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eff' '... ' "nt'R- . ' 55" if . - 4 . . . .I ' '- ' ' fl 1 I "f 1.1 ,f,I,. ,f Nj' ng, n ,aff 2 rdf! c v' ' 44 I. ... . , . ' ' - ', " 2 . '- A , 7 .. '- 'vw ' 4 . I.v I 1 t if' 1 iv Nw! .131 ! I 53 I 1 1 if I f , - .4 -4 I . . I II . .I I M , I II , Q. ' I I I'.' 1 1 'fn -:Iv-. - I .r .I-fx' ' . . I I I, I IIII, I Ii, .I : f q ' 4 - fTjv'i1T . r.- U, .IIIIIL Q -III,,i III. I., , , '--1. ' 4, , "1 4' . -x ,. II , If 'I . .-"il I X ' , k '1 Ak-- ' ':"" 'f' N -Y 'f i. , I , ." I . - . ' 1' 11" I I . ' ..'., . Qu I. I . III y C - - K .II-IMI, ,Q L- '-' 4 4 -' YT A eg' 1. ' . 1 Tw,-I " IA ' 4' .95 -.ff ' .I ' I, '- I 4' nf I I.I'.II In I ,II, I I. I I I , I I J .I II. I4I ,, II. . .I..I:f1xI 4 ' I..' - ::I 5 ,,. v "' -,' L 'L- ' .if - "' J :"' ' .X 'L .i"'Q" - I ,I I. I ,I ,.I, I. , 1 If .Ip ,g-. ' I,'r',I. . , ,f v 4 - x' ,, . . ,345 . .. af . -'g X ' ' 4.' ' ' . 4 Q V ' . , ,I . , 1 ' ,. ' Iv' 2' 1 "., ', II I 4 f'1III!.3 .:' 4 II Q4 I , I I I I' -II. , ., I I I 'Q I ' . 'QII II I-HY, In' If' - . .'4 , 4 :.f-.M 4 1 I4 , ,Ami V J ' rg 'I .2 if 4 4,-nr i!! ' , 4V"7' , V. ' .' 'YQ-' I IIJ -. -III gi. , II VII II II.IIIII.II I I I 1' I " , .1 ' 4, x ' ,LI nt", V , ' I. 4 .- , I 4 . ,Ja v . f ', ,H ' ,5 J 24... . 4 4' 5 ,,,f io . , f If I OI I . 1 I .J 5 -. I ' II .I . I,I,'I I.I. . if " K I, . , ,I. . Q, Aw 4 I. I ' fo . , Iv ' ' " 4 1 ' -AAw-- "' 'sn 'lv' Tw' , ,. .7, -fl' 4 Lp '- I '. I,-' v '- 'E - 'I Y ,f ' L , .QI ' 'ywvf 4 Q Q 4 I , 5, If 'n Y ,fs X JL, ":' ? m L 'T . ,. S 1' vb f " 4 FI' I ' 0. .I "' - , I it ...I QII f 4 I .I j II -4 'II II. 4 A If, If .I I , f . , . - u II. , In .II , I. 2 . III., .II , III. I I ' I v I ' ' K I - Q.: HRC: 'If D , 4 ,. ' EI .' I' I I I Ifi- 211, i 1 . f K J. I . X' 'QI I I: .Tris 'V ' -f 21" ' ', " '57 'f?'-414-'3if!f5'f'A' f-4 , - 1 .-7, X f I , . , I I .I KIIIIJIII Nj , 'IIIfI xp.. If wid U I . ' 5' 4 I I r ,I I '. 9 I I. ,I II " Idl.I,'w.i4 5 t . , f 1,4 ' x f If I '4 u I " 5 I 11. 4f' : f ' If ' M31 ' X if-mlfz' 7'-' ,-qv ,-.yr sch. - K 1 , 1 '- .1 "nf me 1!'M ?"' 4 . I I I . . J' . 1 ' -' 1' f 1-'AY-Tc' Xfdi-'lum2.'lA1l"ll'nl 4 A Jr :Vu ,,4 , 'V UI 5 -8" ff' , yu.. I 'W K X irlfnf n J! W IW u ' 1 1- X ,-5 'Qi 4 1 - 41, UL- . w, -r 1 .2 ,,. fnlsinf' ,lv 'k..f E M N J Q . 1 ,A P iv 'fi iff' 4 2 L , '. I if 1' nf V.. 441 N, , We K ,V 1? 19 J' -' 4 ' H1 ' ,M as 59' -K 'Wa V .Q -nv" V,-N ' 4- A-Q: 2' ' W 1 261' Y J' -1 S. bn' ,Y i. X, -ul 41 rf, A- at 4' ew , wr fx Q- -heya Svninr Hivmnrivn O5 O6 1.932 MEMORlES Foreword Q We have eombiiiecl the last issiles of "THE BRUINM aiicl have macle a Book of Memories of our high school Clays. Dae to the lack of fl'llCl'l?,C6S, we have omitted our "Last Will and Testament." Bat we DO leave to the lower classes our sincerest hope that they will not have to graclitate cliwiiig a "clepi'essioii." -THE CLASS OF ,32. MNMNWNMWMNWMM MEMORlESWm JOHN fJACKD MONTGOMERY SHIELDS, JR Our Mascot MEMORlES To MR. FRANK J. ALLSTON In sincere appreciation of his services to the school, the athletic teams, THE BRUIN, and the Class of '32, we gratefully dedicate our MEMORY BOOK. The Faculty H. B. SMITH . J. M. SHIELDS . FRANK J. ALLSTON . OLA ANDREWS . . RUTH BLACKWELDER MAISIE BOOKHARDT KATHERINE BRADFORD MUSETTE BRADSHER MRS. ALBERT BRINSON JEAN MOORE . . . MARY MOORE . . J EANNETTE NANOE . RALPH RAPER . LAURA ROBERTS . BLANCHE ROWE . MRS. H. B. SMITH . HAROLD WHITEHURST ANNIE PICKARD . . I . . Snperintenclent . . . . Principal Civics-Athletic Director . . . Mathematics . . M atliematics . English-Dramatics . . . Science . . English . . . Commercial . History-Girls' Basketball . . Commercial . Frencli-History . . Science . . . . Latin-English English-Stnclent Publications . . Science-Mathematics English-Matliematics . . . Librarian Toe ROW-TOLSON. STEVENSON. DUNN. BOTTOM-LANE. SALEM. RITCHY. MEMORY BOOK STAFF ELEANOR STEWNSON ............ Editor-in-Chief ALBERT SALEM . . Business Manager ENNIS LANE . . Assistant Editor BIILDRED RITCHY . Assistant Editor JACK DUNN . . . . Assistant Manager JACK TOLSON ........ . . Assistant Jlanager MISS BLANCHE ROWE ....... . Faculty Adviser ELEANOR NUNN HORACE WHITE I ALBERT BELL JOYCE FULCHER l . . Features LUTRELLE LAFRAGE IIATILDA SCALES I "THE BRUINM STAFF ENNIS LANE ............ Editor-in-Chief ALBERT SALEM ............. Business Manager Assistant Editors: Jack Aberly, Eleanor Nunn, Nettie Pinnix, Jack Dunn, Jack Tolson, Dick Duffy, Virginia McSorley, Eleanor Stevenson, Joe Patterson, Elizabeth Hanks, Raymond Daugherty, Mary Berry, Alice Poe, Valeria Pridgen, Frances Birsch, Sarah Mitchell, Hilda Jacobs, Billy Dawson, Billy Caroon. Assistant Managers: Oscar Brinson, Bradford Clark, Virginia McSorley, Genevieve Tolson, Mary Brent Holland, Elizabeth Ammons, Mary Anderson. MEMGRIES D Senior Class Officers ALBERT SALEM ............ President OSCAR BRINSON . 