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flew Mfotd JwtUute of Xext ' dts k Technology through these J portals ' - n r S 7 CCEXI 1 ill I - 3 3 j 01 NEW BEDFORD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY REFERENCE L 1 B RAR Y . . . VOLUME n? 20075 Form NBIT50. BM-9-60-928767 _ „ 9a ' (a £Z 3773. D FK3 " ' SH ■ 1- new bedford institute of textiles and i£h .3 TfTO l I AUGUSTUS SUVA Ito whom this yearbook is gratefully dedicated GEORGE WALKER PRESIDENT — EMERITUS board of trustees EX-OFFICIO DR. JOHN J. DESMOND FRANCIS J. LAWLER MISS RUTH McFADDEN CHAIRMAN JOSEPH DAWSON, JR. VICE-CHAIRMAN EDMUND RIGBY CLERK OF BOARD MRS. IDA EPSTEIN WILLIAM E. KING WILLIAM B. FERGUSON CLARENCE G. BOWMAN NILS V. NELSON JOHN A. SHEA PHILIP MANCHESTER HENRI F. HORN MISS E. FERRIS ALMADA CHARLES V. F. DeMAILLY GERALD Y. MURPHY JOSEPH A. DANCEWICZ CHARLES R. DUGDALE To the Graduating Class of 1956: Recognition takes many forms: a handclasp, a pat on the back, use of a proper name or title, a salary increase, an emblem, praise or many others. But various situations present unique opportunities for providing recognition to others, and these opportunities should be siezed when the come, not chased when they are gone. In brief: Others will like you to the extent that you accord them recognition. I believe that if each of you in your daily work recognizes not only the good you are doing but in turn recognizes the good of others, whether they be your superiors or subordinates, you will find success in abundance. We of the institute realize that during your stay here, you have found many things to be desired. We also recognize our shortcomings. There are improvements to be made and they are being made. When you go out into the world we hope you will recognize and remember the good we have tried to do. Forgive us the things we could not do. Congratulations and best wishes to you all, Dr. John E, Foster, President AUGUSTUS SILVA dean of students JAMES L. GIBLIN dean of faculty WARREN HOLT dean of admission CLIFFORD BECK placement director Frank Holden associate professor head of c. y. p. division textile engineering Louis Pacheco assistant professor Mr. William S. Kirk Edward H. Cloutier associate professor head of knitting department James L. Giblin professor head of textile department Mr. John T. Regan Fred Beardsworth associate professor head of weaving division Mr. Clifford N. Beck testing and microscopy Antone Rodil assistant professor H? M Howard C. Tinkham professor head of engineering deportment Adam Bayreuther assistant professor Mr. Warren M. Holt mechanical engineering Mr. Lenine Gonsalves Mr. Anthony John Mr. Lawrence M.Sylvia english Augustus Silva assistant professor head of english deportment Mr. Alden W. Counsell John R. Barylski assistant professor Francis Tripp professor head of chemistry department humanities Mr. Celestino Macedo Louis E. F. Fenaux associate professor Leo M. Sullivan assistant professor head of humanities department chemistry Mr. Ferdinand P. Fiocchi John C. Broadmeadow associate professor Edmund J. Dupre associate professor Mrs. Nancy Campbell assistant instructor Miss Margot Neugebauer design design and fashion Miss Evelyn Ramalhere fashion o A f) % . r CLASS Of n ' ,-• ' m o 9 president FRANCIS WORDEN vice-president FABIAN BARCH secretary POLLY FIELD treasurer EUGENE DAMM textile engineering The study of textiles includes all phases of manufacturing, finishing and testing of cotton cloth. Three years of designing, cotton yarn manufacturing, weaving and analysis are required, as well as two years of dying and one year of finishing. The student must design and weave three original patterns in addition to his practical work in the different labs. Jacquard by J. Feldman Textile design by P. Field Iffi ;::;■ ' , :..;:;. FABIAN PAUL BARCH B.S. IN TEXTILE ENGINEERING Phi Psi - 4; Class Officer - 4 Vice President; Student Council - 4, Univets - 3, 4. ■ mtlffu ■ KB 1 1 ■ ' WK yjR ill IBtaL 1 i .i «IIbbbi V JBfc Ju 1 f . S y ' , w8f}; MrjdjM ., : " j i " The over curious are not over wise STEVE DOWNER B.S. IN TEXTILE ENGINEERING Glee Club - 2; Camera Club - 3; Circle K - 3, 4; Tech Talk - 3. ANTHONY D. FERNANDES B.S. IN TEXTILE ENGINEERING Camera Club - 4; Circle K Club - 3; Fabricator - 4; Soccer - 4; Intramural Sports - 2, 3. . P,JSS- ■CSMTV SEW fafikvU " The real character of a man is found out by the company he keeps. " EMIL J. KATTERMANN B.S. IN TEXTILE ENGINEERING Interfrat Council - 3 treasurer; Circle K Club - 3; Fabricator - Assistant Editor 3 Editor 4; Phi Psi - 1, 2, Vice-President 3, 4; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer - 4; Intra- mural Sports - 3, 4. QAMAR UL ZAMAN B.S. IN TEXTILE ENGINEERING Camera Club - 2; Delta Kappa Phi - 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports -1,2. " Without music life would be a mistake JOSEPH H. ARSENAULT DIPLOMA IN TEXTILE MANUFACTURING Glee Club - 1 ; Univets - 2; Newman club - 2, 3; Phi Psi - 2, 3. PAUL V. PELLETIER DIPLOMA IN TEXTILE MANUFACTURING Glee Club • 3; Newman Club - 4; Phi Psi - 2, 3, 4; Baseball - I; Soccer - 3, 4: Tennis ■ 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports - 3. ' When the sun shineth, make hay EDWARDO PEREZ DIPLOMA IN TEXTILE MANUFACTURING Glee Club - 2; Newman Club - 4; Phi Psi - 2, 4; Soccer - 1, 2, 4; Intramural Sports - 2. Swing away sorrow, cast away care. " JOHN L POULIN DIPLOMA IN TEXTILE MANUFACTURING Glee Club - 1, 2; Univets - 3; Newman Club - 3; Phi Psi ■ 1, 2. 