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S -fn "ii: 5. 5 , . ,., Copyrighted by THE CLASS OF 1934 New Brighton High School Engrizvingr by NORTHERN ENGRAVING COMPANY Canton, Ohio Printing and Binding hy THE ZIEGLER PRINTING Co., INC. Butler, Pa. The ALAURUM -1il934E- do Published by SENIOR CLASS New Brighton High School NEW mucsnfrow, PA. Dedication We, the class of 1934, gratefully dedicate this Alaurum to two members of our faculty, who, through their untiring efforts, have enabled New Brighton High School to rise to new heights in ath- letics. Mr. Roark, as coach, and Mr. Heider, as assistant coach and physical director, have distinguished themselves by their line records. Our most earnest wish for New Brighton's athletic con- tests in the coming years, is that good sportsmanship and fair play will be continued as they are today. - i L S - 1 , ' ll V 'r " it xv--1 f- XXV 0151: .1 ht Foreword The purpose of 111 A11urum IS to portru futhfullx 1nd honestlx the exents of sthool 11fe durmg the PCFIOL1 of one xe1r Therefore If IS our 11m to present our fe11ow tltss mttes ll'l 1nnu11 tom plete 111 ex erv det 111 th tt on future oem SIOHS mow ret 111 to IHIHL1 111 fUCITlOI'l171C ex ents of our sthool t treer XA lem,, 1 ,, , 4'- Qf. 17.1 ... : x , , A 1 N, ll 1,551 V Q. I' 2 . , 1 I to the h1gh school, and more espee1a11y to ' 'z - 2 ', L z 1, ' - i ' ' , 5, 1 , "- Lv , 'J 12 ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 11 .L I II1 1 '. 1 -3 N N N-3-421, 1 I 4, - TI-IE 193-4 ALAURUM-7-4-T JOHN H. KNOTT DR. L. B. MILLER H. W. DOUGLAS D. BRUHN Pfafidmf Vice-Prerident Secretary Tremurer DR. C. H. WILSON CHARLES KENNEDY JOHN SENIOR Board of Education The members of the Board of Education, because of their community spirit, have given unstintingly of their time and energy for the good of the schools of New Brighton. Most of these men have served faithfully for a number of years. These are difficult times for any organization, but, despite conditions, the School Board has endeavored to give the school children of New Brighton as good an education, if not better, than students have received in past years. In appreciation of what the Board of Education has done, we, the members of the Class of 1934, do humbly express our gratitude. Page Two THE 1934 ALAURUM S. W. LYONS, M.A. .Yupefzntendent of jrlmalf Page Three n , --li--T!-IE 1934 ALAURUM LLOYD A. M. CORKAN, M.A. ,5 A- Principal of High School I, Page Four -illl-IE 1934 ALAURUMY-l ERNEST B. MCNITT JAMES H, KELLY, B.S. in C Indiana State Normal Grove City College Head 0fCn111merciaf Depurtmenz .lx1707'fhd71d, fr. Bur. Training RUTH L. DAUBENSPECK, B.S. in C. Grove City College 'Ifvpeufrifir1!g, Bookkeeping, Cammereial Law Page Five 1-lTHE 193-4 AI.AURUM:2:-l"- CHARLOTTE L. MONROE, A.B. MIRIAM L. CARTER, B. S. E. Westminster College Geneva College Head of Englifh Department .Senior Enrglifla Extempare .D V HAM, A.B. CATHERINE GRIMES, A.B J' Gem-Zvda Cgllggg' Geneva College .' I Frefbfmzn Engliffa .foplanmare Entglixh Page Six W ff 40. -"' 4 :,4iT'THE 1934 ALAnRuMl-iw.. W ' U DOROTHY E. SLATER, A.B. MARJGRIE B, RINEHART Gevena College Geneva College Carnegie Institute of Technology .Yaplaamare Englifb, Xpanifla Frfmrlw, Ancient Hi.ff0Ii1', Advixer to Girlf 2 , J. ROBERT-xAUTENREITH,'B.S. ETHEL M. LYTLE, A.B. Washington and jeflerson College Geneva College Modern and Anriefzz Hixtofj' Head of Langmzgc Department Page Seven 4 1- ""':'?'-""'Tl-IE 1934 AI.AUI2UM "' , .,,: , . -Q1 BLAINE KING, B.S. Grove City College Wa nesbur Colle C University of Pittsburg Y g g University of Pittsburgh Algebm -'Z KENNETH L. HEIDER, B.S., M.A. Phyriml Edumtian, Gznmzl Scienre . EVERET1' E. HART, B.S. Geneva College Pbyxicf, Chemixny Page Eight Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM RUTH I. SUTTON, A.B., l3.0. Geneva College HiJf0f:j', Plzbfif .Ypeaking HAZEL M. MOORE, B. S. in H. Ed. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Plpxriwl Education, Wnrld Hiring' RICHARD C. HILL, B.S. Grove City College Head of Department of Matllefnatiry Page Nine GEORGE W. ROARK, A.B. Bethany College Hiring, Problem: af Dcmocmgf Caarlf 0fAtf1leticJ 'TI-IE 1934 AI.AUI2UMl-- FRANCIS s. BOYD, B.s. LLOYD E' TAYLOR- BLS Slippery Rock State Teachers' College Waynesburg College Algebra, Buxineu Arithmetic University of Piffsbufgh Cb6'7?Zi.flIfy, Biolagy QA JUDITH WHITAKER, BS. WILLIAM WILCOX Carnegie Institute of Technology PCHU SYNC Ham, Emmmjn Induftrial Arty Page Teri l-we-il-QT!-IE 1934 ALAURUM PAUL ANTHONY, B.S. in M. MAE EVANS Oberlin College Salma! Num Mllfif .llIl,7!7'If'i.l'07' MILDRED THOMPSON -IOSEPHINE R. GILMORE, A. B., B. S. in L.S Secretary to .Yuperimendent Ohio Northern University Carnegie Institute Library School Libmrimz Page Eleven 7.1 ,, W --'i-Tl-IE 1934 ALAUl2UM --- W. E. YEAGER JOHN H. GRAHAM .fchaaf janitor Gymzafizzm and Library janitor To our Superintendent and Faculty, we the class of 1934, express our sincere appreciation for the success of four years of school life, for the inspiration that lifts us up beyond ourselves, and for the assurance that honest effort is recompensecl. Page Twelve V, THE 1934 ALAURUM O U V? CLASSES 0 , .VN . . '.- X . Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM1-ll Senior Class History Having completed our four years in these halls of learning, we, the Class of 1934, look back over our traveled pathway with mingled feelings of satisfaction and re- gret. As we reminisce, there comes the vision of our proverbial Freshman "green- ness" which was so apparent upon our entering New Brighton High School. Time marched on! We were Sophomores! With a Sophomore party and the first Sophomore entertainment, we felt we were really a part of the school life. But our Junior year seemed to be the climax,4a class play and then a dance, as well as the chance to call the underclassmen-''childrenf' Time passed on! We are Seniors! Electing the following officers: President, Raymond Shotsinger, Vice-President, Oliver Molterg Secretary, Margaret Kredel, Treasurer, Norman Soodik, at the very first class-meeting, we started off the year well. With two class plays, a benefit show, a dance, and many other activities, we feel that we have made a success of our last year of high school. We extend best wishes and hearty thanks to those advisers, Miss Dunham, Miss Lytle, Mr. Hill, Miss Carter, Miss Monroe, and Mr. McNitt, who have co- operated with us and made our sojourn in these portals highly enjoyable as well as educational. Page Fourteen -M-,lTI-IE 1934 Al.AUI2UMl- ,IEANETTE GRACE ALFORD "brooks" ROBERT AUSTIN -'Bobby' Mixed Chorus III, Football II, III, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Track II. OLGA BALYSH "Olga" Commercial Club II, III, IV, Girl Reserves II. JOHN J. BEDISON "johnny" Literary II, Basketball III, Track II. MARY LOUISE BLAIR MLM" Girl Reserves II, IV, Commercial Club II, III, IV, Stand Committee, Literary III. JOHN BOETTNER "johnny" "The King Entertains" II, Hi-Y II, III, IV, Commercial Club II, III. ERIC P. BOLLMAN Hfwcden Band I, II, III, IV, Orchestra I, II, III, Biology Club I, II, III, IV, Hi-Y III, IV, Treasurer IV, Ring Committee IV, Safety Patrol IV, Literary I, II, III, IV, Treasurer of Band IV. MIRIAM BROBECK 'AMi-Mi" Latin Club II, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Glee Club I, III, Mixed Chorus III, IV, "The King Entertains" II, Literary I, II, III, IV, Trio III. gl f DOROTHY ALLEENE BEST Q Wy -'DMU c. ARTHUR BURRHART "Bur" "The College Stick" II, "TheR Patsy" III, Commercial Club , III, Girl Reserves II, III, IV,' Club III, Literary 1, II, III, IV,j Alaurum Staff IV, Band III. E Latin Club I, II, III, Hi-Y III, IV, Literary OfIicer III, Literary II, IV. GRACE BYERS THERON BEST HG'W"' '4Berty" Peabody High School I, II, Latin Track I, II. ' Club III, Science Club IV, Girl Reserves IV, Literary IV. Page Fifteen J 4 . .and 1 I 'Y ,-1- ---+-Tl-IE 1934 AI.AUI2UM ROBERT CALVIN ' 'Bob' ' Literary I, II, IV, FRANK CAPO "ClJer:lzerr" Basketball II, III, IV, Football II, III, IV, Literary Marshal III, Literary President IV. JACK CLINTON Hjdtk., Stage Manager for "College Stickf "The Patsy," "Laff That Off," Commercial Club II, III, IV, Lit- erary II, III, IV, Sr. Stand Com- mittee, Social Committee. ELIZABETH CONNER "IddybcJJ" Commercial Club II, III, IV, Lit- erary II, IV, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Prompter for "Laff That Orff JEAN DAVIS "jean" Biology Club II, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Latin Club II, III, Sopho- more Play, Literary II, IV, NORINE DEWHIRST URNN., Commercial Club, Pepper Club, Girl Reserves. MARY DIAMOND MLM' ' Girls' Glee Club I, Latin Club II, III, Pepper Club IV, Science Club IV, Literary IV, Cheer Leader IV. MILDRED DISBROW "Mildred" Latin Club II, III, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Girls' Glee Club II, III, IV, Library Club Il, III, IV, Science Club IV, Literary I, II, III, IV, Sophomore Play, Alaurum Staff, Music Appreciation. THELMA DIXON UDixic" Alaururn Staff IV, Literary I, II, III, IV, "The King Entertains," Bank- ers Group IV, Girls' Glee Club III, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Commer- cial Club II, III, IV. GEORGIA DOUTHETT ' 'George' ' Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Commer- cial Club II, III, IV, "LafI That Off," Sophomore Play, Literary I, II, III, IV, Ways and Means Committee. MILDRED EATON "Millie" Literary II, III, IV, Girl Reserves II, Biology Club I, II, III, French Club II, III, "The King Entertainsf' MILDRED ECKHART "Eckie" "The King Entertainsf' Commer- cial Club III, IV, Girl Reserves II. 11+--Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM---5-I JI, I ROY EGAN "Iggy" Literary, Safety Patrol III, IV, Foot- ball III, IV, Basketball III. FRANK W. ELVERSON II "Fran2" Safety Patrol III, IV, Speech Club II, III, IV, Class Oflicer III, Biology Club I, II, III, IV, Oration III. FLORENCE FEITS "Flank" Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Commer- cial Club II, III, IV, Literary I, II, III, IV, Stand Committee IV, Girls' Glee Club I, IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Orchestra IV. RALPH FIELD "Ralph" Literary Officer IV, Literary II, III, IV, Football II, III, IV, Basketball I, II, III, IV. WESLEY FIELD ".S'pemly" Football II, Track I, II. LAWRENCE FISCUS "Bill" South Park High I, Avalon High II ROBERT FISCHER "Bob" Hi-Y I, II, III, IV, Safety Patrol IV, Basketball Manager II, III, IV. JOSEPH FLANICK .JMU Biology Club, French Club II, III. ARTHUR FORTUNE A 1 Bud' ' JOHN FREDERICK "Ben" Safety Patrol III, IV, Commercial Club, "The King Entertainsn II. CLARENCE H. FREEMAN "Biff" Spanish Club II. ,-Af ANNA FUNKHOUSER "Arm" , Literary II, IV, Girl Reserves II, III, Girl's Glee Club II, Biology Club I, II, III, "The King Enter- tainsf' II. 4 ...J -.11-l 1-'-, TI-IE 1934 ALALJRUM-i CLEORA F UNKHOUSER 1 ICZKH' , Literary II, IVg Biology Club I, II, IIIg Girl Reserves II, IIIg Girls' Glee Club Ilg "The King Entertainsn H. KATHRYN FUNKHOUSER l -Kllff' 1 Girl Reserves II, III, IVg Beaver Falls Ig Literary III. FRANK GOODMAN "Roman" LEROY GOOSBY ' 'Lee' ' Science Club IVg Football III, IVg Track II. OLIVER GOOSBY "Ollie" Literary Marshal III, IVg Science Club IVQ Football III, IVg Track Ilg Basketball III. FRANCES GRAHAM "Fran" Literary I, II, Illg Commercial Club II, IH. Page Ei ghtcen 'I GIFFORD GUY NGK, , Hi-Y II, III, IVg "The King Enter- tainsj' Patrol III, IVg Orchestra III, IV5 Band I, II, III, IVg Football II, IV. JOHN HABRLE '-fm" Medal Club 1, 11, III, IV. Q ROBERT HARDESTY 1 "Bar" Literary IIg Hi-Y III, IVg Biology Club I. LESTER HARMAN A 'Lu' ' French Club II. DOROTHY JEAN HAYDEN "jean" "The Patsy" Illg "The College Stick" II5 "The King Entertainsf' Girl Reserves II, III, IVg Commer- cial Club II, IIIQ Speech Club IIIg Literary I, II, III, IVg Alaurum Staff. JAMES HENRY Wm.. Football III, IVg Science Club IV, - --iT!