'lnvrns lg .Xlanrnni SiaH': Literary I, ll. PAUL XV. GROTH I'anl pnssesses an especially pleasant dispnsitinn. Sli.-nrilif Cum..- DORIS .I LAN IIADIfII'.I.D ,Ieanie ilvinks tlie wnrld is a grand place. iinnnne-rmial Sven-larial funrsi- I., A. A, I, II, III, IX: X-leens II. III, IV: iiirls' Cllnwns I, II, III, IV! l.iIvrary Vlnh IV: i'riinsun K finial III: Literary I: ,Inninr I'i'mn Vmnvnittee. IIENJAMIN XV. HALI, iww.ama.nimmmwH n N www little, to study less. Scif-nlilif Course Literary II. TIIELMA JANE HANIILTON 'fliellna is sweet and bound for snccess. Sri:-nliiic Course Nlixecl fllnrus I, II, III, IV: Triple l'rin I, II. III. IV, Science Club III: V-Teens IV: Midwestern i'hm'ns III, Literary I, II, lll, IV: Alanrinn Staff, .IOIIN IIANILV Haney is and Inll nl Inn. fir-ni-ral CII-riial Cours:- iinlnrenl lilwriis I: Ilnys' filee l'lnI1 Ill. DOROTHY ANN HARDING Dot is easy-going, but finds her share of mischief. Commercial Course G. A. A. I, ll III. IV, Y-Teens ll, Ill, IV, Libraiy Club Il, Ill, IV, Stand Committee. JO ANN HARRIS jo is to be commended for her cheers. Sricnliiiit Course Ii. A. A. I. II, Ill, IV, V-Teens II, III, IV: Science Club ll: Cheerleader I, II, III, IV: Literary I, ll, Junior Prom Committee, Class Play II, III, IV, Crimson Ka Gold IV. HOWARD HAYES Hur Anflo-Saxon hero Huntv is 1, .I I, , even schooled in chivalry. Sciioiitiiic Course llaseball I, IV, Basketball I, Il, III, IV: Football III, IV, Hi-V II, Ill, IV, Alaurnm Staff: Literary III, Class Play III, Mixed Chorus IV. ESTH ER IVIARY HAYES Iistie has a quiet, charming nature. Sfivnlilic Course G. A. A. I, Il, III, IV, Y-Teens ll, III, IV, Science Club II, Ill, IV, Girls' Chorus I, Mixed Chorus IV, Stand Committee, Literary I, II, III, Class Play II. RICHARD G. HERR 'l'here's nothing like Inn, is thei'e, Gordo? Sciientillif Course Hi-Y II, III. IV, Science Club III. IV, Class Play III, IV: Junior Proni Cmn- mittee, Literary IV, Alaurum Staff. ARLENE HICKEY Arlene is a very tallgative, yet suit- spoken miss. Commercial Secretarial Course Hand I, II, III, IV, V-Teens IV. fldentify pictures across Ieft to righhl 4 , .- 4Qj'N I -'N ri' 7 1 , hunt annul MARY LOU HODUKINSON Lou is a possessor of charm and personality. Scif-nlilir Coumn Ii. A. A. I, Il, III, IV: Y-Teens ll. III, IV, Science Club II, IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Girls' Chorus I3 Chapel Pianist Ill, Literary II. JAY HOYT lJeacnn's small but gay, always happy, Class Hugo Varie Colmnvrfial Bool-Clif-rping Course Play III. DON H UGH ES will go wandering in car. Cummr-rrial Course VERA IIUMIVIEL his little lile and ty's the very spice of Hummel should know. Colmm-trial Course lJrinn'majfn'ette Il, III, IV: ii. A, A. " '- Teens I. II, Ill, IX, Y II, Ill, IX, Literary I, II, Class Play II, Girls' Chorus' I, Crimson Sz liold Stad IV. DOLORES JACKSON llunny is well-liked and always ready to lend a helping hand. Curmncrcial Course Crimson K Gold Staff IV, ti. A. A. IV. REIL JENKINS links is an easy-guing lad. Connnorcial Boolclwcpingl Course llaseball Ill, IV. BRISTOL BELLE JONES liebe is a soft-spoken girl with a pleasant way. Scicnlilic Course Y-Teens ll, III, IV, Girls' Chorus II, III literary l, Il, Class Play II. I26I CHARLES KELBAUGII Chuck is always dependable. Srivnliliic Course' Mixed Chorus I, Il, Ill, IV, Literary I, II, Ill. DONNA KENDREVV Lon seems to he happy for she's always smiling. Coimnr-rrial Smart-larial Course tl. A, A. l, II, III, IV, Y-Teens Il, Ill, IV: Stand Committee. ELLEN KENNEDY good student who will always be prudent. Ellen's a bricntilir Course Literary I, Il, III, IV: Ii. A. A. I, II, III, IV, Science Club ll, III, IV, V-Teens II, III, IV, Mixed Chorus II, III, IV: Alaurinn Staliz Stand Com- mittee, Class I'lay III, IV. STEVE KOLUIVIBAN Quietly I-Iuck goes his way, dependable, has little tu say. Srivnlilir Course Literary ll, Ilaseball IV. WVILIVIA RUTII KOHNE XVillie's lull uf pep and zip, always on the go. Si-it-niilin Course lland I, II, III, IV, G. A. A. I, Il, III, IV, Y-Teens ll, III, IV, Literary Il, Ill, Class Play II. JOHN KOLTER juhnny's happy and grinning all the tinle. Scicnlilir Course Mised Chorus IV, Class Play lll. GEORGE KOPRIVA lfaIls.ton's Gigg is friendly to all. Classical Course Mixed Chorus IV: Class Play IV. gf fl 1 W, Tl IHRESE KRIZTZLHR 'I'liei'eae is quiet, Ilennire, :Anil sincere. Ccninnorrinl Cours:- .xlznn-inn Stull. BETTY LANGNHCKER l!ettyK sunny tlispnsitiun givei lier luis UI pals, fmiiriwrcizil Course Y-Teens IV: li. .'X. A. IV: l.iterfiry ll. JOHN R. LAPIC jnhn lueliexes in being seen, nut lieznxl. N in-iililiw I nnrsz- ,IOAN LFFINIUN ,I-nnik mlepemlzilile tu Ilie very enIl. Sri:-lililiix Cours:- .. I, ll, III, IV: Y-Teens ll. It X X Ill IV: Iiterarv I. Il, Ill, IV: Mixed I ll III IV l'lnn'ns I Litrrzn' Literzn IIONVARD LI-QNOX lx is :ni :ill-:mnnnl iellnw. Stix-iililiim' Courie- y ni nhi. KENNETH LONG im bin nut hm lieznletl. grit-nlilic Chiimv 'v ll. CLAR IZNCE LOVHTTE Lnvette if zi shy. quiet lml. U4-lwrzil flmnlrev Il.lwniIy ,iitilwi mmm It-If Io ra4,In.l . 3 I .3 ,,,, J ,- lf' . ,"'.f',. w.. 4Zi3iw'f 'I lvl 1412, 1 " . 'lj f- , fx ' sg' - Jammer' ' Lf , If ,. EIVIIL LUCENTI-1 lfinil is Carefree mul likeable. Cvnvral Cours:- llfnul lll IV. .I UNH ISI' IJANEL Jann always has a clever cnnnelmck fin- everything. Sz-iz-rililic Couric Y-Teens ll, Ill, IVg ll. A. A.1,AII,IlI, IV: Science Club ll, lll, IV: l.i1erzn'y I. ll. IWARILYN GRACE INIVDONVELI. Xliclfeyk one of our quiet, Qeriuus girlx. Sri:-nlilir Counc- ILV .X. IX. I, ll, III, IV: Y-Teens ll, III, IX: l.ilerzn'y Ill, IX. MARILYN RUTH MIGOUN Mzn-ilyn is friendly and always Hay. Srielilil-if Course lilzixs l'lay ll, Illg Ii, A. A. I, II, III, IVg V-Teens II, III, IV: Science filub II, IV, Mixed flillrui III IV' Iiirls' l4lnn'n4 ll: l.itE1'ary l. J EAN IVV LAUGIILIN Qlezinl :always friendly, genial, :intl xi ,ML Srimilllii' Count' liznnl I, ll, III, IV: l'riniNnn N Iinlil n, HI,lXH IL A. A.l, n, HI,IX: Y-Teens Il, III, IV: I.itei'zil'y I, Il, Ill: flaw Play II, III: Science Cluli II: -lnninr l'i-mn I'nnnnitiee. ROSALIE N14 PIIERSON l'inkieK nlispmitimi nnitrlies lier sweet voice. Cunnm-rriul Course Y-Teens Ill, IV: Triple 'I'riu IV: Rurlir ester I, ll: lilxvetl k'lwrnN Ill, IV, l'29l FRIED MACK l'i'cml clinic- in nt tlirmigli the c-mrtesy nf tlie If S. Arniy. Stn-milif fluursv Hi-X3 l'-intlizill Il, III: llzixlcetlmll I. ll, lll. BARBARA NALOVITCH llzirzi zittmiclx lrientla like si inziguet, flonilm-rcial clnursr' V-Teens III, IV: Il. A. ,X, I. ll, Ill, IV. JOSEPH MAR K0 -l-ve's lirininilng over with vini znnl vigor, S1 it-nlilit' Finns!- icieiice Club IV: flaw Play Il, Ill: l.ilex':n'v I, ll, IV. J AFI ES BIARTIN -linik always -ln' :intl lizulifnl, Sr ivnliliir Course HELEN MARTINAK Quiet nnll uiiziniiinixig, Helen gm-4 ziliuut lier wurl-1. Q miiim-riiul I ourw ALMA SIARGARHT INIASUN .Xlnizi can retilly twirl liei' luilnn. Sala-nlilic' fluursv n. A..x.i, n, Hl,lXI i2ieeu, n lll. IV: Srience Lilnb II. III: l.iterzir3 I. ll: Mujtne-tic ll, Ill, IV: flue, l'lzi5 II, Ill. DONALD BIILLFZR llnn ix always with his gang. fi:-iivrail fllvrimnl Future:- I ilewiry ll. .. .M 1' ,f .-1- i J FEBBUIIR9' Q 5? 55 fv. ?. x' f 1. 11' .' J - X 2 1-IL X 'A' iw k I I ' 'i f f 4 ' I ff, Mus- -Aauxuw , VIKINGS LAVVRI-INCE BIOGNONI IRFNE OLIVER NIARION PRESTON 51nag'l1elti's smile makes the darkest Renee! frienrlsllip will Ive valncil Marion is full of pep. ilay bright. as true. . A , - Y N i fmnmrrrial Sven-lanal Qoursr fwnvrnl f.lvriral Cours? flnlnrmwlnl Imlrsr' gland fmulnitteeg gg' A' A, 1: II' 111 FmmMILIlIV,HLYllIVgUb 1y:YWwmgmlU,HNJwwwlW erary II: Junior l'rrrn1 I'mnxnit!ee. Ifl"l""U953 :WCIBIICQ llllll lx' INIICHAIZI. ONURUSEK ELIZABETH PRINCE JACK F. INIORACK , . Mike's vibrant personality makes him 'luml things come in small packages. Scathack's a man of a few tlmusanfl easy fur us to like, . , nvqfdg- X i f 0lIlIIIf'fIlilI CUIITSP i N c 0IllIlll'I'l'II'lI C Ollfif' Cmnr-ral Cl:-rival Course lfnorball Il, III, IV, Literal-v I, III, IV. Q N JANIE, PULLIO jim has hiclzlen talents which few ROBERTPANNER MWWUMG JACK IVIORACK - K. . . - At basketball l3ub's 3 sm. 5"""'l" c"""S'l It is never quiet whenx YVires is arnunrl. Sdpnuhr Course llaflfefbllll l- c"""'ml LOUIS" llasketball I, Il, III, IV, football Ill: li mhall ll, Ill, IV. .laseball Il, Ill, IVg Mixei Chorus , 0 IL nL1v,xnmneamu UmmsIH, PRBCWLAPUNTON IV: Hi-Y Il, lll, IV, Class I'lay ll, t 1 i, Literary Il, III, A Yearly smile lor all has Iris. IOAN MOR C Sric-nIiIif Course ' N A K nails' mmm-Us nl,v1v,i Libra.-y flnlm ng In is never gloomy or without a smile, xlgtellflmilhl ,lYi'el:L:SnYFI. Linh nl Cummr-rczial Svrrolarial Course JUNE PATTERSON Y-Teens ll, lll, IV: Stand Connnittee. , V Her quiet manners and smile are BARBARA PUSKICH always welcome. Cmmmwdnl Course llarlm always has a smile fm' ynn. 13013 MUJVVIT Eziinlllx IIC- Illi lfilninlly' hlulylllz ' Cunnnorcizil H HI Moe's nur Irienrl, who Ivlayecl left end, l'le':"' ll- Ill- ll' 'X' A' Il' HI' ll' 'Iseli' ' ' Srlvnliliic' Course lfmnlmll I, ll, Ill, IV, llasketball I, ll, Ill, IV: llasehall III, IV. MIRIAM RAMSEY BETTY JANE PETUCII Quiet, musical, and nice is Mimi. lletty a success will be. Scricnlillic, Course- GLORGL NARVETT Cnlnlnvrrtlal Course B?fml,l:,ll' klll' lvi GLAA' .A' ll- Ill: . H v A IX, Y-leens I1,IIl, IN , lateraxy III. A trne spurt is our Ilenrge, YJEEIIF ll, Ill, IV? l-llefafb' I- ll. Ill. Science Club ll. i IV, Library Club ll, Alaurnm Staff, f.olnnn'n'iaI Cuursc Fnntball ll, Ill, IV, Hi-Y Ill. IV. RICHARD ROMAN Never a :lull moment with Ilick around, ROBERT POVVERS . , .HM NICHOLSON Sfimillie Course 1 ' ' lInb's always brimming over with Inn. C1355 may H' ul' IV. Liter. A tfmtball man is Nick. ,V , Safety pmml Il' 1114 ' N 1 Sfmnllllc Course I H' ' Q'f"l"'f'l c"'u"S'i llaml III, IV, Hi-Y ll, III, IV, Science lnmball ll, III, IV, Cluh lll, IVQ Class Play Ill Ilzlvnlify piclurvs urruss Ivfl In rigllhl I30l . , III, l IV, Science III, IY. ary I, III , llmnball Manager N: Crimsun Sz Gnlnl ll, III, Club Il, Ill, IV, Hi-Y Il, gpg? We if Q 5 I .LC 6 V - - V --'- - V - I Ii E L i if AAYOV-AP,g,L 5 ,. A 5. 3 'if I' A B f W J 1:1 ,L 27 V 'fee 'Z X , J, 'Gi f- ,d Tv' JT " 4 YE. gm I I :pg ,I ,se I - J 4 AAI N I , J-1 ANNA M AY ROM BOLD IIer Nnnny winile helps cheer mir slay. finnnu-riinl flnnrsi- IAINI IZS RUBI BOLD Nice ali-im-itinii, very wliin: :i repfnlzn' iellnw is jun. clI'Il1'filI CIOIIFSP RUTII ROMIBOLD mth! zu girl well all like to knuw better. flnmlm-riiail Sc-1 rs-Inrinl finuru- N-Ieens Il. .I EAN ROSENIIERGER 'lilmnuli Nliek quiet :incl sweet, ,leunk In leziiler that czni'l he beat. fllussirnl Cnurwf- Interary I, II, III. IX: X-leenm ll, III, IV: Science Club II, III, IV: jun- nr Pmm Cnininittee: Mixed Cliurue III. IV: Triple Trio IV: friiiismi K rinlil III: Alaurum Staff. .IAM ES ROS ER I'Ii-mgli Inn if- quiet :intl shy we neeml mm-e like Inm in Iiriglmm High. L ll'Ill'I'iiI CVUUFSK' lnlerari Il. IV: Alziurnni Stuff. MILDRED JUNE ROUSH -Xlwuyf smiling, alwziye neat, Milmlrenlk perennality can't be beat. Sri.-miiif thum- I., A, A. II, III, IX: Literary II, III: Science Club II, Ill: Y-Teen, II, III, IV: tiirll fliniuf II: flaw Play II, XVILLIAM J. ROY Ile Neenis tu ns tu be rather Hill. nliliungli lie sl4vexn'I mind at ull. Iimnlimrc inl Collisi- llilfmily ,mrum in-my Im to riylirl f"1 f DONALD SAYRIQ KVM the clicerlezuling of Ilun respnnwilrle mr the gainea we won? Sin-niiI'ii timm- HIYY II, III, IV: tlieerlezuler I, II, III: Science Club IV. RAYMOND SCIIETLIN A likeable, quiet rlizip ie Ray. I vmwrnl Cours:- JACKLYN SINIITII Sunny smile annl quiet wziyx. Stir-niilim Cours:- 1. . . ., A. A. I, II, IN: N-Ieene Il, IX. BIfTTIlE LOUISE SNYIIFR lien, is in very aiu-active inixs. Siivnlil-it Course fi, A. A. I, ll, III, IN: X-leene II. III, IV: Science Club II. III, IV: er:-irv I. II, III, IV: Mixed Clinrus I, II: III. IV: Clam Play III: Stznul Unn- nnttee: Alaurnm Staff. HELEN JANIL SI-'ICKERMAN Helen if A girl full uf cliarin. Scivniiliir Course If. A. A. I. II, III, IX: A-Ieens II. Ill, IV: Science Club III. IV: Stzinil Kimninittee: I.iter:iry ll, III. RALPH SPICKERMAN thank is Iull ui fun at any time. Scif-ntilqirt Cnursr' FRANK SPRETNIKK Stein if quiet :ir4vnn4l fclinnl. St-if-niillif Chum- Hi-Y III, iv. I33l CATHILRINE VERONICA STARSINIC 'llini-ie iw full of life. short mul cute. Stix-ntilia fxnursi- l.. A. A. I, II, III, IX: N-leens II, Ill, IV: Stand Vnniiiiiitee. KATH RY N BARBARA STE!-II. linte ix an real-liuiretl niifs wlin i- Iikeil by everynne. Cllnssiinl fours:- llunrl I, II. III, IV: Library flub ll, III, IV: li. A. A. I. ll, III, IV: Yf'I'-aenx II III,, IV: flax: Play II, III. IiTH lil. ELIZABETH STIZFFIAQN Il-ic Inn :I we-nwe uf Innnnr tlnn :nuke- zi Int. Sci:-niilir Cnursx' flax- Play II, III, IV: Science llub ll, III, IV: tl. A. A. III, IV: Y-'Ieenx II, III, IV: Stzinil Cnnnnitiee: Alauruni Simi: junim- Primm tlmiiiiiitee: Ln- ef-.ify II, III. CIIRISTIENIC STRAILE Vluris ix quiet :intl one ui mir nnixiciznix. S1 ivntlllf' Course Ii. A. A. I, III, IV: Science Club II, III, IV: Y-'I'eenN II, III, IV: Ilznnl I, II, III, IV: Alaurmn Staff: flaw Play II, III: 1.iie.-my II. DOROTHY SULLIVAN IIU1 ie an energetic blnml Iv-mn Ifzillatim. Stir-milk timm- 'Z Vieen- III. I., A. A. 1, n. III, n i I nt l.are.-fi,-y nl. DOROTHY SWVASTA Ilnr ix at gnml pal with zi plezuiiig' personality. fullniu-niail llmnliliccpiligf Course I.. A. A. I, ll. III: X-Ieen- Il, IN: I.iier:n-y I, DIIVIIS TAY LOR lliinis is intelligent, and always has zi smile. Scif-nIiIic Course American Legion Award: Literary Il: Y-Teens Il, III. IV: Crimson X1 Iiold II, III: Class I'lay III: Science Club IV: juuinr I'rrnn fmnniittee: Stand Cmninittee: Alauruin Stall: Lilirary Club IV. ROBERT TURNER Ilate is a popular Iuotbnll player. Cnnnnf-rrial Course Mixed Chorus I, II, III. IV: Iffmtliall I. II. III, IV: Ilaseball Il. III IV- izoys' mee Club 11, ni, Ha.v ln, iv, 1.atmr,- n, III, AGNES VASILKO Aggie is one of the nicest girls we knuw. Sszivnlilir Cours:- ti. A. A. I, II, III, IV: Y-'l'eens II, III, IV: Literary Il. ROSE VIGOSKY Rosie never worries ton much but has lots nl' fun. Cnmnierriul Svcrvla tial Course Y-'lieens II, III: Stand Committee: Girls' Chorus III. fI1It1n!iI-y piclnrvs across Ivft to rigIiI.I , -' Iii , f ll ' I Wy, ...N A ,pi Yi A i' .jj iffy '41, - - s N XA.. ...Q tw..- NVILLIAM R. VOGEL Ilill ic quiet lint Iun,wl1en you get to know lnm. Collirlmrrlul Btmkkf-1-ping Cnurst' Literary I. CLAR K VVALLACE NVztlly is xirtisliczilly talented and puts it tn use. Si ir-ntilir Course l.iternry Il, III, IV: Crinisrin Sz Iinld ll: .Xlnnrum Staff: Hi-Y. BETTY WERTIIMAN A happy-gn-lucky lass is Ilnots. Cunnnt-rcial Sc-ttrvlarinl Course ti. A. .-X. II. III. IV1 Y-Teens Ill: Vriinsnn K tinltl IV. DOROTHY WIN KLER lint ls always willing to lend a hand. Cmninr-rcial Sf-ttrrtarial Course ti. A. A. I, II: Y-Teens Il, III, IV: Lilirary Club III: Literary II. SHIRLEY NVINTERS Sl1irley's cheerful spirit will lead her tu success. Cminnr-n..iaI Course ti. A. A. l, II, III, IV: Y-Teens Il, III, IV: Literary I. II, III: Class I'lay II, III, IV: tiirls' Chorus I, II:.