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MA AMMWVV K , X ,k,, 5 vi ,,,,,,,,, , A V, Vx I ,W ,kky AMilf:-1,3f:,,,,:fwy .---., ,QQ-ffgy N.,,, ,,:':a,,: 1.1 fy. - . V - - .f f ' Y' K ' ' ' k--"' 5 ' , , f ".' E': : fy-wer:-:f4Qxf1::g:gw-Q1 --h": f'f4f':fZ:vi11QSM W-f' Q 1:-.:i:ff4iw:f, w -3 x f ' Liam .Ji Af, N ,. .va cs H -viii -rf- ,1- 513 ws- qw 4. sm, wig: 'N'f'- .'2-,gag ffm: N 14 Ae :gm-zff, 'f,12af3Ai'1-zgfze -5, if Q- ' 1-nwp , '. ' "- d-,- -,.f'm5z- : 'Ly' .4"zz4fam,"ig:' a1,.,f'w s 1 tif 5-fgs' -PM-1 'v'fQ29-.Sic-"."x.. 1 . , V pw' vw. . M ' I '. ' , ' "1 ff?-'f, 1" fy,Q1-YNfTX114,11fffW'5'KNf f5i.3,1lfg,g?Lgff13jf'f, -f.nHii.!.f,r.2 .23 wife - N, za . fa, ME, WW ,H 1 FQ LJ r 1,13 CL 1' inf! :1 W W U- ,KJ 5 Ls' E111 iw, 'fl 3, Qi ,E R Wil :fini it., if if-A 5: if ar Je 1. .fi 1. ,zl 53, 1 '-1 Q4 .M xi: , -K .Q Lim. 353, .fiig 5.15: N332 feslg 55155 as 2 fin L3 f. ,- -+H.,w-W R 1516+ Q., , ww E-rv'-7 Wi-IISPERS N014 Berlm Commumty Hugh School Neu, Bellln Illmols Elbhth Edltlon 1994 195 5 X Q X X 0 X1 s ' 0 1 f ' ' f' s 0. 1 I N R U C 0 A. 9 1 Q lr X ar Q In v ' 2 Annual Sta f Seated left to right Norma Isaacks Carol Haury Donna Rad1ker Carol Brown Back row Joyce Shutt Donna McGinrus Carol Workman Norma Hermes Mr Marr Janet Brewer Mar Jone Powers Catherine Hermes Roberta Fulton Jlm Roesch Jim Rogers CAROL HAURY, Editor Foreword As you can see there isa new addition being con structed to our high school and we would like to pay great tribute to those who have made this possible But this is not the only construction being car ned on tn our school I am speaking of mental con stmction. This past yearwe have gained much know- ledge from a lot of hard work, but not one of us can say that this year has not been a pleasant one. We hope this '55 Editionof "Whispers" will long be remembered after we have left N, B, T, H. S. As, you are leafing through the pages and reminiscing about your school days, it is our wish that you will receive much pleasure from this book. Many people have helped usin the making of our book and we would like to say to them, " Thank-you. " And now, your '55 Edition of "Whispers, " Dedication The Annual Staff would like to respectfully dedicate this eighth Il m edition of Whispers to Coach Ho- vey and the basketball team. 'NU 4?-il . . . . 4 V This dedication is a tribute to the untiring efforts of Coach Ho- vey and to the team for its out- standing record and display of good sportsmanship. l X COACH HOVEY qu' if First row, left to right: Jim Withrow, Mark Price, Jim Roesch, Doug Rogers, Bob Ruble. Second row: Coach Hovey, Bob Horn, Jack Reed, Don Nation, Jim Rogers. f'W'W A-rf' 1, Alfred Dean Henry was born in Franklrn Ill1no1s on March 28 1938 He com pleted lus grade school educauon at the Berhn school and enrolled 1n New Berlm 1-hgh School rn the fall of 1953 Dean became 111 rn the early part of December 1954 He entered St John s Hosprtal on December 15 and passed away on January 21 1955 at the age of 16 years The students and faculty members of New Berhn Hrgh School greatly admrred Dean He was fuendly and w1ll1ngly gave hrmself to any undertal-ung he belreved worthwhrle Dean s smrle and happy presence are greatly mused but hrs mdlvrduahty of character and hrs brave sprrit wxll always be an msprratron to all who knew hrm , 1 , 4 - ik X, .. V A fy! s -5,4 N Q. 'E .2 F-w2Q.Q?Q 9.5551 , ' 1 N .. 25... ga., - Helical NEW BERLIN HIGH SCHOOL, May, 1955 Mamma I it NEW BERLIN HIGH SCHOOL 1864-1906 THE DEAR OLD MAPLE TREE As I sat beside the school house Neath the Dear Old Maple Tree Where the boys and girls together Often played at Wicket free Visions O'er my memory flitted Of the days I used to know When as school mates we together To the old school used to go As the old tree towered above me Toward the sky of azure blue Each leaf kept time to the music As the breezes whistled through And the song they seemed to echo, In their sweet and rustic laysg Was the song of early childhood, And our happy young school days. Friends, those times are taken from us And those happy days are o'erg On Life's path they ne'er will greet us And we Ne'er shall see them more, But within my book of memory, Loving thought shall ever beg Of the School mates that have played 'Neath the Dear Old Maple Tree. A. A. Coulter administration -- 1, 11, Superintendentfs Message Well, Seniors, this seems to be the end of the line. Actually, the time has seemed so short to me that it is almost unbelievable that the end has come so soon. I often -wonder if seniors hate to leave us as much as we hate seeing them go. What is in the future for you seniors? What will four more years mean to you? These are the crucial years when one must head in the right direction and get all the idling jets cut off and the powerful motors tuned for a fast take-off. Select your proper driving gear for your particular power unit that will enable you to gain the goal that must be the ultimate for all of us. The greatest satisfaction that this Unit faculty would be able to attain, as far as satisfaction in your future is concerned, would be to watch your tail light fade in the distance as you out-distance and out-climb these old out-moded models. W. G. BIRD, Superintendent MRS. RUTH KNUST, Secretary Ni i f 1 5 1 ,, if 5. I Nurse- Princqnalfs Message The 1954-55 school year began on a rather unsettled note, which must have been confusing to students and teachers alike. It isn't an easy task for a school to adjust to a new principal under ordinary circumstances, and this situation was complicated by other factors. Almost simultaneous with the opening of school, workmen began to in- stall a new heating and lighting system in the classrooms and study hall. I am very happy and proud to say that after recovering from the initial shock, teachers and stu- dents were able to make the best of the prevailing conditions. Classes and clubs have participated in some interesting and very worthwhile projects which have proven beneficial to the school as well as the individual. This publication is an example of a project for which the sponsors and students are to be congratulated. Experiences of this kind coupled with classroom work are, and should be, important to our community and nation. I have enjoyed working with all those who have a part in our school and I hope it has meant as much to them as it has to me. WILLIAM F. LEWIS, Principal MRS. DIMPLE KRIBS. Secretary RICHARD BAYLY RALPH FRANK JOHN ISAACKS LLOYD LOVING President Board qf Education l ROSCOE NICHOLS JOHN MCCULLOUGH WILLIAM ROBERTSON Secretary MR, HOVEY General Science Boys' P. E. MRS. KNOX English Girls' P.E. X. Faculty MISS ANTEY Home Economics MR, GABRIEL Geometry Math Algebra -:J L' U SJ 5' K7 ' X-gl' ' ki.: f, J X MR. KRITZMIRE Unit Speech Correctionist MR. LEWIS Civics Principal F acuity MR. MARR History Social Problems Annual Advisor MR. MOLITORIS A griculture ff- MISS SCOTT English Latin MRS. THORSON Commercial rw MR, OLSON Biology Chemistry Physics Physical Geography MR. RUSSELL Band Chorus l w Q-sac-gnmammm - t l -41--w Seated, left to right: Janet Brewer, Florence Reichart, Joyce Shutt, Donna McGinnis Norma Hermes, Carol Workman, Mary Summers, Janet Clark, Carol Haury, Mildred Gansbauer, Carol Brown. Standing: Mr. Lewis, Rhea Park, John Wilcox, Donnie Marr, Bob Ruble, Jim Rogers, and Bill Fuchs. Student Council The Student Council for the year 1955 consisted of the presidents of each class and of each organization of the schoolg also delegates to Girls' State, Boys' State F.H. A. Camp, G.A.A. Camp, and Music Camp. Mr. Lewis acted