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 - Class of 1955

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I eafvflsfs au ", I I-4 am. kg.-N,-3 'A f fa? 4-If ,cfs - 1 if .. ,M - o .J 44" . -.- H? 1'p, 91"vw,:' 1'-,.a.. xgvfi-ig, xmlf J 5,- 'V4 "'g, ' " " me 'RN -:wifes f . 4 wig-4' Q1 v Q- f, r qi fa' iq- ,fn - Y . 'W -P' I'-' KMA-1 -1 'A 1 7-vfiv 41" v ,af .. ' 'Q 1 12,51 V, l-.hL!, in v Qvf-voaq pages 3 through 23 pages 24 through 9l pages 92 through 119 pages 120 through 165 pages 166 through 207 4 -f L 3 I f ",.,!,.w- - :N 1.-.V 4, 'S-3 '1-8 ' ' hz v-7 ,. nz. f -uv-,. xv .- www f Kf- ,, ,A .. 5 , .ggggfgg vw-W rf? . ', f 'W - ' ' - ,.,easWefffJf,1 Q,pf:fw,71- J ' L,1. 1. KRT 4 r iff' ,igifkfia A ' ' iigizfl 5 Q hr- 4352 WE-fg' www ' Kwan, if f I .VW , ik f l U' ""Q i 1 S1 wi? 'Km gig V A 3, 521 ,' , X H z 1. :X ,J K YG! ,W gsm. 5596 gg, lf, ' .ffiiu l G ' f ' 1 nv 9 3 .J mama f ww an f Wie? ,Q j: W3 5 i 41 9 4552, K 5 fgfffu Afip' J M.f,wgw 7, ww N ' 4 ' , ' f 'f -V W ww- A Q 91 fswfiiffg Q K fy! ' ' mn. . f if '- f- ff ,,,,1MV 73 Q ., 3 A HL ag WMM' ,. I- , ' Q A . . km wx if -1 , 'ivy ke: 'G few 4:1 ,,J:f'?'L? 2 A 4 .gif M .fy , MA-. 4 Mn J W2 4 X 5w.fgf..,w ,L 'xfgfvyfiq 54523 A Q, 3? my sqm- X W .fy 5 -M V f QM. 'few fzwfifsuiv 14 A PIPJJQ . -Q, fl, f- ffffm- . M' fw'ffEffm Q1 Sggnm if MYQWWJ 2 2555! mfY,.ardAa,w ki' ,,g3,, f ,V ,A A ,MMV :wp N, - f W :QQ-rw, T S Q Q, .eg x 2255? ax,,73.i a . ----'g:::,l.' ws- - . ' I ff' 4 Q A 2 ' w . gf x - ,QW fa V 1, f 7:4 i,,, 53227 gk," . ,ag ww if-iw" 39x wif X35 ffiigiz f W me A v Af U ff 4 Y. 4? fin W? I A1iM, W5 fi, 2 355314 If 4 2 4 8 'K iii rw x ' as U ini 1 A' 'W 4 gli? if 5,61 , T1 L., L 3 QM g MW, nk 5 X522 ujqm , K ag :S Mi ff f v Y ,gf Q an MLN, igyg? Egg 49' Y 'Q Q1 ff Fw N34 Q 1355 ,vs X sk ,iff E Q 3, 4 A, 2 if f l f. Ki 0 W If Q , :wg asa.: H Q Y ff-3535? ., Q .. 'fr Q if 2 2 P :fs-':' Q 'Y V04 ,. . , fi :,. , .Q , ,,'fL,, ,255 X ,. X . . H v lf' 4 ij H fff'f,,'h ,fx im-cm? , rg 'AB' wk , fa -E, X. f, f 1 . , in :,m,wm --w, -fisfffgr' M 'Q Q 72 'A 4 N F 'iff-'fpfi'-2155 W 4, A '34 M 3?'4f'-'5w,fiL1',V Y ' 4 '57 Az: ' 4 L . -ani 2 ,af if 5' . 2: Wltzwf 15,12 ' Q 32 f f ' fs Q , 1 .f,.s:x5- ,'f'3','LI 41515 3 , 4 , if S:?y'Q': pfmgff' Q ,wVp'f?Q:m 1 .11 ,wmv-5 wg M, .1 . , 1221,-.:.:, ' :1 g 57: L. n'Mfx-g, N, 'V f ' , I Eg ww, fairways: , In , 1 wwf, wi-1 x Q ,gg f "1" Q - " 3 .I--Z:- 'VV' f " ' W Y in sv Y' ...,.,. A 52515 MW ' . 521551 7 1 ' A A ' h ' Qiwiggx -Ag' Q fig-viz' n , ' 2 tiff' QE: 2125 ca, affizgi, W , ' 15 A ' w55fi'g,Z fi , fs: 'E N 12:- saa f EE? 3 ?:Q?wi3Q'???f5?Z'fQffT' 3 1.55 iffsfiesziiz A ' ' ff.lg.yY4,.w,-V, Ak .. ,:f3::m,wj2w "' W 5 3 r. ,, . AM' . -Qgwflg f"'i ' "' . gmgkgy - I, ,gfgwgffin 'Q A 523- W, Q, Yizfjsalgx J.e5SwQ:f??i J, pw ? X f WK R' 1,5 ' .,, 1 - I .445 f fn f ,ff A ff f - 1 ' If ' f Y s R -M., ,, 0 x 5 . A U 5-...X NZ A- x, - if sg 1 1 ' nk , 532 R 1 M: fr '55 ,fi 15 ,K , -. u. xg l 3 - 3 LL fwgy. L A K A.-rt , . . 92 fi , , r 0 ,-. ' fy I' .,,. V ' 3' "' 4 mfg Q f ., U 1 ,. B Q .:,MwHwg f , Mk - Q r v X Y-,K i , . ,, 1 f 4 4' N5 :sfJ2's':L.f-M 'f 1 1 5. K , ' x . f ? f 45434 fi Q1 . 1. ' Z "1f Q' 1' fa, Zyaififi ' ,U G Sf NZ! '14, f H23 up Our classrooms and hallgames, along with our Christmas activities and locker inspections, are just a small part of the many experiences that we have shared together. Dances, plays, concerts. and pep sessions are all crammed into one short school year. NWe aren't going to forget the interesting and educational assemblies we have had. They, too, are a part of our school life. As soon as one phase of activity is ended, there is always another to be en- thusiastically anticipated. There is truly never a dull moment at NAHS. Mary Lou Breen. in the role as Dan "We want the freshmen." is the cry given out hy the Marlene Maier and Joanne Magness Mogkg mother in the Senior C1355 Play, upperclassmen as the freshmen take the traditional apply finishing touches to Christmas i5 proving that mother ig always right, "Freshman Walk." decorations on the office windows. 'if ' YMT,-W3 Barbara Faith and Evelyn Lang are Larry Faith is collecting money for lunches in the Chivalry is still here as Bill Pearl busy at work in the Bookstore, one of cafeteria line. lends a helping hand to ladies in dis- the centers of activity at NAHS. tress. Although our school year was a busy one, we always found time to meet our friends. At the bookstore, the lunchroom, the water fountain, and probably the most popular of all meeting places, the flagpole, we always found a group of students. Take it from the alumni when they say-"High school friends are life-long friends." .".,L wx-l fr' sf-KA-'V-ti 1 ks. swf -4 if eva gf f 11- 'if e,-".-NT . -'flax In -K? -Q.. '- f. .V .. ..L- , alfa, r' . -., -K.. -' 'f g ' 5 " ' , ' . " - f' -1 " - -- ' N V ' 1 S 4.fx4,.fb-".?"9-.--,-Y x ig 'rr ,. -4 4- ' A 4 ." 1" 1' fin -e',,1 Y .' 5 ..q',4 1' ya , .. . -,,,- x -' x. eq .-Q fi--,ss-.,-4 -4 A 1 . - .4 1.0 -714: A,:' swf ,V ,, J -IK41 QI 5 ,-,- ,- , -f, ,,,.f.s..xa.v,,i J.. . . - A - va 1 - -. N w - - -:.f-fw-1.-f.--..s-:'- ff -. 1, . ., ,--d.,-,-Af,-pp L . ,r , , , Q 5 , Y. K L .,,fj,,-.1 .51 'Qi,c?'4.Kf- Y , - X,?" -fx,.'-I - .1 8 X f F fly Vg -ff Q" '-. K ' .U . pl' X ?6 5, 6 if 3 - X. nf .4 4 ix. f . . 145. lu 4 xv ' 'PN' -lg 2 3, " . 171, 4 - has ' 1 v-. will we,- Q ms 415, 1 Q 3-"il 5 1 A. mmm mwmw-f f S m z, Av' R X a. ,.vg i x ff N r . kfrmg 2' y Q-1 'M 44, , i,fM Eg -'mn s ,V As " If Q . SA ' Y W ,,.iGl' if H '. sd fii.ff. :?P12fw, nv 1 ,fha ,, f-ww 1'.2" I ' , wr if QMV 'W' W Aww ,iwfifm 'ff 3 1 v "' -v- Q 1 " :X Mt, 9 ax! 'rf Gif f '94, -"'-s... -V5.5 f u,, afvwlevk ,Wm-:QK., M ,,,,w,A. ' , ' Wi. wwf ,, 'iw A ww, 5' 'I Q 3 I Q , , ' i , .. , A ' 4 4' , 2 ' f f at if H ' ,Q ,Q 5 if ' 5 I 'V 5 f F , 7 A ,, 6 Q ' " 's in f 'M' 7 Q ' ? ' 1 ' S I I :L if if it Z 3. ,Sffu Q 'S 1 ff m 4 J ww 315' , , ' -f ff ,,, F' LL Bah Rupp. jo Ann Dalhoxer. and Billy Koch display their artistic talents by painting the King of Hearts for the Valentine Dance det'- orutions, Miss Murray is supervising locker inspection at the end of the hrst semester. "W'e Sing Anywhere" is the motto of the famous Flattops. Singing in the main hall are Sherrill Colvin. jim Clay ton, Don Adams. and Rodney Pennell. Mr. W'arren Slider congratulates james Henry on being selected outstanding senior hoy. Dan Mook. selected as outstanding senior student in engineering, receives his award from Mr. Ben Pawlik. Mr. Brown commends Deanna Chase, Ruth Anne Losch, Franklin jones, Sharon Ott. Alvin Vetter, and Rohert Welch for four years of perfect school attendance. 11-.'5 "'r"','A.,f" ' aff-. .'., - . K, .M ,: -'I-L fl-3,4-FN.-f,L,,fg ak:-r ' r,.p. 1 V ' ,- . pf.-it 'T. -f R5 '1 ", ,, 1 ,Ts--' ojaifll LQ- ik"sx4',v'-K QQ.: ir 1-IDE r f'x J"-'L ..'1-"-ar -,g,5fg,r ag-Q' K :Q-, fp.,-f-Q fit? pf., r,-. ----. haf- . 3 .. .- .wt ,' , -A r'-' ,4'5-,":,I.."-'-+..-r,..-.',.f,.-- - rv , 5- v,.,..j Q R' ",, . 1 Q -5,- -'Y N. n-'w' , -'4 . 1"-" .- ..'. - sf- ' "- -,",r. ,r , 1 ..:.'.k'1.. - 'I-V -I -X' 5-, ff' .f4."4,- - ,- f 1 is - -A .. Q . -r , ,---.. - - . I I : .:' Z " ', . ...f , V . 'I -fo .. 4 , --.ggi ,...4 Recognition was achiexed hy outstanding seniors of our high school lor unsellish serxice, citifensfiip. and scholar- ship. 'lihe following awards were gixen to Ii1L'gI'Llkl'.l1lIlI'lg class of 1933: Yaledictorian, Donna llarding Altrusa. .IoAnn Jolly: iliri Kappa. Pat Soloinong Rotary. -lames Henry: Kiwanis. Donna Hardin. Alames Clapp. Dan Mook. Larry Faith: DAR award. Carol hlonesz Bonnie Sloan l'nit of American Legion Auxiliary. Sue Leller and ylames Claytoni and the Business and Professional XY'onten's Clluh. Carolyn Bir. Dr. A. N. Robertson award, -Iames llenryg Hi Y Achieve- ment award. Richard Rohertsg Optimist Club, Robert Maier: 'l'ri Hi Y. Peggy liunkg Indiana Society of Profes- sional lfngineers. Dan Mookg and Tri Kappa Scholarship Grants. lflizalveth Ann Baylor and Helen Frances Gray. Also, ill X S of American Legion, Ruth Southard and Doris Mahoney: High School PTA Scholarship, Don Adamsg Raney Memorial Award, blames Henry: and Psi lota Psi. .loyce -lellierson. Students receiving recognition for four years of perfect attendance were Deanna Chase, Franklin jones, Ruth Anne Losch, Sharon Ott. Alvin Vetter, and Robert Welch. "At last." sighs Karen Funk as she receives the coveted diploma from Superintendent Barkes. Standmg before the graduatmg class the NAHS Concert Chonr presents selecuons for the Baccalaureate seruce 'K ' 'L ff "1--.4-f ,v.n'cN , . M, . . ..,W..- X 'fr 9 .- 'lv' - - c, ,.,. A' L v . in -x I4 'I S rY1 W Y, Q' Q Q il in 3 1' The Reverend Theodore laureate address. Tiemeyer delixers the Bacca- Memhers of the graduating class of 1955 take their places for the Senior Class Day program. N. -.ff ,, , 1, b " T'-rim"-t ,'- f Q- . -5 1. , , , ., 1, 1 . A. , sq I, wi - .,, ,,v 5- f'...g: ,f-- N A - , 0- - - 4 rg' . fr ,ly -f'.- '-fax-' 1 X .1 ,- -V, .f ,-n- c-,, , X 7 , ' N.'.:- -x A .,. " X.-'A 'X'-1 .'. ' -r-QPR .,Vg".',C ?,,n.i- V .j v. .. ,Qs--l".g 1' ,'- ' j -'il ' ff . Y' .l' Q" ' -5-'Jovxv-' .-ff 'JS-4'-:o"arA:f,,l' 'te f,, .vx.h-.xg --A,-Q11 M s ills.. 4. ,,L. 5 .Q . ., r - ., f f ,. .. , .. -'1"C1'ffL'--:-1 - -- 41-:Ae-ff 9-1 1-2.4 -,C---f'.s,--gi--1 -'.-- - -- f J he,-e '-- x . -iv, .a.,f ,I -4 1- ' .' 5 I., . A V i"N"'.'T 5--J-RQ f' k 6 f ,Y - -- f -X . n- , ' BX .:.f.'--.hfll.f'su1u:lf-'f ,fx gi.- LV, 5-.r . as. fr --fsrrwpfa-?L:'-.2-:Qs-f.'v , Q' 1' 1' 1 v 1' A. -'-v '4.-' Q' , - f ff.- -.-Q K H1 -n 'Svn in 4 -nf V. '17 4 R." -'g X' g 'A L If -uv - v d A4 V34 ,- Q r. ,Y 7 v - r fr , V -ix 5 q - , .' C L -.5 LK .1 -Nr ,W- I- - A i. s ,K ,-0, -, IA fl? " I 4, The seniors are enjoying their party in the high school gym after the Class D215 exercises. Sylxia Rusvghke. Donna lliirilin. Norma Nlzirtin. .ind jzinice llairter sire conxersing while exclmnging senior class cards. Tom Gorris measures L11Nelle Brannon for her cap and gown while Audrey Russell watches. I5 ll looks us though the lfreshmzm-Sophomore Prom was pretty crowded. Everyone seems to he hasing a good time at the Freshman- Sophomore Prom. Daneim.: to the music of Stemle's Orchestra was really great. I6 I, ',.. -...v e js, 's "I cr own thee Queen." suys President of the Senior Class. jim Henry. as he officially places tht- floral crown on the 1955 P Th rom Queen. Sue Leller. e music sets the mood for these starry ey ed tlanters. ' ,QQQCQQI v-Qu as 4 ..' .,w 1,-3, ,,. - fs -,.. "' " "' ' 'D wg.:-. J, A Dv, ',4 139 . f., ' I' ' 0 Av 4, J . ". 5 '.."L' J-"'.9'f"g". , fig ..-", "15g- -feta,-" .,- 5.-, '.- . .. V 1 ',. - if.-ff-1--.-. -1sf f,:s:-1 - 'QQ 1,4-' -.' ' -' 'I Zn- - .ZS f.,' 'X .I 5g'. Alf., -Jr. gf" R. 'J 5.5- ..." "'.. -'fl '-. if-r".f'L f..--..1-.f--- -' PZ' .r-'C-f,' .v. ' ,f-' f- -' -- -"QL .:- -'IU -'J-.'.-,A 'r -,'q4-s'r- '-" I+. -"lg-v ' ,,'f f.',"'i' "JL 'L' x.sF"'.' - "Y, "C s ' -cf , - --- -.-- Q' ., ' 4 1:'frI"'f '."".1Q -1' S- '- - r 7 A - . .Q I--....suXA,.Q- -4, . -.-.-:.. ...-,',, ATT A bl., -n - .. ,P I..-r, xt -Q '-1,-0' K , e J , , -. . . 1 .1 ' . f 4 ,,f' 1 ., ' I I s . A O J s J.. S A6 1-N 3 -5 .1 ...ff g 'X t A ,. 4 A' A ' 5 1 V Ali A f ' 5 0 y. ff' ' 1 f ' ' gr .f g , I ,Y , K , s , A ' I ,K ,an w 4 604, J Y' f- A- f 1 1 1, IF! A . ' , if f- f if ' f ' 1 ' ' ' I I f I If I A , if 4 -u ,I f fwfh' ,. . ,Ja-4 ,Ni 'gil'-Q deff ' . -a ln.-M 6 ex If ggi fig!-,,":.-wL,:5l.v ,J-,ql.:m. dt-0 '47, 'PP' -l"ff'3"'f,"ff' -rf .1-"f"f' J ar 4145- 1o'1.oq"P Q5 bxivgff '- '.,'v'3 'u",,-",,'f 1.4. fs. nygt ,'1'.fMI'-Q-l"l"q?1z'-4 -,-ffalfl' ' gvg- ,- J' 'f 'T' '- 1- ',r,f-af-I--.'i1'L 3. 4.' 5515 - - , , . . - -- - n ,. , iglll.:-.:Y ,..' 1,.isf" d-4P:QJ4L:L.,' xr.. .L-fig, Q9 1 U' 5 I .' v 5' 1'-H . .' --. -f..'-...'..n.x.'.i.',,-Y.,-x.-x,:v I. -nf..-., - f' -f JL J- ga f. -1, "1 rqyglrvv--2-!,.L'f.,X!l,.'-, 4--g,s,. rn' inf- ..,. L .44-F.-Pnuv t 'LJ ,A Ao -Lscbjbjxqm' 3. '- Y Qx' N 'K - s u- - " x Arr-r-NJa'L ff.: 1.35- 1, .- .zv',1 ..' A ...- The new Mechanic Arts Building. Our vocational department, which produces the trades- men of tomorrow, is one of which we are certainly proud. This year this department has expanded greatly as it moved into the new Mechanic Arts Building, which has just been completed. The new shops, outstanding in --,a-1.3 -at in -c "- 54' 1.41-T P! 1 - a -jf r,f5r'11'af .A gi,-rg--: is .-r 4 ,v Q, 1, :...u1,f7st:fJ- 5-. ' ."'-sv .-, " . .5 fg- M5-,, 1,1 f 1+ HA 5 .Ac ffl '1Ji....:1'. ,. 1-'f'c-5'-Z.-ffw '-ff' " L" 'Q 1 Y -'..v" s -' ' fs, -- "' rfvfffd 1 1 .q',q."1 ,J ' If -5. ..-.- -un.: Qtr, .21 -'gf -Q' , .z,',j:..". - ' 2 ', u-' , ' ...Inf aug uf' in 1 Y .'1,l1"1f'7-' .4 v sf' I8 beauty, equipment, and functional use, are a constant hum of activity as well as machines. The boys in these shops not only learn to put their knowledge to work but also contribute greatly to the school by the helpful services they often perform. .-9 9 2 f Mi 'x f K,--J' V f9'i sf .Wa . x 5 E' A ul" , X - -nv' e 'lib in Jw Q'A,9f now-...,..--M. 4 v 1' xg, 1,543 4 s F' A U 03 A f E - 'Mai M Q . V M K 4 z V i ihs5iiN'am..Q.-mixuvww , . ' M' I ,. ,. 1 AL .7 ' " ' S249 4 A - f I M W . , , ' 1' f - pp ' ' 'Q' ' z if ,F KJ' 3 , 1' A f , ' k , 5 vq -4 ,Q 'I 2 5 ' ' win. f A .dm 4 'BY' , L All .. 'Q 4- ff, 5 r',,.:, I 3? 5 C . N -X , N - ., , V 'L J nf ' m y K r QNLVN' ,J . 53'. 'f6f f.7:, i ' Q1 1 - ' , , :"f?fI' M gfff A- ff.-2 . ,fm."'w' 'J " ,411 I. 44 QV, -. ' . 'S '15, 'EGL-V, '1:'-- , .. z -SM " 'U gf 'f , . ,Qc qzwyaf Z I , ff ,1fz,., f SQ? fi 'Q A ag x f M , , Our classrooms are where we really shine. XY'e have so many different sub- jects to offer-everything from shop to Latin. We helieve our work is nex er finished. und we just know we will never get our English theme done in time: hut we do, and then we are proud of a joh well done. Although assignments seem diificult at the time, we find all the information from the never ending source of material supplied hy our school library. My goodness. aren't we studious? "Bs I w .tix SUSIE WALKER Football Queen MARILYN HUDGIN Jumor Varslty Queen is E SU LEFLER Hom c g a d Prom Q JANE RYLAND Basketball Queen li 1354" w I H lilies 'ji 1 Umar 'gfiiifififl K I3?ff', yi XJ. :rift si 5!Qf"'f5L ' .f M Q7 sn M4 25 egg.:-x itfrtf Cv- Vu? 5,21 2.4 lqfg ri " Hg ef fx ft aefgmfl. 5 cyl .-Z.. I. -4 Q-1 ' X. .nf i"""n' vi, mimi.. W ,. -lo 1. 2:11 510' ,. "' .4-Xeuf -5' .fl Au"L.7'h 1 . lx , Q ' 'Q' 15,035 1 ... NJA, ' ...f'. 1--,rc 01' 'ww - gf-:f"?S-"'l . . -,.a- O Y, 3. ' 1 F af' rua -H, 5 1 15 , , ,J he .f 1 . E: 'Un 'L 7 Q fm 35 Q '25, ' ,Q-4 424' ' Y 'Q' A W X - 5 1 G 'W , J as Q ,X Q, 3, 19" f Q 1.2, 324- Q A ' . Q' gig' .f - '14 'Y M Q, , JA 'lx '. ,K 2! Q. ffigl f 1 1 5 1 iw! ' M-??"f 'Sf 4.4 , ' fwhw , ' Y'3'fwf ii' Q MK... 4 , ' "' wa A, Q, :J Q v "ir.9g'k Q K' 'W PH '. 'u bn Wifi". hw Carnage Qmfcfrlmrs The Student Council was organized in 19-fi to develop student responsibility, initiative, leadership, and school prideg to develop in the student a growing appreciation of membership in a democracyg and to promote desirable student-faculty relationships. The officers are elected in May of each year by the entire student body and take office the following September. Each room elects a representative as soon as home rooms are organized. This representative serves the full year providing he maintains a "C" average. The Student Council participated in the Veterans Day parade and won acclaim for its float depicting the flag- raising on lwo Jima. Members of this organization have continued previous plans for a Teen Center. They visited the recreation center and are encouraging students to take advantage of the im- proved facilities. They discussed arrangements for a fruit vending ma- chine to he placed in the cafeteria. Another project was that of covering some of the stairs with rubber mats. The Student Council is sponsored by Miss Lucile Paris and Mr. Max XX'iesman. 26 Student Council officers. all smiles as they prepare to preside i over a weekly meeting, are jim Henry. treasurer: jim Clayton. presidentg Carol jones, secretaryg and Sherrill Colvin, vice president. Taking advantage of the new recreation center and trying their hand at shufile-board are Donna Burd, Mary Lieber, Dolores Dorsey. Linda Roberson. and Carol Steproe. Rau' 4: Lois Casey, Betty Wolfe. Jack Kessler, Larry Evans, Jim Peters, Jim Dyson, Bob Ewton, Jim Clapp, Steve Ballard. Joe Voyles, Randall Garriott, Barbara Faith, Carolyn Bir. and Ruth Lamb. Rau' 3: Carol Steproe, Mary Lou Gibson, Dorothy Lester, Roberta Roy, Louis Goebel. Paul Shallers, Larry Faith, Dan Mock, Steve Von Allmen, Jack Bott, Pat Solomon, Sunnye Adams, Colleen Oakes, Barbara Morgan, and Joyce Jefferson. Rau' 2: Yvonne Morgan, Janet Thomas, Marilyn Chastain, Sharon Box, Mary Ann Brown. Nathalea Foster. Phyllis Thomas, Edith Berryman, Martha Fessel, Janice Hatter, Linda Paulsen, Carol Jones, Connie Fendall, and Peggy Dunn. Rau' I: Joann Snook, Joy Morris, Judy Nunemacher, Emma Bell Atkins, Joelle Dempster, Shirley Ball, Barbra Embrey, Connie Volz, Judy McCaffrey. Donna Hardin, Libby Davis, Peggy Lewis, Phyllis Davis, and Rosemary Hurst. Sclmlarly Sues and Sams To attain the honor of receiving the Scholarship "N" a student must achieve a scholastic average of straight "A's" in four subjects and a grade no lower than a "B" if the student is carrying a hfth subject. The "A's" must all be in solid subjects. Each student who maintained this average for a semester received the honored reward at a special awards assembly in the spring, held in the high school auditorium. The awards are presented during separate assemblies. The junior and senior classes receive their "N's" in one assembly, the freshman and sophomore classes in another. At both of these assemblies, Mr. Delbert Brown. principal of New Albany High School, made these presentations to the students. The students who strive for this award encourage high scholastic goals. They do their part in helping to promote 28 and maintain a high scholastic rating at New Albany High School. The Scholarship is a prized possession to all who receive it. It is earned by student initiative, eagerness. determination, and willingness to study. From year to year the number of high school students receiving this cherished award reaches a still higher num- ber than the year before. It is not a club, but a group of students who receive this award. They are proud to wear it, and they are recog- nized as top NAHS students. Our high school is rated as one of the top schools in the state of Indiana. These students who have received this award are helping to keep it that way. Presenting the Scholarship to outstanding students began in 1950 under the direction of a former principal of New Albany High School. Mr. C. C. Katterjohn. We DW Our Hats To the members of the National Honor Society. we doff our hats. Our local chapter. started in 195-1. is proud to be an estab lished member of a national organization, an organization which stands for honesty. dependability. integrity, cooperation reliability, and fairness in dealing with others. The purposes of the club are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership. and to develop character in the students of our high school. The qualihcations for membership require that one excel in scholarship, leadership. character, and service. The teachers select names from the upper one-fourth of the junior and senior classes. This year there were ten per cent of the senior class and five per cent of the junior class chosen for membership. The officers elected for this year were Dan Mook, chairman and Kay Duer, secretary. The annual initiation, held in March in the high school auditorium, was performed by the members from last year. Pins and membership cards were distributed to the new mem- bers. The club is under the sponsorship of Miss Katherine Ellis. Mr. Marvin Oakes, Mr. Ed Summers, Mr. Maurice Milten- berger, and Mr. Delbert Brown, principal. Rau- 5: Mildred Hooe. Sunnye Adams. Catherine jo Ellis. Mary Kathryn Asberry, Lois Casey. Ronnie Leach. Bob Maier. john Sandle- wick. Bill Braden. Pete Clark. and Paul Smith. Rota' 4: Sue Letler. Linda Roberson. joanne Evans. Marcia Wrege. joyce Hoke. Don Adams. Sherrill Colvin, Arthur Endres. jerry Keller. and joe Voyles. Ron' 3: Connie Volz. Beverly Leuthart. jane Ryland. janet Harmeling, Sue Walker, Pat Conrad, Ralph Terrell. Larry Faith. Larry Kinzer. and Charles Koopman. Rau' 2: joelle Dempster. Connie Eendall. Mary Lou Breen. Ruth Knowland. janet Thomas. Mary Lou Gibson. Colleen Oakes. Mariam LaDuke. and john Adams. Rau' I: janice Owen. Anita Kielhorn. Alice Shields. joyce jefferson. Rosalind Brown. Betty Gilland. Barbara Bandy. Frances Gray. Deanna Chase. Sharon Ott. Evelyn Lang. and Sharon Murphy. .SERVKE CHARACTER Larry Kinzer is receiving his National Honor Society pin trom Kay Duer. secretary. R011 2: Pat Solomon. Helen Harper. jim Henry. jim Peters. jim Clapp. Dick Roberts. jim Clayton. Dan Hook. Carol jones. and jeanette Dierking. Rou' I: Barbra Embrey. Peggy Funk. Kay Duer. janice Hatter. Carolyn Bir. Sylvia Reschke. Peggy Dunn. Donna Hardin. and jane Gilley. Forming the Wrangler are Ronnie Sparkman, john Sandlewick, jerry Kessinger, jack Hunter, jim Emery, Gerry Lewis, Dan Mook. Tom Tush, Tom Goris, Larry Evans, Bob Hilleary, Lee Buchanan. Bill Swift, jim Clayton, jim Henry. George Everbach. and Dick Roberts. "Another sale." says Hob Hilleary as he sells team tags to Ronnie Quackenhush and Dennis Richardson. 30 Men of the Wrfrld Since Mr. C. B. McLinn, former superintendent of schools, founded the XWranglers Club, it has taken great pride in being the oldest club in the school. It has developed into one of the most worthwhile organizations for sophomore, junior, and senior boys. The club has grown since 1910, when it began, by being recognized throughout the entire community with its various activities. lts main purpose, all these years, has been to promote public speaking, debating, and discussions among high school students. lt is quite an honor to be a member of this club. The boys must have an average of "A" or in English and in social science. They are then asked to try out for the club. The big test comes when they must make a Eve to ten minute speech on some form of social science. The club is limited to twenty- tive male students. If you happened to be down town on one of those cold, wintry days you may have seen the boys as they collected money for the annual March of Dimes drive in january. Their willing- ness in giving their time was a Une example of their community work. A good time was had by all when the Xwranglcrs joined with the Speakers Club. February 16. and sponsored a banquet. held at the Colonial Manor The XY'ranglers were in charge of the program. Mr. Homer Peters, of the New Albany Toastmasters Club. was their guest speaker. He gave the speech that won him the annual award of the Toastmasters. The Toastmasters Club invited the boys to attend one of its meetings in February. Two of the boys were asked to give impromptu talks before the group. In addition to having fun. they had experience in the art of giving speeches. To support the basketball team and also to build up 1 Q i ' R ff J 2 y A . 1 1 t A' 1 H i . Q 1 yy .fr 4 f A V X , 1 Larry Evans. john Sancllewick. Dan Nlook. jim Henry. Bob Hilleary. and Gerry Lewis compose the XY'rangler basketball team. Sect-nd semester XX'rangler ollicers are Lee Buchanan. john Sandlewick jim Clayton. and jim Henry. their own treasury the club sold team tags to the students. lfach spring the club holds its annual Vfrangler Cup K on- test. This is an oratorical contest which is open to any boy or girl at NAHS, On February 18. the club gaye a pep session for the enjoyment of the students. with the purpose of congratulat- ing our SIAC championship team and wishing them luck in our sectional. The boys were dressed in formals. wigs. and clumsy boots. Representing the different schools in the sectional, they held a beauty contest. with Miss New Albany winning by a unanimous decision. The club is proud to have a new sponsor this year. He is Mr. Robert XX'illman. Orlicers for the first semester are Dick Roberts. Lee Buchanan. im llenry. Dan Nook. and Hill Swift. Speaking af- - - To promote public speaking, charitable work. and social life among high school girls is the purpose of the Speakers. ln order to be a member, one must attain an "A" or average in English and have acceptable grades in other subjects. A girl is then asked to try out for membership by giving a hve to ten minute speech on any subject of interest to her. The initiation is held at the beginning of the year, and refreshments are enjoyed at the end of the meeting. Our students all remember the outstanding Speakers' Christmas program, "The Littlest Angel." Sharon Murphy portrayed the mischievous Littlest Angelg Emolyne Hines, the Gate Keeperg Ardis Patterson, the l Understanding Angelg and Dan Mook, the Voice of if God. The narrators, Carol jones, Donna Hardin, and 'HW Umfcft ffff fhiS NUM' HFC Uvrmrlfl Chase, treasurer: Kay Duer, also gave the play for a church organization. Carol jones president' Virginia Schroeder secretary' - - ' ' .. " " 'f h . l ' l.'db th eann Sharon Murphy, student critic: and Peggy Funk, tice 'Ihr' Ot er hinge S mere p 'Ile y e r m I 1 g president. Speakers. After the play, Santa Claus made his annual Run' 5: Betty Baylor. Ellen Clayton. Helen Harper. Colleen Oakes. Sunnye Adams. Diana Ott. and Linda Paulsen. Ron' 2: Connie Fendall. Ardis Patterson, Mary Ann Brown. Donna Hardin, Kay Duer, Phyllis Posley, and Judy Graham. Ron' I: joelle Dempster. Harriett Gilley. Becky Minshall. Pat Abbott. jane Gilley. Judy Million. Frances Gray, and Fmolyne Hines. 