-Xlauruni Stall: Science Club Il. I34l MARTHA YEAGER Mart is quiet, but her friemlsliip will :always remain true. Colnmvrcial Svltrvlnrial Course I.. A. A. II, III, IN: N-lcens IV: Lit- erary I: fritnsmi K Gold IV. ROBERT YEAGER llub is une of our strrnig, silent . seniors. U4-nz-ml Clerical Course lfuntlmll II, III, IV: Literiiry ll. .IOANN ZAHN In has a cheery smile and winning ways. ci0lIIIlil'I'CIZlI Sf'CY'0IIll'IilI COUISP ll. A. A. I, ll, Ill IV5 Y-Teens ll. III, IV: Stand Lfonnnittee: tiirls' i'hm'ns I, III Science flnli II. DENNIS ZETTLE Einstein is one of the friendliest fellows we know. Snivnlilir' Course I-'nntball I. II. Ill. IV: Literary I. II: Crimsnn 81 tiold II, llI, IV: Science Club III, IV: Class Play Il, III, IV: Alauruni StalT. JACK IVIILTON IVICKENZIE -Incl: is a tall, Calm veteran, Cr-nvml Cnursc I enior Ofiferow On Octoher 22 the Senior Class ol I94Q opened their literary series lor the year with a well prepared and in- structive program entitled "Pennsylvania" Ben Fox and Katherine Coleman. our literary president and secretary. condueted the program which hegan with a speech hy Joe Nlarlco on the founder ol' our state. VX!illiain Penn. Another artirle eonferning Pennsylvania and the United Natiorls was read hy Christine Straile. A musical interlude Uxvater Vvitrhh hy Ralph Bennett followed. NVQ then learned more ol: the Keystone State lrom Clarlc Xvallaee. and oi the origin ol our counties l-rom .loan Lemmon, Nlarylin Nlcilgowell and Shirley Cralt. A delightful llute solo was rendered hy Joanne Ciepharclt. From Joan Bonnell, Betty Petuvh. Dick Herr. and Ellen Kennedy we were told more of our great state oi Pennsylvania. lvlusic' hy Pennsylvania composers was presented hy a sextet ol girls. A Christmas Literary was in charge ol' the three upper Classes. The program was mostly musical in nature except for a Christmas essay read hy ,loan Bonnell. A llute duet hy Vvilma Kohne and Ruthanne Shatter, and piano selerf tions hy Nora Stafford hegan the enjoyahle musical num- hers. The Sfhool orchestra and chorus otiered lovely Christ'- rnas music. The program concluded with the spirited sing! ing oi Christmas rarols hy the audienee. t36I 54... W., On Novi-niher IO. HMS. haclistaglr ot' the New Brighton High Srhool there was a general lmuzz ot tense exfitemenl, Coniiusect stage-rrew memhers rlarterl here ami there. Various Commit- tees were maliing last minute preparations tor the lirst senior rlnss play to he presentect ily the Class ol .49 Mchina Boy" was the title ot this great stage hit. Thr- plot revotvcfl aldout Niarlx Xviliis, a very young philosopher lrom China. Xvhen this fellow tries to uncterstanct his Uiiveyy' and Hhepn cousins. Selma anct Hitt. humorous incicients arv hounrt to happen. They cto, too. when Lula ixlae Rohinson, a mean little lnrat. tries to malcv Selma and itill accept hlarla as Hone ot the ggarigfi hut everything havtcl-ires when l.ula Mac-is hrolher. George, steals some money, ancl Selma almost loses a popularity contest to Charlotte Mavic, the town snoh. UI course. the day is save-ct when Ntarli hrayely attacks George anct heromes a hero hy cteleating him in a "blood and thuncier" llattte. Annie. the raim. root, and Cottefteri maid, and Holm Troutman. Biitis best trienci. also actct to the comic capers rut hy all. VVe mustnit omit Nlr. anci Nlrs. Ijarlcer. either. lor they were torceci to tolerate all the hilarious episodes. It you ctonit quite- comprehenri the matter ahove. it is no lauit ol ours. You shoulst have seen the play. CAST Mrs. tidrlwr .......,...,,,,, ,.,. I ftlwl Station Huh 't'rnntnmn-Billl wlmol mhunu, -.. .... Iintr fwunwruu Nvill l'arlu'r-lu-r Iuislmnrt ...,. ,,,,, I Jon fiustur l.ulu Ninn- Rohinsnn-.1 young mu uiu---.'llln Cumlingimm -ixltlltl'-till' nmirt .......... .... I Joris Hmltif-Irt f'lmrloIh- Ntmk-a we-atltmy mi.. ....,. .,.. I o ftnn Harris ilarlufr-tlu-iz son ...... .... X V11Itvr Iforie Ci c-nm rm- Rulrins fnli -meanest troy in tmsn ..., RitImrfI Roman Selina llarlivr--tln-ir ilaugjlltc-r ...... .,.. 1 tgrws vasiueo Nlurti Vviltis-pliilrwopller lmm filliua ...., George Kopril-n Yoiw' on Ramlio ..... .... ..,,.,,,,.,. f 1 IurIz XVUIIUN' CA... W!! VVIC, 'lllli NIIZNIISERS Oli' 'I'HI-I SENIOR CLASS Olf l9f10 OI' NEVV BRlGll'I'ON IIIGII SCHOOL, BEING IN THE ACI' OIT DEPARTING I-'ROM OUR ESTEEIVIED INS'I'I'l'U'l'ION OF LEARNING WITH OUR HEADS CRAIVIIVIED FULL OF KNOVVLEDGE, HEREBY MAKE AND PUBLISH THIS. OUR LAST WILL AND TESTA- MENT. VVE BEQUEATII To ERNESFI' IS. NIrNI'I'I', our supr-rinlcnclc-nl ol sclmuls wlro Imas provicIc-nl a guiding IvanzI lluorugli our Iroulrlr-:I sclmul years, our sincere graIiIucIo anal Ilm privilcgr- QI slmwing many murc educational Iilms in assvmlvly, To To To To 'Ib To CARI, AI,I3ANI'lSIJI IIN: pnsiliun as lnanagfvr ol Iluc hvvalclnrl Aslorian . . . Iar away from Illc Iarm. To IIIONI ALIIANESII a maIlaraia-lilac silualion in urclcr Illai Inc may Iravv as many HI:-malc IricnrI.s" as p0ssiIxIv. To DON ANDERSON an upporlunily lu play luis lmmlnonc will: a pnpular Ixancl. 'Iwo BARBARA and VIRGINIA ALNIQUIST a flmnrv lu train log:-Ill:-r as nursr-s in Ilw Proviclunnr Hospilal. VIII! Slll'l'l'SS Ill IICI' FIIOSPII Uilll palinn. 'Inu ED AYERS aml BOB MUIVVIT an alarm mlm-Ia, so lllai Ilmy will always Inv on Iimn in cw-rylliing Iln-y Llo in lllf' years Io comrx To CIAROLYN BACHELLJR an cligilrlc MIwnr'cIir'IU Io rr-place her HInacIieIor.u To RICHARD BALDERSON surrc-ss as pmprivtor ol a moclcrn sc-rvicv slalion. To ROBERT BALDERSON I1is louiball cquipmcnl so Inc will always feel sccurc wllilc clriving Iiis lruclc. To IVIELVIN BARNEYIT a slnarc in I3amcIIIs Book-ry in Roclioshwr. To LOIS ANN BARR an cscalalur Io Ixlariun Ilill in orclrr Ilial slic may res! I1cr UarI1ing" In-cl. To HAIIOl.D BARREIQIA our Impr' lI1aI lm may sonic' clay Iyvromc prosiclvnl' ol a Pilislmrgln AIIiIc-lic Association. our Iligli scI1ooI principal, IVIR. LLOYD E. TAYLOR. our Ilianlcs Io! his limi-ly Ixclp ancl Ilmuglullul guidancc, II1c FACULTY all Illc inlormation IIN-ly may Iiavc gained Irom our informativf- cxaminalion papers. Illc JUNIORS nur auIograpI1vcI Imoolcs and Illc Inst oI IIw UDcar Old Golden Rule Days." Ilic SOPIIOIVIORES Ilrv Iionor ul In-roming uppr-rclassmc-n and all Ilw privilr-gvs Ilwy ran mliscovc-r. lllv IIIIESIINIIIN our rnngralulaliims Iur Ilaving w.-alln-rcrl llloir Iirsl Iuiglu sr-Iuml yr-ar in surll lim- Iasliion. I38I 0 III':I'III,Ii pr-rllllssinn lo In- I'ri0n1IIy al all limbs. To RALPH ISENNI-Q'l'li :Im Iillc al "I.0gif-al Suf- rvssor Io 'Ilommy Dorsey. To .IEAN Illc priviI1vgI1' UI I1r0atI4'asIing a r'IlnmpinnsI1ip Iiglxl as a s0C0ncI Don Dunlpllvy. 'lb .IOANNE BINGIIAIVI an auclilion aI ilu: IVII-Inf polilan fjpr-ra. 'Ile DOUGLAS BLACK llw npporlunily lu Iwrolnr un vngfinr-rr wiIIl VV!-sIingIl0u.s0 al Ifvavcr, In DALE I3I,ACKBI.IRN our Impr' Ilual Ili' may In' as well sr-rvccl in Iilv as Iw sm-rvr-cl llw I'uolIyaII squarls as manngcr. To JOAN IIONNELL I"c oppurlunily ol rx-Iurning In N. B. H, solllvday as an Englisll Icacllvr To ELVIRA IIONZO a sclmlarslrip I0 Illv Vvaslling- lon Bible Inslilule. To OLIVE LEE BONZO III1- riglri In co-star wiII1 Roy Rogrrs in one ol I1i,s Iorllicoming movies. To our permission I0 IJr'colnv vc rf-Iary In a scI'1ooI superinicnclcnl. To VVALTER BORK a Inoolc on "How Io Knitn Ior Iw clocs musl cvcryllming s-Iso quiir wr-II, To ARTHUR BOVVEN our Impr Ilwal lic will succcccl in luis lilo worlc as an Ar-ronaulical Enginvc-r. To VIRGINIA BOXAISER nur sympallly IIlaI N. H. S. clovs not I1avs- a ruursv in ngriculiurc. 'lb ANNA l5RANl7'l' tht- stttislttt-limi .il ht-ing ahh- tt- nuznlvr lltr- tltztllvnqing prtmlxlt-tim slut- will t-ntuunlt-r its at ntissitmatry. 'ln lSl'lD l5YlfRl.lf ti pmilitm .ts slrtttlttml t-nuiitt-t-r with tht- .Xittt-rifttti lSritlg.- fitnuputn. 'Ili ROISIQRT CIXNIIQRON our ht-Ii.-l thtit llttmplirt-5 lltvgztrl will lmvr- rm lmulrlt- in lintling at tttptthlt- sttttr-surf. 'lin l7l3.XNl'lfS ffARRUl.l. t-ur lmpt- tlmt blur' -.ill lwtntttt- .te lzttnotu its .tntttltt-r fiatrmll, lfnrl lip n.tnt4-. 'lb Nl,-XRY C'l'lAl'NlAN tt win- rt-ttmlt-r in ttrtlt-r thttt Qltt- muy lmztr ltuw wt-ll elim' plays ln-r lrtmtpvl. 'lin ROl3lfR'l'.X C'Ol5l'RN tt wt-ll-t-qttippt-tl ltimi til ht-r rlmift-. 'lb K.fYl'lllfRlNlf ifUl.lf3l,-KN uttr htipt- that shi- muy ltiwc' un trpporlttnilly lu tl.-v.-ltip lu-r th.-..trit.tI atml vnrztl lnlf-nls. 'Ili VII.-'XRIAIQS YOUR .tn .itlv..n.t- ttittrft- in UN-rvitiiiu Attlmimlvilt-Q," 't'., t-.xtt's tl... .,,,,, t., pt... ...t. l.-gi..t.- luullmll, 'lb SlllRl.l2Y C'R.'Xl"l' ti itth with tht- lttrgt- lutitl mm- patny nl at silltilur mum-. 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I-III -NIIII-IIIII IJIII-IIIIIIII lgfopfrefic Olglffem of f Q59 I230 Brighton Avenue Sacranwento, Cfahlornia hlay 30, 1939 lDcar.hunL lvlany years have passed since our graduation lrom the New Brighton High School. VVe received our diplomas a century alter the discovery ol gold in California. Now that I am living in Sacramento, California. I fully realize the importance ot those settlers to our countryis development. However, it is my sincere beliel that the '49ers ol the twentieth century have made important contributions to our countryis wellare. also. Il is a dililicult taslc Iceeping in contact with such a great number ol classmates. but through letters. radio. television. newspapers, and other scientitic methods ol communication, many lriendships have not been lost or forgotten. Do you remember RALPH BENNETT, who played the trombone in our band? At the present time. he is the musical instructor in the Beaver Falls High School. Also on the Beaver Falls faculty are two ot our tormer loothall players: ROBERT NIUJVVIT and EDVVARD AYERS torm the dual coaching statl in than city. I am lairly well informed ol the allairs in Beaver Valley. because I have the News-Tribune mailed to me regularly. I read ol your good lortune in being appointed Dean ol VVomen at Indiana State Teachers College. Did you lcnow that GEORGE KO- PRIVA is eclitor-in-chiel ol this newspaper. and. that on his stall: are several New Brighton High graduates ol I949? RACHEL DODDS is the society editor, HOWARD HAYES and .IAIWES ROSER are sports editors, KA-I-HRYN STEEL and SHIRLEY VVINTERS are prool-readers, while DON HUGHES occupies a position in the advertising and circu- lation department, The names ol many ol- our classmates appear on the pages ot the home- town newspaper. JUNE ANN NlcDANEL is connected with country-wide 4-H club worlc, and LOIS ANNE BARR is a decorative designer lor the Nlayer China Company in Beaver Falls. Also under the employment of the Nlayer China Company are VIRGINIA ALIVI- QUIST., CATHERINE BEEGLE. and DOROTHY VVINKLER who are ollice secre- taries. Advertisements bear such names as HAROLD BARRE-I-Figs Dry-cleaning. MIKE ONIJRUSEKIS Economy Nlarlcets. .IQE IVIARKO-manager ol NIcCrory's Store in New Brighton, and JAY HOYT-shoe designer lor short people. On the comic page. JEAN l5ERCHTOI.D'S name bylines several new comic strips. just by scanning a newspaper you can see thatrnany ot our lnends have chosen divemihed occupahons Here in Calilornia l have encountered several members ol. our class. CARI, and FIIOIVI ALBANESE own several truclc larms in Southern California. In Los Angeles, STEVE KOLUIVIIIAN teaches physical education. while DOUGLAS BLACK is a sur- veyor. BUD DAVIS and ART BOWEN are connected with television in Hollywood. having ROBERTA COBURN employed as their secretary. NlELVIN BARNETT is a used helicopter dealer. while FRED MACK is a test pilot lor dive bombers. Donit worry about his safety though. lor designer ot the planes is DALE BLACKBURN. The new type ol aircralt is equipped with atomic energy engines. In Hollywood. several old friends have risen to lame. XVALTER BORK and KATHERINE COLEMAN have contracts at VNfarner Bros.: PAUL CQRNELIUS worlcs as a stunt man. CHARLES COOK and DON FUNK- HOUSER are two ol the best electrical engineers at the studio where DELORES JACK- SGN and I3E'I'l'Y LANGNECKER are both secretaries to the chiel executives. GLIVE- LEE BONZO is a triclc horseback rider with CLARENCE LUVETTE as her publicity agent. Nexv Brighton has contributed immensely toward supplying talent in Hollywood and the world over. Our friends in high school have literally become our friends across the conHnenL Sincendy yours ETHEL STEFFEN M21 Sutton I lull Incliana Slate -lieaclu-rs Calif-ge Incliana. Iiennsylvania .lune S. i030 Dear Iflliel. Your letter came to me at a time wlren I coulcl not Iiave apprecialecl it more. Here at tial' State Teacliers College in Incliana. Pennsylvania. we are preparing lor gracluation exer- cises. so naturally memories ol a long-Iorgotten l1igI1 sclaool graduation lvegan to crowcl my mind. -Iilwinlcing ol all time olcl Iriendslmips tlmat Iwacl slippecl away ancl ol tlae new ones Imeing made. I suclclenly realizecl tliat tlwe "Class ol 1940" slwoulcl liave a reunion. Tire majority ol our classmates I1ave lost contact witla eaell otlier. ancl your letter serves to point out wlwy. How can Iriencls remain close wlsien so many are scatterecl Iierc ancl tliere tlmrouglmut tlue Cities ancl towns nl our country. as well as in loreign It-mils? Ixly contacts witI1 memlaers ol our gracluating class lwave Ioeen Iew also. except witlr DON FIELIDS wlio is time instru- mental instructor, and JOANNE BINGHAIVI wlwo is tlme clirector ol vocal music at tlwe college. I.ast summer I tourecl New Yorli State on my vacation. In Allwany I met ,IACK NIC- KENZIE.. wl1o is a lmuilcling contractor Ior a large Iirm tlrere wlu-re I3E'l"I'Y IJEVIAUCII lras estalmlislaed a sclaool ol Iieauty culture. Vvlwilc in New Yorlc City. the occasion presenlecl itself lor me to attencl one ol tlwe current Ixits on Broaclway. It was a comecly starring Pamela Vvinston. ancl Constance Oswalcl. Not until I reaclmecl tire tlaeater clicl I, learn time true iclentity ol tlaese two stars. Tlwey were ANN CUNNINGHANI. and AGNES VASILKO. respectively. Tlmat was one stage I1it Iill always rememlrer. DICK BALIJERSON ancl HOXVARD LENOX are tlaealrical agents on Broaclway. At tlie Clwase National Banlc in New York City. VIRGINIA GODDARD. IRENE OLIVER. ancl THERESE KRETZ- LER luave positions as sevretaries. At tlae newly Iouncleel Art Institute in New Yorlc City. I encounterecl several artists lrom time uCIass ol V490 CLARK XVAIIACE. prominent artist in tI1e country. was responsilmle lor tI1e movement to louncl time institute. JEAN ROSENBERCER. a memlner ol tlwe Board ol Advisors. is responsilale lor tI1e aclvertisingg slcctclmes lor tlae Hlxlew Yorlc Times." Leaving New Yorlc City, I went to Iiutlalo. 'I-Iiere BOB BALDERSCJN is a gasoline station owner wlmile IICIB lJfJXVIiRS anfl P133 CABI- ERON are insurance salesmen lor tlie Nlutual I.iIe Insurante Company ancl RAIIJH SIJICKIIIRNIAIN is a police lieutenant. ' From tlle letters I lxave received Irom I-0ll4s in New Iirigllton. I llave Icarnecl tI1at sev- eral ol our classmates are in loreign countries. IJIWIIS TAYLOR is in Egypt writing a series ol essays entitlecl Hsanrls ol Timefi In tlae wilds ol Brazil .IIAI INIAR-I-IN ancl .IOHN HANEY own a cotlee plantation. DON ANDERSON operates a mountain- climlning Iuureau in Cliile. In Panama. DR. I'RlSCIl.t.A PUNTOIN, assistecl Ivy Iler pri- vate nurse, PATRICIA GLASS, is worlcing on tI1e prevention ol cliseases caused lay log and clust. Having been raisecl in Beaver Valley. tlwese two women slioulcl Icnow Iwow to cope witla suclsi prolalems. JOAN BONNEII. and ANNA BRANDT are cloing mis- sionary worlc in time mountainous regions ol Central America. wI1iIe MARY CHAPNIAN clevelopecl tlae circulating Iilwrary system tlwrouglaout tllat country. IJAUI. CROTH ancl KEI.BAUCiI'I are cleveloping manulacturing lacilities in time Yulcon. Also in tlie Nortli FRANK owns several tracts ol timlrer lanfl. A reunion ol all tliese sfatterecl classmates woulcl IJe an event to rememlmer. Ijevoteflly yours. JEAN 5 lcl A UGHI .IN t43I Sacramento, California i250 Brighton Avenue .luly 15, 1959 Dear .lo Anne, A little more than len years ago, we received our diplomas Irom the stage ol the New Brighton High School auditorium. Do you realize that most ol our lormer friends have hecome merely passing acquaintances? In a letter I received from .lean IVlcLaughIin, she suggested a class reunion. Being widely segregated as we are, a reunion would not only serve to renew old friendships, hut also tend to unite us once again as a class. Have you encountered many ol our lormer friends? I thought that since you own a dress shoppe in Miami, Florida, perhaps your worlc served as a sort ot communication center since you have MARION PRESTON as your secretary and JUNE PATTERSON handling your advertising. Have you heard that ROBERT TURNER is the tax collector in Fallston, while DOROTHY HARDING is the school Iihrarian in New Brighton? LAWRENCE MOG- NONI is the loothall coach at Geneva College where MARILYN IVICDOVVELI.. tilts a position as a professor of history. RICHARD ROMAN and RICHARD HERR are re- search chemists in the Iahoratory ot General Motors. DENNIS ZETTLE is working for the government in the Department of Revenue