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1 9 4 2 FABRICATOR NEW BEDFORD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY REFERENCE L I B RA R Y . . . VOLUME no 20090 Form NBIT50. BM-9-60-928767 IQU3L LD I 3D IIP l Y,3o c . ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SOUTHEASTERN MASSACHUSETTS UNIVERSITY 3 wra Dartmouth. Massachusetts 02747 Machining Spinning Weaving Analysis Research JNew Bedford Textile School has been hard pressed to produce machin- ists to fill the vacancies which are open at this moment. The shop has to turn out the spindles for the spin- ning of yarns such as seed hairs from plants of the genus Gossypium, the hair of animals, synthetic fibres such as nylon, vinyon, lanital, rayons, and numerous others. These yarns in turn fill the shut- tles which weave the cloth — cloth which is used by mankind as a pro- tection against weather, a protection which would be inconceivable in a world wholly independent of textiles. From the looms the cloth passes to the finishing department, which in- troduces the chemist. The chemist is usually found working over oddly shaped apparatus such as flasks, beakers, burettes, test-tubes, and the like. Analytical balances also play an important part in the analysis of chemicals. The microscope has made an im- portant niche for itself in the textile field. Here we can see an image magnified hundreds of times. We make use of this in the detection of fibres. These therefore are the tools which make New Bedford Textile School what it is today. Considering the three years which the class of 1942 has spent at our alma mater, we are proud to present the fine record which the school has made to the outside world. o e 1 94 a FABRICATOR Published by the SENIOR CLASS NEW BEDFORD TEXTILE SCHOOL NEW BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS ADMINISTRATION Hon. Samuel Ross President of the Board George Walker [ Principal Maud L. Clark Senior Bookkeeper Ellen Broadmeadow Senior Clerk Vivian Pimental Junior Clerk DEPARTMENT HEADS Francis Tripp, B.S., M.S., Ch.E Chemistry, Dyeing, Finishing Thomas H. Gourley Carding and Spinning Fred Beardsworth Warp Preparation and Weaving Morr is H. Crompton Engineering and Mechanical Drafting John L. Fawcett Rayon and Knitting James L. Giblin ' Designing INSTRUCTORS Richard O. Barry Chemistry, Dyeing and Finishing Abram Brooks Chemistry, Dyeing and Finishing Frank L. D. Weymouth, A.B Chemistry, Dyeing and Finishing John E. Foster, B.S. in C.E Mechanical Department Antone Rodil Warp Preparation and Weaving Adam Bayreuther Machine Shop Malcolm H. Richardson General . . . CAiew Jjeafora (textile School Theoretically and practically the New Bedford Textile School is at the top of the list. If academic subjects might be introduced here, there would be no better school of its kind to be found, as a B.S. degree would increase its popularity and student body. However, what there is to be found here is not to be looked down upon. There have been, until a few years past, three main day curriculas ; namely, Cotton Manufacturing, Chemistry, Dyeing and Finishing, and Mechanical Course. For the past few years the Rayon Course has been gaining in popularity. The Girls ' Course has acquired and expects to acquire more and more coeds. f[ The Cotton Manufacturing Course acquaints the student with the manufacture of yarn and the subsequent weaving of cloth from this yarn. The first two years are spent in acquiring the foundation of cotton manufacturing and the allied subjects. The third year is spent in making and weaving originals. Some microscopy is also taught so as to give the students some knowledge in identifying fibres. Three years of designing and analysis are also included in this course. The Chemistry, Dyeing and Finishing Course is excellent for anyone who wishes to adopt either or all of these for his vocation. The first two years include a basic training for Chemistry and Dyeing. The third year is more advanced and includes the Finishing of Fabric. Many practical subjects as machine shop practice, economics, microscopy, etc., are included in this course. rX ] The Mechanical Course is recommended for mechanically-minded individuals. It is a two year course consisting principally of machine shop practice, drafting and electricity. fl The Rayon Preparation Course recently incorporated in the school, gives com- plete instruction in Rayon Preparation and Analysis, Weaving and Original Patterns as well as designing and other interesting subjects. ff The new Girls ' Course trains the girls to be laboratory technicians, designers, etc. The course is of two year duration. jf Due to prevailing conditions the school has adopted Nutrition and Defense Classes. The Defense Classes are held in Special Night Classes, and the attendance boasts many women students. ANTONE RODIL Dedication . . . To pay a little tribute to his undying generosity, to his helpfulness in all our problems, both as an in- structor, and moreover a friend, to thank him for his guidance throughout our three year stay, in apprecia- tion of his diligent and resourceful manner, we, the Class of 1942 are both proud and honored to dedicate this edition of The Fabricator to ANTONE RODIL GEORGE WALKER, Principal FACULTY Mr. George Walker 122 Hathaway Street New Bedford Mr. Richard O. Barry 62 Wilson Street, So. Dartmouth, Mass. Mr. Fred Beardsworth 61 Hill Street New Bedford Mr. Adam Bayreuther 326 Coffin Avenue New Bedford Mr. Morris H. Crompton 148 Mt. Pleasant Street New Bedford Mr. Abram Brooks 3136 Acushnet Avenue New Bedford Mr. John L. Fawcett 75 Jean Street Acushnet, Mass. Mr. John E. Foster 287 Palmer Street New Bedford Mr. James L. Giblin 407 Park Street New Bedford Mr. Malcolm Richardson Richfield Street New Bedford Mr. Thomas H. Gourley 188 Cottage Street, New Bedford Mr. Antone Rodil 18 Garfield Street, So. Dartmouth, Mass. Mr. Francis Tripp 12 Keene Street New Bedford Mr. Frank L. D. Weymouth 36 Main Street Fairhaven, Mass. Foster Bayreuther Rodil Giblin Richardson Tripp Weymouth Barry Brooks Beardsworth Crompton Walker Fawcett Gourley m 4 " T- w - : i g? w $? s||! ' ! . jiis i _ Graduates of ' 42 C. CHARLES PERPERAS Editor-in-Chief STEPHEN F. LEHMAN Business Manager NORMAN DUCKWORTH Advertising Manager FAITH BROADMEADOW Literary Editor THE 1942 FABRICATOR STAFF BEVERLY THERRIEN Humor Editor DONALD MELLOR Sports Editor JOSEPH TANGUAY Art Editor EDWARD MEUNIER Photography Editor New Bedford Textile 12 JOHN HILTON, III DANIEL F. DONOVAN President Vice-President MARIE HEALY Secretary JOHN WHELPLEY Treasurer CLASS OFFICERS 13 The ' 42 Fabricator RAYMOND ANDREWS Mechanical " It pays to look well. " We wish our girl friends would call for us at 4 P. M. How do you do it, Ray? Activities: Baseball Mgr. 2. Phi Psi. ANNE ATCHISON Girls ' Special " As moral as a blown kiss. " Always willing to help. An ardent sport fan, the teams will miss her. Activities: Chairman of Cap and Gown Commit- tee 3. ELLEN BESSE Girls ' Special " She is a long stalk of loveliness. " She walks with a swish, what a lovely dish! Jimmie thinks so. New Bedford Textile 14 FAITH BROADMEADOW Girls ' Special " She stands three deep in men. " Faith got very good marks and still got around. What ' s the secret, kid? Activities: Literary Editor of " Fabricator. " ARTHUR CACELLA Chemistry " A face filled with broken commandments. " One of the top students in chemistry. He has better luck with studies than with his car. Activities: Basketball Mgr. 3. Asst. Editor " Fab- ricator. " Phi Psi. EILEEN CARROLL Girls ' Special " She can freeze yon with a glance. " Eileen works for Arkwright but her heart be- longs to Whewell. •m 15 The ' 42 Fabricator v ROLAND COTE Mechanical " Good things come in small packages. " This north-ender can certainly hold his own in anything pertaining to the mechanical end. Why don ' t you talk a little more, Cote? ALDEN COUNSELL Mechanical " The son of precision. " If you ever want any mechanical drawing done, this is the boy to see. He ' s just about tops and ought to go far. JOHN F. COYNE General " A face starched with disapproval. " Industrious and a good athlete, John Francis has a bright future if he doesn ' t get drafted ! Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Phi Psi Secretary 8. New Bedford Textile 16 LAWRENCE DAHL General " As silent as azve. " Dahl never has much to say. Knows more than Crompton about mill engineering. Activities: Phi Psi. DANIEL DONOVAN General " He dresses like an unmade bed. " Danny enjoys a good time and horse-play, hut when he huckles down to work, he can ' t be beat. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Soccer 3. Class Secretary 2, Class Vice-President 3. Phi Psi. NORMAN DUCKWORTH General " There ' ll ahvays be an England. " Norman is due to go into Army life immedi- ately after graduation. His gift of gab ought to get him an officer ' s rating. Good luck, fellow. Activities: Class Vice-President 2. Delta Kappa Phi. 17 The ' 42 Fabricator ■•- — ■■■■ LUCY ELDREDGE Girls ' Special " With a smile that is something to find your way with in the dark. " Sunny has a pleasing disposition and manages to get along with both sexes. Her life is also wrapped up in the Army. WARREN GREGORY Chemistry " His conversation has too much specific gravity. " Greg is a whiz in the Chemistry Dept. Don ' t be surprised to find his name listed with great chemists in later life. Activities: Phi Psi. ARTHUR HAYMAN General " Majored in Alibiology. " Hayman was also deferred until graduation, and is to enter the Army shortly. For the Army ' s sake we hope that Chris and Ducky don ' t get in the same Company. Activities: Soccer Mgr. 3; President of Phi Psi 3. New Bedford Textile 18 MARIE HEALY Girls ' Special " Vogue on the outside but vague on the inside. " Marie has added glamour and charm to our class. She certainly took the good neighbor policy to heart. Activities: Class Secretary 1, 2. JOHN HILTON Chemistry " A gyp off the old block. " John is now working for a powder plant. The class may thank him for the success of many of their social affairs. Activities: President of Class 2, 3. Phi Psi JOHN HUGHES Chemistry " Ah, for the life of a vagabond. " Johnny, it seems, likes to travel. I don ' t blame him, you ' d travel too if you lived in Fairhaven. More gas to you, John. Activities: Secretary of Delta Kappa Phi 3. 19 The ' 42 Fabricator EDWARD IRVIN Mechanical " A new groom sweeps clean. " Don ' t you ever question you r wife ' s judgment, boy, look who she married. STEPHEN LEHMAN Chemistry " He ' ll die dyeing. " One of the best athletes of our class. The teams will miss him. His athletic ability was ex- ceeded only by his scholastic ability. Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Base- ball 1, 2, 3; Business Mgr. " Fabricator. " WILLIAM MARCELLINO Chemistry " As private as a grave. " " Bill " keeps his business to himself. We don ' t blame him. It ' s probably dirty business. New Bedford Textile 20 LILLIAN MAYE Girls ' Special ' ' Freckled as a Tiger lily. " " Our Lil " is making a name for herself over at Arkwright. She uses her personality to good advantage. DONALD MELLOR Mechanical " A haberdasher ' s delight. " Don smoked his first cigarette and kissed his first girl on the same day. Since then he has had no time for tohacco. Activities: Soccer 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Sport Editor of " Fabricator " . Phi Psi. EDWARD MEUNIER Chemistry " Unless something is done soon we will become a diseased nation. " Ed is trying to find a vitamin to combat the effects of all diseases. More power to you, Ed ! 21 The ' 42 Fabricator EUGENE MOGILNICKI Chemistry " Modesty has ruined more kidneys than bad liquor. " " Gene " is one of the best athletes Textile has ever had. His scholastic rating is right up there too. A killer with the women. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Soccer 1, 2, 3; Phi Psi Treasurer 2; Phi Psi Vice- President 3. JOHN MONIZ Chemistry " Love me and the world is mine. " Who is the babe Johnny carries around in his wallet. He ' s got it bad and we ain ' t kidding! Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Basketball 3; Phi Psi Treasurer 3. Phi Psi. HERBERT OHM Chemistry " With a do-or-die appearance. " " Herk " dies a thousand deaths every time we have exams. He should worry. The teachers like him. Activities: Phi Psi. New Bedford Textile 22 EDUARDO ORTIZ General " Deep in the heart of Cuba. " Eddie brought a Cuban atmosphere to Textile. It still lingers. A nice fellow when you come right down to it. CHARLES OWEN Chemistry " His words are cushioned with laughter. " Charlie is a likeable fellow who now holds a full-time job besides attending classes. Activities: Baseball 1. Phi Psi. DONALD PEARSON Chemistry " He belongs to the age of chiselry. " Don can ' t make up his mind whether to get married or go to Carolina. Why make one woman unhappy when you can make so many happy, Don ? Activities: Basketball 3; Baseball 2; Soccer 2, 3. 23 The ' 42 Fabricator K. C. CHARLES PERPERAS General " He tipsy-toed home. " Charlie slings a good deal of hash at Lorraine ' s and a good deal at school also. A live-wire at all gatherings. Activities: Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; " Fabri- cator " Editor-in-Chief. Delta Kappa Phi. ARMAND POITRAS Chemistry " He ' d be a little more spic if he had a little less span. " Porky is our star pitcher. Too had the season was so short. He might have won one. