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um., ., ., W ,T , ,,.,,,,Fg:, MH, , ., ., .. V . . W.,,, ,, ,-..k ..., ,M ,, E f me 1 r. u. 4 f mm5aQ'gf45?mwmn ' M V ..L.g-c, , ,.. New Bedford High School Q es A s EQ Q Q Past . . . sg, ,gy . ,s1f""" 'IQ t 5 flf Q 1 gig ,, 1 - Vii ' gt 4 sf S ' I ' 1 1,1314 2. ,E , gl tg? S Q S . . . A Look to Our Future wP'fM51f1l5QfflN2"CsF2Mq5Ci,v'N.Z5CsWl'K:?Mgl5iL?k dNeW Bedford, Massachusetts 02740 A Dedication to the NBHS Family The Crimson Log l85 is dedicated to the faculty, staff, and students of New Bedford High School. Through the combined efforts of everyone at our school, New Bedford High School became one of the three Mas- sachusetts secondary schools selected to receive na- tional honors. The excellence award which was pre- sented to NBHS was symbolic of the many years of tradition dedicated to excellence. Everyone in the NBHS family has shown this dedication to the tradi- tional values which have made our school worthy of the honors bestowed upon her. Although we have faced problems, there always has been an awareness of the traditional values which keep NBI-IS on top. As the Class of '85 leaves, we thank everyone who contrib- uted to the atmosphere of excellence and dedication at our school. It is this dedication which will be trea- sured forever by every student of our outstanding school. ., ! S I s L x Rx !i', MD, KY Q-i'w'A 4 Yr uns AWARD SECTION STAFF TABLE OF CONTENTS THEME.. . A sense of our past allows us to look brightly to our future. SENIORS ........ ..... 1 8 We finally made it! After four years of hard work, we are ready to become graduates of New Bedford High School. SPORTS ............... 82 The Whalers gave it all they had this season and came out winners. AWARD SECTION. . . 113 As the Class of '85 prepares to say goodbye, we remember a school of which we will always be proud. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES .......... 130 The diversity of organizations and activities at New Bedford High encouraged student involvement and allowed everyone to be part of a winning tradition. STAFF ................ 184 The staff of New Bedford High School lent support and encouragement to the Class of ,SS throughout the year. 1 3 New Bedford High School: A Tradition of Excellence .y v"v':i?'. fits fRightJ The high school on County Street, the former Morgan Estate, was ready to be opened in 1922. In the mid-1950's New Bedford's third high school was expanded and was in use until 1972. Today the build- ing exists as the Paul Rodrigues Adminis- tration Building. CRightJ Our present high school, which was built in 1972, represents over a centu- ry of tradition. Through the years, New Bedford High School has grown and de- veloped its tradition of excellence in edu- cation, culminating with the presentation of the Flag of Excellence to our school this past year. 4 Our city of New Bedford abounds in tradition. From the whalii industry of the last century to today's fishing and textile industrie New Bedford has developed a tradition of which all her citizens may l proud. As the town grew, so did the public education system. Throug the years, the growing community never neglected the importance providing a quality education for its young citizens. Since the incc poration of the town of New Bedford in 1787, the establishment oi school system was always a major consideration. The history of tl public education system in New Bedford shows its continuing belief the high quality of the education for all its people. l l l fi, f N . W " 1 ' , . if 2" ' fill: 'Vic I W -Q Fis3:f?'V ,. . alll if, fa.+gff.c,4J: .,. -My 5 ' '31, fb ' ilu s1 . w -itat.:-, - .. if t . . . , -f 'nf' f- ., .- 1 . CLeftJ New Bedford's first high school was estab- 3, rvljrf, - X f .- lished by the town in 1827.The "little green school- 'fc-5 Ixxhafg up house" on High Street, which was built atatotal cost ,-:ig ' T k of approximately four thousand dollars, began with S., Q 'ff iii' .rfhg . Y ? in an enrollment of twenty-two students. .img ,.:1.sLs:T ,, V -....., wc H 1 .lm ,,V. I ,E ,lug T :Q . 2 I .,,,. .. ,iQg,p!l!..- gg . f T ' f R . N .lift J ' ' .Q 41- 1 '- SW . x. xv' 1 'ig 'i'Q:jm,f. .Hgu+5 ,ct 1 ' 2 . si-is rliilifgf I fir- lxg .X A 1 3551, it.-aan-"gif f X was 9 is -- l ' ' . . ' . EQ 'gf- !. ,- I 5 X X - -X N-. 1- '-.5 " --' F 2 , as an ,g ti fy - - A -'--S ..,, ' , - . - ' '- . Y-X, i i - 2 -ag - sg ' . ' ' Q S 1 ' f ' ' 5 W Q we ', 3 . H 2 ' 2 ' it - f . l ' -X li iilwh iiqllglitl I, 'i - --C 3 5' 153 A 'glint 3 X ' Y My ' .IL U ' , "" . A K rx- A+ -XTX iff: 'ff A 2 9 , , 1. an l 'T - ' n"i - CAboveJThecity's second highschoolonSumrnerStre was in use from 1912 to 1921. Today it is the location the Sergeant William H. Carney Memorial Academy A.. ,.,-. t ' .1 5! "' .3 .tn I F 3 , Q. A History New Bedford: of Tradition 'mt -. -T-ss:-v's'. t - 4 f ' 1 -. - ,11'.i, :X ff -4 ir, ,,,., if iff is is i l sf . ' '. , I s -X i f fri . RTW l ,fl il T ff ix A ig . .4 ii S ,' QU, 5 M' X VI, fax 3 2 1 ,ft ' 1 ' fi ' x '. 'i' if I ' V ' 1 'i' "gill, tr, f. w g' it N f in ii i T . . --i. t A iih il. t ffllx 41, ,fx 'S gb- ,Sb ss During its growth, New Bedford expanded and diversified into many types of industries. The whaling industry in the 1800's brought prosperity and fame to the city. In fact, by 1857, half the whaleships in the country were owned by New Bedford, the greatest whaling port in the world. The "Golden Years" of whaling, however, ended about 1860 and the expan- sion of other industries, including cotton manufactur- ing, fishing, and agriculture began. The fishing indus- try, in particular, grew rapidly and in a short time, New Bedford and remains one ofthe largest fishing ports in This diversification of industries for the progress made during Today, New Bedford shows this as it continues to grow and CTop lefty: century, New Bedford's waterfront has seen the to fishing boats. CFar left! A mural at N.B.H.S. shows the a whale. CLeftD A scene downtown shows the progress of CAboveD A view ofa fishing boat as seen by a special effect lens. Lefth City Hall at its location at the corner of William and Pleasant Streets. CBelow7 Balloons carry the spirit of New Bedford to the surrounding area. l W' ' 0 9 5 0 Q W 9 at U g ' ,Q iii my f . Q Q at rt if asf! 008' -' 4 . , lo Q q N ,ff Q Clfightjz Sue Caron and Lisa Benedetti stand in front of the old high school showing County Street running north. The trees vghmh once stood there have made way for the modernization of t e cxty M X ts. : ' Q :.,,,w., ,,,,5,.- ,,,f:1ff'f,ggfL, IM! it I -x E taxi. 95' N 4--H-on N, ll Q lAhoveJ: Behind Monica Leandre and Scott Pacheco lies William Street in the heart of New Bedford's Historic Dis- trict. QLeftJ: The same view from the Morgan Estate. Q.- 5 51 Mt X CAboveJ: Ana and Grace Carreiro show a building on William Street, which was the sight of many beautiful buildings in the growing city. 4Left7: The same building before the parking lot. Si: ffm! CAboveJ: Standing on County Street, just north of the former Morgan Estate, are Matt Tierney, Steve Klakowicz, and Mike Wilcox. !LeftJ: The same view, but trees line the streets and cover the view of the church. 7 'X F ,w,,,,. New Bedforcfs .KA Past if if Q- K V ..gHff"" 5 '-E :"" Hr' V N .NN 7 E 'rf SSSFEFQSWH 5 - A "" :-: ffl -,q' QN 6 mm 1 ' K if fi. - Y ann.. as mt ' 'V 'idx ,.,... , CBe1owJ: Standing on Arnold Street are Scott, Matt, Steve, and 1gar5s2y,dshowing the rransformaciou of a historic area of New e or . N., X"-X , ,, , .1-' Xe.. X if w 1 S ,. g, - s is A-asf' corner of County and Grmnell Street shows Ne century. 4Lef0: Steve, Scott, stan the W f 9 X Ji 1 'X xv. ,xx CAbove3: Standing in front of St. Lawrence Church, located at the corner of Coun and Hillman Streets, are Sue, Lisa, and Mike. Time seems so have bypassed tk building. l lightjz The "crew" stands at the statue located in the center of Claskey Park Cfhe ornmonl between County and Purchase Streets Y W Aa K .xg ee 'xx , ,L-' 'A' M --01 ' .W-M, ,...ap-.s..-----f-- .- . ,....., X .xv-NMVQ if up - .Vx ff , V'A- l mr ecc' VV- v 1, If' I 4 fBelowJ: The seniors look over this fire station located at the corner of Mount ' ' D fee Pleasant and Durfee Streets. iLeftl: Notxce the early photograph showmg ur Street still as an unpaved toad. "' ' -.., tx f 11 W,- 4 Nair was The Class of '85: Anything Goes!! ll " ' l X . .. ,s,.' f , BQjlQ 631. . ui - if-4 I 1 n Fl V V""l 9 '1415 .. . , jiri, 5341, .5 ' gg , 'QW' X e 129 H Q 'Nil-qggll xfsfj fi fffxu A VA lm,'P - V Qiml Wu if IQ? TL . , Z Lt., 1 TV 6 f , f we 10 CII .NL 1 1 'lx ,X 3 ' "' -Q s 'G -5 t NX 'ff NX K I hx x 'gui f X f L I at :J X il, I 1' my X .1 ll l ' .I-. has 1 3 M 37, 6:53 Q ' .,. . 'LE .Q "1" Q " ,aff si 4'g3"s -i J Q . it In 1985, the emphasis was on originality. Anything from punk to preppy was accept- able. However, jeans, alligator shirts, and bandanas continued to be popular fashion trends among teenagers. Computers topped the trends in fads, along with breakdancing, cabbage patch dolls, and unisex earrings. ee -3- Qt WIA, QA I E u 1 I I --u-xv' frffwdf gl Qu' 1:1 In fffcfwj 4 1 f f pr , ,- f-fig' la, .',--'-1" ,', fjwzyz' 2 'fig mf. My .gf.,fg iZ: , HI! H ag 1 F 5 wx 4?'c5ffzf tbl tb 1 I xb . d ,Ll L ift, ' S IA " no fu-ow ww , M em rim . .. ' .. , Mfdwcf ealcru f7Ltt mu! .affairs A 711134, " rr, A :- M an mylifq ,, r i'h0jilI6f",-1 1 rg' Sim ffl' . '3- -H A We hope yo Ei- , f,,,,. ,N h t f 5 x A -. enyoyed ghe p 0 k v 5 the past from o joseph Goncalves P t S z d Mxkc Cruz debate their choices for the top records of the year. fghcvg f , lb y dT Lf B k Qfayg 5501255 1, gone! Zh' 42, ,72f'LrzctQ Lynne Melancon, a Prmce ian, feels Elvxs was all rxght for the older generation, lvis set the trend in rock-n-roll. ns az che top NX "Who P' I 5 R I , Q J ' 1 Congratulations and Good Wishes to the Class of 1985 ' I 4.i.t'lfW'9l" . Illlll I.. ,T,'-isanq our lives are fulfilled and When dreams become reality ' ' --L, happiness abounds. - Anonymous KS--...- r L as i --I K - -gl . A -. ' EF- -I . ' xago-4552-:gr . r . 0 531 9412451-' ' .fPl!:?l3f I' E st. . I . A I --,- r 3. A Q "5..,4 C C' NEW BEDFORD EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION, INC. ,f W- it "Accomp1ishment will prove to be a journey, not a destination." President Eisenhower December 16, 1957 QR 7, WMM '11,fNf?"CJ'?LPi:f.yf 7Pil,,v'iN'fCsZf?.M.4i"i:'?'QIE'm'NZ 75 5 2 Q 2 'E ??5,1b?1fN?1EXiJfNef'Zff!1+fAWNfY1Zq4+?P1lKWA+'Ndf'ZFEMS.ya BL Q4 Si? 'V' 'Si 'Si B! Q4 ii -4- vb- 4 A- 55. Q f W , S ,FN gf fl AQ 5 Q 3 4, Q 6 3 U 5 3 Q + 5 gf REPRESENTING THE CLASS OE '85 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS A Leading the class through the various ac- tivities and events of senior year can be a very heavy responsibility. This year was no differ- ent. This group got the class off to agood start by winning the "Mayor's Trophy" for its entry during Spirit Week. That was a definite in- dication of the spirit of this class, After all, everyone knows you "Come Alive in '85!" f See you at the reunion in five years! A I CL-RD Pres. Stacey Smith, v.P. " ' A john D. McKenna, Sec. Nicole Fernandes SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE in-ff iAboveD Green Hama' Seated CL-RJ: C. Fleury, S. Pacheco, N. Medeiros 6StandingJ L. Arnaral, M. Wfiltox, R. L'Italien CBelowJ Tan Ilouyes Seated CLYRJ: S. Klakowicz, A. DePrato, T. Castro, CStandingJ D. Barton, K. Silva, L. Rubin. QAboveb Gofd HOHJi6.' Seated CLARD: L. Perron, A. Almeida, iStandingD A, Magalhaes, A Chereta, T. Duval CBelowJBlz1e Hozziex Seated QL-RJ: M. Girard, S. Medeiros, N. Chomak 4StandingD R. Verville, M. Ribeiro, R, Berthiaume, Mrs. Purcell Cadv.D 11 ee w e .635 "., 'faq 2 u ,J 2. 4 1 . S 'Q- ...Qu WE NDY LEE ADRIA NO 514 Farm St. N.B. O2-40 "Pooch" Thanks parents for all their love and support. "Go to school?" Looks for honest per- son with good sense of humor. Won't forget lunch jr. year. Dreams of getting rich and going to Hawaii. Hopes for fu- ture of love. LINDA M. AGUIAR '4 Longview Rd. NB. 02245 "Lin" Happiest with Frank. Cheering and band memorable. Thanks go to EF., PD.. L.P. and Mom and Dad. ,luly -lth great time. Enjoyed time after comps with friends. Being co- capt. brings fond memories. "Oh well? That's life?" MILAGROS ALLE NDRE 126 Van Buren St. NB. 02746 "Milly" Admires person with a positive attitude toward life. "Chill out!" Thanks parents for the great challenge and Joe for his moral support throughout it all. Dreams of visiting Hawaii. Will remember great friends met at NBHS. 1. ANGELA ALMEIDA ll0 Moss St. NB. O22-14 "Ang" Likes basketball and football games. Last day of school at Horseneck will be re- membered. Mr. Roscow the best. Thanks parents and friends. Will always remember assembly for excellence award. Sense of humor appreciated. mfg? PETER M. AGUIAR S-4 Swan St. NB. 02- 4 4 Happiest when with friends. Mr. Taylor tops. Hangs at West Beach and the Mills. Looks for positive attitude and friendli- ness. Embarrassed standing up at the Excellence Award tere- mony. Thanks parents for their total support. PAULA C.N. ALCOBIA l29 Xlfood St. NB. 02'-l5 Can be found with friends at Horseneck. "Go for it!" Liked having Mr. Machado for Port. Special thanks to parents for support. Dreams of meeting Rick Springfield and Duran Duran? Likes a good sense of humor. Cosmotology in her fu- ture. , 5 BALTAZAR JUSTI NIA NO ALMEIDA 245 Acushnet Aye. N.B. 02240 "Balty" Found on the soccer field or listening to Creole mu- sic. Rates NBHS girls as beauti- ful. Thanks go to Mr. DaGraca, Mr. Silyeira and his parents. Dreams of being a pro soccer player or engineer. Won't forget pals and NBH staff. ROSA CELESTE ALMEIDA 245 Acushnet Ave. NB. 02740 "Z0" Won't forget everything learned at NBHS. Thanks Mr. DaGraca, Mrs. Torres and Mr. Silveira for being helpful. Would like to enter the field of law. Great achievement met when reaching senior year. Wants to meet people world- wide. .if MICHAEL A. RYAN E. AMADO ALDA AMARAL DEBORA AMARAL AMADO 526 Purchase st. ia wiiufa st. 52 Biiiiafa sf. 526 purchase Stl N.B.022-10 NB. 02'-il NB. 02'46 N-B, 02740 Special thanks to Mom and Dad "Ali" Rates the summer of '82 K'Deb"Time spentin photo with "Mike" Rates NBHS iifl in the country. Often found at his girl- friend's. Enjoyed Mr. Ed's his- tory class. Thanks go to teachers and friends. Secret desire to be pro football player. Being with girlfriend brings smiles. "Okay, kool!" for support. "Whatls up?" Great times partying with friends. Happiest with BM., BS., PG. and L.G. Hopes to have a future filled with riches. Won't forget great friends at NBHS. D.E. and Mr. Curry favorites. as ffl. Thanks Ms. Sowa for putting up with her and Lilly. Enjoyed class with Mr. Biscari. Happiest with "sis". Headed for career as exec. secretary. "Whatcha doing!" Wont forget going wrong way on Sawyer St. Mr. Millette fun. Secret desire to travel the world. "l donlt be- lieve thisl" Won't forget being chased out in the field by Sarg. Thanks go to parents for their support. Hopes for a life as a fashion designer. f i A NA ISABEL DAROSA ALEXA NDRE 25 York St. N.B. O2--Q5 "Anita" Being with friends and flirting are tops. Ranks honesty and humor high. To school for comp. engineering. Foreign Lang. Club and yearbook staff both greatf Thanks parents for the support. "XY'hat's upfu 'Z ..:- . tt - i f ' ' . K --" ROSI NDA C. ALMEIDA 245 Acushnet Ave. N .B. 02'-10 a Wont forget friends "Zynd " ' A - , staff and fun at NBHS. Thanks Mr. DaGraca, Mr. Silveira and Mrs. Torres. Dreams of being great nurse and outstanding basketball player. Proud of being a senior. Xvishes to meet variety of folks world-wide. LAURIE ANN AMARAL 105 Bonney St. NB. 02'40 "Duran" Thanks parents, Bob, Adeline, Lynn, Clem, Ms. Andrade and the Souza's. 'LYou know!" Future ambition: Makeup artist and Bob's wife. Happiness is seeing Duran Duran or being with sis Ade- line. Secret wish to run away with john Taylor? LILIA G. AMARAL 195 Crapo St. N.B. 02744 "Lil" Thanks goes to Mom and Ms. Sowa. Alda and Judy bring fun times. Not keen on prep- pies. "What's shaking? Got red in the face when accidentally hitting a house-master. Hopes for future as a cosmotologist, Flag award was memorable. LISA MARIA AMARAL 49 Vine St. N.B. 02740 "Peaches'l Looks for person with honesty and loyalty. Thanks goes to parents and Andy for always being there. Secret wish to be alone on an island with Andy who brings happiness. Won't forget birth- day serenade in Green cafe dur- ing jr. yr. JOSEPH ANDRADE l4l County St. N.B. 02744 "Ze" Thanks sent to grand- mother for her support. Eng. with Mrs, Rutkowitz was en- joyed. Great memories of fun with marching band friends. Se- cret desire to drive to school in a red Porsche! Rifle team tops. Likes people who make fun times. MAURICIO VIEIRA A NDRADE 80 Purchase St. N.B. 02740 "Momo', Can be found with the ROTC and Drill Team. Thanks go to parents. Looks for a per- son who has respect for others. Happiest with friends. Secret desire to be with MariJoe. 'fYeah, rightlu Enjoyed history with Mr. Motta. ZE NOBIA AMARAL 6 Felton St. N.B. 02745 "Zee" Thanks go to parents and Luisa for caring so much. Close friends bring smiles. Mrs. Rut- kowitz made a hit. A future nurse. "Babe" Dreams of be- coming very rich and very hap- py. Admires friendliness and honesty in a personality. NATALIA A NDRADE ll Stapleton St. N.B. 02744 'KNate" Enjoyed being with good friends and having a good time. Found in Tan House and cafe. Didn't get the pleasure of sr. lounge since senior year for this gal didn't go beyond Sept. Missed having Mr. Castro for the fourth time. DA NA A NDRADE 990 Rockdale Ave N.B. 02740 "Bone', Thanks his parents. En- joys partying and being with the ladies. "What's up?" Mrs. Rose and English top his list of fa- vorites. Won't forget getting caught smoking in the bath- room. Hopes to get college de- gree. Upward Bound great. JOSE BER NARDO ANDRADE 45 Sycamore St. N.B. 02740 "Joe" Won't forget Ms. B. chas- ing him for yrbk. material. Found at A.J.'s locker. Ms. Leal and Mr. Roscow made a hit. Fu- ture child psychiatrist. Enjoyed yrbk., Student Congress, For- eign Lang. and Drama Clubs, Senior yr. means making it! i PAULO V. ANDRADE 633 County St. N.B. 02740 Thanks goes out to parents, Ms. Andrade and John. Riding his Kawasaki brings happiness. Ms. Costa made a hit. Headed for a future with the U.S. Navy. En- joyed gym, esp. indoor soccer. Summer meant working and making money for sr. year. ISABEL M. ANTU NES 74 Hope St. N.B. 02746 "Izzie,' Sends thanks to parents. Happiest when with friends. Future ambition: Become a le- gal secretary. "Yo!" Found in Tan cafe. Spanish I 8: II tops with Mrs. Andrade. Looks for honesty and good sense of humor in a person. Faculty appreciated. KARE N A NUSZCZYK 257 Clifford St. N.B. 02745 Thanks Mom for understanding difficult times. Appreciates a personality that's humorous and honest. Enjoyed Great Out- doors Club, Horseneck with the gang and hanging at the Nautilus. Dreams of owning her own health spa. Friends im- portant. JUDITH L. ARAUJO I5 Peckham St. N.B. 02746 "Gee Gee" Drawn to an honest, loving, sincere person. Thanks parents for understanding and love. Hopes to become a nurse in Europe. 'KThatls life for yall' Maggie, Lilly and Alda mean good times. Proud of getting the flag of excellence. PETER ARMA NETTI l29 Bedford St. N.B. 02740 "Skeets" Cruising in his Audi is the greatest. Special thanks to Mr. Dow for all his help. Wonlt forget summer fun at Jai Alai. Great times with Mr. Oliver fond memories. "Have a day!" Hopes to be a huge success in the business world. ROBERT ELLIOT A NDRADE 95 Pierce St. N.B. 02740 "Rob" Warm thanks to Sue Pires and Jeff Barrows. Hap- piest when with friends. Future Ambition: To give vocal les- sons. Secret ambition: To appear on New York stage. Won't forget parts in Drama Club shows. "Yo, that ain't even kool!" A N N MARIE ARRUDA 47 Chestnut St. N.B. 02740 "Chico" Loves hanging at Brick- enwood with friends. 'KHa, ha, giggle, giggle." Loved classes with Mr. Pepin, Ms. Longpre and Mr. D. Special thanks to folks and Richie. Happiest when alone, but yet with friends. Future Ambition: Cos- motology. 2 6 MARIA ARRUDA 120 Tallman St. NB. 02-46 Sends thanks to Mom and Dad, Admires a good sense ofhumor and personality plus. Sept. 12th special date. Future sights on ca- reer in business world. Good times with friends memorable. "ls it pouvre!" Looking forward to graduation. JEREL J. AUGUSTI NE 906 Hathaway Rd. NB. 02740 "Augie" The "claw" will be a memory forever. Enjoyed play- ing football for NBHS. Chem- istry with Mr. Kobza made a hit. Headed for a career in law en- forcement. Thanks family for being there. Appreciates a sense of humor and craziness. MICHAEL ARRUDA 28 Gosnold St. N.B. 02'-10 Thanks Mom and the rest ofthe family. W'ould like to be rich and visit Hawaii. Happy when not in school. Lunch and history with Mr. Curry tops. Enjoyed spending time playing hockey. Found on County St. Plans to move on after this year. X AUZE NDA ARTEAGA 5 Abbott St. NB. 02'-+4 "Ozzy" Parents. esp. her Mom. get her thanks. Headed for good business school. Happiest with friends. Dreams of mar- rying a rich gentleman. Wont forget spilling lunch in cafe. "Oh boy!" Enjoys music. beach- and Mr. Biscari's sense of humor. CAROL R. ASTLEY -118 Allen St. N.B. 02--I0 This yrbk. editor spent most of her high school career on crutchesf Thanks Mom and Mr. Messier for support. "Smile" Loves shopping for clothes. Mr. Kobza and Mr. Warren both tops, Admires honest person with a nice personality. NBHS a great school. MICHELLE E. ATKINSON 'fx Pine Hill Drive NIB. 02S45 Photography and Mr. Millette rate high on her list of favorites. Won't forget trip to lfurope. Lisa, Tammy and Terry bring smiles. Thanks parents for their support. Admires honesty in a person. Headed for the college life. 1-'SX AMIE AVELAR 108 Dartmouth St. NB. OZ'-ii Found great joy at daily shop- ping sprees. Thanks goes to Dad. Cheering at games with Pep Squad was memorable, esp. the Somerset game! Tennis team was a great activity. Comp instructor for dance became un- forgettable summer experi- ence. Admires neat looking person. ig MARTIN AYALA 1316 Pleasant St. NB. fJZ'4O "Space cadet" Can always be found in the nurse's office. Loves making people laugh. Heard saying, "Yol" Thanks hmrm, teacher. Rates Mr. Kob- za and NBHS staff tops. Hopes to earn letter in track. Enjoyed history and running track. VALERIE BABI NEAU 55 Linden St. NB. 02140 "Snuggie" Mom gets thanks for persistance in getting her through school. Happiest with Fernando, Mario, Patty and Jorge. Found at Brooklawn. Partying favorite pastime. Classes with Mr. Ed, Mr. Pepin and Mr. Pacheco all enjoyed. TRACY A N N BACHA ND 1:10 Brooklawn Ave. N.B, 02715 "Spacey Tracy" Passes the time playing drums, Friends and guys at NBHS most memorable. Mom and Dad get thanks for their support. Dreams of meet- ing Motley Crue. Happy times with Nicki and friends. Enjoyed DF. and Mr. Pacheco, ,R YOLA NDA BAEZ 30 Cove St. NB. 02'-l-1 "Yoly" Loved photo with Mr. Millette. Thanks go to Mom and Brian for their encourage- ment. Can be found at Mil- dred's. Being with Brian brings smiles. Secret dream to visit Hawaii. Would like to marry and raise a family. "What's up?" -'W' l LUIS BAGACO 459 Bolton St. NB. 0210 'lLou" Mr. Robbins and Mr. K. both favorites. Happiest with Lynne. Dreams of owning a Porsche and being very weal- thy, Thanks parents and brothers for caring, Enjoyed classes in woodworking, "What's up?" Won't forgetgreat sr. year. ANNA MAE BAKER S0 Penniman St. NB. 0235 l'Moo" Loved being in Child Care with Ms. Milligan, Thanks go to Mom for support. Finds happiness with N.D., T.M., L.E., A.P., and P.T. Staff- student relationships at NBHS made it a special spot. X5Uon't forget fun times with Tina and Debbie. SANDRA M. BALA 85 Rounds St. N.B, 02740 'LSandy" An avid admirer of George Washington. Can be found partying with the crew. Appreciated the good teachers like Mrs. Hassey and Mr. Ros- cow. Happiest with Dave. "You bad egg!" "Sis Bang-Boomu fireworks at Hazelwood re- called. X PAULA BAPTISTA 1'-i Chancery St. N.B. 02-310 This young lass searches for a person with apleasing smile and personality plus. Happiest with B.C., C.B., T.C, and T.A. "Keep smiling" a favorite quote. Classes with Mrs. Siegel a pleasure. Wlill miss good friends and fun times at NBHS. 2 TODD RANDALL MARIA C. CHERYLE ANN BRIDGET M. ISABEL BARROS BAPTISTA BARBOSA BARBOZA BARNES 212 Query St. 895 Surrey Lane 158 Whitman St. 106 Harkum St. 80 Clark St. H H N.B1 027.45 . Izzy OCCUIDICS UIUC Ll3I1C1Hg Winning NESBA titles and beating rival Dartmouth top memories. Band and Lori bring happiness. Spent time taking photos of race cars at Seekonk and Westport. Future as a pharmacist. l'Spare me!" His parents get special thanks. 1'Betty" Looks for friendly, out- going people. Thanks goes to Gary who brings happiness. "Give me a breaklu Enjoyed history with Mr. I Calnan. Being a senior means a chance to make your future dreams come true. Future cosmoto- logist. Searches for a friendly smile and pleasing personality. Mr. Raposo and Mr. Kobza both favorites. Mom, Mr. Fortes and UB program get appreciation. Hopes to become social work- er. Happiest with P.B. and D.B. Enjoys listening to good music. "Unbelievable!" Remembers falling during rally. Thanks Eff for putting up with her and T.S. for smiling with her. Cheering, marching and selling candy bars bring smiles. Dreams of selling candy with T.S. All special ones will be remembered. and enjoying music. "Smile" Close friends bring happiness. Secret desire to open own fashion and beauty salon in France. Thanks Mom for sup- p0rt.jr. yr. lunch and sr. lounge will always be remembered. MARIA JULIA BARROSO 47 Belleville Ave. N.B. 02740 Won't forget the fun times in cafe with great friends. Appreciated the support given by parents. A future dream of being an excellent secretary. Enjoys a good sense of humor. "Give me a break!" Enjoyed Ms. Williams and accounting class. JEFFREY JOH N BARROWS 121 Sycamore St, N.B. 02740 uChilly Bf' Admires honest friendly person. Happy check- ing out the ladies or being with R.A. or S.P. Playing or watching football were favorites. Often found on the auditorium stage during Drama Club shows. 'KAre you crazy?" SCOTT MICHAEL BARROWS 39 oe-sting sr. N.B. 02740 Christine puts a smile on his face. Parents get his gratitude. Rates swimming and Mr. Ros- cow as favorites. Looks forward to graduation. Appreciated the warm and friendly atmosphere of NBHS. Future wish to be rich, happy and wed Christine. DEBORAH MARIE BARTON 198 Highland St. N.B. 02746 'KBart', Wishes to thank Mom and Dad for all their support. X-ray tech in her future. 4651 pastime is sailing. "Cherish yes- terdayg Dream romorrowg Live today." Mr. Strittmatter and Mr. Kobza top her list. Appreci- ares a nice smile. E THERESA BEAULIEU 82 Ivy Rd. N.B. 02745 "Buzz" Found at Pine Hill. Feels sensitivity and sense of humor important traits. Thanks Mom for her patience. Happy with friends, at a concert or listening to rock-n-roll. Mr. Bis- cari and Great Outdoors Club high on list of favorites. . ..... im LISA ANN BE NEDETTI 55 Carroll St. a ' "" 'N-QQ ...--- . '.. , ppjz.. 5 -ers A e.7. .7 .sl 1' s 7 .- ...., - I 5 we 9 TINA MARIE MICHELLE BEAULIEU BEAUREGARD 355 Orchard St. 15 Junior St. N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 '4Tiny" Passes time with R.T., T.S., L.N. and D.Q. Thanks Mom and Dad for patience. Wishes for marriage and a good job. Happiest with Michael. Mr. Ed is tops. Active with j.R.O.T.C. for three years. Likes U.S. History. "No Biggy!" Known to friends as "jasmine Constuitcyf' Mr. Pacheco's tales wild. Fond of group Rush and roller skating. Secret fan- tasy is to live in Paris. Future ambition: To be veterinarian. Mom and Dad get her thanks for their help. "No way, Dudefl N.B. 02740 "Lisa Bfl Found at the Mills. D.D., M.B., A.A. and S.C. bring a smile. Thanks parents for understanding. Marine Biol- ogy at Univ. ofMiami next. Fan- tasy: Travel back in time and party with jim Morrison. "1 don't believe this!" Yrbk. writer. RE NEE ROSE BERTHIAUME 31 E. Clinton St. N.B. 02740 "Renowski" Looks for good sense of humor. Being with D.R.,E.H.,E.S.,P.B.,P.M. and L.L. bring smiles. Future doc- tor. Thanks folks for love and support. "That's wicked cool!" Dreams of owning the chicken farm. Xmas in july, Fla. hits RACHEL S. BESE N 288 Maple St. N.B. 02740 A future author who enjoyed work on the "Alpha" Liked the unusual in a person, such as in- sanityl Secretly dreams of visit- ing the "Magic Theatrefl Feels the attitude of staff and student body help make it outstanding. LORI BESSETTE JAMES SCOTT M. HELENA BISCAIA PATRICIA ANN 1107 County St. NB, 02746 Child Care with Mrs. Stone, Mr. Lanouette and Word Plus were all favorites. Attracted to great personality and alluring eyes. Mark brings happiness. Future desire to wed and to work with small children. Can be found in the Blue House. BETTE NCOURT 123 Maple St. N.B. 02740 "AIiml' Playing trumpet with band best times. Special thanks tojohn Martin and Mr. V. Sum- mer fun in Lisa's pool well re- membered. Winning comps, esp. over rival Dartmouth most memorable. Hopes to become a musician with major symphony, BETTE NCOURT 18 Emerson St. NB. 02740 Happiest with Wfendy. Looks for honest loyal friend. Enjoyed Whaler's Rest with Mr. Allcock. "Think sol" Can be found at Dairy Mart. Thanks go out to Mom for her support. Secret desire to visit Egypt. Hopes to one day live away from NB. 202 Belleville Ave. NB. 02746 "Lena" Business degree in her future plans. Sr. lounge great. Admires an honest person with a good sense of humor. Likes reading and listening to music. Rates Mr. Ed and Mr. Biscari tops. Thanks parents and NBHS staff. Sr. year great. BLOUI N 550 Oliver St. NB. 02745 "Patty" The friendships of A.A.. .l.G., IA.. H.B.. HM., GR., l.S. and KB. mean every- thing. Won't forget surprise party. "Psyched beyond belief?" Red in the face after sitting on the track soph. yr. Happiest with a mind free from thought. RACHEL MARIE BLUMLO 114 Frederick St. N.B. 02744 "Rache" Thanks goes to mother for support. Honor Society fa- vorite activity at school. Plans on entering the field of veteri- nary med Being with Dave brings much pleasure Mr Kob za and science were highlights for this young miss ANDREW GEORGE BOIS 51 Carroll St. N.B. 02740 "Boisy" Spends most time with friends partying. Thanks go to L.A. and IM. Headed for life at college in Sept. "But ofcoursefn Won t forget the NBHS cheer leaders Dreams of one day owning his own business Looks for great personality . , A R -s . - 3 Qu IQ: TAMMY M. BONNEAU 57 Shawmut Ave. NB. 02740 Summertime trip from Florida to Maine was memorable. One day to live in Florida for good. Thanks go to parents for sup- port. Mr. Hebert rates high. "Go for it!" Admires honesty. Smiles come when with friends having a good time. si it -. 1 CARLOS A. BORGES 112 Thompson St. N.B. 02740 "Charlie" Can be found at Ashley Park. Thinks Mr. Ed's history class tops. Wants to thank cousin, Mary Lou. Loves personality and being real in a person. One day would love to be pro-hockey player. Remem- bers pretty girls at NBHS. s s THEODORE SERGIO C. BORGES BOTELHO 60 Merrimac St. 56 Dudley St, NVB- 02740 N.B, 02744 "Ted" Football a top activity at NBHS. Math and Mr. Robbins held in high esteem. Felt great to be on top of the rest as a senior! Won't forget all the great times during the last four years on the lst, lunch shift with friends. "Serg" Spending time with Mr. Dlouhy in auto shop was best high school experience. To be' come computer programmer. Happiest with good friends have ing fun. Can be found on the avenue or at the Mall. Summer job helped sr. expenses. A NNETTE PAULI NE BOUDREAU 950 Rockdale Ave. N.B. 02740 Time spent with Amy, esp. all freshman yr., memorable. joe brings a smile to her lips. Thanks goes to Ms. Gutierrez for her help. Being a senior means being at the top! Future plans for career as a secretary and life of happiness. lke PAUL SCOTT BOUDREAU 211 Harwich St. N.B. 02745 "Boo" Enjoyed Latin, having Mr. Hartley and playing sports. Hopes for a future as a state trooper. Misses summertime partying. Thanks family and friends for all the help. Won't forget the claw! "How you be?" Found almost anywhere. RAYMO ND BRADLEY 77 Apache Ct. N.B. 02744 "Ray" Thanks Mrs. Galuska, Mrs. jacintho, and Mrs. Cohen. Math and Ms. Menard will be remembered. Karate favorite pastime for him. Good person- ality appreciated in a person. Happiest with Lori. Regrets saying good-bye to friends. ...QQ KATHLEE N BRE N NA N 190 Oakdale St. N.B. 02740 "Kathy" Looks for wild folks who love to laugh. Family gets thanks for their support, love and time. Won't forget laughs and fun in classes with Mr. Cas- tro and Mr. Bourgeois. Found dancing, singing, playing tennis or at Pretenders' concerts. NICOLE BRISSON 125 Tallman St. N.B. 02746 'LRosebud" Won't forget the crazy experience of moving Mike's car without the key! Special thanks go to Mom, Dad, Lorraine and Roy. Finds humor in saying, "Two D's are better than one!" Will miss friends made during four yrs. WAY NE R. BRODO 16 Swallow St. N.B. 02745 Algebra and drafting top his list of favorites. Parents get thanks for help. Ms. Morris made a hit. Secret desire to design a new White House! Enjoyed listen- ing to his stereo and being with that special girl. "You wish!" july 4th memorable. n, , .A 1 A. i s DEBORAH DAVID ROBERT KRISTI M. BROWN MANUEL LOUIS ROSA NA BRUM BROMLEY BROWN 567 So. Second St. BRUM 467 Allen St. 17 Agnes St. 70 Hathaway St. , H 02744 759 County St. , NAB- U2 40 NVB4 02745 N-B' 02740 "Kris Won t forget summer N-B4 02140 Appreciates a person who can 'ADeb" Plans to work with chil- dren. Mr. Pepin and Ms. Milli- gan both favorites. Happiest with Steve, Thanks friends and relatives. Likes honest and out- going people. Flag ofexcellence will be remembered. "You think so?' Eager for june. "Brownie" Likes passing the time at concerts. As a sr. can finally give freshmen the grief he went through. Will always remember times in the Green cafe. A move to New York in the future. Enjoyed algebra, gym and Mr. Girard. fun at Martha's Vineyard. Looks for trustworthy and honest type. "Go for it!" Thanks par- ents and friends for their sup- port. Will always remember NBHS guys and close friends. Hopes for career as a nurse. Spends time partying and listen- ing to rock-n-roll. Michele brings happiness. Looks for pleasing personality. Enjoyed auto tech and lunch! Found at the poolroom. Ms. Mahoney gets his thanks for her help. Se- nior means freedom. bring laughter to the world. Great times with Gracy and the gang memorable. Thanks G.O., H.M., A.R., N,M., j.A. and C.C. for their help. Future tech- nician. NBHS people, esp. friends, make it a very special place. 5 .t K . 5 is DAVID PHILIP RE NEE M. BURGO LISA RE NEE BRYANT 72 Bluefield sf. BURRIS 75 West St. NB- 02744 156 Cedar St. N.B. 02740 "Lou" Favorite times with good friends clowning around. Mr. Oliver rates high. Laughs in cafe memorable. Admires honesty and sense of humor. "Easy now, please!" Secret dream to be wide receiver for N.E. Pats. Miss Sowa gets thanks for help. "Tawny" Special thanks to Mom. Mrs. Purcell a favorite. Will remember the great times with friends. "You better save it!" DSW. brought happiness, To get a date with Prince secret fantasy. Likes a friendly, caring, honest person. Future R.N. N.B. 02740 "Tiny Bl' Treasures any time with john. Has fond memories of fun in the sun on Cape. Thanks go to God, Mom, brother,john, and Mr. Raposo. Hopes for future with U.S. Air Force and john. Enjoys smiling and having fun. Wants to meet folks. NRM CHRISTINE KAREN BURT 19 George St. N.B. 02744 "Tina" Pats herself on the back for making it through school. Dreams of meeting the jack- sons. Happy when school not in session. Got red in the face when she tripped down the stairs. Is hoping for marriage in her future plans. 1 1 ! I 1 DARLE NE MAY BUSHAW 870 Terry Lane N.B. 02745 HDar" Appreciates person with good attitude toward life and sense ofhumor. Thanks parents and R.G. for being there. Hap- py partying with friends. "Who really cares?l' Future R.N. Admired pride shown by NBHS. Dreams of date with Tarzan. 'No T"-49 S. DIA NE CABRAL 596 Cottage St. NB. 0230 l'Di" Loves great personality and good looks in a petson. Fu- ture ambition: Getting married to Ray and living a happy life. Happiest times with fiancee. XVon't forget falling in school. Rates seniors and staffatNBHS as ffl. Thanks parents. STEPHE N CHARLES CABRAL 91 Durfee St. NB. 02740 "Steve" Often found playing D and D. Enjoyed Latin with Mr. Guy, Foreign Lang. Club and blowing up his projects in lab. Thanks go to all teachers. Hap- piest without homework! Dreams ofmaking a visit to land of pyramids. Likes intelligence. -Y -xx X. s DOUGLAS MARK CABRAL 51 Garrison Rd. NB. 02'-15 "Dougie" Wont forget the lst lunch shift in Green cafe jr. year. Thanks parents for their support. Admires pleasing per- sonality. Enjoyed football. biol- ogy. Mr. Goodfellow and being with good friends. Red faced when lost freshmen year. If it 1' HEIDI A N N CABRAL 150 Briarwood Dr. NB. 02' 15 "Heidikinns" Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Purcell great teachers. Thanks Mom. Dad. Mrs. M. and friends. Happiest with Helen and Kristi. Glad to have been part of the NBHS family. "Spare me?" Secret dream is to get together with Tom Sellick. j. s 2 5 A PAUL DANIEL CABRAL 84 Hanover St. NE. 02--15 "Paco" Music and Mr. Campoli made a hit. Admires honesty in a person. Thanks go to parents for their support. Hopes for fame and fortune in his future, Secret fantasy is to please thousands of women with his great charm. RAYMOND CABRAL 5.56 Elm St. NB. 0230 "Grease Monkey" Spending time on cars with Mr. Dlouhy in auto was the best! Lucy brings a smile to his lips. Parents get his thanks for the love and support shown. Can be found with friends at south end beach or at Buttonwood. TRACY A N N CABRAL 50' Central Ave. N.B. OZSQ5 "TraceH Found with V-team, Hulio, and Superfly and the crew. "Silly mel" Won't forget Paula and her saving Matt's lifel Thanks Mom for showing patience and Richie for gentle pushes. April 50th special time. Desire to be famous singer. DOMI NGOS CALAZ 185 Rochambeau St. NB. 0235 "Dom" Dreams of becoming a heavy metal rock star. Thanks sent to all his teachers. Fun came from being with friends. f'That's cool!" Math with Mrs. Barbero made a hit. XVon't forget seeing Andrea in shorts. Can be found cruising down the ave. LUISA CAMPOS 175 Grinnell St. NB. 02740 "Weezie" Time spent listening to music fun. Louie gets her thanks for his understanding. Won't forget the embarrass- ment of breaking plate in cafe. Hopes for a life filled with happiness. All assemblies most memorable. A steno fan. A ALICE LAURA CA NASTRA 5' Longview Rd. N.B, 02745 "Allyn can be found either at Pine Hill Acres or at Mark's. Attracted to good looking peo- ple with super personalities. Fu- ture goal: To marry Mark. Secretly wishes to become a millionaire. Thanks parents. "Oh, man!" 4 ANA PAULA GE NUINA G. TAMMY LEE CARDOSO CARDOSO CARDOSO 105W Cove Rd. 58 Beech St. 558 No. Front St. N.B. OZS44 N.B, Ola-10 N.B, 02'-lo L'Paula" Can be found listening to music. Won't forget Mr. Warren, sr. lounge and trip to Portugal. Happiest with Carlos. Thanks parents for their sup- port. Hopes to become a hair- dresser. Admires honesty. Hap- py to be graduating. "jenny" Admires friendliness and honesty in a person. Loved gymnastics. Hopes to travel the world and become successful business woman. Thanks go to Gill Teixeira. NBHS staff and student body award-winning. "That's decent." "Tam" Loved class with Mr. Hamlet. Thanks sent to Mom and Ms. Sowa. Loves nice per- sonality and good attitude. En- joyed being summer beach bum. Secret fantasy to own a dream house. Remembers good friends at NBHS and fun times at lunch. "' fi SUZA N NE CARO N 1'2 Pine Grove St. NB. 02-45 "Sue" X-country and SAC activ- ities. Admires a person with fine sense of humor. Finds get- ting up in the morning hard. Won't forget great friends at NBHS. Personal best record could easily make her day. Bowie and Gluons' bash fun. w 1 GRACE CARREIRO 108 South St. N.B. Oli-lil Remembers four years of home room with Mr. Raposo. Knows exactly how to procrastinate. "Peachy" Love to parents and family. Thinks jj. is topsg thanks him and friends for great memories. Admires an honest, natural person, 27 LUISA CARREIRO 54 Granite Avenue N.B. 02740 "Weezie" Being with friends brings happiness. Hopes for a career as a nurse. Thanks go to parents, Zee and Terry. Fa- vorites include physics, Mrs. Purcell and lunch. Finds love- able honest people appealing "Hi ya, gorgeous!" Dreams o riches. r k'kiiifhi V..k K. x 't ' . 