at Washington, D. C. Also working lor Uncle Sam is JIIVI ROIVIBOLD who sees that the people in Butler always receive their mail. BOB YEAGER is connected with the state agricultural loureau in Harrisburg, while we find DON IVIILLER is the owner ol a company manufacturing tarm machinery in Springfield, Illinois. .IIIVI PULLION manages the wholesale Birds Eye frozen food sales in the Pittsburgh district. RAY SCHETLIN and JOHN LAPIC are two of his most competent salesmen. BET-I-IE SNYDER is a long distance supervisor in the Rochester telephone office. JO- ANN IVIORACK and ROSE VIGOSKY are also telephone operators there. ED DAN- CEK and BEN HALL are maintenance men lor the Bell Telephone Company. Vxforlcing lor the Cleveland Indians as a scout is REIL JENKINS. .IllVl NICHOLSON is the coach of the pittshurgh Steelers' football team. His hest guard is JACK IVIGRACK. hetter lmown as "XVires." IVIany ol our classmates have Ioecome teachers. JOANNE GEPHARDT is a mern- Imer ol the Edinlooro State Teachers College faculty where she teaches instrumental music while ROSALIE IVICPHERSON is the vocal instructor at Grove City College. VVlI.lVIA KOHNE and SHIRLEY CRAITL are physical education teachers in Raleigh. North Carolina. HELEN SPICKERIVIAN and ELLEN KENNEDY are language interpreters ir1 IVIexico City. IVIexico. BETTY VVERTHMAN is teaching shorthand in the high school from which she was graduated. CAROLYN BACHELOR. DOROTHY SULLIVAN. CHRISTINE STRAILE. ALIVIA NIASON. and NANCY ANDERSON are all memhers of the nursing profession. NIARILYN IVICGOUN has hecome a well Icnown woman doctor in this part of the coun- try. ESTHER HAYS is the head supervisor at the Rochester General Hospital. One alternoon while in Hollywood, I met one ol our classmates on the corner ol Hol- lywood and Vine. It was none other than GEORGE NARVETT who is now a traveling salesman lor the Lady Esther Cosmetics Company. He told me that HELEN MARTINAK and TED FIELD are co-owners of the Modern Bakery in Youngstown. Qhio. I trust this letter has served to inform you of our classmates who have long heen lor- gotten. Sincerely yours, ETI-IEL STEFFEN I44l V507 Biscayne Boulevard Ixliami. Florida .lilly 20, 1030 Dear I'.lIieI. XVHI1 a feeling ol deep satislaction I read and re-read your recent letter. I I1earliIy agree ttlal we sI1ouId I1ave a reunion ol tI1e uCIass ot '40," and I Imow that llue ollwer mem- Imers ol our class wiII stiare in my agreement. I Iiaye seen and lallcecl witlm several ol our Iriends. IXJNNA owns a Iieauly salon rigflil Iiere in Nliami. Florida. only a Iew doors away Irorn my dress slioppe. In ttle next Imloclc is llue Swank I'Ial Slioppe ol' .IOAN LEIVIINION and DOROTHY SXVASTA. Wlany ol our classmates Iiave vacalioned Iiere at Nliami or in surrounding vicinilies. IAm0ng tt1ose lllat I saw was JEAN QHQEER. wtm is a Iaostess in lI1e Vvaldort-Astoria I"I0teI in New Yorlc City, Cjne day on tlle Iueacll. I happened to meet MARION ISOREN. ANNA RONIBOIID. BRISTOL JONES. and BARBARA IJUSKICH. ililiese girls all Ilold positions as secretaries Ior llle Cudaliy Pacliing Company. in Clxicago, IIIinois. Ivlarion told me llmal many ol' our girls Ilaye en- tered llie career ol Iiomemalcers. Among lliose wlio Imave ct1anQed llner names are NIARY LOU HODOKINSON. ARLENE HICKEY. NIILIJREID ROUSH. and THELNIA HAIVIILTCJN. One atternoon. wlien I Irad Closed tI1e sI1op tor time day. I was pleasantly surprised. Upon answering a Icnoclc at my lront door, I came lace lo Iace witli IfIfTNIiNII:'IilI IIJING. I'Ie told me tI1at Iris ioll as a Fuller-Bruslu salesman led Ilim to encounter many old lriends. BEN FOX is a civil engineer in Salt Lalce City. Ulali. wlmile ROBERT PANINIER is in tlwe oil Iuusiness in Texas. JOANN ZAHN and ELEANOR IJIXUN are prominent interior decorators in Vvestern Pennsylvania. VIRGINIA BOXVSER and RUTH ROIVII5OI.D are Iuusy managing "Greeting Cards. Inc." in Boston. Mass.: VERA HUIYIINIEI. and BARBARA IVIALOVI-I-CH are sales managers witlw tliis card concern, Nlany people come lo Florida to see ttle water carnival al Cyprus Gardens during tire winter montlrs. Last season I met MARION DAVIDSON and INIIRIANI RANISEY. Ivlarion is leaclling Iliology at tire University ot PittsI1urgI1 and Nliriam occupies a position in tI1e Ixlusicianis tlnion. Nliriam told me tI'1at INIARFI-I"IA YEACER owns a Ilowcr slloppe in St. I.ouis. Nlissouri. In ttiat same city DORIS HAIDFIELID is a secretary Ior a company manul-acturing slloes. Iaandles tI'le advertising Ior tI1e company. ELVIRA BOIXIZCD is tf5Ell'l'lIIlQ sewing at tile Singer Sewing Center in Beaver Falls. SHIR, LEY EVANS is tlwe dietician al lI1e Pxrodtlead I"IoteI in tlie same city. Al ltie University ot Ntiarni. one ot our classmates. RCJPJERT DfDBSf3IN. is leacli- ing Imiology. I Ilad occasion to visit tI1e sctiool, so while I was tliere. I stopped to see Rolmerl. He told me lliat DON CUSTER teaclies industrial arts in Ntacon. Georgia. and tllal ISUID BYERLE is a structural engineer witlm tlle American Bridge Company in Am- Iuridge. XVILBERTA DRAKE and CATHERINE STARSINIC are Red Cross Xvorlcers in lI1e interior ol' Claina. In tI1e same country. IDOIXI and KCJIEIQER are worlc- ing as meclmanics. In Canada Iittle JACK MORACK is a guide lor a Iiunting Iodge near Iwloon I.aIce. FRANCES CARROLL. BARBARA AI.IN'IOUIST. IDELORES EVANS. and IZII.IZABE'I-I'I PRINCE are stenograplaers Ior tI1e National Biscuit Company in Nia- gara. INIew Yorlc. NVILLIAINI RCJY and EIVIIL LUCEN-I-E are employed by tI1e Firestone Tire Company in Alcron. 0I1io. BILL VOGEL is a Firestone salesman in llme Nortlmwesl. I Ilope everyone Irom our graduation class will Ile aI'wIe lo attend tlie reunion wllen il is Ileld. Xvrite and tell me wlial tI1e reunion plans will Ime. firalelully yours. .IO ANNE HARRIS -I?IIwI Stvltwrr, Class Proplml I45I Dear Ethel. PROPHETIC LETTER TO THE CLASS PROPHET I-Jecernimer 26. I050 VVhiIe vacationing in IVIiami, Florida, I surprisingly encountered .Io Anne Harris with whom you have heen corresponding. Not having seen one another in the ten years which have elapsed since our graduation. we decided to have Iunch together to taiic over old times. I enjoyed reading several oi the Ietters. which you had written to her concerning the where- ahouts and the accomplishments oi a great many oi our ieiiow graduates oi the "Class oi '4O." I was equally gratified tn learning oi your success in ihe vocation oi your choice. I was informed that Ioiiowing your graduation Irom the Leland Staniord University in the general vicinity Imeen given hit lheatrics in the Broadway play in which you are now residing, you had gone to New Yoric where you had parts in several stage productions. Not having paid much attention to past years, I did not Icnow that you had Ioeen given the Iead in a recent . and had received a great deal oi recognition ior your magnificent performf ance. I am sure that your initiative and ever-pleasing personality will maine you a uieading Iadyu not only with your fellow actors and audiences hut with your acquaintances in aII waiics oi Iiie. Although I realize I am not the Iirst. I trust I shall not he the Iast to extend congratulations and hest wishes for your continued good Fortune. Sincerely yours. UCHCVH COIISQQ MARILYN NICDOWELI- Beaver Fails, Pennsylvania C8l".'I Q Ayers, ,,...... ........... f Iiass President III Kahne. XA7iIma--- ........ Class Secretary Bachelor, Carolyn--- ---- Science Ciuh Treasurer III Y-Teens Secretary Barrett. I'IaroIrI ---- Science Ciuh Secretary IV ---------Class President IV ' IV Iierriiloid. ,Iean-- .---- Cl. A. A. Cahinet Y-Teens Cahinet IV Iionnc-II. .Ioan ----- ---- ---- U . A. A. Cahinet IV Chapman, Ixiary ------------------ G. A. A, Cahinet III Coleman, Katherine Crait, Shirley ----- Cunningham, Ann--- Davicison, yIarion---- Daiiris. Rai-In-I ----.-- tax. Ii:-n ----. Ifllniciiouser. Don-- Ur-piuanit. .Ioannr G., Virgina..- breer. .Iean Rea ---- - I'IamiIton. IIleIma--- I Iarris, ,Ia Anne--- Itammi-I. Vi-ni-- G. A. A. Secretary IV Science Ciuh Executive Board III ---------------I-itcrary Secretary IV -----------I-ihrary Ciuix President IV ---------Science Ciuir Treasurer II Ushers' Ciuh Sec:retary-Treasurer IV ----------I-iterary Vice-Ijresicient II G. A, A, Treasurer IV ---------Class Treasurer I Class President II I.iterary President III, IV III-Y Treasurer IV Student Council President IV -------------CIass President I Class Vice-President It Hi-Y Secretary IV ------------Literary Vic:--President I Scienie Ciuh Executive Board III ----------------Class Secretary IV ---Science Ciuh Executive Board II ----- -------Class Secretary III -- ---- G. A. A. President IV Class Secretary II G. A. A. Cahinet I. II, III --------I.iterary Secretary Il fi. A. A. Calvin!-t II I-f'lllllI0n, john-..- YIcI.augIuIin, .Iean-- I-iterary Secretary G. A, A. Cabinet III, ---Ushers' Ciuh President ---------c:IHSS -ITYPHSUTPT I II III IV IV II IVIacIC. Fred ------ -..-- C tiass Vice-President '43 HifY Presicient '46 yiasull. AIma-- ---------------- I-iterary President I Science Ciuh Executive Board III Aiiiier, Don ..-.- ------ -------- L i terary IVIarsIiaI II Iviognuni. Lawrence- - ------- Literary Iviarsivai IV Niuiwit. Bair ----. --.- C Iiass Vice-President III Palmer. IIoIw--- .--..---- ------ I ti-Y Ijresicient IV I'Ii-Y Vice-President III Sturt.-ni Cuumfil Farsi Vigo-thesidr-ni IV Peturtll. Betty .---.--------------- --Y-Teens Secretary It Powers. Iiolm ------------.. -.----- I -iterary IVIarsIuaI III Ijrestnn. Marion ------ .------.. Y -Teens Cahinet IV Roman. Richard ---.. .--------- L itcrary President It Rosenherger. ,Iean-- -...-.- Science Ciuh Treasurer IV Roser. Jim ....... --------- I- iterary Vice-President IV Snyder. Bettie ---- -.-- S cience Ciuh Executive Board III Science Ciuh Vice-President IV Y-Teens Cabinet IV Stelvi-en, Iftilei --.--- ----- S cience Ciuin Secretary III G, A. A. Vice-President IV Spieicerlnan. I'IeIen--- -.--- Y-Teens' Vice-President III Y-Teens' President IV Sm-I. Kathryn--- .-------- I-ilerary Vice-President III Straiie. Christine-- ----- Science Executive Board III Sullivan, Dorothy--- -..---------- fi. A. A. Cabinet III Turner. Bah ..........-- .-..- C Iass Vice-President I Vogel. Bill ..........----- .---- I Iiass Treasurer IV VVaIIai'e, Ciarii ----------------- Class Viceapresidenl IV fi-ttie, Dennis--- ----------- I-iterary Vice-president III Science Citrix President IV i461 ANG D RUNX' I- Numm If-Im ISIIIIII-mul Dorman fTiIwwn VIII.. Clow-Inn I..Il1m .xrumlrong In-up IJAIIII-r Dum Ilmlw Ijllyllis cxoxsmnx IQIIIII Burk fqniluvrim' Bullnnxll ,IUy1I-Vllnmllfxr RHI: fiamurimu I,fm-Im DI- XIII.- Ilzlnu I .xx ing Slxirlrx' I xx Inu RUXX' I- Inmmfw Smmflf-II Ifhxllas SIIIXIIII-I lunr-I Imxfx 5IIIrIv1-IXIIIIA x'IvamIf1IINI.I NII.nly.I Klmmxr fTzIIIn-rim' ylullwif Gfuriun I.:-ppln Nlurx' Ifllf-II NIIIIIIIIII-x' I',Ir-.umr I'xmIir Im,,.,II.,' NIL Ulm..- I.miII-- I II-fkvr ROXX' I- AIW.-f,' xx'.-IQII RUTH-rin Sh-wurl l'uIIx Xvllih' Num x- VVIIIIIII- .Immun IS.-ny R.-III Nlurx I,nvIInII II ,lose-pIIIlxv Nifli Irmzx Puxhxrxi xhurinlxru- Vvulsulx Nornux Vvinklvr NA...-x 'I'.-...,,I.- Dmxny Capo. Nlnrriu I'cIiI1-Q ILIIII K--III-r. I.I-0 Nlxlir' lfmiolf' CAM PICTURE A RC JN-V 2- Iflvmmr Arnlf-norm Dom finulx Uorufhy I"ivIIIs 111-rulflilxv l'mIIxII- f1.nII14'ril14' film in XYIIIIIQI Czxrprnlvr Iflnu funk ffnrnl fiuwlmlilxo Crum- IJUIIQIIII RmmI1ICm-Inrilxf IIOVX' 7- Iim IJ.-xx Img: IEIIII I Im-v Dimli Kuisrl Ch-u.uI- I If-rr Rvgiw Qxxllisun Iulm Ihmrlxux-im I,uL1IsI'mII RuII1fTurIin2' Bolnu-II I.f-I- C'II.mvy Iifxrlvm- Gurflm-r ISIIII Iwslx NIuriIyn Iivuns Ruswll funn In I'.IIn.I I'unIxIaoIm r PICTURE I5 ROW' 2- ROW' 3- .LXIIII I,UVVl'H Xviulvl Vx'anI. II Nd... ,I Iium-3 Sully Slli' NIUWWPII NTEIYQ' l-Ull KUZITI Kil'llI!'l'Il RIIIIFIIQIIILTII ,IOEIIIIIP NTIILDHIIOI N2lIl1yI.l'I!lIll0H Ifnrburu Nlurlu-ss xxmv IiII.,.I K.-.,...I.I,Q L4-Unix VVIIHII-n lil:-ufmr Rn-:I--I Nlilclrml Vrana: Flury Iam- Taylor xlnrilyn S4 Ilvllin D4-Inn-s Yurulvrslim r' IH-ggy SIIIIIII Vnlvrin Kulul-xnxx ,Li Rnylnulxcl Puslizurir link Ijnxxw-rs IQII Zuk Cflzm-mv I I.III Cflmrlf-5 Xvviurk PICTURE C ROW" 2- CTEIYT Iz0IlIl'STllll'Q Iam- Sullun I.imI.I Snlzunum- L'1IlII1'rim-XMWW- Ihlllxmxm-SImI'I1-r ,IUZIII IBHIIINW NIMIIIII VVIIIIS fqhnrlulln- Yun Dwn- RUVV 5- Iim Rvilu-x Iffl NM-Iwr Ball I'0,mvaf II ISUII II-II Imhm Gull- XHIQII-r Imslic- Pfxlrm-r Us-urgvSxx'uIIur1I Dun Shuxlm-y Iiv.-IW, s. Illugf-I new Alan- RUIIIIMIII Hmm- XNRIII1- Iiill SMI.-I NOT INCUIIDEID IN THE PICTU Nhxrilyn Ifrx-. Fm-II Ifunkhmm-1. Imlxil- Clmullmlv, .XIIH-III. CH. Irgun-I NIfCnrmII-k. Rmmlll Im-I-. ldnws IQIIIIIIIIIIII I49I ROXN' I- 5h-x'r' Iimlmr lim IIIINI-II IYIIII Ipllinu Iiolx Ilmuus L1-myf ram Iunl Ihxmlfl IS.-ffglv I'IIil ISHN Duu Burm- Ihxw- I'r.Im .mln Ium I .urls-r lm, I'm-II- Imk Kms.-r Dun ITIILI- ROXY I- Bill Kullvra ISUII AI. c'..III,..gI. IJIIII- Ixr-sh-r Iirul1Ii,lIIlv Q Imrlvs Hamill Ifmlniz- NIIIII-r un C'IImI--S FII Cn-.Irx I'mIxI1IIiIip5 lim Nlnluio Is.,I, I,,,.,. Nlikv RIN-r AI Nlugu Ifmil I.uu'IIh- Holm I Iznrris Im-rrx Kirkpaxkrirk RI XXX' I- N--vo Rngulu .Xrlllur SIMM-Ie Kvn Spruxx lulm Slulwr Im lx 'IAIIIIII :Xrl Xvonn-r Karl Shin If:-1rI Sfllrmnnn Luk Snuxx :Ia-n Iim Xyuml ISIII Slim sm mxvl, I1-mum Hucl Tun n zfmior Cfditd .JQ451f0r7 Vve. time class ol 1930, alter lraving completed tl1ree successful years ol irigir sclmool are looking forward to our senior year. As upper classmen we imave made a suceesslul year under tlfxe direction ol our capable advisor. Nlrs. Anna Geary. As part ol' timis yearls activities we sponsored several well attended Friday niglll dances. An outstanding event ol tllis past year was our .iunior Class Play entitled uHome Sweet Homicidei' under tl1e capalule direction ol lVliss l.ytle. it was presented on February 23. An annual event ol time junior class is sponsoring time Junior and Senior Prom in Nlay wlwiclm lriglwliglrted our yearis activities. l'REsrnr-:NT ...... ,.,.,...s E n ZUK VICEYIJRIQSILJENT sss, sss. A RTHUR XVOMER SIHCRIQTARY ....., ---BARBARA Mruzkriss 'lwnrsrxsurusk .... ,,.,, l 'noov SMITH omior Cjfowj Ofiferar Several successful literaries were lweld lay the junior class timis year. Tlwe First meeting was laeld October 29. 1948. it was based on UHallovve'en.H A play en! titled uiVlrs. Nlorley Goes to tile lvlasqueraden under the diection ol Nliss Shaffer was presented. Several Halloween poems and a reading were given. Nlemlmers ol time iunior class participated in tile all-sclmol Christmas literary. S9V0l'ili Hl1l'l'liN'5TS NVCYC QiV6D ily lil? KJI'l'l16Sil'Fl Elllfi Clli?fLlS. Tire .lunior Urclrestra entertained during several literaries during tl1e year. These literaries were presented under time guidance ol Mrs. Geary. our class SDOYISOT. Time olllicers lor tile year were: PRESIDENT ....., .... R Ussiiu- COUCI'I VICE-pRESIl7ENT--- .... NIARILYN FRY Siaclzrarrxrzv .,., ---NANCY l-EMMON Mmzsr-m1,-- ---Dow Emma t50i RI DNV I- .Nnmu Nlm- l.ip4-ngmul lNurnm llnlmr-s xlrurllm l5vnEuru Nlillim- lluh lllsnn lin! lmin fnrrim- lillr-n loim-5 SIM,-,V M. Brirlr- IJ.-l..f.-S xl. Null, Irrlrr Burn- Rilu l-s'u Ylurlvlim- Kuprivu ylurgun-I llowurcl ROXX' I- lfnmm Yignslw IH-any ljullinn NIIIIII-I Ie,-y...,I.I. llr-lr-n Ymillm Doris NVQ-iglr: .Mum Trpuh-L' .Xnnv llc-Is-rs ,lr-rm Snowrlvn l"r:mu-s Sxvznwy lflvmmr Slmilr- x1.,u,v fnrol Nlnnn lmlxisc' Yun Dyno ROXV I- fflmrlullx- lfmun lmm form-lius Allu' lrlvllling Rlrr-In Bulrmw l.uis l:urlnr'r ln Ann Dv Yinnvs llrrmm flrim Yivimr Cmnplrr-ll c'..f.,I Irrmr cz.,-.-I Dnmllly Gilvsun Somlra Boris Anna-I Nlur' Bcrllnc ljnl fwruflrlcn -S210 OWLOPQ 6!6Lf55 l'lC'I'l Il ROXN' 2- llzml l'lw-nn Bill Mrllmvr-II Ihrrrllry II... lr.-r Imrr-I Hillr-r Slnrls-3 llmlm-r Iirl l:ulnlu lfmlr lrmnzr- l.z'v llarris ln Ann Hr-my Pr-ggy l'ln51u1' Clmrloth' Cain Nam-y x1,.,..I.-vrII.- II1.rrir-m- Hr-Cfrrrmr-I PIC Row 2- Nlrrrirm Unrlvrwmrl Vvillizxm XX!-Im.-r l.urry l7laIz lon: Sullivan ISIII Pc-Ivrsun Cullum-rim' Spfrrlr- 3laryl.zn1 Rmlrlillv lfr-My Smilll xlnrgun-I T4-rz-li Burlmm 'l'rgm-m lmmnf' Vllzugjmxrl .lanrl llarnly sI.IfI.N,'Iz.,..,I,..1.l .ln Ann Slliclxls TTURI Ui A ROVX' 7- 5lurQzur1'lNl.urlw Sylvian llnrrling c'I,rI.