1 . Vice-President ENNIS LANE . . Secretary ERNEST WOOD . . Treasurer SARAH ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG D "" it Is she a pal? l should say! The best you can find. Good-looking? Yes. Everybody like her-especially the boys. Her ambition is to become an artist and we're wishing her success! "ELIZABETH" rr :r xr xr IRENE DEAN BARNES Who's that blond girl that is always smiling? Why that's Irene. She's a good all around sport and we shall miss her. Here's wishing her the best of luck in any career she might undertake. "IRENE" if 4: ir at DONALD W. BASNIGHT A Don has a smile and a friendly word for all. He never worries about the past or the future. We sincerely hope that his life will be one happy voyage in that new sail boat. "DON" if if it ii SYBIL MAE BELANGIA ,f If "Sib" isn't making us laugh at her witty remarks, she's laughing herself at someone else's. She the kind of a girl that always looks on the sunny side of life, and makes us love "SIB" if if Ji if ALBERT RoBERT BELL j 'iThe Full House," '32g Debating medal, '32g Hi-Y Club, '29, '30, '31, '32, "Help Yourself," '29g Football, '32g Class Historian. '32, Who in N. B. H. S. does not know "Scrappy"? He's a "ripping" good pal. He is always included in all the school activities, for they would not be complete without him. We predict success for "SCRAPPY" ir if as: ir NELsoN ' IvEs BOWDEN y Hi-Y Club, '30, '31, '32, "The Patsy," '30. 'H "Skipper's" deep bass voice will be missed in the cheer- ing sections of New Bern Hi. He's always on hand at every athletic contest and is one of our leading "barkers" for advertising plays. We're wishing you lots of luck "SK1PPER" MEMORIES ELIZABETH THOMAS BRAY M When Mark Twain wrote "Innocents Abroad" he must have been thinking of Elizabeth. We'1l always remember her running across the campus trying to get to School on time. , "ELIZABETH" , if-' if if ir OSCAR RUGH BR1NSoN lf' Ht-Y' Club, '30, '31, '32, Vice-President, '31, '32, Stufleht Council, '30, '32, The Bruin Stajji '31, '32, Class P7'6'Slfl6'llf,.,'3'1f, '32, Class Vice-President, '32, Chief Marshal, '31. Oscar is not only good-looking but brilliant. Nature seems to have been partial 'cause She gave Oscar "every- thing." "OSCAR" it if ii' it MILDRED MAE CARPENTER by Student Council, '31, Basketball. '30. "Billie" is one of the best students in the Commercial class. Her blonde hair and blue eyes make her very pop- ular with the opposite sex. Everybody loves "B1LL1E" if it Ji if HELEN LYDIA CHADWICK Basketball, '31, '32, Hi-Y Club, '32. If Helen is that flashy guard who made the All-Confer- ence basketball team. She charms all whom she meets, girls and boys. Both her lessons and her smile are always ready. "HELEN" -if -tb it it BRADFORD HYMEN CLARK ' B "The Full House," '32, Ht-Y Club, '31, '32, Secretary. '32, The Bruin Staff, '32, Marshal, '31. Who'S that girl who is right there with her work, good-looking and always cheerful? It'S none other than our Bradford, and do we like her? Just ask the students. "BRADFORD" if -Ti it ii LAURA CONNOR DICKINSON , L. Laura has a keen Sense of humor, a cheerful smile, and a sweet disposition. She'S faithful to her work and to her friends. "LAURA" MEMORIES ROSALIE DIXON V Rosalie's that pretty, giggling, gum-chewing gal-a sure cure for the blues. She doesn't ever worry about anything. You will find her in some corner of Ole Moses Griflin building, telling her pal, Elizabeth, all about her latest crush. HROSALIEH Ili if -if if VIOLA STERLING DIXON . Student Council, '29. We cannot find in the Senior Class a truer, sweeter girl than Viola. She not only has a good disposition, but "brains," We wish her much luck in future years. "VIOLA" if ai rr rr RICHARD NIXON DUFFY The Bruin Staff. '31, '32g "Help Yourself," '29, Dick is one of the squarest shooting boys in school. He's a hard worker and THE BRUIN just couldn't get along without his jokes. We feel sure that Dick will suc- ceed and excel in anything he undertakes. HDICK7! if if if JT JOHN OLIVER DUNN- W "Ci1'c'umsta1zces Alter Cases," ,313 Basketball, '31, '32, Captain, '32g Football. '32g Ht-Y Club, '31, '32, President, '32g The Bruin Staff, '32g Memory Book Staff, '32. Jack, one of our unusually handsome seniors, has made two All-Conference teams this year and has also had his appendix removed. That's a record, isn't it? His lady friends range from freshmen to college co-eds. "JACK" it if it it LELA GORDON ELLIOTT L Basketball, '32g Hi-Y Club, '32, It has always been Lela's ambition to make her letter in basketball and she has succeeded this year. Besides being a good guard, she is very necessary on the squad for her pep and enthusiasm and ability to cheer up the team. We might add that Lela is a great admirer of the opposite sex. "LELA" ir it it 1: EDWARD FEREBEE I Football, '31. Who is that handsome boy that a certain young lady is wild about? That's Eddie Ferebee. When Eddie comes up the street everyone asks, "Who is the boy tied to that great big smile?" "EDDIE" Nmwwnwmmmmwmum- MEMORlES 51, JOYCE FRANCES FULCHER The Bruin Stay, '30, '31, '32, Memory Book Staff, '32, "Help Your- self," '29. Words fail one in describing Joyce for who can de- scribe a poet! She would be distinguished alone by her poems but when we add charm and personality, We under- stand why she is an outstanding girl of the senior class. "JOYCE" if if Ji if RHCDA BELLE GASKINS P' Student Council, '32g Class Vice-President. '29. We all like Rhoda Belle! We admire and respect her for doing well anything she undertakes to do. She'S de- pendable and always willing to be called upon. Here's wishing Rhoda Belle a happy, successful future. HRHODA BELLEH if if ii if EMMA AMANDA GOWER H Emma'S highest ambition is to become president of some large university. If her work in college is as good as it has been in N. B. H. S., we feel Sure that Emma'S ambition will be fulfilled. "EMMA" ii ii it -'li FRANCES PAULINE GRANTHAM 7 "The Full House," '32. Frances is a tall blonde who always calls for a second glance. She is Sure to get plenty of fun out of life. Pretty and gay-that's "FRANCES" if ii if if GRACE MAE HAGOOD Q' B