New Bedford High School - Crimson Log Yearbook (New Bedford, MA)

 - Class of 1984

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MEET THE WHALERS Qshutd- .Ai . .A Q7:'fff::""J" 'Z-5 , 85:10 FAQMQNK . ffffshfzfcWff.s'r'!ff5' C 33 f X1 7 Table 0 f Contents 5 Theme pg. 129 Activities . . . p. 147 Seniors . . . p.79 Clubs and . . . The Magic of Friendship Ftates with the Class of ,84 . . Time and again the answer to the question 'What will you remember the most about NBHS'?" was the same - "The friends I made while in high school." The answers generally expressed special events shared with a friend more often than "things" about school. It was often "The time so-and-so and l did . . ." or l'The time so-and-so and I had classes with . . or "Being with friends at lunch time" or "Being with friends during senior lounge." In response to those many replies, we salute friendships we hope will last throughout our lives even though time, distance and circumstances may separate us. ii-4. 1 guns n -rf n1:r11f::mf1r an-an ll JV xf www Q Friends share laughs, pains, problems, moments, events and a multitude of feelings - J A 1 - L J y 3 R's at N BH Records - Romance - Recreation! The class of 184 had some definite ideas about each of these topics. inthe area of music, "All Night Long" narrow- ly beat out "Every Breath You Take" for top spot as the favorite song. Michael Jackson and Pat Benatar were both walk-aways fortop male and female singers. ln the race for top group hon- ors, Police was challenged heavily by others, but managed to retain first place. lt's interesting to note that this survey was done in the late fall of 1983, long before the many music award programs held nationallyg and yet, the choices made by the class of '84 were strikingly similiar to national choices. l guess you could say they were 'tin tuneu with their peers across the country! P.S. We left an extra space for each person to fill in his or her own personal choice in each category. 1vp.! -A Kfr6iffllJ'lWxSofD K ' , .r ff 8 Hits with the Top Tunes All Night Long Every Breath You Take Total Eclipse of the Heart Big Log Say, Say, Say Top Female Singers Pat Benatar Diana Ross Olivia Newton-John Sheena Easton Donna Summer it snu- Class of '84 Top Groups Police Def Leppard New Editions Quiet Riot Led Zeppelin Top Male Singers Michael Jackson Robert Plant David Bowie Lionel Richie Paul McCartney A Magic of Romance Brings Sharing and Caring When asked about favorite types of dates, the old stand-by of walking on the beach still ranked the highest. The traits looked for in a partner in- cluded a nice smile, a good sense of humor, a sensitive nature and the ease to discuss feelings openly. The top of the "Dream Date" list went to Chris Brinkley and John Stamos. However many people voted for their own girlfriend or boyfriend as their dream date. lt must be magic! Female Dream Date 1. Chris Brinkley g ,,,, , is 3? gag stint' bg as ' - ,.. 3 .- :t f- . -QS 1' .... .S .f . -: 1. N Mm T ' tffwwzsmm. 2. Brooke Shields 3. Jayne Kennedy 4. Jennifer Beals 5. Heather Thomas 6. 10 i Q, I , i 'Vi' Male Dream Date John Stamos Richard Gere Tom Cruise Billy Dee Williams Tom Selleck Favorite Activity Partying Listening to music Playingfwatching sports Eating Watching TV Favorite Sport 1. Football 2. Ice Hockey 3. Basketball 4. Baseball 5. Soccer 6. Favorite Athlete Larry Bird Flick Middleton Tony Dorsett Julius Erving George Brett Partying is number one! Listening to music rates high. Playingfwatching sports another favorite! VV i n K it General Hospital and John Stamos top their lusts. . -.s..K,.g. -A . . A f. 4 . V . ',..a-- Hockey - a popular sport. . -- 5 as c. Sie N KX .. 'L x. Q K Qi. e Kf',-- 4.54 N W. , " .. Qu -K. gf' fm ,so if Q ..,, . 'A - 'iw - .- .V Pizza - everyone's favorite. Football - the king of sports. Favorite Food 1. Pizza 2. Hamburg 3. French fries 4. Spaghetti 5. Ice Cream 6. Favorite Movie .An Officer and a Gentleman . Risky Business . E.T. . Return of the Jedi War Games Favorite TV Program . General Hospital . A-Team . Cheers . Dallas . Dynasty K .. 1 F if -,.,,. . , - A A Q. css. . .. ,T 13 Q- l Wish I Had Said That! We all see moments or scenes where our creative comments beg to flow over to our fellow students. Here are some such scenes. "5 to 1 she says no!" Eaifaftgg 9' v'il"'fY"" W "Simon says, 'Put your hand on your chin."' "Faster than a speeding bullet!! Wake me up when its over. I love my locker t'We found the ball. lt's up here!" "Us cheating? You've got to be kidding!" 14 Av -5 I i, "Come on, take me to the prom." "Lunch will be served according to height!" Q X We it "I just washed my hair and I can't do a thing with it!" "Is there no one out there who will challenge me?" M-4' McDonald's is bad, but this is ridiculous!" "BuII's eye!" "Beware stomach, here it comes!" 15 l l "We better get A's on these term papers!" "My dentures are slipping!" M, -. an M 0. ww M. f "So, that's what it looks like!" 'Bet I can walk a straight line." iz "lt's only Playboy!" "That was one heck of a splinterlu 16 C ASSOCIATE OMPAN 08492 A Wi- f 4 X XX 1 41 Cqgxbvbvvx ,ig Q ,fi x X lx 'bk X 'Q gs ' 4 fo K sw f X , , YA, H 2 M ffx X k x f xxgigx S Q A7 IV '6"'QX J 1 W Uh ff - .W li 4' 'L -Q,,,ys1'f' P' fx ' 5 2 fi 1 ' if 'X 24w Q 41, fflfif ,'S1f'j,Lc711 ,Oh4550l', X 'I'I'l'lJP-ICD CITY OF NEW BEDFORD SCHOOL COMMITTEE Mayor Brian J. Lawler tchairman ex-officiol Mrs. Margery Dottin Atty. Thomas R. Hunt Mr. Joaquim Nobrega Mr. Carlos Pacheco Mr. James Sullivan Dr. Paul Walsh SUPERINTENDENTS new s ,...- i Asst. Supt., Spe . ' . Mr. C. Nanopoulos Supt. of Schools Mrs. G. Frey Asst. Supt., Elem. Educ. DIRECTORS Mr. Raymond Bisaillon, Art Mr. William Chapman, Guidance and Pupil Personnel Mrs. Clara Crosson, Occupational Education Mrs. Frances Heimberg, Music Education Mr. Richard Ponte, Phys. Ed., Health and Athletics Ms. Edna Zola, l.M.C. 20 Mrs. L. Caron Mr. E. Correia c Services Asst Su pt., Personnel 5'-2 Mr, C. Luchetti - Green House ADMINISTRATION .i or -., F, I,,A t Us f fv- 'V' ..-.-s..,,...,..h..,.-.n.., .,, ,,,,vw Mr. M. Longo - Gold House 3364 Hi' K' WEL Mr TJ Calnan Headmaster DEAN OF STUDENTS ,fv J Mr. G. Souza - Tan House as 'fs 1? , eff' ,, -0 , K ,t JI. x -il A , , t' ,.' 5.14" Mrs. M. Harper - Blue House MV- J- Robinson - Admin' Assistant Ms. B.A. Bizzarro 21 DEPARTMENT HEADS 'S Mr. R. Nolin Foreign Languages Mr. J. Farrell industrial Arls Mr. F. Cole Social Studies Mrs. M. Stellato Home Economics "N Miss J. Park Mathematics .al . im? Mr- J' Rose Mr, C, Robinson Mr. R. Nerbonne Science English BUSlf'leSS 22 E ALLCOCK Home Ec ALVES, A For. Lang ALVES,C Business AMARAL Bilingual AMAHAL Phys. Ed. ANDERSO Business ANDERSON R Business ANDRAD For. Lang ANTHONY Science ARAUJO, For. Lang ARMSTR O Spec. Ed. ARRUDA LMC. AUDETTE Business AYOTTE Business BARBERO Math BAHBOZA Phys, Ed. y BARRETT, D Prog. CEE BENNETT, J Spec. Ed. BETTENCOURT, W Ar! BISAILLON, D Science BISCARI, G. For. Lang. BCNSVERT, P. Driver Ed. BOLTON, J. Guidance BONNEAU, J. ind. Arts BONNEAU, J. Guidance BCROWICZ, J. Soc. St. BOURGEOiS, Fi. Science BRAZ, R. English 24 ' i'i e ii T M .... . W X I . F X . N s z .. S X 5 Q. , Y ai- ...aea:-s- - emi, QS XX X nffw . . vii.. , -.U -- wifi gg - NN? X Nxxe, . . .. E 22: 1 ' .1 f M .q.......... , ,, ggi .. .. i. WW... i 5-we. ...T 1 5.1 .. H .. -uf X S 2 ge 3.5 N mg i ' TSX Eige -.?EeM- SEE Te EBSQ P f Q.. jf 'T ., s gxgyiw ' iw. any We if E .-. ' A 1 B I , by 'TN 3 3 .xl K 31 ' I 1 f .qs xx W aQw,gQ 5PSmEaif. MQQA 1' ' E. I ,E c M wax " ' N' ,, .. . in KM. N ,M ...m ' X 'fb A H me it t hi 4 3 I G Q. E .,v '.QwM .49 4.3" MPN Ng iM".Sff www' EW' . 5 1,, NQmEiiAy BROADMEADO ESL BRUM, A. Science BUCKLEY, K. Phys. Ed. BURCHELL, M. English BURKE, E. Guidance CABRAL, G. For. Lang. CALNAN, J. SOC. Si. CAMPANELLI, L Soc. St. CAMPOU, Fi. Music CARDOSO, C. Guidance CARON, D. Phys. Ed. CARREIRO, R. Soc. St. CAFIVALHO, E. For. Lang. CASTFZO, M. For. Lang. CATQN, C. Business CATON, D Business CHARBONNEAU, G English CHISHOLM, J Math COHEN, J Spec. Ed, COLLINS, L MSGIROTC CONWARD, C Soc. St. COSTA, D Ind. Arts COSTA, J Math COSTA, M Engiish COSTA, M Guidance CURRY, J Soc. Si. DAGRACA, A. Soc. St. DEAN, D. Math 26 ...N W Ex 4. ,... ,, L x SW 'X .A z fi..fieizzsfhssiszlziwzsfzsresrk X - Q ....f,, A N ,...,, R s QM S+, s MN X1 X. QR. is . X s N E K 4 A N X is X Q XA sf as . 1 A -. -1 f J Q-SR ' ' .5 N S., : -t A Nw Sgxx A A I X sugwgs. Q... X kf::'fki:lfS5:ix X S- ,-wig-f:,5,w, L .5 Q- I. X .Q X L.: :':: 1253-gui. 1.4-2. ' - .,.. K 5 . Nm' N DeCHAM lnd. Arts DeSlLVA Math DIGGLE, Math DLOUHY Business DLOUHY lnd. Arts DOWLR. Soc. St. DUBE,D English DUDULA Home Ec EDMUND Soc. St. ESANCY Phys. Ed FENNELL Business FEHNAN Maih FERRER Bilingual FERRHR Spec. Ed HDALGO Science FOGEL,G English FOLEY, D. Chart FOFIGUE, E. Spec. Ed. FOSTER, R Soc. St. FOUCART, M Health FOURNIER, R Art FRAGA, S English FRANCIS, H Business GALQPEAU, M. For. Lang. GALUSKA, L. Spec. Ed. GARDNER, S. Health GIBBS, C. Spec. Ed. GILL, W. Science GIRAFID, E. Math GlSSlNGEF!, Ft. Guidance GOLDFHCK, P. Home Ec. GOMES, E. For. Lang. I ,...,k K S X e, -2 Z wig . X A Nl S eeee eiee,n eeeee. h S W-N rr .E X -v x Q '-.,: me-, 1 3 a .- 'Q 'Q e e , Q me ., .. 'Q ee-e L ' - - 3' - N.: 21:51 Q f X km gi 39? ' 'Sai -- ' ! 2 ' 4: . I ' i a 1 n JE . S b . FF5"'w, S e ,, . ....,. ,. . ..ex K- '-fzxi Q - -- - :give ,- . - . . e.e, -. 9- , ",- R S ii' 1 Yi' ,nf T, qi? 4.-Hi W ' X VV tf x ' -X 'mgywi xwny. WX? eww , ' . Q 3 wgnmwv f-L WNW wwe ,5'..w W Zwwwwkgwa in -III wif' MW c Effie: w " 2.1229 K .. 2 .fwf..f4i '-f- 'ff-eff .- X ll Y I- . f 'I Q ,. l 5 , i fi J ii N - s J rib VIE pw- ,cw GOMES, J. Math GOODFELLOW, G Science GREENE, D. Chart GUTIERREZ, I. English GUY, P. For. Lang. HAMLET, W. Science HARRIMAN, S. Math HARTLEY, H. Science HASSEY, C. Soc. St. HERBERT, J.L. Science HEFFERNAN, A. Proj. Acct. HINDLE, C. Math HOCHMAN, M. Guidance ISIDORO, M. Health JACINTHO, J. Science JOHNSON, N. An 29 KALLEVlK, D For. Lang. KEIGHTLEY, R English KELLY, J English KIRBY, V. Music KOBZA, E Science KONSTANTAKOS, N Ind. Arts L LAGASSE, L Business LANOUETTE, R English LEAL, C Soc. St, LeBLANC, Fl English LGBLANC, Fl. Math LSBLANC, Y. Nurse LEVASSEUR, A. English LEVESQUE, R Soc. Sl. LILJEDAHL, Fl. Phys. Ed. UMA, B. Math 30 3 S ii L Llil ll Liii .i,L .. I -- .Q L I X L .lil XQYFR 2 , L W X all 1 Ki X Y New X X xiii Q X N iv ik l x L Qi X .L MX X X XXQ i, X M' KN i L N '--- FXR N X X 7 lx 2 E X SW. N... , f iiffefiii' ,F Mbf' . f .lffi 1f'Si-s'iiie- -L. ln., is 1.1 . if Si Qx . if , xx f lx , . 'i', R in 4 fu Eg kk' in ,. ' .. 7 Kilim. HQ. fi . M4 I R' . ,f ,. M M. is J gs iw X, I X N . x N-A f E903 N 5 A + J Wm gy NS LOMBARDO, S Business LONGPRE, M. English MCCARTHY, E. English MACHADO, G. Math MACHADO, L. For. Lang. MAHONEY, J. Guidance MANDLY, J. English MANNION, B. Business MARCHAND, A English MARTIN, R. Science MAHTINS, E. Nurse MATOS, M. Spec. Ed. MEDEIROS, D Phys. Ed. MEDEIROS, G English MEDElFlOS, J. Phys. Ed. MEDEIROS, Fl For. Lang. MEDEIROS, R Business MELLEN, F1 Home Ecu MENARD, C Chart MESSIEFZ, C. Math METH!A, L English METHIA, R English MSLLETFE, R Art MITCHELL, T Math MONTEH-RO, R Ind. Arts MONTLE, J Business IVIORETTI, D lnd.Ax1s MORGAN, C. Music 55 as Six gf -My X . ,L W, ,L ' ,,,, ' ' ' , . , VVL R' ' I ,L," , 24+ ' .hmmm QW + , R K III, 'Q V I A X im. . W .... , I 1, WI' Mmm - f I I Y J Q ,f ., . ,VVhZ ,. , , .... I X ,. . I I . V. , .sf.M,s.fsz,f-'- , is ,.,, iii, .I ..w..I,,,yf :, 464-'QV ,I ' is 1 I 1,,, w"f . A .,, X mime' W X S T Q I, I. ff X " as x , R W, ey saw 5 was A Yummy, W .- fs, 'I f , 3 U. .. 't 1 Z, .Q Ly f ff vw f A , . W,,. '1 " 4344 in f is 2 V I if if ,gp fi is ig Q' WJ if-P - Q I 1 , . .13 i .fi ff. MORRIS, M. EngIish MORRISON, R RF. SFCIROTC MOTTA, F, Soc. St. MURPHY, J. Soc. St. NAPOLI, J. COIJROTC OLIVEIRA, A. Business OLIVER, J. Math ORLOWSKI, E. Ind. Arts ORLOWSKI, J. Business PACHECO, J. Dist. Ed. PACHECO, Fi. Art PECCINI, R. English PEPIN, D. English PERSSON, M. For. Lang. PICARD, H. Ind. Arts PIKE, S. Science .. PIMENTAL, A. Science PIRES, R. Guidance PLiSKiN, D. Science PURCELL, Fi. Soc. St. RAINWLLE, P. For. Lang. RAPOSO, J. For. Lang. RAS M Maih RAYLE, M. Business RSDER, M Science ROBB, V i.M.C. ROBBINS, W ind. Arts ROBERTS, J Soc. St. FiOBiTAiLLE, R i.M,C. ROGERS, H ni.M.C. FiOLLi, N Phys. Ed. FROMANO, D. Business my X .www we i-'-egfwggzg, i .A ,-at NP' 23 5 iii iw' E , iw fi .5 if I aw 'X .Nxvzizss ,...... Qi WN A 1 wi 1 i yr , A zir- LCN Q X X A .X .... - 5 A A ,. ' ,. mx ffl , A 4lg5:zx.s'f.1s.f -. W ..-- ' ROSCOW, A Science ROSE, A. English ROWLES, G English HUTKOWITZ P English ST. PIERRE, F-I English SALTZMAN, H Math SANCHEZ-ARRIOLA M Sc. - Math SANTOS, M Math SAVAGE, W Guidance SCHOFF, J. Guidance SEQUIN, J. Chart SHEA, M. Phys. Ed. SHEFRBINO, Science SlEGEL, A. Business SILVA, A. Health SILVA, E. Math - Sc. SILVA, R. English SILVEIRA, M. Guidance SLATER, A. Soc. St. SGAFZES, K. Science SOUZA, J Spec. Ed. SOUZA, FI. English SOWA, A. Guidance STONE, P. Home EG. STRITTMATTER, J. Science STRUPCZEWSKE, C. Business SULUVAN, N. Home Ec. TABACHNIK, J. Guidance TAVARES, D. For. Lang. TAVARES, E. Soc. St. TAYLOR, M. SOC. Sf. TFHPP, N. 36 English Ml. V f 4 Q W fy -iiiV.iVfF"zf:, WV " ' "W V, V. f ' ly wu- .R V.. A ' mx " ' , . V ...I ,V 1515. :sis-" V 2, ,'., V ' ':f- 'X '32 V 1 fa V V 1 V "2 fm' aV,.:. 'Q"2'4'f . alxgnfleu? y, " ' ' ' .1 "V2'1f:W2ffw ff' 'Qvff2f'1+a'f.Zf'l , , V aw .vMf,..V,VV.., , VV... .- M. V ...www ,zg.Vf, IJ, - l i M Q7 , u f ww. ,., TRIPP, H. Chart VARDO, C. Math VASCONCELLOS D Band VASCONCELLOS For. Lang. VAZ, Fi. Math WALL, N. Guidance WALSH, A. English WALSKI, P. Math WARREN, J. Business WHITTAKER, l.M.C. WILLIAMS, J. Business WINSPEFI, W Guidance ZIELINSKI, A. Soc. St. ZIELINSKI, M !.M.C. FORTES, R. Tuior SYKES, J. Tutor wt SECFIETAFIIES lSeatedJ Mrs. Travers, Mrs. Rivard fStandingJ Mrs. Fernandes Mrs mafaTrEbX2:HER fSeatedJ Mrs. McCoy, Mrs. Bebis, Mrs. Kummer, Mrs. Costa fStandingJ Mrs. Ruel, Mrs. Torres, Ms. Silvia, Mrs. Anuszczyk, Mrs. Jacintho, Mrs. Borges, Mrs. Safioleas, Mrs. Regis, Mrs. Walsh 38 AIDES CAEETERIA STAFF Cecile Antone Cynthia Bentley Margaret Carola Hilda Catlow Rose Coulombe , f Gladys Couto G Jovina Dias elllll elll 5 llll Alice Gomes D A Gomes. g Gr Theresa Hall G Dorothy Hope J ' Joyce lcaponi A Natalie lnacio Marion Jankowski Joanne Kwiecien Cuiteria Ladino Theresa Lizotte gi CUSTODIAL STAFF fMri.f5yStanley Collins, Sr. Cust. lfly , illliif illilii ii5M.f.gGQieorge.Wheeler, Sr. Custqfirff yllyirr rfrirl f- AHOFISO ' Arruda A lVl5s.ir5fl.i Garbara Beaupre Mr. Gerald Cabral Mr. Joseph Chabot Mr. Arthur A. Correia, Jr. Mr. Fernando Cruz Mr. John David Mr. Alphonse Duarte Mrs. Gail A. Duarte Mrs. Shirley Fernandes Mr. Joseph Ferreira Mr. William Frasier Ms. Beverly Gomes Mr. Romeo Bergeron CAEPENTEES ENGINEERS Mr. Fred Reynolds, Chief Engineer Mr. Kenneth Andrews Mr. Kenneth Mingola Bernice Medeiros Irene Mendonca Gloria Mendoza Kathleen Murphy Dorothy Pedro G I . L. Perry my rsty Ponte Nat liefjjSimmons Anne"Souza Emily Souza Rosalie Strittmatter Dorothea Sylvia Mary Tavano Marion J. Wholley Demetra Yotides Mr. Charles Gosselin Mr. Richard Haskins Mr. Manuel Henriques sfll . Donald Howard i iir 3gMrr.iJohn A. Hunt Mfg John Joseph Mr. Dennis Latour Mr. James Macedo Mr. Ernest Medeiros Mr. Willard Monteiro Mr. Luciano Oliveira Mr. Kenneth Perry Mr. Edgar Pothier Mr. George Roy, Jr. Mr. William Tavares Mr. Anthony Williams Mr. Dale Fuller FROM THE DESK OF ... Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Allcock Thanx for being so great- 3-304 Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Alves Mrs. Dorothy Amaral Boa Sorte! - Julie Amaral Good Luck - Sylvia Amaral Arthur F. Anderson Richard S. Anderson Best Wishes Class of '84 Mr. Armstrong and Mrs. Mello Best Wishes - Mrs. Toni Audette L.C. Ayotte Good Luck! Ray St Fran Barbero Best Wishes - Ronald Barboza Elaine Benharris J. Bennett Luck, Happiness, and Success! Mr. and Mrs. William Bettencourt Good Luck to the Class ot '84 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bisaillon Bonne Chance a la Classe de '84 - George Biscari Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boisvert Best Wishes - Judy Bolton Mr. and Mrs. J. Bonneau Best Wishes Always - Jeanne Bonneau Best Wishes from Mr. Bourgeois Best Wishes for Success to the Class of '84 - Robert J. Braz May Your Futures Be Bright - Mr. P. Broadmeadow Good Luck - Mrs. Buckley Congratulations to Senior Class of '84 Walter and Gisele Cabral Mr. and Mrs. John W. Calnan Best Wishes Class of '84 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Calnan Lena Campanelli: Control Your Life, Don't Let Life Control You. Russell D. Campoli C. Cardoso Donna Caron Best Wishes to the Class of '84 Mr. 8t Mrs. Richard Carreiro Eulalia Carvalho Best Wishes to the Class of '84 Dawn Caton Charbie J. Chisholm Carol A. Clermont Congratulations to the Class of '84 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cohen Best Wishes to the Class of '84 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Cole Walter, Cindie, Kelli and Corey Conward Best of Luck - Mr. Donald L. Costa Best Wishes Class of '84 Mr. J. Costa Best Wishes - Mrs. M. Costa Best of Luck - John T. Curry Good Luck Robin, Dad Best Wishes to the Class of '84 Alcides Da Graca Dorothy A. Dean Mr. and Mrs. J. DeChambeau Best Wishes Class of '84 Mrs. Delucca Dept. of Nursing Mr. and Mrs. Gualter DeSilva and Cristina Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dlouhy Mr. Ronald J. Dow Good Luck and Be Happy - D. Dube Mr. and Mrs. William B. Esancy - Best of Luck Mr. and Mrs. John Fernandes Mrs. Violeta Fernandes Mr. and Mrs. Silvino Ferreira Best Wishes - Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ferreira Beth Forgue Mr. Robert W. Foster Best of Luck - Mrs. Foucart Mr. Robert Fournier Mr. Stephen Fraga Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Francis A Friend A Friend Maurice A. Galipeau Congratulations - L.V. Galuska Best of Luck '84 - Mr. Joseph Gill Edward R. Girard Mr. and Mrs. Rene Gissinger Mrs. Pauline Goldrick Mr. John Gomes Luck To Our Favorite Class Carolyn and George Goodfellow Best of Luck - David Greene Best Wishes - Mrs. Griffith Irene Duprey - Gutierrez Mr. and Mrs. Paul Guy Mr. and Mrs. W. Hamlet, Drew and Beth Ann Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hartley Catherine F. Hassey Mr. and Mrs. J. Leo Hebert Good Luck - Arthur Heffernan Congratulations - Constance M. Hindle Michael B. Hochman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jacintho Best of Luck to All - Mrs. Johnston Felicida Des Y Muy Beuna Suerte En El Futuro - Mrs. Dorothy Kallevik Best Wishes - William and Regina Keightley Best of Luck - James J. Kelly Best Wishes - Mr. and Mrs. N. Konstantakos Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Lagasse Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lanouette Cynthia A. Leal Best Wishes - Mr. Ron LeBlanc Best of Luck - Yvette LeBlanc, R.N. Audrey Levasseur Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Levesque Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liljedahl Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lima Good Luck Class of '84 Mr. and Mrs. Sal Lombardo Good Luck and Best Wishes - M.E. Longo Margaret Longpre Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Machado and Nathan Laurindo Machado - Best Wishes Sheila Mahoney Best Wishes - James L. Mandley Armand R. Marchand Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martins Best of Luck in the Future Raymond N. Martin Best Wishes - M. Matos Eugene F. McCarthy Good Luck to '84 Seniors - Dennis Medeiros Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 - G. Medeiros Best of Luck - Mr. and Mrs. Jim Medeiros Best Wishes - Ruth Mellen C.L. Menard Best Wishes Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Messier Mr. and Mrs. Richard Methia Robert D. Millette Best Wishes Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Mitchell Mr. R. Monteiro J. Montle David Moretti Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '84 - M.V. Morris Sgt. R. Morrison The Importance of Knowledge ls Relative to What Use You Make of lt - F.P. Motta Be All You Can Be - Good Luck - Col. Napoli Good Luck Class of '84 - Antonio Oliveira Future Success - Mr. Joseph Oliver ll Faut Cultiver Notre Jardin! - Miss P. John H. Pacheco Mr. Richard Pacheco and Family Good Luck! Joan Park R. Peccini Mr. and Mrs. David Pepin and Family Mr. and Mrs. Hans E. Picard Mr. R. Pires Rhoda Purcell Pauline B. Rainville John and Linda Raposo Best of Luck - Michael L. Ras Mrs. Marjorie C. Rayle Love and Luck - Vivian Robb Mr. and Mrs. William Robbins June Roberts C.A. Robinson Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson Best Wishes - Mr. and Mrs. Roger Robltaille Best Wishes - Mrs. H. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. John Rolli Good Luck Class of '84 - Mrs. Romano Best Wishes for Your Happiness Anita C. Rose Health - Happiness - Success Jarett W. Rose, Sc. Dept. Chairman Gale F. Rowles Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rubin Patricia Rutkowitz Good Luck to Kathy from Derek and Sharon Saltzman Laurie and Aaron Santos Best of Luck - William Savage Best Wishes to the Class of '84 Julie Seguin Mary Shea Best Wishes - Virginia K. Sherbino Mr. and Mrs. Roger Silva Manuel B. Silveira - Boa Sorte Congratulations to the Class of '84 Amy Slater Kenneth L. Soares Good Luck Class of '84 - G.A. Souza Janice Souza Anna J. Sowa Patricia Stone Mr. Roger A. St. Pierre Best of Luck to the Class of '84 J. Strittmatter C. Strupczewskl Nancy Sullivan Best Wishes - Jack Tabachnik Best of Luck to the Class of 1984 Mr. D.A. Tavares I Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Tavares Mr. Maurice J. Taylor, Jr. Best Wishes - Mrs. Theresa Travers Noel Tripp Marie Turgeon Good Luck Class of '84 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Vardo Mr. and Mrs. D. Vasconcellos Lucie Vasconcellos Mathew, Eric, Amy Vaz Neal F. Wall Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Walski Bob Whittaker Joan Williams Mr. and Mrs. William J. Winsper Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Zielinski A LITTLE HUIVIOR . . . Student to Nurse: "I didn't go to see the doctor because I wasn't feeling too good!" Note from mother of 14 children: Quiz question: Answer: Note from parent: Test question: Answer: Nurse to Student: Student: Nurse: Student: Test question: Answer: "Dear Teacher, Please excuse John's absence yesterday. I lost count when I woke up the children and I forgot John." "Over what were Agamemnon and Achilles fighting during the Trojan War?" They were fighting over who spoiled the war." ii Dear Teacher, My daughter was absent Friday due to her not feeling." tr What is the Caduceus?" "The Caduceus is the symbol of Herpes." is What's wrong?" I have a headache. Here's an icecap." "Where do I put it?" si as si Name one other work by Mark Twain fbesides Tom Sawyerlf' Unga Bury Fun Note from parent: "Dear Teacher, Test question: Answer: Student to nurse: Note from parent: Student: Teacher: Student: Teacher: Student: Teacher: My son was absent Wednesday because of his sour shoulder." "Identify Creon in the play Oedipus Rex." "Creon was Joe Caster's brother." "I have static cling on my leg, can I have some lotion?" "Dear Teacher, Please excite Sherry for being absent on Tues., Dec. 6th " "I told my father what you said yesterday." "What are you talking about?" "I told my father you called me a dirty elephant." "What!" "Yesterday You told me to stop talking and to turn around. r You said I was a dirty . elephant." "ll said, 'Turn around: you're a disturbing elementl' " L! it ,,,LLW, ., ite ' 3 A A .A, ., all , 0- ,,.., W WW M,A,,,,,,W,, ,.,, -M l it "' QM QHWW to the of '84 8t Bates Agency, inc. Good Luck to the Class of '84 Yvette's Drive ln 833 Ashley Boulevard New Bedford, MA 02745 to the O8 616 94 Good Luck Class of '84 lawrence li. oliveira, d.d.s., p.c. .ioseph j. aleardi, d.d.s. Residential KEYING the BONDED Paul Telephone 1808 Emergency 995-6909 New SINCF WiLD T PS The Family T-Shirt Stores Swansea C672-9241i No. Dartmouth ITALRAN Specializing in Custom Tees Vanity Plates Screening over 500 Decals 992-8367 ,M ,, I 1' .,f. 'Sf .4-Ek give-1 W Wig gf W 1 my +Mf+,, 5 E , af ,, VVVV 4? , , ,W , 5 V t , 6 K ,. 1! 5 Agia 1 Q T V , -QQ: f f i X f sf ' fJ ff J 1' ' K i A IW, xi V yx ' K. ,Q A XVHX 'Il 1 L , i.,1'3- f I. ' " X X f xx " S ,ff 1" " E- ,ZX 4.-.X .J I .3 W Ji M, by il 3 yi BLOCK THAT rxICK' SCOREBOARD NB 20-47 Brockton NB 28-6 Fairhaven NB 13-35 Somerset NB 21-12 Attleboro NB 0-28 Dartmouth NB 17-0 Quincy NB 21-19 Barnstable NB 20-8 Catholic Memorial NB 18-7 Falmouth NB 7-17 Durfee 46 slam ,guftletlgttgrtit tv tffiuggst 42 5 L44 'li' A' I Q 5 J SENIORS Front QL-RJ Mike Tarpey, Matt Camacho, Mike Gonzalez, Mike Saba, Eddie Soares, Jay Andrade, Bob Sosa, Darren Stroud, Victor Fuentes Back KL-RJ Preston Perry, Brendan McDonald, John Bennett, Frank Rodrigues, Ed Caron, Matt Maillet, Donald Rodrigues, Tony Gomes, Dominic Rose, Jamie Costello, Wayne Lima i x 'WWW 4 . Whalers Put ln a Tough Season, but Come Out Winners - As the 1983 football season began, the Whalers future did not appear too bright. They were plagued by inexperience and the loss of several key varsity players. Despite a 2-3 record after five games, the Crimson turned in a solid second-half performance. Coach LiljedahI's forces became a model of consistency as they won four of their last five games, including victories over tough Falmouth and Barnstable teams. The Whalers were led by confident senior quarterback John Bennett. Teaming with Bennett on offense were senior Brendan MacDonald and junior running sensation Dave DePina. The passing game was also effective with seniors Preston Perry and Vic- tor Fuentes leading the charge. Meanwhile, the defense proved that "when you're hot you're hot." Throughout the season the defense came up with big plays led by co-captains Ed tWheatiesJ Caron and Donald Rodrigues. The Whalers finished 6-4 which is pretty good for a team some people were ready to write off at the beginning of the season. To the 1983 Whalers -- we tip our hats! X Country Team Concentrates on Building Experience -- The NB cross-country team, a very young squad, rebounded from an O-3 start 43 losses by 1 pointl to finish with a respectable 4-4 record after developing into a strong club over the second half of the season. Highlights during the second half of the sea- son were convincing dual-meet wins over Dart- mouth t15-42J and Somerset Q15-505, a 2nd place finish in the SMC Division I championship Cavenging early season defeats to Attleboro and Seekonk in the processl, and a 6th place finish in the State Division I championships in- volving the 25 largest schools in Eastern Mas- sachusetts. The Whalers were led by senior captain Tony Macedo who ran the second fastest time f14:38l ever recorded by a Whaler runner at Buttonwood Park. Both Macedo and Andy Wolfe were named to the league all-star team for their performances. Seniors Chris Bailey, Mike Souza and Marc Ribeiro contributed heavily to the varsity cause throughout the sea- son with Souza's strong effort in the SMC championship meet providing the spark that the Whalers' needed to secure a 2nd place finish. Next year's squad has a promising future with the returning juniors and sophomores. A RECORD RUN Ist L-R: Tony Macedo, Chris Bailey, Marc Ribeiro, Mike Souza Top L-R: David Mahmoud, Chris Karalekas, Richard Pires, Manny Macedo, Andy Wolfe, John Ruel, ghrg Baxter, Chris Rutkowitz, Sean Finnerty, Kevin Cummings, Kevin Cook, Coach ar mer tsfr4r :,r.,..-, .xwsma'E'e mme Q:w+nAm'r'sesef:uumm.4:f1,s n . ,K 3-vig .- J X . . ,Lib O., ff-Tl' is Y w- va. vs 11-Q' K 4 J - 'PU N, fi,-.. .L .il L p ,XL ' Q Q . -- -. - l ,x XR i 5335 '3' tg, X QQ 32 xr sat '64 1 . ,F X ss I Q4 1 2, i- fi ' ee fx xy av V ,s1,i,5,. 55, gf K ' tx 1- ass' X Z 'cf WS, . ss . .. X + - ,gg f -Ydgfv inf . .et 6 1, kk . 'P H 'E " jx 1 5,1 ' ae ' ks' v L f . Y 1' XL 7 Lx L' , vga. tVlr'7'f7,,aQ,zk '4 S' flea- L ' UT' " .JTHWL ay' I -5.1 'ZL L ' if f,:,1. . .. at . MY at f r ' 4? S' . . L A e -I 1 , vip . gf. . ',f.? ia Af L ,L m , 4 M . 'HYRVH ' gg.. 5 X V .. f Mggfyf . 5 sg'. L 1 W J ft ' Q15 ll 3 C4 SCOREBOARD Q, L NB vs. Apponequet L ' NB vs. Attleboro L NB vs. Seekonk L NB vs. Barnstable W L NB vs. DY W NB vs. Falmouth W NB vs. Dartmouth W NB vs. Somerset L Catholic Memorial Invit. S.M.C. Championship Division I State Class Championship 6th 6th 2nd 49 Whalers Gain Respect of All for Ability and Standards - With an outstanding record once again the Whalers gained respect and recognition for themselves, the school and the community. In spite of an unusual set of circumstances, the Whalers qualified for tournament play where they once again excelled. They gained victories over Boston English, Bridgewater-Raynham and Falmouth. Unfortunately, their hopes were crushed by Needham in the finals by a score of 1-O in the fifth overtime. Despite this blow, the Whalers had put in a magnificent season with highlights such as the victory over D-Y in both score and class Kas shown later by the handling of a technicalityl Every player showed outstanding perform- ances during the season, but senior players, Henry Andrade, Tony Medina and Theirno Niang, had splendid seasons. Srs. Fransisco Oliveira, Peter Rafael, Jesse d'Almeida and Manny Duarte also turned in great perform- ances. Meanwhile, goalie Paul Rego and Nelson Rodriques stunned spectators with their skillful saves. With dedication from players and coaches the NBHS soccer team followed the Whaler tradition of superb soccer playing. lst L-R: Nelson Rodriques, Fransisco Oliveira, Peter Rafael, Henry Andrade, Tony Medina, Louis Goncalves,-Jesse d'Almeida, Paul Rego 2nd L-R: Coach Matos, Rigobert DeAbreu, Gary Pires, Bassirou Niang, Tony Lima, Jose Lisboa, Kevin Vicente, Theirno Niang, Baltazar Almeida, John ... Q Wm., .Q ,,,. 2 sig as 3 f t, as its .. . A - -L . - -W 5'XQ'fifi'l?f' t' ? is . WET' - 9 1--4' 1 fo 'S 1 ., Pr" K ig'- oo11 1 A i Q- . 1 X ,-11 1 - . 'Q M 'Maman ' 'A "' Y- -P NQ-- -Q-, - ,':Q,- N11.h1 1 --- 1 2 .. . K Q- - 5 -iw A.,A --l.-:A- - - O V 'AWA A . , 1 sf' 2554- ' - Q' ' A 1 , , f ' ,a , , 5.,,,f-. 1 -.5 1- H . nf! . .. SQ f ', - h S, h ., " SSX a A - 11' , v f- k - K AM. ., 1 X J o SCOREBOARD K, 1 NB 6-1 4-2 Durfee B O S1 .vu NB 3-o 4-4 DY 1 NB 7-0 7-O Affleboro Z NB 8-O 7-O Brockton N 1 NB 2-0 6-1 Somerset M- NB 1-o 2-o Barnstable i NB 1-1 1-2 Falmouth 1' BBBB gf 1111- Q-NB-ooh' 1 STOP THE SCORE! I xx 1 i' 5 , "' i if E'i' ' Q2-Exif fo-Jfz-1 1 2 1f -X SX A z' W1 .qv Q L oyg' Wt ' x-MSX 'X .2 1 'Q A z if ' " , 1 ' 11 ,1 ' 111-11 ,.1o..1 1 1 ' 'Q . if 1, . TT 4 ff' 1 E Q V 1,,,, m 3 ,. 1 ' , f -"' ' ,, ' ff -1- 'iw'-,' A fl' 'F Q , mr 1 W, -'-- 2 'if ' Y 1 ' ' ' 1 ee- 1 CONIPETING AT HOME! f , .,,,'f --,-M, I- W.. -ii ,.,' 1, f. f f-,f f.-- 1 fi ,, ii,.1,.. f--ii,:i,,:m ..,,, H., .. ,,k. ,,,,,,,,, , SCOREBOARD 99-71 Natick 113-49 Wellesley 111-50 Apponequet 118-53 Sandwich 121-50 Framingham South 75-97 Duxbury 64-102 Seekohk 96-73 Attleboro 79-87 Durfee 108-58 Middleboro rg1?i"res Kneeling QL-RJ: Roy Marmelo, Randy Lima, Tony Tolentino, Doug Martin, Dave Halle, Joe Raposa, Mario Oliveira fMiddleJ: Mahmoud M. Abdel-Gawad, Mike Richards fco-capt.l, Eric Horn, Dave Garrett, Peter Berthiaume foo-capt.1 fBackJ: Bill Hathaway, Curt Nelson, Paul Aresta, Bob Tweedie, Peter Marques, Ricky Porter, Wade Perry, Bill Mello X ff M. Richards, Coach J. Medeiros, P. Berthiaume HOME . . . AT LAST! The N.B.H.S. Boys' Swim Team came home to their own re- stored pool and the S.M.U. pool became just a memory. With a new ceiling above them, the team mastered their new pool with intensi- ty and determination as shown in their record: 7 wins - 3 losses. Finishing third in the Relay Carnival and second only to Seekonk in the Conference Developmental Meet, the Whalers Swim Team proved to be an excellent asset to a strong and prestigious athletic program. The team is coached by Mr. James Medeiros. Co-captains Peter Berthiaume and Mike Richard helped boost morale when the going got tough, and they were aided by surprising newcomer, Bill Mello and his diving ability. Losing first to Duxbury because of fingertip touch-outs in a few races and upsetting victories, the Whalers' morale went straight downhill. Next, the loss at Seekonk was another factor in reducing the team's confidence. With the Durfee Meet it came down to the last relay to decide the winner unfortunately to their advantage they wong not only the event but also the meet! In spite of these three losses this was a great season due to the team's effort to bounce back - as shown by the seven wins. Seniors Eric Horn, Tony Tolentino, Bob Tweedie, Dave Garrett, Randy Lima and Paul Aresta all proved to be a distinguish- able asset to our team. Special thanks go to Mahmoud Abdel- Gawad, our foreign exchange student from Egypt, for helping us achieve our goals. Other commendable efforts were shown by juniors Scott Barrows, Rusty Clark, Joe Raposa and Roy Marmelog and by sophomores Dave Ponte and Ricky Porter. A DEFINITE TWO! WWW t Standing lL-Fil: Coach F-loderigues, Terry Wynn, Joe Andrews, Roger Lewis, Ken McClain, Capt. Shaqn 2 , na,,, , , ,,,. 4 -me 2 Beaudoln, Jack N'Guia, Steve Brown, Rich Gomes, Asst. M. Correira. Kneeling lL-Fil: Ron Jacobs, David Conceicao, Mark Farias, Donald Lessa, Danny Soares, John Souza, Hector Barros, Peter Armanetti SCOREBOARD NB 73-46 92-46 Falmouth NB 79-35 84-62 Attleboro NB 58-40 70-48 Bishop Feehan NB 69-44 86-64 Somerset NB 86-49 84-42 Bishop Connolly NB 54-58 54-91 Durfee NB 68-52 85-78 Barnstable WHALEFIS TOURNAMENT BOUND New Bedford High's season Y x I f 1 t --H4 . , .,, .L li? V 'Eh .1 S S ,kkW,, ,.. . N', T 1 . began at home with its first annual Tip-off Tournament. The Whalers won the first round with a solid victory over Our Lady of Providence, but unfortunately were defeated in the finals by Cambridge-Ftindge-Latin. Senior and captain Shaun Beaudoin was consistently the spark of the Whaler offense with a 14 point average. Johnny Souza, a quick guard, was aggressive on the floor and Kenny McClain, the 6-7 cen- ter, was known for blocking shot after shot. Joe Andrews, a definite inside scor- ing threat, led the team with rebounds, while Terry Wynn, coming off the bench, was always on top of things. Other seniors included Danny Soares, Ronald Jacobs and Steve Brown, all of whom contributed 100'!o when called into action. Roger "Tres" Lewis, only a sophomore, was the fifth starter. His future with bas- ketball looks promising for him and for future Whaler teams. Once again the NBHS basketball tradi- tion continues with the 1983-1984 team compiling an impressive record and headed for tournament play. 'Y Vx 7 hviqlqa 5 H f............. . ,, l A S! . . I A " 4. . .,. . 1. 1 .. 'li , .,..,..Q.m,..- , A .., . I , A WW ff jig' Agia 46 Bourne Durfee Bishop Feehan Seekonk Somerset Falmouth Barnstable D Y M. wr 'sz,., 11X 'itz .x 11:4 ,Q ZH TW J 3 6 5 4 4 rf A i EE 2:52, Ei W4 1 W vga W Us -i A A .. ,,.L: Front lL-RJ: Dustin Cormier, Troy Spirlet, David Roy. Mark Souza. Scott Allen, Keith Marden, Brendan Lawler, Kirk Morgan, Brendan MacDonald. Back tL-Rl: Assistant Coach Tim Rezendes, Paul Goguen, Ted Senna, Matt Tierney, John Vasques, Billy Sarbraa David Reis, Andy Rezendes, Garrett Sylvia, Bruce Barboza. Jeff Poyant, Coach o n o i. IA.: ... . .Q 5, , S5-sf Ga HOCKEY TEAM UPSETS FALMOUTH! The NBHS Hockey Team skated its way to a 10-8-1 overall record this year. Coached by Mr. John Rolli and led by some fantastic seniors, the Whalers were able to achieve an excellent outcome for the 1983-1984 season with one of its greatest thrills coming from an upset victory over Cape powerhouse, Falmouth High by the score 3-2l No one in this area is suppose to beat this Cape team, but someone forgot to tell the Whalers this year! Capt. Scott Allen topped off the season as the high- est scorer in the SMC Division I. He was followed by Bruce Barboza who also broke the school record for the most goals in one season. In fifth place was Whaler senior Mark Souza. To back up this offensive trio was the awesome Brendan MacDonald. His excellent goal- tending put the team 7-7 in their division and caused spectators' heads to whirl! The unique talents of other seniors such as: David Reis, Keith Marden, Jeff Poyant, John Vasques, Dave Roy and Kirk Morgan, will also not go unforgotten. Xx -.. Coming back next year to aid the Whaler cause will ill x be 'uniors Andy Rezendes, Matt Tierney, Brendan N- 1 Fe: 1 ii 2 Lawler, Garrett Sylvia and Paul Goguen along with several good sophomores. Hoping for a bright future in 1984-85, we tip our hats to the talents and heroes of the Class of '84, -t + ANOTHER SAVE! x Q' s f-+31 1-, - Q... K ""'t""95 .Q-ff ,- ., . 4' A gags' '95 KI A , F f . Pr, 'A ts . 