New Bedford Vocational High School - Mariner Yearbook (New Bedford, MA)

 - Class of 1950

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New Bedford Vocational High School - Mariner Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1950 volume:

z "' -. flu., ws? -,-,.,-d,,,.w--- vv-- - - f J ' ' ' ' ' " X' H .U Wig WM 319 wwe MLQOQMQ 0-MQWWIQ-mL,,,f L42 Qfivwgwamati I x if AIVIVV wmbmwf 26 W jfwfyw - '--gn--L 1- '-1--- I Q x ,- A--sf . -.,..1..f5e'5'ggf aa , f 13 g,xL.f'fi p , ..,,-wi, ,1.v..r -:UL 5 'Y :. :JVM- -,.,h, .,., ,ru , A - Y fi,-3 Tig: -vw . .- V-1 FM, ,f 'li L Ajfxft W , ,, 12,1 .-1 4941- f' , H .5.i?q'7lLTa'f1w' fr zz, 'f-- ' :LSR .551 -' " ,klg"E.3 2 1:-1' V, -if llB3g'f'Q" V' ,. -gff,1s'fvJ: Cv .wT3.J- -P 1,-fwrli UMARI ER 1 9 50 N n Published by The Class of 1950, New Bedford V ocatioual High School M- v f 5, . V r I ' 154 Schozfl Scfug Mids,t the spires of old New Bedford VVaves the white and green Stands our glorious school Vocational Noblest ever seen. ' CHORUS: Let our voices, raised in chorus Loud her glory sing, And the praises of Vocational Through our fair land ring. Loyal graduates from 'her portals Bring to Industry All their skill and all their knowledge To them ----- Honor Be! 'Q' ,Miss Helen l6i Knapp VVe, the girls of the class of 1950, gratefully dedicate this book to MISS HELEN B. KNAPP in appreciation of her untiring service to us. ' Her pleasant manner and conscientious teaching have earned our adlniration and respect during our years at Vocational High. VV e sincerely wish that the future will bring her success and happiness always! X ilnbhl Bl.wb.L3S Y'Q.wx Qfvwloevs AVMQ GBRPXS GQ WMA? exist' QQ WVSD LUQNQM Xsleestfre xvsol Qxavrociahluvt- PM heat WVSMQS 25: wlXl4 bbou-lftggu, 3 3,01 M55 iaaov- Koh-ure he Qlllqpk puliyln M.gW'.vxQss famech-'tau ehelkj. Heh'-NFB' Kvbalfl' ' Mn William Z .Quinlan We, the boys of the class of 1950, gratefully dedicate this book to MR. WILLIAM QUINLAN in appreciation of his loyal service at Vocational High School. An upright man and a conscientious teacher, Mr. Quinlan has always been held in high regard by his students. Our best wishes for his future happiness and continued achievements go with this dedication to him! "A Merry Hea-rt Maketh A Cheerful Countenance" -oLn TESTAMENT Mr. Gharlcs Z Zrley In May, our school had the sad task of saying farewell to MR. CHARLES F. FOLEY, Head of the Steam-Engineering Department. After thirty-five years of faithful and devoted service, Mr. Foley retired from his teaching duties and our regret at losing him was deep and heartfelt. VVe hope the future will bring you many new joys and interests, Mr. F oley, so that the coming years will be filled with happiness and con- tentmentl Kwlrd of Zfrusfccs 'Mayor Arthur N. Harriman - Honorary Chairman Frank Sparling - Chairman Mrs. Elizabeth Best - Vice-Chairman Frederick D. Bonner I joseph Dawson, Charles VV. Fitzgerald Miss Stella Gonet Gustave LaMarche Harold D. P. Ryan C4533 ,lldvisvry gourd George O. Allen George Anness Herbert Atkinson Mrs. William B. Atchison Fred Beaumont Joseph Cataldo Mrs. Lucy Davis Mrs. Patrick Dupuis Mrs. Josephine Dykeman Mrs. Ioseph Ferreira Robert Gellette Mrs. Flavel Gilford Julian Wiegel Ioseph Guilbeault Miss Eunice johnson VV alter Mont A. Ha 1'xf ey Olson Benjamin P. Pease W. VV allace Pittendreig Miss Dorothy Reynolds Clarence Siddall- Ralph Spooner Mrs. Linden H. 'White William E. VVhite Earl VVilbur jr h ,Mn William 13. Mackintosh We, the class of 1950, appreciate the privilege of being educated under the direction of one who has been kind and friendly to us all. The untiring sei-vice MR. WILLIAM R. MACK1NTosH has given us will be long remeinbered. May many other students have the privilege of knowing his fine direction and engaging personality! Qazculfy First Row-G. Roderick. N. Dunn. E. H. Snyder, L. A. Slocum. C. F. Foley,iXV. Pittendreigh XV. R. Mackintosh A. P. XVhipple. A. Early, L. E. Taber, C. Mackenzie, L. Luiz M. Srylos Second row-F. Foley. A. Forrest. E. M. Adshcad. D. Burkle. M. K. Sloane, V. Crocker, M Cameron, E. Oldfield. M. Burkle, M. Sheerin, M. Coggin. D. Howland, E. Murray, M XVobecky, S. Wilson. . Third row - W. Robinson. R. Gardiner, VJ. Janiak, P. XVorsley. H. Moore, F. Baker, T. Old- field, K. Pearson. B. XVareing, A. Lees. XV. Quinlan, C. Seguer. T. Mulvey. Fourth row - H. Leonard. L.lTaber, E. B. XVhipple. J. Janiak. W. Horton. L. King. F. Holt E. Barrett. A. Wobecky, C- Fuller, E. Conroy. E. Taylor,VD. Fraser, Cr. Fish. Oiva Maki Michelina Lucci Zlmrbvvk Staff Seated. left to right-A. Allain, T. Santos, B. Cejka, J. Perry, M. Craig. Editor: A. Madeira. A. Cardoza, Miss M. Sloane, Adviser.- Standing-J. O'Connor, M. Elliot. A. Conward. L. Doyon. B. Lawton. B. Murdoch. J. Grinnell. A. Pepin, L. Dumont, W. Stawasz. Mr. F. Foley, Adviser. fefjiffs ADVERTISING COMMITTEE Louis Dumont joan Norris Arnold Madeira Edward Soares Eileen Marques Evelyn Spooner Eugene McCoy Raymond Wilbur 245539 VVe, the Staff of the 1950 Mariner, present this book to you as a record of the happy days spent here at Vocational High. f45i3:s Memories! Memories! Autumn, - sunburned goldenrod, a hazy, pumpkin-faced moon looking in on our Harvest Dance! Winter, - snow and ice, our Christmas vacation! Spring, - budding leaves, our class out- ing, fragrant roses! At last, examinations and Graduation, with a be- witching june moon! Memories! Memories! Q .ww MW limi - I Hsin, muh W' ,Advisers to 6 L.,-f' 4 .,,., . , . .. V MRS. ESTELLE OLDFIELD VP Z s X, MR. CARROLL FULLER flu! M W Q41 7,9-Az MISHS MARGARET K. SLOANE MQLUZLMLWWKWL A 611155 OMcers Seated-Raymond Wilbur, President: Joan Norris, Secretary Standing-Barbara Cejka, Vice-President: Louis Dumont, Treasurer wife, "No Man Can Succeed, Who Is Not Thoroughly Sincere With Himself Q7 f 1 ' f X The Seniors Sen 21 Hass First row, left to right-L. Mello, T. Hodziewich, G. Desorcy. R. Giguere, T.. Boswell, M. Eger. A. Pittsley, M Kenyon, L. Dumont, J. Norris, B, Cejka, R. Wilbur. E. Botelho, C. Chase, E. Racine, E. Caron, A. Cardoza L. Janiak, M. Vlfilbur, A. Cardoza. Second row--J. Fortes, XV. Stawasz, R. Pepin, L. Doyon, A. Allain, M. Elliott, M. Santos, M. Craig, B. Lawton, A Madeira, J. Perry, A. Conward, J. Grinnell, B. Murdoch. R. Oliver. Third row-E. Keyes. J. Monteiro. G. Jefferson, B. Hathaway, M. Hughes, T. Sullivan. D. Mendes, E. Doucet, M Manley, M. McKenna, E. Spooner, J. Collis, M. Gibbs, J. DeLuz, M. Cruz, L. Szczepan. C. Weigel, E. Marques F. Vlinters. Q Fourth row-H. Ferreira. E. Seney, P. Guilbeault, N. Mathieu. R. Stevens, T. Lach. D. Dalrymple. IL. Ellis, C Tiller, H. Comstock, R. Baker. C. Crowell, D. Cardinal. G. Fagundes. Fifth row-E, Nowicki. L. Hacking, T. Fraher. H. Faulkner, E. Soares, J. O'Connor, R. Jefferson, C. Linkiewicz R. Cole, R. Lake. C. Sherman, R. Bedard, W. Balthazar. Sixth row--A. Piva, XV. Botelho, B. Sasseville, C. Marinelli, G. Swansey, J. Goulart, R. Davoll, L. Manchester R. Pacheco, A. Donaghy, E. Faulkner, F. Gomes, J. Lynch, NV. Mis, A. Knox, J. Cadema. Fourfeerz ANDRE ERIC ALLAIN-"Andy" Dept.-Carpentry School Last Attended'-St. Francis Xavier Activities-Football '48, '49, '5Og Track ,481 Year Book Staff g Delegate to Student State Governmentg Member of U. N. Program ' Pet Peeve-Working Ambition--Contractor Hobbies-Football, Basketball, Ice-Skating Saying--"Nice To Be Natural, When You're Naturally Nice." ROBERT AITKEN-"Bob" - Dept.-Machine 1 School Last Attended-Parker Street School Activities-Dance Committee '47, '49 Ambition-To have my own business Hobbies-Hunting and Fishing Saying-"Well-Liked" RICHARD ALLEN BAKER-"DiCk', M Dept.-Machine of ' School Last Attended-Assawompsett M Activities-Dance Committee Pet Peeve?Being haunted while Working Ambition-To enjoy life with a Ford car Hobby-Auto Racing Saying-"Love the Trade Which Thou Hast Learned, And Thou Shalt Be Content." Fifteen ROBERT LAWRENCE BEDARD-"Bob" e . trical. School Last A t -No andin Junior High Activities-Class Outm Co WILLIABI HENRY BALTHAZAR-"Bell Tester Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-Clarence A. Cook School Pet Peeve-Cleaning Univents Ambition-To marry a rich widow Hobby-Bowling Saying-"Happy-Go-Lucky" ' ' e 'S0. . ' Pet Peeve-Working on 1ai ten 'n Welding Ambition--To depart from this Sc rged wit an abundance of knowledge. Hobby-Radio Saying-"A Hobby Builds a M ' v ,B 1 sc' sl C59 e 9,xN'N '1 Q N17 o Q Koo! We-oi' xsgde- "vF""' J an's Character." THERESA GLORIA BOSWELL-"Terry" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-New Bedford High School Activities-Cheerleader '47, '48, '49 Pet Peeve-Making bows Ambition-To own a record shop Hobby-Collecting Voke's football clippings Saying-"Fun-Loving and Humorous" Sixteen if ELEANOR V. BOTELHO--"Ellie" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Clarence A. Cook Pet Peeve-Conceited people Activities-Traflic Office ,475 Junior Prom Committee '48g Armistice Day Program '49g 'Christmas Choir '46, '47g Senior Outing Committee '50. Ambition-Telephone operator Hobbies-Collecting Nick-Knacks Saying-"Character Is The Corner Stone Of Success". WILLIAM BOTELHO-"Bill" Dept.-Automobile School Last Attended-Normandin Jr. High School Pet Peeve--Dancing Ambition-To become a success Hobby--Baseball, Basketball Saying-"Never Lost For a Word Is This Nice Fellow JOHN BARON CADEMA-"Johnnie" W Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-Roosevelt Junior High School Activities-Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Dance Com- mittee. Pet Peeve-Women Drivers Ambition-A Coke with two straws Hobby-Stamp Collecting Saying-"Well dressed and conservatija X3-HJ-fr Seventeen 1 u ANITA CARDOZA Nita Dept.-Household Arts B -V School Last Attended Roosevelt Jr High chool Activities: Year Book Staff Pet Peeve-Short aud1tor1um programs Ambition--Homemaker Hobbies-Dancing Bowling Saying-"Grace Is ln All Her Steps ARLENE AMELIA CARDCZA-"Lee', Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Thomas R. Rodman Activities-Traffic Oilicer '47g Girls Choir Pet Peeve-Chemistry equations Ambition-Home-maker Hobbies-Swimming, dancing, skating Sayi g-I-"Her Pastimes And Happiness NJJMQ We Mogrpl ml M fy P PM , l .Q slljtilfiblww wk L Olga wxyh Will Grow. EILEEN ANN CATON Lee Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended Roosevelt jr High School ' Pet Peeve-Chemistry equations Ambition-To Have a Happy Married Life ' Hobbies-Dancing skating swimming Saying-". . . And a Merr5 Little Soul Is She Ei gbteen 1,91 gf QQ 2 If DONALD HARRY CARDINAL--"Bird" Y X' Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-Saint Kilian Grammar School Activities-S. E. B.,A. Pet Peeve-Electronics Ambition-To live in Fairhaven Hob by-Swimming Saying-"A Man Ne'er Depressed With Care" U My CONSTANCE MAE CHASE- Dept.-Household Arts BARBARA CATHERINE CEJKA-"Barby" Dept.-Household Arts Dept. School Last Attended-Normandin Junior High School Activities--Traiiic Leader '47, '48g Division Vice President '48g Vice-President of Junior Class '48g Vice President of Senior Class 'SOQ School Newspaper Reporter 49 Trailic Squad Secretary '49g Literary Editor of Year Book 'S0. Pet Peeve-Blushing Ambition-Dressmaking Hobby-Dancing, Knitting Saying-"She Walks in Beauty, Like the Night "Connie" Of Cloudless Climes and Starry Skies School Last Attended-New Bedford High School Pet Peeve-Long school days Ambition-To be a housewife Hobbies-Dancing, Bowling Saying-"Where There's A Will, There's A Way." N inelecn M74-fu" I RICHARD COLE-"Dick" Dept.-Welding School Last Attended-Waterman Pet Peeve-Weeding Cranberry Bogs Ambition-To be a Welder or a farmer Hobby-Hunting Saying-"Industrious." ROBERT EDWARD COLE-"Bobby" Dept.-Power Sehool Last Attended-XVaterman Activities-Junior Prom Committee Pet Peeve-Getting up early Ambition-To be 21 steam engineer Hobby-Hunting Saying-"Actions Speak Louder Than Words." JANE LUCILLE COLLIS-"Janie" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Clarence A. Cook Pet Peeve-Slow drivers ' Activities-Division Secretary '47g Christmas Choir '46 mittee '50 Ambition-Child Nursing Hobbies-Playing Piano, Reading Saying--"Gracious and Bright." Twenty '473 Junior Prom Committee '49g Senior Play Com- HAROLD L. COMSTOCK-"Romeo" Dept.- Electrical , School Last Attended-C. A. Cook School Activities-Escorting Pat About Pet Peeve-Trade Science Ambition-To marry Pat Ratajack Hobby-Drawing Saying-"Artistic" ARTHU STANLEY ON A D-"Artie" De . o e Sc ast Att nde emi' Bedford High School Activities- r e Committeeg Year Book Staff Ambition- 0 e a success Hobby-Music Saying-"Cheerful and Always Obligingf' MARIE CRAIG-"Rie,' W Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Holy Family High Pet Peeve-Chemistry Equations - Activities-Junior Class Secretary '49g Junior Prom Chair- man '49g Radio Talent Show Chairman '49g Division President '48, '50g Division Vice-President '49g Traf- fic Leader 'SOQ Represented School .on Radio Broad- cast '50g Yearbook Editor-In-Chief '50 Ambition-To Attend Swain School Hobbies-Drawing, Sewing Saying-"She Looks A Queen - She Moves A Goddess." Tzuenty-one WW fm ,M W H 1 llllll CHARLES CROXVELL-"Charlie" Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-Roosevelt Jr. High School Activities-Baseball '48, '49, '50, Basketball '49, 'S0g S E. B. A. Pet Peeve-Code rules Ambition-To live in Fairhaven Hobby-Selling and collecting items Saying-"Will Surely Succeed." we f, MARY CRUZ--"Bin" M U! ' ' Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Roosevelt jr. High M Pet Peeve-Writing Letters Ambition-Telegraph Operator Hobby-Moving pictures, Dancing ayin-"Soft Spoken and Accommodatingf' lf , AM off' rf fy DAVID LOGAN DALRYMPLE-"Dimps" Dept.