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-Y-I !!9"-Ll!fs4fv"4- 1 fifvqcx eff-1 Y , A . Y f .f N . -1 ..,. ' aff ' ' Aa, N . 1-,, ,M -,, I., ,hh ,ft J -, ... 1' -, jy.4:.L. - .f-,v.'V, .M , 4-4 1 . f , , 3 Af., .. ,. ,,.,. VL -f' L .f4!.. ' ' . .1hN-- ' Z., . , " . ,J - A ' -1.-,ry -- ' .n' . , I.-1. 'I .. M' , .. Fngqz' , I " '.25'-I-'51, " fl avr? 1 N., ,K - 'if-'-e.'-ff' . , , . rf 1 , k'r .. ,- qi 1 r 1 .1 -:yi gl W . .PY ffffa. N.. , 2 . f:v,.-,,"'f'- I I J fslwfwm M 1 AU ,:--' .y 1-yup." . - -N J X f 51... , .. ow-'H 4 4' if , f 15 ' 'C 7' x I: "' f "'f'-S51-" .-fv f , ' . , , 3 ,Ll-S5 'rv.,g,, ,:4.,.APY 'V M L, wr 1 1 , rw,-'.M1.. I, ,375 W I 1 , . A- . 14.53, 1--sin--1 Q f - if 1 1 M ,,1. ,, :Al 59. h flaw . ,WM awdlmwu zz W W ,W EV, 5 4 MW i t, ii H ' - WS me With true affection and gratitude do we, the students of New Bern High School, DEDICATE the 1957 BRUIN to MR. JAMES N. SMITH, JR., our friend and advisor. His claim to distinction lies in a real understanding of the students, their abilities, their faiths,-and in translating these qualities, both by precept and example, into the language of accomplishment. Mr. Smith, affectionately known as "Jimmy,,' teaches Physics and Mathe- matics. A native of New Bern, he received his Bachelor of Science Degree from North Carolina State College and his Master of Arts from the Uni- versity of Alabama. Here at New Bern High, where he has taught for seven years, he considers his sponsorship of the Senior Boys' Hi-Y as an all-important privilege. During the past five years he has served as one of the sponsors for that history-making affair, the junior-Senior Prom, a time when his versatility has been really tested-and found more than adequate. May the years be kind to him and smile on his efforts to make of school days hours of pleasure and reward! james N Smith, jr. 'Auf Q 1 fa, .2 - , f I- N A ' X 'V Q, THIS IS THE NEUSE RIVER. It is born high in the blue Alleghenies 51.4 .tl-if. from a tiny spring that shivers from between two rocks. It is joined by rf yr :aah X - .. - , , . . w ' N +9 t - ampther thin sliver of moisture and yet another until it is a little brook. It slifixg 1' Y 901 downward to 'oin ith oth sm ll t ntil it becomes a owerful fqfte' 'tus :VI ' S.: ,W 1 w er a sreamsu p QA i - Q ' l X ' . ' A 1 5 b xx s l1'g.f'It-liatl flows through the Piedmont area of our state-absorbing other Wat! u ' - .ji.ES'.ir1Na,searching, heady journey toward its destined union with Pamlico'5of1 Nw- . . va 'mx lair!! 5.x y 'A .Q W Nxt , ' -Zlxei -'But the Neuse is more than a bod of water, more than an awealis 'Lrg 'L 'sv -' P R U- K Y at '- ,.' Q- NR all Q S M' ,L jfliabmimy- things. to many-peoplefllobthe, ijegl it yxqas:,tlgei ofllhg?'4w4f it ,QAIE Patlivfay. to cb11qxue51i'44tlc,efQl2q tt-cigggayigilltpqqgqqhx 1 , .. , v .5 5 V 1 ,. . ,"4 "4 ', x.,x ' --9 J3.'gf?Mte3sfQsf1'H- . . -Q -,'.iHtf1thf Tffff-Ft?'t'f 3 G1 fart ' .. 45- gclfxqerttufe, ' ' I' efsQ :to af differeritf ' a ' of l1feg'to",eeoi1omic 4 ,. I- t. sr .bis u'n'.,x,'x',L,'yTvSw . - f n- ' independence.,"m,e'1who gwere in-sbdndage, it offered freedom, for the Neuseis free! ' "h ' D' It is a long river and a deep one. To those who have clung to its banks, it has meant pleasure, friends, livelihood, a bond with the rest of the world -yet at times ia rod of discipline, for the Neuse is a thing! of moods and will punish any act of irreverence. When, however, one follows the code of the river, when one recognizes its strength, he is richly rewarded! How like this river is New Bern High School! How deep and strong and wide is the channel of its changing curriculum. How swift and sure does retribution come for violation of its law. How turbulent with inspiration and knowledge does its stream of youth surge into the ocean of the world, and how enriching to humanity the refreshment that it brings! 1 1 E i 5 if E E i S i Q f i L: Q w f 4 , 4 1,17 .f5' ,-v .fr.v'.1v,-f , 2 ., . . N , 0 1 , V- ,-av .1 J X ,V QI! 1 J 1 -1 WN 6 . W1 r-1 f, f-fqw, 4' f, ,WA A, , .1 1, X I ,,,f,,. 2 f E ZLS flistary ! World v I Scorzamics gggiplagy , ffisfary Biolvgy f f Y Y -5 .xv ,, V ,AW I, , V, , General Science Physics Zhemistry Above-Mrs. Rosa Strickland gives dictation to future experts in SHORT- HAND. At right-Mysteries of the Income Tax report are explained to students in GENERAL BUSINESS by Mrs. Mary Bullock, Secretaries in the making learn typing under the experienced eye of Mrs. Margaret Brinson. From the firm clay of the hills, a river absorbs minerals that make it a blessing to the vegetation in valleys below. So does the student mind flow in and out among the courses of study offered and de- rive that precept and practice so useful in later years. Foreign Language-A founda- tion for the cosmopolitan outlook -a key to world understanding -a basis of comparison and help in the comprehension of our own tongue-these and many others are the dividends paid by an in- terested study of French, Spanish, and Latin. No one knows as well as we students of "Home EC" the thrill of designing a garment and then seeing it come to reality under our own hands. Y, ,V ,Q I ,yi in 19,11 W. if Yifk E, A f fiLi14l','5. all ,'Ij,',,',4 f I I We know you are comingg so we are baking a cake! And believe us-we have learned to make delicious ones! Making a bed in the well-kept house is not just a haphazard affair. It has to be done just so! No funny stuff! Busy hands' and alert minds - "the do-it-your- selfers" of New Bern High. Here a group of first-year industrial artists lay proud hands on their prize-win- ning projects! Righl - Not one tiny smudge must mark the finish of Walter's hand- some table, destined to win honors in the I. A. Fair. At left-Watch out for devils! We have just pur- chased a printing press! Patsy Rowe, using tangible illustrations, speaks on color dynamics in the field of display What makes the wheels of industry whirl smoothly? What abilities must I develop in order to get and hold the job I want? Wlio is Mr. John Public that I must wear my warmest smile to greet him? These and many other questions are answered and il- lustrated for us in D. E. Class at New Bern High. This picture shows us reviewing our individual projects. On-the-job training for james Edwards -lucky boy! Bright, sunny days bring the physical educa- tion classes out for calisthenics 1' ' .gffeliiiilg 5 L e C e . . A 5. .L Mu-Qifl L 7 JL fl i 11415511110 U iieoimm 'Gu id Q. nc Students return- ing to school get a smile and an admission slip from Mr. Smith. I8 A ,,i, . K, ,,, A x -1 x , ,S , my ,f wnwia gn ,, ' .S Qfixsg qu, ,A 3' 0 WP' M. K Q K 'gsm rn ' , 4 f g Q ik? -.1-:Q 34 1 - it 5 K . JR 9 EQ: K Y f ia M' ,V 4,35 - 4' W Q 41 v f , X , ws .,, mf , fe:-A.,- , . 1 Pm, ff ,, Y S :fin V ' ' ' 'ally 'K A if W . ...- ri - ,,B.M x . 1 Q., - fa., y s tw - ,Q if 4 W A 5 . 4 55 W ' xx ,M 53 . I Q M fif- 1 , 4,6 ,L ,,k, Q., ,2 m "" , 1 ,, .Q ' wgg wg, ffm It is our sincere belief that the untiring efforts and patience of our director, Donald Smith, as well as his unusual ability, have created the pleasure and success that has been ours in the field of choral music in the years goneby. ,4 Cfappclla 6l1rfir Hays' Glas 61116 gasses Sopramfs MAJORETTES jo Carole McDaniel Libby Hodges Edith Bodenheimer Teddy Ann Holten jean Stokes Brenda Pope MR. DAVID WALTERS Band Dirertar OFFICERS Libby Hodges Freshman Clan Reprefentatzve Jimmy Adams-Drum Major Claude Hardison-Senior Clan Reprexentfztive Pat Mason-Sophomore Clay: Representative Cynthia Freeman-Secretary David Walters-Director Charles Strickland-Vice Premient Milton Wood-President Jimmy Hicks-junior Clan Reprefentative BILLY EDWARDS receives the john Philip Sousa award. JIMMY ADAMS Drum Major TRUMPIITS Clurlei Strrclcland lom Hfrrmon Nancy Provost Ulm Heltlr l'11nk1e Horne Lury Moore Zinkle Smrtlr Glen XX'1yne Drud Zuks Dqxrd Wrlson Ronme Lrmb Mickey Reg,,1Ster TROMBGNES Wrltcr Drum Cul Crpps W1lter Sand lm Brll Doxx dy Tommy French DRUMS jimmy Murray, john Anderson, Jasper Ormond. Jack Hancock, James Tyndall, Claude Harclison. Brenda Caten, Shirley Ricks. Wanda Tingle. An affecting scene from the spring "Pops" concert This is dancing? Practicing . . . down by the riverside! Parade's over! . 4 W K, " 'F' 'q w 1 i JL L ' 4 Z" " i I - al. ,, .. wg h 3 1 r ' i ...W 4 wgkim? . ' g,p 2Y l,?,,"+ .1 KL XR-131: 5 'A 2 is --r, Q, 'Q' . L f' E ' Iv fi? QT 9 5- L . 195355 ,gm ,.,,. t.,, , 4 ,. , 1 3. S , y f 'L MH, 4 Mlm we Qu 5 t,wg,.M,.q:,:'3:-EQZ13?Yl?viff5Q1 ' b X ' Q' 119 A 1-21251 I, . - ,- XL, ' .ff-14133 rfggrgge-wkvgifliwsv 4-,eQ.Q?p23ff:-,fu V ,Qsyghsy-4252+951 -LS -fab mrsfrlfxzaff :L W , A ,kgs i , 'Riff f 2 fm , 1'7E-mm' fs-Qpifiif. -U-f:::fx,.'1 ' Y . . C f 1-.eva 'PGV-77,ifffY?Qfffw1' iflfifnfl- qQE.5,sLf,," ' ,, ,N ' - wsxafzfr 1' 4' Xia 2 A L- 'f3f'iffEaQgf3:, farggw W :C i H3-' y' Qiifdikrf ' -- k 'amy A.-f, "fA1LE-if illiliiurri Mm A-,.x,-,ww-g,L . , fi?tgz ,iz29 9- 4 'K Q 1 'WK My , - .2 Q Q , 5 ,m ai' inf. ff A 6 , sfffi- g fag-zg:,' ' ,213 . ifigwg. 'Vbx' W 1,2 ,gg--j W' M , 553 , 1Hif,ipm7 . A ' A P Tggjv f, ,.zm9'if"b . ww- ,- V .A N V ' 1- -aw' . W Going to the polls . . . Discussing the candidates Our cheerleaders play host . . . Hope my candidate wins . . . Hurry! You're tickling my back at the cheerleading convention! WE TRIED . .. YIIHIU Dragon . . . Wonderful Help . . . Artists . . . We used Oriental Garden! as the theme and carried it out dramatically with a realistic "green" dragon and an authentic pond spanned by a dainty white bridge. The figure Was a large fan formed by . . . LOVE IS A MANY euior WE SUCCEEDED . . . Grand Opening . couples carrying small japanese um- brellas. The exquisitely gowned girls made this an unforgettable picture of color and beauty. l SPLENDORED THING" Our Banquet Our Figure . . . wig! ww,,NAbl' RM g wig! ' W PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY PRIZES First - Ernest Hughes, Production of Rayon. Second-Bobby Turbeville, Van de Graf machine for static electricity. Third - Bobby strikes and Leo scott, Telescope. Fourth-joseph Zajac, Aneometer. The judges for the entire fair were W. L. Flowers, Principal of Central School, and H. J. MacDonald, School Superinten- dent of New Bern School. INDUSTRIAL ARTS First year - WOODWORK: Wallace Holten, Gene Lupton, Amos Parker, James Tyndall, Ronnie Lamm, Ford Gar, Edgar and Gene Mcllwean. Second year -- james Caldwell, Curtis Lupton, Walter Bunch, Bobby McLaw- horn, James Parsons, and Bennie Tingle. BIOLOGY AND GENERAL SCIENCE Exhibits on the whole year's work were shown in the General Science and Biology Labs. Displays included scientifically pre- served specimens, leaves, bugs, rock col- lections, and posters on birds, anatomy, and snakes. Kamen l6'ar1quef On April 6, the New Bern High School gymnasium, scarcely more than one year old, witnessed a scene strange even to vet- eran halls-a festival in honor of Apollo and the muses. As the New Bernians watched, Romans from long ago came back to earth and en- tertained the gods by humorous skits, by acrobatic stunts, by dancing and singing, by instrumental music. A gladitorial combat took place! Dramatic scenes were enacted! Then to the delight of the hungry guests a banquet, served in Roman style, was spread before them. Students-usually dressed in modern garb-now in togas and loose, flow- ing gowns, reclined to partake of exotic food ffriend chicken, no lesslj. Our Roman Banquet of 1956 brings back memories of fun and hard work, as well as grateful thought of Mrs. Laura Rhodes, who made it all possible! "Now good digestion wait on appetite and health on both." Above: The Vestal Virgins bless jupiter and juno. fRichard Verrone and Terry Midyettej Left: Gladiators fight to the finish while cheering maidens urge them to wildest ef- forts. Strong man Hercules l matic 8ff0rfs Get up Confusion , . . up . . . ! What it was . . . Gesundheit! Lxpstick, Candy, and Rubber Soled Shoes. Stage scenery experts . .. ? Tobeornottobe... I 95 7 Debating Umm MARY ANN ALLEN Affirmative JO CAROLE MCDANIEL Negative DELORES STEPHENSON Affirmative LANE ABERLY Negative a i f fi .,,, -ff" ,, f , -' ' . g,..,iim.w-ifw ',fg' , .,,-f--f' ',,' . . A :JW . ' "" 4 , ,L " H.. ,fi-fi - y,jj,,gj in Hzwvkfii mg ,. 