as our chairman and Norma Jean Hermes was secretary. The members and Mr. Lewis studied school problems that affected the welfare of the student body. Our year in the Student Council has been a very busy and useful one. Next year we hope to have an even more successful year. MISS MAY MCGINNIS and MRS. GRACE KING 0 O E PETE HOCKENBERRY and HOWARD FRANK 771 P r. X1 Q. R SGW I A riwx l wxlxgfi i .Q A 5 5A X, V . -M ff X 1 E Z O MR. GREENING, MR. BODINE, MR. LANKFORD, MR, cox, MR. Koxe y MR. KING, MR. CREDIT. ff ll! Q S Seniors F I Left to right: Mr. Marr, Jim Rogers, Bob Ruble, Derma Radiker, Janet Brewer, Miss Scott Senwr Class AMW? W., vfnr... 9. Seniors JANET BREWER Annual Staff 4 Class Officer 2, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' State 3 Music Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Operetta 2 Quintet 1 Student Council 4 Sextet 3, 4 CAROL BROWN Annual Staff 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1.2, 3,4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Music Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Operetta 2 Quintet 1 Sextet 3, 4 Speech 1 FARRELL CHANDLER BAC 3, 4 Chorus 4 FFA 3, 4 Music Club 4 Newspaper 4 Science Club 3, 4 ROBERTA FULTON Armual Staff 4 Chorus 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Club 4 MILDRED GANSBAUER Chorus 1 FHA 1, 2, 3,4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 GAA Camp 3 BILL FUCHS BAC 3, 4 Baseball 2 Basketball 1 Chorus 4 FFA 1, 2, 4 Junior Play Music Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Science Club 3 Softball 1 Student Council 4 MARY GANSBAUER Chorus 1. 4 Class Officer 3 FHA Officer 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA Officer 4 Librarian 2, 3 Music Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 CAROL HAURY Annual Staff 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1 Student Council 4 NORMA HERMES Armual Staff 4 Cheerleader 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA Officer 4 Junior Play Music Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Operetta 2 Student Council 4 ANNA MARIE HUFF FHA 1,2,a,4 GAA 1,2,:a,4 We ANDY HERMES BAC 3, 4 BAC Officer 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 4 Class Officer 1 Math Club 4 Music Club 4 Science Club 3 Student Council 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 CATHERINE HERMES Annual Staff 4 FHA 1,2,3,4 BOB HORN BAC 3, 4 Basketball 4 Track 1, 3 NORMA ISAACKS Annual Staff 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Music Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Operetta 2 Quintet 1 Sextet 3, 4 Speech 1, 3, 4 PAT JOHNSON DONNA McGINNIS Cheerleader 2 AIUII-Ill Staff 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3 4 GAA 1,2, 3,4 CUOFUS 1.2. 3.4 Science Club 3 FHA 1. 2. 3. 4 FHA Officer 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA Officer 3, 4 Junior Play Muslc Club 4 Operetta 2 Quintet 1 Science Club 3 Student Council 1 2 3 4 Seniors LINDA MOFFITT Cheerleader 2, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer 3,4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Science Club 3, 4 RHEA PARK BAC 3, 4 Chorus 4 FFA 1, 2, 3,4 Junior Play Class Officer 2 Music Club 4 Student Council 4 FFA Officer 4 C DONNA RADIKER Annual Staff 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Club 4 Operetta 2 1 GAA 4 SHIRLEY RIECK FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 HALDEAN PEECHER DIANA PETERS BAC 3,4 GAA 4 Chorus 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Club 4 GERALDINE POOLE MARJORIE POWERS Annual Staff 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 3 FHA 2, 3, 4 GAA 4 Librarian 1 Latin Club 2, 3 Music Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Operetta 2 Sextet 3, 4 Science Club 3 JIM ROGERS Annual Staff 4 BAC 3,4 Basketball 2, 4 Class Officer 3, 4 Math Club 4 Math Club Officer 4 Science Club 4 Student Council 3, 4 Track 2, 3 JOYCE SHUTT Annual Staff 4 Cheerleader 2, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 2 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer 3,4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA Officer 4 Junior Play Math Club 4 Music Club 4 Operetta 2 Science Club 3 Speech 1 Student Council 3, 4 HM ROESCH Annual Staff 4 BAC 3, 4 BAC Officer Baseball 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Math Club 4 Music Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Science Club 3, 4 Softball 1 Track 1, 2, 3 Chorus 4 BOB RUBLE BAC 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 4 Chorus 1, 4 Junior Play Math Club 3,4 Music Club 4 Math Club Officer 4 Class Officer 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Science Club 3 Student Council 4 Track 1, 2, 3 SUSIE STURM Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Club 4 Operetta 2 CAROL WORKMAN Annual Staff 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 2 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 3, 4 Music Club 4 Operetta 2 Science Club 3 Student Council 4 Newspaper Staff 4 DOUG LA S ROGERS ,AC 3,4 Senwrs Baseball 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Chonls 4 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Math Club 4 Music Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Science Club 3, 4 Softball 1 Track 1, 2, 3 juniors X XA I -,sew ii CLA SS OFFICERS and ADVISORS Left to right Rosalie Glasgow Margaret Knepler, Mrs Thorson, Donnie Marr, Flor ence Reichart Marguerite Frank Mr Gabriel funwr Class H Lstory ln 1952 32 brave little Freshmen entered the doors of N B H S For officers of our Freshman Class we elected Donnie Marr, President Kenney Sanford Vice President Mary Summers Secretary Treasurer Florence Reichart Reporter Miss Scott and Mr Gabriel WSIS OUI SPOHSOIS In the fall of 53 27 of us retumed to haunt the halls of N B H S as sophisticated Sophomores. To lead us through our Sophomore year we elected Florence Reichart, President Donnie Marr, Vice Presidentg Paul Brehm, Secretary-Treasurer: Janice Canrrall, Reporter. Our sponsor was Miss Scott. This year, 1955, we still number 27. As "upper Classmen" we have chosen Donnie Marr, President, Florence Reichart, Vice Presidentg Marguerite Frank, Secretaryg Margaret Knepler, Treasurerg Rosalie Glasgow, Reporter, Our sponsors are Mr. Gabriel and Mrs, Thorson, Some of the most important events during our Junior year were the Junior Play, "The Professor Goes Haywire, " the Christmas Dance, and the Junior- Senior Prom. We are happy to say that all of these events were very successful, The Junior Class of 1954-55 has had many happy memories during the past years and are looking forward to many more in the future, JEANNETTE BERGSCHNEIDER ,IUHLOTS IA NICE CA NTRALL RONNIE EDWARDS ELMER FAHRENBACHER MARGUERITE FRANK ROSALIE GLASGOW JOYCE HAGLER ETHEL HORN DEAN I-IUGHS MARGARET KNEPLER RICHARD KOKE DONNIE MARR DORIS MATTISON ROSEMARY PETERS FLORENCE REICHART KENNETH SANFORD KENNETH SHEPPARD MARY SUMMERS GLADYS TOLLIVER ELLIOTT WALTER DONNA WILSON HM WITHROW MARK PRICE sophomores f 1- 1 ,,....-111-1-1 Q ...iii . 