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L, , i E 1 E E 2 , , Q i 5 E f E E R 2 E 5 w ' 3 , e 2 9 2 s 1 x Q ' f E E V 2 5 e ' 2 i 1 2 'H s 'F e Q 5 s , , E I 5 E 3 f I E , . i E E I s S E E 5 P 5 2 3 R r v I Eli H Q r I r I X A W V ' A wx K a2fzmv1-0. WL? cw AQ 1,. 2 H 3 E e f 5 E s 4 Q 5 'E 3 3 2 5 E 5 Q 5 5 4 a 3 Q 31 3 r A vi 1 xl cwigvif OVQKNEQS Dedication To one who has long deserved the honor, we wish to dedicate this Yearbook. It is but an humble effort to show our appreciation for his many years of hard work and leadership. Never before has there been anyone who was more worthy than Mr. James E. Hart- nett, and we only wish that there were something even greater that we could do to ex- press our heartfelt thanks to him for helping to make New Berlin Central School a better and more outstanding school. Appreciation The Senior Class wishes to express their heart felt appreciation to Mrs. Helen Brown for her tireless and unselfish efforts to the Class of '54, We want to thank her with all our heart for giving us her time and assistance in making our Senior Play and yearbook a success, The class would also like to express their many thanks to Mr. Whitney, our class advisor .in the seventh grade: Mr. Fry, our advisor in our Freshman year, and Mr. Wilson and Mr. Iamba for their help at our dances and other activities. We are deeply grateful to these teachers and many others who have helped us in any way. Last but certainly not least, we want to thank our Principal Mr, Feltz for the help and guidance he has given our class over the past four years. He has been a good friend and "A Good Egg. " We want them all to know we are deeply appreciative. Message from The Board ,, as Hi rl .33 Q ,gas ,fu .55 Left to right, seated: Mr. Howard Page, Presidentg Mr. Earl Genung, Mr. Clifford Palmer, Mr. Harry Huth, Mr, Everett Gilmour, Vice President. Standing: Mrs. Helen Butts, Clerkg Mr. Carl Chase, Treasurer. The Board of Education extends to the class of 1954 its sincere congratu- lations. We would like to feel that we have contributed, in an indirect way, to your achisvement. We wish for you the very best of everything as you strive ever upward and onward toward success, Howard L. Page. President HUlHIlII 5THHTIllfI MR. FELTZ - Principal FII if BUTTS - Vice Principal MRS. CHASE - Office Clerk Left to right: MRS. SAUR MRS. BELLINGER MRS. IENISON MRS. WALKDEN MRS. HOLDRIDGE N. SAWYER Nurse MRS. VERONESI Lunchroom Directors ju Building Custodians Left to right: MR. BAICOM MR. AMBROSE MR, JOHNSON MR. LLOYD MR. FULLER MR. GIBSON MR. BUTTON MR. GREGORY MR. MILLER MRS. IOHNSON e - - RTL S , ,-4 Left to right: ' MR. BRIERLEY MR. HOWE ' MR. BASSETT Bus Drivers FHKUUY 1 1 lil '. rs w vs 2. -I f.-,li .. H :Tig . ' 523 V. ' V K rs? A -' ,r-e'ii'l3LW3555f- - , .ax Q af. 'H awy Q- we 1 -'Neff-,1 ' " I A Faculty First row: Mrs, Brown, Mrs. Banks, Miss O'Conner, Mrs. Hunt, Mr, Feltz, Mr. Butts, Mrs, Robbins, Mrs, Frink, Miss Colegrove, Mrs. Rudnitski, Miss 'r Pepper, g 4 Second row: Mrs. Decker, Miss Roberts, Mrs. IaCkS0n, Mrs. Manchester, Mrs, i I Deal, Miss Hemmingway, Mrs. McFarland, Mrs, Jager, Miss Moore, Mrs. ' Acenowr, Mrs. Whitacre, - Third row: Mr. Feig, Mr. D'Aprix, Mr, Jacobson, Mr, Hartnett, Mr, Wilson, in O i XA -f-' Mr, Milograno, Mr. Iamba, Mr. Fry, Mr, Keifer, Mr. Whitney. ,ACAWA X i Q 5' ? : , .W IQ.. ' f If W A' ... A ,LL MRS. DEAL Mmfg Z MR M1509 Mft MiLo-348 W' 'f'zi,f4" 4 f' dbh V, 6 I ,Xp K. -N. . M A MR. 0 ZPRIK sfnmns , - . x ' DONALD ACKERMAN The wrong way always seems more reasonable, " "Still water runs deep. " IEAN ACENOWR I AMES BROWN "Women are meant to be loved, not understood. " RICHARD BUTTON Men of few words are the best men, " DAVID BROWNELL "If at first you don't succeed -- Oh, well, skip it." DOUGLAS CAMP "Sometime I just sit and think, just sit, " but most times I STANLEY CRANDALL "look out, he hath mischief in his eyes, " STUART CRANDALL He looks the whole world in the face and fears not any man. " ROBERT ELLIOTT "I love workg I could sit and watch it all day. " LESLIE GILBERT Quiet and shy. a real nice SUY. " JUNE FAIRCHILD "Never say more than is necessary, " GRACE FITZGERALD "You can't tell a book by its cover. " ANN HANSEN Head packed full of brains, heart packed full of sun- shine. " "She had rather make history SHARON GREGORY than study it, " RIC HARD HARDY "Not to live at ease is not to live at all, " evamr:w mva RONALD JENKINS "Teachers and classrooms are his only objections to education." JOAN JOHNSEN As friendly as friendly can be . " "Efficient, sweet and sincere, good at ROSALIE LEBENICK sports from all we hear. " swmmsssmwsssmm "Little guy with big ideas, " NEIL HENDRICKSON CATHERINE MEYERS Love is the greatest of all educators, QI am educated,J" EDWIN PERRY "He says little but thinks a lot. " JUNE SALONY Always smiling, always SKY. " WILLIAM PHELPS The man that makes a character makes foes, " WILMA POTTER "One who's not afraid to say her say. " NANCY SAWYER Her hair is no more sunny than her heart, " JOAN SAUR "Nice things come .ln small packages. DAVID SPICER "Worry little, study less is his idea of happiness. " MARY JANE WHITACRE "Nice to look at, nicer to know, " DONALD WILLIAMS "Al1 great men are dyingg I feel a little ill myself. " HAZEL WILLIS Laughter is her best medicine. " 11 xi 4 MARY WOOD "Life is very short and very uncertain - let us spend