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A1 V 'QS 1, 'I X, 1 1 ,Z 1 f, 2 X ,,,! 22" 4 ,:,- 41 -"Fr, X -af: xx '15 . l .Mx Xilinx K KAQX vig 1 ' Tx x 'l . x xxx: 4' n f' xx 4,1 A X x W . 11 ,, V, vsp T. T ,X T an Q O, A , .T lf Il X! ,f . xl ff N L -- X X U 'QN T '1' - - VI! . ,4 'Il' X' ' 'ff ,f 7 fs PM 1-f , Nwj, If W HAKEZY 7 Mxifjl- X jam.-if gf- f EDITORIAL SET UP Editor-isn-Chief KITTY EWRLL Assistant Editor , , RUTH RAWLINGS Business Manager , T , ANN BROTHERS Advisers ..,, LUCY HODGES. FRANCES HAMMOND 3 0l'elfU0l' THIS EDITION of THE BRUIN has been presented to you with the hope that in the distant future it will bring back warm memories of the joyous days of this year, nineteen hundred forty-six and forty-seven. 4 .lleclication FOR GIVING freely her time and talent to the girls' basketball team as well as for her patience and kindness in the classroom, we, the students, gratefully dedicate this BRUIN of 1947 to Miss Hattie Ellice Lewis. 5 allma Mal 2 FA II u X QA lx, A f f CHQQ f u Q 7, X K f Gyifff W 1 W' 7 aculiy and alvfminifdration PROF. H. B. SMITH PROF. H. J. MACDONALD Superintendent Principal Seated, left to right: MISS OLA ANDREWS, MISS FRANCES HAMMOND, MISS LUCY HODGES, MRS. GLADYS WEST, MISS MARTHA TANNER, MRS. ALBERT BRINSON, MISS LOUISE ANDERSON. PROF. H. J. MAC- DONALD, PROF. HAROLD WHITEHURST. Standing: PROF. DONALD SMITH, MRS. R. P. BULLARD, MRS. J. F. RHODES, MISS SARAH GREENE, MRS. BEST AUSBON, MISS HATTIE ELLICE LEWIS, MRS. LILA SMALL- WOOD, MR. ROBERT DOAK. 8 X' Mxkgxr S, V! K V K! if XX npfi ,Z WN ff 2 .Z !X A7, X5 I' ,520 "fA f X fx CL X -,K ,ff J 1 LEON BIZZELL TOMMY Goonmc ANN BROTHERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer enior 6141.44 Officera ?w f! 2 Q, V ...e AM M xzj N , sf- 5 fyx Y' , 9, X vi g Vxxxx fs. tk up f MA ' , 10 AN DRI-EWS ttructive kind of y High School, ibzunu. E BALLARD ut children of a owth." High School 3 ball: Basketballg onogram Club. ERT Bl-Il.l. nd is richer than J BIZZELL and no reformer. bserner of ought st." Treas.g Baseball 'ootball Captain: Club: Student 'nior Class Pres.: Football Teamg eroom Vice Pres- eniora ROBERT LEE ARMSTRONG "We grant, although he has much wit, he is very shy of using it." Footballg Monogram Clubg Student Councilg Baseball. GLADYS BALLENGER "Asking nothing, revealing naught, But minting her words from a fund of thought," Soccer. PEGGY BENNETT "Sweetness crowns her mirth- ful Spirit." Bridgeton High School-2 yearsg Soccerg Bear Cub Staff: BRUIN Literary Staffg Home Ec, Club: Semester Honor Roll-2 years: Marshal. RICHARD BLACK "Let thy speech be better than silence, Or be silent," Lincoln Park High School, Lincoln Park, Mich. eniora LOIS BOWDEN "A spirit of laughing spring- time." GLADYS BOYD "Music is said to be the speech of angels." Glee Club. EUNICE BRINKLEY 'Quietness and diligence per- vade her gentle spirit." DORIS BRINSON "A laugh, an infectious smile, She is the spirit of Joy." French Club: Dramatics: Lit- Wits: Student Council: Bas- ketball: Monogram Club: Cheer Leader: Athletic Ass'n. President: Jr. Hi-Y Sec't.: Sr. Hi-Y Vice President and Sec't.: Senior Superlative: Baum Feature Editor. RUTH BOYLE "We feel in her presence a deep tranquility." JOANNE BRATCHER "There is great ability in knowing how to conceal one's a lllty." Goldsboro High School-1 year: Chorus: Latin Club Sec'y.: French Club Treas.: Bio - chem - Phys.: Lit - Wits: Dramateers: Band: Freshman Homeroom Pres.: Semester Honor Roll. BRANT BRINSON "Clever men are good, but they are not the best." ALBERT BROOKS "The man that blushes is not quite a brute." Chorus: Band, Vice Pres.' Senior Superlative: French Club. IKICDTIIERS that little candle ts beam." Homeroom Pres.: Honieroom Pres.: onor Roll: Cheer Ltucicnt Council. :.: Senior Class L.: Jr. Hi-Y Pres.. Sr. Hi-Y: Lit-Wits: uimziteers: French Pres.: Bio-chem- ,rm Art Editor: siness Manager: pcrlzltive: D.A.R. rn:-:hip Award. E CUNNUR runs the water '-1: brook is deep." .E D. DISSELI. smile, a loving as she." ibg BRUIN Staff: ec Club. E EDWARDS if is a coveted gift yodsf' , Vice Pres.: Civics '.: Bio-chem-Phys.: ii-Y Treas., Chap- -r Leader: French natccrs, Sec'y.: Sr. Pres., Vice Pres.: : Baum Art Editor: 'J Staff: Student Iational Anthology g Semester Honor nr Homcroom Pres.: 1' 'VS AR eniora JEAN COBLE "To be great is to be mis- understood," Jr. Hi-Y Sec'y.-Treas.: P901 Laureate: Sr. Hi-Y Pres.: Bio- chem-Physg French Club Pres.: Lit-Wits: Dramateers: Student Council: Marshal: Semester Honor Roll. HERMAN lBuddyJ COPLON --I have agreed to differ." French Club: Dramateers: Sr. Superlative. JOYCE DOWNING Rocky Mount High School. JACK EDWARDS "A man of cheerful yester- days and confident to- morrowsf' Civics Club Pres.: Boys Hi-Y: Football: Bear Cub Staff: Jr, Class Sec'y.-Treas.1 Semester Honor Roll. niora BIRDIE lKittyJ EWELL "The reward of a thing well- done is to have done it." Jr. Girls Hi-Y Vice Pres.: Sr. Girls Hi-Y: Dramateers: French Club: Lit-Wits: Bio- chem-Phys.: Glee Club Pres., Vice Pres., Treas.: Semester Honor Roll: Student Council: Bear Cub Editor: Baum Soph. Editor. Ass't. Ed., Editor-in- Chief: Basketball Manager: Teen Age Club Pres.: Athletic Ass'n. Sec'y.-Treas.: Sr. Superlative: Monogram Club: Freshman Class Sec'y.: Na- tional Poetry Anthology. FANNY FOREHAND "Of every noble work, the silent part is best." TOMMY GOODING "The best proof of ability is action." Football: Band: French Club Pres.: Student Council Pres.: Lit-Wits: Baum Business Manager: Bio - chem - Phys. Treas.: Jr. Class Pres.: Dramateers: Sr. Class Vice Pres. ELIZABETH GUION "Full of chatter, full of pep: Never quiet, that's her rep." French Club, Sec'y.: Jr. Girls Hi-Y. Vice Pres.: Sr. Girls Hi- Y, Pres.. Chaplain: Freshman Homeroom Pres.: Soph. Homeroom Sec'y.: Jr. Home- room Sec'y.: Bear Cub Ass'nt. Editor: Soccer: Lit-Wits: Youth Council. Sec'y.: Sr. Sulaeraltive, Semester Honor Ro l: Student Council: Baum Business StatT. EMILY FARMER "A true friend is forever a friend." Jr. Girls Hi-Y Pres.. Chap- lain: Sr. Girls Hi-Y Poet Laureate: Jr. Homeroom Pres.: Sr. Homeroom Sec'y.- Treas.: Band: All State Band: Baum Business Staff: French Club Vice Pres.: National An- thology of Poetry: Bio-chem- Phys.: Semester Honor Roll: Marshal. JAMES GARRICK "Let every man mind his own business." Senior Superlative: Football: Monogram Club: Civics Club. ELIZABETH GOODWIN "Behind cool blue eyes and underneath blond hair, lies irresistible charm." BARBARA GREEN "Fame is the scentless sun- flower, with gawdy crown of gold: But friendship is the breath- ing rose, with sweet in every fold," Junior Homeroom Sec'y.: Latin Club: Baum Business Staff. ARIHSON ns dvvp as ARKER 'c. this is my li llll.l. than new-rf' lundg Lil-Witsg Glcc Cluhg a Stnllk Fresh- 1 Trvus. IIUNNINGS ve, patient to Sr. Girls Hi-Y ch Club' Baum 3 Dramaieersg iii eniorfd SALLY HARGETTE "A penny for your thoughts." EDWARD Qlillddyj HILL "There is not one among us But can call him friend." Jacksonville High School: Basketballg Bear Cub Editor. Ass't. Editorg Boy's Hi-YQ Monogram Clubg Senior Superlative: Athletic Ass'n.. Vice Pres. MARY EMMA HUGHES "Her smile is sweetened by her gravity." Senior Superlativeg Soccer. HARRY JACOBS "Ah. why should life all labour be?" Oak Ridge Military Institute: Bandg Footballgg Monogram Clubg Baum Art Staff. eniom MARILLA JONES "A frankness peppered with