New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN)

 - Class of 1935

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New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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13' li i I P gl 1 M' I-H E. I-"H 2 -37 H311 Shiv '5-.. If u I ll? 0 ua- Lu- ., 4 q m- w-.1 A, -w., -up "N 4-.4 ,,. ,- -.3 vw Q fu K. Q- +- -4 ,.-f Q- 1 u ,, . .aff .Qs .K nun fb nv .-. Ja 'BZ' K -nu... -L re -1- - 1 is.:- nb.. -.3 . 1... um, 1. r-.. -fflfl? P" '-,'e-'7-'fn new-,- Jw-'74 ,, -, . 1, .x 172. vi- , . . . - 151' '. f"f'7"'1" ' ',,vf4-l.J-- . .'...4. , f ...,. www. :N . -V -A-Q .w -'..,.. Qwxf ...-f -nw,---, . .sf f" 5 'xx -' 'ry-41-1. '1-.?,. ,,t..' nw, .-,v +- -r"?Z!f ... . ,H+ 40. -f -- o. .Ja-..,, . .1 1.-. -4. ' r ,.'-.-A -' .' fr Mgt. , .,. , T, l..,L.,,,-52, , r.5,g, 11-'I 'J L- 4..',,. , .7. ,.7.. ,...,.. , 1.4-4. ..-.--4 -f' 4- -. .,. .ua J-r , .-,. ......, .,- 1. ' Q-...-Jn' '- ,-- -'4-w,-, A- 1 . ,WJ .pp A -1-z.-. - . 4... -' 5,.,1 -P' v..k.45.a-vp, -- .-u v. .gf- -A:-fl x U ,.,,. . 2'-" Y -gr W + " ,k A, sk, .,,-. qfx-v . -grlffl . , . ,-., .. :WJ ,...-..L .,,, " N..- .' 4 -..vm -536' 3-,.L .1, .., n.g.,,...4-,- .A ,A .. ... . , .i-.....,.:.F..--N, ,J-'Iv , '? -4'--Q, '19, , Hyig' -, -- MA-. sn..Q!j,S, ,3 . in L-g,,!4,,' -f,1'....' 5:1 . ,.-.4hg'2,, " , - ' - ,ii I- gv'-'u I 5245, -V w,.,:, .4..ffq +-1-:pil .Rd '- 4"-"f-"r-':,..4.,,f1.,:-, , L '.-. -1. .' -. ' -Q vs-1. "' J"11'-y I I ., -W. -1-LIMA,-,:. i 1,.,,- ,- f . I L-A Aa'- 'zfff' 1'-P - ' .-- " ..:J.' ..,1 ei 'R wa--, .--.3,....g. A-ma-...," -f-2--,. -. ..'.. ..f,..1-- .. ,-A73 1' 1.9,--.f. 1- ,,. ,,,,,,,,, ' EX LIBIQIS COPYRIGHT BY James Katterjolwn Editor William Strickland Business Manager ,X l SUI SW A fu?-N Xf 'i . fx ,, + lf1?i'.5'X' 4 X All Wi, '?f55Assom5 II-IE SQNIQQ aww IIIIQ 44 IQYD5 rv PubIisI1ed by THE SENIOR CLASS NEW ALBANY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL New Albany, Indiana lQ l2l3ElQTCDllQl2 Overture Views Dedication Administration Faculty Seniors Llnderclassmen Qrganizations Athletics Advertisements Finale CVE QT U QE The leader slowly liTTs The poised baTon And, as iT drops, The TirsT greaT crash oT sound ShaTTers The silence. sefs quivering The air, And elobing clwindles in receding waves, UnTil The melodies oT low insisTenT sTrings Pierce The shalcen sTillness wiTh a slender Tone, Climb high. and lead The liquid warble of The fluTe, The plainTive woodwinds. and Then join lnsurgenT brasses. cascading Turbulence of drums- And all The TribuTaries of slow sound Converge, and swell The climbing cresT. And flow in one maiesTic surge of symphony! DOROTHY NEELD Harlc! fhe numbers soff and clear. Genfly sfeal upon The ear: Now louder and ye'r louder rise And fill wifh spreading sounds 'rlwe skies. IPOPE-Ode To ST. Cecelia's Day V W L And music loo-clear music! +ha'r can Touch Beyond all else lhe soul +ha'r loves if much- Now heard far off, so far as buf lo seem Like 'rhe fainl, exquisife music of a dream. IMOORE-Lalla Roolch. The Veiled Prophel' of Khorassan W. . 