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3. EMILE REMILLARD Chemistry " She smiles and he runs. " Women are like elephants, nice to look at hut I wouldn ' t want to own one. Remillard has gone off the deep end. Hope he can swim. Activities: Basketball 2, 3; Soccer 3. New Bedford Textile 24 JEAN SENESAC Chemistry " Happy in love. " Jean ' s body may be in class but his heart is in Guisti ' s Bakery. Who said " stomach " ? Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 3; Soc- cer 3. JOSEPH TANGUAY Mechanical " From dc top of de nord end. " He cuts steel in school but cuts meat outside. See him at Shuster ' s. Activities: Baseball 1, 2. BEVERLY THERRIEN Girls ' Special " Wit combined zvith wisdom. " Bev was the spark plug of the girls ' class. Keep firing, kid. Activities: Humor Editor of " Fabricator. " V. 25 The ' 4-2 Fabricator HOWARD TINKHAM i Mechanical " Adonis de luxe. " The wolf in the convertible. Owns all of Tinkhamtown down Mattapoisett way. ARNOLD TRIPP General " As subtle as an avalanche. " Trippy opens the doors for the janitors every morning. Comes to school from Freetown before the sun gets up. Activities: Phi Psi. VENTURA CASIO General " It ' s not zvhat you say, it ' s how you say it! " " Benny " has put the class in an uproar more than once with his interpretations of the English language. Very nice guy ! New Bedford Textile 26 JOHN WHELPLEY Mechanical " A rugged individual. " Ask John who is at the " Old Howard " this week. He is a frequent visitor there. Knows all the girls. Activities: Baseball 1, 2. Delta Kappa Phi. FRANCIS WOBECKY Chemistry " What is so rare as an ' A ' in June. " Buddy is very concientious. He should realize all this is only temporary. What difference does it make. Activities: Tennis 1, 2. EUDORA CARVALHO Girls ' Special " Lovely to look at. " Dora is well liked by both boy and girl stud- ents, because of her pleasing disposition. She also left to work in New York. 27 The ' 42 Fabricator BARBARA MANCHESTER Girls ' Special " Talks with a smile. " Well Babs is back in her home town of Brooklyn. She brought her studies to a close early, in order to accept a job in New York. We missed you, Barbara. JEAN PHANEUF Chemistry " A bundle of dynamite. " Jean is also in the armed forces, being a second lieutenant in the Army. If the Army likes him as we do, he ' ll be a general yet. Activities: Baseball 2, Basketball 2. Phi Psi. PRESTON SCOTT Chemistry " With a commanding air. " Scottie is now in the Army in the Chemical Warfare division. The Army was always his secret love. Good luck, Scottie. Activities: Basebzll 2, Basketball 2, 3. of Delta Kappa Phi 3. Counsel Cfut oqrap L CLASS OF 1943 GENERAL Carter Lemaire The ' 43 General Class is the abbrieviated version of " We three are all alone, " but wait till next year. Carter will then be singing, " I ' m lonesome and lonely. " CARTER — He is going as strong as ever. Still can ' t figure out how he can stay awake in school after work- ing all night. He certainly makes the statement of " You can ' t do two things at once and do them good " look sick. LEMAIRE — Ronny does very well in school, and even better than that outside. After the term is over, Ronny is slated to enter the Navy as an air cadet, having passed all re- quirements. Best of luck to you, fellow. New Bedford Textile 30 CHEMISTRY CLASS OF 1943 BEAN — Never says much, but this is contrary to his actions. He has re- cently joined the Marines. HOUGHTON— Harold seems to be doing much better in getting to school on time this year. WALDER — They say he knows all the girls. Maybe it pays well to work in a drug store. YH ALLEY— Don is the " killer " of this class. He never misses his Fri- day night jam session. CHASE — One of the jolliest members of the class. What happened to that pile of junk you used to drive " Babe " ? MALICK, J. — Quite the ladies ' man, ask him sometimes. How do you do it, Jake? MALICK, D. — I guess he ' s trying to cramp Jake ' s style, the way he haunts the first year girls. SEDERHOLM— Bert did very good on the basketball second team this year, should be a top first-stringer next year. MANCHESTER— Still as handsome as ever. Well that proves that they grow nice things out in the country. ENTWISTLE— Bill doesn ' t look as happy as he did last year. Could the absence of the two lady chemists have anything to do with it? Whalley Walder Sederholm Chase J. Malick Manchester Houghton Bean D. Malick 31 The ' 42 Fabricator CLASS OF 1943 MECHANICAL Chapman Seigal Silva Wilbur Abisahla Thoen Anderson Bertman Pinault Sullivan Drake Kiluk Mulvey Santos ABISAHLA— " Big Stoop " — Best to stay on the good side of this fellow. He ' s the biggest boy in school. DRAKE — He should be way ahead of his class since he attended a half year last term. KILUK — " Tiny " has a natural ability in machine shop practice. LETENDRE— " Connie " works hard lifting weights. You should put some of this labor in your school work. MULVEY— -The big head from across the river. He ' s a sad case. SIEGAL — He thinks he sings like a lark but it sounds more like a sea gull. PINAULT— He ' s quite the basketball player; also Drake ' s stooge. SULLIVAN— Very efficient. He likes the first year class so much that he ' d like to take it over. THOEN — He may become a future Bob Feller. You might think that CHAPMAN all he does is fool around, but take a look at his marks. ANDERSON— This boy is a profi- cient golfer, keep it up kid. He ' s a specialist. BERTMAN— Better known as " eight- ball. " He must have been vaccin- ated with a phonograph needle. SILVA — Another specialist. He ' s a soda " jerk " at Browne ' s Drug Store. SANTOS— Does he live in Mattapoi- sett or does he just hunt there? New Bedford Textile 32 CLASS OF ' 43 GIRLS ' SPECIAL CLASS BETTY CUNNINGHAM — We ' ve come to the conclusion that Betty gets her vivaciousness from the foun- tain of youth. " Lovely to look at, delightful to know, " she ' s the fair charmer in our class. JOSEPHINE GILSON— " Jo " is our only out-of-towner, coming from Taunton. She beguiles us all with her winsome smile and sparkling eyes. EDITH HUBBARD— Edith, another of the specials coming into school last semester, is also a very quiet lass but has a good sense of humor. LILLIAN DAUPLAISE — Lil, with the snappy green eyes, always has an answer that brings a smile, and is Textile ' s most ardent fan. FRANCES LAWRENCE — Fran, a quiet lass, is one of our specials who came into school this last semester. She is already well liked for her sin- cerity. BLANCHE HARDY— When Blanche smiles, it is as though a ray of sun- light shines in our midst, and Itt witty outbursts lend a spicy rote to our conversations. Lawrence Hubbard Hardy Duplaise Cunningham Gilson 33 The ' 42 Fabricator CLASS OF 1944 GENERAL Bouffier Morris Taft Schram Finger Cobb Jason Queene GEORGE BOUFFIER— George, the man from south of the border is more American than most Ameri- cans. Quote