7 ,L-,,,....1l 7--,,1.1-1'-" CLASS OFFICERS and ADVISORS Left to right: Mr. Hovey, Richard Finn, Harold Finn, John Wilcox, Larry Rinaldo, Mrs. Knox, Sophomore Class History In August, 1953, we Sophomores, the "Freshies, " of the year entered New Berlin High School, a group of very puzzled mixed-up kids. For our officers we chose, Nancy Workman, President: John Wilcox, Vice President, George Estabrook, Secretary-Treasurerg Harold Finn, Reporter, Mr.Gabrie1 was our sponsor. Our first party was held on October 15, at the home of Dean Henry. On December 18, we joined "forces" with the Sophomores to bring forth one of the best Christmas parties, we think, ever held. At the end of the second semester we shared a party ending our Freshman year. This past August we returned to school as Sophomores, a group of "experienced students." We held an election for class officers, The results were, John Wilcox, President: Larry Rinaldo, Vice Presidentg Harold Finn, Secretary-Treasurerg Richard Finn, Reporter, Our class advisors were Mrs. Knox and Mr. Hovey. We held our first party of the year on October 29. Our next party was our Christmas party with the Freshman Class. It was held at the high school on December 16. Both of our parties were very enjoyable. 50 - J p if A 1' ' 5' "5i':q,5tm roo ausv V ' " j f X H e' . ' . if qu f -uf 4 KX A 'A , A K 1 Q I .1 ff , 1 ' ' Li Pr-so o Nor Avaluxale A A I .V.V MT: V V 1' . no 4 4 'T' M , av . . 4.1 2 A ff' 'sr Norma Freesmeyer Bob Fuchs Beverly Fulton Janet Glasgow Bill Harney Bernadine Haugh Dean Henry Jacob Hermes Jim Holler Joe Holler Tom Knepler Barbara Kribs HN AF iii Z Q32 in-ar' s,-Q I f I LM 1 PHOTO .Yol amilable ,Q 'Cl , 1 up Q? f B I f - J ii' ,Z .:... .U in my if ' V, A x-. , LI, '... .1 ' .M '-I i CQ .W-.f ef gnc' 15 1 'QI 4-4.11 Sophomores Mary Archer George Barker Judy Bean Jim Bodine Jim Brewer Floyd Chadwick lim Davenport Dale Elliot Wesley Elmore George Estabrook Harold Finn Richard Finn 'R l '14 "iQ in--.q,.. . s mi 4 ,H ' . fr f I Y V, :"' c in V Qljlf .f 1 su ,ix X 5' nits? 'N 1-... T Sophomores Jim Lowry Carol Maginn Ronald Miller Don Nation Allan Park Rita Peters Ruth Powers John Reed Larry Rinaldo Tom Robertson Gloria Roesch Dick Speaks HUF Y.,-I si 'D ', Qs 5 . '66 'av' W .52 Y 'gfigf 19 X A , A 75 ivmaiw. , l ,V Q ian!" -0 I Tom Standefer Bob Sturm Betty Tansky Ruby Tolliver John Wilcox Esther Williams Shelba Withrow Kay Woods Nancy Workman freshmen 'df' 0 -LL CLASS OFFICERS and ADVISORS Seated, left to right: Bob Crossin, Paul McCray, Janet Clark, Minnie Hermes, Ionn Shutt. Standing: Mr, Molitoris, Miss Antey. Freshman Class History The Freshman class entered New Berlin High with forty-eight members. As officers we elected: Janet Clark - - ---- President John Shutt - - - - - Vice President Minnie Hermes - - - - - Secretary Bob Crossin - - - - - Treasurer Paul McCray - - - - - ---- Reporter Our sponsors for our Freshman year were Miss Antey and Mr. Molitoris. As a money'-making project we sponsored a "necking party, " It received its name because admission was charged according to the size of a persons neck. We held our Christmas party with the Sophomores on December 16, at the high school, wx , Ab z PHOTO Not vmlable 3 Richard Drury Barbara Duewer Linda Estabrook Evelyn Edwards Mary Fahrenbacher Ruth Ann Finn Nancy Fuchs John Giddings Minnie Hermes Helen Hom Judy Hughes Joy Humphrey Freshmen Judy Bullock Joe Burger Danny Carriger Lowell Chandler Janet Clark Jackie Coe Dolores Crabtree Bob Crossin Clarence Cumby Charles Cummings Joyce Dain Sherwood Dannenberger Freshmen Walter I ames Norma Johnson Paul McCray Willis Mavis Judy Meier Carol Nichols Ronald Ozier Gaylon Peecher Harold Peters Becky Pratt Janet Park Stella Price ,rw 9,15 Fred Reed Delma Reichart Billy Rhodes David Rose Paul Rouland Carl Rush Imogene Russell John Shutt David Sheppard Carolyn Tansky Helen Young Mike Young Left to right Donna McG1nms Margaret Knepler Norma Hermes Linda Moffrtt and Joyce Shutt Cheerleaders LOYALTY SONG re loyal to you N B High re orange and blue N B Hrgh ll back you to stand against the best in the land or we know you have stand N B High Rah! Rah' So tip in that ball N B High We re backrng you all N B High Our team is our fame, protect her On boys, for we expect a victory from you N.B. High Bring out that dear old flag of orange and blue, Lead all your sons and daughters fighting for you. Like men of old, on giants, facing reliance, Shouting defiance, Oski Wa Wa! Amid the broad green plains that nourish our land For honest labor and for learning we stand. And unto thee we pledge our heart and hands Dear Alma Mater N. B. High. v 'T' Standing, left to right: Mr. Hovey, Bob Crossin, Paul McCray. Larry Rinaldo, Ronnie Edwards, Douglas Rogers, Jim Roesch, Bob Ruble, Harold Finn, Danny Carriger, Richard Finn. Kneeling Tom Standefer, Fred Reed. Baseball Team The New Berlin baseball team although showing a poor won-1 lost-6 record, enjoyed a lot of baseball this fall. The team showed a lack of experience in the first few games but as the season went on, after many nights of practice, Bill Hovey's team began to show promise at the seasons close. The team included many underclassmen, having only three seniors and one junior at the end of the season. Sophomore Harold Finn was the teams leading hitter, hitting an impressive . 348. He was followed by Jim Roesch, and Doug Rogers hitting. 294 and . 292 respectively. Pitching seemed to be the big problem for N. B. as the opposing players averaged 23 runs a game. compared to our 7. 3. However, with the excellent coaching of Mr. Hovey, things indicate a more promising season for next year. Riverton Williamsville Rochester Pleasant Plains Athens Trl-City Tallula 20 New Berlin 3 24 New Berlin 7 16 New Berlin 1 3 New Berlin 2 ll New Berlin 6 7 New Berlin 5 10 New Berlin 28 -FLT- IIM WITHROW Center MARK PRICE Guard PLAYB2 Jim Wlthrow Andy Hermes Doug Rogers Mark Price Jim Roesch Ilm Rogers Bob Horn Don Nation Jack Reed TOTALS 1 Baskets attempted 2 Baskets made 4 1403 Basketball 4 4 4 4 4 Free throws shot 5 Free throws made 44 4 680 Fouls 8 Total polnts HM ROESCH. Guard nm Rooms Guard nous nocens, Forward 7 ' 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ' 255 110 . 31 109 65 .596 67 285 11 261 90 . 345 112 71 . 634 70 251 10 373 157 . 21 191 140 .733 69 5 17 20 80 . 393 101 62 . 614 48 222 265 107 . 40 153 104 . 678 75 318 12 Bob Ruble 6 1 . 166 4 1 .250 4 3 3 0 .000 1 0 .000 7 0 8 2 .250 5 0 . 000 3 4 15 8 .533 7 3 .429 6 19 13 9 . 692 7 6 . 855 5 24 504 . 02 690 452 . 655 35 1 65 . 7. 3 Field goal percentage 6. Free throw percentage 9. Average points per game l l l BOB HORN Forward BOB RUBLE Forward New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berhn New Berhn New Berlm New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin A Team SCHEDULED GAMES Williamsville Pawnee Illiopolls Auburn Rochester Tallula Tn City Ashland Routt I.S. D. Pleasant Plains Ball Township Riverton Franklin Waverly Divernon Chapin Meredosia Pleasant Plains Tri-City WILLIA MSVILLE TOURNEY Williamsville COUNTY TOURNEY Auburn Ball Township Pawnee REGIONAL TOURNEY Waverly 59 Routt Track Team First row left to right Ronnie Ozler Dan Blankenship Kenneth Sanford Richard Finn Lowell Chandler J1m Rogers John Giddings Larry Rmaldo Richard Drury Richard Koke Second row Dale Elliott Pete McCray Don Nation, Mark Price, Jim Roesch, Bob Sturm, Jim Withrow, Doug Rogers, Ronnie Edwards, Tom Knepler. First row, left to right: Bob Crossin, Harold Finn, John Wilcox, Jack Reed, Don Nation. Second row: Joey Burger, Walter James, Danny Carriger, Larry Rinaldo, Bob Sturm, Pete McCray, Lowell Chandler, Richard Finn, Dale Elliott. ll' ,uv QL x N ' x A f" 'V ,Q-r .4 , 97 I - N W Basketball HIV Team activities ...C .., ... ,.. First row left to rrght Jeannette Bergschnelder Dlma Rerchart Evelyn Edwards, Janet Park, Donna McGinnrs Mary Gansbauer Mrs Knox Joyce Shutt, Norma Hermes Carol Nichols Judy Bullock Becky Pratt Second row Rosalre Glasgow Judy Merer Pat Johnson Joyce Darn Susre Sturm Anna Mane Huff Joy Humphrey Stella Prrce Mrnnre Hermes Lrnda Moffrtt Carol