New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN)

 - Class of 1937

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New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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-'L V v . , 4 4 1 W, gf ' JJ ,' ,Q " v'N Z 4 f ,T la , 3 5 iff? KL -4221.14 Z me 1 1 2112-4-X V ." vg, , - f f : xv 215 " 3 H 'I-ji.. f f P33 3534? V, 5 , x x ' ., ,, fwvx A " A '--,154 ffm, 4-,Nada 140' Q fl!!'d'x-Hill: 1:41 E, , 'ff ,M L' V R13 R ""'-"M-'m"mr', , ' xufx ., ,M . , " AE-, 5 ' fx 'Wm , ' V A A ,f -Q ,f 1 J-2-iQ 4. . f f ' x 1 f "4 ' ' D QL 39? xg 9 f ,,, P N- 'fun ywwu' M 9ym-Cq'9 ! ia MHr7 SENIOR BLOTTER 1937 S PUBLISHED BY Senior Class SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL New Albany, Indiana AWARDS N X fmn X First Class Honor Rating 193 39 34935 Columbia Scholastic Press Association First Class Honor Rating 1935 Mary June Montgomery EDITOR Edward Donahoe BUSINESS MANAGER 553 'L' S X Q " E 0 Ill umm' 5 J U NIO RS N A H S 'F' HIGHQOW loaf- GROYNB R AcuL1'Y 'N SOPHS HARGE-D i M3451 gufPLlE5 . SsND,'5i,AT f Snemaig EVACUATE t g - t ' A digheet The Rising of the Tide A blotter can't stop a flood . . . it isn't big enough . . . neither can a flood stop a Blotter . . . it isn't big enough . . . one tried hard enough . . . and slightly retarded us, we admit . . , but to prove we bear the 1937 deluge no malice . . . we've used it for our theme . . . our challenge . . . our inspiration . . . our alibi . . . We present to you . . . the tide of our schoolfdays . . . ever rising and increasing . . . until, as Seniors, we gain its heights . . . Mj.M, and M.F.M. The Flighf DEDICATION To Miss Nelle Homrighouse . . . who has in the past . . . and is still . . . so generously contributing . . . her time and energy . . . toward the successful publication . . . of the Senior Blotter . . . do we . . . the graduating Seniors . . . dedicate the 1937 Annual. M.J.M. 7"l'l'I 'VH 'I 2-Q11 '1 1 4 MR. FRANK CLIPP President, 19354938 Board of Educafion MR. OSCAR BADER Treasurer, 19344938 DR. P. H. SCHOEN Secretary, 19364939 AL , ,Q QE . Wgmffff ME, 33 '15 i o wax y? 'S , 4 d f? fi , , f . il 5 ' 32 Q f ' 'difi 'f 3" - 'X . F X Q ,,,,- g 1. 1 fp 1 ,VH-, . K A- gigrlgl in' . 3 fgif' , lf., 1 i Q Q V S2 I ,yi , L 1' 53 1 ., -H V L T ,.g- , , R Lm C. B. MCLINN Superinfendenf C. C. KATTERJOHN Principal Violet Haupt FACULTY Miss NAOMI KIRK English MR, ALAN HUCKLEBERRY Public Speaking Miss KATHRYN MURRAY Home Economics Mn. C1-1A11LEs MCCONNELL Miss LEOTA Rusk Social Science Social Science l Miss HELEN GREEN Miss EDNA WATSON English English and Social Science Miss THELMA HUNTSINGER Mas. jnssuz MCCLURE BEARD English English and Music GUR MR. BERTRAM HECKEL Miss ADA GROH Music Librarian Mxss HELEN SPRINGER MR. HOW'ARD XVYNE Social Science French MR. I. HARDIN THOMAS Miss NELLE HOMRIGHOUSE Social Science Art MRS. IRMA PRITZ Latin and French Miss ETELKA ROCKENBACH Latin and German DAILY MR. EDWIN KAHL Mathematics MR. ALBERT KOEHLER Mathematics Miss GRACE HARPER MR. D. D. FINLEY Commercial Chemistiy and Physics Miss RUBY WELLS Miss LENA BOARD Mathematics Physical Education MR. KENNETH COFFIN MR. ALEC T1-10M Commercial Physical Education BROADCASTERS MR. E. I, DAFEERN Miss .ALINDA WIDMAN Industrial Arts Cafeteria Management MR. ALBERT GELBACH MR, LAWRENCE ROSE Printing Chemistry and Biology Miss BELLE GENUNG MR. HUGH TOXVNSEND Home Economics Biology if K L. , Miss RUTH Ewmc Bible MR. RICHARD CLARK Atliletics, Publicity Manager Miss FREDA LANG Secretary ,-fn' ' fig . .. w 'fn V-sc. 'fl r r "i N '.' f 1ff'f-XWW , .1-5. 4 ., 'sv s.. , ' X P, 1 N -,M if X: fifnffl, . I 5 .1 ,VW VH 53-N xr , O w .,-, 3 Q ' 2 I . r Q fs 'ga ' Z 43,5 ls , lk ,: ' 5 fx ' Q ' 'M 'S 1 'N 'fl 'Vn' Vi: V 9 779 ' -4 Every Dey Scenes 1. Foods Class 7. Sewing, Frances Carpenter 2. Art ClassfOutdo0rs 8. Rehearsal of Wrangler Play 3. Sewing 9. Mr. Koehler in Second Hand Store 4. Mr.. Coffin takes his contestants into 10. Mr. DeLotel, Mr. Schmitt, Mr. Lambert Mam Hall V 11. Curl Bassham's work in Taxidermv 5' seamstress, lane Smlfh ll, Mr. Luette and Mr. Lon 6. Cicero Class 14 Irma Owen . XY V Y, J! . A I W ,ti E i r' I -WEP, Y 1 i 02315 1 'il is 3. . 91 am 134 1 aa : I I ' V Q " I ' " kA"' ' ff 'A , 'F A ' 'X , V I f 'Tai y 3 may , We 'iles I 3 , J - I 1 ' Leia ' ' li . ILL as I3.anr I .B 'V a a a .. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MID f YEAR SPRING Nagmi Landis ,,,, ,,..... . Pres. james Strother .,.. .,,,,,,.,,,, P res, Charles Roy ,,,..,. ,,..... V icefPres. Kathryn Ellis ..... ....,,.... V ice-Pres, Thelma Kenyon ,,w,,,,,,,,. Sec.f'I'reas. Edward Rouck ....... ,,,,,,,,,, S ee, Mr, Huckleberry .,..... ,..... . CritiC DOf0thy JHCOIJS ....... ,......... T reas. Miss Helen Green .............Critics Mr. Richard Clark COLORS COLORS Brown and Gold Brown and White SENIOR CLUBS' OFFICERS GIRLS BOYS Jean Fawcett ...,...,.,................ Pres. James Hardin ,,,.,,,,,,,.,,....,,.,.... Pres Martha Jean Bunger ..,... V icefPres. George T. Myers ........,Y VieefPres. Georgia Metcalf .,.......... Sec.fTreas. Bud Penn ,................,,, Sec.fTreas, Top Row LEON CURTIS ADAMS Commercial URBAN ALLEN "U1lJey" Playing Cards General JUNE BLUNK ' Swimming Home Economics VENITA EBERHARDT Sewing General KATHERINE C. EVANS Basketball Commercial MINNIE GOODMAN "Mirmef' Reading Commercial SENIOR CLASS JANUARY 23, i936 Bottom Row MARGARET -IOHANTGEN UP5gg5'H Swimming Academic THELMA KENYON Music Commercial MARGARET KIST ..MaTg,. Dancing JOSEPH KNABLE aloe., General NAOMI F. LANDIS HNGPPNH Golf Commercial MARY LENFERT "Eliz" Hiking Home Economics QL! A H gm' 5 H S, in N 5-li if V, ,V V .. xiii ff 2 ii ' I '.' , ' hp" Y, l I . -il xy 8' :Q if va ,Q m , . W I r 1 , 0,-. In 1 . -4 A rx . NYG . N 41 , . ,, r 11, ', "' 2 21 " v"-:QU , ff W' ' 'L fmff - ' w 5 N " 7 v , - xl 1 ' gkwl' X , .- , Q t T H ' Lf ' j 'A' I f- A: . - . S, ,- fi f. ' ' Y 4. Z Vi D ex , xi , 5' ' 5 e . 'rv ' X '13 A l ,Y . , ,i f 3 ff f A Top Row DON MCDONALD "lN1c'Tavisl1l' Boring Other People Commercial EDITH MILLER "Eadie" Dancing Commercial MARY LOUISE NICHOLSON Hiking Home Economics 5 Mi F' We ' 22 umrgii 'SX -Ve ' ' 'Ii :f A X A r ,, f 5 5, , ,r ie , I "" 4 ai 'Y 3, L . ,' i .i-Q. 4 Middle Row KATHRYNE ROBERTS "Kate" Dancing Home Economics CHARLES L. ROY "Brick" Academic EVA IUANITA SEBURN "Nita" Music Academic Bottom Row ROBERT SHINE General ALDEN SPENCER General MILLARD WRIGHT General No Pictures I LOIS DELLINGER LEONA GRAFF XVILMA WOLF 17 Senior Class, May 28, IQ37 Tap Row Bottom Row CHARLES ADAMS CHARLES BAXTER "Spike, LEWIS FREDERICK General AALLEJJ JAMES BAXTER Bud Radio FlYlng General ELIZABETH JANE ALBERT ALLGAIER BEAUCOND Academic DiViHg Academic ROY ATKINS MILDRED BECK General "Becky" Reading NINA MAYE BADGER Commercial A'TiT13'H RITA BECK Skating "Kit" Commercial Smgmg Commercial THoMAs A, BAILEY MARGARET SYLVIA HT ,, BERRY I Of' qeffy Singing 1-Peggy, General Swimming Top Row JOHN VJ. BIRD "Fish" Hunting General JEROME BISCOPINK Uferryy' Grade School B. B. Coaching General NORMAN FRANCIS BLASDEL "Bud" Sports Academic GLADDEN G. BOAZ Printing General MIRIAM BOCARD "Munn Dancing Academic MARION A, BOSTOCK Botany Dates General Bottom Row THOMAS BOX K"l'ommy" Basketball Academic EMMETT J. BOYLAN "Buzz" Dancing Academic GEORGE BRIGHT Athletics-Baseball Commercial SUE BUCHHEIT Knitting Commercial MARTHA JEAN BUNGER 'AButch" Horseback Riding Academic GOLDA BUNNELL "Dianie" Hiking Commercial Top Row DOROTHY BUSALD "Basie" Dancing Academic CHARLES CHRISTIAN "Kris" Eating General JEAN CONDRA "Sis" Dancing General ROBERT CONNER "Bob" Beer Bottles Academic FRANCES ANTHONY COPLER "Frank" Golf General ESTHER V. CORY "Corky, Exploring, Hiking General Miadle Row JAN ET CREEK alann Boring Academic JOHN McDONALD CROXALL Academic JAYN E CROZIER Ufanien Dancing Academic CHESTER CRUMBO "Chef, Track Academic TOM CUMMINGS 'A'Tom-Tom" Singing Bass Commercial LUCILLE DAVIS "Davie" Walks Academic Bottom Row DOROTHY ANN DAY "Dot" General NORMA DOAN "Doanic" Photography General EDWARD DONAHOE "Eddie" Fencing General JAMES DUVALL "J1mmy" Commercial JACK DYER Academic KATHRYN ELLIS ..Kay,, Reading Academic iv Top Row JANE EN GLEMAN ,Been Swimming, Dancing General VERALYNN ERGANBRIGHT 'Ergiel' Driving a Car Academic MARY LGUISE ETTEL "Lou" Swimming General VENETA FABER "Little Bit' Swimming Commercial JEAN FAWCETT Hunting Academic LOIS ALMA FENWICK i'Sammic', Horseback Riding Academic Bottom Row Top Row JANE LOUISE FERRELL MARK GOHMANN "Lodi Eating Reading Academic Commercial CHARLES WILLIAM MARY ELIZABETH GRAF FINDT MGM" "Bm" Dancing Golf Commercial Academic BERTHA GRANTZ LOUISE FOREMAN ..Bi1die,. SUROOKIH Commercial wimming Afademlc JOHN GUETHE, JR. ELIZABETH FORWARD A-J0l1'r1nie" "Libby" Aeronautics Playing Bass Fiddle General General MARGARET GERDON JESSE ,LEE HALL --MaTg-i Swimming Dancing Commercial Commercial GERALDINE GILES JAMES HARDIN "Gerry "Bunker" Hunting Football Commercial Academic Bottom Row ALVIN HARMON General JAMES D. HARTFIELD "Bud" Baseball General VIOLET HAUPT .Vin Hunting Academic GILBERT HECKEL HOFFMAN "Gil" Automobiles General ANNA LOUISE HOLZ "Ann" Swimming General MILLICENT JACKSON "Millie" Reading Commercial Top Row DOROTHY JACOBS "Dot" Dancing General VJILMA KAHOE "Willie" Roller Skating General FORREST KEACH "Keacl1y" Miscellaneous General LENNE KEITHLEY "Bing" Singing Commercial WILBUR KING Art KENNETH KLEER Academic Middle Row RUTH KLINSTIVER "Ruthie" Swimming Commercial BERNARD KNABLE "Wienee" Sports Commercial THEODORE MARVIN KUPFERER ..Kup,, Academic MILDRED LANG Reading General HAROLD LEIDOLF Picture Shows General CHARLES LOEBIG General Bottom Row ROSAMOND LOESCH "Rosie" Hiking and Knitting Commercial KENNETH PAUL LOPP A'Ken'l Swimming Academic WILAMAE LOSCH "Willie" Swimming Commercial FELIX LOSSON "Greasy" Aviation Academic EDWARD LOTTICH "Bud" Snapshots, Golf Academic AILEEN LU SH Music, Talking Academic 'Top Row CHARLES LUTHER Pool Academic BERTHA JANE LYNCH Basketball General VIOLET MCCAFFREY "Macl' Boating Commercial MILDRED McCUTCHAN "Cutcl1" Skating Industrial ETHEL MQDANIEL 'lMaCl' Dancing Academic FREDA MCGOVERN Commercial Bottom Row Top Row Bottom Row PATRICIA McGRATH JEAN MILLION STANLEY MOSER UPGUNU "Jeanie" 'ISPWV' Dancing Photography Sport? General I Industrial Commercial MARY FRANCES GEORGIA METCALF I MURPHY Horseback Riding JUANITA MISS "Susie" Academic llN55t5il Roller Skating M L I Baseball Academic E V EOIVIEYER Commercial GEORGE THOMAS Bud MYERS Swimming ORION L. MOCK HG' T-' Academic Amateur Radio Radio , Academic KERMIT MICHEL Commercial CARL A. NAVILLE A d ' A Ca me HOMER MONEY ShOAngjOrk IUANITA PEARL MILLER Academic P . U V U Industrial Nm' MARY JUNE VUILLIAM NICHOLSON Skating MONTGOMERY 'IBIIV' General Sailing S1301-t5 A Academic General SAM MAURICE MILLER OHARLOTTE M. NOON Hsam Y ETHELYN MORTON K'Noon" SWimmif'l3'. "Peo.cl1ie" Football General Skating Commercial Top Row BONNIE O'BRYAN 'iSl1m" Basketball Commercial LEONARD OENBRINK "B1'i11k,' Loafin' General JOHN C. OLDAKER njacki, Golf Academic IRMA OWEN Hiking General MARY PARRISH Baseball Commercial MARY R. PARSONS "Pa1sy" Sports Commercial Middle Row ALBERT H, PAYTON "Bruno" Basketball General FRED PENN Reporting Academic GLENN PERKINS "Perkiel' Commercial GEORGE PLUE Sports and Drawing Commercial DORIS ADELE PRITZ lKP7lifZliel, Boring Academic INIARILEE JEANNE PRITZ Academic Bottom Row HELEN PROBERT "Miss New Albanyl' Knitting Academic AUDRA FRANCES QUEBBEMAN Swimming General MARY MARTHA RAABA "Mary Mart!! Driving General ELLA REISERT Commercial ALICE RICE "Rios" Driving Commercial RITA RICKE "'I'icke" Swimming Home Economics Top Row ALBERT ROBB "Max" Tap Dancing Commercial ROBERT ROTH 'Bob" Radio Commercial EDVJARD ROUCK "Eddie" Commercial WILBUR ROUTH ..Wig,, Radio General ROY ROWE ..Nick., General KENNETH ROY Industrial Bottom Row CLEOPHA RUDY .Coen Dancing Commercial BETTY SALM Dogs Academic HELEN SCHARF K'Sl1o1'Lie" Swimming Commercial MELVIN SCHULZ "Rod11ey" Golf Academic IMELDA SCHUTTE "Scliutte'l Dancing General ESTHER SCHWENDER 'iEst" Swimming General Top Row SAM SCOTT 'Sami' Fishing Commercial HELEN SHAW "Bunny" Bicycling General MARGARET SLATTERY "Pat" Swimming Commercial CHARLES SPARKS uCl'LLlTlCj'Y Music Academic ETHEL SPRIGLER t'Spng" Swimming Commercial CLARA STAFFORD i'I'Ieclqie" Reading Commercial Bottom Row DOROTHY M. STEINERT "Dot" Dancing General PATRICIA STEM "Pat" Knitting Academic MARJORIE STEVJART "Stew" Knitting Home Economics CLARENCE STI LLER Commercial IDA MAE STOCKSDALE Llpllfldoii Swimming Commercial CAROLINE STRASSEL "Caro" Horseback Riding Top Row JAMES STROTHER Air Conditioning Academic LOUIS G. SUMNER "Louie', Radio Academic GENEVA SUNDERHAUS "Gen" Hiking General HERMAN TIMPERMAN "Pete" Swimming Academic MARY ELIZABETH TRIBBEY "Sis" General ELWOOD TRINKLE General Middle Row GARRETT TYLER Whistling General LOUIS UTRECHT "Lou'l HitchfHiking General NORMA PAULINE UTZ "Polly" Skating Commercial BERNEICE WADE "Bee" Drawing Commercial NVAYNE VVAGONER ..Wag., Dancing Academic NORBERT WARTH "Wardie', Eating Commercial Bottom Row MELVIN JOSEPH WEBER r.Web',, Commercial EDWARD JOHN VJEINMANN Basketball Commercial PAUL M. WELCH "I-fish" Swimming General RUTH E. WHEATLEY "'I'head" Hiking General VIOLET WILLIAMS ..Vi,, Hiking Academic MARY ALICE WILSON "Tex" Tennis Academic NOT GRADUATED CHARLES ADAMS CAROLINE STRASSEL Top Row BERTHA WOLFE "Bertie" Hiking Commercial EWELL WOLFE Guns General NELSON WOLFE Academic LUCINDA WYZARD Alcihddli Dancing General 3511 Bottom Row ROY YENOWINE "Dave" Drawing General ELIZABETH ZIPP nzippu Dancing Commercial DAVID ZOELLER "Da11e'l Homirig Pigeons Academic JOHN CHARLES ZURSCHMIEDE Hack" Tennis Commercial zmuriam V I ALICE JOYCE KREUTZER Born March 29, 1919 Died April 15, 1936 A member of the Senior Class URBAN ALLEN Fighting Fifty 4. JUNE BLUNK Boosters 2, 3, 4, Rep. 3: German VicefPres.: Jesters 4: Student Council 3: Taxidermy 3: Jr. Ref ception Melodrama: Dem. Rally Public Sp. Play: Jester Pep Ses' sion, VENITA EBERHARDT Boosters 2. KATHERINE C. EVANS Jr. Reception '36. MINNIE GOODMAN Boosters 3: Tri Bi 3, 4. MARGARET JOHANTGEN Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Boosters 3, 4. THELMA KENYON Boosters. NAOMI F. LANDIS Boosters 2, 3, 4: Jesters 4: Min' erva 2, 3. Pres. 3: Speakers 3, 4, Treas. 