New Bedford Institute of Technology - Fabricator Yearbook (New Bedford, MA)

 - Class of 1961

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New Bedford Institute of Technology - Fabricator Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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NEW7BEDFORDINSHTUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ..iL FQEFTEFQETQCZE L.lBF2AnR'Y... vol.uME N9 21799 F rm NBIT50 14 O0 9 63 936430 1.5 377s,fvfzfws wx cg I w Q L , Q' f,x y V , v . I 1 '5 3'-.ii 'lf r' 2-9 1 . I! 4, r . ' , s h,e -W A41 ' , N' ' ,-rx, ww .,-J ,, 5 g w . N o Q.. ' '. .3 1 H- -' ,N fro - . I'f' ,.cQ - 1 . L 1 . 1 K, -9:31 . ' ap 1, I J' ' '1 .,. hw " .- F' 2 'F 543' Q V o , 1' , 1 x ' 1 -. L . w V. . 4 G., , V, "-'N-13. . .-". 5-:if :..-"V .- ..fy "v-QM "1jy5'1,, 5 A4 - 1 . ff ,. 2-, w I. ' - ' L-1 1' 'I , ' 'Z -' 4 " ' ' farg- I . , 'L yr. ' -' A-sf 1 L ' Il , " Nt.. . ' '15 - Id- Q V1 1 ' ".f,f'J-31"r. X 2 nd. 1 f 39 .- . , I , 1. , , "Lb 1' Q . wwf -2-2142 "vl'fbT?,?K- . '.l' . 'i",L, ,..,,A ,VI .dl ,I .nj "E 711, ga 7.1, cslrvi. "LH ,rx -5'.'k:H ,, , , .3-"'N"l"-' in-V 'H ' . 'M-4.'3l1.'l.f .c" '.Q -1 'QUT Q f2'f35'E"P35g " 5 V+ 1: 4. ' ..,- -Jrj-1 . D , 1,2 -: ,.5 ,', . '- "-- l,f'f-'b,."" .- ,- --H' hm. V I V . I? f u A X:- .4Q.'g5.. . gin -'.' 1 I 4 ' Y ' gg 1 8 ' NF 'I .fl , 3 fvf' ,, -5 V If . K., 4- - f Q- 1 f. .-r.,5-,.w. ,S ,FLQ3 -,.- 'f, -x ,.'.1 ,- 534' ,,-Qvrie.. -. f - . .,.'.Ll, gk,' ,, '. ' ri" ' .'5'.'::ur!. 'Jai "",A Cu, V 'fha-1'3L' 1 Y., 'F' 5 fi- . fl' - hy.. .1 if ""' ., K A K- ' 1 " "iw w:,.9H ' ' -'. - J ' ' 3.4, , 'q.,, ,w Q1L.5lt':3. -2g'r+,f ' fr is :I ,, - 1 f I:3:?v-.'f,vf'. , , ' ,,.-1,-Ri T' .I 1 --u, ,:-.M ,-y -I I -J!--evQ,1','1Z , - U- 'wi'i',gh,. ' 3 ' '. ,WB-'gag -Ju. -z--':. -3'-'T'!t'2'A - . lm?--Gif': 'X .- . --.v,.,.J. ,- '- K , y . ff: :.:,f:1,v 4 ' 3 7' api- L. -QA, xl - I la' . -1 L QV' , .., ' ' "E r-cfshmg .. - . t, ,- "W" :..,.-:gg 1- a-LK I, ,. -.,.,.-,V-.g,a.N I-,iq I 'flwgfrvu-"Sf , - A-1 , 'VQ3 P" ' ff' .?mXm,,,.f,w 5' y .,.. -, -4 .EzF,'f' ",4Q":V - lf? -M- agma x .JL 'mx 1- af, ' A E--,4,.3. ,B-U' ,.-. :Al 'fps :UV ,gf LJ '.a.+.w'.4,,4, 'f',:f .- " Lrj '. -1-i H 1 1- .- -7-'U - ..1' .,,-fe... vu L W , i - '-grivl 15- 'V .Z - rt .fgffsl r ,I ,nr - .L ' ,B -. V F , rr' ' ' nn' " .-1. V .U . ,JW A " w V 4 .., .' A ' ' A 11-.a.-,v ' , ,5 X , .WH ,w ,"" ' - 41 T ' -' -if-'-n': u f" 5- ' .-Jr?-.4 V ' -V" -v ff? . V ' - . -1- !", ,, X- 49 ,11-flgf g Jw' -T ' - Y . v- -if ,g .,..m.1 rg, ,-". 4.-': , . 1.-.dlfi - . M- W C'--3 " - .. --'1.35!..'- ' ' . C fx x ig , Fixx x -s X x 1 'Y X S X 5 ' .V V , K . 4 , ,, 1 .Q O QS ' V, :ww X af fx: 5 Q4 X ' :IQ-if f ' 2 mm, , iw, XX if .rx xg? ww- I . flaws ,.X. , V, 5, sg .J , x , Z . , , W , Q A 1. .mv "' .X X nf, QYX , 11' . f A fe ' N . 9 2 ,a ffix 'mis Y.-rs 2 A232 .W :LS 1 , W ,,z+,,'4,i5 s , , gf .. ly f f 7 W W' f , M X , f , f f 2 i 1 ? 2 rd Ute 5 2 2 I 5 i 4 E E yl 0 ? G s 3 5 3 24 , 1 i T ? i 31 ? 3 2 3 ,S 5 gpm. To the Graduating Class of 19611 Recognition takes many forms: a handclasp, a pat on the back, use of a proper name or title, a salary increase, an emblem, praise or many others. But various situations present u ique opportu ities for providing recognition to others, and these opportunities should be siezed when they come, not chased when they are gone. In brief: Others will like you to the extent that you accord them recognition. I believe that if each of you in your daily work recognizes not only the good you are doing but in turn recognizes the good of others, whether they be your superiors or subordinates, you will find success in abu dance. We of the institute realize that during your stay here, you have found many things to be desired. We also recognize our shortcomings. There are improvements to be made and they are being made. When you go out into the world we hope you will recognize and remember the good we have tried to do. Forgive us the things we could not do. Congratulation and best wishes to you all, Dr. John E. Foster, President DEDICATION The Class of 1961 is proud to dedicate its yearbook to Prof. Lenine M. Gonsalves. In this small way we wish to express recognition to Prof. Gonsalves for his untiring efforts in behalf of the Institute and the student body. To be a success in one's chosen vocation is exemplary in itself, but what is needed today in our society is a keen sense of values. dedication to an ideal. and moral integrity. Professor Gonsalves portrays these ideals and in this way has helped immeasurably in advancing the prestige el New Bedlord Institute ol Technology. fw Adwnf W Qhfgomwi- c cgplw ' f? ww wow, WW wMM?W 5 fda' SKNCAMW WWW Wm.fW ffm ,ww W W 6Z' M WWJMWW W sz M gym W QW M WM WMM WM MA? M if W my Wgm f AE JFK Swmwwgww awww SW Si! W W WW 40 WMM VV N W ffmpwwxmf XWWJ W M wif MW Q7 ZLZW Twig Mf 5 ei gf l?QLg,Qg irf X QQ. CLASS OFFICERS JOHN CERN MILTON BERUBE - Vice President ROBERT LEE Se - cretary DAVID PARENT - Treasurer IAK - President T' ..., F51 H ANTHONY C. ARRUDA, JR. Bachelor of Science E in Electrical Engineering Address: 408 Wood St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Every step is a debate between what you are and what you might become. Ambition: Tgxmfbe a successful engineer. Activities: Newman Club 1, Vice-President 2, President 3, 4. Student Council Vice-President 2 Class Treasurer 2 Univets l, 2 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Charter Member 3, Secretary 4 Student Council Extra-Curricular Activities Award 1958 "MainStay" Nu Beta Tau Charter Member 2, 3, 4. Tech Talk 1, News Editor 2, Sports Editor 3, Editorial Staff 4 Camera Club 1, 2 GIL C. ARAUJO Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 136 Tinkham St., New Bedford, Mass Motto: I'll try anything-once. Ambition: Success. Activities: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. JOHN DONNELL BOWEN Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 465 Bolton St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today. Ambition: To be at the New Bedford Common on my 112th birthday. Activities: Nu Beta Tau Fraternity l, Vice Pres. 2, President 3 and 4. A.I.E.E. 1, Treas. 2, Vice Chairman 3, 4 A.I.E.E-I.R.E. Joint Branch-Chairman 3 Sc 4 Tech Talk 2, Business Manager 3 Sc 4 Newman Club l, 2, 3 I.F.C. 2, 3, 4 Univets l, 2, 3 R Dean's List 1, 2 Semester Soph. Aerovox Scholarship 1960 Outstanding extra-curricular activities Award 3. ROBERT P., BERNARD Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 58 Main St., F2lll'llTlVCI1, Mass .Motfoz No spoon feeding please. Ambition: Become a good teacher Activities: I.R.E. 3,4 A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4 Phi Psi Fraternity l, 2, 3, 4. :aww EDWARD M. CUSSON Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 2l Main St., Acushnet, Mass. Motto: There is nothing so bad that it can't get worse. Ambition: To launch a satellite-carrying rocket. Activities: I.R.E. 3, 4 A.I.E.E. 2, 3 Newman Club 3 Circle K 2 JOHN CERMAK Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 129 Purchase St., New Bedford, Mass Motto: To know man: is to love him. I Ambition: To see my son live his life in peace Activities: A.I.E.E. 1, 2, 3, 4 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. 3, 4, Corresponding Sec. 3 Nu Beta Tau Fraternity 2, 3, 4 Ritualist 2, Social Chairman 2, 3 Univets 1 Student Council 3, 4 Junior Class Secretary Senior Class President GERALD GAUTHIER ' Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 309 Highland St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: To thine own self be true. Ambition: To become reacquainted with the wife and children that I have reluctantly neglected these past four years. Activities: I.R.E.-A.I.E.E. Dean's List l semester FRANK J. GALLAGH ER Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 218 State St., New Bedford, Mass Activities: Newman Club 3, 4 I.R.E.