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IHIALF CENTURY SENIOR YEFIRBOOK NEU BERLIN CENTRHI. NEW BERLIN NEW YORK 1 DEDICATIO In recognition of his deep loyalty and obligation to duty he has given the pupils of New Berlin Central School We gratefully dedicate this, the 1950 HALF C"NTURY JACK WROBLE 2 In appreciation of the friendly support and encouragement . To A 1 44" K' ,ra -04541 'C' ,,- sa. -4 QA! an 1-by C5 1 -'Ky xbxpax F ' d's"K' n.w'.. 'So' 223' WY- x a t--fx bk.,-1 Nw --' xn 'xr- 5-.1 ACULTY ,JL ia! Q,-X, frm -v- 44.4 'x s. f x. Q. E- w- I ' ' V 1, '- W ',-1-'.'1!,:-1"J..-C17-C51':Q.wfg1A,.4.,,.., ,,- , A tw. - .- -,.:,,, ,--4 fl ,,Q,..-.33 ,, .-47 1,.-,x.. h , . l . . - , 1- - -px,-.JJ ,Lf 4, W. - . ,,,, V. . .- , -h .-Q, f.,,R.qf . V, 1 .I in fl N. -V U Q. .h ' 01:1 . ' . r n r 5'-,X . .- ' -IP. . U , . Ai -Q4, 3 ', .ilzkz -I' - QED' 'Z +"'Zfq'4,-T., 1 ' "A - -1 . " :Q . " "!"',x' .. , A.. U - , x .Q . -". a g,-pt -rr, K 3. ' ww.-Q,fZQ.1g?1'."': , I 1' if - fff Q- '4..,1'7' I ' " - . ' ' ' .5 t V K -. 4 - I ' - . . 1 . A-:-.ww-, . , ,. . . .. ... ,- 5. , A I K , -, ,,,gz..x .V . .fb 5 I , . .Q . I. . If-rw - ' ' 144.1-. . . U -- 'V - ' - -QAQ 4- ' X X -:Q-',. - . ,,.,'-. V' 4L15',ffU p 7 A .1 , f -T " .-'ftf',v"71" i - .Tfffi-F-157' 1 s -455525. ' . K-1 S 'Qi . iii , V A - -. 1 '.- .H f' " , ' .- . - . .fy . .tv 'Ava . , V V f F -V' I fm ,'.' f' ' ' . x -' " ' ' - ' ,." 'fI-y- .J-Qi f .. '- ,V H . 33, iq.. .,:.g.,1'7,-gf" .b - . . 21 5:v'." .yr-1-gzfrfy ' ' 6' 1 x '- - -Z 9'-1' " . 3 L ,,.- .. . - 5 4, ,iq-jig I - 1- F il. .Q-.9-A' f' t ' V .N . v . . 'H .V r c., 5 . i -lr V ,fx .SM- ' . " ' .,.-Q .", '- '4 . -- ' -v..,A'5!-rw i 1' L: -' 5211--N . 1 1 4 -, f Q 'Z-Q . fb . , Z N. 2-il. I Sv . ' 1 T -1256+ K' . 1 4 . f' -ff.-1'-'f . A -.. .. Y. K -'. ' . S211-, sf- .:" ' ' ' 5 ' 'E' ' 2 ' .-'ff BOARD OF ED CATIO Seated, Left to right Mr erandall, Mr Reidenbach, President, Mr Sholes. Vice President, standing Mr Wallace, Mr Williams PRI PAL MR. FELTZ MRS. CHASE MR. BUTTS ,ep ' A k,g?.4c..-,-Vg -1 ,W . ' W , . :qv K A- , ' L 1 g ' --.f 0 A ' . ' 0 " ' --- . ' , , D , '. f - ' V UC-sim Y""SD"1 P10 P50 0 cf 031522 Cf!-'OP' O02 'SU' O31 'dd' O '41 0'-4 Of! PU! U"U cf I 0 Q D-' P-' I P KD ff S ID 3 '1 U 9 C4 '402D 'D' DI v- '1 IE r- IR w ff W O D' 3 0 D- D' OCR D- 03' W D I-4 Fm f.-vcr UD' O2 '41 ff 'U 0 'U 'U 0 '1 I D '4 D- r- CR '1 I D- 0 F" D-' P" KD Z 0 D' O '1 I Q Z U1 Z H- u m CU D L11 0 D1 D' D- '1 Sr-' D-'D ld' Q 'S CDO OS u N 'U in SJW 51-.reqseqouev T 99 9 D MAI TAINANCE Mr Lloyd Mr Christiansen Mrs Johnson Button Waffle Gregory DeForest Balcom 15 Mrs Saur Mrs Holdridge Mrs Valkden D-snr Mr Howe Mr Brierley Mr Bassett 6 . J ' ' TT ,L .Q 'I 1, ,V ' I 5 . 32 - H W I X ws i X ,, Mr. Mr-. Mr. Mr. mr. 'm .:1g, SENICRS E IOR OFFICER Janet Matteson, Vice President, Nelson Teed, Pres ident, Dorothy Elliott, Secretary, Beatrice Ritravato, Treasurer Howard Smith, Business Manager, Harriet Blessing, Advertising Manager, Janet Matteson, Editor In Chief, Howard Perkins, Art Editor. 8 ' - n Q 0 s 0 - - o HARRIET BLESSING GLADYS CALHOUN JACK Ummm Speak low if you speak love A merrily heart cet all th day 8 0 I leave my character behind me EOR X DOROTHY ELLIOTT CLEMENTINE. GRACYALNY P05117 01' 70'-H' thoughts They say there is method in his U 8004 thins? madness but it seems there is madness in his method 9 N 2 I - I ' FRANK LEBENICK Can one desire too much of A f l WM M I M ,', 4 , , 1 ' JANET MATTESON DONALD OATES MARVIN O'HEARN Within the book and the volume A well bred silence always at The luck of the Irish of brains command EOR HOWARD PERKINS BEATRICE RITRAVATO SHIRLVY ROGERS He hurries not, he worries not, No longer an old maid Same cupid kills with arrows His calm is undisturbed Same with traps 10 Q , E . n X Q iq W y X I N Q 3 Q A .4-1 wks ef ,yy '3' , .Ju f ff, , r ' f f . "1 'L.f..54, E55 W ' 5 .. 5354? 52553 ,EFX K DOUGLAS SARGENT HOWARD SMITH ROBERT SPICER As good natured a soul as e'er It's been a long hard climb Not merely a chip off the old trod a strip of shoe leather Block but the old Block himself 8' NELSON TEED A lion is not as fierce they paint him We E 0 QWIQ :QW H-rx GORDON VTIITTEN Give me the man who has brains enough not to be afraid of making a fool of myself fs,'f-toaeefpyfwph D O ,VA 2 . ' 3: N , , 4. 1 lllll 'N L11 Q - J- Q, 5. 'X X W . 