- Iwi. lframli Krlcm Kr-rr l.mkmrm lnlm Burr- lirllr Cm:-lnrmg Simi., IIr,.....,,-I sI.ffIr.,II1f,l1 lfrlrlirr Nlolflmnlw lim Nlyr-rs ISUII Kullvr i I5 ROKR' 1- lum VV:-lu-r l.urry l 'rsicln Num Slullurrl llvlsy Rr-I-rl .Iam-I FII Nm lrrwrvmr- NlrC'rrllmrul1 l'.ugr-nv Rnwl l"r.mlr llr-lusn xlnrlin Yum liz-l lim llusquulz- Dun Ihrsqmrlr- Rulwrl Slsrvl llaul Surlmslxi Irrlm Rvinzx Ilmrirl ljlnwnu xx r I'lC'l'l,IRlf Cf RONY 2- lvmumr- Bmnllc-3 ,xlyw Enkrr Nancy Buch-r Susan Burris ,-Xlvc-rn Bama Rurnuvm Dinnluml Nlnry Jo Dm lik-r NH... ,- Is,.-fI.- .Xnn Bfrlr-krrvir-I. Army Iivmrs :Xnna Mm- Bnlilx Fleury lirrlrm Rl DNV 3- Ibmrirl lfvuru lrrzmlx Bair llolw ljrnuml Ir.. lx Lv,-W. Clmxrgr- llunyus Arlllur lfpsh-in fiuslvl Dvlxsnn Runnlv Blmlilrurn filmrlc-s Dr-sr lrirfl Ifrl Balm RC INN' I- Ikrrrnm tim-Ilrmu Imrar- Nlrrruamrlr I'I.aI I-1-in Ch-rrrgv Nlujor, Iirl KAI..-ri. Bill Blur-Ir.-II Dr-rr Nimm- Iulm Ilrrrlmmr Dun l lilm-s liulw liurgr-M lllum Vrrlmmm Ray Nlrrmry ljnvicl Hill lfrl INLI- RUXX' I- I...L Su.-rr url Irrlm Yulinir l"rr-cl Rlrlrllr- Luk I'm'ImirI. Ie,.I,,I. IIN.-I..,l. lfrarl Rull Dmr Sv ir Ir Iinlr XVilli.rm, Im- Nlrulrxsix Ir ljirlx l..ulu-5 lll1ulI5lrfr1-I-ry Ill Ydgr-lmm lx lr-wiv Nc-wvnun lim Km-llmuElI lm- frrurvrski RUXX' I- Rulmrrl lxlxxrnnla DI: li .Xmlrcws C'r.Ivm ISI-muy 'Xrlllur Gintlu-r Ir-IL flrimm lm- limss lun llvsl Paul lfilailm Grmrgr- Crm ir-lr Rr.I,,l. car.-.,.. Rrrw-II lm- llrulxulfwr liulm fqrunlnvr Num IS.-Irrrllmv NOT lNCl.Ul5lilJ IN THI-Q l'lC'l'lf Burl llnmlwll. Dr-niw llm-llxling, Nrumv lligflmg, ljnlririn llulmm-s, llulr- Kc-dvr. llvlly Knlumlwun. lnwplxim- lXnul1 RTS Virginia NIAIII-lrm-l, Hr-Ir R4-irrrll, XYrryrrv Rrrlrrlrmrgl-, lms Sr-Iplrr, l,0n XYIIIII-, .lmm-5 XX'irl.lim-. lynn XXIII. l Krullllm-lx Xvi son. l53l ,Sip omore Kfdfifi eJ4745f0rg liitrly lll cJI'lOlJK'l' lllf' S0lDll0lll0l'C' FYPVV S0lCClEfl il XV0l'llly f1l'0l.Ill ol! 0l:l:lCel'S to pilot ilu- good ship. Class ol IOSI. through the second year ol' a course prescrilxed lay N. H. H. The reliahle captain and his trusted associates are as follows: Captain-Ed Nlolclovang First Nlatcf-.loc ivlatasiclng Keeper ol' the Sliipis Log- lfrances Swaney: and l'urser-Don Swiclc Vllliougli the seas at times were rough and tllere were storms aplenty our sturcly harlt successfully weathered all trials. Our cargo has heen a rich one as we proudly recount our contriluutions to the honor and wellare oi our school. The class gave ample evidence of the many tlwespians which it numlners among its passengers when "An Evening oi Plays' was presented. These three One act plays showed the versatility ol' our shipmates and hespealcs well for future sailings when the destinations are Class Plays. The class duly recognizes the help extended in the charting oi its course lJy the sponsor. Wlr. NicQueen. Vve loolc ahead with great confidence and courage as our trusty vessel un- lqurls its sails for the iinai two years oi our high school voyage. Though we may not always lie favored with smooth sailing our ship will eventually doclc in the harhor of Graduation. .5219 0l0fL0l"6 gfdffff Ogtgfdfy XVe Sophomores feel quite proud oli the line literary programs our group has proclucecl this school year. ln Novemlber a very auspicious loeginning was made when an Armistice day program was featured. A solemn lout most signilli- cant part ol this presentation was the sounding oi taps as duly appropriate poetry was heing read. At Christmas time our class contrilauted its talent to the all school literary program which was prepared hy the three upper classes. During the second semester the class continued to stage excellent literary productions. Especially. dicl this seem to be the case when our masterpiece was released in the form of a St. Patriclcvs clay program, This proved to he enter- taining as well as enlightening to the audience. Cur llinal literary meeting was developed ahout spring sports. A committee consisting oi Peggy Hogue. Patty Cruclden. Nora Stafford. Betsy Reed, Janet iVicNitt, Joe Niatasich, and .lim Kelloaugh deserves a great deal ol commendation for malcing our program so worth while. The literary officers who worlced diligently with the ahove committee in achieving a most successful iiterary year are as iollows: President-Harriette Nlcconnelg Vice-President- Alyce Enlceg Harris: and Nlarshal-Costel Denson. VVe are also gratelul to our faculty sponsors whose patience and understanding contrilouted in unmcasuralnle terms to our accomplishments. i541 ., my Q 34 4 A ' fx Q . . , . -W - ,M .fa-,w,,. I Q, -if P x x 'AW I 5,2 t , go, .- U1 14 " ' -, .,. ,mfww k . .Pr - ' 5 5,4 3 jqwz , - A .fg:::3.'.:.' , 74' Lf if ' Q 8- FV ' if ,. W ' ' W no , A ' " 4: ' 10, fy. . ., .V Q. V 1 ,i 1.., f 'fl' if ' 1+ T K f if j ff' 1 iv vc' rr ' 'ifU5I . ' .- nx- . -1-. ,I -mv, ... L In A ' f rf Q 5 Q 'Y if 109' K fa ., 4 ::' :Q ,- gk -' 3- 'Q it , I -H x.,,,, f A , ,uf ,- a 'f ,.. -,-,,w-- xx Qu? .2 1 Q ... 1 aa O ,xg-.. ,gy-mf D 3 I J' ga 2 'iss I HIE' XQFEM he ff WN asm: 15' Mg if-F ii . , , .X .tk 1 z RUXX' I- Iff...1- lim Xlmlv.. Im...-um livin lbw., 5111-Blinn 'Juris Hmmm Yunnan Hn-xxvr ID.-I,,In.w .Xlulaw lfllwIU.1lluglu-r n,n,..1,.-n, rQ.l,,1...iC mfilv.. lai.lfa..m,.. lJ.,l.g1g.w x1..mi.- :JM l..1k.., 1 ROXX' I- Iln.. Ium- I I-,gm 31210 .Xnn luv:-In Ilrlnax Nm- l..m xlnrullvrih- Hunnnm-r Salman Humilhm Flfnruif- I figlvy Nully I lfumlhm Ilnulim- Nldrlwn Txlzuilyn xlurmy NmuyHa1rri: X iulu Hmm-r :Xnn I Inrm-r ROXX' I- Nnmy fniu-r xfurilyn inlalnuln .mln-, sim.-I llnmrln XYUII1- Puttv Ymmu X'.-nmi. Q. Zf.Q.,f,La ,x,..H. mf, Xvillu-rmv If-un l'nsqu..!v In-nw Pnlmf-r B1-may CDSM... Kfnilvrxn Susan-R ffnuu fm Yukh lr Nunn XXHQI. :if-My MI.-H. I-mn Ile-Hx Nlzxlurrlv, fQlf'85Al'VLOLl'L KZHAZ5 I'lC'I'URl1 .N RON-N' 1- ra.,l, mv.- llunmn flnruux Run.-IJ IS.-Il is fxluulc- Ilmlim- IS.-pulp D1-Inn-N Vlnrlx .lnun Clnrflm-r Hnrrif-ll LE.Ilmun B-mniv Vox Sharif-y Bun I..-n 11. .-xv.. cum.. l1mlxl1l-Dislllvr ilnllf-raw B.-4 km If-umw Cnrmll PIC ROXY 1- R1-Qimx NI: Dum-I Doris fcfnkins 1 ynifliu Hurrly Al..-1-I.ukv Br-Hy Hilelr-Immun' Dnifyunn Nlmuypvrnuv Viola Hull lfllwl luinw Iihml lw Nlnlxriwan In-r Ifllu-I Kvnall Sluirlvy Niinniili I'rnncis,lnnf'cIi1 Bzlliv I Iupp PIC ROXX' 2- lmk Sh-ppr Vxvfuynx- fxlilhu-r lvrry Ss lnxnrlz lvrrvl Slllliwm HI Rw- D4-lurvs T4-rrfxzmuu lar kim- fximrlulls- Pnlrm-r Nam v XVHISUII Virginian Youll-r Burlmru Simm- Ih-eim. Rau ling, Iil Rnguld l0lmXX'nmI1 ROXX' 1- Bill IS--.L 'mlm I'rm1wmm Iimmiv ,Xmll-mln lyugvm- Urunnnmml , . XX-1lN'Ill'c!4!ffIllIl R,.y,...,.,.1 c1..i.f..., f:rul1LBurlmx'i1 R.. I-Ulflu-Q Ia... .fXIlaMm IDU.. Burk Bail llmkf- huklkum-r1-H I.f.rfy limi.-f ITn...kI5f.I4I1-mm 'TURIQ I5 "I'llRl ROXN' 3- lfsl Hngvrh IDU!! I,0VS'Cl"S .Xngf-In Gam Km. Rumlmlfl lim Nlulik Iimhlf-fn Sum.. lnm- lvlwluclwr lim, 'l'lmmpsm. IJ'-Inn-S S-mul. Nanny Snyxlvr Summ-r NL Dmwl Minn- Rvddh- Snrnll Vvilmn 3 C. ROXV 5- :-'1..,f.1 Bula Sumnc-r lim Harris Boil Rr-Nl NIvfx'ir1RmIrIiHv Runnir- fyure Vnul THU: Bingio Pnguni Rn lmnl NYM: lam, 'l'i,,1.,., Runnin- R054-llknnlll I.1'r0vXVl1il1- IHUI, Verisign lmm Ihmgm ROXX' 1- N.,n..1m Iifmf., Unk H.-l--flp Runnin- 4?mnl1I.- forms f vumvlm lwrry Boyml Rn lhml .Mild lim ff-In 1- Burr:-ll lim Huff um, v.,..Ll.- Ruin-n Chlm-II K1-n fum-r lm- lyuvvr In-k Chml., ll.-M21-Iifmk NUXX' I- Ilulwn NM mm ra.,l1g'...,L BOL I.nLn Rm' xluurv Imk NI--in I'n-fhliv 1.1-M Rui,--rl Nllmtunm link,I4l Ifr.mL Klutku Inn. l.1-nlnmn .Xllw Adm Dun N11 XX'iIlium Inlm Nlillm-r I5-J, Nlilmlzlu ROXX' I- IUIIII OYHIZKRIINI Ri., 1i.,,..1.l.i1l Dinh- Null.-rlm-fl :rv 5 Dm. Slum In-rgf-r N-nn, Nldjur, I'lIllu'rIlr1'slm1 Bill Lmw lillurlfw film-r Bill XYUIL- Iulm Yugi.-r Al mu Rn-inru lm- llunmm ML c .HI NOT INCIUIDEIJ IX TH!-Q PlCl'LJRIiS Hfmls-x, H.-N, lam., lJ..,. lawn-5,. Rf.,'....,.,1l Clylmvll, omln- emu, su., - X X1.f..,, I X X Num , -r' un, In-'nm ,lu-n-ls, Rm-gin.: fxxuunrcl, lim Yulxirlu l57l 1 DAM Rm- In egredfiman CZELIM J4145 for? l,RliSIlJliNT .,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,........,, . lorm FRANCONNA XIICIL-PRESIDENT ,..... .,..... ......,,,, l J ON SNUXVBERGER SECRETARY-- ............ -U -,,,,, Sus,xN HAMn:roN 'l'Rl3AsURi5R--- .... .-..-.,,,...,.. R ,xv Vl'ANNIilIlLL Under the clircrtion oi the ahove persons. the lreshman class held a very stiwesslqul slcating party at the Rollerclrome, l.ater in the year, we sponsored a Friday night dance. Nve feet we have had a very exciting Htirstn year in New Brighton High School and are looking forward to taking our plaees downstairs with the upperviassmen next year. jrwfrmcm 641,55 Ogfemr Xvell, we ugreeniesu liinally got clown to the lirst lloor to give all the upper- flassmen the treat ot watrhing us put on our lirst literary. l wonder il they ran remember their lirst one-fhow, the juniors and seniors sat there and shot smiles when they were trying lo do their hest. Prohahly the outstanding event ol' this literary was a play entitled Uiilmcr ifntertainsf, Rememher the Swedish maicl and poor lVlr. Hodson who finally got all tangled up in an apronl Our musical talent was displayed hy piano and clarinet selertions, plus a treshman girls' chorus which sang HA Thanlcsgiving Fantasy '." Poetry. readings. and a tall tale ahout a Hperamhulatin' ihumpidnn vompletcd the program. in our next literary we felt more confident and were suvcesslul in enacting an hilarious pantomime. A patriotic' theme was carried through the remainder ot the program. The following seryecl very capahly as literary ollicers: i,Rt'iSltltiNT ......s ...... -..,,,e,,.,... l , AUUNE iNtARR1iss X"vICE-PRESIDENT ,.,,,,,-,,,,,,,,..,.... h'lARcUER1TE HUDIBIEIQ SECRETARY .,.,..... ..,,,.......-,,.,e,,s... N ANCY HAIZRIS hlARSllAL ,,,.,.,...... ..... ,...,,,.,.. E I ,PIER PR1isToN t581 AE J ,xgcfiuifiw fjur high school activities are many and varied. XVQ have the Alaurum. Crimson and Gold, and Iihrary Ctuh for those who enjoy titerary work. For those who like to mix their hm with a little work there are the Ushers' Cluh and Stand Committee. "All play and no worlcn is the motto for the memhers 4f'i1IJiHClS and sponsors exreptech of the Y-Teens. Hi-Y. Sfienfe Cluh, anct fl A. A. These extra! rurrivuiur activities make for a happier student hocty. 'N f E601 B Y 4 K The ciuh started out the year l948-49 under a new advisor, ivir. Ciranl. who heiped the ciuh considerahiy and proved a worthy advisor. The ciuh participated in many school activities and held two meetings a month. throughout a prosperous and successiui year. it was responsihie for the seiiing oi higger and hetler programs at home iool- haii games, complimentary programs at hasicethaii games. and acted as host and advisors to heip the visiting coaches and oiliiciais. The ciuh had charge oi the hig pep meeting heiore the Beaver Fails-New Brighton grid game, and sponsored their annuai spring dance. A very impressive induction service was heid in Novemher. Delegates sent to the Uider Boys' Conference at Uniontown, Pa.. were: Ben Fox. IVIOXVZITCI Hi1,'CS. ,iilfif Roser, .lilfii ,I-ilii0l"l. Elnd .IOC iN'liillElSil'il. 'Vile Cillil iliS0 sponsored a hasicethaii team which was entered in a County iii-Y League. DON FUNKHOUSIZR Snrn-fury MIKE ROSIZR Vin' lmfsirlffrri t62i BOB PANNKR Vrvsiilent ISI-N VOX Trmlsnrvr RC DNN ROW RC DNN ROVV NC YI' I.- ' 2 H.-. 4, J414- U memgerdhyo CurI Ilmnslwrg, G1-orgfc' Nauru-Il, IDA-lv SIiucnn. Dun I"unIxImus1-r. XIiIw Rue:-r. IMI: I,unnvr, IIN-n I"u VVHIIQHA-. Dirk Knisvr. I"mnIi Iutv, G1-nv DnugIuss, I.uwrr'n1'r' IVIng5n0ni. I5nIu ffallmrun, VXIAII Bork, IIII fuk. Dun Snyn-, Don Ii:-I1Is, Dick I5axI1Ir-rsull n fluivr. Don Anclvrson. I'IownrrI Iinyvs. BUII 'IR-if-Immn, .lark 'I'f-Ilon. Rum-II Umm-II, IMI, IRIN-rs. I5iII Sm-IIN. I-Qurl 51 Immlm R.IpI. Bvnnvkl. Iinl Cir4'Iz', Don IfnIu'. IMI: ,I'urn1'r. Bud I3ys'rI1-. I'IuvwnrcI IJ-nnx. .lim VVumIs, I5uIm I.ynn, RIrImnI Runmn. Irma fiurh-r. KIM NIr'Cr0ury. ,Im-k Gvisvr. ArIIlur Xfvmm-r, Ri1IxarcI Hz-rr, Gvurgjc' H1-rr. ArlI1ur Ilowx-n. INi'I.lIDIfD IN I Dun Bzurnr-s I..-1-4'Imm-I Inm I nIr-mam ISUII Ilmgus Cf-urgv Cn-I il RuIpIn fm-4-lu' fIun-lu 1- I lull IMI- I Im-, .lim KI-IImugII fIynI1- Kaul' I5oIr KuIlf-r I'mnI4 Kfkm DIVILTRIQ: fInrI Allmm-sn, I"rf-:I NLHIQ. I'VrzmIi Sym-ln.II4, NEW' INIENIISERS IQIIS-40 - x . Tiff sxiff V I1 NN 1 xx IG3I Im' xIutusi4Iu Bill Mn- I..-II Rn, 3Iurmy I.f.wrI-,uw NIA ull Iiill XII-ILM.-II ISUII l'I.aIapQ l-r.-.IIQnI.II1- MII Smnulvn Ijul1SIunIm-5 KurI Slvin 'Ibm Sullivan Hull I nl. FRONT ROVV-Helen Spiclcvrnman, Jean Berrimlold, Nlarion Preston. Cynlimia Osmnormil BACK RKPVV-Nanny Vvlmiltlfm. lflvanor Slrailv, yliss Vlurilscllli-r, flnlly Slmmmrli-rm Tlme Y-Teens l'mave experienred anolimer suvvesslul and evenliul year under llme eapalmle supervision ol' Miss Trilsclmler. -lilme lirsl meeting ol: time year featured tl'me introdurtion of new nmemlmers inlo time clulm lollowed lay a Carnival in time gym. Early in Octolaer, tlme Y-Teens gave a skating party lo wlmiclm everyone was invited. At tlme second meeting Mr. lxflvlxlill presented llme flulm witlm movies. and several girls gave piano solos. At last, Decemlmer rolled around and we saw girls biting tlmeir lingernails, wondering wimom llmey would aslc to tlme Clmristmas formal. tlme Hsleiglwlyell Slide." During time lvirsl semester time rlulo members lmelped tlme Hi-Y sell programs al tlwe l.ion-Tiger game. Also tlley sold pencils witlm lime laasicellmall svlmedule on tlmem. Early in llme serond semester. llme Y-Teens lmeld a Covered dislm dinner. Everyone von- lrilmuled somellming good to eat. Not long alter this a laalce sale was sponsored to earn sonme money lor tlwe clulfm. Al a spring' meeting. Nlrs. Gordon. a representative from Vengerls. gave a tall: on lrermcls in l1igl'1 sclmool lasimions. Next came llme annual Tea lor time mollmers. Time lasl meeting ol llme year was tlme annual lmanquet in lvlay al wlmirlm time llle new ollliicers were in- stalled ancl time Nlay Queen and lmer court were annouvmred. At tlme end ol time year ll'me Y-Teens sponsored time imeaulilul and spectacular pageant in imonor ol tlme Nlay Queen. A Tlme ollqivers ol' llme Y-Teens wlmo were responsiimle lor llmese enioyalmle times were: CABINET lirvsimlvlml ....... ....,,.. l llfl.lfN Sl'llfKlfRMAN f'orn-spnmlimmgf Sf-in-l.mry, .... IQLIQANOR S'l'RAlLli x"l4f"Pff'5illl"l1l Vir. ............. NVHlYl'ldl.E Ri-roriling Serra-lary--, ..,. 'lin-asnn-r --- ..... frmmrwrll f'YNTHlA OSNIOND Social Vlmrmirimmairi-- ..... ,IHAN l5lfRf'll'l'Ol.l'3 Pilflvlwllf SNYUFR Prugrramrn flmirmm .... MARIAN PRESTON i651 ROXX' I- Vlflilll I.t'IlIIllflll I I..-Ima. II1....iII.m furriv I'1II1-u Inin 5 Pm Ima.. Mildn-.I Ihmll mn IMxm.umHy I .l'l' I 'ZIYYIS I'r-ggy I Immu- Ivzm IImIgk...,..n VVIIIIM KuImv R.u-In-I IJIIIIIIS If-.m NI. I 4.mgI.Ii.. IUAIIII1' II.mi. ROVV I- Hnry Ium-'I',IyIUr Agri:-5 YmIII-in IS.-ny IR-mf-I. Slnrlf-3 Vvinlvra I5urImrn I'u5I4i: In 5IiIcIrmI Vrmm NInrgi1-XVI-iQIv I'ImImm 'l'rg4.v... ROW' I- mwvnmmmw Immm-G1-pII..nIl .Num BvrIs-Iuwim In Cilmrl-,Inv lhmm .Iuzm Corn:-Iius Donna GiIrsuu I':Inil Cook Iwwnncmxmn Ritz: Cusurim Oliw- Lvl- ISUIUI SI1irIz-y Ifudm-r NmuyAmhmm Rmnunu Diznmmml Slnrlf-v Ifvzms RUXV 2- Inunxwmmu linlIIz'rim- Iss-4-gIv Nnnm Ilnlmf-S 5IzuIx-Iilw Kuprivn 5Iury I-QIII-n NI:-ImIIa-v Nmwyumww Immun- M4 Ijum-I Iimlmm Blink--55 Imnmhynnmmnw I.uriII4- I Iv: In-r ,Uma Ixluson -iiJL6UZ5 I'IC'I'URIi A RC JXX' 3- Iiurlmr.. INIII1-r I Ianys smmwxnnmn 5IurQnn-I 5I.nrIw Imm NInmrI4 I I.errIa-Ih- NIIKMIHII-I Numy 5I.unI1-viII4- lum-I NI. 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NI-UI -I-:U-1-II--f I.1Ii,Ann Ifurr l Iwi.-In-4 mn I4-am Bon Ilmlfl I-www I5r1-IIIIM Shari.-y Iiwmg Ihr-II Im.. fm.- Yivinn fimnpIn-II NIMV I'x'zms RoIwrIn COImurn NIIIKIM IINIVIH IfI1-:mor Dixmm In .Mm IX- Yummy NIuriIynGmu1lI NI-'fr li-lik .Kun f'unningImm VViIIu-rI.nDu11Inp Norman .Ivzm IIQIIIII-rsun KuIIlI"i1r-I'uI1lll .UDEID IN Tllli PICTLIRIQS IAIIIII Burk VVIIIIHI furpvnlvr, NVIIIN-rlu IJruIw, Nlnrriu I':rIiI1-s, NIuriIyu Ifvnln, xI.niIxn IDI-fum II:-IInIing, IS.-My KnIumImn, Rim I.:-0. IH-gm Nlvffurmi-k, Im, S4-ipll-, I67I Q RUXX' 1- 5I.urQurvl IIuxx unI Iluiqulxlm NIunyp1'lI1uv X'.uIvriu KuI.uImxxsIii Yimilm. Nl1NIiIII...