it as well as we can. " NAME IEAN ACENOWR DON ACKERMAN HM BROWN DAVE BROWNELL RICH BUTTON DOUG CAMP STAN CRANDALL STUE CRANDALL BOB ELLIOTT JUNE FAIRCHILD GRACE FITZGERALD LES GILBERT SHARON GREGORY ANN HANSEN DICK HARDY TOM HENDRICKSON RON IENKINS JOAN JOHNSEN ROSE LEBENICK KATE MEYERS ED PERRY BILL PHELPS WILMA POTTER IUNE SALONY IOAN SAUR NANCY SAWYER DAVE SPICER MARY IANE WHITACRE DON WILLIAMS HAZEL WILLIS MARY WOOD DATE of BIRTH February 7, 1936 February 28, 1936 January 27, 1936 March 9, 1936 October 27, 1936 November 18, 1935 July 2, 1936 July 2, 1936 August 17, 1935 June 20, 1935 January 8, 1935 January 16, 1936 May 22, 1936 June 7, 1936 June 11, 1936 July 15, 1936 July 31, 1936 June 26, 1935 September 5, 1936 February 24, 1935 October 2, 1937 September 23, 1935 April 17, 1935 June 26, 1936 July 8, 1936 January 31, 1937 September 21, 1935 November 17, 1936 June 29, 1935 October 30, 1936 June 15, 1936 Senior Class Prophecy Through the magician's hat that we have borrowed for this occasion we will for a few minutes step into the future, We see: Jean Acenowr as an Interior Decoratorg we knew her art classes would do her some good. Don Ackerman as president of the United Statesg his talking finally got him some- where. Jim Brown as head of the No - Accident Insurance Company, we see that his home life has influenced his vocation. David Brownell as a successful underwater photographer. Dick Button and Les Gilbert as the Co - Owners of the largest dairy farm .in the state. Doug Camp as Chef at the Waldorf. Stan Crandall as Editor-in-Chief of "Lift, " the man's magazine. He .is using ex- perience gained while Editor-in-Chief of the "Optime '54, " Stuart Crandall as president of the Bank of America. His job as treasurer gave experience after all, Bob Elliot as leading veterinarian in the state is doing research work at Cornell. June Fairchild happily married with two children. Grace Fitzgerald as square dance instructor for Arther Murrey Studios, Sharon Gregory a sergeant in the Women's Marines. Ann Hansen a superintendent of nurses in a Brooklyn Hospital. We knew she'd get back to Brooklyn someday, Dick Hardy as father of ten lovely girls and superintendent of a large grocery store. Joan Johnsen as the head of Moss St, Riding Academy. Ron Jenkins as a forest ranger many forests from disaster through his brave efforts. Rose Lebenick coaching the National Champion Hockey Team, Kate Meyers as a successful homemaker and very happ.ily married at that. Ed Parry as a strong man in the Barnum and Bailey Circus, Bill Phelps as a pro-basketball player on the American All-Star Team. From all we've heard he has a great future, W.ilma Potter as a farmer's wife. June Salony has followed her brothers' example and joined the marines. Nancy Sawyer as a secretary doing very well in the big city, we also hear she's not doing bad with her boss. Dave Spicer as president of the "We'll Get You in the End" Morticians Association of America, Mary Jane Whitacre - Happily married to a soldier. We won t mention any names. Don Williams as a thriving politiciang his ability of evading an issue, finally got him somewhere. ' Hazel Willis - Married to a millionaire with a "Magnolia" and all the other servants she needs. Mary Wood as a physical education teacher. Joan Saur - After spending the past ten years in a rest home after writing this masterpiece, the writer has decided to give up writing and get married. Class Officers 'HN Hlllinli MI! X72 lf!!- ! 3 4 I 1 Y Q il . ll ll ll 'f il - 13 sf. I0 9 L i Left to right: ANN HANSEN - - WILLIAM PHELPS - - DONALD ACKERMAN STUART CRANDALL CLASS COLORS - - CLASS FLOWER - - - CLASS MOTTO - - - - - Secretary - - President - - Vice President - - - Treasurer - Green and White - - White Carnation - - Success is sweet but the secret of success is work! Yearbook taff Seated from left to right: DAVE BROWNELL, Photography Editorg JOAN SAUR, Literary Editorg ANN HANSEN, Literary Editorg STAN CRANDALL, Editor-in-Chiefg JEAN ACENOWR, Art Editorg MARY JANE WHITACRE, Activity Editor. Standing left to right: BOB ELLIOTT, Advertising Managerg MRS, BROWN, Advisorg MARY WOOD, Sports Editorg DON ACKERMAN, Advertising Managerg DAVE SPICER, Sports Editorg RON JENKINS, Processing Committee: STUE CRANDALL, Business Managerg HAZEL WILLIS, Processing Committee CATHERINE MEYERS, Processing Committeeg ROSALIE LEBENICK, Processing Committee. fG0 Z Z lu W1 CLASS HISTORY Just thirteen years ago, hats in hands, the eleven orig.inal members of our Senior .- Class trudged off to school to become part of the great? ? Senior Class of 1954. The original members of the class were: Dick Button, Don Ackerman, Dave Brow- nell, Ann Hansen, Mary Wood, Rosalie lebineck, June Fairchild, Grace Fitzgerald, and Doug Camp, During those first years many students left and many joined the class until in the year of our Lord 1954 we have our present Senior Class, When junior high school started we thought we were finally beginning to be adults, although we still had much to learn. We began to be united in our efforts and we had several class parties and other activities that all junior high classes have. For those two years we had for our president, Jean Acenowr, who did a good job, guiding us through those first two years of junior high school bliss, As Freshmen we began to have our first money making adventures with Stan