New Bethlehem High School - Newbie Silhouette Yearbook (New Bethlehem, PA)

 - Class of 1948

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New Bethlehem High School - Newbie Silhouette Yearbook (New Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Z ki LKYQ ea tif' c , ri KJ! .X rg A V P LL L 44.1 11' I Y 3 'ff Lf f - MQ !g,,J'U Ml 'ig ' Q1 . ' -' 'V' L- X rf C1 J 1 . Vfyftl LXIMUVS V. x3iQK kj--1 in R A W ,E IA vL,Y 'X-Xb 453,52 faeiiv - Qi 5 FC ' , X ' W F 4 X Cf 1 f .I hwpx Rx x A Bi? xx ejx9't4?:1 Ni Q X W I v fri' H -f ff' w lf ,. 2 - H M' - iff' H Qs ' Gif 13 ' s H' Q5 f 'ix f . K3 ' . I Kukf Q I 'J ,ma t 0 fl' W klufjd 4-lAA,,1'eXxv V Y- N E X pf' X X., 1 Q Y ' ' 'x Xb? Ki, . AI A ,lf ' . 3 Q J A A 1' ' 'A '-9. 0 ,, .myj RX Lk-?' 'j 1 iw! wg' INK 'fx JJ? ff ff., 'Q KN lv: P aka U A A! rw A V '-47,,.,f.'A Y"L1,,,N!kg.u:r- My gf A J. , 7 ' ,- f " , ,fb ' Af,- iffv-Z V 42,41 V i lad, gujvffi! LM I L ,V ' I A 1 ff ' xx 1 5 fl 1' ,, f X Q ! fi:-yi 41,47 ' 9 7 , 4 1 A? V ,V A D f ' if fi5"Mw E Vai ky! I 7 MEAL YM fy ELLA". ' K, fl fm V , 'A A jf ' 1 by W I in ,aj Ml K ' P? liz? J V ' if ' EW L - ff X f' ff ' E M., full, ,i5',1A' 'll ,1 K LS-'PP 1 R 'I J . YJ! Q 1' 5 0 1' , Lf' MI' 7 Hx W MQW ff ,K YL U ' LW! aff if PPV' T 7137? 5, rllfjuza K I 0.1 ofa I! N A ,X x LJ jf, 4-- .J , IJ cf od Sf, X ,- . r X QV" X gf tf5,f25,4,-447-".: KLA C, If ' J WA, if -, T., XXX X ,Af 'N CWM W X N A "I ,C-Q Eff ' l xy K f Ly I ' 'V fa! WH! 1 ff W S by yr Y! Q X gf" ' Wx ff K V AV, fb JX ' jk' ag fi 'x , Wy md' 5 ew flzl we I6 C foo EIDIICHTIEID TO DAVID ALTON DIETRICH, Supervislng Principal, the student's frlend, we dedicate this 'Newbie Sllhouette' of 19L8 as a token of esteem and appreciation 2 no .RA K we Y ,Zn KY I I DAVID ALTON DIETHICH Mr Dletrlch has completed twenty f1Ve years of servlce lh the New Bethledem Publlc Schools He Jolned the hlgh school faculty ln 1923 After flve years of teachlng soclal studies, Engllsn, Lat1n, and mathemat1cs, Mr D19CF1Ch was elected superv1s1ng pr1nc1pal ln 1928 Lancaster, Pennsylvanla, and has done graduate study at Pennsylvania State College Commlssloned a flrst lleutenant Mr D1etr1ch served in the lnfantry during Norld Nar I He was on speclal duty at Camp Meade Maryland, and at Camp Lee, Vlrglnla The chlef concern of th1s admlnlstrator 15 the success and happlness of hls students, not only durinv thelr school days, but also durlng the many years after graduatlon from hlgh school 3 Mr. Dietrich is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, . . . - . , . . . . , , . . , J THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Just as the school 15 the center for our commun1t the Board of EdUC8tlOH lS the center for our school The members w1ll1ngly devote thelr tlme and ab1l1ty to promote and ma1nta1n hlgh SChOl3StlC standards. S1x representatlve men of the board are. Wllllam Andrews Member Dale B1Sh Member L. O. Hepler Vlce President Frank Ferguson Presldent Ernest E. Shumaker Secretary A V 1 'f'L, O I s r 'fzlfff 'X . L . 1: 1 Q n L ' 2 2 . 5 r E ' ' yn f344T"USCaM+a sqwsq, T:,o.T5L.L,Jx , .hw X X ' ,I . ' lay, 'U :-V e 'tw- 'X Jil' " Davld A D1etr1ch A B Franklln and Narsnall Clarlon Sta Teachers College Pennsylvanla State Graduate vork Unlverslty f Plttsburph John N Ake RA 5 4- 'fl .IEW B S 1n Music Educatlon P1155 Helen Armagost B S In Buslness Educatlor Inolana abate Teachers Colle Bowl1n5 Green BUSlneSS UHIVGFSIUY R Drexel Instltute of Technology 5 - , ' ' .. J J. ta B.s.,m.A. c QL A In ,W o e . Nl! 4 J' ie U leef ' ,ggi y . A Al XX K x fi Mr 3-1 C 1, V Fe, Q ' . iQ, . A n . . 1 a L n 1,W5f - N - . X X, , LalL.a aw- i5LP" 'Fa 1rs gl W-u Mrs I Hen o B S ln Eoucatlon Cl rlon State Te chers Colleze 0 na 5 ce Teachers College Indlana State Normal gloimskiliri Sit uc ne nlver y Clarlon State Teachers College 1"' Mrs Zelda Humes Corbett, D Mrs Iola Dove! Spike A B Clarlon State Teachers College Rochester Dental Dlspensary Grove Clty College Rochester, New York i3 t W 4 , ,5L44f21 'gig' Qfledf 6 ff K , Y 1 s Q 7 - " K 's " C f z ind f ,Q V. - V V,r, A , K Akyk e C 'C C or C3557 y rig 'H , M V V . , 5 . -my e lb' S r., . , N.lV,of A 1 1 'E Drs Margaret Fllson B S 1D Commerclal EdUC3C1OU hercyhurst College Columbla Teachers College Unlverslty of Plttsburgh Pennsjlvanla State College X N Charles S Tarsh B S Bucknell Ualverslty QJWZQAAK X32-3 .J f I V21-4-vixx Lhgix 522.54 Ik!-Q 7 6,-,Li Clio-,-3' Y B155 Tw1 Gruver B S N Ed Clarlor State e chers College Pennsylvanla State College Lawrence Smlth B S Clarion State Teachers College 'WMV' 7 BQ ,lun Q9 6 QL, , 5 5 kr Ugg I ry' X . ,at , 'X 'SA - 5 C. CA . Rx 11 N I . . - 1 .ef ubf . ' I Ii A-E' Ns, "nbc, ? I I5 I fini, in ixe Vx! ff' 'UF , ff' JoJbvtLJ !:f14e49L45gL Ronald Allshouse WRonnien Football, 3 years Basketball, 3 years Track, Bowling General Course His mischief causes endless joy A replica of WPeck's bad boy.N ' Mona Jean Beers nMonnien Mushball team 'L7W Ambitiong WTO be richn General course For Mona we see in future years, A husband and lu short WBeersn Emma Louise Bish HWGGSIG Home Economics Photographic Club Softball, Librarian Ambition School teacher Academic course Those who know her will agree She's as nice as she can be Alfred Bonanno Fred Commercial Course How cute our Freddie is sure to Seated on the boss's knee Diane Boversox Sox Dramatic Club Librarian Yearbook Staff Academic Course Asst Editor One of those fun loving folks Who likes to laugh and tell Jokes Ralph Bowersox Soxie Football 3 years Bowling Choir Ambition Own a new convertible Poor, poor Hilton, on a limb Is it Nary Belle or Pat for him D 471fL41e4Lf-xf,Udft '.4 6-X F' 'U- 05" 4" Wifi!! Va . Y HI if .. 'L I Q V42 i E. 1' .. I . ' 51. we . A p X gr' !52?.t' . ' xo : 1 : 3 . . Q . I . 3 . . - . Qo U. . m l I V ,?i'Aie7! ' 4 i 'Q 54-N. f it I' in . :Bax ,rg It 4. A uf! amide rs' i ' -, '-, V ilssr at A f' W A wal f Jr 5fu'5,fJ"M Rebecca Bowser 'Becky' Dramatlc Club Mushball Academic course Ambltlon, Nurs1ng Tnere certalnly w1l1 never be A classmate frlendller than she V1v1an Lou1se Bowser nVlV Dramacic Club Music Mushball Bowl1ng Academlc Course Very carefree, seldom cross New Bethlehem's galn Kittannlngs loss Jacquelyn Chaney WJackieW Llbrarlan L6 L7, Dramatlc Club MUSlC, Basketball, Bowllng Dramatlc Club Pla 'NeverTBo Late Class Secretary reshman and Junlor Years Amb1t1On, Nurslng and Gene Crawford If you know her you'll agree Sne's full of pep and energy Roger Cosmo 'Ro ern Football l9b7 A Coumerclal Course Amblclon, Offlce Work As h1s ac lons all lmply He's very n1ce but very shy Jean Crawford Jean Basketball, Bowllng luslc L6 Mushball, Uff1ce Work Yearbook Staff, Typlst Commerclal Course AmblB1OH, Secretary for a blonde lnamed WBrooks'I Her flylng flngers on the keys Type artlcles w1th speed and ease Mona Crawford nMonn1eW Bonl1ng League Commerclal Course Ambltlon, HOuSeW1f6 Thls 56H1OP has her future planned Note the rlnv upon her hand Ns! 41 tg 67? . . . . ,, 'gy ' 3 r! L l fl f.. 1 5 . . . V 44 ' --5. i -in Il .A . . , . -a sf' X - 5 9 D ' ' ff 7' ,- - ,Z . g , .. 6- Q ' l ' 7-C , L. - 1, jiifa ' ' . . C 10 Jaffa bfdkf Paul Davis Paul General Course Ambition Mechanic Quiet senior, very shy Likes to let the world go horma Dlnger 'Ding Basketball BOWl1Hg Llbrarlan 'L6 67' MUS1C L Years Dramatlcs, Home LCOHOmlCS be by Commerclal Course Amb1ClOH Secretary for a s1nvle and nandsome ooss Nith thls gay lassle few compare Seen w1th Richard here ana there Beatrice Doverspike UBebe Soft Ball HN6-N7 Hails from Putneyville Commercial Course Ambition Housewife Irish Lass with raven hair Seen with Irene everywhere Edith Doverspike HEGIE Music 'Q7 Bowling Basketball, Mushball Yearbook Staff JUHIOT AdV1SOF Commercial Course Ambltlon Reta1l1ng Small and snappy, full of v1m The man she pets plty h1m Helen Doverspike Red Baseball Likes to skate and read General Course Ambition Housewife She hardly ever says a word Always seen but seldom heard Ronald Foreman Ron Bowl1ng General Course Amb1t1on Lumber Jack or Jacket He doesn t thlnk that school's a chore, hspecially at flve tlll four ,iC.L'J1A1""""'.'A'J wif XB. ffi f V V tu n V, , A L y, by. is ,' f, I I 4 V. v . n u J , , , v 1 . ' I- W .' n - 5' 4 , 'U,- . xx ,LJ A97 ,. ll f.7K" n f gs. Cu y - Q I N ' n SQQLA x xl ',f47 4 I x ,J . h ' X. A np! Photographic Club, Science Club 6 NX! ' f'1fQl V S L r 5 lggh eJ.X x :2QfQ. v A . : . . ,A,x AwSag.f!B ! u 1 - A 1 4, I ,I , v- M ,' if ' ' -- . I +A , UI I! A YY N t it XL X X, ' V in .X ' . . : - . . 9 ' . ' ' ga 7Cf'd0 'L .aflw-J 0zn,.,,7iZw7, QQT7 T2 31 ,V-4'.J..fv--CL -V Helen Irene Fox 'Helen' Music, Home Economics M Yearbook Staff, Typist Writes poetry--very good. T Academic Course Ambition: Teacher X ' -:Q 7:?.l1q I wish for me she'd write a verse ' -r' For mine are getting worse and worse, ace' James Freeman 'Mike Class Treasurer 'LS' Baseball, Track A years Varslty Football Yearbook Staff Sports Editor Classical Course Ambitlon To go with a cute girl I know n. Football captain, sunny smiled New Bethlehem s grown up problem chlld Eloise George 'Ellie' Mushball, Basketball Bowling, Office work Favorite subgects Typ1ng and Chemistry Academic Course Ambition Nurse The young lady can't be beat For keeping her appearance neat Loretta George George Home Economics Ha1ls from Deanville General Course Ambitlon Beautician In her you'll f1nd a talent rare The art of h8V1Ul smiles to share P ,4lftLi?fQ1,ff ,gf Q , Nancy Jane George 'Nancy Mlxed Chorus Softball, Photography Club Academic Course Ambltion College undecided The road ahead for her is clear when she decldes on her career Margaret Gould Maggle Commerclal Course Yearbook typist Amb1t1on Interlor Decorator Rather qulet, full of knowledge She'll go far ln any college H N 3 iQAg'!? jrzi f ' p - Q N ' QI, R IV YI K : K ' . , I 4 ll , A Music: Glrls' Chorus it . X , 'R : -- as T ' - fa 1- Y! ' YI 12 ,, ,T 'gif ,UW L ' fvfx' XX dvJQ4LlfZEii96JLll,! V1 WDM, Carl Hetr1ck 'Carl Bowlln W 5 S Academlc Course Amb1tlOH Welterwelght champ1on of the world A movle strongman, f16FCQ and Spunky, N111 he be Tarzan or the monkey James Hlndman 'Mokus' A twln Bowllng, Glee Club 'L6 Cholr WL8 Academlc Course Amb1t1on To travel over the Someday he'll w1n the world's acclalm, Because hls vo1ce wlll br1np hlm fame Joan Hindman 'Bonie' The Other Twin Librarian, Dramatic Club Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus fb' we is ' f vi 5 N 1 Orchestra , Band gg Yearbook Staff, Sophomore Adviser Mushball, Basketball, Bowling Home Economics Commercial Course Ambition To lead a high school hoir So very talented is she She can't declde what she should