New Bedford Institute of Technology - Fabricator Yearbook (New Bedford, MA)

 - Class of 1958

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New Bedford Institute of Technology - Fabricator Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1958 volume:

S ■ i J | ' ' ' ' r ■ i - j • ,.- - ; Li ' . ., 1 7 £ i i ({if! , ' j n Hi! rii - • mu ' tti f " • ' " ' . " I r , L jut it _ ... _ J J - I I • I j it- ... i , « «i, i ■„ ' H I ■ 5- I. ., «. v { ;, | " IE- i -i b i -v. 1 : r. it ? t J f. : : it ' It a. E- p ,- ■ • •• ? ■- ♦■ ■- • . , I v ! iu 1 t, | fc i ? • ■ I i.j.i " P ... fs • a i - • ■ •» » «». .•.. ' . „, K to tr t ; I 4. »k I J; s I v ■ .■{ ■ t ■-. i -. ■■ i i , •• it • ' % V t 1 . J, S ' ;• i - 1. •. ,- £ l g l e: £ - J L !» ' j li .. (hi.. ■ . ; - - l - i,.. 1 Mi - i , r ? t r 3 I F ■ !■ I . • i JVAL l OUffl -n Ct 8 n s " p o O 5 JOSEPH A. CARRIER PRESIDENT z X - Z ?o n , O 2 F z N STEVE MULAWKA DON UEBLANC • JERRY LEWIS PETE WERTZ PETE OLSZOWY • PAT PERRY • RONNIE PERRY • KEN PROVOST _■ JERRY LEWIS • DAVE LOWE • JOHN O ' CONNOR • ROD RODRIGUES • RO! GEORGE WILLIAMS • RAY BRACKETT • PAUL COTE • GEORGE BRAZIL • GEORGE ( « I liHH RONALD V. TAKACH VICE-PRESIDENT JANET L CLIFFORD SECRETARY GERALD P. LEWIS TREASURER I RICHARD • B ILL SHERMAN • DICK TURNER • JOE YOUSIF • JAN CLIFFORD • GEORGE BOTSEAS N IE TAKACH • RONALD WADE • JOE CARRIER • AL COLLINGE • TOM CONNELLY • LEFTY DUVAL MRES • JOE GOODMAN • NORM LOPES • ERNIN POITRAS • AL SISSON • REGGIE FOREST • ARKY SHOLJI I f I ROBERT F. GRACIA JAY " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry ' The days of our youth are the days of our glory. " Ambition: P.F.C. Characteristic: Bedroom pink eyes. Address: 256 Broadway, Taunton, Mass. Activities: Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Activities: A.A.T.C.C. 1, 2, 3, Vice-president 4; Junior Prom Committee; Student Council 1, 2; Inter-Fraternity Council 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Class Presi- dent 1, 2; Camera Club 1; Circle K Club 1, 2, Board of Directors 3; Vice President 4; Tech Talk 1; Feature Editor 2; FABRICATOR 4; Phi Psi 1, 2; Secretary 3; Vice President 4; Student Council Award 3. BRUCE A. CULBRANSON BRUCE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry " Money doesn ' t talk it screams. " Ambition: Multiple Martini Man- ipulator. Address: 3 Brownell St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Camera Club 1; Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3; Vice- president 4; Baseball 1, 2; A. A.T.C.C. 2, 3. JAMES W. HARRISON " HARRY " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry " The sky is no limit. " Ambition: To be a pilot. Char- acteristic: Quiet. Address 10 Brownell St., New Bedford, Mass. CHRISTOPHER A. HAYES " CHRIS " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry ' ' Competition is the spice of life " Ambition: Technical Salesman. Characteristic: Storyteller. Ad- dress: 315 Chancery St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Univets 1, Secretary 2, 3, 4; Tech Talk 2, 4; FAB- RICATOR 4; Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3, Sergeant-at-arms 4; Basketball 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES E. HODGKINS " CHUCK " Bachelor of Science in Textile Chemistry " He only is a well-made man who has a good determination. " Ambition: To assume control of the Cornell Dubilier Corp. Char- acteristic: One gold bar. Address: 31 Vernon St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: A.A.T.C.C. 2, 4, vice-president 3; Delta Kappa Phi 3, 4. FRANCIS W. MARCO FRANK " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry " In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. " Characteristic: Love and marriage. Address: 50 Ohio St., New Bed- ford, Mass. Activities: Circle K Club 2; Newman Club 2; Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2. RONALD H. MITCHELL " RONNIE " Bachelor of Science Degree Textile Chemistry " All the worlds a stage, and everyone else ' s a stage hand. " Ambition: To learn German. Char- acteristic: Orange sweater. Ad- dress: 11 Rounds St., New Bed- ford, Mass. Activities: Phi Psi 1, 2; Junior Warden 3; Chapter Editor 4; A.A.T.C.C. 4; Camera Club 1. lriM " %. :£ STEFAN T. MULAWKA STEVE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry Ambition: To be a success. Char- acteristic: Cooperation. Address: 90 Norman St., New Bedford, Mass. JULIEN P. OLSZOWY " PETE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry ' Marriage above all. " Characteristic: Management. Ad dress: 322 Nash Rd., New Bed ford, Mass. Activities: Glee Club 1; Circle K Club 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa Phi 3, 4; A.A.T.C.C. 4; Junior Prom Committee. Activities: Glee Club 1, 2; Newman Club 2; Vice-presi- dent 3; Treasurer 4; Phi Psi 1, 2, 3; Treasurer 4; A.A.T.C.C. 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee. RICHARD L. PEPIN DICK " Bachelor of Science Degree Textile Chemistry i How little of mischief he really had done. " Ambition: To shoot down Harry. Characteristic: The glass breaker. Address: 55 Durfee St., New Bedford, Mass. PATRICIA L. PERRY " PAT " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry ' Her ivays are ways of pleasant- ness, and all her paths are peace. " Ambition: To see the world. Char- acteristic: Only girl in the T. C. class. Address 100 Weeden Rd., Fairhaven, Mass. Activities: Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Basketball 2; A.A.T. C.C. 2, 3, 4; Bowling 2. Activities: Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3; A. A.T.C.C. 4; Junior Prom Com- mittee. RONALD S. PERRY RONNIE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry " The action of men are the best interpreter of their thoughts. " Ambition: To clean oil burners. Favorite Saying: How about an- other round? Address: 20 Rich- mond St., New Bedford, Mass. KENNETH j. PREVOST ' LUCKY " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry " £ is life near the bone ivhere it is sweetest Ambition: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Favorite Saying: " Can I borrow a wrench. " Address: 39 Roosevelt St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Newman Club 2; Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4; A.A. T.C.C. 2, 3. HHMHM Activities: Camera Club 3; Phi Psi 3, 4. EDWARD E. RICHARD ED ' a r r " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry " Let each man do his best. " Ambition: A 10 o ' clock lunch break. Characteristic: Used car salesman. Address: 46 Babbitt St., New Bedford, Mass. WILLIAM H. SHERMAN ' BILL " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry " The true pleasure of life is to live with your inferiors. " Ambition: To be a college profes- sor. Favorite Saying: " Deal ' Em " Address: 464 County St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Circle K Club 2, 3; Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4; A.A. T.C.C. 1; Treasurer 2, 3; Pres- ident 4; Senior Prom Ban- quet Committee. y K ?zz£?ffi %Mx3m Activities: Student Council 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Class Vice- president 2, 3; Univets 1, 2; Vice-president 3, 4; FABRI- CATOR; Phi Psi 3, 4; Intra- mural Sports 2, 3; A.A.T.C.C. 4. RICHARD A. TURNER ' DICK " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry " There is no substitute for thor- ough going, ardent and sincere earnestness. " Ambition: To continue the search of wisdom. Favorite Saying: " Want to hold this bottle of acid? . . . OOPS! " Address 602 Slocum Rd., No. Dartmouth, Mass. BABJAT Z. YOUSIF " JOE " Master of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry " A good mind possesses a king- dom. " Ambition: To become president of the U. S. Favorite Saying: " I raise ya ten. " Address: Iraq. Activities: Phi Psi 1, 2, 3. _°s JANET L CLIFFORD " JAN " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Design and Fashion " A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influ- ence stops. " Ambition: Marriage. Character- istic: School Spirit. Address: 493 Mill St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Student Council 4; Glee Club 1; Class Secretary 4; Kappa Sigma Phi 2, 3, treasurer 4; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Cheerleading 1, 2, 4, Captain 3; Senior Prom and Banquet Committee 4; FABRI- CATOR; Protestant Fellowship 3. Activities: Newman Club 4, Secretary 2, 3; Clee Club, Secretary 1; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Tech Talk Art Editor 2; Class Secretary 1, 2, 3; Cheer- leading 1, Captain 2; Inter- fraternity Council, Secretary 2; Kappa Sigma Phi 1, Vice-pres- ident 2, 3, President 4; FAB- RICATOR 3, Art Editor 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom and Banquet Committee; Dean ' s List 3. GABRIELLE M. COYNE " GABY " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Design and Fashion " Here ' s to the girl with a heart and smile who makes this bub- ble of life worthwhile. " Ambition: To make Bill happy. Characteristic: Friendliness. Ad- dress: 59 Union St., Fairhaven, Mass. JOAN ANN PARKIN " JONI " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Design and Fashion " Innocent eyes not mine. ' Ambition: To be a good art teach- er. Characteristic: Blue and white chevy. Address: 395 West Elm St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Camera Club 1; Kappa Sigma Phi 3, 4; Girls ' Basketball 2; FABRICATOR; Senior Prom and Banquet Com- mittee. Activities: Kappa Sigma Phi 1, 2, 4, Secretary 3; Camera Club 1, 2; Newman Club 1, 2; Girls ' Basketball 2. o I MARILYN T. RUCGLES Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Design and Fashion " Thought is deeper than all speech. " Ambition: To travel. Character- istic: Quiet. Address: 25 Devoll St., New Bedford, Mass. DONALD N. SILVEIRA " DON " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Design and Fashion " Money brings honor, friends, conquest, and r ealms. " Ambition: To marry for money and social status. Characteristic: Lo- quacious. Address: 224 Hersom St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Glee Club 1; Cam- era Club, Treasurer 1, Vice- president 2; FABRICATOR 4; Phi Psi 1, 2, 3, 4. Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom and Banquet Committee. kMH + Phase A phdseB phase C 180 DEGREES Activities: A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4; Univets 1, 2, 3, 4. ALEXANDER B. ANSELMO ALEX " Bachelor of Science Degree Electrical Engineering ' War, he sung, is toil and trou- ble; Honour but an empty bubble. " Ambition: To live a full life. Char- acteristic: Experienced rheostat exploder. Address 7 Hitch St., Fairhaven, Mass. GEORGE BOTSEAS Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering " Romance is the Poetry of literature. " Ambition: To attend Naval O.C.S. Characteristic: Could never get up in time for breakfast in Washing- ton. Address: 125 Eugenia St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4. Activities: A.I.E.E. 3, 4; New- man Club 2, 3, 4; Univets 1, 2. ALFRED J. COUTU " AL " Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering Wo man is born without am- bitious wordly desires. " Ambition: To retire at the age of thirty. Characteristic: Capaci- tance engineer of Aerovox Cor- poration. Address: 5 Arch St., New Bedford, Mass. GILBERT DUTRA, JR. " GILLY " Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering " Drink pretty creature, drink. " Ambition: Undecided. Character- istic: Likes to drive his car with the back wheels jacked off the ground. Address: 343 Orchard St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Activities: A.I.E.E. 3, Chairman 4. Secretary DONALD J. LeBLANC DON " Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering ' Imagination rules the world. " Ambition: To be a professor. Char- acteristic: Same as Lionel Roder- igues. Address: 11 Narragansett Blvd., Fairhaven, Mass. GERALD P. LEWIS " JERRY " Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering " When night hath set her silver lamp on high, then is the time for study. " Ambition: To be a professor of mathematics. Characteristic: " How do you do that problem? " " I haven ' t looked at it yet! " Address: 34 Viall St., New Bed- ford, Mass. Activities: A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Class Treas- urer 4; Baseball 1; Univets 1; Basketball 1; FABRICATOR. Activities: A.I.E.E. 3, Treas- urer 4; Student Council 3; Class Treasurer 3; Univets 1, 3, Vice-president 2. DAVID E. LOWE " DAVE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering " ' ' Tis education forms the com- mon mind; Just as the twig is bent the trees inclined. " Ambition: To bask in the hot sun under soft breezes. Characteris- tic: Head waiter of New Bedford Hotel. Address: 140 Hathaway Rd., New Bedford, Mass. JOHN C. O ' CONNOR Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering ' A little more sleep and a little more slumber " Ambition: To satisfy my needs. Characteristic: St. Lukes Hospit- al ' s maintenance engineer experi- enced in splitting the washer. Ad- dress: 31 Sycamore St., New Bed- ford, Mass. Activities: A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4. ■l MBM LIONEL N. RODERIGUES " ROD " Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering " One hour ' s sleep before mid- night is worth three afters Ambition: Research and Develop- ment. Characteristic: " Lets cut class today and go to the show. " Address: 444 Rivet St., New Bed- ford, Mass. Activities: A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4. iht%. 0UtLOfNk RAYMOND SOUZA " RAY " Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering " I have another fish to fry. " Ambition: To travel. Character- istic: Sleeping beauty of the chemistry class. Address: 169 Richard St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: A.I.E.E. 2, 3, Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4. •m m Activities: A.I.E.E. 2, 3, Cor- responding Secretary 4; Glee Club 1, President 2; Newman Club 2, 4, Activity Chairman 3; Phi Psi 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Class Vice-president 4; FABRICATOR. RONALD V. TAKACH RONNIE VINCE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering " Why should the devil have all the good tunes? " Ambition: To be associated with a company that is advancing in new products and development. Char- acteristic: Same as Donald J. Le- Blanc ' s. Address: 113 Clara St., New Bedford, Mass. RONALD A. WADE " CHARLIE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering ' Blushing is the colour of vir- Ambition: To go to work. Char- acteristic: " The best part of Washington, D. C. was the 180 lb. beauty. " Address: 43 Oxford St., Fairhaven, Mass. Activities: A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4; Clee Club 1; Intramural Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4; Track 2; Collegians 3, 4; Del- ta Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4. I I I Activities: Mechanical Engin- eering Club Award; Univets 1, 4, treasurer 2, president 3; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; A.I.E.E. 3; Mechanical Engineering Club 3, 4; Student Council 4; presi- dent 3; Class President 3, 4; Advertising Manager of FABRI- CATOR. JOSEPH A. CARRIER " JOE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " A heart to convince, a mind to direct, and a hand to execute. " Ambition: To be an executive. Characteristic: Politician. Ad- dress: 22 St. John St., South Dartmouth, Mass. a AHBa ALAN B. COLLINGE Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " The secret of success is con- stancy to purpose. " Ambition: Fulfill a needed pos " tion. Characteristic: Writes so small that only he can read it. Ad- dress: 173 Pitman St., New Bed- ford, Mass. Activities: Class Treasurer 2; Student Council Vice-president 2; Mechanical Engineering Club 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4; Protestant Fellowship 3; Vice- president 4; Engineering Draw- ing Award; Deans List 1. Activities: Univets 2, 3; Me- chanical Engineering Club 3; Corresponding Secretary 4. THOMAS CONNELLY, JR. TOM " Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " Strongest minds are of ten; those of whom the noisy world hears least. " Ambition: To make a million. Characteristic: " Did you see Bilko last night?? " Address: 89 Wash- ington St., New Bedford, Mass. irt i MH iM PAUL M. DUVAL " LEFTY " Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " Nothing is impossible to a winning heart. " Ambition: To retire at the age of 40. Characteristic: Loves to talk about sports; ANY SPORT. Ad- dress: 138 Seabury St., New Bed- ford, Mass. Activities: Mechanical Engin- eering Club 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1; Intramural Bas- ketball 4; Univets 1, 2; A.I.E. E. Activities: Delta Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Univets 1, 2, 3, 4; Mechanical Engineering Club 1, 2, Secretary 3, 4; Dean ' s List Spring 1, 2, 3, Fall 3; Math- ametics Award 1 ; Neuss Hes- slein Scholarship 2; Acushnet Process Scholarship 3; A.S.T.E. 1, 2, 3, 4. FRYDERYK E. GORCZYCA ' FRED " Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " Genius, that power that dazzles mortal eyes, is oft but perser- verance in disguise. " Ambition: To lead a successful life. Characteristic: Perseverance. Address: County Rd., East Free- town, Mass. MM WAYNE A. HASKELL Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " From contemplation one may become wise, but knowledge comes only from study. " Ambition: Mechanical Engineer- ing job. Characteristic: Eating candy bars. Address: 10 Wilbur Ave., No. Dartmouth, Mass. Activities: Dean ' s List, fall 1, 3, spring 3; Hinkey Award; J. C. Rhodes Co. Scholarship; Me- chanical Engineering Club 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3; FABRISATOR; Sports Editor 4; Protestant Fellowship 3, 4; Delta Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3, 