-A.I.E.E. 3, 4 Nu Beta Tau 3, 4 ,fin ill-Tr: Nl-,Q A STEPHEN A. JORGENSEN Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 30 Elm Ave., Fairhaven, Mass. Motto: Live and let live. Ambition: To live a relaxed, happy life. Activities: Delta Kappa Phi Fraternity College Glee Club Protestant Fellowship I.R.E. CASIMIR A. JAROSIK Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 60 Fort St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Don't complain if you have no shoes some people have no feet. Ambition: To be a success. Activities: A.I.E.E. 4 I.R.E. 4 ROBERT A. LEE Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 232 Eugenia St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: It's not the hours you put in, but what you put into the hours. Ambition: To retire. Activities: Phi Psi Fraternity 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Tech Talk l, 2 Protestant Fellowship 4 Demolay Club 2, 3, Pres. 4 A.I.E.E. 1, 2, 3, 4 I.R.E. 3, 4 Dean's List 7 Sernesters Secretary Senior Class Mainstay: Business Editor . Tennis l, 2 Baseball 1 Mathematics Award Physics Award Scholarship 1960-Revere Copper 84: Brass GEORGE KIMPEL Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: ll Circuit St., New Bedford, Mass Motto: To be a good engineer. Ambition: Be happy Activities: I.R.E.-A.I.E.E. i' WALLACE A. REID Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 136 Lexington Ave., No. Dartmouth, Mass. Motto: Nothing ventured nothing gained. Ambitions: To live intensely. Activities: Nu Beta Tau Fraternity Tech Talk Staff ' A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. JAMES D. MARSHALL Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engeering Address: 14 Circuit St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: All a man knows is nothing compared with that which he will never know. Ambition: To reduce the extent of the un- known. Activities: A.I.E.E.-1.R.E. Vice Chairman 4 Tennis 2, 3 Camera Club Newman Club Nu Beta Tau Fraternity Tech Talk Dean's List 1 Semester Scholarship Aerovox Corp. 1959 8c 1960 1,85 JAMES SOUZA Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 334 Ashley Blvd., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Common sense is in spite of, not the result of education. Ambition: Not to be too ambitious. Activities: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. FRANK J. REZEN DES Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 415 Main St., Fairhaven, Mass. Motto: Mfhere there's a will there's a Way. Ambition: To become chief engineer of a large organization. PAUL F. WILSON Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 130 Swan St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: As the circle of light grows, so also does the perimeter of darkness. Ambition: To do all things well. Activities: Tech Talk l, 2, '3 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. EDWIN P. TWAROG Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: ll0 Division St., New Bedford, Mass Motto: Variety is the spice of life. Ambition: To learn something every day. Activities: Tech Talk Photography Club Nu Beta Tau Fraternity A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Univets Club Tennis JAMES J. YOTIDES Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Address: 222 Smith St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Anyone who lives by himself will, in the end, be by himself. Ambition: To be successful. Activities: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. DAVID A. YATES Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering BUSINESS CHEMISTRY ADMINISTRATION n I Francis Tripp Milton S. Briggs KX ENGLISH HUMANITIES Augustus Silva Leo M. Sullivan LIBRARIAN MATHEMATICS Claire N. Riley Anthony J. John ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Lenine M. Gonsalves MECHANICAL PUBLIC ENGINEERING RELATIONS Howard C. Tinkham james A. Flanagan TEXTILE James L. Giblin 1 , , c ..-.twig :X-Y. - 1'.'- u"." :..s,1- . v- N ,. . ,mln ...- 1. X,1..,..- . -,- ., X " P?-,Y.f1,":: 'f"wx. ".1 11' 'QAM -:AE-W." :1'2'N1."' . N XE'5.'w:1:93i.:-"35-'W2.f..V" W' ' 1 . A Hlwf:-.41N11s'1'Q.'-Q 11-11 if A-". :V mf , ' .e1:f'iQil53i'rgf'fK5e'.Sw'4-1 .P 'X . - -Jw 1. ,' Lg.. ' ':,:,: ,Vg-ff.-."gq.': ,... . x Q"-.QQ-' 'snyaaw-1f.,gg,3: 'lQ:v'N-.1 , w ' 'f,'91"-gN'fP5VQ x"."1'5i.f't4.1i+'i.5Q .VT-f':.H rg., . -is 25.-:N e-.iw . M ' "--W. sw..sL':,5-,'-."2f.1f4Q1Te5,-s. TTY. - A "7'f' 7'2" "'l:.11.Lu- 'N""? .x X x5'1'5H,:l , "F 'f.'tfG1'w- SL"lZ95bZ.:"i-.. . 31. 9 , '1"2f Q':,1'Qg YffNf1fJ'!S.,-2 3 r:.13,A 'E'5.Q'f ..-54.. . ,-11, .4x.-. :g..2,w.- Q A.Lva.-'N-is fi-f," , ' -. A ..,x,--,.,,.., . ,,'.N:.-,,v.,3,-. x. - - .1 . . 'xg-. ,xg-, .fy 4. '- ' .' -'-.vw ' ' '+ .rh '...'u' -' .. , - ' .: xv' 11. .,-vw-Xxsw. N- - .-- ,,, ,,,x . ., ' ' -. 'inf-.' v,::w'Ei3'PaW5-'sv , ,-:Sy " ' .1 .115 KFhJ.m,..1-,u.-.-- . ' "Q ' VA ,.:-7"' P QXZQ ., L-J' ' x ..+'N ' .nl MARTIN FICHTENMAYER Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Address: 57 Parker St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: A person is successful if he is doing what he wants to do. Ambition: To be successful and satisfied. Activities: Phi Psi 2, 3, 4 A M. E. Club 2, 3, 4 Newman Club 3 RICHARD R. BONIN Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Address: 199 Collette St., New Bedford, Mass Motto: If I can't take it with me I'm not going Ambition: To be a successful engineer. Activities: M. E. Club l, 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4 Advertising Editor-Mainstay Delta Kappa Phi l, 2, 3, 4 Dean's List 2 M. E. Award 3 ROGER LETEN DRE Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Address: 100 Peirce St., Middleboro, Mass. Motto: Enjoy whatever you do. Ambition: To live, love, and be happy. Activities: M. E. Club 2, 3 Vice-President 4 DONALD W. LEPORE Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Address: 156 Myrtle St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Whatever happens, happens for the best. Ambition: To become president of General Motors. Activities: Phi Psi 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4 M. E. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mainstay Staff JOSEPH F. MOCKER JR. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Address: 43 Prospect St., Taunton, Mass. Motto: You'd be surprised at what you can actually do. Ambition: To be a diversified engineer. Activities: Camera Club l, Vice President 2 Tech Talk l, 2, 3, Circulation Mgr. 4 Glee Club 3 1 Student Council l Newman Club 2, 3 M. E. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mainstay Staff ROBERT C. MCCRILLIS Bachelor of Science i in Mechanical Engineering Address: 61 Cedar St., Taunton, Mass DAVID C. PARENT Bachelor of Science . in Mechanical Engineering Address: lll Rochambeau St., New Bedford, Mass. lldottoz The possible we do immediatelyg the impossible takes a bit longer. Ambition: To own a concordia yawl. Activities: Senior Class Treasurer Interfraternity Council 3, 4 Student Council 4 M. E. Club 2, 3, Secretary 4 Phi Psi l, 2, 3, Vice President 4 Newman Club 3, 4 Tennis 1 THOMAS W. MCGRATH Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Address: 243 County St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Faith and persistence open the road to many goals. A mbition: To be a happy and successful design engineer. Activities: M. E. Club 3, 4 GEORGE E. TABER JR. Address: County Road, West Wareham, Mass. Motto: No one ever climbed the ladder of success carrying a chair. Ambition: To own a car that runs. Activities: Phi Psi 1, 2, 3 Secretary 4 M. E. Club 3, 4 Mainstay Editor-in-Chief Track l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer Manager 2 A Interfraternity Council 2 GEORGE D. ROGERS JR. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Address: 210 Chancery St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: It's better late than never. Ambition: To become the top engineer in my own field. Activities: M. E. Club l Phi Psi 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2 Q- . H , wx , , " X "if XE, AQ.i"',u ,nl w willy 1 N 1, l, ' 11 ,VL ' V ,QL tlx fx ' 1 4 -" 'I,,l,4 Y' 5. f., 'QM X. "WH, ' 'Vw , '- y:,,' ,.,1,:.f 51, "wr VM, K, 'M'j.9.,,' .fx-151, , M " 'y ',y.x.1 ,Q -, -','.:.A K wvyx., x 1 . , ,, 1 1 . . , I ,h Hwy I' A tsl-hiv", 'j'lL,i'5.x M' w, N .U 1.51 ,fx -' . '4 .'