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, lf Q NM.:-9.v.. ,Cb UyV,-- X' 8 G qw' O wgfggwfax if yi , W5 Jyifffiiy ' Wgyyj Mifffifwffv X ci Mwgw I ,ff giggqg A J5Wf E it Sl Jw ffm 254332 BX .4'f?i7,,.s"Pgqn!5H4AE Egg? 3 'S .- qi qg SN. Af w iii 2 iw S Sig 534 Qwgiiggigiwkg YQ ig 3522 if 52522 S 5 lgibm nkiiipf QS 3333 ,9,W jj,Sik we 413 4 X 0 WM b 'x:m2W Q- db Qssifmfffw ESX E N My xgssjx? W affix, 555.-Mai MV ,uf 3, ' X-h NEEHEFR jyfflwfwf 5 .ffl QW W ., -534 M1-Lf' 0,44 - fig., www' we S' 634356 Qgiy Jmffilf M,f:,L"f.fgi'i:,"Z' A iififw ZT"JfZZ7fv if Q"f J MM9 . VKNQ M My Q My Widjfw f . ,QA , 'LQ A W ' V . lv: ' . ' 'L . , 'iI.EW+qW':n-.,'aWWW. ' ,W - ' 1 " ' LLM'-9 , 'W A' Pgig W-,j.W4'W,.,"sf1. Wi? . '- UW.,-,. J'4"1ifQ' WW..- f',.,c5W W'lW - W N 1 5:4 5295? MW., .1 1 - W l E 4. ' . " ' V 1. I ' . 1 1 ' , ' '. W .5 'WW -Llfif ' "K -""' , ':-W W v- ' , - , W W - ' 14- ' -jnjw ' 4 . lj+.5-'-- W V W .', W - W fa - - ff' Mrf-fi ' a? ' , . ' f 'l,. Egg... 'W .A mu, 3 1 W W- g , W W W 1 1 '. 'VW iii I fi' -' W W W -W: -: W U 4 V5 ,. W W3 -AW ' ,-QW? . .W,..! ,. LH. '-:En Q55 ' ' JW WW W Mig: , W -, LQWW 4 'QQ ' 1, 1. ., . my A um-. . . V .Q 1 Q35 .. -. ., .r f -. ..:: li. . . A 499. .,.I , E J, H ,AQ Y WV,-, .f- .Q M 1 VV M ., .W nr 1 ,W Wghr.-rjt. ' ,, I .-, Mafia. .Tir ' 13:-5:-Q Q 7, ' -' W1 -A Ig ,1 e 5-3 7 'H 'IE N . - . . .W W WW Wh, l ,L , T ,rf K NV A I W M X-.5 lin! 5, . .. M, ,Ffa 'Lk W, WW' I-' ,U ' A 'i-5' 'A , SW' 15- WU? n W . ', -W.: -'WL "V . F' , W 113' ', I vWW' W1 ' ."'. . 3, , W , -N . . W .mga W. if, M cr 17 ,L W Y 5451- 1 TF-'im WW . . 1'-Sur wif' ., 5 -W W A u 'I AM . ' . '-311 " - .-15731 "W fl- T ' ..wW--,-23 , , rw.,.5',,L' ' " -wh 'W'-ri Qwifsg ggi-.A W - :1 ir rag- W .W W W - -- I . egg. 4 - . --.Hg 'mwgk WW 5'-'QM-,W Q71 Lg-:Ei 'im-.W -5 -'-- .-1 -W,,f,j1, W Q4-1- 'MTW '-I - J, 5, 1, , ,,,f, W v' yan. I WXYTVA: A NLT, .W.., . UQ, .W'..l, Y, ,-1, ., -, Qx A 1 1-.. ,xg a , U A W ,.-Q W, - nz? f Q Ti 1 f Wf - K-.,,.-.1,rW., W, W W .W . x, ., , ., . 1,WW,,, -M: ,WIA Y Y .I Y V ,Q ,.W..,..- K , 537' ..-::,,.1x TWA- 5 f-9 -gfigg W' , , W 1 ' -E-.574 ' ,ij 'Sui' 'E W Q. f , ' Q W.: W"" -1 ,- " -'SB' Q V 1 fl U H ,gn -Q ' 'fi U 1 dh? '6 1 Q MQ ,WL :F . 'W a. 'Wm we -1. .W W 2 ' . 1 U, , r ,3W, J si , H" WWV1.:".vy: 3- ' Q1 W' f"'M ,W Q-ig-QQ 91 f,j:g,W-gi., if -' 1 gy,-'-. J . wif'-.5 2' "SIL " -5'-W1 1- " L WE- " ' W. f.. ' .ff A W. er- 1' ,vu H 5, . 7- .cqhl J,-35 Q HH, ..j-:E ' Wai. 'WW-jWg-r :UQ G' .W .-.6 A ffj-W:e 253- - Mg r PM ,W1:zg1--'gggL- . P-..W.? ,1 L , . 5d'iZW'?1-f'W, W.:-3. -'q51Erf, Y, .,.--fthe ' fiif? W,.:'i1'.-W- ff ' . '. ' ':"1 L'QlD' T 5 QW -Wi?g,2z1f'.:Wz ' I .1 .-K. ' Int-f'We.ri,Ff"A-'LW s':"" A 33. ifflf--F '- Ti "ri W r-W "M tg f?'.5.l' Z- VM 'W, . '55 1?'l'f1' ,W X V-'fi A-55 W 52" 'o I .':W ,-' ' W :'.- ' I, If-ffij, WSI Q: '--JW, -'gm-,r, if: Lf-,A-1' ,-.ffm , .7 1 ' mis- ' 'QQ '1 " - fa, -- i Wifi,-W, :-, fs111.fW.W'a.' , -- .1 ,- .u..-. . M' 'a--..,5.1"3"W'.- ' ',,.W',. -W . ,, 5.5 .QW L xl -W3 - - ' E W WWW V, QQWW. , ., . W - f! if Ja W 'I J, W -fr-. -, ll, - .51-.V up V. v -QW, A , 5 -W WW . .A -A A W. W ., W4 1 wg 4 I RPSL -fWf..WLllm.Wf" .4--1 THE BRUIN '46 KJOQ Y' AD' K ' f V 0 ki . lv ' I r 7 .' I ll, , X IF' Cl ' .I ' I .2 . w f J Q I I K . , if f 4 , 1 H7 4 21225, ,fa 'P' ly. --,,1ll' RC CQ L' cg X f? kk ' x'f 'x... YJ . , f xx V , , 1' " ' C' 1 is Q J 4- ' 4 ' , 5 : -"f,l'A"f, , I I I Ii IJ L I , z ix P Q OO., ' I . sf' - N 5- ' 1 ' s I , . Q ,Af ' 3 .A ' f x Q l "- P D K lvl Auld.. .J A J' 1 in ,JI X I ,V A,l Kevx Y P4 I- A 1 Cf ' fygf' V W ' J! MEN 'X A W' 2 'N f -fn ' 0' - I HX x ' if f Y Q3 .5 XXX J 'Aj ' x , - f ' 1 ,I A O - I I Editor'-511-Cllivf' .1,! Iflalifur W l311,vi1u',v,s ,lIf11mg4 '1's GALE 'l'IfnNm'l.I IcI'l"l'Y l'1wfJI,11"y' Jlcixx li1xc:sI.m' -5 TOMMY Goomxc Q 5 1, Q :fl uf'0 wx q 7'VYEf3721rY21v f1f'f0'?'! 'wwrvfiffv 9'0"?'29'22W2' if Y x .1 Y 5 i ' ' I 0 , , ' .4 . ,, .4 Af ' ' K,-'Q' ,, J " 'GO' 1 f ' 1' ,- I I J ' 1 K ,fps .5 gl t 5 --V - FJ Q . , ,v , .J ,v v 1' ' , .I Q, 1-x ,J lf' ,Q :,i,.i.N-f 1 4 ' arf "I pl J Us 1 V .f ,- f 1 f I .- If Q41 1 .fy 1 f . P Q V' 1. 1 X i H, 14- J-Q, .fi ' Q5 f , 11 ' f A f X, , A "I -9 QS? " 1 J 'M . 1 IJHJ ' -.5 .A , ' ,want 0? ,.,.3:T7 ,' "' A r ' fd, 3 I- 4 - I 41 Y .-Q52 4' Mb' An' 1 -'N . . N5 Af 'SW u A1i7'mf'rs ff CQRAFIC lionmxs KA'rImYN MoN'1'.VxGr'r: ,I we r - Q . Q .f , Y 1 K -, , J ww' f W'7'5f'fl'jfN M s Our hope is that this edition of THE BRUIN with each bit of history, autobiography, even the idle tales of the little bruins will bring' back fond memories of the happiest days in this year of nineteen hundred forty-five and forty-six. TEN LITTLE BEAR CUBS Ten little bear cubs working' all the time, The Art Staff drowned in drawing ink And then there were nine. Nine little bear cubs writing until late, Margaret choked on class rolls And then there were eight. Eight little bear cubs moving earth heaven, Johnny died of over work And then there were seven. Seven little bear cubs stirred into a fix, Connie tripped on the faculty bear And then there were six. Six little bear cubs trying to revive, Greta saw the bleed page And then there were five. and Five little bear cubs getting kinda sore, Doris tried to skip a page And then there were four. Four little bear cubs unable to see, But Sonny saw the sports page And then there were three. Three little bear cubs struggling for you, Tommy wrote the wrong jokes And then there were two. Two little hear cubs trying to get it done, Kitty's inspiration left And then there was one. One little bear cub giving it a lift, Gale lost the dummy book And then there was Mr. Smith? A. Bnovrrums. DEDICATIO VVe, 'PHE BRUIN Staff, deem it a high privilege to honor three men who have generously contributed to the growth of sports in our school. In recognition of their service in coaching our football squad, we gratefully dedicate THE BRUIN of nineteen forty-six to '4Shorty,' Kafer, head coachg "Miken Jowdy and '4Nieky" Simpson, assistant coaches. EEE!!! 1 f f I C U lf 7 ' . S 6' , 43 K, Q? ' f m P MIU5 TBR Tl! FACULTY Seafml, left Io right: Miss Ola Andrews, Uriizirfrsiiy of'lVorfl1 Carolina, Miss Frances Hammond, IV077II'7I,-Y Collffgoq Miss Grace Rohhins, Mereflillz, Urlivffrsity of North Carolina, Dulrrg' Mrs. l.ila Smallwood, lVf'sthampton College, University of Rich- moindg Mrs. Fred W. Hines. Duke. Miss Martha Tanner, lVinth1-op College, Dulrfg Mrs. Gladys VVest, Ifastrfrvi Carolina TPachf'r'.s Collfgfg Miss Dorothy Marks, ll'o1nen'.s- Collwgeg Mrs. H. B. Smith, I'V07l?f'1l,.S' College. Sfmzding: Mrs. Alhcrt Brinsony. l'llon,' Miss Hattiu llllice Lewis, Mary lVa.s'hi11gt0n Collfgffg Fr: nznc - is Fcrehev, Ifasfffrn Carolina Tf'aclzr'r'.s' College, Miss Kathryn Montague, Dukrfg Mrs. Donald Smith, Columbia Uni-versity, University of Bujffalog Miss Zelda Murray, l'l'1'.v!r'rn Urzrolina Trfaclwrfv l'ollr'geg Mr. Mar-15 fmyi ald, Duke ll7Il'l7FT.S'lf.lj. hh. H. B. SMITH MR. H. J. l.xIAC1,0NAI.D S 'za pc rin-tend can t P1'in-ciprzll KK 6 I x 435 10 SENIOR OFFICERS President FRAN If 1".xc:,xN Vice 1'1'fs i1I4'11f Gl:l4:'1'A lgI'T L Sl'0l'!'fIIl'Qlj-Yv7'l'!1SIIV17 131-:T'1'1c MAN I' li I, SE IORS IXITIJIIIGY Bl-INGI-II. ",'Vc'zv'r Iroubla fro-ulzle till trouble lrouhlrfx Lllllllf, Freslnnsm Class Trezlsurerg Dru- nnities Cluhg French Cluh, Presi- clenlg llrzxnmteersg Monogrzun Clnhg Footlmllg Senior Snperlntive. IFRAX rc F,xo.x N "I like 7u'orl.': if fox:-imztes mr, I eau xii null look at il for 11014 rx." President of 'l'een Aire Clnlvg Senior Class Presiclenlg ISRVIN Staflg lligh Sehool lizuulg Murslmlg French Cluh: Seienee Cluhg l,if- Vllilsg Dl'lllll9ill'PTSQ Senior Snperlu- tive. clRlC'l'A llrm. "Tile lufnrt Io C'0llf'!3f'U!4, the unzlvr- stnmling In direct, or the hand I0 e.1'e1'1lte." Robert E. Lee High School, Jack- sonville, Florida, one year, Senior Class, Vice Presidentg Senior Editor 'lllllll l3RUINQ Junior Hi-Yg Senior Hi-Y, Poet I.aureatcg Marslmlg French Clubg Lit-VVitsg Dramzlteersg Soccer. .lo ANNE Fnnousox "Lei me Nw 'in n 'lU'Il.YP by lhe .wide of the rom! and lu' u frirfnrl lo man." Cnruhelle High Sehool, Curnhellu., Florida, three years: Senior Ili-Yg French Clubg Lit-Witsg Dru- nxateersg Soccer. l,A1'1usl, limmow "lilies that smile are wi.-fe." Robert lil. Lee High School, .luck- sonville, Florida, three years, Lit- XVits. MIN Nu: BICI,-Llli CIRAIDY "Un their own merits the IlI0llI'Nf are d'lUllb.D Seeretnry-'l'rez1snrer of Teen Age Clnbg Bnmx Stalfg Junior-Hi-Y Seerelary and Chaplning Senior lli- Yg Mzlrsllzilg Cllee Club, Presillenlg l"reneh Cluhg Soeeerg Senior Snperlutiveg ljl'fllllllll'l'l'S1 lligh Sehool Paper. l 11 C-Ilxmms I'IAGAN rr 21 All rw' 14.