5- 2 5 ' .- 5, , M A ' -, 'ij sf ' 1' aiizw fbifw- 4 5, 5 ,, Q A W, J xi' , 3 ff 23 5 f 3 4 1 Q . 1 5 if A K 7 3 ' J 43 4 'ff3:ig, Wi A4 f- +14 fs' W If-' :, if auwg, . ' 5 iggyrf, L' f .gi-,if ,, -,L Q . V S, M 13 7 if R W ff pi ,i 'M E 4 xi A 1, E ' M5554 M , is 1 jf gi: if 12 if QP T' - ' HY Q , ig. .i A .v , his - is: 4,595 3? , i is ,K ,.,g,Wi4 it ,gg if , Mulxg' 'I m wk 2 my "L , 'Sw W is 1 ' 1 ,, , ., J 9 'w ' Ei 5 . ki Si, 2 viii- .. fs, 'R . :Ay J i f wan? ,Z 'gg , ,wi . M i if i N - at 'fi iff 1 4 F, ii Mva vfi 'Z 69353237-'1f? fE,g if 1' fri-:W ga y, , 115' r-w?fz'fi'f3r""' ,, W maemifiimvi " wwiinw wir fi f-V vw v V Mi i - , QM .i,,,,,, , , ,C 1, Q ,,f.,,1f ' ff ' :J-,', wi . F 'S i v an , .IMQQ I ,i M , ' f ,gctnj ffm, 4Qv,uL'f, f.,fmiY1M L v ,, W v Q, VW., . xW,,A L WMF, Vir.,JQWiN,LS.,p1gM?mi Mjurxfwx, .,,-,if ,, , j flwar Bus Driver of ibe Year BASKIN HARRISON john Philip Soma Award BILLY H. EDWARDS Library Affiflafzl of lbe Year CAROLYN NELSON Publiratiom Award BUD BLEDSOE SARA LOU GASKINS Debaziug Azvardx SUSAN MCCOTTER BILLIE BARNES JOHN RILEY ROSS BERT SALEM Giflf' Siale BETTY JEAN SMITHWICK GLORIA OLDS Cammerrial Sludent of zlae Year FAYE FULFORD Pbyyicf Award BOBBY TUBEVILLE Our Debate Team receives tangible recognition. Q..-wav:Qaw11QnamQwgmissx:w,aa:visams,wxs:,:Xq,Qer: ay - 7956 - C lzemistry Award ERNEST HUGHES Biology Auwzrd TOMMY HUGHES Valezz'icl01'imz BOBBY STOKES Sfzlufatorimz NORMAN BANKS Mart Valuable Player Fooilmll-BILLY ATKINSON Barketball-CHRIS BREMER Barketball-HELEN MULLEN B"5Eb5'U'SAM BABER We are justly proud of the accident-free records of the bus drivers Sofzbfzll Team Trophy Piffufed here' SYLVIA STYRON Radio Awnrdr MARY ELIZ. POWELL JIMMY GASKINS MARTHA K. MAULTSBY KERMIT GUTHRIE New Bern High's most valuable athletes stand proudly with their well-deserved trophies. Below: Mr. Burke Taylor presents the Baseball trophy to Sam Baber. Right: Tommy Hughes accepts the biology award from Dr. Spear, - 5 . .usa L. . . K - Little Red Riding Hood . . . ffomecom jack Be Nimbl Lynne an Betsy ea our parade in grand style jack Sprat . . . X Second Flrst prlze Hxckory C HH Prize . . . Dickery-Dock . . . An excited queen-Connie Hobby-has just received red roses and a golden crown from Superinten ' ' ' 1. dent H. J. McDonald while her escort, Alex Watson, smlles defmxte approva l 43 The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe . . . Forest! It's in t Zrfllege Day he bag .. . their applications for admission to Wake Would-be nurses find interest-stimulus at the table set aside for the N.C.U. School of nursing. The University of North Caro- lina attr while . . . 44 acts its full quotag These girls plan to fly high ,.. the man from "State," too, receives enthusiastic attention! as air line hostesses. U16 ,Nafivmzl Eifzbcnshzjv Erfnfererzce On Wednesday night a youth panel meeting was held, at which time jackie took an active part. On Tuesday eve- ning, Lane, Donna, Charlene, and Connie were hostesses at banquet tables serving the Purple Heart Veterans from Bethesda Naval hospital and the Walter Reed Army hospi- tal. Standing with the airline stewardess just before boarding the plane are the New Bern High School delegates to the eleventh annual National Conference on Citizenship at Washington, D. C. Jacqueline Grady was selected under the sponsorship of Mayor Mack L. Lupton as one of the three dele- gates-at-large to represent the entire nation at a conference whose purpose it is to foster the high type of citizenship developed dur- ing World War II. Shown with jackie are Connie Hobby, first alternateg and Richard Verrone, second alternate. Other New Bern students attend- ing the conference were Betty jane Smith- wick, Charlene Denham, Shirley Brinson, Mary Elizabeth Gardner, Terry Munford, Carolyn Nelson, Lane Aberly and Donna Zacks-the latter two shown in circles at bottom of page. Asscmlrq nies Our favorite pimist Billy Bynum Soma sings while Connie and Max play. Guest speaker joins us as Mr. Donald Smith leads our "sing," K i l Z , 11 5 ' 21iQil S. j ' ' H i , 2' f N '?,z -, ff" flLi f'-,' Tiff 1-"r " Qi ff lj -' '- "f' , ev' fy.: 7 1 ? QU E gi... f 7 ' 9 ri ,Q :V-3, Mr. N. F. Anderson-one-time director 46 S.B.I.-scores a point! First speaker of the year- President of National Honor Mr. "Mac," Society conducts Devotions. We win the district award for the 1955 yearbook. We honor the Honor Roll Students. M 0" A Y J I 'ff kW?kf"f'f': . . h V h 1 6 ,,Vf,'-'ff S 1f'Eziz'iN 'K L . .iz-,Z , 1 ' - 2 ' 'ff ' ,Ma xi J .. Q, fry, fx,-gg. ,.,,, I 'Q if A 1 ,. Mfiwwa 'ffyfiffff :A ' 'g f. f f jg WMK5 ETL JM? FMC ' NE " -Ls::gfl1'f1 I-z The Green Phantom Is the-me a doctor in t he house? Lfefis' Dance . at the Prom. at the football sock hop. . . . to help the Lions Club. . . . because we won . . . another Betsy and her flag. This lovely flag is the creation of Betsy Ferebee's own mind and skillful hands. lei? Kecficuf National Honor Society conducts tapping ceremony. . Junior-Senior Steering Committee . trying out the new archery equipment. Mrs. -C. T. Atkinson demon- strates serving procedure to the lunchroom staff. Mrs. Roy Tucker, dietician, has learned well the shortest route to student hearts. Not only at lunch time does she cater to their hungry appetites, but so often she willingly prepares refreshing sandwiches and drinks for the various school activi- tres. Mob scene? Nope-just a hungry crowd in the lunchroom! Leon H. Wade and his assistant, Luther Eastwood, have in their hands the physical welfare of New Bern High School. They keep our buildings in repair, keep it pleasant to see, and maintain the warm comfort so necessary to our happy work and play. H. M. BARNES... Superintendent of the maintenance department of New Bern City Schools. OUR JANITORIAL STAFF: Anna May Midyette Lisa Dixon 5l 52 i. 6967 X X X 5 E a yy Adminisirafivn 5 ? Z There was a time in the minds of men when a river had its own directing deities. So does our high school have its guiding forces. They, like the river gods of old, direct, inspire, and judge. Here we present the minds that create, the hands that lead, and the spirits that in- spire . . . G . E Kim Q f 51-Q K" , N ,Y Q ' E if Q f 5,4 ,fi 1 av, Wgign 5. . WA K vii y, 3 ia I ffl' M35 J r 'Q sa, ? 51:5 12213 'ya ' JL Ng S Sus M3 ,, ki it I , S' - it fp gi. f 54 if . 5 Q Q , gg A A A fx 3 . W iifziiig 6 i s 2' ,. LW W' , -7 f 5 2 if L gf ii Y fi 4 S "al . - 12.1 -W. - QL ' f 5 2,942 ,V N,,, . V , .ng , . V . 1. W M E .sf i - If ,QQ ,f gi -e- A " -72 A wa. an e fi: B V . ai 534' DW UQ '-lik' if? E Ti., q , , . 2? 1 N '- 1 'W A ' 5 f? Q25 3 ?ff ?+5X J 2 f S , X .fx 8- 4233525 .ilu -sv H: Vw k Y if f tags i N " 1 f, 11? y Rx f' Q 1 ' , ,fp 3' gf if A QA. ' 5 NH ?3'5zf:lF t 5: his 75 k f " Q Q 'V " 1 f xv 5 f ' 2 H if if V - ' x A fi- ff. , Zi igkiwgf 'MW is Wye' . 1 A . H , f if "' - W wwf F A -L, if , 34 Q , .,. f ik x - Q ga .6 K . ,E Qwgirgivggw, 5. -,QQ as md , . .Jw zfw 2, '. . K J , -ff .aww K R ' gn, K A JV . ' lm, A K Wg Lg, X g it W ,, iw ! , f psf. if W . F5 L V , , s w ., qw W 4 , f , ' . , , , -f :f i , f H' 1' 1,2 -9 ' - ma r. , . ski. , ff 3f"':? ' . f :W gf' Ng 1 5' ff? w N L wan, W 5351 in M ,. A -A 'EEF 4 mia f ffmw "KM '1 'X 4 ,, ,f vb' , . ,:'.: ' , S kg: 1' .- gi ' . - X1 5 2-gm' V1 ',..f . '- ' - QA 1' fa A A 5 ' Qig. - . Mf g .. fri' d i s - 1 1:7- ' . it , M A A . ,- W ' . 'af Ji Y' fa-S254 5 Q Af fi? , ' ' -, L1 , x ,I 3 Q.-wr' f X W Y M- ,Q-, if W i ra, M Y. Q2 f -7' gi -1 , gf ,Y n 5 lj . Q V A 5525 , , . M k 7 up ,,,wg,'i9'7':iQ-Q? 1.1 .,,, -,, ....v. " 'f fkf-H A? S Z "Z -' . .Af -4 " , 'iiQ::f,.f'2'?:r-12, "WH" . . 5 f,w- rw' ' A A q S f .. f Q .. -, .f:f,,x,s V nf L1 J ., is W 3 figwigx u wu V, i -q,7,,1 . - , K ' fx ' ' V K L -a ww QC- y . . 12' ' " - A A m Nj' - 72 ' fi .fkfff W' "WN ' 2 f A 'kffw . , Q Q W A H- -..V A,', C ,. b ,,.,.. ,.. , M A V W , ,Yi .. , W I, 3 ,vw -gm 2039 ' 2 U 'F J . . .:,.,s-MQ -' 5- f' ' A ,. 'f "Q" . 53 'QM N B. F B, A 7 if gf' in my ,i M233 I, Qin X K J.: Our Board of Education is composed of men and women who have given freely of their time and energy in order that we may have a more efficient school system. It is through their efforts that New Bern High School has become an institution of which every student may be justly proud. Board af Sdumfionf Readmg clockwire: R. L. Stallings, Jr., Mrs. Helen Kafer, Mrs. J. R. Latham, H. G. Tolson john R. Taylor, chairmang H. J. McDonald, superintendent of schoolsg W. M. Bryan, Will Moore school treasurerg James Simpson, R. W. Ipock, Burt Taylor. Superintendent vf Seneels Mr. Harry MacDonald has dedi- cated the past ten years to the growth and progress of New Bern Schools. Under his leadership our accredita- tion has been strengthened, our cur- riculum broadened, and our physical assets vastly improved. We know Mr. MacDonald as a warm, friendly person, a man of courage and vision! We know him to be public-spirited, dedicated to serv- ice, an incorrigible optimist, and pos- sessed of a never-failing sense of humor. One of the bright spots of September days is the assembly hour when "Mr, Mac" speaks to us, for always in his own inimitable fashion he brings us something new and deep to ponder over. Primvjval The past two years have floated gently but swiftly by and have left in their wake much of growth and prestige-all this under the capable lead- ership of our principal, Richard S. Spear. Dr. Spear graduated from Catawba College in 1944 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The next year he began graduate work at the University of Hawaii but returned to North Carolina to receive his Master of Arts at Duke University. The same university in the year 1954 granted him the degree of Doctor of Education. Having come to us with such an educational background, he was ideally prepared to assume the triple role of leader, counselor, and disciplinarian-and to discharge capably each duty, at the same time achieving the enviable title of "friend" to both student and teacher. Mrs. Sarah Hunnings, Mrs. Helen Smith, and Mrs. Laura Rhodes discuss plans for correlating their lan- guage courses. Mrs. Rhodes teaches Lating Mrs. Hunn- ings, Spanishg and Mrs. Smith, French. Seniors, Beware! Wlien your English teachers look like this-an interesting test is in the offing! Miss Lucy Hodges, Mrs. Helen Smith, and Mrs. lla Mae Roebuck. Miss Louise Anderson is pleased with the efforts made by her English classes to recognize Na- tional Education Week. Could this be the business "exams" in preparation? Mrs. Frances Nobles, Mrs. Mary Bullock, and Mrs. Margaret Brinson "won't tell"! But could be! Of course, we don't know what these two are discussingg but we do know that our English papers are too often a source of amusement, so . . . ! Mrs. Ida McKinnon teaches junior and sophomore Englishg Miss Sara Green, sophomore and freshman English. Mr. Donald Smith, director of the choral depart- ment, and Mr. David Walters, band director, review the advantages offered by several music camps. Miss Frances Fischell and Will Pittman express approval of the progress made in physical edu- cation classes. Mrs. Gwendolyn Whitley, recording sec- retary, ascertains address of a student while Mrs. Hazel Brinson, secretary to the principal, transmits it to the inquirer. just relaxing in the faculty lounge- Mrs. Ivy Chadwick, Miss Anderson and Mrs. Martha Gardner. ' Qoach Sam Arbes in a rare moment of inactivity. His civics classes and his physical education work keep him almost steadily on his feet. Mrs. Lila Smallwood, U. S. Hirtary, and Mrs. Stelma Whitley, World Hirtory, are in agreement concerning the world-shaking import of the No- vember election Miss Hilda Gordon, Drama, and J. F. Hockaday, Algebra, admire the molecular structure of D.D.T. in the hands of Mrs. Barbara Brock of the chemistry department. Mrs. Ivey Chadwick exhibits for her fellow geomet- rician, james N. Smith, the models made by her classes. For the benefit of the uninitiated: they have in their hands a tetrahedron. Parent- Zfazclzvr-Sfudmf Association The P.T.S.A. members enjoy a critical look at work done in American literature. Informality plus refreshment makes for greater rapport among parents, teachers, and students. Pictured below are the officers: Irvin Ver- rone, treasure-rg Mrs. W. J. Gaskins, second vice presidentg Mrs, Henry Davis, corres- ponding secretaryg Betty Jane Smithwick, recording secretaryg Nat Dixon, president. i Wire Fraud of Our lguildmgs A side view of our classroom building . . . 