4. Activities: Univets 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4; En- gineering Club 2, treasurer 3, vice-president 4. DENNIS J. HENZEL " DENNY " Bachelor of Science Degree Mechanical Engineering in " Be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath. " Ambition: To be a plant engineer. Characteristic: Always wide awake. Address: 199 Frank St., New Bedford, Mass. PAUL V.MURRAY Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " Good nature is one of the rich- est fruits of personality. " Ambition: To become Premier of Ireland. Characteristic: " Who can we get into trouble today??? " Address: 23 Adams St., New Bed- ford, Mass. Activities: Mechanical Engin- eering Club, Treasurer 2, 3, 4; Univets 1, 2, 3, 4; A.S.T.E. 1, 2, 3, 4. Activities: Univets 2, 3; A. I.E. E. 3, 4; Mechanical Engineer- ing Club 3, President 4. r EARL B. PARKER Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " The highest of distinctions is service to others. " Ambition: To be a top notch en- gineer. Characteristic: " How do you guys find time for television? " Address: 128 Arlington St., New Bedford, Mass. EDMUND G. ROBERCE " SKIP " Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering ' Character is the cornerstone of all success. " Ambition: To become a wealthy engineer. Famous Reply: Hey! Wait until I put on my glasses. Address: 286 Ashley Blvd., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Univets 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineering Club 4. Activities: Mechanical Engin- eering Club 3, 4; Univets 2, 3, 4; A.I.E.E. 3, 4. JOHN THORNHILL, JR. " JOHNNY " Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. " Ambition: Success. Famous Reply: " When my sons make the major leagues don ' t try to bum tickets from me. " Address: 122 Bluefield St., New Bedford, Mass. PETER D. WERTZ " PETE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " A good heart is better that all the heads in the ivorld. " Ambition: To make a million. Famous Saying: " Let ' s go play golf. " Address: North St., Matta- poisett, Mass. Activities: A.I.E.E.; Engineer- ing Club 3, 4; Class Vice-presi- dent 1 ; Intramural Basketball 3,4. Activities: Univets 1, 2, 3; En- gineering Club 4. GEORGE B. WILLIAMS Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering " Patience is a necessary ingre- dient of genius. " Ambition: Retire at 35. Famous Saying: California, here I come. " Address: 69 Alden St., New Bed- ford, Mass. r; ' • RAYMOND W. BRACKETT " RAY " Certificate in Sewing Machine Maintenance " Life is just one darned thing after another. " Ambition: To get a good job. Characteristic: Blond hair. Ad- dress: 138 Washington St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Univets 2; Base- ball 2. Activities: Univets 2; Base- ball 2. PAUL R. COTE Certificate in Sewing Machine Maintenance " He smiles away the cares of the day: ' Ambition: Marriage. Character- istic: Personality. Address: 63 Dudley St., New Bedford, Mass. mm Sir mk % 9 GEORGE A. BRAZIL " BUZ " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Technology ' A gentleman makes no noise. " Ambition: To get the most out of life. Characteristic: Black hair. Address: 395 Hixville Rd., North Dartmouth, Mass. Activities: Phi Psi I, 2, 3, 4. Activities: Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4; Univets 2, 3, 4. GEORGE T. CAIRES Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Technology ' t is a condition which con- fronts us, not a theory. . " Ambition: To become a million- aire. Characteristic: Sense of humor. Address: 494 Nash Rd., New Bedford, Mass. REGIS J. FORREST " REGGIE " Diploma in Textile Manufacturing " It ' s never too late to learn. " Ambition: Textile Designer. Char- acteristic: Personality. Address: 145 Benmont Ave., Bennington, Vermont. 4 4 " • .. Activities: Phi Psi 2, House Manager 3; Univets 1, 2, 3. Activities: Delta Kappa Phi 1, 2, 4, Fund raising Chairman 3; Tech Talk 1, 2, 3, 4; Adver- tising Manager 2, Editor 3, Re- porter 4. JOSEPH B. GOODMAN " JOE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Technology " No one knows what he can do until he tries. " Ambition: To be successful. Char- acteristic: Newspaper Editor. Ad- dress: 304 Hawthorn St., New Bedford, Mass. NORMAN J. LOPES ' NORM " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Technology " Little strokes fell great oaks. ' ' Ambition: Production and sales. Characteristic: Humility. Address: 186 Grinnel St., New Bedford, Mass. Activities: Phi Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Warden 2, Vice-president 3, Presfdent 4; Univets 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council 3; Cir- cle K Club 4; Newman Club 2; FABRICATOR 3, 4; Assistant Sports Editor 3, Business Man- ager 4. Activities: Phi Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Univers 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cir- cle K Club 2, 3, 4; Tech Talk 3. ERNEST A. POITRAS " ERNIE " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Technology " Gladly would he learn and gladly teach. " Ambition: Teacher. Character- istic: Gentlemanly. Address. 13 Princeton St., New Bedford, Mass. ALLEN F. SISSON " AL " Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Technology " He knew the precise psycho- logical moment when to say nothing. " Ambition: Textile designer. Char- acteristic: Intelligent. Address: 8 Connecticut Ave., No. Dart- mouth, Mass. i i ■ Activities: Phi Psi 1, 2, 3, 4; Circle K Club 4; Phi Psi Presi- dent 3; Univets 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 4; FABRICATOR 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Interfraternity Council 3, Vice- president 3. MUMTAZ M. SACO " MIKE " Mister of Science Degree in Textile Engineering " Nothing is hard to a willing mind. " Ambition: Production in spinning. Characteristic: Accent. Address: Mosul, Iraq. Activities: Phi Psi 2, 3. AKRAM H. SHOLJI " AKI " Master of Science Degree in Textile Engineering " Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. " Ambition: Weaving. Character- istic: Moustache. Address: Mosul, Iraq. Activities: Phi Psi 2, 3. DALE ALAN STETSON ' CHARLIE " Diploma in Textile Manufacturing " Loves labor lost. " Ambition: To play center for the Celtics. Characteristic: " Hi pal " . Address: 74 Center St., Fair- haven, Mass. Activities: Delta Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3; Soccer 2; Basketball I, 2, 3. TO THE CLASS OF 1958 " When a resolute young fellow step! up to the great bully, the world, and him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare timid adventurers. " These words were written more than one hundred years ago by Oliver Wendell Holmes. They applied then and they apply with even greater intensity today. We at the institute hope we have given you the tools with which to face the world. You need now only to take the " great bully " by the beard. Whether it will come off will depend upon the intensity of your effort to remove it. Your faculty cares what the results of your effort will be and will continue to care in the years to come. The results of your efforts will play a very important part in the future of your Alma Mater. We depend upon your success in your every day life • a life we are sure will reflect honor on those who guided your early footsteps. I am sure the Class of 1958 will not fail in its obligations. To all of you my sincere congratulations and best wishes. Dr. John E. Foster, President The class of 1958 is proud to dedi- cate its yearbook to Professor Anthony J. John. In this small measure we wish to express recognition to Professor John for his many diligent efforts in behalf of the school, the student body, and the senior class in particular. To be a success in one ' s avowed vocation is exemplary in itself but what is needed today in our society is a moral integrity, an apostle of the righteousness and devotion to his fel- low man. Professor John is a man of these high ideals who lives by them daily and in this way has contributed to the increased prestige of New Bedford Tech. I ib EDMUND RIGBY Chairman JOHN VERTENTE, JR. Vice Chairman MRS. IDA EPSTEIN Secretary DR. JOHN E. FOSTER Clerk of the Board EX-OFFICIO Dr. Owen B. Kiernan Francis J. Lawler Miss Ruth B. McFadden Charles V. F. DeMailly Gerald Y. Murphy Joseph A. Dancewicz Charles Dugdale William E. King John Vertente, Jr. Clarence G. Bowman Joseph Dawson, Jr. John A. Shea George E. Carignan Dr. John B. OToole, Jr. Mrs. Lydia B. Nunes V President Dr. John E. Foster Dean of Faculty James L. Giblin Dean of Students Augustus Silva Director of Admissions Warren M. Holt Placement Director Clifford N. Beck Principal Clerk and Treasurer Mrs. Mary F. Makin Senior Bookkeeper Mrs. Cecilia Zeitler Senior Clerk Mrs. Estelle M. Dowd Junior Clerk Miss Irene L. Arguin Junior Clerk Mrs. Joan A. Gonsalves Librarian Miss Claire N. Riley Public Relations James A. Flanagan