George : The United States is terreaffic. LOUIS QUEEN— Louie is a hep cat who pounds the ivories at a local jive joint. Also does some homework in his spare time. EDMUND TAFT — Screwball and blues singer who can drown out any loom or collection of looms with his Calona yell. RAYMOND MORRIS— Class athlete who is our contribution to the sport world. It is he we claim who lifted Textile School out of our bad slump this year. What a man ! ! NORMAN COBB— What a long tail our cat has. Cobb is fastest man on the slide rule and sweet talk that ever sprouted wings. RUSSELL SCHRAM — Speak of Cobb and who do we see. The man with the wavy hair and collection of beautiful girls? MORRIS FINGER— Proving that big things don ' t come in small packages. If we had a track team Finger would star on the 100 yd. dash. It ' s the momentum — like the caissons, he goes rolling along. DONALD JASON— The fellow with the million dollar smile. And why not, ' cause he ' s got a river between him and the rest of these illustrious students. New Bedford Textile 34 CHEMISTRY CLASS OF 1944 RAYMOND FARLAND — " Spike " made the first edition of the Crimson Courier and not for his athletic abilities. EMERY MAYNARD — For him they composed the supplement to the Chat- tanoga choo choo. The locomotive for Maynard. MITCHELL SITARZ — The only first year chem. that hasn ' t got a reserve seat on the radiator. CHARLES KNOWLTON — Peahopper Knowlton — Eyedropper at 40 paces — Beware. BRAD JENNINGS — Can always work better with someone else ' s equipment. WALTER JENKINS— Always willing to take the day off. HARRY GRUNDY— The class competi- tion to Bob Hope in quarter time. GORDON BRADLEY— I wonder if he will get credit for being in the nutri- tion class. JAMES CATON— One of the clanny 4 who could put a pound of burette grease to use. BERNARD CARTER— No matter where he travels he can always find a " cousin " . HAROLD WILLIAMS— One of the most industrious lads in class but one won- ders what would happen if he fell down on the way home. GENE SULLIVAN— A lecture class seat is like a sleeping tablet to him. HENRY ALBIEZ— Always willing to tell you where everything is even if he doesn ' t know himself. WALTER CLARK— A walking tool room when he has his black suit on. Albiez Carter Williams Sullivan Jennings Clark Maynard Sitarz Grundy Farland Braley Caton 35 The ' 42 Fabricator SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS WILLIAM E. HATCH KEY presented by New Bedford Textile School Alumni Association to GOLD MEDAL presented by National Association of Cotton Manufacturers to RONALD LEMAIRE ISAAC STEINER 194 1 Daniel Donovan Isaac Steiner William H. Poisson Richard J. Dalessandro Albert Louie Frederick A. Martin Andrew C. Adams Albert H. Tetreault, Jr. Laurence E. Rossiter Roger J. Gentilhomme Edgar Lachance Peter Warburton Israel Nesvisky Clifton S. Pierce Theodore E. Carlson William Bruce Taai Woot Kwok Arthur F. Howard, Jr. Harold Hsiang-Ho Yuan If 1940 Richard J. Dalessandro 1939 W. Gordon Ogden 1938 Dexter S. Horvitz 1937 Benjamin Slom 1936 Andrew C. Adams 1935 Albert H. Tetreault, Jr 1934 Laurence E. Rossiter 1933 . No Award 1932 Edgar Lachance 1931 Peter Warburton 1930 Stanley A. Prokuski 1929 James H. Adams 1928 Theodore E. Carlson 1927 William Bruce 1926 Taai Woot Kwok 1925 Arthur F. Howard, Jr. 1924 James K. Hurley 1923 Victor H. Bruneau 1922 Malcolm E. Campbell 1921 Maurice A. Cornell 1920 Robert F. K. Lock 1919 William A. Karl 1917 Cheng 0. Amona 1916 Russell Hathaway 1915 Benjamin Waldstein 1913 Edward W. Clark 1911 Milton J. Bentley 1908 William G. Blair 1907 Lloyd S. Delano 1906 T. Wilson Williamson 1905 Rex G. Witherbee 1904 Fred Taylor 1903 Theodore Wood 1902 John J. Hutchinson 1901 Nelson Wood 37 The ' 42 Fabricator SIGMA PHI TAU DELTA KAPPA PHI PHI PSI BETA SIGMA PHI TAU J. Malick D. Malick Walder Finger Sederholm Queene 39 Organized 1914 Incorporated 1917 Publications: Alpha WhiproU, Quarterly Bulletin, Beta Bee Hive, Year Book Councillor , Samuel Walder Vice Councillor Burton Sederholm Corresponding Scribe Morris Finger Recording Scribe Donald Malick Exchequer Gilbert Siegal Warden Paul Gollis James Malick — Louis Queene ACTIVE CHAPTERS ALUMNI CHAPTER Alpha - ■ Philadelphia Textile School Philadelphia New Bedford Beta — New Bedford Textile School Fall River — Taunton — Patterson Gamma — Durfee Textile School New York — Boston - - Chicago Colors : Black and Gold The first event was a smoker of Beta and Gamma Chapter on October 21 at the New Bedford Hotel. Morris Finger, Louis Queene, James Malick, Donald Malick, and Gilbert Siegal were accepted as members after the usual proceedings. The induction took place at a theatre dinner party in Providence. Perhaps the most colorful event of the year was the convention in New York which was well attended by Beta men. Trips to Boston and Providence and theatre parties made the year eventful. No men will be lost this year and a more active chapter is expected next year. The ' 42 Fabricator DELTA KAPPA PHI n : Bean Manchester Lemaire Jason Thoen Houghton Carter Chase Sullivan Perperas Duckworth Hughes Meunier Whelpley DELTA CHAPTER CHAPTERS Alpha Philadelphia Textile School Beta Lowell Textile School Delta New Bedford Textile School Gamma ,. Rhode Island School of Design ALUMNI CHAPTERS New York New Bedford Philadelphia San Antonio Boston FACULTY MEMBERS Fred Beardsworth, Morris H. Crompton, John E. Foster, Antone Rodil, Abram Brooks, Francis Tripp CHAPTER OFFICERS 1941-1942 Consul , Preston Scott ' 42 Pro-consul Norman Duckworth ' 42 Custodian Edward Meunier ' 42 Annotator John Hughes ' 42 Scribe Charles Perperas ' 42 Sgt. of Arms John Whelpley ' 42 New Bedford Textile 40 1942 Preston Scott John Hughes Edward Meunier Norman Duckworth Charles Perperas John Whelpley ACTIVE MEMBERS 1943 Harold Houghton William Entwistle Arnold Manchester Kenneth Bean Ronald Lemire Alfred Kessel Carl Mattson John Sullivan David Thoen Frank O. Chase 1944 Donald Jason Colors : Royal Purple and White. ft ACTIVITIES 1941-1942 Delta Chapter started the season ' s activities by holding open house at the New Bedford Hotel on October 15. Five new members were accepted into the brotherhood. The winter season brought forth two spectacular basketball games with Phi Psi. Delta Kappa suffered one defeat and was victorious in the other engagement. The honors went to Carl Mattson, who played excellent ball in both encounters. Several new members attended the annual convention held in Boston. A scorching good time was had by all. The affair left many fond memories, and was the outstanding event of the year. 41 The ' 42 Fabricator PHI PSI BETA Donovan - Albiez - Clark - Ohm - Taft - Williams - Jennings - Sullivan - Cobb - Schram - Gregory - Bouffier - Hilton - Carter - Bradley Farland. Coyne Hayman Mogilnicki Moniz