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' f fi, flb ---- --Q--1- ' ii1 .'....."' '- L - , - T. ' If ,xx-11 ' " VN V- X 7 .igfii-5f 9 - N Pj 'Il L I I 1 X 1 ff, x gy 1 A. N Qi X ,Qxpy XX X XX ,":::.f'i HN 4420, N ' H'-: H--21' Y Q 1 4 1' fn . N14 Q N X 41.4-N ' I gxhxiw, X X , ,W .va J Q XX XX agp .Ami .V H Q' -X 1135,-y "Q v if 1 wif QA- . ,. f v ' i ,, i:' 1 r V272 ' A fl: r ,,' . X E 'E X Q I ' lfff, ' 5 ff- in ' P2 111 3T?3?' if! -- T ? ' 'TT 1+ 3 , 'Q E i -M N' ff x, ' " ' L It If ' I' ' '17 .1 , 'N 1 ! 'I . 1 1 ,Tm . . in was " - IMC' 1 ff"' i I 3 ,Lexan ' .- . A ,I , ,1 f f- fix f" ' vaWf-J f 143- -Q., I IIT? -1, s 4,044 1' wg A fkw U 7 -N' -" if "' ll 'fi "A W1 Iwi," ii - ij: lx x: Q 'Ku -E--V is .Q fr fix fx" I fn ,. sf NIE- V ' X A h YJKQYQ fl: 1 ?'n,?4,iuJ:',-IEGW 'L Y-.ww s -'1 Q-.E in - -W1 "4 1 7 X " ' ,-!+""".'1f' '-I-, "7-33. f' " i I s. P' ,Q--,-,,,,...a..-...N f Il ,Q Aff' X 1' 'K ff' 'ln fr, . f Q N ' 1 - I , - vi .:. 1 , . , .' " " 1' ff' L 9 -, J fr, ' , .3 14 'Jr' ' N3-L., ff? - . f ,--.Wlff " . 92" , , If N'-Sir f',,,, 5 ' '-su' :gy ffl jg'g,'a.,, 54" frm- if -- - f W'i7W9 nk it Aft, A ,' x U W X a A ' :X s x .' E J-SA.: ' N , X ' - J mi? HUNDRED YEARS AGO New Nhony, os on kncorpordked ckky, did nok exksk, kk was kusk o kkny Ohio Rhfer sekkkernenk ok konr khonsond kwo hundred peopke, bnk dkreody showknq sions ok proqresskon. Yrorn XSBA nnkkk XBBQ iks popukokkon hod okrnosk donbked, ond iks kndnskrkes increased ko rnonnkocknrknq ond ship- bukkdknq. Then rn XB39, khe Xeddinq ckkrzens COXXQKA o rneekknq where khey decided ko pekkkkon khe Governor khok New Pdbdny recewe d chorker ond he hsked os d ckky ok Xndkono. On February XA, XSBBQ, kk was opproved, ond P. NS. Dorsey was ekecked hrsk rndyor, Skeddrhf kk progressed khronqh khe years. kk 'oecckrne khe home ok khe Xdrqesk pkoke qkdss works rn khe w orkd. Then when khdk kndnskry rnoved sway kk knrned kks okkenkkon ko wood, Xk rs now or Xeddknq hardwood and veneer cenker. hs 26,000 peopke ore enqoqed in kks khrkvknq kndnskries ond are pork ok iks enviobke schook syskern. To show our cxdvonce rn educckkon we ore knkroducknq KSSQ ko cm rnodern day schook, New Pdbony Hiqh Schook. EDITORIAL BOARD Mary Louise Eouqerousse Iane Hermann Lucille Peterson ART EDITORS Mary Louise Schultz Mary Louise Coons BUSINESS MANAGERS Andrew Best Louis Bland Cecil Patterson Robert Roby THE 1939 SENIOR BLOTTER Published by THE SENIOR CLASS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NEW ALBANYHINDIANA Between the OHIO RIVER AND THE SILVER HILLS AWARDS First Hono1'Ratinq '33, '34, '35, '38 N S P A First Honor Rating '35 C. S. P. A. I Q'S':::r'i wx" I 2 . X., ,-g1.fg2izl?'5' ' - f.2.Yi:'?'fz: .gay -WW,z,w 1 Miss Marion Wreqe Miss Murine Finn Miss 1939 Miss 1839 You have nullified time, Returning through the rndny yeurs, You'Ve stepped into C1 modern world, A model of eighteen-thirty-nine, E'en with oil your olden styles, The psyche knot, the sweeping skirt, You visit us of nineteen-thirty-nine, And we cre pleased and proud. -Paul Idcobi. K 3 n A h u n d r e d years have gone, but each had clone his part: and with them many men all Worked together, and from this work there came our city of today, that grew in size, in glory and in spirit, grew from acres to miles, from small shops to large factories and mills, passed from hand work to machines and great speed, in these, our first hundred years. -fPatil Iac 15: f I E MC 1.931 TE Haw 5 k . I fx if . 1 341' .ZW X .1 , 5 7 ,1 Cl 1 ,f s 4 Nj A . 255 33 x ,- 6528 ,-f X7 W W f F 1 N , 2 I M L- 2 U' W-Z' ,fi ,. I ,N H- L4 , WMIILQ ff 4 3 A G DR. P, H. SCHOEN Treasurer MR. FRANK CLIPP Presidenit MR. OSCAR BADER Secretary Meets The Beard of Education gi 'ei AI' Y .L,. f"x oard, appointed by the council ot the city of New Albany, is of three prominent citizens. Our school b rnade up Mr. Frank Clipp presides as president of our present board: Mr. Oscar Bader serves as secretary: Dr. P. H. Schoen is treasurer. Meeting with the superintendent of our schools, Mr. C. B. McLinn, the board checks on expenditures, activities of the school system, and discusses school problerns reported by Mr. McLinn. A great responsibility rests upon these men since they are in charge of the supervising of the funds tor the schools of New Albany. They are appointed to serve a three year terrn. .3. l it l AND C. B. MCLTNN THE The city is a hundred years old, Years are of moment only as they mark growth. Growth in What? In census records, in balance sheet, automobiles, factories? Or, in better living together, cleaner government, increased chances for youth, greater thirst for spiritual values? Or both? How can we test the achievement of a hundred years? The schools are older than the city, We can measure them only when we have chosen our yardl stick. Can We judge them by the money spenifor hy the quality of the product? The schools are the biggest business in the city. This year, We are spending 3S300,0UO lor new buildings, and nearly that much each year for operation. The young people of New Albany are Worth all of thatffand more. But it puts upon you the obligation to be yardsticksf-yardsticks to measure results. Such results can be expressed only in terms of good citizenship. He is a good citizen who has learned to Work with others for the common goodefto know the right thing to do, to want to do the right thing, and to do it in spite of an immediate self interest. It our yardstick shows gain in these, we may acclaim the years. fC. B. Mcliinn, .Qv SUPERTNTENDENT gi At the Book Store MISS FREDA LANG Secretary Issuinq Admit Blanks STEPS into The ideology of the secondary school takes form from a traditional background, the local influences and exploratory needs of the time. The traditional background demands an education which liberalizes the humani- ties, prepares for advanced education of university calibre and thereby gives op- portunity for advanced use of the three R's developed in the elementary school. Local influence outlives the relationship of the community to the school, the activi- ties of the school life, and the social and moral standard the community demands of adolescent life. 41 lU, THE PRINCIPAL MR. C. C. KATTERIOHN the office of The exploratory needs of the time demand far more than the traditional background of secondary education or local influence. Knowledge of present day social, economic, political and moral condition are much in demand for necessity's sake. Democracy builds a qreater civilization by recoqnizina the mistakes made by past and present generations, It is therefore necessary for the secondary schools to present an accurate and vivid portrayal of the condition of the times so an oncoming, alert and informed aeneration may add to its betterment. Such has been our hope for the ideals of a better New Albany Senior High School. SC. C. Katteriohn hi all, Attends Assemblies Mrs. Elsie Zurschmiede sings Indiana University Band Blotter Pep Session Mr. Heckel directs Blotter Sinq -' School children at I. U. Bond Concert Australian Lecturer, Mr. Victor Griffin Speakers' "Mac-Could-Do" I EW I C555 ...P 2 Rss'-f ---' J 1. 'fbgf ""--1 " X Z w 'I f ' QQ m wg 5-f ifamfx , .qwn yEfbC Il , ,,...-v-2 --1 Henry lewell Ernie Lipps Rector Meyer The mid-year graduates chose for their officers l-lenry Lipps, presidenty Iewell Rector, vice-presidentp and Ernie Meyer, secretary-treasurer. They elected Miss Ryall to serve as their faculty critic. The class went in a body to Baccalaureate services, held at the Main Street Methodist Church, where Reverend Query delivered the sermon. On the night before graduation these graduates enjoyed a gala farewell banquet at the Woolworth Cafeteria. Mr. Grover Page was principal speaker at the dinner and gave a speech which was hoth worthwhile and entertaining. As a climax to their high school career commence- ment exercises Were held Ianuary 10 in the high school auditorium with Dr, I. I. l-laramy, Professor of Indiana Central Normal College, delivering the graduation address. Graduation colors were teal blue and dubonnet. 413: THE F ORTY- FIVE THIRTY -N IN ERS F FIRST ROW: Zaifa Browning, Victor Coomes, Alfred Dean, Harry Der O'I-Ianian, Vivian Dreschor Georgia Ellenbrand. SECOND ROVV: Olive Frakes, William Gray, George Hagan, Charles Hammett, Leona Henson, Geoffrey Kenyon, THIRD ROW: Valeria Kitterman, Rob Lowell, Marqie Mason, Edward McNamara, Charles Meriz. eri Leist, Ruby 1:14, if ff! f FIRST ROW: Lawrence Mock, Robert Moser, Mary Peevy, Bettye Pierson. SECOND ROW: Iohn Riley, Herschel Russell, Marqie Schlaqater, Victor Shuman, THIRD ROW: Katherine Smith, Earl Smith, George Smith, Vincent Sternle. FOURTH ROW: Edgar Sunderhaus, Edward Umbreit, Frank Warth, Ruth Weber. FIFTH ROVJ: Ruth West, Everett Wheat, Roy Williams, Jane Wolf. SIXTH ROW: Nettie Wolfe, Charles Young, Lucille Young, Miss Ryall. 4415, I X Elm glflemnrium Kvnncilq Qlgnhg Born, A , IQZO De uqust 5 1-d, March 23, 1939 Robert Roby President Chester Vice President lane Birk Treasurer One hundred ninety-five seniors bid teartul farewell to high school after three years ot combined hard Work and a "grand" time. Drawing to an impressive close, Bacculaureate services were held in the high school auditor- ium with Rev. Thomas B. Terhune as speaker. On Wednesday evening, May 31, Dr. Clyde E. Wildman, President of De Pauw University, spoke to the seniors, appearing as a group for the last time. With blue and white as class colors they pre- sented a beautiful picture on the stage in their class day program, May 24. 415. Marion Wreqe Secretary THE THIRTY- NINERS Forget Cares Oiiiciai Their C. B.-CENTENNIAL BELLES Senior girls elected Mary Louise Haas as their president and Dorothy Boone as viceepresident. Sarah MacFall served in the role of secretary- treasurer. Miss Greene and Miss Ryall were the critics. C. B.-CENTENNlAL BEAUX Senior boys in their organization chose George Schickel leader and Richard Rogers vice pres- ident. They elected Creed Byrd secretary and Robert Zoeller, treasurer, Mr. Coffin and Mr. Sttalker were their critics. .1 17 , FIRST RO W: Edgar Akers, George Aldrich, Ruth Alles, Helen Almon, Robert Anderson, Edwin Bailey. SECOND ROW: Rose Bailey, Robert Baker, Betty Belviy, Charles Bensinq, Andrew Best, Robert Biel. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Bir, Virqinio Bitner, Gordon Blackman, Lo ' Booz, Victor Bogie. urs Blond, luck 4:18, J' FIRST ROW: Dorothy Boone, Esther Brewster, Virginia Brooks, William Brown. SECOND ROW: William Eurth, Lynn Byerly', Creed Byrd, William Colhoon. THIRD ROW: Mary Iecrn Copper, Betty Carpenter, Herman Christiansen, Marie Cleveland. FOURTH ROW: Vera Coqswell, Mary Louise Coons, Murcia Creek, Mary Catherine Crim. FIFTH ROW: Vernon Crumbo, M' ' Cunningham, Ruth Cureton, Iane Cutler. SIXTH ROW: Elizabeth Davis Dempster, Ruth Denny. No Picture: Carl Bassham, Lillian Calh ilaz-ed , Glenn Dean, Helen oon, Russell Daniel. if IQ in f gfxx F' FIRST ROW: James Dickman, Harriet Duke, Herman Dyer, Margaret Dyson, Sarah East, Mary Ellenbrand. SECOND ROW: Raymond Ellenbrand, Leenor Fahey, Boyd Famsley, Frances Farns- ley, Mary Louise Fouqerousse, William Fax. THIRD ROW: Maryln Genunq, Paul Ginlher, Ann Elizabeth Goebel, Mary Caiherine Goebel, Paul Graf, Bernard Grube. N ' Marion Godecker. a o P1ciure: Freda Faber, KZO, FIRST ROW: Victor Gunterman, Mary Louise Haas, Evelyn Holler, Honora Hand. SECOND ROW: Gilbert Hanka, Geraldine Harbison, lane Hermann, Harvey Hollis. THIRD ROW: Louis Hollis, Mary Homunq, Robert Hosier, William Huff. FOURTH ROVV: Robert lack, Nancy Ann lackson Jacobi, Hobart lensen, FIFTH ROVV: Leonard Iensen, Norman lohantqen, Ed Iohnson. SIXTH ROW: David Iordan', Byron Kelly, Robert ' Myrtle lo lvy. , Paul ward lohnson, Evelyn Keithley, Almedia Kiel. No picture: 41 21 1 j F FIRST ROW: lack Kiewit, Helen Kingsley, Joyce Kleiber, Helen Kniqhi, Audrey Kopp, Helen Kosi SECOND ROW: Ioe Kost, Robert Landis, Maurice Lee, Maxwell Lonqes1, Helen Lopp, Iames Lopp. THIRD ROW: Rita Losson, Clair Louqhmiller, Louise Lukemeier, Sara Maclfall, Gerald M Frances McClain. cCarty, 422, FIRST ROW: Betty Ruth McCu1'1e, Martha Maqness, Martha Marlow, Doris Michaels. SECOND ROW: Iames Miller, Richard Miller, Margie Million, Lucille Monihon. THIRD ROW: Dorothea Moore, Olwen Mosier, Edgar Mullinqs, Iohn Murphy. FOURTH ROW: Maryann Nance, Mary Frances Naville, James O'Connor, Bill O'Connor. FIFTH ROW: Mary Louise Oeffinqer, Robert Oenbrinlf, Gwynne O'Fal1on, Edna Orme. SIXTH ROW: Samuel Osoffsky, Milclre Parr, Elizabeth Parsons. n Owens, Dan K 23 2 R! - F FIRST ROW: Rob:-rt Parsons, Cecil Pallerson, Mary Belle Patterson, Clifford Peers, Lucille Peterson, Belly lean Prosser. SECOND ROVV: Mcrlha Rzxverty, Patricia Raverty, Margaret Reaqon, Thelma Redman, George Reeves, Dolores Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Ellen Rhodes, Ncncy Roby, lohn Rodgers, Richard Roqcrs, Belly Rucker, Robert Rue. No Picture: Iames Rahncr. 