's 2. 5,:gfy1'f,'!i?P 1 kan f' W MARIE ELIZABETH CARTER 175 Grinnell St. N.B. ,02 740 "Maria" Enjoyed partying in Providence and Newport. Mr. Vaz and Mr, Biscari rate high. Won't forget junior year. Thanks go to Mrs. Purcell for teaching her about Black Histo- ry. Future desire to be a teacher of pre-school children. LISA M. CARVALHO 159 Gayhead Ct. N.B. 02740 "Lee" Special thanks to her par- ents. Senior means making it through high school. Happy when with her friends. Found at the Mall. Mr. Pepin tops. Appreciates good personality. "What's up?" Hopes to work in an office and to marry. JOA NA cAsTRo 157 Campbell St. N.B. 02740 Enjoys the tunes on the radio. Mr. Vaz rates high. Thanks go to family and friends who make her happy. Feels the NBHS stu- dent body the best in the nation. Won't forget lunch jr. year. Fu- ture to be spent as medical tech- nologist. 1 E 5 I TAMMY MARIE CATON 12 Birch St. Acushnet 02745 "Caton" Rates Mrs. Gutierrez high on her list. Admires an honest person with a sense ofj humor. Thanks parents for alll they've done. Won't forget the fun of marching band. Happy with Bob V. Hopes to become medical assistant. Enjoyed math classes. A NA C. CHERETA 987 Hillcrest Rd. N.B. 02745 Dedicated miss who enjoyed being Log's editor-in-chief. NBHS a special school because of great staff and close friends. Future engineer. Thanks par- ents for inspiration. Won't forget good times as a senior. Rates Mr. Goodfellow tops. Special gal. sg 'ii 99 NIDIA AFONSO NINA ANN STEVEN PAUL ROBERTO CHIQUITO CHOMAK CHRISTOPHER CI NTRON 865 Brock Ave. 40 Plymouth St. 577 Middle St. 52 Rockland St. N.B. 02744 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 Can be found at West Beach with friends. Looks for warmth and honesty in a person. Sends thanks to her parents for their support. Being with good friends brings smiles. Enjoys time listening to music or watching TV. D.E. rated high. f'Neen" Being co-capt. with Donna and Nancy great time. Thanks parents and Aunt Judy for being there. Mr. Oliver and Mr. Gill tops. Found at "Token Drive." Admires outgoing per- son. Happiness comes from being with the gang. esp. L.F. Can usually be found at the United Front. Enjoyed photo with Mr. Millette. Headed for the college life. Mother and fa- ther get his thanks. Happy with friends having a good time. Admires honesty in a person. Won't forget good times at school. "Bobby", Enjoyed photo, NBHS girls, basketball and freshmen year. "Como esta, brother?" Hopes to join the ser- vice and to wed Nancy. Often found in Tan7Blue courtyard. Thanks go to Mr. Millette. Get- ting out of school brings big smiles. f RUSSELL THOMAS ANDY M. DEBRA COELHO DONALD WAY NE DAVID COLON CLARK CLEME NTS 49 So. Emerson St. COFER 15 Monroe Drive 57 Lucas St. 55 Plymouth St. N-B 02740 991 Terry Lane NAB- 02740 N.B. 02744 "Russ" Enjoyed history class with Mr. Motta. Swim team a favorite activity and Coach Medeiros a man to be thanked. "I thought sol" Hated getting up so early for school. Dreams of becoming rich. Summer rain duty a memorable event. N.B. 02740 "Squeeze" Can be found with good friends at the West End or the Mills. Mr. Warren and Ms. Leal won his praises. Likes a person with an open mind. "Darn impressive!" Won't forget good times with good friends partying. 'fDopey" Loves good sense of humor and great personality. Happiest when with friends, esp. Lori. "1 love you, tool" Par- ents great for always being there. Mr. Alves and Mrs. Lotz are the best. Being a sr. means time to reach out for your dreams. N.B. 02745 "Cof" Happiest when with friends. Thanks Mom and Dad for love and support. Good looks and good personality are appreciated. Football a real fa- vorite. Hopes to become an accountant. Mr. Warren is tops. "You're mesmerized! 'fDave" Misses the friends he made while at NBHS. Didn't get a chance to spread his wings offreedom as a sr. in sr. lounge. Wfas found hanging out in the Tan House and core. Hopes for a future filled with happiness and good times. l LISA A. Cook ' 2094 Phillips Rd. N.B. 02'43 ig Crosby, Stills and ash memorable summer vent. Thanks parents and Mr. ongo for help. Dreams of liv- g in Greece and owning a Looks for individuality a person's behavior. Mrs. tops. Happiest with V I my i f js BARBARA JEAN CORREIA 21 Mohawk Court N.B. 02740 BJ." Happy when dancing vith Munch. Mia and friends get thanks for support. "You vishl" Fond memories of Sarge ncl drill team of ROTC. Mrs. 'urcell tops. Dreams of a visit o Hawaii. Looks for charm and versonality in others. SHARON MARIE CORREA l24 XY'ashington St. N.B. 02- I0 "Sha" Favorites included field hockey, AFS Club and track. Appreciates friendly and honest folks. Mr. Kobza, Mr. Alves and chem all tops. "You better chill out!" Parents get thanks. To be stranded on an island with someone fine a wish. CHRISTINE MARIE CORREIA I5 Elizabeth St. N.B. 02740 "Chris" Rates Mr. Motta, Mr. Silva and Mr. Hamlet tops. Admires a sense of humor and nice personality. Won't forget jr. Banquet fun. Parents get her thanks. Looks forward to prom time and june graduation. De- sires future of wealth. . If LISA CORREIA 109 Locust St. N.B. 02740 Thanks are sent out to parents, Kris A., Mr. V., Roberta B and my great friends, the major- ettesl Wont forget being NES- BA, NEMMA and MICA champs. Friendships of JB., T.C., L.F. and M.M. important. Likes rwirling, band and sense of humor. MARIA E. CORREIA 60 Deane St. N.B. 02746 "Eddy" Found between Tan! Gold Houses. Lisa, Lucy, Becky and Marial bring a smile. Col- lege inthe future. Thanks go to parents and friends for all their help. Secret desire to hit Mega- bucks. Mrs. McCoy tops her list. "Hey man, what's up?" MARIA G. CORREIA 237 Hersom St. NB. 02745 "Goretti" Time spent at parties dancing the best. Enjoys being with M.C. and Magic. Sends thanks to her parents. Hopes to continue her education in Bos- ton and later become an airline stewardess. Soph. Eng. with Mr. St. Pierre enjoyed. al SANDRA JOYCE TRACEY A. ZELIA M. CORREIA DEIDRA MARIA HELEN COSTA CORREIA CORREIA 2132 Rivet sr. COSTA i i emit- si, 4650 Acushnet Ave. l2l9 Robin St U . ,. NB' UZ. 40 355 Sawyer St. K Q N,-B OZH6 , N.B. O2-45 NIB. U2-45 Liz Loves to swim. camp and NBA 02'-Q6 "Qhf15" Enioyed time with the Sandy" Looks for honesty in a aerson. Dreams of owning a :ink Corvette and becoming a pecial needs teacher. Enjoys ieing with jeff. Summer spent .t Cathedral Camp memorable. Thanks parents. Feels NBHS .nd its staff are "Awesomef" "Chippy" Sends thanks to ,lane for her help and advice. Hap- piest when with Billy and friends. Can be found in Sassa- quin or Dartmouth. "Oh, my Godf" Loves wild and crazy people. Wish is to win Mega- bucks. Hopes to become an accountant. sunbathe. Mr. Millette and photo were super. Dog in homeroom memorable. Thanks parents. Attracted to honest and loving people. Being with friends makes her smile. "No way?" Hopes to become a photographer. "Dee" Won't forget friends and fun at NBHS. Headed for the U.S. Army. Thanks goes to teachers for their help, esp. Mr. Armstrong. Dreams of going out with Mike. Enjoyed math, softball and camping. Often found at the park with friends. Student Congress. Special thanks to Ms. Mahoney and April for their help. A secret fantasy includes becoming a powerful woman. Future ambi- tion: private investigator. Feels NBHS has best spirit and pride around. 29 mpc I 4 he LI NDA M. COSTA 15 Peckham St. N.B. 02746 "Ree" Found partying with friends on the avenue. Summer in New Hampshire and meeting Randy memorable. Looking forward to the prom and gradu- ation. Happiest when with Ran- dy. Looks for honesty and per- sonality plus in folks. "Go for it"' KARE N A N NE COUGHLI N 657 Cottage St. N.B. 02740 "Giggles" Can be found atjessi- ca's house. Looks for a nice smile and great personality. "Who me?" Secret desire to appear on a Vogue cover and to go to Paris. Fun times at lunch and sr. lounge remembered. Thanks parents and friends. MARK E. COSTA 296 Tinkham St. N.B. 2746 Playing sports important part of school. Mr. Oliver for math rates high on list of favorites. Thanks Mom for help and sup- port. Secret wish to win Mega- bucks. Happy with friends hanging out. Looking forward to june and graduation. MARY A. COSTA 565 Cottage St. NB. 02740 Going out, watching TV or thinking about Tommy occu- pies her time. Mrs. Audette tops. Won't forget friends made at NBHS. Thanks goes to par- ents. Tommy equals happiness. Wish is to win the Megabucks pot! Won't forget summer travel. VALERIA COSTA 141 Hemlock St. NB, 02740 "Val" Attracted by a person's eyes, Drag 0fAnr1e Frank and energy class both made an im- pact. Sweeping floors with Con- nie memorable. "Come on!" Astronomy class a favorite. Thanks parents for support. Being with good friends fun. J I SUZA N NE MARIE COTE 142 Branscomb St. N.B. 02745 "Sue" Falling down the stairs in Tan House embarrassing. "Give me a break!" Thanks Mom for support and Mrs. Cohen for help. Happiest with Steven. Working in Child Care a special favorite. Will miss good friends and good times at NBHS. ,gtg ROBERT JOHN BRIAN R. ANNMARIE MELISSA CRAIG COUTO COUTURE CRABBE 22 Nautilus St. 261 Maryland St, 7 Diane St. 3735 Acushnet Ave. n NB, 02744 N'B4 02745 Acushnet 02145 N.B, 02745 Appreciates a good sense of "Cujo'l Favorite spot to hang out is band room. Music fills his life. Most memorable were band competitions and win- ning! Time spent with friends brought happiness. Thanks go to parents and Mr. V. Hopes for a future as a well known musi- Cian. "Chewy" This talented lad hopes for a future as a commer- cial artist. Being in sr. lounge happiest times. l'No way?" Gives thanks to Ms. Persson and Mr. D. Secret wish is to take Lynn to the prom. Remembers staff, fun at NBHS and assem- blies. L'Ann" Basketball team, swim team, track team and golf team made it all worthwhile. Summer with Steven and Colleen in Rochester great memory. En- joyed art with Mr. Bettencourt. Hopes for future as a chiroprac- tor. Happy in pool. humor. Laughing in chem, with Tricia, Sue and Doug memo- rable. Headed for a career in medical technology. Garrett brings smiles and happiness. Loves black raspberry ice cream? Thanks parents for sup- port. ... 5 HAROLD W. CRAPO III 55 Oliveira Ave. Acushnet 02743 "Harry" Looks for honesty in a person. Mr, Roscow and history tops. Baseball and basketball both favorites, The guys at lunch will never be forgotten. To become a lawyer. Happiest when not at work. "No, I don't think so!" 50 JOSEPH A. cR1sosToMo 107 Swan St. N.B. 02744 "MasterJ," Hopes to become a private eye. Newport a 4951 spot. Wishes to thank Diamond D and Rosanna. Leaving school for lunch always remembered. Enjoyed English with Mr. Silva. Happy when committing adventurous and daring crimes. K'Zapl" CHERYL MARIE CRUZ 52 Malden St. NB. 02746 "Cher" Enjoyed Student Con- gress. Grandparents' love appreciated. Will miss good friends. Future police officer. Fantasy: to hit Megabucksf Hopes to fulfill dreams with Dean, End of class brought smiles. "Testi What test?" Sr. year meant stepping out. MICHAEL JOAO CRUZ 8 Irving St. N.B. 02740 "Cruzy" Thanks parents and Coach Gardiner for support. Passing period the best. "Aw I feel so bad!" Secret future de- sire to be a singer with a Mohawk in a punk rock groupl Being captain of track team an honor not soon forgotten. JEAN NE MARIE CUMMI NGS 26 Roosevelt St. NB. 02740 "jean" Happiest with who gets her thanks tor his understanding. Enjoyed D.E. with Mr. Pacheco. Hanging out with good friends great fun. Seen in the '65 Chevy pick-up. To be very rich a dream. Admires honesty in a person. KEVIN CUMMI NGS 2' New York Ave, Acushnet 02'-15 'K.K." Crimson Courier great ictiyity. Mr. Roscow and Mr. Niillette rate high. "Lame in- ieedlu Dreams ofowning a VXV Microbus. Looks for folks with sense of humor. Being a sr. 'neans never having to say ,'ou're sorry. To be photog- 'apher. :ff i Q Br lpn W . W yy LEO N CUMMI NGS 295 Ash St. NB. 02'10 "Lee" XX'on't ever forget break- ing the high jump record. En- joyed track. auto tech. Mr. Cur- ry, reading the Bible and watch- ing TV, "W'hat's happening?" Ms. Medeiros gets thanks. Hopes to be mechanic. Embar- rassed by forgetting words while D-jaying. MARIA DA CU NHA 142 Mt. Pleasant St. N.B. 02740 Enjoyed summer fun in sunny Ialifornia. Attracted to honest ind trusting people, Mr. Mot- a's history class was excellent. Dften seen at the Mills or on Fank Rd. Partying with friends s tops. Thanks cousin Judy. Iollege bound. v kit E.. gi 5. A s MARGARDIA D'ALMEIDA 1671 Acushnet Ave. NB. 02746 "Maggie" Thanks parents for al- ways being there. Hopes to be- come a successful business woman. Mr. Roscow and Mr. Castro were tops. Happiest with Terry, Mike and Alice. Hopes to be swept away by a knight in shining armor. NELI CUSTODIO 228 Phillips Aye. N.B. 02' lo "Caramela" Found at bookstore or with Mr. Silyeira. Thanks go to parents for their loye and support, Hopes to earn her wings and become a stewardess. Enjoyed making new friends. DE., reading, listening to good music. Mr. B. and the lnt'l. Club. A NTO NE CELESTIN DACRUZ 118 South Sixth St. N.B. 02'-10 "Tony" Can be found at United Front. Pretty girls and Tan House cafe will be remem- bered. Spends leisure time listening to Spanish and Creole music. Off to school for elec- trical engineering. Thanks par- ents and teachers. To visit C.V. Islands. Q 1 . f p . I A i. 2 ANN C. DA CU NHA 58 Valentine St. NB. 025-1-1 '1Licas" Plans on becoming a pharmacist. Thanks parents and teachers for all their help. Hap- py with friends and pleasant people. Admires sympathy and honesty. Likes walking on a beach, reading and listening to good music. CHRISTOPHER S. DARMOFAL 55 Grape St. NB. 02740 Happiest when playing the guitar or listening to music. Mr. Campoli tops. Admires honesty and self confidence in a person. 'iWhat's happening?" Thanks parents. Won't forget the great relationship between staff and students. Wlishes to be next Popef ARLI NDO DA SILVA 559 Orchard St. NB. 02740 "Alfie" Thanks all of the teach- er. "Take it easy!" Likes honesty in a person. Senior means final- ly making it. Happiest when with a friend. Will never forget throwing the football to the other team. Loves the beach. KENNEDY MORAIS DA SILVA 423 Chancery St. NB. 02740 "Arnold" Found working out at body-building gym. Women occupy great deal of his mind. Hopes for a future of wealth with the perfect woman! Won't forget the fine award won by NBHS. Enjoyed history with Mr. Tavares. Thanks parents. 'Q VIARIA L. DA SILVA MARK N. DA SILVA PAULA DA SILVA 28 Larch St, 112 Phillips Ave. 2' juniper St. N.B. 02740 NB. 02'46 NB. 02740 Mary Lou" Being editor for rbk. tops, Fond memories of r. lounge, staff and fun times. 'hanks sent to family, friends nd special someone who all 'ring happiness. Hopes for hap- iy future and good job. Admires ingfriendly people. "God help ie. "Tommy" Found Mr, Roscow's chem class to be wild. ls hap- piest when playing hockey and being with friends, Hopes to become a pharmacist. Anxious for the end ofhis sr. year. Hon- esty appreciated. Thanks Mom and Dad for their help, "Squeekie" Admires deter- mination. Thanks Mom for al- ways being there. "Give me a break!" Happy with friends and MR. Plans to be a nurse and professional body builder. Embarrassed by her foot getting caught in a chair soph. yr. dur- ing English. P' A ' VICTOR P. DA SILVA 20 Wfinsor St. N.B. 02744 "Vic" Met the girl ofhis dreams over the summer. Enjoys spending money and going out with friends. Goal is to become a rich and famous TV anchor- man. Is fond ofa good sense of humor. Thanks family for care and support. "What!" DANNY VIEIRA DA SILVEIRA 58 Fair St. NB. 02240 "Danny" Thanks his parents. Enjoyed computer class the most. Mr. Roscow and Mr, Motta tops. Played street hock- ey and street football. Sports events at NBHS won't ever be forgotten. Happy when driving in his Dasher. Hangs at the Mall. RIGOBERT LUCIEN DE ABREU 192 Purchase St. N.B. 02740 "Luke" Likes listening to music. Mr. DaGraca and trigonometry tops. Soccer a favorite pastime. Enjoyed times painting and in carpentry. Hopes to become airline pilot. Happy with his girlfriend. Remembers NBHS for the beautiful girls. DOREEN ANN DEJESUS 197 Harwich St. N.B. 02745 1'Dor" Thanks Mom, Dad and Steve for their support. Can be found hanging with friends at Brooklawn. Found NBH park- ing lot an intriguing spot. Hap- piest with Steve. D.E. with Mr. Pacheco fun. Dreams of meet- ing Robert Plant. my -w FRANKLIN DE BARROS 171 Davis St. N.B. O2'46 'KFrank" Playing hockey fills his time with pleasure. Having Mr. Roscow for chemistry was memorable. Thanks are sent out toJack. A future ambition is to come into great heaps of money. Can be found with friends hanging out in Blue House. CHARLES DELGADO 161 Liberty St. N.B. 02740 'LChuckie D." Enjoys spending time with C. Hughes. Wishes to thank Mom. Will pay his re- spects to Uncle Sam soon. Hap- piest when with the cats. Will always remember hanging in the core. Enjoyed Mrs. Purcell's Black Studies class. PAUL M. DEBORTOLI 965 McGee St. NB. 02245 1'Debo" Often found playing golf. "XWhatls up with that?" Appreciation goes to Mom and Dad for their support. Whalers' Rest with Mr. Allcock tops. Can be found at the Mills or on Tank Road. Anxious for cap and gown day to approach. VICTOR DEMEDEIROS 212 Milford St. N.B. 02745 "Vic" Looks for self respect and pride. Mr. Robbins and house construction rate high. To be- come an artist. Thanks parents and friends. L'W'hat's up?" Brooklawn a favorite spot. Won't forget NBHS girls. To visit Hawaii a real dream. RANDY SCOTT DEBROSSE 81 Moss St. N.B. O2'44 "Doctor D" Would like to thank parents for their love and support. Future ambition: Be- come a pro-ball player. Enjoyed playing three varsity sports at NBHS. Won't forget great friends and the fun times. Mr. Kobza rates high. ANTHONY DE CASTRO V6 Harwich St. N,B. 02715 "T.C." Thanks Mr. Raposo for four great years in homeroom. Understanding personality and gorgeous eyes are tops. En- joyed soccer and algebra with Mr. Oliver. Plans to be a com- puter systems engineer. NBH diversity outstanding. ANTONIO M. DEME NDO NCA, JR. 81 Libra Drive N.B. 02745 "Stony' Can be found hanging with friends at Brooklawn Park. Thanks Mom with love. Re- members Mr. Souza, Mr. Cal- nan, and Mr. Pacheco. uWhat,s going on?" Remembers swim- ming at Sassaquin Pond. One day would like to be rich. LISA A N N DEMOURA 211 Bellevue St. , NB. 02244 "Lee" Thanks Mr. Kobza and Mrs. Gutierrez. Fun times spent laughing and partying with Sue and Lynn. Attracted to honest and friendly people. Grateful to' parents for love and under- standing. End of soph. year at' Horseneck was superb. 1 .M F555 'PXGNK MANUEL B. DAVID J. DE PI NA FRANCISCO HELENA GOMES DE ALYSON DEPRATO DEOLIVEIRA 78 Willis St. JOSEPH DEPI NA PI NA 551 Natick St. 38 Easton st. NAB- 02140 525 Cottage st. so Pierce st. .N-B 02745 NAB. 02746 Looks for honesty in people. NVB' 02740 N'B. 02740 Rated swim team and "Manny D" Loves taking pic- tures and weight lifting. Rates Mr. Millette's photo class tops. Future ambition: To continue photography and open his own studio. Happiest with friends and loved ones. Won't forget sitting in wrong class. Found at the gym. Thanks to Mrs. Purcell for her help. Hap- piest when with friends. Tore up the football field. Future ambition: To be president of a large company. "What's up?" Rates NBH student body ffl. Getting first yellow card un- forgettable. Mr. Roscow 4641 teacher. To be a pilot. Pastime playing football. Liked astron- omy. Thanks go to Miss Sowa for her help. Happy either working or playing. Secret fan- tasy is to invent a satellite. "Lena" Thanks Mom and friends. "Shut up!" Would like to live in Hawaii. Falling down the stairs was embarrassing. Plans to become a secretary. Happy with good friends. D.E. and Mr. Pacheco tops. Sewing and embroidery both favorite pastimes. as tops. Thanks parents Robyn for their support. En- joyed Mr. Fraga's Eng. class. Happiest with David and Christopher. Hopes to become occupational therapist and visit Japan. Friends important. s R wud any E DIANE DESOUSA 2l Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02744 "Flash" Thanks parents, Deb, Goretti, and Lucy. Won't forget NBI-I guys and lunch with friends. "Go for Itll' Summer- time fun at State Park and Rocky Point memorable. Admires a nice personality and naturalness. Would like to be- come rich. DOREE N M. DESOUSA 96 Armsby St. N.B. 0235 "Do" Likes following C.L. around school and dancing. "Have a clue, will ya?" Happy with C.L. and friends, Band trips to Montreal and D.C. will always be a fond memory. Plans ro work in a child care center. Thanks parents and Ms. Sowa. GILBERT DESOUSA l59 Bonney St. N.B. OZF-lil "Galinhas" Likes weirdness and trustfulness in people. Happy with friends and Ana, Lilly. and L.L. Appreciation to friends and parents. Falling off chair during Eng. class ir. year embarrassing. Fond memories oflunch. DR.. IB. and sr. lounge. NATALIA DESOUSA l9l Davis St. N.B. O2'li6 "Nellie" Looks for honesty. French, child care and Miss Mil- ligan tops. Thanks parents and friends who make her very hap- py. Taking pool with Ana B. fun. "Oh baby!" Dreams of a happy marriage and avisit to her home country. Rates NBH high. 'Q- POLLYA N NE DESOUSA 51 Duncan St. NIB. 02-45 "Polly" Thanks Mom with love. "What's happening!" Vforking at Friday's filled summer. Hopes to become a computer genius. Will remember friends made at NIEHS. Admires it good sense of humor. Secretly dreams of running offwith Tom Sellick. X JOAO M. DIAS 120 Blackmer St. NB. 02744 Couldn't find the time or the form for the questionnaire. Usually found in the Green House with good friends hang- ing out. Won't miss the bells, books, or heavy responsibili- ties. Will miss friends who shared laughs and some staff. fs PAULA A N N DIBE NEDETTO 96 Watson St. N.B. 02240 "Laupa" Thanks Mom, Dad, Sharon and Linda for always being there. Mr. Kobza and Mr. V. great. Winning NESBA fi- nals, and trips to DC. and Mon- treal memorable. Dreams ofher own day care center. Happy with SS., L.A., B.L., L.G., M.L., R.L. CHARLE NE FRA NCES DIGGS l'5 Grinnell St. NB. 02240 "Boody Rock" Can he found in Providence. Content with understanding and trusting friends. Daffy desire is to meet Prince. Thanks Mom for her love and support. Loves to dance, cook, and listen to mu- sic. "Work with me kidsf" DE NISE MARIE DOHERTY 424 Mill St. NB. 02710 "Deni" Thanks her mother for all her support. Senior means knowing that all these years have paid off. Plans to live happily in rhe future. f'Enioy yourself. You only come this way once." English was tops. Likes variety of NBHS. KELLY A NN DREHER l22 Bryant Lane NB. 02240 "Kel" Loves playing basketball, softball, and field hockey. Thanks parents and Mrs. Bon- neau. I-Iappiest when with that special person. Secret fantasy is to live forever. L.F., M,D., Nc., TP., PG.. and RD. will be remembered for fun. 5 3 BRUCE DUARTE JR. 58 Park St. NB, 02740 Meaning of being a senior is being and doing the best. Mr. Pepin and Eng. tops. Happy when getting good grades. Busi- ness school is the future. Thanks to the teachers at NBHS for their help. Football, basketball and TV take up his time. MARGARIDA M. DUARTE 166 East Clinton St. NB. 02740 "Maggiel' Thanks Mom and Dad for support. Hopes to be- come a lawyer. Mr. Kobza and sociology are tops. Looks for honesty in a person. "Guess what?" Won't forget being V.P. of Int' Club, getting caught kis- sing Tony and Clegg Field. 'R' MARIO JORGE DUARTE 209 Rockland St. N.B. 02740 Summertime spent touring great. History with Mr. Taylor rates high. Talking to Anabela brings happiness. Getting caught kissing new girl by ex. a very embarrassing time. Hopes to sing his way into fame and fortune. Thanks teachers. 11' KE N NETH DUBE 22 Mary St. NB. 02745 "Doobie" Looks for craziness in a person. Mr. Silva and Mr. Dlouhy ffl. Thanks go to par- ents and Mr. Longo for their help. N.B.P.D. in the future. Happy when going fast in the GTI. Secret fantasy: To own red 911 Porsche. "No way!" ERICKA DUCKETT 117 So. Second St. NB. 02740 "Smurple" Is noted for her pur- ple clothes. Fun hanging with Tammy, Lorna, and Gina. Mom gets thanks for her patience. Boston trip with Tammy memorable. "Don't aggravate me!" Dreams of kissing Prince while standing in the purple rain. MARC STEVEN DUGAS 119 Tremont St. N.B. 02740 "This is true!" Thanks Ms. Sowa for her help. Can be found at the Mart. Hopes for fame and fortune. Girl watching passed the time. Photo with Mr. Mil- lette and Crimson Courier fun. Appreciates a person with a good personality. MAUREEN DUGAS 119 Fremont St. N.B. 02740 "Moe" Thanks Mrs. Medeiros her favorite teacher. Enioyed sociology and band competi- tions. Embarrassed crying in front of a teacher. "Thats life!" Admires honesty. Ambition is to go to college. Won't forget struggling for passing grades. WF THOMAS ARSE NE DUVAL 151 Merrimac St. NB. 02740 "Tom" Happiest when with C.E., D.S., K.R., and M.B. Band trip to Florida freshmen year was ultimate. Secretly hopes to become a pro athlete. Ms. Leal and history unmatch- able. Thanks Mom and Dad for never'ending patience. "You Know!" A NITA MARIE EDWARDS 561 Bedford St. N.B. 02740 "jamie" Thanks Mrs. Bolton for her help. Running in her night- gown in the street embarrass- ing. Finds joy with foster mother, Tryne Costa. Being a sr. means a chance to make it all the way. Won't forget help given by staff. Hopes to be an executive sec. FREDERICK L. DUGUAY III 21 Laura Keene Ave. Acushnet 02745 "Freddy" Happy with Mike and crew at the terminal. "Dukes of Daiglef' Thanks Mom, Dad, Michelle, Gold guidance. and special teachers. Most embar- rassing moment was the loss in b-ball to Mr. Pires. To work as broker on Wlall St. SUZA N NE MARIE DUHAMEL 15 Valentine St. NB. 02744 "Sue Due" Loves to say "Oh, my Godl" Wants to thank Mom and Dad for their love and understanding. Remembers chemistry with Melissa, Tricia and Doug. An honest and ma- ture person admired. Mr. Ros- cow's chem. class tops. Dreams of winning Megabucks. GEORGE DUROCHER 18 Washington Ave. N.B. 02740 Looks for an open and under- standing person. Mr. Roscow's chem. class the best. Ms. Mor- ris' class unforgettable, Electri- cal engineering in the future. Happiest with good friends. Dreams of partying in Hawaii with Loni Anderson. ,995 4 CHRIS T. PATRICIA JOAO M. EFTHIMIADES ELIZABETH ELLIS E NCARNACAO 184 Lafayette St. 280 Earle St. 196 Collette St. i N.B. 02745 "Skinny" Having a pizza deliv- ered to school was a roarl En- joys making people laugh and partying with friends. Thanks parents for support. Trip to Greece great experience. Sr. lounge unforgettable. Wishes to become a biomedical en- gineer. N.B. 02746 "Pat" Wants to thank Mom and Eric. Hopes to get a degree in the biological sciences. Re- members following a "certain person" around at lunch. Hap- piest with friends. Embarrassed after dropping punch on Cheryl's white pants. N.B. 02746 "john" Passes the time watching girls and playing football. Looks for humor and honesty. Doesnlt worry about Mondays while partying. Thanks parents and uncle. Mr. Biscari is the best. Slipping on steps at busy time embarrassing. "Awesomef" MARC A NTHO NY FARIA 155 Cedar St. N.B. 02-40 "Marques" ls off to the service for communications. Mrs. Pur- cell and Mr. D were super. Re- calls great times playing basket- ball for NBHS. Vifants to thank Mom. Happiest with Lorna. Rates NBH high in leadership and school spirit. x'l ELBA LISSETTE DANIEL A. JOSE O- LAURIE ANNE FELICIANO FERNANDES JR. FERNANDES FERNANDES 9 Gemini Drive NB. 02545 "I.issy" Happy watching TV or with best friends Evelyn and Flor. "Excuse me for living!" Dreams of meeting Charlie from Menudo. Wants to thank her mother. Appreciates friend- liness and honesty. Mrs. McCoy was tops and ,IROTC was great. SHA Nemasket Pl. N.B. 0210 "Chilly D" Thanks mother for total support. Fills the air by blaring his tunes. To be a senior means being on top. Mr. D. and Mr. R are tops. Enioys graphic arts and TV. Ambition is to be successful and happy. "XX'hat's up?" 281 Davis St. N.B. 02'-46 Left the warmth of friends and staffofthe Green House before beginning his senior year. Didn't get the enjoyment of se- nior lounge. Will miss the fun times with good friends during lunch. Usual hangout is North End of the city. HA Plymouth St. N B. ll2T40 K'l.aur" Happiest when liayiiilu fun with Brendan. XY'on't forget good times with KD.. D.M. M.C. TS., NP. and esp. Nl.. Sends special thanks to parents and B for always being there. Token Drive a top spot. Mr. Goodfellow's chem class great. MICHAEL NICOLE MARIE ANA P. EERREIRA CHRISTINE ANN EERNA NDES EERNA NDES 519 North Front St. FERREIRA so Milford st. ios Bfiafwtitia Dr. , NB- 02 T46 202 East Climfm St NHBH O2-i45 NAB' 02-45 Appreciative of Mom and Dad NB, 02740 "Mike" Thinks Mr. Gill and soccer were tops. XY'on't forget all the friends he made at NBH. To become wealthy as an en- gineer. "You're the bestT" Spends his time with friends hanging at the Mall or the Rex. Algebra a favorite. NBHS rates high. "Nicky" Capt. ofswim team and sec. of senior class. Enioyed sci- ence with Mr. Hartley and French with Ms. Rainville. A fu- ture ietsetter. Steve brings happiness. Big dreams ofliving in Paris. VUon't forget pushups with T.S., RB., BS. and R.V, for their support. Remembers fun at lunch with friends. Mr. Lombardo was tops. Hopes to own a business someday. Hap- py with good friends. Kindness and honesty admired. Being a senior puts you at the top ofthe heap. "Chris" Likes dancing and skiing. l'Are you serious?" Thanks Mom and Dad for love and support. Happy with friends, esp. on a Friday. Great Outdoors Club and being co- capt. of gymnastics tops. Mr. Kobza rates high and Mrs. Pur- cell tops favorites. DE N NIS R. FERREIRA 50l Coffin Ave. NB. 02246 l'Bull" Playing hockey and see- ing his girl Christina make him happy. "You better shut up!" Can be found at his friends or girlls house. English and Mrs. Forgue tops. Remembers the pretty girls at NBHS. Thanks given to Mr. Souza. DWAY NE FERREIRA 14 Maywood St. NB. 02-45 "Trabaio" Sends his thanks to joe Sylvia for almost breaking his foot with a 50 lbs. shot put! Mr. Moretti and shop great. Happiest time was on a field trip to N.Y. Headed for the Marine Corps. Enjoys camouflage ma- neuvers and mental motivation. STEPHEN A. DORINDA M. CHERYL ANN ELIZETE FERREIRA FIDALGO ELEURY CO NST A NCE -156 Allen St. NB. 0210 "Steve" Happiest with friends at parties. Ambition is to be suc- cessful. Meeting N.M. during summer memorable. His secret fantasy remains a secret? Mr. Motta and Mr. Biscari tops. Thanks go to NBHS staff for help. "What's up!" Nancy brings smiles. 150 Mott St. NB. U2T44 "Doritos" and "Xixa" Wants to thank Litas. Hopes to return to Portugal in the future. Mr. Bis- cari and Mr. Broadmeadow were tops. "How's life!" Attracted to a person with a wild personality. Being a senior means finally making it. 850 County St. N.B. 02240 "Blonde Terror" Sees medical technology in the future. Hap- piest when with friends. Meet- ing Karl in N.H. memorable. Chemistry and Mrs. Gutierrez both favorites. Remembers Great Outdoors Club as great activity. Admires loyalty. "Get out!" EONSECA 26 ,lean St. Acushnet O2'47n "I.izete" Thanks Mr. Andrade and parents for support. Active as VP of Minority Awareness Club and with School Scan. "l love you too, Babel" Being with BM., EF., R.P., R.D. and D.R. bring smiles. Winning Miss Ultramarine was great experi- ence. Headed for U. Mass. WALTER STEVE N FO NSECA 22 Swift St. N.B. 02740 "Conan" Thanks Mom and Dad. D.E. with Mr. Pacheco tops. "How you doing?" Can be found at Hazelwood Park or at the Mall. Plans to be rich some- day. Remembers all the good times at NBHS. Happy talking to girls or being with friends. CHRIS M. FO NTAI NE 264 Appleton St. N.B. 02745 Wants to thank Mom and Dad for their support. Camping out on the 50 yard line with j.R. memorable. CWhere?D Remem- bers the wild junior and senior lunch tables. Future ambition: U.S. Marine Corps. Mr. Rose was tops. Dreams of skiing the Rockies. LYNN ANN FRIAS 77 Willard St. N.B. 02744 "Lynnie" Thanks parents for ev- erything. Remembers Mr. Mes- sierls class with C.O., IS., and M.L. "just great!" Field hockey a favorite. Happy partying with Sue Due and the crew. Lunch, chemistry, and Mr. Roscow tops. Hopes to travel. MARIA N NE GLORIA FRIAS 273 Bates St. N.B. 02745 "Go-Go" Wants to thank john, parents and family for their sup- port. Remembers the moments shared at the Junior Banquet. Mr. Roscow was tops. Happiest with friends. Hopes to become a speech therapist. Honesty is tops in a person. NANCY KIM FRIAS 62 Chancery St. N.B. 02740 Special thanks to family, Deb- bie and Tami. Will never forget the trip to Europe. Happy times doing crazy things with friends. Fond memories ofjr. Banquet and new friends. Hopes to be a success, marry and travel. Admires honesty. NATALIE MARIE FULLER 85 Austin St. N.B. 02 740 "Nat'l Can be found in South End or at the Mills. Happiest when with George Martins. Cherishes those wild times with friends. Goal is to become a dental hygenist. Grateful to Mom and George for their love and understanding. EMA NUEL A. FURTADO 52 Swift St. N.B. 02740 "Manny" Liked math and gym. Won't forget lunchtime jr. yr. in Green cafe. Thanks parents and friends for being there. To be- come a successful businessman. Happy with old gang from M.C. Senior meant having special- privileges. PAUL A. FURTADO ll9 Mill St. N.B. 02740 Mr. Roscow and Mr. Vardo tops. Likes riding motorcycles, hanging with friends and girls. Remembers last day of junior year. Thanks Mom and Dad. Admires an honest, crazy per- son. Can be found at the beach or Acushnet Ave. EVERETT GAGE 211 County St. N.B. 02744 "Gage" Found Mr. D. and graphic arts super. Special thanks to folks for everything. Happy working and hanging with friends, esp. Rich. Headed for the Air Force. Secretly dreams of becoming very rich and very famous. Liked sr. lounge. E s 2 JOH N E. GAG NO N 33 Prouteau St. Acushnet 02743 "The Birdman" Skiing occupies his time. Flag of excellence ceremony memorable. Dreams of dating Isabel B. Responsibil- ity, graduation and being the best defines senior. Headed for the U.S. Army Special Forces. Enjoyed chem. with Mr. Ros- cow. "Oh shoot!" JOSHUA DAVID ROSE L. GARCIA JOHN SCOTT ALAN GALITSKY I2 Stone St. CHRISTOPHER GARIFALES 56 Buttonwood St. N.B. 02740 v 1565 Phillips Rd. N-B. 02740 Remembers NBHS band trips 15 Berkle St N-B. 02745 'joshn Looks for warmth and as gfeaf- Th3f1kS Mom H115 Dad- NAB' 029,40 A "Doctor Space" Dreams of dat- inner beauty. Found cruising in the "blue lady" with the uorigi- nal gang". Thanks Dad for love and also family and friends. Being CC editor, NB-Durfee rivalry and NBH spirit and pride memorable. Embarrassed after setting off fire alarm in Canadian hotel room on a band trip. Will never forget being saved from a heat- stroke by three lifeguards. Fu- ture technician. Can be found at Buttonwood Park. Happiest with good friends. Secret fantasy: to motorcross race and play pro baseball. To be an officer in the Air Force or state trooper. Admires good looks with matching personality. Baseball fan. "No doubt!" ing a woman in every state. "Far out Man!" Fantasizes of hijack- ing a spaceship. Being at "Dead" concert or jamming brings smiles. Being born an embarrassment. Mr. Campoli and music rate high. Sleeps in study. EMA NUEL GASPAR I1 Richmond St. N.B. 02740 "G-Man' Hangs with the Hom- bres. "How am I supposed to react to that?" Playing soccer a favorite. Admires a good per- sonality. Fond memories of stu- dents and sports at NBHS. Thanks Mr. Goodfellow. Hopes to become an engineer. DAVID H. GE NEREUX, JR. 65 Jenny Lind St, N.B. 02'-10 "Dave" Found it impossible to hit the books or fill in his ques- tionnaire. Called the Gold House home for almost four years. Won't forget good friends and the laughs at lunchtime. Didn't get the full pleasure of senior lounge. ALICE MARIA GOMES 311 Dartmouth St. N.B. 02740 "Allie" Thanks parents, Up- ward Bound staff and friends. Mr. Roscow and Mr. Oliveira both highly rated. Likes listen- ing to music, going to the mov- ies and hanging with good friends. Computer programmer in future. '83 talent show great. MARIA JEAN GERMANO 58- VV. Clinton St. NB. 02'40 A'Minga" Sends thanks to Glenn. History and photogra- phy were great. Happiest with Marc. "Rude" Living in Alaska or Rocky Mts. a secret dream. Summer brought new friends. BG and GM. Enjoyed activity of Alpha, yrbk. and Outdoors Club. ANTONIO J. GOMES, JR. 22 Sycamore St. N.B. 02240 "TG," ls happiest with M.S. and hanging with the fabulous five. Fond memories of weekends and holidays. Foot- ball was great. Hopes to play professional ball someday. Dreams of camping out on the 50 yd. lind. "Go for it! Make my day!" MICHELLE DIANE GIRARD lo Agnes St. NE. Uris I "Mimi" Rates Mr. Goodfellow and Mrs. Gutierrez both tops. Enjoyed track team and running for Coach Gardiner. Thanks Mom. Dad. Bon. Mel. and N.G.. and M.X. To practice law with SK. found with friends KM. NF. FC and KN. Green eyes a hit. DIANE M. GIROUARD 24' Dawson St. N.B. 02-45 Mr. Marchand tops. Fond mem- ories Ofsenior lounge with R.G. and M.M., jr. lunch and Mr, Roscow's chem. class. Thanks Mr, Lenny Loranger for getting her out of D-block. Happy with Billy W. Wants to mess up Mr. Pei-fect's level five hair. PAUL GOGUE N 80 Central Ave. N.B. 02--i5 "Gog's" Sends his thanks to his parents for their support. Hap- pymemoryofbeating Falmouth in hockey for the first time. Happiest with the in-crowd. 4th Of july party with T.P., R.D.. KF., and the rest of the crew memorable. if .F . . 5. ff ....' . A KELLY A. GOMES 57 Beech St. N.B. 02 740 Enjoyed all the fun at NBHS, esp. with cheering and band. Mr. Goodfellow, Mrs. Hassey and Mrs. Purcell great. Thanks folks, teachers and Mr. Savage for their help. Being with close friends and the cheerleaders brought smiles. Future surgeon. MICHELLE BURGO GOMES 280 Hillman St. N.B. 02240 "Mickie" Happiest with jean- Louis and Stephanie Lee. Would like to thank grand- mother for her support and love. Hopes to become an RN. Admires a person with open emotions. Remembers rallies and football games. "What's the deal?" RICHARD GOMES 556 Sherwood St. N.B. 02'-10 "Richie" Special thanks to par- ents and Miss B. Pretty girls at NBI-IS caught his eye. Good personality counts. Rates Ms. B and Mr. Hamlet on top, "Why you going off?" Dreams of dat- ing S.S. Owes Ms. B a jar of candy! Football and b-ball great. ,Q-' . if an If s"i- F,-ir.