3. ' He that has knowledge, spareth his words. ' BENJAMIN RESNICK DIPLOMA IN KNIT GOODS MANUFACTURING Univets - 2, 3; Fabricator - 3. In Fashion Illustration the student acquires the ability to present drawings and layouts suitable for reproduction in newspapers and periodicals. In Fashion Design the student gains a comprehensive knowledge o f basic_ design, pattern drafting, draping, and complete construction of a garment. design and fashion Textile Design is a constant process of experimen- tation; of putting new ideas to the test of production requirements, and feeling the relationship of textile design to contemporary living through architecture, industrial design, the fine arts and graphic arts. Textile Design by I. Watkins Itl$i — SmflHHS d ' -JM 1 i » ■ c ' VI z i j I], ,, Tpj B % : N -r ■■all _„..,.;« •:: fe Hjjt 1 __ a 1 " The carefree life is the happy one. " BARBARA A. AM AN DOLES B.S. IN TEXTILE DESIGN AND FASHION Glee Club - 2, 3, 4; Newman Club - 3, 4; Fabricator - 4; Cheering Squad - 3, 4. JACQUELINE FELDMAN B.S. IN TEXTILE DESIGN AND FASHION Interfrat Council - 3; Camera Club - 2, Vice-President ; Tech Talk - 2, Assistant Editor 1, Managing Editor 2; Fabricator - 2, Art Editor 3, 4; Kappa Sigma Phi - I, 2, 3, 4. " Good humor makes all things tolerable. " POLLY ANNE FIELD B.S. IN TEXTILE DESIGN AND FASHION Student Council - 4, Secretary; Glee Club - 2, 3; Class Officer 4, Secretary; Fabricator - 3, 4. PAULA E. KENNEDY B.S. IN TEXTILE DESIGN AND FASHION Camera Club - 2, Secretary ; Fabricator - 4. § . . j 4 1 r | 1 1 r% i i 1 1 ■ : SSa m NHtaggg g . « ■ i. ■ « ■ " ' ■ ' ■ V " A little spark may burst into a mighty flame. " JACQUELINE OLIVEIRA B.S. IN TEXTILE DESIGN AND FASHION Prom and Banquet Committee - 3, 4. ANNE PALLATRONI B.S. IN TEXTILE DESIGN AND FASHION Glee Club - 2, 3; Fabricator . 4. I A 1 ik. T L , jag- , , m « ' hl ■3 " »fe " " ' 1 B TW fc J § " Eat by pleasure, drink by measure. " IDA MAY WATKINS B.S. IN TEXTILE DESIGN AND FASHION Glee Club - 2, Secretary. a y ° ii r C -..I H mechanical engineering The mechanical engineering department completely prepares the graduate for entering into the engineering profession, by giving the student a sound training in the scientific and mathematical subjects this course of study offers exceptional opportunities in the field of machine design. — - Textije Design by I. Watkins HOWARD W. GIFFORD B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Engineering Club - 2, 3, 4. ADRIANO C. GRACA, JR. B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Engineering Club - 2, 3. 4. " You stand in your own light. ' " A gentleman makes no noise. " DAVID L. JORCENSEN B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Engineering Club - 2, 3, 4. Fabricator - 4. DAVID A. POOLE B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING " Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. " ROBERT VANSTONE B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Engineering Club - 2, 3, 4; Circle K - 3 4; Delta Kappa Phi - 1, 2, 3, 4. " Liberty, equality, fraternity. GEORGE WRIGHT B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Student Council - President 3; Interfraf Council - 2, 3, 4; Class Officer - Presi- dent - 3; Engineering Club ■ 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa Phi - 1, 2, Secretary 3, President 4; Basketball ■ 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball ■ 3, 4; Soccer - 2, 3. ' Diamonds are a girl ' s best friend PAULINE ELDRIDGE B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING sewing machine maintenance The sewing machine maintenance course is a two year course, with credit given for the last semester, which is spent in industry. The course consists of lectures on stitching, stitch classification, and style. Upon graduation, the student is able to assemble, repair, and do time studies on ninety percent of the sewing machines found in industry. Textile Design by f. Field " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart NORBERT DESROCHES CERTIFICATE SEWING MACHINE MAINTENANCE DAVID RAZON CERTIFICATE SEWING MACHINE MAINTENANCE Intramural Sports - 1, 2; Univets ■ 1, 2. Textile Chemistry trains students for careers in the chemical industries, but particularly in the field of textile chemistry, dyeing and finishing. A sound training in the fields of inorganic, organic, analytical, and textile chemistry are provided, as well as the aca- demic subjects that are necessary for a well rounded education. Cloth by Wamsutta Mills Textile Design by M. Ruggles ALICE CAMACHO B.S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Student Council - 2, 3; Glee Club - 2, 3, 4; Class Officer - Secretary 2, 3; New- man Club - 3, 4. " Serious, but not too serious; Quiet, but not too quiet. " ROBERT L COMEAU B. S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Newman Club - 3, 4; Tech Talk - 3, 4 Delta Kappa Phi - 2, 3, 4. EUGENE DAMM. JR B.S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Student Council - Treasurer 3, 4; Class Officer - Treasurer 3, 4; Univets - Treas- urer 3, 4; A.A.T.C.C. - Treasurer 2, 3, President 4. , .. . 