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New Berlin Central High School - Crest Yearbook (New Berlin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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-.R 'irq' s K5 .--. -, Qf QN 'P xr - fb. :'5a'!1'1-fg' . 1 gi l r .I L - , Q zzz? ZOOIQL Ill:: , "' OOO! IIJIZL "' 'Q' f 5530, 0 309 Z W X 4' f '1' - -I J'--7 Q: - fl' v J M , Qin A fu' I Q' 'F XX Dedncatwn WHO HAS GTV EN UNLXMTT ED DEDTC ATTON TDAE AND DEV OTTON TO TO ONE THE CLASS OE T951 AND THE CREST ST AEE SECOND THE CL ASS OE T957 NNTSH TO WE TO YOU V OLUME OE THE CREST MR MELVTN ERY DEDTC ATE THE dloprecz CZZZOIZ I APPRECIA TION THE SENIOR CLASS WISHES S JAMBA FOR ALL SHE HAS DONE FOR THE SENIOR CLASS AND THE CREST STAFF THE SENICR CLASS WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK MISS PEPPE? FOR THE UNLIMITED SE? VICES TO THE CLASS THROUGHOUT OUR TO THA NK MR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS O O f ,gp v 22 5 'uv , 1 1 ' ?i FT 5 I I fffgvi I . I 'WMM LA RL HOT ALIYNG Max 1931 Nowembu 19 x4 DONALD NORMAN Xu m5114359 4-pnl L .we 9 Y Lf' In Memoriam ,g ff,-..A19'W administration ""o----.. 4-.1-' L. --, "" ,i -L lg ig. -.3 1 gg wk f' ,5 'Q :jg q A QQ in it 23 , 4 Q ,W Q sf 42' ,v 'X , 1 1 'A ai 6 5' ? , W ,. V s ' k ,,.. ,i v m n N -,ww WNV ivzlm in . ,.,.,..-- DISTRICT SUPERINTEN DENT OF SCHOOLS Ernest G. Youmans 5"-v-.-. PRINCIPAL Edward T Green 0 fl H9 1. 09x 'Vx X VICE PRINCIPAL Herbert C But IS K' ir PAL IN CHARGE OF VICE PRINCI CATION EL EMENTARY EDU Robert Vester faculty 4- .--' 4-,.-Q ",.,:" .--'- .Q-Q og ff K 3 4 l X iw A - fini i. A Board 0 amor H Lgh F acultw Seated left to rrght Mr Loomts Mr Fry Mr Whrt ney Standrng Mr Bre a Uffice Clerks Seated Mrs Chase Standtng Mrs Mmster C0 Operatwe Teachers to rtght Helen Butts Clerk Joy ce Barnes Dental Hygremst Karl Kal ve1t Gutdance Dxrector Standtng Emman uel Manohos Speech Theraprst Theodore Stopnytsky Drlver Educatton Instructor Samuel Sawyer Elementary Art Teacher I V , ' : . X f , ' 7 1' ' - ' l i fk . I . Q +5 JA, 4 AS V V. , w ' V5 f - . -. , , S S -A - 1 Seated, Left ' 1 , 5 . Y Q ,M 'i A' y - .. . . . . z - m I 9 l I -.' 0 t . I A , . X. Bus Drwers com Mr Mevers Mr Button Mr 'vlrller Mt Llovd Back row Mr lwaas Mr Fuller Mr Entnan Mr Grbson N-Pg Cafeteria Workers Left to rrght Mrs Kennedx Mrs Iemson Mrs Saur Mrs Holdrroge Mrs Young Buzldmg Custodzans Left to rtght Mr Bassett Mr Brlerly Mr Howe 'F 5-. l Z . ", . ,z Q tw . M . . . v ,W ,A X nf.. 1 S 4 ..,, : .Wa - , I po- . .N 5 I K, .- 1 5, -7 ' Front row, left to right: Mr. Johnson, Mr. Bal- . , . : . ' , . , 5 V 1 ' L' M V 8- , . Q . l r ,l I I .. ,X Vx . V. . ,, 'A ' 6 ' ': . 'N seniors FOSTER DA VID BUTTON OS Men of few words are the best men RODGER EDMONDS BROWN Rodge To hsten 15 to learn 3,9 Z-1, 4 Www DON XLD GLENN! ' HAPMAN Dom "It vms Greex to nee" BARBARA JOY ANGELL Barb What fools these mortals be HELEN MAE CHASE Sally "A true friendis ever a blessi ng" RUTH LOUISE BICE Ruthle If sllence IS golden, she ll be r1ch 4 IICVC1' RALPH EARL DAVIS Ralph Let any man speak long enoug an me w1l1 get behevers ALEXANDER LEE COOPER "Lee" "The wrong way always seems more reasonable" .Q PETER LH FISH Pak K L Lk IO 31 Z1 1: L .BI LZIYL 11 MARY LOU CHURCH Mary Lou Dlllgence IS the mother of good fortune MARY LOUISE CONKLIN Mamle Sull water runs deep 1-QQ 'fl BARBARA ANN COLLIER Barb Good thmgs come ln small packages Q" 1 S pf JOHN HERMAN HEINS John Why do today what you can unttl tomorrow? LIIO GERALD WA LTER GREGORY "Gerry" "The secret of success is constancy of purpose" CLIFFORD ROR JONEa Chff Alas Alas a devthsh change mdeed BETTY IEANNE FAIRCHILD "Berry " My heart rs true as steel ANN MARIE ROSE GRACYALNY Anme S others fmd dxfflcult he makes easy what BARBARA ANN FLETCHER Barb leader and a fnend of all W CHARLES STANLEY LACEY Chuux Whrch twrn has the tom? IQ'IN ROBERT LARCHAR John I am a man of large rnterests partrcularly when the sub1ect rs food' RICHARD MICHAEL MEYERS Whatgre Drck at men have been m love? ELIZABETH JANE GULLE " Betty" "Very quiet, and BRENDA LEE IZARD Bren Never rn a hurry, always late R very nice" JOAN EVELYN HAZARD Hap 'razard M ty make good ompamons ent and modes WARREN CH ARLES ROLEN Trapper A srlent man IS often worth temng to ROGER IRVING PORTER Ro A rhmg serrously pursued affords true eruoymem DAVID GtORL,h S AWYER Dave TT e world mow: mot. mg of Us grearebr med C1 .. g.. A af, , .. U1 ll k k N ' ' HS- ff ' ll A . M' rr 5'-H , . . ' . '1 , 'IDA . , ' . N . . - x.