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:Huang mens: lalmwlzg A Cen+ury of Progress ,Ai n. af NEW ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL IN NEW ALBANY INDIANA as plc+ured .n +he 1954 VISTA .--, . .NM an V-...-. - -.if J ' ....... ' ll ill llllll ll NNI ' ll I -Q-IQQIIIQI Ill. """ 3' ll, I I -nf, fr "W " V l ll n - VM I ll ll I : . V I 4 ' '.- ....-. .Q 4 WEE 'K - ......-.-f-s... ' , .Ira ,,',. '. lllll I I m Rama- U IIE I 1Amn""' f -- I . . A Century of Progress . .. Scrubner Hugh School was locaied af Wes? Furs? and Sprung sfreefs Female Hugh School was locafed af flue corner of Sprung and Ba nl: sireefs Junuor Hugh School fhe fhurd hugh school buuldung a Easr Suxfh and Sprung sfreefs siands .Aa- has passed suncc +h firsl Monday un Oclober I853 when New Albany opened Scu bn r H gh School u+s fursl hugh school A palh of many obsfac es challenged fhe success of fhus unslululuon Because of an I855 lnd ana Supreme Courr rulung whuch declared school suppori' fo be unconsfufufuonal Scrubn r Hugh School was closed When un I858 +he Supreme Courl' reconsudered ufs verducl +he school began urregular operaluon Agaun I862 +he school was unlcr upfed when +he buuldung was renfed fo lhe Unu+ed Slales Governmenl as a hospulal for 'rhe Cuvul War wounded ln l87O because of cuslom lhe boys and gurls were separafed Thus arrangemenl confunued unhl l880 when 'rhe boys uouned 'lhe gurls a+ Fema e Hugh School The presenl' lunuor hugh buuldung became +he hugh school from I905 unhl I927 when The presenf buuldung was ereclecl and began opera+uon for sfudenls of fhe four secondary grades 2 B S hool lufe Achvufues Afhlelucs People Adverlusung of Contents S r j r r Tuu ,1 H0 High Academic Achievement A few members of Miss Bobb's biology class gafiwer around and faire noies as 'lhey siudy siagnaie pond waier iiirough a microscope. Paul Smiih holds a pose as an arf class siudies him infeniiy. Mr. Hariman offers some advice io a sfudeni in an office practice class. 4 . . . has been +he consiani goal of New Albany High School. From +he beginning +he course of s+udy has re- quired 'lhaf each sfudenf parialre in 'fhe subiecfs which are essen'rial fo a successful high school career. The original course of siudy of fhe high school con- sisred of 'fwo curricula, English and Classical. Included in ihese courses were siudies of rhe Cons+i+u'fion of Indiana, surveying, naviga+ien, zoology, English, penmanship, difierenf phases of ari+hme+ic, and many o+her subiec+s. Members of Mr. Smifh's geomefry class waich as Jim Clapp explains a problem ro Joe Wampler and Virginia Schroeder. Mrs. ScoH's his+ory class members iden+iiy sfralegic sea por+s on Qhe map. A physics class wafches as Mr. Summers conducfs and explains an experiment As compared wifh fhe firsi course of ins+ruc+ion, +he preseni' plan of work, consisfing of six curricula, offers educa+ion in fhe following fields: Academic, Business Educa+ion, General, Voca+ional, Voca+ional Agricul+ure, and Vocalional Home Economics. New Albany High School has come a long way since 'l'he firsi course of siudy was offered, and we are proud of i'rs firs'l' ceniury of progress. In fhe vocahonal agrlcu iure bulldnng +he boys Iearn ihe vocahon of fhelr choice These home economics sfudenh peer cauhously mio fhe oven To checlr fhe blSCUIfS fhey are balung Mr Ross checks a laihe nn machine shop for accuracy Vocational Skulls 4 . h ' LM, as MW V . ., .. , I 0 ooo are developed In fhe modern worlrshops of NAHS Educahon IS offered an our well equipped shops and classes fo b +er prepare s'I'udenls for fhelr chosen vocahons The Blo++er our NAHS newspaper as a sample cf whe worlc done by our modern prlnf shop The p mi' shop lllce +he school u+self has grown In size umporlance and up +o dale lmprovemenfs Begun nmg In l9ll +he shop had lumlred and Irregular operahon unhl l927 when our school moved fo :ls oresenl locahon The lno+ype added In I946 broughf 'rhe prml shop up +o mdusfrlal slandards and helped ni' 'fo mee+ +he needs of a growmg school The hlsfory of our prun+ shop as lusi' an example of how our school has progressed vocahonally as well as academically Our wood shop machine shop vocahonal agrlculfure and home economics courses also have hls+orles which display +he desire +o beller our school and our communlly Members of a sewlng class demonsfrale ihelr slull In malung lh8If own clofhes Leff Mr Fusher lnslrucls a sludenl nn woodcrall slulls Rlghl The prlnl shop always buues wlfh achvdy as +he s+uden+s learn lhe prmf Ing vocallon 7 , - I I . A. V. u I . - uv ' n 1 v . ' . . . - . . . . . I s , , A , . i . . , , 1 . . ,S . . ' l I l . . . . . 1 For enlerlainmanl in our cily we lurn lo our audilorium for plays, musicals, and educalional programs. A City within Our School . . . has been developed during lhe one hundred years of 'rhe exislence of NAHS. Operaled by boih fhe siudenis and faculfy, our cily carries on many lunciions. We have our boolcsiore io provide us wifh 'rhe boolcs and supplies we need fo malre our school day complefe. Our audiiorium offers +he bes+ in educaiional and enierlaining programs for +he pleasure of ihe sludenls. WNAS-FM is ihe radio s+a+ion owned and operafed by ihe siudenis and was +he firsl of Hs kind in lhe 8 counlry. I+ serves as a place where we can gain confi- dence in ourselves and develop our personalilies. The library of NAHS serves i800 sfudenis as a source of informalion and as a place of sludy. If is considered one of fhe besl school libraries in Indiana. Our cafeleria offers +he besf in good meals for ihe siudenls of NAHS, and our clinic serves lhose who need medical care during lhe school day. These are a few ofher examples of lhe progress NAHS has made in +he pasl l00 years. We, lhe ciiizens of NAHS, are indeed proud of our school cify. Lefl Lasl mlnufe supplnes are belng purchased af fhe boolrsfore by fhese sfudenfs before beglnnmg lheur school day Rughi The crowded lunch lane IS a famlluar scene during ihe noon hour Our library IS fhrlvlng wnfh acflvnly during lhe d y ll' ISll'1E cenfer of knowledge and lnformahon In our school clfy Paul Rader and WaI+ Slern fwo of our WNAS newscasfers fell lhe OUlSIdE world fhe lafesl' news from nnsnde our school gifs Q - +1 L ,"' 'l ll I .md - Eg- . t g l A N. X Recogmhon Was Achieved Mr Barlzes supermiendeni elecf congraiulaies Tom Owen Willa Dean Byers Shirley Cunningham Bull WlHmer and Joan Bczy on fhelr graduahon A welcome home parade was sponsored for Judy MacAr+hur New Albanys Hoosier Glrls Sfafe governor Co valedlcforlans Bob Wrughf and Nancy Shallers show ihenr awards +0 classmafes Marilyn Snyder and Wal? Siern The husro y of the I954 cla s s re ealed by Y onne Belcher du mg lne Senno Class Day ceremonies by oufsfanding seniors of our nigh school for unselfush servrce clllzenshlp and scholarship Award winners of The l954 class were Valedlclorlans Nancy Shallers and Bob Wrlgh+ Allru 1 Sue Longesl' Trl Kappa Wanda Fisher Rofary Roberl' Wrlghl Knwanls Nancy Shallers Rober+ Wrnghf Jacquelyn Dyer and Wanda Fisher DAR award Marrha Peck Bonnie Sloan Unl+ Amerlcan Leglon Auxlllary Ted Craver and Judy MacAr+hur Business Roberlson John Moody Tru Hu Y Marlha Rah and Hu Y Achxevernenl Award Charlie Boardman lnduana SOCI6ly of Profe snonal Engineers Roberl Yosl Tru Kappa Schoarshlo Arlhur Smufh Trl Kappa S+a+e Scnolarshlp Jacq elyn Dye 40 8: 8 American Legion Marye Morris Hugh School PTA Scholarsh p Yvonne Belcher WGRC Raney Memornal Award Charlie Boardman Perlecl Affendance John Bensnng Paul Ramsey Linda RadcllFle Shnrley Mahoney and Lnnda Floclc Ps: lo'ra Xl Margarel' Hoffman and Sla+e Amerucan Legnon Auxlluary Scholarshup Rober+Wrugh1 Na cy Shalle s presenls lh M nfle of K o ledge 'ro fhe o lsfandlng lumor class member Jlm Clapp ' r 5 l v v r' ' ' r ' , . . . ' ' l' ' H f e e n w . . A . . u - . Q v - ' and Professional VVomen's Club, Donna Sfriegelg Dr. A. N. . - , . . ' . A . . U f: . ' ' . 3 ' ' ' 3 . I Ll by 1'he s+uden+s upon four of our NAHS beauhes Farsi +o be crowned 'Thus year was rhe foofball queen S e Lefler a 5 I 'un r Escoried by Bull Swlfi fhe queen was elecfed by +he s+uden+ body Achve around NAHS Sue was a cheerleader for fwo years a member of Bel Canfo Chonr and feafure edlfor of fhe BloHer s+aFF Bofh prom queen and homecoming queen Judy Swrrzer relgned over lhe Cenienmal Prom and fhe firsi' homecoming celebrahon She was a member of fhe Bloffer sfaff 'I'he French Club +he Phofography Club and produced and appeared on Teen Time Tom Walker was Judy s proud escori' af boih occasions Sue Longesr a 5 5 semor was escor+ed by Dan Mock when she was presenied wlfh fhe crown whuch named her +he I953 54 baskefball queen Sue produced +he chonr program on WNAS was a member of +he Nahonal Honor Socnefy Speakers Bel Can+o and receuved +he Alirusa award for unselfish servuce fo fhe school To reugn over fhe Cenfenmal Week Celebrahons Mar+ha Peck was elec+ed by fhe siudeni' body as cenfen mal queen Escorfed by Ned Kerr Mar+ha was fhe guesi of honor a+ fhe Cenfennlal Banque+ and ihe dance follow mg +he banquei' Mari was Edllbl' of 'rhe Vns+a a member of WNAS radio sfaff Speakers Alpha Trl Hu Y and received fhe Daughfers of fhe American Revoluhon Cain zenshlp medal I3 ' III l . , , . . 4 - l , ,,. . . . 0 u , lo. , I . 0 l I I I I l , I I . . . I . I ' I . . . . . . . , . . . I I I I I I H . .. . . . .. . . . . . The cas? of lhe senior class play, "The Lafe Chrisiopher Bean," goes fhrough fhe flnal acf af dress rehearsal, A never-forgoHen occasion was Hue Cen+ennlal prom held in fhe beaufifully decorafed Coniinenfal Room. Plans and memories were discussed a+ fhe annual senior parfy sponsored by fhe Davidsons. Ma 'Tk W'-2: ny Good Times 69 K 1 l , , l 5 1 gl 1 . . . have been enjoyed a+ NAHS. The everyday high school ac+ivi+ies have been spiced wi+h many ex+ra curricu- lar evenrs. This year many "firs+s" were added +o 'rhe school calendar. S+uden+s enjoyed irhe firsi Freshman-Sophomore dance, sponsored by fhe Sfudenf Council: rhe firsl' summer yearbook, "The Vis'fa," which gave a full accoun+ of 'rhe year's ac+ivi+iesg and +he firs+ Homecoming Celebra+ion, commemorared by a parade, a foofball vicfory, and a dance. The annual occurrences remembered especially by ihe NAHS seniors were +he many plays, 'rhe conceris, 'the Junior-Senior Prom, classday, baccalaurea+e, senior weelr acfiviries, and ihe Final siep, commencement Bur 'rhe ihings mos+ remembered by +he seniors are rhe friendships fhai were formed during 'rhe four years a+ NAHS - 'lhe friendships +ha+ conlinue for so long afier graduarion. Jim Henry, Marcia Wrege. Mary Lou Gibson, and Ted Graver form lasfing friendships as +hey pause belrween classes. Ai noon rhe fron? hall is a popular meefing place 'For many siudenis. One of ihe many singing groups around NAHS is ihe "Flai- Tops," consisfing of Rodney Pennell, Don Adams, Jim Clayfon, and Sherrill Colvin. I5 The gym was fransformed mio a dmmg hall for flue over 2 250 alumna and guesfs allendlng fhe Alumnu Banque? Lell Jushce M nlon receives a klSS from flue olclesf graduafe alfendnng flue Alumm Banque? Mrs Scoll as a member of ll'I9 Class of 78 Rlghf Mayor Ernl and Joe Blnlorcl loin Mr Davidson nn welcoming Supreme Courf JUSlIC9 Sherman Mxnion honored guesf af llle lsanquef P Memorues Were Reluved 1+ lho pageanl +he banquei and 'fhe olher cen 'rennual feshvuhes by fhe alumnu and sludenls as lnduana s fursl' publuc hugh school commemoraled u+s one hundred years of servuce Wru+'ren by 'Facul+y members Calvun Knobeloch an Fuelder Myers fhe cen+ennual pageanl presenled e presenfahon Many former s+uden+s renewed old fruendshups an made new acquaun+ances duruno fhe Alumnu Banque? e banquel was aHended by over 2 250 alumnu and guesfs and was hughlugh+ed by ihe presenfahon of an oul paunf ung of Supreme Cour+ Jushce Sherman Munlon who was guesf of honor Alumnu and s+uden'I's enuoyed +he dance whuch followed +he banquei' Olher feshvufues of lhe year uncludecl flue PTA presen achuevemen+s of our hugh school Thus program was wru+'ren by Mr Marvun Oakes and fea+ured oufsfandung fugures of 'fhe hugh school s huslory Lefl The Pageanl sho s lhe Class of 53 I853 fhaf us R ghl The hugh school uouned un lhe war eflorf by 'rurnung over uls buuldung un I862 fo lhe U S Governmenl for a Cu ul War hospufal I7 0 0 0 C O n 1 d ' . I . H1 . . . . - hisfory of NAHS. Over 200 s+uden+s par+icipa+ed in lhis fafion "This ls Your Life' NA!-QS." Showing fhe ma,-,Y i ' d . . . . . . J . . Th . . . . 0 mg, , rj.- 4, C f, flux! ffu if ' X! 'Z 1, , f if QU ff, f 1 f www Y ff In Memonal +o Charles Gordon Raney who served New Albany Hugh School from I946 'lo I953 For seven of fhose elghi' years he was Dean of Boys and baslne+ball coach ln has final year a+ NAHS Mr Raney was assls+an+ prlnclpal ln +he fall of I953 he was appolnfed prlnclpal of lhe New Albany Junlor Hugh School a p0SI'lIOI'1 ln which because of his falal :llness he never served Loved respecled admired by all who lcnew hum Mr Raney was one of fhe mos'I' promlnenl' baslce+ball coaches In +he slafe lwlce leading hls NAHS +eams +o fhe Slafe Funal Tourney He was fhe ideal of counfless boys who soughf has guidance as coach friend and counselor NAHS IS a beHer place In whuch +o learn and New Albany a beHer clry In which fo love because of ihe ex ample of has llfe For his fruendly smlle for has s+erllng characfer for has love of good spor+smanshnp for his devohon io all fhaf was fine and beauhful In life and for has lnsplrahon io hundreds of NAHS boys and gurls we pay humble +rubu+e Leli Mr Raney shorfly affer rehrmg from hls coaching posnhon congrafulahng Coach Gu ens Rlghf Mr Raney IS seen begunmng lhe dan y announcemenls one of hus duhes as assnsfanl principal ,,,,,..--f-' l9 I O U C ... , . . , , . , . . . I , , . . . . ' . . . . .. . . I I c I l 1 c u l I I 1 ' - . . 1 I . . . . . . . . . I I I ' I I , . g , , I v . 1 . .: . . . . . , . , ... ' - . Y ,,., Q Q ,' 1 A lx ' ' . , ' 5' F., gg, . Achvuhes have played a bug parl' nn fhe progress of New Albany Hugh School durmg n+s I00 years of servnce Following ln 'Phe foo+s+eps of fhe clubs before lhem The organlzahons of NAHS oFfer many services +o ihenr school and commumfy Each year underprlvlleged famllles receive help and frrendshlp al Thanlcsglvlng and Chrlsfmas fhe communlfy s charl+able campaigns are aided by NAHS club members The flrsf club fo be formed af NAHS Wranglers began an l9l0 Wranglers lllre fhe olher clubs of fhe school helps s+uden'I's +o gaun experience and leadership un cooperahng wu+h one anofher For+y fwo clubs are now worlnng 'lo serve our school and commumfy by helping +o malre ri a beffer place nn whuch +o llve and worlr 20 Musucal producf ons are nofh rn ne lo NAHS scene fom 'lho l905 musucal H M S Plnaforo by Sur Arihur Sulll an l 0 0 O C O . . . , , . . ' . . U I I . . . lime, audiences are en+er+ained by club produc+ions, and . . . . . s l . E - ' g w -here is a r . . 'v . K 2 ., .fi-ESE Li" -. , -SZ, -EQ J i A..,, Q is .. JV. 1. E 2 'a i P.. i 55: 5'2" .V E51 dn. 55 L 524: Qi? ve' qw: Q." igrw a:::+Ea2?,fa '52 Bit Lnzag, .1 T, pw: ,.- ,.., QI, yr ,.,.. .Q-I , ,.f1:.,1g. Y 15.212 15. -frr-H any 1+ itil: T 1' "n' 5 21' 1:21 ' 13? " x. 1 K ' 'u- .45ei?i155f.' ' r -5-4'tz1'ii1f 2 'if 'F ,, ? 6? E115 1 Lf!T?i- "1 "' 'bf-W' 51 ' 1 A- 2 nw f ' My 1 nik? 2 I5 1 3 E51 2: L.-.. ..-A . AV.. gt --vs E' 2' 'QL flzbf is-ff xi tu, 'Y' , , 'F W' h v 'f gr. Z is 7 x ' , Qi I 5.5, ' as -L? Y: ,R , I, . , 'ia , :rag if 2' . S- . A ' ' V , rf' b . Q Q. 1 ! Q. Jw :Zi 'V' , -. L ,. A If V-' .13 - 4' Q' gg-C1 x gfh X , effmgia 4.-. ,, xv'-iv x 2: -X93 A f 1 1 X 'FII-3 if e 1 i 4, ' E iff' 7 ' 1 , is 5' f ' K if 5 5 ft 'X K f- , M- 1:-2:1-Fi A 2 '- r A 1 we 2- 5 ff wx .- ' ' . ' - , ,-B Q, A1 3- Q Q ig? V if Y ' -+ ' f ' jfs ' JJ ff -.Q 5:52 1 . - 5 -,S-'ij 2 iii? E352 Q-,H 1 "" ' 5 1 -ve: f Tfz:-f ' ' - 'S' - 5, if-eu. .X - 'ar' f .0 v , 3 1 . . -61 f f 5 1 -f 2' x' T L 3 E g?'?zS , . ,tx J, " 'A Az' .- -' f r j.'i'-,ul ' , ' Q ' V'-I '57 . 'E 5 . 5 "rf 3 -2 2 4 fi? E ' 'f- b , if? 5' 5 A A . e 5 . ' ' ' P' . F4 'V 5 7. 5 1 . ' Z: "'- 'Q 1 351 V - ' 'Sv if E Eg '- X FQ . Z ." "' 5-2: 1 - ' ,SY . -.1 ',.:1, ' . 1,213 -lil, I , A . ,W .. ki 1 -f.'i- f J Y :J x it f. Q' Junlor and senlor members of lhe Sfudenl Council were Johnson Wayne Randolph and Ronnie Snoolr Row2 Don Adams Fefe Elmer Vnrgunla Schroeder Mary Lou Breen Klffy Lucll: Carol Jones and Richard Bechf Row I Sue Hammeff Connie Fendall Jo Ann Jolly Wanda Thorn Phyllis Klesler and Sue Lofler Hugh chool Parlnament The S'ruden+ Councnl IS composed of one represeniahve from each home room These represenfahves are elecled by fhe members of 'lhe home room A represen'ra'hve musl mam +am a C average ln order fo remain on +he councll The council se Jes o p omo're desirable sfudenl facully relahonshlps and lo deve op sludeni' responsublllfy umha 'rlve leadershnp and school prlde This year as In precedmg years 'fhe S+uden+ Council sponsored a magazine drlve The money received from +hus The S+udenl Council has also purchased fwo felevlslon sefs and 'lwo waler 'founlams wlfh proceeds from 'lhe prevlous magazine drives The mam proled of +he S+uden+ Councll lhls year IS fhe conslruchon of a Teen Cen+er for fhe sfudenfs of NAHS This cen+er will probably be In operahon wlfhm 'rhe nex'I' +wo years Lefl Nancy Neely presldenl of Sfudenl Council Rughl Jim Clayfon Nancy Shallers and Dlcl: Roberls Sludenl Council offxcers opening fhe suggesllon box 22 la I . . Row 3' Jim Clayfonl Jim Henry' Charles Boardman' Ralph drive was used +o help pay for curfalns In +he audrlorlum. LeTT The STudenT Councll Execuhve commuTTee Jim Rowe Sue L Tler PeTe Elmer Nancy Shallers Charlle Boardman Duck RoberTs Mnclrey Neely and Jlm Henry RlghT A group oT sTudenTs enTerlng Tme TTrsT mixer of The season which was sponsored by The STudenT Councal A suggeshon box has been placed In The mann hall STu denTs may drop suggeshons compllmenTs or complalnTs In This box Refuse cans have also been placed ThroughouT The halls Thus IS To ellmmaTe excessive amounTs oT paper on The floor Thus year Tor The TirsT Tame The STudenT Council has purchased puns Tor each represenTaT1ve The pm signifies membershlp In The Hugh School STudenT Council and The NaT1onal Assoclahon of STudenT Council The offlcers Tor Thus year were Nancy Nee y preslclenT Jlm ClayTon vlce presldenT Nancy Shallers secreTary and Dnclr RoberTs Treasurer Mr Wnesman and Mass Wllson are sponsors of The STu denT Council The Council Row 3 Row 2 Tr shmen and sophomore members oT The STudenT were Buddy Kannapel Jlm Rowe Larry Klnzer STeve Ballard STeve Von Allmen Ralph Mxddaugh Davnd Groshleder and Sue Jerrell Jaclue SmlTh Donna McBride CaTherlne Ellis Muclrey Neely Sherrill Colvm PaT WhlTeley and Lols Casey Nancy Wllllams Anna Dyson Mary Lou Shely Barbara Blnford and Earlene Dllney 23 ' Row l: L. B. Hocler, Harold PayTon, Shirley AlberTson, , Q il . . . . . . I ' T 'g Forming The "W" lhar signifies fhe Wranglers Club are Joe Dosch, Jim Walker, Bill Swiff, Bob Hilleary, Louie Renn, Dan Mook, John Harless, Dave Binford, Ronnie Sparlrman, Tommy Tush, Waller Sfern, Tom Bacof, Tim Furlong, Tom Wallrer, Lee Buchanan, Diclr Davidson, Pefe Elmer, Barion Harisock, Jim Clayion, and Dick Roberfs. tatesmen of Tomorrow The Wranglers were organized in l9I0 by Mr. C. B. McLinn, one of fhe former superin+enden+s of New Albany Schools. The Wranglers Club is +he oldes+ club al New Albany High School. The purposes of fhe club are fo promofe public speaking, discussions, and deba+es. The club also par+icipales in several wor+h while funciions of +he school and communi+y. Firsi semesfer officers were: Tom Wallcer, presi- dent Joe Wampler, vice presidenh Dave Binforcl, secrelaryg John Harless, freasurerg and Lee Buch- anan, sergeani'-a+-arms. The club sponsored fhe annual Wrangler Cup Coniesi in May. 24 Firsr semesfer officers ol Wranglers were Lee Buchanan, Joe Wampler, Tom Wallrer, Dave Binford, and John Harless. Boys who represenfed Wranglers In club leaque basheiball were Dave Bmford Fefe Elmer Tum Furlong Joe Dosch Waller Sfern and Loule Renn Kneelung Tom Walker and John Harless Members of 'I'he club also collecfed funds for fhe Polio Campalgn durmg +he monfh of January The members are chosen from boys In +he sopho more Iumor and sensor classes who have above average marlrs an Engllsh and Social S+udles Durmg fhe baslre+ball season members of The club sold +eam 'lags +o suppor+ 'I'he +eam and +o malce The second semes+er offucers were Dave Bmford presldem' Dlclr Davidson vlce presldeni' Jlm Walker secrelary Pere Elmer Treasurer and Loule Renn sergeani af arms The club ns under fhe sponsorship of Mr Marvm Oakes On February 23 fhe Wranglers loaned wlfh lhe Spealcers Club 'ro sponsor a banquef a+ Colonial Manor The Wranglers also held a banquef nn +he sprung for fhe members and fheur dafes a+ +he Valley Vrew Cub Second semesier officers of fhe club were Louie Renn Duck Davidson Dave Blnford Jim Walker and Pele Elmer 25 I I money for fhe club. : ' , A . : . . I . . : . . : . : ' I ' ' ' i . . . W ' r .v ' n I J l 'dr ' l l l . Members of fhe club are back row Kay Duer Marfha Peggy Funk Sfella Kocherf Donna Hardin Nina Shrader Nancy Arganbrlghf Carol Jones and Nancy Shallers Fronl row Yvonne Belcher Deanna Chase and Sharon Murphy peakers of Dlstmchon The Speakers Club has +he dlshnchon of being +he oldesf grrls cub +o be organ zed In NAHS and holds a record for con muous operahon over a for+y fwo year period The Speakers are one of fhe mos+ ambrhous groups In school carrying on many soclal and cha l+ab'e funchons Thus pasl' year 'lhe club gave a Thanksgiving play and a Ch lsfmas p ay and as +h 'lraclrhon a+ NAHS +he Speakers Sanra Claus clusrrlbuled p esenls and crea+ed laughs afler 'rhe Chrrsfmas play During 'I'he Polio Drive members of +l1e Speakers Club collec+ecl money for +he Polio Fund Thus years officers were as follows Shirley Curfs pres: denl' Joyce Sweel vrce presldenl Nancy Neely secrefary Sue Longesl' freasurer ancl Jackle Dyer s+uclenf crlhc Mass Ollela Tyler IS 'rhe club sponsor Lef+ Speaker officers sfandung are Sue Longesl Jackxe Dyer Nan y Neely and loyce Swcr-+ Sr if-rl as SI lr ey Curfs Cenler In he Thanksgiving play are Donna Hardin Nancy Neely Frank Freeman and Bob Wrlghf Rlghf An Informal Speakers meehng 26 'A , ' 0 I a 1 A' ,f . , . . L. . . I ' I 'uf ' . . r. A . . r' . - l g . e ' ' , ' Peck, Carole Jack, Virginia Schroeder, Mariam 'LaDuke, . . . . . . . . 8 . . . 1 , - ' ' : . ' ' : . : I ' , ' , 1 , . . . . c , ' " l . : l T W l l Feudm and Fussm The Debale Club was o gamzed IH Ocfober of I952 by Mr Calvun Knobeloch lhe presenl club sponsor The purposes of +he club are +o preserve lhe ar+ of argu me-1+ and lo furfher m+eres'r In publuc spealung debale cuvlc affairs and parlnamenlary procedure The Debale Club mel every Thursday During 'rhe meel nngs four members were assign d a 'lopnc for dnscusslon and 'rhen +hey gave 'rhelr debale +he followmg club meehng Achvlhes of +he year Included an exchange deba"e wnlh Jeffersonvulle on January I3 Bob Wrlghl' and Ted Graver bolh seniors represenled NAHS The dlscussuon was Resolved +ha+ +wo years of speech should be requlred In all hugh schools In lndnana Bob and Ted were lhe proud wlnners of 'rhls debale uallflcahon for membership us by fry ou+ and club Officers of fhe club were Bob Wrnghf presndenl' Ted Graver vlce presldenl' Larry Fallh secre+ary and Jlm Clapp 'lreasurer Members of fhe Debafe Club ere Lloyd Koehler Floyd Sumner Larry Falfh Ted Graver Bob Wrlghf Jm Clapp Aubrey Hamplon Bull Schupperl and Bull Braden ns aff' mah e spealre B b W g l durmg The Jefle son 1 e Debafe Pari npanfs un The Jeffe son Ile and Ne Albany debale ere Bob Wrlghl and Ted G a er represenflng Ne Albany and M lssa Lo ell and Malcomb Peel represenhng Jeqerson lle U I 3 i . . . . i . membership is limi+ed fo sixleen s+udenl's. W I I Fr? ur 'v r, O rl h , ' r v'll if ' r vi w w ' r V , I w . ei v , ' vi . Row 3 Palsy Keeley Yvonne Cook Janice Harler Gall Kensxg Joanne Magness Norma Marhn Dons Kung Elaine Mar+1n and Donna Anderson Row 2 Doris Mahoney Sue Cummins Jerlanne Colwell Luculle Dorsey Freda MCWIllIBmS Nadvne Rupp Belly Huff Mary Saunders and Mlss Davls Row I Carolyn Rlppy Sharon Murphy Sharon Wade Carolyn Wrnghl Shrrley Zurschmlede Pal Gregg Palsy Weddrng and Helene Zemon Buulders of a Better Day Phu Della Trl Hu Y a club for Iunlor and senior girls was organlzed ln The fall of l953 The achvlhes of 'rhe year included an lnuhahon servnce held af +he hugh school and worlung For fhe March of Dim s campangn Phu Della lolned wvfh 'the membe s of fhe Alpha Trl HI Y chapfer +o sponsor a floa+ for +he Homecoming Parade The club also gave several panel discussions during fhe club peruod On March 29 fhe cub sponsored a slcahng parfy a+ Fon+alne Ferry The officers of +ho club were Sue Cummins presldenl' Shirley Feller vice presldenf Elaine Marhn secrelary and Norma Marhn 'Treasurer The sponsors were Mrs Aycoclc and Mass Davis 28 Phu Della Off cers were Shlrley Zurschmlede Mary Saun ders Shlrley Feller Sue Cummlns Elaine Marlin and Norma U . I . . U u I . . l ' Q . 