-Carpentry School Last Attended-Parker Street School Activities-Football ,49 f Pet Peeve-Getting up before 12 o'clock Ambition--A Contractor Hobbies-Ice-skating Saying-"A Gentleman and a Good Sport." Twenty-two RAYMOND FRANK DAVOLL, JR.-"Ray" Dept.--Carpentry School Last Attended-Dartmouth High School Pet Peeve-Roof framing Ambition-Big game hunting in .Alaska Hobby-Hunting and Fishing Have A Lot Of Fun." g-"Give Me A Fishpole And A Gun And I Will JOANNA DE LUZ-ujenniel' Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Mattapoisett Center Pet Peeve-Cooking Activities-Traiiic Officer '48, '49 Hobbies-Dressmaking, Movies, Sewing Saying-"None Can Do Better Than She Who Does Her Best." GABRIELLE HELEN DESORCY-"Gaby', Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-St. Francis Xavier Pet Peeve-Getting up early Activities-Red Cross Treasurerg Senior Dance Comm. Ambition-Dressmaker Hobbies-Dancing .. Saying-"Her XVays Are Ways Of Pleasantnessf' wf,,f,.-f My D W WT, fs' ab?- iifffll ,Quill it ff 46005 ffl? S 9 1 ALBERT EDWIN DONAGHY-"Al', Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended--Parker Street .School Activities-Track '48, ,49, '50 Pet Peeve-Code Rules Ambition-To ,buy the School a track Hobby-Photography Saying-"Quiet And Good-Naturedf' ELAINE LUCY DOUCET-"Pat" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-St. Joseph Pet Peeve-Ballerinas and Socks Activities-Girls Basketball ,47, ,483 Traffic Officer '47 Ambition-Housewife Hobbies-Swimming, Dancing, Bowling Saying-"In Ourselves Our Future Lies." LEO ROBERT DOYON-"M0ucher" Dept.-Automobile School Last Attended-St. Anthony Pet Peeve-Polishing cars Activities-Football '47, '48, '49g Baseball '49 'SO Ambition-To be an Engineer Hobby+Sports Saying-"Hang Sorrow! Let's Be Merry! Twenty-four J' 90 aff? if J 2 LOUIS LEO DUMONT, JR.-"Pete" Dept.-Carpentry School Last Attended-Roosevelt Jr. High School l Activities-Year Book Staffg Member of "Mac" Vetsg Sr. Class Treasurerg Dance Committee '49 Pet Peeve-Wfaiting for che time clock to change Ambition-To leave New Bedford Hobbies-Basketball, Baseball Saying-"Where, Oh, Where Can He Be?" MAY THERESA EGER--"Mazie" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Normandin Jr. High Pet Peeve-Chemistry Ambition-Housewife Hobbies-Swimming, Ice Skating Saying-"Nice To Chat With, Good To Know MILTON ANTHONY ELLIOT-"Pecos Bill" Dept.-Carpentry School Last Attended-Fairhaven Jr. High School Activities-Year Book Staffg Dance 'Committee '48 , Per: Peeve-Square root l Ambition-Navy Hobbies-Hunting, Fishing Saying-"May The Wfaves Guide His Way." Twerzfy-ji vc ESV' GEORGE FAGUNDESE LEONARD EDXVARD ELLIS-"Len" Dept.-Automobile School Last Attended-Bristol County Agricultural Pet Peeve-Girls Ambition-To be a stockcar driver Hobby-Driving Jalopy Saying-"A Busy and Conscientious Young Fellow." J e, Dept.-Welding WP M School Last Attended-Marie S. Howard Activities-Junior Prom Committee Pet Peeve-Work Ambition-To be a Welder Hobby--Sports Saying--"Fun-Loving." ERNEST LINWOOD FAULKNER-"Pontiac Kid Dept.-Automobile School Last Attended-Job S. Gidley Pet Peeve-Spending money Ambition-To be a mechanic Hobby-Selling Pontiacs Saying-"Jester." T-wcnfy-six HARRIE ELSBRY FAULKNER-"Harry" Dept.-Carpentry School Last Attended-Job S. Gidley School A mbition-Forem an Hobbies-Wood working, Hunting, Fishing Saying-"Let Me Work With My Hands And Happy I Shall Be." THOMAS RICHARD FRAHER-"Tom" Dept.-Weldin g School Last Attended-Warehanm High School Ambition-To be a Welder Hobby-Playing Baseball Saying-"Be Gone Dull Care! Thou And I Shall Never A gree." HENRY FERREIRA-"Thu " er . 15 Dept.-Machine ' School Last Attended--Nor din Jr. igh Pet Peeve-Yankee Fans Ambition-To live to be a hun Hobbies-Eat, sleep, and play b all Saying-''Happy-Go-Lucky." Twenty-sever: ya' JULIO FORTES, JR.-"shorty-r Dept.--Carpentry School Last Attended--Clarence A. Cook Activities-Chairman of junior Dance Committee '48g Chairman of Armistice Day Program '49g President of "Mac" Vets. Pet PeevwCompetition from other guys Ambition-To get married Hobby-Manly art of self defense Saying-"Life Is Too Short To Waste." MILLICENT LOUISE GIBBS-"Millie" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Clarence A. Cook Pet Peeve-Conceited People Activities-Traffic Ofiicer '46, '49 Ambition-To be a success in anything I do Hobby-Listening to Billy Eckstine Saying-"Success Is The Reward Of Merit. RHEA GIGUERE-"Sleepy" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-New Bedford High Pet Peeve-Anyone to sit in front of me during Chem- istry experiments 5 Activities-Cheerleader '47, '50, Girls Basketball '47, '50, President of G. A. A. '48, '49, Junior Dance Com- mittee '49 N Ambition-Nurse 1 Hobbies-Saving clippings of Voke's Sports, Making up cheers Saying-"An Ambitious And Popular Girl." iffy Twenty-eight FRANK GOMES-"Frankie" Dept.-Automobile School Last Attended-Thomas R. Rodman Pet Peeve-Front end alignment Ambition-To be a tin knocker Hobby-Landscape gardening Saying-"Calm And Collected Is This Young Lad." Mtv . ,nv BETTY ANN GREEN-"Betts" 'lk gall Dept -Household Arts KJLJL, Q... 11:11-1- JMLA .-Gb ,. JOSEPH B. GOULART, ard.-"G001ie', ggi pg 36,1 Dept.-Machine ' K 1- School Last-Attended-Roosevelt jr. High g4Z i Activities-Track '48, '49 Pet Peeve-Girls and bashfulness Ambition-To be a Machinist Mate in the Navy Hobbies-Cruising and Skating Saying-"A Good Joe." ,MMP WW School Last Attended-Thomas R. Rodman W af Pet Peeve-Being called "Elizabeth" Activities-Junior Red Cross '46 and '49g Division Vice- resident '46 '48' Christmas Choir '46, '47g Year P a a Book Committee 'SO Hobby-Sewing Saying-"V'ith A Smile For Everyone." Tweniy-nim' wi were PAUL NORMAND GU ILBEAULT-"Paul" Dept.-Machine School Last Attended-St. Josephn Grammar School Activities-Track '48, '49 Pet Peeve-Girls Ambition-To be il tool and die-nmker Hobbies-Music, Archery Saying-"Keeps Up Our Morale." M4044 JOHN CALVIN ALLAN GRINNELL, JR.- "Appleseed" Dept.-XVelding School Last Attended-Job S. Gidley Activities-Year Book Staff Pet Peeve-Algebra Ambition-To own welding shop Hobby--Playing Golf Saying-"A Prince of Good Fellows." LESTER GARFIELD HACKING, JR.-"Lefty" Dept.-Carpentry School Last Attended-Roosevelt Jr. High School Activities-Baseball ,48, '49, 'SO' Pet Peeve-Sharpening Planer blades Ambition-To be a Maine Guide Hobbies-Hunting, Baseball, Hockey Saying-"A Keen Sportsman? Thirty BARBARA MAY HATHAVVAY-"Bobbie" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Normandin Junior High School Activities-Red Cross Representative '47g Traffic Officer '46, '48g Traffic Chief '50 Pet Peeve-Practical Jokes Ambition-Seamstress Hobbies-Reading, Knitting Saying-"Actions Speak Louder Than Words." THERESA ANN HODZIEVVICH-"Terry" A Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Roosevelt Jr. High School 6- Pet Peeve-Ignorant people Activities-Division Secretary and Treasurer '47g Traffic Officer '48g Junior Prom Committee Secretary '48g Senior Harvest Dance Committee '49 Ambition-Child Nurse Hobbies-Baby srcapbooks, Music, Reading Saying-"Nothing ls Impossible To A YVilling Heart." MAE ANN HUGHES Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Assawompsett ' Activities-Basketball '47, '48g Traffic Squad '48g Radio Program ' Pet Peeve-Making a pie Hobbies-Giving animal imitations, Drawing Saying-"Endowed With Talent."' Thirty-om' M' JM ' gfffiif ww GRACE BEVERLY JEFFERSON-"Bev" Dept.-Household Arts Dept. School Last Attended-Waternian School Activities-Christmas Choir '48, '49 Pet Peeve-Jealousy Ambition-Nursing Hobbies-Crocheting, Wfriting Stories Saying--"Always With A Smile." R ,954 V i .34 fy Ke. N Grist LORETTA A. JANIAK-"L0la,' Dept.-Household Arts Dept. School Last Attended-Our Lady of Perpetual Help School Activities-Traffic Oihcer '46g Christmas Choir '47gDi- vision Secretary '48 Pet Peeve-Customers who are "just looking" and, at the same time, upset the whole counter Ambition-To be a secretary Hobbies-Dancing, Knitting f. Saying-"Work and Win." 23 1 ROBERT CARLTON JEFFERSON-"Jeff" Dept.-Automobile School Last Attended-Waterman Pet Peeve-Getting up in the morning Activities-Baseball '48, '49g Sr. Class Dance Committee Ambition-TTO be a pro. in basketball Hobbies?-FBasketball, Baseball Xgayinfg'?Sportsman-like." Cl Tloirtyi-two GEORGE DEXVEY. JOHNSON--"Smokey" Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-Cohannet Jr. High Activities-Class Day Committee Pet Peeve-Code Rules Ambition-To be an Electrician Hobby-Hunting Saying-"Happy As The Day Is Long" . ,4,,4Jw dr MARION H. KENYON-"Dimples" 'Z' - W Dept.-Household Arts ,gg ? ' - A School Last Attended-Mt. Pleasant Q . ' W Pet Peeve-Sarcastic Remarks 224 . 5 5 Activities-Traihc Oiicer '46g Red Cross Rgpresentative . EMERSON M. KEYES-"Silver" Dept.-Machine School Last Attended-Thomas R. Rodman Activities-Dance Committee '50 Pet Peeve-Looking for Tools Ambition-To be a success Hobbies-Hockey, Baseball Saying-"Serene" '46, '47g Christmas Choir '46, '47g Division Treas- urer '48g Senior Gift Committee '50 Ambition-Nursing Hobbies-Cooking, Movies, Saving Money Saying--"Sweet and Lovely." iff Thirty-three A fl ALEXANDER KNOX-"Alex" Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-Roosevelt junior High School Activities-S. E. B. A. Pet Peeve-Nosey People Ambition-To own a duck farm Hobby-Raising Ducks Saying--"R serv MMM W THEODORE ROBERT LACH-"Sutchmo" Dept.-Automobile School Last Attended-Roosevelt Jr. High Pet Peeve-School Ambition-To be an Athletic Coach Hobby-Sports Activities-Football '48, '49 Saying-"My Joy of Youthful Sports Was Great." RAYMOND LAW LAKE-"Ray" Dept.-Carpentry ' School Last Attended-Thomas R. Rodman Activities-Harvest Dance Committee '49 Pet Peeve-Refinishing Maple Ambition-To be a carpenter Hobby-Hockey Saying-"Ought to be More Like Him" Thirty -four My .yyf BARBARA ANN LAWTON Dept.--Household Arts School Last Attended-Thomas R. Rodman Activities-Junior Red Cross '46g Pres. ,493 Division Sec. '49g Christmas Choirg Division Treasurer '46g Year Book Staffg Senior Play Committee Pet Peeve-People who don,t keep secrets Ambition-Cake Decorator Hobby-Dancing of all kinds Saying-"Life Is Too Short To Waste" 4 CONRAD LINKIEYVICZ-"Link,' My Dept.-Carpentry .I , School Last Attended--Normandin Jr. High 'LL , Pet Peeve-Getting up in the morning vi Ambition-To be a success Hobbies-Fishing, Swimming, Baseball Saying--"Born With the Gift of Laughter" as QW iw ef lr l JOHN CHARLES LYNCH-"Jep', Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-Holy Family Grammar School Activities-Soccer ,493 Football Manager '48g S. E. B. A. Pet Peeve-Criteria Sheets Ambition-To own an electrical shop Hobby-Collecting Stamps Saying-"XVhose Yesterdays Look Backwards With a Smile" Tbiriy-ji ve ARNOLD R. MADEIRA Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-Roosevelt Junior High School Activities-Chairman of Senior Dance Committeeg Year Book Business Manager Pet Peeve-People who don't take the trouble to learn how to pronounce someone else's name correctly. Ambition-To become a good Electrician Hobby-Roller Skating Saying-"Looking To The Future" l LESTER ALLAN MANCHESTER-"Les" Dept.--Carpentry School Last Attended-Thomas R. Rodman Pet Peeve--W'ise cracks from other guys Activities-Harvest Dance Committee '49 Ambition-To Marry Il Blonde Hobbies-Hunting, Boating Saying-"Give me something to Joke about? MARY GENEVIEVE MANLEY Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Holy Family High Pet Peeve-Giggling Activities-Traffic Officer '48g Division Vice-president '48, '49g Dance Committee '48g Red Cross Secretary '48, '49 Ambition-Telephone Operator Saying-"Dependable and Helpful Always" Thirty-six V62 pi DCAJMXLZJ 03144 QW? CHARLES P. MARINELLI-"Mutt" Dept.-Automobile School Last Attended-Roosevelt jr. High School Activities-Football '4Sg Track '44, '45 Pet Peeve-Cleaning parts Ambition-Mechanics Hobby-Photography Saying--"A Good Man And A Witty One." ,762 pu n f EILEEN MARQUES tw Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Normandin Jr. High Pet Peeve-Reading aloud Activities-Red Cross Representative '46g Division Vice- president '49g Senior Prom Committee 'S0g Yearbook Ad Committee '50 Ambition-Beautician Hobbies-Dancing, Bowling Saying--"A Good Woman Is A Xvondrous Creature." NORMAND THEODORE MATHIEU-"Mat" Dept.-Machine School Last Attended-St. Anthony' High Pet Peeve-History Ambition-To strike a good job and settle down Hobbies-Swimming, dancing, music, skating I Saying-"Sociable I' eo W W n W WM wr ...Z EUGENE THOMAS MCCOY-Rogue" SEAM" I Dept.-Automobile -15274 AWQJ School Last Attended-Parker Street School Pet Peeve-Plymouths Ambition-To be 21 mechanic Hobby-Girls Saying-"Silence Is Golden." MARGARET C. MCKENNA-"Peggy" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Holy Family High Pet Peeve-Being kept waiting Activities-Christmas Choir '46, '47, '48g Red Cross Rep. '46, '47 ' Ambition-Traveling Hobbies-Saving money, Bowling Saying-"Silence Is More Musical Than Any Song." LORRAINE D. NIELLO-"Lorrie" Dept.