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,rm-1,,-xi' ., 'Q A V- is Y: 1 ' X A , il 51 N i 1 ,pi A A :Y K 7 ff jx , -, , 1 t- 1 1 . Q ' 'uv ,Jus .f "' 1 Ns- V 1 1, 11' if " 4' 41 . . NEWV BERN HIGH SCHOOL A New Bern, North Carolina Presents The Bruin 1959 CAROL HUGHEY ...,. , , , Co-Editor TOMMY MIDYETTE .... ,......., C 0-Editor WANDA TINCLE ..,, ..., ' Business Manager CAROL FORSTADT ..., ...A B usiness Manager MRS. I. H. MCKINNON .,., ,.,.. E ditorial Adviser MRS. L. C. WHITLEY ..,..... .....A..,. F inancial Adviser MISS SARAH GREENE ...,,...,..... Photography Adviser 'Craven-Pamlico-Carteret Regional Library ' 4- A 7: f: f ' 1 1. 4: - 1. , V J 1 Lf,n,',M1 1 1 V -Lf,1i.::-g1:l4 --Y-.,1x1x?:-4-Q7-:TT 'rf ,.- , HY 1111w'i 1111 1. 1 J 1 11,1, ,Ui '.1i.,:,.,1'f1xJ1, FV., 1,1fvi111- 1 ff-...1-lL1'.1,L 1rf11wf1fv 1' 1 A J J J 'U11Lq"H"11'1'f- ' ' ,U11 1 g :A ,, ,, gpg-. ,nr E-f11l..'.' 111-1111 p,!1 1-121111 "W" 'F' Levy: L41 11. . ff?-7Aff-X? 1,V'!1! 9 X :1 J iii 1 1 , .,1 171. N, ,,,,. ,., - Y ,,-fg L, 111 1 1 f ,,J,k1 1 Page Two 11 " " limi- 1 I - 1 1 ow.-, , 1 V I V wdfg.-4wv+X..4Q-ff-'I .-,,1z,.-Q1-+:,' Page Three As official school treasurer MRS. BRINSON adds her signa- ture to school checks. Under the able leadership of Mrs. Brinson a Business Department was added to New Bern High School's curricu- lum in 1920. Since that time Mrs. Brinson has taught typing and bookkeeping to hundreds of students. In addition to teaching students the requisite business education skills, Mrs. Brinson has helped many of them to find gainful em- ployment after high school graduation. For the.past twelve years Mrs. Brinson has sold and supervised ticket sales for all athletic events. Regardless of what time of day or night an athletic event is scheduled, she is always present to see that the ticket sales are made in an accurate, businesslike manner. "Mrs. Brinson has been a vital part of the Athletic Departmentf says Athletic Director Will Pittman, "for without her careful supervision of ticket sales, the athletic program of the school would not be possible. I've heard it said that no person is indispensable, but the Athletic Department cannot agree with this in re- lationship to Mrs. Brinson." . To MRS. MARGARET S. BRINSON do we dedicate the 1959 BRUIN. Her teaching ability and sympathetic interpre- tation of the thoughts of youth combined with an unswerv- ing devotion to truth, honor, and fair play have had an in- estimable influence on the lives of hundreds of New Bernians and have won for her their love, admiration, and gratitude. im Ei es.. iff E 3.5 FPs. i F. ' LS.. I' MBS. BRINSON stands at the door of her classroom awaiting the arrival of parents, many of whom are her former students, on P.T.S.A. Visitation Night. Realizing that the foolish .predict the future but that the wise man plans it, the patrons of New Bern High School have translated the ideas of today and yesterday into action by giving the youth of New Bern a modern, functional, beautiful high school to help them to build a brighter, happier future. But New Bern High School is more than the five buildings that com- prise its physical plantg it is more than the steel girders, the bricks, and the mortar of which the buildings are constructed, it is more than the nearly one thousand students and the administrative staff who gather there each day: New Bern High School is a part of the dream, the hope, and the plan ofthe citizens of the community that the high school can help today's young people to grow and to develop their potentialities so that they will become a responsible, thinking citizenry who can meet the chal- lenging future with strength and courage. Thus, it is for the future that New Bern ,High School builds. .":'u f : -ff' 71 4 ui! -L""" V" 1 I, 7' 4 O Q' ' ,, Q 4 . gp 2 , ' 11 W H' ,N 1 , M ,iv A ' ff- W5 WL ' , ff I 341 1. f- K1 , ' . f 0- ' l fl "' A' F 1191.5 tw' M 'Pf u iT 'ir H nl' P ' " 5' . 5. ' 1- lc - 0 4' I I u. - 1 ' A .Z , , u wr-I 3 , 5 W F A' g' V 315- - 4,5-aiygfy ,x 'Qc . :sfilrii Q, A., N ! 4 'Y' Q K-'-A .QF M ,ga Q' zz M vp 17, wi 4 N' qw! .N ff ,, ' 'Ls -'W' J Q if if Q' ' 1 535, F' M W-Fw' , b, A' Q -1 Am -N ,, L VV . . -fzfilln il ll- ax. W ,. 3 f 'Y -, ., Q av Q 'Q f 2 'F' 5 5 x 5 E 'E -- A -. .-" : ,1 M:-A - 1 V i.. o -,.-. I -' ,. , . .- , -' 'S,k.T1l', f-- Vif".L ,'." . . - , rv Y, . .fx ...'-nw, .-.-3 H ',.,gv,- Q'-,iw Y, -vu x.-7,--1. 5, ,- , ,Y ., , Q. , 1' - f '- Z,-. rg, .. f- 'uf Q ,I ,.,. -H-u,, ,- -,1g'Tj--T '-'I " D NT 13. , ,if- ,--.geg ,e ffm.: 'x'yfafg'4ia.Lf,-,QAQTT fIw:4.1a-2.1 gn 5Nex,,fl+.p w -1s.'g..f -rr A if '- -g-: - J., .- , ,, .. .:-- -.-,4f1f,4-- ., Ju. , ' , rf 'fat g +I.,-sf lg '. 'iffSgf'L,"i,?-3-it 3-ff 4-fail.-. +:' 5.32-t--E' '-5'7"-' A' ' ' 7 'Y ' ' w- , . A 5 , --4. - . 1 , ' . - o I ,' ' 'TQ in ,- 'X -4 1 ,V -7. fa' fr nw' Q , an 3 1 " 'W ' ll 2 1 ly f . f--f 'ff -f f .- , 4, if 5 E fly ,at f if W QMS. 1 f 'li is .M I , 7 i Q' 'i Ev!! Yami 1 1.- ".-Big" f,..1' L-M.. V f '54 4 rms: .M .4 A 1 if xg L " C f Z?" V if 'lim W' Y, fb .iss .ge-' . M L -Us . . E , g.,fgf', 'Q Vx., f f if 9 aff. ga. -- .g if it v :aww M J ' ,' fb., iffy: rw 1' . . 1 . , iw f . 1 91 M-IQ ff 2 K 2 fi f 5.2 sz., f Q52 i ZAR Q . f f W f 1 f f 73 4 ' iv' I X Q f ' Student Council president Louis Zaytoun presided at all student assemblies. George Smith, Bill Cox, and Bill Guthrie brought golfing honors to N.B.H.S. Mrs. Brock opened a whole new world of wonder to us in the chemistry lab. is was N i School life is made up of Mr. Smith introduced us to stereophonic sound. We danced at the Sweetheart Dance. memories of things like these 4 l- Gail Robinson lighted the candle of Service at a National Honor Mr. MacDonald was our first assembly speaker Induction ceremony. and our favorite one. ' win 1 A A' l' 'i" ,, -e , -ff: ,,i--:-- ,al is Initiation pranks prowgided us with some lighter moments. 'iff-y We worked together on floats for the homecoming parade. The band marched in the Christmas Parade. '44 v - A-La' - r-I f P1"':1v- " ?,, 1 , f 3 In f if 5 1 is Q 4 iv' 3 x lr: ' 5? 2 27 2 QQ ,Z Z it t ., ,- 1 i V? Mr. Snorvicks, recently naturalized citizen from Yugoslavia, spoke to us during National Brother- hood Week. :rang 'ww ,. QM:-u-gr Q 5' ' an . . ,, - 1: ' ttnn V . :ff-.if ' wssmg. f entrant ills. -...ZZT.1"' auauni' ---Mu-'mai Ll... "" -..2...,,,r,l , -4-1 1 , I .-' ' -"- - -...4 A , ' "" xl' ' if 3 - .M-4. Y won. Tommy Midyette seemed to take a part of the BRUIN with him wherever he went. . and We remember we VVe ate at least "sixteen tons" of food this yearl M Peggy Andrews and Ronald Smyere were only two of two hundred-fifty biologists who dissected frogs in biology classes. Get Me to the Church on Tune was the plea of these songsters at the Pop Concert ,, Q Y f' uf- A 33 N "JA I V1 Q K 'L , y l x A I ' ' ' s X u . as I In xr. these things too. 'Vg' 'W F We got our books out of our lockers and went to class. , '-1 I, JLG, Enix I Al Ps A. 2' si f : - xi- I- X!! I K W1 4 :E-10' gi ' I 110' W ll I 5----i-vtv l .ff In L V' 'V ilk , - -A A Edward Dixon and Loel Gardner were among the many students who rowsed through books in the library. The faculty had fun-Miss Wil- liams says, "Where are my slip- pers?" We went to the Guidance Office to get help from Mrs. Smith. 'Q S The Administrative Staff of New Bem High School is composed of men and women who are dedicated to the common endeavor of helping to mould a better world of tomorrow. To mould that world, they are using their dreams, their talents, their skills, their ambitions, their knowl- edge, and their concentrated patience. to plant seeds of truth and goodness, love and knowledge, courage and understanding in the minds and hearts of today's youth. They know that the times are too criti- cal, that the urgency is too great to be satis- fied with anything less than the highest vision of the future. They understand that the continuing growth of our heritage is a lifeline linked with the success of our school. So, by executing the thoughtful re- sponsibility of guiding today's youth, New Bern High School builds for the future through its . . . , We ,. .,s l yi 4 fit ii , if .4 ws. ' T . . f .i Z H ' , Y 2: 3 it Else "-fm ffl- we , fl. 'rl E E A . V 1 wma. Q- '- .1 gt f Q ,., 2 TO THE STUDENTS OF NEVV BERN HIGH SCHOOL: , Creetin gs: i To prepare now for the years ahead is one of the most challenging responsibilities ever faced by i both educators and students. Only by plotting the future from the course of the past-With emphasis on the immediate past-can we even begin to design the educational structure necessary in the years to come. VV e must approach this task together with the courage that all dynamic growth and progress de- mands. Although much that the future holds is now uncertain, the basic strands of which our lives are Woven are certain and unchanging. Manis ideals, his aspirations, his yearnings, and his faith will remain constant and indestructible. If your education, past and future, has provided and continues to nurture this assurance, the separate and special tools provided by your future education will have a solid, basic core which will make their function meaningful and useful-and, educationally, We Will have built Well for the future. XV ith all good wishes, I am Cordially yours, Superintendent Page Fourteen Board of Education Members of the New Bern City Board of Education are able, conscientious citizens who have this office because they are vitally interested in the progress of education in New Bem. Theirs is the responsibility of formulating plans for the effective implementation of school policies. They meet on the second Tuesday of each month, and acting usually on the recom- mendations of the superintendent, approve the suggestions relating to the activities and welfare of the various schools in the system. Appointed to their positions by the New Bern City Board of Aldermen, the members of the New Bern City Board of Education work with no compensation other than the appreciation of those who benefit from their services and the satisfaction of a job well done. The members of the board are treading clockwisej Walter Iones, Mrs. S. F. Nobles, Mrs. Raymond Pollack, Burke H. Taylor, Luther Eubank, Harry I. MacDonald, Secretary of the Board, Dr. F. M. Patterson, C. W. Bynum, Iames N. Simpson. Directly behind Mrs. Pollack is W. C. Moore, Treasurer of the Board, and in the background at the right is Ralph Morris. ll Ill s .. ., ..-tv, I E j. rincip al Graduates from high school are always reminded, and rightly so, that they are leaving school to find their places in a rapidly changing world. This is true but it should not be a cause for alarm. Each year from the beginning of time life with its accompanying problems has become increas- iingly complex. XVe have no indication that life will be reduced to simpler terms. Hence, the challenge to the individual for the world of the future is one to be accepted if one is to survive. We have come 'to accept this fact and adjust to it because we know that there are many basic factors which exist through all time. There always will be an important place in life for the individual who is willing to work and who is sincere, loyal, honest, and dependable. We believe your school experience has helped to develop in you these qualities and characteristics and that you will reveal them in your daily associations as you go on from here. Our best wishes are extended to each of you for a happy and successful life. ff'- Ns.-:.SXbJLX, Page Sixteen l MRS. W. W. THOMAS Secretary to thc Principal Mrs. Thomas gives students admission slips to classes, compiles the daily atten- dance reports, attends to monthly atten- dance records and book reports, and takes care of the school correspondence. ,-5 MRS. EARLE P. SMITH Guidance Director Mrs. Smith is never too busy to help students with their many problems. Here she is shown talking with Mickey Register and his mother about Mickey's choice of a college. Mrs Whitley counts moncy m lltu out rccclpts ltceps records of the totals of moncy in tht many difftrtnt 0I'j,lI11lltlOI1ll fmcoun s ind pays bllls .vm-tw 2 "All right, girls, letis get these to all of the faculty before dismissal bell rings," says Mrs. Thomas as she hands notices of a P.T.S.A. meeting to the student assistants. Q J ,0l,l WN-,1, 4 , Q. r. ,. sg, yygrywis' 73 5 221974 N Brenda Yelverton types the daily absentee reports which she and Barbara Radford have compiled. Routine office chores-typing absentee lists, tests, announcements, and menus, answering the telephone, working in the student store, distributing the school mail, selling school supplies, greeting visitors, making necessary announcements, checking invoices-are handled by the student assistants in the office. In per- forming their varied tasks, these girls make a valuable contribution to the school. - - W Kx me 4 Libby Coers greets a visitor in the reception room. E' 1 4 I i 1 91 . Wi I pau' 1 :TJ Om gi :Kc FP U Om 52. gil CII ED' C42 5:4 30 OO- Us aw' 55 2: f-fo '-T: N: 9,8 53 rn NP. im 53 ... QS. """'C Em '02 27 4: 555' 5-C1 QD' :ASD H r: "1 :J CD Q- o F' Hs... Linda VVhite and Wanda Tingle distribute the mail. i 5 'vi .S- --- ' . 'R nh., 1 M I 5 L 1 Flora Allen helps Mary Lee Buck, a new student in the school, with her schedule. A L s l"i jane Rhodes answers the telephone while Doris Adams finishes typing a report. x MISS LOUISE ANDERSON MRS. MAGDALENE C. PACE MRS. IDA MCKINNON English I English I, English II English III MISS LUCIE HODGES English IV, journalism Teaching today? youd responsibilities am part of ou MISS IRMA HOPE HURFF Page Twenty Librarian MISS SARAH M. GREENE English ll 3 1 2 i 'Ck F l I 5 ' x MISS ELIZABETH XVILLIAMS :to assume tomorrows lileadcrship is 21 facultyis role. MRS. LILA D. SMALLNVOOD and MACK TRENT, Student Teacher United States History . .- u K 5 ! J .' k l1 'C' f - f -'ftqgxb x. X xg 2 M. , ,K .r -N F- f px u ! I . -", 'Q-9 ' 's :- Hs' MRS. RALPH P. HUNNINCS Gcograpliy, Economics, Sociology Civics, Xvllfld Ilistorll, U. History MRS. STELMA V. YVHITLEY World History, English Il Q, wi? as Z I E '15 wi? XY-"' 1 Fi 5 LX' e np 1 -1 ' 1 if J 3 A so 4 SAMARBES Civics, Driver Education . , ,AW i f""' l?"" Ma num lm MRS. GEORGE WILLIS GUY P. ROSE, IR. MISS MIRIAM KOCH Typing, Shorthand, General Business Business Law, General Business, Typing Distributioe Education ll' Ki,. Ks l A 1 K X, ,-wyn-. x N DI QQ MISS FRANCES FISCHEL Health and Physical Education 11 WILL B. PITTMAN Health and Physical Education Skills, abilities talents ant MRS. MARGARET BRINSON Bookkeeping and Typing RENIFIG A , I FIRST FINEST-ls 0699 ooo QQ 008 Q 06 006 ff" New Bern High School A I it V 1 . E 5. , un x vi , ,pi X. . fl ' MRS. TROY TUCKER Band Instructor ' 1' if . wav MRS. LAURA RHODES Latin I, Latin II nterests are developed in my an able faculty. DONALD SMITH Boys' Glee Club Girls' Glee Club Choir ff MRS. HELEN R. SMITH English III, French I and II '73 DAVID L. XVALTERS Band Instructor, Harmony, Instrumental Music IAMES SMITH General Science, Physics, Trigonometry, Algebra III S2117 ,f-""""m"x MISS HILDA GORDON Dramatics, Algebra II, Business English Z. T. KOONCE Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts MISS MARGARET GILBERT General Math, Algebra I JT? HUBERT MCGEE Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry Trigonometry, Algebra III Men and Women who knovx of youth work fo1 J. F. HOCKADAY Algebra I Y. 'I I 1 s +-+I! I +- .. sn., i 'I-ra is-+: 5 -,umm su Mluux A 5 1---A fn , - ,fi ' - Nil S P' wg,- I 4 l v 5 i Q .45 t. MRS. MARTHA T. GARDNER MRS. MARY B. SAXVYER Biology Biology 5 nd understand the problems ff' s and with us. MRS. BARBARA Y. BROCK Chemistry, Algebra II MISS MARGARET FISCHEL Home Economics -0 .,,,g..: .Lf-3 Q ,Ek g I. 5 5 - . MRS. JEAN FULCHER an J K 1 I ! I l General Science and Home Economzcs This is Mr. Wade relaxing at home after a day's work at New Bern High School. ws..-M H. M. BARNES Superintendent of the maintenance department of New Bern City Schools LUTHER EASTWOOD , Assistant to Mr. Wade i LETHA DIXON and ANNA MAY MIDYETTE Housekeevers at New Bern High School Maintenance Staff rv' Lunchroom taff I Cy 'vQ sb: .z 40 i -., l i Q t all - ll yi QQ., JQQUH, 1' Ul QI' Fi- ,,x M--'-':,':m. h il' 1 l l MRS. TUCKER Lena Cheatham, Robert Rhodes, and Viola Edwards keep the kitchen l Dietician of our Lunchroom spotless and the food piping hot. l l B u s D r 1 V e r s 1, l N I i f ' B- R A r-r'Hf1n'l DIIC Q r i Bus Drivers are Roderick Abbott, Roger Brown, Hardy Rhodes, George Butts, Dallas Holton, Edward Lyttle, Jack Brown, and ' Danny Caskins, Bobby Brinkley, Carlyle Koonce, Glen NVayne, Robert XVillis. English, French, Latin, Social Studies, Science, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Music, Mathematics, Bookkeeping, D. E., Shorthand, Typing, Commercial Law, and Physical Education-these are some of the courses offered in New Bern High School. The curriculum is designed to give each student an opportunity to develop his cul- tural, civic, and economic needs in rela- tionship to his ability to develop them. Through his study of books and his rela- tionships with people, the future citizen is being moulded into an individual of ma- turity, depth, initiative, and purpose. Wis- dom, knowledge, understanding, skills, and perception come to the leaders of tomorrow through the . . . YI' 1: ., , -, J, H' ,- A 6 I Y K A I I 2 Y 'X a X , 53 IS - W s-wmL.gQgxA Fw .f ' V' 2 i'f5w?:m:w,3iT142 , .. , ,,. '5 W f5556"?'?"41f 9' Mf,:'x1Qf1'.'T? QI-V 1 uf K' " , ' 'I 11 1 qw ' '- 41 'f-"ff 'x .f- X 7 'EQ J -425, ll.-. 911. . ', ga- i it . kuwgf IVIETVNA gk Wfzfgiaf 54,6 .hm ' '- f3ff?nf"ix', , fx sfwbif'?k,'-:,fe'A' - 1 '47 ,."' ggi U , .5 , ,gr :Mn ' '13, ' H '5 -,,4g35'2' '-53. N1'?f4fQg3P,. WAY' ' .43 ,. ' 1 , " ., fail' .' f " -if" ", I h" V' '- fn gig, y Q iz, , I'h15P"fJ vying pq v4 4 U we , f' ., A P 5 r- U- S iw. It Win 3 -f '-T 'wggf . A 'LM 7' e 'f ' 1'mv""-we-Q".-QW. f .' , ' n . , -- 'f .fm X, .M A - ,. W, ,, M. ,sa f It Q Y "' . . ,, 4' , V , vi V vb V W img !'55f'5ir ' H ll ' ' 1 4 .. ' "" , yi Q7 ,fibre y L Mathematics teachers in New Bern High School study audio-visual aids to aid their pupils in learning. A l omc of Modem are me Matl l H 1 I 2 ix ' Richard McEnally and Mark Dunn take the National Mathematics Examination. i E l ' 4. A W f . efilflizq-X Q ' , " tag 51:-, UN- 3 3 1725? ' ' 5 sflgliifx- Q L-s...,t3g The methods of inscribing an angle in a circle is explained by Io Ellen jennette to Jimmy Brinson. Pat Mason, Billy Brunjes, Valeria DeMers, Gail Robinson, Gliftor Gentry, and Judy Steinberg puzzle over training aids in Geometry. 1 V l i tif' " 'lu 'f 'mf' l -Q' 1 A lllSFi"'iLi x,x A ..-1 1 Bill Cox, Ted XVilliams, Stevie Hines, and Donnie Lamm lay off their papers in preparation to draw a prospective E view of a drive shaft. ife's demands l il ll fl Olllf l I l Ilasses l L l 4 3 1 , f, :-?'.'?2'Sf .wsilxig f Al if ai, 5 George Zaytoun explains how to work a problem with two unknowns to Jimmy i Cayton in Algebra. I Y iff i Ommy, you didn't forget again, did you?" says Mr. Smith. Charlie Lewis demonstrates how to find all sides and angles of a standard triangle to Erma Sawyer, Lloyd Brinson, and Fred O'Connor. I .... .M .Jani -. , v? .V 'z ' 4 f , Z .sei an - 2 ,'.,. We af ' 4 ' ---1'?5'1 ".., : i -an li-is if ' LX, 3 'ff' ,sp , i Mklfvip A, x - 'W- Y v fm, V ' Z classification for an unusual leaf specimen. Mrs. Gardner lends a helping hand to Helen Flythe in finding the proper Fu ture sc:1en.t1st HC Danny Kellum, Gail john- son, jim King, Robert Brock, and Donald Mid- yette had an "insect catch- ing" party to collect the needed twenty-five varie- ties for their biology proj- ects. Page Thirty-Two Tom Sawyer and Bill Brunjes stand Buzzy Holton and Terry Maultsby in a tug-of-war over a sphere. 57, " JAN. 1555 li.Xlt'l'l1 nl :Lx?w1.IgMm' Nl U5 'X I GRAY ll' Y ,...f Barbara Lewis and Marita Land atternpt to explain their study of the 'nternational Geophysical Year to Virginia Kornegay, Betty Tingle, and Rat Lupton. i 1 1 ire moulded in our il llasscs avid Wilson proves to Leroy Alligood and Ronnie Lamm that n electric generator and a drop of water can be synchronized. bu! X , 'N 5 P174 mg ll i 'V 1' jack Langley, Ben Scott, and Johnny Anderson discover that "this stuff" makes copper wire a beautiful shade of blue. Page Thirty-Three V Xt? ' 'f-' ,,,,, .,...,-,, Ahh, V4 W- Y rv 'gi' 1 Language and Dramatics provider II l l Evidently the transla- tion of Unified French is a pleasing one to Mrs. Smith. Donald Mathews and jimmy Chagaris are more interested in the photog- rapher than French I. 1 n i K WMRH f ft DRESS dll Vg fi -5. 'R' Q3 Fl if as I it TMA! you ,-L., W 5 ,egg 'A sly Mrs. Rhodes calls the attention of her Latin class to the new posters on the bulletin board 3 7 i fl H y 1 E f s il 1? 2 i 5 ! F E f E l in Page Thirty-Four E Plurilius Unum is "one out of many" phrases that these Latin students know. 4 basis for culture and understanding Everington, james Small, Betsy Deichman, and Sandy Kilby experiment with in Dramatics Class. 