1 " I shall never ask, never refuse, nor ever resign an office. " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. " HARTLEY W. EASTWOOD B. S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Student Council - 3; Class Officer -3; Fabricator - 4; Delta Kappa Phi - 1, 2 3, 4; Basketball - 2, 3, 4; Soccer - 3, 4 JOSEPH M. JACINTHO B. S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Newman Club - 3, 4; Tech Talk - Advertis- ing Manager 3, Assistant- Editor 4; Fabri cator - Advertising Manager 4; Delta Kappa Phi - 2, 3, 4; A.A.T.C.C. ■ I, 2, 3, 4. " Faithful friends are hard to find. : " A day for toil, an hour for sport RICHARD T. JULIO B. S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Student Council - 3; Class Officer - 3 Fabricator - 3; Delta Kappa Phi - 1, 2, 3 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 4 Tennis - 2, 3, 4. JAMES MOTTA B.S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY " Why should life all labor be " ? ' Diligence is the mother of good fortune. " WILLIAM J. PERRON B. S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Newman Club - 4; Tech Talk - 4; Delta Kappa Phi - 1, 2, 3, 4; A.A.T.C.C. - 4. " A joy that ' s shared is a joy made double. 1 JUNE C. STRINGER B. S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Glee Club - 2, 3; Newman Club - 3, 4. " I meddle with no man ' s business but my own. " ANTHONY C. TEIXEIRA B. S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Univets - 3; Newman Club - 3; Tech Talk - 3; Delta Kappa Phi - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 2; A.A.T.C.C. HHHMMHMBm MANUEL A. THOMAS B.S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Student Council - 3 Vice-President; Inter- frat Council - 4 Vice-President; Class Officer - 3 Vice-President; Circle K Club - 3, 4 Board of Trustees; Newman Club - 4; Phi Psi - 1, 2, Chapter Editor 3, Presi- dent 4; Intramural Sports - 3; Basketball. " Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power. " " Be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath. " JOHN TWAROG B.S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Tech Talk - Business Manager 4; Phi Psi - 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS X. WORDEN B.S. IN TEXTILE CHEMISTRY Student Council - 3, 4; Class Officer - President 3, President 4; Circle K Club - 3, 4; Newman Club - 3, President 4; Tech Talk - 3, Sports Editor 4; Delta Kappa Phi - 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1, 3; Intramural Sports - 3; A.A.T.C.C. 2, 3, 4. " Friendship is neither a formality nor a mode; it is rather a life. " a b r i c a t o r staff editor Emil Kattermann art editor Jacqueline Feldman photography editor Walter Twarog business manager David Jorgensen advertising staff adv. manager Joseph Jacintho asst. adv. managers Ben Resnick Anthony Fernandes art editor — JACQUELINE FELDMAN business manager — DAVID JORGENSEN advertising manager — JOSEPH JACINTHO asst. adv. manager — ANTHONY FERNANDES asst. adv. manager — BENJAMIN RESNICK photography editor — WALTER TWAROG enny, class of ' 5t, chemical er , oyal Collej nistry in Bagc " ' 55 have BS engineering ft " Jlege of Bagdad Hr. Cloutier h edule for sti jticipate in int leers train eve; jn in the gym. ' Mr. Chips " Ge boxers to repx the annual t nehill Colle; March. " Mr. ding the light] won last year lie Institute ship last year ' inie Alves, and titles in their s year we havpj les Botellio tc the tourney. silly Giblin, ;ene Bisaillon ntramural spot ' he boxers wi participating mpions from rney at Stonehill »hy by the direc, will be aware ' ., itute. iramy Botellio middle weight cl ; hoped that our performance of Miss Jeannine Morency 17, ofj Laurel Street Fairhaven, a brow f| wearing a pale yellow floor It ' , strapless net gown, was crowfl queen at the Winter Wonderlr Junior Prom held at Steven- Restaurant, North Darthmoutl The Queen was crowned wi. coronet of white gardenias by PrJ dent John E. Foster. Miss More- ■escort at the dance was Daniel ' son. Decorations were done in - and white motif consisting of ers, balloons, and artificial tr Dance which was very succes attended by 80 couples- It se t are introS Cloutier ifi Mr. Clou anquetl his app| team display to every gr the best first was a Freshn Our hats ; Cloutier for sacrifice for vision were MARILYN RUGGLES HONORABLE MENTION: FABIAN BARCH FIRST PRIZE — COLOR: JAMES GIFFOR1) HONORABLE MENTION: DANIEL MORRISON The first prizes were fi , merchandise certificates f FV verse Photo Supply, one? ' was