-rlr is fo lm lwt nllnm. NHLLIE Isrzmzx' "Trust in faith, but keep your pow- der dry." Cheer Lcaderg Glee Clubg French Clubg Monogram Clubg Basketball Softballg Soccerg Senior Superla- tive. IIICIIARD HARIDISON "B1'e'vily is fl great chalrm of nlo- que1u'1f." Lil-VVHS: Senior Supcrlutivc-. MII.DRI'Il3 JACKSON "Let me have music and I sack 'no frmwe delight." Glee Clubg Lit-VVitsg Basketballg Softballg Soccer. CLINTON TIARRISON "Ez'0ryfl1in.g -will romv if main will only wail." Fuptzlirl, Co--Captain F o 0 't b u ll 'l' c a mg Basketball: Baseballg Monogram Clubg Hi-Yg Lit-VVitsg Ilreunatccrs. Donoruy JOHNSON "Quiet as the sky is blue." Lil-VVits. L121 1 fir., SE IORS 9 I , ' i MARIIA: KELIAH' lh1'r'rr: MANUQL Rumen: Plum: laugh ix reorlli a l1llHl1l'I'li groans in any Ill!ll'ln'l'f.U Cheer Leader: Dramaties Clnhg 1"reneh Cluhg National High School Antliology of Poetryg Softballg Soccer. Ivnv PINICR "Doubt 'zvlmm you will, but never doubt .ll0ll7'S0If.U Baseballg Lit-Wits. "ll smile ix the rvhisper ofa laugh." Duncan U. Fletcher High School, Jacksonville Beach, Floridag Senior Class Secretary-Treasurerg Semes- ter Honor Rollg Lit-VVits, Vice Presidentg Dramateersg Soccer. XYALIN SIMes0N 'iLS1IPf'!'lI is great, but silence is g1'0afer." French Clnbg Lit-VVits. "The xurrwf may not lu fail is lo lII'fl'l'lllillf4 In .vuf'eeerY." Junior Class Vice President: Junior and Senior Hi-Yg Chief Marshalg Semester Honor Roll fThrec Yearslg French Clnhg Science Cluhq Lit-VVitsg Drama- teersg Senior Superlative. cllIAlU,l'IS Su.v.x "Alon of talent arf men for all ov- eaxious." Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, Hawaii Cthree yearsjg Student Council g Lit-Witsg Secretary- Treasurerg Dramateersg Senior Superlative. U31 LA MAR Smmun "He 1-an speak well who knows how to hold his peacef' Junior Class Secretzxry-Treasurerg President Student Councilg Hi-Y, Secretaryg Marshal: French Cluhg Science Clubg Lit-VVitsg Dram- zlteersg Senior Superlativeg IERUIN Business Staff. Gnu: '1'URx1m1.L i'lV0fl1lTlf!l suvceeds so well as success." Sophomore Class Presidentg American Legion Good Citizenship Medalg Student Council, Secretary, Senior Representativeg Assistant and Editor-in-Chief Tun Bnmsg Junior Hi-Y, Presidentg Senior Hi- Yg Glee Club, Treasurerg French Clubg Science Clubg Lit-VVitsg Dranmteersg Cheer L e fi d e rg Mzirshalg Soeeerg Senior Superla- tiveg D.A.R. Good Citizenship Awardg Semester Honor Rollg Vice President Teen Age Club. Bomw Yunrcu. "Ill rather be riyht than presi- dent!" Semester Honor Rollg BRUIN Business Staffg Marshalg French Clubg Science Clubg Lit-Witsg Dranmteersg Senior Superlotive. HIGH SCHOOL SONG- Hail! Oh hail! to New Bern High School And ln-r colors too, WVU will cvermore he loyal, For we're pr cmilr l of you. And we'll always have a faculty To keep us on thc right track. Hail! Oh hail! to New Bern High S And the red and black! Rah! Rah! llll chool Stmuiing loft to right: David Rucker, Jean Kingsley, Duval Grant. 1 1'l 5 A I 3, cum 7? POS1 GRADb POLM Ill rc irc the post grids of our hng.,h school -A VN ho love New Bern High so de ir lhev returned with their books to the clzissroonl, lo study 'mother year Q1 me came dgun for more learning, Others to Stroll in the hallg The rest stayed for obvious reasons, Na,melyAto play football. They've already learned to add and subtract, 'l"hey'vc studied the men of our nation: But somehow they weren't quite satisfied. VVithout that-higher education. So-here's to the quiz kids and Einsteins Of dear old New Bern Highg For this time wr: know you are leaving, And we wish you a fond goodbye, ll. lgRlNSON Swzlwl: Richard Tinglc, Brunch Mclinniul, Mary McCoy, llerhurt Ross. Y W ' 'W 0 V . lrdv f ' ' .,,, f -'-"Sql: ll5l Q in sw 7 A 'S Studying 4-. YVhere are your shoes 1. Is it all that had Chussie? 2. Just sittin' pretty. .. . "Little Bit"? 5. Uncle Sammy. li. Ain't love grand? 7. Holflin' hands. 8. VVhat Hollywood iile of beauty. 10. Totem pole. 11. Big Three. 12. The Male missed! 9. Ipana for the sn Element. l16l CLASS PROPHECY Garden Seeds! Here it is Thursday, February 22, 1996, and I'm just completing my "Time Machine." Now to see if it works. Instead of looking into the future I'll reopen the past to see what my fellow members of the class of 'Ll-6 were doing in 1956. I'll just push this little button-Sizzle! Zipp! Scrape! Rrrt! . Well! Audrey Bengel is in the used automobile business, selling cars that make walking a pleasure! I see that Miss Mamie I.aTourr Cthe former Lucy Gale Turnbulll has just com- pleted a very successful run on Broadway in Dorothy Johnson's thriller "Strychnine and Old Corpses." Frank Fagan has just opened a television station on the planet Mars, thanks to Nellie Isley's speedy rocket ship. They say Nellie got her inspiration for this ship, the Little Dwmkl, while ucruisingi' around on a basketball court. Another, "now famous" is Ivey Piner, who won a free trip to Hollywood by sending in ten box tops and twenty-five words Cno lessj telling why he likes "Gordon's Gritty Graham Crackers." You think this was easy? Have you even eaten any? Minnie Belle Grady has a job with the world famous Rockettes. She's third from the end. Charles Silva, now a famous engineer, has finally completed plans for a tunnel from Los Angeles to Honolulu. One of the main features of this under-water road is a hot dog stand every six hundred yards to make the travelers feel at home. Professor Robert Yudell has published his latest essay entitled "How to Change Anthracite to Sealing Wax." "Lollie', Burrow and Marie Kelly are associate professors of Technology at the University of Tennessee. I see that Eunice Paige has won the Nobel peace prize for 1956 for settling the "Martin and McCoy" Feud. Lamar Sledge is working for the Gallup Poll. Jo Ann Ferguson and "Pebble" Hardison have won some important elections in New York City. Jo Ann has distinguished herself by becoming this eity's first woman mayor. District Attorney Hardison has already started to "squelch" the crime wave by hunting "Baby-face Nelson." Weire wondering how long it will take the D. A. to discover that "Baby-face" was sent up in '31. Also in New York is Bette Manuel, who is singing at the Copacabana. Clinton Harrison, now a "pro," spends his summers in Miami and coaches in the fall at Penn State. Valin Simpson is in Argentina spreading "the good neighbor policy? Last but not least, Mildred Jackson is in China with the International Airways. You might say she's a "flying Tigress' Chubba! hubbalj. P. S. The class of '46 seems to be flying high, and I'm sure they will continue to do so. Best of luck to them all, and may we never forget one another. GRETA BULL, Class Prophet. E 17 l LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT NORTH CAROLINA Craven County New Bern. We, the graduates of New Bern High School of the above state and county, in the year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred Forty-six, having followed "Veni, Vidi, Vii," to the best of our abilities, do hereby will and bequeath our following blessings, this our Last Will and Testament: ARTICLE I To the faculty C"Long life to every member"D we bequeath our studiousness, high grades and, in general., our genius. ARTICLE II To our respected principal, Harry J. MacDonald we entrust the new movie projector and hope that some day he may see his own profile flashed upon its screen. .ARTICLE III To the Juniors we leave all of "Shakespeare," plus the enjoyment of another year at New Bern High. Aa'rIcLE IV To the Sophomores we will our infinite knowledge acquired from books and "experience" ARTICLE V To the Freshmen Kinnocent creaturesj we will all of our luck, which we are sure they will need in years not too far away. A RTICLE Vl Thee following personages make these individual bequeaths: Gale Turnbull wills her ability to "be almost everywhere at once" to Ann Brothers. Frank Fagan, our voice Qof WHITD, bestows his talent on Milton Langston. Bette Manuel and Charles Silva will their combined typing ability to Gladys Boyd. Lamar Sledge leaves "Black Beauty" to next year's student council president. Bobby Yudell leaves his witty remarks to anyone who is clever enough to use them. Audrey Bengel reluctantly leaves the team to "Din" Roy Setzer. Greta Bull desires that