Knowlton Jenkins Grundy Dahl Tripp Cacella Andrews Caton OFFICERS OF GRAND COUNCIL Grand President John E. Fite, Jr. Grand Vice-President Kempton A. Haynes Grand Secretary Donald Crawford Grand Treasurer Alex C. Stohn ACTIVE CHAPTERS Alpha Philadelphia Textile School Beta New Bedford Textile School Gamma Lowell Textile School Delta Bradford Durfee Textile School Eta North Carolina State College Theta Georgia School of Technology Iota Clemson College, North Carolina Kappa Texas Technological College Lambda Alabama Polytechnic Institute ALUMNI CHAPTERS Boston Philadelphia Utica Albany Greenville New York Providence Chicago Fall River Charlotte Colors : Black and Gold Flower : Yellow Tea Rose Publication : Phi Psi Quarterly New Bedford Textile 42 ACTIVE MEMBERS 1942 Arthur Hayman John Hilton Eugene Mogilnicki Jean Phaneuf John Moniz Arthur Cacella Arnold Tripp Lawrence Dahl Daniel Donovan John Coyne Warren Gregory Herbert Ohm Donald Mellor Raymond Andrews 1943 Norman Cobb Russell Schram 1944 George Bouffin Walter Jenkins Henry Albiez James Caton Bradford Jennings Emery Maynard Raymond Far land Harold Williams Bernard Carter Edmund Taft Harry Grundy Charles Knowlton, Jr. Eugene Sullivan Gordon Bradley Walter Clark OFFICERS OF BETA President : Arthur Hayman Secretary : John Coyne Vice-President : Eugene Mogilnicki Treasurer : Jean Phaneuf Acting Treasurer : John Moniz ACTIVITIES During the past year, the Chapter has admitted eighteen new members which brought our total of active membership to thirty-two. We have lost one Brother to military service, Treasurer Jean Phaneuf. He has been commissioned as a Second Lieutenant at Fort Bragg, N. C. As for our activities, the Chapter is well pleased with the numerous good times had by all throughout the year. We have sponsored several informal parties held at the Fraternity House for the active members which were enjoyed by everyone. | In the sports field, Beta Chapter had two basketball games and also a bowl- ing match with the rival fraternity boys of Delta Kappa Phi. We are proud to say th at Phi Psi waas the victor in each encounter. 43 The ' 42 Fabricator WHO ' S WHO Tallest Howard Tinkham Lucy Eldreclge Shortest Armand Poitras Faith Broadmeadow Fattest Armand Poitras Lucy Eldredge Youngest Herbert Ohm Anne Atchison Best Athlete Eugene Mogilnicki Anne Atchison Meekest Francis Wobecky Ellen Besse Noisiest Eduardo Ortiz Lucy Eldredge Quietest Charles Owen Ellen Besse Smartest John Whelpley Faith Broadmeadow Most Conscientious Steven Lehman Eudora Carvalho Most Industrious Francis Wobecky Eudora Carvalho Naughtiest Daniel Donavan Lillian Maye Cutest Eugene Mogilnicki Eudora Carvalho Neatest Donald Mellor Ellen Besse Most Likely to Succeed Steven Lehman Eudora Carvalho Handsomest Emile Remillard Ellen Besse Thinnest John Hughes Beverly Therrien Most Talkative John Hilton Faith Broadmeadow Liveliest Eduardo Ortiz Beverly Therrien THE PEOPLE ' S CHOICE Favorite Pastimes Necking and Drinking " Songs Trumpet Blues and Tangerine " Magazines Esquire and Life " Drinks Beer and Coke " Actress Rita Hay worth " Actor Charles Boyer Sport Basketball " Radio Program Bob Hope Orchestra Harry James Animal Wolf Topic Women and Men " Expression What ' cha doing Tonight, Babe? " Vocalists Bob Eberle and Helen O ' Connell New Bedford Textile 44 HORROR NAME NICKNAME APPEARANCE HOBBY Andrews Ray Shiekish Sleeping in Class Atchison Annie Casual Following Sports Besse Moo Neat Our Car Broadmeadow Grandma Petite The Army Cacella Art Worried Part I Quartet Carroll Carol Sleepy The Navy Carvalho Dora Sophisticated The Cuban Cosio Bennie Sober Learning Slang Cote Butch Industrious Fishing Counsell Dinny Quiet Skiing Coyne Weasel Playboy Women Dahl Dutchie Dusky Dancing Donovan Dannie Jolly Wolfing Duckworth Ducky Tired England Eldredge Sunny Rugged The Buick Man Gregory Greg Lanky :.. Necking Hayman Chris Mysterious Dodging Work Healy Marie Thin Men in General Hilton The Third Argumentative Women Hughes Johnny Diminutive Taxiing Irvin Irv Regular His Wife Lehman Steve All Shot Records Manchester Barbie Dignified B rooklyn Dodgers Marcellino Muscles Shy Sleeping Maye Lily May Indifferent The Down Easter. Mellor Don Athletic Myrtle Meunier Ed S waggering Part I V Quartet Mogilnicki Mo Carefree Making Paper Dolls .. Moniz Johnny Capable Arguing Ohm Herky Pasty Barry ' s Stooge Ortiz Eddie Slick Blondes Owen Charlie Embarrassed Eating Pearson Anything Dopey Bragging Perperas Charlie Happy-go-lucky Dance Bands Phaneuf Peahopper Snappy The Army Poitras Admiral Roily Polly Needling Teachers Remillard Mel Smooth Part III Quartet Scott Scottie Military Flora Senesac Jean Happy Part II Quartet Tanguay Joe Sleepy Hunting Therrien Bev : Carefree Telling Corny Jokes . Tinkham Tink Clean cut Milking Cows Tripp Twippie Bruiser Walking in the Wood Whelpley Johnny Business-like Sports Wobecky Bud Quiet A Dental Hygienist ... SCOPE AMBITION FAVORITE SAYING To have a private tailor Could Be .To get a job Gosh! To speak her mind Sunny!!! To get married I ' ll bat ya .To be a good dancer You ain ' t kidding To visit Pearl Harbor Eeeee ! ! ! To add to her collection When I was at Drake .To master English language I don ' t believe it .To catch a fish Yehudi Head Draftsman Huh? .To be a ball player Whee ! Whee ! .To be a Charles Boyer You ' re kidding of course? .To have a good time I ' d like to make her To go back to England Hey Ben .To impress the faculty That ' s my cousin To get a steady Blonde Trickle Away To graduate Now in Maine! To be a singer Buzz off To be Mayor of N. B Let ' s get on the ball To buy a new car Don ' t fool around with big boys He has achieved it This is the life To get the best of C. P Don ' t blame me! .To go to Hawaii Mister Fawcett around? .To beat up Senesac Oh! Yeah! To be a Socialist What ' s cookin ' To own a Pool Parlor Hi chump! Nutritionist in T. I. A I can take pictures .To improve his technique If I were coach — Chief Petting Officer You should talk Petty Officer in Navy In the bakery — .More girl friends I didn ' t did it To date Janet Shaw Come again .To date a woman Oh, her! .To make good coffee Let ' s get drunk To be a major You pecker head! To get his license That ' s a cute little job To keep Irene out after 10 Once for a clime To be a general in 2 months Hear Bob Hope last night To feel wide awake God bless the Tadpoles .To own Shuster ' s Squeeze it! To hook a man Present ! To be a farmer Yup ! To get Charlie drunk Electwicity To get a high draft number ' . You said it! .To be a dictator She was nice HUMOR A DAY IN THE SENIOR LAB 8 :30 Roll call. 8:31 Moniz starts his day ' s work. 8 :32 Terrific racket in locker room ; Hilton has arrived. 8 :35 Class congregates in corner. Lookout posted. 8 :36 Class disperses. Someone has won a quarter. 