1 Q on Q trip from the North Pole to see us and distributed his humorous gifts to the students. Also, during the Christmas season, the club dis- tributed baskets of food and toys to needy people in the community. It was a worthwhile project with which all of the members helped. On their long list of projects this year were their Speakers' hats, given out in December. They were green with a white "S" on the front of them. Each girl was fined twenty-five cents if found not wearing her hat on Thursday. The Speaker-Wrangler banquet, held February 16 at the Colonial Manor, was, indeed, a dinner for all present to remember. The Speakers were in charge of the table decorations and enjoyed the program given by the Wranglers. The big event of the year was the Biennial Tea, held at the school. All of the past members were invited to take part in this reunion. The alumnae were enter- tained with a program given by the present members, after which refreshments were served. Being organized in 1921, Speakers has long been known as one of the outstanding clubs for high school girls. lt is under the sponsorship of Miss Olleta Tyler. Checking a Christmas box for a needy family are Kay Ducr Deanna Chase, and Judy Graham. Sharon Murphy tells her troubles to the Understanding Angel Ardis Patterson. as attendants. Sunnye Adams and Mary Ann Brown. look on in a scene from "The Littlest Angel." Listening to the voice of God. the angels watch the littltst of them all fall on his knees in praise. Negative members David George and Tom Wohlfeld and aflirmative Ronald Graver and Larry Faith get together with the chairwoman of the debate. Phyllis Bocard. 270,11 .Waders The purposes of the Debate Club are to preserve the art of argument and to further interest in public speaking, debate. civic affairs, and parliamentary procedures. The Debate Club meets every Thursday. During the meet- ings members either hold a debate or discuss debating tech- niques and procedures. One of the topics discussed at the weekly meetings was the national debate subject concerning trade restrictions between the United States and friendly nations and problems arising therefrom. Also, the various problems of teenagers are de- bated upon. Membership is opened to all students of any class interested in debate. Officers of the club are Larry Faith, presidentg Mary Lou Freeman. vice president. Mary jane McKim. secretaryg and Bill Schuppert, treasurer. The club was organized in October 1952. by Mr. Calvin Knobeloch. Mr. Edmond Hennon is the present sponsor. Debate Club officers taking a break after a debate are Mary Lou Freeman. Nice presidentg Larry Faith. president: and Bill Schuppert. treasurer. .sldllllillgf David George. Larry Faith. john Dyer. Ronnie Grayer. Bill Schuppert. and jack XVhittinghill. .Seutnlr Steven Ballard. Mary Lou Freeman. Mary jane Mcliim. and Phyllis llocard. ,,,,,.- 'if Q 5-1 t 1 . . 'x Razz' fx Iluid Striegel. Charles Lind, Donna Vest, Kenny Houghlin. and E lfet Denny. Ron' I: Barbara Stromire. Shirley Albertson. Phyllis Baton, Linda Coak. Patty Collins. and Larry Griesinger. And What? your Opinian? junior and senior students with at least a minor in social studies are eligible to become members of Teen Age Forum. A real interest in our government and world affairs is an important qualification. This club was organized in October of 1955 and has become one of the best known clubs in New Albany High School. The purpose of Teen Age Forum is to promote a student interest in current world affairs. This club is strictly a dis- eussion group. On December 7, members recorded a panel dis- cussion concerning the "Importance of a College Education to Boys and Girls." The members of the club were pleased and honored to have Mr. Sachio Shimonagota, a japanese instructor, speak to them. The othcers this school year were Shirley Albertson, presi- dent: Donna Vest. vice presidentg Dave Striegel, secretary: and Phyllis Bacon. treasurer. Mr. Bradley Lorton is the sponsor. Taking time out from their weekly aclixities are Daxil Striegel. secretary Donna Vest. Nice president: Shirley Albertson. president: and Phyllis Bacon, treasurer. Members of Teen Age Forum are busily discussing 'Th Values of a College Education." WJ 'Y V5 JC? gs. . . 'ft' H C'."s . la' 3 Eyes and Sars af the Wrfrld The purposes of the Electronics Club are to show educa- tional hlms to classes and to handle the public address equipment at assemblies and outside programs. This club also trains juniors in radio engineering. The Electronics Club was organized in September uf 1949 by Mr. Vernon McKown and is the only club of its kind in the Falls Cities that assists with CLlLlC1lI.0I'lfll Rims. A sophomore who is a visual aids or radio operator is eligible to become an active member of the Electronics Club. The duties of the sophomore include the operation of sixteen millimeter slide and strip projectors and the show- ing of films to classes. The junior members of the club operate any of the school equipment including the public address system, tape and disc recorders, and the inter-communications equipment. If the senior members obtain a third class federal Com- munications Commission license, they are allowed to engineer in the radio station. Mr. Robert Willman and Mr. Vernon McKown are tae sponsors of this worthwhile and outstanding organiza- tion. The officers this year are Larry McKown, president: john Adams, vice presidentg and Larry liinzer, wno acts as both secretary and treasurer. Carl Smith and Paul Smith show a hearty look of approval as Larry McKown chooses just the right film from the rack. "Are you ready?" says john Holiman as he prepares to turn the switch so that Terry' Phillips can make an announcement over the inter-com sy stem. john Stofel. jerry Plummer. Dale Farnsley. Charles Kriningwr. and Bill Tischendorf prepare the sound projector for the showing of an educational film to a class. Checking the amplifying equipment is one of the many jobs undertaken by these four members-Bill Call. Larry Kinzer. Larry McCullough, and jack Kessler. 36 Silelmf Please - - - XWNAS, the "Radio Voice of Education" in the New Albany City Schools, is a member of the National As- sociation of Educational Broadcasters. It is operated entirely by twenty-five senior students. functioning under the department of audio-visual instruc- tion. This year, the radio workshop made an hour long tape recording which told the story of VUNAS. This tape was sent to universities, colleges, and other high schools that wished to know about New Albany's station or wanted to start their own radio station. The station broadcast all of the basketball games. in- cluding the sectional games which were broadcast by the junior sporrscasters. On Monday nights, the workshop rebroadcasts all of the Radio operation isn't confusing to these XVNAS engineers- Paul Smith, Carl Smith. and Larry McKown. Smmfliug: Sharon Murphy. Larry Tompkins. Tom Goris. Ronald Craig. jim Henry. and Barbra Embrey. ,Sz-rzted: Judy Graham. Betty Gilland. Connie Volz. Peggy Dunn, and Mary Lou Breen. live student produced programs of the week. VVNAS also used spot announcements during the daily, special, and athletic broadcasts. The purposes of VUNAS are improvement of speech, im- provement of instruction. and promotion of public rela- tions. XVNAS was the first low power student operated FM station in public schools in the United States. Last year the station increased to one thousand watts. Under the supervision of Mr. Vernon McKown and Mr. Robert Willman, the boys and girls of New Albany own and operate the station. XVNAS-FM can be heard from l2: 15 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. during the week. SIamliug.' Dick Roberts. jacinta Clay. jim Clapp, Bill Braden, and Dan Mook. Seated: Donna Hardin, Peggy Funk, Carol jones, and Rosalind Brown, s.....--l-- 37 Presenting - - - The motto of the Thespians Club is, "Act well your part: there all honors lie." The original purpose of the club was to advance the standards of the dramatic arts at the secondary school level. A more specihc purpose is to provide experience and entertainment in the field of dramatics for the members and student body. The Thespian Club encourages students to attain a better mastery of language, to develop poise and self control, and to appreciate dramatics and literature. The talented Thespians displayed their dramatic abilities in their night performance of "Under the Gaslight." This play required a lot of time and patienceg however, the Thespians were rewarded by the response that they received. "Under the Gaslight," an old- fashioned melodrama, is a very novel production and was enjoyed T by everyone. Thespians ollicers, Bill Braden, presidentg Bob Arm- strong, vice presidentg Betty Gilland, secretaryg and Among the many activities in which the Thespians participate Mary Staser. treasurer. take time out from play re- hearsal for a chat. 38 are panel discussions concerning dramatics. Ron' 2: Sharon Box, Judy Hock, Carolyn Fleischer. Sherrill Colvin, Bill Braden. Bob Armstrong. Nancy Rodgers, Catherine jo Ellis, and Diana Ott. Rau' I: Diana Stumler. Barbra Embrey, Betty Gilland. Phyllis Becht, Beth Silliman. Susie Walker. Mary Staser. and Sue Shivel. 25- if s Y 3 'lite-uri interested on-lookers during rehearsal are Bill Braden. jantt Ierry. Brenda Breece, Bob Armstrong. Nancy Rodgers. Susie XX'alker. Phyllis Becht. and Sherrill Colvin. The club had a banquet April 20, at which time awards were given for outstanding acting ahility and behind-the-scene work. Also, the outstanding Thespian of the year was chosen. in hlatitiary of 19-ii, the cluh was granted a charter to Troop Oli of the National Thespian Society. At that time, the U this was composed of thirteen memhers under the direction of Miss Lenore M. Cupp. Today the club is an energetic group UI li under the guidance of Mr. Tom XY'eatherston. This year is P-Ir. 'xY'eatherston's first year as sponsor. .i try out is held in the fall of each year in order to choose jtixiior and senior students who qualify for Thespians. Each szulegzz is given careful consideration. One must have ten il. 'espigin points in order to become a member. These may he quired hy participating in shows and plays. by selling a cer- UL-. ttuxi numiuer of tickets to a production. or by seeing a major przrduction. 'ifxe otiicers for Thespians this year were Bill Braden. presi- dent: iioh firmstrong. vice president: Betty Gilland. secretary: and Mary Sttiser. treasurer. The xillain. Bill Braden. frightens Sharon Box. the heroine. and Sue Shixel. her sister. in a scent- from "l'nder The Gaslight." It's a heart-stopping moment as Sharon Box tries to save Sherrill Colvin from the on-coming train in it scene from the Thespian play. "l'nder The Gaslight." 3716 Stage ---- Chair Home The Junior Actors Club is an organization composed of sophomore boys and girls who are interested in the theater and the dramatic activities at NAHS. It is also a goal of most members of the club to earn enough points to become a member of the Thespian Club. They may do this by working in any high school play or local play production. One of the first activities in which junior Actors took part was the homecoming parade in the fall. They joined with the other dramatic clubs in making a float. Two masques, one portraying comedy and the other sorrow, comprised the decorations for this float. Another of the activities of this club was the produc- tion of the comedy entitled, "Itchin' to Get Hitchedf' This play was enjoyed by members of the freshman and sopho- more classes. In the spring the junior Actors Club held a party at which time it presented awards to deserving members of the club. Awards were given for the best actor. the best actress. and the most efficient boy and girl working back- stage. Persons winning these awards were nominated and selected by memebrs of the organization. The club is sponsored by Mr. Tom W'eatherston. Rau' 3: Kay Osman. Gay Shields. Dennis Preston. Gary Eppcr- son. Larry Dalhoxer. Ronnie Cooper, june Wfoodward. and Donna Krininger. Rau' 2: Nan Gibbs. jean Duer, Judy Eadens. Rose Ashley. Peggy Gorman. Nita Thompson. Nancy McCullough and Wanda Hurley. Ron' I: Bonnie lienne. Earlene Dizney. jane liurile. Rosemary Hurst. Janice Calloway. Pat Bowerman. and Maureen Parker. Ilaxid Grosheider. Ann Biggerstaff. Rebecca Miller. janet Father- gill and Linda Osborne. junior Actor ofiicers. are shown inspect- ing the lights. "I knoxx its for me." yells Larry Dalhoxer. Daxid Grosheider. Gary lfpperson. Ann Jackman. and Ann Biggerstaff as Becky Miller answers the phone. 40 7 if rffludf in Sfardzfm Any freshman boy or girl who has an interest in acting or reading play is qualified for Since this club working to reac and to offer to It is also a goal will help tow Thespians. s and a desire to learn how to produce them membership in the Freshman Dramatics Club. was organized in l'Ji8 members have been il their goals. which are to develop cooperation all members opportunities for self-expression. of some of the members to earn points which 'ard the requirements for membership in This organization produced two plays during the past year. A one act comedy entitled "'l'he Bride Xlfore Red Pajamas" was presented two ti mes for combined Fnglish classes. All members of the club helped in some way to produce this play. Also sponsored lw the Freshman Dramatics Club were two successful candy sales which helped to Finance some of the club's activities. Mrs. Bettylee Marquis is the sponsor of this club. Freshman Dramatics members practice for their play which they gaye for the freshmen and sophomores. 'QUIZ' 5: Steye Wfells. Paul Shallers. Frank Adams. jack Harvey. Bill Ryall. Ronnie Hartman. Herby l'nClerhill. and Chet Michell. Ruiz' 2: jams Moon. Carol Renn. Doris Vert. Nancy Herring. Sandy Potts. and lo An n Urman. Rau I: Linda Miller. Gloria Metcalf. Faye lxlerner. Fynne Norris. Judy Xunemacher. El Niara Reynolds. and Phyllis Quinn, y Z.,!i.3 Q! 9 Q f? ,vw- The Freshman Dramatics ollicers are Stew XY'ells. sergeant at-armsg Bill Ryall. secretary: Chet Michell. xice president Paul Shallers. sergeant-at-arinsg Gloria Metcalf. president and Frank Adams, treasurer. l i s 6 if Kvakics The Vista is our annual record written by and for the stu- dents of New Albany High School. The sixth period journalism staff, under the direction and supervision of their sponsor, Mr. Edmond Hennon, make "The Vista" their project for the year. In july of 1954 Barbra Embrey and Don Scott, represented New Albany's journalism department at the annual Indiana journalism Institute. This affair is held on the Indiana Uni- versity Campus, in Bloomington. The purpose of this two-week conference is to gain information on yearbook planning. Don won first place in amateur photography. In October Barbra Embrey, editor, and Peggy Dunn, assistant editor, went to Franklin College to attend the Indiana High School Press Association Conference. All write-ups, the mounting of pictures, organization, and soliciting of advertising are done by the students. In order to get all the high school activities of the year in the book it was distributed in the mid-summer. 'tb' .4-l Checking the lay-out for the l955 Vista are Editor Barbra Embrey and Assistant Editor Peggy Dunn. Writing headlines for the activities section are Colleen Oakes, Kay Duer, Janice Owen. I.aNelle Brannon. Evelyn W'hittinghill, and Mary Lieber. Ag. fuk Kfflecfars The Blotter, the NAHS newspaper. is published by junior and senior fourth period journalism students. The paper, which is put out bi-weekly, consists of sports. fea- tures, and the latest happenings around NAH5. The paper is primed by the high school's own print shop. lt is then sent to the journalism students to be proofread. The hnished product is one of the finest school newspapers in this part of the state. A variety show was enjoyed by the students who pur- chased the Blotter for the hrst semester. Held in October during the home room period, the show featured NAHS students in various acts. Those purchasing the Blotter for the second semester were entitled to attend a girls' basketball game held in the boys' gym, also during the home room period in January. This game was played by the members of the Girls Athletic Association. The journalism classes sponsored the sale of basketball and football programs at all the home games. These pro- grams contained pictures of the team and the names and numbers of both of the competing teams. This year, as in The tops in news is glthered by this eompetent staff Marux Wrege Pat Hublir jaele Wfhittinghill Barbara Bands Pat Gregg -Iudx Thompson and Sunme -Xdams news editor Mr. Edmond Hennon, advisorg Mr. Ed Duncan. student teacherg and Pat Solomon, editor: check galley in the schools print shop. past years, the Blotter staff sold basketball booklets con- taining information and pictures of the team. To learn more about editing the school paper and to view what other schools were doing, four members of the Blotter staff journeyed to Franklin College to attend the annual meeting of the Indiana High School Press Associa- tion. The four students who made the trip were Sunnye Adams, Catherine jo Ellis, Mary Asberry. assistant editor: and Pat Solomon, editor. Mr. Edmond Hennon supervises the publication of the Blotter. Its due tomorroxx sais Catherine o Ellis fe tture editor t her stiff jomne Exans ohn Bob Hall im Adkmson and Barbtra Nell ruff . , , xl: 1 fl' .g , 5 ,lu .r sq? m Wifi-ias"' 1 - lg .f 1 2 Z it , and Mr. A. Fielder Myers, directorg Ben liwton. drum maiorg and Mr. Ovid Chambers. assistant director, chat before a band formation. 4 46. 'S - - -Am! the Hand Finger! O14 Basketball fans thrilled to the special musical arrangements the New Albany Band played during the season. The band. consisting of I0-i members. is under the direction of A. Fielder Myers and Ovid Chambers. The activities of this year's band have been many and varied. The members attended Band Day at Indiana University and the Band Festival at Mitchell. They also participated in the State District Sole and Ensemble Contest at Hanover College and attended the All State Contest at Indianapolis. The band appeared at all local athletic events. ln May the band presented its annual Spring Concert. The :on- cert was dedicated in appreciation of the new bandroom in the Me- chanic-Arts Building. For this occasion the band presented the premiere performance of the first movement of a symphony which was composed especially for the New Albany High School Band. The symphony is called "Desert Discovery." f X X Q s v s , " F B Hat Clarinets joyce jefferson james Peters Peggy' Funk Nancy Toops Sharon Murphy Dorothy Grimes Larry' McCullough Virginia Mueller Dennis Preston Robert Grillin joe Voyles james Xeafus Dolores Dorsey Carl Platt Margaret Frazier Shirley Owen llarriett llohhy' Rohert Carter Kenneth Peters George Siegrist james Kepley Forrest McAllister Mary' Lieher Mariorie Brannon Barhara Schneider Flutes Nan fiilWlHs jo Ann jefferson ,Jug 51 Alto Saxophones Shirley' Gott Delbert Arthur XVilda Cooper Betty' XVolfe Mike XValts jack Bohannon Tenor Saxophones Billy' Call Charles Steele Stephen Rough Baritone Saxophone-s judy' Fadens Charles McCoy Bassoon Phyllis Kirkpatrick Alto Clarinet jean Duer Bass Clarinet james Clayton lillen Clayton Baritone Horns Roger lihalt T W Kasfcr Paul Scheler Larry' Faith Byron Barker Charles Steproe Glenn Motsinger romhones janette Dierking Betty' Hutchinson Thelma Sims Rodney Pennell Kay Longest Rohert Fwton Tamara Gresham Roherta Applegate Barbara Morgan Phyllis Burres Randall Garriott French Horns jerry Hoskins jack Mochel Bill llenry Betty Phelps judy liicholz Basses Dayitl Grosheider 4 james Vaughn Lynn Denison Vance Conrad Bohlyy Vfagner Percussion Connie Fendall jerry Meyer Tom McCoyvan james Sinkhorn Dayid Shallers Floyd Sumner Cornets Ben liyy ton Larry' Kinzer jerry Hedges Lloyd Koehler Rohert Armstrong Don Scott Dayid Hendricks Larry Tompkins Ronnie Gray er Bill Xvells Carl Leffert Virginia l"ry Sarah Collings aiu Ryall S 5 P l v s judy McCaffrey' janet Fothergill Freeda McNVilliams Lloyd Hudson Trumpets Bruce Perkins Larry Gullett Larry' Swan Ronald Neeld David Cyphers Don Richert james Grundy llammontl Organ Connie Fendall Drum Major Ben lfwton Twirlers Dorothy Grimes jo Ann jefferson Sarah Collings judy Fadens Radio Production joy ce jelferson During the football season, the New Albany Marching Band presented entertaining programs. It specialized in intricate marching routines and dance steps. The March- ing Band attended Indiana Day at the Kentucky State Fair. A new drum major, Ben Ewton, was chosen for this year. There are 86 members in the Marching Band. The following band members were elected as oflicers for the school year: jim Sinkhorn, presidentg Roger Ehalt, vice presidentg Joyce jefferson, secretaryg Connie Fendall, treas- urerg and Betty Hutchinson, librarian. This "N" is one of the many formations performed by the members of the band. Going through its pacing routines on Buerk Field is the New Albany High School Marching Band. The school song is played by the band as the members form the traditional "NA." le! Uferv Kc' Mu ic! The Music Hour Club was established in order that thc students could listen to serious music and learn to eniov it. This club was organized in 1950 and is now under the leadership of Mr. llarrv Stout. Officers for the first :emester of the vear were Chuck Gall. prcsidentg Lloyd Koehler. vice president: Mary Ann Branham. secretary: Teddy Breeding, treasurer: and David Klassen. sergeant-at-arms. The second semester otiicers were Ronald Foster. presi- dentg Lloyd Koehler. vice president. Beth Silliman, secre- tqxryg David Klassen. treasurerg and David Streckfus, sergeant-at-arms. Among the classical works the Music Hour Club has studied are Beethoyen's Fifth and Sixth Symphonies: "March Slave," by Tschaikovskyg Brahms' Hungarian Dances. and "Overture to Tannhauserf' by Vfagner. Students must have .1 genuine interest in good music d must also be willing to learn more about it in order to qualify for membership in this club ' are fs-' X' 1 J 4 'B' v J, li, .Qi . The ollicers of the Music Hour. gathering to further their plans for club activities. are Chuck Gall. presidentg David lilassen. sergeant-at-armsg Lloyd Koehler, vice president: Mary Ann lirauham. secretaryg and Teddy Breeding. treasurer. Rau' 5: David Klassen. Lloyd Koehler, jerry Meadows. Way'ne Randolph. Donald Garland. jerry Myers. john Rush. Charles Gall. and David Streckfus. Rau 2: Mary Peterson. Carolyn Moser. and Judy XY'olfe. Run' I: Mary Ann Branham. Teddy Breeding. Margaret Frazier. Sandra Smith. Sharon Box. Tamara Gresham. Dorothy Grimes. and Loretta Smith. Kll is quiet is mcmhtrs ot the Nlu it Hour ruiuy one of their many record 49 3 - aa Rau' 4: David Waltman. Russel Thomas. Floyd Sumner, Kenny Bently, john Stofel, jim Clayton. Don Adams. Ronnie Craig, Mickey Neely. and Bob XY'ells. Rott' 3: Marilyn Brock, Sandra Utrecht, Polly Garrison, Nevin Martin, Louis Stein. Ralph Terrell. Sherrill Colvin. Rodnev Pennell. and Vernon McClure. Rau' 2: Carol Sue Mcliinney, Nancy Colwell, Phyllis Posley. Margaret Ross. joyte jefferson. Letha Pickerrell. Sally Hardy. Betty W'altman. Sylvia Resc'1ke. Norma Martin. and Carol jones. Ron' I' Mary Lou Freeman, Mary jane lVlcKim. Norma Swallow, Gladys Payne. Shirley Gott. jeanette Dailey. Betty Baylor, Diana Stumler, jacinta Clay. jane Ryland. and Connie Volz. Jlflafvhless jlfleladics The New Albany Concert Choir is an excellent example of an actual class of both enjoyment and learning. The choir is composed of 82 sophomore, junior, and senior boys and girls. Members are selected according to previous musical experience and tryouts. Members of the choir are given opportunities ro reach high performance standards and become acquainted with good music by many different composers. To develop poise and conhdence in presenting good concert programs is also a very high goal of the choir members. At the first of the school year, officers were chosen to preside at the choir rehearsals and programs. These ofhcers were Don Adams. presidentg Sylvia Reschl-ze. sec- retaryg Rodney Pennell, treasurerg and Sandra lftrecht. Marcia Vfrege. jim Clayton, and Terry Turbeville. sergeants-at-arms of the soprano. alto. tenor. and bass sec- tions. respectively. 