-I ILmMwIhnMm Ilmm.. KI-mln-H NLn,IMuIhMgMuwm Xl-r.. IImmm-I XI.nriI5n NILGUIIH XInrIIyn NI: ILM.-II smmwImmmA SMm4IhH SIIIIII-4'Kln1Y XI.urxIuuK1mIn ROXX' 1- Iimnnl Im..-. Dun, W.-ml., IMMITHRMMMHM xmmwwwm xmuunnnxmmmn Imm Ilumnlly XX' IJurolIIy Sunnis: Irmu I'.Iu.mi NI.nv .Mm NY.1IN.m NI4.ri4IIII'n-I.I.1 ROXY 1- Ia-am Un-1-r nmycmh I5zurI1uru.XInuqui-I Bldmm IEW-.. Dnris Dr..IQr- nqmnnnmIAm Imm I54mnvII Runll Cmlmu I1-muu-Ilv I5mn:wII Donna: Grim Immm- ISmuImm IfurI1-up fInnIm'r 5IurioI1IJuvi4Imn NhUfImmmm Sllirh-I Cmlnl Im.IMqmIm-nmmmu 6A26l"L6LJ8l"f5 Nxvhen in douht, Iift up your head and shout, thereys going to he a great gameI" This might easiIy he the motto of our cheerleaders. In any phase of athtetics the participants of the game look to the student Ioody for moraI support. In order to ohtain good resuIts, Ieaders are needed. Emerging as those Ieaders are our cheerleaders. A successIuI season has just come to a cIose, as a resuIt of new cheers. Ionger pep meetings, and support from the student hody. Nine pep meetings were heId this year, and of these nine severat were under the supervision of ctuhs and organizations around school. The participants ol' the pep meetings couId he expected to do or to say aImost anything. At the meetings were feminine hiII-hiIIies, IoolhaII ptayers. and a Woman's ver- sion of a Ioothatt game. Once they even hetd a trial. Speakers were the men of the Iacutty, coaches, atumni, and the co-captains of the IoothaII team. This year. onIy one cheerleader WIII graduate. She is the head cheerleader. Jo Anne Harris. Miss Evetyn Bergan supervised the cheerteaders this past year, introducing many new ideas. IO ANNE HARRIS BOB PHILIPS .IITANNE BRAN'I'I.I-QY BIIITY KOLUNIBAN LEE HARRIS ISI-I'I'I'Y REID RONNIE BLACKBURN E681 A ROVV I-IJ-v Harris, Nancy Harris. .Iuyrv Clmmllcr, Iuurr-Iln DvSf.IIf-. I'1cIiIIi Bork, Vvilmu Kolnnc. Jane Sullon Rflvv 2-Ilnrrir-I ylrffonnvll, Iunvl IVILNNI, .Ivan lVICI,uugIvIin, ,Ir-nn Hoclglcinsou, Ilvugy Slnilli, Iuun I ROW' 3-Ixlury fqllupnmn, IiIIlvI Slvlylkvn, lxliss Ijallcrson, I0 Anus' Ilnrris. Rmlu-I lbwlfls, Inun Ifunnf-II During llw year I048-49. Ilia A. was uncler IIIP clireclion ol' lxliss Ijullersun. llw girls' gym lezxclier. 'I-Iiere were many lournamenls. including musI1IunII. Imslcetlmll. and volley- Ivull. Regular playniglwts were Iielcl llirouglmout the year and bake sales servecl Io raise money. The most importanl venture ol the G. A. A. was Ille sponsorship ol llie Iootlmll crowning, 'lin entl IIN' SlIl'i'1'SSInlII yf'ilI'. il IHIINIUCI VYHS IICIKI Ht VVIlIl'I1 IIilI'fI'6?ll'l"Il'iI ilwixrils XVPTI' pI'6'SC'IIIC'fI. 'I-Im ciallinel ronsisif-cl ol llw Iollowingg: Im-sillf-ni ,,,,, -A Yirr--Iyrvsimlc-nl- .... Sm-in-Iary,- - Tn-usun-r--,, poinl SysIl'nr- Rvporkrr-- Arlisls .... --- -, S1-ninr IQ:-pn-sviilnliu-- ,,,,,-,,,, G. A. A. CABINET ---JU .-XNNIC HARRIS ,--If'I'HIiI. S'I'liI"FEN ,A NIARY CI IAI'NI.'XN ,,-----R.MfHIiI. IJODDS IOYCIQ CII.-XNDLER Iii.-XNNE IIODGKINSON -,------,IANIf Sl"I'I'ON II.-XRRIITI' FII-C'ONNI'ZI-I. XYIIBIA KOIINIQ i691 ,Iunior R4 Suplmnmn- R Irrr-sllmnn 'prm's0nInIix'c--,--, Iiuslivllsall, ,,--Y ,-- x'.,1lp,ii.Hll ...,. NIusIiImII,---, vprvsmilalivz-,, ...., I.-XXI -,,,--,IO.XN ZILK ' fl' NIfNl'l'I' N."XNC'Y HARRIS Rvprvsl-rilalivv-, ---- --,---I'ffUCY SNIITH IOAN BONNFI .L Ili.-XX N11 L.-Xl 'Q QI II .IN EDITII BORK I.ORI'.I I.fX IJI'.5AI.I,I. I.Iflf HARRIS ROW' I- lounnz' G1-plmrsll xm..l cii.,..,,l..-ll Slmlf-y Buff-ln-n Donna .lmm flilmun Rilu Cnszurim .l-,yr-v Clmmllf-r liflnll Fmfk Cmlwrim- Ihumm. Slvirlry l":vs in! lfarlmw Garrlm-r Alifl- Fl:-ming Alyrv Enla- lvannv Bmnllvy RUVV I - .luun llunm-r Delores ,llc-rruumm Nanry Snyclm-r Nan.-y VWISII Lois Sciplc' Belly Osman lo Ann Sluivlrlc Barln-:ru Puskif-lr Bcllir' Snyrlvr Kalllryn Slvvl ylilclrr-il Rnuslx .lurliiv Sluilll ROVV I - Belly Lalxgllvrlicr Edna Nlac Law Carol Cosonlino lvl:-urglic Higljy Susan Hamillon .lnan Garrlncr Peggy Hogw- Ann l.amr'y Sally Hamillun .ln Allll HPIIQ' lmc Harris Pauline ylarlww Viuln Harm-r .ADH H0fnf'f RUXN' 1- Dun. llmll Ixfm- Um a.. l.uis Burr Izlml f null Slvirlvy lgnrluvr Annu xlau- llvrlim Num y liullr-r x1r.f,.4l, n.,fLl.'f mm! ,lf-fm cz.-,-.yr Rolu-rln flulxurn lilmrlnllz- lfrulln liclnax lfwingf l'lC'l'URli A now w- mm' 1- fflnry n..l..M xl. l'.l1-amor Dixon Oliw- Lvl- liunm Sllirlvy lfwuns 1 l llyllis fwnxml .Nlw Nmlry Jxlulvrsnrn ,Il-1ml3l-n-llmlrl Rm-lrf-l Dmlrls . Nunn-y llhyvrlr- ,loan Corn:-lius c Bm 1..-lm lu .Xml mm .lf-ml lS..Ifll-mm lf-rm Rm- Cm-1-r Yamini.. Umlflrlnl Rlu-In llmlmm -rn llllrnn llmum flrilnm IL, X mm-x lnnl1nr'lJoxlQlauw lm liir' f rw I-lm ,loam farm Annu Blew linlilx Sqmlm Blyrig filmrlolls- flnin lxullu-rinv fsulc-lnmx l'lC'l'URli ll RUXN' 2- Molly Snmx rlz-n lflvnnor Slrnils' lfmncvs Swans-y Nlarion Llmlvrwoml Nhrnlm XMMS flmrlollrw palnlvr Bvlly Rl-id finllmrim- Slnrsinic Phyllis IW-Dmwl Knllllf-rn Rolbrlmmlgll Marilyn Gm. -rn Margin- VV.-iqlv lluris VVL-iglv ROW 2- Rinl Ll-U ylilclrml llulcllilxsml Nun: y Harris luun l-:-mnmn Doris llarllliclcl lflla .lanv Hogum' lflc-amor Kmlif Sllirlvl- Knox Norma llolmvs Nam y l,r'mmon l.orvlla D0 Sallv lmm Huclgfliinsnn Yulln Ulmlun lfllwlKvlml1 RUN-N' 3.- Nrmfy Ulm-r Alirz' Za-:lun xrmllyn x1.c:.,.... Nlary Pavlinirll Nlirialn Ramsvy lmrma Vlllmlon Rolls-rln Slvvs url Nun: y Vklllmlf- Pnlly Vvlnn- shrill: Vllilson Anna ylzury Vvillu-rl lwm lkwqlulll- .-Xlh 1- lim-llmlll ,lmm Zilk Num y xvnlsnn ,lunv Sullun llullmnm' Sllulllcr ROW' 1- ,lulw llullvrsun llnrlmru Slum-r lunvl Lowry Suv Blinn Cllrielinz' Slruilc lxlary lane bllnylnr Sylvia l'lnrclinE llolqn Ynsillw Sllirlvy Vvinlvrs losr-pluino Nix lc ,lnr'qur'lim' lJvlorr's,ln1lisnn l'lC'l'URli C ROVV '5,.. I i rlcy F 'lL'BriLl4: xlurilyn ylurray Yr-ra Hummcl Gvralrlinr' Conlilc Sllirlry l lmmlwl Sllirlcy Hall Nlnry Ellcn K4-nm-cly lxlarlelinv Koprivu l larrifl ylfcnnnvll Bel rlwara B larlir-ss ,lon nnz' Nlrlgancl Nnnry IN lanflr-vi l lr' N ROXY I ROXX' 7- lfsllu-r l lanyx l'f-uQy'5mill1 .Xmlrr-5 Flu-an-r Num Slullurcl llmum' 'l'n2E2xrl x1m,.,1..l- xxe.lS.,.r lrmn lJaQiml xlilrlrc-cl Yrmm H.-I,-.. xml.-f...l... Nlurirm l'n-slun lmmn ffllm Nlurllm Yu-argl-r cg.ll..-fl,.,- xxu.,'..l l.lmluSul1mmm lurgnrc-l 5lurlio Xjafgina..-N11 Blu IH..-I f Arru' lillcn lunws lvzm Nlrl-fulgl1lin lfllcn Kr-uns-:ly lxlnrgflwrilv l lumuu-r lfmcl xlrxill lxlnrilyn Nlsfrluun lmw .Kun N4 lbmll-l 'Klum lxlnsun alll' ll Prlivr WOT lNCl.UlJlilD IN THE l'lC'l'LfRl'fS Rf NX' 1- Wilmn lkrfpf-nur-r lfllnu llunlilnnusr-r x1..f,' c'l...,,.,...,. Sllirlvy firnll Xxlillwrln Dmlu- lmm limml-ll Rulln llnrllnu Imnmvllf- Hmm.-ll Pully Glass l,ulxlil1r'l5r-r-gflv .Kun lsvflc-linviz lu I Il.frim.- lkrllmlrl. x1f.,ll,'., 1sr.l.l.-fm.. Fwrrgn- Ibm L31-llm-sfllrrll Bvllx Xllvn. l'.lr'unrxr Amlvrsnn, lrrnluvs lfnxlz-y, Sm' Blinn. Viviun fimnplwll, Nlnry lllmpllmrv. Roll. Rl JXX' 11- l,7l-lnn-S X umll-rhln Durullly Sullivan: lfaurlmrn lxlnluvilr lu ll:-lsy Rf-ml xlurilvn Snlfuvmm- IL-ul Sf-ml. lxlargir- 'llc-rc-li lfvlly Vvrrllllnun .Xgnvs Xklsilk., I-Zulu-I Sn-llf-H V1-guy ljullion lfmnm Yigirrsliy Yoruniz fu fixgurwlll l'.ul lruin Nlnrgnn-I l lmx .ml ROVX' 3- l'lllu'l,l1viln'S ful-xlllvrinc' lil-f-ulv Dnrullly llarslinu Vvllnm Kulmr' lu Ann Harris lnrliiv flonlvv Doris llmlu- Iiallaf- llupp Nlnry l.ou llmlglilusun Dunne: Kvmlrvu Flarilm lim-u mmi1,v..x1.1nlm.-ll ljurullny' -rl.: fulvurn. lvlnrriu lfclilc-s, lxlnrilyn lfry, Viola Hall. ljvnisv Hcllxling. Donna lrvln. l"r.u1r'a-M lunvrlic, lzzvlly Knlumlmn, 5lurg.m-I Nlrfurlnisli, Nancy xl:-rrilnam, lhmlif- xlelllwrsnn, ljulurve Alrl-rrnvvfum, l71l dence Uncier time capailie ciirection of iViiss Anna Niary Campiieii. ti1e Science Ciuim iiad one of ti1e most successfui years since its organization iour years ago. ixfiemiaersiwip in- l'YCi1Sffd Elllii YTIOTC 0l'gi1tliZ6Ci ITICCUHQS VVOFB CJD tile SCilt'!lil1i6 WHS it Ciilrlff' Sp0I'lS0l'6l',i ivy tiwe Ciuim in tile gym. Manny interesting experiments, iectures. ami movies were enjoyeci at tide montiliy meetings. Members received iree ilooics iiiustrating atomic energy and ti1e atom ioomin. Aiso a sociai meeting was iueici in time gym after basicetiuaii season. Voiiey iaaii, dancing, and reiresilments were enjoyed ily those present. Membership in the ciuib is iimited to stucients witii one semester of science and a genuine interest in it. ROVV ROW Rt WV ROVV ROVV RONV ROVV ROVV I,- 2.- PICTURE A Don Seyrc. Pilii ifiiiott, Dennis Zettie, .ir-an Rnsenbcrgrer, Carolyn Bariieior, Bc-tty Rc-ici, Bettie Snycier, Ruiverta Stewart, ixiiss Carnptx-ii, Ciarr-nce Hail, Cost:-i Dr-nson, Artilur Epstein. L1-una Vviuaien, .io Ann Dcvinney, Syivia Harding, yiain-i Reynoiri, .ioanne Taggart, Siiiriey Haii, .icannr Brantley, Nancy iiyerie, iviargarvt iViarko, Betty Snuitin, Dora Cook, Lincia Saiavnone. Diinis iiinyior, iiicunor Riefiei, Niargaret iiownrni, .iunc Sutton, Catilorine Vvnyne, ifarienc Garriner, Nom Staitorri, .ianct NicNitt, Vivian Cannpin-ii. Carrie Eiien .ioint-s, Lois irurtnt-r, irranii Peiuso, .ioe Zagorsici, Biii Mitctilcii, .iacic Snowcien, Ciiarics Hanxiiton, Don Nioore, Ed Kaicevic, Niartin Yoiici, Art Vvonucr, Artiuur Bowen, Ririlarfi Herr, Rutmert Doinson. George Herr. Joe Niariio. PICTURE B .loannc fiepilarril, iiarimara ivinriu-ss, Hina Cook, Pilyiiis Coxson, Nancy Vvililtie, Cilariotte Braun. .ioan Corneiins, Nancy Butler, .io Ann Siuieicis, Lee Harris, Peggy Hogue, Pat Crucifix-n. Joan fiiic, Etiwei Sh-ii-en, Rarimi Docicis. ifiien K:-nneciy, Aiice Fir-ming, Ntariiyn ixicfioun, Aiycu Eniie, Ramona Dianlonri, iviacieiine Kopriva, Anna Niau Baiiic, Hcien Vasiiico. Katiierine Coit-man, Niary i.ou Hocigicinson. Prisciiia Punton, iviarion Davidson, Estiwer Hays, Joan Bon- noii, Don Custer, Jim Keiivaugzil. .lean Br-rcixtoici, ixiarion Preston. Heien Spicicennan. Niary Ciiapnxan, .inne Ann iVicDanm:i, .inc ixiatasicix, Calvin Beatty, Eari Ruff, Boi: Powers. Ricixarzi Roman, Bruin Fisil, Rutil Cariing, .ic-annette Bonncii, Joanne Bingham, Ciiristinc Straiie. Lois Barr. NOT iNCl.lQDtiD IN iJiffi'URi':S-Denise Hr-ilwling, Bully Koiumban. V721 dence OMCQM Pwsirfmll v.,,. -, .... U1-:NMS KI-.TTl.l-. Sl'l'I'l"Cll'j',,- ..,, C',xRum'N l5Ac'lll-:Lou X,fl'0',,l'0Sfd0Il,l ..,, ,,., I iliTTll-. SNYDHR VI1l'l'lISlll'f'V.. ,A,.lr-:AN Rnslewlsramslan liXf'l'llliUl' igflllrfi PHIL Iil.l.IUT l20IH:RTA STILWART HILTTY Rum QXLARI-ZNCIL HMA. ROVV l-Rita Casarico, Dennis Z4-tlle. ,lean NlcLaughlin, Richard Roman, .lean Hoflg!liinson. Flartha Yeager, Dolores Jackson. ROW' 2--yiiss Hr-clinlan, lxlrs. .lohnson, .lane Sutton, Nora Stalt-ord, Nlarion Davidson, Betsy Rc:-ci. Edith Bork, Deion-s Vander- slicc, lxlarion Borcn, .loanne Ciepharclt. Betty Wvrttliitan, Betty Reid. ' ROVV 3-Dave Fraruonna. Don Custer, Ronnie Blarlchurn. Ralph Bennett, Bill ylitchell, ,lo Anne llarris, Vera llurnmel, ,loanne iWlcDanel, Barbara Flarlo-ss. Catherine Wayne, Don Snowtn-rger, Earl Scllrannn, rimwn Another volume ol the Crimson and Gold is ahout to he added to the huge pile that has ln-en heretofore published in this esteemed high school: hut perhaps we shouldnt say another tor il wasnit just another volume to he stoclced away and lorgfotten. It was rather a volume to he re- membered. a volume which upon rellection will hring haclc memories. lvlemories ol joys and sorrow. humor and pathos. memories that will live with us forever. These were some ol the headliners in the volume ol the forty-niners: The Attack to Schoolu issue introducing the new laces around the school and commenting on the new annex to our building. The "Halloween" issue which reported on our progress towards the attainment ol a Student Council. The special "Football" issue giving a complete summary ol the previous games ot the season along with a discussion ot our chances for defeating those arch rivals from across the river. ISCEIVCI' Falls. The "Christmas" issue which contained a list ot the couples going to the Christmas Formal, The "Easter" issue publishing the results ot the exclusive Crimson and Gold popularity poll. The MGraduation" issue. which culminated our high school careers. Congratulations are in order tor the '49 staff ol the Crimson and Gold and lVlrs. Johnson, their chief advisor. ' STAFF C0'f'Cltlftl'S ------..YYA --.ivan lvlclmuglllin, Richard Roman flasscs- --,.lo Anne Harris, ,lcannc Hoclgliinson Business Manager ...........,,,,,,--,---- Dr-,mis Zf-Ulf Betsy Rr-cd, Don Snnwhr-rift-r Grin and Sharm- it .....,, ,,---,--,---- , lgannq Ggpimrdl ,'xrlisIs--- ,...,,.. Ralph Bennett, .lane Sutton ,iii-lftli' Tall' .....,.... .... B r-tty Reid, Vera Hummel Nora Stafford, Nlarion Davidson Sports ..Y.... W- ...a,,,,,,n Dave Fmm-Umm Typists ..... ,,.... N iartha Yeager, Marion Bon-n xlusic .... ...,, --,--,--,-- B H rlgargq 1Vlg,rkr-55 Dolores Jamieson, Betty VV:-rthnian Alumni ..,. ....,,.....-.......... IN 'liarion Davidson 5'iiinz-ograplu-rs- ...,.,, Don Custer. Earl Schramm Activities ..... .... Q falharine Wvaynv. Dolores Vander-siiee Bill ylitchell, Ronnie Blackburn Exchange ..., ..A,,,,---,---------- L lnannc NICDHHSI Arlviggrg-,V ,,,, Ftrs, Johnson, lxliss Heclcman lf:-ah: rcs- - a --,,-,Rita Casarico. Edith Anne Boris bliss Dickey. tvliss Pratt Ifc-'ginlmilmg IIN' yvnr eI6m'IvcI IIN-ir oIIiC1'rs. VIAI10 c'IuIJ Im I048-49. IIN' mvmIxers oI II10 1'IuIm 1-ninyf-fl 11 c'ux'vrf'cI 1IisIl LIinnvr nm s sponsore'cI sew-rnI I:ricIay niQI1l cInm'r-s .1nrI an sI4uling1 purly vu X II I I0 x onsor. unfI0r wI1osP rIirerIion. IIN-5' If'nrnc'fI sufI1 cIuIic .IHlIllill'y. IIISS I-Iill'TlIIIOI1 wus wir 113 ip as IIIIIHQ. sIwIving IJUOIQS. r'i1lzlI0g1ir1Q. 1mrI IIHIIQIYIQ mtl I 'IIIH' oII'im'rs oII III0 I.iIIranry fNIuIm IIlis yr-nr wvrv: Prvsiflvnl ,,,,......,,. ., .... - Vim' l,l'l'SIfIOHI ,....,,,,.. VN iI1rnry nolivvs, SIIIRLLX CYRAVI' Ilmsl-1uT,x Ilmlu-. Sl'f'I'l'IUl'y'74l'0USlll'l'I'- - .,,,,, .I l'..XNNIf IgRAN'I'I.l,W IUIXY I-I1-.mnr'lIr' IIunnvII, IfulI1 I':urIinQ, Immun- IImIgjIxilmm, I.1'una ,XImquiaI, Dimis ,IuvIur. ROXY 2-SInirIf-y fmII, VviIIwrIn IJr.-Iw. I-mn ISI-nn--II, Svlxm IIamI Xlurnm XN'inkIf-r, Uvmltlim- ilmklv, Imam Imxrv, NIM ROXX' 7-NIHIN-I Ii.-ymlflg, I'riQ4iIIu l'unl1-n, Dum IImIIif-I4I, Imn I I..-v IInrri4, IJnmlIuy Ilunlinu. NUI' IfXl'I.L'I5I-.D IN PIlvII'Rlf-I51-ily Iiulnmlum. 5 I75I . NVIMII-H, I'In-IIA. khwm, In ,Xnn IL-Ninm-I, ing, Ium- I'..lIf-Nu., Num... IIUIHI4-x, IIIIIIII- NIfIJ..mI Ilmmlnm. IxuzI.m. Su-I-I Im ISr.mIfI 5IurI1-x II.-II, In ,Kun uggnrl, Imu - x Xirgn Sha. YE shersi Club Concert N .ph Q. 4 h 5 UQ. tv' JY Coq we-1 ' K' 9 GL 31 3, Q0 - 9 1 r . 3' Z? 0- cz GW K of QW' V9 0 No LJ vo 3 QQ, ax 5 N Qtuawait Sl'1NlfJl'lS-ffarolyn Baclwlor, Lois Annc Barr, ,loan Borclllold, Nlarian Buren. Kallrcrine Coleman, Nlariun Davidson. Refill-I Dodds, Yirginia Goddard, ,lcan Grccr. Donna Konrlrcw, Ellcn Kennedy, Vvilma Kollne, Joan Lcmmun, lvlarian llrz-stun, .lr-an Rnscnlmf-rg:-r. Prcllio Snyder. Helen Spiclierman, Clwislino Slrailc, Dimis Taylor, Agnes vasillto. ,lUNlORS- Xvillna Farpenh-r. Rita lean Casarico, Pllyllis Coxson, lxlarilyn Fry, Nlary Ellen Kennedy. Nancy Lemmon, .loanno lvl:- Danvl. .loan l'annor, Belly Rt-id, Rolls-rla Str-warl, .lane Sullon. Dec Vanderslicv, Culllcrinc Vvayric, Nancy VVl1illlc, SfyllllONlORlfS-Nanny Bulls-r, Alycz- l.ou Folio, lmc llarris. Nlargarvl Howard, Nancy xlandcyillv, lanvl lxlcxlill, Bclsy R1-ed, .loan Taggart. Our cluly was organized llris year. so we cannot say, as ollwer clulus do. llwal llwis year was our mosl prosperous. Xve are still a little green. luut we promise lo be a luig success in the years lo come. Our Uslrers' Clulm. under tlre alole sponsorship ol Nlrs. rlolwnson. lreld its lirst meeting in Decemluer. A president and secrelaryetreasurer were elected and a numller ol committees were appointed. Our clmarler was drawn up and accepted by the clulo. -lqllff vlulm consists of forty-two girls clwosen from time sophomore, junior. and senior classes. Tlreir duties are lo uslrer at tlwe various programs in llue lmigflr sclwool tlwrougldout time sclrool year, and lo creale a lneeling ol good will in tl1e people wl1o attend. By learning to meet people, llie girls gain sell-conlidence and poise. Tlre lirsl uslwcring assignment was llme Boosters' annual ulxlinstrel SllOXN'.p and we deeply appreciated llweir inyilalion to tl'1e Boosters' banquet. Xve gained recognition tlwrouglrout tlwe year lwy aiding al time class plays and tlme Community Concert series. Xve enjoy our work and are deliglrled in llwc lacl llmal we are almle to lrelp our scl1ool. Tlne clulfs olllicers are: President' l.r-mmon. Secrelary-Treasurer,-Nlarion Davidson. l761 gan! Gmmiffee J . . . ICUIIUIS. DOIXKUIWI. Iiillllly IJHYS. l'll9NVlllQ'fLflllIl, IK'i"l'0!ll IJUIJ. il Illlli' XYJIYIII! Dmfl mind the rumpus. Tlmfs just the slnncl vommittee slmuling their wares. Xviml would n lqoollmll game or il imskelimn gain? lw wifimul sonwnm' peslffring you lo Imuy some-lixiimg lo 1-ul and nmlcv you iilirsly? Aside from selling at lime games. lim Stand Commillee. during lim year. sponsurc-'cl il clzxmw-. sold nzlrne-Curcls. and made corsages for the Beaver Falls-New Brighton ,Qarm-. Under line QlliCIilI'lCB oi Wir. Slwveimn. lin: slnnd c'0mmille'l-' ilnci il Yf-ry Sl1l'l'1'SSIllI yvnr, MEMBERS! ill' fnlilvrilu- fulvllmll, fiuiilvrilu' Slursinir, Dumlily Vvinkir-r, Luis .Mm Burr. Virginia .xlmquish 'mm Nlurauln. Immun fnlm. Domllxy Hurziing, Nluriun Prvsknn, Ivan Br-rrillolri, Elin-I Slviim-n. Rzulu-I Dorlfis. Hi-lliv Snyrir-r. ifsllu-r Huw. ixlurilyn N14 Cuun. Nnniy Allcivrscmix. fiurulyn Baskin-lor. Hvli-n Spirki-rnmn, Dmmn Ka-lnirrwx. Dimia Tnyinr. 