61 ttf A . Lf i I 9 v Q 6" f 5 4 ., i -,,. , .Z 4 Z rpg. 2, , V 4 f WM W W Qt- Af fL , wwirwwr wfuwae at SCOREBOARD NB-Barnstable NB-Falmouth NB-Wareham NB-Dartmouth NB-Bishop Stang NB-Voke-Tech NB-Fairhaven Voke-Tech lnvit. State Relays SMC Championships Class A Championships A RUN TO VICTORY! W L W W W W W 1st place 4th place 1st place 3rd place Back QL-RJ: Asst. D. Sylvia, Mark Travers, Carmelo Grajales, Rick Pires, Robert Mota, Sean Finnerty, Kevin Cook, Tim Jacques, Kathy Mulligan, Liz Alves, Thomas Pacheco, Jason Hill, John Borowicz, Pete Crowell, Eddie Soares, Chris Karalekas, John Ramos, Ron Esteves, Coach S. Gardiner fMiddleJ: Tim Scott, Jeff Botelho, Paul Pelczarski, Martin Ayala, Rick Mayer, David Mahmoud, George Jacques, Mike Cruz, Sue Caron, Chris Baxter, Manny Macedo, Andy Wolfe, Joe Taveira, Cliff Espinola, Joe DaRocha, John Ruel lFrontJ: Tom Costa, Robert Sosa, Belmiro Fernandes, John Martins, Mike Souza, Chris Bailey, Doug Harris, Co-capt. Marc Ribeiro, Co-capt. Tony Macedo, Bruce Terry, John Bennett, James Costello, Pedro Almeida, Jeff McKay REBUILDING YEAR PROVES TO BE MUCH MORE The 1983-84 indoor season was supposed to be a "rebuilding" year, but the Whalers showed continued improvement throughout the season. After an early season loss at Falmouth, the Whalers won the last 5 dual meets in convincing fashion to finish with a 6-1 dual meet record. New Bedford continued to contend in the "Big" meet season as they captured the Voc-Tech Invita- tional, a meet that they have captured 6 out of the past 7 years, the SMC championship meet, a meet that they have won the past 5 years in a row, as well as finishing 4th in the State Class A Relays and 3rd in the Class A championships. Co-captains Marc Ribeiro and Tony Macedo, along with senior high jumper Jamie Costello, led the Whaler assault. Costello holds the school record with ajump of 6'6" and was the CLASS A champion. Ribeiro re- oorded the 6 fastest times ever run in the 600 yd run on Voc-Tech's 10 lap indoor track, a facility where every athlete in Southeastern Massachusetts has competed on regularly for the past 7 years. Macedo is one ofthe most versatile runners to compete for the Whalers as he excelled in events ranging from the 440 to the 2-mile. Macedo and Ribeiro combined with senior John Bennett and sophomore Chris Baxter to estab- lish a school record in the 4x800 meters with a time of 8:06.0. Seniors Pedro Almeida tmilel, Chris Bailey tmilei, Doug Harris 13003, Belmiro Fernandes trelayi, Ed Soares l50J, Tom Costa 1503, Bob Sosa tshot putt, Mike Souza Q2 milej and Bruce Terry 1600 and relayy all made significant contributions to the suocess of the Whalers. Costello, Macedo, Ribeiro and junior 2 miler Andy Wolfe, who was undefeated in dual meet competition and was league champion, were all named to the all-league team. Sophomore Liz Alves set girls' rec- ords in the mile 151265 and 2 mile 1112501 and also was named to the league all-stars. lt proved to be much more than simply a "rebuild- ing" year as first supposed, but then that's the spirit of the Whaler runner! RUN TO THE FINISH! L-Fl: Nicky Girard, Sue Caron, Lori Miranda, Kathy Mulligan, Liz Alves, Michelle Girard, Coach S. Gardiner GIRLS' CROSS COUNTRY TEAM RUNS ONTO THE SCENE THIS YEAR New Bedford's Girls' Cross Country Team completed their first year of varsity team competition with a 4-3 record. The young Whalers sprinted out to an early 3-1 record, but injuries depleted a team that was already small in number. Sophomore Liz Alves and junior Michele Girard be- came co-record holders of the Buttonwood course as both girls posted times of 18:37. For her efforts, Liz was named to the leagues all-star team. Junior captain Sue Caron supported Alves and Girard with consist- ently strong performances as well as fine leader- ship. Sophomore Nicki Girard display- ed the heart and determination that marked . W , Zwi?5 y H " tt 'K , ,A f , tr 'Aviv lf' 'W in- 'ff Wlyfiififlgw V5 , r-1 yWQ7WNfUW WMmWwMT QWWW '-f- wr SCOREBOARD NB W Apponequet NB W Attleboro NB L Seekonk NB W Barnstable NB L D-Y NB L Falmouth NB W Somerset Catholic Memorial lnvit. 6th place SMC.fDivision I 3rd.f2nd State Class Championship 6th place Somerset Invitational the Whaler team as she led the Whalers to their exciting 27-29 triumph over area- powerhouse Barnstable by completing the race on a broken foot! Her loss for the remain- der of the season dealt a crushing blow to the red and white as she had been developing into one of the area's best. Freshman Lori Miranda and sophomore Kathy Mulligan also showed great potential during the year with Miranda running a great race in September against Seekonk before injuries curtailed her season also. The future looks bright as the Whalers re- turn their top six runners for next year, and that looks very promising for them! 2nd place 61 Girls Fight Season Weak in Experience, but Strong in Motivation - The field hockey team had an unfortu- nate season, scoring only six goals. Howev- er, not lacking on this team was motivation. Holding them back was inexperience, but in spite of this they put up quite a fight against stronger and more experienced teams in their league. Senior star player, Angie Vasconcellos is to be commended for her outstanding efforts in a losing season as are the other girls. After all, "it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game!" 1st L-Ft: Michelle Melanson, Nancy Panker, Donna Morrison, Nina Chomak, Anne Schwartz Top L-Fl: Angie Vasconcellos, Sandra Medeiros, Kathy Camacho, Nancy Medeiros, Maria Ribeiro, Lynn Frias, Kelly Dreher, Michelle Almeida my, 1-.,- ML., S . ,' X N V :fri Q t, - vw A -'fi . 1 X1 gs f ' , f 18 ij? M., ,. 1 THE BIG SCORE! .Q Q- - ' MR ,, xv Q 1 Q xv ,, N 1 . 9 ss . ff . N Q Ki , K . 'F A lk -, - . . 5 .3 fl Y ' - H : - R .. 1 ,K - -- .- ' I "" 1 - ' W t 2 ' 0- Q ,:.N . , L ,a Q , ' , f Q N' . 'mg 3 Q it .,.. - - -5, ' gg N Q ' .N m- . L ' . jlgilfix' ' i'1nkf q3',ls"e9 , i 1 ,Ins Q 1g.Q1,.,,,,,4 ,mu I . A X' is 'N 4 xi W- '9 2 , X' 1' , ' Y' .. - . f ' Qf ,. ' .. .. ' L ,L-':L g krgnnn A A"ih 'k"' "': kkh. g g HK Q :-- . Q . . ',VLLL V A 'W A A . f- ' ' . sa :W U, A Q rr. Q Victory Knocks But Once The girls' volleyball team suffered a losing season, but gained a great deal of experience for next year's squad. With a depleted squad and only three girls returning from last year's squad the team managed only one win this season. The victory came with a triumph over Old Rochester. Congratulations should be given to seniors Cindy Almeida, Wendy Amaral and Carol Krouzek for outstanding efforts in spite of the odds working against them. 64 My -we i 1st L-Fi: Kathy Brennan, Kelly Taylor, Lisa Berard 2nd L-R: Mr. J. Pina, Carol Krouzek, Jessica Langlois, Cinty Almeida, Wendy Amaral, Ms. J. Kalife s - .J GO FOR IT! Q fx hX H l ,,, .k,:., .,,.. :11 f.3.. , . - f' " fy ' 'E aggx "., .. .... v, K on z-1 at f, , Qs kg . ,, K ,.-- .J . .. , Q ,.., gi-I-t,X.f, Q ,. . . 'NP ' x .L- ,-h . B 5 tttvl N? .L -Q .tm H "N H..-It 'If--vi:fi1'fezsssxgsgzfiwffffvsfsffs:Qaf:-XfifssnQ- -. .- I, , .. .. . ., .,,-....,,,., ,::,,,, ,.... - ,.. .- .. K,K,MW,,,::,,lx,,1-11Q,fQ.f:.f11-f::w,,::-:xmfsff X lnnt N-Qin ,, ,, l QQSSRQAN www wmv 'WAF- mmf wifi W HQQQ vkwsmf WK? iw X tim S Nam., Relay Carnival NB vs NB vs. NB vs. NB vs. NB vs. NB vs. NB vs. NB vs. So. Sectionals SCOREBOARD Randolph Seekonk Durfee Stoughton Ursaline Academy Canton Middleboro Attleboro 'sdxiwaaw 1st L-Fl: Kris Fraga, Nicky Treadup, Beth Shaunessy, Kris Porter, Lana Kara-John 2nd L-Ft: Bridget Lyons, Lisa Mello, Sue Touhey, Cindy Goyette, Roberta Verville, Sue Duhamel, Nicky Fernandes, Renee Berthiaume, Trisha Swain, Coach Morrell. 3rd L-Fi: Pam Souza, Cathy Foster, Beth Schwatz, Liz Barnett, Anne Verville, Kerry Reynolds, Chris Curry, Shara Crook, Barbie Lima, Maureen Sullivan Top L-Fl: Capt. Cathy Weaver, Capt. Ftaegan Watkins Girls Cruise to Improved Record After a slow start with two losses, the girls' swim team ran off six straight victories. Led by outstanding performances from co-captains Ftaegan Watkins and Cathy Weaver, the Whalers swam to their best season. ln spite of the prospect of losing seniors such as Watkins, Weaver, Bridget Lyons, Lisa Mello, Sue Touhey and Nicole Treadup, Coach Morrell feels confident the team will continue its success next year. .Mamfx - - -if - '21, YM -he --1123,-.-ff W . .-W is -S ,M f ' r Lf: -s v '-'H 5 A- , . F L Vw - 'Q . ' , f'f32Q Qie- , 2 , :w I 4 N--4' 'wat s f""" " """ --'T . Q? dsx.. -z FIRST PLACE DIVE! M ,WM Amwwwwmwwmf W-W ' M' Row 1 lL-RJ: Mr. Longo, Leisha Conceicao, Capt. Angie Vasconcellos, June Silva, Cindy Almeida, Mrs. Bonneau. Row 2 QL-RJ: Randy DeBross, Kelly Dreher, Joyce Ribeiro, Kelly Monteiro, Bernie Silva, Monique Williams, John D. McKenna. Row 3 lL-RJ: Ann Crabbe, Pam Souza, Melissa DeCosta JUMP BALL - NB! 1 W 1 nv Iii ,... 7 60-67 54-55 57-56 78-35 58-50 40-51 55-61 SCOREBOARD 59-58 Bishop Feehan 62-53 Attleboro 54-50 Somerset 75-37 Wareham 56-72 Bishop Stang 59-61 Durfee 59-77 D-Y 'K D a X 1 an -,- WHALEFR GIRLS PUT IN A TOUGH SEASDN The New Bedford High Whaierettes, with returning all-star Angela Vascon- cellos and seniors June Silva, Leisha Conceicao and Cindy Almeida, com- peted in a very strong S.M.C. division league. Angie Vasconcellos showed her great talent in an outstanding effort against home-standing Somerset by scoring 31 points. Throughout the season Angie was the spark of the offense with a 24 point average. June Silva played a brilliant defensive game in the second meeting with Somer- set. High scoring Warton was held to only 2 points in the second half due to the fine guarding of June. Leisha Conceicao proved aggressive against Bishop Feehan and had one of her finest games. Cindy Almeida showed her prowness against Bishop Stang at home, grabbing numerous re- bounds and driving to the hoop. The Whaierettes ended with an over- all 8-9 recordg but with players such as Bernie Silva, Kelly Dreher, Anne Crab- be, and a fine J-V team, things look bright for Mrs. Bonneau and assistant Mr. Longo. 1 La.. 3 NB NB NB NB NB NB NB NB NB NB NB SCOREBOARD 93.60 104.60 97.05 104.10 102.40 102.75 99.15 114.85 99.70 110.25 115.70 114.70 90.55 89.53 94.10 84.80 73.50 78.00 94.20 118.50 112.35 101.90 B-R Braintree Nauset Regional Attleboro Wareham Falmouth Case D-Y Somerset Duriee Barnstable Kneeling QL-Rl: Maria Souza, Beth Schwanz, Anne Schwartz, Lynn Perron fMiddIej: Beth Shaunessy, Rhonda Raposa, Joan Sylvia lBackl: Lois Sud- Martinex, Chris Ferreira, Kathy Saltzman, Ann-Marie Ladino PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! A 'fku yyyy yy FQ? ,, V .aa GIRLS' GYIVINASTICS FLIP CJVER SUCCESSFUL SEASON This season went particularly well for this infant team that has been in existence for only two years. Each girl participated in the four events: vault- ing, floor exercise, balance beam, and uneven bars, but as in every competi- tive sport, certain individuals excel to greater heights than others. However, this year's Girls' Gymnastic Team re- flected strong ties of friendship as well as showmanship. The girls worked well together as a team and their strength came from the depth of the entire team which provided the foun- dation of their success. Next yearthe team will be losing this year's seniors Kathy Saltzman, cap- tain of the team, and Anne Marie Ladi- no. Kathy was superior in each event, but she showed extreme talent in vaulting. Her energy and spirit created an unsurpassed enthusiasm which aided the Whaler team to victory. This was Anne Marie's first year as a mem- ber of the team: however, her poise and grace were unequalled by any of her challengers, and she proved to be an exceptional gymnast. Other outstanding athletes include Beth Shaunessy, who ranks second in all around competition, and Anne Schwartz, who holds the school record for balance beam and uneven bars. Co-captain Christine Ferreira possessed uncomparable dance abili- ty as well as agility. NBHS' Girls' Gym- nastics Team ranks second in their league, a great accomplishment for such a young team whose confidence and expertise are still growing. 1' .tzif 5 .a.e.tml..,l,.:tlt. . .f DEDICATED TO OUR FANS To the fans who stayed by our side whether in victory or defeat To those who shared every joy and ex- perienced each triumph . . . To those who felt the aches, pains and despair To the many who rated us 9661 even when the win column wasn't one hundred per cent To the proud wearers of the red and white, present and past To the ones who cheered us on . . . We dedicate these photos of our sports family and fans. , f , 1 4 Q V f W 3 ' , , ttt' ' "rtt' "'e , "" .f .1 x I 1 "" Q f - I W , ,M , Wrt' , - tt,t .,t,,--,,, t ,, .,,t ---, f ,t-v, y tt.t y ' ' it" "'ll f , My nf H "'- ..k,, Akyrh 4 yr, at t s if. ,,,, " ,ku H I K ' 'W M-1'-t ' ,liw 'W D i t- 1 ,, , i I 7 M if ff 1-K ' l"i I 'W gh K hrr - I A , ,,.. , ,,, , ,,,, ., is r I It ,..,, A of mir trrr r r r we , 2 M 'f M., W. ,weeaf,amtfw-Qwdemmwear'-Mf'r'M5'W"Tff1 . w....:.-znffmmeasmfit V, - Y , 115465 JW' ., ram? 'H--1 ,, ., ,.q-w- ,f A , V1 2 ' ,. .. ,A K, F my--vM.,R..... K I W 4 - u ,, ,' nw: 'A ,xkll , ' i I I XZ 1 ll? . 'Q H , va x 26 1? . 'H Av. wing? f v , 4 .. ' 1 . . 'X I V A A F' ,.-,t 3 L O f , A Arun, ,,4 'A .inn-fx 1-'M - A' Le. 'N gg - , ., ,, Vu, A A , ,,,i ,AQ ,L my 'V V V, .f . v ,Fw 'fffjy C? ' I , A45 9 ' g A Y 329- , V. V - Mfgzk, ,veg 4" I sy ' Q 1 , 2-E, 4, U49 'Z L ' Q ,,-fa vi 4 ' ' ' Ly JH e.f1"" WI f 7,- 7 ' 1'J!W'if4"3iRn 'wo- ,Q l ji, R wemanagersewsi4n::eama4mm:fssz+1s,:,.i:,,zz1: I k V . - -I - , . ff - , .- . f V V . f - . ,,1-wi' - i f- f - f 1z'a+ff Srwaa'aew-L, ., 1221.11 1 ,twewff-2,-1,gfeA,1a: z' N? iFvf" STL.: ..xQ.. ww- : is 'Q S1 4 I 6. 4' li, g Gif ,,, VA- ' A ' if 'kky P? inf '-aw ' . WW ,W ' 5 ' 'K :mx M 95 W gf iw f-mfqkgy avi 355333. X. ' Mrk, W QQ ii, ' 1fi1 V- W ,.. N" 2 V . Q Q 1 ,. ,x-. - L1'1L . -W -W S- f , as . -Am? K '1 as-,X W'-' ff -zu,-2,55 lg f Z' at 3 ' ai 'Q' wif . IH gig- f 6 sb: -. ' .25 ' "Y f",,-.. .Q - ' 1 .lfib -N' -,. M42 . -5- 'H xg: ,Q......, , ...-2 z at 'QD QE 64 jim Xu Fu xx ST 'ew SE Klrgifu Johmoff W 1 f , 74 ' f Q CLASS OFFICERS LEAD THE WAY - Carolyn Connulty, 2nd VPQ Wendy Capra, 1st VPQ Craig Levesque, Presidentg Annemarie Poyant, Secretary AARON A. ABELHA 31 Concord St. N.B. 02745 Happiest when with Shirley who puts magic in his life. Thanks her for understanding. Favorite pastime spent with pro-bicycle racing. Future robotics technician. List of favorites at NBH include Mr. Biscari and lunch- time. MARIA H. ABREU 5 Mitchell St. N.B. 02746 Happiest being with friends, listening to music or playing tennis. Mr. Machado favorite teacher. 'Go for it!" Thanks parents for their support. Hopes to have a successful life and one day visit Hawaii. "Never Gonna Let You Go". PAULA ADAMOWSKI 31 Rutland St. N.B. 02745 Will never forget working at Angelo's and the vani Would like to thank par- ents, Sharon and Danny for support and understanding. Happy laughing with the "madwomen", talking on the phone or water-skiing. Looks for hon- esty and humor. NELIA AFOITO 30 Juniper St. N.B. 02740 "Nellie" wishes to thank all the little people. Found Mr. Soares enjoyable teacher. A favorite school activity was lunch. Future destiny is to be- come a secretary and maybe one day visit Hawaii. "Every Breath You Take" top tune. JOANN AGUIAR JOSE A. AGUIAR DEBORAH ALBERNAZ 74 Long View Rd. 108 Colonial Drive 128 Shawmut Ave. N.B. 02740 N.B. 02746 N.B. 02740 'Jo" will carry fond memories of cheering for NBHS and being part of the band. Mr. Kobza for chemistry great time. ls happy with friends or quiet times reading. Parents and Mimi get her thanks. To become fashion designer. 'tSo what!" 80 Auto racing is one of the few items this young man takes seriously. Can be found with friends hanging out at Shaw's parking lot. Won't forget the speed bumps at NBHS parking lot. Thanks go to parents. Wishes for world peace. "Debbie" is happiest at the thought of Russell. Aug. 26. 1982 a date to re- member. Good lokes make her smile. Wishes the world eternal happiness. Mr. Methia tops. Thanks to Mr. Longo. Appreciates a nice smile on a person. 'Wickedl" LISA ALLEN 18 Junior St. N.B. 02740 Happiest when with friends. Appreci- ates honesty in people. Thanks go to Mom and Dad for love and sacrifices. This future lawyer can be found at The Front. Will always remember Mr. Raposo and his Spanish Ill class. "What you mean?" CIDALIA M. AGUIAR 118 Nash Fld. N.B. 02746 "Cindy" remembers being rushed to class. "You're kidding!" Thanks Mr. Alves Mrs. Gomes for their en- couragement and parents for their love. Feels respect, honesty and trust are valuable, Happy with friends. To enter business world. SCOTT ALLEN 17 Saucier St. Acushnet 02743 Usually found playing hockey or with the crew. Thanks his parents for ev- erything. Happy in Canada. Mr. Bis- carl and math tops. Friends made at NB, the girls and getting the "Taz" memorable. Future physicist. Looks for honesty and humor. IRM gig.. CYNTHIA M. ALMEIDA B9 Pawnee Court N.B. 02740 'Cindi" Really enjoyed talking on the phone or listening to Mr. Longo yell at the young freshmen! Thanks go to him and favorites Ms. Buckley and Ms, Forgue. Playing the game of b- ball or watching Dr. J were great. Liked the guys. GILBERT ALMEIDA 103 Rockland St. N.B. 02740 'Gilly"Willalwaysrememberthewild times with friends. Wishes to travel the world. Happy times spent with Cheryl. Thanks parents for being there. Likes honesty in people. Favo- rites are woodsfauto tech. Found hanging at Mills. LENA ALMEIDA 134 Bonney St. N.B. 02740 Enjoyed lunch. shorthand. and listen- ing to music. Would like to thank par- ents, family, and teachers for sup- port. Hopes for world peace, Ambi- tion to become executive secretary. Remembers the White Mountains. Thumb tack lady! PEDRO GOMES ALMEIDA 52 Washington St. N.B. 02740 One of NB's finest young men. Wont forget fun times with ROTC crew or in chemistry with Mr. Goodfellow. En- joyed summer-nrght jogging. A Mrs. Hassey fan. Finally reached the time to nail Eric C, "Yol" Sylvia makes him smile. AWILDA ALVARADO 125 Sycamore St. N.B. 02740 'Willie" Forever thankful to Mother and Aunt Jeannie. Happiest times with Joe. Will always remember meeting all the new friends at NBHS. Mr. Fraga a definite favorite. Hawaii a fantasyland. "Save it!" Enjoys music and dancing. ARMINDO ALVES LOURDES P. ALVES ROBIN M. ALVES LUIS AMADO 38 Slocum St. 16 Rodney St. 711 Coggeshall St. 79 Florence St. Acushnet 02743 N.B. 02744 N.B. 02746 N.B. 02740 Couldn't wait for graduation day and decided to leave a little earlier, Was often found in the Blue House core and corridors. Enjoyed being with friends at lunchtime. ls soon to be NBH graduate via nightschool route. t'Shorty" enjoys walking on the beach. Will remember lunch times with CM and MA as fun. Thanks par- ents for love and support. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" favorite song. "Go for it" Hopes for a future in the business field. Her trip to Hawaii will long be a vivid and pleasant memory. "Hang loose!" Enjoyed typing and shorthand at NBHS. Out of school pleasure was hitting the beach, Thanks parents for love and support throughout. To attend business college, "Luie" likes being with good friends and having good times. Remembers being on three lunch shifts. Thanks parents for getting him through school. Enjoyed auto with Mr. Dlouhy. Hopes to become a mechan- ic. West Beach a favorite spot, M. CHERYL AMARAL 982 Hillcrest Road N.B. 02745 Happy with Patrick. Won't forget NBH lunches, Mr. Kobza, Mr. Gill and Sr. lounge. Thanks Mom for love and support. Favorites are skiing and clin- ical chemistry. To become nurse and marry Pat. The long wait is over. -'whats up!" CLEMENT AMARAL 105 Bonney St. N.B. 02740 "Clem" enjoys bowling, and making other people smile, Mr. Roscow, Mr. Oliver, chem. and algebra tops. Spe- cial thanks to sister Adeline. Won't forget great friends made at NBH. Happy people make him smile. A fu- ture accountant. DANIEL J. AMARAL 255 Rockdale Ave. N.B. 02740 "Danny" remembers band trips to Florida and Montreal. Mr. V. rates high. Special time Nov. 13, 1983. Fu- ture member of Air Force Band. Hap- piest times spent with Linda. Can be found hanging at Music Mansion. Thanks parents Mr. V. 33 W- M, WENDY MARIE AMARAL MARIA AMARO SANDRA AMORIN 112 Larch St. 11 Monroe Drive 43 Agnes St. N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02745 "Wen" will always remember the Ju- nior Banquet and people she's met at NBHS, Happiest times come from being with Micky. Volleyball and Mr. Gill are favorites. Loves a person with a good sense ol humor. "I cant be bothered!" "Esther" can be found in Blue guid- ance or with Upward Bound. NBHS favorites include Spanish with Mr. Araujo, the 1:50 bell and being with friends EC, MC, AA and Dora G. Thanks parents for understanding and love. Future R.N. "What's upl" "Sandy" will always remember asking Wayne about the boxing team. Happiest times with friends. Jeff puts magic in her life, Special thanks to Mom and Dad. Mr. Motta Super teacher. Wishes for peace in the world and visit to Paris. 81 DENISE ANDERSON 63 Saturn Drive N.B. 02745 "Neicy" Recalls falling down stairs and splitting ner pants at NBHS. Mrs. Purcells Black History class was tops. "Let the Music Play" favorite song. Special thanks to Mom. Twin date is Oct. 24, 1965, Known for "Get cracking!" DENNIS ANDERSON 63 Saturn Drive N.B. 02745 Will carry memories of the fine ladies in the core, "What's up?" Enjoyed having Mr, Hamlet for science. Bas- ketball a favorite school activity. Spe- cial thanks to his mother. "White Lines" a hit with him. Hopes for riches. AUDRA ANDRADE 185 Sycamore St. N.B. 02740 "Auge" Loved time spent with friends. Happiest moments with Pres- ton. Could always be found hanging in the core and at the front. To own beauty shop one day would be tops. Getting her own way always creates a smile. Likes friendliness. HENRIQUE M. ANDRADE 314 Earle St. N.B. 02746 Enjoyed playing soccer and thanks Coach Matos, Coach Gill and par- ents for support. Won't forget friends and staff at NBHS- esp, Mr. Hamlet and Mr. Kobza. Hopes for a future filled with success. Enjoys finding a great personality. JOSEPH ANDRADE 51 Shawmut Ave. N.B. 02740 "Jay" Enjoyed playing football for NBHS and partying with friends. Won't forget hanging in the core and TV production with Mr. Robitaille. Happy gazing into a girl's eyes. Thanks Mom. Often atthe U.F. Looks for sense of humor. KIMM M. ANDRADE 325 Cottage St. N.B. 02740 "Sam" Gives special thanks to Mr. Fortes and Mr. Sykes. Being with Eddie brings her happiness. Family and friends MA, VA, DA, SA, MA, CJ, RB, DA, AA and AS make her smile. Likes to sing, model, paint and play instruments. MADALENA ANDRADE 643 Union St. N.B. 02740 "Mad" Enjoyed working with Mr. Charbonneau at the Z and with Dra- ma Club. Won't forget friends and good times at NBH. Thanks go to Gina and Elaine. Likes magic of the theatre and being young, wild and free. Mr. Motta tops. KURT ANDREWS 255 North St. N.B. 02740 Captain" Happiest with friends. Will always remember coming in tardy. Mosquito and Twiggy always get a smile. Appreciates a sense of humor. Can be found partying on Wolf Island Road. Thanks to Ma and Dad for ev- erything. 82 PAUL ARESTA 100 Lawrence St. N.B. 02745 Swimming was above all other activi- ties at NBHS - even at the SMU pool. Other favorites were history and Mr. Methia. Thanks go out to Mr. Medeiros as 41 coach. Hopes to get ajob and make a great deal of money in a short time. DAWN ELAINE ANDREWS 165 Gayhead Ct. N.B. 02740 "Sun-shine" Loved Drama Club and dance performances with Kevin Burns. Finds happiness with Kevin Lopes. Special thanks to Mom, Dad and Stella Pifco. Sociology and Ms. Leal super. Wishes for career as pro- fessional dance instructor. JOHN ANDREWS 144 Princeton St. N.B. 02745 Enjoys riding his bike, skin diving, and computers. Wont forget the helpful teachers at NBH - esp. Mrs. Harper, Mr. Luchetti and Mr. Calnan. Hopes to become a millionaire. Grateful to parentsffriencls for sup- port. Likes honesty. EUSEBIA ARRUDA 120 Tallman St. N.B. 02746 "C.B." enjoyed good times with friends - esp. during spirit week. Reading, listening to music or cruis- ing brought good times. "Thats life!" Thanks parents and family. Hopes one day to be a famous author. To visit Greece in future. PAMELA ARRUDA 118 Brigham St. N.B. 02740 Cheering and marching for NBH made school exciting. Won't forget band trips and "Splish-Splash." Hopes to return to Florida. Rates Mr. Goodfellow as best part ol school and a great inspiration. Happy when laughing with Carolyn. JOSEPH ANDREWS 75 Cedar St. N.B. 02740 "Uncle Slam" takes memories of basketball practices, games and the core. Found at old Voke orthe Front. Enjoyed having Mr. Hamlet and lunch- time. "What's up, Dude?" Hopes to finish school and make a 20 year career in the senfice. TRACY AUDETTE 42A Carriage Dr. N.B. 02740 "Tray" found shorthand with Mrs. Walker a pleasure. Won't forget "Sarge" and ROTC. Being with K.C. is paradise. Thanks mother for her support. Hopes to become crimtnal lawyer. "lf you like it!" Enjoys time alone to think and reflect. T . JEFFREY AUGUSTINE 906 Hathaway Rd. N.B. 02746 "Augie's" Future ambition is to attend college after graduation. Mr. Methia was ffl teacher at NBHS. Favorite subject was U.S. History. Special thanks to parents for thetr support. Enjoys the season of Christmas. KELLY AVILA 156 W. Morgan St. N.B. 02740 "Kel" Wont forget Mr. Dow's class with Kim jr. year. Enjoys being with Mark. Plans future as Executive Sec. Thanks Mom, Dad and Margaret. Favorites include Mr. Silva. Appreci- ates a nice smile and a good time. 'Kool out." DANIELA AZEVEDO 156 David St. N.B. 02744 "Punk" Favorites are Ms. Leal, histo- ry, listening to music and being with friends. Feels everyday is special in its own way. Happy when things go her way. Thanks Mom. Dad and friends. Wishes the world would turn punk. CHRISTOPHER JOHN BAILEY 51 Park St. N.B. 02740 Will long remember '83 ski trip with Great Outdoors Club. Can be found on Park St. or with track team. Thanks Mom, family, Anne, Coach Gardiner and fellow distance run- ners. Enjoys having Iun. Mr. O and Mr. Goodfellow tops. BEIIFURD APRIL BAKER 24 Pamela Drive N.B. 02740 'A.B."Enjoystime spentwithlriends. Accounting I and Ms. Caton school favorites. 'lm sure"' Rates Valen- tines Day as special holiday. Thanks Mom for understanding and time. Wishes happiness lor the world. Se- nior year great. ff . fda lub ' DEBORAH BARBA LINDA BARBA BRUCE BARBOZA PAMELA JEAN 42 De Wolf si. 42 De wolf si. 190 Hathaway Rd. BARBOZA N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 Acushnet 02743 84 Newton Sf, 'Bubauls noted forsaylng' Go Ioritl" Favorite activities included softball Great memories of playing NBH N.B. 02740 Special times spent with Paul. Can be found hanging in Tan House court- yard, Would like to thank Mom and Dad. Oct. 19, 1983 a special date. Active in child care and business club. and Business Club. Thinking of Mar- co or being with sis Debbie brings smiles. 'Oh, really!" Mr. Allcock and child-care lab tops. Parents and friends get thanks. To own restaurant and child-care lab. hockey. Outside activities include skiing, partying with friends and working on the Cape. Fantasizes about being a multi-millionaire and taking his personal rocket to the moonl A Mr. Motta fan. "Bam-Bam" hopes for success and further education. Being late and sit- ting in Tan House office is recalled. Happiestspendingtime with Glgland friends at the Front. Thanks parents for love and support. Looks for a smile. 'Bump thatl" 83 ill EA e TRACY LYNN BARROWS 121 Sycamore St. N.B. 02740 t'Tray" Fantasizes about owning a beauty salon. Remembers making new friends at NBHS. Enjoyed Mrs. Walker's shorthand class, Lunch was a favorite. Would like to thank mother and father for support. Happy with friends. "Whats up?" . K , 1 mural i - i JEANINE BARSELOU 216 State St. N.B. 02740 Thanks parents for love and Support. Found in the Gold House. Quiet miss who will remember staff members who helped her reach graduation day. Happy when with people who are caring and understanding. Dec, som important date. JANlCE BEDARD 43 Parker St. N.B. 02740 "Jan" Going to football games was fun. Remembers meals at Riccardis with Paula and Mike and good times with friends. Tops were psychology! sociology and chorus. Thanks to par- ents and good friends. Headed for a job in the medical field. mum! MICHAEL B. BATES 3925 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02745 Loving computer math this lad hopes to become programmer or architectural engineer. May 28th a special date. Special attraction to open friendly people. Thanks parents for being there, Happiness is being with Sherri. MlCHAEL BELANGER 144 Church St. N.B. 02745 "Mike" Tops are band, Mr. V. and computers. Will always treasure spe- cial times with Colette. Remembers the family feeling of the band. Thanks parents for all their support. To be- come a computer science major. "You're a clown." 3, . F 4 " li .fi :try 4. ' A' I r. fc .. lnrr 1 yi: 1 A A a ' 1 is Q ' 9 5':'t ' , ., V' . 'r 1: ': '3. , Q 5 hr' J A ,Z I Q , 1 M B ,f ta 'Z MARIA ELENA BENEVIDES 52 Briggs St. N.B. 02744 "Mary" Enjoys listening to music. School favorites include gym, En- glish and Mrs. Silva. Special thanks to Uncle Roy and Aunt Leonor. Found NBHS folks nice and friendly, A wish for world peace. Headed for career in business admin. SHAUN BEAUDOIN 53 Hill St. N.B. 02740 "Beaud" Best known for his ability on the basketball court. Remembersthe Durfee games, partying with the '82 crew and friends. Thanks his mother for understanding and love. Enjoyed Mr. Mandley and Ms. Bonneau. Hopes to be rich! CAROL BECKER 3 Onyx Dr. N. Dartmouth 02747 Seeing Don or hearing "Endless Love" brings smiles. Working Camp Wonderland in summer or celebrat- ing Xmas in winter are favorite times. Hopes to go on to business school and later marry. Mrs. Johnson a 4351 teacher. 7-2-83 special. JOHN BENNETT 2 Jenny Lind St. N.B. 02740 Enjoyed hanging with M.M. and checking the Vineyards with P.B. Favorites include senior lounge, chemistw with Mr. Goodfellow, and people with a touch of madness. A touchdown pass would easily make his day. FERNANDA BERGANTIM 19 Ashley St. N.B. 02744 ls happiest spending time with family and friends. Enjoys the beach and movies. Thanks Ms. Persson and Mr. Cardoso for their understanding and help. Math top subject. Enjoys the game of tennis. Hopes to become a nurse. rw SUSAN BERGERON 14 Timberlane Rd. N.B. 02745 Sue hopes to someday marry and become a nurse. Happiest times spent with Barry. Feels a persons personality and honesty important traits. A world without wars would be a dream come true. Special person made summer fantastic. 84 ANABELA BERNARDO 37 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02744 "Bela" enjoys listening to music, dancing and being with friends, Soci- ology with Ms. Leal great. l'No prob- lem!" Fun times at lunch remem- bered. Thanks parents and Rose for being there. Likes honesty and humor. Future social worker. LAURIE BERNIER 13 Valentine St. N.B. 02744 Enjoys hanging with friends and par- tying. Ms. Caton, Mr, Anderson and Mr. Fraga were all favorites. Won't forget 3rd lunch jr, yr. Thanks her parents for understanding and love. Good times in the sr. lounge. "Drop dead!" TERESA BERRIOS 251 Cottage St. N.B. 02740 'lTee" will always remember the laughs she had at lunch with Jorge. Happiest with Michael. Always saying 'The choice is yours!" Mr. Araujo and Mr. Lanouette were great. Future plan is to become a flight at- tendant. awww PETER BERTHIAUME 31 East Clinton St. N.B. 02740 "Peb" can be found playing those drums. Has the Taz-tattoo, Happiest with TBXEHXDRXTRXCW. 'll'm only kidding!" Thanks parents, friends and special girl - Terri. Enjoyed Florida!Canada trips, swimming, craziness and Mr. Medeiros. mm X .,,Wffm1pWf4-iffawswru 1 JAMES BERUBE 81 Durtee St. N.B. 02740 "Jim" Happy with that special per- son. Can be found at the nearest par- ty. Thanks Mom. Enjoys people who like to have a good time. List of favo- rites include C.S., New Years Eve and foxy blondes. Won't miss NBHS lunches. Air Force bound. 1. 4 . ADALGIZA M, BETTENCOURT 32 Florence St. N.B. 02740 "Del" had great fun on the whale watch with the biology class, Mr. Gill and Usher Corps two favorites. En- joys hanging with friends - esp. ones with great sense of humor. Thanks family, friends and NBH staff. Future in child-care. 5 Y 1 I 1 EZEQUIEL BETTENCOU RT 49 Crapo St. N.B. 02740 "Junior" Enjoys fixing dirt bikes and hopes to be a good mechanic. Favor- ite tune: "Come On Feel the Noise". Admires a pleasing personality. "You dip!" Hopes for a time of world peace. School favorites include woods and Mr. Matos. KAREN BLAISE 1091 Braley Rd. N.B. 02745 "Blaze" Can usually be found at Pine Hill. Favorites were Mr. Kobza. Mr. Gill, and psych. class. Remembers good times with Michelle and Cheryl and parents' support. Happiest when with friends. Hopes to get married and become rich. 1 Q-we.. 1" I I x ' 4 MICHAEL BLOUIN 1031 Prairie Ave. N.B. 02745 "Blouln" Likes passing time listening to good tunes or partying with friends. Can usually be found an the NBH parking lot. Wishes for a world of peace and goodwill. Likes people who are "cool," Jan. 23 an important date. ft tr AJ L MICHELLE BOIS DANIEL G. BOISVERT CHRISTINE BOLDUC DONNA BOLTON KAREN VICTORIA 51 canon st. 271 mkiin I-mi Ra. 119 Cornell st. 354 Allen st. BOOKER N.B. 02740 N.B. 02745 N.B. ozv-to N.B. 02740 135 Central Ave. A beach fan who dreams of days on Laguna Beach in California. Mr. Gill and Mr. Girard both special teachers. Enjoys fine sense of humor and get' ting a numb nose every weekend. ls headed for college. Enjoyed Gluon Bash and David Bowie. "Danny" Will always remember crazy times with the gang and every- one coming to t'Big Dan Boisvert's Place". Baseball afavorite school ac- tivity. Special thanks to friends who cared. Hopes for a successful career with computers. "Christabeth" Will always care about Mark and Sue. Survived the torture of junior year. Thanks parents, Mr. Girard and Ana for being there. Tries to see people as they are - not the act that protects them from rejection. "Minor details!" "Fuzzy" Loves Def Leppard videos on MTV. Favorite time away from school spent in the sun Waterskiing. Thanks Ms. Burchell for making her work to finally pass English. "Go for it!" Will never forget the wild times at NBHS. N.B. 02745 "Book" Appreciates honesty and thoughtfulness in a person. Would like to thank parents for love and sup' port and Wendy for being a friend. Ms. Persson and Mrs. Gutierrez tops. Future technician or nurse. Enjoyed senior lounge. 'w 'D fi? .W A X. DONALD BOWDEN ELIAS BRAGA CHRISTINE M. ROBERT M. ROBERTA ANN 37 Emma st. 49 Cottage st. BRANCHAUD BRANQUINHO BRENNAN N.B. 02744 N.B. 02740 3 sgudjey 31, 129 Division St. 134 Dakota Ct. "Don" Enjoys his leisure time the most. Mr. Biscari and phys. ed. rated high on his list. Enjoys the Mall for movies and the Great Escape. Para ents get thanks. Hopes to work with computers in future worfd of peace and harmony. "Eli" Plans to major in computer sci- ence but a career as a projazz drum- mer would suit him fine. Greetings to Mr. "Ed". Playing rock 'n roll on the weekends was superb. Homework will never be forgotten. "Good day, ay?" N.B. 02740 "Chris" Will never forget band camps, cheering squad and good times with friends at NBH. "That bites big time." Enjoyed Mr. Kobza and Mr, Vaz, Thanks parents for being there. Hopes to become a medical lab tech- nician. N.B. 02744 "Bob" Spends time hanging with friends on Mosher St. Senior lounge was great! Noted for saying "Whats up?" Remembers not getting caught at Jones Beach. Special times are spent with Maria. Will treasure par- ents' help. N.B. 02740 "Berta" finds happiness with friends and Clyde. Favorites include Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. Slater. Special date: 10-27-79. Thanks mother and Clyde for support. "What's up?" Future aim to go to Burdett. Would love fun-in- sun places, 85 5 5 HOLLY E. BROADBENT 238 Collette St. N.B. 02746 "Apple" is a folkie. Looks for indi- viduality. Happiest with friends, especially Dinedhel. Would like to thank RB, KB, and SS. Nonconform- ism is wish for the world. Will never forget meeting Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. "Bizarre" TATUM BROWNELL 73 Willard St. N.B. 02744 'Tabbie" Enjoyed Usher Corps, Mr. Hamlet and math. Visiting Nantucket Island was great. Remembers sr. lounge and friends. Mom, Dad, Judy and Robin desenfe thanks, Hopes one day to work with computers. 'Give me a break!" STEPHEN BROWN 18 Jenny Lind St. N.B. 02740 "Brown Hornet" Enjoyed lifting and basketball. Besttimes spent with Kim or at Buttonwood Park. Special thanks go to parents and Kim. Will always remember fun times in Green Cafe and playing ball for NBHS. Mr. Motta tops, KEVIN BURNS 159 Park St. N.B. 02740 "The Dancer" Loves dancing and buying clothes. Favorites include Drama Club, Ms. Leal and "Play at Your Own Risk!" Dislikes lack of indi- viduality at NBHS. Happy times spent dancing with Dawn Andrews. Future dancer designer. LINDA CABECA 201 Rockland St. N.B. 02740 Would like to thank special friends who were always so dependable. Mr. Goodfellow, Mr. Robitaille and Mr. Gtrard made it all worthwhile. Will al- ways remember Mrs. Hassey's tests and lab with Pam, Lisa and Marc, Loves a warm smile. B6 MARIA CAFUA 566 South Second St. N.B. 02740 "Fema" Spends time with good friends. Thanks herparents. Goingto Portugal with Helen was exciting. Horseneck Beach last day of school jr. yr. will be remembered. Favorites are l'No One Like You". Mrs. Walker and parking lot before school. SUZETTE CALVIN 570 Allen St. N.B. 02740 Sketching and Studio Art lll top favor- ites at NBHS. Was found at Lisa's locker most times, A Mr. Roscow fan. Fun came from being with Lisa and Rosemary. To become a registered nurse. Thanks go to parents for sup- port and understanding. MATTHEW A. CAMACHO 267 Central Ave. N.B. 02745 'Camanchew Happiest partying with the crew. Enjoyed sr. lounge, base- ball, Mr. Taylorand Mr. Mandly. New- port trip tops. "Whats up7' Hopes to visit the Alps and succeed in the busi- ness world. Thanks Mr, Anderson. Likes honesty. ERIC CANHA P.O. Box G-668 N.B. 02741 One day hopes to be top paid adver- tising photographer. Thanks Mr. Mil- lette for being an inspiration. A spe- cial teacher was Mr. C. Alves. 'No problem - anything you say." En- joys skating, being with friends, and visiting Madeira. tw 631 1 WENDY LEA CAPRA 99 Peckham Rd. Acushnet 02743 Min" Active with Drama Club and as editor lor C. Log. Will remember being vice-pres. of Sr. Class. per- forming at the "Z" and Mr. Motta. Happiest with Eric and friends. Loves Mom and Dad for support. Oft to col- lege for Dental Hygiene, BRENDA M. CARDOSO 131 Central Ave. N.B. 02745 'Bren' Will always remember the Jr. Banquet and football games with friends. Mr. Kobza and Mrs. Gutier- rez were special. Thanks parents for support. Hopes to work in medical field. Parties and Bermuda a sum- mertime dream. IRENE CARDOSO DEBORAH L. CARDOZA EDMOND CARON 198 Blackmer St. 16 Lindsey St. 20 Emery St. N.B. 02744 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02744 "Cardosa" Loves people who are honest and enjoys smiling. Being at the beach on rainy days a favorite summertime experience. Would like to thank sister, brothers. Mom and Dad for support. Future secretary. l'Oh, brother!" Economics with Mr. Warren a favor- ite. Will never forget the class of 84. Happiestwith Roger. Thanks parents for letting her have the car. "Wickedl" Hopes to enter good college and later to marry. Enjoyed summer job at park. Eddie" Will always remember the special honors he received from foot- ball. Winner ol Dr. Wolllson scholar- ship. Special thanks to parents and Mr. Calnan. College or State Police Academy in future. Mrs. Cohen topsl "You're happy!" ERIC A. CARR 122 Morgan St. N.B. 02740 'M.L." Will never forget his Latchkey kids, CC. and DF. Raquetball, bas' ketball. and Mr. Motta are favorites. Mom deserves thanks for hanging in. 