424: FIRST ROVV: Charles Ruter, Mcrrthcx Leiqh Sands, Don Suylor, Edwin Schurf. SECOND ROW: George Shickel, Mary Ann Schmitt, Mary Louise Schultz, Olivene Shewmaker. THIRD ROW: Rosalie Shivel, Doris Smith, George N. Smith', lone Smith. FOURTH ROW: Dewey Snyder, Florettcr Snyder, Mcxrvin Stewart, Ecxrl Stiller. FIFTH ROW: Elbert Stone, Orville Strother, Philip Sumner. SIXTH ROW: Betty Thornton, Mary Elizob Harold Utz. Stone, Ed eth Ulrick , Icne Unclebuch, 1 25 n I EA F' FIRST ROW: Norman Veron, Norma Viqar, Virginia Walter, Curtis Weber, Gertrude Weinmann lames Vleinmann, Vxlilma Welch. SECOND ROW: Clyde Wells, Ed Vilelz, Gladys Wheat, Vincent Whiteman, Robert Wilcox, Opal Williamson. THIRD ROW: Euline Willis, Geraldine Wilson, Ruth Wilson, 'Leon Witt, Genetta Wyman, Herman Zeller, Robert Zoeller. No Picture: Gordon Wolfe, '-Not Graduates 426, As one group ot students graduates other students following must prepare themselves to lead their school as graduating seniors. This task lor honorl falls upon the Senior B's. This grade this year is extremely fortunate to have many leaders who bring honors to our school. So with the aid of these and the interest of the other students, easily and graciously bring honors to our school. this class will FIRST ROW: Vanita Brashear, Vfilma I. McKim, Iacqueline Bir, Phyllis Ropa, Martha Schuley, Helen Mann, Betty Bence, Winiircd Geddes. SECOND ROW: lean Finnegan, Dorothy Shaw, Ann Reed Conner, Peggy Knox. THIRD ROW: Melvin Hubbard, Lee Mayfield, Franklin Hall, William Lee, Warren Widrnan, Robert Colin, Cleo Mull, Richard Denison. FIRST ROW: Dorothy Kron, Rosemary Dooley, Norma Leist, Marilyn Courtney, Dorothy Allen, Imogene Davis, Vivian Smith, Mary Lee Wolie, Iuanita Haynes, Beatrice Diezeman, Dorothy Wayne Murphy. SECOND ROW: William Sanford, Ioanne Embrey, Marjorie Erqanbright, Margaret Chaney, Edith Urnbach, Maxine Crone, Marjorie Fox, Robert Owens. THIRD ROW: Raymond Forste, Don Hoover, Harold Blake, Richard Davidson, William Sands, Jack Barnett. if 27 1. ll 12B B Led by president Victor Zink with Iames Mann and Ida Whittinqhill as vice-president and secretary-treaS- urer the Iuniors began plans early for their one big organized activity ot the year, the lunior Reception. They chose Miss Ryall, Mr. Rose and Mr. Stalker as critics. The Steamer Idlewild was chosen as the setting, and on the night ot May 24 the Ohio River echoed back the qayety oi the Senior class, being graciously entertained by their suc- cessors, the Iunior class. FIRST R Brown, Dorothy Bym, Margaret Vlolie, Dorothy Werncke, Evelyn Conner Chester Brown SECOND OW: Byron Harmon, Iulia Raaba, Winiired Box, Geraldine Wiqqs, Dorothy Castle, Martha ROW: Otto Andres, Bill Rodner, Bill Receveur, Victor Soerqel, Iack Sattler, Ben Freeman, Richard Thomas, Delbert Bishop, Richard Peterson. THIRD ROW: Palmer McGuire, Murry Farnsley, Bill Moore, Gordon Thorn, Frank Tinius, Robert Carroll, Warren Lana, Bud Ricke, 1215, Phil Roberts, Iames Graf, Dorothy Sceiiers, Vtfalter Wolfe. FIRST Anna Ma ie Wilkins Mary Lee Seacat SECOND ROW Marine Finn Vauqhn Mattox Katherine Frey, ean Baker, lane McDonald, Patricia Newhouse, Mary Lee Keith, Martha Steinert. THIRD R b O o ert akes, Kenneth Crawford, Iohn Waltrnan, Mary Catherine Haeseley, Ruth Meyer, ROW: Ethel Barnes, Cecilia Ferree, Mary Hollis, Cleo Davis, Mary K. Belch, Lois Lee Lyons, l ROW: George Heinz, G. D. Eleminq, Urban Zoeller. FOURTH ROW: Iames Shultz, Bill McCullough, Rob rt P ll F ' ' e owe , ranklm Whiteman, Robert Weber, James Guthrie, Iack Faith, Harry Moore. FIRST ROW: Opal Bostock, lane McIntosh, Wana Dupaquier, Marjorie Crumbo, Ann Milligan, Norma Royse, Elaine Blanton, Ida Whittinqhill, Elizabeth McGauhy, Iuanita Graham, Bonnie R , . atliff, Stella Straub. SECOND ROVV: Dorothy Pate, Iane Markert, Verbal Garrett, Helen Reisert, Wilma Miller, Clarice McAfee, Rhea McColl, Margaret Coquerille, Wanda Webb. THIRD ROW: Sylvan Payne, lack Duncan, Ralph Ellenbrand, Vincent Knable, Elmer Hilqeman, Wayne Weber, Edward Corn, Claude Bir, Everett Kron, Phil Goodyear, Harold Babbitt. QZB, ,IK After a Sophomore B has become a ID-A he feels fully versed in all the habits and customs of "high school" and is tree to look on in-coming Sophomoros with the same superior air with whirh he was looked upon, 'rhe Sophomore class does not elect otiicers. IOA FIRST ROW: Marv Louise Drever. Ioanne Draper, Ioy Strack, Dorothy Wright, Virginia Guthrie Ruth laoobs, Virqinia Buhler, Mary McMahel, Kathryn Gaugh, Ann Hardin, Myrna Woodside. SECOND ROW: Ice Earl, Harry Kleiber, Bill Thornton, Virginia Huff, Mary iane Lucik, Mary Louise Coleman, Verl Blust, Dorothy Theis, Bob Caesar, Merrill Collins. THIRD ROW: Roscoe Wilson, Iimmy Denison, Bobby Dean, Charles Pearce, Bob Byrd, Bob Graf, Bill Gahan. FOURTH ROW: Everett Wright, Nicholas Klinstiver, Frank Lori, Oliver Leiclolf, Iulian Hefton. FIRST ROW: Sylvia Duffy, Iean Llewellyn, Doris Gibson, Ruth Zettel, Margaret Zwigard, Virginia Daniel, Eva Gohmann, Mary Io Trautman, Ruth Belviy, Doris Soergel, Naomi Towner, Kathleen Gerdon. SECOND ROW: Irene Linnert, Barbara Bertrand, lean Buche, Iean Hand, Ruby Slattery, Ethel DeWeese, Iane Best, Mary Stierstaedter, Iane Beck. THIRD ROW: lane Pectol, Mary East, Robert Brooks, Ierome Hock, Iohn Hosier, Bill Kercheval, William Ferty, lack Wright, Fleta Harp, Ioyce Murphy. FOURTH ROVV: Bob Stallings, George Sherman, Richard Gander, Kenneth Duncan. FIRST ROW: Helen Duke, Myrtle Vtfeidman, lane Powell, Ieanne Kelley, Norma Roth, Vete May Leidolt, Ruth Beck, Ioyce Weber, Dorothy Austin, Barbara Losson, Marjorie Coons. SECOND ROW: Melba Hilgernan, Betty Braun, Ruth Boman, Norma Combs, Margaret Zoeller, Virginia Parks, Ieanne Bir, Iewell Brown, Ioan Hale. THIRD ROW: Helen Guethe, Marjorie Eisman, Anna Bush, Mary Cuzzort, Mary Alice Blomquist, Mary Resch, Emma Maraman, May Rice. FOURTH ROW: Morris Crawford, Ioe Schmitt, Paul Robinson, Robert Hess, Bobby Lang, Fred Heeb. 4129, Bewildered Sophomores, uninitiated Sophomores, asking upper-classmen the whereabouts of ditierent rooms . . , Cautiously peeping around open doors hunting for room numbers Dreaclinq every assembly because they may have to Walk across the stage . . . That peculiar ieelinq when they finally do, and everyone applauds While the school song is played Feeling completely initiated after that. IOB FIRST ROW: Helen Michel Kathlee K , n ahl, Iuanita Hancock, Sadie Barker, luanita Morris, Bette Koehler, Faye Watson, Marqie Dudley, Helen Lerchy, Aileen Budd, SECOND ROW: Loretta Evelyn Hall, Io Arm Genung, Maralyn Davis, Marylea Hawkins, Dorothy Lajune Fay, Nancy Montgomery, Florence Genunq, Edith Harmon. THIRD ROW: Iames Bego, Robert Wayne, Betty Lou Lawson, Martha Hadley, Betty Boaz, Mary Elizabeth Christiansen, Marven Neeld, Arthur Koehler. FOURTH ROW: Harold Weber, Melvin Proctor, Henry Harman, Ralph Hanen, David Needham, Iohn K. Moore, Edward Bennett, Charles Carpenter 130: 'I Iclifl IBS 3 ' 'i--,i-, 1 ill!! I!!! Sllllglljqs A J 2. . Q. 7 illlE1::?alm -is 6- 5 :J 4455-f ,325 S Q Q in . Mi:-5 16 l u If. an Q x R1 4 E, 1 v " N- 1 E E x: Visits Classes Mrs. Iessie McClure Beard Mr. Daniel Ehalt Miss NCIOHU Kirk Miss Muriel Ryall Miss Helen Green Mr. Alan Huckleberry' Mrs. Pritz English is the language of America, but some people tear that we are Americanizing our English too much, and leaning toward the slang side. Therefore, since there are about one thousand students in New Albany High School who are true Americans, the English teachers have their hands full. The English department offers a well rounded schedule of different types of English. Grammar heads the list in importance as far as the college students are concerned. The Shakespeare course is instructive to college preparatories as Well as to other students. Those students who like modern poetry, may take a course in modern poetry in which they read the best present day poetry, and try their hand at Writing some. Since this subject is one of the most important, four semesters are required: the student may take more if he wishes. A subjeci that is rapidly gaining in popularity in our school is journalism. This department issues our school bi-monthly paper. Public Speaking, a subject introduced into our school recently for one semester credit, now has developed into two definite groups of work, Speech I and Speech ll. 4131, Miss Kirk's Modem Poetry class edits cm Anthology of Verse. Mr. Ehdlt irains future jour- nulists. William Iredale reads io Miss Greens English III Class, Period ll. Mary Louise Dreyer. lomes Mcznn shows how ii is done in Mr, l-luclcleberrys Speech Class. Students explain football formation to Miss Ryall's English Class, Period Il. Mr. Ehdlt and editors make up dummy for the Blotter. Eva Gohmann entertains Mrs. Pritz' English IV with a story. Mrs. Beard's Enqlish V, Period III. Miss Ryall's Famous Smile. Robert Dean practices for Wrunqlor Try-Out in Mr. I-luckleberry's Speech Class. SPEAKERS Dear Diary: First meetina . . . recalling wonderful times at camp . . . Freeze stiff selling tags , . . deliver more baskets than ever . . . two hundred . . . Try out for Christmas Play . . . whole cast suffering with colds , . . Buy Christmas tree for play . . . then forget to put it on the stage . . , Beinq true Speakers . . . makinq speeches to support Christmas Seal campaign . . . Copy Mikado theme for pep session before sectional . . , showing New Albany as winner . . . result of tournament upholding our prophecy . , . FIRST ROW lean Baker Betty Bence lacaueline Bir SECOND ROW lane Birk, Secretary Mary Catherine Belch Dorothy Boone THIRD ROW Evelyn Conner Theoclora Day Genevieve Duane FOURTH ROW Harriet Duke Marine Finn Mary Louise Fouqerousse FIFTH ROW Katherine Frey Mary Louise Haas Iane Hermann 4434: Tell most embarrassing moments in Speaker meeting , , , Miss Kirk once bit a piece out of a glass . . . Plan annual dinner . . . fighting over who would make the speeches . . . deciding on cotton as theme . . all girls must Wear cotton iormals . . . That last minute, momentous decision to ask alumnae to Speaker dinner . . . When to have camp . . . to wait a couple of Weeks for colleae qoers, or not to wait, that is the question . . FIRST ROW Nancy Ann lackson Evelyn lohnson Mary Lee Keith SECOND ROW Peggy Knox LaVon Livingston Lois Lee Lyons THIRD ROW Martha Marlow Lucille Peterson, Vice President Betty Prosser FOURTH ROW Bonnie Ratliff Nancy Roby Dorothy Wemcke FlFTl-I ROW Ida Whittinghill, Treasurer Opal Williamson, Student K riti f Marion Wreqe, President NO PICTURE Helen VVyzard 435, v ww e., WRANGLERS Dear Diary: Wranglers biqqer than ever this year . . . decided to give a play . . . initiated eleven members . . . largest number in recent years . . . initiates "nosinq" eqqs clown the hall . . . praying for rain . . . prayers answered from third story window . , . by the buckettuls . . . Skipped classes to help Speakers with Thanksgiving baskets , . . Started lunior Cup Contest at lunior High . . . Bought books for Hiah School Library . . . Creed Byrd and Rob Roby starred in Speaker Christmas play . . . Roby lost his voice day before play . . . found it at curtain time FIRST ROW Louis Bland, President Victor Zink, Vice President James Mann, Secretary Robert Zabel, Treasurer SECOND ROW Edwin Scharf Andrew Best Georqe Schickel Creed Byrd THIRD ROW Robert Roby Philip Goodyear Edward Strother Donald Hoover FOURTH ROW Donald Howison William Sherman Robert Best Raymond Forste M361 . . . Endured razzinq about play practice . . 5 E Ill S-E . Resolved to give it some day . . . even il it has been two semesters developing . . . Started clebaters at Main Street , . . planned annual banquet . . . Practi possession of Wrangler Cup. ced play . . . Vyinq with Speakers for WINNERS OF Ida Whittinqhill ..,,..., Iames Mann ,...... Victor Zink ,....... 137. Mr. Alan Huckleberry, Critic WRANGLER CUP CONTEST .......,,Neutrality ...,......Politics Opportunity IGURNALISM Dear Diary: The subscription drive larger this year than ever before . . , Student talent show in appreciation of subscribers . . . So was the Blotter . . . with a new tive column spread . . . In November the N. S. P, A. convention at Indianapolis . . . Ten of our own scribes with Miss Ryall and Mr. Ehalt attended . . . Hiahliqhted by Dusty Miller's speech and Miss Ryall's birthday party , , . at Fendrick's , . , where the waitresses pushed three At National Press FIRST ROW Iohn Murphy Olivene Shewmalcer Robert Zabel Harriet Duke Robert Anderson Robert Baker SICOND ROW Mary Louise Haas Roy Williams Lois Lee Lyons Vanita Brashear Vivian Drescher TI-HRD ROVV Robert Roby Earl Stiller George Schickel Annie Elizabeth Goebel Victor Boale Cecil Patterson FOURTH ROW Alfred Dean Lucille Peterson Mary Louise Schultz Iames Lopp Victor Zink FIFTH ROW Vernon Crumbo Cliliord Peers Elizabeth Davis Charles Mertz Robert Leist William Fox SIXTH ROW lane Hermann loyce Kleiber loe Kost Edward Johnson Mary Belle Patterson QGB1. CLASSES tables together . . . Over night at the Claypool . . . Blotter sing session with Mrs. Zurschmiede soloinq in between . . , Every other Monday and Wednesday, working late on dummy and headlines . . . Sentinel fire destroying all copy for Easter number . . . Feverish brain-wrackinq to write whole paper over from memory . . . Hottest Blotter ever published . . . Trips to New Albany's industries for practice on reporting , . , Hikes on Saturday afternoon , . . Good-bye, Mr. Ehalt -and thirty! FIRST Row A' Robert Rue Iosephine Sharp Norman Veron Ethel Barnes Henry Lipps SECOND ROW Valerie Kitterman Charles Hammett Herman Dyer Mary Louise Fouaerousse Lawrence Bir Rita Rudy THIRD ROW Iulia Raaba Philip Goodyear Martha Marlow Victor Gunterman Donald Stocker FOURTH ROW George Aldrich Betty McCune Hobart Iensen Donald Howison Robert Beal Louis Bland PIF TH ROW Leona Henson Bettye Pierson Chester Linderman Robert Landis Geraldine Harbison SIXTH ROW Leonard Jensen David Iordan Martha Schuly Robert Keithley Iames Mann Edgar Akers 439, , S 2 Convention, Indianapolis Mrs. Rogers, ....,... Mr. Rogers ,,,,...... Midge Rogers ,....,. Danny Roqersn, Willy Belle , ,,,,, , Ted Saterlee ,, ,, Daphne Rogers ,.,, ,,,, Grandma ..,,,. 