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-SHRSKQIBEZAE"1w'EiciFc?5sfaiL1335t.i5aeEfvxES5?c5?1?A:iTE.'S"llIi.I,l,sick"ZIHLQYLl.. ,1iYH?'-.EAW f ai 'iv :J-'z.:.'.:4L.f1wl4:itFs.5.4'H?':'ir9iii,1KW TwZ'5UTi'vC1BIii ?Z5EE ' ' 1 3 ! I 1 I I v -1 :Tl Z 'U c: UW QS J. -.. 3 nf NEW BERLIN CENTRAL SCHOOL New Berlin, New York W W W -x. w if if Miss DEL1GAN1s The Senior Class wishes to express their appreciation to Miss Gari Deliganis and Mr. Andrew Forrest. To Miss Deliganis for her guidance as class advisor through our first three years of high school. To Mr. Forrest for his untiring efforts in producing our yearbook and our Senior Play. MR. FORREST The Senior Class would also like to acknowledge f' gg the valuable assistance which Mr. Theodore Whit- J ,Q J ney has offered them during their years at New Ber- 4' lin Central School. .ln-5. Dadicaiion We, the class of 1953, dedicate this yearbook to our Senior Class advisor, Mrs. Amy McFarland. We thank you, Mrs. McFarland, for all the help you have given us as advisor, teacher and friend. 9 mmap, ZZZHIKH rd nf 5dumfi014 Left to right: Howard L. Page, Vice President, Jay D. Sholes, Carl Chase, Treasurer, Barton Williams, President, Mrs. Herbert Butts, Clerk, Earl Genung, Everett Gilmour. Members of the Class of 1953: The Board of Education sincerely congratulates you on a job well done. we are most proud of you as are your parents and many friends. We certainly wish the best for you in the years that are to follow. It has been a decided pleasure working for and with you these many years. Board of Education ADMINISTRA non Qegx-Qx0Q Q9 So Q600 MR. BU TT S MR . FELTZ peiwq, QQGCKQQX MRS. CHASE MRS. FALLON Office Clerk School Nurse 107 41? Y 636210 0 Left to right: Mr. Howe and if Mr, Bassett Missing: Mr, Brierley W oo QS UWC QW Left to right: Mrs. Ienison, Mrs. Saur, Mrs. Ballinger, Mrs. Walkden, Mrs. Holdridge. fly - Zflpffy Left to right: First row: Mr. Ambrose, Mr. Button, Mr. Balcom, Mrs. Johnson. Second row: Mr. Johnson, Mr. Gregory, Mr. Miller, Mr. Christiansen, Mr. Lloyd Mr. Gibson. FACULTY Zzculfy Left to right: First row: Mrs. Banks, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Frink, Miss O'Conner, Mrs. Ackerman, Practice Teacher, Miss Mottino, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Robbins, Miss Hamer. Second row: Practice Teacher, Miss Anthony, Mrs. Hinman, Mrs. Manchester, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Jager, Miss Hemingway, Mrs. Fallon, Mrs. McFarland, Miss Moore, Mrs. Acenour, Miss Roberts, Mrs. Neher, Miss Pepper, Mr. Butts. Third row: Messrs.: Stein ruck, D'Aprix, Kiefer, Leyland, Wilson, Johnson, Forrest, Jamba, Fry, Hartnett, Whitney, Fallon, War- DCI. SE NIORS Seuia 511155 Offcers President ---- - RAYMOND PAGE CLASS FLOWER - - ----- Red Rose Vice President - - - -LEO GRAVESEN CLASS COLORS - - - - - Blue and White Secretary ---- ------ M ONA FISH CLASS MOTTO - - ---- To Be Great is Treasurer - - - - - - BETTY LOU PHELPS To Be Misunderstood. Nm.-nv HILDA BACKUS JOYCE BROWN Hope and be happy - that's all for the best." "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." RICHARD BURR ROBERT BUTTS "Be all my sins remembered." "He hurries notg he worries not: His calm is undisturbed. " GEORGE CAMP CAROLE CREDICO "As many men, so many mindsg every man "A hard beginning maketh a good ending his own way. " DORIS DAVIS CHARLES DAY It matters not what you are thought to be, "If you have a thing to d0, do if fight. " but what you are." i MONA FISH CATHERINE FLETCHER Everything will come if my man will wait. " "In the twinkling of an eye." LEO GRAVESEN PHIL GRECO "He is well paid that is well satisfied." "Nothing's so hard but search will find it out WR ROBERT HOBSON HAROLD HOWE Little nonsense is relished by wise men." "A good heart's worth gold CHARLES JOHNSON DONALD JONES His mind is two steps ahead of his better "We cannot all be masters. judgement." IOSEPHINE LEBENICK NANCY LYON They can whg think they Can, " "I ITILISI follow him IhI'0l1gh thick and Ihifl 'WF' CLYDE MATTESON BARBARA NOVAK "We only part to meet again." "How vast a memory has Love!" RAYMOND PAGE BETTY LOU PHELPS There is great ability in knowing how to "Keep your face towards the sunshine an conceal one 's ability. " the shadows will fall behind." WILLIAM REIDENBACH CARLEY SUTTON I've taken my fun where I've found it." "I can be PUShCd just S0 far- " LEON TEED MERTON VAN PELT The man who does his best today will bg 3 "That here on earth is sure no happiness hard man to beat tomorrow." RAYMOND VERMILYEA LESLIE WALL "Men of few words are best men." "What shall I do to be forever known. ., HERBERT WHIPPLE GEORGE WOLFANGLE Though he be but little he is fierce." "510w but willing." LEA N N WOOD "Love conquers ali, and we must yield to it." """ Smio 611155 Prophecy To explore the future of our class, we have asked Charles Day, inventor of a new speed device for the auto- mobile, to take us for a spin. This peculiar invention enables one to travel through time as well as space at a terrific speed. As we begin our journey, we look about us and see Josephine Lebenick as an important dress designer for Hob son and Sutton, Inc. , an exclusive women's shop on New York's Fifth Avenue. We find Betty Lou Phelps surround- ed by children. Sorry to give the wrong impression--she 's an old maid school teacher--as yet, but from rumors, not for long. Hilda Backus is writing an "Advice for the Lovelorn" column, but she is having her own troubles as she is swamped with proposals. You see, the war is over and