Athletic Director Francis Tripp Director of Bookstore Louis J. Robitaille GEORGE WALKER President — Emeritus FRANK HOLDEN Associate Professor F u I f I LOUIS PACHECO, JR. Assistant Professor FRED BEARDSWORTH Associate Professor EDWARD H. CLOUTIER Associate Professor 1 b z JAMES L. CIBLIN Professor Head of Textile Engineering Department CLIFFORD N. BECK Assistant Professor JOHN T. REGAN Assistant Professor ANTONE RODIL Assistant Professor I A C HOWARD C. TINKHAM Professor Head of Mechanical Engineering Department ALDEN COUNSELL Assistant Professor CONRAD P. RICHARD Instructor ADAM BAYREUTHER Assistant Professor JOSEPH L. ROBERTS Instructor JOHN R. BARYLSKI Assistant Professor AUGUSTUS SUVA Professor Head of English Department u v FRANCIS TRIPP Professor Head of Chemistry Department LOUIS E. F. FENAUX Associate Professor JOHN C. BROADMEADOW Associate Professor DR. DWIGHT F. MOWERY, JR. Professor Head of Graduate School EDMUND J. DUPRE Associate Professor JAMES A. FLANAGAN Instructor Head of Public Relations FERDINAND FIOCCHI Assistant Professor FRED R. TRIPP Instructor V u ANTHONY J. JOHN Professor Head of Mathematics Department WALTER MIERZEJEWSKI Instructor I tP WILLIAM A. SILVEIRA Instructor CEORCE THOMAS Assistant Professor V LEO M. SULLIVAN Head of Humanities Department CELESTINO MACEDO Instructor WARREN M. HOLT Assistant Professor J DR. DAVID SMITH Professor Head of Physics Department LOUIS J. ROBITAILLE Instructor LENINE GONSALVES Professor Head of Electrical Engineering Department J JOHN F. WAREING Instructor RICHARD WALDER Instructor EVELYN RAMALHETE Instructor MARGOT NEUGEBAUER Instructor ROBERT C. BOOTH Instructor CLAIRE N. RILEY Librarian b u GABRIELLE M. COYNE Art Editor ALLEN SISSON Editor in Chief 1 Editor in Chief Allen Sisson Assistant Editors Gerald Lewis Joseph Carrier Ronald Takach Gabriel le Coyne Janet Clifford Art Editor Gabrielle Coyne Art Staff Maureen Kennedy Roberta Hawkins Joan Parkin Janet Clifford Business Manager Norman Lopes Advertising Manager Joseph Carrier Assistant Gerald Lewis Assistant Ronald Takach Sports Editor Wayne hjaskell Assistant James Harrison Photographers Douglas Kwong Thomas Gorka Leo Serpiel William Macey Hartley Gurney Walter Twarog David Heap Ronald Takach Joseph Goodman Gerald Lewis Wayne Haskell Janet Clifford Faculty Advisor Dean Silva Art Advisor Mr. Robert Booth Business Advisor Mr. John Regan Norman Lopes — Business Manager J Formal Photographs Alfred Rioux Special layout Mr. Booth Copy for Clubs Lucien Poyant Special Copy Joseph Goodman Bruce Gulbranson Allan Collinge Ronald Takach Donald Silveira Wayne Haskell — Sports Editor Joseph Carrier — Advertising Manager nnnrn - H JuuL Members of the team — John Murphy, Dale Sylvia, Eddie Sylvia, Barbese- Voutsinas, Don Lucas, Gordon Helme, Tom Viera, Coach Cloutier, Jim Lover, Eddie Rose, Pete Anthony, Dave Coakley, Craig Proctor, Struglia, Tom Brown, Don Costa, Gil Babcock, Bob Cazimeiro, Milt Oliveira, Don Moriarty, and Al LeClair. This years Tech soccer team boasts the best record in the last four years with 7 wins, 2 defeats, and 2 ties, with the outcome of one game still in doubt and under protest. The feature attraction of the season consisted of Tech downing a previously unbeaten New England College on Nov. 2, at Henniker, N. H. to win the Daniel Webster Home Trophy. The contest was the feature attraction of Home- coming festivities for the civil engineering college located at the base of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Our soccer team has now brought recognition in the New England area to our school and is now one of the most highly rated soccer teams in New England. Hats off to our genial coach Edward Cloutier and the 1957-1958 New Bedford Tech soccer team. Seasons Results Tech 4 Durfee Tech Tech 5 University of Hartford Tech 4 Durfee Tech 2 Tech 1 Lowell Tech 2 Tech Bridgewater 1 Tech 1 Rhode Island College 1 Tech 6 Babson Institute Tech Bridgewater 1 Tech 2 New England College 1 Tech 7 Babson Institute 2 Tech 3 New York Maritime 3 Totals 33 Opposition 13 New Bedford Tech ' s Baseball team for 1957 was composed of; first row — Russ Wissman, Eddie Sylvia, Paul Marois, Walt Slocum, Angie Mello, Chris Hayes, Pete Inglese, and Dave Coakley, second row — coach Clarry Haskell, Tom Viera, Dan Loureiro, John Foster, Dick Arieta, Dick Motta, Ron Hall, and Bruce Boni. Although our baseball team last season did not show too impressive a record with 7 wins and 8 losses, they met up with some extremely tough competition and their 7 wins were very impressive. On the southern trip early in the season, they recorded impressive victories over the Prof. Institute at Richmond, Virginia, and the Campbell, North Carolina College. In league play they scored two decisive victories over rival Stonehill College of North Easton and recorded one victory over Durfee Tech of Fall River. Also, they twice defeated Curry College. This season they are looking forward to a very tough schedule which will be hampered by the loss of pitcher and first baseman John Foster as well as Angie Mello and Walt Slocum who were graduated last year. JIT OPP.— 1957 10 Prof. Institute 8 1 Edwards 10 Presbyterian 4 1 Pembroke 4 10 Campbell 6 5 Curry 4 2 Durfee 3 5 Stonehill 4 6 Lowell 13 3 Bridgewater 10 1 Hillyer 3 9 Curry 8 12 Stonehill __ 1 The New Bedford Tech tennis team during the 1957 season was comprised of Danny Morrison, Gil Dutra, Bill Bicot, Ron Wade, Eddie Sylvia, Arnie Atkinson, and coach Louis Pacheco, as well as Marty Bendickson and Gus Diez who were absent when photo was taken. Over the past four seasons, the New Bed- ford Tech tennis team has compiled a fan- tastic record of 31 wins and only 2 defeats. They have held the SNECC championship every year since its existence. Tech has not registered a tennis match defeat in 2 years and is looking forward to continue its win- ning ways again this year, although the team has lost the services of Danny Morrison and Gus Diez who were graduated last year. Tech was represented in the NAIA tennis championship tournament by Gil Dutra and Bill Bicot, who were undefeated in season play. The tournament took place at the Lammar State College of Technology in Beau- mont, Texas, where Bicot and Dutra competed against representatives of 31 other NAIA member colleges throughout the United States. Although they were defeated, they succeeded in giving the New Bedford Tech tennis team recognition throughout the nation. BIT OPP.— 1957 5 Babson 4 5 Durfee 5 Stonehill 7 Lowell Tech 2 7 Merrimack 2 5 Durfee 5 Bridgewater 5 Bridgewater 5 Stonehill - The cheering squad this year was comprised of nine girls. They are; Rita Dcsjardins, Pat Pimental, Cynthia Vercellone, and Lucille Burnham (all freshmen new to the squad), head cheerleader Judy Morton, Joyce Dixon, Janet Clifford, Nancy Tripp (another freshman), and June Brownell. This year the cheerleaders, led by their peppy head cheerleader Judy Morton, extended a diligent, successful effort in their attempt to increase school spirit at the various sports events throughout the year. The cheer- leaders were particularly pleased with the increase in school spirit shown in sports competition and at rallies which they ied this year. This increase in school spirit was due largely to the enthusiasm with which these girls carried out their role of cheering our teams on to victory. TECH OPP. SCORES Maritime Academy Bloomficld College Durfee Tech Stonehill College Maritime Academy Quinnipiac College Loyola, Canada Stonehill College Gorham State Teachers New England College Babson Institute Bloomficld College Lowell Tech Bridgewater U. of Hartford Philadelphia Tech. Babson Institute Bridgewater State Tr. Durfee Tech Cooper Union College Quinnipiac NAIA Tourney Assumption Quinnipiac Total Total Point Average Per Game INDIVIDUAL SCORERS Games Fields Fouls Tot. Avg. 85 55 80 81 73 61 84 77 94 61 57 51 94 46 70 71 77 76 113 79 104 76 97 79 76 75 82 70 59 81 59 66 99 79 114 85 71 56 84 80 70 98 62 71 77 66 1881 1685 TECH OPP 81.8 73.2 23 McNamara 23 Lammers 23 Jonas 21 Atkinson 161 76 398 17.3 125 70 320 13.8 104 85 293 12.7 87 48 222 10.5 Members of the team — left to right — 1st row Johny Pina, Dave Lammers, Arnie Atkinson, Dan Loureiro, Bill O ' Connell, Dale Stetson; 2nd row — Manager John Goulding. Ted Jonas, " Butch " MacNamora, E. P. Sylvia, Dick Arieta, Russ Wissman, E. W. Sylvia; 3rd row — Len Crane, Gil Dutra, Pete Mendell, Dick Daniels, Frank Ottavanelli, and Coach Fran Tripp This year the NBIT basketball team again went all out and captured the SNECC championship for the second year in a row. They ended the season with a conference record of 9 wins and only 1 loss, defeating Durfee Tech of Fall River for the title. The season included many road trips, the longest of which was the Montreal, Canada trip when Tech defeated Loyola College. In season play, the overall record was 17 wins and 6 losses, excluding service