donated t other was dt ; Club. the St, so the rui :s were chan ; :lude snapsho largeme " • ' the cl a ' NEWMAN CLUB Father John Hogan, curate of St Lawrence Church, addressed 45 stu- dents of the Institute in the Fre Public Library. The lecture was spon- sored by the Newman Club. He discussed the problems ant difficulties which must be met in thi attainment of a happy marriage. H explained the stand of the Catholii Church on marriage, the pans playei by both the husband and the wife it a successful marriage, and the quest •hich he des to birth anc It all. " i of marriage the procreat- children. It o serve see and -, jvxr. ■ . destined to be the coach. tier has coached the soccer ' ears, the boxing team for girls basketball team ' will coach the newly ' vball team. If a hand- • | reduced in the Insti- 1 Jer will undo The Official Stude EDITOR LEO McGOFF ASSISTANT EDITO MARY ANN HANRAHAN JOSEPH JACINTHO ANN GILLIBRAND PHOTOGRAPHY SHILA GILL1N WALTAR TWAROG R. PAULL I. T. SINESS MANAGE] JOHN TWAROG ADVERTISING JOSEPH GOODMAN — MGR. HARRIS HORVITZ — ASST. DAVE LITE — ASST. ART EDITOR " CHIPS " GEYEN GABRIELLE COYNE SPORTS FRANCIS WORDEN— Editor BILL PERRON— Assistant Faculty Advisor— MR. CELESTINO MACEDO Earl B. Holden Lila Frates Rosalie Slowik Mary Louise Silva Barbara Tavares REPORTERS Robert Comeau William Bicott Allan Luckraft Thomas Mitchell Graham Marland Hartley Gurney Lucien Poyant Paul Levasseur Barbara Staron (2EE). e ' yeato JohnC Ri rd Julio ° ae of NB TT-c i? h ' » inc. u - « " year (. ' ' " son of a ° Gra (4mA k-. r r,, « u ' ' dera„ , . ' u l 5 ■nett ngtl ne in son l. ' h : esi iicy ' Morri a blu. stream .-es. ' sfu Th. wa: «r 2 has been designat- ill be highlighted by " open ties. During this week all ;-at will have an opportunity rirefer to be a " Deke " or " Phi I chance to show what they of all, a pictorial coverage newman club I circle n k ♦ camera club president — SHEILA GILLIN vice-president — DONALD SILVIERA secretary — MARILYN RUGGLES treasurer — WILLIAM PAULL WALTER TWAROG LEROY MOSHER CHARLES LEWIS engineering club James Ashworth John Foster Walter Slocum Paul Murray John Pacheco Fryderyk E. Gorczyca Dennis J. Henzil Edward Jareckie David Leite David Alves Alan Collinge Robert Frates Kennison Mcintosh Adriano Graca, Jr. Robert Vanstone Howard Gifford George Wright, III David Jorgensen Cl.Cl.t.C.C a.a.i.e.e. chairman — DANIEL J. MORRISON vice-chairman — JOHN O ' CONNOR secretary — DONALD LeBLANCE corresponding secretary — PAUL MALCOLM treasurer — EVERETT DUGAN counselor — Mr. LENINE GONSALVES glee club jt secretary — CHRISTOPHER HAYES vice-president — DAVID G. LOWE president — JOHN HARRISON treasurer — JOSEPH CARRIER intjferfrofefnty council B. TAVARES; viceVesident — M. THOMAS; secretary COYNE; treasurer — P. SMITH; faculn Jvisor — MR. FENEAUX. MEMBERS — B. Tavares, G. Coyne, M. Ricard, M. TnThwa , P. Smith, P. Marois, lite, i delta kappa phi fraternity delta chapter G. Wright, E. Jarecki, D. Leite, E. Damm, G. Anthony Gerald Anthony James Ashworth Joseph Arsenault Alan Collinge Dexter Clough Robert Comeau John Cook Eugene Damm, Jr. Gilbert Dutra Hartley Eastwood John Foster, Jr. Robert Frates Joseph Goodman Wayne Haskell Edward Horsley Bruce Gillum Joseph Jacintho Edward Jarecki Richard Julio David Leite Edward Leite Charles McCarthy Kennison Mcintosh Angelo Mello Ralph Moyer Ronald Nichols Armand Pedrosa William Perron Joseph Powers Walter Slocum Gerald Swain Anthony Texeira Robert Vanstone Alan Wolstenholme Francis Worden George Wright, III Augustine Silveria Ray Souza Ronald Perry Dale Stetson William Choripies Chris Hayes James Harrison Frank Pietraszek Donald Gray Ken Provost George Caires Dennis Henzel Paul Rezendes Henry Barros Ken DeRezo Ronnie Wade Russel Ashworth Earle Holden Shirley Jerrinigan, Jr. Dave Coakley Victor Alves Paul Gauvin Charlie Hodgkins Joseph Corbeil Graham Marland Donald McCarthy Richard Stevens William Paull Sam Pires Richard Negus Joseph Martineau Francis Considine John Perry Leo Tetreault Gerard Burnett Kenneth Hohanson Ray Martin Tom Brown Richard Omerod Gerry Mullen Bruce Barrs Leon Cierpial Armand Talbot Robert Wilber Walter Wordell Dennis O ' Leary John Blenkiron Edward Cambra J. Rainey T. Mitchell E. Sylvia D. Yates D. Sylvia D. Staron T. Damon L. Poyant D. Mederios F. Marco W. Gifford J. Botellio J. Blanchette J. Jodoin R. Charves H. Cunningham R. Alves D. Moriarty F. Gorczyca R. Richard D. Oliver A. Atkinson W. Sherman D. Alves W. Wienzek R. Desicrisseau J. Burres G. Helme They don ' t know it, but it ' s been dry for hours. The Fearsome Five doing their own rendition of " Don ' t you Step On My Blue Suede Shoes. " " Who ' s the leader of the club . }j " ? nineteen! OFFICERS president — B. TAVARES vice-president — G. COYNE secretary — S. GILLIN treasurer — M. RICARD faculty advisor — MISS RAMALHETE kappa sigma phi sorority delta chapter This J5. my everyday attire. MEMBERS B. Tavares G. Coyne S. Gillin M. Ricard B. Staron M. Meier M. Hanrahan M. Ruggles E. Macabello J. Clifford N. Rebello