be Robert Lee Hodgson Bob Yearbook Staff, Ed1tor L1brar1an, Football, Track Class Presldent hh and L5 Photography Club, President SC18nC6 Club, V1ce pres1dent Vlce pres1dent of Class Whon Academlc Course Ambitlon Mortlcian It's hard to f1nd a word whlch serves, For all the credlt he deserves John Holben 'John' Bowllng Team nC3d8m1C Course Ambitlon To be a Clean Sportsman He 15 one of tnose few boys Nho doesn't make a lo. of nolse. Verlle vane Huffman 'Verllen Mushball Team Best llked Latln General Course Ambltionz Nursing A well l1ked glrl N150 frlenos galore, Has some to spare and then some more. 13 xv- '-k Delores Hull 'DobbyW Yearbook Staffg Advertising Manager Librarian Dramatic Club Officer Commercial Course Ambitlon Designer when you know her you'1l agree That she has personality Anna Johns 'Anna Cholr L5 L6 Commerc1al Course Amb1t1on S1nger Pleasant Senlor always seen Cheerlng for the football team Bertha Pearl Kammerdiener WPearln Home Economlcs Librarlan ACad6m1C Course Ambltion NuFS1ng You seldom know when she's around Because she rarely makes a sound Sara Elizabeth Knight 'Sally Home hconomics Music, Mixed Chorus WLS' Team Club Staff, Freshman Advisor Course Librarian Softball Dramatlc Yearbook Academlc Ambition Makes her A's w1th speed and ease Our own most llkely to succeed qlddfi Ha,,v,KAyLgZi1mpl..f Phyllis Jean Kube Phil Mushball Best liked Shorthand, Typing Commercial Course Ambition Beautician Although she didn't taller grow Dorothy nuhns Dot Likes football, baseball and Roller skatlng General Course Amb1t1on Housewife She thought when long assignments game Here is someone who's nice to know VLQJ K 11 iw :gQL4DJL 7Q4sXZL4Lf came, She'd rather see a football KIJLKJ JY I 1' rf" IAM ' 5 2 s..-f f d wx ,:?'T.N :lr - rv , n n 7 1 ,X of A Q 1, 1 W , ' . l ' vu , r X . X . Q . . 1 . , ,A V Li, My ' fa A f' 1 ' ff A If If J 3 ' ' ,i' n n 115' .h 1 Q - : A 5- Vg 5 A? w Q A ' k ll, , !,x lv ji S Robert Mann Bob Halls from Deanvllle General Course AmbiC1OH Off1Ce Manager whatever he decldes to do He'll be a 'Mann' and see through M110 N Markle WMilo AC8d8m1C Course Amb1t1on Lawyer In pleaolng cases, he shoula do well, In explalning h1S grades, he is swell Monna McM1llen WMonnieW Commerclal Course Amb1U10D Secretary Ne hope that she w1ll stlll be merry, dhen she 1S a secretary Richard Mlller Dick Track, Baseball Yearbook Staff, Typist General Course Ambltion To graduate that's In school he's qulet, agreeo, But on the track team shows his speeo L00 79142, L' iff? ra.eNL1s Arlene Mowery 'Arlenen Class Treasurer WL7W Commerclal Course Ambltion- Secretary Arlene w1ll collapse when she nears the news, That the senlors have flnally pa1d the1r dues. Deloras heese HDolly' Bowling, Mushball 1 Muslc 'L6' lvl! weather Study HLSW N L1k8S Typing Lxvff Commerclal Course X Amb1C1On. Governess 11A,bj She has l1ght hair ana eyes of olue, Ana glves to all a sm1le or two. 15 WZV5' WVWMIZQJ 1 n n ,', , "" 15 , . , . lege . , . Hgflij, . . QQQ - 15 :gag H ' , 15-,l,."' . ' ' ., 1, ' if ggi ,fr , .233 Bkwf yVh4,' I yn Hgqfrv 2 y . fl 'A . n ' ' Ll f' ' ' : eq' v Y C 4, ' ' "' I N . 62, , . 0 . n T1 Ml - 5 , . , . ,Hy I 'Q K wad! A -4-v'nar.-rj -fd 6-of Irene Nolf 'SkeetW L1brarian, 2 years Softball Commercial Course Ambitlon Housewife Qulet, likeable, and neat A glrl who 15 a pleasure to meet Deloris B Plavny WDeen Mushball Best llked Typing and Shorthand Commercial Course Ambitlon Beautlcian ror work well done with little A plus Edward N Plyler WEdW Bowling Team, Track Baseball Ping Pong Tournament General Course Amb1t1on Animal Tralner A lad who never seems to lack A qU1Ck and w1tty Wanswer back ' Cleora nadaker 'Cleo' Dramatic Club Cnorus, A5 Commerclal Course Amb1t1on To oe a Tap dancer Altnough her stature 15 petite Her frlendly nature can't be beat Bonn1e sample Bonnie Yearbook staff, Our Yearbook Poet Dramatlc Club, Photography Club Home Economlcs, Basketball Mlxed Chorus, Girls' Chorus Commerclal Course Amb1t1on Newspaper Reporter I only ask that fortune send A llttle mole than I can spend. hutn N. Saxman WRuthieW Mushball, Bowling Llkes to skate and ski General Course Amb1t1on: Model Th1S qu1et glrl who l1kes to ski Has pleasing personality. l6 I-'4 alLafJv Zfff mf ofa, . 1k ', 3 . UI . I . , tIUwmm33w . J I C T 'Q ef V , ,,, r I T' A H - 7 wi5512- L-gf fuss, This girl deserves a big ,A A W ' gil J . V. ff , 4, ,,,, . L, - 7 1 Ag, - ,X .. , ,. I d A ' - . gf, X. A 4 ' 49 V 5 H !' ..4f l . I " bf 4 ff? I I V 1 1 , ' ' A o 'Y QI . , S I . . K i !C.f' Af f ,A, A, ' f' , t.-f' if-A-I fn 1 " A . I ' C 'Y YI A fy' Wiiw efffffif ff'G Jacqueline Ruth Sayers 'Jackie Home Economics, Librarlan Photography Club Usher at Commencement Academic Course Amb1ti0D Nursing She ooesn't have too much to say She plans to be a nurse some day Marlon Sayers 'Mann1e' Llorarlan, Home ECONOMICS Softball Team, BOWllng Photography Usher at Commencement ACaO6m1C Course Amb1t1on Nurs1ng Sueet and qulet, lots of fun Really llked by everyone Fred Shaffer Skip Baseball, Track Football, 3 years Dramatics Club, Bowling Team Yearbook Staff, Assistant Advertislng Manager Mixed Chorus Ambltion Commercial Art No matter what Job he may start Hls fame and fortune w1ll be 1U a Lawaive Shoemak WSh N shb 1 er oien u a 1, Basketball Bowllng Ambition Some man's wlfe About Lawalve here's h t 9 Iv 3 Y 5he'5 Pretty, qulet kind we' SaY Betty Shumaker ULeeW Class V1ce pres1dent Class Secretary WLS' Home Economics, Basketball M1xed Chorus, G1rls' Chorus Orchestra, Off1ce Secretary P1an1st for Assembly, 2 years Yearbook Staff, Typlst Commercial Course Amb1t1on Pr1vate Secretary A real friend, w1thout a care Flan1St extraordlnalre Deloras L Truitt WTootie Bowling, Dramatlc Club Wushball, Basketball ommercial Course Ambltion Determined to be Old Maid Nherever mlschief can be found She's sure to be somewhere around, B0 3 fdA,4.a-vw! rf J , J - . I? fa ' I .ky ' 1 JJ ,, ,, S, , ' 157 , . . . Ft ,ig 2 K 1 , :X 'V Commercial Course -Wi , ' " ll A Sa ' . l 1 P Y' u 1 n .- I l n I ' : an ' 17 1 L- Q' -. H Q, lXlL, tiff ,A 1 ,V V' A In L Q ' 4 Merle Umstead 'Merle' 1 Football, 2 years Bowling Team Yearbook Staff, Financial Manager Academic Course Ambition: Chemical Engineer A football player that you'll fin Ie very quiet and refined. Bill Vorous 'DiggerW Clase Treasurer "LS" Class Vice-president "LS" Bowling Team Academic Course Ambition: To learn to dance His mind is always in the sky He'll be a pilot by and by. M omer Walters "Homer" 'I 1004 Dramatlc Club Bowling Team Photography Club Academic Course Ambition To be a Toolmaker His attitude toward 11fe 1S one Of NNever rush to get th1ngs done Ruth Williams 'FO0f1' Cheerleader, 2 years Junior Class President Senior Class President Dramatic Club, Photography Club Basketball, Mushball Bowling Librarian Miss Stanley in NNever Too Late General Manager of Magazine Drive Usher for Commencement Academic Course Ambition Physical Ed Instructor When class gets dull, you'll find that she, Knows how to break monotony 'J A.:-'Jf1Qt'N QJeeLl..LLJLi1ra Jeanne Wolfe 'Ho " Class Secretary L7 Dramatic Club Llbrarlan, Bowllng Usher at Commencement General Course Ambition To learn how to Jitterbug No matter where you are, you're bound, To have good times if she around Jeanette Uolfg lager Bowling, lushb leather Study Com erclal Course Amb1tion Bandleader A girl wzth dark hair we've met, Whom nere school we call Jeanette ov , . 11 ,- 1 l , xt Q I f 1 Q X N 3 I bn l e Q I Q . Ltr-f'sf. ,, Y 3 - ,,,,,,j ' T lf n n . . ' ,L V I .,..'N ' . , ,yqflj iq n H is .u -yy 1 Q egg , D uf E 1 I , ,t , Y ye 1 - l -- J 1 18 : A L U Sept N MJ P YEARBOOK CALENDAR School opened with the usual h1gh splrits of the first day Seniors arenft di nif1ed, but Freshies are 'Green ' Everybody wandering around trying to straighten out their schedules Some 'Students' find it pretty hard to pick out the easiest subjects Someone ought to guide those Freshmen around, after all when they start coming into Senior classes 'tis time something is done Q o 0 I" P-' I-' N N I0 I0 N I-' I-' I" I-' I" Nh XM CD XO my ON M0 I" NO UN NN 'P' I0 WO my XI XJ! I0 W Nh U o 0 0 U 0 o 0 Q o 0 a o e o 0 o n 1 s o 0 I O . I D . 9.4. . D' . . ff . Q o . . ff . l . D' - CQ l , . . . . Q 'I 2 O Q Z ' W o 1 Cf , E . I U ' ' I I . . 3 La. I Q Q O 1. ' C ' '1 Q ' I3 , Q . g . . . 14 . . gf ' O 0 , 3: . . ' IJ' 0 O . pq- S - O . si . . '4 Q 0 ' . ,..3 . u O 0 . 5 1 , - UI I a 2' 0 0 ' P' I 'U 0 I "9 I O '1 I on CY ' ' 1 D' I Q I I m I ' O .- ' C , U1 Q Q . gf . . '1 D' .4 - UQ ' Q . . 0 o ct School is old already everybody 1S anxiously waiting the 3 15 bell Tomorrow night the Newbies are golng to play the first game of the season Hooray' The Newbies were V1Ct0PiOUS 1n their first game this looks like the beginning of a good season Ton1ght we play Falls Creek The Juniors have the concession We chalked up a 28 7 victory The team 13 off to a good start Chapel this mornlng, and th1s afternoon pep assembly we really had a trying day Mr Ake has been getting all musical minded students organized Tomorrow our team w1ll Journey to Reynoldsville Here's hoping Ne 'dood' it again, the final score be1ng 19 O Chapel th1s morning, followed by pep meetlng now we are the only school wlth one big 'thor froat ' of the season The less said about the game last night the better but we w1ll say this much, never has the place been bluer Haven't recovered from the Hlckory game yet We welcomed October w1th a hearty pep assembly, also we sang Happy Birthday to Mrs W1ll1am's llttle daughter, Ruthie, who uttered her first yell seventeen years ago today Tonight our team meets Sykesville on the local gridiron We we e informed through our local grapevine lMr Kata! that they were coming with f1re ln the1r eyes Saad news again, Newbies defeated by Sykesville ne were lnformed in chapel th1s mOPH1Hg that we should prepare our selves for a shock next week, report cards are coming our way Pep meetlng at 3 15 gee, lf we only had the pep we wouldn't mlnd the meetlng Tomorrow nlght the team goes to Curwensville, we hope this is the turning po1nt in our luck OH' OH' OH' Don't tell anyone, but we lost again Report card day Our f1rst vacatlon starts today at 2 30, for Instltute you know, the one tlme of the year when a teacher knows how 1C feels to be a pupil 19 Oct Nov YEARBOOK CALENDAR At last we scored a vlctory Ne defeated Brookville About time don't you think? The trouble with vac tlons 15 that they aren't long enough Do you agree? 