Don't let Grace fool you. Outside of school she is not the quiet, Studious girl you think her to be. She'S a good sport and always ready for fun. With her disposition and the grades She makes GShe'll be Successful. CK RACE!! it if if if HERMAN DANIELS HARDISON Lf' Herman has one of the keenest minds in the Senior Class. He'l1 always pep you up with his ever-flowing wit. Herman has the ability and, if he applies it, he is sure to make a Success of life. HHERMANH M E M Q R 1 E s HILDRED DARL HARRISON Student Council, '31. The high school will suffer a severe loss at graduation when Hildred leaves it. It will be a long time before enother such intellect will be found in N. B. H. S. She has high ambitions and ideals and she sticks to them. HHILDREDU Ji ii ii' Ili' MELBA ELIZABETH KEENER ff Here's one of the reasons why Bridgeton is so popu- lar. Melba, one of the best-looking and most dependable girls in our class, lives there. "MELBA" ii if if if MAVIS GREY KOONCE Mavis is a dependable girl, always true and faithful to everyone. She does her best in her class work and loves to do things for others. "PETE" it Ji if it LUTRELLE LAFRAGE Hi-Y Club. '31, '32, Basketball, '30, '31, '32g "Help Yourself," '29g "Junior Carnival," '29. Who's that little brunette with the great big eyes? She doesn't worry about anything but how long it'll be between dances. And can she play basketball? We'll say! HLUTRELLEM it si it it K, ENNIS PRIMROSE LANE If "The Full House," ,323 "Circumstances Alter Cases." '31g Declania- tion Winner. '30g Hi-Y Club, '30, '31, '32, President, '32g The Bruin Editor-in-Chief, '32g Class Secretary, '32g Memory Book Staff. '32g Student Council, '31g Assistant Chief Marshal, '31g Basketball, '30, '31, '32. Our actress, basketball star, class secretary, THE BRUIN editor--well, just add beauty plus brains plus ability plus personality and you've got HENNISH Ji it Ji ii ELBERT ARLINGTON MALLARD ' Student Council, '32g "The Full Housef' '32g Marshal, '31, Who debates, declaims, writes for THE BRUIN and is always ready for a good time? Elbert, one of the most popular boys in the class of '32. HELBERTH M E M Q R I ES MARY VIRGINIA MCSORLEY "Circumstances Alter Cases," '31, "The Full House," '32g Vice-Presb dent Student Council. '32g Hi-Y Club. '31, '32, The Bruin Staf, '29, '32. She is gentle, sweet and kind. Her generous smile will forever trail her. A girl who is. dependable and one to whom we look to as a real pal. These qualities and many others go to make up- "VIRGINIA" :ir 1: ai ir ELOISE TERRY MILLER pf Boys beware! When Eloise steps out you can't keep from failing. Always smiling-boys love her-girls do, too. All this and a lot more make up our good "ole pal." HELOISEH JT it it it MATTIE LONG MOORE we eeoos "Matt" is always laughing and having fun. She is one of the best pals anyone can have. She will always be remembered for her generosity and willingness to help others. "MATT" :ai ir 4: ir ALPHA OMEGA NEWBERRY Afzl "The Full House." '32, i'Help Yourself." '29g Football. '32. Although Alpha is the baby of our class, he is one of the best we have to offer you. His lasting friendship is worth the pains to acquire it. And the boy, himself, is the kind you can't help but admire. "ALPHA" it it if rr ELEANOR DRAKE NUNN Hi-Y Club. '31, '32g The Bruin Staff. '30, '31, '32, "Help Yourself," '29, Class Prophet, '32. Eleanor is one of the most talented girls in our class. She can always be depended upon for clever and amusing articles for school publication. She is a grand dancer. HELEANORH ir rr rr it MARY GENEVA PATE Mary is our pal. Although she is a little girl, she never fails in what she undertakes to do. All her labor is crowned with success. We believe that this same ability to attain success will go with her through life. "MARY PATEH it if if it LAURA DE LILA WYNNE She's the curly haired girl, who sits across the aisle. She gets all her lessons and gives everyone a smile. CELILA77 wwwwwmwmwuwmwmww MEMGRIES ROsA LEE PETERSON X Rosa Lee is that girl in the freshly laundered dress. She always looks neat, clean and orderly. With her ability she will make somebody a perfect stenographer. "ROSA LEEH Jr xr 1: :fr VIDA MAE PETERSON ,- Student Couucil. '31. Vida Mae is one of our natural blondes. She manages both her school affairs and love aiairs with perfect ease. We're Wishing her success with her Carolina freshman. "V1K1E" 1: .fr 1: if EDNA EARLE PINER! Occasionally we meet people who continue to grow on us because of their unfailing good humor, ready smile and understanding nature. Such a person is our "EDDIE" Ji if if Ji , V! NETTIE HUBA PINNIX "The Full House," '32g "Circumstances gllter Cases," '31g Basketball Girls' Manager. '31g Hi-Y Club, '30, '31, '323 Treasurer, '31g Student Council. '313 The Bruin Staff, '31, '32, Yes, that's Nettie. That stylish, black-headed girl all dressed up and tearing down the street in a green Chev- rolet. It looks as if she rides all day, but she always manages to make good grades for she has brains. HNETTIEH -11' if if if EMMA MARION PUGH Here's to a sweet little blue-eyed girl who is always seen with "Billie," Emma is one of those girls with a sunny disposition and a ready smile for everyone. She's always ready for fun and is everybody's friend. l6EMMA77 4: ,er ir .xr JOSEPH JOHN RACHIDE ' ,The Bruin Stay. '31, In Joe we always find dependability and thoroughness that mark him as an outstanding senior. He is a steady worker and always ready to offer his best to help his classmates in any situation which might arise. 