'eorge Ford, Glenda Ricks, Bob Brown, Patsy Jacobs, Larry Swindell, and Sandy Kilby o for a ride in their imaginary car. E it x x 2 H- f ,p 4' 1 4-...df The old woman in the shawl and the sad man are Betsy Deichman and james Small after make-up was applied. Page Thirty-Five L l Il I, l s ll Rosalie Vogel, Frank Lamb, and Rusty Oliver examine a Roman aqueduct in World History class. E 1 .,..,,,,., ...fu-n-A4 Q lg i F 2 e it it 1 si D.. Mr. Bush returns a geography paper to Judy Lawrence. 1 i W MAGNA CAFTA ff ? BILL mms- Q, it ,4- Q ll , l , guns, r SHUI si t it L e Y L X li Ejvgi. J. l l WN' gf is gzjflli- N iff - ,X . H1 fiffwv f fit: class. Mans future is dependen' F the presena Mrs. Smallwood explains the work of the United Nations to her U. S. History it if. 3 if fa K. 1 :Q 410 , if V sa.: .ri l.1,. FQVQ Kai'-:MM "sf K 00 i., mf assay? if as E y S E Ragx ff I lt s UNITED IMIIIS IH lctalm 24 as l Wliiiiiillitllmili U-Uflili l S l' Mrs. Hunnings' civics class puts the finishinglri touches on an informative bulletin board. ,, NEW C il on h1s undcrstandmg of nd the past Histo Yi S 8 Korsarch ink blots ca ture the attenti n herry Wooten, Lester Arthur, and David Tuten prepare a bulletin board in eography as Richard Hines looks on. N New B1-rn High Svluuul iiinlfr-s part of its Q-rmtrilnitiuii tu safety migh clriw-r 1-diic-zitimi. i Judy Purser takes classroom in- struction in preparation for road experience in her driver train- ing class. -""" hd . i p 'o of Frances -15 iV1ll1ams, jerry Eubanks, Danny Stallings, and .nn Bland I What happened to her feet? ' Youthful bodie Vim an r TI Cl vi WV0UdCf how IOUS theY can hold it? Tall girls have an advantage in a basketball The new trampolene afforded many hours of pleasure to the physical education classes. YQ! ,-1, . '. , ... ,MA 5, asv- l 1 'f w . 'V' fy L. 1 EW,-LE 5 z ' Ji' iw 5.93 5 '-1 1 99. 0 L , 15. FM I Q3 1 2? a MX if QN ! 'W Wflx '.3i'."0 SN Q5 .-Zh 'ix .f""' we 'C' 1 6 dn. i.g" I 3 f 4' 9 I 'C ' 2 Hr. .i Harry Bennett makes a speech to his English IV class- mates. English courses foster thi' M lr Harry MacDonald and Tommy Herritage watch joe Slater put the H finishing touches on a model of the Globe Theater that joe con- I structed for his English project. E. xl l lil 395 ,it il ,, ll il l is i K 2 ,fs ff gif I , ., i , - ,V 3- A ., W iff, - A -' fn: .In ,V .,5 M is X Q X , X, J Bob F erebee and Bill Dowdy make a hurried review of Moby Dick, ig The Scarlet Letterf Franklirfs Autobiography, and Poe's Short Stories ,i and Poems just before taking a test. Miss Anderson's English I classes made special note of American Education Week with attractive bulletin board displays. L.. ..,- W! W'WNx - , t is According to Iohn Howell, "It takes a little bit of information from a n lot of sources to write an acceptable research paper." ifiixpression of mans thoughts A P Fx F ,av"""" MacBeth. I, 'iss .fi-R f"'in- ' Sl ,U Alice Eborn, Ioy Rice, Beverly Ferebee, Barbara Morris, Betty Io ,I ' Caskins, and Brenda Pope plan the April Fool edition of the Bear Cub. Ronnie Lamm says, "Seven more to go before I have to make my speech." 1-ids , - x Q - D-ll? "All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand,', says Ann Darnell as she portrays the role of Lady .Yr,,.: if-is fix ., 1 .4 as ! QT? 7 ' l ,yi 17: A JE Typing I students found out that "hunt and peck" would not meet standard typing procedure. 5542 ,, Q-51.5, Linda Day shows Carolyn Holton, Doris Hubbard, and Connie Adams how to fold a business letter. Todays busines prepare tomorrow' i ,-if Mrs. Brinson keeps a watchful eye on the entries made by Doris Hubbard, Barbara Toler, Marie Swindell, and Elaine Cain in Bookkeeping. l l . ,. . . X - ' , ,1-.i r .'n.'l4kgi'5.: "" I lc ' 1-.I '- V .A ', 1 ' xv I Q., 3' D , K a-,V . , ' ' - , V 1 'Q 1 4,3 - 1-. 5, .- I v . , . 0 QW- ' , '14 1' , .11 1 W1 :- ,o lf'.-'M ' -Q'-w V' I-'le' A Jfjlj-Qi' ' -X1-ul. ul A 1 . Y5,.,L!- ,, .-ff, .sv , . " ' ' ' ' 4 f .' -f ' 'fr W .A"r nM1? life' -nl '., 1 ,iii .grit N st ains wJfr.:a,..-H Q ' .. ' , : f v' 5' ' Q' ' 4 . 'f A3 it . fzy,r..s.: ' 1' . ". ,W '-, , 1.1" V ,ff 'Y fhip.J -f-: ,Q-n ' ,1.'h L , 4 'f:e'ff . ' --.L :,,.. " - . I- 4' 'q . ,I 'L 'L '11 . ' L ' I ,,'i11,1-'wwf 4' 'm'm'1'1 I - ' education classes clerical personnel 6 1 1 l il, dures. John Cray, Jerry Eubanks, and Ronald Wallace put into practice some of the concepts of good business proce- ln., xii 'X -.wwf Jane Rhodes uses both hands to write Shorthand. Elizabeth Moore, Marilyn Lancaster, and Peggy Powell check references for answers in Commercial Law. ,Z Patsy Jacobs and Linda Day take a typing speed test. . lf ..,.,.W -vw - 1 L, .,-, ,. Q . A L Tomorrow's homemakerfll roles in home, ha ff Linda Collier, Margaret Allen, Phyllis West, and Peggy johnson meet for an executive planning session for an F.H.A. meeting. Linda Smith needs someone to tell her itls the material, not the book that she's supposed to sew. af' ,ggflf Mary Ann Bartling, Rita Holton, Betty Ipoclc, Miss Fischel, Jackie Hammond, and Mary Green concoct some tasty morsels in the Home Economics Foods Laboratory. lrepare for their conomics Courses 'P' 4, -- ,, 9. -a 9 ea . or fr , iQ ff? -an--A" ,l' 3',' 3 l w E f f Rita Holton, Kay XVilliamson, Linda Hardman, Mrs. Fulcher, B" i ' . ' ' . f 1. i 1 d Miss Hod fin take a few minutes out for a snack. i ku-Lil t w If Z Q.. -1 4 - ,A J N , 274. an la f ' - r It ,sr a srr n 'S r gr. fr Q A-Fas!! I L. Moore, Dana Brown, and Glenda Cole stand ready to serve at a party their class had for the student teachers. ski" -65.-,. -5.1 1- k. -, . lf' 5 Rs-'fr' A - 6 42 .. - a .. , ..- 3'-. fr-C. 5 , u Q ik ,Q S 1 -s -' 5 V'-maf"s il .. x.-TS' '- Mrs. F ulcher shows Carole Bowman how to measure her pattern before Carole cuts out her dress. Page Forty-Five Skilled craftsmen and business Workers are trained in 4 S. fi Il 'VK il if -4 2 f ii ii 5 i l l I if I in l The boys in Industrial Arts I transfer their "book learning" into practical construction. P, ll Mr. Koonce shows Jimmy Arthur the correct way to level shelves in the corner cupboard jimmy is building. l ,l.,,.,,-.A i i l I i i iq Roger Brown helps his classmates to get the right color in the finish on the end table they are making. Page Forty-Six ilasscs in industrial arts and distributive education ' Q- 0135 usa.-ni-.1 ll' v Ll J 2 O ff.. - 4. v If l mv. nn. " '- Y '0'1'ou H0 Bobby Nelson makes an artistic arrangement of flowers at his Marie Stilley serves a pleasant smile along with good food at job at Emmie's Flower Shop. Kress's soda and lunch counter. M I 'x',?":2--' 1 ' xxq x '?1 wt I . , . 'lox ' Axlsflx -, 1 i ' il N 1 . Y' D.E. classes study the best methods of merchandising in the classroom before they assume on-the-job training i positions. 'U sn UQ vs 'Ti Q -1 'S un vs cz 'E Music draws men together in meaning and power and understanding, for it has a majesty, a joy, a beauty, and a language of its own. It knows no boundaries of age, sex, race, creed, or geography, it gives men a mutual heritage and culture. Therefore, every student in New Bern High School is encouraged to develop his abilities in some area of music. Those who have talent are urged to participate in the choral and in- strumental courses, those who lack talent areurged to appreciate good music. Thus we are building for the future through our program of . . . ' . :fwfg .-. , ',.,:,:,,r' M..-'Y 1-. :f axfr- N f 'ww-.w,v AI f k, N 1: , - ll 4.4 MJ, , " - . , ' "Aw, .fp N I Ill Il Ill lr 'kat ,V Officers of the Boys' Glee Club are David Zacks, librarian, Buzzy Holton, presidentg Jackie Zaytoun, vice-president, Richard O'Connor, secretaryg Gilbert Scales, chaplaing Edward Lyttle, equipment staff chairman, Van Stephenson, staging committee chairman, Donald Davis, treasurer. Thirty-three members of the Boys' Glee Club meet daily with Donald Smith to develop their musical talent to it fullest potential. Admission to this class is based upon talent, will- ingness to work, and ability to follow directions. Many hours of training under the close supervision of Mr. Smith precede the public appearances that they make during the school year. Whenever a smaller number of male voices is needed for any special event, these eighteen boys are called uponv to sing. V7 , . ., I . . , r , i 'if . , Q ,,' ,' Z ,' , ' :aff ' , I v- v 1' ' 5 ff gi, .7 . V ' r u I 5 2 a f 5 1 I ' 'Q A 6 3 cc Club Johnny VVilliams, Cerald Hill, Bob Ferebee, Buzzy Holton, Lyttle, Charles Adams, George Blow, Roland Lewis, Larry James Wagner, and Tommy Lamar get Bunny Jackson to "Daniel Boonei' with them. During the school year the Boys' ,lee Club sang at both the Christmas nd spring concerts, at assembly pro- jrams, at the Convalescent Home, at cal civic programs, and at the hos- itals. Those who attended the Christ- as Concert will not soon forget their nging "On This Cood Christmas ornv and Joe Woodis solo part of is number. l , - . Q . .f V, V, 4 ,N ,av ., nl , ,Q ,, , 1 K 1 1, -:-." ns" J" i iw, 'HF-V A V .,-We f . - j 4 Q f 'I ' , 'ly r . ' 2 v - - -, 1 , ,, 4 --: ., I-,',,, ' 'W' vi '- A, -qw 3,4 J xg ll X, 4 xx i' .,,:,, 4K-1 1 n 1 X T7 1 l ji: iff, I ' 1, ffffi Aki .yr Bunny Jackson, accompanist for the Boys' Clee Club, is the only female allowed in this class. Page Fifty-One period. Eloise Stilley, accomplished pianist, is the accompanist for the Girls Clee Club. Eloise Stilley, Ruth Strickland, Ann- ette Hughes, Carolyn Holton, and Mr. Smith carefully check the music that they will use in their next class Girls' G16 nf-M'-J? g. .f Y M. , , . ,.. ' , . Q. .. ' -rv. . by - . 4 Q -. Q l X 1 s A X I 'A l 1 3 P 5 I f -2171, -gt'--' v'.,'x 1- A A., ' . '., 'I .' rn 1' '34, g f ', I 3 .ff "' 'A .. Y A Ov V V I l P 5, 1 H v S -, 15 ,, ' x 0 Officers of the Girls' Glee Club are Ruth Strickland, presi- dentg Sandy Kilby, social chairmang Nancy Whitley, lib- rariang Betsy Deichman, staging chainnang Kathleen Tumer, advertising chairmang Iane Osgood, treasurerg Annette Hughes, chaplaing Temple Lewis, vice-presidentg Io Ann Mumford, equipment chairman. Not pictured are Carolyn Holton, secretary and Carole Vereen, unifoml chairman. lub 64 . ,- vw, ,Y 'Q -4 ' A I . FP' Thirty-three members of the Girls' Glee Club make appearances as a touring group at publlc events where the entire membershlp of the Glee Club cannot be accommodated. no as cz: J Q I Q 4 la him Nm A Capp ll Lollie Hawkins, accompanist for the Cappella Choir, is ready to begin on the correct note whenever Mr. Smith gives the signal C AW Officers of the choir are Kay Phillips, advertising chairman, Leroy Alligood, president, Martha Holton, librarian, Doris Chance, treasurer, Emmitt Brinson, equipment chairman, Jerry Eubanks, chaplain, Gail Robinson, social chairman, Max Powell, staging chairman, Bill Guthrie and Donna Kilby, co-chairmen! of uniform committee, Terry Maultsby, vice-president. Not pictured is Kitty Whitty, secretary. x 2 4 vi X- 453 ,M Q M . - -v 4. Gail Robinson, Martha Holton, Eloise Reel, Lollie Hawkins, Linda Harrison, Ianeth Hill, Jackie Hamilton, and Carolyn Stilley practice making sweet music before appearing as the Girls' Ensemble from the A Cappella Choir. hoir Composed of fifty members, the A Cappella Choir is one of the three choral groups under the direction of Donald Smith. Twice this year, once at Christmas and once in the spring, the choir appeared with the glee clubs in joint concerts. For twelve consecutive years the choir has given New Bern High School the distinction of winning superior ratings in the district and state music festivals. Other honors have been accorded as a result of their having been featured with the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra and Crass Roots Opera Company. N-. Donald Smith, director of the Choral Department, checks his files for a Fred XVaring arrangement of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." .we ' was 'b 'I--7 XJ The Double Quartet makes barbership harmony with "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi." Members of this group are Lester Butts, Terry Maultsby, jimmy Leathers, Leroy Alligood, Robert Hardison, Max Powell, Clenn XVilliams, jimmy Soufas. . Concert Band One of the greatest assets to the name of New Bern High School is the high school band. Under the able leadership of Director Dave Walters, the band plays for football games, for school parades and for other parades sponsored by civic and business or- ganizations of the city-ten times in all during the year-for school assemblies, and for its two yearly concerts. I 5. ff l Dixon. Robert Tyson, Wanda Smith, Christine Lamm, and Henry Smith foml a clarinet quartet to make sweet, mellow-toned music. l ref' 'yu ' 1 llf Band Officers are Shirley Wheeler, freshman representative, Ronnie Lamm, senior representative, Harry MacDonald, sophomore representative, Robert Tyson, junior representative, David Wilson, vice-president, Bill Cox, president. Members of the Brass Ensemble are Larry Moore, Harry MacDonald, Ronald Collins, Bobby Overby, Butch Ricks, Joe Wright, Bill Howell, Earl West, Harry Bennett, Bill Cox, and Winston l Not only does the band present colorful and varied shows during half-time at the football games, march in parades, give assembly programs, and present concerts, but 'this accomplished group of musicians competes in district and state contests where they have received ratings of ex- cellent and superior for the past seven years. Mrs. Troy Tucker assists Mr. Walters in training this group. fit i V -av - ,v vvv .v I .v v Dance Band v ri www 4 + v vw VJ' i va' X vfvv' 1 l David Vsfalters, Director of New Bern High School T Band, is the friend of the student who wishes to i develop his musical talent. T rs: l l "Embraceable You" really rings out when the Dance Band plays Mr. Walters' arrangement of it. 6 i v i i l l Q QP 1 l E 1 l Tommy Harmon, Robert Tyson, Winston Dixon, Harry MacDonald, and Ioe XVright play "Tenth Street Rag" in the talent show in assembly. i New Bern High School's Marching Band forms an N during a football half-time show X The band, led by the majorettes, marched in the Christmas Parade Ianeth Hill appears to be serious about keeping in step to "South of the Border." Marching Band L I Q v l The majorettes, Linda Harrison, chief majorette, Ianeth Hill, Frances McSorley, and Marita Land give unusual and entertaining performances during a football halftime show. ...- ...-s v X X I Q..-. V - ' 4 1, 1 i i lohnny Gaslcill directs the Tin Can Band in a South of the l order show for the spectators at a football game. Henry Smith, drum major, poses in his full dress array. . , l The Tin Can Band put on a real hobo parade for a half time event. page Fifty-AN-me ft N V 1 N ,: 1-,U Y 7 ,, x . . 1 4 1 11 ws . W, 'EGR ' Sl-RQ-I3 ' 'L P51166 3' ' . W 3 ,,-.f, fy L- +"r'. ,-,. ..b . mer. ' , 4 . f 44 ::.. '.' 1-N -43 -.. - are ,,,.g,,,, gi3lfZo,,'1 " ., 6: 1 fi H -ws 4- f' ' 9 .A- 1-. urs: ' Lf'-F? ' 1 -W- TFPCQ,-,5 'S-' :Q-153 IJZT4' I-.' s:, , nw... '-4171?-. , , a ,...,,,. x Y cz:--.JW F .- ,,. 1-xa'.,,' '.- fiaf N 3 . .ff -2- 7:73121 . ' ,- f H.-MQ., w :pfvv .,3iLj1'1, 3.2-2 if -fgiif-' 3' ,zgsxn 3:75333 nr,"7w - ,Ma .W Eff? 2-' ,, lm. 155, a IL- 1 fc fn-ur.. J' ' ' .Pip-'V' . .. -s ra-: Q '- awww .' ,Q-:Lf A mira' . ,M . -sf:-:Eff .D 3:-ri. -.A md: J, - -Q :- 4.1-g -. ..a :l:3g?3f 4 a - ":?i'fFf:f. Q cfzif- " a t .L i , .,, ,, 1, Eifliizall' D' ' . p1i...'r'. U-e. vfgsyirf -1' 'i'i"i': ..+, . 'P 53- 4' ' 525291 Ella? ... ,Q , ,,'ff,,L 4-.., - m:.,,.- .w K .. . A-:?S'..:-vig .-.xr 1- ., . ..w ,, 'AF' 1, uf .M -,-1 .yew M., . .f -. figgt .lla 5. an . .g55'AfjQ'f " - ,, mf Stu vw A, "flu 3: v - -51,-:. brrfuia .. 2, 5+ b -- 311-V' - 1 2533 ...W , f yew- . . :Jes .1 - ,f M.- jfg:-:1,r 4,34 -. ts! -' 555-- ,, -Korn, 1-Ji F,-Lf , ,J- 15 .,,. Q RH: ,Q we - Q. , TO. , arg.-g1f,. -2.41, .nl :mf ,i A 'D' I ,Mgmt - 1134, f :fi " , I.x.'f5s 3, . . 'w.'. 'l -, ' f 'NIJ' A. l 1 , . s it. ....a....f. New Bern High School has twenty stu- dent organizations to enhance its total pro- gram of student growth and development. Sharing ideas and experiences with those with whom he has a common interest helps the individual to develop his qualities of service, leadership, character, and initia- tive. It is through his membership in the organizations of the high school that the student has the foundation laid for mem- bership in civic, political, cultural, and religious organizations that will beckon to him in adult life. The future citizen is pre- paring himself to share human experiences by his membership in New Bern High Schoolis . . be Q A-f I-lux' -u, f - -x -1 -uv- - J . a '- ' LEM: '...:f1f. " H -L g, i f " Am.. x w 'ff' , . lv ,A , .Y -- 2 ' -,g ' 1 g, -, ' A , , "..1" .f Q: I n it LOUIS ZAYTOUN Student Council BUNNY MCILWEAN Second Vice-President President ,al W A my LEROY ALLIGOOD First Vice-President KAY PHILLIPS MRS. SARA L. HUNNINGS S9C1'etUf!l Adviser LIBBY HODGES Treasurer 75..11fTt.- r t The Student Council is the top student organization on campus. Some of the duties performed by the Student Council are the sponsoring of Homecoming festivities, the handling of elections, and the sponsoring of monitors to encourage obedience of school rules. Committee chaimien Lloyd Brinson, Kitty VVhitty, Gail Robinson, Louie Zaytoun, and Clifton Gentry work on plans for the honor system to be initiated into N.B.H.S. next year. Pictured below are homeroom representatives and Student Council officers. T l AY7 K l i I Y- . I , Li ,3- 5 it ' '1 ' fi M 4 f .- .. H w. V f ,A l l E 1 i Officers of the National Honor Society are Lloyd Brinson, presidentg Iudy Gail Robinson, treasurer, and Tom Sawyer, vice-president. Members of the National Honor Society are shown after the installation services. First row: jean Powell, Joyce Stainback, Shirley Scott, Wanda Tingle, Judy Steinburg, and Gail Robinson. Second row: Ursula Reimann, awk , - s f' l I Q , M? 1 I Steinburg, secretary, 'Y u The National 3 l 1 Honor Society l 1 l v 1 The National Honor Society builds Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service in the minds of future citizens. The students of New Bern High School who hold the highest honor and deepest respon-i sibility are the members of the Nationali Honor Society. This honor is bestowedj upon those who have the highest concept, of leadership, character, and service. These qualities, together with scholarship, con- struct the keystone of the National Honor Society. Richard McEnally, Bill Cox, Charles Lewis, Tom Sawyer, Lloyd Brinson, Joe Heath, and Marshall Ball. w t r ,. its 1 I T w L H 'U fl iii! VT' l livlrs. Hunnings serves punch to the ,. 'ew members and their parents after ' he fall induction ceremony. moryst Menon socanv I " 'IQ F I fanny Stallings, Meloniese Bor- eaux, Jack Langley, Kitty W'hitty, ' etty Io Gaskins, Rose Humphery, iargie Pugh, and Olivia Hammond CYS inducted into the National Society on February 20, . x , ' Q yy. . I X Y 'ff ' gl" f Y 7. Betty Io Caskins is presented her invitation to join the National Honor Society by Shirley Scott. Robert L. Pugh, Craven County Superintendent, presents a silver medal to jean Powell on behalf of the Croatan Elementary Parent- Teachers Association. Lloyd Brinson administers the oath to the new and old members of the National Honor Society. , arf! Q I t 2? First row: Eloise Nelson, Linda VVhite, Indy Steinberg, Connie Adams, Bvtty jo Gnskins. Svvorzcl row: Carolyn Phillips, Shirley Scott, Mary Anne Bartling, Donna Kilhy, Jackie Hammond. Third row: Martha Holton, Terry Midyette, Doris Chance, Jane Rhodes, Bunny Jackson. Officers of the Sr. Girls' Hi-Y are Lollie Hawkins, chaplaing Wanda Tingle, president, Ann Bland, secretary, Kitty Whitty, vice-presidentg and Flora Allen, treasurer. i Q ing fr- . Fourth row: Hayden Jones, Elizabeth Cotton, Doris Hubbard, Saulter, Nancy Gibbs, Carole Hughey, Ursula Reimann, Flora Allen, Bland, Lollie Hawkins, and Wanda Tingle. In aiding its members to grow spirituall and mentally, the Sr. Girls' Tri-Hi-Y strive to create, maintain, and extend Christia character throughout the home, school, an community. This club makes frequent visif to the County Home and the Convalescer Home to brighten the lives of those unabl to seek happiness for themselves. The gir. also participate in the Heart Fund Drive an this year they sponsored a TWIRP dance. Senior Girls Tri-Hi-Y It X -" - rf, Gail Robinson and her committee composed of Indy Steinberg, Jackie Hammond, Mary Anne Bartling, and Donna ilby select the date for the TWIRP dance. 1 xi,-...wax A1 Nancy Gibbs, Erma Sawyer, and Betty Jo Gaskins plan the refreshments for the Hi-Y's monthly visit to the County Home. Erma Sawyer, Doris Hubbard, jane Rhodes, and Shirley Scott read the constitution of the Sr. Girls' Hi-Y. , r Junior Girls' Tri-Hi Q f er a , S , , 2 , 2. 