1 ,....,.,. William Burihn , ,, Neal Robbins ..,.., , Robert Roby . .. , . George Schickeln, Carl Bassham Robert Rue , ,, ....,,,... Herman Christiansen ,,,.... Almedia Kiel , ,,,, . Marcia Creek ..,,, , ,, losephine Sharp ..... Vanita Brashear ., Martha Maqnesss, SENIOR AND Cast of "CHARLEY'S .......,Opa1 Williamson . .Robert Roby , ,Marion Wrege ,, , Creed Byrd Evelyn Iohnson , ,..,.. .Henry Lipps , ,.... Betty Prosser ....,.......Iane Birk AUNT" ,. ., ,, ,,,,, ,Jack Chesney ., ,.... . ,... ,Charles Wykemari ......,,Brasset ,........,,.,..Lord Fancourt Babberly Colonel Sir Francis Chesney ,......Stephen Spettique ,, ,. ,Kitty Verdun .. , , , ,Amy Spettique Donna Lucia d' Alvadorez Ella Delahey Speakers' Burlesque of the Mikado Charley's Aunt tPaqe 40, 411 fFeatured in Life Magazine, May 29, 1939.5 Speaker-Wrangler Christmas play, "Not This Year" Louis Hollis in the hands of the make-up artist. Sun-Up fPaqe 41, 4140: Penny Sycamore CDTHER PLAYS Cast of "YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU" Grandpa, .... ,,, ,,,.. .... ...,.,, . , .. Paul Sycamore ,,,,,,, Ed Carmichael., Essie Carmichaeli Tony Kirby ..,, .... Alice Sycamore.. Rhebcx ..,,..,,,, ..,..,, Donald ........, Mr, Kolenkhov ...,, Mr. De Pinna ,,..... , ,...... .,,,,, E d Sirother .......Lucille Peterson ,.....,....Clyde Wells ......,,,,,....Louis Bland ,,,....,,Martha Maqness .......Georqe Schickel Almedia Kiel ..,,,,..Virqinia Walter , .,,,.. limmy Miller .,..,,,.,,,,......Robert Roby ., ..,, ..... , , ,,,. ,, ,....,., .,,, , .,....,. I ack Boaz Grand Duchess Olga Kalrina ,... ,, ,Nancy Ann lackson Mr. Henderson ..., ,,,.....,,,, , , ....,,.... ,, .. , ,,,,.........,, ,,,,,,........ , ,Herman Dyer Mr. Kirby.. ,,,,,,,......,, ,,..,.,, ....,,, ,,,,,,iii,..,,,,,,,.,,.... ,.,,......,,, ..........,, R i c h a rd Rogers Mrs. Kirby ,,,., H, ...... ,, ....,,,,, , ...... ...,,. ,,,,, . . ., .,,,... .... , ,,,,, . .....Leenor Fahey Depariment of Justice Men ,,,,, .. ,Paul Ginther, Curtis Weber, Gilbert Hanka , Cas! of "SUN-UP" lda Whittinghill ,,,,... ..,.., ,,... .,,,,,,.... . . ,,,....,, . ,,,...... . E mmy Todd Evelyn Conner ., ., ,, , ,Widow Caiqle Louis Hollis, ,... ., , .,,,.. Pap Todd Iames Mann ,,,,,,. . ....,, Rufe Caigle Vicior Zink .... ,,,,.....,, ..,.,,, ,.... S h e riff Charles Hammeti ,..... Bud Todd Henry Lipps . ,, . ..,. ,Stranger Robert Leist ....., ...,,,,, .... B o b lack Boaz.. ....... Preacher Q 41 iv x..,,,,, I AND ASSEMBLIES Hoosier Poet, Mr. Leo M. Long and Mrs. Lonq F. Llmer Marshall Capt. Taylor Branson Director United States Murine Band "Abie's lri h Rose" Field from Room i 1 1 4 l mt. QIVSS Blotter 19 Miss Kirk checks 'l'hc1r1lcsgivir1q cheer. Dr, Neetles ture on Outomotry 442, Lincoln q,p'xr,,Q r ,rf We Miss Widmczn instructs in Cafeteria lvlunclqement. Miss Nellie Homriqhouse QS FINE ' I ARTS The art classes have been unusually busy making cartoons for the school paper, posters for the operetta, and the designs for the Senior Annual. One outstanding achive- ment oi these Classes was the Christmas designs for the auditorium, cut-oui figures of English carolers, which were placed under the stained glass Window before the holidays. Harry Mason Charles Spence l Art Classes Paint Scenes for Mikado First Period Class Designs Panels for Senior Annual 1.43, Mrs. lessie McClure Beard BEL CANTO Dear Diary: Have become radio artists . . . sang over WGRC . . . invited to perform again . . . Holding up the tradition . . . caroling through the halls . . . makes you really feel that Christmas spirit . . . loumeyed to Madison with fifth period chorus for Choral Festival . . . Singing in operetta . . . searching frantically for lapanese kimonos to wear as costumes . . . Dancing in April to the tune of many famous orchestras . . . on records . . . Sipping tea and wandering idly around the gorgeous Country Club grounds when we held our annual tea . . . Beautiful girls in beautiful gowns . . . boys embarrassed and ill at ease . , , probably Wishing they had never come . . . FIRST ROW lean Baker Betty Bence Iacqueline Bir, President lane Birlc SECOND ROW Elaine Blanton Dorothy Boone Mary lean Capper Dorothy Castle THIRD ROW Evelyn Conner, Secretary Margaret Coquerille Dorothy Craig Marcia Creek, Vice President FOURTH ROW Genevieve Duane Sarah East Iean Finnegan Katherine Frey FIFTH ROW Winifred Geddes Eva Gohmann Virginia Guthrie Nancy Ann Jackson -'44, FIRST ROW Norma lohantqen Mary Lee Keith Irma Kelley PeQGY Knox SECOND ROW lane MacDonald Sarah Alice McFall, lane Markert Vaughn Mattox THIRD ROW Lucille Monihon Dorothy Murphy Maryann Nance Patricia Newhouse FOURTH ROW Bonnie Ratliif Norma Royse Mary Louise Schultz Ida Whittinqhill FIFTH ROW Marion Wreqe Margaret Zoeller Treasurer Marqaret Mary Zwiqard Q-45, r . I "Oh, little town of Bethlehem" . . . Most colorful operetta ever presented in our school . . . Stage decorated with vari-colored lanterns . . . Cherry blossoms dropping from home-made trees . . . qorqe-ous qirls in qay Japanese kimonos . . . Paul Ginther romantic in the role of Nariki Poo . . . willinq to lose his life if he can't have Yum Yum, portrayed by Marcia Creek . . . Marcia enrrancinq in white satin in scene with her friends just before wecldinq , . . Pitti Sing CPeqqy Knoxl and the Peep-Bo lMarion Wreqel fc46r Ns. 5 N dancing qaily in with Yum Yum as the three liitle maids from school . . , Creed Byrd, his clowninq at its best, as Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything Else . . . Ed Strother, os Ko-Ko, Lord High Executioner, frantic because he must execute someone . . . Maryann Nance, remarkably uqly in the role of Kcrtisha, an elderly lady in love with Nanlci Poo . . . graceful and unusual dances created by Miss Board . . . excellent costuminq by Miss Murray ond Miss McCracken . . . t47n BAND Dear Diary: This has been a hectic year . . . in a constant dither over new uniior e s ows , . , beauty contest , . . circus . . . stage shows , . . Four thousand school children hear I. U.'s band in the gym . . . the fund grows . . . new Sophs increase number of uniforms to be purchased , . . also increase size of band . . . Fittings . . . And at last . . . uniforms arrive . . . Public appearance . . . Ah, yes . . . a hectic year! Mr. Bertram Heckel FIRST RCW: Edwin McNamara, Betty Bence Peggy Knox Willia C , , m alhoon, Edward Smith, William Burth, Louis Hollis, Iames Miller, William Sherman, Helen Dempster, Iames Eve, SECOND ROVv': Alma Libs, Iane Best, Robert Moyers, Frank Hurrle, Ioe Earl, Elain Meyer, Ruth M G h' ' eyer, Iames ut rie, Glenn Lmnert. THIRD ROW: Mr. Heckel, Bonnie Douglas, Iean Baker, Dorothy Byrn, Iohn Moore, Iames Meyer, Douglas Landers, William Sands, Robert Day, Winiired Geddes, Creed Byrd, Charles Spence, Iuanita Morris, Walter Potts, Gaylord Elliot, Melbourne Rogers, Paul Ginther, Robert Lamm, Robert Wolpert, Betty Braun, Mary Iane Ashcroft. 148, ms . . . Trying to raise the money . . , Started by selling felt Bulldogs at ten cents a piece . . . and name pennants . . . Carnival . . . everyone cooperating . . . on sid h CHESTRA ' i'i ' Dear Diary: Every morning . . . during activity and first periods . , . music clriits out through the halls from the orchestra room . . . Twenty-two members . . . three new ones this semester , . . Started with learning the music ot the Mikado , . . Practised for graduation program at mid-year . . . and again for the Commencement exercises in May . . . Played between the acts of Senior Class play . . . Six members will be graduated . , . Incoming Sophomores to try to fill their places . . . FIRST ROW SEATED: Martha Marlow, Opal Williamson, Martha Sands, Mary Stierstaedter, Louis Litkenhous, Winifred Geddes, Mildred Owens, Helen Louise Michel, Norma Royse. SECOND ROW: Helen Mann, Betty Bence, Robert Moyer, lane Best, Paul Ginther, Edward Smith, Gaylord Elliot. THIRD ROW: Iames Eve, lames Miller, Mr. l-leckel, Curtis Vleber, Gordon Owen, William Sands, 149, MUSICAL Bel Canto, Boys' Glee Club, and the fifth period chorus combined their talents to send a aroup to Ieffersonville to sing with picked choruses of other schools in a Clark-Floyd County Song Festival. About sixty-five students made it an all day trip, with rehearsal in the morning, radio broadcast after lunch, and an evening performance, Instrumentation- Class Period VII Bel Cantoxfiehearsinq Boys' Glee Club Chorus-Fiith Period 44 SO n INFCDRMAALS On the Way to the Contests They take part in the Madison Choral Festival on April 28 for a regional meet. The trip for our students was financed by the Band-Parents' Association through sales of lollypops in our building after school. Seven other schools joined us in a broadcast over VVHAS in the afternoon. They're looking forward to singing for the State Association next Fall at Indianapolis. 9 i'i- -51. Mr, Howard Wyne French. Miss Etelka Rockenhach Latin and German LANGUAGES Language originated with signs and gestures and has gradually progressed until, due to the separation oi groups oi people, We have many forms of spar-ch. In cur modern world science has created so many methods of transportation and ccm- munication that intercourse with foreign countries has become very general. Therefore, it is necessary for us to study these various languages in order to be able to carry on foreign relations. In our high school the study of the Romance language, French, taught by Monsieur Wyne. is most popular among the students. For those who wish to delve deeper into the foundations of many languages we have the study of Latin which is the root oi most modem languages. Others enjoy immensely the study oi German under .Miss Rockenbach and spend many hours conversing in the language. Exercece de vocabulaire Latin IV in the Clint: t52, Guien Morqen! Converscmon in German II LATIN FRENCH AND GERMAN Latin III sci Qu'est-ce que cest? il with Iuson liabllh nvwlvww V. bo X9 Q W -0 W Go Q XG J' 6 60 HAI. LE ll' Virginia Brooks, President Lucille Peterson, Vice President Vtfilliam Lee, Secretary Cher Iournalz How do you like my French accent? . . . Result of visits to Le Cercle Francais . . . Most of conversation carried on in French . . New club pins this year . . . beautiiul, dull gold fleur-de-lis . . . with initials on the back . . . Preparing for the dance . . . at the Country Club . . . Singing French songs, at the meetings . . . Always getting mixed up on the Marseillaise . . . Candy and lollipop sales after school . . . New members . . , Dressed in sprons and headbands , . . for the initiation . . . Continue where graduating Seniors sign off . . . - I K I A --g K4 g . , - f, -5 2' ,'- I Y , t .. , 'ki 1 I , f 'Eg' 2 in K54. CERCLE FIRST ROW Harriet Duke, George Smith, Nancy Ann Iackson. SECOND ROW: Virginia Brooks, Ethel Barnes, Leona Henson. THIRD ROW: Peggy Knox, Robert Rue, Catherine James, FOURTH ROW: Billy Lee, Valeria Kitterman, Melvin Hubbard. FRANCAIS Nancy Ann Iackson, Treasurer Mrs. Irma Pritz, Critic son. SECOND ROW: Sora McFoll, George Sherman, Ann Reed Conner. THIRD ROW: Dorothea Moore, Maryln Gsnunq, Nancy Roby. FOURTH ROW: Pcxul Ginther, Rhec1McCoil. :CF Mrs. Pritz . f - 'Y ,K 1 FIRST ROW: Stella Straub, George W'olters, Lucille Peter- ' 155, X li v' 5 MA. I. AVAV Li Dear Diary: LATIN CLUB I had a terrible scare the other day . . . I was walking along . . . minding my own businesst?J . . . Suddenly a white figure brushed my arm . . . another came gliding toward me . . . I was ready to scream . . . but luckily I remembered what day it was . . . it was initiation day for the Sodalitas Latina . . . pueri in mother's best sheet . . . puellae decked out in pastel cheese cloth . . . both topped with a crown . . . of leaves . . . And so . . . the club is organized . . . Walter Gadient elected consul . . , calls meetings to order , . . business and program enjoyable , , . that is . . . until dues are mentioned . . . but Fleta Harp . . . greatest Roman of them all . . . contributes her two-bits . . . Miss Rockenbach chaperones on after-school hike . . . pueri eat all the weiners . , . groan all the way home . girls aid them . . . by giggling . . . At present time . . . members are busily saving pennies . . . for pictures . . . in the Senior Annual . . . so . . . I think I better leave . . . they might think , . . I'm Caesar . . . and make me honorary member . . . plus . . . twenty-live cents . . . so . . . Vale! FIRST ROW: Elizabeth McGauhy, Ruth Zettel, Mary lean Korte, Eva Gohmann, loan Hale, Virginia Daniels, Jewell Brown, Mary Stierstaedter, lane Powell. SECOND ROW: Anna Bush, Rhea McColl, Maxine Crone, Frances McClain, Nancy Ann Montgomery, Mary Margaret Zwiqard, Marjorie Erganbright, Cecelia Ferree. THIRD ROW: Merrill Collins, lane Best, Mary East, Doris Soergel, Fleta Harp, loyce Weber. FOURTH ROW: Robert Dean, Charles Pearce, Alvin Meyer, Robert Shine, Waltrr Gadient. 