-Y - -- 'fr VALERIE MARIE GOMES 218 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02240 "Val" Thanks to mother with all her love. Happiest with Eric G. and good friends. Can be found on 2nd floor core, Monte's Park or United Front, "Plc-asel" Ms. Caton fun. Won't forget sum- mer of '85 Watch out worldg here she comes! ,,...a- JOSEPH C. GO NCALVES -13 King St. N.B. 02'-15 "joe" Wants to thank Mom and Dad for their support. Secret fantasy: to win Megabucks. Algebra, Chemistry, Mr. Ros- cow, Mr. Gill and Mr. Castro favorites. Will always remem- ber-Iunior Banquet. To own his own insurance business in the future. i ' my JEAN GONSALVES TANYA MARGRIT DEBORAH LEE 60 Tanglewood Dr. GO NSALVES NZAGA NB- 02740 410 Loftus St. 22 Sagamore Sr. Happiest with Brian O. Sends thanks to Paula, Mom and Dad for being there. Can be found hanging with friends at Button- wood. Enjoyed Mr. Ed and Mr. Warren. Fun being on all three lunch shifts with Maria and Ana. Sr. lounge great. -'ik N.B. 02746 Thanks Mom,Dad,M.G.,T.G., RP., and T.A. jr. Banquet with C.P. was ultimate! Admires honest people. Hopes to be- come administrative assistant. Visiting Va. in H830 was fantas- tic. Mrs. Romano ranks high. "Catch ya later!" N.B. 02740 "Debbie" Wants to thank Claudio. Thinks Mrs. Fennell was tops. Hopes to own a black Corvette. Happiest with Peter. Loves riding the "S.E.'! with Lin- da when not working at Lincoln Park. Admires honesty in peo- ple. BO N NIE GORMA N 40 Allen St. Acushnet 02743 Wants to thank parents, L.A. and R.W. for their love and sup- port throufghout the yrs. Hap- piest with riends and john. Re- members summer of "83" Fu- ture ambition: Medical Techni- cian. Cheering and Mr. Methia were tops. "Really.!' A tiny miss. DEBORAH GOULART 143 James St. N.B. 02740 "Debbie" Sends special thanks to parents, Nancy and Tammy for all their love and support. Remembers trip to Europe. Looks for honesty and a good sense of humor. Hopes to get married and be happy. Happiest with friends. "What's up?" ROGER GOULART 27 Viall St. N.B. 02744 Finds science interesting. Appreciates finding a great per- sonality. The best of the list is Mr. Kelly. Often found in the South End. Happiest when not in school. Thanks mother for her love and support. Being su- perior defines senior. 2 i 5 ! CARLOS GO NZALEZ l3l Hathaway St. N.B. 02746 Wants to thank Mom and Tony for being there to help him. Can be found in Blue or Tan House with friends. Mr. Sanchez was tops. Enjoys motorcycle riding with good friends. Math is high- ly rated. Will miss friends made at NBHS. CARMEN R. GONZALEZ 31 Whitman St. N.B. 02745 Being with good friends passes time the best. "Oh, no!" Looks for people with a funny bone. Won't forget jr. year lunch shift with R.R. and T.R. Thanks Dad for love and support. Final- ly made it! Trip to Calif. is a dream. Srs. are the best. GEORGE A. GOU NARIS 339 Court St. N.B. 02740 Often can be found hanging at Wonder Bowl. Looks for hon- esty and sincerity in others. Computing, softball, and bowl- ing rank high. Hopes to succeed in the electronic Held. Enjoys being with friends. Mr. Methia and astronomy were tops! MARK E. GRIFFI N 33 Parker St. N.B. 02740 "Griff" Hanging out with the guys best times. Can be found partying or on Clark St. Would love to win big in Megabucks. Weekends spent in Maine were memorable. Looks forward to getting his diploma in june on stage. "What's up?" 38 JE N NIFER DIA N NE GRIME 16 Milford St. N.B. 02745 'jennyu Was most embarrassed when she fell off a chair in the cafeteria. Meaning of being a senior: knowing it's finally here! Hopes to become a child care worker. Thanks family and friends for their love. "What a pain!" CHRISTI NE HADDOCKS IOS Park St. N.B. 02740 One ofthe few who started with the Class of '85 but decided to spread her wings offreedom be- fore sr. year. Missed much of the excitement of this year but most of all missed those close friends made in the Tan House and in 3-211. .... 7' JONATHAN A. HADDOCKS 200 james St. N.B. 02740 "Jon" Found at Buttonwood or U.F. playing b-ball. Thanks par- ents for love and support. En- joys driving and listening to mu- sic. Is hoping for a successful and happy future. Secret fantasy to play with NBA. Happy with good friends. KIMBERLY FRA NCI NE GRACE 108 Navajo Ct. N.B. 02740 'Akamai' Wants to thank parents for being there when needed. Hopes to become a Commer- cial Artist. Dreams of spending one weekend with Prince! Being with witty friends great fun. Mr. Bettencourt tops. "What a character!" 3 3 s 2 E E DAVID ARMA ND HALLE 52 Valerie St. N.B. 02740 "Miser" Likes to thank parents for their continuous support. Hopes to become an Ocean En- gineer and to cruise the world's waters. Loves hanging with Hombres. Neatness and hones- ty count. Swimming and water skiing great times. PAMELA A. HASKI NS 21 Desautels St. N.B. 02745 "Pam" Best times are those spent with friends. Apprecia- tion sent to Mom, Brad, C.H. and j.C. Would love to travel the world and to win Mega- bucks. Flirting a fun pastime. "Go for it!" Enjoyed classes with Mrs. Ayotte. Nice person- ality a plus. WILLIAM LAWRE NCE HATHAWAY l5Ol Morton Ave. N.B. 02740 "Bill' Swimming a great school activity. Coach Medeiros and his parents get special thanks. Chemistry and Mrs. Keightley were easy to take. Plans to fly the skies as a pilot. A secret de- sire to run the entire country as president. KAREN ANN HAWES 951 Terry Lane N.B. 02'45 "Hawesy Bear" Special thanks to Mom and Dad for their help. Enjoyed Eng., history, Mrs. Forgue and Mr. Armstrong. Time spent with Linda great fun. Happiest when boyfriend visits. To join the Air Force in the future. Dreams of weight- lifting. X jf DAVID T. HEALEY 250 Harwich St. N.B. 02745 Plans to head for college. Thanks parents for their sup- port. Respects honesty. Spends time playing sports, esp. base- ball. Lived for those long weekends and holidays. Dreams of becoming a profes- sional ball player. Admired qualities found in Mr. O. X. i ii' 2 1 ti JOA N NE HEBERT 5516 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02745 "jo" Thought chemistry and Mr. Goodfellow were tops. Happy winning band competi- tions. Thanks parents. Cheering and the colorguard the ultimate. Won't forget falling through the bleachers at the jamboree! Appreciates a sense of humor. JAY C. HERMA N 508 Lantern Lane N .B. 02740 Thanks Fritz for being there. Happy when coming down the slopes. Found in B367 or at "pad" To become a vet. Mr. Goodfellow was tops. 4'Give me a break!" Can't forget walking into girls' bathroom during a dance. Sincerity is a winning quality. LISA F. HUMASON l2 Elizabeth St. N.B. 02740 "Hum" Fighting with Paul causes the adrenalin to flow. Good times with Lisa M. in chem. labs. Miss P. rates high on her list. Time with colorguard duties en- joyable. Going to sr. lounge great part of reaching sr. yr. Honesty admired. RAUL HER NA NDEZ 86 Potomska St. N.B. 02740 One young man who decided to avoid the june rush of gradua- tion day by leaving in October! Missed good friends made at school and the privilege of going to sr. lounge. Was often found with close friends in Tan Core or Tan cafe. RAYMOND HER NA NDEZ 54 Liberty St. N.B. 02740 "Raymon" Special thanks to Mr. Sykes and Mr. Fortes. Admires a sharp dresser. Hopes to become an accountant or chef. "That's what I thought?" Summertime spent with Up- ward Bound. Being with Sorines brings smiles. Hopes to own a red Corvette. MARILY N JA NE HOWCROF T 14Jenny Lind St. N.B. 02740 Admires honest person with a sense of humor. Won't forget the good times with friends. Her thanks to Mom and Dad. College bound and a tour of Europe. Happy letting go and having fun. To marry a mil- lionaire and be totally carefree is a secret fantasy. ERIC HUBERT 12 Dayton St. Acushnet 02743 Creativity flows through his veins. Happy doing anything using the arts to express his in- ner self. Thanks all who cared along the way. Dreams of the Broadway stage. Admires world- liness in someone. "Revoir kids!" Loves Calif. living. Xe MARY MARLE NE HU NT 38 Pierce St. N.B. 02'40 "Marlenee,' Close friends April and Kim the best. Mom and Dad's support greatly appreci- ated. Being with Bobby brings smiles. Seeing movies and going horseback riding great summer fun. To be constantly happy a dream. Rates NBH ffl. LISA MARIE HURD l29 Eugenia St. N.B. 02'45 "Lee" Can be found at Yor Dogg House. Mom and Dad get her deep thanks. Friends and Dave make her smile. A fu- ture as a nurse expected. Rates NBH high on staff, students and activities. "What's up?" Washington trip fun time. Hopes to meet a star. KIMBERLI FLORE NCE JACOBSE N 160 Nemasket St. N.B. 02740 "Beth" Band trips to D.C. and Montreal exceptional. To be a nurse and wed Mike a hope. Happiest dancing and being with Mike and friends. Attracted to a personls smile and eyes. En- joyed classes with Mr. Vaz and Mr. Kobza. "You're a bratll' GEORGE H. JACQUES 554 Orchard St. N.B. 02740 "I-Iot Dog" Enjoys sleeping or partying with friends. Found on the track or at the Mills. Appreciates a sense of humor. Happy with A.B., TJ., and B.W. Appreciation to parents. Hopes to become an architect. Won't forget friends or D.L.'s window. 3 K 159 Hudson St. N.B. 02744 Loves shopping and being with friends. Parents and Liz deserve special praise for love and sup- port. Admires people who are always themselves and have Eleasant personalities. Fridays ring happiness. Hopes to obtain a degree in court ste- nography for future career. 43 N J l DON NA MARIE JOHA NSE N 241 Carroll St. N.B. 02740 "D.j." Red in the face falling down the stairs following a "friend" in Tan House. Suppor- tive friends get thanks. Likes a sense of humor. Soph. yr. lunch, biology class and U.S. history all memorable. Enjoyed many of her teachers. College bound. KARLA JANE JOH NSON 54 Birchwood Drive N.B. 02745 "T.j.j." Dreams of meeting Mick Jagger and Robert Plant. Thanks go to parents for love. Mr. Fraga made a hit. Laughs with Charlene and Lisa won't be forgotten. NBH great 'cuz everyone is catching the spirit. To become dental hygienist. LUCIA JORGE 41 Woodlawn St. N.B. 02744 "Lucy" loves listening to music, esp. at the beach. Mom and Dad get her thanks. A future bank teller. Rates students, staff and fun activities at NBH the best. Won't forget friends who understood and teachers who cared. "For sure!" Q 0 HELEN KELLICK 75 North St. N.B. 02740 "Sweet Streak" Secretly hopes to be hooked up with G.P. Can be found at Monte's Park or the football games. july 28th was culmination of her summer. Appreciated Mr. Raposo and Mr. Araujo. Future aim: Cos- metologist. "And ya know that!" 3 ii gui! 1 CHRISANN ALIFIA KHAZAN STEVE JOSEPH PETER N. KATHLEEN A. I KELLISH 497 W. Mitldfle St. KLAKOWICZ KO NSTA NTAKOS KOSTKA 277 DHWSOH St. , 02 40 972 Rockdale Ave. 944 Monmouth St. 142 Greenbrier Dr. N-B' 02745 En oved bein in the chorus N-B' 02740 N-B- OZAQ5 NAB- 02745 "Chr-isv Fondly recalls renting on the French Riviera. Gleeful when partying with crew and being with you know who! Habitue of the Mills. Mrs. Has- sey and Ms. Leal are tops. Off to law school. "Catch ya later, boof-cake!" 1 . E - Appearance in "jesus Christ Su- perstar" and the fun that fol- lowed were memorable. Mr. Fortes, Mrs. Dottin, and other UB staffget her special thanks. Headed for college or to pursue a career in show business. "Kluko" Friends made at NBHS will be long remem- bered. A great time had at all dances. Special thanks to john Sykes and Ms. Bizzarro for their love and patience. Hopes one day to practice law. Finds eyes to be the windows to the soul. Playing guitar and partying with Chris and Matt all pastimes. Looks for good attitude and personality in friends. Thanks to Mom, Dad and Chris. Hap- piest on stage and when his wal- let is full. Mr. Motta tops. "I wanna rock!" KENNETH AMY EDITH KELLI ANN LYNNE MARIE KOWALCZYK KUMMER KYDD LABERGE 227 Harvard St. 1450 Plainville Rd. l73 Court St. 1853 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02746 NB. 02747 NB. 02740 N.B. 02745 "Killer" Hopes to be a train en- gineer. Lunch and science at NBHS were a blast! Can be found playing hockey or hang- ing at Wonder Bowl. Definition of senior: Pride in NBHS. Thanks Mrs. Harper. M. V ls. last summer was ultimate! "What is up, guy?" Thanks to parents for love and support. Mr. Roscow for chem- istry was a favorite. Future ambition: To be rich! Happy with L.C., AB., K.L. and IT. Won't forget all freshmen classes with Annette. A nice smile is a real attraction. "Sup dood?" "Kel" Wants to thank Mrs. Cos- ta, Mr. Hochman, Mrs. Andrade and Mom. Remem- bers falling in love last summer. Mrs. Purcell a favorite. Hap- piest with Timmy. Secret fan- tasy: To meet Billy Dee Wil- liams. "Youlre off!" Wfould love to record hit tune. Thanks Darcey for being there and Mom for all her help. Re- members fun of going to the Vineyard with friends Dot, Mello and Scott. K'What?" Per- son's honesty and loyalty are truly admired. Happiest with Scott. Psych with Mrs. Hassey was tops. "Kat" Hopes to own a Z-28 and I marry GQ man. Happiest when twirling, laughing and hangingf out. "l'm spazin' outln Remem-' bers Sue and Chris teaching to drive a standard shift. parents for love and SP buddy. RAQUEL A N NE L'ITALIE N 264 Summer St. N.B. 02740 Found in B367 during F period study or at the barn. Mr. Good- ' fellow tops the list of perfec- 7 tion. Happy with Seidon or ' competing in dressage. Teaching camp a summertime activity found enjoyable. "Real- lylu Friends and NBHS staff the best around. Qu KELLY LA FLEUR 200 Ash St. N.B. 02D-Q0 Looks forward to facing the world and making a living for herself. Mr. Longo gets her thanks. Enjoyed math and Mr. Silva's class. Being with her fiancee is the best. Won't forget teachers and good friends at NBHS. Headed for the service. MICHELLE DO N NA LA NGLOIS -5 Seabury St. NE. 02'-45 "Blish" Thanks Mom and Dad for helping throughout the years. Lunch and Mr. Biscari tremendous. "Hey! What's up?" Fun times with friends. Jlfl class was Teen Culture with Mrs. Purcell. Friendliness admired. Dreams of becoming rich. avg.. KIM LARIVIERE 190 W. Rodney Fr. Blvd. NB. 02744 Kim usually can be found in the South End or at Davey's Locker. Fond ofthose with agood sense of humor. Off to college to be- come a morticianl Loves being with friends and partying. Hopes to lead the good life with lots of cash. "Such is Life!" I 5. I ZX ' Cr j P IRE NE GLORIA LEAL 86 Nye St. NE. 02116 Portuguese with Mr. Machado great, Looks for a great person- ality and honesty in friends. Fu- ture ambition: To study foreign languages. Happy with her family and friends. Secret fan- tasy is to travel around the world. "Do the best you can?" DAVID LATIMER 84 Milford St. NB. OZWA5 "Dave the Rave" ls happiest when drumming or meeting gorgeous girls. Going to the wrong homeroom in senior year was extremely embarrassing. Lunch and girls at NBHS were the best! Dreams of becoming a great drummer. "Bet mel" as LISA A N NE LAVADO Sli Query St. NB. 02115 Thanks parents for their con- stant support. Happiest with good friends. Hopes to enter the medical field. A lasting memory will be winning NES- BA finals and beating Dart- mouth! Mr. Roscow and NBHS colorguards unbeatable. Seeks honesty and trust. BRE NDA N LAWLER 9 Tobey Lane NB. 02745 "Father Lawler" Remembers beating Falmouth in hockey. Thanks Mom, Dad and Eddie Van Halen for teaching him how to play the guitar. Mr. Goodfel- low, Mr. Vardo, and Mr. Zeilinski tops. Hopes for wealth, a Lamborgini and a monastery. DEAN D. LAWRENCE 206 Allen St. N.B, 02E40 "Mickey" Drama Club was a top activity. Mr. DeChambeau for Graphic Arts was an outstand- ing class. Thanks his parents and his guidance counselor for everything they have done for him through the years, Fun times with good friends at lunch. 'IF MONICA ANNE KIM LEBERT MICHELLE C. KRISTI NE LEE LEA NDRE ioi Clifford sf. LEBLA NC inn Aries paw ss North sf. Nia. 0214.5 4090 Acushnet Ave. A , N-If 02. H . NB. 02740 Can be found with friends hang- NIB- 02745 'Kristi Active either dancing. "Moe" Had a fabulous summer at Camp Cachalot. Being with Darryl and Missy makes her smile. Lunch during her fresh- man and junior years was un- forgettable. Fantasizes about calling Laura at 2 AM! Off to college for electrical en- gineering. ing out at Brooklawn. Made an early exit from NBHS. Is often seen with Dawn and crew. Called the Blue House home for her stay here. Will miss only the good times with friends at lunch or out of class. Mr. V and the NBHS Marching Band were both outstanding. Enjoyed studying French and playing the piano. Serving on the Student Advisory Comm. memorable. Appreciation given to parents, RL., S.S. and P.D. Summer spent at SMU. skating, traveling or on the beach. Mom and step Dads understanding special. College bound fora career in medicine. jim, family, friends bring smiles. Mr. Kobza's class a treat. Admires fairness and honesty. 41 MICHELLE LOUISE LELIEVRE 950 Terry Lane N.B. 02745 Content with close friends. Found around Brooklawn Park area. Thanks go to Mom, Dan and IT. for being there. Par- tying takes up agreat deal ofher time. Secret fantasy: To date "Tarzan" Looks for sense of humor in person. "So what?" Q'-: Q if iihii A QS . L r i S MELISSA JEAN LEMELI N 208 W. Rodney Fr. Blvd. N.B. 02744 "Missy" Will fondly remember lunch and the l:50 bell. joe, Monica, Pam, and Kristi make her laugh. Mr. Kelly and Mrs. OlLeary are great. Anxious to finally graduate. Working as a geriatric aide was rewarding. Thanks Mom and Dad. "Hot doggie!" KRISTEN J. LOBO 103 Armour St. N.B. 02740 Hobbies include dance and art. Studio Art ranks among favo- rites. Thanks Mr. Gissenger. To become a fashion illustrator. "Where,s the party?" Happiest with boyfriend and friends. Mr. Roscow tops. Enjoyed Drama Club. PETER A NTHO NY LOCKE 113 Carroll St. N.B. 02740 "The Mod" Slam dancing in the "Wild Westn End the best. Mr. Longo left an impression. Pic- tures a future as a soldier of for- tune. An admirer of one who does not conform. Might end up as an officer ofthe Common- wealth. ,iq as DANIEL LEMOS 481 Rivet St. N.B. 02740 "Dapper Dani' Thanks Mom and Dad for their constant sup- port. Happiest with honest friends. Remembers partying at Mills, Horseneck and East Beach. Varsity football tops. Hopes to enter field of Oceanography. Searches for ma- ture, fun loving type. WE NDY jo LIMA 269 Ash St. N.B. 02740 "Wendy" Favorites included ROTC, Teen Culture and mu- sic. An understanding person with nice eyes and smile win her notice. College bound. Thanks parents for support. Happy with Dave, Tony and Glyness. Dreams of traveling the world. 5 LAURIE ANN LO NG 956 Thorndike St. N.B. 02745 "L3"or "Shorty" Thanks Mom and Dad. Colorguard captain with Lisa Metcalf fun. Experi- enced the Gluons' bash. Red in the face walking into core door with E.S.'s help. Dreams of get- ting revenge on the crew. Col- lege-bound. Band occupied all spare time. 6 ANNAMARIE LOPES 575 Myrtle St. N.B. 02746 "TWiggy" Fond of Mr. Kelly, Mr. Hamlet and math. Being pushed into the boys, room was highly embarrassing. Thanks Mom for her love. Finds con- tentment in knowing that her family is happy. "Dingle Ber- ry!" Found in lunch area with Michelle. lf, 'i JOSE JOAO LISBOA 181 Belleville Ave. N.B. 02746 'joe" Special time spent with friends memorable. Remem- bers lazy summer days of fun- in-the-sun at beach. Future ambition: To be a pilot in the Air Force. Mr. DaGraca and Creole class both favorites. Playing soccer for Mr. Matos and NBHS outstanding. CHRISTOPHER LOPES 289 Summer St. N.B. 02740 Spends his time writing music and poetry. Happiest when jamming with the New Taboo. Remembers vividly trips with the band. Anxious to join the rat race and write a novel. Total peace of mind an admired trait. Creation ofthe universe embar- rassing. 'frutnrhi A .I 1-.gnifieg MICHAEL LORI ANN LOPEZ LISE JEANNE NANCY ANN LORI ANN ANTHONY LOPES 40 Hunter st. LORA NGER MACEDO MACHADO 469 Dartmouth sf. H , n NB- 02740 190 Appleton si. 985 Mazeppa st, 268 Bates St, N.B. 02740 LOHLO Thanks Mom for Su N.B. 02745 N.B. 02745 N.B. 02745 "Foots" Loves to watch pro- football and dreams of playing with the pros. Parked car got in his way! Admires good person- ality, even temper and sense of humor. Remembers the teachers and all good friends made at NBHS. Social studies and science tops. . P- port. Todd brings on happiness. Ranks Ms. Persson high. Col- orguard will be remembered. Plans a career in International Affairs. French was a favorite subject. Can never forget thrill of "Some Enchanted Evening" So. Pacific. Thanks Mom and Dad for their support. Hopes to become a successful business woman. Happiest with L.L., RB., and special friends. Mr. Kobza rates tops. Can be found hanging at Danny's or listening to music. "Don't worry about it!" K'Nance" Drawing occupies her time. Thanks Mom and Dad. Headed for medical school. Writing "senior" on books de- fines being one. Happiest with friends. Mrs. Hassey and Mr. Kobza rate high. The feast with Mr. Flirt and fp.-iends great. Sincerity admired. Thanks Mom and Bob for their constant love and support. March- ing band proved to be 9941. Mrs. Hassey, Mrs. Gutierrez, and Mr. Goodfellow were all super in her book. Happiest with Michelle and Anne. Hopes to become a pediatrician. "Such is lifel' fx -aw., MARIA DE FATIMA MICHELLE ANA MADEIRA ALEXANDRE TI NA MAHER MACHADO MACHADO 109 Nelson St. MAGALHAES 167 Caroline St. 129 Reynolds St. 618 Summer St. . NB' 0274.4 . 137 C0ffII1 Ave- ,, N,-B' 02740 . NB' 02146 NB' O2-46 Spare time spent listening to NIB. 02746 Blue Eyes Jorge brings happi- "Lelapee" Guys are rememberd most Partying with a rock band a great time. "God, he's gorgeous!" Red in the face after locking keys in boyfriend's car. Dreams of dating Rob Lowe. Mrs. Mellen is great. Passes time with friends and Todd. Thanks parents. X. SUSAN BRIDGET MA N NI NG 254 Pine Grove St. NB. 02745 "Sue" Can be found at the Mills or Norm's parking lot. Mr. Borowicz and Mr. Martin tops. Clement brings smiles. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Chris and Clem. Remembers vividly I-Iobicat weekend with S.D.. CA.. and N.S. Sense of humor admired. E-period study ifl. "Mich" Was most embarrassed after falling with Kris at Lincoln Park gameroom. Happiest with Timmy. Can be found at Cindy and Gary's. Loves to spend free time sleeping. Mr. Kelly was greatl Appreciates Mr. Hoch- man's and parents' support and caring. JAMES F. MARCO NDES 242 Whitman St. N.B. 02745 'fIim" Thanks Mr. Motta for all his support. "Later!" Plans on leaving New Bedford and join- ing the Air Force. Happiest with good friends. Having Mr. Dlouhy for auto tech tremendous class. Can usually be found at Gendron's. Enjoyed sr. lounge and lunch. music. Mt. Biscati for her ju- nior year French was favorite class. Happiest with friends. Thanks to parents and teachers for their help. Receiving the Flag of Excellence memorable. "Tell me about it!', Likes fun times. "Alex" Soccer his favorite activ- ity. Thanks sent to parents for their support. Hopes for future success as a mechanical en- gineer. Happy with friends, esp. on Fridays. Dreams of future Clays traveling the world with a beautiful gal on his arm. ness. "Oh, dear!" Thanks friends and parents. Dreams of marriage and wealth. NBI-IS noted for the men. Ms. Persson and child care tops. Passes time watching soaps. Enjoyed French. Dreams of meeting Blackie in person. VICTOR MARQUES RUI MARMELO ANTONIO PEDRO MARIA 114 Adam Sr. MARQUES 134 coiieffe sf. NB- 02746 57 Briggs st. N.B. 02746 "Vic" Dreams of going to France on a honeymoon. Dina Resendes brings smiles. Thanks parents and friends. "It's all right!" Good friends at NBHS stay on his mind. Upper class- man defines senior. Mr. Robin- son rates high with him. Wood- working was enjoyable. "Roy" Visiting Europe great ex- perience. Four yrs. on soccer and swim teams best times. "Relax. . ." Mr. O, Mr. Medeiros and Mr. Goodfellow all favorites. Future desire is to live in a mansion in Europe. Admires pride students and staff feel. N.B. 02740 "Peter" Is happiest with Lisa Sabino. Mr. Olivera's algebra class will always be remem- bered. TV a favorite way to pass the time. Appreciation given to Mr. Oliveira. History class en- joyable. "What's up?" Future wish to become pilot. E MARIA ALBI NA RICHARD RE NEE SUZANNE DOUGLAS PAUL PAMELA MARQUES MARSHALL, JR. MARTEL MARTI N MARTI N 111 David St. 16 Mosher St. 12 Glover St. 204 Query St. 975 Chaffee St. NB. 02-'44 N.B. 02744 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02745 N.B. 02745 "M8cM"Thanks Mom, Dad and Ms. Williams. Mr. Warren and Mr. Curry both at top of her list. "Dummy" makes her happy Re- members walking into boys' locker room. Vineyard trip un- forgettable. To become a top exec. secretary in future plans. "Hershey" Can be found on Acushnet Ave. Mr. Ed. and Mrs. Medeiros top of his list. Plans on entering US Air Force. Embarrassed when he shaved his head in the tenth grade. Hanging with best friend Gage fills the hours with fun. Enjoyed history. "Ren" Thanks friends and family. Anthony brings happi- ness. "Kiss me, you fool!" Dreams of running away with boyfriend and living happily ever after. Ho s for success in business worlclie Red faced after falling down the stairs. Enjoyed typing. "Doug" Thrilled when the weekend finally arrives. Is often seen at the Mall. Free time is spent partying or simply hang- ing. "Awesome!" Thanks Mr. Savage for all his help. Life- guarding was a blast. Enjoyed Mr. Oliveira's math class most. "Pam" Has high hopes of lead- ing a rich and healthy life. Wild memories of hanging with Olga. North End of NB is where she can usually be found. Mrs. Wal- ker was tops! Thanks parents and friends for their support. "What's up!" 43 all ' N' Al i BERNADETTE JOSE MIGUEL DIANE MARTI NS MARTI NEZ MARTI NEZ 46 Mosher St. 399 So. Second St. 1105 Acushnet Ave. NB. 0224-1 J N.B. 02510 N.B. 02546 MDI H3PPYhaV1f1g 320ml Umc "Bernie" Enjoys shopping and eating ltalian food and cheese- cake. Loves to spend time with Domanic. Most embarrassing moment: Screaming in home- room because of a bug on her desk. Thanks Mom for all her love and support. "Can we talk?'l "Papo" Found in Blue House cafe with friends. Math and science both favorites. Will al- ways remember friends and teachers here at NBHS. Hopes for a future as a pilot. Secret fantasy: To travel all over the world. Thanks folks and Up- ward Bound. with friends. Sept. 21 ceremony special time. Thanks go to Mom, Dad and brother Dave for love and support. Mr, Kobza for chemistry her favorite class. Ambition and honesty admired. UNO way!" Headed for medical field. ff. Q. .f 53 ' Elo 'E Ez 8 Stephen St, N.Er. 022-'10 "Jackl' Loathed being known as a freshman. Gym and history were cool classes. Dreams of being abandoned on an island with Brooke Shields. Enjoys partying with friends at Button- wood Pk. To be a senior is to be able to stand tall! I .. , - it '--s --,. 2 311, . . S 1 1. f ..... ..t,..c....... .... ..... J .... .... .....t....t . . :W-1 if-as ...N . y 'I-f.. -iizigis . JOSEPHINE M. MARTINS "ll Milford St. N.B. 027-15 'Joh Hopes to be a dental assis- tant. Mr. Kobza was terrific. Thanks go to D.M., P.T. and MR. for being such good friends. Secret fantasy: To be- come rich, happy and success- ful. Happy with family and friends. Likes listening to mu- sic. "Laterl" W-'fl' ELIZABETH MATOS 116 South St. N.B. 02' '10 "Lizl' Thanks parents for their love and support. ls happiest with friends. Hopes to become a fashion designer and to own a Ferrari. Mr. Kobza's chemistry class was tops. 'LVUickedly1" Re- members meeting many new friends. Likes sense of humor. Xs- SHAUNELL DIO N NE McPHERSON won Maxfield St. N.B. 027-10 "Shaunie" Thanks her mother and grandpa. To enter business or become a secretary. Found in the corridors. Going to talent shows a favorite. English with Mr, St. Pierre tops. A Michael Jackson fan. Senior means going on with your education. CATHERINE LOUISE MCCARTHY 1-18 Jennny Lind St. N.B. 02'-40 'lCathy" Thanks Mom and Dad for all their support, Happiest with her good friends. Can be found partying at Caesars "No wayl" Remembers always being outside during first lunch shift. Mr. Braz's Eng. class was great. Headed for SMU. Enjoyed swimming. CHRISTOPHER MCGOWE N 2'0 Austin St. NE. 02710 "Reverend Reparku Happiest when at a Grateful Dead con- cert. Secrety fantasy to start a radio station that plays only music. l'Peace." Sees himselfgoing cross-country in a van. Favorite pastime is be-ing. Mr. Girard and Studio Art en- joyed. JEFFREY McKAY 1101 Pequot St. NB. 02'45 "Eon" Our very own Capt, Whaler, Enjoyed track and football. 'iHey cousinln Mr. Vaz rates an A. Summertime par- tying the best. Will long re- member great times with NBH friends and sports. Admires in- dividuality in a person. Thanks family. JOHN DALZELL MCKE N NA 158 Arnold St. N.B. 024-10 "JD," Can usually be found in the West End or at the Mills. Baseball a favorite activity. Smiles abound when sur- rounded by friends and par- tying. Lunch junior year won't be forgotten. Happy to have finally made it to senior year. ANA M. MEDEIROS 516 Kirby St. N.En. 02740 "Ann" Wishes to be successful in everything she does. Thanks go to Mom and Dad for their support. Honesty and good personality admired. Secret fan- tasy: To have all her dreams come true. ls happiest with boyfriend. "That's wicked goodln 9' o-s -X .V .f 1 E 1 DEBRA ANN ELSA MARIA GARY JAMES MEDEIROS MEDEIROS MEDEIROS 56 Thompson St. 6119 Brock Ave, 15 Garrison Rd. N.B. 02740 N.I5. 02744 N.B. 027515 "Debbiel' Love to Mom for all her concern. Got red in the face after finding disgusting photoin locker. "Nastyl" Mr. X5Uarren a peach. Hoping to become an exec. secretary. Jr. yr. lunch great fun. Attracted to friendly, wild and crazy folks. "Elsie" Found at Brooklawn Park or East Beach Lunch time a favorite. Thanks to Mom for not letting her quit. Happy when with her boyfriend, Dimas. Working 9-5 in her fu- ture. Feels friendliness an admired trait. Hopes to be rich. 'iHey, you bumln Thanks go to parents for sup- port. Happy when not worlcing. Remembers the girls at NBHS. Hangout is anywhere he hangs his hat. Enjoyed summertime concerts. Honesty an admired trait. Dreams of being a chef and a millionaire. "Bet mel" W,-ua. LI NDA J. MEDEIROS 532 Sawyer St. N.B. 02746 Mr. Pacheco for D.E. tops. "That's what you think!" Being a senior will be remembered. Happy with Isaac having fun or Cruising in his Mustang. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Mr. Longo. Se- cret fantasy is to be alone with Isaac in Paradise. 1- LY N NE MARIE MELA NCON 305 Middle Rd. Acushnet, 02745 "Flirt" Secretly dreams ofmeet- ing Prince and making Playboy. Melissa, Dad and Cheryl are thanked for being there! Par- tying, talking and flirting keep this girl busy. Friends MM, KS, CF, CP and .II-I remembered. Blue eyes and blonde hair a turn on. MAUREEN MEDEIROS 9 Shady Lane N.B. 02740 "Mo" Will always remember being NESBA champs and on an undefeated drum line. ls found at beach contemplating life. Fantasy: To find her G.Q. Prince Charming. Luv ya . ,. to family and friends. L'Yo . , . l'm having a good timel" Likes uniqueness. NANCY A. MEDEIROS 174 Winston St. N.B. 02745 Admires honest and friendly people. Mr. Roscow for chem. was the ultimate. Friends made at NBI-IS will always be remem- bered. jubilant when having good times with fun friends. Is ofgen seen at Shaw's. "Such is li el' 'TQ 12' SA NDRA A. MEDEIROS 83 Florence St. N.B. 02740 "Sandy" Active gal, esp. with DC plays and field hockey. En- joyed Mr. G, Mrs. I-I, Ms. L. and Mr. O. Shared great times with Myra and Freckles. Thanks par- ents for love. Would love to re- turn tothe carefree life ofa 5 yr. old child. TERESA MEDEIROS 459 Belleville Ave. N.B. 02746 "Terry', Will always remember friendships made at NBI-IS. Wishes to become a successful hairdresser. Glad to be a senior so that she can join life! Parents get her thanks. Grace, Kim Anne, and Maggie bring good times and laughs. "Shut up!" f y I I i. KIM MARIE LI NDA MELLO HELEN CONNIE MANUEL MELA NSON 18 Valley Ct. MELO ANTONIO MELO 275 Hillman Sl . ,, NJB' 02745 . 27 Chestnut St. 2' Chestnut St. NAB' 02740 "Lin Happiestwhenwith Mark NB' 02140 NIBA 02' ,gp "Kimba" Likes partying with Cah, Den, and friends. "Go for it!" Happy with Ted and friends. Thanks Mom and Dad, Embarrassed falling down the stairs freshman year. Thorough- ly enjoyed Spirit Week. Lunch and history were tops. and friends. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I-Iorseneck was memorable time. Reg- istered nurse a future career. Remembers NBHS for teachers and friends. "The best" defines senior. Mr. Kobza for chemistry rates high. "Cupcake" ls always smiling when with john, Mr. Kobza, Mr. Pepin, and Mr. Ed are great! Spends leisure hours listening to the radio. Wishes to work as travel agent. Thanks parents. "Fer sure!" NBI-IS guys made quite an impression. "Tony" Found trusin' around town. Mr. Anderson tops his list. Xlfill always remember the day we received the Flag of Fx- cellence. Thanks go to parents. Friends bring it smile. Future hope to own a business. Xvalk- ing into girls' room embarras- sing. 4 in X.. , . X .. .. NORMA N ERIC ANDREW EDWARD DONNA ME NARD DOREE N A NN J. DOUGLAS MELTZER ME NARD 24 Park Drive ME NDES ME NDES, JR. 598 W. Clinton st. 38 shore sf. Awshnfff 02745 170 Clifford Sf. 74 Butler Sf- N.B. 02740 N.B. 02744 K'Menard', Mr. Kobza and chem N.B. 02'45 N.B. 02744 "BA," Can be found lifting weights at George's Gym. En- joyed chem class with Mr. Goodfellow. Thanks Dad for his love and support, Dreams of winning a medal at the l992 Olympics. Happiest when sur- rounded by friends joking. Often found in Mr. Biscari's room. Being in the Chess Club for three years was rewarding. Will remember making friends at Mr. B's room. Thanks to Mike A. for introducing him to his sister Lisa who brings him great happiness. Mrs. Pike tops. labs were both memorable. "So how ya doing?" A good sense of humor something greatly appreciated. Thanks are sent out to her mother for her sup- port. Hanging with good friends having fun times brings maximum happiness. L'Dor,' Will never forget the good friends she made at NBHS. Mom and Dad deserve thanks. Hopes to become a den- tal assistant. Being with Michael brings a smile to her face. Free- dom defines a senior. Mr. K. and clinical chemistry super. "What's new?" "Doug" Special thanks sent tc parents for all their support and understanding. Can be found working out at Nautilus. f'Bip" Secretly dreams of meeting Di- ana Ross. Won't forget falling offthe starting block before gun in a swim meet. .RE PAULA BRA NCO SANDRA ME NDES GLENN MARTIN ME NDES 87 Fruit St. N.B. 02740 'LPunk" ls happy having fun with friends. Thanks her par- ents. Thanks God for being a senior. Dreams of becoming a dancer. Senior lounge was a fa- vorite. Can be found at Horseneck Beach. Appreciates real honesty. Loves to dance. S' Fruit St. N.B. 02740 "Sandy" Thanks Mom and Dad for their support. Often found at X5UestBeachor playing tennis. Meaning of being a senior: "I can't believe it!" Those hot summer nights in Miami were the best. Off to law school. Sr. lounge great. MERCER 29 Arnold Place N.B. 02140 Glen has secret dreams of one day living underwater. Mr. Ros- cow's chemistry class was the best. Fun times with Everuff. Thanks Raquel for her support. The islands and South Dart- mouth are favorite spots. Enn joyed swim team. .... KARE N MARIE MIMOSO 34 Sea View Ter. N.B. 02744 "Mimo" Hopes to attend busi- ness school and marryjohn. Se- cret fantasy to win Megabucks and buy john a studio. Thanks go to parents, Betty and friends. Senior beats being a freshman any day! "Give me a break!" Listening to "Edge" a treat. 6 MICHAEL S. MIMOSO 281 Davis St. N.B. 02746 "Moose" Found on the Avenue. Thanks parents. Dreams of be- coming a well known sports writer. Happy with friends or watching a good Bruins game. Secret ambition: To cover a Su' per Bowl game for a major newspaper. Mr. Pepin and Mr. Motta both favorites. qxrxxg x K X X sw 1' N X .w K R. X we lx k YN K X T555 :xo Q 4 r 31' X 1 A A A 3 E 9 s 4 X R Q , E at br W it 1 Vkhk sux . .X X 8 i DWAY NE M I RA N D A 60 Pamela Drive N.B. 02340 l'Dwif 'l Won't forget being part of such a great school. Thanks parents for support. Mr. Motta and Ms. B rate high. Found at the Mills. Enjoyed being a beach bum. Being with friends makes him happy. Hopes to own a red Vette someday. LISA MARIE METCALF 51 Seabury St. N.B. 02745 Happiest times with Michael. Thanks Mom and Dad for all their love and support. Will never forget beating Dart- mouth at MICA and being co- captain of colorguard with Laurie. Passes time with great friends. M.S., M.M., andj.B. all great. WILLIAM A. MEU NIER 374 Cummington St. N.B. 02745 Being a captain for the football team a highlight. Favo- rites include Mr. Oliver and Mr. Mitchell. Hopes for a future as an engineer. Admired the foot- ball team for hanging tough through a trying season. Run- ning track enjoyable. PAULA CHRI STI NE MIS 144 Willis sf. N.B. 02740 f'Miss Mis" Will always remem- ber her "family", RB., D.S. and M.M. bring a smile. Looks for humor, honesty and a wild per- sonality in friends. Mr. Girard tops. Those backyard parties are unforgettable. Thanks to Mom and Dad. "Relax" TAMMY MISIASZEK 493 Loftus St. N.B. 02740 "Tam" Happy with Rex anc other friends. Thanks to parents for their understanding. Looks for real honesty in a person Won't ever forget hazy summer days at Horseneck Beach. Fu- ture ambition to be rich. Mr Levesque tops. "Go for itil' V FQ I A BRIAN MIXON MARY LOUISE NANCY MONIZ 125 Morgan St. MO NIZ 2'6 Bates St. N.B. 02'-10 Found it easier to have the staff create a yrbk. profile than to turn in his questionnaire. Won't forget the antics of the Class of '85 and the joys of being a SE- NIOR. Found with friends hanging in the Green House. College-bound. KELLI MO NTEIRO 46 Fair St. N.B. 02740 "Kell" Will never forget thrill of senior year. Basketball games, Minority Awareness Club,'and the Art Club were super. Mr. Roscow for chemistry the best. Can be found in the West End. Thanks mother for support. l'Calm downll' APRIL LY N N MORRISON 29 Tremont St. NB. 02240 Mr. Kobza for chemistry great. Won't forget dunebuggy ride with Mike and Matt. Thanks go to grandparents for everything. Matt brings a smile. Hopes for a healthy life and a good job. Hugging the wrong guy at a game embarrassing. "Hi toots!" 29 Dunbar St. N.I5. 