4: TrifBi 3, 4, Vice' Pres. 3: Student Council 3: Jr. Reception Melodrama: Speaker Xmas Play: Minerva Pep Sesf sion: Speaker Pep Session: Jester Pep Session. MARY LENFERT Boosters. DON McDONALD Student Mgr. Athletics 2. EDITH MILLER TrifBi 3, 4, VicefPres,: Boosters: G. A. C.: Operetta 2. KATHRYNE ROBERTS Boosters 3, 4: Dem. Rally 4. CHARLES L. ROY Football: Track: Sec.fTreas. Sr. Class. EVA JUANITA SEBURN Bel Canto: Speakers 4: Boosters 2: Operetta 2, 3: Dem. Rally: German Club. LEWIS FREDERICK ALLEN Art Club, Pres. 3, 4: Boosters Rep. 2: Student Mgr. Athletics Z, 3, 4: IntrafMural B, B.: Blot' ter Staff: Sr. Annual Art Ed.: Student Council 2: Tercentenary Celebration: Jr. Rec. 3, 4. 'o"':iX 2-Q A ' - . .J 1 SENIOR NINA MAYE BADGER Boosters 2, 4. THOMAS A. BAILEY Boosters, Rep.: Glee Club: Oper' Etta. JAMES BAXTER Boosters. CHARLES BAXTER Art Club '36: Boys' Glee Club '34: NfClub '35: Golf 4, 5: Grade School Coach 4, 5, 6: Ref' eree Games in Grade School '37. ELIZABETH JANE BEAUCOND Art Club: Boosters, Rep. 2: G. A. C. 2, 3, Sec. Z, 3: Sr. An' nual Staff. MILDRED BECK Main St. Ben, Vaudeville. MARGARET SYLVIA BERRY iJeff.J Latin Club 3: Press Association Pres., Sec. JOHN W. BIRD Boosters 2, 3, 4: Taxidermist 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3. JEROME BISCOPINK Boosters 2, 3, 4: Taxidermist 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3. NORMAN FRANCIS BLASDEL Boosters 3, 4. GLADDEN G. BOAZ Boosters 3, 4: Centennial Z. MIRIAM BOCARD Boosters 2, 3, 4: Bel Canto Z, 3, 4: Jesters 3, 4, Sec. 4: Speakers 2, 3, 4: St. Critic 3: Operetta 2, 3: Democratic Rally 4: Tercenf tenary 2: Jr. Reception: Jester Pep Session 4: Sr. Annual Staff: Speaker Pep Session 3, 4. MARION A. BOSTOCK Boosters Z, 3, 4: Basketball: Track. THOMAS BOX Boosters 2, 3, 4. EMMETT J. BOYLAN Boosters 2, 3: Football 3, 4. , .N as GEORGE BRIGHT Grade School B. B. Coach. SUE BUCHHEIT Boosters Z, 4: Jesters Z, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Treas. 4: Minerva Pep Session 3: Speaker Pep Session 3, 4: Jester Pep Session 3. MARTHA JEAN BUNGER Boosters 2, 3, 4: Bel Canto 2, 3, 4: Jesters 3, 4, Pres. 4: St. Critic 4, Treas. 3: Speakers Z, 3, 4, St. Critic 4: Republican Rally: Op' eretta Z, 3: Jr. Reception: Delef gate to I. H. S. P. A.: Pub. Sp, Play 4: Jester Play 3: Sr. Annual Staff: Tercentenary: Speaker Pep Session 3, 4: Jester Pep Session 4: Journalism. GOLDA BUNNELL Boosters 4: Operetta Z, DOROTHY BUSALD Speakers 3, 4: Scholarship N: Jr. Reception. CHARLES CHRISTIAN Art Club 3, 4: VicefPres. 4: Boosters 2, 3, 4, Rep. 3, 4: Sr. Annual Staff. JEAN CONDRA Boosters 2, 3, 4: G. A. C. 4. ROBERT CONNER Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Treas. 3: Wranglers 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4: Football 3, 4: Track 2, 4. ESTHER V. CORY Boosters 2, 3, 4: Taxidermist 3. JANET CREEK Booster Rep. 4: Jesters 3, 4: Minerva 4: Jester Play: Tercenf tenary: Latin Club Pep Session 2. JOHN MCDONALD CROXALL Boosters 2, 3, 4: Fighting Fifty 4: Wranglers 3, 4, VicefPres. 4. JANE CROZIER Boosters 2, 3, 4: Rep. 3: Taxi' dermist 3: Operetta 2, Tercenf tenary 2: Latin Pep Session 2: Annual Staff: Geometry Conf test '36. 0. . fb 'QW' Q. ' sa' : g'4el. 1 'Es x "T 45:2 TOM CUMMINGS Boosters Z, 3, LUCILLE DAVIS Boosters Rep. 2: Bel Canto 2. 3, 4, Treas. 4: Speakers 3, 4, Sec. 4: Operetta 3: Tercentenary 2: Speaker Pep Session 4: Latin Club Pep Session 3: Jr. Recep- tion. DOROTHY ANN DAY Boosters: Bel Canto Z, 3, 4: Op' eretta 2, 4. NORMA DOAN Art Club 3: Boosters 4. EDWARD D. DONAHOE Boosters 2, 3, 4: Fighting Fifty 4: DX 2: Band: Feature Editor Blotter: Tercentenary Z: Pol. Rally 4: Public Speaking Play 4: Business Mgr. Sr. Annual: Track 2, 3, 4: Grade School B. B. Coach: Sports Editor Sr. Annual. JACK DYER Boosters 2, 3, 4. KATHRYN ELLIS Boosters 2, 3, 4: Bel Canto 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4. Sec. 4: Fighting Fifty 4: Speakers 3, 4, Treas. 4: Jr. Class VicefPres.: Operetta 2, 3: Scholarship N.: VicefPres. Sr. Class. JANE ENGLEMAN Boosters 2, 3: Minerva 3, 4. VERALYNN ERGANBRIGHT Booster Rep, 2, 3: German Club: Jesters 3, 4: Latin Club 3, 4, Treas. 4: Speakers 3, 4: Jr. Ref ception Melodrama: Jester Pep Session: Business Mgr, Blotter: Latin Pep Session: Tercentenary v MARY LOUISE ETTEL QJeff.j Sr, Annual Staff: Commercial 3: Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, 3: Sodalitas La' Lina. VENETA FABER Boosters Z, 3: Operetta 2: Jr. Reception. JEAN FAXV CETT Art Club, Boosters: Bel Canto: Jesters: Speakers 2, 3, 4: Oper' CIE8. HEROES LOIS ALMA FENWICK Art Club 4: Boosters 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Tercentenary: Operetta Z: Fighting Fifty. JANE LOUISE FERRELL Booster 2, 3, 4. CHARLES WILLIAM FINDT Fighting Fifty 4. LOUISE FOREMAN Boosters 2, 3, 4: G, A. C. 4: Speakers: Taxidermist 3, 4, Treas. 4: Operetta 2: Annual Staff: Jr, Reception: Speaker Pep Session 4: Main St. Ben. Vaudeville: Scholarship N: La' tin Club Pep Session 2: Geo' metry Contest '36. ELIZABETH FORWARD Boosters 2, 3, 4, Rep. 2: Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra Z, 3, 4: Jr. Reception. MARGARET GERDON Boosters 2, 3, 4: G. A. C. 2, 3, 4: VicefPres. Minerva 4: Speak' ers: Jester's Play 3: Operetta 2, 3: Tercentenary, GERALDINE GILES Boosters Z, 3, 4: Bel Canto 2, 3, 4: Jesters 2, 3, 4: VicefPres. 43 Treas. 4: Speakers Z, 3, 4: Jestf er's Play 3: Operetta 2, 3: Ter' centenary. MARK GOHMANN Jr. Reception: Chorus Queen, MARY ELIZABETH GRAF Boosters Z, 3, 4: G.A.C. Z: Tri' Bi 3: Operetta Z: Latin Pep Sesf sion: Jr. Reception. BERTHA GRANTZ Boosters. JOHN GUETHE, JR. Boosters, JESSIE LEE HALL Boosters 2, 3, 4. JAMES HARDIN Boosters 2, 3, Rep. 3: Jr. Rec. Pres. Jr. Class: Football: Basket' ball: Track: Golf: Scholarship N 1, 3, 4. JAMES EDWIN HARTFIELD Boosters 2, 3, 4 Journalism: Foot' ball 1, 2. VIOLET HAUPT Art Club 4: Boosters: Speakers 2, 3, 4. GILBERT HECKEL HOFFMAN Boosters 2, 3, 4: Journalism: Sr. Annual Staff: Jr. Recep. Coni- mittee. ANNA LOUISE HOLZ Boosters 2, 3, 4: German Club 3, 4, Treas. 3: Jesters 3, 4: Sr. Annual Staff, Jr. Reception, MILLICENT JACKSON Boosters 2, 3, 4: Booster Rep,- Jr. Reception, Annual Staff. DOROTHY JACOBS Boosters Z, 3, 4: Sec.fTreas, 4: G. A. C. 4: Speakers 3, 4: Taxi' dermist 3, 4, Sec. 4: Sec, Jr. Class: Tercentenary: Speakers Pep Session: Annual Staff: Dan' ville Commercial Contest: Perf sonality Contest, 6th Placej Treas. of Sr. Class, WILMA KAHOE Boosters 2, 3, 4: Minerva 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Jr. Reception. FORREST KEACH Boosters 2. LENNE KEITHLEY Art Club 4: Boosters 3, 4: Glee Club 4. RUTH KLINSTIVER Boosters Z, 3, BERNARD KNABLE Art Club 4: Boosters 2, 3: Rep. 2, 4: Taxidermist 4: Journalism: Student Mgr. Athletics 2, 3, 4: Track: Tercentenary 2: Jr. Rec. MARVIN KUPFERER Band and Orchestra. MILDRED LOUISE LANG German Club 4: Sr. Annual Staff: Boosters. ROSAMOND LOESCH Boosters 2: Jr, Reception: Scholf arship N. KENNETH PAUL LOPP Football I, 2, 3, 4. 0 D I Xi. 0 x I 1155 UID X 5 V 5 JJJ',miJlii'Xfy,Jlf3yn .-dn-rwrimhuumnll N 41 'lLlv1l0l'H rl1niilll1 WILAMAE LOSCH TrifBi 3: Sr. Annual Bookkcepf er: State Commercial Contest 3: Tri'State Contest 4. FELIX LOSSON Boosters 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: S. R. S.: Football 3, 4: Operetta 3: Journalism: Jr. Recep. Pa' geant: Sr. Annual Staff. EDVJARD LOTTICH Tercentenary: Boosters 2, 3, 4: Rep. 2: Journalism. AILEEN LUSH Bel Canto 3, 4: Jesters 3, 4: So' dalitas Latina 3, 4: Operetta '36: Jesters Pep Session, CHARLES LUTHER Boosters 2, 3, 4: Fighting Fifty 4, Pres. 4. BERTHA JANE LYNCH 4125.7 Sr. Annual Staff: Girl Reserve l, Z, 3, 4, Pres. Club 4: Com' mercial Club 4: Basketball: Boosf ters. VIOLET McCAFFREY Boosters 2, 3, 4: TrifBi 3: St. Council 2: Scholarship N: Dan' ville Commercial Contest: Mun' cie Contest. ETHEL MCCUTCHEON Boosters: Tercentenary. ETHEL McDANIEI. Speakers: Latin Club Censor: G. A. C. Pres.: Annual Staff: Boosters 3, 4: Jr. Recep. 3: La' tin Club Pep Session: Speakers Pep Session: Operetta: Scholar' ship N 4, 5. FREDA McGOVERN Boosters Z, 3, 4: Jesters 3, 4: Operetta 2. PATRICIA MCGRATH Boosters Z, 4: G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Operetta 2, Tercentenary: Democratic Rally: Jr. Recep.: Main St. Ben. Vaudef ville: Sr. Annual Staff. GEORGIA METCALF Boosters Rep. 4: G. A. C. Z. 3, 4: Pres. 4, Sec. 4: Speakers 4: Taxidermist 4: Debating 4: Speaker Pep Session: Public Speaking Play: Republican Rale ly: Scholarship N. :nr -1 -I V tg-H, v 'X , 'J J 3 R AND MELVIN MEYER Boosters 2, 3, 4: German Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Taxidermist 3, 4: Sr. Annual Staff: Jr. Recep. KERMIT MICHEL German Club 4, JUANITA PEARL MILLER Boosters 4: Sr. Annual Staff, SAM MAURICE MILLER Booster Rep. 3. JEAN KATHERINE MILLION Boosters 4: Jr. Reception: Dan' ville Commercial Contest: Si. Annual Staff: Personal Inter- views: City Government. JUANITA MISSI Boosters Z, 4: Operetta 3: Main St, Ben. Vaudeville: Jr. Recep. ORION L. MOCK Boosters: TrifB1: Tercentenary. MARY JUNE MONTGOMERY Boosters 3, 4, Rep. 4: Fighting Fifty 4: Jesters 3, 4: Soclalitas Latina 3, 4: Consul 4: Editorfinf Chief of Blotter: Editorfin'Cl1ief Sr. Annual: Scholarship N: Iviain St, Ben. Vaudeville: Rep. Rally: Jr. Rccep. Melodrama: Speaker Pep Session: Jester Pep Session: Delegate to I.H.S.P.A. German Club: Sr. Class Play. ETHELYN MORTON Boosters 2, 3, 4, MARY FRANCES MURPHY Boosters Rep. 4: Fighting Fifty 4: Jesters 3, 4: Sodalitas Latina 3, 4, Consul 4: Speakers: Latin Club Pep Session: Speaker Pep Session 4: Rep. Rally: Jester Pep Session 4: D. A. R. Medal 4: Wrangler Cup Contest 2, 3: Jr. Reception Melodrama: Sectional and Regional Winner of Discus' sion League: Sr, Annual Staff. GEORGE THOMAS MYERS Boosters 2, 3, 4: Fighting Fifty 4: Glee Club 4: Football 3: Track Z, 3: Jr. Recep.: Sr. An' nual Staff, VJILLIAM NICH OLSON Journalism. 2.4 X I SGRP1 CHARLOTTE M, NOON Boosters 2, 3, 4. BONNIE O'BRYAN Boosters 3: G. A. C. 2, 3, 4: Commercial Contests. LEONARD OENBRINK Boosters. JOHN C. OLDAKER Fighting Fifty 4: Tercentenary. IRMA OWEN Art Club 3, 4: Boosters 3, 4: Jr, Reception: Sr. Annual Staff. MARY PARRISH Boosters 2, 3, 4: Main St. Ben. Vaudeville: Jr. Reception. MARY R. PARSONS Boosters Z, 3, 4: Commercial Contest. ALBERT H. PAYTON Boosters 3, 4: S,R.S., Pres. 3, Sec. 3: Basketball 3, 4: Track: Rep, Rally: Public Speaking Ra- dio Program. FRED PENN Boosters: Glee Club: Main St. Ben. Vaudeville. GLENN PERKINS Basketball: Track: Golf. GEORGE PLUE Boosters 2, 4, DORIS ADELE PRITZ Boosters 4: Fighting Fifty 4: Jesters 3, 4: Operetta 3: Jester Plays 4: G.A.C. MARILEE JEANNE PRITZ Boosters: Bel Canto Z, 3, 4: Jesters 2, 3, 4: Speakers Z, 3, 4: Ter-centenary: Operetta 2, 3, 4: Wrangler Cup Contest: Xmas Play: Main St. Ben, Vaudeville: Speaker Pep Session: Jester Pep. Session. HELEN PROBERT Boosters: Bel Canto 3, 4: Fight' ing Fifty 4: Jesters 3, 4: Ter' centenary: Sr. Annual Staff. AUDRA FRANCES QUEBBEMAN Boosters 2, 3, 4, Rep. 2: G.A.C. Z, 3, 4, Treas. 4: Sr, Annual Staff. MARY MARTHA RAABA Boosters 2, 3, 4, Fighting Fifty 4, Minerva 2, 3, 4, Pub. Speak- ing Play 43 Operetta 2, 3, Ter- centenary 2, Minerva Pep Ses- sion 2, 3, Ir. Recep., Sr. Annual Staff. ELLA LORENA REISERT Boosters 4. ALICE RICE Boosters 2, 3, 4. RITA RICKE Boosters 2, 3, 4: Bel Canto 3, 4, Operetta 3: Sr. Annual Staff- Tercentenary, Ir. Recep. Pro- gram. AL ROBB Tercentenary, Main St. Ben. Vaudeville. EDWARD ROUCK Boosters 2: Tri-Bi 3, Danville Commercial Contest: Muncie Contest, Sec. of Sr. Class. ROY ROWE Journalism. CLEOPHA RUDY Boosters 2. 3, 4. BETTY SALM Boosters 2, 4, lesters 3, 4, Pres. 3, Sec. 4, Speakers 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4, Operetta 2, Speaker Pep Session 3, 4, Jester Pep Session 4, Tercentenary 2, Sr. Annual Staff. HELEN SCHARF Boosters 2, 3, 4, Rep. 3. MELVIN L. SCHULZ Boosters, Football 3, 4. IMELDA SCHUTTE Boosters 2, 3, 4. ESTHER SCHWENDER Boosters 2, 4, German 4, Miner- va 4, Ir. Recep., Sr. Annual Staff. SAM SCOTT Taxidermist 3, Grade School B. B. Coach. I-IEROINES CHARLES SPARKS Boosters 3, 4, Pianist, Ir. Recep. Program. ETHEL SPRIGLER Art Club 3, 4, G. A. C. 2. 3, Treas. 2, Sr. Annual Staff, Ope- eretta 2. CLARA STAFFORD Boosters 2, 3. DOROTHY M. STEINERT Boosters 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. 4, Minerva 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, 2nd Orchestra 2, 3, Ir. Reception 3, 4, Sr. Annual Staff, journalism 4. MARIORIE STEWART Jester 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Minerva 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Operetta 2, Jester Pep Session, Minerva Pep Session, Sr. Annual Staff. IDA MAE STOCKSDALE Boosters 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. 3, 4, Tercentenary. CAROLINE STRASSEL Boosters, Bel Canto 3, 4, Ger- man Club 2, Tercentenary. JAMES STROTHER Boosters 2, 3, 4, Fighting Fifty 4, Glee Club 3, 4: Vwfranglers 3, 4, Pres. 4, Tercentenary 2, Dem. Rally, Ir. Class Treas., Scholar- ship N, Operelta 3, Pres. Sr. Class. LOUIS G. SUMNER Boosters, D. C. 2. GENEVA SUNDERHAUS Boosters 2, 3, 4. PETE TIMPERMAN Boosters 2, 3, 4, Football, Track, Tercentenary. MARY ELIZABETH TRIBBEY Booster 2, Minerva 4. GARRETT TYLER Glee Club 3, Boosters 2, 3, 4, Boosters Vice-Pres. '36, Yell NORMA PAULINE UTZ Boosters 2, 3, 4, Tercentenary. BERNICE WADE Boosters 2, 3, 4, Bel Canto 3, 4, Treas. 4, Ir. Recep. WAYNE WAGONER Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3. 43 Main St. Ben. Vaudeville. NORBERT WARTH Orchestra 3, 4. MELVIN IOSEPH WEBER Boosters 2, 4, Tri-Bi 3, Treas. 3. PAUL M. XVELCH Boosters Rep. 4, Football 1, Bas- ketball 1. RUTH E. WHEATLEY Boosters 3, 4. VIOLET WILLIAMS Sodalitas Latina 3, 4. MARY ALICE WILSON Boosters 2, 3, 4, Bel Canto 4. Operetta 2. BERTHA WOLFE Boosters 2. EWELL WOLFE Boosters 2, 3, 4. NELSON WOLFE Boosters, Fighting Fifty, German Club, Sec., Glee Club, Operetta, Ir. Recep., Sr. Annual Staff. LUCINDA WYZARD Boosters 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, G.A.C. 4, Minerva 3, 4, Sec. 4, Vice- Pres. 4, Operetta: Jr. Recep. ROY YENOWINE Boosters 2, 3, 4, Rep. 2, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH ZIPP Boosters 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Minerva 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Operetta 2, jr. Recep. DAVID ZOELLER Boosters 2: Football 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4. HELEN SHAW Leader '36, Public Speaking Boosters 4, Bel Canto 4. Play, Dem. Rally. MARGARET SLATTERY LOUIS UTRECHT Boosters 3, Rep. 3, Basketball: Boosters 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. 