R. Hawkins E. Tollefston M. Silva L. Frates A. Gillibrand J. Feldman Black Bottom ! ! Just ask Miss Ramalhete. OFFICERS president — M. THOMAS vice-president — E. KATTERMANN secretary — P. SMITH treasurer — P. MAROIS corresponding secretary — J. POULIN senior warden — A. SISSON junior warden — R. PEPIN faculty advisor — MR. BECK I ' m fop man here see! Pardon me, your slip is showing X Where ' s my mug ? ? Raise ya a grand phi psi fraternity beta chapter J. Arsenault M Bandara J. Bernier J. Canto L. Grenier J. Gifford B. Gulbranson H. Galary F. Barch E. Kattermann N Lopes T. Lee J. Lemos P. Marois R. Mitchell D. McGrath P. Smith D. Silveria A. Sisson M . Thomas J. Twarog E. Poitras G. Diez E. Perez V. Pelletier J. Poulin J. Pascual C. LeTendre w . Giblin R. Pepin R. Tackach L. McGoff G. Brazil Yummy, fresh milk sports new bedford institute of m ' JM 1955-1956 nd technology N.B.I.T.T. N.B.I.T.T. N.B.I.T.T. N.B.I.T.T. N.B.I.T.T. N.B.I.T.T. NB.I.T.T. N.B.I.T.T. N.B.I.T.T. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 19551956 Wednesday, November Quonset Naval Air Station Monday, December 5 Wednesday, December Friday, December Wednesday, December 14 Wednesday, January 4 Friday, January 6 Wednesday, January 1 1 Friday, January 13 Saturday, January 14 Saturday, January 21 Thursday, January 26 Saturday, January 28 Wednesday, February 1 Friday, February 3 Thursday, February 9 Friday, February 10 Monday, February 13 Wednesday, February 15 Saturday, February 18 nday, February 19 ibay, February 24 Mass. Maritime Academy Fort Ethan AlleHjAir Force Base Assumption College Burdett College Otis Air Force Base Durfee Tech Mass. Maritime Academy Stonehill College Lowell Tech New England College Boston Teachers College Providence Bible Institute Quinnipiac College Quonset Naval Air Station Durfee Tech Philadelphia Textile Otis Air Force Base Providence Bible Institute Bloomfield College Quinnipiac College Stonehill College Stonehill College (play off) Bloomfield (Dedication 1 Home W 64-59 Home W 85-75 Home W 71-69 Home L 89-78 Home W 89-78 Home W 86-78 Home W 88-77 Home W 88-67 Home W 74-68 Away L 83-75 Away W 72-59 Away W 77-73 Away W 75-67 Home L 82-61 Away W 79-74 Away W 80-73 Home W 80-76 Away L 67-65 Home W 75-64 Away L 92-88 Away L 77-58 Away L 96-87 L 80-59 L 83-82 CIF " ' ? P i E. Perez, D. Moriarty, V. Pelletier, G. Diez, B. Silva, H. Eastwood, J. Galvin, Coach Cloutiar E. Rose, E. Cambra, E. Karrermann, D. Leite, L. Duhamell, G. Helme, A. Fernandes D. Thatcher F. Pietraszek A. Atkinson D. Coakley D. Stetson J. Foster W. Haskell G. Wright R. Julio, (Capt.) H. Eastwood E. Sylvia B. Dutra 1 AV- N. Rebello, E. Macabello, R. Hawkins, B. Amandoles, G. Coyne (Capt.) 1 W mm " m IT»m Rr Kir ' - ' .M rm k I rs ,K§s n 100 cc. of water 30 grams of rrag. 3 milaleters indigasol a pinch of formaldahyde blue, mix well and drink 2£L 2£_ 0t " ' A« f P What ' s it to ya? Well it IS rather low " But we don ' t like the Bunny Hop Pretend you don ' t see them. ' clap hand, clap hands, till daddy comes home hup, 2, 3,4 A " It ' s warmer here " " Heads I win, Tails you fose " So help me, if they don ' t get me a desk soon ! • rC " e a fre e sli de rul es Positions wanted: One Chief, editor-in- chief and one arty art editor W-V % 1 ! L Nfc t I Don ' t just stand there and watch it! I don ' t believe a word of it ' My daddy says we can go " I know they never heard of that one " ! Newman club dance at Stevensons friday, april 6, 1956 CLASS Of 1956 Amandoles, Barbara A. 200 Weld Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Arsenault, Joseph Herve 325 North Front Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Barch, Fabian P. 1565 Acushnet Avenue New Bedford, Massachusetts Camacho, Alice 53 Matthew Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Comeau, Robert L. 45 Beetle Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Damm, Eugene P., Jr. 525 Ashley Boulevard New Bedford, Massachusetts Desroches, Norbert 103 Milford Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Downer, Stephen H. Front Street Marion, Massachusetts Eastwood, Hartley 66 Whitlow Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Eldridge, Mrs. Polly LeLievre Arnold Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Feldman, Jacqueline 377 Weirfield Street Brooklyn 27, New York Gifford, Howard W. Central Village, Massachusetts Graca, Adriano G., Jr. 92 Dunbar Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Joseph M. Jacintho 388 Rockdale Avenue New Bedford, Massachusetts Jorgenson, David L 44 Hedge Street Fairhaven, Massachusetts Julio, Richard T. 66 Whitlow Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Kattermann, Emil J. 53 North Elk Avenue Dover, New Jersey Kennedy, Paula E. 154 Durfee Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Motta, James 54 Maiden Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Oliveira, Jacqueline 481 Maxfield Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Pallatroni, Anne Randall Road Mattapoisett, Massachusetts Pelletier, P. Vincent Swedish Village