. H X' , ' J" '-...' .' np. pl , ' ' 'ff' 'im-'Q . -. w - 1.4 :f,.f'.' Q E4 tv1,2.1"Q n . 1 I A EUGENE R. MON DOU Bachelor of Science in Textile Chemistry Address: 74 Reynolds St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Knowledge is life. Ambition: Success in terms of happiness. Activities: 'Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4 Circle K 2, 3, 4, Advisor 3, Treasurer 4 Nu Beta Tau Fraternity 3, 4 A.C.S. Member A.C.S. tStudent Branchl 2, 3, 4, President 4 Dean's List 6th Semester DONALD G. LUCAS Address: 270 Wfood St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: The sky is no limit. Ambition: To own a ranch. Activities: Soccer l, 2 Protestant youth fellowship 2, 3, 4, President 3 Demolay Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4 Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4 Circle K 2 Phi Psi Fraternity 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4 KANU BHAI S. DESAI Master of Science in Textile Chemistry Address: Gamdi, Anand-Kaira, Gujarat-India Motto: Self help is the best help. Ambition: To be a successful textile chemist. MILTQN A. BERUBE Bachelor olf Science in Textile Chemistry Address: 4312 Acuslinct Ave., New Mass. Bedford lllottoz As a man thinketh, so he is. Ambition: Doctorate in Clicinislry. Activities: Vice President Senior Class Student Council 4 A.C.S. member and Vice President 4 A.A.T.C. 2, 3, 4 Newman Club l, 2, 3, President 4 Circle K 2, 3, Director 4 Mainstay, Photography Editor Delta Kappa Phi Fraternity l, 2, 3, 4 P. RAMAKRISHNAM Master of Science in Textile Chemistry Address: "Lalitha Niwas," 8 I-Iayther Street, Secunderabad-Andhra-India Motto: To lend my ears to reserve my judge- ment. Ambition: To work for doctorate degree and to teach in a university in my chosen field. DINESH V. RADIA Master of Science in Textile Chemistry Address: I6 Gan Pat Bhuvan, Bombay 7, India Motto: True to myself, charitable to all, a better World, I hope, because I passed this way. Ambition: To be a research chemist. fill' BI-PINCHANDRA R. SHUKL FACULTY as-ff' JOHN R. BARYLSKI CLIFFORD N. BECK ROBERT C. BOOTH JOHN C. BROADMEADOW Asst. Professor Instructor Instructor Assoc. Professor Mech. Eng. Dept. Textile Dept. Design EkFash. Dept. Chemistry Dept. Ag., ' EDYVARD H. CLOUTIER EDXVARD A. CORMIER GEORGE CHENG MICHAEL CROXVLEY ASSOC--Pf0f6SS0f Instructor Instructor Assoc. Professor TCXl1lC Dept- Bus. Admin.-Dept. Electrical Eng. Dept. Math. Dept. EARL J. DIAS EDMUND J. DUPRE LOUIS E. FENAUX FERDINAND P. FIOCCHI Asst. Professor Assoc. Professor Assoc. Professor Asst. Professor. English Dept. Chemistry Dept. Chemistry Dept. Chemistry Dept. aififgffi is? Q' 'Elie Q RITA DESJARDINS Bachelor of Science in Textile Design and Fashion Address: 22 McGurk St., New Bedford, Mass. NORMA JANE CASEY Bachelor of Science in Textile Design and Fashion Address: 1267 Rockdale Avenue, New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Accomplish your aims, earn honor but do not claim it. Ambition: To lead a full and happy life. Activities: Class Secretary l, 2, Class President 3 Student Council President 3 Student Council Secretary 1 Kappa Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2 Jazz Society 3, 4 A.A.T.T. 3, 4 Newman Club l, 2, 3 Junior Prom Chairman 3 ELLEN J. ISRAELSON Bachelor of Science in Textile Design and Fashion Address: 1285 E. Rodney French Blvd., Bedford, Mass. Ambition: To apply myself effectively. Activities: A.A.T.T. Secretary 3 Dean's List l, 2, 3, 4 Kappa Sigma Phi Sorority 3, 4 Vice President 3 I.F.C 4 Class Treasurer 3 - Student Council Representative 3 jazz Society Secretary 3 ' New NORMAN W. FU LLER Bachelor of Science in Textile Design and Fashion Address: 483 Union St., New Bedford, Mass X54 JAN ET G. PASELL Bachelor of Science in Textile Design and Fashion Address: 118 Tucker Road, North Dartmouth, Mass. Motto: Anything Worth doing is Worth doing well. Ambition: To find success and happiness in life. Activities: Kappa Sigma Phi 1, Treasurer 2, 3, 4 A.A.T.T. 3, 4 - Jazz Society 3 Junior Prom Committee Protestant Fellowship 4 Mainstay Art Editor JOEL LIPSITT Bachelor of Science in : Textile Design and Fashion Address: 5 Briggs Court, New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Be resolved that honor is heavier than mountains, While death is lighter than a feather. Ambition: To retire at the age of 43 and to buy the Moulin Rouge night club in Paris. CYNTHIA SUSAN VERCELLONE Bachelor of Science in Textile Design and Fashion Address: 1520 Purchase St., New Bedford, Mass. Ambition: To fulfill all my ambitions. RONALD J. TETRAU LT Bachelor of Science in Textile Design and Fashion Address: 74 York St., No. Dartmouth, Mass Motto: He who hesitates is lost. Ambition: To be successful. FACULTY FRANK GOLEN FRYDERYK GORCZYCA Instructor Business Adm. Instructor Mech. Eng. Dept. CELESTINO D. MACEDO FREDERIC R. MATTFIELD Assoc. Professor Bus. Admin: Dept. Asst. Professor English Dept. it .V XIARGOT NEUGEBAUER LOUIS PACHECO, JR. SI-IELDON H. HARRIS Assoc. Professor Humanities Dept. WA LTER MIERZEJEVVSKI Instructor Math. Dept. HANS PICARD IVARREN M. HOLT Assoc. Professor Math.. Dept. DR. DXVIGHT F. MOWERY Professor Chemistry Dept. EVELYN RAMALHETE Asst. Professor Assoc. Professor Instructor llnsffucwl' Design 8. Fash. Dept. Textile Dept. Elec. Eng. Dept. Dfslgn Sf Fash- DffPf- gp pl! Q 0 'Oli . 0 0 O I Q Q Q r o Q!! f I , 00 5' cos ooo 9 f alll A " .pl l p' rl!!! 'f Q 1 Q sr 'l 1 0 a a gf '- 1 11 11 11: Il' :IL 3 V", . 'UM .". .,,..' .'. '1 1. .P . vQ1511j" fviggj-'1iK Ql,5q3f1.Ef,Lf .D V X, -,mm X .N.v5N.gH0b,. +41 W, V f.,:A... 5. ,K lv. W -: .. 1 A -' fx, '7gf3ffI?QiQ?gi':iln'4Q2 :wg E --a1..,, x x P, img ,,,, . ..., x 1 - '. 1.4, , , :VAX-K P , nj, ,,,.1..,5 ,fx 1.11-, '. W mm, Lg'.',' f:53f," vTff.,'1,,' ,f R ,.,, f,,,,.1,f W., vw ' fq,w.:yN5gifgx - We iff' lf: ' vfsfma1Hv:f13M3Yi'S:-P .Rx ix Y N vu 'QXTQSQX Ei 1 X Qixiq uxxg qN'Lqq.NW',. .gvz x .w X-.N J . N..3'V Q. 1-, , H i' 'yaygj-: f r. - 1.4 3 Wi- Skmzliax . 'H -'J in-:d,,.R..Q J . W- H W .X :a w r- ,WSP-,uf-'H M. -' f-ml---1 -V , - JS 1,x!Q':fiN-: 'ewgia 1-'f'?'4QYiA'-' 5-'iff ' - '-'xi' V' XV x ua- X ., A v'.wNh.,i,A.l1. ,zz Nil. . , A .. f 4 YY?-Q3fsQ:'if1 .. ,4 11W-i.',.g2f.,.-.fag-WipgA. ,,-,.k, N ,. fx fem' 1 is ' 5, ' 2 -1,augz-1'y.gy9xy..,,g5?:,x Tgccf,-,. .-fm... 'A ft-5 .,"'-S5:...:- -. 'ir-, '. CF M,-.Na.,,T4: -, , , ,- .. - -.'9..sNI'a' 'zu' W, .3 ' ,, E,+?3,1P1'gt:2.r3i:4gx"?x -Nr-Q" --'sa 'E . . 1 efzxfsfiqeii X 1: ,-.7 XF' n ' mr. . -'-0 w -5. -, f V N. KWONG S. "LINCOLN" CHENG Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering Address: ll Lan Fong Rd., Hong Kong, China Motto: A word to the wise is sufficient. Ambition: Textile Tycoon. Activities: A.A.T.T. 3, 4 Phi Psi 1, 2, 3, 4' Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 ILTAN K. AKGUN ES Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering Address: Adana, Istanbul, Turkey Motto: Let your conscience be you Ambition: Success. Activities: Phi Psi 2, 3, 4 A.A.T.T. 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 r guide 5-FR R DAVID W. DARWELL Diploma in Textile Manufacturing Address: 107 Moss St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Do your best. Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Delta Kappa Phi l, 2, 3 Golf 2 Intermural Basketball 3, 4 A.A.T.T. 3 A RICHARD F. DANSEQELS Bachelor ol Science in Textile Technology Address: 78 Eugenia St., New Bedford, Mass Ambition: To succeed and be happy. Activities: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Track 2 Delta Kappa Phi l, 2, 3, 4 A.A.T.T. 3, 4 ilunsf' RONALD E. HALL Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology Address: 26 Nye Ave., Acushnet, Mass. Ambition: To be successful. Activities: Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 - Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 BRADLEY S. DRAKE Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology Address: 7 Laurel St., Fairhaven, Motto: Silence is the virtue. Ambition: To succeed. Activities: A.A.T.T. 3 Delta Kappa Phi l, 2, 3, 4 Mass ALEXANDER J. KING, JR. Diploma in Textile Manufacturing Address: 3427 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Perseverence, patience, and time cure most problems. Ambition: To succeed in whatever is under- taken. Activities: Newman Club 3, 4 A.A.T.T. 3, 4 VERNON J. lilllillgifii Bachelor of Ficicfitry in Textile Technology Address: 95 Linden St., New Bccllor Molto: Practice make perfect. Ambition: To live to a ripe old age Activities: A.A.T.T. 3, 4 ,4 sg. - u gh ' ' 'K"'i" ' ,J 4 ' ' Rgijffbfb ,. ' 5' 1 i .ii L . ' . 