1 xv, X V . " W4 . YQ , K 94 QS ffffl HV Thirteen long years ago, in the year ninteen thirty six, several little boys and girls were toddling off to school for the first time With their hair combed and shoes shined they went out into the world Little did they know of the exciting days in store for them They went on through the grades, learning their ABC's Through losing members and gaining members their four survivors are Janet, Dotty, Doug and Frank After seven long years of study, we successfully reached high school No one knew how proud we were to at last be in high school George Hudson tackled the job of being our first president, for tuo years at that At last, we became ninth graders, the so called Freshmen This is where the fun began With Bob Spicer taking over the leadership, we then began earning our way to Vashington The sale of Christmas cards being our first project was a big hit The next thing we knew we were in the Sophmore class This was another big mo ment in our class history We male the purchase of pins, T shirts, etc Klncidently you can buy pins from any Senior 'Reduced I Nelson Toed, slavinp with the class did his best Buy a lovely pin from any sophhore, huh Nelsonv what been very Perk Prom It was in this lovely year that the Sophmore class purchased class rings Oh, an occasion After much discussion, we decided on one ring, and we've never sorry Dances, bake sales, etc , kept us out of bankruptcy Thus, into our Junior Class Janet Matteson, taking over the presidency, did a successful job with our big project, the Junior Prom, we were in full swing and bhirley made a wonderful kung and queen, with all of us working, to make the a big success Yes, after thirteen long, long years, we, the class of 1950, are Seniors W could write a book about this year However, we regret we can't afford the money it would involve Nelson Teed, our Sophmore President, came back to put in another successful term With our seventeen members, and Washington in mind we began slaving We sponsored bake sales, sold magazines, Phristmas cards and stationery Ve pre nted a play called 'A Pair of Country Kids,N one which will be long remembered While all these other activities were going on, we were collecting ads, writing mat rial, and hfving pictur s taken for our yearbook Ve are looking forward now to the fruits of our labors, our Washington trip, and graduation, but there our eager ness ends Although we are enthusiastic about making a place for ourselves in the world, we are reluctant to leave this school vhich has meant so much to us CLASS HOTTO 'RTW Xxyl I CLASS COLORS E I Red and White "Not at the to but climbing 'A " 1' Q .jj CLASS FLOWER X54isa. Red Rose 12 C C . Q . o . ' o e 5 Y Q u . - O V I 0 ----A , J 0 - . . v , O . I o I ' 0 . o 6 Q e I . 'T U I ' o U . J ' se ' . . J 3 - 3 o I' J 1 3 - ' U r' 0 h X , np' wi iggwlu , fl -"' I C. ? fl- A D R O P1135 E IOR PLAY The night of November 8 19 9 proved very sucessful to the seniors The senior play was presented entitled 'A Pair of Country Kids The play, a farce by Vivian Mayo, was adjudged one of the best comedy performances ever presented on the New Berlin stage Among the most hilarious of the characters were H1 Hawkins, a coun try kid, and his partner Sis Spooner, a pair of husband seeking el derly women, and two city slickers The successful performance was certainly one of the brightest highlights in the career of the Class of 19 O CAST Mrs Sarah Starr Janet Matteson Sisn Spooner Harriet Blessing Lucindy Appelby Dorothy Elliott Susan Grimes Gladys Calhoun NHin Hawkins Gordon Whitten Ambrose Sneggins Lelson Teed Philip West Marvin O'Hearn Arthur Roberts Robert Spicer Albert Rooner Foward Smith 13 . lr Cn . I f April Starr--Shirley Rogers , 9 n 11 . -- V PROPHECY Due to Frank Lebeneck's invention of the 'Time Machine' we are able to fore cast the futures of the members of the class of 1950 If you will let your imag ination wander we will attempt to give you a picture of their life as it will be in the future Ls we tune ln the 'Time Mach1ne,' we find Jack Chapman head man of the 'Bur eau of Missing Persons ' Jack seems to be busy at the present with the case of a missing millionaire. If Jack finds the millionaire he will be rewarded with enough money to build his heart's desire, a tree nursery But now we must retune our 'Tune Machine,' and who do we find but Doug Sar gent. Doug is a foreman in the Scintilla Plant and he is also doing a fine job raising a family we now move on until we c me to a boy's school. The sing over the entrance reads 'Calhoun School for Boy's, Miss Gladys Calhoun, Principal ' Gladys seems to have all the boys she wants now Moving onward once a ain, we come to a garage le find Howard Perkins hard at work on his souped up chevvy ' Pork is head mechanic in the garage we find Shirley on the h me scene taking care of little 'Perk.' When we retune our 'Time Machine' we find Marvin 0'Hearn as test driver for Now we turn north to find Don Oates tending one of his Alaskan traplines Don has cornered the market on furs and is sending his directly to Hollywood. On our return trip from the north we come across Coach Spicer sweating out s first gave as head coach at Notre Dame University He is feeling quite elated but a little amazed by his appointment at Notre Dame succeeding Frank Leahy. Another twist of the dial and our 'Time Machine' focuses on Janet Matteson as superintendent of the 'Super Duper Self Service Stores Janet's previous exper ience in the Victory Store seems to have been put to good use lb now find Clementine