her "sweet innocent looks" be given "Tincy" Guion. Valin Simpson leaves Senior Englishgflie hopes. .lo Anne Ferguson wills her lovely red curls to Jo Anne Gober. "Little Bit" Iseley, with the consent of "Daisy" Rucker, has decided to share their title of "school pa1s'l with Marie Fulcher and Hilton McDaniels. Marie Kelly, after much deliberation, bequeaths her "speaking ability" to Alma Paige. "Pebble" Hardison equally divides his "wolf-call', between Ray Potter and Richard Skinner. Mildred Jackson leaves "Cyril, Jr." but not for you girls. "Ike" Piner bestows his "happy-go-lucky" disposition on Clinton Harrison. Minnie Belle Grady wills her ability as a pianist to Jean Coble. Dorothy Johnson leaves all of New Bern High except bookkeeping to Fannie Forehand. Laurel Burrow leaves her bright eyes and sunny smile to "Connie" Newton. Wishing to do my duty toward humanity, I willingly give my assets to anyone who needs them more than I. This, the Last VVill and Testament of the Seniors of forty-six, we entrust to our beloved principal, Harry J. MacDonald, to be enacted to the Nth degree. EUNICE PAIGE, Testator. WI'rNEssEs: Lamar Sledge Greta Bull l18l JUNIOR OFFICERS 'N' Q9 Y Prcsirlent TOMMY Goonuw c Vice President OSCAR QIYINN1'1LIY Secretary-Trcasunv JACK EDXN'ARDS O 19 I N N J l JUNIOR CLASSES OFFICERS: President. EMILY FARMER. Vice President, LEON Bizzrsu.. Secretary-Treasurer. ANNE EDWARDS. First row, left to right: Buddy Coplon, Leon Bizzell, Jack Edwards, Clifton Gaskins, Albert Brooks. Brant Brinson. Second row: Anne Edwards, Eunice Brinkley, Faye Connor, Ruth Boyle, Lois Bowden. Gladys Boyd, Ann Brothers. Third row: Gladys Ballenger, Doris Brinson. Kitty Ewell, Peggy Bennett, Fannie Forehand, Emily Farmer, Mrs. E. F. Smallwood. Fourth row: James Garrick, Bill Ballenger, Doug Davies, Guy Boyd, Robert Arm- strong, Robert Bell. Alfred Cullum. Not pictured: Harry Bailey, Joanne Bratcher, Jean Coble, Lucille Daugherty, Anne Delgato, Elizabeth Goodwin. H OFFICERS: President, TOMMY GooD1NG. Vice President, CAROLYN HUNNINGS. Secretary-Treasurer, ELIZA- BETH Gu1oN. First row, left to right: Buddy Hill. Robert McSorley, Tommy Gooding, Preston Jones, Milton Langston, Leroy Price. Second row: Ruby Gray, Mary Emma Hughes, Alma Laughinghouse, Laurice Karam. Jane Morton. Connie Newton, Pat Miller, Anna Howell. Third row: Frances Lewis, Carolyn Hunnings, Barbara Green, Pauline Wells, Jackie Holt, Francis Lamb, Elizabeth Guion, Miss Kathryn Montague. Fourth row: Joe Nelson, Jack McCain, Horace Hill, Curtis Hardison. Charles Mohn, B. G. Harker. Not pictured: Douglas Ferguson, Sally Hargette, Mary Ellen Hill, Carolyn Littleton, Bob Mercer. OFFICERS: President, MARY SMITH. Vice President, OSCAR QUINNELLY. Secretary-Treasurer, Roy S1-:'i'zER. First row, left to right: Ed Posta, Roy Setzer, Charles Rhodes, Billy Vendric, Hubert Tolson, Raymond Rachid, Paul Wetherington, Thomas Williams. Second row: Christine Register, Betty Ann Parsons, Patsy Osborne. Jeanne Willis, Carol Perry. Shirley Norris, Georgia Parker, Norma Overby. Mary Smith. Nancy Venters. Third row: Eddie Salter, James Scott, Billy Rawls, Sonny Quinnelly. Ed Sumrell, Norman Weiss, Robert Wicks. Bill Win- berry, Miss Frances Hammond. Nat pictured: Kitty Nichols, Audrey Richards, Preston Rouse. Bettv Jo Tomlinson. 3' SGPHOMORE UFFICERS President V ice President EDWARD SUTTON Jo ANNE 'TURNBULL Secretary-Treasuv er CYRIL EDWARDS X ' A1 ' NX -,', dj ' N 1' .'l f21 1 OFFICERS P7'6SllIl'llt Vim I,I'L'SlllL'IIf S4'f'1'ct111'y-T1'ea.9wrar Cr,.x1:1'iNc'1c Gixslcms Cluxim Goimmxca ICUNICI4: 1gRl'l'TON First row, left to right, seated: Johnny Bond, William Brinkley, Charles Bryan, Robert Bennett, Joseph Habib. Nolan Davis, Jarvis Arthur, Bob Fisher, Cyril Edwards. Second row: Thelma Chase. Rosa Avery, Florence Bell. Peggy Gillikin. Jo Ann Gober, Clara Goulding, Miss Dorothy Marks. Third row: Eunice Britton, Jane Ellis, Pauline Anderson, Marie Fulcher, Virginia Clark, Ruth French, Peggy Armstrong, Patricia Collins. Fourth row: Clarence Gaskins, Clarence Dail, James Crisp. Bobby DeCamp, Wesley Costin, Lamont Grantham, John Cole. Carl Brasington. Not pictured' William Banks, Eunice Carawan, Joe Caton, Georgia Duffy. Ray Epperson, Frances Hadnott. Beverly Johnston, Betty Pate. H21 M' 5 OFFICERS Pl'CSi'lIt'llf Vim' Prrxvidcnt Sz'r'1'c'frlry-Treasurer Dimoiucs Plansvnixi' 1NI,xRo.x1z1c'i'I.IcINIz.xc'H J.xMics BIUIQICNZIE First row, left to right, seated: Joe Gencarella, Emil Hatem. C. L, Sexton, Carlton Lewis, Everett Nelson. Second row: Florence HanH, Margaret Leinbach, Elinor Nassef, Jean Huffstetler, Ruth Rawlins. Ida Mitchell, Myrtle Koonce, Doris Parker, Miss Martha Tanner. Third row: Thelma Harris, Virginia Hargett, Alma Paige, Miriam Poliakoff. Mary Piner, Edith Leary, Doris Fulcher, Faye Joseph, Barbara Lamm. Fourth row: Bill Trupp. Bill Lewis, Kenneth McCain, Ralph Howland, Bill Kelly, Freeman Miller, Joseph Kline. Not pictured: Jean Johnson, Shirley Porter, Anna Lancaster, James McKenzie, Robert Murray, Nell Parker. I'1'f'sir1z'11f Vim' I'1'vsi1lv11t Si'z'1'rf11ry-T1'c1ls14 rcr Jo ANN 'l'i'uN1xi'i.l, IQICPIAIIIJ SKINNIQH NANCY YVIKI-1 First row, left to right. seated: Leon Williams, Guy Rose, Belvin Rooks, Second row: Carol Roberts, Jean Simpson, Jackie Wade, Marie Register, Peggy Simpson, Reva Taylor, Yvonne Rhodes. Dorothy Thomas, Elizabeth Stillwell, Nellie Tisdale, Mrs. Albert Brinson. Third row: Iola Taylor, Jo Anne Turnbull, Vivian Sumrell, Frances Taylor, Katherine Smith, Mary Alice Tilghman, Lovie Thomas. Marie Roach, Shirley Tucker. Fourth. row: Richard Skinner, Edward Lee Sutton, Kennedy Ward, Samuel Torrence, Bobby Suggs. James Williams, Kenneth Riggs. FRE SHMAN OFFICERS President PETE ORMSBY V ice President JOYCE SMITH ,450 .af , e . J - gg NIARGARET DUNN ,mill 'fi 2 F s 241 OFFICERS: President, Bonny JoYcE. Vice President, PATSY BRINSON. Secretary-Treasurer. Jo ANN BRASINGTON. First row. left to right: Christine Bland, Genora Banks, Frances Ball, Sarah Barker, Betty Ann Campbell, Athlene Butts, Janice Arthur. Second row: Jo Ann Brasington. Frances Beacham. Dorothy Barber, June Bullard. Sarah Holton. Miss Andrews Third row: Franklin Atkinson, Edward Moore. William Boahn. Beau Bremer, Johnny Bishop. Fourth row: Jack Casey, Charles Boyle, Bobby Booth, Harry Blackwell, Max Armstrong. Not pictured: Aurie Belangia, Wilton Block. Patsy Brinson, Uzie Broadstreet, Bob Joyce. Kathryn Maxwell, Robert Moore. OFFICERS: President, Louis DANIEL. Vice President, CLIFTON CAYTON. Secretary-Treasurer, MARGARET DUNN. First -row. left to right: Elsie Daniels, Sarah Dillahunt, Sybil Dawson. Irene Gurganus, Marie Dixon, Joline Garner, Pauline Dail, Janet Croft. Margaret Dunn. Second row: Jerry Diffee, Miss Murray. Hazel Gray, Joyce Daniels, Dorothy Crisp. Theda Davis, Betty Lou Fales, Grace Cook, Virginia Daniels. Third row: Odie Everington. Lester Donaldson, Louis Daniel, James Heath. Charles Dees, Thomas Conner, Clifton Cayton, John Connolly. Not pictured: Jane Coble, Gertie Dixon, Pat Dunn, Wesley Fulcher, Lonnie Johnson, Sue Culpepper. OFFICERS: President, PAT HALL. Vice President, GEORGE Ives. Secretary-Treasurer, VIRGINIA LoKI-JY. First row, left to right: Marie McCai-Hty, Billy Jones, Herman Harrison, De Lena Hughes. Second row: Elma Ipock, Evelyn Ipock, Rita Habib, Elizabeth Hill, Pat Hall, Esther Hart, Arlene Humphrey. Third row: Evelyn Liverman, Phyllis Kelly, Celia Lively, Mildred Jones, Joyce Land, Mrs. Smith. Fourth row: Neal Harrison, John Kurtz, George Ives, Harold Lokey, Bradley Hanff, Bobby Joyce. Not pictured: Ben Gurganus, Dorothy Harrell, Elsie Herring, Sammy Hines. Dorothy Holland, Ralph Howland, Herbert Ireland, Thelma Jones, Skeets Langston, Virginia Lokey. Bobby Love, Joseph Lyerly. Us V OFFICERS: President, PETE ORMSBY. Vice President, ROMMIE NEWBERRY. Secretary-Treasurer, ALLEN Ross. First row, Left to right: Billy May, Pete Ormsby, Bobby Matthews, Roland Nelson, Pete McSorley. Second row: Kathryn Maxwell. Hazel Prevost, Barbara Moore, Patsy Brinson, Margaret Nichols, Greta Oliver, Charlotte Merritt, Helen Pearson. Third row: Jimmy Rice, Dorothy Rawls, Frank Moore, Peggy Reeves, Leona Peterson, Bessie Maye Moody, Mrs. Hines. Fourth row: Bill Pugh, Allen Ross, Hilton McDaniel, Stewart Parks, Robert Phillips, Thomas Moore. Not pictured: Lonnie Mann, Rommie Newberry. Robert Odum, Patricia Parker, Dorothy Pugh, Donald Rice. William Robinson, Thomas Robertson, Betty Tyndall. OFFICERS: P1'esident.THoMAs WIGGS. Vice President. Conxv WHEELER Secretary-Treasurer, PATTY SHIPP. First row, left to right: Houston Whitty, Hugh Swan, Ormand Lee Thomas, Bill Steiner, Jimmy Springle, Ray Smith. Corky Wheeler. Second row: Patty Shipp, Anne Wiggins, Esther Watson, Polly Stilley, Annie Simpson, Gladys Russell, Joyce Smith. Third row: Catherine Wike, Neta Whitty, Dorothy Sasser, Cecelia Samia, Betty Willis, Cherry Trader, Miss Robbins. Fourth row: Billy Tingle, Charles Weskett. Ronald Smith, Thomas Wiggs. Warren Russell, Daniel Smyer, Meredith Smaw. Not pictured: George Scott, Marvin Smith, Mary Taylor, Lucy Thomas, Pearl Waters. 