7 uJ0En MEMGRIES HELEN OPRAL RAGAN Lf One would have to go far to find a truer and better friend than Helen. Being of a jolly and lovable nature, her circle of friends is large and lasting. Those who know her love her and count it a privilege to be numbered with her friends. ' "HELEN" il-' if 211' -li ' MILDRED MONROE RITCHY Lf "The Full House," '32, Basketball. '30g Memory Book Staff, '32, If you are in trouble, Mildred's for you-If you want fun, she's with you-If you need a friend, she's near you-That's , "MIDGE" ii' Ji if if ALBERT MCCALL SALEM My Class President. '29, '32, Hi-Y Club. '29, '30, '31, '323 The Bruin Stayji '29, '30, '31, Manager. '32g Debating Team. '32, Marshal, '31, Manager Memory Book Stayji '32. What would we do without Albert? He's just as necessary around this school as the buildings. If you want a class president, BRUIN manager, publicity agent, debater, or just a general efficient worker, page "ALBERT, iii if if if WILLIAM HENRY SCOTT 'Z' Bill is a true pal. If he has ten cents he'll lend you five. We will always deem it a privilege to be included in his list of acquaintances. lKBILL!7 ii ii if if EARLE SMITH 'Z "Happy" doesn't deceive his nick-name. He is a real sport and appears to be always- "HAPPY" if if if if IDA THOMAS SMITH I 'I Student Council. '29, Ida is one of the busiest girls on the campus and also one of the best friends anyone could have. We'll always remember Ida "selling" candy. Here's to a good sport and friend. ' HIDA7! MEMORlES BLANCHE CHARLOTTE STALLINGS A Basketball. '30, '31, '32g Hi-Y Club, '32. Blanche is one of the best sports in the school. She has interests reaching from basketball to "holding down" the candy stand. Ole N. B. H. S. loves Blanche and hates to see her leave. "BLANCHE" A I if it Ji ii X ,ff ELEANOR DUNCAN STEVENSON if Basketball. '29, '30, '31, '32, Captain. '32, Hi-Y Club, '30, '31, '32g Vice-President. '31, '32, The Bruin Stajf, '29, '30, '31, '32g "Help Yourself." '29, Memory Book Editor-in-Chief, '32. WhO's that girl that rings all the baskets, the girl with the looks, brains and personality? Why that's Eleanor-the sweetheart of New Bern Hi. UELEANORH if it-' -'li if ELEANOR LEE SUTTON ' Eleanor is the best kind of friend and sport. Her pet hobbies are tennis and music. Whenever she enters a room she is immediately besieged by a crowd begging her to play the piano. And What's more, she's the composer of our class songs. HELEANORH 11-' if if ii GEORGIA ANNA SW1NDELL Student Council, '31, Do gentlemen still prefer blondes? Yes, some blondes, and our Georgia's one of them. She is popular and lovable. "GEORGIA" If if if it-' CHARLES F. TAYLOR Charles is the joy of all the high school pupils, for he has unusual sense of humor. Everyone likes him 'cause he keeps us laughing. And just try to find out what his middle name is. "CHARLES" Ji if ii' if WOODROW TINGLE Here's to "Twinkle," that good old pal With a smile for all. Although he came to us late, We soon felt as if he were one of us. By his hard vvork he became known to us all, and We surely hate to lose HTWINKLEH M E MORIES JOHN JARVIS TOLSON, III. I Football, '31, '32g Basketball, '31, '32g Baseball, '32g Debating Team. '32g Declaniation Winner, '30, Hi-Y Club, '29, '30, '31, '32, Treasurer. '31g Class Secretary, '30, "The Full House," '32g "Circumstances Alter Cases." '31g "Help Yourself." '29g Mar- shal, '31g Memory Book Staff, '32g The Bruin Staff. '31, '32g Older Boys' Conference for Carolinas, Secretary. '32. Jack has the distinction of having made a letter in all sports and also in debating this year. Besides that he's our star actor, a good student, and quite a "lad1es' man." He'll probably be a sailor as he has a girl in every port. CK 79 - JACK it it it it , . WILLARD EARLE TURNAGE .y Student Council. '32. Here's to Willard, the faithful student! In work or pleasure he's right there with that smile. Everyone likes him. May he succeed in the future as he has in the past. HFLOSSIEH ir it it si MACIE CRYSTAL WADE X Student Council. '31, '32. 'Z lVIacie's a pretty brunette, and very popular with everyone. Her work is always neatly done and we are sure she'll be a very capable stenographer. "MACIE" ir if ir :lr LULA MAE WHITFORD ff' Student Council. 29, '30, '31, '32. Lula's the speed demon of the typing class. She's right there at her typewriter when any special contests are being held. She does her best in all her other sub- jects, too. She's sure to succeed. CCLULA79 it it it it ADA MAY WILLIAMS , Hi-Y Club. '31, '32g Student Council. '32. Ada is the little girl whom everyone likes and who likes everyone. She is a game sport and always willing to help someone in need. We feel sure that success and happiness await her in the future. CGADAYY it it Ji it- ERNEST HARVEY Wooo, J R. "The Full House," '32g Football. '32g Hi-Y Club. '29, '30, '31, '32g Debating Team. '32g Class Vice-President, '30g Class Treas- urer, '32. In Ernest we find the ideal high school senior. His speaking and musical talents linked with his excellent scholarship, his ever persevering spirit, and his long list of friends mark him as an outstanding student. JOHN MILTON ABERLY "The Full House." '32g Student C'ounc'iZ. '31, Hi-Y Club. '30, '31, '32, The Bruin smpf. '32g Baseball. '32. You can always depend upon Jack. He has always made good grades, but this year we've learned that he's quite an actor, writer, baseball player, and a "power" with the ladies. HJACKH -'ti if if LEE CAHOON