Gracyalny as wife of a millionaire railroad president. Money sure has done great things for Clem. Married life seems to agree with Beatrice Ritravato too Although Bea is not the wife of a rich industrialist she seems to be making the best of it as the wife of a prosperous farmer. As our 'Time Machine is again retuned we find Howard Smith delivering his weekly sermon to his Sunday morning congregation Howard is now well known for his work in the spiritual field Our next stop finds us in a lawyers office where Harriet Blessing is personal secretary to a very prominent lawyer She seems to be doing Q11 right with the lalyer too. After much retuning and work we are able to find Dotty Elliott high in the skies as a stewardess for a large airlines Our 'Time Machine' reaches a new high I BD we came across Nelson Teed Nel son gave up farming some years agoiso became a politician They sgy he's going to run for president next term Because of the fact that our 'Time Machine' is not fully perfected yet, we will have to shut it off and let it cool thus giving the author time to escape. You see, our author, Gordon Whitten, has to take time off to sell his Squeezer perfume and 'Neckem' wafers. 11+ of .n new race cars. Marv seems to get a 'Thrillw out of driving the new race cars. hi . W U . Last ill mth Uv tazmnrl. ig! C463 fZ'Zh'4' 275 1 u' I offhf 4 'If lvl ilu' Cbzmfy of ami .571rtc of fax brmf 0fQ.snzl111l Hllilllf and ll'lP'lll0flL do Illllfff, publish am! rlrvfurr' ffufv my las? , in 11um11f1'fb!fo11'111g fhllf 13 in sqy: .ffiret The Faculty We leave our extraordinary intelligence We know it will be needed in future classes Our Parents we leave a clock and v1tamin pills in repayment for all the time and energy they have spent to put us through school Hr Wroble we leave a roomful of empty seats full of hilarious memories of whispers, shrieks, and warhoops, and our greatful thanks for his guidance throughout our four years of hlgh Mr Dafgard, we leave a padlock to Mr Cahill, an efficient year book vork outside of class Mrs MacFar1and, we leave a record may be able to save ner voice for lock up his exam papers staff who is willing to for her homeroom use so other classes give and bequeath to the members of the class of 1951, the personal possessions of our class to wit Marian Camp, Gladys Palhoun's giggle Betty Cole, Harriet Bless1ng's ability to borrow a car Neal Vallace, Frank Lebenick's fiendishness Bud Lyons, Janet Matteson's ambition Billy Emhof, Jack Chapman's tall, dark and handsomeness Charlie Reidanbach, Clem Gracyalny leaves her love Bob Burdick, Howard Perk1n's drlvinb ability Dave Brennan, Gordon Vhitten's physique Allan Burdick, Don Oates's quiet ways Lona Spicer, Dot alliott's freckles Fred Ames, Beatrice R1travato's strength Jay Calhoun, Nelson Teed's milking stool rargaret Runion, Shirley Roger's quiet vays to get a man m Bill Greco, Doug Sargent gladly leaves Advanced Al ebna Clayt Chase, Marv O'Fearn's smooth way with the vomen Bill Vhitacre, Fovard Sm1th's scholastic ability school do the that she following Peg Jenkins, Douv Sargent's driver's license and also hls love Janet Rowe, Bob Spicers beat up Ford Bud Schriber, a bowl to save hir the trouble of point to the barber 2 I I1 flfblf 19171111111 M7 flllllfdt of Mzs my fIlS'f Uzfl rmrl If Sflllllfllf hfrr 611 rf 1 11l1111f aff fllllllll 111!!Q by lllf' llllllll Jn Ufltlutsa aalhfffaf I haw fffffffffffl s11bsf11f1f1l my llllllll flu day of ff Ill U11 Wm 11111 fu II fhnrlnrl 1011! if M 15 4' 9 T O 2 . O To : ' ' . O T O s 0 I h . . O To . . . To . . - i o To . . v O We To . U . To . To 1' Q To . To . To . . To " . To J . To ' . To H . . To , . To 1. . T O ul ' ' 1' 1 u AO Q S 1 'ro -f . -B .f . To J . 1 ' . To Q , ' . T O ll - . ll To 1 , 3, . 4 , l ' l . -Q Q 5 f Q i 4 I ' , ,., .. I.. I h , , as 'gin f as :sg - 21, ,.!' HARRIET BILSSING Glee Club l23L Pres 4 Librarian 2 Sextette l23 Majorette l23L Capt 23 Student Council 3 Hotshot l,2,3 D A R Award Senior Play Cast Paper Staff 2 3 Norwich Festival l,2,3 Jazz Band Vocal 2 Cheerleading l 2,3, Jr Prom Attendant 3 Year book Staff Ministrel Show 2 3 1 - 72wh44"15 GLADYS CALHOUN Glee Club 1 2,3 Treblelets Mixed Chorus Hotshots 2,3, Senior Play Cast Tumbling Club M Student Council 3 Norwich Festival 2 3, School Paper 2 3 Archery Club ,1QQQ,494,f2262240'V JACK CHAPMAN Basketball l,2,3 Volleyball Boy's Glee Club L Stage Crew Junior Rotarian 3 DOROTHY ELLIOTT Band 123k Librarian All State 3 Norwich Festival l,2,3,h Glee Club 12 M Pres 3 Librarian 2, Sextette 2 3 Junior Prom Attendant 2 Senior Play Cast One Act Plays 2 Class Secretar l 2,3,h Hotshots 2 3 Junior Rotarian 3 Paper Staff 2 3 l9J6?!.df' IIIIVIIIIII 3 CLEMENTINE GRACYALNY Glee Club l 2,3 Norwich Festival 3 Senior Play Make up M Coming from Edmeston Central School nClem joined our class in forty e'ght CAM FRANK LHBENICL Basketball l 2,3 Football M Volleyball 3 FWA JANET MATTESON Glee Club l,2,3 Band l,2,3, Pres 3 Norwich