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R x w x 545 P V .1 F r H Q rl. 5. V. 4 ali, ng- kv B E E , W A mg- ,. I -M ,, ff I Ez Jr. A 'Q -e ,.. u. NK gw. 3-1 EF 5 .J 'il 3 5-. if ,- Y., f. J , I n v. ,rl .y, . ad K v 4 W ,Z 77744: L! l. I ' ' 1 df -V x 1 5' , 1 ,,,,1 1 . v xg fa'f I P i X, A. MW up I ff-?4 ff wg 2, -7. i , , , x A- , ,- . .4 N ' ..4'wg,5r. 4-'. ,alll F. ,'.,, .1 1 , x flu. J-. 4 J, ' .' f 4 H f ' ' ll . W .-W-A 1 x , x 4.1 f '.,1u".'rf wg 1 A. - - I U A ' 4 1 A J 9 ' f 1 5 f 1. . ,Ar I flue"- ,lf U, .- 4 . .M 1, . 14. .6 , . -:hx -ss! , , ,x-. - --, ff, f""'?1". , .HJ uf-'Q '5- "nf" x 'IV w . my IV' - 1 A . U ,Jw 1 A THE B U 1945 Published by the stzzffcnts of NEW BERN HIGH SCHOOL DEYORA L. POLIAKOFF. Erlitor-in-Chief MARY GRACE WILLIAMS, Business .Uanager Craven-Pclmlico-Carteret Regional Library 2 2. Lf' u 3. AL, ,L 1 '49 Q Y V 'A -65: EEEEEE 'cation f 5 'J 436. 'Q For their helpful aid in our first edition of THE BRUIN, we fondly dedicate this 1944-45 edition of THE BRUIN to Miss Kathryn Nlontague, Miss Grace Robbins, and Miss Celia Hall. 3 I? c 1 , . 1 . . X 6 . Z, ' tyler I.. L I , R. I Y . 1 h frfgfff. 2 s vl N Lal? J . JL, -. 1 Q Qu ' 1 q L . ' K 'figs ' ,1'If'y'..l1 " ," 5 ,Q r'-4 , 1, ani., , Q9 F fl - -vq 2 5 Q X ff' 4 stfg ,. 'r b, ,3Lf,' v ,H-A " QR: ' .'ff'Y'f'N:.:: A. V' - xl." 1: ,xc 7 7 A.L44i1" 7'."':f.: illgil Q T mx, gre' . i fx! LQ: 7? L 4? ,E 'x ,IS ... '0 L JI!-w K 'O ., u J, ., .: 2' 1 N. X X. x iw ' ' tration MR. H. B. SMITH Superintendent MR. HARRY J. MACDONALD Principal Faculty -i QQ Mrs. Geneva M. Hines. Miss Martha Tanner, Miss Kathryn Montague, Mrs. Lila D. Smallwood, Miss Dorothy Marks, Miss Ola Andrews, Mrs. H. B. Smith, Mr. Donald Smith, Mrs. A. W. Brinson, Miss Grace Robbins, Miss Hattie Ellice Lewis, Miss Celia Hall, Mr. Harold Whitehurst, Mrs. Jewel Watson, Mrs. Abbie Lou Smith. 6 1 'X ,ew HELEN JO AARONS "A witty woman is a treasure: A witty beauty is a powerf' Freshman Class Presi- dent: Home Room Presi- dent: Sophomore Class President: Home Room President: BRUIN Club: Junior Hi-Y. Secretary: Senior Hi-Y, President: Student Council: High School Band: Senior Class President: Senior Editor of BRUIN: Girls' State Citizen: D.A.R. Citizen- ship Award: National High School Poetry Asso- ciation: Semester Honor Roll tFour Yearslg Dra- matics Club: Cheer Lead- er: Senior Superlative. MAXTON BENNETT "Counts his bargains and come back for more," ,nr 6"'9 Ash- '4' v "L gf 45-Ii? i 3 ves5?'5,2.z X 1 'ft' ,ai -i SENIORS 0F 1945 ALMA AGENT HAZEL BALL "It seemed the harmoni- "Sober, quiet, pensive and ous echo demure- From our discordant One of those friends of Life," whom you are always sure." CHARLES BERRY "I do not own an inch of land, But all I see is mine." VIRGINIA BOYD "Really and truly-I've nothing to wear." Junior Hi-Y: Senior Hi-Y, Chaplain: Athletic Asso- ciation, Secretary-Treas- urer: Dramatics Club: Band Majorette: Cheer Leader: Senior Superla- tive. -- e, "'Z7 AUDREY BENGEL "Life is a jest and all things show it." Dramatics Club: Fresh- man Home Room Treas- urer. MILDRED BOYLE "Silence more 'rn usical than any song." ,... SUSAN BRINSON "Then she will talk- good gods! How she will talkf' Basketballg Dramatics Clubg Cheer Leader. JIMMY C OREY "An honest boy who takes it on the chin. A good sport and a warm heart within." Student Council. SENIORS CAROLINE BUNTING "A 'rosebud set with little wilful thorns." Junior Hi-Yg Senior Hi-Y, Secretaryg Glee Clubg French Clubg Dramatics Club. SHELDON CRUMP "As round as a barrel and just as full of fun." A t h 1 e t,i c Association, Ticket Chairmang Senior Superlative. 0F 1945 PENELOPE CAHOON "Happy who in his verse can gently steer From grave to light, from pleasant to severe." Dramatics Club. LAURA DANIEL S "There is no wisdom like fTl17lk'I'l9SS.,, ERNEST CONNOR "He is gentleg he is kind." High School Band. CATHERINE DIXON " S i l e n c e accomplishes 'much that noise can- not." Senior Hi-YQ Senior Su- perlative. JANICE EPPERSON "A doer, not a dreamer? BRUIN Clubg Civics Club, Presidentg French Club Dramatics Club. RUBY GAME SENIORS JULIA FISHER "She was a phantom of delight." Freshman Home Room. Secretary and Treasurerg Jr. Hi-YQ Sr. Hi-Y, Re- porterg Senior Class, Sec- retary and Treasurerg Dramatics Clubg Testa- tor. LOU ANN GARDENER 'fBy thunders of white "A good heart is better silence." than all the heads in in the world." Dramatics Club: French Clubg Secretary of Home Economics. V 0F 1945 PATTIE FLOWERS DOROTHY FRAZIER "And had a face like a "Work first and then blessing." rest." Dramatics Club. BRUIN Club. GRACE GIBSON DUVAL GRANT "Hitch your wagon to a "Men of few words are star." the best men." senior H-Y: Glee Club: Senior Superlative- French Club. VAUGHAN GRIFFIN "All wisdomis armory this 'man can wield." Freshman Class, Secre- taryg Home Room. Presi- dent: Junior Class, Vice Presidentg Home Room. Vice Presidentg Senior Superlative. ROLAND HILL "A good athlete, a good sportg A gentleman - 'nuff saidf' Footballg Monogram Club. SENIORS BESSIE HALL "'Tis only noble to be good? BRUIN Club. ROGER HOGGARD "When the brisk minor pants for twenty-one." 0F 1945 BOB HERRINGTON "Fm not a politician and my other habits are good." Hi-Yg President of Stu- dent Councilg Editorial StaH of The Ramblerg French Clubg Dramatics Clubg Senior Superlative. JOE KELLY "Time elaborately thrown away." Glee Club. ELIZABETH HILL "As merry as the day is long." LIB KENNEDY "Fair of figure, fair of face Full of fun and full of gracef' Junior Hi-Y, President: Senior Hi-YQ Junior Class Secretaryg Student Coun- cilg Majoretteg Basketball: French Club: Dramatics Clubg Senior Superlative. 17 ffm. ev? -........ JEAN KINGSLEY "Veracity is the heart of morality." Assistant Business Man- ager of THE BRUIN: Latin Club: Honor Roll ltwo yearsl: Dramatics Club: Science Club. C URTIS MANNING "Sing away sorrow, cast away care." French Club. QL SENIORS BETTY JANE LAMB Genius does what it mustg Talent does what it can." cc Glee Clubg Dramatics Club. MARY MCCOY "She's jolly and true and a good sport too." Basketball: Glee Clubg Senior Superlative. 