Laconia, New Hampshire Poole, David A. 582 Westwater Street Rockland, Massachusetts Poulin, Joseph L. 16 Temple Street Lewiston, Maine Razon, David 49 Sycamore Street Fairhaven, Massachusetts Resnick, Benjamin 1 Spring Hill Avenue Norwalk, Connecticut Stringer, Mrs. June Kennedy Middle Road Acushnet, Massachusetts Teixeira, Anthony C. 287 Hersom Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Thomas, Manuel A. 93 Willis Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Twarog, John 52 Morton Court New Bedford, Massachusetts Vanstone, Robert A. 43 Fairmount Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Watkins, Ida M. 500 Acushnet Avenue New Bedford, Massachusetts Worden, Francis X. 246 Purchase Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Fernandes, Anthony D. 144 Green Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Perez A., Eduardo 569 Reina Victoria y Carrion Quito, Ecuador Wright, George, 3rd 15 Berkley Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Field, Polly Ann Neck Road Mattapoisett, Massachusetts Perron, William J. 159 Annette Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Zaman, Qamar Ul Alqamar, Princess Road Multan Cantt (W. Pak.l Pakistan for a vast range of permanent dyestuffs for O Si i-M-J ■ S ■ ■_!■■—■ textile wet processing chemicals GENERAL DYESTUFF CORPORATION - ANTARA CHEMICALS Sales Divisions of General Aniline Film Corporation 435 HUDSON STREET • NEW YORK 14, NEW YORK Branches: Boston • Providence • Philadelphia • Charlotte, N. C. Chattanooga • Chicago • Portland, Ore. • San Francisco IN CANADA: Chemical Developments of Canada Limited, Montreal With the best wishes of C I B A BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY, ixc. Hathaway Division yd MWWA oir RAYON AND ACETATE LINING FABRICS FOR MEN ' S CLOTHING NYLON MARQUISETTES COT- TON CLIP SPOT AND PLAIN MARQUISETTES FOR CURTAIN MANUFACTURERS. COTTON BOX LOOM FABRICS FOR DRESS GOODS AND SHIRTING. Knowles Loom Reed Works Inc. JOSEPH DAWSON. JR.. Pres. and Treas. Manufacturers of LOOM REEDS for Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Nylon, Glass, Woolen also Light and Heavy Duck Pitch Band Reeds Metal Reeds Stainless Steel and Chromium Plate Textile Mill Supplies Leather Belting 71 years of continuous service 114 MYRTLE STREET TEL. 2-6204 NEW BEDFORD, MASS. U. S. A. Wherever you go . let your STOWE-WOODWARD man help you It ' s a better than even chance, that you who have special preparatory training will become the textile executives of tomorrow; and because of this, Stowe- Woodward has a genuine interest in you who are graduating. Long before you reach the position that goes with that big mahogany desk and its inviting swivel chair, you will have learned a good deal about Stowe- Woodward Rubber Covered Rolls and their importance in the textile industry. When you ' ve arrived, you will also know that Stowe -Woodward is a pretty dependable source of help on any textile problem involving the use of rubber covered rolls. By then, we ' ll know you, too. Right now, we ' d like to extend congratulations for a good start and our best wishes for your success. ' ? C ZQ tm ik uJSet AoSf NEENAH, WISCONSIN - NEWTON 64, MASSACHUSETTS - GRIFFIN, GEORGIA Portraits and Groups by LORING STUDIOS NEW ENGLAND ' S LARGEST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS 58 SPRING STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Cotton Rolls Cotton and Wool Rolls Combination Rolls Cotton and Husk Rolls Paper Rolls Embossing Rolls Friction Rolls Schreiner Calenders Chasing Calenders Rolling Calenders Silk Finishing Calenders Embossing Calenders Calenders for finishing woven plastic (Saran) Rubber Thread covering Machines Vinyl Embossing Calenders for Plastic Sheeting Seam and Slub Detectors Perkins new Electraumatic Seam Detector (for Shearing Machines) Cloth Pilers Special Drying Machines Mangles Padders Squeezers Automatic Winders Dye Jigs Hydraulic Power Units Mullen Testers Special Rolls and Machinery to Customers ' Specifications B. F. PERKINS SON, INC. ENGINEERS AND MANUFACTURERS HOLYOKE, MASS. Largest Manufacturers of Calender Rolls in the World Compliments of LENO ELASTIC WEB COMPANY, INC. NEW BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS DEFIANCE BLEACHERY fine finishers of fine fabrics Barrowsville, Mass. The DARWIN PRESS Offset Lithographers New Bedford, Massachusetts r ( concen- co1 . „„er stripP " 10 - taster, cleaner cotton and royo- 1 N £OZY . Q .