-IE 1934 Al.Al,II2UM RAYMOND HERR "Btn" Literary I, Orchestra I. BERNICE HERRON "Berne" Literary IV, Commercial Club II, III, IV, "The King Entertainsf' VIRGINIA HILL "Ginny" Girls' Glee Club I, III, Mixed Chorus II, III, Alaurum Staff IV, Latin Club II, Biology Club II, "The King Entertains" II, Literary I, II, III, IV, Science Club IV, Home Economics Club IV, Senior Ticket Committee IV. ANNA HOODNICK "Ann" 'The King Entertains" II, Commer- cial Club II, III, IV. MIKE HORNYON "Big Mn," HELEN HOULETTE ' 'Helenu Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Girls' Glee Club II, III, "The King Enter- tains" II, Literary I, II, IV. Page Nineteen JOHN HOUSEHOLDER "johnny" "LafI That Off" IV, "The King Entertains" II, Commercial Club II, III, IV, Literary II, III, Bankers Group IV. 1 I ETHEL HOWE "Erin" Latin Club I, II, III, Girl Reserves IV, Girls' Glee Club I, II, "The King Entertainsn II, Literary Officer I, Literary I, IV. MARY HOWELLS ' 'Mary ' ' Girl Reserves IV, Girls' Glee Club I, II, Warren High I, Commercial Club II, III, IV. NORMA LEE HULMES "Norm" Latin Club I, II, Girl Reserves II, III, Girls' Glee Club I, II, Literary II, III, Stand Committee IV, "The King Entertainsf' ELEANORE INGRAM "E!enar" Commercial Club II, III, IV. RICHARD JENKINS "Din" ---Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM -1-M FRANK KALCEVIC ' ' Frankie' ' French Club I. FRANK KAUFFMAN "Caffe" Basketball I, II, Literary I. GLENN KEENER "Buggy" Commercial Club II, III, IV. BURTON KENNEDY ' 'fmitqv' ' Literary III, French Club II, III, Biology Club I, Science Club I. ALBERT KEPPEN ..Ab., Basketball II, III, IV. GLENN KETTERER ' 'Kztterrr' ' Commercial Club IV. LOUISE KING "Honey" Literary II, III, Commercial Club II, III, IV, Girl Reserves III, IV, "The King Entertainsu II. MABEL KNOPP "Knapp" Literary I, II, III, IV, "The King Entertainsu II, Commercial Club III, IV, Speech Club III, Girl Re- serves IV, Debate I, Mixed Chorus IV. FLORENCE KRAMER "Fla" Sophomore Play, 'The Patsy" III, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Commer- cial Club II, III, IV, Literary I, II, III, IV, Literary Officer, IV, Sr. Stand Committee, Mixed Chorus II, III, IV, Girls' Glee Club I, II, Bank- ers' Group. MARGARET ELIZABETH KREDEL "Paw" Sophomore Play, Girls' Glee Club II, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Com- mercial Club II, III, Art Club III, Literary OfIicers I, II, Literary I, II, III, IV, Class Secretary IV, Alaurum Staff. EDMUND KROSKY "Eddie" Literary II. HELEN KROSKY "Helen" Girl Reserves III, IV, Home Econ- omics Club IV, Science Club IV. i1 m?iTI-IE 1934 AI.AUl2UM--- EMMA KUTLES "Emmj" Commercial Club III, IV, Literary II, Banking Group IV. UVM DONALD LANDFAIR "Don" Science Club IV, "Laff That OFF" IV. RALPH LAWRENCE ' 'Ralphif' Band I, II, IV, Orchestra I, II, Latin Club I, II, III, Hi-Y Club III, IV, Science Club IV, Safety Patrol IV, "The Patsy" III, Vice-President of Class II, Literary I, II, III, IV, Crimson and Gold Staff, Alaurum Staff IV, "The College Stick." HAROLD LEIBOLD "Harald" Hi-Y II, III, IV, Science Club. ELIZABETH MAJORS MLK.. "The College Stick" II, Commercial Club II, III, IV. HOWARD MARTSOLF i'Hawdy" Literary III, I-Ii-Y II, III, Biology Club I, Science Club IV, Safety Patrol III, IV. Page Twenty-one CLIFFORD MATHIS "Cliff" Class Officer I, 'iThe College Stick" II, "The Patsy" III, Speech Club II, III, French Club II, III, Latin Club I, II, III, Hi-Y II, III, IV, Hi-Y Presi- clent IV, Football III, IV, Track II, Literary I, II, III, IV, Band I, II, III, Safety Patrol II, III, IV, Crimson and Gold Staff II, Alaurum Staff IV. WILLIAM MAY ".S1il1fer" Literary I, II, III, Biology Club I, Land I, II, III, IV, Track II. ILA McCAULEY "lla" "The College Stick" II, Girl Re- serves II, III, IV, Commercial Club II, III, Class Officer II, Literary II, Bankers Group IV. RUTH MCDANEL "Rmb" Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Commer- cial Club III, IV, Girls' Glee Club III. RAYMOND MCFARLAND "Mac" Literary I, Latin Club III, Biology Club II. DUANE McGOWN "Danny" Commercial Club II, III. l - .... ---W-TI-IE 1934 ALAURUMMH-MW PAUL McLAUGHLIN 1 I PHI!!! ' RICHARD McLEAN "Dirk" Literary III, IV, Hi-Y III, Safety Patrol IV. SUSIE MCLINN "Sue" Latin Club II, III. CARL MCNEES "Alirkqy" Literary II, III, IV, Hi-Y IV, Spanish Club III, Biology Club I, Mixed Chorus IV. MARGARET MENNELL ..Peg,. Commercial Club III, IV, Girl Re- serves II, III, IV, Literary II. WILLIAM METENEY "Bill" Sophomore Play, Commercial Club, Hi-Y, Literary I, IV, Marshal II, Band III, IV, Orchestra III, IV. Page Twenty-two NORMAN MILLER . . Ayarmn , Beaver Falls High I, II, Literary President IV, Basketball III. OLIVER MOLTER, JR. "Ollie" Class President II, III, Vice-Presi- dent IV, Hi-Y I, II, III, IV, Vice- President, Hi-Y III, Literary I, II, III, IV, Band I, II, Safety Patrol II, III, IV, Sophomore Play, Football II, III, IV, Football Captain IV, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Alaurum Staff IV. ALFRED MOORE AAU.. Literary II, III, IV, Biology Club I, Hi-Y III, IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Safety Patrol IV, Sophomore Play. JACK MORROW A 'fuck' ' Commercial Club, Literary III. MARGARET MOZIER "Margie" Cheer Leader II, III, "LafT That Off," Commercial Club II, III, IV, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Speech Club III, Sophomore Play, Art Club III, Alaurum Staff, Banking Group. ALICE E. MURPHY "Alice" Commercial Club, New Castle High School, Lakewood High School, Elyria High School, i - LLTHE 1934 ALALJRL.IM?-- MARGARET NOWERY ..Ptg.. Commercial Club, Literary Officer III, Sr. Stand Committee. BURTON O' NEIL A ' Burt' ' Commercial Club, Hi-Y II, III, Literary I. GRETCHEN PAINTER ' 'Gretcb' ' French Club II, III, Latin Club II, III, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Presi- dent IV, Medal Club I, II, III, IV, Library Club IV, Speech Club III, Crimson 8: Gold Staff II, Mixed Chorus IV, Music Appreciation IV, Alaurum Staff, Debate II, Literary I, II, III, IV, Ofhcer I. ROBERT PHILLIPS ' 'Bob' ' Literary I, II, III, IV, Hi'Y II, III, IV, Biology Club II, III, IV, Latin Club II, Safety Patrol IV, Band II, III, IV, Orchestra III, IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Boys' Glee Club III, "Laff That Off." EDITH PIPER "Edit" Literary I, Girl Reserves II, IV, French Club II, III. SARAH POPOVIC "Sal" Home Economics Club IV, Girls' Glee Club III, Commercial Club II, III, IV, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Literary I, II, IV. Page Twenty-three DOROTHY POTTS ' ' Dar' ' Commercial Club II, Girl Reserves II. CLARENCE ROSS PYLES "Ran" Commercial Club II, III, IV, Stage Manager for Sophomore Play, "The Patsy," "Laff That Off." ALYCE RAWL "AUM" Latin Club III, Science Club IV, Literary III, IV. LOUIS REVELANT "Louie" Literary II, IV, Mixed Chorus III, IV, Sophomore Play, "The Patsy." FRANCIS ROGERS "Franck" "Laff That Off" IV, Literary I, IV, Commercial Club II, III, IV. EDNA ROSENBERG . ' 'Eddie' "The College Stick" II, Biology Club I, Science Club IV. 4 -lg we-iT!-IE 1934 AI.AUI2UlVl-+i- BETTY JANE RUDOLPH A 'Rudy' ' Literary Officer III, Biology Club II, III, IV, Biology Club Secretary III, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, "LafI That Off." JOHN ROMANCHAK "Bi!U' SARAH SAMS "Kalb" Commercial Club II, III, IV, Girl Reserves III, IV, Literary II. MARY ERNESTINE SAYRE "Ernie" Mixed Chorus II, III, IV, Girls' Glee Club I, III, Declamation III, Library Club I, II, III, IV, Latin Club II, III, Speech Club III, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Science Club IV, Sophomore Play, 'AThe Patsy," Literary I, II, III, IV, Secretary I, Alaurum Staff. DOROTHY SCHRIVER "Sneaky" Commercial Club II, IV, Girl Re- serves III, IV, Literary III. HAROLD SHIELDS ..CdP,. Literary II, Hi-Y II, III, IV, Biology Club II, III, IV, "LaE That Off," Basketball III. su Page Twenty-four JOHN SHIELDS "johnny" MARGARET SHIELDS ..Ptg., Sophomore Play, Literary II, III, Commercial Club II, III, Biology Club IV, Pepper Club IV, Girl Reserves II. WALTER SHIELDS ' ' Walter' ' Literary II, III, Hi-Y I, II, III, Biology Club I, II, III, IV, Mixed Chorus II, III, IV, Sophomore Play. MARY LOUISE SHINGLETON "Thing" Girls' Glee Club I, Commercial Club II, III, IV, Girl Reserves II, Senior Stand Committee IV. JAMES L. SHOAF .Jima Science Club. RAYMOND SHOTSINGER HRKU., . Science Club, Safety Patrol, Lit- erary II, III, IV, Class Treasurer II, III, Class President IV, Phy-Chem Club IV, President. i-?Tl-IE 1934 AI.AURUM-- LAWRENCE SHUSTER "Bill" Literary III, Safety Patrol III, IV. SAUL SIMON "Ike" Commercial Club II, III, IV. JACK SIPE Sip: X, l Phy-Chem Club IV, Literary III, IV. MARGARET SMITH Mpeg.. Latin Club I, II, III, Girl Reserves III, IV, Biology Club IV, Phy- Chem Club IV. RICHARD SMITH "Dirk" Literary I, II, III, IV, Hi-Y I, II, III, IV, French Club II, III, Biology Club III, Pepper Club IV, Band I, II, III, Mixed Chorus II, III, Phy- Chem Club IV, Sophomore Play, "The Patsy," 'ALafT That Off," Cheer Leader III, IV, Oration IV, Alaurum Staff. WILLIAM L. SMITH "Bill" Literary I, II, Literary Officer IV, French Club II, Football Manager IV. 3 'Lf Page Twenty-five NORMAN SOODIK "Norm" Hi-Y III, IV, Band I, II, III, IV, Orchestra I, II, III, Cheer Leader IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Latin Club I, II, III, Sophomore Play, "The Patsy," Literary I, II, III, IV, Presi- dent II, Class Treasurer IV, Safety Patrol IV, Phy-Chem IV. ANNA MARIE SPRINGER "Anna" Girls' Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Literary IV. PEARL STANEART "Pearl" Girl Reserves II, III, Girls' Glee Club I, II, Latin Club III, Sopho- more Play. DAVID STEED "Dave" Spanish Cluh III, Biology Club I. MARGARET STEIN ' 'Xtein' ' Girls' Glee Club I, Latin Club II, III, Literary I, II, III. ANITA STEWARD "Nita" Girl Reserves II, III, IV Officer II, IV, Sophomore Play, Literary III, IV, Latin Club II, III, Class Secre- tary III. ,,.,. , , , ..- 1.......4 - Tl-IE 1934 AI.AUI2UMLlT- MARJORIE STRAYER I --MW, ESTHER ELSIE THULL "E th " crrrrreerr and Gold Staff II, Mixed VJ 6' I Chorus II, IIIQ Girls' Glas Club I, .The College Stick II,Commerc1al IV4 Latin Club I, II, III5 Biology Club II, III, IV, Girl Reserves II, Club 11, III, IV, Girl Reserves II, H14 I-1bf3fY Club I- III, IV, Lrrerary 1, II, III, IV. JOSEPH VUKICH ALFRED TAYLOR NJN., "Freddie" I V Football II, III, IV, Basketball II, Commercial Club II, III, IV, H1-Y HI IV. Club II, Football I. LOIS THOMAS ULU" MIRIAM WALCOTT "Las Thar Off" IV, "The College "MW" Stick" H5 Gifl RCSEFVCS II, H15 Aff Girl Reserves IV, Beaver Falls I, II, Club III, Commercial Club II, III, 111, IV, Banking Group IV. CLYDE WALKER MORGAN THOMAS "Cb,de" Leg! Safety Patrol IV, Track II, Basket- New Castle IL Sharon Us Hi-Y IH, ball III, Football I, II, IV, Biology IV, Basketball III, IV. Club 1. JUNE ELEANORE WALKER ROBERT THOMPSON "El" MBU?" Rochester I, II, Commercial Club Literary III, IV, Spanish Club III, H' lu' IV5 Girl Reserlfcs IH' IV5 Hi-Y H5 Biology Club I- Social Committee IV, Mixed Chorus III, Literary IV. WAYNE THOMPSON WAYNE WALKER "Wayne" N "Walker" Biology Club Ir II, IH, IV! Safety Biology Club I, Science Club IV, Patrol IV, Football II, III, IV. T1-351411, Page Twenty-six , Tl-IE 1934 Al.AURUM .- llf HELEN MAY WASSMUTH "H:lm" Speech Club III, Girls' Glee Club III, Biology Club III, IV, Girl Re- serves II, III, IV. WILLIAM H. WEIMER ' ' Wzimer' ' French Club II, III, Biology Club I, II, III, Science Club IV. JEAN WEST "frank" Literary I, II, III, Commercial Club II, III, IV, Girl Reserves II, III, IV, "The College Stick" II. RUTH WHITE "Rmb" "The King Entertainsn II. EUGENE WILSON "Gene" "The College Stick" II, Safety Patrol III, IV, Bankers Grc-up IV, Stand Committee IV. EDWINA E. WINNAIL ..Edy.. '4The College Stick" II, Latin Club Il, III, Beta Gamma II, III, IV, Girls' Glee Club I, III, Mixed Chorus II, III, Literary I, III, IV. 1 "l..-.. Page Twenty-seven MILDRED WOODS "Midge" Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Latin Club II, III, Biology Club I, Literary I, III. JEAN WOOLEY "fran" Girl Reserves II, III, Commercial Club II, III, IV. JOHN YOUNG "Youngs" Latin Club I, II, III, Literary Officer III, Literary I, II, III, IV, Safety Patrol IV, Science Club IV. STELLA ZUK "Kiel" Commercial Club II, III, IV. MARY ISABELLE PETERS "Petey" Girl Reserves II, III, IV, Latin Club III, "The King Entertains" II, Home Economics Club IV. GASPER TEREK 1 'Gai' l --f-ill-lE 1934 ALAURUM Class Will We, the Class of 1934, being about to depart from this sphere of education, in full possession of a crammed mind, well-trained memory, and almost superhuman understanding, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby re- voking and making void all former wills or promises by us at any time heretofore made. As to such estate as it has pleased the Fates and our own strong hands and brains to win for us, we dispose of the same as follows: To Mr. Corkan, a long, successful period as principal of New Brighton High School. To the faculty, who have been our instructors through these last four years, a sweet and unbroken succession of restful nights and peaceful dreams. To the Class of '35, we bequeath all Senior privileges, namely, to play "hook," skip periods, occupy the middle section at chapel, look dignified on all occasions, be late for class and get away with it, make all announcements in chapel, and, in fact, rule the four classes. To the Sophomores, we leave the largest sizes of all our old cast-off hats. They'll need large sizes when they become Juniors. To the dear little Freshmen, we leave the right to follow in the remarkable footsteps of the Class of '34, and perhaps, some day, to reach the glamorous fame of our class. A To Jeanette Alford, the right to repeat her high school course just for the fun of it. To Bob Austin, a position as Ben Bernie's soloist. To Olga Balysh, we leave a partnership in a new business firm to be known as "Balysh 84 Zuk, Inc." To John Bedison, an opportunity to study physics to his heart's content. To Dorothy Best, we bequeath a correspondence course on how to get the most out of a stick of chewing gum-in ten easy lessons. To Theron Best, an X-ray machine so that he will be able to see through life's problems. To Louise Blair, any secretarial position which requires alertness, personality, ability, or what have you. To John Boettner, our permission to become an apprentice to the janitor of the Fourth Ward school building. To Eric Bollman, a bag of peanuts, an apple, or anything to satisfy his seem- ingly ravenous appetite. To Miriam Brobeck, a contract with the Metropolitan Opera Company. To Arthur Burkhart, a scholarship to Vassar and of course a large notebook for the purpose of recording names, addresses, and telephone numbers. To Grace Byers, we leave a "poetic license." We haven't forgotten the poem you read to us at one of our literary programs. To Robert Calvin, the right to sue Frank Capo for classifying him as a member of that despised race known as "professors" Page Twenty-eight l-lTI-IE 1934 ALAURUM To Frank Capo, we bequeath a clothespin. It has been rumored on good authority that "his highness" snores at night. To jack Clinton, an application for admission to the stage managers' union. To Elizabeth Conner, the responsibility of giving piano lessons to the members of the younger generation. To Jean Davis, an opportunity to instill in the minds of the folk of Oak Hill an appreciation for Latin. To Norine Dewhirst, the right to have an affectionate feeling for N. B. H. S. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," you know. To Mary Diamond, a body-guard so nobody can take her precious last name away. To Mildred Disbrow, we leave a library of several hundred volumes to satisfy her thirst for knowledge. To Thelma Dixon, we leave the privilege of becoming Miss Daubenspeck's right-hand woman. To Georgia Douthett, a nice meat market to keep up the family tradition. To Mildred Eaton, a position as radio advertiser for "Quality Kleen" Dairy. To Mildred Eckhart, a position as somebody's private secretary. To Roy Egan, the right to go on a debating tour with Mr. McNitt, To Florence Feits, an arrangement with the Beaver Valley Traction Company for free transportation to and from Beaver. To Ralph Field, we leave a football and a basketball to keep him in practice. To Wesley Field, our permission to acquire a tall stature to go with his deep voice. To Lawrence Fiscus, we bequeath a tobacco plantation down in good Old Virginny. g To Robert Fischer, a number of cans of spinach so he can develop one of those much-talked-of "Fisher Bodies. " To Joe Flanick, the task of remembering all the important dates Chistorical varietyl since the dawn of civilization. To Arthur Fortune, the right to gain all that his name implies. To John Frederick, a career as a trafhc cop. He has served with such efficiency on the safety patrol. To Clarence Freeman, the right to become what his last name signifies as soon as school is over. To Anna, Cleora, and Kathryn Funkhouser, a musical career as the famous "Funk- houser Trio" of the air. To Frank Goodman, we leave a medal for being so good natured, especially with the teachers. To Leroy and Ollie Goosby, permanent jobs aiding Mr. Roark to produce good football teams in the years to come. To Frances Graham, all rights and privileges to publish her secret for overcoming sales resistance. To Gifford Guy, a mouse-trap so he can go in for big game hunting on a small scale. Page Twenty-nine . T1--ill-IE 1934 ALAURUM To John Habrle, a few man-hole covers so that he can play tiddle-de-winks and get his exercise at the same time. To Robert Hardesty, a suit of armor. He needs some protection against those darts of Cupid. To Lester Harman, we leave a shotgun so he can start life off with a bang. To Jean Hayden, a position as efficiency expert for Mr. McNitt. To James Henry, the task of devising a plan whereby people can tell which of his names comes first. To Ray Herr, we bequeath a copy of the latest fruit diet. lt consists of one date a week. To Bernice Herron, some good biscuit recipes so she won't endanger the health of her future husband. To Virginia Hill, the right to retain her good looks. To Anna Hoodnick, we leave a boat so she can cross the river from Fallston. To Mike Hornyon, we leave a permanent supply of brooms with which to sweep the gym floor in the years to come. To Helen Houlette, we leave a bell, Helen is so quiet we hardly know she is around. To John Householder, we bequeath a bicycle, so his feet won't get muddy com- ing to school. To Ethel Howe, we leave a question mark, since her name is an eternal question. To Norma Hulmes, we give the title "New Brighton High School's Best Dressed Woman." To Eleanore Ingram,we bequeath the position of superintendent of nurses at Walter Reed's Hospital, at Washington. To Richard Jenkins, we give the privilege of creating a modern, successful Oak Hill bus line He should know the route very well by this time. To Frank Kalcevic, a few more smiles, for "a boy with a smile is a boy worth while." To Frank Kauffman, a position as floor walker in Kaufman's store. To Glenn Keener and Glenn Ketterer, we leave the right to borrow each other's height when necessary. To Burton Kennedy, we leave the position of head professor of physics at one of our leading universities. To Albert Keppen, a permanent place on the "All-American Basketball Team." To Louise King, we leave the position as future instructor of the Girls' Glee Club of Geneva College. To Mabel Knoop, the right to become New York's greatest woman lawyer, since this seems to have been her one ambition while in school. To Flo Kramer, we leave the position as head of the Commercial Department at Peabody High School. l To Peg Kredel, we leave a monopoly of the alumni boys. She "Bobs" around quite a bit lately. To Helen Krosky, we give the title of "expert saleswomann of the Class of '34. To Eddy Krosky, the right to retain his care free spirit through life's trials. Page Thirty To Emma Kutles, a forget-me-not, so she'll always remember her high school days. To Don Landfair, a permanent excuse to save him the trouble of thinking up new ones. To Ralph Lawrence, we bequeath the "Trojan Horse" vs. a Latin pony. To Harold Leibold, a deck of cards that will never wear out. He may be champion bridge-player some day. To Howard Martsolf, an automatic peanut-sheller. It would save him heaps of work. To Elizabeth Majors, the right to make "Howdy" her pet byword. To Cliff Mathis, a permanent seat in George's car. Since the desks are so uncomfortable, we leave Bill May a portable day-bed to carry to his classes. To lla McCauley, we leave a permanent pleasing personality, so that even though she may be a 'iMoody" woman all her life, she will not lose her many friends. To Ruth McDanel, we leave a permanent supply of cars. Ruth seems happy when driving a car. To Ray McFarland, we leave a little "dough" for "Do" always comes before ..RC'., To Duane McGown, we leave a step-ladder. We know Duane will enjoy the sen- sation of looking over someone else's head. To Paul McLaughlin, we bequeath a rattle, so that he may give his pencils, pens, and desk fixtures a rest for a change. Because Dick McLean gets so tired in his class periods, the best we can do is give him an everlasting permit to be excused-his diploma. To Susie McLinn, we give a rope, so that the tie of her friendship with Alyce Rawl may never be broken. t To Carl McNees, we leave a five-year radio contract as world-famous bass singer. To Margaret Mennell, the right to ever keep her hair a beautiful blonde. To Bill Meteney, we leave a New York penthouse, so he can blow his i'sax" to his heart's content. To Norman Miller, a painter's license, he has been a "miller" long enough. To "Ollie" Molter, a straw basket, just in case he gets too old to "make baskets." To Alfred Moore, we leave a permanent "free" pass to Ambridge. This will surely save him a lot of money. To Jack Morrow, we bequeath the right to retain all through life, that million dollar smile which has won for him so many friends while in school. To Margie Mozier, the right to become a little "Mopupus" for her future husband. To Peg Nowery, the privilege of writing an essay on "Why Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." To Gretchen Painter, the laurels she justly deserves. To Mary Peters, the position as head fashion editor of the "Good Housekeeping" magazine. Mary made great progress as a seamstress while in school. Page Thirtyaon TI-IE 1934 ALAURUMlMi- life-:THE 1934 ALAURUMlEi To Bob Phillips, the position of trumpet-player in some leading "jazz" band, Bob certainly can get a lot of noise from that horn. To Edith Pifer, we leave the right to acquire a permanent position working for a "taylor," To Sarah Popovic, the position of private secretary to Mr. Corkan. To Dorothy Potts, a few more days in the week to attend dances, since this is her favorite pastime. To Ross Pyles, the right to quit school just anytime he pleases. To Alyce Rawl, a part ownership in the Wrigley's Chewing Gum Company. No one seems to get so much fun out of a cent as Alyce. To Louis Revelant, a contract to replace Eddie Cantor. To Francis Rogers, a place in Congress. ls he a genius at oration! Uust ask usj To John Romanchak, the honor of studying history with Joe Flanick. To Edna Rosenberg, a permit to argue with Mr. Roark. To Betty jane Rudolph, a free pass to all Geneva's basket ball games To Sarah Sams, a bottle of glue so she can stick with Flo Kramer out of school as she did in school. To Dorothy Schriver, a jig saw puzzle to help her spend her evenings when "Red" works. To Mary Ernestine Sayre, an arrow to go with her HBO." To Harold Shields, an annual supply of stationery to carry on his correspondence with Martha. To John Shields, a bottle of hair dye, for we don't want him to give a bad im- pression of his temper. To Margaret Shields, a sword and armor to go with the "shields" To Walter Shields, as many "hamburgers" as he wishes to have. To Mary Louise Shingleton, an amplifier, then it won't be hard for us to hear her. To James Shoaf, a can of alphabet soup so he won't lack for words. To Raymond Shotsinger, a tube of "Pepsodent Tooth Paste" to aid him in keeping his "million dollar smile." To Lawrence Shuster, a book on how to overcome bashfulness. Lawrence is so shy around the girls. To Saul Simon, a bottle of "Brilliantine" to keep his hair shiny. To Jack Sipe, the right to be an engineer at some large radio broadcasting station. To Margaret Smith, a course in journalism, Latin is not included. To Richard and William Smith, a course in making cough-drops. To 'Norman Soodik, a cop to protect him in his lonely sojourns at night. To Anna Marie Springer, a position as private secretary to some Wall Street broker. To Pearle Staneart, a leash that she might not get lost from her most intimate crowd of friends of her N. B. H. S. days. To David Steed, a beautiful yacht for we are sure that he must be tired of being a "steed" for so long. To Margaret Stein, a post-graduate course, for how will she ever exist without something to study. Page Thirty-two -'-lg-'THE 1934 ALfXUI2LlM'l To Marjorie Strayer, a box of "dates." She will never be lonesome if she should quit the "steady," To Alfred Taylor, a marriage license to wed a seamstress, who will take over the work of the "taylor." To Gasper Terek, a business course that he will be qualified to work in a lawyer's office. To Lois Thomas, a beauty shop with finger waving as a specialty, To Morgan Thomas, some victrola records to reduce the height and broaden the width. To Robert Thompson, a dairy with all modern equipments for we are sure it will be appreciated, To Wayne Thompson, the honor of being the head football coach at "Fallston University." To Esther Thull, an "art instructor" for life. To Joe Vukich, the privilege of being an all star basketball player on some famous team. To Miriam Walcott, a box of candy to help her keep her sweet disposition. To Clyde Walker, an adding machine, so he can do business arithmetic on time. To June Walker, the right to be serious sometimes. It is her witticism that keeps us all hysterical. To Wayne Walker, a gallon of gas, with which to run his car. To Helen May Wassmuth, an emergency kit to aid her when she enters the field of nursing. To William Weimer, the right to play with toy trains to help him in his future work as an engineer. To Jean West, and Jean Wooley, a contract to star in the picture, "The Wild and Wooley West." To Ruth White, the right to change her name to another color. T To Eugene Wilson, a bank that he might become president of, because he has had a year of experience. To EdWina Winnail, a cake of Palmolive Soap to help her keep that "schoolgirl complexion. " To Mildred Woods, the right to use henna to keep her hair at its flaming love- liness. To John Young, permission to write his own translation of Virgil's "Aeneid." To Stella Zuk, the right to change her name to a letter near the first of the alpha- bet, then she will miss the thrills of always having the last desk in the room. To Mary Howells, a library of her own so she can get all the information she will need. To Alice Murphy, the right to manufacture her own china cats. To Therman Langnecker, a permenant wave machine that he might never lose his curls. Page Thirty-three Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM Class Activities To the Senior Classbelongs the distinction of having given the first annual Sopho more entertainment, which included "The King Entertainsu and "The College Stick During its Junior year the class presented "The Patsym with the following cast Mr. Harrington ,.... Mrs. Harrington ,... Grace Harrington ..... Patricia Harrington ,.... Billy Caldwell ....., Tony Anderson. . . Sadie Buchanan ...... , , Francis Patrick O'Flaharty "Trip" Busty ..... , . The first Senior Class Play "Laff That Off" vvas su Peggy Bryant ..... Leo Mitchell .... Art Landau ,.... "Remorse" ......, . , . Emmy the "Mopupus". . , Mrs. Connelly ,....... Mike Connelly ,... Mrs. Valentine ,... Jimmy Valentine .... Tony, the ice man ........ . . . .Clifford Mathis . . . . .Dorothy Best . . . .Mary E. Sayre . . , . . .Jean Hayden . . . .Ralph Lawrence , . . . .Norman Soodik . . .Florence Kramer . . . .Richard Smith . . .Louis Revelant ccessfully given by: . . . .Lois Thomas , . , .Richard Smith . . . .Robert Phillips . . . ,Francis Rogers . , .Margaret Mozier . . . .Georgia Douthett . . . .John Householder Betty Jane Rudolph . . .Donald Landfair . . . . .Harold Shields The Junior Prom given the Class of '33 on May 23, 1933 and the Dance on an uary 5, 1934 were two of the outstanding social activities. Page Thirty-four -L?