1 Marlin. I I I l . . . . T . . , . , I . : ' '. : Lel Members of fhe club colled funds 'for flue March of Dames Campaugn Rlghf Phu Delia and +l1e Alpha Tr: Hn Ys lolned logefher +o decorale a floai for fhe Homecoming Parade e f Some of flue gurls help wnflm one of flue candy sales Rlghl A few of 'lhe members leave for flue slcahng parly ai Fonlanne Ferry Members of Phl Della Trl Hu Y are seen al fhenr nmhehon service i 'Y' X Q is L fz I ' ' . ' : 29 A Credit to Our Community The Alpha Tri Hi Y carried on many social and charifable ac+ivi+ies during 'rhe school year. These included an ini+ia- +ion service and devofional services before +he Thanksgiving, Chris+mas, and Eas+er holidays. In February, 'rhe club also gave a Swee+hear+ Banquel for 'rhe members and 'rheir fafhers. During +he pas+ spring fhe club sponsored a "March +o Church fhis March" campaign. I+ also donared curfains for fhe +rophy case. The club presenfed fhree assembly programs and helped fo sponsor 'fhe Sadie Hawlcins' Day Dance. The inifialion service of fhe Alpha Tri Hi Y was held in Officers for lhe year were: Mar+ha Ann Ri+z, presidenfg Trinify Me+hadis+ Church in December 01' I953. Nancy Shallers, vice president Judy MacAr+hur, secrefaryg Nancy Neely, +reasurerg Par Roberson, chaplain, Marilyn Snyder, sergeanl'-af-arms, and Mariha Peclc, publici+y chair- man. Mrs. Barbara Jean Davis is +he club sponsor. Leif: Members of +he club en+er+ain +heir farhers a+ The Sweelhearl Banquet Cenrerz Members of The club parricipaiing in one of lhe worship services are: Jo Ann Dalhover, Mary Jane O'Dell, Helen Hoclr, Connie Will, Be'Hy Hurchinson, Carolyn Thompson, Judy Graham, Francis Nave, Peggy Funlr, Barbra Embrey, Linda Roberson, Belly Smifh Mary Ann Besr, Doroihy Wilson, Karen Funlc, Mariam LaDulre. Delores Schulz, and Marilyn Snyder. Righl: Checking over The "March lo Church This March" bullefin board are: Sharon Howard, Kay Duer, Nancy Roberson, Deanna Chase, Jane Gilley, Marilyn Rice, Jaclrie Dyer, and Beverly Leufharf. 0-J' 'fi' Q X . xN 30 Members of 'rhe Alpha Bela Tri Hi Y af fheir inifiafion are: Nancy Colwell, Susie Hirner, DoHie Henn, Linda Salyers, Peggy Gorman, Barbara Morgan, Shirley Davis, Virginia Mason, Linda Weber, Nancy Williams, Nila Thompson, Nalhalea Fosler, Phyllis Thomas, Alice Sloan, Shirley Haas, Mary Lou Freeman, Janef Thomas, Barbara Schneider, Mary Lou Gibson, Kay Longesf, Marilyn Brock, Anna Belle Turner, Sue Jerrell, Palsy Allrins, Mary Alice Young, Edna Corner, Connie Holfon, Judy Hazellon, Judy Turner, Marilyn Gillialf, Kay Miller, Alice Arlrins, Marlha Allrins, Sandra Redus, Carolyn Hogue, Lillian Mercer, and Anna McCulcheon. Progress and ervice Officers of The Alpha Bela Chapler were Kay Longesl, Barbara Schneider, Sue Jerrell, Annabelle Turner, Mary Lou The Befa Chapter of .the Tri Y was organized Gibson, and Mary Lou Freeman. in I949, and is one of The mos? aclive Tri Hi Y groups. Ac+ivi+ies for 'Phe year included donaling a baslcel' of food +o a needy family, Chrisrmas caroling, helping wilh fhe March of Dimes, and helping sponsor lhe Sadie Hawkins' Day Dance. The club also sponsored a swimming par+y, a Chrisrmas quef in April. The officers of +he club were: Mary Lou Gibson, presi- denrg Janer Thomas, vice president Sue Jerrell, secreiaryg and Anna Belle Turner, publiciiy chairman. The club sponsor was Mrs. Chris+ine Fairless. 3 I parfy af fhe home of Jane? Thomas, and an lnsfallarion Ban- Kay Longesf, +reasurerg Barbara Schneider, sergeanl-al-arms: Mary Lou Freeman, chaplain, Marilyn Brock, his+oriang Row 3 Joyce Thomas Jo Ann Thomas Janef Lasley Harrrefr Jorrls Maralyn Wolf Ellen Clayfon Bonnie Jones Phyllis Keach Carolyn Cool: and Pal Knable Row 2 Dolores Dorsey Phyllls Burres Peggy Zeller Peggy Lewls Sh' ley Guefne Nancy Toops Sunnye Adams Arlene Van Cader Alma Bowling Juanl+a Muller and Doris Canfer Row I Joanne Evans Dororhy Grimes Tamara Gresham Mary Glover Darlene Bennelf Joanne Blaclusfon Carol Koch Marnanna Orrlch Carol Oldom Jaclue Roblneffe and Peggy Kerlman Talnng parf rn lhe second semesler rnlhaflon servrce are Jaclue Roblnelfe Judy Seller Jo Ann Thomas Joanne Evans Delores Dorsey Pal Knable Mary Kafhryn Asberry Juanrfa Muller Dorofhy Mlllron Peggy Kerlman Dons Canfer Peggy Zeller Joyce Thomas and Carol Sue McKlnney fellowsnup were +he purposes of +he Omega Trl Hu Y The quallf: ahons for membc S1 p un +he chapfer were ai leasr a C average and a wrllmgness +o supporr 'rhe prnn csples of fhe club which are fo creafe marnlam and exrend rhroughour fhe home school and communl+y hugh sfandards ol' Chrlshan characfer The Omega Tru Hr Y has been afhllared wrrh +he nahonal and mfernahonal YMCA since November l948 The Omega social achvlhes Inc uded an lnrhahon of rwenfy one members In Ocfober a dance a parfy and a banque+ 32 A . . . , . . . 0 "Clean fhoughrs, clean worcls, clean ac+ions, and good I ll ll n l , . ' 'c ' . 1- I E ' I I I 1. U n . . ' ' s 1 Il . , , . - I I I In November fhe club loaned wuih +he seven oiher Hn Y and Trl H1 Y Chaplers of New Albany In sponsoring fhe Sadie Hawluns Day Dance a+ S Ellen Jones The dance fealured Johnny Burlcarlh and his orcheslra ln December +he club had a Chrlsimas parfy af The home of Darlene BenneH' The club members broughf foys boolrs clolhmg and food for 1'he club s aclopfed family The famlly conslsfs of a molher and her five children The members of 'rhe club also exchanged gn'+s w:+h each ofher A Mo+her s Day dunner was held on May I0 al' Colonial Manor During +he banquel' a candle llghi lns+allahon of lhe new officers was gnven The merl+ award for lhe mosf valuable club member was also made a+ fhvs 'hme Olher achvlhes Included dlslrlbuhon of baslxefs of food al' Chrlslmas and In fhe sprung +0 needy families and collecl mg funds for +he March of Dumes The club also dona+ed a glff of S35 lo +he Polio Drive Money ralsmg achvlhes Included operahng fwo check rooms for balcony +ucke+ holders durmg +he baslce+ball games and a home made candy sale a+ a baskefball game ln July +hree offucers for +he ensulng year aHended The Tecumseh fralmng camp a+ Delphu Indiana Ofhcers for +he pas+ year were Mary Asberry presndeni Mary Marhn vlce presldenl Janice McKlm secre'I'ary Jane McClaren lreasurer Carol Sue McKunney chaplain Phyllis Burres sergeanl' a+ arms and Ellen Claylon hlsforlan The club sponsor IS Mlss Muriel Ryall assls+ed by Miss Sfephenson and Mass Braeuhgam The gurls of Omega Tn HI Y operahng The chechroom for fhe March of Dimes beneff are June Woodward Marianna Ofrlch Nan Gibbs Maralyn Wolf Phyllis Burres Harrie? Jorrls and Mary Glover Looking o er fhe 'food and clolhnng for lhelr Chnsfmas Parry are Darlene Benneff Barbara Rufung Janel Lasley Harrie? Jorrls Maralyn Wolf Marianna Olrlch Mary Asberry Shirley Guelhe Carol Koch Sunnye Adams Ellen Claylon Dorofhy Grimes and Tamara Gresham Officers of Omega Tru Hn Y dlscussmg plans for lhe year are Mary Asberry Jamce McKlm Jane McClaren and Mary Marhn FIUGIEIS if Ill! I BSI lllll Ill ll- Cllll llll I 33 I.II..,..II..IM.. .. .... I.. - ,. Row 3 Ann Murphy Judy Rasmussen Judy Eadens Nancy Lucas and Judy McCaffrey Row 2 Anna Barfh Belly Reece Sharon Dodge Sue Kepley Pai Boyd Lmda Paulsen Vlfqlnld Pry Suzanne Lyfle and Janef Paylon Row I Rufh Lamb Dorls Myler Mania Edelen Marllyn Reed Ann Thompson Connle Koehler Judy Turner Peggy Kllnger and NICkI Negangard OHICEFS of +he club were Judy Thomas Evelyn Hunier PaI+y Abboff Carol Payfon Joan Hanson Sandra Ulrechf and Ellhelda La Blanc 34 Their Arms Are Hugh One of +he more recenlly orgamzed Tru HI Y groups IS 'rhe Zefa Chl Chapler The club was organized In Sep+ember of I953 for freshmen and sophomore gIrIs On February I8 Ihe club heard Ihe Reverend W A Amerson pasfor of Ihe Wesley Chapel Me+hodIs+ Church Durmg +he year +I1e club spowsored Iwo candy sales 'ro make money for club prolec+s One of +he hIghIIgh+s of fhe year was a slcahng par+y held al' Fonfalne Ferry In Loulsvllle February I9 The club also assIs+ed In Ihe March of Dlmes Campalgn OIFICBFS of +he club were presldenl Sandra Ulrechl' vnce presndenf PaHy Abbolf secrefary E+helda La Blanc +reasurer Joan Hanson and sergeanf a+ arms Carol Payfon The sponsor was Mrs Merle L Wallrer 3 I I I I I 3 I I I I I I I I . 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I , . . , . , . - I I I I I I I I - - I U I I I . . I Pure Achons The Freshman HI Y IS composed of freshmen and sopho more boys Inferesled In SSFVIDQ +heIr school and commumly ThIs years ac+IvIhes Included 6SSIS'llf'lQ In fhe PolIo drnve and sponsormg a faiher and son banquef Members of fhe club refereed +he SIXll'1 grade a+hle+Ic con+es+s The proceeds were used +o send lhe OTTICEFS lo YMCA camp and lo pay for +he banque+ The club also loIned wI+h o+her HI Y and Trl HI Y clubs lo sponsor +he SadIe Hawluns Day Dance lasl' fall The offIcers for +hIs year were Jerry DaIly presIden+ Sieve Von Allmen VICE presIden+ George Everbach secre 'lary DennIs RIchardson lreasurer Gary Aushn sergeanl' The club IS under 'rhe sponsorshIp of Mr Edward Summers Officers of Freshman HI Y ere Sleve Von Allmen Tom Sellmer Gary Au hn DennIs RIchardson and Jerry Dalley Row 3 BIlly Huichmson Jerry Kessmger Jaclr Hunfer Larry Evans MaurIce Pendellon Bob E lon John Bob Hall Ronme Schad Wayne Largenf Evan Evans Ray McCown and DavId Updegraff Row 2 MaurIce Kannapel Gene MIddaugh Eddve FreIberger DavId Creps SherrIll ColvIn Adnan MCNlCkl6 Ronnue Graver Donald Schnell James Grundy Donald Kay Bob Wells and Tom Hendruckson Row I Don Bacon Jlmmy Byrley EddIe HamIl+on Glenn Mofsmger Charles Andres JIrn Emery DavId Kopp Denlul Kos? Paul Tlmberlale Clvff Deal and L B Hocler 35 I 1 ' . ' I . ' ' : . - rrG l . . I T . I ' I . W I a+-arms: and Tom Sellmer, chaplain. ' 5' - I ' ' ' Z l . I l I I I 1 I W I I 5 I YN Row 3 Harold Beebe Bob Read Jlm Slnkhorn Bull Farrls Tom Gorls and B-ll Broadus Row 2 Harold Read Eddle Whale Jim Mnchell Ronme Fosler Ray Snider John Bowen and Charles Roberson Row I Ronme Smlfh Wayne Kung George Sfuard Bully Wheeler Bobby Smlfh Gary Bocard Ronme Crang and Harry DeArl: The officers of fhe Sigma Hr Y were Larry Thompklns Ned Kerr A J Harvey Charlze Boardman Wesley Rucker and Roger Ehalr 36 Pure Words Sigma Hu Y was orgamzed In I953 by Mr Forresl' McCaFfry The club us open 'ro any boy nn +he lunlor or sensor classes This vears club sponsored a mixer af+er one of +he bwslcefball games The hrghIrgh+ of +he dance was 'I'he orcheslra lcnown only as 'rhe Mysferlous Snx The club hea d seve al rnlereshng spealrers such as Mr Bell an lndlana S'ra're Trooper who spolxe on leenage clrrvmg The club also heard from Reverend Reschlce paslor of 'rhe Grace Lurheran Church who spoke on clean 'rhough+s and words Offncers for +he year were Charlie Boardman presrden+ A J Harvey vlce presndenf Ned Kerr secre+ary Roger Ehalf rreasurer Wesley RJclrer sergeanf a+ arms and Larry Tomplclns chaplain The club IS now sponsored by Mr Floyd Henry , f I Yr 2 gg ' ' ' 2 , , I r Q i lk .. ar -L A 3 T I J ,V , y Q 2 ' 'X ',f r rl ' " ? , l., f I . . . . I . . . . .. . . .. r V . . ' I X H' - 1 l r ' N .. D I .., ' I X ' 1 . ' : , A - - . I . I '. : ' . - - : , . Pow 3 Joe Euler Charles Pampun Wendell Powell Paul Claflln Morlon Blake Don Carpenler Glen Jackson Offo Smulh Tom Weddle Ben :wlon Frank Freeman and Larry Darneal Row 2 Jerry Hodge Jerry Ryland Joe Hoclr Paul Scheler Paul Rader Earl Slalon Franlr Maner Bull Hargrave Wayne Randolph Ray Shurley Frank Rerserl and John Harless Row I Joe Cooley Lee Buchanan Larry Dougherry Bob Armsfrong Bully Elluoff Marvsn Nlcholson Lew Harfley Bull Logue Larry Robb Phul Calc and Don Dyer Ofhcers for fhe pasl year ere Ralph Webb Karl Ulrechf Lawrence Very Ray Chrlshansen Dlclr Roberls a d Bull l.'VlHmer Pure Thoughts The New Albany Chapler of +he Sensor Hu Y organized Sensor HI Y w fh 'Phe help of The Trl Ha Y s sponsored a Sadie Hawluns Day Dance lasl November a+ S Ellen Jones School The club provided Chrlslmas baslcels for needy famnlues and also helned In fhe I954 Polio Drive Senior Hu Y also presen+ecl a S50 savings bond for +he oulsfandmg graduahng Hn Y member A boy mus+ be a senmor or lumor and mee+ lhe slandards of 'fhe club fo qua :fy for membershnp Ofhcers for fhe year were Ralph Webb presudenl Karl Ufrechf vice presldenl' Duck Roberls secre+ary Ray Chrusflansen lreasurer Lawrence Very chaplain and Bll WnHmer sergeanf al' arms Mr Sfanley Sallro us ihe club s sponsor 37 . ' ' . ' I , n 'V . . . ' in 1946. ,. . ' ' . : . ' : i l i Row 4 CllFford Holme Bob Yosl Jlm Pefers Ar+hu Smufh Ted Graver Bob Wrngh+ Sieve Ballard Jlm Clapp Pal Solomon Ar'rhur Endres Bob Ewlon Mariha Peck Larry Falfh Sylvua Reschlre and Phyllu Thomas Row 3 Jlm Henry S+eve Von Allmen Dan Moolr Glenda Jacob: Jamce Harier Palfy Whnfeley Judy Rasmussen Colleen Oakes June Barr Loss Casey Calherlne Jo Ellns BeHe Lesfer Shurley Muller Sue Longesl and Janer Thomas Row 2 James Dyson Carolyn Vance Belly Marven Mlldred Hooe Ena Allrnns Dnanna OH Anlla Knelhorn Mary Lou Shely Mary Lou Gnbson Sunnye Adams Barbara Morgan Carolyn Bur Jaclr BOH and Jim McFrye Row I Befiy Gllland Kay Duer Donna Hardln Joelle Dempsler Nancy Shallers Jaclue Dyer Roberia Roy Peggy Dunn Pa+sy Gorman Joann Snoolr Marllyn Chaslaln Mary Jane McKlm Judy Turne Libby Davus and Anna Dyson I So You Want To Be a Bram New Albany High School encourages high scholasfic "N's," and +hey feel 'rhaf fhey have done 'rheir par'r in a " ' ' M -I 9, ' . . . + .. . .. . .. . . , . . ly. . . goals whuch resul+ In s+uden+s s+rlvmg for +ha+ cherished scholarship N To receive one of +hese N s a sfudenf mus+ If carry Ing five sublecfs haxe af leasf four A s and no+hlng less +h n a B If one carried only four sublec+s all grades mus be As These As mus+ be In solid sub eds on Every s+uden1' who receives an N can be called a fop NAHS s+uden+ These s'l'uclenls are proud +o wear 38 helping fo promole and mamfann fhe hugh scholashc rahng which New Albany Hugh School possesses o one IS pushed +o wan or ea-n a N T s IS done on 'rhe s+uden+ s own .re wnll As each year goes by more and more sfudenls rece ve lhns prrzed possession New Albany as ra+ed as one of 'rhe 'lop schools In 'fhe s+a're and +hese schoa shap sfudenfs are helping +o keep ll fhaf way Row 3 Wal+ Srern Ted Graver Karl Ufrechl Fred Schardem Rober+ Wrigh' Arfhur Smifh and Clifford Holme Row 2 Paul Ramsey Charles Boardman Judy MacAr+hur Mariha Pecl: Janice Harrer Pal Solomon Carolyn Bur and Glenda Jacobi Row I Pe Funlc Nanc Shallers Marfha Karnes Marfha Ann Ruiz Peggy Dunn Sue Longesl Donna Hardin Jane g9Y Y Galley Judy Horlander and Yvonne Belcher cholarshup, Leadership, Character, ervice The Na+ional Honor Sociery was organized 'this year ar New Albany High School H is a nafional organizaiion which honors s+uden'r achievemenf in scholarship, leadership, charac+er, and service. Hs purposes are 'fo encourage and recognize 'fhe above qualiiies in secondary school s+uden+s. Only s+uden+s in 'rhe upper fourih of Their class scholasfically are eligible for membership. The members are rared by fheir +eachers according 'fo such characier ishcs as honesly cooperahon dependablllly and per sonallfy. The club is under 'fhe direciion of fhe execu+ive coun- cil which consisfs of +he co-sponsors, Mrs. Chenauli and Mr. Brown, +he officers of fhe chapier, and Three ofher faculfy members, Mr. Mil+enberger, Mr. Summers, and Miss Ranclc. Pow 3: Bob Yost John Largenf, Eiclr Dav'dson, Jim Clayfon, Jim Clapp, Larry Sperlel, James Pefers, and Dicl: Roberis. Row 2: Richard Bechf, Jim Henry, Dan Moolr Nina Shrader, Helen Harper, Jeanerre Dierlring, Daniel Cook, and Roberi Ley. Row I: Shirley Cur+s, Jaclaie Dyer, Wilma Crowe, Joyce Swezl, Milne Gaddie, Carol Jones, Nancy Neely, Kay Duer, and Barbra Embrey. Friends, Romans, Countryman The Jumor Classical League was o gamzed In I936 by The American Classical League The mam purpose of The club rs To encourage an nnTeresT and an appreclahon Tor The anclenT Roman and Greelc clvlllzahons The club also promoTes a beTTer undersTandlng oT The conTrlbuTlons oT These clvlllzahons To governmenT law l1TeraTure language and The arTs In The presenT day world The acTlvlTles oT The year mcluded a Tormal lmTlaTlon a SaTurnalla parTy a Roman brealcTasT and The Roman holiday In May a group oT members Traveled To BuTler Umvers1Ty Tor The sTaTe JCL Convenhon and In June They Traveled To San AnTomo Texas Tor The Nahonal Convenhon Offlcers oT The club were Joelle DempsTer and Mlclcey Neely consuls Barbara BlnTord scrlba HarrleTT Gllley quaesTor and JoHannah Hahn aedlle A genuine lnTeresT In The classics IS The only requlslTe Tor membershup The club IS under The sponso hip oT Muss Alice Ranclc Max FenTress Gary FenTress Judy SlayTon and Mass Ranclr ow JaneTTe Wlmbush Donna Burd Mary Lleber and Mary Lou Shely ow Vnrqlnla Mueller Elalne HICRMGN HarrneTT CrawTord PaT Wh: eley Vera Selpel Anne Jackman and Shnrley WaTson Row Muclrey Neely Jane Nye Thelma Gardner Emma ATluns BeT LesTer Louise Flora Sharon Sn-1uTh Jamce 5mlTh Anne Grlffen and Shirley Muller ow Joelle DempsTer JoHannah Hahn Har leTT Galley Barbara Bnnford Judy Mllllon Delores Dunn Sandy Fulimeer Nancy Mc Cullough and Libby Davis e clubs TloaT Tor The Homecomlng Parade as The second place Inner e club aT :Ts annual Chrrsfmas parTy . . . . . . I I I : . I . : . . Row 5: ArThur Enclris, Ronnie Akers, Bob SmiTh, R 4: ' ' , , R 3: . . . 1 . . Q . 2: ' , , , , R I: , , - Th ' ' W W. , V 2' Th ' ' . 911. Members ot the Language Club are Charles Lund Larry Sperzel Earl Adam Joan Bowers Chuck Gall Ruth Shewmaker Ronald Garland and Edwun McClure International Interpreters Wrer sand metglreder des Sprachverlns Somos mrembros declub cle udlmos These are two ot the phrases otten used by members ot the Language Club The two phrases are We are the members ot the Lan guage Club translated Into German and Spanrsh Membership rn thus club IS avallable to any hugh school student who rs talung or has talcen German or Spamsh An actlve Interest rn one ot the languages rs also required tor club membershup The club was first organuzecl In l95l by Mr Harry Stout, the German and Spanish Instructor at NAHS Mr Stout ss stall the sponsor. The club met every Tuesday rn Annex tour to carry on nts regular busrness meetrngs and to carry on the club actrvrties. Members ot the club sponsored a Christmas party In the Minerva Room during the Christmas season Durmg the year members ot the club wrote a play an which students ot both languages partrcrpated The settmg ot the play was Germany and the cast was made up ot several Spanish people vrsltrng the country Mem oers ot the club also acted un thus play The club also made plans to vrsrt the language depart ment ot one ot the near by unuversutres or colleges to learn more about the languages and the customs ot the two countries Ottrcers tor the past years were Larry Sperzel, pres: dent, Ruth Shewmalcer, secretary, and Joan Bowers, treasurer. 4I S' P X . ,-fzy, l . X ,- " S1311 . , gx lg L A ' :IM '. xr, Sf: A W, . s,.,g,,h' 0 E, f RWM 5-V . I. h ,es S 33" . . . . . 1 t I .I . . . . ll In - - . . . ll - . . lu - - I . ., . . . . . , . . . . . . . I ' I 999 Members of lhe chorus lune who look parl un lhe annual French Show ere Judy Swulzer Marcella Robunson Jan Maun Carol Wulson Sandy Brown Ann Maun Nancy Slern Brenda Breece and Margue Gardner Row 3 Wall Slern Jum Claylon and Don Adams Row 2 Pele Elmer Tum Furlong Brenda Breece Dave Bunlord Nancy Slern Margue Gardner Ronnue Craug and Duck Davudson Row I Marcella Roburson Sandy Brown Ann Mann Carol Wulson Suzanne Tucker Jan Maun Gunny Slone Judy Swulzer Anula Kuelhorn and Peggy Dunn 42 Parlez Vous Francaus7 Parlez vous Francaus7 If you do you wull more lhan lukely be a member ol lhe French Club The club us composed ol sludenls now lakung French and lormer French sludenls The purposes ol lhus club are lo promole lhe French language and lo creale an unleresl un French cusloms and un France ulsell by lakung parl un varuous acluvulues com mon lo France The club had many acluvulues and us one of lhe mosl acluve clubs around NAHS Among lheur acluvulues lhus pasl year was The Feasl ol Kungs whuch look place un January Durung lhe lursl semesler lormal and unlormal unulualuon servuces were held Thus sprung lhe French club sponsored uls annual pucnuc The maun evenl ol lhe year was lhe annual French Show lhus year called Parus un lhe Sprung Thus show was very The olfucers lor lhe year were Wall Slern presudenl Dave Bunlord vuce presudenl Ann Maun secrelary and Judy Swulzer lreasurer The club was reorganuzed len years ago by uls presenl sponsor Mrs lrma Prulz Demonslralung a French peasanl dance are Anula Kuelhorn Don Adams Brenda Breece Duck Davudson Carol Wulson Wall Slern Peggy Dunn Ronnue Craug Margue Gardner Marcue Robunson Pele Elmer Dave Bunlord Sandy Brown Tum Furlong and Jan Maun l ll ll uuu - l lx . L u T Q l fl ll T 2 f Q., . X' ' ' l ' colorlul and was well enjoyed by lhe sludenl body. A all :Vg , 5 Q A - fra A T V A What's our Average. The Bowling Club was organized by Mr. Floyd Henry in l946g i+ is now under rhe sponsorship of Mr. William Vincenr. The purpose of rhe club is 'fo provide heallhful recrearion and clean sporfsmanship. Every Wednesday affer school eighf reams meer ar ihe Pearl and Oak Bowling Alley. The club consisls of fhree +eams for rhe girls which al+erna+e every weelr and six reams for rhe boys There are five people on each 'ream A+ 'rhe annual spring banquel' held in April +rophles were awarded for +he high game of fhe year and for +he high average A singles fournamenr was held afrer +he regular season and lrophles were awarded for fhe firsi' second and rhlrd places Officers of +he year were Jerry Drllow presrdenl' Ben Ewfon vice presidenf Guy Jenkins boy secrefary LaVonne Schellenberg girl secre+ary Gordon Marhn boy Treasurer and Bobbie Wal+er girl rreasurer Bovs and gurls did nor compere agarns+ each orher Olihcers of rhe Bowling club are Ben Ewlon Guy Jenlrlns Jerry Drllow Bobble Waller and LaVonne Schellenberg LaVonne Schellenberg falzes a shor during one of the marches Joan Blaclusron Nadine Rupp Sherry Corberf Joyce Zursch rmede Bobble Walfers DoHle Wilson Judy Thompson Jamey Aebersold D nnus Presron Jerry Drllow Larry Farrh Jam Hardin and Guy Jenlrrns ow Sharon Wade BeHe Cuuorf Marrha Bush Cherie Smiih Aloha Taylor Mary McGurrk Ben Ewfon Melvin Francis Ronnie Boes Larry McCullough and Mr Vrncenr Joe Mills Charles Roberson Fred Schardern Jerry Badger Ronnie Badger Larry Blaclrman and Larry Badger I I 2 ' . ' : . : ' . : . : ' . : Row 4: LaVonne Schellenbcfg, Pal Harmeling, and Efhelda LeBlanc. Row 3: ' . ' . . - Q G . I . ' . V , . I R 2: , . , ' ' . Row I: ' , . ' . . Row 2: Mary Sfaser, Marilyn Lane, Beffy Gilland, Marcella Robinson. Nancy Barnes, Floyd Sumner, Aubrey Hampron, Andy Wilson, Bill Braden, and Carolyn Molsinger. Row I: Wilma Crowe, Joan Tefher, and Carol Wilson. Entrance to fardom "Ad well your par+g There all honor lies." This is rhe moHo of rhe Thespians Club. This club is 'rhe goal of all underclassmen inferesred in dramarics. Hs membership con- sisfs of juniors and seniors only. The membership was cur +his year fo sixreen as compared 'ro +wenry-six of lasf year. Mr. Calvin Knobeloch is 'rhe sponsor of This club. He has been af NAHS for 'rhe pasr +wo years and has done a very good iob in direcring and producing rhe school plays. "Mr. K," as he is beH'er lmown by rhe srudenfs, has a lively in+eresl' in all forms of dramarics. When he came +o New Albany he broughl' a rype of proclucfion new fo NAHS, +he "+hea+re- in-rhe-round," which has been very popular and successful. The requiremenls for membership are as follows: 'rhe ap- plicam' musl earn ren poinrs doing work in rhe dramafic field: he musi +ry our for 'rhe club: he musl also have a genuine inreresl in dramarics. Leflz Firsf semesrer officers were: Wilma Crowe, Nancy Barnes, Bery Faullvenburg, and Shirley Curfs. Cenlerz A scene from The play 'lMorher Is a Freshman" picrures Floyd Sumner, John Largenl, Bill Braden, Bob Armsfrong, and Mary Lou Breen, Righf: A baclxslage view of fhe lasf minu're preparafions for The producrion of "Mo+her ls a Freshman" reveals The malre-up crew ar worlc. Jig , 5 ,, fm 44 Q The purpose of 'rhe club is +o advance fhe dramahc ar+s on l'he secondary school level The NAHS Thesplans received lheir char+er as Troup 624 from +he Nahonal Thespian Socle+y on January I I945 During +he year lhe club members acfed In fhe school plays dad crew work and sold hckefs for 'lhe plays They also look pari' an lhe cenfennlal pagean+ which was held during graduahon week The Thesplans decora+ed +wo floals for fhe Homecoming Parade The floa'l's carried fhe symbols of 1'he club +he masque of comedy and The masque of +ragedy In May 'rhe club held sis annual award banquel ai' 'Phe Colonial Manor A+ +hls hme awards were given +o +he bes+ acfor and acfress Ofher awards were presen+ed fo fhe besf Thesplan and +o +he ou+s+andlng man behind fhe scenes Officers for +he second semesfer were Shirley Curls secre+ary and Carol Wilson freasurer Shirley Cur+s presidenf of Thespians plays fhe lead r le in lhe senior class play Thespuans Aubrey Hamplon and Andy Wilson are seen dh Bob Wrughf IU a scene from The Laie Chrnslopher Bean Taking curlaun call are Aubrey Hampfon Bob W ghl Ma cue Robinson Siella Kocherl Sh rley Curis Andy Wilson Ned Kerr and Paul Rider , . I I ' ' I . : . I president Nancy Barnes, vice presidenh Wilma Crowe, 1 ' . . . I . . ' O . . . W. ' 5 ' , ri , r ' Row 3: Heyward Hobbs, Ronnie Graver, Melvin Francis, Ardis Parrerson, Sharon Box, Diana Slumler, Freida May CorbeH, and Mary Lou Peferson. Row 2: Sally Hess, Donna Vesr, Judy Hoclr, Johnnie Bob Hall, Colleen Oalres, Diana OH, Janel Hendigias and Beverly Peffy. Row I: Delores LiHle, Par Peers. Cafherine Jo Ellis, Jaclr Whirfinghill, Donald Leffler, Shirley Alberlson, Jeanne Bernardi, and Richard Williamson. Showmen Of the Future "Cur+ain going up, on s+age everybody!" This is a familiar phrase fo 'rhese sophomore aclors and ac+resses. The Junior Acfors' Club was organized in 1949, by Miss Wilson, and has been an acfive club a+ NAHS since i+s organizarion. The club provided en+er+ainmen+ for ifs members and 'the resr of rhe freshman and sophomore s'ruden+s by presenring plays and dramaric producrions. During 'rhe pas+ year 'rhe members presenred a play en+i+led "The Boor" and a spring show. The only qualificarion for membership is 'lhe possession of a willingness 'ro work. The officers were: Evelyn Whi'Hinghill, president Bobby Hilleary, vice president Lauralee Pace, secre+ary, and Sherrill Colvin, Treasurer. The club is under fhe sponsorship of Mr. Weafhers+on. l.eH: The Hillbilly Band plays a selecrion during The Junior Acrors' spring show. Cenferz Mr. Weafhersfon, The sponsor, loolrs on as Bobby Hilleary, Lauralee Pace, Evelyn Whifrinqhill, Sherrill Colvin, Sue Shivel, and Bill Wells, olificers of 'rhe club, demonsfrare a scene for rhe orher members. Righfz Members praciice for fheir spring show. 46 ,Z T ,ff LcTT OTTTT:ers cT Th Freshman DramaTlcs Club were Sandy Fulhneer Becky Mlnshall Linda Osborn Kay Osman and Barbara Blnford Cen er A scene Trom Tne Cnaucer Tale shows Kay Osman Rose Mary HursT Barbara Blnford Sandy Fulflneer Judy Ha1elTon and Nancy McCullough RlghT Members oT The raduo play casT are Dennis Presfon Larrye Dalhover l'larfleTT Gulley Nancy Hxggens Jol"lannah Hahn Gary Epperson Kay Osman and JuanTTa STepp taps to tardom The Freshman DramaTTcs Club was organuzed To gam ex pernence Tor The members Tn The helcls oT play procluchon achng worlung wTn malce up cosIumTng and The prepara Tron oT props The club presenTed s- cn lays as The Marrlage Pro posal Mrs Harper s Bc Laar and a cho al reading of The Chaucer Tale Tor The e1To menT of The Treshmen and sophomore sTuclenTs A raJTo plwy enTTT ed Af er Mud nTghT was also glven by Tne club Some oT The club s ac VIT es I7 ucl ' TTendTng one of The Clarlcsvllle LTTTle Thea re proclu ons and a TV parTy aT school The members a o assTsT J Txnobeloch Tn The presenTaTTon oT The Cen mn al Pagean O Tcers Tor The y J we e P M ns1all presldenT Barbara Bnnford vce pTesTdenT S n y FulT nee secreTary and Bonnne Br-nne and Kay Osmar- hTsTo mans The club IS unoer The sponsorshnp of Mr WeaThersTon Ow Row 2 owl Rose Mary HursT Judy l'la1elTon Ellen ClayTcn Dolores Dorsey Jerry Lewus and Norman WrTghT HarrTeTT Galley Nancy McCullough Rosemond Dudley Janice Calloway Jane Burrell Gay Shellds Phyllls Thomas NTTa Thompson and Nafhalea FosTer Ronrlc Cooper Earlene Dlzney Larrye Dalhaver Gary Epperson Tommy Davldson JoHannah Hahn Judy Shea Peggy Gorman and Mary Flora 47 3 U T- A . . . . . - M T T T T - ,V . T TT T .T . . l ' I T I T I - 5 T T T T - T T . R 3: , . . 