ff' If you haven't heard one of Lee's deep solos, your education in New Bern Hi is not complete. He won the contest in Greenville and we're expecting big things of ccSOL0ra -'li' -74' if CLESSON PARROTT MOORE Our new student from Swansboro-ole studious Clesson, whom we have learned to like so well, always meets the standard of friendship and duty. HCLESSONH sr ai xr DONALD PAUL A Donald's the big boy with the big heart. Perseverance makes him one of our best commercial students. "DONALD" ALMA MAE NELSON Just a quiet, dependable girl, liked and respected by all her classmates. Alma always follows the call of duty willingly. May she find success in every walk of life. "ALMA" if if if WILLIAM D. PERRY f Student Council. '30, '32. Easy to make friends with, Hard to break friends with, Best pal you know of-that's K6BUD!7 it it Ji HORAOE WHITE ' Hi-Y Club. '32g Football. '32g Baseball. '31, '32, Student Council. '32. Horace is called the prodigy of 11-B. And besides making 1's and 2's on all his subjects he's right there on the baseball diamond and an all-around "good egg." "HORACE" if if ii MATILDA HACKBURN SCALES J Hi-Y Club. '30, '31, '32, The Bruin Staff, '30, '31, '32, Memory Book Staff. '32. She is original and unusual and for that reason pupils sit'wide-eyed when she reads her poems and compositions. The world will surely listen to what she has to say. "TILLIE" STUDENTS RECEIVING CERTIFICA TES BELL, EVERETT BRINSON, EDWARD If CARPENTER, PRIMROSE ELLIS, GEORGE HARVEY, NATHAN HILL, WOODROW ' IPOCK, LENA SMITH, MARVIN TINGLE, CLETA WIGGs, DAN MEMQRIES Class History We entered New Bern High School in the fall of 1928 ninety-one strong. AS the proverbial freshmen we were awed by the grim upper classmen. In need of expert guid- ance we elected Albert Salem our class president. The high light of the year was the trip to Raleigh. - Next year we came back, proud Sophomores, arrogant and condescending toward the freshmen, but humble enough to the juniors and seniors. This year we elected Oscar Brinson as our president. We wound the year up by giving the sophisticated seniors a delightful picnic. Returning again in the fall we found ourselves Juniors. Reelecting Oscar Brinson as our president, we set out to face the perils of another year, the largest of which was the Junior-Senior banquet. We gave a highly successful play, "Circumstances Alter Cases," to help defray the cost of the banquet. On May the 8th we entertained the seniors at the traditional affair and wished them success in their future life. At last: Sophisticated Seniors. After struggling ten years towards the goal, we reached it. Electing Albert Salem president we set out to wind up our career in a blaze of glory. The class presented "The Full House," a three-act play which was a huge suc- cess. This year we were entertained by the juniors at a delightful banquet. The gradua- tion exercises being held, seventy-one of us will set forth to face the perils of the world. Prettiest Girl . Best Looking Boy . Most Popular Girl . Most Popular Boy . Best Athlete fGirlJ . Best Athlete fBoyJ . Most Attractive Girl Most Attractive Boy Wittiest Girl . . . Wittiest Boy . . . Most Dependable Girl Most Dependable Boy Best All Around Girl Best All Around Boy. Senior Statistics FRANCES GRANTHAM OSCAR BRINSON ELEANOR NUNN ALBERT SALEM BLANCHE STALLINGS JACK TOLSON LUTRELLE LAFRAGE OSCAR BRINSON ELEANOR N UNN HERMAN' HARDISON VIOLA DIXON ALBERT SALEM ELEANOR STEVENSON JACK TOLSCN M E M R I ES Class Prophecy Not long ago I received from Mildred Carpenter, President of the Alumni Association, an announce- ment of an alumni meeting of the Class of '32, The announcement stated that the meeting was to be an informal reunion in the newly erected "Stevenson Memorial," a fine structure recently endowed by our former classmate, Eleanor Stevenson who, after playing professional basketball for two years, made several million dollars and remembered her home town in such an outstanding manner. After receiving this announcement I grew excited over the prospect of seeing all my old cronies and how the years had changed them. I called my still faithful side kick, Lutrelle LaFrage, who al- though she is now thriving on an enormous fortune left her by an uncle in Australia, and is con- stantly surrounded by suitors, stoops to honor me with her presence. She was enthusiastic over going also and when the night finally arrived she came by for me in her long, slinky Dusenberg. As we approached the "Stevenson Memorial,"I saw a crowd of people standing out in front of the gigantic edifice. W'hen we reached the group, we recognized many of our old friends: Rosalie Dixon, who won the world chewing gum title. was there with Elizabeth Armstrong, who is now married to the president of the Norfolk Southern Railway Company. We stopped and spoke to them and then entered the building. The auditorium into which we were ushered was massive and was lit from end to end with lights, brightly glowing. There was a microphone on the stage and we saw none other than Albert Salem, business manager of Westinghouse Corporation, presiding over it. After rn-any efforts he finally quelled the mob and then gave a short speech of welcome. He then proceeded to tell us a few things about our various classmates who were unable to be there. Joseph Rachide, owner of the Inter-National Army and Navy Chain Stores, was attending a buyers convention in Paris and consequently could not get there. Ida Smith was on her honeymoon trip around the