Workman Judy Hughes Norma Johnson Thrrd row Judy Bean ShelbaW1th row Helen Horn Ethel Horn, Roberta Fulton Nancy Fuchs Janet Brewer Maryorie Powers Ruth Powers Beverly Fulton Kay Woods Dons Matteson Fourth row Marguerrte Frank Janet Glasgow Rosemary Peters, JBCRIC Coe Ruth Frnn Rrta Peters, Glorra Roesch Bernadrne Haugh Norma Freesmeyer Barbara Krrbs Frfth row Carol Brown, Norma lsaacks, Donna Radrker Margaret Knepler Donna Wrlson, Mrldred Gansbauer Geraldrne Poole Janet Clark, Florence Rerchart Mary Fahrenbacher Grrls Athletzc Club G A C IS an athletrc club for grrls to parucrpate rn drfferent sports We play games and have tournaments at our meetings and during gym class, We receive points for playing in tour- naments, and after we have enough we are able to get a letter. We are proud to say that we have fifty-eight members this year, For our officers we chose, Joyce Shutt, Presidentg Donna McGinnis, Vice President: Norma Hermes, Secretary: and Mary Gansbauer, Reporter. Our sponsor is Mrs. Knox. Cl X aff af First row, left to right: Harold Peters, David Rose, George Barker, Tom Standefer, Charles Cummings, Mark Price, Andy Hermes, Jim Roesch, Paul Rouland, Ronald Ozier, Walter James, Joe Burger, Dale Elliott. Second row: Mr, Hovey, Allan Park, Danny Carriger, Richard Firm, Bob Crossin, Jim Holler, Tom Robertson, David Sheppard, John Shutt, Richard Drury, Jacob Hermes, Mr. Gabriel, Third row: Fred Reed, Wesley Elmore, John Giddings, Ronald Miller, Harold Finn, Jim Davenport, John Wilcox, George Estabrook, Bill Harney, Willis Mavis, Gary Brehm, Dick Koke, Mike Young. Fourth row: Carl Rush, Gaylon Peecher, Bob Fuchs, Farrell Chandler, Haldean Peecher, Dick Speaks, Don Nation, Bill Fuchs, Jim Lowry, Clarence Cumby Rhea Park. Fifth row: Jim Brewer, Jim Bodine, Floyd Chadwick, Joe Holler, Tom Knepler, Bob Sturm, Jack Reed, Elliott Walter, Jim Rogers, Ken Sheppard, Lowell Chandler, Sixth row: Larry Rinaldo, Paul McCray, Ronnie Edwards, Jim Withrow, Dean Henry, Paul Brehm, Dean Hughs, Douglas Rogers, Elmer Fahrenbacher, Bob Ruble. Boys ' Athletic Club The B. A. C. was first organized in New Berlin in 1953. It is a club designed for athletic minded boys. It is open to all high school boys who wish to join. Once each month, during the school year, the club meets to witness a movie concerning sports activities. The purpose of the club is to teach sportsmanship, This year our officers are Andy Hermes, President: Jim Roesch, Vice Presidentp Mark Price, Reporter, Our sponsor is Mr, William Hovey. A .Am First row left to rlght Rosalie Glasgow, Becky Pratt Jeannette Bergschnerder Mary Summers Anna Marie Huff Carol Workman Donna Radiker Donna McGinnis Joyce Shurt Linda Moffrtt Norma Hermes Mary Gansbauer Donna Wilson Carol Nichols Judy Bullock Second row Mrs Kribs Judy Meier Pat Johnson Joyce Dam, Susie Sturm Joy Humphrey Stella Price Helen Young Minnie Hermes Judy Hughs Llnda Estabrook Norma Johnson Mtss Antey Third row Evelyn Edwards Nancy Workman, Shelba Wrthrow Helen Horn Ethel Horn Roberta Ful ton Nancy Fuchs Janet Brewer Marjone Powers Ruth Powers Beverly Fulton Mary Archer Esther Williams Dolores Crabtree Fourth row Delma Reichart Janet Park Shirley Rreck Jackie Coe Ruth Finn Imogene Russell Barbara Duewer Diana Peters Catherrne Hermes Kay Woods Barbara Kribs Carol Maginn Fifth row Janet Glasgow Marguerite Frank Rosemary Peters Carol Brown, Norma Isaacks Joyce l-lagler Margaret Knepler Mrldred Gansbauer Janet Clark Florence Reichart Dons Matteson, Mary Fahrenbacher Future Homemakers 0 Amerzca The Future Homemakers of America was orgamzed in 1944 The New Berhn Chapter has been a member of the National F. H. A. since 1945 and the State since 1944. The first presr dent in the New Berlin Chapter was Margaret Rettberg. This year we have 65 members. Our officers are: President, Donna McGinnisg Vice Presl- dent, Joyce Shuttg Secretary, Linda Moffittg Treasurer, Donna Radikerg Historians, Anna Marie Huff and Mary Summersg Reporter, Norma Hermesg Parliamentarian, Mary Gansbauerg Chair- man of Projects, Carol Workman: Chairman of Recreation, Donna Wilson: Advisor, Miss Dorothy Anteyg Chapter Mother, Mrs. Dimple Krlbs, The purpose of F. H. A. is to further interest ln making better homes and people. Each girl learns the real meaning of 'home' and how to make a house full of people into a home and a famil '-1 , "lfQJau"5 Y- 'gg ssxxillwllllkx g -' Q x , If-Ss First row, left to right: Hamid Peters Fred Reed Tom Knepler Jack Reed Dean Henry Paul Brehm, Dean Hughs, Kenneth Sanford Second row: John Giddings Wesley Elmore Joe Holler Ronald Miller, Jacob Hermes, George Estabrook, Willis Mavis, John Shun. Third row: Jim Holler, Elliott Walter, John Wilcox, Rhea Park, Farrel Chandler Donnie Marr Mr Molitoris ARMERS o vifx it-'A 'es' ,"'v i WE Future Farmers 0 America We started the year off right with our Freshman initiation held at school during the day and other initiations in the evening. Our Father and Son Banquet was enjoyed by everyone. We sponsored a magazine and a garden seed campaign to raise money. The officers of our Chapter are, Rhea Park, Presidentg Don Marr. Vice President, John Wil- cox, Secretaryg Elliott Walter, Treasurer, Farrell Chandler, Reporterg Jim Holler and Torn Knep- ler, are Sentinels. . fix 33 5 N'W,.7g.-ri - First row left to right Willis Mavis Judy Hughes Carol Brown Jackie Coe Margaret Knepler Ken Sanford Johnny Wilcox Second row Ruby Tollrver Linda Esrabrook Joy Humphrey Mr Russell Florence Rerchart Janet Clark Mary Archer Carol Workman Richard Drury Norma Isaacks John Giddrngs Dale Elliott Mary Summers Band Muszc Club Mr. Russell, Mary Summers, Judy Beau, Mary Archer, Susie Sturm, Ethel Horn, Carol Maginn, Gloria Roesch, Ruth Finn, Nancy, Fuchs, Esther Williams, Helen Horn, Judy Meier. Second row: Barbara Duewer, Ruby Tolliver Joyce Shutt, Beverly Fulton, Ruth Powers, Ianet Brewer, Marjorie Powers, Carol Workman, Betty Tausky, Bemadme Haugh, Roberta Fulton, Norma Hermes. Third row: Judy Hughes, Jackie Coe, Mary Gansbauer, Donna Radiker, Janet Clark, Carol Brown, Donna McGinnis, Donna Wilson, Norma Isaacks, Florence Reichart, Margaret Knepler Rosemary Peters, Imogene Russell. Fourth row: Dale Elliott, Rhea Park, Bill Fuchs, Ken Sanford, Ronnie Edwards Bob Sturm, John Wilcox, Willis Mavis, Richard Drury, Larry Rinaldo, Richard Finn. Tom Robertson, Farrell Chand ler. First row, left to right: Mr. Russell, Ruth Ann Finn, CarolMaginn, Mary Archer, Gladys Tolliver, Esther Williams, Carolyn Tansky, Nancy Fuchs, Judy Meier, Mary Summers, Joy Humphrey. Second row: Judy Hughes Barbara Kribs, Helen Horn, Dlma Reichart, Ethel Horn, Betty Tansky, Marjorie Powers, Carol Workman, Susie Sturm Bernadine l-laugh Third row Joyce Shutt Roberta Fulton Janet Brewer Judy Bean Dons Matteson Ruth Powers Beverly Fulton Barbara Duewer Imogene Russell Gloria Roesch Norma Hermes Fourth row Rosemary Peters Jackie Coe Mary Gansbauer Donna Radiker Janet Clark Norma Isaacks Carol Brown Donna McGinnis Florence Reichart Margaret Knepler Donna Wilson IXLIUH I Gzrls Chorus Boys , Chorus First row, left to right: Mr. Russell, Ronnie Ozier, Farrell Chandler, Harold Finn, Bill Fuchs, Tom Robertson, Haldean Peecher, David Rose. Second row: Richard Finn, Rhea Park, Ronnie Edwards, John Wilcox, Bob Sturm, Larry Rinaldo, Richard Drury, Dale Elliott. 