156, OFFICERS Walter Gadient, Consul loyce Murphy, Consul Stanley Warner, Quaestor Fleta Harp, Scriptor Greets SOPH and JUNIOR . -5, ' V3 , K , 13 ' ty qgigggfg . in 1 ig ' . L. 'T' F4 S5945 ' 5 11 :I N -ma, I - . .V ,ws swxfwm L..- M., Q ,. . .vw W, Wg, ., .. . .L Miss Ruby Wells Mr. Edwin Kahl Mr. Albert Koehler 5 1 MATI-IE No matter what walk of life We are in We have need for mathematics. From the simple "rith- metic" taught in earlier days we have advanced to higher and higher forms of the subject, some of which are desirable only for those wishing to specialize in it. Offered to high school students are Commercial Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, Miss Wells, Mr, Kahl, and Mr. Koehler preside efficiently over this department of our school and are always willing to assist pupils with difficult assignments. Mr. Kahl-7th Period lr. Business .5a, M BT I C 5 Miss Wells---7th Period Geometry ll Geometry I-Period 1, Mr. Koehler t Algebra lll-Miss Wells Mr. Koehler-lst Period Geomelfy I PHYSICS Mr. William Stal Biology BIOLOGY UGG Rose Mr. D. D. Finley PhYSiCS Chemistry The thrills of making startlinq discoveries and the amazement at scientific reactions are ever present for those who seek them in the Chemistry laboratory. Mr. Finley is always on hand to offer assistance in difficult experiments. Under the quidance of "Doc" Rose or Mr. Stalker pupils may study plant and animal life to their hearts' desire. The exciting time of the year comes when the teacher issues the order for some one to brinq in a cat. That is the sickening occasion when many of the weaker sex beqin to Wonder why they made that silly decision to t k ' oi Chemistry. a e Bioloqy in stead 4180, AND CHEMISTRY QQQ Mr I Hardin Thomas Miss Edna Watson Miss Watson's History V1 SOCIAL SCIENCES Since the World is in a state of confusion, hatred, and intolerance, it is the of our high school students to assume the burden of leadership in favor of good, clean government. One such citizen in ten is enough to leaven the lump. While studying subjects offered in the social science department students are taught the necessity of reading newspapers and magazines to keep informed, of conversing with intelligent people, about public affairs, and of keeping an open unprejudiced mind, and of expressing their opinions only after much thought and consideration. They realize that soon they must become intelligent voters, and they strive to prepare themselves for that day when they must take a part in promoting certain measures for their community. F Miss Leota Rusk Period Ill 4 E2 Q Mr. Thom Mr. Thomas' History IV, Period VII as' History IV Period Ill Mitchell s History IV, Period III Mr. McConnel1's Safety Class, Period I Mr. Charles McConnell t Mr. Alan Huckleberry Miss Milasent Mitchell Miss RLlSlf.,S History VI, Period III Included in this department, in addition to studies of various periods oi history, is Civics, the study of the oriqin and development of qovernrnent, the national, state, and local qovernments, and their functions, and foreign relations of the United States. Another course, which is required oi all Seniors, is safety, In it students learn the importance of takinq precautions to prevent accidents and are taught how to administer first aid in case oi accident. Economics, the subject recently made elective in our system, deals with problems of consumption, production, exchanqe, and distribution of qoods and public finance. 463, lvfr. Kenneth Coffin Miss Grace Harper Mr. Herman llartman BUSINESS The Comm o e cron o being the most crowded one in our school system. To enter the typing and shorthand classes the commercial-minded must have taken bookkeeping in their Junior year and junior business as a Sophmore. ercial department has th distin t' f The selected teams entered the three main competitive contests at Clinton, Danville, and Muncie, The contestants left on Friday and returned Sunday. O . . ur trophy case increased in number after each trip. A few of the honor students go into offices immediately after graduation, and the remaining, after a short period of business college training, enter responsible positions. Commercial Contest: Betty Belviy, Evelyn Johnson, lane Birk, Euline Willis, Mr. Kenneth Coffin. Mr. Hartman's Bookkeeping Periods VI and VII. Miss l-larper's Bookkeeping Periods l and ll. Commercial Contest: Euline Willis, lane Birk. Mr. Hartman's Bookkeeping Periods VI and VII. 64 TRAINING Clinton Commercial Contestants oi Mr. Hartman: Delbert Bishop, Mr. Hartman, George Weinman, Wilma Miller, Virginia Schamel, Evelyn Iohnson Mr. Coiiin's Typing Periods VI and VII. Mr. Hartman's Bookkeeping Periods VI and VII. Miss Harper's Bookkeeping Periods I and Il. Danville Commercial Contestants oi Miss Harper: FIRST ROW: James McCoy, Herbert Orth, and Arlin Snyder, SECOND ROW: Dorothy Jackson, Elizabeth McGauhy, Mildred Neidefier, Lydia Beach. THIRD ROVV: Verbal Garrett, Miss Harper, Wanda Webbf Mr. Hartman's Commercial Contestants at Danville. FIRST ROW: Wilma Miller, Virginia Schamel, Henrietta Ward. SECOND ROW: Harold Paris, George Weinman, Delbert Bishop, Mr, Hartman. Mr. Cofiin's Typing Periods VI and VII. "fThe team which brought home third place honors in Bookkeeping: Miss Harper, Verbal Garrett, Wanda I Webb, Dorothy Jackson. I t ui" fs S 175 I 3 ?u,7 Q. x 7 X F 4 3 MECHANICAL Mr. E. I. Datfern Mr. Albert Gehlbcch l, Fred Shepherd Mechanical Drawinq Printing Metal and Wood lNorking The hum of the printing presses and the Whirring noise of the band saw are typical sounds on the tirst floor ot our s:hool building in the Vocational Arts department. The noise in the mechanical drawing room isn't quite so noticeable. If the modern high school boy desires to be a printer, he may learn that pro- fession irom the ground up, learning the different sizes and kinds oi type, to cut paper, and to run the presses, There is never a lack of Work tor our print shop. Every other week the Blotter is printed: then there is the Iunior High Light and the Main Idea to he run oti, plus programs, tickets, booklets, and report cards. General metal offers an eiczellent course for the metal-minded. In these classes a high school boy may construct, according to what he needs, a stool, a magazine rack, a tin bucket, or any number ot small tools. He may make anything of metal. f 'ra X66 fx ARTS 5 Draitinq, a universal language like music and art, Oilers the fundamental course for enqineerinq. The number and variety of articles a boy may make in ihe Wood shop is larqe. lt is according to the boy's own need, and may be a pair of French doors or ci solid maple or cherry bed. A bed, made this year cost the boy irom five to six dollars complete, Whereas if he were to buy one it would be made oi three-plywood veneer and cost about seven times that much. Amonq other thinas made were cedar chests and all sorts of tables. The system of checking the tools after using is taken care of by a different boy each week, and the business of paying for the lumber is also the work of cne of the students, I 167 I-IG Miss Belle Genung Miss Kathryn Murray Miss Alinda Widman A century aqo school girls in their spore time sewed dainty fancy Work and cross stitches on samplers. The modern high school miss constructs her entire outfit in present-day classrooms. She learns in the costume designing class the proper lines cmd color harmonies for all her frocks and makes them according to the latest styles and fashion forecasts. A typical Wardrobe of one year's work may include a Wool dress, a silk dress, a pair of pajamas and a skirt and blouse the first semester, and formal dress, play suit, one or two dresses, and either a suit or a coat during the second half year. X Q681, 'F ME ECONOMICS All secrets of the kitchen are disclosed in the cooking classes. Begin- ning with simple things she works toward the preparation of a whole meal, when she will invite some one in to enjoy it with her. When she studies dietetics she prepares attractive trays for all degrees of illness. The home management and home nursing classes complete the schedule of a well-rounded education in home economics. Miss Vfidman trains girls in cafeteria managemeni-Nineteen girls iook the training this semester. .1 6 0 F-e - F 1469, Dear Diary: MINERVA Gowned in gay aprons our hopeful initiates parade through the halls lugging buckets, broorns and dishpans . . . the thrill of working at basketball games for the iirst time . . . bemoaning red swollen hands the next day from fishing for bottles in the icy water . . . Plan dance for Christmas vacation . . . Decorate iield for Thanksgiving . . . Old Grands Reunion . . . First to ask leff students to speak for pep session before the game . . . lewell Rector welcomes president of Iefiersonville Boosters' Club . . . Rita Rudy elected president for last semester . , . Prepare for Minerva Dinner . . overworking brains , . . cuss plans for carnp . . FIRST ROW Martha Brown Dorothy Craig Norma Crow Ruth Cureton SECOND ROW Wana Dupaquier Olive Frakes Iueletta Guilfoyle lean Hand THIRD ROW Florence l-lubbuch Almedia Kiel Martha Mclntosh Ann Milligan FOURTH ROW Lucille Monihon Norma Payton Bettye Pierson Betty Prosser lulia Raaba seeking a new and different motif . . . finally deciding on the World's Fair . . . Gleefully dis- . remembering all the exciting times in former years . , . waiting eagerly for the time to come tt7O, t Iewell Rector ,.,,,,. Rita Rudy ....,,.,, Io Sharp ,..,,,,,,,,, Ruth Wilson ...,....,, FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Rita Rudy ,,,, ,,,.,,,,,, A,,,,,,A,A,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,, Mary E. Ulticlc ,........., Wanda Dupaquier .,,,,,., Ruth Cureton ........,.... 5 . Miss Genunq, Critic Miss Murray, Critic , , of '7 I- F .,,,.,,,.President Vice-President .....,.,,,,,,Secretary . ....... Treasurer .........Presideni Vice-President ,,.......Secre1ary ,,,,,,..Treasurer 171, FIRST ROW Jewell Rector Norma lean Roberts Nancy Roby Rita Rudy SECOND ROW Margie Schaffner Io Sharp Hilda Shireman Iane Smith THIRD ROW Virginia Smith Betty Thornion Mary Ulrick Irma Welch FOURTH ROW Wilma Welch Doroihy Werncke Ruih West Ruth Wilson Helen Wyzard : btw 5 . V LIBRARY According to the new law, every first class commissioned school must have one or more licensed librarians, and New Albany was among the first to select one. She had to be a good one to answer the thousands of questions that only high school students know how to ask. Miss McCracken has been very busy re-cataloging the books to meet State library requirements. This year a number of new books have been added to our already large collection, including donations by the Altrusa Club. More chemistry and biology books are borrowed than any other kind, and an average of titty books of all kinds are taken out each night. About 754 study here each day. 172, BIBLE For years the Bible has been the best sellinq book in the World. It is known as the book with a story for ever thought. Therefore it is not difficult to understand Why Bible is one of the most interesting subjects in school. The classes are conducted in an informal manner: everyone enters into the dis- cussion of chapters and other subjects related to the Bible. This subject is only one semester in length, but the Work is divided in such a way that this is a sufficient lenqth of time. At the end of the semester, each student is required to pay fifty cents for a state test. A passinq grade is necessary on this test to receive credit for a term of Work. Miss Ewing, the instructor, who has been teaching Bible for some years, succeeds in creating boundless interest in this subject. The result is that her classes increase in number every term. I 2 I I 4473, Sees THIS and THAT Fushioninq Cookie Herts for Mikado Informal Siudy and Lunch Hour Boy Through Door When Occidenicxl become Oriental Happy Fcumly Louisville, qive Assembly Program Basketball, football, track, wrestling, and table tennis are some of the most important sports of New Albany Senior Hiah School for the boys. The qirls interest themselves in basketball, baseball, volleyball, and hockey, The interest in sports has been on the increase for a number of years. New bleachers, a new track, a new football dressing room, and a new baseball diamond verify this statement. Although boys' sports are more outstanding than girls' sports, the latter is increasing in interest throuqh the school. These sports have succeeded in capturing the interest of most of the townspeople also. .1 75 n Ernie Meyer, fullback Stanley Warner, guard Dan Parr, end U. Zoeller, halfback Bob Rue, halfbaclc Wayne Weber, halfback Bob Brown, end A sport for every season! So with the mention of Fall, sport minded individuals turn their thoughts toward football. The increase of popularity in this sport in our school is proved by the fact that new equipment, new bleachers, and a new dressing room have been added. Since the idea, that football was a game of brawn, not brain, has been dispelled, more interest is shown