552155 13:5 . f 111 4. ff'!M ' :L .QA A,-if ,, ,, fi :mm xv, 1' J Lingering, and wandering on as' loH'1 To die: Like 'fhoughfs whose very sweefness yieldefh proof Thai 1hey were born for immorfaliiyf IWORDSWORTH-Ecclcsiasfical Sonncis. Pi. III. 63. Inside of King's Chapel, Cambridgej 5 W l l How sweeT The moonlighT sleeps upon This bank: Here will we siT and Ie+ The sounds OT music Creep in our ears: soTT sTillness, ancl The nighT Becomes The Touches of sweeT harmony. lMerchanT of Venice. AcT V. Sc. I. L. 54 Caufield 81 Shook DE To Sherfman Minton The first graduate of New Albany l'ligh School to re- ceive the high honor of being chosen United States Senator by the people of the State oi lndiana-a graduate of lndiana University, a graduate of the Law School of Yale University-we, the Senior Class of 1935, respectfully dedicate our yearbook. James Katterjohn D ATIQN r r ,nuns scorr SUPERINTENDENT H. A. BUERK Indiana Universily '82 A. B. Harvard Universily '84 A. M. Auslin, Illinois. '9I Ph. D. "Annie Laurie" Professor Buerlc began his career as a school man af lho Borden lnsiiiule in I89O. ln l903 he came 'ro New Albany as Principal of 'rhe High School and became Superinlendenl' in I908. in which capacily he has served ever since. MISS MARY E. CLARK Presidenf Board of Educaiion I933-36 Reqeni' D. A. R. "Largo, from New World Symphony" MR. OSCAR BADER Secrefary Board of Educafion 1934-37 Afforney for Firsf Nafional Bank. Louisville, Ky "Auf Wiedorsehenn N MR. FRANK CLIPP Treasurer Board of Educafion l932-35 Cashier Muiual Trusf Co. "One Sweeily Solemn Though?" Y ! A ,Q umzoanm- anrrz V MR. C. C. KATTERJOHN Principal A. B. Indiana Universify I9l8 A. M. Teachers College Columbia University I934 "I Love You Truly" Mr. Kalrerjohn began his career of school work in 'rhe rural schools of Perry and Dubois counries. He also laughr in Hunringburg. In l9l8. he became Principal of Madison High School. Afler a year rhere, he wenl' +0 Booneville, in lhe same capaciry. Five years larer he became Superinfendem' in The same sysfem, serving Three years. Eighl years ago he became Principal of New Albany Senior High School. As a resulf of superior educafional work in Columbia Universily, Mr. Kalleriohn was honored by having a porlion of his lasl summer's work rec- ognized by 'ihe School Execurives' Magazine. This magazine carried his arricle on "Sfandarcls for School Board Mee+ings" in rhe April i935 issue. 1 , . 