50 As well as having fun. the members also present to the public many entertaining and inspirational programs. During the Thanksgiving holidays, the choir presented a very enlightening assembly for the students. "Thanks- giving Proclamationn began the program, and such songs as "Harvest Hymn," and "Gra':dma's Thanksgiving," ac- cented an impressive service. On December 16, the choir presented its annual Christ- mas program with a variety of gay Christmas songs for both young and old. The program was opened by "Over- ture and Trepekf' from the Nutcracker Suite. Specialty numbers included "XY'inter Xlfonderland " by the Flattops. and "Santa's on His XY'ay." by the NAHS scxtgr, Thgfc were also several dance specialties. Following the Christmas program at school the choir also presented a fevv of its selections over a Louisville radio station. an qu an Ron' 4: Charles Lind. Chet Denny. XY'alter Prince. Ronnie Snook. W'ayne Randolph. jim Sinkhorn. Ray McCown. Paul Smith. and Bill Schuppert. Rau' 3: jerry Meadows, Terry Turbeyille. Earl Bertrand. jerry Bigler. jesse Lamb, Cletus Baumann. Dayid Hendricks. Mary Martin. and Betty Gilland. Rott' 2: Frances Gray. Connie Keith. Barbara Brewer. Judy Harmon. Carolyn Moser, janet Miller. Mary Lou Gibson. Marcia XX'rege. Mary Staser. Virginia l'ppling. and I.incla Mcllaniels, Rnu' l: Connie Fendall. Donna Hardin. Mary Lou Breen. Linda W'eber. Carolyn Fleischer. Anna Belle Turner. Nona Clark. Betty Xvright. Kathryn Lacey, jane Dickman. and Barbara Xwedding. April li. the choir presented vocal selections in the high school auditorium for a l,'N program. The program, open to the public. featured Dr. Harry Howard. a CN specialist on Far Eastern Affairs. lfsed at this program were the patriotic songs in the choir's large repertoire. The choir presents its music for yarious holidaysg howeyer. its members also prepare general music to be presented at numer- ous entertaining assemblies. One of these type programs was presented in the fall at the -Ieffersonyille High School. and dur- ing Christmas the members sang at a double assembly at the junior High School. In the latter part of April. the choir members yentured to North Vernon. Indiana. to participate in the Valley Choral Festiyal. New Albany was one of the seven schools that joined in this song-fest. singing numbers learned by all participating schools. Obyiously. the members of the choir are yery talented. and this fact was proyed eyen more when New Albany receiyed great recognition at the music contest this year, Sixty-one yocal par- ticipants. representing ensembles and solos. took part in the dis- trict contest held at Hanoyer College. lfebruary 3. 'lihose num- bers receiying lirst diyision ratings then yenturetl to Butler lfni- yersity. lfebruary IU. for the state contest. .-'ts usual. New Albany did exceptionally well at both contests. Mr. Robert Carter directs the choir. The Concert Choir pianists looking oyer their music for the Spring Concert are Connie Volz and -lane Ryland. working with Mr. Robert Carter. director. 5 l 'se myr- A beautiful display is this Prom scene from Kampus lxapers Singing, for the birds are this years Bel Canto ollleers Betty Wfaltmin sergeant at arms Jane Ryland, musie librnrian Pey.,g.,y Dunn publieity Donna Hardin seeretary Sue Lefler trelsurer Mary Lou Breen presi president 52 Zsvsly lfzlssss In 1978, .1 elub yy.1s organized .it INAHS to give girls interested in singing an opportunity to use their talents in presenting to the public top rate shoyys 'lhis elub yy lb given the name Bel Canto, meaning beautiful singing yy hieh eertamly represents the true meaning of this organi muon 'Ioday the Bel Lanto Club is still known for its beautiful smgmg md unique shoyy productions Membership into this popular elub is open to any sopho more, junior, or senior girl yy ho sueeessfully surynes the lflX1Idll0Ildl tryouts Members are judved on their Ability to read musie, general musieianship quality of yoiee, and eooperatiyeness udges are eomposed of the club s spon sor and its officers 'I hose passing qualifieations for mem bership are indueted at a yery 1mpress1ye 1n1t1.1t1on yyhieh is held at one of the member s homes heyy members then entertain all others yyith yarious types of readings solos danees or my type of number fitting to this lonf' remem r V P y ff is y A if f X' ' x 1' 2- r. , . , ,. . '-.-Q .-- f i'-. r ,, 1: . . 1 . 22: AH. Q Y: .' -.-.fl-1 . . .Q .2- is V ,.. -x'. dcntg Carol jones, publicity: and Barbara Brewer, vice , . H , . ,, '. , Y ' ' ' M 1 . . K . , Y .i v . Q b . . .- I pl . u . I v, I -1 . . . A . . . 2 , . Y . i vi W5 X4 l . . . 1 .h I V - h . ' 'A I I 7 "1 ' V Y. 'A' n D 1. I . f Y ' 1 A I l . x ll I l . Y . t., sf -' - . s . ' U 1 ' Q f ' 1 - ' 1 A . ' 1 ' T y 1 A ' 1 V' V ' . r- 1 ' -1 Q , -.J 2 V lv s . ' h . . , bered event. At this time, a turkey dinner is also enjoyed by all. The Bel Canto Club takes pride in its annual produc- tions. This year the club chose the college theme for its show which was a hit, as usual. "Kampus Kapersf' a four- act musical, was in authentic college style with such songs as "Buckle Down Wfinsockief' "Varsity Drag," "Steam Heat," "Betty Co-ed," "Halls of Ivy," "lt's a Big, Wide, Wonderftil World," and many others fitting to the theme. Many hours of strenuous practice went into this show's production, but all of the members were rewarded when the curtains opened March 51 and revealed an auditorium with every seat filled. Mary Lou Breen was this year's director and Barbara Brewer served as the assistant direc- tor. Practically all of the selections used in this year's show were special arrangements done by some of the mem- bers, the director, or their sponsor. Although the Bel Canto show is this club's main and most widely known activity, the club also has a great amount of activities both inside and outside our school. At the annual Christmas program, the club has established a tradition of caroling from the steps of the auditorium while carrying lighted candles, giving a beautiful effect. At the Armistice Day Program, the club always ends this very solemn service with traditional taps. To heighten the fCw1tinued next page! All ready to "brush" in their "Brush L'p Your Shakespeare" skit are the NAHS sextette - jacinta Clay. Mary Lou Breen, Sylvia Reschke. Sue Lefier, Barbara Brewer. and Peggy Dunn. Sara McKeny gives the needed sound effects to "Steam Heat" as Barbara Morgan, Sandra Utrecht, jane Dickman, and Mary Jane McKim chime in. It's three cheers for Winsockie as cheerleaders. Sue Lefler. Marcia NVrege, Sandra Utrecht. and jane Dickman. pep up the malt shop gang. Even teacher, Lerha Pickerrell. ioins in singing with students. Peggy Dunn. Janette Dierking, Gladys Payne, Donna Hardin. Connie Fendall, Marcia Wrege. Barbara Morgan. Becky Minshall. and Nicki Negangard. effect the members are all robed in white and sing from the balcony of the auditorium. The Bel Canto Club's -15 girls always look forward to their yearly trip to Ft. Knox where they present their an- nual show to our servicemen. In the afternoon they enter- tain an appreciative audience at one of the hospitals and then do a repeat performance at a service club that same night. The girls not only sing, but also take along all of their show properties which makes the production prac- tically identical to the original show given here. Their show is also presented to the men of the Veterans " .... but I have only eyes for Betty Co-ed" sing this male Nl sextette - Marcia XVrege, Mary Lou Gibson. Janice Owens. Nona Anderson. Norma Martin, Carolyn Moser. Barbara Wedding. and Mary Lou Freeman. Ready to tap her may through college is Norma Swallow with Carol jones. Mary Lou Breen. jacinta Clay. and Shirley Gott giving her an eye of assurance. 54 Hospital in Louisville. Kentucky. The club's activities are brought to an end by the annual Bel Canto Dance to which everyone looks forward. This formal dance is for all present and former Bel Canto mem- bers and their guests. A top named band is always present to furnish the music. The highlight of the dance is the crowning of the queen who is chosen by popular vote from hve candidates nominated by the club members. The queen and her escort are then presented with a gift from the club members. The sponsor of this very popular club is Mr. Robert Carter. The Bel Canto Club float was gaily decorated with two large reds notes symbolizing their music ability. ch .- -a-q Ron' 3: Rita Lee, Barbara jones, Shirley Hardin, Joyce Riley, Ruta Payne, Bob Ivey, and jerry Bigler. Ron' 2: Hazel Mclntosh. Janet Frazier, Phyllis Kirkpatrick, Wilma Wallace, Mary Harless, Sue Kepley. and Bonnie jones. Ron 1: Linda johnson. Ima Kissling, Norma Lee, Helen Stucky, Diana Schwindt, Raylauna Sams, joyce Ross, and Pat Harmeling. ,Mu if 014 Chair Minds The Music Appreciation Club was organized to help the students learn more about and appreciate better music. The members study the backgrounds of the composers and the stories behind the operas. They also increase the number of records available for school use through the records they get to study. The club members held a candy sale on November 25 and a white elephant sale on january 14. The Music Appreciation Club was organized in 1955. The membership, which is limited to 35, is open to only freshmen and sophomores. Different ofiicers were elected for the two semesters. lfirst semester ofhcers were Diana Schwindt, president: Rita Lee, vice presidentg Phyllis Kirkpatrick, secretaryg and Bob Ivey, treasurer. Officers for the second semester were Rita Lee, president, Herman Bott, vice president, Norma Iee, sec- retary, and Shirley Hardin, treasurer. Linda johnson and Joyce Riley were sergeants-at-zxrms. Members of this club studied the life of Stephen Collins Foster while listening to many of his works. "America the Beautiful" was one of the many familiar songs studied by members of this very active club. Also, the life of john Phillip Sousa was studied, along with some of the songs he wrote. The members listened to popular records. folk songs, and classics. At Christmas time, they studied the "Nutcracker Suite," of which they had a tape recording. Mrs. Laura Mellon sponsors this xery worthwhile club of NAHS. 55 ii Q TZ 28 45 A 'Lf' ' as M A, QQ ' 1 4 4, ff ji X Q4 gf -Lf, ' if wr W4 " N' if f se 1 y 2' . If 5' ? H 2 e M9 Q K H' Q 43 af I I I Q . .st 6 I Rau' 2: Drurv Moore. Mae Stroud. David johnson, Pat Burgis, john Stumler, Maralyn Wcmlf. Kent Pruge. Catherine Sprinkle. john XVyzard.andji1dy Stocksdale. Ron' I: Bill Smith. Barbara Little. Danny Hock, Charlotte Lasley. Bob Phillips. Ann Howard. Roger XY'haley. Dorothy Andres. Bill Hottle. and Pat Parker. Lee XY'eher of the Vfeher School of Dance for special lessons in the fox-trot, rhumhu. waltz. jitterlwug, and mnmho. To hetter organize their dancing on club days. group lenders were chosen. Group lenders for the first semester were Nlilfillyfl XVolf. Mile Stroud. kludy Stoclasdnle, -lohn Stumler Ronald Peay. ,and Herman Lodde. Mgirulyn XY'olf. .Iudy Stocksllle. plofm Stumler. and Ronald Peiy served us group lenders for the second semester. ln the spring, the memlers held Ll dance ut xxhich they exhihited t'ie steps they had learned rhroughout the yenr. "Dancing can he strenuous," sup the group leaders of the dance cluh as they take il rest. They ure Nlurahn XY'olf. judy Stocksdule. john Stumler. and Ronald Peay. is l 57 ,,-e fi 1 'S It's time out for a rest as the Square Dance Club members settle into their respective places on the bleachers. Couples of the Square Dance Club promenade while waiting for the next call. Swing rs in Smzw J-fats lf you have a desire to have fun and are interested in learn- ing the art of square dancing, the Square Dance Club is for you. The club was organized in 1950 and now has Mrs. Dorothy Motsinger and Mr. Richard Wztrdell as its sponsors. The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday, during homeroom period, in the boys gym. The jeans and janes, the advanced group, meet on Tuesday, the beginners group meets on Thursday. At these meetings, the members learn to improve their square dancing and are taught how to follow the different calls. All of the members enjoyed the combined picnic, square dance, and swimming party, held at Frog Pond lfarm in Sep- tember. In November, eight of the club members attended the Chicago International Square Dance lfestival. A treat for all members was the party at which their guest, Sherlock Holmes, called the dances. Scxeral of thc members xx cnt to the Kcntutln Square Dance Icstixal at Frankfort in Max ' 1 Q Ron' ?.' john McLean, Bill Rvall. Nevin Martin. Gary Nlcliim. lack Hunter, Ronnie Akers, and Dave Hisle. Ron' 2: jerry Very. Gene M ddaugh. Steve VonAllmen. john Mathis, Arthur Endres, 5'1aro'1 Smith, and Pat VUhitely. Ron' 1: jo Hannah Hahn. Barbara little. Bunky Blnford, judv Rasmussen, Wfinnie Wfolfe, Harriett Gillev. judv Raney, and Libby Davis. W5 Hume iv Pm! f 6215 ar The junior Classical League was organized in 1956 by the American Classical League to encourage an interest in and an appreciation for the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. It is also the purpose of the club to promote a better under- standing of their contributions to government., law, literature, language, and the arts. The qualihcation for membership into JCL is to be a student presently taking Latin or to have completed courses in Latin. Othcers for the hrst semester were Arthur Endrcs. consul: Gene Middaugh. quzzestorg .Io Hannah Hahn. scrib,l1 and Stut- Yongillmen, zzedile. il-1io:e ofhcers presidinf during tae second semester were Bunky Biniord. consulg Bill Rytll. tgngzestotg XVinnie XY'olfe. scribag and Steve VonAllmen. aedile. The members of this club citjgagetl in many activities dar- ing the past year. Fifteen new members were added to lili. at initiations on january 249 and february l'. Utlter activ ities enjoyed during the past ycar were the annual Run an Bre zkfast and the Roman Holid ly. both in the spring. to which all Latin classes were invited. Mrs. Kathleen Fletcher the sponsor of this club. These members of the club at- tended the JCL State Convention at Bloomington. in April. Hunley Binford. consul, explains the program plans for the year to Steve VonAllmen. aedileg Arthur Endres. eonsulg Bill Ryall. quaestorg and W'innie XVolfe, scriba. N ,S Rau' 5: Gerry Lewis. Herman Lodde. Eva White. Ray Mcliown, Judy Slayton. Bob Wells. Ruthanne Ehalt. and Evan Evans. Rau' 2: Carolyn Bradford, Jim Clayton, Kay Longest, Bob Hilleary, Shirley Albertson, Sherrill Colvin, jacinta Clay, Terry Turbeville, and Carolyn Harper. Rau' I: Ethelda LeBlanc, Carol Bedan. Barbara Schneider, Ronnie Snook, Evelyn Hunter. Bob Mitchell, Marilou Saunders, and Don Adams. Shirley Albertson. treasurer. points to the "Arch of Triumph" as Terry Turbeville, vice presidentg jacinta - - Clay. president: Sherrill Colvin, secretary: and jim Clay- ton. sergeant-at-armsg discuss pictures on the bulletin board. The purposes of the French Club are to promote interest in the customs, language, and culture of France, and to give opportunity for expression of French through plays, folksongs. dances, and by celebrating French holidays. The French Club presented its annual French Club Show on March 16. The show was called "So This ls Paris." All French students participated in the hit show. The club's float for the Homecoming Parade. made to resemble the Arch of Triumph, symbolized our triumphant team and won first prize in the contest. Ofhcers for the year were as follows: jacintzi Clay. presi- dent: Terry Turbeville, vice presilentg Sherrill Colvin. secre- taryg and Shirley Albertson. treasurer. Membership for this club is open to the members of the 60 French classes or to anyone who has studied French in the past. French festivals and holidays are celebrated in the French Club in the same manner that they are in France. A part of the club's activities is to serve refreshments and to dance the proper folk dances of the different national celebrations One of the holidays the club celebrated was the Twelfth Night performance, "Feast of the Kings," on january 6. The club has stated its objectives as follows: "By French folk songs and dances we strive to improve our ability to increase our knowledge of the country of France and its cus- toms." The French Club was reorganized at the school eleven years ago by its present sponsor, Mrs. Irma Pritz. Miss Pritz receives flowers from jacinta Clay and Ronnie Snook after the annual French Show. 'Ihc chorus line was one of the many attractions of the annual French Club show. -Q., , B The beautifully decorated French Club float was the first prize winner in the Homecoming parade. bl Rau' 2: Dick Middaugh, Ronnie Fndris. Don Kay. David Carroll, Jim Clapp, Jim Peters. jim Neafus. and Jack Mochel. Rau' l.' Donald Dyer, joe Baxter, Stuart Sherfick, Larry Griesinger, john Peters, Randall Garriot, Charles Barker, and jack Bott. Danger- -f5if,ulvsizfcs.f The Science Club is an excellent example of an organiza- tion formed to meet and have fun while learning a great deal about a subject. This club is open to any high school student possessing a sincere interest in science. The club has no specific ofhcers, but is led at various times by co-chairmen. As well as meeting and discussing scientific problems on club days, this active club also gains practical experience by traveling to manufacturing plants. ln the spring of last year, members of the Science Club ventured to Charlestown, Indiana, to visit the Indiana Ordnance, a du Pont plant. The club was led on a guided tour through this smokeless powder plant and saw powder being made in its actual process. The club also toured Appliance Park in Louisville. Ken- tucky, operated by the General lflectric Company. There members spent much time in the research laboratory chat- ting with the workers. To highlight this year's list of projects. members of this club made a very educational trip. During the Easter 62 vacation, 22 boys boarded our Bulldog bus and headed for Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Upon their arrival, they were entertained by the students of the Oak Ridge High School in the town's youth center. Some of their tours included a tour of Oak Ridge by bus and a very interesting tour of the American Museum of Atomic Energy. In this museum the boys viewed a model of an atomic pile, a movie on the atom, and a demonstration concerning radio isotopes being used in medicine. The atomic plants at Oak Ridge were another scientinc site that these boys viewed. Although Oak Ridge was the club's destination, its mem- bers also visited other places while returning home. One of these places was Norris Dam near Norris, Tennessee. The boys also visited Tennessee University at Knoxville. Before returning home April 9. they made a stop at Fort Harrod, Kentucky. which was the first white settlement west of the Allegehenies. lt can easily be seen that the members of the Science Club are very active and are certainly gaining very worth- while and actual experiences. MF. L -5- Rose. SCiCI1C0 teacher. sponsors this outstanding club. Hlicking 671114 The Photography Club was originated to aid stu- dents in taking better pictures and to provide a means for students to learn photography. One of the club's main projects this year was sell- ing pictures of the football team. The only necessary qualifications for membership are an access to a camera and an interest in photog- raphy. During the year the club was host to guests, and qualified members of the organization gave talks on various subjects. Mr. Horace Chase, local photog- rapher, spoke at one of the weekly meetings. The club sponsored several successful candy sales throughout the school year. The Photography Club was organized in 1944 and remained active until the end of l9-ii. Mr. Delbert Brown re-organized the club in 1948. Oliicers are jim Clapp. presidentg Jerry Meadows, vice presidentg Raymond Berry, secretaryg and janet Leuthart, treasurer. The club is sponsored by Mr. Edward Summers. Run' 5: Bobby Xvheat. john Durrcll jim Robcrts jim Llapp Rumond Bern crrx lNltidoxxs Bill lloldcr man. and Don Scott. Rau' 2: David George jcrold D hn jack llohinnon Duid Becker md Don lcktrt Rm: I: john Peters. jackie Robinctta. Sharon 'lhompson Phyllis Pcttctt inet lcuthirf N mu Stcrn tmm Bernardi. and Larry Richards. 2 1 ' l 1 rl 1 i 3 Q I '41 ... T Q l Q 34. 1' cg' x ,gms Slick ,Cickfrs The Stamp Collectors Club was organized in 1951 by Mr. Norman Smith, who is the present sponsor of the or- ganization. The club was organized to further develop the interests of the students who participate in stamp or coin collecting as an individual hobby. The club attempts to promote and gain the attention of more stamp and coin collectors in order that it might be expanded and that new ideas might be contributed. Any boy or girl in high school who is interested in stamp or coin collecting as a hobby may become a member of this club. During the club meetings, this group engages in a variety of activities. Some of these include stamp and coin auctions, trades, quizzes, and grab bags. Also, during two club meetings, the members invited speakers from the Southern Indiana Stamp Club. These visitors talked to the club about various phases of stamp collecting. The Stamp Club also sponsored a candy sale. Deciding which com is most waluable is no job for Ralph Grax Carl Connell jack Eichenbcrger Way ne Baldwin Gary Morlcn and Daud Shallers Those who preside oser mcmbers of the Stamp Club are Robert McSpaddm treasurer Fddic IaDuke uct president jot Voylcs prcsidcnt and Sharon Hunt secretary Ronald Mengcs Bob Smith Donald Forrest and Gan Fentrtss show signs of completing another section of their stamp book A "lick-stick" process is being practiced by Roger jenkins. Kenny Galleiker. Roger Bell. and john Magness. fuferirfr Dmfrafars The Art Club meets on both Tuesday and Thursday and has separate ofiicers for the two days. The officers for the Tuesday meeting are Charles Akers, president: Helen XX'right, vice presidentg Larry Dalhover. secretary: and Robert Nolan, treasurer. The officers for the Thursday meeting are Mike Gaddie. president: Carolyn XX'ood. vice presidentg jo Ann Dalhover, secretary: and Bill Koch, treasurer. This very active club has engaged in a number of activities during the school year such as the annual Halloween party, the Valentine Dance, and a spring picnic. Also. at Christmastime. the club members added a note of gaiety to the school by their decorations in the halls and in the various administrative ofiices. The Art Club was organized in 19-15 and is sponsored by Mrs. Virginia Biggerstaff. The purposes of the Art Club are to serve the school and to give the students an opportunity to meet with others who have similar interests and abilities. The qualification for membership into this club is that one must have at least one year of art with a "B" average. The talents of the members of this club are evident in the fact that out of ten Falls Cities Art Scholarships, given by the Art Center of Louisville, Kentucky, three were awarded to NAHS Art Club members. fm. jo Ann Snook. Carolyn XVood. Bill Koch. and Charles Akers dress the life-size Santa which was in the center hall. Gay Shields, Robert Roth. jerry Harrison. and Larry Dalhover are busily working on window displays for the center hall. Helen Wright. Rosalind Brown. Mike Gaddie. and Lucille Ramsey are placing Christmas ornaments over the lights to add cheer to the Christmas season. Remaining students of the Art Club proudly dis- play these portraits to be entered in National Scho- lastic Awards. - Gvunfry Gentlemen The Future Farmers of America was organized nation- , ,wx s. ally in l928g however, the local FFA chapter, which has 7 V progressed each year and has become one of the most 4 VZ':' VA"': ZS outstanding clubs in New Albany High School, was not ..A,, X A Ip A organized until 19-19. 'P X6 A During 195-i-1955, the local FFA chapter was named f A X J Q the outstanding chapter in the state and one of the top ,W VV,,,A 4 lzfyv ' 'ei chapters in the country. It also had its first Hoosier 5 V' " 1 " Farmer Degree winners. They were Ralph Terrell, ' -' he Melvin Konkle, and Arthur Karnes. 1 The members of the club took part in ten radio pro- grams on WGRC this year. They also participated in the national FFA convention in Kansas City and the state convention at Purdue University, where they took part WA- 3: ' in the state land judging contest. The Future Farmers' purposes are to develop char- acter, train for useful citizenship, foster patriotism, and create more interest in the intelligent choice of farming occupations. ' wr' f sqft.