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 - Class of 1959

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New Berlin Central High School - Crest Yearbook (New Berlin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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,gb .Q M f gf? ," ' f ' 1 . 11 W4 " I -.E r my as ff-' j,f'f4 f 2 Q , ,,,,.b M' x ff" :.,f.,:' 'W W ' wf ,fav-'f 'iff 7"'l'1 14 ' ' ff f iz N' 'gf-"'l'.f 2 JN, kg Q , A g f Q Q i 2 , . +f ,L 'Y -Wfif' 5 ' ' ? ,,f,3'?5f gn 'M' lf , A . ,L ' -5 - wg V V L .-a1",g'L5,g?' mv.. iv -Y fir' .Q V 35' . J' , ,, ,cfs 1, m 3 Q. 25. f. I4 f ' .Q ,.. . f rr- I , v ., -my Q, . .. Q M 5 A, 1 1'-I", . ev A rx-K nf. . uf' - -In ' wfadfixli. r if K In ,SQA 1 ' 'is A f fn xx ia: 5-FEE sw- M Q' A ,Ai 'Y Q. f -by t My , :M ' if K 1 N ,u'.,i' J, .- I ii,-Fx ga ' S. A . V -in' ffvsun- 4' my i - -I y gwnc',wJ, . at "' . W .43 - 'sf' as 'K .4 1 Y A is . fig , 4' if . Q Q .f .. will Un- 155 6. U fs 1, ' " " 45? A 'P 5 -if Q" T' vi--P. "" nf 1 N - ' 4 ' if A. 1 , ... 1- f M 1, if aff er Vi '14 lt V - -.. m a k ,txpaf RT 5 y, , " 'fa' ' M 'TW 'iff , A." ,M . ,sw Q f f 4 -K ,.,, '. ' , R., 'A' 4' . i V' 9' Q ff f-f"'c "i"T3+f'1 " .wr ' 4' .,. f A F43 "'i 7 X' 'ff Whb' sw , x M is Q Q 'A ii' sim' , Lf if M ff K X f W' , f F, ,W . ' wx- f fx? : 3: 5 X ii A lx f'Q'f"R, xps..g- ,ggx A QS Q . ' ' h . ' 'Ks '-" f "e'i a'? I-:af , J .Q A ,Q .fr 1 1 Vigil, Q ,W-v 'A ' w'1'H Ji' .'-w S 4 .. Q I 'L' . N45 f '19 :fn-ar 'W' 0' 1'-F' ,mffif 1 .fwffew 5. 1 , ,M Xi P we xi? . 4, , 'F Hi, ,-fir if r saw' Q. -..?'t,,, I 0 A .r .ls 4 Q Y gf ,yrfxi f We fifgih xi , J-- IALA ,.-4 1 .X 4. 'Q -0 ', - .x lf" K ff:- . , I 'QS gh. vw lfn. '. F-" 4. 1" X.l v ,' . 1 Aff! fl . ' "ol l s ' 1 ..'r'j 2 . f. -2' .-- w I Q A 44 K 'K .NY 5 N ,. 4 . 1 I , Al.. ,. . , 5 . - all' 'I . 1-l J I . ,, , ,, ' s ll'-:suv n . A . :Qxu . 'U' V : , J 1 . Q' I- ' - . 'xp' ,.94ff,. ' .lx,,N. .x"' .U v , ' 1 , i , L., fix . . I 0 A .y, . fr Ju' y' . ,4 'g '15 1 I . 3 ' - 3 -7 .. - Q' "'.-4' 1' :. xg '. '. x., 'M ..!" , .."v ,. ,A 1 -lu- P.. W: 1 ls.. ZA, sill ,'1,x y . I ' x ' . . K4 luv, ,. I if '. J 5 run..-Q ' '.q 0' l I F' -.N ' ,,,..9,A aw i administration E Y ,,, ,FQ- 5 . QM 'We Dedccdte 77h7aqlofz Appmwmv 7fh77talweq 770:42 70dlc'mn4 MR BUTTS Vlce Prmclpal MR WHITE Prmclpal MR VESTER Elementary PI'1llC1p81 FXR! IFNINF lxew NOOI Sl 1 Al lxl RNIXN I N XRD I I Nl IOHN I XRCIIXR N R XPRONENI HELEN L BLTTS Xu-v I re-1 Clerk New Berhn Central School ROBI' Rl 4 H llI'I F Sup: ruslmz I rmclpul ROBI- Rl N k S I l B I In ment :rv I ruxrlpal -VIN fx f fE L freer .em s- LEE Jin 3 .4!ili4.4L?.aii-4--E'Ls., New Berhn, New York June 22 1959 To the Class of 1959 Congratulatlone Lo the graduatlng class of 1959 We slncerely hope that me tx lngs you nave learreo ln your years New Eerlln Central School will ald each of you ln Plnolnp Success and happlness ln your chosen field 74a goevwlofg RO! REIDFN B ACH Treasurer I0 '. .. 