jollltyf' Sr. Girls Hi-Y. FRANCES LAMB "A jovial smile. a loving heart has she." Glee Club. O ALMA LAUGI-IINGI-IOUSE "Of manners gentle, of af- fections mild." Bio - chem - Phys.: S o c c e r: Semester Honor Roll. ROBERT MCSORLEY "It is the 'mind that makes the man." Latin Club: Senior Superla- tive. LAURICE KARAM "I never found the compan That was as compantona as Solitude." Sr. Girls Hi-Y: Semes Honor Roll. MILTON LANGSTON "Laughter oft is but an a1 Teen-Age Club. Vice Pm Civics Club: Latin Club: B1 Hi-Y: Bear Cub Sta Dramateers: Baseball: B ketball: Football: Monogr Cluh: Sr. Homeroom Pre dent. FRANCES LEWIS "Patience is the best rem: for every trouble." Civics Club: Soccer: Semes Honor Roll. PATRICIA MILLER "The way to have a frie is to be one." Civics Club: Bio-chem-Ph! Latin Club: French Club: Girls Hi-Y: Sr. Girls H Treas.: Basketball: Socc Baum Business Staff. S MOIIN gains. and vk for 1n.o'rv." mtbull: French .nn Club. Nl1'll0l.S 'nay uvvll ba- hc rnastvrpiece USBORNIC is always thc wrgnnnenl lirls Hi-Y. l'AAl"l"l'I tall he walks re hall." tary Acuclemyg iss X enior.4 CONSTANCE NEWTON "God said. 'Let Newton be! and there was light." Jr. Girls Hi-YQ Bio-chem- Phys.g Dramateers. Presg Soph. Class Sec'y-Treas.g Lit- Witsg Sr. Girls Hi-Y, Pres., Sec'y.-Treas.g Poet Laureateg Semester Honor Rollg Stu- dent Councilg Glee Clubg BRUIN Jr. Editor, Sr. Editorg French Clubg Soccer. SHIRLEY NORRIS "Silence is the surest sign of capability." Y NURMA OVERBY "In quietness and confidence is her strength." Basketball. GEORGIE PARKER "Little I ask, my wants are few." niora JESSE PARKS "Write me as one who loves my fellow man." Veteran, U. S. Army. EDWARD POSTA "I know everything except myself." Band: French Club: Sr. Superlative. OSCAR QUINNELLY "Self trust is the first secret of success." Civics Club. Vice Pres.: French Club Pres.: Football Co-Capt.: Boys Hi-Y: All State Honorable Mention Football: Basketball, Capt.: Baseball: Monogram Club: Dramateers: Jr. Class, Vice Pres.: Baum Sports Editor: Bear Cub Staff: Sr. Superla- tive: Jr. Rotarian. WILLIAM RAWLS "For every inch that is not ,fool is rogue." Band. BETTY ANNE PARSONS "Ambition has no rest." French Club: Home Ee. Clu Basketball: Cheer Leade Soccer. LEROY PRICE " 'Tis implous in a good ma to be sad." Baseball: Football: Monogral Club. RAYMOND RACRID "Full of the mellow juice 1 life." Latin Club. CHRISTINE REGISTER "When she is happy. th world knows it.' Band, Secg.: Lit - Wit! Dramateers: asketball. 5 RHODES t, in a peremp- nose upon his nwnf' ball: Monogram W ROWE nigh, no low. no small: ounds. connects : all." iEh School-3 all: Basketball. xnogram Club: n, Pres.: Base- R SCOTT r is the clear of the soul." MT: Marshal. ' SMITH , from care 1'm i others all con- ne?" lb: Jr. Girls Hi- : Hi-Y, Treas.: lnor Roll: Bio- Sr. Superlativc. enior4 AUDREY RICHARDS "Be swift to hear, slow to speak, Slow to wrath," EDVVARD SALTER "You hear that boy laughing -you think he is all fun: But the angels laugh too. at the good he has done." Freshman Homeroom, Sec'y.- Treas.: Soph. Class Pres.: Student Council: Bio-chem- Phys.: Bear Cub Staff: Marshal: Jr. Rotarian: Head Cheer Leader: Youth Coun- cil: BRUIN Business Staff: Semester Honor Roll: Sr. Classroom Sec'y.-Treas.: Teen-Age Club, Pres.: Sr. Superlative. CLIFTON SHERMAN "My wealth is health and perfect ease." Goldsboro High School-3 years. IIUBERT TOLSON "Fm not driving fast- I'm just flying low." Basketball: Baseball: Band: Monogram Club: French Club. niora VVILLIAM VENDRIC "Who broke no promise, served no private end, Who gained no title, and who lost no friends." Latin Club, Sec'y.: Bio-chem- Phys.: Dramateers: Glee Club: Lit - Wits, Pres.: Marshal: Semester Honor Roll: Baum Business Staff. PAUL WETHERINGTON "Saying and doing are two different things." JEANNE WILLIS "Her willingness is always manifest." Glee Club: French Club: Latin Club. THOMAS WOOD "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself." Riverside Military Academy: Baum Art Staff. NANCY VENTERS "But so fair, she takes th' breath of men away, Who gaze upon her un awaresf' Basketball: Monogram Club Jr. Girls Hi-Y: Sr. Girls Hi-Y Chaplain: Sr. Superlative. THOMAS WILLIAMS "Happy the man who enjoy: life." Band. WILLIAM WINBERRY "Studious of ease. and fond of humble things." Basketball: French Club: Lit- Wits: Dramateers. CAROL PERRY "Blest with temper whose unclouded ray Can make tomorrow as cheerful as today." Glee Club: Sr. Girls Hi-Y. Sec'y. froplzecy l'll start on the short-snorter for my old classmates of '47. They certainly are scattered about but they're a that I have no trouble keeping up with them. I it do you know! Eddie 1Casanoval Salter has Arthur Murray worried about his dancing school. Seems most Jils are ladies. but he doesn't mind, I'm sure. But why do you have classes at night, Eddie? Or don't the ladies b md Charlie Rhodes have opened up a soft drink factory. No doubt their physics is useful to them in JO S Z at brew! Brinson has taken over Carmen Miranda's place on the screen. and from latest reports, she certainly is filling ietrician, that "doubting Thomas" Jean Coble, has proved that the Pythagorean Proposition was worked out by i Jones. Seems that she had the right idea after all. ilpl do Lyno line fgrnier Nancy Vontergl was elected one of the ten best-dressed women this ycar, but that's :rising to us. since we selected her as the best-dressed glrl of our senior class. lhoiis designs Mrs, do Lyngs Clgthes, as well as those of the other nine best-dressed women. In her leisure ids fashion shows. lnggtgn is algo ii natignally prominent person, As a senator, he is outstanding. His latest campaign is for a hine for the senators "rumpus room." 1 fre on tho Siihjooi gf the well-known, we must mention Marilla Jones, our author who has written a history outsclls Magruder. ith is a famous model. Quinnelly runs the model agency that she works for which is the closest he could fa hai-om Albert Brooks is the photographer who has such a good technique-for getting beauty down in liitc, naturally. What did you expect? V - id recently received a presidential citation for hlS ,let-propelled automobile which runs on water. It's completely lil-lo Sc-ieniilic world, as has Ed Posing digcgvery of a way to convert steam into hot air for politicians who are rry is tht- soloist at the Little Church Around the Corner in New York where Carolyn Hunnings rings the ilyn learned her trade in New Bern High School. rmstrong liked football so much that he's now raising his own "Pig" skins. cSorley is on thc radio. He is the announcer you hear saying, "Are you run down when you finish running io you feel groggy after only fourteen hours' sleep? Does your head ache when it hits a wall? Then try norc pep!" looding's band is now at the Stork Club in New York. where it specializes in songs of the Old South. ,amb is in Hollywood making a new picture opposite Hollywoods leading wolf. The name of the picture. by the icestein meets the Wolf Man." .zcll and Horace Ballard are the coaches at Notre Dame and Army. respectively, and for the past five years ave dead-locked with a score of 0-0. They seem to be getting nowhere fast! me's training in Home Ec. is coming in handy now. She's teaching the Army a few things-.