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New Bedford Institute of Technology - Fabricator Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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nineteen hundred fifty five Jkw Bedford Institute of Textiles Technology LP 3.77 ? It NEW BEDFORD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY REFERENCE L I B RA R Y . VOLUME J O 20071 Form NBIT50. 6M-9-60-928767 95-tr LD3773. 7) ? A3 lf-33 t. 1- I I t I ! i ikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkllAAAAAAAAA ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦www ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ' ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ bedford institute ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ !♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ wu textiles and technology 1955 4H¥ ■♦♦♦ ■♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ' ♦♦♦♦♦♦WW ♦♦♦ Nnr Mori textile institub j4AAtAtcl t " Pwfe toX " 7 fa man cv ux daei tttote tfazti fa fate to, cCeaii (fa cuaUa. %£ (fas tfUiet etc a. i uple iotacd. " rife doc co atev i fa te dvute} tot (kceutee fa fate to, fact teccutee fa cucutta to. r?te te cvotfaK . o£ fax oecne £tee. cult. ww- ficcUioH fate 6eett left 6efa td. Sucti c Ktut i ideitu " Settfietttfax. 7« fan, ete a, tKOHift tcitioK o£ out pxatitude. and respect, cue a-ie placed to dedicate tfai- fautdiie «toz . eitu o£ ?955 GEORGE WALKER PRESIDENT — EMERITUS Left to Right: Mrs. Ida Epstein, Clerk of the Board; Dr. John J. Desmond, Jr., Commissioner of Education; Joseph Dawson, Jr., Chairman, Board of Trustees; John Vertente, Jr., Member, Board of Trustees First Row: Left to Right John Vertente, Mrs Ida Epstein, Phillip Manchester, Joseph Dawson, John A. Shea, Raymond R. McEvoy Second Row: Left to Right William B. Ferguson, Henri F. Horn, Clarence C. Bowman, William E. King JOHN E. FOSTER PRESIDENT My blessing, not my doom. Henry Van Dyke once said in referring to his work: " This is my work; my blessing, not my doom. " I have long been aware that a good piece of work — once finished and done with — is a very satisfying thing. As engineers, chemists, designers or technologists, you will all find that some of the happiest days of your lives will be those on which you finish up a tough assign- ment and turn it over to the boss. All of us can do more and better work than we have to. Don ' t be satisfied with just doing the job — do a better job than you have to — do the best job you know how. In so doing, I am sure you will enjoy many happy and prosperous years. With best wishes, John E. Foster FRANCIS TRIPP DEAN OF FACULTY AUGUSTUS SUVA DEAN OF STUDENTS JAMES L. CIBLIN PLACEMENT DIRECTOR FRANCIS TRIPP professor head of chemistry department JOHN C. BROADMEADOW associate professor LEO M. SULLIVAN assistant professor head of humanities department MR. FERDINAND P. FIOCCHI MR. CELESTINO MACEDO chemistry LOUIS E. F. FENAUX associate professor EDMUND j. DUPRE associate professor humanities textile engineering FRED BEARDSWORTH associate professor head of weaving division I MR. JOHN T. REGAN I JAMES L GIBLIN professor head of textile department FRANK HOLDEN associate professor head of c. y. p. division •j PHtei ANTON E RODIL assistant professor LOUIS PACHECO assistant professor MR. WILLIAM S. KIRK ADAM BAYREUTHER assistant professor MR. LENINE GONSALVES as. m I HOWARD C. TINKHAM assistant professor head of engineering department MR. ALDEN W. COUNSELL MR. JOHN R. BARYLSKi MR. WARREN M. HOLT engineering — 1 .,1 PV f. 1 Z i fM . Wj ■■hi J MR. LAWRENCE M. SYLVIA MR. ANTHONY JOHN MRS. ROBERT MERRIAM design MR. CLIFFORD N. BECK testing and microscopy AUGUSTUS SUVA assistant professor head of english department MISS EVELYN RAMALHETE fashion EDWARD H. CLOUTIER associate professor head of knitting department office staff MRS. MARY F. MAKIN treasurer ■HMpi MRS. CECILIA ZEITLER senior bookkeeper MRS. ESTELLE DOWD junior clerk MISS DENISE HARBECK junior clerk CLASS Left to Right: Chaim Holand, Treasurer; David Carreau, President; Walter Cabral, Vice President; David Collinge, Secretary " Well it doesn ' t give ME a feeling of insignificance. mo -0 -in- " s- ._«- 0_ chemistry ARCENIOALVES, JR. Delta Kappa Phi B.S. Textile Chemistry " Born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad. " Basketball, 1, 2; FABRICATOR, Sport ' s Editor 4; TECH TALK, Sport ' s Editor 4. EUGENE WILFRED COTE Phi Psi B.S. Textile Chemistry " He who findeth a wife findeth a good thing. " Class Vice-President 1; Class President 2; Fraternity Treasurer 3, 4; Student ' s Com- mittee 1, 2; TECH TALK, Asst. Advertising Manager 2; A.A.T.C C. 3, 4. WILLIAM RUSSELL ETCHELLS Phi Psi B.S. Textile Chemistry " A sensible, well-bred man born for success. " Class President 1; Class Secretary 2; Fra- ternity Junior Warden 2, Vice President 3, President 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 3, 4, Chairman 3; Student ' s Committee 1, 2, Treas- urer 2; FABRICATOR 3, 4, Graduate Photo- graphy Editor 4; Circle K Club, Board of Directors 4; A.A.T.C.C. 2, 3, 4. JACINTHO FERNANDES, JR. Phi Psi