'Q ii 'X 155' fy CL, ' 3 -L+ - "'-'JN 'Aja' g 'fzijt ' I 2 E55 ji, gm +155 Q .sn mc 'E :PIL rm, me I-'TL L :EEE EEE! 7755. g'f?1 ngllf saeijzzaa, ?1':f"',,gL --Agfa? -A ,, e R175-I, -fr. g I . A e E. . ' ' in Cafeterla BROWNELL CARPENTER KENNEDY IENISON HOLDRIDGE SAUR Offxce Staff MRS CHASE MRS MINSTER MISS SMITH Custodians Bus Drivers MR BASSETT MR WHITACRE Q ' 1 in AY' 6 I0 I' BARBARA ESTELLE BEARDSLEE Beards KENDALL RALPH BURDICK Darby' CHARLINE BETH BORST Char PAUL WENDELL BROWN Paul CELIA ROBERTA BURR Cel RICHARD JOHN BURROUGHS R1ch CHARLES IRVING CARPENTER Chuck GERALD VERNON CUMMINGS Jerry DAVID JOSEPH DEAL Ha MARIORIE ELLEN GELATT Moon Shine MARY ANN FAmcH1LD Mary' JOHN RAYMOND FRINK ohn DELBERT STEPHEN GREGORY De MARCIA MARY HONEYWELL Mart ROY HOWARD GREGORY ROY HAROLD CARL HAGER Mickey MARK WOODRUFF HUTH Huthle ELWOOD BRUCE JOHNSON Deadwood FRANCES ELAINE KINNEY Fran BURRNETT DONALD LAFOND REBECCA SUZA NNE LOWE Sue LAUREN PAUL MAXSON Larry' IERROLD DAVID LUCAS Jerry PETER IGRBY MAPLES Pete ADA MAE MUSK A a CORLIS THOMAS REED Tom JOYCE ELAINE POTTER SHIRLEY IEAN POTTER Shirl JOHN ELLSWORTI-I ROWE IR John JOHN FREDERICK RUNION John .. d .. 1 D 'Joyce' LUCILLE BERNICE TALCOTT LAMONT WELLS SMITH Monty MARION LOUISE SWEET Marlon BARBARA MAE WEBB Barb AU DREY JEANNE TAYLOR Aud dll!! 'ffffvmg Lucy Memoriam of VIRGINIA CARD Y """'1 ,Y--""" i-,N-,,.,.--nl "'i +51 A Qi 1' f AWA -"1 55 ,, X W by Barbara Webb 1946 saw a great change rn the kmdergarten of New Berlrn Central School Twenty two enthusiastrc chrldren entered our school never to leave for thirteen long years These survrvors are Rrchard Burroughs Charlre Carpenter Paul Brown Charline Borst Barbara Beardslee Davrd Deal Roy Gregory Celia Burr Sue lowe Marcia Honeywell Mark Huth Peter Maples Kendall Burdrck John Runron Lamont Smith Larry Maxson Tom Reed John Rowe Ada Mae Musk Shrrley Potter Mary Farrchrld and Barbara Webb It was in thrs year that we found Ada and Tom slttrng behind the piano because they were frghtrng over the toys We have often wondered what went on behind the prano Did they keep on frghtrng or did they choose some other means of entertainment? It was re ported that rn thrs year Marcia enjoyed walkrng John Rowe to his Grandmother s house after school so John would go to her house and play Our next permanent member was Frances Krnney Fran entered rn the first grade In thrs year the boys took Mrs Ackerman s gold ftsh out of the bowl and put them in their desks Mrs Ackerman found the guilty persons because of a strange aroma whrch came from certain boys desks Delbert Gregory was added to our happy group in second grade Marran SNCCI and Jerry Ormmings Jomed our class rn fifth grade and sixth grade brought rn our quret grrl Audrey Taylor As we entered the seventh grade we were a lost and scared group