teams, and of Tech ' s 6 losses, most were very close contests throughout. Tech lost its 1 con- ference tilt to Stonehill College of North Easton by a score of 71 - 70, without the ser- vices of Arnie Atkinson. Tech participated in the NAIA invitational tournament at New Haven, Conn, and although they were defeated in the opening contest by the tourney winner, Assumption College of Worcester, by a score of 71 - 62, they took consolation honors by defeating strong Quinnipeac College of New Haven by a score of 77 - 66. This year ' s squad showed much promise for future years in outstanding freshmen on the squad such as " Butch " MacNamara, Ted Jonas, Eddie Sylvia, Johny Pina, and Bill O ' Connell. Dale Stetson will be the only Varsity player lost through graduation. _ ' ■ " ■ J £g fiV U H ' ■atmi i H IL m, - dP . ■ -.. fl 7 fe2 i • r u MEMBERSHIP OF COUNCIL Seniors: Joseph Carrier Ronald Takach Gerald Lewis Janet Clifford Juniors: David Coakley William Bicott Kenneth De Rego Harvey Cunningham Sophomores: Louis Skinner Peter Inglise Gene Scwartz Daniel Loureiro Freshmen: Joseph Macker Raymond Messier Norman Fuller Norma Casey The Student Council acts as a form of student government for the school. It is com- prised of the four officers of each class who are determined each year by class elections. The primary functions of the Council are: to appropriate money for all scholastic activities, sponsor school assemblies, and the annual Welcome Back Banquet which all students may attend free of charge. Bi-monthly meetings of the Council are held under the able leadership of Kenneth De Rego, Jr., President. Harvey Cunningham, Jr. acts as Vice President, Norma Casey is Secretary, William Bicott, Jr., Treasurer, and Daniel Loureiro, Assistan t Treasurer. V UL The Camera Club serves as an outlet for those interested in photography. It also is an organization which strives to interest others in a hobby which con be both recreational and practical. Camera Club members this year have brought about a number of changes in the organiza- tion. The darkroom facilities were improved considerably with the rearrangement of epuip- ment and installation of a new solution tray drain board. The usefulness of these facilities was increased when two modern safelights with changeable filters were installed. The use of poly-contrast printing paper was introduced here this year, and proved quite valuable to the club. Members of the club have done much of the photography work for the Fabricator and Tech Talk, and pictures by the members have appeared in various school brochures, the New Bedford Standard-Times, and other publications. The increased number of entries in this year ' s Photo Contest shows the growing popularity of the contest and of photography itself. The school year of 57-58 has been one of con- siderable progress for the Tech Camera Club. Officers: William Macey Russell Ashworth Thomas Gorka Hartley Gurney Members: Joseph Mocher William Macey Russell Ashworth Hartley Gurney Leo Serpiel David Heap J Phi Psi opened the year with a total of approximately forty members representing four different foreign countries and the United States. Extensive renovations had been completed during the summer months to give the Fraternity a modern up-to-date frat house for the first full year. Our new bar was installed with the help of members of the fraternity; also a brand new Hi Fi set was purchased for the frat house to increase the enjoyment of the numerous parties. On October fourth our first dance was held at the frat house with a large attendance and much enjoyment. On October sixth, Beta Chapter held open house at the house from two to five-thirty. This affair was held for the benefit of instructors and their wives. Refreshments were served and the visitors were impressed with the many accomodations offered at the house. A Halloween party was held October twenty ninth and the regular open house on October nineteenth for non-frat students was held at the Mickiewiscz Club. The affair lasted until midnight and was continued at the frat house. On December twentieth Phi Psi held its White Christmas Dance at the New Bedford Country Club with the music of Ronnie Vince and his orchestra. On January fifth, 1958, the Standard-Times did a full page feature on " Life in a Frat House " , which gave the reader a very good insight on fraternal life in the Beta Chapter frat house. The officers for the year were Norman Lopes, President; Bruce Gulbranson, Vice President; Ernest Poitras, Secretary; Richard Pepin, Treasurer; Ronald Mitchell, Chapter Editor. The frat house officers chosen in September, 1957 were Regis Forrest, house manager and John Donnelly, assistant. DDRDH Officers: Consul JOSEPH CORBIEL Vice Consul JAMES HARRISON Sargeont-ot-Arms CHRIS HAYES Custodian .DONALD ROBINSON House Committee Chairman EDWARD W. SYLVIA Annotator THOMAS MITCHELL Scribe WILLIAM BICOTT Faculty Advisor PROF. LOUIS E. F. FENAUX Trustees PROF. LOUIS E. F. FENAUX PROF. FRED R. TRIPP Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa Phi has realized a long-cherished dream, that of acquiring a large Fraternity house to furnish the needs of the ever growing chapter here at New Bedford Institute of Technology. While Delta Kappa Phi is one of the oldest fraternities in Amer- ica and is listed in the World Almanac and the Blue Book of professional fra- ternities, it has undergone a transitional change in that many of its members are matriculating in engineering courses as well as the textile courses offered at NBIT. Membership in the fraternity re- quires that a student be enrolled in any course of study here at Tech and main- tain an average standing in his class. Many of the engineering students hove taken advantage of the facilities of our new and beautiful Fraternity House loca- ted at 54 Campbell Street. Visitors to the Fraternity House any school evening will invariably find groups of students involved in problems ranging from Cal- culus and Physics to Weave Formation and Fabric Analysis. DD b D Kappa Sigma Phi Sorority started off this year by initiating five new members at an Initiation Banquet at the Cathay Temple. In November the sorority put on a faculty luncheon which was enjoyed by all who attended. A " White Christ- mas Dance " was also sponsored in con- junction with Phi Psi Fraternity. One of the more charitable affairs sponsored by the sorority was in making a needy fami- ly a great deal happier at Christmastime by donating presents and other Yuletide pleasures. The officers of the sorority are Gab- rielle Coyne, president, June Brownell, vice-president, Joyce Dixon, secretary, and Janet Clifford, treasurer. Members: Gloria Bernier Thelma Dahl Roberta Hawkins Beth Johnson Janet Pasell Mary Louise Silva Nancy Tripp Norma Casey Rita Desjardins Carol Hebert Judy Morton Joan Parkin Carolyn Skiee Cynthia Vercellone Members Alexander B. Anselmo R. K. Tripp Alfred J. Coutu Walter J. Wordell Donald J. LeBlanc David A. Yates David E. Lowe Thomas Helgeland Gerald P. Lewis Richard J. Bellotti John C. O ' Connor Eorle B. Holden Earl B. Parker K. M. Bendiksen Lionel N. Rodrigues J. B. Cadema Raymond Souza R. G. Manchester Ronald V. Takach J. J. Milner John Thornhill, Jr. C. C. Rawlins, Jr. Ronald Wade J. L. Schwartz Walter T. Twarog George Kimpel Ramon R. Arruda Alex Johnson R. L. Ashworth Wm. Gifford Leon J. Cierpial, Jr. Carlton Aspin R. R. Cordeiro Charles Faria Alfred S. Deptula Anthony Arruda Hartley Gurney Gerald Gauthier W. B. Macy, Jr. Edward Cusson Thomas F. Mitchell John Bowen James Marshall Francis Gallagher Univets is an organization which furthers the re-adjustment of Korean veterans to college life. The Univets also offers veterans a social life consisting of people in his own age group and with similar interests. This year the club opened their social season with a stag open house party which was met with a great deal of en- thusiasm. Their second event was the annual Veterans ' Day Dance which offered much in the way of entertainment to all who attended. The Univets attempted many civic projects this year. A committee was sent to the Board of Health Commissioner to inquire about polio and flu shots for the student body at N.B.I.T. An- other project completed was a trip to the mayor ' s office to propose a safety walk between the new and old buildings for the students. The Univets are always ready and eager to take action for the benefit of all those who attend Tech and is a worthy organization for the serious minded veteran. The Student Affiliate branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, recog- nized as such on Feb. 2, 1956, is an organization designed to broaden the student ' s ac- quaintances with the engineering world outside the classroom. Among it ' s major objectives are: to provide opportunities for the students to participate in independent functions brought about by their own initiative; to