Festival l23h Jazz Band 2 3 German Band 3 Class President 3 Jice President 2 Treasurer 1 Junior Prom Attendant Senior Play Cast Paper Staff 1,2 Yearbook Staff Junior Rotarian 3 Library Club l Hotshots l 2,3, fc' ff DONALD OATES 1 2,3 Basketball 2 Softball 2 Judging Team 23 Ibm CDQIZL HARVIN O'HELRN Senior Play Cast- 4 A Basketball -4 'Marv joined the class in '49, coming to fran Delhi i2ZL,awv.57f42wMv HOWARD PERKINS Baseball l,2,5,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 All Star, J V l, Var Football 2 Stage Manager 4 Junior Prom King- 3 Junior Rotarian 5 Year book Staff 4 17049-if BEATRICE RITRAVATO Class Treasurer 4 Glee Club 2,5,4 Norwich Festival Hotshots 4 'Bean left Tuckahoe High School to Join our class in '47, nag SHIRLEY ROGERS Glee Club 2,5,4 Trebelets 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Norwich Festival 5,4 Jr Hotshots 5 Hotshots 4 Senior Play Cast 4 Tumbling Club 4 Archery Club 4 Class Treasurer 3 Sno-Ball Attendant--4 Shirley came here from South Glens Falls Cen- tral School in '47, ,seaff-,W + 17 OUGLAS SARGENT Basketball 1,2,5,4 Baseball l,2,5, Football l,2,3, Boy's State 3 Junior Rotarian 3 Junior Pro Attendant Sr Play Stage Crew Var Basketball All SUB' 42.,.i,lJ? HOGGHD sm 'rs Basketball 123 Mgr 4 All Star,J V 1 Var 5 All Star Sec 4 2 Baseball 1,2 Football l,2,5 Mgr 4 Student Council 4 Paper Staff 4 Year book Staff 4 Senior Play Cast 4 Junior Rotarian 2 Junior Prom Attendant ROBERT SPICER Football l,2,5, Basketball l,2, ,4 J V All Star 4 Baseball 1,2 Student Council 254 Pres 4, Vice Pres 3 One Act Plays 1,2 Senior Play Cast 4 Bowling Team 3 NELSON TEED Senior Play Cast Class President 2 Vice President 5 F F A l,2, ,4 F F A Basketball 234 Prize Speaking 1, JILL? GORDON WHITTEN Band l,2,3,4 Band banager 4 Jazz Band--2 Baseball--2 Senior Play Cast-4 Student Council--4 '4nng"bvL1jbn . I Y .N V V D - FeFe e"4 "" 4 - - -- 4 n . ' - - 118 , - 1 I It .'z' e ---I ' 74431, . I 1 - 5 .I . .2 , , , v l, ' "' a 0 0' e'4 - -:- Rifle Team--3 H U H ' .. " -- 4 -- 5 0 - ,S -- --3' --:5 ., u O 7 --4 .J 'I ---I4 ix , ' e e e""' 3 --I O O C 1- 2 " -- kr G I - ,:' P B' 'j "' A' f .,,. i 4 ff , F4 . 1 ,, . 'r, ' IN MEMORIAM MARILYN BROWN 1 I9524947 CLASSES UNIOR Ist row F Gracyalny, L Spicer, S Oates, B Chase, B Cole, J Rowe, M Sprague, M Jenkins, L Harding, 2nd row M Lebenick, V Whihmore, J Calhoun, N Camp, B Sohri ber, E HO11, F Tilbe, W Sprague, M Runion, Mr Fallon F Ames, F Chase, 4throw W Greco, R Burdick, N Wallace, W Whitacre, A Burdick, B Schriber, R Huggins The Junior class started a very successful year with the following officer President Bill whitacre Vice President Bud Lyons Secretary Margaret Runion Treasure Clayton Chase Student Council Representatives Bob Burdick Lona Spicer Frank Chase Now with 33 members the class was very successful at their Christmas turkey raffle,magazine subscriptions and our Jr Play The class also looks forward to a successful senior year with Mr Donald Fallon as their advisor 20 5rd row--w. anner, c. chase, c. neidenbncn, D. Brennan, J. Lyons Q O 0PHO ORE lst row L Maxson, R Wells, R Storms, D Page, E Johnson, Mr Cahill, A Wall Zn row L Moore, B Cadwell, J Lamoree, J Button, M Scribne H Coleman, C Angell, J Norton, J Ansen, S Rolen 3rd row J Johnson, W Hendrickson, P Fairchild, J Hansen, th row J Moore, V Liddle, N Spicer, J Hoadly, M Austin D Whitmore, E Francis, M Chase, S Runion, F Spicer The class of 1952 with its 36 members started the year out with the election of officers as follows President Dave Page Vice President Faye Spicer Treasurer Judy Hoadley Secretary Sarlta Runion Student Council Representatives Mary Jane Chase Fred Decker The part of the year to be remembered most was the middle of January when the class received their class rings The ring the class chose was "Enterprise, a very nice style which has been admired by everyone One of our greatest successes in many projects was the Donkey Basketball game It was greatly enjoyed by ever one, including the We also had a the Holiday season chose Judy Headley the Snow Queen and helpful class advi class Sno Ball Dance during The High School and Dick Stormes as Snow King Our very sor is Mr Cahill 21 I' ---1. . . . . A "- Q . O 0 0 D A. Button,.J. Huggins, A. Storin, S. Sawyer, F. Decker ,4 I "" 0 e 0 o c . ll . y- FRE HME lst row Miss De1igan1s,J Lebenick,H Whipole, R Hobson, J Stormes,L Wal1,L Boulante,F Bemis,H Howe,P Greco, W,Emhof 2nd row V Cole,B Novak,R Chesebro,J Brown,G Camp,J Henderson R Vermi1yea,M Crockford,N Lyons,B Hugg1ns,G Wo1fang1e,R Page 3rd row D Hones,R Butts,R Burr,W Bregory,C Matteson, 4th row M Camenga,D Wi111ans,I Mu1ler,H Backus,M Phelps, D Davis,L Wood,B Cooper,M F1sh,C F1etcher,C Credico The Freshman Class started the year with the election of the following officers President B411 Reidenbach Vice President Robert Butts Secretary Robert Hobson Treasurer Carley Sutton Student Council Representatives Mona Fish Raymond Page Our first activity of the year was the selling of refresh ments at the Hartwick New Berlin basketball game We had a grand time at the hayride which was our only social event Our faculty advisor is Miss Deliganis 22 J. Peterson,C. Day,i. Teed,R: Lewisle. Sutton,W: Reidenback, I C O O O O 0 GRADES EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE ' Q Al y -1 K GRADES SIXTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE 1 l- Li I l 5 XX 24 GRADES X , FOURTH GRADE J! THIRD GRAXDE ' f 1 X y g RR R R ,J W , 'JXR vp , 3 ,Vu .Jil GRADES SECOND GRADE FIRST GRADE X 1 CEL: Q' GRADES KINDERGARTEN X Bun tantf f Clvox. ,nfk L ... . Wiio Judy fkyf in- 1.9m L ' l . 