2 ' A K4 A , , ,K N.: .K Qin'- Y ' 1 ' Q , . .7 , 52. -. - 4 iz", 4 -- '- 1 Q. ...ww rm? WILLIAM G. O'CONNELL Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology Address: 112 Chase St., North Dighton, Mass. Motto: Be prepared. fl rn bition: Success Activities: Basketball 1, 3 ROBERT A. MACHADO Diploma in Textile Manufacturing Address: 179 South Main St., Acushnet, Mass Ambition: To get married. Activities: Intramural Basketball 3 Wh,-v STAU NTON B. RICHARDS Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology Address: 233 VVood St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Anything worth doing is worth doing. Ambition: Career in Textiles. Activities: Vice President Classics Club 4 Delta Kappa Phi 2 WILLIAM F. PI' Bachelor ol Science in Textile Technology Address: ll8 High St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: To each his own. Anzbition: To stay happy. . A V, 1 xl. '1'1?Q1 .QQME us, . 1.4 -"1 JOHN W. THOMPSON Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology Address: 32 Priscilla St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power. Ambition: Lifelong growth of character, know- ledge, and friendships. Activities: Inter-Fraternity Council 2, 3, President 4 A.A.T.T. 2, President 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee Mainstay yearbook committee Delta Kappa Phi l, 2 Co-Chairman House 3 Vice President 4 PETER STETKIEWICZ Diploma in Textile Manufacturing Address: 194 Belmont St., Fall River, Mass Ambition: Top T.M. 4 s , as RENATO TOMASINI Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology Address: 137 Reldyes Ave., Leonia, N. S. Motto: It's coffee time. So l2 Ambition: N - C - R - C - Kg To find out what this means. OH Activities: Delta Kappa Phi 1, Co-Chairman 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3 Track 2 ' GEORGE R. 'TRAVERS Bachelor of Sciciicix in Textile Technology Address: 204 Davis St., New Bedford, Mass. Motto: To err is human, to forgive is divine Ambition: To make my second million. Activities: Newman Club 4 A.A.T.T. 3, 4 FACULTY LIOHN T. REGAN -IOSEPH L. ROBERTS Instructor Mech. Eng. Dept. Asst. Professor Textile Dept. ANTONE RODIL WILLIAM A. SILVEIRA Asst. Professor Asst. .Professor Math. Dept! Textile Dept. 'N...f' FRED R, TRIPP RICHARD XVALDER Instructor Instructor Chemistry Dept. Elec. Eng. Dept. CONRAD P. RICHARD LOUIS ROBITAILLE Instructor Humanities Dept. Asst. Professor Mech. Eng. Dept. ARTHUR V. SYVAYE GEORGE THOMAS Asst. Professor Physics Dept. Asst. Professor Textile Dept. jOHN F. WAREING VIYIAN ZERBONNE Instructor Instructor Elec. Eng. Dept. Humanities Dept. i 1.7 A . ' L7 T H. ,A v w A W. 5 . ' ' zz . V ' , 31 Q' QV' ..,' , 1 gn, '."f:".,,'1sj-gy, '-"g,""n-I 1' ,ca,v- '1 ' 5 - '. W- S-x:-AIM "'-w.,I?.f-Ijffgt'-:'N,',f5n.I,!',1Ta.'-NT. I ' I - xl -V.-,H-,wx ph Pj- .,V,',.-ILL, ' .0 .,,, , . -I-fx .zulu I ,ny V. wk I -.-I. .. .V-I--XM. I I 77-I4 .-."-.:" ' xx? 9- I' .. -.ML -. I - "-HX-,I I Fifth 'ii' 1?Iif5K"',x'I'X M"-,4Ik.QN'I,:. A',x fx-IA., I . Ml- . ,4 y 1 . . v . , 1 ,j,1,vw. A My yy-Q-N 'Ill 5y,ym,:p 4,5 ,J lu: 9 'I I'IP,'.MxII1fI16' I, IQ xI'Il'f5I.I: 'fkaiaafijl-IJ"::TII3'. 54,-Q. A ' ' I XII .,q.:1I.5 'R ,- -, 'Wg -,5-i533-,gW:fA ', L,-gg : -' fI1'IIIIII ' 'If+fI'F5'.Ii12FEIv !x,"'aJff. 125- Aff. ' .J-If .1 -I F 1-NQZS,-gram - . 'v",.: If I eiqxiv, . 411. 'I'II?.,x: Y- X1'5'1f 'xx ' .Z ' .,. ,JI .".. " k.'..'-- .:5.,: ,Q Iqxb, J, 3, QL ef? .In xii-',.A E . I .,r EIA-f I ,fg..X., :JMX --Jggj3T':, v-'A v . .::a'fa.-psig -msd?" QQ . . I . xr: " ,. rg? - + . ...--23.1.13 ' r - II,-'xi-pfsz ' 3342.51 V. 1 -- I WI Q QR., X' N-'y,.,,if. 'W 3 .. .1 ,,I,-1 I1 ,,-,. ,, . - .w X. . .f rf.. vyugw7I ,vim '-1 f 1 .HY'.TI'i:I. If"--'I'-.f"w? T"Zm'f ' -' - - I - I" IIfRR'.I,x,'fx.'-Nfi'iI?s,g'.?" :lk Q.-v, V. . - -' 'IL Ig' LSIPL gm 'pgii' 'f pg : 'I T4- I .'-Q ' If-I vII5:I - ' WQQERTTQ I I ' gma Ir:-'ans - "If fri 1-SL sis.-, .- . N 1 A . T.-wh , X ..i:5N:L4J-.l XII' 23. - 5' If . 131' -ANJA-' -- may MY: v - wyg g-,A , -I 'N ', . I-. 2 qw, K' -Lg: I-. 'Eg-"0'2w 'EI 'I A . . .ggq3,:3Rr ggxgz k ,, ' - V: -' L .asv Z, -apr. Lv- -- , . si ,353 V4i-gftg-52i: . 3x .6 f " ling-I-T'fi',i.g-K ,wg ' :qE.,s:1., fbgeia- -Y-55-5.2 -1 ,,-pw: c . Ng, .-iiqgug. -5- 3:-'TK 'fiv-?5'-gi ACTIVITIES gy' wx- ,.A- K STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the most unique of all organizations here at the Institute. Its primary purpose is to formulate student opinion. It also acts as a liaison between the student body and faculty-admin- istration. The Council is composed of the 16 class officers of the four classes. The president of the Junior Class is automatically the president of the Council. Each year the Student Council receives 310, called a student activities fee, from each student. From this money, the Council makes allotments to the four classes and also to any student organization desiring financial aid. The Council sponsors several social functions free of charge to all students. Such events as the Welcome-Back Banquet in October, the Farewell Dance in June, and the Class Day assembly in May are examples of Council activities in the field of student service. Throughout the scholastic year, students and organizations at Tech bring forth complaints and ideas to the Student Council, which dis- cusses and evaluates them before deciding on a course of action. JEANE LEVESQUE - Sec. DANIEL SULLIVAN - Vice Pres. EDWARD CQRMIER - Advisor IVILLIAM TITCOMB - Pres. ROBERT OLIVEIRA - Treas. ' H l 4-" IUNIOR Left to right:- IVILLIAM HAYDEN - Secretary DAVID FERNANDES - Vice President STEVEN McNAMARA - Treasurer XVILLIAM TITCOMB - President FRESHMEN Left to right:- JEFFERY JACKSON - Vice President RAE ELLEN BESSE - Secretary CAROL MIEIA - Treasurer DONALD DUILIO, - President , SENIORS Left to right:- AIOHN CERNIAK - ijl'l'SiCiCIIl MILTON BERUBE - Vim President DAVID PARENT - 'liiscziraiiim' ROBERT LEE - Secrctzary SOPHOMORE Left to right:- ROGER AMES - Vice President ROBERT OLIVEIRA- Treasurer JEANNE LEVESQUE - Secretary DANIEL SULLIVAN - President 15511 Ure X 4' 0 of 'yn 1895 'A ' ' QQ , t'.5Ca'LfSf 20X D- 'U. Z sa 2 EJ ' '9 'L f O 4'. 1- New Bedford Institute of Technology Av- ? Aww W. J. KERWIN CELESTINO C. MACEDO Editor Faculty Advisor e , W LILLIAN B. CROWELL Layout Editor JOHN BOWEN Business Manager iii? 3 gm JOHN SHEFFIELD JOSEPH C. CARREIRO Photography Editor Advertising Manager Q I A lt n Q - M. Y' - JOHN TRZNADEL CINDY BARROS Sports Editor Art Editor ' If 'E' STEVE MCNAMARA CAROL TENCZAR Circulation Manager Office Manager .L.:, ' 'X -Q xiii 'QR X 0 X, is IR I-Q ,- l ., 1. . eeeee , 3 I W V X in V ,, ,gniog s w P- ff WWW! CiL'IliRlg ilu' Story Laying Out Proof Reading at the Printers The Finished Product AIEE - IRE The Student Branch of the AIEE-IRE was chartered last year when the newly-organized student branch of the Institute of Radio Engineers was merged with the existing student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. The purpose of this organization is to foster the pro- fessional development of electri- cal engineering students. AIEE-IRE performs its func- tions through the mediums of the student branch and the sponsor- ing national organizations. Student branch activities are social, technical, and educational in nature. The student branch sponsors such events as field trips to industrial concerns, films, din- ner meetings, paper-Writing con- tests, technical meetings. and co- sponsors with the Mechanical En- gineering Club the annual Valen- tine's Dance. Members of the pro- fession are invited to speak on top- ics ranging from space technology to advertising. Student members are also en- couraged to participate in the var- ious