--Household Arts School Last Attended-Normandin Jr. High Pet Peeve-People who mock others Activities-Christmas Choir '48g Trailic Officer '48, '495 Radio Program '48, '49 Ambition-Child Nurse l Hobbies-Singing, Dancing Saying-"Music Is The Sweetest Way To Talk." Thirty-eigbf' ' wifi llfrghl DOLORES ESTELLE MENDES-"Laurie" Dept.- Household Arts - School Last Attended-Roosevelt Jr. High School Activities-Traiiic Officer '48g Red Cross '46, '49 Pet Peeve-Sarcastic remarks Ambition-Join Women's Army Corps Hobbie-Listening to "Mr. B." sing liiaying-'T li ni Can Do More Than She Who Does Her '74 .Wllll2 ll XVALTER JOHN MIS-"Wally" Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-Parting Ways Grammar School Activities-Football '47, '48, '49g S. E. B. A. Per Peeve-Electrons Ambition-To be an Electrician Hobby-Swimming Saying--"Carefree and Mischievousf' JUSTINA D. MONTEIRO-"Tina" Dept.-Household Arts Dept. E School Last Attended-Job S. Gidley School Activities-Division President '49 i Pet Peeve-Short men Ambition-Nursing Hobby-Collecting snapshots and Souvenirs Saying-"The Brightest ,Light Is The One From Within." I I' 0 Thirty-11.510 X F ip 329. JOAN MARGARET NORRIS-"Joanie" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Fairhaven High School Activities-School assemblyg Choirg Senior Class Secre- tary. Pet Peeve-Radio Announcers Ambition-Homemaker Hobby-Dancing, Knitting Saying--"A Sweet Disposition." BRUCE OGDEN MURDOCH-"Farmer" Dept.-Machine School Last Attended-Bates Jr. High School Activities-Year Book Staff Pet Peeve-Chevrolet Boys Ambition-To own a new Ford Convertible Hobby-Cars, especially Fords Saying-"A Regular Guy." EDWIN NOYVICKI-"Ed" Dept.-Carpentry School Last Attended-Normandin Jr. High Pet Peeve-Refinishing Ambition-To be a carpenter Hobby-Hunting, Fishing Saying-"He Who Hath A Trade Hath A Fortune Foriy Q, NV. JOHN CHARLES PAUL O'CONNOR-"Jocko" Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-Holy Family Grammar School Activities-Basketball '47g Junior Class Treasurerg umor Class Dance Committeeg Junior Prom Committee Year Book Commirreg S. E. B. A. Pet Peeve-Electrons Ambition-Electrical Engineer Hobby-Sleeping Saying-"Social Friends, I Love Thee XVell." -Qailpf ' 0-EAA RICHARD LIONEL OLIVER Dlcky Depr.-Automobile School Last Attended Thom1s R Rodman Pet Pecvc+Girls Ambition-To be a gentleman farmer Hobby-Making Tractors Saying--"A Man Of Original Ide1s ROBERT MYRON PACHECO+"Bo " , Q! ll A' Dept.-Automobile X -' LUN ,IN School Last Attended-ROOSQ' C"pI'.,x High School f X-. - Pet Peeve-Girls Eos- i' J' P! Ambition-Army JV N Hobby-Bowling " 5 N L- Saying-"True Blue." J V Forty-our ' flj JW AVR M F iw W lf. r ii-Bfwlq fwifillw' A Q4-nj JOSEPH PERRY-"Joe" 'ccef'-1-.,,,,L Dept.-Carpentry School Last Attended-Roosevelt Jr. High ' Activities-Assistant Editor of Year Book Pet Peeve--Sweeping Ambition-To be a Carpenter Hobbies-Woodworking, Sports Saying-"Bashful and Shy, But a M1 RAYMOND E. PEPIN-"Pep" Dept.-Machine School Last Attended-St. Joseph Grammar School Activities-Track '47, '48, '49, '5Og Year Book Staff Pet Peeve-Stevens and Soares Eating My Lunch Ambition-To become a millionaire and settle down Hobbies-Track, Dancing, Football, Shop Work Saying-"Sportsman-Like." -4 A '24, Very Nice Guy." ALICE LILLIAN PITTSLEY-"Giggles" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended--Clarence A. 'Cook Pet Peeve-Corny Jokes a Ambition--Housewife Hobbies-Dancing, Roller Skating Saying-"Aim High and Hold Your Aimf' F orty-two gX M RONALD PIVA-"Ronny" L -55 Dept.-Carpentry School Last Attended-Roosevelt Jr. High School' Pet Peeve-Sharpening Saws Ambition-To be a contractor Hobbies-Woodworking, Ice Skating Saying-"Great in Knowledge and Kindness." ef EUNICE RACINE-"Blue Eyes" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-St. Joseph Pet Peeve-Listening to Rhea all day Activities-G. A. A. Junior Dance Committeeg Queen of Junior Prom Ambition-Wife and Dressmaker Hobby-Sewing Saying-"Has a Sweet Attractive Kind Of Gracef' MATILDA SANTOS-"Tillie" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Roosevelt Jr. High Activities-Traffic Gflicer '48, '49g Year Book Staff Pet Peeve-Running for that 7:45 Bus Ambition-To join Women's Army Corps Hobbies-Bicycling, Dancing, Roller Skating Saying-"Personality Is Everything In Lifef, Forty-three i?W' M1 nwwggf U4 gk l ERNEST NORMAN SENEY-" Dept.-Machine School Last Attended-St. Joseph Pet Peeve-Bashfulness Dept.-Welding BERNARD SASSEVILLE-"Sass" f School Last Attended-St. Joseph Pet Peeve-Trade Science Ambition--To be a Welder i Hobby-Playing Sports Saying-"Good-Naturedf' Ernie" School Activities-Baseball '47g Dance Committee '49 X fy- Ambition-To be a first class machinist - Hobbies-Model Airplanes, Sports ' -"Our Don Juan." FSM wif CLIFFORD LEWIS SHERMAN, JR.-"Cliff Dept.-Carpentry School Last Attended-Wateriiian Pet Peeve-Roof Framing Ambition-Contractor Hobbies-Fishing, Woodworking Saying-"Life is What You Make It." Forty-four L el EDWARD WILLIAM SOARES, JR.-"Eddie" Dept.-Machine School Last Attended-Normandin Jr. High S Prom Committee '49 Pet Peeve-Failure of any k' d Activities-Track 47', '48, '49, '50, grt ,49g junior Ambition- To be a top fl' t machini Hobbies- Bowling, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Danc- ing. Saying-"Reserved.', Q If "YI, RICHARD WILLIAM STEVENS-"Dick" Dept.-Machine School Last Attended-Clarence A. Cook School Activities-Track Pet Peeve-Working on a Shaper Ambition-To earn a lot of money ,Q Hobbies-Swimming, Eating, Baseball Saying-"Mischievous." EVELYN MAE SPOONER--"EVVie" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Parker Street School Activities-Yearbook Ad Committee Pet Peeve-People looking over my shoulder Ambition--Nursing Hobby-Reading Saying-"Loving and Serving The Highest and Best 64 . ii Q Forty-five 'ia5JJt4f1W Z,bM I WILLIAM THOMAS STAXVASZ-"Bill" Dept.-Electrical School Last Attended-New Bedford High School Activities-Track '47, '48, '49g Year Book Committee Pet Peevc-Corny Jokes H Ambition-To have my own electrical shop , Saying--"There Is No Truer Truth Obtainable By Man,. l Than Comes Of Music." 1 l l THERESA SULLIVAN-"Red" ,t 0 J-'J M 1 Dept.-Household Arts i School Last Attended-Normandin Jr. High Pet Peevc+Mcrnorizing Ambition--Homemaker Hobby-Sewing Saying-Q'Well-poised and Well-liked." lx A 1 I' -ff 4 1 9 ll I' QLG-'lb 0 UWX i GEORGE ED ARD SWANSEY, ard-'iswann Dept.-Electrical K X School Last Attended-Holy Name School Pet Peeve-Electrons 1 Ambition-To be a electrical contractor Hobby-Hunting Saying-"Be Silent and Safe-Silence Never Betrays You." Forty-six DONALD BROWN SYLVIA-"CrlCliet', Dept.fMachine School Last Attended-Roosevelt Jr. High School Ambition-To be a machinist Hobbies-Swimming and Baseball Saying-"Cute Kidf' K2 ff!! Z'v !l LORETTA F. SZCZEPAN-"Lorry" Dept.-Household Arts School Last Attended-Fairhaven High Pet Peeve-Teasing Activities-Girls Baseball and Basketball Teams '47g Christmas Choir '46, '47 - Ambition-Dressmaker ' Hobby-Reading An Excellent T in In XVoman." CHARLES PHILIP TILLET 5 X l EI.. Dept.-Automobile VJ-3 'Aw School Last Attended-Fairhaven High School 4 Pet Peeve-Work A Activities-Football '49 Ambition-To be a diesel engineer Hobby-Sports Saying-"Gay and Humorousf, Forty-sever: Saying--"Her Voice Was Ever Soft, Gentle, and Low CLARA WEIGEL-"Sis" Q Dept.-Household Arts CLA! Pet Peeve-Teasing Activities-Red Cross Representative '47g Traflic Oiiicer '48g Trafiic Leader '49g Senior Prom Committe '50 Ambition-Sewing Instructor Hobby-Basketball, Ice Skating Saying-"A Kind Heart Is Worth More Than Gold." l I Y 4 . MARY EILEEN WILBUR-"Tootie" I 5 N' Dept.-Household Arts Q School Last Attended-Assawompsett XX l QM Pet Peeve--Fancy People Activities+Christmas Choir '46, '47, '49 Hobbies-Ice Skating, Horseback Riding Saying-"Good Things Come In Small Packages." RAYMOND I... XVILBUR--"V7ill" Dept.-Drafting School Last Attended-Holy Family School Activities-President of Senior Class Pet Peeve-Late Checks Ambition-"Go west, young man, go west." Hobbies-Swimming and Sailing Saying-"His Tribe Were God Almighty's Gentlemen." Forty-eight School Last Attended-Normandin Jr. High CQ I ziwbf wills FRANKLIN EDXVARD WINTERS-"Charlie" 1 Dept.-Automobile School Last Attended-Sippican Pet Peeve-Coming to school in the morning Ambition-To be a machanic Hobby-Hot Rods Saying-"Good-Naturedf' Dept.-Household Arts Dept. Pet Peeve-"Compliments" Ambition-Undecided Hobby-Ice Skating, Tobogganing Saying-"Reserved and Quaintf' CAMERA SHY RUDOLPH MICHAEL DONALD BOCIEK-"Butch" Dept.-Atitomobile School Last Attended-Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Pet Peeve-Attending School Activities-Football ,49 Ambition-To be an athletic coach Hobby-Sports Saying-"Good-Natured at All Times." Forly-nine GERALDINE ELIZABETH XVOLF-"Gerry" ' School Last Attended-NVareham High S 0 . AUTOMOBILE DEPARTMENT First row - F. Gomes: R. Oliver: C. Marinelli: W. Botelho: E. Faulkner. Second row - R. Pacheco: L. Doyon: Mr. W. Horton: F. Winters. Third row - L. Ellis: C. Tillet: R. Jefferson: T. Lach. CARPENTRY DEPARTMENT First row - R. Davoll, Jr.: L. Hacking: R. Piva: J. Fortes: L. Dumont: E. Nowicki. Second row - C. Sherman: D. Dalrymple: Mr. Taber: Mr. L. Slocum: A. Allain: L. Man chester. Third row - M. Elliot: R. Lake: C. Linkiewicz: J. Perry: H. Faulkner. HOUSEHOLD ARTS DEPARTMENT First row - left to right - M. XVilbur: M. Cruz: L. Szczepan: C. Xyeigel: M. Santos: E. Botelho: A. Cardoza: C. Chase: E. Racine: E. Caron: A. Cardoza: I-. Janiak. Second row - M. Gibbs: E. Doucet: B. Hathaway: J. Montciro: Mrs. M. Cameron: Miss M. Sloane: Miss A. Forrest: E. Marques: M. Kenyon: A. Pittsley: J. DeLuz. Third row - G. NVolf: T. Hodziewich: T. Boswell: B. Cwrcen: L. Mello: G. Desorcy: M. Hughes. B. Cejka: M. Eger: J. Norris: R. Giguere. Fourth row -JG. Jefferson: T. Sullivan: M. Craig: M. Manley: -M. McKenna: J. Collis: E. Spooner: D. Mendes: B. Lawton. MACHINE DEPARTMENT ,,.,, . First row - J. Goulart: R. Pepin: P. Guilbeault: E. Seney: H. Ferreira. Second row - N. Mathieu: Mr. R. Gardner: Nlr. H. Moore: B. Murdoch. Third row - R. Stevens: R. XVilbur: E. Soares: E. Keyes. ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT First row - J. O'Connor: C. Crowell: D. Cardinal: J. Cadema: J. Lynch. Second row - G. Swansey: W. Stawasz: Mr. O. Maki: A. Madeira: G. Johnson Third row - XV. Mis: A, Donnghy: R. Bedard: W. Balthazar: H. Comstock. WELDING DEPARTMENT First row - R. Cole: Mr. H. Leonard: T. Praher. Second row -- G. Fagundes: J. Grinnell: B. Sasseville. STEAM ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Left to right - A. Conward: Mr. C. Foley: R. Cole. W 'div Fifi y-fbrvz' I u lu 3 Qs 1 1. ,II I 5' " X- 'l' I4 S ,... Y iq- l 437j'lf?fW ij" if' - ll 1' 'uf . W 4- S A L I V . E l KA If 1 ,. 73 'W fn 'Q 3' Q Q92 Most Popular ..,..............4 One who did Most for Vocational. . Most Conscientious Nicest Personality , Most I udustr-ious .... , . . . Most Dependable . Most Serious . . . . Best Looking .... Best Dressed .... ..., Most M uszcal ..... ...... .... Best Actor - Best Actress ....... Class Politician ......... .... Best Dance-r .... . . . . Most Athletic . . . . . . . N ozszest .,...., .... Lzoel-zest ..,.... .... Most Talkat-ioe ,... .... Best Natured . . . . . . , K-mdest ...... ,... .... Most Glamorous .... ..,. Most Poised ...A...... .... .Loretta Szczepan Class "Romeo and Iulietv . . . . . . ClassBaby.s. A....,.. ,. First to be Married ....... .... Most Likely to Succeed ..,, . . , Marie Craig Barbara Cejka Mae Hughes Ioanna De Luz Matilda Santos Evelyn Spooner Barbara Hathaway Marie Craig Ioan Norris Lorraine Mello Barbara Lawton Barbara Cejka Barbara Lawton Rhea Gignere Eileen Caton Arlene Cardoza Alice Pittsley Clara Weigal Gabrielle Desorcy Matilda Santos Geraldine Wolf Theresa Boswell Ioan Norris . Ioanna 1 De Luz Fifty-four E. R. Louis Dtunont Raymond Wilbur john Cadema john O'Connor Dewey johnson Donald Cardinal Robert Bedard Raymond WVilbur julio F ortes William Stawasz Thomas Fraher Andre Allain julio Fortes Charles Crowell John Lynch Walter Mis William Stawasz Arthur Conward Albert Donaghy Alexander Knox John Grinnell Henry Ferreira Theodore Lach Louis Dumont Arnold Madeira ASS PROPHECY - 1950 CL Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen! This is your swami, john Grinnell of the class of 1950, who will try to peer into h my crystal ball. With the future throug ' "L noivtacov" the cry- the magic word of a d I can see ahead to the year stal clears an 1960. irliner. I see a fast moving super-sonic a Looking around inside I sight some familiar faces-Loretta Janiak the class worrier- still wondering if we'll be on time, Ther- esa Sullivan - now a well loved social worker, t'Power" and "Welding" Cole, co- owners of a Supersonic Garage and Eileen Marques, proprietor of the world renown- ed "Madame Olga's Beauty Shoppe." Barbara Hathaway and Joanna DeLuz act as our very eliicient air-line hostesses. They see to it that we are comfortably seat- ed and happy. Our millionaire pilot, Ray Pepin, and his penniless co-pilot - the Ford man, Bruce Murdock, will see us, we to a safe journey's end. In a few seconds we land at Washington Municipal Airport, Washington, D. C. Here we pick up Jane Collis - loathe to leave her 1948 Lincoln. jane does private chauf- fering for such celebrities as Arnold Madei- ra, famous filibustering Senator from Mass- achusetts and "Tubby" Pacheco, of the Cros- ley Enterprises. Pacheco has just returned from the Capitol where he has unsuccess- fully tried to get up a petition