-11Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM-il'- JUNIQRS 955955 Class History Early on a September morning in 1933, the members of the class of 1935 again sought the portals of New Brighton High School. After paying due respects to the new group of Freshmen, We settled down to the reality of the third year in our institution for higher learning. Under the capable direction of our staff of faculty ad- visers, Miss Grimes, Miss Daubenspeck, and Mr. Hill, we circled our educational, business, and social calendar like genuine upper classmen. The class play, "Mamma's Baby Boy," under the direction of Miss Daubenspeck, was a decided success. The Junior dance to which the other classes were invited, was held February 9th in the high school gymnasium. A most fruitful year is being antici- pated by the class for the fourth and concluding term of our high school days. Page Thirty-Five l ,J THE 1934 ALAURUM JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President - ---- Dale Kaufman Vice-President - Donald Kratgert Secretary - - - - Doroflqy Hill Treasurer - Meritt Canon Page Thirty-six Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM Adams, Mike Allender, Dorothy Allender, Ruth Anderson, Evelyn Anderson, Ross Anthony, Valda Armstrong, John Ashman, Jane Bauer, Christine Bcdison, Earl Best, Rodney Bibbee, Nell Bingham, Robert Bird, Ralph Bonzo, Bertha Bradshaw, Nancy Brandt, Beverly Brandt, George Brew, Robert Brookhart, Mary Bush, Ruth Capo, Tony Carson, Merritt Chaney, Joel Christner, Robert Cline, Boyd Conner, Marjorie Cooper, Martha Coslov, Caroline Coss, Walter Craig, John Cron, Dorothy Crumrine, Regina Davis, Stella Dean, Floyd Derflinger, Charles DeRuyter, Paul DeVinriey, Ruth Dick, Dale Dick, Dallas Dicks, Arthur Dunn, Ellsworth Dwyer, John Eberle, Madeline Enslen, Gerald Fedeski, William Field, Wesley Class Roll Figley, Howard Fiscus, Elenore Fleming, Mildred Freeman, Margaret Frishkorn, Helen Futato, Gazella Gacesa, Simo Garmen, Robert Gibson, Gale Givens, Evelyn Godlewski, Helen Greer, Helen Griffiths, Evelyn Haarbauer, Homer Habrle, Dennis Harris, Jeane Henn, Elizabeth Henry, Hobart Hilberg, Mildred Hill, Dorothy Hobaugh, Harry Hodge, Eva Hornby, Robson Hornick, Mike Householder, Alice Householder, Helen Householder, Robert Hunter, Gladys Hunter, Mary Alice Hutzley, Fred jackson, Betty james, Dorothy Jenkins, Jay Kairis, Edward Kalcevic, Louis Karr, Mary Ellen Kaufman, Dale Keener, Earl Kelbaugh, Claire Kennedy, Helen Frances Kennedy, Jean Kester, Lillian Kirchner, Irene Knaulf, Clarence Koricansky, Steve Kotoff, Mary Kovach, Mary Kratzert, Donald Leslie, Hugh Leuin, Dolly Lewis, Azalia Link, Stanton Luce, Byron Lutz, Roy Madory, Betty Martin, Melville Martsolf, Ruth May, Mary Ellen McBride, Richard McBride, Robert McCloskey, Genevieve McCutcheon, Paul McDaniel, Martha McDonald, ,lack McGinley, Ruth McGuire, Alice Mentz, Albert Miller, David Mitsch, Ralph Molter, Jean Moore, Annetta Mujwit, Theodore Musick, Kathryn Narvett, Ann Openhart, John Ostrom, Emma jane Palumbo, Mary Patterson, Leona Peluso, Joseph Pifer, Helen Plassmeyer, Anna Pontier, Albert Popovich, John Powell, Ruth Provance, Richard Radatovich, Steve Rarick, Clarence Rawl, Raymond Redmond, William Reed, Opal Reese, Jean Retzer, Robert Rhodes, Manuel Rosenmund, Edna Page Thirty-seven Ruff, Stella Saibeni, Biagio Samek, Robert Saul, Herbert Sayre, Ellen Sayre, George Schaffel, Gerson' Schaich, Jack Shafer, Irene Shanor, Howard Sheets, Eleanor Small, Frank Smith, Daniel Smith, Elverene Spooner, Raymond Springer, Helen Steele, Jane Stenglin, Henry Susak, Steve Szekely, Irene Tanner, Donald Thorne, George Toth, john Valecic, Anna Veiock, Evelyn Veiock, Isodeen Verbanick, Joe Vestrocy, Helen Volinic, Mike Wallis, Agnes Ward, Ethel Ware, Jack Weber, Mary Louise Weeber, Edwin Welsh, Martha Williamson, Robert Wise, Carrie Wise, Estella Wolf, Laura Wolfe, Dorothy Wright, Charles Wurzel, Dolores Yee, Raymond Zerke, Carl gi-.-.-..-------- THE 1934 ALAURLJM PgTh y gh --:EU-IE 1934 ALAURUM SDPHOMORES 959474655 Class History As Sophomores, We are satisfied with the work we have done since we entered New Brighton High School. To aid us, We se- lected officers Whom We knew would serve us well. John Maffsolf was elected President. We chose Clarence Koah as his assistant, Adaline DeMarco has proved to be an ideal secretary. To take charge of financial affairs, we placed William Rotzler at the head of the treasury. Under the capable direction of Miss Lytle and Miss Moore, our annual program was a big success. We feel that we accomplished a great deal by putting on this program. We wish to thank Miss Lytle, our class advisor, for the help she has given us during our Sophomore year Page Thirty-nine TI-IE 1934 ALAURUM SOPHOMORE CLASS GFFICERS President - - - - -john Mnrtfolf Vice-President - Clarence Kanh Secretary - - Adnline DeMnrco Treasurer - - William Rotzler Page Forty TI-IE 'I934 ALAURUMlT Abend, Geraldine Albert, Mildred Aley, Erma Anderson, Ruth Barkich, Anna Barratt, Marjorie Bauer, Joseph Bauerle, Mildred Begley, Juanita Bellan, Kathryn Bellan, Nicholas Bennett, William Blagg, Wilma Blair, David Blinn, Harold Blinn, Paul Boehm, Ruth Boggs, Dorothea Bowen, Madelyn Boyer, Raymond Bradshaw, Caroline Brannon, Herbert Brenner, Jeanne Brittain, Clark Brobeck, Burrell Brobik, John Budicak, Thomas Byers, Lora Calvin, Dolores Carr, Gladys Cline, Francis Coene, Dorothy Cornmella, Frank Cook, Alice Cook, Charles Cook, Kathryn Corficld, Frank Crede, Joseph DeMarco, Adaline DeRuyter, Ruth Dixon, Gertrude Duey, Homer Dunlap, Honor Class Roll Dybo, Stella Edgar, Stella Egan, Charles Farmer, Pauline Felton, Richard Flanick, Anna Flinner, Lyle Fork, Maizie Fox, Charles Frishkorn, Jack Frishkorn, Martha Funk, Dorothy Mae Funkhouser, June Gentzel, Jack Gillingham, Arthur Goodman, Mike Grant, Alice Grant, Ellis Gumpf, Dorothy Gwilliam, Thelma Haire, Mildred Hall, Charles Havis, John Hays, John Hazen, Wilfred Hendrickson, Mary Hill, Orrin Hogue, Betty Houlette, Harriet Householder, Martha Irwin, Florence James, Margaret Jenkins, Mary Jenkins, Raymond Joy, William Kennedy, Evelyn Kisic, John Koah, Clarence Kovach, John Kratzert, Esther Kredel, George Laposki, Julius Leslie, Lavina Lonkert, Ruth Ludwig, William Lytle, Clifford Lytle, James MacDonald, Norman Mahon, Viola Makepeace, Dale Martin, William Marshall, Robert Martsolf, John Mathis, John McCormick, Paul McElroy, John McNutt, Jean Mecklem, Viola Mennell, Edward Mennell, Jean Miller, Lillian Miller, Melvin Monit, Chester Mooney, Frank Moore, Herman Morrow, William Myers, Elinor Myers, Miriam Nusser, Margaret Operhall, Andrew Parkhill, Donald Patterson, Betty Patterson, David Peluso, Melvin Pickens, Kathryn Piekarski, Merle Podner, Frank Popovic, Montgomery Popovich, Anne Provance, Jeane Purvis, Dean Reed, Geraldine Reed, Jean Reutter, Mildred Page Forty-one Rhoades, Opal Rhodes, Veletta Richardson, Faye Rombold, Jean Roser, John Rotzler, William Russell, Robert Sager, Gertrude Samek, Ruth Schaney, Jean Schuler, Victor Seawright, Dorothy Sentak, Robert Sentak, Walter Shafer, William Shaffer, Robert Shields, Catherine Shroads, Jane Suskewich, Joseph Smieska, Frances Smith, Barbara Smolar, Irene Speyerer, Betty Stein, Mildred Stevens, Henry Strayer, Dorothy Talkovic, Barbara Thomas, Marguerite Trgovac, Joseph Veiock, Madeline Volinic, Nick Walker, Marjorie Watson, Jack Whipple, Willard White, Jean Wilcox, Robert Winterburn, Mary Winters, Francis Winters, Kenneth Wolfe, Betty Young, Ruth Young, William -I:-iT!-IE 'I934 ALAURUM THE 1934 Al.AURUM FRESHMEN Wllhe Novel of 9379' We, the Freshman Class of New Brighton High School, feel we have just completed the first few chapters of a great novel. In our Junior year, or perhaps when we are Seniors, we will reach the climax of our plot. It is then we shall look down the short path before us to the time when we shall bring our high school days to a close and write "Finis" to our book. "The Novel of '37" will be presented to New Brighton High School beautifully bound in colors of blue and gold, with a lovely frontispiece of Baby Mums. After our period of introduction, we elected as main characters Anthony Laposki, president, with his assistant, Merritt Taylors Ruth Rogers, secretary, and Robert Walker, treasurer. With the aid our able advisers, Miss Dunham and Mr. Heider, and our other helpful instructors, we have endeavored, as we Wrote, not to have the type blurred. We desire, when we have finished the book, to be able to read our own accomplishments with great satisfaction and few regrets. We will try to keep the intervening chapters of this volume bubbling over with just that type of achieve- ment which will demand the approval of every high school student. The teachers and upper classmen aroused in us school spirit and loyalty, which we do nurture and maintain. Thus inspired'through- out our life, in all its tasks and duties and amid all the hardships through which the school may pass, we pledge allegiance to New Brighton High School, and will always remember to "Be true to our word, our work, and our friend." Although we have enjoyed Writing these "Freshmen Chapters" for our novel, we are eagerly looking forward to the development of the future chapters in our last three years as students in New Brighton High School. Page Forty-three TI-IE 1934 ALAURUM FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President - ---- Anthony Lezpofki Vice-President - Merritt Taylor Secretary - - - Ruth Radcgerm Treasurer - - Robert Walker Page Forty-four 5. . THE 1934 ALAURUM alaksin, pauline alexander, alma jane altmeyer, betty atkinson, robert baker, jean balderson, olive mae barnett, grace bauer, ted beatry, ruth bedison, burton begley, betty beitsch, harry best, jean best, marion bibbee, betty bittner, mary blinn, edith boggs, toots bonzo, hilda boren, esther boscoe, irene bott, wilmer bradshaw, virginia brandenburg, belva brannon, dulcie brkich, john busch, myrtle byers, robert calderwood, laura capo, mary carlo, joseph :arson, harry Carver, ruth chaney, richard collar, ada louise commella, frank conner, mary alice cook, george crumrine, dealva custer, theodore dantonio, vincent dantonio, catherine davis, benjamin derflinger, robert devinney, paul dixon, gertrude dobson, donald druschell, dorothy duey, jack duff, clifford dunn, charles edwards, margaret egan, charles Class Roll emery, dorothy fabyanic, ivan field, leonard flowers, joseph forsythe, john frew, nancy jane frishkorn, betty frishkorn, iola gillespie, ruth gold, mary ellen grant, mary gruber, dorothy gwilliam, evelyn hall, harriet hall, vernon holmes, helen jeanne harger, betty harger, vera harman, ruth harvoth, helen harris, rebecca heckathorne, ira heid, paul helble, aletha henry, gale hershberger, robert hilberg, lois hodnick, mike hoey, james hoodnick, pete hornick, ellen houlette, jane hutchinson, ethell ifft, billie irwin, richard jackson, iva mary jackson, samuel jurasovic, grace javens, jack keister, hersel kell, virginia kennedy, franklin kester, mable kester, james kester, virginia ketterer, russell king, charles king, thelma kirschner, arline kisic, joseph klear, gloria knight, frances koehler, clara koricansky, john kraly, joseph kridler, walter kunik, michael kusnir, frank lane, jack laposki, anthony librich, nick lorenz, walter lowe, orjeane lowe, sara lytle, mable marquis, elizabeth marquis, margaret marr, james marshall, adele martin, carle martin, matthew matthews, juanita mcbride, henry mccomb, charlotte mccutcheon, john mccoun, jean mcdaniel, grace mcgown, john mckenzie, la roka meeder, miriam mendenhall, raymond meteney, joseph meteney, margaret miller, robert minnite, rockie mitchell, philip molter, ruth monit, adam moore, virginia mujwit, helen mulik, Wilmer nusser, john orban, irene orend, jean ostrum, charles Owens, glen peluso, joseph peters, catherine petuch, winnefred pickens, ralph powell, alma power, donald pryor, james pullian, frank rairigh, sarah rawl, Willis Page Forty-five reda, marie reese, david revelant, dante rogers, ruth romanchak, anna rose, frank roush, edna ruklic, leonard rupert, eugene schaffel, milton see, raymond shanor, john shields, peter shusrer, raymond slovik, dorothy smith, bobby smith, dale smith, mary smith, leroy smolar, john snowberger, clifford statton, rose steel, jane stein, jimmy steinfield, harold st. john, doris mae stomski, genevieve stomski, sopha suskiewich, victor taylor, merritt thomas, kenneth thompson, margaret tinrsman, john vanarsdale, charlotte veiock, ruth vrava, mary walcott, robert walker, robert wallis, james watkins, harvey waugh, myrra webster, catherine weeber, christian weiner, martin welsh, gladys west, edward wickline, vannie wilson, jean yee, dorothy yovanovic, samuel zahnizer, helen zaleski, steffa zuk, charles i-Ml-Tl-IE 193-4 ALAURUM A Freshmanvs Impression. Impressions allow much latitude, and Freshmen, l believe, are supposed to get rather than to give impressions. Perhaps some of mine are best left untold. My first impressions, formed before a mirror at the close of the first day of school, corroborated the opinion, more or less widely held, that High Schools have some association with the head. That first impression of New Brighton High School was, if my memory serves me aright, decidedly unfavorableein fact unprintable- though doubtless easily comprehensible to Freshmen and former Freshmen. The shorn exterior of the upper anatomy suggested that it might be well to get some- thing within, to compensate for the loss without. But as nature did her work, doubts gradually arose as to the wisdom of wrestling too hard with algebraic formulas, with the doings of Nebuchadnezzar, Darius, Rameses, and the rest-where are they now? Why strive for that vain thing called a "mark in the world," when upper classmen can make their mark with no other implements than scissors, in a field so easily conquered as a Freshman's head? Of course, one operating in this inviting field is liable to be accused of a lack of originality. At present, there seems to be every reason for optimism. But of course the teachers, with ideas of their own, may make of me a confirmed pessimist. For after final examinations, there may be as much cause for pessimism as there now is for optimism. As to class work, the instructors probably suspect it is not impressing us deeply. Concerning this work, there is the fear that when we have learned it we will later have to unlearn it, someone may look more diligently into a telescope, or dig deeper into some mound, or examine the contents of some test-tube more thoroughly, and consequently upset all our accepted theories. Or Washington may enact laws changing our present standards of government and finance, and the like. It is my im- pression that High Schools need do little more than review the alphabet. NRA, CWA, PWA, TVA will likely do the rest, and PTA, if we are good, may later get us nice jobs throwing dirt from a ditch. In the meantime, hurrah for U. S. A. Such are my impressions of High School, what are yours? Page Forty-six --T-liTWfTI-IE 1934 Al.AUI2UM '- 365 63? E523 1,9 gf? l ii, Q , Q99 , Q gif v,-.f 'v'-Q ve 1, ..,, W E35 W leg? ? Naarwa 3 Q 3253 Q is 23.25 wi 1 ,- 1 W !, Mi T :I gp' lb: i.,,4 "-1'-3"4tri' mm 33 za ..' S "' , . 