0F 1945 L. M. LANCASTER "Handsome is as hand- some doesf' Hi-Y, President: Student Council, Vice President: Semester Honor Rollg High School Band: Sopho- more. Home Room Presi- dentg French Clubg Senior Superlative. BRANC H MCDANIEL "Few things are impossi- ble to diligence and skill." Hi-Y: Student Council: Semester Honor Roll ltwo yearsl. EXAVE LUPTON "Life to me is just a comedyf' ANNETTE MILLER "Plough deep while slug- gards sleep." Junior Hi-YQ Senior Hi- Y. Secretary and Treas- urer: Semester Honor Roll 1 four years lj French Club, Secretary and Treasurerg D r a m a t i c s Club. Win SASO MORRIS "As welcome as sunshine in every place Is the beaming approach of a good-'natured face." Junior Hi-Y, Vice Presi- dent: Senior Hi-Y, Vice President: Freshman. Home Room President: Dramatics Club: French Club: Sophomore Class. Vice President: Senior Class, Vice President. ETHEL PITTMAN "Patience and gerztleness are power." -an GYN 'CS' SENIORS IRIS NORRIS "My life is like a stroll upon the beach, As near the ocean's edge as I can gof' DEVORA POLIAKOFF "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." Junior Hi-Y, Vice Presi- dent: Senior Hi-Y, Presi- dent and Treasurer: Se- mester Honor Roll ifour yearslz Editor-in-Chief of THE BRUIN: Basketball: Senior Superlative. 'KJV' rdf 0F 1945 CRISTINE PARSONS "Secret and self-contained and solitary as an oyster." Dramatics Club. HERBERT ROSS "Not too serious, 'not too gay, But a rare good fellow when it comes to play." Vice President Sopho- more Home Room: Mono- gram Club: Football: French Club: Sports Edi- tor of THE BRUIN. ARCHIE PINER "Friend of all, enemy of none." Monogram Club: Base- ball: Basketball, Captain: Senlor Superlative. DAVID RUCKER "As idle as a painted ship on a painted sea." Freshman Honor Roll: Football: Monogram Club: Junior Home Room Pres- ident: Sophomore Home Room President: Senior Superlative. BOB SCOTT "A spring of love gush'd from my heart." Cheer leader: Basketball, Co-Captaing Hy-YQ Senior Superlative. DAN SMAW "The man of wisdom is a man of years." Junior Home Room Pres- identi Semester Honor Roll ltwo yearsjg Senior Superlative. 1.,,,. 'ft SENIORS HOWARD SHELL "The kingliest kings are crowned with thorns," Band3 Junior Basketball Team. MARGARET SMITH 'This is a maid of slight mold, With a heart and head of gold." Junior Hi-Y, Chaplaing Senior Hi-Y: Dramatics Clubg Baseball. .l :5.i,"'1g f 1+ Zi' 0F 1945 BETTY JO SHIPP "Nothing great was ever achieved without en- thusiasrnf' Junior Hi-Y: Senior Hi-Y, Vice Presidentg Basket- ball: Band: Semester Honor Roll ffour yearsbg Dramatics Clubg Major- ette: National High School Poetry Associationg Sen- ior Superlative. CATHERINE STEWART "Blushing is the color of virtue? 'S 4- l', 4 33 .22 Z at w.s .' ,H ,fell ' 4 ,A I , Q 3 I QW 'wi 1 fi x " - 'Q if T' E .Mx i Q il VALIN SIMPSON "Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no fibsf' DIARY GRACE TAYLOR 'tWhen she will. she will: and you can depend on it." Semester Honor Roll :two yearsbg French Club. Presidentg Glee Club: National High School Poetry Associationg Sen- ior Class Prophet. ELIZABETH THOMAS Wit will shine Thro' the harsh cadence of a 'rugged line? EDWIN THOMPSON Ah-Why should life all labor be?" 464' i SENIORS JOHN THOMAS To worry little, to study less, This is my secret of hap- pinessf' if FETTER WEST "None but himself can be himself can be his parallel." Junior Home Room Sec- retary-Treasurerg Presi- dent of Athletic Associa- tion. 14 -QF' x if' 0F 1945 DOROTHY WATSON "Red as a rose is she." LOWELL WILLIAMS "Like a dog, he hunts in dreams." PATTIE TYSON "This is the porcelain clay of human kind." Senior Hi-YQ National High School Poetry Asso- ciation. MARY GRACE WILLIAMS "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." Semester Honor R011 lfour yearsb: Senior Hi- Y, Secretary: Business Manager of THE BRUINQ Senior Superlative. Seniors whose pictures do not appear: MILDRED HEATH, BOB RHODES, and BILLY JONES. Senior Class 0ffieers ,4-nw! V . ijfesidpnl ------ -.------- -------.--, ..... H E I .EN Jo .AARONS Vice Presidelll ........... ......... --------- - G 5,450.7 MORRIS Secretary-Treasurer ..... ......... ..........-- .l U LM FISHER Senior Class Song U6We'll Meet Againnj By PATTIE FLOWERS ,X -.... ,U DORIS IVILLIS "Procrastination is the thief of time." Dramatics Club. Weill meet againg don't know where, don't know when, But l know we'll meet again in future years. Keep smilin, thro' just like we always do Till the new years drive the old ones far behind. So will you please say hello to the mates that i Tell them it wonit be long. They might be happy to know That as you saw us go We were singing this song: we knowg We'll meet againg donit know where, donst know when, But I know we,ll meet again in future years. MEMORIES Come. seniors, of forty-five And reminisce with me. Blow the dust from your memory book And look back on those years of glee. Looking back on the activities, I think we liked sports the mostg For out of all the seasons We have many victories to boast. It always thrilled me when our football boys Entered the field at a game. For I always knew that they'd take first place In my own private hall of fame. Kafer. Simpson, and Jowdy- They were our own big three, And we thank them with all our hearts For full many a victory. Our basketball season was, oh, such fun With two swell coaches as guide, Lewis and Nicholson-a wonderful pair For whom we felt much pride. 