261 00 Q'-lg ATE v ' 6' 5 4 'X A ' 0 xp F ' ' I 7 f l' H 'N 281 N STAFF r-c F3 Z N H E E4 BRUIN STAFF IJllit!J7'-itll-Chilff A-lLZZ7fSl'l'S Editor fiAI,l'I 'fI'RNliIiI,l'. CQRACIC Ii0BBlNS ICITTY 1+lw1c1.r. IQATHIIYN MoN'1',xc:uu-: B'u..s'im'ss Jfmzzzgcfr A fl1"c'1'ti.9i11g iwullllllfjfl' TOMMY Goonmc: JIAAN KINosI.1f:Y AS SO CIATE EDITORS S'0r1f1'rI, left in riylzli Minnie Belle Grady, Greta Bull, MllTg'?lF?t Dunn, Ann lirotlnws. Str111rIi11y.' Anne Edwards, Iolzt Toylor, Sonny Quinn:-lly, Doris Brinson, Johnny Bond, Jimmy XVllllH.IIlS. Not lliI'f'1ll'f'lI.' Connie Newton, lleftc Mznnnc-I, Typist. BUSINESS STAFF Seated, left to right: Tommy Gooding, Jane Ellis, Louis Daniel, Frank Fagan, Carolyn Hunnings, Jo Anne Turnbull, Patsy Brinson, Ruth Rawlings, Jean Kingsley. S1:anding:Kathryn Maxwell. Hugh Swan, Emily Farmer, Betty Ann Parsons, Jackie Wade, Bobby Yudell, Joseph Kline, Lamar Sledge, Norman Weiss. Not pictured: Lucille Daugherty, Pete Ormsby, Patty Shipp, Peggy Simpson. Thomas Wiggs, Peggy Gillikin, Iola Taylor. 'Mx Seated, left to right: Carol Roberts, Cherry Point reporter and typist: Katherine Wike, reporter: Anne Delgato. reporter: Neta Whitty, student council representative: Doris Fulcher, typist: Anne Edwards, Doug Davies, business manager: Jack Edwards, reporter: Betty Jo Tomlinson. society editor: Miss Zelda Murry. faculty adviser: Elizabeth Guion, assistant editor. Standing: Billy Ballenger, editor-in-chief: Eddie Salter, reporter: Pat Scott, reporter: James Scott. reporter: Peggy Bennett, reporter: Buddy Boahn, art editor. Not pictured: Robert Moore, sports editor: Shirley Porter, typist: Beverly Johnston, chief typist: Marie Keily, Carol Roberts, typists. BEAR CUB STAFF 'Twas December the nineteenth And all through the school, Everybody was stirring Which is usually the rule. When out in the hall There arose such a clatter. We pushed out of our classrooms. To see what was the matter. And there in the hall was The great premonition. They were selling the Bear Cub, The brand new edition. We wanted our copy, And in a big hurry. 'Cause its staff is just students And Miss Zelda Murray. Sports. news, and gossip- It's really packed full. The paper is solid And that's really no bull! The paper is grand, And we really confess We hope it'll continue A great big success! D. BRxNsoN. l30l STUDENT COUNCIL The creeds of the Student Council may he expressed as follows: VVe the representatives of the Student Council of New Bern High School, believe in the honesty, honor, and friendship among all students. We believe, further, in urging student participation in all the school activities and in promoting high standards ot' scholarship and conduct. This year in trying to uphold these ideals, the council has established a hall inonotorial system, student tratiic regulation, a campaign for hall lockers, and the presentation of a point system for all student activities to the student body. To inform the pupils of the Student Council Conferences in xvllllllllgtlhl which some ot' the council members attended, several chapel programs were presented, But to prove that it has not hecn all work and no play the council sponsored several dances after the football games. Although the Student Council is still in its infancy, it has through its present achievements begun to live up to its creed and created in its Inenibers the desire to continue in their ettorts to reach this goal. OFFICERS: President. LAMAR SLEDGI-:. Vice President, TOIVIMY GoonING. Secretary-Treasurer, ANN BROTHERS. Seated, left to right: De Lena Hughes, Lamar Sledge. Miss Dorothy Marks, Ann Brothers, Ed Sutton. Standing: Cyril Edwards, Ktity Ewell, Tommy Gooding. Doris Brinson, Gale Turnbull, Ruth Rawlings. Not pictured: Connie Newton. L31 First row, left to right: Florence Bell. secretary: Margaret Leinbach, vice president: Joseph Habib, presidentg Richard Skinner. treasurer. Second row: Johnny Bond, chaplaing Jean Simpson, Peggy Gillikin. Jo Anne Gober, Clara Goulding, Miss Ola Andrews. Third row: Ray Epperson. Elinor Nassef, Iola Taylor, Pat Scott. Eunice Britten. Peggy Simpson, Frances Lewis, Ruth Rawlings. Fourth row: Nellie Tisdale, Jo Anne Turnbull, Katherine Smith, Miriam Polakoff, Barbara Green, Jane Ellis. Fifth row: Kenneth McCain, Harry Black- well, Ed Sutton, Cyril Edwards, Joe Kline, Milton Langston. Sixth. row: Larry Warrington, Charles Bryan, Lamont Grantham, Kennedy Ward. Not pictured: Sonny Gaskins, Clarence Dail, James Crisp. LATIN CLUB liven in its infancy the Latin Cluli has become one of our most R , 7 active literary organizations. Under the loyal guidance of Miss Ola 54:7 in rv gf-17 , ' Andrews it made an early start this year by drawing up its calendar " of studies for the entire year. These programs had as their aim familiarizing: each member with the daily life of the Romans and their contributions present in our every day world. The members of the Lalin Club would like to remind you that the students wearing the tiny gold, classic pins have learned as goes their motto-"Ex nihilo, nihil tit" Cfrum nothing Comes nothingl. la LES CERCLES FRANCAIS f' A "Vive la France I" Q Q 1 ' W Le beau pays de France, les habitudes de la nation, le costume 5, des provinces diverses, les chansons favorites, et les pieces de I 6 ' 9 litterature les plus celebres fn'oublions pas "les belles jeunes filles rv 0 , et les beaux garcons"D--ce sont les interets des Cercles Francais! U Ces deux cercles furent organises par Mademoiselle Kathryn Montague pour encourager les eleves a estimer la culture oiferte , par la nation francaise. La partie des seances la plus amusante et la plus interessante fut Faction deparler en francais. Q"Parlez- vous francais?"l Les mots, "Vive la France," demeureront toujours en France, mais dans les coeurs de ces groupes de N. B. H. S. demeureront "Vivent les Cercles Francais !" Audrey Bengel, Guy Boyd, Jr., Joanne Bratcher, Doris Brinson, Albert Brooks, Ann Brothers, Greta Bull, Jean Coble, Buddy Coplon, Anne Edwards, Kitty Ewell. Frank Fagan, Emily Farmer, Jo Anne Ferguson, Clifton Gaskins, Minnie Belle Grady, Duval Grant, Elizabeth Guion, Carolyn Hunnmgs, Nelhe Iseley, Marie Kelly, Mary McCoy, Branch McDaniels, Pat Miller, Charles Mohn, Jane Morton, Joe Nelson, Constance Newton, Eunice Paige, Betty Ann Parsons, Sonn Quinnelly, Charles Rhodes. Lamar Sledge, Hubert Tolson, Jr., Betty Jo Tomlinson, Gale Turnbulli Nancy Venters, Jeanne Willis, Bill Winberry, Bobby Yudell. Adviser, Miss Kathryn Montague. I 33 First row. left to right: Milton Langston, Johnny Bond. Pete Orlnsby, Lamar Sledge. Bill Wmberry, Audrey Bengel, Bill Vendric. Second row: Anne Edwards, Bette Manuel. M Smith, Dorothy Johnson, Ann Brothers, Greta Bull, Joanne Bratcher, Jean Coble ' Robbins, adviser. Third row: Horacc Hill. Cyril Edwards, Eunice Paige. G Newton, Bobby Yudel. Gale Turnbull, Tom Gooding, Elizabeth Gui Ferguson, Minnie Belle Grady, Bill Ballenger, Doris Brinson Frank Fagan. Not pictured: Kitty Ewell. ary , Miss Grace eorge Ives, Connie on. Fourth. row: Jo Anne , Douglas Davies, Carolyn Hunnings, DRAMATEERS Quiet! Curtain! 'l'hc play is on! These words have an familiar ring to thc amateur actors and playwrights in our midst. Yes, to the Dramateers, the play is the thing. VVhy? Because they have devehnmed a love of the theater in the lhvnuufrvrx with Bins Kirace liobbins and Miss Kathryn Montague as chief directors. Since our school had no speech class this year, the IJ:-fumllrfmw had to play the double role of a class and a cluh. The members, who are chosen annually from all high school English classes, studied public speaking, mechanics of simple stage production, and play analysis. 