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y xi . Hwy: 'fi B' 'L A . ik f, W J! 'if' '-Y:1. I Q an A L NT, LZ: , M,. m. U Q lr .. vf f 1 . J W.. 1... '5H.f:2 ,BM ' I - K, A , I x K- If ,, I ' v , 1 1 X . f 'H , M., , J ., ,I 3 ff , , f r 14. ,Van .1 1' ' Sig, Kr. 41 V' I' BL! R HP 3 - X 1.1 . ' K ' ' wh " ' ? W' A 4 Y ,Q A,,,z.,53+N , -f 'fy-1 2 , il? ,I 7" ' - M f 'xiffiyv in 1 LQ A fx'i3::,Y 5 ,mu-fag H v" 1 ?x: 4 , .M .v . . VF' f . LZ. - . ,. 474 4'f M1135-2: , I ,wi . ' Yr '. ,SF FW 'E L-ff:-F 14. mtfgzf ' J 1' ,fl .BI 1 my ff 1: , fp. ' r Q I 4. , N, 1. ill X l 1 , V 'sf I1 5 1 4, . -,A , ,gg 'Mi x 4 I .1 Cv. ,, 5, F3 1 r 'S' N. H. C. H. S. Presents The VESP W W" " ""' W J ,I in Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1949 . MV- l9-49 Vespa Staff Editor-in-Chief ....,.......... n .......... H. .. Assistant Editor ...........................,.. Business Manager ............................... Assistant Business Manager .......... Advertising Manager ........................ Assistant Advertising Manager Literary Editor ..i............,................................ Assistant Literary Editor ........... Assistant Literary Editor ............ Sports Editor ........................... ..........,. Assistant Sports Editor .......... Humor Editor ............................... Photo Editor .......... ................. Typist ..................... Typist ................. Sponsor ........ Marilyn Stroh Dale Schneider ............Irene Pfeiffer Joyce Tresch Myrtle Wildy Ardell Schoepp Ralph Ziegler Edna Schneider Viola Schneider Jim Schmulbach Dorrel Herzog Bill Portman Edgar Wirth Violet Schopfer Betty Schaller Mr. Dale T. Walker Dedication We, the Senior Class, wish to dedicate this yearbook to our class sponsor whose untiring ellorts have helped to make our last two years of school life very successful. We hope this annual is a small payment on the debt we owe to him. To show our gratitude and appreciation, we dedicate it with pride to Mr. Dale T. Walker. To The Members of The Class of l949 You are facing a future of uncertainty, one in which anything can happen. You are in a new era of human progress which is filled with opportunities, yet honeycombed with pitfalls. There are jobs for all who want to work. There is a greater demand for the products of American industry than there has ever been before. There are greater opportunities for new enterprise and new careers than ever existed before. From the Hood of information being given out by the various sources, it will be your task to make your own evaluation of what is important and to decide between the good and the bad. You are graduating into a world of significant events and amid rapidly developing times. You are leaving high school soon, but education is a process that never ends. You must continue to grow mentally, to reach out for new ideas and new information, to be aware of change and the reasons for it, to be tolerant of the differences in people, to be kind and considerate and unselfish, to accept and assume responsibility in the community. It will not be possible for you to know all the right solutions to the many prob- lems with which you will be faced. The important thing is to try to find the right solutions. The degree to which you are successful in doing this will determine your success in the life which you now face. R. A. Neal, Principal ll The History of New Athens Community High School New Athens Community lligh School, known as District No. 68, was organized in 1920. The first board ot' education consisted oi' George Nuernberger, presidentg George Wirth, Jr., secretaryg S. J. Woodwardg Henry J. Reuss, Jr.5 and William Eberhzirdt. Attempts were made to discontinue the high school in the summers of 1922 and 1924 but both failed. Our present school building was built in 1931 and the gymnasium added in 1938. The present members of the board of education are Melvin Carr, president: Wilbur Nuernberger, secretaryg Ben Deichmanng Edgar Wirthg and Ray Schoepp. This year the school has an enrollment of 125 and a faculty of seven teachers. DALE T. WALKER Mr. Walker was born in Storm Lake, Iowa. He receiv- ed his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry at Buena Vista College and has done graduate work at Har- yard University in Engineer- ing. Before coming to New Athens four years ago, Mr. Walker taught for eight years in Illinois and Iowa and served in the Army as a First Lieutenant for fifty- five months. He teaches ge- Emetry, algebra, and chemis- ry. ALONZO J. WOODS Mr. Woods is a native of New Athens. He teaches American History, world his- tory,. geography, and boys' physical education as well as serving as Coach of the Yiellowjackets. He received his Bachelor of Science de- gree from SINU and is now working on his Masters de- gree. Before entering the Armv and coming to New Athens three years ago, he served as principal of Ele- mentary Schools at East Carondelet. PUSSEL D. MElRIDITH Mr. Meridith, our biology and agriculture instructor, was born in Sandoval, Ill. Before receiving his B. of S. degree from the University of Illinois in 1947, he attend- ed SINU and served in the Army for three years. This is his second year at NACHS. LOIS L. DAVIS Miss Davis teaches bopk- keeping and typing at NA- SCH. She is a native of Jer- seyville and a graduate of Ill- inois State Normal Univer- sity where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Miss Davis has taught here for four years. R. A. NEAL Mr. Neal teaches French II and English I. He received his Bachelor of Education de- gree from SINU and earned his Master of Arts degree in School Administration at the University of Missouri. Mr. Neal has done graduate work in Education at the Univer- sity of Iowa and in Account- ing at LaSalle U. He came to NACHS as principal three years ago, having taught previously at Elizabethtown and Coello. He had also been principal at Goresville, Keye- sport, and Woodlawn. SHIRLEY A. SHERMAN Miss Sherman hails from East St. Louis where she at- tended St. Teresa's Academy. In 1948 she was graduated from St. Louis University with majors in English and Spanish. At present.she IS doing graduate work in Eng- lish at Missouri U: Miss Sherman teaches English II, III, and IV. She also .teaches girls' physical education. PAUL LONGENBAUGH Mr. Longenbaugh, one of our new teachers, was born in Clinton, Ill. He served three years in the Army and upon his discharge in 1945 entered the University of Ill. He received his degree on January 15 and came to NACHS at the beginning of the second semester. Mr. Longenbaugh teaches socio- logy and problems of Ameri- can democracy. AUDREY HILL u Miss Hill is our capable of- fice girl and sercetary. She EH? 1948 graduate of NA- fl' mfr' -A su L Dale I Zdalker Ulonzo Idoods Ku ful U. 1714 rfdffh , E? 42 QS K. 0,f1eal faul fongenbaugh fdfs' f. Davis' .Yhirley LZ. .fherman Uudrcq Hill, Senior Class l-lisiory On September 4, 1945, thirty-eight eager and intelligent students began the 'grindl' at the local education "mill". Our progress was bril- liant and rapid-by the end of the month we almost knew where to g0 and what books to take when the bells rang. The Sophomores, however, didn't think We were so intelligent, and to prove this opinion of theirs, they put us through the paces on a day of torture called Initiation. We still don't know how it happened, but through the mercies of an Unseen Hand everyone of us survived the onion necklaces. Then as full-fledged Freshies we maintained a strictly business atti- tude fexcept for spitballs and thumbtacksll. When election day rolled around we chose Miss Jane Hansleben as our sponsor. Officers were Dale Schneider, presidentg Jim Schmulbach, vice president, Betty Schaller, sec- retaryg Ardell Schoepp, treasurerg and Myrtle Wlildy, reporter. Between "Hamlet" and our brain-splitting algebra problems we lost Kay Kaiser, Eddie Hoifman, and Vicki Luechtfeld. Ruth Lehr joined our class. We ended the year with a hilarious "warm-soda-only" outing at the Sparta Country Club. At the beginning of our Sophomore year Irene Pfeiffer joined our honorable class. As the months skipped by Fred Grohman, Joyce Haefner, Ruth Lehr, and Robert Ruhl took their departures. We began our money-making career by selling ice cream. The draft placed Mr. Charles Wright in the pilot's position. We also elected Ardell Schoepp president, Jim Schmulbach vice president, Edgar Wirth secre- taryg Dale Schneider treasurerg and Donald Burton reporter. Needless to say, the boys held the upper hand at all our meetings. The upperclassmen soon learned of our intentions to become school- spirited leaders, we captured places on the paper stai, band, chorus, sex- tette, and baseball and basketball teams. Of course we were happy that we could be waitresses at the Prom instead of dishwashers, but we just couldn't wait until the happy day we became Juniors. To celebrate the end of our underclassmen days we held a picnic in the rain at the Water- loo Country Club. At last among the high and mighties, our Junior year was spotlighted by a flawless, simmering production of "Brides to Burn" and by the ar- rival of our coveted possessions-class rings. fContinuedl Senior Class History Money rolled in as we guzzled cokes and gobbled candy. Our only sad day was that on which Harold Wilderman marched off as a Private in Uncle Sam's forces. At the close of the year the Class of '49 gave the most expensive and elaborate Prom ever presented at NACHS. A rainbow theme was used, with a fountain placed in the center of the gym. Red and blue lights reflected on mirrors provided added color to the gala affair. After a sumptuous feast, Marvin Wittlich's orchestra provided dreamy dance music. The successes of our Junior year were in no small Way due to the efforts of our sponsor, Mr. Walker, and our president, Jim Schmulbach. COther officers were Edgar Wirth, vice president, Betty Schaller, secre- taryg Dale Schneider, treasurer, and Irene Pfeiffer, reporter.D On September 1, 1948 we began the last mile on the road to our cherished ambition-Graduation. We soon noticed that Inez Rath and Nadine Woods were not among us. The old boys-against-girls squabbles were a hangover of the previous year, but we finally compromised to elect Jim Schmulbach presidentg Ardell Schoepp vice president, Betty Schaller secretary: Marilyn Stroh treasurer, and Irene Pfeiffer reporter. At the helm we again chose Mr. Dale T. Walker. On October 7 we primped and posed for portraits by Van Miller which, come next May, will hang in the Hall of Fame at NACHS. To welcome the basketball season the '49ers presented a peppy as- sembly on the day of our first game. For the rest of the year our atten- tion centered around the Vespa and our Senior Class Play, both of which are the biggest and best ever. We have selected green and white as our class colors and the white rose for our flower. With our motto, "Find a way or make one" we are ready to face life. tried it once." JAMES SCHMULBACH "It pays to be good-I Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1, 3 Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Student Council Play 1 Band 1, 2, 3 Boys' Quartet 3 F. F. A. 1 ABDELL SCHOEPP "The darling of the underclassmen fgirlsjf' Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 F. F. A. 1 Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 A5 Letterm4en's Club 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 BETTY SCHAL-LER Monday comes too soon after Sunday night." Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Girls' Sextette 3 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Home Ee. Club 1, 2 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 MARILYN STROH Like cream-always on top." Class Officer 4 Student Council 2 Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Home Ec. Club 1 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 IRENE PFEIFFER She never was the slowest girl in town." Class Officer 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3 G. AQA. 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4 DALE SCHNEIDER He can do almost any- thing but sing." Class Officer 1, 2, 3 Student Council 2 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 EDGAR WIRTH "Every man has his gift." Class Officer 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 2 Class Play 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Boys' Quartet 3 Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 fame: Sahmulpbach V L11-dell Schozfp Betty .Ychaller marilyn .5'lrohmA Y. Q3 Dale Sfflllflldft' fdgar 1411 rffl KC JOYCE TRESCH Blondes are deceitful, so boys, beware." Student Council 1 Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Student Council Play 1 Band 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 MYRTLE WILDY As merry as the day IS long." Class Officer 1 Student Council 2 Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 1, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 G. A. A. 1, 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 1, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 WILLIAM PORTMAN 'Talkingl Ye Gods! Will ,he ever stop ?" Annual Staff 4 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 RALPH BRETSCH 'I love to flirt!" F. F. A. 1, 4 Cheerleader 4 Basketball 2, 3 VIOLET SCHOPFER "It's good to live and learn." Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 EDNA SCHNEIDER You must have been a beautiful baby." Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 RALPH ZIEGLER "A gentleman, except for tossing erasersf' Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 1 Class Play 3, 4 Band 1, Z, 3 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 DORREL HERZOG "He likes girls even more than basketball." Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 4 Boys' Quartet 3 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 yoyce 7re.vcI1 my,-fl, 111, ldy -01' 43' Violet .Sbhopfer lialph Zag lar fdna Schneider -,-WH,-, v ,v,,.,v.l.......-.f FHRN LEHR GRACE WILDY "Just as cheerful as her "PerseVerance gains the face shows." prize." Spotlight Staff 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 CIHOFHS 1, 2, 3 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 G- A- A- 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 4 Home Ec. Club 1, 2 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 THERRON HERZOG "A joke is just like sun- Sh1I16.,, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 JAMES WOMACK "If words are lnusic he is a brass band? Student Council 3 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 1 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 JANICE WIGGAND "The World is as you take it." Spotlight Staff 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Home Ec. Club 1, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 DARLENE MUELLER "Why Worry? Life is too short." Band 2, 3 Chorus 2, 3 Home EC. Club 1 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 MARVIN HUTH "The lad With the fetch- ing curls." F. F. A. 1, 4 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 ROBERT VVAELTZ "Why should one study and make one's Self mad?" Spotlight Staff 1 Band 1, 2, 3 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3 Le?tteZmen's Club 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Athleti M Class Pclay imager 2 hrn Bohr 9'race wildy 1 Ifherron Herzog fanice Zdiggand ,g,,,,,- Womack Darlene fflueller ,Q -Q4 ftlarvin lluth Q -vp ffobtrf Uaell' ALICE WILKERSON VIOLA SCHNEIDER "Once upon a time." "Around the corner suc- Band 2 3 cess 1S Waiting." Chorus 1, 2, 3 Spotlight staff 4 . ' G. A.A. 1, 2,3 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4 Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 EUGENE DINTELMAN N "I am as contended as a Carnation cow." Spotlight Staff 4 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 HAROLD HEINECKE "I may still do some- thing sensational !" F. F. A 1, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 LULU GLENN "If silence' is. golden slf1e's a millionaire." Chorus 2, 3 G. A. A. 1 Home Ec. Club 1 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 MAXINE POLITSCH "Good natured and quiet." Spotlight Staff 4 Home Ec. Club 1 RAY HOFFMAN "I'm naturally very bashfulf' F. F. A. 4 Lettehmen's Club 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 DONALD BURTON "Life is short and S0 am I." Class Officers 2 Spotlight Staff 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3 F. F. A. 4 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Athletic Manager 2' 'Z' alice wilkerson V1 ala Sch :wider Uintelmann Zulu Glenn Kay Hoffman H1 Harald 7Im-uclzc 7'r1au'nz Foliffrh Uonald Burton Class Prophecy On the evening of May 27, 1959 the ballroom of the Park View Hotel is the scene of a gala reunion of the former Class of '49, The members of the class are gathered there awaiting the arrival of their guest of honor. At last the moment arrives. A fanfare of trumpets is heard and through the door enters Mr. Dale T. Walker. As the spotlight follows him around he is greeted by former students. He is attracted to the center of the room by the famous gown de- signer, none other than Miss Irene Pfeiffer, better known to the fashion world as Renee. She is noted for her "shockingly shocking" creations. Beside her is that charming model, Miss Edna Schneider. Miss Schneider appears very ravishing in one of Renee's exclusive creations. The honored guest moves to another part of the room where he becomes involved in an argument concerning baseball with the two Herzog brothers and Edgar Wirth. They are each up-holding their respective teams. Relly is "Boy Wonder of the Yankees". Herman is with the Brooklyn Dodgers and Bud is the 40-game winner of the Giants. Each is successful in his individual field. Next Mr. Walker is greeted by Miss Myrtle Wildy, famous history teacher at the University of lllinoisg Miss Lulu Glenn, successful English teacher at Vassarg and Miss Grace Wildy, a nurse who specializes in deli- cate brain surgery. Another member of the Class of '49, Donald Burton, attracts Mr. Walker's attention. Burton, head of the Curtis Magazine Sales Depart- ment, is trying to sell Ralph Bretsc-h, owner of the most elaborate casino east of the Mississippi, a subscription to the latest magazines on card tricks. Ray Hoffman, owner of the "Skunk Foot Hunting Lodge" in northern Minnesota, has also joined the group. There seems to be some commotion in another corner. Ardell "Jack the Snipper" Schoepp, the celebrated understudy of Harold Albers, is trying to give William "Gorgeous Goggles"' Portman the latest style haircut. Portman, a well-known wrestler, seems to object and has Schoepp in a half-nelson. Mr. Walker now joins a group of dignitaries discussing present day problems of the nation. Included in the gathering are James Carter Schmulbach, a Wall Street bankerg Marilyn Stroh, lady Senator, and Dale Schneider, president of the Monsanto Chemical Co. About this time Miss Joyce Tresch, the local butcher, comes dashing across the floor. She had heard a comment that someone was shooting the bull and wanted to purchase it for her meat market. CContinuedJ Class Prophecy i It was none other than Eugene Dintelmann, an outstanding farmer living near New Athens. "Butch" was merely bragging about the new breed of cattle he developed. The spotlight now focuses on Miss Darlene Mueller who has one of the success stories of the nation. She has worked her way from tele- phone operator to President of the Bell Telephone Co. Chatting with her are Miss Alice Wilkerson and Miss Maxine Politsch. Alice is one of the outstanding beauty operators in St. Louis and is known for her "Enticing Curl" hair-do. Maxine is now the proprietress of the "Rusty Muleslipper Restaurant" which is competing with Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe. In another part of the ballroom booms the voice of James Womack, owner of the largest Jersey Farm in the state of Illinois. He is conversing with Dr. Ralph Ziegler, veterinarian. Dr. Z. is noted for