265 . E A Q U L T Y rf MISS HELEN GREEN "Cradle Song" English MISS THELMA I-IUNTSINGER "Rhapsody in Blue" English MISS JEAN KELSO "S+ormy Wealhern English and Social Science MISS NAOMI KIRK "Massene+'s Eleqieu English Q MlSS EDNA WATSON "Miserere" English and Social Science MRS. JESSIE MCCLURE BEARD "Sibelius' Finlandiau English and Music MR. BERTRAM HECKEL "Marifana" Music MISS RUTH EWING "Ah, Moon of My Delight" Bible ff'f,ifi,!X. A 'Q ffjgihx " . Q: Xxx il ill R A C Ll l X ll A - .X ' :ff A X'., 6 J... if R MR. J. WENDELL BALLARD "Song of The Isle" Social Science MISS LEOTA RUSK "Were I No+ A Blade of Grass" Social Science MISS HELEN SPRINC-SER "Liebesfraum" Social Science MR. J. HARDIN THOMAS "SexieHe From Lucia" Social Science MRS. IRMA PRITZ "Blue Danube Wal'rz" Lafin and French MISS ETELKA ROCKENBACH "Isle of Capri" Latin and German MR. HOWARD WYNE "Serenade 'ro a Wealihy Widow" French MISS NELLE HOMRIGHOUSE "Ah, Sweef Mysiery of Life" Ari , L f I Ml 9 L A Q U L T Y IQ, I """" 'A"' MR. EDWIN KAI-IL "MoonIighT and Roses" Malhemalics MR. ALBERT KOEHLER "Thar Liflle Boy of Mine" Marhemalics MISS RU BY WELLS "SlucIen'r Prince" Mafhemafics R. PAUL L. CARMICI-IAEL "Danse Arabs" Commercial MISS GLADYS HARPER "Brahams' Lullaby" Commercial MISS FREDA LANG "Anvil Chorus" Secretary MISS LENA BOARD "Ani+ra's Danse" Physical Eclucalion MR. ALEX TI-IOM "S?ardusT" Physical Educalion My l-ZACULTY MR. E. l. DAFFERN "Say H' Again" lnclusfrial Arfs MISS MARY K. DOYLE "Tea for Two" Home Economics MR. ALBERT GEHLBACH "Three Liffle Words" Prinling MISS BELLE GENUNG Home Economics Hear? A+ Thy Sweaf Voice" MISS ALINDA WIDMAN "Blue Moon" Cafeleria Manager MR. D. D. FINLEY The Man on fhe Flying Trapeze" Chemisfry and Physics MR. LAWRENCE ROSE "Volga Boalmarf' Chemisfry and Biology MR. HUGH TOWNSEND "Pagan Love Song" Biology xxx TN x A .Ix- fyx. l- +,, if lllll iii 54 :Y-.4 ... 'jf W1 Q W' .Li t J ,fs ,, ff: IH 1 ,',"'q- ff .11 l D 22' - li ,-L rf 1. wr-:Q ' 1 -5. 'V . 4 W X emi 1 ru,:L:':::'i lm, ffl nl el Q - li A C X g J , W gf' J ' f , F ,X , .W le, V , V James Kalferiohn Alberf Koehler Sue Ballard Bruce Ballard Robe-,rf Lee Finley Ann Townsend Marilee Pri'rz Terry Thom BILLIB HAGEN .... mfs.. -x. .-.f rg -, -.,, k lfin .Q n.-, ,f -,H ,, ,m, x -.-T AVN: , ..-. .grf - -xx--,...... ,- ' "zap, :,, 1, ki 4... , ' , , 1 ,.,w,.v,.p.,1. -.,A,,4.,A,i..:- -- .,, . f I- - ,Ifx I -5- 5 wr. .-.M wf'3..,q--,,. - 4-, .. ,iv .-.L 1.1. ,H '-.: . - , V. , -V ,Ll ' -'-ig .. vi u .,.Q., , ,,. , V. -.,,:,,.. ff- . Q -. ,. A "2-1--V Avi .... u. 4- , -1-V - .- ,.. ,',f. . Ja i A IE -3 'f' 'Pg y....f-V, I. , , -- - fig- g k,-1 ,, , .g,.4,t----, 1- "" b -- : ..g.5, -1 '1- .,. .L .F ..x,,,.. 2.1, ' .- ""' JL' x L ' "' V 'K :rug ,K Q4 . -,.,q.- ..., , .L L-ht ,ww--A -4,- .,,,-f SENIOTQS Presidenl KENNETH McCORY "Socks" Commercial N Club: Booslers: Track 2. 3. ball 3. Vice-Presidenl' JANE CURETON "Curelon" General Booslers. Secretary-Treasurer CATH ER I N E ELO RA ..KaTe.. General Ope rella 3, 4. Roy Lemmon also THURSDAY, rssrzumzv Qs, was 4: Fool'- ,K N gt, 'T 239.5 LI X 5 ag X llll. ' 'lm wmqwn X l."'Ai,l?:-.:iua,Q- ,fb ' I ' y 'T:.::zaf1.