New Brighton High School - Alaurum Yearbook (New Brighton, PA)

 - Class of 1936

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rife Research Center 11151 13- :us C R 1301 Seventh Avemjc Beaver Fa11s, PA 13010 V S THIS IS THE ALAURUIVI PRGGRAM STATION N. B. H. S. NEW BRIGHTON, PENNSYLVANIA fl ll XXNXD N fx K THE "VOICE BEHIND THE MIKE" IS OUR MASTER OF CEREMONIES To our friend and adviser, Ernest B. McNitt, Whose unceasing labors have helped the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-Six to achieve higher standards, We gratefully dedi- cate this volume of the "Alaururn". NEW BRIGHTON PRESENTS No. 13 OF A SERIES OF PROGRAMS WHICH BEGIN EACH YEAR EARLY IN SEPTEMBER AND LAST UNTIL EARLY IN JUNE . . . . FEATURING A TOUR OF VARIOUS CLASS- ROOMS AT NEW BRIGHTON HIGH SCHOOL . . . TH EME SONG Music Bv "Bob" Woods 11 3 X I ,, L: LQ i I Q , A I . J LJ +4 J CL -9 'WQEF give a cheer Fav Bvagh?-o'n High Sched, PcAvgJ1w-'WJJLFFI I Ll - 1 I Q 5' J .X +12 Oh raise her ban-nev :io ?he Sify- On w. JlH-MID ijJJ.wU-J-Q flow :fo Vic - NY - y Sing Her Reis-esjbiseherglvrj b K 9 at JJ I L l , 914, ' A J 1 .FJ J high 777156115 and daugh- ilevs Q-rue hw- -cv B ev v 3 n F F gp ! A-J H11 D Thy memwies al -ways wall ve, - ve-ve Fair III-ma if . u ' Y N p4'J!1'r"iL1f FfJ.J J Ma -ter vH1ine+heg?o-ry ev- egg To our h eam-isyouw-e in I ' P W V. ' Q-f f HQMHA +hFff'fE'r"-4 a'I -ways deav: C heer 15 or Brgh?-on 'fovjhxe Lf'rfrE'fJJI.fJ,,fl iilw-EL Con-+esT has be -,go Tm, Fnglfi For BFQH-on Hgh SCM H21 fhe canigslhaf been V r"f11",FLNJ r o l b won Give B cheer C- ivea Cheevjlnfrea ChQ!Yf6YBfYl,'0N H i7h,ViH give 3 APPRECIATION The Board of Education has given New Brighton some- thing to look upon with pride-one of the finest school sys- tems in Pennsylvania. The members of the Board have contributed time and thought to make this system what it is today. In spite of financial difficulties, the same high standard of education has been maintained. Due satisfaction is felt in the accomplishments thus far, and this public- minded group will continue to give its best efforts to bring about an even better system. Another group essential in making our school notable is the Faculty and Superintendent. Only through the never- failing help of our teachers has anything been accomplished. From them has come encouragement for difficult tasks, in- spiration for better things, and reward for work well done. Through their extra work have come very favorable results in clubs, plays, and other activities. The Class of 1936 expresses its deepest gratitude to these two groups, through whose efforts have come the suc- cess of high school life. SPCJNSORS DR. I.. IB, MILLLR xrifi' l,l'0Si!lI'lll JOHN SENIOR CHARLES KIiNNliDY .IOHN H. KNOTT Prvsiflvrxl ROBERT B. IZBFRLE Six .l. D. BRUIIN Vrf'l'l1SlH'l'I' DR. C. H. VVILSON CHIEF ENGINEER S. W. LYONS. M. A. Superintendent of Schools SCYCH ASSISTANT ENGINEER LLOYD A. M. CORKAN, M. A. Principal of High School I I TO THE CLASS OF I936 It is indeed a privilege to give a word of greeting to this the Class of '36 as it is about to leave the New Brighton High School. For twelve years you as individuals have been mak- ing preparation to live a more abundant life. It is well that we give due thought to preparation for living our adult years. Too little have young men and young women as a rule planned their lives. Hence in many instances unhappiness has re- sulted. Set your goal, members of the Class of 1936. After your decision is made let no obstacle deter you from realizing your purpose. Guard your individual health. Health leads to happiness. Hold fast to character. It is indispensable. Go out into the great university of life to read, to study, to think and to act. -S. W. Lyons. TO THE CLASS OF I936 I want to express my sincere appreciation for the splendid spirit of leadership and cooperation shown by you, the mem- bers of the outgoing Class, during your high school career. Whether on the athletic field, the contest platform or the daily work of the class room you have always given your best efforts to maintain the high standards of your school. That you carry the same spirit with you into the work of the out- side world and that success will crown your efforts is my earnest wish. -L. A. M. Corkan. Nine Co LLING ENGINEERS . ICRNIZSI' B. M1-NVIT, B. S. lfl.lf,XNOR NAC DOUGALL TAYLOR fnrliunn Sfulv PXVOTIYZKLI B. in C. Univvrsily of Pimfnurgfl Crow' City Coflvge ' flrfmf of fwU!llIlll'I'Cflll Dopurfnwnt CsDl71ITLL'TCiUlI,0lll' J!3lC1'1'lJfIIfj, fnnfor Business Training Vlqypvwrifilljy, funfur Businvss Truinfnfj O LOI5 V. GILL5, Pa. in C. Grow Cily Collvgjv Typewriling SIIOHIIIIIIKI fnnior Hnsinvss Training Ton l2VlfRE'lT E. HART, B. S. Gem-va Collvgrf University of Piffslmrgfz llvurl of Srience Dopurinwnl Physics Algebra mv ' -1 KENNETH L. HEIDER, B. M. A. LLQYD E. ,l4llW,LOR, B- S Vxfawvslmr Conv ' V . ' 9 4 gt Xvavfwsburg College l1IIlUl'l'Slfy of Pltlslmrgfx ' , Ulliuvrsily of IHISIDIITQII Plrysiful lfrlucniion, Aflzlrffirs w , - . Biolugv C In-mistry fmnvrul bcwrute ' LIICYCII C I i BIIRI.-X51 I,, C .-XR I I-R, B. 5. in lp. f?f"1f'f'f1 0111-'eff' NIARJORIIQ rs, RlNli1l,xR'ly A, is Hom! of ffngfisfz Dvlmrfrvwlll 1 , Svnior ffnylisll CWHTW VIIPUO Lug rs 1 X l 3 cx,x'l'Hr3lalNrf: czulm-Ls, fx. ls. M mm, DUNHAM A4 B , CHIHUUU' Cjoupgu CICYLHUCL CYOZIUUO junior lmglisll' Frreslnnrm English Business Vfrilirrg and Spelling if Twelve I W MARGARET HUM, A. Pa, Ummm Fullpgv Rl IH I, bl HON, IS, O. Xl. ,X fxlizfcuvfmry Convgv G""""" lwUHf'U" 'rpm' Shih, ffulfvm, fxulrunlziu lyllil'l'l5HV I-',-l,,,,-IL l4af1,, ,'xllIl'I4il'Ull Hinlory ITTHITI, 31. LYTLE A. 15. fmlmuu f ollogv Iiufin Hmm' of lllllflllllgl' Dvpurllnvul Tllirlcvrl .l. ROBERT Al7'l'liNRIil'I'H, B, S Xx7C15Ili1IgfOll 5 lvffursorx fwouvga Univvraify of Pilfxlrrzmlz X plOlll'l'lI Hislury xvorlff Hislory fxIIlf'Fil'llll Hislury FN w IRANCTIS S, BOYD, B. S. x B' NINJF KINC' B S Slippery Rnrfe Sluiv Tvucllws Conf-'g l Gro c Iv Ca Q Unim-rsify of Pittslmrglz 1 x 0 Pzflslwur Algebra l,xQl'it'llhllf'0 RICHARD C. HILL, B. S. Grove City College University of Piltslaurgll fwullmmatics. Conunvrcial Law Hmlczd of Ai'l1fIl0Ill!lHCS Dvllclrflvwlll Fourier-n GliORi1If XM ROARK. A. li. ffvllmuy Collage' Profylwrrs in Dffrrlorrczry Husilwss .xfHIlllll'Hi', Couch of ,Ufrlulirs Ann-rIc'un Hisiory Hem' of lfislnry IY,i',lUffIllK'llf I t- x Y X f HAZEL M. MOORE. B. in H. Ed, MARY H- BOYUN Slippery Rode Stahl Tmlflzvrs College fgenevfl g"l?i'f"hAi Pin 2 11 Ffh mation All 'i fr I Hidorv urnpgm Pl I' ' 4' L rl A I-77? 1 K 1 I K v l.i'Il'lH'flUl, junior lfngliglz l 7M I . Virlvvll l'R,XNCNlfS AX. CRIITVIN, IB. 5. fxurllvyim' 'lvvrll Hmm' Iiffllltllllit -LIANT .I. XVIIKOX ' FRANK N. BEYMFR lm: Shih' fiullvgu , fqurrmgiu Vlwvflz A. H. in Alu Six 01-n Qt' lmluslriul .Mis . zxlnsic Sllprfrnisur I MMI EVANS .gl 'IUIJ ANVHFQU 1 x JOY Qkfxxx 1 x fl MJ ,xx Suu-zllvr-11 3Ill.DRIfD 'l'l IUNIPFON Svfrvlury lo S!l'N'I'illfI'Illll'llf NN". lf, Yli.-XGIQR Swlmol Iunilor CQ ' f X JOHN H. GRAHAM Gymnasium and Library funilor Q... m-lc-4-n ww PROGEQM COMMITEE X .-nflh YYW Pl Awrrnly Madeline Veiock L Ruth Lonkert -- William Young B Wilfred Hazen -W -- - William Rotzler .... B ,.e. Y .YY....-p---.A Dorothea Boggs - - - Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor H ii,,,.... Business Manager --- Assistant Business Manager Biographer ---,----- Typist Jean ltlennell --- V747 ,--- Alu1TlI1l Editor Melvin Miller -- Mabel Veiock -- Herman Moore - James Lytle .... - Y N Mildred Reutter Margaret Nusser Viola Mahon - - - Marjorie Walker Athletic Editor . ....... Typist Literary Editor Calendar Editor ---,-- Typist - - - E Biographer , ,- .e... Biographer Snapshot Editor Sf?-I? 1 k.. , 5 , 5 A A? Tw 0 n l y- lw 0 FEATURE rf A S TS " GHORGIQ KRI-IDI-fl. NORMAN Mm-DON,-XI.I3 RUTH LONKICRI JULIUS I.APOSIxI Senior Cfzzxx Hiflofj' .XS uv urn- If-saving IIN- purInIs UI N1-xx ISVIQIIIUH IIIQII Sr'I1mxI, ur- IouIx IuuII upon ullr Iuur Ilappy :UNI I I cnI I 1 rm' wlll'l'l'SS ll ,PHYS SIT ' I ' 1 xfx'IlI'Il ws- 1-nl:-rm-cI IIIIN insIiIuIinn jusl Iuur sImrI yn-urs ugn, xv- 1'uuIcI Imr'1IIy Inmginz- uursn-In-5 as IIN- proud grauIuzuIc-s OI l0'i6. AIR-r El u Iuh-r cIzuI4- wIn-n vw, Im I yl'i1 I". yr-nr nI In-ing Iorlm-nh-QI as mIliImIr1-n nmI In-ing SIIQIVCQI 11nIi I, :ou II pr:-sc-nI our InIr-nls In IIN- 1-nm-r u0rIrI, wr- 4-nh-rn-:I upon our SOPIIOIIIUTK .AS SOIJIlI7llIOI'I'S XVI' IUVQHII In SIII' illlfl I'llIII'ilVOI'I'II In IIIZIIU' Ll DI HI fIur sol-inI IIIQ- was :Iinmx1-:I Im INS XVI' ZIIIYIIIII PII il 2 " Of' Ullf IIRIIIIUS IIII IEIIIIL' S IIIIIIIOTIEII I sr'r0II. our IzuIs-nh-rI znhrrs nncI adn-ss:-S pn-sz-:llc-LI an lim- pIny, XVI- 4-ninyc-II nanny I-xfc-III-ni IiIc-mric-S, y n cIzmcc-, flur rIaus uns l'I'lII'I'SlxIlI0fI in IIII- flmiu- uI u sIumIurcI ring. sh-In nz-nrt-r mir 5fzmI unmI Iwcmm- Iuniurs. our l'0llIIllI' Iwcmllz- um- 0I morn- inIric-nh CII,-sign. flur nIIuIr-Im xx:-rv Uix Ix zldivf- pads in ImIIl musim uf- presenlf-QI 21 pIny xxI1iI XXII- IIN-n I-nlvrr-II ronh-SIS anfI sr-vm-rnI Iinf- purIaIs sarrm-rI In nur nu-In Vvc- zxpprf-riz'aIv IIn Iion of tIu- mc-n zmcI wmm- I0 IIN- r'Izxss:-s wI1ic-I1 I Io 3fIVal1Cf' ZIIHI l'IlilIII'I1Qf' I , 'r-n za rI1zmcc- In prow- IIwi1' pI1ysivzxI prone-ss. Sunu- nI nur L'IussnzaIf-5 Inu' :II nn1I Iurn-nsic umlm-SIQ. in xxI1E1I1 III:-5 gmc- fx QmnI mxnllnl oI III:-ulsr-Ixr-S. Again I1 4-urn:-fI IIS iusl Iaurr-Is. upuu our SPHIOI' yn-my nur fl.-Sm-Il QUAI, XVHI1 .1 mInnr'1-, Iwo rIz1ss-pIays, variuus IiIc-mry programs, ws- Imw- IruIy mzuIr- zu rc-ct0rfI Iur oursr-Iva-s. As wc- If-avr: tIu-sv urivs xx 1- van IruIIrIIuIIy my IImI our IHQI1 scImuI days Imvz- In-on Imppy ones. - unliring worIi UI II1c- Im'uIIy vsIm Iluvc- C0llSC'Cl'ElIf'LI IIN-ir In-sl I-II0rIs Io II10 Pdufn- n uI Ioumrrou. 