'Could This Be Magic" a top song. Hopes to be somebody important and enjoy life. LORI R. CARREIRO 78 Thomas St. N.B. 02740 Enjoys going to KeIly's house or being with friends RG KL ML and RC. Won't forget fun trip to Florida with the band. "Bazoinksl" Summer fun came from working for D.P.W. Mr. Tavares a favorite. Thank par- ents. College-bound. KENNETH CARRIER 1463 Morton Ave. N.B. 02745 "Karaca" Enjoys cruising and ' Uncle Roger" in TV production. Hoping for happy future before nuclear fission takes over the world. Thanks par- ents. 'That's too much!" Summer- time fun included cruising with Paul. Mars and 'E-boyl MARIA L. CARVALHO 138 Holly St. N.B. 02746 Will remember Rhonda being sur- prised tn chemistry by Ed. Thanks faithful friends and special thanks to parents. In love with the beach. "Thats life!" Enjoyed Jr. Steering Comm. and being with friends. Fu- ture New Yorker with a Porsche. DANIEL CAVALIERI 115 Campbell St. N.B. 02740 "Danny" Will never forget the friends he made at NBHS. Mr. Kelly and Mr. Motta were tops. Enjoys photo class and plans to be a photographer. Family deserves thanks for support. Appreciates a good personality. -... r W . 3- WRX K R . f CHRISTINE CHAPIN RHONDA MARIE CHRISTINE CHIQUITO GINA COFFEY DAVID COLLET 9 Lake st. CHAREST 177 David st. 164 Harwich St. 90 Fern St. N.ia. 02740 as nocnambeau sr. N.B. 02744 N.B. 02145 N.B. 02740 Chris" Happy with the people who work at BPZ. Hopes for career as vet. Thanks Dad. Admires nice personali- ty. Mr. Biscari and U.S. History tops. Horseback riding a good time. Magic is world peace. trip to Hawaii and seeing Dad happy. N.B. 02745 Will never forget "Are you a fresh- man'P" Finds happiness with Mark and friends. Mr. Anderson and ac- counting are favorites. Would like to thank grandparents and Mark for support. To become an accountant and own her own firm. "Chris" Looks upon graduation not only as an end but also a new begin- ning. Takes fond memories of lunch in the Blue House with her. Enjoyed the summer by going on vacation. Special thanks sent to parents. Ambi- tion to go to college. Enjoyed time spent with the Drama Club - esp. summer at the "Z" for "Jesus Christ Superstar." Happiest with Mad-Elaine and the crew: Mom gets thanks for all her love and sup- port. Being young, wild, and free was great as a sr. "Dave the wave" Enjoyed baseball and hopes to pitch in major leagues someday. Mr. Vaz and Alg. ll were tops. Will always remember the happiness he discovered at NBHS by meeting Kelly Likes honesty in a person. 87 ff K M . BARBARA ANN COLLINS 765 Brock Ave. N.B. 02744 "Barb" Our yearbook editor-n-chief enjoys spending time reading clas- sics and tutoring. Found math and Latin at NBHS most informing. May 5th is a special date. Teachers at NBH were tops. Future is to teach high school math. "Goofy" BETSY COLLINS 765 Brock Ave. N.B. 02744 "Bets" Enjoys Usher Corps, writing for Crimson Courier, and laughing. Will remember Mr. Pepin, Mr. Kobza, and all the laughs at lunch with Jane and Nina. Thanks parents for support and love. Future nurse. Admires sen- sitivity. DEBORAH CONBOY 79 Willard St. N.B. 02744 "Debby" Will remember Drama Club and good friends at NBHS. Enjoys having fun. Horseneck fond summer memory. Happiness and peace wished for the world. Special thanks go to Mrs. B. Good personality looked for, Special person is magical. LEISHA CONCEICAO 176 Chancery St. N.B. 02740 "Buffy" Enjoys softball and traveling. Looks for honesty, world peace and an end to world starvation. Enjoyed Mrs. Purcell and U.S. History. Mr. Hamletgets herthanks. Feb. 8, 1966 special. Future pediatric nurse. "Hey, you guys!" CAROLYN CONNULTY 109 Carroll St. N.B. 02740 Noted for constantly laughing. Fte- visiting Barbados would be ideal, but Tahiti a dreamland, Forever thankful forparents andfriends' support. Hap- piest with J.P. Truly treasures Mr. Goodfellows wit. Grateful for sister Lisa. "So obnoxious!" TRACEY COOPER B8 Campbell St. N.B. 02740 Honesty and good personality looked for. Best times at NBH included classes with Mr. Roscow and Mr. Walsh. Great fun at Jr. Banquet re- membered. Happy with friends hav- ing a fun time. Thanks go to family and friends. "No way, Really!" THERESA ANN CORMIER 92 Mill Rd. Acushnet 02743 "ET" Enjoys working with children. Mrs. Walker will be remembered. Happy times with Amos. Will be hap- py to be out of school and away from all the homework. Thanks go to Mom and husband for being there with love and support. PAUL CORREIA 285 Rive! St. N.B. 02744 Favorite pastime is cruising with Mars, Ken, and E-Boy. Margaret puts magic in his life. Mr. Lanouette and lunchtime are two favorites. Good friends make him smile. Thanks par- ents. "What!" STEVEN CORREIA 15 Elizabeth St. N.B. 02740 Appreciated having Mr. Alves. Looks for a good personality. Won't forget the great girls at NBHS. 'I don't think sol" Enjoyed playing football and computer programming. Wishes the world could learn to live in peace. 6-19-66 important. ALAN R. COSTA 16 Richmond St. N.B. 02740 "Alamo" Enjoyed working at the res- taurant with Project Ready. Mr. Boulay is tops in his book. Also en- joys driving and fixing cars. Pretty girls make him smile. Special thanks go to Miss Mahoney for her help and support. ANA M. COSTA 122 Briarwood Drive N.B. 02745 Economics and Mr. Warren were favorites at NBHS. Happiest times were spent with good friends - esp. in sr. lounge. Thanks go to parents. Hopes to spend future days hopping from here to there around the world. "Yah" 88 BARBARA COSTA 354 Arnold St. N.B. 02740 Can be found on trail of the "Aztec Fire" with band. Will never forget teasing Mr, Manny at lunch. Would like to thank parents for their support in band. Smiles galore when AI is home from college. Lost Nature Trail is ideal. "Ya big pig!" MELODIE COSTA 68 Division St. N.B. 02744 "Mel" Spends time cruising in black Torino or hanging in '69 Firebird. Happiest with Al. Thanks Mom for understanding and love. Future sec- retary. Remembers NBH funches. Favorites include Ms. Zola, Mrs. Wal- ker and Mr, Alves. THOMAS J. COSTA 24 Hussey St. N.B. 02740 "T.J." Enjoys cruising the ave. with Kurt and the frogs. Found in a ma- roon 2602. Ms. Leal, New Hampshire and soccer are tops. Special time: 3-13-82. Smiles come from being with Karen. Thanks parents. Hopes to be successful engineer. ANTONIO M. COSTEIRA 73 Calumet St. N.B. 02744 "Tony" Always loved a good joke. Ambition is to become architect or draftsman. Mr. Ftoscow, Mr. Monteiro and drafting all favorites at NBH. Thanks parents for putting up with him. Happiest with a close friend. "Whats up?" 1 if JAMES COSTELLO 120 Grinnell St. N.B. 02740 Jamie" Enjoyed track and science at NBHS. Happiness came from being with friends. Thanks Mom for support. Hopes for a future in chemi- cal engineering. Favorites include Onset Beach, peoples loyalty and IOQQIUQ- a r IDALINA COUTO 369 Middle St. N.B. 02740 "Lina" Sends thanks and love to par- ents, UB staff, David and Mrs. Andrade. Dates of Sept. 4 and Nov. 1, competitions and NB friends all memorable. Enjoyed all Eng. teachers. Hopes to own clothing store, be with David and visit Japan. CHRISTOPHER A. COTTER 366 Arnold St. N.B. 02740 "Chris" Will remember winning N.E.S.B.A. championships. Hangs out in the band room. Thanks par- ents. Mr. Warren and accounting favorites. "I can't deal with this!" Hap- py with special person, S.J.P. May 24 brings an end to agony. DOREEN COUCELOS 114 Mott St. N.B. 02744 Hanging with friends Kathy and Do- reen, being in sr. lounge and having Mr. Alves four yrs. best memories. Enjoys being with Cutie. Thanks Mom for caring. Jr. yr. lunchtime a fun time. Hopes to be rich in future. "No problem." KELLY COUGHLIN 637 Cottage St. N.B. 02740 Hopes to become an E.M.T. Mr. Vaz and Mr. Kobza are tops. Remembers meeting David at NBHS. Parents and Dave get special thanks. Happy times in life will always be spent with Dave. "You know." Served well as steering comm. rep. MARC. E. COULOMBE 479 Homestead St. N.B. 02745 "Columbo" Enjoys writing and draw- ing. Honesty and sense of humor im- portant traits in a person. Alpha and Gr. Outdoors Club two favorite school activities. Thanks Mr. Pepin, Mr. Peccini and Mr. Goodfellow. Fu- ture electrical engineer. JEAN A. COUTO 369 Middle St. N.B. 02740 "Cool Dude" Will long remember ROTC bus ndes and friends. Favor- ites are karate, NB football, track and Black History. Mr. Gomes, Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. Cohen tops. Appreciates parents with love. Fu- ture plan to join the Air Force. MARIA M. COUTO HOLLIE M. COVEY KIM CROMPTON 110 Winsor St. 133 Chancery St. 854 Tradewind St. N.B. 02744 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 "Mi-Mi" Hopes to travel the world. Will always recall the whalewatch with Mr. Gill. Happy with friends like Terri and Marc. Wishes for world peace. 'Whats up?" Cloud 9 nice place to dream. Her trip to Bermuda memorable. Jogging with Lina, Pam and Jean memorable. Fun lunch times in Gold with great friends. Her family gets special thanks. Patrick equals magic. A future nurse. Found at Jean's house. Mrs. Purcell and Mr. Roscow tops. Personality a must. Will treasure friendships made at NBHS which make her happy. Child- care lab was fun. Likes a person with an outgoing personality and big smile. A swim team member. Thanks parents for love and understanding. Enjoys beach and Camp K. RONALD CROWELL 43 Florence St. N.B. 02740 "Ronnie" Would like to thank parents lor love, guidance and understand- ing. Being with friends is great. Whats up?" Looks for people with honesty, feelings and sensitivity. Dreams of being snowed in with spe- cial person. MARK CROWTHER 33 Arlington St. N.B. 02744 "Crow" Can usually be found at the lanes with friends. Baseball made his school year. College-bound man. Thanks parents for all their support. Mr. Oliver and accounting were great. Appreciates honest folks with good sense of humor. DONALD CRUZ 203 Porter St. N.B. 02740 I'Cruz" Remembers Emergency Pro- cedures A and B! Enjoys riding moped around Acushnet. Mr. B's French class and Mr. Hanley were tops. Special thanks to Mrs. Purcell. Happy with Tracy. Top song: "Kash- mir." Dreams of seeing Hawaii. PAUL CRUZ 24 McGurk St. N.B. 02744 Will always remember parties with friends. Corner of McGurk and Social a great hangout. Sports and girls la- vorite pastimes. Happiness from Sandy saying yes to the prom. Spe- cial thanks to Lee. "I'm psyched!" LURDES O. CUNHA 73 Nelson St. N.B. 02744 "Lou" ls happiest at the beach with friends. A good sense of humor is special in a person. To live and study in Portugal would be great! Grateful to parents for all their help. Lunch was memorable at NBHS. "Qual e a tua, meu?" 89 MICHAEL CUNHA 105 Bates St. N.B. 02745 "Mike" Hopes to become a chef, Mr. Foster was favorite teacher. Likes being with friends and finding good personality in a person, Happiest with Kelly. Thanks Mom and Dad for their helpfulness. Likes saying "What's up?" ELAINE MARIE CUNNINGHAM 27 Milton St. N.B. 02740 Will always remember school dances and DC productions. Finds happi- ness with Shawn, Mad, Gina and crew. Summer fun with JC Superstar at Z and cruising at midnight. Thanks parents. Hopes to travel world-wide. A Mr. Roscow fan. ANTONIO DACOSTA 49 Arlington St. N.B. 02745 This young man can be found in the North End. Automotive with Mr, Dlouhy was favorite time at NBHS. Thanks his parents and family for their support. Wishes happiness and peace forthe world, Hopes to be suce cessful in life. DINA DA COSTA 28 Capitol St. N.B. 02744 Enjoys roller skating. the beach and Great Outdoors Club. Teen Culture a hit. Finds happiness with Nelson. Greattime meeting new summertime friends. Admires honesty and humor. Thanks Ms. Sowa for encourage- ment. Love brings joy. SUZETTE M. DA COSTA 171 Buchanan St. N.B. 02746 When not with favorites Mrs. Lagas- se and Mrs. Dlouhy, Sue enjoyed working in the Deans office. Going to the beach with friends the best times. Thanks go to parents. Hopes to work in travel and tourism. Machine short- hand was tops. FERNANDO DA COSTA 49 Arlington St. N.B. 02745 "Fred" Hopes for successful future and secretly wishes to live in Sweden. Enjoys time with Jackie. Thanks go to parents for support. Favorites included Mr. Motta, the Police, U2, and hanging out on Cen- tral Avenue. JOSE DA CUNHA CRAIG DAHLBERG JACINTHO MICHAEL MARIA D'ALMEIDA 13 Mitchell si. 10 wing Lane DALMEIDA 1671 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02746 Acushnet 02743 1671 Acughnet Ave, N.B. 02746 "Hop Along" ROTC made a hit. l'Captain K" Enjoys spending time N.B. 02745 "Alice" Happiest with friends. Hopes Thanks all ROTC staff for support. Mr. Goodfellows chem, class an in- spiration. Ruth a plus in his life. Hopes to attend military academy and become an officer or a world famous chemist. partying with friends. Mr. Motta's class and science won top vote. Looks for a nice smile to attract him. Won't forget NBH friends and getting his questionnaire in under the wire. Hopes for happiness. 'Jesse' Thanks his mother for being there and his dad for teaching him values. Enjoyed having Mr. Taylor and Mr. Roscow. "Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars." Hopes to become a mechanical en- gineering. for successful career in computersci- ence. Favorites included chem, Por- tuguese, Mr. Roscow and Mr. DaRo- sa. Wishes to thank family and Terry for being there. Appreciates sense of humor. 11 STEVEN M. DARMOFAL 35 Grape St. N.B. 02740 'Freddie Spaz" Loves playing drums and band. Summertrip to Penn. with Drum and Bugle Corps long remem- bered. Hopes to become profession- al drummer. Band winning lst in NE great experience. Eating lunch and being with friends enjoyed. 90 ANA P. DA SILVA 171 Frederick St. N.B. 02744 "Shorty" Likes to be with her friends partying. Won't forgetspending a day in ATS room! West Beach a favorite spot. Likes a friendly personality. Thanks parents for their love and understanding. Hopes to be suc- cessful hairdresser. CHARLENE DA SILVA 9 Birchwood Dr. N.B. 02745 "Cha Cha" Usually found at Lincoln Park. Enjoys partying and being with Mark. Karen, Jack, Diane, and Liz. "Go for it!" Thanks understanding parents and Miss Sowa. Cant forget math with Brian and bets with Richel- le. Future R.N. MARTA C. DA SILVA 64 Hathaway St. N.B. 02745 "Mana" Likes spring track and mod- eling. Will always remember missing the pit during a high jump, Wishes to have a fashion line and agency and to be an accountant. Favorites were Ms. Zola and Mrs. Kallevik. Smiles at everything and anythlngl PETRONIO DA SILVA 80 Merrimac St. N.B. 02745 "Pete' Enjoyed Mr. Kelly's class. Looks for a good personality. Mom and Dad deserve thanks. Playing hockey a favorite. Will remember the NBHS girls. "Ramblin On" was his number one song. Accounting was a learning experience. LEONORA DA SILVEIRA 46 Front St. N.B. 02740 "Lee" Favorite experience was get- ting hit in face with a whip cream pie. Happy with Matt. Events of 10-8-82 will be remembered. Thanks Mom for love and friends for caring. Top pas- time IS bicycling and going to New- port. "Really'?" ff Q MARK DAVIDIAN 354 Teresa St. N.B. 02744 "Davenport" Favorites include bad- minton and people with the ability to transcend their sociocultural inade- quacies. Will always remember meeting Sammy Hagar, and also Bobo in sophomore Portuguese class. Hopes to improve handwriting. MARISOL DE ABREU 48 Nelson St. N.B. 02744 Someday hopes to design own home as future architect. Mr. Sanchez a favorite. "Love for all." Appreciates a friendly person but won't forget some unfriendly ones. Wishes lor a peace- lul world. Likes music - esp. "Truly" and humor. ANA DE BARROS 107 Central Ave. N.B. 02745 "Ana P." Enjoys reading and listen- ing to music. Going to Disco in Por- tugal was great. Tops are Ms. Rain- ville and good times had with friends. Thanks all who made stay at NBH one that will be a lasting memory. Looks for sincerity. it MATTHEW DEAN 76-D West Hill Road N.B. 02740 Likes to spend his time at the Mall. Being a junior made him the hap- piest, but having senior lounge was great. Mr. Robbins and Mr. Peccini were both favorites. Thanks parents for good up-bringing. Secret fantasy- land is Hawaii. ai, HW KELLY LISA DAVIS 983 Chaffee St. N.B. 02745 "Kel ' ls happiest with Curt L'Heureux and Deagle. Enjoys good times with close friends. Appreclates having family and friends who care. Ambi- tion is to attend business school. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for understanding and caring. RHONDALEE DAVIS 165 Shawmut Ave. N.B. 02740 'Roni' Enjoys playing with her band and hopes someday to find success and fame with them. Thanks parents for support. Found at 'The Living- room". Two hits were French and unique people. Happiest with David. Boston escapades were supreme! LYNNE ANN DAY 32 Park Ave. Acushnet 02743 Ski" Recalls with happiness the band competitions at NBH. Days here taught lessons on life. Special times are with David. Thanks all friends for their support. 'Go for ntl" Beach a special place. Enjoyed algebra with Mr. Vaz. - ,,.,.f. .... .l1,.,,,5z, f 4-1.-wf . . .'-. M. . ff' . I N ' .. . A - ' 2 DEBRA H. DECAMPOS MARIA E. DEFRIAS 197 Ashley Blvd. 604 South Second St. N.B. 02746 N.B. 02744 "Deb" Can be found almost any- where with Dan. Going to Boston with friends a high priority, Thanks Mum and Dad. Loves people with open- mindedness. Wishes world would gain recognition ofthe unknown. Jok- ing with Dave fun. "Candise" Likes listening to music. Jogging on Cape Cod a blast. Happy with friends. Thanks parents and P.J. Plans to work with computers and one day visit Europe. Looks for humor. Found at Friends Academy. "How much you wanna bet?" MARIA H. DE FRIAS 604 South Second St. N.B. 02744 'Aggie' Enjoyed the Great Escape, MTV and lunch with friends. Sum- mertime tennis with Cubby was a fa- vorite. Will always remember laughs, cheers, tears and friends who made hersmile. Thanks goto parents. "Oh, my God"' CHRISTINE DELANO 183 Washington St. N.B. 02740 "Chris" Likes shopping out of town. Friendly's, honesty, and 'Endless Love." Tops were Mr. Motta chemistry. Remembers Jr. Banquet as a blast. Happy with Cutie. Thanks parents for support. Hopes to attend college and visit Hawaii. 91 CIDALIA DE MATOS 21 Nelson St. N.B. 02744 "Cindy" Enjoys spending her time at movies or at fun parties. Preferred being out of classes than in. "Really!" Won't forget the experience of walk- ing into boys' pool locker room. Wishes everyone could get along. Future R.N. MICHAEL DEMELLO 446 Rockdale Ave. N.B. 02740 Enjoys hanging out on Rivet St. "Mental Health" was a favorite this year. Math was a piece of cake and Mr. Hebert was unique. Thanks go to mother and father for pushing him. Joining the Navy is in the future for "Mike", BILLIE JEAN DEMORANVILLE 41 Wren St. N.B. 02745 Important to find honesty in a person. Drama Club a fun activity at NBHS. "Turn the Page." Hopes to start fu- ture life as make-up artist and one day visit Italy. Thanks go to Mom and Dad. Usually found in Sassaquin. JANICE DENAULT 33 Richmond St. N.B. 02740 "Jan" Found band invigorating and Mrs. Walker inspiring. Shorthand was fun. July 7th a number one day. Happy with friends. Parents desenle to be thanked. Future career as a secretary planned. Hopes to go to Florida. - 3 JOSE DE SOUSA 37 Nelson St. N.B. 02744 "Teddy" Always recalls the Jones Beach incident. Happy driving Trans- Am with friends. Thanks parents for buying him black T.A. Watching Ben- ny Hill brings on good laugh. Hangs at the Fort. Enjoyed auto with Mr. Dlouhy. Off to college. HELENA DE SOUSA 191 Davis St. N.B. 02746 "Half-Pint" Enjoyed ping pong, math and Mrs. Stone. Nursery kids and family gave herjoy. Thanks guidance counselor for help given. Hopes to one day work with children. Secretly hopes to visit Disneyworld. Proud to be graduating. LYNN DE SOUZA 134 Frank St. N.B. 02740 Can't forget being locked in chil- dren's playground fr. year. A young lady who loves to laugh and to be surrounded by people who love to laugh. A definite Def Leppard fan! Happy when not dressing for gym. Mrs. Buckley - a favorite. GEORGE DESPRES 127 Hathaway St. N.B. 02746 Hopes to continue career as musi- cian. Enjoys his time songwriting or doing anything creative. Boston and Hartford are great places to be. Thanks Mrs. Keightley for incredible instruction. Sebastian Cabot Day, Yea! DARREN DESNOYERS 117 Lepage St. N.B. 02745 Enjoys sun, surf and sand. Hopes one day to drive trucks - esp. to California. ls usually found on Chaf- fee St. Thanks Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Galuska for their help and support. Looks forward to graduation day. Heard saying "Pin-head!" KATHLEEN DEVLIN 15 Vine St. N.B. 02740 "Kathy" Feels Mr. Biscari and Nov. 1, 1981 were tops. ls happy with Fred- dy. Mom and Dad deserve thanks. Her boyfriend makes her smile. Won't forget NBH friends and trip to N.Y. Learning a foreign language was a fun school activity. KEVIN DOCCA 43 Whitman St. N.B. 02745 "Doc" Will never forget partying with friends. Mr. Wall and D.E. were favor- ites. Summertime camping was great. Can be found on Whitman St. Thanks mother and father for all their help. Enjoyed the time spent with Lisa. 92 MARIA DOS REIS 52 Slocum St. Acushnet 02743 Happiest times spent with Manny. Thanks to parents for love and sup- port. Favorite teacher was Mr. Alves. Will always remember July 25,1981. Hopes to become a secretary. Appreciates a smile and a good per- sonality. "Spare me!" ALBERT DOS SANTOS 70 Mosher St. N.B. 02744 'Alky" Enjoys the sounds of I'Com- fortably Numb." Would love to win a million dollars and spend it with friends and a special girl. "Go for it!" Likes hanging around - esp. when he has the house to himself. Sr. lounge great. PETER DOWD 20 Kane St. N.B. 02744 Enjoyed summer vacations. Mr. Hebert and science were great. Looks for a good sense of humor. Prefers beach to all else. Thanks Mom lor love and support. Remem- bers mrsslngthe bus aridtakingacab to school with Paula and Nelli, EMANUEL DUARTE 23 Scott St. N.B. 02744 "Manny" Enjoyed history, Mr. Rob- bins, and Mrs. Purcell. Newport in summertime was memorable. Thanks parents for everything. Hopes to someday build his own home. Finds happiness with Nancy. A wish for peace goes to the world, . JOHN STERLING DUARTE 907 Peckham Road N.B. 02745 "Johnny D." Enjoyed his partying, in- deed. Monte's Park is where he can be found. Parents get special thanks. Happy watching Flintstones. "Do that thang!" Looks for nice smile. Hopes to be a computer and analyst or pro- grammer. KIM DUARTE 373 Middle Street N.B. 02740 Fondest memories of NBH focus on times spent cheering. Finds happi- ness with friends RG TR TP DK JS SS- and special man. Zachary. Hopes one day to become a legal secretary Thanks parents for their love and support throughout life. MANUEL DUARTE 38 Irvington St. N.B. 02745 'Manny' Enjoys playing soccer. Fa- vorite teachers are Mr. Kobza and Mr. Gill. Smiling girls with great per- sonalities are what he looks for. Scor- ing a goal is the means to joy. Suc- cess equals magic. Thanks parents for their love. ELIZABETH DUBOIS 9 Sunset St. N.B. 02740 Liz Enjoys partying with friends. ls attracted to crazy and daring person- alitites. A summer treat was meeting Joe E. Smiles at Athena's driving. Riding on a Harley-Davidson or in jeep a thrill. Future stewardess. JOHN DUFRESNE 356 County St. N.B. 02740 "Presto" Rates Mr. Roscow's chem. class as tops. Enjoys sports. role playing games and Great Outdoors Club. Ambition to be famous scientist or engineer. Thanks parents. Wishes for world peace and brotherhood. NANCY DUMAS 1037 Ivers St. N.B. 02745 "Space" ls happiest being with Den- nis. Favontes at NBHS include lunch- time, Mr. St. Pierre and account- ing. "Give me a break!" Can be found at Linda and Manny's house. Fun camping this summer. Thanks go to her parents. we., I N .5 li I 4 5 REBEKAH DUPRAS 334 Earle St. N.B. 02746 "Duran" Can be found partying or at Brooklawn Park orthe Mall. Tops are Mr. B and Mr. Ed. Enjoys partying with Sean. Won't forget getting caught kissing Sean in the hall before class, Hopes to live happily in Paris. DONNA MARIE DUSSAULT 50 Monroe Drive N.B. 02746 Enjoys music, shopping, movies and Mother Nature. Hopes to be indepen- dent and successful in her career choice. School plays a top activity. Finds happiness through good times with family and friends. Special thanks to mother. DARLENE DWYER 176 Rounds St. N.B. 02740 "Dar" Can usually be found at the Faunce Corner Club or beach. Hap- piest with Michelle and Lisa. Drama Club and Mr. Gill tops. Being with Paul always brings a smile. Thanks parents for love. Hopes to be dental hygenist. "Science" DEBORAH DYER 180 Austin St. N.B. 02740 'Mod' Will never forget when they moved her class. Enjoys being with close friends. Thanks go to parents, sister, and Robin for being there when needed. Mike makes her smile. Mr. Kelly and his patience will be re- membered. VASILIOS T. EFTHIMADES 184 Lafayette St. N.B. 02740 "Bill" Enjoys playing guitar and listening to music. Can be found at G85 tossing those pizzas. Thanks parents for suppon. Florida band trip a blast to remember. To be alive for the 25th reunion in his wish. "Yow wow wow!" 'M 3. 3 .. CELESTE EIRES 33 George St. N.B. 02744 "Lete" Is happy with Jack. Thanks parents. To live and study in Portugal in future. Enjoys going to P.A. with friends and cruising at Fort Rodman. Enjoys study, talking in class and lunch- time. Magic equals romance. "Caramelo" LESLIE ELUZIARIO 422 Park St. N.B. 02740 "Les" Can be found on a beach. Will remember senior year and July 12 as special times. Mr. Warren and history tops. Hopes to visit Hawaii. Happy when on vacation sunning herself. Future desire is to get a job and find happiness. ROBIN EMBLETON 220 No. Front St. N.B. 02746 "Rubs" Happy with Sal, Lee-Lee, Deb- bi and close friends. Mr. Robbins and Mr. Monteiro are favorites. Sept. 17 a special time. Lives for 1:50 bell on Fridays. Hopes to make it big in today's world. Enjoys humor. "Whats up?" ANTONINA M. ESPADA 50 Seaview Ter. N.B. 02744 "Nina" Enjoys journalism and work- ing on the newspaper. Good person- ality admired. Will remember US His- tonf class andtime spentwithfriends. Thanks to Mom and Dad. "Friends, Romans, Countiymen . " Hopes to speed away in a Porsche. 93 KIMBERLY ESTRELLA MICHAEL EUGENIO KIMBERLY FABIO MARGARET FALCAO ROBINSON FARIA 121 Ash St. N.B. 02740 'tKim" Shining moments came from being head majorette - esp. band comps. Happiest dancing and being at lunch with friends. "Be serious!" Likes a good sense of humor. Par- ents get special thanks, Hopes to teach dancing. 22 Ryan St. N.B. 02740 Music surrounds his life. Band room his favorite spot. Thanks John Martin - his trumpet teacher Y for all his help. Hopes to become nationally known player with the Boston Pops or to play with Doc, Maynard, Rolf and Maurice. 487 Loftus St. N.B. 02746 "Shirley" Enjoys bicycling with Sue and listening to Journey. Will never forget the Def Leppard concert in Au- gust. Mr. Ftoscow a real favorite. Hopes to become a very successful commercial artist W possibly doing album covers. 59 Sidney St. N.B. 02740 "Mars" Enjoyed Mr. Martin and Mr. Ed. Will always remember astron- omy and lunch, Happiest with Paul. Feels parents deserve thanks. Likes a good sense of humor and wishes for world peace. Enjoys time spent cruising with friends. 612 Whittier St. N.B. 02740 "Rob" Will neverforget the fun times and great people met at NBHS. En- joyed class with Mr. Robitaille. "How ya doing?" Likes to spend time with friends or searching for more wild and orazy people. Fan of the ground- hog. 67 4 FRANK FARRELL 605 Union St. N.B. 02740 Enjoyed spending summertime with Chris and Jim. Thanks go to Lynn. Band trips to Florida and Canada were memorable. Michelle brings happiness with her. Being with friends or hanging in band room were special times. LUISA I. FAULHA 146 Rockland St. N.B. 02740 'Lu" Enjoys dancing, being with friends. West Beach. New Jersey. New York City, honesty and the B- 52's. Thanks Mom for love, advice and support. Won't forget Jones Beach. To visit remote Greek island and become a successful business- woman. TRACY A. FELICIANO MARK FERMINO DEBORAH FERNANDES 357 Reed St. 147 Hillman St. 48-D Carriage Drive N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 Loves to be spending lots of money. Being with Jamie is magical. Enjoyed accounting. Thanks Mom, Mr. Motta and Mr. Souza. Wishes for future in business admin. with airlines. Likes honest person. Hopes for future world of brotherhood. 'Ferminou Likes to be in the middle of whatever is going on. "Get it?" Liked cutting it up. Happiness is time spent talking to the ladies - esp. Wendy. Special thanks go to parents and grandparents. A future pilot. Sr. year great. "Debbie" Thanks parents for under- standing and Sgt. Morrison for being there. DB and FR put magic in her life. Bahamas a tantasyland, "Yah, right!" Will remember ROTC, being with friends like LL and spilling milk shake. Future pediatrician. Wt- Nts NR MARY DOLORES FERNANDES 78 South St. N.B. 02740 'Dee' Parents put magic in her life. Onto become a reporter. Fantasizes about living in Paris. Christmas is fa- vorite holiday. Likes clever people. Hopes that the world become a better place to life. Thanks Mr. Calnan. DIAN FRANCIS 143 Division St. N.B. 02744 "Die" Enjoys partying and a good sense of humor. This future secretary enjoyed her shorthand class. Magic comes from music and being with Danny. Loves being on vacation and having fun. Senior year means finally making it! LINA FERNANDES 960 Mazeppa St. N.B. 02745 'Linda' Rated Ms. Zola's shorthand class as tops. Likes honest, person- able type. Mom and Dad get her thanks. Hopes to travel and be secre- tary in a world free from poverty and war. Friends bring smiles. "Aw, come on!" July 4th special, CHERYL ANN FERREIRA 54 Yale St. N.B. 02746 Cher" Happiest when with Donald. January 11, 198315 adate to remem- ber. Wishes to live in New Hamp- shire, but to visit England a dream. Would like to thank Donald for all his understanding and help. Appreciated Miss Hindle. ' f 1 , A, In MARIA J. FIGUEIREDO 911 Monmouth St. N.B. 02745 'Figgs" Plans to major in lntn'l Rela- tions while still searching for the true Bacchanalian homeland. Merci ma- man et lajeunesse folle! Drama, Flor- ida, i'MAP", and stimulating teachers will remain vivid in memory. hy! ig"-2,-Y' NORMAN A. FRECHETTE 492 North Front St. N.B. 02746 This young mans ambition is to be- come a computer engineer and re- main a bachelor for as long as possi- ble. Favorite song remains "Mes- sage in a Bottle." Enjoys listening to Police, joking around, being with friends and sports. DARLENE FREITAS 33 Winsor St. N.B. 02744 Can be found on the corner ol Briggs and Fair Streets. Found Mr. Pacheco and Mrs. Miles inspiring. Remem- bers the awful lunches. Happy with Russell. Thanks Mom for everything. Plans to be a nurse and one day visit Hawaii. MICHAEL FREITAS 262 Belair St. N.B. 02740 "Mike" Lives in a world made magical with the presence of Lisa. Led Zep- pelin's hit, "Whole Lotta Love," makes a smash with him. Finding a person whos honest is a rare treat. Will remember the NBH women as special. LARK FRIAS VICTOR FUENTES MARIA COROMOTO LISA GADBOIS 62 Chancery sr. 355 Middle si. FU RTADO ss Reynolds si. N.B. 02140 N.B. 02140 55 Cgunfy SL N.B. 02740 "Larkos" Likes to find traits ol gener- osity. Seeing a very pretty girl makes him smile while girl-watching at NBHS. Parents get thanks. Pilot or businessman in future. Wishes for peace. Fantasyland is the Virgin ls- lands "Whats up?" "Captain-G" Found at U.F.H. Foot- ball was 41, along with TV. Prod. "Whats up bro?" Top tune: "Lets Get Together". Remembers enthu- siasm of Spirit Week, College-bound. Happy when looking at beauty. Thank go to parents forconstant sup- port. N.B. 02744 "Core" Pastime is racing in an Olds 442. August 7, 1981 a date to re- member. Shorthand and accounting tops. Future as word processor. Would like to thank Mom, Dad and Dave. Can be found keeping Dave company. Dreams of Paris. Happiest with Barry. Misses Mrs, Walkerwho was great. April 18, 1982 is a date to remember. Would like to thank mother. Likes finding honesty in a person. Hopes to be successful in everything she does. Likes Pink Floyd. SUSAN FINNERTY 8 Green Meadow Drive Acushnet 02743 "Sue" Can usually be found riding a bike. Loves peanut butter, hats, and anything English. Favorite teacher was Mr. Girard. Never lorget Mr. Sav- age's Wonder Woman jokes. Hopes to attend college and someday meet Paul McCartney. PAMELA FREITAS 701 Pine Hill Drive N.B. 02745 "Pam" Enjoys being with friends. Mr. Lanouette, English and math were favorites. Remembers meeting Steve on March15, 1982 and happily with him since. "All My Love" her fa- vorite tune. Plans to marry and be forever happy. "Never mind!" DAVID GARRETT 10 Arch St. N.B. 02740 Will always remember the 1983 crew cuts lor the swim team. Waterskiing at his cottage great summertime fun. Mr. Motta tops. Enjoys a sense ol humor. "Only we decide which is real and which is illusion." Christmas in July outstanding. 95 DAVID GASPAR 136 Norman St. N.B. 02744 "Gaspar" Likes partying in Newport, Summer at Maximillians was fun. Happy time spent out of school with friends. Special thanks to parents. Recalls breaking ankle at NBHS. Hopes to be rich and successful. "Ya, right!" CATHERINE ANN GENEREUX 63 JennyLind St. N.B. 02740 "Harry" Hopes to become a chef. Happiest with fiance Roy. Thanks parents for love and support. Admires sincere people. Remem- bers breaking Pats brush in the girls' room,Tripto Martha'sVinceyard was memorable. "Yeh, right!" ELIZABETH GILMETTE 292 Palmer St. N.B. 02740 "Pee-goo" Remembers banging her head on the water slide in Wareham and powder fights with Jane and Kathy in gym. Thanks parents and Jane for being there. Enjoyed talking on the phone, being with friends and a sense of humor, PATRICIA GIUNTA 16 Little Oak Fld. N.B. 02745 "Pat" Found Mrs. Rutkowitz and Mr, Kobza tops. Fun times working in Gold Office, being with friends and listening to good music. Special thanks to Mr. Longo, Kim, Toni, Nan- cy and parents. Hopes to help people through nursing. ANA M. GOMES 56 Cove St. N.B. 02744 "Juta" Someday would like to be a nurse, Creole class with Mr. DaGra- cawas memorable. Mrs. Amaral, vol- leyball and math were tops at NB. Thanks parents and all teachers. A world with caring and love is herwish. A M. Jackson fan. EUGENIA GOMES 27 Whitman St. N.B. 02745 "Genie" Won't forget walking into the boys' room! Enjoyed Mrs. Gutierrez and Drama Club. 6-23-83 special. Looks for outgoing personality. Hap- py with family and friends Y esp. Gary Thanks Mom and cousin Maria for love and support. EULALIA GOMES 154 Thompson St. N.B. 02740 'Lolly" Usually found in the Tan House office. Thought Mr. Pepin and Mr. Raposo both the greatest. Looks for honesty. Thanks parents for their support. Future ambition to be an ex- ecutive secretary. Peace to the world. MANUEL GOMES 139 Mt. Pleasant St. N.B. 02745 'fBaretta" Usually found at United Front. Enjoyed football and photo. Wont forget fun, girls and teachers at NBHS. Happiest with Ana. Thanks go to his mother. Hopes to travel to Hawaii and become a pro. "Yo, bad." 96 JEAN LOUIS GOMES 280 Hillman St. N.B. 02740 "So fine" Searches for person with great personality. Happy times with Michelle. Hopes to live in a future world of peace and happiness as an M.D, Drill Team an outstanding activ- ity. Thanks parents for help. Enjoys a good joke, JO-ANN GOMES 1775 E. Rodney Fr. Blvd. N.B. 02744 "Jo" Will always remember the tent party and concerts. One senior who was glad to see May come, Wishes Mrs. Walker hadn't left, Hopes to spend time on the road behind her own 8-wheeler. Special thanks to family and friends. MARIA GOMES 188 Hathaway St. N.B. 02746 "Tammy" Found at the Mall. Enjoyed having Ms. Bennett. "Rock of Ages" her hit tune. Thanks her sister. Admires a nice person. Plans to be rich or marry someone who is! Her fantasyland is Hawaii. "I don't want to do my homework!" I 1. SYLVIA GOMES 22 Sycamore St. N.B. 02740 "Cici" Known as Ester to some. Hap- py with someone special. July 9th im- portant. Pedro makes her smile. Photo, ROTC and camp all memor- able. Hit tune "Never Gonna Let You Go." Thanks family and friends. Col- lege or service bound. ZEFERENO GOMES 435 Cottage St. N.B. 02740 "Zeff" Hopes to go into field of astro- nomy. Will always remember Tutu and Tata at Jr. Banquet. "Oh really!" Enjoyed being with ROTC crowd and ROTC activities. Mr. Motta, Mr. Roscow and chemistry the best. Thanks Mom for suppon. JOHN GOMES 291 Palmer St. N.B. 02740 Enjoyed D.E., Mr. Peccini and math. "Go for it!" Happiness is being with Paula. Thanks Paul for helping out. Can be found at Buttonwood Park. Likes partying and finding a good sense of humor. Future ambition to drive trucks. EULALIA GONCALVES 83 Bonney St. N.B. 02740 "LoIIy" Loves talking on phone or at lunch with Sharon and Laurie. "No sir, really?" Brother Henry special friend. Thanks parents for their love and understanding. Hopes to gradu- ate, marry and lead a good life. Mr. Peccini tops. , LUIS GONCALVES 115'f2 Sycamore St. N.B. 02740 'Lulu' Would like to thank father and all teachers for their support. Always found talking with the girls. "Oh. ya!" Soccer. Mr. DaGraca and Creole class all favorites. Happy with friends or with money in his pocket. our-"" SCOTT GONNEVILLE 204 South Main Acushnet 02743 Likes to have a good time with people who have a fun sense of humor. Mr. Dlouhy a bright spot at NBH. Enjoyed the Police concert during vacation. Wont forget good times at NBH with friends. "My word." Can often be found at the park. PAUL GONSALVES 60 Tanglewood Dr. N.B. 02744 Headed for the Navy after gradua- tion, Favorites at NBHS included Dis- tributive Ed, math and Miss Morris. Enjoyed hanging out at Buttonwood Park. Best times were spent partying, Looks for a good personality in a person. PAULA J. GONSALVES 150 Alva St. N.B. 02740 "P.J." Happiest with John. Button- wood Park a favorite spot. Freshman year with Michelle great time. Jean gets thanks for being here. Enjoys time spent with family and friends. "What are you talking about?" Future stewardess. JOSE GONZALEZ 31 Whitman St. N.B. 02745 Will remember the fun times with friends at NBHS. New York City still a favorite spot. Upward Bound with Mr. Fortes gets thanks along with par- ents for help. Mr. Gomes and math great. Realizes the importance of ed- ucation, MIGUEL A. GONZALEZ, JR. 90 Rockland St. N.B. 02740 "Mikey" enjoyed taking part in Up- ward Bound during the summer and playing football in the fall. Favorite pastime is playing guitar. Hopes to become a music producer. A pretty girl turns his head. Hopes for peace and happiness. LISA GOUVEIA 156 Church St. N.B. 02745 Will remember Spirit Week, fun with friends and 9-8-81. Walking on the beach on a warm summer night makes her smile. Thanks Bill with love for beingthere. 