in school participation. An inspiring coach, a touqh schedule, some victories, and some defeats are all factors of importance in a successful iootball season. ,rf 4475, 02 Q ff Dear Diary: A sprained ankle . . . a twisted shoulder . . . a few bruises . . . and football season . . . is well under Way . . . The Dogs top Seymour . . . in the first tilt . . . as Bland, Eicholz, and Captain Oenbrink . . . open the way . . . for Meyer and Caesar . . . Crowd thrills . . . at St. X game . . . as the Tigers . . . come out . . . on the bottom . . . Yell leaders make debut . . . as we lose . . , to Bosse . . . but Bulldogs iight back . . . to defeat Bloomington . . . fourteen to seven . . . Hanen contributing . , . fourteen points , . . Bulldogs vs. Bulldogs . . . in Male game . . . Lawrence Coyte, ex N. A. student , . . finds N. A. dogs . . . too much for him . . . Coach Thom plus ten fellow players . . . but Manual . . . succeeded in overpowering BiHTuCker'lGck1e . . . Thommen in postponed combat . . . fltflanual later won the national Kenneth Fqmslelhend high school tourneyl . . . and so . . . the season ends , . . as basketball Bj11Ke1-Chevgll hqlfbqgk . . . takes the spotlight . . . in sports . . Leon Wiif, hglfbgck Louis Bland, guard Iack Eicholz, guard F 577, Dear Diary: The teams playing . . . aren't the only ones . . . who have something . . . to do at a game . . . In tact it would be . . . awfully dull . . . without cr cheer , . . now and then . . . from the crowd . . . and it would be . . . rather monotonous . . . if there were no yells . . . and still worse . . . if there were . . , no yell leaders . . . They are the ones , . . who keep up . . . the spirit of.the crowd . . . and the team . . . Therefore . . . these people . . . must be full of life . . . and pep . . . plus plenty of enerqy . , , And finding people . . . of this type . . is no easy job . . . So o coll t E 2 t E tw ' . Cheer Leader-Ieanne Bu' Robert Owens Harry Der O'l-lanicm Albin Faber Robert Stallings Victor Shuman Iomes Steinert V Cheer Lecxder-lewell Brown is mode . . . for olltstudents interested . . . to try out . . . fifteen report . . . mostly girls . . . After about two weeks , . . of weeding out . . . the remaining ones . . . seven to be exact . . . did their best . . . to show the judges . . . how good they were . . . or rather . . , how near they could come . . . to Phil Roberts . . . Veteran "ye1ler" . . . who had been instructing them . . . After some time , . . the three judges . . . chose two Sophomores . . . Iewell Brown . . , cmd Iednne Bir . . . After more training . . . from Phil . . . they mglce their debut . . . cmd cover themselves with glory . . . And so they continue . . . their good work . . . for the players . . , the students . . . and the townspeople . . . 479: 1. 1938 Seymour Si, Xavier ..,,, Anchorage ...... Bosse ......,.,, Male .......,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,, Ceniral CEvansvilleJ Vincennes , ,A,A,,,,,A,, , Manual .,.... ,, Bloomington Princeton .....,. II. 1939 FOGTBALL SCHEDULES U New 7 New O New ....,...34 New ........13 New .......13 New ......,26 New .......63 New 7 New U New Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Season Record: 6 Won'-4 Lost Sepi. 22 ,,.,.,,, ..,.,,, A nchoraqe .,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Sept. 30 ..,,,,,, .....,. B osse fEvansvi11eJ .,.., ,,.,,,., Oct. 6 ,,,,,.,, .,,.... K , M. l ..........,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,A,,, Oct, 13 ,,,,,,11 ..,.... lk 'lale ,,,, OQL 20 .,,,,,,, ......, P rinceton ,,,, Oct. 27 ,.,,,,,, ....... V incennes ...... Nov, 3 ,,,,,,,, .,,.... M anual ,,,,,,, Nov. 10 ,,,,,w,, ...,,,, B loominqton ,...,,,,,,,, --,vv---- NOV, 18 v,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...... C entral llivansvillel ,,,,1 --,,,-,w- Thanksqivinq .....v f-f,f', S Y. Xavier ---,-- Y,YYvv. ,l,,,, Mr. Kahl Mr. Gehlbach Mr. Daifern ,.,.,,.Y,26 D 6 6 O ,Home ,Away Home ....,,,,,,Hom': Away ,Home Away ,Home .Home .Home Assislanls to the Coaches 6180, BASKETBALL y . ,X .' - N X Q My ,V 42 5 FIRST TEAM IN I-IUDDLE-Stooping: Coach, McAfee, Saylor, Linderman, Brown, Wolfe. Standing: Murry Farnstey, Oenbrink, Dickrnan, Anderson, Ruter, McCarty. Basketball, Indiana's favorite sport, shot into the picture on December 3, when the Bulldogs with one returning letter- man bowed before Reitz of Evansville. But the next niqht they retaliated with a smashing victory over Princeton: and so it was the entire season. We chalked up marks on the Win side, but had to balance it with losses on the other. But the sectional will be a "joy forever". In four gruelling games, topped by the most exciting of all, the Ieff-New Albany fracas, the McrcConne1l men earned the riqht to fight in the regional. q8ln Inexperienced Mutts lose opening battle to F. 1. Reit:-Copped next three wins in a row over Princeton, Central and Columbus. left surprised Cl packed house by taming the Dogs 24-17-Split next games with Wins ovcr Corydon and Martinsvilleflosing to Bedford and Seymour-eturned the pressure on against Male as "C. M." Ruter led his mates to a 52-33 victory- Bosse, Bloomington. and Washington handed the Bulldogs setbacks by close scores and sensational tinishesfBaifled Salem bowed to the Red and Black Warriors by 31-27f"Doc" Wolfe captured the fans' admiration when the Dogs went upstate, although they lost to South Side and Hammond. Closed the season by spanking Linton--'Marched through sectional tourney Walloping Mauckport, Charlestown, Silver Creek, and topped it all by eliminating the favored Red Devils on Mope Saylor's lost minute drives 35-32fboWed to Seymour in first regional test-Season record 13 Won- l2 lost. FIRST TEAM-Lett to Right: Wolfe, Brown, McAfee, Saylcr, Linderman, M. Farnsley, McCarty, Oenbrink, Dickman Ruter Anderson, Coach McConnell. 182, FIRST TEAM- --Group: Brown, Kerchaval, Moore, Saylor, McAfee, Wolfe. Back Row: Linclerman, McCarty, Ruler Ander san, Dickman, Oenbrink. Celebrating the Viciory Mr. McConne1l's Birthday Cake Head Cheer Leader Phil Roberls BASKETBALL II, 1938-39 Washington New Albany, F. 1, Rellz a,,,,.. a,,,,,, 3 3 New Albany ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I, 26 leff - --ee--f-ffee New Albfmv Prlncelan ,,,.,.. .,I,,,,, 2 4 New Albany ,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,, 58 Salem ---,---- New AHUGUY- Central .,,,, .I.,A,, 1 3 New Albany ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 21 PON WUYUS New AWGHY- Columbus ,,,.. ,,,, Zl New Albany ,.,,,,I,,.,,,,,,,, 35 I-1111011 -'----'- NSW -A-lbfmvn laff ,,.,,,,I,, l,,,,,,, 2 4 New Albqny ,,,,,,,y ,,,,,, 1 7 HGmmOf1d H NSW AUOGHY Vincmnes H ,,,,, H38 New Albany ,,,,,,,, ..,,. 1 14 Corydon ..., ..,.,,,, 1 7 New Albany 1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 34 SECTIONAL Bedford ,,,.. ,ee,,... 2 7 New Albany .,,,,,1, e,,, , 19 Mwcffpeff New Albany- Martinsville 27 Seymour 28 Male ,,,,,, ,,.,,,,, 3 3 Mitchell .,,,,,,,, ,1,,,,,, 2 9 Bloomington ,,,1 ,,Y,,,Y, 2 9 Bosse ,,....... ,,,,,,,, 3 6 New Albany New Albany ,,,,,,..,,......,, New Albany ...,,,,, ,,,......, 5 Z New Albany New Albany New Albany ,,...,..,,,,,,,,,, 3 5 Charlestown 24 Silver Creek Ieflersonville REGIONAL Seymour ,,,, a83, New Albany New Albany New Albany, New Albany PUP TEAM GROUP-Front Row: lack Faith, lae Dale, Ben Freeman, Bill Kerchaval, Walter Belden, Bob Caesar. Second Row: Iunie Zoeller, Frank Tinius, Bill Moore, Bob Recs, Ralph Elleubrand, Paul Farnsley. 1 8 4 Mr. Richard Clarke-Publicity Director The second team makes the trips with the first team and does its performing during preliminary bouts. lt also has a schedule of its own with the teams of smaller towns of southern Indiana, They Won eight of the qames played on their l938-39 schedule and lost tive. With qoal in sight TRACK Captain Beck Opened with bcmqfnosed out Corydon in final event by 56-53-Wolloped Mule in cr duel meet with Beck and Zoeller leading the way-fBulldoqs conquered Bedford and Seymour in 41 triangular affair-Ccxnines lcise hecxrtbrecrker in S. I. A. C. meet when George Zurschmeide mn in the Wrong lane, Bosse ccxptured the iitle. 4.85. TRACK Come back strong io capture coveiecl Petersburg relays as Bob Zoeller and Beck paved the way io victoryvBeck nosed out Turley in sensaiional finish in 440 race in sectional-Mutis cup- turecl the seciional-finish in sixteenth place in finals at India- napolis. Meei at Male High, Louisville R. Zoeller winning the 220 Mile Relay Team! u 86 x Kron, F. Zoeller, R. Zoeller, Beck Wal1er Wolfe Pole Vauliinq ai Male High Meet U. Zoeller, M. Brewer, R. Beck, hurdlmq Bob Beck, high jumping 'SEAM Shutile Hurdle Relay Teczmff R. Zoeller, U. Zoeller, Brewer, Beck Bob Recs, shot-puilinq Sturt of 440 ci Mule High, Louisville Half-mile Relay Teom- V. Leisi, Geo, Zurschmiede, Leon Wilt, U. Zoeller. 187: MINCDR SPORTS lust this year two more sports, table tennis and wrestling, have been added to our athletic pro- gram. Because every boy should know how ta dei:-nd himself, Coach Thom teaches his gym classes all the holds and defenses in wrestling. The popularity ot table tennis rose rapidly during the last semester, and twenty entered the tourna- ment. lvlr. Stalker, a good player himself, pro- moted the contests. Charles Pearce won the singles with Richard Peterson runner-up, and the combination of Robert McNally and Richard Peterson finished on top in the doubles with Murray Fczrnsley and Ted lohn- son a close second. Cups were presented in assembly to the Winners. Next year they hope to have a table here at Senior High. Ping Pong Team: Richard Peterson, Charles Pearce, Murray Farnsley. Boxing Match: Dink Almon and Carl Howard. Wrestling: Iamcs Stewart and Victor Gunterman. Winners of lnter-School Ping Pong Match. GIRLS' ATHLETICS Todays high school girl is required to take one year of physical education before she graduates. In this course em- phasis is laid upon the development of good health habits, especially a good posture. She takes an active part in basketball, baseball, and hockey, and a little of volley ball, shuifleboard and dancing Muscles are taught to coordinate by climbing the rope, skinning the cat, head and hand stands and tumbling. Along with being a great deal ot pleasure, physical ed has contributed much to our health program. 489, Champion Basketball Team, Third Period Mary Cuzzort, First Period Second Period Seventh Period Hockey Tearn at rest, Stunts, Seventh Period Winifred Box Ieanne Bir . Sixth Period , Isabella Loebiq, Norma Roih, lst Period . Doris Weber,,First Period . Sixth Period . Second Period . Ruby Slattery, Seventh Period . Icy Strack, Second Period ll Mildred Dreyer Third Period Sevenih Period Seventh Period Irma Welch Lavonne Livingston Norma Batliner Ruth Beck lane Powell Lavonne Livingston ' Geraldine Wiqqs First Period Eva Gohmann. Marqarei Mary Zwiq-xtd Second Period , Second Period, fl BOOSTER Dear Diary: Boosters boast . . . to be only club . . . in school . . . open to students . . . oi a - qrades . . . girls and boys alike . . . who want to support . . . all activities . Dues are . . , fifteen cents a semester . . . and in turn are spent . . . for suits for the yell leaders . . . decorations for the qym . . . and football ti GROUP I FIRST ROW: Ieanne Kelley, lane Powell, Mary Stierstaedter, Nancy Ann Iackson, Wilma Duiiy Maralyn Davis, Martha Hadley, Mary Louise Fouqerousse, Secretaryflreasurer, Lucille Monihon, President, Betty Lou Lawson, Dorothy Werncke, Theodora Day. SECOND ROW: lean Baker, Norm Royse, Frances Farnsley, Mary L. Schultz, Doris Soerqel, Helen Knight, Frances McClain, Myrna Woodside, Io Ann Genunq, Florence Hubbuch. THIRD ROW: Richard Gander, Merrill Collins, lean Llewellyn, Marylea Hawkins, Betty Boaz, Katharine Frey, Mary Lee Keith, Harry Moore, lack Faith, Raymond Forste. FOURTH ROW: Billy Thornton, George C. Sherman, Delbert Bishop, lack Barnett, William Lee, lohn Dietrich, Iohn Hosier, Nelson Creamer. GROUP II FIRST ROW: Iuanita Morris, Ruth Zettel, Mary lane Rowley, Helen Duke, Iona Keman, Iewell Brown, Mary Io Trautrnan, Barbara Losson, Edith Harmon, Loretta Evelyn Hill, Aileen Budd. SECOND ROW: Virginia Daniel, Marjorie Erqanbriqht, Margaret Zwiqard, Ioan Hale, Nancy Montgomery, Ruth lacobs, Doris McDaniel, Mary Alice Luther, Elma Evans. THIRD ROW: Ethel Barnes, Rita Rudy, Marcia Creek, Mary Cuzzort, Anna Bush, Fleta Harp, Dorothy Wayne Murphy, Ruth Stone, Ioyce Murphy. FOURTH ROW: R. Lang, Richard Thomas, Dave Iordan, Gordon Thorn, Charles Bensinq, Bob Dean, Dave Needham, Charles Carpenter. a 4192, old . . . plus any CLUB 1 1-... other school event . . . that is . . . until the money runs out . . . Miss Green . . critic and pal . . . to all members . . . gives pep talk . , . to dues collectors . . Thanksgiving Day big event . . . for club decorators . . . as football field . . must be decked . . . for holiday crowd . . . but every one . . . has f Working together . . UD.. FIRST ROW: Marjorie Coons, Helen Guethe, Mariorie Eismcm, Dorothy Fay, Florence Genunq, Kathleen Kahl. SECOND ROW: Martha Leigh Sands, Margaret Coquerille, Gertrude We-inmann, Martha Steinert, Louise Doan. 4193, g I I ini Dear Diary: Basketball . . . baseball . , . hockey . . . volley ball . . . and tumbling . . . are