for the en- larging of the Crosley. We see getting aboard such well-known sports figures as Charlie Crowell, Leo Doy- on, Wally Mis, and Rudy Bociek, all members of the unbeaten "Schemers, Ping-Pong Championship Team." With them, just in case of a casualty, they have two nurses, Gerry Wolfe and Rhea Giguere. Whoa! Here comes Julio Fortes, galloping down the runway. He is still suffer- ing a few ill effects from his last boxing bout in which he won the world's paper- weight title. As we reach our destination, Miami, Florida, our pilots are all smiles because they have just completed their record hop. As we leave the plane we find Ernest Faulkner, Frank Gomes, Richard Oliver, and Charles Tillet working as members of ' - Oh my gosh! -- under the direction of Leonard Ellis. the g hope, round crew, working Fifty-five With a "See you all later", we board the bus for our hotel. As we cruise along Flugler Avenue, a few neon signs catch our eye - "Allain and Dalrymple, Deluxe Wrecking Co." and "The Lazy-Jane Dress Shop" owned and operated by the Mesdames Barbara Cejka and Gabrielle Desorcy. The last sign is over a candy shop which is managed by Betty Ann Green and Mary Manley, two of the sweetest girls in the world, in our humble opinion. , Finally we arrive at the Hotel Sheraton where we are greeted by the manager who is none other than our old classmate, Bob Bedard. Bedard has made all arrange- ments for us - we hope! As we enter the hotel ballroom later on, we see Conrad Linkiewicz and his "Elastic Band" playing "Music With A Snap". The vocalist is Lorraine Mello doing, as well as ever, her old stand-by, "My Hero." Next on the program is "Tillie" Santos, now a famous dancer. After listening to selections from our, Cahemlj orchestra, we hear a few imitations by Mae Ann Hughes, now Mrs. Amos Souza. Among the dancers on the floor we spot Mr. and Mrs. Gene McCoy, Mrs. McCoy is the former Alice Pittsley, and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lach, Mrs. Lach is the former "Terry" Boswell. In a corner we see resting, per usual, a group of distinguished looking gentlemen among whom are Joe Perry, inventor of the Board Stretcher, Bill Stawasz and Bill Balthazar who are still trying to discover how long a short circuit is. With them is Harry Faulkner, ace detective of the Crime Wave Detective Agency. Next we move into the dining-room where we find seated at a table, after three- or was 'it four servings? - the following classmates - foot testers for General Mills, Les Hacking and Les Manchester. Incidentally, May Eger, Elaine Doucet and Justina Monteiro have taken over the management of the Foods Department at Gen- eral Mills. The boys have been enjoying the 5.95 blue plate special, prepared by Eddie Nowicki and his able assistant, Ronald Piva. The following morning we find ourselves walking along the shore of the beautiful beach at Miami. On one of the tennis courts we find Eileen Caton and Arlene Car- doza, playing a set with their husbands. Cheering them on the sidelines are the con- firmed bachelors, Dick Baker and Eddie Soares. Official scorer and ball chaser is Alex Knox, a professional football player with the South End Ramblers. They have just had a tremendous season - nine losses to one win! As we continue along, we see on the two-foot diving board, Marion Kenyon and Peggy McKenna, coaxing their children to dive. Their husbands were unable to accompany them because of trouble in the stock market. Above, on the eight foot diving board are Emerson Keyes and George Johnson, movie stunt men, doing their own special swan dive. Esther Williams and her director are watching them in order to learn what not to do! On the horizon appears a luxurious yacht bearing the name S. B. V. D. or un- abbreviated, "Sponsored by Vocational Dues". As the yacht draws closer to the pier, we see that at the wheel are Admiral Raymond Wilbur and Commander Louis L. Dumont who were, if we remember correctly, our President and Treasurer. 'Nuff sed! In the rear of the yacht doing some deep sea fishing are Ernie Seney, D. Stevens and Norman Mathieu, Retired. Bob Aitken, reel expert, also Retired, is supervising. Doing a good job of shining up the brass are the cheerful deckhands Arthur Con- ward, Donald Sylvia and Tom Fraher. ' Fifty-six Among the first passengers coming down the gang-plank, we see Laurie Mendes, an officer in the W. A. C. S. talking with Barbara Lawton and her husband. Behind them we see Harold Comstock, now a worn-out, old married man and George Swansey, still a famous hunter, looking over a group of girls before him. In the group we recognize Eleanor Botelho, chief operator at the N. B. Telephone exchange, Terry Hodziewich the famous concert pianist, Clara Weigel, a television comedienne, Loretta Szczepan, an exclusive dress designer and Marie Craig, a famous artist, all chatting excitedly together. We spot a set of broad blue shoulders and see that Joseph B. Goulart III made his Machinist Mate First Class rating in the Navy. Gathering at the pier to welcome all the newcomers, we find Mary Cruz, city librarian, Frank Winters, expert mechanic for jet planes, Evelyn Spooner, now a nurse, George Fagundes, dancing teacher in Fred Astaire's school, Joan Norris, now married to a '49 graduate, Henry Ferreira looking sad because the Yankees won the pennant this year, and Robert Jefferson, a professional basketball player. O! Wait! here are Grace Jefferson, Robert's sister and coach, Bernard Sasseville, Head of the Welding Department at Vocational, and Bill Botelho, second baseman for the Boston Red Sox. We all return to the hotel and find the ballroom set up for our class reunion. We wait patiently for one of our class mates who is attending a U. N. meeting and will arrive a few minutes late. He is Milton Elliot, Ambassador to England. Mary Wilbur, a Shakespearean actress in her spare time away from her ranch, and Paul Guilbeault, owner of the famous "Eat and Die House" arrive. With them are the well known stars of stage and screen, Eunice Racine, Don Cardinal, and John Charles Lynch. The boys have been doing a sequel to "Lum and Abner". It is called "Murgatroid and Birdie". "Jocko" O'Connor, incidentally is their writer and Milton Berle is sueing them for stealing his stuff. Our speakers of the day, noted lecturers, begin their talks. John Cadema talks on "Women Drivers", Anita Cardoza on "The Good Old Days at Vocational High," Al Donaghy on the "Why and Wherefore of Code Rules", and Connie Chace on "How to Spend Your Husband's money." ' We see Millicent Gibbs, our beautiful but still bashful Cover Girl, sneak into an empty seat in the back row. Almost at the end of the program, Charles - "The Whiz" - Marinelli comes in followed by his private secretaries, Ray Davoll, Cliff Sherman, and Ray Lake. Charlie is still dictating rapidly the latest information on factory parts. All totaled we are one hundred and five present. Everyone made it! Re-unions always seem so short! Almost before we know it, the time to return to our daily chores is here. We are not expendible and are exhausted from sight- seeing and reminiscing. So with three cheers for good old Vocational High and a final singing of "Auld Lang Syne," we leave by sea, highways and airlines for our different destinations. Goodbye, Class of 1950! It was nice knowing you! Betty Arm Green - john Grinnell Milton Elliot Fiffy-seven We, the members of the Sen- SS ' ior Class of 1950 of New Bed- af ' L ford Vocational High School, City of New Bedford, Bristol County, Commonwealth of Mas- sachusetts, being of sound mind and memory Cthere may be a question about thisl do declare this to be our last will and tes- tament. We hereby bequeath the fol- lowing: To Mr. Mackintosh, we wish to express our deepest appre- ciation for his kindness and the ever pleasant manner with which he befriended us during our four years at Vocational High School. v To Miss Early, we extend our sincere thanks for the under- standing and interest shown by her to each of us. To the Faculty, we leave our unending gratitude for their efforts in making our future paths smooth and purposefill. To our advisors, Mrs. Oldfield, Miss Forrest, Miss Sloane, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Fuller and Mr. Foley, we leave our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the help and guidance that they so unselfishly gave us. Raymond Davoll takes his truck and leaves the Carpentry boys sitting on the sidewalk. Laurie Mendes leaves to spend the rest .of her life listening to the recordings of "The Great Mr. B." Ted Lach leaves Bob Lacroix still bewildered by his tales. Barbara Cejka leaves wishing she could take Charlie with her. Joan Norris leaves to go on to Matrimonial University. Robert Aitken leaves the Freshmen five years of suffering. Richard Baker leaves hoping they will change some of the Motor Vehicle Laws. Jane Collis' leaves minus her appendix. Eleanor Botelho leaves right after jane. Leo Doyon leaves his helmet to Bobby Bland. Tom Fraher leaves to the Welding Juniors one bar of soap and one towel to light over. Alice Pittsley leaves.with the next-to-the-last of the McCoys. Gaby Desorcy leaves Mrs. Cameron minus a "whizzbang" in sewing. Dave Dalrymple leaves nothing - he can't spare it. Julio Fortes, jr. leaves to Anthony Jadlow the privilege of cutting his fingers on the band saw. Betty-Ann Green leaves the Machine Shop freshmen with no one to whistle at. Cheer up, boys! Terry Boswell leaves taking her All-American quarterback with her. Joe Perry and Ronny Piva leave the Carpentry Department minus two good Portuguese carpenters. Fifty-eight "Power" Cole leaves Mr. Robinson minus a spare man. Eddie Soares and Ernie Seney leave theiten o'clock lunch period in the locker room to anyone who is lucky enough to get away with it. Mary Manley leaves Andy without candy. Andy Allain leaves with 5,601 high school hours behind him. 'Grace jefferson, Mary Wilbur and Geraldine Wolf leave gladly on the 3:30 bus back to the country. Lester Manchester leaves to be with Joan. CHappy Days!J ' Barbara Lawton leaves Mrs. Oldfield with nobody to scold for getting into mis- chief. "Pete" Dumont leaves with half of the Class treasury in his pocket. Mae Eger leaves with her short, short memory. Conrad Linkiewicz leaves because someone told him it was time to go. Anita Cardoza leaves by jet propulsion - So long Anita! Raymond Lake leaves to become another Great Lake. Mae Hughes leaves her seat in the Lakeville bus to some other traveling country gal. Harry Faulkner leaves his chair in class because he can't haul it away with him. "Welding" Cole leaves McCombe behind for another year of hard labor. John Grinnell leaves ending his last will and testament "Heaven help the Welding shop." Arthur Conward leaves his place in line to "Buzz Hodginsf' Evelyn "Dimples" Spooner leaves quietly. Ray Pepin leaves for the Merit Gas Station. Emerson Keyes leaves hoping never again to be haunted by Henry Ferreira. Marion Kenyon leaves with her beautiful smile. Bruce Murdock leaves with no regret for rides he had in Ames' Plymouth. Ray Wilbur leaves with all he can. N "Tillie" Santos leaves the recreation room with many fond regrets. Rudy Bociek leaves, a nervous wreck. Leonard Ellis leaves nothing - he takes it all with him. Elaine Doucet leaves the forbidden high stool in Mrs. Oldfield's kitchen to some unsuspecting Junior. Arnold Madeira leaves with a contented mind. Bob Bedard leaves his "Electron Fever" to some enterprising undergraduate. Charles Marinelli leaves with his guns blazing. Crowell, Mis, Cardinal, Lynch and O'Connor leave school with S20 of pennies that the undergraduates so willingly gave to the S. E. B. A., namely, Senior Electrical Banker Association. . Finally, the Senior Class leave their best wishes to the entire faculty and student body. A In witness thereof, we set our hand, seal and signature on this twentieth day of June in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Fifty. Signed, sealed and declared by the class of 1950 of the New Bedford Vocational High School to be their last Will and Testament. Barbara Lawton Andre Allain William Stawasz Louis Dumont Fifty-nine 1 4 : c 1 c c 4 c 4 1 c cc 4 c r These Titles Remind Us r 4 M emorzesv ........,..... . . Everything I Have Is Yoursv Sooner or Latef' ........ V. . Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhapsv . Ifs You or No Onev .... . It Had To Be Yoif, A... Thanks For The Memoryv . . Miss Youv . , Ever Faithfulv . Who's Sorry NowP', .... 'I Get A Kick Out of You" . . . 'Crime and P-unishmentv . I So In Looe" . ...... . Do I YVorryP', . . Charlie, My Boyv . .... . Diamonds Are A Girlls Best Friendv . . . . . . . 'It Isrft Fairy . .A.... . . . . The Gangs All Here" AA....,.- . . . . . . . Something To Remember You Byv . . . . . . . I Some Enchanted Eoeningv ....... .... I Love You Trulyn ......, ..... Where Are You? . . ...... . . . , . Sixty Of... The Seniors The Iuniors The Sophomores The Freshmen Miss Knapp Mr. Quinlan fMiss Early QMr. Mackintosh C Miss Sloane Q Mr. Foley Q Mrs. Oldlield C Mr. VV ilson The Faculty Electrical Department The 4 .B's Alex Knox Loretta Ianiak Charles Crowell fArlene Cardoza fEileen Caton CConstance Chace junior Outing Senior Outing Senior Show Senior Prom N. B. Vocational High First Job BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM lst row - B. LaCroix: A. Furtado: C. Crowell: B. Sylvia: J. Miller. 