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' vb 1.5.4 f 'X A v in ff- ' ii 'i- I " Az!- I f .L 1, J ' v if,jQ'I" Y M' Pwr, T' :X if!!f':" F- 1" 'f TH' ' gf:-5' 1 .I fb,y,1Q,4 J:-'ASSY' 5. ' ings!-a ,Qlfigi A- -.-1-. 12' a- ,, T'ff?'5': 'V .lm ' ' "f"' '- -.ak m"'-w. ' ', -T-Uv. - - - .. ,,?,I3Z'. . : - J.. X. I. Y ,I I '1' . .. ' 1 : . . if WI. , 'r , , .. ,,, j 'Q ' J '- WP 5 H 1361! gg- -1 '. ' fs -, ,. ,Wa J . , , ,,f,,- ,, wry, , ' ' " '54 ' " - ew ' 9 -"fe ' ' ' ' I . , 'E .- 'LE ' ' - .A?f'z' ' ' I ' 'J 1 :QI q - .--,ff'w2.-" - L . v,I7,4.- . 1--1' ' gy f'-w.II.1"'1- , ,Y ,-25,1111 1, gg 1-V "--'mfg . ,:,, I :ffm , , I II , - - +-. 2' 1--1 - - 'H 1" W, Y V- III YT- W-H.gI,I Y-1 .- f. A -.',IIn ,..- ,.- - . ,D gf -- - r 'F f-may I rl. :Er-if :' 11.5 Vivbiifrx , i 'ii F4 ,ml : 3: ,539 e- -iflsf ,- "Eff 1 ' - Fr :A - . -.,vj:4,' 1, III? , . f gi, 1 Zf-ig 'Q sz' :wiv Y , ,I -4. -15' 131-I . -I I I . M., , Gm A 1 fiwff-'f ,- ' 'NH , rg ' X, , ur! . im 1 '5 .mx-.-i',l ' " ' X H'-5? ' - ' II I Qgfa-4-, ' 'A gf wa. LM : 1 -vpn, -- '-'Pix ' ' .aa - ,- I L, I 1 5-51 . r gig-.I 151m Qfi'1ri',I' X, 1 1, M 'gm ,I X I ,uf if N 3,4 . ,,, , , 3 . K : 4 .ff P 1,25 +fv " 1 QSQNI , I, 'W "if ' . ' ' ll f ,, g" f'-f 1322, " I' '. if 24.1 ', M M.. 1. K. 4- 4...g.5.I. je-1 -. V, ,, INII EI, . n . c 'ff .".-'.' . ' l FII: .qv IQ . . :VI In, . 125: U 'if-ff ' L5 - 1 v . "Y A .-fg'Z'lZI - X f IP , I II A,,, JI ? ,IIIIIII 1,.,, ' ' AW'--fw his 1, ' -A 'EEL -gag 5,3 III-,..Qm - ' rm "2 11. f Q . If. p,,fE.+sSs'sf'5:i, ight V . - if , fu- umm., I. w,L-. III .'5.1. II,shIg 'Pi' -.Nfl 1' A z, 4.4, W. ',--:II Il' ,. ' 1 fvyfz. ff .:'z"'5ir4'w: 5 fi' Iv.-. , ' . 'Th-" 'E ' 5gg'i1'f'5T,fgg. V. ac.. 1, If 33: uw IGH . NM. :-. .- : 'fV" Un" ,. ' - .J 'f' ' '---'iw Q25 ., df , . I , KJ? NS- . .Zapp .., W. . 4- af - -14, A--say. 44 viii-iffiiigf' "i Sig? 5-1ffLgsegFf- Qi? Q x if 1: f -- 41' fx -,ifjfa 11 ff' . ' 4 , ,, ww- , ,Q W ,, I II 'V' " 1 , , . 'w".'1 ' .., gil 3-' .in . " 1, ,V ,JN e rbi.. x. 1'q?Q ,g -,IEII 1 - , v.-, . . QI, . , , .I . II Li, .If.,II I:..,: SW, V L . .4 ,ii :- I .41-V. ' --'Qi if '-1-'55-Q X .Q'I54.I,:f, IX ' ' si! izmifk V ' ..,f . 1... r,, E ff 5-1-,lf f Wm- . '-1t"' . "' II -,.....,.. 41 ,. ..'inE2'.-'Lnk15an1L,-1,1551 .-3 -1 N' -ff-El? sff' N ,. " ' - 1, 7 ,VI -Q.: -:sill-15' gf-yy m,.,XI.. , .gf ,. f A - ,. ,,' -f'.,., -Q Jw-14, ' - II iam- zii . . 'IVF' , .ui MG- ,Q -1 " 41.4 I. . ,I.x ,. , I ,ITA , --. ,I - . ,ihiihi-.r wg I , W-as 1 .-5. , - ' 1 ' g '..44fFIsi',' v "hw .Lf I . 511 R. , I ,ii - ' , YYY I - Q44 I' ,I x.,' . Ig - lfzllifl w,,f.y4ff,fJv P' 2 ' " 1 . ' ,IT e"'35'. I II. , , . IMI I , 1 f .- 'FJ E , ,4 5 V ,Qld 1 ' ' -I ' -' V - -11. 'Ji' I I , .I,q,g,. -I1 ,,. , I Va.-"1 , .-1-Hifi -.IAQE"gIkIIa.-g1 '.1'.I A' wma, 14. . ,1:, Ns :A 'Nxqs gff Q six -Wu L,- 'mx ' Q84 r N f'f"f'x . ,I , 95427 L ef " 'f""'m . ,A QW SWF ' As -gl -151' ' 5 I T, I'- I lr , ' x - illfnp 1955 ' hif 1' B fig Jnlmscu 01 'Ng-ra. Rama? 1' 'Mr f ,. R DEDICATION The Senior Class wishes to dedicate this yearbook to our Senior class advisors. We thank you, Mrs. Deal and Mr. Iamba, for all the time and effort you have given us. APPRECIATICN The Senior Class wishes to thank Mr. Green for all he has done to make our Senior year successful. BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right: Mrs. Butts, Mr. Chase, Mr. Page, Mrs. Genung, Mr. Larcher, Mr. Gilmore. Members of the Class of 1955, the Board of Education wishes to congratu- late you upon the completion of your High School education. May your paths be filled with success and happiness as you go down life 's way. Howard L. Page, President E F, figs., Qlhministratinn MR. BUTTS Vice Principal MR, GREEN Supervising Principal Office Clerk MRS, CHASE N U RS E Mrs. Veronisi LUNCHROOM DIRECTORS f to right: Mrs. Holdridge, Mrs. Jenison, Mrs. Saur, Mrs lkden, Kukulech. DENTAL HYGIENIST BUILDING CUSTODIANS Left to right: Mr. Bassett, Mr. Howe, Mr. Briarly BUS DRIVERS Left to right: M. Lloyd, M. Fuller, A. Balcom, B. Gregory, T. Ambrose, M. Enman, L. Gibson, P. Miller, L. Button, L. Johnson. Jfacultp '121 ' M ., ,111 , .'2'- '2- ' huaa I M - 'G . N Qi? . O 1 V ?? 'HIIIM -WIWWWJ Viiz 29 ..,. FACULTY First row, left to right: Miss Pepper, Mrs. Rudnitski, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Frink, Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. Lowe, Mrs. White, Miss Colgrove, Mrs. Whitacre, Miss Roberts, Mrs Clapp. Second row: Mr. Feig, Mr. Hartnett, Mr. Jamba, Mr. Maloney, Mr. Green, Mr. Huth, Mr. D'Aprix, Mr. Slawson, Mr. Jacobsen. Mr. Whitney, Mr. Fry. Third row: Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Monthie, Mrs. Jager, Mrs. Swanchak, Mrs. Acenowr. Mrs. Ackerman, Mrs. McFarland, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Deal, Mrs. Manchester. We, the Class of '55, wish to express sincere thanks and gratitude to each and every one of our beloved teachers, for their guidance through out our school years. Thank you. Seniors 0 is-iEEE5i+ 0 ARLEENE MARIAN ABPLANALP MILTON B. ANSON "Sunshine " "Milt" ADELBERT L. AUSTIN HOWARD STANLEY BACKUS " Louie " " Red" l NINA IANICE BICE MARGARET E. BRENNAN "Nina" "Maggie" PHYLISS IEANNE BUTTS CARL LAUREN CAMENGA "Phy1" "Carl" BRUCE HARVEY CAMP EUGENE D. COLE "Chet" "Stud SENIORS ROBERT LAWERENCE C OLLIER I1 YV CA RL CURTISS "Carl" Wm zips WESLEY VANDUZER FISH BETTY IANE FLETCHER "Wes" "Fletch" SENIORS SHIRLEY MAY FLOYD DONALD N. GIBSON " Shirley" "Moose" RICHARD F. GRAHAM