New Brighton High School - Alaurum Yearbook (New Brighton, PA)

 - Class of 1935

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New Brighton High School - Alaurum Yearbook (New Brighton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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, .Q n - - . . , - -AL , -f.."if- 1 ' f-1 .Jc.,:f'2 .f,f,f'5 0,121.4 Q! '11 - ' ' ' " ' " ' A " +gg.m,.,,, . , 1 ,ln ,, N .,.,,.5.- ,X -,ff '. f . , ff, u - , - xx... ff fhx X X EX LIBRIS w V Q 14f.L.+i3v,, W ' 40 A 1 X, ' iff' ,,'f A , J, . Q ,i - Oc 'Ju P-L --- ,..,, 'li' Q NU, 7 Q4 'K 7535 K T ' U ' ' Y, ' .3 .TH qw 53:2 439 ' . me I . . O y M' Copyrighted by THE CLASS OF 1935 NEW BRIGHTON HIGH SCHOOL Engravmgs by NORTHERN ENGRAVING COMPANY Canton Ohio Printed and Bound by THE ZIEGLER COMPANY Butler Pa V. T fy' '1 ' ALAURUM f N Cfiffw I if ffjwf V . Sf 13 3 Wu. ' F gfq-N N , KQV -+5 in rw ,xA -,lf ' 1 , X ,: ,f X R .-5-7-" A P Q I ff, Al f ff K4 Na? W 5 f ,iq 5 gt I X . 111' I Z-f fly 1 fs' , ' W F' 4 J- '- Impfx ai W 'AN D 1 C X ' K X I N K I-Q 'X K I . ,X Q K 7 4 f , J "p ' ,, ' ' .ef Z -,-2 M X 4 I y , r fx ,- N f A w Q 'N 112 "' i ' x J fi Au, ,CX JJ? -If-, K J f N jj W 7 f , 2 K r ffl f 1 , , ,f 26 , ,ag Q ,X VX? rf 23' fx C I tx 2,3 -Jia" 'ral iw gx f A X , j l f 3 1+ 5 f f ,f ig' X , , , f flf ff' f,'J 5' I f- - If gk. wk Q , 'X ff 'fr ff 'V 5 ,EX ' rx h Q f .. A-. a b - ,,,, , Era? 0 - 0 N file?-,f 'QW J X ai?-,Eg-'ffasg 252227 P-' , f g if -54E,,:1-4 5551 aging: ,q:,,5,?, :W T , ffg Af 7 ff 322'-Z5 -,sfsif ','5':?s2rEse - Q' 4 ff..-f 1 f asa -gsm ?w:f3f' gaudy : f D f M f X323 KY , A fa- M ---Q Psa 'Hrs A'ES2?5e51' :ia . , 'M J 1 ' . --I 1, 5:-5.-:rag EEQWW f 9' 1 N" fx, , 5 1--gguraf 4 gf14Q51'iv.f ' f 'AZ'V" N xii H X -In i"l--' . .1-J f"54 n15': --I' 1' X n X -. Usll 5, E. 5-is-eff f gQ9Q' , ',,,-...J f ,,-... ,.- -7 1115: ,, s:'1 :a::::f 1-'25 qw 'if-'--' fwqiqxx nt.-'en " 'Eg X ,gf Q' N ... " ,.1.- il fo . , , fl N la- f qt ' .cb f W iwg A I li - ?-' , ' U s ef , , "Mlm 1 -SQ 9 Ciao? , I . ?-Eruilil W V Y. -- M E' f .lf lie' ' .:" ' 9 . 1 -TY-li-Q , : -.T. I - 5 :fn , 9, - I ,xx Y - Y ii A ,Q . X 6-. 3Qx 'Q' .wxvx XX xx S X f mu, X "MP-A'X xl Q R X ' N'5'4Zi-gg., . - -ng, S 15 23- ...E 3 6' I X 'Syd X- Q 'WHL ,QA 14 ' Qlllllllll Q O g f? -ffl 4 wW A' m4"'L' --M'- ,fwx x NN' ! - xx x X Z N-Q-X. Alaurum Staff mai? if M? R fiif Vi R512 Q3 wa WE .GH rx is 'Wk Y aff 4 12959 4' I Dedlcatlon 1935 fix ig? mf QE ww W-Jf? ik' -4 wig am 9 W9 4f2ip1if'12'?1 . Q- gag?-E -Q Q ma 'dim waiwffia' 'K' isa B355 4 ,, . GRE" " '.'f'Igk. . ' Cy 1-in 4 11 -, 4 ,- -1 '. ,.f.,.w "" J ooo-12Qi'F0 0o .o x J I ' U: --" ' -- ,- , w 4 o9 DQS I 1' Ek 9?,.-.aff ,x H , a .-- v . - ' 1 QQ f I af . 3: ,A ,L -A 1 .Q 'Av I , 'ln .x .T grateful appreciation of h' F 'l' 3 h d t ding and encfnur 3 t ha h 5' uf - 5 D' ra r X441 - . . fy th Cl f d d' r rh' r ,.,6',,!1fj ' "Al t R4 h ac. I-l'II, , -"Ng, x ' ' Eli? fa I ,.-? iw .-N, ,." r . A .,4,, "bg O. , Q 'iff 9 ' fx ' , N .qw .I .zgwku :ifgihbrwo x Kai, , pl wA-Sf:.m,,. inf: 1- ,A X , 2. a 6, I .N I Q WA f 43 + ---1 ,L J or if " YCJRQ X' ,P if Q33 "'-Ifjf, .4 X-in M Swag vi F0l'CWOfd Th AI r t N B r X 5 +1 igglleif r.. Q3 Mrs T H Dov g 5 if by mum t 9hSH .EMM 4' fl 2 512 ,A 'mi mm M QQ, mfg I '51 W 155 m Q 'SM fhbffwkmfiw Q?-'fa 4333. W Y-335554 l WMM- ,iiilwffmz we-1 Q-sQaeg,,Qe1 in y U n Q: .V 1 A -34:5 ,I I. ...t ..-.,Y .P - Cy Em: a Zfnifii ' 'I n ' 5 . ooX'1gB'aIoa0.. N. - : 4- affn y 'Q 9 . 1 Q , 1, ' o "0 ' f ' -' ' iii l' ' ' , 5 1' 5 .Lu fig: '.,xV ' ' . l hy., Q Q 1 'Fw ' 8 ,E gf Q , ' V ' - t ,- I' Q , I 5 K' aurum S aff of he ew righ - 1 ,V Hgh ol i :tes you to st y 'Q ,Q ,I rh l'ttl t hast wuxich ith Fll d ' - 1 " -' ' d f uw II'f ' " A- - - 1 . V ,Ay-fu - ' d Y I r Y D1 f r I b Tj- ,gg Y I F d Y D T I t N A ' L I '1 -' ' B gh H' C. DOI. Qi ' QMS , M. l .J ' iii' wh L T' ' Jkt 1 'V -- X "f ' . I X Ig 4, -fm -A ' -1' f. -V t J? . , - . , Q11 . ' F, ' '., ' . , 16' ,, ' ' , f 4 A 1, . '15-' 2 'T jf - 2 3, 'fs ffii-if-Ea -1 -- 1 ,th - -. -, 1 .. H .I v V, , H .bg MJM if 5513: Wx thi-ae X QED ,I new Qi? 353,51 'Ee 'H Wk 537 WE? 5169! A o'BH 3 Q if 'haf W id h Contents X91 gig ig? ief 1:3 M353 X? Q43 mv: iii 'Ye 9 494355919222-n4f.3Rv"3 ' H5 Simi QQ? Engage. wkwfai-553519 H733 5:3r.,wv5':i'Z1f'-Tx' ' 'ff-W M -, Q . sl"7'7 . ., Q' ff' 7 . gif. . ' Q. ,fs 1 ji: w 1 . . Qf, :eggs E 'L' ' 1 'V 5 I U5 990 9 0 -1 germs. H J j Q S , Q J 7 . I ' . " -251-7 D d' tion .........4....,....... C 1- 5 " 'i 12' , F d ,...,.,,,,..A......,.. 7 U' ' Ad A . . 9 U S ' ,..A,,.V...,............ QQ Cl P Q...A.4.........,.... 37 KN- gm: CI XX!'lI ,......AAA..A........4 38 4 A' CI P p y .................. 43 - fn" J A .....,......,.....,..... 49 "Lf Q Q .H , - K . - 1- 'd 1 ph .....,... .,........ 5 3 A- . ,Q lf' F h ....A..,......,..A,.... 57 .bi Q- A , ,. ,,,,,......,.4.A.....A 61 - A hl 4 .........4..,.......A.. 79 , '. F-t, ' . ' '5 V , CI d ..,.........,........., 89 -45, - AI A ....,i4,.......,....4.., 92 rm' ' ,, H - , ns . .fi I ,ff , f ew ? Q 1 - 3335 , ,- ,ox f' 5 "'. f' 'Q , : ?' " ' 1' . ..'. 9 'T A N V - ' 1 Ai .F ,G ill AA :N . -N" ' ' jfQ,f Q ' 61,132-.1-3535.-':'5i'l fl J, ' Ts- ,, I ' 'L lrswgij. ,F xj-SHA'!,,?a1 , 'vi fi- Q: ig,"-sf. X f I w w ff EQ? QW dmlnlstratlon E' ,2 Q2 ' . 9 - 3 ' . iff ,lf K , 1 I A V: ' 1?. i l xq. ,205 4 ,fo 3 0 O iw .g g 5 , Q ' fx RH- . ,, , f Q Board of Education H W DOUGLAS DR L B MILLER Secretary Vice Presldent JOHN H KNOTT DR C H WILSON J D BRUHN President CHARLES KENNEDY Treasurer JOHN SENIOR Supermtendent of Schools 11 S. W. LYONS, M. A. LLOYD A M CORKAN M A Prmclpal of Hugh School 12 ERNEST B McNlTT JAMES H KELLY B S ln C lndlana State Normal Grove Cnty College l-lead of Commercial Department Shorthand Commercial Law Business Arlthmetlc LOIS V GILLS Grove Cnty College B S an C Typewrltlng Commercial Geography Junuor Busmess Tramnng 13 . l n I I 1 :- . 'I . . I , . T ' . , . .. . .. 'I A . M I MIRIAM L CARTER B S E MARJORIE B RINEHART A B GCFICVG College Geneva College l-lead of English Department English Senior English Extempore CATHERINE GRIMES, A. B. JULIETTE DUNHAM, A. B. Geneva College Geneva College Business Writing and Spelling Freshman English Junior English 14 MARGARET HUM A B RUTH! SUTTON A B B Geneva College Geneva College French Latln Problems of Democracy Amerncan l-llstory ETHEL M LYTLE A J ROBERT AUTENREITH B S Geneva College Washington and Jefferson College Latin Modern History 15 B2fl'IGf1Y College Slippery Rock State Teachers College problems in Democrac AI ebra III Al b Y 3 ge ra Business Arithmetic Coach of Athletics HAZEL M. MOORE, B. S. in H. Ed. BLAINE KING, B. S. Slippery Rock Grove City College State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Ancient History, Physical Education Algebra 16 RICHARD C HILL B S EVERETT E HART B S Grove Cnty College Geneva College Mathematics Commercial Law University of Pittsburgh Business Arlthmetlc Head of Sclence Department Physlcs Chemistry 9' 1 KENNETH L HEIDER B S M A LLOYD E TAYLOR B S Waynesburg College Waynesburg College University of Pnttsburgh Unlverslty of Plttsburgh Physical Education Athletucs Biology Chemistry General Science 17 PAUL N ANTHONY B S M JUDITH J WHITAKER B S Oberlin College Carnegle lnstltute of Technology Supervisor of Music Home Economics MARY H BOYLIN WILLIAM J WILCOX Geneva College A B Penn State College Carnegie Tech B S S lnclustrlal Arts Lrbrarlan, Junior Englnsh 18 .0 MAE EVANS MILDRED THOMPSON School Nurse Secretary to Superintendent Appreciation We the Class of 1935 are very grateful to our Su perlntendent and Faculty for the hne education and the hugh Ideals we have attained Because they spared neither tlme nor effort, our lour years ol hugh school llle have been very successful 19 - u I I ' W E YEAGER JOHN H GRAHAM School Janitor Gymnasium and Llbrary Janitor 20 Classes 'F :np stir X ,fb xx 3 B xk X Wm, ,,.. fi M' 9 x X 1 "' fqf- H vf I 3,- 'I iii! W , fif ggi' F572 . 7 ' X., xfijlg-F' ffl! N X E il gs V? xp- -xkjr R-V -I K xx 4 ,L ' 'jg 4 ,F 7- X Ki' Z5 f R ,,:4Tg,' ', Y' +1 and XX f A l , M li JK, 'A -., ' 'x . f V X53 . .. ,K in., I l 13 X... 'I N A V ' A' X ' 1 9: 1 A f ix 3 , r 4 4 fb, , 4 , H ? . X f , . ji, N ,Q a t-i':,f ',,f .A f 5J'r 3:,J M, f' mr QQ QMM X Q f ff" aff , nf 5 24 4' frf, 1 ji f.. QW -X -"' If ,:: X..x, QQANM-5 X , 65 " 4 'Z Liv' J il 'XX 6' iq' Ji' .- ' ffiif, H A, F EE K ' EE 51 E! "-5 .t Mis Mk ik h 21 111315 r saaax presldent DALF KAUFMAN Vice president CLARENCE l2Al2lCK Secretary HOMER HAARBAUER Class History Was there ever a more promlslng class than the one which entered New Brlghton l-llgh School four years ago? After withstanding much rebutt from the upper classmen we Finally settled down and elected Jack Schalch as Presldent chose a class motto color and Flower sponsored a movle and gave the Lxbrary a years subscription to the Scholastuc Magazine The next year, Algebra Caesar, and qlldS Marner confronted us However these worries were balanced by a successful class play and party under the leadership of Merritt Carson our President During this year we also began to prove our abllltles F up n, gfuups, aut. on uw. mum: IILCIGIY orlu oulletll. LCCIIIIS cllu IHUDILGI groups GIIO proved to be outstandlng ID these organizations Alter twelve more months we elected Dale Kaufman as Presldent and endeavored to absorb shorthand rules chemlstry formulas and nnnumerable other perplexntles We also sponsored a few social events lncludlng a play and two dances ln our hnal year after re electing Dale Kaufman as president we st uggled with Physics Trngonometry and the tragedies of Shakespeare and came out on top Social actlvntles Included a dance and two plays Now our school days are over and we challenge our successors to establish a better record than ours 22 'f 1 1 .L ,A r .kv ul 0 1 gg if Q, as 9' ,V 1 U Treasurer ........,.............. ......... M ELVILLE MARTIN El,.,ce,.i6! ,. ....-. I,..-h .,. LL, ,.l.lI.,.l I:tA,-,.. .-.J -tLI- '- t-... I ,--I -...:.,l ,M ,,l u EE 53 E! E! 5' AE 45.52 AM: nnnvun i - HHHI U 1 ' 9UlDI i wanna: -I? DOROTHY ALLENDER MIKE ADAMS Tools Adams Phy Chem Club IV RUTH ALLENDER Ruthie Girl Reserves Il Ill IV Commer ll Llterary ROSS THOMAS ANDERSON oss Commerclal Club ll Ill IV JOHN ARMSTRONG Army otball I II CHRISTINE BAUER Tmle Girl Reserves ll Ill IV Commer Club III IV Literary RODNEY BEST ur Girl Reserves Ill Blology Club Ill Pepper Club Ill Gurls Glee Club III Mixed Chorus III IV Com rnerclal Club III Bits O Blarney EVELYN ANDERSON Andy Phy Chem Club IV Latnn Club I II Sophomore Entertainment L erary I Literary Olhcer ll VALDA ANTHONY Valda aryl Il Ill Alaurum Stall and Committee Banker IV Glrs Glee Club I ll Mixed Chorus II JANE ASHMAN Aschne Girl Reservesll lll IV Phy Chem Club IV Llteraryl II Latin Club I Il Sophomore Entertalnment EARL BEDISON Bangs ogy Club I C ub NELL BIBBEE Do Do Commercial Club IV Y M ' I ' , ' D L Y V ' r is Q . , . . W ,C I ll ll ll ll I 1 i Q f - I . nl . I D i I1- ll ll ll ' ll . ' ' I 1 I 4 1 1 f ' i I ' i it- cial f ll. i ' ' ' Il ll HR .. Commercial Club II, III, lVi Liter- I - I I 4 St ' , , . f Q i 1 i ' ll ' ll ll ll - I I i 4 ' Fo , , Ill, IV. f I i b I i ' ll ' ' ID 1 f f I ' Biol , II, Ha-Y I cial ,I f - Ill, IV. ..B.d.. A 23 11 ' Q55 Els 'tml T BIEA Q- Q. ROBERT BINGHAM O Phy Chem Club III IV Latln Club II Mixed Chorus III IV Band I I-In YCIubIV Llteraryl ll Ill IV F otball II Ill IV Baslcetballl Il Ill IV Class Offlcer Il Literary Presldent IV Llterary Officer I Ill Alaurum Staff Blts OBIar ney Safety Patrol BEVERLY BRANDT o Llbrary Club Il Ill IV Phy Chem Club III IV Mixed Cho IV Llterar I II Ill IV Alaurum MARY BROOKHART Mary Commercial Club III IV TONY CAPO Tony Biology Club I JOEL CHANEY oe Mlxed Chorus Ill IV Band Il lll IV Orchestra III Sophomore En tertalnment Bits O Blarney Commerclal Club II Ill IV Safety Pa rol III V BOYD CLINE lm Buology Club I ll Phy Chem Club E! E! 5'-'I 2- tm? 'f uss Q' -Ima? NANCY BRADSHAW Nancy r Reserves II Ill IV Glr serve Officer IV Blology Club ll IV Phy Chem Club III Latln Club I ll Sophomore En tertaunrnent Junlor Class Play Se mor Class Play Llteraryl III IV Declamatlon Contest ROBERT BREW o Phy Chem Club IV Latln Club ll I-In YIV Lxteraryl lll IV Biology C ub II Art Club II RUTH BUSH Rui Gurl Reserves III IV Llteraryl Ill IV Commerclal Club ll III V Alaurum Staff Banker Sophomore Entertainment MERRITT CARSON U Buology Clubl II III IV Biology Club Offlcer IV Phy Clrem Club V e Charming Intruder Lteraryl II III IV Lnterary OffucerlV Basket ball III Class Officer II III Safety Patrol III IV Stand Committee Chairman IV Sophomore Enter talnment ROBERT CHRISTNER Scotty Rochester I-'Ilgh School I II Bn ology Club IV Phy Chem Club lll IV I-I1 Y III IV Safety Pa ol Ill IV Senior Class Play MARJORIE CONNER Marge G r Reserves ll III IV Ll rary u ll III IV Buology C ub Ill IV Rhy Chem Club Ill IV 24 -a -. ,., .. Q q F' I . q I1 le ag " " " wk Q 8 .L ' ,L K s V un u 9 E uB bn U U ' , 1 f I Gi I , , f ' I Re- :V V 1 1 1 ' I ' I - 1 1 1 1 1 ul, , . , lv, O I 1 iQ V 1 1 ' l f . 1 V I V i V ' Z ' i . V I V .. . . ' V 1 1 1 1 1 1 T , j . :QB bn uB bn 1 1 I ' ' i I i V , f rus Ill, V1 , ' , , , ' 7 .. , Y I ' ' 1.7 ' 7 ' Staflf BItsO Blarney, Debatell. ll hll nu n Q . V 1 i 1 1 ' I 1 1 I i , . V i I :IB dn A V 1 1 1 i I i . U U nl, Iv, my I, ll, lu, , Th V IV I 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 ' ' i 1 i V V 1 i i . ICJ ll ll ll A 1 i 1 1 , , S . 14 r ul- I - A 1 1 . I ' , , i 1 1 -V 1 1 If t , I . 1 1 - HSI' H u n I 1 i ' I 1 V 1 I Ill, IV. CI b , , , I Il, 1 Z ' 1 ' F ALF v- - za pn pt! pr-'S pn MARTHA JANE COOPER Mart Grrl Reserves II Ill IV ArtCIu Il Phy Chem Club IV Latln Club ll French Club IV llteraryl III CAROLINE COZLOV Came P per Club Ill L tln Club II Commerclal Club IV Llterary DOROTHY CRON ot Girl Reserves III IV Phy Chem Club IV Literary I STELLA DAVIS Stella G r Reserves II III IV So ho more Entertannment Commercial u II Llterar Debate IV Stand Committee Banlclng IV RUTH DeVINNEY Ruth r Reserves II lll IV Gtr serve Ollxcer IV Phy Chem Club IV Latln Club II Girls Glee Club y III Literary Fucer I DALLAS E DICK Dallas Phy Chem Club III IV Lrterary rac Ban Orchestra IV Bits O Blarney Patrol III IV Sophomore Enter tarnment JSI JE' 11,5 1 li 4 xv' 4 new I f msd' I my fg f' gunna ' 'L i WALTER COSS u Brology Clubl ll III Phy Chem u Ill IV HIV IV Me u I Ll era IV Llterary Oflrcer II Patrol III IV Sophomore Enter talnment JOHN CRAIG ac otball I II REGINA CRUMRINE Regina Glrl Reserves II Ill Commerclal u II IV Lrter Alaurum Stall Stand Commrttee Banlcer IV Sophomore Entertain ment FLOYD DEAN Dean Phy Chem Club IV Latm Club II n I II eraryl II DALE DICK Dae Phy Chem Club Ill IV Llterary I IV Track I Bits O Blarney Safety Patrol IV Speech Club I ARTHUR DICKS U Blology Club I ll Phy Chem Club III IV Pepper Club III H Y III IV French Clubll Ill Sophomore Entertalnment Lnteraryl ELLSWORTH DUNN L1 me P-1 as z L Iss 'IS SN va. . Ellsle Blology Club I II Phy Chem Club III IV Band II Ill IV Orche ra IV I-ll YCIubIII IV LeteraryIV MADELINE JAYE EBERLE Jaya G r Reservesl ll III IV Glrl Re serve Orchestra I IV Blology Club II III IV PhyC em Club and I III IV Stu Conductor Stall IV Orchestra Ill Llbraryl II IV Bnts Blarney Economlcs Club Ill MARJORIE ELENORE FISCUS Flscus Girl Reserves Il Ill IV Commer Club II ELIZABETH M FLEMING Mlllle Glrl Reserves III IV Bnology Club IV Phy Chem Club III HELEN FRISHKORN Helen French Club II III Llteraryl I Blology Club II SIMO GACESA Sumo Llteraryl II Orchestral JOHN DWYER Johnny Basketball Ill IV HOWARD FIGLEY Phy Chem Club IV Latm Club II HAROLD FLEESON Coach ootballl Il III Ilraclcl Commer cial Club III V MARGARET FREEMAN Maggie Latin Club ll Phy Chem Club IV GRACE ELIZABETH FUTATO Gazelle Commercnal Club Ill IV Girl Re serves IV GALE GIBSON Gibby Phy Chem Club III IV Track I - Q I IK I . Q 8 1. .L f- - .. Q. . A r Xxx ' I X A I . . I ' U B A ' usa? Q ll n ll I u n I I A 1 vi 1 1 2. St I l i ' 1 i - ll ll I I 1 1 1 i AI ' Ungar f I nr uv 'B ' 1 I I a ' f I f 1 1 1 1 .1 i GUI I-Ii-Y Club III, IV, Literary I, II. 1 1 lv, ' H , ,m, , ' O' i . ll I " ll ll I . . I: I 1 i I ' I 1 1 1 A I cial , III, IV. I ' ll u v-ll ll ' ll I 1 I I I i ' - j - . ll ll ll ll I 1 i I 1 Vi I . I I T U I " u - n ' I I ' 1 i ' 26 as pr: 5: r.: rs EVELYN GIVENS Evey North I-lrgh School I Gnrl Re serves Ill IV Mlxed Chorus Ill IV Jumor Class Play Llterary Ill IV Commercial Club IV Llterary Ofhcer IV Banlcer IV Blts O Blarney HELEN GREER Helen Glrl Reserves Il III IV Orchestra III IV Llteraryl IV merclal Club ll Ill IV HOMER HAARBAUER Homer Class Ofhcer IV Lxterary Ofhcer Team II IV I-Il Y Club ll Ill V Phy Chem Club Ill IV Biology Club IV Junior Class Play Alaur um Staff Safety Patrol IV Llterary Il III IV Ring Committee EVELYN JEAN HARRIS Jeanne Mixed Chorus I II Ill IV Glrls ee Club I I Latln Cub r R ervesl ll IV Chem Club IV HOBART V HENRY Blondy Football ll Ill IV Academucslll DOROTHY M HILL O Beaver Falls Hugh School I Soph omore Entertamment Class Ofhcer III GlrlReserveslI III IV Biology Clubl II III IV Phy Chem Club IV Alaurum Staff HELEN GODLEWSKI Mollle Gnrl Reserves ll Ill IV Commer clal Club II Ill IV Pepper Club EVELYN MAY GRIFFITHS VY Gurl Reserves ll Ill IV Biology Club ll Ill Phy Chem Club IV Ltm Club II Mlxed Chorus c es ra Junlor Class Play Llteraryl Il Ill IV BltsO Blarney Sophomore Entertamment Dennis ELIZABETH HENN Betty Glrl Reserves III IV Pepper Club III Commercual Club II Ill V Banker IV Literary I MILDRED HILBERG Mlm: Girl Reserves ll III Commercial Cu Il Ill IV Pepper Club Ill Banker IV Literary I HARRY HOBAUGH er! Biology Club I Phy Chem Club IV Mixed Chorus IV I-In Y Club Ill IV Sensor Class Play BltsO Blarney Q- -- .4 -. v- - 4. ,- ,- Y ' V an xl' I x U4 17 N A x ll ll , , u - ul . - A1 i 1 - I - I i I 1 ' I I I , ' , ' 1 1 i fr , V 4. . . ul. rn I l uE n UI ll ' I I I I I 1 i ' . 