1002 In chapel th1s morning Mr Kata did nothlng to ra1se our hopes for the Clarlon game A big snake dance ton1ght If school spirit can w1n a game, this game is as good as won School was diSm1SSed at eleven thlrty and we had another gigantic snake dance Ton1ght 13 'C' nlght and we are hoping to take the Clar1on1tes by storm sver slnce Friday night a heavy loud has hung over our 'Alma Mater' yes, Clarion defeated us, but slnce th1s is the flrst time in more years that Clarion would have us aomlt, we shouldn't feel bad A 1f we weren't mlserable enough, didn't the Clarion school proclaim a holiday Just to come and gloat over the1r V1CtOry Isn't there some n1ce hole we can crawl into' Today some of the more courgaeous students of N B H S are recovering from wr1ter's cramp they are the ones who decided yesterday that if Clarion had a holiday, so should they, even though the holiday lasted only approximately flfteen mlnutes, each person had a n1ce llttle essa, to wrlte Tonlght we meet the Rimersburg eleven on the local grldiron Ne regalned a wee b1t of our pride by defeating Rimersburg pleasant hour of entertainment Qulte a few of us waded through several lnches of Brockway's black, gooey mud to witness a rather dam p game between the Nevbies and Brockway by the way, the game ended in a O O score Stlll shaking the mud out of our eyes Mike Freeman, 'Sox' Bowersox, and 'Bobby' Lee Hodgson Jolned the chorous ie hope omeone takes pity on Mr Ake we real1ze there 1S a limit to what anyone can stand The senlor Class selected name cards and 1nv1tations Also, we are very proud to make th1s announcement we reached the above deC1S1On w1th a l1m1ted amount of argulng that 1s, for us Tonlght the L1on's Club is g1v1ng their annual football banquet The Junlors are glving a freak dance, and me are certain they wlll all be there no offense to the Junlors, I'm sure Tomorrow's the big day for the team and the cheerleaders, when they Journey to P1ttsburgh for the Pitt Penn game Ne, the Senlors, have more class meetings than any other class on record, at least, we th1nk so Report cards agaln We always need a vacatlon to recover from 'Red Letter Day', so it 15 a good th1ng that our Thanksgiving vacatlon starts today at 2 30 20 O 200 . U V O 21. a ' ' I . 22. . . . . . 23. ' . ' ZA' l . . T . 27. H . .C . - , . . . S 280 1 I O O I 31. ' ,r 3 . . 3. . . . . 10. This morning we were all pleased to have the Andrews Trio give us a ll. f ' ' 12. ' . lb- , ' - 'Z . 19. P . . . . , o . Q - 1 t s Q 1 20. . . . . . 21. . . . i y . 25. 1 ' 0 . 269 . U l . l . . Dec Jan 5 YEARBOOK CALENDAR Back to school movement in progress so sorry, but happy vacatlon has ended School p1ctures are in do we really look l1ke these or was there some defect 1n the camera? Tonlght the cheerleaders are Sp0HSOF1Hg a dance to raise some badly needed funds 'Ditto' for the basketball team tomorrow night Congrats are 1n order, Norma Hartzell won the wr1st watch g1ven away for selllng magazlne subscrlptlons What w1ll the Jun1ors do next just 1mag1ne Frlday n1ght a skating party, and Saturday nlght a box soc1al Mr Kata must be going to cooklng school, cause in P O D class he always illustrates w1th a reclpe, doesn't he, Jackleo The cho1r sang two songs 1n chapel this mornlng we won't say how they d1d, but lf Fred Warlng could have heard them, he would conslder havlng two glee clubs 1nstead of one! I No kiddlng, they were colossal 'The Natlvity Story , a play presented by the cho1r and the Seventh and Elghth Grades, brought forth many worth whlle compllments from both the school and the adults Won't see you t1ll January 5, so M RRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEN YEAR' Students come back w1th New Year s resolutlon a new theory of study Mon study Wed study Thurs study Fri study Relapse after Sunday ho11day Mld week hollday All student bralns and buslness off1cers closed for half holxday Getting ready for week end vacation Chapel today We hear of the strange case of the missing p1ng pong paddles, also of oncomlng xam1nat1ons Everyone is feeling very sad today KNO connectlon Shorthand II 15 ma1l1ng out gust scads of letters to SOl1ClC advertl 1ng for the Yearbook Good pract1ce, what? Every tudent who belongs to the T G I F Club lThank Goodness It's Frlday 15 eagerly awaiting the 3 15 bell We hear from the Muslc Department that Mr Ake 15 trving desperately to keep the basses and tenors from singing the soprano part Everyone 15 anxlousl revlewing for You Know What Earnest prayer belng sent up 18 ord God of Hosts, be w1th us yet, Lest forget, lest we forget ' After exams it w1l1 probably be 'The Lord of Hosts was w1th us not, For we forgot, for we forgot Chapel today Because of the mov1e we saw, everyone 15 now very intelllgent on the subject of alumlnum Don't tell, but the girls were more interested 1n Alan Ladd No remarks necessary or poss1ble Again, no remarks 21 S . 1. - - -- ' 2: I 8 " I 3. ' ' ' 10. ' Q l n . 1 I . . ll. . . . -- I. . Z . . 15D O '. . . U.l O 17- 3 . 1 ' -- 18. c . W 1 ' Q 23. ' A ' ' 0 c D ' I " : . No . ' ' . Tues. so study. Recuperating from blue Monday. e O Q . " . o .- . n a p 0 NO e - '. o 7. . b l l ' 8. I n c s s n a 0 9. . 7 . z. . .. . 12. ' ' . ' , 13. ' ' ' . . . , ,X we n . - .W lb. . . , " ' 15. ' . 16. . Feb Mar.l YEARBOOK CALENDAR Black post exam cloud is visibly hovering over N B H S The writer offers this consolation to all E getters Everyone has a purpose in life, even if 1t's to serve as a horrible example Big News!! We have inside information, the choir 1S going to present an operetta!! Chapel today From the sound of things, the boys certainly admire the Too Fat Polka Ne observe one minute of silence at noon today The silent minute is when report cards are handed out Pupils are walkin around half asleep today Last night there was a big dance at the ountry Club KNO COHHSCBIOHI The writer is so glad 1t's Friday that she 15 without words We were very well pleased and entertained today by the NSSPGHSGGPS Mr and Mrs Bloom and son My how that boy could sing couldn't he, Betty? It s Tuesday Chapel We hear of the All school prom to be held Friday night, F 6 We learned from Nr Ake that one must sing from the heart W sang 'I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now QNo Connectionl We would like to crawl in the hole w1th the groundhog this sub zero weather is getting us down It's snowing Decorating and Refreshment Committ es are observed dashing madly here and there Today is 'Pnrom day Connection I Lessons suffer as students dream over the prom We think Jimmy Hindman and Toot Reddlnger Fourteen more weeks to g Senior hats, pennants and emolems 8PP1VEG 50033, so everyone at ends class with one Wlatestn tninv in crew hats perched a various angles on their hat racks Chapel veryone knows that spring is here e received our annual warning about tracking mud 1nto the school building Did we say spring was here? B'rrr" The day was brightened considerably by the 'St Regis Trio , who enter tained us with their singing and piano playing Certain seniors are seen floatlng two inches off the floor, others are hiding their faces Reasono Oh, grades for the four years were averaged UOGQY to find our standing in the class Happ Birthday today to 3 Seniors Joan and Jimmy Hindman Kour twinsl, and ancy Jane George Congratulations and orchids to Edith Doverspike for the winring American Legion Essay for this school Good luck at Clarion, Frida , .die Report cards today 'Kuf laid 22 19. "" ' o o o 20. . v . . . . . . . 21. . ' ' ' yy .gy v . . , . 22' . . 5 0 .i , 23. . . . . . . V . 26. ' -- ' I '- I ', 27. ' . 280 0 ' . ebs . . - . e . . 1 .N . . 2. - ' U n --. . 1 LV- l 9 6. a g n C I O E ' ? 9. . . . . should apply for a singing job with the band along with Pat Panciera 10. of 16. ' g , ' ' ' "' ' L 17. I . E ' . . ' ' . .W ' 23. " ' . .. 27. , . . . . . n - 2. W E . . -- . . 3. u . a . ' 1 - -' A.-, l he I O I 0 YEARBOOK CALENDAR , Report cards start coming in we note the following Attitude of Seniors Bored Attitude of Juniors Nonchalant Attitude of Sophomores Sophisticated Attitude f Freshmen Relieved Frederick Sjobiarn's splendid piano playing furnished us with a Ntres bonu hour of entertainment today A top o' the mornin' to all the lads and lasses today There seems to be much Wwearin' of the Green W The yearbook staff is acting like maniacs Mr Kata and numerous other teachers look very much relieved The yearbook goes to press today So 1ong" TH SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS X Z. The class of 'N-7 'F-+8 was guided through its last turbulent but successful year in Alma Mater by its class officers Ruth williams President Jean Wolfe Secretary Arlene Mowery Treasurer Bill Vorous Vice President 23 1 X w , . k',.Xq whiff S LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the class of l9L8 of New Bethlehem Hlvh School, State of Pennsylvania, on this twenty elghth day of Hay, ln the year of our Lord, one thousand n1ne hundred and forty e1ght, some of our members be1ng of sound mlnd and body, and OSSlFOUS of settlinv all school affa1rs before enterlng upon our l1fe's work Wh1Ch we have been prepared for, to a small degree, by th1s hlgh school, do hereby make our last w1ll and testament we leave our TEACHERS Qwlth utmost sg, mpathy J THE MODERN FICTION BOOKS 1n the l1brary we leave to the ANTIQUE SHOP THE NATER FOUNTAINS we leave to the BOYSfthat's who uses them I THE PENCIL SHARPENERS we leave to the GIRLS Kwho else has a chance them the FRESHMEN we leave our sympathy the SOPHOMORES we leave two more years the JUNIORS we leave our chapel seats for the SENIORS we leave RALPH HILTON BOWERSOX, JR leave my beard to WHOPEFUL' PETE HODGSON MARION SAYERS, w1ll my pencils to BILL MAGAGNOTTI MIKE FREEMAN, leave some of my excess welght to PAUL BOLAM MILO MARKLE, will my absent m1ndedness to KEITH STAHLMAN JACKIE CHANEY, leave my V1V8Ci0US spirlt to MONA JEAN COCHRAN SALLY KNIGHT will my pr1v1le e of belng ln MR MARSH'S math class for four years to my sister PHYLLIS 1 ROBERT MANN, will my typing amnny to v1Ro1NIA DOVERSPIKE I, VERLIE HUFBMAN, will my cousin, RALPH, to some girl who 15 Just as mlschlevous as he 18 I, CLEORA RADAKER, w1ll my ab1l1ty to g1ggle guletly to MAGGIE NURM and MARY JANE COPENHAVER I JOAN HINDMAN, generously donate all future plano exerclses to MONA JEAN COCHRAN MARGARET GOULD, leave my 100 words per mlnute shorthand ab1l1ty o MARY ELLEN MONERY FRED BONANNO, w1ll m reduclng mach1ne to JACK KUBE NORMA DINGER, will myhelghthto PAT PANCIERA ELOISE GEORGE leave w1th my blue eyes and fa1r complexlon PHYLLIS KUBE, leave my thinness to my brother JACK TOOTIE TRUITT, will my 'gift of gab' to BENNY KUNDICK 2b ' " at To E . To . To . As -- . I, ., ' I, ' . I, ' . I, - ' . I, W. . . . I, ROGER