'No sa!" Headed for career in computer programming. Mrs. Mellen rates high. JEFFREY GRANGER 72 Mt. Vernon St. N.B. 02740 "Grange" Enjoys partying with friends and great looking NBH girls. Hopes for future with fame and for- tune. Mr. Motta a favorite. Thanks Mom and Dad for their support. 'Hell Bent for Leather" personal choice. Peace and love wished. MARJORIE GRIMES 6 Wing Lane Acushnet 02743 Definitely enjoys partying with frends. Mr. Roscow a NBH favorite. Seeing the Def Leppard Concert was a great summertime experience. Fu- ture wish is to meet Rick Savage. Favorite tune is "Rock of Ages." 8- 24-83 a special day. JAMES L. HARDY 7 Hathaway Rd. Acushnet 02743 Time spent partying or hanging in the parking lot remembered the most. In school favorites include history and science with Mr. Kobza. Girlfriend Sheri puts magic in life. Hopes to be- come a male nurse. Thanks parents. "Mellow out." RAVEN GONSALVES 133 Grinnell St. N.B. 02740 Happiest with l-LR., T.D. and KD. Grateful for parents' concern. Found in the core or U.F. Tops were Mr. Motta and Mrs. Chopoorian. Enjoys good sense of humor and nice person- alities. Vacation to Bahamas is fan- tasy. Service or stewardess. WALLACE GRAY 147 Belleville Rd. N.B. 02746 "Wally" Enjoyed different hours of Project Careers. A quiet young man who enjoyed being with friends or listening to good music. Spent some time in Tan House. Happy to see graduation day finatly arrivethis May. MICHELLE LYNN VIVIAN HARRINGTON DOUGLAS HARRIS HARRIMAN 413 Allen st. 935 Maddie Rd. 19 Richmond Sf, N.B. 02740 Acushnet 02743 N.B. 02140 "Viv" Feels a good sense of humor is "Red" Will always remember running Enjoys friends, vacations, skiing, band, gum and laughs. "Hi, how ya doing?" Thanks Mr. Longo and Mrs. Purcell. Admires funny, friendly real people. Jimmy is special. Headed for career as dental hygienist. Sends the world love. important trait in a person. Remem- bers picking on freshmen first week of school. 'Say what?" Happiest when in control. Hopes for a future in business management. Money is magical. cross-country at NBHS. Thanks to Coach Gardiner, parents, and friends. Enjoys partying, track, and t'Going to California." Looks forward to being a freshman all over again. Hopes to be very rich. 97 YVONNE MARIE HARRIS 45 Yale St. N.B. 02746 "Evie" Happy alone with someone special. Thanks Mrs, Harper for understanding. Magic comes from sisters and nieces, Hopes to be mod- el or lawyer. Enjoyed Mr. Fraga and Mr, Foster. "I don't even!" Admires good looks and personality. ROBIN MARIE HATHAWAY 183 Potter St. N.B. 02740 "Rob" Remembers great times in Mr. Martin's astronomy class. Hopes to pursuecareerinfavorite areaofcom- puters. Fun summer came from spending time traveling. Thanks go out to parents for love and under- standing. VANESSA HEMSLEY 309 Hillman St. N.B. 02740 "Vee" Future career in medicine. Loves spending time reading and singing. Finds people with a sense of humor enjoyable. Science favorite area. Happy with friends. Special thanks to Mom. Recalls flooding on first floor at NBHS. ANA PAULA HENRIQUES 48 Davis St. N.B. 02740 Happiness comes from being with friends-esp. at lunch. Enjoyed gym and chemistry. Parents and Mrs. Amaral get her appreciation. Hones- ty looked for. Enjoys music and a good sense of humor. Hopes to be- come a nurse. FLORES HENRIQUEZ 137 Harkum St. N.B. 02745 "Junior" Found art class at NBH to be tops. Favorite summer experience was meeting Cheri in 1983. Hopes one day to visit fun-in-the-sun spots of Florida and Hawaii. Rates "Thril- ler" album as histop choice. Being sr. is great. L- If T' .... . ' H.. ,,,, .'W"' Hefidrfiirffirr' wir.: :I aw an GARY HILTON LAURIE HIRSHLAG ERIC Z. HORN JANE HORWITZ ROBERT HOUTMAN 29 Mattapoisett Rd. 39 Caroline St. 64 E. Clinton St. 173 Fillmore St. 157 Llberty St. Acushnet 02743 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02746 N.B. 02740 A country lad who beats the summer heat by swimming at the pumphouse and Snlpituit, A very laid-backed per- son who hangs anywhere and every- where. Hopes to discover in the near future some ambition, Top tune is "Dazed and Confused." "Lau" Found enjoyment playing with the band. Hopes to go on to make the band even more successful. Thanks Gina Schock for being a role model. The David Bowie concert a summer joy. Mr. Walsh a favorite. Hangout is "The Living Room," UZ" Looks for sense of humor as well as sensitivity in a person. Can be found on East Clinton St. with the gang. The Gluons' bash and Christ- mas in July great summer events. Sociology with Ms. Leal great. Mr. Goodfellow rated tops. Fun times in chem labs with Maria. Favorites include Mr. Jacintho and Algebra II with Mr. Vaz. Happy with David. Thanks parents. Hopes to get PhD. in mathematics. Enjoys a good sense of humor. Top hit was "Faith- fully." "Skip" Sees the Navy in his future. Enjoys his time spent spinning rec- ords. Gym and basketball were school tops. The beach is a summer- time must. Found at Front or in the core. Thanks goto parents for loving support. "Whats up?" DONALD HUNT, Ill 50 Ashley St. N.B. 02744 NBI-l's answer to Motown's MJ. Listening, watching or dancing to Michael Jackson best times. Dives for NB Swim Team. Sonya and par- ents get thanks for caring. Feb. 4th special. A nice smile appreciated. Hopes to follow in MJ's footsteps. 98 DEAN IACOPONI 249 Chestnut St. N.B. 02740 Enjoyed working on old cars, trucks and hot rods, Classes with Mr. Dlouhy and Mr. Jacintho the best next to lunch. "Are you kidding me"" Thanks parents. One day hopes to visit Hawaii and make loads of money. Enjoys fishing. LEONARD F. JACINTHO, JR. 105 Swift St. N.B. 02740 "Lenny" Finds happiness with Wen- dy. Looks for pretty eyes in people. Enjoys cruising in T.A. during sum- mer months. The Barn favorite spot. Thanks Mom for everything. To be rich is future ambition, Hawaii is his fantasyland. "Srnooth." RONALD JACOBS 560 Rockdale Ave. N.B. 02740 "Ronnie" Enjoys playing basketball, listening to Jimi Hendrix, and skiing. Appreclates honesty, humor and humility in people. On to bigger, bet- ter, and more meaningful things. "What does 'sane' mean anyway?" Changes in perspective gained at NBH. PAULA JACOME 21 Highland St. N.B. 02740 Mom and Lisa get her thanks. Wont forget Shell and Cin. Enjoyed having Mrs. Chopoorian, being with family and finding honest personable friends. Water fight fun. "My heart bleeds for you." Found on Brigg St. or with Usher Corps. , MICHELE JAKUSIK 159 Hudson St. N.B. 02740 Honesty is a trait looked for by this young lady. Among her favorites at NBHS are classes in sociology and psychology. Mr. Hebert gets her num- ber 1 rating. Happiness comes from time spent with Matt. Hopes to be- come a nurse. NORMAN JOACHIM 110 Oesting St. N.B. 02740 "Stormin' Norman" Likes the drum and guitar, hanging in back parking lot, listening to "good rock-n-roll," and looking at beautiful girls - esp. Sue. Won't forget missing the Jr. Banquet! Enjoys humor. Future musician or computer whiz. CINDILEE JOPE 73 Sycamore St. N.B. 02740 "Cin" Enjoyed shorthand with Ms. Zola. Favorites include eating, listen- ing to music and finding honest folks. Sends special thanks to her Mom. Hopes to travel in a peaceful world to a deserted island. Will miss NBH friends. THOMAS E. KEENAN 260 Reed St. N.B. 02740 Enjoyed the NBHS football and hock- ey games. Favorite spot was Button- wood Park. Thanks Mom for support. Getting his Chevy Malibu made the summer, Enjoys U.S. History, sense of humor, sleeping and no school days. A future millionaire. KARYN KENDALL 245 Palmer St. N.B. 02740 DEBFKA A. KING 167 Grinnell St. N.B. 02740 Ken" ls happiest with Chris and when not at work. Enjoys horseback riding and playing football in snow. Thanks Mom for understanding and support. "ll you want something, strive for it until you reach your goal! lt's never impossible!" l'Debbie" Can usually be found at Montes or UF. "You know?" Very grateful to parents for love and sup- port. Track and b-ball top sports. Money makes her smile. Looks for honest person. Future to join Air Force and visit the Philippines. KlFtSTEN JOHNSON 54 Birchwood Drive N.B. 02745 "Gen" Displays real talent with draw- ing and wrlting.Afan ofthe Alpha and Crimson Courier. Likes a sense of humor. "C'mon." NBHS Spirit Days - esp. Toga Day, a fun time, Hopes to put art talent to work as a teacher. 5 CHEFIYL JONES 956 Chaffee St. N.B. 02745 'Cher' Found at Pine Hill with close friends. "Let time take its place." Admires kindness and honesty. Will rememberNBHfriendsthefeast and 10-28-83 as special. Thanks Mom for everything. Hopes to enjoy a suc- cessful future in log cabin! CYNTHIA Y. JONES 2110 Phillips Road N.B. 02745 "Ciridi" Enjoyed talks with Mrs. Cos ta. Feels originality a rare trait to find Summer concert with Diana Floss made a hit, Secretly wishes to meet model Beverly Johnson and one day model herself in Vogue. Thanks fami- ly and friends. 99 H-'Agia JANE KIRBY 14 Pope St. N.B. 02740 'Janey-Waney" Wants to be rich, to laugh and be happy. Alpha, Business and Drama Clubs were favorites. Looks for a good personality and imagination. Thanks parents and friends. Wont' forget when Liz's shin unbuttoned in front of Jamie. ur' CAROL KROUZEK 155 Branscomb St. N.B. 02745 Sister's wedding in Florida made summertime great. Thanks go to Kris M for everything. "lt's party time!" Volleyball and Mr. DaSilva made a hit. Enjoyed listening to Dio sing "Rainbow inthe Dark" Likes a good sense of humor. MARINA KYRIAKIDIS 64 Rodney French Blvd. N.B. 02740 "Athena" Loves Mercedes Sports, Harleys, jeeps, vans and having a good time. Will never forget sr. skip day in 1982. Thanks all freinds - esp. sister for being their when needed the most. Off to M.C.P. to become rich, rich, rich! TAMMY LABERGE 1853 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02745 "Tam" Thanks Mr. Longo for putting her on right road. Enjoyed Mrs. Pur- cell, child care, Jim Morrison's music and Mr. Pepin. "l'm serious!" Hopes for future in child psychology. Likes being with Rick and romantic dates. TODD LABONTE 35 Oaklawn St. N.B. 02744 Hopes to become a millionaire. Would like to thank Mother and Grandparents for support. Vacation- ing in Hawaii with Kate will long be remembered. Mr. Motta for U.S. His- tory his fondest memory of NBHS. Enjoys Van Halen music. pw LISA LACASSE 1115 Dewey St. N.B. 02745 Usually found at the beach. Special thanks to favorite - Mr. Goodfellow. Friends like Lori, Nicky and Bridget will always be treasured. Weekend in N.H. was a blast! Appreciative of par- ents' love. "Where are my keys?" Hawaii a dreamland. LOUANNE E. LAKE 194 Harvard St. N.B. 02746 "Louanna Danna" Partying with friends at Pine Hill Park a favorite pastime. Mrs. Dlouhy and Ms. Caton voted tops. ls happy with Rob. Thanks go to parents. 1-11-832 spe- cial date. Lunchtimes were great fun. Future legal secretary. SUSAN ANN LAMBERT 15 Bluefield St. N.B. 02740 "Flute" enjoys being with friends. Favorites include Mr. Millette, Blue Meadows and camping at Miles Standish. Loves hearing the 1:50 bell on Fridays. Appreciation goes to par- ents for their support. Future secre- tary. MARYBETH LANDRY 1032 Wildwood Rd. N.B. 02745 HMB." Likes wild-n-crazy folks. Thanks parents. Recalls watching "Johnny Rotten" go sick in class. Taking walks on the beach special. Hopes for full and happy life. Enjoys partying with friends. "Your stairway lies on a whispering wind". SCOTT M. LAPAN LYNN LARRACUENTE TRACY LARSEN MARINA LAVADINHO 146 Armor St. 627 Maxfield St. 350-B Smith St. 45 Sea View Terrace N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 "Spaz" Can be found on Jean St. Magic and smiles oome from being with Trish. 7-20-83 a special time. "Thought so!" Ms. Leal a favorite. Thanks go out to parents and Trish. Future to work with computers. Loves Horseneck Beach. 100 "Larracuente" will always remember great times with Deb and Frank. "Like, for sure!" Parents and Deb get thanks for being there. Enjoyed talk- ing onthe phone, telling stupid jokes and finding friendly people. 8-7-83 tops. "Trace" Rates Mr. Walsh at the top and won't forget fun times in his room. Being on the 'Pee Wee' staff great summer fun. Mom and Sue de- serve her thanks. Hopes to go onto college to major in elementary educ. To visit Switzerland someday. This lass finds honesty, sense of humor and trust important traits in a person. Happy times come from being with the one she loves. Trying new things puts magic in life. Dream- land a special place. "Live it up, world!" RICHARD LANGLOIS 75 Seabury St. N.B. 02745 'lRichie Rich" Rates Mrs. Morgan on top. "Hi, kid!" Enjoyed bike riding with Andy during summer. Eating lunch with Jeff at NBH a fond memory. Thanks parents for help. Found with friends at Pope Park orin Blue Office. Future politician. ANA M. LEAL 115 Shaw St. N.B. 02745 Appreciates sincerity, honesty and a good sense of humor. Thanks under- standing family and friends. NY City fan. Hopes for success in college and to publish her writing. Smiles come easily. Ceilings a top spot. "C'est Ia vie." 1 JOSEPH LEANDRE 53 North St. N.B. 02740 "Joe" Favorite school time is spent with Mr. Robitaille in TV lll. Likes to relax and to listen to music. Enjoys the outdoors, freedom, privacy and good friends. Thanks Lee and Karen. Searches for kind, happy, cheerful people. MARGARET LEBLANC 116 Robeson St. N.B. 02740 "Maggie" Favorites include school colorguard and tennis teams. Will al- ways remember trip to Montreal with the band. Happiest times are with Kevin. "What's so funny?" Florida a fantasyland. Future career in ac- counting. MARK LEONARD 13 Brookside Dr. Acushnet 02743 'Leonard" Finds happiness being with Sharon. Loves to party any- where, anytime. "Oh, well!" Hit tune for him was "Hey, hey, what can I do?" Enjoyed lunch and Mrs. Purcell inTeen Culture.Afutureas president in Bermuda a dream. CRAIG LEVESQUE 235 Maple St. N.B. 02740 "Munga" Can be found partying at the nearest spot. How was the Jr. Banquet? McDonald's on Dartmouth St. memorable. Special thanks to Mom. Pretty girls make him smile. Top song: "Tangerine". Little "Taz". Dreams of Thailand. "Psycho". DONNA LECH 45 Ethel St. N.B. 02745 "Joan Jett" Hopes to produce songs with band build own recording studio. Inviting bands to Long Pond cottage was great. Happiest when playing guitar. Likes honesty in people. Thanks to parents for patience, "Drive fast". LINDA M. LEVESQUE 71 Jonathan St. N.B. 02740 'ILin" Looks for understanding per- son with charisma. "l dont need it!" Thanks Sharon for being great friend and French tutor. Jr. Banquet and fun after remembered. Loved Def Lep- pard Concert. Future R.N. Will miss friends W esp. SMHLH. PAULA LEMOS 257 Austin St. N.B. 02740 Can be found at lunch or football games with Jan and friends. Thanks family and Mike for love and support. Mr. Goodlellow and 1:50 bell are favorites. Hopes to become medical technologist. Finds magic in Michael. "Wicked!" CHRISTINE E. LEONARD 890 Middle Road Acushnet 02743 "Chris" Enjoys doing pottery. draw- ing and making chocolate chip cookies. "Yeah!" Happy driving Dads car - esp. across the divided highway, Future dreams include vi- sions of her own gallery in metropolis with fame at her doorstep. ROBERTA LEWIS 791 Brock Ave. N.B. 02744 "Berta" remembers Mr. Warren's funny Stories and getting lost fresh- man year. Thanks caring mother and helpful sisters and brother. Being home with family is special. Watching nieces and nephew bring smiles. To travel f esp. to Florida. EDWARD LIMA 294 Collette St. N.B. 02745 "Ed" Can be found on Acushnet Ave. with friends. Favorite teacher was Mr. C. Alves. Happiest times with Chenyl. Remembers good times with friends and Cheryl. Would like to thank Mom and Dad for all of their support. GRACIANO R. LIMA 168 Grinnell St. N.B. 02740 Playing soccer high spot. Recalls lunchtime lun with friends. Math with Mr. DaGraca tops. Special thanks to parents. Pretty girls make him smile. Music and Cape Verde ls. magical. Looks for honesty. To become mechanical engineer. MARIA LIMA 449 Orchard St. N.B. 02744 "Ria" Loves listening to good music and eating. Being with Ray puts magic in her life. Stage crew for Dra- ma Club a top school activity. Finds happiness when surrounded by good friends. Thanks parents for caring. "Okay, line!" RANDY LIMA 368 Farm St. N.B. 02740 Coach Medeiros and swim team im- portant aspects of NBHS for this young man. "Such is life", Thanks parents, friends and coach. One day might be found in the Olympics. Hopes to live in Boston working as computer programmer. WAYNE LIMA 153 Rounds St. N.B. 02740 "Arty" Lights up when he's talking to that girl. True happiness is partying, getting radical, and being with the crew. Mom and Dad the best! l'Ram- ble on, now'sthe time, thetime is now on my way". Mr. Raposo a hit. "No doubt". DAVID J. LIRA 69 Hathaway St. N.B. 02746 Time spent feeling the sand under his toes and the sun on his face favorite time. One day hopes to head for the sunny state of Florida. Two important dates include New Year's Eve and March 16th. A future manager and electrician. 101 ANNA LOPES 11 Oaklawn St. N.B. 02744 Wont ever forget getting locked in girls' room. Thanks parents for sup- port and Mrs. Costa for showing faith in her. Like punky clothing. Summer of '83 with John super. Hopes to fly the blue as an attendant. 'Baby Jane" a hit. CARLOS A. LOPES 499 Nash Rd. N.B. 02746 "Carl" Enjoyed having Mr. Moretti as a teacher. Can be found playing street hockey. Machine Shop was a favorite. Would like to thank his Mom and Dad for all their support. Liked going to gym. Christmas a favorite time. af 1 fy W 102 CHEFZYL LOPES 1311 Pleasant St. N.B. 02740 HSheriy' Greatest pleasure comes from thanking parents and boyfriend Jose for their love and support. Grateful for decision of finishing school and making graduation. Usuallyfound in the Gold House with friends, 5 DAFtFtYL J. LOPES 102 Navajo Ct. N.B. 02740 "Al" Is happy being with April or listening to music A esp. "Knee Deep". Enjoyed football, sr. lounge, Mr. Warren and math. "Be cool!" Can be found on 2nd floor core. Dislikes phonies. Thanks parents for support. Anxious for May '84, MARIA FATIMA LOPES 110 Whitman St. N.B. 02745 "Fatima" Happiest with good friends and people with a sense of humor. Thanks parents. "What did you say?" An art fan. Wishes the world love, peace and happiness. Hopes to travel and succeed in life, Magic is seeing someone special. THOMAS LORANGER 190 Appleton St. N.B. 02745 Will never forget the best bunch of friends a guy could have. Wishes to remain calm and ride a guppy to the county fair and to remain . . . Tops were the Gluons' bash and Christ- mas in July. Thanks Mr. Vardo for his help, "Swing!" BRIDGET M. LYONS 682 Cottage St. N.B. 02740 'lEgdirb" Will never forget the sum- mer weekend in New Hampshire and the Guons' bash. A favorite holiday was Christmas in July with friends. Favorites at NBH included chemistry and Mr. Goodfellow. Thanks Lisa and Lori. BRENDAN MACDONALD 104 North St. Mattapoisett 02739 "Bob" Favorite song is "All Along the Watchtower". "Got my own world to look through and I ain't gonna copy you."-J. Hendrix l1945-1970l. En- joys being sarcastic. Happy when laughing with Laurie. Thanks Mrs. H. + S2. "ReaIly?" ANTONIO B. MACEDO 85 Watson St. N.B. 02740 Ambition to own a porsche. Happiest with Nicki. Found at Water-works. "Hey babe!" To see end of nuclear threat a wish. Ms. Leal and parents get his gratitude. Enjoys driving the MG, New Years, Fridays and track. Sept. 16th special. 1 JOANNE MACEDO 245 Shaw St. N.B. 02745 "Jo" Will treasure her time as capt. of softball team. Thrill of summer was beating Redwood intournament. En- joys partying with friends. Thanks parents and godmother. Time to re- lax appreciated, "I don't believe I did that!" ANA MACHADO 108 Hope St. N.B. 02745 "Hopes one day to be a high position secretary. NBHS favorites were Mr. Lanouette and typing. Can be found at beach in summer. Going home at the end of a long day makes her smile. Being a sr, means being spe- cial. Thanks parents, WILLIAM D. MAGAN 93 Cottonwood Rd. N.B. 02745 "Bill" Plans on attending college. Will remember Mr. Oliver's algebra class and chemistry with Mr. Roscow. Hap- py times spent with good friends. En- joyed the special privilege of senior lounge. Found working at Ashmont. CRAIG J. MAGUIRE 920 Belleville Ave. N.B. 02745 Concerts and hanging with good friends at Brooklawn Park enjoyable. 'No doubt!" Remembers all new friends met at NBHS. U.S. History and astronomy were favorites. Admires a friendly person. Hopes to live in peace. 'lWhat'?" HELENA MAIA 74 County St. N.B. 02744 Will never forget Feb. 13 or trip with Maria. Happiest hanging out with cuz Urania, Maria. Nancy and Louisa. 'Go for it!" Thanks parents and god- mother Lucy for their help. Hopes to be exec. sec. in a peaceful, happy world. MATTHEW MAILLET 25 Viall St. N.B. 02744 "Matt" Hopes one day to win a gold medal in 1992 Olympics in weight- lifting. Thanks parents for love even through the bad times. Can be found at Millikens. Michelle's love puts magic in his life. Mr. Motta and humor rate high. TODD M. MANCHESTER 340 Austin St. N.B. 02740 Racing enthusiast who hopes to own an awesome car to cruise in. Mr. Hamlets '83 field trip memorable. Being a senior means great parties. Graduation day looked for. Appreci- ates a nice smile and a good joke. Thanks Mr. Pacheco. "Awesome". GENOVEVA MARANHAO 58 Mott St. N.B. 02744 "Jenny" Rates Mr. Ed on top. Good friends and good movies make her smile. Fantasizes about seeing Europe. Nursing or secretarial field is future ambition. Wishes for world peace. Happy when family is together. . lip HERMINIO M. MARCALO 12 Woodlawn St. N.B. 02744 Playing guitar and being with friends bring happiness. Looks for an honest and friendly person. Special thanks to parents for their help. Hopes to pursue a career in computer science. Had good times at beach and visiting Portugal. LISA MARCHANT 37 Agnes St. N.B. 02745 "Lee Ann" Won't forget all the good times spent at NBHS with friends and quiet times spent with Ivy. Enjoyed lunch. "Really!" Thanks Mom and S.A. for their support. Admires hon- esty and good personality. Mr, Kobza made a hit. KAREN MARCOTTE 69 Ryan St. N.B. 02740 A big fan of the TV serial "General Hospital." Honesty and sense of humor important in a person. Won't forget the Table Talk pie story of her favorite f Mr. Goodfellow. Happy surrounded by friends who care about each other. ANA MAROUES 100 David St. N.B. 02744 Enjoys listening to music, drawing. and sports, Mr. Kobza and Mr. Ros- cow favorites. Forever grateful for parents' love and support. Happiest with TC. To become computer pro- grammer. Likes honest fun type. "You know what I mean?" SHARON MARSHALL 774 Pine Hill Drive N.B. 02745 "Sha" Can be found most often on Briggs St. Will always remember New Years Eve with Carlos. l'Don't even!" Thanks Debbie and Linda for all of their support and help. Fun in the sun with the gang and beach with Mom were tops. SUSAN MARTIN 166 Bluefield St. N.B. 02740 'Sweet pea" Will never forget her great soph. year. Likes knowing boy- fnend Manny is always there for her. Hopes to someday live in a world of love and peace. Thanks go to her parents for caring and helping. MARIA M. MARTINEZ 1105 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02746 "Magaly" Hopes to become a nurse and someday travel all over the world. Mr. Sanchez, Mrs. Kallevlk. Spanish and gym were memorable, Enjoys reading magazines. Puerto Rico is afantasy, Thanks Mrs. Stella- to and Mrs. Centeio. 103 JOHN A. MARTINS 149 Allen St. N.B. 02740 Thanks parents for their full support. Appreciated having Mr. Walsh and French. Will remember the laughs in senior lounge and Sat., Oct. 29, 1983. Happiest with good friends. Hopes to be in the USMC. Taking photos great pastime. DEBRA MAUCABELO 71 Eugenia St. N.B. 02746 Debbie thought NBHS faculty great - esp. Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Walker. Happiness is being with Domingos. Grateful to parents for putting up with her. Hopes to live in a world of peace and justice as a successful and mar- ried lady. SUZANNE MAZAHERI 78 Timberland Fld. N.B. 02745 A young lady with a radiant smile. Best times and fondest memories of NBHS were with cheering. Enjoys being with friends and dancing. Thanks parents for their support. Found Mr. Goodfellow and chem las- cinating. Likes honesty. KENNETH R. McCLAlN 293 Ash St. N.B. 20740 "Goose" Basketball puts magic in his life. One day hopes to play for the NBA. Can be found at the UF court. "What's up with that?" Eating makes him happy. Thanks God and his aunt for guidance. Enjoyed class with Mr. Motta. CHRISTINE M. McCOY 193 Summer St. N.B. 02740 "Leo" Likes hanging out at Pasque island and cruising with Pat, Paul, and David. Mr. Goodfellowa favorite. Thanks Mom and Dad. Always res member Mikes Restaurant and the two weeks at WPI. Wants Masters in chemistry. "What a duck!" SEAN MCFADDEN 99 Florence St. N.B. 02740 Hopes to be a vet with own animal hospital. Enjoys the beach and time in Mr. Braz's room with Charlie and Vanessa. Won't forget endlesss nights ot homework. Favorites in- clude science club, Mr. Roscow and being with friends. MICHAEL J. MCGRATH 21 Hussey St. N.B. 02740 Doing "JC A Superstar" at the Z a summertime plus. Thanks his par- ents for understanding and support. Happy with Cathy. Likes sincerity in a person. Hopes to continue educ. in field of business management. Mr. Vardo made a hit. BARBARA A. McKlBBEN 426 North Front St. N.B. 02746 Future ambition is to become a nurse, Happiest when with friends and family. Loves a good personality in a person. Enjoys TV and radio. Guys at NBHS are tops. Wishes for peace in the world. Thanks teachers for their help. ALBERT MEDEIROS 227 Church St. N.B. 02745 'Al" Greatest accomplishment at NBH came with TV production and Mr. Robitaille. Can be found outside of school at Shaw's parking lot. Hap- py when partying with friends Steve and Mike. Thanks go to Mrs. Cohen. Future in TV. HERMAN MEDEIROS 131 Winston St. Acushnet 02743 "Herm" Can be found in sr. lounge. Unusual summertime event was get- ting clobbered by a bull! Thanks par- ents for allowing independence. Fu- ture as computer engineer. Won't iorget chair slipping during lunch. Happy with friends. 104 MARK MEDEIROS 409 Bolton St. N.B. 02740 Remembers falling off chair at lunch. Time spent with Sandy is special. Thanks go to Mom. Playing NB base- ball awesome. Partying makes Mark srnile, Can be found hanging at the Lot. The Police and Mr. Ed rate 41. 'What's up?" NANCY MEDEIROS 86 Bluefield St. N.B. 02740 i'Flea" Enjoys hanging and partying with friends. Looks for a good per- sonality and sensitivity. Camping at Myles Standish great summer fun. Thanks Mom for all her support and patience. Happy with 1:50 dismissal bell. 'Save it". DEBRA MEDEIROS 214 Sawyer St. N.B. 02746 Future ambition is to travel around the world. Happiest with good friends. Enjoys listening to music and hanging out at Delfinas house. Re- members lunchtime with Del and Helen. Thanks parents for their love and support. PATROCINIA MEDEIROS 329 Brook St. N.B. 02745 "Patsy" Enjoyed football games and Pep Squad. Favorites were math, Mrs. Walker and honesty. Happiest with friends and dreaming of becom- ing a world known hairdresser. Thanks to Mandie for her wonderful help. 'Smarten up, will yal" RICHARD MEDEIROS 367 Reed St. N.B. 02740 Partying a favorite pastime. Found at Buttonwood Park. 'Who is one to judge?" Looks for honesty in people. Happy with Sue G. Thanks Mom and Dad. Computers in future plans. Re- members getting Mike V. kicked out of biology. ANTONIO MEDINA 924 Kempton St. N.B. 02740 'Tot' Embarrassing moment: walk- ing in the girls' room. Enjoys playing soccer with cousins and friends at UF The Tan House cafe. and lunch were favorites at NBHS. Thanks family for help and support. Cape Verde is fantasyland. STEPHEN MELANSON 1425 Main St. Acushnet 02743 'Steven Can often be found at the Mall. To acquire ambition a future pursuit. Special thanks to Morn and Dad. Finds happiness with Pam. 3 15 81 and 'Free Bird" special. "Far out!" Dreams of skiing the Alps. Mr. Biscari rates high. CAROL MELLO 164 Bonney St. N.B. 02740 Will never forget class with Mr, Pacheco. Thanks go to Mrs. Cohen for all her care and understanding, Child carewasafavorite and children make her smile. Honesty is impor- tant. A wish of peace goes to the world. A poet. LIONEL MELLO 115 Charles St. N.B. 02744 College and the Navy are in the fu- ture. Enjoys time spent golfing. skiing and partying with friends. Mr. Oliver and Mr. Pepin were memorable. Mil- Iikens or the Whale were common hangouts. The 'Barn' was a super date. LISA MELLO 175 James St. N.B. 02740 Wont forget shorthand and trans- cription class with Mrs. Miles Hopes to one day marry special man. Geor- gie, and live in Calif. Thanks parents and Mrs. Miles. Other favorites in- clude Mr. Pacheco and Mr. Vaz. 'Yessa"' Likes partying. LISA ANN MELLO 26 Buttonwood St. N.B. 02740 "Lis" Enjoys beach and strives for ultimate tan. Being the captain often- nis team, swimming and spilling nail polish remover were unforgettable experiences. Mr. Goodfellows the best. Hopes to afford daily shopping sprees. .--ap- KIM MELLOR 263 Bellevue St. N.B. 02744 'Che-Che" Found shorthand with Mrs. Walker enjoyable. Will always remember fun times with good friends. Fort Rodman a favorite spot. 'Get lost!" Thanks Mom and Dad. Hopes to become secretary in peaceful world of future. MATTHEW MELLO 374 Chancery St. N.B. 02740 "Mello" Will be forever in debt to par- ents for making his lunches and spar- ing him the agony of eating school lunches. Enjoys motocross, hockey. ladies at NBH and time spent with friends at his cottage. "Hey you, come here!" EMANUEL F. MELO 106 Earle St. N.B. 02746 Happiest times for Manny all revolve around Sue. Auto tech with Mr. Dlouhy favorite school activity. Likes to find honesty in a person. A hit tune for him was 'All My Love". Hopes to marry Sue and live in a peaceful world. RODNEY MELLO 41 Ellen St. N.B. 02744 "Rod" Enjoys passing time with hunt- ing or fishing. At NBHS. enjoyed sr. lounge. woodworking with Mr. K., and being with friends. A Van Halen fan. ' l thought so!" Thanks go out to his parents. Hopes to have a suc- cessful future, WAYNE MELLO 33 McGurk St. N.B. 02744 Karate fan. Mr. Robbins and Mrs. Cohen favorites who get his thanks. Enjoys being with girls and friends who like to party. Brazilliari Room a favorite hangout. Hopes to enter the Navy and work in construction. WILLIAM MELLO 63 County St. N.N. 02744 "Mello" Often was found in the core with friends. Own birthday a favorite holiday. Future dreams to join the Navy. travel, become rich and model for GQ. Good music adds magic to life. Would like to thank Mom for all her support. '28 RICHELLE MENARD 101 Clifford St. N.B. 02745 'Rishie" Enjoys partying and being with friends on Acushnet Ave. School favorites included lunch, sr. lounge, business class and Mr. St. Pierre. ls happiest with Adrian. Thanks Mom and close friends. Will miss fun times being a senior. MARK MENDES 76 Myrtle St. N.B. 02740 Wont forget the strangeness of hav- ing the cafeteria for a homeroom. A former Tan House student who found greater flexibility in the Project Careers program. Thanks all who helped him reach the magical day of graduation. FLORINDA MENDONCA 40 Hamlin St. Acushnet 02743 The days of winter chill in the halls and rooms of NBHS stay in her mind. Enjoyed career experience and Ms, Gibbs. Christmas a special time of year. Appreciation goes to parents. "FooIing" top tune for her. 105 JOHN MERCADO 123 Aries Dr. N.B. 02745 Johnny' Can be found with friends in Green House. Happy to finally see graduation day. Fantasyland is Puer- to Rico with its sand, sun and surf. Enjoys lunch and relaxing with good friends. Thanks all who helped him through. MICHELE MEROLLA 33 Arch St. N.B. 02740 A good woman puts magic in Mikes life. Mr. Roscows informing science course is tops at NBHS. Senior equals power. Pink Floyd is fri in groups. Dreams of meeting the Dal- las Cowboy Cheerleaders once in his life, WENDY MITZAN 266 Pope St. N.B. 02740 'Love youl" Enioys time spent with special friends, Found at the Barn, Thanks parents for understanding, Treasures NBH friendships and being with Lenny. Hopes for happi- ness and marriage. Appreciates hon- esty. loyalty and freedom. MICHAEL MONIZ 145 Brownell St. N.B. 02740 Can usually be found in the band room with friends. Special thanks to parents. Happiest when with Barbie. Will never forget Mr. Goodfellows class, Looks for a person with com- mon sense and a smile. Hopes to become a NASA astronaut. x tg x LUClLlA MONTEIRO 89 Hathaway St. N.B. 02746 "Lucy" Enjoyed gym with Mrs. Amar- al. Music-lover. 'Gimme a break'i' Happy when having fun times with good friends. Thanks Mom and Dad for help. Future will find her in the wild blue yonder as airline stewardess. KRISTIN M. MONTGOMERY 226 North St. N.B. 02740 "Stretch" Hopes to have a happy and successful future. Happy with Carol and Eric or listening to "The Who". Jones Beach an embarrassing mem' ory. Thanks parents, Carol and Dave. Dreams of being in England with Peter Townshend. 106 RODNEY MOORE 90 Easton St. N.B. 02745 To see the world and live in peace are "Rods" ambitions. Happiest with girlfriend or hanging with friends. Mrs. Medeiros great. Thanks par- ents. Honesty in people important. "Freebird" top tune. Enjoyed sr. dress-up days. MARYJANE MORAES 249 So. Second St. N.B. 02740 "Jane" Will always remember the cold classrooms in the winter. Happy watching Jim Boyd. Favorites include Mr. Ed and Mrs. Miles. Hopes to go on to become a secretary or broad- caster. Enjoyed watching TV and eating. ESMERELDA MORGADO 347 North Sf. N.B. 02740 "Es" Lights up any room she enters. Loves talking, being with friends or dancing. ls usually in the middle of a good time. Laughs at herself. Usher Corps, Mr. Ed., hmrm. and ice cream all favorites. "Juana". Future secre- tary. KIRK MORGAN 3 Shell St. N.B. 02744 Kirk's pastimes are skiing and par- tying with friends, Can be found at Millikens and East Beach. NBH favor- ites include ice hockey, baseball, math and Mr. Hebert, Headed forcol- lege. Thanks parents. Likes honesty and a sense of humor. 7 RICHARD MORRIS 123B Roseanne St. N.B. 02740 "Rick" Racquetball enthusiast. En- joyed phys. ed. but detested school lunches. Looks for a keen sense ol humor in people. Longs for last day of school. Mrs. Roberts tops. Happy with no homework. Thanks parents for patience. "Go for it!" RICHARD MULLIN B7 Pawnee Ct. N.B. 02740 "Rich" Greatest happiness comes from finally reaching graduation day. Enjoyed math and Mr. Warren. Sum- mer pleasure came from Horseneck Beach party. Thanks mother for get- ting him through. "That's the way I like lt." CHRIS MULROY 1058 Becket St. N.B. 02745 Time spent partying with good friends. Found at Brooklawn Park. Happiest with Danny. Thanks par- ents for getting her through school. Airlines in her future. "The Wall" her favorite song. Florida and graduation day bring smiles. CHARLES MURPHY 195 Durfee St. N.B. 02740 "Chuck" Thanks the teachers who cared. Enjoyed work at vet's and Shaw's. Tops were Mr. Roscow, Mrs. Pike, Eng. dept., biology, chem., pres. of science club, x-country jog- ging, D,J. Braz's rm. and Iowa trip. Future vet or biologist. STEPHEN MYERS 925 Pine Hill Drive N.B. 02745 "Mad Dog" Gets pleasure from swimming, watching MASH and being late for homeroom. Enjoyed having Mr. Goodfellow for chemistry and creating small explosions. Hopes to become engineer. Thanks Mom for her support. JODI NADEAU 3 Franklin St. N.B. 02740 "Jo" Is happiest sharing good times with Paul. Seeing the people she loves happy makes her smile. Wants to become a stewardess. Thanks Paul for his understanding and love. June 13, 1982 a special date. Had fun times with friends. DWAYNE NELSON 199 E. Clinton St. N.B. 02740 Disliked having to fill out question- naires and remembering to be mea- sured. Enjoyed Eng. class above others. Best times come from being with friends playing basketball. Thanks mother for guidance. Hopes for successful future. JORGE NETO 84 Easton St. N.B. 02746 Photography with Mr. Millette one of the few things this young man en- joyed. Senior lounge a favorite spot. Relaxation in summer great time. Hopes one day to be a professional photographer. Drfferent slant on life. HUAN NGUYEN 117 Harkum St. N.B. 02745 The Gold House lost this quiet young man to the more relaxed hours ofthe Project Careers program. Values a true friend and responses in kind. Thanks those who cared and helped him through the hard times. Wishes for success. KRISTIN NICEWICZ 7 Shell St. N.B. 02744 ls happiest wrth Bob. Plans to pursue a career in medical technology. Hon- esty in a person important. Thanks Bob for always being there and sister for being a great friend. Favorites: camping and chemistry. "I cant be- lieve it!" STEVEN NICHOLS 42 Lexington St. N.B. 02740 "Steve" Enjoyed humor in Mr. Mot- ta's class. Can be found during the summer months at Horseneck Beach. Thanks go to Mom and Dad for support. Hopes one day to visit Hawaii, to become engineer and to live in peaceful world. KATHRYN ANN NOBREGA 308 Wilson St. N.B. 02746 "Munckin" Won't forget jr. yr., Ms. Zola and Mr. Taylor. Main love is singing and ever admiring Pat Be- natar. Secret wish to be 5 yrs. old again. Thanks MaMa and Daddy. "There is a reason why even the angels don't give up at all." KEVIN B. NOGUEIRA 10 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02745 Happiest times are spent with Ura- nia. Ambition: to be a rich and suc- cessful person. Can be seen roller- skatlng or at Mall. Gym, history, Mr. O and the girls at NBHS were tops. Thanks parents for all their help. Dreams of Bermuda. CARL OLIVEIRA 340 Teresa St. N.B. 02744 "Stan" Enjoys golfing and partying with friends. Usually at the Whale. College bound. "lt just doesnt mat- ter!" Thanks parents for everything. A sense of humor and honesty are admired. Would love to play pro-golf and visit Hawaii. FRANCISCO OLIVEIRA 156 Division St. N.B. 02244 "Chico' Playing soccer a great pas- time. Hopes to become a profession- al player someday. Enjoyed time spent at West Beach. Mr. Oliveira, lunch and gym all tops. Thanks go to parents. Happy to have become a sr. "Cuidado meu!" 107 KIM ANN OLIVEIRA ROBERT OLIVEIRA ROSE MARY OLIVEIRA KELLY-JEAN OLIVER CHRISTINE E. 380 Hillman St. N.B. 02740 A young lady who enjoys time spent jazz and ballet dancing. Being with Bobby brings happy times. Thanks Mom for love and suppon. The beach at night ideal for a date. Hopes to become physical therapist. "Save it!" 136 Wood St. N.B. 02745 "Bob" Engineering at SMU next. Happy times spent with Tracy and friends. Favorites are Mr. Hebert, Mr. Oliver, sr. lounge and computers. Spare time spent working at Shaw's. Remembers emerg. procedure A. Special thanks to parents. 