5 T T ' T T - , R 2 T . . T ' ' fl ' T T T I 1 - I I - T T - T 5 TT - 4 J P N . TT TT T TT - TT -T-, T T- , . . , . TT - Xl I ' I . .T TT L . . f L , T T - 1 II ' I , . T ,. .T . l Q . ' Ti T .CT SG C. ' ' 1 -J.: 1, I vll '- ' J I .. 'f ' . T Y.: Co! T T. ' TL I T L v lc- . Irs FF' .K .. .. . .VJ T ' ' . . ..' . T . JVCKY I T , I ' 7 . ' . - .I LQ .. . , T , LT .4 T T, , , T T, r T . l ' I ' T l 5' With a I-2-3-4 The colorful New Albany High School Band, under fhe direc+ion of A. Fielder Myers, proudly salules +he l00+h anniversary of 'rhe school +o The slrains of "The New Albany High School Cen+ennial March." This new march wri++en for 'the band is dedicafed +o "The Ceniury of Service." The school year of i953 and I954 has been a year of many and varied acfivifies. Oul'-of-'rown +rips included Band Day a+ Indiana Universiiy, +he Kenluclcy Slafe Fair, a concerf appearance al' Cragmonl, 'rhe Soulhern Indiana 48 Band Fesfival, +he Dislricl' Solo and Ensemble Con+es+ a+ Hanover College, and lhe All S'ra're Conlesf af Indiana- polis. ln addifion, +he Marching Band, under +he direcrion of Ovid Chambers, has appeared a+ all local a+hle+ic evenis. The highligl-i+ of The year came during +he Cenfennial Pageant The band and choir will long be remembered for +he special arrangemenls and original composifions presenled in a mosl colorful program. B flar Clarinels Roberl Yos+ Joyce Jefferson Diclr Davidson Jaclr Easfman James Pelers Peggy Funlr Nancy Toops Dorofhy Grimes Sharon Murphy Mary Lorenz Virginia Mueller Larry McCullough Dennis Preslon Joe Voyles Roberl Wells Mary Pererson James Neafus Sharon Wade Shirley Owen Forresl McAllis'rer Margarer Frazier Roberl Grirfin Jerry Denison Mary Lieber Barbara Schneider Dianne Mosely Delores Dorsey Flules Jerianne Colwell Nan Gibbs David Updeqrafl Jo Ann Jelilerson Oboe Margarel Hoffman Alfo Saxophones Shirley Golf Delberl Arlhur Wilda Cooper Tenor Saxophone Charles Sleele Billy Call Barirone Saxophone Judy Eadens Bass Clarine+s James Claylon Jerry Hodge Bassoon Charles Sleele Barilones Roger Ehalr David Hendricks Paul Scheler Byron Bafhel' Larry Failh Charles Sleproe Tromboniums Carole Jael: Lloyd Koehler Trombones Janelle Dierlring Belly Hulchinson Thelma Sims Rodney Pennell Kay Longesr Roberr Ewron Tamara Gresham Roberla Applegale Barbara Morgan French Horns Siella Kocherf Jerry Hoslrins Judy Eicholx Billy Henry Belly Phelps Jaclr Mochel Basses Charles Pamplin Tom Weddle David Grosheider James Vaughn Lynn Denison Slring Bass Annelre Cooper Percussion Connie Fendall Jerry Meyer Tom McCowan James Sinlrhorn Russell Mosely Ralph Terrell Floyd Sumner Corners John Largenl Ted Graver Ben Ewron Carolyn Molsinqer Roberl Armslrong Larry Tomplrins Jane? Fischer Frances Gray Bruce Perkins Roberl Harrison James Grundy Norifa Blay Judy McCaffrey Virqinia pry Ronald Graver Roberf Marshall Bill Wells Janei Folhergill Freeda McWilliams Joan Snook Larry Lelller Larry Daugherly Jerry McLean Floyd Slroud James Bosfoci Sarah Collings Trumpers Larry Kinler Jerry Hedges Pere Clark Don Scoll Hammond Organ Connie Fandall Drum Major Ted Graver Twirlers Jerianne Colwell Dorofhy Grimes Carolyn Mofsinger Sarah Collinqs Radio Produclion John Largenl The lradifional palfern of "NA" is formed by The band as i+ plays 'Phe school song. The band forms "V I" in honor of our visifors, Vincennes, Indiana. The New Albany High School Marching band goes fhrough ifs paces on Buerlce Field. The N by fhe and is only one of fhe many formahons performed by I+S members The band 'Forms an oullme of +l1e Hoosier stale as I+ plays Indiana 50 Music with the Masters The Musuc Hour was organlzed fo encourage fhe apprecl ahon of music composers and bes+ lrnown works The club mei' on Thursdays In fhe muslc room fo lIs+en fo all lypes of musuc They sfudued +he Mldsummers Nlghf s Dream Surle by Mendelssohn Eme Kleune Noch+musIlI by Mozarf Over+ures by Rossml Overiure fo Tann hauser by Wagner Songs of Sadness and Nu+cracker SUIle by Tchaulrovslry and several ofhers Reporfs on lhe llves of various composers such as Tchaulcovslcy Schuberl' and Mozari were gIven also durung 'fhe club per-ods Ofhcers of 'lhe year were Anne'He Cooper presldenl' Omceff of 'he Club We Lmda LYKIHS Joyce Jeffefwf' Connle Fendall and Anneffe Cooper Connlc Fendall vlce preslclenl' Llnda LYkIhS secrefary and Joyce Jefferson freasurer The quallficahons for membershnp were lo have an Infer esl In muslc and be wllllng fo worll Mr Sfouf IS fhe club sponsor Member of fhe Music Hour enloylng recorded muslc are Dorofhy Rlssler Pafly Conrad Belly Hurchlnson Janef Fisher Margie Hoffman David Slreckfus Johnnle Sfemhauer John Bowman Plchard Frazxer and Ronald Garland ...., , hw. O O 5 I . . I I I ' . . I, . I I - II ' II I I - II I I I . ll ll l ol ll I I I ' Il . ll ll ll I I . II . ' I I ' I I I I . . I ' : . W I . I o l . 1 n ' l I ' I I I I , . . . . I I . I . . I V x. . I . : ' SX W ' I QQ, I Iii V . If I Id I ' I . l . W' , A 'lx G , Y, I ' ' 'Z . si 4 " tl X I..I,l i ,Ivins . 131 'ls I' , 571 L-:Jr V ' O on ,I 21. 1, , , .J'. 1'1- ,I l Q -.ffn I ' .QI I pI,,,. In I 1 ' lnliln ll nn"'Ia n . I I s Row 4: Larry Darnell, David Walfman, Russell Thomas, Don Adams, Floyd Sumner, Jim Claylon, Roberl Wells, Raymond McKown, and Miclrey Neely. Row 3: Regina Rough, Carol Jones, Bobbi Broolrs, Nina Shrader, Sherrill Colvin, Rodney Pennell, Jerry Meadows, Nevin Marlin, and John Largenl. Row 2: Lelha Piclcerell, Virginia Hosea, Nadine Rupp, Doris Owens, Belly Newlrirlc, Sylvia Reschke, Jacinla Clay, and Delores Smyser. Row I: Jeanneffe Daily, Shirley Elliofl, Wilma Crowe, Pal Gregg, Margaref Ross, Sally Hardy, Belly Baylor, Linda Flock, and Gladys Payne They Bring Melodies The Concerl' Choir ol New Albany High School sings all 'lypes of choral music in four and efghl pari' harmony. The Choir presenled many allraclive programs during lhe year. Membership in lhe Concerl Choir is available by +ryou+s only. The Choir mel daily during lhe 'lhircl period. During rhe year lhe organizalion had many aclivilies. Among lhem were providing lhe music for +he "This is Your Life" program, singing in lhe Easer Assembly, and giving concerls in high schools all over Indiana. The Choir also gave a Chrislmas Concerl al Silver Creek, sang al' a double assembly al Paoli High School, and sang al our annual Chrislmas Concerl. The Concerl ffhofr wenl 'ro lhe Vallev Choral Feslival af Vevay, April 27. The direclor of lhe Choir is Mr. Roberl E. Carfer. 52 Connie Fendall accompanies lhe Choir on lhe Hammond Organ. 9 2.55 LQ E, Q Q 54 an G 9' 's fs' -- 9' , 3 1 . , I I . I r .- Jg' ,Q ' G' , , 2 aqsiiaiqx - a Q 6 Y' 9, a'aHuZ3q"a' 5 W 4 43" X . l X Bel Canfo officers were Wanda Thorn Zana McKeny Joyce Sweel Be++y NBWklFk Bobbr Brooks and KIHy Luclk ow ow Row Row Melody Mauds The Bel Canfo Club was organized In I928 and IS InvI'fa honal wI+h +ryou+s The club has had a long hme repulahow for beauhful smglr-g and 'rops IH shows Nearly all 'rhe selechons sung by 'lhe club are specual arrangemen+s made by som of fhe members and fhelr dlrecfor Some of fhe achvlhes of lhe year were provldmg muslc for fhe Thanksglvlng assembly slnglng a+ +he Chrlslmas Con c rl' carolmg wnfh candles al' ChrIs+mas presenhng Broad way Rhapsody In +he sprung and QIVIHQ shows ai' Fori Knox and Velerans Hosprlal In Loulsvllle OHICPTS for fhe club were Bobbn Brooks presIden+ Wanda Thorn vlce presldenf Zana McKeny secrefary KIH'y Lucvk 'treasurer and Be++y Newklrk sergean+ a+ arms Mr Roberl' Carler IS 'lhe sponsor of fhe club Carol Jones Klffy Luclk Mary Jeanne Alluns Bobbi Brooks Regina Rough Linda Lyklns Jaclnfa Clay Nlna Shrader Nancy Argan brlghf Peggy Dunn and Eileen Seger Carolyn Moser Sylvia Reschke JeaneHe Dlerklng Llnda Weber Marilyn Cahalan Zena McKeny Mary Lou Breen Sue Longesf Jane Habermel Wanda Thorn and Shlrley Golf Frances Gray Lelha Plckerrell Joyce Sweel Sally Hardy Gladys Payne Vlrgnma Hosea Belly Baylor Belly Walfman Nona Anderson and Linda Radcliffe Barbara Brewer Donna Hardm Connue Volz Judy Harmon Be fy Newklrk Shirley EllIo'r+ Norma Swallow Jane Ryland Sue Lefler Yvonne Belcher and Margle Hoffman 54 I Q . . . . ,I c g . . . . , , , ,, I I I : I : I I ' ' ' R 4: , ' ', ' . ' . ' . ' ' . ' . ' . - R 3: , ' . ' ' r ' I ' I I r I 21 , ' . I. . . ' " . . . I: I .I . I I ? . I . . ' Q I I ulenf Nnghl as heard lhrough 'Phe halls as lhe Bel Canio qnrls carol durnng lhe Chrnslmas season Lefl Donna Hardun Sally Hardy Belly Baylor and Barbara Brewer dress appropr1a+ely as +hey sing Jus? a Bummln Around Cen'er In a pen? house selling Joyce Sweel sings How Deep l fhe Ocean Rlghl Wanda Thorn and Ronnle Sparlxman do a llffle smoochln while lhe sho goes on around ihem Lelf A gang galhers nn fronl of lhe lenemenls 'fo fall: laugh and cause general confusion Cenfer Wanda Thorn sings Thais Whaf a Rainy Day ls For as she sfrolls down Fnflh Afenue Rugh? The lghfs and slage seffungs for fhe show were supervised by .lernanne Colwell . :ai . ' . s " ., l Q ' ' I .R 'nr 9 9 6' 4 KU sl B X w, , .. 1 il fn , . 45 X we HS. . ., . . . , . .. ' . . l .. I ' . . 1. . 1 I , S ,, . . . . , . . I W 4 A Extra' Extra' Read All About It' The Blotter your NAHS paper which had Its beglnnrng In l89l brlngs news vrews and happenings to the students throughout the school year lt rs composed written and edlted by members ot the lournalrsm classes The tlrst semester Blotter sales campaign was clrmaxed wrth a varlety show teaturmg some ot the NAHS students The second semester campargn featured the Sensor Faculty basketball game Fave members ot the Blotter statt attended the lndlana Hugh School Press Association Conventlon at Franklm College The lournalrsm classes also sponsored the sale ot programs durmg the home tootball and basketball games Thus year they also sold basketball booklets contammg pictures and rntormatuon ot the team Mr Edmond Hennon supervised and directed the work ot both the Blotter and the Vista statts Edrtor Peggy Dunn reads the Blotter page proots tor tlnal correc tions The Homecoming float decorated by members ot the Blotter staff was rn the form ot a huge Blotter Journalism students attending the lndlana Hugh School Press Con ference at Franklin College ere Marcella Robmson Judy MacArthur Bobby Chappelle Walt Stern Sue Lefler Barbra Embrey Mary Lou Breen Peggy Dunn and Jan Mann . . . . . r 0 . . 1 r I . . - I r . . . . . . . . . a . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . W r r . I I I r 1 - lv GL.. Leif: Mr. Gelbach, Mr. Hennon, and Peggy Dunn are checlring +ype for +he Bloffer. Cenlerz Janei Terry, Zana McKeny, and Carolyn Vance file Blolfer sales. Righiz The spor+s slaff works on a lasl minure s+ory. They are Joe Summers, Barney Pierce, Wall Sfern, Tom Bacol, and Earl Daily. Leif: Checking feaiures are Jacin+a Clay, Rosalind Brown, Joyce Zurschmiede, Carolyn Fleischer, Marion Bowman, Ginny Sfone, Mary Lou Bailey, and Wanda Thorn. Cenierz News Edilor, Guy Jenlrins, gives aszignmenfs 'ro +he news sfaff, Phyllis Bechf, Sharon DuVall, Imogene Campbell, Mary Lou Breen, and Ted Tiemeyer, Righfz Sue Lefler Sociefy Edilor, gives lips on lhe laiesi gossip lo Ann Main, Barlon Harf- soclr, Bill Pearl, Judy Swilzer, and June Denny. 57 Marfha Peck, Ediior of The I954 Visfa, checlrs some minufe de+ails before +he bool: goes fo press. lasf The Bookmakers The Vis+a is ediied by an organized sfaiif of iournalism s+uden'rs under +he direcf supervision of +heir sponsor, Mr. Edmond Hennon. The annual was firsf prin+ed in I906, as +he Senior ediiion of fhe newspaper. I+ is now used as a labora'l'ory proiecf for one of 'rhe journalism classes. S+uden+s 'rake many of +he picfures, wri+e 'rhe arficles, moun+ +he picfures, and layou+ 'rhe en+ire book. The annual provides a record of fhe year's ac'I'ivi+ies for +he enioymenf of fhe s+uden'rs and 'FacuH'y of New Albany High School. In keeping wiih +he Cenlennial Celebrafion, 'the 'ri+le of fhe l954 annual was changed +o +he original +i+le "The Vis+a." Lef+: Mr. Hennon discusses The year's adivifies wiih Marlrha Peclr, fhe Visfa Ediror, and Judy MacAr+hur, Aciivifies Edifor. Cenfer: The members of +he Visfa Sfaff arrange The 353 pic+ures of +he seniors. They are Margaref Haws, Marilyn Rice, Joan Tefher, and Sandy Brown. Righlz The underclassman sfaff, Mariha Sandbach, Suzanne Tuclrer, Jan Main, Linda Endicoif, and Lesia Gas+ineau, are shown checlcing u nderclassma n picfures. 58 One of +he mam achvuhes of +he s'raFf IS +he sales cam paugn More annuals were sold lhls year lhan In any pre vaous year All s'I'uden+s who purchased The Vasla were In Vl+6d fo aflend 'lhe VlS+d Dance whlch was held In July The annuals were dlsfrsbuled a+ +ha+ hme Members of fhe sfaff lourneyed fo Franlclln College lo aHend fhe Induana Hugh School Press Assocnahon Confer ence where lhey received professlonal advice on 'rhe edlhng and plannlng of lhe year bool: Those aHendIng +he conference from 'I'he annual sfaff were Marlha Peck Judy MacAr'I'hur Jan Mann Marcle Robinson and Barbra Embrey The sfaff of +he l954 VIs+a Included Marfha Peclr edI+or Barbra Embrey asslslanl edllor Ted Graver busuness manager Nancy Neely assIs+an+ buslness manager and Judy MacAr+hur BC'l'IVI'l'l8S edrlor Olher members of fhe slaff were Marulyn Rlce senior edI+or Jan Mann underclassman edllor Jlm Wallcer sporls edlfor Sharon Lynch arf edulor and Marcella Robmson mounhng edI1'or Preparmg fhe ddV6I'lISIf1Q dummy are Nancy Neely and Ted Graver while Barbra Embrey checks fhe professlonal lliflflg Wrlhng headlines for lhe achvlhes sechon are lhe members of lhe achvmes slaff Janel Bruscoe Judy MacAr+hur Marnlyn Alhns and Jane Galley Mounhng plclures for lhe annual are Harold Krueger Marcella Roblnson and Sharon Lynch Chechng some of lhe sporls slahshcs are fhe members of fhe sporls slaff Tom and Jlm Wallrer I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I . I I I , I I I . I I I . . I I I . I I . I I I . I I . I I I I I . I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I . R 3 Phllnp Trlbbey Allen Brown Roberf Genung Dwnghf PaHerson Roberf Elllolf Harfy Zurschmlede Paul Claflln and Wllllam Jaegers R 2 Jerald Wllson Pai Gehrlng Sandy Bro n June Denny Ann Mann Jan Mann Rlchard Burger and Earl S+a+on R I Judy S lfzer Be erly Radcliff Jane? Terry Suzanne Tuclcer Vxrglnla Sfone Carol Binder Thelma Sums Vera Waie and Shirley Padgeff ay Cheese The Pholography Club was organlzed and crealed for good plcfures The club also fos+ers +he clevelopmenf of fhe worfh whsle hobby of falung plc+ures Or' Thursdays during fhe regular club meehng mem bers of The club heard lec+ures and par+lcupa'red In dns cusslons given by members and nnvu+ed spealrers M Chase gave fhe club a +allc on phofography af one of 'rhe egular meehngs The Phofography Club parhcnpafed rn +alung ou+door and Indoor pnc+ures The members s+udled developing of negahves malung of con+ac+ prmfs and enlarging and 60 urnprovlng composlhon prm+s They also s+udled fhe Bell hl+ers In lalung be'r+er pacfures Several of +he members asslsfed In +he +alung of fool ball and baslcelball Fnlms during +he home games ualrfucahons for membership were +o have access +o a camera and 'lo have a genuine nn+eres+ In phofography The club was frrs+ organrzed In I944 45 and remaaned achve unhl +he end of I945 ln I948 'rhe club was re organuzed under fhe sponsorship of Mr Delberl Brown Tne clJb sponsor ns now Mr Edmond Hennon ow Z . I . ' W I I . I . I . v ' ow I W. I V . y V U . . . I . I . I I . I ll ll I 'rhe purpose of 'leaching +he how's and why's of +alcing and Howe sixfeen millimefer movie camera and 'rhe use of Phoiography Club omcers were Don Sco++ Ari Caufield Jam Clapp and Tom Weddle Developmg film IH 'the dark room are Don Scoff Harfy Zurschmelde Dwngh+ Pafferson Richard Burger and Jerald Wilson Siudysng the schools new movie camera are Fred BoHs Bull Jaegers Teddy Tuemeyer Robert ElnoH Paul Claflm and Earl Sfafon .qw- f-4 Row 2 Larry Klnzer Charles Kllnshver Carl Smlfh Larry McCullough Bull Henry Terry Phlllvps John Adams Bull Call Ray mond Berry Ted Tlemeyer and Mr McKown R I Larry McKown Richard Keller John Largenf Barney Pxerce Arfhur Smlfh and Paul Smvlh Teshng I-2-3-4 The Proleclor and Radio Operafors Club was or ganlzed rn I95l by Mr Vernon McKown The club mel every Thursday In 'lhe Radio Workshop fo carry on busuness fo dlscuss problems and 'lo demonslrale any new equlpmenl for +he members boy musf be a sophomore and a vnsual ands or radio operalor Applncahons for club membership are ac cep+ed In lhe freshman year bul each applncanl' ns care ully checlced by +he sponsor and has homeroom feacher before he IS granled membershup The duhes of lhe sophomore members Include lhe showing of slxleen mllllmeler slide and s'I'rnp prolec+ors and 'rhe showing of fnlms 'ro The socual sludnes Englnsh lan guage and vocahonal classes They are also permu++ed +o 62 opera+e +he lamp sllde progecfors and 'rhe dual speed franscruphon player The lumor members of +he club opera+e any of +he school equlpmenf including fhe publuc address syslem 'rape and dlsc recorders and +he 1n+er commumcahons equnpmenf These boys also 'leach +he new members of h club fhe fundamenlals of lhe equrpmen+ and how lhe equnpmenl' ns operaled If +he sensor membe s obfaun a fhxrd class Federal Co-'nmumcahons Commlsslon Incense lhey are allowed fo run +he radlo sfahon The sensor members also ms+ruc+ +he lumor members on lhe operahons of fhe radio s+ahon One carefully selecled sensor ns also permrffed +o operale lhe ampros arc prolecfors I I I ' I ow 1 . ' . . ' . ' . ' - C . ln order +o become an acflve member of lhis club a ' ' . . . 3 I ' . I . . Q U s n r - ' I n 1 n n n I I ' Top Secret. Keep Out! The Science Club was esrablished in I946, fo ex+end +he members' scienrific knowledge beyond +he fexrboolr. The New Albany Science Club holds membership in 'rhe Indiana Junior Academy of Science and fhe Science Clubs of America. This year's club made a +wo day +our of a few Louisville inclus'rrial planrs during +he Easier holidays. The members visiled 'rhe ln+erna+ional Harves+er Planr, +he Ford Plan+, The Tube Turns Company, and +he Girdler Research Corporafion. Membership is available fo any high school sfudenr wifh an in+eres+ in science. Officers for +he pas+ year were: Larry Griesinger, presi- denh S+uar+ Sherficlc, vice presidenfg Eloda Wilfse, secreiaryg and Pefe Clark, freasurer. The club is under +he sponsorship of Mr. Rose. in 'Tar Eloda Wilise, Larry Griesinger, and Joe Baxier display The Science Club plaque. Leif: Srudying an asrronomy proieci are Ronnie Endris. David Klassen, James Pe+ers, Paul Ramsey, and Billy Wheeler. Cen+er: Observing a science exhibir are Fred Schardein, James Jones, Bill Farris, and Don Gray. Right Preparing an eleclronics exhibif are Carl Snool, Pefe Clark, Terry Turner, and S+uar+ Sherfick. 63 are Don Shller Ar+hur Karnes Na+ Waunscoll Bob Shrews bury Melvin Konlrle and Ball Goebel Row 3 Row 2 Pow l Early to Bed Early to Ruse The Fulure Farmers of New Albany was fl sl' organized In March of I940 ll rs a parl of 'lhe S+a+e o gan zahon whxch was founded nn I929 and fhe Nahonal organlzahon founded In 928 The purposes of fhe c ub arc lo develop rural agr culrural leadership +o crea e an mferesl In lhe lnfelllgenl cho ce of farmlng occupahon an l lo perl c1pa+e In wo 'rh wh le un derlalc ngs for lhe Imp owe'nen'r of agrncullure Achvuhes for rhe year Included presenl'a+lon of four +ele vusron programs on lb FFA and agrncullure on s'ra+lon WAVE TV presenrahow of mne rado programs on rado slar on WGRC a display In lhe Public Se vice window and decorahon of a floar for 'rhe Homecoming parade The club also provided a soll and mlllc lesl' service for +he farmers of Floyd Counly presenled lwo school displays and sponsored a safely conlesl honal agrrcullure and be famlllar wl+h 'rhe purposes of 'rhe FFA and lhe program of wo lc of fhe local chapler He mus'l' also be aole +o reclle 'rhe FFA creed and receive a malorl+y vo+e from lhe members of 'rhe club The New Albany chapler was chosen H1 oulsfandrng FFA chaprer ln lndlana a+ 'lhe 25 l1 anmve sary sfale CODVSDLIOW Melvin Knolcle was elecled drslrlcl' pres denl and sechon senhnel a+ +he same meehng James Parsons Arlhur Karnes Andy Kron John Schlenslrer Jer y Rrchle John Rush Charles Krlnlnger Ralph Johnson John Hanlon David Chaslaln Charles Purvls Bob Shrewsbury and W A Hays Mr Clouse Ollver Ross Jaclz Dohoney David Breeding Don S hlodanl Tom Dooley Marvun Bosloclr George Hays Pogcr Crawford Eddie Morlen Henry Tull and Frank Muller Charles Redden Jerry Bowlung Don Shller Melvm Konlcle Bull Go bel Na+ Walnscolf Nevnl Cool: Roger Sfoner Bull Lynch Ralph Terrlll and Ernesl Purvls 64 I f ' l . I L 7 . I L . . . . : , I . ' ' sg : E ' ' r - ' . - . r ' 'r K . ' . - , ' 2 ' l E 5 I . . . , T . . I Officers of +he Fumre Farmer's club, shown a+ a hahzhery, ln order lo become a member a boy mus+ be 'lalcing voca- g . I . I . . Members of +he club prepare a wlndow dusplay an fhe Publuc Service Company window showing farm safefy measures Homecoming parade receuved an honorable men hon award Several members of fhe club Dale par? m a conservahon prolecf on fhe Knobs The floai decorafed by +he FFA club for fhe r W 44 I Mlx Masters The purposes of fhe Fufure Homemakers of America are +o promofe a growmg appreclahon of fhe loy and sahs fachon of homemalung +o emphasize friendship and +o en courage democracy In home and commumfy life To be a member one mus+ have ialcen or be lalung home economics Th s year +he club held rhelr annual formal mlhahon al' Colonial Manor Sev ral club members also aHended 'fhe dls+ruc+ meehng al Hanover College In Ociober and fhe clrs+rlc+ meehng a+ lndlana Umversrly In March During 'rhe club meehngs +he members dascuss problems which confronf lhe modern homemaker ln 'lhe sprung fhe club prepared a skr+ whlch was given al' +he dlsfrlcf meehng In March Pa'Hy Hubler was elecred song leader of +he Sou+heas+ern Dls+rlc+ a+ 'the same mee? In SOHICGFS were Mary Jane Clemen+s pres1den+ Terry Zahnd vrce presldenl' Barbara Bandy secre+ary Elaine Hlclrman parllamenlarran Judy Peers hlsforlan PaHy Hub ler repor+er Marfha Wolfe song leader The club IS sponsored by Muss Ward Row 2 Charlolfe Gugel Nafhana Hines Carolyn Bur Carol Oldom Angela Wheeler Mary Cook Pal Volperf and Irma Coombs Row I Belly Marven Donna Arnold Janice Elmore Joyce Procfor and Carol Harlman The officers for The pas? year were Palfy Hubler Marfha Wolfe BeHy Farlsh Mary Jane Clemrnenls Barbara Bandy Judy Peers and Terry Zahnd Members of lhe FHA afiendlng fhe formal rmhahon servrce af Colomal Manor The purposes ol lhe Dislribulive Educalion club are lo promole among high school sludenls sales- manship and experience wilh lhe oulside world. The aclivilies for lhe year included allendance al lhe Slale Convenlion al Anderson, Indiana, and lhe Nalional Convenlion al San Anlonio, Texas. Members also allended lhe Employer and Em- ployee Banquel which was held March 23. Officers lor lhis pasl year were: Roberl Ley, presidenlg Pal Gorman, vice presidenlg Shirley Shaffer, secrelaryg Pal Lynch, lreasurerg and Carolyn While, hislorian. This year Roberl Ley was elecled presidenl of lhe Dislribulive Educalion clubs ol Indiana. The club was organized in I948, and is sponsored by Mr. M. L. Millenberger. Row 3: Row 2: Row I: Gordon Lamb, Mary Lou Sharp, Shirley Cunningham, Shirley Baxler, Belly Vallandingham, Carolyn Hines, Marilyn Lane, Nancy Douglas. Kennelh Slearley, Melvin Koehler, and Gale Lamb. Ann Fuilzerzon, Sharon Smilh, Maxine Lynch, Calherine Dohoney, SI.irIey Humphrey, Dorolhy Tevis, Marian Jordan, Joyce Kimes. Shirley Feller, Joyce Larner, and Larry Duffy. Pal Lynch, Palsy Gorman, Bob Ley, Carolyn While. and Shirley Shaffer. Lefl: Shirley Feller, Bob Ley, Calherine Dohoney, Marilyn Lane, Carolyn While, and Mr. Millenberger allend a formal banquel of lhe Dislribulive Educalion Club ol America in San Anlonio, Texas. Cenler: Members of lhe D. E. Club and lheir employers enjoy 'themselves al lhe Employer and Employ ee Banquel al Colonial Manor. Righl: The New Albany dele- galion lo lhe Nalional D. E. Convenlion gel in lhe Texas slyle. 