3, 4, Boosters 4, German Club 2, 3, 4, Football, Track, Sr. Annual Tercentenary. Jr. Reception. Staff. ,ma ' 55129 To 1 x C ' .. 9 f""s ' . c 4 lgij E , O : if-Q 3 0312 7 S' 1 QL I 4 U.. -up Q Q yy ' N -C 1 'ix buf x 1 ' If ' l WB I - - 3 3, I RQ E U U NB . A ..i,.gA,, .... P' W f ' . I Senior B Junior A First Row:-Alice Jasper, Stella Maraman, Anavelle Howard, Esther Beck, Mildred Whittinghill, Esther Flora, Margaret Slider. Second Row:-Ruth Kirk, Margaret Feiock, Mary Flock, Viola Phillips, Jerry Thompson, Bettie Rogers, Marg Cannon, Martha Conner, Claire Havermel, Norma Jane Slider. Third Row:-Sheldon Crone, Vincent Kern, George Kleiber, Al Croxall, Max English, Melvin Bailey, Ed Baker, Raymond Newton, Robert McIntosh. Fourth Row:-Jack Gable, Tom Hale, Marvin Best, Stanley Widman, Carl Gresham, Reginald Rodman, Stanley Vest, Jimmie Zinninger, David Hedden. Fifth Row:--Oscar Deich, Hays Brown, Robert Beck, Bill Schuler. First Row:-Virginia McFarlan, Yvette Sherman, Bessie Cogswell, Henry Etta Allee, Georgia Ingram, Catherine Wolfe. Second Row:-Ruth Duncan, Ruth Wolfe, Nancy Weinmann, Olive Frakes, Verna Beard, Evelyn Lancaster, Martha Crowe, Pauline Jacobie, Ella Jane Denison. Third Row:-Martha Rudy, Sylvia Smith, Lavon Livingston, Janette Rodman, Barry Tunison, Frank Powell, Alma Cummings, Bernice Richard, Mary Elizabeth Garrett. Fourth Row:-Frank Zoeller, Charles Conner, Lawrence Tuley, Jimmy Byrd, Earl Umback, Andy Sermersheim, Laverne Graff, Walter Manley, George M. Henry, William Landers, Donald McDowell. fRight to Leftj Junior A Junior B First Row:-Charlotte Baxter, Thelma Kopp, Rita Richards, Eustasia Offinger, Isabelle Montgomery, Martha Leidolf. Second Row:iDoris Bogie, Katherine Schwender, Alberta Marquet, Lucille Knight. Juanita Burks, Marguerite Veron, Freda Faber, Helen Libs, Gwendolyn Roberts. Third Row:-Ruth Moser, Evelyn Gunterman, Jean Kisner, Mildred Smith, Jane Gutherie, lzetta Francis, Ina May Sands, Juanita Elkins, Freda Montgomery. Fourth Row:-Jack Boaz, Wallace Miller, George Walter, Bill Bucheit, Paul McNally, Elton Duncan, Lewis Hay nes, Gilbert Hanka. First Row:-Mary Hammer, Helen Buckel, Ruth Craig, Mary L. Hasenstab, Jeanne Salyards, Hundley Coolman. Second Row:-Jane Eberhardt, Jane Very, Georgia Albertson, Imelda Roth, Eugenia Richardson, Lois Scott, Ruth Paulsen, Dorothy Rouck. Third Row:-Harry Der O'hanion, Charles Moore, Margaret Pate, Mary Elizabeth Resch, Elsie Jane Heckler, Gladys Haller, Mary R. Fackler, Walter Owen. Fourth Row:gEdgar Sunderhaus, Harry Lee, Alfred Wolf, Norman Smith, Wilbur Taylor, James Van Dalsen, John Ed Slattery, Marvin Kruer. First Row:fVirginia Brooks, Gladys T. Mann, Martha Marlow, Marion Wrege, Jane Birk, Ruth Cureton, Ruth West, Nellie Redden. Second Row:+Jane Wolfe, Doris Smith, Shirley Fine, Louise Gannon, Martha Magness, Martha Sands, Thelma Redman, Margaret Reagon. Third Row:-Creed Byrd, Charles Mertz, Philip Sumner, Jewell Rector, Louise Lukemeier, Norma Johantgen, Sara MacFall, Mildred George, Valeria Kitterman. Fourth Row:-Robert Rue, Henry Lipps, Kenneth Roby, Clyde Smith, Gordon Wolfe, Warren Mayden, George Aldrich, Lawrence Mock. Fifth Row:-Robert Moser, Robert Zoeller, George Smith, James Dickman, Lavern Marsh, Harold George, Bill Huff. Sophomore A First Row:-Dorothy Sceifers, June Brown, Mildred Cunningham, Vera Cogswell, Betty jean Prosser, Mary Louise Fougerousse. Second Row:-Ellen Rhodes, Elizabeth Davis, Mary Hornung, Mary Elizabeth Welch, Harriet Duke, Jane Hermann, Mary Louise Schultz. Third Row:-Edgar Akers, Robert Jack, Dolores Reynolds, Helen Kost, Mary Haas, jimmy Hammond, John Murphy. Fourth Row:-Curtis Weber, Vincent Ritz, Frank Eisinan, Robert Anderson, Louis Bland, Bernard Grube, Charles Bensing, Herman Zeller. First Row:-4Mary Belle Patterson, Esther Brewster, Pat Rouck, Mary Louise Oeffinger, Wanda Moore, Jane Smith. Second Row:-Lucille Peterson, Jena Scales, Mary Catherine Crum, Almedia Kiel, Ruth Wison, Betty Thornton, Mildred Summers. Third Row:-Robert Roby, Mildred Lechliter, Nancy Roby, Helen Knight, Olivene Shewmaker, Virginia Walter, Runie E. Goebel. Fourth Row:-james Miller, Gwynne O'Fallon, Paul Ginther, Edward Briney, Edwin Scharf, Andrew Best, George Smith, First Row:-Evelyn Munzer, Martha Tebault, Ruth Allis, jo Sharp, Helen Kingsley. Second Row:-Elizabeth Parsons, Selma Wolf, Wilma XVelch, Rose Bailey, Char' lotte Grantz. Third Row:-jack Kiewit, Leonard Hottell, Delores Kelly, Betty Belviy, Richard Rogers, Robert Keithley. Sophomore A Sophomore B 34 First Row:-Irwin McCutchen, Paul Jacobi, Orville Stone, Philip Roberts, Clifton Kenney, Harvey Hollis, Second Row:-Maryln Genung, Marvin Stewart, Charles Hammett, Courtney Greener, Norma Vigar, Rita Losson, Evelyn Haller. Third Row:--Francis Ricke, Marcia Creek, Betty Ruth McCune, Iack Eicholz, Anna Jeanne Connell, Edna Orme, Earnest Eiler. Fourth Row:-Paul Graf, Robert Baker, Donald Stocker. William Brown, Billie Burth, Louis Hollis. First Row:-Nancy Ann jackson, Peggy Knox, Ann Reed Conner, james Graf, Kenneth Hay. Second Row:-Betty Bence, Mary Bego, Jackie Bir, Neal Robbins, Virgil Leist, Charlotte Flora. Third Row:--Dorothy Shaw, Amilda Bostock, Don Howison, Vanita Brashear, Ed, Strother, Carl Senior, Warren Widman. Fourth Row:-James Potts, Robert Zabel, james Mann, Carlton Marsh, Phil McNVilliams, Victor Zink, William Lee. First Row:-Helen Mann, Mildred Snider, janet Ham, Virginia jasper, Ada Wolfe. Second Row:-jane Kist, jane Dieckman, Iuel Davis, Hilda Meyer, Lillian Davis, Wanda Newkirk. Third Row:iWinifred Eloise Geddes, Martha Schuley, Walter Potts, Phyllis Ropa, Verbal Garrett, Mary jane Bettmann. Fourth Row:+Frank Whitman, Robert Colen, Jean Finnegan, Helen Gibbs, James Nesbit, Fred Proctor. ' -ffl'-if , , ' nw- .xfvq v .:,, 5' if lv jean Fawcett 1 Il! 5 31 ,,- Q., -s i V ,i 4? R yze F Y ' , 'ui' ,i , K S fi' I gitvmgsiil A ,, y ry 15,1 . 1 ' f Li Ili I i , ii 'I I Sq n I. W - . r o - 'F I 2 , a a i I , " k, EQ 1 - if i u f Q I, or 6 ' Fl f ,A I4 , fi l .ef ' i iw if, 4 ':. , fg '52 , sf I 4432: ZPQEQ sn A or L f Scholarship "N" Left to Right, First Row:--Max English II '36, I '37: jane Ferrell I '371 Frank Zoeller II '36, I i375 Ethel McDaniel II '36, I '37: David Heclclen II '36. Second ROw:fjane Guthrie II H561 Lucille Davis II I36, I '37g Iwlarion Wrege II '37: Jane Birk II '36, I '37: Violet McCaffrey I '37. Third R0w:+Dorothy Jacobs I '37: Mary june Montgomery II '36, I '371 Mary Frances Murphy II '36, I '371 Elizabeth Zipp I '37. Fourth Row:-,lean Fawcett II '36g Lucille Peterson I '37g Ieanette Rodman II '36: Mary Elizabeth Fischer II '36, Fifth Row:--Georgia Metcalf I '37g Mona Alice East II '36: james Strother II '36: Lynn Smith II '36, I '37g Dorothea Moore I '37, No Picture:--Edith Lindley I '37: I.aVon Livingston II '36g Mildred Schoen I '37g Flnrctta Snyder I '37g Juanita Scburn I '37g Robert Zoeller. First Row:ALouis Allen, Pres., 1, 2, Betty Beaucond, Violet Haupt, jean Fawcett, Lois Alma Fenwick, Juanita Elkins, Second Row:-Bernard Knable, Robert Beck, Kenneth Lopp, Lenne Keithley, Frank Copler, Wilbur King, Sec. 1, Charles Christian, VicefPres., 1, Z. Third Row:-Miss Homrighouse, Criticz Ethel Sprigler, Nellie Redden, Irina Owen, Sec. 7 Virginia McFarlan, Williani Schuler. ART CLUB Reynolds, Raphael, and Michelangelo, look to your laurels! . . . When Kenny Lopp decides whether to be a futurist or a miniaturist . . . Fall hike to Lost Knob . . . They're not pure aesthetes yet . . . Decorating tree and window for the annual "Christmas corner' '... Lewis Allen really quite out did the first semester president . . . Sold pennants and megaphones at football games . . . Miss Homrighouse rating a page in the School Arts Magazine . . . jean and Vi never able to stay for meetings . . . Outside sketching April blossoms . . . Envy of entire student body . . . Sammy Fenwick designs . . . as well as inspires . . , Bud Q rarely known as Frederickj . . . Gods gift to the Blotter . . . Never let it be said he doesn't know where to draw the line . , . Going Bohemian for initiation . . . Hoping Anavelle will be a pastellist . . . Ars Gratias Artis . . . Sculpture appropriately exhibited in the trophy case . . . Dance the fifteenth . . . taking off the smock with regret . . .ART CLUB First Row:-Charlotte Baxter, Doris Bogle, Clyde Bryant, jane Crosier, jane Draper, Veralynn Erganbright, Treasurer l, 2. Second Rowzelane Guthrie, Marilyn Bir, Gladys Haller, Tom Hale, Ethel McDaniel, Secretary, 1, 23 Mary Frances Murphy, Consul 1, Z. Third Row:-Mary Hammer, Eugenia Richardson, Violet Williams, Frank Zoeller. Fourth Row:-Mary june Montgomery, VicefConsul 1, 2, Alfred Wolf, john Slattery, Janette Rodman, Lynn Smith, Mrs. Pritz, Critic. SODALITAS LATINA Toga clad . . , But English speaking . . . Neophytes unable to translate their invitations . . . Initiation when they wish they hadn't found out . . . A journey into the underworld . . . They doubt that not . . . "But how did you know Hades was like this?" . . . And that luckless Latin 5 gets to swallow Polyphemus' "Olympic" eye again . . . jane Draper crying "Blood running down the gutter, and me without a spoon" . . . As a lamb is sacrificed to the gods . . . In the same evening . . . After the return, hot dogs and dofnuts . . . Initiates understand why they have been filled up . . . Oh, Consul . . . First meeting, members present elect each other to office . . . Saturnalia . . . puellae looking lovely . . . "Arms of Morpheus" embraces melodramatic plot . . . As well as Orpheus . . . Clyde Bryant seeming not to realize . . . That the wine was only grapefjuice . . . King Ralphus Murphius lavishing gifts upon his subjects . . . Barria Tunnisona . . . The cynosure of the Saturnalia . . . Chosen queen . . . The Zoo on a peanut hunt . . . The ducks lose . . . Sherman Minton washes the dishes . . . Consuls turning draymen . . . Frankie Zoeller delivering an entire chapter of Cicero . . . Sodalitas was so shocked, . . . You'd have thought it was Cataline's old enemy himself . . . Returned from Elysium . . , Belching an' swers to roll call . . . Consuls disguised as Orpheus and Euridice . . , Agreeing on only one thing each meeting . . . That to drop the whole thing until next time . . . "A Day without Latin" presented because of a year without a pep session . . . To have a banquet . . . Madame, "The Noblest Roman of them all" . . . Tommy Hale insisting that there really are some boys in the club , . . Reclining for meals . . . Do as the Romans do . . . Valete . . . SODALITAS LATINA. 37 id :.' , ,FT M ., 4. . F. .. R ns ti, 'I Ag .N f Q! "Il 'l. A ,N gen F fag 'g'3'3:Q. .I V , i , . ..,.. fn 41 a f.. .. -V 1. X in , J . , - .,.. q 3.2 Viz K Vg I ,gal 'kg il 52 V First Row:-Mary june Montgomery, Yvette Sherman, Martha Jean Bunger, Pres. 1, Student Criticg Jean Fawcett, Veralynn Erganbright, Marjorie Stewart, jane Stephens, Second Row:-Marilee Pritz, Student Critic lg Geraldine Giles, VicefPres. 1, Treas. 2, Mary Louise Hasenstab, Doris Pritz, Ann Holz, Janet Creek. Third Rowxffxileen Lush, Mary Frances Murphy, Mildred Smith, Margaret Cannon, Martha Conner, Hazel De Voss. Fourth Row:-Gladys Haller, Miriam Bocard, Sec. 1, VicefPres. Zg Martha Crowe, Lucille Monihon, Margaret Feiock, Martha Magness. Fifth Row:ANaomi Landis, Sue Buchheit, Treas. 1, Pres. 'lg Helen Probert, Betty Salm, Sec. Z, Iune Blunk, Freda McGovern. 38 Q T if F' : sF- 2' wi X .jf I il M iw if-on Q an B vis--5 l i btbhzxr, .- J , 1 if f, t .' -, ' 7 4' , Q -- of S A . Q M A ki N N t " , T X N if 5 i X ' Jfgglihg M N L i f K 5' ln ' 'V lem W I2 V 12 as" -. f lx -V ' , E KM ' iiuhif ' ' X.. '--' f f "L .:, is ' i'. s, gw w f n 3 5 ,a ,Q Q4 as f 1, af Q- fi 9 X' ' f ' an 1 rn . , r r r 1 . - 'U fl? ff' is FT i. - W, , Q Xi A f f s ' if ' is-1 if f r-1:1 ,M .A , ,i ' 2' ,f 5 5 It Q, S .. ,wg Q I ? le 2-14 ,. X' ' Q, s ' .: R i Lf' 'G X r V -i W.. - , KIESTERS . . . "Sweets to the Sweet," the candy sale . , . fudge like mother used to make . , . in fact, she made it . . . licorice for tobacco in the pep session . . . learning to play the jug . . . "jug a song at twilight' '... Jane Guthrie, as Jim Hardin, running very fast in one spot . . . cold feet from going barefoot on the stage . . . that carefully cultivated mountaineer twang . . . June Blunk yodeling louder than any Swiss Mounf taineer . . . Miss Rusk trailing black net at the New Year's dance . . . all the old grads back again . , . Margaret Cannon astounding the natives with her own especial hop . . . Dave Hedden snapping the steppers in the act . . . the refreshments we didn't have . . . wearing tinsel snatched from the Christmas decorations . . . "Lights Out" came all too soon . . , the headaches caused hy delving into mental telepathy at meetings . . . Gerry Giles, Miriam Bocard, and Martha jean Bunger impersonating the "Three Blind Mice' '... the hours spent on practicing i'The French Maid and Phonographn . . . trying to conquer Irish dialect . . . singing the jesters' song to the tune of "Moonlight and Roses," and always squeaking on that high note . . . jesters' secret signs revealed by their handwriting . . . frightening the poor initiates to death . . . trying to find hells to wear for the initiation . . . when jane Stephens didn't wear the required hairfrihbon . . . she didn't want to he a sissy . . . solemnly vowing to further the cause of drama . . . that Dutch potato salad at the annual picnic . . . AND the pickles . . . wondering whom to date . . . moonlight on the way home . . . Sue Buchheit trying to look like a dignified president , . . the dues that never came in . . . JESTERS 39 ' "'r1"?v V A , ,N A ,L sa 1 254 L Q -L N-'51 A 'la- lies 1- ' L fi- Y is 3 , o or .iz 1 big L a s ur First Row:-Hazel De Voss, Sec. lg Dorothy Welcli, Wilma Kahoe, VicefPres. lg Margie Stewart, Pres. lg Mary Elizabeth Tribbey, Miss Genung. Second Row:-Ruth Cureton, Lucille Monihon, Sue Buchheit, Marilyn Rodner, Naomi Landis, Ruth W'ilson, janet Creek. Third Row:-lvlary Martlma Raaba, Alma Cummings, Jewel Rector, Evelyn Lancaster, Treas. 