020-I0 "Maes" Remembers having lunch with Ana and special friends. To enter field of psy- chology. Thanks parents. Dreams of traveling with Van Halen. Likes finding easygoing. humorous people. Will never forget tripping down the stairs. NB. 02'-I5 "Nant" Remembers falling down the stairs freshmen year. Great personality an admired trait. Mr. Kobza, Mr. Walsh and Mrs. Sullivan super. Lunch with friends super times. Future ambition: To make a lot of money. Free time spent hanging with friends. ANDRES MONTALVO 100 Chesnut St. N.B. 02'-10 This young man left his col- leagues behind by leaving NBHS in early October. While here he enjoyed the friends he made and the good times he had. Did not get the full pleasure of sr. lounge and Spirit XY'eek. Found in Green House. it MARIA MONTEIRO 58 Hanson St. N.B. 02245 Dancing and going to football and hockey games made her day. Fun with PB, DG, LW, DS and RC long remembered. A fairy tale future is wished for with a handsome Prince. Thanks Mrs. H and Mrs. B. W'as found in sr. lounge with Rose and Diane. DIANE MARIA MO NTEIRO 26 Allen St. N.B. 02'40 Hopeful of becoming an exec. secretary. Usually found at beach or on Avenue and Brooks. "Go for it!" ls attracted to good looks and a super per- sonality. Thanks Mom and Cece. Last summer's party with Maggie great. Business Club fun. MICHAEL O. MONTEIRO 190 Adams St. N.B. 02746 "Mike" Can be found at Mt. Pleasant school. Mr. Motta for U.S. History a favorite class. ln- telligence an admired quality. Remembers NBHS as being ranked a top school. Future ambition to go to R.I.S.E. to be- come an engineer and to be- come rich. LA NA D. MO NTY 2294 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02 746 Favorite way to pass the time is partying or being with Jimmy. Found in Fairhaven or at Brook- lawn Park. Mom and Dad get her thanks. Dreams ofliving on a deserted island. Being at Pe- ter's Pond Park brings happi- ness to her. "What's up?" MICHAEL P. MOREAU 968 Pine Hill Dr. N.B. 02745 "Mike" Remembers winning two NESBA titles and the MICA title in marching band competitions. Doing "the time warp" a favorite pastime. Sum- mer memories of M.S., JB., and L.M. great. Thanks parents, A.M. and M.D.M. "And such . .. " DON NA JOANNE MORRISON 581 Shawmut Ave. NB. 02240 "Donz" Won't forget 6-29-82 or the excellent times with TS., S.S., L.F., N.P., K.D., MC., and N.C. Happiest when spending time with Mark. Found at the Mills. Mark, Mom and Dad get thanks for every- thing. Hopes to work with chil- dren. .gag ri' 3 I it MELISSA ANN MARTIN VICTOR EDWARD MORSE A NTHO NY MORTO N, JR. s4oR Mititiie Rd. MORTE NSEN io ciitiiii si. Acushnet 02245 8 Villa C Ave N.B. 02'40 "Missy" Camping at Maple Park with L.M. and M.R. great fun. Many hours spent talking on the phone! "That's lifel" Being with L.M. and IH. pleasurable. Bound for the college life. Thanks Mom, Dad and Lynne for their understanding and love. g . Acushnet 02743 "Tony" Thanks Mom and Dad for guidance and support. Mr. Kelly is tops. Happy passing time partying with friends. "Not necessarity!" Seniors of "84" and "85" were memorable. Looks for honesty. Active in D.E. Found with friends in Acushnet. "Vic" ls very happy on those long weekends. Secretly hopes to meet judas Priest. Hazel- wood Park a favorite hangout. Found gym to be personal fa- vorite school activity. Mr. Kel- ly, French and Mrs. Harper were memorable. "Lame dude!" 47 JEA N MARIE MOTA 91 Jouvette St. N.B. 02744 "Jeannie" Word processsing in the future. Thanks go to her parents for love and under- standing. Will never forget great times spent at NBHS with close friends. ls usually found at West Beach. Computer math a personal favorite. "Aw-right!" ,-v-'Wx CURTIS NELSON 1251 Roseanne St. N.B. 02740 "Curt" Found Mr. Vaz to suit his tastes. The D.C. produc- tions will always remain vivid memories. "Take off, eh!" Hopes to become entre- preneur. Secretly dreams ofself in the '88 Olympics. Thanks his brother for direction. Happy on his own time. KENNETH A. NICHOLS 306 Court St. N.B. 02740 "Nicks" Passes time socializing. Thanks Mom! Mr. Goodfellow the best. Looks for sincerity and compassion. "lt's casual!" or 'LLife's ruff!" Happiest with friends. Hopes for wealth and happiness. Has baseball fever. Hangs in his bug or at the Mills. 48 JOHN MOTA 8 Jenny Lind St. N.B. 02740 "Mora" Remembers football, basketball and hockey games. Thanks go to parents for love and understanding. On to Marine Corps. Can be found hanging at Buttonwood Park with Tarp and TK. Loves to fill those hours with parties. 2 s if A is ROBERT JAMES MOTTA, JR. 45 Linden St. N.B. 02740 "Bob" Can be found bowling, socializing or partying with friends. Mr. Goodfellow and Mr. Fraga tops. Optimism an admired trait. Remembers sum- mer visit to Va. to visitJeff. En- joyed lunch and running track for NBHS. Thanks Dad. JEA N NINE MARIE MOYER 48 State St. N.B. 02740 "NiNi" Is often seen in the school parking lot. Swimming and Mrs. Buckley made hits. Thanks Mrs. O'Leary. Vacation- ing with Warren was fantastic . Extremely embarassed to find herself in boys' room. 4'Go for itll' A future nurse. E 5 2 3 s 1 l 5 2 l 1 GILBERTO NAVEDO, JR. 194 Blackmer St. N.B. 02744 "Pito" Mr. Sykes and Upward Bound program get his thanks. Hopes to become successful in business field. Motorcycles and music fill his hours. "I'm tired!" Having Mr. Messier for math was great. Friends will be long remembered. Happy on Fri- days. RONALD NERY MARIA NEVES JACQUES THIERNO NIANG 1028 Dewey St. 280 Acushnet Ave. EMMA NUEL 333 Middle St. N.B. 02745 N.B. 02740 N'GUIA N.B. 02740 "Ron Ron" Swinging that golf club was the best. Often at the Whale. Computer science grabs his interest for future plans. Being a sr. gave him a chance to have agood time and look down on underclassmen. Thanks everyone who made him what he is! Another early bird to leave the nest before completing her four years ofhigh school. Missed the good times with old friends, the privilege of senior lounge and the antics of Spirit XY'eek. Was often found hanging in Gold House and cafe. 541 Maxfield St. N.B. 02240 "BabyJ" Will always remember playing football for NBHS. Debbie and good friends bring smiles. Thanks mother, grand- mother, Debbie and Coach Lil. Mr. Kobza and Mr. Millette tops. Dreams of NFL. Found at the Mills. 'LBoy, l'll kill you?" "Thoe" Spends time listening tc music. Thanks to Mr. DaGracz and Mr. Broadmeadow. Senior means total freedom. Walking into girls' room was cause foi being red in the face. Vacatior in West Virginia was memor- able. Hopes for visit to home- land. KIM MARIE MARK NOLIN ANTONIO M. MARIA CONNIE NICHOLS 22 Myrtle Aye. NOVO NU NES 8 Spruce St. , ACUQWSFOZ743 , 103 Clara St. 22 NfflS0n St. N.B. 02749 Won tforget the 1oy ofbeing on N-B-02114 NAB, QZT44 'LMrs. D" The fun times with good friends will be long re- membered. Mom and Dad get special thanks. Didn't enjoy hearing the alarm those school mornings. "What's up?" Hopes for a successful and happy fu- ture. Admires an honest per- sonality. his own for 5 wks. with home and car! D.C. productions a fond memory. Thanks Dad. To become physical therapist a fu- ture plan. Playing basketball and listening to loud music great pastimes. Pope Pk. fan. iiYO!,, 'LTony" Ambition in life is to become an Air Force pilot. Spends hours driving around with friends. Mr. Broad- meadow and math class were enjoyable. Often seen at West Beach. Looks for a person with honor and style. "Sue" Thanks all her friends fo their support. Appreciates the good stafflike Mr. Savage. Wil always remember that famou quote. "Hit the books or hit thi roadl' Secretly dreams of be coming a superb secretary Often found at the beaches. hun wow-sqm.. if f. i wwgyiw TAMMY LYNN NU NES 54 Emerson St. N.B. 02- 40 "Tai" Wont forget her new friends Gloria. Maggy, Renee, Maria P. and Maria N. Thanks to family and friends. "NDT" special circle. A future as a hair stylist or secretary. Loves dou- ble dating. shopping. or dining out. Likes friendliness. x H' 4 -9 l MANUEL NUNEZ lfij Phillips Aye. N.B. 02' lo "Rango" Father and stepmother get his thanks. Mr. Roscow and Mr. Ed. personal favorites. Classes in chem. and biology the best. Hopes for .1 future in medical technology. Being with friends or his girl brings happi- ness. Enioys partying. :aa i BETH FRA NCES THEODORA CLAUDINA MARIA GRACE C. LISA ANN NYE OCQUAYE OLIVEIRA OLIVEIRA OLIVEIRA 202 Campbell St, 524 Cottage St. 866 So. First St. 59 Aqnghner Ave, 86 Greenbrier Dr. N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02744 N,B, 02740 N.B. 02745 "Earmuffs" Is found dancing at Caesar's or cruising in the ceme- tery in Mike's Mustang. Won't forget lunches with Todd. Thanks sent to Dad. Great Out- doors Club, Mr. Walsh and algebra all favorites. To travel world-wide a desire. "Yeye" Having Mr. B for French was unique. Thanks everyone for being kind and understanding. Desires a career in the world offashion as a mod- el. Secretly dreams of meeting Jermaine jackson. Spends lei- sure hours at home or dancing. l'Clawd" Feels that NBHS is the best because of a dedicated staff, super student body. and fantastic activities. Hopes to be- come special ed. teacher. Admires honesty in a person. Found English class very re- warding. Thanks parents. Two weeks in Bermuda with- out parents was awesome. Blue House lunches with Rosana and gang were memorable. Secretly dreams of meeting Duran Duran personally. "KinkyY" Having fun and laughs good medicine. Future secretary. "E.T." English with Mr. Pepin and lunches unforgettable. Attracted to honest but wild personality. Thanks sent to par- ents and friends who bring her happiness. Beach last day of school was outstanding. "What's up?" Future program- mer. ar-he 3' MARK OLIVEIRA LISA OLIVER RUTH ORTIZ 25 Norwood St. l H Harkum St. 182 Chancery St. Acushnet OZT-H "Oli" Happy when playing soc- cer or being with MB. Mr. Ros- cow is the most. Thanks parents and MB. Hangs at the Mills with the gang. Dreams of being the best in any future career and having a good time at it. Enjoys the sounds of station WUSM. N.B. o2s45 'lGlamorous Lee" Becoming a successful legal secretary a fu- ture ambition. Enioys time spent on the Cape with Dyane, Ladv Ice and Michael. Desire to visit Puffer Bellies with jeff Barrows. Mom gets special love for all she's done. N.B. OZB-l0 "Dimples" ls happiest with best friends. Margie and Lynda. Highly embarrassed by spilling milk on herselfatlunch.Thanks to Sarge. Mr. Fortes and Mr. Gissenger. Drill Team out- standing. Mr. R's lectures awe- some. Dreams ofa cruise with special guy. KAROLI NE A N N PACHECO 17 Columbia St. N.B. 02740 Thanks sent to family and good friends. Time spent with David special. Mrs. Sullivan tops list of favorites. Looks for honesty and sincerity. "Give me a break!" Dreams of a chance to travel with Van Halen. Loves to spend her money. RUTH ANN PACHECO 1152 Phillips Rd. N.B. 02745 "Trouble" Being on the year- book staff will remain a vivid memory. Mother gets thanks for showing love and caring. Hopes to face future living in luxury. "Well at any rate!" Searches for folks who like hav- ing agood time. Can be found at the Mills. 49 .,....-Q SCOTT ALAN STEVEN D. SUSAN JA NE GARY DONALD JOHN PAIVA PACHECO PACHECO PACHECO PAI NCHAUD 57 Capitol St. 62 couiombe sf. 1152 Phiiups Rd. 98 Aquianetk st. 459 conduit st. U , , If-B. 02744 Acushnet 02743 NB. 02745 N.B. O2744 N.B. 02745 Thats lf! Thanks Pafems for "Scottie" Won't forget the fun and work ofyrbk. Plans on com- ing up with quick retort for Ms. B's teasing some day! Likes work with computers or math. Looks for inner beauty. To be pres. of IBM would be nice. Dreams of walking the beach with setting sun. "Steve" Fondly remembers the good looking girls at NBHS. Spends free time riding his motorcycle around the city. Most noted for falling asleep during classes and studies where he could relax. "What's up?" Found in Blue House cafe. "Suzie Chicon Passes time with great friend KK. and best bud- dy C.A.C. Being NESBA champs twice and '84 NEMA champs was a great thrill. "Wicked good!" Thanks special parents for love and continuous support. Happy with Chris, Kat, Lisa and band. Thanks aunt and uncle for sup- port. "Hurting!" Ambition is to be a computer engineer. Found his first day at NBHS very embarrassing. Happy when the weekend comes. Graphics and Mr. DeChambeau favorites. Being on top in '85 memorable. Me and Ed's or the Mills ub-i SIIELIIS Mr. Connor was t 4 Dreams of riding for team H da in national races. Looks honesty. Passes time motorcycle and Weightlifting. support. Hangs with the crew at . S ' 1 32 NANCY LYN PAULA PASTIE THERESA MARIE PA NKER 134 Bismark St. PAULETTE 99 Brock Avenue NB' 02745 . . 156 Grinnell Sf- NVB. 02744 Is often found hanging with N-B' 02740 "Nam", Looks for honest peo- ple. Being captain of field hock- ey was a blast. Times spent with M.C., T.S., D.M., LF., and N.C., will always be remem- bered. Happiest with Paul or at Mills. Mr. Walsh for English was super. Thanks to Mom. PAUL ROBERT PELCZARSKI 743 Hathaway Rd. N.B. 02740 "Gill" Can be found at any par- ty. Will remember running Whaler track. Happy when par- tying with friends. Future work- ing for the F.B.I. Mr. Motta and history wild. Spent summer working. Won't forget initia- tion. HEat paste!'! 50 friends in the Sassaquin area. Mr. Warren and Mrs. Buckley top her list of personal favorites. Hoped and prayed that she would pass Eng. Displayed nim- ble fingers in typing. Best times came from being with pals. iiii 4247 'e'i ii IX -4 Qs . 7 cf I , 7 1 'fii M 3. 1 1 . XE A. .I JOHN V. PELICAS 196 Division St. N.B. 02744 "Lover" Happy when with Grace. Secret fantasy to be rich. West Beach a favorite place. Mr. Dlouhy, Mrs. Gomes and Mrs. Purcell tops. Parents de- serve thanks. Craziness an admired trait. Can't wait for the senior prom. "The best!" "Terrie" Enjoys times spent helping the handicapped chil- dren. Thanks parents, Mrs. Harper, and Mr. Boulay for their support. Happiest with boyfriend, Terrence Russell. Can be seen hanging in the West End. Working with Project Ready was excellent. CO N NIE MARIA PEREIRA 115 Division St. N.B. 02744 "Punk" Found at West Beach. Spare time spent flirting and goin to "P.A." Wonit forget the summer of '83, Looks for guys with full lips. Secret fantasy: To kiss Rod Stewart. Sweeping the floor with Valerie memorable. "So scary!" A NTO NIO PAVAO 21 Chestnut St. N.B. 02740 "Tony" Parents get his thanks for their help. Mr. Vardo rated high. Listening to the radio or playing hockey great way to spend time. Dreams of a uni- form in the NHL. "How's it going?" Admires an appealing personality. NBH girls were fine. ATONIS PAX 41 Sycamore St. N.B. 02740 "Donny" Enjoyed chemistry and lunch at NBHS. Hopes tc become rich and successful. Often found on the Ave. or al Mills. Was thrilled to have bought his first van last summer. Great times in the talent show will never be forgotten. "Clean, fresh, yipes!" x 3 GEORGE MICHAEL C. PEREIRA 217 Rounds St. N.B. 02740 Enjoys time spent hanging with friends or attending karate classes. Can be found in Mr. Biscariis room. Mrs. Pike and biology were excellent. Attracted to and admires peo- ple who are witty and honest. Wishes to become a comp. programmer. .4- MARIA FERNA NDA PEREIRA 423 Belleville Ave. N.B. 02746 "Nanda" Thanks parents. Mr. Warren's class in accounting was enjoyable. Hopes to be a secretary. Happiest when all is going her way. Passes time watching TV. Hangs near the book store. Red faced asking for stairs to 5rd floor when on 3rd floor. NOAH PEREIRA 573 Kempton St. N.B. 02740 'Canoah" Playing drums, soc- :er or football passed the time. Fun in Brazil unforgettable. Fu- ture days to be spent as an en- gineer. Loves it when a plan :omes together. Thanks family for their support. Appreciates an honest friendly kind of person. PEDRO MIGUEL PEREIRA 400 Orchard St. N.B. 02740 Dreams of writing a best selling book. Thanks parents and everyone else who helped him live his existance. journalism was always on his mind. Mr. Oliveira's algebra and geometry classes were unforgettable. Mr. Araujo is cool. "So what!" Likes smiles. -,. LYNN ANN BRIAN KEITH CHARLES PERRY, PERRON PERRY JR. 98 Moss St. 46 Anthony St. 274 Palmer St. N.B. 02744 Acushnet 02745 N.B. 02740 Cheering jr.fsr. years tremendous. Being co-capt., band practices and good friends will always remain happy mem- ories. Thanks parents, LA, BG, RW, TS, CP and FF. Laughs with Linda, songs with Robyn and ice cream all brought good times. Dreams of dating B.C. "Bleep" Thanks Mrs. Clermont in the computer center and his parents. Is often found in comp. room. Tripping on stairs in Blue House was very embarrassing. Mr. R. LeBlanc and Mr. Roscow are the best. Hopes to become a comp. programmer or techni- cian. ELIZABETH PERRY 25 Norwood St. Acushnet 02 743 "Liz" Happy with friends and Paul. Thanks go to parents for understanding. Won't ever forget chemistry lab with Don- na and lunch in Green cafeteria. Mr. Kobza super. Spare time spent working at Shaw's. Loyal- ty an admired trait. THOMAS H. PERRY 8 Ward St. N.B. 02740 "Tom" Can be found spending his leisure time in the lot. Found Mr. Alves to be caring and sup- portive. Five minute passing periods were super. Thanks go to parents. Fourth of july with B.D. and P.G. was great. Par- tying with friends is great. C ALDI NO PESTA NA 54 Rivet St. N.B. 02744 "Eyelash" Mr. Dlouhy and auto tech were enriching. Fond of playing football and hockey. This future mechanic hopes to have a garage of his own. Usual- ly found on corner of Blackmer and South Second Streets. Thanks to parents. RAYMO ND SCOTT PICARD 1175 Joyce St. N.B. 02745 "Ray" The melting pot of per- sonalities at NBHS will be re- membered. Just hanging out not working brings smiles. Hopes to become a biochemist. Mr. Goodfellow tops his list. Dreams of being the best in all areas. Sports a great pastime. Admires honesty. "Wiz', Football and track both favorite sports. Meeting Shelly made the summer special. Likes a nice smile and great personali- ty. To spend future as drafts- man. Dreams of being wealthy and a hero among men. Thanks Mrs. Bolton and helpful teachers. f L TABITHA MARIE PIETRASZEK 42 Davis St. N.B. 02746 "Tabbie" Thanks Mom and Vova. Smiles with Tom. "I be- lieve you!" Passes time shop- ing. Hangs anywhere. Looks for humor and thoughtfulness. Enjoyed English and shorthand. Experienced the shark attack at Horseneck Beach. Mrs. Walker was tops. 4 5 if MARIA ISABEL PIME NTEL 173 David St. N.B. 02744 "Bela" Dreams of winning the Megabucks. Is happy with Ted- dy. Parents get her thanks for their support. Won't forget fun times with friends. A future as a secretary. Mr. Pacheco, Mrs. Gomes and Mr. B all favorites. Enjoys listening to music. DAVID PIRES 319 Pleasant St. N.B. 02740 "Dave" Having Mr. DaGraca for math was the best. Looks forward to long weekends and the sound of the 1:50 bell. Fond memories of the rallies and the lunches. Future days include getting a college degree. Won't forget going to class unzipped! MARC PIRES 101 Newton St. N.B. 02740 "Buddha" Playing drums or hanging with friends passes the time. Likes finding a personality with a positive attitude. Dreams of becoming a professional musician. Won't forget great friends made at NBH. Mr. Campoli a treasurer. "What's happening? MARIA PIRES 11 Matthew St. N.B. 02740 "Dorita" Never quite made it by 7:30 to hmrm. "Go for it!" Summer of '82 was great. Fami- ly and friends get her thanks. To become a secretary and the mother of ten little ones! Dreams of touching Bon jovi's chest. Enjoyed typing for CC and SC. MARIA HELEN PIRES 74 Fern St. N.B. 02744 "Lena" Thanks parents for their love and encouragement. Hopes to be computer prog- rammer and to get married. Happy with T.C. and friends. Looks forward to her gradua- tion. Likes listening to soft rock. The privilege of sr. lounge was great. 51 SUSAN MARIE PIRES 493 Belleville Ave. N.B. 02746 "Sue" Always smiling when with R.A., j.B., and L.V. Re- ceiving dozen red roses from Rob A. will never be forgotten. Had great fun last summer at Walt Disney World. Hopes to become a music teacher. Thanks Mom. "It was so funny . . .!" ALAN M. PO NTE 1157 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02745 "Big Al" Found on the Avenue. Won't forget the pretty girls at N.B.H.S. Mr. Edmundson and Mr. Taylor tops. Secret fantasy to meet Heather Locklear. Talking to a beautiful girl al- ways brings a smile. "Wicked cool!" Hopes for wealth. ANTONIO PONTES 52 Cove St. N.B. 02744 "Tony" Decided to leave the city and school to take up resi- dence in Canada. Was found prior to that in the Gold House or hanging with friends in the city's South End. Will miss good friends and fun times of sr. lounge and lunchtime. DEBORAH A. QUINN 15 Oak St. N.B. 02740 "Deen Getting Flag of Excel- lence was memorable. Thanks Mr. Wall and Mrs. Amaral. "You're crazy!" Dreams of her own business and marriage. Happiest with friends. Passes time rollerskating and bike rid- ing. Got red faced dropping a lunch tray. CHRISTOPHER P. QUI NTAL 95 Maryland St. N.B. 02745 "Chris" Enjoys bodybuilding and skiing. Thinks Mr. Motta and Mr. Oliver are super. Is hap- piest when not in school. Only interested in those with willing- ness to go along with his ideas. Future ambition: To become a successful stockbroker. ' 1 RosA MARIA QU1 NTAL 209 Central Ave. N.B. 02745 Thanks parents for their love and support. Winning best col- orguard title and defeating Dartmouth in MICA will always be remembered. Attracted to honest and humorous people, Colorguard and good friends make her happy. Future lawyer. JOH N MICHAEL RAMOS 289 Hersom St. N.B. 02745 "j.Rf' Passes time bodybuild- ing, girl watching, observing in- tense sunrises, and snarly tube riding, "Wow mon immensely tubular!" Hangs at Gold's Gym. Thanks Mom and Dad for love and support. Camping on the 50 yard line was unforgettable. MIGDALIA RAMOS 513 South Second St. N.B. 02740 "Mandy'l Passes time with friends V.V and T.R. Finds joy with Jorge. Dreams of becom- ing a nurse. Thanks parents for love and support. "Na!just kid- dinglu Mr. Araujo is great. Final- ly making it defines being a se- nior. Likes Spanish. TRACY LY N N RAMOS 234 North St. N.B. 02740 "Crazi" Thanks mother and family for support and love. Hopes to become a fashion de- signer. Happy with M.R., P.P., V.V., C.S., E.R. and S.R. Dreams of chance to travel the world. "I'll think about it!" Appreciates honesty in a per- sonality. TROY K. RAMOS 213 Chancery St. N.B. 02 740 Leisure time spent playing video games. Thanks Mom for support. Happiest when having good times with special friends. Hopes to become successful in business world. Found school to be agonizing. Admires honest people JOSEPH RAPOSA 154 Campbell St. N.B. 02740 Ambitiousjoe hopes to become President of U.S. Loved swim- ming on school team. Writing class and gym were the best. Thanks Mr. Medeiros for ev- erything he's done! Free time spent partying. "Radical!" 52 A NA RAPOSO 7701 County St. N.B. 02740 "Ana Banana" Will always re- member senior lounge and lunch with Gilly and Lilly. Mr. l'raga. Mrs. Stone and Mr. Walsh great. Friends and boys bring smiles, Thanks go to everyone. Hopes to be a nursery school aide. Pep Squad memorable. "Hey, buddyll' 3 -Q MICHAEL RAPOZA 477 Middle St. N.B. 02740 "Miken Thought about leaving school for a week or so, but then decided to return to friends and fun times. Found hanging with the gang in the Gold House or in cafeteria. Never quite found time to turn in his yrbk. information. ...ip NICOLE RAPOZA 105 Bullard St. N.B. 02746 "Nikki" Mr. Marchand and sr. lounge were outstanding. Mr. Charbonneau gets her thanks. Cast parties were awesome! Dreams ofa harem of men, but boyfriend makes her happy. Hopes to make heaps of money in the future. "What is it?" MICHELLE L. RAYMOND 378 Wood St. N.B. 02745 Remembered most was winning all band competitions, Mr. Goodfellow's chemistry class and Mr. Oliver's algebra class were tops. Thanks Mom and Dad for their love and support. Likes honesty. To graduate from college and then travel the world. .wt 0 7 :NNW A NDREW JAMI SO N REED 56 Rotch St. N.B. 02740 "Andy" Member of school bowling team. Likes mathemat- ics and drafting. Thanks Mr. Oliver for his interest and en- couragement. Happiest when with friends. Architecture in mind. Looks for inner beauty. Being one of the leading schools is memorable. DI NA M. RESENDES 272 Davis St. N.B. 02746 "D.D." Thanks parents, Terri and friends. Happiest with Vic. Remembers friends and teachers. Red in the face when G.G. pulled chair from under her. Headed for career in busi- ness. Will always remember 10- 9-84. "Ya, know what l mean!" it- p ANDREW MARIA C. RIBEIRO KEVIN PAUL MICHAEL RIGGIN ELIZABETH RILEY REZE NDES 505 Ashley Blvd. RICHARD 679 Union St. 175 Alva St. 21 Shell St. N.B. 02745 35 Trinity St. N.B. 02740, I NB. 02740 Q NIB- 02744 Mr. Kobza and Mr. Oliver were N.B' 02740 "Mike" Hangs at Millicents and "Liz" Most noted for pegging "Drew" Enjoys skateboarding and hockey. Found at Hazel- wood Park. Will always remem- ber eating lunch with the "hoods" Future to include ca- reer in chemistry and skateboarding to L.A. "Right on!" Is not attracted to teachers' "pets" super. Found clinical chem. and Algebra II exciting. Happiest when with friends or going to sr. lounge. Hopes to become a pediatric nurse. Admires those who are friendly and witty. Thanks parents for love. EMILIO RIVERA 905 So. Water St. N.B. 02744 "Junior" Can be found on third floor Gold House or in the Core. Football and basketball are tops. Remembers the school receiving Flag of Excellence. Mr. Campoli and Mrs. Andrade were outstanding. Hopes to he- come great guitarist. f pi JUAN FRANCISCO RIVERA 447A Maxfield St. N.B. 02740 "Paco" Best times spent laughing with Cheri. Thanks go to mother for love and under- standing. Getting through 12 years of school an accomplish- ment. ROTC Drill Team is fa- vorite activity. Honesty an admired trait. "Huey,' Passes time dating and partying with friends. NAJAC a great experience. Thanks Mom, Dad and Nan. Red in the face being thrown into the hallway wearing just a towel on Washington trip. "Hey, take it easy out there!" Enjoyed TV prod. with Mr. R. Buttonwood Park. Ms. Rain- ville is tops. Got red faced mes- sing up during French skit. NBHS noted for academic faci- lities. Happiest at parties. Looks for good humor and modesty. Dreams of being a psycho- analyst. logs at Hazelwood. Choking in study soph. year was the worst. Prays that she'll make the switch from 7-Up to Dr. Pepper. Thrilled to party with crew at Hosamina. Mr. Girard and psych. were fantastic. "What's shaking beefcake?" SHERRIE L. ROBERTSO N l23 Mashpee Ct. N.B. 02740 Sherrie found cheerleading for NBHS rewarding. Fond of times spent with Danny. Says honesty and trustworthiness are very important. Thanks parents for kindness and love. Enjoyed classes with Mr. Vaz. Dreams of becoming a stewardess. LUCY ROCHA 75 Dartmouth St. NB. 02740 Finds happiness with jack. Mr. Pepin is cool. Thanks parents. Remembers lunch in Green House. Dreams of winning Megabucks. Red in the face walking into boys 'room. Hopes to marry jack and live happily ever after. Senior means this is finally it. MICHELLE MADELEI NE RODA 68 Easton St. N.B. 02746 "Rode" Thanks Mom and Dad. Off to college to become CPA. "ls it pouvre!" july 15 will al- ways be special. Looks for hon- esty and kindness. Mr. Hartley tops. Going on to better things defines senior. Embarrassed af- ter walking into boys' room. 55 4.,..,, LISA DIANNE KEVIN GI NA MARIE SEBASTIAO JOSE RODERICK RODERIGUES RODRIGUES RODRIGUES 165 Bay View St. 33 Plymouth St. I9 Seabury St. 67 Clark Street N.B. 02744 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02745 N.B. 02740 !'Excelsior U. Wretch" Hangs anywhere with friends. Looks for two hearts in folks! Hopes for companion status. Dreams of becoming a trashy science fic- tion author. Thanks Mom and Dad. Embarrassed falling up the stairs. Crimson Courier great fun. URA NIA RODRIGUES 74 County St. N.B. 02744 "Rain" Smiles with Kevin. Hopes for success, marriage, and travel. Thanks Mom for support. Not being present each day fun. Passes time at Horseneck. Mr. Ed outstand- ing. "Way cool!" Embarrassed when put on clean-up duty in front of auditorium. "Kev" Secret fantasy is to grad- uate. Is noted for telling jokes. Looks for smiles and laughter. Active playing in the drumline. "Good day! Eh?" Mr. Girard is tops. Thanks parents. Enjoys computers. Happiest when homework is not required. "Genie" Dreams of traveling and seeing the world. Looks for honest and fun people. Passes time smiling. "No sa real- ly!" Happiest with friends. Being the upmost defines se- nior. Active on the yearbook staff. Often found at parties. "Sabi" Will always remember his first year of school in U.S.A. and playing Whaler soccer. Thanks go to sister Elizabeth and her husband. Secret fantasy to play pro soccer. Friendly Ms. Leal and math hits. Found at any party. "What's up? SHELLY L.E. RODRIGUES 98 Belleville Rd. N.B. 02740 "Duran" Rated Mr. Roscow for chemistry super. Brooklawn Park a favorite spot. Enjoys dat- ing. Thanks to Mom and Grand- ma. M.R., D.B. and old friends bring smiles. Looking forward to graduation. Hopes to be- come a veterinarian. "Your neck!" 11'-Q.. ff' ENID RODRIGUEZ ROSA RODRIGUEZ PAULA GRACE ZELIA Roso NI NA 1116 Pleasant Sf, 80 Mosher St. ROSA 510 So. Second St. N.B. 02740 NB- 02744 22 Warren St. NB- 02740 This young lady didnlt keep her appointment with her senior year! Never had time to turn in a yearbook questionnaire. Missed those friends she had made while at NBHS. A former member of the Blue House. Will finish sometime in the fu- ture. This young lady was glad to get back to the routine of books, bells and final exams after being at home for quite awhile. Found with friends in Blue House. Thanks those who cared enough to be there when she needed the support. N.B. 02744 "Bubbles" Had the time of her life in Montreal with Franky. Loves shopping. Looks for friendliness. Hopes to marry and live in Montreal. Happy with Franky. Mr. Biscari tops list. Thanks parents. Senior means end of youth and begin- ning of a new life. "Zel" Content being with Paul. Discovered whale watching to be stimulating. Magical mo- ments with friends have been super. Drawn to understanding persons. Grateful to parents. Mr. St. Pierre and Mr. Hamlet were enlightening. "Ya right!" KEVIN R. ROUSSEAU 30 DeWolf St. N.B. 02740 Looks for sincere friendliness. Enjoyed Mr. Roscow's unique chemistry class. Happiest with friends or cruising down a slope. Dreams of becoming a physical therapist and getting rich quickly. Owning a yacht and traveling the world is in mind. ANA CRISTI NA RUA 79 Linden St. N.B. 02740 "Cristina" Thanks Parents and M.R. Rates Mr. Pepin as tops. Hopes to become successful and own a Ferrari. Loves listen- ing to music or being with M.R. Embarrassed after walking into boys' room. Admires honesty, trust and love. Love Boat fan. LORI RUBIN 293 Hawthorn St. N.B. 02740 Enjoyed being co-capt. of ten- nis team with Roberta. Being with Randy fondly remem- bered. Thanks parents and Verv. Cramming 4 hrs. of hmwk. into one per. of sr. lounge defines a senior! Being with RV., A.S.. R.W., and BS. meant great times. Likes uniqueness. JOHN M. SABI NO 32 Kane St. N.B. 02740 "Sabino'l Likes the friendly, wild and strange ty e. Lunch- time in Green cafle memo- rable. Being with good friends brings happiness. Secretly dreams of dating Madonna and winning Megabucks. "You know itll' Thanks parents. Headed for SMU. MICHELLE ELIZABETH SAI NDO N 60 Bullard St. N.B. 02746 "Bubbles" Enjoyed reading and acting as sr. lounge "president" Mr. V and Mr. Biscari made a hit. Grateful to her sister for caring. To become rich, beauti- ful and famous is ideal, and se- cret desire is to be a star! Sing- ing makes her happy. SHARON CATHERINE C. GISELA SANTOS MARIA SALTZMAN SA NTOS 513 Nash Rd. CO NCEICAO dos 1311 Roekaaie Ave. 20 Bluefield sf. ,, . NB- 02746. SANTOS N.B. 02740 NIB- 0Za40 GiGi Parents and friends get 706 Summer St' "Sha" Best hi h school ex eri "Skanky" Mom gets her thanks. thanks- Admlf'-35 honesty- Oh- N.B. 02746 8 P ' ence was being part of the band and winning the NESBA and NEMA titles. Sends thanks to staffand good friends. Happiest with M.L., L.V., P.D., L.G., and K.S. Trip to Canada great. Mr. Kobza's chem. class a hit, Happiest with F.B. and M.C. Won't forget getting stuck in Wareham all night! Admires a person with agreat personality. "You're ignorant!" Hopes to work with deaf children. Liked Mr. Hamlet and Mrs. B. I baby!" Enjoys dancing and listening to music. Sr. lounge memorable. Future days to be spent as medical secretary. Dreams of meeting her knight in shining armor. Thanks parents and friends who bring happiness. Secretarial work in her future plans. A big science fan. Senior means accomplishment. Secretly dreams of being a movie star. Working and watching T.V. passes the time. "Shoot!" NBH students JH MARGARET MICHELLE SAUVE 299 Summer St. N.B. 02' Z0 "Marge" Thanks parents and friends for their support. Dis- tributive Ed. was exciting. Being with George and friends makes her smile. Would love to win Megabucks and have all that she ever desiredl "What am I going to do!" Ms. Shea fan. -f .3- do ' if A A 1 4 il-? MYRA SAYAR ANNE SCHWARTZ LI NDA SCOTT DIANA M. SECO CHRISTOPHER 124 Francis St. l0 Milford St. 47 Blaze Rd. 151 Bellevue St. SEED N.B. 02740 N.B. 02745 N.B. 02745 N.B. 02744 172 Acushm Aw Feels the eyes are the windows to the soul. Got good at getting out oftrouble. Likes getting her way and being with friends, esp. T.G. "No fooling!" Enjoyed algebra and chemistry with Anne. Thanks parents. Would like to be a pilot. Mr. Goodfellow and Mr. Oliver outstanding. Special times of ju- nior year memorable. Thanks given to parents, Mr. G. and Mr. O. Happy in the gym, on the track or with old friends. En- joyed chem. Wishes to be eter- nally happy. Admires honesty. Found in the North End or cruising in the Camaro. Mrs. Walker was a true gem. Mom and Dad get her appreciation. Happy hours are spent when in Roger's company. Senior means finally making itl Hopes to travel the globe. "Go for it!" Found Intern'l Club the best. Truly happy with Paulo R. "Ai, amor!" Hopes to study lan- guages in college. Special thanks to parents and friends for everything. Finds it lovely to take lo walks along the beach. EnjoyerTMrs. Pike's class. N.B. 02740 Will never forget honor ofhelp- ing with Flag of Excellence. Thanks goes to Mr. Robinson. Enjoys music, electronics and working in Main Office. Hopes to become an electronics tech- nician in the future. Will miss NBHS and friends. I . DA NIELLE MARIE PAULA ANN ANTONIO PAUL BARBARA ANN ISABEL MARIA SEGUI N SEVIG NY SILVA SILVA SILVA 96 Oakland St. 25 Whitman St. 166 Grinnell St. 77 Katherine St. 128 Mott St. N.B. 02740 N.B. 02746 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02744 N.B. 02744 "Dani'! Hopes to be physical therapist and wed David who makes her happy. Enjoyed play- ing softball. Mr. Goodfellow and Mr. Hartley made a hit. "What?', Attracted to kindness, honesty, and sincerity and a turn-on smile. Cheering and AFS fun. This young lady hopes to make it in the world as an outstanding interior designer. "Go for it!" Thanks Mom. Enjoyed Teen Culture with Mrs. Purcell. Admires folks with great perso- nalities. Happiness comes from being with Vic and pals. "Paul', Computers and chess fill his thoughts completely. Mr. Oliveira made it to the top ofhis list. Hopes to become comput- er programmer and for comput- er analyst. Appreciates an open- minded person. "I computeg therefore, I am!" "Babs" Happiness created when driving people insane or being with M.C., B,T., M.M., j.C. and IM. Hopes to be a lawyer. Dreams of meeting Prince. Enjoyed Latin and vol- leyball. 'KPuf!" Cape Kennedy and the tent memorable. A Mr. Bourgeois fan. "Izzy" Found at West Beach with friends. Thanks Mom for truly being there when needed. Hopes to be executive sec. and to wed. Likes being with loving friends having fun. Nervous having boyfriend meet parents the lst time! Likes honesty. 55 JUDITH M. SILVA KIM M. SILVA LAURI NDA SILVA LORNA LEA SILVA GARRETT WAY NE 72 Adams St. N.B. 02746 "ju-Ju" Enjoyed swimming ex- cept for falling off diving board and breaking her leg! Won't forget the varsity and jv soccer teams. Special thanks to Mrs. Buckley. Dreams ofa chance to travel the world. Hopes to be restaurant manager. 80 North St. N.B. 02740 Being with that special guy brings happiness. Thanks sent to parents. Won't forget the fine guys at NBHS. Admires the honest, trusting kind of soul. "F-l-N-El" Did fine job typing for yrbk. Hopes to become rich and very successful. 275 Dartmouth St. N.B. 02740 "Laurie" Dancing and listening to radio passes the time. Ms. Longpre and Mrs. Bolton get her thanks for their support. Being with john a happy time. Attracted to sweet personality. Desires a future of wealth and success. Hopes to marry. 113 Griffen Ct. N.B. 02740 Parents, family and friends get appreciation. Hopes to work with children. Mr. Vaz and Mr. Fraga made a hit. Happy with Marc and friends. Admires an honest, trusting personality. "You aggravate me!" Fantasy is to meet Michael Jackson. SILVIA 52 Plymouth St. N.B. 02740 K'Garl' Can be found wherever everyone else is. Playing hock- ey for NBHS memorable. Beat- ing Falmouth 5-2 last year un- forgettable. Melissa always brings a smile. Hopes to be a bank president. Mr. Oliver tops. "What's the matter with you?" JOE SIMAS 725 Pine Hill Drive N.B. 02745 "Shmoo" Likes checking out the ladies, but Nancy is 4641 in his heart. A chance to pick on the underclassmen defines se- nior. Enjoys partying. Secret wish is to promote a three day heavy metal concert. Thanks parents. SHARO N MARIE SI NAGRA 995 County St. N.B. 02746 "Shay" Found anywhere and everywhere! Couldn't have made it without love of her par- ents. "What,s the deallu Hopes to be an airline stewardess. Being with friends or Mac is special. Will miss fun of sr. lounge and lunchtime. DAVID SLOWIK 4 joseph St. Acushnet, 02743 Thanks given to Mr. Monteiro for his support. Will always rate NBH as one of the best in the nation. Headed for the Navy to become a helicopter crewman. Summer trip to New York was outstanding. English not a fa- vorite, but history was! ,- sw.. STACEY JEA N sM1TH 361 Arnold St. N.B. 02740 "Space" This gal is the social di- rector for NBI-IS! Thanks par- ents and Mr. Messier. Happy with special guy and friends. "No problem!" Won't forget cheering, being class president and mascotg and most of all the guys! Hopes to be a model. Q 5 l PETER JOH N SNELL 260 Mattapoisett Rd. Acushnet 02745 Avid admirer of hockey games. I'll do it tomorrow!" Often found in father's Lazy Boy chair. Mr. Motta and Mr. Machado are tops. Looks for a good sense of humor. Thanks Mom, Dad and' sis, Karen. Finds joy listening to Dire Straits. MARY SOARES 518 Pleasant St. N.B. 02740 "Sweet Tee" Mrs. Mellen and Mr. jacintho rate high. Thanks parents, Mrs. M., and Terrie Hopes to be a success in life. Being withjohn brings joy. Fun times with Carol soph. yr. re- membered. "Save it!" Admires a caring personality. 56 BER NICE A N N SOUCY l47 Bullard St. N.B. 02746 Being with Marc brings total happiness. Hopes to wed and to become medical secretary. Spe- cial thanks to mother and Janice Settlemire for all their help. Close friends and good times will be remembered. Riding with Marc memorable. LUCIA DEF SOUSA B9 Bates St. N.B. 02745 'LLucy" Thanks Mom, Dad and sister Phoebe. Remembers the junior Banquet. 