1 , -, ."'r ' :Fix-AZ , pd' - K "Af: ' el V. , 'F M54 ,. , 2, 'yi . rf., , C I -'WATHIQX Left to right Gloria Roesch Bernadine Haugh Betty Tansky Ethel Hom Miss Scott Carol Workman, Rita Peters Marguerite Frank Mary Summers Latm Club This year the Latin Club membership has decreased to where we have nine members but next year we will grow again. All of the members were very pleased with the Latin Banquet which was held on the Ides of March in Roman style We raised money by selling cookies candy and pop com. Our play party was quite successful. We feel that our success this year could not have been possible without the direc tion of Miss Scott, our c1ub's sponsor. Our officers this year are: Carol Workman, Presidentg Ethel Hom, Vice President: Berna- dine Haugh, Secretary-Treasurerg Rita Peters, Reporter. 153 ,i it?-f ' . a ,.,, 4. ky r' J" M.. F 9 rlw',,9 L, 'QQ' X, LIBRARY F ll"1ll sv Seated, left to right: Esther Williams, Miss Scott, Doris Matteson, Standing: Betty Tanskv, Bernadine Haugh, Gloria Roesch, Kay Woods, Norma Freesmeyer, Library Staff Since the library is open for service throughout the school day, there is constantly a student-assistant on duty, These assistants charge out books to the students, offer assistance in finding desirable books, and return books to their proper places upon the shelf, Because these assistants receive neither cash payment nor credit for their service, they command much grati- tude on the part of Miss Scott, the librarian, and on the part of the entire faculty. There are nine assistants this year: Doris Matteson, Richard Drury, Betty Tansky, Bemadine Haugh, Esther Williams, Gloria Roesch, Ruby Tolliver, Kay Woods, and Norma Freesmeyer. Seated, left to right: Carol Workman, Linda Moffltt, Mrs. Knox, Bob Ruble, Carol Brown. Standing Bill Fuchs, Rita Peters, Norma lsaacks, Richard Finn, Mary Gansbauer, Jim Roesch, Bernadine Haugh, Doug Rogers, Marjorie Powers, Pete McCray, Janet Brewer, Jim Rogers, Norma Hermes, Rosalie Glas- Newspaper Staff Bob Ruble - Editor of New Berlin Bee, Sports Editor of Orange and Blue Breeze. Linda Moffitt - Editor of Orange and Blue Breeze, Publisher of New Berlin Bee. Carol Workman - Editor of Society for Orange and Blue Breeze, Clubs Editor of New Berlin Bee. Carol Brown - Editor for advertisement for Orange and Blue Breeze, Music Editor for New Berlin Bee. Norma Isaacks - Editor of Humorous column for Orange and Blue Breeze, Editor for High School activities for New Berlin Bee. Jim Roesch - Your Page Editor for Breeze - Is It True for the Bee. Marjorie Powers - Editor for class news - Editorial page for Breeze. Bill Fuchs - Sports page for Breeze - Sports for Bee. Andy Hermes - Unit 16 news for Bee. Doug Rogers - Picture Editor of Breeze. Norma Hermes - F.H.A. cub reporter. Richard Finn - Sophomore Class cub reporter. Pete McCray - Freshman cub reporter. Rita Peters - Latin Club cub reporter. Janet Brewer - Senior Class cub reporter. Mary Gansbauer - G.A.C. cub reporter. Bernadine Haugh - Music Club cub reporter. Rosalie Glasgow - Junior Class cub reporter. Jim Rogers - Math Club cub reporter. David Rose - Science Club cub reporter. Farrell Chandler - F.F.A. cub reporter. First row left to right David Rose Ruth Powers Beverly Fulton Betty Tansky Judy Bean Second row Mr Olson Walter James Joe Holler Barbara Kribs Norma Freesmeyer Kay Woods Carol Maginn Mary Archer Farrell Chandler Ronnie Ozier Third row Jim Holler Larry Rinaldo John Wilcox Bob Sturm Jack Reed Tom Knepler Bill Fuchs Richard Drury Allen Park Urdo Sczentra The Science Club Ordo Scientta was reorganized in the fall of 54 with membership open to Freshmen and Sophomores Upperclassmen are eligible to membership upon invitation by a member Officers elected to serve for the year are President Judy Bean Vice President Betty Tansky Secretary Janet Glasgow Treasurer - -Ruth Powers Reporter ---------- - - - David Rose Chairmen of Committees, Activities -------- ---- B ill Fuchs Membership ------ - Shelba Withrow At regular monthly meetings, the three following programs were presented among others: 1. Chemistry Demonstration by Mr. Olson, Advisor. 2. Electrical Demonstration by Drury and Ozier. 3. Talk on Polio by Dr. Glen Wichterman. On March 31, the club sponsored an all school movie. "Beaver Island. " by Walt Disney. Part Of the expense was borne by the club treasury. First row left to right Marguerite Frank Mark Price Florence Reichart Jim Rogers Second row Jeannette Bergschnerder Margaret Knepler Joyce Shutt Bernadine Haugh Esther Williams Gloria Roesch Mary Summers Mr Gabriel Third row Rosalie Glasgow Joyce Hagler Tom Robertson Dale Elliott Richard Finn Allan Park Donna McGinnis Rosemay Peters Fourth row Kenneth San ford Harold Finn Dean Hughes Doug Rogers Jim Withrow Jim Roesch Ronnie Edwards Bob Ruble Larry Rinaldo Kozeen Math Club After a successful first year the Kozeen Mathematics Club began its second year on October 7 1954 Eighteen new students were initiated on October 21 making a total of thirty one members An election of officers was held and the following people were elected: Florence Reichart, Presidentg Mark Price, Vice Presidentg Marguerite Frank, Secretaryg and Jim Rogers, Historian. The club greatly enjoyed its annual trip to Chicago on April 11. The purpose ot our organization is to promote further interest in mathematics, to provide an appreciation for the role mathematics plays in our everyday lives as well as an understanding of the cultural advantage of a good mathematics background. First row left to right Joyce Shutt Margaret Knepler Donna McG1nn1s Norma Hermes Linda Moffitt Second row Mary Summers Susie Sturm Minnie Hermes Margie Powers Roberta Fulton Mrs Knox Carol Workman Mary Archer Nancy Fuchs Judy Meier Helen Horn Anna Marie Huff Gladys Tollrver Third row Ronn1eOz1er Mrldred Gansbauer Mary Annette Fahrenbacher Ruth Fmn Janet Brewer R1chardF1nn Willis Mavis Richard Drury Betty Tansky Gloria Roesch Berna d1neHaugh Esther Williams David Rose Fourth row Mary Gansbauer Geraldine Poole Donna Wilson Rosalie Glasgow Janet Clark Donna Radrker Carol Brown Lowell Chandler Marguerite Frank Florence Reichart Rosemary Peters Judy Hughes Jackie Coe ew Berlm Boosters The New Berlin Booster Club was formed to support the basketballteam by backing them with cheers This is the first year for the club which has been a huge success The members of the club number around thirty They are all from the student body Anyone who IS willing to support the team is eligtble for membership. The officers are as follows: Chairman ---- - - - Janet Brewer Co-Chairmen - - - Florence Reichart Marguerite Frank Reporter- - - - Rosalie Glasgow The activities of the club included a money making project which was a sock hop, and making of posters, etc., for the county tournament. The club meets every Sth period before a game which ends in a pep assembly. 66The Professor Goes Haywirew Presented by the Junior Class On the nights of October 14 and 15, the class of '56 presented a three-act comedy, "The Professor Goes Haywire. The play was commented on by several as a delightful success. We wish to thank Mrs. Knox for her very capable direction of our play, and Mark Price for a fine job of prompting. The play cast was as follows: Scott Bunting, a young professor- - - Lucinda, his stern aunt ----- Katie, his sweet aunt- - Froggy, his pal ----- Taffy, the terrible ---- Dean Farrell, her father - - Ellice, a charmer ---- Abby, a silly miss ------- Russ, a student ---------- Warren, college photographer- - Jo, a city reporter -------- Hannigan, a city photographer- Socko, a boxer ---------- Jennie, the maid ----- Mrs. O'brien, a visitor- - - Extras ---------- - - Elmer Fahrenbacker - - - -Rosalie Glasgow - - Doris Matteson - - - Richard Koke - - Gladys Tolliver - - - Paul Brehm - - Marguerite Frank - -Margaret Knepler - ---- Don Marr - - Ken Stanford - - Joyce Hagler - - Dean Hughs - - - Jim Withrow - - ----- Donna Wilson - - - - - - - - Florence Reichart - - 'Rosemary Peters, Elliott Walters Jeanette Bergschneider, Ethel Horn Janice Cantrall, Mary Summers 4 Q l Highlights of the Year H., c'-',,4,.,... -wg.. 3 W, , V, Bi M A 7 qw- , A k. .,. A M - . , .un THE CHRISTMAS DANCE - December 19. 