world and, of course, she didn't even want to be present. Just at that time there was loud commotion in the hallway and we turned to see the reason for the disturbance. Nettie Pinnix swept into the room, attired in the latest Parisian fashions, followed by her pet Pekinese and her husband, the Count De Ceit tincidentally he was formerly Dick Duffyj. Amid much bustling they were finally seated and the excitement gradually subsided. However there were more surprises for us. Albert Salem announced that we were to hear from Kate Smith Sutton tEleanor Suttonj, the "Songbird" of the Southeast, and a brilliant radio star. We always knew Eleanor could play a piano, but she held out on us as far as "warbling" was concerned. Mr. Salem, after the singing was over, informed us that we were to vote for officers for the Asso- ciation. Immediately Ernest Wood, candidate for Governor, was nominated for President, Herman Hardison, author of Spelrite Dictionary, was put up against him. Now followed the nomination of Woodrow Tingle, prominent farmer of near New Bern, for Vice-President, with Dan YViggs, a big-shot from Chicago, against him. Willard Turnage, now an executive in the YVestern Onion Service Cor- poration, ran against Lula YVhitford. "Queen of the Taxis," for Treasurer. After the voting we con- gratulated the new ofhcers, who were: Ernest Wood, Presidentg Woodrow Tingle, Vice-Presidentg Lula Whitford, Secretary and Treasurer. The business part was then over, so the remainder of the time was spent in chatting with our old friends. We learned that Macie Wade and Sybil Belangia were running a millinery shop in New York City, and Emma Pugh and Laura Dickinson are mannequins for the huge department store run by Clesson Moore, "Moore 8: Moore." William Henry Scott has become a millionaire since he opened up the Rhems-to-New Bern Limited Airplane Service. Planes are loaded with passengers from here to Rhems daily. - In spite of Viola Dixons high mentality, she did what was to be expected-took the walk down the aisle. However, she looked happy. Jack Aberly is now a Senator. His experien?es in high school were probably the stepping stones to his success. Emma Gower is the prefent President of Vassar. IVe always knew she'd get somewhere with that brain. Hildred Harrison is married and her husband is a Professor of Hypkly at Columbia University. Ennis Lane is one of Hollywood's most promising tyeah-she promises, but that's alll actresses. She recently co-starred with Jack Tolson, "America's Loverf' tand to think one never knew itll in "Hold MEM RIES Your Man." They were splendid. Mr. Ennis Lane, excuse me! I mean Edward Ferebee, is a director and he directed the last production. All three work well togetherfstrange to say. Rhoda Belle Gaskins and Alma Nelson are welfare workers. They have done a great deal for the general improvement of our city. Woodrow Hill is a broncho-busting cowboy out west. He seems to like the ol' hills pretty well and hasn't been back in live years. a Nelson Bowden is rolling in wealth. He is associated with Bowden's International Fish Market and they make money on a large scale t?J Grace Hagood is one of the star radio attractions from station B.U.N.K, New Bern, and her an- nouncer is none other than Marvin Smith. Lee Cahoon is a favorite on Broadway. He took it completely by storm singing "Would That I Were a Tender Apple Blossom," at the opening of Elizabeth Bray's iirst starring production. She has gone over big in several musical comedies. Irene Barnes, Rosa Peterson, Lena Ipock a11d Lila Wynne are in a chorus in a burlesque show on the Great White Way. Albert Bell is an outstanding criminal lawyer and just won a case against one of the biggest lawyers in the' United States. You remember how he used to debate. Don Basnight is a detective in New Bern Yard. Helen Chadwick has been married three times and divorced twice. Her theme song is "How Long VVill It Last?" Ada Williams is in the Fiji Islands, collecting material for her latest novel. Lela Elliot is a great trapezist in a circus tshe always did have high aspirationsj, and Mavis Koonce is teaching school in Horner's Corner. Earle Smith is a barker at a side show in the same circus Lela's with. Frances Grantham has captured the title of"America's Sweetheart," and Mildred Ritchy is acting as her publicity manager. Cleta Tingle has danced her way into the helrts of London and Berlin. She and her partner, Horace White, have a very inrliridual style of dancing which is very captirating. Charles Taylor is in Hollywood doubling for Harold Lloyd. Mary Pate, Helen Ragan and Edna Piner are touring in Europe. Bud Perry is world's heavy-weight champion. Donald Paul is his manager and they're getting ready for another big bout. Alpha Newberry is running the Teacherage. What a break to get to see all those good-looking teachers. Melba Keener is mayor of Bridgeton and Matilda Scales is a Missionary in Africa. Virginia McSorley is a comedienne. She and Elbert Mallard have just teamed up and are steadily progressing. Eloise Miller has been studying Entomology and has completed a book on "K11a1s." Jack Dunn is a real estate agent and has helped the boom that hit New Bern. Oscar Brinson has been made president of a firm in Wall Street. Blanche Stallings is physical education director at a girls' school. Georgia Swindell is buyer for an exclusive Liidies Shop in New York and has been to Paris three times since last year. Gentlemen do prefer blondes! Bradford Clark is a