'They'xvere also interested in keeping luv with the current liroadxvay theater season. .Ks Warn ISRUIN goes to press everyone is looking forward to their annual stage production which is usually one of the termis higrh-lights. So, if by chance you meet other Ingrid Bcrginans or Lionel Barryniores on the streets of our fair city. you may he sure that they got their in the Di'mnatr'vrs of New Bern High School. T4 -I start ll ll LIT-WITS This school year saw the literary geuii of "Ye Old High" put their heads together and come forth with a sparkling new club whose purpose is to develop an artistic appreciation of many of tl1ose pieces of great literature, both old and new, not included in our usual high school course of study, and to encourage more active creative work among the students. Just who were those wonder people? They were the members of the Senior English class under the direction of Miss Grace Robbins. The "Lit-Wits" made a spectacular start by attending' the classic stage production of Romeo and Juliet at E.C.'l'.C., but this was only one of the highlights of the year. The underclassmen were even envious as they heard them chatting about their classes of movie appreciation and making plans to attend a "classic" movie together. Every other Friday in class they really delved beneath the surface to learn the story behind the story of much of the best in poetry, drama, and fiction. But to Cyrano de Bergerac goes the banner for stealing the hearts of the "Lit-WVits" this year. OFFICERS: President, BILLY Veumuc. Vice President, Berne MANUEL. Secretary-Treasurer, CHARLES SxLvA. ' row: Hcirrace gIilEhElizabg1.? Gigoni Kitty? Ewelgh Ivgy Signer, Ctgingon Ii-fxrrisgn, Igilly anue. ar es iva, au ine e s, n ro rs, ris ine egis er. ean '11 Winberry. Second row: Tommy Gooding, Frank Fagan, Bobby Yudell, ' , Mildred Scurlock, Joanne Bratcher. Eunice Paige. Jo Anne herington, Greta Bull, Valin Simpson, Miss Grace Robbins, n, Laurel Burrow. First Vendric, Bette Coble. Mary Smith, B1 Lamar Sledge, Doris Brmson Ferguson, Mildred Jackson, Paul Wet Gale Turnbull. Not pictured: Connie Newto 35 36 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS: President, MARY ALICE TIl.GIIMAN. Vice President, FRANCES HAnNo'1'r. Secre- tary, TIIELMA HAXRRIS. 7'rea.s'urer, LEONA PETERSON. For the first time in the history of New Bern High, we have a nationally aiiiliated Home Ec Club, better known as the Future Homemakers of America. This club is for the purpose of discussing and learning more things about the home which are not discussed on class and will help girls to be better homemakers. The project for 1945-4-6 is to can foods for the war-torn countries of Europe as a part of the Community Canning Program for VVar Relief. Our club hopes to have a part in the canning of 50,000 cans of fruits, vegetables, and fruit juices set as a goal for the F.H.A. in North Carolina. The interest of the club is exceptionally high for the first year, and it is growing each month under the able supervision of Mrs. Gladys VVcst, the club adviser. Seated, left to fight: Mildred Jones, Thelma Harris, Pat Hall, Peggy Bennett, Betty Willis, Margaret Nichols, Marie Dixon, Bessie Maye Moody, Edith Leagly, Jean Hufistetler, Florence Hanff, Joline Garner, Barbara Moore, Sybil Dawson. Standing: rs. West, Polly Stilley, Lovie Thomas. Leona Peterson, Rita Habib. Shirley Tucker, Marie Register, Ma?aPiner, Faye Joseph, Virginia Lokey, Helen Pearson, Betty Tyndall. Not pictured: Frances dnott, Nell Parker, Mary Alice Tilghman, Jackie Wade. l ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The majority of high school students are members of that peppy, "up and coming" organization, the "Athletic Association." Formed to insure stable financial back- ground for athletics and to renew all-year-round interest in sports, this group has made a ubang-up" start. In addition to providing new equipment, and chartering team buses for out-of-town games, they had a party for all association members. Many thanks to Miss Frances Hammond for her loyal assistance with ticket sales and to Mrs. Albert Brinson for her efticient secretarial work and bookkeeping. The organization could not have been acclaimed a complete success without their aid. ,ww Mus. ALBERT BmNsoN Azlviser OFFICERS Doms BRINSON l,l'I48itlHl1t ROY Sl-rrznn Vice President KITTY EWELL Secrfflary-Treasurer N 37 1 UU Lq'l D BAN HOOL C :N Than S Bri E XV Zi SME CDES ME? ,ou Qgm :gc m,,,o 2:2 wwe Q82 bmw 52: ,QW E02 :DN GJ Hg .w4 Uh P' E'E ge -M? O mii N211 2.4 WED E W 5 Eg: U Kms ,C OE m 3 N W : wi Q sag O Liu.: GJ--1, E55 wnj U-fmg M Q 3 2?v 01 "' :ge M m Egm Oo W-3 ,Cala-I JSE! QUES 2223 sEmw mggg H E952 ,,mU bmw .39- SU35 5255 : WQEF .L-."' EQQZ 22.2 Ummg WEE :OHM z N .M 858 .- sw an 5 .5 nx:F4vU.g wi- ,git-4 SE , :- gmcs GJ GJ hm F-4 . EEE BE 54,2 awww: EQQEUU' rg. Som I-O0 QUQ D. F9 F-J CL E E GL di ESQE m Bmw UI!! C--1 SSE :rg E240 M P U JT U'p,Q w, :img Ugw -p1 ii M05 aa -0-V SSD 525 noi :DE Q2 A E05 ami DDVAQ Hz 'bum Sgr F-4 60m -U xv UM. MSE: 3 m I 258s emi-M rl- 2 ae :Ewa 03MB klim N .hw 535: E522 Q .- 44 U 25. mei-gvl .,.,o-I-Mn EEW2 'MJ shi- Q ml!! : mf!! L4 Q KD 225 Ugg, Omg M53 GJ 320 mo, ECE U mia DLI 343 ng? 1:51.45 Eano aa Z- pg-.Mb -gg ,-,Mb 1..- 3 0 z m SQE -own. .-D45--gg Es-4527 301 eu mais 3:42 :W 3 Q. Ewi3 m,mQ L..-Q55 Q52 ww QM M OJ 2 A ga Pi Emu m mmgm E Du mEEGg EE, s o U33 ziw HU D-4 Em will 925 535 Em! Emm U55 N-10 Ewa an 9. 5? QM..-. 33A M EZ CDN' gd mm: c Sci UNC:- Hum ES: mf.: E H u SM UE -'u Umm "' m O 4-r his 22: R35 as U3 EH Q ci ,,gEEE mmg: cw w I-1 .6 522' du O0 mgm mm UZ" V R' 221 L : dd- O UI IU V1 u E O E"',Q he 262 SCF 'iam mhg 5: pg 41 3 S mvgmg M KU ' '02 .gnz zmom s-.M--1 mwZw U2,: Q :gm ,,q.2?.'1"' 352' u2,g Q EE 223: 8553 Q35 E C GJ CU ,sim ,451-."" ga-:SE gf D452 6. Eiga Mm M .-.0--1 3oma 5 GJ L1 E s m : KU M 9 M P ui U M D1 v M CU c O Q c O YIJ F-4 0 a Q Ill z IU D5 6 c 2 3 O E n 2 C5 D5 ,-I -1 bac: f-4 E 5 m u lil 2 5-4 w c GJ P z M 52 cn US ID M 5 C m E 51 o Z A 'D x O P-1 E E UB 3 P S O I- -C M. an 22 03 ME -N n E5 wi E391 40 SENIOR GIRLS' HI-Y OFFICERS: President, CONNIE NEWTON. Vice President, ANNE Enwlxnns. Secretary, JEAN Comm. TTQHSMTGT, MARY SMITH. First raw, left to right: Miss Dorothy Marks, adviser: Gale Turnbull, Jean Coble, Ann Brothers. Minnie Belle Grady. Second row' Doris Brinson, Jo Anne Ferguson, Anne Edwards, Eunice Igaigei. Standing: Greta Bull, Elizabeth Guion, Mary Smith. Not pictured: Anne Delgnto, onme ew on. The Senior Hi-Y has certainly done its part this year in setting examples for others to follow. Pretending that they were "little elves of 'l'hanksgiving,', they collected baskets of food which were distributed to needy families nearby. VVith some of the spirit of giving still lingering on, they maintained a wishing well that enabled them to contribute about fifty dollars to the Craven County Toy drive for unfortunate children. Besides ull these special works, they have proved their ability to accept responsibility by working daily at the local Red Cross office. To become a member each girl must be afliliated with some church, must have a scholastic average of 85, and must be voted in by the club. To remain a member, a girl must abide by the rules and live up to the standards of the club. l President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer JoE N1-:LsoN Rov Sxzrzxzn CYR11. Enwmms BOYS' HI-Y The Boys' Hi-Y started this school year with EI program of reorgzuiizution and increased its membership from eight to twenty-one members. VVith its new progrzun and Mr. Edward Nelson and Dr. Roy Miller as advisers, the club has established Z1 foundation to begin work as a more active and helpful civic orgzinizutimi to develop leaders among the boys of our community. First row, left to right: Clifton Caton, Bill Kelly, Richard Skinner, Cyril Edwards, Branch McDaniel. Jack Edwards. Second row: Milton Langston, Bill Lewis, Lamar Sledge, Allen Ross, Leon Bizzell. Carlton Lewis, Roy Setzer. Third row: Sonny Gaskins, 'James' Crisp, Edward Sutton, Joe Nelson, Sonny Quinnelly, Clinton Harrison, Herbert Ross, Billy Wmberry. L41 42 M,,,1,ar0-fri .Q-wmv-A 4-nommnnn fi .Seuted, left to right: Emily Farmer, Jo Anne Turnbull, Nancy Venters, Carolyn Hunnings, Kltty Ewell. Standing: lola Taylor. Pauline Anderson, Jackie Wade. Mary Alice Tilghman. Not pictured: Ruth Rawlms, Mrs. Raymond Taylor. adviser: Jane Ellis. JUNIOR GIRLS' HI-Y 'l'hese eleven lassies and their adviser, Mrs. Raymond Taylor, set a new standard for Hi-Y's in our school this year. They began by rewriting and enforcing their constitution, having their Hi-Y registered, and hegrinning a lIi-Y library. NVith their eluh so strengthened, they completed projeets in every field from playing Santa Claus to needy children to taking a course in journalism. These girls have indeed lived up to their creed "-to create, maintain, and extend throughout the sehool and eommunity, higher standards of Christian character." l-lui this year has not ln-en all work for them. 