1 -1 1 i 5 i I, II,. , , , ,Com- ll, III, Orh t I, ll, III, IV, 1 1 ' U . , i H 1 1 1 i i ll ll Ill nv ch lid. IV Du ' Cefed Cf' ' C GLC ' f y , f , , DENNIS HABRLE 1 1 1 .1 1 ,, ,,, ' h 1 i 1 1. ' i I -i I, , , , Ill. ll ' ll ll ll 1 1 1 i I I I 1 I 1 li l i . 1 1 l i Gul es , , III, , Phy- , . ll ' 'fl as ' n I I 1 I . ' 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 ' D ' , . uD tn HB H .I I . ' ' 1 - 1 I - f f .1 . i 1 1 i I I ' I A 1 1 1 i ' in i ' N 27 L1 51 I! L1 H , 2- D wg -lib 2- truss EVA HODGE o Commercial Club lll IV MIKE HORNICK Fullbaclz otballl I Ill IV Phy em Club Ill IV Patrol IV HELEN HOUSEHOLDER Helen servesll Ill IV Commerclal Club ll III IV Pepper Club Ill MARY ALICE HUNTER Duchess Girls CuleeClubI ll BlologyClub ll IV Fren Cubll I r Reservesll Ill IV Phy Chem Club IV Cheerleaderl ll Latin Club ll JunlorClass Play Llteraryl ll III IV Alaurum Staff Art Clubl BETTY JANE JACKSON Becky Llterary IV JAY E JENKINS Jrnks I-In Y Club ll Ill Sophomore En axnment Luteraryl ll Ill Lnterary Officer Ill Phy Chem Club ROBSON HORNBY Hornets L raryll Ill I-Il YCIubIl lll V Commercial Club II Ill IV Phy Chem Club IV Sophomore Enter talnment Bats O Blarney Muxecl Corus III IV Orchestra Ill Trac I ALICE HOUSEHOLDER Alrce Pepper Club Ill Sophomore En tertalnment llteraryl Ill om m rclal Club ll lll V GLADYS HUNTER Hunter Gr Reserves Il Ill IV Lu r ry Club IV Art Club ll Blology Club ll Ill IV Phy Chem Club Chorus III IV French Club ll III Senior Class Play Llterarles I ll IV Class Officer I Bits Blarney FLORENCE IRWIN Florence Washington Hugh School I Grr Reserves lll IV DOROTHY MAE JAMES O Girl Reserves II III Pepper Club III Sophomore Entertalnment EDWARD RICHARD KAIRIS Horse F otball ll Ill IV Basketball Ill IV Hn Y Club lll 1 1 .el at . 1 1 3, Y -L ls 1. 1. l' N I I I K 1, tx -, -. - '1 -V " uno U ll ll UD tn ite I, j 4- , ,I j ' 1 1 i ' I ' . .. . i . .. . ' I i II 1 i I y k . ll 1 ll ll ll FO 1 I1 1 I 'CII ' , ' I . C Z I ' I I ' f ' e ' , ,I . ll ll as n I ' ' I 6 I i - V 1 1 ' ' Sophomore Entertalnment,C5nrll2e- 'Vi Girls Gleg Club li Mixed In I I - 1 I A ' 1 i I I I ' It ' I 4 lu, ,H , o A I I i I , u rr u,l, , Chl ,u,o.l 1 1 i ' A ' ' i 'I i I 1 i. I . I f 1 1 1 i i - .. .. "D I" ' D I 1 I - j . ll .I ll ll ll V . '. I - tgn i- 1 1 1 O - 1 1 I 1 ul, lv. ' ' ' 28 Z 1 H 5 ,FQ Qm rg' taare rg' Qm lj' LOUIS KALCEVIC Kalcey Football II IV French Clubl ll erarres II III DALE E KAUFMAN Moe Mixed Chorus III IV I-li Y Pres :dent IV I-In Y Vice President Ill Junior Class Play Sophomore En te alnment Literary ll Ill V Commercial Club II Ill IV Class O icers II IV Tr clc I Oper etta Patrol IV Biology Clubl The Charming Intruder CLAIRE B KELBAUGH Mxed Chorus II Ill IV I-IIV III IV BltsO Blarney iolo u I Literariesl ll Ill IV Chem Club III IV JEAN KENNEDY Gln Girl Reserves Il lll IV- Biology Club ll Ill IV- Phy-Chem Club CLARENCE KNAUFF Noffie Football Managerl Il III IV-Phy- Chem Club IV- Mixed Chorus II- Biology Club I II- Patrol IV. MARY KOTOFF Blondie Literary lj Commercial Club ll, III, MARY ELLEN KARR Giggles Biology Club I II Girl Reserves II III Phy Chem Club I EARL T KEEN ER ar Biology Club I ll Phy Chem Club HELEN FRANCES KENNEDY Helen Biology Club II III Girl Reserves ll IV Llterariesl V IRENE KIRCHNER Rene r Reserves I Il IV Reserve Orchestra I IV Phy Chem Club IV Latin Club II Band I II IV- Band Librarian II I - Orc estra II Ill IV- Librarian ll III- Sophomore Entertainment- Ring Committee Ill- Alaurum Staff- Liter- ariesl II III IV-Literary President II- Pepper Club Ill. STEVE KORICANSKY Korky Football ll III- Basketball II- Bancl I Il III IV- Patrol IV- Orchestra MARY KOVACH Mary Commercial Club IV. Jn dll y ! I 1, ml 1 U U' ' N u' 1, N ' I Lit - ', fiv. ' ' , , - ' I . ' A '- I' Al ' IIE Ill ft F j I I , , I f I 1 i ' - , , , ul, lv. , j Id j - 1 1 U 1 uTaYn U U I U , 1 1 N i F' - ' ' 1 i I' . i BY I - - I I, Cl IJ 1 1 1 1 fplw- ' ' ' ' , . u n Gi I , , Ill, 1 Girl nj n - , j - - , , , - IH, , ' ' , ILIV1 , , , It 1 1 1 1 lll, IV 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 an n ,, ., 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I, ll, III, IV IV E' ll L11 E1 - y in, Q- or Q- Ihr, C -ESPN g" 'I-hh DONALD D KRATZERT Don Literaryl IV Latin Club ll Class icer ll lll I-I Y Club lll Officer of Hi Y IV Sophomore Phy Chem Club IV Alaurum Staff DOROTHY ANNE LEUIN Dolly Literary IV Girls Glee Club Biology Club ll Speech Club ll Girl Reserves ll III IV Phy Chem Club IV Mixed Chorus IV Bits O Blarney Latin Club Il HARVEY STANTON LINK Stanton Phy Chem Club lll IV JACK W MacDONALD UP Biology Clubl Hi Y Club ll lll Band lll IV- Orchestra IV- Ph - Chem Club IV. .V MELVILLE MARTIN Me Phy-Chem Club I, ll, Hi-Y Club lll, Football I, ll, Basketball I, Class Officer IV, Band I, IV, Literary IV. MARY ELLEN MAY Latin Club Il, Home Economics Club lll, Girl Reserves I, ll, lll, IV, Girl Reserve Orchestra I, IV, Bi- ology Club lll, IV, Phy-Chem Club III, IV, "Bits O' Blarney," Sopho- more Entertainment, Literary I, II, lll, IV, Band I, ll, III, IV, Orches- tra Il, IV, Librarian IV, Student Conductor Staff IV. HUGH LESLIE Hughey ogy Clubl ll Il IV AZALIA IJESTA LEWIS Ba ie Phy Chem Club IV Latin Club ll Orchestra Ill BYRON LUCE U Phy Chem Club III IV Latin Club ll Hi Y Club Il III IV So more Entertainment Junior Class Literaryl ll lll IV Track BETTY MADORY Betty Girl Reserves II III IV Phy Chem Club IV- Latin Club II' Girls Glee u Il- Literaryl ll . RUTH MARTSOLF Rupee Literaryl Il Ill IV- Literary Of- ficer I' Girl Reserves Ill IV- Scarab Club ll- Pepper Club Ill- Mixed Chorus Ill, IV, Phy-Chem IV, Lat- in Club II, Sophomore Entertain- ment, Hlhe Charming lntruder,' "Bits O' Blarney," Beta Gamma ll, Ill, IV, Alaurum Staff. GENEVIEVE A. McCLOSKEY lljimll Latin Club II, Girl Reserve lll, IV, Phy-Chem Club IV, Literary II, Sophomore Entertainment. -ii it Mg va lc 'Elk ai... I I off' ', f ai I , iv, I U H ' '. , ' Biol , , I , , Foot- Entertairiment, Football ll, Ill, IV, bell I, ll, IV. . i . . If -- I- -' ..B d.. U H If '- , ,I fi ,fi pho- ' ' ' Play, A , ,I, , I. .UP H H N ' 'I I 'ly' cib,' ,,i'ii i , N In I , , , ,I I y? In FF! C rf ' ' In Ili IIT' Ili fll' 121' I JV' I mel' 4 1:10 I my I J ' 411: vu! ' Annan ! 145714 , gl ' RICHARD McBRIDE Duck Oc estral ll III V PAUL L McCUTCHEON Paulle etballl Il Ill IV Foot a III IV Safety Patrol III V RUTH McGINLEY Rut Grrl Reserves II III Pepper Club Ill Commercial Club ll III IV ALBERT R MENTZ Phy Chem Club IV Llterary I III Footballl II Ill IV Sae Patrol IV RALPH L MITSCH Mltsch ANNETTA MOORE Janne Glrl Reserves II III Pepper Club III Commercial Club ll lll V Sophomore Entertalnment ROBERT McBRIDE o Literary I ll Phy Chem Club IV MARTHA A McDANIEL Marty Gr Reserves ll Ill IV Bro ogy Club II III Sophomore Entertain ment Phy Chem Club IV Llter es I III IV Latln C u ALICE MCGUIRE Mickey Glrl Reserves II Ill IV Bro ogy Club II III IV Phy Chem Club IV Girls Glee Club I II DAVID MILLER ogy Club l ll IV Chem Club III IV Pepper Club Llterarles I JEAN MOLTER Girl Reserves II III Library Club IV Bloo Club II Phy Chem Clu Ill IV Latin Club ll Muxed Chorusl III IV Llter a esl II Ill Opere a THEODORE A J MUJWIT 2 Footballl Il Ill IV Baslcetballl Ill IV Traclcl Safety Patrol Il Ill IV Literary Ill IV Cheerleader Ill Phy Chem Club IV Buology Club I Sophomore Entertainment I f ff - f I Ugnanv D u' i l I x u' Q ' M U ' U :IB bn r h , , , I . ' , f . 4 A , u I an il ' fl il , , f ' l Baslc , , , , b II I i ' . I I I l ' A j ' ' j A ' ar! , ll, , , l b ll. I. hll I. I .' ' . I 1 1 i A l 1 1 . ' 1 1 i ' , , , . I . . I I ' "AI" "Dave" . , ' , , Biol , , lu, ,Phy- lvi 1 1 1 i I ty ' A I f . III, , II. IUJ ll ' I - 1 i I " ' " Ill, , I iy , III, IV, - , I i . 1. 1 1 i - ' fl , , f If . .., J.. ' as - -- - 1 1 1 i 1 I 1 i 1 Ii i 1 1 f - , , I , 1 1 1 A . i ' I i . 31 -. .. ll R OFQXFQ E1 I iikxyg by KATHRYN MUSICK Kate Gurl Reserves II III IV Bro ogy Club Il Phy Chem Club IV Latln Club ll Glrls Gleeflubll Mrxe Chorus I II IV The Charmrng Intruder Brts O Blarney EMMA JANE OSTROM Emma Glrl Reserves III Literary I Com mercral Club III IV JOSEPH PELUSO ALBERT PONTIER Commercial Club II III IV Com merclal Club President IV Llterary II Marshall II Sophomore Enter tarnment Mama sBaby Boy The Charming Intruder RUTH POWELL Ruth Mixed Chorus Il III IV Girl Re s rves II III Elo ogy I Blts Blarney STEVE RADATOVITCH Pete otball I I III IV Phy m Club IV Literary IV Literary Of flcer IV ANN NARVETTE Ann Glrl Reserves ll III Pepper Club Medal Clubl Il Ill IV I r aryl III IV Stand Committee IV Commerclal Club II III IV Soph omore Entertainment Banker IV Alaurum Staff LEONA PATTERSON Patsy r Reservesl II III IV Secre tary ll Presudent IV Phy Chem u Ill IV Pepper Club n I III Band Treasurerl Vrce President III Orchestra I II III Sophomore Ent rtalnment Llteraryl II III LrteraryOfrcer III Music Appreciation III ANNA RUTH PLASSMEYER Ann Gurls Glee Club II Llterary II Commerclal Club IV JOHN G POPOVICH John RICHARD H PROVANCE Duck Biology II III Phy Chem Club IV Ban I II III IV Orchestra V Sophomore Entertainment Lrterary IV Bits O Blarne Class Offncer I Band Pre :dent IV Biology Club Officer III CLARENCE RARICK Coach Llteraryl Il IV Class Treasurerl Class Officer IV Literary Pres: dent Ill Safety Patrol IV Oper etta I-In YII III IV Mixed Chor us IV Sophomore Entertainment ogy Clubl II III n up ' X 1 x S ' ' p . ' . p . ., 4 ll u U nun I Dunn . I ll ll u n D I 1 i A I I I I - i - i - , , , - ,Lte - f ' ' .r f f d ' '- ' , f I I I l I I .- .. . . ,. I i j , ll ll Gi I 5 I 1 I i - i i ' U " CI b , i Illf . . Bd CJ , II, j , i I ' ' , ' . ' I l ' ' I f - 'Z ' 2 . I I . . F j . ll ll ujoen . , . 4 f i IIAIII . . I I T ll- ll i ia ll i n Inu - . i tl i .. I .. u n , 1 F ' i ' l A d 1 1 1 il I I f .fl f . O: - , Q . . .. . . -- f 1 I, u, III,4 , , Yi ' f V S f ll ll u n - l i I I r I i . Fo 1' If 1 i4 'Che i i ' . I I ' i V' 1 1 i D ' . A i I Biol , , , IV- 32 R H 5 ll 4 my' MV' I yy' I mu' 1 2:0 I ' D 9 nu, i :gn ' frgpg, ' gllll i RAYMOND L RAWL e oo?yIClub I II IV i IVU Phy Chem Club III IV The Charming Intruder Cheerleader IV Latin Club ll Safety Patrol IV Pepper Club Ill JEAN ELLEN REESE Jeannie Girl Reserves 'II IV Commercial Clublll IV Literaryl BanIcingIV ROBERT MANUEL RHODES Tiger Club I I Latin u otball IV a Patrol Ill IV Phy Chem Club III iterary I II STELLA BERNICE RUFF s Pepper Club Il- Commercial Club III IV, Literary I. BIAGIO SAIBENI Biagio otballl II . HERBERT H. SAUL Herbie Biology Club I II IV, Officer ll, Phy-Chem Ill IV, Mixed Chorus IV' Band Il III IV- Orchestra Il , '- b , Ill, IV, Frenc u ll, Ill, Operetta, ,i I, Il, III, IV, Basketball Mana er IV, Safety Patrol IV, Band f- ficer IV. OPAL REED Opal Literary I ll Literary Officer III Commercial Club II Ill IV Ba lc ing IV Sophomore Entertainment Mama s Baby Boy ROBERT R RETZER O Beaver I-ligh School I ll hy Chem Club IV Mixed Chorus IV Literarylll IV BitsO Blarney Safety Patrol III IV EDNA EDITH ROSENMUND Literary I III Sophomore Enter tainment WILLIAM WESTLY RUFF u Commercial Club IV. ROBERT W. SAMEK 0 Phy-Chem Club Ill IV- I-li-Y Club ELLEN DELORES SAYRE Een Girl Reserves ll III IV- Bio ogy Club II' Phy-Chem Club IV- Latin u II, Girls' Gee Club I, , Mixed Chorus III, IV, Orchestra , ly, Literary I, Il, IV, " r- e a. mr. gli an gl' 41, . asv g O I Q 'A s I IIR dll' 5 I. " B' I , , iii, , I-I'-Y dl b., i, iii, iv, Literary i, ii,iii, 6' , ' 4, , ' A , i V- H I i . 1 1 5 N ' ' A IIB LII S y Q- I A , , P . Band I, II, Ill, Orchestra I, Il, III, G , "Eddie" my , ii, ii, ' ci Ia ii, Fo i, ii, iii, , S ray N l . Q , , - IV,L' ' 1 ,iii ' ibm ' 'ISE 'I llB'lIll .. .. is 9- , NB bn Fo , ,iii " iii, iv ' ' ml ' Y ll ll I 1 ll 1 1 J I I l I iii'Hiyclu 'ii ' il Cl ic, ' i ' ii CI I3 Lterary 5 iii Ope I II ll B - L5 g ms? E- GEORGE W SAYRE Jlggs Football III IV Basketball Ill I Phy Chem Club IV JACK SCHAICH Schalch Biology Clublll Phy Chem III IV Ban I Qrchestral I-Il YI II III IV French Clubll III Sophomore Entertainment Lrteraryl Il III IV Safety Patrol III IV Class Presl dent I ELEANOR ESTHER SHEETS Dolly Glrl Reserves II III IV Commer Club II I DANIEL E SMITH an Langley I-Irgh School I Football I RUTH E SMITH Smythe Llteraryl II III IV Girl Reserves III IV PhyChem Club III V Biology Club II III IV Pepper Club III Latln Club II Sopho more Entertainment Mamas Ba by Boy ESTHER JANE STEELE Pessv Glrl Reserves II III IV Pepper Club III Mixed Chorus Ill IV Mamas Baby Boy Operetta Lateraryl Ill IV CommerclalCIub E1 dx L 'El s QE IAS 12- IIS GERSON S SCHAFFEL Gerk Bxology Clubl II Phy Chem Club III IV FrenchCIubII III Mamas Baby Boy The Charming In truder Luteraryl ll III IV Class Olhcer I Literary Offrcer III E Tempore II III IV Safety Patrol IRENE H SHAFER T202 Alaurum Stal? Stand CommItteeIV Llteraryl Il III Literary Ofhcerl Commercial Club II Ill IV Soph omore Entertainment Mamas Baby Boy Banking IV FRANK F SMALL Frank u I ELVERENE NOLA SMITH Smitty Gurl Reserves II III IV Bro ogy Club II IV Phy Chem Club III IV Latln Club II Girls Glee Club I Mixed Chorus III IV Literary HELEN MARIE SPRINGER Helen Gurl Reserves II III IV Commer Club II III IV Literary WILLIAM J STEIN I Phy Chem Club III IV I-I1 Y Club III IV Literary II IV Orchestra Ill IV Operetta 34 - -. -.. I 1- ' 1 . I F' H .L .L .. 1. , 4- ' nun A ' usun D 3 'I ll I ll ll ' -ll I I i - xl I I ul cz I i , I I 1 Vi ," 'I . - , I V I I 'I I ' 1 1 X 1 1 I IV. u - n ul - H l i T . I i , I - d i i ' 1 1 1 . ' A , . . . I I I I I ' . ' I I . 1 1 i ' 1 1 1 1 -1 r ' -- I , 1 - .,. . ' . I ' Cl . ll u an . Orchestra III, Band I, Ili I-Ii-Y . ' ' I ' CI b II. clal , II, IV, ' Cl ' Pl nD In I 1 1 i I I .I I T . - I ' i . 7 , I . i 1 i I, lv. ll ' ll ' ' ll ll 1 1 1 f .1 i ' 1 I i A , , i b 1 1 ,i ' I . .- I I - Cla' I I i I. ll E - as n HBDHH- . I I i - I. nn ri 1 I I - I I I i' i I 1 i 1 i 1 1 i I ' I ' II IV. ,- P AF TF! 'gli T1 T 1 'AL Q ,n IJ: QQ STEVE M SUSAK Steve French Club II DONALD G TANNER Don Phy Chem Club IV Llterary I Ill Football V EVELYN MAE VEIOCK Evelyn G r Reserves I II Ill IV s Glee Club I Il Muxed Chorus II Ill IV Sophomore Entertain ment LIICfdI'YI II III IV om merclaICIubII III IV Operetta VIRGINIA MAE VEIOCK Glnny Gr Reserves Il III IV br III The Kung s Entertalnmen Literary I Commercial Club III HELEN ELIZABETH VESTROCY Connie CommerclalCIubllI IV Llteraryl AGNES LOUISE WALLIS Agnes Glrl Reserves II III IV Biology Club II Phy Chem Club IV Latm u II Girls Glee Clubl Mlxed Chorus III IV Orchestra erary Operetta Ili J" fjl' flli I MV' I .lW!.4' I M!-0 1 W!! gvunnn q 5- ganna ! ,,,,,, i ggi , IRENE SZEKELY F2712 Literary I Speech Club II Glr Reserves IV Phy Chem IV ANNIE VALECIC Annie Girl Reserves IV Commercial Club II IV ISODEEN ELIZABETH VEIOCK Deen DebateIV GlrIReservesII III IV Library II III IV President IV Latin Club II French II III Meda u I III IV Preslden Secretary IV JOSEPH VERBANICK Football IV MIKE VOLINIC Mike Phy Chem Club III IV Track I ETHEL PEARL WARD Werdle Glrl Reserves II III IV Pepper Club III Mlxed Chorusl Sopho more Entertainment The Charm Ing Intruder Commercial Club II III IV Secretary III Llteraryl Il III IV Literary Secretary II Alaurum Stall Stand Commnttee Banlcmg IV 1 I a D ' N N U5 ' M I I ' I H N W nl n , ' 1 1 'I f - . I ll .ll .I . I. - f. ' 1 ' 1 i I - ' ' ue n u n il , , , ,Gam U . A . ' V 1 . I I 1 , I I ' 1 1 i ' ' ' - ' C - ' 1 1 1 I f f ' CIb,II, ,, 'tlf 1 1 1 - u - n llloell i I , , , Li ary .. . . . I. Ai . I f - 1 . " ' " ul - ll 1 i T - - , i . ll I ll ll ll ' T ' 1 I i 1 1 i . i U U I ' f .- I . rr i . - Cl D j , i . I 1 i 1 1 i . i 1 III, IV, Llt I, II, III, IVi N , , p i - i i ..... EH L1 E1 i I ignms '5 4 vF..t,s tg: JACK THOMAS WARE ack Commerclal Club II lll I-ll VClub EDWIN RA NCK WEBER Ned IV I-Il Y Club lV Llterary I JOHN ROBERT WILLIAMSON Wullne l-Il YClubllI IV Phy Chem Club IV Football lll ESTELLA MAE WISE e Commercual Club IV LAURA CATHERINE WOLF Wolfy Beaver Falls I-'Ilgh School I Il Ill DOLORES JANE WURZEL Dollars Muxed Chorus I IV Glrl Reserves IV Blolog u phy Chem IV Latin Club Il Llter ary Il Gxrls Glee Club l MARY LOUISE WEBER Mary Louise Girl Reserves ll lll IV Bio ogy Club Il lll IV Phy Chem Club Latln Club l Girls ee Clubl Llteraryl lll IV Alauru fd MARTHA VIRGINIA WELSH Dumples Gurl Reserves II Ill IV Pepper u Ill G Gee Cu omrnerclal Club Il Operetta Stand Committee IV CARRIE ELEANOR WISE Came Literary IV Commercial Club IV DOROTHY M WOLFE Dorthy Commerclal Club II lll IV Banlc mg IV Literary I Sophomore Entertainment HARLES H WRIGHT Chuck Phy Chem Club III Track l RAYMOND YEE Raymond Biology Club I Phy Chem Club III IV I-In YCIubIll IV Literary lV Literary Olfucerl ll 1 - - Y ' lung' UD lt? ' C IO usun U D :IJ n ' l , i ' I - , , -. I nv, ' ' ' 1, ' ' GI 11, ul. , ' , , , S H. CI ts ', ms! 