'fa - ' 1 F gh za 2- , Q, ' 1' 3 ' X 'X X Jan 1 his V AWAY muTln I omxy S :Vw r.- ,- A 5 ' 1 A 'M b ...-J-"7 2- S Nh .f ,- 91 441 fd 5-'?J,,x -va. 3'-Q'o."u fg""' 3 'inf' VS- J' f-PAQ? YK1 I " 'dr X ws fa ' C V' J 0 x Navi-'Z ,--P :":5t,"5?C2 fe ,g,sJQ"" ' is f- , ,.ffi's',"'.4f:'v 3a.r1S'c?.1 .ily-5x11 3jy:"'4S"-. 'v35"'+i,'., cg, '-'WR J .J v-fr NS- "" MQ! '-L' 114 V rf nf s Q9- ff p v' ff f' ff, ful If a,v,1A ' I 1, I f-1. ACTI ITIE P.- fbf-. Jax... Nair! rm" 3 E .ff-I 'su :WM ww 1 . . , .Q ff. 4 vi' .xx sg .N .,, R"A,, , 5-' Nvfugwlg'-Eh: 'Q' f ,QI ZQ 4 7+ 4 9, -6- ,crv A' Z ff Q ,1 9 f-V' K P-NA ...fy ,Nr x frf rf f, 1, Cz .gp ,.-,.'- ffl- .-iiqlf LAL. f, J 15- -. , 9: -.4 ,- ,.'1z,- ' '-,- -Hz, .' xc- ' .' ' - , .fu :Liv f-, -V . wf-'JK-1 Q-,. -. "' 5 LJWQM K :.7,g5',s' 15r:,3f,1-' 3 fig 5131, q, -. . -, . -, ,, X, .. .mv f- . '. AJ. " " Y "' 1 f' ..-'--5.1, ." .Q -,Q '- p -gr-.sim-. 1"-,--' 'ff'--9 -' ' -' 'JK .21 1 1. J' .. r I .n,j..-1. ',----,-X-f , - . .. . -,, , , 5 in .x,5,..f fly, ie- 1. :-. -,,+, 1 ,S V X' 5 Ig.: , -..:'- + .. , 'A -. A 3334.-P. - - , L .., --K' K . ' s . - 11159111 '-9? -1"-Y.. A.: . --.,, x -, -f ' ' . . A - ffm-ap' , .- ' .-1-' .-5 ,'..q,., . - , . -, 'Q' . .' .4 . ' . K I.--::6-'S'..L'r"' 1' '- ' fs A ' V . - 42 1- ' ' - , ' -- .:- f., 5- .- ' - - f' 1- f--f - 1,-'1 -- --?.1m,..4,. -4:,,,i.r'f FZ. - - f 5 :Aj --i,.,.,':" v- .--,,.-vig-3. ,-. - . 52 5' '5 . ., Y - .-.155-','L'1':T,3, K . - 7"if-f-1" 1 iam- - A-rg . , RB: f - , "-'4 ' -1 F' f" 5431- 25,11 ,auf -ct. V. 1,35-bf., .fl ig. . ' '-"'-.1 .' ..1.-'.3.--1 - -f .si r .f.,,'a' A 1 -Jef-1 . '1 ,. :tm . 'A-,'. ,-. 7 .. fig.- . ' nf? " ' ' -.5-"5 ' 'P .A A K-SAE .li -,I ,ft ihi4t.e.r. . Q fi' ' ' Mp. "H F, i-25'-. - T ' . , I-,-.5.1..,,.,.-, '1"".' '- H gl"-.i-3: "ff T-,'f,.f4f"7 ' , . 4 ' '- ' ' " N, 4' U, I if fp .fp- Z, QL, QQ! f, 'ff ' , ' 'A ,-.V , v, 'f '.' 14, - A V ' f 'ff "f. ---A 34- 'Fa ' - . gf' ff, ,V 1- - f, Z I fi 2 '1 - -' x , K, ' A ffl, -C-"f, 21, 1' ' .' 1 'ff, .,,, ,I .pi ' Q 3 ,, . f -501 - - , 1 - rec f , 1, '-.4 1 , ,E X-. . . J - 15. ' f . '. f" 6" ,, v, ff f- Vs . .1 f I '. ' J. 2, ' '2 141-' -' " I t "-. 1-' 1 - , 6 , ., 'V ,.- -' 6 . . 3 , -f, ' 1.43K ' ' 'fi "1" '. ' ' ' 'Y ,, 4 A TUm2NTcoUN IL Q' Seated Raymond Page, Lona Spicer, Robert Burdick, Robert Spicer, Mr Feltz, Frank Chase, Mona Fish, Dave Spicer Standing Howard Smith, Harriet Blessing, Fred Decker, John Spurr, Mary Chase, Gordon Whitten. This very business like group is the New Berlin Central School Student Council They are chosen for their capability, initiative and leadership They represent the student body ss the student goverment and their job is to make school more pleasing and outstanding in outsiders eyes as well as to mold leadership and represent their respective classes. We held an election throughout the school this year for officers on the student council and Robert Spicer was elected president and Frank Chase was chosen vice- president. Robert Burdick is secretary and Mona Fish, the treasurer. Among the councils accomplishments have been action to move the trophy case to the second floor, a Holloween night of fun and several drives and inter class problems as well as their usual duties. In the future they hone to reorganize the letter system and put on a variety show. Then a block letter dinner will be held for those who receive letters 30 6 'gb . Q7 7 , Bk f ' ' 0' xxx' p ' 17 X E 4 I 1 47 lst row Buddy Lyons, Dave Brennan, Robert Burdick, Miss Roberts, Charles Reidenbach, Eugene Johnson, Jack Chapman, Neal Wallace, Raymond Wells, Sam Sawyer A newly formed organization which has met with outstanding success is the Boy's Glee Club From the time of the first public performance at the New Berlin Rotary Club the support has been extraordinarily gratifying After performing in a high school assembly the Chorus next appeared in the winter concert, again meeting with exceptional success Teaming up with the girls, the boys next helped to make the Christmas Pageant a success The success with which this organization has met has not been confined to the lecal school An assembly has been scheduled at Edmeston featuring the New Berlin Central School Boy's Chorul along with the g1rl's Glee Club The Boy's Sextette was selected as one of the special groups to perform at the Norwich Festival 31 s I l David Page: Dick storms: Frank Chase. 