--about cooking. of of the Army. Buddy Coplon got caught in the draft'-.not the kind he used to create by opening windows. though. Green is a baby specialist. She should be, with nine of her own. llohn and James Garrick have a barber shop over on Main Street. Charlie spots the customers and James I don't know who cuts their hair, but I've heard James calling Jack Edwards, 'Jack the Clipper." Hill has a circus known as "Hill's Thrills," featuring Mimi Jurgens and Rosie La Nuts as the daring trapeze artists. Led to be our Pat Miller and Anne Edwards, but. success hasn't gone to their heads. Patsy Osborne also works for s the fearless lion-tamer. while Christine Register leads the circus band. Where would all of these girls be today n't inherited that Boy Scout tent? als and Bill Winberry have opened New Bern's newest and most up-to-date theatre. tThat'1l be Sl0.00, boys.l chols and Gladys Boyd are swimming instructors at New Bern's new pool. As an added attraction they go -rnoon and do a high dive to give the pupils a goal to work for. Black is about to put Charles Atlas out of business with his muscle building classes. He shows you how to ysical frailness for only 31.98. with a money back guarantee if you can prove you don't have a muscle. Alma ae was signing up for a course the last time I took a treatment, Oops! I mean the last time I passed by. .ratcher writcs the musical criticism t'or the New York Times. isn't much doubt, even ten years ago, as to what Lucille Dissel would be. and now we find that we were right. appy house wife. lallenger, Lois Bowden and Faye Connor, with Jesse Parks and James Scott, are publishing a magazine for red- as the "Auburn Annuals." ima Hughes has a beauty shop where she distributes the latest "dope" along with beauty aids. cll certainly is patriotic. Since she left the Secret Service Know don't ask what she did, because it's a deep. dark devoted all of her time to raising a new crop of Merchant Mariners. Williams recently won a prize for his sailboat, the Tom-Tom, which travels by means of a bellows he rigged up. lill and Robert Bell are the town's newest doctors and they are trying to out-do each other by slogans. Horace's is, cure your ill!" and Robert's is "If you're not well, just come to Bell!" lardison and Brant Brinson are trying to perfect a plant that will produce finished cigarettes. Good luck, 'olson and Billy Vendric own a whole block at Atlantic City. Hubert has a hotel lguess where he got the furni- illy runs a pct shop. specializing in hyenas-laughing, of course. Lewis has rented a shop from them, where she sells candy. Where did she get that idea? lorris runs a restaurant there too. fre doing so much talking about running, we musn't forget to mention "Anky" Rowe who is running in Bridgeton hcr no less! lrinkley and June Goodwin have joined the Marine Corps. They just couldn't resist it any longer. 'atherington manufacturers make-up. Richards has a chain of exclusive dress shops, and Jean Willis is the manager of the one on Fifth Avenue. These we class! 'icc is a private detective. He's the t'ellow who found out why Richard didn't open the door. He's now trying rho Kilroy really is. Karam has a zoo. You certainly can't say we haven't. produced a variety. Parker, Fanny Forehand, and Ruth Boyle are instructors in a night school. I got a letter from one of them the ,it I couldn't read it. It must have been written in the day time. Jverby is really cleaning up this town. She's the new City Manager and she's making war on the Racketeers. l Rachid is cooperating with Norma in her clean-up. I-Ie's the street sweeper. rkcr drives the truck that picks up the laundry. Our people do work together nicely, don't they? Lennett is secretary to Trygve Lie, head of U,N,O. But don't think she takes dictation all the time. iaffe is a policeman. He directs traffic down-town so there won't be any jostling and pushing. Guion is an instructor in flyingshigh flying, that is. irmcr plays with Phil Spitalny's orchestra. Sherman is manager ot' a Steamship company. rews is on a personal appearance tour with the USO. irgettel repairs roller skates. That's what makes the world go round for Sally. guess I'll hang my close on this line. Happy future to all and to all a good life. CONNIE NEWTON, Class Prophet. 21 aa! will and geatamenf NORTH CAROLINA CRAVIN Counrv New Bern We the Senior Class of New Bern High School of the above state and county, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred forty-seven, being of sound body and excellent mind and considering our approaching graduation in June, do ereby declare this to be our last will and testament to be executed in the following order: Aarxcns I, To the Faculty To our esteemed principal, Harry J. MacDonald, we leave students who. eager in attaining an education, will orderly conduct themselves under the environment of his corrective presence. To all the teachers we bequest our studiousness, model conduct, undivided attention and witty remarks. Aarxcu: II, To the Classes To the Juniors we leave our empty seats of honor, the privilege of higher education and "Macbeth," To the Sophomores we beckxeath our undying school spirit and a continuation of all our brilliant ideas. To the Freshmen we leave ardships, good times, and honors, all to be endured and enjoyed in the course of four glorious years ahead. Anrxcaa III, To Individuals The following personalities make these personal bequeaths: Joanne Bratcher eaves her band uniform to Albert Brinson. Audrey Richards bestows her ligstick upon Iola Taylor. Nancy Venters leaves her date ook to Anna Lancaster. Tommy Gooding leaves his band of long-haired musicians to Larry Warrington and Joe Kline. Mary Smith leaves all her Carolinia "interests" to Pat Collins. Robert Bell leaves his chickens to Mr. Whitehurst. Keeping it in the family, Sonny Quinnelly leaves his "pride" to Mary Ann. Laurice Karam and Frances Lewis leave their cheerful dispositions to Jo Anne Turnbull and Peggy Glllikin. Harrg Jaccibis ang Tom Wood have decided to have their artistic talents equally divided between Bill Kelly and yr war s. That "Clerk Kent of NBHSU after much tl'l0UEl'll Bhd wllaideration be tows his quarter-backing to Bill Pugh fwe mean Langston. of coursej. "Mozart" Coble leaves her keyboard talents to Kathryn Maxwell, Barbara Green leaves Physics-period!! Lois Bowden and James Scott leave their "carrot tops" to Jimmy Williams. Albert Brooks leaves his camera to Wilton Block. B. G. leaves N. B. ithis time for goody. Chrtstine Register leaves her talking ability to her sister, Marie, Tommy Will ams bestows his ability to beat those drums, to Ben Williams. Verge Paaffe leaves his "school spirit." Betty Ann Parsons and Jean Willis leave their almost empt peroxide bottles to Faye Bland. Charlie Rhodes and Paul Wetherington leave their "Sn0zzfes" to Bill Lewis. Robert McSorley and Mary Hughes bestows their hashfulness upon Doris Parker and Sammy Torrence. Curtis "Hoover" Hardlson leaves his School Bus to Clarence Dail. "Baby" Ballard leaves those awful facial expressions to Sonny Daniels. Ankle Rowe leaves Frances-at 10 P.M. Marllla Jones leaves her artistic hair-do's to to Guinevere Lillie. Buddy I-Iill, Billy Rawls, and Bill Winberry leave the Kehoe Theater to Jean Johnson and Ruth French. Eddie Salter leaves his position as "head cheer leader" to anyone who thinks he can manage lx girls at one time. Carolyn Hunnlngs leaves that "blessed" class bell to Hugh Swan. Peggy