-3, ,, 1, ll JUN' : xx , 1, .ff M :lull II I SENIOR CLASS CRITICS Miss Green and Mr. Thomas SENIOR BOYS' OFFICERS Presidenf ......,,............... Paul Reiserl' Vice-President ...,.. .... C harles Hawley Secrefary-Treasurer . ., .... Vaughn Geddes Criiic , .......... ..... M r. Alex Thom SENIOR GIRLS' OFFICERS Presidenf ........., .... B onna Ruih McCauley Vice-Presidenf .,.. ..... N ancy Jane Peden Secrefary-Treasurer ....... Jane Buchheil Criiic ........ .... M iss Jean Kelso Presidenl' CHARLES BLACK "Red" General Booslers, V. P. 3. Rep. 2, 3, 4. Vice-Presidenl JAN E GILES Academic Boosfers: Jesfers, V. P. 4: Speakers. Pres. 4: Operella 3: Jeslers' Play 3: Scholarship "N": Assl. Ed. Sr. Annual. Treasurer DORICE CONNER Academic Bel Canio, Secy. 4: Boosfers: Speak- ers. Secy. 4: Operefla 2. 3, 4: Isl. 2nd Orch. Secrefary ROSE MclNTOSH "Deal" Commercial Tri-Bi: Bel Canfo: Operelfa 3: Jes- fers. Treas. 4: Booslers, Pres. 4: Jes- fers' Play 3. ,f7a1P:P- 1 f ' I -r . , Iiqwl' Row I 1 :Q -'sl 'S-Til ,X I I Pf "Mi I iz Ffrfi' fi, will' S X x x E P PAUL ABEL ..Abe.. General Boosfers: Baskefball I. 2, 3, 4. CASPER AGNEW ncap.. lndusfrial Grade Foofball Coach. EDWARD H. ALLEN "Eddie" Indusfrial Taxidermisi: I. A. Guild. JOHN HARRISON AMON ..Harry.. Academic Boosters: Track 4: Sporfs Ed., The Bloffer: Co-Sports Ed.. Sr. Annual. OSCAR LEE AMY "Bud" General LUCILLE ANDRES HLUCY.. Academic Boosfers. Row 2 HELEN ATKINS "Akie" Academic Bel Canfo: Sodaliias Laiina: ers: Operefia 2. 3. 4. VIOLA BAILEY "Ola Mae" Commercial Tri-Bi: Boosiers. BERTHA LOUISE BAKER "Billie" Home Economics Boosiers: Taxidermisf. STUART BARTH Academic Bel Canfo: Speakers: Sodaliias Lai- ina: Boosiers: Scholarship "N": Oper- ella 4: Sr. Annual Sfal'F. Boosi- ENIQVQS VERNICE BAXTER ALAN BUGBEE "Vernie" "Bing" Academic Academic D-X Club: V. P. 4: Boosiers. Booslefs- NELLIE MARIE BECK BERNICE CALHOUN Academic Commercial Sodamas Lafinaz Boosters. T,.:.B:. Tri-Bi, Sfudeni Crilic 3: Booslers S scholarship AWG' SW- I Row 3 CLARENCE E. BELVIY General Fooiball 3. 4. ARTHUR BIEL. JR. Commercial LELA BOBBITT Academic Hoosiers. BOYD BOUR "Boyclie" General KENNETH BREWER "Brew" General Taxidermisl: Track 3. 4: Baskeiball 3.4. STAN LEY BRYANT "Sian" Academic Row 4 JANE BUCI-IHEIT "Too1ie" Commercial Speakers: Jeslers: Tri-Bi. V. P. 3. Pres. 4: Boosiers: Typist Sr. Annual. IRMA BUDD nsis.. Tri-Bi: Boosiers. S E N I O Q S V Row 5 DOROTHY CARNAHAN JOSEPH CLAYTON HDOT.. ..Joe.. General General Bel Cbrlloi Arr Club: Booslers: OP- Baslcelball: Grade Fb. Coach. erella 3. 4. VIRGINIA CLARK RUTH COLE "Ginnie" "Coley" Commercial Commercial SPGGLEVSI JGSTSFSI Tfl-Bl, V- P- 41 Booslers: Tri-Bi: Operella 3. Booslers: Scholarslwip "N". . N Q, X.. lx 5'-Q: lr ill F 3 X ,Xr.-5325. 