'kNo problem." Embarrassed when she spilled milk on her pants. Mr. Alves and Mrs. Walker were special. Plans to become a secretary. Happiest with "that" guy. MICHAEL JOI-I N SOUSA 176 Division St. N.B. 02744 "Miken Beating Dartmouth in MICA memorable! Thanks par- ents and Grandma for every- thing. Happy with Lisa. To be- come a programmer or play war games. Aug. 10th special date for him. "Painl" Awesome being a senior. Attracted to piano players. RUTH SOUSA 74 Eugenia St. N.B. 02745 f'Ruthie" Looks for sincerity and humor.So.Dartmouth sum- mer of84' was special. Dreams of seeing the world and being the happiest she can be. Friends made at NBHS will never be forgotten. Mr. Gill the very best. "You're lying!" Biology was enjoyable. It DALE JEAN SOUZA DARIN SOUZA DEBRA ANN I5 Plymouth St. 58 Longview Rd. SOUZA N.B. 02740 N.B. 02745 151 Robeson 51, "D.D. Sweetcakesn Dancing and sailing both the ultimate. Wants college, marriage and wealth. Happy partying with friends. Nearing the end ofa 12 year stretch defines senior. Admires loyalty and honesty. Senior year memorable. Jr. Achievement and Student Congress filled the hours. Won't forget good times with Tom and Kevin. Enjoyed class in accounting. Being with girl Rhonda is true happiness. Hopes to be a success and live a happy life. Admires honesty. N.B. 02740 "Ebbidie" Truly enjoyed chem- istry with Mr. Roscow. Labs with Nikki, Lisa and "family" were memorable. Thanks par- ents and friends for their sup- port. College bound in science area. Paula and Angie bring smiles. Admires individual nature in one. PETER R. SOUZA THELMA A. BRIAN STONE 204 Weld St. ST. DON 65 Woodlawn St. N.B. 02740 514 Union St- N.B. 02744 "Pete" In the hectic life ofa se- nior, he never found the time to return his senior questionnaire - nothing to say? A member of the Green House. Found with friends hanging out or in auto body and machine shop. Will miss fun times. N.B. 02740 "Blonde Bomber" Mr. Pepin and G.O. Club were fantastic. Sends parents her thanks. Very happy any time she's with Dave. Dreams of one day owning her own horse ranch. "That's meanly' Will remember the friendliness of everyone at NBHS. Lasted through most of Octo- ber, but then got the urge to spread his wings of freedom. A former member of the Tan House where he would hang out with friends. Missed out on the fun and privilege of sr. lounge and Spirit Week. LOIS PATRICIA SWAIN SHAWNA SUD-MARTI NEZ 24 Acorn St. ELIZABETH 140 Harkum St. HT 1 1 H Oi-40 ,H , SWEE NEY N-B' 02' ' ricia eca st osewic swim Hanging vvifh fffgqdg, esp, team practices and Mr. Roscow 555 gI4gI1EZr?Z5AVe' W.A., HP., V.V,, and L.O. the best times. Attracted to person- ality with sense of humor and openness. Thanks family and friends. To become a teacher, but secret desire is to be a fan- tastic gymnast. with Melissa, Doug, and Sue. Mr. Walsh, Mr. Roscow and swim team were great! Thanks par- ents, M.C., D.M., NP., L.P,, and SS. To college for physical therapy. "Weasel" Finds joy with joe. Thanks parents and friends. Found at Mall. Looks for hones- ty and a good personality. Hopes for wealth. English with Mr. Walsh was great. Stepping out defines a senior. Dancing and roller skating occupies time. 15 "Pj NICOLE SOUZA 85 Valentine St. N.B. OZF4-l "Nicky" Part of colorguard team. Winning NESBA and NEMA comps outstanding. Beating Dartmouth was special. Mr. Roscow for chemistry su- per. Thanks parents for putting up with her. "SureY" Likes a friendly attitude. Swimming en- ioyed. PAMELA SOUZA 'KJ Pine Grove St. N.B. 02'-I5 "Pammy" Spends leisure time dancing. Enyoyed Mrs. Hassefs class. Thanks sent to Mrs. Har- per and Mrs. B. Desire to live in Boston. Best times are those when out on her own. Great time hanging with good friends. 57 ANDREW F. SYLVIA l0l Luke St. N.B. 02740 'KShoie'l Mr. V. and the band trips to Canada, D.C. and Flor- ida unforgettable. Happy with Tammi, B.C., M.M, j.B., M.S. and T.B. Hopes to become pro- fessional musician and business exec. Likes a great sense of humor. 'iYou're obnoxiousln Trumpet player. BER NADETTE MARIE SYLVIA 77 Cedar St. N.B. 02740 "Bernie" Loved honor of being captain of girls' basketball team. Thanks sent to Mom. Happiest with Bobby G. Won't forget walking into boys' locker room fr.year. Hopes for career as radiologist. Found at Monte's Park hanging with friends. DEREK SCOTT SYLVIA 39B Bayberry Rd. N.B. 02740 'lDuke" Grateful for fun while working cameras for TV Prod. Mr. Robitaille the best. A spe- cial Mom gets his thanks. jr. Banquet was memorable. En- joys dances and music. Dreams of owning a Trans Am. Hopes for career as cameraman. DUA NE SYLVIA 39B Bayberry Rd. N.B. 02740 "Michael Jacksoriu Found at all football games surrounded by his girlfriends. Enjoyed School Scan and having Mrs. Forgue. Attracted to pretty brown eyes. Thanks his Mom for love and support. Will miss good friends and teachers at NBHS. if' . :-A KELLY SYLVIA 62 Monroe Drive N.B. 02746 Shopping, listening to music and being with Kevin passes the hours in a great way. Mother gets thanks. One day hopes to own business. Happy with those she truly cares about. "Cali, really!" Mr. Francis made a it. LORI ANN SYLVIA 449 Cedar Grove St. N.B. 02746 Mr. Vaz for algebra enjoyable. Crazy lunch shifts memorable. Thanks parents and friends. Being with Kenny creates happiness. College bound. Passed time swimming or roller skating with friends. Found at the Mall, the games or at Hot Wheels. BRYAN S. TABER 4 Doty's Mill Road Acushnet 02743 "Tabe', Enjoys slam dancing and being behind set of drums. Mr. Silva and Mr. Roscow both made a hit. Attracted to people who aren't limited by a set of mundane trends. Thanks par- ents. Dreams of becoming world acclaimed percussionist. MARC TARPEY 248 Palmer St. N.B. 02740 "Tarp" Spends leisure time playing hoop, his favorite activi- ty. Thanks parents, Parties, football and hockey games all fond memories of NBHS. Hanging with Mota and T.K. filled the summer days. Dreams of one day becoming a mil- lionaire. JOSEPH FRANCIS SYLVIA, JR. 4l8 Church St. N.B. 02745 "Studly" Happiest with Shaw- na. High hopes for riches, col- lege for engineering, travel, or being beach bum. Thanks Mom and Dad. Remembers the excel- lent students and great atmo- sphere. l'We had homework, what homework?" Mr. Motta and algebra rate high. ANGELA M. TAVARES 59 Willard St. N.B. 02744 !'Angelital' Likes modeling, traveling, swimming, and shop- ping. Trip to Europe and trip to Quebec both unforgettable. Thanks parents. Hopes to be- come a stewardess. French a fa- vorite subject, Active in Pep Club, lntern'l Club and Inter- club, CIDALIA TAVARES 59 Bullard St. N.B. 02746 "Cindy" Leisure time spent eat- ing or watching TV. Found in bookstore or across the hall with Mr. Silveira. Parents re- ceive her appreciation. Would like to meet her knight in shin- ing armour and to become a mil- lionaire. Accounting fan. 58 G I MARIA M. TAVARES 107 Hatch St. N.B. 02745 "Miss Elephant" Thrilled with time spent in Canada. Thanks parents and friends at Banister. Enjoyed company of her cousins from Canada."Get with the program!" Would like to travel the world. Enjoyed Mr. Millette's photo class. JOE H. TAVEIRA 578 Shawmut Avenue N.B. 02740 Best times are running track. Special thanks sent to Coach Gardiner and to Mr. Monteiro for drafting knowledge. Hopes to become a rich and famous architect. Loves to win a chal- lenge. "NB rocks the house!" Admires courage and maturity. MARIA HELE NA TEIXEIRA 35 Valentine St. N.B. 02744 "Lena" A real fan of Mr. Ros- cow's chem. class. Won't forget 6th week revenge during UB program or the crazy lab experi- ment with Alice. Appreciation sent to her parents and staff of Upward Bound. "Go for it!" Headed for programming. PAULA TERRA 45 Hollyhock St. N.B. 02740 Likes to cruise and listen to rock-n-roll. "What's up?" Found in the halls with Deb checking out fine guys. Folks get her thanks. Dreams of going to California. Enjoyed Mr. Pepin's English class. Hoping to become a legal secretary. PATRICIA TETREAULT 87 Mt. Vernon St. N,B, 02740 "Trisha" Time spent working at Burger King. "Why?" Mr. Pacheco great, and Mrs. Bolton deserves her thanks. Future in- cludes marriage tojorge and be- coming rich enough to own a mansion. Searches for true hon- esty and love. ,- on 41' DEBORAH ANN MATTHEW J. JOSEPH TORRES THIBEAULT TIER NEY V9 Division St. 54 Poplar Road 522 Maple St. H NB. 0214 NBA 02115 N4B, 02740 "joe Appreciates what he "T-bone" Time spent in sum- mer fun at Horseneck memor- able. Thanks Mike for being there. Smiles galore when with Jack, Steph and Richie. Mrs. Buckley and Mr. Roscow both favorites. Dreams of owning a 1985 purple 911 Porsche Tur- bo. "Shut up!" "Matt" Enjoyed playing hockey and football for NBHS. Thanks A.S., R.D., L.R., T.P., M. and D. Happiest on the ice or with Tricia. Won't soon forget Ms. Leal's class freshmen year. Spent summer as a lifeguard. Mr. O. a favorite. learned for getting a future job. Math a favorite subject. Part time work during the summer kept him busy. Found senior year exciting. Sends his thanks to parents. Swimming, tennis, volleyball and softball hits. DIA NE LY N N TRACZ 678 Cottage St, N.B. 02740 "Di" Parents get special appre- ciation. "Out of my facel" Hap- py dancing or hanging out with friends. Child Dev. and Ms. Leal were favorites. Getting the Flag of Excellence memorable. Hopes for a future of success and happiness. i 1 SANDRA TRAFALIS 892 County St. N.B. 02740 "Sandy" Enjoyed Mr. Pepin's English class, but embarrassed breaking test tubes in Mr. Goodfellow's. Thanks to Mrs. Bolton for her help. Hopes to accumulate lots of money. Enjoys listening to music. Won't forget teachers and friends. DIANE MARIE TRAVASSOS 64 Katherine St. N .B. 02744 "Div Enjoys fun hangin with friends. Thanks Mom and Dad. Hopes to become dental hygienist and fulfill dream of winning Megabucks. Mr. Kobza and Mr. Fraga super. Looks for honest, understanding people. Will miss teachers and sr. lounge. DAWN M. TRUDELLE 134 Bismark St. N.B. 02745 Happiest moments come from being with close friends or hanging out in the Sassaquin area Searches for personalities that are good and honest. Anx- ious to get out of school and begin a new life. Will remember fun times always. BETTE A N N TRZ NADEL 35 Ricketson St. N.B. 02744 Betteuel' had great times with B.S. and D.L. and terrorizing with Teen Fighters. Love sent to Amy and Stevie. Volleyball team an experience! Headed for a career as a veterinarian. Secret fantasy is to meet Prince. Happy partying with friends. MATTHEW DEA NE TUTTLE 52 Tremont St. NB. 02740 "T.C." Found in jimmyls '73 Omega. Mrs. Amaral in Tan House tops list. Mother gets his thanks. Attracted to an open and honest person. Enjoys hunting, camping. football and baseball. Hopes to get an excel- lent job and settle down, V... ,V - 3. DANA ATHONY JOSE LUIS VARELA MICHELLE PAUL VAZ VA NECITA UZZELL 370 Park sf. VARIEUR 809 county st. VAZQUEZ 121 Aries Drive N-B- 02740 n 94 Newcombe St. 02740 4 , 57 Monroe Dr. NIB- 02745 "Ze" Favorites at schoolinclude N.B. 03-46 "Ratt" Best times are listening NIB- 03145, "Dana Uzz" Headed for the U.S. Air Force. Special thanks to mother. "What's up with that!" Likes to check out the girls at NBHS. Embarrassed af- ter dropping lunch tray. Mr. Ed a riot. Enjoys drafting and hang- ing in the West End. weight lifting and track. Mr. Gill tops list. Dreams of being successful and very rich. Was attracted to the pretty girls at NBHS. Hangs anywhere with good friends. Parents get his thanks for being there. "Michie" Mr. Anderson for acc't. and payroll was fabulous. Looks for honest people. Being with family and friends brings smiles. Thanks parents for understanding. Hoping to be- come an accountant. Day of ex- cellence memorable. to rock-n-roll, esp. Los Angeles heavy metal. Likes having money, reading rock maga- zines, watching girls and sleep- ing. Dreams of becoming a rock star or DJ. and then becoming the owner of a huge Harley! "Chaita" Being with Elvin is true happinesss. Hopes to be- come an LPN. Special thanks to her parents for love and under- standing, Admires an honest person with great personality. Enjoys time with M.R.. T.R. and L.M. "lt's over your head!" 59 ,adv xi lm TE + Q.. . lie - , 5 " Jiffi f e QI ROBERTA DURVAL de JEFFREY BRIAN RICHARD D. DI NA LISA WARD VERVU-LE MEDEIROS VIEIRA WAH NON WALKER 229 Brook St. Wi Belair St. 412 River St. 274 Phillips Ave. 206 Maple sf. H , N NAB- UT46 NB, 02745 NB. 02740 N-B- 02v46 NVE! 02-40 Lisa Fond memories of Mr, "Vervilla" Passes time building bridges with Rube, Enjoyed swim team, tennis and being rep. to the school comm. Won't forget Liz's blue in middle breath saver. To live forever with Steve brings total happi- ness. Loves spontaneity. "Durvey" ls happiest when par- tying with friends. Mr. Ros- cow's chemistry class was tops. Wants to thank Coach Matos and Coach Gill. "What will be will bel" Will always remember the soccer team and partying at State Park, Being with good friends special. Enjoyed history and tossing food. Happiness is being with his girlfriend. "What's up?" Thanks Miss Gibbs for all her help. Dreams of touring the world. Found on the Avenue. Enjoyed playing floor hockey. "Bartender" Red-faced after falling asleep B period and wak- ing up in C period study! Enjoys making people laugh. "Whatev- er makes your boat float!" Found at Lopes' house. Photo with Mr. Millette was super. Thanks parents. Likes pretty eyes. Roscow's chem. class and play- ing ping-pong with Bruce. Thanks C., L, and D.G. for every- thing. "I'm not amusedfl' Watching guys is great pastime. Appreciates open-mindedness and honesty. Happiest hanging with the crew. i es- .QQ K . GI NA ANNE SCOTT WAYNE MICHAEL WILCOX l WATKI NS WAZLOWSKI 158 Central Ave. 1522 Pleasant sf. io Campbell sf. N-B 0F45 NB, 02740 "Hazel" Noted for her eyes, Thanks sent to Mom, Grandma and Mr. Fortes. Happy with Terrance, T.F., E.D. and M.M, Hopes to become a famous fashion designer. Tres. of Minority Awareness Club. Looks for a nice smile. Found everywhere. NB. 02'40 Drama Club, Crimson Courier and photography were super. Being with good friends im- portant, Thanks sent to parents and friends.Admires someone with a quick smile and person- ality. "Hey, that's wild!" To be programmer but dreams of the stage. "Beef " Senior year was quite a learning experience. M.G. and GM, get his thanks. Mr. Good- fellow was superior. "Apply yourself to the task." Found in the Beefmobile making food runs. Admires honest and sin-l cere folks. On to better things! 60 ' IF' XX E ex .. I A ROBYN M. CAROL DIANE URSULA ANNE j WILDRICK WILKINSON WILKINSON 82 Blaze Road 64 North St. 64 North St. N.B. 02745 N,B, 02A40 NB. 02740 Cherished times spent hanging with Bonnie, singing with Lynn and driving with Linda. Cheer- ing ffl activity. Friends at NBHS, Oct. 28th and band practices all fond memories. f'Wowl" Thanks B.G., A.A., N.F., A.S., L.R,, L.P., L.A. and parents, Loves to laugh. "Glamour Girl" Dancing, being with friends or going to movies fills leisure time. Drama Club was great. Mrs, Souza and Mr. Castro were terrific. Being a se- nior means an important part of life has passed. never to return, Thanks parents. 'LUrs" Attracted to honest and outgoing people. Friends, swim team and helpful teachers will be remembered, esp. Mr. Fraga and Mr. Kobza. Mom and Dad get her thanks. Red faced when Lisa dropped her lunch tray. L'Oh, my word!" A future nurse. A NDREW EVA N WOLF E 16 Buttonwood St. N.B. 02740 "Wolfy" Believes philosophy you should live each day as ifit were the last - someday it will be! Ifnot sleeping, he's running track. Enjoyed Ms. Leal and chem. with Mr. Goodfellow. Attracted by a good sense of humor. Found at Millikens. 411 1 V iw ly f .1 TAMMY WYJACK 72 Adams St. N.B. 02745 This young lady made it through most of the month of Oct., but finally called it quits. Was a member of the Green House where she would hang out with friends. Misses those she tuned into, but not the bells, books and exams, PAULA C. XAVIER 69 Mosher St. N.B. 02744 History with Mrs. Campanelli great class. Thanks go to family, D.M., D.S. andjimmy. Dreams ofowningahot red Lambrough- ni. Loves money, motorcycles and lunch, Mr. Vaz and Mr. Bourgeois rated tops. Would like to live in England. sir. -z KEVIN EDWARD YOU NG 15 Menton St. N.B. 02745 "Preppy Punk" Won't forget being part of the Excellence Program. Thanks parents for putting up with him, Being with girls lights up his eyes. Hopes to become a rich artist. Drawn to folks loaded with personality. To design his abode. MARJORIE ELLE N ZABLE 30C Nemasket Place N.B. 02740 "Margie" Will work to become a rich and famous corporate ty- coon. Thanks everyone who put up with her this year! "Don't push it!" To spend a day with Tom Cruise would be great. Appreciates a good sense of lgumor. Tennis and volleyball un. SCOTT ARAUJO 22 Marion St. Acushnet 02745 Can usually be found hanging with friends at Pulaski Park. En- joyed last day of school in '84 and time at Horseneck. Hopes one day to be electrical en- gineer. Sends thanks to Miss Schoff for guidance. Happy when Irish record missing. MICHAEL A NTHO NY BURGO 154 Summit St. N.B. 02740 "Mike" Happy being with pals or making someone else happy. "Fresh" Wonlt forget hanging in the Core and missing the bell. Secret desire to rule his own planet. Hopes his future will allow him to help make life easier for others. ? . COLLEEN PATRICIA HUGHES 59 Ruth St. N.B. 02744 Dreams of a deserted island with Mr. Right. Thanks Moe and parents. "Shut up!" Trip to Las Vegas was fantastic. Sr. means responsibility and the time to move on. Values hones- ty in a person. Future psycho- logist practicing in California. ROBERT RIZZO 635 Seekell St. E. Taunton 02719 "Rizzo" Dreams of someday cruising the roads in a RVF Tur- bo-Porsche. Enjoyed time spent talking with Ms. Leal. Likes a quick smile and a sense of humor. Hopes to visit Hong Kong. Can be found at Teddy's Service Sta. or Horseneck. with lovc MARC G. KING 47 Babbitt St. N.B. 02740 "That's cool!" Passes time par- tying. NBHS women are memorable. Happy riding 150 mph on a 750. Can be found in the schoolyard or Green House. Hopes for fame and for- tune. Domination defines se- nior year. Lunch a favorite time. IN MEMORY OF CATHY VIEIRA 'r LYDELL JOSEPH LONDON 47 Cherokee Ct. N.B. 02740 "Sly-Lie" Enjoys running those cameras! Mr. R and Ms. Leal tops. "Be content with yourself and you'll appreciate others." Mother and Ms. B get his thanks for believing. Dreams of an end to racism. To become marine, then state trooper. Cathy died December 24 1983 at the age of 17 She had been seriously ill for two years Often she could not attend school but she desperately wanted to graduate from Ncw Bedford High She wanted to be a part of the student body in cvery way Cathy was very brave and was more concerned about her family and friends than about herself Her legacy to us is to value each day and not take for granted our achievements We remember her ' ya , , , . - a I 7. , , , ' ,- f 7 i 1 s 61 A Special Message From ur Guest, Jens: N I E AMHJMQWI I adigaa ii S r e s s 4, Inil .,1' 62 ge .. mm :-,Q-- .. .jj To my classmates in the class of '85, Thanks to all of you with whom I shared the time in the classroom, on field trips, in clubs and orchestra, and to those who kept me company also in my spare time and activities outside the school building. We make up agreat class with great spirit that I always enjoyed being a part of, especially during "Spirit Week." New Bedford High School has chosen to give its students great opportunities in a variety of course offers, and this sometimes created an impersonal atmosphere and bureaucracy. I think NBHS teachers in all my classes have done a good job making up for this lack of personal concern and deserve to be acknowledged. At this place, also some praise to the lunch ladies: Even though at times they couldnlt do anything about the quality and amount of our lunches, their friendliness has beyond a doubt helped many of us to get through some tough days. Thanks to all the outstanding athletes and artists who have represented our school very well in many competitions, and thanks to the members of all clubs who have filled this school with life. This class is composed of all ethnic groups and I take much pleasure in seeing everybody getting along so well with each other. This school doesn't suffer major racial conflicts - perhaps a reason more to be proud of than the "Excellence in Education" recognition. But there is still too much isolation between different groups. One thing I was missing almost totally, and that kind of disappoints me, is the lack of social activity, that is, working for peace CNuclear Freezeh, environmental protection Clet's go further than just keeping NBI-IS cleanb, and data protection CGeorge Orwell's vision ofubig brother is watching you" has come true already in some parts without us being aware of it.l A good democracy still needs critical citizens to assume responsibility for the country's well-being. I wish everybody a great future career and success starting in college, business, or whatever steps you have chosen to take first. CMoney is not everythinglb To close this letter, I want to encourage all seniors ofthe year ,85 to pay a visit to my home country Germany or other parts of Europe to make some of the great experiences that I made being in the USA. It's gonna be a memory for a lifetime! Jens Kuhfahl P.S. Feel free to write me! My address in Germany is: Jens Kuhfahl Luckenwalder Str. I6 5000 I-Iannover 61 W. Germany .eauawws wr-Jw iw naman... 431911 X Senior Smiles . . . ,M AM.-.-x ,. .., W, ,ar .M ........,...... . s-4,.vvirf'-wr' on -41"-491. X. WQ,. ,. W.,.M.,..,af,u,M.,.V...,,.m.+,.,..w,.7.....,...,.,.,-.., J .,f, V. M. N kr., A ' MV 'r:..g: ':" V- X- ajg f f'-A M---- -'ff' s ?...'s".e.X X1 m as Lute as the Cabbage Patch "You mean, the bus already left for Wasliingttmlu "These gghtml dances are great?" 1ll"' C.-si "l think I bit my nails down too far!" "Hes much easier to feed than my German Shepardlu Tuny Tiger says "G-G Greatln -Big "Aw, do I hafta leave him in my locker!" 9- i:5gz,5fgf1j5f:S ' fm -1 t l'What do you mean l can't use this for rny basketball statistics!" 65 I 1 F' g il t is N S R Q F it l X i X X i . X i Mike Works on removing the tire. Q., 2 5. .V zi- S5344 if f XXX 5 fr g x ss R ,- a , 5 4 .M 1- f U 3 K ,145 011,101 X X ff 0 5 is n-'Hi f X35 X Y 1 nf 51 Q j.D. gets tips on auto body work from M Bonneau. CTop Leftbz Ray really gets into his work CMiddlej: Al adds important fluids CFar Rightj: Michelle and Kristine help Mr, Dlouhy with the billing. CLeftj: Matt gives "a detention" during Student Leadership Day. CRightD: Matt, alias Mr. Calnan, calls for a student. AA ln, tida l f l ee-, it ' 3fq a fffiebvlf f-cc Q. :ff UI 0 a L 1 C Q OO. ll ,,,..,-- fLeftJ: Anne plays Dean for a day. fBottomJ: Sue works the intercom as Mrs. S, Amaral of the Tan House. C :Cz 5 ,Q fFar lefrhz Nina keeps control over the Blue House as Mrs. Harper. CLeftb: Ana checks her notes as head of the Business Deparrmenr. CFar leftbz Sandy is waiting for morning announcements as Mr. J. Robinson. CLeftb: Renee is happy in her position as Tan Housemaster. 65 The dreams and aspirations ofa senior in high school are far beyond the beliefs of the common world. Cur dreams will fade as we begin to mold into mature adults. Yet, the inspirations that were bestowed upon us by the teachers and the parents will never be forgotten. The pride of a senior stretches beyond anything ever imagined, and nothing could damage or steal the feelings between a senior and his surroundings: the school for the education and spirit, the teachers for guidance and cooperation, and the parents for the love and inspiration. The time has come for us to face the world and what arrives with it: its loves, its hurts, its declines and its advancements, the true and the false, and most of all, the friendships. In our memory will be those eighteen years of life. The memories of old friends and the distant loves. In conclusion we accept our adulthood with pride and dedication. Our immature stage has passed. We have finally reached 'the first stage of our mature life. Photo by Maria Germanog Essay by Brian Couture if 5, 1- 531' QQ 5 ti- l . f N g h ltfllx i E val.. xx p f e 2 -e f nu y 4 .Mg at X, M tea 'M . v 1,1 ' -' 45614, .'w'iftTiTf' A' "xCN'lYl'i' Some things we shall forget, some things we shall remember Like the people we have met, since way back in September. The things we'll miss the most are the things that are so dear Like the cafeteria's beef of roast, known as "the meal to fear"l We also chose our mascotg Animal is his name. And by the very shirts we bought, we know hels not so tame! So donlt you go and touch him, for you'll lose a nick or two Since he is from the loony bin, or better yet, the zoo! We're leaving him behind to keep you in your place. Step out of line and you will find, he'll turn you into waste! Photo by Manny De Qllvelfa poem by Margle Zable For don't forget that he depicts, what truly comes alive And that's the class that truly clicks, THE CLASS OF '85! Art by Kevin Youngg Poem by Scott Pacheco 1427 lAbove7: Back in the 7th grade Re- nee and Dale knew they liked the looks ofsomeone like Doug Flutie. CAboveJ Heroes ofthe past blend into the Class of'85's choice for top athlete, Doug Flutie. CI.eft7: Mark Tarpy, Mike jesus, Mike Riggin and Robert Motta each had his personal favorite sport back then . . , but the Class of '85 voted basketball JH this yearg especially against rival Durfee, seen then and now. ....., j Q When Wendy Ad N -, , K w y 3 N Hx M i bl Q A BMA-, SLK! , j f ff " , , ' X ' M5454 :,' V - Xl I I .,." ' fd ov , Kim -A la' yff W" 2 KM Kflipf X 2W01'if57 , ff WSW 751-frbffvf' too tired to clown around. Q 67fLLb7" Jijofi E5 ,Q sl L7 iii! -I 5,3 ii.-r--' '.-4 A, V .- 4 guard- . ...W -Q .....- my- U f fr K ...vb .Y CLeftD: Sr. lounge was voted 4591 school activity, while thc Mills Cabovel was voted ifl hangout. fTop leftjz Dancinglpartyiug is still high on the list fCenterJ: just being with friends also rates high iTop righthz Movies tit everyone's budget. 4Far Leftbz Dating never goes out of style fLeftl: Earning money takes up agreat deal of time CRightl: just as in '78, sleeping - anytime, anywhere - is popular! fFar Lefty Stacey Smith in '78 is clowmng., around 6LLftD Andy Bois in 815 hffftfflff Rube: The river wouldeve been an ocean with out you - you're my best friend 8: fav. co. - Verv Nance: Thanks for always being there as such a great friend. - Luv, Maria Maria: Our friendship is something I will always treasure. Youere great! Love, Nancy Lisa C: Thanx for everything and for always being there. You're the bestest. - Luv, Mike M NC KD NP DM MC TS:Well ites finall over!We've 1 Q .. s t t s ,V , sharedgg much! What can I To the this school Lisa: We've been friends forever. It's been great. Re- member Montreal 8: Wash. - Love ya ,Io LF, DM, TS, NC, NP, MC, RD, TP, PG, SS, MT, BS 8: MD: It wouldn't be the same wlout you all! Luv, KD Maria: Never forget the times we had last summer with all those Flishbinas. - Luv, Nancy To Sweedididi: I love you baby! Thank you for every- thing. - Laba "How you gotta be and whatnot?e' Love To Pudding: I will never forget guys in Gold House! Jello . .lii, .i,,i. The 'ss crew: Dc, DL, RD, sk, RG, PB, JA, JN, T1 JM, AB, PG, TP, MT, BM, KN, Gs, JP TS: Gimme all your money! The next ones for re: Memories of Blue Meadows Live on! BS Lori R: Don't forget RFS hanging from ankles. It's bool ing good luck. - Nancy Ann. Nancy M.: How's the pizza business? Booming! Tal care. Never forget Rose. Ha! Lori t tg Q WMM" fr "z: gig!! ei! M575 7315 G?L!i'?"r3Jf'.':' QQ 'Q Iwi "grey 1',tt"?r5vg !':l!"" Me ""' iii L wi '85 - Mwsxsftef :i,i, :3JfegL.i.,...MJsr Thanx for all the fun times Befhi Nevefffkffgef fr2i5f34i!e3lifSi1iiGfbSvle f:Y0U'fC Vf-ffv Special! I-Ove, LMM B?ei!3?!e?3UYS- R ' 'tyt . YF' Mm Jfse Nick and Anne: Thanks for SS Frealgn Robfertaa':iLi'?gglgfgrtffg?ebQAQ !'5'mbre en joyable. Good Luck. - ' . " R ' ' ', Wir' "Vt ' 51.1, ri !J.'.. jLi,cf ,,,, gr feq't4'He1,,,,L!,g: JXQQQJQZQXQIIKE1!"!"iif!'13!5f'ig'fgyi'2M.,g1 'e'g"1'! fC'ia"JLi'219"3eif"1 '!" jffefee'e'!2?i':eJf!.a1igie2':ee:1fee'rPrrif an out o ,.., ,Mqmiapd Dad, You two are the best. eiihghksjfgixigyefyg....,,.i5Eeff3:taimrzfinxteifyeifmfrhermostrregeshing taste aroun Mf-Rossavlfhe..a!WanS:e:fefaYnrs'tVefvdav!0Yn:,rf1Q"2Sest 1374152133-J! Love V011 VCfV H1uCh! S Called Survive! - Luv Va' LF own You drive me up a Wall We have been through so much together. No oi Lis? Fff1endeeee!eei!efeeie3t!eie'Q!e!!!!!!eme lm fofsvfiilrieneferiesfe'aeeieeftreeuf Need 1 sign? ever one ue up. - Love ve. Sue fiefl , if I '2-'35 - If .2 - e TC LM LH' Th k f h ' d' ' T J .iirfe ru 1 ' ,':" . ,rl ,LE , M , M k , H , P qs' rl, .pref e e 1 t - ,312 5 of f fe lf! !Se5f!Onf amm- SUYS ',V4 gj'5.'f3g?.1f,QY'5' ae 153 - 757 h r j Between our smoking snares and screemin' ba: GJ lunch. e eeee eee eeyeee be iemmirr man! Thanx guys! Love, Me ' 'r 't" !ee"!'f tr 7 l - - e - Love L J Roberta, 85 Tricia: V4 Pint: Thanx for being there. Remember campin, Regeee fgvays a mash' GUYS! Love, always Pooch -- Your Baby Sis emi , U Motreal, Wash, Mich, and Terry: I couldn't ask for a better set understand e has some Love, Karla , , SB, FBP, SS, cream rge Martins: I'll always remember 2!15!84. I lo' Tflshi a!WaY5 be you, cos primarily! so much! XOXO - Natalie Fuller r t!,rx,asxrtee ae.teeeB f te. e,ereg..tee,z .mega LIEMYEV .r 6. e r. ee -er e 'ree . efteaet re 1Fe"f52.?e m my en Thanks for being Tn my in f forget the there. - Luv, RMQ ' ' ' " e' " ' 4' I :e '! for Shanna the best To MK JH! were errfereettenef have - CC, Amie 8: Beef: English with you has made it bearable. Obrig Thanks alot. Love ya, Nancy Blacktop beach, Bowie, boys! party! ski! Florid friends 4-ever! Luv ya, SC 8: GS: Thanx for that "first date". Love, Matt 8: Pat when I needed Ue ' 6 in Phvsifs- KK GW BSr JK MN! 1f'S be- for' being a I love you 4eVer' 'T BUDDY live ever Waflted and mor Muu gut LR. Len Marv Kurrruer, - Love Mlke To Babalaba' I heart? 'elnaufie F6rr12I1ClC55 I Want YOU 50 bad ' Me I Person. DotftefeEQefBeiai1de'ohx63riaQ:ii?f3'iLfii".'.Q, ff r fiffleeeve Y0U!!!!! Q75 times and mam' 10' Mo' Rerueuuertiieerutrrrrterefeisri ateeigeeisariafbuerlreie iMvfiriende ef the Class ef 85: Theukrffnileiiftaeaeede :eee re e. was .eu ttraeurterertretruu rrrrree. eau - - I 'J 1 eie' :e'. f neee- -Jenn Gagnon 71 Thenkfefell e e ,r re f r 'I 'lautieiil c0uldn't have asked for a better friend. Thanks, ate mg vliggldn thelfe g' 'you'fe'the best! Nina Cheerleaders: fantastic!! . 5' ' e ' -. ', - , Q ' 'fig ,TS:Never'forget our times down the Neck. Summer of love YOU! Rzageggpf'32322215-2i2gg?j3:E3ZeiniE,OSggn 5 '84-wasgreat. Wear them sweats - NP Rand, Anne, Thanx for tl sreeeertrumfaerieuureruuuefur... Steve tuuertteenseeeee, nifrieree rerrerrreer Special friendship- menenee P11 Tricia. Wyadfwggtabp 4 .Roberta ' ' . T!f!3l1kS' fore caring! Love, Donna Lisa M: You've beetijiggjgijgzfgfeiyigajatafinielliemember : , J , , , ,J fMSQ'MM,JB,-As, BC, Tc, MM: "Band wouldn't have fhe awesome TOIH 35 P31515 ijiffefwhlflg- Om' fflfmdshll? 535g f,',fbegt1L,tlie same without you!" Luv ya all - LMM Stacey: Always 93, and: K TF 4-ever' - Fe! , 5: for the great times which you have the other CYHZY un In vnu! ,Nlkl and Reee On emit Paffisfe J guerr + h s dass day 15 Coming soon!! Rest UP! CHEW Robefeei M'!ee phgcgh ' ef,fy,e.jei, best thing in my life! I hope we last Friends - Gluons, and ha Lvrrrr Leu-ru Lo e r Yee! Sree rides were some Me 3 1 ,:.., .ff .. Y 'Q 3 1 1 - V Y s f ' ..!' . .'rQ:'Qfeet:e"Terrzf!'ffa595ei 1 r . ee 'rre .r . 4 ,s ' 1 ' M'll , ! !0Ve la! YOU fe reflex rae- 1111? .,rr:: ee I r . B NBHS, ri eisf LYHH1 Thanx for eYef fofg eOggf',S3Ig,!2g,Er2i2ft,e,:!,a2t!ggg,eg,',2,:!,!jf!g,-J Tgitnke ef rfrieirerer Zeer. - J BOTH been and Ln ".' '.r, 5 fl .!e'r. Q , ' . ' ei'fe9if "'r ' 4- , J "'e f ie Robyn 8: Bonnie: nicer frienc Laurie. gddiiilsfefrfenjjgip Ysuele to interpolate. Lise! Never of Picnic tuee, ilieieraarie .Q L ' J . 'J ' SSQNP. KD, Mc, se NC: Thanx for e . To MM, TCQ +4 Never forget f Wifhouf you' Love armor can times we itadiia band. -Luv, RMQ if 'LA-Le1e.T1ianX for bein such 21 green COuSi1ni:BGEii:EEi25P!:'ff5.firr Flishbina' !fruiSe'the! I'll never fdfget LUV Ya! UL Ou You' - Alwal good timeS,.AQQ,IiQV, Efeggbia,-3, , ,..,3,e.Q,ffi5Q,r7 ou're a very good friend and Joanne H ttuaecgreuu luck. - Love, john G. Thanks f0f eVef' forget you. the special times , To uaeru Louisa aria iaeurteeueue terra r .,.e. weld sed- H Lever New Ann fm!g,DOH f fofeff 0: have u beautiful are regeraeai fe LM, LL, RQ, LC and sleferleerrrrt eve' eeee . r'.' , -'e',i,i 'ee., r f ers. You are the greatest. - Luv,MM 5:72 ff: m 87- A!WaY5 fememb' Chaka - Todd: Thanks for 8VCfY2h1Bg.fDOWBmffilbgtif N P ,W , h d h d . h k f b ii' you. Love, Kimberli Love Ya always! Hickey Lipsg- 14 4 ee . .. eves are suc goo times-t an s or eingree i r e fr A MC: Sit down 8a shut up, Freestone's, TM, the party, Newbury Comics, Perrier, jeep, Track - Sue Lisa, Michelle, Sue: Remember out little drawing corner in anatomy. You're great! Nancy Rachel: Thanks for sharing your kindness by being the kind of person you are!! Love, Doug To the class of85: You are the best! Good luck to you all. - Love, Stacey, Sr. prez! 70 there. How's the family? Luv ya, L.F. Diane: You're the best friend a girl could have. I love you! Y.B.F., Lisa Lisa: Never forget the good times this summer. I will never ever forget you. - Love Sue L.F. Yup! It really is over - or is it? Thanx again!! Love always, Me Frederick: Your friendship, the courts, 4-212 will always be remembered. - Luv ya, Herman what happened between us. Friend: 'Lovee,eSeott Ceu amo-teb Paula: We-'re best friends 4ever. Thanx for your advici laughs Sc true friendship. - Luv, R. Isabel: You've meant more to me than any amount c words can say. I love you, Scott George: I love you but that alone can't describe ho much I feel for you. XO - Natalie Mom 8: Dad: I love you so much. Thanx for putting u with me in cheering. - Love, Linda X 4 'aulaz You have been the best friend. Thanx for all the great times in band. - Lin irankz Thanx for the best 4th of July and of course the stars in the sky. - Love, Linda lenee: My best buddy. I'm so glad that we have had so many great times. Good luck. - PCM Debbie Detroit: 27x4. Mr. Preposition. iandy and Liza: Always remember the Mills, sis-boom- bang, and OUR BOYS! Love Chris ..A.B.: Promise you'll always be my cinnamon girl- a wicked lot. Luv always, P.S.B. Kearbook Staff Ounior membersbz Thanx for the HELP! Sr. members iandy and Liz: Well, boofs . . . we finally made it! We've had a great year. - Luv, Chris J.M.: Remember the cigar- shaking and freshman year - FLIRT! Luv ya! L.F. tan: you mean a lot to me. I'll never forget you! You are a great person! Luv SS .indaz Thanx for being around all the times I needed you. I love ya! "both" Me!!! Frish: I couldn't ask for a better friend. Thanks for the best 17 years! Love, Donna Tricia and Tarpey . ..... "The Grandfather"!!!!! Qiz: I'll never forget the candy wrapper and mojo. You're a fun person. - Luv ya, Natalie x, NX ,rl 'J l 1 .2 1 r li '1 5 Q., .I i.. I ll' il ! Q ! ' Nl!!! ' , ll is Q! M -I gg c I il!! fi' ii if J! il! fi V W if lf li' . .Q 1" :Qi yy p I , ll ii ig lr--...V , I Q52 7 wa li 'l I lx lg , al if if . i if ' iri ,-,1 1 is 5 MR, LM, LL,SM, AM: I can't imagine life without you. Tricia: Close your door - not a squeegy business! Keep in touch. - Luv you all MR. Anfg - Eon, Aug, Boo! Tatoo, Your house, Lunch, ootball, JM, ethtimate! ski! Love - Lis Bernie: I'm sorry Alfie died - your bio-lab partner. Sue: Boston 8z Harvard! RV Donna: Thanks for all the advice you gave, it worked everytime. Love - Nancy Ru: Primarily! captains! 5 fs. Coach Kum. He opens doors! Fudge brownies. Your "Co" Renee 8: Nick: Youse guys were great captains, mash 84 car the best. - Tricia, Roberta, Milly Verv: All that water. SS, FBP, SB! The bridges built are forever. Best friends - Rubes Robyn and Bonnie: Thanx for being there and under- standing. Love Lynn Mark: You're someone special - specially to me! I love you. Love, Donna MC, TS, LF, NC, DM: Thanks for all the laughs and thanks for always being there. Love - NP Colorguard seniors: "Well, that's a hell of a thing!" You're the best!!! Love, Laurie Rich: I will never forget this year. We have had some wild times. You're great Luv SS PSB: I would die for you! I love you! The prom! Love - Lab Thanks for "simply" everything. - RV Dottie: Drive-in, Stang guys, Long talks, hair problems. Miss ya next year. - Lori Lynn 8:-Iohn Piava: Tell Mom and Dad I'll be home soon! Your sister Natalie Melissa: What can I say? We finally made it. Thanks for everything. Love always. - Nancy Nat: We have has some wild times. Remember the "ski trip" with the glasses 8: tub. - Luv, Stac Melissa: Thanx for bringing so much laughter into my laugh. I love ya babe! Me Nancy Panker: I still love you! Please be mine forever! Forget your boyfriend! S.A. Donna 8: Stacey: Thanx for seventeen wild years! Love ya, Me Dave: You're the ultimate lunchbox, but we love you anyway. Reflex! From Anne 8: Nick Laur: Thanks for being there when I needed someone. P.S. I won't hesitate to call. Nanc Yearbook Staff: Thank you for the long hours you put in and the fine job you did! - Ms. B 71 ML., XM -If Q .ff,i' 4 se-4 . 7'?Tk9D5s 1 X 1 w Favorite Movies Class of 46 - Lost Weekend Class of 51 - Our Very Own Class of 62 - West Side Story 2 Class of 85 - Purple Rain I The Life o a Senior I N Favorite Singers Class of 46 Dinah Shore X Bing Crosby Class of 51 Doris Day X Billy Eckstine Class of 62 Connie Francis X Elvis Presley Rolling Stones Richie Vyll N' "I N , I X I X I i ll Q L Q 1 f ' n ' 3 a 3 v I Q ' o s 0 . y ax vw U ' . 1 xc U . ' . 9 4: as O . Q Class of '73 - 'LThe Godfather" 0 . . J xc nr O . Q I 4 I I, ' 5 Q C C f U D 5. 8 0 D f D g D , D Q 5 1 5 Q S4x All Q I .1 s I Il., I4 I Ou ,pax I' I I Teenage Lingo . ofthe 50's COOL - worthy of approval HANG LOOSE - no sweat, don't worry YO-YO - a dull person BLAST OFF - go away, get lost, drop dead Calso "DDT, for Drop Dead Twiceb PASSION PIT - a drive-in movie GROUNDED - unable to borrow the family wheels to take a hot date to the passion pit SARC - sarcastic HARDEEHARHAR - the sarc response to someone else's bad jokes . of the 80's AWESOME - great, terrific TAKE IT EASY - no sweat, donlt worry A BLAST - a great time NASTY - awful RADICAL - outrageous GET WITH IT - tune in MELLOW OUT - enjoy yourself IT'S BEEN REAL - it's been great f Qi' I N 1 I 5 ' if I' - , . . 1 " Q - Q - , - . . - . i , T . . . ! Q ! 1 Class of '73 - Aretha Franklin X The Q - ' Q - Class of ,85 - Madonna X Lionel g I ,I K XX ff 1 ovl"' Rules and Regulations Did you know that . . . . in the high school on County Street, boys and girls were not allowed to enter the school through the same door. Girls entered through the Morgan Street entrance, while boys used the Court Street doors. . no student was allowed to proceed the wrong way on a one-way staircase. . a suggested school dress code for girls stated that 'Awe must remember that for the present, school is our business and dressy fashions from the latest Hollywood magazines are decidedly not appropriatefl . a 1949 student guide stated, MLet's remember that we're still really very young and if we must use make-up, we should use it to accent our features rather than bury them under a coat of 'LINDIAN WAR PAINT." . boys and girls were not allowed to eat lunch together, but had to sit on separate sides of the cafteria. My My My My My MV My My My My MV MY My My SENIOR MEMORY PAGE nickname was favorite song was favorite saying was favorite hangout was favorite mate was favorite school activity was favorite teacher was favorite pastime was favorite senior activity was closest friend was happiest experience was saddest experience was During my senior year . . . most embarrassing experience was fondest memory was - To the Class of 1985 - Compliments of the Class of 1984 May you always follow the tradition and spirit of NBHS." The Class of 1985: A to Z When we remember back to our days at high school, pieces and snatches of senior life will fill our minds. Here are a few memories we've gathered during this year. B Band, Banquets, Beginnings E 5 2 A Achievements, Aides, Athletics l Q l l Q 2 C Computers, Costumes, Cafeterias D Decisions, Dreams, Dating E Exams, Excellence, Enthusiasm 1 1 I-9 41 is-14331.74 xg' I r E F Friends, Fashion, Faculty as G Guidance, Growth, Graduation H Hangouts, Hopes, Homework I Independence, Involvement, Interruptions V.., ,.,f' I IVLI VVAVZ mt J jobs, Jokes, Joy Z-1 bg' . ,J X X f K Kmdness Knowledge K1dd1Dg L Laughter, Love, Lounge ff!! 