Cran- dall as president, We had a carnival dance, bake sales and several other activities. In our Sophomore year we began to really settle down to the business of making money for our big goal, the Senior Trip, For our president we voted in Stue Crandall. Besides our activities we ordered and received our class rings which were altogether different from any worn by any previous senior classes of New Berlin, round in shape, instead of square, For those first two years we had Mr, Fry as our advisor and to him we owe our thanks for starting us on our way in working for the class. Then in our Junior year we selected a new advisor, Mr, James Hartnett, who really has been the spark and inspiration of our class, With him we really began to,work, We had a dance, many bake sales, roller skating parties, a magazine campaign, the junior play and of course the junior prom. This year we are not planning too many activities s.ince we have nearly reached our goal. Thus is the history of our Senior Class that I feel is one of the finest to cross the threshold from high school to the great world beyond, N , t ite m X X Q X S The Se r l 5 5 New Berhn Central School 5' Presents KQGTHIS Guosm' x. l l BUSINESSQS Mystery-Comedy In Three qv 4 lln yn by Ax, w. cms 1 gl VMJWNOVEMBBR 19 AND zo, 1953539 big? 5 2 . sus P. M. jvc! 1 CAST Qc: Joe Hardy M , ,W Y, ,P 'N Acb N Ron Jenkins Laura Hardy ,.,.,.W.,.,i?,.M...,..,,. Jean Acenowr Eddie Canfield if 9 Don Ackerman Mabel Canfield ,,..l,,....,GC,Q.,-,,. Mary Wood Marie ...W ...M .. ll- Magnolia - ,, - A l Hazel Willis Effie Forrest ,,.,.W..,....,,l ..,..l,, Catherine Meyers A. G. Stevens ,..n.....,.,.....,....,..,z,.,...m,- Bob Elliott Bill vnfgflf ww' 'X' l Stuart Crandall Mose Place: Living room of summer cottage fx ll x ll Time: The present Synopsis ' Act One: About seven in the evening Q, Act Two: The following evening about seven . 'lx Act Three: About 8 p. m. of the third Y 'X FQ' Stage Manager Stan Crandall X Prompters Joan Saur Dave Spicer R xv A 9 Nia, V day gf f 77v-W BM 2 1 bs Q Sharon Gregory, Bill Phelps l Q' x l Q . rf' Make Up ' pp N9 X Miss 0'Connor, Miss Moore Q? 4 Y Directed By Mrs. Brown Q qi l 9 Y Q -. X I 'S LM, n M, ..,. . SENIOR PLAY KTM: Ghost Batinessv A MYSTERY-COMEDY IN THREE ACTS By Al. W. Clark NEW BERLIN CENTRAL SCHOOL Novi-:mann 551 ness 8:18 P. H. STUDENTS 354 Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of 1954, do hereby bequeath our numerous possessions thusly: JEAN ACENOWR leaves her vocabulary to Bobby Collier. DON ACKERMAN leaves his quiet ways with the teachers to Lauria Willis. JIM BROWN 'leaves his friendship with Mrs. McFarland to Mr. Fieg. DAVE BROWNELL leaves advanced math to Wes Fish, RICHARD BUTTON leaves his quiet speaking voice to Adolph Engle. DOUG CAMP leaves his build to Carm Zorda. STAN CRANDALL leaves a fender from his car to Paul Pope. STUE CRANDALL leaves his ability to go steady with one girl to Dave Slentz. BOB ELLIOT leaves to Mr. Feltz his popularity with the girls at lunch time. JUNE FAIRCHILD leaves her ability in home "ec" classes to Janice Strain. GRACE FITZGERALD leaves her athletic ability to Phil Butts. LES GILBERT leaves his "Harry Dunham award" to Gene Cole. SHARON GREGORY leaves her sense of humor to Otto Graham. ANN HANSEN and JOAN SAUR leave to Janet Sprague and Carm Zorda their ability to always be friends. DICK HARDY leaves his way with the women to Greg Hoadly. TOM HENDRICKSON leaves a sponge to Byron Matteson, RON JENKINS leaves -- gladly. JOAN JOHNSEN leaves her ability to ride a horse to Betty Johnsen. ROSE LEBENICK leaves her ability to get cookies from the cafe to Shirley Davis. KATE MEYERS leaves her even disposition to Mary Ann Haggerty. ED PARRY leaves his physique to Bob Kenyon. BILL PHELPS leaves his position on the basketball team to Red Backus. WILMA POTTER leaves her place in the senior homeroom to Flo Turnbull. JUNE SALONY leaves her giggle to Barbara McQuade. NANCY SAWYER leaves the color of her hair to Katerina Engel. DAVE SPICER leaves Diane Ackerman for Russ Lowe to walk home. MARY JANE WI-IITACRE leaves her ability to get along with soldiers to Nina Bice. DON WILLIAMS leaves his willingness to work to Milt Anson, HAZEL WILLIS leaves her height to Betty Fletcher. MARY WOOD leaves her ability to get into trouble to Myra Ramey. The SENIOR CLASS leaves to: Carl Camenga a gallon of gas so he can get to Binghamton. Jimmy Liddle a car of his own so he can take it easy on his father's. Don Gibson another brain so he can take Physics next year. Del Austin a pair of elevated sneeks so he can play first string next year, Wes Stevens a new pipe qKaywoodieJ. Warren Sargent and Marv Slentz a book on how to get along with women. Arlene Abplanalp some hot peppers to make pizza pie in home economics. Carl Curtis some tickets on the U. V. so he won't have to walk home. Mel Fairchild some passes to the Arthur Murray Dance Studios so he can learn the new dance steps Mr. Harmett a box of No-doz so he can keep his Seniors awake. JUIIIUHS Juniors First row, left to right: F. Turnbull, R. Graham, J, Sprague, D. Gibson. Second row: B. McQuade, M. Ramey, A. Abplanalp, B. Fletcher, N. Bice, L. Willis, P. Butts, B. Johnsen, C. Zorda, M. Haggerty, J, Strain. Third row: Mr. Wilson, R. Collier, H, Backus, P, Pope, J. Liddle, W. Fish, C. Curtis, D. Slentz. C, Camenga, M. Fair- child. Fourth row: S. Davis, M. Anson, B. Matteson, A. Engel, G. Cole, A. Austin, W. Sargent, W. Stevens, G. Hoadley, M. Slentz. The Juniors' projects to raise money this year have included "Dime Dances" and selling refreshments at ball games. Later in the year they expect to hold a few bake sales and of course the Junior Prom. The class has Richard Graham for their President with Janet Sprague assisting as Vice President. Florence Turnbull is holding the Secretary's job and Don Gibson is the Treasurer. SUFHUIHUHE5 ophomores t Left to right, first row: G. Button, Camp, Sanford, Franco. Second row: Hobson, Lloyd, Ackerman. Runion, Kaul, Haynes, Abplanalp, Hardy. Third row: Boice, I. Button, Burke, Bice, Whitacre, Haywood, Burr, Beardslee, Whitney, N. Bice, Gilmore, Norton, Cronk. Fourth row: Mrs. Brown, Dunham, Lowe, Chase, Neuland, Prentice, Davis. Horton, Smith. Fifth row: Moore, Meyers. Nichols, G. Haywood, Gregory, DiFilippo, Decker. Our officers for this year are Sharon Camp, Presidentg Glenn Sanford. Vice President, Gloria Button Secretaryg and Angelo Franco. Treasurer. Our student council representatives are Margie Hobson and Russ Lowe. The sophomore class consists of forty members and our advisor is Mrs. Brown. We have had a spaghetti supper and one bake sale this year. We have several other plans for this year. We also are very proud to be getting our class rings this year. FHESHIHEH Freshmen Seated, left to right: Fletcher, Webb, Porter, Chase. First row: Church, Clark, Slentz, Gage, Lucy, Conklin, Kellogg, Guller, Hazard, Miller, Slentz, Gracyalny, Collier. Second row:Mr. Milograno, Williams, Siebert, Fairchild. Card. Smith, G2l1'IiS0f1. Bice. Turnbull, Huth, Angell, Davis, Church, Izard, Third row: Rolen, Brown, Sawyer, l-liens Taylor, Royce, Enman, Lamb, Fish, Gregory, Simmons, Davis, Jones. Fourth row: Dockstader, Reed, Button, Cummings, Chapman, Cox, Meyers, Cooper, The freshman class elected Helen Chase for president, Roger Porter for vice president, Elizabeth Webb for secretary, Barbara Fletcher for treasurer and Sue Huth and Dick Meyers for student council representatives. Sue was elected Treasurer of the Student Council. The freshman class had a bake sale on December 5, 1953, and they are going to sponsor a Symphony Orchestra from Utica in the spring, The class selected green and white for class colors and a yellow rose for the class flower, "To do a job is to do one well, " is our class motto. JUIIIUH HIGH Left to right, first rowgC1app, Smith, Brown, Turnbull, Sweet, Maples, Maxson, Sanford. Second row: Lowe, Weaver, Kinney, Borst, Potter, Wolfangle, Burr, Webb, Taylor, Lyon, Benjamin. Third row: Mr. Whitney, Distler, McKnight, Davis, Lauria, Warren, Fairchild, Cole, Gelatt, Honeywell, Beardslee, Rose, Talcott, Muxk, Dye, Mr. Breffle, student teacher. Fourth row: Garrison, Beckwith, Burroughs, Slentz, Parker, Abrams, Gregory, Dunham, Carpenter, Calhoun, Slebtz, Winton, Burdick. Fifth row: Emhof, Deal, Church, Gregory, Russo, Kinney, Decker, Cronk, Runion, Reed, Huth, Rowe, Cummings. Seventh and Eighth Grades Left to right, first row: Burdick, Davis, Weaver, Conklin, Jones, Ballister, Maxson, Potter, Distler, Taylor, Colman, Walkden, Halloway, Dye, Gracyalny. Franco, Mrs. Rudnitski. Second row: Mennig, Brown. White, Olds, Haywood, Willis, Hunt. Schworm, Johnsen, Linn, Wiggins, Chase, Utter, Grant, Gage. Third row: San ford, Lloyd, Whitacre, Baker, Christian, Come, Johnson, Eiholzer, Fitzerald, McMullen, Zorda, Hardy, Cadwell. Fourth row: Strain, Dunham, Gregory, Wood, Williams, Fairchild, Lloyd, Van, Warner, Willis, Moore, Matteson, Ackerman, Gould, Johnson. ' X m ww H 1' - J if ELHIIEHTHHY f f A -ii A2 A Q , xg si 51 pg . wx. 1 if l ? '1- Left to right, first row: Benjamine, Hall, Holl, Franco, Dunham, Williams, Gould, Hendrick- son, Jones, Backus, Saur, Weaver, Winton. Second Row: Come, Webb, Brown, Jones, Moore, Fairchild, Mudge, Lake, Sickler, Brown, Benson. Third row: Mrs. Robbins, Brownell, Potter, Siebert, Whitacre, Van Court, Williams, Lloyd, Chase, Douglas, Halloway. ixth Grade Left to right, first row: Johnson, Rose, Come, Gracyalnay, Sawyer, Ballister, Abrams, Hoag Backus, Busch. Second row: lzard, Clapp, Beadle, Gelatt, Haywood, Johnson, Gilbert, Bice Atkyns, Davisson. Third row: Hoxie, Gram, Boice, Smith, Slentz, Iohozer, Davis. Camp, Dart, Lindsay, Mr. Jacobsen. Left to right, first row: Williams, Hazard, Chapin, Enman, Burdick. Van Court, Williams, Kennedy, Sweet, Izard, Taranto. Second row: Taylor, Franco, Roe, Anderson, Chase, Clark, Davis, Monroe, Todd. Third row: Stevens, Hardy, Burke, Lloyd, Davenport, Deal, Talcott, Honeywell, Mrs. Hunt. Fifth Grade Left to right, first row: Parsons, Slentz, Miller, Wilcox, Williams, Maples, Humphrey, Utter Benjamin, Carpenter. Second row: Mrs. Jager, Credico, Vroman, Salmon, Decker, Dye, Shafer, Camp, Hendrickson, Stowell. Third row: Kuhn, Meyers, Rood, Zirkel, Chase, Hill, Hatzenbuhler. Huth, Dunham, Beadle, Horstman. 