8 :40 Moniz finishes his day ' s work. 9 :00 Owen marches in. 9:10 Discussion starts in weighing room. 9:15 Mr. Brooks walks in. 9:16 Discussion continues in small lab. 9 :20 Mr. Brooks walks in. 9 :21 Discussion continues in weighing room. 9 :25 Mr. Brooks walks in, looks around, and gives up. 9 :30 Everyone knocks off for recess. 10:25 Out for recess. 10:35 Back inside again. 10:40 A sudden yell; Greg ' s started another conflagration. 1 1 :00 Though fire is out, there ' s still plenty water flying. 11 :15 The Four Groans give out with " You are My Sunshine. " 1 1 :30 Meunier takes some indoor shots. 1 1 :45 Rush for hats and coats. 12:00 Dinner. Owen starts eating. 1 :00 Roll call. 1 :01 Pool sharks roll in. 1:10 Meunier leaves to develop film. 1:15 Malick ' s head appears in the doorw ay; silence. 1:16 Malick rushes out for a towel. 1 :30 Discord " in Crapo Terrace; Ohm ' s burner has disappeared. 1 :45 Owen is still eating. 1 :55 Poitras returns the missing burner. 2 :00 Spike walks in and haunts Mo. 2:15 Ready for recess again. 2 :25 Out. 2:35 In. 2 :45 Owen is still eating. 3 :00 Meunier comes back ; the lighting was bad ! Lighting ? 3:15 Meunier is still being razzed. 3 :30 Owen has his dessert. 3 :45 Scab Cacella opens desk, decides to do some thesis work. 3 :50 Owen finishes his dinner. 4:00 Poitras watches the clock and reaches the door just as the bell rings. 4 :01 Backs bent double from our strenuous work, we trudge home. New Bedford Textile 48 THLE w V BASEBALL SOCCER BASKETBALL 1941 BASEBALL SEASON PLAYERS: Mellor, Main, Coyne, Hilditch, Mogilnicki, Ferdinand, Lehman, Goodwin, Frey, Wilson, Whelpley, St. Pierre, Odiorne, Poitras, Senesac, Tanguay. SCHEDULE WE THEY Wentworth 2 12 Durfee 4 5 Becker 11 14 Vocational 2 3 Vocational 7 3 Lowell 3 8 Wentworth 1 3 Hyannis 3 9 Lowell 5 3 Hyannis 2 6 Becker 6 8 Home games Won 2 — Lost 9 Last year ' s baseball nine was truly a victim of bad breaks. The boys played good ball and deserved to win more games. In the season opener with Went- worth, the Bostonians collected 17 hits from Goodwin to win 12-2. Out- classed, our boys did not give up, and showed good spirit. The first game with our Fall River rivals was decidedly a pitcher ' s duel, with Andy pitching a fine game. Gar- della ' s double in the 6th clinched the game for Durfee 5-4. Textile got 9 runs in the first inning in the Becker game at Worcester, but the college boys proved to be good stickers and Textile fell 14-11. Jerry Allain spoiled Doug Menard of Voke from twirling a no-hitter. Jer- ry smashed two hits but all in vain. Textile lost 3-2. The final game with V was a dif- ferent story. Poitras pitched a 5-hit- ter and Allain was on a batting spree again. The four runs in the sixth inn- ing was the deciding factor. Textile winning 7-3. Although our boys outhit and out- fielded the Lowell team in their park, three costly errors in the 2nd frame proved their downfall. Goodwin lost a 5 hitter 8-3. Textile journeyed to Boston for their next heart-breaking tilt. Senesac came through with a wonderful 4-hit game, but poor baserunning was disastrous as only one run was derived from 11 hits. Wentworth eeked three runs over to win 3-1. New Bedford Textile 50 Hyannis visiited us for the first time and collected 16 hits from Senesac to give them a 9-3 victory. Mellor and Allain hatted well for Textile. We avenged an earlier defeat by Lowell when they played on our field. Cashing in on all the breaks, and led by Mogilniki, Allain, Mellor, and Poitras, Textile won 5-3. Hyannis made it two in a row when they beat us 6-2 in their park. Sene- sac allowed nine hits, but the 4th inn- ing decided the game. Hilditch and Allain batted well for Textile. Textile ended the season by losing the toughest one of them all. Becker pushed two 9th-inning runs across the plate to take an 8-6 decision. Good- win started the game but was relieved by Senesac who pitched good ball ex- cept for that last frame. SOCCER — 1941 PLAYERS : Coyne, Mogilnicki, Moniz, Mulvey, Lehman, Mellor, Farland, Carter, Senesac, Pearson, Ortiz, Donovan, Corrigan, Remillard. SCHEDULE WE THEY Vocational 1 Brown Junior Varsity 2 1 Durfee Textile 2 2 Vocational 2 Durfee Textile 2 The schedule was abbreviated, but the boys did all right winning two games and tying one to gain a .500 average. 51 The ' 42 Fabricator 1941-42 — BASKETBALL ;:- : - :■ ■ ■ Donovan Senesac Remillard Jenkins Taft Carter Mogilnicki Mellor Cacella, Mgr. Farland Lehman PLAYERS : Abishala, Bradley, Cacella, Mgr., Carter, Caton, Donovan, Farland, Jenkins, Jennings, Lehman, Mellor, Mogilnicki, Moniz, Mulvey, Pearson, Poitras, Remillard, Sederholm, Senesac, Scott, Sullivan, Taft. SCHEDULE we they Hyannis Teachers Away 50 75 Durfee Textile Home 44 30 Morse Twist Drill Away 31 34 Lowell Textile ...Away 23 64 Becker College Home 31 54 Durfee Textile Away 52 40 Willimantic Teachers Away 32 64 Hyannis Teachers Home 24 41 Vocational Away 24 42 Gordon College Home 75 59 Newport Naval Station Home 30 47 Bridgewater Teachers Away 33 38 Providence College Frosh Home 36 51 Newport Naval Station Home 32 37 Becker College Home 28 43 Vocational Home 29 25 Dean Academy Away 39 75 Providence College Frosh Away 47 66 St. Anselm Frosh Away 32 47 Gordon College Away 24 32 Goodyears Home 46 31 Won 5 — Lost 16 New Bedford Textile 52 The basketball team started the season with a new mentor, Francis Clynes. Despite the fact that there were very few veterans left over from the preceeding season, Mr. Clynes came up with a small but scrappy squad. With Gene Mogilnicki and Steve Lehman the only varsity veterans, Clynes built the team around them. The remaining vacancies were capably filled by Don Mellor, Danny Donovan, Jean Senesac, and Walt Jenkins. The team went through the season with a record of five wins against sixteen losses. What the boys possessed in ability and fight, they lacked in height, and their spirit in all of their games won them the respect of their opponents and their schoolmates. Several of the games were lost by only a small margin, the heartbreaker of the season being a 38-33 overtime loss to a strong Bridgewater quintet. The final game with Vocational, which the boys were pointing for was a real thriller, with the final outcome in doubt until the final whistle. This victory attoned greatly for the otherwise season of reverses. Our heartiest congratulations to Mr. Clynes for his untiring coaching, and to Gene, Steve, Don, Danny, Jean, and Walt for their fine displays of fast, courage- ous, and artful ball handling. The loss of all these boys by graduation except Jenkins, will be felt next year, but we feel confident that Textile teams will always be as aggressive and talented as this year ' s aggregation. Though this may well be our last season for the duration the sportsmanship shown