Bennett leaves her ability to "get along" with Milton, to Irene and James Crisp. Leon Blzzell leaves his Captain position to anyone who will likewise make All-State. Eunice Brinkley and Elizabeth Goodwin leave the Marine Craps to Pat Patterson and Patsy Cavanaugh. Tincx Guion thoughtfully bestows her "gift of gab" to Emmett atson. Pig rmstrong leaves the typing room to the rest of the poor typing students. Coplon leaves all the windows in school-wide open. Richard Black bestows those broad shoulders upon Guy Rose. Hubert Tolson leaves that ram-shackle car of his to Jarvis Arthur. Ed Posta hopes to leave Senior English- Anne Edwards bestows her blushing upon Lovie Thomas. Billy Vendric bestows his profile upon Richard Skinner. Ann Brothers leaves her stately height to Virginia Lokey. Charlie Mohn leaves his "20-10" vision to "Admiral" Ward. Lucille Dissel leaves her book on "How To Get Your Man" to the library-with the pro9f-that it works! Jack Edwards bestows his "dialects" upon Buddy Boahn. Kitty Ewell leaves next years' Baum to Ruth Rawlings. Horace Hill and Pat Miller leave their iiendish laughs to Jean Huffstettler. Norma Overby leaves Gaskln's Drug Store, but not for long. Shirley Norris leaves the "Hut" to Mrs. Cox. Patsy Osborne leaves her football uniform for next year's Hi-Y Initiation. Leroy Price leaves his cheerful smile to Sonny Russell. Raymond Rachld leaves his Conduct Grades to Kathleen Kaus. Emily Farmer .leaves her intelligent questions and answers to Pat Scott. Sally I-Iargett and George Parker leave their quietness to Yvonne Rhodes. Gladys Boyd and Carol erry leave their voices for the needy members of the Glee Club. Anne Andrews leaves her studiousness to Katherine Wike. Brant Brinson bestows his chin upon Andy Gum . Mary Frances Lamb and Gladys Ballenger, leave tgeir freckles to Mergie Williams- Ruth Boyle and Fanny Forehand leave their demureneis to any needy Ffe hmeh- James Garrick bestows his "Sportsmanship" upon anyvhe who'11 have it. Clifton Sherman leaves his Boat to Ida Mitchell. Connie Newton bestows her "dry wit" upon Ruth Rawlins. Wh0'll find need Of it. Jesse Parks leaves his excellent record-war and otherwiee-10 anyone Wh0 C-H11 equal il- Klttg,Nichols leaves her merry laughter to "Little Margaret." ith apologies to any Senior omitted, I leave this the Last Will and Testament to be enacted to the nth degree. WHDFSSBIZ B tt signed Rfligynafvlfm, Doxus Bnmsou, Testator. 22 ED SUTTON Jo ANN TURNBULL FLORENCE BELL President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer unior flaw fficera BM ,W V W XX ' I K. I QU AM 'E 23 union! ll-1-MRS. SMALLWOOD. First row, left to right: Florence Bell, Peggy Gillikin, Shirley Johnson, Irene Flowers, Pat Collins, Jo Ann Gober, Marie Fulcher, Mrs. Smallwood. Second row: Peggy Armstrong, Dorothy Coston, Jane Ellis, Eunice Britton, Eunice Carawan, Ruth French. Mary Dunn. Third row: Jarvis Arthur, Robert DeCamp, Bobby Bennett, Clifton Gaskins. Billy Brinkley. Fourth row: Ray Epperson, John Cole, Nolan Davis, Clarence Dail. Sonny Gaskins, James Crisp. Not pictured: Faye Bland, Cyril Edwards, Douglas Ferguson, Joyce Pelletier. 11-2-MISS GREENE. First row, left to right: Frances Hadnott. Mary Piner, Ida Mitchell, Elinor Nassef. Doris Parker, Clara Goulding. Betty Pate. Jean Huffstettler, Margaret Leinback, Alma Paige. Second row: Ruth Rawlins, Marie Register, Florence Hantf, Kathleen Kaus, Faye Joseph, Virginia Hargett, Guinevere Lyllie, Edith Leary, Miss Greene. Third row: Thelma Harris, Bill Lewis, Carlton Lewis, Anna Lancaster, Jean Johnson. Emil Hatem, Joseph Habib. Everett Nelson. Fourth row: Herbert Ireland, James McKenzie, Freeman Miller, Verge Paffe, Lamont Grantham, Kenneth McCain, Joe Kline. Not pictured: Bill Kelly, Moses Manning. Georgia A. Parker. ll-3-MRS. BRINSON. First row, left to right: Mrs. Brinson, Reva Taylor. Verna Russell, Nellie Tisdale, Nancy Wike. Mary Ipock, Pat Scott. Jean Simpson, Margie Williams. Second row: Peggy Simpson, Vivian Sumrell, Marie Roach, Jackie Wade, Iola Taylor, Mary Alice Tilghman, Lovie Thomas, Jo Anne Turnbull, Carol Roberts. Third row: Edward Sutton, Guy Rose, Ivan Smith, Roy Setzcr, Richard Skinner. James Watson, Robert Fisher, Leon Williams. Fourth row: Kennedy Ward. Sammy Torrence, Larry Warrington, James Williams. E. A. Rooks, Kenneth Riggs. Not pictured: Margaret Slade, Katherine Smith. Shirley Tucker. 24 PETE ORMSBY MARGARET DUNN NBTA WHITTY President ' Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore CMAJ fficerd 25 0lJll0l1'l0I'eJ 10-1-MISS TANNER. First row. le1't to right: Sue Culpepper, Adelaide Houston. Ruth Atkinson, Sarah Barker, Dorothy Crisp, Virginia Daniels, Janice Arthur. Janet Croft. Second row: Patsy Brinson, Dorothy Barber, Frances Beacham, Theda Davis, Bernice Carter, Jane Coble, Christine Bland, June Bullard, Elsie Daniels. Third row: Louis Daniel. John Connolly, Clifton Cayton. Franklin Atkinson, Max Armstrong, Miss Tanner, Joyce Daniels. Fourth row: Harry Blackwell, Johnny Bishop, Thomas Connor, Beau Bremer, Wilton Block, Jack Casey, Not pictured: Carl Brasington, Uzie Broadstreet. Althene Butts, 10-2-MR. WHITEHURST. First row, left to right: Elsie Herring, Reta Habib, DeLena Hughes, Elma Ipock, Dorothy Sellers, Joline Garner. Second row: Sue Ann Harman. Betty Lou Fales, Sara Holton, Dorothy Harrell. Sara Dillahunt, Phyllis Kelly. Third row: Patricia Gahel, Gertrude Dixon, Elizabeth Hill, Pat Hall, Margaret Dunn, Herman Harrison. Fourth row: Mr, Whitehurst, Billy Jones, George Ives, Ernest Isley, Bradley Hnnff. 26 0pll0l'l'l0I'e.4 I0-3-MRS. AUSBUN. First row, left to right: Charlotte Merritt, Dorothy Pugh, Joyce Land, Nell Parker, Kathryn Maxwell, Barbara Moore, Marie McCaHity, Mrs, Ausbon. Second row: Evelyn Liverlnan, Peggy Reeves, Margaret Nichols, Celia Lively, Virginia Lokey, Mary Livesay, Betty Perry, Lowell Mitchell. Third row: Robert Auspach, Frank Moore, Neil Patterson, Edward Moore, Joseph Mann. Fourth row: Pete McSorley, Billy May, Pete Ormsby, Harold Lokey. Hilton McDaniel. Not pictured: Bobby Matthews, Robert Murray, Robert Phillips, Bill Pugh, Dorothy Rawls, Bill Salter. I0-4-MISS HAMMOND. First row, left to right: Mary Louise Taylor, Pattie Shipp, Pearl Waters, Louise Brown, Cecelia Sainia, Neta Whitty, Catherine Wike, Joyce Smith, Gladys Russell. Second row: Esther Watson. Bessie Mae Moody, Betty Mac Willis, Helen Thomas, Cherry Trader, Yvonne Rhoades, Annie Simpson, Anne Andrews. Third row: Ormond Lee Thomas, Billy Tingle, Corky Wheeler. Roinmie Newberry, Houston Whitty, Jimmy Springle, Meredith Smaw. Fourth row: Dan Smyer, Richard Taylor, Warren Russell, Marvin Smith, Allen Ross, Hugh Swan. Not pictured: Miss Hammond, 27 Dom' JEFFERSON O. V. ROWE, JR. E O ENS President Vice President S t y T suv-er grealzm an Cla 4.4 Officera 1 E Q X All ri G 7' iwigimi' J4 N f"4, 7 i7 V K 5 I gf if eh . f s! ff f ,f XA , Ngdixilrglff Nj 28 .gl'eJlU1'l2l'l Sl-I-MISS ANDERSON. First row, left to right: Iris Frurnan, Alice Connera, Zelphia Massey, Patsy Cavanaugli, Joyce Conway. Carlene Chalk, June Boyd, Joe Eubanks. Second row: Jackie Burncttc, .Io Ann Brasington, Barbara Bcnninghoff, Daisy Dixon, John Coston, Sara Blaylock. Runcll Brock, Beatrice Chambers, Alphonsus Dixon. Third row: Glenn Eure, Everette Collins, Charles Frye, James Brown, John Bengel, Jesse Caton, Tommy Coston, George Carberry. Fourth row: Edward Buic. Bobby Booth, Roy Cahoon, Sidney Epperson, Mrs, Sigmund, John Ausey, Preston Carziwan, Stamey Everhart. Robert Ewell. Not pictured: Buddy Boahn, Billy Gaskins, Robert Cocldington. Sl-C!