-- X ,, 1 ,I A 11. . CHARLOTTE ANN LACEY "Sharlie" "Mischief, thou art afoot - " K DIANE RUTH SLENTZ Here are the mlldest manners and the gentlest heart HELEN MAE LUCEY Helen Happlness comes to those who thexr work pattently all tb, ff' WILLIAM THOMAS SIMMONS I All great men are dytng I feel a lrttle lll myself DONALD PAUL TAYLOR Don Such men are dangerous ELIZABETH ANN WEBB "Liz" "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance' .TULIA ROSANNA SLENTZ 1 She who goeb forward gams MARTHA JEAN WILLIAMS Marthy Who saxd thrs rs a man s world? 5' WG? BERNADINE KAY SMITH Berme You get your lrfe, make what you can of II H LSt0Ty As we look thtrteen years lnto the past, we see the fourteen orrgrnal small frys schemlng to make therr teachers mrserable These honorable personaliues were none other than Barbara Angell, Foster Button, Helen Chase, Mary Lou Church, Lee Cooper, Betty Fatrchrld and Barbara Fletcher At thrs pornt we see Barb Clubbrng one of the boys because he wouldn t let her play wrth the lrttle red fue engxne Gerald Grefory Betty Guller Drck Meyers, Jrll Slentz, Bernadtne Smrth, Elrzabeth Webb and Martha Wrllrams completed the roster Upon enterrng the ftrst grade we have several newcomers Rodger Brown, Mary Lourse Conkhn and John Larchar From all the gossrp, rt was rn thrs year that Johnny was seen sneakrng a krss to Martha Wrll rams, rn the dark halls whrle passmg from room to room In second grade, Joan Hazard Jorned our happy clan Mrs Lowe was our thtrd grade teacher She would put the hottest toothache drops on our tongues we were caught mrsbehavmg Donald Chapman, John Heins, and Clrfford Jones Jorned us here Ann Marte Gracyalny, the grrl wrth the smrle, Jomed us rn the fourth grade It was in the frfth grade that a certam rndrvrdual upset a drsplay table and had Mrs Angell tn tears because a poor lrttle gold frsh lay wrrgglrng nearby on the floor Thts grade admrtted Peter Frsh, Brenda Izard, Helen Lucey Roger Porter and Warren Rolen As we entered Jumor Hlgh School we found our classes entrrely drfferent To the confused were added Ruth Brce Ralph Davrs David Sawyer, B1llS1mmons, and Drane Slentz mcknamed Baby of the Class because she was so much younger than the rest of us Barbara Collrer, The smallest varsrty Cheerleader, Jorned us rn the etghth grade As we left Jumor Hrgh and entered Semor Hrgh, we began earnrng money for that brg event, our Senror Tr1p to Washmgton, D C Our actrvrtres began by havrng Bake sales, Basketball games and the Symphony Orchestra Our class offrcers were Helen Chase, President Roger Porter, Vrce Prestdent Elrza beth Webb, Secretary and Barb Fletcher as Treasurer Donald Taylor Jorned us rn thrs year In the Sophomore year, we ordered our class rrngs Barbara Collrer appeared rn the annual Mrnstrel In our Jumor year the most remembered event was the Jumor Prom wrth Btll Slmmons and Barb Fletcher as Krug and Queen Therr attendants were Roger Porter, Jrll Slentz Drck Meyers Ann Gracy alny John Larchar and Helen Chase Also thrs year we presented our Jumor play N0 BOYS ALLOWED, dlrected by Mr Spergel Don Taylor as Mr Mrdnrght, learned to hug Martha Wrllrams He was trmrd, but now we can t keep htm away from the Ftve Corners A pau of twrns Jomed us here, Charles and Charlotte Lacey, two prxtes wrth hrgh prrncrples It was a long hard clrmb but we fmally earned the trtle of Semors We presented the Senror play, PLEASE TA MEETCHA, duected by Mrs Beardslee The annual Senror Ball was held December 21, 1956, wtth Drck Meyers and Ann Gracyalny presxdlng as Mr and Mrs Santa Claus Ken Cassrdy dressed as a dude Jorned us tn thrs Senror year On April 22 1957, at 6 30 p m our class journeyed to Washtngton, D C vta Greyhound bus A few memorles w1ll lrnger rn our mrnds always such as leavrng Barb Angell at the Lrncoln Memorral Barb Fletcher and Irll Slentz drscover an etghth floor rn a seven floor hotel rnvasron of the Lotus Club by Drck Ann, Clrff Helen L Joan and Lrz Webb We hear that those Washrngton crgars are a lxttle rugged Know anythrng about this Drane S and Helen C 72? A few of the tnterestrng places we vtsrted were the F B I burldrng the tomb of the Unknown Soldrer the Zoo the Caprtol and the Whrte House We are now workrng and wartrng for Graduatlon Day June 24 1957 By Jxll Slentz O ' . . . . . ' I I . . ' : . . . ' . if , . . . . I . . . S . ,, ',, . . 3 . . S . - show. Brenda Izard was President of this year's class. . D . . . . . U . . D . . - ' A . . : .. .. . . . . ,, , ',, Q . , . ' , : . . ' ' . . ' . . D H . . . . . . . . . . 