of students but under rntegrated part of the Junior Hrgh schedule In this year we obtained three new mem bers John Funk Lucrlle Talcott and our blushrng redhead Marjorie Gelatt In eighth grade Don LaFond came over from Morris to Join our class In our Freshman year Davtd Deal was elected presrdent of our class and Mrs Speigel and Mr Taylor were chosen as our advrsors Elwood Johnson Joined us ln this year In our Sophomore year Mrs Wrlliams was elected class advisor to replace Mrs Speigel Charlie was elected class presrdent He was re elected in our Junior and Senior years Joyce Potter came mto our class in this year As we re entered school in September of 1957 we were looking forward to our special events We purchased our class rings Our Junior play They Gave Him A Co ed took up a great deal of our trme We were all quite good we thought Mrs Beardslee di rected the play Durrng the rehearsals a tragedy developed Marcia had pink eye and what a coincidence Charlie came down with pink eye They were playing opposite each other but was this how it really happened or did they practrce outsrde to perfect then parts Also we found out MarJolre could really blush when John Bunion had to kiss her in the play Our Junior Prom Japanese Twilight was the really big highlight of our Junior year It was a great success and our decorations were very effective We had paper wistaria hanging on the walls In the center of the floor was a minrature stream with grass around it A small brrdge was burlt across the stream. Our King and Queen Marcia and David and their attendants crossed this bridge to the throne which was made in the form of a fan I l 1 U I l D I the guidance of Mr. Whitney, Mr. Fry and the other teachers we soon became a well ' 0 s ' --- . At last our brg year arrrved We were SENIORS Jerry Lucas Jorned us at the begrnnrng of the year and he played the egotrstrcal foreman rn our three act play Dude Ranch Marjorre wrll always remember the play because she wore Mr Butts long red under wear I am sure all the cast members as well as the audrence wrll never forget Clarence the pet rattlesnake rn our play At last the brg day arrrved On March 30th twenty erght Senrors and our chaperones Mr and Mrs Wrllrams and Mr and Mrs Moskwa left for Washrngton D C The Lafayette Hotel was a welcome srght after our long Journey but we strll drdn t go to bed very early because of the excrtement On Tuesday our prctures were taken on the Caprtol lawn We went to Hogate s for drnner that evenrng and then we went to the National Arrport Wednesday nrght we went on the Potomac Crurse The wrnd was blowrng and the water was a lrttle rough but luckrly no one was seasrck Thursday we were glad we drdn t have to walk very far because of the heavy rarn We spent most of the day tourrng the crty by bus In the afternoon we vrsrted the Washrngton Cathedral and we were all rmpressed by rts magnrfrcent