GEORGE HENRY GULLER "Otto" "Chub" SENIORS MARY ANN HAGGERTY BETTY JANE JOHNSEN "Boots" "Squeaky" 5 PROCTOR ROBERT KENYON, JR. BYRON LYNN MATTESON "Proc" "Pug" BARBARA MCQUADE ALICE GAIL MINBR "Barb" "Gail" 'Wk MYRA JEAN RAMEY WARREN N. SARGENT "Myra" "Jake" SENICRS MARVIN L. SLENTZ JOHN W. SPURR v1Marv11 nj-ohnnyn Q 2 i 6 1fll1 -wuumwfwxfwlfmeww' ww WESLEY NEWTON STEPHENS FLORENCE M. TURNBULL "Deacon" "Sugar" SENIORS LORA MAY WILLIS CARMELA M. ZORDA "Lora" "Carm " Dunng the Easter vacation, a group of thirty-six students--the Class of 1955--and our chaperones Mr and Mrs. Green, Mrs. Deal and Mr. Jamba pushed onward to the goal we had long been striving for--Washington, D. C. Enroute to our goal, we made several stops for re- freshments. The New Colonial Hotel was a welcome sight after our long joumey. We visited the zoo and we all enjoyed it immensely. The beautiful capitol build- ing fascinated us as did the Washington Cathedral with its magnificent altars, We visited the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. By the end of each day, our rooms were a comforting and very welcome sight. Our Senior trip picture was taken at Mount Vemon and we stopped at the Iwo Jima statue on our way home after a wonderful trip. -5351, . 1 L - L ifUi'5"-f3s'i'S??2ffflQiltkifiUi3fi1!7fYf1g5il-1' ' . i ' " --tQ" I HISTORY As we. the class of '55, bring to a close our struggling, forlom school days, we reminisce to the first day we attended kindergarten. Here we find the old faithfuls who so nobly relinquished their entire thirteen years to N. B. C. S. Among them are: Shirley Davis, Melvin Fairchild, Betty Fletcher, George Guller, Barbara McQuade, Byron Matteson, Myra Ramey, Warren Sargent, Marvin Slentz, John Spurr, Adlebert Austin, Phyllis Butts, Bruce Camp, Carl Curtis, and Carmela Zorda. Here we find Johnny Spurr crying his eyes out on the first day of school because he didn't want to leave his mother. Upon entering the first grade, we initiate to our '55 class none other than that old progressive lad, Wesley "Deacon" Stephens. It was in this class that poor Pug Matteson came across the misfortune of falling into an oversized mud puddle. Upon inquiring at the nurse's office for a dry change, the best she could pro- vide was a blanket. All day he went around with it wrapped about him, finding it difficult in keeping the inquisitve little girls away. In second grade, we invite two more members to our class and may we add, in opposite character-- Milton Anson and Eugene Cole. It was in the third grade that Mrs. Lowe would coat our tongues with the hottest, most disagreeable solution ever, if we were caught chewing gum. A show that certainly made a hit in fourth grade was "Sioux City Sue" with the only surviving member of the four being Phyl Butts. Fifth grade with Mrs. Angel finds much excitment and mischief. This year was when a couple of characters planted com in our teachers flower box. Know anything about that Chet Ca mp? Sixth grade admitted Florence Tumbull, Katerina and Adolph Engel into our happy crew. During this year while on a field trip with Miss Bingham, Johnny Spurr stepped on a dead snake. Miss Bingham cuffed his ears and sent him back to the bus because she thought the snake had been alive. Seventh grade we enter into a new system of classes and are now recognized as the Junior High. As our class multiplies, three more members join the wagon, towering Don Gibson, a sly character known as Wes Fish, our own quiet Mary Ann Haggerty and the most bashful girl you ever saw, Nina Bice. Betty Johnsen, our hit majorette, and Proc Kenyon join us in eighth grade and we carry out a progressive and successful year. Leaving Junior High, another bashful girl joins us as we enter high school. Here it is discovered that we are burdened with more work and responsibilities but eligible for more activities. With Florence Tumbull as our president, we commence to work toward that must exciting event of all - the Senior Trip. Slowly and steadily, we climb the ladder and find that we are on the tenth rung. Here a very friendly guy, Bob Collier, joins our class, and a very sweet girl, Arleene Abplanalp. We also purchased our class rings this year. Our Junior year, with Otto as our president, the most outstanding event was the Junior Prom with Betty Johnsen anu Marv Slentz presiding as Queen and King. Maggie Brennan joins us here, too. Now, at last we are Seniors, the title we've earned and have been awaiting for so long. Johnny Spurr was elected as President, bless the poor soul, never thought he would get us to Washington. To make our class complete, Gail Miner, the girl with the giggle, and Shirley Floyd join us as we wait and work for that eventful day on June 27th, Graduation, one of the most exciting happenings in our life. So, as we leave you, we the class of 1955 bid you farewell in hopes that yours will be a happy and prosperous Senior year. Carmela Zorda . PROPHECY Reminiscing! Does it ever happen to you? My but isn't it strange sometimes what little things will again recall pleasant memories. Such was the case this afternoon as I attempted to drive home from a busy day at the airport and found my way blocked by a train of mail cars. I then remembered the letter I received from Carl Camenga a week ago, as I, Flo Turnbull, sat waiting for the train to pass. I began reviewing in my mind the contents of his letter, which told of the reunion for the Class of 1955, which was to be on Pug Matteson's cruiser