-A , 'gb' ' Nevil Cook, David Chastain, Melvin Konkle, john Hinton, and Ralph Terrell inspect a gully caused by soil erosion. There are 47 members in our local chapter at New Albany High School. The oflicers this year were Melvin Konkle, presidentg Don Stiller, vice president, john Hinton, secretary, Nevil Cook, treasurer, David Chastain, representative, and Ralph Terrell, sentinel. Mr. James Clouse, vocational agriculture instructor, sponsored the Future Farmers this year. Ron' 3: Mr. Clouse, Jerry Richie, Gene Dillard, Mike Zeller, Oliver Ross, Paul Parsons, Lewis Spalding, Paul Dodge, Eulas XVhite, David Chastain, Bob Atkins, Abell Hayes, Charles Ex ans, Charles Singleton, james Clements, and Nevil Cook. Ron' 2: Roger Stoner, L. C. Asher, Chester Brummett, Louis Goebel, Robert Yates, Lynn Ralston, Frankie Sloan, David Breeding, Raymond Granger, John Hinton. jack Dohoney, Frankie Miller. Carl Evans, Phillip VanXVinkle, and Melvin Konkle. Rou' 1: Lin Ruby, Charles Redden, Eddie Morlen, jerry Davissen. David White- side, Larry Dodge, Charles Krininger, jim Parsons, Ralph Terrell, Ernest Purxis, jerry Bowling, and George Loyd. ' is i 6 TJ -1 Rau' 2: Sue Wolpert. Charlene Bays. Dorothy McPhetters. Margaret Morrison. Helen Hvwerton. Bcttx Hublar Donna Arnold. and Joyce Proctor. Ruiz' I: Judy Seiler. Shirley Shuppert. Carol Hartman. Monita lurncr Becky Branstetter. Iris XY'atson. Sarah St. Clair, joyce XVilson. and joan Mardis. Kzzffle Chase Pats and Pau Future Homemakers. a club for girls studying economics for home welfare. was established to promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking and to further an interest in home economics. Organized in 19-55, its qualification for membership is enroll- ment in home economics or completion of a semester of home economics. Problems which confront todays homemakers are discussed at the regular meetings. The club is proud to be a member of a state and national organi- zation. To begin the activities for the year. the club had a formal in- itiation November 10. On October 16. some of the members attended a Southeast Dis- trict meeting, enjoyed by everyone. At this meeting, which was held at New Albany. Pat Hublar was elected song leader. In the spring the girls attended another Southeast District meet- ing held at Greenwood, lndiana. The FHA State Conxention was held on -Iune 10 and ll and was attended by sexeral club members. Future Homemakers is sponsored by Miss Martha Vfard. Ron 2: Nancy Mardis. parliamentarian: Carolxn Bir historian: Barbara Handy. president: Judy Peers sure tary: and Doris White. song leader. Roz: I Wanda Granger. editor: Mary Cook. treasurerg and Pat Hublar Rau' 2: judy Riley, Karen Funk. Sherry Corbett. Imogene Campbell, joyce jefferson, Betty Hutchinson, Carolyn Bir, Harry De Ark, Irvin Walker, and Mr. Oakes. Ron' 1: Sylvia Reschke, Peggy Dunn, Virginia Mueller, Margaret Ross, Phyllis Becht, Barbra Embrey. Carolyn Lindsey. jewell Ford, and james jackson. ymrniu ' lfmrners The Future Teachers Club was organized in 195-i by Mr. Delbert Brown to encourage its members to cultivate in themselves the per- sonality and character needed for a successful teaching career. The members of this organization are given the opportunity to do a small amount of actual teaching. This year a Future Teachers Day was established in the elementary schools when members were given a chance to assist the teachers. Occasionally, they assist in our own high school in freshman classes. The only requisite for membership in the Future Teachers Ciub is to be a senior boy or girl interested in teaching as a future vocation. This year the club received its national charter which affiliates it with the national FTA organization. Activities for the year include observation trips to various state colleges on high school day and the annual initiation. Members als: helped man the March of Dimes tables during the polio drive. This active club is sponsored by Mr. Marvin Oakes. 68 Margaret Ross. vice presidentg and Peggy Dunn. presi- dent: show other oliicers, Betty Hutchinson, joyce jefferson, judy Riley. Virginia Mueller, Irvin Walker, and Sylvia Rt-schke, the charter which aliiliates this club with the national organization. Uzey 71 Jfvld lfrfur J-fam! The liuture Nurses Club, under the leadership of Mrs. Anna Samples. school nurse, was organized in 1931. Membership is open to any junior or senior girl who is interested in a nursing career. The purposes of this club are to interest high school students in personal and community health, to encourage students to consider the requirements and opportunities offered in a nursing career, and to help students determine which phase of the nurs- ing profession they wish to enter. During the month of May. members of the Floyd County Medical Society Auxiliary honored the graduate members of the club with a tea. This active club has toured quite a number of hospitals dur- ing the year including Children's Hospital, St. Anthony's Hos- pital, and Baptist Hospital. They also attended the open house at Norton Infirmary. The club had its annual Christmas party on December Zl. On january ll, it helped man the March of Dimes tables. Club pins were purchased by some of the members. Members attempt to bring some cheer into the lives of the children at the Children's Hospital. +4 ' .1 mf, C Mary Ann Branham and Helen Hock demonstrate the tech- niques of bandaging to Barbara Pettett and Barbara West. County Canter Association il , XL? Ihc members of thc Iuture Nurses art making., bandages for the Floyd L5 of 1 YJ ...alt ww, Ron' 2: Teddy Breeding, presidentg Lee Sherrell. advertis- ing: and George Stuard. sergeant-at-arms. Ron' I: Phyllis Rigsby, treasurerg Geraldine Caudill. vice presidentg and Ann Miller, secretary. 'N 3 ?:"'3 ' 4 1 K. 1 D. E. members eniov their an- nual Employer-liniployee Banquet at the Colonial Manor. 'Wing I H507 Wu? " The Distributive lfducation Club was organized in I9-18 and is now under the sponsorship of Mr. M. L. Miltenberger. This club was established for the purpose of developing progressive. respected. and successful leadership in retailing. The club also encourages the use of high ethical stitndnrds in the business world. The activities for the year included selling at the concession stand at the Polio Benelit, selling pictures of the basketball team, and having a candy sale in january. Members of the club attended the State Convention of the Distributive lfducation Club in February and also the National Convention in April. The club held its annual lfmployer-Employee Banquet at the Colonial Manor on liebruary 1. The guests of honor were Mr. Barder, Mrs. VC'illis. and Mr. Stalt. The speakers for the ban- quet were Ann Miller, Lee Sherrell. and Geraldine Caudill. The Master of Ceremonies was jim Adkinson. Run' 2: Amy McAfee, Morton Blake. l. C. Bowman. Harold Bebee. David Streckfus. jim Adkinson. Edith llollman. and Delores Grillin. Rau' I: Christine Caudell. Donna Anderson, Sonna Briscoe. Richard Flora. lIon Carpenter. Connie Sutton. Janice Lanksford. and Anna Owens. I t ' 2 2 if 1 af 3 2 . f E 5 Q 3 i 2. S L 5 gr Q ' f -, A Q 5 . if Viyf A 'I l ij' i 5-5 ' .v ,. Q V i 3' ll ' L s 2 yr . A . 4 ,, WL. . gh! A M-,Q Work with II Plea ure The .junior Red Cross. a very active group at NAHS. is open to anyone who has an interest in the National Red Cross and its activities. One of the club's most appreciated tasks this year was the making of scrapbooks for veterans. The members filled them with cartoons. jokes. and clippings from various newspapers and magazines and sent them to the Red Cross which will distribute them as it sees tit. During the Christmas season they filled stockings and gave them to the underprivileged children of New Albany. Some of these stockings were sent to the Crippled Childrens Hospital in Louisville. Miss Rice, a representative of the Red Cross, was one of the many interesting speakers during the year. She spoke of the wonderful work the Red Cross is doing and suggested many worthwhile projects the junior Red Cross could undertake. Mr. Richard W'ardell was the new sponsor for this year. Ruiz' 5: Rita Lilly. Yvonne Combs. Barbara Doll. Donna McGuire. Shelia Lelier, Sharon Smith, Beverly Smyth. and Ellen Clayton. Rau' 2: Norma Patterson. Louita Brynt. jo Ann Conrad, Betty Crone, Donna Pierce, Janice Lockhardt. Sue Lytle, and Donna Baker. Rau' 1: Mary Ann McGee. Edna DeXY'eese. jean Conrad. Cathy Prince. Charleen Le-ist. Norma XX'imp. Lucille Redden. Betty Stepro. and Carol Lewis. ff 0-ls 'V ,g These scattered articles soon made up beautiful scrap- books when members of junior Red Cross began an annual project. XY here cle but in the clinic would you hnd thc officers of unior Red Cross Xantv Lucas treasurer Ninu NlcCull0ugh sec rctarv Bill Ptttrson vice prtsi dcnt Harriett Cillcv president ind Bob XX q.,nLr scrgcant at arms 7 I Ran' 3: Pat Knable, Barbara Anderson. Elizabeth Rose. Sunnye Adams, Betty Lester, Donna Lamb. Janet Harmel- ing. and Yvonne Cook. Run' 2: Angela Wheeler. Carol Sue Oldom. Connie Keith. Pat Sullivan. Dot Million. Barbara Rufing, Joanne Kirtley, Phyllis Keach. and Donna Weldon. Rou' I: Peggy Keilman. Sharon Kiper. Carol Steproe. Pat Gregg. Mary Glover. Pat Rankin. Carol Scheler, Dorothy Grimes. and Tamara Gresham. The oliicers of the Phi Delta. all smiles as they think of future activities. are Carolyn Wright. secretaryg Juanita Miller. chaplaing Sue Jerrell. historian: Freda McXY'illiams. sergeant-ab arms: Joanne Magness. vice president: Janice Harter. treasurerg and Shirley Zurschmiede, president. xf T 72 Service with zz Smile The purpose of Phi Delta Tri Hi Y is to create. maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community. high standards of Christian character. This worthwhile club was organized in the fall of 1955. The activities this year included an initiation service held at the Colonial Manor, January 12, 1955. The club's installa- tion of ofiicers also took place at this service. One of the speakers for Phi Delta Tri Hi Y this year was Miss Paris, Dean of Girls, vvbo was at one time an active member of Tri Hi Y. The members of Phi Delta Tri Hi Y served on the regis- tration committee for the Tri Hi Y District Meeting which was held at New Albany High School. To raise the club's funds during the year, they sponsoregl pastry sales. Ofhcers of the club this year are Shirley Zurschmiede. presidentg Joanne Magness, vice presidentg Carolyn Xwright, secretaryg Janice Harter. treasurer: Sue Jerrell. historian: Freda McXY'illiams. sergeant-at-arms: and Juanita Miller. Chaplain. Miss Mary J. Augenstein was sponsor of Phi Delta Tri Hi Y this year. flffinns with Kcsulfs The purpose of Alpha Beta Tri Hi Y is to create, main- tain. and extend throughout the home. school, and com- munity. high standards of Christian living. freshman and sophomore girls are qualified to become rtiembers of this club. The Alpha Beta Chapter of Tri Hi Y was organized in 1949. and it has progressed steadily into one of the most active Tri Hi Y groups. On December bi. the club held a formal initiation in the auditorium at New Albany High School. Their skating party at Pekin on March 16 was fun for t'.e members and their guests. The club, which has approximately -15 members, spon' sorcd a salt water taffy sale this year. One of several speakers for Alpha Beta Tri Hi Y was Reverend Clifford Miller from Centenary Methodist Church in New Albany. The officers of the club were Barbara Morgan, president: Roberta Roy, vice president: Carolyn Hogue. secretary: Phyllis Thomas. treasurer: Shirley Davis, sergeant-at-arms: judy Hazelton. historian: Connie Holton. chaplain: and Alice Sloan, publicity. Mr. G. R. Burchfield was the club sponsor. Ron 4: Connie Holton. chaplain: Shirley Dayis. sergeant-at-arms: and Barbara Morgan. president. Rau' 2: Alice Sloan. publicity: judy Hazelton. historian: and Roberta Roy. vice president. Rnu' lf Carolyn Hogue. secretary. and Phyllis Thomas. treasurer. Rau 2: Lucy Anderson. Nancy Hancock. Sally Funk. Betty Ford. l'at jenkins, Barbara Payton. Nona Bonebrake. and Brenda Hirth. Rau I: janice Fulkerson. Darlene Brewer. Janice Martin. Bobby Lou Lee. Nancy Thompson. Bonnie Llenbrook. Phyllis Quinn. Pat Lioodcn. and Helen Hollis. Ron 2: Sandy Potts. Charlene Fulks. Marilyn Bir. Yvonne Combs. Dyle Roberson. Beatrice Cox. Sherry Doughten. judy' Potter. and liwda Ciibsm Rau lx Betty Harmon. ovct Staton Marita Edclin l"a::y 'lindle. Bertha Schafer. Sandy Redus. Ruthie Hamelmann. lat 'AlciQampbell. and Lana Eye. The social committee is making plans for a skating party which yy as held in Pekin. Alpha Tri Hi Y oHiccrs discussing the spring district meeting are Deanna Chase, Virginia Schroeder, Betty Hutchinson, jo Ann jolly, Kay Duer, Jane Gilley, and Peggy Funk. jabs Wall Dam' To build from girls of today, intelligent women of tomorrow, is only one of the many purposes of the Alpha Tri Hi Y. The club held its initiation at the Centenary Methodist Church on january 20. Preceding the initiation a banquet was held for the members at a local cafeteria. At Christmas the girls went caroling at the Old Folks Home. With them they took cookies and a Christmas tree to decorate while carol- ing. Each year the old folks look forward to this event One of their most worthwhile projects of the year was the spon- soring of religious services, held in the auditorium, during the weeks preceding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Speaking at these services were students from NAHS and guests from the community. Each year Alpha Tri Hi Y gives a scholarship to the outstanding girl of the club, determined by vote of the members of the group. The sponsor of the Alpha Tri Hi Y is Mrs. Marsha Scott. Co- sponsors are Miss Ruth Breautigam, Miss Kathryn Murray, and Miss jesse Ruth Bobb. Row 3: Polly Garrison, Lois Casey, Mary Asberry, Nancy Roberson, Donna Burd, Mary Lieber, Colleen Oakes, Pat Wtmrden, Karen Funk, Donna McBride. and Shirley Owen. Ron' 2: Mary Peterson. Carolyn Wood, Linda Roberson, Beverly Leuthart, janet Thomas, Mariam La Duke, Judy Graham, Mary Lou Voss, and Betty Nave. Ron' 1: Phyllis Dowell, Judy Turner, Sharon Murphy, Virginia Mueller, jo Ann Dalhover, Gloria Bohannon, Anita Hudgin, Mary Martin, Betty Phelps, and Nancy Colwell. W I f 1 5 5 G? I F '6 Lois Casey speaks at one of the Easter worship services sponsored hy Alpha Tri Hi Y. l 2 ,Inner Al honms rheclts her cont as Linda Roberson. N1.iry Nldrtin. and flolleen Onl-tes reach for her dime w hith will support one ol many worthwhile proiects. f These industrious Alpha members make Carnation corsuges for students of all schools participating in the sectional. Seen at at typical 'liri lli Y meeting are these memlwers working on one of their many school projeets, 6 79 75 Acfivns Lauder 5711114 Wards The Omega chapter of Tri Hi Y has been an active club at NAHS since its organization in 19-18. This year was cer- tainly not an exception as all of the members helped to carry out the purposes of the club, which are to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community, high stand- ards of Christian character. The qualifications for membership in this organization are to be a freshman or sophomore girl with a "C" average and to have a desire to uphold the platform of the club which is pure thoughts, pure words, and pure actions. The members of Omega Tri Hi Y engaged in many activities during the past year. Last fall they entered a float in the annual homecoming parade. It was decorated with many various colored napkins placed in chicken wire, so as to form the insignia of the club on one side and a football beside a goal post on the other. Members looking at the presents they received at the club's Christmas party are: lSlunding7 Phyllis Davis. Ann Howard, Betty Mather, Maralyn Wolf, Peggy Lewis, Delores Dorsey, Carol Hodge, Dorothy Lester. Yvonne Morgan, Barbara Caesar. Shirley Schuppert, Peggy Zeller, and Joanne Hanson. lSm1lez1'l Joyce Thomas, Anna Dyson, Mary Ann McGee. Sharon Neidiffer, Darlene Bennett. judy Seiler, and jo Ann Thomas. 9 or Q s.- 1 Ron' S: Virginia Sinkhorn. Phyllis Silvers. Linda Douglas, Barbara Caesar, joyce Thomas. Betty Mather. Ann Howard. and Yvonne Morgan. Rau' 2: Carol Hodge. Becky Fendley. Shirley Foster. janet Frazier. Shirley Schup- pert. Judy Seiler. Phyllis Davis. jo Ann Thomas, and Wilda Cooper. Run' I: Anna Dyson. Darlene McCutcheon. Peggy Zeller. Marilyn Gilliatt. Mary Ann McGee. Sharon Neidiffer, and Donna Flanagan. On December l9, a Christmas Party was enjoyed by the members of Omega Tri Hi Y at the home of Darlene Bennet. lfach member brought gifts with which to hll a Christmas basket for the club's needy family. One of the fund-raising activities in which the club members took part yy as operating the checkrooms at the basketball games. They donated the proceeds from one night's business to the March of Dimes. They also earned money by selling boxes of sarious kinds of candy. The annual Mother and Daughter banquet was held at the Colonial Manor in the spring. The ofhcers who were elected to serye during the ensuing year were installed. The outstand- ing club member sxas chosen by Miss Muriel Rvall and Miss btephenson. xx ho are sponsor and assistant sponsor, respectively. of the club. Officers of Omega Tri lli Y for the school year irc janet Lasley. secretaryg Delores Dorsey, xice president Nlaralyn XY'olf. president. Sue Kepley. sergeant at arms Bonnie jones. historiang and Peggy Lewis. treasurer as fx ,ng nun, C-3' O ,Q , t T Libby Davis. Judy Thomas, Virginia Pry, Sandra Utrecht, and Judy McCaffrey served as the club's officers. Hearing- - - Uzeir Pleasure The Zeta Chi chapter of Tri Hi Y was organized in Sep- tember of 1935, for freshman and sophomore girls. It is a YMCA unit. This is one of the many Ti lli Y's affiliated with a nation- wide fellowship of high school youth. lt is a service club organized for the purposes of creating, maintaining, and extending, throughout the home. school, and community, high standards of Christian character. In order to be a member of the chapter, the girls who participate in the activities of the club must have a "C" aver- age. The ofhcers must have a "B" average. Pins were distributed on November 22, at an impressive initiation for new members. It was held in the high school auditorium. As a part in the annual homecoming parade, members made a large, white football decorated with red and black streamers. Rau' 3: Sue Atkins, Peggy Klinger, Virginia Mason, Sara McKeny, Nicki Negangard, Ann Murphy, Ruth Wheat- ly, Suzanne Lytle, Ruth Lamb, Sharon Dodge, june Barr, and Doris XVhite. Ron' 2: Carroll Mardis, Carol Payton, Pat Boyd. Marjorie Brannon, Barbara Austin, Carol Sue Barrett. janet Payton. Sarah St. Clair, and Joyce Wilson. Rau' 1: Kay Condra, Wanda Grangier, Doris Myler. Betty Reas. Sharon Wztggoner. Janice Moon, Phyllis jensen. Nancy Lucas, JoAnn jefferson, Marilyn Reed, and Ann Thompson. v '4 . 5 x UI This was placed on a truck with two girls acting as football referees and four others dressed as football players. For the convenience ol people coming to the games. the girls maintained a checkroom during all the home basketball games. From one of these checkrooms they gave the proceeds to the communit"s annual March of Dimes drive. Aside F from this, the ' fave their time to work downtown at the olio 5 S stands on january 21. To make the Easter holidays happier for the men and women at the Floyd County Infirmary. the members packaged treats for them. Each package was gaily decorated and con- tained Easter eggs and Easter candy. So that they could raise money for charity and club projects, the girls had pastry sales downtown and candy sales at the school. The club enjoyed a guest speaker at one of its meetings in the early spring. The speaker, who was Paul Clausen, as- sistant pastor at the First Church of God, spoke on "Develop- ing a Dependable Set of Values." On March 17, the district Hi Y-Tri Hi Y meet was held at our school. Many schools from District 12 attended this meeting. Zeta Chi, along with Alpha, was in charge of the decorations. This club is sponsored by Mrs. Merle XX'alker. "Check your coat" was the cry of Mary Lieber. judy McCaffrey. Virginia Pry. and joAnn jetferson. Fsidently Mr. Ralph Dayis. student teacher. heeded their cry. Zeta Chi Tri Hi Y members hold their formal initiation. President Sandra l'tretht presides oser a weekly meeting of the Zeta Chi Tri Hi Y as Virginia Pry proposes a motion. C0 Serve .75 Chair Goal To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian char- acter is the purpose of the Sigma Hi Y. This active group, composed of junior and senior boys, artici ated in man activities throu hour the school ear. P Y Y The members joined with the Senior Hi Y and held a ban uet and formal initiation ceremonies at a local cafe- fl teria. At this time the new members were presented with Hi Y pins. During the Christmas season they aided the New Albany Lions Club in their charity program by selling Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations. This lively group of boys played host at the pep session on February 4, before the Evansville Reitz game. They had their own cheerleaders, cheering section, and basket- ball game. This Hi Y club is one of the eight boys' clubs of this school that participated in intramural basketball. These games were held weekly in the NAHS gym. This spring the members collaborated with the other Tri Hi Y and Hi Y clubs of NAHS to hold a district Tri Hi Y and Hi Y meeting here. Representatives from sixty Southern Indiana clubs were invited to attend the meeting. Mr. Floyd Henry is the club sponsor. Bill Deuser and Ronnie Schad whoop it up for the Reitz Panthers at a pep session given by Sigma Hi Y. Rou' 3: Tom Sellmer, jerry Byers, jim Michell. Ronald Endris, Ronnie Byers, and Bob Genung. Row 2: Eddie White, Ben Phillips, Ronald Smith, Darrell Leach, Larry Leffler, and Raymond Kochert. Row 1: Harry DeArk, Ronald Graver, Donald Kay, and Larry Tompkins. Rou' 3: Tom Sellmer, jerry Byers jim Michell, Ronald Endris. Ronald Schad, and Richard Williamson. Rou' 2: Robert Gallo- way, Arthur Endres, Nevin Martin. Ray McKown. and Bob Wells. Rau' 1: Bill Wheeler. Kenny Wiseman. Bill Deuser. and Walter Cory. sfdfldiilgf Ronnie Leach, sergeant-at-armsg Wayne Randolph, chaplaing Guy Bell, treasurerg Terry Turbeville, secretary: and john Bowen, vice president. Seattfd: Roger Ehalt. president. s 1 Ron' 3: Buddy Kannapel. Tom Wohlfeld. Don Towns Harrison. Bob liwton. Bob Hoback. Tom Harmon, Ray jerry Very, john Pepper. Mike Wfalts, Carl Platt. Wfillia it Hays, Iiennis Preston, Gary Dempster, joey Tucl-zer. joan McLean. and Max Baylor. Rau' I: Donnie XY'eb: jenkfns, joe Quinn. Omer Middleton. CliHf Deal, Don Deeds with Willingness The members of the junior Hi Y are composed of freshman and sophomore boys who are interested in leading better lives through Christ. These boys volunteer their services after school to referee several grade school sports. including football. basketball. and baseball games. The junior Hi Y joined vvith the Sigma and Senior Hi Y's in contributing the large Hi Y sign and roster boards in the gym- nasium. The club also gave its assistance during the March of Dimes Campaign at the beginning of the year by manning the contribution tables in the downtown area. As a fund raising project the club held several successful candy sales throughout the school year. This is the hrst year Mr. Charles Pratt has sponsored the club, ' l 2 s K fl, ,. end. Tommy Sinex. Nelson Thomas. Pat Drewry. jerry Young. Gary Fentress. and Eddie Hamilton. Run' 2: r. Dale liarnsley. Bill Jenks, Charles jerrell. Denny Cummins. jimmy Gadd. Barry Austin. and Barry james. On the way to one of their meetings are presiding otlicers of Freshman Hi-Y-Gene Middaugh. secretaryg Bill Hutchinson. treasurer: Steven Von Allmen. vice president: Gary Austin. sergeant-at-armsg and I.. B. llocker. president. 8l .-5 os ...Q Bob Armstrong. Ronald Craig. and other members put Hnishing touches on shakers to be sold at the sectional. Keurers af flzph Sfaudards The Senior Hi Y Club was established for the purposes of creating, maintaining, and extending throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. The club participated in a number of activities during the school year. lt sponsored a basketball mixer, sold basketball and football decals, and helped with the Polio March of Dimes at a basketball game. Also, the annual Hi Y Banquet was held on January 17. Dick Roberts was elected presidentg jerry Daily, vice presi- dent, George Iiverbach, secretary, Ray Christiansen, treasurer, Lee Buchanan, sergeant-at-arms: and Tom Goris, chaplain. Each year at Graduation, the club sponsors an award to be given to the outstanding Hi Y member. Only junior and senior boys qualify for membership in this club. The sponsor of the Senior Hi Y Club is Mr. Stan Sajko. Rou' 3: Denzil Kost, jimmy Kaestner. Paul Schefer. jim Kloster. Ray- mond Berry, john Sandlewick. Mickey Neely, john Bob Hall. Harold Beebe. and jerry Keller. Rmz' 2: Kenneth Wcvlfe, Dan Carpenter. Richard Frazier. Bill Bensing, Bill Braden. Bill Wells, james Grundy, Bill Henry, Bill lnzer. and Charles Andres. Ron' 1: Daxid Creps. Bob Armstrong, Louis Stein, Louis Cauneld. Larry Dougherty, Dennis Richardson. Billy Elliott. Ronald Craig. Glen jackson, and Wesley' Koch. D i c k Roberts. T o m Goris. George Everbach. Ray Christian- sen. and Lee Buchanan. othcers for the year. are loafing. as usual. I if .. . 