altars Frrday came too soon and rt was trme to leave As had happened many mornrngs our bus was late and so we were delay ed rn startrng' It was quret on the bus untrl noontrme It seems we drdn t have enough sleep rn Washrngton and we drdn t have enough strength left for even a peep On our last lap home we had a little excrtement rn the back of the bus when the flashbulbs started popprng I understand some very rnterestrng prctures were taken Know any thrng about rt Barb B and John Rowe? We are now wartrng for Graduatron Day June 22 So as we leave you we the class of 1959 brd you farewell rn hopes that yours wrll be a happy and prosperous Senror year .lout Wddmd We the Senror class of 1959 havrng deemed ourselves as berng sound of mmd ex tremely generous unsurpassmgly brrllrant and hrghly modest do wrll to next year s Senrors some rtems that wrll prove most helpful to you both rn the remembrance and the actual usage of same It rs hoped that in rememberrng your rnherrtance your day wrll grow a lrttle brrghter and your courses a lrttle easter And when you remember these thrngs thrnk a krnd thought of us the immortal Senlor class of 1959 The Senrors will to the Iunrors as follows Barbara Beardslee leaves her love of Shakespeare and Chaucer to Warren Camp Charlene Borst wrlls her flrrtatrous ways to Beatrice Bemamrn Paul Brown leaves hrs sense of humor to John Backo Kendall Burdrck bequeaths hrs shy quret ways to Gerald Brownell Celra Burr leaves her wild reckless ways to Elrzabeth Busch Rrchard Burroughs leaves hrs love for an argturrent to Nathan Wrllrams Charles Carpenter donates hrs way wrth the grrls and wrth the boys to Robert Morgan Gerald Cummmgs leaves hrs collectron of Ivy League sports clothes to Charles Dart Davrd Deal leaves a bottle of asprrrn to Julran Webb so he wrll be prepared for all hrs hard courses rn hrs Senror year. . . . I - n ' n . . , . . , . . . . . . , I . , . . . , . . . . . . . , , . . , , . , . , f , . v . . . v v p ' . . . . . , 1 1 r 1 n 1 ' I , . , . , . Mary Faxrchlld leaves to Rose Grlbert her abrlity to chew gum rn class wrthout berng caught John Frtnk bequeaths his phrlosophy of school lrfe to Helen Warren have fun today for tomorrow you may have detentlon Marjorle Gelatt leaves to Sarah Hendrrckson her talent for drawmg prctures rn class when she should be takmg notes Gerald Lucas bequeaths hrs actlllg abrlity to Veronica Gracyalny John Rowe leaves h1s lnfectrous laughter to Eugene Chase John Runron bequeaths h1s scholarly ways to Gary Elliott Lamont Smrth leaves hrs good marks in Englrsh class to Bernice Dye Manan Svveet appropriately leaves her last name to Catherine Saur Lucrlle Talcott wllls her shy sweet ways to Pat Franco Audrey Taylor bequeaths to Vada Hlne her false eyelashes Barbara Webb grves her motherly way to Bev Balllster Delbert Gregory bequeaths h1s drmples to Tom Slentz Roy Gregory leaves h1s