-MISS ANDREWS. First row. left to right: Nevin Leary, Dorothy Jefferson, Peggy Hill, Dorothy Hawkins. Aurie Bclangia. Mildred Jones. Betty Harris, Ann Ipock, Bessie Heath. Second row: Gerald Hales, Joseph Latham, Winifred Gunnerson. Kathenia Hagan, Ella Koonce, Frances Waters. Janice Holland. Bctty Jean Harris, Miss Andrews. Third row: Adair Grant. Don Jolly, Forney Hoke, Alton Lamm, Gerald Dennis, Ben Gilliken, Enrico Hamilton, Ralph Game. Fourth row: Gordon Hollister, Bobby Helms. Edward Hill, Harold Jones. Joseph Jones. Ncal Harrison, John Hargett. Gene HufTman. Not pictured: Robert Gower, R. B. Hendren. 29 :?l'e.4lll11eI'l 9-3-MRS. RHODES. First row, left to right: Dorothy Sasser. Laura Wynne, Polly Watson, Zilda Small, Julia Wellons, Sarah Tisdale, Martha Shields, Elizabeth Stewart, Richard Banks. Second row: Mark Skinner, Doris Winfield, Dorothe Romaine, Pat Young, Frances Ruddock, Shirley Salter, Margaret Sadler, Mrs. Rhodes. Third row: Robert Moore, Rodney Smith. Hardy Swindell, Donald Brown, Bobby Sasser, Ray Wetherington, Ben Gurganus. Fourth row: George Scott, Rexford Williams, John Scurlock, John Shields, John Trader, John Samia, Robert Smith, Thomas Wiggs. Not pictured: Raymond Hardison. Harry Shriver, George Smith, Jean Williamson. 9-4-MR. DUAK. First row, left to right: Georgie Parlier, Helen Malpass, Connie Ormshy. Peggy Ann Lee, Elizabeth Lee, Altha Jane Mitchell, Sandra Donaldson. Marillyn Roberts. Barbara Riddick, Zelma Paul, Clara Powell, Billy Mason. Second row: Ophelia Nelson. Frances Martin. Elizabeth McSorley, Edna Paige, Carolyn Liverman. Ruth Murray. Mary Maples, Teresa McSorley, Mary Posta, Eugenia Owen. Third row: Robert Perry, O. V. Rowe, Jr., Burney Dixon, Malcolm Noah, Patricia Patterson, Vernon Potter, John Norris, James Muse, Mr, R. W. Doak. Not pictured: Joyce Morton, Don Saunders. 30 f 1 ,7 If I f' ,-fr! 1 f A 7 ' xA 471, I X , f ,XX f W af f , I 'rf HWY VV! 1 X WQSKS I X4 X 5 A , P W I3 I-'gk-29 A ' 2 X . , "amy X , , f If f0f6 Q n 1 , If 31 ruin Siaffaf X .l 5, LITERARY STAFF. Seated, left to right: Jo Anne Turnbull, Jr, Editor: Connie Newton, Sr. Editor, Dottie Brinson, Feature Editor: Kitty Ewell, Editor-in-Chief, Miss Lucy Hodges, Miss Frances Hammond, Advisers, Connie Ormsby, Freshman Editor: June Bullard, Sophomore Editor. Standing: Sonny Quinnelly, Sports Editor, Johnny Connolly, Ass't. Sports Editor, Ruth Rawlins, Ass't. Editor. BUSINESS STAFF. Seated, left to right, first row: Celia Lively, Photographer: Pete Ormsby. Ass't. Business Managerg Ann Brothers, Business Manager: Peggy Bennett, Typist, Patsy Brinson and Kathryn Maxwell, Advertising Manager. Second row: Peggy Simpson, Bette Anne Parsons, Lucille Dissel, Jane Ellis, Carolyn I-Iunnings, Pat Miller. Jackie Wade, Neta Whitty. ART STAFF. Seated. left to right: Buddy Boahn, Tom Wood, Anne Edwards, Art Editorsg Harry Jacobs. Iola Taylor. Jimmy Williams. 32 ear Cub Staff IH-ZAR FUI! S'l'AFlf. Seated:-flett tnqrightz Miss Sarah Greenie, Adviser: Bill Kelly, Mary Alice 'l'ilgl1m:in, Carlton Lewis. Clarence.-Gaskins. Bill Lewis, Richard Skinner, Ed Sutton. Oscar Quinnclly, Jmncs Crisp, Standingr Cyril 'fEdwards, Pete Ormshy. Louis Daniels, Roy Setzer. Ed Hill, .lost-ph Klinc. Carolyn Humniings, Ivan Smith, Leon Bizzell, Maria Kafer, James lVlL'Kvnziv. Not pictured: Buddy Hill. BOYS Ill-Y. First row. seated, loft to right: Bill Kelly, Ivan Smith, Richard Skinner, Ed Sutton. Second row: Louis Daniels, Clarence Gaskins, James McKenzie, Bill Lewis, Carlton Lewis. Third row: Pi-tc Ormshy, Ed Hill. Standing: Milton Langston, Allan Ross, Oscar Quinnelly. Dr, Roy Millcr. Adviser: Buddy Hill, Leon Bizzell, Frank Moore, Roy Setzer. Cyril Edwards. 33 Student Council Seated, left to right: Torn Gooding, President, Patsy Brinson, Secretary- Treasurerg Jo Anne Turnbull, ,Vice Presidentg Robert Armstrong, Leon Bizzell, Ed Sutton, Roy Setzer. Standing: Elizabeth Guion, Dot Jefferson, Ann Brothers, Johnny Connolly, Harry Blackwell, John Cole, Bill Kelly, Cyril Edwards. 34 ,Caiin ome conomiw Seated, It-t't to right: DeLena Hughes, Mary Ipock, Virginia Daniels, Christine Bland. Celia Lively, Grace Cook, Gertie Dixon, Louis Daniels Seeond row: Kathryn Maxwell, Joyce Land, Sarah Holton, Ann Andrews, Elizabeth Hill, Sue Ann Harman, Margaret Dunn, Patsy Brinson, Betty Lou Falcs. Standing: Peggy Anne Reeves. Frank Moore, Billy May, Vivian Sumrell, Dorothy Pugh, Billy Jones, Janet Croft, Pete Ormsby, Catherine Wyke, Wilton Block, June Bullard, Miss Ola Andrews, Neta Whitty, Ed Hill. George Ives. Seated, left to right: Marie Register, Shirley Tucker, Jean Huflstctler, Patsy Patterson. Pearl Waters, Mary Louise Taylor. Mildred Jones, Evelyn Liverman, Florence Hanff, Betty Mack Willis, Thelma Harris. Patsy Cavanaugh, Second row: Bette Ann Parsons, Shirley Salter. Edith Leary, Dorothy Romanus, Mrs. Gladys West, Frances Hadnott, Zilda Small, Frances Ruddock, 35 S 'Q S 'Q Q in i 'Vg 0 2 .xiao vw 6 6 -Cfggv, 555222 Six Bggw '...UDfi?amq,m1-C, w m mHE- mx Hd 3 M Ewff25gmE mblfc .-.:: U1 Dom Om gm I biz ,-C Qui:-.Eg 2 85 .wagm 5 5 Qgwmg bw qJ:"5' m HP? sinvg ESM 5 Wim 2 M QQEEQ firfs ?,s..wiQ5 JE E53 ' E55 EBJEE RWE n:Q3E 2:2 ga H mgm QUVTQ-w '1+-' 3 Ss-rf g ja 5:,qw.v,-gl' S52 Eggsm 524 .Q III.-. ur' in : UQ- QMS m moi Swim H M cc '53 DHGSQ V5 'S O2 'Um M U pd Q 8 mmmHx gd ww: U Ocuca 25.553 3.2 HEQVUQ mi E 2:2 185 mgxm ffl-1 EU EHW W wil In C2 D005 O 55 FE gm Uo E 6 W Emg C5595 GEO SSOEHV o E WCW' Q0 D3 'CEN wx H U G wc? Sgmgmg 230 Bgggg D015 Limo'-"" E 'HPCQ Q. -, Ewan :A 82,23 'EQEE-gg U22 HwC5:8 322 mgg M Quo' 23- 'fywai 32 M xoo Cwiuwg ii Q mm!-.CU L.. -ls-IX gC.'7cu'1""s-4 O33 mQ 25 75m mE83 E Q pi' cum'E,E"2E nw ognzng EE Ehimi 'QMHE BJ o: U r mNEm3 Q 49x25 Ld'-1ggEGJ 416,42 mp Luo IE 'M' 0 ,s 1 5. Q was Q e 2 'ng v grief ,wer n .W K K f x 5.1-N VM S19 3 Q 4. .L ,Q Q 4 asf 1 Qtr ., 5 . Gif K rn fi '1 '53 .c: 4-3 CU .Q C5 .EE 5 E c r: 41 Ds DD DD GJ Fl. ai GJ v-I c cz 41 5: rw on cu D-4 2 5-4 cu GJ nl .E 5 GJ Z 5-I an .Q O U CD S: C 41 O P1 ,.a ,J ...u N4 QJ .-4 3,5 O 5-4 171 .E IQ :ci D ...1 Q ua na .A U 4: .EQ HP O3 3.3 QQ: Q, s: D442 .+I D00 E5 Eg 53121 O: Un: QC! 5-465 32 U . .eg I-1 25 3,5 mc F: QU .Z."C DCD O33 JE :ff m3 2,4- Ie.: 22 CU D12 ZH: SE 'uf EE ,M E Tn Wo CD4-I 9m 6 Om "1.J 'E fa 332 '52 C P s-4 I B U 4-2 CI .-CI QE 'ed 332 D-QL. 555 .CC O Q 4-W E O12 rn 'SE 55.-'Z 3... .-4 GJ -4-I U1 6 QI 5 3 Pu o CI cv Z LI. on 4-3 .9 UD cu Di .2 5-4 S 'B cu 0- cu E .-. cv N an D4 'E S-4 cu U d C I5 Cl +3 cu 5-4 - ,-4 CU III as D-4 P, L4 L-4 GS DD L. IU 2 Cf cu E .C in F cu .2 41 71 5-4 cu E uf C: on 3 O .2 C cv U P: +-2 IS' 5 CU +2 GJ Z 'CE 5-4 C5 -4 .-4 3 CQ cu C 5 P1 IU C CU Q an Q E O '5-4 V2 4-3 5-4 GJ .Q o II E 5-4 cu U d 'c .E 1: E4 EE.: : CU E GJ o SZ: QQ! .E cn :- o .-. Lu .-CI 33 'U ra Z3 GJ .3 ,A .CE E U -4 'ES 3 o D-4 cu 5-4 .LJ U fi U7 o D-4 x-I cv .-. fo KU zn 5-4 CU 2 x, -4 ,-4 rU 30 P GJ CL' cu x-. cv U1 IA 5-4 C5 2 -4-I CD I-1 CG UD Q5 95 E! 'z E 0-U 63 d O ,E Q E 5-4 8 5 6 - E .2 S-4 3 6 -4 CU 3 L21 Q S O I-4 5 'L' C3 o I-Y-4 rn ..-. .-4 .- ..