her servicemen have returned. Nancy Lyon is special nurse for her husband's professional Basketball Team. This team is noted for tis tallest player who is its leading scorer. This human giant is Robert Butts. His height is quite an advantage to him now-- it brings in the "loot. " We pick up a 1963 newspaper and find a book review section written by Joyce Brown, also internationally known for her own works. On our trip we come t0 a beautiful farm. We soon learn this is owned by Messrs. Howe and Whipple, who are also professors of Agriculture at nearby colleges. Donald Jones has surpassed all other furriers by his new process in making fur coats. We learn his wife has been a great help at this. George Wolfangle is still writing romantic poetryg now it is for a Philadelphia maga- zine. Carole Credico has retired from teaching Home Economics to make her home a full time job. Doris Davis was married after graduation and has, by this time, a happy home. Leslie Wall is the national chairman of the Democratic party, which is still trying to get back in power, and is now a good friend of Harry S. Truman. Raymond Page has been discharged from the U. S. Air Force and is now pilot of his own airlines. Barbara Novak is one of the hostesses on his crosscountry flights. George Camp is an important foreign diplomat for the United States. He recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in settling the Korean War. Charles Johnson, with much credit due to high school experience, has gained recognition in the world of sports and is now a sports announcer at N.B.C.fNational Broadcasting Company D. Speaking of the entertainment world, another of our classmates is doing fine in the movies. Leo Graveson has been playing leading roles, usually being the part of a hero. He co-starred in his last picture with his pert- wife Catherine Fletcher. Richard Burr was recently selected to Emcee the Super Circus in place of the late Claude Kirchner, as he was the only one who was as tall as his predecessor. Major Philip Greco is the new head of NATO forces. He has pursued a career of twenty years in the Air Force. We find Raymond Vermilyea and Leon Teed in quiet partner- ship in the Unadilla Valley, running the Dairymen's League plant. Which, by the way is giving the U.V.R.R. most of its business. Incidently the Unadilla Valley Railroad is run by William Reidenbach, also owner of the New York Central and a multi-millionaire. Now that we have reached the end of our journey let's stop for refreshments at the commandant's home at Mitchell Field. That's right our own Mona Fish is our hostess and we find that she has a very busy life trying to set the pace of the Air Corp's social life and keep up with her four lively offsprings. OF NEW' BERLIN SCHOOL P1mssN'rs 66 3? A comin? nz THREE ACTS By Jam Prmmws NEW BERLIN scaoon November 20 and 21, 1952 ! 8:15 P. M, T H E C A B 'I' f' - MILLICENT LRQARTHUR ., .,,,.....,.. Nancy Lyon FLOYD MMARTHUR ,..,.A.... N.N.,.,, Bn b Butts IRNA HMARTBUH X.,..,.,.., .L..,,.,, M fans Fish DQNNA MacARTHUR ..W.. , ,d...... Jmephine I-eheuick JANE CLAYTON ..,... , .... ..,.,.., Cu iheriue Fllbelwf BUD YODER .,...,..,..,.... M ...,. .Leo Grtvwen ERWIN FHILLIPS ..,....., T664 3 AVIS GARTLAND ,Ww.. .,,... . .Betty LW Phiips CLAUDIA HILTON ,N,. .......... ,..d, H . Q, ,,.. Eildlhglcklll' L HAL LAWTON . ..,.... , ..,. A..,... , ..,.A ..... ,.,.Bi!1 Raidenbscia IE -1-4 PLACE: The living mam in the MacArthur imma TIME: The Prseent - June N--iw--' S Y N 0 P 8 I S ACT GNE: Eight A. H. Gnduatiim Di! ACT TWO: Swan P. M, that awning ACT THREE: Midnight the time mania! STAGE AND PROPEBTWS Car-ale A. Credicom STAGE MANAGER Phil Gwen DIRECTED BY .ANDREW B. PSRR-EST ....g.... Produced by The Dramatic Publishing Company ' nz I Will and Z? Inman! HILDA BACKUS leaves Phyllis Butts for Dave Spicer to walk home. JOYCE BROWN leaves Doug Camp her ability to learn easily. DICK BURR leaves Jim Huxtable and Dave Brownell his height. BOB BUTTS gladly leaves Stan Crandall advanced Math. GEORGE CAMP and RAYMOND VERMILYEA leave their eager ability to work to the Juniors. CAROLE CREDICO leaves Don Ackerman a dishcloth so he can work in the cafeteria next year. DORIS DAVIS leaves June Fairchild advice on good housekeeping. CHARLES DAY leaves Bob Elliott a new transmission in case his car goes out of gear. MONA FISH leaves Stu Crandall her love letters to give him a few ideas for the future. KATY FLETCHER leaves her ability to go steady to Mary Wood and Grace Fitzgerald her athletic talent LEO GRAVESEN leaves his car to Ron Jenkins to enable him to get his date in Morris. PHIL GRECO leaves Dick Hardy his scholarship ability in High School. BOB HOBSON leaves Jean Acenour his artistic abilities. HAROLD HOWE leaves Paul Lawerence his height just in case it might come in handy some time. CHARLES JOHNSON leaves Nancy Sawyer his quiet ways. DON JONES leaves Kate Meyers his keys to his car so she can visit him at Morrisville. JO LEBENICK leaves Hazel Willis a couple of passes to go to the library next year during art class. NANCY LYON leaves -Bill Phelps a book of excuses to use when he wants to come to see her. BARBARA NOVAK leaves Sharon Gregory and Jo Lyon her drivers' license so they can drive to Cornell. RAY PAGE leaves Mary Jane Whitacre his class ring so the boys' next year will know she is off the dating list. BETTY LOU PHELPS leaves Jim Brown a box of stationery to write to her next year and her giggles to Wilma Potter. BILL REIDENBACH leaves Don Williams a map of South New Berlin. CARLEY