with Del Austin as Captain. It was designed by Otto Graham. I had been unable to attend because of an unscheduled flight and the scarcity of stewardesses. The pilot, Bob Kenyon and co-pilot, George Guller had volunteered to take an old school mate, Lora Willis to her missionary post in Africa. Red Backus, another one of our famous pilots, left California early Monday to bring many of the rich members of the Class of '55 to the reunion. Wesley V. C. Fish, President of the Victory Chain and Mr. and Mrs. John Spurr fthe former Shirley Floyd, who are now the owners of several large restaurants and bars in Los Angeles were aboard. Shirley wrote Phyl Butts, President of the Butts Cosmetic Co. only last week. She said Nina Bice led her Temperance Group into one of the bars and smashed every bottle. Some of my former classmates need no introduction. With a demanding manager like Don Gibson, Gene Cole has a very good chance of being "Athlete of 1965. " Camiela Zorda has her own column in the Daily Bugle, 'Advice to the Lovelom, " and re- ceives many of her ideas from Betty Johnsen. That is, when she has spare time from her model- ing at Ramey's in New York. Myra Ramey certainly went places with her designing. Betty Fletcher and Mary Ann Haggerty are partners in the Ritz Chann School. Arleen Abpla- nalp is one of their steady customers. She can afford such luxuries with a husband who owns a chain of garages. Maggie Brennan made a Crazy Otto recording and has been filthy rich ever since. In the same cata gory is Marv Slentz. He struck oil on his dude ranch and is making money by the bale. The advertisement section of the paper informs me that Bob Collier and Carl Curtis are running a sawmill. Milt Anson was just declared champion tobacco auctioneer of North Carolina and Kentucky. Gail Miner is a famous author of children's stories, and Barb McQuade reads many of them to her pupils. From Carl's letter, I leamed that Katie Engel heads the Longshoreman's Union. Warren Sargent and Wes Stephens are important members. Shirley Davis and Melvin Fairchild run a large dairy farm and the prospector of the class, Chet Camp, is in Alaska digging. The roar of horns brought me back, and I noticed that the train was no longer in sight. Just then, I'd be willing to put my rosy face against Nina 's and assure you of a new champion blusher. Adapted from play form by, Florence Tumbull SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Sitting, left to right: Secretary, Turnbull: President, Spurrg Vice President, Graham Standing: Advisor, Mrs. Deal, Treasurer, Stevens, Advisor, Mr. Jamba. CLASS MOTTO "Any Job Great Or Small, We Do It Well Or Not At A11" CLASS COLORS Red and White CLASS FLOWER Red Rose YEARBOOK STAFF Editor ------- ---- B etty Johnsen Business Manager - - ---- Shirley Floyd Literary Editor ---- - - - Barbara MoQuade Processing Chairman - - ---- Katie Engel Sports Manager - - - Photography - - - Activity Editor - - - - Advertising Editor This year, the Yearbook Staff has decided upon a new fall delivery system for the Hilltop '55, A staff composed of Juniors is acting as an understudy group to prepare for next year's book. - - - - Nina Bice Arleene Abplanalp - - - -Phyllis Butts - - John Spurr First row: Harold Smith, Katerina Engel, Barbara McQuade, Betty Johnsen, Shirley Floyd, Nina Bice, Liz Lloyd. Second row: Marjorie Hopson, Florence Turnbull, Arleene Abplanalp, Betty Fletcher, Carmela Zorda, Phyllis Butts, Myra Ramey. Third row: Carl Camenga, Eugene Cole, John Spurr, Angelo Franco, Roger Gregory. Q. wx 3 v ,gn if ,X .334 V iii ggi ij , -1, fl wks t 2 X , x N, V WW was ,341 fi-hu ,V 3, 55.13 lf! A 1 WN 14 xx u ,.,,M.x..Nf'wyq..,w?w3- E vw ' ' Ru 'I-. wa- iw E Q, . W ww, ' f FEM 5 2 mgwwv . an 5 XT if fy 1 ', N. ,ez U ' 'A .2 f K m K m H wr iff 7-4.4.-af F wif 358 in x,Q f 5.4- Jx 1 313' I I , , ,g, , Q 5 www 1:- Q Y. f"- V" 0 . 5 1 S rv. U . gui i M ggi , K, .1,.,,:,,v 1,-Q ...L..w..W.,I in my XJ bf! ' ,PV Mafia 24 QA xg ' ,TI 75 X . fd , 5 1 58, " A gif. J fx 1 vb, si Ziff 4 az ji. 1 X 'za 4E and , ,l 5 ge mf " Q- - ...QA I- . :-3 I ,.1L .V fx x 1 f was 4 K .iik ".- , R tk, N A Q I' Q. , ,- N sf? Y, -U 1? Q. T 0 l Z New Berlin Clothes Shop - P. Chase AWARDS Mark Fuller - N. Bice and S. Davis bull lT1 Tu Bingham - F. Engel Balfour - K. erican Legion Auxiliary Scholar- Am Engel :si I CD O 'I-l u ey Mathema Ram Ballard - M. - L. Willis ship - B. Fletcher Faculty and M. Haggerty K. Engel Dx l-4 O Miss E. Doreen Frost - C. Zorda Commercial - F. Turnbull Engel - P. Butts and K. Alumni 'Tl LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT .-'T We, the Seniors of 1955, hereby bequeath our prized possessions in the following manner-- Milt Anson- -his quiet ways to Harold Smith. Del Austin--160 pounds of solid muscle to Dick Meyers. Arleene Abplanalp--her ability to hold fstranglej a man to Edith Burr. Nina Bice--gladly leaves her blush to Corinne Runion. Red Backus--his hair to Liz Lloyd to match her temper. Maggie Brennan--her giggle to Betty Gilmour. Phyl Butts--A mega phone to Mrs. McFarland so that the people in her classes can make them- selves heard over the noise from the shop. Carl Camenga--leaves Warren Prentice a big ball and chain. Carl Curtis--leaves an extra gallon of gas to Russ Lowe to be carried in his car on all dates. We wouldn't want Barb to get in too late! Gene Cole--leaves the scoring record they made at Sidney to Harry Dunham so that no one will break it. Shirley Davis--leaves a