15 Our home room teachers, Robbins and Lewis Their friendship was one we all prized: And they helped us ever so much. More than we realized. Up in chapel the chorus sings And the band marches by in the street For music is a joy to us all To indulge in whenever we meet. On the campus, in classes, or chapel Wherever we happened to be, We always managed to have a good time Everyone-including me. Yet all the time it was hard to forget That there was a war going ong For often in class we'd realize That another pal was gone. As we leave our hearts are heavy And we're not ashamed of the tears, For we'll miss you. underclassmen. Pals of our happiest years. CLASS PROPllECY Crashl Bang! Framl Gangwav, folks! Now d0n't get excited. It isn't an earthquake or a forest fire. It's just the postman staggering under a load of letters, all from my classmates of '4'5. Let's open them and see what all our old pals are doing. Shall we? After refusing an offer from Gracie Allen's radio show, Sheldon Crump finally accepted a position on the faculty of Jones School for Prim Young Ladies. Julia Fisher teaches advanced algebra in dear old New Bern High and Annette Miller remains the school librarian, while Charles Berry is selling books. 'fSaso" Morris and Virginia Boyd are married now, and Catherine Stewart is also a happy housewile. We have learned that Jean Kingsley spends all her time with her family ther bugs and frogs, of coursel. Laura Daniels, Penelope Cahoon, Ruby Game and Christine Parsons are touring Europe, while Caroline Bunting remains in France studying "those fascinating Frenchmenf, John Thomas and Lowell Williams continue to dig for gold, and Joe Kelly still loves star-gazing. Edwin Thompson, Exave Lupton and Valin Simpson are bodyguards for Bob Scott, who has become a Hswooner- croonerfi Max Bennett carries the smelling salts for emergency cases of the swooning females. Audrey Bengel fwe are not surprised to learnt is substitute director for Phil Spitalny's All Girl Orchestra. Another of our classmates, L. M. Lancaster, spends all his time around women's ankles ttrying on shoes, of coursel. Yes, indeed, our boys have done pretty well. Ah, here's a choice bit of news! David Rucker is on the New York police force, keeping law and order. Mary Grace Williams is a famous criminal lawyer and Devora Poliakoff is a member of Congress. Dan Smaw made himself famous as governor of Rhode Island. Duval Grant is touring the country making campaign speeches. Curtis Manning is running a glue factory in James City. Dot Frazier and Patty Flowers work there. Herbert Ross and Lou Ann Gardner are working on Ellis Island, interviewing French immigrants. Herbert carries a big black notebook that he never loses. Heres a picture of Bessie Hall, the famous lady wrestler. On the next page I see pictures of Janice Epperson and Betty Jane Lamb, who are famous Hollywood designers. tJanice makes shoulder pads for Frank Sinatra.l Jimmy Corey is a Lieutenant Commander in the navy. My, how the gals pester that man! Our versatile Bob Herrington distinguished himself as a hero in World War II. He now has a little shop on Middle Street, where he charges a dime for a look at 6'Brave Bob." Mildred Health and Elizabeth Hill hold important positions at Western Union, and Dorothy Watson, Ethel Pittman, Mildred Boyle, and Iris Norris are retired WACs. Margaret Hope Smith is assistant to the part-time secretary in a very successful hardware store. "Suzie" Brinson, who received her inspiration from her job in N.B.H.S. owns a candy store. Vaughn Griffin is in charge of the bank of Monte Carlo. Doris Willis, Mary McCoy, and Catherine Dixon made themselves famous as a trio singing in a night club. Howard Shell is a sign painter. Never let it be said that our school didn't turn out a variety in 1945! Archie Piner is still keeping athletics on the move in New Bern. Ernest Connor is teaching T. Dorsey "that special technique." Grace Gibson, Alma Agent, and Pattie Tyson have become 'fAngels of Mercy," and Helen Aarons, a very successful doctor. Our Josie owes her success to the fact that she understands mental cases so well. fWonder why?l This will probably be a shock, but Fetler West is not running a dairy. Hes working for Carnation Milk Com- pany, keeping "contented cows." Billy Jones shows great talent on Fred Allen's radio show. Lib Kennedy and Betty Jo Shipp are also in the public eye. Lib's a Powers Model, and Betty Jo coaches basketball at Vassar. I am a Senior English teacher now. reading Shakespeare and Shelley. I'm awfully busy now grading term papers tl assign one each weekl, but Im not too busy to wish each of you the best possible success and happiness. MARY GRACE TAYLOR, Class Prophet. 16 3 fig -1 5 5 J'A ff ini-i' 17 .Z LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT NORTH CAROLINA Craven County New Bern A We, the graduates of New Bern High School of the above state and county. in the Year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred Forty-five, considering our high intellects and enlarging potentialities, do hereby will and bequeath our following blessings, this Last Will and Testament: ARTICLE I To the faculty we bequeath our model conduct, undivided attention, and clever remarks. ARTICLE II To our respected principal, Harry J. MacDonald, we bequeath the staunch blackmark system and the future transfers of Senior Math. ARTICLE III To the Juniors we willingly leave the honors of higher education and Paradise Lost. ARTICLE IV To the unsuspecting Freshmen Cbless their heartsj we will all our knowledge, our high sense of honor, a continuation of all our brilliant ideas, and at least one stick of gum a day. ARTICLE V The following personages make these individual bequests: Helen Aarons and Devora Poliakoff, who think their professions need "little of the stuff," generously bestow their gray matter on Ray Potter. Bob Herrington presents his speeches and curls to Frank Fagan. Margaret Hope Smith bequeaths her basketball uniform to anybody who can get in it. Saso Morris wills her giggles to Tincy Guion. Q Curtis Manning reluctantly leaves his "specks" to Bobby Joyce. Sheldon Crump turns her gift of gab over to Jane Morton. Fetter West woefully leaves his little red truck to Neil Harrison. David Rucker and Herbert Ross bequeath their good conduct records to Harry Jacobs and Joe Nelson. Audrey Bengel and Bob Scott will gladly give their date books to anyone who can add a name. Virginia Boyd bestows her "oomph' on Nancy Venters. Catherine Dixon and Duval Grant honor Kitty Ewell and Sonny Quinnelly with their bashfulness. Annette