his plastic surgery success the lifted the face of Elsie the Borden Cowl. One of the highlights of the evening is a scorching torch song by Miss Fern Lehr, accompanied by Miss Betty "Ivory-Tickler" Schaller at the piano. They are currently appearing with a well-known orchestra at the Park View Ballroom. The spotlight now shines on Captain Harold Heinecke of the United States Navy. He recently became the toast of the nation for the valiant sea rescue of Cleo the Goldfish. Joining the conservation is Mr. Marvin Huth, now President of Huth's Transcontinental Truckline which has put New Athens on the map. Most railroads have been put out of business because Huth carries the freight. Mr. Walker now greets Miss Violet Schopfer and Miss Janice Wig- gand. Miss Schopfer is the private secretary of Dr. Gallup who keeps her constantly on the run. Janice is at the Indiana Girls College where she is basketball coach of the "Hoosier Hot Shots". The busiest celebrity of the group is Miss Viola Schneider, foreign news correspondent, who flew from Moscow especially to attend the re- union. She is constantly taking notes on the gala affair for her "Woman About 30" column now appearing in the world's leading weekly, the Journal-Press. At the stroke of midnight the group gathered around Mr. Walker, the Albert Einstein of 1959, to present him with a gift. It is a solid gold slide rule with inlaid rubies. According to Mr. Robert Waeltz, pre- sident of the Caterpillar Corporation, who makes the presentation, this rule has attained an accuracy of 102 per cent. When the gathering finally concludes, it is decided to hold another reunion in ten years. The group vanishes into the night, each person seeking the fate or fame which the future holds. Little Nuggets Little Miss Muffet .,........ .......... M axine Politsch Bluebeard the Pirate ......... .......,............ J im Schmulbach Little Papoose .......................... Janice Wiggand Puppy Love ......... .......... ..........., B o b and Betty Schaller Bright Eyes ............ ...........................,,............. F ern and Helen Lehr Soda Pop Trio Therron, Codell, and Dorrell Herzog Carp ...........,.......... . ........................................................ Ralph Ziegler Shiek ......... ........... A rdell Schoepp Curlie ......... ..... V ........................................... V iolet Schopfer Minny ........ ......................................................., M arilyn Stroh Parade ............ Snookums ......... Goggles ......... Dorrel Herzog, Jim Schmulbach, Robert Waeltz, Ardell Schoepp, Edgar Wirth, Ralph Bretsch Alice Wilkerson Bill Portman I ' V ,-.Muay E 'Y 'hr . I1 5, in.- Little Nuggets Ride 'ern Idiene ........... ................... J oyce Tresch Captain Ozzie ....... ..,....... H arold Heinecke Shorty .................... ........... L ulu Glenn Miss Innocence ......... ........ I rene Pfeiffer Sleepy .............................,............ .............. R obert Waeltz Cutie ................................................., ........... V iola Schneider Doughead the Farmer ......... ................... J im Womack Dolly .......................,........................... .......................... D arlene Mueller Pootz and Pooch ........,,..... .........................................,......... E dgar Wirth Big Sisters and Baby ......... .......... R uth, Grace, and Ralph Wildy Twerp ..................................... ..........................,................ M yI't1Cg1l?. Wildy Goldylockg ,,,,, .......... E C1113 SCh1'1Gld6I' X X. Il I 0 ,T g,..Y , ..., ., C.-Li? Class Will We, the Senior Class of '49, better known as the "Gold Diggers", of New Athens Community High School, located between the Illinois Central tracks and Route 13, southeast of New Athens, district 68, county of St. Clair, state of Illinois, country of the United States, continent of North America, visited by Shiek Raphael Emmanuel of Turkey in 1946, claiming to be of sound mind and memory do hereby declare our last will and testament. SECTION I To Mr. R. A. "Second Tuesday of next week" Neal we will a "second Tuesday", a larger office and a rubber stamp to sign passes. To our sponsor, Mr. Dale "You have to memorize it" Walker we will a "straight A" chemistry class. To Mr. A. J. "Use this time to your advantage" Woods we will a new rostrum and winning teams in future years. To Miss Lois "Ready, type!" Davis we will a new mimeograph ma- chine and an electric heater for her typing room, To Miss Shirley "Does anyone else have any ideas on this ?" Sherman we will a gavel to tap on her desk and quiet ,English class. To Mr. Russel "Smiley" Meridith we will a farm to help in teaching Ag. To Mr. Paul "Dream Boy" Longenbaugh we will a new class of feminine admirers. To Miss Audrey "Mr, Neal wants to see you!" Hill we will a public address system to call students to the office. To Mr. Charlesi"'Chore Girl" Koenitz we will a vacuum sweeper and a crate of Old Dutch Cleanser. SECTION II To the Juniors we will our good looks and manners. To the Sophomores We will our leadership ability. To the Freshmen we will anything and everything they Hnd that we left behind. SECTION III In order to promote happiness and general welfare., the individual members of the Class of '49 do hereby bestow the following bestowals. I, Ralph Bretsch, will my ability to make "Mad Love" to all the girls to Arthur Rowald. CContinuedJ Class Will I, Donald Burton, will my friendliness to Leona Frisch. I, Eugene Dintlemann, will my Ag. ability to Junior Knewitz. I, Lulu Glenn, will my flamming red hair to Betty Weber. I, Harold Heinecke, will my snug bell-bottom trousers to Ronald Priest. I, Dorrell Herzog, will my atheletic ability to George Goegelein. I, Ray Hoffman, will my good lucks to anyone who wants them. I, Therron Herzog, will my jokes and wise-cracks to Bill May. I, Marvin Huth, will my ability to get around and go places to Skippy Wellenkotter. Q I, Fern Lehr, will my flirting ways to Rose Becker. I, Darlene Mueller, will my ability to attract handsome men to Shirley Stroh. I, Irene Pfeiffer, will my pep and cheerleading ability to Juanita Dudeck. I, Maxine Politsch, will my quietness to Joylyn Schoepp. I, William Portman, will my wavy hair to Alonzo J. Woods. I, Betty Schaller, will my "Baby Ways" to Gladys Weidemann. I, Jim Schmulbach, will my personality to Aaron Vogler. I, Edna Schneider, will my long hair to Patie Priest. I, Dale Schneider, will my ability of knowing everything to Floyd Grohman. I, Viola Schneider, will my slimgness to Dorisjean Ann Hill. I, Ardell Schoepp, will my "shiek" way of attracting women to Robert Schmelzel. I, Violet Schopfer, will my typing speed to Iona Quathamer. I, Marilyn Stroh, will my brains to any students of NACHS who need them. I, Joyce Tresch, will my cheerfulness to Helen Mehner. I, Ro-bert Waeltz, will my ability to pester girls to Ralph Liefer. I, Janice Wiggand, will my basketball ability to Adele Winter. I, Grace Wildy, will my studiousness to Clarence Quirin. CContinuedJ 1 W L Class Will CContinued from preceding pagej I, Myrtle Wildy, will my history knowledge and my ability to ask more questions than anyone else in the class to Dawn Albers. I, Alice Wilkerson, will my old test papers to Barbara Goegelein. I, Edgar Wirth, will my pitching ability and height to Deneen Krupp. I, Jim Womack, will my frequent trips to the office to Vera Hof- meister. I, Ralph Ziegler, will my chemistry knowledge to Armin Robert. SIGNED, SEALED, and DECLARED before us, by the Senior Class of 1949, on this thirty-fifth day of May in the year of our Lord, three thousand four hundred and seventy-two. Attorneys: Witnesses: Tom and Jerry, Inc. Pistol Packin' Mama Gravel Gertie Methuselah Porky Pig Secret Agent X-9 Bob Hope 4 Student Hutoqraphs NJ M 7fIaz'yfau5'inn fflym Koldifz Uawn dlbars ffufh Krieg flozfberl' lltz 9212- v. Pikes. PRES. menus. '?f"0"""R , I 6 1 I D 1 1 X W 41 f xx Hi!! floffman faylyn Kchoafy: lkana 7n'sclz flvyd Kihluiuger i I .Hx J' Oryillg infer yackie flenrum fliyrtla flendnkks L'has'. Schreiber if ' L 1 ' Mn-4---md Batty Zzlilkmwn Kykhard dlbars fame: 'Braun Ama Quathama' 4 I . v f 1 Q-Q I 4 igiilih. f ., :fi . Kabul Sdhmelzol Urlezw Schulz Kdnneflz 5'Z1lLZl'ld2l'!1 lunior Class History The first few days of September 1946 were very exciting for the twenty-six new pupils of NACHS. After getting acquainted, the election of class officers was held. Our first year we made money by selling pop corn. . During our sophomore year we lost Ray Reuss, Fred Grohman, and Martha Martin. Jackie Herman joined the class. As a group project, ice cream was sold. The Junior year has brought much excitement. First, the class was again reducedg we lost Donald Frech, Paul Hammond, Delores Ber- thold, Sylvester Mehrman, Betty Loesche, Patsy Kuehn, and Cecil Teter. Two new pupils-Orville Liefer and Myrtle Hendricks-joined us. On election day, the following officers were chosen: Sponsor .......................................................,.............................,................... Mr. Woods President .................. ............ D awn Albers Vice President ........ .............i M yra Kolditz Secretary ................ ........... M ary Lou Sinn Treasurer ........... ................ R uth Krieg Reporter ................................................................................................... Norbert Utz Then the selling of candy and soda was begun as a means of boosting our treasury. On November 9 the Junior play, "Miss Jimmy", was presented. It was a fine production. During December we ordered our class rings. Now we are working hard to present the annual prom which will be Saturday, May 14. -Gijoiof Junior: "What is a kiss ?" I Senior: "Two divided by nothing!" Robert S: "Was it funny when you fell skating?" Richard A: "No! But the ice made a few cracks." Mr. Woods: "When was the latest Hood ?" Norbert: "Why, last night an engineering student went babysitting. The little fellow sat on his book and washed out three bridges." f v v L A X 1 N- an z .lm lllbefla Schzggiacher dun Vffgraiagd Img! 5'chz-gig: Bill ftlay maffflmgfik f. 6' AJ .5 3,1 X rl we 1 Q ug Gladys' llleidemann Halen Flahnef dawn Vagler Don?