'l'hey have enjoyed sneials and gatherings that will long be remembered. So you see if its the best all-round girls you are looking for, you will find them in New Bern lligh's Junior Girls' Hi-Y. l Q-I If MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram members are the "cream of the crop" in the sports of New Bern High. Entitled to wear a hig NB on their sweaters for playing at least ten minutes in three-fourths of the games, they are respected not only for their individual prowess and skill hut also for the teams they represent. First ro-w, left to right: Richard Skinner 2, Joe Nelson 3, Johnny Bond 1, Edward Sutton 2, Hubert Tolson 1. Second row: Branch McDaniel 1, Robert Armstrong 2, Charles Rhodes 2, Ray Potter 2, Milton Langston 2, James Crisp 2, Sonny Quinnelly 3, Clinton Harrison 7. Third row: Roy Setzer 2, Shirley Tucker 1, Bob Mercer 3, Doris Brinson 1, Herbert Ross 2, Mary McCoy 2. David Rucker 2, Nellie Isley 2, Leon Bizzell 3, .lean Simpson 1. i431 V K ,A . I N, -f i 4 L ' g',,'r .I ,,. F . 'E iff Q' .W :xg it 3' ,Mi l k 4 E 3 f ' Q Mi W 1. Farmer Bill. 2, Sad Sacks. 3. Real McCoy. 4. G the spreading oak trve. 7. Tha- End. S. lligll flyin lIlllStilCllt'. ll. Uh Flussie! 122. Polly and liulr. 13. E44-l Wm et up girls, 5. lmfs leg nrt. 6. Under '. 9. Frm-sllrliznn girls. 10. His f01lder'r. Yu' rlfm't say. 14. Shoe Shim- Mister? fi?-I ffl Fc . mi N! LW , X tux 4:-4 W Q U A n '7 I A 1 Ms X 7 Q Wi' T11 1 ! f k L 4.61 First row, left to right: James Crisp, Carlton Lewis, David Rucker, Freeman Miller, Richard Skinner, Joe Nelson. Edward Sutton. Leon Bizzell. Second row: George Scott, Milton Langston. Sonny Daniel, John Bishop, Sonny Gaskins, Allen Ross. Kennedy Ward, Charles Rhodes, James Garrick, Roy Setzer. Third row: Mike Jowdy, Ray Potter, Roland Hill, Sonny Quinnelly. Robert Armstrong, Charles Mohn, Audry Bengel, Herbert Ross, Clinton Harrison. Not pictured: Neal Harrison, Sam Pittman, Ralph Howland, Bill Pugh. FOOTBALL This was one of the be-si: football sc-nsolls, if not the lu-sl, in the' :innals of New Br-rn High. Beginning the season with one of the hardest schedules 1-vs-r hooks-cl for our high school tm-mn. thc Bears, hacked hy "Shorty" Kzifer, 'tIVlike" Jowdy, and "Nicky" Simpson ploughcd through with only two defeats and one lic. n 7 18 20 12 7 12 8 6 6 25 THE SCRUBS SCORES They sit along the sideline Sept. 14 Wilmington ...... ..r,.. , , ,, New Bet And watch the others play. . Each listening quite intently 21 Gfeenvlue ----A To what the coach may say. 28 Raleigh V FWith eager eyesltheyre vsiatching Oct. 5. Kinston ,,,,, , or one more c ance o p ayg . They're watching every movement, 12 Gfeenvlue - Their voices loud and gay. 19 Washington H The Scgubsl-are seldoangnentioned. 26 Kinston ......,, ,,,,, But w en t ey're cal e upon . They're always up and ready Nov. 9 Roanoke Rapids . And play 'til all is done. 16 Ta,-bo,-0 When of our team we're thinking, 22 Washington ..,... And talking of their fame. Our Scrubs will be rememberedg We'll always prize their name. UNKNOWN. 128 CHEER LEADERS lmfl in flflllfl firsl ruw: ,xllll lirullu-rs, Nvlliv lslvy flwzul t'lll'i'l' ll'Zlill'l'D. Swrlllfl 1'am'.' Amu- lfldwzircls, llc-tty Ann Parsons, Nancy xY4'Iltl'I'h. 'I'hir1l row: Maria: Ka-lly, Doris Briusun, Maury McCoy, Gulv Turulnull. BA NEBALL Duc lu ilu- fact llult flue :lnnuul has to lm on thc' prvss lu-furv balsvlmll svnson, 'l'u1z linux will fk'illlll't5 llm lust y0zlr's lmsm-lmll lt'Zllll in 1-:wll Slli'l'l'l'illlljI issue. '.l'lu'l'v is ri-znsnn lo lwllvvv tllzll tlw lfltli tK'illll will live up to llw gruml rm-vurml of an winning zwvrzlgv of 75 por cent in 1915. First row, left to right: Milton Langston, Clinton Harrison. Archie Pinerg Captain. Bob Mercer. Second vow: Robert Armstrong. Her ert Ross, George Huffman, Leon Bizzell, Robert Broadstreet, Cotton Lewis. Third -row: Branch McDaniel, Hubert Tolston, Dick Skinner, Billy Winberry, Charles Rhodes. Fourth row: Roy Setzer, Managerg Joe Nelson. Shorty Kafer, Coach. l4'7l BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM Left to right, first row: Kennedy Ward, Johnny Bond, Johnny Conley, Milton Langston, Carl Brassington, Hubert Tolson. Second row: Samuel Torrence. manager: Sonry Quinnelly, Sonny Russell, Alfrcd Cullum. C, L. Sexton, Cyril Edwards, Buddy Hill, Clinton Harrison, Coach Ferebee. Column to the left: first string players. o left to right: Coach Fran Ferebc-e, Oscar Quinnelly, capfail Middle row: Buddy Hill, forwardg Sonny Russell, co- CH 1 guaf Se S' Jem. 8 15 Slfelu. 8 22 I Nl Bottom row: Johnny Bond, guard Clinton Harrison, HIGH LIGHT HAM ICS IIUEUIUIQC Ilupicls VI'2ll'Il0l'U Iilimlmc-ill Vity I'Ilixz1lwll1C'ity IXI0l'OIlClll'll Fity IT I7 l9 l8 532 N ew N cw New New New Bc 1'11 Bc 1'11 Born Bc 1'11 Bern ll 921 925 29 28 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM Column to the right. lop row, left to rgiht: Nellie Iseley, captaing Norma Overlay. forward, Middle row: Nancy Venters, forward: Dottie Brinson, guard, Bottom row: Mildred Jackson. guard: Shirley Tucker. co-captain. Left to right. first row: Iola Taylor. Mildred Jackson. Nellie Isley, Miss Virginia Lee Bledsoe, Mary McCoy, Doris Brinson, Nancy Venters. Second row: Jacqueline Holt, Norma Overby, Miriam Poliakofl. Shirley Tucker. Patsy Brinson, Celia Lively. Joan Simpson. Third 'row' Bessie Mae Moody. Frances Beacham, Belly Ann Parsons. Evelyn loock. Patty Sliipp. Pat Miller, Marie Register. Joyce Land. IIIGII I,IGII'l' GANIICS .l:u1.l5. 'l':u'lioro 25. Jzu-l4sonx'illv Fell. l. ' I. J. lYasl1i1w'fo11 rv lil. xvllqllllgtllll .lelclisolivillc A lf! IT lil ll Q5 New New N cw New N cw Born Born lim-rn Born Burn 2-li 28 lil 8 Q15 for If-sl 2. Can yuu find liusvnv? 3. "I,ittl0 lil 1. N ell lx 6. First Strings. 7. Suns fc-xnnws. 8. You Hou! 9.111-t th tt lm lll 10 VK mtclx tht tln' guy on thc' lmttcnn! 12. Ain't we' cute' E501 t." fl. Oh for n sling shot! 5. Nancy J za pass! ll. I :ty M X me 52 Hlost Likely fo Sw ccc'c'zl KQALIC TU1zN1sI'l,1, L1RANK 1nAGAN E SUPER ilfost Popular Nl'ZI,I.ll'l IslcI,1cY A If me Icy B 11:Na14:1, Jlost Ilvpvlzdflblf' l11r'x1c'1c Ilxlrsl-3 IJAMAR S1,1+1Dc:lc IOR LATIVES Hazel' I,n0L'ing GAxl,r1 '1'I'liNIil'I.I. hl,l'IliIlI,l'I,7 Iffxlzlnsox Blum' Sflzzlirlzfs l'1l'NIi'l'l l,AIl1I'1 limsm' XYI'Dl'II.l, "'-w Illosi' .lH1la'tic' Nl41,l.11': ISICLICY 4xIFDRl'IY 1gl'INGlCI, 53 I54l IOR SUPERLATIYYES Jlosf 7wllIL'flfi1"f' Nl'lI.I,Il41 Is1f11.14:1 FRANK 1"1xc:AN lirst 1Jl'l'.S'Sl'l! f1AI.l'l 'l'I'llNBULT. LA Nl ,111 S 1,1111 Jlost M1 U11 DCE Trllvzzfcfl NNI-1 Igl'1l.LI'1 CQRADY .x111,1f1s S11.1'A ,Sh ii L, M . ,. . , S52 Q 1. Little Stonewall JucksonYMildred. 2. Just ei littlu bil of Brill---Gr:-tal. 3. A liitlv bag of wind--Gale. 4. A Chip off thc big I'UK'ii7i,l'i1iliC'. 5. 'l'lmt lilflf- rc-cl-llvud Joanne. li. The Kelly PinfI'p Girl--Marie. 7. Ilobu ix ln iVi?lllll0ifBt'itf'. 8, That ccllu-ntvml I'z1igr0-ff i'illllil'C. 9. "You mubt have lwvn ai hc'uuii1'ul l1uby"f--Clinton. 10. "Tile voice, Frankie"-Fagzm. i551 ll. Einstvin Jr.? -Bobby. 12. Hi-ho Silva 1-Charles. 5. VVl10 1 'P More Men 3 VVl1ere is the photographer? 4. More people. ' ? 9 "Van" of the 1. Supvr VVUIIIQ-1. ... . . . stuh- your Cillllly? li. It's liko this cllildrun. 7. Hard life! 8. NVl1at's thls. . ' ' ' " - fhutirm. 12. VVhut's tln- matter Rucker? Svnior class. 1 I 56 I 0. lioll check. 