1 i s Left to right, first row: Dixson, Parker, Lucey. Johnson, Mowry, Pittsley, Liddle, DiFilippo, Palmer, Weaver. Second row: Anderson, Moore, Distler, Larchar, Matteson, Eihalzer, Tyler, Chapin, Brown, Edwards, Mrs. Greene. Third row: Taranto, Cloyd, Runion, Gregory, Perkins, Heins, Curtis, D. Chapin, Boice, Warren, Lewis, Armstrong, Starr, Dye, Clark, Clapp. Fourth Grade Left to right, first row: Gilmour, Fargo, Moon, Utter, Rose, Benson, Davisson, Mudge, P Smith, Gracyalny. Second row: Reed, Talcotr, Lum, Cadwell. Spurr, B. Smith, Greene, Gelatt, Matteson, Olds, Sickler, Camp. Third row: Horstman, Izard, Collins, Williams, urdy Johnson, Larchar, Carpenter, Chambers, Chase, Novak, B. Horstman, McQuade, Howard, Maxson, Mrs. Frink. Left to right, first row: Barrows, A. Davis, Jones, Miller, Dart, Hoag, Christian, Sweet, Neuland. Second row: Stringham, Come, McQuade, Johnsen, C. Davis, Anderson, Moore, Schriber. Third row: Miss Moore, Cummings, Brown, Webb, Borst, Dye, Tyler, Clark. Third Grade Left to right, first row: Conklin, Pittsley, Maine, Rose, Gage, Zorda, Webb. Card, Willis, Benson, Winton, Purdy, Collier, Tyler, Miss O'Connor. Second row: Penner, Dye, Taylor, Davis, G. Davis, S. Webb.Third row: Taranto, Brownell, Milton, Heins, Lloyd, Jones, Franco. f Left to right, first row: Brownell, Iohmon, Miller, Meyers, Ramsey. Button, Distler, Todd, VanCourt, Rose, Salmon. Second row: Davis, Cooper, Walkden, Hanson, Benson, Sprague, Lauria, Chase, Miller, Talcott, Williams, Presnell. Third row: Mrs. Davis, Davison, Purdy, Maine, Deforest, Beardslee, Stringham, Benson, Bennett, Slentz, Stevens. Second Grade Left to right, first row: Brown, Mudge, D. Brown, Carnrike, Jones, Jackson, Bice, Greene, Austin, Clapp, Eaton. Second row: Church, Ramsey, Izard, Porter, Olds, Nelson, Spicer, Moore, Lauria, Wilcox, Lloyd, Holl. Third row: Smith, Church, Warren, Novak, Woodbury Lyon, Merrihew, Card, Rowe, Hill, Jennings, Mrs. Banks. Left to right, first row: Davis, L. Davis, Clark, Busch, Edwards, Chase, Clapp, Card, D. Chase, Mitchell, Chapin, Liddle, Joy. Second row: Dwyer, Come, Weaver, Parsons, Burch, Busch, Haywood, D'Aprix, Grant, Russo. Brahs, Hill, Brownell. Third row: Mrs. Acenowr, Kellogg, Wiggins, Werlau, Smith, Currie, Kennedy, Lobdell, Kinney, Sweet, Chapin, Craig. First Grade Left to right, first row: Dye, Lewis, Presnell, Cole, Beeching, Williams, Wandell, Palmer, Parker, Keene, L. Dye, Bennett. Second row: Clark, Hoxie, Camp. Wright. Wilcox, Izard, Lyon, Jones, Linger, Miller, Lum, Cloyd, Mrs. Ackerman. Third row: Pittsley, J. Presnell, Frink, Robertson, Matteson, Johnson, I. Matteson, Smith, Creighton, Honeywell, Tompkins Winton. Left to right. first row: Wolfe, Wheeler, Brown, Smith, Wright, Walkden, Porter, Bostwick, Pittsley. Second row: Purdy, J. Smith, Schriber, Dunham, Sprgue, Stowell, Izard, Penner, Rose, Piazza. Third row: Roe, Rose, Schwarzbach, Welch, Robertson, Stagaman, Winton, Wiggins, Moore, Mrs. Jackson. Ki1zcle1'gcz1'te1z Left to right, first row: Brownell, Gracyalny, Chapin, Decker, Parry, D'Aprix, Chesebro, Bickford, Moore, Armstrong. Second row: Mudge, Come, Hanson, Frink, Slentz, Kennedy Knickerbacker, Card, Anderson, Kellogg. Third row: Mrs. Manchester, Gregory, Taranto, Ramsey, R. Kellogg, Chase, Eihalzer, Humphrey, Jones. Grammar chool First row: Perkins, Morey, Mudge, Parks, Sanford, Sanford, Parks. Second row: R. Hurlbutt, R. Youngs. Lloyd, N, Hurlbutt, L. Van Wagner, Lloyd, Coleman, R. Young, D. Parks. Third row: Miss Colegrove, Edmonds, Bice, Hughes, Bice, D. Van Wagner. Mrs, Whitacre. Street Patrol Bus Patrol First row: Franco, Todd, Williams, Deal, Smith, Burke, Todd. Second row: Brownell, Salmon, Camp, Dart, Meyers, Hoxie, First row: Hoag, Camp, Douglas, Meyers, Brown, Bice, Clapp, Williams, Second row: White, Abpalanap, Johnson, Hunt, Fairchild, Fairchild, Guller. Third row: Reed, Horton, Card, Bice, Fairchild, Larcher. Fourth row: Commings, Meyers, Van Wagner, Davis, Fairchild, is F? . .45 36? HTHLHIIS J . V. Basketball Left to right: Mel Fry, Coach, Rodney Whitacre, Tommy Hardy, Richard Meyers, Managers. HOME 26-32 35-22 34-24 35-18 GAME SCORES Edmeston Morris Franklin Unadilla Otego Seated, left to right: Billy Royce, Russ Lowe, Del Austin, Les Nichols, John Standing: Glenn Sanford, Dick Dockstader, Harold Smith, Mike DiFlippo Roger Porter, Pete Fish. AWAY 25-29 34-36 35 -34 Coaches Heins, Billy Simmons. as X? SE, .... A , Q .eg 4 f fy r' CHAEE . 1 Sf? SF E s--. GRAHAM SPICER . . 'mga :- Xl , WILLIAMS COLE Varsity Basketball Coach Mel Fry called his first practice in November to get the season under way, So far the team has a very im- pressive record of 'I-2. The Hilltoppers are in first place in the Tri-Valley League as the Optirne goes to press. Since Coach Fry has taken over, we have won three league championships in three years. It looks as though there is a very good chance again this year. HCME NB 54-45 40-61 58-30 48-39 KENYON 4' 'L I f X it or 5 y GAME SCORES Edrneston Morris Franklin Unadilla Otego . , E SP Q 5 f 5. . PHELPS xt -A. -X AWAY R. X NB Q 5343 Gmssxr 39-as 52-41 DUNHAM BACKUS T s o L f .., t xxx My wer e t 8 . Football Seated in front: Managers: Whitacre, Slentz, Camp. Kneeling: Lamb, Matteson, Brownell, Chase, Kenyon, Meyers, Moore, Nichols, Hoadley, Standing: Sargent, DiFilippo, Graham, Jenkins, Gibson, Williams, Matterson, Spicer, Crandall, Coach Jacobson, This year marked one of the worst years of football for the Hilltoppers. With only seven returning lettermen and a small turnout of underclassmen coach Jacobson d.idn't have as much to work with as the coaches of the past. Mr, Jacobson was also disappointed about the team, but after this year of experience he should have good teams in the future, The only highlight of the season was the fact that we tied Edrhesron. The scoring was shared by Spicer, Graham, and Sargent, , M y ,QA ,gg li 5 ii Yilfl i I' ' 1 A"-, f wi a s NN r b V I .