B.S. Textile Chemistry " Cherchez la femme! " Baseball 2, 3; A.A.T.C.C. 4. RONALD JEAN FRYER Phi Psi B.S. Textile Chemistry " Character is the cornerstone of success. " Fraternity Secretary 4; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil 4; Circle K Club, Board of Directors 4; A.A.T.C.C. 3, 4. BETSEY BERG CILLIN Kappa Sigma Phi B.S. Textile Chemistry " Arguments out of a pretty mouth are un- answerable. " Sorority Treasurer 4; FABRICATOR, Activi- ties Writer 3, 4, Business Manager 4; TECH TALK, Reporter 2, 3, Assistant Editor 4, Bookstore Manager 1, 2, 3, 4; A.A.T.C.C. 2, 3, 4. DEAN ' S LIST: First, Second, Third, Sixth Semisters. RONALD JENNINGS KIRSCHBAUM B.S. Textile Chemistry " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. " Basketball 1, 2; FABRICATOR, Basketball Editor 4; TECH TALK, Asst. Sports Editor 4. WILLIAM REYNOLDS MARKEY Phi Psi B.S. Textile Chemistry " Don ' t worry or fret, I ' ll get there yet! " Class Treasurer 2; Inter-Fraternity Council 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Student ' s Committee 2; FABRICATOR, Photographer 2, 3, Photo- graphy Editor 4; TECH TALK, Business Mana- ger 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Photography Club, Secretary 3, President 4; A.A.T.C.C. 3, 4. ALICIA EDWINA MIKUS Kappa Sigma Phi B.S. Textile Chemistry " Her smile radiates her charming ways. " Sorority Secretary 2, 3, President 4; Inter- Fraternity Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Co- Chairman 4; FABRICATOR, Activities Writer 2, History and Biography Editor 4; TECH TALK, Reporter 2, 3; A.A.T.C.C. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4. STEVE VAZOPOLOS Delta Kappa Phi B.S. Textile Chemistry " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Fraternity Sergeant-at-Arms 2; FABRICATOR, Biography Editor 4; TECH TALK, Asst. Editor 4; Circle K Club 4; Camera Club 4; A.A.T.- C.C. 2, 3, 4, Chairman 4. DEAN ' S LIST: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Semesters. textile I h = %MUM- WALTER ANTHONY CABRAL Phi Psi B.S. Textile Engineering " A gentleman makes no noise. " Class Vice-President 4; FABRICATOR, Asst. Advertising Manager 4; Student ' s Committee 3. ANDRE LIONEL CHALOUX Phi Psi B.S. Textile Engineering " High-erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy. " Class Vice-President 3; Student ' s Committee 3; FABRICATOR, Advertising Manager 4; Circle K Club 4. LEONARD HACKETT Phi Psi B.S. Textile Engineering " By sports are all his cares beguiled. " Commencement Committee 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Football 1; FABRICATOR, Asst. Sports Editor 4; Inter- national Club 2; Camera Club 3, 4. CHAIM F. HOLAND B.S. Textile Engineering " Give the world the best you have and the best will come to you. " Class Treasurer 4; Student ' s Committee 4; Hatch Key Award Winner 1. DEANS LIST: Fifth Semester. JAMES KARL PAYTON Delta Kappa Phi B.S. Textile Engineering " The upright man speaks as he thinks. " RAPHAEL PITCHON B.S. Textile Engineering " From a little spark may burst a mighty flame. " GEORGE LUCIAN SCHMITT B.S. Textile Engineering " To speak his thoughts is every human ' s right. " FABRICATOR, Asst. Advertising Manager 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Circle K Club 4. WILLIAM HORNSTEIN Sigma Phi Tau Certificate, Textile Manufacturing " Questions are never indiscreet; answers sometimes are. " Sigma Phi Tau, 1, 2, 3, 4; President, 4; Inter-Fraternity Council Chairman 4; Camera Club, 3. OVADIA LALO Diploma, Textile Manufacturing " The highest degree of earthly happiness is quiet. " JOSE MARTINEZ S. Diploma, Textile Manufacturing " Sports go hand in hand with him. " Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4. • co»oo»« oo»oo»«« X X I • oc- oo x x x y • ••oo»oo • •oo«oo» sr« S- 4. 3 Z I 1 1 2 2 • •oo ooa • ••oo«oo A. A. X X 3 4- J 4 O • • • © • o X X S 5 • oo oo • o • • • MXSj 7 7 e e I X oo«oo»»» • oo«oo« F 3 4 s s 7 g? fUQHT HAND LSFTHAND ■ ■ ■ m m m design and fashion ■L - zo-nf-z cup Potklr sfrschEW machine design PAUL NORMAN ANTHONY B.S. Machine Design " He who sows courtesy reaps friendship. ' Engineering Club 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH BARBERO, JR. Delta Kappa Phi B.S. Machine Design " A day for toil — an hour for sport. " Class President 3; Student ' s Committee Presi- dent 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Tennis 3, 4; FABRICATOR, Sports Reporter 3; Engineering Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3. ALAN BAYREUTHER B.S. Machine Design " Let each man exercise the art he knows. " Class Secretary 3; Students Committee 3; Engineering Club 2, 3, 4, President 4. ROBERT EDWIN BRADY Delta Kappa Phi B.S. Machine Design " Man doth not live by bread alone. " Engineering Club Corresponding Secretary 3. DEAN ' S LIST: Fifth Semester DAVID WARING CARREAU Delta Kappa Phi B.S. Machine Design " Wit is the salt of conversation. " Class President 4; Student ' s Committee 4; Engineering Club 3, 4. DEAN ' S LIST: Third and Fourth Semesters DAVID COLLINGE Delta Kappa Phi B.S. Machine Design " He only is a well-made man who has a good