SUTTON leaves a quiet home to Dick Button. LEON TEED leaves Les Gilbert his fa med English knowledge. LES WALL leaves his address to the Junior class so they may write to him for the lowdown on the Demo- crats. HERBERT WHIPPLE leaves Tom Hendrickson his liscense in order to drive to South Town. GEORGE WOLFANGLE leaves Ed Parry his mustache. THE CLASS OF '53 leaves , Mr. Leyland a trophy for next yeafs football team. Mr. Hartnett a book of criticism for next yeafs Senior Class. Mr. Wilson a machine to make paddles mass production. Rosalie Lebenick a box of cookies so she won't have to hock them from the cafeteria. Entension of time between periods and an extra ten minutes at noon to Richard Button and Norma Bice. Mr. Feltz a peaceful Halloween. Mr. Butts an honorable picture of Bob so he won't forget him when he Graduates. Energy pills to Miss Hemingway to feed her players. Mr. Jamba, a paper doll so he won't have to bother with real ones. Ann Hansen and Joan Saur a rope to lasso a man. Tom Blake a salt shaker to season Mary Wood's soup. June Salony a 3600 calorie diet chart. A volume of jokes for the library of Andrew H. Forrest. ffii , 3 2, , fl 4' 5 1 W x N X . A .adams 5 GM if , 2' 4 LW A . , 5, 12 3 f . I K 'ffm 'WW 5 1. . . , ,ZilAf. , , M, A . . 1' i ,--K !'w+r:5s,wi'+'V X :M CTV' . V f . ,V . , ,, f f 2, ,A M 611155 Msfary Thirteen years ago a group of shining little toddlers began their education at New Berlin Cen- tral. The surviving fifteen are: Richard Burr, Robert Butts, George Camp, Doris Davis, Charles Day, Catherine Fletcher, Philip Greco, Robert Hobson, Harold Howe, Josephine Lebenick, Nancy Lyon, Raymond Page, Betty Lou Phelps, William Reidenbach, Herbert Whipple. As the years went by, we gained members and lost many until our final number is 28. In September of '49 we became the Cherished Freshmen. Although we did nothing to awaken the dead, we did begin our high school career. Class officers were: President-William Reidenbach Vice President-Robert Butts, Secretary-Robert Hobson, Treasurer -Carley Sutton. As we were promoted to Sophomores we became familiar faces to the public. We were a proud and happy family the day our class rings arrived. Our real social event was the Sno-Ball at which the King and Queen were Carley Sutton and Myrna Camenga. Our officers of that year were: President-Robert Hobson, Vice President-Raymond Page, Secretary-Charles Johnson, Trea- surer-Betty Lou Phelps. Another short year flew by and we were proud Juniors. Raymond Page was elected to the office for Presidentg Charles Johnson, Vice President: Mona Fish, Secretary: Betty Lou Phelps, Treasurer. Our two main events were our Junior Play "Papa Says No" which was a hugh success and the Junior Prom with Robert Butts and Catherine Fletcher as King and Queen. Our final year at New Berlin has come to an end. We selected Mrs. Amy B. McFarland as our advisor as Miss Gari Deliganis left our midst. Our officers were the same as our Junior year with the exception of Leo Gravesen succeeding Charles Johnson at the post of Vice President. Mr. Andrew Forrest, our new English teacher, has faithfully guided us in making our Senior Play "June Fever" successful and in completing the production of "Tempus '53. " Now that we come to the end of our journey we wish to thank all those who have helped us pass securely through the golden portals of N.B.C.S. fanfare Left to right, first row: J. Saur, A. Hansen, C. Meyers, T. Hendrickson, Mr. Hartnett, Class Advisor, J. Salony, M.J. Whitacre, N. Sawyer, S. Gregory. Second row: J. Huxtable, J. Acenour, J. Lyon, J. Lewis, R. Elliott, S. Crandall, D. Camp, D. Brownell, D. Ackerman, D. Spicer, W. Potter, H. Willis, J. Fairchild, E. Perry, F. Zorda. Third row: J. Brown, M. Wood, D. Hardy, D. Button, D. Williams, W. Phelps, L. Gilbert, P. Lawrence S. Crandall, R. Button, T. Blake, R. Lebenick, R. Jenkins. President ---- - - - WILLIAM PHELPS Vice President - - -' - - DONALD WILLIAMS Secretary ---- ----- A NN HANSEN TI8aSuI6l' ------------ - - -JEAN ACENOUR Student Council Representatives -------- STANLEY CRANDALL DICK BUTTON, CATHERINE MEYERS The Junior Class consists of thirty-six members and their advisor, Mr. Hartnett. The class has endeavored since their Freshman year to make their senior trip a most successful one. We started our Freshman year by put- ting on a Carnival Dance which proved to be a hugh success. In our Sophomore year we sold refreshments at Basketball Games and also had a Roller Skating Party. Our major desire 'during that year was to receive our Class Rings. This year our Junior Class has a number of things planned to make money. We are looking forward to our big event The Junior Prom. With the cooperation of our class and class advisor we hope to be very successful in our one big goal, The Se- nior Trip. Saphamores J Left to right: First row: D. Hendrickson, D. Slentz, B. Johnsen, C. Zorda, N. Bice, L. Willis, K. Engel, K. Norman, J. Liddle, P. Pope, G. Guller. Second row: E. Cole, D. Gibson, R. Graham, A. Engel, B. Matteson, P. Kenyon, B. Camp, A. Austin, M. Anson, S. Davis. Third row: J. Sprague, M. Fairchild, W. Stephens, W. Sargent, J. Spurr, R. Walden. R. I-Ioadley, M. Slentz, C. Camenga, C. Curtis, F. Turnbull. Fourth row: B. Fletcher, J. Strain, A. Abplanalp, R. Colliers, B. McQuade, S. Tootill, M. Haggerty, M. Ram ey, H. Backurs, W. Fish. Absentees: R. Borst, Phyllis Butts. President ---- - - - John Spurr Vice President - - - - -Betty Johnsen Secretary ---- - -Richard Graham Treasurer -------------- Wesley Stephens