spatula to Donna Boice to make her work in the cafeteria easier next year. Adolph Engel--leaves his winning ways with faculty and friends to Jolly Gregory. Katerina Engel--leaves her filibustering ability to Gloria Button. Shirley Floyd--roll-over bars and a crash helmet for use in Drivers Education to Gail Haywood. Betty Fletcher--A copy of Tolstoy's War and Peace to Mrs. Clapp to read over the weekend. Mel Fairchild--his cute wave so that Nancy Bice won't have to take time from more interesting subjects to set her hair. Chub Guller--his W. C. T. U. Button to Mr. Green. Moose Gibson--a box of No-Doz tablets to Angelo Franco for use in Physics. Otto Graham--his suberb football knowledge and ability to Shorty Chase. Wes Fish- -a popcorn ball to Patty Burke just for old times sake. Bob Collier- -his Liars Club Membership card to Rupert Davis. Mary Ann Haggerty--leaves Bob Kenyon to all the Junior girls for a bodyguard in Washington so they won't be followed by sailors left in care of Connie Hardy. Barb McQuade--a key and padlock to Ann Beardslee to put on her mailbox to make sure mail is the only thing delivered to her. Betty Johnsen--the pillows she used in the Senior Play to Liz Kaul to make her pleasingly plump Gail Miner--her father's services to Nancy Whitacre for her wedding. Pug Matteson--leaves the record "Out Behind the Bam' to Rupert Davis. Myra Ramey--a can of turpentine to Helen Burski to keep the art room clean. Marv Slentz--his "honey-dumper" to Dick Horton. Johnny Spurr--A bottle of hair dye to Sharon Camp to cover up any grey hairs she might acquire in getting her class to Washington, D. C. Wes Stephens--leaves all the Senior's unpaid bills to Glen Sanford. Flo Tumbull--leaves her magnificent brain in care of Mr. Green to be divided among the next fifteen classes. Lora Willis--leaves 'What It Takes to Get Along With Business Teachers" to Irene Abplanalp. Chet Camp--leaves his way with History teachers to Marg Hobson. Jake Sargent--a list of very private parking places to Janet Norton and Joyce Whimey. Proc Kenyon--leaves a can of green paint to Bill Neuland to match that other terrible color. A copy of this will is left to Ida Bell Button to carry out with her iron hand by-- BARB MCQUADE Juniors I mi S I f 3 i 5 i i E x E JUNIORS First row, left to right: Hobson, Gilmour, Camp, Franco, Sanford. Second row: Neuland, Horton, Dunham, Davis, Chase, Mr. Hartnett, Prentice, Gregory, LOWe, Smith. Third row: Hardy, Button, Kaul, Boice, Ackerman, Whitacre, Burke, Haywood, Norton. Burski, Bice, Lloyd, Button, Beardslee, Burr. Hobson - - Gilmour Camp - Franco ' ' Sanford CLASS OFFICERS - - Student Council Representative -------------Secretary - - - - President - - Vice President - - - Treasurer Supbumures SOPHCMORES Sitting: Fletcher, lzard, Porter, Huth. First row: Mr. Fry, Collier, Clark, Miner, Church, Slentz, Chase, Williams, Guller, Slentz, Gage, Conklin, Gracyalny, Lucey, Mrs. Elliott. Second row: Angell, Williams, Fairchild, Bice, Webb, Kellogg, Card, Bice, Turnbull, Smith, Hazard, Church, Taylor. Third row: Lamb, Enman, Davis, Preshure, Amold, Rolen, Meyers, Simmons, Royce, Dockstader, Brown, Sawyer. Fourth row: Reed, Cooper, Hines, Cox, Chapman, Button, Larcher. CLASS OFFICERS Barbara Fletcher ---------- - - Secretary Brenda lzard ---- - - - President Roger Porter - - - - Vice President Sue Huth - - - - - - Treasurer Jfresbmen F X HHH' 1212222212222 11122329 '1?2a2W22122?2? :2121a22a21g22i:,','a?' x '1322g2z22a123223.., ff YQQHQQZQZQQEQQEHQ27 k'15:.'X, 12+--',1'.j'.2',g23E21E112 E212H22QE2HEE1211i xr.. E23E3:2g:232E -12221-Z' ' UC 2221311213 .--.'g1:21:1:E1:Z1 m -11121121121 .j.,1.1g.11.j L 1,1:.g:.'-. 3:22121121:Q1gir' 311, Q'-' .gQ:gQ13.:g.,. ci iaeaaezaiaeizu. 1E2a12212i2HEi2E22i2" ,ai 11 iiiiiliiziiiiiiiiz K '-2131111112 Zzmzigv 5112313221223 f:f:Q:35:3:fZ3Z3:3:' 5:5532 2 6, G- w eq ..1.f. jf A -'iiiif12121115:1:T1151-:I:'Z-1-2-2-2'C'2-if155:112121331:1:5:5:f:f5:5:T521:5:7:f235E5f5f:':ii"'.'-V.I. .... - .-.i-I:f32:Z:Z'Z' 355555555'5i5'3'P?5'f":"" 422122: fffff A '3152125121:3:3:31512gi31:1:IS:3:1:3112321515135:11-11:55513232gig1:2:5:3:1:1:3:1:3:1:1:' wt -53593:5:5:3:i13:1:3:T11:Q:22:Q1222I22212223EE1222323f51115":iii5:3:1:fS2Z2Z2ZE21f52i1:-. 5323:-. , 'Qlfififai111121:1:I:-:-:-:-:-1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:3:3:5:5:g1g'-I32:5131511:11-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:3.. 132, ,,...3,g5:gz1:g2 . .--...f.- -'.-.3-1-1-zA:-:-:-:-1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-.-.-.-.g 2:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'"-:-:-:-:-:-:-.'.-. ,g.g .-1-Q..'.-.-.3.5.3.:.3.34. - f1ZS??2f52??35f31'1'1'2'1'I'1'1'5:3:1:i:5:3:1:1:1:1:f:1:1: c-:-:-2-2-1-1-I-1-.,"'1:2:3:1:2:1' -:ISS:1S:1:5:1:-:-:-:-:-'-'f'-' -'-'-:-:15:5n''lim'-Quai-r325:1:51352322251-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .gigigtgigizizfzizitiz-' :-:-:-' 1-ZgZg15g2g1:1:Z:1:-' -:-:-:-2-1-1-:-tv:-1-I-'-2 1-1-1-1-zgzgz-:-I-1-'-'-''' -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: 3: '-:-:-:-:-:-:4:-:-:-:-, 'g:g3:5:5:g:g:g:-.- 'C'1:3:?5:1:tPE:155t?Iccf-ink? "ici:-1-' '-2113153151-I-'-"' 1- -Z-1g2gCgIg1:1:5:1:1:1:- a-:-:-:-" .- '2IjI1Z:I1TfqSp3ga'q?i1'E' -2:21:15 ijjlj' h ,gjjj:ljZ:Z:I:1:I:Z:Z" '.'.'.j.1.:.-1, -LM-,-, 5.1. ,-.1-.:,:.:.1.:.:.:.'." --,-,- :-: 111-1-10:-1-1-" .,.g3:3:g:g:g:g:-" 'H SS: .i:313:5:3:3..