Miller and Janice Epperson bestow their library positions upon Preston Jones and Raymond Maxwell. Bob Rhodes, Archie Piner, George Huffman, and Roland Hill, Inc., will their uniforms to anyone who can re- place them on the squad. Lib Kennedy bestows those lashes to the new majorettes. Betty Jo Shipp leaves her "un-rumph" to Betty Jo Tomlinson. Jimmy Corey bequeaths his proHle to Charlie Rhodes. L. M. Lancaster, Robert Gaskins, and Ernest Connor, feeling it their duty, have decided to let the other members of the band get in a 64th note. Edwin Lee Thompson bequeaths his cooking ability to Bob Mercer. Mary Grace Taylor sends her innocent looks to Peggy Gillikin. Pattie Tyson wills her stubbornness to Mildred Scurlock. Mary McCoy sadly gives "Little Bit" Iseley the run of the courts. Jean Kingsley, who wants to do her part by her fellowmen or women, leaves her "tom-boyishness" to Ann Brothers. Caroline Bunting has finally decided to share her lipstick and mirror with Dotty Brinson. John Thomas bequeaths his pin-ups to Billy Ballenger. Alma Agent, Elizabeth Hill, Bessie Hall, Mildred Boyle, Laura Daniels, and Co. leave their little nest in 12-1 to next year's fortunate Seniors. Pattie Flowers bestows the whole garden to Betty Ann Parsons. Max Bennett wills his motorcycle to Gale Turnbull. Grace Gibson leaves her chestnut locks to Jean Johnson. Betty Jane Lamb bestows all her designs on all the classy lasses in the Sophomore class. Dorothy Frazier reluctantly leaves the Coast Guard to Gladys Boyd. Vaughn Griffin, Dan Smaw, and Exave Lupton present their combined talents to Clinton Harrison. Joe Kelly and Mildred Heath wish Salesmanship on all their friends. Iris Norris, Christine Parsons, Ethel Pittman, and Doris Willis leave their war paint to little Jean. Ruby Game and Hazel Ball bequeath their sweet dispositions to Rosamond Hancock. Billy Jones, Lowell Williams, and Roger Hoggard leave Senior English-period! ' Mary Grace Williams desires that her intellect be equally divided among all needy Sophomores, and may heaven help them. Penelope Cahoon leaves her sunny smile to Betty Pate. Susan Brinson and Lou Ann Gardner leave their "humour" to Greta Bull and Iola Taylor. Branch McDaniel and Howard Shell at the present find a need for their talents and therefore make no formal bequeaths. This, the Last Will and Testament of the graduating Seniors of forty-five, we entrust to our principal, Harry J. MacDonald, to be enacted to the nth degree. JULIA FISHER, Testator. WITNESSES I Gale Turnbull Raymond Mexwell 18 OFIVICERS RAYMOND IVIAXWELL President EUNICE PAGE Vice President LAMAR SLEDGE Secretary-Treasurer -ai,' ' """' 1 JUNIOR CLASS Q 'an .. 1' X in sf. 'fy MEMBERS: Greta Bull Frank Fa an P 1 F , g . au unk, Shirley Gober, Minnie Bell Grady, Richard Hardison B. G. Harker. Jr.. Clinton Harrison, Nellie Iseley. Jean Horner, Mildred Jackson. Marie Kelly, Raymond Maxwell, Eunice Paige, Lamar Sledge, Ivey Piner, Ellen Tolley, Gale Turnbull. Robert Wicks, Robert Yudell 19 A .e ,F .ri ESR s. 1 .41 9 2 x 5 33 m SOPlIOMORE CLASS 10-1: John C. Alexander, Jr., Neil Armstrong, Robert Lee Armstrong, Robert Arthur, Milton Hart Askew, Harry Bailey, Bill Ballenger, Gladys Ballenger, Leila Bell, Robert Bell, Leon Bizzell, Faye Bland, Lois Bowden, Gladys Boyd, Guy Boyd, Jr., Ruth Boyle, Joanne Bratcher, Eunice Brinkley, Brant Brinson, Doris Brin:-son, Robert Broadstreet, Jr., Albert Brooks lll, Ann Brothers, Haywood Brown. Peggy Burruss, Jean Coble, Maxwell Spivey, Betty Jo Tomlinson, Betty Pate. 10-2: Buddy Coplon, Faye Conner, Lucille Daugherty, Anne Delgato, Anne Ed- wards, Jack Edwards, Kitty Ewell, Frank Fagan, Emily Farmer, Stella Fodrey, Fanny Forehand, James Garrick, Clifton Gaskins, Hazel Gaskins, Tommy Gooding, Ruby Gray, Elizabeth Guion, Rosamond Hancock, Curtis Hardison, Mary Frances Harper, Marie Hargette, Sally Hargette, Horace Hill, Mary Ellen Hill, Billy Hollister, Jacqueline Holt, Hilda Kern. 10-3: Douglas Davies, Barbara Green, Elizabeth Goodwin, Rose Mary Harkey, Anna Howell, Ralph Howland, Mary Emma Hughes, Carolyn Hunnings, Harry Jacobs, Preston Jones, Laurice Karam, Robert Knight, Mary Frances Lamb, Milton Langston, Alma Laughinghouse, Frances Lewis, Carolyn Littleton, Jane Morton, Vir- ginia Mason, Jack McCain, Robert McSorley, Bob Mercer, Patricia Miller, Charles Mohn, Joseph Nelson, Constance Newton, Kitty Nichols, Shirley Norris, Alexander Orringer, Patsy Osborne, Norma Overby, Georgia Parker, Betty Ann Parsons, Carol Perry, lvey Piner. 10-4: Ed Posta, Ray Potter, Leroy Price, Oscar Quinelly, Jr., Raymond Rachid, Wil- liam Rawls, Christine Register, Charles Rhodes, Juanita Rhodes, Audrey Richards, Preston Rouse, Edward Salter, James Scott, Mildred Scurlock, Roy Setzer, Jr., Mary C. Smith, Edward Sumrell, Hubert Tolson, Mary Agnes Tripp, Billy Vendric, Nancy Venters, Lloyd Wagoner, Larry War1'ington, Paul Weatherington, Norman Weiss. Pauline Wells, Tommy Williams, Jean Willis, William Winberry. 21 -,-1 ', il Q4 'ZN . M, .., ,,., . , -f.1.::fL5.,-Q , KQV' V- . ,isafffaaiow MWT Q 5,1 - k u 3 vi'2illl3lill!lHHlvll54a fi 2'-1 '55Q'l " . M'f':ll--A: . Magnu- f ":g.:."! rv--""'--sl ggi' Ll'?::.,,.f'?"" QW? +:4fffI1f.3jj wifgi Q 'T15n4'iiV W-."5'lW,4e 1f:.ia.i?i3ZIi!i ' ,W A ffffi 99 5 QV. VL FRESIIMAN CLASS 9-l: Bessie Allred, Pauline Anderson, Peggy Arinstrollfl, Jarvis Authur, Rosa Avery, William Banks, Florence Bell, Robert Bennett, Mary Jo Berrier, Will cirl Bl mm1- lc. William Boahn, John Bond, Carl Brasington, Jr., William Brinkley, Eunice Britton, Charles Bryan, Eunice Carawan, Thelma Chase, John Cole, Patricia Collins, Thr miii a Conner, Wesley Costin. James Crisp, Edwin Culbreth, Nolan Davis. Robert DeCainp. Georgie Duffy, Cyril Edwards, Mary Lou Edwards. Jane Ellis. Lawrence Meekins, Margaret Leinbach. 9-2: Ray Epperson, Rosa Mae Dickens, Robert Fisher, Shirley Fidler, John Free, Ruth French, Marie Fulcher, Wesley Fulcher, Clarence Caskins, Peggy Gilliken, Jo Anne Cober, Clara Coulding, Lamont Grantham, Joseph Habib, Frances Hadnott. Florence Hanfl, Virginia Hargett, Herbert Harkey, Emil Hatem, Jeanne Hilton. Richard Hopper, Jean Huffstetler, Herbert Ireland, Jean Johnson, Shirley Johnson. Thelma Jones, Faye Joseph, Bobby Joyce, Bill Kelly, Joseph Kline, Danny Odum. Daniel Smyer. 