'film-n Kvllvnwiy. Sieirlvy Cmll, Xviurvrlu Drukv. Rusx- Yigfusky. V771 f0l"7 O! fA8 ..!g!6Llfl,l"lfLl'VL The hiting wind and the hlizzard on the already deep snow was making travelling hazardous il not impossihlel But it was January 51, the deadlinel Vvould the Hgreat puh- licationn go to press? IF not, what would its 700 readers do without the only record ol their lives in the past year? This was the incentive the stalzl had to lceep them working luriously day alter day during the first semester. Vvould the readers he disappointed? The staff. chosen from the senior class. had literally travelled into every noolc and cranny ol the high school gathering information. Night and day they worked with little lood or sleep to turn out snapshot pages, data. and corrected copy. Every thought and action had heen in view ol the ugreat pulolicationf' Surely it would go to press. Jean Rosenherger. the editor-in-chief. toiled many an hour struggling with the taslf ol malcing a dummy hoolc which would later blossom into the '40 ALAURUM and meet the expectations ol its readers. Rohert Dobson, assistant editor, had hy his various assign- ments helped reduce some ol her more pressing prohlems. Ann Cunningham and Dimis Taylor. copy editors, used their creative ahility in writing articles and editing copy written hy others. Bud Davis and Jim Roser developed their own form lor lceeping all accounts and credits in order so the Hgreat puhlication" would not go in the red. Clark Vvyallace. our eminent senior artist and sculptor. was the originator and de- signer ol the introductory pages and the cartoons which added uniqueness to the '40 ALAURUM. Thelma Hamilton had interviewed teaching personalities. and .loanne Bingham re- viewed the lighter side ol lile-music. Ethel Stelllen and Ellen Kennedy discussed the programs with the presidents and ad' visors of extra-curricular activities. Howard Hayes. Dennis Zettle. and .lim Roser were the couriers ol the sporting activities of their Alma Mater. For those most important people personillied in the puhlication. the holders ol: the seniority of their readers. Betty Petuch as chairman. Katherine Coleman. Dick Herr. Bettie Snyder. Joan Bonnell. and Ed Ayers ahly recorded their personal achievements. And then there was Christine Straile who consulted noted historians helqore she re- corded the all important dates in the lives ol her readers. But what do the readers lilce loest? Ol course. snapshots ol' themselves. Miriam Ram- sey. Jean Rosenherger. 'Dimis Taylor. Carolyn Bachelor. Ellen Kennedy. Katherine Cole- man. Catherine Beegle, and Dennis Zettle twhal would we have done without his llash cameral lcnew only too well. Then with all this completed there were those most competent typists from Nliss Heclcmanls and Mrs. Thomas' classes, Roherta Cohurn, Therese Kretzler. Virginia God- dard, Shirley Winters. who worlced under timeless pressure to complete the copy lor the Trihune Printing Company. But still the Hgreat puhlicationn had to he officially sold. Those heside the stall. Agnes Vasillio, lxflarion Davidson. Eleanor Dixon. Joann Zahn. faithfully used their great sales ahility. Xvould the Hgreat puhlication" reach its readers hy spring? The snow was piling deeper and deeper. Yes. you lcnow the answer. lxfiiss Couch hravely travelled through the snow and today, yes. you hold the Hgreat puhlicationn in your hands. t78i ROXY I-I5urI Davis, Dimis 'I-ayIur. RIIIIL-rl DnIms0n, Is-am R054-:IIN-rgvr, :Xnn fiunningjII.un, fiIurIc XX'..IIQ.U-. Ifflxv ZHISI-Ily II:-lur'Ix, ,I'Inr-rvss' Kr:-lzIm-r. SI1irIvy Vvinlvrs. Virginia fIusImIurmI, RUIII-rl.: l1nI+unx, 'IMI-Img. IIanniIIon lIIxrislim- SlmiIn'. KulIuz'rim- CoIs-man. RUNX' 3-Bvlliv 5ny4Iz-r, I'1IIOn Konlwdy, CumIyn Bi-x1'Iu-Inf. Nliss f'uu1Il. I.lIuz'I SNIII-lx. fIynIIuI.I Oslnuml. RCPNV I-If1I Ayvrw. ,Ioan B0nm'II. Iim Rnsrfr. IInwnnI IIny4-s, RicImrrI II4'rr, Immun- I5ingImm, Dm-unix fm-IIIv NUI' I-j.Iin,rvm-VIII. Awww.: Ip. x'..QnL.,, Nlilfln-II se....Sl.. u..i..,.. fun... fa I INC'I.l,,'lJI-ID IN I'Il"I'l'RIC-Miriam Rzunwv. l'.nIwrin.- III-I-QI.-. Nlumm IJMMIWII. I,I1-.mor Ihwn. ,Xgn--. Jafmm 5 I -L--- .... I4-un Rowe-nImrg,1jr-r f,IuIxs I'.4Illnr-- --- ,,, ..... I.II4-n IX1-nnvmI5 IIIUF- -------- -f------ A --RUIWI D"IW"' CHII-mlm-, ,......,,,, .,......, K 'Ilrmimw 5ImiIz I5 ' NIQ a .......,,,, ,I 1 ,I' -- V- r 4 I Clmm NT. I, 'nm rg I I . 7 Burl D nhl Im, RIN r I vpisls-- ,..... I In-ww IXn-III:-r. 5IuirIn-x xx inh'r opp I1 Hors- ,.,,g,, Dlmls InvIur. .Nun C unmng3Ilzxm - . I, . , ' 1 X , - , ' IQuIn-rin loIvum. Xxrgnnm CvozIrIurmI . rllsk ......,,,,,, ,f,InrIx VN'nIIm'r-. ,Ivuu Ros:-nIxcrg1-r , j , . X - - Blush. Ifmh,r--K?iK-iAm---M--------T-jmmm, Bingham NIIA-4 I m'rsnnm'I ,..... I'.I4'um1r Dlxryjl , LITIH .xrllllinislmlinn I'.4IiInr ,,,, ..,. ....... I I uc-Ima HnmiIInn XIIf""I "I "" I WIN, 'If' 'I Fpnrls I'.mIiInr4--Iim Russ-r. Iinwnrfl Ilnyf-S, Dvnnis Z1-nlv ' I'IfIr"'I R""'I" I""Im' Nun Svniur Ijulu ...... -,,I5c-Ily I'f'lurI1. CuIIlc-rirw COI1'lnzm SlmpQImIN--- ,A.. Da-uni, fm-III1-. I4-un Ram-:IIN-rgm-r Ri1ImnI IIc'rr, Iuun Ifunm-II Ilimix I.nI1.r. liuruIyn Bum In-Inr IS:-lliv SnyrIr'r. IQII Aye-rs Xlirinm Rnnm-5, l'ntIu-rim- Br-4-QI: fnruz-nimlium IfmIilm-, .,,,,,,,.... If!I1r-I Sh'-IIvn K.IIIn-rinv f1uIn-m.uu. IZII1-n Ku-um-rIx V791 zfwic Vlllle cliscorclzml lones mul sour noles ocfusionixlly lieurcl coming from tlle musim' room only nuxlce llie illlflllill Spring Conn-srl. in NVl1iKill mosi ol' our musirnl orguniznlions-llie lmncl. mixed rlxorus. girls' cliorus. clunce lmrul. and clmpel piunisls purlicipnlv. even il Qrculcvr leul. Pllllff numlwr ol siucle-nls purliripnling in Nliclwvslern lgnml nml Qjll0l'llS plus llw ronrerl sliow llw porlwlion lo wliicli our musical abilities are lmrouglil lyy Nlr. Davis and lwlrs. Slroup. fjur musical arlivilivs leave loncl memories. Yes. the raroling ul llne rliorus all Cjl'lI'lSlf'Yl2lS. flue lmncl ul loollmll uncl lmslcellmall games, the various trips to Pitlslmurgli to see ilme prnlfessional lourli. ancl even the daily prnctires all lvncl us io say, "XVe'II miss ynuf N f ISN f r l5J.J..,fx N W P All le Zim! How could we ever Forgetl The thrill of trying on those llashy new uniforms, wallc- ing up to the Field every morning. the hus rides to the games, and suddenly realizing you couldnt rememher your plate in the many Formations we had to learn. at least tive. Were you part ol' the elephants trunlc, the S in United States Saving Bonds. or the umhrella in that wonderful rain show? For the haslcethall games the group divided into Crimson ancl Gold Bands. l lmow you canvt helieve only half the hand made all that noise. It really was easy. Do you re- member-the gym darkened, the martial music of udingle Bells," and the majorettes ap- pearing with green and red lighted hatons? And then came what all ol us love-praftire lor the Spring Concert. Xve honestly did practice faithfully. Of course, you lcnow that alter seeing the performance. Vve went all the way from he-hop to classical overtures. VVe mustntt forget those lovely parades. They always slarlecl so promptly and man- aged lo provide lovely rainy weather. Needless to say lVlr. Davis had his trials with us lxul we hope he can truthfully say he enjoyed the year as much as we dill. E821 Cybill' llnrrin-I filsllmun 'rll IDU Kvn Spmxx fgUSS 'Dflllll Luk lnllnn Cymlmls Bull fNlll'uIl..ugl. Flulv lnnnm- f wplmrrll Vvilmu Kurllm- Rullmnm- Flmll 21111 CsOl'lll'l .luv Brulmkvr Nlarr in lim kl--S lenlpl. ll.,l.,.-1... Wrrl Corn Ol Rnlwrl fluvlnring Rolwrl Nlilmlin lf4lwin Yufvlmx W TVOYYI ITOYIK? Dun Anclvrsun Rnlpln Bvnnr-ll Num V Hy:-rlv Harilonv lom f nrlvr Fleury fllmplnun l.nrry Fla fwullougfll SIIXOITJIOYIO linly liurgfc-ss Nlnrgur-rilv l lulnm lnnvl Nlr Nill ljmla Sulzmmm FFl'Yll'll 'MIOYII llmn Bum-1-II Viviun fwumpln-ll Ann fwunninglmm Hamm. lhllml-v SIICITO 'JYIUII Donnlsl Flcllls lnnws Pnsqunll- llill Snuln-r Ar l83l GIWLAQIA5 Solo Cornvl Vvflllr-r liurlc Russvll flour-lu lbmmlfl flush-r Russvll flnull Ilumlll bunk Isl Clarinvl Iklny film. If-m15l-I.f.uQIlIm lfml S4 llmmm Kullnryn Sl:-vl fqllrislim' Slmilv luunm- Vlvamgiurl 21111 Clurinal Clmrlullv llranm bllmn Clurgnx lr-nn Gr:-1-r Bmlmm Nldrkm- lunr' llnllm-rem! Arllmr XVUM-r 3rrl Clarinet Hwy J., nu. ku.-r ,llbilll lbflllglilii .XlYl I' lilllil' l'.urlr'm- fmnlnvr .'Xrl.-up Ha. lm Bvlls Num y llnrvm-y t'ynuI1i,.fJm..,m Drum lvlnjor Gulp Xlhlf-r lwu n agar N4-xv Director xlr.fnl1-nnljxnl lvlujorollvs Dunham Gilman l.u1ill4- l'lmklfr Yvrn Hunnm-l .Klum Nlusun n.,,...l,,' xl. I CNOIUI' Cyllllfll llurl xxllxnmwc- Dmmlfl Burk lfmil l.uc vnlf' IMI, llmxvrs mee! Cgfiorzfw The Nlixed Chorus composed of sixty-two voices with approximately lorty having at least one year of previous experience presentecl the Annual Christmas Vesper Service under the ahle direction ol our director. Mrs, Stroup. Assisting the chorus in this program was a group of puhlic speaking students. under the direction ol lxfliss Couch. who presentecl a pantomine ol' each numher. immediately following the Christmas recess. rehearsals were hegun lor the Spring Concert which was very lavorahly received hy those in attendance. Consiclerahle credit lor our successful year is attrihuted to Joan ljanner, our pianist. and Nlrs. Stroup. our director. Vvle wish to thanlc the Board of Education for their Contrihution lor our suvcesslqul year: fue Music Roomfy RCJVV I-Rosalie Nlcpherson, Peggy Hoguc, Jo Ann Sllifilds, .loan Panner. Nancy Lelnlnon, ,loyce Chandler, Char- lotte Braun, .loan Cornelius, .lean Rosenherger, Ellen Kennedy, Rohr-rla Cohurn, .loan Lemmon. ROVV 2-Mrs. Stroup. Katherine Coleman, Catherine Vvayne, Harriette lvlccunnel, Leona VVhalen, Rachel Dodds. Jeanne Brantley, Deloris Vanrlerslice. Janet Lowry, Linda Salalnone, Roherta Stewart, Thelma Hamilton. ROVV 'S'-Ruthanne Shatter. Joanne Taggart. ylary Ellen Kennedy, Eleanor Riedel. Marilyn ylrlioun. Esther Hays. Donna Grim, Shirley Hummel. Edith Bork. ROVV -I--Ronalrl Evelyn Srhlagel, Carol Nlann. .Ioan Bonm-ll, Joanne Bingllaun. Nora Stall-oral. Doris Drake. ROVV 1 Bettie Snyder, lwary Lou Hndglcinson, Doris VV:-igle. -George Kopriva, John Koltcr, .lim Harris, Boh Turner, Howard Hayes, lfcl Kalcevic, Phil Elliott. Frank PGITSU. ljiclc Amlrews. Don ylonre, Charles Kelhauglr, Bah Palmer. Rnliert Dnlxsnn. lim Kellmugll. Louis has 1. NOT INCLUDED IN PICTURE-lvlarilyn Fry, Joanne ylalheny. Costa-l Denson. .luck Ueiser, lue Zagnrslii, ,lo De Vinney, Ramona Diamnncl, hilary Evans, E841 ROXX' I--Airs. Slroup, Ann blnriv Vlrillwruvx, l:runr'c's Swancy, lo :Xnn Hz-nry, Nanny llullvr, Doris llnmlliclcl, .lo Ann Capo. Sllirlvy Borlnvr, Nnnry fjlivr-r, Ann l.anlz'y, virginia Jxllnquisl, Rflxv 2-loan Gnrrlnc-r, xlnry lfvmls. xlary .lznw Taylor, Sllirlf-y Hall, ,lo :Xnn Drrxiirivu-y, 5114- lllinn, Banrlmm Slonvr. vvronixn fexgorslsi, Nanny lxli-xnclvvillc, Annu Nlm- Bsxlili, xlzirilyn Nlurmy. ROXN' 5-lr-un ljnsqlmlv. Ylzmrgis- Davis. Runmna Dianloml. Priscilla ljunlon, Dol I-'il-ills, Viola Hall, Dm-loris Smilll. lfllwl .ioim-S, ixlzlrgii- Nvviulv, Burlmrzu Trgovnr. Blarilyn Sulnlnom-. lic-Isv Rr-1-fl. NUI' lNL'I.UlJl-QD IN I'lCvl'LIRl-I-Bvlty Allvn, Cl:-mlrlinv Conlalc, D1-nisr ll.-llilinu, lil-My Nldlrrrfly. QMS , 6A0l"lfL5 Il-iw Girls' Cilxorus macle up ol lorly memlwers. experieming lor llw mosl part. llxeir lirsl year ol group singing. were' well receivecl in lime many programs llwy rvnclere-cl. Tim Spring Concert nncl lSi1i'l'illkll1l'PFllf' were llieir major engugenwnls. FLP Q PLO fine ol' time smallesl rnusirul orgfanizalions ol' lin' scllool wus lllv il-riple Trio. NYl1lCll was ice-pl very liusy lwe-ping all ol ils appoinlmenls. lt was nol orgnnizecl unlil uller Cllrisl- mas l7lll il made up lor losl lime, Tlwey sang al many school mul ronnnunily orgfunizalions. Sonic ol lliese living lilerary programs. sclwool vllllis. llw annual Spring Connor-rl. llm Rolzxry Clulm. womenis rlulms. and various Cliurcli funclions, rl-llOSC fOlTllJOSillLf lllf' Vl1l'iplC Trio VVQYC ROSflllP lXlC'l,l'lPl'S0Il. Killlll'Yillf' Ci0lL'lT1illl. Jllilllllf' lglI'1Ql'lilYl1. NOYEI Slill-l'Ul'Cl. El9ill10Y Rl1tl'lill"lIlP Sl"lilllPI'. ixlklfilyll l:I'y. ulqllellnil HillTlil" lon. nncl .lean Rosenlwrger. Nlrs. Slroup was llleir clirvflor Elllil .loan ljnnnvr llwir ufrompalnisl, i851 ROVV l--patty Glass, .loannv Taggart, Earl Srliranun. Arllxur Vtlomvr. ROXV 2-Nlr. Davis, Don Fir-ids, Xvallc-r Bork, Don Swicli, Russell Gault, Don Anmlvrsun, Ralpln Benn:-lt. CLVLCQ OVCA86 fl"6'L The Dante Qrcliestra bas been one ol our linest musical organizations. During tbe year tbey bave. as always, bad a lull scbedule. VVe all remember lbe enjoyable performance tbey presented at Cbristmas literary. rlass plays, ixfiay Day. and at banquets belcl by various organizations. i861 52098 P800 Xviml wouici il slugs' iw wilimul u sling?- rrcw? For iniormnlion on li1is suiljefl. in- quire' imriislzlgc' oi' lime' New Brighlon High Srilooi. Xxiillb clims lilv irouse-iigiwls wiwn rurlnin iinw ciruws m-nr? Tim sluggvrrew does. XXIII!! opvns lim Cl1l'i2liIlS ul jusl lilo vorrcfl moment? The sings-vrcw cioc-rs, Xvimn caress for tin- public' nricire-ss system? Tin- slugecrew cioes. Xvimo sees timl enougil rimirs are on time slugs for cimpei? Time slag:-rrew does. Now rio you see iiow im- portant time stagecrew is? The slngecrew cioes-no. I mean. where- would we ine wilim- out il stngflcrew? -iimis year. as in liw pusl, liris snmii imul imporiunl group. ilus iulivlionc-ci insignifi- Czmliy. nol rvfviving lin- crvciil miur- liwin: so now ivl us puusc lo limnic our own slagerrf-xx mvmimf-rs. Pilii ifiiiofl. Boi: lynn. Frunii Pviuso, unci ixiviirirlv. L871 2 ape! mania fd i.in0 up girls mul iuiu' 11 imow. Cnliw- rinc- xX'VilQ'IN'. Rulinnmc Si1ilIii4?I'. ,ionn ijnn- ner. Nora Slniiorci. :incl Marilyn Fiurmy. Tiwsv nrr' our Cimps-I Piunisls. or wc- inigisl cuii liwm our Mixiinulv Girls.. i5E'l'ilUSff nl in minulc-'is noliu' lilf- musir' is Diilffxfl iwiiorr' liwm. nnci you 'mow liiul lnicvs Cznim unci ryuivic liuinicing ns wvii as nimilie' iingcrs. A we-elf all ix lilnc' line-y luice' liwir posls. ni- limugir line-re is iiilie praise nl time enci oi' 4-'afim ws-Pic. bi-iw Class oi' .40 wnnls lo lain- liiis opporlunily now. lo say spienmiini work girls. nnci many lin- iulurv inoici nnucil in slow lor you, J' K. egjoorb The tense moment when tlwe footlwall is alwout to lie lcivlced over tl1e goal post, and tlle score is 7-0: the silent pause as tlte sweating loaslfetloall player stands poised. lmis arms outstretcliecl to malce the winning liaslcetg the vlmeers as the lvase- liall player lJl'6?ltlll8SSly reavlwes lwome plate: all make lootloall. lbaslcetloall. and lvaseloall tliree ol: tlwe most thrilling sports we know, No matter what the score was. tlwere was always tlwe spirit and excitement ol ttie game itself. Vve, also. had intra-mural lvoys' and girls' baslcetlwallg and to climax tlwse tireless efforts in gym class was tlie gym exlliloition. Yes. tlmese sports activities are gone. but many ot tllem never to lae forgotten. 