-'ana fuel: Barbara Joegeuiu FJ, i .-' I Y V' ,ff 1 .Xf Z " .e 1 , , , . Bal Klinganfar fatty fchoapp gflarza Harris' 51116 ,fahrag Uharlef Bonewlk K .o LK .f f - , .' 5 6 U .9'Iu?leyL'uachl'ef'e1d Wilma lzvfar yolm Ziegler Udela Zdinlar lkzfallvfmlbflaf -- in 6 5 5 W N1 'xjq A 1 - nm Q I I H i 'VVWMH +f m'fJ+ xMRyW M Clarence .flelzl frank inhale: fhirley Steak yuan 75441, Ugnald gufg, fuk hmmm A149 3 T fn fp 'gf 4 9' uvaga 'A l ia!! W, ywwii fflayltae fhillgvl flllffdtfffhdffht' fltmie Burk faZ'id fl'ie.4'l' Uailzr fblpfggh fplg gfwnwvpd Sophomore Class History In September of 1947 a frightened Freshman class entered the doors of NACHS, expecting the worst. Our fears subsided a little when we learned that there was to be no initiation, but there was still the ordeal of finding books and classrooms. Class officers were elected at our first meeting. With Mrs. Eckert as sponsor and Bob Klingenfus as president we had a successful year. We sold pop corn at basketball games as a class project. At the beginning of our Sophomore year we gained three classmates -Bill May, Wilma Liefer, and Lola Greenwood. Our pilots for the year were: Sponsor ....................... .........,.....,., M iss Sherman President ........................ ,............... H enry Schneider Vice President .......... ..................,............. A nn Howard Secretary ................... ............ A lberta Schumacher Treasurer ............. ..................................... B ill May Reporter ......................... ..........................................................,.... M arie Franck To get "in the dough" we sold ice cream at noon and at basketball games. Now the Class of '51 is looking forward to two more happy years at NACHS. CAG-i Mr. Meridith: "Yes, students, you will be surprised to know that after a long study I can speak the language of wild animals." Bill May: "Next time you meet a skunk, ask him what is the big idea." My lady, be wary of Cupid: And listen to the lines of this verse: To let a fool kiss you is stupid, But to let a kiss fool you is worse! mf ...mee 5 X , 5, LA , HIV,-u weggemanu Dale lxegzgev Carl Uellggfetter limi- Bgffy 1115553 t J ' A FQ . U X A ' . fag, 73' f f ' l ' - f X 1 14,15 2 3' '. 3 9 fvffffllfry Emge Codell Herzog ffita fluff Ttlelvin Stoll Odelia Reds: V 6 0 V' X fx.-s e 5 l l KT A K ue. 3 -e Kayh .Kiefer Dari: flill kelert Kell: geneva Bush Donald fegland Helen Selwles arthur kewald fuse Becker fame: llluellee' 7rzerna fhillips' Q Q f e gudfey 52-plte yezne Sheets Ronald Priest' flerma ldagner dzrelyu Zvunek ,V , " 1 1 m flonh Bollmoior floanoz' fhillzff ,xvylr-' X Wx tlda filoisfor - 4 'O 1 x K ffldlvfn Gaubatz ffluriol Bollmeior 7loyd qrohman junior finowifz Uouom Kfupf I faanita Dudeck - E 55 N11 gf 5' v 1 1 Shirley wagner ..' 55 Clarence Quifiu drmin Robert v - A NS' J 1 ,I ,VY if Lg , 4 fouiso Scholos 1 Barbara fflabouno Voolkd H- U L f fflarie fasten? . .1 , vw., ,, ., I U I K1l'hard62'hqf4r Dorothy .7rifoh George qoogeloin Freshmen Class History The school year of 1948-49 brought forty-six new students to FEXCHS. All of us were eager to find out what high school was really 1 e. Clarence Quirin and Odelia Reuss joined our class a few months after school started. By the middle of the first semester, Donald Ragland was enrolled as a class member. We were sorry that Meridene Berthold dropped out after Christmas. At our first meeting a sponsor and officers were elected. They are: Sponsor .......................................................................................... .,..., M r. Meridith President ...,..................... .......... C arl Wellenkotter Vice President ........,.. ......,,........ D ale Prediger Secretary .................... ................. K ent Fullmer Treasurer ............... ........... A lvin Weidemann Reporter ...........................................................................................,.... Betty Weber We are selling pop corn to raise money for our class treasury. As a class we are looking forward to our first Prom and to three years still remaining in our high school career. The best is yet to come! -gla- A woodpecker lit on a Freshie's head And settled down to drill. He peeked away for a half a day And finally broke his bill. Coach W: "Herman, can you play Faust ?" Herman H: "I can play faust or slow." The other night I stole a kiss. My conscience hurt. Alack! I think I'll go again tonight And put the darn thing back. LE7-IC K rs S J. wg? E S 1.. ,gig ig '. 'Vim 'af - , - '-'19 wi gd Hthletic Qutoqraphs 1051 Bat Boy: Deneen Krupp liont how Ray Hoffman, Ardoll Schoepp, Marvin Huth Doirtl Ilufog rdf, 11 Wirth, Bob Klingenlus, Therron Herzog lim Srhrnulbicli Loath A J. Woods. back Row Bob Waeltz, Bill May, Melvin Stoll, Dale Srlimidu Iloxd bCl1l8SlI12,Ql', John Ziegler, Walter Politsch, Don dd Built Norbut Ut7 Dale Prediger. Edgar Wirth Dorrel Herzog Dale Schneider Ardell Schoepp Therron Herzog Marvin Huth Jim Schmulbach Ray Holfman Norbert Utz Lloyd Schlesinger John Ziegler Bob Klingenfus Bill May Donald Burk Aaron Vogler Walter Politsch Jack Bowman Melvin Stoll Dale Prediger Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Junior Junior Soph. Soph. Soph. Soph. Soph. Soph. Soph. Fresh. Fresh. Pitcherg Outheldu Pitcher: Outflelder Outfielder Third Base Shortstop Second Babe Outiielder Inlielder Innelder First Base Infielder Catcher Utility Outiielder Utility Outfielder Outfielder Utility Infielder Spring Baseball Thoughts Of spring baseball bring memories of a record-smashing season. .The mighty YellowJackets easily powered their way through the Kaskaskia Conference with an impressive 8-0 record. Their only defeat, prior to tournament play, was suffered at the hands of the defending State Champions, the Belleville Maroo-ns, who nosed out the Jackets in a tight 3-2 contest. The team. came and conquered as it swept through the District Tournament with three decisive victories. The first conquest was meted out of the hapless Marissa Meteors in the opener on Captain Virgil Loesche's one-hit performance. When the dust clouds finally cleared away the score was New Athens 12, Marissa 1. Bud Wirth twirled the second game as the Jackets suppressed the stubborn Freeburg Midgets by a 2-0 score. Dupo failed to provide any real trouble in the champion- ship game and fell a victim to the aggressive Yellowjackets 7-0. The Sectional Tournament, which was held at Du Quoin, was the scene of two more sweeping victories. Mt. Vernon was first to yield and fall by the wayside when Bud Wrirth set them down on 1 hit and as many runs while the Jackets dented the plate for 3 markers. Loesche came through with a sterling performance when he blanked DuQuoin 3-0 The trip to the State Tournament held at Peoria gave the boys a new and never-to-be-forgotten experience. "Big Ed" Wirth took the mound chores in the opening contest against the much talked about Kelly High of Chicago. The Yellowjackets dominated defensively and offensively during the entire game and were rewarded with a 6-0 victory. Virg Loesche kept the upper hand in the succeeding match and contrib- uted a 6-4 victory over Peoria Spalding to qualify the Jackets for the Championship game. In the night-cap Championship duel, the New Athens nine yielded to their southern neighbor, Granite City, by a 4-1 score. New Athens, the smallest school entered in the State Tournament, brought with it the most impressive record. A large group of loyal New Athens fans attended the tournament and encouraged their team, to victory. All the boys are looking forward to a return trip to the State Tournament next year. I The outstanding pitching and alert supporting play of the team during the entire season produced a championship team with an out- standing record. They succeeded in reaching unprecedented heights in the New Athens High Sc-hool sports annals. J Game Scores TEAM East St. Louis ..................,..... here Red Bud A. ,.........,........ .,.......... h ere Columbia ....,... Waterloo ...a....... Valmeyer ....,... Marissa Red Bud ........... Waterloo Valmeyer ...... Belleville .........., Columbia ......., 6 here there here here there here there A here forfeit won won won won won won won won won lost won DISTRICT TOURNAMENT fat Freeburgl Marissa .l.........., .... w on 12-1 Freeburg ............... won 2-0 Dupo .............,..... .... w on 7-0 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Cat Du Quoinj Mt. Verrion .l......, won Du Quoin ,..,..,.,,.. won STATE TOURNAMENT lat Peoriaj Chicago Kelly won Peoria Spalding won Granite City ,..... lost 3-1 3-0 6-0 6-4 4-1 SCORE . .,.,....... .....,. 5- 0 , ,.,,.,i..,.l 9-4 32-6 .. 2-0 7-0 8-6 .T ,,,, 4-0 3-2 .. 