'oIIow wc- Ilzm4I lIn- InraIu In IurIIl1-r Carry on IIN- xxorIx uIli4Iu we Imvc slrivf-n IIN-m I0 Ivrc-aIx IIu- Iim- ra-mm'cI xxIuicIl W0 Ilan- mz1rI4-. NIU'I"l'O I.uIzor firvnqm-rs I:l70l'5'IIlIIlg I 'LOVVER COLURS Jvvp pink Rosa- Rose unrI GUIII In I-nly -lIurm-s- I4IIfRALDINE G. ABIEND Hlerryu Commercial Clulm ll, Ill, IV Girl Reserves ll, III, IV Sophomore Program ERMA SYLVIA ALEY Hl.5f'l'l'llLH Girl Rosrfrurfs ll, Ill, IV Comnwrciul Clulz IV RUTH E. ANDERSON lKRIllIlI' Girl Reservvs ll, Ill, IV Commercial Club lll, IV Glee Club I Popper Cluln Il Sopllornora Program Sluncl COI1I,I7l,llli4l4 IV ANNA FRANCES BARKICH HAIIHUH Girl Reserves ll, Ill, IV Cmnrnerfial Cluly Ill, lVg Ollicrll' lll Prfpper Clul: ll Clwer Learler ll Soplwmoru Program mllllo Call of Ylllllllu liilcrary l, ll, lll, IV llrmlevrs Group IV .IOSIQPI1 BAUER ..!0e,, Plwy-Cllcm, Club lll Z 2 KATHRYN lj. BELLAN HKull1ryn'i Commercial Clulr II, lll, IV liunking Group IV NICK BILLLAN Nick" Conunerciul Clull IV NV I I .MA MAE ISLAGG " Vs' i I may ' lfeaver Falls Higll, Sfvlwol l, I INHXGII Chorus Ill Plly-Clmm, Club Ill literary Program mlllw Call of Youlllu EI AVID DOUGLASS BLAIR KADHIJCI, IIAROLD A. BLINN Ulflirulyu Hi-Y ll Literary I, ll Biology Cluln IV I wvnlv-I Olll' J 0 l N 0 l'.fNl7l. ISIJNN lil: xx I 'nl 1' fqonunvrriul Clulz ll, lll. lx' Ili-Y ll ljivrury IV lfl ZRD HDVVARD BLOXVIQRS "Fi-nl" ixlixvrl cvll0I'HS lll, IV Foollmll lll Rl "l'I I IQLVIRA ISOEHN1 ttRllllI," Girl Rvsvriws ll llc-ppvr Club ll IJORO'l'Hlf.X J. BOGGS "Ike" Girl Rvsvrivvs II, IV cv0llIlYlI'l'Cllll Club Il, literary ll, III, IV Sophomore Program liunleing Group lv Popper Clulw ll fxldlllflllll Siull RAYMOND BUYER Mleuyn lliology fllulz l, ll lll, IV kim' HERBERT V. IERANNON, IR l4H4'Fl7lU'1 llPUl'0f SI llllfll l IIQXNNE NI. BRIQNNFR Hleuruwu Girl Rvsvrlws ll, Ill, lx' Plzy-flu-rv: Flulz lll CLARK BRYITAIN Uljiclzn Wlixufl CIIUFIIS IV lllly-Clwrn fllulr lll 'HIOBIAS BLTIJISCAK l UNI Literary flllirvr lv Pl1y-Clwrwflrilr lll Biology Clulu l .Xlixml Clmrus IV Safely Patrol lll. lx' Foollvall ll, lll, lv l'5aslze'flJull lll, lx' LORA BYERS "Teddy" Class Sm' rvlury l 'lu 1-lily-lkixv DOLORHS LUCILLE CALVIN nDoIoresH Giri Rvsarvas II, III, IV Couunvrviui CIuI1 III, IV WXOLADYS CARR uGIucIysU Idilerary I, III Girl Reseruvs Il, IV Cmmncrciai Ciuiz III, IV Banking Group IV DOROTHY PATRICIA COENE "Dot" I510Ingy Club II, III, IV Girl Resvrvvs Il, III, IV I7I1y-Ciwm, Club III "Tile CHII of Youth" f -N KPXCIIARLES H. COOK rg IABIICIII pizX'I'I1I2YN ESTH ER COOK UCooIeic" Ciri Rvsvrvas III, IV Commcrciui CIILIJ Ill, IV Ifioiogy CIUIJ I I.iIr-rury I Suplwomora Program ww , D I-'RANK ci, ciom-'lliL1J, . HI:I'flI'LIlI I Hi-Y Il, III, IV Safety Patrol IV Pixy-CImn1 CiuIv III Literary Offictflr I SOIJIIOITIOFI? IjI'OQI'UJ7l JOSEPH T. CREDIC I oe Sop Iw IYIO FB IJFOQ I"l,1 I YI, WIIILP Caii of YouII1 Hi-Y ll, Ill, IV AINE DE MARCO MAJ, Ciuss Svcmfury II IVIixPrI Ciwrus I Ijcppzlr Ciulz ll THARLES N. DERFLIINCI R "IDI-rf" Biology CIuIJ I, II, III IX IVIixvcI Cilorus III, IX Pepper Club Il UBHS O'IIIr1rrl,ey" MIIIIQ CuII of Youth 5 uqn IVIuuuqrr WIIIH' Charming Intruz er Stagm IVIUIICL MIVIumuIs Baby Boyy Siugm 'VI41 ll qcr ILEN DOOLI'I"I'LIi HCEIPYIH Mwlal Club l, ll, III I.iIr'rury Riffs I I Q fggf F U 1+ 1 1 I X 1 1f'J U M, if 4, f 1 W 1 DOROH IY I3Ol 'UI IIQRTY l'.Xl 'LINE lfl,lXAI3lf'l'II IQXRFIFR N 1 Hllolr' npuuyl' W 1 ,Uiq11ippr1 High Srlumf I. ll Spa:-ffl: ffluln I 1 Girl R1'sv1'1ms Ill, IV Soplrornow ljrogprum fwulrnllwrrfrll Cvlllll lv Biology fwllllr Girly fvlmrrw fpirl Iq0Sf'I'l7l'S lv lfmnleing Group fx, iwixml CNIIUFIIS IV Slum, fwolnlllillm' fd 1c1c'11.x1eD 1,. 1-'1-iljrcmx 1 gy 11m11 11z 1J1'1-iw, 114. "lm" H"IIllIl'l'H lfinlngy fwfulr 1. II, III Ili Y ll. Ill, IX' Ijlvmry OH'i1-pr Ill 'iiU'UfIV '. SUPLUIIIOIY' ',f'UUrlIlll Pfuy KXIIUIII fxfulr IH lJC'l',1IllllIfiflll III HONOR l.Ol 'ISIQ Dl,'NL.Xl, N.X C'lQCNll.lf l'I..XNlC'Ii H,,Ull0l'H H1xllllU l.f:I'f'4ll'V ll Girl Rc'sv:'1'us Hf. IX' Gif' Rl'M'fl'f'S IV f'o111:1mrciuI fxlufn II, Ill, IV fw1v11111n'l'1'f1lI filub I'p,,ppr fvlul, 5r:plm111o:'v l,mgg111111 C-l!J,XRI.IiS by DVNN I I5rmlei11g Group IV n,JlIllllyH j CII.XRI.lQS VOX, IIT fhqllmfslrll A-Fon?-1 X !iUIllllH'f'l:U! cilflll 'xv J Hi-Y I, ll. Ill, IV, OHA-1-r Ill, IX 7 VY 1 2 . S11-Q1.1.A 111 "l'Il 1i1Jm1e f,i'gPfuf'lc'1iuf, 'jf' "' "Sff'11ff' 150.111 1, 11, III, lx' curl 1e.,N.,.-M 11, 111, IV f?,"f"1"Sf" QL 'lj cwOHllllt'f'lifll fwlulm ll, Ill, IX Q mfr 'Wu lig . 1 . op wmorc- l'0QY'!llll Iihfrury II, IX I i 1a,,,,,.,f c'1..1, ll 'WOQP' "H" " 'K li, ITRISVIIKOIQN Hlucl-el' VIQXYPI Ily-sr-X1 11 lJIly'C'lPlYl cvllll - -nflfza ' 'X 'SJ ol QD MARTHA MAE FRISHKORN UlVlariyU Plly-Clwem, Clula lll Girl Reserves ll, lll, IV Biology Clulm II, Ill, IV Glen Clulm I Sopliomore Program l.il1ra,ry fllul: IV literary l, lll, IV DOROTHY MAE FUNK ..DOl't., Girl Reserves ll, Ill, IV Biology Clulx l, ll JUNE FUNKHOUSER Hfuncu Literary ll, lv Girl Reserves IV lvlixerl Clzorus IV Commercial Club lll, IV HARRY JACK GENTZEL Hluelell mlxlw llooinern Safely pafrol IV 'TICHAEL GOODMAN "Mike" ljliy-Cliem, Club 111 Safely Patrol IV A lLDl ELLIS DANIEL GRANT I-Grunliell Literary l, ll, lll, IV Orcliestra, l, ll, Ill, IV Glpe Cluln l Commercial Cluln IV llarilaing Group IV Fooflmll ll Cl' IARLHS LFE GREAVES "Clmcl5' Biology Clulz l l20CllPSl6'I' lligli Seliool ll, lll HM' IV DOROTHY JEAN GUMPF 'Dol' Girl Reserves ll, Ill, IV Commercial Club ll, Ill, IV Pepper Cluly ll Liierary lll A 'VIAY GVVILLIAMS VI 1 mlllielnicxl' Girl Reserves ll, lll, IV Soplwmore Program Literary l, ll, lll, IV QED PEARL HAIRE "Mildred" Speecli Club l, Il Sopliomore Program Girl Reserves Il, lll, IV Comnierrial Club 11, lll, IV Pepper Cluln ll W, Twcnly-eiglll JITDQ, QLIZS VVII .I .I.-XM I I.XI .I , hcIIlCII'lK'S.' INCIIQS Ll7l'II.I.If IIfXR'I'l 'YC' I IXIur5 Higil S1 Imoi I XI l UI:rum'r's" I ixvr Fimrus III, IX' Cliri Rvavrlwfs IX' HHH5 IIIurm'x'4' A 0 ln" C N Ii, II.-XYIS I I CYUIIIIIIPFUIIII CIIIIII II, IX' Literary II, III Sopimnmrr' I'rogmm, Slugv IXXIUILIIQOT IUIIN .I, H.-XYS Bllfll' Hi-Y ll, III, IX' BusIzs1IImII II, III RID I'O'I'I'IfR II.X7IfY 'iXX'ilfrmI" Bioioyy CIHIJ I, IX" fJrm'IwsIru I, II, III, IX Hi-Y I, II, III, IV Banieing Group I, II, III, IX' Band IX' Safety Ijulroi IX' "Tile Brmrrwrn, sImIvnI cIirr'cI0r "Tile f'uII of 5'0llIll Deinuie III Orufiorl IX' Pixy-f'Imm f'IuI: III Iilvrury I, II, III, IX Aiuurlun SIUII V ' 15151 IXIARY IIENDIQIUKSON HINIIHIU Girl Rvsuruvs II, IX' Plly-Clwm C'luI, Ill Biology CIHIJ I Sopixomurv Ijrngrum Slunri f'0lllI7lIII1'4' IX ORRIN HILI. "IliIIy" FQOIIJUII III, IX' Phy-Flu-m CIUIJ III I'VIix'PcI f'Imrus IX' Hi-Y III Ill-fI'I'Y HOGLTIQ "BeIIy" Girl Rvsvrwos II, III, IX Cumnwrciui f'IuI: III IX Lilerury I, II, IX' Pe-ppvr KIIIIIJ Il SopImnmrr- Ijrogrunn I IARRIITI' HOI fI,If I' I'If "HarriL4I" Literary I, III Sophomore I,rogmm Conunvrciui f'IuIJ IX' Giri Rvsrfrvvs III, IX K.X'I'HRX'N IIOllI,.If'I'I'If "Kitty" Beaver Faiis Higiz S1 I COHIIYIPFLXIKII fIuIm IX Girl Rrlsvrmfs IX" IX'IixPcI f'Imrus IX' MARTHA L, HOUSEHOI ,DER Hllvlflflllflu Glen- Clulw Girl Rosermes Il, lll, IV Co:'mn,r'rcIul Club IV SOIIIIOIIIOFU Program Iilcrrury Popper Clul: Il MARGARET E. .IANIES Hl'1fr4r1y" CIW Clulm I Girl Reserves II M1-Jul Cluln I, II, III, IV Pepper Cluln ll IJI1y-Clwnl Club III MARY .I ENKINS Hlvlllfyu Girl Reserves II, III, IV Iimlogy Clull III, IV RAYMOND JENKINS HRay" VxlII.l,,lANI B. JOY "Bill" HIY Il, lll, IV Iliology Clulz I, Il, III,IV, f l3lly'CTl1l'lII Cjlllll I.,iIvmry I, Il, III IV Safely Palrol IV Jllimtcfr IX' GRACE EVELYN KENNEDY ullvicn Biology Cluln II, III, IV Ijlzy-Cllam Clulz Ill Girl Reserves ll, lll, IV Slancl Commillvv IV literary I, III, IV Ivlixefl Clworus IV Syn-UCI1, Clulr I IfI,.ORA MAE KILLIAN HIJIOFCIH Beaver Falls Higlu, Sclzool Girl Rnsarmw IV CLARENCE 'If KOAH nclarvrmvvl Ilfmfl I, II, III, IV Orrllcfsfru I, II, III, IV I'IifY II, III, IV Commercial flluly IV Biology Cluln I .IOI IN .I. KOVACIHI Uloluxu Iioollvull ll, lll, IV Baslevllmll lll, IV Lilcfrury flfficer IV lil .IZAISE'I'II KRAMER "Lily" Comopolis Iliglz Sclmol I, Ilinlrrgy Clulm IV l Q Tlwirly Q53 N X :I III III MIHIW x ,h LWWI ,yy " " I1 I I Wei I I I' YW' N ls'l'Hl-ZR LL,'C'II.l.l' Kiwi!!-3le'l'75 Ql"l'll li. LO ilu' , I I Hlsgfl..-I" . I lsmlvgy C'l.1l, II, III, IX QII""'QY HI' III' III I I I I3Iny-fIImnu fIIuIz III BIIITI I .II I , I , , 1.f1m.f,- f'1..1, III, lv, om.-.,.Q lx' ,'00f1f' f"'If 'I' 'III 'I' IIIIW "'- II I , ' I 5U1IIl0IIllIl'P I'mgrum I I 3 QirI IG-N-rfw II, Ill, IX 50pI10ln0r1' I'Il'r1grfllll Lifpmry I. II. Ill, IX' If! JRGIQ KRFDICI, IICvorgvII FooII1uII I, II, III, IXI I5uQIwlImII I, II, III, III CIIISS I"rvsirIvnI III I.itc-rarv OIIIi1'vr III Sufvfy I'uIrnI III, Iv f G IUI IN XV, I..XNIf I X IIIurIeII Dornmnl IIigpIu 54 ImuI I IIifY IX' .XIINMI fIIlorus IXI 'I.ll,'S IJXIJUSKI .. w ,. f rufsur IIIuSIe0lIulII ITUUIIJUII II, III, IV fIIr1ss IIIr4'ruur1-r IXI I.ih'rru'y fJIIIi1'r'r J Sufvfy Iurml IV XYINA I.IfFI.Ilf IIVinyII I5ioIoyy fIIuI1 II l1IIyf'Iwn. fIIuIr III Iifernry I, Iv SUIJIIUIIIUH' Ilrogrum cIIf'IIQ1'bi'flIl'SII, Ill. lv I I , fIIusS Svc'rvlur'y III X I .xIixf-'rI fiImrua III I I I AIuurulrl SIQIII I I I I I XX'll.I.l.X3I ,IOSIQPII I.l'I7XX'ICl I I 'IRI-fl" Pvppvr C,IIuIz II I NIIIW IIomm'rII Iifemry III, fIIIIi1'vr II, III I fTrnrunvrc'iuI CIIHII IXI I IxIixmI CIIIOFIIS IV I , fIIwvr I.muI:-r IV , F I I I Q VII' III C'I.II"I"URD lZfADiXY..IIiI3 I.YlIl,If ' cfm , , I IJI1y-CIWIH fIIuIm l.'l X X I I I I IJXNIQS LAX'IfRNlf I.YIlIl.If I I IIIIIHII I I Safety PuiroI III, III I IjI1y-CIwm fIIuIn III I I IIioIogjy CIIHIJ I, II, III. IXI I I I BUSIQPIIIILII IXIclll1ljl4'I' IXI I AIaurum SMH Sophomore Ijmgrum c,?h.1.,f lfmlpr Ill. lx' I I , , Iifprary I. II, III I I 1.1-51.111 xmsrim' I II LPSII Xvurrvn I'IigI1 Sn'ImnI I, ll fI0nnm'r1'IuI fIIuI: III IIlirlyfmll I I NORNIAN MACDONALD HNornvun," Lilo:'u?'y I, II, III, IV Class Officer, I, III, IV Ilasleollmll lwunugur II, III Iifology Club I, Ijcepper Clulm ll ljflldfil I, IV, Clmvr l.curIe.' IV lJIlyY'Cll!'Il1 Clula Ill Xf'IOl-,'X PEARL MAHON Hvioluu Ijlvmry ll, Ill, IV, Pepv'-r Clulm ll Ixlemlul Club I, Il, Ill, IX' Girl Reserves Il, III, IV Commercial Club Il, Ill, IV Banleing Group IV Soplmmoiv projrzmr, AIa,:r.:r:1 frfuif - 1 RUBIZRT F, MARSHAII, Hliulf' I.1lvmry I, II, III mlulw Hoorrmrn, Slugc' lX"IUllU.QI'l' f Cmrmwrclul Clulm Ill, IX Iiiology I NYILLIAM O. NIARTIN - 'lliillu Safely Patrol III, lilly-Clif-111 Clulz Ill I:oollJull II, III, IV Iiaslwllmull II, III, IV ' Class Ijrvsiflvrll III, Iilvrury Ofllrvr ll SUIPIIOIILOFU IJFOQFILIII, HPINIIP ISOOIIIPFH llfmfl ll, III, IV, Urclmmlru II, Ill Ixrumpvl CKJYIIPSI Ill, IV JOHN INIARTSOLI' Hlullrulyu LQROIIN H. MI-X'l'l'IlS Hfolmu Safely Patrol Biology Club I lilly-Cllem Clulz Ill Footlmll ll, Ill, IV Iiaslepllxlll II, III HifY lll liunfl Ill SUPIIOIIIUFU I,I'0Q2'flll1 JOH N NICELROY Ulolunvy Cornnmrvlul Cluln II, Ill, IV I I 7 un i'1' ' IVI Soplmmorc, I rogrc , 511116, KUIIIIQ Ijflflllllllxy, SIGQU Nlafll IIQAN IQLITANORIZ MIN Ul"l' Ivan Plly Clwm Club Ill Girl Rvsvrlws IV IQDVVAR D L, NENNI QLI , "lil" l1.'XN .IjmZlliNNlfl,I,. Girl Rvscrvvs II, Ill, IV Biology Club ll, III, IV, Of mlilw Call ol Yuullrn Ifcuul I, II, Ill, IV, Orclwslru III ' Ivlmlul Cllllllr I, II, Ill, IV Ill-Y II, IV, Soplmmorv Ivrugrun 1 Soplxumorv Prograrn, OH of Youllru C7 A l Litvmry I, ll, III, IX, icvr Class Vice Prosizlvnl I D X J, Poalry Rvrulillg IV ll Class Proslclpnl II I , K 1 Aluurum Slull M1 Q V xrlilmirly-two lgvr I 1 1 UWM FI 'A.Il.LI.XN NIAE NIIIJJQR XN'II.l.IANI RICHARD N ' A'LiI" "Hill" Ciomnwrrial Clulr II, III, IV Ixlixvcl filmrus IX Q C1irlRi-Servos ll, III, IV cw0I7lIHl'I'l'lUl Clulm IV Pepper Club II f' I.ih'rury IV if Qfjjsgffffdflry H, liI.INCDl2 xlwqxvrgrir MYERS XJ . UIOY' SODIIOIHOH' Program mlilw Call UI Youllnn literary l, II, III Biology Clull Iv NlIfI.VIN MILLICR "Mel" Ijlvrury III, IV, Olfifer I gpm-rl: fwlulm I Girl Ri-sa-rlvvs ll, III, IV Iliology fllulz III, IV uilwllf' li00I1Il'Yn Ixlixwl fwllorllm IV FUUIIIUH II, UI, IV Q Nami fornrnillee IV Buslwlllall l, II, III, IV M 4 , Safely Patrol III, IV, fwllllllllll lv ' XHRIIXAI l l H glYl'.RS Aluurum Skill Iilvmrv fllliwr II, IX' Slldfl-'V CHESTER S. NIONIT Mlwolvyu lfoollyall ll, III, IV Buslecllmll l, III, IV Safely Patrol Iv literary OII-ivvr IV FRANK B. MOONIQY Hljfllfllln lIifY I, II, III, IV Plly-Clwm Club III Pepper Cluiz II Ivluerl CIIOTUS IV Literary l, II, IV mlqlze Call of Youllxi' Biology Clulz I, II HFRNIAN D. MOORE ltH9ffTl,' Biology Clul, 1, II, III, lx' DUN Ifurul III, IV Dvlmlv Ill, IV Pixy-Clwm Clulz III Iilefrary I, III, IV Aluurum Stull Soplzomore Program, Sfugv Iwunugvr mlwlm lloonu-ru, Slugv iN'lflI'ltlgUl' "'l'I,p Full of Ylblllllu, Stage' Nlunayor il-lllI'ly'lllTl'P I.iIvrurv I Girl Rvsvriws Il, III, IV cwUllllIll'l't'Illl cilllll ll, III, IX Glu- Clulz I Soplzonmra Ilrogrum Ijvppvr fwlulx ll Ilunleing Group IV Sldllil c'UIllllllll0I' Iv NIARGARHI' Nl ISSFR Alxlllf'gllf'l'lU Spf-I-1-I1 fini: I Girl Rvsorves Il, III, IV Iiiology Clulb ll, III, IV Ivlixml Cllorus IV mlilw Call ol Youth", pro Alaurum Stall lilvrury II, III, IV