'N f t88i L New New New New FS ' Q IN ew CQ New fgj J ,inf Q Nev' I X xg 1,-J I J New A: ' f Newry YALIUL Briglnmi Iirighl mmum lifigin f,., liriglmm Bright cmrm liriginorr Iirighron Brighton Brighton I0 I3 0 0 0 I0 I4 0 6 TOP RUXV'-Coach Xvayne, Jim NIeyers. Robert XViIIiz1ms, CosIeI De-nson. Jim NicI1oIson HaroIcI Iiarret NIIDDLE ROXVFAI IVIaga, Fred RicIdIe. Ed Ayers. Don VVI1ite. Lawrence Nlognoni Phil Bros ISQTTUIVI ROVV-Jack IVIorz1cIc, Frank Krkuc, PauI CorneIius, Bob BaIcIerso NOT INCLUDED IN PICTURE cared . .fwnrs 6 f-. . .5Ionzu'a 0 ,f X Qu! . fxrnlmrirlgv '52 X XNN . Ruvlleslvr fm 1 V X 1 X3 . Br-:wer 7 5 ' . Butler T 7 . . . . :x1iCHilI'1fll'l I . . flerman Township IS vi X?- fr, 54 . . . Brewer Falls 6 "lim- reorge Narvvll. ,lim Vvoocls. Charles NlcCre'ary. .lark Dyson. .luck Grimm. NIL Milla-r. Db MuiYN'il. Rily Nll,ll'l'Hy, BDI? l.yI1Il. ECI Ixl0Id0Vflfl. ITITIHIK IJCIUSO. CNIilH"llI'i' HV? FTEIUCODIIG. Iifbll -I-LIl'l'1C'I'. ,lilfli Sl"l0XN'dC'Il. FXIUSOU. ennis Zeltle. Bob Yeager. and Jerry Kirlcpalrick. Mrdifg joofhaff The New Brighton High School llootliall learn under the direction of the new Head Coach. Nlarlc Vvayne, and ahly assisted hy coaches Miller, Franco. and Croft. who is also it DCVV COilt'l'l, l0Olf9Ll l'Ol'VVEll'd to il HEWV SLllTCCSSFUl SCHSOII NVitl'l Qfffilt ITODCS. The team won three. lost four, and lied two, showing a very spirited team with plenty ol' fight. The schedule was as follows: The 1048 foolhall season got under way when the Crimson eleven traveled to Mars. ln the lhirst quarter Brighton raclced up two quicli touchdowns to show their superiority, Wlars lought haclx gamely and scored in the third period. Brighton scorecl again in the fourth period. and the score ended I0-O. Nlany reserves saw action. hlonaca was next on the schedule and the Crimson learn scored twice in the lirst quarter to coast to a I3-0 win. Both teams see-sawed haclt and forth during the rest of the game. hut couldnt score. The Crimson eleven played an excellent game to win their sec- ond straight Class A game. New Brighton went out ol its class to play Amlaridge. The team played well and threatened many times. hut just couldn't talce it over. Although the Crimson team never said die. they couldnvt stop the high powered allacls of Amhridge and the score ended 52-O in favor oi Amhridge. Rochester was next on the schedule and everyhody saw one of the hest games New Brighton ever played against Rochester. Although Rochester won hy a score of 6-0, it was a moral victory for New Brighton. as Rochester scored on a pass in the last thirty seconds ol the game. ll was a hard fought contest all the way. New Brighton journeyed to Beaver to he upset hy a 7-6 score. The Crimson team scored in the llirst quarter. hut the placement was hloclced and this proved to he the cle- ciding lnaclor in the outcome ol' the game. Beaver rallied to score in the third quarter and the placement was good. New Brighton was deep in Beaver territory. hut time ran out and the score ended 7-6. This deleat lcnoclcecl New Brighton out ol Class A competition. New Brighton ended a three game losing strealc hy defeating Butler High 19-7 at the latler's Field. The Crimson eleven went into action in the second quarter to score three times. Butler came haclc to score in the third quarter. Coach Vvayne didnt pile up the score as the entire squad saw action. A once defeated Niidland journeyed to New Brighton, and the two teams fought to a I4-14 tie. Brighton scored llirst in the first quarter. and the score was 7-0 at the half. Nliclland came haclc in thc third quarter to score two quick touchdowns talcing the lead. The Crimson eleven rallied to score in the fourth quarter and the game ended in a 14-14 tie. A strong Fayette County team journeyed to Brighton and went haclc with an I8-0 win. New Brighton never gave up hut the German Twp. team proved to he too tough. ln the last game of the year the Lions tamed the Tigers. The whole team played ex- cellent loall and tied a much favored Beaver Falls team lay a 646 score. It was one of the hest games of the year. t92i lo' Nlatasimli, Boi: Ilqiplon, rl-om Alhanese. Bah Harris. 606 0:5 MR. VVAYNE Our new loothall coach. Nlr. VNfayne. is a lormer graduate nl Slippery Rock High School and Slippery Rock College. Nvhile in high school he participated in all the major sports. At Slippery Roclc College lVlr. Vtfayne played loothall. haslcethall. and hasehall lor two and one-hall years helore his college career was hrolcen up hy a call lrom Uncle Sam. He served as a First lieutenant, piloting a B-24 in the South ljacilic area. Alter his dis' charge lrom the army, he linished his schooling at Slippery Roclx and then attended the University ol- Pittsburgh where he received his lxlastefs Degree. Belore accepting his posi-- tion here. Nlr. VVayne had coached at Slippery Roclc High School, Hopewell, and Richmond High School at Johnstown. lwir. Vvaynes tirst season at New Brighton was lairly successlul. His team compiled a record ol three wins. lour losses. and two lies. clirnaxing with a 6-0 deaclloclx against our traditional rivals from across the river. Nir. Vvayne also assumed the duties ol coach ol our .lunior High haslcethall team. MR, MILLER Nlr. lxliller has served capahly as an assistant ioothall coach lor nine years at New Brighton. He attended New Brighton High School and furthered his education at Xvest- minster College where he ohtained his A.B. degree. He played loothall and haslcethall hoth in high school and college. Although lVlr. Nliller coaches no reserve or .lunior High team. he specializes in turning out good ends lor our teams. Nlr. ixliller is also the head coach ol the haslcethall squad. MR. FRANCO lxlr. Franco, also an assistant to ylr. Xvayne. titled the roie ol reserve coach. hir. Franco attended Rochester High School where he was a prominent ligure in sports. lle received his A.B. degree lrom Cjeneva College and his lN'laster's degree lrom Pitt. lwlr. Franco was with the coaching staff last year. Forehand information on all teams was ohtained hy Nlr. Franco. who. along with lvlr. Crolt scouted all ol our opponents. Nlr. Franco also served as our hasehall coach this year. MR. CROFT fjur new assistant l-oothall coach this year was hir. Crolt. He came lrorn the small town ol Bentleyville, Pa. Xvhile in high school. he participated in lootloall. haslcethall. and traclc, He attended Geneva College during which time the war interrupted his education. For lour years he served as a corporal in the Field Artillery Division. Two and one-hall ol these years were spent overseas in Africa and Europe. Alter the war he returned to Ge- neva and received his AB. degree. Aside from heing an assistant to Mr. XVayne he coached ilu- .lunior High eleven to a successful season. Z?6L.'5L8 fgd, Wdndgefd Llitfl' 'IU RIGHT Carl Rom:-shurg. NOT lNl'I.t7DtfD IN PIUl'l,FRIf Bill Mr-Dow.-Il mat Bill Ilmla-. t931 . M e 3 2 linrllvliu Q,IhJd ennior joofgaff pfagerd 1-rson. Vllurnvr, Niurmli, lwoglmlli, Nurvvil. Nirllulsml. Nlujxxil, Burn-H. Ayvrs, :xml Zvillc' who is not imluded in Um picturc-, joofgaff m6LlfL6Lg8l"5 .lurk Slvvmrt. Uun Vllnklvnusc-r, Nlikf- Ros:-r, E11 Zuk, ,Inlu1 Volinir, Dnlz- Blurklmrn, zmrl Kr-n Carver. i941 ROXX' I-,Ina lit-sl. lasli Sarmllr-rr, C'-isrel 151-mari, l-'rank I'r-law, liali l.yrm, l"lavrl Yr-uriiari, lffixv l-lllarernv llall. lfill Kullers. lim Nleyers, Ray xlurray. Regis Xllisnn. lim Nluoi-i. Dirk l..rm.-v Rflxxl 3-llmlilry lfraunal. l'ranlv Krlxuc, lfrerl Riclrlle, George xlajors. llolierl Xxlilliams, lamlv firiiimi, Nlr. lramo. NOT lYl'l.l,'DlflJ IN 'lillf l'lC'l'Lilllf-Ronalll Anrlerson. fir-orge liamyas. ,loin Gill-man. Ray llolwell. l'liil lr-il. lim lfrrlala, Rirlianl Golding. fic-urge Un-lirli, lifl Kala-vit. Don NllXYilli.m.Q. lynn alarm-. liannir- fiurs. Im. Ikrariralr-. lfagr-nv Raul, li'-ii Rr-imll. Bill Sllarqm, Ch-amp Svmllrial, i5al,', fieralrl 'I'--rravf..mi 858l"l!Q j00tL6L 'lille New liriglwtori Reserves enjoyecl a llairly sueresslul season lliis year unfler llre capalvle leamlersliip ol Nlr. Franco. rl-lleir recorcl was won one. losl lour. anal liecl two. Opening tl1e season against Freeclom Reserves. our team won tlie eontest. 27-I2. Ray Nlurray scorecl twenty points anzl llle olller louCl1clown was rnacle lmy Castel llenson witli l.ynn lcivldng ll'ie extra poinl. blilie wlmole learn playecl an exvellenl game. Beaver Falls was next an llae sflieclule. lxlew Briglmton iusl coulclnll slop a mueli liigger and more experienvecl Beaver Falls team. so lliey went clown lo clelleal liy llie srore ol 33-0. 'lille Crimson team traveled to Beaver to lue clelealecl lor llme llirsl time in llrree years liy llie Beaver Reserves. Tlie linal store was l5-T ancl llle lliglrliglll ol tlie game was ljen- sonls 68 yarcl run lor lgriglatonls only touclulown witli Boll l.ynn lxicldng llle extra point. Xvilll a l-2 reforcl Briglllon traveled lo Nlicllancl wliere llme game enclecl in a I2-I2 lie. blqourliclowns were seorecl liy Denson antl Crawlorcl, Vlqlii' learn playecl an ext-ellenl game sparliecl ivy tlae line play ol Snowelen. l.ynn. Grimm. anal lxluoio. New Igfigfllllbli cntertainecl a stronger Ellwood City learn and again llre game encleml in a cleacllorlc. 0-0. liolli learns playecl excellent lmall wills Xvelmer. lianyas. fliers, Allison. anal Snowclen leacling tlme way, 'lille Crimson eleven playecl liosl to llie Arnlyriclge team ancl were clelealenl in a liarcl louglil game. 26-0. lXlewBriQl1lon liad tl1e ball lwetween time goal anfl I0 yarcl line several limes lmut iust Coulflnlt score. illlme store cloes not inclirate tlie type ol game playeel as llie wliole New Hriglilon team playecl exceptionally goocl lwall. Playing tlreir linal game ol time season. llle Crimson learn was cleleatecl luv Rofliesler. IO-0. A partially lblovlcecl kifk wliieli was revoverenl over llie goal lmy liriglilon lefl lo llreir only loucliclown. Furnliles proved to lie time nlownlall ol llie New liriglrlon learn as lliey lumlxlecl twice witliin tlie 3 yarcl line. The game was well playecl ancl llie enlire leam gave everylliing llley liacl in llleir last Reserve game. l95l omior joofgaff The Junior High-Freshman team under the ahle supervision of lVlr. Croft assisted loy Fred Mack enjoyed a successful season, winning two and losing two. The schedule was as follows: The .lunior High team won their opening game over a much bigger Rochester team by the score of 20-IS. "Tito" Franconna scored twice on the quarterlaaclc snealc while Craig added the other touchdown. The whole team played an excellent game with hflajors. Pbalderson. and Chute leading the way. Journeying to Ellwood the little Crimson team was defeated hy a 27-I2 score. Ell- wood piled up a 14 point lead helore Brighton got started, ln the second hall the teams were evenly matched. hut the game ended in a defeat. VVHI1 a I-I record, Brighton defeated hflonaca loy a 20-0 score. Beck. Nlajors. and Franconna scored the touchdowns with Franconna lciclcing the two extra points. The entire team played excellent hall with Dwyer, Reindl, Sutherland. and Snowherger playing out- standing hall. Many reserves saw action. Traveling to Beaver the jinx that the Bohcats have on Brighton was again in effect as the Crimson team was defeated hy a I2-0 score. Although heing defeated the team never gave up and played a line hrand of hall. Kenny Majors. Craig. Anderson. and Reindl sparked a drive that was short of a touchdown. and the game ended. The Juniodr High lootloall team is composed ol boys from the seventh. eighth, and ninth grades. Fl his policy gives the hoys much experience when they are young and will aid them in their future playing days. ROVV I--Diclc Todd, Edwin Bom-ttner, lfarl Gardner. Tuna Armstrong, ,laik Sh-ppc-, Vvesley Young, .lack lvlivr, .lack Cameron. ROVV 2-Dale Sutherland, John lfrancnnna, Bill Beck, Ken Nlaiors. Frank Chute. Herman Spec-ht. Sam Sheffield, Larry Bowser, .lim Sutherland, .loc Salamone. Rfjvv 'S-Dick WICKQ-nna. Eugene Drununond, Dick Anderson, Bill Balflcrson, Ray vllannellill, loin Reincllv, Don Snowhergr-r, Urville Craig, Rohm! Calwell. Rffvv 4-lvlr. Croft, Ralph King, Diclc Swillinger. .lasli fYDvll, Charles Slim-ts, Gary Smith, Colclnan. Richard Shi-ldralce, .lov Dwyer. 33, F5 'D Nvw 13rig11l0n N4-xx 11rig11vton Na-xx 15ri.e!11lun N1-vw 1jrig1l1un Nvw Brig1llon NMA' 15rig1u1un Now 15rig1ulon Nr-w 15rig1llun Nvw 15rig51lhm NNN 11riQ1llrm ---,-,--------Dornmnl -15 Nvw --- .......... Bullet 40 N1-w --- .,,,..... E11w0oL1 '18 N4-vw ---,-v---------Ava1on '50 N4-w --- ........ Curanpn1is '54 Nvw ,------------A1n1xrif,1gP 113 Nr-w -----------..Avouworlh 45 Nm-w A,--,-----150uvm-r Falls Ti Nm-w --, ....... S1lcvnang5o I3 N1-ws -- ......... 1x1ona1n '31 Nm-w 15rig1l1on 15rig1n1nn 15rig11lml Brighlon 11rig1l10n 11r1g1nlun 15rig11lnn 15rig51l1on 1iriQ1lhxn 15rig1lIon vw Brig1llun 51 ............. R0r1u-slr Ziwfefeem '52 41 52 20 '50 41 '58 ....,. .,,,, 'Il 'SU 22 'r 37 -- - 1Trz-z'c'10ln ---- ----,1.vc1sL1u1c ---- Bunn-r --- 1x'11r11nm1 --R011lr-slr-r 154-uw-r 1:n11s -,--1N1nnm-u ---17rr-c-c1uln ---,11vnvf'r --, 511111111111 ROVV I-Im-lf Ilysrm, Dan tfntie. Lf-Ray firavsloril, Luk ltaalr. Dim limi..-N. I ltttxxi 1-Dave lrrantonna, lloln Nluiwil, llovxarrl llaves. Iztl Xvers. ltmlx llanner. lien lov. fliwdify gadlefgaff For the lirsl lirne in the three years cturing whieh htel Aliller has heen coaching the New Brighton High School haslcetlmall team, the squact encteft the season with a less than .300 average. lt loolaect as il New lirighlon woulct gel its l048AlU40 season oil to a perteet start with a win over ljormont, hut a wealf lhirrt perioct shalterert all hopes ..,. Nluiwit was high man-I3 points and Fox-I0 points .... Barnes lent the scoring, although we were out- scorert hy Butler .... lfltwoocl won their thircl straight game lronl us ..... N vers lect-I5 points over Avalon in our liirst ronquest ..... Ax ll the hovs came through lo fteteal Cora- l opolis in the last quarter .... Deieatect hy Amhriclge .... Filth loss to Avalon with Fox challaing up IT points .... Barnes and Roser lect the scoring over Beaver Falls anal a win lor us .... Xve hit a new high in scoring a win over Shenango with Beegle piling up I2 points ,... Hart Section IX win over lxlonaca .... Foul line losses were responsihle lor Freeptornis victory .... Fox injurect .... Xvon leetsttale exhilxition till .... Franconna'-I3 points-to lake early win over Beaver ..,. liosl to Nlictlanct-Franconna-I-1 points ,.,. i Rmrhester won only with a harfl-loughl lmattle-Franronna tops-I0 points .... llxhihitinn with Beaver Falls hut lost leant .... ivlonaea touglit harct lor their win-Nluiwit-Il points -rhanfes lor championship gone .... Freedom hanctect out a iteleat-sul:-varsity gainerl varsity evperienee .... Beaver-ljanneris tiirsl game ol season'-Fox l1al'l4-relelxralecl with I3 points .... Wllftltllltl wallopemt us again .... Xvon last game ol season over Rochester -l:ram'onna--I-'I points. the l.ions linisllect the season with a revorct ol 0 wins anti Il ntelieals. -1 ol' the wins ami 0 ot the cteteals heing in league play. plating them in a three-wav tie lor thirml plaee with Freeclom anal tieaver. 