- Baseball Kneeling: Mr. Butts, Coach, Collier, Lowe, Ackerman, Johnson, Dunham, Chase, Backus, Sanford, Smith, Manager. Standing: Sutton, Button, Phelps, Page, Butts, Cole, Matteson, Kenyon, N ichols, After losing the first two games of the season the Hilltoppers settled down and won seven of the last eight games to tie Otego and Franklin for the championship. The highlights of the season were the two one hitters pitched by Cole against Morris and Franklin, Page's two hitter against Franklin and the winning of the double-header from Edmes ton after playing them to a 3-3 tie. New Berlin Franklin New Berlin Ote go New Berlin Unadilla FIRST SECOND FIRST SECOND 1 8 New Berlin 11 6 3 1 Edmeston 6 4 6 2 New Berlin 9 11 11 6 Morris 1 2 20 17 4 7 Girls, Athletics First row: Conklin, Huth, Fletcher, Fairchild, Collier, Bice, White, Slentz, Turnbull, Second row: Lloyd, Camp, Bice, Lebenick, Fairchild, Whitacre, Hobson, Burr. Third row: Ackerman, Beard- slae, Miss Hemmingway, Gil- mour, Hardy. 1 fm Jky lr , if 'el G.A.A. Seated, left to right: Miss Hemmingway, Bice, Gilmour, Fletcher, Ackerman, Fairchild Standing: Collier, Hardy, Taylor, Chase, Gelatt, Lloyd, Slentz, Lyon, Varsmty Left to right: Marge Hopson, Janet Sprague, Phyllis Butts, Carm Zorda, Gloria Button, Cheerleaders Ma jorettes Betty Johnson and Mary Jane Whitacre. JV Left to right: Barbara Collier, Helen Chase, Sharon Camp, Betty Fletcher Elizabeth Lloyd, fix- fi Q9 , 'B X I ,f '- Md ., ,faeegtff .xyl ' ,fx I If ww r 3' X X T 7 1 N 5 N New ww 1 fha. J, me, N, . Vg? in . 5 i -i vwni. T I , -www E3 5' 51-fl'fQ.9,W , 'fi ki . ,-7 4 7 'sk a ,Q -. ax 31,1 HUIVITIE5 4. RMERS FUTURE FA 1, IN OF nazi' Mui? Left to right, first row: Fitz- gerald, Boice, Meyers, Turn- bull, Abplanalp.Second row: Haynes, Bice, Hardy, Abplanalp. Third row: Mrs. Decker, Gregory, Fairchild, Bice, Cronk, Whitney. Left to right, first row: Mr. Jamba, Horton, Backus, Camenga, Prentice, Meyers, Slentz. Second row: Fairchild, Davis, Austin, R. Davis, Curtis, Pope, R. Davis, Collier, Button Lamb, Cox, Gilbert, Liddle, Gregory. QQ 1 0,07 5 E, 3? E ll Q 6 I S' 5 xc NEW YN "'V p F tudent Council P J . I I f tr 4, .ar ' . -- Q 1 fy ,Q T. : -, f I ik. bs, Q viv o ff - - f M I C Y - l X 1 at Ae QV' is A , f i x First row, left to right: Mr. Feltz, Advisorg C. Meyers, M.I. Whitacre. 5. Crandall, B, Johnsen, S. Huth, I. Brown. Second row: R, Lowe, R, Meyers, P, VanWarner, E, Cole, L. Talcott, M, Hobson. The Student Council of New Berlin Central School began the year with their annual elections in which the Liberalist Party swept to victory, The slate consisted of Stan Crandall, Presidentg Betty Johnsen, Vice Presidentg M.I. Whitacre, Secretary and Sue Huth as Treasurer. The opposing party, The Conservatives consisted of President, Catherine Meyersg Vice President, Gene Coleg Secretary, M. Hobsong Treasurer, Dick Meyers. One of our major projects was conducting a very successful Halloween Party. Plans are under way for freezing the school lawn for ice skating, and making a score board for the Fish Field, All in all we are having a very successful year, Junior Band First row: A, Musk, I, Fairchild, S, Walkden, B, Deal, V. Gracyalny, P. Franco, T, Gracyalny, Second row: A. Franco, R. Burrowghs, B, Webb, F, Kinney, E, Johnson, C, Wolfangle, M, Huth, C, Ballister. Third row: P, Maples, S. Lowe, D. Deal, K, Fairchild. I. Runion, H, Decker, H. Huth, R, Zorda, N, Williams, L, Maxson, P, Conklin, F, Mennig. Fourth row: Mr. Milagrano, P, Brown, C, Carpenter, P, Garrison, ' - Y ef 4-su O SK J, 3 Q Eg. . , Q. ,K Y I xvgx 1, Af Q. v ,Q .51 93,11 IQ -X 'f S' Q I ' ' " Q, M1 Band Majorettes, left to right: N, Whitacre, B, Johnsen, M. Whitacre. First row: J, Acenowr, S. Huth, E. Webb, C. Runion, A. Gracyalny, S, Walkden, R. Lebenick, B. Fletcher. Second row: H. Chase, I. Hazard, P, Burke, I. Larcher, G. Haywood, Lloyd, H. Lucey D, Spicer. Third row: A, Franco, W, Simmons, T. Gracyalny, P. Butts, Fourth row: R. Jenkins, M. Church, K. Fairchild. I. Runion, Decker, G, Hoadley, W. Stephens, Davis, M. Enman, R. Zorda. Standing: Director Anthony Milograno, R. Elliott, M, Slentz, E, Garrison. The New Berlin Central School Band had a most successful year. Highlights of this activity included a Christmas Concert which was well received by its audience. The Band in full uniform performed at all home football games. At present, they are performing as a Pep Band at all home basketball games. Future plans include a Spring Concert and a performance at the New York State Music Competition Festival which is to be held in Oneonta, New York, Girls, Chorus Seated, left to right: B. Fletcher, C. Meyers, J. Acenowr, A, Hansen. First row: M. Hobson, G. Button, D. Ackerman, C. Hardy, A. Gracyalny, H. Lucy, M. L. Church, J. Strain, A. Abplanalp, I. Abplanalp, J. Saur, C. Zorda, J, Sprague. Second row: Miss Roberts, H. Chase, E, Lloyd, J, Norton, E. Kaul, P. Burke, D, Boice, C. Runion, I. Hazard, M. I. Whitacre, S. Huth, B. Gilmore, B. Johnsen. Third row: P. Hanes, S. Camp, I. Whitney, B. Fletcher, I. Button, L. Webb, B. Smith, B. Card, B. Angel, P. Butts, E. Burr, N. Whitacre, The glee club is one of the most active organizations in our school, Its leaders are: Jean Acenowr, President, Ann Hansen, Secretary, Betty Fletcher, Treasurer. This year the glee club participated in two concerts. The Christmas Concert in which they were accompanied by the band, and the Spring Concert. Special groups within the glee club include the Freshman Trio, the Triple Trio, the Tre- blettes, and the Girls' Barbershop Quartet. This organization has had a highly successful year. lt is certainly deserving of the praise which it has received, Boys, Quartet UW QQ u . 