love for speed to Erleen Johnson Marcra Honeywell leaves her genrus for math to Walter Cassrdy Frances Krnney leaves her wlnnmg ways w1th the boys to Roberta Slckler Mark Huth w1lls hrs love for farm work to Carl Erholzer Elwood Johnson leaves to hrs srster Doreen some advxce Blessed be those who try Cherrshed rndeed those who succeed Donald LaFond glVCS the secret of hrs height elevator shoes to John Ames Suzanne Lowe leaves a bit of advrce to Alana Moore always pick a boyfnend who LS taller than you Peter Maples bequeaths his bashful ways to Dan Lacey Larry Maxson leaves hrs weakness for blondes to James Harrrngton He wrlls his philos ophy of l1fe to Sandra Weaver If at fust you don t succeed try second base Ada Mae Musk leaves her love for horses and 1ce cream to Julra Jones Joyce Potter donates a proverb to Ind1a Fairchrld Strll waters run deep Shrrley Potter leaves her rosy cheeks to Juamta Weaver Tom Reed grves h1s bottle of No Doz tablets to Tom Grant We the class of 1959 would not llke to be remembered as havmg been a class of devrous rntentions It ts also our slncere wrsh to prepare the Jun1ors for therr place of reknown and glory the n1che tn the Rock of Llfe known as the Senlor class It 15 for these reasons that we have bequeathed only those outstandrng qualrties rtems or de vrces whrch we possessed rn great abundance It IS our earnest desire that your educauon may be more complete because of our benevolence -.. , I I , . ' , 0--- -- , . . . g --- ' I 9 1 1 1 ' . SMB aci 6, President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Correspondmg Secretary Student Councrl T1 S ggi? 640604 OFFICERS VERONICA GRACYALNY JULIAN WEBB BARBARA WILLIAMS GERALD BROWNELL SANDRA WEAVER BEVERLY BALLISTER, THOMAS SLENTZ PATRICIA FRANCO Q.. fr 1 A I - ,.,.,-.- f... ,.., X -I Q5 in i , . an 1. V Zi. L'L -S A eA A I 4 ": I SL 5 t c .I A Q S 'Ef. t ' L I VN If , , ... ,A UN A- B - 5 V n H . S I f D 5 A .5 3 eer X I We 1 I A W 4 Z - - + Q S 'gif ' R' er t 2 nj I 4 L. F33 EQ' Presldent Vlce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Student Councll Zhu OFFICERS LINDA BU RDIC K, WILLIAM HARDY JAMES HONEYWELL KAREN SHAFER JOSEPH FRANCO RICHARD TALCOTT ww 61' me 'WP 9'-'ur 41:1 1 IU" is ww 'Irv' '5""!' Pre snient MWF? 2 lb. 4 ig? 'Quin' 'il fv- if Q-1 in-W. AL. W my 'mfs 'bf' 'nv' wr xtllma 'Nw-1 fr? N3 4' 'Q' FRESHMAN CLASS Vlce Pre s1dent Secretary Treasurer Student COUHC11 'HSV jeanng Parker fine Spurr at Faulsuck Lmda Ande1 son Nancy Mowry, Lllldil Vauwagner sv QR' ws 'Qtr vs Q--.V .rug it vw xox 13" Vu WW' gp., ew iv' 'Os ff-r 4- -1 wr -r--1, sr-In it Q, 'wiv' -nv W vw -wa. 'QW 'Q' 4-In -an GRADE 5 'uit Q. vm an avr My Q29 'mf' E' fx 'QP"rY -S.. in EW tri an N--W? in 4. -ag Q 'ii f ' , - ' Q , Q h Y It , ' Iu- 5 My I xudk ' ' 1 . i 1 , ' i K Q , V , Vi. 0. bb . - I .- , ZK QZIV A ., W ,. . , f 2... L my I is . fm 'V 'Q' ? Q Q' , V Q . 