-:3:3:-:-:-:-:-'-'-' ,'n.,.g:g:g.g.,., W ' I 7 Q ' FRESHMEN Sitting: Wood, Lloyd, Franco, Johnsen. First row: Brown, Weaver, Ballister, Taylor, Jones, Potter, Gracyalny, Conklin, Dye, Burdick, Davis, Miller, Mr. Butts. Second row: Chase, Willis, Barker, Hunt, Wiggins, Rose, Schworm, Haywood, Maxon, Olds, White, Distler, Walkden. Third row: Gage, Eiholzer, Hardy, Strain, McMullen, Matterson, Ackerman, LaFond, Whitacre, John- son, Johnson. Fourth row: Sanford, Gregory, Fairchild, Williams, Willis, Lloyd, Cadwell, VanWarner, Baker, Christian, Gould, Dunham, Zorda, CLA SS OFFICERS Richard Wood ---------- - - - Secretary Calvin Lloyd - - - ---- President Ann Franco - - - - -Vice President Beverly Johnsen - - ---- Treasurer Elini 'J' Kei Eb --lr ., .,,y:.-5q:fii::?j::--M , -..'--."1 -333' f-::..'-: ' ..-fs?-'.'I-'-'.'l'1-By-- . . '.-:j.':,- f::.-Wg-,-'.-,-':- .1: ..-.'gg:'f'l:'1'1:f'?93f3i:',4fff'f'I-'f'I-'-'f"" ...frii-g.. .g,5S::-. ,-'.-.-j.'.'.-,5:.-?: ::::::fr5gg::: 5g:gf::::rf--5. 3-'.'.-,-.',',l,3,,1x.',-!.',f.',--'.'-' -'-':,,I. -3::::IJ4- --3g:Zi'X 5:5 ,."l,X::::'.',' KQZ1-3'-'.',-f-'.',-'.',-'-'' fqjjflfl ::..--L., "-33:1 '3:ZI."-g::.- , q-.::QfEf-I-iii-'f'I1'?Ziff'" :gf"'I'Z':'f'ff'f-f:'f'f-f'f'f:f'i?z."f'I-':'f-'- 5525555 V-'g,.5553:5EEE fI5EEE:. 'fff f5fE55:fSf::.. -.::- -n-R ' l. - -3,-., --'.-,-j.1-g2--5g5::I.'-ggg::.4-5gg::. g::' -' gg:::.35g--: ?,,1+j.i.",,1,,,L-fig.-,-pa,'.g.-,-jf.-,g5:f::::g5:ggg::gg:5g::: -4:::,,' -3:55. - I.. ..-,-..,'-'.',-..',-.-.' --1-gg, 3-'.-,z. -',-l-'.- '.','.-,..-gg::I.::3gg::.15555: - 1' . I. 'ggqfg-3.-.-' 3 --..':':-Z,'Z-:JI-:-:,':-:.':-I-:.':-Z .,-f7:?"- '- --:-5.3.-1, Effffxffff 555:::gg51 V ., '.-,-.W-:-il 'fx --'.-,.3:J,,-.-'.-,-.',g.1 ',---'.-,-.'5:::,-::::::::..3 ' X ., ''''11-J-'Q1-'?'-'f-f.'I-'-'f-I-':I-'-'I-I-'JI-'-'I-I-'?I"-'Ii-'PI-H X -5.-'.'I-'-'I-'-'I-I-'-'I-1: "-j:I-jv.'f5g::::2r55g, - 32-I-'I-I-'Z-93.3gg5-I-'f'1-'f'I'I-fi-'fi-I-'I'I-'I'I-I-'PI-'ff-'ff'I-1 fx X-. XX "fi-I-'I-5J1555S5::11 .15 ,-,-,L fm '-.-3.-.-:2f1::::555.. 3: ,1,QjQ5g.5-gQ,.g.:,-g.3.:g.g.:,-3.3. .:,1N!"--.-.-,-'.-A-3.3,-j.3,:, '- ,5I5.5.I,.g.3,-j.3.3j.g.:,-j.3.-121, --1-j.3.gg55g::gg5, 'g:.,., L vii-ill''fi-'-'I-I-'.-I-'.-I-'-' '-".-'-'.--. 1 '-'.-I-..ir255g:::f-5fg:::rr-I . 'Z-2-3251-1-I-3.'I-352-,, j""-N,''I-fi'I-Qsi-1-j.-If--I-2-Q?I-Q.-I-3--I-2-3:53 '-'.-Z-55:1f55555::15555E5:. D ':,,, 5 1 ,:',12,1.:,-l.. :,-..:,-I,:,.515-.:'.',1,.',131.2-.5-1.1, ,. 33 ,, -ggi. 7 . -'.',".'fJ-e-I--2-S' b1G::1:f .','1'.-'-1--..1, "" A 4:: ,-'.,',,. f -my YT: - ',f,z,L.-.L.,,,f',,-I.:-,..,-,..,,,-l.,',-'..,-,.. n,,,::: , ,-.,.,r, . -, mp, N. .,.....,,-.,.,.,-,J , . 'ff7.- .--' :F-' - ' -::: --:::f1 :.. -... ,-5-V-,Z--X Iv -,-I.-,-..',-In9,-:.',-.3-,.-,1:,:,'.g',-5.3-As,-gn. 35 I -3: 3533.Z.33g:::II33g5::ti-AI, - -,, V: : -gg:::::2-:g:::::-.-gg::::..- ----.1-., '-I I , .,-,,yn-A-.,,-.,,-.',-A,-., . -- . . N .,,-..- ,E f-, .y,'76ZL1-::E1:14,:',?-it'G- , - -23.53 f3:g:III3fig::ZQ5,Qiii:JJ55 Y- ' ,4 . 1 'j3,f',-1:-1151:-" r ' 55fp:::'f-,g:::.-gg..::5555g, .- - ' i 4 .Q 'SQ 'Ifff fffffff:?:fsssfs:::::551::f: - -. .,-.- Q- 5. -'I -g:::..--gg::.-.---gg::..--pf: f, g. -.-I-:SX-Qx'.i-1 1 S5gg::::1g::::::::::::g::JI5 , 'f155fEf.1...I.I55E55E535551E5E555iQZ,! I ,, :::::: qu? -"'-A X 'E I -::::: ff.,- iw. ' , 'ui ff ' - -"' :': - -'22-gzzrh: -WMM. First row: Presher, Lyons, Weaver, Turnbull, Frink, Huth, McNite, Reed, Wolfangle Brown, Sweet. Second row: Whitton, Honeywell, Davis, Rose, Burr, Hotaling, Slentz, Dye, Penner, Taylor. Third row: Chase, Slentz, Cole, Gillete, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Slawson, Gregory, Burroughs, Carpenter, Runion. EIGHTH GRADES First row: Sanford, Maxson, Maples, Cummings, Benjamin, Shepherd, Webb, Brown, Kinney, Borst, Lowe. Second row: Lamoree, Potter, Calhoun, Talcot, Smith, Musk, Fairchild, Lauria, Beardslee , Third row: Gregory, Church, Abrams, Deal, Mr. Slawson, LaFond, Dunham, Burdick, W arren. First row, left to right: Hoxie, Lindsay, Davisson, Chase, l-line, Jones, Winton, Backus, Johnson, Busch, Hall. Second row: Meyers, Boice, Camp, Van Court, Dalsgaard, Slentz, Benson, Clapp, Brown, Sweet, Beadle, Smith. Third row: Abrams, Gracyalny, Sickler, Ballister, Hendrickson, Penner, Burgess, Gil- bert, Johnson, Mr. Whitney. SEVENTH GRADES First row: Minor, Come, Benjamin, weaver, Franco, Saur, Brownell, Webb, Douglas, Smith. Second row: Whitacre, Potter, Hull, Williams, Dunham, Rose, Jones, Bice, Izard, Tootill. Davis, Dart. Third row: Sawyer, Fairchild, Gould, Moore, Gelatt, Haywood, Williams, Eiholzer, Mr. whitney. I -up 4? ,JDJ QCOD GY Gig 0 Q I Elementary 1 Q r fr if K 5? Q gffgyg 'V ' .wifi ggi,x,w+, XM.-4 Mm 5 W X , 1 5 , Wig, ,li ,iq .W K F 'f . f ww, .ss -me K ' M .I K Nw , if f X 4 ar 6' " 'ki' Q Vzwf kv Q 'VX ggi 4 MN v 55? ' FZ i 33 f " rim 3 Q 3, 1 1. - , 851 1,g.fq-wrf' A A ' Afyiwf im., ix? 1'QQf?A K A .m., me 'KI' we X WZ f Q S 5 We K l Xa ' I Tfk ,, W . QQ iw First row, left to right: Gilmour, Weaver, Clark, Horstman, Dixon, Clapp, Dye, Utter. Second row: Johnson, Lucey, Brown, Camp, Johnson, Davisson, Benson, Hinds, Ander- son. Third row:Ta1cott, Starr, Gregory, Wiggins, Armstrong, Sickler, Matteson, Curtiss, Mrs. Hunt. Fourth row: Perkins,, Spurr, Hinds, Gelatt, Larcher, Greene, Hill. FIFTH GRADES First row: Taranto, lzard, Fargo, Liddle, Smith, Gracyalny, Howard, Rose, Chapin. Second row: Williams, Maxson, Parker, McQuade, Horstman, Mudge, Cloyd, Runion, Mowry, Tyler, Mrs. Jager. Third row: Burch, Novak, Tootill, Larcher, Boice, Lewis, Cadwell, Matteson, Chapin Fourth row: Holk, Carpenter, Olds, Williams. First row: Weller, Jones, Taranto, Davis, Tyler, Young, Sweet, Collier, Mrs. Greene. Second row: Barrows, Palmer, Cummings, Tyler, Pittsley, Gage, Stringham, Dart, Moore Third row: Zorda, Fenner, Riso, Winton, MoQuade, Taylor, Dye, Wilcox. FOURTH GRADES First row: Jones, Neuland, Maine, Conklin, Clark, Franco, Brownell, Hazard. Second row: Miller, Smith, Camp, Lloyd, Heins, Milton, Hoag, Rose, Benson. Third row: Chase, Dye, Come, Webb, Hill, McClure, Anderson, Warren. Fourth row: Davis, Johnsen, Davis, Card, Webb, Webb, Mrs. Frink. First row: Jennings, Riso, Eaton, Hine, Brownell, Schimkat, Williams, Novak, Chase, Smith. Second row: Slentz, Bennett, Ramsey, VanCourt, Johnson, Jackson, Porter, Izard, Talcott, Third row: Davis, Bice, Lloyd, Olds, Preshell, Cooper, Lauria, Spicer. Fourth row: Hill, Stringham, DeForest, Sprague, Beardslee, Mrs. White. THIRD GRADES First row: Carnrike, Davisson, Brown, Jones, Miller, Todd, Williams, Crandall, Disstler Second row: Sastri, Rose, Mudge, Howe, Merrihew, Lyons, Ramsey, Merrihew, Lyons, Ramsey, Smith. Third row: Wilcox, Warren, Austin, Button, Walkden, Hansen, Nelson, Clapp. Fourth row: Lauria, Card, Dawson, Benson, Moore, Chase, Benson, Woodbury, Mrs. Lowe. First row, left to right: Linger, Pittsley, Brownell, Tootill, Werlau, Clark, Hoxie, Mrs Monthie. Second row: Camp, Clarke, Wilcox, Chapin, Come, Tiffany, Third row: Smith, Frink, Presnell, Hill, Cole, Slawson, D'Aprix, Fourth row: Reed, Matteson, Smith, Wandell, Palmer. SECOND GRADES First row, left to right: Wright, Clapp, Cloyd, Craig, Platt, Crandall, Winton, Presell, Weaver, Mrs. Swanchak. Second row: Davis, Robertson, Keene, Perkins, Chase, Lamb, Liddle, Dye, Creighton. Third row: Lewis, Parker, Brahs, Kinney, Mitchell, Chapin, Grant, Kennedy, Williams. Fourth row: Izard, Matteson, Sweet, Burch, Parson, Edwards, Honeywell, Lyon, First row, left to right: Card, Pittsley, Brownell, Rose, Dunham, Sustri, Hanson, Taranto, Kellogg. Second row: Bickford, Chapin, Wiggins, lzard, Winton, Gregory, Woodbury, Hoosier, Vernoesi. Third row: Green, Rose, Stowell, Smith, Mrs. Acenour, Chase, Holk, Wright, FIRST GRADES First row: Moore, Piazza, Simpson, Penner, Gracyalny, Mudge, Humphrey, Kellogg, Decker. Second row: Frink, Come, Williams, Knickerbocker, Harshbarger, Ramsey, Armstrong, Robertson. Third row: Walkden, Porter, Parry, Anderson, Eihozer, Ackerman, Kennedy, Sprague, Olds. First row, left to right: Miner, Gueller, Maxon, Sweet, Brownell, Knickerbocker, Tiffany, Hoag. Second row: Green, Chesebro, Nichter, Miller, Jaquay, Mussision, Novak, Jones. Third row: Taranto, Pahner, Gregory, Mrs. Manchester, Harshbarger, Mrs. Jacobson, Fuller, DeForest, Gelatt. KINDERGARTEN First row: Rowe, Clapp, Shimer, Utter, Brown, Smith, Lewis, Lottridge, Pardee. Second row: Armlin, Bouden, Tiffany, Penner, Pylinski, Nelson, Grant, Third row: Dye, Meyers, Fuller, Mrs. Jackson, Hill, Anderson, Williams. SOUTH EDMESTON First row: Ferguson, Lloyd, Moore, Morey, Perkins, Coleman, Edmonds. Second row: Sanford, VanWagr1er, Coleman, Sanford, Parks, I-Iurlbutt. Third row: Waffle, Edmonds, Sanford, Bice, Hurlbutt, Ferguson, Lloyd. Fourth row: Miss Colegrove, Ferguson, Mrs. Whitacre, R. Bice, STREET PATROL First row, left to right: Taranto, Dye, Henrickson, Starr, Armstrong. Second row: Camp, Todd, Perkins, Salmon, Lewis, Mr. Jacobson. Third row: Dunham, Chase, Burke, Meyers, Deal. BUS PATROL First row, left to right: Ramsey, Taylor, Maxson, White, Haynes, Ramey. Second row: Hotaling, Parker, Brown, Willis, Gillette Third row: Sawyer, Webb, Douglous, Potter, Clapp, Calhoun. Fourth row: Dart, Reed, Larchar, Fairchild, Bice, VanWamer. Fifth row: Davis, Lucey, Clark, Utter, Fairchild, Gallister. ug H me-' gnmfwgr-1-u 1en1uqw,, r,rfrsnm1-nm1v::m HB3 .' W.. Aiywg-' aw. 7 Qtbletirs 'Mx 'N 'X rw fW X , f , Nmyllfg Z5 'N JJ VARSITY BASKETBALL First row, left to right: Manager Carpenter, Backus, Dunham, Royce, Chase, Manager Whitacre Second row: Coach Fry, Arnold, Dockstader, Cole, Graham, Lowe. ,J JUNIOR VARSITY First row, left to right: R. Porter, B. Simmons, D. LaFond, J. Gould, C. Lloyd, R. Wood. Second row: Mr. Fry, W. Rolen, M. Dunham, D, Ackerman, R. Whitacre, D. LaFond, R. Williams, J. Hines, H. Smith. COACHES Standing: N. Williams. Squatting: Mr. Fry, C. Carpenter, W. Camp, T. Whitacre, N. Williams First row, left to right: Matteson, Zorda, Lamb, Chase, Porter Hardy Lloyd Second row: Cooper, Dockstader, Dunham, Meyers, Wood, Royce Ackerman, Gregory Mr Jacobson. Third row: Camenga, Graham, Kenyon, Gibson, Matteson, Lloyd, Neuland Sargent Afton Franklin Otego Unadilla Edmeston New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin New Berlin BASEBALL SQUAD Sitting, left to right: Batboy, Hendrickson. Kneeling: Simmons, Backus, Sanford, Meyers, Wood, Chase, Hardy, Amold, Gould. Standing: Mr. Butts, Whitacre, Dockstader, Hines, Ackerman, Cole, LaFond, LaFond Lowe, Rolens, Manager Lloyd. SCORES G.A.A. COUNCIL Standing, left to right: Mrs. Williams, Saur, Dunham, Johnsen, Walkden, Camp, Jolmsen, Webb, Bice, Honeywell, Lowe, Chase, Button. Officers: Sec retary, Fletcher, President, Gilmore: Vice President, Haywood: Treasurer, Haggerty. GIRLS' ATHLETICS First row, left to right: Collier, Williams, Dye, Fletcher, Weaver, Slentz, Fair- child, Hunt, Johnsen. Second row: Webb, Ackerman, Butts, Burr, Walkden, Johnsen, Chase, Distler, Smith, Fletcher, Slentz. Third row: Bice, Whitacre, Beardslee, Haywood, Haywood, Schworm, Gilmore, Lloyd, Bice, Camp, Mrs. Williams. A 5 I sawnmpi,,i I, VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Carmela Zorda, Marge I-iopson, Gloria Button, Elizabeth Lloyd, Phyllis Butts. .,- - 71, ' MAJ ORETTES Left to right: Nancy Whitacre, Beverly Johnsen, Katy Chase, Beverly Ballister, Betty Johnsen. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Sharon Camp, Sue Huth, Barbara Fletcher, Helen Chase, Barbara Collier. YEARBOOK MEETINGS This year, the yearbook--HILLTOP 1955, will contain some new features. These are: pictures of the Washington trip during the Easter vacationp and Commencement PICIUICS. Also, a new "summer printing-fall delivery system" has been used this year, and we wish to thank the Junior class yearbook staff for distributing these memory-packed archives to their owners. TH E YEARBOOK STAFF za-tst .wa.t emu ..,,mwmmw rwrganizatiuns --:2:5:555:5:5:5:5s:5555E55ifffifffff. I 0 F.H.A. Left to right: Flora Menning, Phylis Conklin, Beatrice Card, Betty Fairchild, Norma Bice, Mrs, Elliott, Nancy Bice, Barbara Angel, Connie Hardy, Donna Boice, Arleene Abplanalp, Loretta Clark. F.F.A. First row, left to right: Horton, Backus, Camenga, Davis, Prentice. Second row: Sanford, Collier, Lamb, Fitzgerald, Sawyer, Johnson. Third row: Eiholzer, Jones, Guller, Lloyd, Williams. Fourth row: Kenyon, Cadwell, Gregory, Davis, Curtis. Fifth row: Mr. Jamba, Cox, Davis, Fairchild. f we-'zu , A, fframfw M -i NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sitting, left to right: Haywood, Willis, Engel, Tumbull, Mrs. McFarland. Standing: Franco, Boice, Camp, Beardslee, Haggerty, Ramey, Gregory. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Sitting, left to right: Mrs. Acenour, Burdick, Miner, Taylor, Chase, Williams Haywood, Mrs. Robbins. Standing: Smith, Franco, Dye, Mr. Huth, Brown, Lucey, Reed. new . . . w LIBRARY CLUB Left to right: Brown, Schworm, Utter, Dye, Miss Pepper PROJECTOR CLUB Left to right: Larcher, Mr. Iamba, Taylor, Johnson, Abplanalp. First row, left to right: Second row: Benjamin, Franco, Ramey, Frink, Chase, Runion, Slentz. THRIFT CLUB Jones, Turnbull, Fletcher, Haggerty, Bice, Beardslee, Gergory. Collier, Ballister, Potter, Lamory, Honeywell, Boice, Jones, Sanford, Sweet. Third row: Slentz, Webb, Taylor, Mr. Slawson STUDENT COUNCIL Sitting, left to right: Johnsen, Smith, Butts, Lowe, Whitacre, Engel, Hobson. Standing: Jones, Taylor, Mr. Hartnett, Gregory, Talcot, Chase. OFFICERS President ---- ------ - - Butts Vice President - - - - Lowe Secretary ---- - - - Smith Treasurer - - - - - -Whitacre This year the Student Council has attempted to live up to its standards as a demo- cratically govemed body. One of the outstanding accomplishments we have achieved during the school year of 1954-1955 is the movement to abolish alcoholic trends on the school premises. A system of punishments has been devised and will be strictly enforced throughout the coming school years. The 1955 Student Council wishes to extend much success to the incoming officers and council members. ' Russell Lowe Vice President Zlntihities . 9382. GLEE CLUB First row: Miss Roberts, H. Chase, K. Engel, A. Gracyalny, J. Potter, P. Haynes, M. Weaver, J. Slentz, C. Hardy, G. Button, M. Miner, B. Collier, A. Franco. Second row: C. Runion, I, Whitney, K. Ballister, M. Church, B. Angel, P. Gage, M, Williams, S. Walkden, B. Fletcher, H. Lucy, J. Norton, D. Ackerman, E, Lloyd. Third row: E. Kaul, B, Johnsen, B, Card, N. Whitacre, B. Johnsen, D. Boice, C. Zorda, E. Burr, G. Haywood, B. Smith, P. Burke, E. Webb, M. Williams, B. Gilmour, J. Sprague, M. Church. Fourth row: R. Dockstader, H. Smith, N. Arnold, W, Royce, R. Meyers, M, Enman, J . Runion, I. Larcher, D. Deal, C. Jones. BAND First row: Webb, Brown, Runion, Gracyalny, Fairchild, Fletcher. Second row: Franco, Chase, Hazard, Franco, Gracyalny, Stephens, Davis, Havwood, Sprague, Conklin, Lucy. Third row: Church, Simmons, Gibson, Maples, Larcher, Burke, Burroughs, Webb, Church, Fairchild, Runion, Deal, Williams, Huth, Wolfangel, Gracyalny, Fourth row: Webb, Brown, Carpenter, Mr. Huth, Enman, Zorda. JUNIOR CHORUS First row, left to right: Benjamin, Saur, Johnson, Backus, Hine, Jones, Busch, Wiggins, Dunham. Second row: Dunham, Lowe, Borst, Shepard, Williams, Distler, Kinney, Jones, Honeywell, Beardslee, Frink. Third row: Sickler, Dye Burr, Cole, Rose, Beeching, Lauria, Miss Roberts. JUNIOR BAND First row, left to right: Maples, Franco, Gracyalny, Webb, Musk, Williams, Wolfangle. Second row: Burroughs, Lowe, Perkins, Deal, Anderson, Lucey, Huth, Fairchild, Franco, Runion, Enman, Maxon, Lewis, Huth. Third row: Drummers - Carpenter, Chase, Boice. TREBELETTES First row, left to right: Miss Roberts, S. Walkden, D. Ackerman, E. Lloyd, A. Gracyalny, A. Franco. Second row: E. Kaul, B. Angell, S. Huth, B. Fletcher, C. Runion. Third row: B. Smith, B. Card, M. Williams, B. Gilmour, D. Boice. SOPHOMORE TRIO Left to right: Miss Roberts, Mary Lou Church, Helen Chase, Elizabeth Webb BOCSTERS Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Metcalf Elizabeth and Clifton Tamsett E. M. Genung Tulon Auction Mr. and Mrs. Butts Meritt Lloyd Pat Miller H. C. Norton Mrs. McFarland Mr. Jack Sexton Mr. Huth C. M. Horstman Dr. Hoyt Don Lidell Hotel Oneonta Mr. Fry Mr. and Mrs. Harold Deal Leon Wood Rantzen's Gulf Service Jenkin's Landscape Service Cyrus Pike Parker's Store Church's Hardware Mark Dunham Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox Mr. Leon Johnson Mrs. Frank Ackerman Les Howe Zlhhertisers X W KX IES THE X THROUGH CD 4 C13 ig... TRAIN -5 E ,Lg Q fi: l f , , .. , f'L'?ffT, j ,. ' 1 ' " ""v"""'S: Y if U so 1 n - N - 2 X K 3 Q.. A - 7F.