9-3: Myrtle Koonce, Anna Lancaster. Edith Leary, Bill Lewis, Carlton Lewis. Morton Lipman, Kenneth McKain, James McKenzie, Freman Miller, lda Mitchell. Bessie Mae Moody, Marie Moore, Dalton Morton, Robert Muse, Bobby Murray, Eleanor Nassef, Everett Nelson, Alma Paige, Nell Parker, Stuart Parks, William Pearson Dolores Perchau, Mary Piner, Miriam Poliakoiir, Ruth Rawlins, Marie Register. Johnnie Rhodes, Donald Rice, Jimmy Rice, Kenneth Riggs, Marie Roach, E. A. Rooks, Guy Rose, Verna Russell, Yvonne Rhodes. 9-4: C. B. Johnson, Belvin Rooks, Norma Sellers, C. L. Sexton. Patricia Scott. Jean Simpson, Peggy Simpson, Richard Skinner, Katherine Smith. Maco Stewart. Elizabeth Stillwell, Bobby Suggs, Vivian Sumrell, Edward Sutton, lola Taylor, Reva Taylor, Dorothy Thomas, Lovie Thomas, Mary Alice Tilghman, Bertha Mae Tingle. Billy Tingle, Nellie Tisdale, Shirley Tolley, Sam Torrance. Jr.. Shirley Tucker. JoAnne Turnbull, George Vendric, Jacquelyn Wade, Kennedy Ward. Nancy Wike. James Williams, Leon Williams, Dewey Williams. 23 MEMBERS OF COUNCIL: llelen Aarons. Raymond Maxwell, Kitty Ewell. Eddie Salter, Ed Sutton, jimmy Corey, Branch McDaniel, Tommy Gooding, Elizabeth Kennedy. Ann Brothers, Fetter West. Faculty fidltl-567: MISS CELIA HALL. THE STUDENT COUNCIL BOBBY HEBRINCTON ...................,........-.. President L. M. LANCASTER .............................. Vice President GALE TURNBULL .......................... Secretary-Treasurer Though comparatively young among our high school organizations. the student council has already gained recognition for its promotion of better understanding between the student body and the faculty. One achievement of the council that stands out from the others is the obtaining of the high school annual, the first in over ten years. The student governing body is composed of Iwo students from each class elected by popular vote and four students Chosen by the council members. The president of the athletic association automatically becomes a member of the council. Functioning within the council are the monitorial. entertainment. and constitution committees. Regular business meetings are held on the second Tuesday night of each month. but the council also holds short sessions each Tuesday during the school activity period. All members of the student body are welcome to attend any of the council meetings in order to express their opinions, to give suggestions. or to observe their representatives at work. The Imresent student council has established the groundwork for the improvement of New Bern High School. It is the sincere wish of every member of the present council that the future councils carry on and uphold the high standards that have been set for them. 24 THE BRUIN STAFF JT Editorial Staff Editor-in-Chief .... .... D I-IYORA POLIAKOFF Junior Editor .... ..... R Aruoxn RJAXWI-1l.L Assistant Editor-- ......... GALE TURNBULI. Sophomore Editor ........ .......... K iris' EWI-ILI, Senior Editor-- ----.------- HELEN AARONS Freshman Editor --.-----.-. -.-----. l or-A. TAYLOR Sports Editor --------.. -------..--- I JERBERT Ross Business Manager ------------ NJARY GRACE WILLIAMS Sponsors. Miss Grace Robbins. Miss Kathryn Montague. Miss Celia Hall. Not Pictured: Julia Fisher Testator: Mary Grace Taylor Prophet: Jean Kingsley Assistant Business Manager. bl Advertising Committee Chairman: RIARY GRACE RVILLIANIS Assistant: JEAN KINGSLIEY Bill Wfindberry. John Bond, Eddie Salter, Frank Fagan. Raymond Maxwell. Ann Brothers. Betty Jo Shipp, Margaret Smith, Sheldon Crump, Saso Morris, Virginia Boyd, Caroline Bunting, Mary Grace Williams. Jimmy Corey, Lib Kennedy, Mary Grace Taylor, Tommy Gooding 25 9 1 DRAMATEEBS Helen Aarnns. Audrey Benfzel. Yirginia Bnytl. Susan Brinsun, Caroline Bunting. Penelope Caltoon, Sheldon Crutnp. .lanive lfppt-rwn. .lvlia Fislter. Patty Flowers, Hub Herringtun. Jean Horner, Marie Kelly. Elizaln-tlt Kennedy. Bety ,In Sltipp. Klargaret Smith. Doris Willis. 1rzSt1'L1f'tn1',' Miss G1'aCe Rulilmina 0111' Calendar Sl-'PTI-11181-IK ANU OCTOBER Xlnnday Rltytlnnics anfl simple puntmnimes. FI'ttestlayneXuic-e and rlit-tion. Wednestluy, 'llturstlay antl Fritluy- -Reading and analysis uf plays. Novmtm-:tt Nlunclay-fCrnt1p pantmnitnes. Ttlestlay Xhive and flictiun. Wednesday. Tltttrstlty and Friclay--History of rlranta. iqPubliC Pl'f'SPDlZillUI1fffnTll!'l't'-S a Crowd." Xfllaes Stuulyf 'Tfyrnnn ale Bergerac." ft High1ightS. 26 Digcmisigit Acting and Play P1'mlllc'limt. Lalmratnry Workfllake-up. Xflhleistttias ProtltictinnY-"Cln'isltnas Day in tlte Morning." JAN mm' AND FILBRLARY Pulmlic' Speaking. Further stucly in Yuice and Diction. llhncn, Avian. AND MAY Lalmratury work -Makevup, Costuming, Stage Designinw. Writing One Act Plays. lljublic Presentation--mir nrst dramaf'gTlte Outsider.-i , 4 lm Firx! I'0Il', .w'IllC1f.' lhnliliy liniglil. l.zu'i'y xvLll'I'lIlQ.llUl1. Ruln-rl Nlt-Sm-It-y. litiyniuinl Hut-Iiifl. liilly Xw'ii1l1'if', Sc'f'rn11l rule: l'a1l Miller, Mary l'll'LlI1l'4'S llurlwr. .Xnne l':llWLll'llS. l.ln'ille llaiiglivrly. ,lminne lll'2ll4'll1'l'. Xliw Ulu Amli'exxs. Tliirrl run: ,ll-an Willis, Billy llnlliste-r. llnuglaa lluxiw. ,Ivan lxingeli-5, Nnrinzui XM-i--. ,.x""X . , .4 1.0 ", LES CERCLES FRANCAIS FRENCH I: Greta Bull. Duris Brinson, .Xnn Rrulliers. Jean C-ible. Kitty Em-ll. Frank Fagan. Mary Frances Harper. Crave Gibson. Shirley Cnlier. Tommy Gooding. Minnie Belle Grady. lilizalielli Cuiwn. B. C Harker, Jr.. Horace Hill. Jean Horner. Preston Jones. Rayinond Maxwell. Ctmstariee Xi-wtfm. lfunivr- Paige Ed Posta. Sunny Quinnelly. Howard Shell. Nalin Simpson. Lamar Sledge. Ellen Tulley. Cale Turnbull. Bill Winberry. Bobby Yudell. FRENCH Il: Caroline Bunting. .laniee Eppersnn. Lou Ann Gardner. Buliliy Herringtun. "Lili" Kenrif-f,ly L. M. Lancaster. Curtis Manning. Annette Miller. 