1 . 0 . . , , . . ' . . I V . . . . ' . I Last Wzll and Testament We the CLASS OF 19o7 of the TOWN of NEW BERLIN, IH the county of CHENANGO and STATE of NEW YORK berng of sound mmd and memory do make publrsh and declare thrs our last WILL and TESTAMENT, tn manner followmg, thrs rs to say Frrst We dtrect that all our Just debts and all other brlls be pard by someone Second The followrng are to be wrlled as follows B1llS1mmons leaves Katy Chase a two Nay radro to tune ll! wr n he s away on long trrps Drck Meyers leaves to Tom Hardy hrs abrlrty to go steady and to keep a grrl Clrff wrlls to Dale LaFond ns apple way wrth the teachers and also hrs curly harr Barbara leaves her Regents Scholarshtp abrlrty to Joyce Haywood Lee Cooper leaves to Rod Whrtacre hrs bool of SCHOOL SKIPPING Mary Lou Church leaves to Kenny Farrchrld a box of cotton for the people that SIL rn front of htm next year rn band Drane Slentz leaves to Ch arlre Lloyd her brg handwrrtrng so Mrs Beardslee won t need a mrcroscope to read hrs home work papers next year John Larchar leaves Bernre Matteson HIS abrlrtw to lose werght Don Taylor leaves hrs abrlrty to get along wrth Mrs McFarland to Cal Lloyd We the members of the Semor Class leaxc the Lotus Club to the members of the Junror Class so they wrll have a good place to spe ld therr free nrght wrth fun whrle rn Washrngton Brenda Izard leaves an extra parkrng place for another cool l-ord lrke Drck Ackerman s Thrs parkrng place she leaves rn care of Drck Ann Marre Gracyalny on behalf of the past members of all scrence classes leaves to Mr Ferg a stgn whrch reads I don t know It s just the nature of the Crltter Martha Wrllrams leaves some of her werght to another Wrllrams Roger Barb Collrer leaves her dumbbells to Bev Johnsen to use rn the way they w1ll serve her the best purpose Betty Guller leaves the glrnt rn her eyes to that same glrnt rn Barbara Brown s eyes so that we shall see another brrght and cheerful Senror rn the future Bernad1neSm1th leaves to Sharon Walkden a couch for her and Chuck to srt on on those long Sunday afternoons Helen Chase leaves to Katy Chase her free transportatron, so that the name Chase wrll be used for the rrght meamng Warren Rolen leaves a well worn road to Columbus for some other boy preferably Roger Johnson Mary Lourse Conklrn leaves to Glorra Dye her long harr to fascmate Don Don Chapman leaves herght to Ann Burdrck. o - v v - , A 9 U I - ' I ' . . . A V . . .k , . -I ,C . Q . I - -- , , . l ' I . . . . , , . . . n , . . 1 . . 7, Q . . 1 i . . . . . , . . . . n l - v - - n . . . . . . - . . . V . B c ' I , . . . . , 1 I . 0 1 . Last Wrll and Testament Cont Ralph Davrs wrlls hrs brref case to Phyllrs Conklrn to makc rt easier for her to carry all those books around Gerald Gregory leaves a megaphone to Everett Erholzer so that he can be heard when he gets up on the stage to speak Jrll Slentz leaves to Rosemary Schworm her well used Dret Plan Ioan Hazard leaves a date book wrth all open dates to Drck Wood Charlotte Lacey leaves to Harrrett Wrllrs her quret and gentle ways Helen Lucey wrlls to Flora Lloyd and Therese Gracyalny her abrlrty to get along wrth the Band Drrector Barb Fletcher leaves to Bernre Faulstrck A RAIN CHECK! John Herns leaves to Ronald Zorda all of hrs past book reports so that Ron wrll be sure to have all hrs work rn on trme Dave Sawyer leaves to Karl Gregory hrs trme card for Algebra class to make sure he gets to class more often The Senior Class leaves to Mr Fry an engagement rrng for all those grrls he has on the hook To Mr Brefka we would like to leave all of next years Cadet Teachers Catherine Ballrster the leadrng role rn makrng Mr Green s brrthday cake Rog Porter leaves to Norrrs Arnold hrs abrlrty to get through Englrsh courses shrney apple Chuck Lacey leaves to Sharon Walkden an addressed envelope so that he wrll be sure to get mail when he rs away Pete Frsh leaves to Bob Baker a Tom home Permanent Krt so that he wrll have long wavy harr lrke Pete s Ann Marre Gracyalny leaves to Anne Franco her sweet and courteous remarks so that Anne wrll always have something to say Roger Brown and Foster Button leave Janette Jones their quret manners Ruth Bice leaves her abrlrty to enchant the boys to Joye Taylor Ken Cassrdy leaves hrs cigarettes to Jrm Sanford Lastly We hereby appornt the present Junrors to execute this our last Wrll and Testament hereby revokrng