determination. " Class Treasurer 3; Class Secretary 4; Student ' s Committee 3, 4; Engineering Club 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4. WALTER R. ENGLAND, JR. Delta Kappa Phi B.S. Machine Design " Grave authors say and witty poets sing, that truly wedlock is a glorious thing. " Basketball 1, 2; Baseball I, 2, 3, 4; Engineer- ing Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4. PETER HAMILTON SYLVAIN Delta Kappa Phi B.S. Machine Design " Pleasure and action make the hours seem short. " Fraternity Pro-Consul 3, Consul 4; Inter- Fraternity Council 3, 4; Engineering Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. DONALD EDWARD THATCHER B.S. Machine Design " A true sport makes a true friend. " Football 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball I, 2, 3, 4; Engineering Club 3, 4. DANIEL CLINTON POTTER Certificate, Drafting and Machine Shop " Good sense and good nature are m separated. " textile technology i m JHF ' J I teb «■ li RALPH PIERRE BOYD Phi Psi Certificate, Textile Technology " It is better to study late than never. " Manager, Soccer Team, 2; Manager, Basket- ball Team, 2; FABRICATOR Staff, 2. LORRAINE THERESA CARREIRO Certificate, Textile Technology " It ' s nice to be natural if you ' re naturally nice. " Glee Club 1, 2. MARCIA JANE CORNELL Certificate, Textile Technology " It is tranquil people who accomplish much. " Glee Club 1, 2. ELIZABETH ANN MILLER Certificate, Textile Technology " To speak but little becomes a Glee Club 1, 2. CECILE HARRIET SCHECK Certificate, Textile Technology " A pleasing lass to meet, but better far to know. " Glee Club 2. M Ml itting and sewing J . • - ill " ! 1iJ lW , ■ " A ML r 7 — T 1 V Sr t § V " , V JH V Ji ' f mj -: ' SKt QVr - .r. w H 19 « Vj i 1 ■• J h I WALTER TWAROC assistant photography editor WILLIAM MARKEY photography editor EDITORS editor asst. editor business manager advertising manager GEORGE SCHMITT EMIL KATTERMANN BETSEY GILLIN ANDRE CHALOUX MR. A. SILVA fabricator advisor rAERICATCR STArr art editors photography editor asst. photog. editor activities editor graduate editors MARILYN SCHECK JACQUELINE FELDMAN WILLIAM MARKEY WALTER TWAROG RALPH BOYD ALICIA MIKUS WILLIAM ETCHELLS POLLY FIELD CECILE SCHECK EDUARDO PEREZ EILEEN MACABELLO WALTER CABRAL GENE COTE faculty assistants MRS. MERRIAM MR. BECK MR. GIBLIN rAECICATCR GEORGE L SCHMITT editor ANDRE L. CHALOUX advertising manager STAPP BETSY GILLIN business manager EMILJ. KATTERMANN assistant editor MARILYN SCHECK — JACQUELINE FELDMAN art editors inter-frat council chairman William Hornstein secretary Jacqueline Feldmen treasurer Emil Kattermann vice-chairman Alicia Mikus MEMBER KAPPA SIGMA PHI Alicia Mikus Marilyn Scheck Jacqueline Feldman PHI PSI William Etchells Emil Kattermann Ronald Fryer DELTA KAPPA PHI Peter Sylvain Arthur Dugan George Write III SIGMA PHI TAU William Hornstein m delta kappa phi delta chapter a Jh IhHhB MEMBERS Jerry Anthony Wayne Haskell Dexter Clough Joseph Goodman Angelo Mello Gilbert Dutra Armand Pedrosa Alan Collinge Ronald Nichols Peter H. Sylvain Gerard Swain David Carreau John Foster, Jr. David Collinge James Ashworth Walter England Peter Duvoll Quentim Santord Edward Leite Joseph Barbero Ted Horsley Robert Brady Jack Baptiste Arcenio Alves Walter Slocum Steve Vazopolos George Dean James Payton Joseph Arsenault George Write Robert Frates Arthur Dugan Edward Jarecki Eugene Damm Alan Wolstenholme Anthony Texeira George Talbot Donald Lawton Kcnnison Mcintosh Dick Julio Joseph Powers Hartley Eastwood David Leite Robert Comeau Ralph Moyer Francis Worden Augustus Silvcira William Perron John Cook OFFICERS Faculty Advisor — Louis Fenaux Consul — Peter H. Sylvain Pro-Consul — Arthur Dugan Annotator — George Wright 111 Custodian — Eugene P. Damm Scribe — Edward Leite Sergeanr-at-Arms — Joseph Arsenault kappa sigma phi delta chapter OFFICERS Facuilty Advisor — Evelyn President — Alicia Mikus Vice-President — Marilyn Scheck Secretary — Jacqueline Feldman Treasurer — Betsey Gillin phi psi beta chapter MEMBERS John Bernier Bruce Gullbranson John Canto Henry Galary Gustavo Diez Ronald Takach Eduardo Perez Richard Pepin Donald Silveira Robert F. Gracia George Brazil Norman Lopes Joseph H. Arsenault Ernest A. Poitras Vincent Pelletier Joseph Poulin Peter Smith Walter Cabral Andre Chalaux Eugene Cote William Etchells Ronald Fryer Lenard Hackett William Markey Jacintho Fernandez Emil Kattermann Leo McGoff Manuel A. Thomas John Twarog Manuel Bandarra Ralph Boyd William Giblin James Gifford Leo Grenier Joseph Lemos Paul Marois OFFICERS Faculty Advisor — James L. Giblin President — William Etchells Vice-President — Emil Kattermann Secretary — Ronald Fryer Corresponding Secretary — Manuel A. Thomas Treasurer — Eugene Cote ] L. Francis Worden Armand Pedrosa Eugene Damm Alice Camacho David Carreau David Coinnge Chaim Holland Walter Cabral Manuel Thomas Kenison Mcintosh Edward Leite Barbara Staron Joan Axtell Bruce Gulbranson Peter Wertz Gabriel Coyne camera club Left to Right: Stephen Downer, Secretary; William Markey, President; Donald Silveira, Treasurer; Sheila Gillin, Vice-President MEMBERS