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W A uw, .amz E51-w 5 x w 1 L f r Y Y Y 1 L THE sENloR CLASS of New Brighfon High School presenfs The 1945 ALAURUIVI w v r w I I I I u I i DEDICATION Time ciass of 1945 dedicate timis Aiaururn to MISS IRENE KIRCHNER a former teacher in the New Brighton Higii Sciiooi. Miss Kirchner taugiit Junior Eng- iisid, Spanish, Social Studies, and public Speaking, and directed ciass piays wiliie a memiuer of tile New Brigiiton Higii Sciiooi faculty. For tiiree and one-iiaii years siie served as advisor for time Aiaurum. Niiss Kirciiner is now associated witii time Girl Scouts of America, presiding as Executive Secretary of the Giri Scouts in Lima, Oiiio. in appreciation of iier assistance and exceiient guidance, We ex- press our gratitude ioy dedicating to iier tiwis 1945 Aiaurum. L s A Sedion Sedion Sedion Seclrion Contents . Advisors I . . Sfudenlrs ll . . . Adivifies V . . . Afhlefics Advisors UQu,iel, pteaseu . . . nyour assigrlrnanl for lomorrow'-fu . , . mrake rl sheet of paper!! . . . the often iwearot expressions ot our teachers, those patient, long-suffering souis iaoten with exam papers, report cards, and state ioooics, their duties ranging from sign- ing permits and iceeping detention iuaii to coaching ciass piays and spurring us on to victory at pep meetings. IEP J W ITI-IE SCI-IOOL BOARD .1 FRANK E. REED JOHN VV. YOUNG M. P. DUNCAN 71l'0USlU'0f' DR. L. B. MILLER R. B. EBERLE Presiclvnt Vice-President W J, D. BRUBAKER A. S. VVOOD VVALTER W. NICDANEL Secretary ERNEST B. IWCNITT, M. S Superinlenclent of Schools LLOYD A. M. CORKAN, M. A Principal of N. B. H. S. PAUL N. HAMILTON, M. A. Associate Principal of N. B. H. S. Acting Principal during Nlr. Corliarfs ubsencn English and Languages CARTER. MIRIAM L .... B. S. in Edu- cation. Geneva College . . . University of ljittslyurgh . . . Senior English . . . Senior Literary Sponsor . . . Home--New Brighton . . . lnterests-Doll collecting, Traveling. Knitting. DUNl-IAM. JULIETTE . . . A. B., Geneva College . . . Freshman English . . . Home- Nexv Brighton . . . lnterests-Reading, Do- mestic Arts. Fine Arts, especially lVlusic and Painting. GEARY. ANNA . . . A. B., Geneva Col- lege . . . Spanish. VX7orld History . . . Home -New Brighton . . . lnterests-l'lome. JGHNSON, BETTY G .... A. B.. Geneva College . . . Sophomore English . . . Crim- son and Gold . . . Honie-Nexx' Brighton . . . lnterests'-l'lome, Coolcing. LYTLE, ETHEL Nl .... A. B., Geneva College . . . University' ol Pittsburgh . . . leatin . . . Senior literary . . . Home--Beaver Falls. MGGRE. VIRGINIA G .... A. B., Ge- neva College . . .tlunior and Senior English, Public Spealcing . . . Crimson and Gold . . . l'lomef-New Brighton . . . lnterests-'Dano ing, Reading. Bowling. Golf. RIPPER. MARGARET HUM . . . A. B., Geneva College . . . lVliddleloury College . . . lVl. A., Penn State . . . French, Junior English . . . Girl Reserve Advisor . . . Home-New Brighton . . . lnterestsf-Organ, Piano. ROTZLER. ELISABETH . , . Bachelor el' Nlusic Education. Vvestminster College . . . Sophomore English, Pulolic Speaking . . . Alaurum Advisor . . . Home-Pittslourgh . . . lnterests-Nlusic, Dramatics, Art, Camp- ing. 1 Science and Mathematics CAMPBELL. ANNA MARY . . . A. B.. Grove City . . . Ntodern History. Biology. Business VX7riting and Spetiing . . . Home'- Siiarpsburg . . . interests-Sports. Books. HILL, RICHARD C .... B. S., Grove City . . . Wi. Ed., University of Pittsimurgtm . . . plane Geometry, Trigonometry . . . Senior Class Advisor . . . Home-'Geneva Pa. . . interests'-Hunting. Fisiling. HOPKINS, J. ROGER . . . A. B.. Geneva College . . . Arithmetic, Engtisii, Algebra . . . Junior Class Sociai Advisor . . . Home i-New Brighton . . . interests-iViusic. Sports, Books. 'SI-IELAR. SARAH 'ELIZABETH , . . A. B., Geneva Coiiege . . . Aigeiora, Busi- ness Aritiwmetic . . . Home-Nexx' Brighton . . . interests'-Bowling, Home. Traveling. Knitting. TAYLOR. LLOYD E .... B. S.. Wfaynes- ixurg College . . . M. Ed., University of Pittsiaurgtm . . . Chemistry, Generai Science . . . Stand Committee . . . Freshman Ciass Advisor . . . Home-New Brighton . . . tn- tcrests-Fisiwing. Reading. XVILLIS. CONSTANCE . . .B S. in Sec- ondary Ed. Science, indiana State Teacilers Coiiege . . . Biology. Physics . . . Co-sponsor of Girl Reserves . . . Senior Literary . . . Home'-New Brighton . . . interests'-'Read ing. Sports. i 1 t i t 1 t ...-I Commercial Studies BOGK. MARTHA . . . B. S. in Commer- cial Education, lndiana State Teacliers College . . . Sl1ortl1and ll, Transcription. Typing ll . . . Home-New Brigllton . . . lnterestsp-Dancing. Badminton. listening to the Radio. Reading. BREEN. BETTY . . . B. S. in Commerce, Grove City College . . . Geneva College . . . Columloia University . . . Silortlmand, Commercial Law, Business Aritllmetic . . . Freslmman Literary, Freslaman Social Ad- visor . . . Home-New Briglmton . . . lnter- estsf-Bridge, Bowling, Reading. DONNELLY, MARY 'E .... B. S. in Com- mercial Education, lndiana State Teacliers College . . . Typing, Boolclceeping. Con- sumer Science . . . Soplwmore Literary . . . l-lomef-Beaver Falls . . . lntereslsf-fFoot- ball, Literature. GROCOTT, NANCY . . . B. S. in Busi- ness Administration, Geneva College . . . 'University oi' Pittsburgh . . . Boolclieeping. Typing . . . Senior Social Advisor . . . Home-Beaver Falls . . . lnterests-lVlusic. Bowling. Bridge. Dancing. Swimming. HALAMA, MARGARET . . . B. S. in Commercial Education, lndiana State Teacluers College . . . Commercial Cveog- rapl1y, Slaortnand, Junior Business Training . . . Homewfxliquippa . . . lnterests-Sports. Dancing. Reading. MOON. EVELYN . . . B. S. in Com- merce, Grove City College . . . Simortlaand, Commercial Geography. Business Writing and Spelling . . . Home-Sllaron . . . ln- lerestsMBridge. Dancing. Reading. Special Activities BERNARD. JUNE . . . A. B. in lVlusic Education. Carnegie lnstitute ol Teclmol- ogy . . . Mixed Cliorus. Colored Claorus. Small Clmoir, Girls, Trio. Harmony . . . Home-New -Bl'lgl'lt0Il . . . lnterests-Conv posing. playing tlie piano. Reading. BEYMER. FRANK Nl ..,. A. B. ancl Nl. A. in lVlusic. Carnegie 'institute ol Pllecli- nology . . . Orclaestra, Band, Girls' Cliorus . . . Coacli- ol Drum lvlajorettes and Clweer- leaders . . . Home-New Brigliton . . . ln- lerests-Reacling. Sports. ljinoclile. l.islen- ing lo lVlusic. COENE. IVAN Nl .... University ol Pitlslnurgli . . . Manual Arts . . . Horne'- New Brigliton . . . lnteresls-Home, Draw- ing, lvlalcing Tllings. FREAS, ELEANOR J .... B. S., lndiana Stale Teacliers College . . . Home Econom- ics . . . Home--Clarion . . . lnleresls-Sports. Reading. FRITZ. MARY LOUISE . . . B. S. in Healtlw and Plmysical Education, Slippery Roclc State 'lleaclaers College . . . General Science. Healtla, Playsical Education . . . l.iteraries. G. A. A .... Home-Berlin. Pa. . . . lnleresls-Sports. Reading. PRATT, MIIQDRED E .... B. S. in Art, Edinlxoro State Teacliers College . . . Art Supervisor . . . Home-New Brigliton . . . lnleresls-Handcrall, Painting. iljrarnatics. RIPPER. ALMA . . . A. B.. NViltenl9erg College . . . B. S. in l-. S.. Carnegie ljlarary Scliool . . . l-ilJrarian . . . Home-lxlew Brigliton . . . lnterests-Boolcs. Sewing. Home. ROARK. GEORGE VV .... A. B., Belli- any College . . . lVl. Education, University ol Piltsiaurgla . . . Healtll . . . Head Coacli ol Football and Baslcetlmll . . . l'lomef-lxlew llmriglilon . . . lnlerests'-Farming, Golf. Social Studies COUCH, VIRGINIA . . . B. S. in Ecluca- tion, Geneva College, University of lVlict1- igan . . . lvloclern History, Senior American History . . . Sopliomore Social Advisor . . . Home-New Brigliton . . . lnterestsf-Dra- matics, Collecting Dog Pictures, Collecting Records. C-ARNIEN. ANNA JANE . . . A. B.. Pennsylvania State College J . . Geneva . . . Duquesne University . . . University of Pittsburgh . . . Sopliomore Prololems ot Democracy, Occupations ancl Careers . . . Home--New Brighton. . . lnterestsf-Sports. MILLER, MEI .VIN . . . A. B., Westmin- ster College . . . Prolalems ot Democracy. American l'listory . . . Sponsor of l'li-Y, Junior l'ligl1 Fresloman Baslcetloall Team. Junior Class Sponsor . . . Home-New Briglaton . . . lnterests-Sports. PAINTER, BURTON . . . A. B., Geneva College . . . lVl. A., University of Pittslourgli . . . lVlytl1ology, Gccupations ancl Careers . . . Home-New Brighton . . . lnterests- Colt, Puzzles, Classical lVlusic. Contempo- rary Arcliitecture. School Secretaries THOMPSON, MILDRED . . . Secretary lo Mr. NICNHI . . . Home-Flew Brigfmlon. NIACDONALD, MARY LGU . . . Secre- lary lo Mr. Hamilton . . . Hcmrne-Ncwv Brighton. LT. COL. LLOYD A. CORKAN Lt. Cot. Linyci A. Corican has been on active Ltuty witii tile Unitect States Army since October 5, 1942. After spending several montiis in tceianci, tie returned to tile United States: anct at tile time this imooic went to press, ite was stationed in Ctrina in command Ot' an airixnrne anti- 'nirrfruft group. LT. OLLIE IVIOLTER Lt. ti. Q., Oiiie Ntoiter entercct ttie United States Navy in lite summer of I0-14. ite ims spent consicieraiiie time in tile isianris in tile Soutii Pacific anti is now On an Oiicr in tixal virinily. Our Facult in Uniform LT. BLAINE Kms Ll King enter:-at time United States Navy on May l. t94'5. He was temporarily sta- tioneci at tile Piriiadeipiiia Navy Yard. At tire present, ine is a Communications Otit- cer in tile vicinity ni' Saipan. ENSIGN BYRON MORGAN Ensign Byron Ntnrgan enterect time Unileci States Navy in August. 1945. He re- feiveci iris first training at Baininrictgc. Wtaryinnrt. Al tile present, ine is witil tile Zllllpllil3i0IIS forces MAJOR ARNOLD R. HULL Nizxjor Arnoict R. Hutt eniisleet in tile United States Army in April. 1941. Hr- wns stationeci at a Bmniser Squactron Heart- qunrters in ifnginnct und arrivect on tin- continenl 01 Europe ten days utter D-Day. tie ilas retnrnect to lin- Unitert States unit is now nt Cinnnule Fieict, ittinnis. STAFF ASSISTANT ROSEMARY BRADEN Wiiss Bmcien has been sewing witix tile Rc-rt Cross since Feimruary, 1944. At tile present. sile inns cimrge 01 recreationai work ut Fort Myers, Virginia. Our Facult in SGT. RAY MCQUEEN Sgt. Ray McQueen enterec,1ffi1i'e Unitect States Army August 7, 1942 and is now with time Signni Corps in time Ptliiippine tstnncis. He is in ciwarge of Il1llCil wortc involving secret codes. 1 i niform ENSIGN BETTY HASLEY Miss Hnstey entistcct' in the Waves in tile summer of 1944. At tile present. sire is a Dis- imrsing Officer stationed nt Cteariieiri. Utah. QJFD 8- X i x , W X x W ' . i I , N N N F Y v' Y Y N n W Y Y Y W ' 1 1 . 1 tudents Time smeii oi rotten eggs emanating from time ciiem iain . . . that geometry tixeorem lo be iearneci . . . fourteen iines from HAMl.ET lo memorize . . . totais to post in bookkeep- ing practice sets . . . time memories of ciasses. the most important part oi our four years in high scimooi, time preparation that goes into the maicing oi a fine cioctor, an aiert iousi- nessman, an inteiiigent citizen. KZ: r 4 Senior Class Officers VVILFRED RAVVL Presiclenl 1 l IIYLENANN TALLON Secretary DON READER Vice Presirlent , DON IjLLlO'l'l' PQFFCEISUTCI' Do You Remember? Do you remember time llirill ot linally loeing allowerl to sit in tlie center section in cliapel, aniiclst supposerlly envious glances trom ttie 'tyounger generationn ..... tlie glorious sensation ot finally tmeing out ot tlie portables ancl no longer treezing in winter ancl roasting in summer ..... tlie tun you tract in time liitclien ot tlie library it your home room was in tlie library ..... getting your pliotograpli talien way loaclc in Octolaer anal tlre montlrs ot anxious wailing until tlley were tinally reacly in Decemloer? Do you remenilaer orclering your class ring' way baclc wlien you were a clunior ancl tlie excitement wlien tliey linally nrrivecl ..... tlle mart dasli clown to tlie jewelerts only to tincl a line torniecl clear out tlie cloor ..... tlie way you liept loolcnig at your ring tor tlie tirst weelc or two until tlie novelty wore ott ..... tlie nclmiring glances ot liopetul Juniors? Do you rememlner tlie swell tootloall games and especially tile last one witlr Beaver Falls, tlie last game tor tlie Senior tnoys on ttie squact ..,.. tlie corsages tlic Stanct Committee solcl ...., tlle victory clancc ..... tlie toottnall celeloration ttre next clay ..... tlie paracle tlrrougll town witli tlie Seniors in tlie place ot lmnor riglit laeliincl tlie lbanct? Do you remcmlaer tl1e Senior class play . . . tlle laug eliasing protessor . . . . ttle flying snalie . . tlle custarct pie? Do you rememloer exclranging name carols willx tlie rest ol tlie Seniors anct tlle leaclieris ctisapproving glance it slie Cilllgllt it going on in class? Do you rememlaer, lout ot course you clo, tlfle llundrecl anct one tliings ttiat maclc your Senior year sucll an important one ..... little tllings, not important, lout tlnings you will rememtaer all your lite? ..... Thai was your Senior year in New Brighton Higll SCll00l. DOROTI IY LUCILLE ALLISON "Dottie" Classical Course G A. A. l . . . Girls' Chorus I . . . Mixed Chorus II, III, IV . . . Small Choir III, IV . . . Harmony Class lll, IV . . . Midwestern Chorus III, IY. GERALD BALMER General Clerical Course Basketball I, II, III, IV . . . Iuuior Prom Committee 111. JOHN BANYAS Commercial Boolzlzeeping Literary Program I, II . . . Class Plays III...Football III... Stand Committee IV. PAU LINE MARY BATTAGLIA "Polly" Commercial Secretarial BARBARA ANN BEEGLE uBm.b-, Classical Course Literary Program I, II, III, IV . . . Class Play III, IV . . . Girl Reserves 11, III, lV...G. A. A. I... Cheerleader II, III, IV . . . Alaurum Stuff. S'Gl'1lOFS PETER ANDINO ulietei, Commercial Boolzlzeeping Literary Programs I. l 4 ANN BALOG "Ann" Commercial Secrelarial MARY BARNHART Scientific Literary Program I . . . Girl Re- serves lI, III, IV. BOB BECK 4'Bubbles" Scientific Literary Program I, II . . . Literary Officer I . . . Baud I, II . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Basketball I, II, III, IV . . . Junior Prom Comniittee III . . . Crimson ik Gold III, IV . . . Hi-Y Basketball Team IV. JOB BEITCH JR. Commercial Bookkeeping Basketball I, II, III. SSHlOFS PATRICIA L. BLANKINBICKER "Patty" General Clerical Girl Reserves Ill, IV . . . junior Service Corps IV . . . Crimson Sz Gold Staff III, IV . . . Stand Com- mittee IV. DIADELYN BORK "Borkie" Commercial Course Literary Program IV . . . Girl Ree serves II, III, IV . . . Ii. A. A, I, II, Ill, IV . . . G. A. A. Cabinet II . . . Stand Committee. BU RTON BOYD "Monk" Scienlific Literary Program I, III . . . Hi-Y III, IV . . . Football Il . . . Junior Prom Committee III . . . Hi-Y Bas- ketball Team IV. MIRIAM BRAUN Commercial Secretarial WVILDA BUDDE "Buddy" Ge Tlefbil Course Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. II, III, IV. DORIS EDNA BOC-GS fmoggsyy. Conumzrciui Sccrclariai Literary I'l'0gl'3Ill III . . . Girl Re- serves I, II, III . . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV . . . Junior Service Corps III . . . Library Club IV . . . Girls' Chorus III. SARAH BORKOVICH Commercial Girl Reserves II . . . G. A. A. I, II, III, iv. numar FOLAND novo "Hank" Scientific Literary Program III . . . Literary Officer IV . . . Band I, II, III, IV .. . I-li-Y II, III, IV . . . Drum Major I, II, III, IV. GLENN W. BRISTOL "Uris" Scientific Literary I,I'Ogl'RlI1 I, II . . . Class Play II . , . Band I, II, III, IV . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV. FRANK BUDISCAK "Bully" General Clerical Literary Program I, II, III . . . Football I, II, III, IV . . . Basket- ball 1, II. IWIARIAN LOUISE BURGER "Mary Lou" Commercial Course Literary Program II . . . Girls' Chorus I, II, III, IV . . . Stand Committee IV. DONALD BURGESS " .l,lurge" Commercial Boolzleeeping Course Literary Program Il . . . Stage Crew IV. VIOLET CAPAN flsisu Scientific Course Literary Program I . . . Girl Re- serves II, III, IV. . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV. PAUL CELINSCAK 4"Doit" General Course TIIELIVIA COENE Classical Course Literary Officer I . . . Literary Pro- gram I, III . . . Girl Reserves III, IV . . . American Legion Award. Gl'1lOI'Sl- l BETTY LOU BURGESS Scientific 'Course Literary Program I, II, III.. Class Play II . . . Band I, II, III, IV . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV ...G. A. A. I. II, III, IV... junior Service Corps I, II . . . Girls' Chorus I. STUART CALHOUN "Cal" Scientific Course Literary Program I, II, III . . . Band IV . . . Junior Prom Commit- tee III . . . Mxerl Chorus I, II, IV . . . Small Choir II, I.V . . . Har- mony Class IV . . . Swing Baud IV. IVIARGARET CARROLL "Margie" ' ' Commercial Coarse Girl Reserves II, III . . . G. A. A. I, ,II, III. LOIS JANE CHANEY "Flash" General Clerical Course BETTY ANN CRAFT "IIetz" Classical Course Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . Junior Service Corps II, III, IV. n ? SGI'1IOI'S VICTORIA CU RCIO "Vickie" Commercial Booiei-seeping RALPII A. DAUER " IJauer" General COUTSG Stage Manager Senior Class Play . . . Stand Committee IV. KATHRYN DIXON "Kate" Commerciai Literary I,I1'0g1'ii!'I1S II, III . . . G. A. A. II, III, IV . . .Stand Com- mittee IV. ALBERTA DELORES DRUMIVIOND "Birdie" Commercial Secretarial Girl Reserves II, III, IV. IVIARGARET JUNE DYSON "Clit-:rrie" General Course FRANK S. CUSPARD "Cussey" GQIIU Till COIITSG Literary IIl'Ogl'2I111S II . . . Stage Crew II, III, IV . . . Orchestra I, II, III, IV . . . Colored Chorus III. BETTY LOUISE DIZVVHIRST "Dewey" Commercial Secretarial li. A. A. I. NVESLEY J. DOUGLASS "Dewey" Scientific Literary I'r0grams I, III. LORETTA DYBO "Babe" Commercial Secretarial G. A. A. I, II, III, IV. DORIS MAE EDGAR "D0rriC" General Course Girl Reserves IV. ISI ARY CATH ERIN IZ EDXVARDS " Katie" Commercial Secretarial Literary Programs I . . . Girl Re- serves II, IV . . . G. A. A. 1, IV . . . Library Club II, III . . . Girls' Chorus II, III. DONALD ELLIOTT "IIuclemau" , Sciemific Literary Programs I, II, IV. .. Class Plays III, IV . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Orchestra IV . . . Class Oflicer. ' IZDWVIN ERATII ..Ed,, Scientific Literary Programs II . . . Class Play III . . . Hi-Y III, IV... Orchestra 1, II, III, IV . . . Iunim Prom Committee. DOROTHY JUNE FAIR "Dot" Commercial Secretarial Course Literary Oflicer I . . . Literary Pro- gram I, II, III, IV. . .Girl Re- serves II, III, IV. . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV . . . Girls' Chorus I. RACHEL FLORENTINE General Course Literary Program II, III . . . Girl Reserves ,III, IV . . . G. A. A. I, IV . . . Girls' Chorus. ISGHlOFS J. XVILLIAINI ITDNVARDS ..LegS,. Scientific Literary Programs I, II . . . Class Play II . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Football II, III, IV . . . Basketball I, II, III, IV . . . Junior Prom Com- mittee III. JOHN ELLIS "Yonk" General Clerical Literary Officer IV . . . Football II, III, IV . . . Basketball I, II, III, IV. GRACE EVANS "Shorty" Scientific Course Colored Choir Ill, IV. JOHN BRAINERD FLEIVIINC "Flem" Scientific Course Literary Program II, III . . . Class I'lay III. . . I-Ii-Y II, III, IV. RICHARD D. FORTUNE "Zoot Suit" Scientific Course Literary Program I, II, III . . . Class Plays II, III, IV . . . Football II, III, IV . . . Junior Prom Com- mittee III. SGnlOFS H. J. FRANKLIN f.Bud.. Scientific Course Class I'ln.y Stage Crew III, IV . . . Mixed Chorus I, IV . . . Stand Com- mittee IV . . . lfifth Prize Art Con- IESI. GLADYS JUNE FRY "Squirt" Commercial Boolzleaeping Course Literary Programs II, IV . . . Band II, III, IV . . . Orchestra II, III . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV . . . Swing Orchestra lll BETTY JANE GARRETTSON Conlnwrcial Secretarial Course JOHN GIBSON ttH00ttv Commercial Booleleeeping Course Literary Vrngrant I. t DONALD FORREST GORDON "Mort" General Clerical Course lIi-Y Ill, IV . . . Stage Crew III. CATHERINE J. FRKUSKA "Katie" General Clerical Course Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . Iuuinr Service Corps III, IV . . . G. A. A. Il, III, IV . , . Alaurimi Stuff IV. EARL GAREN Commercial Course Literary Officer III , . . Literary .I'l'Of.fI'2llIIS Ill . . . Fmitball I, II, III, IV. DORIS JEAN GIBSON Commercial Secretarial Course Girl Reserves Il. JOHN GOLDEN "johnny" Scientific 'Course Literary Officer 1V . . . Literary Program 11, III . . . Class Play II . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Iunior Prom Committee III . . . llasketlmll Manager II, III, IV. RICHARD E. GRANT , "Dick" General Clerical Course Literary Programs I . . . Football III . . . Stand Committee IV. WARREN GRIMM "Red" Scientific Course Literary I'rngrmn lll. EDWARD H ADDOX gdb "Eddie" Scientific Course Literary Officer II . . . Football II, HI, iv ..., Basketball 1, II, In, IV . . . Class Oflicer III. WI LLIAIVI HALL "Hally" General Clerical Course Football II. DOROTHY JEAN HARTMAN Commercial Secretarial Course Literary Program I. FRANCES JEAN HAYS "Jean" Scientific Course Literary Officer I, II, III . . . Lit- erary Program I, II, III Class Play II, III, IV . . . Baud I, II, III, IV . . . Orchestra III, IV . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. Cabinet II . . . Junior Service Corps III, lV . . . Class Officer III . . . lfootball Maid of Honor. ,IV... SGnlOFS RICHARD HAAR BAU ER ' "Bougan" Scientific Course Literary Officer I . . . Literary Pro- gram II, IV . . . Class I'lay Stage Crew II . . . Band I, II . . . Hi-Y 11, inf lv. . . Hi'Y omcet- iv . . . Hi-Y Basketball . . . Basketball I, llI, IV . . . llasketball Manager l. LOIS ANN HADFIELD "Lois" Classical Course Literary Program I, II, III . . . Class Plays III, IV . . . Girl Re- serves Il, II, IV . . . Girl Reserve Cabinet IV . . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV . . . junior Service Corps II, III, IV . . . Junior Prom Committee Ill . . . Alaurum Staff. JANE LOUISE HARRIS "Ianie" Scientific 'Course Literary l,1'OgI'ZIl1l I, II, III. . . Class Plays II, III, IV . . . Band I, II, III, IV . . . Orchestra I, II, III, IV . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV ...G.A.A. I, II, 1lI...G.A.A. Cabinet 1, II, III . . . Iunior Serv- ice Corps III, .IV . . . Class Officer II . . . Alaurum Staff. ' HERBERT HAXVTHORNE UI-Ierb" Scientific -Course Literary Program I . . . Class Play Stage Crew II . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Hi-Y Basketball IV . . . Bas- ketball I. NAOMI HAYS "Spank" General Clerical 4- ':.:Seniors I l I XVILLIAIVI IIENDRICKS l "Bill" GEHETGI Course Class Play Stage Crew IV . . . Iun- ior Prom Committee Ill . . . Oliver High School I, II . . . Class Ofticei I, II. DONALD HOGUE HHODH Commercial Booleleoeping Literary Program I. ANN HUPP "Army" Commercial Secretarial Literary Programs I, II . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV . . . Girls' Chorus I . . . Mixed Chorus II, III, IV. JAMES J. IRWIN aluicen Scientific Literary Officer I, II . . . Literary Programs I, III . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Hi-Y Officer IV . . . Foot- ball III, 1V . . . Basketball I, III, IV . . . Football Manager I, II. LILLIAN KAIRIS .fldmyn Commercial Girl Reserves II, III. . . G. A. A. I, II. III. IV... Girls' Chorus I, Il, III, IV. HELEN MAE HOENIG 'iButch" Commercial Course Girl Reserves II, III, IV. BETTY JEAN IIUINI "Remy" Classical Course Literary Programs I, II, III, IV . . . Class Play II, III, IV . . . llaml III, IV . . . Orchestra I, II, III, IV . . .Girl Reserves II, III, IV.. ---I IV.. Choru . Girl Reserves Cabinet IV unior Service Corps II, III, . Class Otiicer III . . . Mixed s I, II, III, IV . . . Chapel Pianist II, III, IV . . . Small Choir II III, IV . . . Harmony Class IV . . . Alaurum Staff IV. Liter VIRGINIA L. INGRAISI "Red" General Course LU BERT JONES "Ionesy" Scientific ary Program III . . . Class Plays III . . . Iiancl .lII, IV . .. Hi-Y Mana III, IV . . . I-Ii-Y Basketball ger IV. ALICE MARIE KELLEY "Irishman" Commercial Literary Programs IV . . . Class Plays II. JOSEPH JAIVIES KELVINGTON uloen Scientific 'Course Literary Program I, II, III . . . Class Play II, IV . . . Basketball Il . . . Crimson Sz Gold III. JANET LOIS KESTER "janet" Commercial Secretarial Course Literary Program III, IV . . . Girl Reserves Ill, IV . . . G. A. A. III . . . Alaurum Staff. LAURA KO CZUR "Laura" GQHSFUI COUTSE Girl Reserves II, lll, IV . . . Stand Committee IV. ADIZLINE KOLUMBINE "Addie" Scie niific Literary Programs I, II, III . . . Class Plays II . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV.. . G. A. A. I, II, III, '. A. A. Cabinet III . . . Junior Service Corps IV . . . Junior Prom Committee III . . . First Prize League of Nations Contest. IV...G MILDRED C. KRKUC "Milly" Commercial Secretarial Literary Program I, II . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G, A. A. l, ll, lll, IV... Corps ll, IV. ' ,Tunior Service GDlOFS CHARLES K IENNIIDY "Spider" Scientific Course Class Play II, IV . . . Band I, II, III, IV . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Orchestra I, II, III, IV . . . Crimson Sz Golil Staff II, III, IV. . . Mid- western liand Ill. DORIS JEANNE KING "Jeannie" Commercial Booieieeeping Course Girl Reserves I, II, III. CAROLYN F. KLEPIC "Fern" Commercial Secretarial Course Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. I, Il, III, IV . . . junior Prom Committee III. CECELIA I-I. KORICANS KY "Toms" Commercial Bookkeeping Literary Program II . . . Girl Re- serves II, III, IV.. . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV. A JESSIE ALICE KULAKOWSKI "Jessie" Commercial Secretarial Girl Reserves II, II, IV . . . G. A. A. IV. Literary Program I, II, III, IV . . . SGHlOFS LULA MAE LANGNECKER "Mae" Commerciai Secretarial Literary Programs I, II, III . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . Li- brary Club II, IV . . . Girls' Chorus I, II, Ill, IV . . . Crimson and Golsl Staff IV. BEVERLEY IRENE LEPPLA "Bev" Commercial Secretarial Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. IV . . . Girls' Chorus I, II, III, IV. RAYMOND T. LOVETTE akay.. Scientific Class Play IV. . . Hi-Y IV. .. Junior Prom Committee III . . . Crimson and Gold Staff III, IV. RITA E. LUTZ "Rita" Commercial Secretarial Literary Programs II, IV. THOIVIAS C. MANNIX 'f'1'inkef" Scientific Course Literary Officer I , . . Literary Pro- grams I, III . . . Class Plays II, III . . . Band I, II, III, IV . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Orchestra III . . . Midwestern Band III. ROBERT A. LAW "Lawie" General JANE LOUISE LOCKE ..Jani,e.. Scientific Literary Programs I, II . . . Girl Reserves II, Ill, IV . . . G. A. A. II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. Cabinet III . . . Mixed Chnrus II, IV . . . Alaurum Staff. JACK E. LOWRY njack.. Commercial Boolzieocping Literary Programs I, II . . . Class Play Stage Manager IV . . . Hi-Y IV . . . Stand Committee IV. CLARENCE LYNN ULF, Pong., Commercial Booizizeeping Literary Programs I, II, III, IV . . . Junior Prom Committee III . . . Class Officer III . . . Basketball Manager I, II, III, IV . . . Band- Drum Major l, II . . . Swing Orch- estra lll, IV. JUNE MANSFIELD rqunen Commercial Course Literary Programs III . . . Girl Re- serves III, IV . . . G. A. A. II, III, IV . . . Junior Service Corps II, III, IV . . . Library Club III . . . Crim- son and Gold' Staff IV. LAXVRENCE MARKO Commercial Booueaapirlg Literary -Progrzim I . . . Hi-Y lV. KENNETH E. MASON nsarnn General Clerical Literary l'rog'rums I. ISLSIE LOUISE MUDIE "Muddy" Scientific Literary Programs III . . . Class l'lays Ill . . . Girl Reserves III, IV . . . G. A. A. IV . . . South Hills I-ligh School II . . . Little Theater Club. IVI ARJORIE IVIUSE "Marge" Ciassicai Course Literary Programs I, III, IV . . . Girl Reserves ll, III, IV . . . G, A. A. I, ll, III, V . . . junior I'rom Committee III . . . Stzxml Commit- tee IV. DORIS LOU MC CLANE Scicnti f ic Course Literary Programs 1. II, III, IV . . . Class Play III . . . Band I, II, III . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV ...G. A. A. I, II, III, IV... G. A. A. Cabinet III, IV . . . Jun- ior Service Corps II, III . . . Alnurum Staff SGV1lOFS CHARLES IVIARTINAK "Chuck" Scientific Literary Programs I. LAURA IVIATTHEYVS "Afany" Connnerciai Secretarial J O H N M U J U IT "Moe" Scientific ROSE MARIE MCBRIDE UROH Commerciai Secretarial serves ll, III, IV. BETTY EILEEN MC CU LLOUC-H Commcrciai Secretariat Course Girl Reserves II1'. . . G. A. A, Ill. Literary Programs 1 . . . Girl Re- .iSGl'1lOI'S MARY ANN MC CU LLOUGH IIMMM Classical Course Literary Programs I, II, III, IV N . . . Class Play III . . . Orchestra I, II, III, IV . . . Girl Reserves III, IV . . . Junior Prom Committee . . . Alaurum Staff. NANCY NICDANEL -fNmv' Commercial Secretarial Course Literary Programs I, II . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. I. BETTY JUNE MC GINNIS HB' J... Commercial Secretarial Course Literary Programs I, II . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . Crimson 81 Gold Stat? I, II, III, IV. CLEDA NINE "Till" Commercial Secretariai Course Literary Programs I, II, III. 4 TONY PASQUALE "Squall" General Course BETTY LOU IVICDADE "Trooper" Commercial Secretarial Course Literary Program II . . . Girl Re- serves Il, III, IV. JEAN LOUISE MCDANIEL "Jean" Commercial Secretarial Course Literary Programs I . . . Girl Re- serves II, III, IV . . , Alaurum Stal? RUTH IRENE IVICLAUGHLIN "Ruth" Scientific Course Attended Beaver High School as Freshman . . . Literary Programs II, III . . . Class Plays II, III, IV. . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. . . . Mixed Chorus I, II, Ill, IV . . . Stand Committee!IV. JACK J. PAFF "Rabbit" Scientific Course Literary Programs I . . . Hi-Y III, IV. CHARLEINE L. PATON "Chuck" Scientific Course Literary Programs II, III . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . Girl Re- serve Cabinet IV . . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. Cabinet III . . . Junior Service Corps III . . . Football Queen. MANCEL CHARLES PATON "Malice" Scientific Course Literary Officer III . . . Literary Programs I, II . . . Class Play ll . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Basket- ball I, Il, III, IV . . . Class Offices l, ll . . . Football Manager IV . . . President of Hi-Y Conference IV. JUNE D. PAULSON "Iune" Commercial Secretarial Literary Program I . . . Girl Re- serves II, III, IV . . . Junior Service Corps Il, III . , . Crimson :Sz Gold Stal? IV. NIARGARET PETRY "Marge" Commercial Boohlzeeping FRIEDA PHILLIPL Commercial Secretarial Girl Reserves II, III, IV. XVILFRED EUGENE mxwl. "Yak" Scientific Course Football II, III, IV . . . Basketball I, II, III, IV . . . Class Officer IV . . . Colored Choir III . . . Alaururn Staff. 6I'1lOFS PATTY PATTON Him" Scientific Course Literary Programs I, II, III, IV . . . Class Plays II, III . . . Band I, II, III, IV . . . Orchestra I, II, IV . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV ...G. A. A, I, Il, III, IV... G. A. A. Cabinet I . . . Junior Serv- ice Corps III, IV. ALBERT PELUSO U Lyle., Scientific 'Course N Literary Officer III . . . Literary Program III . . . Football I, II, III, IV . . . Basketball I, III, IV. DOROTHY LEONA PFLUGI-I uD0t-1 Classical Course Literary Programs I, II . . . Library Club II, III . . . Girls' Chorus II. FRANCIS D. POPOVICII "Perk0" General Clerical Basketball I . . . Mixed Chorus I, Il, III. DON READER "Dink" Classical Literary Programs II . . . Class Plays III, IV . . . Band I, II, III, IV. . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Orch- estra II . . . Class Officer IV . . . Q Crimson and Gold Staff III . . . I Midwestern Band III . . . Swing E Orchestra lll. . SSHlOFS PATRICIA R IZINEI I R "'l'ish" Scientific 'Course Literary Progrznns III . . . Ilanil II, Ill, IV . . . Girl Reserves III . . . G. A. A. III . . . Junior Service Corps II. DOROTHA JEAN ROIVIBOLD ...T eau.. Commercial Secretarial Girl Reserves III, IV . . . G. A. A. II, IV . . . Junior Service Corps Ill, IV . . . Library Club II, III, IV . . . Stand Committee IV . . . League ol' Nations Contest. GEORGE SASARAN Hsassy., Commercial Booklzeepiny DIZ LORES E. SCIILEITER .. Dee.. Scientific 'Course I Literary Programs III . . . Girl Re- serves III, IV . . . G. A. A. III, IV . . . Junior Service Corps III, IV . . . J1.mior Prom Committee . . . Stand Committee. CLARE M. SENTAK Scie ntific 'Course Literary Programs I, III . . . Class Play II. . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. I, II . . . Junior Service Corps II, III . . . Class Offi- cer II . . . Crimson and Gold Staff II . . . Cheerleader II, III, IV. DOROTII Y REVELANT " I Dot' ' Commercial Secretarial Literary I'l'lJg'l'2llI'I I. ELIZABETH LOUISE ROSS "Betty" Classical Course Literary I'rograms I, II, III . . . Class Play IV . . . Band II, III, IV . . . Orchestra II, III, IV . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . .Girl Re- serve Cabinet II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. I . . . Junior Prom Committee . . . Crimson and Gold StaFf III,IV. DOROTHY JEAN SAYRE "IIlondie" Commercial Secretarial Literary Programs I, III . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV. SALLY ANN SCHRIVER Scientific Course Literary Programs I, III . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV... Gil-ls' Chorus 1. NORIVIAN SHAFER "Pete" 1 General Clerical GERALDINE L. SHANOR "Gerry" CTUIIIYYIUFCIUI SECT? 'Clrilll Co UFSU Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A, A. I, II. HARRY J. SI-IEFFER Scie niific Course Literary Programs III . . . Hi-Y Ill, IV . . . Darlington High School I, II. SYLVIA SIIVION "Sylvia" COIIIYIIIQTCIUI Secretarial Course Literary Program I . . . Class I'lay IV . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV .. . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV... G. A. A. Cabinet IV . . . Junior Prom Committee . . . Class Ofticer I . . . Library Club II . . . Stand Commit- tee IV . . . Alaurum Stat? THELMA JEAN SPIKER "Spike" General Course Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . Jun- ior Service Corps IV . . . Stand Committee IV. JOIIN C. STEIM ER "Johnnie" Scientific Course Literary Programs I, II . . . Class Plays IV. . . Football I, II, III . . . Basketball I . . . Football Man- ager I, II. GnlOFSl . i LI LA SHANOR "Lila" Colnnwrciai Course A. I, IV. JOHN C. SHIELDS "Johnny" Scientific Course Literary Programs II . . . Class Play II . . . Hi-Y II, III, IV . . . Football Manager III. NAOIKII J. SNOWDEN "Nome" Commurciui Secretarial Literary Programs III . . . Girl Re- serves II, III, IV . . . Junior Serv- ice Corps III. JAMES SPRATT "Bones" Scientific Course Literary Programs 1, II, III, IV . . . Class Play Stage Manager II ... Hi-Y II, III,lV . . . Class Offr- cer I . . . Crimson and Gold StaPl II. H ELEN FRANCES STEVENS " Penny" Ciassicai Course Literary Programs I, II, III, IV . . . Class Plays II, IV . . . Baud I, Il, III, IV . . . Orchestra II, III, IV . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . Girl Reserves Cabinet IV . . . G. A. A. I . . . Junior Service Corps II, III . . . Junior Prom Committee III . . . Chapel Pianist II, III, IV . . . Crimson and Gold Staff III . . . Midwestern Band II . . . Swing Orchestra III . . . Second Award in Safety Poster Contest III. . . Alaurum Staff. Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. SSnlOFS RICHARD I-I. SY LVESTER nmggy., Scientific Course Hi-Y II, III, IV. . . Football III, IV . . . Basketball I . . . Football Manager I, II. HELENANN TALLON "Helenann" Scientific Course Literary Programs I, II, III . . . Class Plays II . . . Girl Reserves II, III,,IV. . . G. A. A. 1, 11, III, IV . . . G. A. A. Cabinet IV . . . Junior Service Corps II, VIII . . . Class Oilicer IV . . . Girls'i' Chorus I . . . Mixed Chorus II, III, IV. ALICE G. TIPTON nfl-imyyy, Classical Course Literary Programs I, II, III . . . Gril Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. Cab- inet I, II, III, IV . . . Junior Serv- ice Corps II, III . . . Crimson and Gold Staff III, IV . . . Stand Com- mittee IV. PAUL TUCKER "Bull" Scientific Course Football II, III, IV. JAMES E. WALLACE "Speed" Commercial Secretariat Course Band I, II, III, IV . . . Football II . . . Basketball I, II, III, IV . . . Midwestern Band III. STEPI-IEN M. TAL KOVIC "Steve" Commercial Course Literary I"ro5:rams II . . . Stand Committee IV. ELIZABETI1 ARLENE TEETS "Elizabeth" Commercial Bookkeeping Literary Program I . . . Girl Re- serves ll, III . . . G. A. A. II, III. PEGGY TOWNSEND 1-Pegn Classical Course Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A, A. Cabinet I . . . Junior Service Corps III, IV.. . G. A. A. I, II. III, IV. IVIARY VASILKO nMal,yu Commercial Course Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A. A. III, IV. KENNETH ARLAN NVATERS Wien" Scientific 'Course -S MARY Z. NVEST Commercial Secrclarial Course Literary Programs I, I1 . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV.. . G. A. A. I . . . Class Officer I. ROBERT YEE "Bob" Sciunlific Course Literary Oflicer I, ll . . . Literary Programs I, II, III . . . Band 1, II, III, IV... Hi-Y II, III, IV... Orchestra III, IV . . . Class Officer II . . . Anierican Legion Award. v ANN ZIMM ERIVIAN Commercial Course Literary Officer IV . . . Literary Program I, II . . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV. . . G. A. A. I, II, III, IV . . . Crimson and Gold Staff IV. Gl'1IOf'S l EDITH BIAY NVHITLUXV EIVI ERSON ZAHN '4Enm1y" Commercial Bookkeeping Alaurum Staff. "Edie" CIassicaI Course Literary Programs 1, II, III . . Girl Reserves II, III, IV . . . G. A A. I, Il, III, IV . . . G. A. A. Cab inet II . . . Stand Committee IV. "TO YOUTHU lnlo a worlcl of war ancl turmoil, Comes the gallant Hyouthu of locluy, Anal we of the Class of Forty-five loin the march along lifeys highway. For years we were guiclecl on the way-1 There was always a helping hanclg But now welve reached a iurn in the roarl Where alone we must take our slancl. The prohlems aheacl are up io us. Vveyre lhe UHope of the Vvorlclu they sayg Youll: will luring a better Tomorrow Xvith a peace that will last, we pray. VVhat lies ahead in the future years? Thus questions this Hpassing Paraelef, How much happiness, how many tears? Is God alone our strength anal aicl? Living in fear of only Gocl As we slowly climb the uUpwarcl Trailf, Building our hopes, our clreams, our desires, Fighting that right shall ever prevail. Witlt careful steps and hearts sincere, With living right and ieleals high, The Nvaliant Youthn will ever rise Wliere men are free anal Goal is nigh. f-fl'IELENANN TALLON Class Will We, time Class of 1945, having proved ourselves of souncl mind, memory and understanding, and in full possession of all the faculties tliereof, do maize ttiis tast will and testament in manner and form following: To lYlR. lVleNlT-ll, our superintendent, we give our sincere tllanlcs lor lceeping us in tlie straiglit and narrow patliways lrom wliiclr we olten liad a tendency to stray. lilo our understanding principal, lVlR. l'lAlVlll.,'l'ON, we give a carloacl ot permits and excuses lo replace tliose wliicli lie so willingly clolecl out to tlle late comers, and lllose leaving early tor time swing sllitt. Vivo tlie FACULTY, we leave a copy ot tlie unpulylisliecl lgooli, "How to Control and Educate .luvenile Delinquents in tlle Classroom." To tlie ilUNlORS, we leave our over-sized liats, our dignity and our coveted ellapel seats. To tlie SOPl'lOlWORES, we leave tlle reminder tlial tlley are llall way over tlle mental obstacle course and only liave two years to go. To tile l:RESl'llVlEN, we give permission to come down olt tile slieli and acl liuman. To DOROTHY Al..LlSON, we leave a liottle ol peroxide just in case lier golden tresses slloulil lgegin to darlien. To PETER ANDINO, we leave a lmundel ot ready-signed excuses so lie can go and come as lie pleases. To GERALD BAl.lVlER, we leave a llome in Cliicago so it will really lJe a Uvvincly City." To ANN BALOG, we leave success in any field slie cares to enter. To MARY BARNHART, a calendar so slie will always liave plenty ot dates. To PAUl.lNE BAT-l'AGLlA, we leave a position in lier tatl1er's truit store. To ROBERT BECK, We leave tlie lionor ot lraming all petitions and declarations ot riglits lor luture classes ot New Brigliton Higli Scllool. lilo BARBARA BEEGLE, we leave a weelc witll Iwo Friday niglits so slie can tllrow more parties. lilo JOB BElTSCl'l. a super-service gasoline station. 'llo PATFY Bl..ANKENBlCKER, we leave a name card tliat tully explains liow to pronounce Blanlienlbiclier. To DORIS BOGGS, we leave a copy ot Mr. l'lill's favorite song. "Darts Eyes." To MADELYN BORK, we otter lier treedom from the yolce ot education. 'lwolSARAl'l BORKOVKT, we will a lwus tliat will get l1er to sctiool on time. To BURTON BOYD, we leave a car to cruise around in instead ol l1is Vvllippet. To HENRY BOYD, we leave a lnaton ttiat lwas a tlame tlirower and a liaind warmer lauilt in. To lVllRlAlVl BRAUlVl, we leave a sign witli wliicll to malce l1erselt lmown. To GLENN BRISTOL, we leave a Y so lie can tollow liis ambition to lae a Y. Nl. C. A. secretary. To VVlLDA BUDDE, we leave a straw liat and a l1oe so stie can lue a real larmerette. lilo FRANK BUDISCAK, we leave tl1e privilege ot lneing ulady liilleru numlxer one. To MARIAN BURGER, we leave a licavy duty typewriter to resist tier rapid tire typing. To BE'lvllY LOU BURGESS, we leave tile privilege to lceep on smiling. ' To DONALD BURGESS and LAWRENCE MARKO, a letter oi recognition from Secretary Morgenthau lor ttleir line worlc in managing laond and stamp sales. To STUART CALHOUN, we leave a lxlusical Conservatory so lie ran lollow luis piano playing along lllc classical lines. tllo VlOl.ET CAPAN, a lloristls sllop tliat specializes in violets. MARGARET CARROLL, tlie rigllt to llollow in lier l'atller's lootsteps and operate a super market. PAUL CELINSCAK. we leave an owl so lre can develop tl1e wise loolc needed to impress tllc world. LOIS CHANEY, a llistory book witllout dates to lac memorized. THELNIA COENE, more education to consume l1cr surplus ol intelligence. BETTY ANN CRAFT, a quantity ol cralt to protect llcr from all tlre swindlers slme will meet in treading tlxe patll to success. VICTORIA CURClO, we leave a lmppy life to repay ller lor tlle cl1eer for wliicll slle is lcnown. FRANK CUSPARD, we leave a jazz band to play -.solid musicu for l1im wlren l1e is in tlre mood. RALPH DAUER, we leave a position as colonel ot tl1e Home Guard. BElfl1Y DEVVHIRST and KATHRYN DIXON. we leave tl1e reminder tllat it's quality not quantity tllat counts. WESLEY DOUGLASS. we leave a farm since lie is a country lad at llcart. ALBERTA DRUMMOND, we leave a steady jolm clerliingj at tlle Economy Super Nlarliet, LORETTA DYBO, a position as gym teaclicr to malce use ol ller aptitude to sports. MARGARE11 DYSON, we leave the suggestion that counting to ten lrelps in lceepingf ones temper. 'DORIS EDGAR, we leave a pair ol wallcing sl1oes to rest lier tired feet. MARY CATHERINE EDWARDS, we leave a carload of cl1ocolate so slre can do into tlre candy business. BILL EDVVARDS, we leave tllc title MTl1c Brain" lor l1is service as quarterloaclc. DON ELLlOT, we leave a dude ranclu so lie can live up to lmis niclcname "Dudeman JOHN El.l..lS, we leave a position ol lelt end on tlrc All American Footlxall Team. ED ERATH, we leave a copy ol "Semper Peratusn so l1e can he witli tlle Coast Guards in spirit il not in body. GRACE EVANS, we leave a stepladder so slie can see tlie higlrliglrts of life. DOROTHY FAIR, a new line to feed lrer male admirers. BRAINARD FLEMING, we give permission to sl1ilt out ol second gear now tlrat lie lms climbed to tlle lirst peali in lris education. DALE FORTUNE, we leave a radio station so lie can contact more people witli liis sales line. VVO leave il nlfxv tape lllcasure S0 IIC can continue to scout for Pnfvcrs Models. CATHERINE FRKUSKA. a clremistry lalJoratory in wllicll slle can overcome tl1e lear of mixing strange compounds. ' GLADYS FRY and RACHEL Fl..ORENTlNE. we give pemlission to tall! to eacli otllerrcon- tinuously witl'1out interference. EARL GAREN, we leave a pat on tlle laaclc lor lris modesty. BEVVFY' GARRETSON, we leave an eleplwant so tllere will be S0lllCtllil'lQ ulrigu in ller lile. DORIS GIBSON, we leave a road map to guide licr tl1rougl1out lile. JOHN GOLDEN, we leave a pro-luaslcetball team lor liim to manager. DONALD GORDON, we give our praise lor luis mannerly conduct in all lwis classes llll'0llQll0lll liiglr sclmol. RICHARD GRANT, we leave a complete zoot-suit witll all tlre reatapleats and tlle stulled culls. WARREN GRIMM. we give credit lor lyeing lootli red-llcaded and evenetempered. DICK HAARBAUER, we leave a bottle ol' llair tonic just in case l1e llligllt want to flrop tlm name Hcactus Head." l ED HADDOX, we leave a cure lor l1is acute laaslifulness. LOIS HADFIELD, we leave tlle title ol "Tire Blond Brainstorm." WILLIAM HALL, we leave tlle Empire State Building so l1e will l1ave SOIlICllltIlQ to wlxicll lo loolc up. JANE HARRIS, we leave an "Oscar" lor lier outstanding performance in "Quiet, Everylmclyf' DORO'l'l'lY HAR'lllVlAN, we leave a souvenir ol' lier liigll scllool days, namely. lier diploma. HERBERT HAVVTHORNE, we leave a copy oi Vvelosteris Dictionary so lie can clxeclc up on l1is spelling. ' JEAN HAYS, we leave a pair of woll liounds. Need you aslc wily? NAOMI HAYS. we leave a beauty salon. VViLLlAlVi HENDRICKS, we leave a copy of UEsquireH so lie can lceep posted on tlie latest styles. HELEN HOENIG, we leave tlme privilege oi writing ulVly impression ol' Higii School." DONALD HOGUE, STEVE TALKOVIC and JOHN BANYAS, we leave places on the board of directors oi tl'xe B5-VV Tuire Co. BETTY HUM, we leave a stage on wl1icl1 slle can exiliimit ller many talents. ANN HUPP, we return ller laugllter and good liumor tllat slle never liesitatecl in clistrilmuling. VIRGINIA lNGRAlVl, we leave a permanent wave maclline so slne will always lar-ep lier curls. JAMES lRVVlN, we leave a portion ol' fame in tlue world of sports. LUBERT JONES, we leave tlie llonor of lmearing Briglltolfs colors to new lneiglits. LlLLlAN KAIRIS, liali interest in Krameris Boolc Store. ALICE KELLEY, we leave tlie riglxt to lceep on smiling, JOE KELVlNGTON. we leave a place. along witl1 Boyles. Cllarles. anti Arcliimedes, in tiie worlcl ol Pllysics. CHARLES KENNEDY, we leave some grease paints so lie can cover up tllat uinnocent loolcn lie wears almost continuously. JANET KESTER, we leave a position as secretary lor a liandsome executive of a large corporation. DORIS KING, we leave a slcating rinlc, in order tlmt siie may malce a paying iwusiiness out ol lier favorite pastime. CAROLYN KLEPlC. we leave a llome on tixe range. a gas range, as 'a llouse wiie. LAURA KOCZUR, we leave a dictionary so slie will never ire at loss lor words. ADELlNE KOLUMBAN. we leave our congratulations for lweing able to master lwolli the classical and scientific subjects. CECELIA KORICANSKY. we leave a car lor ller to drive. instead ol' larotlier Joe's. MILDRED KRKUC. we leave an airplane so slle can get oli to a llying start. JESSlE KULAKOWSKI. we leave a pillow so tliele will line a soft spot in ller liile. LULA MAE LANGNECKER, we leave a position ol l1er own clioosing. tllat oi a luoolclieeper. BOB LAW, we leave a permanent excuse lor lacing late. BEVERLY LEPPLA, We give permission to lme a country girl tllat made good as a singer. JANE