64 A view of our library . . . Senior Spolzmr . . . MISS ELIZABETH WILLIAMS JAMES KELLY ADAMS Glee Club 1, 25 Art Club 2, 3g Band 3, 4g Hi-Y 45 Drum Major 4. ' LANE ABERLY Cheerleader 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Chaplain 25 Latin Club 1 2 Secreta 2 St cl , , ry g u ent Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, junior-Senior wa't ' ' iress 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Assist- ant 4, Citizenship Conference 4. MARY ANN ALLEN FHA Club 1, 5. Vice President 4g Latin Club 2, Homeroom officer 23 junior-Senior waitress 2, Basketb ll 4' a 3, , Monogram Club 4. WILLIAM ABERNATHY SUE ALLEN Dramatics Club 1g Band 13- Script Club 1, 23 Homeroom officer 5, Bear Cub Club Vice Presi- dent 5, Bear Cub Staff 3, Nurses Club 4, DE Club 4. RICHARD WARREN AVERY Football 1, 2, 4g Latin Club 23 Script Club 4, Bruin Advertising Staff 3, Superlative 4. RICHARD GREGORY BLAKE FFA 1, 23 Drill Club 3, 4, DE Club 4, Basketball 13 Baseball 23 Football 3. SAUNDRA KAY BALL FHA 1, 2g Semester Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4g Junior- Senior Waitress 2, Marshal 33 Bear Cub Staff 4g Hi-Y 43 National Honor Society 4. MARTHA ELLEN BLEDSOE FHA 13 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2 Homeroom officer 2, 33 Junior Class Play 3 der 2 3 4 Bruin Subscription Staff 2, 3 Cheerlea , , g Bruin Editorial Staff 4g Nurses Club 3, 4. JUNE ELIZABETH BENNINGHOEE Typing Club 33 Bear Cub Staff 4. JANET BLOCK Script Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Junior-Senior Waitress 2, Marshal 3, Nurses Club 3, Pr6'S1Cl61'lf 4, Bear Cub Staff 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. ANN HOWARD BOGGESS Freshman Class Vice President, Student Council 1, Sophomore Class Vice President, Latin Club Vice President 2, Bruin staff 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Library assistant 3, FTA 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, Office assistant 4. BARBARA ANN BRANTLEY FHA Club 1, 2, Typing Club 3' DE Club 4 SHIRLEY LOUISE BRINSON Dramatics 1, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Glee Club 1, Nurses Club 3, Hi-Y 2, officer 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, Chaplain 4, Med Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Citizenship Confer- ence 4, Associate Editor of Bear Cub 4, Semester Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. NANCY ALICE BRUNJES Library Club 1, 2, 4, Script Club 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Choir 3, 4, Typing Club 2, 3. THOMAS BURNETT Beaufort, S. C.: Science Club 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2, junior-Senior Waiter 2, Boys' State 3, Beta Cl b ' u 3, School Newspaper 3, 4, New Bern 4. EDWARD IN GRAM BURWELL B 2, Visual Aids Club 2' Radio and Photograph, s Y Club 3, Radio Announcer 4, Homeroom Custodian 4. . t . , Bus Driver 4, Superlative 4. and 1, 2, 3, 4, Auto Club 1, Student Council 1 WILLIAM CARNEY BYNUM Glee Club Accompanist, Latin Club 2, junior- Senior Waiter 2, Carlisle Military School 3, Home- room Officer 1, 4, Superlative 4, National Honor Society 4. SAMUEL GORDON CLARK, JR. Homeroom Officer 15 Glee Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bruin Staff 1, 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 2g Sopho- more Class Treasurer, Student Council 3, Science Club 3. ELZA LEON COLLINS, IR. Baseball 1g Football 2, Auto Club 2, Rhythm Club 31 DE Club 4, Dramatics Club 4. STEPHEN FRANCIS CARRAWAY Drill Club 2, Auto Club 33 DE Club 4. BETTY FRANCES BYRD Homeroom officer lg Library Club 2, Secretary 3, President 4, DE Club Secretary 4. ELLA FRANCES CAHOON FHA 1, 2, Glee Club 2, Typing Club 3, 4. CARL EDWARD CAPPS Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Script Club 2, 4, Art Club 3g Radio Announcer 4. TED WINFIELD CAREY Glee Club 1, 2g Photography Club Vice President 3, Baseball lg DE Club 3, 4. OSWALD CHANCE Visual Aids Club 2. College material UD JUDY COX Dramatics Club 1 Homeroom officer 1 2g Glee Club 1 2 3 Semester Honor Roll 1 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 2 Script Club 2 Nurses Club 3g Bruin Staff 3 H1 Y 3 Secretary 4 Choir 4g FTA Club 4 JAN STOCKARD CON DON Quantico Virginia Annual and newspaper staff 1 2 3 Chderleaderl 2 Chorus 1 2 3 New Bern4 NEEDHAM CLIFFORD CROWE, JR. Boys' Glee Club 1, 2g Football 2g Basketball 25 Junior-Senior Waiter 2g Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g junior Class Treasurerg Homeroom officer 3g Senior Class Presidentg Bruin staff. CLYDE DAVID CONNER Churchland, Va. 1g Radio and Photography Club 23 French Club Secretary 3g Dramatics Club 4. DONALD CUTHRELL Drill Club 2g Radio and Photography Club 34 Science Club 3g DE Club 3, 4. IRIS FAYE CUTHRELL Dramatics Club 13 Typing Club 2, 33 N1-H595 Club 3 DE Club 3, 4. MILDRED CHARLENE DENHAM Semester Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 3, President 23 Junior-Senior waitress 23 Student Council 2, 33 Homeroorn Officer 2, 3, 43 French Club 33 junior Class Vice Preside-nt3 Hi-Y 3, 43 Med Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, Treas- urer 43 Bruin Staff 43 National Citizenship Dele- gate 4. LYNNE DAILEY Hawaii 1 Basketball 1, 3, 4g Visual Aids Club 23 Art Club 33 Monogram Club 43 Superlative 4. ELAINE ELDEN Dramatics Club 13 Latin Club 23 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Homeroom officer 1, 2, 43 Bruin Staff 1, 2, 3 Bear Cub Staff 43 Superlative 4. PAUL HENRY DANIELS Junior Boys' Hi-Y 1, 23 Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 Foot- ball 2 Glee Club 1, 23 Bruin Subs. Staff 4g Student Council 4g Homeroom Officer 4. Geniuses at Work JOHN ARNOLD DODSON Drill Club 2- Hi Y 5 4 PAUL EDWARDS Drill Club 2, 53 DE Club 4g Bus Driver 4. PATSY EMERSON From Glendale, Ariz. Girls' League 1, 2, 5, 4, Girls' Athletic Association 1, 5g Student Council 1, 2, 4g National Honor Society 5, President 4. JOSHUA ALBERT EUBANKS, JR. DE Club 4. GAIL PATRICK VERONICA DALE EVANS Florida 1, 2g Dramatics Club 5g Nursing Club 5' DE Club 4. JAMES WILLIAM EDWARDS Bus Driver 2, 5, 4g Drivers Club 23 DE Club 5, 4. CARL DIXON Dramatics Club 1, 4, Art Club 2, 5g Junior Class Play 5g Radio and Photography Club 4g Basket- ball 2. CLAUDE LANE DIXON Band 1, 2, 5, 4g Drivers Club 55 DE Club 4 Dramatics Club 4. FHA 1 Historian 2 junior Senior Waitress 2 AC UELINE GRADY Glee Club 1 Choir 2 3 4 Dramatics Club 1 Script Club 1 2 4 Homeroom Officer 1 Z' Stu- dent Council 1 National Citizenship Conference 4 Semester Honor Roll 1 2, 3, 4g Superlative 4. THOMAS LUCAS EVANS Homeroom officer 19 Bruin Subscription Staff 1g Dramatics Club 1, 2g French Club Treasurer 3g Script Club 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4. GLENDA F AYE GAMES FHA Club 1, 2, Typing Club 53 DE Clu Basketball 2, 3. MARY ELIZABETH GARDNER Glee Club 1, 2, Drarnatics Club Secretary 13 Semester Honor Roll 1, 2g Script Club 1, Secretary 23 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 5, 43 Student Council 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4g junior Class Secretary 3g Bruin Staff 3, 45 National Citizenship Confer- ence 4g Office assistant 3, 4g National Honor So- ciety 4. LINDA HAMILTON GASKINS California 1, 2g FHA 33 Library Club Chaplain 4 New Bern DE Club goes to State Conference. JOHNNY FRANKLIN HADDOCK Latin Club 1g Library Club 1g Student Council 1 2g Bruin Staff 3g Script Club 1, 2, President 3 JERRY PAUL FISHER Dramatics Club 1, Treasurer 23 DE Club Asso- ciate President 3g junior-Senior Steering Com- mittee 3g Junior Class Play 3g Bruin Editorial Staff 4g Senior Class Vice President 4g Homeroom offi- cer 2, 3, 43 Script Club 4g Superlative 4. BETTY HALE HAMILTON Homeroom officer 13 Latin Club 1, 2g 1, 2, 35 Script Club 3g Library Club 4. HILLARD HENRY ERIE Latin Club 1, 2g Dramatics Club 3g Bus Driver 4. CLAUDE BRYAN HARDISON Band 1, 2, 3g Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 Dramat1cs Club 2g junior-Senior waiter 23 Science Club 3 junior Class Playg Chief Marshal 33 National Honor S0 ciety 3, Vice President 4g Student Council 4 BENNY HARKER Homeroom officer lg Hi-Y 1, 2, 4g Latin Club 25 Basketball 2, 53 Fork Union Military Academy 3. MARGARET VONDEL HEARNE Fayetteville, N. C. 13 FHA 1, 2, 3, Club 1, 2, 3. NANCY GASKINS HATEM Script Club 2g Art Club Secretary 3, President 4. LOUEY MICHAEL HEARNE JV Basketball lg Bus Driver 1g Safe Driving Club 1g DE Club 3, 4g Delegate to District and Na- tional Convention. RICHARD VIRGIL HEARNE Bus Driver 1, 2g Drivers Club 2g DE Club 5, 41 Basketball 1. 4g Glee Grin and bear it! l MARTHA RAYE HILL FHA 23 Nurses Club 3, 4. JOY HINES 33 FTA 43 Hi-Y 4. CONNIE ELIZABETH HOBBY Latin Club 13 Homeroom officer 23 Bruin Staff 1, 2, 3, 4g Script Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 1. 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 13 Choir 2, Secretary 43 Stu- dent Council 2, 33 junior Class President3 Hi-Y 43 Homecoming queen 43 National Honor Society 4g Superlative 4. JOHN HOGAN Glee Club 13 Choir 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 43 Homeroom Officer 1, 33 Basketball 13 Baseball and Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Superlative 4, RUSSELL HOKE Choir 1, 2, 3, President 43 Semester Honor Roll 2, 33 Basketball 1, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Football 23 National Honor Society 43 Superlative 4. CAROLYN HOLLOWAY Dramatics Club tlg Glee Club 1, 23 Script Club 23 junior-Senior Waitress 23 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Bear Cub 3, 43 Bruin Staff 43 Semester Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Hawaii 1, 23 Latin Club 33 Semester Honor Roll GEORGE HEATH Auto Club 3. JOAN OLIVIA HILL FHA 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 13 Choir 3, 43 Homeroom Officer 33 Dramatics Club 4. Homeroom officerl 2 5 4 FHA1 Latin Club 2 uruor Senior Steering committee 3 Script Club AMES RUSSEL HUNNINGS Band 1 2 3 Radio and Photography Club Secre- tary 2 Drivers Club 3 Bus Driver 3, 4. ROBERT JOSEPHUS HOLTON Homeroom Officer 25 Glee Club 2g Choir 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Bus Driver 35 Football 2. FRANCES GLEE HUGHEY New Hanover High 1, 2, 3g Latin Club Secretary 2g French Club 3g Arts and Crafts Club 2, Treas- urer 3g Thespians 3g New Bern 4g Science Club 4g Hi-Y 43 Bruin Editorial Staff 4. JAY LEE HUMPHREY, JR. Radio and Photography Club 2g Auto Club 39 DE Club 4. NANCY ARTHUR DE Club 3, 4g FHA 1, 23 Dramatics 2g Script Club 3, 4. FRANCES KETCHUM Script Club 2g Dramatics Club 2g Nursing Club 4 DONALD KENNEDY Drill Club 2g Auto Club 39 Hi-Y 4g Superlative 4 MARY LOUISE KORNEGAY FHA 1, 2g Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Art Club Assistant 43 Library Club Secretary 4. ADRIENNE MARSHA KERSEY Script Club 2g Library Assistant 3g Dramatics Club 3, Vice President 4g DE Club 4. PATRICIA ANN LAWRENCE Band 1, 23 Future Nurses Club 2, 5g DE Club 7' junior Class Playg DE Club 4. EVELYN LOUISE LEWIS Horneroom Officer 1g FHA 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 33 Student Council 2g DE Club 3. 