'I 2 1 ls nl, Biology Club I, Phy-Chem Club Ill, Mixed Chorus I, Il, III, IVi , A- , ' . C ' ,4lIl, lv, i ' I I I I I llst Ill A I - C . I u, lu, , ' l'ylCI ts lII,'lV, I i 4- I Q , A 3 CARL ZERKE Phy Chem Club IV Pepper Club in ub I rar Speech Club II Sophomor E tertainment Hi V Club IV i' i'- i' i' " Zerk Class POCITI IN AN EMPTY CLASS ROOM Oh silent chamber lately filled With zestful youth on knowledge ent Cast your melancholy spell On all within the day is spent The gloomy shadows fall on walls Where the whole day s class work still remains The echo of my lone foot falls Awakes my thought in somber train With eyes downcast I slowly tread Twixt seats of knowledge stained an VVOVVT It seems that all the world has fled And I am left to brood forlorn While wandering through the lonely place A dusty desk top meets my eye And 'neath the dust my fingers trace Initial. carved in years gone by. E K of the Class of Twenty four I wonder if he s still alive I-lere s one from '19 and 34 And ah' one from the class of 35 A rueful thought sped through my mind And seemed a sorrowful truth to me The escapades of our fair class Would soon be only history The victories and conquests won The battles lost the friendships made The petty courtships carefree fun Had reached the peak begun to a e This door is soon to close behind The parting members of the class And future students here will find These crude initials of the past Ere then, the class is scattered far Each battling in his own lone fight The petty courtships may have bloomed And character will show it's might. By our efforts we hope to rise Above ourselves 'and ere we die We hope to leave in fiery skies New glory for New Brighton High, P ' ! ' I 1 I :L -P time yI,lll,lVj A T " I ' I C ia. I - I I d , . , GEORGE BRA NDT George -. EE ' sa as es' 2'-1 11-v A-1-1 ki-. lil- Senior Class W ll We the Class of 35,1n order to form a more perfect umon, establish good feeling unsure future success, and assure the blesslngs of happlness to ourselves and our posterity do create and establish this last wlll and testament of the Class of 35 We hereby proclaim null and vold all precednng walls or promises made by us and do drstrlbute our various possessions as follows To Mr Corlcan, the hope that the gray halrs we have caused hlm will not un any way interfere with a long and happy career as prlncnpal of our beloved hugh school lo our careworn faculty, an asylum where they may repair to recuperate from the effects of the past four years of nervous strain lo the Class of 36, our Juniors, we bequeath the dlgnlty which we have so honorably carried upon our somber brows, accompanled by the prlvlleges whlch the tltle of Seniors entalls To the Sophomores, we leave the brrght lights and shlnrng Ideals whnch have so successfully carried us through our four years of strife and worry To the Freshmen, the sincere wash that they may gain, by our example a burning desire to Full those sacred spots which we have so brllllantly filled In the past lo Mllte Adams, a phonograph to save hum the trouble of recltlng ln Physics Class To Dorothy and Ruth Allender, the rnght to change their names to letters nearer the end of the alphabet so that they ll not always have to head the class To Evelyn Anderson we bequeath a permanent bus pass from Oalc l-lull to save her the trouble of wallclng all that distance To Ross Anderson, a patented shoe cleaner to scrape off that country mud To Valda Anthony, we give the appreclatlon due to one of her attractrveness To John Armstrong, we will the contract to build bunl4s ln our study halls lhose seats just don t seem to flt hrs frame lo Jane Ashman, a sufflclent amount of time to complete her lcnlttlng lt as rapidly becoming a fine art with her To Chrrstlne Bauer and Regina Crumrlne, a chance to change herghts so that they may get a different perspective of the world ln general lo Earl Bedlson, an automatic compass to save hlm trouble In any geometry courses which he may encounter In the future -lo the Cline, Keener, and Best Syndicate, we bequeath the hope that they may always continue their present frlendshlp Nell Blbbee an Ellwood City High School rlng to lceep for llfe Bobble Bingham, we bequeath a Senatorshlp so that he may be nearer his Hannah Nancy Bradshaw, a one trlp tlclcet to Ann Arbor, Mlchlgan Beverly Brandt, an estate nearer town so that her boy friends wont have so far to Wallc To George Brandt, a permanent dllbl to explain his frequent absences 'lo Bob Brew, a confldentlal secretary to talce care of hrs private correspondence with has many femlnlne admirers To Mary Broolehart, the rrght to conduct a happy and successful business career To Tony Capo the managershlp of a Kroger store At least he has made the flrst step rn the rloht dlrectuon lo Joel Chaney a positron as physical Instructor ID any leadlng Y lncldentally a new heart throb might come In handy Worry IS rapxdly brealclng down his health lo Bob Chrlstner, the right to argue a question to the close l'lls dblllfICS run largely rn that channel bl go Margy Connor, we leave the prlvnlege of denying the fact that men prefer on es 38 "5 1 1 ! 1 F1 - 'L 1 Q -K ' 's ' W ' i To . . .I I . l . . - . I To .. . .. . . , TO. - . . . . l To ' ' I! 55 F! 2: 5: I ILE: 455' atm I!! :IE .- .- M... .. wi gnuuu q nnnauv i :min i gu i To Martha Cooper, we offer the post as edutor of any good joke book un whuch she may exhubut her boundless wut lo Carolune Cozlov we bequeath a good luck charm so that her success w II contunue un lufe as ut has un hugh school lo Bud Coss, we offer a correspondence course un croonung un ten easy lessons so that hus favorute song Margy, wull meet wuth greater success un the future 'lo John Craug a posutuon as chuef acrobat wuth Barnum and Bauley l-lus abulutues are ouute extensuve un the tumblung lune To Dorothy Cron, we guve a suren We are In dure need of a method of knowung that she us around To Ruth Bush a typung medal for her expert assustance to M McNutt lo Stella Davus, the rught to become a debater un some great unuversuty worthy of her abuluty To floyd Dean, a couple more Ford cars The number of chusellers us rapudly uncreasung To Ruth DeVunney the posutuon whuch l now full as wruter of thus wull That has always been her earnest desure To Dale and Dallas Duck, merut badges for devotuon to duty un the capacuty of Safety patrolmen To Arthur Ducks, success as a ruval to l'loudunu To Ellsworth Dunn, an amateur nught audutuon wuth Fred Allen If that fauls, we offer a role as double to Clark Gable Johnny Dwyer, a monopoly on all red unk then hus worrues may be over Madelune Eberle congratulatuons on her fune work un classes thus year l-loward Fugley a tooth puck factory whuch may supply hus demands Elenore Fuscus, the rught to follow un her father s footsteps as the best sundae buulder un town l'larold Fleeson, a buuldung along -lhurd Avenue un whuch to conducta successful enterpruse of hus own choosung To Muldred flemung we leave our apprecuatuon of her good dusposutuon lo Margaret Freeman, we bequeath a box of smules to be used uf her present supply becomes exhausted l-lelen Frushkorn a home un the cuty What wull gasolune companues do then? Gazella Futato a hope chest she may be able to use ut some day Sumo Gacesa we offer a musucal career, un company wuth hus vuolun Gale Gubson, we leave a parachute to brung hum down to earth We all have to look up to hum Evelyn Guvens we leave the posutuon of pruvate secretary to any busuness man who needs an expert To Helen Godlewsku a movue contract l"ler beauty us worthy of honorable mentuon To l-lelen Greer and Evelyn Gruffuths, we leave the pruvulege of beung the world s furst famous vuolun duo lo Scratch hlaarbauer, we guve the posutuon of Busuness Manager to the Saturday Evening post To Dennus l-labrle we leave a unuform and a doorman s uob at our own Grand l-lotel To Jean l-larrus, we offer the honor of searchung for the Lost Chord No doubt she wull be successful To Eluzabeth l-lenn a bankung posutuon to do her uustuce for her part un the student Savungs actuvutues To Hobart l-lenry a defunute method of determunung whuch of hus names comes furst lm sure the teachers wull apprecuate thus To Muldred l-lulberg a preservatuve for her ready smule To Dot f-lull an arbutratuon councul to aud her un makung up her mund as to uust who he shall be 39 F P A ! ' P f P A Q' ld' s .' lf A W H . 1 h l To I ' , ' ' . To . I . . . . g To , I - . . . ' A TO. . . . . l 4. '. . . . . To . I Q . . . . . . V lo , - ' . To . I . . . . . . . To D' ' t . -I-O f I . . . . eg :aw em' ers' nl ills 'Tlx 'His ilk I ls r ams 2- s. 'Q- sm, W arns? 2- bm? To Harry Hobaugh a new paper strap The old one s just about worn out To Eva Hodge, we present an earnest hope that she will profit from her hugh school education To Robson Hornby, a new har He sold the old one To Mike Hornlck, a deserted desert Island where he wlll no longer be bored by the attentrons of the opposite sex To Helen and Alice Householder, we offer a housewrecker to take the load off their hands To Gladys Hunter, we glve the prlvrlege of selecting a surtable llfe partner To Mary Alice Hunter, we bequeath a home ID Colorados Grand Canyon to match her sunny dlsposltlon To Florence lrwln, a contract to teach the rudlments of knitting to those teachers who are not now famrllar with lt To Betty Jackson, we leave a pleasing personality so that she may always be a joy to her friends To Jay Jenkuns, we guarantee a substantial llvlng If he wlll publish for us an authentic pamphlet on the art of blushing Horse Kalrls, a parr of relns to gurde hum on the path of lrfe whlcm he may choose Louie KdlC2VIC, we hereby glve a shoe store so that he wont be lonely If ever he loses hrs present rob Mary Ellen Karr we bequeath a long and happy lrfe Dale Kaufman,t ehopethathe may some day be Vice President for a change He s had plenty of experlence as Presrdent To Clalre Kelbaugh, a posrtlon with the Chicago Civic Opera Company To Helen Frances Kennedy a box of smiles Mother Nature IS getting tlred of To Jean Kennedy, a bicycle She has quite a way to walk from out there on Qak Hull To Irene Kirchner, we grve our permission to be Miss Sutton s successor To Clarence Knauff, we will an upto date laundry After cleanlng football sults for four years, he IS rn pretty good condltlon for that work To Steve Korlcansky, a rude to a skating party He s been tryung to get one ever since he nrst heard of Evans Cnty To Mary Kotoff, a permlsslon to put her coat on she s had It off long enough To Mary Kovach, a husband worthy of her good qualltles To Don Kratzert, a really hard math problem for oraln food None have crossed hrs path so far that have offered hum the slightest dlffrculty Hugh Leslie, a bottle of wave set to quell the splrlt of those handsome locks Dolly Leuun, the hope that her sweetness will not be In vain AZdlId Lewis, a diploma as reward for her earnest efforts Stanton Link, a roadster to enable hrm to come to New Brighton more often Byron Luce, we bequeath a formal debate with Mr Roark on more even terms than those on which they met In P D class To Betty Madory a grocery store so that she may go lnto competltron wlth her successful father To Mel Martin, a tribute to a mighty swell guy To Ruth Martsolf, a wash for the utmost success Some day she may go IH for e :tuna rn a bug way Mary Ellen Mav, a lot more ofthat charm whrch keepsJoe onthe edge ofhls seat Rrchard and Bob McBrrde a permanent alrbr which will satlfy teachers Genevieve Mccloskey, an assurance that we certarnlv enjoyed having her with us all these years To Paul Mccutcheon a vote of thanks for hrs part IN making our football and basketball teams and our Safety Patrol a success 40 '7 Q Q. 1 - 1 1 f K ls xx ' Q., Q Lu K N To if ll . . . . . . . . . P To. 1 4 - I . I 1 T ' ' , ,TS L. Q ' ' . supplying her. 1 I D 1 U 'To ' - ' 'l . To ' ' ' ' . To ' ' ' . To ' ' ' . To A . ' . d. . J . 1 V ' I . - To l ' ' . To ' ' , ' ' ' ' ' . To , . A . . . ,.. ,. ,.-. .- 459 A55 ALE! 'LM eb' :mau i gvnppu q U' 9759 1 1 Hunan ' Havana ' Martha McDanael, the raght to make Johnny her byword To Ruth Mcffaanley, the promase of l'-lappaness Ahead for her To Jack MacDonald a golf course of has own where he may caddy to has heart s content, wathout fear of cheap competataon To Mackey McGuare a complament on her rosy dasposataon and many thanks for the sunshane she has lent our class To Albert Mentz, a posataon as center on the champaon New York Gaants Pro fessaonal Football team To Davad Maller, a praze for beang our mathematacal wazard To Ralph Matsch, a daploma as reward for has earnest efforts an hagh school To Jean Molter, a aob as labraraan an some good hagh school She gets plenty of experaence under Mass Boylan Annetta Moore, we offer our best washes for a successful career Ted Muawat, the post as Mr Kang s personal advaser and anformataon bureau Kathryn Musack, our confadence that some day she wall be a publac speaker b I Ann Narvette, a permanent job as pravate secretary to any person worthy of her a a aty John Openhart, a bronze tablet for has servace to our anterclass basketball team Emma Qstrum, we leave a wealth of happaness and good wall Leona Patterson, we resagnedly gave a marraage lacense, butwe can tsee why she doesnt Chuck her boy fraend and Prace a new one To Joe peluso, the raght to become part owner of the New York World To Anna Plassmeyer, a bell to announce her presence She as so quaet that we hardly know she as around To Albert Pontaer, a badge of honor as our oraze stage manager lfo John Popovach, the raght to be a great success so that he may brang honor to our c ass lo Ruth Powell, a few smales to come to her aad an case her present supply becomes exhausted To Rachard Provance, a comb and a aar of axle grease guess why To Steve Radatovatch, our permassaon to become an All Ameracan football player We honestly belaeve that he has the necessary abalaty I To Coach Rarack, a carton of palmolave soap to help ham keep that schoolgarl com p exaon To Red Rawl, an aarplane to help ham keep up wath has ever soarang sparats To Qpal Reed, we leave the realazataon that she has really been a jewel to our class To Jean Reese and lrene Shafer, a couple of chaars, they ve been on the stand commattee long enough to be an need of a rest To Bob Retzer, the offacaal tatle of Our Lady s Man To Tager Rhodes, we bequeath a paar of roller skates to help an keepang up wath at least a few of has garls To Edna Rosenmund, we leave a torch, faery as her tataan haar, to guade her on her chosen way after she has left our care To Wallaam and Stella Ruff, we gave the assurance that whale they have been wath us they have gaven no andacataon of that traat whach thear name amplaes Baagao Saabena, we bequeath the Presadency of Fallston Academy Bob Samek, a handsome check for that n'allaon dollar smale It as worthy of merat l-lerbae Saul, the posataon as manager of the New York Celtacs Ellen Sayre and Agnes Wallas, careers as emanent musacaans They are, an our estamataon among the best To Jaggs Sayre, we gave all possable success an has chosen work To Gerson Schaffel, we pay trabute He as one of our best students and as cer taanly an excellent speaker To Jack Schaach, a messenger boy to delaver has many notes 41 F P - P l fs' -' x V x s To 0 ' ' D H " ' " U . To . ' . To ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' . To ' ' ' ' . aa ' ' a . To ' ' . To , U H . H ' ' - ' I To ' ' ' ' ' h. To .' ' ' . ' '. To ' " ' . . T9 ' ' l ' ' u BE '55 s El 511 L1 1' W- N Mis 11.