New Bedford High School - Crimson Log Yearbook (New Bedford, MA)

 - Class of 1933

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New Bedford High School - Crimson Log Yearbook (New Bedford, MA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 146 of the 1933 volume:

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II5:ef N 4- - . . , 5-a,.V,,,I-jg., , Q-. if V30 '15 ' X I Ah ei jf- 1 u ' J-'iw is -Ttvfsfzff pf '- .1 1 Lff' 'V :PI X 'L i, . --j..,5..,V -ge--' -nw :'-rf-,II .f gf, fa - -. - f.--.-,V , ,QV V--'. . .f gi "Er, x.-V V,-Q- f .l"' - ---V-.L 5"'7.,,:1V-f"' 'T :'. A 'QQ 'flffme' '-::'-uV11J:SP,.f3ff.i'f f7?5'?.z'a'?.f'--iw -'if'--Q 5133.-V+ '-ietxiiii a...-Esiiziiisv'-.5 -- 5? ru"-"" ' F.. s P MEMOIRS Under THE RED AND WHITE igwillggx W' N. 1 E4g' E ,I XX-Xsqiw 4' 'WMWV X 44 Class Motto: "TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE" THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE NEW BEDFORD HIGH SCHOOL JUNE, 1933 mix. g. nrrsgs as n.a'nuru.f:1- DYLQUEQQWQDWUV'-iff Q E Q Q F Q Q i Q FQ Q Q Q Q Q Q V- O WI fl ll TJiTfkli'!XW7iY!l'iU WI If UW I I Vilfilfillfkl FOREWORD WE, the Class Book Committee, haoe tried to give you our best Work so that in uture years this hook wxll he a happy remmder your hgh se.hool days and your acquamtances We have meant to o end none but We ha9e been cheer ul throughout thxs your Class Book Class Book Com mzttee GABRIELLE CHAMPAGNE Chalfman THELMA BECK EDNA ROGERSON RAYMOND DAWSON 'fi if if Ei g.. 2 Q 3 ,.. Q Q . ,, , ' f Q ., . . . Q - if of 1 ' Q :' . Y ,, ' v ' L9 . X 1 "- . ff f Ai Q ' Q 4' ' ' 'r Q , f fi L7 . ,f . Q :Q 925 ,, ' IQ 1 ' . W , Q 1 0 921: Y C 1 o fm ,f 'Q " fu , Q Jig vm , rg BERT EKHOLM H514 1 ' E We A Q S X. fxf- 1 Nfws .- W-f , 'W V, I, .f W f, hy, Ep 'gr nl w , '. .fr ,fr , K ,I E ' '3 gr rf 1515 rg, ,. ,i, M4 G IX! IXGIXQIMIVIVQWN IX' NN CYD I IWILMIYIYINS IXMYI 25 7 W' J by NEW BEDFORD HIGH SCHOOL G. WALTER WILLIAMS, Principal OUR FACULTY G. WALTER WILLIAMS, Principal EDMUND D. SEARLS, Assistant Principal ALLISON R. DORMAN, Assistant Principal ENGLISH DEPARTMENT RALPH P. DOW, Head of Department HARRY S. GOODVVIN ESTHER BLAISDELL MARION E. LORD, Counselor HELEN E. MORRISON MARY F. LIVINGSTON ETHEL M PERRY GLADYS BLACKMER OLIVE P. CHASE JAMES A. NVORDEN WILHELMINE B. ERNST FAY H. NEWLAND M, EVELYN RUTTER ETHEL P. ROTHWELL MARION L. COLBY HISTORY DEPARTMENT EDWIN M. WHITMARSH, Head of Department EDITH F. WALKER CARL F. BERGSTROM MARION F. LANE FREDERICK W. RINGDAHL JESSIE FOWLER FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT RALPH H. TUKEY, Head of Department Fr n Il MILDRED E. GRAY e C M. BLANCHE FREGEAU EDNA T. WILSON CATHERINE V. WINSPER DOLOR J. BOURRET MARY E. RYAN GUY A. SENESAC CORA C. ROBERT Lati CONSTANCE M. LOFTUS HSUSAN E. SHENNAN, Counselor MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT EDMUND D. SEARLS, Head of Department JESSIE M. BARBOUR GLADYS M. VVILBUR LILLIAN J. HOPKINS GEORGE H. GARDNER MARY E. CARROLL ALICE M. RICHARDSON SCIENCE DEPARTMENT SUMNER E. MARVELL, Head of Department MILFRED I. BUKER HAROLD E. VVILLEY DANA C. SANBORN BERTHA E. PIGGOTT EDDY P. HOWARD ARTHUR VV. WATHEN GEORGE F. CRONIN COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT ALLISON R. DORMAN, Head of Department GEORGE L. BEACH HELEN A. STEDMAN ROBERT H. MURDY MARION E. PETERSON WILLIAM L. LILLIE ALFRED L. LAVVRENCE JOSEPH A. MCDONNELL JAMES C. COMISKEY DOROTHY A. HEWINS DORIS I. ECCLESTON MABEL F. RAND JOHN D. CONNORS BLANCHE L. MURPHY HELEN G. FISHER RUTH B. ELLIOTT KATHRYN T. MCCARTHY MARGUERITE HUSSEY PAUL SHEEHAN MARGARET T. C. MURPHY MARY M. LEONARD - DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION GEORGE T. FERGUSON, Head of Department HAROLD E. WILLEY, Coach JAMES DONAGHY, Instructor FREDERICK E. KELLEY WINSTON DODGE, Coach RUTH H. SMITH MISCELLANEOUS MAJOR CHARLES FRENCH, Military Instructor SERG. GEORGE OSTERMAN, Asst. to Mil. Instr. WILLIAM D. RISEBOROUGH, Art RODOLPHE GODREAU, Supv, Vocal Music DORIS L. LEAVITT, Art CLARENCE W. AREY, Supv. Instrumental Music JANE E. THUMAN, Librarian ESTHER H. LUCE, Secretary ELLA A. BATCHELDER, Matron HILDA M. BURDING, Clerk OUR FACULTY CLASSICAL John Abrams Bertha M. Audickas Thelma H. Beck Marion G. Bussey Jocelyn S. Case Leon Cooperstein Martha A. Dangelas Chester A. Darmofal Orpha L. Demers Eleanor L. Ekholm Augusto Fernandes Francis B. Finni Constance L. Fowler Olga M. Gawlowicz Elizabeth Gibson Ruth Gifford Rosalyn L. Goldiarb Violet Gonsalves Jennie Gorka Lois Grigware Earl J. Hand Margery E. Hesiord Margaret F. Hill Agnes C. Holden Eleanor F. Holden Ruth I. Horsfall Bernice E. Horvitz Robert A. Houghton Harold Hurwitz Helen Jarusik Stella Jenkinson Helen Koczerga Edward A. Kosiba Enos Lopes . Rc-drique M. Lussier Helen R. Marsden Aurilla M. Mikus Owen H. Murphy Irene N. Parandelis VVendell B. Phillips Corinne H. Pierce Jennie A. Plaza John C. Rimmer Laura H. Robak Mary E. Rogers Gertrude Rusitzky Ruth Senesac Israel Shuster Ella Siegel Eleanor M. Sisson Charlotte E. Smith Edna Spooner Richard D. Stanley Louis A. Veilleux Jack Wishnefsky Louis J. Witkos COM M ERCIAL Georgianna Almeida Lillian C. Ashley David N. Aulisio Eleanor Bayreuther Irene I. Bernier Raymond G. Besse Anna J. Blais Priscilla M. Bowman William E. Braley Paul M. Branchaud CLASS or JUNE, 1933 Florence M. Briggs Rejane F. Blanchette Albert S. Broadland Mary F. Cabral Rita J. Carrier Rose Cedar Thomas K. Chace Gabrielle I. Champagne Phillip Coderre Henry Cohen Rose Cohen Louise S. Condez Dorothy Crooks Silvia Danis Maurice Dansereau William H. Darling Dorothy Davies Phyllis F. Day Gertrude M. Deasy Milton I. Dewhurst Cecile A. Dextraze Helen M. Dumec Frank C. Figazolo Ernest W. Findley Rita Fortin George A. Foss Angelo Fraga Amelia Furtado Joseph A. Gaspar Jeanne Y. Gaudette Mary G. Gero Natalie Gifford Juliet M. Giusti John P. Glynn Raymond A. Gobeil William Goldrick Irene Goodhue Lauretta I. Gosselin Eliot C. Gray George M. Hand Rita T. Hanrahan John F. Harrington Ralph J. Harrington Norman L. Harrison Frances T. Heys Dorothy P. Heywood Hilda Hynes Cecelia M. Janasiewicz Hazel M. Johnson Milicent A. Johnson Mary Josepha Roland C. Kelley Beatrice C. Kingsley Diana Kondi Selma Kroudvird Loretta Lafrenais Bertha Lemaire Elmer J. McCall Kathleen McMahon Norman G. Marchessault Dorothy Marcille Frank S. Milas Harry Miller Margaret Mont Arthur Monteiro Anna M. Montigny Mary Moulton Mary E. Morrissey Olga N. Moura Mildred A. Murphy Valentina Nereu Annie Neville Gladys Newsham Rosella Norton Statia Olejarczyk Rene A. Ouellette Kazie Pelczar Aurore M. Perras Henry Pietrzykowski Arthur H. Pilkington Althea V. Potter Phyllis B. Presnal Michael Procyk ' Edward J. Przybyla Elmer M. Radcliffe Ernest P. Rapoza Eric Redfern Gertrude Redfern Fred L. Robinson Ruth M. Robinson Edna M. Rogerson Mary C. Ronald Virginia B. Rosen Hyman Rothkopf Irene E. Roy John M. Santos Lorraine A. Seguin Carol B. Shelley Flcrence B. Shief William Silver Frank Silvia Helen A. Sitarz George Stiller Edward Sylvia Adela Szezepan Dorothy Taffe Czeslaw J. Taradejna Elizabeth M. Taylor Evelyn I. Tessier Wilfred J. Theberge Ernest Torres Carolyn Travers Geneva Tripp Albert Trudelle Evelyn Tyson Thelma F. Vandal Sam Ward Pearl C. White Thomas R. Wholley, Jr. Sarah E. Vlfitherington Bertha I. Yeaton Hazel J. Yeaton NORMAL Alice Adamowska Alice E. Bean Kathleen M. Carroll Priscilla Church Louise E. Collins Winona Coombs Mary K. Coughlin Helen Daniels Barbara E. Davis Eleanor V. Delano Margorie L. Dias Jeanne Dionne Edna R. Duffy Doris I. Fagan Gladys Houghton Melvina L. Hunt Harriet E. Irwin Leah L. Johnson Stasia Kut Amy L. Lester Esther A. Levow Rae Machado Urania Machado Lois R. Mason Marion L. Roberts Angela M. Russell Alys M. Senna Claire N. Thuot Muriel Tubby Irene VVehoskey Otilia Zielska Eugenia P. Ziemba SCIENTIFIC Paul Aillery VVilliam A. Barter Edwin B. Bates Edward E. Begin Williaiii T. Blackburn Thomas Bonnar Francis D. Calnan Russell Conn Jolm D. Curran Kazimierz R. Czarnecki Raymond J. Dawson James E. Drinkwater Lawrence L. Durfee, Jr Bertel O. Ekholm Edward M. Fischer Raymond J. Foster Herbert E. Greenough Joseph P. Grenier William T. Groebe Jerome J. Grossman Leonard I. Gurney Carl L. Hardy Edward F. Harrington Hassey E. Hassey Edwin M. Jones Walter E. Jwaszko Irving Kaplan George B. Krumhclz, Jr. Edward S. Lazowska Williaiii T. Leahy, Jr. Richard E. Lee Augusto R. Leite Yvette A. Levesque Gregorio M. Luiz Elmo R. McAulilTe Alfred J. Maino Gerald D. Metthe George T. Mitchell Oscar F. Morency Lorents B. Nilsen, Jr. Louis Pacheco, Jr. Alan J. Ramsbotham Herbert VV. Rogers Charles Shanks, Jr. Samuel Shorrock Russell O. Steele Joseph Stiller Raymond W. Szulik Amos G. Taylor Warren E. Thomson William Trimble, Jr. Lawrence White il I- THE CLASS OF JUNE, 1933 COMMITTEES HISTORIAN Alan Ramshotham NOMINATING Gabrielle l. Champagne, Clzarirma11 Eleanor Holden Raymond Gobeil CLASS BOOK Gabrielle I, Champagne, Cha1'r111an Edna M. Rogerson Bertel O. Ekholm MOTTO Warren Thomson, Clzairzziazz Irene Goodhue PROMENADE Raymond Gobeil, Chairman Jocelyn Case Elizabeth Gibson BANQUET Edward Fischer, Chairman Helen Marsden Ellsworth Greenough CLASS DAY Harry Miller, Chairman Margery Hesford Ralph Harrington Laurence Durfee David Aulisio Thelma H. Beck Raymond Dawson Eleanor Holden Corinne Pierce Roland Kelley Dorothy Crooks David Aulisio 0 Alan Ramsbotham Laurence Durfee inv- nf up r, In ' i: K if ,w MQ' TL." .uf I1 r.' , 4 nl. JOHN D. CONNORS . ,., W , 3 ff, 1 x ysfz.-Y .nw . ,H ., I 5, f,,f,:, 4- ..,.vV'.. , -. v ,M I ,.y.. ,. ,X-.-Y... ,V w wi , 1, - ,, ..,' N--., 'EJ Y, 4 ,, 1 I ill. ,A .g, - iv. 1, , V .yr .,, , ,. Ji X ,ig V' 1 fl... v Jliffii- ' 5 ' -1 .'r,1f44'fs -w,..1. ,vw ..f w .,,., N, nz.-'."p.. V- 2' V " KEJLLFM 1:41, : -.425 ,' . Y, I l-.Zip LL "' 'H' gg I ff , .. , 1, .v i,JLg"g1Q-?x'.z ga W. vff' '15 .I H ggi' ' 1-, Q 5 1116, N, f Ymax f 1 . -Q.. 5 ,'4 f .4 1: ., yf' 1- V, " A 712.1 I. ,- . , , ,W .. , if-'f' 1:11 .V-I I, 1, -X, .F .-. r , c ,Y J, . 1 x Q. M. ,, gt .jg A . ,,,, .- .1 :fr T't rg,,zL.7 p'- , -.L 1 1 , + ' 1 W-1 unix 15 .pg ,Q:"f:f , Q . ,, , .1 ,. ,X ,J , ,X m 1 ff fqiizlfkfiffil Commencement Day The youth of the World with happy faces beaming, Joy, anticipation, in every heart, Fresh and virile minds desiring, dreaming, Each and every one to do his part. Through the portals of life's grim corridors they pass All confidentg some destined to great deeds, Some to depart like dew upon the grass, Some lost like violets 'neath giant Weeds. Stand by old age, and give young blood a chance. Perhaps they may succeed Where you have failedg They'll lend to realism some romance That's sadly lacking since the aged have paled. Here's to the future and what it holds in store For them who now are standing by the door. ELMER MCCALL Q,-, 1,,:-- , 1 r' ' . 5m A, I sa A ' v W- A . 44 x 1 4 Jr-f ,Lv-y ff' A K fx' 'f , ,., J ,. '42,-A LH iw - -1 N. Q xi L, F A,. -1 -X .X :ww-gl ' X . ,. 1. .. 1 lv 'I A 'fifi .?1-' -A m w-rx. .".x ,IW ' !"2':." fa. ,5,.z +M':' J 4 ,rw 1 411:94 '1 ' f. W , an 'A 'N' -L L, v "Aw r 1 1 1 .,, . .., e.. U 4 Y... LW, 1 4 ' ' 5 .. -. 1, N ,-di, , N7-U r I -4 Ihr.: -N :' A. ., ,.. 1 w 'ff' '- ?1,5,A'-.: Y . ,1:: -M ' -- :Y35 r f-Nw.. S" ' 145. I .wk K 1:3 , , ,4 s-ff' , fi., .-,,,,,. , E, 4 f,-. J-. -Wx. Z . , .Q .5 A , .,, s vm, J.. , fy. . fx ,my 'uv A Jive, ,L -L-,. VH. Xa . , Ti ' ..v-4-r , v M,-1.4, ,: , 'w ,. , ,4 - . . 'fi 1 . . ,-. fp ,Q 1 x 4 - 4 K . 4 . R ..,f - H 1 - Y 1" x ,,..1'Y-A-, .. A ' , .- . ' .i ' 5 I 1 .Nl J , VL ' Q X lFy,.,.4 , 4 fy -r Q , ,,j, "Yip, iz. v, -' , - I. A. 1 1 ' , M .1 '4 1 5: ' ,en-i ""' -' 3Jrrm.:sz.,::.,v1t,h-. .,.. - ., ,.,,i1 f"Hfw!5:h5?Sl8GaL5'1eL.,u1' ,., ' w -.B-1 444444444444444444444 vvwwn 4 ans f 4 QF4444 44444444444444444444444444444444 OFFICERS OF THE CLASS OIF JUNE -44 44' 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 9 4 4 A4 '4 4' 4' A4 4 '4 '4 '4 '4 '4 4' 4' A4 44 4' 4' -4 4' -4 '4 4' 4' '4 '4 44 44 44 '4 4' 4' 4' 1933 +4 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444 4444444 1 .Q H J. L' N D P Q' if 'Ny 'I -. Q Q - Liz' ---O lr eff ft. J y PRESIDENT GERTRUDE RCSITZKY February 12, 1916 Betsey B. VVinslovr School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "All that in woman is adored in thy clear self l find." Class President '31, '32, '33: President of Student Council '33 Treasurer of Honor Society '33: Traffic Court: Girls' XN'elfare League Dramatic Club: Traffic Squad: Special Chorus: lilee Club Leaders Club: Delegate to Student Council Convention Freshman Hockey Cornell University VICE PRESIDENT ELIZABETH M. TAYLOR 'A Bettyn May 12, 1914 Holy Family New Bedford, Mass. Coiumercial "She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with." Honorary Captain R. O. T. C.: Vice President Student Council '32, '33 Vice President of Class '32, '331 Secretary '31, Treasurer '30 Vice President First Glee Club '32g Secretary Traffic Squad Athletic Council '323 Dramatic Club Girls Welfare Lcagueg Cheer Leader '31g Ring Committee 16 tgp.- M1 l Th V ' WW J JJ Af 5 4 llu VH . rf" Q -- ,Q r f I ,gl ,L JV' - - iv 9 - 1 ..-Q T SECRETARY JOCELYN SHERMAN CASE "Casey" February 5, 1916 Furnace Grannuar School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "The best thing on earth-a woman perfected." "Alpha" Staff '30, Leaders Club '29, Glee Club Treasurer '29, '30, '31 Glee Club '32: Chorus '31, '32: Traffic Squad '32g Traffic Court '33 Honorary Major R. O T. C. '32, '33, Class Secretary '32, '33 "Brevities" Staff '323 Student Council '32, '33 Prom Committee '33, Girls League President '32, '33 Framingham State Teacl1er's College TREASURER RoI.AND c. KELLEY july 3, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Who is more happy than he with heart content." Treasurer of Graduating Class: Treasurer of Student Council '33 Associate Editor of " Brevities" Member of Traffic Squad Member of Prom Connnittee Undecided 17 Ee..- C, 'ZX 1 D 'gi' r F l ef gl gf 'xx 2,3 J . Q 1 'I Q' ' 9 9 : 2 1..9 S ' VALEDICTORIAN ICLEANOR FRANCES HOLDEN August Z, 1915 Roosevelt junior lligxh School Fall River, Mass. College Classical "So industrious." Debating 6, 7. S.: Secretary Alpha Debating 7, fl Art 3, -l, 5, 61 Honor Society 5, 6, 7, 8 XVelfare League 8 Color League Basketball, soph-junior, Class Motto Committee Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio SA LUTATORIAN WARREN 12Mf2R5oN THoMsoN October 3, 1916 Roosevelt Junior High School Everett, Mass. College Scientific " Knowledge is power." Band: Orchestra I, ll, 1113 Honor Soeiety Dramatic Club: Chairman Class Motto Committee Color League Basketball M. I. T. 18 fy.- X VIL X X 4 'Q' -J fa 'Zia' .,, 3 .1 Q r S ,L ,E awww .5 J. if 'lille fire" ' L lv 9 i I- 92 X - A ii 2-J A '. '- : A: I ': -"'-' ft 1, 'ff FOURTH HONORS ALTRILLIA MARY M IKCS February 22, 1916 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "A love for her books she possess." Basketball Color League '32g Honor Society Drawing Radclilife College FIFTH HONORS THELMA HOVVARD BECK , "Becky" l May 19, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical " Serene of mind, cheerful of heart." Honor Soeietyg Singing: Drawing: Girls' XVelfare League Chairman of Ring Ccnnnitteeg Class Book Connnittee XYashington Bicentennial Pageant Bridgewater -..ggi 19 Eat.- M1 l v Wx X Y L Z A, I X Q f r I -Qi No -jen , 2 .L-...Q UUR RUSTIER WILLIAM ABESHAUS "Bill" November ll, 1915 Mt. Pleasant School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "To err is human." " Football '30, '31, '32g Basketball '29, '30 ,, Orchestra '29 Undecided JOHN GARDNER ABRAMS I january 6, 1916 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Be a man and a friend to everyone." R. O. T. C. '30 Color League Basketball '31, '32 Massachusetts State College ALICE MARION ADAMOVVSKA December 3, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "Think twice before you speak." Drawing: Singing: Glee Club Honor Society Bridgewater Teachers College ,...,.,5f 20 EN.