1, Z: Anita Hubbuch, Anavelle Howard. Fourth Row:-Almedia Kiel, Katherine Schwender, Viola Phillips, Ella -lane Denison, Ruth West, Sec. 25 Esther Schwender, Margaret Gordon, Fifth Row:--Miss Murray, lane Engleman, Dorothy Steinert, Lucinda Vxfyzarcl, Vice'Pres. Z: Waxmda Moore, Elizabeth Zipp, Pres. 2. 40 is ' lL t f p K qs 3? Wwe Sidi J i is if ms vi jwwgf it i - as - s it fl X i A S A ella. 1' be l i ,qwfi 4 L. f . ' a -, l X X so A i ff it 4,4 f"' 'Z if "' 4'if'i Nxliffi SMQM H Q - Qg i g MINERVA . . . the masquerade dance . , . get acquainted night . , . Girls all dis- guised in new formals . . . boys disguised with new girls . . . Country Club disguised by decorations . . . Latter soon recognized . . . due to destructive spirit of guests . . . God's gift to hungry fans . . . Always on hand to sell a bit of sustenance . . . not of their own manufacture . . . cokes to the man with the longest reach . . . No bottle allowed inside . . . If you haven't a coat to take them in under . . . Stand is popular rendezvous for the basketball auxiliary . . . fPermanent staff-Freda McGovern and Bettye Pierson, Summary . . . just an excuse to see the games free . . . All for a good cause . . . Ye old Christmas cheer . . . Not in bottles . . . But in baskets . . . two girls to a family . , . And they run large . . . Programs of the unseen and unheard variety . . . Every meeting a battle royal . . . Neophytes dined sumptuously on garlic, olives, and liver . . . Slightly pasted together . . . What one doesn't learn when one takes Home Economics . . . No other club can cook up anything like marshmallows dipped in alum . . . Old Dutch girls run rampant on initiation day . . . a gleaming and immaculate school expected by all in the morrow . . . But the would be Minerva's didn't perform many janitorial duties . , . By their tools do we know them . . . Cutting crowns for dinner . . . coronation theme . . . Mary Mart and Sue's toasts . . . a crowning success form the start to finish . . . from programs to decorations . . . a change in half of the faculty critic staff . . . Miss Murray replacing Miss Doyle . . . Miss Genung still gracefully puts up with us . . . Say the members appreciatively. M lk Nil x',' X 41 2 ig ? ,N , K, A3 A f,-. A Q L 1,1 we 'ffs ,q'4:fv- F. if 'il' N' Q f' fi , 5 2 ,fy gym E wifi i W 2 lgwwl i j , erg i ?e.tzfl"f if t li H if -1' . V 'X , I - C f f, Q. . rig, ' ,c V -i ff, 7, Y ,.s.,. - First Row:-Martha jean Bunger, Student Critic 1: lane Crosier, Georgia Metcalf, Sue Buchheit, Juanita Seburn, Dorothy Busald, Violet Haupt. Second Row:--Miriam Bocard, Dorothy Iacobs, Margaret Gerdon, Elizabeth Zipp, Mary june Montgomery, Sec. 1, Pres. Z1 Margaret Cannon, Lucille Davis, Sec. Z, Third Row:fBetty Salni, VicefPres. 13 Marilee Pritz, jane Stephens, Student Critic 2, Ethel McDaniel, Marilyn Rodner, Naomi Landis, Mona Alice East, Treas. 1, Fourth Row:-Janette McRae, Doris Eogle, Louise Foreman, Geraldine Giles, Anavelle Howard, jane Guthrie, VicefPres. 25 Veralynn Erganbright. Fifth Row:-Miss Naomi Kirk, Criticg jean Fawcett, Ruth Kirk, Kathryn Ellis, Treas. 2, Marilyn Bir, Martha Conner, Mary Frances Murphy, Pres. 1. 42 'l gl ntl' S 12 Na' Q61 tv-'J nv. X Qi, QQ, ff .K yu km, 1, w' F3 iv 9 Q- mit at Wi tag: 1- L h .ir kara g -ki, v Aggie ,x A E xi Q I. 9 ' "3 1 . it aww- x W, . -5 5 ,if 'S . , if if v i Q' Inf' :EA-Ex l ut. SPEAKERS - 1 "'I'll say they are!" remarks a Wrangler derisively . . . But conf versation isn't all . . . As they proved by making many serious speeches . . . in support of the Red Cross membership and Christmas seal drives . . . "The Importance of Being Earnest" is not worth mentioning . . . in comparison with the significance Speakers attach to being Frank fZoellerj . . . Vi Haupt's strawberry blonde locks won for her the coveted title . . . The Mountain came to Mohammed . . . And so came victory to the Bulldogs . . . According to the Speaker pep session . . . With Scrooge's sensation . on seeing the ghosts of Zoeller's past, and future . . . What good's a plot if it's a dead one? . . . Spreading the butter thin and "jamming" jellies into Thanksgiving baskets . . . Charity ends at many homes . . . Christmas play . . . Yes, it must have been Marilee Pritz's blonde beauty behind Aunty's fNaomi Landisj atrocious vase . . . Dave Hedden was the husband, who did not have it thrown at him . . . Grapes at the Speaker dinner . . . Sour grapes . , . Breathtaking grapes . . . Explosive grapes . . . and each took a balloon home to little brother . . . A beautiful setting . . . And a memorable evening . . . Anavelle Howard seeing EYES at tryfouts . . . Marilyn Bir wondering if she had been purified by suffering . . . Marg Cannon counting the seconds until Speaker camp . . . Remembering Marilee's pancakes . . . Brushing up on that old hitch-hiking technique . . . Praying not to be dishwasher on date night . . . Good Republican president forget- ting to uphold the Constitution . , . Again in the Wrangler Cup contest . . . Deciding date fand datesj for the Speaker dinner . . . "First XV ill and Estimate of 1937 Speakers" . . . Elaborate plans for the Alumnae tea fled with the flood . . . "Marg, will you please start the Speaker song?' '... Bud Stoy wearing his club pin more faithfully than active members . . . Miss Kirk suggesting worthy charity projects . . . Ruth Kirk telling of Mrs. Lowells' loving son, Amy . . . The poet explaining that she couldn't spell daughter . . . Seniors silent, sincere regret as the candles burn for their last initiation ceremony . . SPEAKERS 43 X7 N" A ,9 4 nfl! 61 'R Q N As I fill 5 B WE: i bLb ,s J 4 , ' Q 'r it ' 9- .J , IA ' 1,,rUg4,,.l 35, V -f o ,.. A i xiii I X J 4 . Ms Q J sefsg w- 1 J HA - s i s if r s 1 - rl lu , sa rs K V, F - ,PX 5 had ff Y 'sl 1 t x y 4-fu . 5 1' ' , - ff , f" e- V ' ofa A -Y, ' r H3 af 1" -1 ,W . - l I 'I 131- A I gl' F A V V 1 if -len U. . F tl 5 Lf' Y e, wwf- A. J D Dena M aaa, t at , , First Row:-Martha Rudy, John Bird, Juanita Elkins, Jack Gable, Helen Dempster. Second Row:-Frank Copler, VicefPres, Louise Foreman, Treasg Sam Scott, Dorothy Jacobs, See., James Anderson. Third Row:-Margarita Collings, Walter Manley, Georgia Metcalf, Bernard Knable, Jane Maxwell. Fourth Row:-Louis Sumner, Janette Rodman, Carl Bassham, Pres.: Frances Moser, Jack Boaz. Fifth Row:A-'Ruth Duncan, Mr. Townsend, Critic: Ann Holz, Melvin Meyer, Dorothy Welch. No Picturezfflharles Banet, Robert Blythe, Jane Oeffinger, James Wigglesworth. 44 I,-,fl Y' 2 I ,12 3 z, l1 l, .,ff2 3l , ,. Ag, fn g. - P I PX has i re. f i GSW i g ui li li it I f - - ' is 'i'f, g 0 E51? ' 75 ' 1 1 1'AXlIjf41llMISTS Third year and still going strong . . . onions in the initiatives' hair-and they wonder why no one gets near them . . . those big baby dolls carried by the boys . . . and the shoes that didn't match . . . hikes every monthAno shortfwinded people allowed . . . except Mr. Townsend . . . he always trails along with the strugglers --but he gets there . . . Carl Bassham always leading the gang . . . getting lost on Lost Knob . . . at' Devils Kitchen . . . acting like one-Hbut who wouldn't . . . the way the path climbs the hill . . . not straight' bum narrow . . . the exhibit proudly displayed in the front hall . . . the blue jay that looked as if he were alive . . . that screech owl on a bookend . . . wanted-another blue jay to mount . . . for whoever heard of a bookend running around unaccompanied . . . The Edible Poyporns Fromdorsus Mr. Weinmann sent to the club--toadstool to you . . . 21 inches long, 15 pounds, more like an umbrella . . . programs on butterfly mounting . . . fish stories . . . told in the club . . . stories about snakes . . . a writhing good time was had by all . . . bookfbincling discussions . . . presenting the Art Room with a stuffed owl . . , being the proud parents of the first club pins . . . an owl . . . representing Taxidermy or nature--or wisdom if possible . . . chief stuffers, Carl Bassham, Charles Banet and Jack Boaz . . also chief hikers . . . TAXll3lfRlVllSTS 45 M " , -1 14 , K 'kgs f . All , if V 1 iv D Ac' 5, J -, 'lf I 1 Q 1' Y Y if P lx . -pf N in ,K a lb r. if li 195, ma ' ini l 50' E l y X Am 1 if 3 - -I Y l F X ' f '1 ' .5 5 N C I 4 ' 5 1- il, V Y A A L 'X l X 1 . 2 'lf-U f First Row:-Clyde Bryant, VicefPres. lg Creed Byrd, Robert Conner, Al Croxall, Sec. 2. Second Rowzfjohn Croxall, Vice'Pres. Z3 Max English, Treas. lg Tom Hale. Third Row:--David Heclden, Sec. 1, Pres. lg Mr, Huckleberry, Critic: james Strother, Pres. 1. Fourth Row:+Norman Schell, james Van Dalsem, Treas. 2g Kenton Meyer, Robert Zoeller, 46 r 1 ,gm f p , , um ,Q , 't' Li Q ew o r as f iffy Y wiir v 'd?' 3 fl' U' F 3:51. .f , fi , N , N-'Q 1 3 A b E' 9 ,A A 2 9 2 , J, Q- fx QB su . , V Q1 ' E- E "' t i IJ it '21 4 9 xl 1 ' x 'X 0' , Q,-1 ef . V-fa ' 'f ' L ta, , egg 2 , N ' Lf 4.5, l Mm. W-- VJIKANCZLEIKS . . . one can't decide whether it's worth it-to go through the initiaf tion . . . all dressed up in white . . . and feeling silly in sailor hats . . . hut the girls think it's cute . . . trying to get autographs on an egg . . . dropping several in the process . . . wondering why somebody didn't invent an unbreakable bacon accompaniment . . . count' ing the bricks around the school wall , , . worst of all . . . getting up at 5:30 in the morning . . . helping Speakers with their Thanksgiving baskets . . .how the shoulders ached the next day . . . struggling with strict parliamentary procedure . . . discussing vital questions of the day . . . Dave Hedden playing the lead in the SpeakerfWrangler Christmas play . . . all dressed up in a mustache , . . the worries of having a newspaper boy for President . . . he always had to leave in the middle of something . . . deciding to baffle the student body with the "Feed Store Mystery' '... Creed Byrd's pipe he had to smoke . . . he couldn't take it even when it wasn't lighted . , . not to mention the real thing . . . john Croxall's astounding stomach . . . sofa pillow to you . . . Robert Conner looking at all and sundry with his magnifying glass . , . he was proved mad in the end . . . boring fellow members only slightly less than boring ourselves . . . at practice and also in meetings . . . deciding the date for the Banquet . . . arguing the nonfdancers out of a skating party . . . trying once more for the Wrangler Cup . . . discussing new pins . . . with the year attached . . . holding tryfouts . . . the poor tryerfouters . . . they'll have the same fun next year . . . scaring people to death . . . and asking them silly questions . . . trying to be dignified . . . WRANQELERS 4 47 ,L tttt , . I EN l Ml Ei 9 .Qi TK? ' 'i , f' -i 4 x.. .f M, 1, . if H25 W s r- C, .. . ,A nfl if x ., x , - . A i ,. , s 55' 1 ,Elf - ,A SN S k ,fk,,,j L K ,w x lcd , '1 A First Row:+Mrs. Beard, Criticg Kathryn Ellis, Pres, lg Rita Richards, Aileen Lush, Marion XVrege, Berneice Wade, Jean Kisner. Second Row:-Yvette Sherman, Lucille Monihon, Marilyn Bir, Mary Louise Hasenstah, jane Crosier, Marilyn Rodner, Hazel DeVoss. Third Row:-Helen Shaw, Sarah McFall, Caroline Strassel, Alice Heckler, Naoma Elkins, Mona Alice East, Lucille Davis, Jane Stephens. Fourth Row:-Martha Conner, jane Guthrie, Margaret Cannon, Pres, 2, Ruth Kirk, Helen Dempster, Peggy Knox, Mary Elizabeth Garrett. Fifth Row:-Helen Probert, Mary Alice Wilson, Rita Ricke, Geraldine Giles, Lucille Ginther, Mary Louise Schultz, Alma Cummings. 1 4 8 , . is N , , ' 'f ' i L ' ,.' ? 317 -'ffl' rf -, ff. sw uf . 'f TH T as it fri l H 2 A ,ci sw H to ' i 4 as ' L Sf' ,,,f,,f'M' 'T ,ASH K, H. HM ,F s,,,qELo,B ,, :Q js 5 2 as ' - if 'r A - v- -r .sffi1X 7, X if V ,U , Q .,, V Tu: gps. fqqg, '- , 5' 1 ig , . 1 , f l ' .. 'L , L 'sm , , QHQ it l ,-2,4 , 'U' , at iw Bhl CANT0 . . . They sang their way in . . . And through the year . . . Jane Stephens initiated to the tune, L'lt's a Sin To Tell a Lie" . . . Not because she couldn't believe she was in . . . just a favorite song . . . What can take the place of an operetta7 . . . If you want to be president . . . Don't attend election meeting . . . Marg Cannon was none the less efficient for having taken hold of the gavel the Wednesday after . . . Heard even above the masculine auxiliary in 311 . . . W'as the Christmas carolling in the halls . . . Ruth Kirk and her violin, accompanying . . . Still with the real Christmas spirit broadcasting "Silent Night" , . . from the Woolworth cafeteria . . . The spirit of "MayfTime" at the teafdance . . . Picture hats and pastels . . . Ruffles and roses . , . The sublime . . . After which the ridiculous . . . When they go slummin' . . . Not on Park Avenue, mind you . . . But stopping at nothing less than a castle . . . a White one with hamburgers Sc . . . Future Jenny Linds and Grace Moores sang for Parent' Teachers . . . They included Aline Lush, Yvette Sherman, Marg Cannon, and Jean Kisner . , . Once an octette with Robert Conner, Creed Byrd, Nelson Wolfe, and james Strother from the Glee Club . . . Mr. Heckel's crossfexamination at tryfouts . . . Cliff trying to hurry the meeting as he waits for "Butchie' '...' 'On Music's Wings" and "Luxemburg Gardens" at Commencement . . . After which a rush to change into for' mals . . . For the midfsemester dance . . . Jane Guthrie looking regal . . . Davie, serene . . . A perfect prefflood fling . . . "Christ Arose" was most impressive at Good Friday services . . . Martha and Mary Alice . . . Always each other's accompaniment . . . Kay forever contributing to harmony . . . Guthrie, the Lydian measures . . . Jean Fawcett furnishing ragtime and mazurka . . . Helen Probert, a lovely melody . . . Miriam, the perfect madrigal . . . Marion Wrege, "Serenade '... Geraldine Giles, a popular medley . . . Mrs. Beard, the inspiring director . . . No dirge or discord . . . Together . . . Their own symphony . . . BEL CANTO Jean Fawcett Margaret Feiovk Anarelle Howard .Iuunitzi Seburu Miriam Boeard Martha .l, Hunger Marilee Fritz rf an as lg 1 f 77515 x L g 2 1- it X , fwflhwl V' if D Lg ' if A f V4 1 j? L A, 7' it E A E L N N . Vu at , , it rqgqe 1 if N , ty -wr W l ' 51 ug,-B15 ' f 1' A " ,L 5 1 l " r L , ' to do . . ,fe r S F9 L rr or . orrr tk. r L ll teofie 2.1 X5 KW? f Q K " f' Ferre 'WR a u Fiysg Row Second Row fLeft to Righty John Day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,.,,,,,,,, Alto-Saxophone Mildred Shine .. .............