1-O INFIELD OUTFIELD The infield consisted of this The Outfwld completed 3 d9DQHdHb19 CFGW- From left tlawless fall season They are to Ylght, A. Schoepp, H. Her- D Schneider R Herzog J zog, M. Huth, Lloyd Schle- Schmulbach 7 - J X Z A 1, singer. Xl L ,XX A ul i 1 Y -.XXX ' n f x 1 ff fax L f 1' f X U P 4 lf E BUD WIRTH EMIL KLINGEJNFUS ARDELL SCHOEPP These three boys, because of then' play in the State Tournament were chosen by the Illinois State Athlet1c ASSOC13,'lL1OH as All State Performers LEADING HITTERS Blasting out the ball for im- pressive averages were R. Herzog 05843, A. -Schoepp 04083, and Bob Klmgenfus 03761. Fall Baseball Taking up where they left off the previous season, the clever New Athens Yellowjackets battled their way to their second consecutive Caho- kia Conference Championship without a loss. Big, towering Bud Wirth and his cunning partner, Relly Herzog, divided the mound duties. Bud, twice during the course of the season, reached that supreme goal in the minds of pitchers when he twirled two no-hit, no-run performances. His first brilliant performance toppled the hapless Waterloo Bulldogs 5-0, and in the next game the New Athens fireballer shattered Lebanon with a 14-0 whitewashing. This was Wirth's third no-hitter in his career the turned the trick against Valmeyer in 1947, 3-05. Relly Herzog, a southpaw, specialized in curve balls which he threw with hairbreadth control. Herzog also contributed a memorable page to our sports history with a well-pitched no-hitter against New Baden, 4-0. Besides pitching, Herzog blanketed center field and paced the team in hitting. The pitching staff twirled 3 one-hit games in addition to the no- hit- ters. The opponents were able to compile only 7 runs and 19 hits in 12 games. Backing the pitcher with steadfast dependability were the infield and the outfield. That the outfield played an entire season without com- mitting an error was a noteworthy feature which contributed much'to the team's defensive strength. The hitting department, although not spectacular, was sufficiently strong to bolster a 7 .9 run average per game. Several underclassmen have been steadily improving under Coach Woods' guidance so that New Athens is looking forward to winning teams in the future. v SCORE THERE OPPONENT SCORE HERE We They We They 6 1 New Baden .................. 4 0 14 0 Lebanon .................,....., 22 0 10 0 O'Fallon . ...,..,.... .... 8 2 1 0 Mascoutah ......., ..... 5 2 5 0 Waterloo ..,.. .. ..... 8 0 7 1 Freeburg - .... ...- 5 1 CAHOKIA CONFERENCE TEAM STANDINGS Won Lost New Athens ..... - ........ -. 12 0 Mascoutah .,....... ....... - 8 4 Freeburg ........... -. ........ 6 6 New Baden ........ ...-.- 6 6 O'Fallon ........... ......... - - 6 6 Lebanon .................... - ..... 4 8 Waterloo ..... -.. ...W 0 12 School Loyalty Song We're loyal to you New Athens High. We're purple and gold New Athens High. We'll back you to stand Against the best in the landg For we know you have sand New Athens High. Rah!! Rah!! So break up that ball New Athens High. We're backing you all New Athens High. Our team is our fame protector. On boys for we expect a victory From you New Athens High. Cha-he-cha-ha-cha-ha-ha-ha New Athens, New Athens, New Athens! Fling out that dear old flag of purple and gold. Lead on your sons and daughters Fighting of old. b For men of old are giants Placing reliance, Shouting defiance, Oske wa-wa! Across the broad green plains that flourish our For honest labor and for learning we stand, And unto thee we pledge our heart -and hand, Dear Alma Mater, New Athens High. land K N. 1 11:5 I X BILL HOFFMAN Jll1'1lOI' Guard 5ft., 9iI1. 148 lbS. "Red" contributed his share to the success of the team through his dazzling out- court shots and was consid- ered by many as one of the best shots in the Caliokia Conference. He was espec- ially effective against a zone defense and worked well in .ri fast break. JIM WOMACK Senior Forward 5 ft., 95 in. 184 lbs. Though the going be rough and the odds be great, Jim could be counted on to take a commanding share of the rebounds and to give the op- ponents plenty of trouble under the basket. EDGAR "BUD" WIRTH SGTUOI' u Center 6 ft-, 3M in. 182 lbs. The best rebounder and scor- er for the second straight year, Bud proved he was one of the main reasons for the success .of the team. He com- bined his ability as a tip-in artist and his mastery of the gumpf' and "hook" shots to give him the upper berth in Cahokia Conference scoring. CHARLES SCI-IREIBER Junior Center 6 ft. 147 lbs. By ceaseless work and long hours of practice, this tall lanky Junior has steadily im- proved until he will soon be a "crack" pivot man for the Jackets. This year he served as Wirth's understudy and could always be counted on in case of trouble. COACH WOODS CAPT. "RELLY" HERZUG Senior Guard 5 ft., 10 in. 150 lbs- Relly captained his team with dependable constancy. His long shots combined with unlimited drive netted . him many points and established him as second highest scorer on the team. Ball handling was his strongest point, but during the season he repeat- edly did heavy rebounding work. BOB VVAELTZ Senior Guard 5 ft., 8 in. 145 lbs. A virtual Phantom of the Court, Bob caused much con- fusion and embarrassment to the opponents with his ball stealing and his unusual guarding ability. Bob had the strange faculty of being in the right place at the right time. Coach Woods has turned in his third successful season as coach of the New Athens Yellowjackets. His Work with the team and his pleasant personality have won the respect and admiration of the fans and oppo- nents as well as that of the boys. "CUTTER" SCHNEIDER ARDELL SCHOEPP JIM SCHMULBACH Senior Guard Senior Forward Senior t Forward 5 ft., 7 in. 145 lbs. 6 ft. 160 lbs 5 ft., 82 in. 150 lbs. "Cutter" was a cool, clever ball handler. Making the most of his size, he repeated- ly out-thought his opponent. His unruffled daring -and coolness drew the admirat- ion of referees and fans and reassured his team mates. N ORBERT UTZ Junior Guard 5 ft., 5 in. 135 lbs. Although Norbert didn't see much action this season, his presence next year will be welcomed. His aggressive at- titude will contribute to the "press" defense. Excelling under the basket as a rebounder, Ardell was a mainstay for grabbing re- bounds from the backboards. His accuracy with side shots made him one of the team's leading scorers. He was noted for his foresight and cool- ness. BOB KLINGENFUS Sophomore Forward 5 ft., 10 in. 150 lbs. Bob, the only underclassman of the "A" squad, had an unstoppable jump shot that marked him as an offensive mainstay for future seasons. Jim was an aggressive play- er from start to finish. His unparalleled drive enabled him to score timely baskets. His determination and drive gained notoriety among his opponents and his team work made him a valuable player. LLOYD SCHLESINGER Junior Forward 5 ft., 10 in. 155 lbs. "Doc" was a great team man. His unusual manner of dribbling threw his opposi- tion off stride. Lloyd's re- bounding ability will have much future use. 'W , if 5 Jn ,L S? 1 f J B itl Hoffman II 'Y I , Stk' 1 , X: X-if Q By, 1 .gg 4 l T' 'Y w 5 ' M0191 " Jifefzog Q Jamfzwzffn . , AX - Q W v I P ffm Womack 1 A f Y Uharle: .Ychreiber v . touch Maud: J. -xx X - v I U is - H N ' V, !, I3 Cutter Schneider fm wma r, L 1 A ' v ffm Schmulbach Hur srl' 112' Ur v L diff! Schoefp Q 4 J .A Bob Idlangenfhr floyd 52hles'z'n-ger Basketball "The Team to Beat" was the title conferred on the New Athens Yellowjackets at the start of the season. The Jackets were given the nod of approval to compound the top positions in the Cahokia and Kas- kaskia Conferences. The agile New Athens squad lived up to these ex- pectations but the strong Cahokia Conference offered formidable oppo- nents in the teams of Dupo and Mascoutah. The Mascoutah Indians were scalped twice by the local quintet in conference play but the games were hard fought and well won. The lone Yellowjackets defeat of the season came at the hands of the Dupo Tigers. This was a 34-32 verdict on our home court. However, we played without the services of our tall center, Bud Wirth, who cut his hand on glass tubing in the chemistry laboratory the day before the game. The Tiger-Yellowjacket encounter on the Dupo hardwood was a different story when the Yellowjackets sought vengeance upon their foes and easily subdued Dupo 55-39. The Kaskaskia loop proved much easier to the defending champions of that conference and we finished with a clean 8-0 record. The O'Fallon Christmas Invitational Tournament proved a midseason tonic for Coach A. J. Woods' cagers. Carlyle was smothered in the opener by the pace-setting Woodsmen, 70-50. The small, deceptive Marissa Me- teors proved incompetent and a strong Jacket defense held them to 4 field goals the entire evening. In the meantime the Jackets ran amuck and won handily 49-29. The title game found the improved Lebanon Greyhounds facing the enterprising Yellowjackets. The Greyhounds licked at the heels of the Jackets during the first half but in the third quarter the Woodsmen took a commanding lead and held on until the final gun. The scoreboard read 55-41. The following week after the O'Fallon conquest, the Invitational Champs swept through the annual Kaskaskia Tournament at Waterloo. The local quintet was heavily favored and they refused to disappoint any- one. Columbia fought stubbornly but finally succumbed to superior height, 61-46. The Pirates from Valmeyer squared off with the Woods- men in the championship game but the Jackets found themselves easily victorious by a 68-42 score. The Jackets used a very formidable "press" defense throughout the season and this played an important part in all the team's victories. The injury jinx followed the team all season and few players escaped un- touched. This was the first time in the history of NACHS that the school won a Cahokia Conference Championship. The Jackets finished their regular season, prior to the state-wide tournament play, with a 24-1 record. Their noteworthy play received notice, and honorable mention was given in several state-wide polls. This team will be remembered long after graduation day. District Tournament The purple and gold Yellowjackets from New Athens captured their second consecutive district tournament held on their home court. The tournament was held during the week of February 21-25 with eight competing teams. New Athens was seeded the number one position and proved worthy of the honor by drubbing a stubborn Columbia five 65-39. The second victory for the powerful Jacket quintet was a stirring 50-30 victory over their arch rivals, Freeburg. Not once in the game was Coach Alonzo Woods' aggregation in trouble and everyone went home well satisfied with the results. Okawville qualified for the championship game with New Athens by mauling the Red Bud Musketeers in their opener and by upsetting the strong Mascoutah Indians by a 43-34 score. The championship game found the well-balanced Okawville Rockets squared off with the power-laden Yellowjackets. Good clean play was exercised throughout the game and when the final gun sounded, the scoreboard read New