67 top Look, and Luck Em Thus could very well be ihe moHo of +he New Albany Sfamp Club Bob Wrughr and Jam Robinson Hrs? organized fhe club ID I95l for fhe purposes of aldlng un +l1e exchange of sramps guvmg mlormahon aboul' sfamps and encouraging sfamp collechng A+ meehngs +l1e club members brough+ s+amps +0 be auchoned The club marnlalned a penny box Every hme a brd was placed fhe budding member placed a penny she penny box On February 2 and I6 fhe club was honored wrrh fhe presence of speakers from fhe Sou+hern Indiana Slamp Club Mr Theodore Hlealr and Mr Charles H Kern of Loulsvulle Officers of fhe club were Bob Wrlgh+ presldenf Joe Voyles vlce presldenf Ronald Endrns freasurer and David George secre+ary The club has been under fhe sponsorshup and dIF6Cl'l0n of Mr Norman Smlfh slnce u+s formahon Mr Smlfh helps se eral club members ldenhfy a foreign s+amp Sho n here are Carol Reno Mel un Francls and Jnm McFrye Ofhcers for +he year ere Da nd George Roberf Mcspadclen Bob Wrnghf Ronnne Endrls and Joe Voyles Dscussung slamps l+h Mr Charles Kern of lhe Soufhern Incl ana lamp Collecfors Club are Ray Roederer Ne ln Marlin and Jack Bohannan o I . . . ' ' ' ll ll . In I . . I . . . , . - . I I l I I , . ' . V . . . . W I V. .V . I w v' , . i ' w' . i S I V. . I wmg our Partner Honor your pardner and alamande leff wrfh an ole leff grand IS a phrase whuch was offen heard by fhe members of 'fhe Square Dance Club The purposes of fhe club are fo feach and Improve one s square dancing and fo have a good fume whsle domg fhls This years club sponsored fwo mlxers affer ballgames one rn Ocfober and nofher In January The New Albany Square Dance Club fool: parf rn a dns frncf square dance In Seymour Indiana and several of fhe members affended fhe lnfernaflonal Square Dance Feshval In Chicago llllnols The club IS dnvnded Info fwo groups fhe beglnners square dance group which mef on Thursday and fhe Jeans and Janes fhe advanced group which mef on Tuesday The officers of 'fhe Jeans and Janes were Bo Chrlsflan secrefary and Lee Akers freasurer Officers of fhe beginners group were Wanda Granguer presldenf Bull Evans vlce presldenf Sarah S+ Clair sec refary and Dale Farnsley freasurer 'vlrs Dorofhy Mofslnger club sponsor orgamzed fhe club In 95l Members of fhe Ad anced Square Dance Club Se eral members of fhe club ho affended fhe Nahonal Square Dance Fesfl al IH Chicago llllnols ere Bob Marin and Mamie Acra Lee Akers and Sharon Heffon Bo Chrnsfuansen and Marlene Maler Sud Ehlers and Jack e Adams Membe s of fhe Beg n g Square Dance Club 0 .. . . U I . . . ' I ' a . ' . I l , . I I , . sen. presidenfg Marlene Maier, vice presidenfg Jackie Adams, I - - : ' , I ' I u I I - . I ' I I - 1 - . 1 I . ' l . V . v w ' E .V . . V . . I W I . D l . r l nin . Row 3 Row 2 Row l Ronny Byers Mllce Nolan Jlm Kaes+ner Ronald Alre s Joe Carroll John Sandlewuclr Jerry Hosluns Donald Gray Charles Condra and John McLean Richard Day Jerry Plummer Bob Smllh Carolyn Harper Judy Drab ng Beverly Smyfh Judy McCaffrey Nancy Rrppy Joyce Davis Carolyn Bradford and Dale Farnsley Margaref Morrison Judy Seller Palsy Bowman Darlene Richards Jamce Arnold Nancy Lucas Mary Ann Brown Nlclu Negangard Carol Allen Roberia Applegale and Joy Dlllman Ouchl My Toe were answered by 'rhe members of 'rhrs years Dance Club The club was organized In l950 by Mr Howard Hunde mer Muss Jessue Rufh Bobb has been The club sponsor for +he pasl +hree years Membershnp ns available fo freshman or sophomore 'ruden+s lnleresfed In learning lo dance The Dance Club mel' every Tuesday and Thursday wrfh nfs :ns+ruc+or Bull Lee Weber of fhe Weber School of Dance During lhe year lhe members learned fhe rumba lhe lox r of and several o+her rypes of ballroom danclng Fnrsl' semesler group leaders were Pafsy Bowman Mary Ann Brown Elhelda LeBlanc Ronald Bezy Roberl' Gallo way and Jerry Meyer Second semes+er group leaders were Pa+sy Bowman Bull Lee Weber demonsfrafes new dance sfep + members of +he club 70 Mary Ann Brown Ronald Akers and John Sandlewlclc . Can you dance? If noi, why no+? These ques'Hons ' a o , ' The Voice of N A H S Radio s a on WNAS FM +he slahon owned and oper afed by and for 'the boys and gurls of fhe CITY of New Albany can be heard from I unhl 3 p m durmg the week WNAS rs a member of +he Nahonal Assoclahon of Edu cahonal Broadcaslers and as such I+ received many Fine educahonal programs 'rhroughouf 'rhe school year H was 'fhe firsi' low power FM sfahon In public schools In 'the Unlied S+a+es Thus year fhe sfahon Increased fo I O00 wa++s whlch made WNAS 'rhe mosf powerful complefely sfudenf operafed radio sfahon rn fhe counfry The goals of WNAS are lmprovemenr of speech lm provemen+ of uns+ruc'non and promohon of public relahons I+ as unlque un fhe fad +ha+ I+ ns operafed enhrely by +wen+y 'rwo semor s+uden+s under 'rhe supervlsvon of Mr The achvlhes of 'rhe radlo s+aFT nncluded operahng fhe equlpmeni' wrrhng scrrpls and plannmg fheur produchons and shows Members of 'rhe fT'F+h peruod radio sfarf ere Nina Shrader Barney Pnerce June Denny Palsy Weddxng Nancy Slrallers Ted Graver Mar+ha Peclr and Karl Ufrechl Barney Puerce demonshafes some of fhe raduo equlpmenf fo The ofher engineers Paul Rider June Denny Karl Ufrechl Palsy Weddmg Ted Graver John Largenf and Arlhur Smufh Members of fhe slxfh period radio sfaff are Sfandxng Judy S :her John Largenf Joyce S eel Paul Rider Da e Blnford Arlhur Sm fh and Wall Sfern Seafed Sue Longesf Y onne Belcher and Shrey Cur+s 0 o o o o Marvin Oalces and Mr. Vernon McKown. . . . : K . I 2 ,' I. 1 p ' . Y I , Teen Age Forum Teen Age Forum organized In Oc+ober of I953 Ihe newes+ and one of fhe mos+ popular clubs in New Albany Hugh School I+ meefs alrernarely wrrh Srudenl Council every ofher Wednesday in Annex I A Irue rn+eres'r rn governmenr and world aiifarrs an rmpor+an+ qualrfrcahon For'ry s+uden+s enloyed achve membership in 'Ihe Forum If is open +o lunlors and sen rors only The purposes of Ihe club are +o encourage and pro be++er understanding of our governmenl The club is s+rrc+Iy a discussion group Some of 'rhe fopics for dis cusslon were The Korean War Depression and Recesslon Communism and Segregahon The club as a whole falres parr in +he discussions and debafes A+ Ihe frrsl' meehng an elechon of officers was held Ihe following senior s+uden+s were chosen on Ihe basis of +helr Ieadersh p +heir rn'reres+ and rhelr cihzenshrp Roberf Wrrghl presrdenl Beverly Radcliff vice presrdenl Carolyn Vance secrerary and Marilyn Cahalan rreasurer Plans were made +o sponsor a special proleci' Sug gesfed IOPICS for Ihe prolec+ were Increasing Inreresl' in 'Ihe Primary Elechons Con+roIIing Traiilic affer School and Exchanging S+uden+s wrrh Olher Schools Teen Age Forum is encouraged and promored by +he Boys S+aI'e lasl year New Albany is Ihe frrs+ school in +he s+a+e +o offer membership in an organized social srudres club Mrs Sheila Knobeloch is Ihe sponsor Row 3 Bob L was Fank Freeman Joe Hoclr Earl Adam Bob Wrlghf Harry Zurschmiede Bob Elllorr Wesley Rucker Earl Slalom Kenny Slearley and Andrew Libs Row 2 Judy MacAr+hur Nina Shrader Sue Hammer? Marilyn Cahalan Jan Main Nancy Barnes Marilyn Lane Ann Main Efhel Cox Marye Morris and Nancy Arganbrlghl' Row I Linda Radcliffe Joan Tefher Carolyn Vance Suzanne Tuclrer Beverly Radcliff Jaclue Dyer Marcella Robinson Carolyn Morsrnger Norma Schaefer Yvonne Belcher and Shirley Cur+s 72 I . . I is . . . . I - u Y ' ' r I ' . . . : ' . ' ' : . . . is i ' ' I I more a sfudenf inferesr in currenf evenrs and Io creare a American Legion. The idea was originared af Hoosier : e ' . r ' . . . ' . ' . ' . . . Row 3 Bull Relly Jaclr Scharrer Linda Endlcoll Don Sloner Ronnle Snool: Bob Nolan Mrs Buggers+aFf and Jam Allunson Row 2 Mary Flora Yvonne Smnfh Marilyn Hoffman Bob Rolh Charles Akers Roberl Rapp Nancy Rodgers Bob Ambrose Cherie Smllh and Carolyn Moser Row I Jerry Harrlson Larrye Dalhover Jo Ann Dalhover La Nelle Brannon Palsy Hmes Lucille Ramsey Lelha Pnclcerrell Zana McKeny Judy Shea Sharon Roucl: Helen Wrlghl and Barbara Wedding Creahve Munds The Ar+ Club orgamzed an lhe year l945 ns perhaps one of 'rhe mosl achve clubs In NAHS Mrs Vrrglnla Bug gerslaff IS lhe club sponsor The purposes of fhe club are 'ro serve 'rhe school and +o furnish assoclahon for sludenls of slmllar lnleresls an +alen+s AC'lIVI'l'neS fo fhe year cons sled of a Halloween umhahon parly Chrlslmas deco ahon fo 'I'he ma n hal' floal' for lhe no'neco'n ng Val nhne max and lhe annual ar+ club picnic A sludenl mus+ have been enrolled In ar+ wnfh a B average fo qualufy for membership In lhe club Offncers for +he year were Charles Akers and Kennerh Slearley presldenls Nancy Rogers and Linda Endlcofl vlce presxdenls Zane McKeny and Rosalund Brown secrelarles and Jo Ann Dalhover and Jaclc Scharrer rreasurers emi Members who receuved recogmhon for al lhelr annual Halloween party are Ronnie Alrers Helen Wrughf and fhe deceased Bob fheer coslumes Snoolr Charles Nolan 73 l l l I . . I . rf' 1 . q FK X '1 r -di' rl . . . . . . d ya - 2 . ., F E . .. . i , ' r ' .3 1' f ., ' . . f e ' 'er ' ' . Row 4: Mr. Delberl Brown, Dick Ward, John Largenl, Larry Sperzel, and Mr. Lamb. Row 3: June Denny, Wanda Thorn, Carolyn Vance, Marcella Robinson, Carol Wilson, Nancy Barnes, and lrvin Walker. Row 2: Beverly Radcliff, Ann Main, Judy Swilzer, Connie Volz, Sulanne Tucker. and Norma Hirlh. Row l: Linda Endicoll, Donna Slriegel, Nancy Shallers, Marlha Rifz, Carolyn Morsinger, and Marlha Peclc. "Class, Come lo Order" The purposes of 'lhe Fulure Teachers Club are 'ro inform lhe members of 'rhe opporlunilies in leaching and lo encour- age rhe cullivalion of lhe qualifies essenlial for a good leacher. Aclivilies for lhe year included observalion lrips 'ro elemenlary schools and a bus 'lrip +o Ball Slale Teachers College for lhe college's high school day. Occasionally, lhe members subs'ri+u+e in freshman classes lo assisf rhe leacher. Individuals visi+ elemenlary schools lo assisl lhe l'eachers rhere. A member musl be a senior inleresled in advanced schooling and considering leaching as a career. The club was reorganized lhis year by Mr. Delberl' Brown, who is lhe sponsor. Officers for 'lhe year were: Diclc Ward, presidenlg Caro- lyn Vance, secrelaryg Larry Sperzel, lreasurerg and Carolyn Molsinger, aclivilies chairman. 74 Officers of the club were Carolyn Vance, Larry Sperzel, Carolyn Molsinger, and Diclr Ward. wx X Row 2: Irma Kessler, Norma Schaefer, Rulh Soulhard, Thelma Cowherd, Gonzella Moorman, Ruih Losch, Linda Lylcins, Ann Heslin, Barbara Wesl, Glenda Jacobi, Joan Be1y, Joyce Banel, Jo Ann Snoolr, Sally Homrighausen, Marlha Sandbach, Sharon DuVall and Phyllis Bechl. Row I: Janice Owens, Befly Cuuorl, Lesla Gaslineau, Marye Morris, Delores Jollisanl, and Mary Lou Bailey. Florence Nightingales The purposes of 'rhe Fu+ure Nurses Club, organized in l95l, are 'lo creale an inleresl in personal and communily heallh, lo encourage sludenls 'ro consider lhe require- menls and opporlunilies offered in a nursing career, and lo help s+uden+s wisely decide whaf nursing course ihey wish lo lalre. Meeling on Tuesday of each week, +he girls learn how +o give a pa+ien+ a balh and how lo malre a hospilal bed. They also see films on nursing and gelling along wi'l'h your family. As guesls of lhe Medical Auxiliary, rhe club affended a 'lea al lhe Counlry Club. On November 23, lhe Fuiure Nurses Club wenl on a lour lhrough Nor'l'on's lniirmary in Louisville. The girls saw how a sludenl' nurse lives while in lraining. ln December, lhey visi+ed lhe Kenluclry School for lhe Blind and 'foolr gifls lo 'lhe smaller children. The club also made anolher +our 'ro +he General Hospilal in Louisville. The girls were lalcen lhrough 'lhe hospilal, visiling lhe operaling room, men's ward, women's ward, and ihe premalure nursery. The Fulure Nurses also sponsored a buffel dinner for 'rhe girls of lhe Fulure Nurses club of Jeffersonville in March. The officers elec+ed for 'lhe year were: Lesla Gas- lineau, president Belly Cuzzorl, vice presidenlg Joan Bezy, secrelaryg and Irma Kessler, lreasurer. The club is under lhe sponsorship of Mrs. Anna L. Samples, +he school nurse. 75 X X Row Joyce Proclor Kay Muller Della Wilson Jaclue Smifh Earlene Dlzney Barbara Smrfh and Janice Lockharf Wnmp Row Joan Terher Joan Bezy Efhel Cox Terry Zahnd Wilma Crowe Joyce Condra Windy Parlrer Sharon Siurgeon and BeHy Siepro Row Arnold Jones Harfy Zurschmuede and Ronald Cooper Gave and Serve The Jumor Red Cross rs a new club organized rhrs year by Mrs Sheila Knobeloch 'rhe sponsor The clubs purpose rs lo provide an opporlumly for parhcrpa ron in an achve and responsible social agency which deals rn commumly and world affairs The club was achve rn worlung as hos+esses for lhe bloodmoblle sending gill boxes fo fhe children overseas and malung scrapbooks and favors for hosprlalrzed soldiers Club membership rs open +o s+uden+s of all grades and ages Suffucren+ rn+eres+ rn 'rhe club s acfrvrhes was +he only qualrfrcahon for membership Durmg fhe summer 'rhe Senior Red Cross senl' Belly Sfepro and Norma Wump +o a Red Cross framing camp 76 a+ Mraml Ohio rn order +o help rn lhe orgamzahon of +he presenr club Through service and sfudy programs +rarmng courses and parhcrpahon rn 'lhe business of lhe club fhe mem bers learn how a social agency wo ls and also find an ou+le+ for fherr desire fo +alre an lmmedlale achve and responsible par+ rn communrfy and world affairs The members collec+ed maferrals packed and mailed grfl boxes overseas +o children of rhe grade school age and made scrap boolcs which were sen+ +o several army hosprfals Tray favors for S+ Parrucks Day and Easler were also senl' 'lo children s hosprfals in Louisville The officers for +he pas+ year were Roberf EllloH presrden+ Sue Cummins vice presrdenl Mary Jane McKam secre+ary and Jane Dlckman 'rreasurer z f if 1 I , 'l. Y rl J ee- f s n4f,,, 54:5 il A T k ' 'Ti A f 1, 11" V N41 Q fy! e fy, i 'K A. if gy , 4: ' . I . I . . I . I . V' . . Row 3: Jerianne Colwell, Barbara Smifh, Janice Harpe, Rifa Lilly, Lucille Dorsey, Barbara Eppley, Margaref Frazier, Beverly Smyfh, and Norma I: . ' . . I I I I I . . l . I . . I u 1 +0 u J I I I . I ' ' I - l . . I . . i l ' . : ' , . : ' . ' ' : . : ' . . Leffz Offlcers of+l1e Junior Red Cross. Cenler: Sampling refreslrnenfs for flue Veferans Hospilal are a few of flue members of 'l'l1e club. Right A par of +l1e group comple+esll1e boxes for flue children overseas. Lef+ Bury flwem Indians was 'rhe slogan of fhe club for fhe Home crung Parade Rrghf A lol of efforl was pui on fhe scrapbools for army hospnfals Leff Members of flwe soclr commrllee check over a Irs? ol supplnes Cenler Several members prepare favcrs for l1ospr+alu1ed children Rnglnf A qroup prepares decorahons for fl'18 Veferens l"l0SpI'fal On Sf Pdlflfik S C-ldy A 5 1 me 7 L J f r ' f '4 A qi ,f ! If . 77 Row 3 Maralyn Wolf Harrueff Jorrus Phullus Hollars Susan Fullrerson Joyce Holme and Phyllus Thomas Row 2 Muss Hughes Pal Knable Doifue Henn Sharon Pale Joyce Chaffin Carol Sfeproe Anna McCu'fcheon Vurgunua Schroeder Ramona Jorrus Karen Funlc Sarah Taylor and Janef Lasley Row I Judy Slreclrfus l.ous Casey Judy Shea Mary Garvun Vurgue Flanders and Irma Kessler Olzfucers of fhe club ere Irma Kessler Dollue Henn and Karen Funk 78 Tomboys un kurts The Gurls Alhlefuc Assocuahon was organized for +he pur poses of shmulahng parfucupahon un gurls afhlehcs and 'rhe sefhng of hugher s+andards of spor+smanshup and wholesome uvung Theur achvuhes uncluded a swummung par+y a+ 'rhe Henry Clay and an unu+ua+uon held af+er each gurl had earned 50 pounrs The le++er N us guven +o any gurl who earns l50 pounls The club also made 'rrups +o Bloomung+on and Salem fo par'rucupa+e un Play Days To qualufy for membershup a gurl mus+ be a+ leas+ average un scholashc siandung and musf be un'reres+ed un such spor+s as baslcefball soffball and soccer Offucers for fhe year were Karen Funlu presudenf Irma Kessler vuce presuden'r and Dof Henn secre+ary +reasurer The sponsor was Muss Sue Hughes I u u u u u . : u u u u u u u u u u u u - 3 u u u u u ' . . . . . . . I . . pu up . . . u u ' ' u u u h u 1 ' . W u u , Th Varsrly N Club was organized long ago al' New Albany Hugh School bu+ n+ never seemed fo succeed Unhl fhls year 'lhe only purpose of lhe club was +o work ouf p ays for various spo 'rs h re al' +he school Thus year +he club decided fo change and lo re+u n +0 +he o lglnal cons+l+uhon Now fhe Vars1+y Club has developed Info one of 'rhe besl' clubs nn fhe school and carries on many ou'rslde achvnhes To be ellglble for membershlp un 'rhe club a boy musl have a+ one hme earned a varslfy le'r+er In one of +he malor sporfs foofball baskelball baseball or +rack The purposes of fhe club are +o develop good morals and clean lvvlng and +o promofe an ln+eres+ In a+hle+ucs Men A+ dlfferenf hmes 'fhroughouf +he year lhe club heard soeakers durmg +helr meehngs Garne++ Inman who was a fnne wresfler In college +alked +o lhe N members on v.res'rlmg The club also had Alex Wood +he coach of +he Louusvrlle hockey +eam who broughl' a few of has players +o demons+ra+e 'rhe game of hockey The Varslly Club also presenfed an assembly wnlh a fulm of +he Harlem Globe+roHers which was narra+ed The officers for fhe year were Tom Walker presndeni' Charlne Boardman vlce preslden+ and John Moody secrelary freasurer Mr Forres+ Mccaffry head foofball coach was fhe sponsor R 3 Ronnie Sparkman A J Har ey Jnm Smkho n Joe Dosch Charle Boardman John Bo en and Charlue Seufz Ro 2 Mr McCaffry Tom Walker John Brudge Jack Blunk and Bull Swufl Row I Tom Tush Dan Mock Chef Denny Ray Snider John Moody Joe Wampler Jnm Henry and Bully Applegale 79 Il N ll Row 3: Row 2: Row I: James Roberis, Donald Richerf, George Hawfhorne, Andrew Libs, Jim Baker, Bill Sieinhauer, George Siegrisi, Dick Hilfon, Jim Douris, and Jerry Harrison. Mr. Francis, Jim Crayden, Heyward Hobbs, Louis Caufield, Don Carpenier, Jack Mochel, Billy Haeseley, Danny Seger, James Smi+h, Bill Burch, and Mr. Von Behren. Ronald Robb, David Becker, David Schansberg, Arlen Payne, Terry Crowell, Roland Mafher, Peqgy Zeller, Buddy Kannapel, Kris Whiifinghill, Leonard McWilliams, Gary Morlen, Jerrol Miles, and Charles Barker. Gun Toters of '54 The Rifle Club was organized in January of I944. H began as a pre-induc+ion +raining school organized wi+h fhe approval of ihe Naiional Rifle Associaiion. The purposes of +he club are +o encourage be'r+er marksmanship, safe+y wi+h fire arms, conserva+ion fraining, and spor'I'smanship. Ac+ivi+ies for +he year included a iwelve week basic +raining course and par+icipa+ion in 'rhe s+a+e marches held las+ March. The club also a'Hended 'rhe Nafional Mafches during fhe mon+h of April, and 'Phe Posial Malches in November, December, and February. Membership is available fo any high school siu- deni who will +ake ac+ive parficipafion and who has comple+ed +he basic +raining. Officers for 'rhe pasf year were: Glen Jackson, president Richard Frazier, vice presidenh Carolyn Whi+e, secrefaryg and Raymond Berry, execufive officer. Mr. Harley Francis and Mr. Louis Von Behren are 'Phe club sponsors. Lefiz Officers, Richard Fraizer, Raymond Barry, Glen Jackson, and Carolyn Whife. are seen checking a fargei. Cenier: Rifle Club mem- bers af one of fhe local maiches. Righf: Members parficipafing in fhe Sfafe Maiches. 80 Israel Douglas and Dallas Wafson Mxclrey Poffer Bull Webb John Flora Lenny Shoals and Shelby Humphrey Jerry Plummer Jerry Fenwlclr Bruc Perbns Bull Hmcle Bull Deuser Charles Evans and John Parker Tom Harmon Jam Harden Earl Berfrand Bob Afluns Bull Holderman Leroy Muller Bob Tundall and Jerry Roach The Merry Jugglers The Tumbllng C ub was fursf organized fen years ago by Mr Floyd Henry The purpo es o fhe club are fo provude specuallzed ac xvuly for fhose who are lncllned fo have dblllly and onfrol of bod ly movemenfs and fo provide a source of amusefnenf for fhe members The club mef every Thursday during fhe homeroom perlod fo learn and fo pracflce various formaflons In o der fo qualnfy for membership a boy musf have 'rhe w llmgnes fo learn and be In good healfh Member ship as avanlable fo any boy on hugh school Dunng fhe monfh of May fhe members of fhe Tum bling Club fooln parf nn a cnfy wnde play day af S Ellen eclucaflon deparfmenfs of fhe parhcnpafmg schools The club consnsfs of fwenfy eughf members slxfeen freshmen and sophomore boys and fwelve lunuor and semor boys The officers for fhe pasf year were as follows LeRoy Muller presldenf Bull Deuser vice presldenf Earl Berfrand secrefary and Bull l-lolderman freasurer 81 Row 4: . Row 3: ' , ' , , , . Row 2: , ' . e ' , ' ' , ' . , . Row I: , ' ' , , ' , ' , ' , ' , . . I . . I. - S .F - ' - Jones School. This evenf was sponsored by fhe physical rn n 1 u n 0 I ' ' . ' D The Jumor Booslers form a red and whsle JB The members of lhe Jumor Boosler execuhve commlllee were sfandlng Mary Kafhryn Asberry Phyllis Bacon Sue Alhns Barbara Peflelf and Lois Casey Sealed Jaclue Smufh Joyce Sfalon Beclry Muller Vera Selpel and ulh Knowland 82 Go Bullpups Go Fughl Bullpups flghll Thus was a phrase one of+en heard whsle vlewmg any of 'rhe Jumor Varslfy games The Jqnnor Boos+ers wufh +he assnslance of lhe Jumor Varsnly cheerleaders supporf lhe Jumor Varsu+y +eams The club helps +o boosf all school achvlhes Thus year fhe club decora+ecl a floa+ for +he Homecommg Parade Members of +he club dressed as Shawnee lndlans and sa+ nn fhe slew pol while several o+her Boosfers were dressed In foolball uniforms and wore bulldog maslcs 1 c ' 1 . ' . .Q 1 K . H I , . V I I rf' any QM' 4 . r A . The Junior Booslers also sal in lhe Senior Booster "N" during +he baslre+ball games. Members compefed for 'Phe sears in lhe "N" by allending Junior Varsify games, by +rying oul' for J.V. cheerleaders, and by composing pep songs. This year +wen+y Junior Booslers earned regular seals in +he "N." The J. V. Cheerleaders and +he Junior Booslers also par+icipa+e in fhe pep sessions by leading lhe freshmen and sophomore sfudenls in yells. Junior Varsily Cheerleaders are selecled from fresh- man or sophomore girls who fry oul' for +his posifion. The cheerleaders for 'lhis year were Mary Lou Gibson, Marcia Wrege, Cafherine Jo Ellis, Roberla Roy, Rulh Ann Ehall, and Sharon Rouclc. This year +he club members ioined lhe Senior Booslers for fheir annual picnic al' Spring Mill Park. The club also sponsored lwo candy sales 'lo pay for +he J. V. cheerleaders expenses. Afler rhe Vincennes baslcelball game 'lhe club spon- sored a mixer. Al' lhe close of +he baslrelball season 'rhe club gave a par+y which was held a+ 'rhe Three C's. Leflz Junior Varsily Cheerleaders were Roberla Roy, Sharon Rouclr, Calherine Jo Ellis, Mary Lou Gibson, Marcia Wrege, and Rulh Ann Ehall. Cenfer: Seen "Brewing Trouble for fhe Shawnee Indians," during The Homecoming Parade, were members of lhe Junior Booslers. Right Sunnye Adams and Phyllis Posley enioy one of lhe games af fhe Junior Boosler Parry. NG FQR lhllhn 83 5 v 3 5 5 .jf v Q' Row 4: Judy MacArlhur, Nancy Kemp, Killy Lucilr, Dorolhy Wilson, Donna Slriegel, Janice Elmore, Rila Jones, Sharon DuVall, Marion Bowman, Sharon Klinger, Virginia Hosea, Cherie Smilh, Delores Schull, Margarel Haws, and Mary Saunders. Row 3: Sue Hammell, Marilyn Snyder, Pal Baumann, Belly Smilh, Mary Jeanne Allrins, Marilyn Cahalan, Irma Coombs, Pal Volperl, Belle Cuuorl, Sheila Sheels, Janel Kraus, and Willa Dean Byers. Row 2: Judy Horlander, Norma Schaefer, Sharon Slemle. Theresa Soergel, Lesla G-aslineau, Mary Lou Bailey, Joyce Zur- schmiede, Nadine Rupp, Marilyn Rice, Barbara Kinderman, Delores Reidinger, Rulh Besl, and Jo Ann Keilman. Row I: Joyce Fullrerson, Marilyn Alkins, Rosella Adam, Marlha Sandbach, Phyllis Kiesler, Joyce Yager, Carolyn Rippy, Darlene Lee, Sharon Slubblefield, Irma Kessler, Elizabelh Hublard, Marlha Karnes, and Shirley Ellioll. The Boosler "N" displays our Bulldog as lhe band slrilzes up lhe school song al a seasonal game. We're from New Albany "We golla win. We golla win. Lel's go!" This ye'l is one of lhe mosl lrequenlly used by lhe Senior Booslers. One would nol be mislalcen lo say lhal lhe NAHS Senior Booslers is lhe mosl' acffve club in ihe school. Their red "N" is noled all over lhe slale. The main purpose ol lhe Senior Booslers is lo boosl all school afhlelic evenls. Re-organized in I9-49, by Miss Alma Fischer, lhe club has achieved a repulalion of good sporlsmanship. Their aclivilies were lhe forming of lhe bloclc "N" al all baslcclball games and allending lhe loolball games as a group. They also sponsored a mixer in lhe girl's gym. 84 The Senior Boosfers gave a pep session on fhe Friday before fhe Regionals. The club wenf fo greaf expense fo fly in cheerleaders from Oolific, China, Seymour, Hawaii: and Oufdafed Jeffersonville. The club also sponsored fhe annual "N" picnic for fhe leffermen and fhe Boosfer picnic. During fhe Polio Drive fhe Senior Boosfers sold 'riclcefs for a Polio Benefif baslcefball game. A girl musf be a junior or senior fo qualify for member- ship. Officers for fhe year were: Irma Kessler, presidenfg Marilyn Cahalan, vice presidenfg Judy MacAr+hur, secrefaryg and Mary Jeanne Aflcins, rreasurer. V W Miss Alma Fischer and Mr. Mike Hoffman are fhe club's The Booslcrs form fheir fradifional "N" af one of fhe seasonal games. Row Row Row Row sponsors. Barbara Brewer, Sharon Orfh, Rulh Shcwmalrcr, Janice Owen, Pal' Solomon, Jacinfa Clay, Mary Lou Breen, Yvonne Smifh, Amy McAfee, Alice Hoback, Jane Miller, Audrey Russell, Sally Homrighausen, Sherry Corbeff, Jewelene Noel, and Alberfa Woodcox. Carolyn Wrighf, Judy Peers, Joanne Magness, Phyllis Riqsby, Janice Harfer, Erma Norman, Sally Hardy, Shirley Richerl, Rufh Losch, Helene Schiciel, Jane! Miner, Marfhanna Conner Alice Shields, Rosalind Brown, Phyllis Bechf, and Anneffa Breedon. Creve 5lf19l6lOf1. Belfy Baylor, Janef Briscoe, LaNelle Brannon, Mary Lou Voss, Jo Ann Jolly, Carolyn Fleischer, Gladys Payne, Marlene Maier, Mary Smifh, Janice Smifh, Janef Terry, Imogene Campbell, Barbara Croxall, and Charlene Bays. Sharon Kiper, Gloria Bohanon, Shirley Zurschmiede, Connie Volz, Evelyn Lang, Beverly Leufharf, Sue Lefler, Barbra Embrey, Bonnie Heclrler, Marfha Bush, Marfha Paris, Sharon Off, Carol Binder, and Eli1abe?h Robinson. B5 Athletics have helped lo develop a wholesome allllude foward compellhve recreahon al NAHS ln l953 NAHS sporrs celebraled fheur golden an mversary l903 marked +he beglnmng of orgamzed fool ball wlfh baslxelball and 'lraclc followmg closely a+ rls heels In I904 Baslcelball loolball and +raclc 'reams have broughl many champlonshups lo New Albany The fnrsl +rophy ever presenled +o our hugh school was won by +he mule relay 'ream of l904 In lhe Lounsvulle YMCA mee+ One of l'he mosl soughl afler school awards IS l'l1e a+hlehc N Two new awards added 'l'o lhe afhlehc llsl' +hls year were +he C Gordon Raney Memornal Award presenled lo a baslcelball player for lnsplrahonal leader shap and lhe N blanlcel given lo any boy who earns +hree le+'fers In one year New Albany s lnlerscholashc and ln'I'ramural programs help +o losler sporlsmanshup and compehhon among lhe sludenls The I907 I9OB baslrefbell leam one of fhe frsf of many champlonshlp 'reams 86 I O O O ' ' ' - nu u - - . . . - I I - . , - ' . . . . ,, ,. . n 1 u I . . . . , . . - WGS I . . The frophy-winning freak and field feam of i903-I9C4 was composed of +hese four boys. In Hwelr assor+ed unnforms +l'1e l904 foofball champs pose for a plcfure G- 'T' . . , . , I- -V P J - -:- . 