4. SONIA ELIZABETH MATTOCKS Dramatics Club lg Glee Club 13 Choir 2, 3, 45 Script Club 23 Bear Cub Staff 33 Bear Cub Club 3g Student Council 4g Junior Class Play 3g Semes- ter Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, 4g Superlative 4. STANLEY CARR LEXVIS Science Club lg Library Club 2, 43 Typing Club 3. TRUXTON KING MANN, JR. Art Club 2' unior-Senior Waiter 2g Glee Club 33 , I Choir 4g Hi-Y 5, Secretary 4g Student Council 3, 4g Senior Class Treasurer 4g Bruin Advertising Staff 4g Honor Roll 2, 3. ROSALIE ANN LUCAS Student Council 1g Dramatics Club lg Script Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2g Latin Club 2g Nurses Club 3. Bewitched, bothered and bewildered 5 HAROLD LEE MILLER President 55 DE Club 4. Sports Club 5. Band 15 Football 13 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Drivers' Club HUGH 'MILLS, JR.. I Football 2g Fork Union Military Academy 3g GENE PERRY MCILWEAN Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 1, 2, 3, Homeroom officer 4. BOBBY FREDERICK MCLAWHORN Basketball 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 3. ALBERT KING MEEKINS Visual Aids Club 25 Radio and Photography Club 3g DE Club 4. KAREN MIDYETTE Dramatics Club 15 Homeroom Officer 1g Latin Club 1, 2, junior-Senior Waitress 25 Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, Script Club 3g Marshal 53 Hi-Y 3, Vice President 4g Bruin Staff 4. 'REF ION MEADOWS Transferred during senior year to Fort Lauder- dale, Fla. RICHARD A. MILLS Radio and Photography Club 3g Bus Drivers' Club 4g Bus Driver 5, 4. l - 'malittftfnf' TERRY ANN MUNFORD candidate 4. BETTY JEAN MUSE CAROLYN JESSICA NELSON Homeroom officer 1, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, Vice Pres- ident 23 Bruin Subscription Staff lg Bruin Adver- Script Club lg Latin Club lg Student Council 1, Secretary 2, Vice President 33 Citizenship Confer- ence 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 43 Homeroom offi- cer 1, 2, 3, 43 FTA 4g Superlative 43 Homecoming FHA 1, 2, 3, 4g Script Club 23 Typing Club 3. LOUIE MITCHELL DE Clubg Auto Club. KENNETH MORRIS Basketball 1, 23 Bruin Subscription Staff 23 High Salesman 23 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary3 Glee Club 13 Monogram Club 3, 4, Vice President 43 Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 43 Homeroom Treas- urer 1, 33 Bruin Business Staff 3. tising Staff 2, 33 junior-Senior'Waitress 23 Hi-Y 2, 4, Secretary 33 Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 Marshal 33 Senior Class Secretary 43 National Honor So- ciety 3, 4. BASIL HOLMES OATES, JR. President of Radio and Photography Club 23 Drivers' Club 33 Golf Team 3. GLORIA LEA OLDS Latin Club 13 Dramatics Club 1, 23 junior-Senior waitress 23 Marshal 33 Typing Club 33 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4g Nurses Club 43 Homeroom officer 43 Bear Cub Editor 4g Semes- ter Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Superlative 4. SYLVIA JEAN PAGE FHA 1, 43 Library Club 3. SHIRLEY GREER PARKER FHA Club lg Glee Club 13 Dramatics Club 13 Nurses Club 2, 4g 4-H Club 3. AVIS FAYE PARSONS Westbrook High School. Beta Club 33 Glee Club 1, 23 Cheerleader Chief 2, 33 Marshal 33 Latin Club 4. IDA MAE PARSONS Latin Club 7 Homeroom Officer 23 Dramatics Club 3 Glee Club 3 4 DE Club 4' Future Nurses Club 4 NOEL A. PAUL, JR. Glee Club 1, 23 Football 23 Student Council 2' Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Fork Union Military Academy 3. MARYAN NA PAUL Script Club 13 Glee Club 1, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Student Council 1, 2, 33 Nurses Club 2, 33 Jun- ior Class Playg Junior-Senior Steering Committee 33 DE Club 43 Hi-Y 4. ALTHEA SUZANNE PERRY Glee Club 13 Choir 2, 3, 43 Script Club 23 Typing Club 3. SYLVIA KAY PERRY Script Club 13 Dramatics Club 13 Glee Club 1, 23 Latin Club 23 Nurses Club 33 Hi-Y 3, 4g Choir 3, 43 Homeroom officer 4. JANE BARBARA PINER FHA Club 1, 23 Typing Club 33 DE Club 4. NORMA FAYE POPE FHA Club 1, 2, 33 Homeroom officer 2, Semester Honor Roll 1, 2, Script Club 4. NELLIE ANN PURIFOY FHA 1, 2, 5, 4. JOHN FRANKLIN RHODES Drill Club 1g Auto Club 5g Script Club 4. EARL RIDDICK, JR. Hi-Y 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer Latin Club 1, Bruin Staff lg Baseball 1, Golf Team 2. 43, Drivers Club 1, G ee Club DONNA FRANCES RIDEOUTT Club 1 2 Choir 2 3 Treasurer 4 Latin 1 2 Bruin Sales Staff 1 2 Student Council junior Senior waitress 2 Homeroom. officer Semester Honor Roll 1 2 Superlative 4 REGINALD RIVENBARK Fishburne Military School 2, 35 Hi-Y room officer 4, Football 4. HARRY E. ROBBINS Football 1, Z5 Script Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLIE BRYAN RICE Glee Club 1, 2, Choir 3, 4, Visual Aids Club 2. 4, Horne- PATRICIA ANN ROWE Homeroom officer 1, 2, 4, FHA 35 DE Club, Sec- retary 3, Associate President 4. EDITH KATHRIN SANDERSON FHA Club 1, 23 DE Club 5, 4. MARY ELIZABETH SAULTER Glee Club 1, 2, Choir 5, 4, Library Club 2, 33 Choir 5, 4, Dramatics Club 4. VIVIAN CORRINNE BENNETT SAULTER Library Club 2. 45 Typing Club 3g junior-Senior Steering Committee 3. SANDRA ROBERTS I-Iomeroom Officer 1, Dramatics Club 1, Latin Club 1g FHA 1, 2, 3g Semester Honor roll Zg' Nurses Club 4, Hi-Y 4. FREDRICK JEFFERSON ROEBUCK Glee Club 1, Drill Club 25 junior Class Playg Salesman Award 3, Bruin Subscription Manager 4, Dramatics 4. MARY LOU ROLAND Newport 1, 2, 3, FHA 1, Glee Club 1, 2, Basket- Jall 2, 33 Sghool paper 3. PERMELIA LOU ROWE Glee Club 1, 2g Script Club 23 Cheerleader 3, Typing Club 55 Hi-Y 4, DE Club 4. JACQUELINE LEIGH SHADLE Script Club 15 Latin Club Secretary 2g Librarian 2g Homeroom officer 23 Nurses Club 33 Office Assistant 3, 4, junior-Senior Steering Cornmittee 3, Bruin Sales Staff 43 Hi-Y 4. CLAIR FISHER SIMPSON Drill Club 23 Drivers Clubg Script Club 3, 4 Driver 3, 4g Hi-Y 4. ALICE FAYE SMITH Glee Club 1, Dramatics Club 1, Script Club 23 FHA Club 2, 4, Typing Club 3, DE Club, Vice Q President 4 BETTY JANE SMITHWICK Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatics Club lg Latin .Club Secretary 2, junior-Senior waitress 2g Homeroom Officer 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, FTA 3, Cheerleader 33 Marshal 33 Bruin Staff 3, 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, President 4, Semester Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, JOE ROLAND SMITH Homeroom officer 1 Auto Club 3 Football 4 EDDIE EARL STALLINGS, JR. Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3, Glee Club President 2g Band 13 Script Club 1, football 2g Basketball 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2g Bruin staff 2, 3, 4g Art Club 3, Choir 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Vice President 4. SALLY DELORES STEPHENSON Latin Club 1, 2g Homeroom officer 2, Bruin Subscription Staff 2, Nurses Club 35 Semester Honor Roll 1, 2, 33D1'arnatiCS Club 4. ELIZABETH STEWART FHA 1, 25 Dramatics Club 3. RUTH ELLEN STILLEY Glee Club 33 Future Nurses Club 33 Dramatics Club 4. FRANCIS BLACKWELL STITH Homeroom Officer 1, 23 Glee Club 13 Choir 2, 3 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, President 23 Class President 2 Virginia Episcopal School 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 4g Golf 43 Monogram Club 43 Superla tive 4. ERVIN STOCKS Radio and Photography Club 23 Drivers Club 3. CHARLES STRICKLAND Drill Club 23 Band 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4. RICHARD SWINDELL Glee Club 13 Football 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Visual Aids Club 33 Monogram Club 2, 3, Presi- dent 4. JERRY HUBERT THOMAS Glee Club 13 Choir 2, Librarian 3, Vice President 43 Script Club 13 Drill Club 23 Auto Club 33 DE Club 43 Honor Roll 1. EDWARD LEE TYNDALL Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, President 43 Football '23 Homeroom officer 1, 33 Treasurer, Art Club 3. RICHARD VERRONE President, Student Body 43 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4g Student Council 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g National Citizenship Conference 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Home- room president lg Bruin Staff 33 Superlative 4. ALMA JEAN WATERS gate 4. FHA 1 2 Typing Club 3 4 Office Assistant 4 RAYMOND ALEXANDER WATSON, JR. Band 23 Hi-Y 2, 3, Treasurer 43 Choir 3, 4g I-Iomeroom Officer 2g National Citizenship Dele- ADRIAN WATERS Dramatics Club 1g Bruin Staff lg Student Coun- cil 1, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 33 FTA 55 Hi-Y 5, Pres- ident 4g Office Assistant 4. GEORGE BENJAMIN WATERS, JR Radio and Photography Club 2g DE Club 4. W H, MARY FRANCES WETHERINGTON Freshman Class Treasurerg FHA 1, 2g Typing Club 5, 4. BETTY ANN WHEALTON Band 1. 2. S6CrCfHry 53 Rhythm Club Treasurer 2g Typing Club 33 DE Club 4. LEROY WHORTON Baseball 2, 5, 4g Football 4g Monogram Club 4. BILLY WHITE Glee Club lg Auto Club 2g Choir 2, 3, 4. Band President 1 2 5 4 Football 2, 53 Mono- DONNA GAYLE ZACKS Homeroom Officer 1 2 3 4 Latin Club 13 Dra- matics Club 1 Bruin Editorial Staff 1, 2, 3, Ed- itor 4 Sophomore Class Secretary 23 Hi-Y 2, 5 4' Citizenship Conference 4 Superlative 4. BARBARA WHITTEMORE Dramatics Club 13 Script Club 23 Homeroom offi- cer 2, 33 Library assistant 2, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 33 Junior-Senior Steering Committee 33 Bruin Staff 4g Science Club 4. ROBERT SHELTON WILLIAMS Glee Club 1, 23 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Football 1, 2, 4. CAROLYN WILLIS Library Club 23 Typing Club 33 Nurses Club 43 Office Assistant 4. VANCE WILLIAMS Homeroom Officer 13 Drill Club 2g Drivers Club 33 Bus Driver 2, 3, 43 DE Club 4. PAULINE AGNES WILLIS Pamlico County High School 1, 2, 33 FHA 1, 23 Junior-Senior Waitress 23 Basketball 1, wmwvmesmwwaxxamemwwmmwwhfmvffwwmmmwwfvwy Hazel Belangia Terry Bennett James Benton Peggy Benton Diane Berry Billy Biddle Bobby Blake Gladys Blanford Charles Blythe Edythe Bodenheimer Marshall Braddy Barbara Brinson Diane Brinson Elaine Brinson Ted Brinson Bruce Brooks Lois Buckner Ellen Bunch Olivia Burnham Ion Burwell Rosa Chance Bruce Carney Charles Carraway Anna Cartner Anne Chagaris Sondra Carawon Judy Coburn Helen Cole jimmy Collins Harvey Conner Barbara Cowell jean Daniels Alice Dunn Donald Dunn Larry Dunn Linwood Dunn Leona Eborn Ruby Eborn Joe Edwards Billy Ernul Betsy Ferebee Rosalie Fox Cynthia Freeman Durlene French jimmy French Jean Fulcher Raylene Gabel johnny Gaskins Robbie Daniels Charles Davis Margaret Davis Nancy DeBruhl Walter Dixon Barbara Dobbins Miriam Duncan Allen Dudley -ifiMJl.?Fs- Linda Gaskins Donald Gibbs Marie Gillen Martha Gillikin Robert Gillikin Sonja Godwin Shirley Hall Phyllis Hansen Sarah Hansen Laura Hardison Aaron Heath Kay Heath Jimmy Hicks William Hill Ann Hodge Frank Horne Phyllis Hughes Thomas Hughes Catherine Ipock J. A. Ipock Lorraine jackson Billy jarrel Alice johnson john jones Jack Lewis Michael Long Mollie McCotter jo Carole McDaniel jim McKinnon Janice Messer Michael Miller Marilyn Mills Bobby Mohn Edith Moore Bobby Nelson Philip Nelson Nancy O'Neal Loretta Owens Betty J. Pake Georgia Parrott l Judith H. jones Linda C. Jones Sandra M. Jones Charlotte Kennel Linda Kornegay Ann Lane Billy Lansche Betty Laughinghouse s f14Qi2ixsZifis1s2ie5 John Partin Carolyn Pate Charles Phillips Max Powell Nancy Provost Dickie Quick Betty Quinn Mary F. Ramsey John Reynolds Walter Rhodes Ann Rice Shirley Ricks Suzi Ricks Larry Roberson Charles Ross james Ross Frances Samia Anita Slater Nancy Singleton Annette Smith Aubrey Smith Frances Stewart Jean Stokes William Swindell Marcelle Vogel Dorothy Ward Michael Warner Becky Wayne Craig White Sheila White Alva Williams Velma Williams Billy Willis Pearly Wilson Duncan Winfield Alton Woodard Henry Wooten jean E Worthin ton - 8 Rosie Zaytoun Tony Zaytoun 96 Ann Swinson Linda Taylor Sara Taylor George Thomas Charles Toler Roger Toler Louise Tomlinson Patricia Turner fflfx 'Ri 'w 1 1i'4 e1H'a'1,g1fi4:fi-:g.uai Prefiderzz-TOMMY MIDYETTE Vice Prefidenf-LLOYD BRINSON S9f7'Ff:Z7'j'1JUD3.f STEIGNBERG Treasurer-GAIL ROBINSON 5 opho mf Roderick Connie D01-is Judy Flora Leroy Abbott Adams Adams Adams Adams Alligood Rosa LCC Lester Mary Frances Mary Ann Betsy Armstrong Arthur Arthur Bartling Bell Patsy Cecil Harry Ann Bell Bennett Bennett Bland Nelson Bill Janice Janice Elaine Fred Broughton Brunj es Bryan Cahoon Cain Carter 98 -i, W .,,f . ,,.. ,, , ,, MW, Doris Elizabeth Bill Peggy Ann Valeria Char1CC Cotten Cox Daniels Darnell DeMers Alan Linda Alice Donald Robert Davidson Day Eborn Edwards Emory jerry Beverly Emmett Harvey Eubanks Ferebee Ferebee Franks A,,.......,,w-+-sm W NWN-a.,.m.,............,,,w H ,V 'fs....... ---........