2nd row---Arthur Douglas: ll. 0 09191 42" uno. 0 o I-'I Ol"l Cl .Cr-4 '1 'U N I0 rl w-lm QIIOQ 43 I. Ov-I br-I "Jw-I P113 0 m 1-I o Q -H F-4 0 Q O B O 'EJ dn S-1386 I EMU' O 0. 'U r-IUIO -P O-A 'lb r"l f-1 I 'UFS 'U Q-QQ O-IH Z O .D ID 0 U! 'SI N0 OF. db: 4 0 B O 0 Ir. b-'I 0 1-I 51 4-70. w-I 00 QW ID-H AAKIJ 4-I O ,Qs 0 C! O Q-4 ll w-'I 0 O -Hu-I Dew CE I O M. Fishy B. Hu I E Q Z G A F-1 O S4 A lk CD fx, 0 R Moore, 'H O 0 IS Q O oree, J. l-I as bu -4 UU CO OO PB 0 0 G pa rN51ErlJu-1022:-J Copper, B. et'row---Miss R er s . Cha 3 B. R ravat ' V e' G c alnyg . L benick L. ard n 3 W. ' p e ' Run n' F t e ' H d e ' W 1 ms' n r w-- . Jenkinsg M. Sprague C. C edic ' V. Co 3 . Che ro' r cy nyg J. o s n . torms . Muller' Ho ackus' . S rg M. Chase: B. o 5 r r '--- Cad e ' . am ' ' g n 5 N. yonsg M. Austing E. Holl' E. Franc s' W. r guog 4th row---R. Rogers' un o 5 . R , L. u an eg J. Ansong C. An g r ' D vis' H Caman' M. Soribnerg G. Calhoung 5th row---S. Rog sg Wh tm 3 3 M. amp: M. Camengag D. Whitmoreg Mo Lebenickg J. Mattesong E1 ot J utt- ong Of m25',: Ai 4959 WS?,j! V .I X UFQZQZQP O a-wmv " ooo Sw WEHUHO 0 owoo Ups IIICDB F-'Q v Hoo sa'- Pssgmgu 0 wmnzz" o gg-',J'o Q QL-ao '1 gp. E51 Egg? O' IOQUSQJI Q Q. Cffllz' in 9 0 Q ww m?'Q oo? mm'm H ooom 38933 E vmsafnmg FQHQPOQ :z35?Q dssismg osogq Obmblwa owoujs 5.35 ogq U00 ' 2025.15 ' mwouagg ownow W aoooqd E 'flop " Z Q 'Fig on pggopf muow? B as gf 030 ?P'P' I avi, H CD aiu 0 Ol-"OTS IUOHO I Q U1 I' 's.v-:go v"S N I x -A v X fgxffd if X3 0 0 0 0 Q m 9sHgq 5 'rf 5.225 C' I U w lb D1 ZOE 0 W n'l:- W' - ' u'? E s :snag rug.. ? 0 'nd b.. win- ,. 5 Q?" . 2 aging QG4 O C4 . 3 w B 9 5 U00 he MDE u ..1'. C U . an Q fp E Ev 5: . Us O cum ' ul:-Q" E - FF 5 1. E055 t.Ql P. xW '4 i af' UHKH THIN H RS THE iQ .4-1' BlL UDpy ali-.f F f-A ' PERJ-4 - Q fmt inn OUR .IV-S' fc, kevuv Clmnurlpou JRCKSG NFINCY Q5 PON FRYE UETTY JOYCE TTIC X' N " A KEVIN DOUG -J- PEGGY N' ' gon 04.31, Dnxsfjg FUT RE FARMER lst row- Marvin Maxsong Joel Henderson, Don Oates, Leslie Moore, Nelson Teed, Fred Tilbe, Willard Hend rickson 2nd row Clyde Matteson: Jay Calhoun, Phil Fairchild, Wilson Gregory, Richard Lewis, Fred Bemis, Herbert Whipple 3rd row Carley Sutton, Arthur Button, James Peterson Mr Austin, Bud Schriber Milton Crockford, Ralph Cummings AFETY PATROL der, Marvin Reed, Warren Prentice, Kenneth Decker, James Sweet 2nd row Rich ard Meyers, Angelo Franco, Harry Dunham, Russel Lowe, Richard Chase, Harmon Bath 5rd row Bradford Tite, Robert Moore, Mr Butts, Da mon Brown, Arthur Douglas ' I . ' 5 N lst row---Richard Docksta- 35 1st row Lona Spicer, How ard Smith, Dick Stormes, Allan Burdick, Bill Whitacre Bob Burdick, Betty Cole, 2nd row Rosalie Lebeniok, Sue Oates, Janet Rowe,Judy Hoad ley, Nancy Spicer, Faye Spe oer, 5rd row Jean Acenour, Virginia Whitmore, Janet But ton, Mary Jane Austin. lst row Joyce Brown, Joyce Lamorree, Jenny Mae Johnson, Beverly Huggins, Janet Storms Nancy Lyons, Dorothy Williams Katherine Fletcher, 2nd row Wyhma Emhof, Jesse Moore, Carol Credico, Miss Pepper, Betty Lou Phelps, Myrna Ca enga, Beverly Cooper, Carol Angell ATHLETICS BA EBALL ff 'Q 9 V A' wtf lst row Coach Butts, Charles Reidenbach, Robert White, Norman Elfeldt, Manager, Fred Tilbe, Bud Lyons, Howard Page 2nd row Dick Harding, Manager, Clayton Chase, David Page, Robert Burdick John Lebenick, Eugene Johnson, David Page, Manager 3rd row Warren Genung, William Whitacre, Howard Perkins, Douglas Sargent HS 0 '4 OXO NOON!-'ONON ODJ 0735 rfv-55 D'0l-" g'v-jp-h S15 '35 v o 3 m H OGQUQA sgoifa 5 mDn0aog U'0 U W 3 n.w neo o W1 H -0 6 ir-5 Hi? S v'5f+m oxo 0025 m U1 OH-U' w c:0cmo 5 m ZQSWOWS no u nad r-mf"e-rg in omI3'v-3:5 r-l cfO"'r-'U p-1 Dm::'v-v-3 D 0010 m g 5 o w s::::02mog- 0 0 Fc+o w ggvuwgg m 4 Wr+cro Q UGO-gg' ?'1C+Xnmq2 m HO0rH5w 5 0 0 m m W v nu H 0:+0 sm H WD' DSPH goggomw SSHUOQ DUI o m 1 m-u::g m H-2 o o w U M neva E0 'EZ arag :c+2 asa' We M 3 cfg m ac+ :rq 0 g14'+ Q g 2 o g mffo S2 S35 W u g 5 1 2 GQ H ,, o m s o 5 W Morris Hartwick Edmeston Laurens South N Morris Hartwick South N Edmeston Laurens B B 38 I .. V I A Z W I Q4 .Aj 'ig' . ,' V ' ,J X xx N V V S jd Af Q. Y ,X , . . I -'74, ,,k ' I , ' . Jr .MH4 g e'aQ ' Wit' V, xii' iv av: 12 . N L -A Y. gi l , k . J i ' 3, . K ' v fx f ' "Q ' ,, lm -'Q K 4 5 'W ', x w f ' ,n,. 'f f 'H A f A Q f . 'gr I Y 4 X lm, ' . ' Q' ,M , - " ,f -r" W ff, hy", ' f' ,DA . 'f , 4 K' ,,' ig :JPY A W 2 15 1 M li . . 1 5 15 C C 1+ 7 FOOTBALL Managers Frank Chase, Allan Burdick, lst row Dave Brennan, Robert Spicer, Howard Page, Carley Sutton, Douglas Sargent, Ronald Huggins, David Page, Eugene Johnson, Bud Lyons 2nd row Coach Weaver, Willard Hendrickson, Bill Reidenbach, Robert Butts, Richard Storms, Bud Schriber, Frank Lebenick, Joel Henderson, Fred Bemis They South N B Hartwick Rdmeston Morris uGullford aUnad1lla 4Non League The New Berlin football team had a fairly successful season losing one lexgue game and one non league game. This gave them a record of four wins and two defeats. The team out scored their opponents 205-71 which is very good for any team. Dave Brennan took scoring honors crossing the goal line 17 times and converting 3 times. 