- Clarinet Naomi Elkins .... --C13YiHCf Kathryn Graff ..... Charles Conner Dorothy Steinert Betty Bence .,..,.. Helen Dempster Hilda Meyer Lee Mayfield ..... Peggy Knox .... Marvin Kupferer .......Clarinet .......Clarinet ........Clarinet ...........,Flute ,,...,....TfUHlP6t ,........Cornet ....,Y....Trumpet ,t...r.,....Flute ..........Trumpet Third Row Edwin McNamara Lawrence Tuley .... Vincent Stemle ......... Richard McCulloch Hundley Coolman .....,...,.....Y.,..,. Drum Maier Melbourne Roger .....,.,,,, ......,,..rTrombone Sam Miller fStandingD ...............v SHXOPPAOHC George Straw ,.,..r.........,r.,... Tenor Saxophone Lawrence Mock fStandingJ Winifred Geddes t...........-.Yw, Elizabeth Forward .,...,. Creed Byrd .....,... ,.........Saxophone ,....,,,.Cymbal ....,....Cymhal . ...... BassfDrum Jane Oeffinger .,....Y.t,..... .,...-,- D film Mary Margaret Grantz ..... ........ D rum Walter Potts .,,...,.. ....,.. Drums Vv'illiam Landers . ................... HOH1 Glenn Dean ,......... French Horn Victor Coomes .. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.Flute ...,,,..Bass Horn ........Trumpet ,U.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..Clarinet Charles Mertz ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,., Baritone Saxophone David Hedden .... .......,. B aritone Saxoplwne ..............,Drum . ' Av g . fa , '.., 5 1,5 , v 1 4 I f ,I 5 " X 5, hr N , A , , 7, .,1, ga' - . . , A 3,-QE - w f V ' .. 1 0513 my .2 ' fi: - ' Q, 3 gg, M L-N LL WEE V it , 1515: r Y ga 2 o 5 qzli a tl , , L A 2 3, V AL, , gf EL c ., ,ff 'vi ai.. e First Row Second Row Sarah East '---,, v---,--.4v-- I H -.-.-,,.. lst Violin Georgene Ingram ..........................., ACCOrdi0rl Mary Helen Mould ..., . ....,. lst Violin Charles Conner "" """"" C larinet Louise Lukemier .,.. ,,...,.., 1 st Violin Richard Mcculloch ""' """' C larinet Viola Williamson . Mildred Owens .........lst Violin ....,,,,,lst Violin Helen Kost ,,.... .....,,,. 1 st Violin George Henry .,.,.... .....,........,.... 1 st Violin Curtis Weber ., Drums fTympaniJ Martha Sands ,,... ....,.,,,.,..... 'Z d Violin Jane Wolf ........... Opal Willianison .. jane Ceffinger Mona Alice East Berry Bence ...,..... ,....,2d Violin ...mid Violin .....l.Cello ...,,..Cello .......F1ure Lucille Ginther ............. Mary Elizabeth Garrett ,,.... Martha Marlow ..... B. C. Heckel ,.... Gladys Mann ..,..... Bernice Richard ........ Elizabeth Forward ..... Lawrence Tuley ....,... William Sanders .... Marvin Kupferer .. Edwin McNamara .. Jack Gable ....,..... Vincent Stemle .,.,., ...,,,.Piano ..,.,,........Piano .........Xylophone , ..... Conductor ...,Bass Fiddle ..,,Bass Fiddle ........Bass Fiddle .....,...Bass Horn ,.,,,..,...Horn ........Trumpet ......,,,,.Flute .,.,,...Trumpet ........Trumpet First Rowzgllrban Allen, Clyde Bryant, Assistant Editor, Ed Donahoe, Feature Editorg Charles Luther, Forrest Keach, Garrett Tyler. Second Row:-Homer Money, Business Manager, William Nicholson, Hays Brown, Sports Editor, G. T. Meyers, Elwood Trinkle, Paul Welch. Third Row:gMiss Huntsinger, Kenneth Roy, Mary june Montgomery, Editor'in'Chiefg Frank Copler, james Hartsfield, Sam Scott, Fourth Row:-Gilbert Hoffman, Leonard Oenbrink, lack Dyer, Jerome Biscopink, Tom Box, Robert Beck. No Picture:-Alan Stephens, Sports Editor. KIQBLVIIKNALISM . . . First semester . . . Plenty of sports writers . . . Resignation of feature editor . . . Grounds, incompatibility . . . Clyde Bryant, the super, super cross' word puzzle maestro . . . Alan Stephens knew all the names . . . Republicans rather choked . . . on their straw . . . vote . . . Paul Welch, ye olde copye chaser . . . Homer Money appropriately the business manager . . . "Buggin' around school with Donahoeg . . . Did he ever get a journalism book? . . , All payments must be made to the school . . . or report cards won't be issued . . . What about the money the school owes us? . . . Alan Stephens wants to know if he and Fred Penn won't get pensions . . . Urbey Allen whethering and notfing . . . Elwood Hutchins must have been Louisville correspondent . . . Respective editors . . . Ever agreeing with themselves . . . Never with each other . , . Class took advantage of chance to get names in print . . . just couldn't keep each other out of the gossip column , . . Mary June Montgomery . . . Most popular girl in the class . . . Except Miss Huntsinger . . . Of course . . . -IOURNALISM First Row:-Lewis Allen, Miriam Bocard, Charles Christiansen, Alvin Harmon, Mary Frances Murphy, Editorfin'Chief: Gladden Boaz. Second Row:-Dorothy Steinert, Emmett Boylan, Robert Conner, Bernard Knable, Roy Rowe, Lucinda Wyzard. Third Row:fTom Bailey, Martha -lean Bunger, Hundley Coolman, Felix Losson, Bill Schuler, Helen Shaw. Fourth Row:-Miss Springer, Margaret Cannon, Feature Editorg Veralynn Erganbright, Business Managerg Edward Lottich, Juanita Seburn, James Bell. .lUURN-Al-ISM . . . Second semester . . . scrambling after subscriptions . . . losing half the money . . . what a relief . , . when we finally got enough . . . that first dummy . . , it took fully four hours . . . but it was worth it . . . and were the editors proud . . . counting headline units all night . . . until they replaced sheep . . . in curing insomnia . . . trying to fill the front page in time to go to press . . . typing for long, weary hours . . . copyfreading with one foot in bed . . . meeting it, the deadline . . .or not meeting it . . . writing the gossip in verse . . . with puns . . . figuring out the crossfword puzzles . . . the new streamer head on the sports page . . . "Ink spots" and "Hot Shotsu' . . . praying there would be enough copy . . . and then being swamped with it . . . when it wasn't needed . . . anxiously waiting the students' verdict , . . that journalism Field Day . . , at Butler . . . the talks made by famous newspaper men and women . . . seeing thc news' paper plant . . . and we thought' we worked . . . incidentally buying shoes in Indianapof lis .. . putting the gossip in racing form . . . the edition before the Derby . . . that faf mous last issue . . . with eight pages . . . and a Women's Page . . . with Tables For Ladies on the Men's Page . . . bedtime stories . . . and beauty hints . , . digging up all the old cuts . . . to surprise the student body . . . ending the semester with a farewell dance . . . JUURNALISM, First Rowzfjuanita Seburn, Esther Schwender, Robert Zoeller, ,lane Birk, Veralynn Erganbright, Ann Holz, Treas, 1, 2. Second Row:-Nelson Wolfe, Sec. 1, 2: Mildred Lang, jack Fougerousse, Mary Louise Huth, Melvin Meyer, Pres. 1, Z: Caroline Strassel. Third Row:-jane Guthrie, Ruth Kirk, june Blunk, VicefPres, 1, Z3 Frank Zoeller, Marion XVrege, Alfred XVolf, Fourth Row:fl..ouis Utrecht, Mary June Montgomery, Gertrude Mueller, Iohn Slattery, Dorothy Umbach, james Van Dalsem. LQEIQMAN C1173 . . . Christmas carols auf Deutsch . . . Practising, of course . . But it ended with collation . . . People in serenaded homes seemed to sense this habit . . . And invited the memhers in for refreshments . . . Beautiful tree at Mary Louise Huth's . . . All day picnic at Kahler's camp . . . Seemed like a reunion . . . Grover Page's origif nal sketches . . . Herr Meyer presents club with a large piano felephantine in the words of the common laymanj . . . Every other fortnightly meeting at home of a club mem' her . . . "Ach, du lieber Augustin" . . . German anagrams . . . Fraulein Rockenbacli seems to have an advantage . . , Roherts' Rules of Order auf Deutsch? . . , Jack Fougerousse making sandwiches at Mildred Langs meeting . . . Zoeller's holding hands in a cousinly fashion . , . Juanita rushing away early . . . Second Annual Dinner meeting at Woolworths . . . Clever place cards . . . German play . . . Our first picture in the Senior Annual . . . Where to hold the Annual Ausflug7 . . . So many suggestions . . . Poems of Spring . . . Auf Wiedersehen . . . First Row:fLucinda Wyzard, Dorothy Steinert, Elizabeth Zipp, Ruth Wilson, Jean Condra, Katherine Schwender. Second Row:-Georgia Metcalf, Pres. 1, Sec. 2g Patty McGrath, Sec. 1, Vice'Pres. 2, Marlis Miller, Martha Magness, Ruth Mclntosh, Lucille Peterson. Third Row:-Ethel McDaniel, Pres. 23 Dorothy Iacobs, Rose Bailey, Louise Foreman, Mary Haas, Dorothy Barton. Fourth Row:-Audra Quebbeman, Treas. 1, Z3 Bonnie O'Brian, Evelyn Johnson, Margaret Gerdon, Valeria Kitterman, Miss Lena Board. li- A' C- . . . The referee blows the whistle . . . game is under way . . . Miss Board sets ball in play . . . not the gold basketballs worn by Audra Quebbeman and Georgia Metcalf as a reward for three years' service . . . but the real ball . . . the real game . . . played by real athletes . . . losers treat winners . . . The referee calls time out for the girls to enjoy a theater party . . . Now back to the game . . . the referee calls a foul because of the initiation . . . very appropriate . . . girls wearing baseball caps . . . girls pushing pennies . . . wear powder off noses , . . girls have G. A. C. tattooed on their forehead with mercurochrome . . . Louise Foreman standing, fully dressed, under hot shower . . . Referee blows the whistle . . . wonder why? . . . the dance . . . she says it's a toss . . . to see who is the lucky lad asked to the dance . . . swing at the Gingham Cot' tage . . . Whistle . . . one free shot for Rita Mclntosh, Marlis Miller and Bonnie O'Bryan, who wear "R's" as reward for two years' service . . . time out . , . pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and hike, hike, hike . . . hot dogs . . . mustard . . . marshmallows . . . back to the game . . . rolling along together, the girls enjoy a skating party at Fontaine , . . We all fall down and go boom . . . Oh! now that's the gun . . . the game is over . . . wonderful game . . . nl, A. C First Row:--Hays Brown, jane Hermann, Charles Luther, Anita Hubbuch, Urban Allen, lane Birk. Second Row:iMary Louise Fougerousse, Clyde Bryant, Marilyn Bir, Nelson Wolfe, Mary Haas, Edmund Stoy. Third Row:-G. T. Myers, Evelyn Lancaster, XVilliam Findt, Rita Richards, jack Oldaker, Gladys Haller. Fourth Row:-Martha Magness, John Croxall, Sam Fenwick, Ed Donahue, Mary Louise Hasenstab, Richard Clark. FIGHTING FIFTY . . . electing Charles Luther, the schools individual cheering section, president . . . making the constitution with fifty members contributing . . . really only fortyfseven left . . . after three were kicked out . . . that motorcycle show that didn't come off . . . Dick Clark's brilliant ideas . . . "Pigskin Parade" presented at the Grand . . . a grand show . . . Jane Stephens almost lost: on that big stage . . . the "bo0s" coming from behind . . . from behind the rousing cheers . . . Ed D0nahoe's assembly talk before the show . . . trying to find where all the tickets went . . . gloatf ing over the money earned . . . the renewed pep was more gratifying . . . Hays Brown suggesting 'sYe Yuletide Yump" as a title for the dance . . . or "Fighting Fifty's Fun Festival' '... final edition being the Santa Claus Stomp . . . Red and black ribbons pinned on club members . . . sneaking one for the boyffriend . . . decorating the gym for the big event . . . First Rowzfjane Guthrie, Doris Pritz, lane Cureton, Alma Cummings. Second Row:-Mary F. Murphy, Ian' ette McRae, Mary J. Montgomery, Eustacia Oeffinger, Third Row:--Kay Ellis, Almedia Keil, Margaret Cannon, Ruth West, Fourth Row:-Mary M, Raaba, Bettye Prosser, Betty Robinson, Jane Crosier. Fifth Row:-Ella jane Denison, Martha Crowe, Helen Probert. Sixth Rowzflanette Rodman, Marion Wrege, Jane Draper, Martha Marlowe. ParkfMiles orchestra outdoing themselves . . . Barry Tunison as the prize stag . . . mothers and fathers watch from the auditorium . , . those bus rides to Vincennes and Princeton . , . the hamburgers on the way home . . . the crying need for a policeman in meetings . . . because of the fighting of the fifty . . . Alan Stephens telling of ancient battles with Male, in the pepfsession . . . the president's continual "I'll he in the hall to collect the money for your tickets' '... trying to throw out uninterested members in a nice way , . . the only club in school with Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores . . . Marion Wrege wracking her brains to think of something new and different to do at the end of the term . . . keep up "Ye Qlde Tyme Fight' '... FIGHTING FIFTY 57 T 1 - M ' ' L' ' SECTION I fReading from Right to Leftj First Row:-Juanita Seburn, Kathryn Ellis, Elizabeth Zipp, Margaret Gerdon, Doris Bogle, Esther Schwender, Gwen' i dolynn Roberts, Thelma Kopp, Jane Ferrell, Margaret Slider. , Second Row:-Martha Jean Bunger, Ethel McDaniel, Berniece Wade, Patty McGrath, Janet Creek, Mildred Lang, Virginia Walters, Alice Rice, Evelyn Gunterman, Esther Brewster. Third Row:fMiriam Bocard, Wanda Newkirk, Juel Davis, Jane Gutherie, Janette McRae, Betty Beaucond, Ruth Wolfe, Euline Willis, Golda Bunnell, Juanita Burk, Jane Smith, Evelyn Munzer. Fourth Row:-Mary Parsons, Charlotte Noon, Evelyn Johnson, Delores Kelly, Geneva Sunderhaus, Cleo Rudy, Mary Hammer, Martha Rudy, Sylvia Smith, Mary Louise Oeffinger, Helen Lopp. Fifth Row:-Lucinda Wyzard, Dorothy Steinert, Chas. Christian, Jack Oldaker, K. Roby, Flash Buchheit, Ace Brown, Scoop Myers, George Walter. SECTION II First Row:-Selma Wolf, Juanita Missi, Mary Parrish, Jane Very, Ida Mae Stocksdale, Margaret Slattery, Helen Scharf, Louise Foreman, Doris Michaels, Helen Almon. Second Row:-Jerry Thompson, Betty Roth McCune, Helen Knight, Lucille Knight, Helen Keithley, Alma Meyer, Florence Holden, Frances Moser, Alta May Hand, Marv Haas, Nancy Roby. Third Row:-M. Jane Gibbs, Martha Scherley, Clara Lawrence, Marguerite Collings, Jean Condra, Janette Rodman, Lucille Peterson, Jena Scales, Lillian Davis, Vera Cogswell, H. Coolman. Fourth Row:-Ada Wolfe, Alice Jasper, Gladys Haller, George Smith, Robert Conner, Morris Best, Lynn Byerley, Billy Sherman, William Lee, Mildred Cunningham, Charlotte Bax' ter, Muriel Haladay. Fifth Row:-Kenneth