all games . . . that G. A. C. girls specialize in . . . and the results . . are very favorable . . . Miss Board . . . is critic , . . and big sister to all . . . fixes everything . . . from hang nails . . . to sprained ankles , . . These twenty-tive girls . . . have all taken at least . . . two semesters of gym . , . A skating party . . . heads the list . . . oi entertainments . . . with fun tor everybody . . . except a few , . , who insist . . . upon skating . . . in a rather unusual manner . . . Swimming at the Henry Clay pool . . . and dancing in thc moonlight . . . at the Gingham Cottage . . . plus a hike . . . or two . . . complete the social calendar . . . Spring brings . . . warm weather . . . and baseball . . . teams are chosen . . . strikes are called . . , and one team . . . is victorious . . but all is in iun . . . no feelings are hurt . . . just one big . . . and happy family . . . FIRST ROW Dorothy Allen Rose Bailey Betty Belviy Ruth Belviy Norma Batliner SECOND ROW Winiired Box Margaret Chaney Marlyn Courtney Mary C. Crim Mildred Dreyer THIRD ROW Violet Dreyer Katherine Gray Mary Louise Haas Evelyn Johnson Valarie Kitterman FOURTH ROW Helen Kost Helen Knight Mary Catherine Leuthart LaVon Livingston lane Mclntosh FIFTH ROW Iune McCullough Mary Elizabeth Ulrich Margaret Reaaon Norma Roth Henrietta Ward Ruth Wilson 194, Introduced To Silver Goblets from Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee- Buili at New Albany 1091 Smbnerfs Hun Senior Annuol Sioli Founder of New Albany Wim Abner Scholorehip "Ne" cmd Nath ' l Scribner Senior Aoiiviiies Senior Honors ond Awords QI: DEBA l939's debate team deserves all the orchids it has been given this year. Ending its season with second place in the state contest it piled up forty-four wins and fifteen losses with nine in which there was no decision, Three of the first team are juniors and will be here next year. The senior, Ed Strother, won the state discussion contest at Bloomington. He is entitled to enter the national contest at Beverly Hills, California, and the whole team, because of placing second at North Manchester, will be allowed to compete in the debates. Of the nineteen people who debated this year two are seniors. May the seventeen who remain carry on as successfully as this year's team! Mr. and Mrs. Huckleberry The team at the door oi Manchester Colleqe James Mann, Victor Zink 496, TERS Dec. 8 ,A,,,,,.4,,w,,,w,, Male 9 ,,,,,.,,,, St. Xavier 15 ........,.,.,, Male Z0 ....,,,,,,,,,.... ...........,. S t. Xavier IGH. 12 ,,,,,,v.....................,,,,,,,,,.... Marenqo 17 .........V....VV...,,............,,,,,,.., Scotisburq l9 ....,...,,,, Rushville and North Vernon 21 .....VV ....... B loominqton Invitational Tourney 28 New Albany Interstate Conference Feb. 3 -letfersontown Invitational Tourney 9-10 ,,,.,,. ......,.......,,..........,...,...,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,, M ale 17 YYYYv.' ...Yv..v.v............,A,,,,,,,.....,.....,..., L exinqton 18 v...................... Carrollton 22 ............,.,,,,,,.............. Bedford 25 ........ Sectional Tournament 27 ...,.....,,................ St. Xavier MC!1'Ch 5 .................,,...,,.,, St. Xavier 9 ,........ Regional Tournament 10 ,,,,....... Rotary Club Discussion l4 ......, .....,, ......... K i Wanis Club Discussion 14 .'.......,,,,...................,,,,,. Shepherdsville April 1 ......,...,,,,,vv.............., State Tournament 18 ...St. Marks Brotherhood Discussion Edward Strother Ida Whittinqhill The Teamw- Ida Whittinqhill Victor Zink Mary Catherine Belcli Edward Stroiher James Mann Mr. Huckleberry i Q ANNUAL Mary Louise Fouqerousse lane Hermann Lucille Peterson Mary Louise Schultz Editor Editor Editor Art Editor FEATURE EDITOR Paul l acobi , ART STAFF Mary Louise Coons Mary Catherine Goeb Margaret Dyson Frances Farnsley Doris Micheal Boyd Farnsley Harold Utz Maryann Nance Rose Bailey Curtis Weber el PHOTOGRAPHER David lordan MOUNTING STAFF Mary Hornuna Martha Marlow Dolores Reynolds Mary Catherine Goebel Helen Kost Mary Louise Oeifinqer Betty Rucker TYPING STAFF Mary Louise Haas, Chairman Helen Almon Virginia Brooks Dewey Snyder Floretta Snyder Daniel Cannon. lunior Member 498, BUSINESS STAFF Cecil Patterson, Vice Robert Roby Victor Bogie Marcia Crook Elizabeth Davis Nancy Ann Iackson Evelyn Iohnson Iames Miller Betty Parsons Marybelle Patterson Nancy Roby Mary Ulrick Gertrude Weinmann Margaret Reaqon Gwynne O'Fallor1 Louis Bland Marie Cleveland Ruth Cureton Louis Hollis Mary Ann Nance Betty Iean Prosser George Schickel Virqinia Walter Ruth Alles Norma Viqar Vera Coqswell Chairman BOARD Andrew Best Virqinia Bitner lane Birk Marion Wreqe Business Manager Bookkeeper Assistant Chairman Chairman Mounting Committee Mounting Commitiee STAFF MEMBERS ir'-495 ' .XE A Q C H , s M. 'ii 1199: SCHOLARSHIP N's Lonq hours of porinq over books and burning the midnight oil are duly rewarded when during an assembly Mr. Katterjohn calls a pupil's name to come forward and get a scholarship To those students who receive them it sianifies a whole semester oi making "A" grades in at least four subjects-a task that is truly worthy of recognition. On April 2, Mr. Katterjohu called a special assembly to award the letters. One by one thirty students names were called, each one marching proudly down the aisle to finally receive the reward for their studiousness, The letters presented for hiqh scholastic standing are slightly different from those awarded for participation in athletics giving them a distinctive quality which sets them off from the rest. FIRST ROW lack Barnett Mary Katherine Bolch Betty Belviy Iane Birk Dorothy Byrn SECOND ROW Evelyn Conner Kenneth Crawford Glenn Dean Robert Dean Raymond Forste THIRD ROW Mary Louise Fouqeroussf Walter Gadient Maryln Genung Bernard Grube Kenneth Hay FOURTH ROW Iane Hermann Evelyn Iohnson Elizabeth McGauhy Patricia Newhouse Cecil Patterson FIFTH ROVV' Lucille Peterson Nancy Roby Mary Louise Schull? Dewey Snyder Jane Unclebach SIXTH ROW Dorothy Werncke Ida Whittinqhill Opal Williamson Euline Willis Marion Wrege 411001 Senior Activities EDGAR AKERS, IR.: Academic Boosters, II, III: Basketball. GEORGE ALDRICH: General :title Club III. RUTH VIRGINIA ALLES: Commercial Boosters II: Senior Annual Staff. HELEN ALMON: Commercial Boosters II, III, IV, Booster Represen- tative IV: Senior Annual Staff IV. RDBERT ANDERSON: Academic Boosters IV: N. Club IV: Basketball il, III, IV. EDWIN BAILEY: General ROSE BAILEY: General Girls Athletic Club: Operetta IV. ROBERT BAKER: Academic Booster II, III: Iournalism. CARL BASSHAM: General BETTY BELVIY: Commercial CHARLES BENSING: Academic Boosters II, III, IV, Representative III, IV: Track III, IV. ANDREW BEST: Academic Wrangler: Business Manager Senior Annual. ROBERT BIEL: Industrial Arts LAWRENCE BIR: Art IANE BIRK: Academic Speakers III, IV: Bel Canto IV: Ger- man Club III: Fighting Fifty, II. III: Boosters II, III, IV: Senior Scout Troop: Speakers Treas. III, Sec'y IV: Bel Canto Pres. IV: German Club Sec'y III: Senior Class Treas. IV: Mounting Staff: Iunior Reception III: Ieti Choral Festival: Commercial Contest: D. A. R. Historical Essays III: Psi Ote Short Story IV: Speaker- Vllrangler Xmas Play IV: Operetta IV: Speaker Pep Session IV: Schol- arship "N" II, III, IV. VIRGINIA BITNER: Commercial Senior Annual Staff: Property Man- ager in "Charley's Ariat". GORDON BLACKMAN: Industrial Arts LOUIS BLAND: Academic Wranglers II, III, IV, "N" Club III, IV: Fighting Fifty II, III: Boosters II, III, IV: Pres. of Wranglers IV: Foot- ball II, III, IV: Track III, IV: Speech Class IV: Mikado IV. JACK BOAZ: Industrial Arts Toxidermist II: Sun-Up. VICTOR BOGLE: General Wranglers III: Boosters II: Iournal- ism I, II. DOROTHY BOONE: Academic Sumter High School: London High School: Speakers IV: Bel Canto IV. ESTHER BREWSTER: Commercial Boosters: Senior Annual Staff. VIRGINIA LEE BROOKS: Commercial Boosters II, III: French III, IV: Pres. French Club IV: Paris in the Spring III. WILLIAM BROWN: Academic Boosters II, III: Football Il, III, IV. "'I'1IAM BURTH: Music Glee Club II: Boosters III, IV: Speech Play IV: Band II, III, IV. CREED BYRD: Academic Wranglers II, III, IV: Glee Club II, III, IV: Boosters III: Wranglers Pres. III: Glee Club Treas. III: Operetta II, III, IV: Wranglers Play III: Speaker Christmas Play IV. LIL, IAN CALHOON: General VJILTIAM CALHOON: Academic Band IV: Boosters II, III, IV. MARY IEAN CAPPER: Commercial Bel Canto III, IV: Boosters II, III: Capt. Baseball Team II: Operetta: Second Debate Team IV. LETTY SUE CARPENTER: Commercial G. A. A. I, II: Girls Reserve I: Glee Club I, II. HERMAN CHRISTIANSEN: Commercial Boosters II, III, IV: Drama Play IV. fr 101 v MARIE CLEVELAND: Commercial VERA COGSWELL: Commercial Latin III, IV: Boosters II, III, IV: Paris in the Spring III: Latin Club Pep Session III. MARY LOUISE COONS: Art Boosters II, III. MARCIA CREEK: Commercial Bel Canto III, IV: G. A. C. II, III: Bel Canto I, Pres. IV: Operetta IV: Public Speaking IV. MARY CATHERINE CRIM: Commercial G. A. C. III, IV: Boosters IV. VERNON EDWARD CRUMBO: Industrial Arts. "N" Club III, IV: Boosters II, III, IV: Football I, II: Basketball and Track III, IV. MILDRED CUNNINGHAM: Commercial Latin III, IV: Boosters II, III, IV: Latin Club Pep Session III: Senior Annual Staff IV. RUTH EILEEN CURETON: Commercial Minerva Il, III, IV: Minerva Treas. IV: Operetta III. IANE CUTLER: Commercial I' cn ini ll RUSSELL DANIEL: Academic ELIZABETH DAVIS: Home Economics Boosters ll, III. GLENN DEAN: Academic German Club III: Booster II: Ping Pong: Scholarship "N" II, III. HELEN DEMPSTER: Music Bel Canto II, III: Boosters II, III: Band II, III, IV: Taxidermist II, III: Operetta III. RUTH DENNY: Commercial IAMES DICKIVIAN: Academic HARRIET ELIZABETH DUKE: Academic Iesters II, III: Speakers III, IV: Boos- 1251 A R: i t MII ters II, III: Iesters Pres. IV: Iournalf ism IV. I-IERMAN DYER: Academic Boosters II, III: Bootball, Senior Class Play. Senior Activities MARGARET DYSON: General Boosters III, IV: Representative III, SARAH EAST: Academic MARY MARGARET ELLENBRAND: Home Economics RAYMOND ELLENBRAND: General Boosters III: Staqe Crew of Drama III. FREDA FABER: Home Economics LEENOR FAHEY: Commercial Commercial Contest III. BOYD FARNSLEY: Art FRANCES FARNSLEY: General Boosters II, III, IV: Chorus, IV: Oper- etta III, IV. ROSE EVELYN HALLER: Commercial Boosters II, III, IV, HONORA HAND: Commercial GILBERT ARTHUR HANKA: General Boosters I, II: Football I, II, III, IV: Track III, IV: Basketball I, II, GERALDINE HARBISON: General G, A. C, III: Baseball: Basketball. CONSTANCE IANE HERMANN: Academic Speakers II, III, IV: Iesters II: Fiaht- inq Fifty: Iournalism IV: President Speakers IV: Sec'y Iesters III: Vice- Pres. Fiqhtinq Fifty III: Iournalism Pep Session IV: Editorial Board HOBART IENSEN: Industrial Arts NORMA EVELYN IOHANTGEN: General Boosters II, III, IV: Bel Canto IV: Operetta IV. EDWARD C. IOHNSON: Academic Pina Ponq. EVELYN IOHNSON: Commercial Speakers III, IV: Girls Athletic Club II, III, IV: Boosters II, III: Pres. G. A. C. IV: Capt, Basketball Team III, IV: Cperetta III, IV: Speaker Christmas Play IV: Speaker Pep Session IV: Commercial Contest, IV. ROBERT KEITHLEY: Industrial Arts Track, BYRON KELLY: General MARY LOUISE FOUGEROUSSE: Academic Iesters II, III: Boosters II, III, IV: Fiqhtinq Fifty II, III: Speakers, Vice- Pres. and Student Critic III: Boosters III, IV, Sec'y and Treas.: Iournalism Pep Session IV: Editorial Board Senior Annual: Editor of Blotter IV: Iournalism Appreciation Show IV. WILLIAM FOX: General Boosters. MARYLN IANE GENUNG: Academic Boosters II, III, IV: French III, IV: Booster Representative II, IV. PAUL R. GINTHER: Music MARION GODECKER: General ANN ELIZABETH GOEBEL: Commercial MARY CATHERINE GOEBEL: Commercial Boosters III. PAUL GRAF: Commercial Boosters II, III, IV. BERNARD GRUBE: Academic Wranglers II, III. VICTOR GUNTERMAN: Industrial Rifle Club III: Baseball. MARY LOUISE HAAS: Commercial Fiahtina Fifty II, III: Iesters III: Speakers IV: Boosters II, III, IV: Senior Annual: Iournalism IV: Speak- er Pep Session: Iournalism Pep Ses- sion: Student Critic, Pres. Iesters: Pres. G, A. C.: Operetta III. Senior Annual: News Editor Blotter IV. LOUIS HOLLIS: Music Boosters III, IV: Band II, III, IV: "Sun-Up" HARVEY HOLLIS: Industrial Arts MARY CHRISTINE HORNUNG: Academic Presentation Academy, Louisville: Boosters II, III: Sodalitas Latina. ROBERT HOSIER: Industrial Arts 'WILLIAM HUFF: General MYRTLE IO IVY: Home Economics ROBERT LEE IACK: Academic German III: Boosters III. NANCY ANN IACKSON: Academic Iefiersonville Hiah School: Speakers III, IV: Bel Canto III, IV: French Club III, IV: Iesters III: Boosters II, III, IV: Treas. French Club III, IV: French Follies III. PAUL A. IACOBI: Industrial Arts LEONARD IENSEN: Industrial Arts Boosters II, III. 192 , ALMEDIA KIEL: Commercial Minerva III, IV: "Charley's Aunt". IACK KIEWIT: Academic Business Manager for "Charley's Aunt" IV. HELEN LOUISE KINGSLEY: Commercial Boosters II, IOYCE KLEIBER: General Booster II, III, IV, HELEN KNIGHT: Home Economics G, A. C. IV: Boosters II, III, IV. AUDREY MAXINE KOPP: Commercial Boosters II, Booster Alternate II: Paris in the Spring III. HELEN KOST: Commercial Boosters II, III: G. A. C. III: Operetta IV. IOE KOST: General ROBERT LANDIS: Industrial Arts Boosters II, III, IV. CHESTER LINDERMAN: Commercial Basketball: Track. MAXWELL LONGEST: Academic HELEN LOPP: Commercial IAMES D. LOPP: Industrial Arts Boosters III: Football III. RITA C. LOSSON: Commercial Boosters II, III, IV. CLAIRE LOUGHMILLER: Academic Boosters II: Track IV. Senior Activities LOUISE EMILY LUKEMEIER: Commercial Boosters II, III: Orchestra I, II, III: Chorus III, IV: Operetta III, IV. SARA MacFALL: Academic Bel Canto II, III, IV: French Club III, IV: Treas, III, IV Bel Canto: Operetta III, IV: French Club Pep Session: Bel Canto Pep Session Variety Show Choral Festival. MARTHA MAGNESS: General Boosters II, III: French Club II, III: Iesters III: G. A. C.: French Club Treas.: "Charley's Aunt". MARTHA MARLOW: Academic Speakers: Iesters II, III: Fighting Fifty II: Scouts III: Boosters II, III, IV: Public Speaking IV: Scholarship N: Iesters Treas. II: Sec'y I: Operetta IV: Orchestra II, III, IV: Iournalism IV: Variety Show II: Speaker Pep Session: Student Talent Show: Mad- ison Choral Festival: lunior Recep- tion III, IV: Mounting Staff. GERALD MCCARTY: Academic FRANCES MCCLAIN: Academic Edinburg High School: Boosters IV: Latin Club IV. BETTY RUTH McCUNE: General Boosters II, III, IV. DORIS MICHAELS: Art Boosters II, III: Operetta IV. IAMES H. MILLER: Academic RICHARD MILLER: Commercial Football III: Track IV. MARIORIE MILLION: Commercial Boosters III, IV. LUCILLE MONIHON: Home Economics lesters II, III: Bel Canto II, III, IV: Minerva II, III, IV: Boosters II, III, IV: Sec'y lesters II: Pres. Boosters III, IV: Operetta II, III. DOROTHEA MOORE: Academic French Club II, III, IV: Boosters II, III: Rep. IV: Sec'y of French Club: French Club Pep Session: Variety Show. OLWEN MOSIER: Home Economics Boosters I. EDGAR MULLINGS: Industrial Arts Boosters I, II, III: Grade School Bas- ketball Coach. IOI-IN W. MURPHY: Industrial Arts Boosters II. MARYANN NANCE: Academic Glee Club I, II, III: left High: Library Club I, II: Student Council III: Broad- casting Club III: Bel Canto IV: Sec'y Broadcasting Club Operetta III: Choral Festival III, IV: Carnival IV: Bel Canto Pep Session. MARY FRANCES NAVILLE: Commercial IAMES O'CONNOR: General Rifle III. WILLIAM O'CONNOR: Academic MARY LOUISE OEFFINGER: Commercial Boosters II, III. GWYNNE O'FALLON: Academic EDNA ORME: Commercial ,I EEL X, Sl I' XNFIHZ . , l If ' ID P ' C5 SAMUEL OSOFFSKY: Academic Boosters III, IV: Representative IV: Track II, IV. MILDRED OWENS: Music Boosters II, III: Operetta IV: Orches- tra. DAN PARR: Academic ELIZABETH PARSONS: Commercial G. A. C. II: Taxidermist I: Boosters II, III, IV: Senior Annual Staff IV: Vice-Pres. of G. A. C. ROBERT PARSONS: Industrial CECIL PATTERSON: Academic Journalism Staff. MARY BELLE PATTERSON: Home Economics Boosters II, III: Iournalism. CLIFFORD PEERS: General LUCILLE PETERSON: Academic Speakers II, III, IV: G. A. C. II, III: Iesters II, III: French III, IV: Boosters II, III: lournalism IV: Speakers Vice- Pres. IV: French Vice-Pres. IV: les- ters Treas. IV: Iournalism IV: News 1103: Editor, French Club Presentation "Paris in the Spring": Speaker Pep Session: Iournalisrn Pep Session: Variety Show: Scholarship N. BETTY IEAN PROSSER: Commercial IAMES B. RAHNER: General MARTHA RAVERTY: Commercial PATRICIA RAVERTY: Commercial Boosters II. MARGARET REAGON: Commercial G. A. C. III, IV: Booster II, III, IV: Pres. of G. A. C. III, Vice-Pres. IV: Business Staff Senior Annual IV: Public Speaking III. THELMA REDMAN: Commercial Boosters II: Public Speaking Play IV. GEORGE REEVES: Academic Boosters II, III: Representative III. DOLORES REYNOLDS: General Boosters II, III: Mounting Staff Senior Annual IV: Operetta IV. ELLEN RHODES: Commercial NANCY ROBY: Academic Speaker IV: French III, IV: Minerva IV. ROBERT ROBY: Academic Wranglers II, III, IV: Boosters II, III, IV: Fighting Fifty III: lunior Optim' ist IV: Speech Class Play "Charley's Aunt" IV: Debating III: Wranglers Treas. III. IOI-IN RICHARD RODGERS: Commercial RICI-IARD CARL ROGERS: Academic Boosters II, III, IV: Representative: Senior Class Play. BETTY RUCKER: Academic Senior Activities Iournalisrn: Property Manager III. ROBERT RUE: Academic French Club III, IV: Boosters II, III, IV: Iournalism I: Football III, IV: Track III, IV: "Charley's Aunt". CHARLES M. RUTER, Commercial MARTHA LEIGH SANDS: Academic Boosters II, III, IV: Operetta IV: Orchestra I, II, III, IV. DON SAYLOR: Commercial Iournalism IV: Boosters II, III: Bas- ketball. EDWIN SCHARF: Academic Vtfranglers III, IV: Boosters II, III, IV. GEORGE SCHICKEL: Academic Wranglers II, III, IV: Boosters Il: Fighting Fifty III: Iunior Optimist IV: Pres. Wranglers III: Speech Play IV: Debating III. MARY ANN SCI-IMITT: General MARY LOUISE SCHULTZ: Academic Bel Canto II, III, IV: Boosters II, III, IV: Art Editor on Senior Annual Staff: Operetta III, IV: Iefiersonville Choral Festival: Madison Choral Festival. OLIVENE SHEWMAKER: Academic Iournalism IV: Iournalism Pep Ses- sion: Boosters II, III, IV. ROSALIE SHIVEL: Commercial Boosters II. DORIS LUCILLE SMITH: Commercial Boosters II, III. IANE SMITH: Commercial Minerva: Boosters II, III, IV. DEWEY SNYDER: Commercial Commercial Team IV. FLORETTA SNYDER: Commercial Commercial Contest. MARVIN STEWART: Commercial Boosters II, III. EARL STILLER: Academic Boosters II. ELBERT STONE: Industrial Arts ORVILLE STONE: Academic Wranglers III: Boosters II, III, IV. EDWARD STROTHER: Academic Wranglers II, III: Boosters II, III: Glee Club II, III: Pres. Wranglers III: Debate, Discussion Contest: Foot- ball I: Operetta III, IV. PHILIP SUMNER: Industrial Arts Boosters. ELIZABETH THORNTON: Academic Minerva IV: Fighting Fifty II: Boos- ters II, III: Variety Show III. MARY ELIZABETH ULRICK: Home Economics Minerva Club III, IV: G. A. C. III, IV: Vice Pres. Minerva IV: Treas. G. A. C. IV: Drama IV. IANE UNCLEBACH: Commercial Booster II: Commercial Contest III, lV. 1 F eil- - :Q 3.1- HAROLD UTZ: Industrial Arts Boosters II. NORMAN LOUIS VERON: Industrial Arts Boosters. NORMA VIGAR: Commercial Boosters II, III, IV: Representative III. VIRGINIA M. WALTER: Academic Latin Club III: Boosters II, III. IV. CURTIS WEBER: Music Boosters II, III, IV. GERTRUDE VVEINMANN: Commercial IAMES WEINMANN: Industrial Arts VJILMA MARY WELCH: Commercial Minerva III, IV: G. A. C. III. CLYDE F. WELLS: Commercial Boosters II, III, IV: Drama II. 1104: EDWARD WELZ: Indutsrial Arts GLADYS WHEAT: Commercial Booster II, III. VINCENT WI-IITEMAN: General Boosters II. ROBERT T. WILCOX: General OPAL WILLIAMSON: Academic Speakers III, IV: Speaker Play III: Orchestra II, III. IV. SYLVIA EULINE WILLIS: Academic Boosters II, III, IV. GERALDINE WILSON: Commercial RUTH WILSON: Commercial Minerva II, III, IV: G. A. C. II, III. IV: Boosters II: Treas. Minerva: Minerva Pep Session II. GORDON WOLFE: General Boosters II, III, IV: French Club III: Football 2 years. MARION WREGE: Academic Bel Canto II, III, IV: Speakers III, IV: Iesters II, III: Fighting Fifty II, III: Boosters II, III, IV: German Club III: Madison Choral Festival III: Ieff Choral Festival IV: Iunior ReceDiiOH III, IV: Honorable Mention on D. A. R. Historical Essay: Pres. Bel Canto III: Treas. Bel Canto IV: Sec'y Speakers IV: Pres. Speakers IV: Treas. Iunior Class III: Sec'y Senior Class IV: Speaker Pep Session: Senior Annual Staff: Senior Scovt Troop: D. A. R. Medal: Operetta III, IV: Student Talent Show III: Speak- er-Wrangler Xmas Play IV: Scholar' ship N II, III, IV: Debate Team II. GENETTA WYMAN: Academic Pekin High School: Boosters: Dra- matic Club at Pekin II: Operetta II, III. HERMAN ZELLER: Industrial Arts ROBERT ZOELLER: Academic Senior Activities ZAFFA K. BROWNING: Academic Halleck Hall, Louisville I, II: Boos- ters, III: Iournalisrn IV. VICTOR COOMES: Academic Glee Club II, III, IV: Band: Operetta III, IV. ALFDRD B. DEAN: General Boosters IV: Booster Representative IV. HARRY DER O'HANIAN: Commercial Boosters III, IV: N Club III: Football II, III: Student Manager IV. GEORGIA H. ELLENBRAND: Academic OLIVE FRAKES: Commercial Minerva IV: Boosters III, IV: Boos- ter Representative. WILI IAM G. GRAY: Commercial Boosters II, III, IV. GEORGE HAGAN: General Iunior Rifle Club IV. CHARLES HAMMETTz General LEONA M. HENSON: Academic French Club III, IV: Boosters II, III. IV. GEOFFREY W. KENYON: Academic German Club IV. VALERIA ARDITH KITTERMAN: Academic French Club III, IV: G. A. C. II, III, IV: Boosters II, III: French Club Pres.: G. A. C, Treas. ROBERT R, LEIST: General N Club IV: Boosters II, III, IV: Art Club II: Student Manager II, III, IV: Sun-Up IV. HENRY LIPPS: General Boys Glee Club II, IV: Iournalism: Robin Hood: Sun-Up. RUBY M, LOWELL: General EDWIN McNAMARA: Commercial Boys Glee Club II, III: Boosters II, III: Operetta II: Band II, III, IV: Orchestra II, III. MARGIE E. MASON: General CHARLES MERTZ: Academic Iournalism IV: Feature Editor IV. EARNEST CLIFFORD MEYER: Academic French Club III, IV: Football. LAWRENCE MOCK: Music Boys' Glee Club Sec'y: Boosters II, Rep. III, IV: Band II, III, IV: Oper- etta III: Variety Show III: Circus III: Orchestra II, III, IV. ROBERT E. MOSER: General Boosters II, III, IV. MARY HELEN MOULD: Music G. A. C. MARY PEEVEY: General BETTYE PIERSON: General Minerva: Boosters II, III: Iournalism Pep Session: Minerva Pep Session: Growing Pains, IEWELL RECTOR: General Minerva II, III, Pres. IV: Fighting Fifty: Boosters III, Sec'y IV: Make-up Manager in Growing Pains. IOHN RILEY: Commercial HERSCHEL RUSSELL: General Boosters IV. -105, VICTOR SHUMAN: General Boosters IV: Student Manager. CATHERINE SMITH: General Boosters II. EARL C. SMITH: General Industrial Arts Guild III: Maid in Iapan III. GEDRGE E. SMITH: Commercial Boys' Glee Club III, Treas. IV: Fight- ing Fifty: Operetta IV. VINCENT STEMLE: Music Band II, III, IV: Orchestra II, III, IV. EDGAR H. SUNDERHAUS: General Growing Pains, IV. EDWARD UMBREIT: .Academic Boosters: Growing Pains. FRANK I. WARTH: General Boosters II, III, IV. RUTH LOUISE WEBER: General RUTH A. WEST: General Minerva Sec'y II, Pres. III, IV: Boos- ters II, III, IV: Growing Pains IV: Paris in the Spring IV: Minerva Pep Session III. EVERETT E, VVHEAT: General ROY WILLIAMS: General IANE ELIZABETH WOLF: Academic Boosters III: Orchestra III, IV, NETTIE WOLFE: Academic Boosters IV. CHARLES E. YOUNG: Academic Winner, American Legion Citizen- ship Award. LUCILLE YOUNG: General Salem High School I, II, III. Congratulates Winners Edward Strother, winner Indiana State Discussion League: will compete in National Speech Tournament at Beverly Hills, California. Robert Roby, first prize for essay on Arnericanism, contest sponsored by the Iunior Board of Trade. Ida Whittinqhill, Iunior Class, second prize for essay on Americanism, sponsored by lunior Board of Trade. lane Birk, Kiwanis Scholarship Award, Second Prize, Psi Iota Xi Short Story con-test. Betty Rucker, first prize, Psi Iota Xi Short Story contest. Marion Wreqeg D, A. R. Medal. Kiwanis Scholarship Award. Opal Williamson, American Legion Citizenship Award. Robert Zoeller, Appointment to Annapolis. Kiwanis Scholarship Award. American Legion Citizenship Award. Lucille Peterson, Kiwanis Scholarship Award. Georqe Schickel, Rector Scholarship, DePauw University. X 3'4i3 . 5.1 431, 4 ,. ' f , , ,,,.. , ' ' 1 . xfszsazz g 2 T' 'FL m ,AM wr , 'Q Ax if 3,1 f fu lla , :. A jim l l f 'ff-uf 3'-"J Q 1 'i2'g" 1 I K ' 1 , , "'12"f'5.l4" J A M ' , " V I' ' fl' '1 fil "wif V .. ., ', iv ff If ' f W ., v 5? " f F. iij 'if lr S1147 ' 5 . in . , ' ig, ,Q V, ' Q gm, K, , E, lv - 't ! 4 EW-f, ,' L ,e ' , ff ' ff x i I ,,. L f 1 g , , I' f a A ' V K fi, ff! sf. HF ff".,- W .- ' 7 ,j- - ' 'A Q 4 'iff' b ' A g '- L- 1 h' ,, ' . fbzfaj A l,i,,,,-I ' L' M gy .kai w Administration ,,,,,. Board .....,...,, City Superintendent Principal ,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,, Advertisements .... The Records Page 7 7 9 ,,,..,,l09 Assembly Programs .,,.... ......... l 0, 42, 74 Beginning ....... Calendar ...... Dedication .,,,..., Departments ....... Bible ......... Business Training . Classes ., .... ,, Contests ...... English ,,,,,,,,, Classes ....... lournalism .,,.,, Plays .... Speakers .... Wranglers ...... Fine Arts ,,.,,, Art .,., Music ....... Band ,,,,,,,,. Bel Canto ......., Classes .....,.. Contests .,,,,, Operetta .,,, Orchestra ...... Home Economics Classes ...... ..,..,,.lU9 4 .....,32 Page Minerva Club .,... .......,. 7 U Languages ,,,,,, .,,...... 5 Z Classes ..i,,,. ,.,,,.... 5 2 French Club ...,,. ........ 5 4 Latin Club ,,,,,,. ......... 5 6 Library ,.... ...,, 7 2 Mathematics ,,..,., YYY.Y.A-- 5 3 Mechanical Arts ,..... YYYYYYYAY 5 5 Natural Sciences ...... VYVV..... 6 U Physical Training ..,.,,. ..'vv...- 7 5 Basketball ....., ......... 3 l Boosters' Club ..... .....v,,, 9 Z Football ......, ......... 7 5 G. A. C .,.,,,,,.. .....vv.Y 9 4 Girls' Activities ,,,,... ..,,..... 8 9 Minor Sports ...... .v..Yv,., 8 3 Track ,,,,....,., .Y,V.,Y,, 8 5 Public Speaking ...... ,..i...,, 9 6 Social Sciences ..... --------- 5 2 Ending ,... ------ .124 Greetings .........,,,.. ------, 1 23 Grantland Rice Prominent Alumni Historical Pictures ...... .'YYY---Y 9 5 Scenes Here and There ........ ..'.--'YY 5 7 Scholarship N Winners .......... ....... 