Leonard Hackett Walter Twarog % I Y « • circle k President — Stephen H. Downer Secretary Paul Malcolm Treasurer — William Giblin MEMBERS Steve Vazopolos Alice Camacho Alicia Mikus Manuel Thomas Eugene Damm Betsey Gillin Eugene Cote William Erchells Ronald Fryer Joseph Jacinrho June Kennedy William Markey Francis Worden Jacintho Fernandes fl-dal-V-Ci OFFICERS Faculty Auvisor — Edmund Dupre Chairman — Steve Vazopolos Co-Chairman Alice Camacho Recording Secretary — Alicia Mikus Corresponding Secretary — Manuel Thomas Treasurer — Eugene Damm MEMBERS Andre Chaloux William Erchells Ronald Fryer Henry Calary Edward Leite George Schmitt Manuel Thomas Robert Vanstone Steve Vazopolos Raymond Gosselin engineering OFFICERS President Alan Bayreuther Vice-President Walter England Treasurer Arthur Dugan Secretary Adriano Gracia Corresponding Secretary David Collinge MEMBERS David Carrcau Robert Brady Joseph Barbero Paul Anthony Peter Sylvain Donald Thatcher George Wright, III Robert Vanstone David Jorgcnson Howard Gifford Joaquim Baptista James Ashworthh Kennison Mcintosh Charles McCarthy George Dean Edward Lcitc Donald Lcitc Roland Johnson John Pacheco Armand Pedrosa OFFICERS President — John Harrison Vice-President Leonard Hackett Secretary — Walter Twarog Treasurer — Gerard Swain MEMBERS David Razon Manuel Bandarra Joseph Costa David Lowe Joseph Arsenault Robert Frates Robert Griggs Alfred Coutu Ben Resnick Fred Gorcryca Dennis Henzel Paul Murray John Thornhill John H. Williamson Gerard Swain Gerald Lewis A. B. Anselmo Kenneth Di ' orio Edmund Roberge Joe Carrier Thomas Connelly James Payton Edward Jarecki George Williams Walter Nichols Adam Ceyen George Talbot univets r3 i { ifn L V — " n l 1 ' ! r k H -CT ' JIN V " 7 : tV ik fW P. ' 1 GLEE CLUE Pat Peterson Jerry Plante Mona Ricard Sammy Pires Barbara Staron Donald Silveira Barbara Tavares Muriel Taylor Marilyn Scheck aid Takash Barbara Amandoles Jacqueline Arendt Geraldine Barros Alice Camacho Cabrielle Coyne Ray Cosselin Bruce Gulbranson Mary Ann Hanrahan Collette Lemaire Daniel Morrison OFFICERS Daniel Morrison Gabrielle Coyne Marilyn Scheck President Secretary Treasurer TEC TALK roi. i oppo JEWELL DOES IT AGAIN Mr. William Jewell, a " of a student, has doifl again. In appreciation scholarly attributes pl magnetic personality, a tor of the class book H offered the presidenc " Yawl Association d ica " This associatiof? posed of the Southern gentry whn are well versed in han- dli 3 tua ou foi atf eff ex th fo as staff 7 WILLIAM GIBLIN g JOSEPH GOODMAN t RONALD KIRSHBAUM M CHARLIE ALVES WALTER TWAROG ROBERT COMEAU FRANCIS WORDEN SHEILA GILLIN Jied in the last issue, is to Jsent a brief, but com- Sndable program at com- ncement. With a little effort C should do so. Of course |e ultimate goal remains: the pansion of this chorusi- " enter tain! — ' " oup. the _ i will This year the Smi nsonian Institute has been foitunate in ' receiving an unusual exhibit from the Senior Chemists ot the New Bedfordjn " Textile alumni p - " ' " ' — im } Rooms A 8c B, TB. Hotel lumni Clambake ($2.75) Brown ' s Pavilion " This department strongly suggests changing our com- mencement processional from " Pomp and Circumstance " to " Marching Along Together. " ' i _________x Mi - fonsi Imbt the Iddy, tion and orga; ited St In has Million si 4fr Wfaithful ■ funds ol addition fas a vast positions filled bi men. In the U. Wl Army Che Corps has an opening t the chemists of our InJ Next wejhall consid ie engineer: opportunit r. _;Mand model |. —■ " ' " 1t. This i i- ie previou e, ■, ig future i! i __ J . - t he V ing Cor desig; pmple it ;ise the a :d tah and [tr lanks, (Said. is w lie eers )h. . fr M th|! fi ing th as- ,., L jeing " asked " ' :nt their country in such live and satisfying jobs? V M places for them on th fe front. Some (Joan C»i, for instance) will anie harassed housewives, reas others such as Priscill u- r- :a- in ler es, id- he eij)h, baseball team opene on with its second a ip to the South. The our games schedu ly three were played it game with Cho was rained out. apid fire order, of Coach Tripp, way is handlin; the absence of l ' Clarry " Haskel t three games. i to Atlantic C 10 innings a t the hands of Campbel 6-0 and 17 s the case hern clubs i much fo they sho in the ey never wouT the officials known and their interpre- e whole, the team a lot of promise, noteworthy were nacho who is round- is final year on the d freshmen Roland a pit id Jol ' Ugh FRATERNIT Since this issue of Tech Talk is devoted to the " honorable " Seniors, the undergraduates of Beta Chapter extend their ap- preciation for the co-operation efforts which the Seniors The year are Dan Morris " Wong and Dick Julio. " Lover-Boy " Ashworth (our loyal engineer) is being sued JiUJflftseuuins which he 888 Purchase Mil WT the next three rig only three he mound staff, : Foster two seniors on id several more shmen in addi- a semi-formal dance May 1 at Stevenson ' s. Bud Lilley ' s orchestra played for dancing from 8 to 12. Con- gratulations to the freshman class for their large attending muu enjoyed by all atter pecially the girls ' dates who found