9, g .H 'fe W my , Q W- J ROLL CALL First row: Eloise Reel. Second row: loyce Stainback, jackie Smith, Annette Lancaster. Third row: Libby Hod es, Bunny Mcllwean, Rose HumFphrey, Alice Munford, Brenda Hardy. ourth row: Linda Alligood, Suellen Polzin, Lillian Johnson, Gail Taylor, Linda Harrison, Pat Bagan. Fifth row: Carol Vereen, Page Sixty-Eight -Y VJ,-w, I V, 7, 'w...' X f ' - , , H h ROLL CALL Sandra Ridoutt, Jenny Martin, Nell Smith, Kay Williamson, Barbara Beck, Helen Smith, Donna White, lUdY Lockey. Sixth row: JOYCE Clark, PHYSY O'Neal, Barbara Radford, Kathleen Turner, lane Osgood, Ann Scott, Lottie Strickland, Ruth Strickland. '- -',,- Q N ,s ' n Q , ar if ul S A U The newly elected officers of the Ir. Girls' Tri-Hi-Y are pictured after having taken their vows prior to the installation services for the new members. They are Kathleen Turner, secretary, Libby Hodges, vice-president, Donna White, treasurer, and Eloise 3 Reel, president. :gil Magnifying their Christian ldeals the jr Girls Tri H1 Y undertakes various activities during the school year, among these activities are workmg in one of our local hospitals, helping t.he underpnvileged ch1ldren at Christmas time, and attending church together once each six weeks. ff-' Y Martha Thompson, Ta Ashford, Susan McEnally v Shirley Wheeler, Mary Stallings, Cheryl Crowe, Pris- Q , vf L"0 cilla Patterson, Temple Lewis, Suzanne Ieffery and "' Bonnie Fittennan are shown as they are received into 9 membership in the Ir. Girls' Hi-Y. . 'N L F 1 1 Page Seventy-On ' J- C -3 f "ff?, 'HL ,f"""'1 A---f , , 1 - S.. The officers of the Monogram Club are Tom Sawyer, president, David Wilson, vice- president, Bunny Mcllwean, secretary-treasurer, and Donnie Lamb, sergeant at arms. Ionogram Club F orty-five boys and girls met the require- ments for membership in the Monogram Club, the only honor organization for athletes in New Bern High School. Invitations for membership in this club are extended on a basis of the demonstration of outstanding sportsmanship in the various sports in the school. First row: joe Wright, Bunny Mcllwean, Meloniese Bordeaux, Helen Rowe. Second row: Fred O'Conner, Jack Brown, Bobby Williams, Clifton Gentry, Louise Ipock, Bill Pendleton, Danny Kellum, David Wilson, Jimmy Chagaris Ted Everington, jerry Eubanks, Jackie Zaytoun. Third row: Bill Slaughter Vance Wrenn, Billy Guthrie, Bill Cox, Danny Whorton, Joe Heath, Dale Stroud, Louie Zaytoun, Cliffie Rowe, Nelson Heath, Terry Maultsby row: Bill Brunjes, Emmitt Brinson, Ronald Collins, Larry Swmdell, , Holton, Eddie Holloway, Walter Mizzelle, Donald Matthews, Mark , Bill Stovall, George Smith, Ted Williams, Stevie Hines, Donme Lamb, Carter, Tom Sawyer, and Lloyd Brinson. 7, Debating Team The Debating Team of New Bern High School was organized to create an interest in world problems of the day. Students on the debating team learn how to speak before a group and how to discuss a subject interest- ingly and constmctively. W . 'cv fv- if nr!- 1-was-fr A s M S-, ,Y H ,a-5 In good spirits after completing another successful debating encounter, the N.B.H.S. Debating Team pose with their adviser, Mrs. Pace. They are Bobby Johnson, Pat Humphrey, Marshall Ball, Mary Lynn Kelso, Mary Green, and Richard McEnally. f ' .,,. . Mary Lynn Kelso makes her point clear in taking the affirmative side of the question at hand while her team- mates look on with enthusiasm. Page Seventy-Three 1 rl ri x 1 l X 4 ' ,:,1 1, .' . 1 me A-I . A .- 3 ,. 4 '- I 4. 1 I ."a 5 .ly , :Jn I 11, AV' l- 'n 'fl 3 , 1 N.: at .V ".x - il: ,Q .A ' l I' "Islg'- il" 1 ,', ,.Hg" 11 Q e .,' 5 , :I . fi 114 f 1.1! V 'au ' ii.. L.. M - LLL. ca. 1 Latin Club I Officers of the First Year Latin Club are jimmy Jones, reporterg Mrs. Rhodes, adviserg Beverly Perry, chaplaing Murilla Oats, treasurerg I0 Ann Chance, secretaryg Frances Harclison, presidentg and Barbara Tilly, vice-president. Members of the First Year Latin Club listen attentively as final plans are made for attending the Junior Classi- cal League convention in Chapel Hill. -11 lg,,,,, -L..L,f f saw! "' ,.-Sill... 1 , X 'W 1 X 5 Plctured ibove IS the Second Year Latln Club. Second Yemr Latm Club offxcrrs 'ire Cllffle Rowe reporter Dwvld Sqiser, treasurerg Mrs Rhodes vlce president Hirry 'vIcDon1ld president Mercer Harris chaplam and Shirley Rogers secretary 11' N. libfillll ' Ssuuunn - ,,,..--.uuxfu uG,,,,.--nun ll ,nunnulvll ,unuul -nun A an 1,-Qzzm me 'X ,-,,4, 'X f .27 ,f f ' U, Q-.3 " .. 1. Members of the Llbrary Club pose for a prcture durlng one of thelr meetlngs Grlbert Scales and Vrrgmxa Smlth look over the magazlnes that are found m the lrbrary fr 1 Ehzabeth Ivey student assxstant IS completmg a '74 fourth year of SGIVICG ln helping to keep the lrbrary 1n order Mrss Hurff l1brar1an plays a game of solltalre wrth overdue cards! Members of the L1brary Club are those students who are mterested 111 the numerous phases of the work of a 11brar1an They ard 1n catalogulng books rn keepmg hbrary records 1n preparlng bulletln boards and m send ' mg out llbrary I1Ot1C6S when books are overdue L1brary Club ,. 5 ? . x H , E W 2 M 1 E IG 1 . b X , N V I5,Q'f'!g1lvA'N-IZ' , M iw! ts . . . . N .F 1 s . ' . . 2 ' ,," 3, F ' , ' ' , I X n 4 . . E rf rs 1 1, E i ! 1.- . , i ,' 2 - ' Q R 3 7 , -' . . . . Science Club Students who have a keen interest in science foster this interest in the Science Club by ex- perimentation, by listening to reports, and by field trips. Mrs. Barbara Brock sponsors the club. Pictured here are meetings. the m Officers of the Science Club are Charlie Lewis, presidentg Bob Fercbce, secretary-treasurerg and Eddie Holloway, vice-president. embers of the Science Club in the chemistry laboratory where they hold many of their Q A 1 L il Hifgrlf e fe-J S S1 5 1 'wr' '11 l i x l 1 C iiii C iiii H P I 5 1 , --"- 113 -M "VH fyfllli. The F.H.A. officers are Pat Arant, treasurer, Jessie Hall, parliamentariang Linda Collier, program chairman and historiang Sara Bradbury, chaplain, Helen Smith, pianist, Peggy Johnson, photographer, Kay Phillips, pianist, Ann Cox, reporter, Mrs. Long, adviser, Miss Fischel, adviser, Betty Ipock, secretary, Margaret Allen, president, and Phyllis West, vice-president. Kneeling: Eleanor Nelson, Annette Edwards, Pat Pittman, Barbara Andrews, Brenda Cox. Sitting on chairs: Joan Sutton, Betty Grady, Jo Ellen Jennette, Diane Bray, Mary Green, Susan Henderson. Sitting on counter: Ann- ette Hughes, Ruth Nelson, Nancy Smith, Barbara Overman, Brenda Hardison, Joyce Riggs, Evon Daughtery, Sara Carraway, Kay Williamson, Doris McCombs, Donnie Cohn, Carol Hardison, and Emily Hardison. i Future Homemakers' of America Kneeling: Mary Kay Cobb, Barbara Lewis, Patsy Stilley, Christine Long, Barbara Collier, Mary Ann DeVita, Peggy Leary. Standing: Marilyn Munns, Linda Dail, Pat Edwards, Gail Pope, Frances Brinkley, Ernestine Hollowell, Mynil Stilley, Joyce Clancy, Emma Tumage, Emma Padgent, Pat House, Mildred Emmery, Zylphia Haney, Ronnie Clark, Betty Tingle, and Sara Hartley. ll ., II Kneeling: Delores Daly, Barbara Whorton. Sitting: Cookie Wilson, Linda Fulcher, Betty Bell, Beverly Rhodes, Joan Tyndall, Marie Sutton, Melody Rice, Janice Tripp, Alice Ricks, Patty Hanner, Connie White, Patsy Brinson, Patricia Lupton, Shirley Moore, Alvinia Cahoun, Rita Holton, Mitzie Green, Betsy Johnson, Brenda Heath, Mary Kay Hand, Betty Price, Sandra Heath, and Elaine Collis. Kllftlliflgi Carol Cornwell, Ni-lliv' Clark, EW-lyn Tippctt, Joyce June-s, Donna Joram, Ann Edwards, Judy Sanderson, and Shirlr-y Dail. Standing: Linda I.:-wis, Carol llart. Lava-me Jones, Barbara VVatr-rs, Mary Brin- son, Barbara Morris, Marilyn Moore, Cora Willis, Glenda Cole, Anna Strickland, Shirley Rowe, Ann Pugh, Eli-:innr MCKQC-l, Carolyn Kellum, Pat Kilpatrick, Gail Coun- cil, Jean Aliff, and Virginia Clark. Kneeling: Becky Scott, Judy Shuffler, Vicky VVoodard, Hilda Hubbard, Diana Laugh- inghouse, Helen Clark. Sitting on fhairv: Virginia Komegay, Barbara VVetherington, Judy Purser, Pat Carraway, Ethel Jones, Sue Daniels, Ruby XVilson, Freda Coors, Dori: Tyndall, Linda Dixon, Carolyn Piner, Linda Hardman, Molly Stallings, Anna VVether- ington, Lila Tripp, Sharon Lewis, Mary Lib Chase, and Nancy VVhitley. Page Seventy-Nine The Bruin Club The 1958-1959 BRUIN Club, which was organized and is sponsored by Mrs. Leo Whitley and Mrs. H. McKinnon, is primarily based on the BRUIN, New Bern High School's yearbook. The pur- pose is to help make our yearbooks of the future a treasure in the memory of the students. The BRUIN Club gathers around its symbol Bruno NN,--X W gif T' i 1 I N A-ml l 5 i IF nl I a"W'r-fr i iii'-5 Ste I 4 4 -- 3 I 4 Members of the Dramatics Club are shown as they prepare the set for a play. Club gfficsrs are kMurilla Oats, chaplairfyg Bcibby johgson, ' I a Ric s, treas rerg Max owe , presi entg D 1 1 b ,e?ecretaryg and Ian:-th Hill, business manager. I. 21 S u Miss Gordon directs the makeup of Pete S Everington. 2 Y . iv. ,.. mall by Ted X '4 . 5, W ! ,iv hh Distributivll Members of the D.E. Club study ways to "earn I while they leamf' l Ill D.E. officers are Doris Adams, promotion manager, Libby Goers, secretaryg Miss Miriam Koch, adviser, Janice Bryan, treasurerg James Ritter, vice-presidentg Melonie-se Bordeaux, president. ,r, I I f Top row: johnny Pugh, James Ritter, Danny Heath, Leon Toler, Meloniese Bordeaux, Marie Stilley. Bottom row: Nancy Murphy, Benny Mclntosh, Richard Hines, Jackie Gaskins, Tommy Turbeville, Betty Ring, Barbara Gaskins, Lorraine Lee. Cecil Bennett. Middle row: Elaine Cain, Doris Adams, Betty Taylor, H., I ' r SC? Sgr Z J, 1' .5 James Putter demonstrates on the Job tralnmg at Gordon's Top row Floyd Whrte Phnl Parrott Swmmy Kellum Oscar Ipock, Grady Purlfoy Paul Gaskms Dykxe Whxtfzeld Muidle row Violet Gasklns Judy Lawrence Patsy Jqcobs Margaret Tupp Patsy Bell, I -i, -iie -P--,.,,. MELONEISE BORDEAUY District President of DE Club Talva French. Bottom row: Catherine Lansche Janlce Bryan, 5L"' A Kay Brantley. N V X V, ,,., ,...r.,, .- J,-gg ,,,,.-f- ,ee x ,,, 'sa Officers of the Future Teachers of America Club are Eloise Nelson, librariang Olivia Hammond, treasurer, Mrs. Martha Gardner, adviser, Patty Bryan, vice-president, Rose Humphrey, president, and Joyce Ellen Stainback, chaplain. F. T. A. Club Rose Humphrey and Judy Messer take gf room count at P.T.S.A. S f -MX x 1 an M W First row: Eloise Reel, Annette Lancaster, Eloise Nelson, Margie Pugh, Teresa Mann, Patty Bryan, Mrs. Gardner, Hose Humphrey, Doris McCombS, Judy Mcsscr, and Mildred Gwaltney. Second row: Joyce Ellen Stainback, and Olivia Hammond. S., Marsha Paul, Pat Humphrey, Martha Lewis, Alice Ebom, Vicky McCotter, Ernestine Hill, and Barbara Morris watch as Wanda Smith takes Connie Adams, pulse count. urses' Club The officers of the Nurses' Club are Gail Taylor, vice-presidentg Beverly Ferebee, treas- urerg Rosa Lee Amistrong, presidentg and Ann 4 Bland, secretary. Q fly .if e M 4' wx 49, -wk. l IV' :A ww "' k. I' Y' A sf Q W I X ix pvv Bonnie Moore, Carolyn Dixon, Ianice Williams, Marilyn Moore, Helen Rowe, Helen Flythe, Althea Mitchell. Third row: Sondra Mitchell Mary Green. Second row: Emestine Hill, Becky Rouse, Penny Pendleton, Sue Hollowell, Suzan Orxinger, Linda Lewis. Officers: Betty In Gaslcins, preside-ntg Peggy Waters, vice-presidentg Mary Arthur, treasurerg and lean Powell, secretary. Typing Club The Typing Club holds the interest of its members by having various guest speakers who come to discuss business ideas. During their meetings they are taught how to type. and run off stencils. Members are given a chance to improve typing skill and speed. Its purpose is to build a better business student who will add to the business world of tomorrow. Members of the Typing Club practice their skill. Page Eighty-Six .,,..- -- V French Club j 1 l After a lapse of two years, the French T Club has come back into existence. This joyful, informal club sings French songs and has learned the French anthem. Their assembly program, spoken in French, was enjoyed by the entire student body. The officers of the French Club are Mrs. Helen Smith, adviser, Lindley White treasurcrg Barbara Radford, program chairmang Ursula Reimann, secretary Alice Mumford, vice-president, and Terry Miclyette, president. LXR! First row: Barbara Radford, Alice Mumford, Iudy Lockey, Peggy Holt VVillis Mason Flora Allen Doris Hubbard L C d k Chuck Ferebee, Nancy Gibbs, Ray-Blortoff, and Anna Gillikin. Second row: Langley. Third row: Ursula Reimann, Terry Blidygtlle? Lintmgg-h'Vh1ie, JOY Rice, Gary Roser, Emogene Williams, Vance Wrenn, Donald Matthews, Helen Smith. 4 Photography Club l In the Photography Club stu- dents learn the parts of a camera and many of the methods of pho- tography. Entertaining and interesting pro- grams for those interested in pho- tography as both a hobby and a profession make up the club ac- tivities. Miss Greene insists that timing is very important for good photography. Y" Front row: liwayne Sellers, Douglas Byrd, Charles Carter, Henry Smith, Hill, Myrna Smith, Doug Hatter, Charles Toler, Robert Willis, Harry and Walter Baldree. Back row: Jimmy Cayton, Marilyn Lancaster, Gerald Bowen, Van Stephenson, Sam Birmingham, and Morris Bowden. Radio Club S 1 o Composed of boys interested in the study of radio, this club strives to study amateur radio and its rules and regulations. Members put into practice their skills by making and operating ham radios. ia... Officers: Edward Lyttle, vice-presidentg Michael Blythe, secretary and treasurerg Jimmy Paul, president. H H Each month the radio club meets under the able guidance of Mr. Z. T. Koonce, sponsor. Page Eighfy-Nine Mrs. Rhodes talks with the parents and students during visitation night. The P.T.S.A. officers are Mrs. R. A. Sainback, first vice- presidentg Mrs. C. W. McEnally, president, Mrs. P. D. Chagaris, treasurerg Mrs. Merle B. Johnson, corresponding secretaryg Mrs. E. W. Gray, second vice-presidentg and Judy Steinberg, recording secretary. Parent Teacher tudcnt Association P.T.S.A. provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to become acquainted. One of the interesting programs scheduled for the P.T.S.A. was a student panel consisting of Terry Midyette, Bill Cox, Gail Robinson, Danny Stallings, Judy Steinberg, Louie Zaytoun, Lollie Hawkins, and Lloyd Brinson. 'DKZE MBERAE A A mdKI a one of 10l1llC1il, I 1ll'l of No Q I is low small to Ridge 1 is 21111111 st of As t Oi' :ILM-I College l Its. The ell! stud. 'Out 556541 ludos eve L Jia lljd IEEE: IQ 'Vi 'F Emi NEWfBERNfNfCJEEBRUARYlHB9 've X. FEH 01 ' U r-If , I flllt' O14 ' 11141 wflilu lk- III I-II: f tl'I4- who ont vnu Ill! to gillll Y: 2155 in l'l' tx 1'll'oIII tlif- 2 ljlllrlllflll. I, 11111 I-clitm lllfrllfl tlI- 1 lla-:Ir Vu 'Vx l'1' ..I ntonery at -IIIplIut.iczI J,.L:v,, I eollege tl 3 one oi' i Ages iII t time, it 1 Sfiilldillfl I U ,ollegrv l lr Id lozin 11 l'02l'iill1 V I I l nunv to I I I ' 44 I I 4' I . . . i. ' Ly i A 8 I. T AXIAAA xlg .s,Al,Al,Lf. llx illllllll.5 I XY ' lenient An- fm did UI uf? ffdfhf ' 5 In 11110111115-I U lgziven by Llovrl Iii-inson, rolloxxt II i 'ersons who In :Ulm Suiljlwts A Sfdtlll is weuki -SN W ,vm-Evil E ny :III Hxl lIitioII of the WI-I-RIEIIIQ Sumdard UI. ll Uflllii 1011 on tie-se fvgls llliiy ,C G B d T maui. VM .h Si gl A .1 V- i 1 r. an ,M x . . . l be SPt'uJ'9d ft-Am nm .,..afI.I,...Al 0 ehe S I H U1 I I WN H I rlwjj I Yffdl 1115411 I l xx, IlIeI's OI lllt' II-zIIII I ' -- I ttefl. NOII- teal lm' 'IM' I weight IIIQISR-94 'lllll f a llllllllllllllli ' -"W e of tht. I-HJ.- lm, 11111 SPIIUIIIS-5C ngr t If Edff0f-In-chfef l... ,,,.. . ., BETTY JO GASKINS to-NIIIIE, 'Im-I l"'illl ' I aIclIivI's-IIIeIIt Q 0 a' U 6 Associate Editor ........., , . . SHIRLEY DEAN SCOTT: ,-HJ ,,,H,,.Iu,L. ,-Il .,-Q.- A 1 ests scores? The W'4"' 4' BU-Fines-9 Manage' I --'A " MELONISE BORDEAUX ins Tf1llllll1' TI I'lIeI'- 'i 1. - - E BRYAN - ' Qast m.H.uge Mrs. :Albf'l't IRI Asszstant.Bus1ness Manager , . . I NELSON d Wilson, .W 3, Its. IIIaIv be Of 1119 Slim' WI S"bSC"pt'0'l Manager It AKKI S CAIL TAYLOR A ' '- 'Y - 1 ' Feature Editors ...,..... if E.vIIx .1 I -5 sident halls ed on the d0l'1llllUl'l9Si m, :I large III, a gann- everul kit-I ry room. aces spec-ial ' vdliuzitioiiz veral other the Colle-go. S a I.ibeI'aIl ,re are for-I gpaII'tIIIeIIts. J e and twol ses. Also I pre-profes-5 is imzludesl ll, pre-lawn I I I rses. Cllllllllgf ill- 3 eily because H.S. longer tha F hero today. Mrs. l3I'iIIson ing: and first-yn for at IIIIIIIIII-I' o to tho typing I' is ill I-liarge ol' Ot.lIeI' than l'8gUl1il' tea:-lI BI'iIISoII has :I lgreat effort to l who seeks holy eats lllllvll iII lI 4-an typo if the Sports Editors . . . Social Editors . Art Editors . , Club News Editor . . Exchange Editor ,s,. Freshman News Editor . . . Sophomore News Editor . . . junior News Editor ..... Senior News Editor .,.. Reporters at Large . , . Typists . . , . LILLIAN IONSON ,. .. ED MITCHELL ROBERT JOHNSON .,t.. JOY RICE LINDA COLLIER , BRENDA POPE MARSHALL BALL . MARGARET RHODES A . JEAN POWELL . . BETSY DEICHMANN , JIMMY LEWIS EMOCENE XVILLIAMS . A ., ANN BLAND . BILLY BAKER DON MATTHEXVS ALICE EBORN BEVERLY FEREBEE,'B'ARBARA' HMORRIS, PECCY MORRIS tudents! iterl ro: ' ' ine- IJHIII-u lIII1'oI'III Zfuy. l'll'l1l'll2ll'f ll l'Tilll3l1l' illllll FPIIIQ-I' livzn' 1'IIlI . tlfllll fl'U1Nlllll! nf -tlIvzII't Clllllllt' Of' mn, who does Alumni Reporter ,,.,...., ..,.,.T..,,.... . . MIRIAM DUNCAN ' leavin She hm Adviser ..........,..,.,...,.. , ,,..,.. . MISS LUCIE HODCES .m.J,,,,-S III1IjoI'iII, III, ing: 1121111-UYIIP uno IIIII-IIIIIII Joos I U 'O ' :ml F"2"'k ,'f"S'1-' for many of UN,,l. and FWS-4 ' iflllllltbll l llvttv, illlil .Xlzivk ll'1,'ll!, em NAIg'H.S,SLl1cielltS, I Alillly of tht' tezloltws lizive hacli 511-L JgJ,,I, was Im,-H in JH,.kq,,, :ai rest this ye-HI' flue to tht- 1II':IcliI-P Ville, N, If llc- is IIIiIIoI-iIIg' iII lr ll V -ui , Q ' ' . "El llwll llltl IIIll gl'Elfl1l2UP III .1l:Ix' HI EQMR, glf'Hl'llF'l'S. The JII'zII-tivo te-ac-lI1'I's' J -' E I - fi IIIUVP Ulliell UV61' SWING of l110tlIolIlIiI-S :Ito Xklllk-'l'SkllllL1. Innsiv. . I . A I III llriulgi- X lllllillilllll "Hel-ls," I lb. f'llllI'l' 1 shi' iF :II lil.-l1II'II1I Svlllilvi A W lflnglish. Q :Ind l'--J- J lI'I"IIIlljt I 'l1lll'11llL svlifml I':I lllllllf' the IIIzIiIII:IiII- ity. llwstclf' JO llkib 1: :II-rivit los l'cIllIIws1 Club. ml pianist ll . ,IN 1 A po- 1 V ' Ixffq ifl, . Q ,c-lzissvs and the students SPIIIII to and 4, 594.1-HJ IH,I,J,J-- JJ.. is 21 y,,.m-S HI -X" 5 1 ' ' ' - . . ' ' f4'iI'l4 'l'I' , .... . . A . v . 1 , I - s v E E 3 E 5 f 1 i 1 V N i"'QT ' BETTY IO GASKINS Editor-in-Chief ELOISE NELSON Page Ninety-Three Subscription Manager oi N! JEAN POWELL Exchange Editor SHIRLEY SCOTT Associate Editor yum 'Ui ,.f MELONEISE BORDEAUX Business Manager MISS LUCIE HODGES Adviser Sweetheart 71 The Sweetheart Dance and Queen Dance r Hicks and David Wilson, the 1959 Sweetheart A quartet composed of Lollie Hawkins, Terry Midyette, Jackie Hammond, and Gail Robinson sang Valentine songs. Betty Io Gaskins presents Miss Lucie Hodges with a Valen tine from the Bear Cub Staff. 1. l ,.,.. fa: "" L, i fl ' V, ,fm , f 3' 3 2 'Q fffdfi ?..i....l.1 - n H A W 'fix 'Q CAROL HUGHEY TOMMY MIDYETTE C0-Editor C0'Ed1t0" y ' r 4 B f ,,,...1-.-- CAROL FORSTADT and WANDA TINGLE MRS. STELMA WHITLEY 4 MRS. IDA MCKINNON Editorial Adviser Business Manager 4 Financial Adviser I . Brum Editorial raff l l n Ky '9f'ln-Q.. JUDY STEINBERG JACKIE HAMMOND and Social Editor MARY ANNE BARTLING Club Editors LLOYD BRINSON and JIMMY LEWIS Sports Editors 165-f an 'Yagi ', CLENDA RICKS Faculty Editor I' an ERMA SAWYER l' A Course of Study H S ' xg! gk A Editor xl.- Jgl -v as '- 'f'flffQl1 A Taz, Y A : f 14 ' ' fn ' .N ,rs-'-5 f - , , 'Sli-Wgl' if 5:3 "V .. -. 1: 4 V,-' A .3 -1 I- . ' 4' in ' fs ' J ' ' Q' -'l"l""7N' 'A 3 L... . 11 ' RA fr mix , ", Helen Smith, Nancy Whitley, Sophomore Class Editorsg Bill Kafer, Freshman Class Editorg Io Ellen . . Iennette, Junior Class Editorg and Bunny Jackson, Senior Class Editor. Page Ninety-F106 Lmda Day Libby Goers Patsy Jacobs and Erma Sawyer, typistsg Jane Margaret Rhodes, 44 elif ,ggi .3 1 5:1552 .. 43 21 Q, 5 A 4 r YE ?" , .4 4 5 s 1 Page Nmety Szx Aft Edna' ,.... Q11 - r , "Q',ZvZ!fS-' f' VN f ' ' ' ' V ,yqx..f::- ' :P " -J V- :sin Vt:-M: Simi' Q-1, ,M ,. xg! 1' 173 X M AEM sz 4 V' I , F' 'NW R ve, sy 1 t wx . if px 4 x Mfg 5 f Q A J if - .M M 5, ' ' AE!! 4,9 ,QM if-f at K 9 "" Gig' W ' A W3 4' " Vw ai ,, ,, 2 KJ 1 ef W :ff 11 W - ff ' r ' 4: 24.2 ff, 7' f wif? M K9 fk w QV ,f f " " Q10 1 K 5 i I 1 " : W -L 315, t. -. H ft.