Athens, 55, Okawville 42. This qualified the Woods- men for another trip to the regional tournament held at Belleville. Regional Tournament Fans in the Belleville area recognized the two outstanding teams in the Belleville regional as the top-rated Belleville Maroons and the Little Giants from New Athens. The plans were made for a top-notch champ- ionship game as Belleville was placed in the upper bracket and New Athens in the lower bracket. The opening regional games found Belleville pitted against a small Marissa team which the Yellowjackets defeated in the O'Fallon Christmas Tournament. Marissa stayed in the game but height meant the difference and Belleville took the decision 48-40. In the semi-final tilt of the upper bracket East St. Louis High fell victim to the sharpshooting Maroons 52-40. However, the speedy New Athens quintet was also making headway. Central Catholic was smothered in the Yellowjackets' premier regional game 52-40. Tall, lanky Bud Wirth stripped the nets for 19 points, followed by Schoepp with 11 and Herzog with 10. Commanding the lead throughout the game, the local boys were never in great danger. Never- theless, the tension remained with the fans until the termination of the conflict. In the semi-finals New Athens had a regular Cahokia Conference battle on its hands but fought every inch of the way to down the Dupo Tigers, the only team able to stop the Yellowjackets during the season. Dupo built up a temporary lead in the first quarter but New Athens' ac- curacy frolm the foul line evened the account and the first quarter ended with the Yellowjackets holding a slim 14-12 lead. The second period was a repitition of the first with much fouling and nip and tuck play. The half ended with the teams deadlocked 21-21. The lead changed hands eleven times during the melee until finally Wirth, Herzog, and Schmulbach fwho appeared in the game for the first time ln three weeks because of a CContinuedD Regional Tournament fContinued from preceding pagel Spralned anklei put the Jackets ahead as the third session ended 32-27. The finalquarter was played on even terms until with five minutes to go Dupo whittled the margin to two points. Then Wirth and Herzog added baskets to clinch the victory for New Athens. The dream championship game was finally realized when on Friday, March 4 at 8 p.m. the Belleville Maroons squared off against the New Athens Yellowjackets. The Belleville team had a great advantage in height and along with it they possessed several good set shots. Speed, drive, and determination marked the clever Yellowjackets. The game started with the stands packed with over 2000 fans. Immediately the New Athens quintet jumped to a 9-0 lead before Belleville could find themselves. The roar in the gym was deafening. That big lead melted and the Jackets were in front 10-7 at the close of the first quarter. Belleville hit the hot-test pace of any team in the tournament during the next eight minutes and vaulted to an 8 point lead by halftime. The Maroons dumped in 11 baskets in 18 shots during the second period. Immediately after the start of the third period the Maroons had a 10 point lead but then the Jackets went to work. With two minutes and fifteen seconds remaining in the quarter the score was tied 36-36 and again 38-38 but two free pitches gave Frank Scott's cagers a 40-38 lead as the quarter closed. Again the Maroons jumped to an 8 point lead in the fourth quarter but the never-say-die Yellowjackets pecked away until with only 77 seconds left the score read 50-48. The ball changed hands several times but with 17 seconds to go Wirth looped the tying basket. Belleville attempted a long pass but in the confusion Bob Thompson fouled Ardell Schoepp. Schoepp showed no signs of nervousness as he stepped to the free throw line, took the ball in hand, and used his push shot that was true. The remaining five seconds passed quickly and the game ended with New Athens in control of the ball. T hen bedlamy-pandemonium- or whatever you care to call it broke loose and for the first time in the school's history, New Athens won a regional championship. Sectional Tournament Ainad Temple in East St. Louis was chosen as the spot for the Sec- tional Tournament. Again the small, deceptive Jackets were pitted against superior height but it was hoped that speed and aggressiveness would make up the difference. Nashville took an early 8-3 lead but the count was knotted 12-12 at the end of the period. The teams played carefully in the second period and they scored only with difficulty. The period ended with New Athens leading 21-19. The Jackets offense was lax during the third quarter and they scored just three points to lag behind 28-24 going into the final stanza. The Jackets steadily crept up and with only a minute left the Nashville lead was whlttled to one point. Nashville proved adept at stalling and protected their slender margin until time ran out. Nashville continued in tourney play, finishing fourth in the State. CAHOKIA CONFERENCE TEAM STANDINGS 4 L pts. New Athens ..................... 1 840 Dupo .,..... ............... .......... 3 6 96 Mascoutah ............ .......... 3 660 Freeburg ..,....... . .... 8 578 Lebanon ........ ..... 8 568 O'Fa1lon ....,........ ..... 8 553 Waterloo ..........,.... ..... 1 2 541 New Baden ......... ..... 1 3 530 GAME SCORES we Nov. 19 Freeburg"' ........ . H 71 Nov. 30 Colurnbia""" H 51 Dec. 3 O,Fallon"' ................... H 65 Dec. 7 Valmeyer""" T 64 Dec. 10 Lebanon' .... .......... T 58 Dec-. 14 Waterloo"""" H 59 Dec. 17 Dupo' 3.................. H 32 Jan. 3 Mascoutaht H 66 Jan. 14 Freeburga' ..................... T 43 Jan. 21 Mascoutahg T 53 Jan. 24 New Baden' T 73 Jan. 25 Red Bud""" ...... .......... T 71 Jan. 28 O'Fal1on"' ..... .......... T 56 Feb. 1 Red Budm' .... ......... H 66 Feb. 4 Lebanon' ...... ........ H 73 Feb. 8 Columbia""" ......,.. . T 67 Feb. 11 Dupo' ............,.,... T 55 Feb. 15 New Baden' H 62 Feb. 16 Valmeyer""" ............... H 64 Feb. 18 Water1oo""4"' T 74 "' Cahokia Conference ' "U" Kaskaskia Conference "M Both Conferences CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT fat O'FallonJ we they Dec. 27 Carlyle ............ 70 50 Dec. 29 Marissa ,........... 49 29 Dec. 30 Lebanon ......... 55 41 KASKASKIA TOURNAMENT fat Waterloob Jan. 5Columbia ...... 61 46 68 42 Jan. 7 Valmeyer OPP 525 511 538 635 630 641 773 711 they 45 29 40 42 38 25 34 43 39 41 34 50 32 22 37 33 39 38 50 40 lunior lackets The accented feature of the Junior Jackets Was their unusual height. Two of the boys on the starting "5", Ziegler and Schneider, towered 6 feet tall and the remaining teams members averaged 5'10". Rebounding was a strong feature in their attack but the team suffered immeasurably from lack of a outcourt shot. The "B" team was also hampered by the injury jinxg but unlike the "A" team, it took a heavy toll on their games. The final record of the squad wasn't impressive but great success is expectednext season. Ziegler and Schneider were good reboundersg May and Politsch ex- hibited skill in ball handling. Klingenfus paced the team in scorng. The large number of graduating "A" team men will leave room for several of these capable players next season. Pictured, from left to right, are: Seated-Manager Donald Ragland. lst row-Dale Prediger, Alvin Weidemann, Jack Bowman, John Zieg- ler, Bob Klingenfus, Henry Schneider, Bill May, Melvin Stoll, Kent Full- mer. 2nd row-Coach A. J. Woods, Aaron Vogler, Robert Roth, Orville Liefer, Walter Politsch, Carl Wellenkotter, Donald Burk. fea- Fresh-Soph Team The annual Sparta Fresh-Soph Tournament took place during the second Week of March and results were not available in time for this publication. Most of the squad members saw action with the Junior Jackets. With time, practice will make perfect, and the Fresh-Soph team will develop into a fine squad. Pictured from left to right, are: lst row-Coach A. J. Woo-ds, John Ziegler, Bob Klingenfus, Walter Politsch, Henry Schneider, Bill May, Melvin Stoll. i 2nd row-Dale Prediger, Aaron Vogler, Kent Fullmer, Robert Roth, Jack Bowman, Carl Wellenkotter, Alvin Weidemann, Donald Burk, and Manager Donald Ragland. V Lettermerfs Club The Lettermen's Club is composed of boys who proudly wear the school letters they earned in athletic activities. Each year brings a growth in membership as the Yellowjackets bring new honors to NACHS. Pictured, from left to right, are: lst row-Dale Schneider, Bob Klingenfus, Coach A. J. Woods, Ther- ron Herzog, Donald Burton, and Norbert Utz. 2nd row-Lloyd Schlesinger, Dorrel Herzog, Marvin Huth, Edgar Wirth, Ardell Schoepp, Charles Schreiber, and John Ziegler. 3rd row-Jim Schmulbach, Jim Womack, Bill Hoffman, Robert Wa- eltz, and Ray Hoffman. Cheerleaders Leading the "fifteen rahs for a solid team" at all our games were four Seniors-Betty Schaller, Irene Pfeiffer, Myrtle Wildy, and Ralph Bretsch. The girls made a striking appearance in full purple skirts and white sweaters. Bretsch wore white trousers and a purple sweater. Their pep and gracefulness helped much in urging the team to victory. Pep Club A large group of students supported the capable cheerleaders with loud and peppy yells. The Jackets appreciated their attendance at all the games. Pictured, from left to right, are: Kneeling, Ralph Bretsch, Betty Schaller, Irene Pfeiffer, Myrtle Wildy. lst row-Grace Wildy, Viola Schneider, Fern Lehr, Joylyn Schoepp, Mary Lou Sinn, Myra Kolditz, Lulu Glenn, Edna Schneider, Joyce Tresch, Violet Schopfer, Alice Wilkerson, Marilyn Stroh. 