Hay, Gilbert Hoffman, Melvin Weber, Donald Staker, Robert Baker, Robt. Anderson, J Louis Bland, Stan Widman, Lawrence , Marsh, Melvin Schulz, David Henderf , son, Wm. Calhoon, Melvin Hubbard. SECTION III First Row:-Veralynn Erganbright, Sammie Fenwick, Dorothy Jacobs, Jean Million, Eustasia Oeffinger, Charlotte Grantz, Mary Hornung, Doris XVeber, Wilmae McKim, Ruth Cureton, Second Row:---Jackie Bir, Alma Cummings, Anavelle Howard, Betty Pierson, Evelyn Heagie, Peggy Kensy, Ann Reed Conner, Katherine Schwender, Norma Johantgen, Mildred George, Jean Finnegan, Sara MaeFall, Rita Richards. Third Row:-Ruth Moser, Ina May Sands, Berniece Richards, Betty Hammersmith, Jane Dieckman, Mildred Snider, Leona Hen' son, Wanda Moore, Juanita Elkins, Jack Gable, Mary Louise Fougerousse, Mary Martha Raaba. Fourth Row:---Phyllis Ropa, Don Howison, Herman Christianson, Ed. Strother, Kenneth McAfee, James Graf, Nelson Wolfe, Felix Losson, George Reeves, Edwin Scharf, Anna Jeanne Connell, Ruth XVilson, Jane Hermann. Fifth Row:fMary June Montgomery, Lucille Davis, Marg, Cannon, Norman Francis, Robert Moser, James Lopp, Gordon Wolfe, George C. Plue, Paul McNally, Robert Blythe, Martha Magness, Shirley Fine, Virginia Jasper. SECTION IIII First Row:-A. Sermersheim, Walter Manley, Paul Graf, Robert Jack, Edgar Akers, Charles Bensing, James Hammond, Bob Keithley, Frank Zoeller, fiurtis Weber, Louis G, Svmrer. Second Row:--Valeria Kitterman, Fat Rouck, Violet McCaffrey, Jessie Lee hall, Honora Hand, Rose Mary Fach, Catherine Wolfe, Mary Elizabeth Resch, Ruth Alles, June Brown, Helen Shaw, Rita Beck, Mary Elizabeth Graf. Third Row:--Norma Smith, Doris Smith, Marcia Creek, Betty Prosser, Thelma Redden, Martha Sands, Olivene Shewmaker, Evelyn Haller, Mildred Lechleitor, Elizabeth Davis, Joyce L. Kleiber, Martha Carr, Ella Reisert. Fourth Row:-Fred Proctor, Norma Vigar, Helen Kingsley, Elizabeth Parsons, Vanita Brashear, Amelda Bostock, Mary Bego, Betty Bence, Ruth Wheatley, Esther Cory, M. L, Ettel, Mildred Summers, Juanita Miller, Bud Allen. Fifth Row:-Frank Eisman, Wilbur Taylor, Dan Parr, Al Croxall, Max English, N. Schell, Jane Wolf, Mary Louise Schultz, Winifred Geddes, Lucille Ginther, Dolores Reynolds, Helen Kost, Ruth Duncan. KT K l ik A Qt? isgc is W ffm 151 it I gre in 446, Q sw WN' rf' c 5 - ., ,. . i an W Y Y Z1 5 Z7 H . ,N , K -:I A f, f V -P X -,YN If J. :gf ' F uf, 5 11, of ,fat y Q. Q -ii , A ,I " 313 , W' ' Q' ' dis' HV' l x if i l-W V4 ' f f . by 5 Q 4 :li Y I .ET l P' L 1 li 39 W xxf Av 0 A , ii A I r 'S if l Nw f el 9 Sa x f : 1 .A ga r 'ff -N f W Y' -Q D f X f ' 'Q Q ,c 7 N 1 f if i ar-B , Q Q N -X i f . v' es' y 23. o i J ' I -' jd 1 Sf- 1 N l ,Q , it , --,. ,ix cg ,ff H 4 7 ai Z 4 Q I ef 1 ., 1 is c gi ' X U KS ft o o f BOOSTERS . . . Ever boosting . . . Never boasting . . . Pep parading . . . Red lights . . . Honking down Spring . . . Spelling New Albany around corners . . . Personal inf vitations to grads for Homecoming . . . the one walking parade . . . Bud Stoy's big bon- fire . . . Pep talks equally warm . . . Dick Clark's warning to be careful about using people's furniture . . . Boosting . . . The "yea Bulldogs" sign over the fence . . . So Phil Roberts couldn't add it to his collection . . . Persuading band to play peppy pieces . . . St. X knowing our song . . . but lacking the enthusiasm . . . "Gotcher Booster money?" . . . "Well wanna buy a pencil?' '...' 'Oh,- you still have last year's pin. O. K." . . Sammie Fenwick draping colors . . . trying to get a card section . . . Best of all . . . Those super magnificent outfits the yell leaders sport . . . Good looking yell leaders, yes . . . In their uniforms simply dazzling . . . the Swiss hat is too becoming to Jeanne . , . Miss Green . . . The girl of their dreams . . . She boosts till it hurts . . . Nothing but the opposition . , . Billie Hagen . . . Back to shake the P. N. Curl building down the rest of the way . . . Alternates favoring subfalternates . . . "Susie" losing her col' lections . . . Bud Allen late to class . . . Because Sam had to check names . . . The back' bone of school spirit . . . Background for athletic success . . . BOOSTERS. 59 , I . N ia. gs it QW T ' .f i sy Kwai W' . 35 Q50 NV! ' : H qw O ,..L My 4 Q 9 Q N -E. -fl j its V 5275 ' its leigh ' 6 We are rf f ' V' . s T' .X j. , . go , , ,D s T ., F. , pst . e f, T y 5 . sa if-inf . l We, The Students. This past year for the first time in the history of the school, debating has been a school project. Heretofore both debating and discussion were en- tirely in the hands of the Wrangler Club, a boys' organization. However, this year, Mr. Huckleberry, the new Speech teacher, coached the debate team which was drawn from the stu' dent body as a whole. The final debate team consisted of Shirley Fine W and David Hedden, who debated the affirmative side of the question, and Georgia Metcalf and Mary Frances Murphy, who composed the negaf tive team. Letters were also presented to Marion Wrege and Norman Schell for their work. Others who debated at the first of the season were James Van Dalsem, Jane Birk, and Edna Turner. The National High School Subject for debate was: "Resolved that All Electric Utilities Should Be Governmentally Owned and Operated." Discussion League Mary Frances Murphy represented the school in the State High School Discussion League, sponf sored by Indiana University. The first District contest on April 6 resulted in a tie between North Ver' non's representative, Roger Miller, and New Albany. Other teams represented were Greensburg and Columbus. The tie was run off on the afternoon of the State Contest, and the District cup went to Mary Frances Murphy. New Albany has the distinction of having a representative in both the State Debate Tournament and the State Discussion League Tournament, although neither resulted in victory. Speak The season opened with an invitational tournament at Bloomington High School, where four teams represented New Albany. All other debates of the season were canceled because of the flood except one with Male, which resulted in a New Albany victory, and a double debate with Shepherds' ville, Kentucky, which resulted in a tie. In the State High School Debating League tournament the team defeated Mt. St. Francis and Marengo to win the County contest and also won the Sectional by defeat' ing North Vernon. Medals were presented to the team for their victory. For the first time in New Albany's debating history, a team represented the school at the State Debate Tourney. The team was defeated by Elkhart in this tournament. As a whole it was the most successful debate season that New Albany has ever had. Wrangler Cup Contest The fourth annual Wrangler Cup Contest was won by Mary Frances Murphy, representing the Speakers with the subject, "A Minimum Wage Law." Lucille Peterson, speaking on Gross Income Tax, placed second and David Hedden, a Wrangler, who spoke on "Flood Control," was third. The contest is limited to topics concerning the government. Qthers who participated were Mary June Montgomery, Speaker, whose subject was "Consumers Cooperatives", Georgia Metcalf, Speaker, "A Discussion of the Supreme Courtmg Mary Helen Mould, "The PostfOfficeN'g Thomas Hale, a Wrangler, "Too Many Crashes", Kenneth Hay, "Neutrality"g Edward Strother, "New Albany's Park System"1 and Victor Coomes, k'OldfAge Pension Law." 61 We Compete at Danville The first tournament competition of the year in which the Commercial Department took part was the invitational tournament at Danville, Indiana, on April 3. Students from Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois participated in the tournament. New Albany entered students in the first year typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, and personality sweepstakes. Prior to the contest at Danville, a local contest was held. The Rotary Club chose a committee of four to assist in the personal bearing contest. Dorothy Jacobs, winner of this contest, also placed sixth in the contest at Danville and was the only girl named. New Albany placed seventh in bookkeeping and received other recognition. Those attending the tournament were: Ethel McDaniel, Edward Rouck, Elizabeth Zipp, Betty Salm, Dorothy Jacobs, Mary Parsons, Juanita Missi, Rita Beck, Jean Million, Jane Ferrell, Melvin Weber, Lenne Keithley, Violet McCaffrey, Margaret Gerdon, Willamae Losch, Bonnie Q'Bryan, Mary Elizabeth Graf, and Dorothy Busald. fx ..- 11',J:i'.ig77. is i ., , ., ., N rested 4 f X Us 5 K ,, XJ Wy., T V! t ,X ,A .Ik K N ,ful A - ,g MQ . . . I A 5- 5, fr ' w K' Q In Commercial Suble-cis at Muncie Each year the Ball State Teachers College holds a mass preliminary contest in which all typing and shorthand students in the schools over the state compete. Then the fifteen schools and the fifteen individuals that finish first are eligible to go to Muncie for the state contest. In the mass contest New Albany finished seventh in typing and eighth in shorthand, therefore we were eligible for the Muncie Contest. So, on April 16, a group of students consisting of Rita Beck, Aileen Lush, Mary Elizabeth Graf, Violet McCaffery, and Edward Rouck left for Muncie. The contest was held at the college Saturday morning from 9:00 A.M. until 12:30 P.M, When the scores had been compiled it was found that the shorthand team ranked seventh in the state and the typing team was ranked fourth. In the typing contest Rita Beck had the fewest errors of any contestant in the state. :1,o r , E kg? fi! gi.. ,,t ,g 5 x ' . t Q T- - 2 W ,, l at si? f A 2 N A . V in f , i Q-,Q e ' f M T ., --' ,QM J ' ' A 'hi ai ..'- 0 ' , 7 ii' 0 w- it " ,' 5 ' ff" sf N FY S I S x ' Q7 W K W t so o l 1 iw , Af if 'fr Ia-Y ' Q' " I g ZX U df T- 1 .4 Ji-' l i 7 is X 33 lx Ep And in Art The American Legion Auxiliary sponsored a Poppy Day poster contest in the Art department for the purpose of having a representative poster in the state contest. Eleven Art students entered, and five were awarded prizes in assembly by the representatives of the local American Legion Aux' iliary. Those receiving awards were: Norbert Bir, first prize of 32.00, Richard McCulloch, second prize of 31.00. Those ref ceiving honorable mention were William Neville, Ethel Sprigler, and Virginia McFarlan. In Music Sarah East, playing the ninth movement of De Beriot's Concerto, won third place in the violin division of the state music contest, held April 19, at Bloomington in which 74 Indiana High School students participated. She was one of four violinists in the Sectional music tourney held at Seymour April 2, and was chosen to take part in the state contest. Her sister, Mona Alice, found no competition in piano or cello in the sectional and so easily won her way to the state where she played, among other selections, "Witches Dance" by McDowell and Poppin's "Mazurka" In Citizenship The Ruth Bryan Owen Medal was awarded by Mrs. Elmer An' derson, D.A.R. regent, to Mary Frances Murphy on Thursday, May 6, in assembly, for outstandf ing leadership in the high school. in Story Writing With her short story, "Turkey Daze," Mary Parrish won the local Psi Iota Psi short story contest and 35. Last year's winner, Doris Whitinghill, also won the province prize in this contest, open to all Senior girls. 'V 'lg f t -.- f f?'1f5' .fast - s 1 -1, . , f t L sa it , - J Q ' 5 'Q ,L .'i L fi i I X J t ,J 1 , ,Q wif. , x-53 , Frank Copler a fag WWQWS 5 l!N Qs-I '1 1 :4- 1 ifl' Q:.3 ' Ig. 1 a - .M ,f 9 . 2: ns . .1 ' A V 1' . 'W . 6 fr- of PM P ' . , ra, 21' ,a 1 --fc I 'N 5, , A . c 'Q'- . . .' FOOTBALL "The best team in many years." This tribute, the highest an athletic team can rcceive in New Albany High School, was paid them by their coach, Alec Thom. On the night of September 18, our gridmen made their debut against Seymour. VVith 2,000 fans cheering them, they swamped the opposition 20f7. Playing the more elite the Bulldogs scheduled a Northern team, Central of South Bend, Hopelessly outclassed the first half but struggling on with sheer physical courage a most regrettable accident happened. Art Brown, captainfelect of the basketball squad, broke his leg while playing in the backfield. What more could be said than the team came back and took the situation in hand by handing the Northerners a 19-14 drubbing. The Red and Black coasted through to an easy conference victory over an inferior Bicknell team, October 2, by a score of 24fO. Slipping and sliding in a murky sea of mud the Canines battled Bosse of Evansville to a scoreless tie. Surging back and forth like a pendulum, both teams plunged, passed and unleashed a series of trick plays but to no avail. It seemed like an epidemic. New Albany out for revenge journied to Male High School in Louisville. In the opening periods, Perkins skirted right end for twenty yards to place the ball on Male's ten yard line. The play was called back because of offfsides. The Bulldogs scored early in the second stanza. Male scored their touchdown in the third quarter on a debatable play. In another conference game New Albany downed Princeton in a onefsided affair to the tune of 51fO. 65 Melvin Schulz Kenneth Lopp Middle Row Robert Beck .,...... Arthur Brown ........ Glenn Perkins 66 ....Guard Halfback Halfback Half back Halfback George Kleiber David Zoeller . Emmett Boylan james Hardin .. Lower Row Upper Row Harry Der O'I-Ianian .,......,,.. ...f.---- C enter jean Ancelot .....,,........ -'---,,----- C 'intel' Jack Mould ...... ......... H alfbillik Gilbert Hanka ..... ---A----- H alfback .Fullback .Fullback Halfback ,.......End Column I Richard Reardon .,,..... Tackle XVilliam Tucker ...,.... Tackle Frank Zoeller ...,,. ,,.Halfhack Robert Conner ...,., Halflwzlck Column ll Column Ill Robert Zoeller ,.............,, End Kenneth Roy .............. Guard Pete Timperman ,,,...,. Tackle Charles Roy ,,...,.,..,,.. Guard Felix Lossun ,,,,, ,,,,,,.. T ackle Edward Welz .,,,,,,,,,,. Tackle 67 "Ti will '73 U fy" ,f 'F lfjx ,,!",, 'f' A f 3 T fmt J fl? fi 'T fi flfl m if dial- 5 'gsL,f,,3Zac.. lg' ' ""' V fs, -, LA fn "2 The Vincennes Alices played host to The Bulldogs October 30. Our gracious hosts were trounced 2543 in an exciting game. The Zoeller to Hardin passing comhination reached its zenith in this game. Time after time Zoeller faded hack and hurled the oval into the outstretched arms of Hardin who gathered it in his arms and sped away to gain more yardage. Traveling to Linton the boys flayed the Miners 2lf6 for the last conference games. The cadets of K.M.l. brought their soldiers to Buerk Field on November 14. The Canines opened up with a barrage of fast running plays and passes to make the Gen' erals surrender 21'7. It took 4,000 "snow men" and a score of 7f0 to furnish a climax of an almost per' fect football season. New Alhany played host to the St. Xavier Tigers in their annual Thanksgiving game. Recovering a fumble the Dogs marched to the St. Xavier goal line. Perkins went over. D. Zoeller converted to score the last point of the 1936 season. A T .sal . I l l 68 f.,! W sf. 9 f f t . 