-4 A -' +,.,w,A , V Wi Carolyn Phillips and Murllla ats, copy fBruin Subscription and, Advertising Staff ROSA LEE ARMSTRONG and CAROLYN DIXON Subscription Managers VUTE FUR ,ILUIIU ff BRUIN subscription staff. BRUIN advertising staff. "Ki: ' i , is iff' New Bern High School's athletic pro- gram is based on a philosophy that shared experiences help us to grow into a more closely knit group who will work more diligently for the common good of all. If one has the needed physical prowess, the courage, the alertness, the sense of fair play, and the ability to cooperate with others, he may participate in the program of athletic activities. If a student does not wish to be an active athlete, then he is en- couraged to be an active spectator, for the student representatives and administrative staff feel that the student who participates in some measure is developing himself and adding to that elusive quality called school spirit. The student is happiest who learns to work together and to play together through our . . . 4. 'L-.. 1' ' f! ws A. uv --vm -, faq, 1- . .V gy ,x J 'vw-,1 , 4 Wwfiiiwwf , , . , Y-' 4 Sw 5 .lush 'la A f , Page Ninety-Nine . B. H. S. Coaching Staff MR. WILL PITTMAN, Director of Athletics, junior Varsity Football, and Basketball coach. E I 1 , gi JEFF HOCKADAY, varsity Basketball and Assistzmtl Football coach. i HUBERT MCCEE, Director oi Minor Sports, Assis- l tant Football coach, and Trac coach. SAMUEL ARBES, Head Football, Wrestling, and Baseball Coach. fl 3 5 2 5 L f N Q, ' f r r n so - BRUIN CO-CAPTAINS: Buzzy Holton, All-Conference Tackleg Donald Lamb, All-Conference, All-East, Shrine Bowl End. Football After losing seventeen lettermen from last year,s squad, New Bern's Coach, Sam Arbes, spent the major portion of this year in a program of rebuilding. Despite the handicap of inex- perienced players, the Bears exhibited several fine games during the season, finishing third in the North Eastern AA Conference. , Q A , 4, w 4 4 'xii 8 Scatback Cliffie Rowe finds a hole in Morehead's line and speeds his way to another T.D., as joe Heath and Terry Maultsby prepare to follow him UD. Bears fight for yardage in the Washington game. BEARS OFFENSIVE ELEVEN: Top row: Cliffie Rowe, Terry Maultsby, Ioe Heath, Dale Stroud. Bottom row: Donald Lamb, Buzzy Holton, jimmy Chagaris, Louis Zay- toun, Ronald Collins, Danny Whorton, Thomas Sawyer. NEW BERN 25 7 MOREHEAD CITY Morehead City's defending Class A State Champs invaded the New Bern High School grid- iron to suffer defeat at the hands of the Bears. Harold "Horse" French constantly penetrated the Eagle's tough line to gain over 120 yards rushing, while Cliffie Rowe zoomed around the ends to score three touchdowns. Fifteen-yard penalties nullified two of the three touchdown passes snag- ged by Don Lamb in an outstanding offensive per- formance. NEW BERN 0 6 WASHINGTON Getting off to a slow start in the conference, New Bern was unable to score as the Pam Pack edged the Bears 6-0, with the game's sole touch- down coming in the opening of the first quarter. After this, the Bears' tight defense, led by VVhorton, Zaytoun, Wilson, and Holton, refused to permit an- other scoring threat. In spite of defective scoring ability, New Bern made outstanding ground gains. NEW BERN HIGH SCHOOL DEFENSIVE UNIT: Top row: Vernon Goodwin, lack Langley, Bill Brunjes, Jackie Zaytoun, Bill Slaughter, Ronald Heath, Walter Mizelle. Bottom row: Lloyd Brinson, David Wilson, Nonnan Swindell, Richard Williams. NEW BERN 13 0 JACKSONVILLE 458 yards gained, 99 accounted for by a new fullback, Joe Heath, and 18 first downs indicated the powerful destructive force displayed by New Bern's Bears in their 13-0 victory over the Cardinals. Rowe and Gentry battered 50 yards apiece while Cox, Holton, and Wilson held the powerful Bears' line to yield less than 70 rushing yards to Iackson- ville. NEW BERN 7 0 ROANOKE RAPIDS A 10 yard pass from Cliffie Rowe to Don Lamb formed the margin of victory as the Bears sneaked by the rugged Yellow jacket team with a score of 7-0. Gentry, Heath, and Maultsby also had much to do with this score as the five men combined to gain over 370 yards rushing. Despite the deserved victory, there was a dark shadow of sadness as New Bern fans saw "Horse" French carried off the playing field with a mangled ankle, the injury causing him to be lost for the re- mainder of the season. il -Wei Stop him! Greenville players try in vain to prevent Clifton Gentry from another long run. fo" if Oofl Being mashed between David Wilson and Bill Cox is no picnicl LLOYD BRINSON JOE HEATH Halfback Fullback VERNON GOODWIN TOM SAWYER Tackle End CLIFFIE ROWE DALE STROUD Halfback Half 190011 NEW BERN 8 25 GOLDSBORO Stepping into a powerful AAA conference, the Bears mustered only one touchdown and a safety in an exciting night for power-runners with Clifton Gentry clipping off 107 yards rushing. Ioe Heath was second in total yards followed by Cliffie Rowe, who scored the only tally for the Bears. Driving the Earthquakes back over their own goal line for a two pointer, the New Bern defensive unit, led by Holton, Whorton, and Wilson, performed with their usual outstanding strength. Donald Lamb sets up a block to break halfback Cliffie Rowe loose on a long run. EDDIE HOLLOWAY BILL COX LARRY SWINDELL HUNT BAXTER Center Guard Quarterback Halfback NEW BEBN 13 30 WILSON The undefeated AAA Cyclones proved too much for a less powerful, but stubborn New Bern team. Terry Maultsby punted beautifully, averag- ing 50.5 yards per boot. Don Lamb scored the first tally and the extra point, receiving passes from Gentry and Maultsby. Sparked by this score and determined to have the final say-so, the Bears struck through the ranks of the Cyclones as Lloyd Brinson returned a kickoff of 85 yards for a touch- down with less than one-half minute left in the game. P' 1 1 DAVID WILSON TERRY MAULTSBY Lifl6b0Ck6T Qugftey-back The Bears' opponents are always bound to meet re- sistance similar to that being dealt out by Bill Cox and David Wilson. 1 1 ' 4 l 1 I .Y,,lL l 'T I JIMMY CHAGARIS RONALD COLLINS LOUIS ZAYTOUN Guard Tackle All-Conference Center Lloyd Brinson and Terry Maultsby win the toss for the New Bern Bears. NEW BERN 6 20 ELIZABETH CITY State Champions, Elizabeth City, could do no wrong in their powerful defensive battle with the Bears. Despite the score of 20-6, the statistics were more impressive! 9 first downs for New Bern, with 8 for Elizabeth City. A higher passing average coupled with 40.5 yard punting average demon- strated the amount of action displayed. Lloyd Brinson carried the only New Bern touchdown over on a two-yard plunge in the first quarter. Con- tributing sizable ground gains to the Bears' total were -Ioe Heath and Dale Stroud. fense. When Buzzy says scat, he means scatl NEW BERN 12 0 GREENVILLE A Homecoming crowd of 2,000 watched with delight as the New Bern Bears rolled over two touchdowns and just missed four others Terry Maultsby and Don Lamb managed the talhes with Gentry, Heath, and Sawyer threatening while Holton and Wilson led a smashing assault on de .31 ,gmt .- L, DANNY WHORTON HAROLD FRENCH n BILL BRUNIES Tackle F ullback Tackle NEW BERN 6 19 ROCKY MOUNT Penalties and fumbles decided an otherwise equal game when the New Bern Bears held the Blackbirds to a complete stalemate until a series of penalties set the Bears back on their own one yard line. It was then that the Blackbirds scored and came back to score again, leaving Cliffie Rowe's touchdown as the sole New Bern score. -1- , Louie's fighting spirit comes out to make it another down for the Bears. NEW BERN 7 14 KINSTON Outclassing the Red Devils in every depart- ment except the final score, the Bears dropped a JA-7 decision to Kinston in the final game of the season. New Bern,s defensive unit sparked by Vernon Goodwinns stellar performance struck havoc in the Kinston backfield, causing the Devils to make numerous fumbles and attempt four passes which fell incomplete. Bears stand on the sideline to register approval of an extra point tryg it was goodl xt 1959 Junior Varsity Football Team F zrst row readmg left to right Bill Belangia, Bill Kafer, Sam Whitehurst, Swindell. Third row: Lynwood Smith, Han'y MacDonald Mike Drechman Bill Howell Tull jenkins Jimmy Jones, Iim Caton, Don Davis, Bill Conway, Glenn Dunn, Ted Everington, manager Bill Pendleton Richard Simons Hunt Baxter Second row Doug Brock, Kirven Mills, Leon Potter, Bobby Larry Heath, Seth Parrott, James Forsythe Bill Joyner Brooke Williams Fox, Leon Scott, Tom Lamar, Norman NEW BERN O 12 WASHINGTON A fast passing Pam Pack defeated the New Bern Cubs in the first game of the season with a score of 12-O. Hard-driving Norman Swindell, Ronald Wallace, and Hunt Baxter combined their football know-how in several impressive maneuvers, but Washingtonis passing barrage cOuldn't be stopped in the second quarter when they took the lead 6-0. In the final period Washington blocked a New Bern punt and moved on to score a second touchdown. , 1 1? 'qv , ,I - , 93 f . Q' ll - .X , ' ' ' A I ,Q .: , W' 2 6, f '- A I X ' g ,V f. 1 ' ELM, mv r J ., ' 1 X , s. an . . Y 3 Y LEON POTTER TOMMY LAMAR JIMMY CATON WAYNE WILLIAMS BILL BELANGIA - . - . If- ,J .ig 3'- lf W s-1 '- .. H- I.. I r-. 1 ONALD WALLACE LARRY HEATH GLENN DUNN HARRY TVIQICDONALD DONALD DAVIS ' 1, , A BILL KAFER NEW BERN 12 I3 ROANOKE RAPIDS Roanoke Rapids feels the strength of the Baby Bears' bruising tackles. NEW BERN 6 27 GOLDSBORO , Goldsboro's razzle-dazzle passing attack downed the Baby Bears 27-6 in a make-up game. The kick-off was taken by Goldsboro to the Gub's 47 yard marker. On successive plays, Goldsboro's Vincent scored, and the extra point attempt was good. Recovery of a New Bern fumble led to a second Earthquake TD, and the extra point at- tempt was successful. Capitalizing on a second Gub fumble, Goldsboro again ran across the goal line. A phenomenal Goldsboro 60 yard pass play gave the Quakes their fourth and final TD of the game. The Cubs made their lone TD as a result of two long runs made by Ronald Wallace. NEW BERN 27 0 GREENVILLE A trip to Greenville and a score of 27-0 in favor of the Gubs heightened the morale of a much im- proved jayvee team. Hunt Baxer intercepted a pass early in the game which set up the first New Bern TD. Ronald Wallace's 31 yard run accounted for the second touchdown. Norman Swindell ran the third TD, and Baxter added the extra point. Donald Davis added another six points to the score for the Cubs with his fantastic 70 yard run. Baxter success- fully booted the extra point making the final score 27-0. Defensive stand-outs in the game were Gaton, Potter, and Heath. i 4 Failure to convert extra points defeated the Baby Bruins when they traveled to Roanoke Rapids to face their first single-wing team of the year. Hunt Baxter, Norman Swindell, Ronald Wallace, and Donald Davis combined bruising tackles and well-timed offensive plays to put New Bern in the lead with the first touchdown early in the game. Following a 42 yard kick-off return, Donald Davis made another big gain which brought the pigskin down on the Roanoke Rapids five yard line. From here, Wallace ran the second New Bern TD. Roanoke Rapids came back to score and to convert the extra point. A second TD was scored by the Yellow Iackets when they recovered a Bruin fum- ble. NEW BERN 0 6 JACKSONVILLE In spite of five Cub scoring threats, jackson- villeis Cardinals scored a 6-0 victory over the New Bern Iayvees. Beginning a speedy third period, Hunt Baxter, Norman Swindell, and Ronald VVal- lace carried the pigskin successively and picked up substantial gains. Baxter carried the second half kick-off for a 25 yard streak and Kafer made the first down of the game, but a penalty halted the Gubis drive. Larry Heath, jim Gaton, Bill Belangia, and Leon Potter were the defensive standouts. On offensive, Donald Davis racked up 69 yards, while Baxter followed close behind with 62. Baby Bruins make the Greenville Phantoms bite the dust! Tommy Lamar recovers the ball in the Elizabeth City game. NEW BERN 25 8 ELIZABETH CITY Donald Davis, 37 yard run for an early Cub TD and Ronald Wallace's successful extra point try got the New Bern-Elizabeth City game off to a speedy start. Agile, aggressive Tommy Lamar re- covered an Elizabeth City fumble and set up New Bern's second touchdown. A pass play by Bill Belangia racked up the next TD for the rampant Baby Bruins. Belangia hit pay dirt again when he ran the fourth -TD and Baxter's extra point attempt was good. Later Tommy Poole intercepted a Yellow Iacket pass, giving the Cubs the ball as the clock ran out. Bill Belangia lets the Red Devils know that he plays both offensively and def ensively! Bobby Tilghman gets his manl NEW BEBN 26 13 KINSTON In the final game of the season, New Bemis Cubs walked away with a 26-I3 win over Kinston. Kinston scored the first touchdown, but they failed to make the extra point. Ronald Wallace, backed by the exceptionally fine defense of Leon Potter, Larry Heath, and Tommy Lamar, scored the first touch- down for the Cubs. Soon after, Kinston made their second and final touchdown of the game. A pass snagged by Belangia and carried to the goal line accounted for New Bern's second score. Wallace's extra point try was good, and it tied the score. After another march down the field, Belangia romped across the goal line for athird Bruin score, Bill Kafer scored the extra point. Billy Howell's recovery of a Kinston fumble set up the oppor- tunity for the Cubs to score their fourth TD, and Wallace carried across to give the Cubs an uncon- tested victory of 26-13. This victory marked the seventh consecutive year the Baby Bruins have won over the Kinston Red Devils. ,. Il fl I n V I E i l I J i 1 l 1 w 2 Pictured here is the 1959 Basketball Team. Kneeling is Louis Zaytoun, Cliffie Rowe, Clifton Gentry, Terry Maultsby. Standing is Ted WVilliams, Don Lamb, Bill Stovall, Rodney Knowles, Mark Dunn, and YValter Mizelle. eWBrn N e High School Basketball Team C51-l-..1,ll.:A ig 3 ' , NZ-A, i ,Lf 1 TQQB 5 n '1 gears.. :ji :ffl . ., ....... lgamlz 3551 - .... au - Bgglf- 12. Q. , . ..f ..., emli -43 gears- gig i . ff ....... ancf oroI735 s 2 S ,. 51 sf. 1, ....... eau - Biggs- 3552. . ..... 1. ackso ville-45 Bears- ES5.i. ...., .... . . ....... arbor 46 Bears- 97,1 . . . ...... . 6 . . y Roano Ie Rapids-40 Hem- xi. ' . .... . . . J. Elizab th city-54 Bears 12, . .... .... '. ,. Kinstoxll-63 Bears- 22. 5 I ...., Wgshi gton-63 gears- 5 'L 4 ,'. J 1. ..........,..... . Green 15668 ears- ,. ,V A ,A , A ,W ' sto - Bears- '-.. ' 37" ' TF' i" X' P een le-72 BM' V ' ksf' VWP78 Bears 3 Liu. .QL . I. , .1.I.l. 5. ...... I 1 Hoano Rapids-63 gears b. .1,..A3,, A U. VFW .U fbgllr 54 72 ' J ,- .y ,: Y. s 3 L gl, 'Q ' ' - , Ein. lim! i Fight: gltogity-59 ears 2 . ' 'V .. . ' . as ' gton-45 'fYiSll'0RS HUMCHV . E 'f I - rx 11 Q e fy ' x'1 ' Q,-V ,, " ll' k' 1.7. . f.. r .. .,. Co-Captains Clifton Gentry and Terry Maultsby I.V. Coach WILL PITTMAN, Varsity Coach JEFF HOCKADAY, and Assistant Coach JIM MQGEE. Flanking Mark Dunn, center of the 1959 basketball team, are guards Clifton Gentry, Terry Maultsby, Louis Zaytoun, and Cliffie Rowe. 1 aa! t 'iii Rodney Knowles goes up for another two points for the Bears. Clifton Gentry steals the ball from Tarboro. Todays active athletes . X95 Mark Dunn was in the right spot to get the rebound and set up another goal for the Bears. Terry Maultsby was "hot stuffl' as he went up for this layup. Tomorrow's enthusiastic specta tors ff' Managers Terry Partin and Howard Dean obligingly pose for the photographer he- fore the game begins. 1959 forwards were Ted lVilliams, Bill Stovall, Don Lamb, Rodney Knowles, and XValter Mizelle. ,A fl Q AQ Hx Q FN , ,J 'B 5 S i E 3 , V J. V. Basketball Team SCOREBOARD Norman Swindell breaks down the center lane and raises the score another two points. Bears Pamlico Bears Beaufort Bears Pamlico Bears Vanceboro Bears Beaufort Bears Jacksonville Bears Tarboro Bears Roanoke Rapids Bears Elizabeth City Bears Kinston Bears Washington Bears Greenville Bears Kinston Bears Jacksonville Bears Greenville Bears Roanoke Rapids Bears Tarboro gears Eqashgrigltog ears iza et ity - , , Robert Brock sinks another field goal for the New Bem Cubs. THE NEW BERN I.V. BASKETBALL TEAM: Top row: Bill Kafer, Dunn, Brook Williams. Bottom row: Norman Swindell, Haywood Cillikin, Tommy LaMar, Charles Toler, Robert Brock, Douglas Brock, Glenn Butch Ricks, Donald Davis, Tommy McSorely, jack Lee. 202 312' ME 1742 :Zi N , V2 1: I M f xx. 1- .-... I ig Is! ' .........,j' New New New New New New New SCOREBOARD Bern--46 ,...... 0-Kinston Bern-18 . . , . . 29-Goldsboro Bern-50 . . . . . 0-Kinston Bern-32 , . . , , 18-Greenville Bern-46 .. . . 8-Vlfashington Bern- 6 . , B . . 44-Goldsboro Bern-29 , , . . . 19-Greenville New Bern High 1959 Wrestling Team l Co-Captains Tommy Turbeville and David VVilson ""'-I H- .v a -.I .aj ly,- 'D - ,,.!- Zif2EHi'? . , A N- .Magee 'Top row, reading from left to right: Coach Sam Arbes, Joe Nelson, Bill Conway, Jerry Oliver, Doug Haddock, Charles Rhue, Van Stephenson, manager. Second row: Ronad Collins, Joe Heath, Martin Lancaster, Bill Pendleton, Ted Everington, Ioe WVright. First row: Hunt Baxter, Iackie Zaytoun Tomm Turb Vll D 'd Wil ' , y e 1 e, avr son, Ronald NVallace, James Wfiley, Jack Brown. Organized three years ago under the able super- vision of Coach Sam Arbes, N.B.ll.S.,s wrestling team has achieved great success. This year the Bears won the Northeastern Conference championship and took an easy fourth place in the state tournament. In the seasons first meet New Bern was host to Kinston. Showing real wrestling know-how, the Bears defeated the Red Devils 46-0. In the second meet, Goldsborols non-conference team won a sound victory from the Bears when they scored 29-8. The Bears hit the road to encounter Kinston in a return meet and Turbeville pins Laughinghouse in thirty-six seconds. Page One Hundred Eighteen racked up the almost unbelievable score of 50-0. Following this exhibition, Greenville submitted meekly to the strong New Bern team who sent them to a 32-18 defeat. In their fifth meet, the Bears won over Wlashington with a score of 46-8. Following this meet, New Bern again faced non-conference Goldsboro and was obviously outclassed as Goldsboro took an easy 44-6 victory. Once more back to conference action, the Bears won the last match of the season with a 29-19 victory over Greenville. first meet of the season. Y I Brown wins a 7-1 decision over his opponent from Kinston. jackie Zaytoun decisioned his opponent in the L 1959 Conference Champions Acting as host to the Northeastern Conference Tournament, the New Bern matsmen finished the regu- lar wrestling season by participating in the tournament which was held on February 19th and 20th. The Bears were first place winners with a score of 121 points. Greenville came in second with 93 points, followed by Kinston with 47 points. Washington and Elizabeth City scored 26 points and 12 points respectively. Officials for the tournament were Coach lim McGee, Mike McGee, and Bob Crummie. David Wilson turns David Lane upside down for a decision of 5-1. Doug Haddock, Ted Everington, David VVilson, Charles Rhue, Tommy Turbeville, Coach Arbes, and Ronald Collins are pic- tured here just as they received the Northeastern Conference trophy for first place winners. Charles Rhue puts his opponent on the mat and official Mike McGee gets down where he can get a good look. I Pictured above are the first place winners in the Northeastern Conference Wrestling Meet. Reading from left to right: Dallas Owens, Greenville-5 Jerry Oliver, New Berng Lewis Arthur, Greenville, James VViley, New Bemg Pete Taylor, Greenvilleg David NVilson, Charles Rhue, Tommy Turbeville, New Berng Skipper Duke, Washington. r 'mm ew 'HM "Hey, I disagreef' protests Coach Arbes to the official during the Conference Meet. i 67 K J Official Mike McGee puts his hand on the arm Bill Pendleton exhibits the proper way to pin an opponent as he makes his of Ted Everington to indicate another victory for Greenville man admit that he has had enough. New Bem. xl Xif Bottom row, left to right: Jackie Bennett jack Lewis Duncan Winfield Robert Gillikin Charles Carraway Larry Swindell Terry Maultsby Billy Gaskins Top row, left to right: af ,f ggagh ji- yeas: FW LVL fiWTsfrM W- MM' fi eff 'Q :MM- ...ram gh' i--rf L. f-Qm Manager, Van Stevenson Chuck Ferebee Tom Sawyer Jean Earl Worthington Curtis Hilghman Roger Toler Bobby Williams julian Lewis David Flowers Assistant Manager, Harry Ritter l Maultsby bites the dirt to insure safety on third and a victory over Washingtons Pam Pack. - -Q.. 1.5, ,bf 1, 1958 New Bern L gh School 4 A E, . L v I - ua- seball Team Nj. 