5' 1 . z ug Q 0 ' '73 Orgamz atlons ., 9 '-- ' fi? 233 QA? Q ig? . ."r 1 M r11n14v1 5 iii? , A 5 , , , 5453? Pgl: Q92 --1-iT!-IE 1934 AI.AURUMl-- Literal' Team The Beaver County Literary Contests under the Pennsylvania Forensic League were held in the New Brighton High School auditorium on the evening of March 27, in which our school was represented by Gerson Schaffel, extempore speaker, Nancy Bradshaw, declaimer, and Richard Smith, orator. A great amount of time and effort on the part of both the contestants and coaches have gone into this work in which Gerson Schaffel placed first, Richard Smith, second, and Nancy Bradshaw, third, in the respective contests. Ph -Chem Club The Phy-Chem Club was organized January 1934 by a group of students from the physics and chemistry classes of New Brighton High School for the purpose of creating a greater interest in scientific research and development. The enthusiastic science student of today is the renowned scientist and inventive genius of the future. The officers of the Phy-Chem Club are: President, Raymond Shotsinger, Vice-President, Walter Coss, Secretary, Anita Steward, Treasurer, Burton Kennedy, and Marshal, Ollie Goosby. Pepper Club The Pepper Club was organized for the purpose of stimulating spirit in the student body for inter- scholastic contests. The members and ofhcers of the organization arranged for all pep meetings and for the selection of cheerleaders. With particular pride, the Pepper Club points to the meeting before the Beaver Falls-New Brighton Football Game. The Cheerleaders selected for 1933-1934 were: Richard Smith Dorothy Hill Norman Soodik Anna Barlcich Mary Diamond Paul DeRuyter Charles Fox Medal Club The most outstanding work of the American Legion Medal Club this year was to help Anderson- Adkins Post No. 19 in planning a very successful Armistice Day Celebration. The club also helped, by selling tickets for a minstrel which was sponsored by the Legion, April second and third. Under the able direction of the sponsor, Miss Moore, the club presented an interesting Armistice Day program in chapel. At a meeting held early in the year, the following officers were elected: President, Clifford Mathis, Vice-President, Walter Coss, Secretary-Treasurer, Isodeen Veiockg Historian, Jeane Provance. Page Forty-eight -' iTl-IE 1934 AI.AUl2UM Senior Literary During the past year, much effort Was expended by students, officers, and teachers in the Senior Literary Programs with the result that they were highly successful from an entertaining as well as an educational standpoint. The initial program dealt with the World's Fair, with those who had visited the Fair taking part, while the remaining three literaries had for their general theme, the fine arts. Literary officers for the first semester included Frank Capo, President, Ralph Field, Vice-President, Florence Kramer, Secretary, and Ollie Goosby, Marshal. Officers elected for the second semester were as follows: Norman Miller, President, Gifford Guy, Vice-President, William Smith, Secretary, and Harold Shields, Marshal. Junior Literary Following the precedent established in our Freshman year, the Junior Class pre- sented several novel literary programs this year. Under such officers for the first semester as Jay Jenkins, President, Gerson Schaffel, Vice-President, Leona Patterson, Secretary, and Homer Haarbauer, Marshal, and for the second semester Clarence Rarick, President, Robert Bingham, Vice-President, Opal Reed, Secretary, and Ted Mujwit, as Marshal, the class of '35 has enjoyed plays, an interesting debate, decla- mations, orations, music, a minstrel, and several clever novelties. Sophomore Literary During the year 1933-1934, the Sophomores had some very interesting literary programs. Our first literary was a radio program, presented in the studio of N. B. H. S. At the second literary, a Christmas program, the outstanding feature was a play entitled "A Christmas Chime." A pantomime was the main feature for the first literary in the second semester. For the last literary, the program was modeled after a movie. The ofiicers elected for the first semester werejack Gentzel, Presidenteand Made- line Veiock, Secretary. William Martin, president-and Jeane Provance, Secretary, were the oflicers chosen for the last semester. Freshman Literary Due to the untiring efforts of our adviser, Miss Dunham, our literary programs for this year were very worth While. Shortly after the beginning of the school year, we met to choose the literary officers. Those elected for the first semester were Virginia Kester, President, Robert Smith, Vice-President, Margaret Marquis, Secre- tary, and Jack Javens, Marshal. During the second semester, those chosen were: Evelyn Gvvilliam, President, Arline Kirschner, Vice-President, Jean Wilson, Secre- tary, and Charles Zuk, Marshal. Page Forty-nine Tl-IE 1934 Al.AUI2UMli1--- '39 F int Row: Serond Row: Third Row: Faurtb Raw: Hi -Y Club Arthur Burkhart, Herbert Saul, Homer Haarbauer, Robson Hornby, Raymond Rawl, Richard Smith, Byron Luce, David Patterson, Don Parkhill, Charles Fox, John Martsolf, Floyd Dean, Howard Figley, Jack Schaich, Clarence Rariclc, Jay Jenkins, Robert Samek, Earl Bedison, Jack McDonald, Robert Tulfs. Mr. Anthony, Mr. Boyd, William Meteney, Paul Blinn, Harold Leibold, Joe Crede, Clarence Koah, Bill Joy, Wilfred P. Hazen, Reverend Veile, Frank Corheld, Raymond Yee, Claire Kelbaugh, Harry Hobaugh, Ralph Lawrence, Harold Blinn. Frank Mooney, William Stein, Ellsworth Dunn, Robert Christner, Harold Shields, Melville Martin, Merritt Carson, Donald Kratzert, Norman Soodik, Manuel Rhodes, Robert Phillips, Robert Garmen, Robert Hardesty, Jack Ware. William Young, Oliver Molter, jack Williamson, Orin Hill, John Boettner, John Hays, Morgan Thomas, Carl McNees, Robert Fischer, Gifford Guy, Clifford Mathis, Eric Bollman, Dale Kaufman, Bill Bennett, Alfred Moore. Page Filtv T4-4E 4934 ALAURUM CLIFFORD MATHIS DALE KAUFMAN GIFFORD GUY ERIC BOLLMAN The Club The New Brighton Hi-Y Club has been very active during the school year, holding many successful social activities such as a Well-attended skating party at Evans City and a dance in the gymnasium. Dinners are very popularfespecially the covered dish dinner which was held at the Y. M. C. A. The Club sponsored a church service at the First M. E. Church and sent the third largest representation of Hi-Y Clubs to the Older Boys' Conference held in Butler, December 1, 2, and 3, 1933. A chapel program under the direction of the Club Was given February 22, in which Dr. Wells delivered an address on the life of Washington. ' Much of the credit for the success of the club can be accounted for by the eflicient work of the officers and advisers. Our oflicers were: President ------- - Clifford Mathix Vice-President - - Dale Kaufman Secretary - - Gifford Guy Treasurer ---------- Eric Bollmfm The advisors of the club are as follows: Mr. Boyd and Mr. Anthony, faculty advisers, Reverend Veile, religious adviser, and Mr. McCullough of the Y. M. C. A. Page Fifty-one 4 4 4 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 , 4J - -TI-IE 193-4 ALAURUM-1--l Girl Reserves The Girl Reserve club of 1933-34 has enjoyed another highly successful year, as each member has faithfully striven to "Find and Give the Best." So far this year, the club has held a joint meeting with the Hi-Y and has had a covered-dish dinner at the Y. M. C. A. On December 20, the club sponsored a Christmas dance in the gym- nasium. The Girl Reserves have their meetings every other Monday evening in either the Junior or Senior High School auditorium. The programs are divided into three parts-spiritual, intellectual, and social. The success of this club is due to the capable supervision of its directors-Miss Lytle and Miss Moore. Page Fifty-two Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM - GRETCHEN PAINTER RUTH DCVINNEY MARJORIE WALKER ANITA STEWARD Officers President - - Gretchen Painter Vice-President - - Ruth Delfinney Secretary - - Marjorie Walker Treasurer - Anita Steward As Girl Reserves, we strive to be: G racious in manner I mpartial in judgment R E R may for Service S L oyal to friends E R V l E S Page Fifty-three eaching toward the arnest in purpose eeing the beautiful ager for knowledge everent to God ietorious over self ver dependable ineere at all times CSI -1-:till-lE 1934 ALAURUML- The Band When the whistle blew for the first New Brighton football game, it also called forth our band to its appearance at various football and basketball games this year. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Anthony, and with the cooperation of its mem- bers, the band has gradually developed into a well-trained organization. In addi- tion to playing at the games and school activities, such as at class movies and the commencement program, the band marched in all parades. Since they were not entered in the contest this year, the members devoted their time in practicing for a fine concert to be given in the high school auditorium in May. This year has proved to be very successful and profitable to both the musicians and the student body. C larineti' Leona Patterson William May Madeline Eberle Richard Provance Floyd Dean john Martsolf Steve Koricansky William Meteney Safopbonef Mary Ellen May BAND MEMBERS Donald Parkhill John McGown William Bennett Bauer Gifford Guy Clarence Koah Jack javens H orn: Eric Bollman Ellsworth Dunn James Stein joseph Peluso Trumpet! Robert Phillips Norman Soodik Irene Kirchner Charles Fox William Martin joel Chaney Page Fifty-four Baritone Herbert Saul Drumr and C jmbalr Robert Tuffs Ralph Lawrence Jack MacDonald Manuel Rhodes Richard Chaney Trombone Milton Schaffel ORCHESTRA MEMBERS i.1 Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUMY The Orchestra Although the orchestra did not have a contest for which to Work this year, they have expended many hours of delightful practice under the patient leadership of Mr. Anthony. While the orchestra does not get many opportunities to play in public, they have played at all the class plays, and at the first series of plays given by the Oppor- tunity School. ln order to give the orchestra more experience in playing before a group, Mr. Anthony conceived the idea of playing for chapel every Thursday morning. This idea has seemingly met with the approval of the student body. The orchestra is novv anticipating the playing for commencement and takes this opportunity in wishing the Seniors the best possible success. Violinr Glen Iden Richard McBride Ruth Gillespie Ellis Grant Helen Greer Evelyn Grifhths Montgomery Popovic William Stein Robson Hornby Jack Duey Piano Agnes Wallis Florence Feits Ellen Sayre Trumpztr Irene Kirchner Robert Phillips XVilliam Martin Flutz Wilfred Hazen Clarimrx Leona Patterson Madeline Eberle Floyd Dean Steve Koricansky .Yaxaphaner Mary Ellen May William Meteney 'I ack 'lavens Trombone Milton Schaflel Page Fifty-tive Baritone Herbert Saul Barr Clarence Koah Hom Donald Parkhill Druml Manuel Rhodes Robert Tuff s THE 1934 ALAURUM COMMERCIAL CLUB P g Ff '-i-ill-IE 193-4 AI.AUl2UM Commercial Club TOP PICTURE First Row: Anna Marie Springer, Helen Springer, Evelyn Veiock, Emma Kutles, Dorothy Schriver, Opal Reed, lrene Schaffer, Margaret Nowery, Louise Blair, june Walker, Elizabeth Majors, Jean West, Margaret Mennell, Jean Schaney, Marguerite Thomas, Helen Pifer, Dorothy Wolfe, Opal Rhodes, Miriam Myers. Lillian Miller, Mildred Ruyter. Second Row: Jean Wooley, Annetta Moore, Ruth McGinley, Martha Welsh, Mary Palumbo, Jean Reese, Emma Ostrum, Eleanore Sheets, Florence Kramer, Sarah Sams, Alice Murphy, Ruth McDanel, Esther Thull, Mary Louise Shingleton, Louise Oyster, Jane Steele, Gertrude Sager, Helen Vestrocy, Catherine Shields, Mary Winterburn, Stella Ruff, Geraldine Reed. Third Row: Robert Tuffs, Albert Pontier, William Meteney, Burton O'Neil, Roy Egan, Alfred Taylor, Ross Pyles, Henry Stenglin, Jack Ware, Jack Morrow, Jack Clinton, Eugene Wilson, Saul Simon, Francis Rogers. LOWER PICTURE Firrt Row: Christine Bauer, Mary Brookhart, Gazella Futato, Eleanore Ingram, Bernice Herron, Mary Howells, Dorothy Allender, Helen Godlewski, Stella Davis, Dorothy Mae James, Regina Crumrine, Jean DeRuyter, Gertrude Dixon, Katherine Dantonio, Ruth Anderson, Madelyne Bowen, Stella Edgar Second Row: Geraldine Abend, Juanita Begley, Mildred Haire, Dolores Calvin, Kathryn Bellan, Betty Hogue, Alice Householder, Mildred Hilberg, Elizabeth Henn, Ethel Ward, Lillian Kester, Valda Anthony, Ruth Bush, Helen Greer, Helen Householder, Nell Bibbee, Dorothy Boggs. Third Row: Mary Kotoff, Louise King, Thelma Dixon, Anna Hoodnick, Mildred Eckhart, Olga Balysh, Margaret Shields, Margaret Mozier, Georgia Douthett, Elizabeth Conner, Mabel Knopp, Florence Feits, Frances Graham, Dorothy Gumpf, Gladys Carr. Fourth Row: John Householder, Glenn Ketterer, Glenn Iden, George Brandt, Joe Chaney, Dale Kaufman, Robson Hornby, Ross Anderson, Glenn Keener, John Frederick. Page Fifty-seven - -'TI-IE 1934 Al.PyUI2UMlWlH ' f . .l 2 The Mixe Chorus The purpose of the mixed chorus this yea has been to give its members real joy and pleasure in the singing of good music. The members of the organization will be able to look back on their work with a real amount of plesaure and pride. They will remember the hours of hard practice, but they will also remember the expe- rience of singing before the Parent-Teachers' Association, before the student body, before the New Brighton Wornen's Club, and at a special Christmas program pre- sented by the N. B. H. S. music organization. Dorothy