HAROLD PARKHILI, "lion" III YI, II, III, IV fjrrlwslru I, ll, IV Iiaml I, II, III, IV Iiiology fvlulw I Ijlry KYIIPIII fwluln III Ixlixvil fvlmrhs IV I.iIvrury Ollirvr IV 1 mpler lJ0va-14411 ng,-fu., v www K! K lfxxj QXIELIZABETH JANE PA'I"I'IiRSON ..BeHy., Aliquippa Higli School I Biology Club II, III, IV Girl Reserves II, III, IV Pliy-Cliem CIUIJ III Literary ll SOPIIOTTIOYG PFOQFUIII mlvlie Call of Youtliv' literary Officer IV DAVID S. PATTETRSON, .IR HDGUEU Biology Cluln I I-1iYl, II, III, IV Plly-Cliem III S4OpI'lOI11,Uf'k' PFOQFGYH, ISIGQG MUHCLQQF H-Iwlie Boomerw, Sfage IVIanuger MIIIIP Call of Youlliu, Stu e Ivlanu er Safely Patrol IV literary IV II 9 KATHRYN PICKENS ..Kuy,. Pliy-Cliem Clulw III Girl Reserves II, III, Ixfl Lite rary Il S FRANK JOSEPH PODNAR IIFFGHIQII Commercial Clulw IV MONTGOMERY POPOV IC HIVIOIIIH Biology Clulx I, II, III, IV Plly-CIIPWI CIIIIJ Hi-Y III, IV Soplmmore Progrum, Stage IVIcinager HTI1e Boomer" mlvlie Call of Youllin Orcllestra I ,lI, Ill, IV Debate III, IV ANNE MARGARET POPOVICH I..AnHl'.I Commercial III, IV HELEN PROCOVICH Ujny.. CUIIIWIKEFCIUI Clull 'xl Sopliomore Program Literary I JEANE PROVANCE Hleaneu Ililerary Olficrar II Biology Club Il, III, IV Lilwrary Club II, III, IV Medal Club I, Il, III, IV Glee Clulp I Iqixeol Clrorus II, IV Soplnomore Program Girl Reserves II, III, IV Uliils fy IIlarn,eyH 3IiRALDINE BE'I"I'E REED .jenn Speeolx CIUI1 I Pepper Club II Girl Reserves II, IV Commercial Clulv II, III, IV Iilerary II J IILAN R EED Iean Commercial Clulm III, IV Biology Clulz I Girl Reserves II, III, IV pepper Clulz II Sopliomore Program HTIr,e Boomerp UIILQ Call of Youth" in X U 'I'I1irty-four Q C' Nl G BL .3 1 Vw 0 wx V ' N 7 NILDRI-ID l.l'CIl,I.l-I Riil7Tl'IiR R. XVILI IR TZLITR UiViiflg1"' H Sill" fiirl IQUSUTIVPS ll, Ill, iv iiiolol y filuii l, ll, lll, IV fioluuufrviul fvlulz li, Ill, ix' l.ili-rury I, ll, lil, IV .Wixvci Clzorus lx' .xivclui filuir I, li, lil, lv Haul-sing Group lv Class iiqrvusiirifr ll f iilvrury i. li, iii. IV iiiry-fiiufnu filulz iii l -xilvppvr filuii ll Glu: filulr li, iii Suivly ljulrol lv Sopluuiiorv ijrogrcuu Aluuruui Stull Slllllll ciUlllllliiil'C' iv liuul-:ing firoup ly DOROTIIY UIHXI. RIIOADES "'l'lw liimmi-rf' liusinvss Munugvr uflpuiu wiiiw Full ui Youiiin, Slogv iN1llll!lfll'f' X 'igl -IT PAYE I Ii.-X N ljviulh' lv Girl Rvsvriu-s il, III, lv i . A Alnurum Fluff ixiixvil fillorus IV ciUll1.'lll'f'l'iHl Cvlllll ll, lx' J ly 6wlQf3BIiR'l' .XI.liX.XNDI-QR Rl,'SFlfI.L li l lvppvr filulm ii l.ii4-rarv H U liuuleiug Group lv H V U' Houu' li4'0lI0llIil'S Cluiw ll Htl ll Soplloluorv Ivfligflllll HA l5IiA'l'RlCl-f RHODIQS A 1'c:.lfff..L1I." ' HBMIYU Liivrriry i, ll, lil film, Club I, Il film' cwlllli I w' Girl Rvsurnvs ll, lil, IV Curl R051-rm-S ll, ill, IV Coiuuwrriul fwluir Ill, iv ixiivi-cl filiorus iii Sopimiuori- Program Comuufrrioi Clull ll, iii, lv Popper filuir Il ixlixvcl Cliorus lv i.1lvrury I, IV liuuleiug Group RICHARDSCJN Biology Clui: IV units fy lfluruvy "Rich" RUTH ELIQXNOR SAINIEK Biology Cluiz IV 'Rulh Commvrcial Cluin Ill Literary il, 'V Commcfrviul filuii IV IJPPIJPY' Cilllll SOPIIOHIOH' PFOQTGIU Girl Rnsarues ii, iii. IV J Give Ciulm I Sopliomorn lrogrrun HELFN 'IFANHSLHANEY wiwluf Fall of sillllfllw Ivan liivrury I, Il, fjffifvr filiw fvluin l Girls Clmrus IV Girl Rvsvrm-s ll, Ill, ly A1 14051150110 G,.,,....,f.-f..1 111.11 ll, Ill, IV 'WU' Bunlziug Group IV Pixy KWIIPHI Flui: iii lriinrury filuiz iv iviixvil CYIIUFIIS IV Biology filuim IV Girl Rr-suruvs lv lilvrary ix' Siuuri fwUIllllliiil'l' iv viliiiriyfiliw- JVICT OR L. SCHEELER "Vic" ROBERT SENTAK 'ABQBU Pliy-Cllem Club Basketball Ill ROBERT ROY SHAFFER HB LH o Mixed Cllorus ll, IV f!'iOVxflLLlAiW 1. sHAr15R U "Bill" Cormnerciul Clulm lll, Stanrl Committee litrlrary I, IV CATHERINE SHIELDS UCatlierineH Biology IV Sopliomore Program Commercial Club ll, QJANE SHROADS lane Literary I Girl Reserves ll, Ill Pepper Club Il Sophomore Program MARIAN A. SKILLINGER K Klvlarianu Girl Reserves Il FFCHCII, Clllli IRI iNE MARY SMOLAR K.RC!nil,, Girl Reserves ll, lll, IV Literary IV Commercial Claim Ill "Hariri" f N DBUDD SPANGLER lxlars Higli Sclmol 1, Il Midlarlrl Higli Sclmol Ill Hi-Y IV MILDRED R. S'l'1ilN ' 'Milly' Girl Reserves Ill, IV Phy-Chem Clair Ill Biology Club Il -.. rl-ilirly-six N. N ,1 X ".0-hfZ""l pp! I IIQNRY STEVENS UHenry" ljooflmull ll, lll, lv IJORUI HY STRAYER "Dori" Girl Reserves ll, Ill, IX Biology Club ll, lll Pepper Club ll, Officefr ll SOPIIOIYIOFG Program GIF!! C-vlllll l,lly7'Cllf'l7l Clulz III JOSEPH S. SUSKIILVVICH Niue., l:00llJUll IV Fooilvall lwonogor Ill Busleellnoll I, ll, Ill, IX W MQ 5 IABEL Al .BERTA X 'EIC ' Alxlalwl " Lilerory l, ll, IV floinnwrciol Cluln ll, lll, lx' Girl Reserves ll, lll, IV Honleing Group IV 5oplnomore Program Alourum Sfuff Bl.-XDFLINIQ Ll'ClLl.lf YEIOCK UBIC1fll'Illlt'U Willie Boomer" l.il1rory Fluln ll, Ill. lv, CDH-icer Ill Glee Clulz l, Officer l lxlixcfl Cllorus ll, Ill Pliy-Cliem Clul: Ill Girl Reserves ll, Ill, IV, Officer ll, IX' lllerllry l, ll. Ill, lv, f4lHii'4'r SOPIIOIILOIWJ Program Units O' Blarney" Aluurum Smff Shuul Cl0lHlllillK'0 f. gNll'riCJlA5 YOLINIC "Nick" 1s.xRB,xRA MILDRFD 'll-XI.KUX'IC Pl,,weClw.,, Cm, Ill 'ABafby" x1,xR1oR1L BYRDIZ XVALKILR Girl Reserves ll, lll Commercial Clulz IV liierury 1, ll, 111 JOSEPH TRGOVAC 9 foe Hblorgolg Literary l, ll, Ill, lv, flflicer l Biology Clulx ll, Ill, IV Sopliomorc Program Girl Reserves ll, lll, lv, fjfficur ll Pliy-Cllem Clulz Ill mflm Boomer" Library Clulz ll, Ill, IV Speecli Club Alourum Stuff ALAN' VVHITE Hfeanu Girl Reserves ll, Ill Glue cllllli 1 Thirty-seven Home lfconomics Clulz ll fi 1 VI?gANIHS I,iMME'l'l' VVIGAL IBILIIIE J. WCJI,I"li ..Iim,, Commercial Club II, III, IV mI'Iie Boorneru, Stage IVIun,ager Safety Patrol IV ROBERT WILCOX HBeIty" Girl Reserves II, III, Commercial Clulv ll, Glee Club I Iliterary II Sopliomore Program "BOL" Q BENNIE YARD Literary II, III Commercial Club IV QEUGENE O. YVILLIAMS ll "Gene" Football III, IV Literary III Safety Patrol IV MARY E. VVINTHRBURN "IVIary" SOPIIOITIOIY5 IJI'0gI'U.Ill, Girl Reserves II, III, IV Banlzing Group IV Commercial Clulz II, III, IV Pepper Club ll Girls Cliorus IV Literary IV 1fIiANClS VVINTHRS I H :rerun Irootllull IVIUIIUQUI' I, II xx F lxt .J lb ' UI:lLI'I'Yl9I'H I:ootI7aII III, IV Frencli Clulx III Safety Patrol IV VVII .LIAM I I. YOUNG "Bill" HIYY I, II, III Biology Cluln I Class Presiflent I SUIJIIUIVIOFC Program Literary I, II, III, IV hTI1e Iioornorn Safely Patrol III, IV, Aluurum Staff I-'Iiy Clmm Club III, Mixed Chorus IV EDYVARD CORCORAN "Ted" Beaver I'IigIi S s Ijootlnall IV I,.iIc-ral'y III IV Ill, IV Captain IV Officrzr III cliool I, Il , L L, ,I 4 4.. .r SQ, ha v-L-:Sq C2 N' TI1ir SSR A X t f ,ri T of 5 LS 'Q Qlill Now our schooldays are over, Lay down your pencil and pen 3 Say a silent farewell to the classroom That will ne'er know our presence again Say a parting Word to your classmates, Lay aside now every bookg Take a farewell glance behind you E'er you turn with a forward look. Sit down again at an empty desk, Recall those days that are done, Write them in your memory To re-live in the years to come. Re-trace the steps of countless feet Through the dim and silent halls, Before you go, as they have gone, Where the beckoning future calls. Think of all the familiar things That were strange not so long ago- When you came here as a Freshman, And thought "four years to go I" Those four years seemed to you then An endless eternity, But time has sped on swiftest Wings, And now those years are what used to be They are gone beyond recall, You realize with regretg And though they are forever gone, Their memories you'll ne'er forget. And now with all the other graduates, It is our turn to mix, We represent only another year- The Class of Nineteen Thirty-Six. '-Honor Louise Dunlap Vlillirty-ni In the spring of 1948, I decided to spend my summer vacation on a trip around the world. I went to New York to replenish my wardrobe a few days before the boat sailed. While I was signing the rcgister at the Wellington, New York's most up-to-date hotel, I was conscious of someone standing be- hind me, looking over my shoulder. I suddenly wheeled and found myself face to face with Bud Hays, the manager of this magnificent hotel. We began to talk of school days in good old New Brighton High and he told me that several of our classmates were located in this hotel. Geraldine Abend, Kathryn Bellan and Dolores Calvin were in the Telephone Exchange, Bob Sentak and Paul Blinn operated elevators. The next day I shopped in a fashionable and exclusive store owned by Jean Schaney and Miriam Myers. They employed Lil Miller and Faye Rich- ardson as models. I was very much amused to know that Tom Budiscak, as the head of their Credit Department, was still giving credit. I learned from him that Joe Crede was in charge of a large employment agency putting other people to work. In the evening I attended a World Premier at the Radio City Music Hall. On the stage Bill Ludwig proved himself the Fred Astaire of the times with his dancing partner Adaline DeMarco. Ellis Grant, Don Park- hill and Mont Popovic played in the orchestra which was conducted by Clar- ence Koah. Anna Barkich was featured as a soloist. My boat sailed the following morning. To the pier I took a taxi, the driver of which happened to be Clark Brittain. While I was standing by the rail before the ship sailed, I heard the man beside me shouting vigorous farewells to someone on the pier, and found my fellow-passenger to be Bill Shafer, He was a Clark Bar salesman and was leaving on a business trip to Egypt. He had just completed some busi- ness in the South where he met Bill Joy, chief engineer of the Florida Ship Canal, and his assistant, Eddie Mennell. Ferd Blowers was also in Florida, busily raising oranges. His extensive business necessitated employing Henry Stevens as an assistant and Dorothea Boggs as secretary. I was pleased to find that the stewardess was someone I knew, Irene Smolar. She told me that several others from our class were also on the ship. The captain was John Kovach. Joe Suskiewich was the purser and Ruth Samek was in charge of the beauty salon. Bill Young, the ship's doc- tor, was assisted by Mary Hendrickson. Landing in France, I took the boat-train for Paris where I went to the office of the American consul, Orrin Hill. He informed me that Pauline Farmer, a buyer for Macy's, and Dorothy Mae Funk, a buyer for Wanamak- er's, were in Paris. Maj orie Walker had been 'there for several years, mod- eling for a French designer. Nick Volinic was staying in the Latin Quarter lrorly while he studied art. Elinor Myers, as governess, was also there with a family vacationing in Europe. From Paris I went to Vienna where I heard Jean McNutt, the renowned concert pianist. Doctor Melvin Miller, the internationally known surgeon, was located here. He had with him his highly trained nurse, Madeline Vei- ock. I continued by train to Port Said where I was to board a boat for India. Strange to say, I here met Norman MacDonald, the famous adventurer, author and lecturer. He told me he had just met Herbert Brannon who was busily engaged in conducting caravans of tourists across Arabia. In India I went to see Frances Hartung, a teacher at Gordon University. She said the only person from our class she knew in India was Glenn Doo- little, who had a tea plantation in Ceylon. Arriving in Singapore, I encountered Jack Gentzel, who