-ak .? unuuh . vacuums i noun: ' To Eleanor Sheets a calendar or two so that she may have all the dates she desires To Frank Small, we leave a few stray credits which will be of great and to hum no doubt when rt comes to diploma time lo Dan Smith the mayorshlp of Junction Cnty To Elverene Smith the hope that she will achieve success as a slnger To l'lelen Springer the hope that she will sprung Into a successful career upon leaving school Ruth Smith an art course to help her develop her most promising talent Bull Stein a plumbing shop l'lls dad might like a little competition Jane Steele, a Ray of llght to guide her through llfe Steve Susak a baker shop so that he ll always feel at home Irene Szekely congratulations for her flne work In Engllsh Class Don Tanner a hand car so that his railroad fare will be reduced He ll get a lot of good exercise on that llttle jaunt from Galilee to Brighton h Anme Valeclc, a hope that she has profited by her four years of compannonshlp wut us Evelyn Vesock a music store No need to worry about customers lsodeen Velock we will a famous tea room In which she may entertain her 'lo VIFQlDId Velock we glve a special bus to get her back and forth from Marlon f-lull without any loss of time To Joe Verbanlck we deducate a cheer so that we may know he IS around 'lo Helen Vestrocy the prnvllege of bringing her secret passion to llght whoever he may be To Make VOlIDlC the post of forest ranger for Calc l'llll our frontler To Ethel Ward a new llne to feed to that athletlc boy friend of hers To Jack Ware the job as lieutenant to Captain MUjWIt, the leader of the Oak I-lull sans To Mary Louise Weber a general s uniform She has been quite a leader ID our class actlvltles To Edwin Weeber an aerial railway from Patterson l-lelghts to help ham get to school on time To Martha Welsh a partnership In some good novelty shop To Bob Williamson our permission to be a lady killer -lo Carrie and Estella Wise, we offer our thanks for their part ID the success of our c ass To Laura Wolf a qasollne company to relieve the pressure on the famuly pocketboolc 'To Dorothy Wolfe the hope that she will make a good addltlon to the Boettner fam! v To Charles Wright a mistake so that he will be wrong for a change To Dolores Wurzel, a private school, so that our boys will have nothung to alnenate their affection for their studies To Raymond Yee a banking system to take care of his personal funds To Carl Zerke we hand the poet laureateshup of our lllustruous class To Frank Elverson a couple hundred volumes of assorted encyclopedlas so that he may perchance fund a couple facts with which he IS not at present famlllar Merratt Carson CODICIL TO THE WILL We the class of 35 do, ID supplement to our last will and testament bequeath to Merritt Carson an M D degree so that he may realize his llfe long ambltlon to mend broken hearts There ns no doubt that because of Merrntts good nature and clever speech, we shall see many patlents eagerly assembled In the wanting room out side an offnce marked Dr M N Carson Valcla Anthony 42 ' n XL Y ' X x I ' Q' ' 1 .ku U in V To 1 ' , ' ' . To 1 4 I 1 . . . - s 1 . . To 1- rf . . . . To , ' . To , ' ' ' ' . To I - . . . . , V . . . . . . To' ' , ' . . To . I Q I 1 . v many friends .acquired during her high school days. E: pr! S! 22 pr I Semor Class Prophecy It was a cold WIDtCfY nIght As I sat by the fire readIng, my mInd began to wander to more Interesting thIngs graduatlon, vacatlon, college One by one the faces of my classmates flashed before my Inner eye, and I found myself wondering what the future held ID store for them The room was very warm, my boolc dropped to the floor, I became very, very drowsy The next thIng I lmnew I seemed many years older, and I was busIly preparing to malce a trIp ID the hope of dIscoverIng and vIsItIng with many of my former classmates I called for a taxi to drive me to the statlon, and was greatly surprised when I found the drIver to be Albert Mentz At the statlon, Malte I-lornlclc, as baggage man, was capably wrestling trunlcs The conductor of the train was none other than Boyd Cline and the tIcI4et talcer Earl Keener Stoppmg off at PIttsburgh to shop, I was surprIsed to fInd that a large new depart ment store had been opened l'hIs I found, was only one of a natIon WId6 chaIn of stores owned exclusIvely by l"larry Hobaugh An effIcIent crew of clerlts IncludIng I2egIna Crumrlne, Madeline Eberle, .lean Kennedy, and Allce I-louseholder was aId Ing the customers Mr I-lobaugh true to his benevolent nature, had employed George Brandt as floorwallcer, and Albert Pontler as fInancIal reporter of the store, who had received hIs experience worlcing on Andy Mellon s Income tax On FIfth Avenue, I visited an exclusive dress shop whIch had been opened by It so happened that l2InglIng Brothers were openIng an engagement that weelf at Motor Square Garden, and I was amused to learn that .Iaclc Ware, as BUSINESS Manager of thIs CIVCUS was now one of the bUSIZSt men of the world You may be Interested to lcnow also that Steve Susalc IS a clown ID the same OUtFlt When I entered Kaufman s Department Store, who should I fInd there but Dorothy l'lIll who was demonstratIng her latest InventIon, an alarm cloclc wIthout the alarm, to prevent boys and grrls from gettIng to school on tIme After IeavIng this store, I was wallclng hurriedly down the street, DGYIHQ little attentIon to where I was QOIDQ, when I llterally colllded wIth a short young man, wearIng large spectacles, and smolclng a big, curved pIpe With great consternation, I found It was Joe Peluso, who had opened up a pruvate detectIve agency and was now on his way to solve a baffllng murder, whIch had been COmITllttCd ID the office of Charles Wrlght Doctor of DentIstry As It was stIIl several hours until train time, I entered the Palace Theater, the ex clusIve property of Gerson Schaffel, where DennIs l'labrle and Danlel Smlth had secured posItIons as ushers On the screen, Nancy Bradshaw was playIng opposite Clarence RGFICIQ In the huge movIe success, Love At Flrst SIght whIch had been dlrected by l'Iomer l'laarbauer The vaudevIlIe, too, proved InterestIng Robert Retzer, as master of ceremonIes, fnrst Introduced Dolly LCUID solo dancer, who was accompanIed by that famous muslcal team of Schalch and I-larris who performed very slcIlIfully on the xylophone and pIano The next feature was an act by the famous mdgICldD, Arthur DIcl4s After many more numbers, the performance ended with a number by the symphony orchestra ID the pIt under the dIrectIon of Dallas Dlclc and Includlng RIchard McBrIde Slmo Gacesi and Steve Korlcanslcy, wIth Ellen Sayre at the pIano They played a beautiful overture wrltten by the famous composer, Floyd Dean I left the theater and entered a restaurant whIch had been opened by the partners Robert Brew and Raymond Yee, and was graciously escorted to a table by theIr charm Ing hostess, Evelyn Anderson The speclal feature on the menu thatday was raspberry blSCUlfS, a creatlon by Martha Welsh 43 rv I I Ir ri A- .-s' I -' N ' ' lf 5 ' ' . I . - . . none other than our good friends, Genevieve Mccloslcey and Marjorie Conner. 1 n if v '73 C 1 D. - . .5 . I . u ll n . li' q v El Mis L X x uunuan 1 E Qxx ' l l Q- P 12- '5 ts,,s, E- tu g? After a dellclous dlnner, l made my way to the statlon and was soon on my way to Phlladelphla l amused myself on the traln by reading a copy of the great literary success, Love and Learn by Merrltt N Carson, the renowned author As l chanced to glance around the coach l seemed to recognize the face of a dns tlngulshed young woman across the alsle It was Stella Davls who, slnce her experlence on the hugh school debate team had become an authoratlve public spealcer, and was now malcnng a lecture tour of the United States She told me that Valda Anthony had accepted a positron as private secretary to the Foreign Ambassador to France and had been luvlng abroad for several years Elverene Smith had become Supervlsor of the Homeopathic Hospital In Pittsburgh Just recently Robert Chrlstner had been appointed national president of the A 84 P Co and was doing well IH this capacity lrene Shafer and Qpal Reed had opened a business academy IH Chicago the faculty comprised Ethel Ward Helen Greer, and Ann Narvette Last, she told me that Robson Hornby had purchased a large frult farm out West and had worlung for hlm, Gale Gibson Tony Capo, Ross Anderson, and Malte Adams Reluctantly, we parted as the traln pulled unto the station Once arrived In the city of brotherly love, l hastily selected a hotel As l was just about to register, my eyes met the steady gaze of the manager Byron Luce He called ID has effnclency ex pert, Donald Kratzert and we lmmedrately tell to discussing old tlmes and old friends From them l learned that Walter Coss had become a famous sclentrst and held the DOSILIOD of professor of SCICDCZ at the University of Southern California l soon retired to my room, dependlng on the radio for entertannment that evening l tuned ln just IH time to hear Mary Kotoff croon a group of popular songs Jay Jenlcins, the announcer, then Introduced Evelyn Veloclc and Claire Kelbaugh who sang a group of classical songs The duet was accompanied by Agnes Wallis l soon retlred, only to be awalcened at an early hour by a rumbling sound and then a rather famlllar voice Very shamefully, l reallzed that l had left the radio on all night but where had l heard that voice? l was gratified to hear the announcer say, You have been llstennng to Miss Jean Molter, physical Instructor, conducting the mornnng exercises Now that l was awalce, l arose and made a tour of the city by bus l was pleased to pass the offlce of the law farm of Zerlte, Rawl, and Co Farther down the avenue, the bus stopped at the Phrladelphla General Hospntal l entered and read the staff of doctors One name alone was of rnterest to me, that of Dr Hugh Leslle, M D As l read l was cordially greeted by a charming young lady LH whltf uniform, our good frlend Kathrvn Muslclc who was a child speclallst In that osplta l was amused to learn that Azalna Lewis was selling Virgil ponies at a small shop which she had opened In the clty Needless to say, the business was flourlshlng l told Kathryn l Intended to fly from Phlladelphla to New Yorlc and aslced where l could malce connectlons After learning about thus, l returned to my hotel, then toolt a tax: to the airport l entered the offlce of the United Alrllnes Company and found the owner and chief pnlot to be Ellsworth Dunn, with Dorothy James as the private secretary of the :rm Cn the way the plane was forced to land at an emergency field for gas, and there we found Mllce Vollnlc and Blaglo Sdlb2I'1l runnnng a large gasoline station Wlthnn a few minutes we were ln New Yorlc After securmng sultable lodging l went to my room, plclced up a copy of the New Yorlc Times and read an excltlng scoop by Franlc lflverson, now star reporter for that famous paper When l went down to danner, l found Vnrglnla Veloclc as hostess ID the dnnlng room, from whom l learned that Eleanor Sheets, Ruth Allender, Mary Kovach, and Annetta Jane Moore were telephone operators IH this hotel 44 '-1 1 M! J - E ' f is I l. f 5 . . . I , .I , , - .1 . ' V! Q . I v . . . . i , . . . I . t . . ' . ' U - - . . . . I I I . . . ' . . U. I . f . . U . . A I I .. A ' . . . fr . U . , , , . . . I I . . I !! F! E! F' l' l' l' I ...a i ..,.... "'2 naasnv 1 -,..,,,,, ' wn., "1 That evening l attended the opera The prima donna was Miss Jane Steele, world famous soprano While talking with Jane after the opera l learned that Frank Small was her press agent, Betty Jackson, her personal maid As l walked down Broadway the next day, l was surprlsed to meet Stanton l.Ink and Edward Kairis, ID police uniforms, directing traffic l made my way to a large exclusive dress shop owned by Evelyn Griffiths The attractive models Gladys Hunter, Dolores Wurzel Evelyn Givens, and Alice MCGUITC were displaying beautiful gowns brought from Paris by Leona Patterson, buyer for the store The secretaries of this firm were Christine Bauer and Mildred Hilberg My next VISIt was to New York University, where l found Mildred Fleming as Instructor of English, and Melville Martin as Professor of Physics From the latter l learned that George Sayre, Paul McCutcheon and John Dwyer had gone In for professional basketball and were to play that evening IH a game at Madison Square Gardens The experienced Herbert Saul was to referee the game The managers of the team were Donald Tanner and Clarence Knauff As l made my way back to the hotel, l chanced to pass a beauty parlor with the words Powell and DeVInney, Beauticians, on one corner of the wlndow When l entered l found these girls running a very profitable business with Betty Madory, Edna Rosenmund, and Helen Vestrocy as assistants Mary Brookhart was the manIcurIst l was Interested to learn that Nell Bibbee, Helen Householder Dorothy Cron, and Ruth McGinley were employed as waitresses In a Manhattan Night Club where Robert Samek was appearing with Helen Godlewski ID a specialty dance number The accompaniment several popular song hits, composed by Margaret Freeman and Eva Hodge, was played by John Armstrong s jazz orchestra Elenore Fiscus had secured a position for the summer as girls adviser and swimming Instructor at a fashionable resort on the Hudson After a delightful chat l went to the office of the Bedison Steamship Co , and made arrangements with ti e secretary,Stella Ruff, to sail on the morrow from New York to Norfolk Virginia Before many more hours l had arrived In that beautiful Southern city Here on a large tobacco plantation owned by Richard Provance and Edwin Weeber, many former New Brighton boys were employed, namely: Joe Verbanick, Robert Williamson John Qpenhart and Hobart Henry. The next day l went by train to Washington D. C., where Dale Kaufman, as Pres- ident of the United States,was capably managing the nation s affairs. The president had decided to remodel the White House and the honor of renovat- ing this honorable abode had fallen to Ruth Martsolf an interior decorator of some renown. John Craig as a capable successor of lke Hoover, was now custodian of the White House, ln the cabinet Theodore Mujwit was serving as Secretary of War, with Jack MacDonald as his able assistant. To Steve Radatovitch had fallen the title of Ambassador to Fallston. An influential resident of Washington D. C. was Robert Bingham, Esquire, who had "settled down' and become a famous banker. Elizabeth Henn and Jean Reese held positions as clerks in this bank. The following day l first visited the Congressional Library and chanced to find there Beverly Brandt, as head librarian. At the museum, l viewed a collection of birds brought here from Africa by Carrie and Estella Wise, missionaries to that place. At the lnternational Art Exhibit, l was proud to see paintings displayed there by the well known artists, William Ruff, Dorothy Allender, Martha Cooper, Mary Alice Hunter, and Helen Springer. 45 I ' th' ' ' I . r E1 ll 51 I! x HA Mk "F-'AMO ln the Llnlted States Mint Ralph Mltsch David Miller and Rodney Best were busy making wooden nickels Miss Mary Louise Weber had become the most daring newspaper woman in the Capital All of these visits with my former classmates had aroused In me a keen desire to revisit my old home town New Brighton Xlfflthin a few days l was reviewing the scenes of mv childhood days now had an established practice l-lere l learned that Dorothy Wolfe lrene Szekely Annie Valeclc Emma Qstrom and Gazella Futato were employed In the offices of the John popovic Auto Company Billy Stein had taken over his fathers plumbing business l-lelen Frishkorn In partnership with Anna Plassmeyer had opened a florist shop on Third Avenue The famous Skating Rink at Evans City was now the property of Harold Fleeson Robert McBride was running on the Republican ticket for burgess of New Brighton Martha McDaniel and Caroline Cozlov had become welfare investigators of this vicinity Howard Flgley had moved to New Sheffield and was manufacturing hitch hiker s equipment on a large scale Judge Reader had been succeeded as Judge of Beaver County by Manuel Rhodes Joel Chaney and Mary Ellen May were also settled down to a life of wedded bliss The management of the Dewhurst Store had been taken over by Mary Ellen Karr Louis KdlC2VIC was the mayor of the large metropolis of Fallston l'lelen Frances Kennedy had opened a kindergarten on Patterson Heights for the children of her many married friends Llpon visiting the local high school mv first discovery was that Ruth Bush had suc ceeded Miss Thompson as secretary to Mr Lyons With a few exceptions the faculty was much the same. Dale Dick was now filling Mr. Corkan s position as principal of l-ligh School. Ruth Smith was the l-lead lnstructor of English and lrene Kirchner had succeeded Mr. Roark as a capable Professor of Business Arithmetic. une new course nao oeen instaileci. rlorence Irwin and Jane Asnman were teaching the students how to knit. At this point l became very chilly. A voice which sounded much like my mother s called l-ladn t you better come up to bed now? l awoke to find that l had been dreamingl -lsodeen Veiock PROPHECY OF THE PROPHET Several years after l had finished school l found it necessary to visit a large, well- known high school in Boston. After my business had been completed, the principal graciously offered to show me through the school'-an offer which l willingly accepted. Entering an English class, l found, much to my surprise, that the teacher was my former classmate-lsodeen Veiock. As she was of a modest nature, it was necessary for the principal to tell me of lsodeen's advancement. She had started in New Brighton l-ligh gchdool, had made rapid progress, and was now a recognized authority in her chosen ie . -Mary Louise Weber 46 t uuuuull ai nuulzga il uunlamv T ucci-nk? ' One of my first visits was to the office of Laura Wolfe, who, as a local doctor, KN I I I II I ri I I I A I in 5: za in IIE JIT! r D15 1,5 fl, omni' amz? aye? omni' Lmzi Class Actlvltles The Senior Class gave a successful and dellghtlul p rlorrrance For the Love of Mlke durrng thelr Sophomore year Many class members took part an the lolk danctng and group sunglng The vvhole program vvas carrved out IH an lrlsh fashion as It Nas glven on St Patrick s day Durrng its Junior year the class presented Mama s Baby Boy vvlth the following cast Mrs Shephard Mcflean Shephard Mcclean Juliet Long Luther Long Mrs Matilda Blackburn Wilbur Warren Sylvia Mrs Carlotta Anglun Cynthia Anglln Max Moore Mary Alice l-lunter Gerson Schattel Nancy Bradshaw Dale Kaufman Ruth Smith l'lomer l-'laarbauer Evelyn Givens Dolly Kester Jane Steele Byron l.uce The hrst Senuor Cla play The Charmnng Intruder was produced vvlth lovvung cast pfISCIlld Martln Consuella Grandma Bruce Mary Ellzabeth Herbert IC John l-lortense lsodeen Veuock Robert Chrnstner Nancy Bradshaw Kathryn Musick Gerson Schatlel Ruth Martsoll l-larry l-lobaugh Raymond Ravvl Merrn