1 KN- I as Q' ' Q qwq' Q. X A Q W ,? ' -Sr: Q. Q " - Q,- I V Q5 M - ' V, W' , 3 Q 1 W. 1:1 A af, ,,. I - K 'Y Y gi X gf " ' vi X Ag ,. V. F- H g 'A ,Q Q33 ,QQ iQ 5 f I Q Q wiv , .. gf Qi. gy ' N - , 5 -I MQ., , Q4 W , .A MP , - , 6 5 . Q gay V ..,., .. Qi X I, gm? Q LKAV Q Q . 1 W b ,... .V ggi Q ,I 3 . Q , my , Q ,k,, Q Qu A 'W' .. .Q 4... -.V in I V "' ., 1 Q ga X. 5 "' if A, . M 7: Q L iv i 7 Q .'l is .Q if p L 1 iQ vs - his Q f- - , Lv Q L 'M 2 QL-- A , .Q , , D X Q? rw? . Q S-. Q Q 3 Q., - Q , Q Q A ,.,,, ., .. Q ai tirnyrw . . . . I -'E t QQ? Llb Q fiirl ,Q M- . V 'Q i. K, 1 g 7 46: : ., H ,- ' Q . . ' V.-,' . N . I QW- ' b A Z 5 ,, 3, A 'I ' ,Q 7 4 Q " :-X f f l . P Q ' ' nk- M : , L ' E ' I M T. - . f 'V M 1 'P M ' Q : ' Q' wf Q: . ' . Q,,4 W Ex, Q1 ,. ., e E - -. . V 1 --QQ 5 k r V QV U SX W v i- at 'fy jx, R Q r 0 Q Q s e ' ' ' A ' :fkf ' A 1 :I ,,. l .E ::l t M I : K :I 'A , 1 V . ' H - . "'- . ' . I I ,, ' if V ,. A Q ' 4 ' ' ' Qf, .,,,, Q Azgg A 'I .Ab .Q Q Q. V 1 ' 11 .. ' f V VV ':': i f X, ' b 'IIA I 'E Q , , I 3 J I Q ..Q' . I A J Q W Q' .., y ff' - 5 7, A - il "' ' " ,W yy? - b it 'PT ' M i""k ' Q h i . V "" 'lx " , fx Q i if Q Y r W 'lk xqxvr 2 N ' r '- 'v-A, , Av'. : .'.v 1 ki- -' ' , "'. ' k , Q4 Y 1, V.f', M vnu. 1 WE -we Qvd' 553' 15,4 .Q KV' Kr qs-er 'SW " vu' r K- W? Nev we-my 41 4-'v J..-f Xiu! f-or M ,ar 4: uw "' fx vw Nb-ar IRIS Hb" li 'SI -:rw an ff X by 9 sf z , 4 , ., , A I Q as ' V t u Q ,. . E:.f, ij t . g,,.: . T 'Gif , , zlzz V h ' Q i f K Af' 1. , , . V g " QF' ml Q, 5 IIIA . I f ..., . 5 Eiktr if V :V E R L.- K : T ' A ,Lib :ji r ',-..,, K V K ,F ,wh A Alia, k, K .2 2 1 .Qi , ' 1 ,.- z I W 1 : : -S-ff Q, 1.. , ., A A A... f f H ' - 7:5 f . . ... "'12'Q -Q-, K .... . . , l "..W ' Q .. . i . N : ..,, Y KL Vg Ilyk A, Y V .. I A a - ., , if K . , iff .ii ,' - 51 3 4' ' n. V . . , '-v' I ' 1 .vfryf MW . , 1, f - Q .--1v N -,'- 3 4,5125 Iyfi ' A i sk Q : .. :Q 'ir ', ., , K- W Q q - 'Q K Q. 'E -V ,K Q - P ' K I ,uit K A K K A g Y ,- LF 1 KX 5 I A i : N .-Q, j ' :Zi Klt- t .y n K- -I , f E X A ., .. Q? iii 1'Qf H x 5 Y 2 A W J 'Af :" ' ' " k"k.:. 5 Q. AX' I :H , " fx' 'g 1 "" 1 Q. ? V. -, Qi -' ,qQ :-,. D A . . ' .. W 'Q 2 NVI 1 f- is ' 1 , -:",-- f-.,:.,.h 'A ' , ,. 1-f if A ,. 1 . -'-': I ., 'N A' K lE.V ' I b ' 1 "'::' lz' H A-KX Q, ,ff wgf f ,,. g 1 .V A :,.X,, 3 , ' ' 'S' -w E H g , Vx L. , - K ,vl all-5 'if . . I Z Q., , H N .V 3 1 . XL .'::,:v i. X! K -T V , 5. I , , Q , .,L f , Q , -V I, A. A 2 , , y . 4 , 5 , , ew .. 4137, ?3',fL1i .gi fs, , . i gal' .ia fgiijg ,. 5 , XQ IEQKV h5k,N,, W: X ,. -1, -A - - 53 S V 1 f 4 1 i 1 1 D ' iii? . , fs " fy 'F' Q qqv, Q ' ,V A fi ,Q .A 2 .1 ,Q -,I Q K f ,E 4 A T , . 1? I :L Z f . sm- K s , :Q-' A' . in k X A ...,. , ig. ,- '-A ".. -,few K 1 gp- w M fi - .' -'Z 4 - l k 155 fi .71 Q . . .w5f1.w, - x is . mf X wi' A M S ff . fad H X . .ug f vw ' p , 'fy 5 , -'15 1 M QQ . ,M , L ' 1 gxgsf I - If X' wx T 'Fiif 'L by iq, vw' 3' , ,L . kv 1 . ff V I -,A X, , , .4555 is Lf 3 , , Q Ai . .... :gk .: gigs? - v , m p -L -1 L MRS LOWE W fund! 