Student Council Representatives - - -Carmela Zorda Marvin Slentz The class sold refreshments at some home games and also have sold pins. They are planning a dance and several other activities to make money for their Senior Trip. Hr slzmm Left to right: First row: I. Maxson, J. Norton, C. Runion, B. Izard, R. Hoyt, R. Lowe, J. Whitney, A. Franco, N. Winn, T. Cronk, E. Kaul. Second row: B. Gilmour, P. Burke, H. Lamoree, H. Dunham, N. Bice, N. Whitacre, D. Boice, W. Prentice, R. Horton, N. Bice, I. Button. Third row: Glenn Haywood, G. Hay- wood, E. Burr, C. Walling, R. Raastad, K. Decker, R. Moore, D. Brown, F. Meyers, R. Gregory, W. Neuland, R. Davis, A. Beardslee, T. Norman, P. Chase. Fourth row: G. Sanford, G. Button, J. Hen- drickson, P.Haynes, M. Hobson, S. O'Neil, S. Camp, D. Ackerman, E. Lloyd, W. Button, C. Hardy, I. Abplanalp. President ---- - -Angelo Franco Vice President - - - -Gloria Button Secretary ---- - - Glen Sanford Treasurer ------------ - - Richard Hoyt Student Council Representatives ---- Russell Lowe Elizabeth Lloyd Our class sold refreshments at one Basketball Game. Our plans for the coming year include a dance Jumon HIGH Left to right: First row: Slentz, Izard, Church, Chase, Gregory, Second row: Simmons, Brown, Royce, Button, Reed, Fletcher, Meyers, Dockstader, Larchar, Miss Hamer. Third row: Hazard, Card, Fairchild Turnbull, All, Blake, Cummings, Garrison, Huth, White, Conklin. I 5yl1fl1 Grade Left to right: First row: Enman, Collier, Gage, Miss Hamer, Gracy- alny, Slentz, Button, Sec- ond row: Lucy, Chase, Gul ler, Fish, Kellogg, Will- iams, Huxtable, Williams, Church. Third row: Davis, Sawyer, Porter, Bice, Smith, Webb, Angell, Heins, Rolen, Seventh Qradfs Left to right: First row: Johnson, Clapp, Beckwith, Weaver, Mr. Whitney, Fitzgerald, Baker, Sanford, Hardy. Secondrow: Wolfangle, Maxson, Burdick, Shaw, Eiholzer, Zorda, Dunham, Gould, Strain, Abbrams, Conklin, Potter, Distler, Third row: Chase, Grant, Williams, Barker, Van Warner, Moore, Hunt, Willis,Wiggins, Lum, Herod, Coleman, Jones. Left to right: First row: Gracyalny, Franco, Lloyd Davis, Mr. Whitney, Utter, Come, Gage, Mennig, Second row: Walk- den, Whitacre, Christian, Johnson, Williams, Wood, Gregory, Slentz, Fairchild, Ackerman, Bromm, Bal- lister, Cadwell, Dye, Third row: Dodge, Cole, White, Willis, Lloyd Mudge, Hotaling, Schworm, Win- ton, Rood, Matteson, Olds, Hay- wood. if if Q, M001 Ho. .,....N-A . Ax S P5- 1 Graeme kwin Inna.. AA, "F, .J 6 . AK 5 'ff jf' , ,,.1M,.MjA 9 Q r, :gy .iv , Y yjw J1 1' fi K ' "'A W ,g Lgcabft dow, ith. if ll 'E E f S SE. 3 A is s. EIU' all' HQ' I ss' Q 0 II ---.. I Qw Q, Left to right: First row: Sanford, Izard, Webb, Hedge, Kinney, Garrison, Brown, Second row: Simons, Borst, Smith, Lowe, Church, Lamoree, Reed, Runion, Distler, Benjamin. Third row: Lyon, Deal, Herod, VanCourt, Beardslee, Cronk, Musk, Honeywell, Lauria, Carpenter, Beckwith. Mr, Leyland. Sirfflz Grade Left to right: First row: Sweet, Church Maxon, Cummings, Win ton, Ruth, Maples, Wea- ver, Sweet. Second row: Potter, Burr, Chesebro, Calhoun, Rowe, Tootill, Turnbull, Burdick, Gre- gory, Slentz, Taylor, Mrs, Robbins. Third row: Kinney, Gregory, Dye, Davis, Russo, Noll, Fairchild, Rose, -Mc- Knight, Warren, Bur- roughs, 1 l Left to right: First row: Backus, Lindsay, Hall, Huxtable, Davisson, Johnson, Franco, Second row: Brown, Camp, Gracy- alny, Dart, Douglas, Rose, Hendrickson, Moore, Come, Williams, Dunham, Grant, Boice, Utter. Third row: Hoxie, Sawyer, Davis, Beadle, Gilbert, Williams, Dayton, Atkyns, Ballister, Jones, Mrs. Jager, 917th Grade Left to right: First row: Come, Weaver Brownell, Jones, Winton, Backus, Noll, Patrich, Benjamin, Second row: Hoag, Clapp, Meyers, Sickler, Chase, Bice, Burke, Smith, Gould, Abrams, Noll, Whitacre, Saur, Mrs, Hunt. Third row: Slentz, Van Court, Lloyd, Mudge, Johnson, Eibalzer, Haywood, Fair- child, Hall, Kenyon, Norman. Left to right: First row: Monroe, Will- iams, Maples, Taylor, Carpenter, Parsons, Angell. Second row: Camp, Horst- man, Vroman, Anderson, Rood, Kuhn, Meyers, Dav- is, Franco, Salmon, Wig- gins, Mrs. Greene. Third row: Wilcox, Kennedy, Shafer, Williams, Seeley, Chase, Huth, Penner, Har- dy, Chase, Burdick, Enman, Barker. 90 rflz Grade Left to right: First row: Benjamin, Hen- drickson, Credico, Hazard, Slentz, Stowell, Simons, Second row: Kenyon, Sweet Todd, Honeywell, Dye, Chapin, Deadle, Sanders, Williams. Third row: Hat- zenbuhler, VanCourt, Zir- kel, Davenport, Lloyd, Hill, Deal, Dunham, Herod, Mrs, Frink, First row: Gilmour, Fargo, Eckmeyer, Rose, Purdy, Liddle, Dye, lzard, Gracy- alny, Second row: Lucy, McQuade, Chapin, Cad- well, Runion, Taylor, Horstman, Anderson, Ben- son, Davison, Parker, Ho- ward, Edwards, Miss Moore, Third row: Brown, Gregory, Larcher, Perkins, Green, Chambers, Larcher, Matte - son, Matteson, Eihalzer, Warren. Uzird Grade Left to right: First row: Dixson, Palmer, Harstman, Clapp, Maxson Williams, Johnson, Utter, Weaver, Second row: He- rod, Starr, Camp, Reed, Lum, Tootill, Coleman, Spurr, Johnson, Mudge, Brown, Pittsley, Sickler, Moore, Third row: Olds, Distler, Chase, Williams, Huxtable, Chapin, Heins, Curtis, Novak, Lewis, Boice, Miss O'Connor, Left to right: First row: Dye, Zorda, Card, Borst, Johnson, Anderson, Moore, Second row: Rose, Winton, Riso, Dart, Heins, Webb, Hoag Chase, Penner, Third row: Neuland, Tyler, Sweet, Patrick, Collier, Jones, Borrows, Mrs, Hinman, Sammi Grade Left to right: First row: Dayton, Cumm- ings, Shaw, Hazard, Maine Second row: Jones, Mihon, Lloyd, Purdy, Kenyon, Gage, Stringham, Tyler, Pittsley, Franco, Third row: McQuade, Schriber, Huxtable, Webb, Davis, Dye, Sanders, Mrs. Banks. Left to right: First row: Crawford, Van Court, Brownell, Jones, Tootill, Maine, Mudge, Carnrike, Jackson, Second row: Crawford, Holl, John- son, Lloyd, Austin, Bice, Moore, Distler, Novak, Meyers, Rowe, Rose. Third row: Lyon, Stringham, Olds, Izard, Haynes, Beardslee, Sprague, Walkden, Bennett, Card, Greene, Mrs, Acker- man. Sfirsf Grade Left to right: First row: Irons, Salmon, Todd, Patrick, Slentz, Jennings, Purdy, Miller, Davison, Second row: Riso, Clapp, Wilcox, Por ter, Warren, Merrihew, Nelson, Ramsey, Will- iams, Third row: Miller, Button, Launa, Deforest, Launa, Benson, Spicer, Chase, Cooper, Mrs, Acenour. Left to right: First row: Perkins, Pittsley, Kellogg, Wiggins, Craig, Wilcox, Chase, Lum, Mil- ler, Wright, Joy, Second row: Bennett, Dwyer, Chap- in, Parker, Robertson, Chase, Hoxie, Lyon, Mitchell, Jones, Izard, Chapin, Lewis, Third row: Miss Motino, Slater, Russo, Braks, Will- iams, Burch, Grant, Max- son, Smith, Come, Mrs. Williams. lalfldt' gfzrfm Left to right: First row: Clapp, Dye, Brownell, Huxtable, Card, Wearleau, Button, Dibble, Davis, Second row: Linger Weaver, Parsons, Edwards, Sweet, Wandell, D'aprix, Tompkins, Vanderkroy, Currie, Busch, Busch, Honeywell, Liddle. Third row: Mrs, Manchester, Camp, Matteson, Simons, Creighton, Kennedy, John son, Palmer, Matteson, Loddell, Anthony, Mo QGWWY First row: Danny Sandford, Carol Morey, Larry Lloyd, Doug Parks, Mary Parks. Second row: Rodney Hurlbutt, Gleen Waffle, Richard Young, Alvin Edmonds, Gerry Sandford, Ed Bice, Donald Van Wagner, Robert Young, Winona Sanfords. Third row: Miss Colegrove, Patsy Parks, Lila Humphey, James Armstrong, Nancy Hurlbutt, Brent Hughes, Jacob Emhof, Linda Van Wagner, Judy Lloyd, Samuel Smith, Judy Parks, Mrs. Whitacre. First row: B. Hall, C. Douglas, D. Norman, B. Brown, D. Meyers, M. Huth, Mr. Fry, Royce Bice, C. Burke, C. Dart, W. lzard, H. Davisson, T. Grant. Second row: P. Garrison, W. Camp, V. Beetle, R. Slentz, B. Collier, T. Slentz, D. Deal, D. Chesc- brough, S. Winton, D. Toodle, A. Lloyd, B. Clapp, D. Hoxie. Third row: N. Williams, H. McMullen, L. Willis, R. Horton, F. Meyers, L. Cummings, H. Backus, R. Wood, J. Vancourt, R. Burroughs. Fourth row: M. Grant, J. White, S. Huth, A. Hunt, S. Davis, M. Fairchild, J. Fairchild, R. Bice, B. Fairchild, A . Herod. Y, A.,A ,za +31-5'liif6 gf: L3 NO' v-- W. J' 4-9...-f--"' W III' X , f.Q Vzfii , 3 A TH LE TICS N . B. OPPONENT S A 25 Otego 26 Unadilla 44 Edmeston 1 Morris fforfeitj 24 Franklin For the second time in three years New Berlin went through the season undefeated and won the Tri-Valley League Championship. The high point of the season was the Franklin game, which pitted two undefeated teams against each other for the champi- onship. The Purple and Gold came through in fine fashion for a 24-13 win. One of the five wins was a 1-O forfeit from Morris. In the four games played Bill Reidenbach led the scoring with seven touchdowns. W i The New Berlin Baseball team had a fairly successful season, under Coach Johnson, winning seven games and losing three. At the end of the season,they wound up tied with Franklin for second place behind Edmeston. The highlights of the year came with a 13- 10 victory over Edmeston to knock them from the ranks of the unbeaten. Big guns at the plate for the Purple and Gold were Gene Johnson and William Reid- enbach with averages of 390 and 312 respectively. Raymond Page led in the mound du- ties with four victories against no defeats. With the loss of only two Seniors, the 1953 team should prove to be a good one. QA Var ity 1521 kefb ll SCORING HONORS GAME SCORES Butts 215 HOME AWAY Sutton 121 De posit 26-47 C016 114 51-37 Edmeston 47-73 Phelps 105 65-28 Bainbridge 56-28 5PiC6f 102 64-46 Morris 75-53 Hobson 78 69-31 Unadilla 77-36 Gravesen 54 42-32 Franklin 34-35 Button 26 58-51 Otego 43-38 Hoadley 24 59-61 Afton 72-51 All-Star Total 839 For the second straight year New Berlin has won the Tri-Valley League Championship with a record of nine wins and one defeat. Their lone defeat this year came as an upset at the hands of Franklin. The Purple and Gold's overall record, inclucing the All Star Game, was twelve wins and three defeats, This year the All Star Game was run differently. New Berlin, being champs, played a group of All Stars from the rest of the league and won easily 72-51. New Berlin had one of the highest scoring quintettes in its history, scoring a total of 839 points for 15 games. Led by Robert Butts with 215, the team had five players in triple figures. New Berlin will en ter the Section 4 playoffs March 14 and any wins in them along with the others this season, must be attributed to the fine coaching of Mr. Fry. The team entered the play-offs and after triumphing over Afton and Margaretsville, earned the honor of playing at Cornell. There we downed Weedsport 52-46 to become Section 4, Class B. Champi OHS. junivr Var ity 1501 kefball SCORING HONORS GAME SCORES Dunham 96 HOME Kenyon 88 Deposit Backus '76 20-23 Edmeston Graham 74 32-14 Bainbridge Lowe 31 35-24 Morris Gilbert 20 35-20 Unadilla Chase 14 28-24 Franklin Austin 10 33-24 Otego Fish 6 20-28 Afton Hoyt 3 Hardy 1 Smith 0 Total 419 AVVAY 17-30 22-30 48-44 39-26 42-18 26-38 28-14 The majority of the New Berlin I.V. is composed of Freshmen and Sophomores which had a good record of nine wins and 5 defeats. In the league they came in second with seven wins and three defeats The team showed fine possibilities