iirst grade teacher. She teaches those kids all about the alphabet from A to Zee. Of course you remember Eleanor Nunn, the belle of the high school, well, she's absolutely put Texas Guinan out of business as a night club hostess, and she's still going strong. When we had talked over everyone in our class, Joyce Fulcher, world renowned poet, presented each of us with a bound copy of her latest poems. Then bidding everybody a fond farewell, we came home until another such meeting. -E1.E.xNoR NVN N. Class Poem Shoulder to shoulder, hearts filled with devotion, With purpose not aimless, but earnest and true, United by all of the ties of deep friendship, We bring, New Bern High, our homage to you. We'll stand by you loyally, long and unending, Loyalty which will be firm, will be sure ,' Devotion we pledge you which never can perish, And love which through all coming time will endure. In all that we do, we shall never forget you, Each member will strive to gain honor, gain fame, Not merely to satisfy selhsh ambitions, But to add honor to your beloved name. Ever beside us to lead t'ward the highest, Ever beside us to lead t'ward the right, You, in the years now dim in the distance, Will be, New Bern High, our clear guiding light, And with courage undaunted, we'll march ever onward Up the heights to be won, along paths strange and new For honor, devotion, love, friendship and wisdom ' We will, New Bern High, be indebted to you. y -JOYCE FULCHER. GOOD-BYE Good-bye to the good ole times we've had, And to all things that we've been a part ,' They will linger as something beautiful, Forever in the depths of our heart. Listen! Do you hear that last bell ring? Do you hear what it seems to say? "I brought you to school as kids long ago, But now-I must send you away." -MATILDA SCALES. MEM RIES w an yn B In l ar Q nv, I i a I cs -qv- JUNIOR CLASS LUMUEL CANNON . President BETSY WILLIAMS Vice-President BILLY BRADDY . . Secretary MILDRED TYSON Treasurer CLASS ROLL ARANT, DURXVOOD ARPIN, RUTH AVERY, SHIRLEY BASNIGHT, GENEYIEVE BASNIGHT, JESSIE BAXTER, BENNY BELL, LEON BELL, LEXVIS BERRY, MARY BLANDFORD, ROBERT BROOKS, SAIVI BUNTING, EMILY BAYLISS, NORFLEET BENTON, RUTH BENTON, NOLA BLEDSOE, JAMES BOYETTE, LILLIAN BOYETTE, CLYDE BARKER, WILLIAM BELANGIA, CLYDE BOYD, JULIA CHAPMAN, MARGARET CARAVVAN, VELBI,-X CHANCE, JAMES CONNOR, WOODROYV DAIL, MII,TON DANIELS, LENXVOOD DUNN, JOHN FRANK DCJIJSON, VIRGINIA EDWARDS, AGNES ELLIS, MARGARET EYICRHART, CLYDE FOSTER, HARRY FULLER, ANDREW' GUTHRIE, EDITH GASKILL, EMRIIE GASKINS, IDA BELLE HANKS, ELIZABETH H.XRDISON, EI,IZIXBE'l'H HAGOOD, VVALTER HCJ'1'T, THOMAS HAYES, HUBER'f HOI.TflN, FRANCES HVMPHREY, ELEANOR IPOCR, SAIJIE MAE JONES, MARGARET LAFRAGE, BRIGHAM LANGSTON, CATHERINE LILLY, VINCENT LAMB, RUTH MARTIN, SARA NIEADONVS, FRANCES METZ, WALTER MITCHELL, SARA MOHN, HELEN MANN, LEONARD NIEGOXVAN, MARGARET MASON, ALBERT MITQ'HELL, ELDRIDGE NEELY, JUNE MCDANIEL, MARY MOR'1'ON, LILLIE MAE NIXSSEF, EDDIE NYNN, MARY POE, AI,ICE PUGH, CAROL PETERSON, JACK PRIDGEN, V.-XLERI.i. PURIFOY, OSXVALD RAGAN, JAMES RHODES, MARJORIE RHODES, MAY LEE ROWE, ELINOR SMITH, HENRY W. SPARROXV, DON STEXVART, FERDINAND STYRON, FLORENCE STYRON, AFRANCES SHAPOV, IDEL SMITH, MARIE WEEIQS, MICAJAH VVILIIIAMSON, WILBCR WILLIS, DAVID MEM RIES zwwff' - . , L X N .f r f -ww - A A GIRLS' BASKET-BALL TEAM Top-Coach Muomc, NVNN, LANE, LAFR.xGE, ME.xnows, ANDERSON, Manager PUGH. I3Uff0'llL'-VVILl,IAMS, ST.xLL1NuS, CHADXVICK, ELLIOTT, Captain STEVENSON, FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Roux Zrfff to riylzt--ELME1: L.xNsc'11E, RAY DAUGHER'1'x', H. SMITH, HURTT, WHITE, ODOM, ToLsoN, TAYLOR, BRY.xNT, RIl'II,XIiIiS1iN. Scconrl row-E, S'1'A1.LINGs, CANNON, METZ, BAXTER, IVEXVBERRY, FULLER, R. SMITH, Bn.xnm', DUNN, Captain B1uNsuN. T11 ird row-M. SMITH, Woou, D. STALLINGS, BELL, PARKER, HUGHES, CRUMP, Coach Al,L5'l'0N. MEM RIES , . ,..,.,..,. as 'sl ,fx ...ff RSV Sv. A A 1,5 SOPH OM ORE CLASS ALMA HALL . . President RAY DAUGHERTY Vice-President ALEX MEADOWS . Secretary ALLEN PATTEN Treasurer CLASS ROLL ABERLY, BILLY AMMONS, ELIZABETH ANDREYVS, CRUMP ANDERSON, NI.-XRY BANKS, EDYTHE BENGEL, VIRGINIA BENNETT, MACK BLEDSOE, CATHERINE BOYD, PAULINE BOXVDEN, MATILDA BRAYSHAWV, KIXTHIARINE BRENVER, LIZETTE BRINSON, MARTHA BRINKLEY, MARY BRINKLEY, SARAH BROOKS, JIMMY BROOKS, MARGARET CAROON, BILLY DAUGHERTY, RAYMOND DAVIS, TOM DAWSON, BILLY DILL, JOHN DILL, MARCUS DICKINSON, FRANCIS DISOSWAY, DONALD EDYVARDS, LAURA EPPERSON, LULU FARIS, CLAUDE FARROXV, BLANCHE FRENCH, LEYVIS GARDNER, ELYVOOD GASKINS, WARDIE GASKINS, DAPHNE GILLETTE, ANNIE GODYVIN, MARGUERITE GOSSARIJ, BETTY GRIFFIN, WILLIAM GRIFFIN, ENUM GUERRANT, SEXVELL HAI.l., ALMA HAMILTON, ALICE HARGETT, TOMMY HARRIS, BOBBY ITIAYVKINS, ELIVIER HENIDERSON, KENNETH HCDELL, JAMES HOLLAND, MARY BRENT PIOPEWVELL, VERA HLTDSON, R. E. HKTRLEY, MELBA HURST, BEN JENNETTE, KIT JONES, ELIZABETH JONES, GRETCHEN KAFER, ROBERTHIX LATI-IAIVI, NINA LANSCHE, EIIMER LASSITER, DOLLY LAUOHINGHOUSE, AN'BEL LUVELZXCE, EIJXVARIJ LYNCH, HERMAN MAINE, MAY MACDONALD, I'II'GHRENA NIEAIJOXVS, ALEX MERCER, KENNETH MESSICK, ANOELINE MORRIS, COOLIDGE MULLEN, LEXVIS IXIEYVMAN, CALLIE ODUM, ARCHIE OXVENS, ALLEN PARKER, J. R. PARKER, DICIC PATTEN, ALLEN PATTERSON, JOE PERKINS, EZRA PETERSON, VEI.RIIX POXVELL, IVIILDREU R,AC'HIllE, ROSA RICHARDSON, ROSIALIE RICHARDSON, ERNEST ROBERTS, FRANCES SALTER, DAVID SANSONE, DOROTHY SEIFERT, CLARA SHIPP, THERESA SM ALLXVOOI1, FRANCES SMITH, HENRY SMITH, JOHNETTE SMITH, MARY LOUISE SMITH, LOUISE SMITH, ROBER'1' SMITH, RADSALIE STAI'LEFORD, M. LOCISE S'I'.XI.I.iNGS, DONALD STALLINOS, DANIEL STALLINGS, EDNVARD STYRON, WILLIAM SCSKINS, ESTHER SXVINIDICLI., LENA TAYLOR, ALBERT TAYLOR, CHARLES THOMPSON, RAYMOND TULSKLN, GENEYIEYE VVIiA'l'H1'IRLY, ABBOTT XVEST, HAZEL WETIIERINOTON, PATYSON YVHITE, LOCISE VVI1ITEHl'RST, MARGARET WILCOX, PAT WILLIS, JULIA WILLIAMS, M.XRY WILSON, EMMIE MEM RIES TRIANGULAR DEBATE Afji7'7'IL6lf17.'E-ERNES'I' Woon, ALBERT BELL. Negafive-JACK TULSON, ALBERT SALEBI COUC'716.S-MISS BLAcKwE1.nER, MR. SHIELDS. wwf-:GPU my JOHN' 4495? BO YS' BASKET-BALL SQUAD Top-Hmsoon, Manager MIQTZ, C11.xNcr:, EVERHART, Coach ALLSTON, STALLINGS. Bottom.