all former wrlls made by us By Drck Meyers and Ann Marie Gracyalny Liz Webb and Betty Fairchild and the members ofthe Home Ec. class leave to Myrtle Weaver and Prophecy ofthe Class of 95 7 Greetrngs' I have one of the latest of the do rt yourself gadgets a do rt yourself crystal ball I know thrs contraptron works because I have already seen Mr Fry fall and get hooked and poor Mrs Jamba rs very busy wrth her famrly of frve Let s cast a spell on our wrndow to the future and brrng rn a famrlrar face Someone rs present Ahl It s Barb Angell and Betty Farrchrld They have therr hands full wrth the lrttle ones so let s vrsrt the hosprtal they left a whrle ago Here are two of our loyal class mates nurses now, Ruth Brce and Ann Gracyalny, who are workrng hard to keep the wealthy patrents rn bed longer We may know some of the patrents here so let s look rnto the wards Here s the frrst one and we frnd Foster Button a New York State Polrceman vrsrtrng Brenda Izard poor grrl she can t understand why speed lrmrts here are less than those rn lndranapolrs Sgt Button gave her a trcket for speedrng and she tore rt up He pulled out hrs gun to scare her and rt accrdentally went off In the next ward we frnd a strange change rndeed Our crty boy Ken Cassrdy, has apparantly had a slrght accrdent, he grew srck of the wear and tear of crty lrfe and turned farmer Ore of hrs cows krcked hrm and broke hrs leg Those fellow farmers vrsrtrng hrm are none other than Clrff Jones Don Chapman and Rodger Brown You all know how Pete Frsh, Lee Cooper John Herns and Warren Rolen stuck to gether Now they re enjoyrng a care free fand tax freej lrfe as bums along the UV rarlroad They are contemplatrng a swrtch to the arr however because Irll Slentz and Barbara Fletcher are commercral arrlrne Hostesses Let s Jorn them Well we must say they are a happy two some, but the passengers on our plane may not apprecrate therr krnd of happrness Oh, oh our passengers are gettrng up set why, rt s New Berlrn ceramrcs tycoon, Don Taylor and three of hrs dozen secretarres, Barb Collrer, Betty Guller and Drane Slentz By the lrght of the srlvery moon but I ll bet Mary Lou Church and Ralph Davrs aren t gorng to swoon not wrth that wrecked space shrp to frx It s a good thrng Mary Lou learned the art of carpentry The radro program they are lrstenrng to rs today s Perry Como Bill Srmmons Rrdrng a comet back to earth we converge on a star struck young man Roger Porter always wanted to marry a movre star tomorrow he does' That s not Lrberace you hear rt s LARCHAR Today we have the ladres swoonrng over John Thrs performance rs at a PTA meetrng, and at the table over there are our three teachers, Qbrave soulsj, Helen Chase, Drck Meyers and Lrz Webb They have a brg problem because MAMIE CONKLIN heard about hrgh schooled horses and wants to send her Kentucky Derby wrnner to school Our class loves ammals GERALD GREGCRY and HELEN LUCEY are runnrng a goat farm Goats seem to enJoy grvrng people some good hard whacks, but who needs goats for a poundrng when CHUCK and CHARLOTTE LACEY fand rnevrtably DAVE SAWYERQ are around Those folks can really pack a punch! The three remarnrng members of our adventurous crew JOAN HAZARD BERNADINE SMITH and MARTHA WILLIAMS, are currous to know rf three certarn guys would really follow them anywhere so they pulled up roots and went to explore darkest Afrrca I :DQ nun - 1 Q Q Q I Q Q , . . . .. Q . , . . . . - Q . , .. . . Q 1 . . . , - 1 . , . . Q Q 1 . . , .., 1 9 1 Q Q Q Q Q v 9 Q . . . . - ... . Q 1 1 - . . - 9 , .. . - 0 9 - 1 9 . .. ,.. Q Q , - . 9 . . . . ., Q , QQQ 9 Q Q n - ' n 1 QQQ QQQ . , . . . . , Q Q Q , . .. QQ 0 1 Q ' C Q Q . .Q . . .- I Q Q Q . .- 1 Q Q Q I 9 9 1 Q Q f' QQ' 15 hi 4 s 3 '95 'Nav' Ein! ' 4 jf if I Flrst row left to rrght B B or fi Q, w 43' 5 "Sp, arbara Collier Drane Slentz Betty Maracle Lrz Webb Charlotte Lacey Ruth rce Barbara Fletcher Barbara Angell, Bernadme Smrth Second row 1111 Slentz Mary Lou Church Helen Chase Martha Wrllrams Mary Conklrn, Betty Guller, Brenda Izard Helen Lucey Ioan Haz Ann Gracyalny Thrrd row Dave Sawyer B1llSrmmons Charles Lacey Ge Drck Meyers Ralph Davrs Roger Brown, Foster Butto Rolen John Larchar Absent P J N ard rald Gregory Roger Porter n Fourth row John Heins Le ere Frsh Donald Taylor , e Cooper Warren IL juniors XA d ng left to right Therese Gracyalny Janette Jones, Flora Lloyd Phyllis Conklin Gloria ond row Myrtle Weaver Catherine Ballister Bernard Faulstick ory Richard Wood Third