-f--x ,.,..'17.--"' ,,.... ---- --4----Q we-',,,....,..... ,..,,--M-H-w..Q,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,. .,.. .......--.- -MNMM,,,,.....-.- A,-gy.-M4,w,,,.,............., "'r'-- "wI,,,.,,,...,..-'---w- sdifr-'--1 eff'-""" r ,, Wwe ,W ,,,f-"""'N , --...M E ,.... , f.,-...N ,,,,,,asu-ll' gf"""' if Tiff ., ,...... ,..,,..,....,- ,W--'Q r"h'x-M,n.-vm X ygmww W UWM mx-M, Qi x Tommy Lois Betty Jo Chal-leg Jackie Martha French Fulcher Gaskins Gagkins Gaskins Gaskins J X R B ,,: B as ., f K f 43' W' it W if tgiggifs -J" r -'f,. ' Rose Sandra Violet Clifton Nancy Gaskins Gaskins Gaskins Gentry Gibbs Brenda Elizabeth john Libby Y Glass Goers Gray Gregor B B B i ',,' 2 'Q' L' A ' KV Billy Glenn Barbara jackie Gwen Guthrie Hale Hall Hammond Hargett Tommy Lollie Nolan Eleanor Allen Stevie Harman Hawkins Hayes Hieks Gathin Hines I 00 Carolyn Dallas Martha Wallace John Carol Holton Holton Holton Holton Howell Hughey Oscar Wendell Elizabeth Sophia Patricia Ipock Ipock Ivey Jackson Jacobs Alton Robert Hayden Jean Jarman Johnson Jones JOHCS Joe Sammy Donna Carlyle Rodney Jones Kellum Kilby Koonce KI'1OW1CS Donald Marilyn Catherine Judy Betty Mary Lamb Lancaster Lansche Lawrence Lee 1460112175 IOI Penny Michael Carolyn Eloise ICH Mary PCHd1Ct0I1 Petteway Philips Powell Powell Powers I02 Peggy George Grady jack Ursula Mamie jane Powell Price Purifoy Ragan Reimann Rhodes Glenda james Gail Katie Norman Ricks Ritter Robinson Rouse Russell janet Charles Earl Thomas Sawyer Sawyer Sawyer Sawyer Shirley George Myrna Danning Judy SCOtt Smith Smith Stallings Steinberg Carolyn Marie Dale Charles Betty Curtis Stilley Stilley Stroud Sutton Taylor Tilghman I03 Winston William David Brenda Louis TfiPP Vogel Wi1SOH Yelverton Zaytoun' Prefidenl-LINDLEY WHITE Vice Prexident-LINDA COLLIER Secretary-LIBBY I-IODGES Trefmzref-BRENDA HARDY Weshmeu n ,Y,www:nnfmQmmymwmXA-.pmr, .mm I05 jerry Adams Mike Agent Carol Aliff Karen Ambeau johnny Anderson Cecil Andrews Peggy Andrews Billy Baker Marshall Ball Eurlene Bell Charles Benfield jack Bennet Morris Bowden Nancy Bradley Charles Brinkley Donald Brinkley Emmitt Brinson jimmy Brinson Patsy Brinson Sammy Brinson Bobby Brown Johnny Browning Pattie Bryan Joyce Buchanan Luther Buckner George Butts Billy Cannon jane Carraway Charles Carter Brenda Caton Patsy Cauley jimmy Chagaris Mary Lee Childs Nellie Clark Linda Collier Glen Crepps Bobby Cuthrell Susan Daniels Betty Daughety Gail Daw Connie Dennis Brenda Dixon Carolyn Dixon Walter Dixon Barbara Dobson Billy Dowdy Mark Dunn Walter Dunn Myrtle Edwards Io Ann Ernul Bobby Ferebee Cecil Ferebee jon Ford Carole Forstadt Dot Gallagher if fr ' -am """,.' .,.,. M f TN ' W S - - if Wirral: M.. ,.,,.,g,e:, A f W E if W . katie: . e""'e-""'m L "t'wi.l fy ff:-f'74f5.t,,,W,,,M mi ,ff it i me ' 1 ,. MTB? , ri X' Mstllgg M-10" ,gf ,W ww' a,w,x,.i we , , w W, -'M Q jaw-at ' ..ffffF'l'6" , -wrfifw , A -f" r-grief , W , 1 fr' 5 57 it 1 ,O ,,-iff? W' New y' , 41 gif my NUI' Nlfilwl wwwvdli' yfl 'lining fda 'Q J 1 wwe -' A ' " " " Y gill-"A"' i, Q ,ww V f M ,gif r V vi 'fir' Robert Gardner Johnny Gaskill Billy Gaskins Guy Gaskins Paul Gaskins Stanley Gaskins Inez Gillen Anna Gilliken Donald Glancy Vernon Goodwin Mary Green Barry Hamilton Olivia Hammond jackie Hancock Harvey Hardison Robert Hardison Brenda Hardy Linda Harrison Jack Hartley joe Heath John Heath Nelson Heath Barbara Hill Brian Hill George Hill janeth Hill etty Hines B john Hobson Elizabeth Hodges Eddie Holloway Sioux Hollowell Peggy Holt Buzzy Home Betty Hudson Pat Humphery Rose Humphrey Lois Ipock Louise Ipock jimmy Jarrell Elsie Jarman Myree Jarvis Jo Ellen Iennette Lillian Johnson Peggy johnson Peggy Jones Nicky Koonce Annette Lancaster Frances Lancaster julia Laughinghou Jimmy Leathers Edward Lee Clifton Lewis jimmy Lewis Gorman Lewis Glenn Littleton SC Judy Locky Martha Lewis Edward Lyttle Richard McEnally Bunny Mcllwean Talya McKinney Tommy McKnight Frances McSorley Bobby Manning Matthew Martin Donald Matthews Alfred Melton Buddy Mitchell Walter Mizelle Bonnie Moore Carol Moore Larry Moore Marilyn Moore Barbara Morris Carol Morris Peggy Morris Tommy' Morris Alice Munford jimmy Murray Richard O'Conner Donna Olds Mollie Olmstead Patsy O'Neal Jasper Ormond Susan Orringer Marsha Paul Suellen Polzin Brenda Pope Betty Powers Margie Pugh Chunn Purser Carol Quesenberry Pat Ragan Eloise Reel Mickey Register Robert Reid Margaret Rhodes jay Rice Bobby Riddle Ernestine Riggs Betty Ring Penny Ringold Betty Rivenbark Ester Rolison Becky Rouse Sybil Rouse Helen Rowe Donna Safford Mary Ann Samia Walter Sandlin Melba Saulter Shirley Sawyer Ben Scott Toby Simmons Robert Simons Linda Simpson james Singleton Brenda Smith jackie Smith Louise Smith Nell Smith Ronald Smyer Pat Southerland Joyce Stainback Jean Stilley David Stilley Billy Stovall Lottie Strickland Larry Swindell Marie Swindell David Taylor Gail Taylor Randy Thomas Winston Thomas Barbara Toler Dorothy Burkhart Janice Gentry Freeman Hudson Michael Johnson William jones Much to our regret pictures of the following freshmen were not available: Maurice La Hue Willis Mason Rufus Mills John Rowe Eugene Seamster Betty Jean Tripp David Troutner Pat Tucker james Tyndall Robert Tyson Allen Wall Lynwood Waters Buddy Watson Glen Wayne james Weatherington Janice Weatherington Royce Whealton Floyd White Lindley White Dykie Whitfield Margaret Wiley Bobby Williams Janice Williams Richard Williams Janet Winfree oten Zaytoun David Smith Ruth Strickland Sonny Taylor john Tomlinson David Wingate Pete Baches, president of the National Honor Society, speaks to the guests, in- spiring them to set their standards high. Orimfafian Day far Jncaming ?resh11f16r1 So this is high school! Walk, walk, walk! Such a huge place! We've seen the auditorium, the workshop, the "home ec" de- partment-even the principal's office foo-ooh!!j. Now we're going to the classroom building. This ought to be more fun. Wonder how long it vsfill be before we can speak Latin! Well-even eighth-graders have to eat. BETTY J SMITHWICK K7 f ,f .91 " ,1 Z f I H NATEQWM ' GMQEB ,GSE Ef"'E Tr ,1 9 W ' ED .f 1 Q I if Q I 3 CLAUDE HARDISON SHIRLEY BRINSON CAROLYN NELSON CHARLENE DENHA M GLORIA OLDS MARY E. GARDNER RUSSELL HOKE KAREN MIDYETTE BILLY BYNUM CONNIE HOBBY Advifor, LILA SMALLWOOD II4 SAUNDRA BALL ANNETTE SMITH ROBERT GILLIKIN MIRIAM DUNCAN Serzirfr Girls' Z'ri-f!i- 11 Our purpose: to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and commu- nity, higher standards of Christian character. In this sentence is the summing-up of all that the Tri-Hi-Y stands for. By example and deed, rather than by Word, these girls seek to promote the ideals of all Christians. Far from being perfect in all that We do, we seek self-improvement above all else. MRS. MARY BULLOCK, Advisor President, Adrian Wate1'sg Vice President, Karen Midyetteg Secre tary, Judy Coxg Treasurer, Terry Mumford. I I5 m 4 3 1 1 , 4, mb Q..-5.2,ggi,W,1m1,v.wp,-fi,-,f4s:,.Q ff.,g3g5gg5ff,f.vpw .-mmg , . , K, A 35, 1,-L. ,, fy lg- Q ,f , f,:q.+Q.f:f:fg,-A, ,ff Qi .MT , .,,,Wm5L,7,q::,g5J:,,:l ,gffw,g:,:,-L.QA,5fz, e:4giwlf.m:swf,-f.+a,'ff-ggggffgzfg .mf-Kviffesz-fagrm.-,:,:wr,I-,Qf,smw+4:s,gQsa1vzA::xf1.wfIlziifgsarssgis-S:g:s::w1'1m jlflvmfgram gfllb Above are the members of the 56-57 Monogram Club. They are here not only because they are good athletes but because they know the real meaning of sportsmanship, and because they work steadily toward improvements in all their activities. Gordon Clark, Richard Verrone, Kenneth Morris, jean Earl Worthington, Errol jarman, julian Lewis, Verlon Bass, Russell Hoke, john Hogan, Robert Gillikin, Ronnie Fochler, john Burwell, Charles Carraway, Booty Swindell, Alice Dunn, Virginia Barfield, Ann-Hodge, Craig White, Mary- anne Allen, Ann Chagaris, Lynn Daily. OFFICERS Pfefidem .............. ........ B OOTY SWINDELL Vire Prerident ....... ....... K ENNETH MORRIS Secretary-Trearurer .... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A NN HODGE Adviror MISS FRANCES FISCHEL OFFICERS Prefidezzt ,,,..,..,.....,..,,.....,..,,. ANNETTE SMITH Vife Pfliflidflll ..,v........., CHARLOTTE KENNEL SEL'7'6I.11'jf ,,..,.... ..,.. -I O CAROLE MCDANIEL TI'ELI.fll!'El' . .........,....,,. ROSA CHANCE junior Girls ' Hi- If Aim: To grow spiritually and men tally while helping others. Adzfimr' MISS SARA GREENE fuuivr Hays ' Hi- If The members of this organization earn the respect of their classmates by their sincere desire to achieve unselfish atti- tudes and to help the needy. It is their aim to make of Christianity a practical theme for everyday living. Ad:-'Iwi' MR. J. F. HOCKADAY 0Mcers Preszdenl BILL COX Vire Preiidenl BILLY GUTHRIE S en etary LLOYD BRINSON Treasurer STEVIE HINES C fmplain TOMMY MIDYETTE Adfimr MRS, LAURA RHODES Katia 61116 I R OFFICERS Preriderzz BRENDA HARDY Vife Prefidefzt ELOISE REEL S6L'7'6fL1?'y LIBBY HODGES T1'eaJu1'er BOBBY FEREBEE latin 61116 2 OFFICERS Prefidefzt LOUIS ZAYTOUN Vire Prefidefzl BILLY LANSCHE Serrelary ANN BLAND T1'enJure1' JACKIE HAMMOND Advifor MRS. LAURA RHODES I2I Nurses glllb The members of this club are serious in their desire for a career in nursing. Here they are given a demonstration of the technique of artificial respira- tion. Adzziwr MISS ELIZABETH WILLIAMS P7-gjjdgnl 4,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,................ ........ J BLOCK Vifg Pfgjfdgnl 4,,,,,, ,.,,... R S557-gfgry -----,,,,,,,, ,............. G Treasurer ........ ........ M ARTHA HILL Chaplain ,,.,,, ..,.... M 11" Zufure Ceachvrs af Ameriva OFFICERS S errefar y ALVA WILLIAMS Pre.ride1zz BARBARA COWELL T1'ea.rurer CAROLYN PATE Vice Preridenz SAUNDRA BALL Adwsor MRS. MARTHA GARDNER Organized in 1951 under the sponsorship of Mrs. Martha Gardner, the H. B. Smith Future Teachers of America Club operates under the aim of interesting students in the field of teaching as a career. They themselves try to cultivate those qualities of character and personality important to the successful teacher. These students are often called upon to substitute for teachers, to help with pre-school clinic, and to attend state teachers' meet- ingsg thus they obtain practical first-hand experience. library 61116 Members of the Library Club conduct a sin- gle year-long project: Improvements of li- brary service for the students of New Bern High School. OFFICERS Preridenz BETTY BYRD Vire Prerident NANCY SINGLETON S errelary MARY KORNEGAY Treururer VELMA WILLIAMS Adviror MISS IRMA HURFF me ul its I 9 ,M ,,,,, MW fy My film, I e I I s 1 L JMX fum Kills W X LWB- V505 S Q grill rail pb 4 Disfrilrzzfive fducafim glllb WE EARN WHILE WE LEARN 6 OFFICERS Pferidefzl MICKEY I-IERNE Auocizzle Prefident PATSY ROWE Vire P1'eJide11I ALICE SMITH SEL'?'