LOCKE, we leave tlle riglit to pulalisli a newspaper witlri singing commercials. RAY LOVEIJ-TE, we leave anotiler deferment so he can receive luis diploma in person. l JACK LOVVRY. we leave tlme Enterprise lVlacl1ine Sllop so lie can follow tile macl1inist's trade in a lvig way. Ri'-FA LUTZ, we leave a secretarial position witll slmrt liours, high pay and easy worlc. N CLARENCE LYNN, we leave a gymnasium so lie can continue Witil liis acroiratics. TOM lVlANNlX, we give our consent to luis impersonating Tommy Dorsey. JUNE lVlANSFlELD, a drugstore in Paris, so slme can malie use oi: lbotli i1er Frencli ami iler socla-jerking experience. CHARLES MARTINAK, we leave tour new tires ancl an unlimited supply ol: gasoline. KENNETH MASON, we leave a radio sllow on wliicll imc can display ilis rare sense of llumor. LAURA lVlA'J-THEVVS, we leave tlie rigllt to puiylisii lwer version ol Englisli Literature. ELSlE lVlUDlE, we leave a lueacon to slled some ligl1t on liie's suloiects. JglfiNnlVlUJUlT, tl1e rigiit to succeed Bill Bendix in tlie Sunday evening program "Tile Life of i ey. MADRJORIE MUSE, we leave a Pllysics linooli to lielp ller remember all slie lcnows alhout tile su ject. ROSE lVlARlE lVicBRlDE, we leave tile riglit to talie over KOCilCf'S Luncli. DORIS l.VlcCLANE. we leave tlle wisli tlwat slic may always lme as entertaining as slle is now 1 To To To 'Va To To To Plill ll .0 T 0 VIVO 0 V. l0 rs to To rl W0 f-rn To To To rlwil To To To To To To To 'tb 'I 'Q To To To To To To To 'Ib To I I 10 EILEEN IVICCULLOUGH, we leave an unlimitecl supply oi stationery. MARY ANN MCCULLOUGH, we leave a mectal lor lceeping room S near tile top in iuonci sales. BETTY LOU MCDADE, an employer wlio will appreciate lier secretarial talents. NANCY MCDANEL, we leave a copy of time song, Ht Dream ol Nancy Wills tile Dark iilaclc Hair," JEAN MCDANIEL, aclmirers ol tier sweet smile. BETTY JUNE McGlNNiS, we leave a position as editor of tile New York Times. RUTH lVicLAUGHi..iN, we leave a position on time stall of tile Saturclay Evening Post so sine can develop lier love lor journalism. CLEDA NINE, a metlrod of explaining llow one name coulcl lie Nine. ' JACK PAFF. we leave a pair ol oversizecl ears to go witli tile nickname. uRal:lxit." TONY PASQUALE, we leave some metliocl ol' clieelcing rapicl speecli, CIUYQLEINE PATON. we leave a pass to all imslcetlmall ami lootiuall games piayecl lay New Brig iton. MANCEL PATON, we give liim ereclit lor in-ing ileacl most ol tile time. tliat is as lar as iris lzaslcetlmll sliots are cxoneernecl. PAFITY PATTON, we leave a calie of VVoocll'Jury Soap so sire will always liave liiat slcin you love to toucli. JUNE PAULSON, we give permission lo visit lier Alma Niater every Saturday to lielp slxine winclows and clust erasers. 1 SAM PELLEGRIM, we leave a private secretary lo sign iris excuses. ALBERT PELUSO, we leave our regrets tluat lie is time last Peluso tn play loatlmall lor Brigliton. tliat is. at least lor a wliile. MARGARET PETRY. a private lxus line lmetween tile .limction anrl sczliool to relieve lier trans- portation clilliculties, DOROTHY PFLUGH, a drum so we can liear lier. FRIEDA PHlLLiP, a left lianclecl typewriter. FRANK POPOVKIH. we leave a sale in wliicli to lceep liis liarcl earned diploma. WILFRED RAVVL, we leave a golcl gavel to remind liim ol luis service-in time office ol time presielent ol tlie Senior Class el' 1945. DON READER, we leave a new jolce ironic so lie can continue to make liumorous announcements. PATTY RElNEHR, we leave a blaclc-out curtain lor iler lieacl ligllt. just in case ol an air-raicl, DOROTHY REVELANT. we leave tile gilt of gala so tliat sire can make lcnown lier intelligence. DOROTHEA ROMBQLD, H tmcgwiii. Miss Moore. ELIZABETH ROSS, we leave success tlirougli ller qualities ol leaclersliip. DOROTHY SAYRE, a lile-long flow of laughter.. GEORGE SASARAN. we leave a position in tile Signal Corps as a carrier pigeon trainer CLARE SENTAK, we leave a megaplwone to luring lmaclc memories of leading clieers, DELORES SCHi.EiTER, we leave a loattlesiiip to reminci lier ol time Navy. SALLY SCHRlVER, we leave a dress slinp so slie can make goocl use ol' lier sales alrility. NORMAN SHAFER, we leave tire lite of Demostiienes as an example lo follow. Lani: at lieiglils to wliicl1 lie rose. GERALDINE SHANOR, we leave a iaeli so we will lcnow when sire is arouncl. LILA SHANOR, a lielicopter so slie can rise straiglit up to success. SYLVIA SIMON, tiie tlmuglwt tiiat ugooct tilings come in little paelcagesf' THELMA SPIKER, we leave tile answers to all ot tiles problems. JIM SPRATT, we leave a wristwatcli so lie will always llave time on luis liancls. JOHN STEllViER, we leave a HPest's Licenseu tliat entitles liim to pincli. puncli, or stale anyone lic cliooses. HELEN STEVENS, we leave a brilliant future in time musical worlci. DICK SYLVESTER, we lr-ave tile privilege to pulilisii some ol llis orginal tlleories ami principles of Pllysics. To HELITZNANN TALLON, we leave a jewelry store, so strc will never run sllort of laracelets. To ELIZABETH TEETS, a tiorse and buggy, so slie can get into town wittlout tearing the O. P. A. To ALICE TIPTON, we leave a package of pre-war loulolwle gum. To PEGGY TOVVNSEND, we leave some dynamite so stte can blast away tlie obstacles in tier road to success. To PAUL TUCKER. we leave ttic title of Nlr. Five lay Five. To MARY VASILKO. we leave a steam roller to pave lier roacl to success. To VVALLACE. we leave the rigtlt to continue lwis excellent impersonation of Steplian To KENNETH VVATERS. we leave a steamstiip so he can see all tlie great waters. To NIARY WEST, a tube of Pepsoclent Toolli Paste to always keep tier smile lariglit. To EDITH VVHITIQOVV, a station in lite wtlere slie may find good use of tier lcnowleflge of Latin. To BOB YEE. we leave a vault in wliicli to store tlle great quantities ot knowledge lliat lie lias gathered in tlie last four years. To EMERSON ZAHN. we leave a clown suit so lic may continue tiis clowning, To ?NN ZIMMERMAN, the passage from the Bible, "The first stlall be last and ttie last stxall Je first." To tliose in our class wlio llave tween called into tlie service ot tlieir country, we leave our prayer tor "Goal Speed" and a sate return. In 'full realization ot our timing about to pass out ot existence we. liereliy, appoint Mr. Hamilton as executor ot tliis our last will and testament. HARRY SHEFFER 32 fic its 7t2 Dt? St? We, the Class of 1945, do hereby bequeath to HARRY SHEFFER a per- manent place on Ulnformation Pteasen in order that Clifton Faclimaifs contestants may have leeener competition. TOM MANNIX H ulet Everybod " The Senior Class Play was presented on the evening of November 50, 1944. The piay was a comedy hased on the story oi the Homey tamiiy. The young son, Danny, was always getting into some kind ot trouioie whiie hilnting iougs for his fatherys uncie, Professor Part- ridge. The Professor had hired Dan and his two hoy friends, Ned Fuiier and Joe Reade, to get hugs tor his zooiogicai coiiection. Edward Homey. Danss father. was a successiui grocer who had just atmout compietect a hig iousiness deat that would put him on Heasy street." He was afraid Danny would ruin his plans for Mr. Sedgewicic, a representative from the groceris association, who had the tinat say in the deai. Q The tiie that Danny ted was continuatiy complicated hy his sisters, Patty and Caroi, and their friends. Carol. the otder sister. had a friend visit her. This giri's name was Juanita Murray and Danny had no more than iaid his eyes on her than he found that he was in tove. Pattyis friend, Mary Jane Graham, was a continuai Htattie-tate." much to everyone's disgust. Martha Homey, the mother oi this iamiiy, continuaiiy did her best to iceep them out of trouioie hut to no avaii. Another character who appeared on the scene was Aivella Vvingert, a maiden tady from next door, who had iaiien in iove with the Professor and finatiy won over with her ioanana cream pies. Along with these were aiso Diane Nieiviite, a friend oi Carols and Brigid, the Homey maid, who never hesitated saying what she thought. in the end, everything turned out ati right for the whoie iamity. Danny became the hero oi the town hy capturing an escaped tion and exposing a hand of hootteggers. Father completed his business deai and everyone was happy. The cast. under the ahie direction of Miss Lytie, was as ioiiows: Brigid ......................,... .,...................... Professor Partridge- Edward I-IOVYIOQ7 .... Martiia I'Iomey--- Carol Homey ..... Atvetta Wingert--- Patty Homey ....... Mary lane Graham .... Dan Homey ....... NCCI 1'-JLLHQT .... foe Reade ........... fonathan Sectgewicie--- luanita Murray .... Diane iwcivilie .... --Betty Jean Hum ----Date Fortune -----Don Reader - -- - -Etizaioeth Ross ---Helen Stevens ----Jane Harris -----Sylvia Simon I-ois Ann Hadilieid - ---Joe Keivington - -- -Ray Lovelte --------Don Eiiiot ----Charles Kennedy -------Jean Hays - --Barbara Beegie 4 enior Literar Ill NRN BOND .IOHN GOLDEN ANN ZINMERIVIAN' IOHN TI I IS Prrsu :nl Vim pr:-sizlmll, Suvrelury Mrirsllu The Senior officers presided over an all- school literary on December 19. 1944. In lceeping with the season, the Christmas theme was carried out in appropriate music by the Girls' Chorus and the orchestra, and readings dealing with holiday customs and traditions. The credit for the success of time program went to Miss Carter, Miss Moore. and Mr. Beymer. Henry Boyd, the presi- dent, has since enlisted in the Navy. 6'Connecticut Yankee" ' On Friday evening. February 25, 1945. the annuai Junior Class Play was presented in the New Brighton Auditorium. The play. Hconnecticut Yankeef' deait with the adventures of Hank Bennett when he found himself hack in King Arthur,s Court of the Middie Ages. Niany deiightiui and comic scenes were witnessed when Hank Bennett, reaiisticaiiy portrayed by Keith Carr, introduced ati the modern miracles of the twentieth century into King Arthur's Court. Queen Morgan Le Fay. a scheming and evii woman, was ahiy piayed hy Doris Fry, who together with her viiiainous partner. hfieriin the Magician Uohn Sayrei, plotted against our hero. The discouraged King Arthur Uim Bowser, was practically run hy Queen Guinevere, tDoiores Moorei, a very domineering woman. Sandy and Eiain were two very attractive ladies of the court, charm- ingiy portrayed hy Nancy Marr and Joan Couch. Hank's sister, Niarion, was capahiy handled hy Mary Lou Reader, and Joan Beegie handled the part of his mother very weii. Biii Gephardt took the part of Clarence, a very mischievous page hoy. Two knights of oid, Sir Sagramor and Sir Lancelot, were exceiientiy piayed by Harold Vogel and Ralph Ashenhaugh. This play was very successful under the ahie direction of Miss Couch, who wiiiingiy gave her time to its production. Our thanks go to Mr. Hopkins, who had charge of ticket sales, along with the stage managers, prompters, and especially to the memhers of the cast for helping to make this piav a success. Junior Class Vve, tlle memlyers ol llle class of '46, liave macle our presence felt lrom as tar lvaclc as September, 1942, wlien we were Umercuroctlromeclu tlmoysl ancl pig tailecl tgirlsl lay our immediate superiors, tlie Soplio- mores--loless tlieml Qur scliolars, atliletes, ancl actors all loegan tlien llie activities wliicli liave contritrutecl so mucli to ttle lite of tlie scliool antl wliicli. liolcl so mucli promise llor our next anal final year. As S0lJll0l110I'CS we rlirl our return cluty lmy tlie tlien Freslwmen as an introduction to a successful year wliicli was tligli-liglitecl lay a group of tliree plays, a positively scintillating literary program, and continuecl clevelopment oi our atliletic and musical talent. During tliis past year we proclucecl a successful and unusual class play, promotecl a well attenclecl Friclay nigtlt clance. presentecl a literary program clone in llie St. patriclils Day motif-fSlXlAKESl-ancl finally rountlecl out tlie year willi a perfect lormal prom. Rival scliools can voucli for tlie efficacy ol our atlilelic cncleavors. Uur class otlicers, wtlo liave clone a line job oluring tlie year are: tI0l'lIf1 Cliogicli ..........,................... President .lolln Cunningham-U ---Vice-Presiclent Nancey Marr ----- ----- S ecretary - .-- ....- --- .-.. Treasurer Cliester Roser ---- 'lille following literary officers were electecl tor tl1e year: Ricliarcl lVlcNutt ---- ---..-- P resiclent .lolin Baker ------ ---- V ice-President .lanet l'lenry--- ----- Secretary l-ewis Zettle ----------.----------.-- - ----.-- lVlarsl1al However, since Riclwarcl lVlcNutt was callecl into tlie service, tlue duties of ttie president liave been transferred to tlie vice-president, .lotin Balcer. Anticipation is tt1e lceynote ol: our sincere llope tliat our next year will lae equally successful wittl ttie tliree ttlat liave passed, ancl as we go during tlie summer to cletense plants, or to ttle armecl service, or simply to a vacation let us rememloer ttiat next year we will be tlie examples for tlie otliers wlio ldave yet to reacli our uplace in tlie sun.n Ailien, Gloria Asluenloaugli, Ralpli Aulenreilli, Earl Bailey, Cvaynelle Iiilliiff, illlllll lsarile, Vvilliam llarirrle, Cliarles lgilflillfll, .lames Bau lll, Belly lfveegle, ,loan Begly, Rulll Beilrll, lVlalnel Besl, .loan lllillig. Carl Blinn, Beverly Bolan, Rulli l50NVSCl', ililllll'S Brancll, lvlarian lirougliler, Clara Braun, lflva .lean Bross, lVlari rmrl Burns, Belly Bulalz. Josepli Byerle, Roloerta Calvin. Elmer Capo, Rulll Carr, C8lllCflllC Carr, Keilll Cllogicll, rlolm Clapie, Cllarles Clyele, Pauline Coalily, Dcxix Couell, .loan Coucli, Roy Coucll, Veela Craig, ilolm Crawlorfl, Vincenl Crossley, Nora Lee Cu imrl inglm iii, .lolm Curcio, Gus Davis, Dale Downey, Norma Doyle, Belly Emler, Callierine Engle, Peggy Junior l'air, Kallierinc lr2lSll, lvlargarel Fox, Della ljrliuslia, Augusline lrry. Doris l:lllll'ill0lIS0l', Clllfil l: llll lill0lISCI', Nl Yrlll il Gacesa. George Garvin, Doris Garvin, Naomi Gauclio, Ralpli Gepllarnll, Goellring, Rulli Golclsmilll, Eclrie Lee Cvralia iii, Alverla Greaves, Doris Grisnirli, .lacli Haelclox, liillian l'larlman, Nlilellell llemlrielcson, Glenn Henry, .lanel Hicliey, .lolm Hiclmian. Mary Hoelge, Ray Housellolcler, Ricliarcl Howell, Belly Hullon, Lillielmelle Jaclcson, Byron laclison, Donalel Jaelison, lVlolly .lusli, Elsie .lule, .lolln Karlalia, James Kenneely, lVlellJa .lean Kisie, Eclwarcl Klullca, Helen li0Elll, Dorollly Koller, .loseplline Krusic. Zellco Krzeminslci, Ricllarcl Kusner, Sylvia Lazar, Margaret Leclcer, David loeimer, Milmlreil Leo, Helen Class Lincler, l.ois Ann Long, lVlarilyn Lowry, Pauline lol l4'r'i Ile, llllyllis l,1ulwig..lolm lvlarr. Nanry lVlayer, lVlargarel Nlclfricle, Rulli lVleCullougli, Dona lvlcfiinnis, Rieliarcl lvlclvlielleal, Rullm Nlelxlull, lellllflffl crr, Gwen Nlillner, .li iiiic: s Nlolclovan, Davicl lVlnore, Delores lxflowry, Palricia lVlasula,- George Novosel, Dlary Palmer, Sam Pall. .losepli ljavlinicll, 'l'll0IllilS Pearson, Harry Pleiler, Cliarles Ponlier, Steve Poole, Joyce Pullion, Sarall Reacler, lVlary Lou Reiclel, Evelyn Rolyerls, George Rose, Auclrey Roser, Cliarles Roser, .lacli Roy. Tlielma Sallzer, Doris Saunelers, Clair Sayre, .lolm Scliaeler, Eugene Seliaeler, Norene Sclialz, Vvilliam Scllellin. Doris Scllrama, Ricllarcl Scliwarlz, Bill Scllwarlz, Tuna Scoll, Esllier FllEll.l.!'l', lxlarilyn Sliielcls, liclgar Smilln, Claclys Svnilliulaeq ilc- line Smillr, .lean S i1cvxw'c l 1-l1, Durnlluy Snowclen, lvlyron Snowrlen, Rolqerl Spielcerma lil, llaul Spralley, llill Slanearl. Vvinnie Slarsinie, nlary Steel, lvlarllia Slirling, Mary .lane Slorer. Raymonrl Taggarl, Don rl'llUlllilS, Dieli Plqll0lllilS, .loy 'lArumlJelic, .lames Ursicla, lrranlc Vigosliy, .lolm Vogel, Harolcl Vrana, Louis Vulcieli, J0l'IIl Walls, Davicl