39 be -, :"W,T'A , I I A, ,4f,.,AhJVV . ,XR v A We hh . . 13 hh 0 13 - 21 h o 1- - 17 LLS '- 20 BA KETBALL Mr Fallon, Bud Lyons, Howard Page, Bud Schriber, Howard Perkins, Jack Chapman, John Meyers, William Whitacre, Douglas Sargent, Dave Brennan, Carley Sutton, Coach Weaver Managers James Han sen, John 0'Hearn, Dave Spicer They vGu11ford Hartwick nEarlv1lle Edmeston Laurens Morris H artwick uGui1ford Edmeston eRichfield Spa South N B eEarlvil1e Morris 4Non League The N B Varsity basketball squad has enjoyed a very suc cessful season having lost one game in league competition W regret that the result of the play off games cannot be published here but the copy went to the publisher before the results could be known no We 22 ' M2 Ss 5 50 32 2 th . . M6 Sou N B E? LS 22 E8 Ei 5.3 ' Ei S1 M2 55 - 37+ ' ' . Z UNl0R VARSITY Mr Fallon, Robert Hobson, Willard Hendirckson, Robert Spicer, Charles Reldenbach, Robert B tts, David Page, Robert Burdick Allan Burdick, Eugene Johnson, Frank Lebenick, Bill Reidenbach Frank Chase, Fred Tilbe, Stanley Rolens, Coach Weaver Managers David Spicer, James Hansen, John O'Hearn They 4Guilford Hartwick 4Earlvi1le Edmeston SoutbN B Morris Hartwick uGu11ford Edmeston rRichfie1d Spa South N B 4Earlv1lle Morris 4Non League New Berl1n's Junior Varsity basketball teams have an en viable record over the past years and this year's squad was no exception The team was undefeated in league play and lost only two games during the entire season hl We 56 lb M7 10 3 2 22 1 116 Laurens 20 8 . . 10 26 28 16 211 18 23 22 28 : . hh 3 . . 11+ 1 25 MS 21 MAJORETTE atherine Meyers Janet Rowe Mary lbod Beverly Chase Jesse Moore Harriet Blessing, Capt CHEERLEADER Winifred Sprague Peggy Jenkins Lona Spicer, Capt. Faye Spicer Harriet Blessing Katherine Fletcher Myrna Camenga Nancy Spicer Mary Jane Austin Janet Button, Capt JU IOR K -1 S Wa n4g1iM5.Ji W 42 , AH ITY HOT HOT lst row Janet Anson, Judy ioadley, Hilda Backus, Nancy Lyons, Janet Stormes, Jennie Mae Johnson, 2nd row Margaret Scribner, Janet Button,He1en Coman, Doris Davis, Beverly Huggins, Virginia Cole, 3rd row Virginia Liddle, Mary Jane Austin, Ethel Francis, Miss Barnhart, Dorothy Whitmore, Nancy Spicer, Catherine Fletcher lst row Marion Camp, Peggy Jenkins, Beatrice Ritrovato, Susan Oats Marian SPP85Ue, Beverly Chase 2nd POW Gladys Calhoun Schriber, Miss Barnhart, Janet Matteson, Dorothy Elliott, Harriet Blessing UNIOH HOT HOT M3 1, O E - I JV ' 1 ' so , t 5 I , V I ,T -- 1 vgw V np i f 'Ya ' , if Shirley ROSGPS, Beatrice 3 In f ,, I 'X " 'lik , ,f Qs ! I V' S, g .4'. G 1- wk. 3, 'S 1 K n'l Us . 9, - s 5 Si' agfj. Q1 46 +W- Z "1 -X 1" ,A .f 0 ggi . y li ' I 3"'f, if .'ff,, ,aa S-.4 Mm 1 1 V2 yf , nw f ff , ff: A, ,, Q, 1 f W2 iw? M YQWM fb ww fjgaigvnvdf Ae, ,g97,.,-W1 ,Jian MLM JfwW ,Q-wwyflwe, Mfg fahn WGEQZV 77ZvCJfL1.,oCj9 cLA.,.,Q, Gwf Kwai X HH 4 OKVMV-fO9fzf14,wXf ,i,42,-.LYJOMML Q Qolwp, 3-26444-L jf'f?.!27f liwndfjlzzwz dye Zfd,6f6!0,,,, ,iw Qgjzwgiw, Ggifwdwcfrm ZZZVJQ GD EZQTW ALMMM aiu UQQQZAXJQAAAZX Efifaidq Ae . . W74,jZ,g,afvv1,f I K W I . . . U - ' ' f A ff ' ff 6by?f9'fLf L LLC K1 L ' lr, fL4,?f Q 7. I I if w . ALS! I I Q Lf-L K' ' W, ' , f . aa- ,L ' Anna dvgfrnffvfv 5 ,ff X, 1 A ,wifi M ,QM ' fd f 1 6 ZW. 'Fa9Q,,,,, X t , f . ' H ,4 - f gg, F Af 'Ag rf N X U"LL - Ldfl'-QL X A 5 f ,147 ' , ' ICJ. rj! ,MMAJ n 47M L. D . ' c , J 4 X . X L I x EW Q23 Efmwzfw Mvgyf aflafv-IA gi car-QQ W Qfim M24 5 cznlgggi Awww Wwwwzawmjzwiffiiv .Z...,.,.4, C947-Zf UMJQRQA glffzer ML 644112 MW WWW ,li-Z7 5203!-Aff! 5549055 Ufmlwd fflalww A-Gam JE A472 Hier'- f6Zw74ff"7f If 7, 2 7?-xi WM Cimhzw 91 Wnwwqimwf .LJW Duihk SME- Fdzfwfyycaftf ,Zf4Q6',z,e,zJw1 www ,J Q2-wr-4.2 ZZW, Zfaolb M WMA Salk SNWJJQ GR SDA ZQMMQKM gg WM 553525, WA M53 717 ZMLNJ 1 f 7 , f .. -n - " 0-zfooigf an V Y ww . .v . . ' W Q Q23 Q -J - 1 'Uv J N kwv . JI' Q, W M 7 N , 4, . ' Wienq, , f , M' ' , M gn. ., zA'N't jk sp, ,gg wg! , Q .,ZT,Je . ig. 'ff i V 4 gg 4 I A . 3 Q Jwf-i - Yi af' PM Sf' Him. Am "K Q le'-A Y' Hvwx T IN PPRECIATION or a number of years now, this yearbook has gone to press annually and the students who planned it and assembled it and perspired over it have had the satisfaction of knowing they have brought their work to a successful conclusion Host in the shuffle, however, is the influential group without whose assistance this annual yearbook would not exist These unsung individuals are the businessmen of the community who most generously purchase the advertisements that finance publishing costs and numerous other expenses Although requests for advertisements are frequently made of them from other sources, thyy still e should like to express our utmost appreciation to you, the businessmen of our community, for your indispensible aid and whole hearted support LB Ncome throughu and back the yearbook one hundred per cent. ,.