'V' C 'S .23 5 1" zfp + A .w V 3 X gm .."'.F - 'rr I '- 5-'MG ww M I f v 1 N 49 Left to right: Jim Brown, Stan Crandall, Greg Hoad ley, Bill Simmons, Z, W4 ' 5 X Pa l ' ,Q ,ip fg , S V I L Boys' Chorus Left to right: Ackerman, Hoadley, Stan Crandall, Brown, Stue Crandall, Williams, Smith, Simmons. Miss Roberts. -an f-ff lf .af Tre belett s First row, left to right: Saur, Whitacre, Hansen, Meyers, Acenowr, Gilmore Johnsen, Lloyd. Second row: Runion, Sprague, Boice. Seated: Miss Roberts, - J Girls, uartet Left to right: Ann Hansen, Jean Acenowr, Janet Sprague, Betty Johnsen. HIJVEHTISEHS QWJL Alnlm ,4Qkefm0,3 we.f,.4,.a.4.AJ WWI ,L7f7,,,. -Z fgdfwlua, Q ZZ":J"Zi'ifi Zj,j'j07MQ Hi . . ' , Qfgififiiiijf M M ZV"5 iQ2"fUfL'i,ffW,Z 2435457 4, WJMMWJ N, 7' -SP GLM, fgdgzf QNZQMZMQJM i3L':32S1, awww Ladfffaw ' -I Compliments of ' ACKE RMAN5 GARAGE INC. Chrysler - Plymouth 'yvwmuum 5UllUSGREATEA95 SPICEFCS STORE mms W4 , vssmnuas Qdwf wi ' WI Phone 9-3251 Q, New 1 N Y k X ai VICTORY CHAIN, INC. If I 9 B 5' CIIII IEE IIIICI tl., 1' I IEIII , 45- ,I . . o in ',.,, , ,L-WI, 1, , ' 'nf me rg :H ai QI I W , J 1 A L Norwich, New York NEW BERLIN GAZETTE N Printers and Publishers Viawvue 5 3 Sefvgziieoszfrzsnlty O 0 J ognvtlaztvtz CHRISTOPHER J. BURKE T0 VISI ge Owner T K 174. WINANS 2.431009 MEN'S SHOP COFFEE 13 south Broad wagkeza Norwich, New York RESTAURANT New Berlin, New York BROOKER HARDWARE Sporting Goods House Wares + Www! fowfdeen Paint Wallpape r -I- I-I IRSCI-I'S for the Nation's Famous Brands 10 South Broad Norwich, New York Phone 4-3334 Groceries - Meats Hardware - Gas -and Oil Boots and Shoes - Dry Goods Electrical Appliances I. I D E L L'5 South Edmeston, New York Compliments of Qfwfemaf To the EAGLE INN New Berlin, New York ii' SAVE MP STOKE Fresh Fruits and Vegetables DON HARDY, Manager f' 'E 6 X J gained Wmwae A G I O N 5 RESTAURANT GULF SERVICE IIA Good Meal Any timevu New Berlin, New YO1'k all legal beverages C ong ratulati ons qqA.,.A.,V,, ,.1.,W i and !,,-. -L.'.'- . "'! ' .4 Best Wishes wx The Senior Class HOLMES ,X ' INSURANCE AGENCY 15121: ..-'.s: -'-s" Compliments of CLAUDE B. DAKIN and WOOLSEY B. ACKERMAN Compliments of NASH 8: SPENCER Norwich, New York iamuihwu C omplime nts of DYKES Emu Bai JOHN W. SPURR HAROLD S, DEAL 41346963435 RESTAURANT "Food once tasted Never wasted" New Berlin, New York BEST WISHES C omplime nts of fl HENSEN S B C1 POULTRY FARM From New Berlin, New York M E 5 0 N Compliments of INSURANCE Gemfil AGENCY RESTAURANT New Berlin, New York THE BENEDICT CORPQRATION Cadillac Pontiac GMC Frigidaire Easy Washers U13 JOHNS ON MOT ORS f0!VTMl'. . . Sales and Service C omplime nts of THE MAYFLOWER Office Supplies Stationery, Cards and Gifts 39 N. Broad Street Norwich, New York Full Of Strike s JOHNS BOWL-O-DROME 10 Lake Street I at New Berlin, New York C ompliments of 5-7'm,w44 TRADING POST New Berlin, New York EDMESTON FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Edme ston, New York C OMPLIMENTS OF LEO NARQNI6. SLENTZ C,HEVR0I.l-I1 '1- 3-57 P BetterVa1u " X N B 1 N Y k THE RICHER LUMBER COMPANY Our best wishes to the Class f 54 WILBER. VISUAL SERVICE Everything in audio visual equipment BELL AND HOWELL, Special Representatives New Berlin, New York Albany, New York Best Wishes to The Class of '54 GATESDALE DAIRY alm l New Berlin, New York with Headquarters at Bridgewater, New York Compliments of C.TRAVIS PHELP5 NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Compliments of UNADILLA VALLEY RAILWAY COMPANY New Berlin, New York Compliments of THE GREEN TOP INN RALPH RISO, Proprietor Phone 9-9146 New Berlin, New York Compliments of FISK PAINT STORE New Berlin, New York WW cleaning Wew JKMZM, CLEAN ERS moe DYERS s ,Q ,use x slow' . 06:36, ,'o.o.0 Q ' '-:':-sw 9:9 O 0 s s Q s 0 0 5 Q Q b'is'o'o'0' U Q O 5 Q .Q 9 ' 9 'fb V 9 9 'Q s 9-202.03 Qfbgcgq ' 5 o 0 3490'- 5 Q 5 s O Q 'o's'o'0Q.O 0,54 v.o.s,s'Q.o, 5 Q Q 5 O Q 5 q Q Q Q 4 's'o'o'9 Q 4'I'1'Y'3 fe Q O 0 5 Q 30.3 393 0 O 9 ' 5 Q Q 900' 'fa 0 Q 0 O 5 O '93 Po" ff, v.O'Q ' 9 ' 5 0 O at E 5,5 Q A o Og b'Q 19:0 "The Clothes You Wear, We Clean With Care" Bendix Self-Service Laundry Damp Dry Service 'Phone 9-362.1 Fur Storage Free Pick Up And Delivery New Berlin, New York Regardless of Where Your Future Lies- In business on the farm or in the home - you will find that efficiency Pays A telephone extension, conveniently placed, will pay for itself many times. CHENANGO 8: UNADILLA SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT MARK FULLER C ornplime nts of Weed su-noe Home TELEPHONE CORPORATION Norwich, New York Compliments of ELLINWOOD AUTO PARTS INC. W hole sale Automotive Supplie s 14 Mechanic Street Established 1924 Telephone 4-2271 Norwich, New York 1 Q L' DEPENDABLE F31 SERVICE PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD fffcacladci' NEW BERLIN CLOTHES SHOP RUSS TODD CLIF' PALMER Phone 9-3671 New Berlin, New York rg VN IX N ' 4 , , I . C C