0 .JQ Ro 3 John Moody John Bowen and John Bridge Row 2 Tom Walker and Jlm Henry Ro I Ralph Webb Jlm Clapp Glen Jackson Ronne Sparkman Ron e Leach A J Har ey and Joe Dosch Mufls Maul Marauders The New Albany Bulldogs dnsplayed superior fighl' and drlve nn lhe I953 54 season by gaming fhemselves a wm mng record +he firsl' smce I947 The Dogs opened agamsl' Valley of Kenfucky wrlh a shaky wln I I9 I3 followed by an error Filled loss lo +he Bloommglon Panlhers 0 I4 Nexl' lhe Bulldogs invaded Ihe No I Ieam m Kenlucky lhe powerful S+ Xavier Tngers The Dogs Iosl I4 7 In one of lhe mosl' brunsmg hard foughl games In many years of NAHS foofball The followmg week NA Iromped Columbus 26 0 wl+h 88 Ihe combined eFFor+s of backs Walker Moody and Brldge One week laler lhe Rerlz Pan'l'hers handed 'l'he Bulldogs 'rheur worsl' loss of 'rhe season 39 7 a+ Buerk Field Following lhelr defeal Mac s men romped back wrlh a devaslahng allack spurred by John Moody and Jolhn John Bridge Io submerge lhe Vincennes Allces 39 6 Nexl lhe Bulldogs lraveled 'ro Evansville +o play +he Cenlral Bears powerhouse Followmg Walkers pass 'lo Henry for a 'louchdown Bowens conversion pulled fhe game ou'l of Ihe bag for NA 7 6 w: , , . w: , , , I ,xl ,..v, . . . . . I I ' .. .. . , . . . . . , 0-, . . I . I I" . . ., . , '-' ' - I ' I . . I . I-, ow Row ow Row dogs emerged wu+h a 26 25 vlcfory over fhe fnred up Shawnee lndlans McCaFfry +he New Albany Bulldogs se cured a wlnnlng season An even more proficlenl squad us expecfed In I954 from le++ermen Ronald Leach A J Harvey Ronnie Sparlrman Jam Henry Tom Tush On 'rhe nlghf of homecoming +he Bull Under fhe msplrlng coaching of Forresf GE -gsm x n Glen Jaclrson Ronnue Sparkman Jam Daugherfy Ralph Webb Jerry Solomon Joe Dosch A J Harvey Bully Payne John Bridge and Jack Blunl: Bull Logue Jerry Darley Shelby Carver Bull Pearl Bull Farris John Moody Tom Waller Ray Snider Don Schnell Jnm Grundy Ronnie Tom Dooley Jam Clayfon Jam Clapp Dan Mool: Ralph Johnson Floyd Sfroud David Sfrlegel John Bowen Charlie Roberson and Ernesf Wooldrndoe Bo Chrnshansen Eddne Scharf Larry McKown Don Sloner Jrm Marlin Melvin Francns Guy Bell Dan Bridge Ronnne Leach and Jam Henry Che+ Denny Jnm Clapp Dan Bridge and Jerry Solomon Coach Forresl' McCaffry and Co caplams Ralph Webb and Tom Walker duscuss a new defensnve play 89 f . I :V - . J ,J , Q A L SQ, h, 3, . ' , , , B e L' I I ' R 41 . ' . ' . . . . . . ' . ' . Qualenbush, and Wayne Walbridge. R 2: I . I . I I l I . . I V . I . V ,Z as 1 A I Q? 51 4' ing, MM if ' A John Bridge makes anofher gain in fhe Homecoming game. W Co-Capfain Ralph Webb, E Co-Capfain Tom Walker HB-QB John Moody, H John Moody romps for yardage in fhe Shawnee game. John Bridge, HB Jack Bfunk, C Jce Doscln, E ' Qu 1 - dw 2, X ug X i 5 ,M 40 Jim Clayion skids righi end in The game wifh Vincennes. Eddie Scharf, T Bill Logue. FB Ray Snider, HB New New New New New New New New New Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Record Valley Blooming+on S+. Xavier Columbus F. J. Reifz Vincennes Cenfral Shawnee Bosse 5 Wins - 4 Losses Ne Albany pnclzs up len yards around lei? end on a quiclr opener play. ...I-L' x ,f-as 1 4. viz! The Jumor Varslfy squad views 'lhe movies of a recenl Varsufy game Puppy Play The Junlor Varsufy squad came ouf on fop of fhenr sc e dule In fhe 53 season wlfh a record of fhree wms and fwo losses The Jayvees had a small buf very aggressive feam Thenr superuor speed proved fo be fhe baslc facfor In achlev mg lhelr 'hree wuns season They suffered defeaf af fhe hands of powerful Male of Loulsvllle 6 0 In a hard foughf game on Buerlr Fueld The Jayvees were also beafen by fhe Shawnee lndlans l4O Durlng fhe year fhey were conquerors of Valley Jefferson ville and Cenfral of Loulsvulle The +eam was under fhe fnne leadershup of Coaches fan Sallco and Mulre Hoffman 94 xxll' Xi Sfan Salko M lie Hoffman Mark Perrin and Coach Forresl McCaffry d scuss some sound sfrafegy for 'lhe coming foof ball game . . . h - '. il "lx The "Li++le Dogs" were beafen only fwlce during fheir F , 334 ' X 1' "W-WM ' ' S . . ' . I Leading cheers for NA Yhls year were Sue Lefler Ronnie Snook Jane? Leufhari Carolyn Rlppy Karl Ufrach? and Susie Waller Let s Get Hep The cheerleading squad fhrs year was composed of Sue Lefler and Ronnie Snook were lunlors +hey also four gurls and +wo boys were servmg +helr second year as cheerleaders Carolyn R,ppy a Semor was CaP+a,n of +he Squad Janel Leu+har+ and Susle Wallcer bo+h sophomores She and Karl U+rech+ ano+her senior have been members led Yells for ll'e" 'f7fS+ Season 'n '953 54 of fhe 'leam for 'rwo years Mlss Alma Frscher was fhe sponsor of lhe cheerleaders Junior Varsufy cheerleaders Caihernne Jo Ellis Mary Lou Glbson Sharon Roucl Roberla Roy Rufhanne Ehall and Marcla Wrege form a Bulldog fram a l 95 Ro 2 Bill Applegaie Duck Roberis Bruce Speedy Harold Johnson Bob Maier and Don Tuclrer R I Bull S iff Charlie Seifz Charlie Boardman and Jim Henry Flashy Floormen Score Coach Johnny Givens' hoopmen emerged from The regular season wi+h I3 wins agains'I' 5 losses. ln +heir firs+ game 'rhe Bulldogs swamped fhe Corydon Pan+hers, 79-52, +o avenge +heir loss suffered a year ago. The following week New Albany gained iis second win in fhe NAHS gym by crushing fhe Bedford S'I'onecuHers, 64-52. Nexf fhe "Dogs" fraveled fo Marfinsville fo send +he Ar+esians down fhe drain, 50-45. Alihough fhe Givens- men dropped lheir game +o 'I'he Anderson Indians, ihey displayed a good second half comeback. New Albany racked up Hs 'Four+h vic+ory by smo+hering +he Vincennes Alices, 83-64. Af+er a brief lead a+ Washinglon, fhe Bulldogs were chopped down, 68-57, by 'rhe Hafchefs. Then 'rhe Bulldogs nipped Male, 56-54, in a ragged bu'r holly conlesied ba++le. 96 New Albany scooped in 'rheir seven+h win over 'rhe Memorial Tigers by capifalizing on free fhrows. Afrer losing fo Broad Ripple, 'rhe Bulldogs won +heir nexi' fhree games from Madison, Seymour, and Tell Ci+y. The besf played and mosl inspiring game of 'rhe season for fhe Bulldogs was +heir vicfory over fhe Jasper Cais. The Reiiz of Evansville Pan+hers won over New Albany in a hard foughl game. The Bulldogs los'f in an overfime, 73-7l, fo Howe. They +hen finished fheir regular season by defea+ing Cenfral of Evansville and Bloomingfon. When +ournamen+ +ime came, fhe home fown boys were ready. They iromped fhrough +heir sec+ional wi+h- ou+ any rrouble, bu'r +he following weelc +he Givensmen los+ +o Jeffersonville, 65-46. All in all, 'rhe "Dogs" had a fine record. New Albany w Albany New Albany cw Albany New Albany cw Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany New Albany 54 Record 79 Corydon Bedford Marhnsvllle Anderson Vmcennes Waslnngfon Bosse Renh Memorlal Broad Rlpple Madlson Seymour Tell Clly Jasper F J elh Howe Evansville Cenfral Bloomrngfon Coach Jol-nn GI ens I3 VVIHS 5 Losses The Varslfy feam falls fhlngs o er befo e ibe nlglwf s game 1953- Ne . ..,. .... 6 4 .....,., ...... 5 2 , .....r. 50 ' ' ......,. ...45 N ,r....58 . ,.,,. .,....62 . .. ....,... 83 ' ..... .. ....64 N 7, ,.,.,, 57 ' , r........ 68 75 A 'v , ......... 76 ....r............ 67 New Albany ,........4. 56 Male ................. 54 . ,.,...... 78 ' ' ........ .65 .....47 ' , ....,..,. 89 ' . ,........,. .79 .,...66 5 . U92 ' A . .... 83 ,A .74 ,49 ..R' . .... ....52 . ..7l ..,., .,..... 7 3 .H66 ' .,.,48 . ...,,, 68 ' . ,,.... ,53 Q5 Boardman affempfs a drive-in sho? againsf ine Corydon Panflwers. Capfain Charles Boardman, G Jlm Henry, G Bill Swift F Two more points for New Albany. Bill Applegafe, F 541,14 Chades Seifz, G Usb Ma?ef F Charlie Seih draws a foul while geffing a rebound in fhe Memorial game. Q ig ff,l5g,f,y xuxl' Harold "Ace" Johnson, C Dick Robeds, C Bruce Speedy, F Don Tucker, G Jerry Solomon, F Jim Sinkhorn, Mgr. Jim Henry shoofs a lump shoi over fhe head of his guard fllll ,--1-suv am, 4 , 4 4 4114 7 E3 a I asiam Je o o en en uce pee y I A lh E d es Geo ge E erbach Ro y Byers Je y Meado s a d Donnle Tuc er Bullpups Ramp The Bullpups 53 54 season was a very successful one They won I4 games and los+ only 2 The feam showed bo+h peed and rebounding power along wlfh a sfrong bench IH securing a wunmng season They won impressive vlclorles over Bedford Ander on Bosse of Evansville Jasper and Howe Their only fwo defea+s were a'I' +he hands of Madison and Cen+ral of Evansville lO2 The LlHle Dogs were led by 56 Donnie Tuclrer who was a scrappy ll'r+le guard Don also was a member of fhe varsrly squad Bull Jorrls Jerry So'omon and Ed Owens did all The worlr under +he baslrel for fhe JV s They also dressed wa+h fhe varsnfy Dave Chaslaln a 5 8 guard rounded ouf +he fearless five George Everbach Jerry Daily and Guy Bell were all capable subsfrlufes who could score ai' will 5 ,K 4 1+ J, W 3 4 I a 4 "' 1 Y I ll - Y, K 2 X "W I 1 ' 2 o I. 1 2 I 4 Row 2: D v'd Ch ' , rry S lomon, Bill J rris, Ed Ow s, Eddie Fr 'berger, Br S d , and Bill lnzer. Row: rur nr, r v , nn 3 rr w,n ' R. S . . . u . . I V I Just Begmmng The NAHS freshman baslrefball feam Hmshed nfs l953 54 season by raclung up seven wlns agamsf elghf losses The puppies were paced by forward Maurlce Pendlefon s hugh scormg In fhelr opemng game fhe freshles emerged vlcforvous by beahng fhe Salem freshmen 27 I7 Affer bemg drubbed by fhe Flagef Llffle Braves 42 28 fhe New Albany boys overcame fhe Silver Creek freshmen 24 I9 The freshles dropped fhelr nexf fhree games fo Cen fral Sf Xavier and Holy Trmlfy of Loulsvllle New Albany fhen frounced Charlesfown 4I 20 only fo be defeafed af fhe hands of Jasper ln a refurn game fhe freshues squealcecl by Holy Trumfy 34 33 Near fhe end of January New Albany was fhe vlchm of fhe Provudence Pioneers by a score of 42 3I The freshues losf fhelr nexf fwo refurn games 40 32 and 60 35 fo Sf Xavier and Cenfral of Loulsvllle respec hvely NA gained revenge over Flagef by frouncung fhe Braveleffs 50 30 Affer smlung Sulver Creelr 40 30 fhe freshoes were edged ouf by Providence In a hard foughf game by a score of 46 44 The firsf five on fhe freshman feam were guards Jlm Emery and Clyde Sloan forwards Maurlce Pendlefon and Jaclr Hunfer and cenfer Jerry Harruson Thas year s feam was led by fhe flne coaching of Mille Hoffman Ro 2 Coach M lie Hoffman Da ld Groshe der Jer y Kess ge Je y Sh ley Tommy Harmon Je ry Ha :son Clayfon B yanf Bull Hulch a d Joh Sfofel R I Be Alre s J m Emery Jack Bohannon Clyde Slo e Jack Hunfe Shelby Humphrey Maurice Pe dlefo a d Paul Tmbe lake IO3 I O . . . . ' 1 . . . . . . . . . ' . . I I I . , ' - , ' - . . ' I u Q Q 0 . I ' I I 1 ' f ' I 5 I . . . . . I ' I ' . ' I I 0 . I I ' I ' I . I . . . ' I , ' 1 a w : l , v' l , r in r, rr ir , , r rr' , r , ' lnson n n . ow : n r, i , , n, r, , ' n n, n l r . l Kneeling Bull Wlffmer Larry Robb Don Tuclcer Lew Har+ley Bull Logue Marvun Nlckols Ray Shirley Charles Jenhns and Charlle Selfz Sfandlng Manager Charles Andres John Moody Jam Henry John Bowen Bob Maier Tom Walker Ralph Webb Bull Mann Che+ Denny and Coach Sian Sallro Bug Bats Boom Coach Slanley Sallro shouls words of encouragemenf lo one of hrs players As bug bars boomed and slrong arms fhrew +he Baseball Bulldogs had a very successful season In wlnnlng I5 and losing 4 ln achuevlng fhus grea+ season fhe Dogs were led by lhe experl coachnng of Sian Sallco This was fhe hlghes+ number New Albany rolled up I64 runs whale +helr opponenis scored only 78 A few of fheur grealer v1c+orles came over F e+ Male K M I S+ X and Pa l The Dogs had a l5 and 3 record goung rnfo +helr lasf game which was agalns+ Provvdence New Albany hghlened up and losf +o +he Pioneers 3 +o 0 Bob Maier led NA al fhe pla+e wn+h an average of 357 I04 I l of games won in fhe school's hisrory. ll lag , , . . ., . ., o i. A n I 4 1 2' 3 5 ' - , ' - - New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Recor Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany 0 I5 Wms 4 Losses pfa n Tom Walker slides I Ihlrd b se safely age sf C nf al of Lo Il Ceniral Nor+h Vernon Shawnee Ma e English Flagef Shawnee Ma e K M I Bedford Bedford Providence Silver Creelc Silver Creelr Cenlral 2 Pao: 9 Providence 3 cl 6 A 4 I9 3 I0 A 2 0 A I2 I2 A A A ' I II A A A 5 3 A A A 6 5 A A A I3 I0 A AA A . ..4 I3 AA A, A 2 3 A A A A AA 2 7, A A A ' 4 9 A A A A A A ' 6 8 AAAAA AA AA A AAAA A A A ' 9 4 AAAAAAAA AA AAAA AAAAA A A A AA AAASI. Xavier I IZA AA A A A A A AAK.M.I.I0 I8 A AA A A A Ca I ' Ino ' a in er ulsvle. g,4.-an--0' ii! Kenny Wiseman goes o or fha bar al 5 8 agal l Man l of Lo s ll Flying Spikes Coach Thom s +raclr squad came fhrough wlfh an excepflonally Hne season Allhough 'rhe fhlnlues dropped lhe Hoosier Relays +hey romped baclx an +he Sulver Creelc Charleslown meel' wufh 88 pomfs Afler handing Flagel' 'rhelr worsl defeaf l02lf2 fo 6lf2 polnls, 'rhe Dogs 'lromped Manual, 68 fo 3l Then lhe Bulldogs copped fwo comparahvely easy vlclornes over Salem and A+her+on IO6 New Albany won fhenr Relays for fhe flrsl' hme by beahng Salem lhelr nearesl' compehlor 7l lo 57 Alfhough fhe Dogs swamped Shawnee 72 'lo 37 'lhey succumbed +o 'lhe lough compehhon In fhe SIA C ln fhe sechonal, New Albany again had +o overcome Salem 54 3 5 lo 4I Olher leams presenf presenled llllle compehhon Dlclc Roberls, Joe Carroll, Bull Swlfl, and Bruce Speedy represenied New Albany a+ lhe S+a+e Meel' , g Iv . , -.ay gm V y l ' v ' " 'ns ua ui vi e. I I Head Coach A'ex Thom and Assisfanl Coach Mark Perrin pose for prclures before +he season s final meels OW ow Row 1X Ronnie Graver David Kopp Mike Nolan Tommy Harmon Sfevc Von Allmen Carl Evans Bob Wagner Vernon Scharrer Billy Hulchrn son Edward Blusf and Larry Tompkins Turner Jim Clapp Ronald Akers and Larry GulleH Jim Tcler Joe Voyles Bill Farris Kenny Wiseman Ronnie Sparkman Lawrence Very Guy Bell Joe Carroll Ned Kerr Eddie Frelberger Charles Akers Roberi Walfers and Bob Humphrey Eddie Owens Bill Jorrrs Bruce Speedy Jim Claylon Duck Rober+s Ray Snider Lew Harlley John Moody Bill Swr'F+ A J Harvey John Bowen and Glen Jackson IO7 . L x N 'I 1' Lg rl 54 R 41 ' r ' , ' . . . . , . ' ' - Row 3: Jerry Myles, Charles Krininger, Tommy Davidson, Jerry Harrison, Mike McDonald, Billy Heinz, Russell Mosley, Ronald Co++rell, Terry l l l Members of fhe l954 golf feam were Tom Weddle, Paul Jenlins, Ronnie Reed, Walf Sfern, and Guy Jenkins. One, Two, Three, . . . FORE Wifh fhe coming of spring and warm weafher, a man's fancy furns fo golf. While fhe baseball and fraclc feams were seffing records, fhe golf boys were doing fhe same. This year's golf feam displayed some of fhe besf playing ever fo come from New Albany High School. High school golf feams usually malxe some news, buf fhis year's Bulldog feam made big headlines. The low firing of Walf Sfern and Larry Donahue did much fo give NAHS a winning season. Among fheir mosf impressive vicfories were fhe secfional af Bedford and fhe S.l.A.C. This was fhe firsf fime since I946, fhaf a Bulldog feam had copped fhe S.l.A.C. crown. The crew consisfed of Walf Sfern, Larry Donahue, Ronald Reed, Paul Jenkins, and Guy Jenkins. T08 Walf Sfern, fop man. fees off as Coach Floyd Henry looks on. Ridge Runners Coach Floyd Henry's l953 Cross Counrry 'leam came 9' lhrough wirh a regular season record of one win and +hree losses. This record may have been be++er if fhe Bulldogs' ace, Bruce Speedy, had no+ been spilced early in +he season. Al+hough fhe disrance men dropped fwo coniesrs +o Charlesfown, rhey managed +o win one of +heir mee+s wi+h Silver Creelc I9-40. Bob Humphrey's I3+h place helped New Albany cop 'rhird in rhe S.l.A.C. meer a+ Bloomingron. Coach Floyd Henry. Swearers were won +his year by: Bob Humphrey, Charles Alcers, Larry Robb, Bruce Perlrins, and Joe Voyles. Leffers were presen+ed +o Lew Harrley and Bruce Speedy while Adrian McNiclcel, Jack Wrighr, Jaclr Hunler, and Terry Turner received numerals. Row 2: Joe Voyles, Jack Hunrer, Bruce Speedy, Terry Turner, and Bob Humphrey. Row I: Adrian McNickle, Charles Alrers, Lew Harrley, Bruce Perlrins, and Larry Robb. if I C s i 1 I I .J IO9 808 ln hugh slyle as lhns graduahon dress worn by Mayme Beers of lhe Class of lB84 ll0 have played +he mosl lmpor'I'anl parl' ln fhe progress of NAHS Desires for befler educaflon and beHer facllrhes have helped +o develop our school mio whaf I+ IS foday Our firsf hugh school began wrfh fwo feachers and bow respecffully on enlermg and leaving a school room when a feacher was presenf and +o be clean rn person and apparel lhose who were nof were no+ admr++ed Sfudenfs were forbidden 'lo bring bafs shlnney shclrs bows and arrows and ofher dangerous play lhmgs upon lhe school premlses Today bl 'leachers and l79l s+uden+s make up fhe populahon of New Albany Hugh School Many renowned men and women have served our schooland named NAHS as 'rhelr Alma Maler Our school s slandlng IS due io fhe good leadership and cooperahon of lhese men and women P O Q U enrolled 59 s+uden'rs. These sfudenls were requesled lo A I9l2 cooking class demon- sfrafes Hs culinary art The graduaiing class of I885 poses for Hs class por+rai1. 'Q as l ow. 7 Q J Y- .gy 9 1135 Q, Y , , , my . . fl: fkt? . V 3 .hw '5' , 'iii' ' A - gy .M ,ful ' Z. R 4: "fm o X -233 " -L. A r. fi-'...'ffY 1 72559 iz 49 1 Members of 'lhe Ne Albany Clfy School Board of Educallon are R W Gresham ecrelary Roberf W Harrus presldenl and John M Pans +reasurer Admmusfrahon Mr Ha ry Da ldson Supernnlendenl of New Albany Cnly Schools and Mr Glen Barkes superlnlendenl elecl ll2 A Cenlury of Progress has nol lusf been a +heme for New Albany Sensor Hugh Schools annual +he Vls+a I+ has been a reallly The school has grown In physical slze faclll hes and offerings buf mosl of all I+ has grown In l+s service lo sccle+y by helping +o develop lnlelllgenl' well adlusled youfh who are quallhed +o se ve and 'ro lead rn a complex wor The school s progress In +he held of educahon has been no chance dgdll' I+ has been +he durecl resull of +he com bmed efforls of an efhcnenl and well +rarned sraff of feachers lhe capable leadership of Dr Cole our prlnclpal and our olher admlnlsfralors and lhe encouragemenl and help of fhe commumly The sludenls and facully of NAHS are sorry fo lose 'fhelr presenf leader Superunfendenf Harry Davidson as he moves on fo accepl' anorher poslhon however +hey are happy lo see one of 'fhenr own admlnlslrafors presenl Dlreclor of Vocahonal Educahon Glen Barlces accephng fhls lmporlanf poslhon The Cenlury of Progress has come fo an end wu+h 'lhe schools Cenlennlal Celebrahon bu+ already a new Cenlury of Progress has begun and New Albany Sensor Hugh School seelcs lo serve even befler als you+h and communlly l l I l l W ' . . . s : . , 1 . . . II II . . . . . ' P . 0 . . r v I I I , . . I . , I - I I I I - 5' I . . . ' I I - I I D ' I I I I I - I I II II . I - - II I I. . . I M Max Wlesman dean of boys and Miss Gerrrude Wilson dean of gurls Mr Marvan Oakes lunlor counselor Mr Delberl snnger freshman counselor Mr Fred Hochmelsrer assnslanl prmclpal and Dr Aushn Cole principal V. . 4 I . Brown, senior counselor: and Mrs. Doro+l1y Mof- MRS MARY LOU AYCOCK Engllsh MRS VIRGINIA BIGGERSTAFF MISS JESSIE RUTH BOBB Biology Englush MISS RUTH BRAEUTIGAM Social Sciences MR ROBERT BYRN Dlrecfor of Guidance and Tesfmg M R ROBERT CARTER MRS JO CHENAULT English MR JAMES CLOUSE Agrlculfure MISS JANE CUTLER Secrelary lo Prlncvpal MRS BARBARA DAVIS Social Sciences MISS SHARON DAVIS English MRS MARIE EISEMAN Secrefary of General Offuce MISS KATHRYN ELLIS Business Educahnn MRS CHRISTINE FAIRLESS Engllsh MISS ALMA FISCHER Healfh Safely Arf Vocal Music MR PRENTICE FISHER Industrial Arts Woodshnp Vocational Bulldmq Tradox MR HARLEY FRANCIS Draftmq MR ALBERT GEHLBACH Pruntmq Vocational Prmtlng Tradu MR JOHN GIVENS Buoloqy Coaching Staff MR HERMAN HARTMAN Business Educatuon MR EDMOND HENNON Journalism Enqluh MR FLOYD HENRY MR WILLIAM M HOFFMAN Busmosx Education Coachmq Stafl MISS SUE HUGHES Physical Educatlon MR CALVIN KNOBELOCH Speech lusmoxs Education MRS SHELIA KNOBELOCH Socual Studios MRS MARTHA LOPP Home Economucx MRS MAXINE LORCH Busnnus Education MR FORREST McCAFFRY Socual Studies Coachmq Stall MR DAVID McCOOE Super lsor ol Health and Physical Education Physical Education, Coaching Staff V. . . MISS JESSIE McCRACKEN Head Librarian MR VERNON McKOWN Dlrecfor of Audio Visual Aids MISS MARIAN MIDDLETON Asslsiani Librarian MR M L MILTENBERGER Business Educahon MISS MILASENT MITCHELL Social Sfudles MISS KATHRYN MURRAY Home Economics MR FIELDER MYERS Insfrumenfal Music MR MARK PERRIN MRS IRMA PRITZ English French MISS ALICE RANCK Lahn MR L S ROSE Chemusfry Biology MR EMIL ROSS Mach ne Shop Vocafnona Machine Trades M RALPH ROTHERT Mafhemaflcs MISS LEOTA RUSK Social Sfudles MISS MURIEL RYALL English Social Sciences, Coaching Sfaff i I ' I ' R. MR STANLEY SAJKO B1oIogy Drnver Education Coaching Sfafi MRS ANNA SAMPLES School Nurse MRS MARCIA SCOTT Englush Social Sciences MR KEITH SHOCK Supervnser of Supplues Maintenance MR NORMAN SMITH Mafhemahcs MISS EVA STEPHENSON Mafhemaflcs MR HARRY STOUT Engllsh Spanish German Physics Mafhemahcs MR ALEX THOM PhyslcaI Educahon Coachnnq Siaff MISS OLLETA TYLER Englush MR WILLIAM VINCENT Business Educahon MR LOUIS VON BEHREN Draffmg MRS MERLE L WALKER English MISS MARTHA LEE WARD Home Economics MR THOMAS WEATHERSTON English MISS RUBY WELLS Mafhemahcs MISS ALINDA WIDMAN Cafeierua Manager MRS MARCELLA WRIGHT Speech and Hearmg Therapnsf MR. EDWARD SUMMERS The l954 Senior Class olllicers were: Ralph Webb, vice presldenl: Kilfy Lucll, lreasurerg Yvonne Belcher, secrelaryg and Tom Walk- er presiclenl. We the 96th graduatmg class of NAHS, regretfull EARL ADAM Language Club Teen Forum pp ROSETTA ADAM Senior Class Execuhve Commlflee Sensor Boosfers Cards and An nouncemenfs Commlffee p 84 BARBARA AEMMER JOHN ALA EUGENIA ANDERSON Concert Cholr Sensor Boosters Music Hour ROBERT ANDRES Scuence Club NANCY ARGANBRIGHT Bel Canio Speakers Concerl Choir Teen Forum pp 26 53 54 LARRY ATKINS MARILYN ATKINS Music Hour Treasurer Senior Boosler Vesla Slaff pp 59 4 MARY JEANNE ATKINS Sensor Booslers Treasurer e Canto Musuc Appreclahon p 54 84 BEULAH ATWOOD Musuc Hour THOMAS BACOT Wranglers Music Hour pp 24 57 II8 O I 41, 72. ' ' ' 72' . ,-.. . s, ' - 3 .I ,8. ' ' - I 1 , Bl . : n- 1-5 The Senior Class Execullve Commlflee was composed of Mar fha Sandbach Nancy Slrallers Ted Graver Delores Reldnnger Ned Kerr Sue Longesl Carolyn Vance and Roselle Adams eave behmd our many memorues and good hmes I MARY LOU BAILEY Sensor Booslers Fufure Nurses M SIC Hour pp 57 75 84 WANDA BAKER Girls Afhlehc Assocuahon JOYCE BANET Fufure Nurses p 5 MARY JEAN BANET Dance Club NANCY BARNES Staff Sensor Boosfcrs Flowers and Colors Commnflee pp 44 72 4 PATRICIA BAUMANN Sensor Boosfers p B4 SHIRLEY BAXTER Dlslrlbullve Educaflon p 67 DONALD BECK Tumbling Club RICHARD BECHT Sfudenl C uncnl p 22 39 YVONNE BELCHER Junior and Semor Class Secre ar Wnner l V :ce ol e mocracy Comes? Gurls Slafe no pp 26 9 5 JOHN BENSING H Y MARY ANN BEST Sensor Booslers The Lafe Chnsfo er Bean Tn Hn Y p II9 If . 2 . 1 'av . ya ' ' 'Q Iariwm 4 'NX EL.. -. 1. I O I O U' : l . . A I g .7. Thespiansf Vice Presidenf, Bloffer l ' : l. . ,7- o 'Q p. , , 7 y, i o o'. - D: Rad'g . , 31 3, 54, 7I, nf l . S Ph . 