2nd row-Mabelene Voelkel, Arlene Schulz, Barbara Goegelein, Adele Winter, Shirley Wagner, Patie Priest, Norma Wagner, Rosemary Emge, Audrey Stolte, Dorothy Frisch, Rita Hoff, Betty Weber, Marie Kaesberg, Dorisann Loeb. 3rd row-Barbara Kosarek, Leona Frisch, Ruth Krieg, Darlene Muel- ler, Vera Hofmeister, Glora Harris, Myrtle Hendricks, Joan Frech, Jackie Herman, Betty Wilkerson, Doris Hill, Shirley Stroh, Edith Schrag, Caro- lyn Franck, Marie Franck, Ann Howard, Patty Schoepp, F-J The spomgm Staff The Spotlight, monthly publication of NACHS, had the New Look this year-colored covers. Besides the colored covers, the paper contains the latest sports news, class news, gossip, humor and activity news. There were also many feature articles written by the students. The pa- per was produced by the Typing II class. The success of the Spotlight is due largely to Miss Davis, our helpful sponsor. Pictured, from left to right, are: lst row-Irene Pfeiffer, Myrtle Wildy, Betty Schaller, Miss Davis, Viola Schneider, Joyce Tresch, Edna Schneider. 2nd row-Betty Weber, Patie Priest, Vera Hofmeister, Janice Wig- gand, Maxine Politsch, Fern Lehr, Violet Schopfer, Marilyn Stroh, Nor- bert Utz. 3rd row-Mary Lou Sinn, Joylyn Schoepp, Myra Kolditz, Ruth Krieg, Jim Schmulbach, Dorrel Herzog, Eugene Dintelmann, Marie Franck, Pat- ty Schoepp, Ann Howard. Alberta Schumacher and Dawn Albers were also on the staff. G. A. A. The Girls Athletic Association is a nationalbrganization to promote sportsmanship among girls and provide entertainment for its members. Under our sponsor, Miss Sherman, the girls had an active year. A large initiation party was given for the Freshies and several one-act plays and a musicale were presented. The girls have also been active earning points for their school awards. Officers for '48-49 are: President ............................... ..........,. I rene Pfeiffer Vice President ............ , ...,........... Joyce Tresch Secretary .................... ...... , Myrtle Wildy Treasurer ............,...... ......,... ,........,...., ...... A l b erta Schumacher Reporter ...,.......,.................,.............................,,.. ..............,.,........ J oylyn Schoepp Pictured, from left to right, are: lst row-Grace Wildy, Viola Schnei- der, Fern Lehr, Joylyn Schoepp, Irene Pfeiffer, Joyce Tresch, Myrtle Wildy, Edna Schneider, Betty Schaller. 2nd row-Adele Winter, Shirley Wagner, Gloria Bollmeier, Eleanor Phillips, Muriel Bollmeier, Patie Priest, Norma Wagner, Rosemary Emge, Audrey Stolte, Dorothy Frisch, Miss Sherman. 3rd row-Barbara Goegelein, Vera Hofmeister, Glora Harris, Myrtle Hendricks, Joan Frech, Doris Hill, Shirley Stroh, Carolyn Franck, Marie Franck, Patty Schoepp, Ann Howard. if F. F. A . The Future Farmers of America is a national organization for boys interested in agriculture. The local chapter has 27 members. Officers for the 19-18-49 term are: President .............................. ,......................................................... R alph Ziegler Vice President l.l,. . . ..l...... Marvin Huth Secretary ............. ...,, ............ . . Bill Portman Treasurer ...,.,....,, . .... Henry Schneider Reporter ..,.... ......... .,........ .....,.............. ....... E u g e ne Dintelmann Sentinel ......l..i.. r,...,........... . . .,............... .........,..,..............,4W,..... W ilmer Schopfer Mr. Meridith is the advisor of the chapter. The chapter has one State Farmer, Lawrence Range, who was also named the 1948 Star State Farmer of Section 18. Many ribbons were won by boys from the chapter at the Section 18 fairs and the judging teams also Won some placings. The chapter held a Christmas party and its regular Parent-Son banquet during the year. Pictured, from left to right, lst row-Henry Schneider, Wilmer Schopfer, Bill Portman, Ralph Ziegler, Mr. Meridith, Eugene Dintelmann, Marvin Huth. 2nd row-Richard Schopfer, Donald Ragland, Ralph Liefer, James Bruno, Arthur Rowald, Donald Burton, Orville Liefer, Robert Schmelzel, Ralph Bretsch, Kenneth Sauerwein, James Mueller, Ray Hoffman, Clar- ence Stehl, Junior Knewitz. 3rd row--Frank Scholes, Walter Politsch, Harold Heinecke, Bill Hoff- man. Lawrence Range, Alfred Mueller, and Ralph Kinzinger, '48 gradu- ates of NACHS, are also members. Home EC. Club The Home Economics Club, affiliated with the Illinois Association of Future Homemakers of America, was active during the first semester. The club Was then dissolved because the sponsor and home economics teacher, Mrs. Artela Grecian, left us. The highlights of the year were formal and informal initiation. Officers were President, Adele Winter, Vice President, Shirley Stroh, Secretary, Barbara Goegeleing Treasurer, Joan Frech, and Reporter, Vera Hofmeister. Pictured, from left to right are: 1st row-Barbara Kosarek, Shirley Wagner, Vera Hofmeister, Joan Frech, Adele Winter, Shirley Stroh, Bar- bara Goegelein, Rose Becker. 2nd row-Edith Schrag, Patie Priest, Glora Harris, Norma Wagner, Rosemary Emge, Audrey Stolte, Betty Weber, Rita Hoff, Marie Kaesberg. 3rd row-Violet Schopfer, Betty Schaller, Grace Wildy, Edna Schnei- der, Joyce Tresch, Irene Pfeiffer, Myrtle Wildy, Patty Schoepp, Marie Franck, Carolyn Franck. F K ' ff- L..- - .hm Calendar SEPTEMBER The grind begins Students dust their brains Good start, Yellowjackets 6, New Baden 1 Labor takes a rest and so do we Lebanon unhappy about 22-0 loss to Jackets Relly blows a gigantic bubble Cwith bubblegum, of coursej Jackets mow down O'Fallon A few stale jokes from magazine man. No sales. Mascoutah Indians scalped Bud pitches no-hitter against Waterloo Freeburg shortstop thrilled by Mary Lou. We win! Freshmen finally learn to write their names Relly pitches no-hitter Hallelujah-the first month is over! OCTOBER Bud's no-hitter whitewashes Lebanon O'Fallon stumbles again Seniors get that civilized look for class pictures Teachers go to school, students take the day off Van Miller buys a new camera Vacation continues Vacation ends. Boo hoo! Waterloo, drip, drip. We win 8-0 Freeburg Midgets even feel little as we win 7-1 Finish Cahokia Conference with a clean slate Lewis Players inform us how the F. B. I. works UD Early start soaping windows New Athens is all wet-it rained! No shortage of freaks and spooks NOVEMBER We start looking for something to be thankful about Fire sale! Mr. Walker has a new tie. Arthur Rowald makes mad love to Senior girls "Miss Jimmy" pays us a visit Peace be among us CArmistice Dayb. Stop celebrating, Myrt. Your birthday was yesterday! Still looking for something to be thankful about What a circus! What? A circus? Jim S. enthralls Sophomore damsels in Senior assembly Firecrackers help us beat Freeburg We're thankful Ditto Columbia Eagles almost baldg N. A. wins 51-29. fContinuedJ E. ,, , , '.. -1 , - r' - - I 1 i 57'-'LQ 4 5.055 u- i "lf , 14 V v . 1. 'I' 'l' ff' tw" 'Q' 'an , 1 .s" r,. H . 'G NY-1 Nfl A Qui -llifilli' EFL Calendar DECEMBER O'Fa1lon defeated Jackets trip Valmeyer Lebanon still has reasons for grief-we win! Waterloo dumped Don't know what happened today fwent Xmas shoppingl Whew! Had to talk myself blue in the face before Mr. Neal signed my excuse. Still out of breath. Cheerleaders wear tight skirts to pep meeting. Oh boy! Gloom as Dupo Wins by 2 points Recuperating from slingshot wound. Will Junior Knewitz ever grow up? Mr. Meridith still smiling fit was a boyl What? No mistletoe?? Vacation begins with student party. Xmas Trophy ours. What a beauty! JANUARY Back with many resolutions Students blinded by Miss Sherman's diamond! Schoepp gets a New Year's kiss from ............................ We beat Mascoutah Resting after that big day we had yesterday. Start breaking resolutions We pose for Spieth Kaskaskia Tourney Trophy becomes NACHS property. PU. Chem. lab at it again! I. Q. registers 00 on exams Freeburg almost scares us. Mr. Longenbaugh makes his debut Seven Seniors collapse after American history has off day. Ice and more ice. Game postponed. Typewriter clunks Red and he needs four stitches Mascoutah learns the hard way New Baden Zebras run home after losing 73-34 Freshmen girls still drooling over new teacher We get Red Bud's goat "Romeo" Schmulbach pens famous love letter O'Fallon falls again fContinuedJ G X N :HD A QPAIJ I Y ' MQ! 'R 1 '11 -I Li' 'nu 'Lliyg e .'W.v-f' f e Calendar FEBRUARY Jackets hot, 66g Red Bud not so hot, 22. Bert wants to fall and be rescued by .................................. Lebanon beat again and still unhappy. Mean old doctor shoots all Freshies and Seniors- Alice W. doesn't faint! Columbia is sorry we came to visit. Who's got TB germ??'? Senior girls do it again-basketball champs! Vengeance is oursg N.A. 55, Dupo 39. Have a heart. Valmeyer bows to mighty Jackets. Canes and crutches still circulating. Yellowjackets sting Bulldogs 74-40. V-J Day CVictory for Jacketsj in District Tourney Happy birthday, George old boy. We take the day off. Oh boy-we beat Freeburg! Ray H. serves biology fish for desert. Miracle-Seniors have quiet English Class Ceverybody is reading the school paperi District Trophy officially ours. No geography test-Mr. Woods makes a little announcement. MARCH Miss Sherman splits an infinitive Utz uses slide rule to prophecy Regional results Chalk throwers declare armistice "Hate -Girls" week ends. Richard types so fast the typewriter smokes fBig Jokelj No tests today-it's Saturday. Did you see green to-day? Ruth and Myra get to school on time. Who played hookey??? Muscle gals tG.A.A.J turn dramatic Spring has come but no new romances as yet. Seniors slaving over term papers Practicing all sorts of' pranks for tomorrow! fContinuedJ Wax' , Y , S "x 1 4 V1 ln ' i u A- , 1: ,lf 1 jk ,4fr' w I ,ff .?:- , 7 T4 ,ii 1 1 a..,.- .T ,Gm Q3 KV: 5 ,. f' 1 ,H I , .. X ,mf ,. Calendar APRIL Fool's Day Ooh la la. Senior play rehearsals are really something. Mr. Woods tells a new joke in World history. Hurrah for Teachers' Meeting Miss Davis almost breaks the speed limit. Good Friday Paul's horse was pretty tired fbaok in 17751. Ugh-Mom is still putting Easter eggs in my lunch. Though April showers may come your way .... Spectacular performance by '49ers Senior cast refuses million dollar movie contract. Critically ill Cspring feverb. Ha Ha! There "ain't no such" day. MAY Barbara Goegelein chokes on a big Word Something strange and unusual happens-Irene stays awake during history class. Somebody loves somebody else. Mmmm. Juniors busy as beavers in gym. Juniors burn midnight oil for last minute preparations. Waltz me around again Willy. Prom. After the ball was over .... "Exclusive" Seniors take a day off. Joyce gets birthday spankings. Joyce pays me for mentioning her name in Vespa Calendar. Joylyn pays me for not mentioning her name!!! Pray for sunshine-School outing fmaybell Underclassmen semester exams What a pity to Waste so much paper! Pomp and Circumstance Seniors depart with tears and lamentations. -54 "" ab.. ... Q I TO THE CLASS OF 1949- Best Wishes for Continuing Success and Happiness The Auto Stove Works o Q i , u X 7 5. ' .:- H -- sv W Y. ' 'H W z I f "1 ' .el 'WM fi : 1.' , , ,. . it Y ,- M W! X M Ek 4 .. . .1 5 ' ' f -1 . '- f - TO THE CLASS OF 1949 Mound City Brewing Co. Our Best Wishes for Success 30? 