-4 B .. H :s .Q c 5-4 : H CD c : 41 O '-4 0, 'CS cu 3 2 Ji Q cu V1 OJ 1: Q C5 GJ f-4 2 CJ E C5 C1 .9 s: .': P 51 O-3 4-3 'ao 4: Q O f-a :Z : O C1 CI O O 5, CI C .CI O '1 3. Q V1 E 5-4 O GJ Q-3 CU D-4 .Q 3 CU J c O 4-V 2 5-4 CU U uf L-I aa 0-V VJ cu Q C ru rl as CI CI 4 DD EP B 51 EE En Ou: BO 3 o s- .C 4-3 ff 51-4 'Ci C L' CQ ca C1 C: .Zi L4 .C U .6 E cu n-I ffl cu o C cu 5-4 514 '55 m O CQ 3 o o ea 0-3 5-4 3 ... 43 .Z5 3 3 P4 Z GJ Q5 5-4 o 3 6 .bd C CU L-4 I-I-4 ui GJ D D-1 QJ on 3-4 o OJ C3 5' 'df-' Lf CJ C15 If. rn 'RE D-4 'ri CI N A uf P1 E fm .5-4 .-4 ,-4 .-4 vi 'E 4: .2 Z CD U ZA O 9 E cn x: CU Q si E71 5: 5.0 BD Pe gy Reeves, ,.a ...a rw., 0200 Fm ,.a +-w 8 Mm S-4 C5 CD fs .-4 GJ 'Q no rm uni CI S: -A-P :ucv .JCLCD IJ I-IJ 5 o U1 Q4 E un cv D4 th. Sm ld OD3 rof. D P erell In Sum ian .H son. Viv Brin tsy Pa S. IT1 lia Wil ford CX Epperson, R ay Pete McSor1ey, R girl, ' fn. y JUNIOR GIRLS HI-Y. First row, left to right: Elizabeth Hill, Pat Scott, Florence Bell, Ruth Rawlins, Nance Wyke, Kathryn Maxwell, Margaret Leinbach. Second row: Mary Alice Tilghman, Lovie Thomas, Patsy Brinson, Jo Anne Turnbull, Iola Taylor, Pat Hall, Margaret Dunn, Jackie Wade. Not pictured: Mrs. Raymond Taylor, Adviser. SENIOR I-II-Y. First row, left to right: Kitty Ewell, Jean Coble, Carolyn Hunnings, Ann Brothers, Peggy Bennett, Anne Edwards, Nancy Venters. Standing: Marilla Jones, Connie Newton, Emily Farmer, Pat Miller, Elizabeth Guion, Doris Brinson, Laurice Karam, Patsy Osborne, Carol Perry. . '-4--iw., ' 38 76 S li r ' 1 1 f Q 9 1, A . ff I x xsfwgf X gh ' - 0 , .. vm x 0 sq? V S, NN 'A AW fl ' f X my N If NX X., x A 2 :xl V- ' ,1 --wfr ,J 4,3 fem XW7 M I Tr A . Mg' A-an I FOOTBALL TEAM. First row, left to right: Leroy Price. Joseph Habib. Richard Skinner, Carlton Lewis, Andrew Rowe, Ivan Smith, B. G. Harker, Sonny Daniels. Rummy Newberry. Second row: Allen Ross, Charles Mohn, Milton Langston, Robert Armstrong, Leon Bizzell, Captain: Sonny Quinnelly, Co-Captain: Charles Rhodes, Harry Jacobs, Horace Ballard, Verge Pafe, Ed Posta, Johnny Bishop. Third row: Coach Doak, Sonny McKenzie, Emmitt Watson, Harold Jones, Kennedy Ward, Harold Lokey, James Garrick, Sonny Gaskins, Robert Philips, Ed Sutton, Ray Potter, Vernon Potter, Roy Setzer, Manager. ooiba!! E.N.C.A.C. CHAMPS THIS SEASON the Bears won the East North Carolina Athletic Conference. This was the first title won by a New Bern team in twenty-three years. In con- ference games the Bears were undefeated but tied over. In Non-Conference games the Bruins were defeated by two double "A" teams but the Bears tied a strong E.C.T.C. J-VEE squad. This very good record is due to the splendid work of "Peanut" Doak, 'tChuck" Conner, "Mike" Jowdy, and the cooperation of the team. SCORES Sept. Goldsboro .......... 18 New Bern Sept Greenville .......... New Bern Oct. Durham .............. 38 New Bern Oct. Kinston ...,,......... 12 New Bern Oct. Roanoke Rapids 18 New Bern Oct. Tarboro .............. New Bern Nov. E.C.T.C. .............. 12 New Bern Nov. Elizabeth City .... 13 New Bern Nov. Washington ........ New Bern lll BIG THREE. Left to right: Captain 'Leon BIZZSII Coach "Peanut" Doak: Co-Capiaili. "S0I1Y1y' Qulflnelly E -ss ss. as Q' . ,Q s., ,hug CHEER LEADERS Those people supplied thc pep at the ol' hall park. First row, left to right: Ann Brother-1, Anna Lanczistcr. Anne Edwards. Second row: Nancy Venters, Betty Anne Parsons. Eddie Salter, ht-ad cheer leadcrg Doris Brinson, Patricia Collins. STARTING LINE-UP This is what made opposing teams tremble with fear: Line, left to right: Robert Armstrong. right cndg Horace Ballard, right tackle: Loon Bizzell, vaptain, right guardg Johnny Bishop, left tackle, Sonny Quinnelly, co-captain, center: Ed Sutton, left guard: Harry Jacobs, left end. Backlit-ld, left to right: Charles Mnhn, wing hackL Milton Langston. blocking back: Richard Skinner, fullbackg Ankie Rowe, tailback. SENIORS These fellows will be niissed next year but ball players develop fast. Kneeling, left to right: Milton Langston, B. G. Harker, Ankie Rowe.. Leon Bizzell, captain: Leroy Price, Charles Rhodes. Standing: Charles Mohn, Horace Ballard, Robert Armstrong, Verge Pafe, Sonny Quinnelly, co-captaing Ed Posta, Harry Jacobs, James Garrick. 41 Left to right: Andrew Rowe. Co-Captain: Hubert Tolson, Sonny Russell. Horace Ballard. Co-Captain: Sonny Quinnelly, Buddy Hill. Jimmy Brown. Standing: Ivan Smith, Johnny Connolly. Kennedy Ward. Bill Winberry. Emmit Watson. Coach Doak. Column to right, starting line-up, top row. left to right: Coach Doak, Horace Ballard, Co-Captain. Center, middle row: Jimmy Brown. Sonny Russell. Forwards: Ankie Rowe, Co-Captain: Sonny Quinnelly, Guards. 505.4 j Eaaketbaff The Boys' Basketball team showed a great deal of improvement during the season. The Bears started slow but ended the season with a bang-in third place in the conference standing! 42 :t row, In-ft to right: Shirley Salter, Zilda Small, Pat lvr. Shirley TuckL-r. Captain: Anne Edwards. Jean pson, lola Taylor. Second row: Kitty Ewell, Managerg gy Armstrong, Frances Ruddovk. Frances Beacham, ly Amie Parsons, Patsy Brinson, Dottie Brinson, Miss ris, Couch. H171 ll. IICUS XSOII ISUH rc: rc t to 'iA1It. sm tinj line-up, op, left to right: Bvavhani, Shirley Salter. Middle row: Patsy Shirlnp Fuckar, Captain. Bottom rou. Doris , JL-an Simpson. girb 7 Kaaikeibau Phe Girls' Basketball team rushed into fir schedule and didn't let up the whole uson. In their games the Bruins were de- nted only once. This is a good record for y team. 43 0l'l0gl'al1'l First row, left to right: Charlie Rodes, Oscar Quinnelly, Ed Sutton, Buddy Hill, Ivan Smith, Joseph Habib, Hubert Tolson. Second row: Sonny Russell, James Garrick, Jean Simpson, Doris Brinson, Iola Taylor, Shirley Tucker, Nancy Venters, Kitty Ewell. Third row: Emmitt Watson, Horace Ballard, Roy Setzer, Clarence Gaskins, Allen Ross, Leon Bizzell, Robert Armstrong, Charles Mohn, Johnny Connolly. Fourth row: Harold Lokey, Carlton Lewis, Milton Langston, Johnny Bishop, Anky Rowe, Richard Skinner, Leroy Price, Harry Jacobs. dyaaeball Kneeling, left to right.' Sonny McKenzie, Milton Langston, Johnny Con- nolly, Hubert Tolson, Leroy Price, Richard Skinner, Roscce Setzer, Manager. Standing: Doug Davies, Charlie Mohn, Leon Bizzell, "Pig" Armstrong, Ed. Sutton, Sonny Quinnelly, Francis Ferebee, Coach. gf. M3 44 45 51-Fam Best Sports DOTTIE BRINSON JAMES GARRICK Best Dancers KITTY EWELL EDDIE SALTER Most Talented ANN BROTHERS JEAN COBLE TOMMY GOODING Most Athletic DOTTIE BRINSON SONNY QUINNELLY Best Dressed NANCY VENTERS ALBERT BROOKS Most Original ANN BROTHERS EDDIE SALTER Most Talkative ELIZABETH GUION BUDDY COPLON upe 94 Most Popular KITTY EWELL EDDIE SALTER BUDDY HILL Most Bashful MARY EMMA HUGHES ROBERT MCSORLEY Wittiest ELIZABETH GUION BUDDY COPLON Most Likely to Succeed KITTY EWELL TOMMY GOODING Most Dependable KITTY EWELL EDDIE SALTER Most Studious JEAN COBLE TOMMY GOODING 'N Sa 4 4 1 Top row: Pretty Qocks Irene "A le 1' h' - . , . . . pp po is mg"'? . . . Second rout' We must bc neat, eh Kelly? . . Team two. Third row: Familiar . . . Au come on, Smitty , . . Dying to get out. Fou tl, ' ' 1' 1 row. Eddie, we love you . . . Lazy leap frog . . , Ah men! 48 ' Y Su p, First rout' What long arms you havvx Bishop . . . Aw now, Russvll . . . B.T.O Svvorzd row: Giv'um some Candy, Wood . . . You uamu it . . . Yea, tcam! Third Tou' 'l'hvy put doors ou 'um nowadays, Taylor . . . N. Bfs Glamazons . . . What thay faalla? . . . What smells. you two? . . . What ya' douf, Roscoci' . . . Buddy, Baby and Ilirdbraiu. 