'W A , I I X X4 4-0 J? jx , .M-.ff gd' wana' 11" Page One Hundred Twenty One Robert Cillikin and Charles Carraway, 1958 Co-Captains of the base- I ball team, flank proud Coach Sam Arbes. NEW BERN-10 0-WASHINGTON Cillikin pitched his first no-hitter of the season as he led New Bern in the first conference win of the year. Charles Carraway led the Bears at the plate as he hit 4 for 4, driving in 5 runs. NEW BERN-5 4-ELIZABETH CITY Gillikin found his control on the side line in the second inning and completed a one-hitter against Eliza- beth City, as the New Bem Bears gained their fifth con- ference victory of the season by defeating Elizabeth Cityis Yellow Iackets 5-4. NEW BERN-0 3-KINSTON Kinston's Don Civils displayed amazing control as he held the Bears to only 2 hits in the Bears third de feat of the season f X 5 Q gd! A NEW BERN-4 2-RICHLANDS Initiating the 1958 baseball season was the 4-2 vic- tory of the Bears over Richlands. julian Lewis, all-im- portant run that broke the tie-game and Charles Carra- way's full seven innings of outstanding pitching made the opener a real thriller. NEW BE RN-0 2-GREENVILLE Despite the outstanding pitching by Robert Gillikin in the first no-hitter of his scholastic career, New Bern failed to score in the first conference game of the season. Both Cillikin and Greenvilleis hurler Bynum struck out eight batters. Errors and walks predominated the play of the New Bern Club. NEW BERN-1 2-JACKSONVILLE Using three pitchers to pin down the Bears, Jack- sonville defeated NBHS 2-1. Three times loaded bases failed to yield pay dirt as a result of outfield flies and unsuccessful steals. Bottom row: Catchers-Julian Lewis, Bob Williams. Top row: Pitchers- Charles Carraway, Robert Gillikin, Curtis Tilghman, Jackie Bennett. fxf ' .mg . NEW BERN-3 2-ROANOKE RAPIDS The Bears ended their conference season with a thrilling victory over the Roanoke Rapids Yellow -Iackets. This put the Bears in third place with a 6-4 record. Iackie Bennett made his debut for the season and hurled the first six innings. Curtis Tilghman pitched the seventh inning, in which the Yellow Iackets tied the score and sent the game into extra innings. Robert Cillikin at- temped two bases and scored the winning run. X W TEA Eff ii 4 1351 X lb K w, K Sn' Av X ,wa f' " W' -- 'Q-'il - T' , 1. 4 ! L L y y 1 l R f k 1 - A 4-X 1- --' l NEW BEBN-9 3-GREENVILLE New Bern dumped Greenville, pre- f viously unbeaten in five conference games, by a score of 9-3. The Bears -5 M' broke up the game in a wild fourth inn- Y X ing climaxed by Duncan Winfield's , , ,A-,Z ,, three-run homer that fell into Burn A . 2 -,T J ' ..' K V Street beyond the right field barrier of ' H ff F f X Kafer Park. 'L x XY , X l The Bears scored eight runs in the .. 'C 'ix I eighth inning to regain a lead they had , ,.y. gg my ' I lost when Creenville pushed across three runs in the top of the same frame. New Bern had scored one in the first. Other outstanding players were Cillikin, Carraway, and Worthington. New Bern played five Sophomores and juniors. 1 ina... ..-fm. lack Lewis, David Flowers, julian Lewis, Billy Caskins, Robert Cillikin, Charles Carraway and Duncan NVinfield, the Bears' outfielders for the 1958 Baseball team NEW BERN-5 ,4-JACKSONVILLE New Bern High Schools Bears beat the Jackson- ville Cardinals 5-4 in the tenth inning of a scheduled seven-inning baseball game. Cillikin pitched a two-hitter, struck out 23 batters, and remained in jeopardy for almost the entire game. Winfield ended the game with a curving left field slice that dropped safely behind shortstop to score lack Lewis from third. Other outstanding players in the game were Maultsby, Swindell, Worthington, the Lewis brothers, and Carraway. NEW BERN-5 3-WASHINGTON Carraway pitched the New Bern Bears to a 5-3 victory over Washington. Winfield and Cillikin brought in the first runs. Carraway followed them in on Sawyer's single and Maultsby walked. Other outstanding players were Worthington and Iulian Lewis. NEW BERN-4 1-VANCEBORO Billed as a battle of no-hitter pitches, the Vance- boro game turned in favor of Southpaw Robert Cillikin, who threaded carefully through nine innings and pitched his third no-hitter of the season to register his sixth win of the season as New Bern scored a victory of 4-1. lean Earl Worthington scored after a two base steal when Duncan Winfield's long fly ball was lost in left field. NEW BERN-3 4-KINSTON New Bern was knocked out of the Northeastern Conference race by the Kinston Red Devils on a bunt, breaking a 3-3 tie in the seventh inning. Twice Cillikin struck out batters with the bases loaded, but three errors coming at crucial moments al- lowed Kinston to score two unearned runs. New Bern scored two runs on three successive hits, two of them three-baggers in the second inning. In the third inning lean Earl VVorthington scored a run for the Bears while -lulian Lewis lured a walk and stole second, drawing a throw from the plate. Tom Sawyer's hit brings the Bears a 5-4 victory over Elizabeth City. Page One Hundred Twenty-Three Athletic Awards """7wh- Buzzy Holton was chosen by secret vote of the entire football squad to be the most valuable player of the 1958-59 season. A Secret ballot by his team elected Tom Sawyer to be the re- After the last whistle had blown and the season had ended, Rodney cipient of the football sportsmanship trophy awarded by radio Knowles was selected by the basketball team as the player who station NVHIT. This is the first year that this award has been had made the most valuable contribution to the basketball team. given, making Tom the first recipient. I fl , Q oi. 5' 1 ,0o, luv ' - v Z.: , fx T' ' 11? .1 CD v ... C1 , ,Q MEMBERS OF THE TRACK TEAM ARE: Top row: jimmy Chagaris, Fred O'Connor, Lloyd Brinson, Joe Heath, Ted Williams, Vemon Goodwin, johnny Anderson, Richard Williams, Bobby Stovall, Jimmy Leathers, Vance and Mark Dunn. Wrenn, and Jimmy Brinson. Bottom row: David Wilson, Jerry Eubanks, N , Lmmy Brinson displays his usual skill in pole-vaulting as he clears the 1 1958 Conference -an'-:ld Champion Track Team Track, a two-year-old sport in New Bern High School, has attained much prominence in the Eastern section of North Carolina. An undefeated season and a Con- ference Championship make the speedy Bears a serious threat to capture the Eas- tern Sectional trophy. With several indi- vidual champions and many potential medal winners returning, New Bern shows great promise in pre-season workouts. ,ne foot mark. Page One Hundred Twenty-Five ,J i l 1 I we .2-ww aff,-Q' "V iz. ,V ' w-qygkfms .. 'Hg M. 'fs- Z X, .. M i 7 1 f '99 l wt? W 2 waimf f he I Racing for the finish line, two veteran track men, Lloyd Brinson and 1 Ted Williams, give some idea of what it is like to clear the low-hurdles. r l Herbert Williams and Mark Dunn finish in grand style after a tiring distance run. "Whewl Iim bushedf' pants Vance Wrenn as he is supported by Jackie Hagan and Bobby Mohn. David Wilson clears a high one and prepares to land in the pole- vault pit. I 1a , AB B WB. in P' I 7, "Gosh! I made it," exclaims Vemon Goodwin in surprise as he skims the high jump bar. SCOREBOARD Bears 59-213 .....,. Greenville 53-1X3 Bears 74 . , . . . Goldsboro 21 Bears 76 . Jones Central 15 Bears 62 ....... Smithfield 53 Bears 60-1f2 , ..,... Greenville 39-1!2 CONFERENCE MEET Bears 59-1!10 . . Second highest 40-7! 10 joe Heath practices diligently as he ap- proaches the conference record for the discus throw. r ,A Another first place for New Bern was taken by the relay team, anchored by Lloyd Brinson who is supported here by his teammates, Charles Davis and Ted Williams. ' 5 ,, ly Hz. at 1 4 Ted VVilliams places fourth in the l V -' lg i state with a 21-112 foot broad jump. in, no 1 as 1 A . The high hurdles present no problem to Vemon Goodwin and Billy ii Stovall. r X 2 2-. ef' 'O I f I , it 2 . sw :L ,g .gag fe. L.. pg I wg Bill Cox, Steve Hines, George Smith, Bill Guthrie, and Danny Stallings pack up to go to the golf course. Members of New Bern High School's Gold Team are boys who play golf with a deadly ac- curacy. Undefeated during the 1958 season, the golf team downed Kinston 18-0, Elizabeth City 6-0, and jacksonville 21-05 on the other hand, the team skimmed by Washington 10-8 and 9-U2-8-1f2. In the 1958 State High School Golf Tourna- ment, New Bern placed second in a field of twenty-eight teams, with George Smith taking sec- ond place in the individual com- petition. 1 958 Confercnccf wo, 45'-4 1 ,ul f I s- ,' ' . . . I Danny Stallings and George Smith missed the water hazard and prepare A to sink a putt. Page One Hundred Twenty-Eight 1 Bill Cox and Bill Guthrie take the easy way to travel to the back nine. fN l Winners of the Northeastern Conference golf championship for the past three years, the ma- jority of our team members are tourney-tested veterans in high school golf circles and expect to give a performance that will be equal to or better than last year's record. Coach Will Pitt- man accompanies the team on all out-of-town trips. hampion Golf Team fir George Smith, winner of individual medalist honors for three years in the Northeastern Conference, displays the form of a champion. Team members watch as Bill Guthrie blows the dust off the balll Ml li':'l it lg, ga . fi 'F V tl gl, y 1 .. c ' If :ls I r, 3 . l - , a PM-3 -.., .ig ,A I Q V Coach Will Pittman awards certificates of recognition to Bill Guthrie, Steve Hines, Dang' Stallings, George Smith, Bill Cox, and Bill Biddle at Awards D A . ay Ssem y Page One Hundred Twenty-Nine 4 X W ,CL 'f M, wen 6 , 4, 1 . 4-. ,ff 5 1,7 J N I ,Z ki Q , as f 2, , f' 4 . 1 Z 4 .w X ,X ,MMM , M , NEW BERN VARSITY CHEERLEADERS are Elizabeth Cotten, Joyce Stainback, Lillian Johnson, Gail Robinson, Judy Locke-y, Terry Midyette, Head Cheerleaderg Mascots Jeff Hockaday and Debbie Craytong Kitty Whitty, Assistant Head Cheerleaderg Iudy Steinberg, Alice Mumford, Donna Kilby, Olivia Hammond, and Patsy O'Neal. Varsity Cheerleaders rode in the Homecoming Parade. WELCOHE VILLE s i K, fiihnswa., 'ff i , 1 Us Mascots Jeff Hockaday and Debbie Crayton pose for the photographer by the symbol of New Bem High School. Wt-. , , l S 41 'ir ir'44t, ll. 'N .4 1 stu:- - F5 9 f. h in ,Yi I 'am '7'Q.'1' .Z 2 L L , T' J 1 Q. as J ,.g. XYZ. .I ul 1 5 J LX, , ,I-N5-in H I 1.5 9'-5' '34 LEX. 'Y ii fi 1 U I 2 Q- ' .- ,,p : .. . :,- . A us- 4--if :Af-'ng----0 J. X." ' N - , M, . I 4-w-I-G aa' Ml- --- lg -Y-smggh , N f " A asm. -aww - wh.-uv ,I .., y L M-Lf X' N 1- -. -X W ,-4 X W, -ff' ,Q .M . , 3 H , , - ff- "Mem 'H W-'-"""""--f 'V al " ' 5' 4- 1, -', M "'f "'.o'..n- . Q ,A " v.-.. .W Q-lffg 357' 1 V r .W-4.445-655' ' -iam V . W - ,5 'ki pdrg, 4 -J ,M '5""? ffw p, fw WA, -if-frrs fn - A W... W h A ' " ' ' X 'U 'Y f - 'fff 'f . Q: 49 K , .- ,,, V -uw--1-.,,.. '41 .0,,,,,, , , , ,,, ,Q s 'A l at ,M . , f gy . 33, , Y , ' " 'S 1 -- "' v . N'-curb, Q "QQ,-5747, awug -. M ,. 3' ' o f..p?w-f X 'bmw - M ' 4'9" '4 J - - ' 2 .ww h Q." Www- f , ,W M .. ,Q 'wzfl . ' J- 1- M - S "H '- A , Girls' Drill Team ?......,.i Wm -HRS 3 3' 'A 'Q we v 1 4m Ai, b Q- K, 1 -my S x .L p . I .I Ax B, 5 I W S .. ' Q A if , ff F' 'A Q 155 V E , 0 If Q ' 'o Q ,rf . 1 . Q .ixq 3,7 X . W4 J? XSS 2 .X XX Q X V1 W i 3'-I EL , vM .S 'Q ."'X 'Q f G ff ff N! 5 X Q, ,.,pW' Q' W xi Q in - II Ng, ,fx Q 'T' ki-,.f?' ' 'i 25" A' ,-,j --J . . A ' 3 wet: 'M - , .-.-""'r t '. ze-.Yay :15"E-1 -- Q - a 'JJ.:e?'.- ' ,, 51.13-,4Qf'H g 'D - --an-has - -- w'.-':lf,:'.-..- V, - 1, ,. ,.- an 3 ,nf9SC?ff5Y':-:l 4" 'QQSQL QQ --, - .f,,:1.i Lf n. , 5 ,wie 0' ,,1,4. -4' x 12 : in if. I - 1- A .i 1--:J -Q . . - ,. ?35T:.i.' Q . Hail- 7' 153735-F: " -5 -L . .7 .'-P -'ew ...o .E-f7l',f'1 . ms? . -'Gif :JF -l5:gflif31 ' mia-. ' ..,,,,,,. , , .-fa.. , 'A ' Largs!-,.A-'V- , 55567.52 '- : f-SPQH' ,: --+--m:,- - Q-My-A f.. ,ar -9 -' 4 -reef-' f F1255-u --- , I ' gilli' "xiii ,- . , ,,.h-53' 4, , ,Vita-ff,L. ... . W Q V. ' 1-,I . i ,4,, , r -e ,... itil 1' ,..-e- .- D ff- 4, .A .w:55..L- r --SYM - W.. ' rl:-uf-3.1.9 ' ' ' 1 Y' if-B51 V., ' V i73S?13f5"'.t. Q 'F?5fgm"- '- ' Efer::"'r 'f , -F13 :",:'j- f ' T Through choices that are made in a democratic manner, New Bern High School marks a few special events with appropriate celebrations and honors a few personali- ties. By making choices of whom and of what should be set apart from the every- day phases of living, students in this school are learning that one must contribute something beyond that which is expected of the crowd if special recognition is to be merited or bestowed. The student under- stands that there is no special niche for recognition of mediocrity. Thus, valuable experiences in the art of living with one,s fellowmen come to students in New Bern High School as they mould a part of their adult life through . . ,. at , W X Q 'mn , 'X - 1'- ' - t 1 5' 5535 'f 'Z' 11 .fag -I b,,. , Qi, vigrx- ,ii 33, il "5-3'..?4?"B iz: ,-392' ., . ,Q , " ,Jlwv ' 'm fm' , V. wvssnxff' f? L, f ,. ,,A, U , M,-,'v1. r ,gingrrbb is , f .3. 2 . .ffl f , .-,. 1 ,f -'fam 1 x ,- ' ' 'i'?ff"' Tflmhk , 1 N iw!'.' Q1 , '. 1- ' , 31 Q A ,LE i .UT f',f ' fy, .cg 1. P 'LM f ,ww wi , ,WM 14? .. drag. ,1-, Q A N Q: f ga, My - 4. I ll I N fx . ,I M Q ,J ' w 2 2 v ,, ,:,v,uMQ,jg'j, L -Wkafiiif . M ' 1 ,- Q pf h, gf, , 1 . ,wif N N . + km I w 'aw-Q ,, N 4 Z 1 Agfa, , H? ,IV of . :gg ' ff' :fri , 'fl .Q f' ww' 'vrnw-4s.., ..,, ,. S45 Kirk of Brigadoon. Junior - Brigadoon, a little village in the Scottish Highlands, had an old minister of the Kirk who feared that the changing conditions of the world would take his people away from the teaching of God. One night the old man went into the forest to pray that Brigadoon and its people would disappear from the earth and reappear one day each century--and so it was. One hundred years later the vil- lagers awakened, living their cus- tomary lives as if only one day had elapsed since the miracle. On May 9, 1958, the junior Class brought Brigadoon alive when they used its legend as the theme of the annual junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. Little stone cottages If Mr. Smith directs the work of Leroy Alligood, Terry Maultsby, Sammy Kellum, and' Elizabeth Ivey as they build the bridge over the little stream near Brigadoon. Page One Hundred Thirty-Six with thatched roofs, carts with the plaids of the Weavers, and a crumb- ling stone Kirk set the scene for the figure of Crossed Swords, and Miss Vivian Morrison of Nova Scotia piped the couples on the floor to the gay tunes she played on the bagpipes. Busy are the hands of these juniors transforming boxes and newspapers into stones to be used in the construction of a Scottish village. - Senior 5 i! I XM? if is '41 ,Q 1 ix nzffri ' 14 8 , I l gif "5f7,,'P' rkg'f"'AL' '1Qb" , It L S 1 y 4, - Y ff,-,Q A I I qv .Jx . -. 'Pr 35 941, az. XJ N. ,, 'O'-..' IVA l a l 43 'N X' XY '. 1 ' A rl ' I, 4, Kkjlj lalfl 1 " r. M' I "llll- I 'Ibn-nndf' 'll-""'lI! 'll' Louis Zaytoun, junior Class President, es- corts Erma Sawyer as they lead the Grand March. rx, of 'kim Brigadooners await the Brigadoon Sweet after having enjoyed Highland Fling Dancers Bob Brown, Carolyn Phillips, and Lyle an entree of Sliced Bird of Troon. Robinson watch the gay merrymaking of the villagers. Lf Leaders of the student body formed a figure of Crossed Swords at the midpoint of the dance. Here they are pictured in the no-break dance which followed the formation of the figure. Page One Hundred Thirty-Seven F 1 3, In Y, ! 5 i 5 e ,Q ., 5 1 :gy-V fe D ,i, ikil Superintendent H. I. MacDonald spoke at the annual Awards Day Assembly on Wednesday, May 16, 1958. We joumalism Awards were presented to Olivia Burnham for her outstanding work on the Bear Cub and to Velma NVilliams for her work on the BRUIN. Wards Day Dr. Spear registered his surprise and pleasure when Io Carole McDaniel announced the "58', BRUIN was dedicated to him and presented him with his copy. mu, ?pM,,,. Athletic Director Will Pittman presented certificates of recognition to N.B.H.S.'s All-Conference Champion Basketball Team. 1 ' pi 'fissem bl H l s . l ' 4 I l 1 1 I u i I Mrs. Helen Smith informed Leroy Alligood, Judy Steinberg Lloyd Brinson, Gail Robinson, Kitty Whitty, Nancy Gibbs, and Herbert Williams that they had been chosen to represent New Bem High School at Boys' and Girls' State. ,Q-aa' 'A' r r 1 i . i a . 'l Members of the Conference Champion Track Team were awarded certifi- cates by Mr. Pittman. l V I x l 1 I 75 5: iLx2ii:'i I 1 Betty Io Gaskins' happiness is shown in her big smile as she received the American History Award for worthy achievement. cf 5 L' ,,-,,g.1, , f . L 3 E . . ? is fr 1 . ...P . ,- ,ai -Ll.-Ig.. ,1,,.4 IH A gl Skis' 2112" ii, I' l X if Acknowledgement of Mickey Register's outstanding work in Latin II was made by Dr. Spear as he presented Mickey a medal. Seniors Attend ationa www S DJDHD lv its at Twenty-seven seniors, accompanied by Mrs. Fred O,Connor, Ioe Slater, and Bill Pierce, attended the National Conference on Citizenship, September 17-20. Inaugurated thirteen years ago for the purpose of keeping alive the high type of citizenship developed during World War II, the 1958 conference highlighted the theme "Citizenship in a Changing World." Chosen on a basis of scholarship and active participation in the various phases of school life, New Bern High School was represented by Lollie Hawkins, Iackie Ham- mond, Mary Ann Bartling, Lloyd Brinson, Cail Robinson, Catherine Lansche, Marie Stil- ley, Wanda Tingle, Shirley Scott, Leroy Alligood, Bunny jackson, Nancy Gibbs, Ann Bland, .Iudy Steinberg, Rosa Lee Armstrong, Charlie Lewis, Kitty Whitty, Fred O'Con- nor, Flora Allen, john Howell, Elizabeth Cotten, George Smith, Rodney Knowles, Pat Mason, Carole Hughey, Danny Stallings, and Roderick Abbott. Page One Hundred Forty Li C: Bl er in ol gl if x Citizenship Conference 1 i Gail Robinson, official reporter, and Lloyd Brinson, alternate reporter, pause long enough to pose for a picture before depart- ing for VVashington, D. C. The official duty of the reporters was to give a resume of group discussions at the Citizenship Con- ference luncheon. E 1 is l ee 6 u a f If -- ., 'v i Ja A report of the National Conference on Citizenship was made in a special assembly program. Those who par- ticipated in this discussion were XVanda Tingle, Fred O'Connor, Cail Robinson, Kitty XVhitty fmoderatorl, Ann Bland, Lloyd Brinson, and Lollie Hawkins. Page One Hundred Forty-One tak.. 5 H s 4, f , an, My -hr ,. W-....,. ,W X 4? H f 9' 3 i 5 i F ' My V - . -V--Y,. --if 1 M? tw Al ,rw l Each senior homeroom nominates two candidates for Homecoming Queen, and the entire student body casts ballots to elect one of the candidates. Winner of the student election receives the queerfs crown during the half-time period at the Homecoming game. Top left ERMA SAWYER and BUNNY JACKSON Top right' ANN BLAND and CATHERINE LANSCHE Bottom left ROSA LEE ARMSTRONG and TERRY MIDYETTE Xklk Bottom 1-ight Mr. MacDonald crowns Queen Terry Midyette while escort Tommy Midyette looks admiringly JACKIE HAMMOND and KITTY WHITTY On- Homccorning ueen and Candidates Page One Hundred Forty-Three MISS TERRY MIDYETTE Y Homecoming Queen - 1958 Homecoming 1 One! Two! Three! Count down! "Blast Greenville to the Stars!" The Science P Club float won first place in the Home 13, 4 coming Parade with their rocket. e National Honor Society used the ancient in- ention of the guillotine to decorate their float nd entreat the Bears "Off with Their Heads!" l k?oU!!! lcLUQ Bruin Club members burned Greenville Phantoms in their F rank- lin stove. Page One Hundred Forty-F our D.E. Club members walked away with third place honors with a giant Bear calling all fans to come to the homecoming game. J I f "lA" INTHEIR l EWS WMAXIW HURSELES M17 JF Z,'V,V AF K Yun 5-1 hr, ' gf ... 54 1 xl Members of the Senior Girls' Hi-Y had a wonderful time in their "Horseless Carriagev as they rode in the parade and asked the fans to chase the Phantoms out of town. Future Teachers of America were accurate in their prediction of seeing victory in the stars through their magic telescope. INHNSU ,-..- Danny Kellum rides his noble steed to lead his captive slaves, the Greenville Phantoms, through the streets for all the Bruin fans to view. D nn-Q35 Climaxing the homecoming festivities was the victory dance which welcomed lan Alumni of N'B'H'S' ' Page One Hundred Forty-Five p 1958 Marshals Each year scholastic achievement in the junior Marshals just before they ushered the Seniors and their Class is recognized by selecting the top nine students guests into the auditorium for the Commencement in the class to act as marshals. Shown here are the 1958 Exercises on May 30, 1958. 'Q Charles Lewis, Tom Sawyer, Bill Cox, Ursula Reimann, Lloyd Brinson, Judy Steinberg, Shirley Scott, Betty Jo Gaskins. LINDA CAIL ROBINSON Chief Marshal W X1 N 'N 4 1 , ' 1 V 1 1 1 S ' B 45 W f il4'jX37'Vf,,, za 'K A 'W f 1 my f V75 lwf' a-fn., -ogg. ,,.,-f ,MMM ,ff -' "' "Wi tate D. . Job Interview Win HC D R C1t1zensh1 Wmner ' My ,fx I ' 'fy-"iw 1 SHlIiI.IiYSCfOT'I' ig 1 ost Studio s in L'l J" , 4, A -.,-v C I x . x if' X ' s ' n ,gnu-. Q 1 QM . 3. 5 Y 7' 9 q N, 'Uv Q . Z -2, ,H ,, 'L 'YLQX - A .N , X1 1- B ' v .. ., ny ., 5, U RS U I A RE l N I A N N LLUYD BRINSON . '4 d., -w.,.v. , ,gf A U Z ow-M uv f , -" .N 1535" lk I ff ' ' .yi an 95201 4 Ke. 'LIZ-i'2-.Cin fig' ,'3:4'1'f'f'gH' ' . : 2 ..Ai2fvfEf2?3f5f'7:" 212121: 7 f ' 'di . ir.. . 35'y:Yxi2f::4:f2'fZ451ffgi-:f:1:-ri? 91" u j' .,:, Y Most Talented it f 4 ii f. f riff r .v gg '? if , 5 l Vp f r 5' Q . if KIVTTY ' XVI 1 l'I"I'Y 4 DONALD LAMB l X1 -Xs, I. 5. I -.'