«.Y« - Remove rs from P " nte0 ___ . j . A high ,em " pod -t: - P e— very h8 " s _« B ■srz — ■ „ 5 Economical -J ■ comP° und ' ,,b be d - l| • Effecrweretara . Dl SPtR5A«-»- . in9 ond lev • 0fdV : o ndoce eaye.n9. « ' ,n " « H PP ' CO, ° rS ' a0 -.Kary i« 5,r,pP pelting ° ' ,V,e unv anted j even W " " " t r er colors. ,j reducing •a ' " ' " : 9 r discharge o« ' , he p, ' : hn g oT— dry ,n " Ti reducing P — — retain its B» .... cystaUine pA ROU« Solob ,e, calory , e forstr-ipP ' or Nylon • uu. s ul P n°n° ' ed coS - «ilrt®- n ' 9 V .for dye ' mg CASTRO a5l o P lePen e, ' anH ,° tor° " d ° S . g Ingle ' " - fe - ._ V.U not smoke o m ' 3f a « ufactu re (MPANY • CARLTON HILL. N 1EMICAL COMPANY • CARLTON HILL, NEW JERSEY of- Chemicals for the Textile Industry EX AGTLY the same good results each time you Desize with V arefully standardized to give uniform results at all times — Exsize-T is the most efficient . . , most economical of all desizers. Safe ! Exsize-T is not a harsh chemical — but a harmless liquid enzyme concentrate. Easy to apply. Removes starch quickly cheaply . . . completely. Write now for free booklet. EX " E xsize-T " is the registered trademark of Pabst Brewing Company. Copr. 1953, Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. SIZE-T WRITE FOR FREE BOOKLET PABST BREWING COMPANY 221 N. La Salle Street CHICAGO 1, ILLINOIS REVERE TEXTILE PRINT ROLLS A New Bedford Product Famous For a Hundred Years " For more than a century the New Bedford Division of Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated has been making textile print rolls. As a result of this long experience the Revere organization is in a unique position to know and under- stand practical textile printing problems and how to meet them with rolls best adapted to give efficient, economical service. " Revere specialists in this field are available to assist you in obtaining the type of rolls best adapted to serve your individual requirements. " Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated FOUNDED BY PAUL REVERE— 1801 24 North Front St., New Bedford. Mass. New Bedford INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION SUCCESS LIES AT THE JUNCTION OF PREPARATION AND OPPURTUNITY. NEW BEDFORD represents the latter THE NEW BEDFORD INSTITUTE OF TEXTILES the former They should go forward together. Compliments of O ' BRIEN PRODUCTS INC. LINTERS COTTON WASTE SISAL PADS KAPOK 550 WEST 23rd STREET New York 11, N. Y. CHelsea 2-1623 tehedco and outhern TT7t HNEST CAN tained m the Ha tness Z° QUaUty od SoT em « U ' ,pm T Shuttles ate world ' s fi " « c ' oducts th at " » ve C fo - on JCLL _ g I STEEL HEDDLE MFG. CO. 2100 W. ALLEGHENY AVENUE, PHILADELPHIA 32, PA. is and Plants: Greenville, S.C. Atlanta, Go. Greensboro, N.C. Providence, R.I. SOUTHERN SHUTTLES ris Plant . . . Greenville, S.C. A Division of STEEl HEDDLE MFG. CO. STEEL HEDDLE COMPANY OF CANADA, LIMITED 310 St. Hubert Street. Granby, Quebec, Canada COMPLIMENTS OF Abbott Machine Co., Inc. Wilton, New Hampshire Southern Office: Greenville, S. C. Manufacturers of Textile Winding Machinery TEXTILE DRYING MACHINERY ANDREWS and GOODRICH, Inc. 336 ADAMS STREET BOSTON, MASS. What a wonderful world of color was locked in that magic tube! Shimmering jewels, a brilliant mosaic— what pictures could be imagined in the tiny wonderland of a kaleidoscope! But careful! Don ' t jolt it! . . . Or you ' ll find that your wonderland has gone. Every color that danced in that miracle tube has been captured by dye scientists for everthing that people wear or people use. But these need not be kaleidoscopic colors that change— or unstable colors that fade; they can be colors that last for the entire lifetime of the material. That ' s the kind of color fastness that can be yours when you turn to Du Pont for dyes Our technical service experts will help you find the right dye for the end use- whatever it may be. E. I. du Pont de Nemours Co. ( Inc. ) , Dyes and Chemicals Division, Wilmington 98, Delaware. H BETTER THINGS FOR BETTER LIVING ...THROUGH CHEAHSTRy Congratulations to the Class of 1956 May You All Find Successful Careers in the Expanding Textile Industry W WHITIN MACHINE WORKS = rW WHITINSVILLE, MASS. CHARLOTTE, N. C. ATLANTA, GA. SPARTANBURG, S. C. DEXTER, MAINE Congratulations and Best Wishes From PFISTER CHEMICAL WORKS Ridgefield, New Jersey ' Tfister for Fine Napthols " AHCO Wf No finer names in Dyes and Finishes For 140 years, Arnold, Hoffman have manufactured dyes and finishes for the textile trade. Today they continue to plan, work, search for new and better products. The combined facilities of Arnold, Hoffman ' s Research and Technical Service Laboratories and those of our ICI associates guarantee that the AHCO label will always remain a symbol of the finest products available. ARNOLD, HOFFMAN ARNOLD. HOFFMAN ft CO.. INC. • EST 181S OFFICES TECHNICAL SERVICE LABORATORIES PROVIDENCE. ATLANTA, CHARLOTTE. TETERBORO ASSOCIATED WITH IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, LIMITED • LONDON. ENGLAND NEW BEDFORD HOTEL Function rooms available for any group no matter how Large or Small VISIT THE SPOUTER INN JOLLY WHALER Compliments of . . . SWISS KNITTING COMPANY DOVER, NEW JERSEY L G. BALFOUR COMPANY " Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges " CLASS RINGS and PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS — DIPLOMAS — PERSONAL CARDS CLUB INSIGNIA — MEDALS TROPHIES Mr. Thomas F. Galvin Attleboro, Mass. Compliments of THE COLLEGE GRILL 1145 Purchase Street, New Bedford, Mass. Help your Budget BUY YOUR HOME FURNISHINGS APPAREL — APPLIANCES — GIFTS — SPORTING GOODS AT WING ' S New Bedford ' s 81 year old " Friendly Store " We invite you to open a Charge Account DARTMOUTH FINISHING CORP. 45 Cove Street — New Bedford, Massachusetts BLEACHERS — PRINTERS — FINISHERS OF COTTON FABRICS — s - NEW BEDFORD National Textile Processing Corp. Your Favorite Department Store Embossers Finishing Corp. Compliments of New Bedford Textile Company 675 Shawmut Avenue New Bedford, Mass. John W. Ruggles, President Treasurer 601 Orchard St. New Bedford, Massachusetts Compliments of the New Bedford Textile Institute Club of New York Estelle Sidelinker, Secretary Telephone Bryant 9-7802 Venango Engineering Co., Inc. 8311 Torresdale Avenue, Phila. 