9'Sasf Morris. Herbert Ross. Mary Grace Taylnr. 27 BIIICIIEMPIIYS lll I D 'Q.i,t 5' MEMBERS: Max Bennett, ,lo Anne Bratcher, Ann Brothers, Jean Coble, James Crisp, Anne Edwards, Kitty Ewell, Frank Fagan. Emily Farmer, Tommy Gooding, Mary Frances llarper. Bobby Herrington. Carolyn Hunnings. Lorice Karam, ,lean Kingsley, Branch McDaniel, Pat Miller, Connie Newton, Lamar Sledge, Dan Smaw, Mary Smith, Cale Turnbull, Betty Jo Tomlinson, Bobby Yudell. Oh masters of the microscope, Oh forgers of our fate, We're sure that we will hear of you At a little later date. Perhaps youill be testing test tubes. Oh what a courageous deed! Never mind. You'll still be sowing The scientific seed. --KITTY EWELL. 28 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The New Bern High School Athletic Association was re-organized in l9l-L-45 with a new interest in sports. The aims of the organization have been to stimulate an active participation among the stu- dents, provide new equipment for our teams. and help them maintain fair play among their fellow companions. fb" V. in ,J G, 'I 4 1 Y If nv ' , ""- ' ' If 3. 'f ., - MISS HATTIE LEVVIS Faculty Adviser Under the guidance of our volunteer coaches, we have had winning teams in all our sports. Coaches Kafer, Simpson, and Jowdy put together their specialized knowl- edge and gave us a successful and enthusiastic football season. Thanks to Miss Hattie Ellice Lewis, we had our first winning girls' basketball team in several years, while Coach Nicholson did a fine job of producing a winning boys, basketball team. Ths spring Coach Kafer has again given his services to our boys in their baseball activities. The working committees of the Athletic Association have managed ticket selling. advertising, and transportation. The students on these committees have co-operated wholeheartedly and have backed our teams in all their efforts. ' 4. "su-1,145 '??'H'T""7f V7 wigs .I FETTER WEST, Presirlenlg VIRGINIA BOYD, Secrctaryg DORIS BRIYSUN. ffhairnzrni of Tram- porlmtiong CAROLINE BUNTING, Chairman of Adi-ertising: SHELDON CRUIP, Chairman of Ticket Salesg CIINTON HARRISON, Team Representative. 29 BETTY P, SHIP ATTIE P ENNEDY, K IZABETH EI Iajoreftes, A FARxmRg v- r: 4 O N, Q K1 VJ 2: N f: C2 f- c CD I Q3 1-J M WARD. Y ED Q 'N E E : Ts Q ENN ELA Ska mg QF f-15 L3 bn tt 41 Z O as CLR' Q 'ish 'n UD. ?-' Q- .Nr Qcn O .-'1-' 'vw .2535 - 525.55 QE?-'E-4 2 6,5 5 ' '- C552 'Acn.-4? f:-QC... SO Zum 3 .-N Cd N5 L-47,5 fu-o.1,, CJZMQ CQQH cu Ecu .2 A-1 SZ' . ::"'.xo.: U kings - Q, we Cp r 5:-.E-1 2251, CJ 775cbc6E than-4,-5 Esggw 0.50052 - f-H cific EEF Dm- 1-f E5 .E .:E-'L-E' o .Qi ,Trim .EN , "c.:zig CD8 : : .Jn -"IA-4ni""1 'wh - QE E ...NJ gpg r-5 ru GJ bu Cm cg: - QJ 1-4 -cu 75unMf'3 'fv.:.! mb-.zijn rain: iii CDL. so ,Lng3.E 7 ... 5255-E Alai'-a,,f:g mm CJ if-C :UQ F :LT-17,2 2:55, EE .DG Wiz W ..:: CmO'-' 973'-,CQ ELS, QCET-E53 V .. CQ sw S 3-69-1 ..., 3955? wa .. pq md' 5.2555 ,. QQCUS3 e1Q',IED-4 Em 'S k,.cu'r:"5E .4-:H :vs cn FV--1 :.-ij .QF cu-5'-' ,w SSI-IJ? -L.- L .4 Lf 51 5 2. .-4 IT we P- CI. CL 'la A --1 :J 1. .Z La -. L' L1- .2 E .- 4 i EI: :: D :s pr, 5 L5 J. ... 5-4 CU - ... an : cu I2 GJ Aa 3 , D-1 J C Ll .E .2 Es' D- 1.1 Gu .S Lf ... F CG E C 4 C '1 Q Z C i '- Q v: 4- va .1- lr. 46:2 -AVL .2 'z ,- .-.- ZI72' ::7 E?Ti 1-'-:-a 5:2 FZ ,,. E:-ff: I .V 553: . iff: .-2' .'-2 :1 f'57"1 CZ-, Z"'C TLEE 'Ilif- NJ PLL. 1f':F :mg fC,':A: -'A 53 Q. --cn 2925? :Z 4.2 EEE 1.53: 1 4 cz .Zi-Z ....., x-L. avi 5.1.32 LE-4 iz- F24- ,- ESS.: I Tl . L-QL, 11252 ,- C-ffs.. Q, ."L'L-3 1-P' .EEE EIL -TE :Sf ,fr ,.. g":'.':f?x 1145 1 .- sm .Es E32 mx..- 11:15 Lg"J, .5- L'E:0 flgwzc ARD 4-glfx Qi'- :VZ fu 4: -JT: :rx me-3 CEE C211 fi -1 -513 T511- :arcs -. CL unalml Smith. irvvror : Mr. D D Sumerelli I1 via i Q 'lf L md mm' Rl ml Q r. c Q .L A 1- 7: ... 4 ,- .- L L1 ... w n-4 1, ,- ... Q :Z 5 Ll 25. Z-1 nz 1, .-J ... T rf C 1 J La 51 Q v L.. -- .J -1 4 P. L L I ,-1 2 Q 5 ,'-""',W nga SENIOR GIRIJS HI-Y DEVORA POLIAKOFF, Presidenzg M1ss DOROTHY MARKS, Adviser. MEMBERS: Helen Aarons, Virginia Boyd, Caroline Bunting, Julia Fisher, Elizabeth Guion Elizabeth Kennedy, Grace Gibe A ' ' son, nnette Miller, Saso Morrns Betty Jo Sh' . r, ipp, Margaret Smith, Patty Tyson, Mary Grace Williams. 32 t- A. .JAVA 5 ulqglizrxw. X . xx, XXX X 5 . .,., to gk! JUNIOR GIRIPS HI-Y Miss HELEN BRINSON, Adviser MEMBERS: Branch McDaniel, Billy Winberry, Bob Herrington, Joe Nelson. Bob Scott. Roscoe Edwards. Kitty Ewell. Emily Farmer. Minnie Belle Grady, Mary Frances Harper. Constance Newton, Ruth Rawlins, Mary Smith. Iola Taylor. Gale Turnbull, Joanne Turnbull, Nancy Venters, Jackie Wade. HONORARY MEMBERS: Greta Bull, Eunice Paige. B0YS9 Ill-Y MR. DONALD SMITH, Adviser MEMBERS: Branch McDaniel. Billy Winberry. Bob Herrington. Joe Nelson, Bob Scott. Roscoe Setzer. L. KI. Lancaster. Not picturea': Cyril Edwards. Klaco Stewart. Ed Sutton, Johnny Bond. ,lack Edwards, Lamar Sledge. 33 BOYS' BASEBALL TEAM Leon Bizzel, Joe Nelson, Carlton Lewis, Hubert Tolson, Clinton Harrison. Branch McDaniel, Bob Mercer, Charlie Rhodes, Archie Piner, Milton Langston, Robert Armstrong, Billy Winberry, George Huffman, Robert Broaclstreet, Richard Skinner, Herbert Ross, Ernest Connor, Coach A. A. Kafer. Baseball Scores Wye PcdlocksviHe 27 Kinston 1 Pollocksville 15' Canqiljjeune 14 Kinston 7 Jacksonville 10 They 7 10 5 4 B 3 .A 'f,, K CIIEER LEADERS Helen Aarons, Marie Kelly, Virginia Boyd, Susan Brin son, Nellie Iseley, Gale Turnbull, Bob Scott. 34 BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM. Rodney Alexander. Clinton Harrison, Archie Piner Captain, Boh Mer- cer, Bob Scott. Not Pir- tnred: Oscar Quinnelly, Willie Pearson. David Ruc- ker, Billy Vvinberry, Johnny Bond. Kennedy Ward. Branch McDaniel. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM. First rou': lola Taylor, Nancy Venters, Betty Jo Shippe, Nellie Iseley Captain, Margaret Hope Smith. Jean Simp- son. Second row: Shirley Tucker, Lib Kennedy. Doris Brinson, Mary McCoy Co- Captain, Susan Brinson, Betty Ann Parsons. Miss Hattie Lewis Coach. Not pictured: Melba Sykes, Peggy Gillikin, Norma Overby, Christine Register. lan. Feb 9 l2 I 6 26 29 2. 