and should make a championship team for Coach Fry in the near future . -AV4. Eazmcil First row: J. Lebenick, A. Fran- co, J. Acenour, H. Backus, E. Burr, S. Chase. Second row:P. Butts, Miss Hemingway, A. Han ,Aflzlefifs sen, N. Bice, E. Lloyd, H. Chase. Pres., Hilda Backus Sec., Jean Acenour Treas., Edith Burr The hockey season opened the year's athletic activities for girls. Three games were played with other schools and though New Berlin emerged the loser we all feel that next year we will know a little more and the story will be different. After hockey we spent four weeks on volleyball ending with a sports day with other schools in our league. Basketball began just before Christmas vacation and continued well into March, to be alternated with stunts, tumbling and apparatus. Here again we held games with neigh- boring schools and as it now looks basketball seems to be a very popular game. Volleyball, badminton, and recreational games were resumed before we adjourned to the lower slopes and the spring sunshine for some archery, track, field softball and tennis. Our softball team will challenge any other gir1's team in this area. An archery clinic was held at Green, which we attended and now feel that with a little prac- tice we ought to be able to score a bul1's eye a little more often. We are waiting for the next season to show our improvement. Girl ' Top rowz Joan Saur, Janet Spra- gue, Rosalie Lebenick, June Fairchild, Nancy Lyon, Doris Davis, lean Acenour, Phyllis Butts, Edith Burr, lo Lyon, Miss Hemingway, Second row: Ann Hansen, Carmela Zorda, Katri- na Engel, Barbara Novak, Betty lohnsen, Nina Bice, Lora Wil- lis. Bottom row: Shirley Tootill, Elizabeth Lloyd, Diane Acker- man, Carole Credico, Cather- ine Fletcher, Hilda Beckus, Io Lebenick. il! Left to right, front row: Judy Hendrick- son, Jim Brown, Elizabeth Lloyd, Back row: Kathryn Norman, Capt. g Marjarie Hopson, -...K-I - , Elmer alder Left to right: Phyllis Butts, Janet Spra- gue, Katy Fletcher, Capt, 5 Carmela Zorda, Nancy Lyon, Left to right: Betty Johnson, Co-Capt, g Mary Wood, Mary Jane Whitacre, Hilda Backus, Capt. ,flflajoreffes ORGA NIZA TIONS 5'ufure ffvmcmak cr af America Left to right: First row: J. Lebenick, F. Turnbull, G. Fitzgerald, J. Fairchild, C. Meyers, 1. Maxson. Second row: N. Bice, T. Cronk, N. Bice, B. Fletcher, I. Strain, S. O'Nei1, J. Hendrickson, C. Hardy, Mrs. Neher. Last row: W. Button, N. Winn, J. Brown, D. Davis, J. Lyon, L. Wood, D. Boice, P. Haynes, C. Credi- CO. Left to right: First row: H. Whipple, J. Liddle, J. Huxtable, W. Prentice, H. Backus, R. Collier. Second row: Mr. Jamba, F. Pope, G. Guller, G. Wolfangle, C. Curtis, C. Camenga, M. Van Pelt,C. Johnson, M. Fairchild, D. Austin, L. Teed, R. Moore. Last row: D. Hendrickson, R. Button, R. Walden, T. Blake, L. Nichols, F. Meyers, P. Kenyon, L. Gravesen, D. Jones, R. Borst, L. Gilbert, P. Lawrence. Qufurc , Zzrmers af America K xwdoimgi Left to right: TO Seated: Susan Huth, Elizabeth Lloyd, Marvin Slentz, Catherine Meyers, Charles Johnson, Richard But- ton, Stanley Crandall, Carmela Zorda, Russell, Paul VanWarner. Standing: Nancy Lyon, Robert Butts, Catherine Fletcher. This year the Council has contributed greatly to new Cheerleading uniforms, helped with the Hallo- ween Night-Of-Fun and built a Baseball and Football scoreboard on the Fish Field. The Student Council Officers of 1952-1953 are as follows: President ---- - CHARLES JOHNSON Vice President - - - - CATHERINE MEYERS Secretary ---- - - CATHERINE FLETCHER Treasurer --------------- -------- R USSELL LOWE U Wy, 1 P M. Haggerty, L. Wood, B. Novak, J. Slentz, I. Whitney, Miss Pepper, D. Boice, S. Chase, J. Haywood. The Library Club, although small in number this year, was very active. Displays for Book Week, Christmas, and Easter were arranged on the bulletin boards and doors. A new scrap book of school acti- vities was started. Many books were mended. The Club also aided in taking the inventory and in weeding of cards and books. izminr Hand Left to right, first row: Susan Huth, Ada Mae Musk, Barbara Brown, Elizabeth Webb. Second row: Judy Shaw, Helen Chase, Ioan Hazard, Hope Huxtable, Anne Franco, Barbara Fletcher, Sharon Walkden, In- dia Fairchild, Betty Guller, Therese Gracyalny, Helen Lucey, Sandra Williams. Third row: Richards Burroughs, Suzanne Lowe, Mary Louise Conklin, William Simmons, Peter Maples, Barbara Webb, Bar- bara Webb, Barbara Simmons, Frances Kinney, Ralph Davis, Ann Gracyalny, John Larchar, Carol Wol- fangle, Alma Herod, Phyllis Conklin, Mark Huth, Warren Rolens, Flora Mennig, Catherine Ballister. Fourth row: David Deal, John Runiorx, Kenneth Fairchild, Mary Lou Church. Back row: Paul Brown, Charles Carpenter, Perry Garrison, Mark Enman, Ronald Zorda, Theodore Whitacre, Esther Garrison, Mr Warner. Hand Left to right: Seated: I. Acenour, S. Huth, Mr. Warner, E. Webb, C. Runion. Second row: R. Hoadley, J. Lebenick, H. Chase, J. Hazard, B. Fletcher, R. Lebenick, S. Walkden, B. Guller, H. Lucey, S. Williams, T. Gracyalny. Third row: P. Burke, D. Gibson, H. Huxtable, A. Franco, J. Shaw, M. L. Conklin, W. Sim mons, G. Haywood, C. Credico, W. Stephens, A.M. Geacyalny, J. Larchar, R. Jenkins, M.L. Church, K. Fairchild, E. Parry, D. Spicer, P. Butts, N. Lyon. Standing: R. Elliott, R. Button, M. Enman, F. Zorda, E. Garrison, M. Slentz. The Band under the direction of Mr. Warner had a very successful year playing at Basketball and Football games. The highlights of the year were: Winter Concert, State Competition and Spring Concert. During the