-ra.-. 'U-4....' YOU are the engineer of a long train of thought! A train of th aught that will go wherever you, the new graduate, want it to go. It depends on you. You are the engineer. There are some, of course, who believe in traveling light through the journey of life. They seek little knowledge, because they have all they believe necessary. They seek no responsi- bility, because responsibility is too heavy a burden for them to carry. They believe in traveling light. But remember, it is the fast freight train that carries a full load and delivers the goods. And so it is, through these past few years, that you have been busy building your own train of thought. Assisted by a thorough and capable "yard crew" of teachers, parents and friends, you have been busy coupling one idea onto another-loading your mind with information that will help you deliver the goods. Now it is time to leave the familiar station you know as your high school. BY ALL MEANS, be a through train. Select a goal in life and stay on the track. This is the only way to justify the hard work of a faithful "yard crew." Don't be like the switch engine that never gets out of the yard. And even though it may be tempting sometimes to pull over into a siding, remember it is then that the faster freights go by. Add to your train of thought as you go along-for the longer the train, the more goods it has to deliver. Respect the opinions of others always, but never get the habit of being a passenger in someone else's train of thought. Good Luck tothe Class of '55, and may all of you have a clear track ahead. SBINTILLA DIVISIUN ' BENIJIX AVIATIUN CIIRPIJRATIUN ' SIDNEY, N. Y. ya-wx! 1427... TO GREATER vALuEs ZMMM KQWQQ Chevrolet - Old smobile New Berlin, . N Y k F d Building Supplies 'rl-:E Co., mc. S 'ces Since 1870 S d F tl C 1 Ph 9 2651 1R 1 dSt N B 1 N Y k Best Wishes from the fffmffkkf Brookfield, N. Y. sw 1 I s Y I-l.W.'5NllTH 3PlLl:ldED CEHED E5 TO I2 E ' Extends Good Ne C rs w a and T1'11CkS Wishes to A-1 Used Cars so E. Main st. the 1955 NO1'WiCh, N. Y. Senigrs A A D NEW BERLIN .-Shop and Save" Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Sends DON HARDY, Manager Best Wishes to the Seniors C ompliment s of M7436 Zig :am uzofxo New Berlin, New York CARDS MAQKET Card's Market Gives Best Wishes to the '55 Seniors Congratulations Seniors from the VA L. LE Y ffffffw Q South New Berlin, N. Y. Best Wishes from wr LDL-E'f.5 76224.61 South New Berlin, N. Y. Zgffawng INSUQANCE AAA Membership Travel Agency South New Berlin Phone 17 Collect Best Wishes from 5 I 550m 'S A.C. NEELY New Berlin, N. Y. Distributor Mobilgas , Mobilhe at Mobiloil. m m Compliments of KEZZMZMQL HCDTE L. C ornpliments fr om yffyfjihfa INSURANCE Best Wishes to 1955 Seniors from VALLEY HOUSE South New Berlin, N. Y. ew MMM CLOTHES SHOP The Family Store Phone 9-3671 RUSS TODD CLIF PALMER Proprietors NEVV EEl2l.l N TV AND APPLIANCES Television - Radios - Appliances Sales and Service Phone 9-2333 ll South Main Street New Berlin, N. Y. qm NASH GYICI SPENCER STATIONERS Norwich ....... New York Compliments of VVlNIXl'5 M 55mg Norwich, New York From VEEE15 SHOE STORE Norwich, New York mfzazki MEN'S SHOP Norwich, New York Best in Values Compliments of E5 1 cs r-1 Q we REXALL PHARMACY She rburne , New York Best Wishes from the EEN FIZANKLIN STOQE Sherburne, New York M EAD E455 ZQQQQ New Berlin, New York 1 1 VVILBUI2 VISUAL SERVICE Everything in Audio Visual Equipment New Berlin, N. Y. 'I WEBBUMI some INC. We Have the Lumber, Come and See Us! LOOK TO THE FUTURE WITH 'IITAKIIIID TNE LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF TELEVISION- ANTENNA IN THE WORLD TECHNICAL APPLIANCE CORPORATION SHERBURNE, NEW YORK JOHN W. SPURR HAROLD S. DEAL DY If E5 Bing 525063 Established 1867 The Rexall Store New Berlin, New York Drugs - Sundries Prescriptions NEW Berea.: N ZQQMWZ4 Phone 9-3621 for Dry Cleaning of the Better Kind Prompt Delivery Service 14 Lake Street, New Berlin Your Athletic Headquarters W EB B5 5f7MzQ!5Qf5Z Rawling - Spaulding Athletic Equipment 227 Genesee Street Utica, N. Y. HOLM E5 INSURANCE CO Sends Good Wishes to the 1955 Seniors Best Wishes From A TIIZIEND C ompliments Your Victory Food Stores Highest Quality Meats, Fresh Fruits Vegetable s and Grocerie s E61 11 Henn- EP was lzsissv 12. I2. JONES ' Sherburne, N. Y. Goodyear Farm Tires and Toys McCormick-Deering Implements Fairbanks Morse Water Pumps McCullough Chain Saws Deepfreeze-Combination Compliments of FRANK LEW! 'Ze SONS, INC. General Contracting Bainbridge, New York S An Extension Telephone Costs But a Few Pennies a Day Yet Its Convenience and Saving of Time Are Worth Many Dollars CHENANGO 8: UNADILLA TELEPHONEJCQLPORATION +05mN -Q i w S. IO I Serving Cental New York State NEW BERLIN BODY SHOP Extend Best Wishes to the '55 Seniors KEI-IOE FURNITURE STORE Furniture and Floor Covering Sherburne, New York Phone 7-3831 Compliments of Nl ATTE SON INSURANC E C O. School and Team Outfitting Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 WHARTON VALLEY ARTIFICIAL J I M SP RTING GO DS BREEDING COOP. , INC. O O JAMES ANDERSON Distributor for DICK BENTLEY CHARLES ABRAMS A. G. Spalding and Rawlings New Berlin Telephone 2727 Edmeston 3 Elm St. Sp1'i.I1gS Onegnta, N. Y. -I. WWA E.- A LITHOGRAPHED YEARBOOK DALLAS 0 TEXAS 4 I 2 1 W wu uumd

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