row Mr Butts Noris Arnold, Everette rbara First row, stan r , Dye, Ann Franco, Ann Burdick. Sec Charles Lloyd, Ronald Zora, Kenneth Fairchild, Karl Greg Miss Pepper, Roger Williams, Rodney Whitacre, Dale LaFond, Roger johnson, Eiholzer, Rosemary Schorm, Harriet Willis, Harold Hager, Bernard Matteson. First row, seated: Ba Brown, Sharon Walkden, Ioye Taylor. Second row: james Sanford, Linda Olds, Thomas l-lardyg Third ' d Beverly Johnsen, Robert Baker. Fourth row: Timothy Christain, Katy Chase, David l' Fitzerald. ow: Calvin Loy , ,,ufrLI:OfS es Or Gm Soph 1' Alfread bag lou Mr rayr Cummrngs Flrst row left to rrght France Krnney, Potter Del Sanford Second row Charlene Borst Lucrlle Ta c , Carpenter Margre Gelatt Rrchard Burroughs, Davrd Deal Thlrd row Sue Lowe Gerry Celra Burr Edna Larnoree Paul Brown Mary Farrchrld Jacob Ernoff john Rowe Lamont Srnrrh Mary Lyon Marlon Sweet Fourth row Roger Slemz l-lue Abrams Rrchard Slentz, Delbert Gregory, Kendall Burdrck, Bob Turnbull lohn Funk, Torn Reed Frith row john Runxon Harold Calhoun Elwood johnson d Marcra Honeywell Mark l-luth Barbara Beardsle Roy Gregory Ada Musk Don La Fon . 1 ' v, ..,, I , . 1 9 n V va, .., 9 0 0 1 v 1 s n 1 0 0 o l 0 I 5 r 9 n - 5 9 v 1 1 n v 1 9 ' freshmen li'- First row left to right: Sharla Hall Rose Wolf Barbara Holl, Dennison Hoxie Katherine Saur, Wanda Benjamin Beatrice Beniamin, Elizabeth Busch Second row Julia Jones Barbara Williams Betty Gel Nathan Williams Mrs Deal, Robert Clapp Veronica Gracyalny Theodre Whitacre, Patricia Franco, Dorene Johnson Third row: Jennie Penner, Bernice Dye Garry Potter Eugene Chase, Vada Hine, Diana lones Roberta Sickler Juanita Weaver Barbara Hoag Virginia Dunham Sandraweaver Fourth row: Carl Eiholzer Danial Lacey, Thomas Slentz Dale Smith, William Sweet Donald Tootill George Pollock Warren Camp Charles Dart, james Harrington Fifth row: Rose Gilbert Vivian Pittsley San ra Abram- Audrey Taylor lndia Fairchild, Sarah Hendrickson, Gerald Brownell, john Ames Flden Lindsay, julian Webb Sixth row: Arthur Boice, Thomas Grant Helen Warren Gloria Davis, llene johnson Shirley a Moore Beverly Ballister, Judy Sawyer, Phyllis Lauria. P otter A lan Jumor lugh 3100 First row, left to right Dave Monroe, Robert Hendrickson, Harold Harington, Elenor Benyamrn Sh Williams Leanord Credico, Dave Frrnk, Larry Taylor Second row Eva Winton, Joe Franco, Judy Kenn edy Linda Burdick, Mr Maloney Mr Taylor, Robert Deal, Karen Shafer Nancy Hurlbutt, Mary Parsons Third rowr Sue Hazard, Carol Slentz, Mary Williams Bertha Backus, Kay Utter, Judy Lloyd Lillian Carpenter Susan Maples Charles Hovrstman Lyle Camp Pat Simmons Fourth rowr Richard Talcott Larry Clapp Leonard Chandler Harvey Huth William izard David Meyers Kenneth Meyers, David Dalsgaerd Chris Burke, Lewis Brown Fifth row: Ronald Anderson, Donna Enman Maryvancourt, Lillian Sweet Cheryl Angell, Euegene Dunham Cecil Douglas Robert Clapp Bernice Backus Lila Humphrey Sixth row: Janice Williams Wayne Davis, Howard Davisson, William Hardy, Richard Hatzenbulher Jack Chase Warren Salmon Barbara Rose Carol Gould William Todd y Lloyd Harold Unger Vrckre Grlmour ora Raymond Gregory Second row Mary Lucey Lola Talco a rarker Erma Chaprn Lorrazne Srckler Nancy Mowry Susan Camp Patrzca Parks r nrrd row Vrrgrnra Rose Loretta Gracyalny Grace Brown Carol Moore Rosanna P Maxson Barbara Coleman Roberta Reed, Beverly Wrlcox, Ger jane Spurr Sandra Benson Sally Cadwell Ga1lNahl1k Patrrcra I W l lCl8 Fourth row Mr Whztney er Karol Matteson Dorothy Olds Connre Gelatt ommrs Frfth row Patrrca Matteson James Curtis James Chase james Armstrong Joe Novak, Stephen Rumon Margaret Maxson Lrnda Van Wagner Srxth row Oakley Whxtbeck Kurt Herns Nzck Penner Clarence Van Court Ronnre Lloyd Robert Brown B111 Larcher David Mrchaelte PatFaulst1ck Seventh row Lee Kuhn Mary Ann Larcher Maynard Kelsey Joyce Green, Sandy Holk Barbara Dye Don Perkins, Cl1ffBeadle Harold Vroman -. .AAA V D ,... , I ,...ll , . : , EI, ,, rv , ' , ' l , , , ' - ' ': ' ' ' , , , , ' ittsley, Parr' ' , , ' ald McQuade. : , ' ' , , , Phyllis Bark , , , ' ' ', " zard,Mr.L '. ' : ' , ', , i lard Lewis, , ' , , ' . . : . D . ' . , n . , V ' . . . . t . . : ' ' elementary an Pascal Rrso, Charles son Fred l-lorstm , de Dtanne Dart e Robert Prttsley, Way ne Ben , obert Ferguson Rrchard McQua Thud row Royce rrght Davrd Dy Second row R Dranne Chase d Warren Iarnes Frrst row left to trrngharn, Wrlson Moore, Rrchard Dye lean Utter, Betty Hoag Judy Lloyd Garl