Weaver, lvlargaret VVelJer. Charles Vvllile, Rolberl Yvilcox, Dora .lean Vvilliams. .lune Vvilliams, lvlerna Vvilson, Donalal Vvilson, .losepll Yvilson. .losepliinc Yvilson, Mary l-ou Yagclowiell. Francis Yonlcovic, Mary Yorns, vl4llClIllil Young, Dorolliy Young, Nlargarel fal iix, Genevieve Zellle. Louis Zeiglc, Vivian Zierenlmerg, Rolmerl l 1 l l E W x K 5 ophomore Class Officers RICHARD HADDDXI-President Dicli is talfcing tlie Scientific Course. llc spent luis first six years at Kenwood Scllool and came to Higgli Srliool from Central. He is unciecicfecl in liis liolmlay, ancl liis greatest amlaition is to malce it success of iliIllS4'ii. lXffARlE HUNT'-Secretary lvlarie is talcing tlme Classical Course also. Her am- lvition is lo be a commercial artist, ancl consequently, lier lwlJlJy is drawing. ophomore Li JAMES STEPPE-Presicfenl .lim is taliing llie Scientific Course. l'le lias liveml in New Brigliton all liis life init went to St. Josepli Scliool luis first eiglit sclwool years. He is interesteci in sports aml plans lu be an engineer in liis later years. RICHARD ANDERSON'--Secretary Dicli is taking time Classical Course. He comes from Patterson Heiglits wliere lie spent iris first six years of scllool. He tlien came to New Brigliton Junior Higli. He is also interested in sports ancl plans on being a rloctor. IJDRDTHY Cl'lI!lSTOI,l'l ER-Vice President "Chris" is talcing tlie Classical Course in preparation for a profession as a doctor. Slie spent ller early scliool years at tlie Braclienricfge Gracle Seliool ancl tlie Vvest Newton East Ward Gracie Scllool, and came to Higli Scliool from our own .lunior Higli Scliool. Her am- lmilion is to get Cilllgill. up on fuer mail. FRANK liOl'lNE-'TFCHSUFCT Franlc is talcing tile Scientific Course to prepare fiim for an agricultural life for l1is amlJition is to be a farmer. Franlils iiolofry is lvuilcling moclel iuoats anal planes. terar Officers i2lC1'lARD INGEP-'ViCC President Diclc is also talcing tlle Scientific Course. He comes from Nfarion Hill wliere lie went to scllool for eigfxt years. He enjoys collecting lairrls anti plans on a career to lanclscaping. YFONY ELLIS-Marslial Tony is talcing tlie Commercial Course. He llas livecl in New Brigliton all llis life and has attended its public scliools. He, too, is interestecl in sports, and electrical engineering iias laecn piclcecf by liim for his career. Alleman, Donald Amygdales, Andy Annygclales. Viola Anderson, l.ois Allfl!!l'SUl1, lxllilfllyll Anderson, lllllllilfll limiter, Lorrela Barr, .lames Barrett, ivloses Batftllelor, Belly Ballaglia, Santo lfeeli, Sarali .lane Bedeliovirli, Tlmeresu Bednar, Louis Beglin, Barlpara Bell, Peggy Ann Bennett, Marilyii Bingliam, Virginia Blinn, Paul Borli, Belly Borlcovieli, lvlildred Brellocli, Ricllard Brewer, lxflargarel Bueli, Herluert Budiscali, Joe Byrd, Delores Callioon, Harvy Cantner, Donald Cetnar, Vvilliam Cllain, Robert Cliristoplmer, Dorotliy Cllurell, Clarlc Circle, Carl Ciriello, Josepli Clapie, Jenelyn Clarli, lVlarllia Cline. Leverne Coast, Dorotlly Coene, .lune Colley, Plary Coleman, lllllll Ann Calwell, Pliyllis Conely, Harold Connolly, Betty Crawford, Gerald Curcio. Eugene Dallvey, Ted Davis, James Delvlarco. llanet Demeter, Lew Dougal, Elizalzelll Douglas, lxflarli Dllb'lC, RilIll0HH ophomore Class Dreviteli, llernarlette Dunlap. Vvillnert lDIlSl, Clare Mae Dwyer. Donald Dwyer, Vtlalter lfelcliardt, Madelyin lfdwards, Rolaerl lillis, Tony lllwood. Lorraine Erwin, Dawn Fabyanic, Rudolplu Fields, David Ford, George Fowlccs, Cliarles Frantz, Rolaerl Franze, Amelia Fresllwaler, .lolm Funlcliouser, Martina Futato, Miirgaret Garlllalny, Marial: Gaudio, Teresa Gillespie, Roluerl Goeliring, Rose Grim, Paul Gruber, Maury Ann Haarluauer, Joanne liaddox, Ricllard Harding, .lanies Harris. Earl Hartman, Sara Hawlc, Louis Hays, Sliirley Healy, .lean Heclcer, Edwin Herlmerger. Allaerl l'lell1ling, David Hellnling, Tliomas Hermes, .ludy Hill, .lolm Hiltz, Anna Mae Hogue, Patty Hollinger, Rita Holzworlli, Jael: Homitz, Cliesler Houseliolder, Donald Howe, Donna Huglls, Dorotliy Hunt, Marie lnge, Ricliard Jewell. Roloert Jones, Dorotliy Karr, lvlargarct Ktflllilllgll, JHUICS Kennedy, Delores Kennedy, Evelyn Kirclmer, Earl Kolme. Franlc Kolumlwan, Sylvian Kflilltf, Allllil Kyser, Domllly l..aderer, Donald Langneclcer, Clmrlene lillllillll, James l4Cllllll0l'l, Donald Lesezylc, Stella Lezovicli, Angeline Lillie, .laclc Mack, Fred iVlai,n, Dorolliy Marecie, Nlargarel lvlatotelt, Louis Meclaren, Toni lVlcGee, .lames McGoun, .lolin Mcluaiuglilin, Leroy Melizulley, Betty Metzger, Beverly Miller, lwin Misilc, Cornelius Mileliell, Eugene Miltner, .lean Mogimoini. Olga Molder, Louis Moraclc, Sally Morrison, .laelcic lVlowry. Cliarles Murdoclc, Eslella lVlyers, Clair Newlaerry, Mary Lou Newman, Nellie Orsag. Ceilia Ours, Eugene Ours, Gloria Pall, Vvilliam Pariso, Harry Pasquale, Rcynold Patsiga, Mildred Paulson, Peggy Pearsall, Doris Peluso, Mary Louise Perrolt, Mary Lou Petucll. Eslller Pliilipp, Berllia Plassineyer, Wilfred Powell, .loan Powers, Harold Price, Eugene llullion, Belly Pusliisll, Catllerine Ralyinowilz, Lois Ranlcin, Rieliard IQCCLL WilllZllIC Reinelir, Eleanor Rensel, Ralpli Rliodes, Eleanor Romeslourg, Louis Salrclla, Pllillip Sailnene, Metric: Sams, Donald Sclllciler, .luanila Seliriver, Cliarles Slialler, Beverly Slianor, Vvillmur Slieller, Carolyn Sluder, Vvilliam Smiley, Rose Marie Smilll, Wayne Smolar, Rudolpli Spade, Roy Spalir, Ricliard Spiclierman, Ricllard Srmaclc, Bill Steppe, .lames Tallcovic, Emery Tliomas, Neil Tindall, Carol Tindall, Marilyn Tipton, Eileen Tornow, Louise .lane Tuclcer, Leali Ursida, Frances Vaslninder, Mary .lane Vigoslty, Helen Vogler, Margaret Volinie, Waltar Vucina, Mildred Wagner, Russel Weiglc, Belly Vvliiltle. .lames Wilson, Emma .lean Wilson, Melvin Winkler, Bolo Winters, Eugene Yeager, Cliarles Yeager, llaclc Zinser, Ricliard Zuzaelc, .lolin l 1 1 w ! l Freshman Class Officers xVlLLAllD C. SNowisi2RGEiz. JR.F-Presiclent NVillarcl is taking tlie Commercial Course ancl plans a business career. Occasional mr-rlianic iolns are liis v.0i,by. CIOLDIIZ ZiMMIQRMAN-Secretary Golflic is talcing tlie Coimnercial Course mul plans to be a secretary. Slle collects snapsliots lor a liolwlnv, IVDICK SALTZIQR-Vice President . Diclc is taking tlie Scientific Course anal plans to lie a cloctor. His liolnloics are liascluall ancl listening to tlle faclio. l2ALPH l.ovrirriif-Trensurer Ralpli is talcingf tlic Srientilir Course anrl plans to lxe a meclmnical engineer. lie enjoys all types ol sports. Freshman Literar fficers ANTOINFTTE CHUFEP-PTCSiCl6Ht Antoinette is talcing tlie Commercial Course ancl plans to lime a secretary. Slie attenclecl tlie lVlarian Hill Scliool liellore coming to New Brigllton. Antoinette malies rlancing lier lioliliy. I ANN PHILLIS-Secretary Ann is taking tlle Scientific Course ancl woulrl like to lye a lawyer. Her liolvlay is collecting pennies. .lov SMITH,-Vice President ,loy is taking tlie Classical Course and woulcl lilie to lie u gracle scllool teaclinr. Slie enjoys nrt ns a pastime. slim MACDONALD-M8fShHl .lim is taking tlie Commercial Course anfl plans a lwusiness career. He collects stamps as a liololmy. Allan, .lanet Allison, lvlelvin Bair, Orlo Balclerson. Betty Balik, Paul Baren, Norma Barkicll, Jeanne lfveck. .lames lfneckert. Cliarles Berclltold, Rolfyert Blacklmurn, Nora Lee Blacklwurn, Paul Bonzo, Frances Bowser, Dorotliy liranclenluerger, Jean Braclsllaw, Bunny Brandt, Rulll Brauncl, lvan Brewer, Beverly Brewer, Ralpli Brinker, Katllerine llucliseak, Helen lfurcliett, Vivian lfuzzi, lVlario Calmle, Vvayne Caironi, Louise Capan, Frank Carclosi, Vvillialn Carllmerg. George Carling, lolin Carr, Vincent Carson. Donna Clnanfller, Harold Clmarles, Donalcl Cliule. Antoinette Clapie. Dolores Clear, Robert Clyde Pmpon Coleman, Frank Consentino, Augustir Crawlorcl, George Cumlmerleclge. .lames Curcio, Frank Curcio. Frecl Dallbey, Philip Damluaclc, June Dewliirst. .lolm Disl1ler, Doris Domico, Betty Douglas. Anna Doyle, Patricia Dunn, Rita Dyson. Ralpli Eaton, Betty Anne Edgar, Mabel Emler, Earl Enke, .loan Epstein, lna Falwyanic, Ruclolpli Fallcenson. Rita l:iISll, Rosemarie IC Freshman Class l:ielLl, Nancy l:0VVl0l', .JHIIICS ljriccllancler, Bernie Frkuska, VVilliam Garvin, Betty Gault, Edwin Gauelio. Wlartlia Geronimo. lVlicliael Gildson, VVilliam Gold, Alice Golden, Gerald A Cvorclon. Carolyn Graliam. Mary Greatllouse, Granvil Greallrouse, Harvey Grecicll. Barlmara , Grisnick, Eleanor l tall, Susan Hamilton, lflizalvetli ilarely, Sara Ann Harrison, Vernon l'Iitl'llllill1.il0TfY llays, Davicl lflays. Davitl llnzlf-u, Alice Healy. .lanel Henry. Betty Hilelelxrancl. Alice Ilill, lVlargaret lloclgkinson, Vvilliar Hellman, Ann lrlowarfl . tlVlary Howe, Vvilliam lluffman, Helen l'lunt. Carl l'lunt, Clillorcl llurley, Tllomas lackson. lVlarilyn .lanectic, Barlmara Jenkins. Davicl Jerome. Davicl Kalcevie, Bernafline Kalcevic, George Kalcevic. Ruflolpli KCIlnll. JEIIIC Kelly, Raymoncl Kelvington, ilane Kesler, Vvilliam Klemen, Rose Knox. Ronalzl Kornman, James Krkuc, Rose Kross, .losepli Kusnir, Viola Lane, Eugene Langnecker, Delores Leppla, Roloert Lenclsay. Rutll Link, Don lrocke, Kennetll l,ovette, Ralplu le Yt Lowery, Anna MBKIDOHHld, JHIIIC, Mack, Frank Manypenny. .lack Martin. Joan lvlason, Bettie Jane Nlason. Paul lVlatlieny. -loanne lVlcBricle, Raynronel lVlcBrien. Sluirley Ann lVlcCay. Betty McConnell, Betty MCDMCI. Judy McDanel, Geraldine lVlcDanel, l.evilla McGraw, Vvilliam lVlcKee. Virginia lVlcNitt. .lolln lVleasel, Donalcl lVlilaclin, Amlrew lVliller. Faye lVliller. Howarrl lxlilne. .lean Millie, .loan Misik, lfileen lVlolter. Byron Moore, Loretta lvlotz, ,loan Wlulik. Steve lVlurplny, Relua lVlurpliy. Rolrert Myers. Eleanor Niclmlson, .loan Nicllolson, Vvilliam Nippert. Peggy Lou Novosel, Betty Ortelt. Eugene Osloorne. Martlia Ours. l...ucille Pall, Sarali Palaicli, Nlary .lane Palmer, Geraldine Palmer, Ricllarel ljariss, Patricia Pleilier, .lolm Pliillis, Ann Pickrell, George Pickrell. Lawrence Pinecle. .lolmn Powell, Ronalcl Powers, Dorotlly Preston, Earl Prince. Elizalueth Pullion. Barloara Raclclille, Raymoncl Raflcliliqe, Rolwert Ramsey, .lack Reelll. Virginia Reel, .lolm Regney, .loan Revelanrl. Peter Rlioaeles, lvlilclretl Riolclel, Alice Roark, .lolm Roles. .lack Rosenlnerg, Anna Saltzer, Riclmarcl Samarin, .lack Sanclers, Rolmert Savager, 'llecl Sayre. C-laflys Sclielrller, Pliyllis Scllutey, Nicliolas Scott. Frances Seiple, Keitll Sliellielcl, lVlargaret Sllielcls, Vvilliam Sllimer. Clnarles Sinclair. Daryoal Smillb, Eugene Smitll. ,loy Smitll. Vvilliam Smitll. Zelma Snowlrerger, Vvillarrl Spickerman, lvlerle Spiker. Paul Srmack, Betty .lane Stanton, Norma Stock. .lames Straile, Ravmonnl Sylvestor, Vvilliam Taylor, Katllerine Taylor. Vvilliam Terek, Agnes Tilnone. lvlary Vlwomcyzkiewicz. .lolin Tomsic. Walter Totll. .losepli Tracy. Margaret Uelmlacker. Rita Umlaull. James Ursicla. Samuel Van Kirk, Cliarlotte Van, .losepli Veiock, J0llIl Vvalll. Genevieve Watts. Clarence Vvatson. lvlary Weber, Jean Vvelsli. Estlier Vvliite, Dwain Williams, Jacqueline Wilson. Harold Welle, Marilynn Wurzel, Norma .lean Vvurzel, Rolwert Yaria, .lolm Yeager. George Young. .lanet Zimmerman, Golrlie w f J Activities A volleyball tournament alter scilool . . . powclerecl llair, acl lilmloecl lines, ancl lool- ligllts . . . tea and coolcies for guests of tile Girl Reserves . . . smooth music at the Hi-Y spring clance-ftlie liglxter sicle of liigiq scliool life, second only to textlooolcs, the vital training toward leaclersllip ancl wisdom in living with otiiers. lf laurum in volume of time Aiaurum tile Staff iras endeavored to present to you a picture of your scimooi days'-ciassmates. teacimers. sluciies, ati1ietics, ciuios, musicai and dramatic efforts. and your- selves in your serious and iigimter moments. VXfe iwope tinat liris booic, in lime years to come, wiii provicie an everlasting source of memories of your ciays spent in New Brighton High Sciwooi. We of tile Staff wisiw to tiwanic Miss Rotzier. Wiwo, aimiy serving as sponsor for time First time, advised us in planning this yeariuooic. The Alam-tim Staff Editor ........... Assistant Editor-- Business Nianager Assistant Business Caienctar Editor-- Biograpimers ---- I-ilerary Editor--- piiotograpiiy ----- Shorts Editor-- Aiumni Editor--- Typists ------ Ninn ager- - ------Heien Stevens ----Lois Ann Hacitieid --------Don Reader ---------Dale Fortune -----Doris Lou Mcciane -----Barbara Beegie Jane Harris Jane Locke Sylvia Simon iViary Ann McCullough -------Stuart Caiimoon -----Wilfred Rnwl -----Betty Jean Hum --------Janet Kester Catherine Fricusica Emerson Zahn Jean iVicDaniei V , , fn, , ,, + I V n. Girl Reserves uVVomen ancl girls worliing togelliern is a part ol tlwe purpose ol llie Y. VV. C. A. Vlllie Girl Reserves are part of tlle Y. VV. C. A., but up to tlwis time tlwere lxave lmeen only girls in tlie organization: llierelore only lialf of tl'1e purpose lms been lullillecl. Tllis year tlirougli llie eflorts ol some ol: tlie women of New Brigllton, a Y. VV. C. A. Council was lorme-cl.. and now lllere really are Hwomen ancl girls worlcing togetlwerfy Tlie season lmegan witli tlie initiation meeting at wliicli sixly-live girls were lalcen inlo llle cluln, malcing llie total memlnersliip aloout lwo lwunclreol. Boys and girls clancecl to tlle smootli music ol Felix ancl lwis Grcliestra al llie Clirislmas lormal. Tlie Girl Reserves sponsorecl many of tlie weelcly clances. also. lVlovies, a party, and a luanquet constituted some of tlie otlier meetings. The year was climaxecl lay tlie annual lVlay Day program. Tliis, as always, was a lseautilul affair. The Girl Reserves wisll to tllanlc lVlrs. Ripper ancl lVliss Vvillis lor tlleir excellent supervision ancl guiclance of llie cluln. Presiclent ....... -,,,--,-- B etty Ross Vice Presiclenl--- .... lVlary l-ou Reacler SGCl'0fC1l'y ----- ---Dorotliy Cliristoplier 7'reasu,rer ........... .... C lmarleine Paton Program ClIf1ll'I'YlCll1 .... .... B etty Jean Hum Social Clmirman .... ---l-ois Ann Hacllzielcl lvlusic Chairman--- ----- Helen Stevens Aslnenloauglm, Ralpll ALltCHfCllll, Earl ljalccr, Jolmn Beclc, Robert Boyd, Burton Boyd, Henry Bristol, Glenn Cl1ogicl1,.lol1n Davis, Dale Eclwarcls, Bill Elliot, Don Eratlm, Eel Fleming, Brainarcl Hi-Y Members Caron, Earl Gauclio, Ralph Golclen. rlolm Gorclon, Donald Haarlnauer, Ricliarcl Hawtliorne. Herlaert Hoclge, Raymond lrwin, James Qlaclcson, Donalcl Jones, Lulaert Kennecly, Charles Kruzic, Zellco Leclcer, David' Lovette, Raymond lxflannix, Tom Paton, lVlancel Pall, Jack Reader, Donalcl Sl1iclcls,Jol1n Spratt, James Swartz, William Sylvester, Riclnarcl Vogel, Harold Yee, Roloert Zettle, Louis Hi-Y RICHARD HAARBAUER RAYMOND HODGE ROBERT BECK JAMES IRWIN President Vice President Secretary Treasurer The year 1944-45 has been one of the hesl years for our Hi-Y since it has been organized. We were host to a very successful Boys, Conferencefduring the first week-end of Decemher when two hundred and fifty hoys attended from an parts of western Pennsyl- vania, and many good speakers were enjoyed. We sponsored the annual pep meeting for the Beaver Fans-Brighton Game, which was held in the Dawes Gym. Our hig dance of the year included a Hoor show. The treasury balance was increased hy the sale of pro- grams at the Beaver Fails-Brighton game and from the various dances given under our sponsorship. U These accomplishments were made under the capable leadership of Mr. Miller, our advisor. This was Mr. Miller's first year, and he did a great job of helping our club. Our membership grew to include sixty-four, and the club as a whole was exception- ally active this year. Uur oflicers have worked faithfully, and we know that the younger members will carry on next year. The officers for this year were as follows: pl'GSiCl0nl ....... --- .... Richard Haarhauer Vice President--.W .... Raymond Hodge Secretary .... ---Robert Beck Treasurer -- - --- James Irwin MM 4 Girls' Athletic Association ' One ol the most active organizations ol' the New Brighton High School was the G. A. A. which is uncler the capahle clirection of lVliss Fritz, girls, gym instructor. This year the girls have participated in tournaments inclucling volleylaall, loaslcetlaall, ancl mushhall. They have not only competecl in athletic contests hut have also engagecl in social activities as well. , The Cv. A. A. is also creclitecl with having sponsorecl a nurnlier ol' successlvul school clances throughout the year. The cahinet of this organization which should he congratulatecl on its Fine worlc in supervising the activities of the cluh which incluclecl the following members: l,f'1'Sill1'Ilt --..