COSMO, will my electric sweeper to BENNY KUNDICK. I, , . .Q g . . O , . ' , I, . . . at ' ' I , . F . ' . . I, ' ' . I, . , c- . . . . I, ' . I, ' ' ' , I, BECKY BOWSER, leave my ability as a chemist to anyone who needs it. MONA JEAN BEERS, will my height to MYRLA HOLIBAUGH VIVIAN BOWSER, will my ability to attract men to MONA JEAN COCHRAN IRENE NOLF, will my abil1ty to keep out of mischief to WILBUR CHANKD SHUMAKER I, BEBE DOVERSPIKE, w1ll my long legs to PAT PANCIERA I, DELORIS PLAVNEY, leave to MARY LOU GASTON my technique in catching the school bus on time I, BETTY SHUMAKER, wlll the piano bench to DORENE BURFORD I, EDITH DOVERSPIKE, will all the loose study hall seat handles to GEORGE BONANNO DOBBY HULL, leave my PH D Cpetticoat hangln' downl to JOYCE WILSON LAWAIVE SHUMAKER, leave my ability to suffer through world history PERSEY JEAN CRAWFORD, wlll my long, dark halt and brown eyes to JANET SHAFFER I, BONNIE SAMPLE, leave my entlre afternoons with MISS ARMAGOST, to the COMMERCIAL JUNIORS I, RONNIE ALLSHOUSE, leave my 'heavenly bluen eyes to some blond JUNIOR I PAUL DAVIS, will to LAWRENCE ETZEL, my trlps to the library I, RUTH WILLIAMS, w1ll my ab1lity to wash MRS FILSON'S w1ndows to some industrious person MONA CRAWFORD, leave my left handed wrlting ab1l1ty to MABEL SHAFFER DELORAS NEESE, lmpart my winning smile and dimples to LOUISE CLEMANS JOHN HOLBEN w1ll my good behavlor in MR SMlTH'S study hall to WILBUR SHUMAKER EDNARD PLYLER, leave my 'neatness' ln typlng to someone who needs lt DOROTHY KUHNS, leave P O D class with much regret99997 LORETFA GEORGE, w1ll my bashfulness to RITA PANCIERA DIANE BONERSOX, w1ll my seat 1n P O D class to someone wlth a palr ofsun glasses NANCY GEORGE, w1l1 my excess weight to LOIS DOVLRSPIKE I MONA McMILLAN, leave my ab1l1ty to chew gum and not get caught PEGGY HEPLER AERLE UMSTEAD, leave my old cleats to anyone who wants them HELEN FOX, w1ll my place ln the alto sectlon of the choir to DORENE BURFORD I BOB HODGSON, leave my s1ze ll football shoes to BILL McCLAFFERTY 25 1, . 1, . I, . ' . 1, ' . ' . 1, to . I, . . , . I, , - . . . ' I, -' -.-. . ' I, LOUISE Bxsa, will my punctuality to mum SHUMAKER. 1, ' V H, ' ' . I, Z . . . ' 1, . . . 1, ' . I, . L. . . . . 0 . . 1, ' ' ' ' . r.8 " I ' . I 1, '- ' , I, . . . , . I JIM HINDMAN, leave my hablt of being late to JIM SAYEHS JACKIE SAYERS, leave my Latln ablllty to whom 15 may concern ARLENE MONERY, leave my posltlon as treasurer to some PFOMIDGHU JUNIOR who is a mathematlcal W1Z3Fd I, RONNIE FOREMAN, H111 my Curley halr to ROSCOE METZ I, ANNA JOHNS, leave to my cousln, PATSY ANN HLQS my desk 1n MR MAHSH'S room I, BILL VOROUS, leave my sk1ll of Wflylng low' over town to ART HETRICK I, HELEN DOVLRSPIKE w1ll my red hair to JOAN COPLNHAVER We hereby name, COHSUIUUUG, and a po1nt our princlpal, Mr Dav1d A Dietrlch, as executor of thls, our ast N111 and Testament In d1tness Nhereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seal this Twenty elghth day of May, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty elght Slgned, sealed, and published, and declared as and for the Last Wlll and Testament of sald testors 1n the presence of us W1511955 SEAL QL!! -521 Weed Wltness SIDAL mm, SX-,o,.....m.-.msg SEAL 26 , . , 0 I, , . I, n u O , . . . , . C . , . . E . . O I Y' ' n 9. ' . . . U n cyl , . W Ov-5 ,..--. THE YEARBOOK STAFF Here they are the group that organized, assembled, an typed the yearbook These are the people who dashed by 1n the halls, dlved up the sta1rs, and pointed cameras in your faces Working after school hours, sacr1ficing study halls, the boys and g1rls cussed, discussed, threw things but they did a swell job, so let's give them congratulatlons To a1d the staff in thelr flrst attempt at editlug a year book, were the teachers, to whom appreciation 18 due for contri butlons of thelr time and effort Left to Rlght -Margaret Gould Bob Hodgson Betty Shumaker Merle Umstead Louise B1sh Ralph Bowersox Edith Doversplke Norma Dinger Dobby Hull D1ane Bowersox Fred Shaffer Ruth w111i8mS Bonnle Sample Not P1ctured Jean Crawford D1ck Mlller Joan Hlndman Robert Mann Helen Fox Mlke Freeman 27 --- d pg 3 P7 W. 'I f e' 14 K FOUR VEHRS UF PROGRESS... f l9kL-l9b5 l9b5-l9L6 President Bob Hodgson Vice-President Betty Shumaker Secretary Jackie Chaney Treasurer Bill Vorous lith a shy look in his eye, today's senior entered a new life as he inaugurated his high school career in September, l9LL T him the building seemed immense His first few weeks were quite miserable as joking upoerclassmen sent him off at four o'clock to hunt vainly for room 19 He realized that he was actually ngreen' and from that realization resolved to find h1s whereabouts in New Beth lehem High School at any cost As time went on, the freshman gradually changed He knew his schedule perfectly and followed his daily routine wath the ease of a senior Moreover, he began rubbing shoulders with upperclassmen as he began working with them in school acti vities He even experienced moments of ex treme pride as upperclassmen occasionally begged him for a copy of his homework Final ly, the verdant freshman lost his self con sciousness and began conversing freely with fellow schoolmates That first year ended with the freshman feeling satisfied that had accomplished one major objective h had become acqua1nted President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Bob Hodgson Andy Simpsong Betty Shumaker Jim 'reeman Taking one step forward from the ranks of freshman, the sophomore entered the year's 8CtiVit10S with a gav spirlt, mischief spark ling in his eyes as he salut d every confused freshman with 'GREENIF W He opened his books with increased zeal, find'ng that his course of study opened new worlds of facts and ideas 1nto wh1ch he had never before ventured H saw, from Mr Bromley's interesting explanation of the lntricate structure of a flower, more than flrst met the eye, he met and recognized the human side of literature as Hrs M Ka n discussed with him the story of Silas Harner, he broadened out from a preliminary study of social sclence to the history of the United States, he attacked the study of Plane Geo metry and he began conversing with fellow classmates on the subject of lines and angles The sophomore, who had suffered tts year be fore at the hands of the merciless upperclam men, was now in the dr1ver's seat He had the opportunity of initiating the freshmen As the year closed, the sophomore left school feeling he had gained much in self confidence cooperation, and sportsmanship q""7"'7" ...,.ff,.!...0 A-++"' M41 fif'-""""""' Afoghayc 5511111-Lf-fy elVC1'j I I I . 0 u A v 1 - ' a Q . e ' . . c 1 . he . . -- e . O - , GL . C - 1. N 9 u nl " If H 1 ,,lZi7, . , ' ff? fn J 477 4 L 17, ' , YV I A I ff T T 28 AMG-h7f-,ff-F5 5 X Q ,Moa Q l lxl libs ENTER TU LEHRN DEPHRT TU SERVE.. l9h6-l9h7 1957 1958 Ruth Williams Bob Hodgson Jackie Chaney Norma Dinger President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer As the first bell clanged the opening of the new school year, the junior stepped forward jauntily with the senlor, finally attaining the distinction of 'Upnerclassman ' To many this was the parting of the ways, for now each junior had definitely decided on the course of study he would follow This year the pupils had the privilege of working with lr Kata, as principal, for the first time The pupils were greeted by Hr Hohn's smil ing face as they entered the now familiar halls of New Bethlehem High School to beg1n their junior year The L'11 Abner Dance, which the junior class sponeored,, is an event that no junior will soon forget Even the not so- sweet essence of onlons, floating fr m home-made corsages which the girls had pre- sented to their escorts, had no effect the hilarity of the evening The juniors felt quite proud as several members of their class were chosen to take part in the Dra matic Club Play, 'Never Too Late ' By the time Ioving-Up-Day had arrived, the junior felt well qualified to take his place as a stately senior with h1s record of parti cipation and accomplishment behind him jaw-af ,swf WM' WWA' Ruth Williams Bill Vorous Jeanne Wolfe Arlene lowery President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer A busy year greeted today's senior as he ad vanced to the fourth and f1nal step in his high school career Besides his regularschool work, he anticipated days filled to the brim with many e tra curricular activities As the class began organizing for social functions each senior prepared himself for a heavy bur- den of work Several new tasks confront d him that of sponsoring a prom and publishing a yearbook for the first time in the history of the school He did his part in planning other class activities such as dances, a bake sale and a spaghetti supper By taking part in the Senior Class Plav, uKeep on the Sunny Side,' he became accustomed to performing before a large audience The senior's chief aim for this year was to develop his personality so that he maght be able to grasp opportunities of the future He attended social functions with the idea of improving his manners and appearance More than ever before, he tried to make himself a well rounded individual As the year ends, a sorry senior leaves New Bethlehem High School and many happy exper- iences, but he looks forward with eagerness and hope to the llfe befor him QQ R N., 55-.fafls - , dk. 29 Q I I I I ' . -the - B on ' ' X v, 2 ' y :T -L, Y v A T ' gf of "rn J ' ' . '- ,' Y '-Q Q W .flask of T - ,' xr 2 4 ' Q A r VX, w sf T A H . Ol Y7! IF7 41 ifggqfj ,gl f,f A J- f HISTORY CF JUNIOR CLASS September A, l9L5 a day that we JUHIOFS sh ll never forget was our first day of high school Our exalted op1n1on of ourselves was soon changed by the upper classmen who descrlbed us as a large group of 'greenhorns We, the frlghtened ones, were 1n a daze as to what we were to do In April of 19h6, the sophomores had thelr fun when they declded lt was tlme to 1nit1ate us Upper classmen, telling us the horrors of lnitiatlon had us more confused and frlghtened The day arr1ved! The ceremony wasn as terrlble as some had descrlbed prevlous 1h1tiat1ODS to be During the second semester our freshman class elected the following class mates for offlcers Presldent, at Panciera V168 President, James Stewart Secretary, V1rg1n1a Doversplke, Treasurer, Helen Huffman Activltles in our freshman year were few a roller skating party at Alcola Park and a class party ln the school gym A number of our class members belonged to the choir, led by Professor L S Bromley W1th the closlng of the school year, we looked