l-letns Maryorre Taylor, Fltll George Krlrner, Dons Davrs, Davrd Chaprn, Norman Wrggtns Evelyn Tyler, Elwar d Wrlltarn l-lorstrnan, Mr Sacobsen Lacey, Sharon Edwar s, Ralph Zorda, Wrllrs Borce, Mrs Robbrns Rrchard Wrllrarns Lyle Wrllts Carl et Dorothy Penner, Janette Weaver, Susan Dye Vrckr le Anderson Frrst row Davrd Young Tlurd row Robert Chase, Carpenter Second row Larry lzard, Margre Sw. e johnson June Hazard Lrnda Palrner, Katherene France, Da e Warren johnson, Robert Newland, Robert Maxson Robert Ann Tootrll, Sandra Davtson, Ralph Prttsley jones Ianrc Raymond Marn , my Webb Mary Webb Rrchard Gage, Standrng Charles Brown, lrrn Rrch ard Y oung Lola Card N! Ad is ruu Wrlham Lyon John Unger Rrchard nram Novak Second row Patrlcra Johnson Dolores Laurra, Vrrgrnra rce 5 ret Sackson Lourse Vancourt, Kathryn Chase Katherrne Eaton, Barbara Ramsey Vrola Prttsley Carol Davrs Josepnme Rrso Thlrd row Mrs Jager Wrll1amBeardslee, Constance Ram Faylor Ronald Alfrer Patr1c1aPambr1o Rosemary Talcott D Norman Wrnton John Dawson y Cooper, Ruth Lacey Frrst row Alvm Edmunds Edward Bennett, Mark Slentz S aron Salmon, Gall Hanson Johanna Walkden Joy Jones Donna Meyers Robert Cummmgs, Telford Rowe Donald Strrngham, Paul Lrndholm Second row Gerry Todd Sandra Moore Lmda Porter, Pamela Izard Helen Rose, Arlene Davrs, Carol Wllll8mS, Patrrcra Jones, Elarne Austm, Joan Mrller, Sharon Brownell Third row Mrs Hunt To Brce Edwm Brce Clrfford Davrs, Ellen Sprague Bonnre Wrl Nahlrk Lmda Benson Srgne Nels , mmy Borst,Raymon cox, Sandra Webb Tommv D ' on, Jane Button Barbara Chas 1 M u . z . . , . . . . B. H-M Q . . ' . D . . D ' , ' ' ' . ' 1 . , ' ' sey, Ronald ' , ' , ' ' ' , , oris Lauria, Kar l , . : . . . h . ' . ' t . , . . . : , . . ' . . . . . . . . . . : . d . ' . . . . . . . . 1 Dm, . I . ' . , D VA . A L,- f' ' ' - d Frrst row Vaughn Crerghton, Tony Parsons, James Camp Stephen Bennett. Second row Joyce Wrlcox Joyce Maxau , Reed Suzanne Burhson Mary Brownell, Martha Mrtchell Peggy Clapp Andrea Perkms, Patrrcr Parker, Carol Morey Lrnda Clark Thrrd row Drana Wandell, Krrstrne Edwards CarolPal1ner Aleta Bush, Sandra lzard, Gerald Burch, Donald Lloyd Nellvanderkooy, Erleen Joy, Nancy Wrllrams Jean een D Aprrx, Mrs Gr Dwrght Lrnger , Frrst row Dean Ttffany, Rrchard Crarf Clrfton Frrnk, Frank Wrlcox John Honeywell, Joseph Scnro Reuben Davrsson Second row Anrta Busch Janrce Wrlcox, Sharlene Smrth Patncta Grant Janrce Dye Nancy Clapp Sharon Chaprn Ltnda Dye Paul Sastrt, John l-loxre Thrrd row Peter Warren Kendrrck Matteson Paul Brahs, Elsre Lewrs Shtrley Sprcer Judrth Haywood, Wrllrarn Currre John Matteson Charles Card Gerald Kennedy Mrs Funk. ureen B a arbara Kennedy Ernest Card nua VerOn6S Arlene Wrrght Conme Spra -.rung Second row Joesphlne Gracyalny Kathleen Hazard Sharon gue Mary Jane DeRose Drana Walkden Pamela Porter Alrce Card Chase Lmda Moore Lmda Brownell Barbara Unger Ruth DApr1x Tommy Holk Herbert Plttsley Fust row Rlchard Kellogg Danny Sanford John Plazza Dav d Wmton Shawn Hanson Tommy Fnnk Dean Cloyd Tom 1 Gregory Francl my Wlggms Thlrd row Susan Olds John K K1 d mney Robert Chase Bruce Loball Carl Schwarzback Davzd Smlth n a Smrth Mary Chesbrow Kenny Wlggms Robert Kellogg Teresa Chapm Second row Regina Sastrr Jan1ceBurl1son Maxme Davls Dyanne Church Jessica Whltebeck Elalne Decker Lmda Dun ham Dawn Wheeler Patricia Armstrong Sandra Plttsley Fusr row Gordon Turner E Wllllam Chase Charles Lumm Deborah Izard Denms Werl Donald Rose S ugene Brownell au Cleon Hum h SH FUR Ill UH C p rey Ernest Sta goman VT .014 as Qgvfi N . ---"bln 0 1 I f-1 UV 5 I u . l ' I ,- uvc' . 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J x A h X urse DeForest e ory Charles Dye Mary L0 Lloyd Second row Thud row Robert Beechrng Danny Meyers Herbert Gr g KarolFuller Ruth Fuller Robert lflarshbarger Iudrth Coleman Carl Gelatt Gary Ann Palmrter Cathertne Jenks Regrna Taylor Sherla Clapp Roberta Knrckerbocker Mrchele Pom brta Laura Potvrn Sharon Ferguson Prrscrlla Armlrn Sharlene Prentrce Patrrcra Pardee Ftrst row Charles Ttffany Thomas Bauden George Chesebro Ebenezer Kelsey james Utter Edwtn Butler Calvrn Harshbarger George Randall Thtrd row Edo Vander Kooy Stanley Salany Clrfton Palmer Chrrstrne Nelson Davrd Fuller Brran Wrlltams John Kellogg Dora Smrth Mark Nrchter Rlcherd Anderson Dalenore Meyers Second row Grant Carol Sweet Carol Lumn Patrrcra Unger Ltnda Iaguay Susan Lewts, Fust row Laurence Wrnton Gary Jones Lenard Mayon Verones Brenda Smrth lean C lTalcott Patrrcra Green ds Rrchmond Rose Gary 31 ' ".. lil Q- 9--,ai ,- , 1 -'--- - '. --W I l : ' 4 .2 1 . , ,I J I A I . , ' x " , rf I . I Y .K ' r 4 x . Haj - Af. .