t Carson Glao s l-lunter t 6 f 1 I .Havasu x nirvana 5 U99 "5s:mv Uillll x Minnie 4.....,....,,....,......,.......,,,. Evelyn Griffiths ' ' ss H ' ,H ' h D' k ...,...,......,.,........,.,.....,,...... u 47 IE L1 F1 - Q- ta g? g b 5- t r- '5 5 55 2- tum? Jolces Alter the locomotIve had smashed Into a car at a crossIng, a young lady arose from the wreclcage practIcally unlnjured The engmeer and others gathered around Why dIdnt you stop when you saw the traln comIng'7 aslted the englneer The glrl was Indlgnant l sounded mv horn before you blew your whlstle she told hIm Bully was about to malce l1ISlII'St extended VISIt away from home wIthout hrs parents l'lIs grandparents had told hlm ol the FT1dI'1yIV'IlfQfQStIf1Qtl'1IF1QSlll'12Y would do ID Kansas Qty l-lIs mother was very dublous about the outcome of the trlp What wIll you do she aslced when you want to see mother and daddy Oh III just go out to the zoo and loolc at the anlmals, he answered casually A farm woman went Insane and was talcen to an asylum Well her husband Sold l dont ltnow where she ever caught Insanlty, she aln t been out ol the lutchen ID twenty years Qlhce Boy please slr l thlnlc some one wants you on the telephone ChIel Now, what IS the use ol SGYIUQ you thlnlc l am wanted? Am l wanted Qlhce Boy Well, slr someone rang up and Sdld ls that you you old ldlOt 7 BIlly and hIs father were I0 the garage after dIDf'l2I',fT1dl4Il"lQ a lute Suddenly they heard a terrrble dIn ol lallIng dlshes and pans In the latchen where hIs mother and SlSt6f were dOID3 dIshes Bllly and hIs lather lIstened for a mInute, and then Bllly Sdld It was motherl l-low do you lcnow It was mother? aslced hIs father as he started lor the house Cause she s not saylng anythmgl Bllly answered Une day a Scotchman went to the lIvery stable to hlre a horse The lceeper aslced hlm l-low long wIll you want It? Ehe Scotchman replIed The longest one you have there are elght of us rIde Im Johnny, aged ssx who wasn t very fond ol school, was QIVZD a tablet whIch had on the cover a DICtUF2 ol MIclcey Mouse carryIng school books and gayly whIstlIng a tune Johnny s mother remarlqed See how happy Mrclcey Mouse IS QOIDQ to school Ch, no Sdld Johnny, he s not goIng to school he s comrng home' It was llttle George s l:IFSfflfT12 at the opera The conductor toolc hIs place In the orchestra pIt and began to wave hIs baton and the famous soprano began to slng What s the man shalcrng the stlclc at the woman lor? he aslced hIs mother Keep quIet she whrspered He I nt shalcmg hIs stlclc at the woman But George was unconvlnced Then what s she hollerIng lor? he demanded 48 1 - ... I A A . .- .. .. l ' 1 . . , I X p ' ' ' ' ' X ' V ' . p . . Q D it . I . 4 , , rl , ' 41 I , Db , I I ' .11 A 11 ll . fP!r I I ' , V . II I- , II I 1 , , . I I , . I ll . , . or not? ' I I I ' . . . . . . I 'I 'V , . llv 1 , A rr' , . 1 -- to I I . ! I4 . - v " I I ' , . , . Q . , s. - rr I , ' II 1,2 1 E JE Ji ,amen M350 lggli' ,MB -' JUNIORS Class History Th Class ol 36 has succ sslully completed the thlrd lap IU the long hard race lor a high school education lnspsred by the success ol our Frst two years we pushed on to new heights under the dlrec tion ol Xl lllIdV" Martin as president ol our class with Joseph Crede as hrsass1stant lllllan Muller was elected to lceep the records while Norman MacDonald was chosen to talr care of FII'1dDCIdl matters T these olhcers b longs rruch ol the credut For the prosperous year just completed Qur class play The Boomer was presented on February 7 uncer the drrectlon of Mr Autenrerth Qur faculty advisers Mr Kung Miss Grlls and Miss Boylan also helped us to gain favorable re sults In our hnanclal socral and literary proye ts and to them we owe many thanfs ln the spring N2 paid honor to the Seniors with a very oleasvn, prom ln our lou th and Final year we hope to better our prernous tand aros and to uphold the honor ol our lass and ol New Brighton Hugh School Q-3545555 49 ll aM'-4'-4 un-Hb rv i -' 1 p , p, 1. , fr ' if ' Q i . Q . . Q an U nur p U . e V e . ' ' l r 1 1 ' . H.. . . , -I .x I ' "' I e ' ' . o . 0 . L t. I I I , . . . . ., . , . 1 N1 I ' . . . . . ,P I I " I r.y F. ' ,X ' ' ' .H ' r ' , V s - , . . f I X' f . 5 . ... an an as 51 " A ilk 'Ck I lx 11-lx timxub hash yum! ev-army -I 1 t uuuuuu t nnnuuu k u unuu n Junlof Class Onlcers Presldent WILLIAM MARTIN Vlce Pre :dent JOSEPH CREDE Secretary LILLIAN MILLER Treasurer NORMAN MAC DONALD SC I 4', A' I- I Q. I 'il' . .I Ili: , I, my 41 , . . ' - 5' .... ......... .. .......... 1, .- za I EE I' ,- Abend Geraldine Aley Erma Anderson Ruth Barkich Anna Bauer Joe Bauerle Mildred Bellan Kathryn Bellan Nick Bennett William Blagg Wilma Blair David Blinn Harold Blinn Raul Blowers Fred Boehm Ruth Boggs Dorothea Bowen Madelyne Boyer Raymond Bradshaw Caroline Brannon Herbert Brenner Jeanne Brittain Clark Brkich John Brobeck Burrell Budiscak Thomas Byers Lora Calvin Dolores Carr Gladys Cater Harry Coene Dorothy Cook Charles Cook Kathryn Corcoran Edward Corfield Frank Crede Joseph Daugherty Dorothy DeMarco Adeline DeRuyter Jean Doolittle Glen Duey Homer Jr Dunlap Honor Edgar Stella Farmer Pauline Felton Richard Flanick Anna Fox Charles Funk Dorothy Mae Funkhouser June Frischkorn Jack ' Frishkorn Martha Gentzel Jack Goodman Mike Grant Ellis Gumpf Dorothy Gwilliam Thelma Haire Mildred Hall Charles Hartung Frances Havis John Hays John Hazen Wilfred Hendrickson Mary Hill Qrrin Hogue Betty Houlette Harriet Householder Martha James Margaret Jenkins Mary Joy William Kennedy Evelyn Kisic John Koah Clarence Kovach John Kratzert Esther Kredel George Laposki Julius Leslie Lavina Lonkert Ruth Ludwig William Lytle Clifford Lytle James Mabery Leslie MacDonald Norman Mahon Viola Marshall Robert Martin William Martsolf John Mathis John McElroy John McNutt Jean Mecklem Viola Mennell Edward Mennel Jean M' er Lillan Miller Melvin Monit Chester Mooney Frank Moore Herman Morrow William Myer' Elinor 51 Myers Miriam Nusser Margaret Rarkhill Donald Patterson Betty Patterson David Peluso Joseph Pickens Kathryn Podnar Frank Popovic Montgomery Popovich Anne Procovich Helen Provance Jeane Reed Geraldine Reed Jean Reutter Mildred Rhoades Opal Rhodes Veletta Rombold Jean Rotzler Billy Sager Gertrude Samek Ruth Schaney Jean Scheeler Victor Seawright Dorothy Sentak Robert Shafer William Shaffer Robert Shroads Jane Sklllinger Marian Smith Barbara Smolar Irene Stein Mildred Stevens Henry Strayer Dorothy Suskiewich Joseph Talkovic Barbara Trgovac Joseph Veiock Mabel Veiock Madeline Volinic Nick Walker Marjorie White Jean Wigal James Wilcox Robert Williams Eugene Winterburn Mary Winters Francis Wolfe Betty Yard Bennie Young William --I-Q IL W2 ggi ' p- - ' 1- ' 0- ... 1 1 r 1 1- 1 I r .. ,. -. ,. .. 1 I l A 0 In 1- s -' s I x - Q - N L' ' - r Junior -lass Roll I . I . I . . I I A I A I I I I I I I I I r I 1 I , I I I I I I I I I I V ' A if I I . I . I . ' . f 1 . I . . I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I I I A I I , Jenkins, Raymond Richardson, Faye I - I - I I I 4 4 I I I I I I In 4 I I I I I I . I I I I I I .I -I A I I ' I A I A - I I , I . I . . l I 1 I i I , i I I F I I I I I I I I I A I I I b I I I I I . I . . . . I I - I VI I ,I I I I I I I I I ' I A I A I I A I - I I I I I I I , ill , i , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 31 I I I ' li' Fw '- ,,,, -M! 5'-1 .L A5 ip .mx -mx .mix -me K xx Q 4 5 vi S ,-.Qmg QSEEEAP 3"-M-M-I V a n fm U h B S2 za pn ra , 4 :sz J '10 4 Mai' as 2.40 ' I unnu! w flll l fi , I SOPHOMORES History of the Sophomore Class The Soohomore Class IS glad to report a most successtul year largelydue to the help otour FlHdI'1CIdl adviser Miss Moore our literary aovrs r Mxss Grimes and our social adviser Mr Autenrelth At the beginning ol the school term both Literary and Class Qlhcers were neth lhorras Vice president Elizabeth Maroals Secretary and An thony LdDOSlfl Marshal For Class Clhcers we elected Leonard Rulq llc presldent Jack Javlns Vxce president Thelma Kung Secretary Jimmy Stern Treasurer The class vvas vvell satlshed vvlth the election lhe Literary Qfh cers were changed at the begrnnlng ot the second term but the Class Qlhcers hela thetr posltrons the entire year The most outstandnng event ot the year vv s the Sophomore Progr nn W 1cn was nelc Aorn O3 W935 This program vvas drrecteo oy Mnss Grimes and Mrss Sutton rQSX5'fS5'5 53 I' or ti' r fll' 4' 42' 44' 41 elected. For Literary we elected Christian Weeber, Presidentf Kena A H a!," h"k ' Jon - - - - 'H mg an nl :sn 1'-'H gmmxxb 9-is yum! semxg 9-EM.: 'His KR ilk 1 R ills g s-U--n q -----I-1 A ----1--r g f uuun 0 ti-6' Sophomore Class Officers LEONARD RUKUC THELMA KING JAMES STEIN 54 President ..........................,...... Vicwpresidenr ............,.................. JACK JAVENS Secretary .......................,............ Treasurer ,............,,...............,.,.... I! ffl? .HM -1 iii- air ...M 1 ffm -3 Alexander Alma Jean Altmeyer Betty Atklnson Robert Baker Jean Balderson Olive Mae Barnett Grace Bauer Ted Bedlson Burton Begley Betty Beltsch Harry Best Jean Blbbee Betty Bittner Mary Ann Boren Esther Bosco Irene Bradshaw Vlrglnla Brandenberger Belva Brannon Dulcle Busch Myrtle Byers Robert Byers Rose Calderwood Laura Carlo Joe Carson Harry Cater John Chaney Rlchard Conner Mary Allce Cook Alnce Cook George Crumrlne Dealva Custer Theodore Davis Benjamln Davls Eltzabeth Derlflnnger Robert DeVmney Paul Dlxon Gertrude Dobson Donald Druschel Dorothy Duey Jack Dunn Charles Edwards Margaret Emery Dorothy Clalre Fabyanlc lvan Fleld Leonard Forsythe John Frew Nancy Frlschkorn Betty Frlshkorn lola Garmen Anna Jane Glllesple Ruth Gold Mary Ellen Goosby Mabel Gruber Dorothy Gwllllam Evelyn Hall Harrlet Harger Betty Harger Vera Harmon Ruth Heckathorne lra Helble Aletha Sophomore Class Hershberger, Robert Hulberg Loss Hoey James Hoodnlck Pete Hornnck Ellen Houlette Jane Hulmes Helen Jeanne Hutchinson Ethel llft Wilfred lrwxn Rlchard Jackson lva Mae Jackson Samuel Javens Jack Jurasovlc Grace Kell Vtrglnla Kennedy Franklin Kester James Kester Mabel Kester Vmrglnra Ketterer Russell Kung Charles Kung Thelma Klrschner, Arllne KISIC Joseph Klear Gloria Knlght Frances Kraly Joseph Krndler Walter Kunlk Micheal Kusnlr Frank Landfalr Wllllam Laposkl Anthony Llbrlck Nlck Lorencz Walter Lowe Orjeane Lowe Sarah Lytle Mable Marquis Elizabeth Marquls Margaret Marr James Marsh Russell Marshall Adele Martin Matthew Matthews Juamta McBride Henry McComb Charlotte McCutcheon John McDaniel Grace McGown John McCown Jean McKenzle LaRoka Meeder Mnrlam Meteny Joe Meteney Margaret Muller Robert Mltchell Phlllp Molter Ruth Monut Adam Moore Vlrgnnna 55 Mugwlt Helen Mullk Wilmer Orend Jean Ostrom Charles Owens Glen Peluso Joe Peters Catherlne Petuch Wlnllred Pickens Ralph Pontler Samuel Powell Alma Power, Donald Pryor James Ranrlgh Sarah Raw Wlllls Reda Mane Reese Davucl Rogers Ruth Roush Edna Rukllc Leonard Rupert Eu ene Russell, Ro ert Schalslel Mllton See Raymond Sentak Walter Shlelds Catherlne Shields Peter Smith Da e Smuth Elizabeth Smlth Leroy Smxth Mary Smnth Robert Smlth Ruby Smith Samuel Smolar John Snowberger Clntlord Statton Rose Steel Jane Stem James Stomskr Sophla St John Dons Mae Susklewlch Victor Taylor Merrltt Thomas Kenneth Van Arsdale Charlotte Venock Ruth Walcott Robert Walker Robert Wallis James Webster Katherine Weeber Chrustuan Weiner Martin Welsh Gladys West Edward Yard Harry Yee Dorothy Yovanovlc Samuel Zahnlser Helen Zalesks Stella Zuk Charles ll'- UJIIUI - un-1 - " -' .- -. 4- A ,. A' or ' 0 4 ' - 5 - . , x I I I . ' f 1 1 , I ' . , I 1 I 1 I 1 , I . ' I 1 1 , I 1 , I I I I . ' I 1 , ' ' 1 , I I 1 , I ' . . . I ll I I I .I I 1 1 , I 1 , I 1 , I 1 , I Z ' 1 ' 1 1 , I ' . I 1 ' , I T 1 A COlldf, Add LOUIS? K0flC5n5lqyI John Simmonsl I-Toward ' . I 1 I 1 I l '. I 1 1 , ' I . ' . . I 1 . I t V I I A I ,' ' 1 1 , ' I . ' f 1 1 , I 1 , I 1 , I 1 , I 1 , I ' . I - 1 1 , 4 I 1 , I 4 1 , I 1 , I . I I I , I , f 1 I 1 I 1 , I 1 - , I 1 , I 1 , I . , ' f 1 1 - I , I 1 , I 1 , I 1 I , I 1 , I I I I ' 1 " Y' " ' "i F-H! IE! my my Hg I .N ' L SC E! ,. ..- . 1-- 55 I! F' F' FRESHMEN Freshman Class History Cn September 4 1934 the Freshman class came into existence although it was a very confused and puzzled existence After a weelc or two the mem bers of this Class of 38 began to get into the proper rooms at the right time Very good students we made even If we couldn t decide who ID the world was Assur nazir pal or what lg x b+v equalled We managed to elect literary officers who directed some splendid programs ln due time examinations came around Most of us actually made good marks the result of carrying home a library every night The arrival ofchristmas saved us from collapsing entirely but on our return we found more exam quarter Vfe started the second semester feeling better We lqnew now that after all Sophomores are only last years Freshmen So the class became organized and we elected new literary officers and also class officers The following class officers were chosen president Watson Haarbauer Vice President Felix Qliver Secretary Mary lrwln Treasurer Theodore Velock Under the guidance of these officers we had a successful year To provide something for our treasury we had a benefit The Band Plays Cn at the Brighton lheater Qur new literary officers continued to up hold the hugh standard of our programs Third quarter examinations came and went Most of us breathed more freely when we passed this third mule post ln approximately three months we shall be grand and glorious Sophomores Qur class as a whole has had a successful start Much credit is due our advisers Miss Dunham Miss Rinehart and Mr l-lender and to all our other teachers ln behalf of the class l thanlc them So ends our first year as members of New Brighton l'-hgh School May the Class of 38 continue the successful career we have started as Freshmen QS54?i5'2 57 F ' ' ! -" l hill: Q ' s 'I x 'Y x . 4 - . . , . if C 'D . A C . V V . U . ,D . . inations. This time we did not do so well Qno libraries had gone home this -5 .. mg an an :si '-my Ffeshman Class OHICCTS WATSON HAARBAUER MARY IRWIN THEODORE VEIOCK 58 President ............................ Vice-President ......................,...,....., FELIX OLIVER Secretary ...................................... Treasurer ......,.,...............,...... l- 4-H fl EDU57 1 Abend William Addison Donald Albert Ann Anania Anna Anderson David Anderson Howard Anderson William Armour Lawrence Arnold Paul Ashman Harry Austin Betty Baird William Baker Elva Baker Robert Beatty James Beatty William Beck Robert Bendekovic Anna Bennet Robert Best Melba Blair Robert Blinn Lawrence Boettner Earl Bonomo Margaret Book John Brandt Virginia Brellock Eleanor Breen Betty Brenner Lois Brown Sarah Browder Woodrow Calderwood Ruth Calvin Dorothy Capo Mary Carey Esther Carling Daniel Carroll Alice Jean Carson Robert Carver Ruth Cater Lyle Caughey Elrick Cavlovia Nick Chaney Nellie Christner Jean Ciganick Vincent Cleary Robert Cleckner Flo Commella Sam Cook Howard Couch Virginia Creach Frederick Davis Catherine Dalivuk Thomas Dewhirst Emerson Dewhirst Gladys Dick Arleigh Dickinson Jean Dicks Fred Dixon Clark Dull Clillord Dunlap, Roberta Dwyer, Constance Dwyer, Mary 155 F! 2'-'E - 5 65 1 2 -7 2 -5' Dybo Felecia Ea ly Elmer Eaton Dolores Eaton M rgaret Euler Jane Emlet Alice Fair Jack Feit Grace Flanick Anthony Flowers Joseph Fortune Chest Fox Franklin Franklin Rosemarie Frethy Eleanor Frew Donald Funkhouser Elsie Fursa John Gacesa Paul Gaido Elizabeth Gardner Catherine Geissinger Jean Geronimo John Gibscn Jerome Gillen Gertrude Gillespie William Glass Charles Glenn Virginia Golden Frances Jean Goodman Frances Grant Kenneth Grimm Kathryn Guy Ruth Haarbauer Myrtle Haarbacer Watson Hall Vernon Hardesty Margaret Harris Ray Hartung Everett Harvath Anna Hazen Anna L Henn Val Henry Gail Hickey John Hillinger William Householder Anna Householder Betty Hogue Lon Hoon William Hrabica Joseph Hunt Ernest lrwin Mary C. Jackson Andrew Karr Jack Kelbaugh Ruth Kennedy Catherine Kennedy Chester Kennedy Raymond Ketterer Dale King Mercedas Kisic Micke Kleinhample, Paul Klucarick, Anna Koehler, Clara Kornman Mildred Kraus William Kusnir Rose Laposki Edward Lewis Anna Lorencz Emil Luke Charles Lynn Clyde Madory Mary Malovic Christine Marr William Martin Carl Martin Eva Mason Mary Masters Gail May Edward McCarty Emery McCauley Charles McGowan Norman McKenny Pat Mennell Robert Merriman Helen Miller George Miller James Miller Ruth Mitchell Winilred Molder Anna Moore Edward Moore Susan Moores Gliver Morrison Vera Morrow Marjorie Mulford Mildred Murphy Mary C Murry William Narvette Eddie Neese Mary Jane Nemec Albert Ochsenhirt Dorothy Oliver Felix Owens Jean Pardoe Harry Pasqua Mary Jane Peluso Woodrow Persons William Perrine Howard Plleghar William Podnar Anna Powell Helen Powers Dale Pullion Kathryn Radclill Eva Rader John Revelant Ida Riddle Earl Rinehart Dale Roberts Elizabeth Rombold Milton Rose Ruth Rosenberger Ruth Rosen, Harold Rosenmond, Fern Rotzler, Ruth Rowan Nellie Sabona Joseph Saibeni Joseph Schaller Evelyn Schriver Jean Shaffer Florence Sheets Darrel Sheets Robert Shields Buddy Shields James Shuster Ray Skillinger Geraldine Slavic Dorothy Smith David Smith Gerald Smith Jean Smith Robert Smith Ursula Snyder Jack Steinheld Harold Stevens Esther Stomski Genevieve Svetnick Louis Swagger Kenneth Sylvester Ora Taylor Charles Thomas Anna Thomas Joseph Thompson David Thompson Jack Thompson Josephine Thompson Margaret Thull Rosemary Trygovac Nick Tucker Mary Van Lear Dorothy Veiock Margaret Veiock Theodore Vestrocy Margaret Wallace Edith Watkins Samuel Watson James Waugh Norma Weber Evelyn Weidman Dolores Weimer Donald Weiskopl John Whipple Edith Whittle Velma Wigal Kenneth Williams Agnes Wilkolski Nelson Winkler Mike Winters Raymond Wise Paul Withrow Jack Yard Herman Yeager Janet Yoho Donald Young Catherine Zaleski, Vincent Ziegal, Eva May 'B I DI I ii UUJDUI , .. ,. ,, . ,, A III I F M A 1 , , -5 If Q - 4. W s Members of the Class of 1138" 1, - . . . I I I 1 I 1 - F 1 I1 I A 1 I 1 1 1 I -1 I I I 1 5 51 1 I I I I 1 I 1 ' . . , I 1 U N 1 I If 1 1 I II I 1 I ' I 1 A 1 I I I . I . . , I , ' . . ' . er I A V I 1 1 I I V 1 .I A 1 i I I I 1 I I 1 1 1 I i , i ' . . ' . I A 1 I I I 4 I ' . I 1 V 1 1 I 1 I 1 i 1 1 1 I 1 1 ,I 1 1 i i 1 BIGW1 Rebecca GClSSlfl82f1 EVClYf1 McNees, Harry Still, Margaret . ' , I I I 1 1 I 1 I 1 41 i 1 I 1 1 A 1 V I 1 I. 1 1 ' I I ' . . . I A 1 , 1 1 1 I I I I 1 i 1 I I 1 1 ' , I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I I H . ' I 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 i . ' . ' 1 i A I 1 1 1 I 1 1 , I 1 I A I 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 V 1 1 ' . I ' i 1 I 1 i . I . I 4 I I I ' . , I I 1 . ' . . I . . I 1 . . ' . 