. H? 7' VKX 'W S 'if fi r : . 1'-iv 'T X fu X 2. . 3,,,,.,.' -' - ,, .,, gfaffiy H i 1 4 ! I i a 11' V' fu -, . '14 ,J ' 'i' '11 1 -,. . 1.4 V , Lvtf- I WA '1- ,. C -4 f Wg.. ,. A Il'XN Vmx l-il.1, S XXX Ylfli "For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonders that would be-" -Tennyson Freshman, Sophomore, junior, Senior! From the moment a student enters New Bern High School until he graduates, he is adding to his experiences, making new friends, exploring the wonders of knowl- edge, planning his career, and dreaming his special dreams of the future. There is an uncertainty that cloaks the future, an uncertainty that is tantalizing as it beckons the youth to prepare for it in high school in his progress as a member of each of the . . . Q wt- N. 'Vx A, 338: -1, ff -.Q 7 64 Jai' F .WL 4961555 ci 9 sais. iwiif :Q E - ,Q -rv ? 5. mm' N. r in 5,5vvA -'E' -. 1 W, f K, - . ' , A .. , . , vw J . 1 - ' , 5 5 A ' , - . ' ' , 1 ' . , 4 Z ,l V , -: Y. 1' . - J, I . . '. N, ' -, '-, 3 lj " ' .JV ',ly,-R., f.. 'fl .1 ' vu ' '97 'fl ' -,.9.', S 'Elm-'ff': yffifs-2 "'T.1-,fir ,-,' -fu.-18 -:" ' '- M, -giflv y ', ' . 1, .--11--.,,.f ' . ' ' 5, 413' .fx 1 r . Y. v, ,YN- '1' i V..-f Q.. , 1? - , QL 4 -. 1' All f 1, ,,-ML-,g5.' L' v-A .r. .fi ve 5 S "2 .' -- .J 53' "' JU' F ""' 2'-,- -' -3'-L V- L"5":' '3 -As'.'f1P3"5 ""' - ' ff? 3, 'ri G. f 5 1 ' 4 Et,,Q.,,,,:f.!V-5:2 ,-5.-,, ., . r :. - . . , I , U . . f-,L V fl ' 4 1 v ,-Z" o.n-so... "' New Bem High School's gymnasium is the center of extracurricular activities. Modern, be au tiful buildings house the students at New Bern High School , ,, ,.----- 4, Pictured here is a portion of the campus after one of New Bern's rare snowstorms. Housed in this building are the Administration Offices and the Department of Business Education. offs N Yin, "" . v. .fr ' - - sE'4?' Freshmen 'U rf-fn-E" ' Er 3 K A X , 4 y ff f, ' Nas-' 2 -xi x X: K .QQ , .lr in , 'ii TERRY PARTIN President PAT HOUSE lst Vice-President JANE KNOXVLES 2nd Vice-President MARY LYNN KELSO Secretary ZYLPHIA HANEY . A, , Treasurer 'QL Charles Alford Jimmy Ammons Ta Ashford Donna Io Bell Susan Bell Martha Benfreld 8. '4' 5, et- 6 I M I3 x l i A ' S F2 54 .. lg' is - -nf, gig 'ww---N , L x li 'tl - 'mr B ,4 , .S .J i ,Q 4, y... 2 ' "' V , ' ,, ' Q Q, -if 'Q-Q l ff if rf if I is A x 'B Y f -M P ,rf , L, A ef ' , S' 4. 'ii l,V,:,., , ' A 7 Q' 4-, . ., V' g A wg V Q re :Q A ' Q f Joanne Chance gm Ft 3' Mary Kay Cobb B' fx' Carolyn Coker in ":f 7 51 . , Barbara Sue Collier ! I I g 4 , ' K Q Billy Conway LQ' flll- 'FT ' Sara Cfok ll . f . A4-f, ' ' Caro Cornwe gy 3 . Gail Council Sammy Birmingham Carol Bowan Paul Brame Frances Brinkley Mary Frances Brmson Merle Brmson Douglas Brock Dana Brown Bonnie Butts Douglas Byrd Alvania Cahoon Mack Caton Enthusiastic Freshmen wer Sheryl Crowe Deloris Daley D ld D ' A round dozen averaged ninety-five or above for Ona avls the first semester. Howard Dean Mike Deichmann Mary Ann DeVita Dicky Dill Charles Dixon Vernon Dixon Winston Dixon Glenn Dunn Richard Dunn Tommy Eborn Bertha Edwards Charles Edwards i Patsy Edwards Robert Evans Alfred Everington Grace Fodery Harry Faulkner Susan Ferebee Bonnie Fitterman Dan Foley Bobby Forsythe , Bill Fox Beverly French Richard French Della Fulcher Linda F ulcher Darrel Gaslcins Penny Gibson Joyce Glancey Freda Goers Ricky Green Linda Griffin bl jimmy Gurley ' Bill Gwaltney . Marion Hadder A. J. Haddock Katherine Hagan 1 Gloria Hale Mary Kay Hand Patty Haner Carol Hardison Emily Hardison fl H get 2. - 5 ' - '45 F ' La ll i 1 4 i. -:Z 5 rl X 6 R i 1, 5 -, f l S -if 'J fl F nh-S C .us W. -E to L l I.. - IL -5 L . s . W W"" '? I 4 ,,. an Q' 'U' -in . X . I ,N C- A ,. 4. a r ,K I 1 r , X L happy to be in high school. are Frances Hardison Billy Hargett Charles Harrell Billy Harris Sarah Hartley Charles Hickerson Ernestine Hollowell Orvelle Holton Sharon Hooks Pat House Hilda Hubbard Annette Hudson Billy rHunt Milton Ipock Gary Jarman Bessie Johnson Tommy Johnson Donna Jones Ethel Jones 4 1 , ' Christine Lamni and Sara Cooke display the spirit of '62 to Norman Swindell, XVinston Dixon, and Glenn Dunn. J f P l 1' 4 any 'fi r .Y gem., 1 xr 5 ' l , - 1 ,X . N -vlf M -X - mz,,,W,f. ,. ' " V T QPZ it-ff' ! I Douglas Jones Jimmy Jones Q , i f A . g, A I J' tlr, 3 5 7 5 , Pat Jones Patsy Joseph ' Harry Kahn . ' r' "' fs , f 'T e , am' - '. -'-4-fe W I f 3 Q mfg. 45 95? x X ,,, N W, . , , ' X , .. Joyce Jones N , X g.. J M af, -. 'L we 7 75 - V , 7X L 5 + Q 1 x "+- 9 ,:-If V: '17 7 ' - f. ,, . X K . 4f"- X ' " , Bill Kafer Mary Lynn Kelso Louise Kent Patricia Kilpatrick Jane Knowles Virginia Kornegay X wg an 27 ... . . J, he f,,, Q XJ if T A f' ,. , wr. 1 4, 4 'Q ' 1 .1 W I Q Q' " 0. 2 l 1 X V, ., ,S , 5, ,A H , T N 4. f. .N 'F ,4 f fy :fa V I , ""' V R f f ' J 'ff Cherye Kwasmck . L , , fe- ,, 9 I 1' rf ' Christine Lamm S 5 L 'A in Marita Land Lillian Larksford Q: - af - ff Tommy Lamar , V y, .19 " f li' T '. ,QQ ,- , . 1' f Q ., -' - , 1 1 , ,, , H ,,-, . . J , rm M , . , f"' , ry yew Z' if ,f nf 4 W W of JM ,, ,geo T , ,aff Page One Hundred Sixty-Two , f A ira V' Jack Lee Mya? f f fff 4 A ,Q f M' an 5 j E - A I Dianne Laughinghouse Head Cheerleader Terry Midyette helps some of the freshmen girls to master the art of body fr , f - f ,f ' Peggy Leary " Barbara Lewis s , J Sharon Lewis H ' I if 5 V ry I 'W Z . , ,f W1 Q 'Q'- f Q Temple Lewis f Ken Lipman Pat Lupton .V Christine Long T A We enjoyed Changing elasse Barbara Mallard Ace Martin Tony Masoli Judy Maultsby S . r e Toni McCarrick Susie McEnally Harvey McGee Tommy McSorley Mary Jo Melvin Vicky Miller John Monette Hilton Moore if J , 4 Shirley Moore . IT. Wayne Munford Tommy Murrey Eleanor Nelson Faye Nelson Joe Nelson George Norris l l l l v Murilla Oates Ronnie Oliver Patricia Osgood Emma Padgett Seth Parrott Jerry Partin Priscilla Patterson Beverly Perr Barbara Plliillips jimmy Phillips Patty Piland Bill Piner Tommy Poole Mary Poot Ray Pope Gail Pope Leon Potter Cookie Price leaders. FN coordination to help them to become cheer- . ,443 UW' -cf A K L A J '-PTP' , Ti' and meeting new teachers. os, ,N 1 -5 5 1 'Q a .4 1 I L I - 8 Betty Sue Price Dot Pugh 4 Q A ,' 4, W ' Q ' Linda Purifoy rw-X b eg, Q. p J. T. Reynolds , ' , ' 'f 'P J , V A K fm i ll P -x l Beverly Rhodes I I F, I . , Elaine Rhodes .C P 'V Melody Rice gl rx - ' r Alice Ricks Q , h Q jf-7 lv 1 R 5 1 l Butch Ricks Johnny Ricks X x Dan Roberts 4 Polly Rogers jackie Romamus 6 Priscilla Ross Q Sherry Ross Bobby Rouse ,I Evelyn Rouse Evann- Rowe Shirley Rowe ac. Becky Scott Scotty Scott John Seaton is .4 1 Janis Shapou Terry Skipper Judy Skuffler Richard Simons Henry Smith Page One Hundred Sixty-Three '0- -... s, MF 1. W A 5- Ont., 3 .xl . ff X V is sv fid- limi: 'R' N, , X Jimmy Smith Linwood Smith Barbara Snider Elwood Snider George Solton joe Sproul Mary Stallings john Steen Myrul Stilley Levy Stilley Patsy Stilley Anna Strickland S all Marie Sutton Norman Swindell M W- William Taylor Martha Thompson Barbara Tilley Betty Tingle Evelyn Tippett Charles Toler Peggy Toler Emma Tiunage Clifton Turner Dale Walker Ronald Wallace Weldon Warf AWIVA ,3 .. Q-':'l.' f rWe met many new areas of learning james Warner Charles Waters Carolyn Watson Glenn Weatherley Mickey Weeks Elaine Wetherington Harvey Whaley Warren Whealton Shirley Wheeler . Connie White 'Y' Sam NVhitehurst gf Barbara Whorton James Wiley Douglas Wilkinson Brooke Williams jimmy Williams johnny Williams Cora Leight Willis Rodney Wilson Patsy Wilson Ruby Lee Wilson Q -5 Joe Wood Vicki Woodard Q George Zaytoun K Sophomores in , My figs W 1 xv 35,51 Jggnj, .I 'ff J y rx MVR' ,,,.4,.n 3? 9' 03' if M- a -3- I 3 'H fd q.....,7, w 35' ? . 1 HUNT BAXTER A President LINDA RICE . , . lst Vice-President JOYCE CLARK , L , 2nd Vice-President MARGARET ALLEN ,,..,, , Secretary SANDRA RIDOUTT .,.., ,E., T reasurer Mrs Gardner and the class officers try to convince Hunt Baxter that a class dance would be a good thing. Bill Armstrong jimmy Arthur Martin Bailey Walter Baldree jimmy Banks Ioan Barrow Hunt Baxter Barbara Beck Bill Belangia Betty Bell David Bennett Michael Blythe Sarah Bradbury Charles Bratcher Dianne Bray Donna Brent james Brewer Bobby Brinkley Lois Brinson Morris Bowden Robert Brock jack Brown Dorothy Burkhardt Lester Butts Charles Adams Janice Alcoke George Allen Margaret Allen Linda Alligood joe Anderson Linda Anderson Peggy Andrews Patricia Arant Sara Carraway jimmy Cuyton Linda Chance Mary Chase Helen Clark Joyce Clark Ronnie Clark Virginia Clark Donnie Cohn 'Tru' Q.. at e f ,,. 4'6" Q X My Sophomores conquer achievement tests, or vice versa Glenda Cole Pamela Coleman Les Colgrave Ronald Collins Elaine Collis Rosa Conners Ann Cox Brinda Cox Peggy Crews Tommy Curtis Lindy Dail Shirley Dail Susan Daniels Brenda Daugherty Evone Daugherty Ann Edwards jackie Edwards Mildred Emory Ray Eubanks Mary Evans Ted Everington Tommy Faullmer Betsy Ferrell Helen Flythe Q 'ffaq .ag- il. 'Ir at 1 QW EPS W E2 ,fi xl. G .i.:1iQ.v .933 fi George Ford Mary Lib Fox Harvey Franks John Gaskins Linda Gaskins Susan Gaskins Lynn Ceiter Haywood Gillikin Glenda Gosnell Betty Grady Mitzie Green Mildred Gwaltney Jessie Hall Guy Hamilton Brenda Hardison Charles Hardison Susie Hardman Nancy Hare Fay Hargett Mercer Harris Carol Hart Brenda Heath Larry Heath Sandra Heath We explored the mysteries of science Frankie Hedrick Susan Henderson Tommy Herritage Barbara Hill Ernestine Hill Gerald Hill Melva Holton Rita Holton Billy Howell Adding their melodious QPJ voices to the Spring Annette Hughes Donald Humphrey Virginia Humphrey Betty Ipock Douglas Ipock June Ipock Peggy Ipock Tull Jenkins Alan Johnson Gail Johnson Laverne Jones Robert Jones Billy Joyner Carolyn Kellum Danny Kellum Tommy Kersey Sandy Kilby Jimmy King Lewis Kornegay Carlton Lamb Eddie Lee Linda Lewis Sarah Lewis Glenn Littleton DUN: e x ivy- X gg 1 A.. 'ff-, N '- if-15', 4 if M I , Q :Wg 1" 'IRS' -'25 Y" 'N 4 .. ig -J w .ri ga, l llisif Hill ' i x. viii: ,i 1 . xl'-lx nfl . ,lxixk f ' Thr' 6' 1 1-ll NN 9 1 :H . A M 'fr 45 , ",, g'g, fi cand We became dissection specialists Concert are many, many sophomore girls. Harry MacDonald Teresa Mann Bob Manning Joyce Mason Doris McCombs Vicki McCotter Eleanor McKeel Janet Meredith Judie Messer E 4R 4' -51 LL., lf fi 7 wil X will ' .l, L t 1' A sag, HZQ., fl' ' 's, ik- . l, ya-7,fy . A . . "M 42' 'vw Q 55,3 l Donald Midyette Kirven Mills Hardy Moore Terry Moore Jean Moser jo Ann Mumford Marilyn Munns ' Ruth Nelson Rudy Northington jerry Oliver Rusty Oliver Barbara Opphile jane Osgood Bobby Overby Barbara Overman Linda Page jimmy Paul Bill Pendleton Clinton Phillips jimmy Phillips Kay Phillips Richard Phillips Carolyn Piner Lib Piner Q Ag, ,A le T: U' Ka. 1' ff 1 up , , jg' ,E ff Xl C-s , ,R 1 . -' - :f f s 1?-r EH!! ti Ai., ee to Sophomore congratulates a big football hero after a victorious night on the gridiron. I 4 7 l i QU W Pi is mfg rli if IL , 4 Y '- .,,, ,f 5,51 'go -.v, ,:. .- f, r Wi -, 1-wr - Brutus did not slay Caesar Elizabeth Pipkin Patricia Pittman Linwood Potter Ann Pugh David Purifoy Judy Purser Mary Quick Cynthia Radford Jean Ray 733: Virginia Smith Wanda Smith Richard Smyer Ronald Smyer Jimmy Soufas Frank Sproul Mollie Stallings Van Stephenson Eloise Stilley lvssic llc-id l,lllClll Ricc- Szuntlral Iiirlr-mutt joyce Riggs Hurry Hitt:-r Edward liolildins janet Roberson Lyle Robinson Shirley Rodgers Helen Rornanus Cliffie Rowe Newton Sammons Judy Sanderson David Sasser Gilbert Scales Belva Skarren Ann Scott Ira Scott joe Slater Bill Slaughter Danny Smith Helen Smith Linda Smith Nancy Smith Sophomores Margaret Allen and Linda Rice lead BRUIN '-7 Lindsey Stokes Jean Sutton David Taylor Sonny Taylor Windy Taylor jackie Thomas John Thompson Lila Tripp Janice Tripp Kathleen Turner Treacy Tumer Doris Tyndall Carol Vereen Rosalie Vogel Tommy Wall We joined clubsg We made new friends Barbara Waters Lynwood Waters Phyllis West Barbara Wetherington Anna Wetherington Donna White Nancy Whitley Danny Whorton Elwood Williams Roland Williams Shirley Williams Wayne Williams Kay Williamson Robert Willis Mary NVilson Peggy Wood Donna Woody joe Wright Douglas Young jackie Zaytoun Q r -fa,-Q , , 4 ' " fr . ' 'E' as ?4'fAiS54if3Qf2wfi ' ,M 1135 Mia-:g:,ivfff,, "4 QWEQA . fa ai 52412, ' x:.'5,Qfx'w4 M' N93 i,,:::. J , 5 Q73 as 1 iw? -4' ,, an 'D .X ,- aw -Q15 ' 14 ',,,,3,. 'bis 'J ,1.z.3.,,, -, 1 v.c,f.r ,rx f ,w fs! sz 1 .gg Af , .3 y JUDY ADAMS CAROL JEAN ALIFF DAVID ANDERSON JOHNNY ANDERSON BILLY BAKER MARSHAL BALL CHARLES BENFIELD JACKIE BENNETT GEORGE BLOW ADDIE MARIE BOOTLE EMMITT BRINSON JIMMY BRINSON BOBBY BROWN PATTIE BRYAN JOYCE BUCHANAN BILLY CANNON CHARLES CARTER BRENDA CATON JIMMY CHACARIS NELLIE CLARK LINDA COLLIER BETTY COLLINS CAIL DAXV CAROLYN DIXON EDWARD DIXON BILLY DOWDY MARK DUNN WALTER DUNN BARBARA EDVVARDS Jo ANN EBNUL BOBBY FEREBEE CAROLE FORSTADT TALYA FRENCH JOEL GARDNER JOHNNY CASKILL BILLY GASKINS DANNY GASKINS INEZ CILLEN ANNA GILLIKIN JIM COOCH VERNON GOODWIN MARY GREEN BETTY GRIFFIN BARRY HAMILTON OLIVIA HAMMOND HARVEY HARDISON ROBERT HARDISON BRENDA HARDY GWENN HARGETT LINDA HARRISON NOLAN HAYE IOE HEATH RONALD HEATH JANETH HILL BETTY HINES You,re not seeing double,.it,s only the Strickland twins. I ELIZABETH HODGES BILL HOFF 5 RONNIE HOFFMAN 3 A ' 4 ' , -, X 5 .., A . f K . . Wa-m" A ' , 'Q ' s 'V' -5- ,- f f 4" 1 w I ns' 21,4 "5ffw fY' 1. A if A . , - f b f. .W 1 , , rv., ', , ,Y , , .U r ' 'ef' f f 1,141 N we H '- . f , I A. 1 I ! 4 .. 5, 4 Y- -1.3, ,gy .4 M , 1 I . . -1 1 .- , ey-.. I J, v - , .M . ' :0:w.fz4r-2f1:,.1'.L'- 1 , f iifm '1 -Af' 1 , .,f- A f , ,H f , 55-2.55 -Q., Magi .. 4 " R iw- r A . ff ' 1 ' E ? Q A+ f - - ls' ' , . TN V' V In E V K . , , 5 ' 9 - , Qvf 'ivan "Vin-fs ORIS HOLLOWAY PAT HUMPHREY 'QQ rm -1' 'W :ii Kr f' . ST 5 "TY 'QI Q54 "x SIOUX HOLLOXVELL PEGGY HOLT XO X Ll 3 gum' 42 .-O. , 115-g 7, tl Q55 ig is ..L' L 3 'I ,KI M 1, E i, 1? QVS3 It -'SN ROSE HUMPHREY LOIS IPOCK LOUISE IPOCK ELSIE JARMAN MYREE JARVIS Rv. f""" GUNS, J I David Zacks leads part Of the Junior Army against the Green JO ELLEN JENNETTE .V 1 FJ h8.w'3"v S. - fi W aw "W 'Q GL 5 .,.-:.... iii 824 .J fi'g93f,aiYi2q A wg, .r df fiv- LILLIAN JOHNSON MICHAEL JOHNSON MIKE JOHNSON PEGGY JOHNSON ANNETTE LANCASTER FRANCES LANCASTER MARTIN LANCASTER JACK LANGLEY JIMMY LEATHERS GORMAN LEXVIS JIMMY LENVIS MARTHA LEVVIS Page One Hundr ville Phantoms. ed Seventy-Seven JUDY LOCKEY EDWARD LYTTLE I 'W I' RICHARD MCENALLY N. BUNNY MCILWEAN TOM MCKNICHT I FRANCES MCSORLEY RICKY MARKEY CINNY MARTIN WILLIS MASON DONALD MATTHEWS lg f A EDWARD MITCHELL I WALTER MIZELLE BONNY MOORE ,K OAROLE MOORE if f LARRY MOORE MARILYN MOORE BARBARA MORRIS Jackie Smith and Linda Collier turn Over money from the sale Of magazines to Eloise Reel. Page One Hundred Seventy-Eight gf Avi 1 D455 A v I f iff I A af . fl Q , ALICE MUNFORD DALTON MURPHY RICHARD O CONNER DONNA OLDS MOLLY Ul,N1S'l'ljAD PATSY CYNICAI, SUSAN ORRINCLIQR MARSHA PAUL SUELLEN POLZIN BRENDA POPIC MARY POWERS MARCIE PUCII CHUNN PURSER BARBARA RADI' ORD PHILLIP RAXVLS ELOISE REEL Mrs Hunmnga R1chard Regxster and Nell Smith total up the days recelpts from the magazme sales. This money is P n I-Iunrlrnrl cn:-nn+o1,Mfnn ESTER ROLISON GARY ROSER DONNA SAFFORD HELEN ROWE MARY ANN SAMIA WALTER SANDLIN BEN SCOTT LINDA SIMPSON TOBY SIMMONS BRENDA SMITH JACKIE SMITH NELL SMITH 5, Q , --A 'vb 'ix 'inn fx. Q Sl, 'iff' .jf 4 5 BILLY STOVALL JOYCE ELLEN STAINBACK A I Sf v, ' f K . Q Q17 H, i LOTTIE STRICKLAND RUTH STRICKLAND LARRY SVVINDELL Chunn Purser, Mike johnson, and Robert Tyson are N B.H.S.'s only Eagle Scouts. ,IVN A 4. l 6. QA f ' 2 q "' ' ,sem ,, 5? v ' E 4 54, - '- -3-fw.. may.. -41211355 1. E ' wif if MARIE SWINDELL A 'fffj' GAIL TAYLOR 1 ., .1 A 315 ss gm 1 3. gf-S 2 if. . , .1 ,W ' RANDY THOMAS Ns..,,..f,' iff? - gag, . ,M a I 55'- W9 . 'YI' 'T 'Q fF"' I '1 .'v'. If I I , 'Qi I' ' I si ' , I . Imx BARBARA TOLER K BETTY JEAN IQ A' ' S 'K TEIPP " TOMMY 'I'IIIIIsEIIvII,LE HOEEIIT TYSON ALLEN WALL .L "I-R I 5- I GLENN WAYNE FLOYD VVHITE LINDLEY VVHITE DYKIE WHITFIELD JEAN NVILLET wg, H ,"i'5I2e,:: A f YI I 'A 555-Sw LINDA WRIGHT YQ.. vw BOBBY WILLIAMS EMOCENE VVILLIAMS """' IANICE WILLIAMS - A MARGARET WILEY RICHARD WILLIAMS VANCE WRENN FRANCES WOOD Ring distribution day has finally arrived. DAVID ZACKS GENEVIEVE ZAYTOUN l 0000-um-agp The homeroom that had the high sales record for the day was rewarded by being allowed to keep Lickawisch P. Jones Esq. III for the next day. Page One Hundred Eighty-Two The m meet Ir. 'lu-p, embers of the jr.-Sr. steering committee very often to discuss the plans for the -Sr. They are johnny Anderson, Mike john- ff son, Olivia Hammond, Chunn Purser, Nell Smith, jimmy Brinson, Linda Collier, jack Langley, Margaret Rhodes, Johnny Gaskill, Patsy O'Neal, Lind- ley White, Bunny Mcllwean, Carole F orstadt, and Libby Hodges. The officers of the Iunior class and their advisor Mr. Smith, worked very hard to keep things running smoothly for the jr. Sr. Xxx OD' f i '!4f' l I. 5 .: 3, sf in H f A X , F r f ,Q m f, rf ' f' ,J 4 , f 'I-, '. 'L , W 4 '4 'S W, ag , 5' X ' K I , K . Y 1 w- QW, . 1 - . MISS ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Senior Class Sponsor CONNIE BOSWELL ADAMS Library Club 15 Latin Club 25 Typing Club 35 Nurses Club 45 Hi-Y 3,45 BRUIN Staff 4. DORIS MAY ADAMS Library Club 15 Latin Club 25 Horneroom Officer 2,45 Typing Club 35 D.E. Club 4. FLORA GREEN ALLEN Band 15 F.T.A. 2,35 French Club 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 National Citizen- ship Conference 4. FLAVIUS LE ROY ALLIGOOD Football 25 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Homeroom President 3,45 Choir 45 lst Vice- President of Student Council 45 National Citizenship Conference 45 Boys' State 45 Superlative. Page One Hundred Eighty-Four RODERICK CRABTREE ABBOTT, JR. Rhythm Club 15 Science Club 2,35 Bus Driver 4. l i l , 5 r ,V ' " .. il?" wl' ,ff 'Sig 'Zig' 117' 'Kg-I" ..f--N9 My 31 :gr 415 '11g','7 V 'Rx ,. T-, ,MI 62 .qs -'v A-" jx 951 1 K ROSA ARMSTRONG Latin Club 1,25 Class SL-crm-tury 35 junior-Senior Steering Coxuiuittcc- 35 BRUIN Subscription Stuff 35 Nurses Club 3,45 National Citizen- ship Conference 45 Homecoming fj2lIlLllClE.ltC 45 Office Assistant. MARY FRANCES ARTHUR F.T.A. 15 Clcc Club l,2,35 Script Club 25 Typing Club 3. MARY POWELL ARTHUR Nurses Club 15 Med Club 125 Typ- K ing Club 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. ' D :fix Q. O I Q-vs..-160 LESTER ARTHUR Boys' Glee Club 15 Radio and Photography 15 Football 25 Choir 2,3545 Hi-Y 4. Act II is in the process of production as these members of the cast practice the senior class play, We Shook the Family Tree. MARY ANNE BARTLING Student Council 15 Med Club 15 Latin Club 1,25 Hi-Y 253,45 junior- Senior Steering Committee 35 Script Club 35 Homeroom Officer 3,45 BRUIN Club 45 National Citizenship Conference 45 BRUIN Staff 4. L CECIL IACKSON BENNETT, JR. Rhythm Club 15 D.E. Club 4. 47 ,,,,,n.m "UQ" ag ..-- vf Mum 1 11 Dvg s,,,,,...w .rid -cj! -vis ,f 4-if .ty .fl 'QW' an-"9"' HARRY CRAWFORD BENNETT, JE. Band 1,2,3,45 Brass Ensemble 25 Bus Driver 3,4. EDITH ANN BLAND Latin Club 1,25 BRUIN Subscrip- tion Staff 15 Clee Club 15 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Homeroom Officerg National Citizenship Conference 45 Senior Editor of Bear Cub 4, Subscrip- tion Staff 45 Homecoming Candi- date 4. BETTY ROSE MELONIESE BORDEAUX Rhythm Club 15 Basketball 1,25 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 junior-Senior Waitress 25 Monogram Club 2,35 45 Business Manager of Bear Cub 45 President of D.E. Club 45 Na- tional Honor Society 4. RAYMOND HALL BOTTORF Science Club 1, Band 1, Basket ball 1,2,35 Baseball 25 Track 3,45 French Club 4. KAY FRANCIS BRANTLEY HARRY WILSON BOWEN Rhythm Club 15 Football 15 Photography Club 4. Rhythm Club 15 Library Assis- tant 15 F.H.A. 2,35 Clee Club 25 Typing Club 25 D.E. Club 4. LLOYD GEORGE BR1NsoN BRINSON, JP.. Science Club 15 Latin Club 1,25 Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 junior-Senior Waiter 25 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Marshal 35 Junior-Senior Steering Committee 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Football 3,45 Boys' State Delegate5 Sports Edi- tor of BRUIN 45 National Citizen- Zhip Conference 45 BRUIN Club I-TS' 1 X :IP-40 J-fr WILLIAM BRUNJES RACHEL MARIE BRINSON Rhythm Club 15 Script Club 25 F.H.A. 1,2,35 Typing Club 45 Library Club 4. ROGER RAY BROWN Bus Driver 2,3545 D.E. Club 4. RRd1O and Photography Club 1, ff?-H' Baseball 25 Football 253,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Monogram Club 4. ELAINE KATHRYN CAIN F.H.A. Club 1,25 D.E. Club 3,45 Art Editor of BRUIN 4. PATRICIA SUE CARRAWAY Glee Club 1, F.H.A. 15 F.B.L.A. 4. DORIS ELAINE CHANCE Rhythm Club 15 Glee Club 1,25 F.H.A. 25 Typing Club 35 Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Choir 3,4. LAURA DAVIS CONNER Volleyball 25 Typing Club 3. JANICE RHEM BRYAN Homeroom Chaplain 1,25 Nurses Club 1,25 Typing Club 35 D.E. Club 4, Treasurer 45 Assistant Business Manager of Bear Cub 4. ff? far' f ww , :CN " 'H-:r Ns.. . I' ,an FN 315' I 1 1 1 r 4. 