- ff, ' " Q 'Q ' I -' ' . ., 4 A, , H 1 . 1 v 9 1 ' l 1 I I I I I ' 1 I I I I I I - . 1 , a I . . . 9 r I ' 3 ' I I I I I I I , . 1 ' ' . ' . . D . ' . I I . I I I I I ' . I I I I . I . I . . qi ' . . - . ' . ' I I ' -Amr., ' . ' , A 1' l First Grade u Maxson Herbert Maxson James Ptttsley aru Lobdell Second row Jean Hoxle Susan Card Lynn Woodard arxer Mildred Ferguson Earl Beechlng Sally Barker Dawn Younger Nola Rowe Patr1c1a Bouden Thxrd row Kathy Potter Larry Chase Don Carpenter Terry Dye Norman Johannesen Joseph Etholzer Beatrtce Dye James Whrtback C1lff0fdW1lCOX BenJam1nDaCosta Teacher Mrs Acker man Absent Wtlltam Butler Fust row left to rrght Jack Brunschmtd James Wtlltams Rtchard Veronest Borys Stopnytsky Robert Bowee Gerald Green Gary Hendrlckson Charles Penner John Mitchell Jack Hoag Gary Carpenter John Guller Second row Delorts Meyers Barbte Porter Joanne Chapin Arlene Mandell Ruth Arm strong Margaret Green Amy Hanson Dan1elT1ffany Sue Ann Stogman Erte Durham John Franco Third row Mrs Acenour Warren Johnson John Howard Gary Cummings Shannon Hanson Joanne Nass Gary Brownell Sandra Grant Davtd Novak Robert Hoag Kexth Matteson Margaret Sa Cheryl Gelatt Donald Palmer wyer Y - ...lux , , I , -vnu . I I , , , , ---'H U I ' o . A 1 1 1 ' . 3 0 I u n 0 . ' . . . , . . . . 0 , . - I : . . . . : ' . ' . '. . v 1 1 r I 1 r 1 ' : I . I ' 1 1 ' I I I I I I . 3 ' n n a g s 1 I I I ' I I . I I , . . ,N , ' x B n 5 i 5 6 v . h V l 4 t . f ' '4 F . r S , u f S v -Q4 ' 'Q S - I I . . ' I . 1 1 ' . 3 . K " ' , -f x J t I f ' 4. . 4' t A .X 1 . Q . . , X - W ,f . gp, - 1 A 4 - K I. g -'J . t ,Q f X A 1 - 5 -tt Q- ' I. 1. Wx N South Edmeswn Fu'st row Barbara Perktns Betty Wolf Arlene Edmunds Gregory Hurlbutt Ttmothy Ltdell Donald Perkms Larry Lloyd Second row Susan Wolf Barry VanWagner Barbara Wolf Rodney Hurlbutt Glenn Waffle Donald VanWagner Thud row Mlss Irene Colegrove Kmdergarten Ftrst row Jeanette Ambrose Kevtn Pyltnske Davtd Benson Mary Holl Mary Warren Second row Mary Rose Joan Anderson John Alot Carolme Rrso Btlly Stratton Horace Randall Thtrd row Sue Ellen Kmckerbocker Stephen Nahltk Davtd Lottrtdge Robert Nelson Deborah Fay Davrd Clark Mark Anderson Gerald Wagner Fourth row Fredertck Creighton Sally Pardee Ellen Btce Valerre Runron Barry Davidson Richard Green Randall Wlng Donna Jaquary fd Frrst row left to rrght Brlly Lyo elford Rowe Dale Iennrngs Paul Lrndholrn, Rrchard Con Strtngharn Bob Maxon Pasco Ruso Larry lzard Bob Chase Raymond Marne Alvrn Dye Thtrd row Tornrny Borst Brlly Beardslee Edwrn Brce Tommy Deforest Clrfford Davrs Lyle Wrllrs Norman Wrtten Robert Prttsley Dale Anderson Fourth row Carl Carpenter Iarnes mcey Irrnmy Webb Davrd Webb Dayrd Cbaprn Robert Ferguson Bobby Starr Eddre Warren Charles Brown First row left to ng Rosanna l lttsley Betty Hoag Roberta Reed tts Carl Carpenter Catherrne Audrey Taylor Helen Lucey F S andr 1 Benson row: llelen Kinney activities if ' ,-r ,- ,Q Crest Yearbook Stag Seated on Floor left to rrght Barbara Fletcher Catherme Balllster Joyce Haywood Second row Rrchard Meyers Helen Chase Barbara Angell Beverly Johnsen, Kathleen Chase Wllllam Srmmons Rodger Porter Charles Lloyd hll Slentz Eltzabeth Webb Bernard Matteson Barbara Brown Mrs Jamba Martha Wrllrams Edrtor rn Chlef Busrness Edrtor Layout Edrtor Art Editor Lrteratary Edrtor Adverusrny, Edrtor Sports Edrtor Actrwrtres Edttor Adwrsors SENIOR STAFF BARBARA FLETCHER HELEN CHASE BARBARA ANGELL MARTHA WILLIAMS ELIZABETH WEBB WILLIAMS SIMMONS RICHARD MEYERS IULIA SLENTZ NIRS IAMBA MR FRY Photography Editor --------------------------- RODGER PORTER Wrlharns Barbara Wluw Mr Green Lrz Weoo Un er Scared Sharon Srandrng Vrrgrnxa Dunham Helen Chase Ioe Franco Mr Barteau Calvm Lloyd Harold g Teddy Whuacre President Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer JOHN LARCHAR ANNE FRANCO DAVE DEAL DAVE SAWYER g , r...,,, . . . .. . , , , u , ,xxx-.f.-,, I I . I I . -.-- ....... -- ------- --, ------- -------- --- --- -,, News C ub ,Q-ff" Anderson Harold Calhoun Bernard Matteson Iullan Web Standrng left to rrght Drck Meyers Ronnre Ann Burdrck, Del Sanford Barbara Angell Seated Brll Srrnrnons Pro ector Club ll oun Lamont Smrth, Iulran Webb, Art Borce, Elwood ld Taylor Standtng left to rrght Mr Jamba Harold Ca 1 or Charles Lloyd lake Ernhoff Seated Dona johnson D elbert Gregory Row Greg y 5144 ln 1 .sig -f ,.':H'.'L.