activities sponsored by the national organizations. By attend- ing sectional and national meet- ings of AIEE and IRE, the student member is able to meet and ex- change ideas with national mem- bers, many of whom are leaders in the profession. By these means, the student branch and the national organiza- tions serve as agencies for the con- tinuing professional development of the electrical engineer. ENGINEERING CLUB The purpose of the En- gineering Club is to broaden the student's acquaintance with the engineering field outside of the classroom. This is accomplished through a movie schedule designed to acquaint the student with up to date techniques used in industry, through field trips on which the student has an opportunity to see first hand practical applica- tions of principles studied in the classroom, and final- ly, through dinner meetings where members have an op- portunity to hear talks by some of the leading engin- eers in the New England area. A highlight on the school social calendar is the Annual Valentine Dance which is co- sponsored by the Engineer- ing Club and the student branch of the A. I. E. E. - I. R. E. Left to right LIONEL MACHADO - Corres-Sec. IRE CAROL TENCZAR - Sec. AIEE J. DONNELL BOWEN - chairman AIEE IRE JAMES MARSHALL - IRE-AIEE Vice Chairman MR. RICHARD YVALDER - Advisor ANTHONY ARRUDA - Sec. IRE-AIEE Left to Right MARK CHARON ROGER LETENDRE RICHARD BONIN JAMES MURRAY DAVID PARENT HOXIVARD TINKHAM Advisor NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club, an affiliate of the National Federation of Newman Clubs, is an organiza- tion formed to promote Catholic Action at the college level. The goal of this organization is to guide the Catholic Students in developing their faith and to pro- vide a balanced program of spir- itual, educational, and social ac- tivity. INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL -The Inter-Fraternity Coun- eil. consists of twelve ap- pointed members from the three fraternities and the sorority at N. B. I. T. This group meets monthly for the purpose of guiding and fur- thering the cooperation be- tween fraternal groups. The I. F. Caexempliiies the fact that unity is essential to all fraternal power. Left to right JOSEPH LIMA - Treas. CAROL TENC-ZAR - Sec. MILTON BERUBE - Pres. GEORGE SULLIVAN - Vice Pres l MICHAEL BARBER - Vice Pres SHAUNEEN GOGGIN - Sec. Treas JOHN THOMPSON - Pres. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The American Chemical Society is the world's largest organizaton devoted to a single science. 151 geographic units practically blanket the entire nation and its possessions. The Society owns, edits, and pub- lishes the journal of the Ameri- can Chemical Society, Chemical Abstracts, Industrial and En- gineering Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and other publica- tions. Affiliation with a professional society benefits members in training for their work. It brings out and augments their abilities just as certain chemicals em- phasize the flavor of foods. It promotes personal reactions in the manner of a catalyst in a chemical reaction. A member receives Chemical and Engineering News, the weekly news magazine of the chemical world. He is also able to receive subscriptions to other ACS journals at reduced rates. Also a student member has free use of the ACS Employment Clearing house, a service that has helped many students locate positions. ISO The International Students Organization, a new club here at the Institute, was begun to further relations between coun- tries. This will be accomplished by meetings and discussions at which the many foreign students that attend the school would give talks on their country and answer questions pertaining to their ways of life. Here at tech at this moment are students from Peru, India, Iran, Hong Kong, Turkey, Israel, and the Phillipines. PETER DeCOSTA - Sec. Treas. EUGENE MONDOU - Pres. ' MILTON BERUBE - Vice Pres. P. RAIVIKISNAN - Pres. MISS VIVIAN ZERBONNE - Faculty Advisor WILLIAINI KERXVIN - Sec. Treas. KANUBHAI S. DESAI - Vice Pres. A. A. T. T. The objects of the American Association of Textile Tech- nology are to promote inter- change of professional knowl- edge of textile technology among members, to stimulate fraternal intercourse among technologists, to provide means for diffusion of the knowledge of textile technol- ogy, and to acquaint the stu- dent with the practical work- ings and future business asso- ciates in some branch of the textile industry. CIRCLE K The Circle K club is not just an- other social fraternity but a ser- vice organization similar to Kiwanis and other service clubs. It serves at the college level. It is a char- acter building group which offers service on the campus, to the school and to the community. The Motto - "WE BUILD" The significance of the Circle K club is to be found, not in the name itself, but in the high idealism to which the members of the organiza- tion have themselves given expres- sion, by unselfish and practical ser- vice. In a word, Circle K means what Circle K men have made it mean. It is appropriate, therefore, that Circle K should have adopted the motto of its sponsor, Kiwanis Inter- national, namely, "We Build." J Left to right JOSEPH CARREIRO - Vice Pres. DEAN JAMES GIBLIN - Faculty Advisor JOHN THOMPSON - Pres. CIRCLE K Lefr re Right ROGER PovANT - see. WILLIAM HAYDEN - Pres. WILLIAM TITCOMB - Vice Pres EUGENE MoNDoU - Trees. Left to Right: fs jOSEPH LIMA - Treasurer DAVID PARENT - Vice President MICHAEL BARBER - President RONALD PACHECO - Secretary PHI PSI Fraternity, with chapters ranging from New Bedford, Mass. to Lubbock, Texas. is the largest professional textile fraternity in the world. It was originally founded at Philadel- phia Textile Institute to promote the comrade- ship and mutual advancement of its brothers in the textile profession. Today, brothers of PHI PSI hold positions of esteem in many diversified industries, while still leading the textile field. Here at Tech Beta Chapter was organized in 1904. It has continuously strived to instill the qualities of leadership in its brothers. This is plainly evident by reviewing the industry roster of the high positions achieved by Beta Alumni. As in the past, Beta will continue to send its qualified brothers to success and hap- piness in industry. QB D PHI PSI MEMBERSHIP Leonard Babineau Benjamin Barboza jr. Roger Bavoux Peter Burknes David Borkman Leon Bourassa Robert Braley William Butler Paul Cavanaugh Russell Coelho Edmund Diggle john Gason Michael Harding Shelton Hood jeffery jackson Richard Laferriere Charles Manley Farez Mazaheri Anibal Mederios Robert Oliveira john Pacheco Ramakrisna Rajendran john Reagan john Rita joseph Sanchez William Serpa Peter Shea XValter Shepard jr james Siedliski XVillia1n Siwik George Snow joseph Southerland Karl Svendsen Edward Sylvia Michael Szydlauski Stephen Vieira Ronald Walsh Antone Moniz P. Ramakishnan Iltan Akunes Charles Arruda Michael Barber Robert Bernard Lincoln Cheng Paul Copper Martin Fich tenmeyer William Fontes lVilliam Kerwin Robert Lee Donald Lepore joseph Lima Carlos Lim Donald Lucas jesse Metcalf Robert McCrillis Carl Ostler Ronald Pacheco David Parent George Rogers George Taber Frederick Underhill vf NIT. Left to Right: JAMES BROWNELL, VVILLIAM RUSSELL, JOSEPH CARR JOHN LOPES, DONNELL BOYVEN, ,JAMES STAHLEY, EDXNARD CHMIEL- PAUL XNHELAN. The Alpha chapter of Nu Beta Tau was started during the winter of 1957 by ten students who felt that the schools rapid growth provided room for another fraternity. On May 5th, 1958 the fraternity received its charter from the administration. At the start of the current school year there were thirty one active members, and following a success- ful Bid Week the membership has increased to fifty seven. "Help Week" found the Pledges painting at St. Mary's Home and assisting in the construction of Bowling Alleys at the New Bedford Boys Club. These projects and others planned for the future, will continue to make Nu Beta Tau an integral part of the school and civic affairs. Araujo, Gil C. Arruda, Anthony C. Jr. Benjamin, Donald V. Bowen, John