- 1.4. aff N w :GV .Av r"1f?L'f3' fx' w'Y' Jn. fx: y 'wen ,Q . .-I ' I . ' -' --A-if-1"':x1 . - lx., V -- 5 .wr , 11-rr-2: 3 1, v 4"'..-v"::.v-In ' 1 - .' 7-x 'f .A-'vw - wx" ,- if V rgijo,--..-h',E,.l K- i, -sr . ' ',.z1:..-g:.-, iw, -rg-.J . ' 3.-. - :ri-.:x.4rg.'-f., -1X-f 1 -V Q- ' T Llpfs in , :Nl '11-' .:.-71:2-. -- 1 -'J'-5. ' . lf. . Qi"-4. 4 if 5 5-4 - 1-,gif - C 5-5-- .. pm gy -, -1 V ' fl J' I. 3--. .,-pt ...Z-,-' "7A .4 ,W . . ' , ww-sf,-,f..1. W A X :'PlP'n".'-v 33 , 1 f - ' nv 4,.:,f:'i' , L4 , H. A J x. CAMP ICE CREAM LUNCHES CANDY NEW BERLIN NEW YORK Columbus Hotel Meals Served from I2 P M to 9 P M Hot or Cold Sandwlches Bull Ballnster Prop COMPLIMENTS Green Top Inn GROCERIES MEATS HARDWARE GAS 8: OIL BOOTS 8: SHOES DRY GOODS RADIOS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SOUTH EDMESTON N Y COMPLIMENTS New Berlln Oll Co NEW BERLIN NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS Dr I R HOYT New Berlln Body Shop AUTO PAINTING Kenneth Maxson Prop Thel L RICHER C0 I C SERVING AGRICULTURE SINCE 1870 7 - ' 1 OF ' l Spaghetti Special - T E X A C O -- OF OF I I I I I I, I SO COMPLIMENTS YEAR BOOK PHOTOGRAPHS an-'son camp THE DIXSON STUDIO GROCERIES NEW BERLIN NEW YORK NEW BERLIN NEW YORK PORTRAIT 8: COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Leonard L Slentz, Inc Davls Greenhouse NEW BERLIN NEW YORK POTTED PLANTS CUT FLOWERS NEW BERLIN NEW YORK OLDSMOBILE AND CHEVROLET DEALER PHONE 147 W co COMPLIMENTS USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD c M Hon TMAN COMPLIMENTS HANSE PDULTRY FARM PHONE l9Fl2 BABY CHICKS PULLORUM CLEAN U S APPROVED 51 OF BY I'I ' I I . PHONE as-w - I OF I I SPICER S STORE FANCY GROCERIES AND MEATS Service Station BMEYE mom FOODS MARK FULLER NEW BERLIN NEW YORK NEW BERLIN NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS and Wallpaper Shop FLOYD FISK The Tavern ELLIOTT BROTHERS FRESH MEATS U V Railroad COMPLIMENTS A 8: P STORE DON HARDY Mgr 5 1 OF OF New Berlin Paint OF OF OF I I OF I I , . 2 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS ACKERMAN S GARAGE Establnshed 1928 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH NEW BERLIN NEW YORK Sales and Servlce C"M"L'Mms A G NEELY NEW BERLIN NEW YORK Dutnbutor PHONE 2F4 MOBILGAS MOBILOIL MOBILHEAT NEW BERLIN NEW YORK PHONE 83 BEST WISHES TO THE COMPLIMENTS SENIOR CLASS ff p s vm., Local MORSE and HONEYWELL HARDWARE PLUMBING HEATING STORE COMPLIMENTS HOLMES INSURANCE AGENCY Glenn J. Burdick , f OF CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' DAKIN THEATRE COMPLIMENTS Tracy Bakmg Co COMPLIMENTS Ed Arnst's Llquor Store NEW BERLIN NEW YORK DYKES DRUG C0 A REXALL STORE IF ITS REXALL ITS RIGHT Prescriptions Compounded With Accuracy And As Your Physician Ordered I A WILD Greenhouse QUALITY FLOWERS WORK AND SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Thelma Woodard BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 Zz Wdham 79 gawd ' l l I OF I l ' SOUTH NEW BERLIN, NEW YORK OF I I I I I I SL 9 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! FRANK GRACYALNY, AIICTIUNEER New York Licensed and Bonded Commission Merchant Offxce Phone 1865 - Home Phone 37F33 Frank s Trading Post NEW BERLIN NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS NEW BERLIN S LITTLE DEPARTMENT STORE BEST WISHES tothe 7Zeca?ozZw Celebrating Our 100th Year R F Willard C J Burke THE FAMILY s'roRlz The NEW BERLIN CLOTHES SHOP PHONE 43 Russ Todd Cllf Palmer Propnetors COMPLIMENTS OF Russell E Sllter' A 1 Texaco Servlce NEW BERLIN NEW YORK Phone 171-W EZRA I HORTON GARAGE AND GENERAL REPAIR SERVICE 24 Hour Tow Servuce Day Phone 99 Night Phone 56-W CLASSIC STREET SHERBURNE N Y COMPLIMENTS COLUMBUS NEW YORK Alfred S Vldler Prop SUNOCO GAS OIL AUTO ACCESSORIES ICE CREAM CANDY SMOKING TOBACCO COMPLIMENTS Chapm Radio Service FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES RADIO AND TELEVISION CENTER Phone 182 W New Berlm N Y f . ' s OF - H 7 I! ' OF .ms OF 1950 cowmsus cAs snmou OF 55 FOR LIFE INSURANCE SERVICE C TRAVIS PHELPS NEW BERLIN NEW YORK PHONE 51 WILBER VISUAL SERVICE Everything for AUDIO VISUAL EDUCATION Albany New York New Berlm New York or Expert Prompt Efflclent Radio Service Ca COMPLIMENTS L F Angell DEALER OF ALL KINDS OF JUNK AND COAL Service Statlon Prop George Olds TIRES TUBES AUTO ACCESSORIES CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSI whltevs Radlo Shop New Berlm Dry Cleaners AII Work Guaranteed for 90 Days TAILORING 14 LAKE STREET NEW BERLIN an PI1one283 FUR STORAGE COMPLIMENTS OF KRAFT FO0DS CDMPANY South Edmeston, New York ULER THIS YEARBOOR PRINTED VELVATOVE EXCLUSIVE RELI ER REFIINEVIENT OF PHOTO OFFSET Q4 Surrrwo OF l I I l l H ' H F , Y . . . . V . ll - l l ' , d 7 It

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