-- -"""' f S? SAWHKQQQ E F, X VJ 3, WHIKIS5' 99 c - ,e,. 5 Nfw W NZ A .' 'Eff Q 8 C L .V nf g' 1? Q5 3 E '?' .2 wgxrmu s UF 4 YN 3'F"'tf1.- Q 'Wifi' -1 W ,N ,ax F I 'fr Q? ' "" 5, K , L , 've l 5 J 1 M 'R X X 4 a f , ,gg A f Q I xl :V I . 4' if 6, ,L L 9 If I 0 3?'. hf'f5Q5' W A -'Q QL if W X X 31 it if x 'Ti ! ,K I 4? 5 h-' A F 8 K 5 . 1 x E k fig, RX 1 A az.- '-""-'-'sn U f ' ' - ' 'w1.sws. .f.., . ' i Fl v' d L ,4- 'N -L Semor Band Majorettes Left to nght Bev Johnsen Carol Gould Beverly Ballmer Frances Kxnney F1rst row Anne Franco Helen Chase Lrz Webb Barbara Brown Ada Mae Musk Glorxa Dye 1nd1a Farrchrld Barbara Fletcher Second row Brll Sxmmons John Larchar Pat Franco Mary Lourse Conklm Veronxca Gracyal Gracyalny Joan Hazard Thud row Mary Lou Church Ken F3l.l'Chl1d John Rumon Dlck Hatzenbuhler Dave Deal Dan Lacey Steve Rumon Harvey Huth Charles Carpenter Julxan Webb Paul Brown, John Frrnk Mark Huth Donna Enman Nate Wrllrams Phyllis Conklm Theresa Gracyalny Helen Lucey DIRECTOR Mr Walter Hlghland ny, Barbara Hoag, Barbara Webb, Pete Maples, Bob Deal, Flora Lloyd, Richard Burroughs, Ann Marie W yf E fx 5 V . if L ' I a, ' 1 A 5 it ,, N Y- U . 413, g I Q gg, W I -vHr"""""' ' I lk Q Q 4 J ,M .-:Q-7 2 X Wm v I v-AA, A ' gf ,J X' ' gf!" M N 1' N G Q 'mg ,ze ,ge-'L X Q T 12459 , - , AH - If ',-. ' 5 QQ ! I "fx by 'Ml' .gf X X AE S 1' I Semor Chozr Frrst row left to rxght Ann Burdack Anne Franco Martha W1111ams Bev Johnsen Cl1.fford Jones Berna drne Smlth Mary Lou Church Mrs Lottrldge Mary Parsons Second row Joan Hazard Ann Mane Gracyalny Helen Chase Ehzabeth Bush Barbara Webb Barbara Brown Fr-aners Krnney Lmda Burdrck Cheryl Angell Patrrcla Franco Julra Jones Thud row Mary Lou1se Conklm Lrnda Olds Donna Enman Barbara Angell Barbara Fletcher Kathleen Chase Marjorle Gelatt Elrzabeth Webb Janrce Wrllrams Indra Farrchrld Sharon Walkden Barbara Wrllrams Helen Lucey Nancy Hurlbutt Fourth row Harvey Huth Mark Huth Norms Arnold Danlel Lacey Rlchard Burroughs Robert Deal Nlathan Wrlllams Rrchard Meyers Daw 1d Deal Charles Carpenter John Larchar W 1ll1am Srmmons Bernard Matteson Charles Lacey John RUUIOU Paul Brown N nf I I A I D : l I I A . I I 1 I ' . I I I ' . I ' : I n I I I I I I I l . I . ' ' . . , . . . : . . ' , ' ' I I I . I I . I I I D I . A . I I U I I I ' V: I I I I D I . I I 1 h I I A I v- I I I V l I I ' I I I I - fs'-L rx':1' Fust row Mary Lucey, Suzanne Camp, Donald Clapp Danrel Cloyd Sally Cadwell Gerry Sanford Second row Iva Jean Parker, Carole Moore, Doreen Johnson, Dorothy Olds Patrrcxa Izard Lola Talcott Wagner, Mary Van Court, Barbara Dye, Vada Herns, Marranne Larcher, KarenShafer Fourth row James Curtrs, Stephen Rumon, Davrd Dalsgaard Robert Deal, Wrllram Larcher, Donald Perkrns, Mrs Lottndge Barbara Coman, Nancy Mowry. Third row: Jane Spurr, Cheryl Angell, Sharon Walkden, Linda Van Boys' Quartet F1rst row, left to rrght Io n h Larchar, Chuck Carpente , if r John Runron, Brll Srmmons Treblettes cl Standrng left to rrght Barbara Angell Iulra lone Mar Lou Church Frrst row left to rrght Ann Franco, Mrs Lottrr ge o Elrzabeth Webb Ioan Hazard Helen Chase, y rmth Ann Burdrck, Pat Franc , Bernadrne S M ar tha Wrllra ms 10 ,,,f' ,,,..- Sp0I'tS .TK A r r -f ' . ,ln if K- sg f ' i ,d -rr , .-,-Q'ff H - V xr nv, 3 'L -fir wr '? if 'fr .-- E' cn M , , W ,,... W 5,5 . gn . , xx 0, I U?" iii f I V 1 rf' 5- -r"gh of U?" P1 ' 0 '5 9. - IU ,W QV' "I a H' m" Q vw 2 .., ph ' I. ' k Y L' I , x,, j' 'ff' +' QS., ' . 3 Q x ' y 15 V,.! fhi 1 . N E . Q" rx Q 3 D ,' . Q- X, .,'- f"' as-, ' Q "H-T :-4i,,.. , 'f Qktigc' . Ya- Q Q! K H ,, 7 V5 fy . 4 - . 4-' ' ,, -, ,V , X ', ff .rf tvfkl fi wwf f 57 L - 4 x ' ,,ml.f-A' fy, A -,T w,-Q fi ,Jn E W 17 iw I 'j,, 1 . "Wav , ,pr A 'Vg Qirgfgc M' 3 ' ,1 ' ing 1 if W .,. w I J I 1 35. 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Suggestions in the New Berlin Central High School - Crest Yearbook (New Berlin, NY) collection:

New Berlin Central High School - Crest Yearbook (New Berlin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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New Berlin Central High School - Crest Yearbook (New Berlin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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New Berlin Central High School - Crest Yearbook (New Berlin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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