D. Breault. Ronald Brownell, James Butts, George C. Carreiro, Joseph C. Carvalho, Albert Cermak, John F. Champagne, Paul R. Chmiel, Edward Denham, Ronald J. DeSouza, John Jr. Dextraze, Raymond E. Duval, Raul Gallagher, Francis J. Haaland, John Jr. Hamer, Edward Jr. Haracz, Albert Jr. Hardie, XVil1iam T. Jr. Harding, Ernest XV. Kabala, Leonard Kane, Douglas LaBossiere, Roland Lavigne, Normand E. LeFrancois, Ronald R. Levasseur, Albert N. EIRO, Levasseur, John D. Lopes, John F. Jr. Louro, Frank M. Jr. Machado, Lionel P. Machado, Kenneth lNIacMenamy, Frederick Maguire, Edward Marley, Arthur Jr. Marshall, James D. Martin, Robert L. Mondou, Eugene Oliveira, Robert F. Pendergast, William Pimental, David J. Ponte, Ronald Pothier, Robert W. Rainford, Alan F. Reid, XVallace A. Resendes, Albert Jr. Rezendes, Frank J. Robillard, Ronald J. Saunders, Carl R. Stahley, James A. Taylor, Charles G. Twarog, Edwin P. Whelan, Paul Yotides, James J. BT Delta Kappa Phi Fraternity is one of the oldest national fraternities in America. It is listed in the World Almanac and the Blue Book of professional fraternities. The members of Delta Chapter are matriculating in chemistry, engineering, textile and business administration courses offered here at New Bedford Institute of Technology. XVith campus life limited as it is here at Tech, the student has- to turn to a fraternity for the social aspect of college life. D. K. brings into realization this desire of its members through the use of its large fraternity house located at 54 Campbell Street. The purposes of the Fraternity are many. For the school Delta Kappa Phi is a service organiza- tion. The Fraternity continually strives to ad- vance the aims and interests of the school through the various projects, services, and activi- ties of its members. For the members the Fra- ternity is an inspiration to high scholastic achievement by encouraging its members in ac- quiring a thorough education in the courses of their choice. The fraternity relationships and social enjoyment gained by the members assists in forming the bonds of friendship between men of common interests. By encouraging active participation of the members in all school activities, athletics, and other functions, the Fraternity serves to prornote a wellrounded character development. For the industry the Fraternity functions to furnish professional men of high caliber for executive and managerial responsibilities. ' Left to Right: STETSON DRAKE - Cor. Sec. ROGER PAYANT - House Chairman j'OHN THOMPSON - Vice President JOHN VIEIRA - President NORMAN MULLINS - Treasurer j. L. LeBLANC - Rec. Sec. ROBERT FREDETTE - Sargeant-at-Arms Roger Ames Gene Cardoza Paul Cormier Richard Lima Frank Ottavianelli Philip Chase Andrew Martin Stephen McNamara Stuart Lawrence William Titcomb Marc Charron Normand Mullins Douglas Johnson Richard Santos Richard Silva john Bastoni Richard Fraga Robert Costa Peter Mendell james Sullivan Robert Fredette joseph Taffe Manuel Texeira J. L. LeBlanc Donald Swan Philip Medeiros james Murray james Osborne Michael Couto Daniel Sullivan Richard Greenwood john Hannon james Boyle David Fernandes joseph Galego, Jr. Manuel Mello George Oliveira Harry Scalione, jr. David Rita David Yates Ronald Tetrault Renato Tomasini Daniel deLuz Martin Frankell joseph Lombardi Robert Morrill james Porte Robert Sheehan Henry Tavares, jr. Richard Bonin Ronald Hall Bradley Drake Dennis Brody Gerald Hall Robert Lemaire Robert Nourjian Alfred Alves XVilliam Hayden Cornelius Moriarty john Chase Roger Poyant james Harrison Robert Meunier john Vieira jr. Robert Surprenant William Ross Vernon Barry Frank Araujo Mathew Dastis Frederick Friedberg Xlfilliam Losch Ralph Nelson Normand Savaria Sidney Smith Stephen Jorgensen Milton Berube john Thompson 4 9f',i1 X EW Left to Right CAROLYN EDDY-Pres. PAT WRIGHT-Vice Pres. SYLVIA AAMENSON-Sec. BETTY ANN DOUCETTE-Treas. KAPPA SIGMA PHI The Kappa Sigma Phi Sorority consists of 33 sisters whose purpose is the exchange of know- ledge, sincerity, and fraternity. The Sorority was established on the 27th of October in 1943 at the Philadelphia Textile Institute. The official colors are purple and white. Purple representing the high ideals we stand for and the white representing the purity of purpose. The Sorority also has an official flower, the IRIS, a meaning behind its sorority pins and coat of arms. Kappa Sigma Phi meets once a month and each year a schedule is planned for the academic year. Among the many various social functions held are: The Annual Get-Together, which gives the Freshmen girls a chance to become acquainted with the sorority and its sisters, and the Annual Faculty Christmas Luncheon, which is prepared by the sisters themselves. Other activities also include the Installation Banquet, "Hell YVeek" Initiation of new mem- bers, and the Induction Banquet. The Sorority provides at least one social out- ing held for the sisters and made possible by two money making projects allotted to them by the Inter-Fraternity Council. Last year it held a successful cake sale at the Star Store and the school lobby. During the Christmas season it had a sale of candy. KAPPA SIGMA PHI MEMBERS Carol Tenczar jean Levesque Gail Fricker Sue IVhitely Polly Ann Maxfield Loraine Talgo Pat Wright Lynda Valley Rita Desjardins Norma Casey Cindy Vercelone Carolyn Skie Rochelle Guay jane Booth Mary Ann Lomba Marshia Crowell Dolores Powell Susan Amaral Shan joan Marshall neen Goggin Florence IVillbur Anne Gillibrand Elizabeth Doucette Cindy Barrows Lillian Crowell .Ianett Paselle Maria De Mello Ellen Isrealson Nancy Dexter Annette Bourque Carolyn Eddy Claire Parreault Sylvia Aamenson Diane Crowell Carolyn Morin ZCD SOCCER Edward Cloutier-Coach For the second year in a row New Bedford 'I'cch's soccer squad pulled off what could be termed a hat trick-copping the NAIA New England title, the SNECC title, and the Colonial Intercollegiate Conference title. With ten returning lettermen, Coach Cloutier's forces had little trouble improving on last year's record 412-2-2 and a Gel-17 goal totaljg they crushed the opposition with 57 goals to ten while icking un thirteen vic m L P t, l i A tories. one tie, and no defeats. In two of the games they scored nine times. Probably their most cherished victory was the 2-1 playoff game against Nichols College. An extra game, this one was theresult of the thrilling triple overtime 2-2 scheduled game. Leading scorer again was Bill Butler fol- lowed closely by Ronnie Ponte. Butler re- ceived the outstanding player award for his stellar offensive performances on the pitch. Faisal Al-Marzook, an import from Iran, won the the Outstanding Freshman Award while Kwong Cheng was voted the MVP Award. Cheng played four years of varsity soccer for Coach Cloutier and was, undoubtedly. one of the best outside lefts ever to wear a Tech uniform. George Pires was a MAINSTAY in the nets. Pires proved to be an able replacement for departed Russ lVissman and simulated some acrobatic saves that Russ was so well noted for. Again, as it was last year, it was hard to single out any individual performance be- cause of the overall outstanding team per- formance. SEASONS RECORD-1960 Tech Opp. R. I. College of Education 5 I Durfee College of Technology 3 0 Assumption College I 0 Barrington College 4 0 University of Rhode Island 4 0 Nichols College 2 2 New England"College 4 2 Nasson College 3 l Lowell Technological Institute 3 1 Babson Institute 9 0 St. Francis College 9 2 Durfee College of Technology 4 0 Barrington College .4 O Nichols College' 2 1 1' Playoff game for league title TOTALS 57 10 S.. Mfg. Left to Right: ED CLOUTIER -- Soccer Coach FRED TRIPP - Athletic Director BILL BUTLER LINCOLN CHENG FAISAL AL-MARZOOR qn,,,qm,n.,.,.,,:H,. ,. Y .,..,M,,,. .c?.,.W.s.., ....-.yf--ff V Q f----5 ' 'sr rift -T525 tr NESS tr flirt is I fa U M r ti F ' .