1 rv sf 4 ' S X ew Ron' 3: joyce Tackett. Betty Xwolfe. Judy Streckfus. Sarah Taylor, jo Ann Nishet. Ruth Payne. Joan Dlardis. Mary Ann Garyin. Joyce Chafhn. Judy Eadens, and Deanna Ferguson. Rau' 2: Barbara Austin. Betty Crone. Marilyn Bir, Phyllis Thomas. Mae Flanders. Betty Appleby. Nancy Herring, Lucy Horton. Patsy Atkins. and Susie Fulkerson. Rau' I: Sue Shiyel, Judy Thomas. Earline Disney. Pat Bowerman. El Mara Reynolds, Linda Kieser, Marlene Parker. Sue Faith, and Linda Hollis. U15 961411116 Side' af the Game The Girls Athletic Association is proud to be affiliated with a state organization. Its purpose is to set high standards of sportsman- ship for those who participate in girls' athletics. In November, tive members and the club's sponsor. Miss Sue Hughes, attended a GAA playday. This playday which was held in Bloomington was attended by the twenty schools in District 0. One of the main projects this year was to purchase sweat shirts for every member who had been in the club a year. To support the team and make money for the club the girls sold pencils with the basketball schedule on them. ln january some of the girls participated in a girls' basketball game held in the boys' gym and sponsored by the Blotter. The Yellow jackets triumphed oyer the Blue Hornets 22-20. ln order to be initiated. the girls must earn 30 points. To earn these she must participate in sports outside of school, Some of these sports include basketball. bowling. skating. ping pong. and swim- ming. Officers of GAA. Lois Casey. yice president: Virginia Schroeder. secretary: Maralyn XY'olf. treasurer: and Karen lfunk. president. inspect athletic equipmentg and from the expressions it seems things are in tip-top shape. 'f' ' 1 wi avi. l v. A 1 6 'VXA-v Q I 83 With Nrffhiug To ".S',w1rc"' Any high school student is eligible to join the Bowling Cflub. The purposes of this club are to proxide healthful recreation and to teach good sportsmanship. One of the activities of this club is ll banquet in April to which all of the members are invited. The members also bowl each VC'ednesday after school between Szllil anti -4:00 at the Pearl and Oak Bowling Alleys. The ofhcers for the 1954-55 leagues were Ben lfwton. presi- dent: Nevin Martin, vice president: Larry Faith, secretary. and jamie Aebersold. treasurer. The Bowling Club is under the sponsorship of Mr. VC'illiam Vincent. The club was organized in I9-io. Each year, there are trophies awarded to the members for special achievements. There are four teams this year consisting of 5 members each. lt's a sure strike. and in good form. as Ben Ewton demon- strates bowling techniques to on-looking members. Rnu' 2: joe Mills. Larry Blackman. jim Hardin. Melxin Francis. Ben liwton. David Streckfus. Larry Sherrod. and jerry Badger. Rau' 1: Raymond Berry. David Becker. Ronnie Boes. Larry Badger. jamie Aebersold. Ronnie Badger. Larry McCullough. and Larry Faith. Oflicers of the Bowling Club. Larry Faith. Ben Ewton. Nexin Martin. and jamie Aebersold. take time out before going to the Pearl and Oak Bowling Alley. 2 0 000 00 lb! tl S A an Slaudiug: Richard Frazier, Donald Salmon, Larry Smith, Mourice Kaufer. Walter Stewart, George Deitsch, Roy Hall, Jerrold Miles, Russell Ford, james Adams, Dwight Patterson, Bill Tischendorf, Mr. Francis, Bob Brown, Richard Hilton, and Frank Kaufer, Setned: Martha Coffman, XX'arren Anderson. Paul McCauley, Walter Worthington, Tom Van Cader, Charles Barker, jerry Staton, Dave Flanigan, Owen Tucker, Francis Baird, Gene Sommerville, and Reid McGee. Members of the Rifie Club discussing a coming meet are Warren Anderson. XValter Stewart, Russell Ford, Richard Hilton. and Richard Frazier. tl , 's" is ' 5'3" -Kgs f h 5 " , :gil r 0 .Q-+4 86 'L4imi14g" fiar ?u14 Learning fair play, sportsmanship and knowing how to shoot safely are the rewards of being a member of the Rifie Club. To gain this knowledge, the member attends basic training classes, Tuesday of each week. This worthy organization was started in September of 1943 and has been ro rressin f steadil f for eleven 'earsg however, this school P fa fa 5 5 'ear is the first ear the Athletic De artment of the school has 5 Y included the rifle team in its sports program. A system of awards, similar to other school sports awards, has been set up for the team. Each year the outstanding Rifle Club members are sent to the Sectional Shooting Match. This yer's Sectional Shooting Match was held on April 25, 1955. New Albany's rifie team has made quite a showing at the match each year it has attended. Sponsors of the Rifle Club are Mr. Harley Francis and Mr. Louis Von Behren. Alley cfmf Tlie Tvmbling Club xxgs orgyinifed to zzssist in the deve'opment of proper coordfniitiirn of mind .xntl bttdy in order that its members :night perform leits or .igzlity .intl strength. Tlie club performed .tt the New Albany public schools' annual pfiys'c::l projgrain. v.f1ic'1 was held in the spring at the S, lfllen .Tones School. During the months of lfebrunry. Mly. and De- cember the group vv.1s featurel .pt several city civic clubs. Members i's le 'ttlt'c llst rl 'h l retlsh s :ro tt :lions r11 et f. 'ir sri fs it seve ,x sc oo vu i V . ovvs. The club censfsis ol' boys in .zll liour grades of NAHS. They qualify by tryouts with eliminations. They meet each Tuesday during the home room period in the girls' gym to practice various leurs .ind formations. Club officers for the past year vvere jerry Roche. president: Gerald Bertrand, vice president: Bill Deuser, secretary: and Bruce Perkins, treasurer This is no "heads-up" organization as proved by ' the members during a practice session Mr. Floyd Henry. who organized the club 10 years ago, is the sponsor at present. Run J: Char-les Backhernrs. Henry Dowell. Michael Potter. Bill Deuser. Bruce Perl-tins. Gerald Roche larl Bertrand. Druid johnson. Izdward Blust. and james johnson. Rau' I: David Ramsey, Donald Shutters Iarrv Quinn. Butch -lerrell. Gerald Schuppert. Bob Reed. Charles Hollis. and Phil Banet. A.n.,,. Pvppy Gals The Senior Boosters Club, organized in l9,i9 by Miss Alma lfischer. is one of the most actiye clubs in NAHS. lts main purposes are encouraging good sportsmanship. boosting all school activities, and increasing school loyalty. The Boosters sponsored a song and yell contest in the latter part of the basketball season. The contest, which was open to anyone in high school. was won by Alice Shields and john Sandlewick. As a prize, they were each awarded a sectional basketball ticket. The Boosters formed the traditional block "N" at all the seasonal and tournament games and sat together as a group during the football games. This was the first year for the flash card section. One of the most impressive dramatizations was the portrayal of the life of Abraham Lincoln at the basketball game on the night pre- ceding his birthday. One of the most anticipated events of the year is the Senior Booster annual picnic held in the spring for all lettermen on all athletic teams. The club is under the sponsorship of Miss Alma Fischer and Mr. Mike Hoffman. "Make a point. make a point. add another pointi' is one of the yells with which the Boosters Club form the card section, Members of the Senior Boosters Club form their noted block "N" during the Sectional Basketball Tourney. l 1. ull! 159 nnA-lhnd5 -' L L 03 'lhc Boosters Club forms a 77 at thc first basketball game in 1977 to welcome in the new year 89 Hulldvg Hackers Since l948 when junior Boosters was organized, this club has been an enthusiastic supporter of the junior Varsity teams. The purposes of the organization are to promote better sportsmanship among all students at athletic events and to boost all school activities. junior Boosters is one of the largest clubs in the school, composed of 148 ardent fans of the jV teams. Each year from their membership JV cheerleaders are chosen who back our team at all home games. ln the fall junior Boosters entered a very interesting float in the annual homecoming parade. Evidently, the judges thought so too, for it received second place in the contest. Bulldogs, painted on heavy cardboard by Nancy Hancock, comprised the decorations for the prize-winning float. The Bulldog paints were then placed in the gym where everyone can admire them. Officers for the club include Pat Whiteley, presidentg Sandy Fultineer, vice presidentg janet Lasley, secretaryg and Barbara Binford, treasurer. The club is under the sponsorships of Miss Kathryn Ellis and Mr. Mark Perrin. The qualification for membership into junior Boosters is to be a freshman or sophomore girl with a sincere desire to uphold the purposes of the organization. junior Boosters have been busy during the past year. Besides contributing a lot of noise from the freshman and sophomore side of the gym at pep sessions, they helped Senior Boosters form their "N" at all the games. Another activity which was sponsored by this club was the JV Hop, held February 18, in the high school gym after the last basketball game. This occasion was highlighted by the crowning of the junior Varsity Basketball Queen. Marilyn Hudgin was crowned queen by Mr. Henry. Her escort was David Chastain, captain of the junior Varsity team. Those in the queen's court and their escorts were Sandy Fultineer, Bill Henryg jo Hannah Hahn, Larry Leeg Pat McCampbell, jim Emeryg and Saundra Drabing, Bill Ryall. The junior Boosters assemble early to make their "j B" and cheer the junior Varsity Team to victory. . , xa L nz L: F , .se :-X ,. xW -1 - .. ig lx Members of junior Hoosiers' executive committee are f.S'luruli11gI -Virginia Sinkhorn, judy Potter. Becky Miller. Lucy Anderson, and Pat XVhitele5. Mcuziezfl-jtltly Raney. Barbara Binford, Ronnie Sparkman leads the Bunny Hop at the Junior Sandy Fultineer. janet Lasley. and Vera Seipel. Boosters' Sock Hop. ,4 Nlarilxn Hudgin vas crowned V C ueen at the lunior Boosters' A 1 J .H , . . 2 . . , . h . , Sock Hop after the Bloomington haskethall game. Her attendants were Saundra ifrabing. jo Hannah Hahn. Par McCampbell. and Sandy Fultineer. The forward look of uctorx is seen in the ues f the Bulldogs This xx is the unior B posters tontri hution to the homeeornini., parade. l'N V 5 ,Jew I Lf' .-1' 1 af'-:fr 1 Q 'T-+.':il" -Q3 H ' -lm f""'g.+'1 ' fnf f.-f',-:"-rj.: ' -fra. 'Z.,'g,i1'2?L-fir 3.-2' IPAQ '- ''f.111:E,- 4 f ' pr :Qfx This Q, U HJ ,gas if 6 4.- .f x X A Q' The linemen put in some hard practice on the blocking sled in the first week of practice. Gridiron Greats The 1954 New Albany football team ended the season undefeated and untied for the frrst time in the school's history. Coach Forrest McCaFfry's Bulldogs won the SIAC football championship for the first time in 19 years, with decisive wins over Bloomington, Vincennes, and Evans- ville's Reitz, Central, and Bosse. The Bulldogs opened the 1954 season by defeating the potent Valley Vikings of Louisville, 19-12, showing very good form for an opening game. Dick Roberts, playing his first game of football, scored two touchdowns to lead the red and black. The Dogs took to the road for their next game, which was against the Bloomington Panthers. After a poorly played first half, the Bulldogs broke loose in the second half to clinch the victory. The injured Chet Denny gave the team a needed spark, and jim Henry and jerry Daily passed to Bill Swift and jim Clayton to break the game wide-open for a 20-0 win. The following week the Macmen were hosts to their arch-rivals, the powerful St. Xavier Tigers of Louisville. ln a rough, bruising, hard-fought game the Bulldogs rolled over the Tigers in the first half and led l-1-0. Then, in A victory cheer is given by A. J. Harvey. Ronnie Leach, and Ronnie Sparkman in the shower room following the Bosse game. vu' , the second half the New Albany offense was restrained. and St. Xavier began to gain repeatedly. The Bulldog line then put on one of the most courageous goal-line stands ever witnessed at Buerk Field, as they held St. X time and time again. Don Schnell's conversion gave the Bulldog'-5 a hard-earned lei-15 win. For the second straight week the strong Bulldog line saved the game, as it held Shortridge of Indianapolis on tire one-foot line several times. The team, heavily penalized. had to fight from behind to conquer the Blue Devils l-l-'. jim Henry, veteran quarterback, intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter, and a few plays later. scored the winning: touchdown on an option play. The Canines then knocked off the highly-touted Reity Kf.u1ri.'f1m'1l flux! page! lt's a touchdown! And look at that hug that Mrs. McCaffry is about to give her husband to celebrate. BILL SVVIFT DICK ROBERTS JIM CLAYTON RONNIE LEAcH A. J. HARVEY JOHY BOWEN L- 4 1.-W ...4 U5 WJ' fum - ' CA U ff ',, as Wg Ly 3 . 4 4 ' 123 I I ' o al X I WA 1 21 ., . ,, xg- . 1, 1 1,1 K -, f 9. A 44' A f, My fgi. X, ?j s'jx.4A- .w,'k'i.k. H -,I 1 'M ..g"'!'. 'I ,,,, J-A M51 if 4 4' .-'f' R-,keflg pJY.,.4.,:4 ,fffs 4 Jff. Minrii ,in V, A31-ggi. f. ,VK "'a':+9T'g"f. ,' fu . .Q 124 - .4 . .va ,r ,,,, ,, .... 'Qui' M. n,' k I Q 1 -Gigs r-44. I ..., A .V , xi ,U Mfg, .gg him M: A , . r ,.s.- f ,- Z 1 WW' 'A 'pf' s v 0 wo- ! an john Bowen gives Central's players a good example of the broken fought game. The Bulldog backs, Bowen, Denny, and Roberts. led the team to a well-earned victory. The following week, in the annual homecoming game, every man was determined to make up for the mediocre homecoming game the previous year. The team did just that, as it downed the outmanned Shawnee Indians 38-U. Denny and Henry scored twice each and Bowen and Solomon once each in the team's eighth straight win. In the final game of the season, the New Albany Bull- dogs proved their teeth were sharper than those of the Bosse Bulldogs. They won a 15-0 game over the Evans- ville team for the honored distinction of being unbeaten -field running that made him an outstanding halfback. and untied. Bill Swift, Jim Henry, and Ronnie Leach sparked the team in the final game. Swift and Henry each recovered fumbles that hurt Bosse heavily, and Leach scooped up a loose ball and ran 68 yards for the game- clinching touchdown. The All-Star teams gave added honor to NAHS. The United Press named Ronnie Leach to the first team: A. 51. Harvey, second team: Bill Swift and Chet Denny. third team: and Dick Roberts, honorable mention. The Associ- ated Press named Ronnie Leach and Ronnie Sparkman to its team of 53 players. The Conference All-Star team found Chet Denny and Ronnie Leach gaining first string ff.0IlfflIIH.'lf on page U91 Rovwu- SP.-.RKHAN JIXI CL,-XPP GLEN j.u,l-tsox 'Q' Clfllfl' IJIINNY The team gives Coaches McCaffry and Perrin the traditional dousing in the shower following the Bossc game. JIM Ilrfxm' if 212-J -A E Student Managers Larry Fisher. Charleb Powell. and john Stofel rcmoxe equip ment for the falls first practice. honorsg Ronnie Sparkman and jim Henry. second team, and .lim Clayton and Bill Swift, third team. Ronnie Leach gained the distinction of being named on Y ' every first-string All-Star team in the state. This outstand- ' N ' ing tackle was named on the second string All-American - team, selected by the Vfigwam XY'isemen of America. This was the first time that a New Albany athlete had gained such distinction. McCaffry's crew climbed steadily in the Associated and United Press ratings, and were rated 2nd in the state in the final poll. The 1955 Football team is history now, but they will he remembered for years to come as the greatest ever to wear the red and black. Rau' 4: Steve Yarbrough, Larry Evans, Shelby Humphrey, Andy Hall. Guy Bell. Floyd Stroud. Bill Hutchinson. jim Henry, Don Schnell and Dennis Richardson. Rau' 5: Charles Roberson, Kenneth Bentley, jim Clayton, Bill Payne, jim Clapp. Dick Roberts, Bill Swift Bob Maier. Bill Farris, and Chet Denny. Rau' 2: John Bowen, jim Dougherty, Darrell Leach. A. j. Harvey. Ronnie Leach, Glen jackson Melvin Francis. Dan Mook, Gary Austin, and Larry Gullet. Rou' I: joe Carrol, Larry Mcliown, Dave Striegel, Bill Ryall, Terry Byrd Ronnie Sparkman. Carl johnson, Jerry Daily, and Billy Henry ' 4 Vf Q L .J .Ls jim Henry's neck takes a beating as he is forced out of bounds after intercepting a Bosse pass. New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany 5 J New Albany I00 19 Z0 lei lei 27 '16 1 5 5 8 l 5 Valley 12 Bloomington 0 ,, St. Xavier 13 Indianapolis Shortridge 7 Evansville Reitz 15 Vincennes 12 Evansville Central 6 , Shawnee 0 Evansville Bosse 0 Ir. Alex Thom glows with pride as he showa the SIAC football trophy to Hill Farris and Dan Mook. ,lim Clayton. Charlus Rohcraon. and jerry Solomon carry Coach Nldfaffry on their shoulders following the Bone game. flanked on the right by a downcaat Bgm: playur. 4 2 Rau' 4: Troy Will, Gerry Lewis, Don Akers, Don Schrieber, Skippy Dickerson, Carl Evans, Roger Moody, Astor Whitheld, David Ramsey, and J. D. Rexroat. Ron' 3: Coach Mike Hoffman, David Hzsle, -Ion Mathes, Able Hays, Bill Burd, Larry Quinn, Tom Hendrickson, Fred Donald, Julius Ward, jim Hardin, Glenn Motsinger, Tim Payne, and Coach Stanley Saiko. Rau' 2: Tom Sinex, Dan Seger, jack Harvey, Bill Ryall, Don Richert, Bill Hayes, George Lloyd, Stewart Harmon. and john Pepper. Rau' I: Tom Habermel, Gary McKim, Omer Middleton, Ronald Hartman. Chet Michell, Gerald Harrison, Elwood Snider, and Shelby Humphrey. kickin 1fl61mr1ir1i Punfin ' The junior Varsity Football team finished the season with no victories and five losses, but its success and prog- ress can not be measured in terms of games won and lost. The .IV's played with determination at all times against heavier and more experienced opposition. The team, comprised mostly of freshmen and a few sophomores, should greatly benefit the varsity squad next season. Bill Ryall and David Ramsey should round into top-notch backs, judging from their showing in the games. The varsity line should also benefit greatly by the addition of Stewart Harmon, Don Richert, jack Harvey, and Don Schrieber from the Pups. ln the opening game, the inexperienced Pups were edged lO2 out by Valley, 6-0, in the rain. The second game wfth Flaget was nip-and-tuck for three quarters, but Hiilly Flaget broke loose to win, 8-0. The Pups were determinegl to break into the win column against the tough St. Xavier team. They battled the Tigers on even terms most of the game, but St. Xavier grabbed up a loose ball in the closing minutes for a 6-0 win. New Albany scored its first touchdown of the season in the first quarter of the Central of Louisville game, but lost by 21-7. In the final game of the season, the Pups were handed their worst defeat by Shawnee, -42-0. This year's team was coached by Mr. Sgijko and Mr. Hoffman. S i SVSIE XXIALKER NLKRLIA NX REI.I IWARY Lou GIBSON CATHERINE jo ELLIS RONNIE SNOOK in-ol"' 'l"'.IS" "rigid" BILL WELLS Full of pep? Of course! Thais our j. V. cheerleaders-Lana Eve, Pat Mcffampbell. Saundra Dra bing, Ruth Hamelmann. Linda Gibson. and Linda Douglas. Captain. l ae.- fri iff in 0' IJ? 4 f Coaches Henry and Givens are showing the opposition's offensive pattern to Don Tucker. Bill Henry, Charles Seitz. jim Henry. George Everbach. Bill Swift, Bruce Speedy, jerry Harrison, Bob Maier, jerry Solomon, Harold johnson. and Eddie Owens. Jfurduforfd ffcfraas' The 195-1-55 basketball team was one of the greatest teams ever to represent our school. It was the highest scoring team in the school's history and set numerous records along the tourney line. This was one of the hardest fighting groups ever to wear the red and black on the hardwood. The team won the SIAC with a record of 9-1. and ad- vanced to the state hnals for the third time in five years. The Bulldogs downed the Clorydon Panthers 7-i-5l in the season opener, but failed to look impressive in doing so. ln the next game at Bedford the Bulldogs had to stage a terrific comeback to win. They beat the Stonecutters 50--ill after being behind 22 points at one time. XX'hen they entertained Martinsville. the Canines showed they could play a slow type ball game as well as fast-break, and sent the Artesians home with a 68-si loss. The Dogs traveled to Anderson and came out of the slump to subdue the Indians 6"-55. The Givensmen theu literally burned up the nets at Vincennes. and came home with a 79-71 victory. I04 The Bulldogs dulled the Hatchets of XY'ashington at home the next night with a 72-5-f win. Givens' crew then journeyed to Lafayette's Invitational Tournament. They beat the host Broncos 65-62 in a close game to gain the final with -Iasper, which had eliminated Hammond. The next night the Jasper XY'ildcats handed them their first loss of the season. in a thrilling 68-67 game. At lfvansville. the Bulldogs proved their teeth were sharper than those of the Bosse Bulldogs and were victori- ous 'Z-64. The Male Purples were handed one of their worst defeats in history by our team. Coach Givens' strategy, coupled with stellar playing, sent them back across the river with a lil-'5 defeat. New Albany then almost lost hope for a conference championship in a torrid game at livansville Memorial. After coming from behind. the Canines edged the Pocket City team, 6'-64. The following week. the Seymour Owls handed them their second defeat of the year. In a see-saw battle of two good teams. Seymour came out on top. 80-". The next night the Dogs returned home and thumped the Madison Clubs, 89-57. At Tell City, the Dogs broke in the Marks- men's gym in high fashion by handing them a severe 90-38 setback. In their inaugural meeting with Indianapolis Manual, they beat the Capital City team, 89-61. Then the jasper Wildcats handed the Givensmen their worst setback of the season, 74-58. The following week the Reitz Panthers staged a terrific comeback but succumbed by 62-60. The following night at Indianapolis Howe, the Dogs bested the Hornets in a close tussel, 80-75. Evansville Cen- tral fell next to the Bulldogs, and fur flew as they beat the Golden Bears, 79-73. Next, the conference crown was captured as Bloomington fell by 82-66. The Dogs breezed through the sectional in record- breaking style. By defeating Georgetown 115-52, New Salisbury 68-49 and Morgan Township 87-57, they set many new records. The confident Bulldogs took the re- gional in their stride the next week. By defeating Silver Creek 77-66 and Paoli 88-60, they again set many new records. As the string of record-breaking victories con- BILL SWIFT EDDIE OWENS V tinued, they downed Switz City 84-41 and Vincennes 86-58. The State Finals found four of the State's best teams as- sembled in the Butler Fieldhouse. The Crispus Attucks Tigers of Indianapolis stopped the Bulldogs' bid for the title by 79-67, and went on to win over Gary Roosevelt. jim Henry was named as the recipient of the coveted Trester Award, given for all-around sportsmanship and scholarship. Jim Henry and Harold johnson were named first team on the Conference All-Star Team. Charles Seitz received honorable mention. Henry was also named on the All-Finals team and played in the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star game. He was also nominated for the North-South All-Star game at Murray, Kentucky. The Courier-journal All-Star Team named jim Henry on the first team and Harold johnson and Charles Seitz on the eighth team. Charles Seitz won the annual free throw trophy. Another season has gone into the record books. The Bulldogs of 1955 are history now, but their record and achievements will be remembered for many years to come. BOB MAIER BRUCE SPEEDY HAROLD JOHNSON JERRY SOLOMON K '1t t r my llll alurmg thy 'Nus Ndlnxlmrx kung IO6 llonnlm Giu-nw calls :inn--out in ai do lmll ggum' to Lll5L'UNN straw.-gy. f : I 3 Cmurgc l'.NL'I'l7liLl1 and I-Qddiu Owuns flgl 0 .1 lm xl wg ' -A'-x liaru d ummm nuts down tHe autmnal nets .afar tu: Bulldogs uctorx our Morg,.m 'lows mhnp Dow TI 1 KIIR ,K U jm Hfxm CHARLII SEITI N GLORGE Evxnmc H Bon Armxf JL gully Q 55, I Il - ! ,A W- 1 Q-,523 ' L. I l ME A 'I ggi Nh 'HIFI InE' ":."