?l:l7'j' BETTY BYRD Trefzmrer MARION COOK Edilm' MARYANN A PAUL Spomor MISS MIRIAM KOCH In the picture above are the following officers: Pres- ident, johnny Haddock, Vice President, Alice John- song Secretary, Jo Carole McDaniel, and Treasurer, Ann Rice. Individually pictured at the right are the 1957 Radio Announcers: Carl Capps, Connie Hobby, Ted Burwell, and Jacqueline Grady. Wim? . 3 " 'lcazsfjeffwrf I gist? 2 -gags: ,iw 'r. .:,as,-, ,, 1,-,riff-,sg r -is ., CM, .Q gl W,--f ' aw' 1 ,isps nw., .. , . wt ,,,..,.., rmraei, , ,,.k N ,N ,,,. Sf,-fwfzm r asa H ,J-"f-.lbw-,, 'f - n-vs - -fr., . 1-if I HZ. 'H ' -fr Seimas - L'L'- ., -1,-mxfw 2171292-'tv' 33:25-1 . ,.t,,ii,-1 - f, -f, , s ' TQ- -F Tfssg . . :si f -, -5. . . tk '- E 1 531-E, ' f 1 Q M KW if S54 if- -. li f i it me if? 1 2 ggi -' ml iii? ,. Q i M i , S Et Fifi if 'U K S5532 5 'l Q a r., F ,gram Q svtxi wci ,, .. W, 'Q S' wh T33-ii liz I X 5 5, its tt Q as wmv i - ,L ,,:,-. .7f,7t,',af,z -:xi-.rr if as Script glllb The Script Club has as its pur- pose the planning and broadcasting of the weekly radio program, "News and Views of New Bern High School." The members of the club gather news items of the various clubs and activities. They also write sketches of personalities, and other features to be on our program. l i im SY 4? sm, ig tix, wx, L-sl' Advimr-MRS. HELEN SMITH ffhgszg 1 'i ilifvshisw , ..,., E, .,... Q, s,..,,,i, 5522525256 ,S-11252559122 . . , M 1-in is 'iiiiiiiiii ffffisiisfiz 51iSi?li9EiTwfSmffiiilii 5 fywqgrgg. ,f,,ssm.fs :m,i lawn fi T1fg3if'f ssl? -."'W1:.. 59325522 irlevii' 22 Y 5. 22 3, ,Y + sgrggrg mi-t:, rzizza,isr:s 3aaQ1y':ffi sg,s,a,f rafts. -3 am-fr urges-sw -Q refers? .. . its ., . X u i, 3, wzgnzpa saw. was reasses s ii2iT?T5fi7iM f2iliz , r. '55tf r??i3i b , I 27g,,1fQ,bEfR??E -2,55 A if,Q"' f ff-if 193151 .JT 1 vials ,fur I . " .u,F5E5'E is'1," Z4-SWE ' 7 'is -f:,.f:"1,' , , 5:52.-E .K il -'Qf'1Ef,::'Ef ' :5:'EE':f'f , wok. fffiiiix 3 Wi? Dramfzfics Klub OFFICERS Pfaridezzf DELORES STEPHENSON Vibe Prexidenl MARY FRANCES RAMSEY S em-ezary GAIL TAYLOR Adrzfar MISS HILDA GGRDQN Cypzhg 61116 T1'MJzzrer JUDY COBURN Reporter VIRGINIA BARFIELD Prefident SONJA GASKINS Clmplaizz DURLENE FRENCH Serfezary ANN LANE Vire Prefidem' EDITH BODENHEIMER Advimr MRS. MARGARET BRINSON I29 Med 611111 OFFICERS Chief of Staff ........................ MIRIAM E. DUNCAN Auistant Chief of Smff .............,..., BILLY BIDDLE Sefretary-Treufurer ............ CHARLENE DENHAM MEMBERS: Shirley Brinson, Billy Biddle, Nancy Gibbs, Eloise Powell, jackie Smith, Pat Humphrey, Libby Hodges, Charlene Denham, Miriam Duncan, Hayden jones. Adzfimr, MISS IOLA TAYLOR 1, 5,9 mf zfayzggkix M333 I 5 I x 5,13 9 is f 2? 1 ,14.,x:,5gBXm,: " Q :Hi f, www " 3583: f-5252? .. L,.. J. W 2z9'?:1!4ii'i: ' mmf- f " zxiw J l -is Eifix Yi x all - - . , A NIH! fudenf Kwmcil Preiidenz-RICHARD VERRON E Secrelmy-KITTY WHITTY i11:'Q! E,iiw3S BEM. ' z7s,lT:zzfEE.Q- Sl C NIKHS Student Hanna!! OFFICE ASSISTANTS: Betty jane Smithwick, Velma Williams, Mary E. Gardner, jaci Shadle Ann Boggess, Adrian Waters, jean Waters, Sonia Gaskins, Gloria Olds, Terry Mumford. BUS DRIVERS: Shelton Williams, Claire Simpson, Larry Dunn, Hillard Frie, Richard Mills, jimmy Eborn, J. A. Ipock, Vance Williams, Danny Gaskins, Billy Lansche, Leon Collins, Roger Brown, James Edwards, jimmy Hunnings. fl wi' iz "., 1, I V esriiri ' ii"iii'xf4, V, Capzain JAMES EDWARDS I5 -g "ri L W ,f 1 : K V 5591.1 wfgv Sem NHC, , 0 fx ., Dear C1assmates: . K' m Here is ymur 1957 Bruin. ,Much effort has gone into it, and mich murningg uf 'mi.iniQght Gil--h-sit fe B?:al2Q' comix?-in it all '- well-spent if it will serve as your testimonial ts a full and hanny year. Itpis oar wish that as you turn these pages, . your high schnul years will unfmld in restroswect--and yan will decorate anew the Shrine auditdrium for Junior-Senier, bhearmagairi theEBeeQ148 they mb inte' ffmtbfalll 1:m'PHh'le, and L thrill once more to the music of the choir and the band. L fag hape yah will enjay this baak ag wuCh,aS wgjenjQygA V 'prmbfing it. it has been cures formmalmbst a ygfearg' now: it helmngs to you,,, L 'Ta th4a,LSe:iisrs,fHfre eictend:-our' Hffffrv hawk. wishesz'and'1'lre- L mind them tHat cummehcement is a beginning--nat an end. ,vw . ' - ,V . K1 .fi W ' K 31ncereAy, m?he Editarial Staff.5 ,Gonna 445-4J V Limnna Zacks, Editnr 1' DONNA ZACKS Editor-in-Chief U15 Kfllflfl I 95 7 BETTY JANE SMITHXWICK Bmineff Mfzmzger lim- yfg,f,ygVg-15 1'iwjgwi'.2 fA':Li"""':fg:::,:.Y?",511351553259 'V .fifllie U16 l6'rui14 I 95 7 BARBARA WHITTEMORE H igla Sfzlefmafz for Adverlififzg Staff FRED ROEBUCK Szzbfcfipfion Manager Kilt' gfllflfl Sdifrfrial my CAROLE FORSTADT MARTHA BLEDSOE JOHN BAXTER MRS. ILA MAE MRS. STELMA WHITLEY Freerlomun Edilor Typift Plaatogmpher ROEBUCK Fizzmzfial Aduimr Editorial Adzfifor The Bruin wishes to say a special "thank you" to Don Cuthrell and Connie Hobby for excellent help on 3 photography and make-up work. I 8 N I 4 l meeting Septen follower lacult Gard G-11lS I pl'l read. 'J Hrst Gasl recor- Vei 1 o Coxg Alle Mrs. Mr. J. Program ng and Jimmy principal, of the Miss Roberson. and their guests of a recep- was held New Bern meeting under of the were so- Chair- THE ll S it N New ee' S RN, SE . C., CUB Nfvircussii-Sig''ii it it 1956 Cl ed id be he pi ople ces Phe osed x Jangl llegla legat l l11s ievei legat ie tizen Ame lax eli JI Jule .. ,,.. sv... A.-4-s, ,vu nv Hood any people l'llU11i11S around 4-student cars should be parked J 'll with little jars stuffed full of cot- in area designed for them. ane Smit wick, Alex Watson, and Donna Zacks. ton' blowers, and awful odors? 5--Smoking in vars flaring thisl The CIHIDGFOHGS W91'9 Mrs. Ha1'01d Have you l1earo""""""'t"" """"""r" A' W'-A ff-"MM"-'--' '4f" "M"-rf"-'rj Paui Sfevens, Mrs, got you where llock, Mrs. George HY0u'lL'fi'e a 11 Elditor --.-,.,--,..4.---,,.V-4 V ,q- A---,,--- Q . q -.w,,--.,.,wvq,---...A,q--,--...-,q.,..A,q-Q G , ,,,,,,A Omg for Lupton who were HEY- 111 trade Associate Editor ........ ..., ..,, . . , .. ,......... .Sim:l.14:x' Bnrxsox and D1'01110i9d the bet- DEI' with a brok Business Manager ....,... ....,........,,.....,,,.....,........,..........,... . J.xxic'r Bmck ' the delegates, They ple roach," W, Assistant .............. ....................... . . .,..........,................... Ei.,xIN1-:E1.m':x gterest in the Welfare b t- - f tl AN Editors .,.,.......... .... ....,... ll I .x1:si1.xl,1, B1:.xnm', Jrxi: B:c.vx1xc:x1o1-'if - degyfungbo 1 News Editors .,....,. ...,.... S .x1'Nm:.x B,u.1., Rosnn: Fox, Axx C. Guixm' lah delegate and play er 'd len y the Sport-9 Editors ......... .,,.,...,,. .... .,..,,...., Y ' 1 cismx Bxss, BILLY L.xxso1114: Us Dart toward mak' Mrs, Gardner' Feature .Editor ........ ............ .,......,... ..,......,.,....,,, S x 1 :A T.n'1,on happy and successful the Stalking Of, QOMQZSZZZQZITK .uo......... . ...,.. .,.,.... ic.-XliUl.Y2g HllliQJXl'.XX' I , . A. f ' VS .....,....... ....... 1 cpm' .- NN oixrnrzx, uno Il1'i'lC hugs Whlch th Club News Editors ........ ...... . Amr:-1 .lllIlXS'i'0N. Jkxrcic lviizsson Semember 17' the thell' grades On AflUiS6T ...,...,......,,,.,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Y,,,ss,,Y,w wns, N T155 LVQUQ Hgpgjgg Las formally .Opened Boys, we reagl-V mwwum AU lm My A-?'ring invocation fol- in a day's work don't give up, although it's not your life's ambition you'll get accustom- ed to it someday. for you but girls Happy bug hunting, sophomores! FIRST ASSEMBLY ANN C. Gium' On Wednesday, September 12, the first assembly of New Bern High School was held in the school audi- of seniors prepare to be excused the" hall. For at 12:06 they are excused to go to lunch. For the senior who walks slow, I suggest you look out, because in a matter of only four minutes the entire student body, l leaves for lunch. Seconds later you will lind no one halls or rooms. One could pin and hear it hit all the the end of the building. The remains for only forty min- in the drop I1 way to silence utes and once more pupils rush to home rooms. lowed by the keynote speech en- titled "The Voting Citizen," which was the theme of the Conference. At noon a luncheon was held for all the delegates in the Statler Ho- tel, which was the site of the three day conference. Based on the key- note speech, table discussions were held afterwards. From these discus- sions the principal questions were summarized to be used for group discussion. Monday, Citizenship Day, was ap- nrnnriatelv celebrated in fha nffm-. ,DN ltl. 1. 0 '1 Sc -1 . 11' .ea1' W Be 1 . l- X lot j . . ,L. t K ,N la. ! . I R I l ie All oui In a ,ing the there h 1 D have b GIIJOYIH Since u ltan p have p and bel words Tie Charle N B H great 1 The band d is still ll111S1Ca Our Each s of leal them as loy www, AJ'.TOL'idl6 Editor SHIRLEY BRINSON New! Edizor SAUNDRA BALL Hear-dub Il Z . iv Adzfifor MISS LUCIE HODGES I Editor GLORIA OLDS Bu.vizzes.r Manager JANET BLOCK 'School I KHHI'-'glib Swaps North Carolina Governor, Luther B. Hodges, crown New Bern Safety Queen, Donna Zacks. The four students at the right were among 7,500 seniors in high schools throughout the United State s who were chosen as finalists in the National Merit Scholarship competition. They represent one-half of one per cent of the nation's 1957 high school graduating classe . D ' s r. Spear stated that this should be considered a distinct honor to the stude nts and to New Bern High Dr. Spear throws the switch to turn on Others in the picture are O. C. Toler, Vincent Byrnes, Harry J. MacDonald. BILLY BYNUM JACQUELINE GLEE HUGHEY CLAUDE ersamzlifics Patsy Rowe Maryanna Paul Donna Zacks Betty Smithwick Ann Boggess Lane Aberly Mary E. Gardner 1 E wr v, Fl I46 2 umm E 5 f -pm fr- . ua , ,.,11:fv-vm.. . ..,.w,1,f,,,:. . Iwi: .,f. , fm:fA-suingw:'::w: Smmmwmswwfswrgmm V JFQMHHQIS wr ng,- qff, A , , :.. Fffflffii tfwi an jacquelme W Ii z n 2 - T, W , K.,,.,f QE ,Mf .-A- W WM' 4 S 'ii by '33 3 'Qt' e ww, fs Q qffli All? , Fl! Q Xu-arts w"'f 'Q 1234+ K 1" ' Owl W, f av ,M -f 'ZZWMQ' M .WWW ,. , ,Wig f' 15,1 ,f , .. 'N gn Sw: W 'kr M nnn 1 1 - V ' 2 if f f if F 1 224: Eg .n E 5, 323' X ' "' . N . A. , 21 MOST Charlene Denham 5 r .W ,vf 1 .fg- 154 's 'f , L,. 'ff Alex Watson ln, f iw., , ,W - my Q., I M ' 'f'- Nwrsfzgi,-L,-M?fw,.gmN 7 , .V,, ., vX..,. , . . ,A ., M Q , uf,-ff wmmf, mm Q?::iwf-I ,WW WN ,M " i7' a4:fy2 1f,,,, + W ypzimv aww - ff: - 1 455. .ff W... A. A+ ' X N, 4 H?lA,M,,.'q1Q. -ww 1fHf'f"L ' ' ' ' ' W ,, 51:15. ., .dig DA, X.. 'M l Aww mm, , ,gy in -.4 up fn, A ufff- -,JSP - 'M f give. :EE'E . , ' w,-,. vm, x K 'Wir . vw, M,UgL, M is 3 i 3 . I X l-uni-.........g 5 5 2 I 56 w 1 E iw-ivsgif-fi 'Q 'Tf.ali:fiwsf-fi'.1n-- v Air riff'f,?'!32,:fQ21l?i?f?t3-Pfiilfii'56:53.VI' 1 Q I -wma 1 Q, k Eisfjigf mf , m -Fm ,, 4, 3 . 1 A school shows its strength in many waysg one of the most decisive of these is . . . 0175 " if fm? 'L ny' 7 1' ' lf' 'K 1, ., .tv fyhfs, Y ' 5.2: L V 1 5, ,V 0. " 5:5 , 1 iw H X ap ws --1 ' A W wa X v Q Q6 NQ , d Q W WYHBQV if 'W ' 3 1. ' L V sy 'Qi A f ff 5 - www vs 'Av -M ,Q 2. aww QQ rw ,Q ME? .Ax wanna w x i , ,,,, , , f fvg,W'??f.?ii25 o MW xs3ii56Ei5iZ?'Hs??f'3f5 'SWS -' ' ,. -gm dir' ' k 4,.J,3,q,, 5,55 wr gigs? I' we ,rw :sz --QQ Q ., f 1 E Q 'U-P 3 , 2 fmawgw Q W, , mg 7 ., 3 , W. 4' Y 3,2 , ff vm Ru L Z H PK L A fi F PK 3 V .W . . Hg- .:., . 