was supervis- ing the assembling of sugar cane cars which had been manufactured by the Koppel Car Company in Pennsylvania. Bob Russell owned some very valu- able teak forests in Borneo. The next port of call was Shanghai. Here I fulfilled one of my life-long desires-I rode in a j inrikisha. My ride had a strange ending, however. My 'rikisha collided with another, and in it, very pompously, rode Homer Duey. He was representing the Standard Oil Company in China. I regretted that I had not the time to travel into the interior of China where Bill Martin was engaged in Medical-Missionary work. Changing my plan to go to Hawaii by boat, I took the China Clipper. Jack Frischkorn was the chief pilot and Mike Goodman his assistant. Among the passengers were the well known archeologists, Victor Scheeler and Herman Moore, and the famous newspaper correspondent, Ruth Lon- kert. Herman was stopping off at Manila to visit Frank Mooney, a special envoy sent to the Philippines by the United States government. He thought, too, that while there he might see Bill Rotzler, a recognized authority in En- gineering, whose advice had been sought by the Philippine government. My friends had told me I would find Raymond Jenkins managing a hotel at Waikiki Beach. At this hotel Julius Laposki, the football coach at Stan- ford University, was vacationing. I also met James Lytle, a great financier. His business was in Pittsburgh, where he employed Ruth Anderson, Dorothy Dougherty, Gladys Carr and Barbara Talkovic in his offices. His chief ac- countant was Charles Hall. During my stay in Hawaii, an American warship steamed into the harbor. I was surprised to learn that the commanding of- ficer was Charles Fox. James Wigal was also in the Navy. I had a restful voyage to San Francisco, just reading and listening to the radio. I particularly enjoyed a book of modern poetry by Honor Dunlap. Though my radio was equipped with television, I did not need to look at the face of the person whose voice interrupted my reading. Senator Wilfred P. Hazen was expounding his views on a certain bill which had been introduced into Congress by Representative Richard Felton. The program was inter- rupted for a news-flash that Kathryn Houlette, the swimming champion of the world, had just broken another record. In San Francisco my luggage was inspected by Customs Officer William Morrow. I rode to my hotel in a taxi driven by Bob Marshall. George Kredel, liorly-4 a successful broker, occupied an expensive suite in the hotel. Betty Pat- terson proved to be the charming hostess in the dining room there. She told me that Chuck Derflinger was in charge of the Telegraph Office and that Jerry Reed and Viola Mahon were beauticians in the same building. Before returning East, I wanted to visit Hollywood. Toby Monit, Betty Hogue, Gertrude Sager and Kathryn Cook were making pictures. Jean Men- nell and Esther Kratzert designed clothes for actresses. Helen Procovich was employed in one of the studios. A book by Margaret Nusser, the pop- ular novelist, was being made into a scenario by Frank Corfield and Francis Winters. Edward Corcoran and Joe Bauer were electricians at one of the studios. A Hollywood newspaper was edited by Robert Wilcox. Because I was pressed for time, I did not stop off at Wyoming where John Mathis had a dude ranch. He had among his cowboys my old friends, Benny Yard and Gene Williams. Martha Frishkorn and Dorothy Coene were instructing Easterners in the art of horseback riding. The train sped on. I was traveling on the latest stream-lined train of the Union Pacific and had just found out that Charles Cook was its engineer. The train had been designed by John Havis. I was in Chicago just long enough to change from my train to a plane for Pittsburgh, so I did not have time to see Davy Patterson, who headed a newspaper syndicate. When I boarded the plane I found that John Mart- solf, a criminal lawyer in Chicago, whose services were much in demand, was also going to Pittsburgh. He informed me that Ray Boyer and Harold Blinn were newspaper reporters and that Dorothy Strayer, the owner of an apartment house on Lakeshore Drive, was also in Chicago. Bob Shaffer was selling hams for Armour's. The pilot of the plane was our old friend Jack Lane. Flora Killian was the stewardess. When we arrived at the Municipal Airport, I was met by friends. While riding into town, I learned that many of the members of the Class of '36 were still living in Beaver Valley. Jean Reed was working at Kaufmann's in Pittsburgh as the head of the Fashion Department. Mildred Reutter and Opal Rhoades were secretaries at the Carnegie Steel Company. Mabel Veiock was the personal secretary of one of Pittsburgh's socialites. Kathryn Pick- ens had become the Superintendent of Nurses at the Homeopathic Hospital. Of course I visited New Brighton where I found many changes had taken place in the High School. Strange to say, Wilma Blagg was Principal. Veletta Rhodes and Betty Wolfe were both in the Commercial Department and Lavina Leslie was teaching Algebra. Mildred Haire had replaced Miss Moore in the department of Physical Education. Peggy James was School Nurse. Charles Greaves, Charles Dunn and Clifford Lytle were employees of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Anna Flanick and Erma Aley were teaching at Garfield and Lora Byers taught Freshman English at Geneva. David Blair was the owner of the Rialto Theater, where he spent so much time in his youth. Nick Bellan was the chief of police and fire chief of Fallston. Jeanne Brenner, who was very wealthy, had gone on a trip with her companion, Ruth Boehm, and her personal secretary, Catherine Shields. Stella Edgar was the private secretary of the Mayor of Beaver Falls. Ifurlv-lwo June Funkhouser, Jean White and Dorothy Gumpf were employed as stenographers at the Townsend Company. Thelma Gwilliams and Elizabeth Kramer conducted a kindergarten. Mildred Stein, Harriet Houlette and Mary Jenkins were very prosper- ous, owning a large candy-making establishment. Frank Podnar still lived in Fallston where he owned a brickyard, em- ploying Joe Trgovac. Budd Spangler was Beaver County's District Attorney, with Mary Win- terburn and Anne Popovich working in his office. Jane Shroads managed the Morado Skating Rink and Leslie Mabery as- sisted her. Jean Rombold owned a large farm near Ellwood City. Evelyn Kennedy had become head of the Y. W. C. A. in New Castle. Martha Householder had inherited a fortune and was the society leader of the Valley. John McElroy was the manager of the Hotel Brodhead where Marian Skillinger was the clerk. I had traveled all over the world and had seen or heard of all classmates of the year 1936, and felt that New Brighton High School could well be proud of such a class. Jeane Provance. Spin ,liccii .od lipitor .iiel do .l . .P Several years after graduating from high school I had an occasion to go to New York. As I was getting off the plane at Roosevelt Field, I spied Jeane Provance in the crowd waiting to get on the ship for its return flight. She told me that she had been abroad for several years studying art. She was on her way to the National Art Exhibition in Chicago to dis- play her drawings and paintings. I read later of how one of her drawings won the first prize in this exhibit. Frances Hartung. lrorlye Ilm-c 650155. We, the Class of 1936, being sane of mind Calthough the faculty was much in doubt of this at timesj do proclaim this document as our last will and testament as members of the Class of 1936. To Mr. Corkan, our illustrious principal, we leave our hopes that he will have a long and successful career as the head of our high school. To the Faculty, we leave our deepest regrets that they will not have such a brilliant class to deal with in the future. To the Junior Class, although they are not deserving, we leave all pat- ented rights to be Seniors, to haze Freshmen, to tease Sophomores and to occupy that coveted center section. To the Sophomores, we leave one request, which is not to follow in the footsteps of those pranking Juniors. To the Freshmen, we give permission to come down from the "shelf" and become an active yet respectable class. To Geraldine Abend and Catherine Shields, we leave several diplomas. Then they won't have to worry. To Erma Aley, Betty Hogue and Harriet Houlette we bequeath one of Ed Wynne's new fangled sirens so we may know they are around. To Ruth Anderson, a steering wheel, to guide her in whatever field she may choose to venture in life. To Anna Barkich, we leave a position singing with the popular orchestra which has caught the fancy of the nation, featuring also Don Parkhill as the trumpet soloist and John Martsolf as the saxaphone player. They showed their talents on Literary. To Kathryn Bellan, we leave a position in a bank. She secured valuable experience in school. To Nick Bellan, we bequeath the position of "Mayor of Fallstonf' To Wilma Blagg, we leave a new solution to all "Trig" problems. How- ever, she was not the only one who needed help. To David Blair we bequeath a ladder. He is climbing the way to suc- cess as a theater magnate. To Paul Blinn, success in the commercial field. To Harold Blinn, we leave a formula for a new liquid which would keep that platinum tint in his hair. To Ferd Blowers, a job as a successor to Ted Healy. Also "Three Good Stooges." To Ruth Boehm, a job in any prominent concern. To Dorothea Boggs, a position as secretary to Mr. Hill. She has been of invaluable assistance to him. To Herb Brannon, the knowledge of whether it is hot or cold. When it is hot he wears a top coat, when it is cold he wears a jacket. To Jeanne Brenner, a pack of calling cards. We seldom see her. To Clark Brittain, a private reservation where he can hunt to his heart's delight without a truant officer following him. To Tom Budiscak, a diamond-studded comb to keep up the appearance of those wavy locks, which are the envy of all girls. lforly-lour To Lora Byers, the right of succeeding Miss Dunham as Freshman Eng- lish teacher. To Dolores Calvin, we leave a book, entitled "How To Become a Good Salesgirlf' To Gladys Carr, our permission to aid Professor Gregg in compiling a new short-hand book. To Charles and Kathryn Cook, we extend our sincere thanks for the fine part they have played in the success of our class. To Frank Corfield, a new car. He gave that old Rockne a beating. To Dorothy Coene, a minute explanation of physics problems. To Ted Corcoran, an airplane to get him safely to school from the mountains. To Joe Crede, a gasoline station. The Plymouth eats up enough gas. To Adaline DeMarco, a job in a Park Avenue Dancing' School. To Charles Derflinger, a new book of j okesg the old ones are stale. To Dorothy Dougherty, the right to edit a book entitled "How to Sing." . To Glen Doolittle, we give a bus to get him back and forth from Marion Hill without any loss of time. To Homer Duey, control of the police department. Therefore, when he is in trouble falthough he seldom is?J he won't have any worries. To Honor Dunlap, the poet-laureateship of the United States. To Stella Edga1', the position as head of the Commercial Department of N. B. H. S. To Pauline Farmer, a career as a writer and lecturer. To Anna Flanick, a position as secretary in the law office of C. Dunn. To Dick Felton, success as an orator. He is virtually a second "Stephen Douglas" now. To Martha Frishkorn and Dorothy Mae Funk, careers as eminent li- brarians. To June