1 .20. ' RUTH BEST Senior Booslersg p. 84. JOAN BEZY Future Nurses Secrelary Junior Red Cross pp 75 76 MARTHA BEZY DAVID BINFORD Junlor Class Treasurer Wranglers Presldenl Junlor Rolarlan Blcl S? ff pp 24 25 42 JACK BLUNK Foofball Student Council Varsrfy ub H Y p 7 8 CHARLES BOARDMAN Baskefball Hr Y Presldenf Varslly Club Vrce Presldenl Senior Class EXECUYIVE Commuflee pp 22 23 39 79 96 GARY BOCARD Hr Y Science Club Baccalaureale Commnflee p 36 ROBERTA BOOTH I20 We are proud to have been able t FREDERICK BOTTS Football Track Language Club Secretary Debale Club p MARIAN BOWMAN Senior Booslers Bowling Club pp 57 4 JOHN BRIDGE Foolball Varsnfy Club Track Base WILLIAM BROADUS Hu Y Track Cards and Announce men! Commrhee p 36 BARBARA BROOKS Bel Canlo Presldenl Musrc Con pp 52 ALLEN BROWN Square Dance Club p 60 SANDRA BROWN French Club Senior Boosters Vrsla pp 42 58 RICHARD BURGER Pholography Club pp 60 6l WILLA DEAN BYERS Sensor Boosfers p 84 MARILYN CAHALAN Bel Canlo Sensor Boosfers V Presudeni Thespuans Teen Forum Treasurer pp 54 72 84 PAUL CLAFLIN Hu Y Phnlography Club pp 37 6 MARY JANE CLEMENTS Fulure Homemakers ol America Presudenf p 6 fer a 3 4 . , , ,7Il n Cl , I gp. 9, 9,912 3e,,,,9s."" I, I g .6I. - . ,s. ' ' . ball: pd, 19, ea, eo, 60, 9l.' ' tesfg . -, 54. I ' smog . ', , so. ' l . -ice so, i. ' ' ' V ' 5 . 6. - artlclpate m the centennlal celebrohon THELMA COWHERD Future Nurses Junlor Classucal League p 75 ETHEL COX Junior Red Cross Teen Forum Square Dance Club Readers Club p 72 6 ERNEST CRADY WILMA CROWE Thesplans Secrefary Junlor Red Cross Concerl Choir Molher ls A Freshman pp 39 44 52 76 SUE CUMMINS Trl HI Y Junior Red Cross Vlce Presldenl pp 28 77 SHIRLEY CUNNINGHAM SHIRLEY CURTS The Bnshops Mantle Thespnans Presudenl Speakers Presudenl The Lale Chrnsfopher Bean pp 26 39 7 BETTE CUZZORT Senior Boosters T Hu Y Ful re Nurses Vlce Presldenl Scholarshrp pp 43 75 EARL DAILY Bloffer Sfafl Hn Y Concerl Chour p 53 7 LARRY DARNEAL H Y Concert Chour Football p 37 2 RICHARD DAVIDSON French Club Wranglers Vuce Presudenl Boys Sfale Scholarshup 3 42 HARRY DE MENT JAMES COFFMAN Rifle Club. JERIANNE COLWELL Band, Tri Hi Y, Junior Red Cro!! Concerl Choirg pp. 28, 49, 53 55, 76. STEPHEN CONDRA Track. DALE CONRAD Science Club DANIEL COOK Nahonal Honor Soclely p 39 JOSEPH COOLEY Y P IRMA COOMBS Sensor Boosfers Fufure Home makers of America pp 66 84 ANNETTE COOPER Banca Nlusuc Hour Presldeni pp l2I Hl Q . 37. 49, 'l. Q ' U I I O O l p. . 1 . ' ' Dlslribulive Educallong p. 67. 46, 1, 72. ' ' ' ' ' I , 'ri ' , u. Ng . , , aa. ' ph I 5 ' . . . i . ' . : P- . 5 - N. pp. 54, 25, 9, ', 49. SHARON DU VALL Senlor Boosters Blotter Staff ure N rses Trl HI Y pp 75 84 DONALD DYER Y P JACQUELYN DYER Wrangler Cup Wmner Speakers Gr39State T H Y p 26 JOHN EASTMAN Band Concert Cholr Thesplans Junuor Red Cross p 49 JOSEPH EILER Y P Junuor Red Cross President H Photography Club Teen Forum 60 bl SHIRLEY ELLIOTT Bel Canto Sensor Boosters 5 54 4 ZANE ELLIOTT GREGG ELMER Sl u d e nt Council Wranglers Treasurer French Club pp 22 23 25 JANICE ELMORE Future Homemaker: Sensor Boost PP 55 ALAN EMBREY LINDA ENDICOTT Sensor Boosters Art Club Vice Presrdent Future Teachers Vrsta 58 7 l22 EVALENE DENNY JUNE DENNY Radio, Blotter Staff, Future Teach- ers, Senior Boosters, pp. 57, 60, 7I, 74. AURILIA DOHONEY Distributive Education, S q u a r e Dance Clubg p. 67. LUCILLE DORSEY Tri Hi Y, Junior Red Cross, pp. 27 76. JOSEPH DOSCH Fooflggll Swranglersa Varsity Club NANCY DOUGLAS Dlstrlbutlve Education p 67 LARRY DUFFY Dlstrlbutnve Educahon President p 7 DOROTHY DURRETI' Square Dance Club We took great prlde rn helpmg to decorate th pp. ,'2 , 79, aa, '17, 91. ' . 6 . - ' I O I Fut u , l' ' 3 . 57: Hi g .a1. in ,fai,'p. .30l as, , 72. Hi , . 37. ROBERT ELLIOTT . - . I i 4 Sb. . .72. ' ' . ' : pn- ' 2, , s . , A A Q l 24, , 42. ' ' ' ' . 1 I ers, . , 84. I , slang pri. , 3, 74. ' 1 ' W DELORES FAITH Square Dance Club MARY FARABEE Musuc Hour BETTY FARISH Future Home Makers of Amerlca Treasurer p 66 BETTY FAULKENBURG Thespuans Treasurer Semor Boost ers Concert Chonr SHIRLEY FELLER Tr Hu Y Vice resident Dlstrlbu uve Educatuon pp 28 67 BETTY FESSEL MARY FETZ JANET FISHER Concert Chour Concert Band Music Hour Vlce President pp 5l eauhful floats for our hrst homecommg parade WANDA FISHER LINDA FLOCK Concert Chour p 52 Tumbling Club p Bl FRANK FREEMAN Hu Y Blotter Staff Junuor Classlcal League Teen Forum pp 26 37 72 OSCAR FRITZ KENNETH FROMAN ANNE FULKERSON Tr Hn Y Dlstrlbulve Education p 7 JOYCE FULKERSON Sensor Boosters Musuc Hour p 84 TIMOTHY FURLONG Wranglers Secretary French Club Junlor Class Vnce President pp 2 25 Z LARRY GARDNER LESTA GASTINEAU Senior Boosters Cards and A nouncement Commuttee Future Nurses President Vusta Staff pp 75 PATRICIA GEHRING Photography Club p 60 I23 li.-'. P. 49,.,53.- I I ' A' 1 A 1 .g I . JOHN ELORA i . ' ..,. .I .e. 4, ,4. -I I I ' . 1 nA sa, ju. ' I ' WILLIAM GOEBEL Fulure Farmers of America Re por er p 64 PATSY GORMAN Duslrnbuhve Educahon Vuce Pres: d nf M src Hour T H Y p 38 7 ANNA GRANT Concerf Choir Pholography Club RONALD GRANTZ THEODORE GRAVER Debate Club Vlce Presldenl Vusla Staff Indiana Unlverslfy Journal rsm Inshlufe Band Drum Malor 27 8 9 4 5 JAMES HABERMEL H Y JANE HABERMEL Bel Canfo P 54 SUSANNA HAMMETT Girls Siale Sensor Booslers Music Hour Concerl Choir pp 22 72 I24 For the first tlme In NAHS hlstory, an Alumn AUBREY HAMPTON The Late Chruslopher Bean Molher ls A Freshman Thesplans Bloffer S pp 27 44 45 Y p JOHN HARLESS S e n I o r Nomlnahng COMMITTEE Wranglers Treasurer Hn Y Phofo graphy Club pp 24 25 37 LEWIS HARTLEY Cross Country Baseball Track H P BARTON HARTSOCK Wranglers Science Club Junior Rolarran pp 24 57 GARN ETT HASSETT MARGARET HAWS Senior Booslers Music Hour Vlsla Sla pp 58 84 ANN HESLIN Fulure Nurses p 75 LEON HEUSER CAROLYN HINES Fu ure Homemalrers of Ameruca DIS'flbUlIVQ Educahon p 67 NORMA HIRTH Class Day Commlffee p 74 JOSEPH HOCK Elecfronlcs Club Cross Counfry H PP 37 Y 1 . . p I e , u' , rr I g pi , 6 . pp. .2.3'. v. In I i . 84. . I - . 1 O O I O faffg . , I , . I WILLIAM HARGRAVE Hi g .37. . . . I Yg p . 37, I04, 7, l09. ff: . , l . I ' , , i Y: . , 72. onquet was held with the 'I954 class attendmg PATRICIA HOWELL ELIZABETH HUBLARD ub p CAROLLE HUEBNER Conner? Chour T Hu Y Bowlsnq Club BETTY JANE HUFF Hu Y Gurls Aihe Assocla V' P CHARLES HUFFMAN SHIRLEY HUMPHREY Dlsfrubuhve Educahon Squa Dance Club p ALBERTA HUNTER RUTH HURT Bowlmg Club Muslc Hour Con cer? Chour GLENDA JACOBI SchoIarshup N Nahonal Honor Socneiy Fufure Nurses 38 39 WILLIAM JAEGERS Phofoqraphy Club Junlor CIass1caI League pp 60 6l WILLIAM JACKSON GEORGE JAYNES JERRY HODGE Y a nd p 37 JOHN HOFFMAN MARGARET HOFFMAN Band Bel CanIo Musuc Hour 49 CLIFFORD HOKE Sc olarshlp N Nahonal Honor Clefy pp 38 ERNEST HOLLMAN JUDITH HORLANDER Sensor Boosters Nahonal Honor S clefy pp 39 4 VIRGINIA HOSEA Cap and Gown Cornmufiee Senior Hoosiers BI Canfo pp 52 SHARON HOWARD HI Y p I25 Hi , a g p. I49. pp. ',5l, 54. ' ' - h ' , ' So' 3 . ,39. o' 5 , ,'8. . e 1 f .54. 84. Tri ' g .30. I I O Senior Boosfers, Square Dance CI 5 .a4. .I ri . I . Tri ' , ' Iiic '- Ho Q . 28. . . . . ' re 5 .67, ' . ' svn- . . 75. NANCY KEMP Sensor Boosfers p 84 NED KERR Senlor Class Execuhve Commulfee HI Y Secrelary Track The Lale Chrlslopher Bean pp 36 45 I07 IRMA KESSLER Sensor Boosfers Presldenf Fuiure Nurses Treasurer Glrls Alhlehc Assoclahon Presldenl pp 75 78 Glrls Sfafe Senlor Booslers Class Day Commlllee Sludenl Councul p 22 4 JOYCE KIMES DlSTl'IbLI,IOfl Educahon p 67 BARBARA KINDERMAN Sensor Booslers p 84 DORIS KING H n WAYNE KING no Hu Y pp 36 SHARON KLINGER Sensor Boosfers Concerl Chorr H Y p STELLA KOCHERT Senior Booslers Speakers The Lafe Chnslopher B an B nd pp Z6 45 49 MELVIN KOEHLER Dlsfrnbuhve Educahon p 67 JANET KRAUS Sensor Booslers Musuc H ur Commencemenl Commnflee p 84 I26 GUY JENKINS Golf Team, Blofler Sfaff, Bowling Club - Secrelary, Senior C I a ss glominafinq Cornmiffeeg pp. 3 8 TOMMY JENKINS RALPH JOHNSON Future Farmers of Ameroca 2 64 9 RITA ANN JONES Sensor Boosfers Flowers and Colors Commlrfee p 84 ARTHUR KARNES Fulure Farmers of America Treasurer p 4 MARTHA KARN ES Senior Booslers Nahonal Honor Soclely pp 39 84 JO ANNE KEILMAN Sensor Boosiers p RICHARD KELLER EIECTYOHICS Club Raduo p A gurl from our class received the honor o 4. 7,lo. ':PP- z, ,s. 1.6. .- ' 1.84. ' , 'g .e2. I O 84. - I ' ' ' PHYLLIS KIESLER p. .8. ' I rf: avg .2a. Rad', lj . ,s3. Tri i 1.84: ' ' e, a . , . ' '. on HAROLD KRIEGER Vista Staftp p. 59. RITA KRUER MARY SUE LA DUKE Concert Choir, Tri Hi Y-Secre- tary, Senior Boosters, GALE LAMB Distributive Education: p. 67. GORDON LAMB Dlstrlbutlve Education MARILYN LANE Thesplans Dl5fflbUllV8 Education Teen Forum Readers Club pp 44 6 2 JAMES LANGFORD JOHN LARGENT Band Concert Cho Ra no Electronics Club pp 39 4 Z emg elected governor of Hoosier Gurls Stote JOYCE LARNER Dnsfrlbutlve Education p DARLENE LEE Sensor Boosters p 84 EARL LEE WILLIAM LEIST ROBERT LEWIS Square Dance Club een Forum Concert Choir p 53 ROBERT LEY National Honor Society pp 39 67 SHIRLEY LINDSEY WILLIAM LOGUE HI Y Football Photography Club B wing Club pp 37 89 92 4 SUE LONGEST Speakers Treasurer Bel Canto National Honor Society T H Y olarshlp N pp 26 3B 3 MARY LORENZ Band p 9 STEVEN LUALLEN Music Apprecnatuon CATHERINE LUCIK Sensor Class Treasurer Senior Boosters Bel Canto Treasurer Teen Forum pp 22 53 54 84 I27 . . . . I P. 67. 7' 7' . . . . . if. d' . ' : - . 9. 5. 62, 7l, 74. I I O O ' ' ' ' 3 . 67. . . T . Distributive Education- President, P o I" gl . , , , IO: ' ' , fi i Q Sch ' 5 . , , 9, 53, 54, 7l. 3 . 4, LINDA LYKINS Music Hour-Secrelary, Fufure Nurses, Bel Canfog pp. 5l, 54, 75. MAXINE LYNCH Disfribufive Educafion, Tri HI Yg p. 7. PATRICIA LYNCH Sensor Booslers Mussc Hour Das irsbulsve Educahon p 67 SHARON LYNCH Vssfa Slaff Sensor Boosfers Cub p 9 RICHARD McCUTCHEON PATRICK McGLOSHEN Hs Y Fulure Teachers ZANA McKENY Bel Canlo Concer? Chosr Blolf Siaff Ar? Club Secrelary pp 53 5 57 3 JUDITH MacARTHUR Gsrls Slale Governor Sensor Boosters Secrefary T Hs Y Secretary The Late Chrsslopher an pp 39 6 58 5 72 Cul' of o class of 349 35 of us were chose I28 'Q SHIRLEY MAHON EY Sensor Boosfers FRANK MAIER Y P BEVERLY MAIN French Club Fulure Nurses Plsofo graphy Club Sensor Class Day Ccsmmsffee pp 42 56 58 60 72 PHYLLIS MAIN French Club Secretary Plsolo qraphy Club Fufure Nurses Cards and Announcernenls pp 42 57 6 72 4 THOMAS MARDIS ELAINE MARTIN T Hs Y Secrelary p 8 ROSE MARTIN Chosr BETTY MARVEN Future Homemalsers of Amersca Sclsolarshsp N pp 38 66 PATRICIA MAYFIELD JO ANN MEDLOCK LE ROY MILLER Golf Tumblsng Club Pressdenl RONALD MILLER fiwwf o be members of the Nahonol Honor Soclety NANCY NEELY Sludenl Council Presldenl Speak ers Secretary Tru HI Y Treasurer BETTY NEWKIRK Bel Canfo Blofler Staff pp 52 54 MARVIN NICHOLSON Y P JANE OARD T H Y LYNN OATES H Y MARY O DELL H v DORIS OWENS Concerl Choir pp THOMAS OWEN SHIRLEY PADGETT Music Apprecuallon Pholography Cub p 0 CHARLES PAMPLIN nd pp 37 OZETTA PAYNE Bowling Club Sensor Booslers MARTHA PECK Vnsfa Slaff Edllor Gurls Slafe Speakers I n du a a UHIVEYSIY Journalum Insllfule pp 26 8 8 VIRGIL MILLER JOHN MOODY Foolball Baseball Varsuly Club ack pp 79 8 9 GONZELLA MOORMAN Fufure Homemakers ol Arnerlca Fulure Nurses p 75 MARYE MORRIS Fulure Nurses Junior Red Cross Junlor Classical League Teen Forum p 72 75 CAROLYN MOTSINGER Language Club Vuce Presudenl Fulure Teachers Thespuans Band p 44 49 72 4 DORIS JEAN MURPHY DONNA NANCE MARY FRANCES NAVE Tn Hn Y Fulura Homemalrers of America p 30 I29 Tr g'. ,a,'e, vo, 91, loaf nov. 1 , . : I ' A . ,colft I P- . - I . P- . . .7'- I I Q . 1? , . . I U I eil sm.: bp, 22, zafav, 59. ' Hi 5 . 37. ri I . i . Tri iYg . 30. 'g . sz, as. I g . 6. I Ba 3 . , 47. I - . n' . 's ' : - . 3. 39, 5 , 7I, 14. FRANK REISERT Hu Y Bowllng Club Music Appre cla lon p 37 LOUIS RENN Wranglers Sclence Club pp 24 MARILYN RICE Tru HI Y Senior Booslers Vlsfa PAUL RIDER Radlo Hn Y Scholarshup N Teen F rum pp 37 45 7I JOHN RILEY H Y CAROLYN RIPPY Cheerleader Senior Booslers Tr Y Mldwesl Cheerleadung Camp pp 28 84 95 DOROTHY RISSLER Square Dance Club Muslc Hour MARTHA ANN RITZ T H Y Presudeni Spea ers Raduo Gmrls Sfafe pp 39 74 CHARLES ROBERSON Y Bowlmg Club pp 36 PATRICIA ROBERSON H Tr H1 Y Older Irs Conference MARCELLA ROBINSON Vvsfa Sfaff The Lafe Christopher Bean Thesplans pp 42 44 45 5 59 72 4 DON ROSENBERGER H Y I30 BARNEY PIERCE Radio Bloher Staff Eleclronlcs ub pp 57 52 VVENDELL POWELL Pholography Club Arl' Club H P CHARLES PURVIS Fufure Farmers of America p 64 BEVERLY RADCLIFF Blofler Slalf Teen Forum Vlce Presldenf Fulure Teachers Phofo qraphy Club pp 60 72 74 LINDA RADCLIFFE Furure Teachers Thespuans Bel Canro Blofler Staff pp 54 72 PAUL RAMSEY Science Club Nahonal Honor So clefy Scholarship N pp 39 63 HAROLD READ Y P DELORES REIDINGER Senior Booslers Flowers and Colors Commlflee Sensor Class Execuhve Commuffee p 84 We saw a gurl elected to the ofhce o CI 1' . , ,7l.. . . I Y: .31. Hi g .36. I O 'f'lg . . I - 25. ' ' ' ' Staff: pp.'3o, sa, a4. ' o lg .l, , . I 1 . I l I i Hi , ' ' p. 5l. I l ri- I '- ' . ll . Hi , ' : . .ei na av, i ' ew 6' .I '7' .-... 1 . REGINA l'OUGll Bel Canlo Concerl Choir Rrl Cub All Sfale Choir pp 52 54 WILLIAM ROUGH H Y Radno Sporlscasler Musrc Appreclafron Presldenl Sfudenl Councrl WESLEY RUCKER Teen Forum Hn Y Musuc Appre crmllon Class Day Commlflee 35 IADINE RUPP Bowling Tru Hr Y Senior Boosfers 28 THOMAS RUSSELL JERRY RYLAND llusuc Apprecnafron H MARTHA SANDBACH Vlsla Slaff Fulure Nurses Tru Y Sensor Booslers pp 58 MARY SAUNDERS Senior Boosfers T H Y pp presndent of student council for the furst trme NORMA SCHAEFER Sensor Boosters Teen Forum Fulure N rses pp 72 75 4 FRED SCHARDEIN Scrence Club Bowlung Club Musuc Apprecralron Class Day Com m ee pp 39 43 63 EDDIE SCHARF Foolball Varslly Club p 89 2 DORIS SCHARRER Music Hour Musrc Appreclallon JACK SCHARRER A Club p 73 JOHN SCHLENSKER Fulure Farmers of America p 64 LOUIS SCHNELL C our p 53 DOLORES SCHULZ Semor Boosiers Bowling Club r Y Scholarshrp N pp JOHN SCOTT Muslc H ur p 49 EILEEN SEGER Be Canfo p 54 SHIRLEY SHAFFER Tru Hn Y Dlslrlbull e Education Secrefary p 67 NANCY SHALLERS Sludenf Council Secrelary T H Y Vlce Presldenf Valedlclorlan of Sensor Class Nalnonal Honor So crely Wmner of Englush Conlesl 22 I3l .' .IQ l. ': - .- in .- ' . pp. :7I, I I pp. ,'43,52,8l1. ' .' ",iYgp.37. ' , , 'Hi , ' g . ,75,a4. ' , rl ig .28, s4. I I I O I u 3 . ,I ,8. I M5 ing ,. ' L . ' .P- .9- rl g.. A l1'g . . ' , ' ,Ti , Hi , ' 5 .3o,s4. ' og . . 1 I 1. . . v , - . .lm .' rll E pp.',2a, 264 aa, av, 7I, 14. ' MARY LOU SHARP Dlsfrlbullve Educallon p 67 SHEILA SHEETS Girls Aihleflc Assocuafnon Sensor Boosfers Vlsla Sfaff p 84 RAY SHIRLEY Y Baseball pp 37 NINA SHRADER Speakers B el Canfo Concerf Chour Teen Forum pp 26 3? 52 7 ROBERT SHREWSBURY Future Farmers of Ameruca p 4 AUDREY SMELSER DOLORES SMYSER Concerf Choir p 52 ARTHUR SMITH Radio Nahonal Honor Soclefy Eleclromcs Club Aeronauhcs ub pp 38 9 l32 We were here when plans were drawn BETTY SMITH Senior Boosfers Tr HI Y pp CHERIE SMITH 73 84 JERALYN SMITH Square Dance Club OTTO SMITH Y P SHARON SMITH Square Dance Club Dusfrlbuhve Educallon pp 40 67 LOUIS SNIDER RAYMOND SNIDER Track Foolball Varsl b p 7 89 MARILYN SNYDER Tru Hu Y Sensor Boosfers pp THERESE SOERGEL Sensor Boosiers p 84 LARRY SPERZEL NBIIODGI Honor Society Fulure Teachers Language Club French ub pp 39 4 ROBERT SPRINKLE EARL STATON H Y Pholography Club Teen Forum Dance Club 37 60 Hi , 3 . , lo4. 54, l', 72. ' ' ' ' ' ' 3 .b. Cl , . ,3,53, 62, 7l. - ' , i ' g . 30, 94. Senior Booslers, Ari Club: pp. 43, Hi 5 .37. , , 'ly Clu , Hi Y: p . 36, 9, , YZ, -.. ' ' . ' I -30. 84. Cl 5 '. , s, 74. ' I - . . I PP- . . ' 6l, 71. or the new vocational building DONALD SUMMERS Hi Y, Music Appreciaiion. JOE SUMMERS The Lafe Chrisfopher Bean, Blolier Slaffj p. 57. JOYCE SWEET Bel Canto-Treasurer, Speakers- Vice Presidenf, Radio, Conced Choir, pp. 26, 39, 54, 55, 7l, JUDITH SWITZER Homecoming Queen, French Club -Secrefary, Pholography Club- Vice Presideni, Senior Boosfersg pp. 42, 57, 60, 7l, 74. JOAN TETHER Teen Forum, Junior Red Cross, Visfa Siaff, Thespiansg pp. 44, 58, 72, 76. DOROTHY TEVlS Disfribufive Educaiiong p. 67, CAROLYN THOMPSON WANDA THORN Bel Canto-Vice Presidenf, Blofler Sfafi, Senior Booslers, Conceri Choir, pp. 22, 53, 54, 55, 57, 74. ROBERT TINDALL Tumbling Club, p. 8I. SUZANNE TUCKER Visla Sfafl, Tri Hi Y, French Club, Pholography Clubg pp. 42, 58, 60, 72, 74. THOMAS ULRICH Hi Y, p. 37. KARL UTRECHT Boys Stale, Cheerleader, Hi Y- Vice Presideni, Radio, pp. 39, 7l, 95. KENNETH STEARLEY Ar? Club- Presidenf, Disfribufive Educalion, Debale Club, pp. 67, 72. SHARON STEMLE Senior Boosfersg p. B4. WALTER STERN Wranglers-Treasurer, French Club -Presidenf, Bloffer Siafi, Radio, pp. 24, 25, 37, 42, 56, 57, 7l, l08. NANCY STILLMAN VIRGINIA STONE Blofler Sfaff, Tri Hi Y, French Club, Senior Hoosiers, pp. 42, 57, 60. DONNA STRIEGEL Senior Boosiersg pp. 74, 84. DELMAR STUBBINS SHARON STUBBLEFIELD Scholarship N, Senior Boosfers, Fufure Nurses, p. 84. BETTY VALLANDINGHAM Dlslrlbullve Educallon Muslc Hour p 7 CAROLYN VANCE Sensor Class EXECUTIVE Commulree Fufure Teachers Secrefary Bloller Safl Scholarshlp N pp 38 7 7 4 LAWRENCE VERY Y Tack pp 37 PATRICIA VOLPERT Future Homemalrers of Amereca Senior Booslers pp 66 84 NATHANIEL WAINSCOTT Future Farmers of Ameruca p 64 LESLIE WALBRIDGE Speakers Tn Hu Y JAMES WALKER Wranglers Junlor Rolarnan 2 25 9 THOMAS WALKER Junior Class Presldenf Semor Class Presodenl Wranglers Var Club p 4 79 We are proud of the achievements of our closs, and we ROBERTA WALTER Bowlnng Club p 43 JOSEPH WAMPLER Wranglers Vlce Presrdenl VBTSIYY Club Golf pp 24 79 RICHARD WARD Future Teachers Preslden? Con cerl Choir Rlfle Club p 74 HURCHEL WARREN VERA WATE Pholography Club p 60 RALPH WEBB Sennor Class Vlce Presldenl HI Y Presldenf Foofball Baseball 37 B 8 90 THOMAS WEDDLE Band Hu Y Pholography pp 37 6 PATSY WEDDING French Club T Hr Y Ar? Club 28 DOROTHY WESBECKER WALTER WEST Hn Y French Club Music Hour CAROLYN WHITE Rifle Club DISVYIEPUTIVE Educallon Nallonal Duslrlbuflve Educallon Convention nn Texas pp 67 80 DARVIN WHITE Fulure Farmers of Ameruca Rifle Club I34 .s. ' ' f . T- : -I .5. 2, 1. Hi , r 3 . ,l07. . ' ' : PP- I 4, , 5. - y sily - g p. 2', 25, 59, ', sa, , if 89, vo, lo4, los. O p6E,B,4, ,m4.' ' 49, 'l, l08.l ' ' ' , ri ' , I pp- .7'. ANDREW WILSON Pholography I u b Thesplans Mofher ls A Freshman The Lafe Chrusfopher Bean pp 44 45 CAROL WILSON The Lale Chrlslopher Bean The: plans Treasurer French Club F ure Teachers 2 4 DOROTHY WILSON Sensor Booslers Trl HI Y Bo lung ub pp 0 4 WILLIAM WITTMER H W Band Music Appreclaflon Vlce Presldenf pp 37 l04 MARTHA WOLFE Fuluze Home Makers ol Arnerlca P ROBERT WOLFE H Y ROBERT WRIGHT De ate C I u b Presudenf oys Yale Scholarshrp N Winner of Voice of Democracy Conresf pp JOYCE YAGER Bowling Club Bloffer Sfafl Senior Boosters pp 43 57 84 ope that they wull be of servnce to followmg graduates SENIORS NOT PICTURED Arlhur Caulleld, p bl, Roberl Chappelle, p 56, Samuel Condra, Roberl Harvey, Frances Hensley, Arnold Jones, p 76, Marvin Nichols, p I04. and Ronald Reed, p IO8 DORIS YATES Musnc Hour NORMA YATES ROBERT YOST Band Scholarshup N Nahonal Honor Soclely Junlor Rolarlan H p 3 39 THERESE ZAHND Teen Forum Fulure Homemakers of America Vice Presldenl Junior Red Cross pp 66 76 HELENE ZEMON Bowlung Club French Club Ari ub T H Y p MARY ZOELLERS HARTFORD ZURSCHMIEDE Jumor Red Cross Phofography Cub Ten Forum pp 60 bl 2 JOYCE ZURSCHMIEDE 43 57 I35 C . '. uf - :lop-4. 4.53: 14. . '..' V. Clg ,3, 3,s4. .s. ' i. b - ' ,s 5 . ' . ' 25, 27, za, 3-7, 45, ea, 72. ' ' l C C O ' . I . ' . Ii Ygp.8, I49. Cl,rii'g.28. ' I.e :'- . .7. 76. PPA . ,84- Juniors Officers of ihe Junior Class ihls year were Bull Swnfl vice presldeni Jo Ann Jolly sec refary Jam Clayfon presudenl and Duck Roberfs freasurer Bob Adams Don Adams 22 42 52 James Afklnson 73 Charles Akers 73 I07 IO9 Donna Jo Anderson 28 Nona Anderson Darlene Andres Rlfa Andres Bull Apple g fe 79 96 99 Bob Armsirong 37 49 Delberf Arfhur 49 Roberf Afknns Bl Nancy Bacon Jerry Badger 43 Allce Balmer Barbara Bandy 66 Frank Baner Alma Barbour Clelus Baumann Wanda Bauman Joe Baxrer 63 Belly Baylor 52 54 55 85 Char lene Bays 85 Wllllam Beach Beck Harold Beebe 36 Earl Ber+rand Bl Carol Binder 60 85 Carolyn Bur 38 39 66 Alvin Blackman Morfon Blake 37 Gloria Bohanon 85 Marvin Bosfock 64 John Bowen 79 B8 89 I04 I07 J C Bowman 5 Ronnie Bowman Bull Braden 44 Mary Ann Brannon LaNelle Brannon 73 85 An neHa Breedon 85 Teddy Breeding ry Lou B een 22 53 54 55 57 Barbara Brewer 53 54 55 85 Jane? Briscoe 59 85 Sonna Briscoe Rosalind Brown 57 85 Lee Buchanan 24 37 I36 B 54. 3 I I i . i Phyllis Bechi 57, 75, 85: Mary Louise 36, , , , , 1 . . I. Ma r ,,,,. B51 Jumors Phnl Caro sfops affer school io ialk wnrh Make Gaddue and Barbra Embrey Carolyn Bunch Marfha Bush 43 85 Charles Campbell Imogene Campbell 57 85 Donald Carpenter 37 80 Phnl Caro 37 Geraldine Caudlll Louis Caufleld John Bowman Deanna Chase 26 30 Ray Chrvshansen 37 69 B9 James Clapp 27 39 8 89 Pele Clark 63 49 Jaclnfa Clay 52 53 54 57 85 James Clayron 22 39 42 49 52 B? 92 IO7 Don Cochrum Louls Collier Pa? Collins anna Conner 85 Palrlcla Conrad 5l Nevll Cool: 64 Yvonne Cook 28 Roberf Coombs Sherry Corbeff 43 Ronnie Craig 36 42 Roger Crawford James Crayden BO Fern Crosler Barbara Croxall 85 Janelle Dailey Mazerfa Dahoney Jo Ann Dalhover 30 Vlayne Daugherfy Jerry Davlssen Harry DeArh 36 Faye Deason Taylor Deem Lynn Demson 49 Chef Denny 53 79 IC4 Edna DeWeese JeaneHe Dlerlmg 39 49 54 Jerry Dlllow 4 Thomas D oley 53 64 89 P yllus Dowell Kay D er 26 30 3B 39 I37 0 . . : . 80: 38, ,6l, B, , l07. Don Complon: Roberf Condra: Madh- : . 85: ' ' . : 64: : ' 52: : . 73: 3: o , , g h ' 2 U 1 1 1 ' Juniors Jane Duggrns Gale Dunlap Peggy Dunn 9 4 53 54 56 57 Jlm Dyson Homer Easley Roger Ehalf 36 49 Jerry Euler Bully Ellrorr 37 Jamce Elmore Barbara Embrey 30 Barbra Embrey 39 56 59 Lance Embrey Ar+hur Endres 38 40 Ben Ewfon 37 43 49 Larry Farfh 27 38 43 49 Bull Farris 36 63 89 I07 Connie Fendall 22 49 5l 52 Carolyn Fleischer 53 57 85 Rrchard Flora Jewell Ford Ronald Fos +er 36 Rrchard Frazuer 5I 80 Kenny French Karen Funk 30 78 Peggy Funl: 26 30 39 49 Chuck Gall 4l Norma Gardner Ronald Garland 4l 5l James Garvm Roberf Genung 60 Belly Gllland 38 44 Jane Gllley 30 Judlfh Graham 30 53 Frances Gray 49 53 Pafncla Gregg 28 52 Larry Grreslnger 63 Delorrs Griffin Roberi Griffin 49 Paul Grubbs Shrrley Haas 3I Harold Hall Donna Harclln 26 39 53 54 55 Sally Ann Hardy 52 54 55 85 Helen Harper 39 John Harrrs James Harrrson Roberf Harrison 49 Janice Harier 28 38 39 85 Roberl Harlman A J Harvey 36 79 88 89 I07 Ronald Haffabaugh Wanda Hawlhorne Bonnie Heckler 85 Davrd Hendrrclrs 49 Linda Henley James Henry 22 23 38 39 79 89 85 96 98 IOI l04 Maxine Hensley Mrchael Hess Thelma Hlgdon John Hrnron 64 Alrce Hobacl 85 Helen Hoch 30 Jerry Hocker smrrh Joyce Holme 78 38 8 38, 3, 2, , , , 5 ' 38: ' . : ' , 39. 59: Tom Goris 36: Shirley Golf 49, 54: 54. l Juniors John Hollrs Edrfh Hollman Sally Hom rrjhausen 75 85 Mrldred Hooe 38 Ardane llorn Gene Holen Kennelh Hay In Slanley Howard Carolyn l umphrey Roberl Humphrey I07 IO9 lo crl Hunl Ronnle Hursl Belly Hulchlnson 30 49 5I Carole Jack 26 49 Glen Jackson 37 80 88 89 07 James Jackson Joyce Jellerson 49 5I Charles Jenkins I04 Wyonne Jenkins Jo Ann Jolly 22 85 C rol Jones 22 26 39 52 54 Franklin Jones Sylvesler Jullol Palsy Keely 28 Jerry Keller Gall Kenzlg 28 Sharon Kiper 85 David Klassen 63 Charles Klm slnver 62 Lloyd Koehler 27 49 Marlam LaDuke 26 30 Cecll Lamb Frank Laney Janice Langford Ronnle Leach 88 89 Nedra Lee Frank Lelller Sue Leller 22 23 53 54 56 57 95 Ellis Legg Wanda Lehman Beverly Leulharl 30 Andrew Lrbs 72 80 Charles Lund 4l Rulh Losch 75 85 Charles Lulher Amy McAlee 85 Arleen McCallerly Edwrn McClure 4l Tom McCowan 49 Lorena McCulcheon L Vonne McFeeders Barbara McGary Waller McGee Mary Lou McGuure 43 Lar y McKown 62 89 Jam McMahel Freeda McWilliams 28 49 Joanne Magness 28 85 Dons Mahoney 28 Bob Maler 96 99 IO4 Marlene Marer 69 85 Gordon Marlin Norma Marlun 28 Roberl Marlln 69 I lx . I y . : . : . . . , I 1 d . . . . : ' Melvin Konkle 647 Charles Koopman: I I 5 I39 Juniors Ronnre Marhn Gayle May Mariha Med calf Jrm Mnchell 36 Anna Muller Charles Muller Janei Maller 53 85 Jewel Muller Omer Muller Jane? Miner B5 Jlm Mlvelaz Dan Moolr 24 38 39 53 79 89 Larry Morrus Richard Muclrer Vrrgmra Mueller 49 Bull Mullmlx Sharon Murphy 26 28 49 Barbara Neal 66 76 84 89 Jewelene Noel 85 Ray Nolan Roberf Nolan 73 Erma Norman 85 Shirley Ogden 49 Harlan Ollesfad Sharon Orlh 85 Sharon OH 85 Jamce Owen 75 85 Mariha Paris 85 Dwlghl Pal lerson 60 6l Gladys Payne 52 54 85 John Peay Judlih Peers 66 85 James Phrllnps Lefha Prclerrell 52 54 73 Jack Pope Carolyn Prafher Waller Prmce Jane Quusenberry Luculle Ramsey 73 Wayne Randolph 22 37 53 Roberf Read Brllre Reardon Barbara Reese Sylvra Reschlre 38 52 54 Slurley Rrcherl 85 Jerry Rrchre 64 Wrndol Raclrrnan Fred Rrgsby Phyllis Rlgsby 85 Judie Riley Larry Robb 37 IO4 I09 Lrnda Roberson 30 Nancy Roberson 30 Duck Roberis 22 23 24 37 39 96 I00 I07 James Roberis 79 Elrzabefh Robmson 85 Gerald Roche 8I Margaref Ross 52 Barbara Roucl John Rush 64 Audrey Russell 85 Paul Russell Jane Ryland 53 54 Gordon Sams l40 0 Pefers 38. 39. 49. 