Allender Robert Bingham Beverly Brandt Joe Crede Charles Derflinger Florence Feits Evelyn Givens Robson Hornby Gladys Hunter Fred Hutzley ' Dale Kaufman Clair Kelbaugh Mable Knopp Ruth Martsolf Alice McGuire Carl McNees Jean Molter Alfred Moore Gretchen Painter Robert Phillips Ruth Powell Page Fifty-eight Louis Revelant Ellen Sayre Mary Ernestine Robert Shaffer Jane Steele Henry Stenglin Anita Steward Evelyn Veiock Agnes Wallis Martha Welsh Sayre MEMBERS -'IIE-illl-IE 1934 ALAURUMlw-il The Girls, Glee Club The girls of the Glee Club have enjoyed greatly their Wednesday morning prac- tices under the leadership of Mr. Anthony. Although the club is not to compete in the county contest this year, they have worked diligently toward various programs. A Christmas program was presented by the Girls' Glee Club, the Orchestra, and the Mixed Chorus to the people of New Brighton to impress more deeply upon the minds of many just what Christmas means. The members of this Club help to make up the Mixed Chorus in the following years. Albert, Mildred Alexander, Alma jean Baker, jean Barkich, Anna Barnett, Grace Bittner, Mary Bowen, Madalyn Bradshaw, Virginia Dantonia, Catherine De Ruyter, Jean Dixon, Gertrude Emery, Dorothy Clair Frew, Nancy Harger, Betty Harger, Vera Helble, Aletha Hogue, Betty Hutchinson, Ethel Jurasovic, Grace Kester, Virginia Kell, Virginia Kirschner, Arline Lowe, Sara Marquis, Elizabeth Marquis, Margaret Marshall, Adele McDaniel, Grace Page Fifty-nine Moore, Virginia Rairigh, Sarah Reutter, Mildred Roush, Edna Slavic, Dorothy Steele, Jane Strayer, Marjorie Van Arsdale, Charlotte Webster, Catherine Yee, Dorothy Zahnizer, Helen Zaleski, Steffa Carver, Ruth TI-1E 1934 ALAURUM? l- Beta Gamma The Beta Gamma Biology Club of New Brighton High School was formerly the Audubon Society, which had been organized in 1929. By a series of meetings which were made up of equally di- vided intellectual and entertaining elements, the club has tried to carry out its purpose to stimulate interest in biological learning and to establish the principles which lead to good citizenship. Beta Gamma has had a very successful year during 1933-34. Much of this success is due to the earnest efforts of Mr. Taylor, the sponsor of the club, and to the following officers: President ------- Walter Con Vice-President - - Richard Prowznce Secretary - - - Gladyf Hunter Treasurer - - famef Lytle Page Sixty T-L--iT!-IE 1934 ALAURUM-1--l Library Club This year the Library Club, whose purpose it is to promote an interest in reading, has sponsored many interesting programs. During Book Week, the grade children were taken on a trip to various countries via the book route, a chapel program was given in the high school, and a hobby exhibit was held in the library. The exhibit was open for inspection by the public for ten days. ln the spring, the Library Club sponsored a musical benefit, the proceeds to be used in buying books for the Library. The monthly meetings of this group are always interesting from a literary and social standpoint. The officers and members ofthe club are: OFFICERS President ------ Mildred Drfbrow Vice-President - - Mary E. Sayre Secretary-Treasurer - - - Ifodeen Veiock MEMBERS .Sqeniorf jurliorf Saplmmaref Mildred Disbrow Mary E, Sayre Anna Funkhouser Gretchen Painter Marjorie Connor Jean Molter Beverly Brandt Isodeen Veiock Page Sixty-one Marjorie Walker Madeline Veiock Jeane Provance TI-IE 1934 Al.AUl2LJMiL- Safety Patrol A group of young men of the highest moral and physical character organized for the purpose of protecting pupils outside the school against traffic dangers, and of safeguarding health and encouraging safe practices in the school and community. E. E. Hart - Oliver Molter - Theodore Mujwit Raymond Shotsinger Clifford Mathis - Gifford Guy - Robert Fischer Richard McLean Jack Schaich Howard Martsolf Norman Soodik Eric Bollman Roy Egan PATROL ONE PATROL TWO Wayne Thompson Eugene Wilson Robert Christner Paul McCutcheon John Young John Frederick Page Sixty-two Faculty Advifer Chief of Patrol - Captain - Lieutenant - Captain - Lieutenant Joel Chaney Walter Coss Merritt Carson Alfred Moore Ralph Lawrence Robert Phillips Clyde Walker PIIIHH UNI!! 1 :AX .2 P1 6 Sivtv-three 34 fXl.PxUl2UM - - ?M-THE 1934 MR. HEIDER Mr. Heider is the other coach re- sponsible for New Brighton's fine athletic development. In addition to being assist- ant coach, he holds the position of phys- ical director and has produced some fine exhibitions. ALAURUM MR. ROARK Mr. Roark has been our athletic coach for the past four years. During these years, he has made a fine record and brought New Brighton High School up to new athletic heights, ,.-,. .- .,., .-, a.,,,,,,,,,...T,.c..-ww-,rf--1 MISS MOORE Miss Moore is the girls physical di- rector, who works hard and long each year to give the girls an outstanding part in the exhibition. It is her work that gives the girls the necessary physical requirements needed for each school year. Page Sixty-four -1-T-ll!-IE 1934 AI.AUl2UMiE- . .--L ff- Football Review of the Season NEW BRIGHTON 12 ALUMNI O Those who witnessed this game will doubtlessly recall that it was played under the worst possible weather conditions. The first half of the game was played on a dry field, but the second halffthat is a different story. The contest with the Alumni was to prepare our team for the coming league frays, and to bring the students in Contact with the Alumni. NEW BRIGHTON 6 GROVE CITY 13 Grove City, destined to be Mercer County Champions, invaded our territory to give us the first set-back of the seasonfbut only after an exceedingly hard game. NEW BRIGHTON O AMBRIDGE 12 Our first League game was with Ambridge the 1932 W. P. I. A. L. Champions. After a bitter fight on our home field, Ambridge was declared the victor. As evi- dence that our team were not always on the defensive the statistics showed that our offensive had outgained Ambridge nine first downs to seven. NEW BRIGHTON 20 ROCHESTER 6 A victory over Rochester is essential to a successful season. Smarting with defeat over our two former losses in the season, the New Brighton team had little difficulty in defeating their ancient rival. Page Sixty-five 'Q-lML'TTHE 1934 ALAURUM NEW BRIGHTON 0 MIDLAND O This was the only tie game of the season. It was a hard fought fray with neither team seeming to have the advantage. We were constantly threatened by Midland the first half, while New Brighton had a slight edge the second half. NEW BRIGHTON 12 BEAVER O This was not a very exciting game, although our team was held scoreless in the first half. They rallied and scored two touchdowns in the second half to win 12 to O. NEW BRIGHTON 18 ELLWOOD O' Armistice Day, a big parade, and a football game! Besides having to contend with a fighting and stubborn foe, our boys had to cope with a field of mud and ice. However, this did not stop the team from winning another victory for New Brighton High School. NEW BRIGHTON 6 MONACA 2 Mud! Mud! Mud! Playing under poor weather conditions, the team was trailing at the half with a score of 2-0. The fighting spirit of the eleven in the second half was responsible for another victory. NEW BRIGHTON 20 BEAVER FALLS 6 Turkey Day! Hurrah! The 1933 football season was brought to a successful close by a 20-6 victory over the Tigers. This game marks the second consecutive year in which we have defeated Beaver Falls in football. The weather was favor- able and the boys made the most of it. "JAY-VEES" Following the custom of the last several years the more inexperienced boys who reported for football were organized as a Junior Varsity. They developed rapidly under Mr. Heider's capable teaching. Besides offering the varsity spirited opposi- tion in scrimmage sessions they found time to play a three game schedule with nearby schools. Weather conditions caused one other game to be cancelled. Their record indicates that they will be able to fill successfully the vacant varsity posts next year. "jay-Vees" Opponents 6 East Liverpool 0 1 8 Rochester 0 26 Midland 6 SPECIAL! This year marks an unusual feat of the New Brighton teams in that they won from Beaver Falls in the three major sport events. This has not been accomplished often in the history of the school, so everyone connected with athletics should be congrat- ulated for their fine work. Page Sixty-six -if-l-Tl-IE 1934 AI.AUl2LIMrii- Basketball Squad The basketball team of 1933-1934 lost but four games, three in the section and one in the county, making them runners-up in both the section and the county. They averaged thirty points a game to their opponents twenty. Center ---------- "AB" KEPPEN "Ab" was the leading center of this section. He is a senior and his loss will be sorely felt. "Ab" was at all times a steady player offensively and defensively. Guard ---------' CHECK" CAPO "Check" is a senior, so he will be absent from the high school basketball ranks next year. "Check" was spectacular in his offensive play both in shooting and passing. He was always a scoring threat who was dangerous to the opponents. Guard --------- "OLLIE" MOLTER "Ollie's" steady brand of ball throughout the season stamped him as one of the leading guards of the section. He is a senior who has just completed two years of varsity basketball. When it comes to choosing the players of next year, it will take a mighty good man to fill the vacancy left by "Ollie" Forward ---------- RALPH FIELD Ralph has ended three varsity years of basketball. He was a good, capable player who was adept in every phase of the game. It will take a good player to fill his vacancy Page Sixty-se n TI-IE 1934 ALAURUMwW---?- Forward ------- - - "JOE" VUKICH "Joe" was not only a forward, but he was also a guard. No matter what posi- tion he played, he played hard and fought every moment of the game. He was especially good in defensive play and was continually pouncing on the ball. "Joe" will not be back next year. Forward --------- "NORM" SOODIK "Norm" is a senior, another player who fought continuously for the ball. He had a leg injury which kept him out of a few games, but this did not lessen his spirit, for he always came back for more action. Center --------- "LEGS" THOMAS "Legs," although not on the first five, was always backing the team and ready at a minute's notice to be a substitute in the game. He was a good jumper, and this, with his height, made him able to get the tip. "Legs" is also a senior. Guard --------- "TED" MU-IWIT "Ted" is a Junior, so he has another year ahead of him in which to thrill the fans. He was a dependable substitute, who played hard at all times Forward --------- "BOB" BINGHAM Since "Bob" is ajunior he has another year. He always flashed a brilliant brand of ball when he was put in the game. He received quite a bit of playing experience which will be an aid to him next year. Forward -------- "JOHNNY" DWYER "Johnny" is another Junior who played very well and should be a dependable player next year. He could be depended upon to perform either position of guard or forward well. Forward --------- "BOBBY" AUSTIN "Bobby" is a Senior this year and will not be available for next year. He was small, but what he lacked in size he made up in his ability to play. The plan of having a Junior Varsity has also been successful in basketball. The "Jay-Vees" games this year were characterized by smooth teamplay. Many times an aggressive spirit overcame adverse first half leads. Made up largely of sophomores this group bids fair to solve next year's varsity problem. Their record shows 12 wins and 8 losses. U "BOB" FISCHER - Bafketball "BILL" SMITH ---------- Football These two boys worked hard and deserve quite a bit of credit for the success of the athletic teams this year. They have not only worked this year but for several years in order to become managers when they were seniors. The fellows on both teams are grateful to these boys because of their part in athletics. Page Sixty-eight -1-1TTl-IE 193-4 ALAURUM Basketball Scores NEW BRIGHTON OPPONENTS 37 ............ ..... M onaca. .. ..... .. 11 36 .... ..... B eaver .... .... 1 1 41 .... ..... M onaca. .. .... 16 25 .,.. ..,.. A lumni... 15 36 .... .,... B eaver .... .... 1 3 22 .... ..... B utler ....., .... 2 6 28 .... ...., N ew Castle, . . . . . . 29 34 .... ..... E llwood City ..... . . . 23 25 .... ..... A liquippa .... .... 2 3 39 .... ..... F reedom ...... .... 2 1 25 ..,. ,,... B eaver Falls ,,.. ..,. 1 7 32 .,,. ..... M idland ....., .... 1 1 18 ..,. .,.,, B utler ...... .... 1 6 24 .,.. ..... N ew Castle ..... .... 3 6 27 ..., ..... E llwood City ,.... . . . 16 20 .,.. .,... A liquippa ...... .... 2 5 38 .... ..... F reedom ...... .... 2 9 22 .... ..... B eaver Falls ..,. .... 1 8 30 ..,. ..,,. M idland ....... .... 2 O 32 .... ..... G eneva Reserves. . .... 21 Football Schedule for 1934 September 15 ...... Alumni at New Brighton September 22 ...... Butler at Butler September 29 ...... Open October 6 ......... Ambridge at Ambridge .... .i--. - October 13. . October 20. . October 27. . November 3. November 10 November 17 November 24 . . . . . .Bessemer at New Brighton . . . . . .Rochester at New Brighton . . . . . .Midland at Midland . . . . . .Beaver at New Brighton . . . . . .Ellwood City at Ellvvood City . . . . . .Monaca at New Brighton . . . . . .Permanently Open November 29 ...... Beaver Falls at Reeves Stadium Page Sixty-nine 1- Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM Varsity Letter Wlnners Name Austin, Bob ..... Bingham, Bob .... Capo, Frank .... Egan, Roy ..., Field, Ralph .,...... Fischer, Bob, Manager. . Goosby, Ollie ........ Goosby, LeRoy ..... Guy, Gifford ...... Henry, Jim .... Hornick, Mike .... Keppen, Albert ..... Koricansky, Steve .... Mathis, Cliff .,.... Molter, Ollie .... Mujwit, Ted ...... Piekarski, Merle .... Radatovirch, Pete ..,. Shanor, Howard .... Soodik, Norm ...... Smith, Bill, Manager. Thomas, Morgan ..... Thompson, Wayne ..,. Vukich, Joe .,..... Walker, Clyde. . . Page Seventy TI-IE 1934 ALAURUM Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept Sept. Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov. Nov Nov. Nov. NOV. NOV. Nov. Calendar Labor Day. First day of school. Vocal chords gave their first strains. Patrol duties started. Silence! The library is opened. The first Hi-Y gathering. Tryouts for mixed chorus. Seniors have their first class meeting. Banking began so Freshmen are saving for graduation-1937 Mr. Roark spoke at our first cheer practice. Alumni were startled. 12-O. Freshmen gather for advice at class meeting. General Science classes went on a lield trip. Mr. Kelly, our "new teacher," voiced his opinion. It is our turn to be "blue." Grove City won 136. One month gone-so soon. Seniors try their skill at plays. Report cards, but no honor roll. Seniors gave their first literary. Ambridge gave us another set back. 12-0. Rev. Edith Amsler addressed us. Rev. Risely addressed the Girl Reserves and Hi-Y. Senior picture taking started. Beat Rochester 20-6. Freshmen gave their first literary. Mr. Hart gave us a pep talk. Our first tie-Midland 0-O. Oh boy! Only seven more months of school left. American Legion Medal Club entertained us. 'ATO pass or not to pass?" Examinations. Beat Beaver. 1243. Standard rings won the struggle. Rev. Axtell addressed us. Armistice Day. Beat Ellwood, 1849. "Ouch!" That snow ball. Mr. King favored us with a talk. Beat Monaca, 6-2. Page Seventy-one .M-..-1.i....l....... Tl-IE 193-4 ALAURUM Nov. Nov Nov. Nov. NOV Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dee. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec, Dec. jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. A program for "Book-Week" was given. Seniors advertised their play. Rev. Bermon addressed us. Seniors had a class play, "Laff That Off." Ken Loeffler gave a piano message for the "Tu Brighton walloped Beaver Falls, 20 6. Victory pep meeting. Mr. Lyons spoke to us. The "Three Little Pigs" arrived in chapel. rkey Game Seniors gave the "Life of Schubert" in literarv. Christmas dance announced. Rev. Brown addressed us on "Giving" Miss Slater's A'gang" entertained us. Monaca was overwhelmed, 37-11. Beat Beaver, 37-15. Last day of school for 1933. We beat Monaca again, 41-14. Brighton topped Alumni 25-15 School resumed. Beat Beaver, 36-13. No chapel. Auditorium painted. Senior dance and Butler won, 26-22. First chapel in newly painted auditorium. Teachers' meeting and Alaurum Staff elected. First Alaurum Staff meeting. New Castle won, 29-ZS. Beat Ellwood, 34-23. More examinations and also more victories. Year book dedicated to "The Coaches." Chapel resumed after repairs. Be careful Beaver Falls! 2547. My what a blizzard! Midland downed, 32-11. Rev. Rotzler spoke to us on "Verbs." Beat Butler, 18-16. . Mr. Black took us on a tour to the White Mountains of Virginia Juniors gave a dance. Geneva girls entertained us in chapel. Mr, Martsolf drew us some cartoons on Lincoln's birthday Mr. Coleman favored us with vocal selections. Rev. Rudolph spoke to us. Page Seventy-two - -...-M-1-1 TI-IE 1934 ALAURUM Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May May May May May May The juniors brought "Marna's Baby Boy" to school. Freedom licked 3849. Dr. Wells gave an address on "George Washington." What's the matter Beaver Falls? 22-18. A "tri-victory" pep meeting. Ralph Lawrence supported the annual. Rev. Viele addressed us in chapel. No schoolg boiler broke. Sophomores gave a Mexican Drill to entertain us in chapel. Sophomores presented "The Sign of the Pewter jug." Rings with mother of pearl were selected. Mixed Chorus sang for us. Mr. Hart was seriously hurt by an explosion in the chemistry laboratory Watch that thermometer climb! First day of Spring. Examinations are here again. The evening of the tri-contestg Oration, Declamation, Extempore. The last set of exams for the most of us. Easter vacation begins with Good Friday. Those youngsters on the shelf are still talking about the Easter Bunny. School resumed after Easter vacation. Seventh month closes. Only two more left. An unlucky day for Senior literary. Rings are expected, so let's all be patient. The physical education classes show their skill. The exhibition in the gymnasium is continued. We are now on our "last lap." We are praying for the Seniors who are to take the State Scholarship Exams Alaururns' are expected, but don't rush. Seniors have been dismissed from school. CMuch to their gricf.D Mr. Heider won't be bored any more. Seniors are gone. The last Senior class play. Class Night. I wonder if Mr. Boyd misses those talkative Seniors? Baccalaureate Services. junior High Commencement. Senior High Commencement. Memorial Day. School closes for the year of 1934. Page Seventy-three . TI-IE 1934 ALAURUM N ame Jeanette Alford. , . Robert Austin, . . Olga Balysh .... John Bedison, . . Dorothy Best ,..,, Theron Best ..., Louise Blair. . . john Boettner. . . Eric Bollman ..... Miriam Brobeck .,.. ..... Arthur Burkhart .... ,.... Grace Byers ,..,. Robert Calvin .,.. Frank Capo .,... Jack Clinton ...... ...,, Elizabeth Conner. . , . . , . . Jean Davis ..,.,.. Norine Devvhirst. . .. ...,. Mary Diamond. , . Mildred Disbrow, , . , , . , . Thelma Dixon ..,... ..... Georgia Douthett ..... ..... Mildred Eaton ...,.. ..,.. Mildred Eckhart .,.. ,.... Roy Egan ...... Florence Feits ..... .,... Ralph Field .... Wesley Field ..... ..... Lawrence Fiscus .... ,.... Robert Fischer .... Joseph Flanick .... Arthur Fortune ..,.. .,,.. Clarence Freeman ..... ..... John Frederick ...... ..... Anna Funkhouser ..... ,.... Cleora Funkhouser .... ...,. Kathryn Funkhouser .... ,.,. . Frank Goodman ,.., ..... LeRoy Goosby ..., ..... Oliver Goosby .... Horoscope Chdfdffffiffff Asking questions ..... ,,.., Singing ......... Good-natured .... Grinning ..... Ethcient ..., Quiet .... Meek .... Short ,.., Bashful ..,. Carefree .... Fidgeting ,,.. Talking .,,. Grown up ,,.. Winking ....... Good-natured .... Agreeable .... Sunny .,,.... Unassuming ..,. Coquettish .,.,. Studious. . . Prompt .... Laughing ,.., Talking ....... Getting ahead ..,. Arguing .,....,,. Happy-go-lucky ,... ..... Lanky ,......,.. Small but mighty .... ...., Industrious .,.., , Shy ...... Studious. . . Doubtful ..... shieky ..,i.,. Unassuming .... Lively, ...... Neat ..... Efficient .... Quiet .... Solemn ..... Dreaming .... Page Seventy-four .fren Sixth Street In study halls With "Stel" At the garage With "Peg" Ninth Avenue with "Peg" N. At Fourth Ward On Third Avenue With "Fred" With Regina With Helen G. Studying With "Rosie" Behind the scenes Home With Ethel With "Dot" Leading cheers At the library With Miss Daubenspeck With "Bill" With Alice Working in the office Playing football With Mabel With Ethel Running to keep up At the store At the gym Studying With "Don" With girls On patrol With Stella With Ruth With George Third Avenue Rushing to school With LeRoy 'A Voice in the Old Village Choir" . , . 'Sophisticated Lady" ..........., . 'Have You Ever Been Lonely?". , . . 4 1 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 TI-IE 1934 ALAURUM Horoscope Favorite .Yong 'By A Waterfall" ...........,.. .... . 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes". .. ,.... Only the Best" ......,... .,.. . Music Makes Me". .. ..,.. if Three Little Pigs . . . . . , . . Betty Co-ed" ..,......,.,...,...,..,., . . . . The World is Waiting for the Sunrise". . . . . . I'1l Be Faithful' '... ...,.,......,,,....... . Happy Feet' '... ....,.. . . . . . Heaven Only Knows' '... . . . , . . Rosie O'Grady" ......,...........,. ,.... Annie Doesn't Live Here Any More" ..,.. . . Love Locked Out" ...,.......,,... . . . . . Dancing Lady' '... ........ .,,. . 'Just a Year Ago Tonight". . . . 'When I'm President ...............,,.,,.... Another Perfect Day Has Passed Away" .... . Goodnight Little Girl of My Dreams" ..,.. , Temptat1on" .................,........... . You're Such a Comfort To Me". ., ..... Movie .Ytar ...Clark Gable...,. .....MaeWest..... ,....janet Gaynor. . ,. Baby Leroy ..... Cary Grant ..... Jimmy Durante .... Joan Crawford .... . . . Groucho Marx .,.. .... Betty Boop .... Kay Francis ..... Jean Harlow ..,. Jimmy Cagney. . . Mae West .,.,, Farina .... , .,,, . Mickey Mouse .... ,... Dick Powell .... Joan Blondell .,.... .... Warner Baxter ,.... .... Franchot Tone ..... .... 'Ioan Blondell .... Ruby Keeler ..... Gary Cooper ..,,,, .... Laurel and Hardy ,.... .,.. Hobby . . . .Gymnastics . . . .Sleeping . . . .Driving Baseball Drawing Basketball Swimming Swimming Skiing Singing Ping-Pong Writing Poetry Stamp collecting Collecting rings Trying to swim Reading Skating Dancing Swimming Reading Dancing Humming in study halls Giving advice 'I'll Be Faithful' '... ......... .,... J a mes Dunn ....... .... D ancing 'Surprise' '... ..........,.......... . . Toby Wing .... Football 'Heat Wave" ..........,............. ..... B uster Crabbe ..... ,... T alking in the hall 'You've Got To Be A Football Hero" ........ Betty-Boop .... .... A thletics 'Whistling in the Dark" ............ ,,... S tan Laurel ...... .... M usic 'I Was in the Mood' '.... ..... R uby Keeler ..... .... S wimming 'Puddin' Head Jones" ..... ..... M ickey Mouse .... .... M anaging things 'I Want You, I Need You". . ..... Popeye ............ .... R eading 'Hallelujah, l'm A Bum" ..... ............ M ickey McGuire .... .... R aising a mustache 'You're My Past, My Present and My Future" .jean Harlow ..... .... L oafing 'Ida' '... ,.......,......................... T oby Wing ...... .... R adio Experiments 'You're My Everything' '... . ..... Harpo Marx ..... .... S elling things 'Ar1ine" ................ ..... M yrna Loy ..... .... S ewing 'After Sundown". . . ..... Kay Francis ...,. Swimming 'Easter Parade' '... ..... B ebe Daniels .... .... F ishing 'Shame on You' '.... ....... ..... B i llie Dove ......... .... S ports Don't You Remember Me". . . ..... Constance Bennett Page Seventy-five ....Football TI-IE 1934 ALAURUM N dmc Frances Graham ..,.. .... Gifford Guy .,... John Habrle ..... Robert I-Iardesty. Lester Harman. . . jean Hayden 4... James Henry .... Ray Herr ....... Bernice Herron .,.. ..... Virginia Hill 4... Anna Hoodnick. . Mike Hornyon. , . Helen Houlette. . john Householder. . . . . . . . Ethel Howe ..... Norma Hulmes ..,. ..,., Eleanore Ingram. Richard Jenkins. , Frank Kalcevic ,.., .... Glenn Keener. . . Frank Kauffman. Burton Kennedy 4.... . . , . Albert Keppen. . . Glenn Ketterer, . , Louise King ..... Mabel Knopp ,... Florence Kramer. Margaret Kredel. Edmund Kroslcy ..... .... . Helen Krosky. . . Emma Kutles .,., Donald Landfair, Ralph Lawrence ..... ,.,. Harold Leibold, , Elizabeth Majors. Howard Martsolf .... .... Clifford Mathis. . William May ..., Ila McCauley .... Ruth McDanel,, Horoscope Chrzmcterirtic Sunny ...... Smiling ..... Brilliant ..,. Gay .... Timid .... Giggling ...., Ambitious ,,.. Fashionable .... .... Winsome ..... Demure ...,.. Business-like. . Brusque ..,. .. ...., Quiet.,... Puzzled ..,.. Smiling ..... Dressed up .... ..... S1ncere...,... Lanky ........... .,., Good-natured. Debonair ..... Indifferent .... Studious ,,.. . .... Girl-shy. . . . Composed .... Fashionable ...... ..,. Argumentative ..... . . . . Vamping ..... Attractive ,,.. Nonchalant. . . Diligent .... Silent ....,. Handsome .... Witty ,... Nice .... Cute .... Winning ..,. Friendly .... Industrious. . . Sober ....... Jolly .... Page Seventy-six fem Grove Avenue With Gladys Selling ducks With Jean Around Sixth Street' With Faye On Oak Hill With Jane With Francis Climbing Patterson Heights In Fallston Eating Playing the piano Gazing at Mary With "Vic" With "Dean" Ori Patterson Heights Dashing home at noon Fallston On Ninth Avenue With "Early" Doing Solid Geometry With "Bill" Studying With "Chuck" With "Flossie" With "Red" With "Dot" With Frank Passing notes Wearing a diamond In Beaver Falls In the Buick Twelfth Street At noon Peddling papers Talking to the girls Playing in the band With "Red" Driving - 4 4 TI-IE 1934 ALALJRUM Horoscope Favorite .Yang When I Was the Girl on the Scooter". . . . , . . The Old Spinning Wheel' '.......... . . . . . . Bye, Bye, Blackbird" .... , , . . , Shadows of Love' '... .... . jealousy" .......,........... .... . 'Hopelessly in Love With You". . . Life's So Complete" ......,.,..., . . Come up and See Me Sometime" ,....,.. , When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain" Because She Reminds Me of You" ....... . My Dancing Lady" .....,........ . . I'1lBe Glad When You're Dead". . . . . Temptation" .....,,.............. . . They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree" .... . You're Gonna Lose Your Gal" ..... . . Sweet Madness ............... . . Dinner at Eight" ...... ,,.,.., . .,,.. . . Let Me Give My Happiness to You" .... . What'll Become of Me?" ......,... . . -I Thanks ........,...... . . Carioca" 4.... , .,......,,......., . . Nobody Knows the Trouble I See' ',.. . . Dark Town Strutters' Ball' '..,,.., . . Wagon Wheels' ',.......... . , Singapore Blues' '..... . . Our Big Love Scene" ...... ..... Lover Come Back to Me ...,., ...,. When We Build A Little Home . . . . , . . . Mine ........,.............. ..... The Old Spinning Wheel" ,... . . , . . Let's Fall In Love' ',....... ..... Down the Old Ox Road".. ..... Frivolous Sal" ...,.... . . . . . Sophisticated Lady' '... . . . . . Beautiful Girl" ...,....... . . . . . Movie .Ytar Will Rogers 4.... Mickey Mouse. . . Marie Dresslcr. . . Elissa Landi ..... Mary Brian ,,.... Gene Raymond. . . . . , , Ruby Keeler .... Mae West ....... Jack Oakie ,..... Richard Cromwell ..... . . . Joan Crawford. . . Jimmy Durante ...., . . , . Claudette Colbert ..... . . . Mary Pickford, . . Dick Powell .... Buddy Rogers .,.., .... Jean Parker ...... Glenda Farrell ..,.. .... Mae West .,.... Una Merkel ..... Jean Harlow .... Chico Marx ..... Harpo Marx. . . Bebe Daniels .... Clark Gable ..... Marion Davies. .. Franchot Tone. . . David Manners .... ..,, Mae West ....... John Barrymore. . Buddy Rodgers. . . Janet Gaynor. , . joe Penner ...... Wallace Beery ..,. .... Harold Lloyd .... Now You're In my Power" . . . . . ..... Ginger Rogers. . . Lonely Lane" ...,.,......,.....,. .... . Annie Doesn't Live Here Any More" ......, . I'll See You In Church" ........... .... . Flying Down to Rio" .... ,... , Joan Bennett, . . . Mary Brian ,.... Cary Grant ...... Slim Summerville ..... .... Page Seventy-seven Hobby Playing ball Making fudge Hunting Stamp collecting Reading Dancing Raising pigeons Knitting Volley-ball .Reading Dancing Musing? .Drawing Thinking Dancing Riding Singing Loafing Studying Concentrating Swimming Going to the show Basketball Wood carving Dancing Talking Walking Drawing Baseball Short Stories Riding Baseball Imitating Joe Penner Bridge Tennis Swimming Dating Walking Reading Swimming TI-IE 1934 ALALJRLJM Horoscope Name Cbaracterirtic Raymond McFarland .... ,.,. S tudious ,4.,. Duane McGown. . ,... .,.. M eek ..... . Paul McLaughlin ...,. .... H appy ...,. Richard McLean .... Susie McLinn ..... Carl McNees ....... Margaret Mennell. . William Meteney. , . ....Mannerly. . .. .,.,Blithe...., ...,Laughing. , .. .. ..,. Charming. . . ,, .. ,... Dreaming. . . .. Norman Miller ,..... .4,. W andering ,,.. Oliver Molter. , . Alfred Moore ,.... Jack Morrow ..,.. Margaret Mozier .,.. ....Blushing. . .. ....joking..... ....Po1ite..... ..,.Impish..,. Alice Murphy ....... .,.. L ively ..... Margaret Nowery. . . Burton O'Neil ..,... Gretchen Painter .... Robert Phillips .... Edith Pifer ..... Sarah Popovic ,,.. Dorothy Potts 4.,. Alyce Rawl .,.., Francis Rogers ..,. .. .... Ch1c..,.. ...,Lovable. .. ,,..Studious. , . . .. ....Affectionate. . . .. ....Pleasant. . . .. ....Suave..... ..,.Qu1et............. Happy-go-lucky ..... ..... . . , .Light-hearted, . . , . Edna Rosenberg ...,.. .,.. S cholarly .... Betty Jane Rudolph. Ross Pyles ,........ Louis Revelant .... John Romanchak .4.. Sarah Sams .,....... ....Talkative....... . . . .Argumentative. . . . ....Unassuming. . . .. .,,.Carefree....... .. .... Sober ....... ,. Mary Ernestine Sayre .... .... G ood-natured ,,.. Dorothy Schriver. . , Harold Shields .... John Shields ...... Margaret Shields ..., Walter Shields ...... , . .... Debonair ..,. . . ....Honest. . .. ...Laughing . .. ....Talkative.... ....Friendly........ Mary Louise Shingleton ..... .... T emperamental ..., James Shoaf. .,........... . . . , Quiet. .,..... . Raymond Shotsinger .... , . . .Bashful. . . . Lawrence Shuster ,... . .... Quiet ...,. Saul Simon ..,.... ....Romantic, . ,. Page Seventy-eight .fem Climbing the hill Playing in the street At the Cash Market At the show In gym Everywhere With Jean Oak Hill In his car With "Bobbie" With Carl Down Street With Hunter With "Dick" With "Ted" At "Y" At the Alaurum Room At Fiscus's With Alfred With Opal At a dance Studying Peeling potatoes At the meat shop With "Hymie" Anywhere On Grove Avenue At Allegheny Street With Paul With "Bo" With "Red" Upper Third Avenue With his gang Talking in chapel With "Joe" With "Funny" On Fifteenth Street Alone Doing "math" At the HY" l.. TI-IE 1934 ALALJRUMll Horoscope F fworitc Song 'Annie Doesn't Live Here Any More" 'Sonny Boy". .,................ . . Star Dust ..... ..A...,......,...,. Goodnight Little Girl of My Dreams" Sophisticated Lady" ....4,...,.... , The Irish Wash Woman" ..,...... . 'Who Walks In When I Walk Out '.. ..... Music Makes Me ...,..,......,. Stay on the Right Side, Sister". . . Smoke Gets in Your Eyes' '...... . Throw Another Log on the Fire". . Casey at the Bat' '.,. ...,....,. . , Smoke Rings". . . Song of India" . ., I'1l Be Faithful". .. Thanks" ..... , Doll Dance ,,.,.,. .,.. I Raised My Hat' '.....,. . . You're the One I Care For". . Shanghai Lil' '... ...,. . . Heaven Only Knows' '... . . . Everything I Have is Yours". . . Darktown Strutters Ball". . 'Just One More Chance" ,,.... , Red Lips" ,.,.....,,........ . . . I Can't Find a Substitute For You". , When It's Sleepy Time Down South" Isn't This Romance' '.,...,,.,.... J Don't You Remember Me?' '... . Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life". . . Keep Romance Alive". . , . . Lonely Lane' '.... . , Red River Valley", ,. St. Louis Blues ..,,,.,.......,. We just Couldn't Say Good-bye", . . shanghai Lil" ......,s......., . 'Jimmy Had a Nickel". . , Annie Laurie' ......... Lamp-lighting Time". . . . Hello, Mabel" ....... . Movie Star Marx Brothers ..., Ann Harding ..... Ted Healy ...... Spencer Tracy ,... Mae West .,.,. Pat O'Brian ,... Ricardo Cortez .... Billy Boy .,...., Jack La Rue ...,.. Lionel Barrymore. Mickey Mouse .... Bette Davis ....,,... .... Katherine Hepburn .... ..., janet Gaynor ..... Norma Shearer ..,. Dick Powell ...... Ronald Coleman. , Buddy Rodgers. . . John Boles .... Betty Boop ...,.. Clara Bow. . . . Lee Tracy ..... Sally Eilers ...... jimmy Dunn .,.. Carol Lombard. . , Slim and Zasu. . , Mae West ...., Tom Mix ..... james Cagney. . . Bing Crosby ..... Gene Raymond, . . Jack Oakie ..,. Irene Rich .,.. Jean Harlow ..., Dan Cupid .... Roscoe Ates ...... Ginger Rodgers. . . .....Bebe Dar1iels..... Clark Gable, . , . ....,MaeWest.... Page Seventy-nine Hobby Chemistry Reading Swimming Reading Reading Playing a mouth organ Dancing Music Driving Sports Reading Baseball Collecting signs Collecting China cats Skating Basketball Scrap books Music Reading Doing the Tango Dancing Dancing Swimming Smiling Making a noise Writing poetry Selling things Making candy A Poetry Collecting baby dolls Designing Carrying ice Football Swimming Sleeping in school Kidding Stamp collecting Fishing Hunting Ping-Pong . Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM N dmc' Jack Sipe ........ Margaret Smith .,.. Richard Smith ,.... William Smith 4.... Horoscope Clmracterirlic Happy-go-lucky ..... ..,. Lively 4......... ....Humorous..... Norman Soodik ....., ..., D ashing .,.,..,,., ,... Anna Marie Springer. .. .... Silent but sweet ..... , . . , Pearl Staneart ,.... David Steed .4,... Margaret Stein ..... Anita Steward ,..,. Marjorie Strayer, . . Alfred Taylor .... Gasper Terek ..,, Lois Thomas ...,., Morgan Thomas ..... ,..,Chattering. . . .. ,.,.Grinning. . .. ....Worried. . , .. ....Pert...... .,.,Smiling. . . .. ..,,Blushing, . ,. ...,Jovial,.,., ..,.Primping. , .. ...Smiling , . .. Robert Thompson .... .... C arefree ..... Wayne Thompson .... .... R omantic ..,.. Esther Thull ..,... Joseph Vnkich ,..,. Miriam Walcott ,.... Clyde Walker .... June Walker ..... ....Agreeable. .. ..,.Grinning, . .. .,,.Sweet..,.. ....Jaunty. . .. .,..Gay...,. Wayne Walker ....,,.. .... Q uiet. . . Helen Mae Wassmuth .... .... S weet ..... William Weimer .,.., ,... S ilent .....,,, Jean West ..4.... Ruth White ..,... Eugene Wilson .,.., ....Nonchalant..,.. ....Moody...,.. ..,.Romantic. ., EdWina Winnail ..4.. .... P oised ..,..,..., ..., Mildred Woods .,.. jean Wooley ,.... John Young ..,. Stella Zuk ..... Mary Howells ..... . . , .Temperamental ....Friendly. . ....Talking. . , .. ,...Meek,... ..,.Happy.... Mary Peters ...,..,.. .... D ocile. . . Therman Langnecker .... 4... F lippant .... Page Eighty Sem With Jean ,Throwing snowballs With "Ralphie" With "Al" With Nancy Getting a lift by Miss With Georgia Oak Hill Shoe Shop Playing the violin With "Ernie" Playing in chapel With Edith Typing With "Ham" Walking at nigh: Ice Skating All over town Rushing to school With "Jerry" ln Room 9 With Martha With "Fritz" Here and there At Church At the "Y" With Howard On her way to church Selling candy With Virginia with "Jimmy" With "Dot" On a farm With Olga Making a noise Everywhere Going home early Carter 1 THE 1934 ALA Horoscope Favaritc .Yang Teach Me to Smile" ...... , 'Lover, Come Back to Me". . . Dinah" ....,......... 1 ..... . Barnacle Bill the Sailor' '.... . . Blonde, Blase, and Beautiful' '.., . Isn't It Romantic? '...,..... . Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" . . . Contented" ..,..,,....,... Play, Fiddle, Play" .........., . . This Little Pig Went to Market". Margie" ............,......... . Give Me Liberty or Give Me Love" All of Me" ,..,.,........,..... . Me For You Forever' '... .,.... . In the Valley of the Moon". . . . . Bury Me Out On The Lone Prairie Let Me Call You Sweetheart". . , . Moonlight Madonna" ..... . . . . The Day You Came Along". . . . Hopelessly In Love With You", . Sweethearts Forever' '.....,..,. . . When the Morning Rolls Around" Where's Elmer?" .....4........ , It's Only a Paper Moon' ',.. . One Hour With You" ..... . . , . When We Build a Little Home". . I Want to Know All About You". Honeymoon Hotel" ,.,..... . . . . In the Shadows of Love' '.....,. . You're Such a Comfort To Me" .... .,.. . YouorNoOne" ...,...,..... ,, '- Sweet Sue ....,........,.,.............., My Canary has Circles Under his Eyes" .... . Now You're In My Power" ............... , Hold Your Man" .......... , . Heaven Only Knows". . . 'Rv' Movie Star Hobby Joe E. Brown .,... .... A mateur radio Kay Francis .,.. .... S wimming ,Ioan Bennett. . Wallace Berry. Bette Davis. . . , . .... Yelling . . . ..., Cross-word puzzles , , ..., Dreaming Zasu Pitts .... .... C ooking Greta Garbo .... .,.. S kating Warner Baxter .... .... P igeon racing joan Bennett ..., ..,. F iddling Norma Shearer ..., .... M aking friends Tom Brown ..... .... T ennis Tom Mix ....... .... A utomobile engines Hoot Gibson ..... ..,. M ushball Thelma Todd ..... Eddie Cantor. . Lyle Talbot. . . Robert Montgo Gary Cooper. . . . . .Doing bookkeeping . ..., Basketball ,,.,Radio mery .....,.. Walking ....Dancing Farina .......,. ..,. S ports Charlie Chase .... .... W alking Thelma Todd ..... .... F ootball Cary Grant ..... ..., S kating Ruby Keeler ..,. .... H aving a good time Will Rogers .... .,.. S wimming Glenda Farrell .... .... M odel railroads Charles Farrell ..,. .... D ancing Chester Morris ,... .... R oller skating Lillian Harvey .... .,.. P laying baseball Bing Crosby .,.. .... S wimming James Dunn ..... .... S wimming Marie Dressler ...,.. ..,. S leeping Marlene Deitrich ..... . . , .Music Maurice Chevalier ,... .... D ancing Joe E. Brown .....,. ..., B asketball " Richard Cromwell ,... .,.. G oing to school Mae West ........ . . , . Page Eighty-one Telling stories TI-IE 1934 ALAURUM -lli.i-1 Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM Alaurum Staff Editor-in-Chief - - Aniftant Editor - Bafineff Mana ger - Aniftant Bufineff M Athletic Editor - - Literary Editor - Actioitief Editor - Biography Editor - Affixtant Biograploer Affiftant Biograpber Calendar Editor- - Chief Typift - Typift - Typift - dndgff Page Eighty-three - GRETCHEN PAINTER - CLIFFORD MATHIS - ERIC BOLLMAN - RALPH LAWRENCE - - OLIVER MOLTER MARY ERNESTINE SAYRE - - JEAN HAYDEN - RICHARD SMITH - MILDRED DISBROW - MARGARET MOZIER - VIRGINIA HILL - MARGARET KREDEL - DOROTHY BEST - THELMA DIXON -i-i-TI-IE 1934 ALAURUM--l-1 Alumni No school annual would be complete without some reference to the alumni of the school. The Alumni Association of New Brighton High School has been particularly active since its formation in 1885. ln addition to its varied activities through these years, the Association has stimulated interest among the graduates of our school and has established a firm bond between its members and the student body proper. The newly formed Parent Teachers' Association is made up in a large part, of New Brighton graduates and many important activities of the town have been carried on by our alumni. On December 27, 1933, the classes of 1932 and 1933 held a dance for the class of 1934. In addition to this enjoyable affair, the Alumni Association held a dance and card party at Greystone Gar- dens on April 24, 1934. We, the Class of 1934, take this opportunity to thank the alumni who have aided us in our school life. We look eagerly forward to the time when we may join the worthy ranks of the alumni of New Brighton High School. Page Eighty-four TI-IE 1934 ALAURUMl-- Q " i - I ' 5 ff a x. Autographs W IJ . , I s 2 x fb' " 'Af 95 SE ' 5 Hs V' Q X X S' wi gf ' B 5 N Am A' .Q 3 Q, m B. ,S no T52 xg? JW if " 4+ Q W3 7 " rv J I , 0 JN! 4 , 1 Q ' 3 - BQ i "' ju I V51 .T ll 'W W X 1 X 'f."" f fj PgEghy6 4 4 Y 1 -nl.. - 9f3,f'2,?4v X r fi THE 1934 ALAURUM Mp Autograplfsfigf V iv V 6 N-Q 'O ' A- ,M F, .v v u, 'Y XD W3 'x wh. X. C M wxw fy SV 5 N S x ,REEL Tl-IE 1934 ALAURUM--L--1 u ? P Autographs J? ' . 'J ' L1 f, f fc .- ,. cflwd' ig, L If if awk 59 MM31 Q an - ,y M sf -3 fo 14,854 QLQQQW :4+MY"f'Z? Jwfffj ,fu Q, I fr'9f'.K pr . X'-. jf. ,. yy ,lg x.J Q Q -Q. Nu xx. 'x Tl-IE 'I934 ALAURUM Autographs .SV ,if 1 'XF vbtyf-'I f "fe-41.5.1 X 1 , .. I I .. 1 ' J . ,Xl I ,xx - QU N p - , 'B N N . , X C I 'K If J X 'Sl' A l. ,fl A7 .,q. cf' 1 Page Eighty-sigh uf! J lf fi? , 'I . 3 1 ' qi w -sm, :QQ , 96, . 'V U . 1 5' Y ua lp. , 'miflg ,,. Q. f Af - . --' f 4 1 .1 I L 'Z Q65 kw"","' PM-sf," A 'J 1 Q75-' Q "iii 1 .3 g,j ,A E, ,af . g K, I, ' V' ' :. 'ff , . . r 1 ,Q - . 1 ,SHI t .. K 4 , ,' Aww A. FWZ? Q A ' f . 1 - - , " l f iq Q ' Q: 4'-X I 1 - L' A bf, .5 - 1 ,' K' . - .. . ' gy QQ J' J, in ,if f A QI' . A ,, . , ., if . 1 he T42 4 ' f Q , . 6- 3 ,,,.. - A P, A 3 3, ' L . " V 1. W 'f :lf . H-r - Q I Y I QT tw H' K gg ik K WX, g . ,g agp. - , ww" ' 4 1: , . ' H ,Ag V + "' . E' vi 46 1 A W 9 'l' M 'Q 4 + ' - ' I nf 1' .w 1 ,gg - , 3 'i 3 3 W 'F i 1 Ng, - X W M 4 A 'Sf 43, - + -. fa N , A 1 - h K, V .av Z A .YK I . . .r Q' tg Ax.: k is I 'l, 1 E A ri .4 ,. ,QQ , D , f J I ,qi fix' U K. 9 " . , ' 1 I Q , Hifi H ' 5551.1 . Q1 5 . , if Y .gy 3 dm ., . K Q' , W k, Y W if M 5 ' gf 9 v ,, E' ,ww Q A z M57 1 :nfl Q mt " 4 8' I ,, I In K . ' if X f W - 43 ...U V . 4 , , sp, new ' A gi gfuf, I 4 .fi ,fy 'I ,L,5-+315-l if it XWJM U A BW it F ' 1? " 9' , it ' ' We ,gf f Wy, N as a v g , K ' 'f f Wifi. f' TM

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