'Q' A wwf MRS PERKINS MRS THOMPSON QL MRS. IAGER owl Ukifgldk MRS ACNOWER r"" MRS ACKERMAN MRS JACKSON Q55 MRS. MANCHESTER SMMS MISS MILES M4 Smez Fame act ties L Talcott M Gelatt FIRST R Sxckler S Lowe C Burr B Balhster P Franco V Gracyalny B Ben Jamm SECOND M Honeywell C Borst B Beardslee E Chase G Cummmgs R Burroughs N Wlllxams Mr Maloney THIRD W Camp D Deal J Webb R Gregory J Rowe T Reed H Hager I4-1 J Jones D Perkms N W1111ams I Webb W Lewis, W Sanford FIRST ROW L Talcot R Burroughs D Deal I Runpon SECOND ROW Mrs McFarland T Slentz N Wxllrams J Chase S Kahnowskr Woven i FIRST ROW K Franco M Gelatt Mrss Horch L Talcot P Franco N Mowry SECOND ROW G Hanson M Toothlll L Burdick B Beardslee L Vanwagner B Balaster I Fnnk D Deal, D Talcot T Slentz 0 RTX XXX X :.. , . , u' ,-. , . , . 77-'fi' 77,4 7. 7.51, se ones Bemamm ckwq Xeno ngm L axson E Cha to IXQHY Ha et P avlsuck 'Ya Koi N Mowvj 5 Magnes Sxmth L Bxxxdxck a Ko FX 'Y Y-O SECOND ROW Xe 1 BACK ROW Xe, 1 xo u Xu Skxenvz. L Pmdexson A Home Lef ' r 0 tight L10 Y d Jones BB Miss pe Ppe r ax seq J saw ye, V H mes sam hm SA b,am 9.5 W,i ' 1 .NK , . .LS . ,i ' 16. g,. .E ',B. ' '. ,i 'g,1rAx. 1, . ,. ,L.Sx C. .. ..',L. ',Ps.'Yyr. B. 61. .L . L , . ff. 'K ' -IQ .Q-K ,QA 'Me 7 7am om Seoalnedadz Seneca 24414 Franca gauze! 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' - I visit FREDERICK'S Edmesron SHAFER HARDWARE BERT ACKERMAN P1urr1b1ng and Heatmg Electrlcal Appllances Electncal Supphes Farm Supplles TOOL DEALER SNAP ON the Class of 1959 CLAUDE B DAKIN WOOLSEY B ACKERMAN IONE D ACKERMAN Compllrnents of Your KNAPP Comphments of Shoe Counc 1le r HORSESHOE WALTER WEBSTER RESTAURANT A11 Good Wlshes to the Class of 1959 DYKES DRUG COMPANY JOHNW SPURR HAROLDS DEAL New Berhn N. Y 1 I 1 . ll - ll Success and Good Fortune to . , . 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MCKENNG, Manager gf Compliments of 1 of When in the Mood for Fine Food Stop at WILCOX'S DINER Also Fill Your Car With Mobilgas We Have a Space for Your Trailer Home Groceries - Hardware Boots - Shoes Dry Goods DONALD LIDELL So. Edmeston Best Wishes to the Senior Class Compliments of A. TARANTO GROCERY STORE New Berlin, New York Compliments of N VICTORY STORE New Berlin DICK S SUNOCO SERVICE North Main St New Berlin N Y Phone 9 9506 Lubrication Washing Sunoco Products Compliments of BALCH S Sherburne New York Best Wishes Congratulations Seniors From BIGELOW'S PHARMACY FRANKS TRADING POST FRANK GRACYALNY The Rexall Store Auctioneer Sherburne New York New Berlin New York TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 5 1 . 2 - - . . . 2 ! 1 1 9 W. ww, BW v.,,W,., Av. :., .VW 3? .wg .4 ' f::, , -Sf. M AW I M . 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