- A1 we Nw: qu v L J . , D it g r ' C I 'Al i l 2 V s ?Q1. ""' ' - - , .5 --- ' LF ,.f gehg 9 Qfjdgf 9 ZQMMQ A-fi Qc. LILIAN CLARA ASHLEY 1 " Lil" November 26, 1914 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Gentleness succeeds better than violence." Arlington Training School, Arlington, Mass. DAVID MARINO AULISIO "Dave" January 16, 1915 Parker Street School New Beclforcl, Mass. Commercial "It's not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game." Baseball '32, '33: Basketball '32, '33 Season Football '32: 8's Nominating Committee 7 ,' 8's Banquet Committee I J' Norte Dame l XVILLIAM A. BARTER A' Bill" June 18, 1915 Cranston High School Dorchester, Mass. Scientific " To be trusted is at greater compliment than to be loved." Undecided lily! ir: 21 QS ' ' 511-797 mu 9 Vik ll Jw Jil is . W! rf" J -B? f F I ,Qi ,L ff .1 l J : l- X ff 'V' - - - , 5 -- .Ji f,',A, FDXVIN BRYDFN BATES, JR. April 19, 1915 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "Pleasure first, let business take care of itself." R. 0. T. C.: Orchestra '29, '30, Leader's Class Drawing: Color League Freshman Football: Freshman Basketball l New Hampton Prep. some N- --- 'Sys-SYVNE' B EDXVARIJ li. BEGIN "Buck" July 6, 1915 Normandin junior High School New Bedford. Mass. College Scientific " For l'1e's a jolly good fellow." R. O. T. C. Joining the Navy RAYMOND G. BESSE "Ray" October 18, 1913 Thomas R. Rodman School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Laughing at work while others sigh." Freshman Baseball Varsity Soccer '30, '31 New England Conservatory of Music -..if 22 EQ..- 'M F' X , Vu. JL vf gs Zig, ' W" ,, A 91 J9 - 1 .li-.9 E E R121 AN F A. B LANCHETTE .. Reggiew January 8, 1917 Nornianclm junior High School New Bc-rlforcl. Mass. Commercial "Who is more happy than she with heart content." Glee Cluh '32, '333 Singing '32 Special Chorus '32, '33 Bryant 8: Stratton 1 THOMAS M. EONNAR "Toni" Ucu-her 19, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Rcclforcl, Mass. Scientific "Laugh if you are wise." R. O. T. C: llroplivt Scientific Course l if B. Tcxtilc C ,f VVILLIAM BRALEY " Bill" Mav 23, 1915 Thomas R. Rodman School Nen' Bedford, Mass. CO11I1llC1'Ci11l "Happy am I from care l'm free Why aren't they all content like me 7" Inter Class Basketball '31 l -..,.,gf 23 ll! l -3 X Uw- l fx Yr YA- ,V D r r I ,gl Ji NL 92 : Q L-.9 T Ee' Ill: 1 E 'if 1-" -I "' May 22, 1915 New Bedford, Mass. "He has the mind of a master linked with the words of an oratorf' Captain, R. O. T. C.: Rifle Team '32 Varsity Debating Team '31, '32 MARION GERALDINE BUSSEY " Bussey" September 22, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "A light heart lives long." Traffic Squad '32, '333 Deputy Chief '33, Student Council '33 Glee Club Ill, ll, I, '32, '33: Archery Club '32, '33 Chairman Social Committeeg tiirl's XVelfare League '32, '33 Leaders Club '3U3 Dramatic Club '30, '31, '32, '33 Ring Committee Skidmore FRANCES D, CALNAN 1 A- ear' 1 Normandin junior High School Scientific Deputy Chief lllarshal Undecided RITA JEANICTTE CARRIER " Red" October 13, 1915 Normandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "An undistinguished laughter shakes the sky." Third and Fourth Glee Club '31, '32 Vice President Second Glee Club '321 First ljlee Club '33 Singing '31, '32 Archery '31, '32g Cheer Leader '32, Girl's XVelfare League '32, '33 Traffic Squad '32, '33: Deputy Chief '33 Basketball Color League '3Z: Chairman of Committee Cotton VVeek '33 Reporter for "Brevities" Bryant Sz Stratton College -..,.,E.f Bea.- X M151 K l ' 'Q- -,rr ." gg g F i KATHLEEN MARIAN BARBARA CARROLL June 30, 1914 Normandin Junior High School Taunton, Mass. Scientific "One out of many." Debating Society: Glee Club Undecided LOIS CHADVVICK March 12, 1916 Mt. Pleasant School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Content thyself to be obscurely good." Glee Club: Singing Artg French GABRIELLE IRENE CHAMPAGNE uciabyu September 20, 1914 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Witty, jolly and carefree, Always happy as can be." Glee Club '30, '31, Special Chorus '32, '33 Girls' Basketball League '31, '3Z: Honor Society '32, '33 Girls' VVelfare League '33: Traffic Squad '33g Singing '32 Chairman, Nominating Committee, '33 Chairman Class Book Committee '33g Class Day Program '33 May Dance Committee '33 Nominating Committeeg Traffic Squad '33 Undecided -..,.,gf' 2 5 15.0, mi X w lk as 1 X , r s 'TQ' X C li 3 r f l ,gg -ef I aw r :J ""W,4.f '- O 9 5 IQ Q TE, 1-9 9 PRISCILLA BURT CHURCH " Pat" June 11, 1915 Thomas R. Rodman School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "The world needs more kindness." Singing '20, Debating '31 Archery '30, '31, '32 Undecided PHILIP CODERRIE ' f- Phil'- April 15, 1915 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of clevernessf' Soccer '31, '32: Baseball '33 Undecided gs xx HENRY COHEN August 7, 1914 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Not afraid of work but not in sympathy with it." First Orchestra '31, '32, Second Orchestra '31, '32 Boys Glee Club '31, '32g Mixed Chorus '32 Class Day Program Undecided -..ggi lag..- R1 VIL ll J gs A l -J ,JJ dx Zw- I 'IV' ' - i9 99 ... Z -L--9 X ' February 6, 1915 New Bedford, Mass. Singing '30, '31, 'SZQ Glcc Club '30, '31, '52 January 7. 1915 New Bedford, Mass. Nornial Preparatory " Be content with your condition or else improve it." ROSE COIIFN I Roosevelt Junior High School Connnercial Virtue is like a rich stone, Best plain set." Color League '32 LOUISE Ii. COLLINS July 6, 1916 Nornmnrlin ,Iunior High School New Bedford, Mass. Normal "Small but full of wisdom." Singzingg Drawing: Honor Society Bridgewater State Teacliefs College VVINONA A. cooM BS I Clarence A. Cook School '29, '31, '33 Gln-C Cluhg Art Basketball Color League Pratt's Institute 27 f3...,.- mi X p VIL as -J A A Q- Q QQ!- xfr ,-' . D D ,hi r F I 'J L fl iw' ,, .1 Q 92 - 1 l-.9 X E 5 LEON I. COOPERSTEIN N K' Cooper" April 13, 1916 Roosevelt junior High School Taunton, Mass. College Classical " Content l live." Freshman Soccer 130: Freshman Baslcetball '30 Debating Society '31, '32, '33 lntcrclass Basketball and lnterclass Baseball l'lallow'cn Dance Committee lAlpha Debating Societyl '31, ,SZ Tennis: Brevcties' Stat? University of New Hampshire MARY KATHERINE COCGHLIN August 14, 1915 Thomas R. Rodman School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "Worry, hate and unkinclness are all forms of fear." Singing 'JZ3 Drawing '31 lilee Club '29, '30, '31, '52, '33 Truesdalc Hospital W l DOROTHY CROOKS " Dot" May 24, 1916 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Her cheery smile makes all worthwhile." Traffic Squad 33: Glue Club '29-'32, Band '30-'33 First Orchestra '31-'533 Second Orchestra '30-X331 Leaders Club '29-'31 l Honor Society: Banquet Committee -..ggi 28 Ben.- 2' M. 'F ' face- N D sg, 9 S E - .. 91 - Q ..-o if jf' 'ii fy, i gt ff J -- 1 Y - '1' ' Y , H W Y. -' , , , ,Y,, H ..,. ,-. , .. ., W HELEN DANIELS ' August 5, 1915 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "But still her tongue runs on." Glee Club '32, '33, Singing '323 Special Chorus '33 Art '31, '32, '33 Wilfred Academy MAURICE DANSEREAL' January 1, 1915 St. Joseph School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Constantly striving to mal-ze his best better." French Club '323 Freshman Baseball: Intcrclass Basketball '32 French Club Dance Committee Undecided WILLIAM HOVVE DARLING H Bill" l December 28, 1914 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial " Pleasure firntg let business take care of itself." lst, 2nd and 3rd Orchestra '30, '31, '32, '33, Band '30, '31, '32, '33: R. U. T. C.: Traffic Squad Brevities Staff New England Conservatory of Music -..,.,5f 29 Ea..- 1 .J J n VIL as KA vfgs .ff ,' D D RQ r f' ' C xl 17, I. Lg 5. if RAYMOND IOS EPH DA XVSON 1. Raya March 29, 1915 Norniandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "Life is just one damn thing after another." Baseball '32, '33 Class Book Cominittee Undecided E BARBARA ELMER DAVIS july 16, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatorv " Sunny and good matured." Glue Club '29, '30, Singing '31, '32 Dramatic Club '32, 35: W'asliington Bicentennial Pageant 32 Childrens Hospital ORPHA l-. DEMERS October 21, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "She has A heart with room for every joy." Gym, Glee Club Philoinathean Club St. Anne's Hospital -.,.,gf SQ tgg.- L -Q X r kiwi l' I 1 ,iff 'bv-lf 'limi' 'f "' 9 9 5 '. E """9 . MILTON STANLEY DEVVHURST "Milt" W july 19, 1915 Nornianclin junior High School New Bedford, Maas. Commercial "Ay: why should life all labor be." R, O. T. C. '31, '32 JEANNE DIONNE December 4, 1916 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "Modest but - well liked." Glec Club: Singing, Gym Bryant Sz Stratton HELEN MARY DUMEC " Hellicu October 28. 1914 Braintree High School New Bcdforcl, Mass. Commercial "It is a wise head ihat makes the still tongue." Honor Society 5, 6, 7, S: Philoniathean Club 6, 7, 8 Glee Club 3, 4. 5, 65 Singing 5, 6 Antioch College, Yellowsprings, Ohio -.,.,g.f 31 l -Q X V " "5 U? 1 ,gif .iaith ii 1' f r Q l x i .. - Q Q 2 Eff. --9 Juno 13. 1915 New Bed ford, And wo R. O. BERT EKHOLM " Swcdcw Betsey B. Mass. "Tall, quiet, and industrious." Leaders Class '29, '30 Class Book COI'l1I1111tCC Carnegie Institute of Technology june 13, 1915 New Bedford, Mus -.i,.,Gi 32 College Scientific LAVVRENCE T. DURFEE, JR. "Durf" May 29, 1015 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientifit "He lives on the sunny side uld have you all come over with him." Class Day Committee T. C. '30, '33g Nominating Connnittcc VVinslow School an 4 0 a ICLIEANOR LAURA EKI-IOLM Betsey B. Winslow School s. College Classifal "Every knock is a boost." Glce Clubg Singing RM.- 1.2 fu, X x Q-kg., abs. AUGUSTO C, FERNANDES " Gus" 9 VAL as V iff", D ax? f C' I t JL 1, , X3- ,. 2- W' .. - lo so , Z --9 X ' gli All qi E E Qi -. " w."' ,Kgs -V , ,ejyxx November 27, 1915 Acuglmet Parting VVays School Acuslmt-r, Mass. College ClHSSi'fH1 "Only character counts." First Orchestra: Second Orchestra Baud Q- 4,4 g FRANK CHARLES FIGAZOLO January 15, 1915 Normamlin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "A mighty lad who doth possess the knFghtly virtues all." ERNEST XYILLIAM FINDLAY " Filthy" Leaders Class Undecided june 21, 1915 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass, Comuiercial "Sing away sorrow, cast away care.' Freshman Football '293 Glee Club '29, '30 Ellltfll'-111-filliljf of Brevities '33 Boston University -.Q ,gf 33 Ea.- Q7 C M1 l J R 9 Vlk IL iff' D ' 1 f' ,Z fy "' g 422: 5-V 2' V45 ,W , ,Clili A FRANCIS BICNIGNUS FINNI january l-1, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. College llasbical "Blessed is that man who has found his work." " tnfcitt-gmt: R. o. T. c. EDXVARD M ICHAEI- FISCHER H Ed" May 15, 1915 NOF1l12illCllI1 junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "He who labors-conquers." Fresluuau Football bill, Honor Society '51, 33: Secretary '32 President '32, 1333 7's Class Dance Couuuittee Leaders' Class Kill: Class Banquet Conunitteeg Traffic Squad '32 Chief justice of Student Court '33 DI'LlWll11,I '30, X332 Slide Rule '32, '53 GEORGE FOSS October 27, 1915 NOFIl1Zll1Cl1l1 junior lligli School New Bedford, Mabs. Qommql-cial "Still waters run deep." lutcrclass Basketball 1 , I --Leif 34 1360-- o All -J V ,JJ wwf' 'ff its " ' fx , ar P' 5? ' ' ' 52 - .L QJ 9 ,, 1 ---9 . " "J, C...-2 1, J V RITA BLANCHE FORTIN January 25, 1916 Normanclin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Not too serious not too gay She strikes a happy medium." French Club 'SZQ Singing '35 Philcniatlican Club '333 Glue Club '31, '33 Bryant 81 Stratton CONSTANCE LUIS FONVLER April 30, 1915 New Redford, Mass. Betsey B. VVinslow School Collcgc Classical "She perseveres at all times." O 1 rrvff J. ,ft .ff V jOSEPH A. LQASPAR " Prof" June Z0, 1915 Roosevelt junior Providencc, R, I. "Diligence makes for success R. O. T. C. Undecided Glec Club: Singing Girls XVclfare League Sinnnons College High School Connncrcial eil 35 ANI P vi: U? an ff - ' Z!! 6, 'half N Q f fl iw" - .L Q Q - 2 .f-Q X ' JEANNE YVETTE GACDETTE " Frenchie" July 17, 1914 Noriiiauclin Junior High School Mont Joli, Canada Commercial " Good sense and good nature, are never separated." Varsity Basketball Squzul '32: Special Chorus '32, '35 Girls Welfare League '32, 133: Asst. Librarian of Special Chorus '52 Hockey 'Sli Style Show Committee '33 May Dance Coiiuuittee '33, Singing '31, '32 OLGA M. GA VVLOXYICZ March 14, 1915 Normaucliu Junior High School Lowell, Mass. College Classical "Happy with an innocent smile." Drawing: Siugiiigg Alpha Debating Society '32 MARY GERO Noveulbcr 13, 1915 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Hence, loathed melancholy!" Ulee Club: Band: Orchestra l.cacler's Club '31 Cambridge Memorial Hospital -.t,.,gQ 36 fgeu.- mi X X get IL l -. ffl ZA? gl T . l I -:. l- SJ ff! :il 3223 . .. - Lf . E ..... - JJ! 11 ELIZABETH GIBSON July 30, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School l New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "lt is unwise to be too serious." Tennis: First Glee Cluhg Special Chorus: Singing Art: Archery Club: Secretary of Archery Club Girl's XVelfare League: Prom Committee Lincoln Academy l RUTH GIFFORD August ll, 1016 Oncndaga Valley Academy, Syracuse, N. Y. L3.l1Sl11jZ,N Michigan College Classical A , f "Cheerfulness ana good will make labor begin." A MUS W Girls NVclfarc League '32, '33 - K!!! ' A Undecided NATALIE GIFFORD " Nat" July 7, 1915 Normandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Speak well of every one if you speak of them at all." -iagf 3 7 Ba., N we f Q' 3 'gig - .1 92 9 , 2 L-...Q 1 g A JUl,llT1' M. GIUSTI ",lulie" May 24, 1915 Thomas R. Rodman School New Bedford. Mass. Commercial "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Singing: lilee Club 1 Bryant 8: Stratton RAY M UND GOB EIL " Gobby" August 10, 1914 Normandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "All great men are dead And I am feeling ill." Freshman Football '31: Freshman Basketball '31, '32: Baseball '32 Varsity Football '32, '333 Leader's Club '31, Interclass Basketball '32 French Club '32: Chairman, lirench Club Dance Committee '32 French Club Social Committee '32: Class Day '33 Traffic Squad '333 Chairman Senior Prom Committee '33 Northeastern ROSALYN GOLDFARB " Ros" August 20, 1915 Betsey B. VVinslow School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Happiness is bliss." Tennis '30, '3lg lilee Club '30, '31, '32 Dramatic Club '30, '31, '32, '33: Girls' lYelfare League '32, '33 Traffic Squad '33 New jersey College for VVomen 38 Bw.- 1 -Q 'XX " 'A " Ark 1 X rffx D -A Q f C , ,L V5 AW" '14 -V a-- ,. N z r X TE my Yau ire .. ..,, . rr IRENE PRISCILLA GOODHCE "Pete" May 2-1, 1916 Furnace School Free-town, Mass. Commercial "Her ways are ways of pleasantness And all her paths are peace." Glee Club '29-'33g Special Chorus '33: Leaders Club '29, '30 Girl's 1N'elfare League '32, '333 Traffic Squad '33 Honor Society: Motto Connnittec Bryant Sz Stratton JITNNIIC S. GORKA December 30, 1914 Nornianrlin Junior High School New Berlforcl, Mass. College Claggigal "Those of few words are best." FILLSXVORTH GREENOUGH "Bucky" August 19, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientihc " For he is just the quiet kind whose nature never changes." Varsity Baseball '31, '32, '33, R. O. T. C. '30, '31, '32 '33 Class Banquet Connnitteeg Leaders Club Undecided 1 39 mi X p V45 ll 1,1 X U Q' Ze.. ' 5 -1 Q r fl 31 ,l "7 1 "' if Q- 2' .. - 2 1 5.0 ' E PAUL CERARD GRENIIER "Dopey" September 27, 1915 Nornmandin junior High School Three Rivers, Quebec, Canada College Scientific "Woman often changes and foolish is he who trusts her." Drawing ffrec hand? '31, '32, '33g R, U, T. C. '30, '31, '32, '33 Traffic Squad ' Undecided LUIS ETHELYN QZRKZNVARIE April 24, 1915 Thomas R. Rodman School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical " Brownie" "Pensive and quiet is she But still has a heart that is eager for spirit." lilce Club '31, '323 Basketball '32 Vice-President Glee Club '31 N Bryant 8: Stratton i ' JEROME GROSSMAN July 19, 1915 Brockton High School 85 VVinthrop jr. High School Fall River, Mass. Scientilic "Where the strong working hand makes the strong working brain." Drawing: liyinnasiuni New Bedford Textile School -..,.,gf 40 fgh.