'fm 'WWE . ff. 'r J 27. .-warm, we ' farrixzr-. ' 1. f' .W . , 521151.21 4 5-'LJ - lm- . . 4' w I I.. "iZi'? ...ay 15. Doris Adams, jerry Eubanks, Leroy Alligood, and Ann Bland lead the ac- af' tivities in Mrs. Smith's homeroom. WILLIAM MONCIER COX Radio and Photography Club Ig Monogram Club 1,2,3,4g Band 1, 2,3,4g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g Golf 1, 2,3,4g Student Council 2,4g Foot- ball 2,4g Hi-Y 2,3,4g National Honor Society 3,4. PEGGY IOYCE DANIELS Rhythm Club 1, F.H.A. 2, Typ- ing Club 3,43 Office Assistant 4. ANNETTE RAE DARNELL Class Treasurer 1, Latin Club 1g Glee Club 1,2g Student Council 2, F.H.A. 3. LINDA DAY Drama Club 1g F.H.A. 1,23 BRUIN Staff 4. Page One Hundred Eighty-Eight MARGARET ELIZABETH COTTEN Basketball 1, Dramatics Club lg Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Homeroom Secretary 1,25 Latin Club 35 National Citizenship Con- ference 4. vii, ff! C? tiff 'wwf we 'TF 409' l!7' Q 6 .. i 'Tx X' J? my .-. 1 :- ne-1 ELIZABETH TIPPS DEICHMANN Bear Cub 4. VALERIA E. DClNlERS Latin Club 1,224 Drama Club 3. ALICE LOU EBORN Library Club 1,39 Nurses Club 4g Bear Cub Staff 4. JERRY NVARREN EUBANKS Baseball 1g Science Club 13 Drill Club lg Clee Club 1,2g Home- room Officer l,2,3g Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Choir 3,43 Monogram Club 3,44 Track 3,45 Student Council 4. I BEVERLY ANN FEREBEE Clee Club 15 Latin Club 1,29 Med Club 35 Nurses Club 3,49 Library Assistant 3,45 Bear Cub Staff 4. Bunny Iackson, Betty Io Caskins, and Clifton Centry, officers of Miss Hodges homeroom, examine various trophies awarded to the athletic department. TT' - 3'l'-.T,g,3 :Hg-4 1, 53-1-1 + - : Q3 11: "' ' 12 3.12 'Q v- 3' ' 1- gr, V: , I : -iv was-'Q !"'7N fbi .Away BARBARA DOBBINS CASKINS Club 4. QQAJ JACKIE LINWOOD CASKINS Drill Club 15 Typing Club 35 D.E. Club 4. VIOLET FAYE CASKINS F.H.A. Club 152,35 Student Coun- cil 35 D.E. Club 4. Page One Hundred Ninety Student Council 15 Basketball 15 Glee Club 152,35 F.H.A. 35 D.E. EMMETT Carzws FEREBEE, JR. Radio and Photography Club 15 Hi-Y 1,25 Football 25 Baseball 354. ALLEN THOMAS FRENCH Radio and Photography Club 15 Band 152,35 Bus Driver 2,35 D.E. Club 4. JAMES EARL FRENCH Radio and Photography Club 15 Bus Driver 2,35 D.E. Club 4. LOIS DEAN FULCHER Homeroom Secretary 15 Dramatics Club 15 Basketball 15 Typing Club 2,35 Library Club 4. BETTY JO GASKINS Homeroom President 15 junior- Senior Waitress 25 F.H.A. Presi- dent 1,2,35 Band 1,2,3,45 Marshal 35 Hi-Y 3,45 National Citizenship Conference 45 Bear Cub Editor 45 Typing Club 4, President 45 Na tional Honor Society 4. aah' is 'Y'--v 1' X..-nv' WILLIAM CRAY CUTHRIE Class President 15 Clee Club 15 Monogram Club 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 1, 2,3,45 Golf 1,2,3,45 Choir 2,4. Kamp QQ ELIZABETH ANN COERS Rhythm Club I5 F.H.A. Club 2, Typing Club 3,45 D.E. Club 4, Secretary 45 BRUIN Club 4, BRUIN Staff 45 Office Assistant 4. BARBARA JEAN HALL Rhythm Club 15 F,H.A. Club 1, 25 Glee Club 1,25 Script Club 35 Choir 3,4. STEPHEN CASI-IWELL HALL D.E. Club 15 Latin Club 2. RUBY IACQUELINE HAMMOND Clee Club 15 Latin Club 1,25 Hi- , Y 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 35 Choir 2,3,45 Student Council 35 BRUIN Club 4, 2nd Vice-President Senior Classg National Citizenship Con- ference 45 BRUIN Staff 45 Home- coming Candidate 45 BRUIN High Salesman 4. CLIFTON RAY CENTRY Basketball l,2,3,45 Football l,2, 3,45 Student Council 25 Mono- gram Club 3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 llomc- room Officer 4. JOHN Football 35 Bus Driver 3. NANCY HURST CIBBS Student Council 15 Home-room Of- ficer 1,25 Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Mod Club 25 Script Club 35 Cirls' State 45 National Citizenship Confcrcncc 45 French Club 4. P IVEY CRAY ills IW! xx au'-6 is-R' Mans- 1'--'-P ,suse 085 'x 1 I X27 Miss Hodges distributes calling cards to her homeroom. LOLLIE CAROLINE HAWKINS BRUIN Business Staff 1,25 Latin Club 1,25 Clee Club Accompanist 1,25 Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Homeroom Of- ficer 1,2,3,45 Script Club 35 Choir 3, Accompanist 45 Alternate Girls, State 45 National Citizenship Con- ference 45 Superlative. DANNY HEATH Dover High School 1,25 4-H Club 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1,25 F.F.A. 1,25 D.E. Club 4. ELEANOR HICKS Rhythm Club 15 F.H.A. 1,25 Clee Club 1,2,35 Typing Club 3,4. MARK STEVENSON HINES Auto Club 15 Golf 152,35 Hi-Y 1, 2,3545 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 35 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Track 4. Page One Hundred Ninety-Two THEODORE LINCOLN HANES Photography Club 15 Honor Club 1,25 Football 1,25 Basketball 1,2 Track 152. 2? Kit W.,- m,.....- JE, 'W 4:35 I , - l - O x..,o' R sf, U Student Council 4. Betty Long, Connie Adams, and Ian Sawyer good- naturedly clean up after seniors have exchanged calling cards. x. MARTHA MARIE HOLTON Horneroom Secretary 15 Clee Club lg F.H.A. 2g BRUIN Subscription Staff 2g Choir 2,3,4g Hi-Y 2,3,4g RICHARD EARL IIINES Auto Club lg Drill Club 25 D.IQ. Club 4. ALONZA XVALLACIC HOLTON, Ili. lizulio :incl Pliotogrupliy Club lg Football l,2,3,4g Clcc Club 1,45 Pliotogrnpliy Club 2g lx'lOHUjlI'llIIl Club 2,3,4g All-Confcrcucc Foot- ball 3,4g Ili-Y 4g Football Co- Captain 4. EUNICE CAROLYN HOLTON Honieroom Treasurer 1,2g Rhythm Club lg Typing Club 45 Cleo Club my 4, Secretary 4. DALLAS HOLTON Drill Club 15 XVrestling 25 Bus Driver 2,3,4. fi' WE- ' ,wi x 5 AV' by X, Page One Hundred Ninety-Three f 5 l 3 l 5 4 N 1 l 1 l 1-:SW 1, 1 ,R - ,, lm L 1 A15 "F" 7' , . 'Q' mf, X, ,ff --.Qu-7' 5 IRIS ELIZABETH IVEY Library Club 2,4, Treasurer 3. PATRICIA ANN JACOBS Rhythm Club 15 Typing Club 35 D.E. Club 45 BRUIN Club 45 BRUIN Staff 4. ROBERT BRUCE JOHNSON Latin Club 1,25 Clee Club 1,2,3,4, Accompanist 3,45 Homeroom Presi- dent 2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Script Club 35 Junior-Senior Steering Committee 35 Class Treasurer 45 Homecoming Candidate 45 BRUIN Club 45 BRUIN Staff 45 Senior Class Editor 45 National Citizen- ship Conference 4. Rhythm Club 15 Script Club 1,25 Dramatics Club 2,3,45 BRUIN Business Staff 1,35 Bear Cub Sports Editor 4. Page One Hundred Ninety-FOU1' JOHN HOWARD HOWELL, JR. Homeroom President 15 Student Council 15 Photography Club 15 Semester Honor Roll 1,25 Science Club 2,3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 National Citizenship Conference 4. DORIS ELIZABETH HUBBARD Clee Club 15 Basketball 1 4 H Club 15 Typing Club 3 French Club 45 Hi-Y 4. CAROL WILCOX HUGHEY VVilmingtOn Hi h School 15 Latin Club 1,25 Meg Club 35 Junior- Senior Steering Committee 35 Co- Associate Editor 35 BRUIN Club 4, Vice-President 45 Co-Editor BRUIN 45 National Citizenship Conference 45 Hi-Y 3,45 BRUIN Staff 4. OSCAR LEE IPOCK Drill Club 1,25 Bus Driver 3 D E Club 4. SEPHIE LEE JACKSON Q 9. x li. ,. ......-ff ,UN r t 'll 'UD CLAUDIA JEAN JONES Rhythm Club lg Library Club 24 F.H.A. Club 3g Typing Club 4. HAYDEN HODCES JONES Science Club lg Typing Club 2g Med Club 2,35 Nurses Club 3,4g Hi-Y 1,2,8,4. 'tx 'W.v, -qi W V SAM PSON MARION KELLUM Football 23' Latin Club 3- D.E. Club 4 Homeroom Offlcer 4 H1 265 If-wr NN RODNEY LEE KNOWLES Homeroom Officer lg Student Council 15 Latin Club lg Hi-Y 2, 3,4g Photography Club 1,2,3g Auto Club 25 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Choir 415 National Citizenship Conference CARLYLE KOONCE Bus Driver 3,4. DONALD RAY LAMB Student Council lg Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2, 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Home- room Officer 2,43 Track 2,45 Su- perlative. RONALD BRANTLEY LAMM Radio Club lg Band 1,2,3,4g Stu- dent Council Zg Bus Driver 4. DONNA LEE KILBY Script Club lg Clee Club l,2, President 35 Choir 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Cheerleader 2,3,4. 531 'C' -1-4-F 1 ill. 'TS 'X' Q, -..,. 'S A S sl-TTQ7' if-we 5 . Ann Bland and Libby C-oers empty drinks into cups While Working in the school store. MARILYN JANE LANCASTER F.H.A. Club l,2,35 Photography Club 4. JAMES LANCLEY Albany, Georgia 152,35 Movie Operators Clulbblg Spanislg Slub 35 History Cu 35 Foot a 45 ,pn-15.5 5. Baseball 4. i 91's-" i E lb :HQ if' -M... .--gn X A Y CATHERINE ANN LANSCHE jx fl. Latin Club 1,25 Student Council 25 D.E. Club 45 Homecoming Candidate 45 National Citizenship Conference 4. JUDITH CRAY LAWRENCE E.H.A. Club 1,2,3, D.E. Club 4. v BETTY LOUISE LEE 1 ' Homeroom Treasurer 15 junior- Senior Steering Committee 35 Rhythm Club 1, Basketball 1, Ky' D.E. Club 4. 1 Page One Hundred Ninety-Six of WS x X ,f -QVX 1 v- w, .iudpf x.- fs hd? on 1 nr N. I - Students of Mr. Smith's Physics Class get quite a uchargei' out of a magneto. cgftzs TERRY NEIL MAULTSBY Radio Club 15 Clee Club 1,25 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Latin Club 2g Class 2nd Vice-President 35 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Football 2,3,4g Base- ball 2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Stu- dent Council 3g Choir 3,4g junior- Senior Steering Committee 33 Class President 4. DORIS LORRAINIS LEE F.H.A. Club l,2g D.E. Club 4. Cl'lARl.,l:lS MCDONALD LICXYIS Radio Club lg Band lg Science Club 2,3,4g Hi-Y 203,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4g National Citizenship Con- ference 4g Supcrlative. BETTY LONG Sumter High School 1,25 F.H.A. 1,25 Band lg Basketball lg Cheer- leader lg junior-Senior NVaitress 25 Typing Club 35 BRUIN Club 4. LELAND PATTEN MASON Latin Club lg Band 1,24 Student Council lg Hi-Y 3,45 Science Club 2,34 junior-Senior Steering Com- mittee 3g National Citizenship Conference 4. fP"N ltd Q g' by f f . A - 5 Z A-:IW MNMM. xv X 5 ,f 3-a 'H-M.. .OW K , SONDRA CARAWON MITCHELL Dramatics Club 1,25 Clee Club 152,35 Nurses Club 4. BENJAMIN MCINTOSH Radio Club I5 Art Club 25 Band 1,2,35 D.E. Club 4. CHARLES THOMAS MIDYETTE Latin Club 15 Class President 2 Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Accompanist for Clee Club 1,25 Med Club 13 Script Club 35 BRUIN Club 4 President 45 Student Council 4 Co Associate Editor of BRUIN 4 Advertising Staff 4. TERRY MARGARET MIDYETTE Latin Club 1,25 Basketball 1,2 Student Council 25 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 Script Club 35 Cheerleader 1,253 Head 45 Monogram Club 3 French Club 4, President 45 Home coming Queen 45 BRUIN Sub scription Staff 1,2,35 junior-Senior Steering Committee 35 Superlative ALTHEA MITCHELL Dover High School 1 2 Civic Club 1,25 Office Assistant 1 FHA 1 Historian 25 Class President 12 Clee Club 1,25 Beta Club 2 Bas ketball 1,25 Typing Club 3 Nurses Club 4. 'IQ'- IOHNNY LEE MORRIS Rhythm Club 15 Latin Club 15 Band 253. Page One Hundred Ninety-Eight NANCY LOUISE MURPHY F.H.A. 1,25 D.E. Club 4. ELIZABETH BELL MOORE Rhythm Club 15 Library Club 2,4. Wi K' CL? PHILLIP GORDON PARROTT, JR. 'Sp Drill Club 1,25 D.E. Club 4. ELOISE ANN NELSON Hhytlun Club 15 F.lI.A. 1,25 F.'l'.A. 2,45 Library Assistant 3,45 Scnicstcr Honor Roll l,L2,3,45 Hour Cub Business Stuff 45 lli-Y 4. Flll1lDlQlllCK HOBB O,CONNEll Latin Club 1,25 junior-Senior NVa1itcr 25 Truck 3,45 Monogrtun Club 45 National Citizenship Con- ference 4. S-L l'4 .H CAROLYN ISABELLE PHILLIPS Basketball 15 F.H.A. 25 Typing Club 3, President 35 Hi-Y 45 BRUIN Club 45 BRUIN Staff 4. CHALLIE JEAN POWELL F.H.A. 1,25 Typing Club 3,45 Li- brary Assistant 35 Semester Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Exchange Editor for Bear Cub 45 National Honor SO- ciety 4. PEGGY MARIE POWELL Art Club 15 Typing Club 35 Li- brary Assistant 4. MAX POWELL Band 1,2,45 Hi-Y 23,45 Choir 2 3,45 Radio Club 2,3,4. MARY PENELOPE PENDLETON Latln Club 1,25 Nurses Club 354. IU" wr" '91 i 'N--r A X""-'J f '. --,Q Catherine Lansche, Terry Midyette, Donald Lamb, and Terry Maultsby, officers of Miss XVilliams' homeroom, view a future diploma. CRADY LEON PU RIFOY Drill Club 15 Wrestling 2,35 Monogram 253,45 D.E. Club 4. JACK MERRITT RACAN, JR. Radio Club 15 Clee Club 1,25 Latin Club 1,25 Hi-Y 2,3545 Choir 3,45 Track 2,3545 Junior-Senior Steerin Committee 35 Class Treas- F! urer 3. URSULA REIMANN F.H.A. 1,25 Junior-Senior Waitress 25 Science Club 35 Secretary 35 French Club 45 Hi-Y 3,45 Mar- shal 35 junior-Senior Steering Committee 35 National Honor So- ciety 45 Superlative. WALTER HARDY RHODES F.F.A. 1,25 Football 1,25 Basket- ball 25 Baseball 25 Bus Driver 4. Page Two Hundred JOHN PUGH Auto Club 25 D.E. Club I 'mi J. E fps 'Y f su an .A it w e 5 S Q M ' v W Q b vw . 'ki H, t 7 'R 4,1 ,vel 3 2, N 0 f' -"UV-rw, 1 A i f J? F 'YTTY Tom Sawyer, Linda White, and Erma Sawyer, officers of Miss Cordon's homeroom, measure the gowns for graduation. LINDA CAIL ROBINSON Basketball lg Clee Club 1, Major- ette lg Class Treasurer 2, Latin Club l,2g Junior-Senior NVaitress 2, Chief Marshal 3, Hi-Y 2,3,4g Choir 2,3,4, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Cirls, State 35 Honor Roll 1,2,3,41 Student Council 45 National Honor Society 3,4g National Citi- zenship Conference 4, National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 4. MAMIE JANE HIIODICS Class lim-porter lg Bziskc-tlmll lg l".ll.A. 1,24 Office Assistant 3,45 BRUIN Club 4, BHUIN Staff 4, Hi Y 4 CHARLES RHUE Wrestling 4. GLENDA KAYE RICKS Latin Club 1,24 Script Club 3g junior-Senior Steering Committee 34 Dramatics Club 4, Treasurer 4, BRUIN Editorial Staff 4. JAMES HENRY RITTER Latin Club 1,24 D.E Club 4 Vice President 4. --iv ""'Q ,fin ?' Xa...- 'Wm auf' rw' Q "' 'aus 41" 43? . fi., if , ,X ,. .,..-rf MARY ERMA SAWYER Latin Club 15 Student Council 15 Nurses Club 2,3, Vice-President 2,35 Homeroom Officer 1,2,3,45 BRUIN Club 45 BRUIN Staff 1, 2,3545 Homecoming Candidate 45 Hi-Y 4. GEORGE GARDNER SMITH, JE. Photography Club 15 Student Council 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice- President 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Colf Team 1,2,3,45 Captain 2,35 Honor Roll 1,25 Iunior-Senior Steering Committee 35 National Citizenship Conference 4. MYRNA FLOY SMITH Library Club 15 Clee Club 25 Homeroom Officer 1,25 Nurses Club 2,35 Choir 45 Photography Club 4. Page Two Hundred Two NAOMI RUTH SALTER F.H.A. Club 1,25 Typing Club 35 Hi-Y 4. BARBARA ANN SAULTER Rhythm Club 15 Clee Club 15 F.H.A. Club 25 Latin Club 3,45 Choir 25354. CARL THOMAS SAWYER Homeroom President 1,2,3,45 Monogram Club 354, President 45 National Honor Society 3,4, Vice- President 45 Hi-Y 45 Football 152, 3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Sophomore Editor of Bear Cub 45 Superlative. MYRTLE JANET SAWYER F.H.A. 1,25 D.E. Club 45 Drama Club 4. SHIRLEY DEAN SCOTT Rhythm Club 15 Latin Club 25 junior-Senior Waitress 25 Marshal 35 Science Club 3,45 Honor Roll 1, 2,3545 Associate Editor of Bear Cub 45 Hi-Y 45 National Citizen- ship Conference 45 National Honor Society 45 Superlative. IW--1 53' Script Club 35 . -wg li 'iw In ff CAROLYN VIRGINIA STILLEY Rhythm Club 15 F.H.A. 25 Clee Club 15 Choir 2,3,45 Junior-Senior Steering Committee 35 BRUIN Club 4. DALE STROUD DANIEL LIVINCSTONE STALLINCS, jli. Latin Club I5 Clee Club 1,25 Honor Roll 1,35 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Golf 'Team 3,45 junior-Senior Steering Committee 35 lst Vice-President of junior Class5 National Citizen- ship Conference 45 National Honor Society 4. IUDITH ANN STEINBURC French Club 15 Class Secretary 25 Junior-Senior XVaitress 25 Honor Roll I,2,3,45 Marshal 35 junior-Senior Steering Committee 35 Cirls' State 35 Cheer- leader 2,3,45 National Honor So- ciety 3,45 Secretary of P.T.S.A. 45 BRUIN Staff 45 National Citizen- ship Conference 4. MARIE LYNN STILLEY Rhythm Club 15 Band 15 F.H.A. 2,35 Bus Driver 35 Latin Club 35 Nurses Club 35 D.E. Club 45 National Citizenship Conference Photography Club 1,4, President 15 Football 2,4. CHARLES DONALD SUTTON Football 2,35 Wrestling 2,35 Mono- gram Club 2,3,4. WILLIAM MARSHALL SWIN DELL BETTY EVAUGHN TAYLOR . xv..-I .., fini: iw S. . I ' s. 2 ws T - v 'iii' .75 10- X15 ,' Library 'Club 15 Office Assistant 15 F.H.A. 1,25 Typing Club 35 Script 35 D.E. Club 4. A-vm.. M., ,f,,.,.v..w I ,,,,,,w,,,. v f . ar' . -W 'Si' Fred O,Conner and Valeria DeMers were semi-finalists in the Merit Scholarship Examination. MARGARET LOUISE TRIPP Basketball 15' F.H.A. 15 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 D.E. Club 4. DAVID EARL TUTEN Latin Club 15 Audio Visual Aids 15 Glee Club 15 Science Club 25 Radio Club 2,35 Dramatics Club 45 Choir 2,3,4g BRUIN Staff 4. WILLIAM CHARLES VOGEL Drill Club 15 Band l,2,3,4. Page Two Hundred Four PEGGY JOAN WATERS F.H.A. 1,25 Glee Club 1,2,35 Typ- ing Club 3,4, Treasurer 3. WANDA MARIE TINGLE Softball 15 Latin Club 1,25 BRUIN Staff 1,25 Band 1,25 Student Coun- cil 35 Debating Team 35 Class Secretary 45 Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 45 junior-Senior Steering Com- mittee 35 National Citizenship Conference 45 Office Assistant 4. 'nw -vw' W A,-Q, 'Ui N I Y -,mv 1 'X-I EARL DIXON XVEST, JR. Drill Club 14 Band 1,2,3,44 Brass Ensemble 1,2,3,44 Tin Can Band 43,4. LINDA REA NVHITE F.H.A. 14 Latin Club 24 Student Council 2,34 Clec Club 34 Choir 44 Hi-Y 2,3,44 BRUIN Staff 44 junior-Senior Steering Committee 34 Office Assistant 4. FRANCES MEWBORNE NVHITTY Class Vice-President 14 Clee Club 14 BRUIN Club 1,44 Latin Club 34 Student Council 2,3,44 Hi-Y 1,2,3,44 Choir 2,3,44 BRUIN Staff 1,44 Cheerleader 2,3,44 Junior- Senior Steering Committee 34 Girls' State 34 National Citizenship Conference 4g National Honor So ciety 44 Superlative. SONDRA SUE NVILDEMAN Clee Club 3g Typing Club 4 GLENN RONVE VVILLIAMS Latin Club 1, Homeroom Officer 1,24 Hi-Y 2,3,44 Science Club 4. ar ' FRANCES XVILLIAMS Hi-Y 142,34 Bear Cub Reporter 4. HERBERT DUFFY XVILLIAMS III Radio Club 14 Track 24 Bus Driver 3,44 Choir 4g Boys' State 4. 'UF 4 ir .3605 VV W P. . . X yj d w Qi., . A I 'f,' ' WL. , y iff ft H Z ' "I think I've heard that one before, Boss, haven't you?" Page Two Hundred Six THEODORE MURRIES WILLIAMS Homeroom Officer 1,25 Football 2,35 Monogram Club 3,45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Class lst Vice-President 45 All-State in Track 4. WINNIE DIANNE WILLIAMS Rhythm Club 15 F.HA 23 Dra matics Club 2,3,45 Librarian 3 4 DAVID ALTON WILSON Rhythm Club 15 Monogram Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Football 1,2, 3,45 Hi-Y 45 Drill Club 45 Band 1,2,3,45 junior-Senior Steering Committee 3. ALTON RAY WOODARD Drill Club 1,25 Library Club 3 Bus Driver 2,3,4. BRENDA ELAINE YELVERTON F.H.A. 1,25 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Office Assis- tant 4. LOUIS ELIAS ZAYTOUN, JR. Drill Club 15 Latin Club 2, President 25 Homeroom President 2,35 Class Presi- dent 35 Monogram 2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Clee Club 1,25 Basketball 253,45 All- Conference Football 45 Stu- dent Council President 45 Superlative. X' 9 ,QQ '? .5 f f ff , ,- : 'K 4 I .1 uf: A , J fi. 43, fn., ,J I- . .- 4 'xx a '-1, ,Q 2 ' V1 A ': .- 4-ij ' J . ' '-. - ,73 :ef ' 4 - ,yQ"-- ' fx . W " uh. 5, '15 ,.--j -'.--'- '-pt , , - Q j, n A A ,f i .. ' 1, ' W ?-. nf ff , f ,Q 'in , ag, Y' -Q. yy '-,Q ' :Aff f 4 ,Q-' eu .- .:: . - f 'iQ , ' 5 -" 'FM-.". ' .. ' ,Lf ' fl, ".' ' . A L. - 1 ' kf':' z'- . w-"ff ,. -ag-A-' " 5. h, Q' "nf, gif 555 P91- ,' 2-aj ' 'I 'NVQ-.1.:g - , V - 95 ,.:14 :,a: ' - vw, M, 1 "thi 2, 1' f. .131 . 'f ' +'lfe5f-P" fix' , ' .""f'v 'Ii . , Lhlfj, 'g.,5, I ' y. .A V, xii . . ., , ,al Y, vs ii '5-jg. 745+ H ,. ,' Q, - 1 1 ZA f ,1-af? 1i',f It ,I U- ...i -.v . .gag I' Many graduates of New Bern High School have entered the world of business, professions, and skilled trades in New Bern. Today these former students sup- port the programs of their Alma Mater with their interest, their time, their effort, and their money. If it were not for the cooperation of the entire community, many of the courses that are taught, much of the physical equipment, and most of the athle- tic program would be denied to the stu- dents who are now in school. In addition to all of these, former graduates and other patrons of the school make the publica- tion of a BRUIN possible. The adults in New Bern have placed a trust and faith in the student body of New Bern High School by their tangible support. The trust and faith can be repaid when todayis students become tomor- row's . . . 1,7 ,V ...F R, pun- WYXQ' T-97 + .ggi . I OAT WCRK- f F 2' ..u vfvffiii of, ,Q Q ,ljm in ,, ,U Lis w i 1 Coleman motors map, X. Ml ff' NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA "Where Service Comes First" SELF SERV I 'H' JL MAOLA MILK AND ICE CREAM COMPANY NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA AIR-CONDITIONED COACHES TO NEW YORK, N. Y. , , . "f':1' . . -. ,.E, . .,.,I "I""" Wg - ' Ez, - - w e I ...,, .I.. . 4'-'--- ff"" M 2 Ph'I0deIPhlG, PG- 0- -- NWA. ,-,,,. N- . N - 1 '...-,. .th 0 -. , ...-.' -. -----, - - """ .' -3 f ,:5:? I ., Q.: 2: 1:51 ,:,:5:1:a. .12-:EE1-1 Low Fairs p , f' ' ' 1 . ' H, . f Pi .wi ' I -fffflf I .I .... 