1954 if THE PROM - May 7, 1955 Y September October November School Calendar First half day of school Second full day of school Junior Class Magazine Campaign School Ptctures Baseball New Berltn loses to Rochester G1rls Baseball Juniors defeat Seniors Miss Hodges vtstts Home Ec Baseball New Berlm loses to Athens G A C Intttation Baseball New Berlin loses to Tri City Girls Baseball Seniors defeat Freshmen F H A Imttatlon Football Semors vs Freshmen T B Tests Baseball Sophomores lose to Juniors Baseball Series on TV T B Tests read Baseball Serles on TV Baseball New Berlin vs Tallula Math Club Initiation Music Club Trip to St Lours Group pictures taken for Annual by Anker Studio End of ftrst six weeks Senior Class Bake Sale Unit Assembly Grathwell G Man Senior Class pictures taken at Anker Studro Junior Play Professor Goes Haywrre No School Junior Play Professor Goes Haywire Assembly Allted Youth Speaks Semor Picture Proofs Freshman Class wrener roast Lattn Club Party Sophomore Party Assembly Puppet Show Girls Newcomb Tournament Sophomores lost to Seniors Chorus and Band Festival Auburn Girls Newcomb Tournament Juniors defeat Freshmen Sophomores defeat Freshmen in Newcomb Tournament No School QArm1st1ce Dayj Girls Newcomb Tournament Seniors defeat Iumors Semor Class Party Junror Class Party Sophomore Corn Picking Ftrst Basketball game New Berlin 54 Williamsville 48 F F A Banquet Freshman Play Party Math Club Dance Party Untt Assembly Acrobatrc Seniors receive graduation ctures Thanksgiving No school No school 1 . 2 8 . , . 13 ' 17 - ' 21 . . . 22 - ' 24 - . .- . 27 - ' . 28 . . 29 ' 30 . . 1 - ' . 2 . . . . 5 , . 7 . . 9 . 12 ' - - . F.H.A. Officers Meeting - Springfield High 13 ' 14 - .. - .. 15 18 - ' 19 ' ' 22 ' 29 1 - 2 . , - . 3 ' - 4 ' - ' 8 . 11 . . 12 . . - . . 13 ' 16 . - . - .. . 18 . . . 19 20 23 ' - ' 24 ' ' pi 25 . . - December January February March Aprrl May Grrls Badmrnton Frnals Champs are Poole and Gansbauer F H A Chrrstmas Party Freshman Sophomore Chrrstmas Party Vesper Servrce Classes rn gym Chnstmas Dance Tod Errckson Begrnnrng of Chrrstmas vacatron End of vacatron Semester Exams Assembly Musrcran F H A Formal Imtratron County Tournament New Berlrn 63 Auburn 51 County Tournament New Berlrn 28 Ball Townshrp 27 County Tournament New Berlrn 44 Pawnee 46 fChamp1onsh1pj M Russell and Grrls attend All State Chorus Jumors defeat Sophomores rn Grrls Basketball Tourney Semors defeat Freshmen rn Grrls Basketball Tourney Sweetheart Dance Tod Errckson Freshmen lost to Sophomores rn Grrls Basketball Tourney Semors defeat Junrors rn Grrls Basketball Tourney Assembly Grrls Speech Contestants Freshmen and Sophomores wtn Basketball Tourney at P Platns Grrls Volleyball Tournament Iumors defeat Semors Lattn Club Banquet Freshman Bean Supper Guls Volleyball Tourney Sophomores defeat Freshmen Grrls Volleyball Tourney Junrors defeat Sophomores One half day of school snow Socral Problems Freld Trrp Sprrngfreld No School Basketball Banquet Harry Combes Speaker Track Meet at Rochester Grrls Chorus goes to Auburn End of frfth s1x weeks Good Frrday No School Easter Monday No School Math Club freld trrp to Chrcago Group prctures taken for annual by Anker Studro Semor Class Bake Sale Boys Tour of Illrnors State Normal Gtrls Krckball Tournament Semors Champs Englrsh IV freld trrp to Sprrngfreld Mother and Daughter Banquet G A C Day at Maclvlurray Sophomore Class carmval and square dance Iunror Senror Prom Lmcoln Park Tod Errckson Umt 916 Musrc fesrrval at Hugh School Senror skrp day Senror trrp to Ozarks Sophomore Class Party Sophomore Home Ec Class gxves Semors a tea party G A C potluck Semors last day of school Freshman party Baccalaureate Rev Maunce Powers Speaker Semester Exams Commencement C. C. Byerly, Speaker Luncheon for all employees of Umt 1If16 14 . , . . - 15 . . . ' 19 ' 20-22 ' 22 ' - ' 23 . . . . 3 . 13-14 18 - ' ' 24 . . . " ' 27 ' - 28 ' - ' 29 . - . . 4-5 r. ' . - 8 . . . , 11 ' ' ' ' 12 - ' 15 ' ' ' 18 . . . . , 3 - ' ' 5 ' . ' 8 , , - . . 15 ' 17 18 ' ' - ' 21 - 23 . . . - . . 25 28 - . ' 1 2 ' ' 6 . . '7 1 . 10 . 11 . . . 14 . . 16 ' 18 ' ' ' 19 . , . - . 21 29 . . . 7 . - . - . - . 10 , . . . 13 ' ' 14-15 ' ' 16 17 ' ' 19 . . . 20 ' ' 22 - . ' . 25-26 26 - Sensor Class H LSl0Ty In the fall of 51 48 assorted srzes of teenagers entered N B H S as green Fresh 'nen The off1cers for our green year were Andy Hermes Presrdent Johnny Stande fer Vlce President Carol Workman Secretary Treasurer Our student councrl repre senattve was donna McG1nn1s Our sponsors were Mrss Scott and Mrss Brannan, One of the many highllghts of the year was our frrst b1g Christmas party w1th the Sophomores As we st 'ted our Sophomore year our class had dwmdled to 41 Our class offrcers were Rhea Park President Janet Brewer Vlce Presrdent Donna McGinn1s Secretary Treasurer Joyce Shutt Reporter Our sponsors were M1ss Scott and Mr Hovey Our Junior year was one of the biggest, fllled with many new expenences A hay nde w1th the Seniors started the year in good fashlon It was wonderful to see the Study Hall fall 1nto shape for the Frostle Frohc Christmas Dance The brggest event of the year was the Prom Wllh the Semors as our guests The theme was Maypole Magrc We are happy to say that our play Adam s Evenrng, was a great success The officers for the year were J1m Rogers, President Bob Ruble Vice President Mary Gansbauer, Secretary Treasurer Marjorie Powers Reporter Our sponsor was Mrss Schaefer The student councrl members were Carol Brown, Andy Hermes, Donna McG1nIus, Jtm Rogers and Joyce Shutt Here it is 55 At last we have become Semors and yet, rt seems 11ke only yes terday we were Freshmen For our offlcers this year we chose Jlm Rogers President Bob Ruble, Vice Presi dent Donna Radrker Secretary Treasurer Janet Brewer Reporter Mrss Scott and Mr Marr were our very able sponsors The student coturcil members were Janet Brewer B111 Fuchs Mrldred Gansbauer, Andy Hermes Norma Hermes, Carol Haury Donna McGinn1s Rhea Park Jrm Rogers, Bob Ruble, Joyce Shutt and Carol Workman. The highlrghts of our hlgh school days were the Chnstmas Dance, the Prom, grven rn our honor by the Juruors and the brg step that finished our high school days We the Seruors of 55 have taken wtth us many unforgettable memones of our high school days at N B H S 0 o I ' fl - 1 a a 1 a u ' 11 u - l - A . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . - . ra- , , ' of 1 1 1 1 ' f I l l C . - 0 ' 11 - '- 11 ' . , - - n - 11 1 1 11 1 - 11 p . U f I " 1 1 o . o , . - . . - . 1 . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 u o 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 9 . . , . . 