3 Q S Y 5' A T ff' 'ml 5 fl I Gif" fyiavgmvf-famxvzsef .QL-fm -wwf W V 'W' W- 2: 'fsgwzwfmaww h mf-'mf W" 111' ' Y Q9 COACH SAM ARBES came to us from Needham' Broughton High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he was assistant coach of the football squad and head coach of the baseball teams. Coach Arbes received his B.S. De- gree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C., Where he played varsity football for three years. After graduation he joined the United States Marines as a lieutenant and retired a captain. From the Ma- rine Corps, he went to the University of Maryland for graduate work. We are proud to have Mr. Arbes as a member of our teaching staff, and we predict years of success for him and for New Bern High School. Umm JOHN HOGAN C0-Captain CHARLES DAVIS-Fullback JAMES ROSS-Halfback I I GORDON CLARK-Tackle JEAN EARL WORTHINGTON Halfbagfk R MCLAWHORN-Guard TaCk1C WALLACE HOLTEN-Guard PHIL NELSON- ROGE MARK POTTER-Guard J CHARLES CARRAWAY-Quarterback ULIAN LEWIS-Halfback KENNETH MORRIS C0-Captain ii J, K. 6.532 Z2 Q Hhs.. .ibn 1-su fv- " M,-'X fit? ' xx D 4' 3 if in W M- ,, 5. ,, f , - "" 1 V 'Y Wiz' W 1, fff 5. 'Saw' V 155.139 l 5 Wk V-kkk My g V, .7,,,, i , 9 l, L Q 41 Oalt BEARS-O KINSTON-13 Fumbles and penalties were the major factors against the Bears when they fought their traditional rivals, the Red Devils of Kinston, in the last game of the '56-'57 season, The Red Devils pushed over second and third quarter touchdowns, booting the first extra point straight between the goal posts, and the Bears, though they outrushed their opposition, couldn't get within the striking distance. The penalties mounted and incompleted passes alsog principal ground gainers were Charlie Davis and Jack Lewis, although the big New Bern line was conspicuous as a whole. BEARS-27 JACKSONVILLE-12 For three quarters the Bears held a comfortable 20-point lead. They added another score in the third quarter, and in the final frame saw the Cardinals score twice from the one-yard line on quarter- back sneaks. Hold it, Nelson! BEARS-0 GOLDSBORO-7 The Bears showed up splendidly against the AAA Goldsboro team, undefeated and undis- puted champions in their class. It was a cold, wet night as the two teams fought a death- grip battle through four quarters, but heavy penalties and incomplete passing dogged the Bears' heels all the way. The statistical sheet gave the Bears the game in just about every- thing except the score. You can't keep our team down! J If Action Our j.V. squad is indeed a credit to New Bern High School. What they lack in size, they make up for in determination and ef- fort, qualities proven by the fact that time after time they have pushed a first-half loss to a second-half win. The result of this abil- ity and perseverance is vividly illustrated by a record of straight conference wins since 1954. Basically, the aim of the j.V. squad is to acquire the fundamentals of football tech- niques in order to play on future varsity teams, but still they fight to win. Next year the team is scheduled to lose 20 members to the Varsity squad, a fact which promises a bright future for the New Bern football SCHSOU. SCORES New Bern ....... Washington ..... New Bern ....... Roanoke Rapids New Bern ....... jacksonville ..... New Bern ....... Pamlico ...... . New Bern Beaufort ........... New Bern Elizabeth City . New Bern Kinston ........... Never let me go' '-Gentry's theme song! wa. Q J J 3215,-i f' nf' :!'11"'f 5 ff ffl fl .Va i .. X, ff if fly I74 FORWARDS: jean Earl Worthington, Russell Hoke. Blackie Stith, Dickie Quick, Richard Verrone. CENTERS: Aubrey Smith, Charles Blythe, Donald Lambi GUARDS: jon Burwell, Robert Gillikin, Roger Toler, jay Allen. Take cover, boys ! Hoke can Can-Can! Quick reaches for the moon! MANAGERS Bob Manning Billy Dowdy Charles Carter Girls' Varsity Kaskefball Cram New New New New New New New New X I ' ' . - I . L, vi t X33 F' 5+-f' X -Z ,Q , Bern Bern Bern ............ 29 53 54 Pamhco ......................... . Beaufort ...... ......... Burgaw ...... ......... Bern ............ 43 Beaufort ...... ......... Bern ............ 47 jacksonville Bern ............ 28 Pamlico ........ ......-.- Bern ............ 68 jacksonville Bern .........,.. 5 5 Burgaw ...... ......... 5 5 MANAGERS Becky Wayne and Delores Stephenson :K-N . 2 'Y 'Sm 5353- 5 'sp 3 I 5? Q. ' gp 'ev NH x- wi l6'0ys' junivr Varsity Haskefball COACH: Will B. Pittman CO-CAPTAINS Clifton Gentry Tommy Harmon New New New New New New New New New New New New New Bern .... .l,,.,,, Bern Bern Bern Bern Bern Bern. .......,,.. Bern Bern .........,.. Bern .........,,. Bern ....,...,.,r Bern .,....,,,,.. Bern ........., SCORES Pamlico .... Wilson ...,.. Greenville r.... Washington Elizabeth City . Pamhco ........, Kmston .........., Roanoke Rapids Greenville ....... Washington Elizabeth City . Kinston ........... Roanoke Rapids Carraway throws a fast ball. CATCHERS Ronnie Fochler John Hogan FIRST BASEMEN Earl Jarman Tom Sawyer PITCHERS Russell Hoke Charles Carraway Robert Gilliken w Caldwell heads for first. OUTFIELDERS Richard Swindell Leroy Whorton Richard Lee Charles Davis SECOND BASEMEN jobie Gaskins Jimmy Caldwell U15 50 f Umm Billy Guthrie Bill COX George Smith Billy Biddle New Bern High School has enjoyed the successful efforts of a capable golf team for the past three yearsg but it is only this year that, through the interest of Coach Arbes, we have succeeded in fielding a wrestling team, which promises to be a vital part of our athletic program. Roger McLawhorn Jack Lewis Buddy Simons Nicky Koonce Leroy Whorton Charles Sutton Dallas Holton Grady Purifoy Emmett Brinson Donald Matthis Bobby Holton David Wilson l Che Wrestling 6661411 M I fi n W M 'fzgwf-gg V ,- an 3-Qffwii-M-if L , A W wi COLEMAN MOTORS NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Your Friendly Ford Dealer The Bruin acknowledges wifh pride fhe expression of confidence made by our professional friends: DR. SIMMONS PATTERSON DR. JOSEPH F. PATTERSON, JR. DR. HENRY R. LITTLE, JR. DR. CHARLES T. BARKER DR. RAY L. MILLER DR. FRANCIS P. KING DA. A. F. HAMMOND, JR. DR. C. H. ASHFORD DR. E. C. RICHARDSON, JR. DR. F. M. GRADY DR. ALAN DAVIDSON BARDEN. STITH, AND McCOTTER JOHN W. BEAMAN DR. J. J. BLACKFOOT OTHERS If only hurfs for a Iiffle while... NEW MODERN TELEVISION AIR CONDITIONED CURTIS MOTEL Bridgefon, N. C. U. S. I7-I MiIe Nor'II1 of New Bern, N. C. PHONE NEW BERN 4568 CompIimen+s JOHN R. TAYLOR and JOHN R. TAYLOR, JR. "Insured Income" BAI.I.ARD'S SERVICE STATION Specialisi' in EIec'I'ronic Wheel BaIancing and AIignmenI' Mo'I'or Tune-Up-Brake Service Generafor and S+ar'Ier Repairs BRIDGETON, N. C. IPOCK'S RED AND WHITE SUPER MARKET R. W. Ipock, Prop. FANCY GROCERIES, WESTERN MEATS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 904 George S+. New Bern NorII1 Carolina DIXIE CompIimenI's CHEMICAL CORPORATION of Manufacfurers of Farm Tesfed Dixie Fer'I'iIizers PLANT AND SALES OFFICE PHONE 2002 New Bern, N. C. New Bern, NorI'I1 Carolina .Joe ANDERsoN's I DRUG sToRE Phone 420I NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA LEE 81 JONES BUILDING SUPPLIES, INC. CompIe'I'e Line of Building Ma'I'eriaIs PHONE 3I64 NEUSE ROAD NEW BERN. N. C. Ckfumfdajff BARBOUR BOAT WCRKS New Bern, Nor'rh Carolina CompIimen'Is of REGISTER'S GLASS SHOP "EveryI'I1ing in GIass" NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA B 8: R RADIATOR SHOP Radia+or Work a SpeciaI+y PHONE 4504 Bridgefon. NorI'I1 Carolina Air-ConcIiI'ionecI Coaches Io New York, N. Y. v '. .. A-'- ------ ------ ' -"" I """ . LOW Fares 5 I PITIIBCIEIPIIIBI Pa :-was-M' zswwsszziifsz fzmrxyx , .,,,,,,u A- 287: ,.., MKS" Char+ers +o W-1SI1In9+0n. D C Wfzefswwmgxg:-::,.s:--::1:2-1' -- r :1-+ .Q ' "" --'4 - omllls "" ,.., F91 . , M I S ev' e' ' Ir' Ag. I SEASHORE TRANSPORTATION CO.. INC. STALLINGS BROTHERS Plumbing-Hea+ing Air-ConcIiI'ioning NEUSE MANOR I LUPTON'S FROZEN FOODS I 07 Craven Sfreei' FRE ER LOCKERS MEAT PROCESSING MEAT STORAGE MEAT CURING Dial 3522 NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA RAMSEY BUICK. INC. 232 Craven S'I'ree'I' Phone 5I76 "BIG THRILLS BUICK" Au'I'I1orized Buick DeaIer Sales and Service NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA SWAN-RAWLS MOTOR COMPANY, INC. 4 I 8 Pollock S+ree+ Phones 2275 and 472I NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA Gradua+e To Greafer Food Savings a+ Your Friendly COLONIAL STORES fa' I X X QUILPRITTIII, LES MODES POUR LES FEMMES THEODORE BAXTER COMMERUAL The Fines+ in Jewelry, Diamonds, aniganufffgliggzr 5:93339 ci G'f'r ans MIDDLE sTTn NERN BERN, N. c. W2 Ngles fn Togeheidd Tghway Wne an pera e Y L. H. MORRISON AL HEARREN PLYMOUTH-DODGE-CHRYSLER-IMPERIAL-DODGE TRUCKS BLADES AUTO SALES. INC. Corner of Hancock and Pollock STS. Over 33 Years of Con+inuous Service MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE Q 1 "EEE 'El ff NEW BERN BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Building Supplies CONCRETE BLOCKS ' READY MIXED CONCRETE LUMBER, SAND, ETC. NEW BERN PROVISION COMPANY Qfficel H0 Craven Sheer, Honeycutt's Meal- Products PHQNE 3143 QR QI44 PHONE 400' New Bern, North Carolina New Bern, North Carolina HELPING 'ro sumo an BANK 8. TRUST COMPANY 6 ZW' cm' A THROUGH: E5I'al9lISI'led I898 o Agricultural Development NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA 0 Community Improvement o Industrial Expansion ' I 2 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY E 2 ure mnney Y' Ahead! I Complimenis of BRANCH BANKING 81 TRUST COMPANY NEW I BERN, N. C. "TI1e Safe Execu'ror" MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION W. C. CHADWICK General Insurance Agency Fire, CasuaIIy, Au'IomobiIe A DIAL 3I46 Qffice 3432 Residence 2I4 CLARK BLDG. New BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Complimenfs of POLLOCK FUNERAL HOME DONALD T. MIDYETTE Invesfmenf Seourifies Office Phone: 2360 305 Dunn Building NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA THE S. B. PARKER CO. Lennox Heafing and Air Conclifioning Complimenfs of ARMSTRONG GROCERY CO. Wholesale Grocer Disfribufors of Roofing Sheef Mefal PM-LSBURY V PHONE 3397 'OBE'-ISK New Bern Norfh Carolina - AND LIGHT WHITE FLOURS New Bern Norfh Carolina Complimenfs of I CAROLINA RUBBER DRUG STORE Drugs-Sundries-Candy and Soda Founfain SUPPLY COMPANY I5I5 NATIONAL AVE. PHONE 4654 NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA CLEAN ERS ' "lT'S GOOD" 23 Craven Sf. Phone 2700 New Bern Norfh Carolina Wifh Besf Wishes fo +he Class of '57 ED GARNER'S SERVICE STATION QRRRRDJ 7 , COMPLIMENTS OF General Wholesale BUILDING AND SUPPLY COMPANY Sub-Teen Specialisis PUNCH AND JUDY The Depar+men+ S+ore 'For Children" 238 MIDDLE STREET NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA CompIimenI's of OWEN G. DUNN CO. "AnyI'hing for Any Office" NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Es+abIishecI in I902 FLEET CAP'N TRAILERS Manufaciurecl by JAMES PAUL Box 429 Phone 4736 New Bern, Nor'I'h Carolina Junior and Misses Ready-'Io-Wear ' THE MYRTLE WILLIAMS SHOP I400 Neuse Boulevard NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA T. P. ASHFORD OIL co.. INC. Dial 4207 NEW BERN. N. C. Our Aim-"Warm" Friends JOE LIPMAN 81 SON FURNITURE A Complele Line of Home Furnishings Phone 4202 223 Middle SI. TELEVISION-ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS RIVER VIEW FASHION SHOPPE Jusr Across Neuse Bridge River View Parlc NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA CITY COAL 81 TIRE CO. Fuel Oil and Kerosene Insured Savings FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION 4l7 Broad S+reeI', Phone 372I New Bern, Nor'I'h Carolina HOME LOANS DIAL 4347 New Bern NorI'h Carolina Complimenls of WILLIS-BALLARD Funeral Home voun gsgancu :uns YI gl I ljffdx I im A. L COPLON-SMITH CO. New BERN. NORTH CAROLINA Wearing Apparel for +he Enlire Family x X COASTAL TIRE COMPANY Phone 3700-New Bern, N. C. I249 Pollock S+. KELLY TIRES RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING MITCHELL'S HARDWARE 3I5 So. Fron+ S+. New Bern, N. C. Phone 3I00 VITA-VAR PAINTS