11. llwrry P01111 s lillltll E f f -xg S X +3 .?,:, Z I -V ! . I- , by I 4, I .ff ' E- iff! D x J' A-i g 1 ,, -, , ing X , , 7 12 4 4 L +L' 07' slhff 29. WW? ML, BRQTHERX "Why is it," asked Anna Lancaster making a show of interest, "that Naval officers wear blues in the winter and grays in the summer?" "It's like this, Miss," the Naval officer replied. "In the winter the Navy fights for the North, and in the summer it fights for the South." Ve Congirafculla e ou Sam Lipman and Son New Bern's Biggest and Best Department Store Said the German to the Swiss: How come you have an admiral? You have no coastline, no navy, no empire. The Swiss replied: Well, you in Germany have a Minister of Justice, haven't you? Hotel Page: Telegram for Mr. Niedspondiavanci! Mr. Niedspondiavanci! Mr Neidspondiavanci! Mr. Neidspondiavanci: Vat iss the initial, pleez? FIVE POINTS ESSO SERVICE Dial 2250 Tommy Davis FUEL OIL and KEROSENE Flat Tire Doctor and Battery King NEW BERN, N. C. E. M. LUPTON GROCERY STORE FANCY GROCERIES and MEATS 703 South Front Street NEW BERN, N. C. PHONE zzeo RADIO SERVICE SHOP GUARANTEED RADIO REPAIRS M. L. SKINNEB Building Contractor ISIM Middle Street DIAL 2543 NEW BERN, N. C. NEW BERN TRACTOR BAX-I-ER,S Cr EQUIPMENT co. . Sales - Service TRACTOR - FARM EQUIPMENT LARGEST JEWELERS IN EASTERN CAROLINA New Bern, N. C. SANITARY GROCERY ETHRIDGE and WIKE - General Contractor GROCERIES FREE DELIVERY DMI' 2037 I240 Pollock Street New Bern, N. C. F0STEB9S GARAGE AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS BATTERIES and SERVICE TELEPHONE 2233 PAT'S ESSO STATION TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES K. O. PATTERSON 930 Pollock Street New Bern, N. C. Did you hear about the moron who No, what about him?" He was!" thought he was Hitler?" ence 1S what hurts when everythmg else feels so good. NEW BERN'S DIAMOND STORE O THE JEWEL BOX O The Store That Confidence Built LUCAS 81 LEWIS, INC WHOLESALE GROCERS New Bern, North Carolina Pvt.: I'm not on guard tonlght honey Gal: But I am, soldier Compliments ofthe New Bern Restaurant Q uWhere Good Food Originatedw Sincere Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY New Bern, North Carolina A little flattery Now and then Makes husbands of The singl men. Rght dgt dgt dfit b g d tht g TAYLOR MOTOR CO. 414-16 South Front Street NEW BERN, N. C. DIAL 4160 SALES amd SERVICE OLDSMOBILE : CADILLAC FEDERAL TRUCKS PHONE 3100 315 S. FRONT ST MITCHELL'S HARDWARE Hardware - Harness Fishing Tackle - Paints T orm ere digg g in earnest P E t Going over the accounts one evening, the young husband said reproachfully L kd th bak' t trnd rcheckf' 00 ear, e n Jus re u e you The bride beamed. "Isn't that wonderful, darling! What'11 we buy with it this time? H AMERICAN SHOE SHOP Compliments of SATISFACTION is the JOHNSON TIRE CO. HEART OF OUR BUSINESS NEW BERN N ORTH CAROLIN A "In the Land of Enchanting Watersv THE HISTORIC CENTER OF NORTH CAROLINA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION THE S. B. PARKER CO. Everything in Sheet Metal ROOFING SHEET METAL WORK CENTRAL CAFE "The Cafe That Good Food Builtv 67 Pollock Street ARMSTRONG GBIICEBY C0. Distribution of Pillsbury and Premium Flour CAROLINA CLEANERS 914 Broad Street DIAL 4100 CRAVEN FOUNDRY cf MACHINE COMPANY MILL AND AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES Phone 3I54 - 3155 BEST WISHES THE BARGAIN STORE from 1 LADIES HUGH HINNANT READY-T0-WEAR and New Bern, N. C. MILLINERY So you complain of finding sand in your soup? Did you join the army to serve your country, or to complain about the soup?" To serve my country, not to eat it." Do you think it is unlucky to marry on Friday?" asked Buddy Coplon. Certainly," exclaimed Larry Warrington, "Why should Friday be an exception? Compliments of HILL'S BOWLING ALLEY Broad Street New Bern, N. C. BELL F0011 S Staple and Fancy Groceries 606 East Front Street Dial 3161 Compliments of BREWER'S "We Make Loveliness Loveliern 4387 THOMPSON'S SHOE STORE SHOES and HOSIERY NEW BERN GOLDSBORO Your Community Frozen Food Locker Plant Visit With Us Often DUFFY'S REXALL CUT-RATE -Ar DRUG STORE GIFTS Fon ALL occAsloNs MACK L. LUPTON DIAL 4138 SHRIVER'S FLOWER SHOP "FIowers for all Occasions" 325 South Front Street Day Phone 2380 Night 2822 BROAD STREET GRIICERY C0. R. W. IPOCK, Prop Groceries : Meats Country Produce Compliments o f SARDESON,S "Center of Fashion" 254 Middle Street DOWDY FURNITURE COMPANY "The Home Fumishe ll FS Tincy Guion went to the bank to buy a bunch of War Bonds. "What denomination?" asked Franklin Friley Fagan, III. "Episcopalian," she replied. "What is the most outstandin "I'11 take the check, waiter." g after-dinn er speech you ever heard?" I BOYD'S FURNITURE STORE Compliments of HAMMOND ELECTRIC COMPANY Full Leased Wire Service C. Of the SERVICE STATION Associated Press Dealer in ,, TEXACO PRODUCTS THE SUN JOURNAL Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday With Morning Edition Every Day Except Monday 'A' New Bern, N. C. Opposite Courthouse New Bern, N. C. Goodyear and Firestone Tires Washing and Greasing a Specialty Tire Repairs and Oil Changing Our Hobby Simonizing Just for Pastime TELEPHONE 9II4 W. E. Swain, Proprietor C Engineer: What was one of the greatest obstacles in the building of the Panama ana Shovel Operator: Dirt. Coach Ferebee to Hubert Tolson: "Wipe that opinion off your face." JOE ANDERSUIWS DRUG STORE Dial 4201 New Bern, N. C. ASKEW'S DRY CLEANERS Specialize in DRESSES and HATS The Home of Better Cleaners II09 Pollock Street PHONE 4312 Congratulations and Best Wishes to all THE PARISIAN Compliments of J. R. CIIADWICK Merchant Tailor 216 Middle Street Where Fashion is Foremost ABLEN'S GRUCERY 907 Broad Street Dial 4097 GOODRICH TIRES and All Kinds of Groceries, PATTERNS Confections and Fruits HOME APPLIANCES FIRST-CITIZENS MO0N'S BEAUTY SHOP 6' 405 Broad Street COMPANY NEW BERN, N. C. Member of F. D. I. C. "Your Beauty and Loveliness is Our Postwar Aim" DIAL 2782 Compliments of PAUL9S GARAGE New Bern Monumental Works FINE MONUMENTS OF MARBLE and GRANITE Satisfaction Guaranteed E. C. EDGERTON, Owner Miss Green: I know he's rich, but isn't he too old to be considered eligible? Mrs. Brown: My dear, he's too eligible bo be considered old. Dt Yd11Ddthypttth Smalwell-llenrris IF IlllIUlC1l'3l1 Hcomes, Inc. I Ambulance Service O Phone Phone NEW BERN BAYBORO 2067 401 FOR SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING SEND YOUR CLOTHES to HARDY MOORE CLEANERS and TAILORS Home of Monite Mothproofing 313 MIDDLE STREET DIAL 2134 L ve is one game that is never po tp d t f d k W man Cin street car pok1ng conductor with h mbrellal: Is th t th N t nal Bank? C nductor: N madam. That' my stomach. Compliments of COPLON-SMITH CO. NEW BERN'S BIGGEST AND BEST STORE Craven Music Co DIAL 3702 'A' MUSIC FOR PARTIES COMPLETE RECORD ASSORTMENT 'A' Broad Street Home Office in New Bern Little "Cotton," unafraid. Monkeyed with a hand grenadeg Mother, at th morgue, mplainedz "Cotton" ' tt -b ' d. M. O.: Young man, have you ever been bothered with athletes foot? Recruit: Yes sir, when a footballer caught me kissing his girl. Compliments Of N if H I Bottling Company Turner Tolson Furniture Co. 'A' New Bern7s Biggest and Best Furniture Store ir FRIGIDAIRE AGENCY BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHERS rahic Cop: Use your noodle, lady! Use your noodle! ale Turnbull: My goodness! Where is it? I've pushed and pulled everything the car already! t Legal Steno: Ju t bepause a man has money d 't mean he dz I'11 marry any f 1 who's got m11l1on d 11 . B I LLI E'S SEAFOOD CA F E Compliments of i' STEAKS - CHICKEN Carglina and SEA FOODS Telephone 81 of AI' Kmds Telegraph Company 'A' I27 MIDDLE STREET DIAL 3370 WE HILL, S CONGRATULATE "' You Known for GOOD CLOTHES 9 i' TONY'S NEW BE N and R DRUG sToRE MOREHEAD CITY New Bern's Finest band: Mary, here's hair in this piecrust. e: It looks like one of yours, Henry. It must have come off the rolling B bby: Pop, what is woma b Fathe Son, I think 't' a n's int t ut three-fourths suspiclon. To Be Sure . . . 6' Insure with THE DUNN M""if,'f,Z1ZZZa"d A G E N C Y 4 O High Grade Fertilizers Morris Plan Bank Agricultural Chemicals Building ir . TELEPHONE 4145 - 4146 Cooking Water Heating 4 JAMES PAUUS SOUTHERN GARAGE BUTANE GAS CORP. and ' BODY REPAIRS House Heating Refrigeration ,E Cup'd makes so many b d h t because he's a'ming at the h art a d look ng at the hosiery. "What d b h oly 11 man who's l ky 1 "A ac e or. CRAVEN MOTOR C0 CHEVROLET : BUICK GENUINE PARTS TIRES : TUBES HWe have it, can get it, or it just isn't made." Q Clanrks Drug Store New Bern, North Carolina verage WAC tak g the place f th e men would m ch p efe three taking her places First Farmer: Which is correct-"A hen is sitting" or "a hen is setting"? Second Farmer: Don't know and don't care. A11 I worry about is when she cackles is she laying or lying? THE FLORIST Greenhouses and Store 1312 Broad Street Compliments of PHONE 3071 -iv Dr. Pepper MRS. CARILILEIS. TISDALE Bottling Company F. D. T. Member I I1C. 