Funkhouser, a radio. Then, perhaps some day she'll get a loud speaker. To Jack Gentzel, a white beard. He has all other necessary qualities to be a second "Uncle Ezra". To Charles Greaves and Joe Bauer, a few stray credits. They might find them very useful. . To Mike Goodman, a cottage in a hidden valley where he could elude all the female admirers. . To Dorothy Gumpf, the right to change her name. It confuses one with that of "Min Gump". To Thelma Gwilliams, a career as the successor of "Gracie Allen". To Mildred Haire, a solution to the problem of omitting boresome classes. To John Havis, advice explaining how to "fox" the teachers. To Frances Hartung, our deepest regret that she joined us so late in her high school career. To Charles Hall, constableship of Marion Hill. To John Hays, our hope that he will come down to visit us once in a while. To Wilfred Hazen, a permit to argue with Mr. Roark. Forty-five To Mary Hendrickson, a successful career as a great artist. To Orrin Hill, the privilege of becoming the owner of the new municipal flying field on Patterson Heights. To Kathryn Houlette and Jean White, our congratulations for weather- ing 'the "Stormy Sea of Education". To Martha Householder, an A. SL P. store. Also some chewing gum. To Margaret James, we leave appreciation for her fine disposition. To Mary J enkins, a permanent reason for all incomplete work. To Raymond Jenkins, a bed. The desks in school do not permit him to sleep well. To Bill Joy, a badge in recognition for his services as Safety Patrolman. To Evelyn Kennedy and Flora Killian, positions as traveling chaperons. To Clarence Koah, some contraption to aid him in blowing that big horn. To John Kovach, permission to write essays on "How to Kick a Foot- ball". He is well versed in that subject. To Elizabeth Kramer, a position as a Latin professor. To Esther Kratzert, a livelihood sampling candies. She keeps Mrs, Wolfe in business. To George Kredel, the right to advance his new theories on Advanced Algebra. To Jack Lane, a new Ford. The old one is not acting right. To Julius Laposki, the coaching reins of that veteran Oak Hill Crucible aggregation of which he is now a member. To Lavina Leslie, a scholarship that she may further her knowledge. To Ruth Lonkert, future success as a pianist. To Bill Ludwig, a jar of Freckle Remover. He has his share of freckles and somebody else's also. To Jim Lytle, the managership of the New York Celtics. He is well acquainted with this type of work. To Viola Mahon, commendation for the contributions to our Class. To Bob Marshall, our hope that in later life he will find someone as obliging as he is now. M , To Bill Martin, a place where he may use his melodious voice fbesides a sheriff's officel. To John Mathis, we leave our permission to start a basketball team. To Leslie Mabery, success in whatever field he may take up. To John McElroy, our choice as "Beau Brummel" of Class of '36. To Jean McNutt, the responsibility of giving piano lessons to the mem- bers of the younger generations. To Eddie Mennell, our profound thanks for the many laughs he has pro- vided for us. Q To Jean Mennell, the hope she will be as happy in the world as she is now. To Lillian Miller, a position as secretary in any business firm. To Melvin Miller, a career in Hollywood, where he may make good use of his handsome profile and winning personality. To Chester Monit, a position on the Chicago Bears professional foot- ball team. liully six To Frank Mooney, a career as a great comedian. He admits it is his ambition. To Herman Moore, realization of his ambition to be a good debater. To Elinor Myers, the dominating role of "Maggie" in "Maggie and J iggs". To Bill Morrow, the position of traveling Auditor for any corporation. To Margaret Nusser, a job as a matron in an orphanage. To Betty Patterson, a movie career while she is still young and beau- tiful. To David Patterson, a career as a Congressman. To Kathryn Pickens, our permission to make more noise. To Frank Podnar, the right to operate a school bus between Fallston and New Brighton. To Ann Popovich, our permission to write her own version of Modern History. She and Mr. Autenreith fail to agree. To Mont Popovic, some place where he can flash that conspicuous smile. To Helen Procovich, Mildred Reutter, Opal Rhoades and Veletta Rhodes, new typewriters so they may work in that international firm of V. Scheeler, R. Sentak and Stevens Company. To J eane Provance, a job as coach of class plays. To Jerry Reed, our best wishes for whatever the future may have in store for her. To Jean Reed, a scholarship to an exclusive girls' school. To Faye Richardson, an easy job where she can escape hard work. To Jean Rombold, we leave a bell. Jean is so quiet we hardly know she is around. To Bill Rotzler, a career as a great economic expert under President Benny Yard. To Ruth Samek, a bronze tablet symbolic of her good nature. To Jean Schaney and Miriam Myers, a couple of chairs. These "stand" committees are tough propositions. To Jane Shroads, an absence slip, which will permit her to avoid all classes for which she is unprepared. To Marian Skillinger, a railroad from her home to town. To Irene Smolar, the presidency of Garfield College. To Budd Spangler, a successful career in life. To Mildred Stein and Madeline Veiock, careers as great nurses. To Dorothy Strayer, our permission to write a book entitled "How To Play the Piano". To Joe Suskiewich, we leave a football or a basketball to keep him in practice. To Barbara Talkovic, our thanks for her excellent typing. To Mabel Veiock, special commendation for her work on the Alaurum. To Nick Volinic, fame as a great artist. To Marjorie Walker, all facilities necessary for her to retain her fine complexion. To Bob Wilcox, the position as private secretary to any millionaire. 'To Eugene Williams, a pack of razor blades. He could use a good shave. To Mary Winterburn, a supply of smiles in case hers expire. To Francis Winters, a fishing net, tackle and pole. l'4orlyfs4-vr-li To Betty Wolfe, a job as a stewardess on an airliner. To Bill Young, a job as a bank teller. To Joe Trgovic, the position of street commissioner in New Brighton. To Bob Russell, a position as a manager of a J. C. Penney Store. To Bob Shaffer, a new truck. He has worn the old one out. To Bill Shafer, a new method to manufacture Clark Bars. He can sell them. To Gert Sager, a position in a Five and Ten Cent Store. To Charles Fox, a fox farm. To James Wigal, the position as private secretary to Mr. Corkan. We hereby do affix our signature to this last lawful document as mem- bers of the Class of 1936. . I Norman MacDonald. xx 1 C- !mfV ,Oil MUD to 'IVMQ 'lli l, We, the Class of 1936, do in supplement to our last will and testament bequeath to Norman MacDonald a lawyer's degree, so that he may continue to write wills. In witness whereof, we hereby do affix our signature to this last lawful document as members of the Class of 1936. 1 Ruth Boehm. Forly-vigglll The first Senior Class play, "The Call of Youth," was a highly successful and entertaining performance. The play consisted of a prologue and three acts. The prologue opened with the engagement party of Eileen Lyndon who was to announce her en- gagement to Tom Griswold. However, on the night of the party, she was persuaded to elope with Avery Peyton, of whom her father disapproved. Eighteen years passed, during which time Eileen had died. Her daugh- ter, Anita, who had been deserted by her worthless father, was brought to the Lyndon home where she fell in love with the adopted son of Tom Gris- wold and also with Tom himself. The plot was complicated by the two gossips, Lydia Boone, who loved Tom, and Hester Moore, who loved Avery Peyton. The action was made in- triguing by Belinda, Lyndon's colored maid, Aunt Amanda, Cousin Lulu, and Eileen's friends, Marion and Irene. The play was produced with the following cast: Irene and Marion, girl friends of Eileen ....... Jean Reed and Anna Barkich Belinda, Eileen's colored "mammy" ....................... Wilma Blagg Avery Peyton, secretly in love with Eileen .... ..... W ilfred Hazen Hester Moore, secretly in love with Avery --- ---Faye Richardson Mr. Lyndon, Eileen's father ..--.------.. ......-...- J oe Crede Dr. Lang, a dear friend of the Lyndons .-.. -----..--- J ohn Martsolf Tom Griswold, in love with Eileen --.-.- .---- lV lontgomery Popovic Eileen Lyndon, in love with Avery ----- ----- B etty Patterson Lydia Boone, who is jealous of Eileen ---.--------- ----- J ean Mennell Aunt Amanda, Mr. Lyndon's sister ------------.----. --- Lillian Miller Cousin Lulu, who would like to have been in love with Dorothy Coene somebody ------.----..-...--........--.-..-.-... Robert, Tom's adopted son --- .---- Frank Mooney Anita, Eileen's daughter --- --- Betty Patterson Forty-nine T w BIOTIU Ba' lrm l r uforcl, your uforle, your frieml COLORS I"l.OVVIiR 'NIH' llllll Golal lilllly INIIUIIS unior Class History The members of the Class of '37 have just completed a most successful year as the Juniors of New Brighton High School. A great deal of our suc- cess was due to the able leadership of our President, Anthony Laposki, and his capable assistant, Robert Byers. Betty Smith served as secretary, and Christian Weeber was chosen to guard the funds of the class. For the Literary Officers for the first semester we chose Wilfred Ifft as President, Kenneth Thomas as Vice-President, Robert Smith as Secre- tary, and Harry Beitsch as Marshal. For the second semester Clifford Snowberger, Donald Powers, Ruth Veiock and Mike Kunick were elected to fiill their respective places. All of these officers held to the standard of our Literaries. The most outstanding event of our year was the presentation of the Junior Class Play, "Tomboy," on February 7, 1936, under the capable direc- tion of Miss Moore. A large crowd filled the auditorium, and "Tomboy" was acclaimed by all to be a huge success. l"illy-one 2 Alexander, Alma Jean Altmeyer, Betty Atlcinson, Robert Balcer, Jean Balderson. Olive Nlae Barnett, Grace Bauer, Ted Beclison, Burton Begley, Betty Beitscll, Harry Best, Jean Bittner, Mary Boron, Esther Bosco, lrene Brandenlnerger, Belva Brannon, Dulcie Byers, Rolioert Byers, Rose Calderwood, Laura Carlo, Josepli Carson. Harry Cater, Jolm Clianey, Rieliard Collar, Ada Louise Conner, lvlary Alice Coolc, George Crumrine, Dealva Davis, Benjamin Derllinger, Robert De Ruyter, Jean De Vinney, Paul Druscliel, Dorotliy Duey, Jack Edwards, Margaret Emery, Dorotlly Claire Forsytlie, Jolm Frew, Nancy Frisclllcorn, Betty Frislilcorn, lola CLASS cjYEH'l'lll'tl, Allfla Jflfllf Gillespie, Rutli Gold. Mary lfllen Gooslay, ylatrel Cvrulner, Dorutliy Gwilliam, Evelyn Hall, Harriet Harger, Betty Harger, Vera Harman, Rutli Hecliatliome, lra Helble, Aletlia Herslilmerger, Robert Hooclniclc, Peter llomirlc, Ellen Houlette, Jane Hulmes, Helen Jeanne Hutellinson. Ethel llli, Billie lrwin, Rielmrd Jaclcson. lva lxlae .lilCkS0rl. Silllllliql .lava-ns, Jaeli Jurasovie, Grace Kennedy. Franklin Kesler, James Kester, lVlalJel Kesler, Virginia Ketterer, Russell King, vllllelma Klear, Gloria Korieanslcy, Jolm Kraley, Josepli Kramer, Charles Kunic, lvlilce Landlair, Vvilliam lsaposlci, Antliony Lilmelt, Nick Lorencz, VValter OF l937 Lowe, Orjeane Lytle, lxlalole Nlarquis, Elizalmetli Nlarquis. lxlargaret Marshall, Adele lvlartin, Jane Nlartin, lxlattl1ew ylarr, James Flattliews, Juanita Nlcliride, Henry lvlrcmnlu, Charlotte Nlfffown, Jean lVlrCutcl1e0n, Jolln lxlrflown, Jolln Nlfljaniel, Graff: lVlrKenzie, La Rolca Ixlf'C'klCIll, Viola Nleeder, Nliriam Wleteney, Josepli Fleteney, lxflargaret lvliller. Roluert lxlitrllell. llliilip nlolter, Rulli lvloore, Virginia Blonit, Adam lxluiwit. Helen lxlulili. VVilmer Orc-nd, Jean OSlfC5IIl, Cllarles Qwens, Glen Pfluso, Josepll Peters, Calluerine Petuili, xvinifreil Picliens, Ralpli Pontier. Samuel Poxxell, Alma Powers, Donald Pryor, James Rawl, Vvillis Rogers, Rutli Rousl1, Edna Rulilie, Leonard Rupert, Eugene Scthalfel, Milton See, Raymond Sllields, Peter Slllith, Elizabeth Slllllll, lvlary Sinitll, Robert Slllilh, Ruby Slllltll, Samuel Sinclar, Jolln Snowlzerger, Clillord Rogers, Rutll Steel, Jane Stein, James St. iI0llTl, Doris Nlae Stomslci, Sopllia Susliicwicli, Victor Vllaylor, Merritt lliomas, Kenneth Ylqliompson, lvlargaret lintsmnn, Jolin Yan Arsdale, Cllarlotte Veioclc, Rutli Vvallier, Robert Xvelvster, KBtllCliHC VVeetJer, Cliristian Vveiner, Nlartin Vvelsll, Gladys West, Edward Xvilson, Jean Yard, Harry Yee, Dorotlly Yovanovic. Samuel Zallniser, Helen Zaleslci, Stelta Zulc, Cluarles Fifty-tllree THE JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Vlqlue amnuul lunior Class Play was 1-nlillc-rl mlloinlmyn. A sliorl resume ol lilo play follows: .lolin Alalnol lms lliree Cl2lUQlll0l'S, Elllllllllgll lu' llacl wisllezi lor zu son. As an rvsull, lie rletcrminerl to iualfc luis youngest rlnuglmter, lflaclcicu, as lllllfll a son as Motlmcr Nature will allow. Vvlnile Nirs. Aimlaol is ink-nl on Ilia cloulnlc wedding of lu-r lwo elclcsl ciaugixlers, D0fOllly' nnci lfloisc, Wir. Alylmol is lausy will: ilic iflf-21 of nlzilcingj Ulominoyn iiic amateur worm-n's golf clminpion of tile sluic. 