2nd row - Mr. Mackintosh: R. Pastie: B. Bland: R. Sykes: W. Dreher: J. Honahan: A Forgue: A. Morris: M. Constance. 3rd row - R. Barbero: A. Correira: T, Kosiba: P, Lynam: A. Walker: A. Trembly. GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM lst row - F. Fostin: P. Allen: F. Leandro: R. Giguere: L. Bertrand: C. Skolnick. Znd row - Miss M. Lucci. Coach: A. Agusta: D. Bernard: I. Labonte: R. Gwodz: B Ramshead: S. Hamer: R. DeLuz. . 3rd 'row - S. Bulgar: C. Talbot: T. Bessette: S. Lancaster: Joyce Cruz: Cv. DeLuz. FOOTBALL TEAM lst row - Dudek: Forgue: Borisoff: Johanson: Morency. 2nd row - Gallagher: Tavares: Soares: Bociek: Hodgins: Mis: Doyon: Thomas: Allain' Dalrymple: Anthony. 3rd row - Mr. Janiak. Assistant Coach: Mr. S. XVilson. Assistant Coach: Lacroix: Wetzel Gonet: Trimbly: Oliver: Kimball: Mello: Jadlowez Mr. W. Mackintosh, Coach. 4th row - Valley: Beale: Silva: Lavimoniere: Bland: Gendron: Constant: Cabral. , BASEBALL TEAM lst row - Wood: Vasconcelles: Fernandes: Heyes: Macedo: McCann: Monize: Crowell Mr. XV, Mackintosh, Coach. 2nd row - Mr. Quinlan, Coach: Sykes: Jefferson: Furtado: Knight: Bland: Audette Fleurent. 3rd row - Flanagan: Lewis: Raphael: Hacking: Miller: XValker: Hodgins: LeBlanc: Baptiste SOCCER TEAM lst row - Lima: Gonsalves: Morris: McGowan: Morris. 2nd row - Ollivierre: Perry: Norse: Brooks: Walecka: Bergeron. 3rd row - Mr. T. Mulvey. Coach: Bach: Teves. Mgr.: DeFreitas: O'Mara: Hart: Fernandes Arruda: Vasconcelles: Costa: Lynch: Mr. K. Pearson: Lemos. TRACK TEAM ' lst row -Methia: Stawasz: Costa: Dupuis: Pepin. ' Znd row - Caron: Riding: Oliver: Beale: Donaghy: Santos: Mr. F. Holt. Coach. ar L :.. K ,M -Q X EY av ,, ..,, ., E A fx ,f gi g E fd if f ,. ik.. ,W ,, iff 9 gi. K W ff' ggm-Mk .. , K, we if 1 I 'Wx '. - 1 X ' 5 Sf , wi , KZ A ' 51 K z . 5 F i w . - 5 1 ' ' i' M ' hifi ,kkr 1 af 'IL .MW Y ,QQ , ' - b f D wi WM' -' Q -Qi'11f9gg'ig' If .j - A Y"x f: Af X i 'ik '-." 'gb i J ' xx W x ,A ik f 'Q ii,. xJi3i - .,, J q M ' 7-3:95 I 1 Hfiiy. . N v mg K 1 J .X4',1L-:Q-,La - . 3 k , X W? M, 255 " -1.5, M - 41 vw gi Q- f - , .iisz gfgs I 3 fm 3,5 M , 1 ' K M ,' ' X' . .. "' N' 35 5 JZ ii -- 3 L',:. Q, ,. 3 5 f ,.L.,I,Ai,?W?V 5, ., , T Q 1 x A m L , 2 X sql is , , ML wx' h W ,wirwi H 5 K? ,. A ' fir, . , QA i? 52: ' ,Ivy I we-'Q I' ,r. 4 'dm , ww 1 1, 1 V3 Ky. 1 ,suli llllv. 4 .ll ll I AL- 2' ,gn W .- '---Q . 5-1 il :mm Q -'x ii -Qi 5 P , 1. ,VHF H W , J 1 1 ' 33" -Q, f. ' ' 'J 1' ' f' ,,g ' W ":' E Y "I " I4 I If ,zi Jim yrrhh M , , j - I JBA I-,vt N3 ' J ' I I L, xr ,, , 9 , 5 5 qgyamf. ,-far, lr ' 4 n Q . - I' 'N 'Q' 4 . Q f ,V 'N""""f'f"""""'9 .- f .,N...Z , .... 2-W.-' L L - , ig , ,A 5 f 'QSM-:H - ,J l, Q I1 ,A K , , .i- if F . 'Y' 5 if 'AH' gf QE I nm? --'- T X, 'V 'v ..:: A , s.1.,,j I gi.. 'E 5352? ""3:gZl5' 1 AUTOGRAPHS gm M' MW 'jjblp ,4n,9Mf5gw ? WQTWM MWMDQMMML QLVMV MW mimi. M. 'W W H- ' ,, WU Z-'M ' 51 , 0" ff. gizfifw ,Q,,Mm.J4ff ,mp W ew Ovmw ' ,x04,e,Zwf1Lv06 qLfoM u Q ' Z6 JM. wwf H . We uh x , aww M7 ' N s W ifiigkgiywg ffm' f X 'z?g33l9SU ww xg Qfixgygiif 2 wi ffm? X in Ny' gQi!3?QiYG'4 252'-33213 Iggy:-avr.-:nz-an:wr-Q:.-:N:-Q:-.:M:-:.+:N:-:-Q:-:'-:-Qz'-:-:-:-.rn:..:-:..:w:.+:.-:-Q:-.:..:.-:-Q:-f:-:-:-.:-:-Q:-.:.-:-Q:0-:'-:-:M:.0zu:-.:.-:-:-:-:-:-.1-.:..:-Q:-9 .f. :st Ox. Oz. Ox! 0:0 C85 0:0 Cx? lt! 0:0 'XO Ox! Ox! Ox? OX! .:. C I . f .Q 3,3 omp llll6IltS o 3,5 Oz! Ox! Os! Oz! QSO O!! Oz! Os! Val Q!! Cz! ass Ox! lx! "' BATES AND KLINKE "' Oz! 0:5 0:0 0:0 oat 9:9 OSD O!! Cxl axe CSI ozo O89 'xi .:. . .:. 0 I U O .g. Manufaeturlng Jewelers .g. O U 3. 32 QS! Oz' Cai 9:0 .Q .:. 9:0 Og' 3,3 T LEB H . ETT gg ' A T OR0 MASSAC US ' Ox! 0:9 Oxl eta .:. 3. 9 ' oxo OSI .xi Ox' Ox, Oz! OXO .:. 3. 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OO 0:0 0:0 . . r 0 'Z' 3:1 I' he House of Servlce 3,3 1 3. .. , 9:4 1:1 sto " X Q30 O O i z .i, e l o d H o ,zo 3,3 lndustrlal upp ICS an eatlng 3,3 -2' :iz asa S , . :zo ego 'S' 9. 60 x, 3. .2 , Ii If gag 9:0 S D30 ext .36 If 112 Zi 3, Oxy .ia 0:0 , . O O x ' .2 3.3 Compllments of .gi 5:0 lxO fs: 3' 3, 31 gt' CSO :xo 'S' 3, ' nge 3. 9 -Q ... ARLAN S DEPT STORE -'- x . 0:0 ego J. .. 3, 3. 3, oxo 3, 0:0 3, 0:0 ego 'Z' Q 0 0:0 3:3 BROOK and DEAN STREETS 3.3 4. of 3 exe 'S' oxo 'x' Q o ' ' 2 3. If 33 Tel. 3-2365 Ig! aio ' 'z' 32 3. 31 3: 3, 3. 3, oxo use 'E' .f..g..g..g..g..g..3..g..g..g..g..g..g..3..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..3..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..3..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. Sixfy-nine of g, o a 3 0 'X' Q o S G S h 2 :iz omg omew ere. zg o f 4. rg: 0 4 ' T l R It cl " 33 rave 8 res 8 gf: .Q ,x, .,. x 4, ' ' o 0 .Q x 4, of ,f :fr 11: ,-X 1 3, 3: .:. 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'Q' 7'f.f5iQLg,., I 'I TIS-Il ,1 'ui 5, :zz +f11la'vlI"1. .Ln L ii' .. 4, .9 5. u .u., 5, ' ' f 4 'i' ' -- - . vin o o :ij o u t sto 4 : .g. .A . -, :iz fx: I ,x, ' ' Q A 'E' 0:0 'z' ,zo Q . x Q34 s 1 X ox: 221 :aj exe 3. 3 8 ox: , , Q a ,XO .Q ,z, 'x' 4:0 'S' oz: o Q NEW BEDFORD If o o MASSACHUSETTS :ff o o S of Q a 1 of o o , 0, 04.00,n.oo,oo,oo,o-o,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo.oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:u:oo:n:oo:0o:oo:oo:vo:oo:oozoozoozuzoozoozoozoo:oo:oo:oozoozovzoo:oo:00:09:09:00:90:09:oozoozn:oo:w:oo:oo:oo:ov:o0:oo:oo:o Seventy INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS, CHAUFFEURS, WARE-HOUSEMEN AND HELPERS OF AMERICA-LOCAL 59, A. F. of L. HEADQUARTERS : 1 2 9 UNION STREET--NEW BEDFORD,MASS TELEPHONE 3- 1 5 05 COVERING THE AREAS OF New Bedford-Cape Cod-Martha's Vineyard-Nantucket KNOWLES LOOM REED WORKS, Inc. joseph Dawson jr., Pres. and Treas. Manufacturers of Pitch Band Reed LOOM REEDS Metal Reeds for Cotton' Silk, Stainless Steel Rayon' Nylon' Glass' and Chromium Plate Woolen T t'l M'1l S 1' also Light and Heavy ex 1 e 1 upp les Duck. Leather Belting 69 years of continuous service. 114- MYRTLE STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. TEL. 2-6204 U. S. A. . . . . . . . ooeooeooeweueooeooe Smferzfy-one S 2' .Sz OXO zg. 23: 0 0 0 0 .g. .3. 0 0 .3. QI if ll 13: 0x0 , , 0,0 J, 0t0 3. ft' OgO 0 v 0 4 0:0 3, 'f' C 1' f '2' 3,3 omp lments 0 -,3 t 'g :3: za: ot. 3, 0 ' 080 'z' 0:0 030 ' 3, 020 3, " CONTINENTAL SCREW C0 "' exe 9 3, Ox' 080 :ir :iz 'E' 0:0 ' ' 0 0 03- 3 x 0:0 0 0 x 0 0 3,3 New Bedford, Mass. 3:3 .g. 3, 0 0 , , 't' 020 0:0 3, 0 ' 0:0 'i' 0:0 0z0 , , ew: .3 0xa , , ' ' 30 0:4 3, 0 u 3. 3. 3, 0:0 3, 0 0 sta 03. I, 03' oss '80 0:0 't' 030 0:0 . oto 0:0 bio 0 0 , . X. 2 3:3 Always Remember Zz: 0 0 , , 3 1 Ig A Pa rt Of What You Earn Ig! 0 0 , , 3 2 9 ' 0 0 X 2. 331 Belongs To You 3:3 9 0 O 0 3 2 v 0 4 0 3 3 jg: Save It 3: 0:0 0z0 0:0 080 080 3. 'xv 0:0 0 0 0 0 0x0 QS, 0:6 0:0 0:0 0:0 03. 3. 0 0 - 3, -3 - P N K -2 'Q' C0 0 3' axe 3. 0:0 0t0 Ox' 0:0 0 0 . , 0:0 0:0 0 0 0 0 .g. .g. , , . . .3. Wnllnam, Cor. Pleasant St. Zgt 0 0 ' , , 03. 3, rf: fi: 08' 0,0 0 0 0 0 S - 0:0 OE00:00:00200:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:o0:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:o0:00:o0:00200:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:0n:00:00:00:00:00:00:04:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00t0 Sewrzty-two o v 9 0 sto 0 O 3 31 3. axe O80 use 0:0 0,0 0:9 .:. Q. o a 9 o o 02. ? JS X .3. '51 zz: Oz' use to zt Ir. Ig. 252 32 0:9 sto sto 9:5 5: THEODQRE LORA GER it Ox' DSO QSO .SO QSO use .ti Ozi "' D SONS "' .xl Ox. Ox. 0:0 .Q .:. 31 31 ,Q A .Q .:. O O 0 0 3:3 1907 - 1950 323 oi: 3: 13: .:. QSC exe Qty etc 0:0 0:0 0 C 9 9 3:3 General Contractors 323 :iz :iz 4. .:. O U C C exe .EC :Ez . . 23: 3,3 Commerclal Industrlal 3,3 oxo 0x0 :fr 2: Q Q O I I O C -2- Instltutlonal Heav Construction 32- 0 0 0 C :fr 12: Q 0 0 9 :iz :iz 0:0 45 8 O O Ox? v as 't' 3. 3. .3. .5 .. .t. rf: :fr .QU 5:5 9:5 :gf 23: 404 Nash Rd. Tel. 3-2641 ,313 :if 1:2 0:0 f:O .xi fx, Ig. Warehouse Nash Rd. Tel. 3-6945 3:3 C U :iz :iz QS. sto 4. .g. Ig: 23: 132 24533 2:1 0 O f 9 Qtl Ox' oxo 9:5 0:0 exe 0:0 0:5 rf: 12: ooooorooooosooossoooooneoeoovoovvooooQouooooooooocoooooovouoouooot 0.egos.40.00.05oo,u,oQ.oo,00.00.oo.09.00,00.00.0433oo,oo.oo.oo,04.00.oo,oo.oo,900so,oo.v0,00,Oo.oo30,09.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo'oo,oo.oo,oo.o0,oo.n,oo,oo.oo.oo.u,oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.n.oo.oo,oo,oo.oo,o fu'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'n'oo'oo'n'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oQ:oo'oo'o.'o.'n'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'on'aiu'oo'oo'oo:oo:ov'u:oo:oo'oo'oo'Q tooo...Qooesoencosooonoooooooo ovqqooooooosoaosoo0ooQoeooo s sos. .xo s 4:0 'S' oo " 2 O20 'x' 3. 6:0 '80 1,0 .30 0,4 'S' O9 2 'xi Ox' 'S' 9:0 .SQ 0:0 X of 'S' oo H 'O K . 3 .5 QEJQQ 3: nav S 4 o ' ' 3 2 :So 32 J. 3, exe s 3. 1x9 .x. QSO 'x. sto S sto 'X' oo " ,S, 3. QS. Q 4:0 -:Q Compllments of gg 2:1 3. 'Z' :iz tsl .x. 'X' 3. OXO cz. Qt: g exe rg. QGQDS 1:2 3. 5, 0,0 3, 3. 3, 1,0 3 ' sto 2:1 3. sto 'X' use 'S' sto 'S' 3, :zo 3, :xo 3 3 . . v 0 020 . 'i' '2' PRI COMPANY 6:0 'X' 4:0 't' gg 9,0 .g. .,. axe 0,0 Ao " Qzo 30 3, 3. If. e1,5d 3 OO 2 0:0 'x' rg: .g. :xo '20 ,, .!. 4:0 'S' axe Q 0 C 't' 3,3 Room 432 Masomc Bulldlng 1:1 3 . 11: .if Q30 " ,S :xo x' S Q' OO gag 039 3 2 ,XQ 0x0 ox: 'S' ,zo 0:0 0,4 'X' Q. O39 .:. of , , 5 o A 3 ' 3 :sz "5 iw 112 3, 3. 3, axe 3. 3. 3, 3. X X gg O6 ,xg vac 3, 3. S X oo 0' ,xg axe S 2 gg 0:0 984 09 3 3. 0.0 voooooooooo4ooooovoooooQo.oeooooooqyaooooooooooooooooooooooosooooi 4.04.u,oo.oQ,oo'oo.oo.oo'oo'oo,oo,oe.oo.oo,oo.oo,oo,oo,oo.on.oo.oo.oo,oo.og04,40,oo,oo.vo,o0,oo,u.oo'oo.n.n.n.w'oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo'oo,oo,oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo.oo,oo,n,oo.oo.oo.1 Seventy-four H ooeooouooooooooooooooocooooooa oo.0030,N,o0,n,0,M.Qo,o0.ov.oo,N,oo.oo oo 00.00 oo was no 00.40 oo oo 00.00 oo oo: ' Compliments of DAHILL CO. 1886 Purchase St. N. B. Tel. 3-3786 Compliments of NEW BEDFORD CHINA CLIPPER The Most Modern Chinese American Restaurant in New Bedford 894 Purchase St. Tel. 3-2349 Opp. Olympia Theatre Sat. Nite Open Until One Don H. Leung Compliments of PEPIN'S VARIETY weifvs Compliments of CAPITOL DRY GOODS STORE "The Store of Many Values" 1434 Acushnet Ave. Dial 2-9337 Compliments of Compliments of A FRIEND A FRIEND Compliments of Snap-On Blue-Points Socket Wrenches Mechanic Tools CLIPPER RESTAURANT SNAP-ON TOOLS CORP. Main St. Fairhaven, Mass. Louis Chancery St. Tel- 4-0381 Tel. 4-5617 New Bedford, Mass. Tel. 2-9291 Tel. 9-6125 Compliments of CLOVER FARM STORES RHYTHM KINGS ORCHESTRA Parties, Banquets, Weddings, Dances Alan Bayreuther Conrad LaVal1ey 771 Kempton St., New Bedford, Mass. 326 Coffin Ave. 362 Coffin Ave. Compliments of PERRY THE FLORIST 72 Spring St. Dial 7-9714 New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of THE WHISTLE BOTTLING CO. .sqm sssqsa .nu sos 5 as N. oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'n'oo'u'uzofoo'oo'oo'oo'u'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'uo'oo'n'uo'vo'o1 no so so u'vo on oo oo oo oo ein no oo aiu oo oo +o'oo'u oo'n'+o no ofa no sin Seventy-five oooooooaoooooooobooooooooooooc ,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo'ov.oo.oo.0040.oo.oo.oo,n.oo,oo,oo.oo'o0.vo.oo,ov no oo oo oo oo oo corn'ofoo'oo'oo'oo:oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo:4o'oo'o fu'ofooioozvozoo:oo:oo:oo:oo:o0:oo:oo:o0:0o:oo:n:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo'n'os:oa'oo:oo:oo:n:oo'oo:oozafoozoozoozuzoozovzoozoozoozoozoozoo Compliments of PATRICIA'S BEAUTY SHOP llifll Compliments of AVENUE FISH SHOP llfll Compliments of KAPLAN BROS. FURNITURE STORE, Inc. GRUNDY'S SERVICE STATION Nash Road and Church St. New Bedford, Mass. FRANK W. TAVES Reliable, Electric Floor-Resurfacing, Compliments of J. C. deRITA ac SON Refinishing, Polishing - Rug-cleaning Heating and Piping 127 Arlington St., New Bedford, Mass. 30 Swift St. New Bedford, Mass. Tel. 2-2193 Tel. 8-5117 SUMNER RADIO LAB. Expert Repairing On A11 Makes BENDIX TELEVISION 68 County St. Tel. 2-1011 Compliments of NYE'S LANE LUNCHEONETTE 3371 Acushnet Ave. Dial 2-8229 New Bedford, Mass. WEST END LAUNDRY 350 North St. Tel. 9-6138 New Bedford, Mass. S. S. KRESGE CO. 5 Ez 10 STORE Purchase and William Streets THE RECA PHARMACY 874 Kempton St. Tel. 2-2318 New Bedford, Mass. THE REXALL STORE HEALTH CENTER Tel. 3-2964 Bookstore Bldg. 222 Union St. New Bedford, Mass. Joseph D. Linkiewicz Maryann Linkiewicz Masseur Masseuse oQwooooooooaoooooooooooqooavoo vonnoooooooooaonovoooooooooo oo.oo,n.n.M.oo30.00.00.ooOn.a,oo.oo.oo'oo,ov.n,N.oo.N,N'oo,oo'o0,Qo,oo,oo,oo'oo.o Qu.oo,cafe,oo,oo.u.