- N1 X Wx 0 LA Q' ZX Q L i P age p Q fi iam- . F- 1 -- Q V2 '.,.. :L IQARL JAM ES HAND April 3, 1916 Normandin junior lligli School New Bedford, Mass. College C1-21351931 "How merry are my spirits." Second Lieut. R. 0. T. C3 Debating Team '31, '32 Debating Society: Class Delxator f8'sl: Traffic Marslial N. B. H. S. Traffic Ceurt Associate justice Rifle Team N. B. R, U. T. C. Alabama CARL L. HARDY February 11, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "Cay and audacious, mischief glints in his eye." Student Council '29g Drawing: Color League '30 Prep f U of l EDVVARD FRANCIS HARRINGTON November 29, 1914 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientihc "He is living but not living in vain." Undecided -..agf 41 BM- Q .Qt L -Q X :Tw ZX., ' 'fi XI r f I ,gg "Jo" ,g N9 9 2 2 L-,9 'X . EE fill ta., ' E . J ...I 1- K-V K . 1 M L RALPH JOSEPH HARRINGTON October 10, 1916 Normandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the be-at of men." Manager of Varsity Basketball Team '31, '32 Manager of Varsity Football Team '32g Color League Basketball Class Day Committeeg Hi-y Club JOHN FRANCIS HARRINGTON August 19, 1915 Holy Name School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Why an ambition? I admire my present state." R. O. T. C. Boston University NORMAN LIVINGSTONE HARRISON OCTOIFCI' 13. 1913 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Worry, worry, worry! Hm, I should worry." Varsity Basketball '32: First Band '29, '30, '31, '32 Third Orchestra '291 Second Orchestra '30, '31, '32 First Orchestra '32, '33, Freshman Basketball '29 , Undecided if ,M A54 M1 X V45 L vf gs ...J J Ax' We ' I 'age L Q' ,. ,. .- 3 -- . 31? September 2, 1916 New Bedford, Mass. Colle5!C ClHSSlCHl "She's quaintly petit and daintily sweet." Honor Society: Singing: Girl's VVelfare League: Traffic Court Traffic Squad: Class Day Committee May 21, 1015 New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "A head to contriveg a hand for mischief." Art: Glee Club: Varsity Basketball: Tennis MARGERY HESFORD " Marge" Roosevelt ,lunior High School Color League Basketball Smith College DOROTHY PIERCE HEYXVOOD " Dot" June lo, 1015 Normandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial " To look on the bright side Is to look on the right side of life." First Glee Club '31, '32, '33: Special Chorus '31, '32: Singing '31, '32 Librarian of Special Chours '3Z: Secretary of First Glee Club Secretary of 5's Class: Color League Basketball Traffic Squad '32, '33: Philomathean Club '33: Girls' VVe1fare Club '33 l Cotton VX'eek Committee '33: May Dance Committee Boston University MARGARET F. HILL Clarence A. Cook School Honor Society Rhode Island Hospital -mag 43 Eat.- All X , VIL JL Y J A4 if-' '22 ' D n. b Q I I bi '11 i lm., li l Q gg - 'Q I-9 X 0 - 2 -.-e -ir ef ff: ,X I -, N PAULINIC ROBERTS HILL May 21, 1015 Nornxanclin junior High School New Beclforfl, Mass. College Classical "To look on the bright side ls to look on the right side of life." l.L'lll1C1'S' Club 'KOQ Singing '31, '32, '33, French Club '32 Comniittee 7's Dance H523 Secretary French Club '32 Truesclale Hospital AGNES COLCLOUGH HOLDEN 1 SL-1,16-mlwr 4, 1015 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Failure is only for those who think failure." Leaders Club '51, Orchestra '30, '31, '32, '33 Band '31, '32, '33 Chi1Clren's Hospital, Boston 1 1 RUTH IRFNE HORSFALL November 17, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Berlforcl, Mass. College Classical " The first item in the commonsense creed is obedience." Color League Basketball X323 Varsity Basketball '32 Honor Society: filee Club: Singing Bridgewater 44 X l .J 4 IFF X I' 'J' A s Q X eil?" 9 P ' L' ., , 'Q - . fel, i '- . - 92 Q L .....v .Jar " ef' E 1 'Q 5 BFRNICE ESTlfl.l.F HORVITZ june 18, 1915 Roosevelt Junior High School Fall River, Mass. "Her eyes glitter with merrimentf' Glee Club: Girls VVe1fare League: Traffic Squad Vice President Dramatic Club 'SZQ President Dramatic Club '33 Leland Powers MELVINA LOUISE HUNT March 11, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. "Work for yourself by working for the good of all." Drawing '29, '30, '31, '32 Undecided College Classical ROB li RT ALLEN HOUGHTON February 15, 1915 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Lfommf-fc il "lt is the quiet worker who succeeds." R. O. T. C. Bentley School of Acct. and Finance Normal -..ggi 45 fga..- mi X X I.. 4?Q? ' X r f I ,QQ J, HAROLD 1'1LTRVN'lTZ April 17, 1916 Betsey H. XYinslow School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical " For he's a jolly goocl fellow." junior Alpha Debating Society '29, '30 Senior Alpha Debating' Society '31, '32, '33: Publicity Conunittee of Debating Society '32, Program Connnittee '33 Chairnian of llallowe'en Dance '32 Penn State College of Optometry HARRIET ELISABETH IRVIN June 24, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Norinal Preparatory "1 wish to be simple, honest, and naturally frank." lilee Club '31: Leader's Club '3ll1 Singing '31, '32 VVashington Bicentennial Pageant '32: Color League '32 St. Luke's Hospital ' ' :naman JARCSIK May 16, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Always look on the bright side of life." Honor Society: Color League Basketball '32 Leaders' Clulx '30, '31, Drawing '30, '31, '32, '33 Bridgewater mamsa 'lu J if frgf? X 1 'gf 1 F l e -l ,Y i 'A l 9 92 2 'QE L-.9 X 555- July 15, 1915 STELLA -IENKINSON Normaurliu Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "A good laugh is sunshine in the house." Special Chorus and First Glee Club '33, Traffic Squad '32 Varsity Basketball '51-'32, Singing '31-'3Z'1 Glec Club '30, '31, '32 Class Prophet for Classical Course '33 Art '29, '50, '31, Dramatics '29, 'EU' St. Luke's Hospital HAZEL MADELINE JOHNSON 5 ,Lily " i " Red" October 10, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial I "A daughfer of the gods Divinely tall and devinely fair." ' Traffic Squad '33 Glee Club '29,-132: Gi1'l's Varsity Basketball Team '31-'32 Sargeauts MILLICENT ARLENPI JOHNSON "Millie" December 26. 1914 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "We best redeem the past by forgetting it." Drawing, Gym, Gil-l's XVelfare League Katherine Gibbs, Boston 47 gem- 4 'H 1 .J X iw V45 lb A ' 4- Zyl' gf, ," X D rx? r Q' l C :Q ,W , "' ,Q ,ef if wifi" ,l N9 9 - Q l-.9 X - BEATRICE CHRlSTll? KINGSLEY February 19, 1915 New Bcclforcl, Mass. "Help yourself and everybody will help you." Glee Club '20, '30, '313 Singing '31 Leacler's Club '3Ug R. O. T. C. '33 EDVVIN MILTON JONES " Buck" September 16, 1914 Normanclin Junior High School Fall Rivvr, Mass. College Scientific "Long life to him." lnterclass Basketball '29-'30, '30-'31g Varsity Bagketball '32-'33 Hi-Y Club VVillia1n and Mary " Bee" Tliomas R. Rodman School Commercial Traffic Squad '33 P. G. Course HELEN EVFLYN KOCZERGA Deccmber 24, 1914 Cnmniings, NVobnrn, Mass. Biclclcforcl, Maine College Classical "Resolve: To do my best! To do my work! To live!" C1106 Club: Urcliestra Bryant 81 Stratton College, Providence, R. I. 48 M1 X L re I- "2 1: ,,,." XI f r I 11 ,55 J.: 'l1f'n"',A N9 9 2 "LW, 1 -...U 49' ' 'E .,AelgfMlli1-.Ax .42 X '7bs.llf"' DIANA KONDI Augugt 10, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School Attlelnoro, Mabs. C0111111CfCiHl "The better we know her The more we like her." Glee Clulig Art, Singing Swain School of Design SELMA KROCDVIRD August 12. 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Work and rewarded you will be." Honor Society '31, '32, '33 Singing '31, '32 Undecided GEORGE BERNARD KRCMHOLZ, JR. 1 September 18, 1015 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "lf you don't know him you have missed it all, For fun loving George you are bound to fall." R. O. T. C, '29, '3O: Drawing '29, '33: Band '33 Orchestra '29, '32, '33: 7's Dance Connuittee '32 Undecided 49 All X p WZ? M fi qSw ,llillll V LORETTA FLORENCE LAFRENOIS " Letty" August 3, 1915 Roosevelt junior lligh School New llcrlforcl, Mass. f0lNl1li'fC1il1 "One whose mere presence brings sunshine and joy." Honor Society '32, '33g 1111-Q Qilllll '30, '31, '32, 1.ez111c1"s lfluh '31, '32 Singing '31, '3Zg lJrz111'i11g '30 lX1C111llCI' of iii1'1's l'l'c1f:11'c l.C'2lg11L' '31 Secretary-'l'1'cz1s111'1-1' oi 121115 XXX-lfzirc l.L'2lgl1C '32. '33 Uilclccicled R1C'11AKlJ lf, LEE 1 "Dick" March 13, 1915 l4l2ll'L'l1CC A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "A lacl of gcocl mettle." Liznptuiii-Adjutzint R. O. 'lf C.: Rifle 'llG?l111 '31, '32, '33 liiillllllll L'1Jfi1lU11 Mug lli-Y Deputy fhicf Allll?-1121.1 o1'1'1'z11li1t Squad '32 Cliicf 111211311211 '53 AUGL'STO R. LEITIT Deccinhur Z-1, 1915 Rczofmvclt .lunior High School ll11SL'1, Mass. Sgiglltifig "Clever, snappy, always happy." Color League Bzaskctlmllg Ljyin 50 ff r VAL Il .fr D f ri? f F I C gg AMY LEAVITT LESTER April 21, 1915 Thomas Ri Rodman School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "A penny for your thoughts." Singing '31, '32, X331 Glee Club '30, '51, '32 Drawing '30, '31, '32, 33 Truesdale Hospital l - ' FSTHER ANNA LFVOXV May 3, 1916 Bctsey B. VVinslow School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "The right to be useful is the only right I want." Glee Club: Honor Society Philomathean Club: Chorus Bridgewater Teachers College URANIA MACHADO " Rae" September 27, 1914 Betsey B. VVinslow School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory " Quiet and demure." Hockey: Glcc Club: Girls VVQ-lfare League Singing: Philomathean Club: Basketball Boston Children's Hospital -1951 51 alll l n Vlk Il I- -vf gs ' Sisilf' ,fi -' N D r Q I if W' ,, - 9 -jeu , 1 ..-Q Jw ALFRED MAINO MAI., june 19, 1914 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific " The better we know him the more we like him." Lilee Club '30, '31, '32 '33I Special Cl101'U9 '37, '31, '32, '33 R. 0. T. L. '31, '32, '33: Rifle Team '31, '32, '33 Football '31, Drawing '30, '31, '32: Class Day '33 Leaders Class '30 '31g Inter-Class Basketball '51 ' JP Chief Marshal Traffic Squad J Suffolk Law DOROTHY L. MARCILLF .. Dotv August 25, 1915 Norinandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Connnercial "Things are never so bad as they seem." Glee Club '31, '33g Singing '31, '33: Girls VVelfare League '33 French Club X323 Drawing '33, Traffic Squad '33 HELEN R. MARSDEN June 24, 1915 Betsey B. VVinslow School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical Character is the result of two things: mental attitude and the way we spend our time." Hon. First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. '32, '33 Secretary of Honor Society '333 XN'elfare League '32, '33 Banquet Connnittee: Leaders Clubl Tratlic Squad '32, '33 President of Glee Club '30: Student Council '32, '33 Freshman Hockeyg Athletic Council '33 -..agf 52 tgp..- m X VIL lk Eg Lili. .gi ',,V ' ' ,QM Silt 1--A lil? LOIS ROBERTA MASGN April 16, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School Acushnet. Mass. Normal "I live to love, to laugh, and to learn." Traffic Squad: VVelfare League: Dramatic Club First Year Glee Club: First Glee and Chorus Girls' League Basketball ELMER MCCALL February 24, 1014 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass, Commercial "A dreamer lives on forever A toiler dies in a day." Freshman Football, Freshman Baseball R. O. T. C. Undecided HARRY MILLER December 15, 1915 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "He's little but he's wise He's a terror for his size." Honor Society Vice President '32, '33 Hi-Y Clubg Soccer '31, '32 Chairman Class Day Committee, R. O. T. C. Undecided -..ggi 13..- I: In A N gl 'belle l - A , , Y X -,Q r f I ,gg , I - .. Q2 9 2 L- 0 X -- A " QA- 5 " , '. E -'J T At, 13,' ' V- lllie,Afl'f. W v 4, 'K I GEORGE THOMAS MITCHELL August 30, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Scientific "He stands, the shadow of a mighty man." Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C.g Traffic Marshal '33 Glee Club '30, '32: Special Chorus '30, '32 Bryant 8: Stratton MARGARET MONT , 'L Monty" December 23, 1914 Betsey B. NVinslow School New Bedford, Mass. Conuuercial 1 "If you don't know her ,g' You ought to get acquainted." ,Treasurer Glee Club '30: Glee Club '30, '31, Traffic '31, '32, '33 ' Leaders Class '30g Style Show '32, Class Day '33 i ANNA MARY MONTIGNY M Tig-VF ' August 13, 1915 Holy Family School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "A winning way a pleasant smile, Yet thoughtful all the while." Glee Club and Special Chorus 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Philomathean Club 6, 7, 8 Leaders' Club 3: Hockey: Baseball l, Z, 3, Color League 4, 5 Orchestra 2, 31 Steuciller on Messenger 7 Enter Business Life 1 N P si ' Q' ggi. wt" ,A - Q 9 : 1 .l-.9 5 fm. gg , 2 E AQ' OSCAR FRANCIS MORITNCY August 30, 1914 Roosevelt Junior High School Fall River, Mass. College 556111150 "There is no such word as fail." Honor Society: Drafting: Slide Rule: R. O. T. C. '31, '32, '33 T'raFFic Squad Guggenheim School of Aeronautics, N. Y. u ag, - ,. SHFLDON MORSE June 21, 1916 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "Still waters run deep." Personnel Adjutant R. O. T. C. '30, '33 RiHe Team '32, '33 MARY MOULTON "Kel1y" May 25, 1015 Norniandin Junior High School New Bedford. Mass. Lfonnnercial "A little girl with a smile for all." Singing '31: Color League Basketball '31: Archery '31 Girls' Welfare League '32, '333 Class Prophet: Traffic Penn. Hall -...,g.f 55 Be..- j f li, X p VIL IL -3 's V UQ- Zx p -1 Q r fl , JL he , 9 5?-K 1, ,., ,- .l v o 2 L? Q --9 X OLGA M OURA May 12, 1915 Norniandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Connnercial "Never a word to say but what's worth while." Drawing MILDRED ANNE MURPHY Y January 4, 1916 Holy Naine School New Bedford, Mass. Connncrcial "She is as sportive as the fawn." Basketball '29, '30, '31: Baseball '29, '30, Hockey '29 Tennis '29, '30, '31, Archery '31, '321 Pbiloinatllean '32, '33 Glee Club '29, '30, '31, '32, Leaders Klub '29, '30 Cheer Leading '32 Undecided ' l OVVIEN H. MURPHY January 16, 1915 ' Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Thinking always." Boston lfniversity -.,,.,g4 55 Em.- M1 X Sql 45 l .J V Jw ASU' D ,h Q f r I 1,1 L 1 I X ,ci- , - Q Q 2 M --9 , ,g fx' VALENTINA D'OLIVEIRA NEREU November 9, 1913 St. Mary's School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Aim high and consider yourself capable of great things." Debating Society, Glee Club: Singing Undecided ANNIE NEVILLE October 1, 1915 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Give to the world the best you have And the best will come back to you." Office Work 1 GLADYS NEWSHAM September 12, 1915 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. C01111110fCi-H1 "Never judge nor condemn any one." St. Luke's Training School 57 U M1 Y P lk XZX ,Aiiiiiwi f 4 IR ENE NICHOLAS PARANDICLIS April 21, 1915 New Bcclforcl, Mass. College Clzusical "Content thyself to be obscurely good." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 VVQ-lfare League 7, 8 LORNTS BERNARD NILSFN, JR. March 1, 1915 Betsey B. XVinslow School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "A soldier firm and sound of head." Captain R. 0. T. C.: Traffic Squad '32-'33 Deputy Chief '33 Cniversity of Michigan Clarence A Cook School Art 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Pembroke LOUIS PACHFCO, JR. " Patches" july 30, 1015 Roosevelt junior High School New lictlforcl. Mass. Scientific "To know him is to like him." First Licut. R. 0. T. C.: Freslnnzin Football '30, Varsity Football '51 Traffic Marslialg Color League Basketball '30, '31 Tennis Toiiriizliiiciit '31, '52 U. S. Coast Guard Academy 58 X 9 'si ' Q' 1. l Q QQ , be , I-9 f E C. AURORE M. PERRAS December 7, 1914 Normaudiu Juuior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "A country girl, with a sunny disposition." Color League: Art XVENDIELL BORDEN PHILLIPS September 29, 1916 Parting XVays School, Acushuet Fall River, Mass. College Classical "Then he will talk-good gods, he will talk." Second Orchestra: Glee Club Boston University School of Music OU .,QMoL!2,0-Q CORINNE HAYVVARD PIERCE January 15, 1916 Clarence A. Cook School Boston, Mass. College Classical " Such a free and easy manner." Girls XYQ-lfare League: Traffic Squad: Dramatic Club Special Chorus: Glee Club Colby Junior College 59 Q,-.. I1 ' J 9 daily: ffh 'half i R5 -xg r k I 3 1 ,Q -V-Q , ,. 1, 'i,'fn.,'T 1 ,iQ 9 2 2 fry S ,. ARTHUR HARGREAVES PILKINGTON if Pelkyu May 6, 1913 Roosevelt Junior High School Blackpool, England Commercial "I crave dear Lord No boundless hoard." R. 0. T. C. 9 Undecided JFNNIE ANNE PLAZA May 31, 1915 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "There's sunshine in the heart of me." Honor Society: Drawing '30, '31, '32, '33 Bridgewater State Teachers' College fy V- I ." l LIBANIA C. PORTO August 4, 1914 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "Success consists in the climb." Glee Club '31, '333 Singing '31, '32, '33 Art '31, '32, '33 New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass. -..ggi 60 Ep.- 1.2 275, fm All v Wx as J gn J M' if X 5 -.xg r f I gg 'il -Q7 , 1 12,5 5- 2' tim' -. - L 9 , 1 I-9 X ,,,A' ii PHYLLIS B. PRESNAI, February 15, 1915 Gloucester High School New Beclforcl, Mass. "Let a smile be your umbrella." Girls' League: Basketball: Traffic Squad: Hockey First Lilee Qilubg Class Day fO1llI1111lCLTQ Special Chorus: Drawing Peabody Cliildreifs Hospital Fall River, Mass. ELM ER M. RADlf1-lEFE August 18, 191-1 NO1'1ll21lllllll junior lligh Behr ol h,'Ol1l1liClk1ll "1 am not in the role of common men." Student Council 110. '31, 1321 Chief Traffic Squad '31, '52, '33 Dramatic Club '32, '33 Boston University Law School i ERNEST P. RAPOZA ' " Rappyn july 17, 1915 Roosevelt junior High Suhool Nev: Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Deeds not words make the man." Varsity Football '32: Alpha Debating Society! '52 I I! Class Prophetg Class Day , j' fl milf' V!! , r ,xv L ,- K I I x ' J Ml f--assi 61 I -f 1 I X 'MW lk I' ' 4- 'fg N 'et f Q ' fn. E 1 pp ps E ERIC RIZDFERN March 15, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Connnercial "Your heart does the work." R. O. T. C., Soccer '32 jOHN CLINTON RIMMER "Clint" May 8, 1914 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical " We best redeem the past by forgetting it." Varsity Football 'Jil'-133: Freslnnan Football 129: Varsity Baseball '30 Varsity Basketball '31-'333 Track '31: Freshman Soccer '29 R. U. T, C.: Hi-yg President of junior Class '31 Division Chief of Traffic Squad '32, Clerk of Traffic Court Athletic liditor of Alpha '31: Student Council '31, '32 Leader's Club 29: Class XVill Author Tufts College or Baltimore Dental LAURA H ICLICN ROBAK june 27, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Cvllezze Cl?l55iC31 "Life is but a spaceg every inch l'll enjoy." ' Basketball Color League '3ZZ Drawing '30, 31, '52 ' 0, 1,etit1t-fs Club '50, '31 'J yup' Bridgewater State Teachers' College if J , 62 mi 9 Ylk as l J X kAf' 'lu A 'WSW' 'ffl' X D ' Q f F l ,L 'T , 1,5 af if wif-M" U. N9 92 2 2 .E-...U X MARION LOUISE ROBERTS June 16, 1915 Thomas R. Rodman School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory " Sweet and sincere at all times." Singing '32: Drawing '31 Glee Club '29-'30, '31, '32, '33 Truesdale Hospital FREDERICK L. ROBINSON, JR. March 2, 1915 New Bedford, Mass. Clarence A. Cook School 1SC111lllCI'Cl:l1 "The world needs more kindness." RUTH M ILDRED ROBINSON R. O. T. C. '30-'33 September Z. 1915 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "She laughs her cares and troubles away." Class Treasurer: Class Secretary: Student Council Leaders Club: First Glee Club: Special Chorus Junior Prom Committee: Girls Traffic Squad Undecided -..ii 63 Be..- l -3 X 4 M Ze. '- ravi? J -1 Q f fl gi ,: ,'7 , ',3 5. i- w" ,, - L Q : Q --Q X - April 26, 1915 New Bedford, Mass. MARY FLIZABIQTH ROGERS April 22, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical " For she is just the quiet kind whose nature never changes." Second and Third Glee Cluhs: VVelfare League Special Chorus Regis College January 21, 1916 New Bedford, Mass, -msgf 64 HAZEI. ROGERS " Buttons" Roosevelt Junior High School COl11ll1Cl'ClZi1 "Happiness is bliss." Archery '30, '3l: hlee Cluh '31, '32, Special Chorus '32, '33 Hockey '31, Basketball Varsity Squad '32 Posse-Nisson FDNA M AY RUG HRSON " Eddie" Norinandin junior High School COllllllCI'C12ll "1 live to love, to laugh, to learn." Glee Club, Singing '31, '32, '33, Honor Society '31, '32, '33 Class Book Connnitteeg Girl's Color League '32 Undecided I -J x I' xifff fl .,,fn' ' ZS' fix' r F I fi 1 RAE C. RONALD' October 28, 1915 Quincy Senior High School Glasgow, Scotland CO1111llCI'ClE1l "Keep an even temper No matter what happens." Leaders Club H295 Dramatic Club '30 VIRGINIA BETTY ROSEN "Ginger" November 26, 1915 Norniandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Coinniercial "A pleasant smile and thoughtful all the while." Singing '32, 133: Glec Club First and Second Orchestra '30-'52 Burdett College HYMAN DAVID ROT1-IKOPF May 6, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "A lad of good mettlef' Orchestra '3'U': Debating '3Zg DYHlll211lCS '33 Color League Basketball '31 Boston University 1 -..ggi 65 Eel.- M1 .J X Ny, 417' 1 fe J -tk? f f I ,gi - L en - i l-.9 X I fi ANGELA MARGARET RUSSELL May 15, 1914 r-11110111215 R. Roclmzm School Albany, N. Y. Normal "If we have pleasant thoughts Even one alone, we have good company." ljaaltctlmll Ulll1CClC1CK1 LORRAINIC A. Sr+:cgL'1N 1 December 21, 1916 NOY1I12illC1lll junior High School New Bedford, Mass. L'om111crcizxl "Year after year beheld her silent toil." 17rcnch Club: llouor Socicty Kilcc Club: Singing Bryant SL Stratton ALYS SIENNA March 23, 1015 Roosevelt '1llI1lOT High School New Bcclford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "Art is the beautiful way of doing things." Curry School of 1Jl'ElI112il1C lixprcssioll Mgt 66 ggi. JL we . 465 Z 5-5123 gym.: , - Q 9 I- in -.- l l - SAMUEL SHORROCK July 21. 1915 Norlnandin Junior High School Dartmouth, Mass. Scientific "1'll speak in a monsterous little voice." ISRAEL SHUSTER November 29, 1914 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Stronger than steel is the sword of spirit." Track '30, '31, '3Zg Inter Class Basketballg Tennis X Williaill and Mary ELLA SIEGEL September 25, 1916 Norniandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "1 love not many words." Alpha Debating Societyg Drawing Interior Decorating 67 5.3..n.- ni X p VIL ll L V 4' iff I 9 1 ' Q' if FRANK SILVIA August 20, 1914 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commorcial "All things smile on the happy boy." Frcslmlan Baseball '29: Track '51-'52 Soccer '30, '31, '32 Ncw Ellfliillil Coiwcrvatorv of Muric W lu . ELEANOR MARSHALL SISSON May 21, 1916 Normaudin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Good natured yet gracious and sociable." Orchestra I aucl ll: Baml Briclgcwatcr State Tcaclu-r's Lollc-gc l CHARLOTTE SMITH August 4, 1915 Tourlclloltc Memorial High School, Conn. Ncw Bedford, Mass. College flassigal "Calmly she looked on life" Chilclrcifs Hospital, Boston 68 June 15, 1915 Parker Street School X M: V45 0 A 'Ya we ,rf X .i r r I 'QQ ,iv ,Q FDNA MAY SPOONER New Bedford, Mass. 05116110 Classical "Bright, cheerful, and aimiablef' Glee Club, Band: Color l.eae,'ue Basketball Massachusetts General Hospital i 1 ' RICHARD DRAKE STANLEY "Dick" january 14, 1915 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "He is everybody's friend." Vice-President of Hi-Y '32, '33: Color League '31 Freshman liootlsallg lireshman Basketball Varsity Track '31, '32, '33, Varsity Tennis '33 Harvard DOROTHY THERRSE TAFFE "Dot" April 9, 1915 Norinandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass, Commercial "Wise to resolve and patient to perform." First Glee Club '31, '32, '33: Special Chorus '31, '32, '33 Honor Society '33: Girls lfolor League '32 Undecided ' -wif 69 1.31- X l -j 'V M1 pvlb lb U " .xryg X J .gb QE f C I Fi ,Q J, , x 4, ,. 1, .. N9 99 , 2 I-9 X ' "1 all 2 E May 8, 1914 New Bedford, Mass. AMOS GEORGE TAYLOR, JR. May 16, 1916 Normandin Jr. H New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "Deeds are better than words." Football '30, '31, '323 Baseball '33 Color League Basketball '32g Track '32 CZESLAVV JOHN TARADEJNA 4. Terry.. Parker Street School Commercial " He whistles and sings his cares away." R. O. T. C. '30, '31, '32, '33g Gym '29, '30, '31, '32 Glee Club '29 Undecided igh School Undecided EVELYN ILENE TESSIER "Bobbie" Februray 8, 1916 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial 0, "She never says much K? But, oh my !" First Glee Club, Special Chorus, Singing Boston University M mv L X rwlk as Z 5 ' ,ro N -3 .ia f xl I fp 1 - 1 I. J- CLAIRE N ELDA THUOT July 24, 1015 Norinandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Normal "Labor and you labor not in vain." Orchestra 1 and 2: Band: Drum Major Art: Honor Society Boston University .fb - A - ,il Lal, ERNEST TORRIQS I F " Tarzan" April 19, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School ' New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "He bore the Olympic wreath of glory." . Traffic Squad '32: Deputy Chief '33: Football '31, '32 Basketball '32, '33: Track '32: Baseball '32, '33: Freshman Football Freshman Basketball: Freshinan Baseball: Hi-Y Club .y- A L,-'i I ' ,U if ' Hebron Prep. School .M .I " CAROLYN TRAVFRS " Kitty" December 20, 1914 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "A little girl whose presence we enjoyed." Glee Club: Singing: Leaders Club: Honor Roll Dramatic Club, Color League Kinyon's Commercial School -.,.,5f 71 Ea- X 9 Wx ll V vf s J KA? f QW? 1 is f fl 1 1 July 14, 1915 Acushnet, Mass. "A light heert lives long." XYILLTAM TRIM BLR, JR. "Bill" August 2, 1915 Thomas R. Rodman School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "Peppy, snappy, always happy." R. O. T, C.: Gymg Drawing: l.eaclcr's Club: Track '31, '33 Freshman Football, Freshman Soccer: Freshman Basketball N Color League Basketball: Inter-Class Baseball Kents Hill Prep. School 1 GENEVA TRTPP Norinanclin junior High School Commercial Glce Clubg Gym Bryant 8: Stratton X MURIEL FREDA TUBBY " Tubbie" .ll1llUfiI'3' 1, 1916 Roosevelt Junior High School Fall River, Mass. Normal "She speaks and all do listen." Treasurer Dramatic Club '32, '33 XVasl1ington Bicentennial Pageant '32: Singing '32 Union Hospital, Fall River -aff 72 Ee..- .1 J J ' ev W., 1. - Q2 92 2 L E -..Q ,Ji Eg if ' ' ..,. . LOUIS ARMAND VEILLEUX, JR. February 25, 1914 Sacred Heart School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Mark the perfect man." Major R. O. T. C.: Freshman Football '20, Basketball '30 Baseball 'SOQ Varsity Football '313 Track '31, '32, '33 R. O. T. C. Rifle Team '31, '32: Associate Judge Traffic Court '33 President Gamma Cpsilon Nu Rif1e Club '33 X University of Vermont ' GRAYCE ANN NVALTON September 20. 1014 Normandin Junior High School Taunton. Mass. College Scientific "Let come what may." Alpha Debating Society: Dramatic Club: Glee Club Singingg Art: Dramatic Club Plays: Class Day Program Curry School of Expression LAURENCE A. VVHITE February 26. 1915 Furnace Grammar School Freetown, Mass. College Scientific "What a sweet delight a quiet life affords." DNN .., UA-' 7.4. 73 Ee..- rf" -1 ' -I Q1 A . D f r I J, 53' - No 91 i V 9 X V 1 5 -- 'ZX' PEARL CICCILIA XVHITE " Giggles" November 25, 1014 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Life rules: Keep good company or none." Girls VVQ-lfarc League: fiirl's Color League Basketball May Dance Conunittee: Civics Lfominitteeg Glee Club '32 St. Luke's Hospital THOMAS RAYMOND XVHOLLY, JR. February 11, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial " Be a man and a friend to everybody." R, U. T. C. '20, '30, '31, 132: Lieutenant '32 Second Boy's Glee Club '29, Secretary 'Z93 Freshman Basketball '29 Freshman Baseball '29, Color League Basketball '29, '30, '31, '32 Captain '31, XYashington Bicentennial Pageant '32 Business 'Q4'2""' AA " W ,,.f iz !'A1',,.,,,v'V , I U SARAH ELIZABETH VVITHERINGTON " Sally" July 3, 1914 Normandin junior High School Blackburn, Lancashire, England Commercial "A pal she was To all of us." Associate Editor of the "Messinger" Rewrite liclitor of the "Messenger", Hockey Team '31 -..,.,gf 74 +3.g.,... Z ' I i D 1 F l is E '- - 9 2 2 'F-9 B ' i 5. will 2 - , X msn Melt. PAUL AILLERY May 2, 1915 Normandin Junior High School K I New Bedford, Mass. Scientihc X1 S J "Not much talk-a great sweet silence" li ,pf X lntcrclass Basketball '31, '32 WJ Interclass Track '32, '33 A Commercial Art School GEORLHANNA ALMEIDA " Georgieu july 21, 1915 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Why worry? Care is an enemy of life." Glee Club: Singing: Leaders Club Color League Basketball BERTHA M. C. ACDICKAS "Bert" july 11, 1915 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Happy I am, from care I'm free." First and Second Orchestras FLEANOR BAYR RUTH ER July 25, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow!" Glee Club Undecided -..if 75 EU.- X All L X V45 It lk I- ,JJ 1514! Ill AfX , I l Z i D vim? l F :L , ,N n to : S , ALICE BEAN August 15, 1914 Thomas R. Rodman School Rockland, Mass. Normal "Secure friends by being one." lrlcc Klub, Singingg Gym 15 ryant K Stratton IRENE BERNIER january 18, 1914 St. Authony's School Fall River, Mass. Commercial "Better late than never.' VVll,l.lAlXl THOMAS Bl-AL'Kl3L'RN " Bill"-" Blackie" August 20, 1014 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "A laugh is worth a 100 groans in any market." Soccer '3U: Track '313 R. O. T. C. '28-'32 Baseball 'SU Dauver Prep ANNA J. BLAIS " Dickie" 'luly 9, 1914 Roosevelt Junior High School Methuen, Mass. Conunercial "Good humor is always a success." Honor Socictyg Singing '32, '33, lilac Club '31, '32 Color League Basketball '32 76 law-- M1 " "Z- fin X X 2 XM' X J "xg 1 F I .Qi "L W "' ,Q if . 1 Q .QQ , te, 5.0 PRISCILLA MAY BONYMAN February 3, 1916 Thomas R. Rodman School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Quiet modesty reaps its own reward." Second Orchestra PAUL MARTIN BRANCHAUD December 13, 1915 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Trouble never troubled him." R. O. T. C. '3Z: Mechanical Drawing FLORENCE MAY BRIGGS December 29, 1016 Norinantlin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. CO1I11I1CI'Cl1:ll "lt's nice to be natural When you're naturally nice." Honor Society '31, '32, '33, Singing '31, '3Z: Gym '32, '33 Bryant Sz Stratton ALBERT SIGURD BROADLAND September 2, 1913 Thomas R. Rodman School South Dartmouth, Mass. Commercial "Be sure you are right, then go ahead." R. O. T. C. '30-'32 7 7 M1 l -Q X V '35 1 S ,ll ililli 1 D '1 H 53-A 10, ' 1 ' ., - 19 92 : Qi ..