1 1 . . . e Senzor Prophecy As the class of 56 boards therr atomrc auto car to Jet rnto the future we are amazed to hear that Janet has replaced the famous Teresa Brewer As we zoom down hrghway 66 we not1ce someone chasrng after frve ltttle red heads Why rt IS Norma Lou We are now tuned rn to the radro and we hear the great pohtictan Rhea Parks who IS runmng for Presrdent of the Y W C A Sometlung Just went by rn a Mercury It rs Anna Mane and Jack Getttng hungry we agree to stop at the Hotel Rush where Mildred Gansbauer 18 head wartress and her twrn Mary rs markrng pnces on the menu Askrng about the huge trophy we frnd much to our surrxrse that rt belongs to Geraldrne Poole The Badmrnton Champ Dunng our meal we are entertamed by the famous srngrng dancmg and mendodgpng star Norma Hermes As we board our atomrc auto car we go slowly through the crty vrewmg the bmldrngs Why there rs the Powers Conservatory of Musrc run by our httle Maryone To our left 13 the famous Pans Dress Shop owned by Shrrley Rerck In the center of the square we see a huge space shrp desrgned and butlt by the great rnventor Bob Ruble There to our nght rs the Ilm Roger s Under taking Parlor wrth Carol Workman s flower shop next door Seerng that our gas gauge IS nearmg empty we pull mto the Horn Gas Corporatron to frnd Presrdent Robert Horn berng the model Before and Susre the model After As we near the outsklrts of town we pass the track where Joyce Shutt is trarmng for the 880 In regards to our evemng sentertaxnment we stop at a frlling station to inqurre about duectrons to the Huff gym where a basketball game rs to be held Upon enter mg the gym we see Jrm Roesch and Doug Rogers opposxng coaches giving instructrons to the1r star players Wrlly D Hovey Jr and Morgan Lewrs Loolung through the crowd we see the famrhar face of Lrnda Moffrtt Besrde her are a couple of httle boys m bell bottomed trousers We also nouce that Donna McG1nn1s rs now wearing the umform of the women s manne corps Whrle talkmg to Drana Peters P E teacher and wamng for Elhott she tells us that Haldean Peecher rs now teaclung Hrstory and Donna Radrler rs strll occupyrng the last seat on the fan s bus She also tells us that Andy Hermes rs now a great lecturer Tlus however rs not surpnsmg for he has al ways been a convrncmg talker On our way home we tune mto Dragnet and frnd that Bill Fucns has replaced Ioe Fnday 'I'he next program rs an rntervrew of celebrmes Among them are Carol Brown the famous opera srnger on TV and Farrell Chandler the great racer who has come in f1rst rn the Mexrcan Road Race drivrng hrs shmy blue Oldsmobrle Nearing the end of our journey we dnve through Plams and see Roberta Fulton taking her lads to the circus wrth whrch Catherine Hermes is bustness manager We must say this has been an entertaining joumey for us and we hope you have enyoyed It too. . . . . . . , . . . . . ,, working on a budget. Across the street is the Haury-Sturm Reducing Salon. Carol . . . Sensor Class Wzll To Mr B1rd an automatrc check srgner so you won t be so busy To Mr Lewrs some Senrors who pay attention to announcements rn study hall To Mrss Antey a step ladder so you w1ll be as tall as the other faculty members To Mr Gabrrel a lrfetrme membershrp m the T G I F Club To Mr Hovey a basketball team of women haters To Mr Marr we leave a bottle of non sleep prlls for hrs Amencan Hrstory Class To Mrs Knox some grrls who will take showers after P E class To Mr Kntzmrre the Presrdency of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery rn Peorra Herghts To Mr Molrtons the hope that nobody loses an arm rn the new Industnal Arts Shop To Mr Olson, a Chemlstry Class that reads drrections Let s hope they don t try to blow up the new lab To Mr Russell, three vacant charrs rn band four spaces rn sextet and umpteen spaces rn chorus To Miss Scott we leave you a new class to sponsor one that doesn t argue all the mme To Mrs Thorson, secretarres that don t chew gum or talk To Mrs Knust some lrttle secretarres who are not always askrng for offrce supplres To Mrs Krrbs the hope that you wrll always have as many daughters as you drd thas year To Mrs Krng and Mrss McGmms a new automatrc krtchen To Mr Frank and Mr Hockenbery a new broom apiece and someone to push rt Janet Brewer wrll my ruckname BEANS to Donna Wilson Carol Brown w1ll my musrc ab1l1ty to Rrchard Koke Farrell Chandler wrll my Indian to Jrm Wrthrow B111 Fuchs wrll my hot Olds The Dragster to Dean Hughs Roberta Fulton wxll my red harr to Dons Matteson Mary Gansbauer wrll my typewnter to Mark Pnce and also my typrng eraser Mrldred Gansbauer will my abrlrty to charm Mark Pnce to Rosemary Peters Carol Haury wrll my long halr to Jeannette Bergschnerder Andy Hermes w1ll my abrhty to play snooker to Mark Pnce Catherrne Hermes w1ll the name Hermes to Mary Summers Norma Hermes will the keys to our 55 Chevy to Donrue Marr Anna Marie Huff will my abxhty to charm Jacksonv1lle men to Florence Rerchart Bob Horn will my ability to make fnends with the grrls to Gary Brehm Norma Isaacks wrll my abrlrty to get my man rn my semor year to Ethel Horn Donna McG1nn1s wrll my nickname GOOSE to Margaret Knepler Lrnda Moffitt wrll my abrlity to keep a man to Rosahe Glasgow Rhea Park wrll my Ponnac to Paul Brehm Haldean Peecher w1ll my herght to Ronme Edwards Diana Peters wrll my typrng abrlrty to Elhott Walter Geraldine Poole w1ll my abrlity to get a Berlin boy to Gladys Tolhver Marjorie Powers will my Amencan Hrstory book to Joyce Hagler Donna Radiker wrll my herght to Mary Summers Shuley Rieck will my quret manner to Doris Matteson Jim Roesch will my abrlrty to Just get by rn class to Elmer Fahrenbacher Douglas Rogers will my abrlrty to charm the grrls to Ken Sheppard Jrm Rogers wrll my abrlrty to study to Elmer Fahrenbacher Bob Ruble wrll my abrlity to go steady to Dean Hughes Joyce Shutt will my abrlity to play basketball to Jeannette Bergschnerder Susie Sturm wrll my abrlity to make trckets to Rosalre Glasgow and Marguerite Frank I Carol Workman wrll my ability to play hockey unsuccessfully to Ken Sanford I' ' n a f - . - . L y . . . . I. ' I . Q ' . L . . . . g 1, ' , ' . 1, , ' ' . 1, , ' ' . 1, , ' ' . L ' . . . . L ' . . . - L . ' . . . I' , . . . L ' . . . . 1, , ' ' . 1, , ' ' . L ' . . . . The funwrs Phzlosophy 0 Lyfe NAME Jeannette Bergschnerder Gary Brehm Paul Brehm Ronrue Edwards Elmer Fahrenbacher Marguerlte Frank Rosalre Glasgow Joyce Hagler Ethel Horn Dean Hughs Margaret Knepler Rrchard Koke Don Marr Rosemary Peters Mark Prrce Florence Relchart Kenneth Sanford Mary Summers Gladys Tolliver Ell1ot Walter Donna Wrlsou hm Wrthrow AMBITION Gorng to college Don t have any Sleeprng rn study hall To be a Jockey Presrdent of the dog catcher s socrety To go to college To be a dog catcher To be happy I-Iousewxfe To be Paul s partner 1n farmmg and own an alrplane Go to college and then be a secretary To be a Federal Trapper To be able to outrun cops! Teachrng professlonally To be presrdent of the T G I F Club Help grade math papers 1n the evenlng To be prmc1pal of N B Hrgh for a week To hook a man Betng a secretary To be a farmer Bemg a nurse To be a bullfrghter :fed PET SAYING Gee I don t know I wrsh rt was 4 o clock Heck I don t know Walt I gotta th1nk I can t do a tlung when you re around Heck I don t know If you can I can You crazy thmg Good deal Lucrlle You know what Oh sure Oh gee If you don t somebody else will I guess How about yourself? I don t belleve It Rake Scrape Schooner Slun Hunter Hound Oh come now Gee whlz Nah I don t want to Good gravy Bouster Shouster I Banzelouse o 9 o f o . . .. . .. u I ' I ll ' ' I . . .. . ,. J I ' ll ' II - I N I ' . . .. o O U " 1 1 0 ., - .. . . , . . .. .. . ,. , 0 ., . .. .. . . . .. . 1 ,. Doris Matteson To use the name Billy Gene. 'Flo-----renee! ! I" . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . , ,. - Q - D .. . n .. a U1 ' Il . . . .. . .. 