year the Band had brought in 10 new members which added much to the success of the Band. The Band Officers are as follows: President - - - ---- NANCY LYON Secretary - - - - -ROSALIE LEBENICK Librarian ------- ---------- M ARY LOU CHURCH Assistant Librarians - - - - -RENNY HOADLEY, MARVIN SLENTZ Uniform Managers - - - - - MARK ENMAN, JOHN LARCHAR Q Seuiar .Quar ef Left to right, front row: Mona Fish. Second row: Hilda Backus, Nancy Lyon, Betty Lou Phelps. Front to back: Janet Sprague, Carmela Zorda, Betty Johnsen. '6 Glee 61116 Left to right: First row: M. Fish, J. Acenour, Miss Roberts, B.L. Phelps, N. Sawyer. Second row: J. Lebenick, J. Saur, P. Haynes, A. Abplanalp, S. Camp, E. Lloyd, M. Hobson, C. Hardy, S. Tootill, P. Burke. Third row: S. O'Neil, H. Backus, M.I. Whitacre, A. Hansen, J. Sprague, I. Whitney, D. Boice, K. Norman, N. Lyon, B. Johnsen, B. Gilmour, 1. Button, J. Strain, C. Zorda, C. Myers, C. Fletcher, C. Runion, D. Ackerman. Fourth row: E. Burr, G. Button, J. Lyon, N. Whitacre. The Girls' Glee Club was proud to be represented by eleven girls chosen as participants of the All State Sectional Program in Oneonta. For our first program, the Christmas Choral Concert, we presented the Junior High Chorus, Treblettes, Trio, Boys' Sextette, Solos and Girls' Glee Club, which combined with the boys for performance of the "Christmas Medley" arranged by Walter Collins. The Boys' Quartette, Treblettes, Sophomore Trio, Senior Quartette have sung at various events in the community. Many compliments were received for the different groups which performed for the Win ter Concert and now we are looking forward to the May Festival in which there will be 25 participants and also preparing for the Spring Concert, State Rating and Graduation. The Glee Club Officers of 1952-1953 are as follows: President ---------------- - - BETTY LOU PHELPS Vice President ------------ ---- J EAN ACENOUR Secretary ---- - - - NANCY SAWYER Treasurer - - - - - CATHERINE MEYERS 'R QW!! Seated, left to right: Stuart Crandall, John Spurr, Charles Johnson, Stanley Crandall. Standing: Donald Ackerman, James Brown, William Phelps, Merton Van Pelt, James Huxtable. xii X6 Q9 Seated, left to right: B.L. Phelps, J. Sprague, M. Fish, N. Lyon, J. Acenour, Standing: C. Zorda, A. Hansen, B. Johnsen, C. Meyers, M.J. Whitacre, H. Backus, J. Saur, S. Tootill, J. Lyon, Miss Roberts. ?hv' J' ADVERTISERS Del Austin Mrs. Daisy Schriber Mrs. Lela Camp Miss Edna Noyes Mrs. Rudy Blessing Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Gregory Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hume Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Sniffen Mr. and Mrs. D. Wilson Lewis Spurr Tony Ambrose Pat Miller Walter Page Les Howe Bagg's Golf Course Baileys Restaurant--Edmeston Schworms Store - -Edmeston C. 8: M. Horstman Columbus Gas Station Morse 8a Honeywell Anna Ackerman Helen Acenour Virginia Banks Mrs. Robert Manchester Jan. Williams Marcella Hinman Warren D'Aprix Frances B. Robbins Andy Blake BOOSTERS Mel Fry Alta Pepper Charles A. Kiefer Rod Leyland Freddy Decker Mildred I. Chase Howard D. Warner H.C. Butts Edith P. Jager Jean Frink Ina Greene Mildred Hunt Jean S. Hemingway Church's Hardware- H. B. Heher Jean Fallon Ted Whitney Andrew H. Forrest Doyle Steinruck Don Fallon Fred Feltz Verna Moore Amy B. McFarland G. Lois Hamer Jim E. Hartnett Stephen Jamba Barbara Roberts Coman Brothers Gar Metcalf's Richfield S age South Edmeston Service Station C OMPLILAENT S OF mhz Z ZQWQQZZW She b e, New York M63 Manufacturers of Hunt Cl b D g F d 367762 VHLUES 4 mfs, 4? 3 sw, 1 COMPLINLENTS OF wma ?f 1 I N C. New Berlin, New York FV' HH! HHIH V .N H 1' I M V - pw -H C ONGRAT ULAT IONS and YX BEST WISHES to N nm The Senior Class f!ff l INSUQANCEAG Compliments of Compliments of Q Zz? QQ DA! RY y CO. John W. Spurr Norwich, New Yo k Harold S. De l Compliments of 5 Z Wm Dairy Cattle-Horses-Harness and Blankets Phone Z7 L d ill New York Compliments of Compliments .of mama Wayan PoumQY FAR M INSURANCE AGENCY N B lin NewY k Compliments of Compliments of Mtzfrffic Ziggy Wh l al A t 'C' o essulcipllsmo 1VE 14 Mechanic Street Est. 1924 C Norwich, N. Y. Tel. 4-2271 PREM - - - - l Compliments of 376 Henry St. Qi J! 9 5' :Mmm as Orange, N. 1. GA I? A G E Chrysler -Plymouth Sales and Service YOUR CLASS RING was produced by BALFOUR-manufacturer of High School ond College Jewelry, Commencement Announcements, Diplomas, Medals 8- Trophies. . G. llllilll-IFCUTIUIIR comPANY Your Representative Hodgkins of Balfour P. O. Box 9 Schenectady, New York NEW BERLIN Compliments of WQ1s!53aiQ9 mmf 'f Q 0' ve ' 'Q 5' SFA l sets' 5 ,5.Qs4 e 4 Qqqf The Clothes You O55 5 goto' Wear, We C166-I1 Oneonta, New York 6:92 With Care ' ' 'l I 5005 2403? . 