5 Wx MJ' ' -' ff, "E T fi "T, 41" 1' .' 9 - 1,1 X. A A c , yi n 2 Vi: L4 . yy X. . it .5 Y ii lf ' 1, . 3 as 3' eggs t f f 5 'f r 1' Vs e . 0 , TP i ,. ' Y lla, li: nj if " .' , ,Qf BASKETBALL Injuries!! Floods!! Bad Luck!! This might easily describe the 1936-1937 basketball season. "junie" VN'einmann, first string forward, underwent an operation from which he never fully recovered. Art Brown, Captainflilect, suffered a broken leg while playing football. With this staring him in the face, Coach McConnell dug in and went to work. They opened with F. J. Reitz, December 5. The Evansville team defeated New Albany 2420. Playing another Evansville team, Central, the boys were beaten by the same score. The next night they motored to Columbus to take a 34f27 walloping. Again that four point jinx crept into the score, this time Vincennes shadowed the Bulldogs 3Of26. Every cloud must have a silvery lining. The basketball team got their break when they met Bloomington. They trounced them 28f2O. With the taste of victory still in their mouths they took Corydon in stride. The "Old Capitol" boys were set back 2320. The team, along with the fans, now had a better mental attitude when they went into the Blind Tourney. In the first round New Albany eliminated Corydon 4148. That same round Salem eked out a win over Paoli 19f16. In the final bout, New Albany whipped Salem 3528 to take the cup. The Bulldogs journied to Bedford to meet the dreaded Stonecutters. Our boys were defeated after playing one of the hardest games of the season. The score was 39f36. Washington came to New Albany to avenge a defeat of last season but went home with a 2348 shellacking to make up next year. 69 ROBERT ZOELLER GLENN PERKINS RAY YENOWINE VVILLIAM SCHULER DAVID ZOELLER Guard G J G d Forward Forward na Seymour and Bicknell fell before the snow ball as it gathered speed. Again the boys began to look like a tournament squad. Meeting Franklin in another close thriller, this time the victor, they walked off the floor with a 3934 victory in their purse. Basketball, basketball, basketball, three days of basketball. But out of the fog reared N.A.H.S. to cop the final game from Corydon 47123. A week later we rode to Mitchell to the Regional. We hurdled Paoli 24f13 in the first round. But the Bedford Stonecutters chiseled us for a score of 34f16 to gain a trip to the semiffinals. , it 1 - gli! N 'leaf if llllwfi ' ' 'M f,. 1' 1 ,gb ,. 'KH -lt X f 5 ' R f . W Ni If--S ' '13-5 . ' E M zu lm fi -N Am P- 4 Q 1 -f PN, - 7- f N . f l ' GSH - g , . . figs, , LE-as lhL?'.ii, g,YW YL il -is , yi fgg 'kDec. Baskeiball Schedule 1937 f 1938 3-F. Reitz, Evansville ,... ..Here Dec. 4--Corydon ,A...........,,.,,....,... There ,kDec. 10-Central, Evansville .......,,, There Dec. 1 1--Columhus ...,,,,,,,,.,.......,,,,,, Here Dec. 15-jeffersonville .,..... .,....... T here YDec. 17-Vincennes .,....,...,,.....,......., Here Dec. 7 2-Male, Louisville .l...,......,, There Jan. 7-Bedford ..........., .......,,,. H ere Han. Sfwashington .... ...l..... T here Han. 14-Bicknell ...,.. ....... H ere jan. 15-Seymour ...,.,. .,..,,,, H ere Sfjan. 7 2 -Bloomington ,,,. .,,,,,... T here jan. 2 6-Salem ...........,, ,l.,...., T here ikjan. 8-Bosse .........,,,.,.. ,..,.... H ere Feb. 2--jeffersonville ...........,,...,,.. Here Feb, 5-St. Xavier, Louisville ...... There Feb. 1 1-Richmond ,,,.,.......,,,,,,,. Here SfFeb. 18-Linton ....... ..,,.,,.. T here :kFeb. 19--Sullivan ......,, ,There !fFeb. 2 5-Princeton ..... ....,,,. H ere Mar. 4f 5-Sectional ...,, .,.,,,,, H ere 'F S.I.A.C. Games Mr. Katterjohn signs the jefffN. A, Basketball contract while Mr. McConnell and Mr. Clark look on. FRANK ZOELLER MARSHALL JENKINS JAMES HARDIW MX-ILVIN BREVVER ROBERT BECK G d G I 1' 1' 1 F J lx-nrv' Ginn-J un wir, mi. Nw,-v .li Meet at Bloomington Sectional Don McWilliams Ed Donahoe Ed Welz, Slmotput Albert Knglwt, Pole Vault S.I.A,C. Bloomington, Beck and Wagoner, mile Mile at Sectional Relay Mile Beck and Wagoner, mile Coach Thom Relay onefhalf mile 120 high hurdle. S.I.A.C Finish 100 yd, clash S.I.A,C. . sf .- ' H E . 4 WMNJQ fgiy t Q Tj'E1'fB'Y t ' - . 1 aese E1 TRfXCK "The forgotten men in N.A.H.S. athletics." This terms the Bulldog thinly clads. They met Corydon in the opening meet of the season. The final score was New Albany 86, Corydon 33. Coach Thom prepped his men in spikes for the S.I.A,C. meet at Indiana University. They brought back the plaque. Their score was 415. Bosse of Evansville was their nearest competitor with 28 points. Wrege broke the meet record for the century dash in 10.1. Hubbard smashed the high hurdle record in 16.1. Bob Beck added his bit by running the mile in 4.44 for another record. Still another mark was shattered by the half mile relay, Bertrand, Perkins, Donahoe, and Hardin ran it in 1.38:2. The thinlys traveled to Male to lose a close meet 49f57. Holding the annual Sec' tional track meet at Buerk Field, N.A.H.S. sent eight men to the state meet at Indiana' polis . . . they were john Wrege, Don McWilliams, Bob Beck, Wayne Wagner, Charles Roy, Bill Hubbard, Jim Hardin, Pete Timperman, Chet Crumbo, and Ed. Donahoe. john Wrege placed fifth in the hundred yard dash. The mile relay ran fourth. Student Managers 73 To the victors belong the spoils The Final Ballot in the Beauty Queen Contest St X and N. A. Captains BEAUTY QUEEN CQNTEST JEANNE SALYARDS PHYLLIS Rom Junior cheer leader, Jeanne Salyard's 'ipenny collecf tion" of 958, won her the title of N,A.H.S. Beauty Queen in the contest sponsored by the Senior Blotter April 15 and 16. Each high school in the S.I.A.C. selected a can' didate, and from the winner the judges selected the queen to reign over the S.I.A.C. track meet at Vincennes, April 24. Runner up in the local contest was Phyllis Ropa, Sophf omore, who polled 687 of the votes which were sold to students for one cent each. The money was added to the Senior Fund. Martha lean Bunger Lucille Davis -lanette McRae No Picture Norma lane Slider Girls' Alhlolics Rita Mclntosh Bonnie C'Bryan Marlis Miller Ruth Vs7ilson jane Hirmann Rita Ricke Dorothy Sceifers Ruth Alice 3. 4. 5, Lorene Arnold Jena Scales Amedia Kiel Audra Quebbeman Pauline Iacobi Rita Riclie Evelyn johnson Dorothy Steinart Ruth Wilson, Helen Knight Geraldine Harhinson Norma Vigar jean Condra Captain Mary jean Cappeu Virginia jasper La Von Livingston Audrey Kopp, Marcia Creek Elizabeth Davis Patty McGrath jane Smith Lucille Peterson Betty Magness Margaret Hague Peggy Knox Ann Reed Conner Martha Magness Virginia jasper Betty Thornton .lo Sharp Marilyn Geming Fatty S'em Ellen Rhodes Mildred Summers Dorothy Sceifers Jessie Lee Hall Betty McCune Dorothy Barton Nancy Roby Dorothy Schersinger lane Uncleback Hazel DeVoss Margaret Koch Anna Jean Connell Ruth XVils0n XVanda Moore Olivine Shewmakcr Martha Magness Irma Owen 5 Mary Frances Murphy Betty Rucker Clivine Shewmalier Harriet Duke Olwyn Moser Jerry Harbison Evelyn johnson Frances Carpenter Norma Vigor Mary june Capper Betty Belviy jean Condra Virginia Walters Olivine Shewmaker Mildred George Mary jane Gibbs jean Finnegan Helen Mann Verbal Garrett I r fr' I I M 'S 2? B tw I' r f. 1? 53' X nl I' , ...Mhfgg,V A M K X ,F gfI'7'N --23,55 3 SM P A. Q F fl V' 1 I If JIM wi. ,"1 I. gg. , "u !',?A'i E-I 2' I' P V I ' f 5 , ' i C 'ij ' -s az 91 ' ' I A K 50 1' V: M, H' I ' ' 'Q W ' I IF M fi as f d 1. ,Q 4 fy. qs 'H . 6 A ,, mi --fin g, Y --T' ,.,-L31 Nggzhv MMM Mm Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Qompliments of the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL P a r e n t T e a c h e r s A s s o c i a tio n OFFICERS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN R. W. Conner ,....,,,........ President Mrs. Noble Marlowe ................ Program C. A. A ........ V' 'P "d . , D. K- Hegilirm -----if-Sggltix Mrs. John Howxson .............. Membershlp john Sparks ...... .......... T reasurer Mrs. Harry E. Bir ........ Ways and Means 77 , Q ,'w"ffl if 'fi Lv 1 iflirlifvfif-, KB- ,eff .IFN 332. fr ik .r , ,if pgs is H ,Q Wg, ff' . J ,W 4, i , K I ,,4, to Q -I X X-Na To manage the teams he is able, For whenever he comes into view k'Hot Dog" say the boys, "it's Weinie Knable To bandage your floorburns for you." VJeIlfknovvn for his verse is Ed Lottich He writes up the gossip this way And although he's adverse to publicity He'll have to vvritefup himself someday. From east to west, unusual size, And great from north to south, You'll find this always typical Of the famous Luther mouth. Myrna Loy's the perfect wife Freda's her double we all declare So for Dave it's the life A million men would share. Some old timers say Fourscore years and ten, But it only seems that long That the school has had Fred Penn. Idle Moments 78 N Y , k. Mi . C "AW 0 -' K . ps., xl 4 vi- ' 'giant , X 'Z , - fmifji - Iwi N - ' Y mio i- " '- -' A ai' l . M f . - 1'AQQ 1 ff-2 r i G' so s " 1 7' fi IIS 'Fi -35 ri Bc i it ' Lenne Keithley likes to sing But he likes a lot of things- Especially blondes with big blue eyes- He just looks and looks and sighs and sighs, Mark Gohmann just loves his school, At least he gives that impression, But what he really longs to do ls to slip out during the fourth session. Ed Donahoe's fond of his speed, On the track, he has seconds to spare, But really he's fonder, deep down in his heart, Of his beautiful. wavy, brown hair. Bob Conner, as Philbert, was mad In that bewildering Wrangler play, But watching him stagger around in the halls, We'd say he was mad anyway. Frank Copler's an usher downtown Where all of the high school kids go, And he never reports girls or hoys Who burst paper bags in the show. In February . . . In May . . . 79 W fwgffzlfgyj X f ,L . .Xin W few fYA-' 'f l --' T "VFX - c 5' FH Q 'A h W4 , tri .g , iw 'nf r , , Y N .1 Trl , , g ,QN e it ZWQO 3 T ti f at 2+ will tsl? sv A -f arf ,V v A nf. Rx gg o X ? 1 1 5 ,aw af? all? ff? u se ,vs-,s , - 'f .Tk . , was. -- . Q L4 4 fi ,nxt M XSL? K. , llsa f , L 'f ' K , W x Senior Class Play "But, Sylvanus, he's only seventeen A' And so he was, for this year the Senior Class presented "Seventeen" by Booth Tarkington. Because of a late start only one cast was selected and contrary to precedent the play was produced by Speech II class, and was coached by Mr. Huckleberry, Speech teacher. Practice proceeded with much laughter, and other students in the Senior Class took charge of the costumes, lighting, properties, stage setting and publicity. "Seventeen" is the story of Willie Baxter, just seventeen, who suffers all the pangs of his first love affair. The object of his affections is Lola Pratt, who is very proficient at babyftalk. Willie's mother tries to help him throug this difficult stage, while jane, his little sister, makes his life miserable. The play was presented only one night and had the following cast: Willie Baxter ..,,.. Mr. Baxter .,,,.. joe Bullitt ,...,.,. Genesis .,....,............ Johnnie Watson George Trooper Wallie Banks ,, Mr. Parcher ...,. jane Baxter ..... Lolla Pratt ....... May Parcher ....... Ethel Boke ,...,.. Mary Brooks Mrs. Baxter ..... ..........james Strother ......,..Charles Luther Bird ..,,....,iHomer Money ...,....Garrett Tyler ,,,........,.Fred Penn Felix Losson .......,.Edward Donahoe Ellis ,...,.,,.....juanita Seburn ...,,......Mary Martha Raaba .....,.Mary Frances Murphy ,,,,,,,.....,,,,......,...Luc1lle Davis Mary june Montgomery Em Violet Haupt if On behalf of the Senior Glass we, the Senior Annual Stajjf wish to thank you for your financial support in helping us to publish this flood edition. Y The Gingham Cottage fHigh School Dance Rendezvousj Operated by LAWRENCE AND MARY MUSSELMAN Cooper Pharmacy Prescription Service Sept Sept. Sept. Sent. Sept. Oct. SEPTEMBER -Off with the bang of Sophs hang' ing the wrong doors , . . lt's good to be back! -Still good to be back, but we are still startled at the sight of Sophs where we expected grads, -The team catches on quick, down' ing Seymour 20-7, -Sophomores on parade. We're really glad to have them, -Beat South Bend Central 19-1-4 in first game with them. OCTOBER -Third time's a charm. Or at least a greater victory, Bicknell scoring nothing to our Z4. Vernon Mathes, Prop- Oct. -A scoreless muddy tie with Bosse of Evansville. Oct. -Maybe the team is beginning to Vincennes at Charleston Rd. gkg this tie business. Male game Oct. -Teacher's convention at Indiana' Phgne 64 polis. Students convention at school, suspended! Compliments of Finger Bros. Coal Co. F1111k'S Restaurant Home of N Formerly Famous "Mecca Coal Norman Richie, Mgr. KEN'S KITCHEN W, J. Winter, Ass't We Specialize in Beautifying Homes "With Trees that Please" FVERGREENS SHRUBS Budd's Service Station and VINES Graham Nurseries Road 231 Phone Jeff, l994fF3 ENDRIS EQ' SON Iewelers New High School's Official jewelers Class Rings and Pins S QUALITY JEWELERS J. O. ENDRIS Eff SON 320 Pearl Street Graf Auto Company 322f25f27 Vincennes St. Distributors of DODGE E3 PLYMOUTH Oct. 23-- Those football players make their former selves look like pansies, winning over Princeton with the insignificant score of 5'7'0, Oct. Z7-We dorft claim Jim Farley's gift of prophecy, but it does seem from the reaction to the Democratic Rally that they have a pretty good chance if Landon doesn't win. Oct. Z9-We do claim Jim Farley's gift HELMAN'S INC. For Sportwear Skirts - Blouses - Sweaters Slacks -- Bathing Suits He1man's 308 Pearl Oct. 307 Nov. 7- from the reaction to the Republif can rally that they fDemocratsJ have a pretty good chance no mat' ter what happens to Landon. By the by, the public speaking