'H , f , x " ! M! ' M L 'ft iff: M Maturity, Measurements, Music . K TM: ,V ,k,,..,,,, iw? N Notes, Nervousness, Neatness -S' P Pride, Prom, Parties O Organizations, Opinions, Orders 4f""""X, t Q Questions, Quizzes, Quietness ,,., i H , , , f.-,,,.. ,,,,,, W ,M M, msg J s s sf i ,f 45 F06 U jd fig U S Spirit, Smiles, Schedules flint R Rallies, Rings, Relaxation 25 fir 4 W? A ' , ,att ,V VV f V, - 4, ,,,, .. K i' ' f ,,- 2,52 , if if 1 M -ffssififisiiiili iisi i ,ff ,,-1 ' 55" FV' T Traditions, Talent, Tests ,1 U Understanding, Uniqueness, Underclassmen V Vacations, Victory ' f ,mv - ' Q, ff Qi' A we A ' L' ,Am W Weekends, Winning, Whalers J ,se 1? :fr " X X-traordinary, X-pectarions Y Yesterday, Yearbooks, Youth N1-'J Z Zeal, Zesry A f .f 81 KKYQQ "Excellent performance is a blend of talent and motive, l of ability fused with zeal." l i The Pursuit of Excellence SPORTS Whalers Experience An Up and Down SCOREBOARD 6-13 13-19 21-22 22- O 20- 6 15-26 6-21 21- 0 19-21 29-14 The crimson-garbed Whalers of New Bed ford, led by co-capt. Bill Meunier and Dav- DePina, experienced not only a rebuildini season, but also a rollercoasting season o great wins and heavy losses. Although inex perience was a reason for some defeats, thi attitude and individual performances of the 4-6 football team were not affected by thi factor or by their earlier losses to Bostoi College High, Barnstable or even Dartmoutl High. The Whalers could have had possibly fiv. of six games in their division. Most notabl' were the one-point loss to Attleboro and th. two-point loss to Catholic Memorial. I seemed that in many of the games, time wa the key factor. Besides the fleet-footedness of Dave De Pina and Dana Burgo, the Whalers' quarter back, jr. john Borowicz, gained some valu able experience with his 'Kon-the-moneyl' pas ses and running ability. The Whalers had 1 gold mine oftalent this season which includec the endurance of Billy Meunier and Richii Gomes and the quickness ofRandy Debrossq and jrs. jimmy Gomes and Dale Burgog ii addition to the stamina and strength of Ton' Gomes, Don Cofer, and jack N,Guia. , Despite disappointing losses, the team endl ed the season on a good note by beating! arch-rival Durfee on Thanksgiving Day by score of 29 to 14. In addition to the senior mentioned, this was the last high school gamf for Matt Tierney, Jeff McKay, Tom Perry Lydell London, Paul Boudreau, Doug Cabral Jerel Augustine, Danny Lemos and Charlit Perry. 1,37 ff ?f-13 2 '10 'SRF' . 553' 'Ke-'W fra'-'SM-PE! Jef fw 1'xP 1i i ins 1, gr QQ 611554 I, 2+ f Q74 . I N' 1 Hx ff? Q ' y' ' ff 1. -,Q W -9 'W 1 'T' 'ff ., g fl in I A . . T- I Vi f.f . 'ilax "1 I Vi im Q 1 6 0 ' Q 1 5 ,. A r rf Q s :Jw f J S51 K , iii? i saw .r E 5 6 E i s ,5 ,i ,M Ei WIRE' W f ,f 5 , 4? ii iq , l E s 5 Z i 5 1 I Front CL-RD Sharon Correa, Lynn Frias, Donna Morrison, Nancy Panker, Nina Chomak, Kelly Drehei Laurie Fernendes CBackJ Michelle Almeida, Debbie Thibeaulgjanet Viera, Michelle Melancon, Ann Schwartz, Erin McGonigle, Kathy Camacho, Melissa DeCosra. l YT, 1735 VW, , . fX"f.'Y'e 2-.,:, '..ff5Z:':V7m 'iw:izlE,f,:,'W21. Z ...Ju . 1,l Nfl! .V 63,1 NB21 NB13 NB13 NB 0-23 NB 4-2g NB 1-54 NB 1-1 NB 3-0 SCOREBGARD 4 3 FAIRHAVEN 0 5 BISHOP STANG 3 4 BARNSTABLE 0-2 DARTMOUTH 2-1 FALMOUTH 0-4 DENNIS- YARMOUTH APPONEQUET ATTLEBORO fb f B X Field Hockey Coming On Strong . NB 2343 033 CASE , , .. in ,nr f ii il V III U V . .194 y Under new head coach Ellie Reed, the 1984 Varsity Field Hockey team came alive with five wins and one tie, plus strong play against powerhouses Dartmouth and Bishop Stang Highs. The team was led with high determination and fine leader- ship of tri-captains Nina Chomak, Donna Morrison, and Nancy Panker, all ofwhom played respective roles in the team's long and tough season. Through the outstand- ing defense efforts of senior fullbacks Sharon Correa, Lynn Frias and Debbie Thibeault, the oppositionls goal scoring was held to a minimum. The team's offen- sive campaigns were often led by the supe- rior goal scoring of Laurie Fernandes, along with Kelly Dreher and Anne Schwartz. With the consideration ofa fine underclassman turnout and the junior varsity's rebuilding yearhdirected by new coach Ron Vaz, upcoming seasons look hopeful for success. As for the graduating class, the true sportsmanship and new suc- cess demonstrated by them will be remem- bered as fine examples for the upcoming varsity players. 87 k."..w. -1 Q, W,,, if ff -' " 71 . I ' ' ' -W H , ,L L, 4 I K 7 VV, , Wausau ' ' L - MQ' A M 5 M i . Front CL to RD: Mark Oliveira, Roy Marmelo, Tony Castro, Mike Fernendes, Rigobert De Abreu, Baltazar Almeid Joao Dias, Sebastiao Rodriques, Mike Carvalho, CBackJ: Jorge Lazaro, Carlos Portal, Rui Furtado, Steve Medeiro john Fernandes, Bassirou Niang, Kevin Vicente,1ohn Senra, Mike Correia, Paul Magalhaes, Eddie Oliveira, Coat Matos. ,,,..,, . IK 4. itself . 9, Affiqiffaawfdwf':f2f4Qmy.,z,,, sim ri x 88 Rebuilding Year Proves Successful . The NB1-IS soccer team had plans to spend his season rebuilding. Looks like they've lone it! With the help of excellent players uch as Baltazar Almeida who was voted the Southeastern Massachusetts Conference Di- 'ision 1's K'Most Valuable Player" and the nagnificent goaltending of freshman goalie vlike Carvalho, New Bedford finished its eason as the Southeastern Mass Division 1 'O-champions with an overall record of 17-2- ,. The team was eliminated from the tourna- nent by a 3-2 loss to Xaverian in the semifi- nals after having defeated Stoughton 4-O in the mpening round of the tournament and Wel- esley 2-1 in the quarterfinals. Seniors who will be missed are Baltazar Xlmeida, Tony Castro, Rigobert De Abreu, oao Dias, Mike Fernendes, Alex Magalhaes, loy Marmelo, Mark Oliveira and Sebastiao iodrigues. "' t"'-' jr 1 ttr. 2 - '5 9 A L' A t' at f ,. ' A I it Q y y 'Q SCOREBOARD 4-2, 2-0 Durfee 5-3, 2-3 Dennis- Yarmouth 5-lg 1-0 Attleboro 3-1 Bristol, R.I. 8-2, 6-O Somerset 7-1, 1-1 Barnstable 2-Og 2-1 Falmouth 2-1, 1-O Voc-Tech f' .r.t' .. -51 , ,-tim ' flfl 'll X WT A . wiv on 22 fD W, B. Qi on fbi Q5 F 5 . 4 aw 1-iw. ............., I I 9 ,,,, -- 1 MM Q s 1. -V I M, s,. ' J, i, lf 89 Winners Despite the Losses . . . I V' 7 ,, Y .D fi Z 1 , 'ig fl i l ., WML if A .y i in t it r .es I so sske 90 .lil Qllil Zllzli ll Wagga!! Ill f-E522 '-ll assi-if ri' I -- S s Q - . lllnl... 45Q9lis!iui,giIu2li'f' '76 Ji? 452, ff- W: a- fff- I n ll 'U I 1 , Q I 4' R .. i A- H1 . i n B W a x J A The New Bedford High School Girls Vol- leyball Team experienced a rebuilding year with the help and guidance of new head coach Neil Macedo and assistant coach Paula Karalekas. Jessica Langlois and Lisa Berard, the Whalerettes' co-captains, led the young, but hard-working team into action. Despite a disappointing season, the girls, enthusiasm and spirit were at its highest dur- ing each game. lndividually, the team had powerful servers in juniors Diane Swire and Barby-ann Silva. The quickness of Tina Poulin, Donna Brown and Kelly Taylor proved helpful to the team's cause. In addi- tion to the co-captains, the great all-around playing of Chris Leger, Bernie Weier and freshman Tracey Harrison moved the Whalerettes closer to a win during the tight games of the season. Inexperience and time were the key factors of this year's team. The members of the senior class who played volleyball were Margie Zable, Barbara Sil- va and Betty Trznadel. 941 ,, ,. K5 iffflff '34 4 9554? i P' 'W ' f, 1 ,fv- Hf 9 V 'w fy in 3 iiiii 1' 'yy ' M., if . Another Successful Season . aff. ,fe 1 3 vt M a at 5 ji is iz S -ii ft,5efHa,ir1r 5 a , taifgsitfi T' l T 5 if el i if YW 'F ' if "1' f ' it L fl fa-if Bw 1grf.3?ei awgeat A i ijt S ' f f .1.: f Ein - P 2:1 Lf .11 MM, Z,, V, V, b le, Xe , s .," Q 5 or - A to Q ,, 4 g ff,,iQa ,5 , V .,., , if ,, L ,sf-ga Scoreboard Boys Girls L NB vs Attleboro W ,,, ssossjo to .SSM A Front: Capt. Sue Caron CMiddleJ Christine Figueroa, Sue Watkins, joselyn Indio, Sue Faria, April Beaulieu CBackJ Coach Gardiner, Liz Alves, Kathy Mulligan, Michelle Girard, l-lilaria Rocha, Sue Bonneau. 92 W NB vs Seekonk L L NB vs Barnstable L L NB vs Dennis-Yarmouth L vs Dartmouth vs Stang NB vs Falmouth vs Somerset vs Apponequet 22522 ZZ ZZ mm ww iiwii The Boys' Cross Country team recorded 5-4 record this fall. Whaler runners were le by senior capt. Andy Wolfe who became tr third fastest Whaler on the Buttonwood Par 5 mile course with a time of 14:39. Senio, joe Taveira, Steve Klakowicz, Mike Cruz an joe Varela contributed heavily to the Nel Bedford cause throughout the season as wel The Whalers improved steadily througl out the season and avenged September losse to Attleboro and Barnstable at the SM League Championship. The New Bedford High Girls' Cross Coui try team was created in the fall of l983, ar they showed signs of promise. Their accon plishments in their second season of exi tence made the Whaler athletic communii extremely proud. Competing in what most observers call tl toughest cross country league in the state, tl Whalers fashioned a 5-4 dual meet recori while still saving their best for last! In N4 vember, they finished 5rd in the Eastern Ma Division I championship at Franklin Park an the following week captured a 7th place finis in the Mass State Finals at Mt. Northfieli MA on a snowy, 350 day. Whaler captain Sue Caron provided clutc performances in both championship meet Senior track star, Michelle Girard missed tl majority of the season with a foot injur Other top performances were turned in l juniors Liz Alves and Kathy Mulligan, a trio of freshmen, April Beaulieu, Ui Rocha, and school record-holder, Sue W kins. The future looks bright for next squad. I I x 49" Q 5-:ri 0 C, ' gf- 11' N . ' M Wy, '30 ' Ngl'x N 1 Ll y -gy X K Q A s' ' ff: A 4 f -- I 'N 5 ' t SJ 3 " K ' v -- x ' I C A ,A ','-gm 5 is H ' I ' Q 4 Q.: K' yy N' I 4 I f I' S H 4 Q aibt K1 gk ish? ' 'li V WL it " C Q fgi VS' L ' TV 1 . an .. - , Y 1 ag , . 'ont QL-RJ john Reul, Mike Cruz, Steve Klakowicz, Capt. Andy Wolfe, joe Vare1a,joe Taveira, Chris Baxter fiiddleh Rick Porter, Tom Pacheco, David Gomes, Chris Karalekas, Kevin Cook, Manny Macedo, Rick Pires, Duane uarte, Harry joseph CBackD Mark Chaney, Pete Taveira,jimmy Caron, Sean Finnertygjason I-Iill. Aaron Bcdard, ff Botelho, Anthony Monteiro, Randy Souza, Pat Saltmarsh, Daryn Snelar, Coach Gardiner. 'W MZ' ,, ,,,, - . " - ' iwwmfvavif l +A' pf ,, , ii v ,, .53 n ini ,., ' YM X 3 wan A 'MHP' at S 'fi ,t i f I - f s if 1 ' ' ww f .., I , ,,., , Y. , ' 5 ',,i W'f' ' , i If I f if ,My A f 5 ,. , AEVV i i Mid Wi. 'Sv' 4 iw C 'Q .Lani y 1 iw-f iMi"n,,, Nav? ,, www -H. .Af W , ,Mm N.. 93 2 .. if w-: E Q ,Rm X fa '4 gi X s Q Nw- le . 3 ., . s Q- , 0 ,, F f M ,. VW ,-I . H .- Q ' .N -1,13 .ni " im: Mftrlzr- Si SQMN 9 - -S WF-Y -T , -' ax X- . it ,. - .. -' gi:il71: .vrH'Nxf V t L.. ' ' x , lst row CL-RD: Ursula Wilkinson, Patricia Swain, Suzanne Duharnel, Renee Berthiaume Fernendes, Alyson DePrato, Roberta Verville. C2ndD: Brook Burgess, jennifer Cormi Schwartz, Elizabeth Barnet, Maureen Sullivan, Shara Crook. C3rdb: Kris Curry, Gisele Fournier, Lima, Cathy Foster, Kristen Porter, Anne Verville,jill Howard. f4thJ: Yael Alkalay, Rachell Posii ' : Pamela Souza, Michelle Weaver. C5thJ: Coach Bruce Morell, Lori Barboza, Lisa LeBlanc, Bobbie Sylvia, Kim Morgan, Beth Shaugnessy, Judy Norton. s sexy I I V ,T i, kk W M, -' 'T e s t l Ulf-i ii VSQKNQ rt K.. 3 J, Ig Q 'Q' I E Eg, t S' E: VK, ew, . X Q! fig Q ' 'E ,Eff ,V 'Y "' S - 1 S 'iii if., A 556' ' s . 5 I - ' ' K- 9. .yls f ib., J o 1 . A Q 1 Q3 W L,-Q Q A 'ii V,W, B 'K i' ii A N "' a C, " ff ' 1 fft V . S C we ' N fs ,,,, f be i i 1493? 'ihnw is ' it ' 9,4 'W Hirls Make a Bi S lash . SP 7 SCOREBOARD 1 NB 103-62 Stoughton l NB 77-95 Durfee l NB 41-42 Seekonk NB 120-42 Randolph T NB 98-73 Ursaline Ac. i NB 98-74 Canton 1 NB 115-57 Micldleboro 1 NB 90-82 Attleboro Relay Carnival - 3rd, 1 South Conference -- 2ncl. South Sectionals -- 6th State Finals -- 10th P Up. v Usgfa o.fO The Girls' Swim Team ended a successful season with a dual meet record of 6-2-0 and with a strong showing at both sectional and state meets. Much of the team's success can be attributed to the fine leadership of Renee Berthiaume and Nicole Fernandes who both participated in post-season championship meets. Seniors Roberta Verville and Ursula Wil- kinson provided many valuable team points, most of which were earned at crucial mo- ments. Other paramount efforts came from seniors Alyson DePrato, Sue Duhamel and Tricia Swain, all of whom have been with the team for four years. Superior diving performances were given by Beth Shaugnessy throughout the season. She set several records while helping her team to victory. Also giving strong efforts were Anne Ver- ville, Beth Schwartz and Kathy Foster. These girls also offer great hope, along with Ms. Shaugnessy, of a superior team in the works of next year! 95 Row l KL-RD Sean Sullivan, Ron Dahrowski, Neil Mello, Don Chausse, Scott Fonseca, jay Reul, Randy Biggers, Ed Bettencourt, Ed Alves CROW 23 Tim Curry, Scott Hutchens, Tim Sheehan, jeff Brenneke, Matt Rychebush, Marc Therien, Scott Medeiros, Steve Mercer, Scott Turner, jason Gurney, john joia, Coach Medeiros CRow 55 Marc Parent, jim Henry, Dave Ponte, jeff Tripp, Paul Foucart, Wade Perry, Ricky Porter, Robert Costa, Asst. Coach Morell CRow 45 Kevin Ferreira, David Halle, Roy Marmclo, Bill Hathaway, Scott Barrows, Russ Clark, Curt Nelson, Peter Marques. 96 Whalers Swim to Unexpected Success SCOREBOARD NB 51-52 Natick NB 96-75 Apponequet NB 104-68 Sandwich NB 70-102 Acton-Boxboro NB 102-70 Duxbury NB 20-65 Seekonk NB 84-88 Attleboro NB 78-92 Boston College High NB 94-78 Durfee NB 101-70 Middleboro NB 112-58 Wellesley With the Whalers' first season back from SMU, a renewed interest from the student body proved to be a bit ofan incentive for the team. The season started offwith a fine post- ing of second place in the Southern Confer- ence Relay Carnival. The season then turned into a fast paced and often tough schedule, with some added out-of-league dual meets. The year climaxed with the team's first defeat - nf ENIORS: CL-RD Kevin Ferreira, David Halle, Roy Marmelo, Bill Hathaway, Scott Barrows, Russ Clark, Curt Nelson, 'eter Marques. Qt, 3 1 0 V, ' at i, . ,NW is in M463 V ,Viv 511-at Q , V ' If 1 V V 1 Z ,., Avy, 9, ., .,, liai ef ifw I V. Q v 7 . ,,,. , ,ii ..,r, ,iis , ,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,-,.,., at over Durfee High in two years and a strong showing at third place in the Conference Meet at Attleboro High. Coach Medeiros commends the hard work and dedication exhibited by senior co- captains Russ Clark and Scott Barrows. This dedication also carried throughout the rest of the seniors and each performed in a manner which brought great success to the team. Clark, along with senior Curt Nelson, led the way for the team in the sprint freestyles both individually and in the 400 and 200 relay teams respectively. Barrows in the breast- stroke and Pete Marques in the butterfly brought valuable team points when needed most. Senior Roy Marmelo was the team's main swimmer in the individual medley and distance freestyling. Dave Halle, a breastrok- er, and Bill Hathaway, a backstroker, were both depended upon heavily in the later events for some crucial points in close meets. The fine diving efforts of Kevin Ferreira, through new assistant coach Morell's fine coaching, also proved to be very valuable. 97 A Season of Highs And Lows for the Whaler Girls Scoreboard 36 NB vs. Old Colony 20 74 NB vs. Brighton 67 82 NB vs. Brighton 64 48 NB vs. Martha's Vineyard 40 45 NB vs. Danvers 35 50 NB vs. Durfee 47 53 NB vs. Bishop Feehan 72 52 NB vs. Somerset 50 55 NB vs. Bishop Stang 66 19 NB vs. D-Y 59 42 NB vs. Attleboro 63 59 NB vs. Wareham 57 27 NB vs. Durfee 58 40 NB vs. Bishop Feehan 67 65 NB vs. Somerset 62 37 NB vs. Bishop Stang 54 39 NB vs. D-Y 52 40 NB vs. Attleboro 56 44 NB vs. Wareham 42 98 Ns Vs I -rs. x it Coach Jeanne Bonneau's Girls Basketbal team, led by senior co-captains Kelly Drehe and Bernie Sylvia, experienced a rocky sea son filled with victorious wins and disappoint ing losses. Although the Whalers lackei height, they continued to be the quick, out side shooting hard workers that they are. Dreher, a two-time second team Division all-star, led the squad in points during the season. Sylvia, in addition to being an excel lent outside shooter, was a fantastic ball handler as well. juniors Pam Souza an: Cheryl Stroud came out shining under pres sure during the tougher games of the seasoi like Wareham and Bishop Stang. Sophomore Michelle Almeida and Sue Rasmusser proved to be strong members of the forwarc line-up. Despite disappointing losses to D-Y, Bish op Feehan, and the second game against Dur fee, the girls showed enthusiasm and confi dence throughout the year. N.B. loses thei. co-captains via the graduation route, but for tunately has a solid nucleus for the nex season. , M vs. Iss: .K : I J, ww Q Y . r 1 . S U I ,3 ,V .f E 5 s l? " is .i-. 1 ff e K -,sf -Q .- 1, . .1 ml ,,.-ff 'N'-+1 T .n 'M , ,ff i , S i H Mt ,4 Q ffff- wiv 1 ,V ,WMMTI W f W .-...... ' Row 1 CL-RJ: Kathy Camacho, Melissa DeCosta, Kelli Monteiro, Bernie Sylvia, Kelly Dreher, Rosa Almeida Rosinda Almeida CROW Zh: Coach Bonneau, Michelle Almeida, Sue Rasmussen, Cheryl Stroud, Monique Williams, Erin McGonigle, Melissa Mendes, Pam Souza, Coach Belli, Coach Longo 99 7 Whaler Basketball - All the Way Scoreboard 73 NB vs. O.L,P. 70 53 NB vs. Cambridge-Latin 74 82 NB vs. BishopHendricken 74 85 NB vs. Barrington 54 78 NB vs. Bishop Feehan 64 83 NB vs. Falmouth 60 70 NB vs. Attleboro 39 67 NB vs. Somerset 45 53 NB vs. Bishop Connolly 44 72 NB vs. Barnstable 70 59 NB vs. Durfee 56 62 NB vs. Bishop Fee-han 54 86 NB vs. Falmouth 50 80 NB vs. Attleboro 53 57 NB vs. Barnstable COTE 61 101 NB vs. Bishop Connolly 75 62 NB vs. Somerset 52 66 NB vs. Durfee 73 'N ph 'af as f .fa,,.,,....a.fsrfmw..arm' f ' . p....,,W,:. fwfwf...-ff. . ' f ii i ii, .t..s 3 . The New Bedford High School Boys' Ba. ketball Team, led by senior captain Pete Armanetti, seemed to electrify the crow with its spectacular all-around playing th season. Even though junior Tres Lewis we the only returning starter from last year's ll 4 team, the squad proved their ability in th tougher games by their quickness, defense and intense will to win. The Whalers were a capable and threatet ing team this year due mainly to the bal handling of seniors Armanetti and Mai Faria, the outside shooting of Hector Barrc and sophomore Steve Wynn, and most in portantly the height and leaping abilities t seniors john Haddocks, David Conceicat and Trels Lewis - the team's highest score. All of the players demonstrated the nece: sary character and commitment to carry a exciting campaign throughout the 1984-8 season - particularly against Cambridg Rindge and Latin High, O.L.P., and the Hil toppers of Durfee High School. In addition to the players mentioned, th seniors who played their last season wer Richie Gomes and jack N'Guia. l i I i 1 . Q i X 2 i s l Kneeling: Row I CL-RH: Marc Faria, Richard Gomes. David Conceicao, Peter Armancrri, Hector Barros, ,lack N'Guia KROW Zi Coach Rodrigues, Fred Pimenral, john Haddocks. joe Wfilliams, Donald Lessa, Brian Magnerr, Steve Wfynn, Roger Lewis, Mr. G. Parker W' X 5 W ,tllllt lf F rf Wwmaydw ' Regififsuff Y 1,e , 1, .V ,wr , 'W , -Q 9 1 f PV, Elf is' - -' V Q f Q T, 42- ,. , J ' 1 'fs' R ns r ' 0 i i 7 QW IQA Y ' 31 4 A I A V' , 14 -,S 1 , 1 f j W 'Y K I 3 K .X If S? 4: pw mmm! M wa, ., x , . .fa ' H f Y ' ' fr --buf--eff Wax-rvibw-X 5 .H as . .ae k,,,,,,?5 - aggmgg 5 6' QF3N ,FFR ix -.6 P ai w N " ""' M 'N K mx Mi Nw 0 Q " - Yi " F QI if , mg . NSS. If' Q I" if 4, P7 ef5Q!'fQg 5' if girl 1 n 101 X . x +9 ha 3 Bow I KL-RJ Rachel Boiseneau, Debbie Fredette, Sandy Langlois, Sherri Sarmento, Lisa Knowles, Tammy Soares, Maria Sousa, Danielle Brooks, Lisa Grimes, Anne Schwartz lRow 21 jennifer Barton, Shauneen Peckham, Gail Lacasse, julie Fernandes, Amy Quail, Sharon Gardner, Tara Smith, Beth Shaughnessy, Chris Ferreira, Coach Sheila Doherty. Gymnastics Team Wins .K WJ- 1 ""'t"" -..,-.,.....z..,.. ,.. ,,.. .. .a ff at . - ,V W H ' 3 H ' ,pu-1-f-+-uf.. V 'i""' I ' til' "W't'Mfe the Hearts of Many . NB 106.65 116.2 115.45 116.6 117.6 121.9 117 118.1 SCOREBOARD Attleboro Somerset Wareham Barnstable Falmouth Somerset Durfee Case With the help ofgrowing support for them, the NB1-IS Gymnastics team had a great year. Led by Coach Sheila Doherty, the girls won all meets except two against Somerset which were lost by only small margins. Anne Schwartz and Beth Shaughnessy continued to keep spec- tators in awe oftheir spectacular routines, done with such perfection that they continually won top honors in all meets. In fact, their names stand at the top of any list comprised of league champions. With all but seniors Anne Schwartz and Chris Ferreira returning next year, these fine gymnasts should have continuing success. 103 J WWWWWW laar ' V , , Q 4. i 4 24 Q1 'Q gut, 'es ,M 2 , , 1 f 4 5 Q .f he Front KL-RJ Andrew Rezendes, Marr Tierney, Mark DaSilva, Paul Goguen, Garrerr Sylvia, Brendan Lawler l'BaCkl Coach Tougas, Todd Rapoza, Doug Goguen, Chris Dexrradeur, Barry Lawler, Bruce Edmundson, Mark Gauthier, joe Andrade, Bill Cabral, Luke Gurney, Ted Senna, .lack Indio, Coach O'l-leare, 104 ,0- vgv-,. 5 ' 4.5 S M 5.6 ' ,, 9s"'-'2.:f:w , J' '44 4 r v me 'am . ' f Q yi lL'Z"Zf7f'3'eI'Ti 4 4, T QQ ,,u?,M -' 0 , . 1 ' 61.0.0-1, afar ir i w, ,Y A -ep' V W 5QQtQ, 223.6 , ,A Q Q, K ' i 1 .xv 2 an A, .A ,Q "Sf U 1 +2 . BHS Hockey Team Gets New Coach if x W sf K ---- I?:".'it Ff TY ffi?ffi9 i?' 'T 1. ' 1 W- . . . - -. -- ' QQQQ K. n . . N , - A W v . J if' ., ,.- ' -iilffk 'K K ii u V W I ,M gd, K , x X ix- i X alt W ,. ,tr 1 This year Greg Tougas replaced john Rolli as the hockey coach for the NBHS Whalers. It was an induction by fire - or ice -- in this case, as the Whalers struggled through a disappointing season. Perhaps the greatest moment of accomplishment for this determined team was its near victory over powerhouse Dennis-Yarmouth. The game was lost on an extremely controversal call. In fact, in a rare act, the opposing coach agreed the call had indeed been a poor one and had cost NBHS the game after having played superbly throughout. In spite of the hard work of the team, the never-ending efforts of Capt. Paul Goguen, and the excellent net minding of sophomore goalie Dusty Cormierg the Whalers finished the season with a record of 4-12-2. The seniors who leave have nothing to be ashamed of, for they gave it their allg and the members who remain for next year are confident that they will turn things around with a little more experience. , 552133 'WM' 0,334 'YO v1.0.0, SQ9Cf5f 'QWMNW' Q55QQf. accffk '8e'rY?9"" W 2 . 'lt E agua, M4 eqwiaffgfii' y T BQ, i , tg if s Nui- Y if M' X .I tx ' A 4 s y wg, a l , I 105 ,pn-iv Row 1 CL-Rb: Pam Pelletier, Barbara Silva, Bette Trznadel, Kathy Mulligan, Sue Caron, Capt. Michelle Girard, Liz Alves CRow 25: Jocelyn Indio, Andrea Gomes, Diana Christopher, Kristen Porter, Maureen Sullivan, Lana Lima, Sue Watkins, Laura Duarte, Michelle Melancon, Melissa Caron CROW 33: Coach Gardiner, Maria Jardin, Heidi Abendroth, Tiffini Young, Michelle DeSousa, jennifer Conlen, Nicki Deslauriers, I-Iilaria Rocha, April Beaulieu, joleen Froias, Asst. Coach DeAndrade 5 . Keeping Track of Time . SCOREBOARD Boys N.B. Girls vs W Barnstable L L Falmouth L W Wareham W L Seekonk L W Stang W W Dartmouth W W Voc-Tech W W Fairhaven W 106 The New Bedford High track team started slowly but gathered up steam dow the stretch as they established themselves 2 one of the premiere boys' and girls' trac squads in the competitive SMC. The boys' team was led by the outstandin performances of Andy Wolfe C2-mile Seniors Mike Cruz C600 and relayb, Stev Klakowicz C1000 and relayD,joe Taveira C60 and relayb, and George Jacques C50 and 506 added to the honors. Clutch performances b Michelle Girard C500, 600, and relay? and Su Caron C2-milel paved the way for the girls in winning fashion. The 1984-1985 track tear is to be commended for their outstandin efforts and another successful season. +4 E c' "'F""i rw-'s i, Q35 51 .- J ff HV F ---4 f A , fwi' W "" 1, Row l lL-RJ: Pat Saltmarsh, jeff McKay, Tim Stott, Chris Baxter, Frank DePina, Dana Burgo, George jacques, Co-Capt. Mike Cruz, Co-capt. Andy Wolfe. Steve Klakowicz, joe Taveira lRow 23: David Gomes. Harry joseph, joe DaRocha, Tom Pacheco, john Reul, Cliff Espinola, Kevin Cook, Tim jacques, Manny Macedo, Chris Karalekas, john DeSouza, Kelly Martin CROW SJ: Coach Gardiner, Daryn Snelar Scott Brown, Tony DeCosta, Sean Finnerty, Mike Belanger, Matt Gracia, Rich Pires,jason Hill, Pete Taveira, Scott Webster, Scott Sylvia, Duane Duarte, Asst. Coach DeAndrade 10' When I think hack on the sports seasons, Illl remember the wins and losses, but MOST OF ALL . . . PLL REME BER . "The thrill of competition . , , " ii --.Q "The first place efforts K . to Us -- -f f "NEI-IS spirit , , , "The coach's instructions . . . " "Trying despite losses -f sffii its X ,iqwsff-' c1,2f22 X 108 K'Hoping to get into the game . . , "The encouragement of teammates , , . " illlll' r' X i 'I ff If I I , V 'W ,V kVl,, 3 ,,,, , ,-,, WW ' .4 "Being up against stiff competition H. 1 "The excitement of the hockey games w. "The winning tradition of NBHS basketball , . , " gn.. "Our fans , . . " Aff 4 Win "The bonfire at Buttonwood . . , " a..3,w A .. . 5 . A I A .n-we T x ..v- .3 .,,,,-x5'::.': '--W1 '- 51,8 3. . -..-,.... .Q 9- t. ,.. ,,.,.. .Q I A gr. . M. . Myth, ,,,,,,,' . 0 . L . K - ,,.t ,, ., ,. my "-'-U' if , g - - if - A fr-we - .W . .N fs- , i ,, Q -W - t. , -'N -Q. 'O-wif . , , . X "Making a close call . . . ' ' "Running a good race . . . -TO" "The grace of the gymnastic team . . . " 109 f- .L Lf. ,L Aww I . ,Q .-im, ...R kr A A B. 1, Wa' M rw. ,,,. :S+ ...A K 3 . k...,,--ig-ff--N Girls b-ball against Stang . . . " "Hours of practice . , . "A 3-2 pitch , . . "Being family . , . U 'iwhaler pride . . . 'l If f pq., aww 'Andys Speed , , A " "Cold days of early golf , , , " 'The rivalry against Durfee . . . I IVVDAIA L,,.L .K ,-1.: ,,..anl0"" .. , ,,,, i A -1:-A ..:, x ..... -' fr in --7.5 -sw- " W- H . 1 ,,.x..i. :gal 2 Q M9 , AW l alloy 'Gln l i Ay "The pride of wearing the red and white . , . 49 for V5 "The fans who stayed loyal always . . . " gs -sf , K ,f rf- "The skill of the soccer team . . , " QW V A5 we get ready to depart, we reflect back ort cnwedays Of growth. We eavne in nwnbevfs from vnany places . . . as individuals i I 1 114 V Then we came together E aeh Une ee giving Qf V ' himsehf Each Une bringing something special - as We were inspired And we became I the best we could be - We achieved in a school that has also achieved HN iii!! v 2 - A T T Y - We grew .Strong from our proud heritage . . . And wise L from our elders -- V i 'YV' 4 ,R 7 r r if ' P' If-fe K 'Munir-if We me proud of what weave achieved We are proud df f"'5 45 is I' , wr- dai! nr .. , 2 V fwwwmw of what we've become - if We will continue to strive for excellence L And we will continue i t e to aehzeve e 1 e S F' B eeause we ' have been taught 5 Le-M We can achieve - "'J - 'ff' 'W' 'ti' - ' E1 The owfslele wofrlel reeegnizeel our excellence - 'ie E Q zt To the top ace tomorrow ... , ,, With smiles and confidence Wk. f W Xie! wang- E .mf may JT Y A And we will remember forever eur home . . . 4- -srgsrsi. xl: L,--ff,w...1.rs1g we- CONGRATULATIONS from Mayor Brian J. Lawler "Let us, then, be up and doing With a heart for any fateg Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow CLUB ACTIVITIES W ?5f'jMil,vfWN4""wW'A'PiJ11k 'Pil5N??QWJF kiubfmw D gkg 51.4-fNmMK+?Pil,S"Naf wWlfWNf1JfK+"1:"'wZfINK'Zff21ZK.4Z:'N,f E-3 'K xx 'xp 4- A? qi- 4 fx- 'T' Aw 1 , , ' Q . X x I . 5 1 . V g 1 ' ,Q ' jg k Q Q y 'hifi - J fl Q A if ? V' R H y + . A Q it 3 .8 Q 5 ,E vi' A 3 i 7? 4, E ,A E ,ww i: E ,,.. ,L.. --QQ gs . Wi ,, Wriki i A f :cz ,,. -Q? 132 2 Zi f J f W A l JUNioR BA QUET "Coming Alive!" On Thursday, May 26, 1984 at the Skipper Inn, the Class of L85 gathered for its junior Banquet, It was a night of dining, dancing, and entertainment. Michael Cruz, jeff McKay, and Steve Klakowicz tother- wise known as Sargent L'Amour and the Soldiers of Lovel performed an original routine to Billy joel's "For the Longest Timef' Robert Andrade accompanied by Michelle LeBlanc on piano sang a solo, The class decided to show its spirit by acting out Van Halen's hit Hump" with several members touching the ceiling! All in all it was a memorable night. X V 'J vi Vw . 2 I My X541 S, 2 .w ,151 ,V I 5 ,Q ' , , y , , 'N-.. M , ..- 'mi it WJ 135 . SPIRIT AWAKENS AT NBHS The sleeping giant called "Spirit,' awoke in full force in November to display his wares during Pajama Day, Toga Day, Outrageous Day, All Sports Day and Masquerade Day of 4'Spirit Week." Decked out in garments of various sorts and loads of imagination, the Class of '85 certainly added enough color to NBHS to rival any of the four colors found in the four houses. Throughout Spirit Week a calliope of events was held to raise spirits and to raise funds for the Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets distributed to needy families. Setting the tone for Spirit Week this year, Student Leadership Day was the first event. This was followed by the Drama Clubls fall production and the Minority Awareness Clubls fashion show. Then on Tuesday, Nov. 20th, the 2nd annual Student-Faculty vol- leyball game was held. is kim. 53'wt?WX'.s'WKf3FSfk Eii S gl .,, y y Wednesday proved to be a full day. Tl morning school rally disclosed the winners 1 the "spirit linksj' the masquerade contest, tl jelly bean count and of course the class of'E mascot, Animal! The car decorating contest was held at 61C p.m. that evening and followed by the spit parade at Buttonwood Park where the ral and bonfire were held. Thursday was the traditional football gan between NBHS and rival Durfee. The finale was held on Saturday night in tl girls' gym where the traditional Spirit Dana closed the week. t E , . .. N. ,... mx X 35 1' aL A ss, UF 9 ss 511 i 2'- , 1 X3 K 1 .gi .1 ,... E .. - ww , Eff, nf wgxx , H, n zz sz ' fi 'EQ , 11 Z 'sw Q7 w' ' 4 ,grm':M1?'f I "If H K my f -xfxngmmiz 5 v-4 ik , avg. 'fX L If ,A ML? any 4 SPIRIT R LLY Everyone from the crowd, the cheerleaders, the ma- jorettes, the flag twirlers, the spirit club, the band, to the players themselves got into the act. NB truly urocked the housey' with pep and enthusiasm. No one will forget the great time, nor the 'Kthumb man" losing his skirt! at fil23Pjtf t 3 , Sv N Q , X " X :fm 1 C Painting the Town The enthusiasm and spirit kept everyone warm during the spirit decorating contest and parade. The city folks were treated to a gala affair when the parade kicked off at 6:45 p.m. from the library and marched to Buttonwood Park. The band and football team, atop the ladder truck, led the way. They were followed by the contest cars and floats being brought along by the winner ofthe Mayor's Trophy - The Class of '85, The senior mascot Animal, alias Stacey Smith, class president, accepted the trophy for the award-winning theme truck bearing the slogan, "Cook Those Turkeys!" i"if+ 53 19 -vii with Spirit! Headmastefs Trophy - Crimson Courier And the Winners Are . . . "Anxiously awaiting the results . . , 14, 1 '4We won! We won!" .A , X, , 't 3 J f E f ,AJ sf 'W .,,, ,' , ' - ,if R x :azz ,, I i ' 5 fl 4 f?ff2,:2 , 'K 'W ei Deans Trophy - Girls' Swim Team judges' Trophy - Freshmen Class Above: Hon. Mention - Minority Aw. Club Below: Hon. Mention - Sophomore Class H4 4 i ,, X Congratulations to All Entries Not every entry could receive a trophy but every entry certainly deserved one! For the hard work and time spent - thanksg for the results - CONGRATULATIONS! ,,,..,. ii 5 XX xxx A i 1 - I ' ' 'Ei-5115, B0 FIRE! "Everyone's Theren Young and old, students and graduates, athletes and fans - everyone follows the tradition of attending the big bonfire at Buttonwood Park on the eve ofthe biggarne. After the chill ofthe march up from the library, the heat from the huge inferno feels greatf lf E NBHS 29 - Durfee 14 X -g ' f S T L0 D E NT H.E.L.P. L 0 A N s Sal BEDFQQ0 2 1 Z 'Pay 65 Tsgmxi 994-5000 Through the Pages of the Log The yearbook is the culmination of all signifi- cant elements that comprise the high school years. Everything from activities, to question- naires, to senior messages are included. Ms. Biz- zarro, our advisor, constantly reminded us ofthe importance of being able to look back and vivid- ly recall the events that made attending New Bedford High School special. Preparations for the yearbook began in june with interviews for interested candidates. Dur- ing summer sessions our editor-in-chief, Ana Chereta, chose the theme. Fellow editors met to decide on the cover, the print, and to learn the techniques of doing a layout. However, the real work began when school started. Deadlines were the dreaded facts con- fronted, yet they weren't the only problems the collaboration of editors and staff had to face. Writing copy, retaking pictures, identifying pic- tures, drawing layouts, and proofreading were just a select few. Much time and effort has been put into this yearbook. We consistently strove to produce the "perfect" yearbook, and we hope you will appreciate our work. Typing Staff CL-RD: Kim Silva, CEd.J Maria DaSilva, joana Castro. Yearbook Staff Row lil.-RD: Kimberly Grace, Ruth Pacheco, Kim Silva, Ana Alexandra, Gina Rodrigues, Lisa Benedettijoar Castro, Sandra Medeiros, Sue Faria CROW 27: Carol Astley, Chrisann Kellish, Maria Germano, Ana Cheret: Suzanne Caron, Maria DaSilva,jennifer Cormier, Alyson DePrato, Grace Carreiro CROW SD: Kevin Young, Nelson, Steven Klakowicz, jose Andrade, Scott Pacheco, David Gomes, Rui Marmelo. 1 to T s. f I WSE. ---is Editors Choosing the 1985 cover are seated left to right Steven Klakowicz, Editor-in-chief Ana Cher-et. Maria DaSilva, Maria Germano, and standing left to right are Sue Caron, Chrisann Kellish, an Carol Astley. Sports Staff Photography Staff QL RJ Curt Nelson, CEd.J Steven K1ak0wiC2,David GOH165, CmiSSif1gUf1Ck' CL-RD Manny DeOliveira, jose Andrade, Melissa Morse, CEd.j Maria Germano, Lynne Melancon. ie Almeida. Carol's hard at work on her layout for the faculty section. ia .., Rutlfs smiling because her work is Advertising - Faculty Staff Pacheco. done' CL-RD: Tom Washburn, 4Ed.b Carol Astley, Gina Rodriques, Sandra Medeiros, Ruth 5 ' ' ' , Va' x MMM Clubs - Activities Staff Graduate Sfaff .ow 1 CL-RJ. Ana Alexandre, md., Suzanne Caron' Sue Farm QROW 23 Kevin Young, CL-RJ: Scott Pacheco, Lisa Benedetti, 6Ed.D Chrisann Kellish, Grace Carreiro, Alyson on-member Nancy Machado, Kim Grace, Jennifer Cormier. Deprato' KW f X.'1 Melissa lines up a good shot. The work is done and, after working together all year, we could just strangle each other! 147 BHS Students Lead the Wa New Bedford High has a large measure of self-government that provides its students with the opportunity to regulate their own affairs and to communicate their desires to other elements of the high school communi- ty. The Student Advisory Committee and Stu- dent Representative to the School Commit- tee consist of a group of seven students elected by their peers. These groups work closely with administrators and act as repre- sentatives of their fellow students. Over the years, SAC has been instrumental in the suc- cess of the Tutorial Center and in many school policy changes. They also encouraged students to improve their grades through the Academic Excellence Campaign. Club presidents are also a significant part of the school. They are the ones who engender the spirit and leadership that is necessary for the success of their individual clubs. The class officers also have an important Student Advisory Committee role within the school. Not only do they re resent their class, but they are also respon ble for arranging the various social functio throughout the year. To be a member of the Steering Comm tee involves great commitment. They collc monies for various functions, attend freque meetings, and vote on issues concerning th4 class. Club Presidents Row l CL-RD Pedra Leandre, Nancy Machado, Maria Monteiro CRow 25 Cheryl Stroud, Ang Tavaresjudy Silva, Ana Alexandre, Monica Leandre, Renee Berthiaume, Carol Caimioni CRow ,losh Galitsky, Kevin Young, Ken Nichols, Norman Meltzer, George Ferreira, Brian Perry. Row ML-RD: Student Rep. Roberta Verville, Sec. Suzanne Caron, Lisa Amaral CROW 25 Ch. Michelle LeBlanc, Kelly Gomes, Paul Foucart, Thom- as Pacheco. junior Class Officers CL-RJ: Pres. Christopher Costa, Sec. Yael Allcalay, V.P. David Oliveira. 148 Sophomore Class Officers CL-RJ: V.P. Robert Long, Pres. Valerie Amorin, Sec. john Joie Sophomore Steering Committee Row lCL-RJ: Kim Silva, Amy arreiro, Iva Chereta, Stephanie zwrence, Debby Fredette CROW 21 Mr A. Alves Cadv.D, Karen Pinto, Lisa Robertson, Brenda Larnond, Antoinette Gomes, julie Casey, Michelle Goyette, Debbie Cardoso, Ms. Dean Cadv.D junior Steering Committee Row lCL-RD: Cherie Arruda, Rachel Pinto, Jackie Almeida, Angela Vidal, Lucy Lopes, Cheryl Perry, Pamela Souza, Maria Sousa, Lisa Delano 1Row 29 Mrs. Ayotte fadv.J, Duane Duarte, Christopher Karalekas, Daniel Marcotte, Alda Gonsalves, Inez Valenzuela, Keith jeronymo, john Pick, Michael Pimental, Daniel Weaver, Mr. Edmundson Cadv.J Freshmen Steering Committee Row l CL-Rb: Diana Cintron, Karen Lynch, Kathy Kelly, Linda DeMello, Tammy Soares CROW 25 Mr. Rose Cadv.D, Colleen Lizotte, Robin Wilcox, Craig Barboza, Susan Watkins, George Medeiros, Ms. Persson Cadvj 149 ,, Student Leaders Set The Pace The Student Congress is a body of over 100 students who act as repre- sentatives ofthe entire student popula- tion of NBHS. It sponsors the annual food drives and flower sales, helps the administration and 'runs class elections. Money raised by fundraisers is donated to worthy causes. Scholarships are also awarded to deserving members. The SADD Club is an off-shoot of the Student Congress. They inform their peers of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. 5. Q , ,, -4 1 ix K F . i to it rg. if 'E ti I L., Q Mr. Taylor stands with a portion of the Student Congress organizations. ,WMW H I CLeftj: Darin Souza and Tom V V 1, i"ll""lll"'l" Duval help carry out the food boxes to be delivered to the deserving families, CAboveD: Student Congress Leaders CL-RJ: Maria Souza, Camaioni, Linda Eugenio. CLeftj: Mr. Edmundson stands with remaining members. Front CL RD S A D D Cheryl Varieur Rachelle Pinto Mike Cruz Anne Schwartz QBackD Amy Beth Pragana Angela Gross john Reul Duane Duarte - v United We Grow The Inter-club Council and the Pep Club are two clubs who act as liasions with other groups. The Inter-club Coun- cil attempts to unite all school organizations, and the Pep Club acts as a link between the student body and cheering squads. The Inter-club Council is made up ofthe vice-presidents of all the clubs at NBHS. The members are responsible for helping to dispense information to their individual clubsg help with Spirit Weekg organize school dances and flea markets, and run activities that are ofinterest to everyone. The Pep Club, the morale boosters of the school, are a very important part ofour student body. During their calen- dar of events, they help with Spirit Week, cheer on the JV teams, add support to the cheerleaders, and help with spe- cial events. rTop lefth: The Inter-club sings Christmas carols at the Bedford Towers. fTop rightlz Ms. Caron gives out trophies during Spirit Week. rliottom lefitli Pep Club members carry the banners in the Spirit Week parade. rBottom rightli The squad finishes .1 routine during the rally. Pep Club: Front cL-Rm: Lynn Correia, Virginia Vagos, Angela Tavares, ,Iudy Silva, Gina DaSilva, Filomena Silva 1MiddleJ: Ann Correia, Sherry Bourgeois, Debbie Silva, Danielle St. Gene, Michelle Ramos, Michelle Pietrazic CBackJ: Paula Taylor, Ana DaChaves, Judy Ribeiro, Sue Laturtle, Tricia Costa, Heather Deree. 