ompli me nts of G.I. JEWELER BOB McNEll. Norwich, New York FRANK LEWIS as soNs mc.. General Contractors Dealers in Cement Products Building Material Phone 2311 Bainbridge, New York From: 45664 TExAc:o SERVICE Best wishes to class of 1954 New Berlin, New York Compliments of oc. gmdgff Coal - Groceries "Ke1vinator" ., Sidney New York -'tmnsl appl lan ces KN CZZCZIQZZCJ 6 Compliments of 2 ZQAWM Oneonta., New York C O. Complirnents of Henry St. I Orange, N. I. 121 Second Street San Francisco 5, Calif. YCUR CLASS RING was produced by BALFOUR-manufacturer of High School and College Jewelry, Commencement Announcements, Diplomas, Medals 8. Trophies. I.. G. IBJKILIFCIDIUIHR coummv Your Representative Hodgkins of Balfour P. O. Box 9 Schenectady, New York TO THE NEW GRADUATE: This day is decidedly different from all the thou s ands of other days that have passed this w ay since hi s to r y began. And as long as time reigns, there will never be another twenty-four hours quite like these which are now passing in review before the world. We do not s ay this merely because it is your graduation day---but because it is true of all days. No two days are ever alike. They are all different. . . every single one. . . be- cause people make them different. You, yourself, have the power to change the complexion of a day completely and mold it into a creation of your own. A work. . . a deed. . . afriendly gesture! A goal strived for--- and, perhaps, won. These are the kind of things which will mak e each day a special one for you. In other words, life is indeed what you make it. From this day on, you will begin to accept responsibilities more complex than any you have previouslyknown. Consider each of life's problems a challe nge to your ability, your knowledge, and your per s onality . Above all, be a good citizen---a credit to your school, home and community. Although you may forget many of life's days, remember that each is important in its way. This, your graduation day, is one which you will always remember, however, and we wish to congratulate the member s of the Class of '54. May all of you have good luck, good success, and good faith in the future. SCINTILLA DIVISION BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION Sidney, New York Q 1 I Compliments of NEW BERLIN BODY - RADIATOR and WELDING SHOP Automatic Log Loaders BAILEY AND MAXON, Proprietor Phone 9-2383 The Choice of Discriminating Seniors P R ll N T C R A F T Graduafion Personal Cards and Commencement Announcements Prinicraft Card Company. Inc. Scranton 5, Pa. Heating Plumbing Appliance s NEW BERLIN ELECTRIC SHOP Phone 9-3771 L. B. SPURR FOR SMOOTH DRIVING OLD'S SERVICE STATION Morris Road MR. GEORGE OLDS, Proprietor L53 Z ,, N ' Gas and Oil A cv' Sunoco , -5' . T Q R QW!!! SUPPLY co.,uNc, 77 State Street Binghamton, New York Compliments of zzfa-fag! West Edmeston, New York General Trucking Cattle Hauling Phone New Berlin 9-2798 Best Wishes to the Seniors v from We L 0 52592 22 LEWIS NEW BERLIN CENTRAL MARKET Zmlezq Winn WM Q SPORT SHOP 227 Genesee St. Utica, New York SPALDING - RAWLINCPS ' Athletic Equipment School Sweaters Bowling ------ Skis A. C- NEELY New Berlin, New York Distributor Mobilgas - Mobiloil - Mobilheat Phone New Berlin 9-2681 I 3 A i To do business with Pl - all of the bus ine s s men in this area. We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who helped us with o ur yearbook e s pe c i a lly the advertisers. We repeat it has been a pleasure to do business with you. THANK YOU THE SENIORS OF '54 'I vvsea eg SON,lNC. I Lumber Handling Four Million Feet Annually Planing and Dry Kiln Facilities We Pay Top Prices for Timber I' HHllLumber HARDWOOD MILL SOFTWOOD MILL 7 -2.71 1 9 -306 1 Sherburne, New York New Berlin, New York C OIviPLIIviE.N T S OF mzhzf Z WZZZZM are Sherburne, New York Manufacturers of Hunt Club Dog Food Best Wishes to the Class of PHONE 2431 PAUL E. LAMPRON, PROP. 'NAC Cfeady THE BISHOP PRINTSHOP plqmoufla EDMESTON, NEW YORK ., vii J ak, MOTOR SALES INSURANCE PRINTINGASPECIALTY '-if 1::,:::.': -Q Y 7 LE'1'rERHEADs STATEMENTS ENVELOPES JOB PRINTING Sherburne, New York Compliments of Compliments of CARL PAYNE AGENCY R- R- JONES Norwich New York International Harvester Ph 4 3611 Machines one ' Freezers and Refrigerators For Life Insurance and Accident Fafmll Tractors Goodyear Farm Tires and Health Service. Sherburne, New York Cgrnplirnentg gf Best Wishes f1'0I'1'1 0 'rn-nz MENS M for Finer Fashions . . "Famous for Fairness" Cars - Trucks Norwich, New York ? fi mss utting quipmznt 693 Supply E. M. CRUTTENDEN 120 N. Main Street Phone Endicott 5-9271 Vestal, New York 1 Complirnents of Your Happy Cooking Gas Dealer Ranges-Water Heater-Service g gfnfizf Edmeston, New York df' T LEVISION T elevision and Applianc e s Service on A11 Makes Stores in Norwich, New Berlin, and Oneonta ws'-.JJ. 51. We--vq1.N:T'-Qg Q-A ' 'dw au-9 ' um-J5...,.,5 cw... 'Q-4 foe?-ww.-Q0-M45 bfhfi-H-Sixjof m Q0 uni 1. Gaia. N , 1 X V' + J. -.f M, f 5 1 E xx 3 Q B E 1 F E fx Q E r Q S 4 2 53 Q H 5, Q Q w 51 S 9 5 s. S r 5 5 s E E 5 if ,.N.,.,M.m.f..f-1'-www, W ,fwwmwmwmmwwnfmwwzx -M-awww M,......,x1f-ww-A-1 mmm--.-mf--... .... Q... ,Z-W, wMw.mMf-3-LMgmwmmmwmwnw,,1mm.-,.. -1-w.,, ,,m..Wwpwmww-Qmuwwwkxo-mm-wMy'A M W-.mmf :--- H Y A, -.,..M,.,..W,,mm,,...,..,.......,m,-, ,. lix. 'EM .. A X.

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