-we-15515 IQ T E, ti at as at ' A 2 1: A x.V V BASKETBALL james 1'llllllltlllll-fitlllfll XX iIh.iuu llmle-A Xssistinii tlogitli New lledioid leilrs Wlizilers ended their haslselhall season with ll respeitzihle IIN record. lhey lrurshed then SNl'C.t season with gi fl-6 record and lor the second year in a row, Iinished third in the Noith,South Touriiey Playing their last games lor 'lech this season were Capt. Butch NILNLIIIIZIYZI, and reserves Richie Daniels and Ron Hall: the latter two played outstanding hall when called upon to spell one ol' the regulars. Coach 1'Sl1lll2lf1yZlll'S chargers were helped iimneasurahly by the addition ol' newcomers Richie Munson. a 6-5 center, and Bruce Yiolante who teamed up with McNamara to form one of the smoothest working hack- court pair around. Pacing the team again as he has done lor the past four years, versatile hackcourt ace, McNamara concluded his playing days for Tech with 457 points for a very respectahle 20.8 average per game. SEASONS RESULTS Tech Opp. New England College 78 47 Quinnipiac College 66 81 Gorham Me. State Teachers 71 59 Nasson College 93 75 North-South Holiday Seafood Fiesta Tournament Pembroke, North Carolina 63 96 Durfee Tech 86 81 So. Connecticut State 75 68 Castleton Vt. State Teachers 86 61 Bridgewater State 87 56 Stonehill College 37 56 Durfee Tech 81 65 Suffolk University 75 8-l Lyndon State Teachers 100 89 University of Montreal 65 54 Babson Institute 93 80 Philadelphia Textile 78 98 Lowell Tech 99 74 Durfee Tech 86 71 Stonehill College 83 108 Quinnipiac College 71 86 Nichols College 88 92 Bridgewater State 85 75 average per game 78.6 75.5 BASEBALL john Regan-Coach Edward Maguire-Assistant Coach Tech's baseball squad got off to the most successful start in many years by taking six of eight games played on their annual Southern junket. The squad continued their terrific brand of playing by copping their first three games of the official season. The first was a horrendous beating of rival Durfee to the tune of 30-10. Although the team lost such standout BIAINSTAYS as Russ lVissman, Tom Vieira, Bill Fawcett, Ed Sylvia, and Felix Swintak, they more than made up for these losses by adding Dan Daluz, Bruce Violante, Harry Scalione, Don Duilio, and Hank Blackburn, a returnee from the 1959 squad. Head coach john Regan had high hopes of nailing down the SNECC crown this year and was well on his way with defeats of Durfee, Bridgewater, and Stonehill. 1961 BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 24 Howard University QWashington, D.C.j 25 Richmond Prof. Inst. fRichmond, Va.j 27 Pembroke State QPembroke, N. C.j 28 Campbell College QBuies Creek, N. CQ 29 Atlantic Christian College fWilson, N.C.j 30 Baltimore College fBaltimore, Md.j April 21 Durfee College of Technology fhomej 22 Bridgewater State College fawayj 25 Durfee College of Technology fawayy 27 Stonehill College Qhomej 29 Quinnipiac College Qhome, double- headerj May 3 Curry College Qawayj 10 Bridgewater State College Qhomej 13 Nichols College faway, doubleheaderj 15 Lowell Tech Qawayj 18 Stonehill College Qawayj GULF For the first time in twenty years New Bedford Tech fielded a golfing squad. just an idea in recent years, the golf team became a reality this year. Members of the squad included Bill O'Connell, Fred Purrington, Dave Darwell, Bill Marginson, Bob LaFlamme, Paul Duval, jim Osborne, and john Whiteheadg all of which are capable on any given day to shoot in the 70's. This could be considered more or less of a pilot season as there was not time to formalize a competitive league. The team carried Tech's banner well in the matches it did play, though. 'They beat Durfee in the initial contest and then walked off with honors in a tri- match with Nichols, Durfee, and Quin- nippiac. A tie with Stonehill ended the short season. str A TECH FOURSOME Left to Right: PAUL DUVAL BOB LaFLAMME BILL MARGESON FRED PURRINGTON x ,Q 3' I . -3 UQ?-A f .- X' H X I ,. . 'fb D ' -vs, W- - ' Rai . V -5 Q i ' K V, ., .-Ll - , my 5 I ,,,,, , .Hagar-, ii : ... ,, ..., .. , .1-.,.,... W. I ly . -...I V? . lg fr' - X fr 'N 41 i of Y '42 hs., ' . 1. f x If ab .I a s g sctt -A ... . s - in I if ' A s, ' rg., K V - . ' 'I A'x' ,Q . .,.. .i - . 'rt . . fl " - A Q. V . I , . M Z -fm f t, -Si yum.. ' ' S TENNIS FRED TRIPP-Coach New Bedford Techs tennis squad started off the season with two sparkling wins and got a good jump on the SNIZCC crown again. Included in this year's schedule were such formidable foes as Holy Cross, Providence College, and St. Anselm's College. Leading the Whalers in quest of a successful season were Freshmen Frank Fletcher and Gerald Burke who won the No. l and No. 2 spots on the squad, respectively. Coach Tripp entered his team in the NAIA Tourney this year and saw his team play well enough to earn the runner-up honors against some stiff opposition. Graduating this year after three years with the squad is Jim Marshall. Jim played well for the Whalers over this span and showed his forte in the doubles competition. 1961 TENNIS SCHEDULE April 13 Bridgewater State College April 17 Durfee College of Technology April 20 Stonehill College April 22 Nichols College April 26 Holy Cross College April 29 Providence College May 1 Bridgewater State College May 3 Providence College May 6 NAIA Tournament May 9 Durfee College of Technology May 13 St. Anselm's College May 16 Nichols College May 18 Stonehill College ADVERTISEMENT a growth company in a growth area in a growth industry STEWART ENGINEERING CORPORATION Stewart Engineering is a company uniquely oriented to the research, development, and manufac- ture of backward wave oscillators, specialty vacuum tubes, and related equipment. The Stewart plant is located a few miles outside Santa Cruz, California, in a beautifully picturesque mountain location. Only an hour away, north and south, are the growing electronics industry concentra- tions of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas, with their unmatched resources and opportunities for both academic and technical advancement. A key factor in Stewart's success in producing traveling wave tubes and related products of premium quality is an adherence to the highest standards in selection and development of personnel. As a result, Stewart people achieve an unusually high degree of productivity and job satisfaction, in an atmosphere of creativity, where performance is both recognized and rewarded. Forward-thinking, aggressive electrical engineers will find that Stewart Engineering Corporation can offer a particularly interesting and challenging future. If you would like to know more about the company, write for a copy of the Stewart facilities brochure. X .ai s XVave tube pioneer Raymond Stewart discusses a detail of design with members of his staff. X-'::':'i-:21 I A portion of the Stewart engineering test laboratory, where wave tubes are being performance-checked. Stewart sales engineers find a scenic mountain background conducive to their efforts. STEWART ENGINEERING CORPORATION - SANTA CRUZ - CALIFORNIA Special fi A , NN 'N sm V' " S f .w X Q A 43 if .fax 1 "5 VG' 5' W K 1 ff o 0 0 g'1.g,y 1, -2 ,g Ax A i .... is , X: A. V 4, Q levi' .5 A 5 -as 5-J' - - - 5 5' ' C Neozymesc Cnefo.zimsJ . A A Y - T . . . I . wks f" Casffol-we Ckesi ff0'11feP 255'iii'22552232222.'i.'ZSQS2iil'GiZ2'SHiiiiifli .. ' . Q ., E , ,w wt, r W Q af 1 . 4, f if . in-it zll 2151 H xl Hx.: . I Q f i s sf N fi - ' as Q X V Y U- Va ,Q f .. .Q Slit, A Q 'la gays I V r Neg ' ' i-5, L . -,,, ' ii ' f , '1 3 K W. 1 Us t ah ,. C A if P if Q , 3 . f W , S f Y f it " a j Q- . K 'ix " 'sine v . 1,3 R "' f 1. ' V c "ffl ,. 