foster those qualities needed by the engineer which are not fully cultivated in the classroom; to provide an organization in which the technical devel- opments and ideas of students in their academic years can receive recognition. Training the student in strengthening his social, technical, and literary bonds with his classmates, instructors, and with graduate en gineers, and developing some of his administrative qualities are not only encouraged by industry but also by the branch at New Bedford Institute of Technology. The activities of the organization usually include one or two field trips, an annual lecture series at Providence, some interesting films, and this year a dance co-sponsored by the Mechanical Engineering Club. Two films have already been viewed, one of which was the installation of a 132 Kv. Under-Water power cable between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland. The student branch is open to any students of the Institute, but only the Electrical Engineering students may become national members. Clifford Wilbur, President Dale Sylvia, Vice-President Lionel Medeiros, Treasurer Allen Sisson, Secretary Members Chris Hayes Ed Sylvia Richard Medeiros Paul Murray Roger Trudeau Donald LeBlanc Herman Hunt Richard Manchester Richard Turner Dennis Henzel Edmund Roberge William Conn James Murphy Mario Thurnudo Ray LeBeau Joe Corbeil David J. Roche Ronald Slik Edmund Twarog John Bowen John Walker Fred Gorczyca Simmons Correia Anthony Arruda, Jr. This chapter is a student unit of the Na- tional Organization whose student membership is open to students preparing for a career in some phase of textile chemistry. This club has been introduced only recently in the school, but has found much enthusiasm. It holds its own meetings regularly and also participates in the activities of the regional section of the parent organization. Their only school function of the year was a very successful dance which was un- usually well attended. J. J. p np r j ML Members: Dale Sylvia Kenneth De Rego John Blenkiron Donald McCarthy Daniel Laureiro Allen F. Sisson Leonard Crane Richard Thatcher Joseph Corbeil Richard Arieta Edward Sylvia Norman J. Lopes LlL The Engineering Club was organized as a means to further the knowledge and education of the engineering students, to obtain a broader prospective in engineering, to create a closer relationship between themselves and industry, and to correlate theory and practice. Officers EARLE PARKER, President DENNIS HENZEL, Vice-President FRED GORCYZCA, Secretary PAUL MURRAY, Treasurer TOM CONNELLY, Corresponding Secretary The Newman Club is a Catholic org- anization formed to promote Catholic action on a college level. The club is affiliated with the National Federation of Newman Clubs. This school organiza- tion has been very active throughout the past year. The Newman Club ' s first en- deavor was an extremely seccessful Com- munion breakfast followed by an inter- esting speech given by an Army Chaplain. Throughout the year a series of informa- tive lectures on Catholic dogma were given. As the first social event to cele- brate the end of Lent, a Post-Lenten Dance was sponsored by the group. Father Hogan is Acting Chaplain and Professor John is Faculty Advisor. II President — Donald LeBlanc Vice-President — Lucien P. Poyant, Jr. Recording Secretary — Maureen Kennedy Corresponding Secretary — Patricia Perry Treasurer — Richard Pepin D The Protestant Fellowship is one of the newer organizations at New Bedford Tech having been organized only last year. The leadership is under Mr. Clifford Beck ' s direction, as advisor of the group, while the four officers are June P. Brown- ell as President, Allan B. Collinge and Louis H. Skinner sharing the office of Vice-President, and Judy Morton, Secre- tary. The aim of the group is to bring about Christian Fellowship through worship, re- creation, cultural enrichment, and social activities. Worship ' is attained through varied monthly meetings held on Sunday nights followed by recreation of different types. A few of the high spots of the group this year would be the enlightening dis- cussions with Rev. Gene Landry, who is the spiritual advisor of the group, the showing of the film " Martin Luther " , the quiet retreat to Camp Clark, and the charity basketball game the fellowship sponsored to benefit the Standard-Times Neediest Families Fund. Officers: President — June Patricia Brownel Vice-President — Allan Collinge Vice-President — Louis Skinner Secretary — Judy Morton Members: Joyce Dixon Mrs. Judith Thatcher Earl Holden Wayne Haskell Bill Macy Richard Thatcher Thelma Dahl Carolyn Skie Russell Ashworth Edward W. Sylvia Thomas Damon Hartley Gurney James Harrison The Collegians is the name of the newly formed glee Club at N.B.I.T. As yet the group is quite small, but their lack of quantity is compensated for by their excellent quality. The Collegians ' first appearance this year was for the Canterbury Club of Grace Episcopal Church where they were received enthusiastically. The glee club presented an entertaining Christmas performance at school before the holidays, and also represented the school at Music Week. The groups ' presi- dent is Louis Skinner and their able ac- companist is Richard Amerod. The Col- legians is a young group, but their plans for the coming year indicate a success- ful future. i (-©» I JL ■ Mim The 1957-58 year has brought many changes to the official student publica- tion of New Bedford Tech. An enlarged staff and increased efficiency has en- abled Tech Talk to make its greatest increase in publication ever. Eleven issues were published in this, the fifth volume, compared with six issues in volume four. This increased number of issues has enabled the staff to give better coverage to general school news. It has also allowed an increase of sports and student activities coverage. Scores and highlights of all soccer, basketball, and baseball games and tennis matches were published. In this volume, the ac- tivities calender was permanently estab- lished. One issue was published especially for Tech ' s open house in February. An- other, published in April, was devoted entirely to original student humor. Again as in past years, advertising copy and revenues were increased with the help of the staff advertising men. Photo- graphic quality was improved by the efforts of veteran photographers. Tech Talk ' s new office is one of the most important changes of the year. The in- creased available office space has speed- ed up typing and layout work making shorter copy working time. Experience tells in the quality of Tech Talk as the newspaper increases in age. Improvements in layout, content, and coverage are in- creasing over the years as each stoff hands down to the next the experience acquired in their tenure. We have bene- fitted from the improvements of last year ' s staff and build on those improve- ments. Tech Talk has come far in its scant five years of existance. ( The Guidepost for thrifty Shoppers " ) Visit the Wamsutta Mills Remnant Shop where excellent values are offered on seconds of famous Wamsutta Sheets, Pillowcases, Towels and Fabrics. 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A good prepare means a better finish DIASTAFOR a Desizing Agent Standard Brands Incorporated — Diastafor Department — New York 22, N. Y. DIASTAFOR A TRADE MARK OF STANDARD BRANDS INCORPORATED Please Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of . . . THE STUDENT COUNCIL New Bedford Institute of Technology 9$§ PEITAVINO SILK MILLS INC. SLOCUM MILLS INC. 94 SAWYER STREET — NEW BEDFORD, MASS. (Weavers of Rayon Acetates and Nylons) Specializing Rayon Linings and Acetate Printcloth Necktie and Women ' s Underwear Cloth Work Done on Commission or Direct King of the Commission Weavers Emilio Peitavino, President Fred Smith, Superintendent Americo Peitavino, Treasurer — Graduate of Class of 1929 Please Patronize Our Advertisers tehedco and z ouihern Wmsril e ° " vantages ob- tained in the HarnesS Co Q- JsSe- ( - U ' ipme ? Art Shuttles ate worlds nnest) as standardizing 011 load ' s th at " eaVC NeedS ' " ffof ldta- Con5UU °for mfotmauon on J??