5 Trenton Morehead Fort Barnwell Vancelnoro Morehead Fort Barnwell Vanceboro Basketball Teams Boys' Basketball Scores WON 3 LOST. We vw,- :a1 9 7 30 13 18 1 1 1.1 20 61 21 zo 25 2.1 Ma r. 2 1. B l'lflfIl'l0Il Trenton Dover Wasliitigton Bridgeton Total ll 1' 7lllI'1 IIS I3 27 I3 29 III 223 ZH 29 I5 251. 250 E54 FOOTBALL TEAM. Clinton Harrison Caplain, Bob Rhodes, George Huffman, Herbert Ross, Oscar Quinnelly, Rodney Alexander, Leon Bizzel, Joe Nelson, Roy Tucker, Charlie Rhodes, Roland Hill, Ed Stftion, Milton Langston, David Rucker, Carlton Lewis, Bobby Joyce, Alan Ross, Raymond Maxwell, Richard Skinner, Harry Jacobs, James Crisp, Sonny Caskins, Joe Kelly, Audrey Bengel, Archie Piner, James Carrick, Ray Potter, William Pearson, Neil Harrison, Morton Lipman, Freeman Miller, Roy Setzer Manager. FO0TBAL The crowd cheered, the band played, Kinston, an old rival, had been defeated by New Bern for the first time in 13 years. A rip-roaring game, hard fought, neck and neck to the finish but New Bern sailed on to victory in the final quarter by the close margin of 7 to 6. Our team had won the spotlight game of the season, preceded and followed by other major successes and minor defeats. What was behind such a successful season? The hard Fighting, high spirited boys of New Bern High, led and inspired by the leadership of their coaches, HShorty7, Kafer, HNick7' Simpson, and f'Mike" lowdy. Football Scores WON 5 LOST 4 We They Sept. 29 Kinston 0 7 Oct. 6 Wasliington 26 6 13 Lejeune 28 O 20 Greenville 6 32 27 Wilmington 1 6 Nov. 3 Kinston ilk 10 Lejeune 19 6 17 Greenville fforfeitl 6 19 23 Washington 6 7 Total 124 124 36 Y i of I W, I . 'J . My ", Y 1 01.65-P , ,, . J. gg i: J 1 if f J R 4 I - , L -. '.., - 1 1 i AW' Pu.-Q... . . ' 3 wr? 44 y xr V-, W , Va 5?-i, . 1 L .gg " -7. , A ,W-fg-5 nu. - 'M---v....,..,,.,f," P A V ,, . 3 . , ff A . if - 2 ,y512!f1,,,,: .,- L H 47 5 We , ' Mic. .. Uv-N ,M ""' , ' ' W J .f-fwrf '- M., ,-l mf V - , f - - nf - Q' X f- ., V . , 1 ,. . '- , je f,,,, eQ,,g,wf:5?51V.,xf. g , 2,3 R' '."f'w- 1'-6' EN ' fQs'JQ'f xx' wi" 'j,f:E" .. ,f 4. .a P' ' M95 pgs, . :A M f nff,,.wy5.' z"':'Q 5,1 H .Y ,, , gf. A' f A ' iw-i l:J'W Mahi, ""g11lffS:xffwM:,L ' v , ' if . NW I -., Lk, ,NK3?.AxC'95gf.., , ' H P- f 9, I 1 I k ,- ,1 ,- w , " A 1 . xv 1 Q . .ggpi,f,,,3.., Q , , I 5 A , v ' Q..-ow ,, K , ' 3 V. V ,, - .1 . . P, r , K hr 4 J X" ' 527 W' ' ' -' Q- -.av ff' 2--5, 4, 3 ..-' 54" I V., ., " ., .L- A1 . V , --, ,X-zu. t,-,K .,t , V. . .--. -,- -: - .,, ,Q -,.-2 ,-T5rtf'- "fl 'K-' i',-f.,- 1 S, -gzfgii-fl3i1""'i12" ' f' ' ' ' u 37 Bob Scott Most Popular Boy Lib Kennedy Most Popular Girl Helen Aarons Most Versatile Girl Bob Herrington Most Versatile Boy Mary Grace Williams Most Dependable Girl Bob Herrington Most Dependable Boy Superlatives Catherine Dixon Most Bashful Girl Duval Grant Most Bashful Boy Lib Kennedy Best Dressed Girl L. M. Lancaster Best Dressed Boy Sheldon Crump Most Talkative Girl David Rucker Most Tallcative Boy Mary McCoy Most Athletic Girl Archie Piner Most Athletic Boy Helen Aarons Best All-round Girl Bob Scott Best All-round Boy vs:-Q A " .WF I I u af e ,- ,,, I Q -. Q J N 4355: ' X miliixgfl - - B " F V W -w-nl-ni 1 .-3 N ,dtwv I Y " .44 Q Q 5' J:!' ff? ' , 1, 1 f A . K 'Tf?"'5!',jw' ir h 5 ' , N 1 . , fl, '- r J vi.. q' P' Mary McCoy Best Sport, Girl Bob Scott Best Sport, Boy Helen Aarons Most Talented Girl L. M. Lancaster Most Talented Boy Helen Aarons Wittiest Girl Vaughn Griffin Wittiest Boy F1 F. ' , +Q5" ' 3 - if -fi' , :fn jk- fw ?f' ' ' 1 -ifif' 'W . iw. nn '3,.?!.,r..f Vw kfv, 5, -. k ' ,- ...- 1 was M- Sv- 4 . .wa : - :Y 1- 1 I A -: . B 4s ' any M- . . I i 0 . f . 1' . f' HW' ' , . Q vw u - .. L X I t .u-.G , ,Z 1 X , 'A ' 'Ah . -. v l- ' 1 4 'jf f,- 1' , -L . . -K , f 1 .. L X M, B 1 AVA uperlatives ?1'i'f!' Virginia Boyd Most Attractive Girl Bob Herrington Most Attractive Boy Lib Kennedy Prettiest Girl L. M. Lancaster Best-looking Boy Devora Poliakoff Most Studious Girl Dan Smaw Most Studious Boy Best Dana 1 r Girl Bob Scott Best Dancer. Boy Helen Aarons Girl Most Likely to Succe Bob Herrington Dan Smaw Boys Most Likely to Succc MAY AY Her Majvsiy. Ilze Quven. Lfll1I'0S-iIl-Wl0l.filIg- Miss Kathryn Maxwell Miss Kilty Ifwell Miss Elizabeth Kennedy MISS ROSE MARY HARKEY Maid-of-Honor ..-. MISS VIRGINIA BOYD Miss Anna Lancaster Miss Doris Brinson Miss Ruth Rawlins Miss Anne Delgato Miss Patty Shipp Miss De Lena Hughes Miss Audrey Richards TEEN AGE CLUB c ft so he .Q ,g i it aj 4 Heralds- Train Bearerse - Master Jerry Peterson, Master Charles Huffstetler. Master Billy Cooke. Master Blackwell Stilh. Crown Bearer- Flower Girls- Miss Adelaide Frances Hart. Little Miss Carolyn Nelson. Little Miss Frances Hussex Members of the student body express their appreciation to the Junior Class for sponsorin our first May Day, and presenting a movie projector tothe school. May Pole Dance Before Her Majestfs Throne. Place: Lawn of the Womanis Club on the Neuse and Trent rivers. Time: 5:00 p.m. lin itlilemuriam U 2 lx J' fx. J J' it it R55- K wk i X Vs "f 'lr if ,QNQXES if if +. x 'E X -. Ykk"' X Q1 Till the future dares Forget the past, his fate and fame shall be An echo and a light unto eternity. CLYDE A. BALLENGER. JR. JESSE BLAND ROBERT J. CONDERMAN WOODROW W. CONNOR CHARLES E. COOK, JR. MARCUS CICERO DAUGHERTY HAL L. DILL CHARLES W. HARDISON CHARLES PERCY MASON WADE MEADOWS, JR. DOUGLAS PEEK GEORGE PHILLIP PIPKIN, JR. JOHN M. POWLES DONALD IVAR RYMAN FURNIFOLD M. SIMMONS H. EDWARD TILGHMAN HENRY PURIFOY WHITEHURST. JR. BEN SMITH 42 BLADES MOTOR CO Dodge - Plymouth SALES AND SERVICE KAEERFS BAKERY PIES : CAKES DOUGHNUTS JOE ANDERSON,S DRUG STURE FOSTER'S GARAGE Automobile Repairs Phone 101 ECONOMY AUTO ARMSTRONG SUPPLY CO- GlnocEBY Co. lk Distributors of Pillsbury TIRES and . and Premium Flour HOME APPLIANCES E. C. ETIIERIDGE General Contractor ir New Bern, North Carolina N. G. GOODING Engraving 3l4 Elks Temple NEW BERN, N. C. FIRST-CITIZENS