'Q' 1 .If Strategically placed warehouses plus company owned trucks add up to fast dependable delivery, every time. 4 .C-.few . fe N " A highly sulphonated castor oil made by an improved process of manufacture. A stable penetrant for dyeing or kier boiling. Used ex- tensively in finishing. Discolitem fdisl ko - lit el Concentrated sodium sulphoxylate formaldehyde available in lump, pea, rice or powder form. A powerful reducing agent, stable at high tem- peratures. Widely used to effect reduction and solution of vat colors, and for discharge effects when applied to colored grounds. Effective when mixed with vat colors and discharge pastes wherever the reducing agent must retain its reducing power after being dried into the fabric. Dispersall Cdis - p ii rl sal J A long chain ethylene oxide condensate in the form of a colorless. neutral, somewhat viscous liquid. Fully resistant to hard water, and miscible with water in all proportions. A retardant and leveling assistant in vat dyeing. Used widely as a dispersing agent in dyeing synthetic fibers with disperse colors and for fast color salts and bases in Napthol dyeing and printing. Effective in stripping to prevent redeposition of the color on stripped goods. N Neowet fnelo- wetl Complex Polyethelene Ether in the form of a pale yellow, slightly viscous liquid. A non-ionic 'surface active wetting agent, effective at all temperatures. Completely compatible with enzymatic desizing agents and readily soluble in water. Contains 33 MZ, active ingredients. Widely used in scouring all types of textile fabrics and for general wetting purposes. Neowet X fnelo. wetj Organic Ether Sulphonate in the form of a water white slightly viscous liquid. An anionic surface active wetting agent, effective at all temperatures. Does not affect enzyme activity in desizing. Compatible with hydrogen peroxide and resin finishes. High detergent value. Contains 20'Z, active ingredients. crystalline powder or liquid concentrate for high or low temperature requirements. Neozymes quickly remove all trace of starch glue or gelatin sizing without danger of damage to even the most delicate fabrics. For best results, use with NEOWET to speed saturation. P Parolitem C p 5 rl 5 . lit el Zinc sulphoxylate formaldehyde in the form of white crystalline powder. A highly concentrated stripping agent for all forms of wool and modern synthetics. Completely soluble in water. Leaves stripped goods soft, completely free of zinc dust and in most receptive condition for further processing. Often completely strips goods where other strip- ping agents fail. Very effective in discharge print- ing on acetate rayon. V Vatrolitei fvitf ro - lite! Concentrated sodium hydrosulphite in the form of white crystalline powder. A powerful reducing agent for vat colors, ideal for dry feeding because of its free flowing, dustless character. Completely soluble in water. Effective stripping agent for direct, sulphur and vat colors on cellulosic fabrics. Quickly removes rust stains from cotton goods. May be stored indefinitely. Available with optical whites and in buffered formulas for high temperature use without excessive alkalinity. Velvorayo fvellvo. riyj A high grade finishing oil made up of sulphonated vegetable oil combined with specially selected fats. Compatible with all materials commonly used for finishing textiles. Will not foam, smoke or oxidize. lmparts no rancid odor. Gives body and has emulsion stability. Widely used to add a silky softness to all types of fabrics. Velvo Softener C v e 11 v EJ A highly sulphonated tallow in the form of a creamy white paste, easily dispersed in water. Used in general finishing of all types of textile fabrics. Will not "smoke off" or change color in high temperature operations such as calendering or drying. Has no effect on light fastness of colors. 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Your interest in textiles together with your background of study and training are essential elements in building the solid foundation for a successful career. The Textile Industry is a basic industry - and a continuing one. It is an industry which provides great opportunity for initiative, growth a-nd satis- fying personal achievement so important to the development of your career. You are welcome indeed. Your energy, your eagerness and your skills are all needed in helping the industry advance to new levels of achievement. Ma eve success be ours in the industr which will la such an im ortant Y ry Y Y P Y P part in your future - and in ours. -'5Hi"- WHITIN MACHINE WORKS WHITINSVILLE, MASS. Established 1331 ATLANTA, GA. GREENSBORO, N. C. DEXTER, ME. CHARLOTTE, N, C, SPARTANBURG, S. C. Preparatory Machinery for processing all Major Fibers: Opening, Picking, Carding, Combing, Drawing, Roving, Spinning, Twisting and Winding. KIIUWLES l.00M REED WURKS Joseph Dawson Jr. PRESIDENT Manufacturers of LOOM REEDS for Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Nylon, Glass, Woolen also Light and Heavy Duck PITCH BAND REEDS also METAL REEDS of Stainless Steel and Chromium Plate O Textile Mill Supplies 76 years of continuous service. 114 MYRTLE STREET TEL. WYman 2-6204 NEW BEDFORD, MASS. U. S. A. PEITAVIN O SILK MILL, INC. PLANT A 94 SAWYER STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. TEL. WYman 2-2717 - 7-0162 PEITAVINO SILK MILL, INC. Plant B 689 Belleville Ave. New Bedford, Mass. TEL. WYman 3-4424 FAIRHAVEN TEXTILE CORP. 689 Belleville Ave. New Bedford, Mass. TEL. WYman 3-4424 RAYON IVEAVING SPECIALISTS CAPE COD FABRICS, INC. 671 Belleville Ave. New Bedford, Mass. TEL. XVYman 4-6961 FAIRHAVEN TEXTILE CORP New York Office 130 5th Avenue New York, N. Y. 'l'EI.. WAtkins 9-2970 KING OF THE COMMISSION WEAVERS CAPTAIN BUD'S MARINE SERVICE YO UR EVINR UDE HEADQUARTERS" On LONG POND LAKEVILLE, MASS. COMPLIMEN TS OF Ahneida Bus Lines, Inc. 391 Bolton St., New Bedford, Mass. .in I 3. Ti mm QQ ,mm , . ,, A . ' ' ' 15, iDITii1iiXi mimics A, QW-' 1 ,mx -. .-.- , ,5,,,:ci3.:,::Sj:15g1'Q,.s:55.: ' .'-v- ::5.:,:.:3-fzzftaf 5 ,.q,, EMS gi SHMCL 11 I ' A 'Q I 1 ' W " ' llum Q.: 4 I ' Servicing New Bedford Boston, and Cape Cod Call us for chartered busses for all occasions Main Office: WY 9-6231 ALFRED E. RIOUX Sfuarho 799 BROCK AVENUE NEVV BEDFORD, MASS. WY 7-8681 - WY 6-0174 COMPLIMENTS OF NEW BEDFORD HOTEL COMPLIMENTS O 4 A ATLAS TACK KAPPA CORPORATION SIGMA PHI FAIRHAVEN, MASS. SORORITY B h Pl t Henderson, Ky. CO O Compliments of BABBITT STEAM A Cornell Dublier Electronics Division Eederal Pacific Electric 55 So. Water St. New Bedford, Mass. Company COMPLIMEN TS OF Incorporated 1855 . . . SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Phl PS1 Fraternlty HOME LOANS Your "Hometown" Bank BETA NEW BEDFORD FIVE CENTS CHAPTER SAVINGS BANK 791 Purchase Street New Bedford, Mass. C0mgbliments Of Compliments of LAMBETH ROPE CO. RODN EY METALS INC Compliments of cf ,,,, pam f',, Eof T SEVEN UP STEEL HEDDLE BOTTLING CO. CGMPANY MANUFACTURING Compliments 2100 WEST ALLEGHENY AVENUE C of the A 81 P FOGD STORES Compliments of ACUSHNET PROCESS SALES CO. NEW BEDFoRD, MASS. Compliments Compliments of of THE DIPPER CAFE Nu Beta Tau Fraternity NEW BEDFORD'S IUNCTION FINEST ROUTES 140 dr I8 SUPER MARKET Super Market NEW BEDFORD LECH GARAGE Day or Night WY 3-7661 General Repairing on Cars and Trucks - Wrecker Service 75 Belleville Ave. New Bedford, Mass. Auto Body Work and Painting "joe" Lech, Prop. CARTER'S 55 WILLIAM STREET STANLEY OIL COMPANY, INC. 480 MT. PLEASANT STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. "Sewing Southern New England and Cape Cod Since 1820" COLONIAL Restaurant and Store Equipment Co. 110 Union Street, New Bedford - Tel. WYman 3-3828 287 Pleasant Street, Fall River - Tel. OSborne 2-0461 LAN GIS Shop, Dial 2-3089 Res. Tel. ROckwell 3-8828 PLUMBING dr HEATING Edgar A. F. 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NEW BEDFORD, MASS LEO CUSSON - Mason Contractor Dial 5-1142 Masonry of all kinds 56 COULOMBE STREET ACUSHNET, MASS LA FRANCE - IEWELER Certified Gemologist - Registered jeweler - Member American Gem Society 763 Purch St. New Bedford, Mass. Congratulations to the Class of '61 NEW' BEDEORD LUMBER CORP. MR. IOHN'S Finest Quality Clothes 259 Coggeshall Street " A FRIEND " Compliments of PATRICIA'S BEAUTY SHOP C0llIfIHlII6'I1fS of .IERRYS FISH ik CHIPS 291 Nash Road Compliments of A FRIEND l.'mr1f:fi1111'r1f.9 of -5. S. KRESGE CO. Cloxnplinlcnts ol' BROOKLAIVN BARBER SHOP 1883 Acushnet Avenue PERRY THE FLORIST '72 Spring Street Flowers for all Occasions BRISTOL CLOTHES INC. 85 Coggeshall Street New Bedford, Mass. STEVE'S COFFEE sHoP 66 YVi11iam Street New Bedfordg Mass. CARON'S SERVICE STATION Cas - Oil - Accessories Tires - Batteries 41 Tarkiln Hill Road Complinzents of NOVICK JENVELERS Compliments of ACUSHNET FLOWER SHOPPE 60 Main Street Acushnet, Mass. 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