-Q D' MARY F. CABRAL " Billie" Decelnber 30, 1914 Roosevelt junior High School St. Michael, Azores COI11111CI'C1Zi1 "She was sufficient to herself for happiness." Gym: Lilac Club, Singingg Baskctball Liolol' Lcaguc ROSE CEDAR January 15, 1916 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, M ass. fO11ll11CI'C12i1 "Modest and quiet, but never sad." tilt-c Club 'lllg Singing '31, '32, '331 Girls Color League Bryant X Stratton THOMAS KIM BALL LTHAVE " Toni" January 25, 1915 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Connnerciz-il "He is person both of sense and vigor.' Soccer '3Z: Tcnnisg lntcrclass Basketball LOU I Sli S. VONDEZ Jilllllllfj' 13. 1913 Normandin New Bedford, Mass. "The better we know her The more we like her." Undecided 78 1340- junior High School 1q01lll1lt'l'C1H1 IW! L -Q X Aiw- .l Z 5 ,, - 92 Q 2 1 .LUX - JOHN DECLAN CURRAN September 11, 1915 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Scientific "I am content with what I am." Holy Cross KAZIMIERZ R. CZARNECKI "Kaz" February 28, 1915 Normandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientihc " Men of few words are the best men." Interclass Basketball: Honor Society: Football Track: Interclass Baseball: Drawing MARTHA DANCJICLAS December 15, 191-l Clarence A. Cook School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "All is loyal within you." Drawing: filee Club: Special Chorus Varsity Basketball Team: Orchestra Undecided SYLVIA DANIS November 5, Roosevelt junior High4Scl1ool NSW YOrk Commercial "Little said is soonest mended." Glee Club: Art -..ggi 79 Bac.- X ml 1 VIL L S V J xx.. -J iii In Wi S 5.1 V11 "h?il?" 1 J " F 1 C i fl kt -A '1, ,, sr if W' .4 - iv 9 2 2 -..ox - I ' E' , :-. C january 11, CHESTER DARMOFAL " Chet" Norinandin junior High School New Bc-clforcl Mass. College Classical "His hidden worth will yet shine forth." Alpha Debating Society: Drawing Greater New Bediord School Chess League: R. O. T. C. Honor Society DOROTHY EAVES DAVIES Noveinhcr 11, 1915 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "A happy disposition Makes a cheerful countenance." Bryant K Stratton PHYLLIS FRANCES DAY january 26, 1916 joseph ,Icnks junior High School New Beclfortl, Mass. Connnercial "You get good by giving it." Basketball '29 Undecided CERTRUDE M ARY DFASY Aufust 31, 1915 St. Kiliank School fs Preston, iillglilllll Connnercial "She seems so near and yet so far." Art '50, '31, '3Z: Loaders Club 'SOL Singing '30 Gln-Q Club '30, '51, '32 Undecided -.,.,g+ 80 M1 li 0 9 E ' X Q Sw PILEANOR VIRGINIA DELANO june 7, 1914 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "Music is the natural and universal language of mankind." First Glee Club: Glee Club Dance Committee '30 Secretary First Glee Club '30 CECILE ANN DEXTRAZE "Cissy" December 29, 1914 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial ucharm strikes the eye Merit wins the soul." Leaders Club '30, 'SIL Dramatic Club '31, '52 Hockey Team '3l: Glee Club '31, '32 Girls VVelfare League '32, '33 Undecided MARJORIE LOUISE DIAS May 6, 1913 Roosevelt Junior High School Falmouth, Mass. Normal "Do and be." Drawing: Singing: Glee Club '31 EDNA RAE DUFFY April 11, 1916 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Normal Preparatory "She speaks little but what she says is worth while." Glee Club: Singing Color League Boston University -.-,if Eggs.- X M1 f Us Q31 l D r C JL 11 W" ,, - .L 9 2 Q --Q X ' RAYMUND JOSEPH FOSTER Uctoher 16, 1912 Betsey 15. lYinslow School New Bedford, Mass. College Scicntihc "Laughing at work while others sigh." Freshman Football and Basketball Glee Cluhg Singing Oxford University ANGELO 111. FRACA May 23, 1171-1 Betsey 13. lYinslow School New Becllorrl, Mass. Connnercial "I am here, 'nuff said." R. 0. T. C.: President Junior Alpha De-hating Society '29 VVrestli11 Boston University School of Business Administration AMELIA FURTADO "Millie" April 3, 1915 Norlnunclin junior High St-ln'-ol New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Quiet and steadfast all the clay long." Art '31, '32, '33: Girl's Glce Club '30, '31, '32, '33 Singing '31, '32g Gym '32, '33 Undeeicled JOHN l'Al'l. KQLYNN March 16, 1916 Nornlanclin junior High School Fall River, Mass. C01ll111L'l'C12ll "Where there's a will there's a way." R. O. T. C. '31, '32 32 l -Q X My Z X ,Cl ilili WX ZX a if gsm.: ZA - 9 9 5 2 . XYILLIAM VVALTFR GOLDRICK November 6, 1913 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Such a free and easy manner." R. O. T. C. '29, X305 Glee Club Rhode Island State College VIOLET LOUISE GGNSALVES June 29, 1914 Thomas Fairhaven, Mass. R. Rodman School College Classical "Kind and gentle heart had she." Glee Clubg Singing: Drawing Freshman Hockey Undecided LAURETTA 1. GOSSELIN july 7, 1015 Normandin Mass. New Bedford, "Science is deep as eternity Speech is as shallow as time." ELLIOT CHACE GRAY October 10, 1914 Roosevelt New Bedford, Mass. "It is a pleasure to know him. Tennis '32 Undecided -..ggi 83 Ee..- Junior High School Commercial Junior High School Commercial n 'Q l J 'X If Yan xy X ,ll ill' Zo, VX Nl 35? ' ' ' ii fi 0 .h - 9 D' 91 2 1 .1-.9 WILLIAM T. UROIQBE "Bill" july 9, 1914 Clarclicc A. Cook School New Bcrlforcl, Mass. Collcgc Scicntihc "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Glce Club '29, '3O: Special Chor 5 '31 us , '32 Mechanical Drawing '29, '30, '31, '32 Ulldcciclccl LEONARD l.USf0M15lf GURNEY August 9, 1914 Normancliu junior High School Acushuct, Mass. Scientihv "Nothing but good is known about him." R. O. T. Lf.: Drawing CLEORGE M. HAND August 22. 1915 Normancliu junior High School Ncw Bedford, Mass. Commercial "He is always wondering." Glue Cluhg Orchestra Uucleciclccl RITA F. HANRAHAN july 9, 1915 Nom izliic lin ,I i111 ior High School New Bcclforcl, Mass. Cfoiuizicrcial "A sweet disposition that gold cannot buy." 11160 Club --dsl 84 13-14- L ..j X I- ,JJ A sw: 1 f Yr X ZZ if 1 2 J -- 6 f f I N an -- i. .- il ,ltvwl I. -l lg Q - 2 iiy S - -, FRANCES THERESA HEYS " Franny" September 17, 1915 Normandin junior lligh School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Good temper is like her golden hair lt sheds its brightness everywhere." Leaders Club '30, '31g Hockey Team '31 Philomathean Club '32, '33, Singing '32, '33 Undecided GLADYS HOCGHTON May 2, 1915 Normandin junior High School Blackburn, England Normal "A pleasant nature will always bring you happiness." fjlee Club '31, '32, Gym St. Luke's Hospital HILDA HYNES july 26, 1917 Roosevelt junior Iligh School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial " Her smiling Irish eyes bewitch you." Business LEAH LOUISE JOHNSON "Lee" May 12, 1914 Clarence A. Cook School New York City Normal "Let knowledge grow from more to more." Glee Club, Art, Gynig Singing Freedmen's Hospital 85 Eve.- F1 l- ,J 1.25 1 Q f f' ,ll MARY JOSEFA September 17. 1914 Normandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "She quietly listens and learns." XVALTER EDXVARD JVVASZKO june 10, 1914 Normandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientihc " Modest and quiet-yet never sad." Interclass Basketball '31g Varsity Soccer '31, '32 Temple University ICDVVARD A. KOSIBA November 28. 1914 Normand New Bedford, Mass. in junior High School College Classical "He hath a way." Varsity Basketball New York University STNSIAJKAROLYN KUT , ' l May 8, 1915 , '6 l ' I Marie S. Howard School New Bedfordhli ass? '5L,.' Normal Preparatory . c - i I -if lg, tnshe aims for high goals." . L K . " sf Singing H321 Glee Club '31, '32 V St. Luke's Training School 86 f.34.,.- '- fl VI: In AAL A ,ZX ' ' 9 'sei ' Q' N ' J fig-H" 3 l 92 JU 2 2 --9 ,J Q gig, ' - IEDXYARD S. LAZUVVSKA "Ed" October 21, 1914 Normaucliii junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientihc "There's mischief in this man." Rifle Teamg Glee Club, Chorus, R. O. T. C. Orchestrag Drawing NVilliam and Mary, Va. VVILLIAM TTMOTHY LEAHY, JR. "Fuzzy" june 7, 1014 Tliomas R. Rodman School New Bedford, Mass, College Scieiitihc "It's a pleasure to know him." ' R. U, T. C. Rifle Teamg Baseball Footballg Soccerg Track Nautical Ship, Nantucket BERTHA LIEMAIRE April 24, 1915 Sacred Heart School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "None know my desiresf Glee Club YVETTE A. LEVESQUE May 22, 1015 Sacred Heart School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Enjoy life while life you have." Color League X305 Hockey ,30 Girl's Welfare League '32, '33 8 7 l -Q N V Q 32- f x ,N get 1 9 -1 Q r f I Q 1 "i T.: 5. if J , B L Q: -.., X . if I QQ' f E ENOS LOPES March 13, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Worry, worry, worry, why worry. Hm! I should worry." Brown University RODRIGCE MAURICE LUSSIER W April 26, 1914 I.aSalette Seminary New Bedford, Mass. College Classical "Not much talk - a great sweet silence." Undecided ELMO R1'SSE1.l,. ANTHONY MCAULIFFE . " Moe" ff November Z, 1911 Roosevelt junior High School . New Bedford, Mass. College Scientifirvl X "A true friend is a gift of God." Q Varsity Basketball '28, '323 Varsity Baseball '29, '30 X Traffic Squad '31, '33, R. O. T. C. '28, '32 Hi-Y KATHLEEN P. McMAHON nKay., April 18, 1916 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Gay and happy Mischief glints in her eyes." Girls' Glee Club '31, '32, Singing '32 Girls' Leaders Club '31, '32' Office VVork gg Eel.- .-J X MK -U Aw X Wx if 16' 123' 1 5 -1 Q r gi -A ,ge ,, fr ' .I W., ,A l lg 9 2 ,K E .L-.9 'X Qtr. ' - ,,gllffi1 e" 7,7 n. GERALD DAVID METTHE November 30, 1914 Sacred Heart School New Bedford, Mass. Scientihe "A light heart lives long." -V1 . ' ,6f'14.,fl fl- QAL, L 4 ffVa'A7nL., ' FRANK MILAS October 3, 1914 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "He plants his trees to serve a race to come." MARY EDITH MURRISSFY June 22, 1915 Betsey B. XVinslow School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Happy with an innocent smile." Special Chorus: Philomathean Club Girls' VVelfare League: First Glee Club: Singing Bryant K Stratton College ROSELLA NORINE NORTON June 14, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School Boston, Mass. Commercial "Do your work as well as you can and be kind." Glee Club '31, '3Zg XYelfare League '30, '33 Color League '31, '32 Bryant 8: Stratton -wagf 89 mi X V45 I' Q -J 'Q V "fa fn M 1 9 -1 Q r fl gi 13 -A 1, ,- 95 ' .T ,WW 1 l Q 9 : T .-..!J X 0 :rl .- N' RIENE ARTHUR OUliL1,IiTTE February 5, 1915 Norniandin junior High School Taunton, Mass. Llonnnerciul "Wit and wisdom are his." l R. O. T. C. '- Undecided YYONNIC DANSIQRITAU PAVL june 10, 1913 Roosevclt ,lnnior High School New Berlforcl, Mass. Coininc-rciznl "Keep an even temper no matter what happens." Orchestra-First '30, '31, X323 S4-concl '30, '31, H325 Third '29 Singing 1123 Drwaing '32, '55 XVilfrecI's Academy, Boston KAZIIE 1lli1.12N PIQLCZAR August 18, 1915 Norinanclin Junior High School CO11l111Cl'C1Ell New Bedford, Mass. "As we grow better, we meet better people." Glec Club '30, X315 Special Chorus '32, '53 Bryant 8: Stratton HENRY PIICTRZYKOVYSKI Nornlzinrlin junior High School ,l une 28, 1015 Connncrcial Cliicopcu, Mass. H For l1e's a jolly good fellow." R. O. T. L. '30, '31 Q0 Ee..- l J XX 4s Ze, 5 -I gt r fl , ,I , -A 5- ff W" .h .. is 93 2 .. 'Q 5.9 X XJ 2 E ALTHEA VIRGINIA POTTER November 30, 1913 Parker Street School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Bright, cheerful, amiable." Glee Club, Singing, Drawing Swain School MICHAEL PRO CYK August 16, 1916 Normandin Junior High School Harrisburg, New Jersey Commercial " Success is all that counts." Honor Society Member Entered 1932 as member Undecided EDVVARD JOHN PRZYBYLA May 19, 1915 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "I am content with what l have." Honor Society THIRD HONORS ALAN J. RAMSBOTHAM " Ramsu May 4, 1916 Holy Name School New Bedford, Mass. Scientific "Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it." 6 Baseball '32, '33g Football '31, '32, Track '32, '33 Honor Society '30, '31, '32, '33 xx -...,g.f Q1 Eg..- X w V M1 IZ-' u .llsilili ,Yr X -if f C I . ,L .- l 9 92 2 1 --9 X ' z E W 1 HERBERT VV. ROGERS August 18, 1912 New Bedford, Mass. Roosevelt junior liivh School College Scientific "An honest man's word is his bond." IRENE EVA ROY " Renee" March 12, 1014 Roosevelt juni-Jr High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Only character counts." Undecided JOHN SANTOS December 15, 1913 Roosevelt Junior High School Cape Verde Islands Commercial "Only character counts." Band '30, '31, '323 Orchestra '30, '31, '32 R. O. T. C. Undecided RUTH GENEVIEVE SENESAC November 24, 1915 Normandin Junior High School Keeseville, N. Y. College Classical "Of mildest manner and gentlest heart." Glee Club '31, '323 French Club '31 Honor Society '32, '33 Pembroke College, Brown University 92 Ee..- l J X ,J gg: ZS... 1 X N f fl N ' J him-I . ii 0 C' j 0 S ir? LE.. ii' 'Ni ,h J 2 .-. ,Q .: .-J ,, ,U ,Ai CHARLES SHANKS, JR. l September 20, 1914 'l'homas R. Rodman School i New Bedford, Mass. College Scientifxc I ' - "None know my hopes," ,Q ,HH V 3 Undecided f , in Lx i CAROL BECLAH SHELLEY December 23, 1912 Parker Street School Boston, Mass. Commercial "An amiable girl of fair abilities." FLORENCE B. SHIEF june 6, 1915 Betsey B. Winslow School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "As happy as the day is long." Dramatic Club '29, '30, '31, '32, Philomathean '31, '32 Glee Club '30, '31, '32, '33: Color League '31 Girl's League '32, '33: Singing '32: Librarian Glee Club '31 Secretary of Philomathean '32, Drawing '30, '31 Gym '30, '31, Girls Hockey Team '31 Curry Dramatic School HELEN ANNE SITARZ May 13. 1915 Normanclin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings." Singing: Glee Club Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School ...leaf Ego... ni rvlk .J J 'U' ,,, M , f 1 J -X3 f f I gi gf "' he Lf ,uv.,-.- qi. in L Q 5 jg ,l--9 g 0 'QP ' ,lhilhlli RUSSTCLI. O. STICFLE SCIHBINIJE1' S, 1015 New Bedford, Mass. Mt. Pleasant School Scientific "Speech is silver, silence is gold." i Track '52, '33 Harvard CQEURGF STl1.1.1fR ,lnly 23, 1915 1 Norniandin junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Connnerciul "Blessed is the man who does not rubber." JOSEPH STILLER July 23, 1915 Normandin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. "Quiet and demuref' Mechanical Drawing EDXVARD SYLVIA October Z2 191-1 , Rooscvc-lt J New Bedford, Mass. "Heroes are born not made." R O. T. C. Undecided --Q21 94 Sciclmtihfiym U unior High School L10111111t'l'C1Zl1 1 1 I- 19 V45 J ,JJ A54 , Q f r I , ii gl ' , ADELA SZCZEPAN .. Deli, June 24, 1015 Normandiii junior High School New Bedford, Mass. CO1l1lllCI'Cl2,l1 "Do the thing right and do it right now." RAYMOND XV. SZULIK February 17, 1014 Roosevelt junior High School New Bedford, Mass. College Scientific "From the crown to the sole of his feet he is all mirth." Color League Basketlmll Undecided XVILFRED JOSEPH THEBERGE UBil1Y! July 9, 1911 Roosevelt Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. CO1ll1l1CI'Cl2i.1 "I am happy, Joy is my name." R. O. T. C.g Glee Club, Gym Undecided ALBERT XVILFRIZD February 23, 1915 Normaudin Junior High School New Bedford, Mass. Commercial "lf one says "no," I answer uno." If "yes" I answer "yes." Undecided ....,.,Zf 95 l All CV V ""'5 - 9 AK! ' THE November 13, 1916 New Bedford, Mass. lr 1' 3 . .- 9 9 : ' 2 --.9 S 1 5 lfhisng -YE W C LMA Fl,ORlfNL'12 VANDA1, " Bloiiclicu Rooscvclt junior lligh School "Silence is golden." First Glcc Club '31, '32, '33g Traiiic Squad '33 JUNE RAF XYAM HOLDT April 2, 1916 Coiiimurciul Acton lliggh School M outrcul, Cauzirla Commcrcial "Patience makgs kings." IRENE HENRIETTA XXTIHOSKEY New Bedford, Mass. April 3, 1915 Clarence A. Cook School Normal Preparatory "Truth is mighty and will prevail." Glcc Club: Singing: Special Chorus Uiidccidcd CHARLOTTE TABFR XVES'l'fi.A'lil2 April 7, 1915 Roosevelt junior High School Commercial New Beclforcl, M ass. "Simplicity is a quality." Glcc Club Unclccidcd ,Milf 96 ANI X J- Aww' ZX - is-v a tl' I - - 9 9 - 2 -L. JACK VVISHNEFSKY Betsev B. Wlinslow School June 19, 1915 , D New Bedford, Mass. Scientific "Labor conquers all things." N. Y. U. LOUIS JOHN XVITKOS December 21, 1915 Roosevelt junior lligh School College Classical New Bedford, Mass. "Why an ambition, I admire my present state." R. O. T. C. BIERTHA ISAB E L YEATON May 11, 1915 Parker Street School Deering, New Hampshire Lfonnnercial "Little acts before great ones." Orchestrag Singing: Glec Club HAZEL JANE YIEATON May 11, 1915 Parker Street School Deering, New Hainpsliire Connnercial "Smile and the world smiles with you." Orchestra: Singing: Glue Club 97 Es..