BANK Er TRUST CO. Resources Over One Hundred Six Million ll0ME PRIDE STORE Choice Meats and Groceries Fruits and Vegetables When Selecting a Gift Visit DUFFY'S cosMETlc: DEPARTMENT Lovely Gifts for Everyone Compliments of Henderson Cigar and Candy Co. LUCAS 82 LEWIS, IN C. WHOLESALE GROCERS W BERN, OR C RO BEST WISHES FRUM Mattyps Dept, Smmrc 3 d S Telephone 862 GAY DIST RIBUTING CO. Fine Ale and Beer L- .. i 102 Hancock Street NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA To Be Sure - Insure with COMPANY T H E D U N N Manufacturers A G E N C Y North Carolina Pine Kiln Dried and Air Dried M His Plan Bank Building RAIL AND WATER SHIPMENTS PHONE 447 BRIDGETON N C Your Community Frozen Food Locker Plant 'A' MACK L. LU PTON L. L. BRINSON HARDWARE CO. PAINTS, OILS, VARNISH NETS and TWINE SEED BGYD BROTllERS Dealers in Fruit and Produce Phone 997 - I48I BROAD STREET GROCERY CO. R. W. Ipock, Prop. GROCERIES : MEATS COUNTRY PRODUCE BRADDY'S LAUNDRY 6' CLEANERS Best Wishes "Serving New Bern for Over 34 Years" Compliments of CAROLINA CLEANERS Mitchelvs Hardware 'Ir HARDWARE : HARNESS FISHING TACKLE PAINTS CENTRAL CAFE 'gThe Cafe that Good Food Built" 67 Pollock Street Compliments of B R EWE R'S "We Make Loveliness LoveIier" 587-J Compliments from the Chamber of Commerce 4 New Bern, North Carolina C mpliments of the New Bern Restaurant "We have it, can get it, or it just isn't made" Cllarkfs Drug Store O NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA Compli t of C0pIl01n1zSmith Q00 J. C. PENNEY COMPANY NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA Congratulations and Best Wishes to All The Parisian '6Where Fashion Is Foremost Compliments of Piiinumiix Drug Stare Rice Brothers Sales if Telephone 587 52 Craven Street if , Wholesale Toboccos, Cigars Gums, Novelties The Photography Work in This Annual Was Done By WUUTEN-MUULTON O NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA W NEW BERN TRACTOR DOWDY FURNITURE 5' EQUIPMENT CO. COMPANY SALES I SERVICE A TRACTORS : FARM EQUIPMENT "The Home Furnishers, CRAVEN FOUNDRY 6' MACHINE COMPANY MILL ond AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES Telephone 24 - 25 S. R. PARKER "Everything in Sheet Metal" RooF1NG I SHEET METAL WORK Compliments of RITCllEY'S CLEANERS Compliments o f McLELLAN'S DARNELL'S ESSO STATION Middle and Brood Streets Compliments of SARDESON'S 6'Center of Fashion" Phone I66 IO9 Middle Street Compliments of R15 LARGEST JEWELERS IN i EASTERN CAROLINA New Bern, North Carolina New Bern, North Carolina Shriver's Flower Shop '6Flowers for all Occasionsn 77 South Front Street Day Phone ISO : Night Phone 722 Best Wishes from TURNER-TOLSON FURNITURE C0. New Bern, North Carolina WILLIAMS CAFE WHIT I48 Middle Street ,k Your Mutual Friend 0ur Motto: in uouality - Service New Bern, North Carolina RAYMON D L. TAYLOR INTERIOR TILE AND MARBLE GLASS BATHROOMS BUY WAR RIINDS VITROLITE Phone 657-W Thompson's Shoe Store . if Compliments SHOES ond Hoslsnv of 4, A Friend New Bern Goldsboro TONY'S DRUG STORE Patronize Prescriptions Phone 60 New Bern 0ur Advertisers Craven Motor Co I CHEVROLET : BUICK I Genuine Parts Tires : Tubes RGBERTS TIRE CO. Distributors for U . S . Tir e S L. F. W LLIAMS THE TEXAS OIL COMPANY NEW BERN, N. c. Phone 754 I Distributor of Texaco Petroleum Products Texaco Roofing Firestone Tires Shell Solvent for Dry Cleaning V-C Heavy Duty Cleanser in lOO lb. bags for the quick and easy removal of heavy deposits of grease and oil, and for the cleaning of concrete, steel, and similar hard surfaces. RICHARDSON PRI NTI NG CC. vk Compliments of ur 5t 1 ear 0 1' Y SOUTHERN COMMERCIAL BUTANE PRINTERS 64 Craven Street NEW BERN, N. C I. C. WHITTY gl CO S T A L L I N G S , B R o s . Established 1876 . Q McCormick-Deering PLUMBING F A R M qnd MACHINES HEATING and CONTRACTORS P U R I N A C H 0 W NEW BERN TIRE RECAPPING CUMPANY FACTORY METHOD RECAPPING A. J. GRADY, Manager ' Branch Banking 31 Trust Co. The Safe Exeeulor SOUND BANKING St TRUST SERVICE 14 OFFICES IN EASTERN NORTH CARGLINA llESOURCES 0VER NINETY MILLIUN Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation North Carolina Congratulations and Veneer Co' Best Wishes 'A' Manufacturers of f rom Three Ply Veneer Panels J. Gaskill Mcngniel .Gnd Packmg Cases Your I nsurunce M an ir BRIDGETON, N. C. FOR SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING AND TAILORINC SERVICES SEND YOUR CLOTHES T0 HARDY MO0RE CLEQERS THE HOME 0F MONITE-MOTHPRO0FlNG i' 126 Mlddl S PlIONE 1471 i' NEW BERN, NURTII CAREILINA CARPENTER'S FLORIST CITY TIRE ' AND Most Modern Up-to-Date FLORIST Compliments of BYNUNVS DRUG STORE NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA NEW BERN LOAN AND JEWELERS 'A' 76 Middle sneer 'A' PHONE 1390-w NEW BERN, N. c BAUGH 6 SONS COMPANY Manufacturers and Importers Compliments from the 'k HAMMOND High Grade Fertilizers Agricultural Chemicals if COMPANY TELEPHONES 245 - 246 No. l Craven Street NEW BERN, N. C. Compliments of A COMPANY G A S K I N S if S 0 D A Body and Fender Work Painting - Welding S H O P P E Auto Repairing . Tires - Tubes Batteries NEW BERN, if NORTH CAROLINA 60 Craven Street TELEPHONE l4l7 HOTEL NEW BERNIAN and Coffee Shep A Friendly, Comfortable Hotel Middle Street NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA NEHI NEW BERN BOTTLING BUILDING COMPANY SUPPLY CO. ,,, 0 Drink BUILDING MATERIAL ROYAL CROWN COLA Best by Taste Test CEMENT - LIME PLASTER - BRICK C pl t Scott Rehigeration Service NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA Smaw-Harris Funeral Home, Inc. Rowland Lumber Co Se3i5EiijRT5NljQ5TQQlYXllli Xw ll l Q 3 QS sw via X is QXLQNQXNXQWQ ll! f is R sbs X ' S' RY 'SA a5FV. Xncbxx 'll i l lll X I fl l x,,l Z5 -,Q-5 1-35775 g7 ' f ' f- , 1" aw, Elf! ,X l BN, l l " l 1. N. -l WW we A BUILQERS an s VISIONS created by llle imagination precede the i1ClliCVClllCIll of any really great accomplishment. The ability to weave the threads of imagi- nation inlo the finished fabric is equally important. 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