the food much to their liking. Tbe Sorority extends its Food Service Equipment and Supplies for Restaurants, Bar Hotels and Institutions Tel. 4-9357 1155 Purchase I WALTER J. GAUTHIER engineer EVERETT J. ASHWORTH SIDNEY McMULLEN GEORGE WOOD ANDREW DOYLE graduates Arcenio A Ives 103 Stephens Street South Dartmouth, Mass. David Collinge 173 Pitman Street New Bedford, Mass. Clifford Irwin 354 Reed Street North Dartmouth, Mass. Raphael Pitchon 161 Ben Yehuda Road Tel-Aviv, Israel Paul N. Anthony 81 Willard Street New Bedford, Mass. Marcia Cornell 76 Smith Neck Road South Dartmouth, Mass. Ronald J. Kirschbaum 199 Smith Street New Bedford, Mass. Daniel C. Potter 86 Smith Neck Road South Dartmouth, Mass. Joseph Barbero, Jr.. 58 Linden Street New Bedford, Mass. Eugene Cote 87 Query Street New Bedford, Mass. Ovadia Lalo 2-Chelenove Street Tel-Aviv, Israel George A. Racine 240 Hersom Street New Bedford, Mass. Alan Bayreuther 326 Coffin Avenue New Bedford, Mass. Walter England 858 Shawmut Avenue New Bedford, Mass. Ernest J. Livesey 22 Winsor Street Fairhaven, Mass. Quentin A. Sanford Six Bridge Road South Westport, Mass. Ralph Boyd 85 Fort Street Fairhaven, Mass. William Etchells 11 Pope Street New Bedford, Mass. William Markey 339 Commonwealth Avenue New Bedford, Mass. Cecile H. Scheck 137 Rounds Street New Bedford, Mass. Edwin E. Brackett 107 Main Street Acushnet, Mass. Jacintho Fernandes 493 Belleville Avenue New Bedford, Mass. George 0. Martin 114 Lawson Avenue Acushnet, Mass. Marilyn Scheck 137 Rounds Street New Bedford, Mass. Robert Brady 156 Elm Street South Dartmouth, Mass. Ronald J. Fryer 155 Presidential Heights New Bedford, Mass. Jose S. Martinez 5a Av. North No. 41 San Salvador, El Salvador, C. A. George L. Schmitt 10 Huguenot Drive Larchmont, New York Walter A. Cabral 79 Rockland Street New Bedford, Mass. Mrs. Betsey E.. Gil! in 73 Mary Street New Bedford, Mass. Alicia Mikus 21 Downie Street North Dartmouth, Mass. Peter Sylvain 22 Wilbur Court North Dartmouth, Mass. David Carreau 249 Query Street New Bedford, Mass. Leonard Hackett 1115 Pleasant Street New Bedford, Mass. Elizabeth Ann Miller 16 Hicks Street New Bedford, Mass. Donald Thatcher 63 State Street New Bedford, Mass. Lorraine T. Carreiro 103 ' 2 South Street New Bedford, Mass. Chiam F. Holand 9 Yavne Street Tel-Aviv, Israel Carl Moriarty 341 Oliver Street New Bedford, Mass. Donald Thomas 51 Washburn Street New Bedford, Mass. Andre Chaloux 52 Sabattos Street Lewiston, Maine William Hornstein 100 President Street Brooklyn, New York James K. Payton 32 Jenny Lind Street New Bedford, Mass. Steve Vazopolos 379 Coggeshall Street New Bedford, Mass. advertisers ' index The 1955 FABRICATOR staff wishes to express its sincere appreciation to our advertisers who made this publication possible. Abbott Machine Company 95 American Moistening Company 89 Antara Chemicals 82 Andrews Goodrich, Inc 97 Arlan ' s Dept. Store 102 Arnold, Hoffman Company, Inc 94 Atlantic Pacific Tea Company 96 Balfour, L. G. Company 100 Bates Manufacturing Co 102 Berkshire Hathaway, Inc 86 Brock Avenue Pharmacy 95 Cherry Company 102 Ciba Company Inc 99 Clifton Yarn Mills, Inc 93 College Grill 88 Dartmouth Finishing Co 88 Darwin Press, Inc 90 Defiance Bleachery 101 Du Pont, E. I. Company 85 Eastern Sportswear 88 Fairhaven Cleaners 102 Fuller Brush Company 91 i Geigy Dyestuffs 101 Goodyear Tire Rubber Co 103 Hawes Electric 103 Hoosac Mills 103 Industrial Development Commission 92 Knowles Loom Reed Works, Inc 104 Lambeth Rope Company 94 Leno Elastic Web Company 103 Loring Studio 98 Mason ' s Furniture Stores 89 Mayhew ' s Cleaners 89 Morrison Machine Company 102 National Textile Processing Corp 103 Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company 97 Neuss, Hesslein Company, Inc 92 N. B. Cotton Manufacturing Association 88 N. B. I. T. T. Club of New York 92 New Bedford Cordage 95 New Bedford Rayon Company 88 New Bedford Textile Company 95 Norlander Machine Company 88 O ' Brien Products, Inc 89 Pabst Brewing Company 96 Paulding, John I. and Company 89 Perkins, B. F. and Company 98 Pfister Chemical Works, Inc 81 Revere Copper and Brass, Inc 84 RSyce Chemical Company 83 Sonoco Company 91 Sponsors 104 Standard Brands 84 Star Store 101 Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company 93 Stowe-Woodward Inc 87 Swiss Knitting Company 93 T W U A— C 10 96 U T W A— A FL 94 Van Riper, Schmitt Company 90 Wellington Sears Company 80 Wings 96 Jacques Wolf and Company 92 79 FOR THE RUBBER INDUSTRY £ wok FOR CANVAS GOODS wm m, SF m Sears les W e x Source x AusW FOR AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY FOR COATED PRODUCTS ■ %1 ' p-Z : ' j fl Rubber Automotive For these and Fabric Coating Plastics Canvas Products Other Industries Abrasive Chemical Food Processing Sugar Refining Petroleum Mining Ceramics Farm Machinery Laundry Wellington Sears Offers Many Varieties of These Fabrics Cotton Duck Drills, Twills and Sateens Automobile Headlining Industrial Laundry Sheeting Chafer Fabrics Filter Fabrics Synthetic Fabrics Airplane Balloon Cloth Fine Combed Fabrics Bonded (Non- Woven) Fabrics Wellington