-ODOM, Captain DUNN, T0LsoN. MEM RIES 4- 'Q '57 V 'WI R I ,n any-47 BILLY DOWDY . AMY WILLIAMS ADAMS, HELEN ARANT, LOTTIE ARM STRONG, WOODROYY' AVERY, VIRGINIA BANKS, JESSIE BANKS, NELSON BASNIGHT, BARTLETT BAXTER, NAT BAXTER, THEODORE BIRSCH, FRANCES BLADES, ALICE BLALOCK, ROM BLOW, TOM BOYD, CATHERINE BR.-XY, LUCY BRAYSHAXV, LACY BRINKLEY, EDMOND BRINSON, LILA BROOKS, ELNORA BROOKS, LINXVOOD BURIIHART, VEST.-XL CARRAVVAY, LUCILLE CASH, RICHARD CLARK, BEVERLY CONDERMAN, ROBERT CONNER, MARY EMMA DEWEY, PAULINE DIXON, GLENYVOOD DOWDY, BILLY EDMUNDS, COPELAND EDMUNDS, HARRY FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS ROLL EDNVARDS, REVENEL FRENCH, CHARLES GARRISON, MADIE GASKINS, JAMES GIBBS, JANE GRANTHAM, FAYE GRANTHAM, HELEN GRIMSLEY, JESSIE GVVALTNEY, AMY HARDY, EDNA HIARGETT, IRENE HARKER, CAROL HARTSEIELD, JOHN HIARPER, HARRY HIGGINS, WILLIAM HIMMELMAN, EDNVARD HIMMELMAN, GEORGE HUFE, CATHERINE HUFF, WILLARD HUMPHREY, HAZEL HL'NNINGS, BILL HURTT, BILLY JACKSON, THOMAS JACOBS, HILDA JOHNSON, RUTH JONES, JOHN KEEN, HELLEN LANCASTER, MELVINA LEE, HELEN LOCKEY, FRED LUPTON, CECIL LUPTON, VELMA MAINE, TALLIE MARSHBURN, ANNIE L. MAY, CECIL NIEADOXVS, WADE MCCOY, JIMMY MCDONALD, JESSIFJ MCSORLEY, EUGENE MORRIS, HELEN MORRIS, PHYLLIS MOORE, MYRTLE MOLJRE, LUCILLE NELSON, SARA NELSON, SHEILA IXIEXVKIRK, EDXVARD OLIVER, BRAXTON OLIVER, HERBERT PATE, ELMER PATE, SARAH PAUL, RUBY POOLE, DOROTHY PARKER, AUDREY PARKER, MARJORIE PEER, DOUGLAS PRI'I'CHE'1'T, JOHN REID, DOROTHY ROUNTREE, JULIA ROWE, LENA RUSSELL, BILLY SANDERS, SHIRLEY SANDERLIN, DOROTHY President Secretary SANDLIN, CARRIE SCALES, GIIIBERT SHAXV, TURNER SIMPSON, FRED SIAIONIIS, CORINNAD SLATICR, ELIZABETH SMALIJVUOIJ, JULIA B. SMITH, ELIZABETH SPARRUXV, KATHERINE STALLINGS, KATHLEEN STEPHENS, M.XR-IQIRIE STEVENSON, HELEN STYRUN, ELIZABETH SUTTON, FRANCES TAYLOR, DORIS LEE TAYLOR, ELIZABETH TOLER, ELLA TYSON, ROBERT WEISS, MARGARET VVHITEHLTRST, MARY C IVIIITEHVRST, ROBERT VVHITFORIJ, INEZ WHITEORD, JAMES WHITLEY, ROBERT YVILCOX, BOB WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH YVILLIAMS, HELLEN WILLIAMS, IRENE WILLIS, CAROLINE IVILLIS, MARY TURNER YVILLIS, MELBA MEM RIES BOYS' HI-Y CLUB President, JACK DUNNQ Vice-President, OSCAR BRINSONQ Secretary. ALBERT SALEBIQ Treasurer, ERNEST XVOODQ Leader. L. J. GOSSARIJQ Faculty Adviser. F. J. ALLSTON. 4 6:11 GIRLS' HI-Y CLUB President, MARY NUNNQ Vice-Preside11t, ELEANOR STEYENSONQ Secretary. SARA MITCHELL Treasurer. MILDRED TYSONQ Leader, L. J. GOSSARD. MEM RIES Sh 43 MQW I jiz iff 4 I b ' . A His: -u ,K I, I, ff .ff fair BASEBALL SQUAD Front Row-PATTERSON, HALL, Mascotg LANSQIIE, LAFRAGIJ. Sevoml 130117-ABERLY WHITE, BRADUY, DAXVSON, ToI.S0N, M. SMITH, TAYLOR, S'1'ALLINuS. Third R010- Coach ALLSTON, Onoxr, FULLER, MR. JONES, W. HAGOOII, CANNON, WIGCSS, BLEDSOE. ef: A I A wing 5' gi S4 STUDENT COUNCIL President, OSCAR BRINSONQ Vice-Presiclent, VIRGINIA MCSORLEYQ Secretary and Treasurer SARA MITCIIIQLI.. TRY SAM LIPMAN 8: SON FOOT OF TRENT RIVER BRIDGE NEW BERN, N. C. M O R R I S' S E R V I C E WHOLESALE RETAIL 80 S. FRONT ST. 67-69 MIDDLE ST. PHONE 1005 PHONE 203 NEW BERN, N. C. DO Biisiiiess With EASTERN BANK 8cTRUST COMPANY NEW BEEN IWAYSVILLE BAYBORO D. G. SMAW FUNERAL DIRECTOR PHONE 167 NEW BEEN, N. C. DR. J. O. BAXTER. SR. Specialist THE EYE ONLY NEW BEEN, N. C. .. 1 'htm 14.111xgW:g4 . ' IDBI U REAL DRUG STORE w .1 u I SERVICE il ' TIIW IIIIII A I ,"'IIIIIIiIII II WOOD DRUG "Q QI- IIE- f 1 T, COMPANY , G9? Q I I .Y '- I. 1' -f.- 140 MIDDLE STREET is egetables.. 10 days earlier" "VigOro on our tomatoes, cab- bages, other vegetabl s, gave most unusual results-for size, quality, taste," states D. J. Tliigpen, Geor- giana, Ala. 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THE PLACE FOR FOR BETTER EAZS REFRESHMEZNTTS R O Y A L C A F E T H E MIDDLE STREET NEW BERN NORTH CAROLINA DRUG SUNDRY SHOP CASH CUT RATE PHONE 388 DELIVERY SERVICE DRINK BOTTLED D O W D Y I FURNITURE COMPANY I NEW BERN'S THE PERFECT ANSWER TO BIGGEST AND BEST THIRST P A U L CALL ON GROCERY CO- TURNERTOLSON WHOLESALE OWEN G. DUNN CANDIESLTQBACCO FURNITURE G for CI ARETTES CCMPANY GOOD PRINTING J. H. PARKER 8t UHOME OUTFITTERSH COMPANY 69 CRAVEN ST. NEW BERN, . . N. C. SEED and FEED NEW BERN, N' C' PHONE 184 23 MIDDLE ST. USE ELECTRICITY for LIGHTING-HEATING-COOKING STA!-I-'NGS BROTHERS WATER 8: LIGHT DEPARTMENT PLUMBING C'-FY CF NEW BERN AND HEATING CONTRACTORS COMPLIMENTS 70 CRAVEN STREET Of NEW BERN, . . NORTH CAROLINA T A Y L O R OLDSMOBILE CO. EAT e . A N ICE I CREAM A WHOLE FOOD COMPLIMENTS Of HILL'S GOOD CLOTHES WHERE YOUR DOLLAR GOES THE FARTHEST C H A R L E S STORES COMPANY. INC. 7 THE SHORTEST ROUTE TO BETTER CROPS DAVISON-TRENT FERTILIZER COMPANY JAMES CITY, N. C. 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