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo'oo,oo.oo.oo,oo'oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oQ.oo,o-030.40 Seventy-six Compliments of I..ONERGAN'S LAUNDRY Tel. 2-6702 72 Milford oo:n:oo:u:oo:oo'n'ofa'oo'oo'oo'oo:vo'oo'oo'n'go:n:oo'oo'oo'oo'n'oo'oo'oo:oo:oo:n:u:oQ:oo:oo:oo'ov:oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo:oo'oo'oo'u'oo'oo'oo:oo:oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'n:oo MINIT MAN AUTO WASH Inc. 610 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford, Mass. St. Opposite Depot Tel. 4-2862 Compliments of EDWIN E. PEIRCE Electrical Contractor BEAUMONT SIGNS , 354 Acushnet Ave. Tel. 2-4841 New Bedford, Mass. 10 William St. New Bedford, Mass. RIBERIO BROS. MARKET , Semi Self-Service Groceries, Fruits, Meats, Provisions Tel. 2-4790 185 Rockland Street LARIVIERE'S PHARMACY OSCAR A. LARIVIERE, Reg. Phar. 600 Cottage St. Cor. Robeson New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of FELIX MCGRATH ll 'A' ii Compliments of THE DIPPER 199-201 No. Second Street New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of EDWIN'S AUTO BODY GAWLOWICZ BAKERS 111 Ruth St. Tel. 2-7020 82 Cove St. Tel. 2-6498 Fender Repairs, Auto Painting, Welding llffll MARINELLI BROS. DARTMOUTH DAIRY BAR Milk-Cream-Ice Cream North Dartmouth, Mass. Brock Ave. Service Station Dial 4-4885 775 Brock Ave. Gas, Oil, Accessories-Auto Repairing oooooooooooooaooovoooasvqqvoqsvvaosaooossoooooooosvoaoseqnua oo,u,oo,oo.oo,oo,oo.oo.n.oo,oo,oo,n.oo.u,u,oo.n'u.vo,u.u.oo,oo,w.oo,vo,oo.uo.n.n.u'oo,oo.oo.oo,oo,oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.oo,oo30.00.00.oe.oo,oo.oo.vo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.n Seventy-seven BLUME'S JEWELRY 1447 ACUSHNET AVE. Expert Watch and Jewelery Repairing ooooaqoooooooooooooooooooooooooonoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,oo,oo.oo,oo.oo.n.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo 00.00 no oo N u.n.oo.oa.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.u.u egos oo oo oo oo vo oo 44.04 oo oo on oo oo oo oo no oo JACK AND soN 1668 Acushnet Ave. Tel. 2-8259 llflb CODY AND TOBIN, Inc. Scrap Iron and Second Hand Pipe New Bedford, Mass. PELLETIER 86 BERUBE Used Cars Bought, Sold and Exchanged Used and New Parts of All Kinds Used Tires of All Makes 547 Belleville Ave., New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of DARLING FLOWER SHOP GPH! Compliments of N. B. STEEL AND, SUPPLY CO. 18 Commercial St., New Bedford, Mass. TRUDEUS Ye Modern Apothecary N. H. TRUDEL, Reg. Pharmacist 701 Cottage St. New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of PLUMBERS' SUPPLY CO. ,emo TED MAYHEW Paint - Wall Paper - Sanding Machines Wall Paper Remover Floor Polishing Machines New Bedford, Mass. Tel. 4-1271 1622 Acushnet Ave. SMITH MILLS PHARMACY 4 Old Westport Road North Dartmouth, Mass. THE REXALL DRUG STORE Compliments of JOSEPH CYR PAINTER and DECORATOR Tel. 2-1344 Compliments of A FRIEND GH-'ll 4 o .noonconesooooooooooosoooooooo ooooooooeoooooooooonnonnoooe--.2 o4.oo,oo.oo,oo'oo.oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.oo.oo,oo,oo.oQ.oo,oo.oo.u.oo.oo.oo oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.n.oo.o .oo44.40,oo30.04.0030.00.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo'oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo'oo.oo,no,oo,oQ.: Seventy-eight M o 0 0 o ogoooooo. Compliments of GEO. ALLEN 86 CO. PLUMBING 8: HEATING Tel. 2-9587 96 Middle MANUEL SOARES GENERAL CONTRACTOR Painter and Decorator Hardware Dealer Sf- Phone 2-2025 297 Dartmouth sr. Sand, Gravel, Cinders and Compliments of General Trucking Q RICHARD H. WAREING A. W. SPOONER 85 Shawmut Ave. 12 Richmond Street Tel. 2-5363 New Bedford, Mass. PLUMBING lk HEATING SIDNEY'S MEN'S 8: BOYS' CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS Chrysler - Desoto - Dodge - Plymouth PARTS and SERVICE Fine Used Cars-Thoroughly Roadready SMITH MILLS MOTORS 280 State Rd., No. Dartmouth, Mass. FARIA'S LINOLEUM CO. Large Stock of Wall and Floor Coverings Dial 2-4570 858 So. Water St., New Bedford, Mass. BEN'S USED CARS 947 Brock Ave. Tel. 5-7735 - 2-1817 Prop. WILFRED A. BENJAMIN New Bedford, Mass. CORDEIRO FUNERAL CHAPEL Pan's Ice Cream and Luncheonette Try Our Tasty Sandwiches 141 County Street Tel. 2-0335 Our Specialty - Jumbo Ice Cream Sodas If Ik 623 Brock Ave. Tel. 2-8621 JOHN M. BANDARRA 303 Dartmouth Street New Bedford, Mass. SHOE REPAIRING Compliments of THE WAYSIDE FURN. CO. 573 MILL STREET cocoaooooooooouoQneoconooo-ve.000ooooosooooooooooooouonnoooo egos.oo,oo,oo,oo,,u.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo.oo.oo,egosfoie'00.09.u,oo.oo.n.oo,n.oo.oo,oo.n.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo.oo,u,oo,oo,oo.oo.oo,oo.uo,oo.n.u.Q. Seventy-nine oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oe'n'oo'n'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'so'oo'oo:oo'oo:oo'oo'n'oo'vo'oo:oo'0050:oozoozoozooz04:00:00:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:o0:n:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo'vo'oo'oo'os UNITED REMNANT STORE WOOL - SILK - COTTON WE MAKE Covered Buttons - Covered Buckles Button Holes 1431 Acushnet Ave., Opp. Capitol Theatre New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of NATIONAL RESTAURANT 1796 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, Mass. Famous for its Chicken in a Basket Compliments of PEARL LAUNDRY h Compliments of BOUCHER CLOTHING Inc. 66 Hicks st. New Bedford, Mass. Sporting Goods Dept- Tel, 3-4777 1209 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of DESAULNIERS' WATCH SHOP Certified Master Watchmaker 1229 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford, Mass. ANN'S YARN SHOP ALL TYPES Knitting Yarns, Crochet Threads and Cotton ' Hand Made Gifts -- Free Instructions 1779 Acushnet Ave. Tel. 3-2607 New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of PINA'S AUTO SERVICE 1096 Cove Road Tel. 2-2579 Compliments of DR. T. E. SHEERIN REGISTERED OPTOMETRIST, 100 William Street Compliments of ROCKDALE SERVICE Henry Gurl Rockdale and Allen Tel. 2-8274 Compliments of SOUTH END PLUMBING CO. Tel. 2-7709 109 Moss Street PLUMBING and HEATING Compliments of ' GOLLIS MEN'S APPAREL 362 Pleasant St. Masonic Bldg. novo.. ave.. ooooooooovoooavo Compliments of JAMES L. HOWLAND Painter and Paper Hanger 124 Campell St. Tel. 2-6145 Eigfafy oooooosooooooooooooooooooooooofnooeeoooffoozoooooooonooooooo 003430.n.u.oo.oa.oo.u.w.oo.oo.n,oo.n,oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo,oo,o-0,0030 so oo os oo eo oo oo oo oo on oo,n.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo.oo.u.oo.oo.n,a,oo'oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo u'oo'n'oo'oo'ofnzoo'oo'n'u'n:n'n'u'ofa'oo'ofa'oo'oo'u'n'u'n'n'a'u:oo:oQu::Qu'u'a:u'u'u:n'u'u'n'n'n'oIn"oo'oo'oo'n'oo'oo'n'oo'u'oo'n"u'n'n 0v-oooooooeoooooooooosoooooo Compliments of JAMES H. MAYE Hardware - Household Wares Phone 4-3964 1284 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, Mass. E Dial 2-3490 Open Evenings The Mayflower Furniture Co. M. Juliette Gonsalves Corner of Whitman Street 1715-1719 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of GEORGE H. CARLIER GENERAL CONTRACTING Roofing and Sidewalls 204 Sawyer Street Dial 4-7877 New Bedford, Mass. Dial 3-3052 or 2-3490 May We Have The Pleasure of Serving You? TONY GAYE and his Orchestra Q 501 Sawyer St. New Bedford, Mass. Dial 2-5722 Res. 3-0073 H. COURY Dry Goods, Washing Machines, Rugs and Radios 87 Collette St. New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of BLUE BIRD TAXI Tel. 8-5225 Compliments of The Leach Furniture Co. 1485 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, Mass. 'Compliments of JANSON'S PHARMACY R. JANSON, Reg. Phar. 204 Ashley Blvd., New Bedford, Mass. Window and Truck Lettering Displays and Goldleaf PROMPT SERVICE PAYETTE SIGN CO. Signs and Show Cards of every description Shop 140 Nye St. - Res. 126 Bullard St. Dial 3-0234 Dial 2-9158 Silk Sreening FRANK M. MCGOWAN THE SPRING MAN Expert Auto Spring Repair Wheel Alignment General Blacksmithing - Welding 30 Bethel St. Phone 6-8914 Compliments of CHARLES GOLDBERG PLUMBING and HEATING Tel. 3-0217 240 South Second St. .4noQ...aQaaesneeoooq........ oo.oo,n,oo,oo'n.oo.oo.oo.n.oo.oo,os'oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo.n'o4.w'n,oo RAY OLIVER 57 Rodney French Blvd. New Bedford, Mass. .44.4.soo..-Q.-Qoeanonoonqueso ooze 0.003030.oovoo00,0504.oo.o0.oo.oo.oo'os,oo.oo.on.oo,oo.4o.oo.oo.oo.oo'oo.oo,oo.oo.oo no Eighty-one 4 Q fooo.o.e+,.Qo. 04.04 can oo nfs ov oo.oo,ov.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo oo oo oo oo so oo oo oo'oo'os'o4'o1'o4'oe'oo'n'o1:ea'oc.oo:oo:oo:oo.oo:oo:oo.oo,uo,oo,oo,oo.oo.n.n.ale oo.0o,n,n DARTMOUTH EXPRESS CO. Dealers In ICE - OIL - SODA Tel. 3-062 3-2-7579 oococoaoooooooooooooooooooooooeoooooooouoooooooovoeouooooooc n,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.ov,os,oo.oo,oo,oo,o0.oo.ov.oo.9300,oo,oo,oo.offs.0030.oo.oo.0430.oo,voOoo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oeOoo,oo,oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo,o0,oo,oo,oo,00.00.00 Howland Linen Supply Co., Inc. 73 Chancery St., New Bedford, Mass. RENTERS OF: Aprons, Towels, Uniforms, Table Linen Also Bed Linen to Private Homes and Hotels ' Compliments of TABER'S GARAGE Compliments of ARTHUR'S MARKET Meats, Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables C s A5955 189 Belleville Ave., New Bedford, Mess. Tone Tests Audiometer Test J- A- SMITH Hearing Aids of New Bedford "A hearing aid to lit any need LANDSCAPING and pocket book" Telephone 2-1154 348 Main St. Acushnet Mass. Joseph P. Dupont 308 County St. Audiometrist New Bedford, Mass. FRIENDLY SERVICE STATION Mobil Gas Bs Oils Cor. Cottage and Mill Street Leen L. Matisich We Give Green Stamps Sales ESSO Service 24 Hour Burner Service CHARLES F. VARGAS Distributor of ESSO Heating Oils Try Us .... First! Days 3-6592 Nights 8-5439 Cor. Bank and Rockdale Ave. New Bedford, Mass. HENRY'S MARKET 1521 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, Mass. Tel. 3-1771 - 3-1772 Bergeron's Red 86 White Store 605 Summer St. Tel. 2-5631 New Bedford, Mass. We Aim To Please 88T Compliments of RODNEY'S PRINTING Job and Commercial Printing allman Street Tel. 4-6187 of LOUISE FLOWER SHOP 486 Pleasant St., New Bedford, Mass. Telephone 3-0157 vin'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'n'n'n'ov'oo'oo'oo'oo'ein'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo:oo'vo'oo'oo'oo'oo'n,u,w,MOM'vin'slain'vo'oo'oo'n'oo'oo'n'oo'n'oo'oo'n'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'n'oo'oo'oo Eighty-two Compliments of 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00 00 00 00.00.00,00.00.00,00.00, 00 00 00 00 00 00 00.00 00 00.00 00 00 00.00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00.00 00 00 FORAND'S WHARF DINER 1295 Cove Road, New Bedford, Mass. New Bedford, Mass. Tel. 2-8217 Homer's wharf Tel' 54864 Get it at Compliments of I-IIGI-IAM'S E A FRIEND The Prescription Store 212 Union sf. New Bedford, Mass. 4555 sl-IAWMUT MARKET Z' J' DION QUALITY MEATS, GROCERIES Tel. 3-1587 ,556 Shawmut Ave. Groceries, Meats and Provisions Fruits and Vegetables in Season Tel. 2-4831 1697 Acushnet Ave. Shard's Friendly Service Station 116 - 122 Dartmouth St. Compliments of N B df d M . . ew e or , ass Tel 2-4961 A FRIEND Mobilubrication - Mobilgas - Mobiloil Scientific Motor Tune-up Service ef x, Auto Repairs FRED P. ROSE Constant's Service Station RICHFIELD GAS - OIL Tel. 3-8205 ICE and OIL Two New Services Cooling System Pressure Purged 104 Stephen St., So. Dartmouth, Mass. on Changed and Moto, Flushed In Six Minutes Tel' 3-0993 Cor. Shaw St. and Acushnet Ave. FAIRHAVEN MOTORS LEVINE'S M. G. SOUZA, Prop. Sales Chrysler - Plymouth Service FINE WEARING APPAREL 32 Rotch St. Fairhaven, Mass. Tel. 5-7071 932-934 So. Water St. Tel. 2-1931 000000000000000000000 00.000--.000 0 0 000 00.00'00,'00,00.00:,00.00.00,00,1 ..,00'00.00,00 00 00 00 00 00 00.00 00.00 00 00 00.00 00 00 00.00.00 00.00 00, ... . .. ...000-.-...0 Ei gbty-three e?s:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oofoozoofootoozootootooz00:00zovzoo:oozoo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:0 :gr :ff TAVARES RADIO SERVICE :gc 3' Electrical Appliances and Radios Cl 2 .. S . :if 339 Dartmouth St. D1al 2-4554 OD to ff. New Bedford, Mass. 122 X 32 ,:, Fluorescent Lighting - Household :gf Fixtures gig KOSKA Enos. -iv ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS If: Residential -- Commercial -- Industrial 3. WIRING jf: Tel. 3-8551 1517 Acushnet Ave. If: New Bedford, Mass. :iz .f. fig McC'RORY'S X 31 323 FIVE and TEN :fs fx: North End New Bedford, Mass. :iz .f. Iii Ox! Ox! Ox! Ox! Oz! gig ELBERTIS DRESS co., Inc. :iz Z Compliments of 31 0:0 74 Kilburn St. New Bedford, Mass. 31 R' aio O0 .:. It: Compliments of O80 .:. If New Bedford Sportswear Co. 23: Zvi Grinnell Mill Og! :iz ego GSU .:. 3' BROCK AVE. SELF SERVICE 32 ' .Q 3' 674 Brock Ave. OD Q. DI 32- BEST w1sHEs Ox! Ox! .f. o:oo:po:n:oo:n:oo:uo:u:vo:oo:oo'oo'oo'oo'u'oo'oo'n'oo'oo:n'ov'oo:vo:oo'oo'w'oo:oozoozoozoozo 4oaeeoaooooooooooooobobbosooo po.0500.oo40.00'oo.oo.oo.u.oo.oo.oo,oo,vo.oo,oo,00.00.oo.oo,oo.n.oo.oo,oo'oo.oo.oo,oo ERNIE'S BARBER SHOP Brock Ave. and Frederick St. New Bedford, Mass. CLEAN WELL DYE HOUSE JOHN F. BORGES, Prop. CLEANING -- PRESSING - DYEING Repairing, Altering and Tailoring 660 Brock Ave. New Bedford, Mass. Estate Thomas W. Croacher Dealer in Lumber, Doors, Windows Blinds, Wall Board and Plaster Board Paints and Hardware 384 So. Water St., Cor. Leonard Tel. 3-0742 New Bedford, Mass. M. SOARES 297 Dartmouth Street GENERAL CONTRACTOR Compliments of BORGES VARIETY STORE 345 Dartmouth St. Fountain Service, Magazines STANDARD LAUNDRY 28 Kenyon St. A New Bedford, Mass. 