164 Bonney St. N.B. 02744 "Rose" Liked checking out the guys at lunch and inthe North End. Won't forget friends made at NBHS. Happi- ness comes from being with brothers. Thanks parents for their love and understanding. Wishes the world more rainbows. 28 Shawmut Ave. N.B. 02740 "Kel" A "General Hospital" fan. Vivid memories of the good times at lunch and in sr. lounge go with her. Entire family gets her thanks. "Be serious!" Mr. K, a favorite at NBH, At end of these long 4 yrs. is headed for nursing. O'MALLEY 15 Collins St. N.B. 02740 I'Emma" Will always remember the Bahamas with Sue. Happy with friends. "Dont worry about it!" Thanks her Mom for always being there. This proud Irish lass is known for her humor. Got caught soph yr. with Bridget skipping school. FERNANDES PACHECO THOMAS PACHECO JACQUELINE PARENT ANDREA PATISTEAS RICHARD PEDRA 141 Church St. 64 Bay St. 1079 Sassaquin Ave. 7 Keene St. 217 Hudson St. N.B. 02745 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02745 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02744 "Playing soccer or hockey, going for long rides or being with Sonya all fa- vorite times. Mr. Warren and Mr. Raposo gain his respect and appre- ciation. A sensitive caring person is admired. Thanks teachers and par- ents lor understanding. "Chico" Enjoys listening to rock-n- roll, esp. Led Zeppelin, Usually found at Grape St. lot. Thanks parents for their generosity. Dreams of living in sunny Florida. NB memories include his history class, the girls and lun- chtime! "Jacki" Enjoyed arguing with Sully. US History with Mr. Motta great. Happiness is a moonlight cruise with David. Thanks mother for putting up with her. Hopes one day to go to Greece, get married and become rich. 7-20-83 special, A spirited gal who enjoyed cheering and band. Mr, Fraga and Mr. V. top of her list. Happiest with Tony. Thanks go to parents, TR, PA and EF. "No way!" Can be found in the gym area. Hopes for future as special ed. teach- er. "Rick" hopes to be rich, Loves racing cars or partying with friends and someone special. Found in Mr. Dlouhy's autoshop or his cellar. Re- members Jones Beach. Spends summer nights at Horseneck. Look- ing towards graduation. "Whats up?" MICHELE PELLETIER 514 Union St. N.B. 02740 "Shelly" Will never forget the good times at NBHS. Looks for a good per- sonality, Mrs. Bolton gets herthariks. Being a sr. an important step in her life. "Whatever makes you click." Secretly wishes to be happy in Florida. 108 CATHERINE PEPIN 1216 Sassaquin Ave. N.B. 02745 Carries away memories of being embarrassed by Betty everywhere and falling down the stairs. Will miss friends made at NBHS. Thanks par- ents and Mike for their time and pa- tience. Like personality and humor in a person arid to tease folks. LUCIA PEREIRA 108 Lawrence St. N.B. 02745 Laughing, flirting and having crazy times iri cafe with best friends re- membered most. Running a red light in front of a police cruiser and flat cupcakes great memories. To enter travel andtourism. Mr. Ed and friends super special. MARIA PEREIRA 35 Westview St. N.B. 02740 "Bea" Happy with friends - esp. on three lurich shifts. "Go for it!" Favor- ites included Buttonwood Park, Mr. Campoli, sense of humor and a good personality. Hopes to become a COITI- puter programmer. Aug. 2nd special date. JOSEPH PERRY 224 Dartmouth St. N.B. 02740 'IJoe" Puts happiness in his life by being with Sharon. Thanks Mom and Ray for their help. Usually found par- tying and hanging with friends at But- tonwood Park. Mrs. Rose a favorite. Hopes to become a millionaire. PRESTON PERRY 321 Ash St. N.B. 02740 'Pito" Hopes one day to get married and to own a SAAB Turbo. TV pro- duction personal favorite at NBHS. Won't be quick to forget the running on Tuesdays after football practice. Happy times with Audra. A New Yorker at heart. NICOLE PICARD 1175 Joyce St. N.B. 02745 "Nicky" Wants to turn dreams into realities. College bound as business major. Special thanks to LL. LW and Bl for great times. Hopes to forget "The Puddle", JB's funny faces and daily struggles to get through PA announcements. LORI PIERCE 17 Ricketson St. N.B. 02744 "Strawberry" Into roller skating and hanging at Hazelwood Park. Happy with people who care- esp. Donald. Thanksto Mrs, Miles. A good person- ality appreciated. Always remembers Horseneck the last day of school. Fu- ture secretary. NATHAN PIKE 33 No. Main St. Acushnet 02743 'Nate' Surrounds his life with music. Fantasizes about one day being a well known rock musician. "I can't find the bridge." Enjoys the live ver- sion of 'Dazed and Confused." Can spend hours happily strumming his guitar. CONNIE PIMENTEL 121 Eugenia St. N.C. 0274 Favorites at NBHS included sr. lounge, Mr. Kobza, math and endless announcements! Likes honest peo- ple. Enjoys besng with good friends and little kids bring a smile. Wishes for world peace. Hopes to become a stewardess. HELENA M. PIMENTEL 118 Nash Fld. N.B. 02740 Will always remember meeting new friends at NBH. Special teachers are Mrs. Dlouhy and Mrs. Gomes. En- joyed being with friends, listening to music and preparing for business ca- reer. "Really!" Thanks her family for love and suppon. ISABEL A. PIMENTEL 344 Davis St. N.B. 02740 "Izzy" Enjoys finding a sense of humor and honesty in people. Thanks parents and loving friends. Wishes for love and peace in the world. Wants success as an O.R. nurse. Will remember birthday cele- brated with friends at lunch. JACQUELINE PIMENTEL 61 Irene St. N.B. 02745 "Jacky" ls most noted for boy watch- ing. Friends at lunch jr. yr. wont be forgotten. Fond of Cons. math jr. year. Thanks parents. Happy talking with good frfends. To be an X-ray technician. "lt's about that time!" GLENN PINA 120 South Sixth St. N.B. 02740 Football and the ladies top his list of favorites. Found at the Snack Shack. "Whats up?" Future serviceman. July 4th summertime blast. Secret wish to be a rich football player chased by the ladies. "Just Be Good to Me". LEONARD PINA 130 Harkum St. N.B. 02745 "Lenny" Found working at the Whal- er's Rest an enjoyable experience. Happy when a pretty girl smiles his way or when he gets a passing grade. Will remember NBH staff. Looks for a person with a good na- ture. Found in the Green House. ANA PINHO 49 Clara St. N.B. 02744 "Annie" Usually can be found at Hazelwood Park hanging with friends. Enjoys music by the Scor- pions. Honesty and good personality importanttraits. Happiest with Armin- do, Thanks Mom for always being there. Future secretary. if PENNY PIMENTEL 85 Rotch St. N.B. 02740 'Penopeloopu Remembers Mr. Goodfellow, dancing in JC at the Z, looking for pocketbook after every class, the night flight Betty and Beel- zebubb Bat and week in Florida with the band. Favorite spot at NBHS is musical corner of the school. BARBARA ELAINE PINA 548 West Middle St. N.B. 02740 "Barb" Considers NBH football games and rallies super. To find sincerity and honesty in a person a treat. Trip to Marthas Vineyard marked new freedom. Thanks go to Mom and Dad. To be conscientious nurse her desire. Yrbk. editor. JOSE PINTO 201 Sawyer St. N.B. 02746 "Crazy Joe" Enjoys listening to rock'n roll and watching pretty girls. Mr. Kelly made a hit. Summertime fun included trip to New York. "No doubt". Special thanks go to Miss Schoff. Looking forward to gradua- tion, PAUL KENNETH PINTO, JR. 130 Morgan St. N.B. 02740 "Yabba" Future either as disc jockey or policeman. Special thanks to Mom and Jean for love and support. Fond ol U.S. History, Whalers Restand Mr. Ed. Football of b-ball top sports choices. Being a sr. equals accom- plishment. 109 ALCINDA PIRES 141 Summer St. N.B. 02470 "Cindy" Enjoys singing and dancing. Algebra with Mr, Vaz rates high. Admires honesty and understanding. Happy at lunch and 2:00. Thanks parents for their support and love. Future dreams to own an MG and excel in business career. PETER PLOURDE 194 Harwich St. N.B. 02745 "Hoser" Enjoyed baseball, Mr. Oliver and watching the NBHS cheerlead- ers. "Hode it!" Had fun in resource center with Carolyn and Tom. Happy with friends. Hopes to enter Major League Baseball. Gluon's bash great time. Admires honesty, MARY E. POIRIER 9 Irvington Center N.B. 02745 l'M.E,P." Enjoyed clinical chem with Mr. Kobza. Found with the gang in B309 "You've gotto be kidding!" Re- members Jackie and Eddie arguing at lunch jr. yr. and fun times soph. yr. Thanks grandparents, aunt and un- cle for understanding, SHAWN POIRIER 170 Summer St. N.B. 02740 Enjoyed Mrs. Campanelli. Top sub- ject was photo. Happiest at gradua- tion and spending time in church. Special thanks to Mom, Dad and grandmother. Appreciates an honest person with nice smile. Remem- bers Spirit Week as Pope. ANGELA POLAR 26 Bardsley St. Acushnet 02743 "Angela" Future hope to become hairdresser. Happiest with Sean. Re- members dropping her fries into her soup! Dreams of world peace. Appreciates Mother's love and sup- port. Mrs. Rolli and English best at NBH. An eating enthusiast. DONNA M. PONTE 103 Holly St. N.B. 02746 "Twiggy" Enjoyed knitting, horse- back riding and tennis. Hopes one day to be a nurse. Quotes John 3:16. Carries fond memories of NBHS friends and teachers. Thanks her Mom and Susie. Wishes peace and happiness for the world. KAREN LISA PONTES 462 Loftus St. N.B. 02746 Hopes to marry and see Hawaii. Will miss friends made at NBH. Enjoyed Teen Culture with Mrs. Purcell. Wa- ter skiing and the beach great sum- mer fun. Happy times are with boy- friend. Thanks parents for being so understanding. "What!" ARTHUR PORCHE 81 Pawnee Ct. N.B. 02740 "Jay" Enjoyed playing b-ball and football. Looks for an open, honest person. Happy when having a good time. Thanks go to his mother for her help. Hopes to become a successful accountant. "Serious". Will miss lunch at NBHS, ANNEMARIE POYANT 147 Princeton St. N.B. 02745 Will always remember the Jr. Ban- quet and being on crutches at NBHS. Ms. B. and seeing the Police were great. To become a secretary or pro bowler. Happy times spent with friends partying. This class sec. trea- sures friendships. 'tLaler!" JEFFREY R. POYANT 178 Lowell St. N.B. 02745 "JR," Loves to pass the time playing hockey. impressed by the ladies at NBH. Happy when hunting them with Law and Pete. Future days will be in Florida. Enjoyed Mr. Vardo and TV prod. Thanks parents and Midnite. Xmas in July great. LOUISE M. QUINTAL 944 Mazeppa St. N.B. 02745 "Weesie" Enjoys listening to music - esp. "Every Breath You Take". Happiness found with boyfriend and friends. Thanks Mom for her love and support. Mrs. Amaral a hit. To major in computer science. Lucy P's jokes make her smile. 110 ANTONIO P. RAFAEL 1077 County St. N.B. 02740 "Rafael" Enjoys photography, soc- cer, and money. Likes Sid's version of "I Did lt My Way." Always remem- ber the girls at NBHS. Hopes for a future in politics and a classless soci- ety. Portugal is his fantasyland. West Beach a hit. GLORIA J. RAMIREZ 113 Willis St. N.B. 02740 "Jeannette" Would like to be a teach- er. Appreciates all help from Mrs. Kallevick and Mr. Sanchez. Spanish favorite class. Enjoyed swimming and archery at NBHS. "You Are" a favorite song. Trip to Puerto Rico a dream. ELVIN RAMOS 313 So. Second St. N.B. 02740 l'Fted" Found at Top Job office. Mr. Hamlet and Mr. Kelly are tops. "Que pasa'?" Hopes to become state po- liceman. Thanks Mr. Pacheco and Miss Schoff. "Wandering Stranger" favorite tune. March '65 made spe- cial by hls birth! Miss Bs elf. JEREMIA L. RAMOS 152 Grinnell St. N.B. 02740 "Jerry" Hopes for a career in com- munications in Marine Corps. Enjoys weightliftlng. Honesty needed in peo- ple. History and Mrs. Harriman were best, Great time in Pompano Beach. Found on First Street. "Live and let live." Thanks go to Mom. MICHELE Y. RAMOS 213 Chancery St. N.B. 02740 Shell" Will always remember Ms. Burchell's Eng. class with close friends. Thanks Mom for caring. Hap- piest with friends and family - esp. niece and nephews. May '83 in N.J. was memorable. Future pediatrician. Mr. Ftaposo tops. "Hi, honey." RICHARD RAMOS 324 Brock Ave. N.B. 02744 "Rick" Can be found with good friends in the Gold House. Lunch a favorite time to relax. A full back- ground gained by travelling the globe. Headed for the Navy after graduation, Spent a great deal of time in Spain. Enjoys good music. ZELIA RAPOSO 54 Woodlawn St. N.B. 02744 'Zel" Happy at lunch with Bela, Celeste Chris at sr. lounge. Can be found at Hazelwood Park or with Joe. On to become a secretary. Thanks parents for support, Looks for hones- ty in people. Nov. 11, 1982 was spe- cial date. BRENDA LEE RAYMOND 75 Crapo St. N.B. 02740 'Troube-maker" Enjoyed going to Whites with Dennis. Fond memories of NB's faculty. Likes bothering boys. "Oh, you dip!" Sense of humor im- portant. Thanks her parents. One day hopes for a career as a top-flight secretary. Q Z at CHRISTIE REBEIRO 603 Maxfield St. N.B. 02740 Will miss meetings with friends in the core after lunch. Enjoyed the excite- ment of football and basketball games. Nice personality BDDTBCI- ated. Hopes to go on to business col- lege. Thanks Mom. Likes to see everyone happy. CELESTE REBELO KATHLEEN REGO 94 Lucas St. N.B. 02744 'Celly" Thanks her parents and friends - esp. Luci. Enjoyed sr. lounge, math and Mr. Kobza. Passed the time listening to music and being with friends. Trip to Portugal great. Future trips include Australia and Russia. Hopes to be an R,N. 114 Seabury St. N.B. 02745 "Kat" Enjoys going to the beach on a date and just being happy. Special thanks go to parents and grandpar- ents. Would really like to live in a peaceful world. Will always remem- ber the new friends made at NBHS. Likes camping. i if PAUL REGO DAVID REIS EUSEBIO REIS LISA-MARIE REZENDES IRENE R. RIBEIRO 63 Independent St. N.B. 02744 Rego" Enjoys baseball, soccer and driving his Kawasaki GPZ. Thanks parents fortherrgenerosity Remem- bers Newport and Every Breath You Take Hopes to play prolessronal soccer and drive a Porsche. Smiles at rrtce-looking girls 255 Arnold St. N.B. 02740 "Jack" Will always remember par- tying with PB, RB, EH, CW, and ES. Christmasin July atthe Berthraumes' and Gluons' bash were tops. Special thanksto parents and friendsfor sup- port. On to the medical field. "Dont worry about lt." 195 Bonney St. N.B. 02744 "Sabino" Enjoyed being with friends at Ashley Park. A real party man. Takes with him a vivid memory of friends and girls at NBHS. Favorite tunes include personal choice of "No One Like You". Hopes to make it rich someday. 337 Mendall Ftd. Acushnet 02743 "Lis" Will always remember August 8, 1983. Chocolate ice cream puts magic in her life. Likes realness. Thanks Grandma for her love and her support. Hopes to work with the deaf and live a happy life. "Go for it!" 124 Hope St. N.B. 02745 Thought US History with Mr. Ed was tops. Happy times are spent with good friends. Will attend college and pursue a career in nursing. May 27, 1983 special. Wishes for world peace. Hearing Lucy's corny jokes makes her smile. "Sure". r 111 Ts. LESLIE RIBEIRO MARC P. RIBEIRO JEFF RICHARD MICHAEL RICHARD SHARON RICHARD 90 Lucas St. 348 North St. 441 Prescott St. 860 Tradewind St. 410 Cedar St. N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02745 N.B. 02740 N.B. 02740 'tLisa" Afan of Mr. Ed's. Enjoyed soc- cer and playing floor hockey. Hopes one day to leave NB and travel world wide as an interpreter. ls grateful for true friends. Thanks go to Miss Schoff. Remembers food in cafeteria. it AIDA IVETTE RIVERA 50 Washburn St. N.B. 02740 Enjoys playing badminton and table tennis. Mrs. Harper gets special thanks. All times at NBHS will be cherished, Found passing the hours talking to friends. Happy times make her smile. Reaching May '84 is spe- cial time for this senior. "Pete" Would like to become a well- known artist in the future. Enjoys run- ning and playing piano. Would like to thank Coach Gardiner and the Mu- sic Dept. Summer of '83 was learning experience. Can turn his head with compliments. ,.,,, f . ii V .l r 1' - .1 i ' ra .V Md? r. r " Q wrt Wil- . :ff Sain 'ir r Q, rw A. - 1 ie? f ,wi . rt: -or .re.m.,- .... 'j ISABEL RIVERA ll 52 Shawmut Ave. N.B. 02740 'Chali"Thanksthe NBHfacultyforits help. Won't forget friends made at school. Had a great time visiting Puerto Rico. Enjoyed dancing and gym classes. Usually found at the Dartmouth Mall. ls all smiles when free from homework. "Jeff-the-Chef" Won't forget blowing up the chemistry lab. Enjoys hanging out at football and basketball games. Mom and Dad getthanks. Favorite at NBH was Mr. Motta. 'l'm not your boy." Hopes to sail the world or enter college. "Spuddy" Remembers swimming at NBHS. Thanks Mr. Oliver and Coach Medeiros. Enjoyed chem., history and hanging with Joe F. period. Bad puns with Bruno will be remembered always. Off to college for accounting. "I don't believe .. Favorites include Mr. Kelly, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," and going out and having a good time. Always re- members meeting John Rees of Men at Work. Thanks mother for every- thing. Wishes for peace. Hopes to succeed. "Go for it!" GARY A. ROBERTSON ROXANE ROBINSON MARIA C. ROCHA 123 Mashpee Ct. 34 Walker St. 466 Sawyer St. N.B. 02740 N.B. 02746 N.B. 02746 Glyde" Enjoys the excitement of break-dancing. Happiness is being with Donna. Thanks go to parents and friends. Pretty girls putasmile on his face. Hopes to visit Dallas. Likes listening to "Electric Kingdom." 'I thought so!" DEBRA ROCK 22 Ashley St. N.B. 02744 "Deb" Enjoys being with Jude, Do- reen, Michelle, Lori and Donna. To become cosmotologist. "Thats life!" Jan. 1, 1980 a special date. Special thanks to parents. Admires a nice personality. A Mr. Alves fan. Partying makes her smile. 112 DONALD RODRIGUES 22 Fredrick St. N.B. 02744 'Boomer' Co-Capt. of football team sr. year and baseball a big thrill. Great summer fun came from Bruce's backyard parties. Gives par- ents his thanks. Future wish to work with children in peaceful world. 'Just doesn't matter." FRANK M. RODRIGUES, JR. 239 Ceder St. N.B. 02740 Playing football for NBHS and par' tying with friends will always be re- membered. Real happiness came from being with D.F. and the crew. Thanks goto parents. "Play at Your Own Risk" a favorite tune. Ms. Bur- chell's class tops. "Rox" Would like to thank Mom and Dad for their patience and under- standing. Volleyball team and Mr. Girard weretops. Kevin puts magic in life. Outgoing personality a must in a person. Jr. Banquet a memorable night. "Go for it!" "Connie" Enjoyed newspaper, track and International Club. Wont forget NBH friends and per. G English class. A big thank you to those who have been kind to her. Beach a hang- out, Hopes to go into accounting or computer systems. NELSON RODRIGUES 66 Dean St. N.B. 02745 "To" Could always be found in Tan House cafeteria. Playing NBH soccer memorable. Hopes to play pro-ball or to become an engineer in the future. Many thanks to parents and friends. "Burning Heart" a favorite song. "No doubt". SUZANNE RONCKA 186 Maryland St. N.B. 02745 Sue hopes for a career in broadcast- ing and film but may end up a vagrant along the Mediterranean. Latin with Mr. Guy, Drama, SAC, and her swank infant were fulfilling. "Semper ego sum scribens, legens, spectans, somniansf' i viii DAVID M. ROSE 47 Willis St. N.B. 02740 Day Day ' Hopes for acareer in Mer- chant Marine engineering. Special thanks to parents for keeping after him Money puts magic in his life. Dreams of Hawaii and Bahamas. 'Whats happening!" Enjoys algebra. X-mas and New Years super. TRACY L. ROSE 101 Bluefield St. N.B. 02740 'Chunky' ls happiest partying with friends. Thanks parents for support. Jamie, Joshua and Damon make her smile. Hopes to become a nurse. Times in Tan courtyard with friends fond memory. Mrs. Purcell, Mr. Lanouette and Mr. Ed. tops. DAVID ROY 1429 Morton Ave. N.B. 02745 'Kilroy' Hopes to become a fireman. Sassaquln a favorite hangout. Will never forget how small the freshmen were and playing NBHS hockey. Special thanks to parents. Happiest with friends. Likes people who try hard. "Whats the beef?" MICHAEL SABA 213 Mt. Pleasant St. N.B. 02740 'Mickey' 'Give me a break!" Looks for sensitivlty, Happy with Michelle. Meeting her was favorite summer ex- perience. Playing for NBHS football team was great. Thanks parents. Architectual engineering in future. Chemistry is tops. KATHY-ANNE SALTZMAN 1311 Rockdale Ave. N.B. 02740 Gymnastic team a favorite activity at NBHS. Winning the NESBA final will always be a vivld memony along with the band trip to Canada. Parents get her appreciation. Hopes for career in elementary educ. Chris makes her smile. KAREN SANCHEZ 18 Heritage Dr. N.B. 02745 "Squeaky" Enjoys collecting stuffed animals. Favorites include T.V., Mr. Roscow, Mr. Robitaille and Block Island, Looks for a nice smile in a person. Hopes one day to be a chef. Being with friends puts a smile on her face. .,,.: ROBERT W. ROZA 40 Yale St. N.B. 02745 'Bob' Enjoyed weight-training. Re- members Miss Tripps class. Top song is "Photograph by Def Lep- pard. Christmas holiday makes him happy. Camping and swimming fa- vorite summer experiences. Looks foran agreeable personality. 'Whats up?" I l, PAULA ROZARIO 345 Cottage St. N.B. 02740 Roze' Enjoys singing and dancing Happiness is being with Kym and Betsy. Shorthand and Mr. Methia both tops. To one day be exec. sec. or well known singer. Thanks go to mother. "Then you woke up." Will miss the P.A. system! BERNADETTE SANTOS 4144 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02745 "Speedie" Greatest times with fnends at lunch in GoldfTan oourtyard. School favorites include photo, Mr. Millelte and Mrs, O. and football games. Can be found at Blue Meadows projects. Enjoyed camp- ing. Looks for an honest person. DAWN SANTOS 58-A Carriage Dr. N.B. 02740 "Dawny" Enjoyed Spanish and chem. classes and playing softball for Mr. Hamlet. Mr. Roscow Mr. Raposo made a hit. Happy times spent with family and friends. Special thanks to Mom, Dad and brother. Hopes to be successful and happy. DAVID SCHOORENS 30 Birchwood Drive N.B. 02745 Playing pool a favorite way to spend the hours Enjoys being with fnends and sailing in the summer. Thanks parents lor help and support Mr Robbins top choice on staff. Can be found at Profile Rock. Wishes lor peaceful world. ti f, ff 4 fx! if RUI SERPA 56 Mosher St. N.B. 02744 "Ru" Likes listening to music, playing tennis and laughing at a person with a good sense of humor. Will remem- ber good friends and teachers at NBHS. Thanks parents for being there. Secret ambition to be a singer. "Stand Back" a hit. CRISTINA SILVA 398 Brock Ave. N.B. 02744 Chris wont forget the fun in Mr. Goodlellows chem. class. Should help her in future career as a doctor. Mrs. Hassey and history were favor- ites. Thanks sent to her parents. Hopes to find magic in travel. "Gross " JUNE A. SILVA 189 Florence St. N.B. 02740 "Junebug" College-bound. Four yrs. of playing b-ball for NB remembered. Watching football and b-ball enjoyed. "Save it." Thanks Aunt Mary and Un- cle Tony. Happy shopping, partying, and being with JS!JGfARfRDfFS. Mrs. Buckley tops. LUCIMAR SILVA 154 Birch St. N.B. 02744 Lucy enjoyed the year spent in Brazil. Pastimes include reading, collecting stamps and listening to music. Found ROTC and being an office aide fun. Remembers getting lost freshman yr. Thanks parents, Miss Schoff and friends. 113 PAULO SILVA 370 Orchard St. N.B. 02740 Enjoys playing a variety of sports. Special thanks to parents for caring and to Lisa. Enjoyed Ms. Amaral and computer programming. Hopes to go on to college and pursue a career as successful businessman. Senior means maturity. STACEY SILVA 80 North St. N.B. 02740 "Spacy Stacey" Would like to attend hairdressing school. Mrs. Orlowski one of her favorite teachers. Fond of shopping for clothes. Likes watching football. Remembers lunch with friends. Wants to visit California, "What's up?" 114 TOM SLOANE 638 Shawmut Ave. N.B. 02740 Mr. Warren fan. Enjoys partying with friends, hanging in the parking lot and having friends at NBHS. Happiest when with Tabbie. Thanks to par- ents. Hopes to become the manager of own business. "Don't worry about a thing!" LISA SMITH 230 North St. N.B. 02740 "Smitty" Likes spending time with Curt. Hopes one day to marry and live happy life with riches, Thanks parents for their support. Can be found in Green cafe, "Where's Mary and Stephanie?" Fantasyland is isle of Greece. "Beat Durfee" fan. DANIEL M. SOARES 215 Acushnet Ave. N.B. 02740 "Gus" Fondest memories of playing NBH basketball. Fan of history with Mr. Motta. Looks for kindness and honesty. Happiest being with Sher- rie. Plans future in engineering. Thanks parents for being there. "You know what l'm saying?" EDWARD PAUL SOARES 455 Wood St. N.B. 02745 "Eddie" Enjoyed football, track and flirting with the ladies. Hopes to be- comeaphysicaltherapist.Thanks go to parents. Happy anywhere with good friends. "Totally awesome!" Miss Tripp, histony and humor all top of his list. a W HELEN SOARES 318 Pleasant St. N.B. 02740 "Tee-Nee" Is happiest around Tony. Loves to argue about the Cowboys and the Sixers. Thanks Mom and Dad. Mrs. Mellen, Mr. Kobza, and chemistry were the best. Will always remember her friends at NBHS. Hopes to be a nurse. "Yeah, right!" SHELBY JANE SOMERVILLE 134 Tallman St. N.B. 02746 'Shel' Enjoys the beach, the park and playing frisbee. Can't forget going nowhere on the school eleva- tor. Top hit with her was "Like l've Never Been Gone." Good friends make her happy. "Hang it up!" Hopes for prosperous future. ROBERT SOSA 58 Campbell St. N.B. 02740 "Bob" Likes to spend spare time Weightlifting or with Lynne. Mr. GaIipeau's class memorable. Mr. Walsh tops. Thanks to Coaches Gar- diner and Liljedahl for making track and football favorite sports. On to be- come a lawyer. JOSEPH SOUSA, JR. 128 Shawmut Ave. N.B. 02740 "Joe" Found the relaxed time and atmosphere of Project Skills more to his liking. Enjoyed being with good friends, listening to good music or partying. Happy to see the arrival of graduation day finally make it here. BARBARA SOUZA 312 Court St. N.B. 02740 "Barbie" ls off to college for en- gineering. Will never forget Mr. Goodiellows chem. class. Finds happiness with Michael. Intelligence and common sense top traits sought after. Can be found in the bandroom with friends. Thanks to parents. 1 JOHN SOUZA 174 Alva si. N.B. 02140 "Johnny Rotten" Enjoys partying with friends and is happy when crew is together. Remembers basketball and Mr. Motta's awesome lectures. Thanks Mom and Dad for caring. "I live for my dream and a pocketlul of gold." Just do it. KATHERINE SOUZA 428 South Front St. N.B. 02744 'Kathy" ls happiest with Cesar or friend Doreen. Thanks her parents for teaching her the nght way. En- joyed chemistry with Mr. Goodfellow, lunch and sr. lounge. "Don't bother me!" W. Nelson's "Always on My Mind" her top tune. KEVIN SOUZA 59 Mosher St. N.B. 02744 "Kev" Will never forget the great class of "84." Enjoys time listening to Journey tunes and is happiest when Marybeth is around. Thanks Mom and Dad for being so patient. En- joyed auto technology, gym and lunch. MARK SOUZA 71 Cottonwood Rd. N.B. 02745 Enjoyed the thrill of playing hockey- esp. lor NBHS. Happy with good lriends. The Gluons' bash great sum- mer fun. Thanks go to parents for everything. Will remember football games and lun ol Spirit Week. Hopes for a career in computers. SHERRI SOUZA 29 Easton St. N.B. 02746 Happiness comes from being with Mike. buying clothes or being in Mr. Walsh's room. Thanks her parents for being there, Hopes to major in business admin. at college. Looking fonward to May 28th. Summer-Xmas was great fun. LORI SPOONER 743 Tarkiln Hill Fld. N.B. 02745 "Spoons" High point of school career was being a majorette. Wont forget band camps and excitement of com- petitions. "All right, already!" Thanks Lisa, Sue and Terry for being there when needed. To become lab techni- clan. SANDRA ST. MARTIN 108 Belleville Rd. N.B. 02745 "Little one" Enjoys softball and hang- ing out on Whitman St. Wont forget partying with the Merchants. Special thanks go to Mom, Denny and Hank. Looks for a nice smile in a person. Enjoys making others happy. CHRIS STORER 17 Mt. Vernon St. N.B. 02740 "Manny" Likes hanging with friends at the gas station. Enjoys days out of school to ski. Looks fonfvard to May '84. Wind surfing great spon. Eng. with Ms. Burchell enjoyable. Brand new 45OSL would bring on smiles. 'tYou're a hacker!" DARREN STROUD 170 Willow St. N.B. 02740 "Fruitman" Will never forget walking into girls' room his first year, Hopes to go on to college and to live in Florida. Thanks goto rriother and father. En- joyed Mr. Saltzrnan, football, and the Lawn. Summer fun at beach. MICHELLE STUART 87 Taylor St. N.B. 02740 Hopes to someday travel the world. Mr. Kelly, Drama Club, and Mr. Robinsons "decals" will always be remembered. Thanks go to parents. Enjoys reading and shopping. ls hap- py when "The Wizard of Oz" comes on T.V. "Be for real." BRUCE SYLVIA 30 Viall St. N.B. 02744 Enjoyed football, lifting, lunch, and Ms. Tripp. To graduate is his immedi- ate ambition. Found almost any- where. Thanks mother and father. A lantasyland is somewhere in the blackhole. "lt just doesnt matter." May '84 great! DEBBIE SYLVIA 145 Harvard St. N.B. 02746 "Debora-Lee" Hopes to become a medicinal chemist. Chemistry and Mr. Goodfellow were great. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for their tol- erance. Will always remember friends who cared. Spending 2 weeks at WPI was memorable. t'Yea, right!" DOREEN SYLVIA 40 Shawmut Ave. N.B. 02740 "Dor"Wants to be a paramedic. Hap- py times with Bob and friends will be treasured. Thanks parents for love and understanding. Mr. Francis, Mr. Dube and Mr. Barboza are tops. Re- calls lunchjr. yr. with friends. "l'm not calm." KAREN SYLVIA 9 Myrtle Ave. Acushnet 02743 Roller skating and being with friends from Silver City all fun. Remembers weekends in Taunton. Understand- ing friends imponant. Thanks go to parents, Aunt Sally, John and Dee. Sr. means making it with alittle help from friends. LAWRENCE SYLVIA 75 Butler St. N.B. 02744 "Larry" Can usually be found with the gang at Dan Boisverts place. Will never forget the bash at Pine Hill Pavillion. To search for oil. Thanks his friends for four great years. "Born To Run" a hit. Sage advice: Be cool. 115 SHARON L. SYLVIA 12 Cleveland St. Acushnet 02743 "Munchkin" ls happy with best friends Lolly and Ann. Thanks par- ents for understanding and love. Appreclates an honest person. En- joyed Mr. Silva and sr. lounge. "Gim- me a break!" Hopes to become a good child psychologist. Tan office aide. TAMMY SYLVIA 145 Fillmore St. N.B. 02746 Loves to go to football games with friends. Mrs. Gutierrez and Mr. Fos- ter will always be special. Finds happiness with family and Dana. Would like to thank Mom for all she's done. Future ambition: to help hand- icapped children. MICHAEL TARPEY 248 Palmer St. N.B. 02740 l'Tarp" Passed the time with skiing and football. Can be found at Button- wood Park and Millikins. NBHS friends and playing varsity football both fond memories. Mr. Goodfellow tops. Thanks parents for everything. Headed for computer job. DARREN TAVARES 67 Atlantic St. N.B. 02740 Portuguese with Mr. Alves was en- joyable. Summertime brought happi- ness with swimming, playing base- ball and watching the Red Sox. Thanks parents and friends for help. Will remember crazy masquerade days. Hope for peace. FRANCISCO TAVARES 247 Field St. N.B. 02740 "Cisco" Can be found hanging out at his girlfriends house or in the school parking lot. Enjoyed basic training at Fort Dix during summer. World Histo- ry a subject he could get into. "Yeahl' Hopes to marry C.C. and live on Cloud 9. NANCY TAVARES 311 Ashley Blvd. N.B. 02746 Can be found on avenue or in sr. lounge with friends. Likes people who are honest. Grateful to parents for being there. Mr. LeBlanc ranked att. Hopes totravel to Europe- esp. Paris. Enjoyed Canada. Being a se- nior means freedom. RAIMUNDO P. TAVARES 87 Court St. N.B. 02740 Enjoyed playing basketball, baseball and football. Looks for person with good attitude and respect for others. Won't forget the flooding in the cafe. Thanks parents and Miss Schoff for help. Hopes to own successful busi- ness. ROSEMARY TAVARES 79 Clara St. N.B. 02744 "Hose" Hopes to become a secretary and visit Paris. Enjoyed friends and teachers at NBHS. Mrs. O and typing tops. Trip to NY a fun lime. Watching MTV and "Foolin" both favorites. Thanks parents and sis. Nice person- ality a must. STEVEN W. TERRELL 448C Maxfield St. N.B. 02740 "Steve" Being with Kim lights up his whole world. Found at Dana's house. July 2,1983 a special time. Fantasy- land is away from civilization and in the wilderness. Future plans to grad- uate, marry Kim and live a happy ful- filled life. 116 BRUCE TERRY 110 Osborn St. N.B. 02740 "Bruno" Will remember track and Coach Gardiner. Joe, Mr. Goodfel- low and Mrs. Hassey outstanding. Spuddys humor was sometimes fun- ny, always corny. At 11:15 "all" his friends and his dry wit were a must. l'Don't even!" JOAO TEIXEIRA 35 Valentine St. N.B. 02744 "0O7" Hopes for a career as a mechanical engineer, Rates Mr. Monteiro and math on top of his list. Admires an honest person. Wishes for peace and harmony in the world. Girl's smile makes him smile. Thanks Ana. Headed to new marathonl MARIA TEIXEIRA 183 Church St. N.B. 02740 "Lucy" Loves spending time with Charlie and fun times with friends. Kindness and sincerity looked for in people. Hopes for a successful ca- reer ln medical field. School hits in- clude sr. lounge, psychology and Mr. Kobza. Likes to read. THERESA THOMAS 338 Orchard St. N.B. 02740 Being with friends and wild times with Beth were great. Happiest when Fri- days rolled around. Tops are child care and lvlrs. Chopoorian. Thanks parents and Brian for support. l'Tre" to enterBridgewaterandto work with children. PAMELA TOABE 36 Buttonwood St. N.B. 02740 "Pam" Enjoys swimming, camping and being with friends. Fan of Pink Floyd and tunes of Slmon and Gar- funkel. Searches for wild, friendly, honest people. Fun in sun at Marth- as Vineyard great. Thanks Mom for support. New Year's Eve tops. EDWARD ALEXANDER TODMAN 402 Cottage St. N.B. 02740 "Toddy" Can be found at West End Park. Mr. Armstrong made a hit. Finds happiness with family. Thanks go to parents. Thinks a good person- ality is important trait. Hopes one day to be a master chef. Top hit was "Cold Bloodedf' MAXINE ALICIA TODMAN 402 Cottage St. N.B. 02740 'Max" Hopes to become special educ. teacher. Enjoyed gym, history and music. Mr. Hamlet was special. Happiest with her niece Roxanne. Favorite summertime experience was in New Jersey. Thanks go to mother and father. ANTHONY R. TOLENTINO 71 Lindsey St. N.B. 02740 "T" Enjoys dancing, driving fast and swimming. Happiness and a good woman put magic in life. A fast song and great dance partner makes him smile. Liked being on swim team at NBHS. Future car designer and tes- ter. Block parties favorite. CELIA IVETTE TORRES 21 Washburn St. N.B. 02740 "Betty" Loves Spanish. a very rich and romantic language. Thanks Mrs. Methia for her help and understand- ing. Hopes to share her future as a lawyer with someone special. Dreams of the island of Greece. Her parents make life special. SUSAN TOUHEY 20 Hussey St. N.B. 02740 Hopes to attend college for business management. Swimmingr'Spanish with Mr. Raposa both favorites. Lunch sophomore year was memor- able. Thanks Christine for listening. Looks for honesty. Happy with friends. "Give me a break." JO-ANN L. TRACZ 68 Briarwood Drive N.B. 02740 "Joe" Can be found hanging with friends in the parking lot. Honesty, intelligence and a good personality are top traits. Thanks Mrs. Bolton. July 13 is a date to remember. Hopes to have a successful future. "Later." Ms. Caton fan. P fi" 'rrr NICOLE TREADUP 560 Middle St. N.B. 02740 "Niki" Found near the fountain in the park or tepeeing Scotts house. Thanks go to Michelle, Dad, Rys, and Mrs. Prue. Happy with friends or in darkroom. Future photographer or teacher. YoIanda's party and time at cabin greatest. STEVEN TURGEON 10 Yates St. N.B. 02745 Mrs. Z in the Blue House, Jr. Ban- quet, Great Outdoors Club and NBH friends carry fond memories. Mrs. Conward and Mrs. Keightly are favor- ites. On to successfully complete college and find high profits in the world of business. ROBERT TWEEDIE 11 Hawthorn St. N.B. 02740 "Bob" Won't forget Christmas in July, getting a crew cut, having Mr. Motta and swim team. Hopes to become Air Foroe fighter pilot. Sailing, scuba div- ing and flying awesome. Thanks Mr. J. Medeiros. "The lights are on, but nobody's home!" J' If RAYMOND J. VARIEUR 94 Newcombe St. N.B. 02746 "Ray" A hockey enthusiast. Mr. De- Chambeau and Mr. LeBlanc tops. Future as computer programmeri' analyst. Enjoys playing sports. Would like to thank everyone. Com- pliments make him smile. Being a se- nior means power and maturity. KENNETH TORRES 318 Central Ave. N.B. 02745 'Jacques' Enthusiastic about Drama Club. Remembers burning Marc's face in play. Enjoyed Mr. Pepin and journalism at NBHS. Looks for indi- vidualism in people. Hopes for a non- conformist society. 