0 I ' . . . ,, Q I 0 .. NAME Mary Archer George Barker Judy Bean James Bodine Lloyd Chadwick Jim Davenport Dale Elliot Wesley Elmore George Estrabrook Harold Finn Norma Freesmeyer Robert Fuchs Beverly Fulton Janet Glasgow Bill Harney Bernadine Haugh Jacob Hermes Jim Holler Joe Holler Tom Knepler Barbara Kribs Carol Magmn Ronald Miller Don Nation Allen Park Rita Peters Ruth Powers Jack Reed Larry Rinaldo Tom Robertson Gloria Roesch Tom Standefer Robert Sturm Betty Tansky Ruby Tolliver John Wilcox Esther Williams Shelba Withrow Kay Woods Nancy Workman FAVORITE SUBJECT Dancing Getung in trouble Watching TV Gladys Pretty Nurses Hotrods Girls Cru cuts Springfield Patty Black Cherry s Girls Routt Mannes Biology Talking Pi s Barbara Jean Corn Hide Go Seek Arumals Chickens Cooking Big cars and Little 811' Studying Crochet Baking Sewing Cards Giggling Truck Driving Driving Flying New Berlin Dentist Chief baby sitter Movie Stars A Certain Sophomore Mike Robertino SPORT Swimmirg Football Volleyball Basketball Wa ltzing Boxing Dodging Girls Wading Jack s Baseball Softball Skipping School Volleyball Kick ball Football Basketball Hunting Shooting Trapping Swimming Miniature Golf Jumping rope Chopping Wood Monday nights in Loami Wrestling Baseball Little Winks Basketball Track Tennis Reports Eating Basketball Tennis Basketball Basketball Swimming Sleeping Noon Rides Sitting on sidelines NICKNAME Archie II Buddie Jellybean Birdbrane Dirty Bird Shag Bongo Boots Georgie Baby Doll Mousle Little Rob a an Archie Bunny Mutt Giggles Joe De Maggio Spud Corn Cobb Slim e Hunsey Oops Butch Bu s Goon Gopher Tall Dark and Handsome G o Turkey Be Tollie Lonesome Lover Willie Coochie Pooch Nancilea Lefs Look at the Soplzomores Richard Finn Nancy Fishing Red . . P.t ' - J , . . I g . . f 4-A ' '. . ' I ff ls S I . . Bob I T he Freshmen Aj?er Graduatton Dan Blankenshrp 18 now servmg ln the U S Army Judy Bullock qurt school to become Mrs Bill Rhodes Joe Burger 18 now Manager of the Laker s Danny Carrrger 18 sttll f1ghting w1th Harold F over Patty Lowell Chandler is waning for Kathleen to fmish school Janet Clark has gamed ten pounds from not worryrng about that Amazing Freshman Class Jackre Coe IS private secretary to the President of the Unrted States Dolores Crabtree is making Joe a good wife Bob Crossm completely ruined Johrmy s chances Clarence Cumby ns qurte a lady s man Charles Cummings feels like a giant beside some of his old classmates Joyce Da1n 18 still trytng to catch the rems of Elmer R1chard Drury strll has the nickname of Broom Barbara Duewer is now with the A Cappella Choir Evelyn Edwards is the hardest hitter in girls professional softball Lrnda Estabrook ts going steady with Wrllis Mary Fahrenbacher and George have planned everythmg for the brg day R11th Ann Fmn is still a secret admirer of one of her former classmates Nancy Fuchs has Red Finn on the same leash Mmrue Hermes 15 still famous for the Msnnie Type Joke Helen Horn gets the same thrill from Torn S Judy Hughs and Ken now have a big date every Saturday nrght Joy Humphrey is manager of the softball team that Evelyn plays on Walter James comes back to see Mrss Scott every day Norma Jolmson gave up putting the shot Paul McCray is t1ll in the clouds over a certain St Mary s gul Wrllis Mavis fmally chose Ruth Ann Judy Meter and Bob Crossin have made up and are living happily Carol Nrchols has the old t1mes back, rn the show wrth Pete Ronme Ozier has grown to 6 3 Gayland Peecher s hair hasn t turned gray worryrng about Becky Harold Peters is quite a lady s man Becky Pratt is still undecided Janet Park has graduated to find Haldean waiung Stella Price is now in demand for a show on Broadway as a wonder srnger Fred Reed 13 trying to take Haldean s place Dlma Reichart is a professional secretary witn a natural charm for her boss David Rose has a natural charm for girls Paul Rouland is now in college Carl Rush has sdll to learn how we spell Rush in New Berlin Imogene Russell has given up a certain boy for Paul R Johnny Shutt is still a jet ace with the women Davxd Sheppard wants to go back to High School Carolyn Tansky is mll her sweet self Helen Young hasn t outgrown her nickname Shorty yet Mxke Young is taking a post graduate course so he can go to hxgh school for ten years instead of four John Giddings is still after "Shorty. " advertisers W2 Massey Harris New and Used Farm Equipment Tractor s Combine s an Implements BLAKLEY IMPLEMENT 1430 Wabash Avenue Telephone 3 5111 WINN WALKER SEZ Thanks to all of you for your patronage and hoping to meet your sporting goods needs in the future See You at ffaafeimawis QW!! 405 East Adams Springfield Illinois . 1 d Springfield , Illinois Engoy M EADOVV GOLD PRODUCTS M1lk Ice Cream Butter Chocolate Mllk Butterrrnlk Cottage Cheese You Can Taste the D1fference Spr1ngf1eld Ill1no1s .Tacksonv1lle Ill1no1s Football Basketball Baseball Track Golf TCHDIS Badrrunton Box1ng Wresthng Archery Qwiwmw SPORTING GOODS CO 603 O7 East Wash1ngton Street Central Ill1no1s Headquarters Athletu: Equxpment Ev1nrude Motors and Accessor1es F1sh1ng Huntlng Rods Reels Guns Ammun1t1on Hunt1ng C oat s Pants Athletlc Troph1es Springfield , Illinois Best Wishes to the Graduating Class from fjdfiifllw PIEOPANE COMPANY Ma1n Offlce 328 S 6th Spr1ngf1e1d 111111015 In New Berhn Call Leldon Dunn at 2525 Servlng Th1S Commun1ty for Over 75 Years WARREN BOYNTON STATE BANK M 510 OOO P 0 MEMQEV' of New Berhn Il11no1s BACHMAN KU INA LE Prescr1pt1ons 6th and Cap1tol D1a1 3 2431 Spr1ngf1e1d I1l1no1s . . at : f X F S' iximum Q QI I 1 . 1 , Z Insurance O gl For Each 2 2, De oliter Q. 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LUMBER CO Best of Everyth1ng for the Bullder New Berhn 11113015 LJ gf I. GIEAIN CO New Berhn Il11no1s Phone 22.55 Gra1n Feed Seed Cleamng Custom Gr1nd1ng and M1X1ng Oat Hauhng and Rolllng Buy from Your AMEHEINS BAKERY Spnngflelo 111111015 NEW BEPLIN LAUNDERITE East End New Berlln D1a1 2505 Cornplunents f STA PLETO N INSURANCE AGENC Y E P STAPLETON PAT STAPLETON D1a1 2.015 New Berhn Comp11ments to the Class of 55 from THE Zffmeia ' GRAIN CO New Ber11n I111no1s , . - o P-AY V Ytv IO ,.. ' 0 C D l I of ,, ' o . I , fffkfga CAKES Qg iwe M Made with World s Largest Hamburgers I-hgh Grade Butter Phone Z. 114 1850 South Mam Sprlngfleld Il11no1s Good Luck to the Class of 55 THE from I RANCH HOUSE I2 C3 Fi I- E' T "D FISH COMPANY Where You Get the Bmggest and Best Hamburgers Slxth and Wash1ngton Streets Vandaha and South Marn Spr1ngf1eld Ill1no1s .Tacksonv111e I1l1no1s The Annual Staff of 1955 would hke to thank every one who has glven us an ad Please patron1ze these places ofbus1ness W1thout thelr donat1ons our yearbook could not have been posslble SSI nC1kff fid- Jacksonville, Illinois ' ' , ' ' , 1 Ze' Z? H 1 f 42 Qi f is "Q 1 W, L . f in W 5 f'-lf? v'f'f' ,..,w .-WJ? 8 QF' L I3 1 2 .5 , t . x 2 . S L 5: . 3 , 4' if Z if 21 5 E a is 3 5 Y 2' Q Pi- 5 1

Suggestions in the New Berlin High School - Whispers Yearbook (New Berlin, IL) collection:

New Berlin High School - Whispers Yearbook (New Berlin, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 46

1955, pg 46

New Berlin High School - Whispers Yearbook (New Berlin, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 45

1955, pg 45

New Berlin High School - Whispers Yearbook (New Berlin, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 12

1955, pg 12

New Berlin High School - Whispers Yearbook (New Berlin, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 76

1955, pg 76

New Berlin High School - Whispers Yearbook (New Berlin, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 39

1955, pg 39

New Berlin High School - Whispers Yearbook (New Berlin, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 23

1955, pg 23

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