36, Pa. MANUFACTURERS — STAINLESS STEEL Conventional and Hi-Temper Dyeing Equipment For Rawstock Packages Cotton, wool, cashmere and all synthetics TEXTILE CHEMISTS ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THE LATEST OF AUXILIARY PRODUCTS FOR INCREASED EFFICIENCY FOR DESIZING WETTING OUT DETERCINC (Anionic, Non Ionic, Cationic) WATER REPELLENCY INHIBITING REDUCING STATIC PASSAIC, N.j. Plants in: Clifton, N.J., CarlslodI, N.J., Los Angeles, Calif. JACQUES WOLF Chemicals are Kept Abreast of the Times by Constant Research. Ask For Samples and Data. NEW " CHEMICALS SPECIALTIES CATALOG " AVAILABLE Compliments of PHI PSI Compliments of DELTA KAPPA PHI Compliments of KAPPA SIGMA PHI FINE PERFORMANCE! You can count on fine performance when you use Diastafor de-sizing agents the favorites for more than 45 years. Diastafor de-sizing agents work well in a wide range of temperatures and pH. Give trouble free operation and a fine finish under many different conditions of use. For informanton, write Standard Brands Incorporated, Diastafor Department, 595 Madison Avenue, New York 22, New York. DIASTAFOR A HADE MARK OF STANDARD BRANDS INCORPORATED Compliments of United Textile Workers of America affiliated with the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LABOR John Vertente, Jr. International Representative I Compliments of LAMBETH ROPE CORPORATION NEW BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of 262 Union St. Tel. 6-0411 for modest budgets - • - discriminating Tastes Compliments of JOHN I. PAULDING, INC. NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS LaFRANCE — JEWELER ■ Rog i etcrcd Jeweler — American Gem Sutivty Dial Phone 3-1137 763 Purchase Street New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of MASON ' S New England ' s Largest Home Outfitters 795 PURCHASE STREET NEW BEDFORD PHONE 6-8535 WAREHOUSE — SHOWROOM PLYMOUTH AVE. - FALL RIVER OPEN DAILY 2:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Compliments of . A FRIEND Compliments of Oi New Bedford Cordage Company XJmiX VIJUA New Bedford, Mass. CHERRY WEB BIC O . i MANILA — SISAL NYLON ROPE TWINE Compliments of Hoosac Mills Corporation New Bedford and North Adams, Massachusetts Good Luck from Brock Avenue Pharmacy Nathan L. Hutchinson Registered Pharmacist Prescription Headquarters Tel. 3-6813 Compliments of JtaU e6 (sleobUc 592 Pleasant Street ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Authorized G. E. Appliance Dealers of New Bedford MEN ' S WOMEN ' S APPAREL 562-566 Pleasant Street New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of . SEAPLANT CHEMICAL CORP. §£». NEW BEDFORD, MASS. DAVIDOW ' S HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS Tel. WYman 2-7822 912 Purchase Street New Bedford, Mass. Compliments o f LINCOLN PARK DANCING — ROLLER SKATING — BOWLING Compliments of . DEPOT CAFE — SPECIALIZING IN SPAGETTI PIZZA NIGHTLY — 613 Acushnet Avenue New Bedford, Mass. " The Guidepost for thrifty Shoppers " Visit the Wamsutta Mills Remnant Shop where excellent values are offered on seconds of famous Wamsutta Sheets, Pillowcases, Towels and Fabrics. ACUSHNET AVENUE AND LOGAN STREETS NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS Store Hours: Daily - Monday through Saturday 9:30 A. M. - 5:15 P. M. Open Thursday and Friday Evenings ' til 9:00 P. M. Best Wishes to The Class of ' 56 Ni v Btproto Ti Ti t t i L R CONSTRUCTION CO. Medford. Massachusetts CRENON ' S FUNERAL HOME ZEITZ THEATRES MELLO ' S JEWELRY UNITED MOTORS PEIRCE THE FLORIST MAR-VEL APPAREL, INC. THE PRESCRIPTION CENTER BOUCHER CLOTHING INC. I BROOKLAWN PHARMACY KOOK-E-LAND LECOMTE ' S MEN ' S SHOP CHAUSSE ' S FUNERAL HOME DR. M. F. SOUZA A FRIEND DR. ALBERT G. HAMEL MR. ARTHUR LeBLANC MR. FRANK MARTIN DR. JOHN B. OTOOLE DR. W. J. ROUSSEAU MR. MRS. LUCIEN G. PELLETIER MR. MRS. C. A. GIFFORD DR. MARK A. CASTRO COUTIS CLEANERS DOWNTOWN SERVICE STATION HARARY ' S JEWELRY SENECAL PHARMACY POP SMITH ' S SPORT STORE LECLAIR BROS., PAINTING CONTRACTORS PLANTE ' S APPLIANCE FURNITURE STORE A FRIEND ARLAN ' S DEPT. STORE GILLY ' S SHELL STATION CHINA CLIPPER SIDNEY ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of THE NEW BEDFORD ACUSHNET COOPERATIVE BANK Complete Home Mortgage Service AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS B———

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