'A' "Flowers for all 0ccasions', GULF OIL CORPORATION TELEPHONE 4330 Office of City Coal and Tire Company : Five Points Distributors of "That Good Gulf Gasolinev and Gulf Pride Motor 0ils HAWK RADIO AND APPLIANCE CO. BOODY HAWK, Manager KELVINATOR : PHILCO-RCA : DUO-THERM :THOR SMALL HOME APPLIANCES FREEZING CHESTS FOR HOME USE COLUMBIA-VICTOR RECORDS "Halt!" ordered the sentry in the detention unit. "Who goes there?" "You wou1dn't know me," said the voice, "I just got here yesterday." "If you're looking for my husband, he's gone fishing. Just walk dow bridge until you find a pole with a worm on each end." n to the RICHARDSON PRI NTI NG Compliments 'A' Of Our 76th Year PARROTT'S COMMERCIAL FOOD STORE PRINTERS 'A' 64 Craven Street NEW BERN, N. C. STALLINGS THE BROS. INC. SMART ' SHOP Plumbing and Heating 'A' Contractors ' "New Bern,s New Bern, N. C. Smartest S hop" First Old Maid: I hate to think of my youth. Second Old Maid: Why, what happened? First Old Maid: Nothing. Passenger: Madam, pardon me, but you're standing on my foot. Lady: Why don't you put your foot where it belongs? Passenger: Don't tempt me, lady--don't tempt me! Compliments of Atlantic and East Carolina Railroad Company Bob: They say Bill is the boss of his family. Rob: Yes, they tell me he can make Alice do anything she wants to do. Corporal: That new inductee used to be a clerk. Sergeant: How did you know? Corporal: Every time he stands at ease, he tries to put his rifle behind his ear ROBERTS TIRE COMPANY O Distributors for U. S. Tires Compliments Of e ' er ell I 413 Broad Street "How old would you say she is?" "Oh, somewhere in the middle Hirtiesf' Mrs. Smailwoodz What did the Puritans come to this country for? Emily Farmer: To worship in their own way and make other people do the Same. HENDERSON CIGAR RAYMOND R. TAYLOR and Q CANDY COMPANY DIAL 3637 W. Q, CHADWICK RICE BROTHERS SALES General Insurance WHOLESALE TOBACCOS, Agency CIGARS, GUMS, NOVELTIES NEW BERN N C DIAL 3587 ' ' ' 223 Craven Street MAIN STREET BRIDGETON GROCERY LUMBER COMPANY Sales Manufacturers of G- F- Cook - G- H- Cook THREE PLY VENEER PANELS GROCERIES CHOICE MEATS AND LUMBER DIAL 3966 Bridgeton, North Carolina NEUVILLE RADIO fr BOYD BROTHERS REPAIR C1 SALES 124 Middle Street Dealers in Fruit and DIAL 3046 Produce New Bern, N. C. DIAL 4197 HUME PRIDE STUBE Compliments Choice Meats : Groceries of Fruits and Vegetables HIGH SCHQQL 1018 Broad street P-T- A- Give me a cup of coffee with no cream." The storekeeper was waggish: "Can't give it to you with no cream. Got no cream. But I can give you coffee without milk." The drunk didn't want it that way, so out he went. "It's raining cats and dogs," "How do you know?" "I just stepped in a poodle." Blade Auto Sales Inc. I DODGE - PLYMOUTH I Sales and Service KATIE 'S BAKE Y Dial 2243 I PIES CAKES DOUGHNUTS "This is the fifth time you have been brought before me for speedingf' said the ' d l Ju ge severe y. "Yes, your honor," smiled Doris Brinson. "When I like a fellow I generally give him all my business." Funeral Director: How old are yo sir? Aged Mourner: I'm 98. Funeral Director: Hardly worth g ' g h me, is it? J. c. WHITTY NEW BERN 5 CQ. LOAN 6 Established 1876 215 Middle Street 'A' ir New Bern's Only Licensed MCCORMICK-DEERING and Bonded Pawn Shop MACHINES and 'A' PURINA CHOW DIAL 4014 MAO LA MILK 8 ICE CREAM COMPANY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS -k Phone 4184 New Bern, North Carolina Cannibal Cook. Sh 11 I b '1 th missionary S Chief: Don't be s lly Th t f ' . The difference between a single man and a bachelor is that when a bachelor walks the floor with a baby, he is usually dancing. rink TRADE-MARK REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. In Bottles New Bern Garza-Gala Bottling Works, Inc. NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA A hole is nothing at all but you can break your neck in it. "You are always wishing for what you haven't got." "Well, what else could I wish for?" QIUIIIIIIIIIIlllllIllIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIllIIlllllIIIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIQ ,llllKll l lllll,l Ike Piner: Can a man change his nationality? Mike: No, why. Ike: I read where a man went up a pole and came down a rushin 6 Sonny Quinnelly, watching Ed Posta and Charlie Rhodes playing poker, was horrified to find Ed cheating. Finally he spoke up, "Boys,', he said, "I feel it my duty to tell you that Ed dealt the last card from inside his shoe." "So what?" shrugged Charlie. "It's HIS deal, isn't it?" T o MaXweII Compain B RBO R BO T ORKS MANUFACTURERS OF BOATS o MARINE R. WAYS MARINE SUPPLIES Kitty Ewell: I've been misbehaving and my conscience is bothering me. Doctor Yudell: Should I give you something to strengthen your will power? Kitty: No, give me something to weaken my conscience. Stranger: I've come out here to make an honest living. Native: Well, thereis not much competition. I DRUG STORE Branch Banking 81 Trust Co. The Safe Executor ir SOUND BANKING and TRUST SERVICE I4 Offices in Eastern North Carolina RESOURCES OVER NINETY MILLION 'A' Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Doug Davies went to an auction. The auctioneer was offering a parrot. He bid 35.00. Someone said 351000, Doug bid S15.00. Again someone bid 2525.00 and Doug bid 340.00 and got the parrot. As he walked out he said to the auctioneer, "That's a big price to pay for a parrot. Can he talk?" The auctioneer said, "You ought to knowg he's the one that was bidding against you." Blonde: How dare you speak to me? I don't know you. Sailor: That's all right, I don't know you either. Photographs if BUY W O O T T E N - MQULTQN SAVINGS if BONDS New Bern North Carolina Compliments Of inniix Drug Store A statesman thinks he belongs to the nation, but a politician thinks the nation belongs to him. Preston Jones: Tell me why do you call this lovely car a crate Guy Boyd: Because I often pack it full of peaches. Scott efrigeration Company Westinghouse and Norge Products also Stewart-Warner, Farnsworth and Westinghouse Radios Complete and Reliable Repair Service on all make Radios and Refrigerators for those who care. PIIONE 3179 New Bern, North Carolina I stole a kiss the other night, My conscience hurts, alack. I guess I'l1 go tomorrow night And put the darn thing back. OUR LOYAL PATRON S Raymond Fuson Donald T. Midyette Dc-VVitt C. MeCottc1 'und Son M. K. Horner Hugh B. Mills John A. Baker Lawrence Stith Wilsoli H. Lee J. M. Aberly, Sr. S. P. VVatson W. C. Willis VV. F. lllenius Clmrles S. AbCl'H0tll-S R. E. VVhitel1urst X I xx mix My A 'Vx Qilllii BUILDERS ISIONS created by the imagination precede the achievement of any really great accomplishment T e ability to weave the tlueads of lmagl nation into the finished fabric is equally important It has been the privilege of the EDWARDS 81 BROUGHTON FOMPANY to ro operate with the staff lll creating their vision into material form. Such cooperation is one f the visions which precede the building of a successful business and is a part of the working policy of the EDWARDS 81 Bnoucnrow COMPANY. To those Staffs desiring complete co- operation, we offer unexcelled service. You, too, may be proud of your annual. Correspondence is Invited BROUGIITON CO. EDWARDS 81 nALsrc1-r, Nonrn cAnouNA we my f5'3"'KQy 9-,pg 67'Mf7"Q,Q,,,,,,,, Www, W M v UZZM7 ws lv fivffmi ,M Jqg wfg '.!!0 ,4oM?f His? MQ, L 5 VQWQ,,'f5,'4u -QQ-i'f, it J -W Q A W f,f M Qyjfiija NW nffwn-Q1' W , A? l W, P' Jjgg fv wvjiwfwffw if I f gow. , CQ WWZCL. 6CgfQ3, My vvffffgm G WV,g:'33"'y M W H ,, f,,' W Ufnms 1 Wpwjgg ,Fw QTEK? . NWS kg jk J,U44'b?0fgfL2?,2"fQfwRX A X 43174-"'Wq'4!5 . Zigi? ,5'f1Q 2 '91 45 Sv q?'2Qz,Qb7,e, we-3,1 ag ? ' is "fi img 55351, qijflfxafg igigjg CL 5 S ,Magi 'S X: U, Wwjvf? ,mjgw gdb af -2 N E WW jyflwff MU J Xu. H Wa- -,,f,,':"QlKlZOb m , 594 gfiif fw W wwfl 5 ZQE fffffm ii ' WU h .W WV' JP Km QTQQVJVJMQ VU? WW WWW' LX' H95 Q vfbfl? W M Wfwggzjf ,wfifwf M Milf Wu MM!

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New Bern High School - Bruin Yearbook (New Bern, NC) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


New Bern High School - Bruin Yearbook (New Bern, NC) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


New Bern High School - Bruin Yearbook (New Bern, NC) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


New Bern High School - Bruin Yearbook (New Bern, NC) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


New Bern High School - Bruin Yearbook (New Bern, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


New Bern High School - Bruin Yearbook (New Bern, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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