-2' Te-fa ?r i. if? MDL I' ig f f I of 'e 34 f a , 'V A5 , bf L. Y 95, 1 Q ,, gg 3 '1 Q 4 l 8 Y ' 4 4 1 f Q .Wi 0 ,Ja fi 'Z M W Lf ' .f aw v V , I, 1 v 9 'W 1 Q ' fy vx ' K v 1 .4 t If , WY ffv I if 1, ' I 'L AQ.: V.. BE New New New New New New New New New Yew New New New Yew Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany 74 D0 68 79 7 K Q ll nrx s ln ILA' -Xw :rd lllktli to Cox x gn l rothe Kefvrd Cory don Bedford M1fI1HSS1ll6 Anderson Vlncennes 1ShlHf,IOH L xf xy ette asper EX'1I'1SVlllC Bosse Loulsy 1lle Male lx lf1SX1llC Memorlal bey mour Macllson 'lell Cnty 5 New New New New New New Yew New New New New New New N cw Alb my Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Alb my Alb my Albany Albany Albany Albany Alb my Albmy 89 5 7 lndnnapolls BI mu il 'lsper Eyansyllle Reltz Indnanapolxs Howe Emnswxlle Central Bloomlnygton Gcorgetow n New S1llSl'lLlI'y Morgm Tow nshnp ixlyer Creek P1011 Swnrz C nry Vlmcnncs lndun npolns Crnspus Atrualxs 61 60 T K It s Bulldogs ursus T1gers ay New Albany battles 1 rxspus Atturks IU the afternoon gamv, of the Stan hnals jim c 1 hmm his H 'N ' A 2 - zl Q 2L'l'1 Gi - x and hia 1 -r Bill. f 'V V VV I' 5l ' ' 2 ' H '2 2 ' 2 2 ' -,--,.,,.,,,,, V V V ,,,,, V V 49 f ' f 58 ,,,,, ., ,.,. ,,....., , ,, ,. , . ., ., J. 7-l ' 67 ..,......, , ,,,,, , ,, 55 ' '80 ,,,,.. . ..., , , ' 2 ' ' 75 , ,, ,, ' A 7l ' 2 ' 79 , H, ,. ,, '2 " 2 73 V V72V VUL ' Y 5l l ' 2 '82,,, . ' Y 66 V , V65 , 224' 62 1 ' 2 'll' A , , ' Y ' 52 V '67 ,,,, 68 ' 2 'I8 ,,,, , ' 2 ' '-19 V V 2 Yylylvyyyy VV V V -, ' 6-L ' '87 ,, ,,,,, , , .... H ' ' 57 1 ' "9l. ,... , , , , ' " 75 ' '77 .... ,, A . , . Q ' '66 V '17 ,, . , i'2 " ' fel ' ' 88 . A . A , , , ., ,. 2 '60 V V 77 V V V ' ' 80 2 ' Srl ... . , , A ' V 5' 'il V .39 . ' 57 ' 2 y' 86 , , , ' " ' 53 L V VQQV VV ' ,'y'3S " 2 y'67., '22 ' ," "'7Q l w juuivr Huskcfecrs The New Albany junior Varsity basketball team, coached by Floyd Henry, ended the season with a very impressive record. The team won 12 games while only losing 2. The Pups opened the season with a victory over Corydon, 32-30. Then Bedford barely edged them out, 35-32. Martinsville went down by 44-52, but Anderson handed them their worst loss of the season, 40-24, in the next game. Washington was an easy foe and fell by 50-26. The Henrymen ran up their highest score of the season in de- feating Male 65-41. ' Seymour and Madison could not cope with the Pups' heighth and fell by 45-28 and 60-56, respectively. A bal- anced attack gave the Pups a 44-27 win over Tell City. ln their first meeting with Manual of Indianapolis, they beat the upstate team, 47-51. jasper provided a close game, and New Albany, although behind, emerged victorious, 44-41. Reitz floored a good team but went home with a 51-45 defeat. The Pups ended the seison with victories over Indian- apolis Howe, 51-40, and Evansville Central 55-40. Coach Henry had a very tall team with tremenglaus rebounding power. The spirit was good among the well-rounded team, which fought back from behind on many occasions. The success of the -IV's should be some indication of good coaching and determination. Rau' 2: jim Scott, jerry Kessinger, Tom Harmon, Eulas White, Bill Hutchinson, David Grosheider, and Charles Andres. manager. Rau' I: jim Emery, Weldon Mitchell, Kenneth Bentley, jerry Harrison, Bill Henry, and jack Hunter. ,L 123'y 1 x Rau' 2: Pat Drewry, john Stumler. Tim Payne. Frank Adams. Bill Ryall. Bob Carter, Paul Parsons. Don Townsend, and Mr. Pratt. Rn: l: Randy Striegel. jerry Very. Denny jenkins. Chet Michell. Ed I.aDuke, Larry Quinn, Larry Lee, and Tom Hahermel. Qrrfsh J-fwpsfers The 1955 Freshman Basketball Team ended the season with a record of eight victories and six defeats. The lfrosh got off to a had start hy losing to Corydon 29 to 16 but hounced hack to edge Salem 53 to 32. They then defegtted the Central junior Varsity 42 to 55 and Holy Trinity 58 to 55. The lireshmen scored an easy victory over I:l.tget's little Braves to run their winning streak to four. After losing the second time in the season to fforydon. 42 to -il. New Albany dumped St. X. 51 to 29 and Providence 55 to 52 in hard fought contests. The team suffered its worst defeat of the season at the hands of Huntingburg in the hrst game of the SIAC fresh- man tournament 55 to 52. The Pups then downed Salem for the second time this season Sl to I9 before losing to St. X. 53 to 59. They then lost tyvo close games to Providence 5+ to 52 and Central 50 to ii. teams they had heaten previously. 'l he freshmen ended the season rolling over lilaget -46 to Sl to end their three game losing streak and give the team a xvinning record. This year's team vvas coached hy Charles Pratt. l I I Coach Sajko talks to Larry Robb. captain of the Bull- dogs about a precarious batting situation. fl!! and Kun ,flfairf The 1955 Baseball team, coached by Mr. Sajko, ended the season with a record of ll wins and 7 losses. Injuries and hard luck plagued the Bulldogs throughout the season, which could have been far better. The record of ll-7 is deceiving, since the Dogs lost 4 games by one run. Eastern handed the Sajkomen their first loss, 6-2. They then won their next five games. St. Xavier fell 8-0 and Shawnee by 4-2. Flaget was shut out 7-0, and Silver Creek was battered by li-2. Louisville Central was a 10-l loser to the Bulldogs, and then hard luck again overcame the team. Five errors helped the Providence Pioneers to edge out a 5-4 win. Kentucky Military Institute provided a pitcher's duel and a 3-I win for the Dogs. Traveling to Bedford the Bulldogs won the first game of a doubleheader, 7-0. In this game George Everbach, who had been playing a sensational Charles jenkins and Carl Schuppert are discussing pre-game strategy. lI2 defensne game 1n the outfield suffered 1 broken eoll1r bone lhe Sroneeutters edved the New Albms boss C ln the seeond game X 1x1er eleed out 1 1 3 w nn 1nd M1le took CJ 2,111 e from the Dogs 'Ihe seeond game wxth Male w 15 won by New Alb1ny 5 1 Sh1w nee was the loser 1n elose 1 5 'I he Does put on thelr l1lIIll'lQ elothes und bl1sted C entr1l lu l Southern fell 6 l ln the hrst gune of 1 doublehe tder but K Ml edged Ollt 1 5 wln to elose me se1son Lnrry Robb Bulldog., elptun won tl1e b1tt1n1g trophx wxth 1n 1wer1ge of 355 'Yew Yew New Yew New Yew Nexx New Yew New New New New New New New New Albmx Albmy Albms Alb1ny Alb1ny Albmy Alb1ny Albmw Albmy Albmy Allilfly All7lflX Albtnx Albtny Albmy Albxny Albxny SCHI DL Ll l tstern St X 1x1er Nl1 UN nee lf t Sllxer C reelC C entr 1l Proxldenee lxentueln Nl1l1t1rx Bedford Nt X111er M 1le M 1le Sl1 IXKIILL Pros ndenee Centrtl Southern lxentueln Bllllllfl 7 7 l Rfu Charles Sextz Bob Harnson B111 Waterhouse Chester Denny Don Schuppert George Eserbaeh and Bob Nlaxer Rm 1 Charles Andres manager Larry Robb Don Qehnell Don Tucker Charles jenluns Bxll Mann and Coach Sajko ' ., tn ' 1 1 V 1 1 2 - 1 1 1 , 1' ' ' 1 x' . , . , 5, , , . 2 I. "-w y 4 1 I 1 . Q 1 1 ' 1 1' 2 gif 1 C1 1 ' - v 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 3 1 .1 1 ' 1 ll 1' 1 ' 1 1' 11 Q 1 ' 1- - St. 'Q 1' 1 '-, " .1 1 1 '117- "1 11 1 1 ' 1 1' 7 llllglf CJ 4 . ' 1 ' 1,1 '- i --1 - 1 " ' ' ' - 1 1 ' 1 1 I0 I1 1 l 1 ' 1 ', '--'. Q 1 ' 11 '. 1 ' El ' '1 ' 2 ' 'l ' X W 7 ' 1 I' 5 - 1 1 A' l game. but Providence again defeated the Bulldogs, 5-5. New Albany 7 Bedford ll L , , 2 . 6 1 ' -1 . L . .. . '1' 1 ' 5 11 ,L 1 K - ,Q 2- . A. 1 7 1 ' 1 ' Cl 1 1 ', . X 1 , ' 1 ' - 2 . 2 . .i . ' 1 ' 1 I' S 1 1 tl 1 ' 1 4' 11 .Y 1 ' 11 .71 A A , I V' - rg I L 1' ' 1 - . . . .1 - -, . 1 . 1 , 1 , 5 , .. 7 1 1 1 ' li I- 1 l 1 , Y '1 1' . ' 1 1 ' A 4' I ' 2 -Y 6 ' . U A lf ' ' 1 ' ' W 'I' K 1' " 1 1 '11 ., ,. 1 , 1 1 1 Rau' 2: Larry Gullet, Terry Byrd, Bill Swift, Bob Humphrey, joe Voyles, jerry Harrison, Eddie Owens, Harold johnson, Dick Roberts, Bruce Speedy, Tom Harmon, Bill Farris, jim Clayton, john Bowen, Bill Jorris, and Glen jackson. Row l: Joe Carrol, Robert Walters, Randal Garriott, Bruce Perkins, jerry Miles, Guy Bell, Ronald Quackenbush, Adrian McNickle, Larry Potter, Weldon Mitchell, and Bob Carter. Spvcmculfzr Spikes The 1955 track team, coached by Alex Thom, finished the season undefeated in dual meets, champion of the New Albany Relays, and winner of its own sectional. Coach Thom welcomed lbi lettermen at the start of the season, virtually the same team that had won the sectional, New Albany Relays, and had been nosed out of the SIAC crown by 113 points the year before, however, had luck and injuries stopped the Bulldogs from becoming the great team it might have been. The Bulldogs opened the season by downing Silver Creek and Corydon in a triangular meet. New Albany was an easy victor, with 82 points, to Corydon's 56 l 5 and Silver Creek's 2l l 5. The Dogs then traveled to Bloomington, the Hoosier Relavs, the largest indoor high school meet in the United II4 States. Competing with the state's best, Bill Swift took fifth in the shot put and the Bulldog shuttle hurdle relay team took fourth. The Salem Lions fell easily, 85 to 24, before the Dogs' spikes, as did the St. Xavier Tigers, 89 to 20. In the first annual Bloomington Relays the Bulldogs took second, with 50 points, behind the host team with 57. Bill Swift and the shuttle hurdle team provided records in the 8 team meet. The Bulldog Cindermen then successfully defended their New Albany Relays title. New Albany scored 77 points over second place Seymour's 45 in the 12 team field. Bill Swift set a new shot put record, joe Carroll tied the pole vault record, and the Bulldog relay teams, the medlay, mile, and shuttle hurdle, came through with victories. The second 1nnu1l Columbus Rel 1xs l'-Ollflll thc. Newx Alblnx tt I11llI1lSl1lI'l 1 thnrd xxnth 6 pomts behlnd Bloo 11 nffton xx I1 S' pomts u1d folum us xxlth 15 I3llSxx11t l'lL at C1rrollstt n xx meet retords nn x nmnv t ur rtsptttnxt txtn s Vmcennes xxom AC 11.1 xx polnts, Bloommg, tt tom xxxt 11 Nevx Albanx took rd xx1t1 ot C1rroll and B1ll Sxxlft xxon t1e pole x 1 1lt 1nd shot put respectxxely 'l he Bulldog nult rel IX tt.1m tom posed of IIID Clay ton loc Voxlts lull l11rr1s .md Bruce Speedx, t11rnel m on' of me st1tt s bt t tnmes 3 35 The Dogs repe1ted IS sett11m1I 1 111111710115 xx 1th 62 pomts, oxer Stxmour xx1t1 1 nn the team field D1tk Roberts b ll Sxxntt 1nl Carroll set nexx meet records The Bulldogs h'1d 1 d1s1ppo ntuw 5ll0XXlI1g Ill the Regnonal .xt Bloommfrton lot C 1rroll xx11s on x mm 1 1 r t 1 state mee was croxx ned po L x 1.11 L 1 1 Il t tne Ind1.1 11 state finals lx toppmff l r 17 feet mches oc IS f1 yumor nd JPICWFS to have 11 xery promxslng track future The marks and records set bx tus tr1tk tum w1ll stand for years to remmd 1ll t 111 rms ILIIN vxas an outstandmg one B Farrxs breaks tht tapt hrs f ' x11 tlostlx b m Claxton and ot Xoxlts 3. llmg. 4-ill rut agamst St Yaxxtr Wedon h1lIkl1Lll gtts mf 1 LK d h tm txthmg I Blll orrxs nn tht 880 rtlax of tht N xx Xlbmx Rtlns The assnstant toath Nlr Ptrrm md t tsbrnan toath Mr Wardtll talk xl Tell t s xur vu xx11n ht d toach Mr lhom s 1 1 . . 1 J A 1 - . I I. ,I K. A A ' , - ' . : .' ' 1' '. 1 , b " "H, 1 1' "f 1. lulz- li " c' ' ' vf 1 i K, '1 -' A '- - ' ty. ' ' 1 the SI f m " 'ith 1713 ' ' ' jton :ok sc I l " '1 127' 1: ' nd ' 1' ' tf1i "1 S34 ,. xl 1 1 . . , ' ' 1 . ' '1 1 1 1 , 1 1- ' ' 1 .1 1 1. Q 1 - A 4 1 1 5 ' -Q Q 1' 1 ' : ' ' 3 1 'S , , :A . x . , . Q . 1 1 1 11 ' ' 'A fx' , kfllg ' 1 IS . ' , ll f 1 1 Aloe A 1 1 1 2 ' Q, ' " ' , O Q A 1 if the fi' . ll t .1,1l1fy L1 11' ' t. He ' 1 ' 't "ii: :wk io 21 ' " n' 7 ' ' 5 the 3:1 nt - 655 ' . J ' 1 ' ' il '. A: 1 ' ' V 7 . l ' ' , . , . ' ' , - , ,, ' ,. - ' . 1. 1 ' .. Y . ill ', -' ' ' ' ' I Z. :1l,11'. ' A l ' ' 1' 5 ji 1' ' J ' ' 1 in il 'rut' ' ' Y 1 '- ' l A ' - '- 'A 1 ' 111 .11 - ' 1 je 11 , " - , ' ' 1 sa' he Lld-. 1 k: I ' ' '11 ' ' , . r 1 . ardson, and Bobby Kopp watch Larry Donahue as he rakes a practice swing. jack Fulks, Dennis Rich- jack Fulks, Bill Peck. Bobby Kopp, john Durrell, Larry Dona- hue, Don Seiler. David Becker, and Dennis Richardson. 'nr-r pll,l7 Fuifers The 1955 golf team, coached by Floyd Henry, was com- posed of all underclassmen who have their eyes on the state title in 1956. The team showed championship form on several occasions, but also played far below their capa- bilities several times. Silver Creek was an easy 18-0 ro the llenrymen, 9-6. Silver Creek went down again, 15-0, and Providence pro- vided a 12-6 win for the Dogs. St. Xavier handed the youthful team its first defeat, 9-6, and Flaget rebounded from the earlier loss to dump our linksmen, 8-7. Columbus was a 9-6 loser. but Providence gained revenge l I6 by driving to a 7-4 win. Bedford nosed out an 8-7 win over the Dogs to end the regular season. The SIAC pro- vided a fifth place finish for New Albany in a 9 team field. Providence then won the sectional, in which New Albany hnished 9th in a 17 team field. The letter winners were Larry Donahue, jack liulks, Gene Middaugh, Donald Seiler, Donald Sutton, Raymond Kochert, Dennis Richardson, and Bobby Kopp. The Bulldog Linksmen showed a potential of being one of Indiana's top teams next year, and their line perform- ances this season should cast enough shadows to prove it. Over the River and Zfhraugh the Wands The New Albany Cross-Country Team, coached by Floyd Henry, turned in the best record achieved by Bulldog Cross-Country Teams of the past 10 years. ln the inaugural meet of the season the Bulldogs downed Silver Creek 15-40. In the next meet they defeated Fern Creek and St. Xavier by a score of 15-40-93 respectively. The Harriers then engaged the Salem Lions, and al- though Salem presented formidable opposition, New Albany was victorious by 25-54. In a quadrangular meet the Bulldogs placed the first hve men for 15 points. Silver Creek was second with 55, New Washington was third with 103, and New Salisbury was fourth with 108. The Thinlies placed third in the SIAC meet, behind Vincennes, with 28, and Bloomington, with 48 points. The Bulldogs entertained the Dragons of Silver Creek at the Country Club course in the final dual meet of the sea- son. Peculiarly, the score of 15-40 was the same as the early-season meet. The sectional meet found the Vincennes Alices winning with 49 points. New Albany placed second with 86 points, qualifying them for the state meet. The following week the Ridge-Runners placed eleventh in the state meet to round out a highly successful season. Bruce Speedy led the team, as he was undefeated in dual meets and always ran first for New Albany. The rest of the first live consisted of Adrian McNickle, Ronald Quackenbush, Bob Humphrey, and Charles Akers. Joe Voyles and Bruce Perkins also lettered. The 1955 aggregation is expected to be as powerful, if not more so, than the 1954 team. Bob Humphrey and Charles Akers were the only boys lost via graduation. Ron' 2: Bob Humphrey. Larry Curts, joe Tucker, Bob Zeller. Larry Lee. Jerry Staton. and Ronnie Bedan. Rau' I: Charles jerrell, Bruce Speedy. Bruce Perkins. A d ri a n McNickle, Charles Akers. Ronnie Quack- enbush. Guy Theis. and joe Voyles. Anticipating a tough opponent in the Salem Lions, the New Albany Harriers Crouch for a good start. II7 . 000 00 000 Rau' 3: Richard Reach, Walter Stewart, Russell Ford, Mr. Francis, jim Baker. Dick Hilton, Bill Tischendorf. Ron' 2: jack Bott, Charles Barker, jerry Staton, Louis Crayclen, and Maurice Kaufer. Rau' I: Frank Kaufer. Francis Baird, Warren Anderson, and Leonard Mcvlfilliams. Davy Gm Artis Despite a lack of experienced shooters, the rifle team, coached by Mr. Francis, turned in another winning season. After losing its hrst match of the season to Owensboro, Kentucky, the team scored an easy victory over the jeffer- sonville Boys Club. In the Indiana State matches New Albany took hrst and fifth place in the prone position and was hrst among non- military schools. The team received its second and last loss of the season in a postal match with North Field, Vermont. The Bulldogs then won four in zu row by defeating Lincoln High of Tacoma. XY'ashington3 .Ieffersonville Boys Club: Montgomery Blair High of Silver Springs. Mary- land: and Central High of Deposit. New York. The Bull- dog sharpshooters then placed first in the NRA Sectional to end the season. Russell lford. Charles Barker. -lim Baker. -lack Bott. jerry istxton. Xllalter Stewart. Leonard McXY'illiams. XY'arren Anderson. and Richard Hilton received varsity letters. An ev en better team is expected next year, since only one senior. Dwight Patterson. is lost by graduation. ll8 jim Baker and Russell Ford sharpen their shooting eyes preparing for the Culver meet. Mr. Francis gives instructions on prone shooting methods. Warren Anderson, Francxs Baxrd and Maurlce Kaufer compare scores to declde final results m a meet Bxll Tlschendorf Charles Barker and jack Bott are compenng nn an mtra squad match i 120 sl v"' -,U Q9 ,gvh , K. K 'QF' S .-"af" 5- M 'Nu' Q '-"9 fi-f FW' 1 iz: 414 f 'Lv fa' 1-. '43 . , ,,, 272 ...Ma J .V 5-'l ' " : '. -11 -,ga 3. Af"Yn,,,' 441' O fb? Q 9 'i i 416.2 YI? K. 'G -M 'Cf 1 Q Q 2 Q4 Seated at the conference table are our school trustees. Dr. john M. Paris. secretary: Mr. Ralph NW. Gresham, president: and Mr. Robert Harris, treasurer. Admin! frzzfirfu ln order to have a line, well organized school there must be many people working constantly for its betterment. XY'e, the students of NAHS. feel very fortunate to have such an outstanding school and efficient administration. This school year began with a new and yery capable superintendent, Mr. Glen Barkes, and a new but etlicient principal, Mr. Delbert Brown. 'lihese two men. with the cooperation of the school board and the teaching stall, hate led us to the conclusion of another successful school year. Our qualified stall' is carrying out its responsibilities under competent leadership in such ll way that we, the students. cannot help but be proud of New Albany Senior lligh School. l22 Glen Barkes. Superintendent of City Schools Mr. Delhert Broun. Principal. and Mr. Fred Hochmuister. Assistant Principal. take time from their work to smile for the photographer, Tuiklng over student problems are our counselors. lxlrs. Dorothy Motsinger and Mr. Marvin Oakes. Tv? 4' .4005 l' l Taking a break in their husy schedule are Mrs. Jessie Beartl Long. retiring Dean of Girls, Miss Lucille Paris, present Dean of Girls. and Mr. Max Wiesman. Dean of Boys. 'K i l23 I., MISS MARY J AUGENSTEIN English MRS VIRGINIA BIGGERSTAFF Art MISS JESSIE RUTH BOBB Scncncf. MISS RUTH BRAEUTIGAM Socnal Studxcs MR G R BURCHFIELD English MR ROBERT BYRN Dnrector of Guldance and Tcstmg MR ROBERT CARTER Cholr D1rLctor MR OVID CHAMBERS MR JAMES CLOUSE Agrlculturf. IVIISS JANE CUTLER Secretary to Prmcxpal MRS MARIE EISMAN Secretarx of General Office MISS KATHRYN ELLIS Commermal IWIISS ALMA FISCI-IER Hcalth and Safcty MR PRFN IIICE FISHER Wound Shop MRS KATHLEEN FLETCHER Ldngman Marching Band Director , . MR. HARLEY FRANCIS Drafting MR. ALBERT GEHLBACH Printing MR. jOHN GIVENS Science MR. HERMAN HARIINIAN Commercial MR FDMOND HFINNON journalism MR FLOYD HENRY Phssical Edunation NIR WILLIAM HOFFMAN Commucial MISS SUE HUGHES Phxsical Education MRS MARTHA LOPP Home Economicb VIR BRADLEY LORTON Social Studies MRS BETTYLFE INIARQIJ IS English VIR FORREST MCCAFFRX al Studies 'VIR DAVID MLCOOI' Suptrsisor 0' Htalth and Pmsit NIISS II-SSII I5ILCRAf Rl IN I-had Librarian MR VERNON MQKOXXIN Dirutor of AudioXisual Aids a I'c.luLa is . QM. . . . I I . v I . ' Seri ' I . ' I I I 1 I ', ffl . i W, MRS LAURA MPLLON Mathemanca MISS MARIAN MIDDLETON Assnstant Lxbrarxan MR MAURICE MILTFNBERGER Dlstrlbutn e Education MISS MILAS NT MITCH LL Soclal Studxes M SS KATHRYN MURRAY Home Economxcs NIR FIELD R MYERS Bard Dxrector M ARR PERRIN nal Studnes CHARLES PRATT ml Studlei MRS IRMA PRITZ Language MR L S ROSE Sclence MR EMIL ROSS Machme Shop MR RALPH ROTHERT Mathematics MISS LEOTA RUSK Socnal Studnes MISS MURIEL RYALL English MR STANLEY SAJKO Scxence MRS ANNA SAMPLES School Nurse MRS MARCIA SCO'I'1 Social Studies MR KEITH SHOCK I MR. ' Socl ' MR. Soc' ' . Supervisor of Supplies and Maintenance MR LOWELL SINIITH Speech and Hearing Therapist MR NORMAN SMITH Mathematics MR EDGAR STAHL Director of V0 atlonal Ed.1 anon MISS EVA ST 1 H NSON Mat'1emat cs MR HARRY STOLJ T Language MR EDWARD SUMM ERS Scxence MR ALEX THOM Athleuc Dxrecror M SS OLLETA TYLER Enghsh 'VIR WILLIFM VINCENT Commercxal Draftmg MRS IVI RL L XVAIKER English M SS MARTHA LEE WARD Home Econom cs MR RICHARD WARDEIL Erghsh MR THOMAS WIATHLRSTON Speech MISS RUBY WELLS Mat cmatxcs MISS IXLINDA WIDBIAN Cafctcna Ma agar MR ROBERT VUILLBIAN rtctor of Radxo 1 - . . ' MR. LOUIS VON BEHREN I - . E E . ' , DZ . - micfr O 6 6 Ron I Rau, 7 DON ADAMS DARLENE ANDRES French Club Concert Cholr Prestdent Flattops Student Councxl Muslc Con t6St pp Z6 JO 60 ROBERT ADAM JAMES ADKINSON Art Club Dxstrnbutxxc Educatnon Club pp 44 70 CHARLI S AKLRS Ctntenmal Program Cross Country Track Art Club-Prcs1dcnt Varsnty Club DONNA ANDERSON Ph Delta 'In H13 Drs rmutne Educa non Club Sen or Boosters pp 0 88 NONA ANDFRSON Btl Canto Flmurs and Colors Commtt RITA ANDRES Ccntenmal Program ROBERT ARMSTRONG Thcspxans Vncc President Semor Class Exccutnc Commxttee Band H1Y You Cant Take. It wnth You Mother Is a Freshman pp 58 39 47 82 DELBER'I ARTHUR ROBERT ATKINS Future Farmers Basketball Managcr Iumblmg., Club pp 66 107 NANCY BACOIN Rau 5 JERRY BADGER Bowlmg Club p 85 ALICE BALMER BARBARA BANDY Scholarshxp N Futura Prestdent pp 44 67 FRANKLIN BANET ALMA BARBOUR Concert Cholr CLETUS BAUMANN Square Dance Club-P Ho'nL'naktrs res dent C mu.rt ILL Ccntcnmxl lrogrnm p D4 Cards and Announcements fommlttec Choir All Choral Fcs nal p Jl I28 , .C . , . Q t Q , , , - Z - , Q - . . . . , . - I n- -I g I. ' V -I ' ' 'D I ' A V' 1 s ' 1 l . , . ' ' - , ' , ' . H 'fi ' 5 -. , . . , - 9 - 1 - A .1 , Q ,.k. ,S . yr, I.. l A V 7 - Art Scholarship: pp. 65, 117, Band, Music Contestg p. 47. .: .f 'r' '- . - ' ' 3 Q ---9 .7, . r- ' , .' ' ' I B lv 7 T 'Q' .I ' , - -3..'.., ... .. 2 1 ,kg-.A , -1 . , -I '.. 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Nlusxc Hour BARBARA CROXALL Cards and Announcements Committee Semor Boosters p 88 l3l Ig . . . . B1 ' , . 1 ' v ls . .1 ' - w I ' ' ' s ' , ' I ' ' 'Q .-,,,, ' Q. . V- -K. ,- 1 , -. ., , - - " -'Q , . I ' I h I ' . . . , . . , , , . ,g ,. ,Q . g'g . ,", 45, , 81. A DD' . . ' . ' ' rl . . ' . . ' .5 . ' - '- . I - - -I - .l ' T I '11 . . A Q ',' . 1 , ' . A A .- . . . ' . - v ' . 7 ' ' , .Z1.. . . . , 99. .ll4.llD. , . . .- .-Y. 77 A. A I I 7 , . -. -.. . mizfr O 0 0 Row 1 JEANETTE DAILEY Valley Choral Festnal Centenmal Pro gram p 50 JO ANN DALHOVER Art Club-Secretary Alpha TrnH1Y Dance Club p 74 GERALD DAVISSON Future Farmers Square Danee Club Band p 66 HARRY DE ARK Sxgma H1Y Future Teachers Musne Hour pp 68 80 FAYE DEASON JOSEPH DEEM I32 Row 2 LYNN DENISON Band p 47 CHESTER DENNY Chorr Varslty Club-Vrce Presrdent Football Baseball Flowers and Colors Commlttee pp 33 51 84 98 99 113 EDNA DE WEESE jumor Red Cross p 7l JEANETTE DIERKING Socxety Band Festnal Centenmal Pro gram pp 47 53 JERRY DILLOW Student Council Bowling Club p C THOMAS DOOLEY Football Baseball Future Farmers Sen tlnel Semor HIX Rau 3 LARRY DOUGHERTY Semor H1Y pp 43 82 PHYLLIS DOWELL Alpha Tr1H1Y Commencemeat C011 mlttee p 74 KAY DUER Gxrls State Scholarshnp N National Honor Socnety Semor Executne Comm1t tee Alpha Trl H1X Vnce Presxdent Speakers pp 32 33 42 74 JANE DUGGINS Semor Boosters p 88 GALE DUNLAP jeffersonulle Hugh School PEGGY DUNN Gxrls State-Secretary of State Natnonal Honor Socxety World Aifanrs Instntute Blotter Staff Edntor Future Teachers Presldent Vxsta Staff Asslstant Edltor 78 7 D D5 Q "a l ' S- - l .'9 - .1 - g. . ., . . . , g I . ., A A. , . . ,, 1, -, ' ' " S - a , Q s 1 .- g. . . . 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' - D Scholarship Nl Varsity Club, Radiog HELEN HOCK 26., ,. .. . , . . . .l0, -. V l09. , , ' ' . 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I s b l s , I '. I 0 - - -'- 7 u I . 1 S - s s - ' T . - , a. ',b'. , O I., , . . . ' v l -I'v ' 'I- . "Al ' w Qs s ' v ' ' ' Q . ' . ' q Q - v s 27, , I . ' ' JAMES JACKSON Speakers-President. Bel Canto-Publicb , ,l - I .' I I ' Q ' ' " 'Q - 1 s . -. . ts 3 a , . T 1 ' 1 . . . . I . ' Q - s Q v - m ,g . 4. X. 7. . A I K 84. II5. T Y Ron' 1 CARL LIBS Rifle Club. CHARLES LIN D Concert Choir. Language Club, Music Appreciation, Teen Age Forum: pp. 35, 51. CAROLYN LINDSEY Future Teachers. p. 68. Rau' 2 RUTH LOSCH Senior Boosters, Future Nurses, German Class Play, G. A. A.. Language Club. AMY MCAFEE Senior Boosters, Distributive Education Club, pp. 70. 88. PATSY MCCARTY Corydon High School. Row 3 EDWIN MCCLURE Language Club. Music Hour Club. BARBARA MCGARY Teen-Age Forum. WALTER MCGEE Rou' 4 LARRY MCGLOSHEN Providence High School. MARY LOU MCGUIRK Bowling Club. LARRY McKOWN Football, Radio, Centennial Program. Visual-Aids. Electronics Club-President, pp. 36. 37. 99. Rau' 5 JIMMY MCMAHEL FREDA MCWILLIAMS Tri-Hi-Y, Band, pp. 47. 72. DORIS MAHONEY Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Future Nurses. Rau' 6 JOANNE MAGNESS Flowers and Colors Committee. Senior Boosters. Tri-Hi-Y-- Vice President, p. 72. MARLENE MAIER Senior Boosters. Centennial Program. Beginners Square Dance -Instructor. Prom Decoration Committee. Square Dance Club -Vice President. ROBERT MAIER Varsity Club. Basketball. Football. Baseball, pp. 84. 