63: Phyllis Pefieifg Ben Jumors Paul Schclcr 37 49 LaVonne Schellen berg 43 Helene Schlclel 85 Donald Schlad an? 64 Ginny Schroeder 26 78 Bull Schup perf 27 53 Carl Schupperl Vrvran Scrrvner Charles Senfz 79 96 99 I00 I04 Frances Shaffer Carolyn Sharp Marilyn Sharp Sluarf Sherllcl 63 Leland Sherrell Rufh Shewmalrer 4I 85 Ann Shlvel Alice Shields 85 Thelma Sums 49 60 Creva Smglelon 85 Bobby Smllh 36 40 7C Clyde Smlfh Gerald Smllh Mary Smllh 85 Paul Smlfh 53 62 Ronnie Smllh 36 Sandra Smllh Yvonne Smllh 73 85 Jo Ann Snool 38 49 75 Ronme Snoolr 22 53 95 Norma Snyder Pal Solomon 38 39 85 Rulh Soulhard Scoffy Spencer Harvey Splhnagel Frances S+amper Mary Sfaser 44 53 Charles Sleele 49 Louls Siem John Sfelnhauer Sl Don Shller 64 David Sfrechfus 5I Barbara Sfromlre Davrd Sfrlegel 89 George Sluard 36 Doroihy Slubbuns Floyd Sumner 27 44 49 52 Connie Suffon Wllllam Swlff 24 79 96 98 IO7 Jean eHe Tarr Aloha Taylor 43 Bob Taylor Jane? Terry 57 60 85 Russell Thomas 52 Judllh Thompson 43 Sharon Thompson 30 Teddy Tremeyer 57 6I 62 Larry Tomp lrns 36 49 I07 VlOlBl Tobin Larry Traugh er Philip Trlbbey 60 Ella Trumbo Terry Turbevulle Terry Turner 63 I07 I09 Tommy Tush 24 79 Raymond Vesf I4I I 75: Ronald Sparlman 24, 55, 79, 88, 89, I07g b . Alvin Veller: Connie Volz 53, 54, 74, 85: Mary Lou Voss 85: Sharon Wade 28, 43, 49: lrvin Walker 74: David Wallrnan 52. Roberf Welch: Barbara Wes? 753 Paul Wheah Billy Wheeler 36. 63: Eddie While 36: Frances While. Connie Will 30: Lamonl Willis: James Wimp: Doris Windell: Jesse Wisehearl: Kennefh Wiseman I06. I07. Kennelh Wolfe: Sue Wolperlg Sue Ann Wood: Alberia Woodcox 85: Ernesl Woold- ridge 89: Carolyn Wrighf 28, 85. John Wrighl: Fred Yingling: Roberl' Zoellers Shirley Zurschmlede 28 B5 ophomores Phyllis Bacon Mickey Neely Terry Byrd and Donna McBride have a lasl mlnule con versahon before going info library Mamie Acra 69 Jacqueline Adams 69 John Adams 62 Sunnye Adams 32 33 38 83 Belly Adkins Lee Akers 69 I., Ronald Akers 40 70 I07 Shirley Alberl son 23 Deanna Alexander Roberl Ambrose 73 Barbara Anderson Charles Andres 35 O I . I 1 gs Q I . I . I I f V g ' - - , ,S z . I I flu L 104. . A 3 i , A' 4 . f .,,,1 '42 2 ' , Z ff ophomores Mary Kafhryn Aslaerry Nancy Sfern uy Bell and Sherrill Colvin seem fo e enloyrng +he boolm Nancy Rodgers us rea rn Rufh Angel Donna Arnold 66 Mary b rry 32 33 82 Emma Bell Alkuns 38 0 Vaughn Arwood Larry Bachman Phyllis Bacon 82 Leroy Barley Shnrley Balrer Shirley Ball Byron Anfhony Barlrer 49 Charles Barlrer 80 Murl Balman Palrrcla Bauer William Bauman Davrd Beclrer 80 Carroll Bedan Guy Bell 89 07 Bull Bensrng Jeanne Bernard: 46 Ray mond Berry 62 80 Marilyn Bezy Wrlluam Blarr Norlra Blay 49 Edward Blusl IO7 Jaclrle Bobeau Ronald Boes 43 Donna Boman Lorena Borden James Bosrock 49 Gene Bofrorfl Joan Bowers 4I Sharon Box 46 Barbra Boyd Brenda Breece 42 Dan Bridge B9 Marllyn Broclr 31 Carolyn Broolrs Wu ram Burch 80 Donna Burd 40 Phyllis Burres 52 33 Reber? Burress Lawrence Bushau Ronny Byers 70 lO2 Terry Byrd Wrllnarn Call 62 49 Carolyn Carpenfer Joe Carroll 70 IO7 G , ' ' bl . . . d- . 9. : : As- e . . 1 ' , 4 1 , I . ' 7 : 'll- I43 ophomores Lois Casey 23 38 78 82 David Chasfaln 64 I02 Marilyn Chasiam 38 Donald Claw son Linda Cook Edward Cobb Ru+h Coleman Sarah Colllngs 49 Sherrill C vln 23 35 46 52 Nancy Colwell 3I Mary Coney Norma Conrad Mary Cook 66 Frank Cooke Frelda Corbeif 46 Waller Cory HarrueH Crawford 40 Marlfa Crawford David Creps 35 Fern Cunningham Joyce Cunlngham Walfer Cunningham Jerry Dailey 35 89 Lawrence Dalhover 47 73 James Daugherfy 89 Joelle Dempsler 38 40 William Deuser 8l Floyd Dlerklng Linda Duerklng Jack Dohoney 64 Bob Doll Barbara Dooley Roberha Dooley Donald Dyer Sidney Ehlers 69 Judy Encholz 49 Richard Eisrnan Cafherme Jo Ellis 23 38 46 95 Ronald Endrls 63 68 I02 Barbara Eppley 76 Charles Evans 8I Evan Evans 35 Joanne Evans 32 George Everbach l02 Jerry Fenwick 8l Carl Finn Louise Flora 40' Russell Ford. Melvin Francis 43 46 68 89' Margaref Frazier 49, 76' Mary Lou Freeman 31' Eddie Freiberger 35 I02 I07' Omer Freiberger' John Fri+z. Nancy Fulkersong Jack Fulks' Reber? Galloway' Margie Gardner 40, 42' Pauline Garrison' Donald Garvin. Susan Gaskill' Mary Lou G'bson 3! 38 83, 95' Thomas Gibson' Ernesi Gillespie' Mary Glover 32 33' Ronnie Graver 35 46, 4 07. I44 lui X.-'O 9 x ww! .QL 3- " ' .. ,ru 'WP' ' .wif ophomores Berry Gravurf Donald Gray 63 70 Harold Gray Palsy Gream Tamara Gres ham 32 33 49 Dorofhy Grumes 32 33 49 Nancy Groh James Grundy 35 49 89 Shirley Guefhe 32 33 CharloHe Gugel 66 Shurley Haas Duck Habermel Janer Haendlges Andrew Hall John Roberf Hall 35 46 Linda Hall Roberfa Hall Gerald Hancock Kenf Hanklns Jane? Harmellng Judlfh Harmon 54 Janlce Harper 75 Janus Haffon 69 Rodney Heavnn Jerry Hedges 49 Sharon Heflon Dorofhy Henn 3I 78 Wllllam Henry 62 49 Sally Hess 46 Elaine Hackman 40 Bob Hllleary 24 46 Nafhana Hlnes 66 Hobbs 46 80 Judlfh Hock 46 Angela Hockersmlrh Joyce Hodge Marulyn Hoffman 73 Wllllam Holderman BI Louns Hollabaugh Jerry Hoskins 49 70 Pa+rlcla Hublcr 66 Belly Hubler Anlla Hudgln Donald Huggins Michael Humsron B ll Inzer 2 George lsgrrgg Danuel Jacobs Joan Jan'fzen Larry Jenkins Paul Jenkins I08 Juanlfa Jennungs Sue Jerrell 23 3l Carl Johnson Elnora Johnson Harold Johnson 96 I00 James Johnson James Jones 63 Phyllis Jones Edward Jordon Bull Jorrls IO2 I07 Ramona Jorrrs 78 Jlm Kaesfner 70 Don Kay 35 l45 Palsy Hines 73: Carol Hifner 3I: Heyward i IO . ophomores Phyllis Keach 32: Peggy Kellman 32: Connie Keilh: Tommy Keller: Tom Kelley: Anila Kielhorn 38, 40. Charles King: Larry Klosler 23, 49, 62: Joanne Klrfley: Wayne Killerman: James Klosler: Palrlcia Knable 32. 78. Rufh Knowland 82: Carol Koch 32. 33: Wesley Koch: Raymond Kocherl: Larry Koehler: Bobby Kopp. Denzll Kosl 35 Leon Andrew Kron 64 Kalhryn Lacey Donna Lamb Monme Lamb Vernon Lamb Jesse Land Janel Lasley Darrell Leach Charles Wayne Lee Doris Lee Donald Lefller 46 Larry Leffler 44 Wilma Legg Dlxle Le brand David Lemmon Howard Leonard Belle Lesler 38 40 Janel Leulharl 95 Wyella Lewis Morlon Llbs Mary Lueber 40 49 Carolyn Lindsey Nana Llnne James Lllch Delores Llllle 46 Barbara Longesl Kay Longesl 49 3l Wllllam Lynch 64 Forresl' McAllls+er 49 Donna McBride 23 Belly McCauley Jane McClaren 33 Rodney McClure Ver non McClure 53 Raymond McKown 35 52 Larry McCullough 32 49 62 Rrchard McCullum Anna McCulcl1eon 3l 78 Linda McDaniel James McFrye 38 68 Read Mc Gee Janice McKlm 33 Carol Sue McKinney 32 Ronald McKnugh'r Janel McLaughlxn Jerry McLean 49 Adnan MCNICKIB 35 IO9 1. 'wav f ? i uv- po' Af" in QR ft .47 ,iv LA ,-J ,aw- 3 l l l I ' : V ' , : ' : .V,. V uuya. W " f in . V I..., ,.,. 5 VVVZVVV , W V V V : l . : ' 'I 2 ' ' ' C A' ..VA EV? q s V. ,:V- Q .V 1 ' : J Qs ra J or ef : V I V M 4 ,:-,l-I, V V V V V . . VK i V V -' I , , V V? V' V -1, 4 , A .,,- E Avvaq M V VV V Vue VV ! "Q, : r or 3 f : I ' V l : . V: QV VV nn- V W , r VVVV 4 -Vv- . ' -, V -I r ' ' . . 1 ":' J 7 ' pl 3 , Q ' 2 -A V V 1-an ophomores William Main I04g Roberf Marshall' Mary Marlin 33' Nevin Marlin 52, 68: Mary Mason: Jerry Meadows 52 I02. Lillian Mercer 3l Jerry Meyer 49 Anna Muller 32 Frank Muller 64 Juanlla Muller Dorofhy Million 32 Joe Mills 43 Marlha Morgan Edward Morlen Faye Morrison Carolyn Moser 53 54 73 Mary Murphey Winsfon Nash Belly Nave James Neafus 49 Kennelh Neal Mickey Neely 23 40 52 Carl NeFf Gordon Nelfle Lena Newbolf Gordon Nierengarfen Colleen Oakes 38 46 Carol Oldom 32 66 Gary Osfer Diana OH 38 46 Florence Overshiner David Owen Shirley Owen Edward Owens l02 I07 Lauralee Pace 46 John Parker 8l James Parsons 64 Sharon Pale 78 Mary Palrick Ardis Pafferson 46 William Payne A en P arce Bill Pearl 57 89 eliy Pease Pal Peers 46 Donald Pellman Rod ney Pennell 52 49 Bruce Perkins 49 BI IO9 Mary Pelerson 46 49 Mildred Pelrl Barbara Pellelf 82 Beverly Pelfy 46 Belly Phelps 49 Terry Phillips 62 Rulh Puffs Faye Plalss Jerry Popp John Pofler Larry Pofler arles Powell C ora owe Burlon Purcell Ronald uackenbush 89 Roberl Rapp 73 Lynn Ralslon Sophomores Palrlcua Ranlun Charles Redden 64 Mildred Read Jlm Really Harold Renn Don lchards. Dennis Richardson 35 Ronald Robb 36 80 Charles Roberson 43 Jacqueline Robin elle 32 Nancy Rodgers 73 Elrzabefh Rose Joe Rouse Ollie Rouzer James Rowe 23 Wanda Ruff Barbara Ruling 33 Carol Sarler Linda Salyers 3l Carole Samples John Sandlewlclr 70 Vera Saunders Ronald Schad 35 Carol Scheler Kennelh Schlckel Paul Schlckel Barbara Schneider 3I 49 Donald Schnell 35 89 Bull Schwender Don Scofl 6l Linda Scoll Shnrley Sears Tom Sellmer 35 Roberl Shafer Shirley Sheefs Wllluam Shrreman Sue Shlvel 46 Marllyn Shulfers Barbara Smllh 76 Carl Smllh 62 Jacqueline Smllh 23 76 82 Lorella Smulh Darlene Smyser Carl Snool 63 Bruce eedy 96 IOO l02 0 IO9 Lou ane Spencer Belly Slallung Louis Slaser Belly Sfepro 76 Carol Sleproe 78 Charles Sleproe 49 Nancy Slern 42 Sonny Slevens, James Shllman Roger Sfoner 64, Floyd Sfroud 49 89, Susue Slroud Diana Slumler 46, Pally Ann Sullnvan Norma Swallow 53 54 il' I ln"-'H-W E Q K if r , , ly 148 , , A L . Q : : ' : : : 1 7 7 ,. - lf " W ' V ,4 , 744 A SP . . . I 7. : J hd 3 Ar!!!- IX ffi SU ophomores Rlfa Taylor Ralph Terrell 48 64 Charles Terry Jane? Thomas 3l 38 Mary Tlndle Jim Toler I04 Nancy Toops 32 49 Don Tucker 96 IOI 2 IO4 Annabelle Turner 3l Judy Turner 3I 38 Virginia Uppllng Arlene Vancader Joyce VanNoclrer James Vauqhn 49 Merle Vericlr Donna Vesf 46 Joe Voyles 49 68 IC7 IO9 James Wade David Walker Susie Wallner 95 Shirley Wall Rober+ Walfers IO7 Delorls Ward Mildred Wafe Billy Warerhouse Beneffa Webb Jane? Webb Linda Weber 3I 54 Melvin Weber Barbara Wedding 73 Donna Weldon Roberf Wells 35 46 49 52 William Wells 49 Angela Wheeler 66 Dallon Whale Eva While Evelyn Whlfflnghlll 46 Jacl: Whll lnghlll 46 Alonxo Williams Linda Williams Nancy Williams 23 3l Richard Williamson Darlene Wi son' Della Wilson 76' Dixie Wilson' Jerald Wilson 60, bl' Eloda Wi 'rse 63' Norma Wimp 76. Judy Wolf' Carolyn Wood: J Ann Wooldrigeg Donald Worden: Pafricia Wor- den: Marcia Wrege 83. 95. Belly Wrighl' Helen Wrighf 13: Bonnie Youngg Jane? Young' Mary Alice Young 3lI Jim Zimmerman. I49 Freshmen A group of freshmen David Updegraff Sharon Jahn Jane? Folherglll d Bull Haeseley sfop al lhe drinking founlaln be ween classes Pafrrcla Abbofl 34 James Aebersold 43 Wlllnam Aemmer Carol Allen 70 Dorolhy Allen Orville Allen Ben Alxers IO3 Marc Amsfer Ann An dres Roberla Applegale 49 70 Jamce Arnold 70 l. C Asher Rose Ashley Al ce Jean Afklns 3I Marlha Jane Alluns 3l Palsy Alluns 3l Sue Afllns 82 Shurley Aflwood Fred Alwood Barbara Aushn Gary Aus Mn 35 Geraldine Backherms Donald Bacon 35 Larry Badger 43 Ronnie Badger 43 Jerry Baker :rn Baker 80 Slephen Ballard 23 38 Charles Ballew George Bane? une Barr 38 Jerry Baxley Dencn Belcher Denola Belcher Bonnle Benne Dar lene Bennelf 32 Kennelh Benlley Edllh Berryman Ronald Bezy Ann Blggersfaff Jerry Blgler Barbara Blnlord 23 40 47 Marnlyn Bur Wrlllam Bishop Joan Black :sion 32 43 Thomas Babblll John Bohan non 68 I03 Darrell Boman l50 -A-F WM! i 1 AQ .-JA A Ana... s-M4 ff, ' l . I an . I . . . , fs. 7' 5 .J : - I , ' 5. 2 l"-:: " n l ll A 'J' l : : - Z: ,'-- ..,. K ii' . A l - ' l , A H Y A . ' ,E .e,, sy if X A , an . IVI I .iz ,,:., i f : i ' 1 , A f - 1 . . K y ,J 1- .' I I ' : ullln in , N A ' ' n f :,:. 1 ,, V r-1' y ' rr, K A r -- : , Q I lzll Y A I I I I A . A A 1- A -A lra, ,a, yiyg l'l'se,er:. 7 A e e s J r : 1 A 7 llllll so : 2 : - :,..,: :IV g .--- ,N M . , ll: - e re 1 r r re Q24 7 we 14 A Vi ,laz , , . . E , . ,I QQ , 4 y . I l 1 ,A , Y I J V M ' -. A V, , A W I A 'f ,Af g S- Q Ql pr-v fx T vs' if ' .4 ,fl 1.4 95'-m KI' .35 pf'- 41' ,4- 1 ,,4-4" : fe' -1 Wh? -1 .Z ogg! Freshmen Kay Boman Donna Borden Jack Boil 38 Marie Bowen Pal Bowerman Alma Bowling Jerry Bowling 64 Pal Bowman 70 Pal Boyd 34 Carolyn Bradford 70 Marlorle Brannon David Breeding 64 Shirley Brock Charles Brown Mary Brown 70 Clayfon Bryanf I03 Raymond Buchherl' Barbara Bullrngfon Jane Burrell 47 Jane Bye 40 Wlllon Byrley 35 Roberl Byrne Janice Calloway 47 Kennelh Camp Ronald Campbell Shirley Canary Doris Cartier 32 Bull Canfy David Carroll Joyce Chaflin 78 Ellen Clayron 32 33 47 Marion Coals Marvin Coafs Phyllis Cobb Yvonne Combs Charles Condra 70 Edward Condra Joyce Condra 76 Kay Condra Vance Conrad Carolyn Cool 32 Carolyn Cooper Ronnie Cooper 47 76 Wllda Cooper 49 Edna Corner 3l Ronald CoHrell I07 Shirley Crady Ronald Creamer Berry Crone Terry Crowell B0 Donald Cummins' Richard Curfis' Larry Curfs' David Cyphers. i avis' E iza efh avis ' Harold Davis' Joe Davis' Joyce Davis 70' Shirley Davis 3l. Tom Davidson 47, IO7' Richard Day 70' Clifford Deal 35' Bob Deem' Jerold Dehn' Ronald Dehn. Freshmen Larry Denison: Jol1n DeVore: Jane Dick- man: Joy Dillman 70: Belly Dizney: Earlene Dizney 23, 47. 76. Sharon Dodge 34: Barbara Doll: Larry Donahue: Dolores Dorsey 32, 47, 49: lsrael Douglas 8l: James Douris 80. Judy Drabing 70: Rosarnond Dudley 47: Jean Duer: Dolores Dunn 40: Alberf Durbin: Anna Dyson 23, 38. Bob Ewlon 35. 49: Judiflw Eadens 34. 49: Marlfa Edelen 34 Morfon Edlrn Rufhanne El'1al+83 95 Vlvlan Elllof Raymond Emery Carl Emmons Gary Epperson 47 Roberl Eflwerldge Carl Evans I07 Larry Evans 35 Barbara Fallh Dale Farnsley 70 Gary Feniress 40 Max Fenfress 40 Leon Fenwick Roberf Ferguson Carolyn Fefz Frederick Feh Larry Frscher JoAnn Flsher Vlrgne Flanders 78 Mary Flora 47 73 James Ford Slurley Ford Naihalea os +er 3I 47 Jane? Fofl1erglll49 James ra zuer Jane Fflfl Susan Fullcerson 78 Sandra Fulhneer 40 47 Ruih Ann Gardner Thelma Gardner Randall Garruolf Mary Ann Garvin 78 Nan Gibbs 32 33 49 Wllllam Gel? malrer David George 68 Marilyn Gnlloail 3l Harrceff Gllley 40 47 Wade Glrlon Lorlfa Goodman Peggy Gorman Wanda Grangler Kay Gran? Ronald Greiher Ann Griffin 40 ,J ba 'V"'4' 12? J L Eg! I X5 Q 'I : ' z F - g 4- . : ' : F - 3 ' 5 ' . l 5 .V ,, Q at I 1 , ll V M : : : E as ' , ,,., 2 4' ' A A , ' EW an I A I f - .414 M nvrvwvi ' ' ' ' U- ,' 5 ,.... 60' ff 7 ' "' W ' "" 4 32 'J' 9 4 . ,,6.,,. L' : i v , -": V Y ,M rf , .4 Ar " A ,.f 4 ' ' ' g 31, 47: ' 7 152 k r ,r:'j ' J I +' L: - ' 1- A : v-.rf w aging ,AM Freshmen Roberf Grlmes Larry Grose David Groshelder 23 49 IO3 Larry Gulleff IO7 Wrllram Haeseley 80 Geraldine Hager Jo Hannah Hahn 40 47 Eddle Hamlllon 35 Barbara Hampion Joan Hanson 34 Reber? Harbrson Shirley Hardesly Jrmmy Hardln 43 Sl Pafrlcla Harmellng 43 Shirley Harmon Tom Harmon 8l I03 IO7 Carolyn Harper 70 Jerry Harrlson 73 8 IO3 7 Robert Harrnson Carol Harfman Charles Hauber George Hawfhorne 80 George Hays 64 Wallram Hays Wllllam Hays Judy Hazelron Ralph Hazen Wrlllam Herd BI Wllllam Darrell Hull Donald Hlllegas Duck Hlllon 8 Judy Hines Roberf Hobach L B Hoclrer 23 35 Carole Hodge Carolyn Hogue 3l Jlmmy Holbrook Phlllrs Hollars 78 Marlene Hollus Connie Holfon 3l Inell Hooks John Horlander Sharon Houglm Ar+hur Howard Helen Howerfon Marilyn Hudgln Lloyd Hudson Shelby Humphrey Bl I03 Ray Hunl' Evelyn Hunler 34 Jaclr Hunfer 34 I03 I09 Rosemary Hursf 47 Wlllnam Huichlnson 35 IO3 IO7 Ann Jackman 40 Wulma Jaggers Sharon Jahn Bob Jamuson Jo Ann Jefferson 49 Alverna Jenmngs Phyllis Jensen Cara Johnson Bonnie Jones 32 David Jones HarrneH Jorrrs 32 33 78 153 0. , I0 . I ' I 651 ' ' I 3l. 47: Heinz I071 Herman Hendrickson 35. 0: ' : : . . Freshmen Maurice Kannapel 35 Ronald Keller James Kepley Sue Kepley 34 Jerry Kes smger 35 I03 Jael Kessler Mary Kresler Imogene Kung Myron Kung Peggy Kllnger 34 Connue Koehler 34 Edward Koopman Davrd Kopp 34 l07 Charles Krunrger 64 IO7 Marvrn Lamb Rufh Lamb 34 Wayne Largenr 35 Delorrs Larrmore Janer Lasley 32 33 78 Lyonell Lealze Eihelda LeBlanc 34 43 Sheila Leffler Carol Lewrs Gerry Lewis 47 Peggy Lewrs 32 Rlfa Lllly 76 Vuncenr Lrlly Don Lrndsey Fay Llndsey Janrce Wrlham Lorl Mary Love Nancy Lucas 34 70 Suzanne Lyfle 34 Judllh McCaffrey 34 49 70 Jnm McCampbell Donnie McCool Nancy McCullough 40 47 Charles McDaniel Carol McDaniel Mrchael McDonald IO7 Mary Ann McGee Sara McKeny Mary Jane McKrm 38 John McLean 70 Doroihy McPheefers Roberf Mcspadden 68 Leonard McWrlhams Nancy Mardrs James Marhn 89 Shrrley Marhn Vurgrnra Moser Roland Mafher 80 Clarence Mafherly Sfanley Malhews Gene Mrddaugh 23 35 Edna Mrddleion Jerrol Mules 80 I07 James Muller Kay Muller 3I 76 Rebecca Miller 82 Shirley Muller 38 40 Judy Mllllon 40 Becky Mlnshall 47 Gary Ray Mrssn Weldon Mrfchell I54 2 gui' i ff.-fra 41 Mc., se ... N-1-P9 l.. Mir 4 ' I . MM , 41 4.1- Us A A 4-e 'QI' me 1 is J -f., W Z I it . . . ss ,ss if I : ' z ' I Iulnll 3 M 'l'l: 2"' . ,rs if s z l . -I - g ,V , .. --Z - Z b V I A- aw - .,,, . - '2,s--.r, .r,. L fr J- We "1 H ' . LIZ: i . 'IAJJ I Inz' In ,r, s es W 4 I VJLWIV Lijw 1 . Lockiharf 76, ' 5 ' 3 - ', . . . . 5 , 5,2 r,.,.y.y, yy Vyzllull vlyy 5 H v 4 J so. : H 4 ,ZZVV The y ,d 2. 4 - 4 or J 7 7 a 4 ,,.i-.--'-n , K 7 rfr , 4-. K L ' srrs a I . 4 z ' Lg' if f yy .63 , ,,,,,.., ,,,,,1. ,,,,: ,. , f , 4 yy I if Q fr .Q L-nl 1 in ,Q .AF Freshmen Jack Mochel 49 80 Barbara Monfgorn ery Barbara Morgan 3I 38 49 Gary Mor len 64 80 Margaref Morrrson 70 Dranne Mosley 49 Russell Mosley 49 IO7 Glenn Mofsrnger 35 Ann Murphy 34 Doris Myler 34 Nefhe lxance Ronald Neeld Nrclue Negangard 34 70 Marne Nrckols Mae Nolan 70 IO7 Joyce Orfh Lrn a Osborne 47 Kay Osman 47 Marranna Orrrch 32 33 Calvrn Parrs Maureen Parker 76 James Paulrn Lrnda Paulsen 34 Clrfford Pavey Arlen Payne 80 Carol Payfon 34 8I Harold Dean Paylon Janef Paylon 34 Maurrce Pendlefon 35 IO3 Dorofhy Perluns Donald Pefers Donna Prerce Jerry ummer 70 8I Phyllrs Posley 83 Fannre Poslon Mrchael Polrer Bl Dennis Presion 43 47 49 Joyce Proclor 6 76 Vrrglnra Pry 34 49 Carol Pu er 'rugh Ernesl Purvls 64 Johnnie unch Sue Rager Danny Rakes Lourse Ralsfon Judy Rasmussen 34 38 Belly Reas Sandy Redus 3l Marilyn Reed 34 Palrrcla Reed Wrllram Rerlly 73 Carol Reno 68 Darlene Richards 7C Donald Richer? B0 Eugene Rlcher+ Dolorrs Rrley Joyce Rrley Nancy Rrppy 70 Drxre Roberson Larry Robrson Leonard Roberrs Ray Roederer 68 Oliver Ross 64 Roberf Rolh 73 Sharon Rouck 73 83 95 Wrllard Rowley ' 7. ' I : l . l 4.6 . 4 4 3 , W R Q v . . I z . .1 ' nyr' -.,: 9 : - y 6 A , r,.. . f " 4' ff K ,,., s..,'..- fr, 3 '- A l I l l . A I, -v,- I Q . fi 1 I I7 I . .,v-, : ----,l : T- ,.:., E .,,. , ,..., A Y Q H t I 1 I I ,, ...Q M vvlvv -Q '-.-. W Y ly. Q gy. ig' .N . PI I I - I , 4? , 4 A yr y y:y,y: , 7 ..., ,,.. ' I ' , :I 1: . l l ' I 5 ll' O ' . l 3 4 srse 9 9 s 4 ssr --,fl ' l l r ., Dy, , A A an 4 V .vlu Z I In . 1 ' Q y : ' 3 r r y , M 9 4 ' -fwd W Y X I N, 4 ff, fl, , 4 5 Q 7 1 A Q ' I I - . I I l U l 59' 9 4 9 4 . 'V 'M 5 I I ' . I iwy 'uk T , ,,,, V .A ,4., y yy' '55 Freshmen Roberla Roy 38 83 95 Clara Rudolph Carolyn Russell Nancy Saunders Wllllam Schad Davud Schansberg 80 Vernon Scharrer I07 Kennefh Schad John Schroeder Gerald Schupperf Diana Schwmcli Shlrley Shupperl' Donnie Scofl Chesler Sears Danlel Seger 80 Donald Seller Judy Seller 32 70 Vera Selpel 40 82 Davrd Sellmer Frances Shaffer Judy Shea 47 73 78 Mary Lou Shely 23 38 40 Janelle Sherrard Larry Sherrod Gay Shrelds 47 Dale Shlreman Jerry Shrrley I03 Thelma Shrewsbury George Slegrusl 80 Clyde Slone l03 Judy Slayfon 40 Aluce Sloan 3l Lolhe Smelser Bobby Smulh Herman Smlfh Janice Smllll 40 85 Jam Smrfh B0 Norvrn Smllh Sharon Smlfh Vlrgll Smllh Beverly Smylh 70 76 Louls Spaldlng Dorolhy Sperzel Joe Splhnagel Joyce Slafon 82 Sarah Sf Clair Bull Sfemhauer 80 Albert Sfephens Belly Sfephens Lonna Sfephens Juanrfa clepp 47 John Sfofel I03 Judlfh Slreclrfus 78 Mary Ann Slumler Donald Slurgeon Sharon Sfurgeon 7l Harry Summers Eugene Sulherland Donald Suffon Lawrence Swan I56 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 -I 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 . Freshmen Sarah Taylor 78' Jo Ann Thomas 32' Joyce Thomas 32 Judllh Thomas 34 Nelson Thom as Phyllis Thomas 3I 47 78 Anne Thompson 34 Nara Thompson 3l 47 Beverly Thurman Pafrrcla Tmdle Wrll ram Tuschendorf Belly Tucker Joyce Tuclrer Judy Turner 34 Henry Turf 64 David Updegrag 35 49 Sandra Ufrechr 34 Lrnda Uflerbacl Charles VanArsdale Mary Jane Varner Paul Vesf Carol Volperf Sfephen VonAll men 23 35 38 Bobby Wagner I07 Donna Wagner Lynn Walls Shlrley Worrall Sue Warren Donna Walerhouse Dallas Wafson Bl Harry Walson lrls Wafson Jo Ann War Webb. Wrlllam Webb 8l Carol Weldon Rulh Whealley Dons Whrfe Roy Whale Pafrlcra Whxfeley 23 38 40 Palrlcla Whllman Kris Whlfhnghlll 80 Charles Wilson Paul Wheafley Joyce Wrl son Wrllram Wilson JeanneHe Wrmbush 40 Carol Wlndell Larry Wolf Maralyn Wolf 32 33 78 June Woodward 33 Norman Wrrghi' 47 Jerry Yarbough Sieve Yarbrough Curhs Yales Arlrn Young Peggy Zeller 32 80 Wrlluarn Zurschmlede l57 song Shirley Walson 40: Harold Webb: Hazel 1,-ff M XX XX .X x X I' Q jxq LJ' fre! nl! l, X l XX PHT. I -'lqlz - ,lf vb FX 'P L JQMJI H' .1' 'Q' mlafxllli .72 -l L. ATI X ,fr M ui MM, l k-vxqw 1' 'fl 5-U as fJq:.QJ?lf i O-Wzrolfl tiffflgfy 41,541 55:4-Axxig, L y 6? by +he merchan+s and businessmen of New Albany has made our I954 Vrsia a success Since I896 when fhe fnrs+ NAHS yearbook was pub lished our CIIY of New Albany has grown un populahon size and business and IS now one of +he oufsfandmg clhes In fhe s+a+e The businessmen of our cn+y no+ only help fo publish K 'fhvs bool: buf fhey help many of our sfudenls lo conhnue iheur educahon +o gam experience In fhe business world and fo learn how +o gel along w1'fh people Thus un +urn makes our s+uden'fs beHer cnhzens and aids our commumly We wash 'ro exfend fo fhe adverhsers who appear nn 'rhas book our smcere appreclahon for ihelr servuces 'lo our school and our commum+y I59 ,-of-?5jr3f X 2 , 4,52 gf if X: ix M- ,J lax x 1 X I , - 1' 4 f, rfb f' X ." H ' 1 -sf 'f 4 -J iiff 1 ,f Af JVQIQ' Y" A " 7 X -X 'mf- ' J X -f xg 4 I 1 f h ' fl' . lf IT 1' 5 fl Q, I , s I 13" 0 , Q IE ' Y l l I I 15.1 I 'i -- ' 'gi ,U . ,gi - N I y' ' I .L bi I, ' yy , I, l AA X ' ll' 1,1-Qf , 1. l 'rw , kg P ' as f ic W "ll wf'lL'- If I 1' l f I v 4. ,,, . ul N rf W,., fl, Y , ' 'F lffn 1 'cfm-Q.r 1-"l:xI.'l V' ' r .. ' l ' F- -I1-nl, ll . -f ' '+ ' -if ,. ' :T::'f':, c -Lf K xx 14'f4"gLq. " i'M.,R 1- rljl' 11 , ,Q-' 'ij V, 3 X N-K Q wvigyyjliyjbifmhgvysw h,i,, I I za 7siF il I Ffsffd . 'ga L, 'f llll 'EFX X' mf? 'ml -l - ' ' 1 I "LII: .l'l':.'- I M ' ,'51""L" V. -.. , , " 1, ' ei y 1' -' . -QM -A ' "7 "iw 1' fr :J fy- - -- il e X- .. . r -A 15-fjf'-2--ie:-'jf ' -f' --P ' ' 'i,---,yl, . 15?-if , N CQ I M f r l ' rl y N L 6 ,rf s - if gf PX ,A-fy U l llf' 'P I .L' of 8 Il 1 ' ifige Vu,- U . I , X. , , x a l '- " . ' 1 qrix- ' x Q X . E , , Y V V g 7 , 6' . AA, i hx -. ,I 1 X bn ' 'I' is u l ,. s--- 4 K I A Ygff -VN T ' - 7' KJ 'sffUf' f Q I x a Y f ff N f I- f- , ' A 'SM f " fold if .'f7::1f" A 319 3 L, Lua-4, x-.XX ,nj - .- 'fr bk, T W XM - . f I f f jf 1' X- Yiiigx ' as L, if .1 n I u l . I I n Q . ' . I . I I . I . I . Congratulations NAI-IS on a cen tury ot youth leadership and advancements IH education HoRAcE J cHAsE THE CHASE STUDIO n 310 Bank Street Ph g p f h vt Koh Southern Imllanu 5 leading Store or WOIIIBII and Lhllrlren Judy MacArthur and Marilyn Rice are being shown cosmetics by n. O , ' J , , f' Y 0 FLCPIIST NFW ALBANY INDIANA AW Igmlagqef-Q, Roy Bull Sutherland and Mr Roger lVIurr We Sell Drugs at Retall FI-QRIST TEI-EGRAPH DELIVERY New Albanys Only Professnonal Pharmacy New Albany Apothecary FREE DELIVERY Funest In Flowers for Forty Yeors Phone 4 2l3I 328 Pearl Street Phone 4 2832 BASSETT 81 CRAIG YOUR NEW ALBANY FoRD DEALER Our modern equnpment ond foctory 'frowned mechonucs sove you tnme ond money on outomobnle ond truck repours 302 E Morket St Phone 5 5296 NEW ALBANY, INDIANA 4 I " 9 A-flaw 3' W , I -' Lag- w-Sz?-gi-iif: ilgx - . A ,.-::.- 9'-!4':::' "-:lqf - . 531,..-22:-255-giege:-whN'? qiIl:QIIl. Always ready to serve you are Mr. Sylvian lfft If sl ',,"'-. V 'r' J. - 3 lf.f!.W1"', 9-11is." '.fl':.. :'f'x'5I!l8?' f-Lx'-Fl ' ' ' ' ' ' ll Martha Peck Barbra Embrey and Nancy Neely are enjoy Ing an after school snack SPARK S CAFETERIA HOME STYLE COOKING I-lorne Mode Pues Rolls Ond Cokes IO33 Vrncennes Street Phone 5 8849 KAISERS TOBACCO STORE TRINKLE MOTORS O L OSMO B I L E BIC USED CAR LOT 2 Mule East Ot New Albany P 5 5671 State Road 62 4 7l4O NEW ALBANY INDIANA F W WOOLWORTH Wolf Glass Cr Pamt Co COMPANY SERVES YOU Store and Cateterra Market and Pearl Streets NEVV ALBANY INDIANA Auto Gloss Wnndow Gloss Murrors 308 3IOE Market St Phones 4 2264 4 2265 NEW ALBANY, INDIANA . K H if -f A I , 1 1 f I l . . 5 I I I If - 1 326 earl Street Phone - ' . 0 0 ' Wllburns TV Sales fr Service Motorolo TV Whurlpool Woshers I632 Sprung Street Phone 4 5472 NEW ALBANY INDIANA X., mag WH ITE 24 HOUR SERVICE 338 V ncennes Street Walters Pontlac, Inc PONTIAC AND CADILLAC 413 I5 State Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA 4 2291 Ra S287 Charles L Verma Cr Son Insuronce for Every Need Cnty ond Form Property For Sole 207 East Market St Phone 5 8I9I NEV! ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 3OI8 D F WRIGHT Plumbing and Heating Service SPECIALIZING IN RADIANT PANEL HEATING Route 2I Wllllam S Mook GENERAL QONTRACTOR Phone 4 3286 Vurgunno Avenue McDonald Lane NEW ALBANY, INDIANA New Albany Indlana I64 . ES I GIKI Dryers - L yly3 TRI-CITY AUTO SUPPLY, INC. DRY CLEANING Plant 1309 Oak Street Branch 1626 Market Street 5 5470 5 5341 506 508 Pearl Street R J NEW ALBANY HXIDIANA OPTOMETRIST a-UNERAL ARRANGEMENTS POT PLANTS Ufz Florlst and Nursery Corydon Pnke New Albany lndlana Phone 4 2832 Bette lvlosner teaches two of her pupuls a Save where thousands are saving mllllons dance pO5'1'O"1 I he O dest Flnanclal lnstntutton nn Hoyd CONNN Bette Connell Mosler HOME LOANS Dance Studio 513 Vnncennes Street Unlon Savings Assocuahon Newfvbafw Indfana Phone 4 2455 4 1417 of New Albany Pe rl and Market New Albany lnd 'Ap BAL'-ET TOE BALLROOM O 0 0 ... I . , . . . - or - 2 Stsl , . -T T ' '- 165 B. L. CURRY AND SONS, INC. VENEERS AND LUIVIBER P O '3o:. 72 Phone 56623 NEW ALBANY INDIANA Shine Relhhdrl' S Serylce Cgrnpany PCIITI' Gnd WUIIPGPGI' Store GENERAL TIRES VISIT our Wallpaper Solon Wollpoper cmd Mochme Fobncs c ,QS ef o 4 0 o ' I . 