forward to returning as sophlsticated sophomores Our sophomore year much more enjoyable than the freshman year, was led by EP6S1d6Ht, Emerson Perseghetti, V1ce Presldent, Fred Cochran, Secretary Mona Jean Cochran, Treasurer, Margaret Wurm These off1cers performed their dutles in a most commendable manner throughout the term Mr Anderson, the English lnstructor, organized a Dramatlc Club, whlch Ager's Canteen Here our class, as well as the other classes, have had many enjoyable and lnteresting times on Frlday and Saturday evenlngs Durlng l9L6 L7, we had a number of dances and a skatlng party The school prom held at Alcola Park, was the outstanding soclal event for us Again as the school year gradually came to a close, we sophomores looked forward anxiously to the next year as upper classmen The great day came We were Juniors and upper classmen Immedlately, we began our plans for the school year To Miss Gruver and Mr Caruso who have alded us wlth suggestlons for act1vit1es th1s year, our class expresses appre c1at1on for the1r t1me and helpfulness w1th a skat1ng part , a box social, dances, and a bake sale We published 'The Fourty N1ners, a school newspaper The staff 1ncluded Editor 1n Ch1ef, Chester Warden, Fads and Fashions Elsie Cerutt1, MUSIC Department, Chester Warden, Short Stories, Jim Stewart, affy nitlons, Joyce Wllson, Current Events, Margaret Wurm, Humor, Marjorre Grube, Sports, Kelth Stahlman, Poetry, Benny KUnd1Ck Four members of our class, Pat Panclera, Rlta Panc1era Peggy Hepler, and Joyce W1lson, are cheerleaders Our Junior class 18 gulded by Presldent Fred Cochran, Vlce Presldent, Elsie Ceruttl, Secretary, Mona Jean Cochran, reasurer, James Stewart r JuD1OP class has had a year of happy school l1fe 3 I 0 . I .n . i. I . . i v 0 . . . 'Q I . .-- ' , 9 ' ' 2 many of'our class Joined. In the autumn of l9h6, New Bethlehem opened a Teen- I . ' . . . . . . Q l X . . . -. - ' - - . . 6 - . . . , '- u ' . Ou O JIWIORS ROW l J1m Reinsel, Shirley McGregor, Leona Panciera, Joan Murphy, Rita Panciera, Pat Panciera ROW 2 Jim Sayers, Julia Mangiantini, Eleanor Miller, Margaret llzrm, Dina Whiteman, Joyce Wilson ROW 2 Wilbur Shumeker, Keith Stahlman, Jack Kube, Cel1a Shick, Ann Walker, Mary ROW 2: Bill Magagnotti, Roscoe Metz, Jim Stewart, Chester Warden, John Neese, Jim Smith JUNIORS ROW 1 Lucy Mae Henderson, Bernella Doverspike, Shirley Crawford, Louise Clemens, Myrla Hollobaugh, Wesley Baughman RUN 2 Jean Hockenberry, Lois Fritz, Doris Keener, Betty Bowersox Marjorie Grube ROW 2 Eileen Fimc, Elsie Cerutti, Mary Lou Gaston, Doreen Burford, Arthur Hetrick, Corbin Fowkes ROW Barbara Carrier, Mary Jane Copenhaver, Ruby Darr, Keith Dinger -FQ-I 2 Lois Calla, Peggy Hep er, Fred Cochran, Mona Cochran, Vlrginla Doverspike, Glenn Kerr 31 l 4 f, ,l l, Ellen Mowery: E Paul Phillips, Richard Wells, Jim Reichard, Benny Kundick, Jack Reichard. . -. -: , HISTORY OF SOPHOPORE CLASS One hundred ten Freshmen began trelr hlgr school career September l9A6 Experlenclng COWfUSlOH the f1F5B days of school we soon adapted ourselves to the Hlgh School customs In our flrst progect, the organ 1zat1on of our class, the followlng cl ss Ofl1C9TS were elected Blll W11l15OU, presldent, Mary Belle Sklnner v1ce presldent, Barbara N1ll1 son secretary, Paul Sk1HH6F, treasurer Nary Belle Sklnner served as pres1dent the greater part of the year W1th the help of these Off1C9FS we had a flnanclally successful year At the close of school ln June, l9L+7 we had a treasury account of 571, 68 Cf the orlglnal number, nlnety three students renalned at the close of the flrst year 1D hlgh School Nlnety one were promoted to the sophomore class At the oeg1nn1ng of the sophomore year, WThe Class of 50 N had elghty students enrolled The famlllar faces of the Red Bank TOWHSh1p students were absent, as they had been transferred to Summervllle Hlgh School, wh1ch ve hope they are happy But we mlss them here The class offlcers th1s, our sophomore year, are, D1ck Beall, presldent, B111 NcClafferty, v1ce presldent, Bonnle Vorous, secretary, Norma Hartzell, treasurer Me are proud of our class and the members of our class who have success fully represented our many school act1v1t1es 1D basketball, football, base ball bowl1ng, cheerleadlng and muslc ,2 ' S 1 . V A N L . l x L . . . . A . . , V . . D . 6 .N V z . . . Q . . , , . .- , , , . . A ,. . I , , . . y M . from our concession at the Clarion football game, and a dance. .u. I . - ,Nl 1. . A . P . . - A 9 ' ' in ' 1 . ' . . I . . . . , , Y , . 3 . . . 'J SOPHOMORES ROW l Don Shumaker, Don Troup, Shirley Kerr, Shirley Shoemaker, Dorothy Ortz, Janet Shaffer ROW 2 Vallie Rearick, Charlotte Kamerdiener, Joanne Minich, Wanda Young, Betty Smith Betty Lou Lowers, Paul Bolam ROW 2 Martha Lou Shumafcer, Mary Belle Skinner, Elizabeth McGregor Janet Shoemaker, Bonnie Vorous, Mary Jane Rearick, Jerry Darr ROW L Ruth Hollenbaugh, June Skinner, Barbara Willison, Gladys Lucas, George Bright, Hilton Panciera ROW 2 Bob Lewis, Harry Murphy, Eileen Schreckengost, Eloise Nulph, Margaret Patrick, Dlck Beall ROW 6 Bob Boddorf, Fred Plavney, Bill Sarakon, Bill Berger SOPHOIORFS ROI lx Evelyn Allen, edna Lee Gerhelm, Ruth D1nger, Norma Harwell, "ary Helen Delp, Lois Bowersox, Bill Bowersox, Herbert Aaron ROW 2 Sh1rlev Copenhaver, Els1e Fox, Arvilla Hilliard, Phyllis Haines, Charles Evans, Gene Hetrlck ROW 2 Shu-ley Johnston, Lucille George, Audrey Cerutti, Roger Bowser, Dick Beall, Gerald Darr, Paul Bolam ROW 5 Hazel Crissman, Faith Cook, Ilarilyn Allen, Darrel Holben, Bill Barger ROW 2 Mary Lou Pacemyer, Dona Doverspike 3 . . . ...- a I ' -i- 7 . I 0 . . . 4 . .T.. . 4. o . I . I T , a . -1- 4 N . . - . li A A' . . . . lil. V . . . 0 Q . . a i. ' a n . , 'Z x FRESHMEN ROW l Wayne Bechtel, Stanley Bowser, John Gould, John Stepulla, Paul Hodgson, George Doversplke ROW 2 Virginia Slagle, Dawn Shumaker, Joanne Grinder, Carolyn Umstead, Margaret Wells, Louise Shilling, Phyllis Knight, Shirley Palaggo ROV 2 Peggy Barger Patricia Skinner, Charolette Harris, Patsy Hess, Norma Shumaker, Elame Panc1ere, 'Iilda McCauley, Nadine Kavalenko ROW 5 Carl Booser, Kenneth Blsh, Earl Harsbarger, Hilton Shreckengost, Joan Copenhaver, Loretta Beers ROV Ray Copenhaver, Glenn Boddorf, FRESHHD! ROW 1 Lawrence Etzel, Tommy Craig, Alan Snyder, Lyle Skinner 'Jayne Shick ROW 4 Fecca Wolfgang, Frankie Gerhiem Lois Doverspike, Lois Lawrence, Dora liagagnotti, GHC! Ualker, lable Shaffer, Marie Olinger ROV 2 Spurgeon Sh1lling Wavne Geist, Barbara Fritz, Esther Keener, Dorothy Smith ROW 5 John Magagnotti ,Darl George , George Bonanno, Joe Anderson, Darl Shlcfc, George Thomas ROW 2 Keiih Hetrich , Robert Shaffer, Darrel Nolf, Denton Bailey ' 31+ D W l l - . TL : U V ' -' . w X Robert. Holben. Clayton am-ford, gg gg amen stahlman. Carl Umsceau Re -' b g , 1 1- Lg b TROPHIES Too Awarded, New Bethlehem High School for outstandlng accomolishrent nUPt1S Vocational Plan l9L7 L8 First Shelf Left to right Relay 1932 Basketball Basketball Golden Rule Associat4on Troohv 1930 Second Shelf Left to rlght Relav 1931 Runner-bp Clarion Countv Won by New Bethlehem High School Basketball team 1935 Juniors l9Ll Clarion Normal Clarion County Field Meet May 7, 1921 Third Shelf: Left to right Valuable Player Award 1939-AA Inner Class Field and Track 1930-32 American Legion Award for Amerlcanlsm Essays l9L3 Football Clarion County Chamolons 19L2 35 in1Q - . 1 - rv?-vnvnwy f ' 1 I , V ,, , , . i . f. . V' 4 V fs? 7 'Y 4 , . - , , ' I f I ' s A 2 Q . .. .1 - v . . 4 1 1 e- . ' . . v . . 1 A Joseph J Kata, Coach Coach Joe Kata started his football career 1D Ambrldge High School and continued hls plaving in Clarion State Teachers College Durlng those e1ght years, he played the tackle position He captained the teams of both schools in h1s senior year Mr Kata began CO8Ch1ng ln N B H 5 in 1933 and durlng lj seasons, one of wh1ch was in DuBois, C0mf1lEd a record of 93 w1ns 20 loses, and 14 t1es From 1939 through 19L9 he led the HRed and Nrlteu through 37 games without defeat H15 seven times and tled had three undefeated team won the county title once Coach Kata has seasons, and until trls year, h1s teams have never lost more than three games Ve'd say that thls record substantlates the belief trat the NKatanenN had a br11l1ant coach ! FOOTBALL In answer to a call for football men lssued by Coach Joe Kata and Assistant Coach Henry Caruso, about forty candldates answered Five candldates had earned the1r letters pre vlously E mrson Peraeghetti, ulkd Freeman Bob Hodgson, Ron Allshouse, and Ralph Bowersox These lettexmen formed the nucleus of the team that the coaches built to represent New Bethle- hem High School on the grldiron The letter men who will not be with us next year are Mike Freeman, Ralph Bowersox, Bob Hodgson, Fred Shaffer, andv Sarakan, and Emerson Perse- ghetti The l9L7 record shows 5 games won, L lost, and 1 tied The season's record is as follows OPP St Joseph Falls Creek Reynoldsville- Hickorv Twp Sykesv1lle- Curwensville Brookv1lle- Rlmersburg- Brockway Henry A Caruso, Assistant Coach Ur Caruso 18 the first alumnus of New Bethlehem High School to assist 1n coaching the Newbie football team H15 first gxperl ence w1th the Wpigskin' was in N B H S where he played center on the football team for four years, trree of wh1ch were spent on the vars1ty team Mr Caruso's college background lncludes one year at Bucknell University, two years at Indiana State Teachers College, and his senior year at Clarion State Teachers College Wh1le at Ind1ana, Ur Caruso was varsity center for two years In 'L2, Indiana won the Teachers College Mythical Championship That same year, Mr Caruso made the Teachers College All State second team ' 9 N.B.H.S. . 19 . ------------ - ---- 0 28 ---- -- ---- - ----- 7 19 ---- - -------- O O , . ----------- ---- 19 0 ' ----------------- 6 6 -f -------------- 19 13 ' ----------------- lb 13 Clarion --------------------- 19 lh ' ----------------- 7 0 -------------------- O '- s 36 p... twin? X Hk4J"X .. a I Q ! if af, I 1 k X n WN dr 21:3 rw i?'5'ff4.