-.- ..... A lim Tipton Sophomore RvpresvlLlulives- .... Esther Petuch Vice Presizleni---.. -Doris Nlcclane Peggy Paulson Secretary and Treasurrr Helcnann Tallon Freshman Rep i'r' scnlnlivvs-- ....... Sally Pali Point System--- -Lillian Haclclox 'lncklc Vvilllmns Reporter ...- .... i l0Ann Powell liashvlhnll .... ......... E lsie tlusti Social Chairman .... .... E ilcen Tipton Vollaylmll ---- ----- A cloth-lc Kolumbml S iill iw Rolmispnmumls' "" Sylvia Simun Dorlge-Ball ..... Eclrie Lee Golclsmilh Alice Kelly lllllilil' Represenlulives- .... Catherine Enller Nliswllanaous 'lxlary June Smiling Pauline Lowry Crimson and Gold The year 1944-45' has provecl an unusually successful year for the CRIMSON AND GOLD. Six interesting issues were puhlisheci containing news ol present memloers ol the high school ancl of the Alumni, many of whom are locateci at various liar-iiung military loases all over the World. Special features this year inelucieel interviews with members of our highly successful varsity lootlnall team and their coaches, ancl the opinions of a numlner ol members oi our stuclent loocly on the question of Compulsory post-War military training. Much of the literary success of the CRIMSON AND GOLD is clue to the helpful and con- structive aetvice of Mrs. Johnson, Miss Moore, Miss Brewer, and Miss Stallorcl. THE STAFF lfrlilor-in-Clxivf ..... .... B ctty June lN'luGinnis Associate lfctitor .... ........... Fl ilmtma Coeur: Business ivlunagvrs- .... Patricia Blarlienlvinclccr lV'!lSHi-.- Atunmi Iolevs-- Sports --- i'eatures- Dorothy Christopher Earl Kirchner Raynmncl I-ovcttc Rirzharcl lVlcGinnis Paul Spiclierman - ...... lltizahellm Ross ----- Charles Kennedy -------Zellio Kruzie --- Rolvert Becta --- .lean Hays NilI1Cy lxlarr EXKIIIIIIIQLI ..,. .... X 7irginia Reelll Senior Class--- Iunior Class ------- --------Alive Tipton ----John CUIllliHf,filillll S0p'lOlllDl'0 CIIISS--- ..... ielllil AIIII CUICIIIZIII Frestmum Class-- -- Typists ------ Artists--- Advisors -------Virginia Reelil Lulu lvlae l-angneclier .lunc Mansiielcl .IUITC PBUISCIII Ann Zimmerman ---------Elsie .lusti Peggy Paulson hilary Lou Reacler -----lxflrs. Johnson bliss Nloore Bliss Brewer htiss Statlorcl Library Club The members of llle Library Clulo lxave worlcecl as library helpers tus year assrsllng llle lilararian, Mrs. Ripper. Tlueir variecl clulies incluclecl shelving laoolcs, malcrng out overclue slips, filing? arranging displays, and getting lpoolcs reacly for circulation. Doris Boggs Vecla Mae Couclx Dorothy Hughes Sylvia Kolumloan Lula Mae Langneclcer Belly Jane Srmacli MEMBERS Ruth lVlcBricle Judy lVlCDanel Rutlm lVlClVlicl'1ael Gwen lVliller Dorothea Romloolcl Junior Service Corps Again this year the project of the Girl Reserves was the organizing ol the Junior Service Corps whose memhers worlced before and alter school at the Beaver Valley Gen- eral Hospital. Due to the shortage of nurses and regular help who running smoothly, assistance given lay the Corps memloers was greatly XVillis, the advisor lor this project, arranged the worlq schedules for All the girls who signed for this worlc were given an opportunity to Those who were interested were grouped into permanent squads which lceep our hospital appreciated. Miss the girls. show their interest. were assigned cer- tain periods ol time lor worlc. By the cooperation of all the girls, real service was rendered to the community. JUNIOR SERVICE CORPS ROLL Gaynelle Bailey Betty Baum Joan Beeglc Joan Best Patricia' Blanlcenlaiclcer Betty Borlc Ruth Brandt A Helen Budiscalc Vivian Burchelt Pauline Clyde Belly Ann Cralt Patricia Doyle ina Epstein Katherine Fair Catherine Frlcuslca Doris Greaves Eleanor Grisniclc Lois Ann Hadfield Jane Harris Jo Anne Harris Jean Hays Judy Hermes Patty Hogue lVlary Howard Betty Howell Betty Jean Hum ivlarie Hunt Adeline Kolumlnan Sylvia Kolumloan Anna Krlcuc Mildred Krlcuc Rose Krlcuc Dorothy Kyser Cl1ZiflCDC I.-c'1I'l g'l'16Cl46I' June Mansfield Joanne lVlatheny Ruth McBride Geraldine lVlCDanel Patricia lVlowry Sally Pall lVlary l .ou Reader Virginia Reehl Alice Riddel Dorotha Romlnold Nlarie Sailoene Phyllis Schelller Delores Schleiter Dorothy Senior Joy Smith Thelma Spilier Vvinnie Staneart Lou Jane Tarnow Mary Jane Vasloinder Jacqueline Vvilliams June Vvilliams lVlarylin Wolf Janet Young Margaret Young Vivian Ziegel Junior Service Corps Cheerleaders This year tl1e Clleerleaders were again under tlae supervision of lVlr. Beymer. ln spite of tlle transportation difficulties, tlaey attended all tl1e games except one. V Pep meetings wl1icl1 were laeld in tl1e auditorium loetore eacll game were composed ol Clmeers. songs, and speeclles. Tlwe Beaver? Falls pep meeting. Conducted lay tlae Hi-Y in tlme gym was one of tlie most 'successful of tlue season. Alter tl1e loand laad played several numloers. we witnessed tlle laanging of tlae Beaver Falls Tiger lay members of tl1e Hi-Y, alter which a quintet ol Hgirlsu from tlae cluln led us in clleers. Tlwe c'l1eering at tlwe pep meetings and games was excellent. A new clmeerleader representing tl1e Freslmman Class was clmosen llnis year. Tlxe clreerleaders for tlais year were as follows: SENIORS JUNIORS Sopnomorms Fmzsl-1MAN Barbara Beegle Carl llillig Diclc lnge Eleanor Crisnivlc Clare Sentalc Bill Swartz .lim Vvllitlle tand Committee Armotlmer year llme Stand Committee lmas served tlme ttungry fans at tlme games. Alllwougli tlmere was not suclm a variety ol relreslmments as ll1ere was lnelore tlme war, tt1e sponsor ol tlme eommittee, lVlr. Taylor. did a tine jolo of tceeping tlie lans supplied. Serving ttme Crowds at tlxe lootloatl games was ttle most dillicult job ttme committee tmad. Tlme largest crowd ol tlme season was served at ttme Briglmton-Beaver Falls game, lnut tlme memlners ol tlme committee turned out in lull toree, and tlme supply ol: relrestmments was sold quite reactily. Time committee also tool: ctmarge ol getting name cards lor tlme Seniors. Several new display cards were obtained, and tlme Seniors lmad a wide variety ol cards from wlmicli to vlmoose. VX7e lmope ttnat next year lVlr. Taylor will lme almle to secure relreslmments and a large ellicienl' Committee to sell tlmem. MEMBERS Patty Blanlcenlmielcer Laura Koezur Clare Sen tatc Nladelyn Borlc Jaelc Lowry Sylvia Simon e Marian Burger Rita Lutz Thelma Spilcer Katlmryn Dixon Ruttm lVlCLauglmlin Steve Tallcovic Ratpll Dauer Marjorie Muse Alice Tipton llulmert Franlclin Dorotlmea Romlmolct - Frances Vvallcer Dial: Grant Delores Sctlleiter Eetilll VVitloW Chapel Pianists Do you rememlxer seeing Belly Jean Hum, .lolmn Sayre, or Helen Slevens ruslwing out ol tlmeir liome rooms al 8:29 in llwe morning? Tlmey were just trying lo gel to claapel before you did. llllwey were lcnown as llwe Clwapel Pianisls anal provided llle avfompanimenl for all llle cllapel singing ancl also llme peppy marclmes cluring llre playing ol wluielm llxe sluclenls enlerecl ancl lell ll'1e auclilorium. Belly Jean ancl Helen, wlmo were memluers of llme Senior Class. and .lol1n. wlmo was a memluer ol llme .lunior Class, were always availalule lor accompanying al impromplu programs. Orchestra Our High Scimooli Qrctlestra is to be congratulated on its splendid performances this year. 'Not only has it contritautect to tide success of lime class plays and Christmas vespers. tml it has served in oltmer entertainments. 'll has grown in size in time last severnt ye-urs. To tmve a Imeller orctmeslru euctm yen: slmoulcl be our gout. COnfIUClOl'--- ..-. ..... ...... .................. tx ' I l'. BCY111 GT Pianisl .... ...... ............ , i 1011 I1 SHYFE XIIOLINS SAxoPHoNl4:s FLUTIQS Ntzlry A nn ixtctfwlxt IOIIQII .totm Clmgivli Betty .I c'2xx1 i I lxll 1 tfctwin lifiltll Frank Cuspnnt Igllill Ann Simi' CL1XRINliTS Br-Hy Baum Nfllify Altlrr Orson .IUUH Cwollfh l'.tr'nl1orfirisx1i4'k I. I tel:-n Sh-vi-ns Juni- Hnrris Pulris-in Pnllnn Gliutys Fry TRUM PiiTs ISDH l'Ql'2lllt'l' .ln-un I luvs tlklrutsl vugfvl Y QELLO IYIEIYVCY CQEIHIOOH BASS ViouN .lnnu-s Kurlntiu txlurityn Sllaxivthvr tillznlwlll Ross Bova-rty Slmtfvr TROM isoNi2 Ruin-rl Yr-I' t IORNS l'.IlIH'I'l KIIYIII Miriam Rzumsny DRUNIS ciIlHI'I4'S K1'l1l1t'lIy' lfurl Harris SAXOPHONES BARITONES DRUMS Band This year, uncler the capable clirection ol Mr. Beymer, our High School Band has com- pletecl another highly successful season. With the adelition ol several new members from .lunior High and Senior High, uncler the patient guidance of Mr. Beymer, we have filled many ot the vacancies left in our ranlcs by last year's Seniors. These new memlaers have adapted themselves very rapidly to our hancl routine, ancl some of them are very promising young musicians. Xfve aclclecl to our laurels lay Winning the thirty-clollar seconcl prize in the Armistice Day Parade at Nlicllancl on November 11. We hope that next year the lmancl may enjoy as pleasant and successful a season as we have enjoyecl this year. BAND MEMBERS uclor ..........,.,, ,,,-,--,,,--,,--------,,,,,.,. , Sturleni Coml ...... Helen Stevens OBOE Helen Stevens .lane Harris Patty Pauon Vvilliam Howe Ralph Brewer Glaclys Fry Xfvilliam Swartz Roberta Byerle FRENCH HORNS .loan Couclw E FLAT CLARINET Betty Lou Burgess Fl-'ROM BONES 'l'om Nlannix ltolmert Yee VVilliam Gilwson .IEUIIOS Xyxfflllflfft Carl l'lunt CI.ARlNETS Nancy Nlarr Betty Baum Pauline Clycle Donalcl Taggart James Latham Betty lVlcConnell Charles Kennecly Earl Harris Allen Blaelclaurn Bunny Braclsllaw Frank Kolme Don lainli .lolm Tallon Vvilliam Hoclgelcin DRUM MAJORS Elmer Calvin Glenn Bristol Geraldine NICDMWI Henry Boycl Harvey Callloon Ivan Braund Earl Scliramm Clmmtff' Lynn lVlarian Ramsay Ralph Bennet Joan Taggart MAJORETTES TUBAS .lames Kartalia Stuart Callioon FLUTES AND PICCOLOS Nlarilyn Slialler Beverly Shaffer lflizalsetll Ross lllrie l,ee Golilsmitli ,luunne Gi-plnuralt TRUMPETS AND C Don Reacler l'larolcl Vogel .lean Hays .lames Beclc .lamtlc lVlcNitt Della Fox Davizl Hays Russel Couelu Vvalter Borli l'4l'IlllllCS Sroll ORNETS .larqueline Vvilliam Patricia Reinelir .Io Ann Powell Katlieryn Steel Rolvert Ferrell Norma .lean lVlcl,au .lane Kenali Nlarilyn .laclison Bi2i.i.:: ltr-tty .leun llum letbllvfl lsrunlz IS glllin Ruth Capo .lean Mittner Margaret Lazar ' lVlilclrecl l.iemer Mary Lou Perrol COLOR GUAIIID l,ul1ert .limes Rolmert Zierenherg .ltrllll RK'f'l .lillllCS Bkllf' S0 Drum Majors and Majorettes Have you noticect the new routine ttme Ntajorettes have folitowed this year? Att IIIOSC new lwirts have been acquired only by tong hours of practice. Clarence Lynn displayed Iris skill by twirting flaming iaatons at severat of the nigtmt games. Henry Boyd also won our applause at the games when he twirted three Iyatons at the same time. None of the Majorettes Witt be graduated this year, but the two Drum Majors, Henry Boyd and Clarence Lynn. of the Class of 715. Witt be succeeded next year by Bitt Taylor and Jerry Hartman. MAJORETTES MAJORS Jean Ntittner Henry Boyd Ntargaret Lazar Clarence Lynn Ntitrtrert Leimer Rultn Capo txtary Lou Perrot Dance Orchestra The Dance Qrcheslra. which originated a few years ago. hecame one of the schooi organizations just iast year. it has ptayeci for many oi lhe schoot ctances and toanquets. Besides heiping its members to iearn that certain stciii for ptaying jazz. the orchestra has provictect enjoyment for those of the student body who have ctanced to its music. The memhers of the orcheslra pracliced at teast one night a weetc ailer schoot. The memtmers this year were Harotct Vogel, Jim Becta. Bitt Gibson. Clarence t.ynn. Jim Karlatia. John Sayre, Biii Swartz, Raiph Brewer, ami Bill Howe. Xve wish to lhantc Wir. Beymer. Wir. i'topt4ins. ami the school for their cooperalion. Mixed Choir Tlie lylixecl Cliorus of New Brigliton Higti Sctlool For tlwe term of 1944-43 was made up ot some sixty students wlio appreciated tlie worlc of our alole conductor, Miss Bernard. Under lier direction tliis group lias quite a commendable past and a promising future. lVliss Bernard lwas loeen wittl us tiiree years and deserves mucii creclit. Almost any- one can sing, but it talces time and patience to develop a group of singers wlio can sing togetlier liarmoniously. Conductor-- --- g---lVliss June Bernard Pianist ..... .... .... .... B c l ty .lean Hum SoPRANos TENORS Amos Bfxssus Joan BCS! ixlclvin Allison Domllmy Allison .lamcs Barliicli Clara Brauglilcr Norma ljunlillouscr Eleanor Grisniclc Ann Hupp l'lclcn Klutlca Rulii lxflclsauglilin .loan Nlilnc Flary Lou Rcaclcr Alice llvclyn Ricclcl lflcanor Rlloclcs Nlarilyn Sliallcr Nlarilla Steele Helen Ann Pllallon Nlargaret Vvcavcr Dora .ivan Xfvilcox .iolm Balcur Harvey Callioon James Cumlacrlcclgc Cliarles Fowlccs William Gcpliarclt James Kcllmaugli James Sleppc Neil VIQIIOIIIHS Delores Clapic .icnelyn Clapie Nlargarct Fasli Rulli Gocliring lfliazlnctli Hamilton Ann Holilman Evelyn Kcnnccly .loan lxliinc Ann Pllillis .loycc Poole Virginia Rcclll Doris Sclictlin Pliyllis Sclictilcr .loy Smilli Clmrlolic Van Kirli 5 larilyn Nvoli Stuart Callloon HafOiC'l Ci'lHl'lfliCI' Donald Cliarles .lolm Cliogicli Augustine Conscnlino Huiwrt Franlilin Ricliarvl Inge Silllllliti pailllCl' Sieve Ponlic-r Roluin Roarli .lolin SlCiIlICl' Vvilliam Slucler Rolacrl Vvliilc The Girls' Chorus The Girls, Chorus has completed another successful year of singing. The girls mel faithfully three times a weelc ancl lolencled their voices in harmony uncler the clirection oi Nlr. Beymer. They sang for many social affairs ancl chapel programs. The Christmas pro- gram was a great success. The chorus is smaller this year than it has loeen. hut it has given excellent performances in spite ol its size. SOPRANUS SECOND SoPRANos Joan Beeglc hlarilyn Anclerson Sara Beclc lvlarian Burger Elizaheth Dougal ina Epstein Josephine Kolter K Dorothy Koah Geraldine lVlCDanel Lula hlae Langneclcer Esther Scott Eleanor Reinehr Amos Beverly Blinn Dorothy Christopher Betty Connolly Rose lVlarie Goehring Lillian Kairis Beverly Leppla Small Choir vlllie Small Clioir originalecl tllree years ago when Miss Bernarcl became supervisor ol our clioral worlc. There are twelve members witli llmree to eacla part, forming a balanced group. This is one ol Elie most active clioral groups of tlae scliool. Miss Bernarcl cllose tlle following memlaers in orcler to produce a ricllly lalenclerl vocal choir. Belly .lean Hum .... ...... .... A c companist SOPRANOS 5 ALTOS ' YlwENORS Bfxsszis lVlarilyn Shaffer Dorothy Allison rlolin Balcer Llolwn Claogicli lVlary Lou Reacler Ruth Goellring Harvey Callioon Stuart Callloon Dora .lean Vvilcox .loy Smilli Ricliarcl lnge Colored Chorus This year Niiss Bernard was again the director of the Colored Chorus of New Brighton High School. There were very few iooys in the chorus this year: hut in spite of this handi- cap, it did very welt. Miss Bernard has succeeded in getting new music this year, and the chorus ap- preciates her leadership. The members of this group are: Nioses Barrett Marian Garmany John