'afiie' v,n:oo'ov'oo'oo'ofa'ce'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'u'oo'u'oo'oo'N'oo'n'uo'oo'N'n'oo:oo:oo Eighty- four Onoooooeooooecooooooeeeoo 00000 u,oo,n.oo,n,oo,n.n,n,oo,oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,n,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo:so,oo,vo.nge, oo, Compliments of oooouooooooooooooooooaooooooo oo,oo'oa.uo.oo.oo'ooooooooooQoooooo0oonooooooooo0.oonoooooo.oo.oo. Compliments of FRANKLIN A. WINTERS A FRIEND Insurance and Real Estate eagles Marion, Mass. Tel. 9-6260 Expert Repairing SEE - - - TOWNE MYRON S. LAWRENCE Cleansers and Dyers Pickup and Delivery Service 590 Dartmouth St. So. Dartmouth For Demonstration 1950 Step-Down-Design - HUDSON Russell's Mills Dartmouth Tel. Westport 220-2 CHICOINE SAND PIT So. Dartmouth, Mass. Sand That Has Stood The Time Of Test Tel. 7-9591 Compliments of WASHBURN ELECTRICAL CO. Spring St. ' Marion, Mass. Compliments of 'JENKINS' "IN THE VILLAGE" Marion, Mass. GIFTS - HOBBY - SUPPLIES Botany No Dye Lot Yarns ERNEST W. BRIGGS Building-Moving GENERAL CONTRACTOR Shovel - Crane - Trench - Hoe Bull Dozer and Trucks Marion, Mass. Tel. 215J SALES and SERVICE DAVIS AND TRIPP, Inc. Gray Marine Engine PADANARAM BRIGGS' ESSO SERVICE ESSO SERVICE TIRES - TUBES - ACCESSORIES Marion, Mass. Tel. 574 Compliments of PETERSON'S ICE CREAM Marion, Mass. THE HARBOR RESTAURANT Route 6 Marion, Mass. OPEN THE YEAR ROUND aeooooooooooooo0oooooooooognnqoooooooooooonoooseeooaoooovvoo so.oo.oo.n,w.ognfs,oo.oo,oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo,N,oo,oo.oo.oo,uo.oo.n,u,u.u.n.u.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo.oo,nyc,oo.oo.oo.u.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.u,oo.oo.oo Eigbfy-five oooococoooooonoeoooeoooovoooo0...oooeonnaoooooooooooaoooooso oo.can.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.oo.oo,os.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo,,oo oo 04,004 .,,.,,....,,.,,.,, ,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,, ,,.......,,.,,.,,.,.....,...,.,.....g., .Q Compliments of A FRIEND view Smith Mills Hardware Store 1 Old Westport Road The Sherwin-Williams Paint Store North Dartmouth, Mass. Dial 2-1357 ARMAND'S BARROWUS TEXACO SMITH MILLS State and Slocum Roads 4555 No. Dartmouth, Mass. Compliments of CHARRETTE BROS. Maurice Charrette Meats - Groceries - Provisions Tel. 2-3023 441 Tarklin-Hill Road Compliments of TEDDY AND WOW-WUN Sippican Shop Marion NARRAGANSETT AIRWAYS, Inc. New Bedford Municipal Airport New Bedfordf Mass. Charter Service Sales and Maintenance Flight Training Courses CPrivate Instrument, Commercial, Cross Country Instructor, Mult. Enginej Telephone 4-4212 Compliments of ROCKY NOOK GRILLE Route 6 Marion, Mass. Compliments of LINCOLN'S MARKET A FRIEND MEATS - GROCERIES Q555, Tel. 6-8509 CLIFFORD L. SHERMAN FANCY GROCERIES Rochester, Mass. D. L. HARTLEY Goodyear Tires - Battery Service Oxo Acetylene Welding Auto Repairing -- Trucking Tel. No. Rochester 123 .Avooooooooooooooooooqooeoooovs...,.--..f....,... . ..,. oo.oo.oo,n,oo,oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oQ,oo.oo30.00,oo.oo.u.oo.u.u.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo,oo,oo.oo.n.oQ.oo'oo,oo,oo.oo.oo.uo,n,on.oo.oo.oo.n,oo.oo.vo.oo,w'oo'u.0-o,oo,oo'o4,oo.oo,oo.oo Eighty-six CQOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000 OO .OC OOQOOOOOCOOOOOOO 000090000 00 oo,oo,oo.oo,oo,n.oo.oo.n,n,oo,n,oo,oo,oo,oo.n.oo,oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,n,oo,n:u.n,oo:oo,o 5oo,oo:oo.n.n.eo.n.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo oo no oo,oo.oo,oo:a,oo,n,u oo oo oo.oo,oo.u:oo,oo,n BENOIT SQUARE Barber and Beauty Shop Joi-IN GONET 344 Main St. Fairhaven, Mass. Showers for Men It Pays to Look Well Fine Shoe Repairing Tel. 2-6389 331 Main St. No. Fairhaven, Mass. D. N. KELLY 86 SON, Inc. DAN'S SHIPYARD Red 85 White Market 32 Water St. Fairhaven, Mass. 342 Main St. Fairhaven, Mass. Tel. 9-6266 Maurice Dansereau, Prop. Tel. 2-2931 ' f MILLSIDE Compliments o BAY VILLAGE MARKET BETTER BAKERY PRODUCTS 91 Grinnell St. New Bedford, Mass. '44355' Tel. 3-4795 VIC'S PIONEER FOOD STORE Meats, Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables Compliments of KAISER-FRAZER Acushnet Ave. Cor. Sassaquin Ave. Century Mgtor Sales Tel- 3-8092 535 Mill St. ROMEO'S STORE CIDER MILL STORE JULIET-I-E2:3dVARIE-I-Y Prompt Delivery Service Free Delivery Tel. 2-7467 320 No. Main St. Acushnet, Mass. 270 lVIain St. Acushnet, Mass. Phone 4-1862 Compliments cf LAMBETH ROPE CORP. Compliments of CI'IARLIE'S FILLING STATION 1336 Ashley Blvd., New Bedford, Mass. oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'u'n'oo'oo'n'n'oo'ofa'w'uo'n'oo'oo'vo:uo:oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo:oo:u:n' :oo:oo:n:oo:oo:n:co:oo:oo:oo:oo:n:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:u:uo:oo:oo:n:no:u:oo:so:oo:oo:oo:sozoozn Eighty-se1,'r'n oozoozoofoozoezoozoo:oo:oo:oo:ov:oe:oo:oo:oo:oo'oo'oofoc'sofa'u'oo'o4:w:o1:o4'Q4'oo:o1'0- oqzoe' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'urn:urn:oo:oo:on:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:on:ocfvotuzufoozvo Compliments of STAR LAUNDRY Telephone 3-3688 New Address EARL'S AUTO SUPPLY 1533 Acushnet Ave., Cor. Phillips Ave. New Bedford, Mass. Telephone 2-8616 Road Service DEVITT'S SHELL SERVICE Lubrication - Tires - Tubes - Accessories Washing - Polishing - Simonizing Cars Called For And Delivered 987 Pleasant St. Cor. Sycamore Across from the State Armory SAIL MAKERS JOHN W. DURANT, Inc. Sails - Awnings - Truck Covers Canvas Work ol All Kinds Tel. 2-5673 Homers Wharf New Bedford, Mass. KAPLAN BROTHERS FURNITURE CO., Inc. Complete Home Furnishers 1182 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford, Mass. Tel 6-8943 New Bedford Mass. South Store 1020 So. Water St. Compliments of rel. 7-9872 Res, 3-3737 BENDEX AUTO BODY CO- Mass. Institute of Hair and Beauty 510 Belleville Foot of Earl sf. Culture New Bedford, Mass. 96 William St. New Bedford. Mass Compliments of NAUSETT COAL CO. ARTHUR L. BRUN, Prop. Best Grades of Coal Tel. 7-9782-3-0004 Compliments of THE DAVIS GREENHOUSES EDNA M. DAVIS-FLORIST 189-191 Shcxwmui Ave. New Bedford, Mass. HOME WASHING COMPANY Launderers and Dry Cleaners SHIPYARD PAINT COMPANY 976 Purchase St., New Bedford, Mass. ROBERT H. COGGESHALL, Mgr. 111 Myrtle Si. New Bedford, Mass. Tel. 7-9606 ' oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo:Qo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:n:oo:oo:oo:oo:Qo:oo:oo:oo:Nzuzuzoozoozoazoozuzq ozoozoozoazoozoozoo:oo"u'oc'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'eo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'vo'vo'oo'oo'oo'oo'a'f0 Eigbfy-eigbl Compliments of THE ,BUDGET MART South Dartmouth and New Bedford Massachusetts Compliments of ELMER NEGOS Hixville Rd. No. Dartmouth, Mass Building Contractor E. P. HIRST CO. 33 No. Water Street -Plumbing - Heating and Sheet Metal Work Compliments of CLIFF'S VARIETY LEON'S VARIETY AND TAXI BROWN MOTORS KAISER-FRAZER 76 Elm St. Padanaram, Mass. Sales and Service 8 I . . asc Zone Tel. 2-8661 S Em St So Dartmouth Dial 3-7856 Furs Cleaned and Stored BERKQS Mothproofing - Waterproofing PADANARAM CLEANERS Work Clothing, Shoes, Hunting and Riding Apparel, AND DYERS Piek-Up and Delivery mei 3-1458 Government S'1PP11eS 82 Elm St so Dartmouth Mass. 139 Union St. New Bedford, Mass. ROGERS, SYLVIA, AUBERTINE FUNERAL HOME COMMUNITY PHARMACY 129 Allen sf. New Bedford. Meee. T- CAHVALH0' Refs- Pharm- Complete Funeral Service Under 133 Ruth Sf, New Bedfgrdl Mass, One Roof Reg. Embalmers Lic. Funeral Directors ' Tel' 3-5311 Compliments of SINGER SEWING STORE Singer Sewing Store 199 Union St. New Bedford, Mass. .................. ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..3.9.g..gag..g..g..jug..'..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..Q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..,..,.,....,.,..,..,..,..,..,.,..,..,..,..,..,.,..g..g.. GREENE 86 WOOD, Inc. Lumber and Building Materials 334 So. Water St.. New Bedford, Mass. Eighty-nine'..'..'..w..'..'..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..'..w..'..'..'.ewwe.'..'..-..'..'..'..'..'..'..'..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..'..'..'..'..'..'..'.. 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Ot. 222 fi 121 DRINK MORE MILK FOR HEALTH :SI :ff 222 12: 22: Ig New Bedford Milk Dealer's Association Ig! :fr 12: ISI ., ff: -Z' view 'X- sxs sz. 31 31 Oti 0:0 oxo O 6 Q. 3. I Q o 32 sto ox: ' ' 3. x .sn ISI Best Wishes ISI 222 sis gg EYN0l.DS P lfvrlfvc, mc. 555 ISI Printers of "The Mariner" X Q 0 o o 3 3. ISI .f. 0:0 0:1 0.0 0.0 ooooonoaveoooesvss-s.vfsaovasoauneqqqsss-Q-asf.-asefssaosooaooooo o:oo.oo.oo,oo.oo,oo.oo.o4,oo,oo.oo.oo.uo,oo,u.oo.oo,n,oo.n,oo,oo,u.n'u,oo.u,oo.oo,oo.n.oo.oo,n,u.u,n.n.u.w.vo,n.n,n,u,uo,n,ro,no',vo.oo,u,oo,oo.oo,oo,n.n.oo.oo,oo.u,oo,o N iueiy H. V. SOWLE, FLORIST GEORGE RADCLIFFE, Prop. Flowers for All Occasions 249 Ashley Blvd. Tel. 5-7866 ooooooaoooooooononosococoaoooopooooooeooonosoaoaoooooooooopo oo.oo'oo.oo.oo'oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.o4,u30.00.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.oe.oo.oo.s.oo.oo.oo.u.o .oo30.0030.u.o4.oo.oo.u.oo,n.oo.oo.u-oo,oo,oo.oa,oo,oo.oo.oo,oo.on.u.oo.u.oo.oo,oo Compliments of ZEITZ THEATRES State - Empire - New Bedford Academy - Pall River Civic - Portland, Maine Paramount - Newport. R. I. Compliments of F. S. BRIGHTMAN CO. 498 Pleasant Street Stationery and Office Supplies Greeting Cards COREY BROS., FLORISTS 1638 Acushnet Ave. Tel. 3-5963 New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of A FRIEND -efjgvs Compliments of JOHNSON AND MOREAU Auto Parts and Machine Shop Service 33 William St. New Bedford, Mass. Tel. 7-9496 - 7-9497 - 7-9498 Tel. 7-9480 Glass Set While You Wait WINET AUTO BODY WORKS WRECKS REBUILT Official Insurance Appraisers 58-62 Middle St. New Bedford, Mass. Bear Wheel Aligning and Frame Straightening o4cocoonnoeooooooooooovo-Q..-nano oo.00.00.oo.oo.oo.ov.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo oo oo oo oo oo 40.00 oo on on oo oo.oo.oo.oo'n.oo.oo.oa Compliments of BAY STATE DEPT. STORE 1946 Purchase St., New Bedford, Mass. Dial 4-1584 Home Furnishings - Appliances Television - Floor Coverings N inety-one .oo:oo:oo:oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oa'u:oo'oo'oo'u'u:oo'oo:oo'oo'oo'ov'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo myQQaoounaooooooooooooaoonooaooooooooooooo:oaooaooooooooooooouooou rgo.n,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,n,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oe,oo.oo.n.oo.oo,oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.u,n,oQ,oo.n.To.oo.n.egos0003030.00Ooo,so.oo,w,oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.n.oa.oe.oo.oo,oo.oQ.oQ.oo.oo.oo.oo,n:o , no . can 351 :iz If! PEIRCE AND HOOK Inf. -'- :21 'Grief' ' E25 1:1 PONTIAC .:. :zz rg: :EI STANLEY OIL CO., Inc. Sales Und SefVlCe ff: 121 31 -Q 447 Kernpton St., New Bedford, Mass. 'f' 484 ISI J. Qi, New Bedford. Mass. Telephone 2-1101 .20 jx: ISI off 'i' jxj 122 :iz :iz gig , If! :fi Comphments of BUILDING MATERIALS, Inc. 1:1 rf: 12: oxo " .Q LINDBLOMS LAUNDRY New Bedford, Mass. -ff zfz :fr 3, .. :fir 158 Court Street "Distributors of Dependable Building if 3, .. .Q H i i Supplies" 'f' 3: The Laundry That Quality ls Building" fx: .Q Q2- 'f 31 5' :gr :gr 31 32 'Q' A' W' WINTERS Builders Supplies - Mason Material Q' 31 X 3. FOR HIRE Hooters Material - Painters Material 5- 0:0 , Wg' Shovel -- Bull Dozer - Trucks F. H. KINGSLEY :if Compressors Iii If 188 No. Water St., New Bedford, Mass. rf: 3' Box 207 Tel. 357 33 .t. 8. 31 - 3. ff' Marion, Mass. Phone 5 7205 '2- ISI 31 .:. .:. OXO 5:9 'S' 0x0 .s. .z. Ii ffl 'f' HILLER CO., Inc. Compliments of 'Z' 0:0 fx' ox. vt: :ff T 1. 19 M ' . M . 3. 4. e 'mon GSS HAWES ELECTRIC co. 4. QQ 0:0 if Coal, Fuel, Oils, Auto Supplies, Garage ' 1:1 Ig: Machine Shop Fully Equipped To 592 Pleasant Sh-get Ig: 02. Handle Repair Work Q:- Iff 32 :fi sazes CHRYSLERGPLYMOUTH service New Bedford' Mass- 222 :fr rf: o so o .., .............................................................X o.n.n,n,o.n.n,Q.osu.u.u.oo'vo,n.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo'vo.ure,fo.u,oo'oo.n,oo.oo.oo,n,oo.oo,ao.oo.oo,oc.vo,oo,oo.n.u,nfs,vga.oo,oo,u'uo,nyc.n,oo,uo.oo,oo.oo,oo,,n.u.u N hzefy-Iwo o'o ooaoeoooooooooooooooooooooooooofovoooooqoooooooooooooooooooooooooo . so oo 0- :,00,04.u.n.oo,n.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.n.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.u.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oe.nga.oo,oo.oo.u,u.oo,n.oo.4o.oo.oo,oo.oo.a,oo,oo.oo,oo.oo.N.oo,oo,oo.oo,oo.oo,oo,oo, O 5' X vxo aio 1:2 HERBERT H. SNELL ff: jg: Compliments of fi: 3, .. :fr Radios -- Supplies - Service ISI x . . .. " d T 1 ,, gig SEALTEST ICE CREAM an e emo" X oo :Sz V 'xo -fe Small Electrical Appliances If: .Se 3. 33 'wifes 'f' IE: l Hartley Road Rochester, Mass. :fr 353 1:1 sto .xg of 3. ego 222 E. K. ROGERS -2- If: HARTLEY SAW MILL CO. 1:1 'I' Brock Ave. Cycle 86 Radio CO. 2:1 :Sz 0:0 IE: f 884 BIQQ? Avenue Rochester, Mass. Z: :zz -T: 1:1 IE: New Bqdford' Mass' Lumber - Wood -- Hardware If Telephone 3-3318 IE: 'Q' Tel. No. Rochester 81-3 jx: :ff Radio - Television Sales 6- Service :fi 325 :iz 030 Da st. '36 IX: 0:0 2 oo If PERFECTION OIL CO. Compliments of If: exe 3. :XI 0,0 4. Dial 5-7947 OLSON 86 APPLEBY :iz fx: .ie :Sf Range Oil - Fuel Oil - Ice GENERAL CONTRACTORS 5: ZX: 0:0 :Sf Burner Service 222 Union St, New Bedford, Mass. :ft exe A 3: 930 -5- 364 Dartmouth St., New Bedford. Mass. K Telephone 3-0482 :iz sin 3: eta gg 'x' 3. 