9336.4 Bendix Self-Servicek A Z g Wfkvn Laundry ?:'o'v'2 wg., Damp my Service DA: RY Phone 9 -3 621 R 5 O S 5 ' 's'0a s s 9 as '04 Brid ewater New York s o ' 62 v X ,z:.A.O'.Q N' On U. S. Route Z0 Free Pick Up and Delivery C. S fact N 4 F Jz7zde?'ffQ?g New Berlin, New York Complirnents Compliments of R ICHAR D 5 e DONOHUE MHZ' I N C. I N C. School Photographers 121 Second Street Wgjsotjiijiiiiiztork San Francisco 5, Calif Success T In '53 ' 1: BROOKER 1' ' HARDWAR may ND W, ,, RESTAU MN-r r SAVE Prop- Agmv, AAAT Morris, New York Congratulations to the Seniors of 1953 QAM? D E PARTIVI ENT STORE BEST WISHES to the S nior Clas f 95 1242, ZJJHM S th New Berlin, New York C LAU DE I3 AQZM cs. c. WOOL5 EY B' Midway ' 'Kelvinator " Sidney uppl an its New York PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD Wfzacfeaf NEW BERLIN CLOTHES SHOP RUSS TODD CLIF PALMER Phone 9-3671 New Berlin, New York 566 IN N ,A sis-B N' . Compliments of QZQZ PAI NT STORE New Berlin,New York C ompliments of ZMZZM STO R E West Edmeston N. Y. Zum Value , at the X NEW BERLIN CENTRAL MARKET Home-Cured Bacon, Hams and Choice Fresh Meats The Brands That Please Are Found at--- gaze 2 ONEONTA DEPARTMENT STORE, INC. Oneonta, New York Complirnents of N if .ef nzfzar 174021300 ,L ZZ K 9 J H ff' ff Z0 J FLO :Qu ST W I IZ qgf? New Berlin, New York 1 C mpliments of 0 A Zadkfv Nl E Ng S HOP Yew! ljjilfiifid COMPLIMENT S OF WM ff SON I High Grade Holstein and G uernsey C and Horse West Edmeston, New Yo k Compliments of Your Happy Cooking Gas Dealer Ranges-Water Heater-Service i Z,z2fz9z4 Edmeston, New York To The Seniors of '53-Our Best Wishes In Your Decisions For Future Service For Others In The Field of Your Choice Your Problems In Radio-Television and Electrical Appliances Fears aye? Q2 efyzgz mm? XQQZ1gZ2,Mf JEWELER Q S O N Established 1933 Guilford, New York Edmeston-New Berlin Road Route 80 Phone 6-2121 Phone 2782 Ed-IT1eSf0I1, New Y01'k Housemoving - Rigging - Shoring I Serving Church, Home, School, and Industry with Quality Lines of Visual and Electronic Equipment and All Related Materials. Complete Sales a.nd Service 7!f mm Qxfzfzk A QZQMJ W!! Q SPORT Sl-IGP 22.7 Genesee St. Utica, New York SPALDING - RAWLING'S Athletic Equipment School Sweaters Bowling ------ Skis Compliments of KWH . Z ZC' A Z f ?!0 Z M Phone 9-4241 Q A I R Y mm . " aiilllil 'W' New Berlin, New York 2 ::2L."' - - Compliments of MMM FOOTWEAR C0 R F2 New Berlin, New York Compliments of GOOD LUCK VARIETY STORE a o , Z6 New Berlin, New York M6 Full of Strikes ' at IOHN'S BOWL- O-DROME New Berlin, New York 10 Lake Street M New Berlin, N. Y. Link 14122 5? HARDWARE K Painting, Roofing, Electrical Plumbing, Heating and Farm Supplies New Berlin 9-2731, New York Complirnents of C g 1 th en ors of 1953 ZJZKXQZWZZZ S i Compliments of M R f Qzikh Q67 M GAZ ETT E OLDS SERVICE STATION Printers and Publishers Sunoco Gas and Oil CHRISTGSHER J. BURKE, Prop Morris Rd. Compliments of Compliments 0f QM Q my M Norwich, New York New Berlin, New York SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT Ollie Qmfv Q A gfzzlgdkf FU New Berlin, New York I' Compliments of DP g 0 -" I A I 1279: L Wfgfw H391 5 M359 RESTAURANT M2-e g, Morris, New York 'M 'Vu The fj gkja? Ziff? FARM SUPPLY C0-ANC New Idea Serving Agriculture Sales and Service Since 1870 West Edmeston, New York New Berlin, New York Qz2Z?eff c A Q rn co. , INC. 1509 Maple Street Scranton 5, Pennsylvania Compliments of New Berlin, New York 6 6 Z DON HARDY, Mgr. DEAN PHIPPS gl ra f A Y, STORES TNC-, lll, xx xxxxxx Q tttx A wx' " I 4 t Norwich, New York A ya ?f1 ig Wholesale Lumber Retail Flintkote Building Supplies Titan and Disston Chain Saws aff HARDWOOD MILL Sherburne, New York We Deliver Sawdust and Wood We Buy Sawlogs and Timber Lots Dial 7-2711 lllLumber Co. SOFTWOOD MILL New Berlin, New York Zmfffi RESTA U RANT "Food Once Tasted Never Wasted" New Berlin, New York ffamdz ff WELL DR ILLING 1324 Utica St. Okis Kany, New York Compliments of ZIMM QQ RAILROAD C OMPAN Y Compliments of Qgfwjiifv I-I OT E L Columbus , New York Compliments of ZW 5552 BODY - RADIATOR and WELDING SHOP I BAILEY and MAXSON, Prop. Phone 9-2.383 Groceries -Meats Hardware-Gas-and Oil Boots and Shoes -Dry Goods Radios -Electric al Appliance s jk Z im? , scams INC. General Contractors Dealers in Cement Produc+s Building Material Phone 2311 Bainbridge, New York CHARLES , M. GARDN ER 5 co. Wholesale Booksellers Scanton, Pennsylvania THANK YOU 4. A Complete Line of QZZZ? l,,,.,w"' IH. I X 1111" ',,n1"l, nu,-1 4- , X 'Ip '11 nl. ff' ,nv f 5 Y 1' ,' 'N If 'v X151 I JN I. lf"-. U 1 .IV nu. li!!! N fi. , rl, NN X . 5. N Rx S, 'sf ni 15:3 N New Berlin, New 'York Compliments of ' Follirance A LMS NEW BEIQLIN Service jfiaf fQ7!?Wzf4 piggy SAL-Qggfmcc Manufacturer s and Tr aders New Berlin. New York Trust Company Kenmore , New York Photostat Service "On the Spot" Photo Service Photographic Sales-Agent For Wilber Visual Service Photographic Christmas Cards Especially fin season, r2sxcu-:Ass Q an ri 7 7 Phone 9-4773 67 North Main St New Berlin, New York BEST WISHES to the Class of 1953 kg ywfmfl AUTOMOBILE 8: FIRE INSURANCE , .. 'oe' With Best Wishes From QQMML IVIAGN ETO DIVISION BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION Sidney, New York Compliments of 5 Zi! W 5 I V ,f JACK LEE, Prop. Q Q' ' Furniture Q' Shoes-Boots f ! New Berlin, New York Rubbers FJQQ' FRANKS I A TRADING BEST WISHES POST To in I Z4 south Main st W 2 E? IEQU N. Y. . . CQ H 9 gf :Zia ' 4 0 v ' 35 I 94 Q I " I S I Morris, New York Compliments of AN EDMESTON j?z2mJ Mobilgas A. C. NEELY NEW BERLIN, N. Y. Distributor MOBILGAS - MOBILOIL - MOBILHEAT Phone 9-2681 T elephone l 73 WZJZZZ GLASS CO. Glas s -Mir ror s -Paints 11-13 Dietz Street Oneonta, New York Compliments of Yafzfl F E E D STO IQ E New Berlin, New York Compliments of A QW JQWM SUPPLY co.,:Nc 77 State Street Binghamton, New York I PHONE 2431 PAUL E. LAMPRON, PROP THE BISHOP PRINTSI-IOP EDMESTON, NEW YORK INSURANCE FRXNTING A SPECIALTY LETTERHEADS STATEMENTS ENVELOPES JOB PRINTING Compliments of Zziefk HOTEL 1 Nlile East of Bridgewater On Route 20 New York E , X 1 4 i 1 1 I v I , . I E i 5 i . 4 I . I I i v W4 L?'ixi '1"FfJ,iw, ' 6 -' :. ff: f.hL1:6fl2G'An9Z'iiEst E?..lffT- EQi5i'MIi ? iR'WSvhH9SM?iE,9A1Xtm?3EKiZ ' " ' ,

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