99. I0-1. 105. 115. I38 54 O O O Senivrs R014 l Roll 7 GORDON MAR I IN CHARLES MILLER Boss Img., Club-'I rtasurer NORMA MAR'I IN cc-mor Boosters TYIHIX Treasurer LonttrtCho1r Bel Canto pp D4 88 RONALD MAR'l IN GAYLE MAX Co eert Chor Centtnmal Program Sedum I3 as rs Ihttalaurtatt CO'llf'I'llIILt. jAMEb MICHI-LL 5 ma lllx Cards and Annoumtmtnt Conmmnttet ltmttnnal Prog.,ram p 80 ANNA NIILLI R In s rxlwut xt Ltlut mon I lub-I rtasurtr u.rtt.1 x p JANET MILLER Musxc Contest All State Choxr Sennor Boosters Commencement Com mlttee p JI 8 Chou' OMER MILLER DAN MOOK Football Scholarshnp IN lNat1onal Honor Socxetx Chairman Xou Cant Take It Wnth Xou XVranglers Senior Class Dax Commuttee Chairman pp 78 30 il 3 8+ 99 l0l RICHARD MLCKER VIRGINIA NILILLER Future Teachers Hlstorxan Alpha Trl HIX unlor Classxtal Leagut Square. ante Band pp 68 Row 3 WILLIAM MU LLINIX SHARON MURPHY Band TIIHIX Speakers Radno Future Teachers Baccalaureate Commnttee pp 'W 47 BARBARA NEAL Blotter Staff p 44 ROBERT NOLAN Art Club LRNIA NORMAN Stmor Boosters p 88 GERALD OBFRHALSIN Rnfle Club I39 -' 1 ' ' . - . .Q . ' - .7 A- D., U . . . . . - ., -Q . a. H . - 3 . , . ' P' ' ' 52, 55. . . . 74. T ' T I , - 3 . . X A V . , , . nw 1. - - ' , . t' . ,' , I r :zz rt: ', ' " 1 I - . 'f ' a- , Blotter Staff: p. SS, . ' - . '- .: X . .-.. ., ., . . ' ' .. '.. . '. v. . . X I I 'I ' , . I I I . 1 .Q .I I . i fy. i..j.-2' Q . '.'.J ' .., .b .. ' ' ' -S' 'pg .'U. D L .-I". . 74. ' ' ' . anfzfr O O O Ron I SHIRLEY OGDEN HARLAN OLLESTAD Square Dance Club SHARON OTT Senlor Boosters p 88 jANlCE OWEN Vista Staff Semor Boosters Future Nurses Bel Canto Semor Fxecutne Com mnttte Class Day Commnttee pp 47 hi ANNA OWENS DISIIIDUIIWC Education Club p 0 MAR'l HA PARIS Stmor Boosters p 88 l40 Rau DWIGHT PATTERSON Photography Club Rxlle Club p GLADYS PAYNE Bel Canto Senxor Boosters Future Teachers Vlsta Stal? Semor Class Day Commnttee Concert Chonr pp 43 50 Sv JOHN PEAY JLDITH PEERS Flowcrs and Colors Commtttee Senior Boosters Future Homemakers Hnstornan Homemakers State and National Comen trons pp 67 88 JAMES PETERS Scxence Club National Honor Society Concert Band Baccalaureate Commtttee Niusnc Contest Instrumental Musnc Club pp 28 47 62 PHYLLIS PETTETT Photography Club Future Nurses Senior Boostcrs pp 43 K5 Rlll 5 BEN PHILLIPS Sngma I-l1Y Musxc Hour p 80 LETHA PICKERRELL Art Club Concert Choxr Rtg.,1onal and State Muslc Contest junior Classlcal League Future Nurses Bel Canto pp JACK POPI Sigma H1H p 80 CAROLYN PRATHFR W ALTFR PRINCE Concert Choxr Music Contest Xiusxc Ap precnatnon Club p ul jANl QLISI vm RRH . . 2 , , , ' 5 .86. ' '- , ' g . . I ,Q D . . 7 9 V 1 ' -U I vi Q 1 A, 1 V 88. ' ' . " . 50, 55. g . . . . v -1 l l I ' -' rl - ' v 5 , -I Q ' -Drstnct Edntor--Secretary, F u t u r e ' , V .l ' I . f -A . V 1 88. ' ' V ' 7 Y ' ' ' ' . . L . ' ' - , - , - A - v . A - 1 l ' Q 1 7 V : : I ' ' Q . . - Q . , L. 1 - 41 - --.A . WE ,If--' A fi, -In w-- fggrgfrtrjxup A, xanax' ui. 3' A1 ?.2L,. ' ivhvr' VV, wp mgg ggifhtrgvlg A , L gf I 4,4 ""' A I if iWf"l':EgrV7u:fpiH,::m, sk F""f"WW"lllTBlllm: 'f"1'T'w.i-' .-1::1"g N Y ., . , V , ,,, D . ,. . 1 I Q 1-an Rau' I LUCILLE RAMSEY Art Club, Senior Boosters: pp. 65, 88. WAYNE RANDOLPH Student Council, Music Hour, Concert Choir, Music Contest, Sigma Hi-Y-Chaplain, Baccalaureate Committeeg pp. 49. 5l. 80. LILY REED Senior Boosters, Incumcari High School. New Mexicog p. 88. Rau' 2 BARBARA REESE TIMOTHY REEVES lfrovidence High School. SYLVIA RESCHKE Future Teachers--Secretary, Bel Canto, National Honor Societv, Scholarship N, Concert Choir-Secretary, Girls Stateg pp. 50, 53, 68. Rau' 3 SHIRLEY RICHERT Senior Boosters, p. 88. GERALD RICHIE Future Farmers: p. 66. FREDERICK RIGSBY junior Executive Committee. Rou' 4 PHYLLIS RIGSBY Distributive Education-Treasurer, Square Dance Club, Senior Boostersg p. 70. UDITH RILEY Future Teachers--Parliamentarian, Future Homemakers- Presidentg p. 68. LARRY ROBB Baseball, Cross Country, Varsity Club. Senior Hi-YQ pp. 84. II3. IIS. Rau' 5 LINDA ROBERSON Senior Class Executive Committee. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Senior Boostersg pp. 26, 74. 75, 88. NANCY ROBERSON Alpha Tri-Hi-YQ p. 74. JAMES ROBERTS Science Club, Rifle Club, Band, Photography Cluhg p. 65. Rau' 6 RICHARD ROBERTS National Honor Society. Basketball. Football, Track. Senior Hi-Y-President--Secretary, Treasurer of Senior Class, pp. 30. 31. 57. 43. 32, 95. 99. H4- ELIZABETH ROBINSON Senior Boosters, Blotter Staff, Future Nurses. GERALD ROCHE Tumbling Club-President: pp. 45, 87. I4I 'Z' Ron' I MARGARET ROSS Future Teachers-Vice President, Cards and Announcements Committee, Valley Choral Festivalg pp. 50, 68. BARBARA ROUCK Senior Boosters, Photography, Tri-Hi-Y, Blotter Staff, Debate Club, Baccalaureate Committee. JOHN RUSH Music Hour, p. 49. Ron' 2 AUDREY RUSSELL Bowling, Cap and Gown Committee, Senior Boosters, p. 88. PAUL RUSSELL JANE RYLAND Bel Canto-Librarian, Commencement Committee, Basketball Queen. Concert Choir-Vice President, District and State Music Contestsg pp, 50. 51. 52. Rau' 3 KENNETH SCHAD PAUL SCHELER Senior Hi-Y, Band. LaVONNE SCHELLENBERG Bowling Club-Secretary. Rau' 4 HELENE SCHICKEL Senior Boosters. Cap and Gown Committeeg p. 88. DONALD SCHLADANT Future Farmers. Rifle Club. VIRGINIA SCHROEDER Student Council, Speakers-Secretary, Tri-Hi-Y-Treasure: G. A. A.-Secretary. Girls State, Commencement Committee: pp. 26. 52, 74. 83. Rau' 5 CARL SCI-IUPPERT Baseball. WILLIAM SCHUPPERT Football, Debate Club, Teen-Age Forum, Dance Club, Concert Choir, pp. 34. 51. CHARLES SEITZ Varsity Club, Basketball, Baseball: pp. 84, 104, 107, ll5. Rnu' 6 CAROLYN SHARP Distributive Education Club. INIARILYN SHARP Distributive Education Club, Dance Club. STUART SHERFICK Science Club-Vice President: p. 62. I42 O O O enior Ron I LFLAND SHERRELL D strxbutne Educatnon Club-Presldent ruol clty Chanrman p 70 PUTH SHEWMAKER Se'110r Boosters Future Homemakers Language Club-Secretarx Centennial Program p 88 ALICE SHIELDS jumor Evcecutn e Commnttee Semor Boosters Presndent Semor Class Dax Commxttce Ccntcnmal Program p 88 ANN SHIVEL Square Danct Club Ccntcnmal Program THELMA SIMS Band Pho ographx C lub C tntcnmal Pro gram p 4 CREVA SLF SINGLETON Scmor Bwos crs Future. lNursts p 88 Rou 7 GERALD SMITH NIARY LOUISE SMITH Sen or Boosttrs Centcnmal Program Blotter Stat? pp 43 88 PAD L SMITH Flcctromcs Club-Prcsxdcnt Centcnnlal Program pp 56 3 71 Slgma HIX Intramurals p 80 SANDRA SLI SMITH Stn or Boosters 'Vlusxc Hour Club Vista 5.15 Ccntcnmal Program pp 3 YVONNE SMI'I H Scmor Boostcrs Iuturt Nurscs Art Club Iuturt Ttathtrs Blottcr Staff p 88 Rou 3 JOANN SNOOK Art Club Future Nurses Scholarshnp N Band Flowers and Color Commxttcc pp 28 63 RONALD SNOOK Cheerleader Captam French Club Sou Cant Take It Wllll Xou Concert Choxr Thespxans Art Club pp 31 F0 61 I0 PATRICIA SOLOMONI Scholarshxp N National Honor Souctx Tr1H1Y Blotter Staff Edxtor Scmor Boosters Secretary Treasurer S 4. n 1 o RU TH SOIJ THARD I'uturc IN urscs RONALD SPARKMAIN Football Wranglers Varsm C lub X ou Cant Takc It vutm Nou pp 50 8 ll 94 97 99 HARVEY SPITZNAGFL I43 .4 14 in -. - . I . . . 1- I Q .. A I, ' : ' .9 . . , - Hg L v . , . n V t ' Q - ' I s , ' Z - . - s.z A 1 ' Ii ' 7 . .'1 ' ,' I ' V . ' ' . l G ' , - 2 - Q 7 . - J- . 1 .V '- 1 . , . ' L - ., . . , . , ' ' 1' . - . . T '. I 'l " l' v 1 - Q ' A RONALD SMITH Class Day Committeeg pp. 28, 44, 45, 88. , . '- '. , , ka - s A 1 ' P1 I .1 I ' 1 V i ' I . I ' I " . l. ' 1 , , , V ' " 1' 3 . 4. 49. ".". X' '. I 'ft ' ' - . . , , . -4, , , x 4 . , - ' . ' V . 5. I . A ' ' , Q N . ' I -Z. A-. ' . ' .12 . l ' . .- - . ' . I L ' . . Senior O O O Rau l MARY STASER Centenmal Program Valley Choral Festx val Thesp1ans Treasurer Concert Cholr Mother Is a Freshman pp 38 51 CHARLES STEELL Band Art Club Stamp Club Prcsxdent p 47 JOHN STEINHAUFR LOIJ IE STEIN Semor H1 X Vlsta Staff Exccutnc Com mlttec pp 45 D0 87 DON STILLER Future Farmers Vnu. Presxdcnt DAVID STRECKFLS Musxc Hour Band Dnstrnbutne Educatxon Club pp 49 0 83 I44 Row 'P DAVID STRIEGEL Football Teen Age Forum Tumblmg Club Square Dance Club Track pp 33 99 BARBARA STROM IRE Dance Club Teen Age Forum Music Apprtcnatlon p 33 GEORGE STUARD Sxgma H1X Scmor HIY Dtstrlbutnc Educatnon Club p 70 Spamsh Class Assembly FLOYD SIJMNER Concert Cholr Band Orchestra Under thc Gaslxghts Ccntennxal Program Niothcr Is a Freshman pp P 30 CONSTAINCIZ SLTTON DISIIIDUIIXC Izducatlon Club p O Row 3 WILLIAM SWIFT Basketball Football Track Varslty Club Presxdent Wranglers-Presxdent Vue Presxdent ofSen1or Class pp 26 30 51 95 96 99 104 105 JANET TERRY Senior Boosters Photography Club Trl H1X Thespnans Blotter Staff Debate Club-Secretary p 39 RUSSELL THOMAS p 50 JUDITH THOMPSON Bowlxng Club Semor Boosters pp 48 88 SHARON THOMPSON Photography Club Tr1 H1X pp 49 63 THEODORE TIEMEYER Blotter Staff Electronu. Club Photogra phx Club 'I 1 -.- 7 1 . A 7 3 1 . ' . s 1 s , v , S - 1 Q Q ' , A - ' ' . 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' 1 ' 9 S 7 84, , , , . ,ll4. 2 . I 1' ' S l s a - i s A. . " . ' - . a 4 , 'P' . . , Q - , -W 7 Y - 'g .A . 4 . .-, A. .- . . .rl U , , , . . V . . - Q , -, - DOROTHY STUBBINS ' 5 y 1 - , - Y 4 nl lf. D 1 .7 U 9 Y S 1 J - 7 7 ' - I ' 9 -' I I -' 3 .f,, . . I ' 7 4 . , , . , ' f gf. 5 . ,,.,-.""N 9 if K . M., - I Row 1 FRANCES WHITE Future Nurses. CONSTANCE WILL Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Art Club. LAMONT WILLIS Photography Club. Row 2 JAMES WIMP CAROLE WISE Senior Boosters. JESSE WISEHEART Row 3 KENNETH WISEMAN Track, Cross Country, Varsity Club, Sigma Hi-Y. Senior ,Execu- tive Committee, Intramuralsg pp. 80, 84. KENNETH WOLEE Senior Hi-Yg p. 82. SUE WOLPERT Future Homemakersg p. 67. Row 4 SUE WOOD You Can't Take It with You. CAROLYN WRIGHT Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y-Secretary, Senior Boostersg p. 72. JACK WRIGHT Cross Country. Row 5 FREDERICK YINGLING Square Dance Club. ROBERT L. ZOLLERS SHIRLEY ZURSCHMIEDE Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y-Sergeant-at-arms-President, Senior Ex- ecutive Committee, Commencement Committee, Senior Boostersg p. 72. NOT PICTURED PAUL HUEBNER, JAMES KESSLER, EARL RICKMAN, JIM SINKHORN NORMA SNYDER, TERRY TURNER, AND ROBERT XVARD. I46 . . . Sfzwftff SENIOR CLASS FYECL TIVE COMMITTEE Rm 7 am Claxton B b Armstrong f lrolxn Bxr Nlarmnm L.: Dukg Ronn1e Spnrlxman and Luk Roberts Rm l -Iamct Owtn Lmda Rohtrson Dtxnna Chw. Shrrlu Yursthmendf. jane Cnllu kin Dutr and Carol oms o all s c incurs Bull Sxxlft nu prtsndnnt L tr tra. surtr lm L mrx urult Ln lflk Ani Iollx ctrct lrx 147 5 V .A T A A r'-.'J' ,' .3 , 3.22 1' ' 'Sz".' YH '. f'.' ", Completing another successful you were these :cnf r 'LSA 1' ' Q 1Suc LAH-. 1: KI' H11 I fl- t:z 1.10 51 k . ,W ' X A , X xl ai' J,-v 5 sh. J gi fha 23911 nl ,funmrs jumor class ofllccrs ready for the busy school year are George lurba h presxdent jerry Daxly treasurer Bxll Koch uce presl dent and Sherr ll Colym secretary K-.ww W4 'Y I 8 Q28 Q 41 5 Mamxe Aera jackne Adams john Adams Sunnye Adams 28 32 33 44 43 72 Lee Akers Ronnle Akers 59 107 Shxrley Albertson 35 60 Deanna Alexander Barbara Anderson 72 88 Charles Andres 87 110 113 Ruth Angel 88 Donna Arnold 67 Mary Asberry 43 74 88 Betty Adkms 88 Emma Bell Atkms 28 Vaughn Atwood Phyllns Bacon 55 88 Donna Baker 71 88 Shirley Ball 78 Byron Barker 47 Charles Barker 62 86 118 Murl Batman Pat Bauer B ll Baumann David Beck r 63 83 116 Carroll Bedan 60 Guy Bell 76 80 84 99 114 B111 Bensmg 82 jtanne Bernardx 43 63 88 Raymond Berry 65 82 85 Marnlyn Bezy Larry Blackman 85 Eduard Blust jack Boheau Ronald Boes 87 jxmmy Bostock Gene Bottorff joan Bowers Ronald Bowman Sharon Box 76 28 38 39 49 Barbra Boyd 88 Becky Branstetter 67 88 Brenda Breecc 59 88 Carolyn Brooks Bxll Burch Donna Burd 26 43 74 88 Ronny Byers 80 larry Byrd 99 114 Blll Call Sf 4 Carolyn Carpenter joe Carroll 84 99 114 Shelby Caryer D3Nld Chastam 66 Marilyn Chas tam 78 88 Nona Clark 71 88 Donald Clawson fuuzvrs Lmda Coak an Sarah Collmg.,s I Nanex Calwell 70 74 Sherr1llColun 76 58 59 70 1 Nlary Lo 5 Coney Norma Konrad Mary 1 ook 6 lrank Cooke Irexda lorbett Walter Cory Harriett Crawford Marlta C r ny ford james Cray den Daud Creps 87 Paty Cunclxff Fern Cunn n am Walter Cun nmgham jerry Daxly 99 Day d Daugntrey 80 Joelle Dempster 76 78 57 B111 Deuser 80 7 Patrxca Ddat jaelt Dohoney 66 Larry Donx hue ll6 ROHLFIIH Dooley jlm Daugherty 92 Phyl S Duffy john Durrell 65 ll6 Donald Dyer 67 Sxdney Ehlers judy l'1ehol 47 Richard E1SIlId1 B tty llbers B ll l'll11 Catherme Ells 76 58 44 47 88 103 Arthu End cs 59 80 Ronald Endrls 57 S0 Barbara Eppley 88 Charles mans 6m Ewan Eyans K0 Joanne Fyans 44 88 Georbe Eyerhaca 7 l 4 l jerry Fenwxck Lou s Flora 89 Melxm Franc s 43 83 92 Margaret Frazxer 47 49 Mary Lou Feeman 14 D0 Di One: lebe g,er E de Frenberger Naney Fulkerson jaeloe lulks ll6 Bob Gallo way 80 Margy Gardner 88 Polly Gnrrls m VJ 4 88 Donald Garxm Sus e Gaslull Ou Gxbaon 28 Jl D 85. 105 ha.y 72' Ronnie Gravcr 54, 47 80' Betty' Mary Glover Gravltt' Don Gray" Patsy' Gream' Tama-a Gresham 4 41 '-. Larry' G ieslnger 55 62' Bob G :inn -4 ' Dorothy' Grimes 4:. 49 'Z' Nancy' Gmr' amc' Grundy' 4 82' Snirlcy' Guctnc' Charlotte Gagcl Shirley' Haas' janet Hacndig.,cs2 Andy' H'nll. 29' john Bob Hall 44 8: Linda Hall' Roberta Hall 88' Gcmld Hancock. Ulu F 'FM W .1 A Qc div! vw- wa- 4.45 8.4 , If U ?u' 5.9 agdjyk ' A I49 junzars Kent Hankins Judy Harmon 51 Janet Harme mg 71 88 Janis Hatton 88 Rodney Heavrm Jerry Hedges 47 Sharon Hefton Dorothy Henn 88 Bill Henry 47 82 99 104 109 110 Mike Hess Sally Hess 88 Shirley Hess Elaine Hickman 88 Deanna Higdon 88 Bob Hilleary 30 31 60 Patsy Hmes Nathana Hmes Carol Hxtner 88 Heyward Hobbs Judy Hock 38 Angela Hockersmith John Hoffman 34 Marilyn Hoffman Bill Holderman 63 Louie Hollabaugh Robert Hor ton Jerry Hoskms 47 Kenneth Houglm 35 Patty Hublar 44 67 88 Betty Hubler 67 Anita Hudgm 45 74 88 Michael Humston Bill Inzer 82 Joan Jantzen Larry Jenkins Paul Jenkins Sue Jerrell 26 72 Carl Johnson 29 Harold Johnson 104 105 107 114 James Johnson 87 James Jones Phyllis Jones Jimmie Kaestner 82 Don Kay 62 80 Phyllis Keach 77 88 Peggy Keilman 72 88 Connie Keith 51 72 Tommy Keller Charles King Larry Kinzer 76 36 41 Joyce Kirk Joanne Kirtley 72 88 Jim Kloster 82 Pat Knable 71 88' Ruth Knowland 43 88' Bill Koch 65. Wesley' Koch 82' Raymond Kochert 80' Larry Koeler' Denzil Kost 82' Kathryn Lacey 51' Donna Lamb 71 88' Monnie Lamb. Vernon Lamb' Jesse Land 51' Janet Lasle" Darrell Leach 80 99' Charles Lee' Doris Lee 88' Don Lefiler. Larry' Leffler 80' Wilma Legg' Dixie LeGrand' David Lemmon' Bette Rae Lester, 71' Janet Leuthart, 45. 63, 885 Wy'etta Lewis, 88. I50 D-fe ,PAN at-4 I Url! wa tj' aid " no' 9 .11-2' J, 5- EA, ' ' I,-4 .' I-A 'Q I gl mu- ' 1 f' 'X ! , . . , Y, Y t , ll l :U , ,.V.. .L 1 , - 4 NEA funzars Morton Libs Mary Lieber 26 42 47 74 79 88 Nana Linne Delores Little 43 88 Barbara Longest Kay Longest 47 60 Forrest McAllister Donna McBride 74 Betty McCauley 88 jane McClaren 88 Vernon McClure 50 Raymond McCown 51 60 80 Richard McCu11um Larry McCullough 36 47 85 Anna McCutcheon Linda McDaniel 51 james N1cFry Reid McGee 86 Janice McKim 88 Ronnie McKnight Janet McLaughlin 88 jerry McLean Adrian McNickle 114 117 Billy Main 113 Bob Marshall Mary Martin 51 74 75 Neym Martin 50 59 80 85 Mary Mason jerry Meadows 49 51 65 Lillian Mercer jim Mnelaz Jerry Meyer 47 49 Frankie Miller 66 Juanita Miller 72 Dot Million 72 joe Mills 85 Paul Mitchell Eddie Morlen 66 Faye Morrison 88 Carolyn Moser 49 51 54 Mary Murphey Betty Naye 74 jim Neafus 47 62 Kenneth Neal Mickey Neely D0 82 Gordon Nettle Lena Newbolt 88 Gordon Nierengarten Ray Nolan Colleen Oakes 78 32 42 75 Carol Oldom 72 Diana Ott 32 58 74 Shirley Owen 47 74 David Owen' Eddie Owens 104 105 106 114' Lauralee Pace 88. john Parker' james Parsons 66' Sharon Pate 88' Mary' Patrick' Ardis Patterson 52 33' B'l1 Payne 99' Arden Pearce. Bill Pearl' Betty' Pease' Pat Peers 88' Ethel Pease' Rodney Pennell 26 47' Bruce Perkins 47 87 114. 117' Mary Lou Peterson 49 74. Mildred Petri' Barbara Pettett 26 69' Terry Phillips 56' Ruth Pitts' jerry' Popp' Larry Potter ll4' Charles Powell 98. l5I 15 A' O N x f a ' ,ws I52 Q, H X ef. ill 14, , ' Q. n 2 Y 4 Nj N Q :J funmrs Clara Powell Burton Purcell Ronald Quackcn bush 30 84 114 117 Lynn Ralston 66 Patricia Rankin 72 88 Bobby Rapp Billie Reardon Charles Redden 66 Mildred Reid Harold Renn Don Richards Dennis Richardson 30 82 99 116 Ronald Robb Charlie Roberson 99 101 Jacqueline Robmette 63 Nancy Rodgers 38 39 88 Elizabeth Rose 77 88 Don Rosenberger joe Rouse Ollie Rouzer jim Rowe Wanda Ruff Barbara Ruling 77 Carol Saile Linda Salyers 88 Carole Samples john Sandle wick 26 30 31 82 Vera Saunders 88 Ronald Schad 80 Carol Scheler 77 Q8 XVi1'iam Schwender Kenneth Schickel David Schmirt Barbara Schneider 47 60 Donald Schnell 99 Don Scott 47 63 Linda S ot 88 Tom S llmer 80 Frances Shaffer 88 Shirley Sheets William Shlreman Sue Shnel 26 38 39 83 john Shoup Marilyn Shutte s B '1 Sillima 38 45 Barbara Smith 88 Bobby Smith Carl Smith 35 37' Jacqueline Smith 88. Loretta Smith 49' Carl Snook' jerry Solomon 84 101 104 105' Bruce Speedy 104.105 108 114 117' Frances Stamper' Betty Steproe 71: Carol Steproe 26 28 72 88. Charlie Steproe 47' Nancy Stern 63, 88' Louie Stein 43 50 82' Marion Stevens' jim Stillman: Roger Stoner 66' Susie Stroud 88. Patty Sullivan, Norma Swallow, 50, 54, 88: Rita Taylor, 889 Ralph Terrell, 663 Charles Terry: janet Thomas, 26, 28, 74, 755 Mary Tindlc. Nancy Toops, 473 Don Tucker, 84. 104, 107. 1133 Anna Belle Turner, 51. 883 Judy Turner, 743 Virginia Uppling, 513 Arlene Van Cadet, 885 james Vaughn. 47. jzmmrs Donna Vest in 88 oe Voyles 78 4 K4 lla II james Wade Daxld Walker Susu. Wa leer 48 32 43 88 104 Shirley W'all 88 Robert Walters II4 Delorls W ard Mxldred Wate janet W ebb 88 Lmda Weber DI Barbara Weddnng Donna Weldon Bxll Wells 4 C0 8 103 Robert W'ells D0 80 Angela Wheeler 77 88 Dalton Whlte Eya Whxte 60 Eyelyn Whxttmg hlll 47 jack Whxttxnghxll 44 44 Melyln Wilbur Alonzo Wxllnams Lmda Williams Nancy Wnllnams 77 Darlene Wilson Della Wxlson Dxxle Wxlson jerald Wllson Richard Wllllamson 80 Norma Wnmp 7l 88 Judy Wolf 49 Carolyn Wood 65 74 jo Ann Wooldridge Don Worden Pat Worden 43 7 Marcna Wfrege 44 Bl D5 D6 88 l0's Betty Wright 51 Helen Wnght 67 Bonnle Xoung. janet Young Mary Alxce Xoung 88 jxm 71mm r man Svphomores Dscussmg the latest hlts of school gossmp a e these Sophomore students Bud Byrley Gerry Levus Donna lxrlmnger jlm Hardln and joan Hanson Patrxcla Abbott 37 Jamey Aebersold 83 Bull Aemmer Ben Akers Carol Allen Dorothy Allen Orulle Allen W arren Anderson 6 ll8 Ann Andres Roberta Applegate. 4 , Rose Ashby 40, Leo Asher 66, Alice Atltxns, Martha jane Atltms ...ii .pi 1 ,Q E T I I 3 on L 4' Sv .JL 79993 5. ll': - z 4' 'f '-Q --1-M , 'l"....'. '. . ,Q '-' . L lk '- ' I ' . . I ' ' ,S 'S , ' f . ' , ,. V. . ' ' . ' 2 " ' . Sl. 5-la A v Q 1 . T 1. 17- . ' 7 . I . -, . . 1 , ... ,. Q i .1 I lyk!! 5 . l . . . 1 Q F. ,. . , . -. ., . . - gf , t '11 ' l - . W' IX F . . - Q . Q F K C 'f lf 9 1 88' :es A , I ' ' lk " I W X - - U' .".',.j. , ,'f Q v ' ' . w 1 1 ' I 'v tv, 3 1 ' ' . 2 - 2 - , J' Q -A Q 'Win . ,115 fl ,. W- , . I A O . V V . ' ff ,A , I0 V' xx '. ' - ' , . 8 . 1 ' L 6 Saphomarcs Patsy Atkins 83 Sue Atkms 78 Fred Atwood Shlrley Atwood Barbara Ausun 78 85 Gary Austin 81 99 Larry Badger 85 Ronme Badger 85 Jerry Baker Jxm Baktr 118 Steve Ballard 27 28 34 George Bantt June. Barr 78 Anna Barth Denola Belcher Bonme Benne 40 Darlene Bennett 76 Edith Berryman 28 Davnd Best Andrew Beyerle Anne Bxggerstaff 40 Jerry Bxgler 51 55 Marxlyn Bur 73 8? B111 Bxshop Joan Blackxston Phyllis Bocard Geraldnne Backherms Jack Bohannon 47 63 Darrell Boman Kay Boman Herman Bott John Bott 28 62 118 Marne Bowen Pat Bow r man 40 83 Pat Bowman Barbara Bramer John Brooks Mary Ann Brown 28 32 33 Clayton Bryant Barbara Bull mgton Jane Burrell 40 Buddy Byrley Jamce Calloway 40 Dons Canter B111 Canty David Carroll 62 Joyce Challin 83 Ellen C'ayton 52 47 71 Wxllnam Clxfford Yyonne Combs 71 73 Charles Condra Joyce Condra Kay Condra 78 Vance Conrad Carolyn Cook Ronme Cooper 40 Wxlda Cooper 47 77 Edna Cotner Shirley Crady Ronme Creamer Betty Crone 71 83 Rxchard Curtls Larry Curts 117 Daye Cyphers 47 Larry Dalhoytr 40 63 B111 Dans Elizabeth Dans 27 28 59 78 Harold Dans Joe Dans Joyce Dans Shxrley Davns 73 Duck Day Cliff Deal 81 Bob Deem Ronme Dehn Larry Demson Jant Dick m n 51 55 I54 3'-A Uk AWA! 3.571 'lf mf ri V 'nr ,..l I Q, I Q -na 1 xr, if i if of 'LF up--1 xii? 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Sophomarcs Nancy Lucas 71 78 Judith McCaffrey Z8 47 78 Jxm McCamphell Charles McDan1el Mlchael McDonald Mary Ann McGee 71 76 77 Donna McGuire 71 Sara McKeny 55 78 Mary Jane McK1m 34 90 Ja Jom Nl Lean 59 81 Dorothy McPheeters 67 Rohtrt M Spaddm 64 Leonard McXWnll1a'ns 118 Nancy Mardxs 67 78 Vx gxnla Mason 78 Roland Ma her Clarence Matheny Stanley Mathews B ll Meeks Gene M ddaugh 27 59 81 Edna Mxddleton Jerrol Mles 8: 114 Becky Mlller 40 90 Kay Mxller Judy Mxllxon 37 Becky Mmshall 52 53 Melun Mntchell Jack Mochel 47 62 Barba a Morgan Z8 47 55 75 Danne Mosley Russell Mosely Glenn Motsxnger 47 10' Ann Murphy 78 Dons Myler 78 Ronald Nccld 47 Oberhausen Joyce Orth Linda Osborn 40 Kay Osman 40 Marxanna Otrnch Calun Paris Maureen Parker 40 83 Jean Paul James Paulm Lmda Paulsen 27 28 52 Arlen Payne Carol Payton 78 Harold Payton Janet Payton 78 Dottxe Perkms Charles Peters Donna Plerce 71 Jerry Plummer 56 Phyllls Posley 37 50 Mxchael Potter 87 Denms Preston 40 47 81 Joyce Proctor 67 Vnrgmla Pry 47 78 79 Ernest Purus 66 Carol Puterbaugh Dan Rakes Lounse Ralston Judy Rasmussen 59 Betty Reas 78 Sandy Redus 75 Marxlyn Reed 78 Carol Reno Darlene Rxchards Don Rxchert 47 107 Dolons Rlley Joyce RIILN 55 Nancy Rnppy Dnxxe Roberson 27 73 Leonard Roberts Larry Rohnson F i 5,2 SS as if 7'9 -.'.'b Q65 7"" pd" I ""Ex 11" " A151 Q? 93 'U 4 " . . 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Q . uv 1 9 :V V Saphwuores Ray Rolderer Bob Roth 65 Sharon Rouclt Roberta Roy 28 73 Clara Rudolph Carolyn Russell Sarah St Claxr 67 78 Mary Lou Saunders 60 Buddy Schad Davxd Schansberg Vernon Scharrer John Schroeder Gerald Schuppert 87 Shlrley Schuppert 27 67 76 77 Dxana Schwmdt 55 Calvm Scott Donme Scott Jrm Scott 110 Danny Seger 102 Donald Seller 116 Judy Seller 67 77 Vera Sexpel 90 Zondra Shannon Judy Shea Rlchard Sherer Larry Sherrod 85 Gay Shxelds 40 65 Dale Shlreman Jerry Shirley Thelma Shrewsbury George Sxegnst 47 Judrth Slayton 60 Alnce Sloan 73 Clyde Slone Lotue Smelser Bob Smrth 64 Janice Smxth Norun Smxth Sharon Smlth 59 71 Vxrgxl Smxth Beverly Smyth 71 Lours Spaldmg 66 Joe Spxtznagel Joyce Stanton 73 B111 Stem hauer Lonna Stephens Juamta Stepp John Stofel 36 50 98 Judy Streckfus 8,3 Mary Stumler Mary Ann Stumler Sharon Sturgeon Harry Summers Donme Sutton Law rence Swan 47 Sarah Taylor 85 JoAnn Thomas 76 77 Judy Thomas 78 83 Nelson Thomas 81 Phyllns Thomas 28 73 83 Ann Thompson 78 Nita Thompson 40 Beverly Thurman Pat Tmdle 73 B111T1schendorf 36 86 118 Betty Tucker, Monxca Turner, 67, Henry Tutt, Sandra Utrecht, 50, 53. 78, 79, Lmda Utterback Charles Van Arsdale. Stexe Von Allmen 77. 28, 59, 81, Carol Volpert, Mary Jane Vorner, Bob Wagner, 47, 71, Donna Wagner, Wxlma Wallace, 55 158 'Q 1 Jian ,Wy and 1 , -1175 ZW if van "' KU' Wu nw: WW V1 IVR it Q. an tx, ,gr flu me any X? A. 'N aphomores Betty' Waltman. 50, 52: Ly'nn Waltsg Dallas Watsong Harry' Watsong Shirley Watson, Carol Weldong Ruth Wheatley. 78. Doris White, 67, 781 Roy' White, Pat Whiteley, 59, 903 Kris Whittinghillg joyce Wilson, 67, 785 Jeanette Wimbishg Carol Windell. Larry Wolf, Maralyn Wolf, 27, 57, 76, 77. 834 june Woodward, 405 Norma W'rightg Steve Yar- brough, Wg Peggy' Zeller, 76, 773 Billy Zursch- miede. 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' Mshmeu RuthleHame1mann 73 103 Charles Hamnlton Jean Hamxlton Mary Hampton Nancy HanCOCk 73 Shlrley Hardxn 55 Davxd Hargrave Mary Harlcss 55 Betty Harmon 73 Stewart Harmon 107 Ronme Hartman 41 Jack Harvey 41 102 Wnllnam Harvey Charlotte Haycox B111 Hays Don Hendricks Nancy Herrmg 41 83 Henry Hmes David Hlsle 59 107 Danny Hock 57 Bull Hoffman John Hoffman Lowell Hollars Helen Hollns 73 Llnda Hollis 83 David Hollmann Peggy Hood Lucy Horton 83 Lmda Hoskms B111 Hottle 57 Ann Howard 57 76 77 Gary Huber Bob Huebner Jan Humbert Sharon Hunt 64 Jam Hutchinson Betty Jackson Earl Jackson Jacquelyn Jackson James Jackson Bob Jacobs Wllllam James Norma Jamison Denms Jenkms 81 111 Pat Jenkms 27 73 Roger Jenkms 64 Billy Jenks 81 Charles Jerrell 81 87 117 Earl Jahn Cora Johnson Dale Johnson Dane Johnson 57 87 Judy Johnson Lnnda Johnson 55 Barbara Jones 55 Bully Jones Margaret Jones Richard Jordan Chrlstme Justice Carol Kaestner Bull Kaiser 56 Joe Kannapel 56 Richard Keach 118 John Keith Yxonne Kent John Kettler Lmda Kneser 83 Stewe Kxme Phyllxs Knrkpatrnck 47 55 Stephen Knrtley Ima Jean Knsslmg 55 Faye Klerner 41 Dons Kopp Gale Lacey Edward LaDuke 64 111 Jnmmy Laustcrer Mmmc Lawson I62 Clzrfu fu NI 3 Q? 1 14.1 Q v 1, 4' QA' :lb-no We 'ie X' gg! 