1 1 1 I I I . . , I I 1 1 1 I 1 1 , 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I I 1 I I I I 1 1 I 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 Y , , Ill Fl F! F! ""l Kgmgg qxb K-wx-D 'K'Nx 0 K- wx 0 60 -.-Q --QL l-ix -mil -Q I .2 QQ i TJ f ,af 1 "fm j J f L75 IM L I AG ' lm M M Q fzff ish 1 1" ' 1 ACtIvltIeS g'pCllff' ii? 4 111 -,hi 1,5 k .'fZ IA6 f f LZ ,ggi mr :D f' J - f ni R if 4, 9 wf I 7 , w 0 1 G7 X X , U ' .X ' , 1 ,X V' 3 S U !?'A 5 tj I fplfl ' X ' fy' K ,f - NQJ , W I' fp if Af' '- f7 A J f 7 ' ff I ff I E54 . f' fl, -A-HX-5 1 A .1 sf f ' .X A l a A - , 7 f ' 'T X 'L r jf Vg T! f . f , , xi , iffy N xx' gx fx Vw, A513 I ' l I A P .l M: HL X ' , I' hw, f I ax' -Q. ' mi 9 Zia- X, , 1 W I-if . . -fl-In X4 f V ww 4' Q ' X V .-1 -: . f - ' ,Lf Q ,LQ , X 9 . 'EY ' idk W X 'A T1 - ff s:,an'l1I4g - i' 1 - f5f:fQ?TE'fEgl f M -Q ..,. - Q. -, ' E11 HEI BH! ESQ -1 gx g x. r. 5- u k Q. 9?-Eve n! ' nag I -1-mmm . nunuuv n t x nnnuq E! dl W n 11 E! EE F' 455' .LM ouvuu ' U9 F100 1 vapap i vauwn i GIRL RESERVE OFFICERS Row 'I NANCY BRADSI-IAXY! LEONA PATTERSON MISS CARTER Treasurer President Advuser BETTY MAROUIS Row Q MARY LOUISE WEBER JEAN REED Secretary Program Chairman Soclal Charrman Grrl Reserve Club The Grrl Reserve Club completed another successful year IH 1934 35 with each member strlvlng To Fund and glve the best A number ol events which have con tributed to thus success and have aimed to develop the gurls spnrltually intellectually and socially In addition to the regular bl monthly meetings, Included an outdoor campfire service a Cinderella Maslced Ball a covered dlsh dinner at the Y M C A the usual jOlDt meeting with the I'll Y, an Interesting chapel program In commemora tion of Lincoln s birthday a St Patrlclcs party as guests of the Beaver Falls Club a mnnstrel show by the Glrl Reserve alumni, and the annual May Day exercuses and In stallatlon ceremon1es,whlch brought the year to a close Other contrlbutlng factors were the Grrl Reserve Orchestra, the I'lonor Roll of those who learned the code, slogan and song the wearnng of the blue scarls, the rnslgnra of the orgamzatuon, and the worlc of Mass Carter, our sponsor 63 F . 4. I Q ' I A P A 452 sr u" 'R I N U" A MADELINE vrlocklhf.1f',','.'.1'. f.'vQCQQbmiaem Crede, Joe F' il L1 E! - 'EMO k-255 gums? Oulxxxx XV SY-lkkxx 0 KL ts lk: K-it th Blngham Bob Brew Robert Brlcich John Carson Merritt Chaney, Joel Christner, Robert Corfield, Frank Ellsworth Thomas, Kenneth Dean Diclcs, Duey Duey Dunn Floyd Arthur l-lomer Jack Erwin, Richard Figley, l-loward Fox, Charles Haarbauer, l-lomer l-lays, John l-lazen, Wilfred Hu Y Members l-leckathorne lra l-lobaugh l-larry l-lornby Robson IH Bal y Javens, Jack Joy, William Kaufman, Dale Kelbaugh, Claire Koah, Clarence Kratzert, Donald Luce, Byron Mathis, John Marr, James hNMUn,hAe Meteny, Joe Parkhill, Donald Patterson, David Peluso, Joe 64 PODOVIC Montgomery powers Donald Rariclc Clarence Rawl Raymond Rhodes, Manuel Samelc, Robert Saul, l-lerbert Schaich, Jaclc SmHh,RobeM Snowberger, Cliff Stdn,BHl Stein, James Weeber, Christian Weeber, Edwin Williamson, Robert Yee, Raymond Young, William Zerlce, Carl A K ' K Q '1 Jill ' tl 'Il' I 53 F3 JL 1 01' W5 1 -J i i fl 1 I i IJ- 1 ,,, ' ' 14 ' The Hu Y Club The New Brlghton l-ll Y Club elected the following officers for the vear 1934 Vice President CHARLES FQX Secretary DQNALD KRATZERT Treasurer HOMER HAARBAUER Early an the year the Club enjoyed a covered dlsh dinner at the Y M C A Another event well attended was a slcatung party at Evans Cnty On December 7 8 9 1934 nineteen members of the Club attended the Qlder Boys Conference held at Bradford Pennsylvanla Many new Ideas were brought baclc by the delegates A joxnt slcatmg party under the auspices of the l-ll Y and Phy Chem Clubs was held March Q7 at Evans Cnty Plans were made to hold a dance in the Gymnasium on May 31 1935 Durrng the year several members of the faculty have glven Interesting tallcs at our weelcly meetnngs Much of the success of our Club this year IS due to Mr Boyd and Mr Anthony our faculty advisers and Mr McCullough of the Y M C A 65 v I P' I YY V - I ' ff pf .,g,,, , , ,, 5 I, ,nu n in Q uippol vienna x ' A- ' ' I m35. president .............,.................... DALE KAUFMAN ... EE L1 L1 1' M 11-v L 31: tl The Band After makrng Its fnrst public appearance at the New Brighton Bessemer Football game the New Brighton l-llgh school Band played at all the football and basketball games lts appearance has been greatly Improved by the use of an American Flag and a school flag made by the gurls In the band A movement to raise money for band uniforms was started by the townspeople and our share In the campaign was the carry Ing out of a house to house canvass for funds Although the band us not entered In the Beaver County Music Contest thus year the members are practlcung falthfully ID antlcrpatlon of the presentation of a concert ID the l-llgh School Auditorium rn May MEMBERS Clarrnets Trombones Dorothy Calvln Horns Floyd Dean Mel Martln HGVVY MCN225 B,ll Bennett Madellne Eberle John Mathis Donald Power Don Parlqhlll Steve Korrcansky Milton Schaffel D0VOfl'1Y Cldlfe EYUCVY B,ll H-ft D'Cl4 Provence Trumpets and Cornets Saxophone, Vlrgrnla Kell J H M r If Ich Jh M G Rjt,jGUj'SO g3ndSDffjY Mary Ellen May O U C OWU John l'l'Cl42Y Ellsworth Dunn Jack Jdvens Percussmn JOGMCWNCY lrene Kirchner ?IlldLdrf-cziriillr Jack McDonald Grace MCDGWQI Charles Fox Y 6 l-larry Cater AVlC'8lW D'Clf Bull Martin Basses Duck Chaney Baritone Joe Peluso Clarence Koah Bull Marr Herbert Saul Jim Stern Robert Baker Bobby Smith 66 " ' - s- .l -. - 1 K K .L -L I- n. , A. . X X N I . K .u N - P :unnall uuuuun Runnin ' :nm-:un u""n'7l Q lvi'!-.. ' . :Xu ' .X?+.,,. .wx I v t K ,W , , ,l . ' , ' - u,',.5, . . : h Fi A . . , 4 ,-, . . fx e f , . I in 45 .41 ul! gn I Ili any -51' ui' i C H JL This year the orchestra has developed Into a promlslng organization under the capable leadershlp of Mr Anthony It has greatly Increased ID size over last years orchestra The hrst appearance thas year was at a P T A meeting In the gymnasium Since then It has played at the Senior class play the .lunror class play the Junior Women s Club play Marianne and the operetta Bits O Blarney given by the Mixed Chorus This year has proved to be very successful and prohtable and the members wrll look baclc on It s vvorlc vvlth great pleasure and pride The members of thus organlzatuon are Vlollns Richard McBride Ellis Grant Montgomery Popovlc Evelyn Grlfhths Helen Greer Ruth GIll2SDI2 Harry Pardoe Jane Steel Bully Austun Betty Smith Chuck Dunn Bull Stern E ule Wnlfred Hazen Trumpets Bull Martin Irene Kirchner Charles Fox Dallas Dlclc Don Powers Bass Horn Clarence Koah Saxophones William Landfanr Jaclc Javens Mary Ellen May Trombone Milton Schalfel 7 Clarmets Madeline Eberle Floyd Dean Rrchard Provance Steve Korrcanslcy Drums Frank Kennedy Jack MacDonald Horns Bull Bennett John McGown Vlrglnla Kell Don Parlchlll Plano Agnes Wallls Ellen Sayre qvgnanv If N X ui' s The Orchestra .1 ' 4 E 6 lib 'g as gg as g .., k-1. E- wx 'Em XV - nuunn i n mnuu I! - u MIXCCI Cl'lOI'US Under the capable leadership ol Mr Raul Anthony and Student Conductor Dale Kaufman the Mixed Chorus had a very successful season producing an operetta rendering several chapel programs partlcxpatlng IU a number of church services and oresentlno on several occasions an old Fashioned song lest and slnglng at Baccalaureate and Commencement Always the enthusiasm ol the group overcame all obstacles Qlllcers ol the chorus were Dale Kaufman President Jane Steele Secretary and Madeline Venock and Beverly Brandt Librarians 5' als al-'gxxkb Sopranos Altos Tenors Beverly Brandt Ruth Powell Jane Steele Evelyn Veroclc Mane Reda Elmzabeth Roberts Martha Welsh Jeane Provance Dorothy Allender Delores Wurzel Ruth De Vnnney Ruth Martsolf Jane l-loulette Frances l-lartung Kathryn Musuck Dolly Leuln Evelyn Givens Evelyn Grlfllths Ellen Sayre Elverene Smrth Agnes Wallis Alice McGurre Madeline Veroclc 68 Harry l-lobaugh Claire Kelbaugh Phrllp Mitchell Robert Retzer Basses Dale Kaufman Robert Bingham Clarence Rarlclc Leonard Field Robson l-lornby Herbert Saul 1 . I F1 lg - L I . I ' all B ix ' N' ' 1 oafnn " 3 nl , 2 f fb, u I K 2 vs. ' ll 41. 5 t . rf 1 I 1 l 1 . I . . . . . 1 r V ' 1 ' 1 l i 1 i . . I . . I . yl'-1 in if-5 M Pl' ti!! sg? Safety Patrol The Safety Patrol IS made up of a group of young men chosen from the Junnor and Sensor classes In recognltlon of their outstandang character and ablllty to accept re sponsabnlltles The purpose ol thus organlzatlon ns to safeguard the school and communnty from tralhc accndents and to set examples rn leadershlp and good cltlzenshlp TED MLJJWIT JACK SCI-TAICH GERSON SCI-TAFFEL PAUL McCUTCt-IEON MERRITT CARSON Robert Bingham Thomas BUdISCdlC Joel Chaney Robert Chrlstner Walter Coss Dale Duck Dallas D1clc Herbert Saul PATROL ONE PATROL TWO PATROLMEN l-lomer l-laarbauer Mllce l-lornlclr Dale Kaufman Clarence Knautf Steve Korlcansky George Kredel James l.ytle William Martln 9 Chlel of Patrol Captain Captain Lreutenant John Mathls Albert Mentz Melvin Muller Clarence Rarxclc Robert Retzer Manuel Rhodes Wlllldm Young Custodlan .....................,.....,..l.ieutenant 6 . T lx iilx vile 'ik ET lg rmxgx Q -Lb K-mx., gt mx -'Mx 70 - -. -.. - Q ima dsx- lk' CN' ' H lg an A " " U I . xg x , 5 5 " - 4 Y ' i . I ' annual: ru-mmm vlnnin russian "nu" -3 - .fjfi 1 ,U '-'nfl I a- , I - 'A V . A 1 . l,, . . I ' lk " ' I. 4 '-ef "2 , f I , , In . s '- 1 ll! 153 E! I-'E ,yn Play Chem Club llwe pliv Clwem Cluo is mace up ol a group ol students lrom tlwe plivsics and Cnemistrv classes interested in learning more in time lield ol science llie club was lirst organized in i933 i934 lor tlie purpose ol bringing before tlie students nevv developments ol science vvlwicli are impossible to present in tlwe class room lo lullll tlwis purpose spealcers vvlwo are specialists in their particular Fields are tnrouglwt p lore tlwe club to present tlie latest developments and advancements in tlwe world ol science Since tlwe organization ol tliis club tlne students lwave slwovvn an increasing amount ol interest in matters ol scientilic researcli From suclw groups ol students will come our QFHCEPS l-lQlVlEl2 HAARBAUER president lXfll.l.lfANlVl YQUNG Vice president DQROTI-W l-lll.L Secretary lXflLl.lAfVl lVlfXl2lllNl lreasurer QSSQRSSB 11 9' "' nl' C- 1 l A A ' 4 - ' H ' A- .f f .W f 4 uuamlv qi g x all f -15, , Ui A, ' Q . , i . i , . A . , . . . L . I I . . . . . A 7 V , luture scientists and inventive geniuses. mi :QQ 'A 'Wk ilk 'Ck ilk I1-lg Q- was Q- 9 Q- ms ar ms k- Sm COIUITICTCIBI OFFICCYS ALBERT PQNTIEP JANE STEELE ANNA BARKICH 72 .N ...................,.............. President STELLA DAVIS ----'-'-'-'---------.-..--.-,.-. Vice President ...............................,......SQCrgf5ry ........,.........................Treasur Z 15: H 5' 1 11,5 All fl" fllfl Ili om.-:iv omg? ogg? bmzi' Lag COITIITIZTCIBI Upper Ructure FITSL Row Left to Rrght Ruth Allender Reglna Crumrxne Mary Kovach Helen Householder Nell Blbbee Carollne Cozlov Annetta Moore Helen Godlevvsltl Helen Greer Evelyn Givens Dorothy Mae James Gazella futato Mlss Lols Gul s Second Rovv Left to Rrglrt Mabel Kester Vxola Mahon Dorothy Gruber Arllne Klrshner Grace Mc Dansel Ruth Bush Allce Householder Mlldred Hllberg Elizabeth Henn Elenor FISCUS Ger rude Dixon Vnrglnla K ster Harrlet Hall fhlrd Rovv Left to Right Valda Anthony Charlotte McComb Geraldlne Abend Marv Kotoff Allce Coolf Kathenne Cook Mildred Halre Dorothy Daugherty Sara Lovve Ruth Harman Evelyn Gvvllllam Lots Hllberg Betty Altmeyer Gloria Klear Fourth Row Left to Rlghtx Robson Hornby Dale Kaufman Stella Davns Mary Brookhart Francrs Knrght Betty Brgley John Havls Harry Cater Joel Chaney Harold fleeson Lovver Picture flrst Row Left to Right Marguerite lhomas Alma Rowell Kathryne Bellan June Funlchouser Anna FlanIcl4 Ruth Anderson Adallne DeMarco Lrlllan Muller Dorothea Boggs Anna Barloch Mrrnam Myers Betty Hogue Eleanor Sheets Second Rovv Left to Rnght Mabel VQIOCR Catherune Peters Charolotte Van Arsdale Gladys Smith Jean Reed Gertrude Sager Faye Rnchardson Stella Ruff Ann Narvette lrene Shafer Ethel Ward lhsrd Rovv Left to Rnght Mary Wrnterburn Betty Wolfe Helen Sprnnser Helen Vestrocy Dorothy Wolfe lfstella Wise Vlrgunla VQIOCK Came Wise Jane Steele Opal Reed Jeane Reese Anna Rlassmeyer Fourth Row Left to Rlght Edna Mae Quinn Jean Schaney Veletta Rhodes Msldred Reutter Qpal Rhodes Evelyn VZIOCR Martha Welsh Mary Smith Ruth Rogers Betty Ann Ashman Fifth Rovv Left to Rrght Mr James H Kelly Wlllldm Ruff Ross Anderson Albert Ron ner Robert Marshal George Brandt John McElroy Wnlluam Shafer 73 4-. r- . .1 ' 1' ' ... p , p . I . p .- .. ,. ,.. ,. .. r V ' f , 4 . x . 4 uaanuv unnuna '99 'Halal UUUUUF . I I I I I I I I I , . . . , I I I l ' ' I I I I ' I I I I I , b . . . . . , . , e , . I I I 1 I 'I ' I I I I I I I I ' C , I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I J I I ' I I I I I I I I I , . I I J I I I I I I I I , . I I I ' I I I I I I . . F. ' - I I I Y I I I I ' .Q um! 'Naunuk 11:2 .. , Q- . F. - H! tm! no 2- 5 gas!! Q5 -a s Beta Gamma The Beta Gamma Biology Club has enjoyed a very successful year, havlng had an Increase In membership, and a number of Interesting and lnstructlve meetings The members acted as hosts on two occaslons flrst, to the Beaver Falls Biology Club, and second, to the parents and friends of the club Under the faculty advlser Mr Taylor, the following officers have served during the year 1934 1935 President, Merrltt Carson, Vice Presldent, Dorothy Hull Secretary, Jean Mennel, Treasurer, Mar Ellen May Reporter, Ruth Lonlcert The club consists of the following members Allender Dorothy Anderson Dayud Arnold Paul Austln Betty Balmer Jean Balcer Robert Baurle Muldred B'aer Rebecca Bradshaw Vnrglnla Calderwood Laura Calderwood Ruth Carson Merritt Carver Ruth Chrlstner Robert Coene Dorothy Collar Ada Loulse Commella Samuel Connor Margorue Coss Walter Crumrlne Dealva Davxs Benlamun DeVmney Paul Derflmger, Robert Dewhurst Emerson Dlclcs Fred Eaton Margaret Eberle Madeline Elverson Frank Farmer Paulnne Fleming Mildred Fox Frank Fox Paul Frethy Elnnor Mae Frew Donald Frlshlcorn Martha Funk Doroth Mae Funlchouser lsle Fursa John Glllesple Ruth Gillespie Wllllam Glass Charles Glenn Vnrgtnxa Grimm Kathryn Haarbauer Homer Haarbauer Watson Hall Harriet Harger Elnzabeth Harger Vera Hazen Anna Louise Hazen Wilfred Huclrey John Hall Dorothy Hoon William Houlette Jane Householder Betty Hunt Ernest Hunter Gladys llf Bl e Jackson Samuel Jayens Jack Jenlrnns Mary Joy William Jurasoync Grace Karr Jack Karr Mary Ellen Kell Vlrglma Kennedy Chester Kennedy Evelyn Kennedy Jean Kennedy Ray Kester Vurglnla Kratzert Esther Leslxe Lavnna Lewus Anna Lonlcert Ruth Lorencz Emnl Lytle James Marquns Eluzabeth Marquns Margaret 74 Marr Wllllam Marshall Adele Martsolf Ruth May Mary Ellen Mc owan Norman McGuire Aluce McNees Harry Meeder Mlrlam Mennel Jean Miller avxd Moore Herman Moore Olnver Moore Susan Ellen Moore Vlrgnma Morrow Nlanone Molter Jean Murrey Wlllnam Myers Elmor Neese Mary ane Pardoe Harry Patterson Betty Persons nllzam Petuch Wlnlfred Popovuc Montgomery Powell Helen Powers Donald Provance Jean Ralrngh Sarah Rawl aymond Rosen Harold Rotzler Wlllnam Roush Edna Saul Herbert Smut Barbara Smith Robert Smith Ruth Steele Jane Thomas Joseph Thomas Kenneth Thompson Davnd Velock Theodore Walker Manone Weber Evelyn Welmer Donald Werner Martin Weeslcopl John Wrlkofslry Nelson Wmters Raymond Wurzel Delores Yee Dorothy Zahnuser Helen Zaleslu Steffa . I V - , ' i ' Y , . , , ' , , ,li , , , G I , V , I, ll' - , ,L , , .,V V DV , I I 1 I ' I I , , , , , V .I .'