858l"l!8 Z?6l,f5A21fA6L!! The New Brighton Reserve Squad had one of the most surcesslul seasons ol any squad that has ever participated in that class ol loaslcethall. Brighton fans have something to loolc forward to when this squad joins Coach lVliller's varsity next season. ln his lirst year of coaching, Nlarlx Wayne put together a smooth worlcing aggregation that holds two wins over teams in Section 9. lxflost ol the players are only sophomores and have a great future ahead of them. The team played their last 13 games without a defeat and their rec- ord for the season was 17 wins and 3 losses. The scores were as follows: New Brighton ---Dormont 27 New Brighton .... .... L eetsclnle New Brighton ..... Butler 30 New Brighton .... Beaver New Brighton .... .... E llwood 18 New Brighton .... ...... N 'lidland New Brighton .... ....... A vale-n IB New Brighton ..,, ....... R oehester New Brighton .... .... C oraopolis 16 New Brighton Beaver Falls New Brighton --Amhridge 29 New Brighton ,.s. .,..... IN 'lonara New Brighton Beaver Falls 20 New Brighton ,.., ..... l freedom New Brighton .... ..... S hr-nango I0 New Brighton .... Beaver New Brighton .... Mona:-ri 41 New Brighton .... ..... IN 'lifllancl New Brighton .... ss... F reetloni 26 New Brighton -- ..., Rorliester Vlvfjl, RfJXfVf-Boll l.ynn. lim Vvootl, .lmli firinmi, Ronald Beegle, Ben Reintll. Rflvv-hlr. Vvnyne, George Banyns, Bolt Vvilliains, Don lfnlie. .lon Bi-st, Hill Slinrnli. ylr. lvliller lilylvlifjlxl Rflvv-Boll Kolter, George Nlaiors, lid Knln-vit. fhnrles Dewhirst, Boll Steel, Don Pasquale. Elool RCJVV I-Biii B4-xii, lm- Dwyvr, ,loinn Fraluunmi, Parisu, iflllwr Pri-slnn, Kon Niaiurs. X X i ROW' 2-. lifiwy C'rawl'uni, Dali- Sulirvvlami, ijnn Snmviwrgi-r, Ray Tmmi-iiill, .luim ,lilli-r. Hair 'liplim. Rfjvv 7-,iininlx Sulilr-riami, fix-nrgz' Bunk, Disk Syivvslvr, ,lun Sai-inimu-, Raiplu Kina. Sain Siivilivirl. 'anim Nivvrx. zfmior Z?cwA'elfZoLf! Tin- Nc-w iirigiilon Junior Higil ri'1'klIll again rompieleci a sucvc-ssilli uampaign. Niarix Xvaym- ciici an exceiienl join roafiiing lin' imoys in liieir Qariiesl iorm oi organizeci iwasiwlimii. Players parlifipaiing on lime' squad Ltarnc' from lime sc-vc-nlii and eigillii gracics ami iresiinwn in iiigii sciiooi. Aiiimugii Brighlon iosl only Iwo games in line' 1-ntirv svason. liley wen- un- ivorlunalv in lilal an ilwiigiimie piayer rcsuilcfi in lin- ik0YI-f'itiIlQ Ui' liirvc- ivaguc' ronlvsls. Xvilil svvvrai gamvs remaining on lim SfiN'dLliC'. lin- season rc i'Ul'll NYHS H5 iUil0XYSZ Ns-xx iirigillon .... iilulh-rsun iiiownainip New Briglilmi 7T- ...,,,, iiopc-xxvii News Iiriglmm ,,,A,,,.,,,, Nlidlimd I6 Nnxu Iiraglinm HL-, .,,. IS.-.m-r Fall, Nr-xx Hrigiilmi ..... ,.,, F iunara Nm-w Brigiilfmii 28 ..,. -,,,Xiiquippa N1-xx ifrigiilsm ...., ,,,fXiiciiauni Nc-xx Brigiliun 31 ..,. ,,,,XlirivriniQv Nvw Briiliblmi ..,,. ..v., 5 innaxa N1-xx Brigiilun ii .... ....,. i fvavvr Nvu Briuiuion - ,.,.. .Xiiquippa N4-xx ilrigiilun 3I ....,.. ...,, I fuciu-slvr N4-w Brigirhm ,,,,. .........,... , 'xniiirifigr' N1-xx' Brigillnn I6 ...,....,.. .... i fm-an-r liaiis Nzwx Brigiliun il ,A,,,, ---un-,-,,- Rn H011 ciir-slvr I0 ROVV I--Paton, Plciier, Panner, Green, Dyson, Nluiwit. ROVV 2-Sylvester, Kornman, Smith. Fox, Lovr-Ile, Turner. Kr-str-r. Barnes. Rfjvv 3-lvlrfrvary. Dcnson, yl2lcD4ynald, Grimm, Ayers. R. Dysoil, Jenliins. ljyvrlr-, Nlr. Brant, Best. 1948 ZZMMZ ,Slam Opening the 1948 lmasehall season. Brant. who replaced By Nlorgan as the base- hall coach, had a good prospective squad. Five lettermen were on hand'-Ben Lovette, Ralph Dyson. Chuck Paton. John Pliieler. and Gene Smith-as well as a promising group of Junior Legion players. Coach Brant soon rounded the squad into a liine hitting and good lielding Illlle. NEXV BRIGHTON l -BEAVER FALLS 3 After the first league game with Farrell was postponed, the Lions dropped the lidflifter to our rivals, Beaver Falls, 5 to l. A tour run outhurst in the second inning was the de- ciding factor. Three walks, two singies, and one error gave the Tigers four loig runs. The victors added another run on a wild pitch. Ben Uspecsu Lovette accounted for the only New Brighton score by ioiasting a long home run. Gene Smith pitched fine hall, permitting only 4 singles and fanning 12. hut his laclc of control proved a handicap. . NEXV BRIGHTON SHSHARON 0 XVith Ralph Dyson pitching an excellent two hit shutout, the New Brighton nine gained its first victory of the 1948 season by a 3 to 0 win over Sharon High. Nvhiie Dyson was fooling the Sharon hatters, the Lions were scoring 5 runs. in the third a wallc to lVlujwit, a single by Ayers, and a walk to Sylvester loaded the ioases. Alter two men were retired, Dyson drove home two runs with another single. Lovette's hit then scored Dyson. ln the lilth, Dyson and Lovette again scored al-ter each had singled. Ben Lovette had a perfect day at hat getting 5 hits in 5 chances at the plate. H021 NEW' BRIGHTON 7 -IiI,I.XVOOIJ CITY 2 Next. tlle encouragferl Crimson lads dropped Ellwoozl. 7 to 2, Ilellincl Rillpll IDQNUIIIS lour llil pilclling. Tile lllriglllon lloys pounded out I2 l1ils lor 7 runs witll Eel Ayers pacing tlle attacli witll 3 llits. Two llils coupled witll two errors gave New lirigllton a two run learl in llll' lirsl. Two more marlxers were added irl I30lI1 llle lllirrl and liltll lrames xxitll a single run in IIN' sevenlll. Iillwood scored si ngle runs in tlle second and lourtll innings. lien I.ovc-tte continued llis line llitting. getting 2 llingles including a well-llil triple. NISXV BRIGHTON I-FARRIiI.I, 3 Farrell Higll now stopped llle l.ions lay downing ll"ll'IYt. 3 to I. llellind llle ft llil pitclling ol Rudy .Iames. Farrell scored llleir lllree runs in tlle Iiourtll on two singles. two wallcs. and an error. Ralpll ljyson opened llle sixlll lor tlle losers willl a deep triple to center. lien l.ovetle lollowecl witll a Ilir over llle lielderis llead scoring Dyson llul was automatically out as Ile failed to l0llCl'I tllird. Ed Ayers spanked a long. Ilut useless. triple in llle second. NEXV BRIGHTON I-SHARON 3 Vlwllf' Sl1Flf0I1 nine next dumped tlie Crimson team. 5 Io I. as Steve Garay twirled a 2 llit game. .lolln ljlieler accounted lor Ilolll Brigl1lon llils and scored tlle love latty on itll error. Carayis doulyle scored Kansa lor tlle lirst Sllaron run in tlwe Iirst. and Tomlxois llit scored lvapsa and fiaray in tlle liltll. Sllaron won llle section crown lllis year. NEW" BRIGHTON 0- BEAVER FAIIS 0 'lille l.ions continued tlleir losing slrealc l'ly losing lo lleaver Falls. 0 to 0. IJlflI1Iil'il Ily George Nilllill-S two llil pilclling. l-ovette and Ayers. dependallle llitlers. accounted lol tl'le only llils ol-l Nilllill. Nleanwllile. tlae Tigers pounded Srnitll lor 0 llits and 0 runs aided Ivy tlwree errors as tlfley scored 5 times in tlle lllird. twice in tlie l0lIl'lll. and 4 lilnes in tlle Iifltl. NEXV BRIGHTON 4 -IZIIXVOOID CITY 3 TIAIIE' New lfriglllon nine ended ll'le 1948 season witll a line 4 to 5 win over lizllwood ill nine innings. Twelve llits including tllree triples and a Ilome run leatured llle l.ion al- taclc. Alter llotll llad singled. l.oyelte and Turner scored in tlle lirsl on liilois wild peg. Ralpll Dyson aided llis own cause in tlle second lay Imlasting a long lour laagger. A lwit and an error gave Ellwood one run and llley tied tlae game in tlle 5?V6'Illl1 on two llils and an error. However. in tile nintlw Clwuclc Paton opened witll a deep triple. Alter two men were retired. l.ovette drove llome tlle winning run witlw a llil to lelt. 'lille New Psriglwton team ended its season witll 5 wins and 4 losses. Tlle lloys played lille Ilall against stilll competition and were especially impressive in llle llilling department, rlwllf' tealn itsell was a well moulded unit. Ben I.0vf-tte. Ayers. and Bill Sylvester lleld down llllt Qullield positions and were tlle main llitters ol tlle team. lfyerle and Fox also roamed tlle outlielql at times. In tlle inlield. Bold Turner was at tllird. QTITUCIQ Paton at sllorl. .Iolln lyleiler at second. and .lim Kornman at lirsl. Ed Xvelxer. ljon Barnes. and Reil .Ienlcins lleld utility infield posts. -I-l'l9S6 Iloys were a line lielding comlno and also accounted lor many timely llits. Ralpll Dyson and Ciene Smitll were mainstays ol ll1e mound slalil and pilcllefl excellent llall. Bolo Nlujwit did llle receivinglor tllese lloys and was aluly assisted lly Bill Kesler. Tlelc managers lor tlle team were Clluclc lxlccreary. Costel Denson. and .Ion Best. H031 SECTION A SI-QVIION IS SECIAION E Miss I'rnusIIvy .NIaIcsin Alf-xancIcr Barr Boliaml f'IarIi fulr-man Dawson Di-wIvirsl I:rulIn Ifunklmusf-r Grallain HarrIy Hilrts Kr-Ivinglon Imwis Lynn Lyons yIrBrifIc- NInlnir I1 Ijrirt' Rr'irI SanInrzI Snydf-r Sp:-c'Iul TIimnas VVIINQ SIiC"I'ION A I I Nliss Uris is :aw Agnvw Allvanvsc BaIcIr-rsnn. S. Balch-rsnn. VV. I5ruI1aIu-r Carlvr Cnrnrlius Curr in Ifatnn Ifpslvin Fox f3iIIiIancI IIarlIing Hartman M.-Coy IN Inran IXIyr'r Riddr-I Ihilwns Ihnnbuid SIuroacIs 5pecInl 'I'omIins0n 'IRI-mir-II Young xi.,..1..,fy Zami lfanior 5300! Mi. s...,wl,,-rgf-f Asllinn DMI Dun In-u fan f1Iippingir fInoIx Iiixan, B. Dixon. fi. fIar4Inr'r Gibson I'Iar1Iy Hnrsilnan King Main, .I. Main, R. SI: Dam-I 3Imnim Ii UIix'r-r I,IriIipp RainIm Riiiilf-I Sayvrs SpifIif'rlnal1 Sianrarl Young SIQVIAION I3 Mr. IVIcNaugI1lun Anunmn BIal1Iiz'nI1in'Iv:r CainpIx-II Carvi-r Conroy Craxvfurd Dau:-r Dm'Id1'r Ifahm Irvlion Ijranll GiIIiIamI HnIIanrI Kuilf-rs I.nvr-ltr' Nlann NIrfIanna IXIunrr- fVInrgz-mn Nr-ug:-ban:-r Pariso Pnwi-II Rmniwlrl Roush SIN-IIicIrI Sn1iiIl 'I-Iimnpsun YanDyn4- X 'anI .car Principal'-Ixlr. Rii'I1a1rcI Sl0inIcILI SEVIQNTH GRADE SIfC"IIUN C SIfC'l'l0N D NIH. I'inIu-rlon Mr. FI:-ffline An-nt JX rnuslrung Iii-4-r Iinris lim-lem-r liurgf-is IgllfLfI'55 cilillk flmk Cox lxnIwurn lfalim DougIass IfI1rr-nIn-rg DunIwrIc-y Fry Fm-II Gnml Garvin IuInnsnn IIarcIing IinIun1I1an Irwin Imi- K.,l...i- rN1.c'.,,', I. IxIari-rim NIrfIoy, L. xIarIin B14-Gaifif NI: I7anx'I Vasqualiw ODI-Il RannImu Iyrif 4- Rruvs an Iiumam-laik Si-lilagvl 5anInrrI SIiiIIingf-r SIui-vis Su arlz TIiirIiIr- SyIvr-slvr SulI:1'rIumI Zinsvr 'I'i'z'Is VV4-sl ljlUH'l'H GRADE SI'X"I'ION C SIQCTION D Bliss Dir In-y IXIiss CrimsIiaxx Arvni I5Ia1'IiI1u1n I5onnvII Burgc-ss CnaIiIs-y Cappr-r ficmlr-y lInIiIms Df.n,.-y cum-f I'Vr'zr'II Craig Ifox Dunn Glass Irvii CmssgIass Iinrn-sl I'Ian1iIl0n Irnx HarrI4-sly Ga-iIIag1In-r, If. I'IoIzwurIIl GaIIagIlr-r. VII. Huglws Gnrgas KI.-pn Harris I.nwc-ry I IorIQv NIOKinnnn Kc-Ivinglull NIrNIic'I1af'I KOMII 5IuI1rI1ar'Iv-r ylarvfilt IxIurpIiy 31.-Nan I'asquaIi: NIoIh-r Rams:-y Nc:-Iy Sz-xIwIIa Nz-winan Smir'9Iia I,IliIIip finnwrh-n II'nwr'II Spark' Safllor Sw aII'nrcI SnyfIf-r 'Ilnnv Sprnw 'i'f,4,...w VVarrI VN'all VVvIrvr VV:-IsI1 Vfurzr-I I104I NIiss IOImson Ilzakvr Barr Ifurns fariing ni.n,.,y Dmnaska Douglas Ifvans rr-ii I"Inrr'nIinr' GunIIir-r Hr-rzog IIil'Icr-y Karlian KrarIlinSIiy I.ui'r'Ii Nlasnn NIIIIM Ixlinlivr Palnwr Ijarsnn Rf-1-QI RmIgi-rs Salalnonc Sanford Sirklf' S1nifIl,C. SIIIHII, fi. 'Ianni-r VVarrI SICCIAION If NIISS Bcig!IxluI AIIQ-n Bair Bnvilncr Branch CaI1Iz- Capo Cum In Iialun Ifarnu-r Farrow I:rneI1rorn FunIcI1ousm-r, D I'-unIcIl0uscr, R, Harper ,IOI1nsI0n Kr-in-ring I.ynns XI:-Carly IxIiIn0 Mama fJIivc'r Ricidi-I SM-Ifir-Ili Slwlqlrake SlcI'Ic-n Tallw 'I-ayInr Tmlfl VViIf'0x VViIIiams 1948-49 ff? SI.iI"I'l2MlSliR liaflc lo llle olcl larniliar llalls ancl llie moclern unnexl blllue learn really tlwrows Mars and Nlonaea in llme Hclirlf' Vvle learn all aluoul tlme Constitution from Representative Clvralmarn. Pennsylvania Xvccli is aerenlecl lay a program ol llme lJulJli0 Spealcing molasses Yes. llmevre luurnan-just fl. A. A. lnilialion. flroup pielures lalcen lor llie Alaururn. OCTOBER Our Student Counril ellorls seem lo prove sLu'r'esslul, lloollmall season is in lull swing. Nol not again. Yes. ills Y-Teens initiation. Senior rings arrive at last. Ulu. lliosc lirsl report earclsl .luniors laave l'lallowe'en l.ilerary. NOVIiNIl5IiR ll was elerlion clay even in selmol. ancl llwe results were llle sann-, Science Clulu llilies lo XVBVPS raclio station lower. Hi-Y really clress up llmeir lellows riglit For initiation. Helen Spiclserrnan ancl .lim lxlifllolson Crowned lqoolloall queen ancl long. Did you lwave Cl"l0llQll lo eat at tlwe ABC banquet? Seniors pul on llreir lirsl flass play. I DECEMISER llrigluton "live" opens lxarclwoocl season. llal Roclrnan, a Hollvwooel malie-up man. slmvvs lwis lalenl. Nlr. Hamilton and lmis son laonor tlwe svienee clulo witl1 llmeir An impressive Christmas Cantata presented. Y-Teens sponsor Sleigh Bell Slicle. At lastl Clwristmas vacation, JANUARY Harold Russel, llme sailor from H-lille Best Years ol Our lives., Seniors, as lliougla you cliclnll lmow il, get llieir cuts. Xve sulqler llwougjlm examinations. Y-Teens lmolcl coverecl dislm dinner, .lunior Town Forum luroaclcasts over XVBVP. Xvlxal a garnel Xve lose to Beaver Falls 44441. H061 program. y spealxs lo us SAOOZ 561, LVLJQF iiasiwlimii sliii in iiuii swing. Svniors iwar rrpresvnlalivv irom Pmvlilany Coiiegv, Young. lin' Princv oi' Niagic' ami Ve-nlriioquism. silows us iiis lriciis. Did you Q61 a vaienlinc irorn your ixeau? ,luniors give' oul wili1 Hmm' Swvvl flOlllil'illf'. Snowimaiis simowor us. MARC! I Hifi you Qs-l your rc-pod? Hifi you see lim mari0nPllv silowi' ixiusiv iiiiis lim air as iiw Ciioruses anti Band pre-senl lin' annuai spring romsvri N0 vafation yei. Easier forncs a iiilie ialc lilis yvar. Do you iiavv spring ievvr? Senior iiigil sviiooi fiays arm- cnciingf. APRII. Sopiiomores pres:-nl an ni'1x'c-iiiixg oi' Plays." Easier vacation. a muriw nec-cieci re-sl. Sports, liwff ,qyrn vxiiiinil. laiw a ironi sm-ai in our adivilivs. Alas. seniors laiqr H16-ir iiinai exams and so :io you. Soniors Vic' i-or class play roivs. April siwowvrs luring 5iay iiowvrsi HAY Seniors ixici gooci-bye in liueir iasl viass piay. XVQ aii maiie merry al liwe- ,iunior-Senior Prom. Tim mighly seniors end liie-ir reign al Ciass Nigill. Haccaiaurcatf--seniors canil infiieve itis in-rc air:-aciy. Seniors nwvl again for time-ir imanquei. Comrncnvemenl-ilis aii ovvri ,IL'Nl,i i.asl clay oi sciiooi iior lim year. 11071 .gifowfenf dune! During tlle 1948-40 scl1ool term a new sctlool organization was lmorn. This organization was tlic Student Council VVl'liCll worlced under a written Constitution and is responsible to Superintendent lVlcNitt, Principal Taylor. and tlie Scliool Board of New liriglmton Higll Sclwol. Ttie memlxersliip ol tl1e Student Council is composed ol one representative from every lwmeroom. elected lry tllat room, and tlic ljresiclents ol tlie Hi-Y and Y-Teens. Ttiose elected to time memlxrrslxip in 1948--19 were as lollows: SENIORS Soenomomis Vvalter Borlc Artllur Epstein Ben Fox George Banyas James Roser Dennis Zettle JUNIORS Jeanne Hoclglcinson Artllur Vvomer James VVooct Tom Carter lxlargaret Smitll Joe Zagorslci ,loe Bl'0SS Costel Denson FRESHMEN Dun Snowlvergc-r Don Bork Bonnie Fox Ray Tannelsnill Marilyn Nlurray Bill ROUSll Nancy Harris Botm ljanner as President of the Hi-Y and Helen Spiclcerman as President ol tlie Y-Teens were added to tl1e senior memldersliip. The ollticers ot tlie Student Council elected by time memlwers ol' llxr- council VVCTC HS lollows: President ...,,..... ...,. l EEN Fox First Vice-President--- ---Bon l,ANNER Second Viceepresialent--- .,...... JIM XVOOIJ Secretary-Treasurcr-,- ---Ceoizoe BANYAS 'litre first taslc ol the Student Council was to sponsor and direct a Junior Town Forum, in wl1iclw selected seniors presented tlmeir views on ttie Tait-Hartley Act in a general assemloly ot tl1e student loody on February 1. wlwicll was llroacl- cast over radio station VVBVP. lxliss Carter is the aldle supervisor ot the Council. The Student Council llopes to prove itself a valualmle asset to sclwol activities in the years to come. H081 W 'VFX' , I ' V an ,531 , K, J QA-I. , if - E' Q ml Q' H-' 54:12 l M f an -- J Q? 2 . S , "3 . W1 A 2' , fe?-3' ..g. b ,gr 11 f' 2 g Q 7,1 5 Y 1 ,ml 9 5 I Q 0 Xiang r A 9 ,-ill .W Ali 1 A J ' if if . E N. if HF! 45' 559 W A A N 5515+ NN u, NM , f YLV K T YOUR EEF ! Q z X b. The Ataurum Stuff wishes to express their appreciation to the following: MISS CARTER. for editing the sonior write-ups CERAULE STUDIOS. for their patience in iaking our pictures 'Iii-IE NtJRTllERN ENGRAVING 6 ELECTROTYPE CQJNIPANY. for their cooperation TIIE IVIUELLER ART COVER s BINDING COMPIKNY. for our cover THE rtiRIBUNE PRINTING COMPANY and att those who have given ot their time and talents to make this puhtiration possihte. Tlw Pimfn Fngravillgs Usprt in This Boots I',..iI.,.Q..II I,,1 HIE NORTHERN ENGRAVINU AND KLFCTROTYPE CO. Canton, OtIi0 H121

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