Newman Alien Blackburn Anna Lowry Nettie Newman Grace Evans Esteiia iviurciocic Katherine Taylor ta e Crew One ol' llre necessary groups ol llle scllool is llle Stage Crew, wlwiclm was composed ol' lluree memlmers, two ol whom, will tue graclualect tlwis year. This group was responsible lor llme appearance ol llle stage during chapel, literaries, plays. and special programs, ancl lor llme instruments ol tlme band and orchestra. Little is heard of these looys, lout their work is greatly appreciated. MEMBERS Allen Blacklgurn p Frank Cuspard Peter Revetanl lumni Today as never in-lore time Alumni ol' New Brigllton Higli Scllool are scattered to tile iartliest corners of tile world, wliere tliey are serving in every capacity. We if-el justly proud oi our many young men and women wllo liave gone fortli from our sciiool to do tlieir part in every field of endeavor. Roimert O'Neil, James Sliaiier, Harry Yveisgerlaer, and Vvilliam Niorrison are among timose from tile class oi '44 wlio are serving in tire Navy. Tliey toolc tiieir boot training at Sampson, New York. Harry is in tire Atlantic and Boil in tile Soutli Pacific. .lolm Brandt and Bill Elliott, '44, are training under time Navy V-12 program at Villanova, near Pliiladelpliia, Pennsylvania. ' .lames Chain, Henry Taylor, Harry Klitz, and .lolm Spretnali, also from tire class of '44, received tiieir Navy inoot training at Bainbridge, Niaryland. Jim, Henry, and Harry are now in active duty in time Soutll Pacific. Hilary Taclc, Clifford Smith, Cliarles Van Kirlc, Don- ald Snowdon, Tom Summa, Harvey Tlmomas, Andrew Klutlia, and Lloyd Brenner, '44, are in tile Navy and serving our country in every part oi tire world. Louis Peluso. a Marine, is stationed in Hawaii. He lias met a memloer oi our faculty, Lt. Blaine King, wlio is tl1ere with tire Navy. Sam Pelusu is in tire Army in Empl- Captain Eddie Halter, a football star of tile class oi '59, is in New Guinea. He attended Slippery Rock State TCEXCIICTS' College and left witll Company B in ifelaruary, 1941. Sliaiier, Jim Howard, Sidney Haariaauer, and lloward Brewer, '45, are in time Army. Jim is taliing pilots' training in tile Air Corps, Howard is witil tile liilvteentll Air Force in italy, and Sidneyys destination overseas as yet is unlcnown. Bill is witli tile infantry in England. Lt. Tom Budiscali, '56, is in tile Army Air Force in tlie Dutcii East indies. His larotller, Frank, of tlie class oi '45, lras entered tile Army. Also from tllis class l1ave gone Edward Haddox and Raymond Lovette. Ricliard Genone, class of '42, and Kronie Kruzic, '43, outstanding musicians of our sciiool, are inotli overseas. Diclc is in a Navy inancl on looard siiip tlie uVVasp.H Kronie is an M. P. in France. Lois ifratll is in training at Sewicliley Hospital wllere site went aiter lier graduation in 1945. .lean Gallaglier of tile 1944 class is at Passavant Hospital in Pittsiaurgli. Evelyn lviitscli from tile class of '45 IIEIS graduated from Garfield Business Scilool and llElS a secretarial position at Ceramic Color. Tom Summa, wiio was graduated in 1944, is witll time Navy in tire Soutli Pacific. Tours sister, Sue, a memloer oi tire 1941 class, is a graduate nurse oi Mercy Hospital, wilere side is now working. Frank Pasquale, '41, serving time Army Air Force as a gunner in tire European tlleater of war, was recently awarded a medal for bravery. Melva .lane Nierriman and VX7anda'iViills, class of '44, are working as secretaries at Osinornes. George Roarlc, Jr., also graduated in 19114, is liome after iiaving served in tile Army. He llas a sllarp- siiooter's medal. Auimrey Sams, Roluert Rousll, and nljucl" Vvalson, V44, are in tire Army. , Harold lViacl..aren, '44, is attending Grove City Col- lege, wilere lie is taliing a pre-medical course. Don iVicComlJ, '45, is liome after spending several montlis in tile Air Corps. He is now attending Geneva College. Sgt. Allxert Harris, '59, a pllotograplier in tile Army .Air Corps, is stationed in Oldalloma. Quayle Andrews and James Bartley, '44, liave imeen attending Carnegie institute of Teclmology but ilave discontinued for time duration. .lim is in tile Army at Camp Croft, Soutli Carolina, and Quayle is waiting for llis call to the Coast Guard. Cliarles Silaiier, '41, is witli tire Navy in tile Soutli Pacific. Don Harris enlisted in tile Navy alter iris graduation in 1945 and llas talcen part in several major campaigns in tile Soutll Pacific. Oran Panner and Harold Nioorelleacl, '42, are in tile Navy, Harold in time Soutii Pacific and Oran in tile Navy V-12 program. lVlary Dewalt, 144, lias been taliing nurse's training at Western Reserve University and is now training at Sewicldey Hospital. lumni Nlarjory Dodds, '44, and Dorothy Hamilton, '45, are attending Geneva College. Joy Corlian, also ol' time class of '45, is studying at a Virginia dramatic scllool. Jacqueline Steele, '45, is in the Vvaves. Lt. ti.g.i Eleanor .lane Hunter, now Nirs. John Sutton. jr., and Ensign Mary Alice Hunter are in the Waves. Tlleir larotlier, Vvilliam, is in Europe with the Army. Ronald Vandcrslice, '44, is a Soundman 5fc and is now going to Materiel School in Key West, Florida. He tool: iris looot training at Camp Perry, Virginia. Rutll and Edith Freligll have moved with their iam- ily to Seattle, Wasliington. Ruth was a memher of tiie class oi '44, Edith of '45. Lena Nlae Gillespie, Jean Shroads, Evelyn Bergan. and Joyce Englehardt, all memiaers ol tile class of '44, are attending Geneva College. Lois Binziey, of '44, is attending Business School at Carnegie Tech. Suzanne Jackson and Janet Gephardt are studying at Slippery Rock Slate Teachers College. Louise Phyllis, 44, has been attending Allegheny College hut is now at llome. Vvilliam lrwin, '41, is with the Signal Corps in New Guinea. Dan Raclclili and Bill Young, '44, are in tile Navy and are stationed in Florida. Bob Geiser. Class of '45, and Linas Ledeioer and Don Thompson, Class of 1942, are in tile Marines. .lack Florentine, '42, is with the Anti-aircraft in time Pliilippines. Jim Dyson, '42, is in india with the Signal Corps. Sain Peluso, '40, is in the infantry in lnclia. Tom Engle and Nici Vvurzel, Class ol' '44, are in tire Navy. Tom is at Noriolli, Virginia, and lvlel is in tire Niarines at Cherry Point, South Carolina, Don Vvurzel, iorotller of Mel, is in the South Pacific. Dave Lonliert, wlio was graduated in I942, is in tile Navy V-I2 program at Bucknell University after seeing service at sea. Ben Radatovicll, Harvey Tliomas, and Don Sclrwartzel are in time Navy. Don is in tile Aclmiralty islands. Ben and Harvey are in the Pacific. Alluert Summa and Boi: Capo, '59, are in tile Army overseas. Albert is a plumher with tile Air Corps in india, and Bolo is with time infantry in Germany. John and Joseph Tritsclller have enlisted in the Air Corps and Navy, respectively. Joe is at Great Lakes and .iohn is waiting for his call. Rody Cox, '44, is taking hasic training in the Army. ,lee Koricansiiy and lviorrell "Spike" Duncan, '44, are in the Army Air Force. Joe is in Texas and uspiiieu is in Nlississippi. Dave McBride, '40, and Ray Butler, '44, are in tile Navy. Ray recently arrivecl in tile States alter eighteen montlrs in time South Pacific and Dave is still tllere on a destroyer. Dorothy Jack and Margery Martsoii, '45, are major- ing in ellemistry, Dorotiiy at Grove City College and Margery at Oberlin. lvlaneeta Shaffer, irom tlie class ol I944, is con- tinuing lier study of music at Wooster College. Wooster, Ohio. To all our students ancl l-acuity memlners throughout time worlcl go our prayers for a safe return and a speedy victory. . To tllose families who have luoys wlio will never walk time streets of New Brighton or tile lialls of New Brighton High School again, goes our deepest, most sincere sympathy. ' The information which appears in this article has been received from the families and friends oi tile Alumni. No doulot many changes have occurred since the printing of this volume of the Alaurum. For countless numbers we have no information and regret that their names Cal'lH0t he il'1ClllCiCd BHIOHQ H1050 VVll0 llilVC IJCCII IIICII' tioneci here. thletics Time sixty-five yard ciasii for a touciiciown . an intercepted pass . . . the ioreathiess moment as time bait circles time hoop before it fails through the ioasicet . . . endless hours of practice on tile field or in tile gym . . . the joy of a game weii-fought-memories that rnaice up time timriii of time sport, Whether it comes from being a spectator or a partici- pator, a modest winner or an unciaunteci loser. 4 4 i p0l'llS Bangt That's iust the way ilu: New Brighton lligh toothall season opened with a smashing victory over Butler High. The final score was 29-6. Although this was a rather tough opener. the team came through with few injuries. Everything seemed to Click under the T-formation. used for the first time this year. Our opening victory spurred our team. which included nine Seniors, on to the ever hoped-for goal of becoming county champs. This determination resulted in the second victory of the season when our toes from Ninnaca were downed hy a score ot 34-6. Excellent playing hy every hoy on the squad soon ran the score up to where it helonged. Ellis. Pc-luso, and Haddox got their share of touch- downs. as usual, along with excellent hloclcing hy the line. Vvith these two victories challied up, we now loc-gan the tasli of preparing lor the game against Amhridge. As you all lcnow the Amloridge squad tipped the Brigh- lon eleven last year I4-15 lay Hsteaiing the halln from Ntel Vvurzel. Every ivoy worlced hard because we all wanted to avenge the deleat suffered at the hands oi Amhridg last year. Vvhen the time came, the Amizvridge squad really knew that they were in a game, as was shown hy the udeadloclt scoreu of 7-7. It was a hard fought game the whole way through, the Bridgers gain- ing I5 tirst downs to our 6. it was not until the final canto that Ellis crossed the goal line on a pass from Haddox. We felt sure that the game was ours, hut toy sheer luclc the Bridgers came through at the last minute to score on a pass and then malce the conversion. The game ended hy a score of 7-7, a hard-fought game to the last second. Slightly disappointed. hut not downhearted ahout the Amhridge game. we started right into our nightly drills preparing tor the Rochester game. Although Rochester had a larger team, Brighton came out on top hy a score ot I9-0. Brighton scored in the first two cantos, leaving the score at I5-O at the hall. Brighton came hack iight- ing in the second half, pushing another touchdown over in the third canto. From then to the end of the game, the two teams hattled each other up and down the field until the whistle lolew ending the game at a score ot l9'0. This game was a battle of lines, showing the Brighton forward wall was just as good as the Rochester wall of defense. Having challced up three wins and one tie. we plunged into our hall:-way season game hy downing Mill- lancl 33-0. This game was not what you would call a push over because the Midland hoys were in there tight- ing all the way. All reserves saw action in this game, however. and they put up a good showing hy pushing over a touchdown at the last minute. Mention should he made here oi the line individual running and hlovii- ing oi our loaclis and the place-liiclting of hig At Peluso. Having passed the mid-season mark, we got down to serious husiness preparing for the game with Trinity High. For your information, Trinity has a mighty smart outiit, using about everything in the hook. They used all sorts ot formations and quick huclcing plays. How- ever they reached the second defeat of their season when Brighton toppled them in a hard fought game. on the Vvashington and .lelterson field. From here on in. the Brighton cluh had tough going. invading now the highly trained Beaver team. who lost a hard game to the undefeated Eliwood team, I4-7. Beaver. however. came to the second defeat oi their season when we icnoclced them oft their perch hy a score of 28-6. The forward wall deserves special men- tion hcre hecause of the fine world they put forth. On several occasions the guard, Fortune, and suh-tactile. Xvilson, hrolce through and spilled the Beaver hacks lor losses. individual running hy our speedy hacks. especially hy our suis-halthaclc, Crawford, should also he mentioned. Having challced up six victories and one tie, our greatest taslc oi the season now arose. Vve were to invade the undefeated uvvolverinesn from Ellwood. Ell- wood had nothing to lose hy this game. Being a uDouiJlc AH school, a defeat would not lmoclc them out ol the running for the county championship. This game saw Brighton go to its tirst defeat ol the season, the final score loeing I5-6. Ellwood got a lucky hrealc on a long pass and this ended the deadlock score of 6-6, which prevailed throughout most of the game. Brighton scored first on our eighty-tive yard mn hy hig At Peluso, making it 6-O since the conversion was no good. Just ioefore the half ended, the Wolverines scored on a hloclced punt, making the score 6-6. Late in the third quarter, the Ellwood team came through on an- other touchdown. The extra point was good, and they tool: the lead, I5-6. From then to the end ot the game it was a battle up and down the field by hoth teams with Ellwood coming out on top. Each team showed about the same power on line plays, each team challcing up eight first downs. This showed that hoth lines were about evenly matched. There might have heen a rliller- Varsit Football quad ent story to tell if laetter liloclcing lnacl linen :lone liy tlie Briglxton ilorwarcl wall altllougla some creclit is clue tliem. Having an open clate Nov. 4, tlle team lmacl a sliglit lnreatlling space loctorc tlie game witli Beaver Falls. We trainccl liarrl for tllc traelilional game witll tlle lmoys across tlie rivcr. Every luoy lmecarnc serious ancl really went to worlc getting reacly tor tllc game. We lrarl ten Seniors from tlic learn wlio lelt us tlnis year. Tlley are as follows: left enrl. .lolm Ellis: lelt taclcle. Vvilllrecl Rawl: left guarcl, Diulc Sylvester: riglit guarfl. Dale Fortune: rigllt tacliln, Raul Turlcer: rigllt encl, Earl Caron: quart:-rliaelc. Ml-Clltjllu Eclwarcls: lulllwaclc, AI Peluso: lialllwaclc, Eclcly Harlclox: anal Frank Bucliscalc wllo plays center. 'lille entliusiasrn was unlvounrlecl wlmn tlm Brigllton l.ions wallopecl tlle Beaver Falls Tigers by a score ol- 26-0. Tlle previous year tlie score was 27-0. wliir-li sliows tllat we tailed lby only one point to equal tllat score. You will undoubtedly agree tliat every lmy playecl luis heart out in tllis QBIIIE. Pcluso, Haclclox. Weller. ancl Saunclers accountenl for tlre touclrclowns. ancl Peluso also mlicl tlle lcicliing of tlie extra points. VVQ liacl I2 lirst clowns to 9 lor our foes, most of tlieirs lweing matte in tlie last few minutes of play. Tlius our season enclecl witll seven wins one loss, ancl one tie, a very gratilying season. I.. E. ......... Ellis RC. ...... Fortune R.H. ...... MCNUH L. T. ........ Rawl R. T. ....... Tucker I.. H. ...... Haddox L. G. ........ Price R. E. ....... Garen F. .......... Peluso C. .... Bucliscalc. F. Q. ....... Eclwarrls ,, ,, 3, Reserve Squad Our Reserve Squad also iiad a good season this year. winning lwo of their three games. The reserves. who were coached by "Mel" Miller. deserve a tot of credit. They were the boys who gave the varsity squad the practice on what to expect in CHCI1 game. They ran the opponent's plays, and more or less familiarized the varsity squad with the opponentys method of play. Therefore, the boys on the reserves deserve mucim more credit than we realize. The regular reserve squad was as follows: LE. --.M Zuzatc, T. C. -- -- Gillespie R.E. -- -- Sclmriver L. T. - --- Pariso R.G. - --- Ursida R.H. ..... Hartman LG. .... -- Knox R.T. --- -- Ramsey LH. --- .... - Roser Q. -- -- Dwyer F. -- --- Kross w- 1 1 1 4 A Basketball Tlae New Briglnton l'ligl1 liaslcetball season opened witli six non-league games. Our season lmad some miglity lwriglut prospects lnecause ot a liost of returning veterans. We l1ad starting at center lvlancel Paton, a lour year varsity man, witli great sllooting and passing alaility. At tllc Forward posts we llacl lanlcy Hlmgsu Edwards, and .lolm Ellis, lvotli two year varsity men willi muclu alaility. At tlie guard posts we liad Allmert ljeluso, a veteran guard, and Wilfred Rawl. a center lvl'0Ill last year. Vvitll tl1is coinlmination Coacll George Roarlc liacl lnopes ol stirring up a lot ol troulule in tliis section lllis year. Vlllnis eomlmination seemecl to cliclc as tlie record ol our pre-season games indicated. Out ol: six starts, we XYOH EIS lllillly QHIIICS. dOXVIllIlQ HOpCW'fTll, DUQUCSIIC, Freedom, Beaver, Roeliester. and a return game witll lTl'CCd0lll. TllC ITESCFVCS also CIIIIIC llll"0llLfll UIIKICI' C0tlCll Melvin lxliller witli two wins out of six starts. Coacli Rnarlf louncl lximsell somewllat sliort of re- serve players. Suliliing at tlle lorwarcl posts. we liad two juniors, .lolin Craig and Vince Crawford, and one senior. t-.luicen lrvvin. All tliree players were on lland to Htlirow inn at any moment: and tliey did an excellent jola ol sulmluing. Wllen necessary Louis Demeter and Walt Dwyer were on lland to till tl1e guard posts, ancl also ul.anliyH Anderson, wlio plays Center. One game wliicli sliould lie mentioned is tlie Roclies- ter game. ln tllis game, wlliclm was our linal uwarmer uppcrl' lwelore tlle starting ot tlie league games. we lnund ourselves lxampered lor tlme on-coming league games. AI Peluso and lVlance Paton received serious anlcle injuries. Tlieir being out of tllc game was a lmad lorcalc tor us because tliey were two ol our starting Inen ancl accounted lor a great many ot our points. Tlleir injuries caused us to lose our lirst two and most im- portant league games to Farrell and to Sllaron. Paton and Peluso were loaclc, liowever, in time lor our tliird league game witl1 Aliquippa and our winning streali came lvaeli to us. We downed not only Aliquippa lxul also Amlxridge, Ellwoocl, and New Castle. We droppecl nur traditional game witli Beaver Falls. luowever. lmul land llopes ol locating tluem in tlle second encounter. 'lllie most important and exciting game ol llie secoml llilll was witli Beaver Falls. Unlortunately tlaey were almle to edge out a 29-27 victory over tlle liard ligllting Crimsonites. Tlie lioys from across tlle river slioulrl never liave won tliat game, lout tliey just seemed to get all tlie lwrealis. As you lcnow, tllis was tllc last game ol tlie season for all Seniors and tliey really did play some line laaslcetloall. Tliose leaving include Paton. ljeluso, Rawl, Edwards, Ellis, and lrwin. All made a line sliowing tlirouglmut tlie season, ancl lliey are looli- ing tor tlle remainder ol tlme lioys to defeat Beaver lralls next year. Anotlier game wliicll sllould lac mentioned was tlie one witlx Ellwoofl City. 'lille laoys Ulrom clown unclern came up strong and really cauglit tlie Crimsonites on tlieir lieels. Defeat came from a team wllicli cliallied up only one win during tlieir wliole season. Tliey were alyle to liolcl a lead tlmrougliout tlie game and finally ended up lny locating us lay fourteen points. Tlwis was one ol: tlne upsets of tlie season. but every team runs into tliis sort ol' tliing all tlie time. By tlie encl of tlie season Briglnton was alule to lmold lourtli place in tlle section, liut a more successful season is expected next year. Basketball Reserves The reserve squad, coached lay Melvin lVliller. had a fairly successful season. The team was small lout scrappy and usually gave their opponents a tough game to play. At the guard posts we had Louis Demeter and Tony Ellis. Demeter is an all around player. l'le is a good drilohler, a line set-shot, and is also tough on short shots. Tony Ellis has also shown himself to lime an alale player. At center, we have ulanlcyn Anderson, who has loeen gaining experience this year, experience which will prove valualale to him in his future years on the squad. At the forward posts. we have "Reds, Dwyer and Rudy Falnyanic. Dywer has proved himself to be an all around player accounting for most ofthe points made. He is a good passer and a swell nfalcerf' Faloyanic is of equal ability. when necessary, Chain, Budiscalc, Kross, and Schaeffer were on hand to help out. The looys deserve much credit laecause they are the ones who gave the varsity squad their Hworlc-outf, These are the looys, moreover, that will lae seeing varsity action next year, or the following year, and they deserve all the support that you can give them. Freshmen- Junior High Basketball Plqlie Freslwman-Junior Higli Basketball Team lwacl a very successful season tlnis year, liaving laeen clefeatecl only tlaree times, twice lay tlie New Brigliton Hi-Y clula and once lay tlie Rocliester Junior High. Tlne team clefeatecl College Hill, Beaver, and Patterson. Town- sliip, as well as many independent outlits. Tlmis group ol looys can loe expectecl to upllolcl llie New Brigliton tradition of line lous- lcetloall teams. The team incluclecl: James Kornman James Nicholson Gale Farrow .lames Beclc Vvilliam Nicholsori tlosepli Kross Augustine Constentino Robert Panner Samuel Ursicla .lames lXflaCDonalcl Paul Smitln Ronald Powell N. B. H. S. Lettermen NAME BUDISCAK, Eranlc BUDISCAK, Joe CI-IOOICI-I, John CRAWFORD, Vincenl EDWARDS, William ELLIS, John FORTUNE, Dale OAREN, Earl I-IADDOX, Edward IRWIN, James MCNUTT, Richard PELUSO, Alberl PRICE, Eugene PA-ION, IVIanc:eI RAWL, Wilfred SAUNDERS, Claire SPRATT, James SYLVESTER, Richard TUCKER, Paul WEBER, Charles WILSON, Melvin ZETTLE, Louis CLASS Sonior Sophomore Junior Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Junior Sonior Sophomore Senior Senior Junior Senior Senior Senior Junior Sophomore Junior FOOTBALL ' 2 I I I I 2 I 2 3 I 2 3 I I 2 I 2 2 2 I 2 IIVIgr.I 4 2 R A,i A i I X NA -j3ropo.feaf- Xp P -ILEQRLATJLQN-CEN w ix ,H 6 29 rw Q N -New-Bmooifiow P if N ,LQ 'if B Lk-. fi 1 RID A C:9"'qx,?L, O SX " iii VJ 'MCNQ ni Xi A rs--- j,,-ff? QL , ,,,1fmT.' N lc 1 s-Qgik N by- ftf'fY'f 7 P it X. - A-, 4-ffL Q WVQZQ-fit A R K Joifii, 5 E r- sgmyw qc src, 3' e fimfQI55 efleff' of M J r fn K, , SUDES sc:-sms - . x17vfbCg,3 PLDW IYIE PLAY L .- " 1' 's 'ff 5 P A C L fa 3 'f 'Z z iii G Y C R O V E . I E s : E 5"" mnmnra A V H. K u.l 2 Y u-:E Boxes on E N U E I I . X-js: : G A 0- 55 55 "TQ-:iii f I EJ 1 U A "-fi - U Pr 'gt ' sr , ' frm- F 'P ff. H H The Proposed Une of the momentous milestones in the history of the New Brighton School District was the acquisition of an eighteen acre plot of ground, the former site oi the old Dawes and Myier Standard Sanitary Plant. to he used as a memorial and recrea- tion paric. A committee composed of the late Jesse E. Martsoif. George L. Holler, and Joseph Saiomone Worheci quietly for eight months to secure this piece of property for the school from the American 'Radiator Standard Sanitary Corporationg anci Mr Nlartsoif haci drawn plans for the proposed park. X T E tl' I T w 'U ' 1 p J - ul firm tvwi o s as if t J.. ' ENNA: ' '..s5:Of AV , .e,,,,q- 4. ef LL u.,-. lxggjagyl,-.f-5 CN-yac c!! ' " OHQQAL " HEEEI' 1 if ,JJ itll! FIM -- I ,Al-.LJJQ3 T E l S - 4 a IEEUII Q I BAT" -FOOT-BALL- 'WWE .Fl Btn. gig . - - " Sv-LIOMZHLNG --I :n11vnu5:t l:lTE':Ell E iw f f' i. 5tAT.NG Cy9fQdQjEHHQ pIIDlNG Pool, Qu N- 'T- -L Y i-f A Q f'U,f.-f' if --l 1 f,t7if.f2'??f.1 ,Ov 'P y' ? 50 O IO IUOII. S C A L L J.F...L A.L.P1AP: .5 LV N N A v L N u e Recreational Center Shown above is a general idea of wllat will become of one ol' llie greatest recreation centers of its type in tl1e United States wlmicla will provide tor all types of play and sports, including swings. slides, see-saws, sand boxes for tlae younger ctlildren, laaslcet laall, badminton, volley ball, soft loall and tennis courts: a football tield, a swimming pool and a wading pool, sliutlle looard, and tiorse slaoes. A picnic parlc witti a parlcing lot and a slielter laas also lneen included in tlie provisions for tlle recreation center. Tlle development of tlais recreational center is somettling tllat tlie NVl'1Ol6 community of New Brighton can loolc forward to witll pride and anticipation. f i is 1944 Events SEPTEMBER J. Wveii. here we are hack at schooi again. .iust tiiinii, Seniors, oniy nine more months oi schooi. 6. The Freshmen seem to icnow aireaciy how to get around. S. Vve had our first pep meeting for this year iust hefore the Butier game. ll. Getting oii to a good start, we defeated Butier. 12. Vve are giad to see ivir. Hiii hacii to schooi after an iiiness. 15. The Seniors had a dance this evening, the first of the year. 18. Another game to add to our victory iist. This was with ivionaca. ' 19. Bond and stamps saies began today. Lets try to do hettcr than ever. 22. The game with Amhridge kept everyone excited even though we were disappointed at tying the score. 25. Gym ciasses hegin today. 26. Vve had an afternoon entertainment caiied "Our Friends, the Snakes." the iirst one this year. 28. Oniy getting pictures taken couici maice the Senior ieiiows wear white shirts and suit coats. 29. One of our favorite teachers, Ensign Oiiie Moiter, who is home on ieuve, addressed us in chapei. OCTOBER 2. A victory dance was enjoyed after the game with Rochester. 7. Rain didn't stop our team'-they defeated Niidiand 59-0. - 9. The Giri Reserves had a party at the Y. Ni. C. A., which every one seemed to enjoy. 15. Friday, the 15th, and had iucii: the game was canceied with Trinity iaecause of rain. ixiuny were disappointed after a iong trip to Washington. 14. After two trips we finaiiy defeated Trinity. 16. The first reserve ioothaii game was piayed at Rochester after school. 10. hir. Hopkins spoice to us this morning at a pep meeting. We go down to Beaver tonight. 20. Hooray! we defeated Beaver. The .iunior Service Corps heid a very successtui dance tonight. 27. Xve iost our first game with Eiiwood. 50. Two months oi sciiooi have sped past. NOVEMBER 2. Report cards are out-sad ciay tor many. 5. Did you study? It you didnt itis too had: today is exam day. 7. Both sets oi exams are over: we had a dance to try to forget our hiues. 10. The first pep meeting ever heici in the gym was sponsored hy the Hi-Y for the annuai Beaver Faiis game. How those Hi-Y Hgirisn can iead cheersi il. in a wonderiui Armistice Day game we dei-eated Beaver Faiis 26-0. 15. How hashiui the ioothaii piayers are on the stage! After an assemhiy program and a parade around town in the morning, we had the afternoon oii and a Victory Dance in the evening. 14. Do you notice how hard it is to drag around after the hig Victory Dance given hy our schooi hoard last night? 22. Eariy dismissai heiore Thanksgiving Vacation. 25-24. Two grand days of vacation. 28. Speciai chapei for G. A. A. 29. This month has gone fast. 50, Eugs and snakes and cream pies pius exceiient worii hy the cast made the first Senior Ciass Piay 1 arious. DECEMBER 1. Say, have you seen aii the iaoys running around-1225 oi them? it's the Vvestern Pennsyivania Hi-Y Conierence in New Brighton for the weeii-end. 2. A hig dance with an orchestra was heid in the gym for the Hi-Y Conference. The Giri Reserves and G. A. A. members were hostesses. 4. Reverend Marhurger spoke to us in Chapei today. The hand and the iootiaaii and hasicethaii memhers were invited to attend the Boosteris show tonight. 3. Our first hasi-rethaii game with Hopeweii Township, and a victory. 8. The G. A. A. held their dance after the game with Duquesne. 11. From noon untii midnight we watched the snow come fiurrying down-a record iaii of eighteen inches. 12. No school today: it was too hard to wade through aii the snow. 17. VVasn't the Christmas Vesper Service impressive? 19. Aii schooi iiterary hetore Christmas Vacation. 20. Long dresses, corsages, Christmas trees, and a smooth orchestra made the Giri Reserve Snowfiaiie Froiic perfect. 21. Vacation joins pay for aii those Christmas gifts. 1945 Events JANUARY 2. Alter twelve days ot vacation everyone seems anxious to resume scllool. lu tlle lirst game ot tlle league we were cleteaterl lwy Farrell. 3. Order your Alaurum liielore itls too late. 5. lfveryone llopes we sllow Aliquippa llolv to will a gallle tolligllt. S. 'lille great day will lac coming. Exams are tlle treat. 0, Vlvllff lourtll scllool lllontll closes today. 12. Our tealll goes away tonigllt to play Amllriclge. We wisll tllenl good lucli. 10. We llope to deleat Ellwoocl alter losing to tllenl in lootloall. 18. Tile G. A. A. llacl anotller successful party in tlle gynl. 10. We play New Castle tonigllt and are to llave a dance alterwarcls. 22. Back to scllool: tllis is going to lbe a luig weelc. 24. Come on juniors, try lor a part in your class play. 30. We will play Farrell again Ionigllt. ITEBRUARY . 2. our tealll goes to Sllaron tlllllgllt. 5. Reverend Vandervort spolie to us tllis l1l0fll1l1H. 0. TllCFC,S a game at Aliquippa. Tlle liltlw srllool ll10lllll closes toclay. 0. A game witll Amtmridge and a dance afterwards. 12. Do you lcnow wlwose lairtliday is today? 13. Did you get your report card? 16. Tllis is our next to tlwe last game and is at New Castle. 10. rlqlll! Juniors put on a slcit tllis nlorning in Cllapel. 20. Ylillis is tlle game we llave lleen waiting lor willl our tracliliollal rivals lrolll Beaver Falls. 25. rlqllff Junior Class Play was a great success. I MARCH 1. Vlilllf Seniors are laecoming n small group: llllf Army and tlle Navy can't wait until alter graduation ill iway. 0. Better get tllose lnaclc assignments in today, it's tlle last day ol tlle sixttl montll. 8. Everyone llas been llunlming a cllorus number, 'Tm Falling in Love Vvitll Someone." 9. Tile spring concert will be presented tonigllt. 12. Tile laand and ctwrus deserve credit lor tlweir excellent pertormance. 13. Report cards again. or didn't you receive yours? 16. Are you going to tlle inig dance sponsored lay tlle Hi-Y? 20. 'lille Sopllonlores llad Cllapel to learn more details alaout tlleir class play. 50. A well earned spring vacation. Do you llave your Easter outlit yet? APRIL J, Back to scllool again alter Easter vacation. 5. Alter today, only two lnore nlontlls ol scllool. 0. Girl Reserve meeting in tlle auditorium. 11. Do you lwave your ticlcet lnougllt tor tlle Sopllonlore Class Play? 13. Tllere is talent in tlle Sophomore Class. 18. Do you llave your drills perlecled lor tlle gym exhibition? 23. Everyone is anxious lor tlle last day ot sclwool. 27. Vvllo is going to ine tlle lvlay Queen? 50. Tile gym exllilnition proved to loc well wortll tlle weelcs ot steady practice. MAY 3. Get all your worlc in, 11's tlle last day ot tlle eiglltll scllool lll0flll1. 14. Do you llave a dale lor tlle Junior-Senior Prom? Boys, speali up tnelore itis too late. IS, rlwlll! gym was certainly paelced lor May Day. 17. 1t's getting llard to tliinlc ol leaving alter tour years in tl1is building. 18. Snitcll a beauty nap in order to loolc lovely lor tlle Prom tonigllt. Tllis is tlwe last day lor tlle Seniors. 20. Baccalaureate Service lor tlle Seniors. 28. Junior Higll Commencement. 29. At last tlie long-wanted diplomas-'Senior Higll Commencement. 51. Last day ot SCIIOOI. Best wislles lor an enjoyable vacation. 1 1 .Autographs Jfjhaj KSXVUV' More Autographs W f? More aoooooooeooooovvooooooov :QQ ' o,u'n'0,4544,'u'n.u.n.n.u'a .4 I I OQOOUOOUYVO 99000900990 .g..,.,.,..,.,.,..,..,..,..,.,..g..,..,.,.,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,. The engravings in this book were made by Northern Engraving Sf Elcclrolypo Co., Canton, Ohio Printing by The Tribune Printing Co., Beaver Falls, Pa.

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