- tl 1 1- .J it ,- QNX- v D - 'ff f rl , .7 , 55- . .1 'lub l 9 9 V gk , 'Lai' fx UTILIA ZIELSKA " 'l'illic" December 6, 1914 Normznnlin ,lnnior High School Crompton, Rhode lslztncl Normal "She would rather listen than talk." Glue Chili '50, '51, X321 Singing '32, '35 Art '31, '32, 33 Boston School of Domestic Science ICUGICNIA PAL'l.INli ZlElXlBA " lit-nic" August 3, 191-l Normanclin junior High School Normal Preparatory New Bedford, Mass. "Constant persistence gains the end." Drawiiig 'S13 Singing H321 Liles Cluh '31 St. Luke's Hospital A k E 2 Q? ...,,,3gf E599- Histor 'v-.ff n-mzzvrwnwm ,, .... ,, V, 1 .Y t 1.1 X V If Zlilili ,ZW fr 6 f r X Li :ll TJ fl ."' x - X ,kg 5. :- Mv.,-..l A. 1- 9 9 - I :E i- -19 N ,. E fi. YQ E ff? 'X E if ,... .. . , QUQXQX-' . , CLASS HISTORY By ALAN R MSBOTIW It V ', ,L gl zu, RADUATION has come, bringing to a close four eventful years of study work, and play at the New Bedford High School. We are on the threshold of an unknown future whose difficulties and un- certainty confront us. Thus it seems fitting that, contemplating, we should review our past accomplishments, finding courage in their success. Upon entering in September, 1929, we elected as officers: Presi- dent, Harold Demoranvilleg Vice-President, Edward Mulallyg Secretary, Warren Doane, Treasurer, Betty Taylor. The only social happening of the first year was the Freshmen Reception, which was in reality our initiation into school life. The officers for the sophomore year were: President, Harold Demoranvilleg Vice-President, Elmer Radcliffeg Secretary, Warren Doaneg T'reasurer, Ruth Robinson. As we became more and more accustomed to the curriculum of the school, our interests took many diierent channels. As individuals the members of the class succeeded in gaining recognition in dramatics, in athletics, in the R. O. T. C., and in scholastic rating. The next year we chose to be our leaders: President, Gertrude Ruzitskyg Vice-President, Elmer Radcliffe, Secretary, Betty Taylor, Treasurer, Ruth Robinson. During this term We entered into the various fields of endeavor with increased energy. Several of our pupils exhibited real talent, bringing fame not only to themselves but also to our much esteemed school. We held a Junior Prom, a social activity which proved to be a most colorful and enjoyable affair. In athletics we were ably represented by many class members. Football, the major sport, was played by William Abeshaus, Amos Taylor, Louis Veilleux, Ernest Torres, Alan Ramsbotham, Raymond Gobeil, David Aulisio, and Clinton Rimmer. Those interested in Basketball were Clinton Rimmer, Ernest Torres, Gregory Luiz, Elmo McAuliffe, David Aulisio and Edwin Jones. The list of participants in baseball, track and soccer, and tennis included Ellsworth Greenough, Louis Veilleux, Ernest Torres, David Aulisio, Raymond Dawson, and Alan Ramsbotham. QQ figs..- LI U 'W ,f X xi I Zia' x 9 -,Q r fn ,L Orchestra, band, and glee club proved a great source of enjoy- ment for some members of the class. Graduating R. O. T. C. officers were Louis Veilleux, Richard Lee, Lornts Nilsen, Ellsworth Greenough, Francis Calnan, Sheldon Morse, Oscar Morency, Louis Pacheco, Earl Hand, George Mitchell, and Lawrence Durfee. Four of the sponsors of the R. O. T. C. graduated. They were, Jocelyn Case, Betty Taylor, Helen Marsden, and Beatrice Kingsley. Active members of the Dramatic Club were, Marion Bussey, Barbara Davis, Rosalin Goldfarb, Bernice Horvitz, Lois Mason, Corinne Pierce, Betty Taylor, Muriel T'ubby, and Warren Thomson. Students chosen to serve as oflicers in our Senior year were, Presi- dent, Gertrude Ruzitskyg Vice-President, Betty Taylor, Secretary, Jocelyn Caseg Treasurer, Roland Kelly. At this time Mr. Williams announced the names of the pupils who graduated with honors. They were, Valedictorian, Eleanor Holdeng Salutatorian, Warren Thomson, Alan Ramsbotham, Aurillia Mikus, Thelma Beck, Edna Rogerson, Gertrude Ruzitsky, Edward Fisher, Oscar Morency, Alice Adamowska, Margery Hesford, Florence Briggs, Dorothy Crooks, Helen Marsden, Michael Procyk, Irene Goodhue, Edward Przybyla, Margaret Hill, Selma Kroudvird, Jennie Plaza, Claire Thuot, Ruth Horsfall, Ruth Senesac, Esther Levow, Lorraine Seguin, Raymond Dawson, Helen Sitarz, Carolyn Travers, Helen Jarusik, Laura Robak, Louise Collins, Dorothy Taffe, Stasia Kut, Kasmierz Czarnecki, Chester Darmofall. On October 1, 1932 our coach, James P. Murphy, died. All who came in contact with him were influenced bv his integrity, fairness, sportsmanship, sense of humor and of honor. ,He was a true gentleman in all respects. Our Senior Prom was an undeniable success. It was indeed an appropriate farewell dance, in true accordance with the success of our other class activities. The last informal social gathering of the class occurred at the Banquet. There, if ever, we enjoyed ourselves. Such a mixture of comradeship, entertainment, and good humor, together with the danc- ing and excellent food, could be nothing but a pleasant affair. At last came the climax. In orderly rows we crossed the stage to receive our diplomas. We were no longer high school students, but high school graduates. The happy days of carefree life at New Bedford High School are over, but their memory remains. Let us be glad of thisg for in years to come, the memory of our school career will perhaps enable us to per- severe and succeed in spite of all the misfortunes and trials of the worl d. -..gil 100 ik..- Proplwec v-rf IW X 1' ZS ,Cl'lii ,X4l' .ff X D .i Q f f- I jg 47 , YQ, ,- sr . Na Q 2 2 --U T 4 '.- 1' re X-I PROPHECITES Classical Course By STELLA JENKINSON JOHN ABRAMS CH Oh, why did Abrams leave his home To join the army, when He could have fought if he had joined The ranks of married men! BERTHA AUDICKAS Bert Auclickas will fix you up To look so prim and pretty, VVith little French curls and ringlets In her beauty shop down city. OR bold, THELMA BECK Clara Bow must watch her step VVhen Thelma goes to Hollywood: She'll capture a millionaire: And spend the money that hubby earns, Oh! XN'on't they make a peach of a pair? JOQELYN CASE Casey is now a cow-girl bold VVay out there in the VVest, She ropes steers, cows, and woolly sheep, But she ropes the men the best. LEON COOPERSTEIN VVe really don't know what to say About this cheerful lad, But we wish him both health and wealth, And the best there's to be had. MARTHA DANGELAS Our Martha is so happy now, From yellow cards she's freeg VVe hope she will be just as prompt In her finding her hubby-to-be. IESTIZR DARMOFAL VVhenever you look for Chester, And cannot find him around, You'll find hin1 sunk in a great big book, He's the biggest book-worm in town. PHA DEM ERS Orplls, who in school was gay, And very, very wise, W'ou1d like to be a specialist In fixing people's eyes. ELFANOR IQKHOLM El'nor will stick to Connie till Her trouble at last begins, For she must stay at home more now, To nurse her little twins. AUGUSTO FERNANDES Into a shoe store, years from now, VValks Augusto, so tall---till when, The lady, smiling, asks, "VVhat size?" 'Gusto answers, shrinking, " Size Ten!" FRANCIS FINNI fat will be VVest, from miles the best. Francis a farmer Upon a farm out Off all the farms His products are around, CONSTANCE FOVVLER Connie is such a quiet girl, And has such winning ways, Sl1e'll make her friends see why it's said That smiling always pays. 101 Ep.- Wu 'fr 1 I X egg' f f' - a 4, l rss. . V :Q iii! .v-nl 1 I E it o 11-'Av , 9 9 s E 9 4 fir OLGA GAWLOWICZ Olga is so sweet and shy, She's never pert or bolclg We're sure her patients will get If just their hand she'1l hold. ELIZABETH GIBSON Libby will follow her sister Ruth, And away to Dean will gog VVhat she will be when she leave Only the Future can know. RUTH GIFFORD This little girl from Syracuse Is smart as she can be: When looking her up ten years f A genius bright she'll be. ROSALYN GOLDFARB Rossy's pals in society Are charging her with treason, Because she married secretly The best catch of the season. VIOLET GONSALVES A loving wife will Violet be, And raise her little tots To be as smart in school as she, And to study lots and lots. JENNIE GORKA A farmer's wife will Jennie be, And help her hubby hoe The garden large and pla Of Howers, row on row. nt the s SAMUEL GOTTESMAN Sammy is so full of pep, VVe wonder what will be The outcome of his future trade, Whe11 he's in dentistry. ZWX I' is lf S "h?.l?" LOIS GRIGVVARE well, Lois an actress famed will be, And that will be the reason- You'll see her in the leading parts Of the best shows of the season. EARL HAND s there, MA rom now, MA Earl has got the gift of gab, He expresses his thoughts with forceg An announcer on the N.B.C. VVe all hope he grows hoarse! RGERY HESFORD Margery's locks of golden hair Should surely bring her fame: And when she graduates from Smith, Success be to her name! RGARET HILL A brush of paint, a clash, and lol A masterpiece is done: It's Margaret Hill, an artist great, Since painting she's begun. PAULINE HILL Pauline's patients grin in pain. W'hen to their beds she'll start: They have a pain, they don't know wh But it's right around their heart. AGNES HOLDEN eeds Agnes plays the violin VVith so much grace that she VVill take her place with others great In the New York Symphony. ELEANOR HOLDEN A sweet young lass of very few words Is this Miss Eleanor Holden: And so through life this will ever be Her motto: "Silence is Golden". 102 jgf.-- CFC l -Q X QI J X YI QM' fir' ,A Nm Q 2 1 -..Q EJ ill 72 ' E 'J . s.-' ,-xLk, X -V I gf RUTH HORSFALL If Ruthie s1niles as she does now, VVhen storms beset her path, VVe know she'll be a great success VVhen she is teaching Math. BERNICE HORVITZ Bernice portrays dramatics XYith so much grace and ease: She will be claimed the second best, To Garden, if you please. HAROLD HURXYITZ Harold loves to argue so, In twenty years 'tis seen, He'll Find himself the leader of A great debating team. HELEN JARUSIK Helen. too, is going to be A teacher who will spank The naughty boys and all of those VVho get too low a rank. HELEN KOCZERGA VVe know that Helen's future plans Are no great mystery: W'e wish her luck tshe sure has pluckj VVhen she teaches History. EDVVARD KOSIBA Eddie was a star in sports, So this athletic male Should make a great success of life, As football coach at Yale. ENOS LOPES This lad a flyer high will be, Among the clouds until- A crash, a bang-a resting stone: "Here lies poor Lopes so still." HELEN MARSDEN Helen has such winning ways, No wonder she'll make good, In keeping house for hubby dear, As every good wife should. AURILLA MIKUS a studious miss, full of pep: should surely be, people's rep. Anrilla's such S0 smart and A lawyer she And fight for OXVEN MURPHY Owen never meddled much In other folk's affairsg He sure will be a preacher good, Of sermons and of prayers. IRENE PARENDELIS Irene was always smart in school, She set a goodly paceg To say she will succeed at Brown Vylould not be out of place. VVENDELL PHILLIPS VVendell is so shy a lad, tAnd that's so seldom foundl He'll be the ideal hero of The girls for miles around. CORINNE PIERCE Corinne will be a buyer of clothes, In a store of women's dressy Judging from the clothes she wears now Her business will be a success. JENNIE PLAZA Jennie will teach the kiddies how To add and multiply, And if two and two don't add to four, "Stay after school," she'll cry. N III ,H N gg giiii. JOHN CLINTON RIMMER Can you imagine Clinton R. In a little church as deacon? fZQ ' I Xt ,,z9 J' P' Tlff' Look at him now and you'd never think, That to the world he'll be a beacon. LAURA ROBAK She always knows her lessons well, That's why we may predict, VVhen Laura is through school she'll be A teacher stern and strict. MARY ROGERS Mary's face is always bright, Her smile is ever gay, And those two hings will pull her o'er The obstacles in her way GERTRUDE RUSITZSKY Gertrude will lead the honor role When she goes to Cornell. But what's the good of a college degre If flowers she must sell? RUTH SENESAC Ruth a school ma'am stern will be, She'll try not to be mild, And yet her rule will always be To "spare the rod and save the child." ISRAEL SHUSTER Shuster was so good in Chem, It really is a pity He has to peddle his father's fruits, From his big fruit stand down city. ELLA SIEGAL Ella need not worry now, Of having to study moreg To college she has no need to go, Ci ELEANOR SISSON Bridgewater sure will gain a peach, XVhen they get this winsome lass, And when commencement rolls around, Were sure she'll lead her class. CHARLOTTE SMITH Charlotte knows her pretty clothes, Her way through life she'll press VVith great renown when she will be A model of women's dress. EDNA SPOONER Edna will be an operator Of telephones, if you please, You'll know it's her be her deep, rich W'hen she asks you, "Number please?" RICHARD STANLEY Dick is such a bookish lad, For him we cannot see A future that would ht him more, Than a writer of History. LOUIS VEILLEUX Louis knows his soldier boys, And so we hope that he XVill conquer armies great and small, NVhen a general great he'll be. JACK VVISHNEFSKY VVe still can't Find the reason why, Despite the gods above, Fate cut far short ,lack's college life- And made him fall in love. LOUIS VVITKOS Louis may work in an office large, And earn his boss's praise, But the boss won't be so cheerful when To clerk in her father's store. Louis asks him for a raise. ...Q -if 104 1131-be voice . M , x I .J NJ :Sw- IFI ' .rr ," J uk l C ,if 7'-H" -N9 9 , 2 .L-.0 X 9 Commercial Course By MARY MOULTON and ERNEST RAPOZA GEORGIANA ALMEIDA RAYMOND BESSE Our Georgie is an employee now VVhcn you want a tennis star Of the Telephone Company, just take a look at Ray, She likes to talk a lot, you know He hits the ball all over the lot So this suits her admirably. And serves an Ace each day. LILIAN ASHLEY ANNA J- BLA15 Anna, a politician will be She'll make a couple of millions, But she won't get snobbish or think herself big, She'll be like all other civilians. Our platinum blond was a quiet nnss In no one would she confide, But that did not stop her from hnding success She's a mannequin known far and wide. DAVID AULISIO l , RIS-IANE BLANCHETTIE Our Dave is an athletic coach Her fingers fly like lightning She has achieved her fame As champion typist of the world And she must live up to her name. W'iry and alertg He teaches the football hnskies How to eat the dirt. ULREN BACKU5 PRISCILLA BOVVMAN Eileen will be a story writer And write about the sea, Her books will be such a success That she'll have to raise the fee. "Prissy" will always be quite well off, But she'll tell everyone on earth Till some wise guy takes it off of her, Then what will she be worth? REBECCA BARISHEFSKI XXVII4LIARi! ISRALEXI lvhellevef YOU 116611 an advisor, NYho's that cc-ming down the street? Or someone to council you, Wien' if it img our Own Bill' G0 See Our little Rebecca Ladies are following him all around She's a counselor good and true. Boy! D005 he get 3 !!H.!!!!!! IELEANOR BAYREUTHER PAUL BRANCHAUD From over the ocean, over the sea, Paul always had the gift of gab Comes news from an old school mate: So now he's doing fine: She's studying with an artist in Paree He's a successful traveling salesman And has become a painter Hrst-rate. VVith an expert selling line. IRENE BERNIFR FLORENCE BRIGGS Irene will be very efficient indeed Iier ambition is to reach a high goal VVith her voice still soft and low, And we all know she'll make it She'll sing, and she'll dance and make merry Because slit-'s efficient-and as for dictation And make, for herself, lots of dough. She sure knows how to take it. 105 Ea..