depart' ment is all right. In other words we like our new teacher. Top Vincennes Alices 25-13. NOVEMBER Light dawned. Linton downed, Z1-6. Nov. 12g"Merchant of Venice" and "Othel' lo" to a predominantly un-Shakes' pearean audience. But everybody had a good time except Desdemona and Othello. IT'S A FACT 'You Crm Buy for Less at - FFS Home Furniture and C0mPlfmf"fS Carpet House Incorporated of Furniture - Carpets - Linoleums Stoves L O S S O N Phone 448 101 E. Main EH?State THE FLORIST Compliments of THE FLOYD COUNTY FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION George A. Kraft Elmer H. Dieckrnan George J. Shrader The Seabrook Company Thos. L. Mullineaux We Wish for the Graduating Class of '37 Much Happiness and Success Compllmems Marsh and Sherrill of FOOD MARKET Edward H. Meyer Silver and Oak Sts. The McCullough Nov. 14-"Theres something about a sol' dierf' But the Bulldogs know how to fix that with u score of 21 to Pharmacy K.M,I.'s 7. Nov. I7 --N.A.H.S. orchestra starts VVGRC Incorporated waves vibrating, Kind of a per' manent tscarej they gave 'em. "PrescriptionServicetl1atPleases'i NOV4 35f'l2St2f PCP S2SSi0H tries YO Play grape nuts to the potato sacking , Speakers as well as the'erfteam. East Elghth E? Oak Phone 488 More Thanksgiving baskets than ever, Vacation. Nov. Z6-Recuperate. DECEMBER Buy The BESI Dec. 5f"All's well that ends well" is not the point. First basketball score RISCQ H1,TE5T being F. G, Reit: 24, N. A. 20. Dec. 1lASccond score, same as the first. - - - O onent this week-Central. Rlssler 011 Servlce Dec. llf -Cglilmhus 34, N. A. 27. Station Dec. 15--Moving pictures of the Thanks' giving game and the 'Headless A W Horseman." No connection. C0fYd0U Pike E7 State St- Dec. 18-Vincennes trying to get hack for the football defeat. Beat us 30126. SCHULZ COAL Yard E? Office: 608 Pearl Ph. 4141415 Compliments Of L. I. Shrader Lumber Yard Es? Office: E. 15th E? Main Company Ph. 27862787 Incorporated Compliments of THE WHITE HOUSE SOUTHERN INDIANA'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE PEARL STREET NEW ALBANY Dec. 19-Hot dog! N.A. 28, Bloomington 20 FLOWERS Dec. -"When the Wife's Away" is Pub' lic Speaking class play. Emma C' Muller Dec 23-Christmas play, "From our House Flower to Your House." Skinned Corydon 2340- 1611 E. Main sf. Dec 24-Relax. But not for long. Dec. 25-If you donit know, the annual -Phonesg for it. New Albany, Ind. Dec. 26AIn Blind Tourney N. A, beats Corydon, who beats Paoli and Sal' em who beats Paoli, In other words Tops! Compliments of JANUARY jan. 4Mr. Rose secretly married today, C. J. so we don't know it yet. Jan' 'Vacation taps' COMPLETE MARKET jan. -New York Celtics vs. House of David and Public Speaking Class round table discussion of social Get Your Complete Stock of Fresh Jan' iflfuglfyi 6, Bedford 39- Meats, Groceries and Produce will publish a pamphlet with such information, We take our word Shop 1409 Res. 3101 SPENCERIAN TRAINING D2'5i'iT IT PAYS BOOKKEEPING and ACCOUNTING taught by a Certified Public Accountant. SHORTHAND taught by teachers who have been department heads in some of the outstanding schools of the nation. TYPEWRITING taught by the trainer of four state champions. COMMERCIAL LAW taught by an Attorney. 1 The value of the time invested in securing an education is greater than all other costs. The difference in cost between good training and poor training is small, but the difference in results is great. Write or call for our new catalog, "Keys to Success." f Commercial School Tel. jAckson 7105 813-19 South First Street Louisville, Ky. Conclra Engineering Nance F1 O r al Shoppe Eff Construction Co. GENERAL CONTRACTING Flowers for all Occasions Evevywliere W. S' Condra Chas' E. Condra Phone 412 1301 Spring 1316 E, Elm St. 417 Bank St. Phone 914fW Phone 1446fW A. RASMUSSEN E99 SONS "Flowers For All Occasions" Telegraph Service To A11 OutfoffTown Points Phone 96 NEW ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE Incorporated An accredited school of business-training young men and women in the most modern methods. You are cordially invited to visit us and see our modern facilities and teaching methods in operation. PHONE 795 601 ELSBY BLDG. Compliments Compliments 01 of The Cullen Company P u I- 1: y M a d Silver Grove Ice Cream Culbertson and Indiana Avenue ONLY A HOUSEWIFE Can Really Appreciate 'These Advantages: Courteous drivers who make delivery with a minimum of muss and a maximum of care COAL with a minimum of smoke, soot and ash and a maximum of heat and comfort Prompt delivery. E. T. SLIDER Phones: 2603, 2604, and 3009 jan. 9-N. A. 23, Washington 18 ll jan. 12-"Students of all Nations" present Navajo Indian. Ian. 14fWe're so tired we don't know the score but New Albany played Seyf mour. jan. 17-MidfYear Baccalaureate with Bel Canto singing. Ian. 21-Graduationf-lust in time. Ian. 22-Flood. Ian. 27-Flood Crest 59.7. FEBRUARY Feb. 13-N, A. doesn't let a bit of water or their rivals keep them from win- ning the sectional debate tourney. Still Flood conditions. Feh. 17-Surprising number of people back. Feb. Z0 Mar. 4 Mar. 6 +N. A. 39, Franklin 34. MARCH 4Sectional holds true to Speaker pep session. f-Not quite like playing Jeff. Ex' cept we won 270.3 over Corydon. SLOAN -WOODS AUTO CO. 415 Vincennes St. OLDSMOBILE WILLYS Sales and Service All Repair Work Guaranteed V. M. YOST "I LIKE T0 STUDY BY A BETTER SIGHT LAMP" ff-'L f- X X School days cwe happier with better light Q' The soft, glareless illumination from a Better Sight Lamp doesn't strain Q the eyes and cause that drowsy listless feeling. That's why youngsters do x their homework cheerfully - and get better grades, too - when they can Lf G- study by a Better Sight Lamp. And grownfups will find that their own eyes are less easily fatigued under proper illumination. The new Better Sight Lamps are scientifically designed to eliminate glare and shadows, and to protect eyes from strain. You can get these lamps in floor, lounge and 3, table models. See them at your dea1er's or our showroom. PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA SMART! CLOTHING HATS ACCESSORIES JOHN B. MITCHELL 'Tiluality Apparel for Men" 312 Pearl Street Compliments of MUTUAL TRUST AND DEPOSIT CO. "Congratulations, Graduates" Mar -North Vernon defeated in debate regional here. Mr. Huckleherry's Cgmplimentg improving. Mar. --Parents gloat over keeping us of home yesterday. Mar. -N. A. wins Shepherdsville debate. We're just good. Elllefy Ice Cfeanl Co Mar -Beside the point, but final score of state tourney was Anderson 33, Phone 1905 550 Beharrell Ave Huntingburg 23. Mar fR. K. O, Basketball banquet. Frankie Zoeller receives sports' New A1bany'I1ld' manship medal. APRIL Apr. 1-Debate team goes to state at North Manchester. Apr. 2-Mona Alice and Sarah East earn Compliments right to compete in state music contest. Apr. 6-Mary Frances Murphy ties Ralph of Miller in discussion league conf test. Wrangler play postponed. , , Apr. Svllnlimited supply of General Mo- S Dalfy tors Movies. We recommend them for bankfnite and pretty Cinder' ella's coach. TWYMAN - BOGARD GO. New Albany, Incl. Manufacturers of Genuine Engravings Commencement Invitations and Cards Wedding Announcements Sympathy Cards Visiting Gards Birth Cards Letterheads and Envelopes There is no Substitute for the Genuine 7 'Your Friends will know the Difference 73rd NNUAL SUMMER TERM Beginning June 7 -Call JA 5343 for Catalogue We urge all young men who are seriously interested in their futures to consider the advantages of a business career. Have you thought of Business as a Profession? We are unable to fill all the positions available. Let us tell you about your prospects in the business world. if A illb If I if 3 , I I BUSINESS COLLEGE, INC. 216 Speed Bldg. Louisville, Ky. LA JADE Beauty Shoppe Diamond D f X JESSIE B. FRIZELLE SERVICE STATIONS 3,43 Vincennes Street Minerva dinner and with Sectional Apr Apr Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May May May -Wrangler play postponed again. -Jeanne Salyards wins the Beauty COHUCSC. +Corydon track meet turns out O. K, People go with Miss Hunt' singer to Butler journalism Field day. 19-Easts go to Bloomington to State music contest. Sarah winning third place in violin. 21-Take it easy! Wrangler play, "The Feedstore Mystery" worth waiting for, 22--At last, Class elections. Z4-S.I.A.C. track meet at Vincennes MAY 1-Petersburg relays. 6-Latin club dance. Viflmat, not to gas? 11-Wrangler cup contest. Ho hum! 14--Art Club dance at Country Club. 15--Sectional track meet conflicts with track meet. 18--Ruth Kirk and Celine Harris assembly. Compliments of Hospital Pharmacy Prescriptions Called for and Delivered Phones 283 EG? 3100 Standard and Portable ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Qteyy - edde I21'111'lJ1119- 0111 an 133 E. Spring St. OFFICE APPLIANCES FOUNTAIN PENS Kodaks and Movie Cameras Compliments of CRESCENT PRINTING CO. LANG'S CONFECTIONERY BERT R. HUNCILMAN C. A. LAIB MILLER DRUG STORE LINCO SERVICE STATION DUBIN'S QUALITY STORE W. F. LAIB VINCENNES MEAT MARKET MODERN SHOE SHOP WM. H. STALKER DRUG CO. WRIGHT TRANSFER CO. RIDDLE STUDIO f Photographer to the Annual DE SOTO PLYMOUTH TRINKLE MOTOR SALES Always the Best in Used Cars Phone 212 Market at 15th St. PACKARD INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS After Graduation - What? THE LOUISVILLE COLLEGE OF PHARMACY I tt t d 1870 Incorpor t d 1873 Off f y r professional course with Bachelor of Science in Ph y d g P cr 1 d th r 1 r g d p d r r O ly th e lly t pt d Ag d t f f y Pharmacy course has yf ld p b cl Ph y F Cl tal d p p ctus, address the dean G. L. CURRY 104 W. Chestnut St. Louisville, Ky. Again . . we have the pleasure of printing THE SENIOR BLOTTER fl 6 5 4IOf4I4 W. Main St. Louisville, Ky The Caps and Gowns used by the Senior Class were furnished by E. R. Moore Company COSTUMERS 932 Dakin Street Chicago, Ill. COSTUMES FOR ALL OCCASIONS May ll-Wrangler banquet, The Best is None too Good for You May ZZ-Speaker dinner. State track meet Too bad, boys. , May Zflf-Baccalaureate sermon. Thats Why the May 25--"Seventeen" Lone senior class play. G R A N D May Z6-German club dinner, May 28-Graduation, XVe're glad in an Leads in the best of pictures and the awfully worry way, , May 29-Bel Canto teafdance. utmost m Comfort May 31-junior reception on the Idlewild. Moonlit waters, etc , etc. Indiana Candy Co. J O B B E R S Candies 59' Tobaccos 420422 State St. Service Dependability Compliments of Williams Bakery Bakers of The Better Things 115 E. Market St. New Albany, Ind. FOR A REAL TREAT 'Try One of Om' Sweets Shuck's Bakery and Market Shelby at Korb Compliments Of WOOLWORTH'S CAFETERIA Compliments WHITE of SHOE MRS. CARRIE BECK CREAM Compliments of BOSTON SHOE STORE John Riely, Mgr. WILI. NOT RUB OFF BI R K G2'1'ifC7l.Ef""'ir iii We Enlerlain Icsters' Dance. Clyde Smith, Reader. SpeakerfWrangler Christmas Play. Wrangler Play, "Feed Store Mystery." Speaker Santa Claus Murphy. Santa Claus Stomp, Speech Class Play, Vxfhen the NVife's Away. Art Club. Latin Club. Minerva Club. Jester Club. Minerva Club. Speaker delivering baskets. Vv'ranglcrs. Mildred and Major. Speakers, Getting flowers for Doc Rose. W We Pla Y lahnfK!Um:rHgaili Artisi d Makers of F Pramingpl r f Black C I Th L r X ' ' C ,, 9 Aggug, Jahn8U I.I l Eu. Q dvd 817 Mx mfmfm 1194 ng vers an Amernc gAic47o,.0f!inQz'4 7.-Aete J olugdtifufefozguafify EDWARD DoNA1-toe Business Manager Lewis ALLEN Art Editor MOUNTING Dorothy Busald Janet Creek Louise Foreman Mildred Lang Patty McGrath Melvin Meyer Esther Schwender TYPING Mary Louise Ettel Jean Million Juanita Miller Mary Parsons Dorothy Steinert Berneice Wade Bertha Lynch Miss Hommcnouse Art Critic Miss ROCKENBACH Faculty Adviser MARY JUNE MONTGOMERY Literary Editor SENIOR BLOTTER STAFF LITERARY Lucille Davis Kathryn Ellis Dorothy Jacobs Ethel McDaniel Georgia Metcalf ART Frank Copler Jean Fawcett Violet Haupt Kenneth Kleer Irma Gwen , ,ia S, .fr A o r 5 " an "' X' "7 i , ' A A " . ,M . an 1 ,J " 1 ...f - W iff. VM a+-'..?.'Qg 4, ' zz " I -'51 ? "aj-A -5 I r Y Q E an via wY,a4x6 S '21 . i ' J tr i , ' ' 'iii 'W far A f BUSINESS Miriam Bocarcl Martha Jean Bunger Charles Christian Veralyn Erganbright Sam Fenwick Ann Holz Felix Losson Charles Luther G. T. Myer Stanley Moser Charlotte Noon Albert Payton Helen Probert Audra Quebbema Rita Ricke Betty Salm Melvin Schulz Caroline Strassel Pauline Utz Nelson Wolfe John ZurSchmied MARY FRANCES MURPHY DAVID HEDD1:N VJILAMAE LoscH Ass't Literary Editor Student Photographer Ass't Business Manager TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration ....... Advertisements .... Art Club ........... Band ...,...........,. Basket Ball ....... Bel Canto ..... Boosters ...... Contests ........ Faculty ............. Fighting Fifty ...... Football ............. German Club ..,....... .. Girls' Athletics .,..... Girls' Athletic Club ,lesters Club ........... journalism Classes Junior Classes ...... Minerva Club ...,... Orchestra ............... P.fT. A. ...................... . Scenes, School Life . Scholarship N ......... Senior Classes ......... Senior Achievements ....... Senior Play ............. Sodalitas Latina ..... Sophomore Classes . Speakers ...............,. Taxidermist Club Track ............ ...... Wranglers ......... 60, 14, 96, PAGE 7 81 36 50 69 48 58 74 10 56 65 54 75 55 38 52 31 40 51 77 97 35 15 27 80 37 33 42 44' 72 46 The Ebbing oi ihe Tide We'll have to stop the Blotter . . . it's already big enough . . . the tide has receded . . . leaving us the driftwood of happy memories . . . to you, the underclassmen . . . we leave the debris of '37 . . . from which you must refcreate our illusions . . . to perpetuate the flood of our mutual experience . . . while we go out with the tide , . . to the deeper waters of our dreams . . . M.j.M. and M.F.M. ' FFF FFF FF FFF FFF FF A FFF ff ir f' an . v , A? f'?X .1 J' B ,QQ - 'ai u"' x 5 M 1. H!!!-, Q , gy 4 p f P P 3'4i?f155 1 X I 5 f f f X f X ff ' ,X ' . 'U ,i-gs . . . . b - Q 1qx1'gW'l:KM'W,, b .I W X LM - - . ff. . ' V, "" ZL, C4 V Q ,f'- X' I 7-If bv W' A KK V 5 .493 vfwf ' if . ,. . - , H, 660 , ann! f EX- A M If . ,fs I 31 A . N 4 gg!-as .. 'Q--19 ' A ds Sigff J - N V xqiigggbx-' A. U3 ' ' v-"mv LI J

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