'iLet's go Jac- ques, l'm red hot." MARSHA TOHBES 881 Pine Hill Dr. N.B. 02745 Wont forget the offbeat tales of Mr. Goodfellow - her first choice for chemistry. Thanks Mother and Char- lie fortheir love and support. Headed for a career as an RN. Enjoyed work- ing on the yearbook. Sense of humorrhonesty admired. RENEE TROMBLY 1 Hazard Ct. N.B. 02740 "Chopper" Enjoys time spent with friends - esp. at the beach. Mr. Mot- ta her top choice. Won't forget great fun of first summer with wheels. One day hopes to be adoctor. Magic com- es from good friends. May 12th a special time. GRETCHEN TRUNDY 161 Grinnell St. N.B. 02740 "Lady-G" Can be found at Washing- ton Square listening to "Juicy Fruit." Honesty in people looked for. Thanks go to Mom and Dad. Lunch and Mr. Vaz favorites at N.B.H.S. Hopes to work with children. Enjoys hanging out. "Ya, ya, ya." ANGELA VASCONCELLOS 123 Rockland St. N.B. 02740 "Vasky" Known for great touch on the basketball court. Trip to Martha's Vineyard a super memory. Thanks family and Mrs. Buckley. Feb. 7, 1983 a special day. "You Are in My System" a special song. Likes nice smile W esp. S.H.'s. JOHNNY VASQUES 204 County St. N.B. 02740 i'J.V." Usually found at the Mall. En- joyed having Mr. Gill. Favorites in- clude baseball, hockey and lunch. Outstanding feature at NBH was the girls. Thanks sent to his parents. Someday hopes for a trip to Florida and magical money. 117 , My MARIA DE LURDES VAZ 1185 Cove Rd. N.B. 02744 "Milu" Finds happiness with friends and listening to some good music. Hopes future will include travel. En- ioyed two month trip to Portugal. List of favorites include jogging, song 'Big Log" and French. "Uii! Vida!" ,l if , , Q- www? 't 1 J if W , J f M J W W. 1 ft if 7 ew f. ----' -' f-' ' f " lyfiil? lY'i1ik:EEiiii:':4?, ' tv, " ':l',,j -f r:...Hg:g3,g55g-1 fix fi H , f .1 1 " .' 'V fi " .. RONNA MICHELLE VENTU RA 474 Ashley Blvd. N.B. 02745 'Peachy" Enjoys hanging with friends. Honesty and smiles are fa- vorite traits. Mrs. Romano was tops. Future R.N. Recalls meeting Flock of Seagulls at Rocky Pt. Thanks mother for being there. Fun times with Jodie and Terry. LUZCIELITO VEGA 179 Wels St. N.B. 02744 "Sally" Finds happiness with Mike. Brother Jorge and wife get thanks for being there. "Go for it!" Mr. Hamlet her favorite. Thinks the eyes of a child are magical. Hopes one day to study law or to raise a family. BLANCA VELAQUEZ 872 So. First St. N.B. 02744 "Taty" Thanks parents and Mrs. Kal- Ievik for support. Aims to be good secretary. Puerto Rico a fantasyland. Likes hearing "Never Gonna Let You Go." Looks for sincerity. Family and friends put magic in life. Mr. Raposo rates 41, f at MARYANN VENTURA 321 Shaw St. N.B. 02745 Lunchtime fun, math class and Mr. Dube's personality rated favorites. Finds happiness being with Bobby. Favorite tune "Always and Forever." Thanks go to Mom and Dad for car- ing. l'Wicked." Hopes to marw and raise a family. MICHAEL J. VENTURA 25 Hussey St. N.B. 02740 "Mike" NBH memories include En- glish, Mr. Goodfellow, jazz band and friends. Happy times include gigs in Hanford with the Works, performing for people and being creative. Hopes to be remembered. "l'm not ready for this!" REGINALD R. VICTOR 350 Cottage St. N.B. 02740 "Slick" Favorites at NBH were Mr. Silva, Black Studies and gym. "Whats happening?" Best times are being around the ladies. Thanks go to his Mom tor her help. Dreams of one day visiting Hawaii. Hopes for peace in the world. ROCHELLE L. VICTOR 23 James St. N.B. 02740 "Rolo" Will always remember Mr. Raposo and the football and basket- ball games. Happy when with JC, LA, HC, LC, and LN, or jogging. Thanks parents for understanding. Admires great personality. To become anes- thesiologist. 'lOoo chill!" MARIA T. VIEIRA 73 Swan St. N.B. 02740 "Marie" Enjoys painting, reading and drawing Looks for honesty and being one s self, Won't forget getting lostonthefirstdayatN.B.H.S.Wants to thank parents, friends and teachers. Hopes to be a computer programmer. NELSON VIEIRA 137 Holly St. N.B. 02746 "Course" Enjoys softball and music. Special thanks to John Santos. Hopes to win fame with music. Often found on Holly St. Playing in Canada great summer experience. Mr, Kelly and Music Theoryfavorites, A beauti- ful girl brings smiles. 118 ZELIA VIEIRA 115 Hathaway St. N.B. 02745 "Zee" Known for guy watching. "Oo- Ia-Ia!" Mrs. Rutkowitz, French and loads of hmwk won't ever be forgot- ten. Special thanks to parents. Hand- some men with nice personalities add magic to life. Summertime in Ponugal memorable. RONALD A. VIEN 43 Rutland St. N.B. 02745 "Ron" Flies radio controlled aircrafts in his spare time, Thanks go to Ma and Dad. Mr. Le Blanc was a favorite. Wants everyone to be happy, Wishes to be the richest man in the world and to live on Cape Cod. "Dont worry about it." KAREN WALKER 56 Yale St. N.B. 02746 "Spider Legs" Loves traveling and seeing new places. Will remember days not present at NBH and lunch- times. College-bound. Thanks Mom for all she has done. Hangs at the Eiffel Tower. Happy when with Bobby. "Let's get livel!" MICHAEL VIEIRA 222 Hathaway Fld. Acushne! 02743 "Mike" Wont forget experience of crashing into a house. In school favor- ites include sr. lounge, science, Mr. Oliver and being with friends. His par- ents get his special thanks. A future in California with a trade hoped for. RAEGAN WATKINS 144 Sycamore St. N.B. 02740 Will always remember breaking div- ing record and being on NBH swim team. Likes to spend time with family, Mr. Hamlet and math enjoyed most. Happy moments spent laughing with friends. Working at Camp Kennedy was fun. fl CATHERINE WEAVER 535 Barnard St. N.B. 02745 Weave Is happiest when swim- ming or with Michael. Christmas in July great fun. Mr. Kobza is special. Thanks parents for support and understanding. Hanging with DR. will long be remembered. Thats wicked gay" 61' LORI WIENZEK ANITA WILCOX MICHAEL E. WILLIAMS 25 Pinette St. 158 Central Ave. 141 Phillips Ave. N.B. 02740 N.B. 02745 N.B. 02746 Lor Will never forget the weekend in N.H with Bridget and Lisa Mr. Goodfellow tops. Thanks Tony lor teaching her to accept herself Going to U-Mass with Elaine special. Being with friends brings smiles. 'Do you like apples'1" Future ambition to go into engineer- ing Loves a sense of humor in a per- son Wishes for peace and happi- ness in the world. Mr. Kelly. Mr Goodfellow. and Mrs. I-lassey are among tavonte teachers. Thanks all NB staff. MARCO WILSON 209 Court St. N.B. 02740 "Marge" Always enjoys partying with friends. The Blice in Foxboro with Gil- ly. Lisa and Jamie an unforgettable night Looks lor people who are hon- est. Weekends are the best. Led Zeppelin tan. March 26. 1982 a great date 1 . HEIDI ANN WINDERLICK 119 Greenwood St. N.B. 02740 "Heidikins" Enloys softball, horse- back ndrng and hanging with friends, Honesty loyalty and caring people admired. Mr. B., Ms. Gutierrez. and steno. all favorites. Carried books for friends on crutches at N.B.H.S. On to computers. STEVE P. WOOD 31 Bullock St. N.B. 02740 "Woody" Wont forget the dry humor of Mr. Buscar: and getting by with a yellow slip. Happlesttimes spent sall- rng and water skiing. Thanks go to Mrs. Bolton. Hopes to find a future in computers. Wishes the world peace Go lor it ' t I . A 'ss Fond memories of NBH include Mr. Hartley. math. lunch and the girls' Enloys surfing and being with friends Mom and Dad get his thanks. One day hopes to go to college. make big money. become famous and travel to sun playgrounds. I WALLACE TERRY WYNN, JR. 458B Maxfield St. N.B. 02740 "Wynnbag" Basketball tops list ot favorites. Enjoyed Black Studies with Mrs. Purcell and gym with Mr. D. Medelros. Wont forgetNBH Iadles.A music lover, Thanks Mother for her support. Headed for Uncle Sams Navy. TAMMY LEE WILLIAMS 79 A Cedar St. N.B. 02740 Tee Dreams ot dancing on Broad- way Wrshes everyone would be themselves. Thanks Mom. B and grandmother for support Music and dancing are magical. Favorites in- clude U.F..Mrs.Conward and Drama Club. You know that"' Loves Cali! STEVE XAVIER 26 Garrison Fld. N.B. 02745 Likes to keep pretty much to himself Most enyoyable times are hours spentplayingthe guitarorrelaxing on school vacations. Magic comes from the strains of rock-n-roll. Found in study halls sound asleep. Eruption a top tune. tw. N. lj . . ik 'Jw' 119 MEET OUR GUEST: EDUAFRDO A special member of the Class of '84 is Eduardo Gonzalez, a foreign exchange student from Chile. "Lalo" has enjoyed his life here in America, especially his time at NBHS. At his school in Chile he had to wear a uniform - shirt, slacks, and tie. At NBHS he was able to wear something a lit- tle less formal -- jeans and sneakers! Eduardo pointed out other dif- ferences between Liceo A 39 this high school in Chilej and NBHS. instead of changing classrooms every forty-five minutes, Eduardo and his friends back home stay in the same room all day. Eduardo also found each of his teachers at NBHS very helpful and he liked the way they treated him "like a friend." He finds thatwhile his friends in Chile are quiet and serious, his friends in the United States are "free, crazy, funny, and happy." Those that have met him are sorry to see him go and hope that he will take with him great memo- ries of NBHS fas well as his Whaler jacketlj. Good luck, Eduardo, from the Class of '84. EDUAFRDO GONZALEZ Ruben Dario 428 Villa Las Orquideas. Quilpue, Chile "Lalo'i can be found at the theater or playing soccer. Enjoys listening to music-esp. Air Supply. Mr. De Silva's geometry class was favorite. Girlfriend and parents get special thanks. To be- come doctor. "l-li! Chicaf' 120 ,i - MEET OUR GUEST: MAHMOUD The foreign exchange stu- dent representing the American Field Service this year is Mahmoud Abdel Gawad from Egypt and we are very pleased to have him as a member of the Class of '84 at NBHS. When asked about the differences found at NBHS, he told us that at St. George, his high school in Egypt, he had the same teacher all day. He finds that life is "much easier" in America than in Egypt. Mahmoud seems to have adjusted quite well. While in America he was able to go skiing for the first time. Although he found it freezing here, Mahmoud enjoyed his time in the U.S. as a new experi- ence. While here his English has improved and he has be- come more independent. Mahmoud is anxious to return to his home and his family, but he'll miss all his new-found friends. We hope he will remem- ber fondly his time at NBHS and will enjoy his "new life." Best wishes, Mahmoud, from the Class of '84. .,,.p1W""""' awww., .. . MAHMOUD MOHAMED ABDEL GAWAD 22 EI Satl St. Roxy, Cairo, Egypt Enjoys being at the Sport Club. Swim- ming and soccer kept him busy. Ge- ometry and chem. with Mr. Goodfellow interesting. Searches for truthfulness. Thanks parents for AFS time. Hopes to be a pharmacist in a peaceful world and succeed. LQ, DB, TR, IP, JP, CM, RA: The memories of all of you will always have a special place in my heart. K-' Luv ya ali, Lucy , , , A Mike:.The times weivel nad together will never be forgotten. l'll love you always. - Bambie L Barb: The greatest friend ever! Remember allythe - times we ve had. tFuttles, Tom, the drive inli -- T Loveya, Barbie Karen: Thanks for the love, support and good times, , You made school bearable being there with me, Kid. - Luv, Wendy T Troyxwell cuz, we made it. I knew we could do it. . You arethe best! I will cherish you always. lluvyai 'T - Wendy T L Eric Z: Do you have any marichino cherries? Never Q forget my lizards! l still have your Strittmatter . NOBSSP-,LUV, BL - T T Emrna:You clon't realize how much you'll be missed. Paroheesi anyone? Theres two moons out to- i night!!! -- Luv, BL .N T f Jessie: Youjwere very nice to me so l'll cutriresh T :lowers just for you. - Your friend alwaystdacky 'Lucy4P:To the only girl I know who lived through my T turns!'Always remember Matilda! Thanks for if heingarnendil , y ,dofiio 8: Mimi: Thanks for all the good times like the I, Fort, Go-Go's, 8t summer. Those memories are - treasured. - Linda T To the Gang at Lunch: Remember all the laughef . Jesse ttiasoni: Good luck with future endeavors. ' --,QLoily, P.S. Be Good! Lib: You may not be graduating with me, but tome youre att e top of the class. Thanks for your love. and caring - LP g , Gina,:Eiaine, Maria, Kelly and anyone else lio?ot: ' We did it!! So letis keep doing it!! Love, Ma Buckwheat: Janey Bird, "84i', hockey games, Jour- ' ney,Pat Benatar, 'tLet the Music Play'i, forever our gang. Boom Boom! - Love, Kat A l To the Girls at Lunch: Senior year will neverbe forgotten. Keep in touch. God Bless. - Lena ' Pops: We're finally out! - LCA To Mr. Gill's Bio 2 class: You're all great! Atways remember Karen and her liver! Good luck always! -- Love Mary, "84l' Mary: Watch out! It's windy. Hey do you want to walk? Matilda has been great and so have you! Yep! - Love ya, Lucy Es: Remember the crow, flirting with Ed, crazy times at lunch, our picnic in l don't know where, Hey clon't kick me. - LP Chris Storer: Hey Chris wanna play 99? Remember this is your day! Thanks for the memories. Take Gare. -f- Love, Mary Liz: To ai! the crazy things we've done. Always re- member social strip, HarIey's and all the tools.- Athena. Athena: Remember the parties, Harleys and the fun times at social strip . . . - Liz Aram: Youre a really good friend. Thanks foralways being there when I needed someone to taik to. H- ' Love ya, Legs Roxana: Thanks for being such a special friend. l'll never forgv? the good times that weive shared. -H Love ya, endy Sandy: My better half. You are and always will be special to me. Never forget Mr. Motta! Take care! H- Your friend, Wendy To our Purple Banana: Thanks tor all the great mem- ones. its been a great year. Always remember us. -- Love the Bunch!! Tony: You were the highlight of my high school yrS.! Catftwait to spend my life with you. l love you. -- Love, Andrea r Athena: Thanks for always being there when l V needed a friend. Always remember the wild times. M- Love, Jody Bobbie Babie: You're a real nice guy. The fun times in Mr. Mathias class will be remembered. -0 Luv, Annie Babie Craig, Carolyn and Wendy: The best senior class 0 icers ever. From your Sr. class sec. -- Anne- marie. NB: i leave to you all my sweatbands and a bottle ot no frizz, hard candies, hotel key, sunshine, Duane, plus more. - DD ABC: Never forget all the great times, Winslow, snowball fights in 6th -grade, Pam, Wayne, A Carolyn, Eli, Michelle, 8i om - D l Buns Honey: l iove you. - Your Pooh Bear! Michael: I treasure the time that we spend together. You make my dreams come true. l'll always love you. -- Paula 'Lynne Day: a Greatfriend who is always there to make me laugh, Good luck at J. +1 J. Always , remember BB s class. -f Mar. T T' To my partner in crime, Liz: Always rememberrBun- T ny and Peegoo!4You're right, number 7 is fine! Takeoare. fe t.ove,Mary: , , , , ,1 lvir. Kobzafs E period 82 Class: 'ifothe best class ever. Always .remember thefun times, Par: You're at great lab. partner .ill T , Karen: Always remember myfpoor arm. Jett: l prom- ise never to cal! you Boo' again! Take care and goodfluck always. -5 Mep. Rick Ramoa:.Thanks forthe great times in sopho- more English. -fatiacqueline Pimentel Mary: Remet'nber.Eddie in sophomore study. Good , luck. God Blessf- Jacqueline Pimentel Stevezmniever forget all the laughing we did ine-ur-. reuri! it seems ike live known you longer. Keep in r touohf-qttiimr 1 T I Q f Sherri: Thanks for all you've been to me. Remember ailthe great times . . . Hope to have many ,motfey Thanks! Love, ivlike t ,T . Basha: Oh,Lrto!Nicotine time. Are you goinglto eat. , lunch? Can all bum a butt? Remember theftun at Mi.tldoon's, a- Anna T g .j y Heidi: A real true friend whom l've had four greatyrs.. .with.VBen1ember the "Police" and carrying my .books!"Sia'f T A W ng Dawn Santos: Thanks for always being there. Yoiire The beet friend anyone could ever have. -, Heidi AnnemariePeyant: You're a great friend. I hope you get everything you want in life. - Your sis, Heidi, Btidgeitll teave you my car keys, Mr. Murry's perish, trnyimeped. Honey 81 Spot, vanilla frappes 8t Keith Jr. Parohesi! -+ Emma , Maggie-Do: Whatfa friend! Thanks! D.H.S., football games, movie camera, Montrel, Washington, and wl1at'e so funny? -+- Emma Jacky Pirnentelg ,Tofthe best friend anyone could lever hope for. Thanks for the memories. - Love always, Poirier "84" Jan -- "Do you have any melons?l' - Paula Danny Amaral: Always remember Algebra 2. The secret word is fine! Good tuck always! - Mary Porter To the gang: it's been great! We've had a lot of good times and tons of great memories! Keep smiling. -- Love, ls 8i Mary Jody: Never forget ai the good times we've had and come ioin us. Weil have at ball. -e-Athena , Skip: Remember all the good times and I-hope there will be many more. Never forget the big M. - luv ya' always, Ange Tre: A fantastic person who talked me through some rough times. See ya in New Jersey. l'd better. -- Love ya, Rox Wendy: Well we finally made it. Thanks for all those times you listened to my problems. Thanks for being you. - Love Fiox, 4 T Moo: To all those great times! To all those days we skigped and got caught' Did you ever .find it? -- A. .F., Robe A Robs: l'll always remember the good times! Never forget both NS's! Thanks for ati your help . .. i found it!!! - Moo . . T Carolyn: Wit! we ever get to Newport? Love to see those "stiff rocks." Upcoming beach times will be a roar! -1- Kim , T Pam: Never forget our Jr. Miss' experience. You've been a special friend. Hope the future holds much happiness! - Kim Kim: Thanks for always being there when l needed gnu. You're a terrific friend Fd never want to lose. e good. - Love, Rox. T . Paul Rego: it could have been an exciting experi- ence! - From a Beatle fan! Michelle: We finally made it. l'll never forget the friendship we've shared over the years. - love you, Darlene j John, Paul, George, and Ringo: Luv ya! And ya know that can't be bad! Yeah, yeah, yeah forever! - Finneny Annemarie, Heidi, Sharon, and Linda: .Always re- member the Van Halen concert! lMlght as well JUMPQ - Sue Finnerty Biddy + Lori: Goony Goo Goo! Beware of parked cars and try and match your shoes. Keep it in drive -- Love you, Lisa Lori and Lisa: Thanks for being there when l needed you most. Friends forever. - Bridget Christopher Allan: We've had some great times. Remember: l had one once but the wheels tell oit. -- Luv ya, Sue P. SA, WC, WA, KD, ML, LM: Remember all the great times we had. Best ofiuck to ail1ofiyou.4-Take oare,.Gtna . A T. , T . . . WQYRSIHQU Crew: Ftememberthe goodtimes. .Good 4 luck in iife. Neverstop being "sick", -ri-'i.0VB,,MBd! Hi Donald: Thank you for always being' there when rl needed you.yltlove you more than anything. Love always, Boo-Boo . 1 ' An an looking at a twoyearoatendar:,Eric, whens your birthday? Eric: November 24,Ana: T983 or 1984? Karen: lvlark, who's Gary Benoit? Mark pointing be hind him: Karen, this isfGatyBerioit? , What did one ceiling say to the other?'Anais watchf ing us. ,W i :Ag T Teachers l had: Thanks for your patience, A's and Q3 wonderful 4 years. Mr. Ed, lewil never rnentiofl f Quxjbow on your - ES , jf Lug "P.S.: Remember crazy things. Balancing theboek T around the core, Praise the Lord, He hae healed , tngrown toe nails! - Es 1 . T Q QQ, Luey,fDel, Jacky, ls, and other friends: Thankefferl jj your help, comfort, and jokes. Wilt never forget T Myou.--Love, Es A , .4 ,Clftice Aides 8t Yearbook Start: Thanksforthe time, 'patience and laughs at thecritical times.-l.wieh j it IDU asstorybook future and magical momenteiefe uok, Love and Happiness, Miss B , - Med: Thanks for everything. Never forget airline L ,things we shared: the eye, the hair, D.C., Z,,and A .our riendship.-Gina , A Elaine: This is it, now what? Never forget! aihihe . gughs we had. Thanks for everything. --Loveya, , ina .Q f Wendy: Thanks for all of the great times antiEi!i'of r your friendship. l'll always remember you. Thanks ld. - Love, Karen T, g 5 Gina, Elaine, Mad, Kelly, Ria, Sandy: Agreatlbunch of friends. Remember all the fun times. Keepin touch. - Love, Lisa F A . Sandy A.: Well our high school years are finaiiy over. :-hope!! your future brings you happiness- Lover isa . ' A T Cheryl A. 8i wendy A.: The best lab partners ever. Remember all the good times in Mr. K'sclaSs8t at lunch. -- Love Lisa M. Explorer: Thanks for always being there. Remember l will always love you! - Love, Debbie To the Crew: Always remember - "There'll be no .more like '84, 'cuz we're sick!'l Take care, stay cool and be mellow. - Gina l My Buddies: You are very special to me. Always remember our wild times together. l'il love you always! - Marybeth Kim: You are a terrific person - one l'll never forget. Remember all the fun laughing in Ms. B's office-0 "Neuriner." - Steve Eric: Y0u'll always have the best cancer spots t've Q afar seen. Thanks for all the great timee!-- Love, e Lindaa You are one person I consider a true friend. "Leave Me Alonet' at NBHS dance and lunch T Were hysterical. - Steven T . r Twirikiea: You're a wild and crazy psycho anirhai. You'll always be a really special part of my high A School years. - Love, Z T To CD: You sure have the two nicest . . . feet. Sorryi had to get that off my chest. - Love ya, EZH Richie: Best of luck in all you do. l'il always care. - Lova ya, Dor y Tracey: Remember all the laughs we shared in Miss B's office. Thanks for everything. Good luck. - Luv ya, Gina "Artey" and The Crew: Thanks for ali the great times vc-ge shared in high school. Best of luck.-- Love ya, ina Per. EFG Shorthand: Will always ,remember dictaf tion! Good luck. Special thanks to all the girls at lunch. - Love, lrene G. . Dan, Frank, Chris: Poshnaga Chrisg Sorry l cant sing, Frankie: Danny, l still want you to dump Linda. - Aahnaga, Joann Spuddy: You predictable guy you. You best be stagn' in touch or l'll pg you big time. What a guy! - runo Micheile: Theres been so many unforgettable ex- periences! Thanks for all th laughs! See ya in T Florida! -H Luv CC Lisa ti Kim. How do we begin? Wefve had some great times! Boston! Lunch! Diet?! We're going to make it! -- Luv, PA 8 CG Suzy-Q: A good friend that l have known for many Reis and l will never forget. Best of luck -- Love, o in . Psycho B: Try not to forget. Please! - PBR Andrea: Never forg'etg our singing phone calls, lunch, big "chest" 8i " ave a Beautiful Day! Thanks for evergthing! - Love, Jo Major om: You've been the best friend and com- rade a captain could ever have. Luv ya. -- All my love, Captain C! - Mimi: Pick up my book darling when I get dressed! Hurry up! l'm going to miss him! Common sense! -- Love, Joann Eric and Tom: I love you both. Swing, Tom! Don'l A gllrgetisybil, Eric! Thanks for everything. Love, am Jorge Neto: Jan. 23, '84 will always be special. I do care about you. God bless and take care. - Love, A sp. friend. CC: Do I have nine heads?!!! lt's not us. its everyone else! They've got such problems! Crossing high- ways? - Luv, Pam UH, JB, KF, BC, PJ, Mel, KM, Mi: Thanks for all the memories. l'Il never forget all the good times. - Lov to all, Kelly To All My Friends lYou know who you arel and My Favorite Teachers: The art, English and club leadersjz THANKS! - Kirsten Columbo: Never forget getting stuck on the Vineyard. Thanks for being a great friend and don't forget to call me! -- en Carolyn: Remember the great times weve had. Latin class, Cancer sports, Skipping school - And getting caught! - EZ!-l "Tre" Physiology was great. Remember "Pha- langes" and our laughing times. Yourterritic. Best of luck and I luv ya. - Wendy Michelle: I just want you to know how much your friendship has meant to me. Remember all our good times. - Karen Barb: lt's been great having a friend like you. You'll do fine in col ege and become a great nurse. - Luv, Helen Ronnie Crowell: Thanks for all the memories. Some- day you will be a good pool player. - Love ya, Sandy Cheryl and Michelle: You guys have been such good friends to me. Love you both and keep in touch. - g Love, Karen Pam: I have so much to tell you and it's so weird! .Cheering has been an experience! Live life to the fullest. - Andrea Del, Lu, Es, Rob, ls: We always ended up on the same lunch shift. Always remember the wild times together. - Love, Cid Robin: A good friend l've enjoyed knowing for the past four years. Best of luck in the future- Henry Johnny: l'Il never forget the good times we've shared, and the fun I had playing with your crutch- es. - Love ya, Wendy Rox: You're a special friend. Never forget all the good times - esp. Lake St. Pond. Wasn't that awful! - Love, Kim C.W.: You're a very special friend. Remember Jr. Banquet, play, and all the other good times. - Love, Kim Wendy: You're a very special friend. Remember our little drives esp. to BF. and all the times.--Love, Kim S.B: Never underestimate how much you mean to me. Hope our relationship lasts forever. - Luv ya always, K.C. Shaun: You've made my senior year very special. Thanx for helping me get through it. I love you! - Love, Kim Theresa: Never forget our many laugh attacks. You always put a smile on my face. - Love always, Johnny Theresa: You have been so special to me during high school. Thanks for all that you have done for me. - Love, Johnny To the Crew: You guys were always there for me. Gonna hang tuff after graduation? BD, MC, SA, CL, SM, BM, RG, SB, JS, EC Wendy Capra: Thank you for all the memories. You've been a great friend and helped me through a lot. - Love, Sandy Amorin Wayne, Scott, Craig, Norman: Never forget our un- forgettable Junior Banquetl Sorry! - Love, Kim, Wendy, Raegan, Roxane, Cathy Johnny: Had to tell ya again that your company was great this year and I hope you will always stay in touch. - re Tracy 8 Gina.: it's been fun working with you in the Dean's office and I hope we stay good friends always. - Richie Wendy, Lisa, Elaine, Gina, Mad, Tracy, Marla, Kelly: Lets' always stay close friends. -- Love ya, Sandy Matt: Thanks for being a good friend. I'lI always remember the good times. - Your friend, Sandy Shaun: You're very special to me. I love you very much! And never want to lose you! - Love ya always. Kim OXOX Reg: You're a very special friend. Remember Jr anquet, parties, the beach and all the other good times. - Love, KC Tre: You're a very special friend. Remember all the good times, in C.C., at parties and the beach. -- Love Ya, Kim Eric: You have been a great and fun friend. I will never forget all the good times. - Luv, Tracey Lori: I cant thank you enough for being the truly special friend that you were all year. Luv ya lots! - Tre Gina, Elaine, and Madeline: MX three wild friends. The best of luck always! - uv, Tracey Lisa: Get your hair cut will ya?l l'm so glad we got the chance to be friends. You're great person! - Luv ya, Tre Celeste, Chris, Bela: I will never forget the good times we had at senior lounge. -- el Jay and Lynnn: You two are very special people! Remember all the good times at NBHS - Love always, Deb David Reis: Remember the haunted house and all the good times sophomore and junior year! - Luv, Tracey To the Greatest Bunch of Friends a Guy Could Hope For: Thanks for sharing the good as well as the bad! - Tom Nickle and Lori: Knowing ,you both has been a plea- sure. I hope the both o you go onto be success- ful. - Love, Steven EM, LP, RA, IP, JP, LQ: Remember the great times we all shared together at NBHS. Lets never forget each other. -- Del Barbie: Paris is just around the corner- so is your pot of gold! I know you'll find it!!! - Love ya, Rick Pam: Rem. band: Fla., our coconut hair? Canada, 'Splish Splash", the Fr. guy following us - esp. P WER! Thanks - Love, Andrea Barbara: I had agreat time atthe Valentine's Dance. Going to Friendly's after was fun. Thanks for being a friend. - Steve Deb: We were never as close as we are now. Hope- fully we'll stay this way. l'll always "love" you, no matter what. -- Love, Frankie Ria: You're a sweet friend. Riding to school with ya was great and much appreciated. Thanks! Rock- force iff - Luv, Tre Captain Comrade Connulty: high school wouldn't be worthwhile without you. You are an extra special friend. - Love you! Tom Wendy:You're a really thoughtful person. Never forget the laughs in anatomy class. Always keep in touch. - Luv ya, Tre Frankie: Never forget those fun times we've had. Ashnaga! I will miss you! Thanx for being my friend. - Linda Love Michelle: You are the sweetestcperson I know! Thanks for all the rides. Certllie lite guards this summer? - Kim. Comrades, Figgy and Suzy-Q,: Mr. RR-eugher, sa- lute!?! With song, praises and deepest affection. - PEP-PS. lBurrp.l F2 - l want to walk on a moonlit beach with you, gaze at the stars, feel the ambrosias, and even see ribbons in the sky - P2 To my cousins: Don't forget our song and "Just Hang Loose". - Love, cousin Robin Sr. softball players: lt's been great playing softball with you all and I wish you all the best. - Good Luck, Dawn Mike: l'll always remember the special friendship weve shared. Good luck St may all your dreams come true. - Joanne To all my friends: Good luck and happiness always. Remember lunch and the plan. Keep in touch. -- Your pal, Nina Book: l'm glad l've known you, for 6 years. You always come to my rescue. You are the greatest. - Love ya, Marsh Joann: You're a very special friend. Thanks. Re- member evegthing . . . Poshnaga "Have a beau- tiful life." -- shnaga, Andrea Linda: You're one of the best friends that l've ever had. Never forget all that we have been thru! Lylas, -- Sharon Paula: You are one ofthe best cousins I could have. You really mean alot to me! I wish you the best always. -- Love, Sha Suey tit Andrea: The weirdos. I had a great time cheering with you guys. l'll miss you alot. Ashna- ga-forgnada -- Linda JA, LA, BG, RW: You guys are flips, but you can stay at my house anytime. I cherish the memories.- Ashnaga, Andrea Scott, Sylvia and John Avo: You both are wild and funny. l'll never forget you. - love, Jackll Pimentel Carolyn: l'll never forget your clothing malfunctions. What a fun friend you are! - Luv, Tracey Gert: Neverforget mt. climbs, D8lD, elves and Alpha. We had some great times. There shall be many more. - Love, Columbo Kim: You're a really good friend. l'll never forget all those "fun" basketball games, and the banquet. - Love ya, Wendy Maria, Bill, Doug, Bob, Tom, Dawn, "Captain" and Mr. Bond: Never forget the psycho teacher and madness!! - Fred LP, IP, EM, DB, CB, WM, and AP: Thanks for the laughs. - Your friend always, Jacqueline Pimental Lisa-Marie was here. Barbara, Dave, Jeff, Joe , JORGE, Karen, Ken, Lee, Linda, Mike, Preston, Rob 8 Tracey: Thanks for all the help. - Mr. R. Danny: I "Truly'l love you! You are great! lt's been a fun year. Glad I met you. Ashnaga-Poshnaga! See you! - Luv, Linda Kirsten: Never forget the renaissance! - Your friend, Kim F. Dan, Frank, 8t Chris: You guys are great! Remember the ist night, i'All Night Long," 8r band. Keep ln touch. - Andrea Jessie D'Almeida: The best guitar player around! Always remember Psycho! l'm glad we met. You're really special. - Mary P. Kim 8 Rox: You both have been truly very special friends to me and I luv ya. Happiness to you always. - Love, Tre Johnny: You are a very special person. Thanks for always being there to cheer me up. You're a great friend. - Luv, Tre Jamie: The world's greatest cousin. tmost of the timel" Never forget who's older! - Love ya al- ways, Barbara To all my friends: You're the best there is! Never forget the corny jokes we told in Ms. B's office. - Love Humorous To my pals in Tan House: Remember all the laughs on Ist lunch! Wish you all the best in life! -- Love, Louise Esmerelda: Stop trying to sell your stuff to Doug and Bill. -- Thanks, Doug and Bill Ma 81 Dad: Thank you for your support during cheer- ing and band. Thanks for paying for this ad. I love you. -- Andrea Cheerleaders: Thanks for making my senior yr. memorable. You're all very unique. 'Our car was great!" Love, Andrea Ivy: You're the greatest thing that has ever hap- pened to me. You'll always be my best friend. l'lI always love you. - Le Le Wendy: You are very special and I care about you a lot. Just being with you makes me happy. Love always, Johnny Wendy 8t Lisa: Remember all the good times we had in Mr. K's class. You have been great friends. Keep in touch. - Calcium Karen: You have been a great friend. I will never forget you. Take care and best of luck in all you do. - Love, Cheryl Andrea: Cheering was great! You're great! Remem- ber Fla., Canada tsplish splashj and Washington. l'm freakin out! - Luv, Pam Andrea: l've got so much to tell you! lt's so weird! Thanks for bringing me sunshine. I couldn't live without it! - Pam Suey: Never forget the pink gym bag! Thanks for everything. Schlee! Schlee! Bye-Bye - Love, Joanna bell Patrick: You make my life so special and I will love you all my life. couldn't live without you. - Love you, Cheryl Ivy: Remember the very first time we met. We will always love each other. P.S. I accept your pro- posal. -- Love always, Lisa CC: Thanks for being you! Remember "Skip To My Lou,'l the beach, and so much more. Keep laughing! Nay, negative, no! -- Pam Niki: Your love has been and will always be the sweetest gift ever cgiven to me. Love you always, - Tony, XOXOX Danny and Tom: Switch!!! We'II never forget! - Love, Paula and Sue Hey Dudes: 9-37-7: Hope you remember, shots, doggies, dots, numbers and games 'cause my memory is played. Patrick: You are the greatest thing in my life. I want to spend the rest o ,my life with you. l'Il love you always, - Pumpkin Madeline falias-Band-aid: Woman-Lucyllz We really had some great times here and everywhere! It was great! - Linus Kim: Remember all those wild times, the almost Jr. Banquet, Lake St. tgo for itil, McDonaId's fSome- one's in here.J - Love, Missi Marc: Thanks for being there. Terri: Remember LI and white Transam. Good luck to all. - Mimi Carolyn, Pam, and Michelle: Life's truest happiness is found in the friendships we make along the way. - Lisa PA, CC, MB: Forget college - How about Bermu- da!?! Thanks for all the laughs! Success sounds great! - Love, Lisa Theresa: My Valentine! Thank you for the food at Burger Chef. See you at the beach. Stay sweet always. - Love, Lisa Tre: Remember, whatever happens to you happens to me, so be happy. Thanks for always being there. 143 - Love, Lori To All My Friends: Never forget all the good times. Good luck. - Brenda Wendy Mitzan: Remember who we are! One day we will triumph. - Love Beckey Charleis and Vanessa: The past four years would have meant nothing without the two of you. Thanks. - Sean Moody: Thanks for all your words of encouragement when I needed them. You're a real friend. Good luck. - Spoddy Joe O: What can I say? Thank you for being there, Bro. - Buddy Pssst, Buddy: I donft believe you're so predictable. It's been real. Well, we're off. Baby: I hope where you're going is the true Bac- chanalian homeland. You'll always be in my heart. - Love, Your mama Spam: Never a dull moment with us! Youll never know how much I cherish our friendship. We're almost there! - CC Scott: You're someone very special. l'lI never forget the movie St MB's party. Good luck wfhockey. - Love ya always, Wendy PEB, DAR, RBT, DTG, 81 ELS, especially RRB: You guys are the greatest friends a guy could have! ood luck! - EZH JB, KO, KF, MEL, BC, AE, SM, CM, Heidi and Helen: I will always remember the fun we have had together. - Love, Vanessa H. CC, PA, MB: Remember tennis, pig-outs, Boston, fresh-skip, tossin' cookies, the beach, and all else! - Love, LM LBD: College won't be the same without my best friends. 143, Dart. parties and Burger Chef will never be forgotten! - LLW To NBHS: Don't fall of yourtightrope! NBHS: You're out of it! - Psycho and Sidekick MJM: You made my senior year very special. These last months were the best. May we always stay together. - Love, CW DAR: lid just like to thank you for four great years. You were always my number one. l'll never forget you. - Love, CW Michelle: Neverforget out Capewind night. That was something we dared. Always dumb and still are. 8t Love you, Karen Deb: Thanks for making senior year so special. l'II always remember the great times we shared. Don't let them end. - Love, Mark Lori C 8 Jane K: Never forget computer math. I hope you have debugged your future carefully. - SQUEEZE - Rhonda Trace: Never forget the great times we shared together. I cherish every moment with you. - Love, Bob Michele J: I wish that I could have gotten to know you better but friendship is better than nothing. - Love, Anonymous Stooges 8 Co: We have a lot of memories! Keep in touch always! Never forget the great times' Love ya! - Janey-Bird The Maenads: May our madness live on because its one of a kind. I luv you alll- The Impala Tre: You're one special friend. Never forget all the good times, especially listening to Rockforce. - Love ya, Ria Tracey 8 Gina: Remember all the good times in Bizzarro's Pub. Good luck in all you do. -- Sly Lie Lisg-Marie: Thank you for holding me on your lap. - elly Nicky and Debbie: Two of my best friends. Thanks for all you've done. Goonygoogoo! Be happy! 143-Love, Lisa Jane, My Identical Twin: I will always remember having you in my homeroom and the jokes we shared. - VGH "Angel" Elaine: We have been friends for so long. You are really special and I'II never forget the good times. - Love, Johnny KC, WA, RS, RW: RememberourgreatJr. Banquet - no fruit cocktail. Good luck to all of you. I'II never forget you! - CW Del: Remember fresh and soph year- How much of a pain I was. Thanks alot for being there. Let's keep in touch. - Luv, Cid Eric: Remember the closet freshman year. VII never forget you my brother! l'Il neverforget you. - Luv, Sis CAW Michelanious: Remember Swansea, Horseneck, Do- you think the cop had good vision'?!' Your parties were great! - Luv, Pam Betsy: lt's been great fun sharing school times with my sister. I know you'lI do well in whatever you choose. - Love, Barb PB, EH, BT, DG: Waaaaaahlll Yip, yip, yip!! Boo- boo. Lunds haircuts. Senior creed. - M.R. Mimi: You're so great! I love ya! Don't forget our good times! Never forget: "not caringu, Oct. 14! and CL-Ashnaga, Jojo C.C.C.: Had to include you in my yearbook. I never could have made it without you. 9100! See ya in Boston. - All my love, Goofy Vanessa and Sean: Thanks for a great 4 years. Iill never forget E per. inthe resource center. 