- fi I Ku. X? . . , 7wz'K4a New Bethlehem 12 St Joseph O The Bulldogs mastered St Joe of O11 C1ty 1h the first home game of the season The underdogs, earl, 1h the fray, became masters of the s1tuat1on The green squad from New Bethlehem Hlgh School was really C11Ck1ng as lt gained one f1PSE down after another and rusded and passed three touchdowns over for a score of 19 polnts New Bethlehem 28 Falls Creek 2 The N B H S Varslty and reserves had an offenslve f1e1d day against a 'never say d1e' Falls Creek team Ron Allshouse starring 1n the victory march crossed the chalk l1he for the f1rst score of the game In the fourth quarter the N B H S Reserves came 10 for thelr share of glory by dr1v1ng over the fourth and flnal s1x polnts of the game In the th1rd per1od, Falls Creek displayed 1ts lone Off6HS1Ve thrust in the execution of an off tackle play that was good for f1fty yards and a score New Bethlehem 12 Reynoldsvllle O Into Heyholdsv1lle the Newbles moved to defeat thelr hosts on their own fleld 19 to O The touchdowns were made by Hodgson, Kundlck, and Perseghetti The boys from Reynoldsville were the toughest oppos1t1on the Newbles had met, but defeat fell to the hard flghtlng team from Reynoldsv11le New Bethlehem O H1Ck0TX Twp 12 The Bulldogs were downed by a smart and alert H1ckory Twp squad, although N B H S outrushed and outdowned the boys from the v1c1n1ty of Sharon I the latter part of the f1PSC quarter, Hlckory roared over the Newble goal l1ne for tne1r f1PSD touchdown The score remalnec 6 O uhtll the last 1ve m1hutes of the game, when H1CkOFy'S offense a a1n took flre and put the game safely away w1th two qulck touchdowns Our boys 1n m1d f1eld played l1ke champlons but Just as soon as they came w1th1n the 15 yd marker, somet lng always went am1ss The Red and Wh1te threatened three UIMCS, and each t1me penalt1es nul11f1eo the scorlng opportunltles New Bethlehem O Sykesv1lle 6 The second defeat of the year came at the hands of the Class B champlons, the Leopards from Sykesville Th1s veteran squad, made up of SIXUCBD lettermen proved too much of a match for our l1ght and lnexperienced boys Our boys though outscored and outrushed, put up a grand ball same, winhlnv the plaudits of the spectators, coaches, and the V181u1HE team The Newbles threatened to score once when Persevhett1 broke off tackle and 1nto the clear, only to be drought down from behlnd by a beautiful tackle by Dubroskl 38 o . . . a U . - . o 0 . N . . . . A o ,1-. o c 9 0 W . . 0 , . . 1 ' I u o o 0 v o 0 . . . . . - w I 5 0 1 V . . . u o 1.1.-.... .-i1 0 Q . . . 0 o o 0 Q n . v . - s - . . - - X . :U . . L . - . . . . S' E . . . . . . . a - ' , ' ' - , 11 . . v . . . , . . . . . . 4 . -iiii , . . 0 , - , ' 7 2, u . . O . - . , . . 0 New Bethlehem 6 Curwensville 12 This game played under l1vhts at Curwensvllle was one of the most vicious of the season The Newbles were a determ1ned ball club, but determinatlon after leadlng for better than a half, flnally succumbed to welght, speed and experlence of the Curwensvllle lads The H1 ht's actlon brou ht out some stell r playing, but the idol of the evenlng was tne Red and Wh1C6'S Perseghetti New Bethlehem 12 Brookvllle lL After three consecutlve defeats N B H S met Brookville in a game played 1n fog so dense the players couldn't see from one goal l1ne to the other The flrst half was all New Bethlehem, and in early MIUUUES of the thlrd quarter the p1CDUFe had not altered much In the m1ddle of the thlrd period, the fog llfted, and Just as thou h moved by some supernatural force, the Brookville team took spark and ma e th1n s not for our stalwarts on the fleld The Bed and Nhltes' sudden reversal of form had all our loyal rooters anxiously awaiting the f1nal wh1stle and w1th 1E the ball game' Uverpowered by thelr county rlvals, the Clarion Bobcats for the f1rst time in 13 years, the Newbies put up one of the best battles ever sta ed between these rivals The Bobcats, undefeated so far 1n the year, had not scored less than 30 points on any of their opponents A determlned local eleven drew first blood and Just mlssed another w1en a costly fumble was recovered deep in the Clarion terrltory Clarlon scored ln the second quarter and forged ahead on the success ful try for the po1nt The th1rd perlod was a Wnip and tuck' affair, w1th both teams scoring, thus golng 1nto the final period t1ed at 13 13 Late in this perlod, 'Dame Fortune' deserted the Bulldog camp for that of the Bobcats, and with that desertion went the ball game 19 13 New Bethlehem lg R1mersburg 1 A fighting and victory determined Rimersburg eleven lnvaded the Newbie camp and were stung to the tune of lb to 7 It was a typical Newbie Rimersburg clash, brlnglng back to memory the hard, never say d1e, pre war contests between these two friendly county rivals The Bulldogs scored in the second and third uarters, to win lL to 7 The Red and Whlte made ll first downs to Rimersburg New Bethlehem O Brockway O The ra1n dampened the score and the fans as the Red and White battled the big and experienced eleven from Brockway to a scoreless t1e The Bulldogs threatened to score time and aga1n, but each tlme the elements proved to be too rugged a match Both teams resorted to aerlal tactics wh1ch CF3LKSQ'UP yardage but could not furnlsh the touchdown po1nts So ended another Newbie season 39 u ' D s . u f . 1 n , n , . . .g . g v a 'I a s I a . , ' ' s . , n . U , . I ' W G . New Bethlehem 12 Clarion 12 U . . I , . 3 . . ' ' ' s 5 . A . A CHEERLEADERS The cheerleadlng squad of l9L+7 I-+8 was composed of some of New Bethlehem H1gh School's prettlest and pep1est petltes Ruth W1ll1amS was the only Senior, there were four Jun1ors Peggy Hepler, Pat Panclera, Rlta Panc1era, and Joyce W1lson Bonn1e Vorous was the only Sophomore The cheerleaders were dressed 1n snappy red and whlte dresses They led the students 1n 'rah rahs' wh1ch, many a tlme, spurred our team to vlctory The cheerleaders were the st1mul1 whlch lnduced the students to ng1V6 out' 1n many a roof llftlng cheer 'Huth1eW Wllllams, the head cheerleader, was a 'natural' because of her ab1l1ty to lead Bottom row Peggy Hepler, Pat Panclera Ruth W1l11ams Top row Bonnle Vorous, Rlta Panclera, Joyce Wllson no ' - . . . . . e o n . . . - n ' 0 . . f.-I., 0 f,, 'fe - r ' -ii. i..-: . 7 . . . . . a F001 llllll. 1'-I--1,-,,....----"-""" IIHIIDUET 1: L,l ' 3 lsiui-a..,..., ,,,z4vQ'?fw"' 1'7" - 5 ' ' 1' L .v 'P J M 1, R-.1 A I . X , , V ! BASEBALL 191.7 RCI 1 Hilton Panciera, Bob Hodgson, Iavne Geist, George Brlght, Cecil Shaffer, Ralph Bowersox, Emerson Perseghetti, Wesley Baughman, Bill HcC1afferty, Dlck Miller ROW 2 H A Caruso, George Thomas, Bob Louls, Keith Stahlman, Corbln Fowkes, John Neese, Fred Cochran, Don Troup, Chester Warden, Paul Haines, Don Smail, Bill Magagnotti, Carl Boozer, J J Kata ROW 2 Roscoe Metz, James Hendrocx, Joe Anderson, Darl Shick, John Gould, George Doversplke, Darl Lolf, Don Shumaker, Pete Hodgson, Bob Mann, Roger Cosmo, John Stepulla, Bill Sarakon The Red and wh1U8 completed one of their better years on the diamond, w1nn1ng f1ve and losing two Coach Kata, in his first call for practice was greeted by thirty men, all aspiring for positions on the varslty nine The competition for posltions was keen and after two weeks of 1ntens1ve pract1ce the following nine were chosen to represent our school Dick Reltz, Skip Sklnner, Bill McClafferty, Bob Hepler, Luckie Whited, Marlln Small, Benn1e Kundlck, Don Ripple, and William Magagnotti This spirited m JD C SD cn S o S c+ o 5 cv o O 0 E 'U r- we m cv D' an H c PJ rJ o I P- D GQ 'S a c O '1 D- O-'D-' P' ONINMJOXUNON Xdvul-'D-'I-'NDF' Shannoch Valley Kittanning K1ttann1ng Dayton Dayton Brookville L2 N.B.H.S. N.B.H.S. Shannoch Valley N.B.H.S. , NIBQHQSQ ' D N.B.H.S. N.B.H.S. N.B.H.S. TRACK ROW l Keith Hetrick, Fred Bonanno, Milo Markle, George Bonanno, Lawrence Etzel, Ronnie Allshouse, Ralph Bowersox, Emerson P6FS8ghBtt1, Keith Stahlman, Arthur Hetrick ROW 2 lr Henry Caruso, John Magagnotti, Jack Heichard, Carl Hetrick, Merle Umstead John Neese, George Doverspike, Fred Cochnnn, Ur Joseph J Kata, Richard Miller ROW 2 Keith Adams, Roscoe hetz, Jim Hendrocfc, John Holben, Gene Hetr1ck, Darell Holben After a lapse of more than flfteen years, Coach Matty Hahn again intro duced track 1nto the competitive sports program of our high school Coach Hahn 1n h1S f1PSt call for practice was welcomed with a turn out of better than twenty f1Ve boys Some of the w1nners to be were Don Ripple pole Jump and sprlnter, Bill Cowan shot put and d1SCuS Dick Miller pole vault Fred Cochran high Jump, Emerson Perseghevti shot put and dashes The Red and Whlte took f1rSt 1n a tr1angular meet between Sligo High School and Porter High School In our dual meet against Rimersburg, w agaln took f1PSU In the Clar1on County Meet held at New Bethlehem under the l1ghCS the competlng schools flnished in the following order Clarion New Bethlehem, Rimersburg, Sligo, Clarion Limestone, and Shippenville was a grand season and the boys are to be congratulated L3 2 - ' 1 vault, high jump, and distance runnerg Ronnie Allshouse-high jump, broad . . . - . : - 3 . e . , . . -- L , - . It If one man had the Halr Eyes Teeth Nose louth Coxplexlon Volce Pep Mustache Bralns Popularlty NHAT A WONDERFUL MAN H NOULD BE CAA YOD DISFINGUISH A CLASSMAN9 The flrst day of school? Freshman Sophomore Junlor Senlor In class? Freshman Sophomore Junlor Senlor At home? Freshman Sophomore Junlor Senlor School Days The Neary Blues Heavenly Days To Each H15 Own Stormy seather Solltude If I Had Serenade I've Got Serenade Chloe Lover You of the Bells Plenty to be to a Jerk Danclng 1U the Dark Tnat's My Deslre How Soon? Sooner or Later Happy Days are Here A Now 15 the Hour In the Stlll of the Nlght After Graduatlon Day Begln the Begulne B R A I N R A C E H S ' of. .. ' of. .. ' Of. eau' of . . . " 4 'J of . . . ' " x ' of . . . U ' Ofi lO.l.' of . . . of . S. . . Ak ' of . . . . . . . . . . . ' of . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . ,, E , ' ! , ,I I . . I ' n . . . . - ' t? . . . . I'm going out tonight. .L uuoQoooo0::5. H OUR HIT PARADE Thankful For ga1n LL I Carl Hetrick Ronnle Allshouse Nlke Freeman M110 Iarkle Dlck Alller Bob Hodvson Jlm Hlndman Fred Shaffer Mr e Merle Umstead B111 Vorous Bewlldered Sophlstlcated 'Man about town a1r Bored I don't know I don't remember I'm not prepared I haven't anythlnv to add May I go out ton1gh Jhat t1me shall I be 1n7 I'll brlng 1n the mllk when I come heed Monday Fr1day Exams Report Card Day hrs Campbell's Study Hall Latln Pony 3 5 Ronn1e Allshouse Ralph Bowersox 'M1ke' Calling nSox 5k1P Shaffer School Dance To Graduate 'T1l May 28 Graduatlon May 28 Commencement After Commencement Need We Say? We Go to College Ne Say MUSIC NOTES Dur1ng the four years our class has been ln h1gh school, the Muslc Department has been an outstandlng organlzatlon in the school After Mlss Anne Thompson's resi natlon as lnstructor, we had no muslcal lnstructor Not untll our sophomore year were any notes heard rlnging through the halls Then Mr Lloyd S Bromley, our sclence 1HSCFuCtOP, musically minded, gave of h1s time to lnstruct a mixed chorus and an orchestra Mr Bromley left during our tnlrd year when the halls agaln were sllent unt1l a group of glrls, who formerly recelved 1HSCPuCC1OH, started to practlce Joan H1ndman, as leader, helped these 1n group slnging Among the publ1c appear ances, were two ln chapel and one ln which a trio sang for the Dramatlc Club Play Mr John Ake, a well tralned lnstructor, has started the music ringing through the halls once agaln H15 schedule 1ncludes tonette class, lnter medlate grade classes, JUH1OF and sen1or bands, choruses, orchestra, and baton class A Student Conductlng Class 15 contemplated Slnce many of the puplls are beglnners ln the muslcal world, they are not well known The mixed chorus, glrls chorus, and the CPIO made a publlc appearance at Chrlstmas t1me when the Nat1v1ty Story was told ln song by these groups and was acted on the stage by the seventh and eighth grades Under the lnstructlon of Mr Ake, the operetta, 'Bobble' 1S to be g1VeH by the mixed chorus The cast has been selected wlth following members and ass1gned roles Anne Joanne Grinder, Bob Allen Sn der, Dutchy Emerson Perseghett1, S1lv1a R1ta Panclera, Jack Tommy Cra1g, Joan Vlrglnia Doversp1ke, Mr Malone Jim Relnsel Mrs Malone Lois Bowersox, Ed Fred Shaffer, Mr Velazco Chester farden, Town Constable Stanley Bowser Q5 0 U . . . . C 0 o o 0 . 1 0 0 Q v . . . . Q 0 . . . . ' - . . - U 0 . - Q 0 . . . . V 0 0 0 0 ' - . v . ' . -- -- J --a . . . . . - . . ' -- ' -- ' -- . . - ' -- 0 -- ' -- Q , 0 ' 0 -- 'fy ' -- . U I X E D C H O R O U S Row 1 Lois Bowersox, dna Whiteman, Vlvian Bowser, Helen Fox, Xency George, Janet Shaffer, Esther Keener, 'low 2 Dorene Burford, Evelyn Allen, Norma Shumaker, Barbara Carrier, .vhirley Copenhaver, Pat Dancieru, Bonnxe aample, Row 3 All abeth McGregor, Mar, Jane Copenhaver, Joanne Grinder Wrginia Doversplke, Jackie Chaney, Norma Dinner, Row L Dawn Shunaker, Rita Panciera, Leona Panclera, Joanne Uindman, Ltr Ake, Row 5 Tommy Craig, Alan Snyder, Jim Reinsel, Bnerson Perse ghettl, Fred Qhaffer, Row 6 Jim Stuart, Jlm Pindman, Stanlev Bowser, Artvur Het:-1ck D F OBE!" V24 'lijg,: -99 Row 1 Fred Shaffer, tanley Bowser, Row 4 fue:-son Perseghetti, Rita Panciera, Virginia Uowerspike, Joanne grinder, Jim Reinsel, Lois Bowersox, Row 3 Mary Jane Copenhaver, Tommy Craig, Alan Snyder, Chester 'linden : E ' ' .. -I' 0 A a C' . ' l ' ' ' : ' " ' , - , ' U ' : . , I' ' u - 1 - CA"T ELO2.I"B ' CONNRETTAF . ,. ' I , A I If J . t iv I 1 7 . L I ' - . "Jia xo . V J? 'ffx ' gs 1' a , 'N . , K , , Q . xp 1? f ' 3, ' ifslj Y A -Yin!! "- . : S, ' A: E - 3 Q 0 , . ..- . . i .KL was , 1 'ki Z ' ""A- ' 1 t 519-1' 'lf',,. 5 KP N L ' f' -552 Q.- 5. HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY Unt1l elghteen years ago, the books for use as a llbrary were kept ln Une pr1nc1pal's Off1C6 Because of the lnconvenlence of thls arrangement a POFL1OH of the old aud1tor1um was set apart to make a room sultable to be used for a llbrary To the present t1me, four thousand books have been access1oned These books have come from varlous sources Sever l book dF1VeS were successful The local Literary Club has been very liberal through the years with gifts of money to be used to purchase books Each year, th1s organlzatlon gives to the l1brary,cop1es of the books used by the club for requlred readlng The WClass of L7n gave a sum of money whlch has been used 1n different ways for the llbrary Frlenas have presented memorial bOOKS that are pl ced on a separate shelf known as the Memorlal Shelf From t1me to tlme, townspeople lnterested 1U the sc ool have very generously donated volumes The llbrary 1S also used as a readinv room The school SUbSCF1b6S to a oally newspaper, the local weekly newspaper, and magazlnes Frequently, townspeople buy magaz1ne subscrlptlons or donate magazlnes to the school At the present t1me, there 15 no teacher ln charge of the llbrary Several of the teachers asslsted bv student llbrarlans carry on the work 1n thelr free QGFIOGS The student llbrarlans for l9L7 L8 are Delores Hull oenlor Jackle Sayers, Senlor, Marlon Sayers Senlor, Jeanne 'olfe, Senior Lou1se Blsh, Senlor, J1m Freeman, Senlor, Bob Hodgson, Senlor V1rgin1a Doversplke, Junlor, Leona Panclera, Junlor, Jean Hockenberry, Junlor Emerson P9FSSgh6CCl, Junlor, Audrey Cerutti, Sophomore, Eloise Nulph, Sophomore Hllton Panc1era, Sophomore L ' 1 :'l . . . ' Q 2 I 0 f . F, . . Y . - , . H G . 9 . . . . , . Q . ,B . D . . . . U 1 a , " ' . ' ' . - ' . .. tu, . 1 1 1 . . , . l . . . . t . . a - , 1 - ' 1 I 0 ' 9 C V2 Senior Class Play WKEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE' Director---Miss Twila Gruver ' Ma Benson Norma Dlnger Amy Benson Jeanne Nolfe Pa Benson h1lo Markle Dubble Bob Hodgson Art Conners B111 Vorous Bonnle Benson Jack1e Chaney Rutn horgan Bonnle Sample Pearle IcCune V1ViaU Bovser Hrs G1lchr1st Delores Hull Sher1ff Meeks Merle Umstead The Bensons are mlddle class folks who res1de 1U the small town of Horton, not far from New York C1ty The no1semaker of the fam1ly, lL year old Bonn1e, IHSISDS that Nthat greasy old Art Connersn 15 Just the perfect boy fr1end for older slster Amy, because they are both such ndrlps, wh1le Ma Benson, 1n the m1dst of thelr warfare, decldes to rent a room to someone to help Pa, whose pr1nt1ng shop bus1ness 15 not so good The answer to the1r problem lS Dubb1e, who hasn't h1S memory, but has ten dollars, so he becomes the new roomer Fa puts Dubble to mor? 1n n1s pr1nt shop and evervtnlnc seems to oe UOIHP along nlcely when Pa Benson falls 1nto the hands of two promoters who tell h1m tdere 15 a fortune to be made by manufacturlny a new soft dr1nk Ba 15 so GUCDUSIHSEIC over the 1dea that ne ralses three thousand dollars oy plac1nD a mortgage on h1s shop and h1S home He 15 such an lncurable Opt1mlSE that he sees a fortune star1nv hlm 1n the face The promoters taxe Pa's money and d1sappear, and poor Pa 15 left noldlng the bag and 1S about to lose H15 or1nt1nF shop Am dec1des to SaCFlflCe nerself by marrylnv Art, but even that affalr falls tnrouvn, and 13 seems that the Bensons are gO1FU to lose out all around Pa reta1ns h1S urfa1l1ng cheerfulness and falth 1D human nature and lS une1pectedl rewarded 1U a most unusual manner J , v 1' ' ' J - r ' I ' . 4 -A v ' a . . 0 . - V - . . . Y . n . . . - . . W . . . A A 1. . , V V . . . . . . , - . . 1, fy 1 ' J o V . C. . . .. A , 4 . .D . . , . 0 5 , ' A . ' .J Y 1: A - V V . . z: A 'i ' ' ' .. , K Q A ' ' A ' T " ' .. a -vf I-IIGH DDNCE RNHUHL SCI-l00l. 2""L:.-:I ere 'F' iv-were 11 7151. ueryu:-:ere P if mx .-f ff ,, was -I 4,.jIr....V L - 1 , M: . 1 ' , I I I 3 hfi Hn "if-J, 'E . if-w f- P ,, as, '- -V-0 Y 'ls 2 o f wg .iv ' Q is Uv? .. - L f 35"i'?'y "T".s. ,,. ,A V 1.-19:aLs.' 5 . . 4 4 ' faxw xl lkfml -1. pr , ' 1310 ,67 1 , gr- A U 'Q .1 af AVOR BAR"B- when you have a date Head for route 28 You can mance And play golf too Savor's that's the place ROUTE 28 CHESNICK P 5h 9 For You, You, and You. f , A. H. S. WILLIAMS Paint-Varnishes-Wall Paper lk ilk WOLFGONG'S GROCERY AND SERVICE Route 28 Phone 5-R-13 ' ' ' Sterling Gas and Oil Sk? lk Phone 3h-J Broad Street Groceries 6 Meats LEEDOM 8 WORRALL COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA -H++PA1'RoNsfH+ Jared Skinner G H C Truck Sales Mr and Mrs E Roy Himes Senior Service Scouts, I Si vis, D Miss Ione Davis Fraternal Order of Eagles Bowling Alley Pete Veronesi G Sons IN APPRECIATION The students of New Bethlehem High School, your future patrons, wish to express their sincere thanks to the many merchants of New Bethlehem and surrounding communities wno have made the first nNew bie Silhouetten possible 55 W. H. 1 . D. S. CLMW4, cf BAAAL SU-...74..,:7 Con-lr Hmcnfs of fi .All The Case of the Successful Famlly Or why the New Underwood Champ1on Portable offers the keys to better wrltln Monday Father opened the case 1n the l1V1HE room and proudly olsplafed he new, streamllred Cnamplon the nandsonest portaole typemr1ter the famlly had ever seen Tuesday Said Betty,WIg'5 marvelous such smooth, easy actlon and what cleancut typ1ng Just wait un 11 the n1story orof sees my I1 typewr1tten notes Norge Elec Ranges Gas Ranges Nashers Refrigerators Home Freezers Nater Heaters Nednesday NIt's neat,n Bill exclaimed nTh1S way even writlng comoos1t1ons is a lot of fun And, I'll have to talk to Dao about gettlng me an Under wood Champion when I go to college next year W ery Q31 One or more of the famlly take a turn on the Underwood ChamD1On Portable Motner has caught uo on her corres ondence Father has written speeches memos, and r ports Why not get a WChampion' 1n your dome You'll f1nd 1C holds the keys that unlock the doors to advancement and progress RED BANK ELACTRIC CO wiring Repalrlng M Appllances Hawthorn Pennsylvanla Lewyt Vacuum Cleaners NBGHGIXN Rad1OS Temco Gas Clrcul tlng Heaters Sh1rley Slnks Globe Mllkers h1P1HF Supplles WRuscoW All Metal Storm hlndows L1EhCOl16r' Llghtlng Flxtures 57 uhauv on HE urunf SEE US FOR BUILDERS SUPPLIES Paint Lumber Builders Hardware Sash Sand Doors Gravel Flooring Cement Siding Plaster HOOf1ng Llme Nails Saeecrock Lath Insula 1on Products ODGRFITULHTIOIS 0 HE LESS u J nun utune IIEL TAQLISHED 1856 QOur QZHQ Year 1n BUSID ssl Phone 80 58 New Bethlehem, Da T T E , of I Dsl 'I F U' 7 DRSU5 UNDER O. Congratulations and Good Wishes, Graduates! ......from THE CLARION DEMOCRAT i K- 'll-lfi ffl I' I' 'I' 'Nl-I 'I' i iii I fl ii-I' . 4 Compliments of L. R. Himes 'I' li-I' if BAIN'S GULF SERVICE Gas, Oil, Groceries North Wood Street Phone 120-I 44444444 l-G1-GH1'-'lf-K-iii THE DIXIE DEB SHOPPE Ladies k Misses Feminine Apparel i 217 Broad St Phone 225 Compliments of H V CARUSO'S BARBER SHOP Wishing your future success iii i-if 'ZHHI' leet and Eat at Springeide Good Home Hede Pies, Soup, Sandwiches and Coffee Charles B Eieenhuth rop i-I-if xxxxxx Compllments of the NEW YORK CANDY KITCHEN xzucxzul 59 CRIIFORD IUHBER COMPANY Fairmount City, Hnrdwood Lumber line Supplies Hardwood Flooring and Hemlock Lumber x x . -R +4 l' it 41- 4 n n it -K' 4 Q .Jo 4 it it - 4 lf Q -If-I-8541-l-Q4-H-ii-41-lvl-l-it 4 . , P . i Pu. e d ...... ....... iid? -l'-G81-if 444432 'I-i1"N"ll"I?4Fl 'FH'H1"E 'Fr Compliments of fff NEW 3W"I'HLEI-WN! 'EANK Comnliments of 4444 A FHIVND XHX Compliments of O V E 0 R E S Burr Bao"'mm's ARCADIA THEATER West Penn Division as-H.-44+ -as-was-mr HU if-u-as 44+ eo 4 was ' 4 H a-I XX RFARII ST A U 4+ 4 5.m,.l.... t HRSH uumncr EHRRIER 4 1 N..,l3,u,f.1. P f'lffT YUUR FRIENDS CURBETTS G STORE C0 H T ' 9 rl Cornllwe t f ALJI DQPQ Q D iT' fni E LA mx L ULAUTY Jhur or,l1wfwt 4 J n L FAiF QExV E r J Q , 63 Cox, inugns of LA 'U A 5 o ' ' HL'S ELHU UHCP Hhxnpf S 4'4K1T , MJJ, m,.H ,, . C aw :U-.,5 uf 233 :ofd JLr-et x T' .IQ ky IN V'HAH ly'-N Uillilll.