Sears A CfJRCfMAPY OF WEST POINT MAhlllFArTIIBIhHl COMPANY A SUBSIDIARY OF WEST POINT MANUFACTURING COMPANY FIRST In Fabrics For Industry WELLINGTON SEARS COMPANY, 65 WORTH STREET, NEW YORK 13, N.Y. Offices in: Atlanta • Boston • Chicago • Los Angeles • Dallas • Philadelphia • San Francisco • St. Louis ... Congratulations and Best Wishes From PFISTER CHEMICAL WORKS Ridgefield, New Jersey " Pfister for Fine Napthols " 81 for a vast range of permanent dyestuffs textile wet processing chemicals GENERAL DYESTUFF CORPORATION - ANTARA CHEMICALS Sales Divisions of General Aniline Film Corporation 435 HUDSON STREET • NEW YORK 14, NEW YORK Branches: Boston • Providence • Philadelphia • Charlotte, N. C. Chattanooga Chicago Portland, Ore. San Francisco IN CANADA: Chemical Developments of Canada Limited, Montreal 82 e ,to concen- " uTt Use » P° W ol dyed , . -educing °9 . royo n • ' educ ' ,n9 , 5 °Sc-g p 6 ' - re to.n rts re red " ' ' 1 " 9 . 09 ., ool . d W9 ,em " l OZ1fW L.-.n9 • t,. ,o, con«« u0U5 , -•- 9 ; e „ od . Ren orVoWe co era ure5 - .i«-W tt , S Econom ' .co « eofU» 6 der Wed « " " H - aWY ihona-a -«o- ; O ,,es | and b° d V 2 ffl ||||pPI ' ,p,P tlve comP° und , .,« rt«-S« ' f ° Ce e .»• MEOPON oU o«t es ler Can j.tpraen ' °. u , „,J water. - tetS - line J T,arV - " SU ' ,PP NEO eroWres ' P° ' ,,C f°t reoc n ° OCid or , he on«on»ed I i.:«- — — «n«®- W9hW S0,P mC dyeing bleocW.n9 0|iP « 0a Y®- b,en 1 r non-toa - w itt no oke - fc CHEMICAL COMPANY • CARLTON HILL, Manufacturers of Chemicals for the Textile FINE PERFORMANCE! You can count on fine performance when you use Diastafor de-sizing agents the favorites for more than 45 years. Diastafor de-sizing agents work well in a wide range of temperatures and pH. Give trouble free operation and a fine finish under many different conditions of use. For informanton, write Standard Brands Incorporated, Diastafor Department, 595 Madison Avenue, New York 22, New York. DIASTAFOR A TRADE MARK OF STANDARD BRANDS INCORPORATED REVERE TEXTILE PRINT ROLLS A New Bedford Product Famous For a Hundred Years " For more than a century the New Bedford Division of Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated has been making textile print rolls. As a result of this long experience the Revere organization is in a unique position to know and under- stand practical textile printing problems and how to meet them with rolls best adapted to give efficient, economical service. " Revere specialists in this field are available to assist you in obtaining the type of rolls best adapted to serve your individual requirements. " Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated FOUNDED BY PAUL REVERE— 1801 24 North Front St., New Bedford, Mass. 84 What a wonderful world of color was locked in that magic tube! Shimmering jewels, a brilliant mosaic— what pictures could be imagined in the tiny wonderland of a kaleidoscope! But careful! Don ' t jolt it! . . . Or you ' ll find that your wonderland has gone. Every color that danced in that miracle tube has been captured by dye scientists for everthing that people wear or people use. But these need not be kaleidoscopic colors that change— or unstable colors that fade; they can be colors that last for the entire lifetime of the material. That ' s the kind of color fastness that can be yours when you turn to Du Pont for dyes Our technical service experts will help you find the right dye for the end use- whatever it may be. E. I. du Pont de Nemours Co. ( Inc. ) , Dyes and Chemicals Division, Wilmington 98, Delaware. $ BETTER THINGS FOR BETTER LIVING . ..THROUGH CHEM1STKY 85 BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY, ixc. Hathaway Division " W, f KAW A k RAYON AND ACETATE LINING FABRICS FOR J MEN ' S CLOTHING NYLON MARQUISETTES COT- TON CLIP SPOT AND PLAIN MARQUISETTES FOR CURTAIN MANUFACTURERS. COTTON BOX LOOM FABRICS FOR DRESS GOODS AND SHIRTING. 86 Wherever you go . . . let your STOWE-WOODWARD man help you It ' s a better than even chance, that you who have special preparatory training will become the textile executives of tomorrow; and because of this, Stowe- Woodward has a genuine interest in you who are graduating. Long before you reach the position that goes with that big mahogany desk and its inviting swivel chair, you will have learned a good deal about Stowe- Woodward Rubber Cove red Rolls and their importance in the textile industry. When you ' ve arrived, you will also know that Stowe -Woodward is a pretty dependable source of help on any textile problem involving the use of rubber covered rolls. By then, we ' ll know you, too. Right now, we ' d like to extend congratulations for a good start and our best wishes for your success. Cstqfo ( m c t VbAotilf NEENAH, WISCONSIN - NEWTON 64, MASSACHUSETTS - GRIFFIN, GEORGIA 87 NORLANDER MACHINE CO. Eastern Sportswear Mfg. Co., Inc. Specializing In All Kinds of Flyer, Fluted Rolls, and Spindle Repairs for Cotton Mills 94 Sawyer Street New Bedford, Mass. We also manufacture Flyer Pressers and New Card Room Spindles MAKERS OF FINE SPORTSWEAR NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Tel. 9-6324 " A