-. |MIHHHHH| ShHBIBb ± - STEEL HEDDLE MFG. CO. 2100 W. ALLEGHENY AVENUE, PHILADELPHIA 32, PA. Other Offices and Plants: Greenville, S.C. Atlanta, Go. Greensboro, NX. Providence, R.I. SOUTHERN SHUTTLES Paris Plant . . .Greenville. S.C. A Division of STEEl HEDDLE MFG. CO. STEEL HEDDLE COMPANY OF CANADA, LIMITED 310 St. Hubert Street, Granby, Quebec, Canada ■l ' iO-9 F as test Service - Finest Quality - You can be sure of complete satisfaction on your next printing order, if you call on us to serve you. You will receive prompt personal attention, regardless of the size of your order. You will know that delivery will be prompt and that the price will be fair. We will be pleased to serve you. REYNOLDS DEWALT Offset Lithographers Creative Printers WILLIAM SECOND STREETS g NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Continuing the businesses of Reynolds Printing and The Darwin Press Please Patronize Our Advertisers _ COMPLIMENTS OF Abbott Machine Co., Inc. Wilton, New Hampshire Southern Office: Greenville, S. C. Manufacturers of Textile Winding Machinery the harder you work the luckier you get . . . The secret of success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Work hard and the future is yours. Our sincere congratulations to the entire graduating class. SUNOCO PRODUCTS COMPANY World ' s Largest Manufacturers of Cones and Tubes for the Textile Industries. HARTSVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Please Patronize Our Advertisers L G. BALFOUR COMPANY " Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges " CLASS RINGS and PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS — DIPLOMAS — PERSONAL CARDS CLUB INSIGNIA — MEDALS TROPHIES Mr. Thomas F. Galvin Attleboro, Mass. NEW BEDFORD RAYON DIVISION MOHASCO INDUSTRIES, INC. " Manufacturer of Rayon Filament and Rayon Novelty Yarns " CLOTH ROOM PRACTICES BOOKLET The only comprehensive treatment in booklet form on textile drv finishing procedures will be sent free to any student. Ask for Booklet No. 344-52. Curtis Marble Machine Company 72 CAMBRIDGE STREET WORCESTER 3, MASS. Compliments of . . . DARTMOUTH COUNTRY CLUB Please Patronize Our Adi ertisers INCORPORATED 1855 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS HOME LOANS Your " Hometown " Bank NEW BEDFORD FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK 791 Purchase Street New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of New Bedford Cordage Company New Bedford, Mass. MANILA — SISAL NYLON ROPE TWINE NEW BEDFORD HOTEL Function rooms available for any group no matter how Large or Small VISIT THE SPOUTER INN JOLLY WHALER NATIONAL TEXTILE PROCESSING CORP. BLEACHING — PRINTING — FINISHING 601 ORCHARD STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS Please Patronize Our Advertisers m iM Compliments of A FRIEND § C. G. BOWMAN, INC. General Trucking and Rigging Telephone WYman 3-7629 310 HEMLOCK STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Compliments of ATLAS TACK CORPORATION FAIRHAVEN, MASS. Branch Plant Henderson, Ky. Compliments of LAMBETH ROPE CORPORATION NEW BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS Please Patronize Our Advertisers m Compliments of SEAPLANT CORPORATION NEW BEDFORD, MASS. OPPORTUNITY IS THE PREROGATIVE OF THOSE TRAINED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT Train now for the job opportunities of tomorrow New Bedford Industrial Development Commission Compliments Compliments of the of the SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS NBIT NBIT Please Patronize Our Advertisers DEFIANCE BLEACHERY fine finishers of fine fabrics Barrowsville, Mass. CRANSTON PRINT WORKS COMPANY Bleacher, Printer and Finisher of cloth fabrics - - Plants in Cranston, R. I. Webster, Mass. Fletcher, N. C. BEST I ! Compliments of WISHES LENO ELASTIC WEB FROM COMPANY, INC. THE fc NEW BEDFORD CLASS OF ' 59 M— — MM — — — ■— ■— — 1 — «AW» B«atflMHMMHM Mm ItMHMMHM r H MASSACHUSETTS Please Patronize Our Advertisers I of New Bedford MEN ' S WOMEN ' S APPAREL 562-566 Pleasant Street New Bedford, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 AEROVOX CORPORATION WRITING TUBES for marking textiles Fulling and Dye Resist Bleach and Caustic Proof JOHN P. NISSEN JR., CO. MANUFACTURERS CLENSIDE, PENNA. COMPLIMENTS OF MONTE ' S CAFE §§ Please Patronize Our Advertisers MB WHEATONS FAMOUS BEVERAGES " it ' s a whale of a drink " 17 Delicious Flavors BEST SINCE 1853 We deliver call WY 9-6264—9-6265 Hiram Wheaton and Sons, Inc. 45 SCHOOL ST., NEW BEDFORD At South First St. CORSE TIBBETTS Reg. Civil Engineers Surveyors Rounseville Rd. Rochester, Mass. KAPLAN FURNITURE STORE 99 Rockdale Ave. J. NEWTON BARROWS INSURANCE AGENCY 300 Bookstore Bldg. New Bedford General Insurance WY 3-0094 Compliments of LAWYER GEORGE P. PONTE 405 COUNTY STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS BETTENCOURT PHARMACY Prescription Druggists — Abel S. Rebello, Reg. Pharm. 1643 ACUSHNET AVENUE— COR. HATHAWAY ST. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Compliments of BUTTONWOOD CAFE 818 KEMPTON STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS -x- ALWAYS COOL -x- FOR A GOOD TIME VISIT CANADIAN CLUB, INC. 130 SCADDING ST. Compliments: J. KMIEC, Manager GOOD FELLOWS TEL. TAUNTON YA-4-9257 Please Patronize Our Advertisers TAUNTON, MASS. . BOUCHER CLOTHING, INC. DISTINCTIVE MEN ' S and BOYS ' APPAREL 1209 A CUSHNET AVENUE NEW BEDFORD, MASS. DIAL WYman 8-5017 MY PACKAGE STORE BEER— WINES— LIQUORS— SODAS — Free Delivery — Valtheas Paquin, Prop. 410 NORTH FRONT STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. " Serving Southern New England and Cape Cod Since 1920 " COLONIAL Restaurant and Store Equipment Co. 144 Union St., New Bedford — Tel. WYman 3-3828 287 Pleasant St., Fall River — Tel. OSborne 2-0461 NEW BEDFORD SIGN CO. EDWARD M. HURLER Compliments of PERRY ' S LIQUOR STORE, Incorporated 245 ROCKDALE AVE. SOUTH DARTMOUTH Compliments of SUNSET CLEANERS 232 DARTMOUTH STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Please Patronize Our Advertisers mm H H JIM ' S BLUE SUNOCO 1069 KEMPTON STREET Tel. WY 6-2751 COMPLIMENTS OF STEVENSON ' S RESTAURANT COMPLIMENTS OF . . . Mayor and Mrs. Francis J. Lawler WHITES FAMILY DINING ROOM Weddings — Banquets — Parties — Showers 4 spacious private rooms For Reservations Telephone OS 5-7185 NORTH WESTI ' ORT, MASS. finoJfyt " Better Dairy Products " GREETINGS TEXTILE WORKERS UNION OF AMERICA AFL CIO New Bedford Joint Board Please Patronize Our Advertisers i i i Compliments of . DELTA KAPPA PHI Compliments and Best Wishes American Flexible Conduit Company. Inc. 969 SHAWMUT AVENUE NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Tel. WY 614621 SALES — SERVICE — RENTALS TYPEWRITERS — ADDING MACHINES 514 PLEASANT STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. MASON FURNITURE CO., INC. New England ' s Largest Furniture Showrooms 795 PURCHASE STREET 410 PLYMOUTH AVENUE j New Bedford, Mass. Fall River, Mass. For any evening appointment phone WYman 6-8535 Compliments of Atlas Color and Chemical Co., Inc. 60 K STREET SOUTH BOSTON 27, MASS. Dyestuffs — Textile Specialties DAVIDSON ' S " MacGregor Brand " PORK PRODUCTS 424 SO. SECOND STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Telephone WYman 2-7988 1 Winning Favor With Our Flavor Please Patronize Our Advertisers ■■■■ ■ PARAGON TRAVEL AGENCY, Inc. World Wide Service — Student Tours 678 Pleasant Street Tel. WYman 6-8277 New Bedford, Mass. HAWES ELECTRIC 592 PLEASANT STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Telephone WYman 2-5318 C. F. CUSHING SON Leather Goods and Luggage 586 PLEASANT STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Compliments of Hoosac Mills Corporation New Bedford and North Adams, Massachusetts i i HELP YOUR BUDGET Telephone WYman 2-0957 Buy Your Home Furnishings j Apparel Gifts j Appliances Sporting Goods ' Xr JEWELER Come in to look — if not to huy . . . A. A. Schultz, Prop. I at WING ' S New Bedford ' s 255 UNION STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 84 Year Old " Friendly Store " Mulberry Corners Osterville, Mass. j We Invite You To Open A Charge Account j Garden 8-2872 i Please Patronize Our Advertisers JOHN E. COX CO., INC. FALL RIVER, MASS. TEL. OSborne 5-7471 FABRICATORS OF STRUCTURAL STEEL AND LIGHT IRON POP SMITH ' S SPORTS STORE Supplying all Greater New Bedford Schools with MacGREGOR GOLDSMITH World ' s Finest Athletic Equipment 1875 ACUSHNET AVE. TEL. WYman 2-0380 RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER FROM TECH SUPPLYING BACHELOR BUNDLES HATHAWAY LAUNDRY, INC. 6 CAMPBELL ST. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Compliments of PEACH ' S CAFE 399 RIVET STREET THE OUTPOST AND BAMBOO LOUNGE TEL. WYman 2-8622 NORTH DARTMOUTH, MASS. FINE FOODS AND CHOICE LIQUORS Catering to Weddings, Banquets, etc. Continuous Entertainment and Dancing LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING A. D. McMULLEN, INC. 304 KEMPTON STREET WYman 3-0904 Exc, " sive x ™ Bedford Ajjent- AERO MAYFLOWER World-Wide Furniture Movers Please Patronize Our Advertisers DIAL WYman 5-7868 WILLIAM T. KING LUMBER CO. Building Materials — Roofing — Millwork — Hardware — Paints — Lumber 25 Russells Mills Road South Dartmouth, Mass. " King Means Quality " HELFAND DAIRY PRODUCTS 220 RUSSELLS MILLS ROAD SOUTH DARTMOUTH, MASS. Complete Line of Dairy Products Good Luck Class of 1958 American Institute of Electrical Engineers TECHNOLOGY CENTER NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS Best Wishes to the Class of " 58 " from KAPPA SIGMA PHI SORORITY Compliments of GOODYEAR TIRE AND RUBBER CO. NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of the MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CLUB Please Patronize 0 ' r Advertisers " Verybest " LOOM NECESSITIES THE BULLARD CLARK COMPANY E. H. JACOBS NORTHERN DIVISION DANIELSON, CONN. E. H. JACOBS SOUTHERN DIVISION CHARLOTTE, N. C. LaFRANCE — JEWELER 763 Purchase Street Registered Jeweler — American Gem Society- Dial Phone 3-1137 New Bedford, Mass. PAINTS — WALLPAPER — HARDWARE — TOYS KITCHEN UTENSILS — ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES CORREIA AND SONS Lowest In Prices — Highest In Quality TELEVISION — FURNITURE — FANCY MEATS — GROCERIES 92-104 ALLEN STREET — NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Telephone WYman 7-9354—7-9355 DAVIDOW ' S HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS Tel. WYman 2-7822 912 Purchase Street New Bedford, Mass. BISHOP AND HACKETT Architects and Engineers Room 401—888 Purchase St. RUTH ATKINSON ART SUPPLIES 444 Pleasant St. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of ERNIE ' S BARBER SHOP 648 Brock Ave. 259 UNION STREET JANSON " lS!i!»i.„, t men ' s , shop NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Please Patronize Our Advertisers COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of Fall River FALL RIVER, MASS. Compliments of . . . PATRICIA ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE M. CONCEICAO R. C. FERREIRA, Proprietor Commercial and Color Photography ALFRED RIOUX 791 Brock Avenue New Bedford, Mass. Dial WYman 6-0174 Compliments of . A FRIEND Compliments of PHI PSI ARRUDA ' S PACKAGE STORE, INC. TEL. WYman 2-3149 266 COGGESHALL ST. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Please Patronize Our Advertisers WM. CARTER CO. 55 WILLIAM STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. COMPLIMENTS OF NEW BEDFORD TEXTILE COMPANY EUREKA PRINTING CO. CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY Compliments and Best Wishes American Flexible Conduit Company, Inc. 969 SHAWMUT AVENUE NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 319-325 SECOND STREET ELIZABETH, N. J. ALBERT MALICK, President (Class 1933) STETSONS SUPER SERVICE At the " ATLANTIC " Sign Cor. Ashley Blvd. and Sawyer St.— WY 3-1336 New Bedford, Mass. Please Patronize Our Advertisers A. FREEDMAN SONS, INC. MANUFACTURERS OF DISTINCTIVE MEN ' S SHOES Compliments of EASTERN SPORTSWEAR MFG. CO., INC. 94 SAWYER STREET MANUFACTURERS OF INFANT AND CHILDREN ' S SPORTSWEAR COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Compliments of CALVIN CLOTHING COMPANY COATERS INCORPORATED 139 POTTER STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. ' DON ' T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN THE BEST " DON ' T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN SEGUIN Truck Body Builders 944 COUNTY STREET DIAL WYman 2-6618 Please Patronize Our Advertisers SHIR-B-LANE, INC. 74 KILBURN STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. MANUFACTURERS OF CHILDRElVS ' SPORTSWEAR PEIRCE THE FLORIST Flowers for Better Living 1360 ACUSHNET AVE. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. DIAL WYman 5-7566— NlTE PHONE WYman 2-6564 BONDED SERVICE Compliments of ACE AUTO BODY SHOP GUILHERME M. LUIZ CO. INCORPORATED TRAVEL AGENTS 101 RIVET STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. TEL. WYman 3-2296 CHERRY ' S NEW BEDFORD Motor Sales Company Ford Dealers for over 38 years 1344-86 PURCHASE STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Please Patronize Our Advertisers - " NEW BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS Your Favorite Department Store O ' BRIEN PRODUCTS INC. LINTERS COTTON WASTE SISAL PADS KAPOK 550 WEST 23rd STREET New York 11, N. Y. CHelsea 2-1623 J. C. RHODES CO. Division of Plymouth Cordage Industries, Inc. Eyelets P. O BOX 962 Best Wishes PFISTEft CHEMICAL WORKS RIDGEFIELD, NEW JERSEY ' Pfister for Fine Naphthols " .{£ Time Out ' or Dawson BEER It ' s n6t just light and dry it ' s ure-fillprcd for total beer flavor I NEW BEDFORD, MASS Please Patronize Our Advertisers CAPE COD FABRICS, INC. 611 BELLEVILLE AVE. TEL. WY 4-6961 President — Macks Satkins Treasurer — Americo Peitavino COMMISSION WEAVERS AND CONVERTERS OF RAYON PIECE GOODS Compliments of j GLENNON ROOFING COMPANY WYman 8-5551 39 LINDEN STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Best Wishes For A Successful Future LESTER and POWELL INSURANCE AGENCY 982 KEMPTON STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. WYman 6-5252 Compliments of J. F. ST. AUBIN COMPANY Painters and Decorators 344 COURT STREET WYman 2-3177 LOUISE FLOWER SHOP 486 PLEASANT STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. WYman 3-0157 BROWN ELECTRICAL COMPANY EST. 1919 Residential — Commercial — Industrial 27 North Second St. New Bedford, Mass. Frederic O ' Neil, Prop. Tel. WYman 6-2882 DEPOT CAFE Specializing in Spagetti and Pizza Drop in and see NAP, NINO and MARCO 613 ACUSHNET AVE. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. TEL. WYman 2-8435 Please Patronize Our Adver tisers Compliments of J. M. JR. Compliments of A FRIEND— H. R. BANVILLE ' S SERVICE STATION FARRELL ' S CAFE 62 Weir St., Taunton, Mass. LOUIS GAUDETTE 107 Main St., Acushnet BROWNIE ' S TAVERN 858 Brock Ave. SYCAMORE STREET GARAGE 24 Sycamore Street J. I. PAULDING LOUGHLIN CHEVROLET CORNISH CO., INC. ' Insurance that Protects " Since 1867 STANLEY OIL COMPANY, Inc. 480 MT. PLEASANT STREET NEW BEDFORD Vander Electric Equipment Co., Inc. CORNER OF NORTH STREET NORTH SECOND STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Electrical Contractors HOT POINT APPLIANCES Lariviere ' s Pharmacy Oscar A. Lariviere, Reg. Pharm. 600 Cottage Street, Cor. Robeson St. New Bedford, Mass. Tel. WYnian 4-7439 Theodore Loranger Sons GENERAL CONTRACTORS NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS WYman 3-2641 Please Patronize Our Advertisers FINNI— QUEEN JEWELERS, INC. GIFFORD MARINE CO., INC. GILT EDGE TEXTILE MILLS, INC. 79 Brooks St. New Bedford ROBERT ' S PHARMACY 629 Brock Ave. GOMES AND CORREIA 686 Brock Ave. DUCLOS PHARMACY 56 Rodney French Blvd. LEMLIN ' S HARDWARE 33 Rodney French Blvd. LOUIS MEDEIROS 866 South Water St. ESTATE THOMAS W. CROACHER 384 South Water St. AL AND PHYL ' S BAKERY AND DELICATESSEN 364 Main St., Fairhaven MANUEL CAMARA, JR. GENERAL INSURANCE OFFICE: 1934 Purchase St., N. B. HOME: 7 Huttleston Ave., Fairhaven PARK OIL COMPANY MACEDO ' S PHARMACY 409 Rivet St., Gene Macedo, Reg. Ph. DELILAH ' S BRIDAL SALON 1142 Acushnet Ave. THE MELODY SHOP 257 Union St.— Tel. WYman 2-3645 Hal Jaslow, Proprietor Complete Assortment of Records and Hi Fi Phonos DOLMAR BAKERY BEACON LUMBER CO. MANNY CORREIA ' S ESSO SERVICENTER SMITH MILLS PHARMACY ALBION B. STONE— JEWELER SIDNEY ' S DEPT. STORE, INC. .OXFORD PHARMACY 348 Main St., Fairhaven COMMUNITY PHARMACY 133 Ruth St. PROFESSOR FRED TRIPP PROFESSOR LOUIS FENAUX CAPE COD STAGING AND EQUIPMENT MFG. CO, INC. PETER S. THOMAS FABRICS SAFEWAY MARKET 1592 Acushnet Ave. SOUPY ' S LUNCH 1235 Acushnet Ave. WHITE COTTAGE ICE CREAM WOLLISON ' S DRESS SUIT PARLOR Olympia Building Room 221 ETHAN AMES MFG. CO, INC. 908 Purchase St. BROOKLAWN PHARMACY 1902 Acushnet Ave. EDDIE ' S BARBER SHOP 1864 Acushnet Ave. CENTRAL PHARMACY 1833 Acushnet Ave. GEORGE ' S TAVERN 1168 Acushnet Ave. AVENUE BEVERAGE, INC. 1120 Acushnet Ave. CHARLIE ' S HOT DOG 1648 Acushnet Ave. PAUL ' S WINDOW CLEANING VOGUE MFG. CO, INC. Compliments of DR. AMELIA W. CATON Please Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of {$■ A FRIEND § DARTMOUTH FINISHING CORP. 45 Cove Street — New Bedford, Massachusetts BLEACHERS — PRINTERS — FINISHERS OF COTTON FABRICS Appreciation We wish to express our deep appreciation to all those who have adver- tised in this yearbook. Without their aid and cooperation this publication would not have been possible. We therefore urge all those who see these advertisements to patronize our friends whenever it is possible to do so. Please Patronize Our Advertisers ■ m Ml 55=3 8 " 2 lka -—- • ■ J ' »y— 1 " Ml - mam • - ■ J » J ? J " Nl j . ,i — . » « j t J ; f 3 4 « J j i .. . i ; s 4 I jj 4 . » , |:I I i j J .- - 4 I j J j •■; i I " - i J, : ? i a J » } - J " } j 3 • ■• ■ ?- ? - • ' -- r ' -. ! - ! £ •■ 3 . a . j ' ■» « ! ' • ' ? ' ; ■ ' » f , J ; ■ - 3 -, ' ..- i o. ... £ . ; J j , ; , :.- .. i . ., I ; J ' J ii .i : ■ i .. i .... I ;,,• ' » £ „ ' " i , j J . ; ,. = ■• ' ' .• ' - « -, . ■ . i , r- ' - J ■ ? 3 i ' ' - " ! s ? «• I J J i- -J : ; ' . ■-: ■ ' : ' . J : $ i 4 i • -i i i » i •- I J i i L . .- . . - j 4 « i 4 £ 4 j ' i ' i 1 i .£ ' f • ' ' i -;■ « - - - j J ;■ :• 4 .:••.• ; 4 ■ .-. .■ • «? . x ? ' A, - , 9 ■ a ! I-. - ! » " » • " ' ; i ■ i ... „ ; 1 , j ; i : ■ ■•».-. ■»:■ i- .- . ! . - ! J i I ' I i ' i - i •• - ; -■. , i : y : y. I - I 1 | ;■» s ,-v j I - i : j 4 1 1 J 1 J ; i " i j - ? " j - v ■- • j -- 1 i i - » ' x

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