1 00 School Custodians ..,.,, i. ......, 107 Senior Classes ......, ,........ 1 3 Mid-Year May Senior Activities ,,,,,, ,,,v.v. 1 U1 Senior Blotter Staff ..... ......VVV 9 8 Underclassmen .....,. ...,.,. . A27 1531 X :Haw rf! x X. .,.w+ - v, x Q , lxak it 'lg i f Q. .L i1 - ll ii .......,, Gig, ililflblk, 2 F3 dlfffflflflfl u l1f3 11 M : WW 'HW ii' mmm' 14,11 'A fm H2221 'F " " uunuuumuum ' . 1 :Juni WUI WI Ayumnlnunnlulg 'rv.'w 1 uw 4 "www Nfww'23Q'I 4 lu vm yilifl Z!! IQNNIWINHWI Hulllllflllllllly Q-Lifwuxxnlx Wm: annum xx!! Q A' GYV R, M 1 , I g'x .AX , ,K X .gxliiu X Q X X X xxxw x Y X X . mxxxx QQQ1. Nll ,,A aLl -L. X 1 IS Xia , - -5 ', I Standard and Portable ROYAL TYPEWBITEBS Qf9j'YE9d.d9 I21'111t1119- Q111126111 l33 E. Spring St. OFFICE APPLIANCES FOUNTAIN PENS Kodaks and Movie Cameras A Bigger and Better HELMAN'S, Inc. For All Sportswear Coats, Suits and Dresses Pearl and Market SEPTEMBER Another school year begins. Inaugurate football season by de- feating Seymour I2-O. Another win-Anchorage 26-O. In thrilling game outscored St. X I2-7. OCTOBER Bosse walks over us 34-O. Motion pictures during lunch periods. Conquer Male I4-13. Mr. Williams, Alaskan dog man, speaks in assembly. Central wins I3-6. U. S. Marine Band, led by Capt. Taylor Branson, gives two per- formances in gymnasium. , Schulz Coal Co. Hospltal Pharmacy Mm., Om.. Monon Yard 808 Pearl St. E 7th 6. Spring New Albany, Ind. Telephone 414-415 Phones 283-SIUU "lust Call-That's All" Pennsylvania Yard East l5th and Main Telephone 27862787 A. RASMUSSEN Sz SONS "Flowers For All Occasions" Telegraph Service To All Out-of-town Points ENDRIS 81 SON lEWELERS New Albany High School's Official lewelers Class Rings and Pins-Quality lewelers I. O. ENDRIS SI SON 320 Pearl Street Compliments of William's Bakery Bakers of the Best Things ll5 E. Market New Albany, lnd. Compliments of Zapp's Dairy Graf Auto Company 322-Z5-27 Vincennes St. Distributors of DODGE AND PLYMOUTH BEll3i.3gYBU1LDtNGBeggs GENERAL CONTRACTOR Phone l086 Zl4 Washington Place 25 Blotter appreciation show. 28 Vincennes defeats us 26-6. NOVEMBER 4 Pep session for Manual game. 5 Carnival nets 5500.00 for band uniforms. Manual swamps us 63-0. 7 Chesapeake and Ohio motion pictures. 8 Divorce cases in civics-not granted. l0 Ten meh speak for "Old Grad reunion . ll Armistice Day. Journalists journey to lndianap- olis for convention. Win over Bloomington 14-7. l5 Assembly-review of song pic- tures from Carnival. l'7 Speech class play, "Sun-up". l8 Speech ll class attends drama convention at Bloomington. 20 Students broadcast over WGRC. 22 Safety talk by Director of State Traffic, H. L. Mayers. 23 Iournalism pep session. Speaker baskets distributed. 24 Thanksqivinq treat-N. A. 26- Princeton O. Old Grad Reunion. 29 First aid talk by Mr. L. E. Herndon. DECEMBER 2 Oli to a bad start in basketball- Reitz 33-N. A. 26. 3 We redeem ourselves Princeton 24-N. A. 58. 6 W. S. Lane of Indiana State Em- ployment Service advises stu- dents. 7 Moving pictures of Hawaii. 9 N. A. 21-Central 13. I0 N. A. 35-Columbus 2l. I2 Kathryn Tourney Garten book re- view-sponsored by Psi Iota Xi. I4 Minerva Club pep sessionf speeches by Ietfersonville stu- dents. Ieit 24-N. A. l7. THE BAKER Co Printed and Bound the Senior Blotter "THANKS" Compliments of Emery Ice Cream Co Phone l905 550 Beharrell Ave New Albany, Ind. Always "WITH YOU IN MIND" QUALITY SERVICE STYLE We Extend Our Compliments Wwwiraur. HOUSE SOUTHERN INDIANA'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE Pearl Street New Albany Compliments ot PURITY MAID IT'S A FACT! You Can Buy for Less at I-IUFFlS 15 Mr. Leo Long, Hoosier poet, enter' tains students with Diversified Poetry. 16 Vincennes whips us 38-14. 20 Presentation of football letters. 21 Speakers present Miss Kirk's play, "Not This Year". Christmas holidays begin. 22 N. A. 34-Corydon 17. 27 Minerva Club enjoys party at Country Club. IANUARY 5 Bell and Howell motion pictures during lunch periods. 12 Seymour 28-N. A. 24. 13 We conquer Male 52-33. 18 Mid-year graduates' farewell ban- guet. 19 Commencement. 20 Mitchell 29-N. A. 21. 21 Bloomington 29-N. A. 23. 23 Second semester starts with 1,018 enrollment. 26 Bosse 36-N. A. 35. Compliments of TI-IE FLCDYD COUNTY FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSCJCIATION George A. Kraft Elmer H. Dieckman George 1. Shrader The Seabrook Company Thos. L. Mullineaux Compliments of the Home Transit Company The Best is None too Good for You That's Why the GRAND THEATER Leads in the Best of Pictures cmd the Utmost in Comfort F. SHIRLEY WILCOX, Mgr. 27 Washington 23-N. A. 22. 28 Interstate Debate Tourney. 31 Blotter student talent show. FEBRUARY l Bel Canto pep session. N. A. 35-left 28. 3 Debate With Lexington. N. A. 31-Salem 27. 6, 7, 8 Speech Clinic 9 Marion Wrege chosen for D. A. R. medal. lO South Side Ft. Wayne 45-N. A. 32. l4, l5 "The Mikado". l7 Eight Ball Club pep session. N. A. 64-Linton l7. 22 Abe Lincoln motion picture. 24 Moving picture on the study of optometry. Hammond 41-N. A. 34. 25 New Albany celebrates century mark. AFTER HIGH SCHOOL A thorough business training offers the surest and most direct route to profitable employment. At HSPENCERIANH you will be taught: lncome taxation, bookkeeping, and accounting by a Certified Public Accountant. Shorthand by teachers with many years of experience. Typewriting by the trainer of three state champions. Visit our school and class rooms and discuss your plans with us. SPENCERIAN COMMERCIAL SCHOOL 8l3-819 South First Street LOUISVILLE, KY. -ll3: YOUNG PEOPLE ARE IN DEMAND We have placed graduates from New Albany High School in positions and they have been promoted according to their ability. Opportunities are opening regularly for young people in beginning business positions. Students like our new location, modern equipment and standard courses. Clark College was the first institution in this territory to teach GREGG SHORT- HAND. Visit-Phone-or Write for information. Qi Qafpififefpe fiijhm Zaufjwzif KY fnraipofurm Third and Walnut Louisville, Ky. WAbash 2663 MARCH l Blotter sing session. 2 Speaker pep session. 3, 4 Sectional tournament at Ieffer- sonville-New Albany, winner. 8 D. R. C.-ebhart presents Peabody College Orchestra and Chorus. 9 Victor R. Griffin, an Australian, speaks in assembly. 22 lndiana University Band thrills school children. 25 Commercial contest at Clinton. 28 Mrs. Beard's activity class gives a play about applying for a job. 29 Band displays new uniforms. 3l French Club dance, APRIL l Debaters enter finals at North Manchester. Win second place. School placed second in commer- cial contest at Danville. 5 Barrett High School Band. 6 Muncie commercial contest. When You Think of Stokers Think of Anchor ANCHOR STOVE 8: RANGE CO. 9 Easter-Sunset service on Buerk Field sponsored by lnter-Church Youth Council. KARL L. FENGER lO Blotter celebrates thirty-third an- niversary with lcanquet. HARDWARE 13 U. S. Society cf Zcoloqy exhibi- tion. Ed. Strother Wins State Discussion Vincennes and Market League Contest. "Pooch" Pearce wins pina pong l0UfHUmeI1l- 2l8 Pearl Street l4 Commercial contest at Danvillc. 20 Speech class play, "Charley's Aunt". 21 Basketball letters and Scholarship McDona1d's Drug Stcre N's awarded. 25 Repeat performance of "Charley's Market Street Aunt" for public. 25 Corydcn defeats us in our first Bgtween Pearl and State track meet. 28 Choral festival at Madison. North Side of Plgzq 29 Speaker Dinner. Fifth place in S. l. A. C. track meet at Evansville. ALBANY' After Graduation What? THE LOUISVILLE COLLEGE OF PHARMACY lnstituted l87O lnCOr100fCIT9Cl 1873 Offers a four year professional course with Bachelor cf Science in Phar- macy degree. Practical and theoretical training under experienced instructors. Only those really in earnest accepted. A graduate of a four year Pharmacy course has many fields open besides Pharmacy. For details and prospectus, address the dean G. L. CURRY lO4 W. Chestnut St. Louisville, KY. Joseph G. Ewing PRINTING MAY 147 EUS, Mum 10 New Albany wins track meet. ll lla Whittinqhill wins Wranqler HOME FURNITURE Cup cwest' l3 Minerva Dinner. State and Main Streets l5 lane Guthrie piano recital. I I 22, 23 Senior Class Play, "You Can't B-ld-Cue Stud-10 Take uwuh You". PHOTOGRAPHER 24 Senior Day. to the SENIOR BLOTTER lunior Reception. 28 Baccalaureate. Irion SI Wolf 29 Bel camo Tea. l3l East Spring Street 31 Graduation' SLIDER, Inc. Phones 2603-2604-3009 NEW ALBANY, INDIANA Coal and Coke Sand and Gravel Cement and Lime Plaster and Brick ..116, DE SOTO PLYMOUTH TRINKLE MOTOR SALES Always the Best in Used Cars Phone 212 Market at 15th St. PACKARD INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS THE WHITE TAVERN NANCE FLGRAL Bank and 'Market Streets F wers for All Occasions Home Steam Laundry E efywhefe 139 East Main Street P 412 1301 Sp q Compliments of MUTUAL TRUST AND DEPOSIT CO. "Congratulations, Graduates!" K 117 r l Compliments of THE CULLEN COMPANY SILVER GROVE ICE CREAM Phones 32l cmd l283 623 Indiana Avenue L. Thorn and Sons Complirnenis ol 223 Stcrte WOOLWORTH'S This space is much too smoll io hold all our good wishes Boaz Bedding and . , Furniture Co. Compliments oi S ' d S'l L.. I. Shracler Lumber Img Cm wer Compliments of Incorporated A FRIEND New Albany Business College Since l856 A SCHOOL OF HIGHER BUSINESS EDUCATION Phone 795-GOI Elsby Building R. A. Wooldridqe, Pres.-Deon Ieffries, Sec.-Treos. 118 IOHN BREECE VENEER CO. A Friend You Can Depend Upon Schmitt Furniture Company QUALITY OUTFITTERS 110 W. Market Main Entrance Smart Clothing Hats-Accessories lohn B. Mitchell "Ouality Apparel tor Men" 312 Pearl Street CONGRATULATIONS SEN IORS! Kaiser's Tobacco Store Barth's Bakery Deatrick Service Garage Paris Beauty Salon New Albany Steam Laundry Frank Zoeller I. K. Burke l.anq's Confectionery Robert Pteifer Edwin G. Burd Abrom's Style Shop I. B. News Stand C. C. Brown G Son Iohn C. Riely F. W. Woolworth New Albany Paint Mart Budd Service Station Brock Bros. Concrete Erick Works Alva F, Hand Walk's Drug Store Rissler's Service Station Northside Garage 41119, LOUISVILLE TIN Sz STCVE COMPANY Progress Since I888 Ranges - Cook Stoves St Heating Stoves When in the Market ask your Furniture or Hardware Dealer for Terms and Prices Progress Refrigerators Sz Ice Chests are Best See Your Ice Mon fo ormciion Now. . .In College . . .and Later. . . Proper Lighting for Eye Protection Good habits in eye protection should be formed early. Start to give thought and atten- tion to better lighting in school days . . . aid continue through life with better vision. Eye-strain, nervousness and possible permanent impairment ot your precious eyesight can be brought on by poor lighting. Be sure that when you study, read, or work, you have scientifically correct illumination. We'll be glad to show you at our ottice. PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA tt 121 . uccessful experience have provided with sufficient equipment adequate us e onnel, and ample resources to render ependable service as artists and makers OUND managerial policies and long, 8 . rs . fine printing plates. That you will he cure from chance. is ourfirst promise. AHN 8: OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 7 Wu! Wlshingkon Blvd., - Chicago, Illinois In the foreground' Ft. Dearborn re-erected in Grant Park on Chicago's lake front. Illustration by Jahn fr,Ollier Arr Studios 41221 W. E. Shacklett Co. Q, "J ENGRAVERS l625 Portland Ave l..ou1sv1lle Ky rw . 6 GRANTLAND RIC Cornplrmenls of SILVER SPRINGS E. L. Minscholl M. C. Harmon GREETINGS FROM "GRADS" Eleanor Stoy Anderson Ruth Borkenheirn Belch Moy Perrine Conner Irvin Fleischer Lucille I-loupt Almyrcr Ryoll McCormick Rosemary Redens Dr. I-Iolrry Voyles l 3 We're parting now And in a momenfs pause of final words Our happy visit ends. Distance comes between us And we pause aqain io cast a backward glance And wave our last farewell, Then turn to a new and different world As yei unknown to us And we are qrieved but glad, PAUL IACOEI l Doris Michaels f-' -su.. ..,...,.--....4- ---- v- A,.-.vf-- -...V-x-.Y,,,.-...,- A A , . A AV ,,, . AA ,m.Y,,,.,A----. ,V .,,--,1...V---- --.. V,A....,,, 5 -.goat 5.-4--Ag, 'L....x. -unulkv W i ,., .- iA......." - -- 5 A : ' N A Nx X ': X M r1 .Afn-,AfeAag"QfffA N X X Xi XXX 'w':'5?f fx 2-rg X X X N -B' ' All A k , f ,A K A -VA ,QIJIQQQ "':"z'?ff 1 1 A A. ' 457' ,A I 1 t- ' - A-5 K5 ' f 5 bl ' f '-'jfQ,,....,..A-1-""- ' ' ,A :A, ff' 153115: 'Q A ' x . K A ftfwglj 'V I 2' ,Juv 1 . 1, -- , f . wffx J 5:5 uv wi . ff ff' A V LAM ' ' U-1-ral!! W1 X 1 .- 5 -Q 1: E551-'54'!" A f , - 7,1 KE ' if 1. Q f!lQY!".'U-'ill' 1351 4 A ' ' , ,' f 'l1.llAli1,1,1. In T, ' r-11? I ' ' 'f-l I!w'q-elim' V! Fckfp-I f'1'v'f'J F' !'m'i EW? ru HA f .....,....... 3.33" Q V ff ,A , f"""v""""" ',, V4 vf ffm . 45' vs, 1- A ' A ' 1 W2 ' A 'L-?,.- MW A . x 'l " f v' A .-.Q J A- '- X .-FE1 Q X :" I X1 'i' A ef V f lf ' 'YC -- 1 ' F-4 --F ll' I .wk '-.J - t I 'H H-31 ga! -.1 K! gil! - 5.4 1- A 1 - - '1 . .AA ffi A14 A, , A-f',1'Jv'A Hgfu vi l,U'j.r-LA L fxx wp A 4 1 A 5 4 A JN I Pl.: .4 : , . A,-3 I f f5'iVi'MW"fV Q A if M' f ,L " Tia I S I 459

Suggestions in the New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) collection:

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