by our team will always be remembered as one of the highlights of our school life. Winning is not everything ; a good loser is always appreciated. Boy, are we appreciated, heh, heh. 53 The ' 42 Fabricator RAYON FIGHTS ON TWO FRONTS! WHEN A MIRACLE of mist helped the B. E. F. escape from under the canopy of bombs at Dunquerque . . . Washington quickly threw the switch that sent a National Defense program into high gear. Straight to the army posts and air fields went the industry that previously had been associated with apparel. From the laboratories of American Viscose Corporation came a tough new yarn for tire cords of Rayon for the mammoth tires that bring flying fortresses safely through 3-point landings. Tires to take 4-ton combat cars across rugged terrain. Rayon serves on another front— the eco- nomic front. As- silk, wool and linen im- ports were drastically curtailed, Ameri- can Viscose research put rayon to work in new ways to help maintain American standards of living. Beautiful dresses, lovely draperies, fine handkerchiefs and table cloths for everybody . . . Rayon helps us keep them. This is why 18,000 and more Ameri- cans—working in seven plants located in three states— will help the American Vis- cose Corporation maintain its position as the world ' s largest producer of rayon. Copr. 1941 — American Viscose Corp. • • • AMERICAN VISCOSE CORPORATION World ' s Largest Producer of Rayon Yarn SALES OFFICES: 350 Fifth Avenue, New York City; Providence, R. I.; Charlotte, N. C; Philadelphia, Pa. PLANTS AT: Marcus Hook, Pa.; Parkersburg, W. Va.; Nitro, W. Va.; Roanoke, Va.; Lewistown, Pa.; Front Royal, Va. 55 The ' 42 Fabricator STARCH SERVICE Since 1866 our policy of Fair Service to All has withstood the test of two major wars and several depressions. Today our customers have confidence in our ability to protect their interests. They have confidence in the high quality of our textile starches . . . corn, potato, wheat . . . and in the ability of our textile ex- perts to help them solve their sizing, fin- ishing and textile problems. We shall do all in our power to preserve and strengthen this customer confidence. A TEXTILE STARCH FOR EVERY TEXTILE PURPOSE STEIN, HALL COMPANY, INC. 285 Madison Avenue 210 Grosvenor Bldg. New York Providence, R. I. SOULE MILL Makers of POPLINS PONGEES SATEENS BROADCLOTHS MIXTURES NOVELTIES OF ALL KINDS Plant and Sales Office NEW BEDFORD THE OLDEST AND LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF Ring Spinning and Twister Travelers IN THE UNITED STATES AMERICAN - HICKS - WILSON Reg ' . U. S. P. O. WENTWORTH DOUBLE DUTY WENTWORTH GRAVITY Reg. U. S. P. O. SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW A CHEMICAL PROCESS NATIONAL-ETARTNEP FINISH Reg. U. S. P. O. Another Illustration of Leadership in a Long Line of Traveler Improvements National Ring Traveler Co. PAWTUCKET, R. I. CHARLOTTE, N. C. 354 Pine Street 131 W. First St. CHOICE OF THE TEXTILE TRADE! The merits of Diastafor have placed this famous sizing, desizing, dyeing and bleaching agent at the top of the list. You can always depend on Diastafor for quality performance and uniform results. Remember to try Diastafor ! For full particulars, write to FLEISCHMANN ' S DIASTAFOR DIASTAFOR DEPARTMENT STANDARD BRANDS INCORPORATED 595 Madison Avenue, New York, N. Y. New Bedford Textile 56 THE SERVICE i WE RENDER NATIONAL TECHNICAL SERVICE has ONE Objective — To help you develop a color formula that, under your mill conditions and your standards of fastness, will give you the exact match at lowest cost. National Technical Service laboratories, attached to all prin- cipal National offices, are staffed by men of long practical expe- rience . . . are equipped to duplicate your mill conditions. 9i e UuUte yen to. ule M GSibtf, National technical Service WRITE, WIRE OR PHONE FOR FORMULAE OR COLOR STOCKS National. Aniline Division ALLIED CHEMICAL DYE CORPORATION 40 RECTOR STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. BOSTON PROVIDENCE CHICAGO PHILADELPHIA SAN FRANCISCO CHARLOTTE GREENSBORO ATLANTA NEW ORLEANS CHATTANOOGA PORTLAND, ORE. TORONTO 57 The ' 42 Fabricator J. S. FALLOW CO. MANUFACTURERS ' AGENTS • TEXTILE MACHINERY • LIQUIDATIONS • APPRAISALS 279 Union St., New Bedford, M ass. • New and Used Textile Machinery and Equipment • Manufacturers ' Agents for ABINGTON KNOTTERS ALDRICH MACHINE WORKS BROWN INSTRUMENTS DIVISION of Minneapolis-Honeywell Co. F F BUNCH BUILDERS CHARLES B. JOHNSON SLASHERS SECO VIS-O-MATIC OIL CUPS SIPP EASTWOOD CORP. TEXTILE SPECIALTY CO. Gibbs Shuttle Truing Machines $tar$toeeZ NEW BEDFORD ' S COMPLETE MODERN DEPARTMENT STORE WITH EVERY S W MACHINE — 77 YEARS of EXPERIENCE A niodern knitting machine is not something built overnight. It is a compli- cated mechanism with hundreds of large and small parts, the design or com- position of any one of which may fundamentally affect the performance of the whole machine. Studying the composition, design and manufacture of each of these parts and adapting them to each other to obtain the most efficient results has been the occupation of Scott Williams for 77 years. Surely, there is no substitute for such long experience — it is one of the reasons why S W machines are bought with confidence and used with the assurance that they will produce the best possible results in knitting. Established 1865 SCOTT 8C WILLIAMS Incorporated 40 WORTH STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. " THIS IS THE SCOTT WILLIAMS MACHINE AGE " New Bedford Textile 58 MM a Zr 1 COTTON • WOOL • SILK • RAYON • NYLON - V i 59 The ' 42 Fabricator RUBBER COVERED ROLLS CRYSLER (PATENTED) SECTIONAL ROLLS for every textile requirement — piece goods or raw stock. Your inquiries are solicited. STOWE-WOODWARD, Inc. NEWTON UPPER FALLS, MASS. New York Off ice — Woolworth Building Experienced executives specify COMPLIMENTS OF LAMBETH Spinning and Twister Tape NASHAWENA Double Loop Bands for Twisters - Spoolers - Cards MILLS Cotton Transmission Rope Mule Rope • New Bedford, Mass. Lambeth Rope Corp. New Bedford, Mass. New Bedford Textile 60 Congratulations Seniors! We welcome you as fellow workers in one of the nation ' s leading industries . . . the textile industry. It is our sincere wish that your par- ticipation in the advancement of this great textile industry during the coming years may bring you success and happiness. We believe that the time- liness of your Commencement will bring you bigger and better appoint- ments than you ever anticipated. Better Grades of DyestuHs for | All Purposes • 4:i BA COMPANY INCORPORATED GREENWICH MORTON SIS. NEW YORK REPRESENTING SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY 61 The ' 42 Fabricator Chemicals for Every Textile Application Lykopon Formopon RHoplex Resins RHonite Resins RHotex