0 5-1' ,jf -1 61, - --ru S W if lv 'W J P-?:f'-'4, - g:,wff1,' .f . Y A' " f ' 'f E ' H '- JW:-v'f' ,J :X ,y fy' 1 ' P' " L w 4, xr ' P :MI 152 4" ,L "H 'og " "' " "' "" - 'LM -- - --if-I-H-if--:Sri-2-'--f--g,4.::.i:T?.a'Ei?:E4gi2,515:ar-.:......-S-1-..::::5f45.:si 0 W, - P mi- W, L SCHOOL DAYS ARE HAPPY DAYS remember them with PHOTOGRAPHS Spieth Studio Centralia, Illinois I. 4 1 u us v5 lg A .1 5 I4 , 5 'M .. ,!. , . ,, . El!E!Eli!ii!3SJ!5I:5l!i:2iEaZi!?!!Il!l!l!iiIl!..:E231.!!E!!lH:.E35EHS!!3f:E.!f!!ElEHEEi!!i'if'HA.HSfSE.'?3E.1'iQ'IT2-fr-fr:--if, 1 f :fi 1 . - .H ww ' ' 'mHmm,,Eia:A,w ' " '- " ' " " " - ' ig W f om YL in.-im Van Miller Studio School Photography Bride Photography 3561 Olive Street Next to Metropolitan Building St. Louis, Missouri f .-..w.................-...,.... ..,. ........m..-.--,......,...w...... ,,,. -......... 300 'W "rs "" : nav:-:Hs ---' :M-zf::s:':::m:f : . , im, '.,, ami vp .... .-................. .... . .,.. ...........-....,... ... .. . . YJ: When You Are Wanting... INSURANCE Of Any Kind: Fire, Car, Compensation, Liability, Life Insurance REAL ESTATE St. Clair County Farms--New Athens Dwelling ' and Building Lots LOANS Notary and Income Tax Service SEE Albert A. Wilson Insurance Agency Phone 122 New Athens, Illinois fi0l1lf7Il'HIl'llfS and Bus! lVz'slzcs Mr. and Mrs. Emil CD. Klinqenfus New Athens, Illinois -IfIffQI"' J - -..,-m,A IE: Fm? 5" :I--1:--ve C03 WIS ' "" ' "" " :aaaz:.,::: Coq Zoot!! Lee's Melody Inn Lee L. Schoepp Serving the Trade That Quality Made Karber's Pharmacy Your Rexall Drugstore me ..,,,,,,,..,..,,,. , liiia:ixz.im1i.5 1 -ve-3,5.1,,!,.-!,.5!....,....!...-5.,.,!,.,,!.,..5-..-Q-g-Q.-......,....-......,.,......V1.,...-..-.---.,..-.-.- ainaiasazaaasaa' ...' H"-""",.....""': 1. 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Phone 88M :now ,,.5,.,,..,,,...,...,,...,....,....,..E,..,,..,,..,..,,..,....,.,,...,....,....,...,..,..,,,,! 5 ,. 5. ,,... 57 --H'----hiv V: ,..,i,...a..,.a:. 1.a....a....i,...s...i...i..,.i.,..a..,.a.. ,iX...s...a...a....a..:....i.. am-1. ,i .. - . -5, Q .. s.. YD Compliments of Seminole Coal Company Comfrliuzcnfs of Lir1da's Cafe The Hovme of Good Eats Phone 9402 Highway 13 New Athens, Illinois ........-We....,fv.v.,...,....,....,-....-1,,,, Q .,., V, , .,., . ...... ...,.... .... ,.,....-.. ...........q..,..,...,.. .V.,, ,...,. ... .W ..... . . ff "" :limi um YL . W. ..1. .... LISCHER TRUCK N. A. PLUMBING SERVICE and Cletus Lischel. "The Plumber Protects the Bob LiSCl'16I' B013 Schallel' Health of the Nationv C0lI1f7IiHl-Cl1fS and B051 lVislzc's to the Class of '49 SHOPPER,S FORUM INC. Retailers of General Merchandise 113-115 N. 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FRIEDERICH EQUIPMENT CO. Oliver Sales and Service Herbert Friederich Home Killed Meats Owner Phone PIIOIIC New Athens, Illinois G. W. GROSSART SONS Prompt 718 E. Main Street Dependable Service JOE'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Joe Kosarek, Jr. New Athens, Illinois C. NEWMAN 81 SON Beer and Soda General Hauling Phone 123 Phone 367, Belleville Flowers For All Occasions We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps Fine Class Rinjfs Announcements Awards .l0S'I'EN'S Since 1897 Representative Mr. John Straub Box 12 Belleville KRUPP'S CAFE For those who are fussy About their food Sandwiches-Plate Lunches Ray and Merle Props. HUTH'S BARBE-RSHOP The Place to Get Your Hair Cut -.-V-.. . . . .,,.,..,T::x.f,-V. 0 - u , .aa-.... rum .... s .... . i.i. 1 .... s .... x ..i. s .... s .... a ,... i .,.. i.. 1' 1 4 Comfnlizzzcfzts of LAURA'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 8 New Athens, Illinois MOHR'S Repairing and Welding of all kinds Woodworking RAY'S SERVICE STATION Standard Oil Products New Athens, Illinois Compliments of BOB'S CONFECTIONERY Robert Becker New Athens, Illinois NEW ATHENS CLEANERS Quality and Service Phone 190 STAUDER SHOE SERVICE Shoes for Men and Boys Also Children's Shoes Shoe Repairing A Specialty COIIIPIIIIZFIZIS and Best Wishes CHRIS Sz VI'S Chicken and Steak Dinners Wine Sandwiches Beer Phone 9400 NEW ATHENS FREEBURG MOTOR SERVICE Kelly Wilderman Phone 130 Greetings and Best Wishes TOM BOY STORE Mr. Sz Mrs. Alfred Schreiber Phone 66 New Athens, Illinois COlIIff1AilIi'l1f.f of EDGAR SAUERWEIN TAVERN Beer Liquor Wine Colllflilzzmzts of WOODWARD ICE AND FUEL New Athens, Illinois A. H. MEIER Florist Floral Designs Cut Flowers Potted Plants Flowers for all Occasions Phone 109 Freeburg COIIlf'Il'llll'lIf5 of WALKER'S RADIO SERVICE New Athens, Illinois Dale T. Walker clU1Ilf'!IlHi'llf,Y of YVATERLOO MILK CO. Ray Glaus, Driver HUNGRY? THIRSTYI TIREDQ A IIT! TO EAT ,Al A ,W "s' Q64 'dl E5 ig -I xi w e 'I ' DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY 1901 West Main St. Belleville, Illinois ,5.,,.,.,.,,.,.,,., Y A,,,,..., ,-,.., limi! a i i 'fe'---6-ies-Us L vp I ,L . ,... C'o11zp1i11zeufs of G. E. FUERER MOTOR CO. Your Ford Dealer For Over a Quarter of a Century New Athens, Illinois SPS PLACE Si and Jim C40lllfl11'71Lf'1If.S' and Bcsi LVislzcs to ilu' Class of '49 SCHULElR'S MEAT MARKET Phone 98 New Athens, Illinois c'm11fv11'111v11fs and Bzfsf lVisl1vs THE ' 'FRANK'G.KAISER I ELECTRIC 81 FURNITURE A COMPANY F. G. Kaiser M. F. Joseph New Athens, Illinois L10ll1f7.IIlIlC'lIf5 and Best Wishes BLANCHES TAVEQRN Greetings from Geo. R. Harzmann Agent Mrs. John W. Ziegler News Correspondent BELLEVILLE DAILY ADVOCATE St. Clair County's Foremost Newspaper Ladies! Buy factory seconds and returns Have More Shoes Save Money W. W. SHOE STORE 204 N. Johnson Phone 110 Mrs. Lee Warren, Mgr. PEP COAL' CO. All Sizes of Coal Sandwiches Including B 4 ' W' eel Llquors me Washed and Oiled Stoker Blanche Hestand, Prop. Coal Phone 188 I gg- 2-9 J RED 8z WHITE STORE Leroy Mohr Lenzburg, Illinois C. L. SMITH SPORTING GOODS "Sportsmen's Headquarters" 100 W. Main Belleville Phone 5177 Spalding and Rawling Athletic Equipment Award Sweaters Tennis Rackets Restrung C0ll'If7ll'1IIFIZfS of E. P. MOESER INSURANCE AGENCY C'0111f1I1'111f11f.v and B051 IVIZYIZPS fo Ihr' Class of "-I9 GROH'S GENERAL STORE Lenzburg, Illinois SMITH'S Ladies' and Children's Ready-to-wear and Shoes 117 E. Main St. Belleville, Illinois .... . .,.. . .,.. , ..,. .,,. .... . .... .,,. A..i.i4,..:....:....:,...zauiaihi.i..:smEi.i:!Q...:.i. C01llf91l'l1l6Hf.S' of ECKERT MOTOR CO. Your Chevrolet Dealer Lenzburg, Illinois flUllIf11I'JlIl'llfS and 1305! lVislzcs lo lln' Class of '49 BECHERER'S Jewelers Belleville, Illinois ... .,.. ..-...,.....-1...-.. V- . f ,. .. ....- .,,. .v .-4-...-..M,,- 1 . .-. W rs yn iaiiaaeiaassi Colm Compliments of Lyle Bausch Construction and Supply Co. Phone 19-R New Athens, Illinois We of the Vespa Staff wish to thank the business and professional men of New Athens and vicinity for their ,co-operation in the publication of The '49 Vespa - '11 1 - ' .-'lf . ' fly -1-JH' 11 . - W1l',,V,,h?i .sm-' V ' 5 W 1 A 1 .L ' "1 1 ' 1-1 ' '41,-s-7.-n '-4gf'?'l. 4-1-1 11559. 1 1 W, - .., , 5 ' 1 1 .1 1 1 . . '17, ', 1 , , ,I 1 R My.-'N 1 1 'I V 1 gall 3 if H 1, '1 'I ' ' 0 , . If A' . Q1 A .MQ .. A , Q1 , 1 . ,, 1 - ' ob 1 1 1 '1 V ,1 . K 1 -A ,, 4 I 1 , . V , M . ,. 1 f' H f, ' 1f ' fo 1 IWW, ' 1 ' 111, 1 1 35511 . ,, -.1 113 1 Q . 1 , ., 11311 1 1 ' 111111.41 , 131. .pw ,1 .1-1 , ' , a,.i3?1':w 'gf -W1 .9 5- If QE, 1 I 1 T X I ' 15 2111.1 9':' -. 1 f -, , 133,-LA1 ,, - A m . 1,213 ' , ' ' ?' 17 1.1111-F' 1 ' , ' Aviv- e , 7 ' . ,. Xian , Wi-' 1,:r ' '1 ,311 '11 ,yr 37 I 1 sgyxffwll 1',11:1::1-!r,1 -23511. I ,Jin ., X. .1 ,, 1 1 , .fl-'M"f?f',,1 125.5 1. QA, .. 1 ,, .. , 11' 21,1 -.a-7' ' f 5. , fftf' F' ' P, , i - :'t,., .111 H 1 ' ' '1'fff f???7f4fUmQaf,'1L " 1 19,3 SJW 11 w . if , f 1 , ' 1 JL1. X, ' L-,"f,..'35, W . , 1 , 1 11r ' , f'1,k.-11 ,Y:,.f,11', A ' . ,v r' ' 1 f":5f,"'fi'A-5'.f 1,5 T- ,1 1. ' 123, X" , ff' :' ,. if 'Fifi-,' . "1 1 ' I 1 1 . M ,. ,A A 49' M W ,1 PM 1 4 1 af E 1 gy, 1 1 1 11 1 X 0 '5- 1 11 fix' , ,, ,Q 'f 1, ' 4, M916 YK 11 - 4' Ka z W a aff 1:1 141, r ,Q yt-f w 1. ,'., V.. ' I , 1,3 ' 1 1 1 1 X 1 vm' -- ' - 1 '14.f.'- -' ' rs 1 -,:1?g.j,7 Q- f '11 11' i 'I' ' " -li. Y' '21 ', X ,'gI,Q1gX,1v ,Q rzfggisi-QfQ1Li',35f 1 ' ' ,,.Q! k:f'A . -, ., W1 i . 1 tsl: 1- t , V: V. ,, W U-mi " K og wav 1. 1 'f1 4' fl 1 I l 5, , .tg , 1 if 1. -A f -I 1 1 , 1 1 '43 , J fu H' 4' 1 ' , If M ,"- PT Y xjw I KLUHY' L f 1 k 1 1 . , ,V 'fl ., ' . ,L ':f'. " '. -"aa 255, .,.,.1 .1tz1f1-:af 1. v1:m.1Jnmr..mEE.,,:''a14..i-"1 we-:11r,-1a.1,iS1f

Suggestions in the New Athens High School - Vespa Yearbook (New Athens, IL) collection:

New Athens High School - Vespa Yearbook (New Athens, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 85

1949, pg 85

New Athens High School - Vespa Yearbook (New Athens, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 54

1949, pg 54

New Athens High School - Vespa Yearbook (New Athens, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 11

1949, pg 11

New Athens High School - Vespa Yearbook (New Athens, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 84

1949, pg 84

New Athens High School - Vespa Yearbook (New Athens, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 52

1949, pg 52

New Athens High School - Vespa Yearbook (New Athens, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 55

1949, pg 55

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