'Stick- Iers." - Charlie E.W.: Neverforget ourtimes at U-Mass: green boats in Newport! Your friendship is one I will treasure. - Love, LS LATE BUT NOT FOHGOTTEN SHERYL CHOOUETTE 760 Wlllls St. N.B. 02740 Mr. Pacheco and D.E. made a hit. Passes time at Jens house and on State St. Will remember NBH park' ing lot and good friends, Thanks par' ents for helping her through school. Feb 18th special date Hopes one day to be very rich. 124 ANTONIO M. CORDONIZ 205 Central Ave. N.B. 02745 "Tony" Will always remember the girls at NBHS, Lunch, Mr. Moretti, and Mr. Robbins were favorites. Thanks parents for understanding. A successful job In life will do fine. Would like to see Brazil. "Go for it!" CHARLES A. HINES, JR. 207 Durfee St. NB 02740 "Chuck" Can be found at the Mall with friends. i'Buddy boy" Loves hap- py people. Girlfriend Lisa puts magic in his life. NBH teachers - esp. Mr, Curry were tops. House construc., gym and sr. year all special. Thanks Mom for being there. ANGELINA JOHNSON 192 Cottage St. N.B. 20740 Happiest with friends, M and T. Can be found at U.F. "Excuse me!" Mr. Ftaposo, psych. and gym all favor- ites. Hopes to be famous and suc- cessful. Thanks Mom and friends who believed in her. Admires consid- eration. Future model in Paris a dream. JEZUINO MENDES 163 Gayhead Ct. N.B. 02740 "Slinky" Enjoys partying and Black History, Happy when with Nora and friends, Favorites include Benny Hill and Mrs. Purcell. Thanks parents and friends. Likes friendliness. "Whats up?" Tye W T . R may Athletic W wiv , H-A Bashful Elite THE SENICJF2 ALPHABET ,Q Comical Delighted Foursome Grinning "', Hungry Intriguing Jovial Kissable Loveabt e Macho Outstanding 1 fE,:L 1 K 'X Neat Pretty , 8131+ 13' tw , ' -91 , Quick Triple Treat ?y . XAAbx 1 A .. , K A l , 4 A JSA gf - Q lf' ' X." 7 if A .X rl v , Q WA, Y fb' K Rascal Spirit , A Q Q Useful Valuable Whaler Winner X-trovert W, . - -, ie,,.,, Yummy Zesty 127 , f v E he 2 v i 5 , ri 6 ? x 5' ,T ,V "1 4 ,, , , ,m , 5 s '35 ' , . ,M "' ,i 1 5 A I ..f : 4 'a' 5 l x ,f 1 sf fn ,V 5 Hi, W 1 i e . 9 . 311 'r is W :W . , 'E' i 5 , E f 5 5 a 5 2 i 1 P? E . za E f a E I , W v V. 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K ffff fbffw nr ffjfnfffy f -..nth fa W 1 . .- 1:5 ., .M ,,.. -3 'Q-MF'--'ff f' :::W:ceim.: J . CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of "84" Senator William Q. MacLean, Jr. ,prfm f1- I 0 la, F ML N! ,E I X ff, cs 'i A ' -Q 1 W we 2, W U, "lg.!if5 riff? Sdqaol ,-,,,---'-"""'- ' 50,41 fourie ff? C I LAV U I BD S T The Night the Lights Went Out . . L 5 kxsxfia mum Wrarazzame: "Spirit of '84 lights up banquet" The Class of '84 had to light up its ban- quet with spirit. A power failure hit White's Restaurant on May 26, just as everyone was seated and getting ready to begin our salads. The blackout delayed our meal, but not our fun. Candles were lit and the magic of the night began. When the lights finally came back on, we were served our meals of fried chick- en, Virginia ham, and potatoes. By that time, everyone was starved. After eating dinner, everyone was an- xious to get up and dance. The dancing was alternated with 'the talent portion of the program. With all thejoking, laughing, dancing, and singing, the Junior Banquet will never be forgotten by those juniors present. aw. ,vi W . . Q. T Mt, ' is K -'sv Q Z . 5 .. .5 All-V S v wif. . -- g NOVEMBER IS SPIRIT MONTH' Spirit brings a magic of its own in many forms. It begins with a flicker and quickly spreads like wildfire. During this time the Class of '84 and students of NBHS spread their spirit through the community by raising funds at shows, games and sales. These funds they converted into food baskets for the needy which they quietly gave with the true spirit of man - LOVE. SPIRIT CALENDAR NOVEMBER 2nd . NOVEMBER 2-10 f NOVEMBER 4th NOVEMBER 7-15 . NOVEMBER 8th . . NOVEMBER 10th . NOVEMBER 10-16 NOVEMBER 14-22 NOVEMBER 16-22 NOVEMBER 17th . NOVEMBER 17-23 NOVEMBER 18th . NOVEMBER 18-19 NOVEMBER 21st NOVEMBER 22nd NOVEMBER 23rd Club pictures: yearbook "Design a Pin" Contest. fArt Clubl Senior spirit day - PAJAMA DAY . . Votin for the senior mascot 9 Elections for Senior Awards Senior spirit day- DRESS UP DAY "Putting on the Ritz" . Carnation sale tStudent Con- gressl ROTC Turkey Shoot .. Sale of spirit links fCheer- leaders and Majorettesl Open House Carnations delivered Senior spirit day -TOGA DAY . . Drama Club production - "The Good Doctor" . School spirit day -- PUNK ROCK DAY Talent show-green cafe- 7:O0 p.m. fMinority Aware- ness Clubl . School spirit day - MIXED- UP DAY Volleyball game between faculty and students - 3:00 - 9 Club . School spirit day - MAS- QUERADE DAY Spirit rally - gym - morning Costume contest - rally! morning - fHonor Societyj Car decorating contest- in front of the library -- 6:00 p.m. - tBusiness Clubl Spirit parade to Buttonwood Park - 6:30 Rally at Buttonwood Park - 7:00 Bonfire! Buttonwood Park- 7:30 ym lNatural Science I NOVEMBER 24th . . . New Bedford vs. Durfee Foot- ball Game NOVEMBER 26th . . . Spirit Dance - Girls' Gym - 7:00-11:00fInterCIub Councill JOIN IN ON THE FUN AND ENJOY! 150 K j!,.g gg , if Q - y i V51 N-fvg RAGS TO RICH ES Pajama Day kicked oH 'Spirit Dress-up Days" held in November. Aher a day of parading in P.J.'s and carrying stuffed animals, the seniors were ready for Dress-up Day or the Class of '84's version of "Putting on the Ritz." N..-vf' Q fs K Amit In N-.. , ,i RICHES TO RACES From the glory and richness of the Roman Empire, Toga Day gave way to 1984 and Punk Flock with its bizarre outfits and strange make-up. www-2 V .5115 k t .k.k gy r will 4, TALENT NIGHT The Minority Awareness Club sponsored a talent show during Spirit Week that sent shock waves through the entire building. Playing to an overflowing crowd, the acts were awesome. Anyone who missed Donny Hunt's version of Michael Jackson, the "ice Crew" or the singing and dancing talents of the talented girls and guys missed a treat not soon to be matched. Hats off to all involved including the super D.J. and the MC. John Duarte. WK ' 1 at ... 85 1 .L Bi n I K x will STUDENTS ROUT FACULTY The Natural Sciences Club sponsored a faculty-student volleyball game which entertained and delighted the audience by putting victory on the side of the students. lt was spills and laughs for both sides and a great deal of true sportsmanship. 154 fi i V i Qptlc YQ' OW ANYTHING GOES! Masquerade Day continues to be a hit at NBHS. Remembering all the costumes, it is easy to see the difficulty of choosing winners for the costume contest sponsored by the Honor Society. Everyone shows up at the morning rally to see the football players, Majorettes, as maids, twirled to Donna Summers "She Works Hard for the Money." After the announcement of the senior class as winners of the spirit link sale, the presentation of this year's mascot was made. The winner was the Tazmanian Devil. An added touch to band, cheerleaders and majorettes in costume. This year the cheerleaders this year's rally was the presence of Bobbie Watkins, a former NFL player. chose torn shirts of gang members for Michael Jackson's "Beat lt"g while the All in all spirit was high and getting ready for the bonfire that night. , 1, i we :WZ D 'wr 2212 is i i 1 ,i -4 4 , ' W " Q va X E " 'Y f .5 we sa K ff' we Q 1 4-,Q-' fs K in if 2 W W y X 4 4 'H , f 5 Q U Z4 f J U., A 'KVL z3,,mm fmf..Q1 wazwmx. f .. ff.-w, w .www BONFIFIE FAILS TO IGNITE VICTCFZY FOR TEAM ii " ss. . Su 1 .. .1 NX wr 3 .. at 1 . i , . . l i .s.v. Nfviazyxi ' 11' :xr 1 1 .3511 . - "-iii . . . .Ig .. it 57: - if f w s - .1 i f ., . c LLVL ' ' i - -'A- A Et Ag.: f 'X i ff: , 3, ' , . . .,: L i.. ., t . ai . rr- - . .Q sf , k.,, igz X , i .:,i as - , X . Nia " '- Ks ef' N .ef i , . 5 On the night before the game a spirited parade, rally and bonfire were held for the Whaler football team. A car decorating contest sponsored by the Business Club took place downtown in front of the library, followed by a parade taking the team by fire truck to Buttonwood Park for a rally and huge bonfire. ln spite of this, the team lost the next day for the first time in twelve years They never gave up however, as they managed to score in the final minutes, showing their true fighting spirit. Next year . . . '? I 'W SPIRIT WEEK CLGSES WITH DANCING The month of November came to a close with the traditional spirit dance. Over three hundred enjoyed the music and refreshments. The dance was sponsored by the Inter-club Council and brought an end to the month's festivities until next year. 1T 'P' F11 ' TAZIVIANIAN DEVIL D S E N R Taz Says thank you to Kirsten Johnson for drawing nam IVIASCOT I N Mn N Q . ' gan . a m. r A '. ' X X, 14. K L1 ,11 ,3, f' ,,-gig ix S 4- jf, - l. 5 . 'ijt ,' .Y A 'jf' Il V-fl .-.-L 'r Wy, f, if fp, Sa-355513 M4 , 'mx ,V , . ,fp s , ' A lAQ,sQ5Es13, -,X ...'il,9j5,, E G, 5, 1'a.9v-"NNW .V .' A" 1. ' L V Q. U X X , , X f N 1 YM, U so ' jL V 7 K: . Q 1 ' 414 Ji a '-5 1,3 X 3 iiylfkl .M I J ' A ' I 'Jf' ga 1 2 .f - pzffq X ' ,ia ' Q g f' 'Q 1,1 't-1' a in , "' x 'xx , xx 'fx lil 5:3 3 NVQ! lx! s 0 I!!! tu- QU- ' ' ' ' f vw' 41-Ili 'I' 1 f .v 1,1 .A 'wx .x , Mai, f Xe, 'US . 1 N -xv: - X jf! ' K , - X 'H 5 ,,. rv' Q... X V. ' o .LII E fff-N QQ' 1 'I w fl' X K xx Nxiiirmx W5 I ',I"j--., Jvll WX 1' 'x!nQ. , ' , 9'-'7e1q.A'f"'5--x :Q ww-f.'1aQ-9, It mi 5iQf!'f,.ii mf,-x HU'--1' ' if if1'1.1vg 1' 11 Wowg-,5f'a.f W, 1 --1 V 1 -5 -SWIF52 'H 11 fl -' -f, 1 'if' '1 YK i'ug1""'! ' fn 4 Sv 5 '-4 I ' 55? ,??y,, lv- 1 A -1 ILM, wth. .1 I A fi MM. 'i -Q' Vp, ,HH J B ra, 'IM X10 ,AMF --"9 "2 Z:,f.g.f'g fffulfz ,ff J N1-Inf, Jr,-15:.',f' 4, ' v 7 ' N. f ,fl fn - -. ,,,-:,,, X if 45504 ff' .'- ' ' 'f'-T'iw.- 1 '5 ,VW ff: 1 .f f f 4. ,g,fwfg,- , , ' 14735, " 1226? . --if-sf"-'Q'-2 m+wi4W" MM A ...To S THE YEAFRBCDOK STGRY! A great deal of time and effort went into the making of the Crimson Log '84. The work began in the spring while we were still juniors. First, applications were sent in and prospective candi- dates were interviewed by Dean Bizzarro. Choices were made and editors and staffs were announced by late May. The work was just around the corner. The first order of business for those interested was a confer- ence held in June by the Hunter Publishing Co., the company that prints our book. The multi-media show gave a variety of ideas for use in the yearbook. Finally, summer vacation. Best, no work, right? Wrong! The staff met on summer nights for training sessions with Mr. Dick Swiech, our representative from Hunter. He worked with the staff and gave us pointers for producing a quality product. Aside from these general meetings, the other editors and I met alone to decide things such as theme, print, paper choice, cover choice, color choice, etc. ln addition to these meetings, each staff mem- ber sought out the required 320.00 ad from a retailor. Some of us struggled to get one 820.00 ad while others. got over 3100.00 easily. l guess some people are natural sales people! By the end of the summer, our theme was writteng many ads were ing many decisions were made, and we were ready for September to arrive, or so we thought! ..... T rres, fr The interview is one of the first steps. T Work on the yearbook begins this way - but it does not last long! Here are the editors! Bow 1 il.-Ri: Marsha Torres tAdvertising.lFacultyi, Suzette da Costa fTypingJ, Barbara Collins CEditor-in-chiefj, Barbara Pina tClub Activitiesl, Tracy Cooper lPhotography!. Bow 2 fl.-Bl: Esmerelda Morgado fClub Activitiesj. Carolyn Connulty iSportsl. Wendy Capra CGraduateJ. YEARBOOK STAFF '84: Bow 1 fl.-BJ: Anita Wilcox, Suzette da Costa, Barbara Costa, Marsha Torres, Wendy Capra, Barbara Collins, Esmerelda Morgado, Tracy Cooper, Carolyn Connulty. Row 2 QL-BJ: Kirsten Johnson, Carol Astley, Ana Chereta, Robin Alves, Sandy Medeiros, Sue Finnerty, Ana Leai, Eric Horn, Michael Richard, Nicole Picard, Steve Turgeon. Ftow 3 QL-Ri: Wendy Amaral, Annamarle Poyant, Chris Bolduc, Steve Klakowicz, Bob Tweedie. 162 l l ,W GRADUATE STAFF: Wendy Capra fcenterj with her staff Ana Chereta, Annemarie Poyant, PHOTOGRAPHY: Tracy Cooper pictured here getting pointers from Nicole Picard, Sue Finnerty, and Christina Bolduc. Dodge-Murphy photographer. .f-""' X ff' ff, gf ADVERTISINGXFACULTY STAFF: Sandy Medeiros, Marsha Torres, Steve Turgeon SIIWUBIACTIVITIES STAFF: Esmerelda Morgado, Barbara Pina, Anita icox SPORTS STAFF: Carolyn Connulty fcenterj surrounded by her staff Robert TYPING STAFF:Carol Astley, Lena Almeida,Wendy Amaral, Robin Alves, Suzet- Tweedie, Michael Richard, Eric Horn, Ana Leal, Steve Klakowicz. te da Costa. 163 Who Said This Was a Piece of Cake! The '83-'84 school year began and the pressure was on. A section of the book, usually 45 pages, was due with each of the 5 deadlines. The staff had to work hard to try to meet each of these deadlines. Before anything could go to the printer, it had to be proofread. Mistakes cost money. We heard that from Ms. Bizzarro all the time! The first deadline which included all the color was due in October. Ut came so quickly!! Meanwhile the advertis- ing staff was busy getting ads, sponsors, and sr. mes- sages. All this helped to keep the cost of the book down since the actual cost is closer to S25.00. Another conference was attended to check out our competition. NBHS received a certificate for its '83 year- book in the fhighest achieve- ment" category, given only to the top one-third yearbooks in New England. We wanted to be sure the '84 yearbook did as well. With new spirit we once again attached the over 500 questionnaires, mounds of pictures and tons of copy. Thank heaven for typists. Everything, including ads, must be typed! By the last week of Febru- ary the final touches were put on the last 24 pages to be sent to the printer. What a relief! One final task is to get together after graduation and put the supplement together! The staff and I hope you're pleased with our work. Annemarie is looking through the telephone book for advertising prospects. Thanks to Kirsten Johnson we have some great art work in our yearbook. 164 Dick Swiech is giving information on doing lay-outs during our summertraining session Esmerelda is trying to fit the information from the questionnaire on the grid. .... , V H ,,,,V A Eric is getting ideas from newspaper articles for his sports copy. Ill-Ufllllll 4 gm ,K Wendy is typing her heart out. Allthe writing or"copy!' in the yearbook had Here's Chris with the finished product. Hope you enjoyed looking through this yearbook. to be typed before being sent to print. ' - A , 5' .MW f I ,...,, mm The yearbook is finished and now it's time to relax and enjoy our senior year! I said relax, not collapse!!! 165 BAND IS . . Members i DRUM LINE Row 1: Steven Lauzon, Jim Bizarro, Steve Darmotal, Maureen Medeiros, Kevin Roderiques, Sean Nelson, Marc Moniz Row 2: Scott Marchesault, Rochelle LeBlanc, Jennifer Barton, Tracey Coleman, Chris Lopes, Karen Fennesey, Mike Moniz DRUM MAJORS Mike Belanger, Frank Farrell BRASS SECTION Row 1: Andy Sylvia, Andy Garrett, Rose Garcia, Jose Andrade, Keith Jeronyisa, Barbara Souza, Barbara Costa, Louise Vieira, Penny Pimental, Tammy Catin, Kendra Medeiros, Mark LeBlanc, Mike Vargo Row 2: Semiao Felix, Lisa Reney, Peter Dibenedetto, Jim Bettencourt, Mike Souza, Chris Cotter, Casey Ferreira, Chris Heleen, Mike Eugenio, Mike Moreau, John Borisoff, Fernando DaSilva, Tony Cabeca, Bob Couto, Ann Rezendes, Laurie Machado, Len Santos WOODWINDS: Row 1: Wendy Ponte, Nicole Levasseur, Suzanne Vandal, Shelly Buba, Amy Correiro, Lori Gonzalez, Sharon Saltzman, Yael Alkalay, Lisa Gonzaga, Julie Casey, Michelle LeBlanc Row 2: Lisa Gordon, Janice Denault, Tammy Osterdahl, Karyn Souza, Elizabeth Lavidinho, Tammy Scully, Fatima DeFraga, Linda Eugenio, Bridget Jeronymo, Jodi Oliveiro, Cari Silvia, Shawneen Peckam, Kim Roderi- ques Row 3: Lynne Iacaponi, Samantha Merolla, Sheryle Vandal, Dennis Pinard, Todd Baptista, Kris Valencia, Kelly McKay, Kathy Saltzman, Chris O'Malley, Paula Dibenedetto, Jodi Silvia ,i S I . ,.. . ., was 1 is Q as H NX, itty It's the Color G u a rd BAND IS . . . Practice it is It's Half-time Shows, Competitions and Eating On-the-Run . . L1 ' ' am-A ,' . 4 , 1-Xt --S +gws..r BAND IS BEING THE BEST! It all started with band camp in August. Intense rehearsals on hot summer nights and weekends. Finally a finished product was achieved. Before long it was the first perfor- mance -the Brockton game. The show wasn't perfect, but still eyes shined and chins were up. What's next? More practice, of course! Two short weeks to clean up the show before the fst competition in Woon- socket on Oct. 2. How time flies! To stan off a great year - a great performance. Results? N.B.H.S., first, with a sweep of trophies. Off to a great start again! As the season progressed, nearly all the performances were tremendous! Slowly, but surely, the N.E.S.B.A. finals were creeping up. Eventually, it was the BIG DAY: Sunday, Nov. 13. Place: The Manning Bowl in Lynn, MA. The band members and all auxiliary units weren't just ready, WE WERE BORN READY!! This was it for the seniors! Radios blared, buses were decorated, and the hope of victory was apparent in everyone's eyes. Tension was obvious as the buses pulled up at the stadium. Mr. V. called the unit into a big huddle: everyone joined hands: and the entire band did colors -the band's way of meditating, relaxing, and getting their heads on straight before each competition. Known by the judges as "The Big Red Marching Blob" because of their lackadaisical appearance off the field, the Whaler Band soon brought the crowd to their feet by merely entering the stadium! The announcer asked the band if they were ready. The band's reply echoed throughout the sta- dium! Next, the drum major's salute, and at last, the opener began! Horns blared, chins were up and the auxiliary unit added their special touch of "Aztec Fire." Energy was generated throughout the stadium while the band performed 'tT.O.," "Dance with Me George" and "Didi." The professional perfor- mance once again brought the crowd to their feet! An unbelievably energetic, perfect per- formance! The BEST ever! N.B.H.S. Whaler Marching Band Association Class B champs for 1983. fThe 2nd straight year!! Along with the trophies and flag championship, the band set 3 records: Highest score ever re- corded in N.E.S.B.A. 490.635 First Class B band to get highest overall score: First band to win N.E.S.B.A. for 2 straight years! Along with the prizes, the unit received an extra bonus: 2 boxes of garbage bags. The winners of Class B were required to clean the stadium: but it was worth every minute of it! An almost undefeated season ended bet- ter than anyone could have wished. rf-- f",' ' tl . f 'H 't" rrfk- r 'lllt 'A ' di W' A, ,... at . 4 , ,i .,, 1 4612359 Q 2 df flr ' 2t,..1w y A . M I ff, Z f tv fi- 4 V an ' " W ' 'V' r . f r , 1. .. -1 , ,F7f7iX,,,,,gK,. .. . : : j E if . ., ... HMM .. 1 A A fy, aw ww' 1.21 fam-!f,,.!f.f fem-Z ef t 1 1 ! . '....' 5. My .. ..... .... V ..., Q X 3, g .. ' tj- I g fi" ' ff 1, ,"-: . iifws. f "' .. QW. 5' 'f , fgig gillf .-r ' ' ,! ' . V ,..,sN lc-.1 . . ,.... . . . A ..... , . ..... .. f ,, ' t , "t' rv 'tl H 1, 1 . W-.73 - . twin ,V .f f, , , , . .,. .. . . , ,V .f.. , , , Q . . V. ., ZV, . ., :I nj 4 4 I ".. , 'V I "lr . . . E NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONS! g , l KN. .ab 4 W. f , H K . ,,. . ,,3.A, . . N' Q, 1 f 9, 'J i xg K I VA K .V ,rm -Q I 'O , . V my I ,E ' , I 3 K ' www mwff Beating Dartmouth Makes It All Worthwhile . . . Being a member of the colorguard means working many hours along with the band. The learning of the field show begins at the end of August. From then on it's practice every weekend until the middle of November when the marching season ends. lt's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun too. Colorguard means meeting people, learning how to work well with people, and taking on responsibility as an individual and as a team. Last year in the finals, along with the championship band banner, the colorguard brought home the "Best Colorguard" trophy for Class B. The highest point of the day, however, came with the announcement that NBHS placed first overall in all classes, thereby beating our biggest rival, Dartmouth High. Hopefully the success will continue when the band and colorguard travel to Toronto this May. 170 Bowt Cl-rj: Laurie Long, Lisa Metcalf Bow 2 fl-rj: Sue Amaral, Lisa Lavado, Lisa Humason. Row 3 fl-rji Kim Almeida, Maria Alves, Rosemary Tsaliagos, Pat Morris, Susanne DaCruz. Bow 4 fl-rj: Joanne Hebert, Bosa Quintal, Nicole Souza, Margaret LeBlanc, Elizabeth Gilmette. Bow 5 fl-rj: Michelle Raymond, Lori Lopez, Chris Perry, Doreen DeSouza, Patti Blouin Ftowf tl-rj: Kim Estrella, Lori Spooner Flow 2 tl-rj: Kathy Kostka, Kim Jacobson, Sue Pacheco, Lisa Correia Ftow 3 tl-rl: Lisa Francis, Annette Bristow, Sherri Anuszczyk, Terry DeBrosse, Kim Souza Practice Makes This Squad Winners . . . Being a majorette means a great deal to each girl who finally makes it. At try-outs, each candidate must make up a routine, know the different twirls, and perform by herself in front of the advisor and staff and all the other girls who are as nervous as she is. Becoming a majorette means hard work and plenty of practice! Every day after school for two hours and twice a week from six to ten p.m. is the normal practice routine. When there aren't any competitions or football games, practice is held all day Saturday. Competitions are nerve-racking, but exciting. As part of the color guard of the band, the majorettes compete throughout New England, and, during the past year, in Florida and Canada. On their own, majorettes competed in the Quincy Christmas Com- petition where they brought home their own trophies. 171 s Q rs we in in .f f me CHEERLEADERS EXPLODE rv -me L-ia i - web -FR gs ff is WX Qi? LENS? Everythangrians sm thfy ENE ag? a in of L We re movin nent ilwr a iafml! Tgimf ng mi in-1, enem a- rings baske S in-ez Ref? jxfbir an A M in whacii wuz' few Q Q S + MN 553 Hats: Sausages 1 fa E Hiiad Q 55295 w mg, X r beets are time ee! H 5 33553 ARL' 3 BU? we :ft was? fit s p L S 2 Sigh Wen Ioek Q ok aims years S 1 ,Qi A wi an ' An rernem r when W3 were at the Q S new gk Nj as N x aww FALL CHEERLEADERS Front QL RJ Sue Mazahen Lynn Perron Linda Agular Chris Brancnaud Bonnie Gorman Back QL RJ Joanne Agular Andrea Patlsteas Laurle Fernandes Pam Arruda Kim Duarte Robyn Wnldnck Dann Segum -wus -..f W 1 gg 152 wx ' E E E Q ' E S? twist . A Y. , 8 wggxfxf! ' E if Q, 1 ,5 V if E 'w--- sm A .P E. iff , ' ' K ' E' is 'WY E H ' Q uv. ' ' Q Q E 1 f u rf ,! 'Q-:Q 'E vw-6 AA K' ,W V- . . N W' Q, ' 'YW l oy, K i1 ., 'Y J X A . - .L F. I. 1 g v., +, 4 H .E lf i fit, ' as-1 5' s.. J, 5 7 'NL lm 7 go E 'L-N., 5 Q V + W p E R 1 ' ' 1 Qu- N W Ty! v ' , x sb 4: -- N 'f'l...', ""x "" 'P V r 1 e e e Q 6 , ffw' , ea WINTER CHEERLEADERS: Back fL-FU: Bonnie Gorman, Robin Wildrick, Joanne X E V 'A 1, : , " Hebert, Kelly Gomes, Lori Fernandes, Nina Chomak. Stacey Smith. Front fl.-RJ: Kim 4 1 - L as A : : 1 il" Duane, Sue Mazaneri, Joanne Aguiar 1 3, ' 'fl E T 1 R by ,Q ,L 'M ' fwfr '11 Q 1 mv ff w ' Y I . ij ' i., 1 . 1:- Sg , t L- if NL, ,- + :Xi -- 5 . " .e .-- "1' . . ,--..1 ',,n, -1 .I ' -',.,, .!, '.,n, .ah xg afjg -gf. A x Q 5 QQ.3fm,.. I' mf A h rs , , , ?.Qj,f,3 5 i,i4.g,4s,g1 A ,La 1, QV, fi-N' 'Que I 'X.::lA'11l" 1-W. .fave 'f!x.f1f gm it 2.5 ' -"'7 ' V . 'ff , I we Q h::i"'i"- 3 -M dm-.'. ,v iraz , ggi' .fa .. wx-wghi 'B S e vw- Q- .L if J' 5 . ,, 1 A. , LE, A .. 'A 5, N, 1.74,-1 K - . A Q R A, X Q KIA A f . S A, . My ' A , ew: , QN, me -e iii ,::-' Q , H4 -W-'W' WM " 7:5 I I ' l f E W 5 EE E A ' is ' '4...,,,5 6 ,sf lv ' ff fe E E E if .fy 4: N W ef" -aw-f1 :,, a,ae ,Af '-eff v e 173 DRAMA CLUB: BEHIND THE SCENES The Drama Club introduces students to the excitement and challenge of live theatre. Two shows a year in the fall and spring bring almost professional caliber productions to New Bedford. Work both on stage and background bring big scale shows such as Dracula, A Christmas Carol, The Good Doctor, South Pacific, Jesus Christ, Superstar, The King and I, and The Wiz. Massive sets and gorgeous costumes, special lighting and spirited choreography have all been great artistic and creative successes. Theatre trips to New York and Boston give Drama Club members the chance to see professional performances. Many members continue to pursue the study of drama after graduation. Flow 1 QL-Bl: Karen Sanchez, Holly Broadbent, Mr. Marchand, Madelana Andrade, Mr. Charbon- neau, Becky Dupras, Kenny Torres, Joe Leandre. Bow 2: Elaine Cunningham, Sue Roncka, Genie Gomes, Debby Conboy. Flow 3: Jane Kirby, Gina Coffey, Michelle Stuart, Wendy Capra, Darlene Dwyer, Tracey Cooper, Kim Fabio, Maria Figuerido, Penny Pirnentel. 174 R W fi g 5 x A A QQ, - 1 U Tr? T ! X F THE GOOD DOCTOR THE GOOD DOCTOR was a special challenge for the Drama Club - a fall production that was not really a musical, but had music, dancing, and singing. A comedy by Neil Simon, it was based on short stories by the great Russian writer, Anton Chekhov. Mike Ventura played "The Writer" and introduced, commented on, and even took roles in the ten separate playlets. The charm and humor of old Russia was seen in "The Sneeze" with Steve Myers as a government clerk who sneezes all over his superior fPaul Foucartj and ends up fading away, t'The Governessu had Sue Rocka as a seemingly cruel mistress of a timid Michelle Stuart, "The Dentist" had Ken Torres as the first patient fvictim'?J of a determined Mark Leblanc, l'Too Late for Happiness' had the only song in the show as an old couple fPaul Foucart and Maria Figueridoj try to find companionship and understandingg "The Seduction" had a womanizing Mike McGrath slyly seducing Wendy Capra away from Eric Hubert, "The Drowned Man" had Jeff Barrows making his own apparent suicide an entertainment for the writer, The Audition had a meek would-be actress fPenny Pimentelj attempt to get an acting job fshe doesig 'tThe Weak Defenseless Creature" had Holly Broadbent drive a frustrated bank official fTony Medeirosj and his assistant tScott Wazlowskii to equal insanityg and t'The Arrangement" had a teenager fJohn Cosmosi come to grips with growing up with the aid of his father. This demanding production had sets that spun around and changed quicklyg specially painted curtains and lighting effects, and special choreography by six Russian dancers fDawn Andrews, Vicki Maisoiave, Penny Pimentel, Kevin Burns, Jeff Barrows, and Eric Hubertj. This certainly was another Drama Club show NBHS could be proud of! , 'QV' if QAQF' f i if ,fi . aw ' 1,,,,"7 I9 an ,V A 43, 'F R Q my O 1 3 NBHS STUDENT LEADERS In a school as large as NBHS, it is neces- sary to have good student leaders to act as links between groups and administration and advisors. The role of the Student Advisory Council under the direction of Mr. J. Robinson does an excellent job of acting as a liaison be- tween the general student body and the ad- ministration. They help make decisions affecting the student body and work hard on school projects such as the Academic Ex- cellence Program. With over 30 clubs in the school, good leadership is needed to direct activities of each club or organization. This leadership SAC: Flon Jacobs, Sue Bergeon, Sue Roncka, Nicole Picard, Michelle LeBlanc, Sue Caron, INTER-CLUB: Seated QL-RJ: Judy Silva, Margarida Duarte, Nicole Picard, Esmerelda Morgado, Barbara Collins, Carolyn Connulty. tStanding, L-RJ: Tracy Barros, Paula Jacome, ldalina Couto, Sean McFadden, Lena Almeida, Marc Coulombe, Kevin Young, Maria Figueiredo. ti' F. , JR. OFFICERS: QL-Rl Joe Andrade, tst. v.p.: Stacey Smith, pres.: Chrisann Kellish, sec.: Sue Caron, 2nd. v.p. 178 comes from the club presidents whose duties change, depending on the individual club and advisor. New to the high school this year is the Inter-club Council, made up of the vice- presidents of each organization. This group attempts to bring all clubs together through- out the year to sponsor activities that are of interest to everyone, such as Spirit Week, school dances, flea markets, etc. Perhaps the hardest-worked groups are the steering committees - esp. the senior steering committee. The committee is made up of one representative from each home- room and is responsible for handling all finan- cial obligations of that room as well as pass- ing on all pertinent information between homerooms and the Dean's Office. In addi- tion to dues, senior members are responsi- ble for tallies on yearbooks, caps and gowns, banquets, proms, etc. Last but not least, are the class officers. The social life of a particular class some- times rests on the interest generated by the officers. The officers also lead meetings of the steering committees. All in all the role of student leadership is paramount to a well-run school. it ' Mai rr? 'il Pj ., ,A ,, r'V PRESIDENTS: Seated QL-FU: Barbara Collins, Maria Figueiredo, Ana Leal, Sue Caron, Monica Leandre. tStanding, L-Ftj: Flon Jacobs, Sue Ftoncka, Marc Coulombe, Charles Murphy, Betsy Collins. X EDFUE I SOPH. OFFICERS: fL-RJ Dave Oliveira, sec.g Chris Karalekas, tst. v.p.: William Wallace, pres.: Robert Mota, 2nd. v.p. i SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE: Seated lL-Ri: Chris Delano, Leonora da Silveira, Helen Soares, Kelly Coughlin, Linda Levesque, Bob Sosa, Brenda Cardoso, Lisa Lacasse. fStanding, L-RJ: Mr. M. Taylor Iadv.i, Wendy Amaral, Michelle Stuart, Maria Figueiredo, Esmerelda Morgado, Ken Torres, Marc. Coulombe, Jeff Granger, Heidi Winderlick, Louise Ouintal, Raegan Watkins, Matt Camacho, Lori Wienzek, Michelle Bois. F JUNIOR STEERING COMMITTEE: Seated CL-RJ: Kim Lariveire, Margie Zable, Sandy Medeiros, Ana Chereta, Allison Deprato, Lisa Amaral. tStanding, L-Ri: Mr. Oliver Iadv.J, Sue Caron, Lori Rubin, Tricia Swain, Ruth Sousa, Steve Klakowicz, Jerel Augustine, Kevin Young, Renee Berthiume, Darren Souza, Tom Duval, Lynn Perron, Mrs. Purcell fadv.J. SOPHOMORE STEERING COMMITTEE: Seated CL-RJ: Sue Vandal, Yael Alkalay, Maria Souza, Carol Camaioni, Chris Baxter, Lisa Delano, Chris Karalekas, Mike Barros, Mrs. Ayotte Iadv.i. Standing QL-RJ: Heidi F-Rogers, Steve Lauzon, Billy Wallace, Butch Rudolph, Scott Pemberton, Aida Gonsalves, Jackie Almeida, Mr. Edmundson tadv.J. iw. " .',,,... ,H mm FRESHMEN STEERING COMMITTEE Seated IL-Ri: Maria Chereta, Kelly DeMelIo, Valerie Amorin, Kelly Taylor. Kneeling IL-Ri: Lisa Cruz, Michelle Goyette, Rosemary Tsaliagos, Stephanie Lawrence. Jackie Dias, Cynthia Carrier. Standing lL- is Mr. A. Alves ladv.J. Lori Fonseca, Robert Long, Eddie Carreiro, Dave Lebeau, Dana Przyby- szewski, Brian Machado, Mr. Dean tadv.i. 179 THE ART CDF CGIVIIVIUNICATICN Many of our high school students have been involved in activities associated with communications. Through membership in WIMC-TV, Crimson Courier or Alpha, stu- dents have been able to display their work in the weekly television show, School Scang in the school's newspaper, The Crimson Courierg or in the school's an- nual literary magazine, Alpha. All stu- dents involved have shared their talents and creativity by sharing information and entertaining others through their work in the area of communications. They have attended conferences and workshops to improve their product, and the end results have shown these improvements. ALPHA MAGAZINE: QL-RJ Marc Ribeiro, Majorie Zable, Jane Kirby, Maria Ger- Engnd, Kirsten Johnson, Betsy Collins, Nikki Rapoza, David Girard, Mr. Peccini a v. Pepin ladv.J. "The writer .. . is a person who talks to himself, or better, who talks in himselff' Malcolm Cowley "News is the first rough draft of history," Benjamin Bradlee, editor of the Washington Post CRIMSON COURIER: Row 1 ll.-Rl: Mr. Millette, Lynne Melancon, George Neto, Jack N'Guia, Debby Conboy, Michelle Bois, Sue Lambert. Row 2lL-Ri: Esmerelda Morgado, Kathy Nobrega, Jane Kirby, Helen Maia, Maria Catua, Tracy Barrows, Tracy Audette, Coromoto Furtado, Lori Peirce. Row 3 lL-Rl: Ken Torres, Mr. De Chambeau, Jeff Poyant, Ray Varieur, Sharon Szlegier, Dave Girard, Kirsten Johnson tedl, Betsy Collins ted.j, Joe Leandre, Antonina- Espada, Sandra Trafalis, Mike Mimoso, Margie Zable, Kathleen Brennan, Vivian Harrington, Lisa Roderick, Mr. "The instrument can teach, it can illuminate. Yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise, it is merely lights and wires in a box." Edward Fl. Murrow WIMC-TV: Row 1 ll-RJ: Tony Medeiros, Kevin Richards, Jorge Ramos, Linda Cabeca, Rob Faria, Jett Poyant. Row 2 QL-RJ: Steve Moniz, Liz Vieira, Tracey Cooper, Mike Saba, Karen Sanchez, Barbara Collins, Matt Ramos, Betsy Collins, John Cosmos. Row 3 QL-Rl: Chris Seed, Mr. Robitaille ladv.l, Joe Gomes, Ken Carrier, Joe Leandre. 180 7, SEEKING FUTURE CAREERS NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB: Row 1 QL-RJ: Sean McFadden, Richard Popovick, Scott Derossi, Mark -Martin. Row 2 QL-RJ: Mr. Strittmatter ladv.j, Karen Almeida, Vanessa Hemsley, James Pelletier, Charles Murphy, Chris McCoy, Shelby Somerville. BUSINESS CLUB: Row 1 KL-RJ: Eusebia Arruda, Joann Gomes, Cindy Pires tSec.J, Tracy Barrows KVPJ, Christie Rebeiro, Stacey Perry, Wendy Medeiros. Row 2 QL-RJ: Louanne Lake, Laurie Bernier, Linda Barba tPres.J, Debbie Barba tTreas.J, Dian Francis, Esmerelda Morgado, Maryjane Moraes, Ms. D. Caton Cadv.J. There have been many students active in the career-oriented clubs at N.B.H.S. Through mem- bership inthe Business Club, the Natural Science Club or the Future Teachers' Club, students were able to research their interest in future careers involving business, medicine, science or educa- tion. The Business Club members learned about the business world by organizing activities such as car washes, cake sales and general sales campaigns. ln addition to this, they attended business confer- ences for meetings and seminars on business topics. The Natural Sciences concentrated on the knowledge of the world around them. Their objec- tive was to promote interest among people in the natural sciences. For the Future Teachers, "learn by doing" proved successful. To acquaint them- selves with teaching, the members were actively involved with tutoring. They also visited campuses of various schools for orientation. In general, these students took advantage of their interests to learn more about future careers. FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB: Row 1 QL-RJ: Christine McCoy, Karen Sanchez, Maria Lopes. Row 2 CL-RJ: Mrs. Dlouhy tadv.J, Suzette DaCosta, Lena Almeida, Barbara Collins, Esmeralda Morgado. 181 LENDING A HAND . Three of the top service clubs at NBHS lend a hand to both the school and com- munity with their service projects. The Student Congress works primarily with the administration to establish school rules and regulations and election proce- dures. They also assist with the annual food drives. The Usher Corps lends its services at school plays, concerts, open house reg- istrations, and competitions. They usher for the city and state pageants, gradua- tions and the mayor's inauguration. The Key Club sends its members to STUDENT CONGRESS: Row 1 QL-Rt: Mr. M. Taylor tadv.J, Patty McCoy, Stephanie Lawrence, Kelly Taylor, Wendy Amaral, Roberta Verille, Kim Grace, Lori Rubin, Nancy Panker, Heidi Winderlick, Linda Levesque, Paula Ferreira, Lisa Amaral, Helen Soares. Row 2: Dan Weaver, Tammi Cunha, Robin Taylor, Yael Alkalay, John Ruel, Chris Baxter, Del Bettencourt, Robin Alves, Lucy Pereira, Mary Poirier, Betsy Collins, Kelly Coughlin, Ken Torres, Michelle Bois, Mr. L. Edmundson tadv.l Row 3: Heidi Rogers, Richard Pacheco, Robin Jacques, Jennifer Constantine, Alda Goncalves, Amybeth Pragana, Linda Eugenio, Michelle Goyette, Robert Long, Valerie Amorin, Sue Rassmussen, Lori Gebo, Alyson DePrato, Maria Souza, Marc Coulombe, Sue Caron, Deraman Barros, Esmerelda Morgado, Jerel Augustine, Carol Caimioni, Robert Sosa, Jay Herman, Darren Souza, Helen Costa, Steve Klakowicz, Lisa Lacasse, Tracey Stuart, Tom Duval, Lori Weinzek, Wendy Capra, Karen Booker. ,J nursing homes to visit with patients, and it organizes a city-wide collection for food baskets for those in need at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. NBHS is proud of these people who give so freely of their time. KEY CLUB: CL-RJ Monica Leandre, Archie Belan- ger, Petra Leandre USHER CORPS: Kneeling QL-RJ: Kathy Souza, Kelly Oliver, Maria Lopes, Maria Monteiro, Grace Carreiro. fStanding, L-RJ: Richard Lanlois, Doreen Coucelos, Esmerelda Morga- do, Doreen Sylvia, Antonina Espada, Betsy ollins, Paula Jacome, Sue Duarte, Rhona Cleremont, Karen Sanchez. XXX, 182 FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB 1st L-R: Ana Alexandre, Margaret LeBlanc, Kelly Oliver, tvpl Maria Figuei- redo, fpres.J Ana Leal, fseci Gina Roderigues, Maria Baptista, Maria Monteiro, Mr. P. Guy 2nd L-R: Karoline Pacheco, Ana DeBarros, Margie Zable, Nancy Machado, Patty Blouin, Sandy Trafalis, Jennifer Grime, Pam Lewis, Anita Wilcox, Sue Mazaheri, Kim Macomber 3rd L-R: Chris Bolduc, Kevin Young, Davie Arruda, Jose Andrade, Rui Serpa, Andy Wolfe, Steve Cabral, Debbie Sylvia, Jennifer Constantine AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE 1st L-R: Valerie Costa, Connie Pereira, Liz Perry, Casey Ferreira, Danielle Se- quin, Mamoud Abdel-Gawad, fpresj Maria Figueiredo, Lori Lopez, Kim Maoomber, Jennifer Constantine 2nd L-R: Mario Gomes, Maria Ribeiro, Gina Roderigues, Kevin Younlg, Melissa Souza, Ed Haskins, Deraman Bar- ros, Mike avares, Marc Coulombe, Brenda Lamond, Bridget Lyons, Penny Aimen, Robert Duarte, Michell Oli- ver, Sharon O'Reilly, Ellen Correia, Ms. M. Persson 3rd L-R: Mr. R. Medeiros, Nancy Medeiros, Kelly Gomes, Angela Almeida, Michelle Sequin, Chris O'Malley, Alyson De rato, Maria Maoedo, Sharon Marshall, Sue Mazaheri, Karen Booker, Patty Blouin, Jennifer Grime THE WORLD AROUND US . . . Education comes from more than arriving at a building each morning and trudging home with armloads of books each afternoon. A true educa- tion is the meeting and mingling of minds and cultures. lt is to this end that our three cultural clubs strive. Members are encouraged to learn about the worlds beyond their own through so- cial, cultural and community-oriented activities. INTERNATIONAL CLUB lst L-R: Valerie Costa, Connie Perreira, Isabel Plmental, fpres.J Diana Seco, Ana Roda, Daniela Azevedo, Chris Chiquito 2nd L-R: tvpl Maggie Duarte, Tony Marques, Dunfal Vieira, Joe Bolarinho, Hermi- nio Marcolo, tsec.J Angela Tavares, Mary Moniz, ftres.l Nel- lie Costodio, Isabel Garcia, Mr. A. Oliveira 3rd L-R: Mario Gomes, Pedro Pereira, Francisco Oliveira, Tony Rafael, Tony Novo, Maria Rocha 183 TALENT CDN DISPLAY The Minority Awareness Club and the Art Club have proven themselves to be filled with fresh and innovative talent this year. The Minority Awareness Club demon- strated a diversified range of talents during its first annual talent show which was an overwhelming success. The talent of the Art Club was reflected in the designs and decorations shown in the display cases in various locations through- out NBHS. ln addition to these cases the members also lent their talents to posters used for publicity of dances and other school functions. Future artists in the creative and enter- taining fields will certainly come from these two groups. MINORITY AWARENESS CLUB: Front lL-RJ: Rochelle Victor, Cheryl Stroud, Donny Hunt, Kelly Kydd, Lisa Allen, Nicole Johnson, Kelly Monteiro. Back QL-RJ: John Duarte, Mrs. Conward, Gary Robinson, Donna DaRosa, Jose Gomes, Debra King, Terry Wynn, Idalina Couto, Marc Ribeiro, Holly Covey, Kevin Burns, Raven Gonsalves, Jesse Mendes, Lee Neves, Bobby Duarte, Mrs. Purcell. 