'lilac evening iuelorzr tile weclciing, wixcn ax rcilenrsal for lim wccinling is srllcciulccl, iwlrs. Alxluol is lvrantic. Wir. Abbot ixas not returns-cl lronn tllc gulf tournament: Allrr-ci, one of ilu- future lvriclc- QTOOIIIS, is drunk as El resull ol a sing parly lmld by olller lnriclegroom, is away on nn erncrgvncy full: lin: late, anal till? wllolc llouse is in an uproar. Finally luis friends: Dr. Vvuison, llue clnuglxiers are lN'Ill0Ell"lll'!Q ilieir everyone arrives, Kllc rclu-arsal no we lincl lime iwo ciauglllers is ilclfl, ancl ille wcclcling is an success. ln ax later scr- llappily marriecl and nililfkifu linfls ilmt slle is noi ns lllllfh il Ui0llllJ0yU RS Sllf' Sup' posed wlmen silo realizes slle is in love witll Lnrry, ln-r ln-sl paul. S0 enfls ilu- play wiili everyone lmppy. CAST Mrs. Abiyui ................................................. Alellia Hr-lblc Mr. Abbot .................................,.........,.... Kvnnclll YIQIIOIIIBS Doroilly' .................................................. Hillel Huicliinson Eloise ................................................. iviary Alice Conner Hilacliicu .......................................,.......... B4-My Frisrillcorn Larry ..................................................... Donald Powers Alfred ................................................... lvlillon Svlmifcl Ernest ........................................................... Bill Ifll lvirs. Hawkins ......................................... Clmrlottc- Niccoinim.. ivirs. Simpson ..................................--.......... Virginia Nloorc Pllologrupilcr ...........................................- Szunurrl Yovanovic Radio Representative ..................................... Helen Jean Hulmcs Golf Goods Salcswoumn .................................. Niargaret Mzirquis Cosmetics Reprcseniativc ....................................... Bcity Smith Filly-four NOTTO xvvill row, not ciriff l7l.OVVtfR COLORS Pinie R050 Oiri R050 ami Siirmr SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY VVC, tim Class ot' '58, ilavc now I'0lIlITif'tt'It two Slli'l'CSSi'lli years in Now' Brighton Higil Smiilooi. Aitvr unlivrgoing tim initiation at tin- inf-ginning oi our iiigtl scilooi iii-0, anci tinaiiy Struggling tilfilllgil our tirst yvar, ws' wc-rv Lfiilft to rc-tirc in tile SLIIII- lm-r, knowing tilat now uf- Louifi imiuigr' in tlair-rutting raltlvr tilan tyeing victims ot' tile orcir-ai. in lin- suprr-mc fiignily ti1al a Sopimmnrc avquires, wr' piunuvft ctccp into Aigvirra it ami Caesar anrt wuriiect stvaciiiy ttlrnugi1 ttlr' tirst quarter. Fceiing tilr' ncvd ot' a iittic ctive-rsiun, wc Pivrtcci iitvrary ami Ciass otltiiccrs tor tile year. Our Ciass Ottic'0rs wvrv: Pri-sittvnt, Date Rim-iiart: Vin' Prcsirivnt, Emtgjar Dlllxlxg Secre- tary, Franws Gooctman, ami iiirr-asurs-r, Fvtix Oiivvr. Bving a vcry tatvntvci group ot. stugtonts, wo vtrwtcmt tin- tutiuwiug stuctcnts lo runcturt intvresting and amusing iitvraric-S cturiug tin' year. iiur tin' tirst svnlester: Prosidcnt, Robert Carson: vivo Prvsicicnt, iiranrvs CEOOLIIHZIHQ Svcrvtary, Niary Ntaciory, anti ivtarstlai, Dorlzutci Fra-ft. For tim Svcond svmvsterz prvsifivnt, George iviiiicrz Vive Prvsiricnt, FiliLf3l' Dlllllll Secretary, Virginia Givnn, ami ixiarstiai, Eriwarri La- posiii. ixtufin of our we-it-carnvct surrf-ss waa ctuf- to lim fvttorts ut our iacuity afivisvrs, xtiss Lytix' anct Bliss Sutton. Attcr sucix a promising introrturtion to nur iligil scimoi iitv, wr- imciicvf' ttiat tin' Ciass ot '38 wiii rontinuv to Liu its silarv as it iias in-gun airvacty in ivanct, orvilestra, anti ctmrus, and tiiruugti tim participation in tiorvnsic' ami Zltilifftii' funtcsts. By tim vtitinrts ot our ciass, we iiops' to tigilt tor Nr-xv Brigimtun Higii, ami to '-Hraise iwr stunriurzl up lo lim siey, Xviwre if will stay forelvvrrwlorefi Fitty-tive - Fifty-six Aixencl, Vvilliam Aciriison, Donalll Albert, Ann AHCIOFS1ll1, Howarci Amit-rson, Vvilliam Armour, Lawrence Arnolci. Paul Aslnnan, Harry Austin, Betty Baker, Elva Baker, Roizverl Beatty, Vvilliam Berk, Robert Best, lvleliba Blair, Becky Blair, Robert Blinn, Lawrence Boettner, Earl Book, ,lolm Brancit, Virginia Br6ii0!'k, Flli'an0l' Breen, Betty Brenner, Lois Busclu, ixlyrtle Calclerwoocl, Rutli Calvin, Dorotliy Carling, Daniel Carroll, Alice Carson, Robert Cater, Lyle Cauglley, Elricii Cavlovic, Nici: Cliam-y, Nellie Ciiristner, Jean Ciganili. Vincent Cleary, Rolbert Cleelcner, F. Varita Clenclennen, Earl Cook, Howard Coucll, Virginia Creacli, Frecierirlc Croyle, Robert Cunningliam, Edward Damaslia, James Decaro, Lois Delivuli, Thomas Dewllirst, Emerson Dewliirst, Glaclys Diclc. Arleigli Dickinson, Jean Diclcs, Frecl Drake, Mary Dunlap, Roivcrta Dunn, Edgar Dwyer, Helen Dylro, Felecia Early, Elmer Eaton, Dolores Eaton, Nlargaret Filer, .lane Emlet, Alice Fair, .lack Feit, Grace Fields, Leonarri Flanicli, Antliony Flieliinger, Kennetll Flowers, Joe Fox, Frank Franlclin, Rosemarie Fretlley, Eleanor Frew, Don Funlclrouser, lflsie Fursa, Joim Gacesa, Paul C-aide, Betty Garclner, Catlierine Cvaren, Evelyn Geissinger, Evelyn Geissinger, Jean Geronimo, .lolin Gibson, Gerome Gillen, Gertrucle Gillespie, Vvilliam Glass. Charles Glass, June Glenn, Virginia Golcien, ITIHIICCS JEHH KEOOCIIIIHH, FYHIICCS Gooslry, Fate Grant, Kennetli Grimm, Katiiryn Guy, Rutil Haarlwauer, lxiyrtle Haarlmauer, Watson Hall, Vernon Harciesty, Nlargaret Harris, Raymoncl Hartung. Everett CLASS OF I938 Haz 4-ri, Anna Louise Henn, Valentine Henry, Gail Herron, Cliiliorrl Hirliey, Jolwn Hill-inger, yxfiiliillll Hogue, Lon Houseliolcier, Anna Houseliolcler, Betty Hralmica, Jue Hunt, Ernest Irwin, lviary Jaficson, Amlrew Karr, .laclc Kennedy, Cllesler Kenneciy, Dick Kennecly, Ray Ketterer, Dale King, Cliarles King, Niercetles Kisitx lvlicicey Kleinllaniple, Paul Klumricli, Anna Knigltt, Frarires Kornman. Nlilrlrf-ci Kraus. Vvilliam Kusnir, Rose Laposlii, Eclwartl Lewis, Anne Linn. 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ML IN IO'I'l'f J Strive' for svuwf-ss. VI .ONVICR CC DLORS SVPIIOHV Rose' IIIIH' UIKI 6:0111 FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY fin St"pIK'lllIlL'l' 3, I035, IIN' form-r-slonc ul'-l'I'5IllIl2lllu was IniLI for IIN' Ilousr- rnIIcc,I Senior I'IigI1I VIIIIC Ipricks XVCFC In-,qinningj lo piI4' up Io Iwf' rvnfIy Io nmvt IIN' HS0pImmorvsU and In-r Iwo worII1y mnrnrrstom-s, M.Iuni0rs" and H51-ni0rs". SIoWIy IIN' IJuiIfIingj Ivcgnn io risr' nmicI IIN- oI1slzlr'If'S of HIRICI wc-nllwr Ivslsu and UIIHFKI work CXIIIHSH. Nr'verIIn-Im-ss IIN- IxriCIiIuy1-rs mm-rgvd with grrznl IriumpI1. Ix1K'H!lVVllIIK' II1rr w0rIuncn 1Iv4'icIvrI I0 IIEIV1' one In-mI ImricIiInyr-r. 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Sailor: "Sln' Cillllt rvail vvry laslf' rlvclifpllonv fbpvralurz mls lllis l740'fH lxlaiclz nX,llSSllll'I,H Vli0lf'Illl0lll' fjpvralor: mls llnis Flrs. l5lul's fC'SlilC'll1l'?H fxlaiclz "Yass1i1n,H frfpcralorz Ul.0ng lllSlll!ll'1' lmm X'xlllSlllIlLflllll.H lxlaillz ull:-lil Hvlll Yassum, slm' is." lvavllvrz Pl:-asv I-,ll-nv llu- wurli un lllc lmarrl, Vvilliamfv Uvvlwriz is il gfnillgjiln llislory 'liz-.ulu-r: Uvvlm linows smlwllning almul .XllllI'f'NV ,lllllIlSlYl'lyS Cklfly llll',!U Hazen: Ulfor a slalc-sman lic- lxall luumlmlc- lwgiu- mugs. Ill- was a lailurf' Vlivaclicrz HY1-s, lu- was a SC'll-lllkllll' man," llazvn: Uflll, l1Ul, 'livai'lu'r, fllulluvs llllllvl unalu- a lllilll. lnlglisll ll'a4'lli'r: .lUlllllly, you missvil my rlass yas! lr-relay, fllllll,l you?H ,lolmnyz "UI, no, lr-aclwr, not in llu- lvasl, nal in llu' lrwaslf' Uxvlly ilu llmy fall a ill-nlislvs nlliu' a cle-ulal par' lor?" 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Clue- clay llis mallu-r was lryingj lo reason willl lxim, "Sun-ly you waul lo llc a rlvuu lilllu boy, iluu'l you?" UYcs,U Ivarlully agjrx-4-cl Dick, Hlmul vanvl you jusl ilusl I1lK'?n EACH BROADCAST COMING TO YOU DIRECTLY FROM THE SCENE OF A POPULAR EDUCATIONAL RENDEZVOUS l mivr lin- niJic milnwlluyl ui ii: BAND 'ylm'r, lin' imnli iluS 1iL'Yx'i1lp1'1i illlu uno Ui lin' in-N lull iilc Izumi, nllin-ci in iii:-ir nully nm-xv uniiurms, r4-mlm-rmi lin-ir suppnrl lu lin- aiilic-lim' il'illllS must ni lin- ixnsiivlimii umi ioolimii gjunn-5. Tin-ir iiinvsl simwinggn wfvrc ui lilo unnuni Viiimn SQINIIILI Qu um xnci all lin' rxrnlixlifc Duy pnrmire xximn- lin-y sc-mln-ri iummrnimic- rm-nliun irnm lin- jumigvs. IIN innc au lim community iiuring lin- Ciirislmus S4'ilSHll u'i4'in'aniion iur wiiirin tiwy W4-rv rvwurrivci ily 1 rilnmr Un iw lin- fiilizvn lXSSOCiiliiUIl, Viiiiis yvur lin- immiis 1-quipmr-nl im! in-un 1-nizxrgc-ci ixy liw pun mx: wer -w inns imrns ami an sz-I ui lympnni. 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UAnrl you, sir,H lie snicl lo llle invenlor, Hnmcle llie lirsi inliiing IllilClliI'lS?U '.No.H lfclison replied, Allie first one wus mncle long lxelorc my time---out of a ril'J.' Eighty Jolxn Kovneli: UVVliy clo you part your hair?" Boi: Slmller: nl nlon't know. To malce it loolc lielter l guess." Kovarli: ul illinli ilis lmeenuse every lmlorlc musi liuvn- nn alloy." Raslus: Hvvlinl nm ax pole fni?H Snnnlvo: nvvliy, n pole ful nm a cal lllal slioulcl ine peilecl wiicl in pole zxnnl time longer ilie pole ilu: in-Her." Conrli llo .l. Lnposliil: .Willie way you iiammer ilinl line, siale-sh-p nnol reverse your lielcl, is mnr- velous in see. Vvllo Knuglil you liiuse lriclisiin Caesar: "VVell, l picked ilieni up. You sro, l usefl lo go slroppingf will: my moilier on imrgnin rlnys. 