151 Becoming Aware of the Contributions of thers . While both the Minority Awareness Club and the History Club are two organizations who learn from the world around them, the Minority Aware- ness Club also teaches others about themselves. The major goal of the M.A. Club is to make others aware of the many contributions made by minor- ities and of the many roles they play in today's society. Their special talents are especially evident dur- ing February's Black History Month when the club expends much time and energy to promote indi- vidual pride. In addition to the field trips, displays, cultural programs and general meetings, there is also a social side to the club. The fun of talent shows and the flair of fashion shows have been shared with large audiences. Their Spirit Week float earned them an award and a chance to "strut their stuff' in the parade! v History Club: Seated CL-RJ: Tracey Stuart, Stacy Holmes, Amy Beth Pragana CBackD: Charlie Borges, Pan Cournoyer, Elizabeth Cabral, Mr. J. Borowicz iadvj, Shelly Harrison, Tara Smith, Tracy Sheehan. Minority Awareness Club: CMembershipJ: Heic Abendroth, Nadene Affonseca, Camille Anderson, Mar tin Ayala, Mayra Adames, Adam Baptista, Rene Burgc Diana Christopher, Penny Covey, Tisha Clark, Barbar jean Corriea, Maria Carter, Charlene Diggs, Erick Duckett, Erleen Rae Duarte, Tammy Fernandes, Elizet Fonseca, Maria Fortes, Kelly Gomes, Shaynne Gomes Nancy Gonzalez, Rescha Gray, Lori Ganeto, Elizabet Hathaway, Steve Klakowicz, Angelique Kouta, Kell Leighton, Wendyjo Lima, Bernadette Martinez, Cather ine McCormick,Jesse Mendes, Lori Miranda, Kelli Mon teiro, Melissa Mendes, Kim Nichols, Rachelle Pintc Carol Pollard,.Ioyce Ribeiro, Dianna Ruiz, Carol Ramos Maria Rosario, Lorna Silva, Cheryl Stroud, Odi Stephenson, Gina Watkins. CFar leftj: Nicole knocks everyone dead with her song. CLeftD: What a whiz on wheels! "Admiring the scenery ,. , " 4 , , Great Outdoors Club HRoughing it .., " i Q 4 W ,iq ':'?"'U , -' ,, 4 ?' .3 - nl!! Q-ff' r K I ,s N 'I . V fx D "' X -. 4- X. et"--2' AV if ,, 4 i . ilg,-gf... " Y' - k ..,,.f ,fkd i Learning from the World Around Us Both the Outdoors Club and the Natural Science Club are alike because members of those clubs are given a chance to go out and see the world around them. The Outdoors Club goes out and enjoys the benefits ofour area while the Natural Science Club gets an outlook on urban life. The Outdoors Club has scheduled many exciting adventures which supply its mem- bers with a wonderful mental experience to be remembered in the years following gradu- ation. Some of the trips held this year were ii ski trip during February vacation and a campe ing trip to South Carver. On these two trips the members were overwhelmed at the mag- nificent sights and amazed at finding out how much could be learned when having fun. Natural Sciences: Front il,-R31 Brian Perry, ,litmus Caron. Rich Popovik, Scott DeRossi, Karen Almeida, jeff Roncka, Penny Aiman, Mr. FI. Strittmatter, udv. lBackl: Mark Maroton,jef'f Brenneke, Sue Rasmussen, 153 Clubs Offer Services The Usher Corps and the Key Club played a big part in many of this year's events includ- ing the Drama Club plays, the Christmas Concert and other activities in and out of school. Both clubs are very dedicated to help- ing out whenever needed. Usher Corps A n A I Key Club lst row CL-RD: Martha Bourke, jennifer Goodwin, Marina Monteiro, ldilia Machado Q2 nd lgt row CL-Rj5 Laura Leandfe, Robert Raposa, Cznd row, Sherry Qllvef Stacy Holme rowj Sherri Carola, Carla Ferreira, Mrs. Dlouhy Cadv.D,Richard Walker, Nelson Medeiros, Monica Leandfe, Qhefyl Cruz, Kathleen Brennan, Petra Leandfe George Medeiros. The "New" Art Club lst Row CL to RD Melissa Maciel, Greg Leite CTresJ, Jeanette Rivera, Josephine Angulo, Manoly Cores, Felicia Martinez, Gina Rodrigues, Aurora Fernandez, Carlos Adorno, Nuno Medeiros, Adriana Barreto, jimmy Serrano C2nd row! Terence Lopes, Alecia Grey, Marisol Torres, Luz Ortiz, Saturnino Figueroa, Lisa Hernandez Csec.J, Rosa Cruz, Luz Yulfo, Maria Adorno, Ruth Ortiz, Tina Rivera, Carol Ramos, Aileen Rodrigues Grd rowj Mrs. Kallevik Qadvj, Duane Duarte CV. Presb, Bernadette Hernandez, Eric Hubert, Tanya Williams, Nadya Dominguez, Luz Dominguez, juan Ortiz, Marisol Vasquez, Sammy Bonzalez, Kevin Young CPres.D, Paul Merced, Hilmar Riveria, Maria Rosario, Peter Gonzalez, Daniel Sofo, Steven Reeves. 154 This yearls "new" Art Club has shown its innovating talent with their new advisor, Mrs. Kallevik and the largest membership ever. The Art Club has shown us a vast array of talent and it will continue to do so for many years to come. A 7' 'fwwff' Chess Club A ,st row KL-RJ: George Pereira, David Siegel, Seth Sobral 62nd rowj Marc Tavares, Lisa Suilbeault Grd rowj Albert Parent, Ken Nichols, Mr. Biscari fadvj, Mike Amaral. Concentration At Its Best Two clubs, along with a rather new addition to our long list ofclubs, spent a busy year. The Bowling and Chess Clubs, both led by Mr. G. Biscari have been very busy this year with several tournaments. The Computer Club, our newest member has also been very busy with their large group of young men and women members who have taken advantage of the schoo1's new computers. Bowling Club lst row CL-RD: Brian Thompson, Jackie Seney, Scott Reiniche, Brenda Lamond, David Siegel C2ndJ Ken Nichols, George Pereira, Kenny Martin, Michael Carrier, Sue Arsenault, Marc Tavares Grd rowj Michelle Langlois, Nicole Johnson, Laurie Souza, Cathy Ricardo, Mr. Biscari Kadvj, Seth Sobral, Albert Parent, Lisa Guilbeault, Michael Amaral 14th rowb Jeff Brenneke, Andrew Reed, Richard Coleman, Michael Coucci. l Gomes. Computer Club lst row CL RD Richardo Henriques Mark Dellima john Pick Greg Kalsey Tom Washburn Dennis Wilkinson Seth Sobral Mike Blanchard Matt Gravel 42nd rowbjim Arruda jack Re zendes, George Pereira Chris Haley Brian Perry Michelle Girard Mark Martin, jay Herman Sue Vieira Ed Casey 13rd rowb Danny DaSiveria Durval Vieira Andy Garrett Mike Sousa, Tony Cabral Sandy Trafalis Mike Wilcox Mr LeBlanc Cadvb Ken Nichols, Ron Nery Peter Armanetti Andy Wolfe Dave Halle Tony The Business World During their stay here at New Bedford High School, many students have sought out career-oriented clubs. Two of these clubs are the Business Club and Distributive Educa- tion. The Business Club members have orga- nized activities such as car washes, cake sales, and general sales campaigns. In addition they have attended business conferences for meet- ings and seminars on business topics. Through these activities, they have tested their knowledge of the business world. Distributive Education is more than a class or a club. The members run the non-profit bookstore, where their salesmanship is put to good use. Furthering their skills, they spend part of the school day in actual employment where they prepare for the future job market. CTopD Getting an NB jacket is a must, CTop DlSTRlBUTlVE EDUCATION Bottom CL-RD Mr. Pacheco Cadv.D, Helena DePina, Dianne Cabral, Joanne Menard, Michelle Beauregard, Tony Mortenson, Doreen DeJesus, Margaret Sauve CMiddleD Valerie Babineau, Pat Tetreault, Tracey Bachand, Cidali: Tavares, Lucy Rocha, Maria Pereira, Nidia Chiquito, Neli Custodio, Jeanne Cummings, Linda Medeiros CBack Michael Amado, Paul Vaz,Jesse Mendes, Mark Costa, Scott Bettencourt, Tony deMendonca, Paul DeBortoli, Walter Fonseca, Ryan Amado. l S I rightj Melissa picks out a card for Lynne. f CBottom rightb Karen notices there are no freshman stickers on sale! BUSINESS CLUB Front CL-RD Jessica Staley, Gloria Gonzalez, Fernanda DaSilva CROW 25 Helene Erin, Melissa Sylvia, Kelly Torres, Christine Mourinho, Bernadette Brocklehurst, Michelle Lawrence, Fernanda Melo, Maria Melo, Tammy Soares, Ms. Medeiros, adv. CROW 39 Maria DeCampos, Rosemary DeMendonca, Stephanie Watters, Isabel Araujo, Tara Smith, Joanne Vezina, Nancy Machado, Diane Monteiro, Bernadette Fernandez CRow 43 Michelle Fernandes, Lucy Carreiro, Elizabeth Borges, Dana Lewis, Virginia Reilly, Sheri Gifford. 156 v H' as t W ' I-nu 1 if .... .. .... . . .. ' '- .: ff ,X . Theatre Experience Seated lL-RJ: jay Herman, Steve Lightbody, Karen Fennessy, Grace Carreiro, Lisa Humason. lMiddleJ Joanne Hebert. Sandra Trafalis, Rachel Besen, Sandra Medeiros, Beth Schwartz fStandingJ Michelle LeBlanc, Ana Chereta, Norman Meltzer, Michael Wilcox, Bill Meunier, Linda Eugenio, Kelly Gomes, Mr. Mandly fadv.J Intellectuals at Play . Many students have gained membership into the National Honor Society, and have joined the Theatre Experience Club. These two groups show part ofour intellectual side. Their excellence in academics is outstanding. The Honor Society has had many annual activities including the annual Book Fair and Student Government Day. They also sponsor the costume contest during Spirit Week. The Theatre Experience Club has taken periodic trips viewing works of great playwrights. These two groups add another dimension to the activities program at New Bedford High School. Honor Society Kneeling KLARJZ Rosa Quintal, Lisa Correia, Pam Souza, Lori Rubin, Nancy Macedo, Michelle Raymond, Lisa Humason, Rachel Blumlo, Ana Chereta, Grace Cor- feiro, Laurie Fernandes, Michelle Girard, Nina Chomak fMiddleJ Garrett Silvia, jay Herman, Doug Martin, Michael Moreau, Mark Nolin, William Meunier, Michael Wilcox, Ray Picard, Dave Bryant, Emanuel Fur- tado, Mike Fernandes, Doug Mendes, Matt Tierney. Manny Gaspar, Mr. Mitchell, adv. fBackJ Michelle Le- Blanc, Monica Leandre, Joanne Hebert, Kelly Gomes, Nicole Fernandes, Roberta Verville, Renee Berthiaume, Maria Ribeiro, Sandy Medeiros, Myra Sayar, Robyn Wil- drick, Anne Schwartz, Sue Caron, an .Wad A New Exposure The Photography Club, a new club, lends its services by taking exciting candids for the yearbook and Crimson Courier. The members include in row l 1L-Rl: Mark Spinola, Lynne Melancon, Debra Amaral Crow 21: jerry Cabral, Maria Germano, Maria Tavares, Mr. Millette radvl, Elizabeth Machado, Yolanda Baez, Gina Rosario rrow 53 Kevin Cummings, Melissa Morse, Mike Dawson, Richard Walker, Marc Dugas, Frank Rothwell and ,len- nifer Conlon. 157 CULTURAL CLUBS . Working with different cultural aspects from the world around us has given the For- eign Language Club, the American Field Service, and the International Club the op- portunity to experience adventure and won- der. Through social, cultural and community- oriented activities they have developed a bet- ter understanding ofthe people around them. The true meaning of education is the meet- ing and understanding of minds and cultures. It is for this good that these three clubs strive. Each member of the Foreign Language Club, the American Field Service, and the Interna- tional Club is encouraged to learn about the worlds beyond their own and experience other cultures. i Foreign Language Club Row l CL-RJ: Karen Almeida, Teresa Cordeiro, Yvonne Espada, Gina Rodriques, Debbie Galego, Kelly Pimentel Donna Desorcy, Shara Crook, Anthony Benson CROW 23 Celia Cajuda, Nancy Pires, Ana Alexandre,jose Andrade Kathleen Brennan, Mary jo Almeida, Robert Arruda, Scott Brunelle, Maria Monteiro CROW 3Uulie Casey, Jennife Constantine, Kathryn Roche,jennifer Grime, Frank Andrade, Victor Da Silva, Patty Blouin, Dean Lawrence, Stacic Rodrioues, Pauline Tavares, Kevin Young, Michael Pimental, Chris Reed,joana Arnaral, Rui Marmelo,-lens Kuhfahl Mr. Guy Cadv.D International Club Row 1 CL-RD 1 Durval Vieira, Baltazar Almeida, jamie Ramos, Mario Gomes, Antonio Castro, Rui Furtado, Thierno Niang, Antoine DaCruz, Roberto De Abreu CRow 25 Diana Seco, Ana Roda, Fernanda Melo, Isabel Garcia, Ana Da Cunha, Celia Cunha, Dorinda Fidalgo, Debra Galego, Filomena Silva, Carol Wilkinson CRow 55 Rui Marmelo, Oswald Maiato, Jens Kuhfahl, Clara Rosario, Peter Tavares, Laurinda Silva, Angela Tavares, Virginia Vagos, Margarida Duarte, Kevin Young, Di- amantino Fidalgo, Nuno Cunha, Amadou Niang, Pedro Pereira, Ricardo Henriques, Mr. Antonio Oliveira Cadv.p 158 American Field Service Row l CL to RD: Todd Baptista, jennifer Grime, Auror Fernandez, Manoli Cores, Kathy Brennan, Lisa Huma son,joanne Hebert, Myra Sayar, Sharon Correa, Robei Arruda, Scott Brunelle CRow 23 Tricia Morris, Rochell LeBlanc, jennifer Constantine, Debbie Holmes, Mi chelle LeBlanc, Sandra Medeiros, Gina Rodrigues, Dali Souza, Angela Almeida, Alyson DePrato, Danielle Se guin, Ellen O'Reilly, Michelle Oliver CRow 35 Ms. Perso. Cadv.j, Denny Aiman, Lori Lopez, Rui Marmelo, Nanc Medeiros, Nicole Fernandes, Brenda Lamond, Caci Fei reira, Jens Kuhfahl, Ken Nichols, Maria Ribeiro, Shei Anuszczyk, Kelly Gomes, Kevin Young, Dean Lawr ence, Deraman Barros, Victor DaSilva, Mike Tavares Ed Haskins, Mr. Medeiros Cadv.D WIMC - TV owl KI.-RJ:joeDias, Roxanne Blake,john Reul,,leffBarros. Darcy Cardone, Lyclell London, Rachel Pinto. Elizette Jnseca, Frederick Duguay 1Row 21 Kevin Richards, Derek Sylvia, Edmund Ray, Dale Burgo. David Conceicao. atthew Ramos, Danny Fernandes, Matthew Gravel. Crimson Courier ow l CL-Rl: joshua Galitsky, Wade Perry, Richard Por- r, john Reul, Timothy Arruda, john Stover fRow 27 xul Foucart, Marci Hahn, Dina Ward, Nancy Machado, sa Botelho, Michelle Langlois, Matt Merolla CROW 53 iane Girouard, Howard Paine, Tom Washburn, jay erman, Lois Simpkin MEDIA MASTER MINDS N.B.H.S. offers many activities associated with communications. Through membership in WIMC - TV, Crimson Courier, or Alpha, students have been able to display their tal- ents in the weekly television show, School Scang in the school's newspaper, the Crim- son Courierg and in the school's annual liter- ary magazine, Alpha. All the students in- volved have entertained others through their work by sharing their talents and creativity. The students involved with the com- munication activities demonstrate the di- versity of organizations offered at N.B.H,S. Throughout the year their goal of striving for perfection and knowledge is accomplished through their hard work for these three orga- nizations. J Alpha Row 1 CL-RJ: Melissa Souza, Margie Zable, Maria Ger- mano, Rachel Besen CROW 23: Nicole Rapoza, jennifer Constantine, Michael Wilcox, Debra Amaral, Mr, Pecci- ni Cadv.b 159 AIDES DEMONSTRATE ABILITES Main Office, TV, and Nurses' Aides benefit various parts of the school by working with students and faculty. Main Office Aides greet visitors and also meet and assist students and all the faculty. TV Aides receive hands on experience working with expensive equipment. They learn to work as a team helping fellow students to record videos and documen- taries. Nurses' Aides perform many tasks which will help them to prepare for a life in medicine. They help in relieving students' ailments by giving out creams and ice packs and taking temperatures. Main Office Aides Row 1 CL-RD: Sue Arnaral, Chris Seed, Lisa Amaral CRow 23 Alyssa Lynch, Kathy Kostka, Darlene Bushaw. . .f i 1 60 44, TV Aides Row l QL-RD: Edmond Ray, Lydell London, David Cc ceicao, Matthew Ramos CROW 25 Kevin Richar. Frederick Duguay, John Reul, Danny Fernandes, M thew Gravel. Nurses' Aides Rowl CL-RJ: Zenobia Amaral, Delia Peixoto, Maria Farias, Helene Brin, Lois Simpkin, Dena Pina CRow 25 Angt Gross, Charlotta Evora, Martin Ayala, Pam England, joe Nunes, Tracey Smith, Darlene Nobre. TIDES PROVIDE LPECIAL TOUCH Guidance and Resource Center aides learn esponsibilities by working with one another. The guidance aides work with the guidance Ounselors in locating students and faculty. 'hey also help with paper work and the send- - 5 Qs ing out of messages. By performing these duties the guidance counselors are able to spend more time with students. Resource Center aides work hand in hand with students helping them locate books and giving out pink slips for studies. Not only do they help students but they also assist the staff members by organizing books and running off papers. Gold Guidance ROW llL-RJ: Kimjacobsen, Nancy Mace- do, lRow 23: Paula Ferreira, Laurinda Sila va, Fred Duguay. Q'-'nl . I ' of A A 5 1 Green Guidance .ow 1 CL-RD: Mark Oliveira, joseph Darris, Elizabeth Fernandes, .ow 2: Daniel Marcotte, Shelly Harrison, Meya Gunderway. . , . 1 " Xl - A " Q l "" ' 222' nf E, gag' as. L r 0 flaw I f A Q sv I ' fab A: -.1 ' Tl , ' ' Fu? ' ' ' L,.. ' ,,j H I Tv :fm q ,,. I wi g ' 2-4+ I f ,j f j I I. J Tan Guidance 'OP CI.-RJ: Michelle Roda, Lucy Rocha, Paula Mis. Blue Guidance iOT'TOM CL-RJ: Grace Marquinhos, Margie Zable, Lisa opes. X, B rf' ww'-M i I 'aff' Q., r- ly-,fe A 7 F 1 Resource Center Below CL-RJ Row Izllda De Oliveira, Secilia Santos, Alda Gonsalves, Irene Leal, Yael Jacquel. fRow 2:3 Karen Pancheco, Maria Vaz, Amy Quail, Louis Pereira, Teresa Medeiros, Irene Bettencourt, Anabela Homem, Tim Correira, Billy Meunier. "" 'iz ,-. n,r N IWW OFFICE AIDES PREVENT CHAOS IN SCHOOL House Office Aides are a valuable necessi- ty to the school. They relieve the office secre- tary of being swamped with non-essential clerical work. The office aides take an active part in various school duties. They help in filing, in typing reports, in answering phones, and in delivering messages through- out the school. The students also have the responsibilites of working on bulletins and answering questions for the students and the faculty. Dean's Aides not only locate faculty and students but work behind the scenes in de- livering messages, covering the tables during the Christmas Bazaar, and doing the clerical work of signing students in during photo ses- sions. Gold Office Aides Row 1 CL-RJ: Iva Chereta, Yvonne Espada, Tina Beaulieu CRow 23: Darin Souza, Marilyn Howcroft, Laura Duarte, Tom Duval, Helen Cruz, Ana Chereta, Isabel Barros, Lucy Lopes. 162 Green Office Aides Row 1 CL-RD: Lucy Sousa, Maria Lopes, Patty McCoy, Elizabeth Fernandes CRow 25: Debbie Medeiros, Mari Marques, Anasia Pereira, Pamela Martin, Goretti Sousa, Athena Xiarhos, Nicole Fernandes CRow 35: Sue Pachecc Sharon Saltzman, Nicole Martin, Ana Rua, Andrea Mendes, Leisha Almeida. W1 V K G+ I I if va 2 5 l 4 ffvva-4g1up4y'Z,', ,gh M 7' 4' Q' AA, 31? x i R A IIIV -,,'f ' Tan Office Aides Row 1 CL-RD: Valerie Gomes, April Brirro CROW 23 Michelle Roda, Cheryl Cruz Karen Pinto, Roxanne jones CROW 55 Steven Correia, Lisa Borelho, Shawn Saneiro. v 'W A Proud Tradition . Deb, Zef, and Lynn accept the plaque designating the NBHS unit as The 1984-85 Battalion Staffincludes CL-RD Cheryle Barboza, 2nd champions ofthe New England Regional for accumulating the most meet Monica Leandre, Lt. Col.g Elizabeth Cruz, 2nd Lt.g Rachel points. SFC. it Wt it oii ii iil CRightD Sarge gives tips for picking up important meet vw I points to Wendy Jo and Monica. CBelowj Deb takes . . . COLOR GUARD . . down notes of any discrepancies during the Field CL-Rl CPL. joaquim DeOliveira, SSGT, Scott Pemberton, SGT. Graciano Medeiro Inspection- PVT. Robert Johnson. 164 ZEPWZPF mUc"'C5' in .2fTrD5g75 ' :ix ' wg-wt..U-ri wmcomz' :A :5,,w :ni-if ,CW QDZWCW OQ.W...wo . mg-25-wg WZWOFQ 9,5""'1'g:r'O ui ffbignc :':e'5Q""-UD mfwE'Ops mvi:3:..Cf5 via'O :J Wm' DTP? gr-1gD'g,.,C ' gmail.. SSEEDQ nc-41'-175-1 Sw ' --'Fw' 2.35356 wj"B2-11-1 N su,- "f14":vA'5 gftljwxrr '1""tmCY' VDO '-1"' --DUQT3, sw- at ' mQ,f3Q,T 50:52-Q "'om.w,N Eswimau ww Q O '2?L4fcE3a. 0-CE' N'-1 or-n,.c7i::3 mfiicc 327' r'nCCg"ri?' V'E.f-212-17 F. ,-. A -if:-Bam 't'U-ffagaf-, E059-id fr.- gr:-,FWZ vc . P02051 m."1m:J"m3s no Timm :nmmllyfz HB' an-C P-f,.,i-VJ' PLT?-2.9 : 93 UQ 200322 NE,-.QQ ' Faxes Q:-iwP,:3' NDC . Sor?" 'QS " 29522 Ewaidfr -12'llJ1:-1' D-c.:sE' fs ,V .puma f'ioUk:iF 252052 TT FDM' 53 Z-UQ. N335-N EQQUQ :ir-D553 Q-:f'1'.Z'.t: RQ fvffi , ng- SPE-fish? C "1 BQLUBQ 27553 N F. :iw 4, 7iQEZc'1 www-if' :J-iam: F-if-Q22 1 ru Ummm? 5902-2.7 r-IDSEAL :J'g,':-if-ic gwppm DQN'-UC o.' rn "1v7C'5E? E.L'1"3-W' Slip? EZSFL flea-7 W.- Passing Inspection . ,Aka Y an iv CRight5: Rifles are checked i during the inspection in Q ranks. ' CLeftD: The units prepare for ' the upcoming inspection. COMPANY UB" KL-RJ First Row: Pamela Cruz, Verna Drayton, Lisa Burris, Barbara Correia, Kirsten McGarvey, Maurico Andrade, George Pereira, Shawn Sameiro, Elba Feliciano, Roxanne Blake, Lisa Nichols, Eugenia Gomes, Lori Gebo, Shannon Andrade 12nd Rowzl Christene Germano, Debbie Larracuente, Amaro Lopes. jocelina Andrade, Laurie Fonseca, Naomi Senna, Maricza Allende, Luisa Figueroa, Tammy Scully, Sherry Lizotte, Derek Fortes, Troy Avila, Maria Figueroa l 5rd Rowzb Susan Sylvia, Linda Eaton, Kathleen Fernandes, Nyree Ortiz, Nancy DeMelo. joy Nichols, lvone Nogueria, Ana Montanez. Karen Harding, Duane Kershaw, Erin lacoponi, Samatha Merolla, Grace Castro, Doris Oliver Mrh Rowzl Wilfred Pierce, Robin Pierce, Rosemary DeMendonca, julio Tavares. Benjamin Amaro, David Suarez. Carlos Perreira, Jenifer Caron, Robin McClurg, Wendy Ponts, Melannie Paulo, Dianna Ruiz, Camille Anderson, Darness Pimental, Scott Brunelle, Nelia Amaro, Lawanda Ribeiro i 2 i E VICTORIA S II Z i Q- R l C ,K I x E 40 cd 0155 ' I O7 Victorians I Row I CL-RD: Cheri Anderson, Barbara Correiajocelina Andrade CROW 25 Eugenia Gomes, Karen Ruth Ortiz, Melannie Paulo, Laurie Fonseca, Emilia Pinhancos CROW SJ Veronica Gonsalves, Gomes Roxanne Blake Verna Drayton Erin Iacoponi 3 Victorians II Row I CI..-RD: Ruth Ortiz CRoW 25 Margarita Gonzalez, Grace Cas tro, Deolinda Varela, Robin McClurg CROW 35 Darnessa Pimental Lisa Burris, Loretta Paulo CTop and Middlejz Drill Team competes With rifles in the indoor competition, and again wins first place! CBottomj: A second unit competes in the marching and maneuvering division, picking up valuable meet points. 166 X , Q 1 2 : J 3 ,. , Mmm' ""'mm'Wifirffwxizlm.ILi..ff.. -' ,', . ,' V . V, V....d. . VV,,kV , ,,,, Q. .at lil!-.fl t M 33 CRightD: The drill team begins MOBY DICK RIFLE DRILL TEAM Row l CL-RD: Sgt. Benjamin Amaro, 2nd Lt. Mauricio Andrade, Pvt. Derek Fortes, Pvt Duane Kershaw, Sgt. john Arruda, Pvt. Amafo I-OPCS CROW 29 MSgt. Emanuel Fer- Hafldes, MSgt. juan Rivera, Sgt. josue Amaro. CLeftj: The drill team is at parade rest prior to the start of the competition. its routine with precision. RIFLE TEAM Row 1 CL-RJ: Sgt. Mark Agrelo, Pvt. john Young CROW 25 Cp. joaquim DeOliveira, Sgt. Petra Leandre, SSgt. Karen Vieira, Sgt. Gra- ciano Medeiros, Sgt. Eugenia Gomes, 2nd Lt. George Pereira, Sgt. John Arruda CROW 37 Sgt. Scott Pemberton, Sgt. Benjamin Amaro, SFC Roxanne Blake, SGM Collins, MSgt. Emanuel Fernandes, Pvt. Pamela England, 2nd Lt. Mauricio Andrade. 167 THE DRAMA CLUB - A CRE TI The Drama Club prides itself for being one of the largest and most cre- ative clubs in the school. During the year, the Drama Club presents two pro- ductions - the first, usually a drama or comedy, and the other, a musical. Most of the year is spent rehearsing, building sets, and checking lighting, costumes, and make-up to be sure that the produc- tion is a success. At the end of the year, members spend a weekend in New York City. This trip gives them an opportunity to experience professional theatrical per- formances and to apply this knowledge to future productions. EXPERIENCE L-R CROW 15 Heather Nelson, V.P. Paul Foucart, Anthony Medeiros, Sec. Susan Pires, Kathleen Brennan, Shari Houtman, Angela Flood, Erin Demers, Jeff Ventura, Heather Machado, Lisa Grimes, Becky Schweighardt, Christine Violette, Chris Richmond, CROW 25 Donna Doyan, Diane De Sousa, Amy Ferreira, George Telheiro, John joia, Angela Paquin, Alyssa Lynch, Robert Long, Erin Silv Michelle Cardoso, Traci Sheehan, Valerie Amorin, Kenneth Tavares, Scott Brunelle, CROW 33 Robert Shoerrock, Louie Luiz, Steven Francis, George Medeiros,john Mallen, Marc LeBlanc, Dean Lawrence, Kelly Taylor, jose Andrade, Gina Rodriques, Victor de Silva, Cheryl lamb, Laurie Amaral, Scott Wazlowski, CROW 43 Peter Ashworth, Chris Reed, Cathy Ricardo, Bethany Ras, Robin Wilcok, Ellen OlReilly, Bobby jean Silvia, jennifer jordan, Lynda Dauphin, Deidre Hickok, Tammi Cunha, Nicole Rapoza, Vicky Maissonave, Carol Caimioni, CROW Sb Kris Anderly, Maria Jardin, Celiz Cajondo, Amy Calan, Michelle Lapalme, Kathryn Roche, Kim Silva, Victor Silveira, Lynne Sylvia, Sherri Carola, Melissa Souza, jennifer Constantine, Sue Rasmussen, Tim Oliveira, 2nd V.P. Eric Hubert, CROW 63 Antoinette Gomes, Karen Almeida, Donna Desorcy, Tracey Stuart, Shara Crook, Kelly Pimentel Frank Andrade, Mark Nolin, Daniel Weaver, Patti McCoy, Helena Carreiro, Tina Rouxinol, Colleen Lizotte,jennifer Goodwin, Melissa Maciel, CROW 7J Lisa Guibeault, Christine Heroux, Christine Marinho, Lisa Nowell, Robert Meunier, Karen Lynch, Corrine Paquin, Curt Nelson, jeff Barrows, Standing CL-RJ: Mr. Marchand and Mr. Charbonneau. 168 4, ay A- w. at ff' L-"1 L I Ls 1 'J f fi: bn! W ' avr- ,. f K 'Hs 4, 4 .a il, ffurk Ci' 'NP 169 The Maw Who Came Z0 Dimeevf In this delightful comedy calledf'The Man Who Came to Dinnerf' Paul Foucart played Sheridan Whiteside, the old, pompous, wealthy gentleman who, after falling on the footsteps of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, extended his visit for three weeks. During his stay he managed to manipulate the lives of all those around him, including Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, played by Mark Nolin and Cheryl Lamb, Dr. Bradley, played by Victor Silveira, and Maggie Cutler, his secretary, played by Alyssa Lynch, Comic relief was provided by Banjo, a friend of Whiteside's, played by Marc LeBlanc, Miss Preen, his nurse, played by Susan Pires, Lorraine Sheldon, an extravagant seductress, played by Deidre Hickok, and Beverly Carlton, played by Eric Hubert. As the play unfolds, we discover Whiteside's schemes and learn that this worldly gentleman is actually quite comfortable in this quiet, Midwestern town. In the end, Whiteside is forced to admit his selfish acts and leave, only to fall again on the footsteps and have to return once again to the comforts of the Stanley home! Wh g P-QKSUSMM is E af Q , av 'E af- '5- 9 Presenting THE Band CL-RD: Michael Sousa, Linda Eugenio 172 A A at Top CL-RJ: Louie Luiz, Kendra Medeiros, Shelley Buba, Wendy Ponte, Kathy Nelson, Louise Vieirz Shauneen Peckham, Andrew Garrett, Chris Heleen, Lisa Gonzaga, Andrew Sylvia, Casey Ferreira, Scot Ventura, Fernando Silva, Rose Garcia, Tammy Catin, Sheryle Vandal, Maria Soares CBottomJ: Raeann Steliga, Anne Rezendez, Lisa Reney, Lenny Santos, Danny Gonzales, Michael Vargo, Robert Shorrocl- Tony Cabeca, jim Bettencourt, Keith jeronymo, Bob Couto, Michael Moreau, Robert Katz, Mar Moreau, Susan Richard, Lori Machedo, K ii: , X. . . , I kv, , 6 K K W Top CL-Rb: Kelli Simmons, Jodi Oliveira, Fatima de Frago, Sandy Barboza, Paul DiBenedetto, Kell McKay, Scott Hardy, Todd Baptista, Kris Valencia, George Medeiros, Eric Levasseur, Chris Reed. Joh: Correia, Bridgetjeronymo, Carrie Sylvia. fBottomD: Donna Tavares, Mark DeLima, Sue Vandal, Nikk Levasseur, Sharon Saltzman, Kristen Bertrand, julie Casey, Michelle LeBlanc, Isabel de Almedia, Am Carreiro, Tammy Scully, Karyn Souza. Top CL-RJ: Lisa Gordon, Chris Lopes, Scott Marchessault, Marc Moniz, Kevin Ferreira, Kevin Roderique Maureen Medeiros, Shaun Nelson, Steve Lauzon, jim Bizarro,jerry Rego,jason Hebert, Tammy Soare CBottomj: jennifer Barton, Chris Plourde, Karen Fennessy, Tracy Coleman. 1 x , f K f , V ' sg w, WHALER wc' Xa Q MARCHI NG BA ND Playlng w1th PICCISIOD k .:L,, V3 lk , I3 , . L 5- Ji --1, H I ' 1 X 2 , .1 . Perfection at Its Bes The Whaler Marching Band has become synonymous with the word PERFECTION! One of the few state bands to be invited to two Cotton Bowls, the only state band to win the New England Championship title for three years and the winner of numerous titles, the New Bedford High Band has been selected to represent the state in Washington, D.C. at the inaugurational parade. Perfection does not come easily. The mem- bers started practicing in August for their first competition at Blackstone Millville. They were rewarded with first place. They excelled wherever they went and continued to sweep the judges off their feet. At their competition in Hull, they reached a touch of perfection by winning a GOLD medal. This was the first gold medal ever awarded in Class IV. This led to the State Championship and then the coverted New England Class A Championship. Through the efforts of many talented stu- dents and fine leadership and long hours put in by their director Mr. Don Vasconcelles and his associates and supporters, the Whaler Marching Band is where it belongs - on top! tttc iiyccc s .. . ,,.. ,,.. W , . g wr Kneeling CL-RD: Lisa Lavado, Myra Sayar, Tracy Stuart, Leisha Almeida, Melissa Souza, Lisa Metcalf, Lisa I-lumason, Julie Correia, Tara Spirlet, Christine Machado, Sue Amaral, Suzanne DeCruz. CStandingD Melissa Barton, Nicole Souza, Rosa Quintal, Sandra Flor, Joanne Hebert, Doreen DeSouza, Christine Perry, Amy Ferreira, Michelle Canastra, Diana DeSouza, RoseMary Tsaliagos, Elizabeth Lavadinho, Kim Almeida, Tammy Cunha, Maria Alves. More Than Waving a lag . The flag unit of the Whaler Marching Band is the icing on the cake. Although they are generally in the background as the band plays, it is their movement of brilliant colors that catches your eye. Their precision is extremely important since every move can be detected. They deserve a great deal of praise. CTopj: The unit forms an honor guard as the Flag of Excellence is presented tohthe public for the first time. CLeft and bottomb The members of the unit show the intricate moves of their award-winning routines. .. . ...,i ' .. i 176 Stepping ut with Flair . . . The NBHS Majorettes have grown into a lit of girls who do a little bit of everything. uring the fall, they participate with the band competitions and in football half-time .oWs. During the winter they spice up the tlf-times at basketball garnes. In addition to is and rallies, the girls also compete as an dividual unit and hold their own competi- Jns. All in all, they put in a busy year! E' -- at il CLeftD: Sue, Kim, and Rhonda go through their band routine during the half-time show. CBelowD: The girls high-step and twirl during the Thanksgiving night rally. Kneeling CL-RJ: Sue Pacheco, Kim Jacobsen, Lisa Cor- reia, Kathy Koska CStandingJ Lisa Francis, Kim Souza Annette Bristow, Sherri Anuszczyk, Terry Debrosse Michelle Cabral, Rhonda Swire. l77 ,E vk5UPfI'z.' 4 if "Waiting for the Whalers." Catch the Spirit! FALL: Top KL-RH: Bonnie Gorman, Lynn Perron fMiddleb: Bridget Barnes, Robyn Wildric CBOttomD: Cheryl Perry, Michelle Seguin, Sherri Robertson, Kelly Gomes, Linda Aguiar, Laur Rousseau CFrontJ: Dani Seguin. This year's fall and winter squads worked with precision. CBottom rightj: long and hard hours, but they were filled with Sherry puts power in her cheer. enthusiasm and SPIRIT! From the competi- CBottom leftjz Danielle smiles tion field to the gym floor, they excelled. CBe- at the crowdys response. CBot- lowjz Kelly yells support for the team. CBot- tom far leftbz Lynn and Linda tom far righth: Bridget follows the routine practice their lifts for the CHITICYQ.. W . Z. l WINTER: Top CL-RJ: Lynn Perron, Bonnie Gorman CMiddleH: Lauri Rousseau, Cheryl Perry, ,Ioanne Hebert lBottomb: Dani Seguin, Roby Wildrick, Linda Aguiar, Stacey Smith, Maria Da Cunha fFrontD: Kel Gomes CNot pictured, Linda Eugenioj .... his si v. .y 'tg ' . Mefips it jf L frtiridgi i' if i NNE : Q. rt t X , . r 2 . W 1 it 1 at ritt This yearls Christmas Concert was a phe- nomenal success with more than 150 students participating. With the accompaniment of the NBHS band, the school orchestra, guitar classes and singing of all the choruses, the event was very praiseworthy. Mr. Don Vas- concelles deserves praise as conductor ofthe NBHS Band. Mr. Russell Campoli also did an excellent job conducting his fine group of instrumentalists. Together they made beauti- ful music. Ms Kirby directs the Chorus ensemble MF- CamP0li leads the SUif3-fiSf5- T.B.B. Row l CI.-RD: Victor Silveira, Ryan Tavares, Audrey Sylvia, Rob Katz, Bob Long, fRow 25 Roger Duarte, Tom Carreiro, Jose Varela, Eric Hubert, Steve Correia, Kenny Tavares F9 fl , Q f, f f tw ,, .stef 3 " K Xin ,P i is sr I Q it ,.A. 3 s Concert Chorale Row l CL-RD: Kate McGrath, Marlene Hunt, Sue Pires, Lynne-Marie Sylvia, Melody Plummer, Melissa Maciel QRow 23 Marc LeBlanc, jeff Barrows, Rob Andrade, Amy Kummer, Kevin E, Young, Kenny Tavares, Concert Chorale is one C the school's most active choru groups. These young men ani women ranging from a deep sounding bass to a mezzo soprano have received a lot c attention this year. They wer busy for the entire month c December performing in an- out of school for many func tions such as the Christma opening of the Rotch House ti performing for the New Bed ford Society for Retired Peo ple. Show Choir relaxes between singing and dancing practices. CFront7 Alyssa Lynch CROW lj Lynne-Marie Sylvia, Lisa Cardoso, Nikki Raposa, Eric Hubert, Michelle Ramos, Michelle LaPalme, Amy Calnen CROW 25 Melissa Araujo, john Araujo, jose Varela, Kenny Tavares. wawwaaa CFar rightjz Richard Walker is accompanied by Ms. Kirby. CR1ghtD: Nikki Raposa double checks her tonality. 180 I-Y WP Deirdre, Heidi, Chris and Lisa try to hit those high notes for Ms. Kirby. S.S.A. Row l CL-RD: Judy Silva, Lynne-Marie Sylvia, Michelle Pelletier, Lori-Ann Dias, Jeannette Charron, Daniela Dossantos, Michelle Oliver, Deirdre Hickok CRow 25 Mariana Dossantos, Doreen DeSousa, Ber- nadette Brocklehurst, Pamela Medeiros, Emilia Pinhan- cos, Naomi Senna, Corinne Paquin, Valerie Amorin, Kelly Leal QROW 33 Lisa Nichols, Robin Santiago, Shari Houtman, Kathy Roche, Cheryl Lamb, Victoria Ferreira, Kelly Grovell, Sue Pires, Melissa Maciel. Select S.S.A. Row l KL-RD: Alyssa Lynch, Valerie Amorin, joleen Frois, Nikki Raposa CRow 29 Pamela Lewis, April Morrison, Sue Pires, Karen Clark, Angela Paquin, Lisa Cardoso, Kate McGrath. 181 BABY FAE i , X I c A . 1. s X 6' "'0 'Yr 4' I' ,A -l HYO Yea I 'ill I' sslssrsf L America seems caught up in a never ent ing wave of cheer. Inflation is low. En ployment is up. The country is at peace. I fact, 1984 was quite different from th nightmare that George Orwell imaginec The Presidential election was the year inescapable story. The top three Demc cratic candidates, Walter Mondale, Gar Hart, andjohn Glenn, battled it out for th nomination. Walter Mondale was chose as the nominee and he in turn made h historic choice for his running mat: Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman on major-party ticket. Nevertheless, Ronal Reagan still proved to be as popular 1 ever, winning 58 percent of the vote an 49 states. However all was not as cheerful in othc parts of the world. Who could feel goo about seeing the infant faces of starvatio in Ethiopia? Or the 21 bodies at a McDo1 ald's in California? Or the hundreds c victims of a toxic gas leak cloud in Indie The Middle East was still a place of unrel as Iran and Iraq entered the fifth year c their war, while the assassination of Indii Ghandi shocked the world. 6 On the entertainment side, Princ an .sv rms Q91 N 00139 dominated the movie screens and airwavf M96 .E Q.: with his musical movie "Purple Rainn, an Eddie Murphy established himself as on of the leading comedians of our time in h memorable comedy "Beverly Hills Cop But who could forget those three craz Q3 12:2 05 was 04... 110' -ch.. N553 XQg'RWIg5' . lfsigliiaqiae 5 waist sv xi? Ng is SVC Qi? We 15.33 C j'if'f'QZ1' s decisionw KQ 47 . Th 4- P la Efililill ll lZll.llllEE L. ' -' ' 1fix.xxt'i.x1..x11i M0 h - 4-To guys running around catching ghosts? 'Ghostbustersl' was another box-office hit ind its symbol popped up on everything in ight. Throughout the summer, the Olympics ield everyonels attention. A muscular pix- e named Mary Lou Retton flew to aston- shing heights, Greg Lauganis turned in :ne perfect dive after another,joan Benoit riumphed as the winner of the first vomen's marathon, and Carl Lewis was :verybody's hero. However the games vere not without disappointment. Mary Decker, the favorite for the 3,000 meter gold, tripped over Britain's Zola Budd and orfeited a lifetime's dream. It was also a year that the name Doug ilutie became synonymous with college ootball heroics. This record-setting, Heis- nan Trophy winner's "Hail Mary" passes n the game against UMIAMI will long be emembered. Other highlights included the first free light in space by space shuttle crewman Bruce McCandlelessg a replacement of a xuman heart, first with a machine and then vith a baboon's heart, nude photos of Janessa Williams costing her the Miss Kmerica title, and finally the passing ofthe tontroversial student search ruling. All in ill, this year has been a joyous one. And no me could be happier than the graduating :lass of 1985! v .ov ' Cys 'Kd i Q oQQ 'wwf to ' dl si Ulf? Btu A L00 "Education, to be successful, rnust not only inform but inspiref, T. Sharper Knowlson, in Originality STAFF KNEE Aiagmewwifkivwk 2i4Ne'V'w.Z'aJ+7Pi,7?'nM'K"E fd S 1 ...T- in J' ik Aw -V g 94 A. X14 g5 S Q 5 Q 4. 5 Q gif2?.".2iN.?'ZM'51."1l,vfN?Q.ff2.fNK"'f,IE'2.7'1J'?JfTQw'T:4f"Q.W2,1Z54.1T51fhi3gq In Memory of Edward F. Burke TO LAUGH OFTEN AND MUCH, TO WIN THE RESPECT OF INTELLIGENT PEOPLE AND THE AFFECTION OF CHILDREN, TO APPRECIATE BEAUTY, TO FIND THE BEST IN OTHERS, TO LEAVE THE WORLD A LITTLE BETTER, WHETHER BY A HEALTHY CHILD, A GARDEN PATCH OR A REDEEMED SOCIAL CONDITION, TO KNOW EVEN ONE LIFE HAS BREATHED EASIER BECAUSE YOU LIVED. THIS IS TO HAVE SUCCEEDED. EMERSON The staff and students of New Bedford High have lost a true friend. Ed Burke, a quiet gentle man, was a dedicated educator. His concept of education for over thirty years involved placing the student first. Ed continued to believe and practice this even when his final illness would have forced a lesser man to retire. We shall miss the gifts he gave to us, but we shall strive for the ideals he set for us. CITY OF NEW BEDFORD SCHOOL COMMITTEE Mayor Brian J. Lawler Cchairman ex-officioj Mrs. Margery Dottin Atty. Thomas R. Hunt Mr. joaquim Nobrega Mr. Carlos Pacheco Mr. james Sullivan Dr. Paul Walsh SUPERINTENDENTS Mr. C. Nanopoulos Supt. of Schools S I ., ..:-s-'- ' L k" 1 f .V .-' K' .. k L L V, A 4 .... x j V ,f uk h 'Q e 1 R - . T . EQ Q A 1 'f Q ' --ar L - - . J' ' A ' 'fy . l if M ' , . E O . arls ' Mrs. L. Caron Mr. E. Correia Mrs. G. Frey Asst. Supt., Spec. Services Asst. Supt., Personnel Asst. Supt., Elem. Educ. Mr. Raymond Bisaillon, Art Mr. William Chapman, Guidance and Pupil Personnel Mr. Arie Cote, Computer Services Mrs. Clara Crosson, Occupational Education Mrs Frances Heimberg Music Education Mf.'RiChafd Ponte, Phyls. Ed., Health and Athletics Mr. Roger Robitaille, I.M.C. V ,FIX 7 "Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." mv ,ta..,t,e. 11 GREEN HOUSE Mr. Henry Saltzman 'Green with envy of us!', 2 I 1 ll n f 1 -x in HOUSEMASTERS ff TAN HOUSE Mr. Gilbert Souza Tan in a place in the sun!" GOLD HOUSE Mr. Michael Longo "Go for the Gold!" - l f and rr. MW or L BLUE HOUSE Mrs. Marial Harper "A little bit of heavenly Blue!" Ms. Beverly Bizzarro Q "Every job is a self portrait of the person who i did it . . . Autograph your work - with excellence!" I Dean of Students 45 .,.wefS!f ip Mr. F. Cole Social Studies Mr. j. Farrell Col. J. Napoli Industrial Arts .IROTC W W Wg lwg .711 ,i,, . is ,, ,, ff ,.t, 1' ' H ,,.. ,, ,,:,,m,,,,,,z,M ,,k, W, ,HK ,,.,,,,, ,, M.. ..