49 'K :sf S' I 7r ww ,I N Z 2 7 Z f ,Q f Z f Z 2 7 z? , xxxxxxx XXX K W 4.,........... if 133.333 or We 50 dvrofewional Sponsora THE NEW BERN NIEDICAI ASSOCIATION DR. ROY A. MILLER DR. E. F. MENIUS D. C. MCCOTTER. A. J. WILLIS H. K. LAND AND SON R. E. WHITEHURST J. C. WHITTY RAYMOND FUSON T. C. FITZGERALD N. E. IVIOHN HIGH SCHOOL P-T.A. A recession is a period in which you tighten up your belt. A depression is a time in which you have no belt to tighten. When you have no pants to hold up, it's a panic! BELK'S HOME OF BETTER VALUE Bizzellz Young lady, your rent is way past due. You will pay or go out! Dott1e: A11 right, darn it. I'11 go out with you. Miss Hodges: Charlie, write a sentence with the words "bitter end" in it. Mohn: The dog chased the cat, and he bit 'er end. MAIN STREET GRIICERY SALES Compliments of G. F. C k . . C k 00 I G H 00 CITY COAL AND C ' ' . C " M, rocerme zone eats DIAL 3966 BRIDGETON Complinwnts of LUMBER C0, I Manufacturers R I T C H E Y S EQRTSI .e1AR0dLlggx SINE C L E A N E R S R113 aisle Wgtler Sgipmlgritl BRIDGETON, N. C. ASKEW'S ROYAL CROWN DRY CLEANERS Specialize in DRESSES AND HATS The Home of Better Cleaning 1109 Pollock St. Phone 4312 BOTTLING CO. Bottlers of ROYAL CROWN : NEHI PAR-T-PAK Dial 2755 Compliments of 6'The Fuel That Never Failsn N E W T O N ' S G A R A G E Compliments of SIIUTIIEIIN BUTANE GAS ABLEN'S GROCERY CORPOBATION 907 Broad Street DIAL 4097 t All Kinds of Groceries DIAL 2136 Confevtions and Fruits Garrick: Beer, please. Waiter: Pale? Garrick: Naw, justa glass. Coplon: Ah, Watson I see W , you still have on your winter underwear. atson: Marvelous, Coplonl How did you deduce that? Coplon: Elementary, my dear Wat trousers. son. You have forgotten to put on your Compliments of Dr. Pepper Bottling Company THE Inc. if MARLCRETE H2 Middle Street ir Dial 2156 -- METROPOLITAN C L U B "Where All Good Friends Meetv LATEST SPORTS RESULTS And there's the nurse wh d 0 educts 10 points from th personality. e patient's pulse for her Postal: Do y b hero? itcr: Wo servo b d S't d wn. DRY CLEANING AT ITS BEST MEANS JOHNSON CLEANERS, INC. 'lr "Always a Jump Ahead" 'A' Five Points -1 DIAL 4I2I -- "We Call for and Deliver" BRADDYS, INC. DIAL 2 I 59 GEO. T. BURNETTE, JR., P d t A. IV. BURNETTE, JR., Secreta y T 'k ODORLESS DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING PRESSING F 1 womanxl k f I I f man,th 's who makesa t I I I. Mrs. Gillikinz My daughter' mus ichasbee ageat p e Mr. Smith: Indeed! S me neighb d you, I suppose? we W O O T T E N - Congratulate M O U L T O N WU S T U D I O I' if SAM LI PMAN PHOTOGRAPHS G 'SON ir New Bern's Biggest and Phone 3768 Best Department Store 533 Middle Street STALLINGS BROS. INC. PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTORS i' NEW BERN, N. C. Cop: Have you a warning s gnal o the f ont of you car Flossiez Yes s'r, I have a little s gn that says Dodg B others Barber Black: Will you have anything on your face after I've finished shaving you, sir? Ballard: It doc-sn't seem likely! Bridgeton Lumber Co. TAYL0B MOTOB C0. Manufacturers QLDSMOBILE NORTH CAROLINA PINE Q I d S . Kiln Dried and Air Dried k a es an ervwg Rail and Water Shipments Ph0I1e 4160 Bridgeton, N. C. NEW BERN, N. C. FIRSIMCITIZENS Compliments of BANK AND TRUST COMPANY NEW BERN, N. C. Member of F. D. I. C. HILL'S BOWLING ALLEY Broad Street NEW BERN, N. C. BOYD BROTHERS Banana King Compliments of DEALERS IN FRUIT AND J0HNS0N PRODUCE TIRE COMPANY Dial 4197 DIIWDY FURNITURE BROAD STREET COMPANY GROCERY CO. t R. W. Ipock, Prop. "The Home Furnishersn GROCERIES : MEAT COUNTRY PRODUCE C. H. BOYD Poultry and Seafood Five Points DIAL 3711 Congratulations and Best Wishes THE PARISIAN 6'0nly the Best in Women7s Appareln Mr. Bullard: But I can't buy th for me! Mrs. Bullard: Remember, dear, That's what we must consider first. is ovorcoat, Gladie. It's three sizes too large it has to go over the car radiator this winter. u Waiter: We got some good zoop today. Want some? Ruth: Zoop? What is that? Waiter: You know what hash is? Well, zoop is looser FIVE PDINTS MILLING CDMPANY W. B. Smith American Oil Company Products Household Appliances Points Frank Hargett, Mgr. Hay, Grain, Seed, Feed K- R- JONES, ll PHONE 4319 203 George St. Dial 2127 Compliments Compliments of SWAN MOTOR COMPANY L. L. BRINSDN HARDWARE C0. 143 Middle Street NEW BERN, N. C. SPDTLESS DRY CLEANING and LAUNDRY DIAL 2708 411 Queen Street 6'The Same for Lessi' BRlNKLEY'S BARBER SHOP 624 Hancock Street Compliments of TIIE PRIOR'S SUPER SERVICE Washing : Greasing Polishing GASTON HQTEL Corner Broad and Hancock Sts. DIAL 2264 Wike Cglnlstxrvulcetion Co. Compliments . C. L' N . 1846 G1iNERAic?5irEAcToR BALLARU5 SERVICE AND BUILDER Office and Warehouse 201W South Front Street P. 0. Box 163 Phone .2037 NEW BERN, N.7C. BRIDGETON, N. C. "Is this Joe?" "Sure this is Joef, "Doesn't sound like Joe." "It' ll ' ht." s me a rig "Can you lend me 310, Joe?" I I'11 ask him as soon as he comes 1n.' lvliss Andrews: Shall I take this train to Chapel Hill. Tickct Agent: No ma'am, the engineer will do that. nk I CERE CQ PLIMENTS oi' THE ROWIAND LU BER COMPANY ak Jvzxn: Will you join inc in a bowl of soup? Dottie: Do you think there will be room for both of us? Bill Winberry: Do you believe in Buddah? d b tl th' k Dot Costin: Of course I o, u in oleomargerine is just as good. C. C. C. SERVICE .-...--' STATION Dealer in Compliments of PARROTS FOOD STORE L- ..1 l. iii 1711 TEXACO PRODUCTS Opposite Courthouse NEW BERN, N. C. 'A' Goodyear and Firestone Tires Washing and Greosing a Specialty Tire Repairs : Oil Changing Our Hobby Simonizing Just for Pleasure Phone 9774 W. E. Swain, Prop. BAUGH 6' SONS COMPANY Manufacturers and Importers High Grade Fertilizers Agricultural Chemicals Telephone 4145 - 4146 106 Craven Street NEW BERN, N. C. HILL'S if Known for Good Clothes 'A' NEW BERN and MOREHEAD CITY Mrs. Smallwoodr Cotton, what's an autonomy? Cotton: It's something a man pays his wife when they get divorced. : Would y lk t I I wpcrated on fr appendicitu li No,Ih'tl ptl TURNER-TOLSON FURNITURE CO i NEW BERN'S BIGGEST AND BEST FURNITURE STORE i' Frigidare Agency Bendix Automatic Washers Compliments of THE DINNER BELL i' 413 BROAD STREET T Cher: Why did you kick Johnny in the stomach? C turned arou d too qui k y:H Coach Doak: Skinner, what's the Hrst exercise you take when you awaken each morning. Skinner: I turn over slowly and go back to sleep. T H E W H I T F L O R I S T S GREEN HOUSES AND STORE NEW BERN'S 1312 Brood Street VOICE PHONE 3071 OF THE 5 COAST Mrs. Carter Tisdale, Prop. F.D.T. Member .lt 1450 oN Y0UB DIAL Flowers for All Occasions Compliments Of HEILIG AND LEVINE uk NEW BERN7S NEWEST, LARGEST, FINEST FURNITURE STORE Mama: Johnny, one more bite like that one, and you'll leave the table. Bishop: One more like that one, and I'll be ready to leave the table. Mrs. Sniullwood: Cotton. what is space? otton an ' W "s ' ' 1' C Pi l. ell. it. b0lHCth1l1,, where therc's nothing. I can't explain i xzictly, but I'vc got it in my head. SMAW-HARRIS FUNERAL HOMES, INC. AMBULA NCE SERVICE Phone- Phone- N ICVC' BERN BAYBURU 2067 11101 FOR SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING SEND YOUR CLOTHES TO H A R D Y M O O R E CLEANERS AND TAlLoRs HUME 0F MUNITE MUTH PROOFING 313 Middle Street Dial 2134 Sonny D Qprvsvnting Mr. Daniels with his report cardbz Here's the report nd, Pop? Boy are wc dlllllblf Of the sad surprises, there's nothing to compare with treading in the dark on a step that isn't there. Compliments Of COPLON-SMITH CO. 