- M1 N f I l ..1 9 zilaef .Af 'Fi r -Zjpxql' 4' xt 9 tri 'r fn aaa, iff" Nm Q , 'Q l-.9 T get gig E E , ALBERT BROADLAND Albert in an airplane pilot, He flies at Colonel Green'sg Some day he's liable to get sore And fly through your kitchen screens. MARY CABRAL Mary was going to be a wife But she chose a career instead, Now she is secretary for a large concern And earning her 1neat and bread. RITA CARRIER Rita talks in History class, In her other classes, tioo: She'll soon be almost all talked out And then what will she do? ROSE CEDAR In years to come, we will see Our "Rosebud" living happily, A saleslady of great renown Selling Paris model gowns. THOMAS CHASE Tommy will join with the sailor lads And have a girl in every nation, Then every time he's off on leave They'll cheer him in his occupation. LOIS CHADVVICK The scene is laid in a hospital room And the patient is seriously sick, HENRY COHEN A student of chiropody. A scholar of renown, Our Henry is ambitious, And seeks a golden crown. ROSE COHEN Rosie's been away to school To some popular college, So now she is quite smart at work Her head's just crammed with knowledge LOUISE CONDEZ She publishes books for children She thinks it's very "neat", She's doing very wellwfor her There is no word "dt-feat". DOROTHY CROOKS She surely knew her shorthand, VVhen in school she got her " A" Now "Dot" is a stenographer And she makes those "A's" pay. SYLVIA DANIS MA But, Lois, the nurse, makes him well again And so surprisingly quick. GABRIELLE CHAMPAGNE "Gay" went away to school To win herself degrees, Now she's in the kindergarten Teaching kids their A B Cs. -.Q Sylvia as a news reporter XVrites on all the pages, And Sylvia has reason to be ve Because of her high wages. URICE DANSEREAU A philosopher is Maurice VVho knows the whole of life, Let's hope that he is still one XVhen he picks himself a wife. XVILLIAM DARLING He's now a daring cow-boy VVay out in the wooly west, And when the girls crowd round He's always at his best. -Biff 106 Bea-- ry happy him VAL IL l .J X '- SJ X 1 LIU ,W ,,Cl'tl1 ZW' -ff Q -XE f r I s ,L . "' ',: 5- av o - lg 92 - ..-wx if +4 "Hilfe" DOROTHY DAVIES Dot will be a typist, going At such a rate of speed That her boss will fire his other help She will be all he will need. PHYLLIS DAY Phyllis fixes peoples hair, She beautihes the face, She manicures and makes She sure does set a pace. them up, GERTRUDE DEASY Gertrude will be an authoress And good stories she will write, To be a big success in this She'll try with all her might. MILTON DENVHUR ST going to be a floor walker On a thirty-second floor, But he's going to make lots of money soon Then he won't have to work any more. CECILE DEXTRAZE Our "Ciss" will surely be Vvhen she is a grown-up She'll be a social climber And keep the young men stepping out girl, in a whirl. HELEN DUMEC She's singing out in Arkansas And does she make a hit, Society sits and gazes with awe VVhen she comes out to do her bit. FRANK FIGAZOLO In school he was so quiet No one really knew his worth, Now he's a prosperous business man For being quiet and alert. ERNEST FINDLEY VVhen Ernest was an editor at For the Brevities he fought, Now he has become a writer Of stories both long and short. school RITA FORTIN She's going to work on a set of books For a chain of variety stores, She'll be a success, cause she's not afraid To do a few extra chores. GEORGE FOSS Now George is a great comedian VVho makes us laugh in glee. And when he laughs and pokes a The crowd goes on a spree. bit ANGELO FRAGA If you like good music Listen to the one man band, Listen to Angelo who has become Such a musical man. AMELIA FURTADO " Millie" will be a private sec And take down lots of notes, She'll work for candidate of Presidency And get him lots of votes. JosEPH GAsPAR Now Joseph is a diplomat Who negotiates with nations, And with his yearly salary Can live on triple rations JEANNE GAUDETTE Jeanne will be a " Gym teacher" And with a ery and a shout She'll show the kiddies what to do And make them run about. -Wg 107 ga..- l -Q X 1 av- " 6- 'wsflktr ,rr X D f r I N , JL ge gn, 2 E 'H is T: 1"" if -Y MARY GERO Mary inherited the love of travel So she'll get to be quite a rover, She's been to every foreign place Looking the whole world over. NATALIE GIFFORD If you see a girl in a florist shop Carefully studying flowers, You can guess it will be "Nat" Gifford, That's where she spends spare hours. JOHN GLYNN Over the sea, over the ocean That's where john has gone, He's a diplomatic agent And says nothing wrong. RAY GOBEIL He was a happy-go-lucky boy A smile was on his face each day, Now he's smiling for a "big" show His name stands out on old Broadway VVILLIAM GOLDRICK VVhen in school he would blush lf the teacher on him would call, But now he has trained himself Not to blush at all. SHIRLEY GOLDSTEIN Always talking, talking, talking That's what Shirley does, So now she's got herself a job Answering the telephone buzz. IRENE GOODHUE Oh, for the life of a follies' girl VVith a pay check fat and chubby, VVho, if she dares, will have enough To support a happy hubby. LAURETTA GOSSELIN She'll go to the cold countries and to the hot All over the earth shc'll roam, She'll have mcney to burn, or to buy what she wants, But she never will buy a home. ELLIOT GRAY Now "lilly" is a famed economist Helping with laws of Supply 81 Demand VVhose Paradox is value And is hard to understand. JULIET GUISTI "julie" has got a restaurant, The food there ean't be beat, She serves Guisti's bread and angel cakes Seven days a week. GEORGE HAND George is very popular There always hanging round, And a girl that doesn't love him Cannot on earth be found. RITA HANRAHAN Rita can be depended upon just as in days gone past, To her boss there is no one quite like her, She comes first and last. JOHN HARRINGTON VVho writes of murders every day? And scandal in the news? Harrington, the journalist VVhose fame he cannot lose. RALPH HARRINGTON Now Ralph is not like Johnny, No-Ralph is a shiek XVho lives on alimony And divorces every week. 108 iga.- X I .J 'll I. n W5 A A f xx fiery' .ff i D D r F I e Li: :L fig?" ,L J 9 - 2 .... ...U S ' NORMAN HARRISON Now when you hear a sermon One you can't forget, VVhen you're stirred up by 21 Reverend's eloquence It's Harrison, I'll bet. FRANCES HEYS Frances is the same blond miss And always in a hurry. Her shiny nose as usual Seems to be her only worry. DOROTHY HEYVVOOD Sl1e'll always be a social success VVhether travelling far or near, And she'll be greeted everywhere NVith a hearty and rousing good ROBERT HOUGHTON Delis going to be an expert accountant He always was very clever, The money will come rolling into He'll live in luxury forever. HILDA HYNES In school she couldn't keep quiet She always would talk and talk And now that she's a stage star She refuses, when asked to talk. CECELIA JANASIEVVICZ She isn't like she used to be She doesn't uork as hard, She's a lady of leisure, but she isn She often drops a card. HAZEL JOHNSON 't stuck-up MILLICENT JOHNSON The She She boss won't bother how fast he dictates can get it all, changed a lot since she went to school Shes now quite strong and tall. MARY JOSEFA She's now an ardent working girl NVay out in gay Paree, She bosses all the other girls, They call hcr "Miss Marie". ROLAND KEI.I.lEY "Aw, Ladies, please await your t Begs Roland as lond as he can, But the ladies are lightirg to have , next, urn" their turn Cheer, He's quite the ladies' man. BEATRICE KINGSLEY In school she was a sponsor And flirted with the boys, hinl Now she has become an excellent nur,e And hollers "Please, no noise!" DIANE KONDI Folks have been said to get a thrill VVhen they look in her eyes, For she's always herself and quite sociable And she wears no disguise. SELMA KROUDVIRD She'll be a famous aviairix And make people strain an eye To catch a glfnipse of her speeding plane As she flies through the sky. LORETTA LAFRENAIS ln school she was always so smart Letty's got a perfect job Her lessons were always right, Now in her boss's office She works from morn' till night. It must have been through tate, She's head of the VVall Strect Concern She's certainly doing great. -..ggi 109 lg..- X fr Wah ,if , I is QL, ,, sv W" ,t l 9 9 2 2 .f.9 X jg, ft- 5 E ,X Lf, BERTHA LEMAIRE Bertha as a private nurse VVill walk for ntany a mile To take care of a person sick, Enjoying herself all the while. YVETTE LEVESQTQE "Vetty" will move to Montreal VVhere the wind does blow and blo She'll be a nurse there and to get to 5 iw V 1 HARRY MILLER Harry, our little schoolmate XVho was so brave and bold Tried to get a steady job But was left out in the cold. ARTHUR MONTEIRO W- the sick She'll tramp through ice and snow. NORMAN MARCH ESSAULT Just a gigolo is he Also one of the best, He dances about seven hours a day And spends the other in rest. DOROTHY MARCILLE VVhenevcr you need a ncw dress That's different in every line, Go see our carefree Dorothy Her dresses are certainly ine. ELMER McCALL Oh! Elmer, you idealist VVho great things would attain, The road to fame is difficult A writer has his pain. KATHLEEN McMAHON Her smile is quite spectacular, There's a crinkle in her chin, You'll hear her laugh and then Two dimples and a grin. FRANK MILAS ln order to be a great success He had to have a chance, And so he became a great artist 'VVay Over there in France. To be a basket-ball player One must be sturdy and fast, And that fits Arthur best For you see, he's iron cast. ANNA MONTIGNEY Little Anna who was so quiet Has become quite a queen, People applaud her loud and long VVhen fhe appears on the screen. MARY MORRISSEY Mary will be a cake baker, She thinks it's lots of fun: lf you want to get indigestifn just go and purchase one. OLGA MOL'RA She's going to do some office work For a concern that is well known, She'll do her work, and pretty soon She'll start a business of her own. MILDRED M URPHY you'll see Now "Millie" is a redhead And redheads succeed, they say, But prophecies are hard to make About girls anyway. VALENTINA NEREL' Shell be an excellent crooner She'll sing over the air, She'l1 group with Rudy Vallee And our "Val" won't have a care. -Mgt 110 ga.- l M1 VIL X I, vf gs XA 9 -ig? r f I ,gi ANNA NEVILLE Tell us your wish, young Annie, VVhat do you wish to be? A lady dressed in fashion? Or a housewife who is free? GLADYS NFVVSHAM Gladys is going to be a nurse And keep everyone in health, And after she's had a bit of experience She-'s going to be rolling in wealth. ROSELLA NORTON A singer is Rosella VVho likes to climb the scales. And when she tries to reach Hiyh C Her voicemit never fails. STATIA OLEJARCZYK Statia's working for a man Suppcsed to be a crank, He likes her so. he raised her pay. Now she's got money in the bank. RENE OUELLETTE Rene will be a gigolo VYith all the girls he'll waltz, But someday he will find THE girl And to her he won't play false. YVONNE PAUL Now Yvonne's great ambition ls to be a dancer great. For dancers go out early And also come home late. KAZIE PELCZAR Kazie talks to everyone And talks with such a force That pretty soon she'll have to stop Her voice will be so hoarse. AURORA PERRAS Ora is no longer a little girl She's put her dolls on the shelf, But don't think she's haughty or acting big For her motto is "Be Yourself". HENRY PIETRZYKOVVSKI Soon you will see his picture On every sporting page, His fans will be simply wild about him, He will be quite the rage. ARTHUR PILKINGTON Our "Art" is an expert yachtsnian A craftsman en a lake, VVho lives up to the motto Art is for "Art's" sake. ALTH EA POTTER "Allie" is going to move to Palm Beach VVhere the pahn trees are cool and shady. She'll ltave nothing to do but sleep and play And lead the life of a lady. MICHAEL PROCYK "Mikey" will be a lion tamer And make the lions smile, He'll take the whole gang for a Along the river Nile. walk EDVVARD PRZYBYLA If you're planning for a picnic Ask Eddie if the air'll he clear. He's now a "Dr. Miles" weather lllilll Telling the weather each year. ELM ER RADCLIFFE lf Elmer went into politics I think he would succeed, He knows a little of everything And that's something he will need. 111 ga..- 4 'H p VIL 0 ZX 4121 af? 1 X li Q f r I N ,1 -"? 1 "' , ,psf :- Ri ERIC REDFERN A genius in literature A marvel in the arts, Our Eric will be a wtnder In any work he starts. GERTRUDE REDFERN Up! Down! Turn around! Gertie's very busy, She's teaching gy1n to children She makes them all feel dizzy. FREDERICK ROBINSON A photographer Fred has become. So when your children graduate Send them to have their pictures taken At the studio of an old classmate. RUTH ROBINSON HY VIRGINIA ROSEN Two calories of this and three of that, Not too much now, or they'll make you fat, As a dietician " Gingersn made a gord name, And she will go clown in the "History of Fame." MAN ROTHKOPF Hyman will be a great magician And make things disappear. He'll leave at every place he goes A handsome souvenir. ' IRENE ROY A stenographer Irtne wants to be, And she'll be a very good one. She'll do her work and earn her pay, Then she can have her fun. JOHN SANTOS Now that women have business heads I know what Ruth will be. Yet female business heads must work hard As'she is soon to see. I-IAZEL ROGERS Hazel who is so carefree, Has left our fairest of cities, She works for a New York paper, All she does is write ditties. EDNA ROGERSON If in years to come you should attend A session of the court, You'd see our Edna at her work Taking a shorthand report. MAE RONALD She came to us from Quincy, And back again she'll race To marry a childhood sweetheart, Of sweet revenge it is a case. -Mgt 1 12 gas. He's going to be a pugilist And spoil a lot of faces, But he'll win titles and earn large checks And travels lots of places. LORRAINE SEGCIN Lorraine was an honor student XYith all A's and maybe a B, Now that she is out of school Is she just as smart? Oni! CAROL SHELLEY , Ten years from now the rumor will be "Shelley's composed a new theme," The people have gone simply wild over her, Her new number is "Oh, What A Dream." FLORENCE SHIEF Florence will be an artist, She'll own a little den, VVe know she'll be a big success Cause she certainly can draw men. lx V gb.. lfg, "bv-lf - Q Q 2 My --9 FRANK SILVIA Now Frankie has an orchestra And they play everywhere, I hope to hear them play some day As artists on the air. HELEN SITARZ She's got a dependable head on her, Shes not afraid to work it, She loves to take dictation And she wouldn't try to shirk it. GEORGE STILLER George will run a theatre, He'll give us all free passes, He'l1 remember all his friends VVhen we were lads and lasses. at school EDVVARD SYLVIA VVhenever you're in a mixup, Or at a light you fail to stop, Go see Eddie, Attorney at Law, Tell him it was the fault of the cop. BETTY TAYLOR So she became a secretary To a cheerful boss all day, And when the boss goes out All she does is play. to lunch EVELYN TESSIER If you would write scenarios In the years that will be here You must put your whole heart Or you will fail, I fear. 1 into it VVILFRED THEBERGE Now " Bill" is the musical boy Who would be King of Jazz, To succeed-he'd be able to stand it, The flattery and the razz. ERNEST TORRES Good player he was in every sport, But baseball was Ernie's best, So he joined the Boston Red Sox, Now he outplays the rest. CAROLYN TRAVERS ADELA SCZEPAN You never hear anything bad about her, She's quiet and sedate. But she is the type that most boys like And soon she'll End her mate. Kitty will be a favorite On every "vodvil' bill, She'll toe dance and she'll tap dance And she'I1 give you all a thrill. GENEVA TRIPP DOROTHY TAFFE VVhen speaking of futures there's no doubt about hers, She's bound to get ahead, VVith her ready wit and her ready smile And her plea that she never will wed. VVhen asked once at school what she wanted to be She replied "A queen for a day", But now she is happy with her husband and child. And her school days seem far, far away. CZESLANV TARADEJNA ALBERT TRUDELLE Our country needs ambassadors And diplomats adept, And "Czesie" has this place carved out, ' For him it has been kept. - Boys today don't often blush But this one is an exception, For if a girl should speak to him A blush is their reception. -...,5f 113 fge..