0 V' nes and Sprin tre S Ph 4. one 2233 Ne Alb y'l d. N A119 1 ' V' nd' I6II East Mafkef Ph ne -I64I Marcella Robinson Tommy Walker and Jan Mann are being shown some Congrofulotuons ond good LUCK Sensors furnlture Co furniture designs at Schmitts O . - O NORTH SIDE CORNER Alumni ond Students Agree THE NORTH SIDE IS A FINE PLACE TO BE State and Clay Streets New Albany lndlana I 8Ol East Sprmg Phone 5 6679 TRINKLE MOTORS OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE Guaranteed Safety Tested Used Cars Market at l5th 5 6607 For Quick Dellvery of All Quollty Foods Coll STEMLE S MARKET Vuncennes at Charlestown Road NEW ALBANY INDIANA TRUNNEL AND BARR YouR G E DEALER Phone 4 6485 4OI Vnncennes Street New Albany Indiana THORN S ART SHOP D E C O R A T O R S 203 East Market Street New Albany Indiana Phone 5 773I I68 I New Albany, Indiana phone 4'Ol 31 I Helene Zemon ss helping Patsy Wedding puck out a watch for graduatlon THE HOUSE OF DIAMONDS Down through the years we here at ay s have taken pride In our merchan dnsnng system e have always featured and shall con tnnue to feature the Most Popular Nation ally Advertised lvlerchandlse Elgun Bulova C-ruen Hamulton Longnnes Benrus Keepsake Duamonds Speudel l8-47 Rogers Communnty Sllver and many others too numerous to mention are synonymous wlth Ray S RAYS JEWELRY RASMUSSEN AND SON Flowers For All Occosaons Telegraph Servuce to All Out of Town Points Phone 5 66l T Rasmussen Court at Locust Street New Albany Indiana Orange Root Beer Lemon Cream Soda Grape Onnger Ale C J Muller Beverage Co New Albany lndnana Fowler lnduana ll Il ' - ' - . . .. - .. l . 'Y .. . . .. l l I - 1 s 0 We co gatltey o you achee nt ou a eat c a s lea g a g eat schoo p epar g y e es to ta e you places g eat t Alpa y acq e e ua es eca o DOBBS HATS 0 HICKOK BELTS o ARROW SHIRTS o INTERWOVEN HOSE 0 SWANK JEWELRY o BVD UNDERWEAR o SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES JOHN B MITCHELL SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES 312 Pearl Street between Spr ng and Ma ket For Correct Floral Arrangements For Every Occasuon Call FLORAL SHOPPE IOOI East Market Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 3322 Remember Weddxngs are Our Specualty and We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere The Most Important Thing That Goes Into a Shoe IS the Foot S T E I N S QUALITY FOOTWEAR Slnce l867 STAPEL INZER Coal Gas and Oul Furnaces Stokers Blowers Repalrs and Servuce l44O Charlestown Road STAR CLEANERS 26 East Third Street Phone 5 S229 NEW ALBANY INDIANA SPRING STREET VARIETY SHOP IIOI Sprung Street Phone 5 8036 n r ua ou n r iv me . Y are gr I s -- vin r l--- r in Ours I lc r i a r Own - New ' n. As the years go by we want you to become better uaint cl with us and th q lity lin w rryi O . V . i r I I I I FOR SEWING PROBLEMS SEE U5 Slpes Standard Stahon Locust and VIFTCEVTVTSS 216 Pearl Street New Albany Indlana New Albany Indiana Phone5 8886 Phone 4 2283 SMITH AUTO CO Shoemaker Pharmacy CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH G M C TRUCKS ZIOO East Sprung Street Large Selectson of sooo USED CARS Dm' 4 2886 NEW ALBANY INDIANA Mr Ted Lang IS showing Janet Brnsco Lesta Castuneau and Sally I-lomrughausen some features ofthe 54 Chevrolet CHEVROLET And Everything For o Chevrolet New Albonys Fnrst Stop For Top Servuce NEW ALBANY MOTOR CO Fnfth ond Sprung Sts Phones: 4-6469-5-6674 OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY Dial 5-7898 Klrk and McConnell REALTORS INSURERS DEVELOPERS Paul N McConnell 313 E Sprung Res Phone 4 69I 2 New Albany Rockenbach Wholesale Drugs 9 SCHULZ FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Refrugerators Dryers Ranges W Heaters Ironers Home Freezers Aur Condutuoners RCA Televusnon Radios Record Players Vlsut Our Record Shop All Newest Recordnngs M A S O N S I27 E Sprung Phone 5 62I I For the Best un Muslcol Instruments ee DURLAUF S Old LeBl LedyLd K BEST TEACHERS EXPERT REPAIRS DURLAUF MUSIC SHOP WA I 289 WA l28O 3l2W Broadway Lounsvllle Ky I72 0 Incorporat d I Home of s, anc, - ' Normandy, ing, - i Noblet, Martin, e , u wig, Slingerland , , Deagan, . Kimball Pianos I T W' Jewe ers The Dlllm0Ild Store 3IO Pearl Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA The Roberts and Strock RHODES BURFORD Veneer Company, Inc FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 3 6624 CLARKSVILLE INDIANA John Huff Manager NEW ALBANY INDIANA FICE SUPPL THE KISER COMPANY I44 Sprung St Phone 4 327I NEW ALBANY INDIANA Vnsut the Cellor TOYS AND GAMES Groduote to Better Quollty RANDOLPH STUDIO Dlstmctnve Photography Mens Weor Portrout ond Commercnol RAY JENKS Reasonable Prices No Parkvng Problem DIAL 5 8257 ZI IO Beeler Street New Albany lndaana I73 xla q I OF IES Johnny Jones Lnkes To Trade Autoneobales Johnny Jones Motor Co Vuncennes and Market Sts Phone 4 7706 NEW ALBANY INDIANA Congrotulotnons on your IOOth Annrversory INTERSTATE FINANCE COMPANY INC M O Bohrer Man ger I47 E Sprung St NEW ALBANY INDIANA PETERY HEDDEN OFFICE APPLIANCES Pho e 5ZI5 NEW ALBANY INDIANA Type e s N Pot ble a d Use Phoo aphcS pple C eas qup e T e feet IVIaytgW sh gMach Patsy Ann Market Where Your Pennies I-Iove More Cents New Albany Indlana Phone 4 479I Your Nenghbor BURT OWENS PREsc:RuPTloN DRUGGIST IOI9 Vnncennes Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 5 9922 Lone Star Lumber Co Where It Is o Pleosure to Buy Phone 5 5609 'late Run Road at Charlestown Road H . t . .. I n I . , . , E - IIS Pearl n 5- wrlt r ew r a , n d Sales, Servuce, Rentals t gr i u i s, am r and E i rn nt el vision , A - Re rnx ra o a a in :nes O THE FLOYD COUNTY FUNERAL DIRECTORS' ASSOCIATION George A Kraft The Seabrook Co Thomas L Mulluneaux George Shrader Elmer I-I Dneckmann and Son R eSookacIKaIUfechtaedog theb lldogta KAHL S MARKET Pho e 4 4273 Oa d Mo o Alba y I C Pes IJCR Southern Indiana 32 Str St ef NEW ALBANY INDIANA Max .Mason I r ident Jaco . udy Vice President O Sue Lefler, Susie Walker, Janet Leuthart, COW onni n n r r r in u r in 9 a e re I n - kan n n New n , ndiana North Side Cleaners NEW ALBANY We Operate Our Own Plant LUMBER CQMPANY on Premises Dial 4-1992 1213 State St. 37 West Fifth LOUIS WOLF MEAT MARKET Corner Flrst ond Market Streets Phone 4 O61 I NEW ALBANY INDIANA NEON SIGNS NEONS LITE CO INC MYLES HARDWARE 1011 Vlncennes Street Bet een Jeff and New Albany NEW ALBANY INDIANA Dal 5 255 Ben IVI Streapy Russell C Petty Phone 4 4523 - Ol 0 Highway 62 VV . i -5 Relax With o Hobby DOUGHERTY S Darnell s Hobby Servlce DRUG S-I-ORE Everythnng For the Modeler 316 Vnncennes Phone 4 2416 Phone 4 2153 NEW ALBANY INDIANA 1419 East Sprung Street A STEP AHEAD SINCE 1910 9949 Q' 0 New Albany A REPUTATION FOR UNEXCELLED DRY CLEANING AND FINISHING Brewer s Furmture Co Day Lumber Company Your Norge and Zenith Applnance Dealer Department Store Ot the CompIete Lune of Household Furmture Building Industry 213 East Market Street phone 4 6457 New Albany Phone 4 5705 15th and Shelb Y I 0 ,- I 'iv 2115 5.'MAexfr sresgr- , f tx '- - RIYIP Axial!!! DIICI I U O Mr J Raymond Clark ns explaining an lnsurance pollcy to Duck Roberts Jane Cllley and Marllyn Atkins INSURANCE DEPARTMENT FLOYD COUNTY BANK J Raymond Clark Manager Vincennes and Sprung St Phone 5 6619 Young people wull tell you thus IS the agency with which to start your lnsurance program We write all forms of lnsurance If It s lnsur able we can Insure It No rusk too large or too small If-uw' if HERB S DAIRY BAR Corner Sta e and West St New Albany Ind 'yeatacng CHICKEN IN THE BASKET E goy thef est n FRIED CHICKEN MILK SHAKES MALTS SUNDAES CONES HAMBURC-ERS I-IOT DOGS ROOT BEER COFFEE New Albany s Most Modern Druve In vvowl Your Frnendly Store Buy wltn Confidence Satrsfactron Guaranteed or Your Money Back Complete Merchandlse Selections for e Family and the Home Wearnng Apparel Notions Home Furnushungs 3l9 Pearl Street New Albany Indiana l78 I Q , Ar law 5 . il I F aff' W , sv I I - . 1 . Q, , , I ' i ' ' th n' in i U I ' ' ' ' ' a 0 Double Seven Tlre Servlce Earle Embrey and Son GENERAL CONTRACTORS COmmercIOI Resldentlol lndustruol The Buulders of New Albony Senlor Hugh l24O V ncennes Phone 4 lO63 OLDEST AND LAROEST QUALITY TIRE RECARRERS SOUTHERN INDIANA Years On lVlaIn Street Pho e 4 7744 NEW ALBANY INDIANA J H SCHREIBER SCO INC LUMBER BUILDERS SUPPLIES 226 228 Galt Street New Albony Ind Use Our Number for Lumber Phone 4 2254 IN ' 23 ' n Il ' - - ll U ' Corner West First and Main I - C O I, C - I . Q ll ll THE MEYER COAL CO. Home ot Good Cool Yard Monon R R and Bee er Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 7224 For Fountoin Service ond Complete Drug Service s Vernon Mathes Drugs Vincennes Street at Charlestown Road NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 3612 Crushed Stone Fill Drt Charles E Condra and Son Ponds Excovoting Bosements NEW ALBANY INDIANA Sewers Ditches Phone 5 7972 Crone ond Drogline Service Checkerboard Grill ACROSS FROM THE I-IICI-I SCHOOL I03I Vincennes Phone 5 8046 Mor Lor s Pet Shop I6I3 East Market NEW ALBANY INDIANA D 4 7I I4 Complete Line of Pet Supplies Do s Birds Co s ish Ice Cream Fountain Service Sandwiches MANUS DRIVE IN 20II Charlestown Road NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 5 8004 II II 'tl ' I . . Bulldozirtg Proprietors: Paul and Fay Davis I , iaI - Q - ' - t - F' V SEARS d SAVE SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO ZOI Peorl Street Phone 5 527I NEW ALBANY INDIANA OAK DRUG CO PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 2255 Charlestown Road NEW ALBANY INDIANA Wulbur L Loftus Real Estate Loftus LaDuc Company Sales Exchanges Rentals Appraisals Insurance Fare Tornado-Haul PlateCIass Automobrle .347 Vrncennes New Albany Induana MADDEN S PHARMACY Oak and Vrncennes Streets CLOTHING JEWELRY FURNITURE APPLIANCES NEW ALBANY LOUISVILLE l8l , . 1 a - I 0 ' 0 Phone 5.771 1 3l-I Pearl Street - I33-135 East Market Street Corner Fourth and Luberty CARL S PRODUCE WHOLESALE Fruuts Vegetobles Produce 3I4 State Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 5612 Lad ond Lassue Shop Phone 4 0321 332 Vmcennes Street Klrk Lumber Company Lumber ond Bunldnng Moteruols l5th and Elm Streets NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 5 722I We Fat the Hard to Flt At ABROMS STYLE SHOP Ladies and Chuldrens Wear ZIO I2 Pearl Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 0562 Amerlcos Flnest Heotung Equupment Stratton Er Terstegge Co O Box 3 NEW ALBANY INDIANA INVISIBLE SHOE REPAIRING BADGER SHOE REPAIR I6I8 East Market LACES POLISH Complete Fountoln Servnce Soup Chnl: Sondwuches Becky s Confectlonery Vmcennes and Culbertson NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 I684 I . . . . ANcHon olvlsloN or - P. . ll I O an M Honey Glaze Donut HUBLAR HARDWARE TOOLS-P I PE-PA I NTS Ba ke ry ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES '239 Vincennes IZO7 State Street New Albany, Indiana Phone 4-4742 Phone 4-41 81 New A''s Authorized Deaier ot Orange Blosrom Diamond Rings, Elgin, I-Iamifton, B' F' GOODRICH TIRES and Bulova Watches. AND BA1-fERIE5 Irion and Wolf Jewelers H U RT MARATHON I3I East Spring Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA 523 V'nCe""eS Phone 4 2893 Dm' 5 8025 Ted Craver and Wanda Thorn are shown how to open a savings account by Miss Ann Slnex M1 171' 1fSI.F1t:!t1:t2!.Ee2!:t1 S me Snug Sviufi O 'v -J 3 g I I ...Q ' g OF NEW ALfaAuv silk., . . 'S", ty new MsAnv-:mould M H LL LUMBER COMPANY PAINTING CONTRACTOR LUM B'R 53 Valley V'9W COUVI I3th and Dewey Streets Phone 4 3532 Phone 5 5253 NEW ALBANY INDIANA NEW ALBANY INDIANA B R U C E F 0 X GIFT COLLECTION 417 Pearl Street New Albany lndIana The FInest IH GIftwore DGCOFOTIVG ond ServIng Accessones For AII OCCOSIODS BREECE VENEER AND PANEL COMPANY I3th and McBeth NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 6491 B B Bonnie s Food Market 'newer S eauty and Barber Shop 505 Vnncennes Street 209 East Market St NEW ALBANY INDIANA phone 4 24-H Phone 5 5451 IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL . . Bl BIR I ' I I85 CHESTER B STEM INCORPORATED Grant Lune Road New Albany lndnana BUCHANAN S GULF SERVICE l5tl'1 and Sprung New Albany lndlana Dual 5 8094 C H BROWN GROCERIES ZIOI Culbertson Ave Phone 5 5804 BROCK ELECTRIC CO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS lndustrual Comrnercual Resndentnal Dual 4 609l 2222 Beeler Street Puck Up and Delnvery Pressing Wlwnle U Walt BROWN DRY CLEANING HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED SHOWER PROOFED FREE A Trnal Wall Tell IOO7 Vnncennes Phone 4 I 582 I86 O O I I ' New Albany, Indiana . . . , . . With You In Mind 52z,,4,,,,,e .f f ,gs Xx ? X Ziouae Compluments of A FRIEND Ai W NEW ALBANY ,fg-EEWW KRus'r 231115 DRY CLEANERS BAKERY 132 136 East Mann 414 Pearl Street Phone 4 5445 NEW ALBANY INDIANA NEW ALBANY INDIANA X M , , ,ff A ' f 'f , f Q -, xx X 1 1 f . q fl lqig X , 1-1-i f l RQ? 1 NF' , , A o YYARH HONEY ' V , 1": ' "" " 'V T354 Ivzl 1-5v:.:Z,l.Z -1. ...' . . ,lf I C. S. Childs and Son CAROLYN'S BEAUTY SALON UPHOLSTERING DRAPERIES custom-MADE SLIP-covERS For Women Who Wont the Best I820 E. Elm St. Phone 4-3918 320 State Street Phone 4-4772 PEARL OAK BOWLING LANES Herschel Mnlluon Monoger 529 Peorl Street Phone 5 8007 NEW ALBANY INDIANA COOPER DRUGS E M Cummmgs Veneers, Incorporated fFormerIy Connersl New Albany s Oldest and Most Modern Drug Store 60I East Fourth pw, 8 d Spmg S,,ee,S Two PLY TAPE FACED VENEER We Del er Phone 5 6638 phones 4 2269 4 2260 O n ' ' Complete Prescription Service NEW ALBANY, INDIANA iv - I ' - ' use ' Bert R Huncllman 81 Son SH EET METAL PRODUCTS 2072 MCD0 aid A e Mr Endr s Furlong IS help ng Y onne Be-Ich er and Dot Wlson pck out ther slve patterns Phone4 1304 N Albany I da a J Q ENDRIS AND SON 230 Pearl Street Phone 4 3133 The Home Transit Incorporated SERVES YOU 1209 Vincennes Street New Albony lndnono 3- VW 4'h G JOHN VERNIA AND SON Prop of New Albony Morble Works North West Corner Pearl and Elm Streets NEW ALBANY, INDIANA Establlshed 1876 O O n V' , ' V - i i i i r - ew ,nin O O C l '7 . I 9 DENNY MILLER INTERIORS INC Good Toste ls Not Expensive Complete Decoratung Servuce and Counsel Draperres Curtauns Slap Covers and Decoratrng l29 E Sprung Phone 4 74l6 DEPENDABLE AUTO CO. s T u o E B A K E R New and Used Cars and Trucks Wrecker Servnce and Body Shop We Never Close 638 52 State Phone 5 5227 Economy Service Station Carburetor Service Conoco Products SUPER SERVICE General Repair Your Muleage Motor Tuning Merchant Phone 5 5269 State and Elm Streets New Albany Ind IC E C R E A M Good Any Tnrne ond All the Tlrne Emery Ice Cream Company 550 Beharrell Avenue NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 4 l392 CLOTHES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 2l7 2l9 Pearl Street New Albany lndnana Phone 4 56Ol UFIEKA it Ed Plillfvn wos :HAR rs ow Floyd County Sales DeSOTO PLYMOUTH Charlestown Road Phone 4 2229 KARL L FENGER AND SON l4l E Mann Str NEW ALBANY INDIANA I90 I I ll ' Il 0 0 l - - ' 3 ' ' ' Ak -t ,, ' Sfu v - - ' ' , I Hr - "'i: ,.: A , Q W1 , Fi L: ,, H ,... f- , 4 , f - V l.4, U Qvlul - . M , , .,... - ' mont L 1' N RD. PHO I ,om -0- ...U I O . Bef I Mrs tem ns showmg Marcella Robmson and Sandy Brown some new sprung coats 'I WOMEN I CHARGE AND F I I U A ACCOUNT CHILDREN S AND APPAREL BUDGET PLAN 213 PEARL STREET JAY S TELEVISION ond APPLIANCES SALES SERVICE IS7 E Mann Dual 4 72I2 NEW ALBANY INDIANA Your Fovornte Store nn NEW ALBANY DEPARTMENT STORE NEW ALBANY IND Always The Most for Your Money DIXON CLEANERS CLEANING PRESSING DYEING ALTERATIONS FUR CLEANING HATS REWEAVING For P ck up and Del very Dual 5 54II or 5 5588 GARRISON S FLORIST Valley View Road I X Y, , , Li ' mr Y, 04 ., , ,., ,+- - Zffgaat WSW-fMhuuww--:Aw-wfwf.:4:...m.www-- we 5' - ' -9 ' , . I ' o , a- 1 I - - I I - I Your Fraendly PHILLIPS 66 DEALERS Gasolune Motor Onl Fuel Oul Accessoraes Lee Servlce l5tl'1 and Mann Streets Muller s 66 Servuce I5th and Spring Streets Bright s Servuce State and Oak Streets Tnnder 66 Servuce West lOth and Mann Streets Faurmont Service Charlestown Road Bricker Servuce Statuon 205 E Court Ave Jeffersonvnlle Ind Georgetown Servnce Georgetown Ind Lanesvulle Service Lanesvalle Ind Ted Lang Galena Ind Where Good Frnends Meet for Good Entertolnment GRAND THEATER Gregory Shoe Repcnr New Albany Steam Laundry Bulldmg Pearl and Mann Streets New Albany Indiana Grof Auto Company DODGE AND PLYMOUTH DISTRIBUTORS MO PAR ENGINEERED PARTS SALES AND SERVICE Phone 4 6409 323 Vincennes Street New Albany lndlana HARDWARE EXCHANGE A Complete I-lordwore Store Electncol Supplles ond Keys We Sell For Less 4 Vrncennes Dual 5 7621 WE DELIVER l92 ll ll I. ' , ' 3. ' ' ' . 5. ' ' , 7. ' , , . 9. , , . . 33 ' ' - FOR YOUR DIAMOND RING see Hitner's Service Garage G E HERTLING I302 East oak JEWELER Hamulton Elgun Gruen Watches NEW ALBANY INDIANA 342 Vuncennes Street NEW ALBANY INDIANA Hlghest Prices For Junk NEW ALBANY IRON Cr METAL C0 GAS AND FUEL OIL l6Ol East Mann Street Industrial Accounts Our Specualty l4O East Mann Street Your best market for all kmds of NEW ALBANY INDIANA Scrap Metal New and Used Steel Phone 5 8957 0' 4 0581 624 State Street New Albany Bennett Furnlture Company Zll I7 State Street Phone 4 4633 Servmg Southern lndlono For 20 Years gsm' favallcr Cedar CI e ts Alexander Smuth Carpets Speed Queen Wasber Caloric C-as Ranges Autonfatuc Dryers Sunbeam Coffee Makers Beautyrest Mattre and Automatuc Toasters WILLET BEDROOM AND DINING ROOM FURNITURE IN SOLID MAPLES AND WILDWOOD CHERRY O O I I .V '. ' -I ' ' -L I . j , I I rg I. 3" I ' . . ' ' I . Q F l 1' .M J. , I , . 1 . 3 ' sfcs ' BUSINESS TRAINING CITED MANY GOOD POSITIONS GOOD PAY AND HAPPINESS AVAILABLE TO YOU People are paud for theur abuluty to produce The handy man went out wuth the General Store Specualuzed traunung us necessary un busuness today There are unlumuted opportunutues today for those who earnestly desure to pursue a busuness career Choose the kund of posutuon you would luke to hold The Guudance Durector at New Albany Busuness College wull duscuss wuth you the needs of busune s and your potentual abulutues so you can make the rught decusuon Then a short attendance un thus up to date school wuth thoroughly educated and experuenced teachers and you wull be confudent effucuent and secure the posutuon you want wuth good pay and be happy WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT TO ACCOMPLISH AT NEW ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE? Success us no accudent You must prepare for a good posutuoru for promotuon and more pay A luttle tume a luttle effort and a luttle money cost wull mean thousands of dollars and happuness for you un the future The Good Lord gave you talents but you must develop them The best unvestment for you us effucuent traunung that you can not lose and that cannot be taken away from you Ask any of the thousands of Graduates un the Tru Cutues who are now successful Busuness Executuves Sec retarues Otfuce Managers Salesmen Advertusung Executuves Salesmanagers and Company Presudents MANY NATIONALLY FAMOUS MEN AND WOMEN ARE GRADUATES OF BUSINESS COLLEGES Back un l9l4 Red Curtuce enrolled at Ferrus Busuness College un Bug Rapuds Muchugan He started workung as bookkeeper and advanced step by step and was recently elected Actung Presudent of General Motors to succeed Charles E Wulson the new Secretary of Defense and whose earnungs last year were reported un Tume Magazune to be S566 ZOO OO In l89O a young man enrolled un Caputal Busuness College Salem Oregon Last fall he sent an autographed On the rolls of Elmura School of Commerce Elmura New York us the name of Thomas J Watson Presudent of lnteunatuonal Busuness Machunes who for years was reported by the Internal Revenue Bureau as earnung the largest Income of any man un Ameruca John D Rockefeller graduated from a Busuness College and contunuously advused people to attend a Busuness College Other students of Busuness Colleges were GeorgeJ Eastwood Presudent of Armour and Company K T Keller head of Chrysler Corporatuon Henry Ford head of the Ford lndustrues W N Neale Presudent of the Canaduan Pacufuc Raulroad Irene Galloway who attended an Omaha Busuness School was recently appounted head of the W A C s It us really up to you to decude how much you are goung to be paud and how happy you wull be TAKE EF FICIENT TRAINING AND YOU WILL BE CERTAIN YOU ARE ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS Sometumes busu ness traunung comes to the rescue to support a growung famuly of chuldren wuth dugnuty A recent Natuonal Survey showed Busuness Colleges were receuvung an average of I7 posutuon offers for each young woman graduate and 8 posutuon offers for each young man Each effucuent well trauned gurl can puck her uob and workung condutuons un most places A really capable gurl can go on three untervuews and come back wuth three uobs The bug uncomes un the country go to Busuness Executuves many of whom started wuth Busuness Col lege traunung APPROVED FOR ALL VETERANS AND REHABILITATION TRAINEES I HAVEN T TIME I am prone to say but when I analyze my day I fund ut us no shorter than the day of any other man Enroll today for the next classes startung un the subject un whuch you are unterested NEW ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE LIBERTY BANK BUILDING Sprung and Vlncennes Streets Telephone 4 3733 88 Years Successful Operatuon I ' . I . , . . C I . . . . . A , U ' photograph to the College with the inscription "From a former student, Herbert Hoover." . . 3 . . . l PURITY MAID MILK BUTTER icE CREAM l2th ond Morket Streets NEW ALBANY INDIANA Phone 5 5246 LOOK AT ME MA IM GRADUATINI Well congratulations to you In whatever you plan for the future good luck and remember electricity will always be there ready to serve you We are constantly expanding our present facilities and building new facilities able lt is being increased at the fastest rate in history to help the more than 323 000 farms homes businesses and industries we serve continue to produce more and enioy even greater prosperity PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA INC Good Low Cost Electric Service to More Than 700 Communities in 70 Counties in Indiana l I I I ' - ' I , to make certain there will always be an ample supply of electric power avail- , . I95 COLONIAL MANOR Hughway 3I W Between New Albany and Sellersburg Where Good Food ond Beoutnful Vnews Are Yours to Enjoy Feed Crlndlng and Mlxlng Dairy Feed Poultry Feed Hog Feed Calf and Pug Mulk Replacer FARM BUREAU CO OP ASSOCIATION II7 E k New Albany Mr Shay Zenor Manager of Ready Mlx Con Crete READY MIX CONCRETE Lnncoln Avenue NEW ALBANY INDIANA HECKELMAN S SUPER MARKET CLARKSVILLE, INDIANA Congrotulohons on Your IOOth Annlversory New Albany Chamber of Commerce ZI5 East Mann "Servnng the Cornmunnty Smce I9I2" ll ' u u fl I Ready Mixed or Supplements Incorporated ' . Oa I . Q . 0+ 5 VO 4V ST 152531 lfm illiwixgfgxim 621221220 ST if 4HHHHP'g,Ji,Ekgfg'g2Am -'W Z fclfna I97 . X Q K Q48 ! , x K Qvqs N X 4. if 5 M K H OH . -Qfi A 'GX ' A . 1 xi E, . 'i Q ' 9 l ' .... K - -. - - -. .-- ff l ff' s . I , 'L-0 ,VA -Q-v N- N-v dj! ff Wx v 'iq f z 2 Z I ' K Xxx ,071 ' v I X X V1 t ' . , ., I E 1-gy . - '31, ' 4 ' ' "' 'Q 1 XX - 2X ' 1 V P. Roll V! 5 , , if , f X ,f , 'V f f fy ,flftfflflff 14 Zangefele painting Sewdoe . . . IIIITIDIIIIL PRINTING CDIIIPIIIW LETTERPRESS PRINTING OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY STEEL DIE ENGRAVING IOHNI LIPPS IOHN PAU LIPPS ROBERT L LIPPS 2I7-ZI9 E. Main Street New Albany Indiana SANITARY S-Mi KOH INDIA 1'RASI'I GARBAGE DISPOSAL NA GAS 81 WATER COMPANY INC Banking Investments Insurance Busuness Loons AMERICAN BANK FEDERAL HOUSING LOANS A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Elsby Building II9 East Spring NEW ALBANY Phone 5 - 6664 Comer Bxggersfaff Roberl' C Bullerl' JohnA Cody Jr Raymond C Fors'I'e Wnlllam B Janes Lorch McLlnn and Lorch Joseph McDaniel Navnlle and Sleln Judge Paul Tegarl Hawklns and Walker Harold Exllne Paul B McCormack Leonard A Rosenfhal FrederlckG Allen A M Baker Kennefh Brown LeeA Dare Parvun M Davis Wlllsam F Edwards Auguslus P Hauss P Palrlck Hess D R Lafollelfe Roberl' E Lafollelle J Y McCullough Gene S Pierce G Irene Polhemus A N Roberlson J I Slreepey Nelson A Wolfe George M Wolver+on H L Worley McGraln and McGraln E L Thomas PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY ATTORNEYS Mulual Trusl Bulldlng Unlon Nahonal Bank Bulldmg Elsby Building Elsby Bulldmg Elsby Buuldlng Elsby Bulldlng Federal Savings and Loan Building Elsby Bulldmg Courl House ARCHITECTS Elsby Bulldlng DENTISTS 509 E Sprung Federal Savings and Loan Buuldmg Elsby Bulldlng PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS I207 E Sprung S rung S rung Maple JSIIIBTSOHVIIIG E S rung Floyd Counly Bank Bulldmg Elsby Bulldlng Floyd Counfy Bank Bulldmg 500 E Sprung 500 E Sprung 700 E Sprung I696 Garrefson Lane I6l0 E Sprung B20 E Sprung lI00 E Sprung III7 E S r g II7 Randolph Clarksville lI04 E Sprung PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS 702 E Sprung Elsby Building 4628l 552I9 4 I0l2 46570 46I33 5525I 43723 55257 57I3I 4 524l 4 3694 4 2302 5 8651 4034I 5 84l2 3 8422 4 l233 4 3I4I I 4 5623 4 7 I7 5 8400 4 3233 4 0276 4 040l 5 543I 4 0732 5 559I 3 3421 4 7270 4 2244 4 4883 .. .. . ,. , .8IIE. p' .... . .5-684l ,. ,,4IOE. p' . ,,... ,209E. , ' ...,,, ..,, . .. ,, ,- ' . , 60I . p' I . ... I ,- . , , , " , , ..s.....s.. ....,. . .I ..5-5ll I . . Pin ,,.,, ,qi ,...., E .E 11-

Suggestions in the New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) collection:

New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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