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QQ. 9,90 I Li Q9 QQ wa Sfrcslfmerz Bobble Lou Lee 75 Larry Lee lll ll lNorn-a Lee DD Rxta Lee JD Anetta Legg, 76 Charlene Lexst 7l Paul Lelst Ronald Lenox Pat Lentz Dorothy Lester 75 1 Lmda Leyyls Barbara Llttle D 79 Hermnn lodde 60 George Loyd 66 l07 Gerald Luallen Don Luther ames Lyl s atrlcla MeC,amphell 75 90 l05 jxm Mei artney jeanne McClanahan Charl s McCoy Hazel Melntosh DJ Gary MeK1m 77 D9 107 john Magness 64 Mary Mann joan M urdxs 6 in Dennis Marr janlee Martm 74 udy Martyn Betty Mather 76 77 jon Ma hes H9 l07 Donme Mauek Betty Mayfield Donny Maylleld jamce Meadows Rose Melton Ronald Menees 64 Noleomis Meredxth Glorla Metealf 77 41 Omer Mxddletoy Pal l07 Dxana Muller Lmda Mxller Lxnda Lou Mrller 41 Louise Muller bhnron Mxller 76 Sue Muller D6 Bob Mltehell 60 Ch t Nlutehell 4l l07 lll Dallas Montf.,omery james Montgomery Ronald Montgomery Roger Moody 107 janlee Moon el 8 Marele Moon Drury Moore 77 Xyonne Morean 78 oy Morris 78 76 Dona lxdll juely lNeafu Don 'Neeld Martha Neely D6 jo Ann Nrshet 8s Ioan lX0lan Lynne Norrns -41 udy Nunemaeher 8 l l ttrlena Ogden Raehel Ohlmann jo Ann Ormon al oyce Oyyens Helen Padgett latty Parker 3 Marlys Parr Paul Parsons xv Norma atterson Ru h Pt un yne l07 ll Miry Penn I63 I 1' ml fir' I64 ' HJ: E 3' '04 3' 'F 1 ll LM! Q1 if f'7"' l 'W' ?rcsl1mc14 ohn Pepper Sl Sharon Perry John Peters 62 I5 102 Bull Peterson Charles Petr: Joyce Peyton Larry Peyton Alxce Pharrxs Alxcc Phllhps Judy Potter 27 75 90 Sandra Potts 41 73 Kent Prage 57 lxathy Prmce 71 Fred Proctor Mary Purcell David Ramsey 87 102 Judy Raney 59 90 Luc1llRedden 71 Al Reed Robert Reed 87 August Renn Carol Renn 41 J D Rexroat 102 Leonard Rnce Larry Richards 65 Clrfford Rlchert Marilyn Rxchert Betty Rach Sue Robb Ehzabcth Roberts Jean Roberts Jrmmne Rock James Roller Larry Rosenberget Joyee Ross 55 Judy Rouck B1llRyall 27 41 47 59 99 102 Ill Steve Rough 47 L1n Ruby 66 Bob Ruling Jxm Ruolf Kay Sarler Donald Salesman Donald Salmon 86 Ray launa Sams 55 Marxlyn Sandbach Phil Saunders Bertha Schafer 75 Ruth Schamel Izlame Schlekel Leo Schmxdt Vonda Schroeder Judy Seller 76 Daud Shallers 47 64 Paul Shallers 77 28 41 Evelyn Sherrell Don Shutters 87 Phyllxs Sxlyers 77 Tom Smex 81 107 Charles Smgleton 66 Ronnie Snngleton Vrrgmna Smkhorn 77 90 anet Slaughter Lottle Slaughter Franlue Sloan 66 Bully Slusser B111 Smrth 57 Joe Smnth Joy Smith Larry Smith 86 Paul Smnth Rxchard Smrth Elwood Snrder 102 Donna Sodrel Gene Sommeryllle 86 Frank South Iom Southard A V A J ' Q l l V 1 my "I, - X I ' " 1 - .' 4 , AJ: Q A I ww' A , :Z Y 1, , . . r 1 V f if ' A V Y ' tx ,,'e l ,VW V V V V X4 I I ' 'll R if . 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' 4 T "'1, 'T .vv qv Q '- , Q '14 ...x n 4' T"gf:'?' if ' Sv 14, 6 'a Il 1 'fa-.,wiE"1H I 67 Southern Imlwna s LBIIIIUIALV Store 01 Women and Lhlldlen HELMANS IN NEW ALBANY ys Payne and Janice Owens look at the latest styles in spring bl s S , ' N 9 , L N f 1 O f W ' 1 Mr Horace Chase poses La Nelle Brannon for a very exquisite photograph HORACE J CHASE FHASF Sl UDIU 310 Bonk Street Phone 4 1822 New Albany lndiono The rnon behind the comero for The Vista pictures X1 X1 1 J k J The Klser Company Paint and Wallpaper 144 Sp mg Sf Phone 4 3271 The Potnt Store Complete NEW ALBANY INDIANA 3I 3 State Street Phone 4 OI 8I Vssnt he Cellar TOYS AND GAMES NEW ALBANY INDIANA Congrotulotlons New Albany on Chalnber Qf Best Washes from Bull Smrnons I the to s 215 E t M at Interstate Funance as aan Serv ng the Cornmunuty Since 1912 FINANCE CO INC IO7 E Market St New Albany F E 0 0 .. t - l d Commerce . E and al Ik HU BLAR HARDWARE TOOLS PIPE PAINTS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES INDIANA CANDY IZO7 S COMPANY 4 4I8I CAROLYN s GARRISQN s FLOWERS BEAUTY SALON EEI 43I B L CURRY AND SONS INC VENEERS AND LUIVIBER 5 6623 NEW ALBANY INDIANA Compliments of the S N Alb y. I d' Ph - I I I . For Women Who Wont the Best V II y V' R d ISZO . ST. Phone - 9 I I I O O P. O. Box 72 Phone - RASMUSSEN AND SON Flowers For All Occasions Telegraph Service to All Out-of-Town Points Phone 5-66I7 Rasmussen Court at Locust Street New Albany Indiana JOHN VERNIA and SON Prop. of New Albony Morble Works North West Corner Pearl and Elm Streets NEW ALBANY INDIANA Established I 876 JOHN T VIE CO Inc WHOLESALE DRUGS AND PHYSICIANS SUPPLIES NEW ALBANY INDIANA VOGUE EAUTY SHOPPE Newberry Building Phone 4 IO4I NEW ALBANY INDIANA Specialist in HAIR SHAPING STYLING COLOR TREATMENTS HOME OF GOOD COOKING We Cater to Private Parties 9l5 East Fifteenth Street Phone 5 8870 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Commercial Industrial Residential Wiring New Albany .leffersonville Louisv 4 I 3 3 3373 CLay 6l27 FuNK's CAFETERIA PACE AND SON ' ' ille - - I3 - Z' X JOHN UHL REPAIR SHOP GRG ,M 8 SPRING cuSToM TAILOQING W D al 5 5750 AUTO G TRUCK REPAIRING S te Road ISO d Da sy La e We Ft the Had to Ft At Honey Glaze Donut ABROMS STYLE SHOP Bakery LADIES AND CHILDREN S WEAR 21012 Pea! Steer I2 V Ce NEW ALBANY !NDIAIXA Pho e 4 4742 Pho e 4 0562 1 fi PURITY MAID MILK BUTTER ICE CREAM 12th ond Market Streets Phone 5 5246 NEW ALBANY INDIANA '7 I f ta an i n 4 I I - I r I l I - r r 39 in nnes ! . rI - . . n . '13 K I . v. in Q J ne.. 1 I Its fume out for a coke as Shnrley Davss Duxle LeCrande Lunda Hall Jane Duckman and RuthAnne Ehalt gather to discuss the day s actuvut es HOME STYLE COOKING Home Mode Pres Rolls ond Cokes IO33 Vincennes Street Phone 5 8849 L Thorn Company CARL S PRODUCE WHOLESALE Fruuts Vegetobles Produce BUILDING SUPPLIES CONCRETE PRODUCTS 3l4 State Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA l3I J Vincennes St eet Phone 4 6434 Phone 4 56l2 NEW ALBANY INDIANA SPARK'S CAFETERIA RCA VICTOR TELEVISION RADIOS RECORD PLAYERS Vlsnt Our Record Shop All Newest Recordungs MAS O N S l27 E Sprung Phone 5 62II The Roberts and Strack Veneer Company, Inc Phone 3 6624 CLARKSVILLE INDIANA V K SMITH GROCERY 2lOO East Market Phone 4 3473 Fresh Meats Vegetables and Frozen Foods FOR YOUR DIAMOND RING ee G E HERTLING JEWELER I-Iamulton Elgm Gruen Watches 342 Vuncennes Street New Albany Ind For Correct Floral Arrangements Nance Floral Shoppe IOOI East Market Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 3322 Remember Weddungs Are Our Specualty and We Telegraph Flowers Everywhere Johnny Jones Lukes To Trade Automobules Johnny Jones Motor Co Vincennes and Market Sts Phone 4 7706 NEW ALBANY INDIAI A I D U S For Every Occasion Call I , EE N5 - O O I ' U fu UYV 020 Gr is.. A111 BUSH KELLER C0 MW f 340 Vincennes Stree NEW ALBANY INDIANA 'Cf- I' qrwf' Where Good Frnends Meet for Good Entertounment GRAND THEATER Economy Servnce Stahon Carburetor Servace Conoco Products SUPER SERVICE General Repaur Your M leage Motor Tunung Merchant Phone 5 5269 State and Elm Streets New Albany Ind . . Muller Beverage Co. Complnments of A FRIEND KI X. - 7 XA I I on V A tv U' I .I , ' r 'HI -- E7 U D 1:9 fb C ' g-'MQW in E5 -P--i, ' O I 4 Q 1 ,. S I X '1 , bg -Its? A If P: -' wif i . ,' S i 'x s ' ll ' I C J Oldest Qualnty Ture Recapper an South rn Ind: 73 Years On Main St Double Seven Tlre Service Corner West Furst and Mann Sts New flbany Ind Dual 4 7144 Laree Stock o N wTruck P cnger nd T actor Tnres and Batteries ROAW SERX 'CE We Love to Serve You Custom Mode Venetuon Blrnds We Manufacture Repaur Launder Free Estnmates A utomahc Venetian Bland Laundry 3I2 East lvlaln Phone -I 5276 New Albany Indiana OAK DRUG COMPANY Your Fovorlte Store un NEW ALBANY 2 Locatuons No I Charlestown Poad DEPARTMENT STORE New Albany Indxana NEW ALBANY IND PR s RIPTION SP C'ALlSTS AIWOVS The Most for Your Money A STEP AHEAD SINCE l9IO Q9 Mil er 91 2 ?'5'f,ff:',!!4'!?,5? Q 67 New Albany 'A' N3 A REPUTATION FOR UNEXCELLED DRY CLEANING AND FINISHING ' 2. . 'ana ' ' x , . 1 I C , GSS' 5. i' I 1 NO. East Sprlng Slreel . , , H . . y 4,4 o 1- A ll Q. -1'-- ' QI NlTlPf Ax:4lA9 UIICI l9II Ruth Knowland Donna Burd and Carolyn Flelscher look at the latest fashlons WOMEN AND CHILDREN S APPAREL In sprung Coats .ef .- r HIHN' VW? 213 PEARL STREET CHARC-E ACCOUNn AND BUDCET PLAN COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE DRIVE IN WINDOW TRUST SERVICE SAVINC-S ACCOUNTS INSURANCE DEPARTMENT SURETY BONDS ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE J RAYMOND CLARK Mgr Ins Dept THE FLOYD COUNTY BANK Vincennes and Sprung Sts NEW ALBANY INDIANA Mernbe Fede al Depost I s a ce Co porat o Free Parklng Lot Service For Our Customers For the Best In Musucol Instruments ee DURLAUF S Home ot O s LeBI C Leedy L g a Cbso BEST TEACHERS EXPERT REPAIRS DURLAUF MUSIC SHOP WA I289 WA IZBO BIZ W Broadway Louusvllle Ky Wllllam S Mook GENERAL CONTRACTOR Phone 4 3286 Vnrgunso Avenue NEW ALBANY INDIANA r r I nur n r I c o S 0 I Id , an , Normandy, Kung, . Noblet, Martin. , udwig. Slin erl nd i n, Kimball Puanos - I Admlrmg some ofthe shmmg snlverware which Mr E M Furlong I Shovvxns' them are Sandra Sue Smith and Gladys Payne J O ENDRIS AND SON JEWELERS HEADQUARTERS FOR HIGH SCHOOL RINGS DIAMONDS GLASSWARE WATCHES LEATHER GOODS CULTURED PEARLS STERLING SILVER TABLEWARE 230 Pearl Street Phone 4 3I33 C S Chllds and Son UPI-IOLSTERING SLIP COVERS KAISERS TOBACCO STORE P 5 5671 320 State Street Phone 44772 NEW ALBANY INDIANA Bzg Enough to Serve You Your Nelghbor Small Enou h to Know You Retailers Supply Company BURT OWENS WHOLESALE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST PAPER AND ALLIED PRODUCTS 1019 Vmcenneg Street 214 East Elm Street New Albany and NEW A' BANY 'NPMNA phone 4 4749 Phone 5 8922 - -' S 1 . x V 0 o ' I' DRAPERIES CUSTOM-MADE 326 earl Street Phone - - YurAthruzdD Ir North Sade Corner O U 00,6 me Unuted Stotes Steel Homes Inc AI Im I ond Students Agree VI-IE NORTH SIDE IS A FINE PLACE TO BE THE MCCONNELL Beouty Is Our Busuness Lad and Lassle Shop NEW ALBANY BEAUTY COLLEGE Phone 4 0321 332 Vmcenne Street 322 V ncennes Street Phone 4 0333 Sl'ATE STREET DRUG STORE INCORPORATED FREE DELIVERY Phone 4 2030 I700 Stote Street New Albony, Indnono F ll' . State and Clay Str cts New Albany. Ind. i F f K4 U O New Albany Drlve In Theatre State Road ISO Two Blocks From Memorial Hospltal Indlonos Newest ond Funest Featurlng The Best IH Cznemascope Pnctures on the Screen COMPLETELY EQUIPPED WITH IN CAR HEATERS FOR WINTER COMFORT O Paramount Plywood Products INCORPORATED x 428 Phone 4 2294 New AIbany Induana HESTER B STEM INCORPORATED Grant Lune Road New Albany, Indlono O - . , . . . . Countries Largest Panoramic P. O. B - O O C W KIRK REALTOR AND INSURER 3ll Bank Street Phone 4 8812 Rhodes Burford Furniture Company John Huff Jr Manager NEW ALBANY INDIANA The Home Transll' Incorporated S E R V E S Y O U l209 Vuncennes Street New Albany Ind Quollty Foods Coll STEMLE S MARKET Vuncennes at Charlestown Road Phone 4 Ol3l NEW ALBANY INDIANA DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY Portrout ond Commercuol Reasonable Prices No Parkmg Problem DIAL 5 8257 Zl lO Beeler Street New Albany Ind ana For Quick Delivery of All Evelyn Whnttunghnll Jannce Owens and Gladys Payne listen as Mr Poff Congrotulotlons ond good LUCK Sensors lf'11rn1ture Co explains the merits of these newly styled tables. 5 C O Prepared to serve you are employees of the New Albany Apothecary. WE SELL DRUGS AT RETAIL New Albonys Only Professlonol Plfmormocy NEW ALBANY APOTHECARY FREE DELIVERY 328 Pearl Street Phone 4 2832 New Albany Plumbing Supply Company WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF PLUMBING PRODUCTS A6 Wafer always ontavl I7I8 East Market Street We ore proud thot so mony members of the student body ore regulor customers of A small sect on of tbe lvlutchell store el lm, B dclt L , . o Q fo Q I I . 1 S . l 0 v G Q1 soflnix' IIIIKND fl.0TIlliS ll? PEARL 51.0 Between SPRING L MARKET O NEW AWANY 5 1 N.- y Shine y yy Service Company Yeas! , ww II' If Jewelers The Dlumond Store GENERAL TIRES Vrncennes and Sprung Streets Phone 4 7686 3IO Pearl Street New Albany Ind New Albany Induana Voss the newest patterns In carpeting WEBER FURNITURE INC GE APPLIANCES MOHAWK CARPET MAGIC CHEF RANGES CONGOLEUM NAIRN DUO THERM HEATERS KROEHLER LIVING ROOM LANE CEDAR CHESTS MENGEL BED ROOM 3I 5 Stote Street Phone 4 2203 New Albany Indlono E O Y O O Mr. Robert Weber is showing Jeanne Bernardi, Deanna Chase, and Mary Lou I o o - J 0 I ' THE FLOYD COUNTY FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION George A Kraft Thomas L Mulluneaux Elmer I-I Dueckmann The Seabrook Co C-eorge Shrader and Son Groduote to Better Quoluty RH .IWKS eatery I5 eddely IIIIIIIE IIPPIIIIIIIES Patsy Ann Market Where Your Pennnes Hove More Cents Complete Fountoan Service Soup Chill Sondwnches Becky s Confectionery ce e a d C lbe o NEW ALBANY lND'AtIA y Pho e 4 4791 Pho e 4 1684 I i E on s s ' 1 E - ' "" ,1:.- 1,5 1 2S ?F1-fs:r:z1:2n2::i. I I Vin nn s n u rts n N Alban . Indiana n - V1 - sAGEs RESTAURANT Gregory shoe Repm Open Sundays Evenlngs Umm 10 30 p M New Albany Steam Laundry Buuldung SANDWICI-IES SOUPS Cl-IILI Pearl and Mann Streets Bill and Vuvuan Sage Owners New Albany Indiana 922 Vuncennes Street Phone S 8990 HARDWARE EXCHANGE 1-Rl NKLE MQTQRS A Complete I-lordwore Store O L D S M O B I L E Electrlcol Supplles ond Keys BIC- USED CAR LOT We Sell For Less 4 Vuncennes Dual S 762l 2 Mde East of New Albany WE DELIVER State Road 67 4 7140 THE HOUSE OF DIAMONDS Down through the years we here at Elgin Bu ova C-ruen Hamulton dRays have taken prxde nn our merchan Longmes Bemus Keepsake Dlamonds using system S d I I847 R C t We have always featured and shall con pe' e Ogers Ommum y tlnue to feature the Most Popular Nation Smer and many Orhers TOO numerous to ally Advertused Merchandise mentuon are synonymous with Ray s RAYS JEWELRY Employees of Rays Jewelry stroll out front to check wxndow dnsplays I O , U ' . . I - I I I Il Il If - A - ll ll , - I - -- - , I' . , - Duck Roberts IS pleased as Louls Stern shows hum the latest In sprung footwear Bala- P! NEW ALBANYS OLDEST SHOE STORE WITH ALWAYS THE NEWEST STYLES FLCPIIST l2I 7 SILVER STPIEET NEW ALBANY INDIANA ii Perm 91: W WI Www CC If 64,46 1 FLOQIST TELEGRAPH DELIVERY Finest un Flowers for Forty Yeors Phone 4 2I3I Servnng Southern Indnono For Twenty Yeors Bennett Furniture Company SPEED QUEEN WASHERS BEAUTYREST MATTRESSES CALORIC GAS RANGES ZI I ZI7 State Street Phone 4 4633 O vu: Most luroluuv nuns IMA! cot: uno A snot I8 nu loot 1 Q - u A, 5 ,ff E A T1-Ein - -:Iliff H " ' - - L ' - .1-.1 3' N." 'E 5' ff: ir "3".1J7'E -or g.z2i'f"' - -f I ' SI ' .tt , . I : , . 1:6 'S s Si If v 'I ' ty '., I inf Crn-C. I . r '- '.'x:vL4,,-5' sf," - ?-Ln :"pA"-are 'r-1 11,1-' fl' -:fix-I:-IQ . ,V Q. I J:f"5"a'x'i J-Ti -'SSI' 'f'f" -4 0 , 0 I . 1 - - ll BERT R HUNCILMAN Cr SON SHEET METAL PRODUCTS 2072. McDonald Ave Phone 4 I304 New Albany Indiana STAPEL INZER Cool Gos ond Owl Furnoces Stokers Blowers Repcurs ond Service I 440 Charlestown Road CUNY Mine? INTERIORS Good Toste Is Not Expensive Complete Decoratung Servuce and Counsel Drapernes Curtauns Sllp Covers and Decorating I29 E Sprung Phone 4 74I6 GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES TRUNNELL AND BARR Our service personnel are working together to keep your electrrc power supply constant dependable low In cost And they re always at your service to help you get the most out of electrucuty In every possuble way Ronnie Craig ns duscussmg a crednt matter wlth the bookkeepers ot the Public PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA INC C-ood Low Cost Electric Service to More Than 700 Cornmunltues In 70 Countxes IH lndlana I I Tl I I. . . Q ll ' ll O Service Co. , . The Cheerleaders smlle for the burdle outside Kahl s Market KA H L S M A R K E T Phone 4 4273 Oak ond Monon New Albony lndlono Max C Mason Presndent Jacob C Rudy Vlce President Southern lndlana Abstract Co., Inc., 329 State Street NEW ALBANY, INDIANA wee,-'fvxv Al ESTATE all N SU RANCE REALTORS VALUATORS INSURORS Phone 4 2l82 Res 4 0626 l607 O9 East Market Street New Albany lndlana ELLIS A FLYNN, SRA Ellls A Buddy" Flynn Wgwffk Betty Mosuer teaches the latest dance steps to the younger generatuon BETTE CONNELL MOSIER DANCE STUDIO 609 Vnncennes Street TRI-CITY AUTO SUPPLY, INC NEW ALBANY INDIANA 506 508 Pearl Street Phone 4 2455 or 4 l4l7 NEW ALBANY INDIANA TAP BALLET TOE BALLROOIVI THE SNACK SHOP Featuring CHICKEN IN THE BASKET Hamburgers Hotdogs Barbecue Malts Shakes Sundaes Cones Jumbo Frred Shrimp Chnl: Delucuous Hot Fush Sandwlches State and West St New Albany Ind Hwy l5O at Cnty limits 5, , - . . . I ,,I,y I .,,.7. . ,wwf . ' ,W l y ff" .- ' +A in I ' U sntggf . ,, I. A " 1 'I P 0 Fastest Automaticwater 0 SanitaryTrash-Garbage Heating Disposal 0 Snlent Automatuc 0 Year Round Automatlc Refrugeratuon Amr Conclntnonmg 0 Flame Favorful 0 Carefree Automatnc Automatuc Cookmg Clothes Drymg ffs Fedex.. fff-Q2 an-it-1 Q? 2: CHECKER CAB DAY Q DISPATCHED BY IIUMBER Two WAY RADIO Jlf' ."'9'- ll Department Store of the Building Industry 24 I-Iour Service 336 Vnncennes St Phone 4 6444 UHEKA NEW ALBANY STEAM LAUNDRY INC HA3DWAWf DRY CLEANERS I3Z I36 East Man Phone 4 6446 NEW ALBANY INDIANA C O I I I U O U I C C . U C I o o P f ,- if I I : I i - 5 5 9 4'-3 I I o - I E ' pie, iii ?insmm. I mm :eos cvigggjvgwn rm. 7351: ' I -mf SUNNY SERVICE STATION NEW ALBANY JEFFERSONVILLE B R U C E F O X GIFT col.LEcTloN The Finest ln Gnftwore Decorotnve ond Serving Accessornes For All Occosuons New Albany lndlana 4l7 Pearl Street Jeanne Bernard: and Mary Lou Voss will add the fnnal touch to their Easter outfnts wuth a rhune stone necklace from Bruce Fox Your Frnendly Store Buy with Confudence Satustactuon Guaranteed or Your Money Back Famnly and the Home Wearung Apparel Notuons Home Furnnshungs 3l9 Pearl Street New Albany lnd . . . I . I Complete Merchandise Selections for the Fcgzr Fountcnn Service ond omplete Drug Service S IOII Vmcennes Street Vernon Mathes Drugs NEW ALBANY INDIANA Vincennes Street at Charlestown Road NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 36I2 Phone 4 4523 OWENS AUTO SERVICE Wolf Gloss and Point Co COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE Two STORES AUTO PAINT AUTO CLASS MIRRORS STORE FRONTS JeffersonvuIIe Indnana New Albany Indnana 724 Sprung Street 308 E Market St F'0Yd Knobs Phone 5 5636 Phone 3 6220 Phone 4 2264 EARLE EMBREY AND SON GENERAL CONTRACTQRS The Builders of New Albony Sensor Hugh Commercnol Resudentaol Industruol I24O Vrncennes Phone 4 I063 It' - . I I O - n .E g f K I 1 I ll ' ' ' ll . . . . . . JOHN WILE Constructuon Company LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY COOPER DRUGS IFormerIy ConnersI New Albanys Old st and Most Modern Drug Store Pearl and Sprung Streets Complete Prescription Service e Delrver Phone 5 6638 'X Aifgiimli HONEY ff' az Exif we ft BAKERY 4I4 Pearl Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA DRY CLEANING Plant I309 Oak Street Branch I 626 Market Street 5 5470 5 5341 BASSETT 81 CRAIG ff' YOUR NEW ALBANY FORD DEALER Our modern equrpment ond foctory tronned mechonucs sove you time ond money on outomobnle ond truck repours 302 E Morket St Phone 5 5296 NEW ALBANY, INDIANA . . . V S ' . W ' - ', .-I ,-.. . 1 I -aw , .,-rtI,, 1 A. ,,,r en fffpfgt. KRUST ei? Qte" A I A 4 -I --IV ' A I I7 or 'M Ncxsx--,, ' x J H SCHREIBER 8. CO INC LUMBER BUILDERS SUPPLIES 226 228 Golt Street New Albony Ind Use Our Number for Lumber Phone 4 2254 New Albany s Authoruzed Dealer of Orange Blossom Dnamond Rmgs EIgIn HamIIton and Bulo a Watches Sheatter Snorkel Pens Irlon and Wolf Jewelers l3l East Spnng Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 2893 WILLIAM F SHIREMAN PAINTING AND DECORATING InterIor And Exterlor Phone 4 5980 DaIsy Lane New Albany lndlana FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS POT PLANTS Utz Florlst and Nursery Corydon Pke N Albany Ind ana Phone 4 2832 WILLIAM S BAKERY BAKERS OF BETTER THINGS Phone 4 2259 I ID East Market Street New Albany Induana 0 0 ol o . - I , II ll . . . - . v , . O I ll ll ' I I - ew , I - ' ICE CREAM FOR ALL OCCASIONS E M Cummings Veneers, Incorporated 60I East Fourth Emery Ice Cream Company Two PLY TAPE EACED VENEER 550 Beharrell Avenue NEW ALBANY INDIANA NEW ALBANY INDIANA phone 4 1392 Phones 4 2269 4 2260 EoR SEWING PROBLEMS Hltner s Service Garage SEE Us 1302 East Oak Sanger Sewmg Center 2I 6 Pearl Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA New Nbany Indiana Phone 4 2283 LOUIS WOLF MEAT MARKET Corner Fnrst ond Morket Streets Phone 406II New Albany Indnono 0 0 0 ' I 0 I o o o v . I 3' , ' nur W gi.. u... ' I Bonkrng Investments Insuronce Busuness Loons AMERICAN BANK FEDERAL HOUSING LOANS A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Elsby Bulldmg II9 East Sprung NEW ALBANY Phone 5 6664 III W M W EET! NEW ALBANY LUMBER C0 37 West Frfth Save where thousands are savnng mullnons The Oldest Fnnancual Instntutlon In Floyd County HOME LOANS Unuon Savmgs Assoclatnon of New Albany Pearl and Market Sts New Albany Ind F W WOOLWORTH COMPANY SERVES YOU Store and Cafeteria Market and Pearl Streets NEW ALBANY INDIANA HARGO OIL COMPANY GAS AND FUEL oIL I6OI Ea t Mann Street I4O East Main Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 5 B937 or 4 OSBI A' .' 1 . M lllll .ii-Taalgy in Wil' THIRD AND WATER STKEIY Ronnle Cralg and Phul Cato enjoy an atte noon of Bowling PEARL OAK BOWLING LANES 529 Pearl Street Phone 5 8007 NEW ALBANY INDIANA B F GOODRICI-I TIRES AND BATTERIES H U RT MARATHON D23 Vnncenwes Dual 5 8025 SIESTA MOTEL Hrghway l5O IO lvllnutes from Loulsvrlle Kentucky NEW AND MODERN Phone 5 6978 New Albany Indrana PICK UP ANID DELIVERY PRESSINC WHILE YOU WAIT BROWN DRY CLEANING A TRY WILL TELL Hats Cleaned and Blocked Shower Proofed Free IOO7 Vnncennes Street Phone 4 I582 Walters Pontlac, Inc PONTIAC AND CADILLAC LII3 I5 State Street NEXN ALBANY INDIANA 4 229l 87 - 'I'A'f??-,fi'3Lf One Block Frorn City Limits . A - RA 52 KARL L. FENGER DOUGHERTY'S AND SON DRUG STORE 141 E, Main Street 1419 East Spring Street NEW ALBANY, INDIANA Phone 4-2153 Feed Grinding and Mixing Dairy Feed-Poultry Feed-Hog Feed M B Ready Mixed or Supplements Calf and Pig Milk Replacer L U M ' B l R 13th and Dewey Streets CO OP ASSOCIATION phone 5 5255 INCORPORATED H7 E k New Albany NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phillips 66 Products EL O 24 I-Iour Customer Burner Service Posing at the Lorclrm Oil Company are Deanna Chase and Mary Lieber BIR . Oa ' LORCH OIL COMPANY FU IL L so I BUCHANAN5 SMITH AUTO C0 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH GULF SERVICE G M C TRUCKS Lorge Selection ot 'Sm and SP 'ng GOOD USED CARS Phones 4 6469 5 6674 Ne Albany Ind ana D al 5 8094 NEW ALBANY INDIANA DIXON CLEANERS ROYAL CASTLE RESTAURANT CLEANING PRESSING DYEING ALTERATIONS EUR CLEANING '636 Mamet Sveef HATS REWEAVING For Puck up and Del ery STAR CLEANERS STA NU FINISHING FREE DELIVERY 26 East Th rd Street Phone 5 5729 New Albany Indiana Roge Ehalt poses by I1 st uck beto e mak ng anothe delnvery I . V. W , i i - 1 - -5- 5 - I ' - iv Dial 5-54II or 5-5588 24 HOUR SERVICE I - .. r i r r i I r ' , Si Thus young lady IS all smlles as she snts In a new Chevrolet convertnble CHEVROLET And Everything For C1 Chevrolet New Albonys Fnrst Stop For Top Servuce NEW ALBANY MOTOR C0 Futth ond Sprung Sts East 7th and Sprungs Sts Phone 5 656l HOSPITAL PHARMACY Just Coll Thots All NEW ALBANY INDIANA THE MEYER COAL C0 I-Iome of Good Cool Yard Monon R R and Beeler Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 7224 Kirk Lumber Company Lumber ond Bunldung Moteruols l5th and Elm Streets NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 5 722I MADDEN S PHARMACY Oak and Vlncennes Streets Phone 5 77lI 1 fi . XXX- .1 K ' .MNH , . . 0 C ll ll H 1 ll . n I C I CLOTHES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 217-219 Pearl Street New Albany, Indiana Phone 4-5601 Highest Prices For Junk NEW ALBANY IRON Cr METAL CO. Industrial Accounts Our Specialty Your best market for all kinds of Scrap lVIetal-New and Used Steel 624 State Street New Albany FREEMAN S CLEANING AND PRESSING QUALITY SERVICE COURTESY Phone 5 7461 605 Silver Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA DEPENDABLE AUTO CO ST u D E BA k E R New and Used Cars and Trucks Wrecker Service and Body Shop We Never Close 638 52 State Phone 5 5227 KANNAPEL S DAIRY 1801 Eost Spring Street Phone 5 6679 fo Q-...iii cnAo:AnAmy I I I 1 I 1 v.- 1? , uv . , of , ' ' v W , .. uf, an , . M. 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Suggestions in the New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) collection:

New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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