. I I . I ' . ,' .. ' ' .. ' .. , V , , , , f , , , V, V, I .. ' ' l. . I . , , ,VN , 4. ,V , , , V 1 V ,V , .V , V r A ,,,. ,V , ' I - I I 'V V , , , , 4, , V , ,A V , , V , V, . . , 1 pn in Q iz: in fill JI!! ffm' zjlfl If l.lbrary Club Under the supervlslon ol Mlss Boylan the Llbrary Club whose purpose It IS to promote an Interest an readnng has had a very successful year Two benehts have been sponsored by the Library Club the proceeds to be used In buying new boolcs for the Library and IH getting old boolcs rebound The monthly meetings of this group are always lnterestlng from a literary and social tandpolnt The ollncers and members of the club are Secretary Treasurer Sensors Gladysl-l ter lsodee Verock Jean Molter Mano e Co nor Be erly Brandt OFFICERS MEMBERS Junlors .lea e Pro a Ma lor e Walker Esther Krat ert Madel ne Veloclc 75 MADELINE VEIOCK Sophomores Eluzabeth Marqu s Marga et Marquis Mary AI ce Con or President ........... ......,...... ,...... l S QUEEN VEIOCK un- n v nce ' li! ll F1 E1 'A 'EMO ?4tb EMG QSM x5 Silkiix hr tg 11512 K-1: ti Senior Literary During the year 1934 T935 the Senior Class presented four literary programs which due to the untiring erforts ol Miss Carter who was our adviser the Program Committee the oliicer and the members ol the Class oi 35 were excellent Much oi the talent of the eniors along the lines oi art music and public speaking vvas amply displayed The outstanding Literary Program featured an original play original short stories and essays original music and original drawings which were on display baclc oi the lootlights The programs for the first semester were in charge oi Walter Coss President Merritt Carson Vice president lsodeen Veioclc Secretary and led Muivvit Marshal The programs lor the second semester vvere capably handled by Bob Bingham president l-lomer l-laarbauer Vice president Evelyn Givens Secretary and Steve Radatovitch Marshal Upon leaving high school our class may loolc baclc with pride on its showing in the Literary field 92992655 Junior Literary Some very interesting literary programs were presented during the year 1934 1935 by the Class of 1936 Shortly alter the Juniors had resumed their duties they met for the purpose oi choosing capable literary officers. Those who served the First semesterwere: Homer Duey president- Richard Felton Vice president' Jean Mennel Secretary- and William Ludwig, Marshal. During the second semester we chose George Kredel President- William Bennett Vice President- Faye Richardson Secretary- and Julius Laposld Marshal. We vvish to thanl4 all those vvho vvorlced to mal4e our programs interesting. 76 iii. -Q '1 lx M55 -gig Q55 -i ls -- Fl! F2 , .,,,,-,, ' ,,,,,, i uaunuv 1 vpgp,,, -I? 5:011 1 Sophomore Literary During the past year the Sophomore Class presented many novel and interesting literary programs under the capable supervision ol Miss Grimes our adviser and our program committee An example ol their ingeniity was the Sophomore Qrchestra a successful organization ol which the class was very proud Also, the class enjoyed a play entitled Not Such A Goose Then too we had two spirited debates several orations essays Floor tallqs and extemporaneous speeches With the support of all our teachers it is little wonder that the Sophomore literary programs ranlted among the best both intellectually and entertainingly in the school The olhcers elected lor the First semester were president Christian Weeher Vice President Kenneth Thomas Secretary Betty Marquis, and Marshal Anthony Laposlci Those elected lor the second semester were President, Mike Kunilt Vice President, Arline Kirschner Secretary Ruth Gillespie and Marshal Joe peluso Q-S5PSK'5'5 Freshman Literary Society We the class ol 38 decided to begin our 1934 1935 tour in a new Ford V 8 with the appropriate title, Freshman Literary Society We are now ready to start our initial tour toward Success But tnelore we could be on our way, we had to have a driver with necessary equipment We the passengers ol the Literary elected as driver Ursula Smith- as co-driver paul Wise, as speedometer Betty Austin' and as tnralces, Dale Rinehart. It soon came time to elect a new driver and assistants. This time the passengers elected as driver Dolores Weidman, as co-driver Billy Marr, as speedometer Janet Yeager' and as brakes, Edward Laposlci. Ol course the passengers of the "Literary" supplied all the entertainment necessary in our tours along the l-lighway ol Success. So from now on- Watch the Freshmen Go By. 77 l' it T ' ll II' Zmfq om-Q Zmv' 4 mv FE EE 51 L1 - 5' 48 'V-'1Kiix0 E. 1 ' ' 1 Iuuuu , l1uu:1h:4 i linings inn-uk N , Duuuu KH' ls ' E tk Pennsylvania Forensic League Contests Qur Literary teams this year have successfully maintained the high standards set up by former representatives of New Brighton High School Gerson Schahfel our extempore spealcer who was coached by Miss Carter suc ceeded in winning First place in the county contests for the last three years He had as his subject this year A New Leisure He departs from the halls of New Brighton High School this year with the Class of 35 Qur orator Franlc Elverson captured first place in the county contest with a hne original oration A Great American a eulogy developing the lite ol Robert E Lee To Mr Autenreith who coached Franlc we give credit for his contributions to the success of our orator. ln the Qratorical Declamation Contest our representative was Richard Felton, who succeeded in talcing second place with his speech entitled "Men of Salt." To Miss Sutton goes the credit for Richards training. Since Richard has another year in school, we wish him luck in the future. Kathryn Musiclc, our contestant in the Poetry Reading Contest, toolc First place in the county contests. Kathryn, who also departs with the Class of '35, delivered a cut- ting lrom "Morte d'Arthur" by Tennyson, entitled "The Reclaiming of Excalibur." Miss Sutton, who is an excellent declaimer, deserves credit for her Fine coaching of Kathryn. Kathryn also toolc First place in the state contest. Qur debate teams participated in three double debates this year. ln our compe- tition with Ambridge, Monaca, and Beaver Falls, we won four ol the six debates. The negative team was composed ol lsodeen Veioclc, ,35, Wilfred Hazen, '36, and Homer Haarbauer, alternate, '35, while the affirmative team had as its members Stella Davis, '35, Montgomery Ropovic, '36, and Herman Moore, alternate, '36. The coaches for debate were Miss Lytle and Mr. King, who deserve much credit for their Fine worlc. New Brighton High School was represented in the music contests this year by William Martin who entered the trumpet solo contest, and Jeane Harris, who entered the piano contest. William, who played "Stars in a Velvety Sky" by Clark, and usere- naden by Schubert, was accompanied by Agnes Wallis and toolc first place. Jeane, who played "Polonaises, C- Minor" Chopin and "Second Arabesquen Debussy, toolc second place. 78 i "W-v 'frwwy Sir MT, tlwlet :cs FMA K" nigh? ggmn 5-:mm -.V Y MR ROARK Athlztrc Coach MR HEIDER Boys Physical Director and Assistant fkthletrc Coach MISS MOORE Girls Physrcal Director 80 R R , 'Fx --1 11 Q manila? xx 'lhulaun Q Q' ,Buggy . uuncznnl , F 5 'h if ' ,di E 11 IB 1 ...-0 I ' '19 I M!! 1 M!! MZ 19 .3 f gunna ' ggggp i ganna ! The Coaches Nr l-lender deserves a lot oi credit It is luis job to teaclw tlwe boys tneir First les sons in football or baslcetball l-le teaclwes tlwem tl'1e fundamentals necessary lor good team play He coaclwes tlwe reserve football team and tlwe reserve and Freslwmen basl4et ball teams so l'11s vvorlf is muclw more importan tlwan it appears l-le is patient and tlworouglw in lwis vvorl4 -l-l'1ISVVdS6SD6CIdllV noticeable when tlwe basket ball team was in a slump l-le continued to WOFl4VVItl1 tlie team trying to eliminate iaults and to brealc bad l'1dbIfS oi tlwe team members l-le did not lose patience vvlwen important games were lost but ratlwer vvorl4ed all tlwe lwarder l-lis football team was one of tlie Finest in tlwe district l-le came out to practice every niglit vvitlw sometlwlng new to slwovv tlwe team This IS Mr Roarks iiltlw successlul year l'1ere llne sclwool greatly appreciates tlwe untirlng ellorts ol tliese two men Saws Miss Moore Miss Moore is tlwe girls Dl'1YSlCdllDStl'UCfOV Slwe lwas a large part In preparing tlwe plwyslcal exlwibltlon. Most ol tlie practicing by tl'1e girls is done alter sclwool vvbiclw means extra Worlc for Miss Moore. This vvorlc is revvarded lwovvever by tl'1e Fine demonstrations vvliiclw tlie girls give in tlwe exlwibitions. llwis year Miss Moore started a lwomefroom Jolley-ball tournament lor tlwe girls vvbiclw vvas very succe,slull. 959955 81 . .EE g . IFF! All 1 ,li fl ,El A x . x 4 Mr. lgoark bas long been recognieed as one oi tlwe Finest coaclwes in tlwe district. .. V .. ,, A ... ' - ... an nn as :ug K ilk 'fix u lx I 'R Kemxxb Q- 5 game 0 Q s MMV SUCCESS New Brighton New Brighton New Brughton New Brighton New Brighton New Brighton New Brlghton New Brighton New Brighton Totals New Brighton Alumnn O Butler Amhrxdge Bessemer Rochester Beaver Ellwood Cnty Monaca Beaver Falls Qpponents 3'l The 1934 edrtlon of New Brighton Hugh School football teams had a very ful season The varsity lost two games one to Butler In our first game away from home and one to Ambrldge who took second place In class A of the W P l A L ln the Ambrldge game the team was wlthln the ten yard llne twice but failed to malce a touchdown The team defeated lts two oldest rlvals Rochester and Beaver Falls Accordung to Rochester fans this IS the hrst time we have beaten Rochester twice In succession Closing the season the team defeated Beaver Falls at Reeves Stadium By a score of 'l4 7 This was the fourth football victory over Beaver Falls ID the flve years that Mr Roarlc has coached here 82 annual: unuzzun Runnin ' :union """'5"l I -A Scores ' 13 .....,........................... ' ' O .........,......................... AlQ ' O .,................,... ......... ' 6 ' ,lg ................................ O ' 19 ................................ O New Brighton O ............... ,................. M idland O ' Q8 ................,................. O ' 13 .....,...................... ' 6 ' Q5 ................................. O ' 14 ..........,................... 7 ' 'I31 ,.........................,.. EB 25 dh Ili 111 Il' ' ' 4 ..,. 1 W ...... ' .,,, ' ...... -i , Review of the Football Season New Brighton 13 Alumni O The team started the season right by defeating a strong alumni crew by a score ol i3-O Qne touchdown resulted lrom a pass and the other from a drive ol nearly the entire length ol the held New Brighton O Butler TQ Butler s center brolce through our line and blocked two of our punts These led directly to the only touchdowns ol the game Qur t am out gained Butler but was unable to score New Brighton O Ambrldge 6 Ambrldge again defeated New Brighton They scored on a forty yard run alter a reverse play Qur team was in pay dirt three times but two incompleted passes spoiled our chances to score New Brighton T9 Bessemer O With frequent substitutions the team easily out gained a scrappy Bessemer team to take a i9 O decision New Brighton 19 Rochester O Qur team was again in lront by a score ol 19 O The second team played almost hall the game New Brighton O Midland O Playing in a sea ol mud Brighton battled Midland to a scoreless tie Our team had the ball on the two yard line when the game ended New Brighton Q8 Beaver O Uur second team played the whole second hall as Beaver was subdued by a score of 2843 New Brighton 13 Ellwood City 6 The team outplayed Ellwood City the whole game but alter our last score one ol Ellwood s hall baclcs returned our kick otl to a touchdown and Ellwood s only score New Brighton E25 Monaca O Again the First and second teams each played a hall and each scored two touch downs against a well drilled Monaca eleven. New Brighton i4 Beaver Falls 7 For the lourth time in live years our team deleated Beaver Falls at Reeves Stadium on lhanlcsgiving Day. Under line generalship by the quarterbaclc our team scored twice. The team had patiently practiced a series ol plays all during Football season. The series was used several times in the Beaver Falls game and when the linal play was used it resulted in a touchdown. Beaver Falls scored alter a series ol passes in the closing minutes ol the game but it was too late to do any real damage. Tl'I8 RCSZFVCS The reserves maintained the record ol last years reserves who won all ol their games. This years 'dav-Vees defeated East Liverpool and Midland and played a scoreless tie with Rochester. These boys deserve a lot ol credit lor their pluck and were a great help in preparing the varsity lor games. Since nineteen members ol the varsity squad will not return next year, the task ol upholding the Fine records ol the past years will fall upon the reserves. 83 M . gk! 1 . f f F . an -1: DI MW' fl' f LM M IMI.: ., lil In Q- sg? H mir F a gdkig glkxis E'-'lknia 1 t unuuun . annular x x ununu ' Baslcetlaall Scores Totals New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghtorn New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton New Brnghton 4 Beaver Alumnn Academy Mndland New Castle Butler Ambrndge Ellwoocl Cnty Alnqunppa Beaver Falls New Castle Butler Beaver Ambrndge Ellwood Cnty Alnqunppa Beaver Falls Geneva Reserves Qpponents 4 BASKETBALL SQUAD lhns years basketball team was composed mostly ol new maternal The team started the season well Just before the Fnrst Beaver Falls game our team was nn lnrst place nn the sectnon At that ponnt however the team entered a had slump from whnch nt never recovered l-lowever many .lunnors got valuable expernence whnch wnll beneht them next year and perhaps wnn the sectnon lor New Brnghton 84 ' QT ...........................,.... 'IQ A 34 ,..................,............ ' 9 ' Q9 ..,........................... 'I3 ' 37 ,............... .............. ' Q3 ' 19 ........................... 'I6 ' Q0 ................................. Q3 ' 32 ............................. ' Q7 ' l8 ,......................... ' 'I7 A Q5 ........................... . . ' ' Q1 ' Q1 ....s....................... Q4 New Brighton 34 ........................... . . .Midland 17 ' Q1 ........................... Q4 ' 23 ................................. Q4 ' 4'l ................................ 32 ' Q8 ........... ............... . . ' 38 ' Q1 .......................... ' Q9 ' 19 ............................. ' ' Q8 ' QQ ............................ Q5 ' Q5 ....................... 30 f ' 90 .,.............. ............ 3 Q ja: an gn gg: Am! ILM! AM f 1 In I - I I " ""'? JQHNNV DWYER Dwyer has completed tfvo years ol varslty and two years ol re ser e baslcetball l'le was a consistent scorer and played a steady .HGGS SAYRE lhls was Sayre s hrst year as a varsity player ldle played hne basl4etball however and although not exceptionally tall got the trp ID the malorlty ol games brand ol good baslcetball TED MUJWIT led has completed two years ol varsrty ball When put into the game he always seemed to add SDIFIL to the team l-le well surely be ED KAIRIS Ed was lreouently called upon to relieve Jlggs Hrs short shots mad hum a valuable asset to the squad l-lls loul shootlng also MEL MARTIN Mel was another player who gave valuable servrce when called upon l-lls speed made htm an exceedingly dllFlCUlL man to guard PAUL McCUlCl'lEQlNl Raul was handrcapped toward the end ol the season by slclfness l-le was an accurate shot and was always good lor pornts when he was BOB BllNlGl-lAM Bob was successlul ID being on the varslty lor two years l-lrs spectacular brand ol ball and his ablllty IU shootrng and passnng will be greatly mlssed by next years varsity JOE SUS EXXflCl-l .loe IS one ol the three Juniors on the squad l-l s clever passlng missed next year was a consrstent and put Into the game and long shots made htm an exceedingly valuable player MEL MILLER Mel was also on the hrst team this year l-lls worl4 under the baslcet was a prominent factor ID the team s play GEORGE KREDEL While George was not a regular this year he played In almost every game l-lls lrglrt and speed helped the team to many vlctorles The experlence he gained thus year wlll undoubtedly malce hum one ol the section s leadrng players next year Managers Q!! Qur Pxhletrc Managers surely deserve commendatlon Although their worl4 goes annotlced It IS ol great Importance to the Coaches and the teams as a whole At each game they distribute the necessary supplies and equipment We e tend to the managers and therr assistants oar appre latlor and the credit whlcn lS cue them IU thelr worlc lor tnexr respectxve teams Football CLARENCE KNAUEE Basketball HERBERT SAUL S5 'IIIU uunun UI R u , ,,, .. .. t 4 - v . ' . V .. , H f f I l ' It ly , . 2 . g . . 5. E il I1 ' lt rl .. ,, V, IXI . , l i , I L . , . L . X . . . . f .1 ' tx' X I . . I C, . Y . .. . . . , . . Fl an ln' I1 "1 26 -. -A - '- 1 'Q 1551 -A Q5 A in 1 1 sums Mm! HM-hi i' ia- i' " " -EIA """"? 