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TIN: 1-vs-nl this spring was 1 4 l N ,flffil I. ll Q REVIEW OF FOOTBALL SEASON New lgl'ij.1'hl0ll 21 Bellvvue 6 lim-llc-vm' serv-ml ans slill oppnsilinn in lllc wnrnufup Quinn- ol llu- M-usurl. linrlm-r an lxmiling sun tln- 7 lvani run up in lolal ul lllrvz' lourliclowns ln lllz- iIlVilLlL'l'4i nnv, VX v von llu- gunm lxul lust n Qnml plnyvr wlxf-n llcnry Sl:-vs-rms, lllc rvgullnr llllHl'l!"l'lIEifl'i, inzurrf-rl a lrmluu-rl anllar-imma New l3I'iQQlll0Il 0 Sharpsville 0 fjur nz-xl oppusiliun rannc- iron: lxlvrcrr Cnunly in llu- lornl ul an liigjllly mtl-ll rlumnpionsluip Slmrps- Villc Cllllb, flur loam lair oulpluyi-nl lllc-ir lwzwicfr opponn-nls, lrul lluc- lu lumlmlinq llw ln-sl wr- mulfl ulwlauin was our lirsl nnfl only ll.-mllof-ll ol llw wilson. 1 N0w lgl'iQlll0Il 14 An1ln'idg'0 6 Flillis game will lung lm rcrmfizmlwrml lyy all wlm xxiliwssml il. llvn- tlw lm-mn nm- ln nmx lu-igluls wllcn llmy snappccl El lllrm-0-your winning slrc-ali wliivln .xlllllflfilg-IL' In-Ill uvvr counly npponl-nls. 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A stulxluorn Butler tx-am was txattlcct into submission in a game wlnicli tr-aturcci strong defensive tartirs, Briglitonvs mlotc-nsivr' work was ospcfially notowortlly in tliis ,qainv as Butts-r lvaitvci to rross our titty-yarci linc onu-. New Brighton 13 Beaver 0 ln a garlic wliicli was some-wliat uncvvntlvul. tin' tr-am ioilrnvycvl to llnavor wlwro anotlwr victory was otwtaincd. Our sf-cond toam was cmployect praftivally ilw wliolc' scconcl lmalt, anil tlic-y lwld ttu-ir own against tlu' Bcavrr tirst-stringvrs. New Brighton 0 Ellwood City 6 Ellwood, fyur Vvatl-rloo, Ttiv team roinplrtcly outplayvft Ellwoofl until tlic last tlmrcc minutvs wlbon our opponvnts sf'oroc'l tlw only toucliclown ot ilu- Qamr. lfour timvs our toaln was in a position to svoro luut tailed, Vvi' ilact ton tirst Clowns to tlll'il' twog lrut lc-tvs not alilvi, is 1' vicrv flf'lvf'iltCll. New Brighton 19 Trinity 0 Nluctl Ntuctl Nlurtl Tim tvam mon- tlian avi-ngvri llu-ir lone iii-ti-at wlion tlicy scorn-Lt a ctvrisivc victory at liittlc Vvastlingtun. Tliis game was important llccausc' it lott us uncictvatoft in VV. P. l. L. X flass A Competition: a noti-worttiy t'f'ill tor surli a ligllt tc-am. New Brighton 7 Beaver Falls 6 Thanksgiving Day anrt our tllllftll sur4'f'ssivc victory ovs-r ilu- Tigor. Tliis viittory was one ot great ctistinction as our troys were the only ones wlio were atmlr- to di-lc-at Brave-r tails in 1935. tt was a groat itay, a grvat victory, and a tilting climax to a vory sufri-sstul soason. i Eighty-tlivc BriQl1Im1 Briglllun Briglllrm Brigjllhm Isfiglllfbll Hrisflrlun Briglmlun PJriQl1lr1n Briglrhm Brigluton BriQI1lun l3riQllinn Briglllon Briglxlon Briglxlon Briglllnm IUIM. .A............Y,...... A- BASKETBALL SCORES I6 -,,,,--S,,,,,---,,,-----2 1 SIffifffffffzg- 33 I3 33 70 ,-,,,,---,,,-,-,-,,,,,,-20 31 -,,,,,,--,,v,,,,,---w,,v2I YY-g,------,,--,,,--,,,,2I 3 33 30 IT 22 3I OH I54'H4'Vlu' ,, Xiiruunrl ....,. Rm In-eh-r , . N1-xx fnslfr- --- Huilvr ..,.,... .xmlrrulgv ..... I,HurmcI C ily' ,, .Xliquipgm Yf.. - l3l'2W0r 'HHS -- Nfwx fnsllv - - Buflvr ....,S,, flvlwvil Rtwvrvr' .XIll,Yl'IflLfl' Y .... Iiuxxoml 4 :iv -A fxliqlliplm .-,. - H1'4lYC'r' I-MHS - IOIM. S,,. Ifigjlllv-si x I BAS ETBALL SQUAD George Kredel 4 George has rompletecl his seroncl year on the varsity Sf1I1HCl. He roulcl hanrlle the hall exceecl- ingly well ancl was an exceptionally good shot lrom the sirle ol the rourt. Joe Carlo .loe was the only .lunior on ilu: starting team. His smooth lloorworlc and high scoring should malie llim one ol the most outstanfling players in the section next year. Tom Budiseak Tom was the varsity renter who was hanili- rappecl hy his larli ol height, lmut he olten out- iumpecl llis taller opponents. llc was not only a very goocl cle-lensive player lmut also a goocl ol- lensivc man as well. Joe Suskiewich ,loe also graduates this year, He was a very valualvle player ilue to his light ancl Lletermination to win. llis two years ol service on the varsity will he saclly l'IllSSI'fl next year. Mel Miller M1-I has hcen on the varsity lor two successive years ancl roulcl play either renter or guarcl. His speecl coupled with his high scoring macle him one ol the teamls nutstancling players. Chester Monit iliolvy is a Senior who served in the Capacity ol sulmstitute lorwarrl. Vvlben rallecl into action, Tohy always gave a very good amount ul him- sell lay lrequent scoring. .I oe Peluso b .loe playecl lxotll reserve and varsity this year. He shovxeel murh lxaslietlpall alwility ancl shoulcl flevelop into a well groomecl player lmy next season. Bill Martin llill relieveil illom at the renter position in sev- eral games. llis clelensive wnrlc was a ronsicl- eralnle aitl to the team in searing many ol their virtories. Felix Oliver l:elix was a Sophomore who playerl luotlr re- serve aml varsity haslietlrall. Felix gained mmlu valuahle experienre on the squafl which slroulcl be ol' muith help to him in his two remaining years ol varsity lball. John Kovach Altliougll .lolln was not on ilu- lirst team. he playecl in prartirally every game. Ili- aiclecl the team to many victories clue to his ronsistent play- ing, Eighty-scven lfiglxly-Ciglll B Prmvmiingg line rr-guinriy sci .lnyvr-vs. Tin-sv c-ngagmm-nls givc squmi. Sinrc kim youngsivrs this rccoui in first lm-sun play next year. ASKETBALL RESERVES P wriuivli funk-SIS, our Junior Vzxrsily plays a gnnrf- wiiil inf' upponvnls pinying cxpvric-nu' to iin- imys Wim imvv noi yrl urivanceni I0 lim varsily yvnr won htn ui' lilcir i4iiif'fLIl QRIIIPS, wo arc iooiiing iorwnrci io a i-inc FRESHMAN TEAM ii-ill! i:fI'Sillllall if'kllll, ll0t to ill? Ollidilllf' ily time l'I'S1'fV1'S ilnii VHTSHY, also ilild El Vf'I'y SUCl'CS9flli wnsun. Dc-spilv lime iufl lim! iiris svvvn uui oi filvir cigiml QHIIIPS. Ni in Iiif' i'lIIlCiiHllf'lli2liS so lilvy migil wus tin' iirsl your sonic- of iim buys pizxyvci in organized imii, til:-y won r, iivicicr ilElS rimrgc oi iilis aspiring group, and iw ciriiis Iiwm lilorougiliy I iw niric io piny logvlilr-r wiiil roopvrulion. ifigilly-ninc IXIIIIIW --- Gcorgc KMICI .Iov SusIcic-wicI1 -- Tum BufIis1'aIi IIOIWII IQOVFIFII --- .IuIius I,zuposIii UITHIU I.apusIii Bill Iwarlin ..... CI1csIc'r IVIoniI .... Henry Sh-vm-ns VARSITY LETTER WINNERS .Inn I.vIIv --- IxInnag0r --- fr. I Harry I3f'iIsr'Il Bvri BvfIis0n - .Ioc CnrIo -- IXRUI Df'X7IliII!'y' "' BIZIIIZIQPF Orrin HiII ................ Rnd Ludwig! --f C. I,.. -- .IoIIn IVIHIIHS .............. NOFIIIEIII IXIHFIDOIHIICI "' CIiIIOrcI Sn0wI1crgr'r ..... C0110 VViIIinms Igellfly XIRIFCI .... C. L. -- Nineiy TOIUI I:oolImII BusIevIIn -----1 2 2 ---..'5 I 2 --5 I 2 ----2 I I ----2 I I ----2 2 Il --- -2 2 0 -..--2 I I --2 I I ----2 2 0 2 0 I ----I I 0 ----l I II ,---I 0 I ----I I 0 ----I I 0 ----I 0 IJ ----I I 0 ----I O '0 ----I I 0 ----I I 0 -..--l I 0 We Ng! M , 1 V L FOUNDERS rl-llc Alumni Assoriation oi tim Nrw Brigllton Higll Sciloul llas llarl a vcrx lu'Cf'sslul yrar. 'lin start oil tllcir artivitics, tllry sponsorvcl an f'ntcrtainmc'nt if-stival. lllc 1'ntr'rtainm0nt lcstival was an Pnlcrtainnwnt in llour parts, two lllllSilTHl numlmcrs, a lvrturc, anrl a play, was givvn in SPPIPIIIIJCI' and Ortoimr. A sccumi annual ivall was given lrriclay 1-vcning, Dc-ccmlwr 15. 'lvlw iionor guests were Coarll Gcorgfr' VV. Roarli ancl assistant Kvnnvtll L. Hciclvr. Tilt' riancrt was llcld at tlm Brogllwaci Hotvl Ballroom V-rllff lvlll lowing ronnnittvt' was in lfugcnz- llarzlcsly Ricllarri Stcwarfl lircd lllt lf, E. Autcnreitll .lr-ssc lvlartsoli ixlrs. Cluarlcs Konnvcly Nlrs. ilarry Gannon He-lon Avgertcr Ralpll lic-nnctt lillilfgl' ol' tliis ailair- ililw ctontrilyuting patrons to tlxc lmll worn: lrranlc Rccci luavr-rnv Van Arrlsclalc Spcncr-r Carr Donald Rliodcs Alice tlvan Berclltold Darwin lclcn .lulm Nloroncy Wayne Luce liuwarml lvloltcr lfrcci Rotll, Jr. Cliarlcs Patterson George Haarlaaucr Erncstinrr Sayre Margaret Mozicr Dale Kaufman Clarcnu- Rariclc luflgfv Franli lf. Rm-aciur ixlr. ancl lxlrf. R. B. lfiladrlc lVlr. ami Mrs. Autcnrcitll NIT- R. NI. c'i'llVifl MF. illld NIFS. Til0llll!SOIl BFilLISllilNN' MF. ilild lxfll'S, A.'GCSlrll'll Dr. anti lvlrs. H. B. Mead NIT- John H- KUOU Dr. anal lxlrs, Cll8dW'lCk Nlr. and lVlrs. J. lf. lxlartsoli Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Brubalccr Ml' wld MTS- F- VV- PHHCFSUU lxlr, and Mrs. .lolm D. Brulm NIP. ill'1Cl NIFS- John S0f1i0l' lvlr. and lxlrs. A. L. Bingl1an1 Nlr and lvlrs. Joseph J' SPYUH lVlr. and Mrs. Fi. H. Carey All and KITS- H- VV- VVUBCI' lvlr. and Mrs. VV. Douglas lvlr, ancl Mrs. VV. Vvenning lxlr. and lvlrs. Howard Hunter Niucty'two Fllie loall was prolnalzly tlue most rleliglitlul allair tllat tlle Alumni Association lla: evrr re allnir was well attcnclecl by many ol tlic memlmers ol tlle Alumni, and ilu- Alumni ASs0Cllll0ll preientmr n small tolien to tht- Coaclles to sllow tlleir appreviation lor tlle llaril world wliirll liail ruu tar in a sn: last, clever ti-nm lwaling our olcl rivals, Beaver lsalls. lvan lxlrs. IN liss Ai 1 At filrrishnns lime, Ullirrlls Clnristmas Carroll' was pres N. Cm-ne Cliarles Kenna-ily Elsie llarlier Nliss Mrs. lxliss luis Jrofrnm tlle Alumni Clmrus was I L Nlrs. ,lesse lxlartsoll Flrs. Laverne Craven Mrs. lftllel Reelxl Nliss Nlr. Mr. Rutlu lxflartsoll lvan N. Cor-ne lxflary NHHIIHII 1'0lllpOSI'CI Ofi Elsie Harlrer losepli Kennedy .lolm Preston TIN- Alumni Ore Nlnry Nannnll Hilffy COOIIC Riellard Steward Rutll Gilluert lxlK'Sll'il was K'0Illp0S Miss Evelyn Slxcler, A ell Ol! Anilrew Callnoon .larli Sliaiclc Helen Riclclel Mr. Smitli crompanist entecl lry tlle lollowing romnntlee Nlr. .lolm Preston Rielmrrl Kenai: Henry fb. Boi-ttnc Roy KHUFIIIHII Dale- KHUIIIIHII Ralpli lxlerrinmn Paul Ripper iVlr. Cooper Two memlwcrs ol tllc Alumni were in tlle rust, .lolnn Preston nnrl Nflflllilll Vvelrstir l in want: u lwllI'lSllllilS play nmclv tlic Cluristmas season seem more wortlnwliile. Our Easter rlancc is living plannefl wllirli will prollalmly lu' about two weelis rr ter lax! l very lilrely will lic tlnc last alluir until tlie annual Alumni reunion in lmnor ol tlie gracluatrng 4 Q wisll to exteml a Corrlial invitation to the memlbers ol tlle grarluating rlass. Vvi- llope tlnt ear nu every Senior, as he grafluates and l'n-colnes a memlxer ol tlle Alumni Association, will asmumr tu' regponwi lmility ol an active memlmer ancl support tlle affairs vwllielu in tlie past have lar-en most enjoya e an vw nc 1 mnlics it possilwle to llave tlwc annual reunion to welcome tlu- new rlnsses. It is an llonor an i prnlrgfr not to lie llelrl liglitly lo be a memlwer ol tlle New Brighton Higli Sellool Alumni Asiociation. President ...... ...........-....-----.-----.---.---------------- First X ice President ........................... .......-.-....-... Second Vice President --- Eugene Harclesly Etlnel Hull Reelil -----,.-------,.-----------..---------....----- IVEIII N. COCHC Secretary-Treasurer ........... ---..- .......-......--- ------------- Alumni Eclitors ...................-.. Appointed Nl:-mlners - lvlrs. Nlargaret Kreclel, Fred Rotli, .lr., Helen rl. Aegertcr George Haarlwauer Harry Carmen, Flrs. C. L. Kennerly, Riclmrrl Steward, Frecl T. lllt Niriety-illree 4 RESUME Sl It "I'FIN'tBliR Q, Iuatvor Day serves to tett us ot ttle tatmor to Come. '5. Ttle t:l'CStlllll'I1 are Iosl on ttlis tirst ctay ot sctloot. 4, Ntr. Cortcan IIIRIIKCS Iris tirst announcement atvnut Hquiet in ttle t1ilttS,. 5. Ttle Hi-Y gives ttle sociat sicte ot srtloot an earty start. 6. 