-m.......fzszziasfzv,,, E 'i gf., 1":,:,,gw A :,':smasf1ezedV . ,,,,.,,1 1, fs.. ,. ,.,,, , , .. V 'ilffidf ' gi 'lifiiiif ."l I 7, -:'ll e ,,,,. iifii la ii,t . . liitiittti fTlZ,i?l7fl iii, , 1 ii' ',,'1i- :Sf ' '1., Mr. R. Nerbonne .,,,,,, ,,, ,W , . . Z, Mr. R. Nolin Miss J. Park Business Education Foreign Languages Mathematics Mr. C. Robinson English 19Q5jQ ssstr 1 R Mr. J. Rose Mrs. M. Stellato Science Home Economics ,aff ,X Q 1 A f 1. -- 1- 'f" 7 ' ' F ie nnn ak A W ,h ,, X, N1 f N! fi ff , ,,., ' " I F' A ... F 3 X if f , f , w,f,g,4 .s "ff ,f g X N EZ '- ' sw f We . Q K 47 guy V ef! Wffw f'f" ww- MW ,g W ,,,. l, X, 1 '-fm!! F3 A C, sinnni II rf- ,,.. .Vik 1 fs A NTHONY, P. Science AN USZCZYK, C. Home Ec. ARAUJO, A. For. Lang. ARMSTRONG, Spec. Ed. ARRUDA, J. I.M.C. AUDETTE, T. Business -rw M, ALMEIDA- SHEPARD, S. Chart , , ALVES, A. For. Lang. A ALVES, C. Business AMARAL, J. Science AMARAL, P. Phys. Ed. A NDERSO N, A Business A NDERSO N, R Business A N DRADE, E. For. Lang. FACULTY ND STAFF "The Root of Excellence" .4 . w-.fx aw . -Q: .wwf -i ,.,. 5' QQ LQ? . eg,- . ...M . BISAILLO N, D. E K Science BISCARI, G. l . V For. Lang. R BOISVERT, P. I ' '.', ,. ,Driver Ed. ' J. , A Guidance EEBONNEAUJ ' L Ind. Arts E. BRCJNNEAU, J . , R Gu1danpe, - BOROWICZ, J E E + Soc. Sf EBOURGEOIS, R. R . R Science 192 AYOTTE, L. Business BARBERO, F. Math BARBOZA, R. Phys. Ed. BARRETT, D. Proj. CEE BE N NETT, J. Spec. Ed. BETTE NCOURT, W. Arc f . .. K : f' Vfkj? f ggwf. jj., ,f ' ' H ,.,, ' -K V f" 1 Lil .... it Ek E .,,, IM V - ., ,.,.. . ,f ".'. i - E R. Q R W .532 V 'Qiflwg 1. F Z : af f-f f . .... "'4""f' f fff'-,f:., A-:i? 4Yf. ' E f' V... " ' .1. fi! " A A "-' wif g, fi? i QW? 411' 2? if f ..E ff Rzig f 5273! - VE.. .:- wif: 'V ,. , .,- 55-V, 5 I f 3 A f if f WW f K A jigfwgy .Q .,. - ...,-,,.-.. ,,,,: .., .fff,.... . Y 9 3 w E Qi a i th z ii: fi' 'Z . . Hr is 3. H 'S I i -5 N Q' f . s X 1 A 51,2 R lf s . ? '23 , 'M 4 UW' . Q ,N :f 1: 1. f . . a-'15 ,qs ,mf '73-" ' H Ni ,. .4 f .IM Q BRAZ, R. English BROADMEADOW English BUCKLEY, K. Phys. Ed. hhhl Ehhh hhhhhhhhh CABRAL, G. For. Lang. CAL NA N, J. Soc. Sr. CAMPA NELLI, L. Soc. Sr. A. 2. J ' AW 5 4 "V V R 1 . 3 i Gif ff l Q , A Vb CAMPOL Music CARDOS Guidance CAROLU Math CARO N, Phys. Ed. CARREI R Soc. Sr. CARVAL For. Lang. I, R. O, C. 5, D. CASTRO, For. Lang. CATI N, Business O, R. J. HO, E. M. C. 193 5 ' at,,Q,,':lgg" s 9 - ' f . 1 '.,,' V fp ,,,. K - nk tl ..., .,ff' ',,, in fy - f 9 caroist ng ssets , f er t smfws t , V i z -' 1 . "" c 'K .,.- - x. - '-h. " .,,,, U refs . as 3811551 1 etsisit ' C - 5 - - i -mL- ' The J" '11. 9 CHISHOT-Ms JP as i ssii .VVLLL I K. . , i t LQ spet,rpsEa.f s c -C MSGIROTC 9 CONWARD 9 ,Soo St. 9 9 ' scour Lg-j pCORREIA,yM t Math , ilnd. Arts CONGRATULATIGNSI The Class of '85 welcomed an old friend to a new position this school year. The newest member ofthe administrative staff of NBI-IS, Mr. Henry Saltzman, was appointed house- master ofthe Green House afteriMr. Charles Luchetri retired at the end of the 1983-1984 school year. Mr. Saltzman was himself a graduate of NBHS,pand after college, he returned to teach math at our school for 21 years. He enjoyed his years in the classroom and as advisor to the "Beanie Boys," a most spirited groupg but he was anxious for the challenge of administration. 9 Mr.ySaltzrnan is proud of New Bedford High Schoolls national recognition and feels that the key to a great school is the student body, He feels NBHS has the best student body of any high school, large of srnallg He adds that the Green House is the best house in terms of pride and school spirityia state- ment which causes great debate fromstu- dents of other housesl. ' ti c y 7 When asked what makes him smile, the reply was l 9 f C "Anytime we beat Durfeeiv r iWhen asked whatmakes him the happiest, the reply was . . . ty 9 "When the Green House comes out on top!" 194 COSTA, Math COSTA, M Voc!Sup CURRY, Soc. St. fnaonaeri, A C Soc. St. ,.f DAIGLE, E. Science DaSILVA, A. Math DEA N, D. Math DeCHAMBEAU, Incl. Arts if , DeSILVA, G. Math DIGGLE, E. Math DLOUHY, L. Business DLOUHY, R. Ind. Arts LITTLE MISS DYNAMITE . . . Packed into a deceivingly small frame is a megaton of energy in the person of Mrs. Rho- da Purcell, one of our senior class advisors. This young woman wears many hats! In addi- tion to teaching and being senior class advi- sor, she is also the advisor to the Minority Awareness Club. The sellout talent shows at NBHS have been through her dynamic efforts. She has managed to create a club which has brought itself great honor and which has made many contributions to N BHS. Mrs. Purcell gives a great deal of her extra time to her students in and out of school. She has helped numerous students with college applications, interviews, jobs, and the most important item, a development of a positive self-image. Without a doubt, her most important role is being a mother to two daughters: jamie, 7, who firmly believes she has all the answers to the world, and Kimberly, 4, who is sure she has all the questions! When asked about the national recognition received by NBI-IS, Mrs. Purcell was quick to say that she felt the dedication of the faculty and the enthusiasm of the student body were the deciding factors in our winning the award. She hopes these traits will continue into the future. 195 -W wp, Wff- , ff'- fm. 5 guffw f A' -l g , Z llQ l , ffniifiiiifii.,-'i ,. --VV -I .11 v ' "Z QQ 1 1- 12 r 1- 'migagggfy ,,,,,,,,,2,Q1,5 - K A A-" ig, .L wa: i? 2 'ffiirfjf'-f:'Q. fi? , Vk'L .kV. kL-y Z -L,k 1117. 3 -5 m iF0r4,iL3ng4V3j1, L i lLi9 i 5i 53 , F Q5 d fi J2 1fiif f f 5 ' 575 1954 l1 . ,A,, W - Was' ,v . 4 .W rw, ifffselfff ff 5 f ' if . ' l ,,,.. il ,M if V M M, .nr '15 ...ff f i ,iff - , -, fr' w ,p fu? c W r if W . AC., W, f M V g ff J X g , ,,.. ,nw e ggs, X K 3, K fr A ,I ,, , iiii W-wwf .sii i KQV . W' Mi A 77 ii ...,. A A ai 'Ci GOODFELLOW, G Science GOUVEIA, W. Math GREE NE, D. Chart GUTIERREZ, I. English GUY, P. A ',L,A for. Lang. HAMLET, W. Science HARTLEY, H. Science HASSEY, C. Soc. Sr. HEBERT, J.L. Science HEPFER NA N, A Proj. Acct. HI NDLE, C. Mach HOCHMA N, M. Guidance JACINTHO, J. Science JOHNSON, N. fx Art KALLEVIK, D. For. Lang KELLY, J. English KIRBY, V. 'Music KOBZA, E. Science KO NSTA NTAKOS N . Ind. Arts LAGASSE, L. Business 197 '93 Laval: 'A' A 4: M. 5 W fy 'MW' K ri xv A, Qjl 6 ""v ,, 1 f I :- fi Q' -2 L 'Q i " I 5:1 , V .W nf ' ' J Maki ff f r' ' , f 1 - iw iv s A .mfg gwjzgfflf aff' 7 jfvf ff J by Q s 37545 f it 415 V man W '47 IE f x A , fy! ""' 13 gf f ffif?ffff L ' W' "'.,, ' ..,,..,, ',-' . 2 '51, H ,,,, Sw' "Ist W"' f . ,, g ,ff 1 I 1 - ,EM wi H ,- ,,W"'f ,'.',,s',, 1gE,,, 'M W5 mf-'Q 2' is N XJ ff S 5 , i5 291 E5 55 45 Mglagff ME J A ' -- - M fg ff 1-, ' ' iff ' L 1 'Z ' 791, r ff 'fig N31 "W" 1,23 ,1 ' Q"' f LL' 5 ' Q 1. .. ' V ' f - f ,, ei L,,,, qw' -' A sw vi d ., 'Q f iff! :V i , ,s.. 1 l 1 ,grfqb an 'WGS -l Z' B , nis, V 2? , , W ,f Z MA N NIO N, B. Business MARCHA ND, A. English MARTIN, R. Science MARTI NS, E. Nurse MATOS, M. Spec. Ed. MCCARTHY, E. English ,PI ' 4-is MEDEIROS, Phys. Ed. MEDEIROS, English MEDEIROS, Phys. Ed. MEDEIROS, For. Lang. MEDEIROS, Business MELLE N, R Home Ec. MESSIER, C Math METHIA, L English s1 i 1 i 7 f .-2' Q -'.- i ' Mo N'rEm0, R 1nd . Aggs MoN'rLE,,J , -V Busi'riessL MORETTI, D 1 7 .Ihdf Airs. 1 I MQRRI5e , g 5ng11 sh 1MORRI SO N,iR iRF , sECfRGTC1 l i L' '.L 'L ji - . St. 1 iii 1 , ifie ' 1 ?f1C1f fiSfQ . l j Bng1ish 7 . ,k,., V. OL1 VEIRAg A , J I V-Vk .V,-, I 200 J MR. OLIVER Our class advisor, Mr, joseph Oliver, left New Bedford High School at the end of our junior year to become vice-principal at Normandin junior High School. Although Mr. Oliver left the build- ing, he continued to be a part of the school and of the senior class. Mr. Qliver was a New Bedford High School graduate and taught for 10 years in the Math De- partment. He was reluctant to leave New Bedford High because of the students but remained in- volved in the school by attending many school acti- vities and by remaining the senior class advisor. Mr. Oliver found the Class of '85 to be full of enthusiasm and school pride. He agreed that NBH is agreat school and he is glad that he was part ofthe school when NBH was awarded national honors. In addition to this, Mr. Oliver offered some good advice to the senior class. He hopes that every senior will set agoal and work hard to accomplish it. Although Mr. Oliver enjoys his work, he misses the classroom and someday hopes to return home to NBHS. .4 ' L ORLOWSKI, E Ind. Arts PACHECO, J. Dist. Ed. PACHECO, R. Art PACHECO, R. Soc. St. PECCI NI, R. English PEPI N, D. English PERSSON, M. For, Lang. PICARD, H. Ind. Arts PIKE, S. Science PIME NTAL, A Science PIRES, R. Guidance PLISKI N , D. Science PURCELL, R. Soc. Sr. RAI NVILLE, P For. Lang. 201 . . RAPOSO, J. For. Lang. RAS, M. Math RAYLE, M Business RIDER, M Science I-9 " rf f"L f ROBB, V. I.M,C. af' ROBBINS, W A Incl. Arts ROBERTS, 1. Soc. St. ROBITAILLE, R i.M.c. ROGERS, H I.M.C. ROLLI, N Phys. Ed. ROMA NO, D Business ROSCOW, A Science ROSE, A. English ms "W" I ROWLES, G. i 1. , English 4-ff RUTKOWITZ, P. ' V Vahvl , H ' R sT.P1ERRE,R. V ,JE A E English BEHIND THE SCENES . . . Helping N .B.H.S. win national recognition were a group of people usually found behind the scenes. The senior class wants to thank the cafeteria staff, the custodial staff, the secretarial staff and the mainte- nance staff. These groups play an important part in the running of the high school and make up the NBHS family with the students and staff. Sometimes we forget the roles they play in the everyday happenings of the school, and therefore, the Class of '85 takes this chance to salute each and every one of them for this contribution to our Flag of Excellence. 202 . 5 J. at V as . R ' ,MEX if . Q it . exft ' ' 'SQ'5-wa, -'5 4 'J' L il' 'U S V ' -nw. 'S i W 1 W 1-, ef! 4 All vit . .ta- M " ' 11,1577 . z,-ta. . ,W - fy .,ai fe-I 1 Jw an vi, . 'eh , '11 :P W 3 fiffffs , I l f . 'sex ,nw I 'V -. A xff We A, x , 1:,,, SA NCHEZ- ARRIOLA, M Sci-Math SA N TOS, M Math SAVAGE, W Guidance SCHOFF, J. Guidance SEGUIN, J. Chart SHEA, M. Phys. Ed. SHERBI NO, Science SIEGEL, A. Business SILVA, A. Health SILVA, E. Computer SILVA, R. English SILVEIRA, M Guidance SLATER, A. Soc. Sr. SOARES, K. Science soUzA, J. Spec. Ed. SOUZA, R. Math n l r rrel -sGu1dw1sez 1 ,tii ff -sil Q rireit i ilili Jfai ieer A A +gS0UzA,R- is g 7 y i,Englishty n slsi 5QWA,i4+t Ll ii LL-L i ,,' V " L-'. i fBusiness - 5 155 Ji y 'SULLIVAANO N. i T. il-1orneEc. L ATABACHNIK, ' r Guidance TAVARES, D. For. Lang. A TAVARES, E. Soc. St. WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS Helping our students become the best they can be are the staff of the tutorial programs. N BHS offers tutoring services to students in need of aca demic help in all subject areas. The Upward Bound Program, a federally funded program in conjunc tion with SMU, offers tutoring in college preparatory courses to low-income students plan- ning to continue their education beyond high school. Mr. john Sykes, the academic coordinator, and Mr. Robert Fortes, the counselor, also provide financial aid assistance for college and SAT prepa- ration, as well as personal counseling. About 60 students each year are helped through the Upward BoundProgram. It is evident that the main purpose of the program is its dedication to the academic achievement of its students. A ,In addition, the NBHS Tutorial Program, spon- sored bythe Student Advisory Committee, en- courages ,students to achieve academic success. ffSinceFSeptiember,1981, the Tutorialflenter has ,gproiducedfpdpsiptive academic results for over 750 QippupiilS,fTheTutorialiCenter was part of the SACS campaign, which encour- tryryhardlerand to give the best they L iitc C iFl3f5fHOnOcfs lsiocierviiefhee Sfuflffm' asdffheJRQTc, as wen as other volun- help at fellow student pii, rrltli leads to higher ritl tTutorialCenter could , Q ner- have1,sheen-JLeaigucciessi without the combined efforts bf the john Robinson, the pro- j coordinator, and ,dedicated staff and student tutors who devoted their time to make academic excellence a goal for all students. , L 2lJ4i "l' A A 9 '-',' ' 'f.,, H ,,", zg, K ,,f., ,i,,,V 1 , it ttts L fll' .9 s f I , i TAYLOR M Soc St TRINIDAD Proy Sew English VARDO, . Math TRIPP, N. C f an A ll M 4 MH , ,W,iffw-r.fi4.- aenf nmfaf-ffi,3'?4 ,wa9ta ,. s . ,girly g Q, it it , ,, .. will ,, ,,,, Aw, W,,+, M- we ,f Warsaw , ""' . 3 -. ,, tv g u rls ' - V '- . fi .,,,, ,,,, fi . , t"' i , - .iii ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,i. ,,,,,..,, , ill: ,lf -, ll 'f VM' ' 71' f fill? W 6 Za E M1954 f 'W ce ,,,- 5 r WM tv 'W , ,gigzff A .nl-1 ,, A iw QM, .5 VASCO NCELLOS D Band VASCO N CELLOS L Spec. Ed. VAZ, R. Math WALL, N. Guidance WALSH, A. English WALSKI, P. Math WARRE N, J Business Spec. Ed. CAMERA SHY . ADAMOWICZ, A. English BURCHELL, M. English PEREIRA, M. Math POSIVIATA, D. Spec. Ed. WILLIAMS, Attendance ZIELI NSKI, A. Soc. Sr. WARRI NGT FACULTY FUNN Q IES "I hate corridor duty on Sundays!" "This is carrying the open classroom idea a little too far ,iv 206 "l told you I wouldn't retire until I was 85l" "This is the last time I'm telling you - two Cs and one "These matchbox cars are killers to work on!'l N!" , 'Rl A'The 'T-ayes' have itl" .ff klfsq if si fi "Okay, Ms. Dean, look closely. XX'ho stole Mr. Calnan's lrish record?" "And the Pied Piper led the children away . . . " WW! W R l '?"',i as s ,, .Q vi of sr gs ,a Y I Ct we - 1 ! xg . fi V "Well, here are the three finalists for prom queen!" Kilim felliflg YOU, NHUCY, YOU look RYCHF up therelw iod bless the Class of '85. - Suzanne Almeida- Best Wishes to the Class of 1985. - Mrs. B. Blue BSSF wishes f0fi1 h2iPPYf1f1d SuCC6SSfu1 fl-HUYCA 'MYS- Shepard House Janice Cohen Uishes for health, happiness 8: success. - Barhara Joanne Bennett Best Wishes to the Class of 1985. - Frederick Cole Alpsff Much I-la piness and Success. - W'illiam Bettencourt Wlalfefi CYUFMH- Kelli 54 Cllfel' COUWHN . . , P tal' Allg3g1Ii?J'C?!gE,ED12ggVE ani K' Enloli Best XY'i5he5 to the Class of '85, - George 55 Dogma NGO for it Class of85". - Mr, 81 Mrs. Donald L. Costa your 'L ' F ' I Bimfi B W' hh ci f 'ss' - xi C f hs' Dorothy Amaml Judv Bolton est is es ass o 5, r. J. o-sta, B S H J I, t A al ' Congratulations and Good Luck Class of '87 W Mar- Oa one ' - U 'C mar' God Bless. - Mrs. ,Ieanne Bonneau icrie COSIH Iongratulations - Best W'ishes. - Mrs. S. Amaral Best Wishes! - Mr, John SA Bomwicz Mrs Eleanor Cmvcim lffhuf F- Anderson' Robert J. Braz. Best oflluck. -john T. Curry i Lichard SA Anderson' Gogd luck, Class of 19854 - Mr' Bmadmcadow BestWishes to theClassof 85. -Mr. 84 Mrs. Dabraca lest wishes to the Class of 1985. - Liza Andrade Marvelous Greetings! M MIP- Burchell Doroths' Dean Q V- 1 ,est wishes- - Paul Anthony Best Xwishesr v G. Cabml Beghgkrgillil to the Class ot 85. - Mr. 354 Mrs. De- Fuffm Sums A Ld UM Ds '35, - Mf- Amcfifo Best Ofiufk Us the cuss was -J W Qaimm G E-I M D. 1 Araujo W N n ' ' ' K V eorge, i een ant my igg e Best Wishes cms Ot. ,Xi Y Mr' Armstrong X Mrs Best Wishes to the Class ot 85. - Russel D. Campoli -'Best Of Lucky - Mr. N Mrs Ralph Dlouhy M6110 Cesar M. Cardoso Mr' Ronaldj DOW 3005 lufk I9 the C1355 of 85- ' Themsc Auslsffs Mr' 31 Mrs' Jay M' Carolus Best of Luck to the Class of l85 84 Be Happy. - D. BEST WISHESQ - Mrs T- Audetw May youfollow your tradition of excellence throughout Dulw good luck I0 the C1355 of HSS? - LC Ayotte your 'MCA - Misa Mr5',R1CharLl Canjelm Congratulations Class of 85. -,loan C. Dudula EOOD LUCK. W Fran 84 Ray Barbcm Bestsffishesv to the Class of 85. - D. Caton Best of Lutkl - Bill Esimcy Best Wishesl - Ron Barboza 81 Family Ewa ,fi LES- - Mfa Cl I Mr. and Mrs. ,lohn D. Fernandes Best ofLuck is tilt Class of ,ss - Mis. isimff est ll WS' W Mft' Umholm BEST WISHES TO ALL THE SENIORS. Carol A. Clermont Best wishes to the senior class! - T, Ferreira 207 Greetings and Good Luck to students and staff. -- Mr. Fogel Good Luck to the Class of '85. - Mrs. D. Foley Best Wishes! - Beth Forgue Good Luck Seniors. - Mrs. Foucart Best of luck to the Class of 85. - Robert Fournier Best of Luck. - Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Fraga Best of Luck. - A Friend Good Luck Class of '85. - Mr. M. Galipeau Good Luck to the Class of '85. - Mr. 8: Mrs. Galuska Best of luck - Class of 85. - "Yours in Fitnessn Mr. Steve Gardiner Congratulations Sc Best Wishes. - Mr. joseph Gill Best Wishes. - Mr. 8: Mrs. john Gomes Have a bright future. - Michael D. Gomes Best Wishes. - Carolyn and George Goodfellow Best Wishes to the Class of 85. - W. Gouveia Best of Luck. -- David Greene Luck, Success 8a Happiness. - Mrs. Gutierrez Bona Fortuna - Bonne Chance. - Mr. Paul Guy Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Hamlet, Drew Sz Beth Good luck to the Class '85. - Mr. Hartley To the future. - C.F. Hassey To the best class ever - 85 - . - Mr. Physics CHebertJ Best Wishes! - Constance M. Hindle Best Wishes. -- Michael B. Hochman Best of Luck Class of 'L85". - Mr. 8: Mrs. joseph jacintho Best Wishes. - Mrsjohnston Best of Luck. - james J. Kelly May you always have a song in your heart! - V, Kirby Nazdrowie! - Sandra Kumor Best Wishes. - Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert F. Lagasse "Smile" your way to success! - R. Lanouette Cynthia A. Leal Congratulations. - Nurses Office: Mrs. LeBlanc 84 Mrs. Martins Best of luck to the Class of l85. - Mr. Ron Leblanc Audrey Levasseur Mr. 81 Mrs. Roger L. Levesque Good Luck 'l85". - Bruce Lima Good Luck "85". - Mr. 8: Mrs. Sal Lombardo Best Wishes. - M.E. Longo Best Wishes. - Miss Longpre TEACHER AIDE Seated CL-RJ: Mrs. M. jacintho, Ms. E. Borges, Mrs. B. McCoy, Mrs. B. Costa, Mrs. M. Walsh CStandingD: Mrs. J. Reul Mrs. C. Silvia, Mrs. I. Reis, Mr. M.W Robinson, Mrs. W. Kumor, Mrs. J Anuszczyk, Mrs. L. Martin. a 208 Sheila Mahoney Good Luck! - B. Mannion Armand R. Marchand Good luck Seniors! - Ms. Marland Best of Luck in the Future. - R.N. Martin Eugene F. McCarthy Good Luck. - D. Medeiros Good Luck. - Grace 8: Ed Medeiros Good Luck to the Class of 1985. - Gil 8: Irene Medeiros Best Wishes. -jim 8: Diane Medeiros Good luck. - R.W. Medeiros Best Wishes - May all your desires come true. - Rosemary Medeiros Good Luck. - R. Mellen Best Wishes. - Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles F. Messier "It matters not where you walk - so long as you get somewhere!" - R. Methia Best Wishes. - Mr. Millette It was worth it!! - Miss Milligan Mrs. J. Montle Best Wishes to the Class of '85. -- Ms. M.V. Morris Good Luck to the Class of '85. - R.F. Morrison Where you stand depends on where you stand! - Mr. Frank Motta BE ALL YOU CAN BE. - Col. J.F. Napoli Richard W. Nerbonne, Chairman Business Education Good Luck. - George Newman Success and Joy to Class of l85. - Ronald Sc Anne Nolin Good luck to the Class of 85. - Antonio Oliveira Good Luck. - CThe Book Storej john H. Pacheco Good Luck. - Richard Pacheco CArtD Good Luck! -joan M. Park R. Peccini Mr. 8: Mrs. David Pepin and Family "Il Faut Cultiver Notre Jardin" - Miss Persson Mr 8: Mrs Hans E. Picard The best of everything to the Class of'85. -- Mrs. Pike Good luck to the Class of '85. - Mr. 81 Mrs. Richard Pires Good Luck to all, but especially to my crew from 3- 507. - Mr. Pliskin Best Wishes. - R. Purcell Congratulations Class of '85. - Pauline Rainville Michael L. Ras Best of Luck to the Class of '85. - Irene N. Reis Onward 8: Upward with best wishes to Class of'85. - Vivian Robb Best of luck to the ffl Class of 1985. -june Robert Congratulations and best wishes for success and happi ness. - Helen Rogers Best Wishes. - Mr. 8a Mrs. ,Iohn Rolli Good Luck Class of 85. - Mrs. Romano I wish you the best. - A. Roscow To Gold House Senior Aides: Congratulations 81 Gooi Luck. - Mrs. C. Rose Best Wishes Class of 85. - Mrs. Patricia Rutkowitz Laurie 8: Aaron Santos Best wishes to the Class of l85. - William Savage To a bright future! - julie Seguin Virginia K. Sherbino Best Wishes to all of you. - Aileen Siegel Mr. 8a Mrs. Roger Silva Good Luck Class of l985. - Anna J. Sowa Congratulations to the Class of"85". - Mr. St. Pierri Best Wishes Class of '85. - Mr. 8z Mrs. john Stritt matter Congratulations. - Mrs. Strupczewski Best of luck to the Class N857 -- A friend always, - Mr. D. Tavares Happiness. - Edmund M. Tavares Best of Luck to you. - Mr. T. Success and Best Wishes. - Theresa Travers Congratulations Class of "85". - Mr. 8: Mrs. Charle A. Vardo Good Luck to the Class of 85 from the Best Marchin, Band Alive. - Mr. V. Matthew, Eric, Amy Vaz Best Wishes. - Neal F. Wall Mr 8: Mrs. Philip Walski Congratulations Class of 85. - Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur E Walsh Congratulations. -- john Warren Good Luck Class of !85. - C.M. Warrington Bob Whittaker Congratulations. -J. Williams Congratulations 81 Success. - Mr. 51 Mrs. Donali Wilusz Best of luck. - Mr. W. Winsper Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony S. Zielinski SECRET RIES D CLERK MAIN OFFICE eated: Mrs. T. Travers lStanding: L-Rb Mrs. E. Craveiro, Mrs. R, Rivard, Mrs, V. Fernandes, Is. L. Martin. i. COMPUTER ROOM Mrs. Carol Clermont 7'-1... if ll X CAboveJ GREEN HOUSE: Mrs, Ethel Griffith CAboveJ GOLD HOUSE: Mrs. Catherine Rose fBg1g3wj TAN HQUSE3 Mm- Sylvia Amaml CBelowJ BLUE HOUSE: Mrs. Claire Bergeron . f-QQMEF g m . 5 X X an nf' X j W R . fu EEL , , .:., f Q V 4 ,,,, . X .. , at l ii sb . sz: 209 CAFETERIA STAFF Cecile Antone Marilyn Baker Cynthia Bentley Margaret Carola Hilda Catlow Rose Costa Rose Coulombe Gladys Couto Jovina Dias Lucy Fernandes Priscilla Gomes Theresa Hall Mr. Stanley Collins, Cuiteria Ladino, top manager Dorothy Hope Joyce Icaponi Natalie Inacio Marion Jankowski Joanne Kwiecien Theresa Lizotte Bernice Medeiros Irene Mendonca Gloria Mendonza Kathleen Murphy Dorothy Pedro Mary L. Perry CUSTGDIAN S Sr. Cust. Mr. George Wheeler, Sr. Cust. Mr. Antone Alfonso Mr. Robert Almeida Mr. Joseph Amida Mr. Gerald Cabral Mr. Joseph Chabot Mr. Jo F. Clermont Mr. Arthur A. Corre Mr. Fernando Cruz Mr. John Daniels Mr. John J. David ia, Jr. Mrs. Shirley Fernandes Mr . Joseph Ferreira . William Frasier . Joseph Garcia . Beverly Gomes . Charles Gosselin . Francis Hallet . Richard Haskins . Donald Howard . John A. Hunt . John Joseph . Denis Latour . James Macedo CARPENTER Mr. Dale Fuller ENGINEERS Mr. Fred Reynolds, Chief Engineer Mr. Kenneth Andrews Mr. William Prast Jacqueline Ponte Kathryn Rothwell Agnes Rua Natalie Simmons Anne Souza Emily Souza Rosalie Strittmatter Dorothea Sylvia Emily Sylvia Mary Tavano Marion J. Wholley Demetra Yoti Mr. Ernest Medeiros Mr. Ernest J. Medeiros Mrs. Linda Medeiros Mr. Willard Monteiro Mr. Luciano Oliveira Mrs. Debra Peltier . Kenneth Petty . Edgar Pothier . George Roy, Jr. . James Stewart Mrs. Linda Sylvia Mr. William Tavares Mr. Anthony Williams , - V Q 0 u G U "From the hrs! reflection to the final image" ' l617J 994-8238 "Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thurs. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m, Evenings by appointment 22 Pope Street, New Bedford, Mass. 02740 COURTHOUSE DELI 8: COFFEE SHOP 288 Union St. New Bedford, MA 02740 awww 638 Quequechan St. 375 Faunce Corner Rd. 817,997-1960 HOURS: MON--SAT' Fall River, MA N. Dartmouth, MA 10100 AM-4200 PM 617-67 5-5740 617-995-6645 00 J . Qualtly dweafers P.o. Box J-4096 NEW BEDFORD, MA. 02741 KATHLEEN RILEY COR. LYNDSEY a. NORTH STS. "May your future endeavors be attained," GOOD LUCK from BOYS, CLUB OF NEW BEDFORD 46173 997-3714 pbfzenteffa 77la!tz571gaa6' 3006.4 ci Wecazda AMERICAN, PORTUGUESE AND SPANISH BOOKS, MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS. fI'OII1 PHONOGRAPH RECORDS, TAPES, CASSETTES MARIA A. PIMENTEL 1659 ACUSHNET AVENUE Owner NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 02746 MON IZ DRIVING SCHOOL 7 Complete Courses 86 Road Lessons Call anytime 266 Rear County St. 997-4310 New Bedford, MA Donald Moniz Best Wishes to the Class of '85 from 999-4764 -5- 997-5063 4,- MARMELO BROS. CONSTRUCTION CO. MASON CONTRACTOR 159 CHASE RD. NO. DARTMOUTH, MA. 02747 MACEDU ogg.-11,3 fp n ua J""",' - l 1 K H7 oc ole Avo. ,uggoo vNA9NAcY 'H U A Nsw or , sl. I - 2Ag?P3fuIf9g1.w 1 W I I' - , GOOD LUCK FROM SCOOTERS 401 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, MA BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '85 from SWEETS VARIETY 'We appreciate your patronage" Good Luck to the Class of 1985 F. RODRIGUES INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE - NorARv PUBLIC O mourn HAIRSTYLIST 2174 ACUSHNET AVE, TEL' 14 New BEDFORD, MA 02745 46175 995-2538 LUKULOS PIZZA HOUSE 426 MT. PLEASANT STREET NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Store Hours Mon.-Thurs. ll a.m.-ll p.m. Fri.-Sat. ll a.m.-12 p.m. Sun. 12 Noon-10 p.m. DELICIOUS PIZZAS and HOT OVER GRINDERS "Call Your Orders Before You LEAVE HOME - They will be Ready On Arrival" Tel. 996-3219 Thank You! THB ,l-1-l 4.1-li... WAREHOUSE HOMECENTER Congratulations to the Class of '85 Open Mon-Fri: 8-9 P.M. Sat: 8-2 P.M. Sun: IO-2 P.M. 617 997-6806 Fairhaven NAUTILUS, CENTERQ9 162 HUTTLESTON AVENUE FAIRHAVEN, MA 02719 O E 5 , . 2 5' SERviC GOOD LUCK FROM: O gg i W C9 qlll' E TRN From the Desk of: JARETT W. Rose Department Chairman 152353 V' ' "The Professional Servicev Grades 7-12 B-313 Qfe"A,-fflfx 1815 Acushner Ave. Ter. 995-1229 mx, 112 ' N.B., MA 02746 7 9 3 9986 ALLISON I. HASKELL MANAGING SUPERVISOR ASSOCIATES FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPANY OF MASSACHUSETTS INC IDIARY O FORATION O ON O 628. EW BEDFO O 0 AFFILIATIONS 242 Union Street Multiple Listing Service New Bedford MA 02740 New Bedford Board of Realtors I GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ,85 Compliments of CW? VYI " ant esmte,-AGE,Ncv,,iIxIc."i Allen C. Haskell Bus: 999-1221 ,f I-1 I A S 1.5, a f?" ig DOWN to me " EARTH NATURAL rooms 'QI-if h 751 KEMPTON stnszv ' , New BEDFORD MA. 02740 'v Ig' 5 Cathy Leger Sandra Leger Dolores Caron bl ff' Mon-Fri: 9:30-7:00 Sat: 9:30-6:00 C6175 996-1995 voul hslnxr helm -... ...- is-' COOPER INSURANCE HAROLD M. COOPER III AGENCY, INC. 268 UNION STREET NEW BEDFORD, MA 997-4541 Go For It Class of "85" Realtor Donald 8: Ann Costa Tel. 994-6208 Associates of: Rosemary S. Tierney Realty Tel. 999-1492 Best Wishes Class of 85 Ben Rose BMX Racing Team New Bedford, MA Sponsor: Flip Rose Coaches: Norman Silva, Russell Warwick Photographers: Bernard Sylvia, Ben Barros Captain: Bob Mendes - Team Members - Bob Mendes, Keith Yuen, Bryce Barros, Norman Silva, Trevor Rose, Ralph Gilmour Rick Warwick, Cy Medeiros, jason Sylvia, Brandon Mello, Heather A X Medeiros Scott Dias, Aaron Medeiros, Jodie Mello, jason Antonio, joey Cabral Douglas Medeiros, Denny Pinard, joey Ramos, Amir Hoagland, Scott Lewis, jason Souza f tshirts posters - bumper stickers - decals plastics realestate - political signs DRUMMER BOY SCREEN PRINTING of New Bedford Quality Screen Process Printing P.O. Box L-537 New Bedford, Massachusetts 02745 16771 995-9784 BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '85 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morse 840 R. Middle Rd. Acushnet, MA 02743 'ia Q OPEN Tuss. 'r S , . .J- l,- x . V -. 20 ACORN ST. 4 . ori s Salon of .Hair Design SPECIALIST IN MEN'S AND WOMAN'S STYLING. NENN BEDFORD, MASS. TEL, 3-3032 3wg,yfron1 wc WANNA ll lfoflfqy L L THE CANDLEWORKS . RESTAURANT C0ngratu1at1or1s from CONGRATULATIONS BORDEN INSURANCE To THE CLASS OF SUNRISE BAKERY ' 85 MAURICE 105143 HARARY'S JEWELERS 72 NORTH X'VATI:R STRVFT NEW BFDFOKD, NIA 02740 I HONH 617-992-1635 ...,.. Fhwhawen 1- E Savings North Branch Bank "Your Bank for Student Loans" uowun' Hansen e eeet erer deem K LEATHER, INC. w A FROM Featuring 5" J Symphony TH-ueic Shop VVINDMILL LEATHEDQ5 Nj ,pi 94 STATE ROAD NORTH DARTMOUTH ' Leather Apparel Feather jewelry -qi tg MASS 02747 5 , Silver-Turquoise Moccasins-Brass e g ggeieff f,,., ,, we ,Y ,- fs .f Fine Leather Accessories x x fm' ' WELL BET You CANT STOP JUST ONCE! in? ' , 204 Rockdale Ave., New Bedford, MA 02740 5' - Tel. 990-0397 - ee. A , eve . ff fri ,E fr ciifgffe 915 A yr Wi T ieixtmj :.r . MW 18 ' "Q"f' L ii'LL' -' ..4' M Q'A"A' 3 7A shetA .N Bdfod,M .02 Tel. 995-6366 PAINTS W mm WW 7352 ff, CARTERS f,,NK91se1'W c1.oTHiNG STORE ' 55 William Street Downtown New Bedford, Mass. 02740 STEPHEN T. CARTER Tell l'6l7-993-8221 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '85 DAVIDSON'S RETAIL MEATS 424 So. Second St., New Bedford, Ma. 02740 Tel. 1617! 992-7988 LaFrance Certified Gemologist Registered Jeweler Member -- American Gem Society 763 Purchase St., New Bedford, MA 02740 TEL 995-6176 O v whaling flliig 1321 Shay fig? v 2068 ACUSHNET AVE. NEW BEDFORD, MA LIFE ' AUTO ' HOME ' BONDS 0 COMMERCIAL SURFNSUN '7 ,49encq 2306 ACUSHNET AVENUE ANANXANNNXN f XXXXXXXJ accu copym service 2960 Acushnet Avenue New Bedford, MA 02745 NEW BEDFORD, MA. 02745 995-8341 Qoqttnqla ex ch FRED VlLLARl'S iifiviiiiiiigifrfi Y 1 miww H i W W - 3 X X' if STUDIOS OF SELF DEFENSE - EI?u:..' ,- . , 05635 994 KEMPTON STREET f,1gf.-Q-.fg:g4gg.4'. The Maul Event SE ' , Q NEW BEDFORD, MA 02740 .+ y ,L - 617f997-4322 fa' i..v ' 0 ln! ' rf' 4' fails Qfilitxetfzrir.-- ,fmt .4 ,Q , WS' ' ll. Fgl :XX M ' Nw A .,. For the finest in dining and entertainment. Serving daily ll a.m.-ll p.m. T' cocktails til 1 a.m. , Sunday Brunch 11:30a.m.-2 p.m. 992-0681 fr' ' 'N R. .Mi W W X F U W 252 Union Street, New Bedford Groups and private classes for all ages Gary Amaral: Proprietor ufrvfr Music fir Headuuarters 2 gwESJ1I3kl'gTlON 118 Tarkin Hill Road, - : :RNESQTIQ ENTS New Bedford, MA 02745, 'W' BANKOF BosToN BRISTOL SERVING THE NEEDS OF BRISTOL COUN IY ACUSHNH - Assowcr - Amsaofzo - FALL raven GOOD LUCK New BEDFORD - somsnsn Q swfwsm - TAUNTON - wzsrpom to the F Q y85 MLMBQR DK. i0lAdPKNwvglHt' lawrence j. Oliveira, d.d.s., p.c. joseph j. aleardi, d.d.s. TEL. l61 71 999-1369 55mm ' JEWELERS INC. Legacy Sterling Club 676 DARTMOUTH ST. MARY LOU BROMLEY SO. DARTMOUTH, MA. 02748 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '85 F 1 - N W- 'X ' XX x X Congratu auons J X 1 Class of '85 K X J' X .. 7 LOUIS G. SYLVIA 81 SONS . T INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Italian Restaurant 501 Rockdale Avenue L l New Bedford, MA 02742 995-7711 995-8221 2857 Acuslmet Ave. - Junction of Ashley Blvd. 422 mfs, EM, fn' Nw vga ar ws L 'V , ,.,,.,.,.,,,, ,,,,, .- WIII - I H ' 1 1 1 ,,,, , ,, i , ,,v1u ,f-: 5 ,,, ---, W 6 F f 4, A Q Q " ' " 'W "" ffff : , -' ,,,k "" ffWWE,qmm, mwafm :f'ewffwifff,,. 1- V- ' f- , ' k' ' f 'W' ,,.. r ,M ,:x,x,.f,,,m,,:,,,::1,,,:f,,1.. P P .. ,,,.,,,,...,, ,,,,,,,, f K ,,,- 1,,f 1,,1 f,1,,,.,,,A. , ,A ,,,,,g,,Z 1-,1 ,,hk ,,,,... , , ,W,, ,,,.. 5 ,,,..W,,,..W,, ,,,,,,z ,,,,: ,t,ll :,,ll "" W"' W f H ,,.u, " H Vs. '- 1 gf awwwmeznzzrfeefzmvfasrszzzssmaxxzsgx, , .1 1' V,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,. 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Mfg., Inc. 89 Rodney French Blvd. New Bedford, MA 02744 ,EW EM,,i,a,,:5,,.,,E3,,mMyWM555,,.N,5,,E5,,5,1:,,WQS, f WVV- 7lR,15WW5:E,5 -fff ,WMw,,mH f Eiiwiffi ,, .,,,,.,, , . Wifi! ?ECii5i553iiE2ff22fS5ff1eEiWW5!i49fii 4? 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New Bedford, MA 02745 Tel. 995-6489 17 Mechanics Lane New Bedford, MA 02740 Tel. 999-1010 Best Wishes to the Class of '85 MULDOON'S MINI-MART groceries - produce - meat - beer - wine Q 7 :ive Z' ' tig"5i'?. ' i X nag 1 7 l 'AJAX C lil l A D 0931 Open 7 A.M. - Midnight: 7 Days a Week Align. 8. Balan. Road Service All Work Guaranteed General Repair Electronic Tune-Ups CHRISTIAN TIRE 81 AUTO CENTER Home of The H100 Gallon Club" BFGoodrich 413 Ashley Blvd. ROLAND MANNY New Bedford, MA 02745 OwnerlManager 16173 997-2611 ZTIIO 0 I 9 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ,85 - Z , -C 3 Fuucnon MICHAEL J. NORTON, 111, D.M.D., INC. , , Ql,A , ,X,, ngggs ff E I E2--Q I wsomnes 688 County Sf- Auulvensmlss, ns:-non snows, suowsns, Pnoms New Bedford, MA 02740 Tel. 992-7070 FINE DINING ' WEDDING RECEPTIONS Fon nEsEnvA nous cAu. THE LAKESIDEH 636-4044 950 STATE Ro.. IRT. 61 NORTH DARTMOUTH K 0Nj3,iN'C y ACRES OF PARKING NOQUOCHOKE Balfour "THE OFFICIAL CLASS RING SUPPLIER TO NBI-IS" JOHN GEURGE FARMS North Dartmouth. Massachusetts RICHARD GEORGE . 291 Slocum Road I I Phone: North Darimouth, MA 02747 ' 617-9.96-2600 Kg I- 997-9356 .Lit SALES RYA ff eckham ' RENTAL CENTER V SJ' SVQVICE i. ' NEW BEDFORD'S LEADING RENTAL CENTER L, we ARE me-'PROBLEM SOLVERSN MIA DARTMOUTH ST., NEW BEDFORD MASS. ' VINNY FERNANDES PROPRIETOR men ' LIL CREDIT UNION 271 UNION ST., NEW BEDFORD, MA 02740 1832 ACUSHNET AVE., NEW BEDFORD, MA 02745 140 BROADWAY, TAUNTON, MA 02780 209 Union Street . New Bedford, MA 02740 "Stay forever young." - Bob Dylan Centra!! CPIIaIufwa0g RAYMOND P. CHARPENTIER, Reg. Pharm. 1855 Acushner Ave. New Bedford, Mass. PHONE 995-5755 Prescriptions Sick Room Supplies FREE PARKING . . . REAR of STORE - COQQQSHHII HA, Cunha I617I 995-5909 UNHA,S I EWELEHS Watch 8. Jewelry Repair 1849112 Acushnet Avenue New Bedford, MA - MUSIC INSTRUMENTS - REPAIRS ACCESSORIES INSTRUCTION rlilw Symphony clll-uaio Slftop cmaneg and Qofm ihndoffi TEL. 996-3301 94 STATE ROAD NO. DARTMOUTH, MA 02747 ESTERT YEAR cvclm 330 I-IATHAWAY ROAD - NEW BEDFORD TELEPHONE MASS. 02746 16173 993-2525 I I Y I II 1 NOW IN NEW BEDFORD Nauset 8: Mt. Pleasant Sts., Tel. 996-3330 ' 'Z FIRST EISTQTL COUNTY INIIITIDINIAL BANK Other conveniently located offices in Taunton, Attleboro, Attleboro Falls, S. Attleboro, Seekonk, Raynham, Easton, Fall River, Wareham, Marion, and Carver. if YOU ' fn -I Im gg..-lv O ff Q U' NETO INSURANCEA GENCYQ INC. ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 96 FIOCKDALE AVE, CCIIB C9 atm al lnshtule IO Automot e --- Servuce Ex MARIA E AIMEIDA NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 02740 VICE PRESIDENT TEL.. 999-1236 RALPH J. DLOUHY, Jr. M tm B I. CERTIFIED MECHANIC 1 a,,mSlffw 5:1 le' VW wv JEWELERS RADLO AUTOMOTIVE 111 .IEKINS STREET New BEDFORD MA 02740 PHONE 994-4179 Oihces 'demon Street. New Bedford, MA 02740 l 16175909-F214 W ' -I -D :'.,5 mai I I 'V L RICHARD ESTRELLA L ISI 7I 993-3223 :.'5'A ni:-N, 1. L V 'Il RICHARD'S AUTO SALES GUARANTEED USED CARS AMERICAN AND FOREIGN 574 DARTMOUTH ST. SO. DARTMOUTH, MA. 02748 IACROSS FROM MCDONALDSI WORLD WIDE THA VEL ARRANGEMENTS A "Your Pleasure rs our Business" Icmu 99? " Tow' 3 JIM S. MEDEIROS GENERAL MANAGER Sun-plcmurc Tourr liri- 265 aww SIREN nl-I E xsvv Erorono MA 02744 gwgsv , A i617 997-4:41 e2,:L3.5.X' " LQ-, ' " I CMCAGYJ meldnson QUALITY PAINTING INTERIEIR AND EXTI-:RIIZIR TEL. 995-9965 is Tel. 16171 997-9428 '-95.11 STS' PASTRY COLMEIA Portuguese pastry and cakes for weddings, baptisms and anniversaries. 411 Bolton St. New Bedford, Mass. 02740 422 Brock Ave. 291 Ashley Blvd. New Bedford, MA. 02744 New Bedford, MA 02746 C6177 994-8824 16171 997'O905 SID WELL 'S VARIETY Your Neighborhood Variety Store SUSAN And RICHARD SIDWELL 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Owners 7 Days A Week Congratulations 8: Best Wishes to the Class of '85 Mr. 85 Mrs. Raymond J. Melancon 505 Middle Rd. Acushnet, MA No. Dartmouth Mall Oren e duliu BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '85 7 AREACDDE617 TEL,99E'l15l fl 4 If lfll' A447144 'ZR AUTO PARTS Si MACHINE S1-IDP SERVICE FAYC.NIURQlSUN IUUIASHLEYEULILEVARD PPESIDENTANDTIQEASUREFQ NEWBEDFUPD,1VlASS.U2745 4, The 45 Imagemakers PHOTOGRAPHY BY NOLAN A NUNES 991 Kempton St., R1a,6,New Bedford. MA 02740 "Make us your senior portrait photographer." 617-996-5235 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '85 HATCH CO.. INC. TELEPHONE , SINCE 1909 16171 995-5653-54 3 -:R z ' 1 A ...I I' Malcolm W. Frasier 1 d!:- g V ' Pmzsuoem 45 P-ie 1 -' E 'x,. .....,f11111 E nj 140 UNION STREET. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 027-11 MARINE PAINTS oHARDWARE 'INSTRUMENTS PHONE 996-6515 George P. Ponte Insurance Agency, Inc. Complete Personal and Business Protection 97 Allen Street New Bedford, MA 02740 TE L.16171 996-6622 Dresses - Forrnals - Foundations CONGRATULATIONS 8c BEST WISHES 617 ' 999 5647 I may-vs w. -, Em 13. -'5-'47-N ' qv. 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StarStOre! - NEW BEDFORD DOWNTOWN MALL - - FAIRHAVEN, BERDON PLAZA, RTE. 6 - "Best Wishes to the Class Of '85" -rein 994.6639 Gloria C0818 Pinky's Fabrics Remnants - Wool - Polyester Cottons - Trims - Bed Spreads Yarns ' Notions 1604 Acushnet Ave. UPIIOISIQVY New Bedford, Mass. Just north of Davis St.. O Office: 2l74 ACUSHNET AVE. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 02745 Wilfred Audette's Driving School Complete Drivers Education Course Classrooms at Lund's Comer Call 763-2774 For Appointment and Information - or 995-4513 Forget the Rest try Gary's Best Steamed Hot Dogs 958 Ashley Blvd. New Bedford ir Slyhsts 0 0 4 FOR WOMEN, MEN and CHILDREN 998-5 1 88 4480 ACUSHNET AVE IN THE SASSAOUIN PROFESSIONAL PIAZA. NEW BEDFORD JANICE SURPRENANT Opposite Parkwood Hospital X New BEDFORD, MASS o 74 an PH AR M ACY d Gaslite Gift Shoppe TEL 995 I-IZI HSPECIALIZING IN UNIQUE GIFTS GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '85 SCHULTZ CIGAR STORE 740 PURCHASE ST. NEW BEDFORD, MA. 02740 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '85 PAUL R, VERMETTE PRESIDENT fl Wzrmetlc " WfBa.tCS GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY INC, A LIFE 0 AUTO ' HOMEOWNERS D 8: D PIZZA Open: ll AM-11 PM Sun: 4 PM-ll PM 176B Main St. MARINE 0 FIDELITY ' SURETY Acushnet "Best pizza in town!" TEL-EPHONES 968-970 KENIPTON ST 993 1731 Br 993'l705 NEW BEDFORD MASS 0274-O 4241 ACUSHNET AVE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '85 GOOD LUCK CAROL MOM 8a DAD Tel. 16177 999-4414 F M CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '85 I " 'Hi 'L" Dr. William B. Muldoon E ci I ! Dr. William B. Muldoon, jr. 127 W. Rodney Fr. Blvd. ANTONIO de SOUSA New Bedford, Ma. 02744 SALES REP. CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! University Cap 81 Gown Co. Inc. 486 Andover Street Lawrence, MA 01843 Tel. C6175 686-4566 Ter 997-7866 . f rw B, , . 9 f' I I -rr W EJ fl ,Soni c f 1C Lf'los-ist' gy ' Yr- 249 Ashley Boulevard New Bedford, Ma 52746 THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEFS MESSAGE TO YOU . Now that the yearbook has been completed, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped to make this yearbook a success. First, special thanks goes to Ms. Beverly Bizzarro, without Whose advice and guidance this yearbook would not have been a reality. I would also like to thank the 1985 Crimson Log staff for their work. Without you, we wouldnlt have made it! Thanks also goes to Mr. Dick Swiech of Hunter Publishing Company and to the Dodge-Murphy photographers for their efforts. The yearbook staff spent many happy hours preparing the Crimson Log '85. We hope you will enjoy the book and continue to believe and be proud ofthe tradition of our city and our high school. Ana Chereta Editor-in-chief HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY 2505 EMPIRE DRIVE DOclg6-Murphy Studio wiilhsEicb,h?EZEM, N.c.271o3 Our Official Class Photographer PHONE1'9'9l765'0070

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