-Q2 -1.- HIINHIESIIIRE f of Uurm .,.w4,fmhu nil 5 u Befhl '1 uucrsox une -rr f Snap 2 LMW1 X L.. ef J1:,1c:.,,, wt., lfj,-7... ef'-csv.. '27 2l....,.t1....,, 62 C I 7r,1..,e9..7:? cgmrl- f 'f G J 9 I ani' ' ' ' ' - ... cotnrlin-ents gf rf' 5' 5 'X I - i Camrl. nu.-.fs of Ng ' e c 'rn ' A 'V' Q cgvnrlfl-ng'-tgaf Jw ' L - 1 -fame-1-,IA-fl-0' ' 4-4- Day and Night Towing Service - Power Winch Make Your Home and STRATTONVILLE AUTO WHECKERS Glenn Rupert Q Sons, Prop'e General Repairing -- Auto Glass Installed New and Used Parts -- Accessories IH? if-if 'l"l'i'-'I'l"F'iHi- 'l"li"l'-I-'K-'I-I-If PHONE Stratfonville Day 61 R 2 Night and Sundays Clarion ALZ Strattonvllle ake HARDLRS Your Athletlc And Ssortlng Goods Outfltters Ne SP9Cl3llZ6 11 Uutflttldg oGnUULo L 5 Vltl T1e1r nequlrerexts DAQALTDALL D LQAL row QxLL I Also Complete Llres TO EC rlbrl P T CKL L L F G Q PHOW9 2 BWBG A PR S GQ l J GCD up A l 1a ort Pennsylv H13 Surroundings More Beautiful Colorcrete Products Bird Baths Lawn Bench Flower Urns for Cemetery and Home Lawn Steppinv 'tones Porch Boxes Nnf BETHLBPED BUQIAL oERV CE Phone 90 hew Bethlehem, Pa ay It Nlth Flowersn NHITEMAN'S GREENHOUSE WlShlng You bucceSSW Senlor Class 'L8 N wers For All OCCBSS1OHS' Nh1C6m8H'S Greenhouse New Bethlehem Pennsylvanla 1614- Lee F whlteman Drore 153 N Re ldent 161+ H J .J if if '- .1 ' ' I ' T X - - 1 .J . . . l V x 0 ' , Pa. L1 ---- - HS " ,V , - . T . , N., . , l'H'l" All lLU'J 1 1 Flo ' . : I B 1 : ' in -,.Uf an -AJFm.,L . . -f-my - L I BCWQIHG ' .A 4 OP L v-x-v A vs , l,,n- --, :-w-v-v-x JUJJ AAD ALDLnlTlon B, , d v-xv.-X 'www -,N v 'I'- rnu ,olrNaLT 0' - .N V , . F e A AJ 11 n.. NHQE GL'D' LUGGAGE '- . V A Q 4.09 H D TYRJF fir H "W l .x A 'X S. - U . -. . .L . G s . 33B Pine St. Ni l' msg ' s.' 65 IIRTZELL E3 Comrlhnenfs of 'S STURE 5 . BlUVll'SfWuPmrs an!-vu cf-X..-fy Def! 5 FEED Q 5,00 N 59 tw tlnl In CIIIJIC Grocerles S Ol Alcola hvne IL 'TIITIIDIV nn c Gener 1 Re lrs Pennsylvania ftHorne 5 R 15 Brookv lle S Snort ents SIIRCI 5 We s Iuts endy ifts Noveltleb Photo olpalles OfflC1P1 ISSUIHQ pants Fis11ng licence 9 9 5 -x yllffn qH!!Ii 'llllllv 4? N Bt C dln,PQ. a-n-u--. I Q' IIUPIII I 45 5 ' 5 - ' ' - CG.'y - Tome o - Pop h M - I n - 3 GP - 'l - ' pf' A , ,, , u - Y' 'I - , v ' ' ' A - - L' X P Haw . - - I ' ee 'rue l.0'n'IlL UIIIIER DF' THE H0055 For Used Car Value 'N' Compliments of Bought 8: Sold ""' 4' DR A L STAHLIAN ll!!! VERONESI USED CAR LOT if New Bethlehem, Pa Seminole, Pa BRAUGHLER 61 MANNH 'KNIH1' 448-44-N' i"K"R'If-I' if-41-'H' Phone Fairmount City, Hawthorn 285-S D , CIAWSON' S GARAGE Fairmount City, AZLANTIC GAS 8: OIL Phone Hawthorn 54Ri'12 I O O I as Pa. General Excavating General Repair-'nv as at : . R. . Pa. 68 roun 5 Boof Sh I..--' JMB Mc' , , 0 Shoes and Hosiery for the Entire C ents of I1 - 0 6 .- dtterle V TIFSQ V Tub 4Acce o e Sdfetv Gla s In talled KROUSh TIR 5HOr mverywhl g lor Cars nd Truck vvvi Lal Maln street Compliments of New Be hlehem, Pa NEw BmTHLnHEM NENS vvuv Isadore I Krouse, Prop Phone 209 R 'VV' xxxx Compllments of Compllments of DR W P McCLELLAN HUTSON'S APPLIANCE STORE New Bethlehev Pa vvvv XXJDC 70 B' 'es ' - es ' se ri 5 ' s S -- E3 ' "-- mg: 44 ' , 'n, ' Q ' .S i . v, U U , , . il' "Q , , wiv FTTTf'. V4 ae" n Tl at 1 .- ,ar 0 Q ' xx I I ul I ,- A., , xx Congratulation to the Senior Class for its hard work and accomplishment bringing inno reality the Year Book. The Olympia Candy Factory Management feel proud to have such progressive young people and Faculty 1U our High School Try our Home Made, Hand dlpped dellcious Candies an qc or Phone 271 H YRON ILHORE 0796... J BUSIUBSS Systems Bookkeeo1ng AUd1ClHg Tax Re orbs Insurance Notary Dublic PHuNE 269 Broad Street New Bethlehem Nex to Arcadia Theatre Penns,lvan1a 71 Ol mrs. F T.G K fl....4...1" fi ,....L,..jJ,I.,A-!.,.,, ...,, - -..f if 60- B...1,.Jz., f2.,. 5 cf CHHRLES P LEHCH .-,.,et,....,.A MMMM mu-mn 'runio G:'.,..,zz..,t,f6.,,........,.1 6?c.fv3A.,..1w BRUHD HHH H P 2 F.,Hr UHVIDH-5853868 BTU some Q gs clllf.. 2 ' non. 4 O t s o r twenty fl th year of rvl e IF t e Da needs of our on unltr I war conprstuld e you p KI1 h nb C515 your flrsf yearboon Yours truly, Conpllnents of CLARION, PA NC DALE BICH CCC ccccc Clarlon Pennsylvdnla KING BnRBhd SHOP aHICK'S GRUCRQY Wood Street New Betnlehem Best of Goods Best of SGFVICS Free Delxvery Llmlted Credlt n hi u ' . - 'f se 'C '. h ' iry cm '3, .tto jf ft A h CCCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY on the us 's i N of .' ' ' , H 1.71 ., I . c LJ . 5 W . . , I , ,,, H , 75 . lfil 'TF' I? an ENNZOIL ISTRIBUTUR5 2 SLIGD pen tunrnlnsu OF . P t Q' 'Q "we Img W Llour' kml , . H -"' 5 nu ul 491 76 ' , NH- Years Insurance Servlce Complete I' L AI n. Organlzatzion 1916 Den' se nic Andrew 19l+8 New Be hlehem, Pa Telephone 79 1 ments of Co'r leme Gaz age and LUUYIC3 1on Servlce hone 1,0 '77 30 ' .JS -IC' A ' . Ap 11' S 3 . Comp i. '.'JII..LISON'S E550 SIATIUN up 1 7 ' 1' ' P f -M cfff' Co 4v+v Electric IEIDING Acetylene C N hspy 8 oons, FlOF1SC HAYES MACHINE SHOP Brookvllle Pa Phone 198 Broad Street New Bethlehem, Pa ICULUL-X1 We Weld Anything But a Broken Heart"' Fr.n.k L Doverspike General Merchandise For the best of groceries Trucking Coal meats and feeds Di't'm"f Dianne, Penna -- Q 79 . F, . 'Say It With Flowers' Pa. . MARY LEE BEAULY SHOPPE Broad street New Bethlenem Pa Phone 116 CAbove Harrls I Mary A HSEFICK Prop for xxx 'PAHlS VERI DAFb CLEANERSW Brocxway, Pa xxx nxclus we nrbulalce Serx ce Hdwtnorn Pa P 0 e 28 R 2 X - 1 n ' , u X E A E 2 l E L E cmzams D. ALCURN FUNERAL HOME HARDWARE ' ' h n X- - eo BIG RUN PENNA WE MAKE ALL KINDS OF CHENILLE LETTERS AND EMBLEMS E1 f.1,f"Ew"k, DCI-IESTEI DBR DVSIGNFDS AND PRODU V13 OF EKCLJSIVE HIGH aCHOwL JEWELRY Nr Cherlps W N'cDona1d, District Manager 920 Investment Bldg 239 Fourth Ave Pittsburgh 29, Pe BZ O - E V 3OD.'IT.GEFTCEMEIIT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND NAME CARDS BECAPPING ZLCHR. SERVICE Truck a Passenger SIZES DISTRIBUTOR TIRE SALES Merle L. Silvia, Owner VULCANIZING WHEELS a RIMS USED.TIRES XJOCXXXX XXXXXXXX JOCXXXXXXXXXXX Distributor of MCCREARY--SEIBERLING--GILLETTE--KOHAWK--U.S. TIRES E TUBES xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Every tire we recap 15 PF6C1S1OU oalanced to assure longer mlleage, even wear, and easler steerlng Thls service at no extra cost to our customers ROAD SERVICE Y AS A B 219 WOOD ST PHtNE 123 New Bethlehem, Pa New Bethlehem Be Proud of Your Future Job, As Ne Are of Ours For 'BREAD IS THE STAFF OF LIFE' HORNINGSTHR f fAI?k JW lill, QJ 2, !5l BHHERIES X ' EAS . . C. ! ff 1, 1' , 1" 1 A'-' -Q :3-.-2. lv . 1-l in 5 'i, "- ,J-,.., 1 V ., 4 ,S - S4-Hn.a5w,4e Clarion Candy Company PAUL KIRKPATHICK Wholesalers Sporting Goods Luggage CANDY SPECIALTIES Phone A97 R 130 E Jefferson St Butler, Pa ..u 4 if-I-if ii' Compliments of LOGUE A SON ff' ISEIAN BROTHERS iff xxx Memorials xxx Bituminous Coal Sligo, Penns 4 GUN ' u e " none oe 4 4 x x Y 4 x x MISSION ORA ns E TLLMJQ E,..74!.......zz-f 1 a L you F.a...I7 funn Dmlfp. AND OTHER MISSION EEVEEAGES 9.0.1 . f, Q ..,B.u.l.m....,.,P.. Pa. wo XID Congratulations to the Class of 191.8 HARTZELUS STORE IIATEER xxzx FUNERA 42-l'i'i-l'-'I' 'KHHFI' L ORE Home of Hoover Sweeper a Magic Che! Cha Range CRIBBS HIRDIAIE XXX! Congratulations Class of L8 WILLIAM S VOROUS HH Q-lf nd H- 4-as Haw 'I-I-lvl-ii-E H . -H- 86 can vatqllflbns t the lass F 1 8 - if UHURRUU- ....,. d..3f..1.d' New Bethlehem P Phone 174 J 'Not Be ner than the B st But Better than he Rest B7 8 I C 0 94 , - C" . CAREFUL CLEANERS t 1 e :- 6'...7,1......f.7L ,,.,.,'lfL:.L"'t 428 BRUHD S 6....,.L.....,a f EMM! J' W7 ff6'94......a 0,09 5,4 Q.z.L cf,-.-.-4.64, GDL... 205 Qtz., n.u.u...6' -t. N BETHLEHEF1 PHDN 232 ' 0174, D .. em., 4 r' 1 4' Ir MN I Jljflnif, I Wwe hlwf 1 NF e or you' 9 'C Congrdtu ltlons C VP U and .L uood Lucn R in L uit Q WT anks for yoqr bUSlA9bg 89 AFJE 'fb HAQ'f'E' CO, Codgljments of " .rfrvfwiglpnin v' New Bethlehem - - Fa. Nia BhTHLLHiN FUHNITUAL QTCH I ' YL, 1 QM li,ene- of NLAELE GhWLL , . E,.Qi ,-.,.Gh h . ', . 1 0-0 Contractor HEAVY HAULING WINLH SERVICE EXC8VaC1Ug and Coal Stripplng T leprone 28 D 21 Hawthorne, Pa Compllments of Pornraln and Cormercial Photo raohy 105 Lain Street RIDG AY, PA 90 cf iFormerly Hevler' Drag Qture J SHOP AT PONDRICK'S D SAVE f dlC1HS5 tollet goods stock awd Doqltry remedles prescrlntlons exnertly cowooxwced Nalgreen Agency Phone 65 Ne Dellver Lowest Prlces Every Ddyn EVHNS COHLCO CLARION AND N BVTHLEHH Nholesalers and Recallers Bltuminous Coal 91 J AN 'YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT COWDRICK'S Y VI , ' U 1- I of JUIIX DCXZXX x x Cleaning-Pressing-Repairing COmp1im9DtS Of GEORGE A COWAN BOYER MOTOR COFPANY Tailor of Quality Clothes Pontiac Sales and Service ii XXJHX XXIII xxxxx Compliments of Compliments of EAST END SERVICE STATION ARVY and SPORTS STORE XJCXJQC JDDCXX Phone 125 1 New Bethlehem 92 Milo W. Palaggo, Prop. G. A. Woods, Prop. "Joes eos. YOU'LL EWTOY SHOPPING AT RMS FURNITURE EUHPHNV 'KVA DHOIV 58 NLW BETHLEHEL, PA 227 NOOD TREET EUNGRHTULHTIUNS .... end sincere guad 1 hes for the Putxre from Flarion County's largest industry May your 8th16t1CEWHdSChO18SU1C8Ch1PN6m8HtS be con inued in the future, end ay eech one of you have e full measure of Success in future UDd6TT8k1HgS UVENS ' ILLINIIIS GLHSS EU HOME OF THE DURAGLAS HAWEI-SQUARE AILF BOTTLE CLARION, VENWSYLVAWIA 93 L U xffff r 5 . 1 . A ,V ZH 5 'I , . ,T A.. x.: '- My-.f, . , , Y, F Q A A Q 'I . YI' Q ' -, ..... 1 " 'N' . - 1- NJ 5 A v r f . ,. E . 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Suggestions in the New Bethlehem High School - Newbie Silhouette Yearbook (New Bethlehem, PA) collection:

New Bethlehem High School - Newbie Silhouette Yearbook (New Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


New Bethlehem High School - Newbie Silhouette Yearbook (New Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 73

1948, pg 73

New Bethlehem High School - Newbie Silhouette Yearbook (New Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 37

1948, pg 37

New Bethlehem High School - Newbie Silhouette Yearbook (New Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 35

1948, pg 35

New Bethlehem High School - Newbie Silhouette Yearbook (New Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 101

1948, pg 101

New Bethlehem High School - Newbie Silhouette Yearbook (New Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 58

1948, pg 58

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