3355, aslungtonl D' C- ch rt t " ' ' 1Q?!1?Zi:- IMW "" MN,5,..,:xN,..,.-..AN....,,.......:.i V .,...-.--www-fm W'-""'f.1'.12.'.2.. - - ,v-K"-m-K"""' fs' 47- vw-"NW""'M"N"'x ,,,M, V ei. .,q5:g:1:5:-zlfggsggi, G ers 0 2 Qwi?5.x2n.ZTrl6R'G.5.XES.v2N.'rZ1".i?1z::w.'5:fE.f"" xr'.1r"'x:rw:1 ---b--' A h 'H N C " """"'J.-,.X"f.x'K'..""w.I ,. S BVI 6, . . ,.,..w,. .,... . .. W, .. x.,,.m,,,. ,.,.,...,...... , 3- All Points ' W MM - - .w.,.. 3''FrS2Z:1i.Zie's2a:1.ag2g:55:,1i5.z:ifi::i1fvrswegfwf-x'?q -"' " '. C S C x ,., Q V x? hqg-Iegfgn, , , SEASHORE TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. Compliments Haffgf-fe Jon-IN R. TAYLOR Homes and Builders Und 1001 Pollock sneer JOHN R. TAYLOR, JR. Phone ME 7-4152 "lnsured Income" New Bern, North Carolina Congratulations and Good Luck EASTERN .SALES Gas Service Appliances NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Graduate to Greater Food Savings At Your Friendly COLONIAL STORES THE NUMBER 1 SOUND IN TOWN IYIUSIC wus! sports l49O On Your Dial Setting The Musical Pace In New Bern Compliments of TRENT PINES CLUB Compliments of THE BATE LUMBER COMPANY GET IN THE SWING! Learn To Bowl FREE Bring A Party THE CROSSROADS Hwy. 70 Havelock I6 Lanes-Completely Automatic Phone GI 7-3195 Compliments of ARMSTRONG GROCERY "Home Cooked Foods" Open 5 A.M. to 10 P.M. THE DINNER BELL "The Cafe of CIacks" AIR-CONDITIONED Telephone ME 7-2913 L. T. DANIEL 413 Brood St. Owner, Monoger New Bern, N. C. MIDWAY RESTAURANT HOT DINNERS SEAFOOD AND STEAKS NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA TRENT MARINE SERVICE Yacht Sales and Service Mercury Outboard Motors A Trojan Boats-Stewart-Warner Instruments Phone ME 7-4537 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA JOHNSON MOTOR CO. DESOTA-PLYMOUTH Sales and Service 1219 Pollock Street NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA LARRY'S SHOE STORE SHOES FOR THE FAMILY Trim Tred-Poll Parrot-Rand NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of J. HAYWOOD JONES INSURANCE AGENCY NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA DEALERS AUTO SERVICE Body and Fender Repairs 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Phone ME 7-5466 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA RICE BROTHERS SALES Dutch Masters Cigars Burgess Batteries H. W. Lay Food Products Old London Food Products 1201 Oueen St. Phone ME 7-3587 6 9 IIIOILEY 1.51-Lead I 43 I 1-E Xf BRANCH BANKING 81 TRUST COMPANY New Bern, North Corolino "The Safe Executor" MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION HELPING T0 BUILD at o d?Zn6l'c0". ...- THROUGH: 0 Agriculturol Development 0 Community Improvement 0 Industriol Exponsion CAROLINA POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY I - H 4 . r x S A f ilti . QQQMOIIQ MSE 'I I CAIIIIIIAIIIIIIOIIIBIIIWIIIIII i 0 A 14'-III I the :: "f?2f5,-.ii:1-.1 FCI I 'II g rad uati ng T? Q class I I R I I 1 DRIIYK 1 QI IIIIIIDABDIIIIIAWIAIIIIIEBBIIIOIIIIIIIIIIWW y y UNDE RITY OF THE COCA-COLA CO HE CAPITAL coc -com Homme co.. Inc. AwwwyittggtypyyyyyypypyyjgyyyWyywyyj, NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA -1' GUSSMAN CLEANERS "IT'S GOOD" 23 Croven Street Phone ME 7-2700 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA HAWK'S 'NEW BERN'S TV AND RECORD CENTER' 327 Middle Street Phone ME 7-2754 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CLEMENT AND JOHNSON NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of TOM'S TOASTED PEAN UTS Phone ME 7-2265 6IO Watson Ave... NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA COMMERCIAL ENGRAVING COMPANY Manufacturers of - LINE AND HALF-TONE ENGRAVING Owned and Operated by L. H. MORRISON AL HEARREN 2 IX2 Miles on Morehead Highway NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA HERB'S "66" SERVICE Tires-Batteries Accessories-Road Service COMPLETE CAR SERVICE Phone 7-9863 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA NEW BERN AIR SERVICE SIMMONS-NOTT AIRPORT NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Flight Instructions-G. I. Approved Cassna Dealer-Air Taxi Service JACK ARMSTRONG, Manager Phone ME 7-5308 P. O. Box I23I CITY GARAGE 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE NELSON ROWE-B I LL PERRY Managers Phone ME 7-2522 416 Broad St. NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of WAYNE'S GROCERY AND MARKET Proprietor-A. J. COX I602 National Ave. NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of g POOLE'S, Inc. Frozen and Canned Foods ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of GAY DISTRIBUTING COMPANY NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA BARBOUR BOAT WORKS ' Gai,-Gufr X New Bern, North Corolino Sheet Metal Works Compliments R. E. BENGEL of 1311 N. Craven sr. Phone ME 7-3404 REGlSTER'S GLASS SHOP We speciulile in uEverything in Glassll Gutters Blow Pipes Vents All Types of Sheet Metal Work New Bern, North Corolino Air Conditioning Heating BAll.ARD'S SERVICE MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY specialistsin BOSTON.MASSACHUSETTS E'e"T,'::orMf:'f::-3:'fcigfafgdseflifgmen' JosEPH E. ZAYTOUN, Special Agent Generator and Starter Repairs Room 203' 145 Middle Street Telephone ME 7-2362 Bridgeton, North Corolino New Bern, North Corolino Aw' ASKEW'S CLEANERS, INC. COLD STORAGE IIO9 Pollock Street Watson and National Ave. Phone ME 7-4321 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA JAMES CHANCE CONTRACTOR DRAINAGE A WATER 8. SEWER INSTALLATION PILE DRIVING IDrop or Steami ROAD BUILDING IFILL DIRT 8. TOPSOIL LAND CLEARING GRADING 81 PAVING FREE ESTIMATES N. C. License No. 2893 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA DIAL ME 7-4294 Day or Night Lgj EVROLET! 5-H + eev AUBREY JOHNSON CHEVROLET, INC. I4OI Neuse Boulevard NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Dial .ME 7-5133 B AND B SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. Lumber, Paints, Building Supplies and Builders Hardware U. S. 17-One Half Mile South Phone ME 7-3040 or ME 7-5710 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of FASHION CLEANERS 308 Meodows Street Phone ME 7-5614 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of BENNER'S STUDIO NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL NEWS 419 Brood Street NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA See Our Full Selection of Barnes 81 Noble Everyday Handbooks and College Outline Series , CITY LUMBER COMPANY Builders of New Bern's Finest Homes 207 Queen St. Diol ME 7-2095 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA MORRIS BROS., Inc. Scott Insurance Agency GENERAL INSURANCE 1232 Brood St. Phone ME 7-3094 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA IDEAL SHOE SHOP JOE F. HATEM 903 Brood Street Phone ME 7-5011 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA SWAN-RAWLS MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. PONTIAC-I NTERNATIONAL Sales 81 Service H. G. SWAN W. F. RAWLS President Secretory-Treosurer 418 Pollock Street Phone ME 7-2275 or ME 7-4721 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA MY CAFE PIT-COOKED BAR B-Q STEAKS-SEAFOOD HOMEMADE SOUP-HOMEMADE PIES "Good Food and Friendly Service" Highway I7-4 Miles North of New Bern Phone ME 7-9867 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA THE S. B. PARKER COMPANY LEN NOX HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING ROOFING SHEET METAL Phone ME 7-3397 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of WILLIAMS CAFE 30 Years of Service Corner of Middle and Broad Streets NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of Compliments of THE ORRINGER PICKLE COMPANY I , NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA RIVERSIDE IRON woRKs Inc. Machinist, Boiler Makers, and Blacksmiths Electric and Acetylene Welding Structural Steel IIIZ-I4 N. Craven Street Dial ME 7-2185 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA K. R. JONES, ll WHOLESALE-RETAIL Gas-Oils-Tires-Paints NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA FRAN K C. SPROUL Certified Public Accountant NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA 0 mum WPINJ. - f I ix, 5 5:2- : g ,LV'l'?.I,7 D ' f' M ., I :L l fi-Q , f' .5 'Fi' -1.31:-.ef 1 - ' 'I -. .- 7-s ' 19- -Y' .f.-2? fT:4.?-- , '?5'fQ'-fic --... 7" 1 :,, ' Start enjoying the most wonderful days of your life. You owe it to yourself to get the details now. Come in and get your free folder on how to "Give yourself 2 months vacation with play!" REGGIE'S EVINRUDE SALES 8. SERVICE NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA THE NEW BERN HOBBY SHOP Hobbies, Toys, Sporting Goods 2II Middle St. Dial ME 7-3504 DAIRY Ween 99 Home of "The Cone with the Curl on Top" NEW BERN'S ONLY ' DAIRY QUEEN IX2 Mile U. S. I7 South Havelock U. S. 70 Compliments of TOMMY DAVIS ESSO SERVICE NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA BECK'S TRAILER SALES MOBILE HOMES TRAVELO, RANCHERO, KENTUCKIAN HOLIDAY MANSION, ELCAR New and Used Trailers Phone 7-9l7O NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE TURNER-TOLSON FURNITURE CO. LOCKEY'S RESTAURANT WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE WRAY STUDIO CHARLES STORE BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE TRENT BARBER SHOP APPLIANCES OF NEW BERN JOHNSON MACHINE COMPANY PAUL'S GARAGE JOE ANDERSON DRUGS STANLEY JEWELERS McLELLAN STORES COMPANY MONTGOMERY WARD WALLACE HOLTON'S GARAGE OETTINGER BROTHERS, Inc. THEODORE BAXTER JEWELER TONY'S DRUG STORE ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY SUN-JOURNAL McCOTTER FURNITURE STORE CRAVEN FOUNDRY AND MACHINE CO. EMMIE'S FLOWER SHOPPE WILLIFORD PLUMBING AND HEATING BLADES AUTO SALES MITCHELL'S HARDWARE JOE LIPMAN AND SON FURNITURE MOORE'S BARBECUE BRANCH'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT THE BOOTERY CARPENTER'S FLORIST WARNER'S CAFE FLYNN'S T.V. SALES AND SERVICE FARMER'S SUPPLY HOUSE NEW BERN OIL AND 'FERTILIZER CO FLEET CAP'N TRAILERS BYNUM'S DRUG STORE "CHICK" NATELLA GUS W. HUDSON THE DUNN AGENCY NEW BERN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PEPSI-COLA COLLINS LUMBER COMPANY HUGH B. MILLS, REALTOR J. T. PEARSON AND COMPANY C. D. PIGOTT AND SONS TRENT GROCERY MATTHEWS CABINET SHOP IVES OIL COMPANY GRAY UPHOLSTERY COMPANY COASTAL TIRE COMPANY WOODROW MOORE HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING BESS H. GUION, ANTIQUES MYRTLE WILLIAMS SHOP HINNANT PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY PUNCH AND JUDY POLLOCK FUNERAL HOME DIXON BROTHERS NURSERY FASHION CENTER HEILIG-LEVINE FURNITURE PAT'S PURE OIL STATION J. C. PENNEY COMPANY OWEN G. DUNN THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY NEW BERN LOAN and JEWELERS BURROUGH'S and RAYNOR RADIATOR SHOP COPLON-SMITH COMPANY BRINSON TRACTOR COMPANY FIVE POINTS MILLING COMPANY NELSON'S SEAFOOD and POULTRY DONALD T. MIDYETTE, INSURANCE BAUGH and SONS COMPANY TONY'S DRIVE-IN DINER WILLIS FURNITURE COMPANY NEW BERN TRACTOR and EQUIPMENT COMPANY SALEM PONTIAC COMPANY THE MEN'S SHOP FROSTY-MAN-FROSTY LANE'S AUTO SERVICE' HARDEE'S BEAUTY SHOP D. IF. WILLIAMS SERVICE STATION ACE ELECTRICAL COMPANY ACE REFRIGERATION and EQUIPMENT COMPANY THE FLORIST, MRS. CARTER TISDALE L. 8. S. SALVAGE YARD CHARLES F. HARDISON CHARLIE C. CLARK MIDWAY D GASKINS SHELL SERVICE CENTER Highway 17 North Four Miles from New Bern Phone ME 7-9100 Electric or Acetylene Welding Washing-Greasing "No Job Too Small or Too Large" NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Insured Savings FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION 417 Broad St. Phone ME 7-3721 Home Loans NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA WILLIAMS- SERVICE CENTER Your One Stop Shopping Center MEATS-GROCERI ES-PRODUCE GENERAL MERCHANDISE U.S. Highway 70 East Phone ME 7-3582 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA RIVE IN THEATRE New Modern Television Air Conditioned CURTIS MOTEL BRIDGETON, NORTH CAROLINA U. S. 17-1 Mile North of New Bern, North Carolina Phone ME 7-4568 Finer Fashions GI' CHRISTIE'S Dial GI 7-3850 Located at Commercial Center HAVELOCK, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of A FRIEND ! I WILLIS 8. BALLARD FUNERAL HOME 226-228 Broad Street Dial ME 7-32IO Featuring New Bern's Only Air Conditioned Straight Ambulance Service 24 Hours a Day NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA THE SMART SHOP New Bern's Smartest Shop for 24 Years NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA HENDERSON CIGAR 8. CANDY CO., INC. WHOLESALE SPECIALTIES 3OI-303 South Front St. Phone ME 7-3340 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of C. H. STITH, INC. Complete Insurance Service 248 Craven St. Phone ME 7-2963 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA 'I905-1958 Quality and Service ls Our First Thought STEVENSON BRICK 8. BLOCK CO. DURA-LITE BLOCK Office Phones: ME 7-3386-ME 7-5929 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA TAYLOR MOTOR CO. Used Cars and Insurance 420 S. Front Street Phone ME 7-6333 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of General Wholesale BUILDING and SUPPLY COMPANY NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA NEW BERN BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Building Supplies, Concrete Blocks Ready-Mixed Concrete Lumber, Sand, etc. Phone ME 7-3I43-ME 7-3I44 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Portrait, Commercial and Aerial Photography JOHN R. BAXTER New BERN NORTH CAROLINA WILLIAMS PHILLIPS "66" SERVICE STATION 24 Hour Service Starter, Generator, Brake Service Phone ME 7-5484 NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA an-nl-i'4-n -v ,oi-u A --fu Am f 57 Q ,w-w.n-av-wnr.,f K.M,..,,7..,.,,M. M-'C -..S Q., - Maus-Jones Piano7Co., Inc. PREPARATIONS ARE BEING MADE FOR THE HOMECOMING PARADE. HILL'S Known for Good Clothes NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA NELLO L. TEER COMPANY Crushed Stone Meeting All Specifications and Gradations RIP RAP and JETTY STONE CONCRETE and MOR'TAR SAND STONE SCREENING GRADING St ASPHALT PAVING Dial ME 7-7222 or ME 7-5010 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Airport Rd. ' New Bern, North Carolina T. P. ASHFORD OIL CO., INC. Dial ME 7-4207 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Our Aim-"Warm" Friends! RIVERSIDE SHELL STATION SHELL PRODUCTS Road Service Phone ME 7-5037 GEORGE STREET NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA FIRST CITIZENS BANK 84 TRUST CO. NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA PARKWAY DRIVE INN Known from Coast to Coast for FINE FOODS and EXCELLENT SERVICE U. S. Highway 70 West NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA DIXIE CHEMICAL CORPORATION Manufacturers of FARM TESTED DIXIE FERTILIZERS Plant and Sales Office Phone ME 7-2002 or ME 7-6380 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CLARK'S DRUGS Walgreen Agency NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of BOYD BROTHERS Dealers in Fruit and Produce Dial ME 7-4197 or ME 7-4198 520 S. Front St. NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA METROPOLITAN CLUB New Bern's Finest Sporting Place Where Good Friends Meet 317 Pollock St. New Bern, North Carolina HOOD'S TEXACO SERVICE 208 Eost Front Street Phone ME 7-7410 NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA CAROLINA OIL AND DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Pure Oil Products Dial ME 7-4164 Windley Street New Bern, North Carolina PINNIX DRUG STORE A Everything in a First Class Drug Store "It You Don't Trade with Us We Both Lose Money" Phone ME 7-2746 A Corner Honcock ond Queen Streets New Bern, North Corolino I H. K. LAND 81 SON REALTORS Sales - Rentals - Leases - Investment 205-206 Elks Temple Phone ME 7-4251 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA W. C. CHADWICK General Insurance Agency Fire, Casualty, Automobile Office Phone ME 7-3146 Residence Phone ME 7-3432 214 Clark Building NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA . ng' 1 K I nfs NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA BOB CLARK'S PHARMACY Let Us Compound Your Next Prescription HAVELOCK, NORTH CAROLINA 1 ,. . It -J .C - - , A N Q, wwf X4 . . - . .- .Q-gi 'S "- , .J t y. 9 " , 'V yr' 1.., 'fk'A , , A LA-IAVE FUN KT TH fi W 5 R' ' A 7 'f .. .. , 1 -ew. .. T""'ln. 'ngmf Compliments of MASONIC THEATRE Established 'I812 Oldest Theatre Operating in America NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA THE BANK OF NEW BERN "Your Home Owned Bank" Serving New Bern Since T917 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments Of KEHOE THEATER NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of S. H. KRESS NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Home Freezers and Refrigerators J. C. WHITTY 8. CO. I32 Craven St. Phone ME 7-2998 NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA RAYMOND FUSON Architect JOHN N. PETERSON Associate 4OI-404 Elks Temple NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA BRADDY'S LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Phone ME 7-2159 323 S. Front St. NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of FULLER MUSIC HOUSE NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA l.l-ni Those of us at WHIT, the pio- neer radio voice of New Bern, are mighty proud of having served the students of New Bern High for I6 years with quality radio program- ming and of the fine associations we've had with the faculty as well as students, particularly those who have started their radio careers as members of our staff. Thanks for your loyalty, guys and gals. We hope you love us, tool RAY D. WILLIAMS JACK 'N JlLI.'S DAIRY LAND "Freezer Fresh" ICE CREAM KINSTON HIGHWAY IPOCK'S RED and WHITE SUPER MARKET R. w. IPOCK, Prop. Fancy Groceries-Western Meats Fresh Fruits and Vegetables BOGER-BALL DRUG STORE DRUGS - SUNDRIES - CANDY SODA FOUNTAIN I5I5 National Avenue Phone ME 7-4654 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA BAXTER'S The Bride's Store Established 1892 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA We Sell Used Auto Parts We Buy Late Model Wrecked or Burned Autos for Salvage. Brass, Copper, Scrap Iron, Steel Batteries Radiators "When You Think of Used Auto Parts, Think of Us" SAULTER'S AUTO SALVAGE COMPANY 904 Geo,-ge Sf,-eef Located I I!2 Miles on Morehead City Hwy NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA New Bem Dio' ME 7'39'O RIVERSIDE HARDWARE and C I' I BUILDING suPPLY mp 'mens l6I7 National Ave. ME 7-6308 of Benjamin Moore Paint C. W. BENFIELD, Owner Fishing and Hunting Equipment NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA l.ONGl.EY'S SUPPLY CO. New Bern, North Carolina 5 25" 'fI'..'1-.Nl '31:s:'jR-..5'-RD'Ea.:.- . . . " -' V' x .ff-we :JR :..f if ,. f" A .RR A PJJA .e . , + 1 I ' I . - ,-.. . .. Y .E ' 5 . -1 4- x A . .' .., - 'F-V -A H. R- Af ,.4....- - ,. ..f,..,. .J - - 1- .am wa. . ... .-:V .-.,- ,V . . .4 .-Q.. 339. I 3. ,. ...., .., . Q... .. . A., M,"-Q. . Qzfmv ,' .f - ., .,,, . g,....... 4 ,I X A. A 1 5549: t A+ 1 fx jmggmfp Y vii' Y ,, ff Jfzgaiwirifxfvi 1 Q :Mi X, R N' r 3 P .,,' f 5 'Lv' ,, Ya ' , , f 5 I A av Q. in 9 .1 M I 4 9 R .R rx., f rv .gg If J ,, new av F I ..,, ss'-h .Q X A f' , 1. f R-. I y ung, . fr: ,A v-'- I: 6 .. N! 1 V .W 4. f , I . .A ,gf A RE R . 1. ps f . ,, .. ,,xY Qu ,x,, - ., - - X X .M I A -"'1"i I I MW -A A V,,,, ..:. , - Arai-A . -jf 3 .V V, X . 4 f3I11.,? 1 U 1 I S if I . , ., ,I Y .. 1 ua s E H . ..,VV ' . '-. . . , '+ R- f . -N Rh mw f . .F ,E ,fp iw n 1 it .QWM 4 A I - " 9 . I ,. HA. Q... , ,W NEW BERN PROVISION COMPANY J NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA l I I The BRUIN express appreciation to our professional friends. DR. J. M. GRADY D. C. MCCOTTER, JR. DR. JAMES L. MENILJS DR. DALE T. MILLNS DR. N. M. BAXTER ROBERT G. BOWERS DR. D. R. COPPAGE DR. F. M. SIMMONS PATTERSON DR. E. C. RICHARDSON DR. L. H. ERDMAN DR. RAY L. MILLER DR. I. R. STOCKTON DR. GEORGE BULLOCK R. E. WHITEHURST DR. C. H. ASHFORD W. E. WILLIS DR. J. F. PATTERSON DR. W. L. HAMMOND DR. A. F. HAMMOND, JR. DR. J. W. DAVIS, JR. I DR. J. J. BAREFOOT DUNN and DUNN I L. A. STITH A. D. WARD ' DR. ALAN DAVIDSON I I I I .II I ,. Hg., ,. A av QL... .-afu..V. -Msn . XJ. Q. ff .H , , . 'rn fx 'L 7-v N .v, fn ' xr ,-5 mo. lf' . ,L-1' 4 ,MH 5 :M -- :,r.,,, f -V. N... , Y ', Qmmw. ' , -f4a.5, .. .. ' ".,,7w..f'Q 'IW-r '. n r '::.:'l "" 49 44 'fix-fha 1 'K 'N . 5: v.,, fo ,. IDP, ' H , r W rv L, 1 5-..,,. , 3.5 15- ..,-Lr., ., H UA 1 :.? ., '-.:, m. ,,, -1 Qu. 1 1' f. .K N -A ..,' A H,-4 -U. ' ey-wa 3, 1 Nm n,,,f..-fx 3 ,V-e,.,...f . . f 1 4 ,, ,. 3 ,A ,J 1 - ,L nj- 'P ' - x 1 ' 1 Q ek s": 4 r . , .r . ,' v, 5' 1 N X nhl? rc. K Q P fg 1 A 1 fl M, 1 - A ln " 8 . Qwmm 'pig xx' 1 K pig, ' 'w:.'. A S, -4 W R 'Fe L. 4 4 4 I 4 . 4 4 4 4 , X 1 A 4 4 4 4 If 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 l

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