'title tirst etreaattut weetc is past. 0. IVIost ot: ttlc' speciat ctasses startect tottay. IO, rtqtle Seniors etert tI1eir ottirers for ttle ensuing years. II. Dill you tlear ttlilt noise? tt was onty ttle t'lallnt's tirst praftil'e. I2. Vtitltx orctlestra tlas its Ctlilllftf to get organizect. I3. So many tests on Frictay. ttllf ttttl'tl'5f'Ilttl, matic everyone superstitious. I6. rl-Ill' unsatistavlory tists matte ttleir tlirst appearanee. IT, ktltle Depression is not over yet, so tlanti att your money. I8. SK'tl00t is getting atong t-tlll', tor sctlectutes are setttert at tast. 10. For some untcnown reason, we tlact to go wittlout rtlapet tortay. 20. tVIr. Roartc anct ttlff team ctr-teal Bettevue 21 to 0. 23, tt is tillle tor ttli' tirst Ciirt Reserve meeting ot ttlt' year. 24. Vve att enjoyert ttle practice tire ztritt. 25. Ntore tunt V810 tlave anottler tire. 26. txtr, Lyons, :lftctress t0gl'ttl0I' wittl ttll' tlktlNj'S ptaying entiven ttlt' rtlapet perioct 27. Ivtet Ntitter aicts ttle Ctl4'K'l'ti'tldl'l'S wiltl a stirring tatti . 28. Vtqtltx team tl0tltS Stlarpsvitte to a seoretess tie. 20, rtitll- tj. T. A. tl2lVt' an organization llleeting. OCWOBER I. VV4' enter upon our sevomt lllljllttl ot setloot. 2. SUIIII' ot ttle ttenerat Seienre stuftents enjoy a tietct trip. 5. txtr. Cortian actviseet ttle t:l'1'SIllItCll to maintain gooct stanctarfts in ttleir worti, 4. Vtxtllx IOEIIII carries out txtr. IX'tc:NittIs prettietions try In-ating AllttJftdQC. 5. Vtltli' score was I4 to 6---it you Mant to tcnow. T. 'I-tll' team taties a tltlttftily atter ttIL'tl' wonftertut game. 8. rtqtll' t:l'CSI1llll'D Ilave a llll't'ttI1Q to setert ttleir otitiirers tor ttle tlirst 50lllt'StC'I'. 0. Illtll' Ataurulll Statt is announcect. IO. It is tinle tor ttlt? C0tlllltt'ftTtilt to Ilave a meeting. II. Illtll' tirst Iiterary ot ttie year is tietrt txy ttle SOPIIUIIIOFC Ctass. IQ. 'title team twartceft tvtr. t'tart tly cteteating Nticttanet I3 to 6. t4. Vtltli' Biotogy Ctutl Ilas a lllt'f'ttllQ to start ott its worti. I6. Vtqtli' organizations tlave ttleir pictures tatien tor ttli' year twootc. I7. tvtr. Kyte, acwolllpaniect try tvtiss RUCtlJtI7Il, sang a In-W setections in etlapet. IS. rtttle Seniors enjoy ttle Iiterary program. I0. l'z0l'tlCStCT tlact no ctlanre against our strong team. '2I. tarts .tavens is romptetety tmetuctcttert tly ttle lllilgtlitilll. 22. Our Reserves tl0td Ntonara Reserves to a scoretess tie. 25. t:rom ttie announcements, tost artictes are very llluetl in ctelllalltt. 24. tytany stuftents enjoy ttle tvirst musieftitlrary tuenetlit program. 25. t'IoorayI NVQ get out ot' srtloot att atternoon. 26. It-Ill' tr-am is victorious over ttle Butter aggregation. 28. 'title .tuniors Ilave tticir Iiterary program on a tVIonftay. 29. Our Reserves are again tletrt to a scoretess tie tiy ttlff Nticttzlllct Reserves. 50. 'title Biotogy Ctutm initiates its new lllK'ItltJCl'S. 51. Vtqtle Gift Sruuts ronrtuft rtlapet, anft ttlt' Junior Ixtixect Ctl0FllS sings. NOVIQMBIQR t. It is time tor ttllf tirst tg-l'l'StllllitI'l titerary program, 2. Vlitll' team suefeects in cteteating Beaver I5 to 0. 4. Everytpocty is worriect over ttle coming exams. 5. Vtltltf stuctcnts start preparing tor ttlff artaftemic Contests. 6. 'title tirst catt is Illiidif for trastcettaatt practice. 7. tvtr, King tetts ot tt'lC troutlte atteact tor ttle team. S. fjtl tatat Ltayt Ttle tirst set ot quarterty exams is upon us. Ninety-tour 0. Ellwood City carries out lxlr. Kings predietion and we lose 6 to 0. ll. Everyone journeys to Nlidlalld to see tlle Armistice Day parade. 12. ,l4llf' lirst lwook reports are due today. 14. Reverend Asllton conducted devotionals lor us today. 15. Tile teanl journeyed to xA78SlliIlQt0l'l to eleleat Trinity Higtl. 18. Tile Senior lxlixed Cll0l'US llFlS its rllance to sing tor mu' approval. 20, Mr. Corkan remarks aluout tlle wllispering in tlle llalls. 21. V-lllll' Seniors advertise tlleir coming elass play. 22. rl-llt'Sl' pesky OXBIIIS are in again. 25. Dirt you notice tile clean laees of tlle Seniors? lt is tinle lor pictures, evidently. 26. Ylllll' lirst Senior Class play, Mille Call ol Y-Hutllu, was a lluge surress. 27. Tlle zlleerleaclers Sll0VV tlleir new uniforms at tlle important pep meeting. 29, Our scrappy team tames tlle migllty Tiger. DIQCENBER 2. TIIC lootllall teanl memloers are given a well earned lloliday alter tlleir line game. 'i. Ttle t:I'CSllIlll'l'l try out tor tlleir llasketlaall teanl. -1. 'lille menlloers ot ttle lyootlaall squad are llonored at a banquet. 3. Dr. Work ol Muskillgurll told SOIIIK' interesting stories atlout Ettliopia. 6. rlllle Seniors lind time tor ill'l0tllPl" literary program, T. Some ol tlle lmaculty went llunting llut missed. 0. Tile Biology Club llad a pleasant meeting ill tlle auditorium. 10. -Ixllf' reports lor tlle lirst quarter are out. ll. Tile second ixlusirr-Lillrary tlellelit progralll is well attended. 12. VVe llave Rev. Bermon to speak to us today. 13. lvlr. Roark and Ntr. Heider are tlle guests ol tlle Alumni Association at tlleir dallre. 1-1. Str. King and Ntr. AUtKxDfI'itll are tlle only Ieacllers to get a deer. 16. Tlle lligll Scllool music organizations provide tlle entertainment at tlle lj. T. A. lllt'PllIlQ 17. Tile llasketllall teiilll deleats Bellevue in tlleir lirst enrounter, 18. Tile remaining General Science students take a tielcl trip, 10, Nliclland is Aleleated lly our llard working lloys. 20. Tlle Girl Reserves llllld a LillI'tStIll2lS Dance on tlle last day of S4'll0lll. 1 23. l llope Santa Claus was good to you little rllilmlren. 27. Rnrllester did not llave a ellallce against our team. .IA NEA RY 2. Vve get llaeli to tlle same old grind again. 3. New Castle was Illlliill too strong lor our team. 6. Tlle fiirl Reserves tlold tlle tirst meeting ol tlle new year. 7. Alter an overtime period, tlle team defeated Butler 28 to 27. S. Nlany ot lltl' students enjoyed a skating party sponsored lly tlle Commercial cilulj. 0, Our devotionals are conducted lay Rev. Rotzler, wllo delivered a line talk on Hrlltlllls, 11. 'lille time tor Soptlomore literary llas come again. 13. Everyllody starts to review lor ttle exams ttlat are roming. l-1. Amllridge is unable to slow down our team, wllo win lly a seore ol Ti to IU, 15. 'lille students like ttle popular songs in cllapel. 16. Dr. Pearee and a lew ot llis Geneva students put on a program lor our entertainment. 17. Alter a tougll day witll tll0Sl' exams, tlle team defeated Ellwood City 20 to 17. 20. 'lille ll0HVy snow luroke tlle skyligllt so we go wittlout our usual cllapel. 21. Aliquippa decisively defeated tlle team on tlleir UWII floor. 22. Some ol our students presented a program t'0lllI'll!'lll0t'HtllIQ Stepllen C. lfoster. 25. lwlr. Roark stirred up our spirits at tlle pep meeting. 24. Tile exanlinations tail to dampen our spirits. 23. Beaver Falls tlecomes tlle only team to lleat us on our own eourt. 27. A group ol tumlllers under Nlr. Heider Sll0VNl'd tltif li, T. A. llow to tllllililti 28. The Senior Class decides upon S0tll0 important questions at a meeting, 29. llqllf' Alaurum drive is olticially opened as Seniors drum up sales. 30. Vve again ttlink ot tootllall as tlle players receive tlleir letters from Nlr, Roark. Ninety-live lfl CBRUARY 3. 4. 6. 1 . 10. 11. 12. 15. 14. 17. 18, 10, 21. 24 26 27 28 NIARC 2 4 'S 6 0 12 18 10 20 24 25 20 'II ,I-ll!T rl-ll!! Vlyllfi' rl-lie 'll The 'IC ,luniors advertise tlieir rlass play. team journeys to Butler lxut is cleljeatecl. team is successlul against tlle Geneva Reserves. Juniors macle a success ol tl1eir play. A"1'0...l,0,"'. Good worli, Juniors. members ol: tlie Commercial Clulu meet to enjoy a social meeting. team clelcats Ainlvridge lor tlme tllirct time tliis year. Norman Vveltrster ol tl1e B. l". H. laeulty gave an oration on Lineoln in liel rljlie Our Vllie 'lille Vljlie Il-llf' Dr. trhc ,IAIIH "Hue 'lille ,lille The A 1 lc is Tlme llie r'Xllll0UQll everyone is worriecl over tlie lloocl. ue enjoy Bill 'lilie Tlie Uur ISUHVUT l'llllS CIC'l-0itlS DUI' fll'llilll'f'S itllll NVC' IOSI' il Vllfiltft' ill Senior clance is not marrect loy tlie inclement wealller. team lias a very liacl nigjllt at Ellwoocl City, Rememlxer tlial lloor? Girl Reserves eonctuct an open-liouse meeting. team avenges its earlier mleleat lmy Aliquippa. clelmate team ties Anilnrirlgje in tlleir lirst trial tlelmate. team talces Beaver lialls lxy a store ol' 31 to 25. lwlclvlasters ol fjluerlin spolie to tlle students at a special assemlxly. Fra-slimen fill up tlmeir treasury witll tlie returns ol a movie lmenelit. zlelmaters surlreect in trimming tlie lvlonaca team. Sopluimores are treatecl to anotller literary program. P lmys start serious worli on tlleir gym exltiluit. lootlmall letter men sponsor a skating party at lvloraclo, lJancl played its contest selection, and Dr. Dimit ol' Slippery Rocli tallierl iterary program is llelcl liy tlie lfreslnnen. tlle c10Illlll0t'I'litl Clulfs turn lor a sliating party. Girls' Cliorus sing tlieir contest pieces lor tlle approval ol tlie stuclents. extempore spealier anml tleelaimer luave tlieir rluanre to practire in cliapel. Nlartinvs playing, stuclents get a lloliday wllen tlle lloocl causes a llailure of current. exams are llere at last, too orator, cleclaimer anal extempore spealcer matte a very 1 tlle county title. '50 flur Girls' ClltlFllS toolc ljirst in tlie iounty rontest. APR11. 1. Vljlie lmancl plays in tlxc contest at Beaver. 2 Our poetry and Slialcespeare readers get their eliance to represen 5. Again we liave tlu- exams, lmut no more will tliey lmotlier us. 8. For our lfaster present we llave a tliree clay vacation. 14. Scliool resumes ancl tlie stuctents stucly liard lor tlie last lew weelis. 17. ulrtuclclelwerry Finn," tl1e lilirary-sl1op lvenelit, is given. 25. -lqlle lnoys ancl girls sliow tlle profits ol pllysical education. 2-1. Tlie sucresslul results ol lxliss Floor:-'s ancl Nlr. Heirtr-r's ellorts are sliown. MAY 1. Tllc Hi-Y clance is tlie big social event to lnring ilu- year to a close. 4, Everyluocly lieaves a sigli ol relief as tlie last montlw ol scliool begins. 11. How liappy tlie Seniors loolc. No wonclerl ltjs tlieir lust weelc ol scltool. 15. The Senior Class Play celelwrates tlie encl of seliool lor tlie luclcy Seniors. 19. The Alaurums are in. So clon't rusli, please. 20, The Seniors llave writerjs eramp. Tlley Sll0LllllIl'l lme so popular. 22. Class Niglit. 24. Baccalaureate Service. 26. .lunior Higll Commencement. 27. Senior Commencement. 29. Tlie last clay of srliool for tlue year 1036. 1. , Ninety-six tall ol tlie HifY. tn tlle Seniors good sliowing in tlieir contests. W ut0grap11sfO , . 5- I wma My g' M' .- if f, .1 V wfflr' 1 , , f 11 yt -fl -4'J, ' K, -, fm Lfs Ls' MW! gl Y L - X U V .1 ff L' HQ I .M ww BJM' .. I X N V Q 'Y Aix x X QT Xu RQ Ninety-seven 5 CAut0graphsfO MW MMG Qfx. N,!f'f9i"L"! '41 H , clxxx' 'S S -2 fl sw ll H ,A MA fl N! wg' vwyl wWVMw!i',,.Aw vw' 1' bf" Zag! J yt Qjqut0g1"aphsfED X I f ,z ' ,., .X 31 , 0d J www if 03? " 5' . ix Q. V 1 XE .. X W kv 5 r'-,X W ' N ll Qjqutographsfb 1 f N if 1 1 fp .59 tif W f-fix LEP.. , K n 43.6 5-4 MP cf ff Ebdfwm Qx m5 FA S3709 ffm A X qy 42 of iii Q .. utograp11sfD 1 , s Q s, S 355 Qj4ut0g1'ap11sfD x fu Q? 5 Q56 Ci 72? 9 I ww cwwwfifzfw WM'2f'+" X x X 1 x 'Q F llmlil nliun Fpunmr ----..-!.g.---- Ikinlurc- ,Xrlisls fyrganimlions Spur! Flnslu-5 l"0unclvrs Rc-sums i 0 4 54510 Ll XL! ITI H1122 n IK' lIllIlClI'0fl -IAIIFPK' l 6 .23 113 HI ul 01 1 Gif, if I THIS IS STATION N. B. H. S NEW BRIGHTON, PENNA. SIGNING OFF Q5

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