5"""'2 Tl"IC Reserves snows a majority ol victories vvlnicli is particularly commendable since tliey used a number ol cillerent styles ol play llwis group is made up ol Sopliomores and ,luniors Boys from tlwis group will mal4e up tlie varsity next year and tlwe experience vvliicli tliey received on tl'ie reserves will greatly improve tlieir play FI'2Sl1m6I'l Team Wlien prospective basltetball players enter liiglw scliool tlweir First experience is obtained on tlie Freshmen team llwis group practices regularly under Mr l-leider lliey learn to play togetlier as a team instead ol as individuals llne Freslwmen team tliis year vvon tlwree games and lost tliree The Tumbling For tlie lirst time tlwis year our lwigli sclwool was represented in tlwe W l3 l A L gymnastic meet Qur team was composed ol Jolwn Craig Jaclt Sclwaiclw Walter Coss and James Lytle Qur team vvas successlul in talung lourtli place against very still competition Pliysical Exliibit on Eaclw year tlie students under tlie direction ol Miss Moore and lvlr. l-leider give a plwysical exlwibition lor tlie scliool and tlie townspeople. llne exliibition slnovvs tlie vvorl4 vvliicli is done in gym classes tlirougliout tlne year and also some advanced vvorlc vvlwiclw is tauglit alter scliool. llwis demonstration lias in past years been very successlul. llwis exlwibition sliovvs tlne results ol tlie patient worlt ol our gym teacliers lVliss lVloore and Mr. l-leider, 925452555 87 r r t 9 t 1 A 1 I I lv j l I Zh? Ami? amy' 4 M', llwis year tlie reserves linislwed especially well alter a slow start, llneir record IB EE EH Q. mxb M5 1 L1 'Mb L tb Varsrty Letter Winners MUjWlt led Bsngham Bob l'lornlcl4 Mll4e KGITIS Ed Martin Mel Mccutcheon Pau' Muller 'Vlel Radatovltch pete Sayre George Armstrong John Craig John Dwyer John Kaleeylc Louss Knaull Clarence Manager Kredel George Kratzert Don l.dDOSl4I Anthony laaposlo Julius Leslie Hugh Mentz Albert Nusser John Rhodes Manuel Saul l-lerbert Manager Stevens l-lenry Suskrewlch Joe Tanner Don Verbanlelf Joe Track '15 ota Football Basket a in H ir A' s.....Qaa P ...... I 1 ...Q:.. 'Q'-:hy T l bll .....,.,......,......... 16 4 1 - , .r....s..,........s.... 3 1 Q ', ' ..,,r.,s.,,.........s. Q Q ..,..,,......r.,........... Q 1 1 ', .....,.......,...1....... Q 1 1 , . .,.1...,,..,.,.,... Q 1 1 ' ,, ...............1......... Q 1 1 ' , ....,..,..,1......... Q Q , .........,.s..,........ Q 1 1 , ........s.,.,....... 1 1 ', . ....,......,.......,... 1 1 , .1....,....,............ 1 .... 1 l-lenry, l-lobart ....................,. 'l 1 .... ', ' .....1................ 1 1 , , .....1...... 1 1 , ......,............... 1 .... 1 , ........,..,..1.1......, 1 1 ', ........,,..,....... 1 1 ', ' ..........s,...,.1.,... 1 1 ', .,..... ...,............. 1 1 , ............,.......... 1 1 , ........s11...1.,....1.. 1 1 , .....,.1...,......... 1 1 , , ...........1.1. 1 1 , 1..1..,,..11..1.1,.,., 1 1 ' ', .s..s,.s,1......,.... 1 1 , .........,........,...... 1 1 1...1.,..s...11....... 1 1 za pr.: sa r ine? d B -' bl n? SEPTEMBER OCTCBER Calendar School started with no casualties except the absence ol halr and the en eral rutlled appearance ot the Ereshmen The Seniors very sedately toolt thenr seats In the center sectnon It toolf three years to earn them The novelty begrns to wear olf We had our hrst slnglng lesson on the Ship ol Songs The lnbrary was opened today Go over and get acquaunted wuth our new librarian Miss Boylln Not quite so many Freshmen got lost In the halls today Drd you hear that no1se7 That was just the band organlzxng First vacation Dnsmlssed at 3 T5 Lungs exercised at the hrst Mixed Chorus meeting No chapel except for the Freshmen Girl Reserves and the l-ll Y began their social career on the same nlght A good sign Elrst appearance of new cheer leaders l.1l4ethem7 Defeated by Butler The hrst public appearance of the orchestra was at P T A meeting The boys got out the elghth period Now l aslc you IS that lair to the gurls7 Chapel for Juniors only Goh' lt s our turn now Qnly eight months to go Dale is elected presldent of our class again Good luclc Dale you II need nt Beware ol bug cltles and heed Dltmore the ex gangster He Seems to lcnow his way about Aren t you scared? First report cards Keepers of the candy stand were selected Show your talents and try out lor the play Mr Hart told us how to beat Bessemer l-le succeeded Dldn t Mr l-lull loolc scared? l-le had to talte charge of chapel Freshmen elected literary olhcers It s about trme they had some prlvuleges around here so they say The band presented a banner to the I-hgh School The gurls ol the band sewed It It proves gurls are useful l wonder who the fullbaclc was who wrote such a nlce note Some of you boys should talte lessons from hum Mr Taylor drd a pretty good job ol beatlng Rochester Blue Monday especsally lor Joe Crede Elrst Mr Anthony pxclced hlm and then Mr Summers the magician Where do you want your pscture taken? Sensors voted on the question It Mr Anthonys performance IS any rndlcatlon ol hls abllnty he should malce a good cheerleader Juniors presented their talents IH their hrst lxterary We have a vacation but goody teachers had to go to school bl ti' ' ' 1' " Hszaau n ' a i UU' I "5:ll0l ! 4 . , . S l 5 ' ' T ' ' . 6 ' ' . 10 A .' I U A . . T1 " ' ' . TQ ' ' , ' " . T4 ' A . ' ' 2 . T7 ' ' . A ' . T8 . Q0 ' b '- ' ' ' , Q1 ' ' . ' . QQ . Q4 ' ' .. . ' . Q5 Thinlc of your Future, Freshmen, and save your pennies. Q6 ' ' . ,' ' ' . Q7 ' . Q8 . ' . T ' . 3 ' ' . ' . 8 . 9 . TQ . . 13 . 15 ' T . ' . . 16 , . A . . . . T7 t t ' ' . ' 18 ' 'I ' . Q0 . ' ' ' ' . QQ A , ' A I . ' . " ' " on Q3 ' ' A f ' ' . Q4 . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Q5 ' ' ' A ' ' ' . Q6 A , , . H! EE "I L1 5 ills 'Nl-N as- ls ilk I ls F555 Q39 K-mg-A 'umm x5 SY-:tim 0 K """' " Kfiig' Seniors' Claim your rings They ve arrived The l-l1Y had a slcatln party last night which might 7 account for the sleepy faces this morning lda Geer Weller was guest of the Girl Reserves Good music is always welcome and we hope she will come baclc again A beautiful Christmas carol service under the direction of Mr Anthony was presented at PT A Another tvpe of program we always welcome Did you ltnow we had a good loolcing class? If you don t believe it loolc at their pictures which have just been finished Vacation begins tomorrow l hope Santa Claus is good to you JANUARY Baclc again for the daily routine Reverend Williams very ably toolc charge of chapel Qur defeat of New Castle raised our standing quite a bit Literary officers chosen for the second semester to continue our fine literary programs Butler defeated us but don t be blue the team did their best The drive for band uniforms goes on with the l.lttle German Band managed to hold their own Our debaters were chosen to argue whether we shall have federal control of education What s the difference, we still have to go to school? lied with Butler for first place Girl Reserves and Hi Y combined for an interesting meeting in more ways than one Now we re in first place l-lere s hoping we stay there Never mind we Il get Beaver Falls vet lt was a moral victory at any rate American Legion' we thank you We Il soon get those uniforms if this lceeps up The .luniors are a very amusing class if their play is any indication of their ta ent FEBRUARY The Band members did their but for their uniforms by paradlng on Third Avenue By the way have you contributed to the band uniform fund? The Freshmen class at last has a word to say rn class election The second semester began today That malces four months to go The Juniors put their Boomer over with a bang Juniors put on a literary The Debaters argued with Coraopolis in a no decision debate Valuable experience Mr Mclxlitt doesnt seem to lilce nlclcnames Reference Mary Alice l-lunter and Ann Narvette The Girl Reserves presented a program by their own members .lane Steele sang Civil War songs and we certainly enjoyed the whole program Valentine day Did you buy your girl a valentine? Senior election for dedication, class poet, prophet, historian, and writer of the will Mr I-lull seems to be the popular man Bud Carson is minus some teeth What s your alibi Bud a door? 90 , 1 Q, 1' .. 1 - 1 c 1 , A , Q . D I ' -N it p U . 1 W ,V , ,D D . A 14 ' . ' ' . ' ' . 15 '- ' A 'V 9 ' ' ' C-D 17 ' I ' V . ' ' 19 ' ' ' , A' ' . QQ . . I 'I ' l Q -I I . ' Y . 4 ' Q1 ' ' . . ' ' . Q ' ' ' . 3 ' ' . 4 A ' ' '. 8 . . . . . 9 ' ' - ' ' . 11 ' ' ' U ' 14 First snowball bombardment. Not entirely one sided l'm afraid. The girls 15 . . 1 . 18 ' ' I. ' . i Q0 , .- . . . . 7: . Q1 ' ' . ' . Q5 ' ' A . ' . Q9 . . 1 A , . . . 31 'i ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' I . 4 ' , ' ' . 5 'A ' . 6 , , . 8 ' ' . 11 ' ' ' ' ' ' . 19 . ' ' ' ' . 1 ' 13 .1 . . 1 - . . 14 - , ' - ' . ' ,IQ . . . D . . . . . 5: pb'-1 F! 5 pr' A rather disappointed crowd left the game it ended in a scoreless tue My how time flies' The second month has gone by already Pirates goblins and spirits and even Popeye who won a prize were at the Girl Reserve Halloween dance A most efficient Alaurum staff was chosen 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 NOVEMBER Who wrote the teachers speeches? Ask Mr Hill he knows But who wrote hisr? Every one crammed for those examinations today Does it pay? l ll bet Beaver was disappointed when we won the game Mr Lyons took charge of chapel We were very glad to have him Have you bought your ticket to the Senior class play? Elrst Alaurum staff meeting Wouldn t Mr Nlclxlitt be surprised If we all agreed? Mr King almost wore out the stage in his footlight parade Examination day again l hope our gloomy laces arent reflected in the camera for this is the day we get our pictures taken Mr King succeeded In defeating Ellwood Commercial club was organized for the coming year Ann Narvette has quite a reputation as giggling Gertie Ask her to ive you a demonstration heme and colors were chosen for this masterpiece Alaurum Mr Kelly in preparation for tomorrow s game used some big words Have you noticed the shining faces of the Seniors lately they re getting their pictures taken Mr Boyd and Reverend Bermon spoke to us breaking the usual monotony of chapel Mr Boyd had a speech prepared but the men teachers took his notes and he forgot his speech Was that fair7 The first Senior class play The Charming lntruder was a huge success Pep meeting The dead are awakened Are you going to college girls? The girls got out the fifth period the boys had to attend classes to hear Miss Richies of Goucher College. Mr. Autenreith and Mr. Roark shared honors in chapel. Better hurry up and get your chrysanthemums in Room 4. We defeated our time-honored enemy by a score of '14-7. Don't forget the work of the stand committee. They sold everything they could and ate everything they couldnt. l don't suppose many of them ate a Thanksgiving dinner. Football boys displayed their oratorical powers in chapel. They seem to be able to play football better than they can speak. Are you wearing a red cross button? Parents visiting day. You had better know your lessons. Bits of Blarney took honors this week. lll bet you didnt know that some of the cast knew how to sing, especially Bob Bingham, What four blondes and one red head were late one morning? The men teachers unscrambled after roughly celebrating Mr. l-leider's birthday. A new hero for the girls to admire. Julius Laposki was chosen captain at the Hfeedf' 91 H ' .q .,... My J .Q A -lx Fi' F1 Z VQMQ 0'-en. 'am-D 'um x5 Kim 0 tin- M CB: K-ni . AlUmI'1I Because of the loyal support of the Alumni of the New Brighton High School we the class of nineteen thirty five wish to extend our appreciation to them Many a gala affair has been enjoyed among which was Included a boat ride down the Ohio on the Steamer Washington which embarlced with a thousand of the New Brighton s younger set ready for a good time a dance and a card party held at the Greystone Gardens with some two hundred in attendance The favors and awards were donated by the local merchants A Christmas Dance was held on December E28 1934 ID the gymnasium Another dance was held on the fifteenth of March In the Dawes gym for the benefit of the High School Band This dance also proved a delightful affair having nearly one hundred couples In attendance Another affair that will be remembered was the reunion at Edgewood on June 8 1934 Following the picnic supper dancing mushball and other sports were en joyed During the business meeting the following officers were chosen for the ensuing year MRS HARRY GARMEN President RALPH BENNETT First Vice President J RAYMOND WARREN Second Vice president HELEN AEGETTER Secretary and Treasurer Alumni Editors for school publication ALICE JONES MILDRED THOMPSON ROBERT HARDY Executive Committee: MRS. CHARLES H. KENNEDY MRS. CARQLINE McMAHON M . ARTHUR MARTSOLF RCDBERT HILDEBRAND QQKY655 Fiftieth Anniversary A spring program of social events will climax the program for the anniversary celebration of the New Brighton High School Alumni. A dance a spring boat ride on May Q7 1935 and various other events wi'l be held with the proceeds being 92 1 'ig l-1 R--ir 'I 'mix 'FSS 'S -SS 'FSR 5' N RS Z .ah 5 I: Fl 1 mga M910 JIM!!! I mul' I MDI' . ..1 -1 ' -M -1 H--f-2 '-H1 . -1 turned over to a lund lor redecorating and providing new scenery lor the stage Q April 4 the class of 1934 voted to use their bank balance to purchase the gray drops for the new scenery The association is also revising a complete alumni directory which will include the names ol all members of the association and their present addresses along with a historical sketch of the association Chester Lewis of Beaver Falls is com piling the l-llstory ol the New Brighton Alumni A copy ol this book can be ob tained lor SS 50 The hrst class graduated from New Brighton l-ligh School in 1877 The Alumni association was organized ID1885 with Miss Mayme Loveless president and Miss Mary Coventry Secretary The organization is governed by by laws and includes the elective olhcers and Five appointed members Qswrga Did You Know That A New Brighton student learned Spanish at 74 years ot age The First dancing school in New Brighton was held in the second story ol the Cunningham store building which was later occupied by the Keg Works The First school book came by slow freight over the mountains from Florida The First borough officers were elected in the school house June 8 T838 A school teacher introduced the wearing ol the crinoline hoop skirts the streets of New Brighton. Stephen Collins Foster s sister was a New Brighton student. New Brighton had public schools before it was incorporated. Elemena Townsend was First to teach in New Brighton in a private school in 1837. Qak l-lill received its name from a beautiful grove ol oaks that surrounded Ken- wood School for boys 1885 the brick structure now a part ol the Beaver Valley General Hospital. Gratorical Contests for Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Qhio were won by New Brighton students in 1907 1908 'l909fl'hompson Bradshaw Miss Margaret Bell, and Raymond Kennedy respectively. "Crimson and Gold," monthly publication, was Founded in 1908 and discon- tinued in 1932. The piano on which Stephen Foster practiced is exhibited in the Merrick Free Art Gallery. 93 ,Q g. 5. All fp" I fr 14,15 AI' A A ' A 'A ' ' lr I' Don C D, .t. ls F EM. Q 1 L lllhunu GE tml I g 53'-'1KXxxxV ' mon ' uuuunu Jokes My boy sand the magnate to has son, there are two thlngs that are vltally necessary If you are to succeed In business What are they dad? Honesty and sagaclty What IS honesty? Always no matter what happens or how adversely It may allect you always lceep your word once you have gjven It And sagacutyr? Never grve It The weather prophet had just been arrested and the judges Fine was Fave o lars hne, and jaul untll tomorrow morning As the prisoner was led away, he sand Just as l expected ljne today and cooler tomorrow Ann Narvette was polong at something with a stlclc In the grass Oh Motherl Here s a llttle green snalce l-ler mother busy with a new novel In the porch swung answered Keep away from nt, darling It mrght be just as dangerous as a rlpe one A professor at the University ol Southern California recently gave an unusually long assignment to his class One of the students an a djsgusted voice sand Who Invented vvorlc any way? The professor replied, You should worry You II never lnfrlnge on hjs patent The Teacher was trying to get her class to understand something about the ether What Ig It that pervades the stellar universe, something which no wall or door can shutout The smell of bowled cabbage, spoke John Armstrong Fjrst Farmer Whjch IS correct A hen IS slttlng or a hen js settxng7 Second Farmer l don t lcnow and l don t care All I bother about js when she caclcles js she laying or ns she lying? 94 .. -, .. - - An! H I .4 ' H .B -A " - 1. 4. 1 X . . ' ' P K .,- x ' X w.. -.,.. ' I I . . .. . . , . . . . . I . li A I . I 'K ' d I- . , I., -, . . . I .. - ll . . 4 - V . 1 1 . . ll! -..' . I , i . 7 dh 5 5 ,la 411 It ll II' zfi AI' ,m"1' QM!-Q l1m'q 6M"1' CMU? A u t og r a p I1 s J rl- xr pd 1 A ' 5:0Iv -1 aiznun ' IIQHIU -Z 1152111 15 vianun -1 N AD my w lk-x if 1 www f fy I ff' fi? V X335 lf,-Vx, .N tx? ff' wp F I I .,,...., N VF ml- ' 4-L X T 95 X K 3 Q A, --- QQ N UM 5? 43 ig 1 fjvlgp, v MJ "SS R xv 1 fn, if ,rff5"L,Ey 32454 V :P L wp. gl f1Y Xw 9 r + XJ fi: 1 - - ff 'fx ,1 4,:l'0:"y', '-3 N ff -, f' 'A U- ,ff gf 1, ' , X 4f" ftgjs, , X' x-f"'.3?'H 730501-' I ff ,-azz?-uf, Xfiszm X ..,,.' ff-f - .2411 H . . ,V 1- x-..M,: .M . V , . . wr,-, ..',. A... my

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