- l .J 715 ,ff , X X .J .xg f fl , .1 , 555'-r 'Q 5. 9 Q - -..Q :J 'J T f iii" -Y ex EVELYN TYSON Evelyn is good at every sport And lots of other things, But I think she will go on the Because you seefshe sings. THELMA VANDAL Ringlets, perinanents, inarcels, These are TllCl1ll2l'S specialty, She will charge you quite a lot To have them done ill reality. SAM NVARD VVhen next you see our Sannny You'd better cross the street, Or he'll surely try to sell you something, He's a salesman now for wheat. CHARLOTTE XVESTGATE Perhaps you'd like to be a typist And labor over each key, So I'l1 just let you have a job As secretary-by gee! stage PEARL XYHITE On the radio our little Pearl Has picked one soft spot, For all the work she ever does ls giggle and giggle a lot. THOMAS XVHOLLEY Tonnny is holding a gcod position As president of a bank, I-Ie's risen to faine and fortune reno The public is awed at his rank. SARAH XYITHERINGTON She travels east, west, north, and so She travels near and far, lt's our own Sarah from old N. B. She's now an opera star. HERTHA YEATUN Eni, nleni, niini, ino, I guess this is the one, She's inarried to an architect And has a little son. HAZEL YEATON The other one I rise to say X'Vent seeking a career, She has a business of her own And is doing well, I hear. ALICE ADAMOWSKA Alice plans to be a teacher, That would be a shame, For as a crystal gazer She surely would win fame. Normal Course By MURIEL TUBBY ALICE BEAN As a designer of rock gardens, She's going to inake her way, Planning pools and fountains Edged with rocks and flowers gay. 114 wn ut h X I 4' ffl PRISCILLA CHURCH Someone will bequeath her An old, old house that ereaks, And that will he the very place For her to sell antiques. LOUISE COLLINS In the hazy distance I can clearly see Louise among the scientists In far off Germany. VVINONA COOMBS Much to our regret, To Alaska she will go And teach the art oi etiquette To little liskimos. MARY COIQGHLIN Now she is a Red Cross Nurse VVorking in a welfare center, But we're due for a surprise Mary's lost her temper. HELEN DANIELS In ten more years, lt won't be later, She will be known As a great debator. BARBARA E. DAVIS There w0n't be any maybes For I am very sure She will take care of babies, And she never will be poor. E LEANO R V. DELANO She will sit behind a desk Stamping books and cards In a New York library, And she'll send us her regards. nl X V Iwi Jw JK' ggi Ali ffgc ls? fi " fi 2 E .. fi -,.- 1- Z ,ex J MARGORIE DIAS She's going to be the pilot OI a transatlantic plane Ere long she will be hopping To warm and sunny Spain. off JEANNE DIONNE Jeanne likes her city very well, She's not inclined to roam, So for several years at least She'll prefer to stay at home. ICDNA DUFFEY In a little red school house In the blue-bonnet state She'll teach lads and lasses To write on a slate. DORIS FAYAN A designer of fine fashions For movie stars she'll be, Fitting silks and satins To hang so gracefully. GLADYS HOUGHTON M li In a sunny office On Fifth Avenue She'll assist a doctor To examine you. LVINA HUNT She will run a candy shop In the state of Maine, Delicious fudge and caramels VVill win her state-wide fame. HARRIET IRVVIN -...,54115t3.. From St. I.uke's with honors She soon will graduate, Then she'll supervise a ward VVith manners so sedate. 0... l p Vik llc? AMY LESTER She'll go to Provincetown, Gain the artists' colony, VVin fame and great renown Painting pictures of the sea. ESTHER LEVOVV To a Teachers' State College Our Esther will go, And under her feet No grass will grow. URANIA MACHADO Her skies are blue, Her days are sunny, She'll marry a man With lots of money. LOIS MASON We see her at the wedding Of a rich man's o11ly daughter, She represents the Herald, And is their star reporter, LIBANIA PORTO Libby likes domestic art, So I'm sure she'll be A very fine instructor Of home economy. MARION ROBERTS She wants to be a nurse, She surely could do worse, But I would rather see her As a writer of blank verse. 1 age f MARGARET RUSSELL In a modernistic studio From early morn 'til night J i: 4. ,lllli 1 .V X J .xg f 5' l t JL -gf' , D s?""N ,tif :-, fb fgiig. Qliinill 'A , Q : I E X M- gig gi, 1 - . it eeee fe: Y Y ,VJ ,- g ,fix-v She'll work as a photographer To everyone's delight. ALYS SENNA Her name you will see On magazine covers, Her art will illustrate Story-book lovers. CLAIRE THUOT In years to come No doubt you'll see Her lead with skill A symphony. IRENE VVEHO CK EY In a quaint old village She will keep an inn For rest to weary travellers Away from the city din. OTELIA ZIELSKA Now she is a nursemaid In a castle by the sea, For two English lasses Who sit upon her knee. EUGENIA ZIEMBA She'll be very famous For her book on chemistry: It will teach you how to thi And to reason logic'ly. Scientific Course By THOMAS M. BONNAR WILLIAM ABESHAUS PAUL AILLERY nk Surrounded by ties and overcoats Among the Howers and the plants, And price tags galore, Of Paul's sweet smelling shops, Bill has become a manager VVe see him in the future Of a high grade clothing store. At raising plenty of hops. -...,5f 116 Ea..- L y t, ff M X V " M- .vrr ,X X D 4. I F I N JL if , lk'-1 4,5 if 9? '21, refs., N NL 9 2 1.9 X gg 'gy PJ, 2 - , llcrliilt-,A5l'i. E vu ' ffl.-' VVILLIAM BARTER In this small town of ours, VVe welcome VVilliam Barter, As a first-rate comedian Capable of causing laughter. EDXVIN BATES Bates is in the show business Trying to change the game, He does not appear to succeed As girls to him are all the same. EDVVIN BEGIN A rousing cheer for Edwin Begin Our troubles will be less, For he as tax-refunder Brings joy and happiness. VVILLIAM BLACKBURN Billy will an ash-man be VVho serves us everyone, Although your barrels he will split, Of hard luck, you'll wish him none. FRANCIS CALNAN Picture Fran as a service man Obtaining his life's desires, Through working in a barn Fixing old flat tires. KATHLEEN CARROLL RU Kathie Carroll is fond of dancing, Perhaps the follies she will make: The movie-men will be glancing JOHN CU RRAN Johnnie will be a professor In some unknown retreat, Although he is distinguished It doesn't mean that both ends meet. KAZIM IR CZARNECKI Kazie will be a farmer Way out in the west, Although he is just starting XVe all hope for the best. RAYMOND DAWSON Ray Dawson owns a great many Liquors bonded and sealed, He sells it very freely, now As the 18th amendment is repealed. JAMES DRINKINATER Jimmie will a capitalist be High finance will be his mein Building the land, controlling And giving advice away free. the sea LAURENCE DURFEE Durfee is a big contractor Building bridges is his line, The depression, he's thrown out, And all the world is going line. BERTEL EKHOLM On the bench in the court Bert Ekholm has his way, All defendants hate to hear And oh l-the money she will rake. His ten dollars or ten days. SSELL CONN EDVVARD FISCHER Russ slaves in a factory From early morn till night, To be a foreman is his aim And to it strives with all his might. VVhen your brother or your friend Needs anything to eat, Send them to Fischer's tea-room And he'll fill them full of meat. 117 ' 4. 41 X n VIL X ,Jw Abi J N QS' X 1? f fl A fi RAYMOND FOSTER Ray will be a chauffeur To some high society fop, He hears his every command Save when he says "Stop", ELLSWORTH GREENHOUGH VVhen you wish a painting, Go to our friend Greenhough, Although his scenes you will enjoy For his bills you'll shell out dough. PAUL GRENIER Paulie will a fishmau be Selling haddocks, cods, and trouts, A veuder in the streets he will be As lustily his wares, he shouts. VVILLIAM GROEBE A jeweler will be our friend, Groebe Who tinkers with watches and stones, He'll appraise your opals and rubies But try to collect any loans. JEROME GROSSMAN Grossman a postinan will beat Delivering letters gay and sad, Dressed in natty blue or gray He appears to us quite the lad. OUI' Willy LEONARD GURNEY Friend Gurney will browse with the cows Digging against depression and time He'll weild the shovels and ploughs And count his money dime by dime. CARL HARDY Hardy will raise perennials And dainty little vines, Subscribe to all seed annuals And invent horticultural finds. ...Q HASSEY F. HASSEY Hassey F. Hassey invented a new chassis Trim in color and line To his success, that is the kcy Now Fleetwood and Fisher do nothing but pine. MILTON HORENSTEIN Milt will be a navigator And Hit o'er the waves, And if we have another war He'll lead the naval braves. EDVVIN JONES An undertaker we'll have in Edwin Jones He'll be nice to you now, and smile and grin, But don't be mislead by his joyful chin Cause when you die, he'll rattle your bones. VVALTER JVVASZKE VVally will kick foot-balls around And earn his college letters, too, For prestige he sure is bound A credit, we agree is due. IRVING KAPLAN lrving will outht your house Buy direct, or order through the mail Shades for the lamp and traps for the mouse, Be first to attend his opening sale. GEORGE KRUMBHOLZ George Krumbholz a brewer should be Surpassing Pilsner, Budweizer, and Schlitz, His three point two or four you see Might grace the bar of the Ritz. EDNVARD LAZOVVSKA Ed will be a niannequin And strut and strut and pose, He'll put on a polished subtle grin And in his lapel a pastel rose. -'Sf 118 139-- M1 l -Q X Nj fqb .. If M ,Qlila 1 "fr D -t Q l t' I 1,1 oe. sr-Q Q X sv W" ,L NU 9 - , 2 L-.9 gl: t' 5- ' vi 2 J ,- E -1 "' lp 1 vt 1 1 ' X all il ll. Eli. -.: s' 1 l ' VVILLIAM LEAHY Bill will be reporting news For the New Bedford Standard-Times, He gathers daily tid-bits From various foreign climes. RICHARD LEE Among the rich men of Ceylon Dick Lee you're sure to see A planter and shipper of Fine coffee and good tea. AUGUSTO LEITE Our good friend Leitc is bound to fight Professionally of course, He'll feint and jab with all his might, Acclaim will come with flattering force, GREGORIO LUIZ GERALD M ETTHE A druggist will be friend Metthe VVith little powders and pills, Prescriptions he'll till with glee Curing all your ills. GEORGE MITCHELL Mitchell's beauty-parlor is open To all the women and girls, He spends his time at plucking brows VVhile on straight hair, he maketh curls OSCAR MORENCY Oscar Morency has graduated From the very highest college And being on his own hook now Has attained 'beaucoup de" knowledge SHELDON MORSE Greg was good at throwing basket-ball So now he throws a salesman line, And sells silk stocking to the dolls From the banks of the Acushnet to Rhine. the RODRIQUE LUSSIER Rodrique may make the silver screen And pose with all the stars, Achieving fame in every scene He'll sport gorgeous clothes and cars. ELMO M cAULLIFF Elmo will make All-American And major the big leagues, And be a very envied man An accomplishment far from meagre. ALFRED MAINO A pistol expert we'll have in Alfred, Helping police in all their crimes His weighty decisions weighed and read He's the sensation of the times. One look at his noble brow And a collar ad we see, For Shelly is in the business now Posing for the Arrow Company. LORNTS NILSON Lornts has made a million Through dint of many labors, He owes, his very success To producing little sabres. LOUIS PACHECO Louis is selling real estate To all the richer class, But on the ground he sells them You couldn't raise a blade of grass. ALLEN RA M SBOTHAM A historian will our Allen be Of International affairs, When not a citing wars He deals with foreign cares. -wif 119 Eat.- X ,1-A ji Wx e. .. - ', 2 -... - it ffm ,., Q 9 9 HERBERT ROGERS Rogers will be an ice-man Enemy of Frigidaire, Gladly he'll empty your ice-pan And charge you as much as he dares. CHARLES SHANKS Charlie will drive a racing car Neatly named the " Evening Star", Home he'll bring medals and renown All over the world and in this town. SAMUEL SHORROK Sammy Shorrok is in a circus Doing the midget act. That he will be very good Is a mighty well-known fact. RUSSEL STEELE Rusty will be a great runner Perhaps a Paddock he'll be, The races of which he is the winner Will remain for us all to see. JOSEPH STILLER joe Stiller will be a son of the soil Planting hay, rhubarb, and grain: If he keeps up this honest toil Success should follow him like rain. ...Q iff RAYMOND SZULIK In our city, all so neat Ray will sweep our busy street, In a suit so clean and white I-le makes the town to shine so bright. AMOS TAYLOR Amos Taylor will be a boxer Of fame and great renown: He dresses as a "smoothy" now Posing as a 111311 about town. VVARREN THOMPSON Thompson will be a good musician Down in Littletown, Tennessee: Now he's obtained a fine position, It pays to blow your horn you see. VVILLIAM TRIMBLE Willie Trimble found a thimble Back of Mosher's Pond: He danced lightly and nimble Now of mending and stitching he' LAVVRENCE VVHITE 15 A preacher sure is Larry VVhite Dressed in a long black gown: He lives in Brattleboro now Being happy in that town. ,gf 120 tg..- s fond l J x ,J9 M: sa. 5 N gl Zeit f X i " I I Ai 3 D X? f f I . W 'E t x .Zf :V 9' J 'xi I J 9 : L .E-19 ' ills l ' f E , X iz. Prophecies of the Prophets THOMAS BONNAR. As prophet, TO11l111j"S worked so hard We'll give him an easy thing to do So wc-'ll assign hini to the job Of trainer in a 200. STELLA JENKINSON Stella will work in a downtown office Pounding on typewriter keys: And being just a novice She crosses her i's and dots her t's. MARY MOULTON Our Mary will be In constant demand As a teacher of business All over the land. ERNEST RAPOZA Our Ernie is a Gigolo VVay down in New York City: By being terribly busy. I-le earns his living clon't you know MTQRIEI, TUBBY Muric-l's a smart girl, even now Her head if full of knowledge: But she's not satished as it is, She wants to go to college. -.i.,g4 121 Ueachers Qmuinggraplqs E. F340-v-bg imfiiffg ZlfW7f.7fWw Q40-7,,,71 Siuhenis Lihdngraplqs ' ff -f ' gwfgm MQW MMM f ZQLZL2 wwyddlf D H C113-f'ClJvvuQMz.aMf,C.o,vlM M22 WW .Sy,,,,M,,4 7.WMM.,2w!LJe, Q X7 0.,.!6fZ4. 4Q4,,,g,,7,yQi,4,f My Q4 G4g,1f:mfi ff7 MMM jffi 'QQ ff ' QW' x QM-fffL" Stuhmis Qmtngraplgs mf CLQLAW 426 MAJ ,fjwgf .M Jagfwg . QAA,0M.W ,dab-N fluff' f W mmm paw WLM 'Lb' 'M' 'f fm' mf fsyhzfwh ff if f :tj1,w,,..5,"'-5l,.,..:z:,2.LAn-...I-fi GL--e-34"-'J Stem' SWXQMOQ Sumessx. W PNM41 46' Q' 690- 267lvu.'fvffr-xl:-XL!! JA? Q Maul UMQSPZ' W QM fgizffimf W , . , 51112121115 Qmngraphz 'm"4'Zf"G 74 f Siuhwis Qautngrzqahs 51112121115 Qmiugrzqalps Siuherds Qxutugraphs Stuhenis Qmutugrzqalps mx 1 .4 . 1 5 5 , , Y fa , "H ,Q v-nw, A ..' 1 Q .4 3 I ...f1k.,,,, M. W., M, , V fm. f ' un 1 ' ' we r.. 2' V 14" , .a'I -,LH fx U. . T. ' 5 , , k' . ,s - L, Q .,, . .' 1 I . . w F,.'i-fr Tv' fx. 1' ' - . ,. . ,. S J "' L :jim . 1 ,A V, M .-A H .. K . 1 1 . - , A 1 M F f,,-, 3 K -511 . 'I f ' .1 x .gv Uv: 1 ' fm' ,, -, . .X ,, , -, ,w 1- 'v My, , . ' Y u .il 1 ' A ., wg 1 n x - .fm " M. 0 ...-f- , . u , HA a 1 1 5, N 2 -,K , 1 L I 4 W ' ' , 1 nk " . I . if C' 1, - . 1 ' ' ' - .- .4 , 1- .hvffif ' . ,- -, , .1 if T-.,, Wwjgigq- Tl - , - . ,, , ,. , .. . , . avg- . :n.u.un.z vw H... !. -xy' 'Y Y - - i'1 1 I 1 I , ' r"',.1. M1 S eji i 454116. . I 1,- -11 ,ugh .:-Fr.. 3 j'i',g ff.., ,. M- c4'41'-1221 '-1.51 11 ' ':::l,-.y3,::aiE1f ,mr ' fs -, 2 ... ,wq-,:..:.g, 531'-5:g11y:.,,NL-, 14.1 - -f f -- . 1.1, .-.T ., T Q va 9 iff 7 f, ,,-4 -5' 1 air'--a-4--1'-fam, . . , J. A .. ,,-v,,,.,.,, W, Y M , -as A

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