good place to work " Dartmouth Finishing Corporation 45 COVE STREET — NEW BEDFORD, MASS. BLEACHERS, PRINTERS, FINISHERS OF COTTON FABRICS. ' Best Wishes ' from the New Bedford Cotton Manufacturers Association N. B. RAYON CO., Manufacturers of RAYON YARNS New Bedford, Mass. Compliments of THE COLLEGE GRILLE 1145 Purchase Street, New Bedford, Mass. " Al " " Lil " 88 Compliments of O ' BRIEN PRODUCTS INC. LINTERS COTTON WASTE SISAL PADS KAPOK 550 WEST 23rd STREET New York 11, N. Y. CHelsea 2-1623 Compliments of JOHN I. PAULDING, INC. NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS AMERICAN MOISTENING COMPANY AMCO AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS Humidincation — Evaporative Cooling (Ductless or Central Station) — Refrigeration PROVIDENCE, R. I. — BRANCHES AT ATLANTA, BOSTON, CAMDEN, CHARLOTTE Compliments of MASON ' S New England ' s Largest Home Outfitters 795 PURCHASE STREET NEW BEDFORD PHONE 6-8535 WAREHOUSE — SHOWROOM PLYMOUTH AVE. - FALL RIVER OPEN DAILY 2:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. " Bon Voyage " TO THE CLASS OF 1955 Best Irishes from the staff at MAYHEWS CLEANERS 89 WNRI£ irn Cf iM M WINES- YARNS -CORDAG JUtV kJVlll aTT co. 105-109 HUDSON STREET COR. FRANKLIN STREET NEW YORK 13. N. Y. The DARWIN PRESS Offset Lithographers New Bedford, Massachusetts 90 CONGRA TULA TIONS TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS of ' 55 BEST WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS Sonoco Products Company Paper Cones, Tubes, Spools, Cores and Specialties Hartsville, S. C Mystic, Conn. FULLERGRIPT TEXTILE BRUSHES Save Time and Money for you From Carding to finishing, special Fullergript Brushes bring big economies because each brush is specially designed for each individual mill operation. The unique construction of Fullergript brushes gives them outstanding advantages for every textile need. It will pay you to investigate these longer- wearing better-performing brushes. Write to — FULLERGRIPT DIVISION THE FULLER BRUSH COMPANY HARTFORD 2 CONNECTICUT 91 Chemical Specialties for Textile Processing PARNOL (85% ACTIVE) DETERCENT ORATOL L-48 SULPHONATED AMIDE MONOPOLE OIL DOUBLE SULPHONATED SUPERCLEAR FOR FINE PRINTING LOMAR PW DISPERSING AGENT SUPERGUM COLD-WATER SOLUBLE AMPROZYME DESIZING AGENT LUPOMIN CATION ACTIVE FINISH ASK FOR OUR NEW CHEMICALS SPECIALTIES CATALOG rS-yiyCl ' ' £ r ' ' C4slsC AsOL PASSAIC, N. J. " ■l OTHER PUNTS: CARLSTADT. H.J. • 10S ANGELES, CALIF. WAREHOUSES: Providence, R. I„ Pttiladelptiia, Pa., Ulica, N. V.. --PRODUCTS 1 Chicago, III.. Gteernille, S. C, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Tenn. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. New Bedford INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION Complete Information regarding INDUSTRIAL SITES INDUSTRIAL SPACE INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES Room 213, Municipal Building Best Wishes from the New Bedford Institute of Textiles and Technology Club of New York Estelle Sidelinker, Secretary Telephone Bryant 9-7802 92 Compliments of SWISS KNITTING COMPANY DOVER, NEW JERSEY Compliments of Clifton Yarn Mills Incorporated CLIFTON HEIGHTS, PEW V. Manufacturers of Noveltv and Decorating Yarns for tlie Weaving anil Knitting Industrv iehedco and z outhern SU °Ih ada ges ob- eti encmg e a SteHed tained £ om Harness Equ ' P me " C ; " Shuttles ate ootids finest) cts st andatd g° n ; h e Todd ' s eedS ' ' " ffoftield " i?1 I STEEL HEDDLE MFG. CO. 2100 W. ALLEGHENY AVENUE, PHILADELPHIA 32, PA. ;s ond P onfs: Greenville, S.C. Atlanta, Ga. Greensboro, N.C. Provid SOUTHERN SHUTTLES nt . . . Greenville, S. C. A Division of STEEL HEDDLE MFG. CO. STEEL HEDDLE COMPANY OF CANADA, LIMITED 310 St. Hubert Street, Gronby, Quebec, Canada 93 NO FINER NAME IN TEXTILE AUXILIARIES rowing 1 For 140 years Arnold, Hoffman have made and sold textile auxiliaries, and today they are still planning, working, searching for new and better products. The combined facilities of AHCO ' S advanced laboratories and those of their I.C.I, associates guarantee that AHCO textile auxiliaries will con- tinue to lead for the next 140 years! ARNOLD, HOFFMAN PROVIDENCE • RHODE ISLAND Associated with Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., London, England ARNOLD, HOFFMAN CO., • EST. 1815 • PROVIDENCE, R. I. Offices and Sales Service Laboratories: Providence, R. I., Atlanta, Ga., Charlotte, N. C, Teterboro, N. J. Compliments of United Textile Workers of America affiliated with the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LABOR John Vertente, Jr. International Representative Compliments of LAMBETH ROPE CORPORATION NEW BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS 94 COMPLIMENTS OF Abbott Machine Co., Inc. Wilton, New Hampshire Southern Office: Greenville, S. C. Manufacturers of Textile Winding Machinery Good Luck from Brock Avenue Pharmacy Esther Waskiewicz B.S. Reg. Pharm. Prescription Headquarters Tel. 3-6813 Compliments of Compliments of New Bedford Cordage New Bedford Textile Company Company New Bedford, Mass. 678 Shawmut Avenue New Bedford, Mass. MANILA — SISAL NYLON ROPE TWINE John W. Ruggles, President 95 EX AOTLY the same good results each time you Desize with arefully standardized to give uniform results at all times — Exsize-T is the most efficient . . . most economical of all desizers, Safe ! Exsize-T is not a harsh chemical — but a harmless liquid enzyme concentrate. Easy to apply. Removes starch quickly cheaply . . . completely. Write now for free booklet. EX SIZE-T " Exsize-T " is the registered trademark of Pabst Brewing Company. Copr. 1953, Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. WRITE FOR FREE BOOKLET PABST BREWING COMPANY 221 N. La Salle Street CHICAGO 1, ILLINOIS Help your Budget BUY YOUR HOME FURNISHINGS APPAREL — APPLIANCES — GIFTS — SPORTING GOODS AT WING ' S New Bedford ' s 80 year old " Friendly Store " We invite you to open a Charge Account COMPLIMENTS OF A P FOOD STORES Greetings Textile Workers Union of America CIO New Bedford Joint Board 96 pEQUDT PLUS-SERVICE ? SHEETS PILLOWCASES PEQUOT SHEETS and PILLOW CASES Preferred For Generations The most practical and satisfactory quality for comfort and long service. 144 THREADS PER INCH A luxurious fabric silky smooth yet firm, strong and durable. 180 THREADS PER INCH Sturdy, long wearing, light weight . . the general purpose sheet of excellent quality in relation to price. 130 THREADS PER INCH PEQUOT MILLS General Sales Offices: Empire State Bldg., New York 1, N. Y. TEXTILE DRYING MACHINERY ANDREWS and GOODRICH, Inc. 336 ADAMS STREET BOSTON, MASS. 97 Portraits and Groups by LORING STUDIOS NEW ENGLAND ' S LARGEST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS 58 SPRING STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Cotton Rolls Cotton and Wool Rolls Combination Rolls Cotton and Husk Rolls Paper Rolls Embossing Rolls Friction Rolls Schreiner Calenders Chasing Calenders Rolling Calenders Silk Finishing Calenders Embossing Calenders Calenders for finishing woven plastic (Saran) Rubber Thread covering Machines Vinyl Embossing Calenders for Plastic Sheeting Seam and Slub Detectors Perkins new Electraumatic Seam Detector (for Shearing Machines) Cloth Pilers Special Drying Machi nes Mangles Padders Squeezers Automatic Winders Dye Jigs Hydraulic Power Units Mullen Testers Special Rolls and Machinery to Customers ' Specifications B. F. PERKINS SON, INC. ENGINEERS AND MANUFACTURERS HOLYOKE, MASS. Largest Manufacturers of Calender Rolls in the World 98 With the best wishes of I B A 99 DISTINCTION VALUE L G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations — Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia — Medals Trophies Representative: Mr. Thomas Galvin Attleboro Office QUALITY SERVICE Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Classes of 1955 NEUSS, HESSLEIN CO., INC. 75 WORTH ST., NEW YORK 13, N. Y. " First Name in Textile Exports " HESSLEIN CO., INC. 77 WORTH ST, NEW YORK 13, N. Y. Selling Agents — Textile Mills Products The Edgar Emily Hesslein Fund, Inc. 100 NEW BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS DEFIANCE H BLEACHERY WITH BEST WISHES fine finishers of (m fine fabrics Dytttug Malm Shut 18S9 Barrowsville, Mass. O 101 Compliments of FABRICS MORRISON ' S = - § !? MACHINE CO. FOR A CAREER Manufacturers of TEXTILE DYEING and Bates is the largest cotton and synthetic textile company in New England. We always FINISHING MACHINERY need top notch men. Licensed Manufacturers of CONTROLLED COMPRESSIVE Bates SHRINKING MACHINES Sole Manufacturers of Manufacturing WILLIAMS UNITS Office and Works: Company 1171 - 1225 MADISON AVENUE Paterson, N. J. Lewiston, Augusta, Saco MAINE Compliments of ARLAN ' S of NEW BEDFORD New Bedford ' s Largest Specialty Fashion Store Compliments of Fairhaven Cleaners Dyers, Inc. 27 CENTER STREET FAIRHAVEN, MASS. 102 National Textile Compliments of Processing Corp. LENO ELASTIC WEB — □ — COMPANY, INC. i 50 Grit Street NEW BEDFORD New Bedford, Massachusetts MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of Hoosac Mills Corporation New Bedford and North Adams, Massachusetts Compliments of GOODYEAR TIRE RUBBER CO. OF MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of eMaiaei, lect?UC 592 Pleasant Street ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Authorized G. E. Appliance Dealers 103 KNOWLES LOOM REED WORKS Manufacturers of LOOM REEDS for Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Nylon, Glass, Woolen also Light and Heavy Duck Joseph Dawson Jr. President PITCH BAND REEDS also METAL REEDS of Stainless Steel and Chromium Plate • Textile Mill Supplies 70 years of continuous service. 114 MYRTLE STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. SPONSORS M-K COFFEE HOUSE A FRIEND ANDY FRANK ROUBLE COMPANY KALZAM FILLING STATION MARTIN FALK MENS ' WEAR SCHMIDT MANUFACTURING CO. BOUCHER CLOTHIERS, INC. KUECHLER BROS., INC. EMPIRE, NEW BEDFORD STATE THEATRES NEW BEDFORD THEATRE CONFECTIONARY MR. MRS. JOHN W. ETCHELLS MR. MRS. WILFRED COTE " PARKING LOT GANG " PHILIP S. MANCHESTER SONS THE PACKET, INC. CORNELL FARM, INC. 104 I i I ij J iff i i i I ! I i i ! I •

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