HARDWARE FISHING TACKLE RICE BROTHERS SALES Du+ch Mas+er Cigars Burgess Ba++eries H. W. Lay Food Produc+s and Old London Food Produc+s ' I20I Queen S+., Phone 3587 NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA OETTINGER BROS.. INC. "Good Furni+ure +or Good Homes" 3I9 Pollock S+. NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA BRADDY'S LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Phone 2I59 323 S. Fron+ S+. New Bern Nor+h Carolina CRAVEN FOUNDRY and MACHINE COMPANY New Bern Nor+h Carolina THE SMART SHOP New Bern's Smar+es1' Shop NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA McLELLAN STORES CO. Self-Service PHONE 339l New Bern, Nor'Ih Carolina Home of BeH'er Values BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE New Bern, Nor+h Carolina Complimenfs of TRIANGLE ELECTRICAL CO. Known Over Easfern Nor+h Carolina for +he Bes'I' in EIec+ricaI Ins+aIIa+ion DIAL 2009 New Bern, Nor+h Carolina METROPOLITAN CLUB New Bern's Finesi' Spor+ing Place Where Good Friends Meei' 3I7 Pollock Sf. Dial 9827 NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA N. E. MOHN 84 SONS Hay, Grain, and' SI'raw NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA THE FASHION CENTER Ladies' Wearing Apparel and Shoes NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA HILL'S Known 'For Good CIo'Ihes NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA THE FLORIST MRS. CARTER TISDALE, Prop. I3I2 Broad S+ree+ Phone 307I - FLOWERS BY TELEGRAPH New Bern. Norfh Carolina R. E. BENGEL SHEET METAL ' WORKS I3II N. Craven S+. Phone 3404 WE SPECIALIZE IN GuH'ers-Blow Pipes-VenI's AII Types of SheeI' Me'I'aI Works AIR CONDITIONING HEATING WILLIAMS SERVICE CENTER 2 Miles Easf U. S. Highway 70 Mea+s-Groceries-Produce Frozen Foods FUEL OIL DELIVERY HARDISON'S TV AND RADIO REPAIR TV Sales and Service I Household Appliances PHONE 63I2 5 Miles Morehead Highway BLADES Auro SALES, INC. Phone 2753 . 4I6 PoIIocIc S+. NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA C. D. PIGOTI' 81 SONS I Candies, Tobaccos, No-Iions and ToiIe+ries - I 309 AVE. B DIAL 3907 NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA QUALITY AND .SERVICE IS OUR FIRST THOUGHT STEVENSON BRICK AND BLOCK CO. , Dura-LiI'e Block .Office Phones 3386-5929 NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA ASKEWS CLEANERS INC Approved Sanlrone Service CoIcI S'I'orage , II09 P IIocIc SI' ' a son an a'+ionaI ve. PHONE 43I2 New Bern, Norih Carolina CAROLINA OIL AND DISTRIBUTING COMPANY PURE OIL PRODUCTS Dial 4I64 WINDLEY STREET NEW BERN, N. C. ol-HI: ds o,l Co y' 1 "'Auv.V5 A BAXTER'S STUDIO 323 Pollock S+. Phone 6345 K. R. Jones. II AMERICAN OIL COMPANY PRODUCTS Kyanize Pain+s 303A George S+. DIAL 2I27 NEW BERN, N. C. Drink DR. PEPPER LUCAS 81 LEWIS, INC. Wholesale Grocers NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA DUNN PLASTERING CO. Commercial and Residen+iaI DIAL 9275 New Bern, Nor+h Carolina Garden, Field and Flower Seeds Flower Seed and lmpor+ed Bulbs Garden Supplies and Insec+icides FARMER'S SUPPLY HOUSE 504-506 Sou+h Fron+ S+. NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 2742 CRAVEN TIRE SERVICE Morehead Ci+y Highway Rou+e 3--Box 787 RECAPPING VULCANIZING New Bern, Nor+h Carolina Phone 4446 Safe+y-Service-Savings V MIDYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY D. McRay Robinson, Mgr. 305 Dunn BuiId'ing Phone 2360 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA CompIimen+s of ALPHIN BROS. WHOLESALE CO. THOSE OF US AT WHIT . . . +he pioneer radio voice of New Bern, are mighry proud, of having served I'he s+udenI's of New Bern High 'For I4 years wi+h quaIi+y radio pro- gramming and of +he fine associa+ions we've had wi+h faculry as well as s'Iu- denis, parI'icuIarIy Ihose who have s+ar+ed +heir radio careers as members of our sraff. THANKS FOR YOUR LOYALTY. GUYS AND GALS... WE HOPE YOU LOVE US TOO!! CompIimenI's of HARVEY BROTHERS Bridgeron, Norrh Carolina HEILIG-LEVINE FURNITURE JIMMY RIDEOUTT, Manager 3I2 S. Fron+ S+. Phone 4063 New Bern. Nor+h CaroIina THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO 227 Middle S+ree+ Telephone 5I I0 New Bern, Norrh Carolina SUPER KEM-TONE KEM-GLO SWP HOUSE PAINT ARTIST'S SUPPLIES WALLPAPER Home of "The Cone Wi+h 'rhe Curl on Top" NEW BERN'S Only DAIRY QUEEN V2 Mile U.S. I7 Sou'I'h Havelock U.S. 70 TILE G. H. Bryan Conlraclor BRIDGETON. NORTH CAROLINA HAMMOND ELECTRIC SERVICE of New Bern, Inc. SELLS AND SERVES EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL General Eleciric Appliances l905-I956 C. H. STITH, INC. Complere Insurance Service 248 Craven S+. Phone 2963 NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA Complimen+s of THE GRIDDLE A Friendly Place 'io Eal- LOCATED ON THE MOREHEAD HIGHWAY X . Home Freezers I and ' y Refrigeralors J. C. WHITTY 8: COMPANY '5 lwIl32 Craven S+. Phone 2998 NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA K THE NEW BERN heh -s o Hobbies, Toys, Sporfing Goods 2ll Middle S'l'. Dial 3504 Complimenfs of MASONIC THEATRE . Es'I'abIished I8 I 2 OIdes+ Thea'rre Operafing 1 in America MOTION PICTURES I - .....- l I I NNW RIVERSIDE SHELL STATION Edward Ricks I Dealers in AuI'omobiIe Accessories PHONE 5037 T George'S'IreeI' New Bern,- Nor+h Carolina WILLIAMS CAFE ,325 Middle S+. Phone 3I3I I I I New Bern, NorI'h Carolina QUALITY SERVICE IVES OILACOMPANY Fires'I'one Shell Gasoline Goodyear TELEPHONE 2I97 New Bern, Norfh Carolina MY CAFE Highway I7, Nor+h PIT COOKED' BARBECUE-SEAFOOD we Deliver I Phone 9867 Complimenfs QI GAY DISTRIBUTING CO. PINNIX DRUG STORE ' Every'I-hing in a Firsi' Class Drug bSI'ore "If You Don'+ Trade WiI'h Us wi , A We Bo+h Lose Money"f . PHONE 2746 I COR. HANCOCK AND QUEEN STREETS NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA PARKWAY DRIVE INN' Known From Coasi' +o Coasf for Fine Foods and ExceIIen+ Service W. N. B.-U. S. HI-WAY 70 MAUS-JONES PIANO CO.. INC. ' I47 Middle s+. New Bern, Nor+h Carolina Complimenfs of THE AUCTION BLOCK, INC. Ho+poin+ Appliances and TV Highway 70 HAVELOOK, NORTH 'CAROLINA EMMIE'S FLOWER 8. SPECIALTY SHOP Flowers Speak When Words Do Noi' Phone 3768-2496 M. H. Smifh-Janie R. Smifh 333 Midciie Sf. New Bern Nor'I'h Carolina I 1 Complimenfs of CLEMENT 8: JOHNSON HALL'S RADIO-TV Sales and Service ZENITH. ADMIRAL TV-RECORDS I Phone 380I Havelock Nor'I'h Carolina BURWELL'S BEAUTY SHOP ExceIIen'I' Beau+y Service Permanen+s-Shampoos Manicures 4I9 BROAD ST. PHONE 2325 NEW BERN. N. C. If H"s Difficulf- We Do II' Immediarely IF IT'S IMPOSSIBLE I+ Takes a LiH'Ie Longer VANDERBILT STUDIO 4I9 Broad S+. Phone 2762 or 4707 HAWK'S I COMPLIMENTS "New Bem's TV OF and Record Cen+er" 327 Middle S+ree+ NEW BERN. N. C. Phone 2754 LAWRENCE 8: CRAYTON REALTORS To Buy Your Home To Sell Your Home Call 2544 208 EIIrs Bldg. NEW BERN. NORTH CAROLINA BAXTERS THE BRIDES' STORE Esfablished I892 NEW BERN, N. C. how there are nlnegreat new www E ' Ulnflldes RTT Y fo ' 'T57 Greater Power! ilffxjfflgi I NEW I Fuel Economy! 14lWIII"' III ' NEW AMN.. Starting Easel NEW ,IIIIIII Quicter Quiet! mm-cjw fi,z':i,.:g,z2?,,zz: W '56 Evinrudcs. 'll dau REGGI E'S We Sell Used Au+o Paris We Buy La+e Model Wrecked or Burned Au+os 'For Salvage. . . BRASS . . COPPER . . RADIATORS . . BATTERIES "When You Think of Used AuI'o Paris -Think of Us!" SAULTER'S AUTO SALVAGE CO Formerly SauII'er Iron and Me'I'aI Co. Liocaied I Mile Morehead Cily Hwy. NEW BERN- DIAL 39I0 CompIimen+s of WHORTON CRAB FACTORY JOHNSON MACHINE CO. AuI'o Paris ENGINE REBUILDING -2I9 Craven S+. Phone 6I I3 New Bern, Norlh Carolina ,ASKEW'S, INC. Hardware I for Homes and Builders IOII POLLOCK STREET Phone 4I52 NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA NEW BERN LOAN 81 JEWELERS DEE'S LOAN 81 JEWELERS IHaveIocIcI Jewelry-Radios-Gills Luggage CASH OR CREDIT Where 'Ihe Cusiomer Is Always RighI'. MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MRS. VIRGINIA MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS The following senior parenfs exI'end Their besi' wishes To The gradua+ing cIass of I957: J. M. ABERLYHJR. G. W. ALLEN ERNEST ALLEN R. H. BLAKE MARCUS BLOCK N. W. BOGGESS BURWELL D. W. BYRD E. E. CAHOON M. C. CAPPS H. W. CAREY S. F. CARRAWAY MRS. S. G. CLARK DR. AND MRS. C. D. CONNOR MR S . AND MR. MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS MR.AND MRS AND MRS N. W. COX C. T. DENHAM LOUIS ELDEN M. B. EVANS PAUL D. FISHER W. E. GARDNER A. J. GRADY WILLIAM E. GWALTNEY J. W. HAMILTON ' L. P. HILL R. W. HINES S. C HOBBY H HUGHEY J LUCAS MR. . . COL. AND MRS. J. P. CONDON mw .T T AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS MR MRS MR MRS T K MANN G E MARSHBURN HERMAN E MATTOCKS D T MIDYETTE HAROLD MILLER H O MILLS H M MUNFORD CHARLES A NELSON MRS. ANNE OLDS MR. AND MRS. N. A. PAUL MR. AND MRS. D. M. ROBERTS MRS. EVELYN SOTT AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND MR MR MRS MRS MRS MRS MR. MRS MRS MRS MR MRS MRS SMITHWICK . STALLINGS sTEPHENsoN STEWART W. E STILLEY v H STOCKS . I c: vERRoNE BLACKWELL WATERS GEORGE WATERS . R A WATSON W H WHEALTON O R WHEELER I R R WHITE MRS ERNESTINE P. WHITTEMORE A AND MRS VANCE WILLIAMS AND MRS I K ZACKS MR AND MRS HARRY F SHADLE Conceri' SoIolsTs Congra+uIa+lons From COLONIAL SERVICE CENTER and MIDWAY RESTAURANT .A.. MR' .I w. MR. .A GASKIN'S SHELL SERVICE CENTER Highway I7 Norfh Four Miles From New Bern Eleclric or Aceiylene Welding Washing-Greasing "NO JOB TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE" CompIimen+s of WOOW The Bes'I' LisI'ening in Music, News and Sporrs They came from ouI'er space. Bob Gardner Cecil BenneH G AND B WELDING SERVICE Experi' Welding and Repair Any Kind Anywhere I227 Soulh Froni S+. New Bern, N. C. DIAL 4645 . 5Qi Q'giiiZEJIZEQZEKi?LiEI?Ei+EIsK6A:2lfZ2W5eiiI3lSsi- Administration Board of Education 54 Faculty 57-61 P. T. S. A. 62 Principal 56 Superintendent 55 P. T. S. A. 62 Personalities Citizenship Con. Representative 147 Homecoming Attendants 1 Homecoming Queen 145 Marshals 146 Miss New Bern High 149 Safety Queen 148 Superlatives 150-160 44 Ads 185 Bear Cub Editors 141 Scoops 142 Bruin Staff Advertising Staff 139 Business Manager 136 Editor-in-Chief 136 Editorial Staff 138 High Ad Salesman 137 Staff at Work 135 Subscription Manager 137 Subscription Staff 139 Bus Drivers 134 Class Pictures Freshmen 105-111 juniors 89-96 Seniors 65-88 Sophomores 97-104 Courses of Study 8-18 Current 63 Dedication 4, 5 Eighth-Grade Day 112 Introduction 6, 7 Music A Cappella Choir 20 Band Officers 25 Band Sections 22, 23 Concert Band 24, 25 Glee Clubs 21 Office Assistants 134 Organizations D.E. Club 126 Dramatics Club 128 F.H.A. 123 F.T.A. 124 Hi-Y 115, 116,118, 119 Latin Club I 120 Latin Club II 121 Library Club 125 Med Club 130 Monogram Club 117 National Honor Society 114 Nurses Club 122 Science Club 131 Script Club 127 Student Council 132, 1 33 Typing Club 129 Presentation 1 School 3 School Life Archery 49 Assembly Notes 46 Awards Day 40, 41 Cheerleaders Conference 30, 31 Citizenship Conference 45 College Day 44 Dances 48 Debating Team 39 Dramatics 38 Flag 49 Homecoming 42, 43 Homecoming Parade 162 Junior-Senior 32, 33 junior-Senior Steering Committee 49 Lunchroom Staff 50 Maintenance Staff 51 N. H. S. Tapping Ceremony 49 Notes 47 Open House 34 Roman Banquet 36, 37 Science Fair 35 Voting 20 Sports Baseball 181-183 Basketball 173-180 Cheerleaders 162, 163 Football 164-172 Golf Team 184 Wrestling 184 7 are 1 763' 7 ' . . X 2' Q 1 ft" :Iris , Q ,x ,sQQ.',- - 1' 1' v s -x. ,- .git ' ?l -'Z K lla . .A .l X sw' 1 " U t 5 x Fe f 9 Cc, .g Haley The-Bu! Viafbookl Are TAYLOR-MADE TAVLDR PUBLISHlNG COMPANY DALLAS. TEXAS A MWWW 5f'f,,gfMrMlf f J ig M 'X V Mf 5 , 1, i l A i I vm . x A ,-' ' 4 C x , . and Nd, s ' A fy -U- sa I WM- 332 kg? X it Q oy-fr 'Si x- wx, K Q x wx' 'Q -4

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