'Ir NEW BERN'S BIGGEST AND BEST STORE KAFER1 BAKERY DIAL 2243 'A' Pies Cakes Doughnuts "Little" Joe Kline: What do you do when a person forgets his change? Mr. Lipman: You tap gently on the counter with a dollar bill. Policeman tto "Tramp Jacobs" sitting on top of oak tree? 3 Hey! What are doing up there? "Jake": I don't know, I must have sat on an acorn. yOU CITY LUMBER COMPANY The Largest and Best Equipped Retail Lumber Yard in Coastal Carolina ak LUMBER : BUILDING SUPPLIES MILL WORK 'A' Framing Frames JOHNS MANVILLE Sheathing Sash NATIONAL GYPSUM Dom Siding Q AND tlore F' 1 . Flooring CELOTEX lx umm PRODUCTS Kitchen Finish Cabinets PHONE 2059 BOX 628 NEW BERN, N. C. Lucille: Goodness, Jimmy, this isn't our baby. It's the wrong carriage. Jimmy: Shut up! It's a better carriage. First Cow: How do you like the new hired man? Second Cow: I think he's an awfuljerk. Sincere Compliments vi J. C. PENNEY COMPANY I New Bern, North Carolina ROBERT'S TIRE COMPANY I Distributors for U. S. TIRES "They tell me Jo Anne's marriage was the result of love at first sight." "That's right. If she had been gifted with second sight, she'd still be single B lddy H.: You IS B11 d ar : Well you d d tl t BLADES AUTO SALES, INC DODGE : PLYMOUTH Sales and Service CRAVEN MOTOR COMPANY CHEVROLET 4-IHHCK GENUINE PARTS 'HRES + TUBES rillaJ Mfth dtt d b 1 baraG D k t k Have a Coke 11" ff'-5 12. W It's the friendly high-sign BOTTLED UNDER AUTHCHITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY New Bern Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc Mrs. Smith: Officer, do people get killed here very often? "Dick Tracy:" No Ma'am, only once. J. C. WHITTY AND CO. EStGbliShed 1876 Compliments of 'k . HAMMOND McCormick-Deering ELECTRIC FARM COMPANY MACHINES and PURINA CHOW Full Leased Wire Service ' of the Associated Press Com liments of THE " SUN JOURNAL Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday With Morning Edition Every Day Except Monday New BERN, N. c. Q Oscar: Will you eat dinner with me tonight? Kitty: Thanks, I'd love to. Oscar: Fine, tell your mother I'll be over at eight. Mr. Whitehurst: If I lay 5 eggs here and 3 eggs there. How many will I have Skinner: I dontt think you can do it! RAXTERS LARGEST JEWELERS IN EASTERN CAROLINA NEW BERN, N. C. ,I Craven Foundry and Machine Company 202-210 Craven Street PHONES 1 3154 - 3155 Mill and Auto Supplies To Be Sure Insure With the DUNN AGENCY Morris Plan Bank Building Machine 5h0P Phone 3847 Foundry Motor Rebuilder Q Jacobs: It's up to us to teach this new girl the difference between right and wron . 8 Rhodes: O.K. You teach her what's right. Coach: Darling, I've made up my mind to stay at home. Betty: Too late, Bob. I've made up my face to go out. RICE BROTHER SALES WHOLESALE TOBACCOS CIGARS : GUMS Phone 3587 IZOI Queen St. NEW BERN, N. C. Congratulations . TIIE DIANA Sll0PS 242 Middle Street NEW BERN, N. C. Ladies, Really-to-Wear Compliments EITSO Si New BERN mcxl Apparel for Women Compliments of SARDESON'S Center of Fashion 254 Middle Street SIIRIVEIPS FLOWER Sll0P "Flowers for all Oecasionsw 333 South Front Street BELL FO0DS Z Staple and Fancy Groceries 606 East Front Street Day Phone 2388 : Night 2810 DIAL 3161 A D R , PHONE 2260 JOSRUEI SE1-gg? S RADIO SERVICE SIl0P DIAL 4201 Guaranteed Radio Repairs NEW BERN, N. C. 151W Middle Street NEW BERN, N. C. FOSTER'S GARAGE AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS NEW BERN LOAN AND JEWELERS 215 Middle Street THE ONLY STORE OF ITS KIND IN NEW BERN . . "A GIFT FOR ALL" Batterles and Servlce All Loans Strictly Coniid ntial 0nly Licensed Pawn Shop i the City Mrs. Whitford: Would you like to give ten cents to help the old ladies' home Buddy Coplon: What? Are they out again? Mr. Turnbull: I'l1 teach you to mak Sutton: I wish you would, sir. I'm e love to my daughter. not making much headway. Watches Diamonds Nvrih CuI'0li1w's Gifts Growing Printers Q?-A 'A' STA N LEY'S J EWE LE RS RICHARDSON 208 Middle sheer PRINTING Next Door to Lipman's Department Store -k Expert Watch Repairing 0ur 77th Year HAWK RADIO PHONE sioo AND I APPLIANCE Co. M'TCHEU- 5 Boom nAwK, Manager HARDWARE Kelvinator : Philco : RCA 315 south Front Sheet Duo-Therm : Thor wk Small Home Appliances Freezing Chests for Home Use Columbia - Victor Records Hardware - Harness Fishing Tackle Paints Sonny D.: Believe me? I'm going Temple D.: Good! You need one ba to dly. get a head. Carl B.: Do you love mc, darling? Anna L.: You know I do, Neal. Carl B.: Neal? This is Carl. Anna: Of course! I keep thinking today is Monday. NEW BERNIAN HOTEL NEW BERN, N. C. "Stop at Recognized Hotels" GRENOBLE HOTELS, INC. Compliments Of ATLANTIC AND EAST CAROLINA RAILROAD COMPANY lVIcSorl0y: What part of your car gives the most trouble? Brooks: The nut mat holds the wheel, Kline CPa1estine Speciallz Watchagotna package? Emil Hatem: Sabook. Kline: Wassananaimuvitt. Emil: Sadickshunery, fullinaims. Wife's gonna gettaplecedog and gotta gettanaimferim. - T -1 THE MAXWELL COMPANY LUCAS AND LEWIS, INC. Wholesale Grocers New Bern, North Carolina Phone 3900 A hula is a wild-waist show. Jo Anne T. Choldi g k b the dogb: Spe k Sp k. Dog: What'1l I say? BRANCH BANKING fr TRUST CO. The Safe Executor Sound Banking and Trust Service Fourteen Offices in Eastern North Carolina RESOURCES OVER ONE HUNDRED MILLION Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BARBOUR BOAT WORKS, INC. -A' MANUFACTURERS OF BOATS -A' MARINE R. WAYS MARINE SUPPLIES R. Moore: What shall I say b t the blondes who made such a fu at the b ball game? Ed, of Sun Journal: Why, just y th t the bl h rs went wild. M s Tan r: Take 326 from 21A4, and what's the d ff P gh: Th t' what I say, what's the difference. VISIT WITH US OFTEN DUFFY'S REXALL CUT-RATE DRUG STORE ir Gifts for All Dccasions 'A' DIAL 4138 M A O L A MILK 81 ICE CREAM COMPANY PASTEUBIZED DAIRY PRIIDUCTS PlIONE 4184 NEW BERN, N. C. A modern g 1 d t h man, but th mouse-trap d t h e eith . Compliments of NEW BERN HIGH SCHOOL P.-T.A. ARMSTRONG GROCERY C0. Distribution of PILLSBURY and PREMIUM FLOUR Raymond L. Taylor INTERIOR TILE AND MARBLE GLASS BATHROOMS VITROLITE-LIBBEY-OWEN THE SMART SHOP PRODUCTS D' I 3657 "NEW BERN'S SMARTEST I3 H NEW BERN, N. C. SHOP W. C. CHADWICK GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY NEW BERN, N. C. TAFF OFFICE EQUIPMENT co. REMINGTON SALES AND SERVICE 222 Craven Street DIAL 3135 THE S. B. PARKER C0. LENNEX AIRE - FLO HEATING ROOFING SHEET METAL WORK HOME PRIDE STORES CHOICE MEATS : GROCERIES FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IOI8 Broad Street SANITARY GROCERY FANCY MEATS AN D GROCERIES Free Delivery I249 Pollock Street NEW BERN, N. C. Compliments of PAUIXS GARAGE New Bern Distributing Company, Inc. Operating C E N T R A L C A F E "The Cafe Good Food Built" EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS .. of ... GUNTHER'S BEER Owned and Operated by New Bernians LEE MOTOR SALES., INC 320 South Front Street NEW BERN, N. C. KAISER - ERAZIER GENERAL REPAIR WE SERVICE ALL MAKES RADIOS AND REFRIGERATORS SCOTT REFRIGERATIUN CU., Inc. 1 1 2 1 J ? P W 9

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