Resins Tritons Sodium hydrosidfite for vat dyeing and stripping Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate for vat printing and stripping Acrylate resins for permanent finishing Urea formalhehyde resins for crush resistant finishes Synthetic gums for sizing, thickening and weighting Agents for wetting, scouring and softening yarns and fabrics. Degomma Enzymes for textile desizing ROHM HAAS COMPANY WASHINGTON SQUARE PHILADELPHIA, PA. REVERE TEXTILE PRINT ROLLS A New Bedford Product Famous for a Hundred Years For more than a century the Taunton-New Bedford division of Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated has been making textile print rolls. As a result of this long experience the Revere organization is in a unique position to know and understand practical textile printing problems and how to meet them with rolls best adapted to give efficient, economical service. Textile print roll requirements are severely exacting. The copper must be homogeneous, free from imperfections, impurities, hard spots, strata, blow holes. It must be evenly, precisely tempered, sufficiently ductile to be " picked up " by the engraver ' s tool, yet sufficiently hard to enable the edges of the engraving to stand, FOUNDED BY PAUL REVERE IN 1801 without becoming rounded or burred, through long service. The rolls must be perfectly concentric; they must be straight within close tolerance limits; they must be strong enough to drive a heavy printing cylinder by friction; tough enough to withstand repeated pushing on and off mandrel; and must have the smoothness and texture re- quired to prevent the edges of the engraving from being eroded by the " doctor " blades. The standard, most economical, roll is the solid wall copper roll. Rolls of this type can be repeatedly re-engraved, the old engraving being turned off. An average size solid wall copper roll should permit at least 25 such turn-offs, thus affording 26 new engraving surfaces during its life. Also available are cheaper rolls, " re-built " by drawing new copper tubes over cores con- sisting of old turned-down rolls. However, these are more likely to cause trouble, and in the end are definitely more expensive than the solid wall rolls. Revere specialists with many years of ex- perience in this field are at your service to assist you in specifying and obtaining rolls best adapted to serve your individual requirements. Revere ability to render capable service of this kind is perhaps best attested by the fact that a large proportion of all textile print rolls in use throughout the United States today are of Revere make. Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated New Bedford Textile 62 ■ Printing plates in this issue of the Fabricator made by the BICKFORD ENGRAVING ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 20 MATHEWSON STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. ■ ■ COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ■ Compliments of THE DARWIN PRESS PRINTERS of ' 42 " Fabricator " 69 SCHOOL ST. New Bedford, Mass. Tel. 2-9351 K-A ELECTRICAL © WARP STOP Used by Leading Mills in the Production of War Fabrics Rhode Island Warp Stop Equipment Co. 248 Pine Street Pawtucket, R. I. Compliments of HATHAWAY MANUFACTURING CO. New Bedford, Mass. 63 The ' 4-2 Fabricator COMPLIMENTS OF E. F. HOUGHTON CO. • A name long identified with the textile industry as manufacturers of only the finest textile process- ing oils, lubricants and leathers. PHILADELPHIA Chicago • Charlotte SHUTTLES • HEDDLE FRAMES HEDDLES THE SHUTTLE PEOPLE REPRESENTATIVES: G. C. Burbank, 3 Beaconshield Road, Worcester, Mass. W. F. Daboll, 22 Barnes Street, Providence, R. I. W A T S O N - W I L L I A M S MANUFACTURING CO. MILLBURY, MASSACHUSETTS WAMSUTTA SHIRTS Oxford Broadcloth Lustercale WAMSUTTA MILLS New Bedford, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF ACUSHNET PROCESS CO. i% When the BOSS IS BEGGING for more doffs per day of better yarn, with less waste, you can keep him happy by boosting your production with VICTOR TRAVELERS Write today for FREE samples. Victor Ring Traveler Company 20 Mathewson Street, Providence, R. I. P. O. Box 1318 1733 Inverness Ave.,N.E. 173 W.Franklin Ave. Atlanta, Ga. Gastonia, N. C. Tel. Vernon 2330 Tel. 247 COMPLIMENTS OF CONTINENTAL ELASTIC CO. New Bedford Textile 64 Galea JlaoJzl ta the fyutu ie — with the Electron Microscope The first commercially built electron microscope ever placed in service in American Industry has been in use for several months at our Stamford Laboratories. Here is an example of the astound- ing magnification obtainable with this instrument. Some bacteria are so small it would take a thousand of them to make a single fine line on the head of a pin. Yet under the electron microscope a single one of these can be made to appear the size of a small cigar. In the field of dyes, the electron microscope clearly reveals the shape and uniformity of the tiniest parti- cles — supplements with concrete evidence our best scientific conjec- tures about factors that affect their performance qualities in actual use. We are looking ahead of today ' s difficulties in ways such as this, in order to make Calco dyes consis- tently more dependable and eco- nomical. Electronmicrograph of Zinc Oxide Smoke at 19,500 X re- veals characteristic crystal- line structure of the burned substance. CALCO CHEMICAL DIVISION AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY BOUND BROOK, NEW JERSEY Boston, Philadelphia, Providence, New York, Charlotte, Chicago 65 Galea 2 yed Ate liett i Buyi Calco The ' 42 Fabricator COMPLIMENTS OF LORING STUDIOS zSc- IT} Class Photographer se T LO PAPER CARRIERS New Bedford Textile 66 In Appreciation The " Fabricator " Staff wishes to take this oppor- tunity to thank all the advertisers without whose cooperation the publication of the year book would not have been possible. We urge all graduates to patronize the firms whose products are advertised here, and suggest mentioning the Fabricator when so doing. Index to Advertisers zJS=- SS } PAGE Acushnet Process Co 64 American Cyanamid Co 65 American Viscose Corp 55 Bickford Engraving Co 63 Ciba Co., Inc 61 Continental Elastic Co 64 The Darwin Press 63 E. I. Dupont de Nemours Co 59 J. S. Fallow Co 58 A Friend 63 Hathaway Mfg. Co 63 E. F. Houghton Co 64 Lambeth Rope Corp 60 Loring Studios 66 Nashawena Mills 60 PAGE National Aniline Division 57 National Ring Traveler Co 56 Revere Copper Brass, Inc 62 R. I. Warp Stop Co. 63 Rohm Haas Co 62 Scott Williams 58 Standard Brands, Inc 56 Star Store 58 Stein, Flail Co.. Inc. 56 Stowe- Woodward, Inc 60 Sonoco Products Co 66 Soule Mill 56 Victor Ring Traveler Co 64 Wamsutta Mills 64 Watson-Williams Mfg. Co 64 67 The ' 42 Fabricator

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