0:0 wx. 4:0 SHEERIN ELECTRICAL Co. Compliments of gig 22: 1:1 Ig 27 WFLLIAM sr. GENERAL SUPPLY Co. 323 If '2- N Ig: if The Hotpoint Appliance Shop 44 MIDDLE STREET Q. :iz 1:5 lx. 0 31: Telephone 8-5858 INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES If! gig Ig OX. sto 3. of ......................e..........................'. wie.:eeZ.0:eqzpjnznznjuzujnzwjnzujnjn.u,n,n,o,u,u,n,n,w,n.a,u,a,n,n,n,n,n0n,u,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,ov,oo,u,u,oo,u,oo,w,u,w,N,N,M,w,u,w,n,w,oo,oo,n4 Ninety-ihrce I :s:'2":W:":"1":"Z":"!"2"I"Z"Z"2":"2":WI'I"I"ZW"I'20?W2"Zu:'I":":"Z"2"I"I":"I":":":"I"Z"Z'Z'IN!'Z'IN:"2'2"I"2"I"I"I"Z"Z"I":"Z":"Z"Z':g :iz :iz .f. .:. :XI Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 ISI .A affjifv J. x : ISI 221 ji: BARDEN'S MARKET 86 FREEZER ISI REZENDES FURNITURE CO. Of' Marion, Mass. 'f' If Igl phone 3 PURCHASE STREET gig :ff ' 32 exe lx. .gf Ot' use Ox' 3. 3. CSO .ti .:. 4. Seqplqneg 'i' 3: 221 if H. L. LADNER, Prop. gig Q. NEW BEDFORD AVIATION Inc. ff' :ff Sales FORD Service :EQ 3 .. :rf G. I. Flight Training .S. Q. Tel. Marion 359W ff- :ff ISI 12: Mill SL Home 6 Marion For Information. Call 3-0244 :EI ISI 121 :iz :iz 0,0 og fx' .af 'Sf .gf 0:0 rio :EI BUILDERS GEORGE P. WILLIAMS CO. 2: If ' If 2:1 Contractor and Builder :if F. J. FREKER 6' SONS If: South Dartmouth 'Q' 3. 3: x :sz WAREHAM, MASS. :iz .:. Telephone 2-2176 Q. ff. 3: QSO .80 3. 3. 3. 3. Qt. CSO fx. 0:9 'g5 0:2 323 WILLIAM T. KING LUMBER co. compliments of- :ft ' - rf: Zi: Lumber - Building Materials GOLLIS ,MENS APPAREL Ig: 3: Hardware -- Paints 'f J. 221 .Sl I use Zi: SC' Dartmouth' Mass. 562 Pleasant Street ,:, 5. ' :ff .sf 9:0 323 Tel. 5-7582 Masonic Bldg. 'Z' S 9. :sz :iz Ox' ego Ox, , 0,0 .oosooooovooooooooonoooooooooqooogqooooooouoooooovoouoeusooooooono o,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo,oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo'vo.oo,oo.oo.oo,003934,oo.aiofo,oo,0.00'oo.oo,u.n,oo.oo.oo,oo,oo.n.oo,oo.oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,u.oo,u.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo.oo,oe30.00,n,oo.oo.o Ninety-four 3. ooooooooooooooo ooaonoo-agooooooo-Qoooooooaoooooo ooaoooosaaoooo oo.n.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo:oo.n,oo.oo.oo.a34.0104.oo.oo.o4.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.o- 99.04.00.u.u.n,oo,oo.oo4oo.oo.vo.oo.oo.oo.oo:w.oo.o4.oo.u.o4,oo.oo.oo.o4.u.oo.apo oo no 04 O rg: 3: :iz aio O O O80 .XO gig ACE AUTO BoDY 15: 0:0 .,. Compliments of ' 35 HILLMAN STREET :iz 4. 0,0 o 8 oz: use :xo 'so exe 0:0 , Compliments of so jx s 3. If! LEC!-1 GARAGE .,. .24 fx: gig Il if li 13: Q .Z. o ole lx! O30 -if Compliments of :ff 221 G. F. WING co. ISI :ij 790 Purchase Street 0,0 to fi. New Bedford. Mass. 221 gig THE FRIENDLY s'roRE .xi . Your Store for over 75 years x 222 x 3. 0:0 o 0:4 4 axe use . ,:, Compliments of 3' .SI so z ' A FRIEND ze rg. :f 0:4 xg lf 'A' lb O I Ox! 0:4 'f DON'S Inc. 12 Cook Street New Bedford. Mass. Automotive Parts Distributor Compliments of A FRIEND 1H'lI Compliments of FORTIN'S MARKET Groceries - Meats - Provisions 1892 Acushnet Ave. Tel. 2-3543 New Bedford, Mass Success and Happiness To the Graduating Class of 1950 Compliments of I HATI-iAWAY'S LAUNDRY Telephone 3-5528 'J , . . . . . . . . . I o:o0:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:oo:o0:oo:oo:u'oo'oo:oo'oo.oo.4o.4o.oo.os, 04.00. 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Compliments of DOROTHY'S BEAUTY SHOP Specializing in New Hair Styles and Cutting 888 Purchase Street Olympia Bldg. New Bedford, Mass. Room 520 Tel. 5-7825 Compliments of JULIEN R. WEIGEL Bc SON 310 Earle Street New Bedford. Mass. Tel. 3-5738 EDISON CEMENT BLOCK CO. 14 Edward Street New Bedford, Mass. Manufacturers of A11 Kinds of Concrete Products, Water Proofing, Cements, Sand, etc. Dial 2-2276 - 6-8716 Compliments of ACUSI-INET FISH CORP. llflb Compliments of HOUGHTON BROS. SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS N inety-six ovaoooooooooooooooooooooooooeoooooooo o oo. oo,oo.u,oo,oo,oofo,oo.oo.u,oo,n,oo,oo,oo.oo,oo'oo.oo'oo,oo'oo,oo,n'u,oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,n.oo,oo.oo,oo,oo:oo,oo:oo.oo,o 0 oeqofoeeos Q10QQsoooo.,QnQQQvosueosavsoovoooooqooooo 0:00312oo,oo.oo,n,ov,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,ov:ov,oo,n,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo,oo,an,u,oo.oo,oo,oo'oo'oo.n,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,n.oo,oo,oo.u,oo,vo.n.oo,oo,oo,ufo: vvsoooooeeaooooooooooouso noone. ,oo,oo,oo,n.oo.oo.oo oo.oo.oo oo oo on oo oo oo oo egos no 00,00 oo oo.oo.oo:vo,oo'oo.oo,oo,oo.o o O O 0 O C O I O O O O O O O O O O O 5 O O O C O C I 0 0 O O C O 0 O G O O O O O O O O C O 0 O C 0 0 O O O Q O O O U O oz:o:oo.oo.oa.oo.n,n,oo,oo,u,oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo:oo,n,oo,oo:oo,oo:u,oo,oo,u,0v:0 .0.QQ.oo.qu.ogu,n.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.n.oo.egos,oo.oo.oo,oa5n,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo.oo,oo? Q o o :iz 15: .5 .g. ff: Compliments of ROY PAPER CO. fig :iz tr Ut. x. 0:0 ' gb If NEW BEDFORD HOTEL Wholesale Paper Products If :ir fi: 0:0 0:0 252 WARREN M. GOODSPEED, Mgr. Phone 3-zsav :iz E rf: :fr 3: ISI ff: :fs :gr fs: Compliments of Compliments Of V :Ez 12: :Q If ' GIUSTI BAKING CO. ',- coRP BROTHERS, Inc. R 3,5 ':' If: Bakers of 'Q' 90 if 'A' li TWIN-PACK BREAD ZS: 8 9. ,zz sto 3: :iz ,Q 3. Qs. .89 0:0 0:0 If: E. ELLIS ac soN Compliments Of If! 2:2 If 333 General Carpenterinq THE If uso 3: Remodeling - Roofing - Sidewalls 3. ,:, I ORCHID DINNER 'g' Free Eshmcztes z, 32 3. .:. -2- 151 278 No. Main st. Acushnet. Mass. ll ir ll Sgt :iz :iz x exe ISI 3. 3, use .xy fx. .g. .g. If: Compliments of Tel' 30266 Res' 2-7193 'fr 1:1 22. gig TONY'S GARAGE 1:1 4. S. C. BARRETT 86 SONS 'ft Igi Truck and Car Repairs :fi 138 Alden Road 'fi .f. 74 Collette Street :Sf 31 fi: Fdirhdvell, Mass. New Bedford. Mass. :Sf :iz rt: Ox. t. Qs. O O O 0 O O O O O O O O 0 O O O 0 0 O O O .8 O O I O O 0 U Q 0 U O C O O Q O O O O 1 C I Q U I O I 1 9 U 0 1 O O O O C O O O O O O O 0 ,,.......n.u.n,nfs,n,oo,w,u,oo,n.u,oo,oo.n.n,ooou,oo,nge,oo,oo,n.n,so.oo,ago,ooyon'n,oo.oo.oo.oo,u,oo,oo,oo,u,oo,so,n,oo,oa,nfs,nga,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo,oo,n,oo,n,ao.uo.oo.o 0,0 N inefy-seven oooooooooonoooooooouoooooooo ooooooooooeoooo oooooooovooo oo 00.01 oe ov ob N on oo oo on oo 00 00 00.00 oo M on on no on oe 00 oo ov oo.oo.oo.oo:N,oc.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.0o.oo.oo,o4.oo.oo,oo.oo.on:oo.oo.oo.oQ,oo.oo,oo.o0 oo oo 0o.oo.oo:oo,oo.oo POTTER AND CASEY WELDERS 15 State Road HATHAWAY'S BAKED ENAMEL AUTO PAINTING UH! WHITNEY J. BENT, Inc. GMC - PONTIAC - WILLARD- for greater New Bedford 23 State Road I Tel. 7-9331 Compliments of H. P. ONLEY'S Barber Shop 53 Smith Street Compliments of G.8CG. USED CARS 20 County Street Tel. 4-0962 ATLANTIC SODA FOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT COMPANY Expert Repair Service On Fountains and Carbonators Soda Fountains - Carbonic Gas Block-Tin Pipe Carbonators - Used and New Dial Telephone New Bedford 3-8141 734 Brock Ave., New Bedford 2, Mass PELLETIER'S REFRIGERATION 45-47 Rodney French Blvd. Tel. 3-7676 New Bedford, Mass. BLUE RIBBON 'LAUNDRY 273 CENTRAL AVE. Telephone 2-6216 Ninety-eight . ..... ...... . ....,...... , -.M - 0- -0 0- -Q M -f -0 f- M -0 -'w -Q.-+ N w.w.w,- - -'-I-'-'ny 0, .g..g..g..g..g..'..'..'..'..g..'..3..'..g..g..g..g..g..g..'.. ..'..'..'..g..g..g..3..g..g oooo ocoooooooooooooosoeveooeounqooooooaooooeoooooooooooooroooo oo.oo,oo.oo.ov:oo,oo,ngogoo,ooOu,,oogoo,nfs,oo.oo,oo,oo,u,n,oo.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo,on,oo,n,u.oo.oo,oognfo.oo,oo,oo,n,oo,oo,oo.oo.oo,n,oo.oo.oo,n.oo,oo,oo,oo,oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.ooz: Success and best wishes to the Class of 1950 from the Campbell Secretarial School Bristol County's Most Progressive and Best Equipped Secretarial and Accounting School. 25 Morgan Street Tel. 5-7024 Compliments of Cornell-Dubilier Electric Corporation The Wor1d's Largest Capacitor Manufacturers wffiiv Atlantic Mfg. Co., Inc. Rodney French Blvd. New Bedford, Mass. eggva D. 81 G. Motor Repair Co. Electric Motors and Control 48-52 Wamsutta Street NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 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Lumber -Hardware - Paints Electrical Fixtures Over-head Doors Acushnet, Mass. T. J. MORIARTY Hardware-Paints Mechanics Tools 308 Purchase Street New Bedford, Mass. Phone 5-7404 Q New Bedford Lumber Corp. Lumber-Paint-Hardware Mill Work Wollison Dress Suit Parlor Formal Wears for Hire Tuxedos - Cutaways - Full Dress Cabinet Work a Specialty Ladies Formal Wraps and Full Length Evening Wraps 246 River Road New Bedford, Mass. Any Garment May Be Purchased 888 Purchase St. Tel. 2-3422 Phone 3-9943 Phone 3-9944 We Finance Loans on Small Homes and Repairs One bundrca' New Bedford, Mass. Evening and Sunday Appointments ago 31 5:0 lz0 I C Q. ISI 4. 0 0 0:0 030 080 stu 080 0,0 030 0:0 O80 . . use 030 ozo 0,0 use sto oss exe 020 Q. QX0 0 0 ego 030 0x0 0g0 ISI :iz .:. ISI 0,0 030 ISI ein 251 ISO I ISO 0 0 0:0 080 010 use vxo 0:0 31 A D80 Q. 0:0 3' .gl 0 0 axe 3. 080 axe 0:0 eta 0:0 oxo sto 039 sto etc 0:0 0:0 .z. 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Q D O 0 x, 2 and PROVISIONS Fresh Frosted Cape Cod If 1:1 Clam Chowder I If Ott Vx' Q Q O Q S 2 3: GRAIN FERTILIZER Fresh Frosted Cape Cod 3: F1sherman's Chowder ISI and 31 3' ON SALE AT YOUR LOCAL 3' 3 X " GENERAL M HANDI " 325 ERC SE GROCERS gig 32 - 221 12: Russell Mills Road Make Even' Day A FM Day :ft if With MACLEAN'S QUALITY ff: 211 SEA FOODS 3: If: Dartmouth, Mass. :ff Union Wharf - Retail Dept. ISI 31 :EQ Phone, Westport 1 19-12 Fairhaven, Mass. 151 Qzj 0:0 Q85 Qt. sz. oz. 32 . :too'uo'oo'oo'n'oo'oo'n'ov'oo'oo'oo'oo'n'oo'u'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'u'sfo a'n'u'uo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'u'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'n'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'u'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oo'oQ'oo'oo'oo'oo's 909.00000000099000.00COO100000O059000000OOOUOOOOOOOOQOOUOOOQOQCCOO One bzmdred-one Q v , 3. 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Box 727 New Bedford, Mass. ji: X ISI ISI 12: AIRCO If: 2:2 OXYGEN and ACETYLENE Tel. 2-5789 2:2 gig WELDING SUPPLIES 121 E15 E22 exe exe S 2 o o !...................,...-........X...............................3 00oo,oo,oo.ogoo,no.asa.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oc44,00.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.u,oo.o boo.04.04.00.n,oo.oo.oo,oo.oQ.oo.oo.oo.oo.ogoo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo'oo.oo.oo.oQ,oo.oo.oo,oo,n.oo 00.0 One bumlrea'-two o O ..g..g..g..g..g..'..'..g..g..3..g..g..g..g..g..g..'..-..'..g..-..g..g..'..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..-..'..g..w..'..'..-..'..g..g..3..g..g..g..g..g..,..g.. 40th Year Agency Established 1 8 7 6 Edson S. Cowen, President Charles D. Phelan, Vice-Pres. The Kinyon School Business Training for High School Graduates D. Chester Mackinnon Cornish Sz Company Accounting - Secretarial Finishing - Stenographic - - Bookkeeping Courses Inc' NEW TERMS ,, , Summer Day School-June 27 Insurance That Protects, Fall Day School-September 12 . Fall Evening School-Sept. 26 Room 213 Olympia Bldg. 888 Purchase Street New Bedford, Mass. Tel. 8-5218 Call or write for a catalogue. No obligation Placement Service 688 Pleasant Street New Bedford, Mass. We Take Care Of VOCATIONAL Otto's Spring Shop HIGH SCHOOL For Athletic Equipment WHY NOT YOU? Pop SlIlitll,S Sports Store 1875 Acushnet Ave. Tel. 2-8320 oTTo KIEFER, Prop. SPRINGS Repaired, Re-arched, Re-tempered Made to order for all makes of Cars, Trucks and Buses Bus. Tel. 3-9989-Res. Tel. 3-2488 438 So. Water Street New Bedford, Mass. Om' bzmdred-fbrcz' oesoasssosoeoooouosvuououneuqqu4Q..Q.Q....QaaQs.--sqsvoQoo-Q oqbogooooo no oo oo oo oo oo oo so oo M oo oo oo so oo no can no oo oo oo oo oo.oo,oo.o 5vo,n,oo.u,n.vga,vo,vo.oo,oo,oo,n.oo.oo,oo,oo,uo,oo,oofs,oo,+o.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo.ages F, 77 Wffgw, Q15-W X fQ. ,4gN,Q 515744-M w WA' AZT A, iagifw Wiwj ZW !v47Wy tjmdxjaj MM 71 2 if Cf? -.,, K . ,477 ggliw FD? v 4 X --,. - 3.4. . x -U P '!1A.,.T, . YV. x 1-uf ' fs? 5, , . , ,-w, z '-'- . "lz1f.-3 - 1-In my T31 .V-Ti" -'Q , , '1f,:,-- r 1 1 ill..-. , N4 .-J , '-b.'.'- ,z .-. : ' -1 3. N.-.-U 1: A:-9, I C V 1. n 5 1 X A

Suggestions in the New Bedford Vocational High School - Mariner Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) collection:

New Bedford Vocational High School - Mariner Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 38

1950, pg 38

New Bedford Vocational High School - Mariner Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 9

1950, pg 9

New Bedford Vocational High School - Mariner Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 64

1950, pg 64

New Bedford Vocational High School - Mariner Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 29

1950, pg 29

New Bedford Vocational High School - Mariner Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 18

1950, pg 18

New Bedford Vocational High School - Mariner Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 34

1950, pg 34

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