184 ART CLUB: CL-RJ: Christine Leonard, Shelby Somerville, Mr. R. Millette fadv.J, Kim Oliveira, Gina Rodrigues, Kevin Young, Holly Broadbent, Kirsten Johnson, Marc Ribeiro, Debra Amaral. i Y 3 s 3 GREAT OUTDOORS CLUB: tMembershipl: tPres,l Marc Coulombe, NPJ Sharon Marshall, iSec.l Cathy Pepin, iTreas.l Steve Turgeon, Mellissa Adkins, Penny Aiman, Angela Almeida, Derek Amaral, Karen Anusczyk, Scott Araujo, Maria Arruda, Sandra Bala, Gina Barboza, Pam Barboza, Deb Barton, Aaron Bedard, Lisa Benedetti, Scott Bettencourt, Mike Blanchard, Michelle Bois, Holly Broadbent, Danielle Brousseau, Glenn Carter, Brenda Cardoso, Tony Carneiro, Amy Carreiro, Deb Conboy, Jennifer Cormier, Steve Correira, Linda Costa, Jean Couto, Holly Covey, Kris Curry, Tim Curry, Dina DaCosta, Craig Dahlberg, Lynda Dauphin, Mark Davidian, Charlene Diggs, Roger Duarte, Celeste Duf- resne, John Dufresne, Tom Duval, Pat Ellis, Kim Fabio, Robinson Faria, Bob Farias, Sue Finnerty, Cheryl Fleury, Chris Ferreira, Debi Fredette, Dawn Gomes, Jean-Louis Gomes, Syivi Gomes, Kim Grace, Michelle Harriman, Shelly Harrison, Tracy Hathaway, Jay Herman, Marilyn Howcroft, Lisa Humason, Lisa Jacome, Chris Johnson, Toni Jones, Lana Karajohn, John Joia, Gail Lacasse, Jenny Lacasse, Lisa Lacasse, Lori Lague, Brenda Lamond, Michelle Langlois, Peter Larkin, Stephanie Lawrence, David Lebeau, Michelle LeBlanc, Robin McHale, Dina McKay, Maureen Medeiros, Kim Oliveira, Julie Peterson, Barbara Pina, Michelle Raymond, Michelle Roda, Sharon Saltzman, Myra Sayar, Jackie Seney, Tim Sheehan, Shelby Somerville, Darin Souza, Maureen Sullivan, Bobbi Jean Sylvia, Debra Sylvia, Jean Sylvia, Susan Tente, Rose Mary Tsaliagos, Tom Washburn, Dan Weaver, Lori Wienzek. HISTORY CLUB: Seated CL-Rl: Carla Ferreira, pres., Lucy Carreiro, vp tStanding, L-Rl: Stacy Holmes, sec.g Mr. J. Borowicz, adv.g Robin Jacques, treas. THE WORLD OF DISCOVERY Both the History Club and the Great Outdoors Club strive to discover more about themselves by learning more about the world around them, past and present. The History Club takes field trips to his- toric sites for educational purposes, while the Great Outdoors Club travels to va- rious spots to experience the world out- side the classroom. These trips include mountain climbing in New Hampshire, canoeing in Maine, and bicycling on Martha's Vineyard. As noted, both of these clubs are both educational and fun for the members. 'cl 185 THE SOUNDS GF IVIUSIC! During the course of the year the Music De- partment of New Bedford High, which consists of the groups shown as well as the band, actively participates in school functions, community func- tions, caroling, dance and Christmas concerts. Balance, diction, intonation and tone are all essential in each performance. Select groups, such as Show Choir, perform popular music in three or four part harmony with dance which is choreographed by each group. The styles of singing vary from group to group, giving each a unique and distinguished sound. The two distinct groups of the department are the Select SSA Chorus and the TBB Chorus. Select SSA is an auditioned group for female singers. They prepare serious music with a per- fect three part harmony blend. The TBB is a male chorus which sings many styles of music in two or three part harmony. Throughout the year the goal of each group is to strive toward perfection and unity in singing and performance. SHOW CHOIR Row 1: Ryan Tavares, Alifia Khazan, Dana Andrade Row 2: Nioole Rapoza, Eric Hubert, Dawn Andrews, Kevin Burns, Maureen Sanchez Row 3: Richard Langlois, Michelle Saindon, .Janice Bedard, Marc Ribeiro, Amy Kummer, Sue Pires, Robert Andrade, Victoria Maisonave. 186 MIXED CHORUS This special combination of voices is made up of members of SSA and TBB. CONCERT CHORALE Row 1: Amy Kummer, Jeff Barrows, Eric Hubert, George Despres Row 2: Kim Fabio, Janice Bedard, Penny Pimental, Marc Ribeiro, Sheryle Vandal, Mike McGrath, Chris Lopes Row 3: Robert Andrade, Michelle Saindon, Ken Tavares, Kevin Burns, Ron Mery, Raymond Normandin 1 ORCHESTRA Row 1: Chris Reed, Kendra Medeiros, James Bettenoourt, Peter Ashworth Row 2: Karen Almeida, Roslyn Crompton, Richard Popovic, Michelle Goyette, Steve Darmofal, Mike Eugenio Row 3: Lisa Hernandez, Ann Crabbe, Elizabeth Alves, Ann Brennan, Athena Xiarhos, Julie Casey, Keith Geronymo. SELECTED SSA Row 1: Dawn Andrews, Penny Pimental, Maureen Sanchez, Victoria Maisonave, Nicole Rapoza, Heidi Cabral, Mary Hunt, Kelly Pimental, Tammi Cunha. Row 2: Alifia Khazan, Carol Camaioni, Joleen Froias, Lisa Hernandez, Karen Clark. Row 3: Pamela Lewis, Michelle Saindon, Sue Pires, Lori Lopez, Amy Kummer, Yael Alkalay, Sheryle Vandal, Janice Bedard, Chris Heroux, April Morrison TBB L-R: Ken Torres, Mike McGrath, Andy Sylvia, Mario Duarte, Steven Darmofal, Dana Andrade, Ryan Tavares, Jorge Neto, Ken Tavares, Kevin Burns, Richard Langlois SSA Row 1: Mary Ann Rivera, Doreen Fernandez, Joleen Froias, Judy Silva, Michelle Oliver, Alyssa Lynch, Stacy Holmes. Row 2: Bernice Dias, Roxanne Silva, Kelly Cough- lin, Debbie Dyer, Lori Carreiro, Samantha Ronan, Kim Syn- nott. Row 3: Ms. Kirby, Heidi Cabral, Marcia Hahn, Celia Cajuda, Lynn Paiva, Dionne Arruda, Sue Way, Jackie Seney, Sue Duarte. Row 4: Gracie Castro, Erin Silva, Donna Desor- cy, Kelly Pimental, Tammy Eaton, Michelle Oliver, Valerie Amorin, Jen Conlon, Ellen O'ReiIly. Row 5: Lisa Cardosa, Michelle Almeida, Bernadette Brocklehurst, Maria Jardin, Karen Clark, Shawn DaRocha, Kelly Grovell, Sue Augustine, Kathryn Roche. SCJUNDS OF THE SEASON Once again the NBHS choral groups gave a diversified Christmas Concert. The concert opened with the traditional Sleigh Ride carol performed by the band. This was followed by the SSA and TBB who sang a medley of carols which included Carol of Bells and Christmas Garland accompanied by electric bass and drums. Messiah, Unto Us a Child ls Born and I Heard the Bells were sung with excellence by the Selected SSA. The four part au- ditioned, Concert Chorale, performed What Child Is This? and Messiah - Hal- lelujah Chorus. Choreographed by the Show Choir was an upbeat number called Christ Child ls Born, which was also accompanied by bass guitar, drums and piano. The guitar performed soft and mel- low classical guitar pieces, and the finale was performed by all the members singing Festival of Carol. lt was an inspiring con- cert. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION "A little salesmanship goes a long Way!! Distributive Education is more than a class or club. lt is a breaking ground to a future career. The students in DE, in addi- tion to classes, run the school bookstore where their salesmanship shines. They further their skills for the job market by spending part ot the school day in actual employment. Shown here are sample shots of the bookstore where customers are tempted to buy school pins, stickers, shirts, jack- ets, etc. Supplementing this stock are the usual pens, pencils and humorous cards. All in all the program proves to be a valuable tool for the student eager to hit the "truitfully employed." 190 in Higgs S92 Q few af Standing QL-RJ Ed Lima, Len Jacintho, Todd Manchester, Theresa Cormier, Donald Cosme, Jerry Ramos, Mike Blouin, David Lira, John Gomes lll, Tony DaCosta, Rick Medeiros, Christine Mulroy, Leslie Eluziario, Cheryl Choquette, Darlene Freitas, Darren Desnoyers, Mr. Pacheco Kneeling: Steve Wood, Angela Polar, Elvin Ramos, Sally Vega, Carol Mello, Christine DeMello, Tammy Williams, Kathy Rego, Joseph Perry 4, ,,,,Q , ,,,.. , JRCDTC: MOTIVATION TODAY FOR TOMORROW'S LEADERS During the 1983-84 school year, the JROTC showed a great deal of motivation and interest in responding to the challenges fac- ing them in their pre-military training. They achieved many honors in- cluding: winning first place as the Best Marching Unit in the Tri- Town Parade, held in New Bed- ford on Veterans' Day, winning first place as the Best in Parade at Marion, and winning the Regional Championship. The JROTC staff, consisting of Colonel Napoli, MSG. Collins, and Sgt. Morrison, was impressed with the enormous response and the great motivation shared by the students. ln 1983-84, 30 cadets, from all classes signed up for a new Adventure Training Platoon. Many other honors were achieved by JROTC. They partici- pated at the mayor's inauguration and inaugural ball. In addition to this they also posted the flags at the American Legion Post I, and provided a color guard, and an honor guard at the "Four Chap- lain's Service," at The Seaman's Bethel. The enthusiasm and motivation demonstrated by the students, as well as that of the staff, has brought honor upon the JROTC. Also, many young leaders have surfaced. The experience that these young leaders and cadets received will be advantageous in helping them in the future. ln addi- tion to pursuing a military career, their training at New Bedford High will help in civilian life. Their learn- ing to function in a competitive en- vironment will be helpful through- out their lives. A , - Wtt.. ff- -.,- ff '. ,V .. -' gg' - - I : - R X ' -1- , .'-t I N .. f' '-,' - -..t j - 1 " ' '-" . " 1 1 1 ' 1- -- A '-LL : i t li-. . t-'- ,- ' ii.---i - .-.i iiii- , .. A if E Y M: f A Siilb A 1- ff-9 .. -k.. ' : ' f , - ij K . . QR: kk.-k..,-k Q rj 1 X A ---h lAt'. I i'-. Q '..- ,ZS i . in i, K ,,.,. sf N I g BATTALION COMMANDER AND STAFF: QL-RJ: Pedro G. Almeida, Deborah Fer- nandes, Lynn Larracuente, Zeferino Gomes, Denise Anderson. 1 Col. Napoli Sammi 'lf fam my VICTORIANS: Row 1 KL-RJ: Verna Drayton, Barbara-Jean Correira, Deborah Fernandes, Lynn Larracuente, Eugenia Gomes. Row 2 QL-Rl: Roxanne Blake, Lori Gebo, Shannon Andrade, Karen Vieira, Cheri Anderson. Row 3 QL-RJ: Sylvia Gomes, Rachelle Pinto, Maria daSiIva, Melannie Paulo. BATTALION COLOR GUARD: fl.-Rl: Bruce Duarte, Dean Lawrence, Julio Tavares, Scott Pemberton. MALE DRILL TEAM: Row 1 KL-R: Emmanuel Fernandes, Pedro G. Almeida, Zeferino Gomes, Belmiro J. Fernandes, John Arruda. Row 2 KL-RJ: Mauricio Andrade, Jean Couto, Jean L. Gomes, Benjamin Amaro, Josue Amaro. Row 3 ll.-RJ: Dean Lawrence, Euan Rivera, David Marsden, Carmello Grajales, Christopher arros. SFC Morrison VICTORIANS II: QL-Rl: Jocelina Andrade, Robin McClurg, Lori Fonseca, Jeanette Fliveira, Margarita Gonzalez. LJ RIFLE TEAM: QL-RJ: Eugenia Gomes, Karen Vieira, Belmiro Fernandes, Emmanuel Fer- nl nandes, Lawrence Collins, Pedro Almeida, Jean L. Gomes, Sylvia Gomes, Maurcio Andrade. I ff Z ,kV,z 5 Je ff 2? A iii ' ff 1 Q .f If 6 s QW fwriilfaj 'X T AAV! ,.,,.. , .. MSG Collins 193 W COMPANY A: Row 1 QL-Rl: Mark Agrelo, Jean Couto, Esefmero Fernandes, Jose de Cunha, Jean Gomes, Juan Rivera. Row 2 KL-RJ: Joshue Amara, Michael Tavares, Jack Armstrong, Mauricio Andrade, Thomas Drought, Carmelo Grajalas, Francisco Gonzalez, John Arruda, Eric Quann. Row 3 CL-Rl: Henry Bachand, Paul Ponte, Christopher Tripp, Tray Avila, Michael Camell, Dean Majndle, David Marsden, Raymond Fortes, Benjamin Amaro, Christopher Barros, Graciano Medeiros. 1 . ,.tv HAM, COMPANY B: Row 1 lL-RJ: Jeanette Riviera, Verna Drayton, Polly-Anne De COMPANY C: Row 1 CL-RJ: Rachel Moreau, Tina Beaulieu, Sylvia Gomes, Wendy Souza, Monica Leandre, ldalina Couto, Elba Feliciano, Cheryl Barboza. Row 2 Lima, Renee Trombley, Petra Leandre, Kristen Lobo. Row 2 lL-Rl: Suzette De lL-RJ: Cathy Fernandes, Lori Gebo, Kirsten McGarvey, Nancy DeMello, Shannon Medeiros, Maria Germano, Michelle Oliver, Laurie Penha, Rachelle Pinto, Martade Andrade, Eugenia Gomes, B.J. Correia. Row 3 lL-Rl: Melannie Paulo, Camille Silva, Cheri Anderson, Karen Vieira, Roxanne Blake. Row 3 QL-RJ: Rachel Gomes, l Anderson, Susan Silvia, Laurie Fonseca, Joceline Andrade, Maritza Allende, Mayra Adames, Rosa Resto, Lisa Burris, Michelle Maciel, Carmen Talvera, Maryann 3 Annette Rodrigues. Row 4 lL-Rl: Roberta Fonseca, Penny Aiman, Maryanne Riveira, Margarita Gonzalez, Nancy Gonzales, Elsie Arnum. 1 Riveira, Elaine DePina, Robin McClurg, Ana Santos, Monica Duarte. y 4, L531 fl, an 3 't w FOR THE GETTING READY CHALLENGE . M. 4 ,.., X.XA..Xmi44A AIDES SHOW RESPONSIBILITY Being a Main Office, T.V., or Dean's Aide gives a person experience, maturity, responsibility, and a skill in working with others. lt's a very good way in which to meet new people. In the Main Office, aides meet students, teachers, parents and all the employees connected with New Bedford High School. Since T.V. Aides work with expensive equipment the students must be mature and responsible. This job also gives the aides experience in working with others as a team. Being Dean's Aides is not all fun and games. The student becomes the Dean's friend and in many ways her right handman. One important task a Dean's Aide has is locating teachers and students who are needed by the Dean of Students. They also help with much of the clerical work behind graduation, the prom and the banquets. MAIN OFFICE CL-Ri Del Bettencourt, Robin Alves, Joanne Aquiar, Sue Amaral, Raven Gonsalves Kathy Kostka Y I I DEAN'S OFFICE EL-RJ Gina Coffey, Richard Gomes, Kelly Leal, Kim Oliveira, Christie Rebeiro, Lydell on on. 196 TV STUDIO IL-Ri Lee Silveira, Kevin Richards, Preston Perry, Karen Sanchez. Row 2: Dave Conceicao, Joe Andrews, Rob Faria, Ken Carrier, Jeff Poyant, Linda Cabeca, Dave Roy, Barbara Collins, Joe Leandre, Jorge Ramos, Joe Gomes. ,,,. .. .,,. , . ...M "You're the most efficient aides l've ever had!" AIDES SHOW SKILLS Resource Center, Guidance, and Nurses' Aides require a great deal of special work ability. The students that are aides take time to learn how to help others. The Nurses' aides help take students! temperatures, give them salt water solutions for their throats and help put on certain creams for burns or chapped skin. They also help sign students out on dismissals. Students feel better when a Nurses' aide is there to help them. Guidance aides help the Guidance Counselors locate students. The aide may also deliver messages and work on necessary paperwork. Resource Center Aides help get needed information to their fellow students. The aides pass out pink slips to the study halls and help organize books. Helping others is what the Nurses', Resource Center, and Guidance Aides do best. NURSE GUIDANCE Standing lL-RJ Carol Astley, Lucy Pereira, Betsy Collins Seated: Row 1 QL-Rl Laurie Amaral, Hilda Ayala, Joanne Aguiar, Christine Heroux, Barbara McKibbon, Debra Coelho, Cindy Baker ....,.. . . .... . . g r r 9 "" 4 f J -4 2 'M . J ..,.. .. , X ,, My Bridget Barnes, Michelle Bois, Lori Gebo STUDENT RESOURCE CENTER Cheri Anderson, Kim Anderson, lsabel Antunes, Anna Baker, Cynthia Baker, Sue Ballard, John Bispo, Helen Brin, Eddie Carreiro, Olga Concelos, Susan Crajeiro, Eric Cunha, Neli Custodio, Vicky Ferreira, Debbie Furtado, Lisa Gomes, Francisco Gomes, Robin Jacques, Randy Lima, Carol Mack, Gus Medeiros, Linda Medeiros, Fernanda Melo, Lisa Oliveira, Michelle Oliveira, Ellen O'Reilly, Tammy Osterdahl, Rickie Pacheco, Mark Parent, Scott Pemberton, Dawn Perry, Pat Ramos, Juan Rivera, Maria Rocha, Stacie Rodrigues, Heidi Rogers, Sicilia Santos, David Seney, A T . Tommy Smusz, Bobbie Jean Sylvia, , C Mary Sylvia, Diane swire, cidaiia 1. . rrrf T Tavares, Pauline Tavares, Sue Tracz, Christine Vieira. 197 OFFICE AIDES HELP SCHOOL RUN SMOOTHLY House office aides are essential to the office secretary and to an organized house. The aides provide the extra touch that is needed to maintain a well-run office. The office aides not only type, file, answer phones, take and deliver messages, but also, work on attendance and help anyone that needs information. At times the work space in the office gets to be over crowded and confusing, but with a little patience and a smile, miracles can make the work fun and enjoyable. GREEN HOUSE Pow 1: QL-Fil Mrs. Griffith, Ann Pereira, Sue Malinha, Gail Lacasse Row 2: Pam Martins, Pat McCoy, Karoline Pacheco, Maria Lopes Sue Pacheco, Maria Marques, Linda Scott, Lucimar Silva, Athena Xiarhos Row 3: Ana Fiua, Chris Curry, Chris Delano, Lisa Mello, Nicole Fernandes, Chris Cormier, Gore-tte Souza, Vivian Harrington Q HI found the information that you wanted." 1 GOLD HOUSE Flow 1: fL-Rl Cristina Silva, Alison Bauer, Mrs. Rose, Iva Chereta, Irene Fiibeiro Row 2: Lucy Lopes, Marianne Frias, Sharon Wynn, June Silva, Nicole Johnson, Ana Chereta, Stella Medeiros, Filomena Silva, Jennifer Jacintho, Alena Neves, Marilyn Howcraft, Angela Vasconcellos, Patricia Giunta 198 - BLUE HOUSE Plow 1: QL-Fil Mrs. Berge-ron Row 2: Mrs. Harper, Pam Souza, Maria Monteiro, Sally Cardosa Flow 3: Richard Langlois, Carol Astley, Debbie Conboy, Bernie Santos, Ana Bernado, Jean Sylvia, lsac Dos Santos le TAN HOUSE Row 1: lL-RJ Mrs. Amaral, Mr. Pimental How 2: Dawn Gomes, Lena Almeida, Donna Ponte Lollie Gomes, Cidalia Motta Flow 3: Chery Cruz, Rose Garcia, Cinday Baker, Steve Correia, April Britto, Holly Covey, Marydane Moraes, Kim Silva, Michelle Fioda, Tracey Rose, Maria Gomes "Please send John to the office." 199 OUR INTELLECTUAL SIDE During their brief stay at N.B.H.S. many students have gained membership in the Hon- or Society or have elected to join the Shakespeare Club, or perhaps, the Math Team. The Honor Society numbers among its an- nual activities the Book Fair and Student Gov- ernment Day. The Shakespeare Club pursues the mutual interest of its members through periodic trips to view the works of the great playwright. The Math Team participates yearly in many "Math Meets." These competitions are based on the speed and accuracy with which a given problem can be solved. HONOR SOCIETY: Seated CL-RJ: Ronald Jacobs, Antonio Rafael, Sue Roncka, Nicole Picard, Mike Moniz, Barbara Souza, Michelle Stuart, Maria Texeira, Barbara Collins, Standing KL-RJ: Christina Silva, Lisa Lacasse, Steve Myers, Marsha Torres, Debra Sylvia, Lisa Mello, Chris Bailey, Michael Richards, Pedro Almeida, Hermano Medeiros, Paula Adamowski, Karen Marcotte, Sherri Souza, Suzanne Finner- ty, Christine Bolduc, Karen Booker, Mr. Mitchell. SHAKESPEARE CLUB: Row 1 CL-RJ: Christine Bolduc, Ana Leal, Sandra Medeiros, Lisa Humason, Ana Chereta, and Michelle Stuart. Row 2: Anita Wilcox, Christopher Bailey, Jay Herman, Ronald Jacobs, Michelle Leblanc, Sandra Tratalis. Row 3: Mr. Mandly, David Reis, Lisa Mello, Norman Meltzer, Pedro Almeida, Michael Wilcox, William Meunier, Matthew Tierney. W-iiiaml ZMKJH4 - 36 MATH TEAM: QL-RJ: Margie Zable, Sandra Trafalis, Monica Leandre, Mr. T. 200 Mitchell. PEP CLUB: Flow 1: Mario Gomes. Flow 2 lL-RJ: Gina daSilva, Ana Flaposo. Bow 3 QL-R-J: Nancy Machado, Filomena Silva, Judy Silva, Angela Tavares. Flow 4 QL-RJ: Daniela Azevedo, Sherry Bourgeois, Amy Avila. BOWLING CLUB: Ftow 1 CL-RJ: Steve Gauthier, Sue Arsenault, Heidi Winderlick, Lori Souza. Ftow 2 CL-Rl: John Martins, Manuel Fernandes, Chris Heroux, Tammy Osterdahl, Brenda LaMond. Flow 3 QL-RJ: Lisa Lariuiere, Ken Nichols, David Bryant, Garrett Silva, Mr. Biscari fadv.l. CHESS CLUB: Row 1 KL-BJ: Andrew Garrett, Andrew Menard, Manuel Fernandes. Row 2 QL-Rl: Fernandes Pacheco, Mr. Biscari fadv.l, Lisa Guilbeault, Marc Tavares, Jorge Pereira. ENERGY Physical and Mental Bowling, Chess and Pep Club all require some form of mental and physical energy. Physical energy in bowling is displayed in various forms Physical energy is obviously needed to knock down all the pins with one ball. You can achieve this by concentrating on the guiding arrow on the floor Chess, the so-called 'lgame", requires mental concentration. lt takes strategy to overcome the other opponent and win the match. The Pep Club is an extension of the spirited NBHS student body. They boost morale and enthusiasm at school events. Mental and physical energy can be achieved by encouraging practice in bowling, playing chess and cheering. 5 ,st m""""' ,mfwu I szznw, M5 mmf law ?i,..,m,5 Z-, W in I 5 Y W I 5 Ma wwf: 5 I I I E, 4 EEzQ6Q I' W f E? J In I f21,f Ifg:j2 i ' II, wg I I .I 5, I CONGRATULATIONS 69 wx Y Flea Markets Raise Funds INTER-CLUB ACTIVE DURING THE FIRST YEAR Spirit Week Fun School Dances Make a Hit :tg 2 ' : . . Q,lQ'f,"fi v ,ef Z ,U Congratulations to the Class of 1984 an-en ,addy from 455 West onald L Costa RIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT JOHN L Z ll I Q s ww? . I I , t 1 Q- -is tgeziaatfiitzzmiizitas a A if ,, W W , """" m......,f..pNd CARS AND KIDS - NATURAL BUND Sar ,enabler ff! ,, 2 M, 7 "'x,,w ,4 , , x 3 L , W f Z , I A my I , X , L, V , , 1 W 9 ., ,.g,i 99999 9 999.4402 THE SPECIAL LOOK CF 1984 Watch out Chris Brinkley and John Stamos! Your place at the top of the Dream Date list may be in jeopardy. Here's a very small sample of what the Class of '84 can offer in the way of style and charisma to challenge your com- fortable place at the top. Notice the alluring eyes and smiles of the young ladies and the sullen, half-smile look of the young men. To Princess Dalsey and Christine The best is A royal cruise charming for all that glitter Pearl and my W W SENICJFX MEMORY PAGE My nickname was My favorite song was My favorite saying was My favorite hangout was My favorite mate was My favorite school activity was My favorite teacher was My favorite pastime was My favorite senior activity was My closest friend was My happiest experience was My saddest experience was During my senior year . My most embarrassing experience was My fondest memory was - To the Class of 1984 - Compliments of the Class of 1983 "May you always have 'magic in your life." Ma. 02740 Distmctive Mule 8. Femme Grooming Featunmu 1 HafrsIyleS Created For The CM Now For Ara Or Waik in Ba au' Y TEL C61 TEL 995-6291 995-6299 .. ., ,5QWf2JHGfW?lW142,?lMmaXZi24W '3- Sx - 'Wx Q ua A ss 2 " 5 S 2 E 5 5 E 552 ,www-mme a QM ,112 iiwagz em ' LLW W 1 Q g X -1 A ,, ..,, , -,-- + lf:-W Q A , wrmxirf ,,,, 1 ,L M. .,f:-:-,Nm-m I We w g 22 ff? 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E as 2 i , V ,f 352233 325 Q 14 XE .Z V W ,H A n f v Q22 Q .'Q?1E.2' ff25' f Q2,52fa2,1 A ,Sw AQ' .f sfiifffw cfs W w 1 M! ye? 555 'Y 35 4 2 ? ?t2:g2lg gi S 2' , w ff f? xl 5, , an iff H 5 : 1 Q EN. H524 THE FACTS as AND FACES DF '84 The biggest question on every- one's mind as 1984 approached was how close would George Orwell be in matching his fictitious novel with the reality of the world. The biggest com- parison was made between Hbig brother" and the advance stages and take-overs of computers. The com- puter invaded homes and schools. Names like Atari, Adam, Apple and Coleco became as common to the high-tech teen of today as RCA and General Electric were to earlier gen- erations. The seniors of '84 turned out term papers printed by computers, as opposed to typewriters. Everyone took some type of computer course in school, and all school-related infor- mation such as attendance reports, report cards, and transcripts were turned over to school computers. Was Hbig brother" swallowing up all that information? Unlike Orwell's world, the cameras in school were used for school tapings of produc- tions, announcements and classes in TV Production. It seemed we were still a few years away from Orwell's 1984! ln the global picture, total peace seemed unattainable. Grenada, Beirut, San Salvador, to name a few, were unknown to most seniors before the names flashed out from newspap- ers and blared on radios and TV's. Once again, U.S. servicemen were killed while acting as "security police." The nuclear arms race seemed to escalate with little chance of the two world powers listening to the masses asking for an end to the crazy race to nowhere. On the politi- cal scene, candidates came out to challenge President Reagan and "Reaganomics" in the '84 election pri- maries. Jesse Jackson, a newcomer to the political scene, caused a stirg first, by being a black candidate and second, by gaining the release of an American pilot shot down by enemy forces. The forerunners in the Demo- cratic camp were Walter Mondale, the former vice-president, and John Glenn, a former astronaut. ln the entertainment field, music burst forth with new melodies and ideas proclaiming new superstars in artists such as Boy George of Culture Club, David Bowie, Police, Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, Robert Plant, Pat Be- natar and "King of the '84 music scene," Michael Jackson. His Thriller album was the biggest thing to hit the music world since the days of Elvis and the Beatles. On the movie screen, teens flocked to see Risky Business, Two ofa Kind, Fiashdance, War Games, and Return of the Jedi. Everyone loved An Officer and a Gentleman and Terms of En- dearment. Richard Gere became a new movie idol. Eiltii Switching to TV two new comics reached star status Eddie Murphy of Saturday Night Live and young Ema nual Lewis of Webster captured everyones attention. General Hospi- tal continued to dominate the soap opera world, but was challenged by Dynasty, Dallas, and others. The A- Team burst forth with Mr. T leading the charge. Tom Selleck still won fans with Magnum P.l. New comedy hits included Cheers, Family Ties and a variety of "blooper" shows. Superbowl XVIII received a great deal of attention in the sports world, especially with underdogs L.A. Raid- ers whipping favored Washington Redskins. The star of the show was a?32, Marcus Allen. The biggest attraction of the winter sports scene, however, was the '84 Olympics with Americans holding hopes for several gold medals. On top of the basketball world at the "All-Star" break were the legendary Boston Celtics much to the dismay of the 76's fans. Other miscellaneous highlights in- cluded the selection of Ms. Vanessa Williams as Miss America, the first black woman to gain the title, the stampedes occurring throughout America to become the proud adop- tive parents of Cabbage Patch dollsg the breakup of Ma Bell after years of monopolizing the communications worldg and of course, the graduation of the CLASS OF '84! Q 1 ata? it ' ' 1:2 ,M asf Z6 5255 ,S l. 2 i i, V, 5 3 ,Q iii in - v v, i 5 A 9 ' v ! :qi Zvi Q ,La W1 A I I 4 f I E ie? if QE A 5 i 24 VI Q Z Z az Z 2 2 2 it 2 J f , M, H . 'S A 'fm ff' .fin :if fam M ei MARCILIO 84 Best wishes to the Class of '84 Pinky's Fabrics Remnants Cottons - T 1604 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, Mass. TEL, 16173 999-1369 I JEWELERS INC. Legacy Sterling C7ub 676 DARTMOUTH ST DARTMOUTH MA 02748 55 2 3 v5 ,Q i w i i B.. QW 'LB a' Q S 2 . .A mwel- E I i z ,s ez 5' ' 'i'ffE'il' Best washes Class of 84 SOUSA a g,,, 5 mu. wwf A WH 1 ms 5 i . , v ! 5 v E 5 , , f 4 ' gf ffffyf BEST Your FOLCO 1697 New 1 E , 1 . 4 1 5 ' s S I v 2 M? 219 2 ? 2 2 RALPH J. DLOUHY, Jr. CERTIFIED MECHANIC ahonal Inshlute fo Automotive Servnce Excelle RADLO AUTOMOTIVE 111 JEKINS STREET NEW BEDFORD MA 02740 PHONE 994-4179 Best Wishes Atty. and Mrs. Henry Z. Horn I 7' nl 1: 13" I X E, Qin Z9 Qfgl . E K Best Wishes Class of '84 . . . q w f : f " - I fl li'-. .. IHLQJQIE V I PORTO IMPORTS --'d'-"-' '1"'.A. ,gs.3, rw' Giftware from all over 11123 ' ,jfezt l If Home Decorations Q5 , 962292064 l f Manuel Martins 1601 Acushnet Ave 3EL,.QgQmfsMa66.O27,9 3351 1, W glggegljonins New Bedford, Mass. 02746 TqlEfvfiE'nL992-6050 . ff? . -, . ' r-4,-,..... ,-Qi' E A f- 'Q I Af' ' ff- Congratulations Class of '84 . . . BE RT E PHARMACY 'bb-suns LLO X- E . 1643 Acusumzt Ave s., Rec PH, TEL- 992-7705 New BEDFORD. MASS. F SALES 997-9356 W . I I . I W eckham Good Luck In the Future 31, , f RENTAL CENTER ' Cyl' SERVICE ., :L W ' New sEDFoRD's LEADING RENTAL CENTER WE ARE THE "PROBLEM SOL.VERS" Iu DARTMOUTH s1'.. New BEDFORD. mss. ng, . ., ,g, so-.I 0-, QAQ QXX YX5 Xxx 1-I VINNY FERNANDES Q PROPRIETOR l v l 7 0 I 9 .Q 2 Family Restaurant 58 Saint John St., So. Dartmouth "Offering the finest in Seafood" ,dai o I e,j'v-ypgzf W ' MODELING STUDIO, INC. Modeling Facial Design Wardrobe Planning - Image Consulting Personal Development Children's Workshops Terms Available 'f 194 Rockdale Ave. New Bedford, MA 997-4253 EDWARD G. MC BRIDE Catering Rental Senfice Rr. 143 Parker St., N.B. 993-3811 Fine Quality Shoes for the Entire Family FOOT WEAR SAPATARIA PURTUGUESA 1665 ACUSHNET AVENUE NEW BEDFORD, MA. 02746 TELEPHONE 997-7780 CALCADO DO-MELHOR FABRICO IMPORTADO DE PORTUGAL Real Leather Shoes Imported from Portugal CLAlRE'S SEAFOOD PLACE 866 Kempton St., New Bedford WED. 81 SAT. 11 A.M. - 4200 PM. THUFIS. 81 FRI. 11 A.M. - 8:00 P.M. Homemade Stuffed Quahogs Take Out Orders: Call 997-6761 .mr-""' Dressing 51, czflege am. nwjab 13 di ment firm drzsrmg AH, mga .Qzlwd C'ome nh .' lAl2'll Mp you do ifrzykf Silversleillf We can't get you into college or get you a job, but we can sure help you look right! And that makes your chance of success greater! Congratulations, and come see us soon! Rte. 6 Across from Buttonwood Park 221 GOOD I . 1 1 I QIqsE:Qf 19845 Ig ' I MT- i North Dartmouth Mall I I E DIII D I ff IIDI E I EIEIE l I ' LEED fff II E I and 2157 ACUSI1 WAVE-I OFFICE Houns BY ,'A-A fI93'I3313I Telephone !617j 997-1481 1 A',' 'V'AV.A- j':' A.I ' V A Pl'iS9S LEONARD G' COHEN9 MOTIVATIONAL CONSULTANTS i III I STEPHEN J. BRAZ New Bedford, Mass, 02742 368 UNION STREET 746 . V SQUARE DEAL AUTO SERVICE, Inc. I j ? j' EE E 'ff SQUARE DEAL USED CARS H AEEEA I 0 Q HOME OF FINE CARS V SCIENTIFIC TUNE-LJP Q FRONT END ALIGNMENT AAA TIRES AND BATTERIES '56 E' CUNTON Sf BEST vvIsHEs TO THE A NEW BEDFORD. MASS. DIAL. 993 3365 CLASS OF "84" 'SHELLY AND KAYNE' 'ronmws AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL. , ."A TRUSTED NAME FOR OVEFI A QUARTER CENTURY79' , 'k'k, CQQPER INSURANCE AGENCY. INC- WE OFFER COMPLETE DRIVER EDLICATIQN counsss AND PFIIIlA1fE'5LES-ISONS Personalized lnstrucLIcInY 'V TORMAN W OFFICE HOURS: CALL' I ' MON-SAT --'- 268 UNION STREET zgilimlk I, I NEW BEDFORD' MA e-a P.M. I 96 WILLIAM sr.. New BEDFORD A FINAL WORD . "Seventeen bottles of beer , . . hiccup!" "Donny Osmond, eat your heart out' "I use Close-Up. " "Yep, my teeth are still here,' Up in the valley of the jolly green giant . . ,!" "So that's why she's sports editor!" "Thanks for the nugget THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF'S MESSAGE TO YOU . . . As editor-in-chief of the Crimson Log '84 I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have invested their time and energy to make our yearbook a success. First, I especially Want to thank our Dean of Students, Ms. Bizzarro. Because of her dedication "above and beyond the call of duty", this yearbook has become a reality. Next, I'd like to thank my staff for their cooperative effort. Thanks also goes to Mr. Dick Swiech from Hunter Publishers and to the photographers from Dodge-Murphy Studios for their guidance. The yearbook staff had a great time putting together this year's Crimson Log for you. We hope that you will enjoy looking through the book and Will remember all your magical moments at NBHS . . . Editor-in-chief Barbara Collins? gg 1 lfwew, Y f-wgxygs ji ar , if I ..-.5 , awww ,, rii' , l,,,,, ,M iiiii .,,, , w9d0!WVf:" S ap, f ,W l , Q W i lr iv s e f Official S,,,,Pht T1er . ii., ' , ' ' , ,, V g, .V Qg y t lict 5 ,,, ...dia C RIMSGN L0 G. SUppl9ment 4 7X X -3 l .-is ' 'ff' ii 4 M w Ai wi till, Emil, f 35 il..,..3-2 ilijwmw , ,,,ft.M vu., fir SENIOR PFICJIVI June 4, 1984 The magic of candlelight and music filled the ballroom at the Venus de Milo for over 300 couples. After taking pictures, the couples enjoyed meals of baked stuffed shrimp or prime rib. This was followed by hours of dancing until midnight. As each couple left they received souvenir glasses with the theme of "magical moments" printed in red under the pictured dancing couple, a symbol of that magical night. 5 3 WMM irwwwwimwlmwwv V AGA r I K pil 1 2 X-. , Vavdff 1 if , K i ffm ,ff Q 2 CLASS IVIAGICAL IVIGIVIENTS ,Q , , ' 17 , 2 l. D f A T1 5. g. 1 ' ' . b , KI 3 il , 4 ' h 9 K Lix S, f f S S 1 . Q I' Gr - 5' ' ,, I" ., gl Q T " E-X -wg' , . 'ywaf ' ' ff' 5 4 f ' f ' ' ff"' ' ' Q Q SS 5 fmw S. QQ ' ' fi Sz- 1 Q ' is g , f Qi, , 'J 2, X S S 1 1 1 f f J P ' Q 4 Qu. - -- .. ,Y Q - 'g " .' "fl , Vx 5 N A 'F -11 1.42 Sf 'Q M ' A , . , 2 1. f '- , , . Q 5 ---, JA S S bph S b b 4 3 "YW, , 5 f,f"f S : J 2 J! 7 ' Q, S X S l QY S' Q 4 ' + ,.,, A S S ' S . ' Aa! . S TQ1 A , . , A K , M K . .,. . . v m . . , Q .,.- i "--W-....g4AM as L., .. Fl'l'l I SPRING SPORTS 5 - - - V. M uns? - ..... awww- ... . . ,. mxgmlw L 31? L. f.j:5j.f.k W Ru-W' NH Q. N ., -. Q M 5. . 5. K - . if-.irzgfffixff . 5. 1 Y z -..- N33 A Q . T ' 'mf . A h 4,s.: -r 'W fl 1557 Q' Si' 1 F' f K . fi -A -N - - A 5 F kr . .N , ,. Q 4 A 'Q - 'ff l Wwww ' 2, Q E r S x, , Kg ,X If ' dl if r ' x s. X ..,,. k Wm N. : ff-. - , Q.. X 'S ,. X ,,.. ,.., K I .. x ju X MS.. , M A K Q V. ff . W g . LKL, Q 'X - ' , I - " . " --K . . -- i - ,E ii . K f -' . Q 'i - .F via-f.z:x..W fn' .. K Ne . axis YH . K ,gqnv--4-'W E ww ,,.Mw,., , m5i4hwra rr'--. I... ls- Q4 w "'L'..L alien' " ' Q.. Jwfn. E 2 X 'K -,R Mk xg -....- fr, i A X K "' 25 ' Wi" ' m ,. Q 1' .,-rs. .- Q mt 1 6-451- f u Y-is . 'K 385 '55 Q V .eww-,..1 vm. ,. Y' f f,w'wffrWw.,,,.,.,., fmf f ,J A .1 . 4, 4,,,.,.,,,..f. ' ,,4,, W ,:: ..., Aff my 'M WYE ff ' M A ., mwwsfn H, ,. ,,,,L,,, K H M 1' g an x 'M-V 'ww ,af V :W 4 pwwf. W M, ,Q V, I wf W V, pf 'ff f ,f,.,,., mx., MN. 2 W ,W45::,wn,5QixW , V ' , " I-Q A, ,. . f, . ,. "ff ' 'M wwf 'sf 1 f ' ..., L, Mg' ,J A -V Ev.. .,,,, " ' mt- 1"'-'fl ' Ar mi Hflw - A K y KM Zh , 3,9 f ., K ,,,. ..V,, .Hr ,.,,, ,. ,, A, N, ,, V -J K 1, ,,,,. WL an . 3 5 Sai ye 'L mx' new wk W X , x 'X L X N Q 1 Y GY .. , k .. 5 . ,kkk NN ...Q , , Hi j '5' -:Qs N W-'W' ima-Q.. .-.f ,Ln -K f M... .gi NAM.. vis-2211 Sm lf: 2' . 5 "' .. -mv' .,,., 1 W- w-wg? 7, dhiqp N- x .-...Q .F Qi., .... - :ig , ,Q 0 , .,,.4g,1i. . ,V V J, k o N . Q W., - - K ' , . 1, 'F w 5 vw " M- '- k..L fl L f ' AQ fl ,ai ' xy-f ' ,,,'.W"'9'Y'k . Q A A l 'Nu ki ' .'P"' ,, ' - ' , Q K N ,1m,1::A Q 3 5 - Q - 'lexxglng 5 ,,,. , L "' W 'E ':i:. W' -lu' K 1. .nf W N pqhigwuv R962 .. . , i ,QQ ,fl522,:-22:-fiffismiilimiidziffgz get - : ' . V ' --M .:.11Qusfffmtffiifiiiififiiii fra'fri?-1:1'iiiiiiiilfissiiiiii'vfiii'-W'-i ""' ..,,.. -fff-. : :fn--.ifixe JFROTC IVIILITARY BALL Y Q f On the evening ot Friday, April 13, 1984 the JROTC held its annual military ball at the Hawthorne Country Club. The evening was a delight for both the chaperones and guests. Deborah Fernandes crowned the new queen. Cheri Anderson, a truly happy young lady. After a few words from Col. Napoli, a welcome from Pedro Almeida, and the crowning, the guests enjoyed their meals and an evening of dancing. Q . df i IVl.A.'S TALENT NIGHT The packed house on May 11, 1984 was treated to an overwhelming display of talent in the boys' gym. Act after act turned in great performances. Once again the Minority Awareness Club did itself proud! I f ill wwf r i WATCH OUT! 784 is stepping out , . . The Century House was brought to life with the unmatched spirit of '84, No one will forget the spectacular style show given by our handsome models or the outstanding footwork done by Mr. Calnan and Eddie Caron. May 3rd was truly a night to remember! UIQ 4 - i PRETTY YOUNG THING LET S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY... LE H 5 qv? ,K GWR f fx ., V wg' 1 ' sp 1,1 f Q Q 4 Etf' 5625? 7 1 'Z' si A ba , X ' s X av- E 5 ' gee S M kw1a SGUTH PACIFIC Audiences were once again treated to outstanding performances of this yearls musical, South Pacific. Rhonda Matson, Mike McGrath, Mike Ventura, John Bennett, Dawn Andrews, Paul Foucart, and Lori Lopez played their roles well, as did all cast members. A fine tribute to the NBH Drama Club. 1 ipt, if, Al'ff ff 4 'Zag M I' x,xJ"' 5, 'c 4 v 'En' 'Ll'-'iiff ,x " 1 1 1 mg a 1 1 z 5 I i S ,Q ,.. KS X as 9- .k,x. U if it as ig , MQ is E' QE 5 1 'N' m' iii K t if J - fi- ---' Q Q Q Jw , f .. va 1 HAPPY RETIREMENT CHARLES LUCHETT THE TEACHER THE COACH THE ADMINISTRATOR THE MAN After giving ma dedication to the SCOREBOARD tem, Mr. Charles Teacher .................. 9 yrs. the Green House, Coach ......... ..... 1 2 yrs. CISSS Of '84- The Administrator ..... ..... 2 4 yrs. W'SheS mm years ful gardening, an friends. REMEMBER WHEN! ny years of service an New Bedford school sys Luchetti, housemaster o d I f decided to retire with the staff of the Crimson Log of plentiful fishing, bounti- d d healthy days to visit ol J 3 fl be W 'll ill fr l 1 GF-KADUATICDN JUNE 7, 1984 I 1 ll CLASS ui 'Il 'le 3 ' Q.. i-xixf-.x The showers which ended moments before the seniors began their march to Sargeant Field did not dampen the spirits of the Class of '84. They gathered outside and in the gym to say good-byes make final adjustments, and pose for treasured shots . . . sig at-49' 'Ns'-Q "if af 23 5 21 ,gm nf. ,, Q i? w i if ece if 'ff + -4 .t A i it -le ' ef:-in Q ffwf-.-2'i"'5:f' J gi 5 V. -" A K xq ' 3. Q, wang- 3 3, J gt i . ek ' f ' f ' ' ' 1 f - fn . . ' . . The lines finally reached the field and the ceremonies began. A special moment was shared with Eduardo and Mahmoud, our two exchange students who over the year have become friends of ours. Flon Jacobs, the class valedictorian, reminded us of our potential and of what each of us could offer to the future. Craig Levesque, the class president, recalled the warm times shared by us over the past four years. This was then followed by diplomas, smiles, tears, and . . . I 432561 . 59" t Y .... f I 15. 'Q . if f 1 .F ,. .. - W Q ' ,If 3 .-. 'Q' 3' Y g . t .f 5 Q' 31 11" l""4 I ' ' ?f 4 Q E ii f is ,envy 'Q . 1' 4 Q- is .- ,., , . l . 3. 5 -,SEX l 25. is if A , X f ga if in WW 'fx tw 3- Q 59' 2 if 6 S fx 6 .fgsfj 9 . 5 95' 1 Q ?" 5, , fs -A X ' 3 'W W N, , -Nh ,Wax I W 5 L.. lik r,-9' E 'I 3 1 ,,,,.i. W..,h..,.. m..w..,.,., f is mf' S E Imam 5 RE fe' it! 5 1 Fw . 5 'I Y E i T ' iff 1 :wwf J' Quin 'Nw' wives., 516' ,Je , in ' 354653 1 -X.: ' 5 QV" U . 4- 7 IQ. lg ff eg HRX X f A QL Q -3,9 ' 4 . vm 3 5 A our final good-byes f .1 I K 5 H5956

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