'W U "W ar . "Q if., JUNE CONDRA "Connie" General Booslers. Rep. AN N ETTA COOLEY "NeH'ie" Commercial Tri-Bi: Operella 3. ETHELLA CURETON Commercial Tri-Bi: Operella 3. ESTHER CURL General Booslers. Row 6 ROBERT DAILY "Bob" General TH ELMA DENTON "Memo" Academic Sodalilas Lalina: Sr. Annual Slafl. ROBERT DORSEY "Bob" Academic Glee Club: Booslers: Band: D-X Club, Secy. 4: Firsl Orch.: Operella. FREMONT DOUGLAS "Dougie" General l. A. Guild: Booslers. LEE ROY DOWD LE Academic THELMA ourrv "Duff-' Commercial Tri-Bi, Treas. 4: Booslers: Sr. Annual Sfafl. N' x riff-ff' A I I .IIIII Y I-,I lg Q42 If 'X -IF--- .QUIH -Wm -"fI"'Ill'i'I'lIII :V .gi :..,,. -.,.,6y4 .'--.......,,N.V. JI N A' f F' lx Tix IM I: Row I Row 3 6 KATHRYN DUNN MILDRED GADIENT MARJORIE GENUNG "Kale" "Midge" General General Academic Bel Canio: Booslers: Operella 3, 4. A MELVIN DuscH General Booslers: Fooiball 3. 4. LUCILLE ELMORE "Elmore" Commercial Tri-Bi: Boosiers. KERMIT ENGLEMAN "Chum" General Boosiers: Grade Bb. Coach 4: Grade Fb. Coach 4. PAULINE ENGLEMAN General Boosiers. VIRGINIA EURTON "Ginnie" Commercial Tri-Bi: Boosiers. Row 2 ESTELLE FIDLER "Blondie" General Sr. Annual Siafi. LOUISE FLOCK "Flock" Commercial Tri-Bi: Boosiers: Operefia 2. 3. ELAINE FORWARD HE.. Commercial Bel Canfo: Boosiers: Minerva: Band: Isl Orch.: Opereiia 3, 4: Drum-Bugle Corps. JACK FOUGEROUSSE 'Fougeu Academic S. R. S.: Boosiers: Siudeni Mgr. Fb. 3. 4: Siudenl Mgr. Bb. 2, 3, 4: Siu- denf Mgr. Track 4. Speakers. Trees. 4: Bel Canfo: Boosi- ers: Sodaliias Laiina, Censor 3: Scholarship "N": Band: Opereffa 2, 3, 4: Sr. Annual Siaii: Drum-Bugle Corps. VAUGI-IN GEDDES "Ernie" Academic Princeion High School I: Glee Club: Isi, 2nd Orch.: Band: Boosiers, Rep.: S. R. S.. Trees.: Opereifa 2, 3, 4, Sodaliias Lafina: Bcosiers: Ist 2nd Orch.: Band: Drum-Bugle Corps: Op- ereiia 3: Sr. Annual S+aI'F. DONOVAN GIBBS HDOHH General ALBERTA GRAF "Berrien I Academic Boosfers: Operella 3, 4. HUBERT GRAHAM npouqe.. General Glee Club: Boosiers: Opereifa 3. ,-X 'EX S C N I CD IQ 5 Xa KATHLYN GRIMES CHARLES HAWLEY "Tommy " "Red" Commercial Academic Tri-Bi: Boosiers. AILEEN HALL Academic Soclaliias Lalina: Boosfers: Operel- 'Ia 2. Row 4 DAVID HAMMER Academic D-X Club: Boosfers. OLIVER HAMMER Academic D-X Club. Treas.: Boosfers: Scholar- ship "N". MAXINE HANSARD nh.. Academic Speakers: Jesfers Guild: Ari Club: Boosle rs: Operefia 3. MARY HARBISON "Spi+sey" Commercial Boosiers. MARGARET HARDIN "Marg" Academic Speakers: Sodaliias Laiina: Scholar- ship "N": Boosiers, Rep.: Opereiia 2, 3. VIRGINIA HARMAN General Boosiersz Tri-Bi: Operella 3. Row 5 ELMER HARMON "Harm" General Boosiersr Baskeiball 2, 3: Foolball 2: Grade Fb Coach. MARY FRANCES HARTSFIELD npranii General Boosiers. Boosiers, Rep. 3: Foofball. CARL HEGEWALD General Boosiers. Rep. JOHN HENRY Academic Glee Club: Boosiers: Taxiclermisf: Baskeiball 2: Operefia 4: Band: Orch. LEYTHIA HESS General Bel Canio: Boosiers. Row 6 ROSEMARY HESS Commercial Tri-Bi: Minerva: Boosiers. ZELDA HILT Academic Bel Canlo: Scholarship "N": Boosi- ers: Speakers. V.P. 4: Sodalifas La- Iina. Consul 4. Ouaeslor 4: Opereifa 2, 3, 4: Wrangler Cup Coniesi 3: Sr. Annual Sfall: Drum-Bugle Corps. ALTA HOFFMEIER "Alfie" Commercial Seymour High School I. 2: Tri-Bi. DRISCOLL HOTTLE Commercial Tri-Bi. Secy. 4: Minerva: Boosiers. JOSEPH HOWELL "Joe" Academic Boosiers. RUTH HOWISON Academic Bel Canlo: Speakers: Boosiers: Oper- ella 3. 4. re ,.L.,kX If af. . f ,M x f ,-1 S Q N a o Q S F 1 I . A I Row I GOLDIE HULSAPPLE Commercial Taylorville, Illinois I. 2. LA VERN E JACKSON Commercial Tri-Bi: Minerva: Booslers: Operella 3. H ELEN JACOBI Academic Speakers: Booslers: Sr. Annual Slall: Scholarship "N": Sodalilas Lalina. RUTH JACOBY "Chola " General Sodalilas Lalina: Boosfers: Drum- Bugle Corps: Operella 2: Isl, 2nd Orch. MARVIN JAEGERS "Doodle" Academic "N" Club: Foolball I. 2. 3, 4: Bas- Lefball I, 2, 3. 4: Track 2: Grade Bb. Coach. CHARLES JAMES "Charlie" Academic Eoolball 2, 3. Row 2 MARGUERITE JONES "Marg" Academic Bel Canlo: Booslers: Sodalilas La- lina: Operella 3, 4. RUTH JONES Academic Bel Canlo: Booslers: Operella 4. WILMA JONES Commercial Bel Canlo: Operefla 4. JAMES KATTERJOHN ..Ka+Z.. Academic Booslers: Wranglers: Glee Club: S. R. S.. Secy. 3, 4: Sludenl Mgr. Bb. 3. Track 2: Grade Bb. Coach 2. 3: Band 2, 3: Scholarship "N": Opera?- la 2. 3: 2nd Orch.: Jr. Rep.: Ed. Sr. Annual: Delegate lo l. H. S. P. A. 3, 4: V.P., I. H. S. P. A. 3. MAXINE KEITH Commercial Washinglon, Incl. I, 2: Booslers. HANS KEITH LEY "Frilz" General Booslers. Row 3 JAMES KEPLEY "Jim" General Grade Coach 3, JAMES KITTERMAN mummy.. General Wranglers: S. R. S.: l. A. Guild Booslers. WILLIAM KLEIBER "Bill" Commercial Booslers: Wreslling: Track 3: Fool- ball 2. 3. IMOGENE LEONARD General Booslers. ELSIE JANE LOPP General MARY ELIZABETH LOTTICH "Libbie" Academic Booslers. Row 4 MARY LOWRY "Jonnie" General Tri-Bi: Booslers. ROBERT McBRlDE "Bob" General Booslers. BONNA MCCAULEY Academic Speakers, V.P. 4: Booslers: Bel Canlo. Secy., V.P.: Operelfa 2, 3, 4: Isl' l Orch.: Sr. Annual Slall: Scholarship "N". EVA MARKERT ..Ev.. Commercial E Bel Canlo: Jeslers: Booslers: Band: Operella 3, 4: Isl, 2nd Orch.: Drum- Bugle Corps. S ig N I Q re S R' .l, WILLIAM MARKWELL RUTH MAZEY FREQ' MIQHEL 'IBIIIH Commercial Pals General Scholarship HN". l General Boosifersi Track 2' 3' 4: poofball 3' 4. I. A. Guild: Foolball 3. 4: Traclc 3. FRANCES MILLER REX MARSH --Kaw- "Filberl" MARTHA MEYER General General "Maflle'.' Arl' club. Glee Club. V.P. 4: Boosfers: Opaem B f Commefclel ,:Bkbll2,3:Ff Oosers- SIIQ3 4 as el 6 OO 6 SHERMAN MINTON Academic Wranglers: Boosfers: Wrangler De- baling Team 4: S. R. S.: Soclalilas Lalina. Censor 4: Track 4: Sr. An- nual Slaff. ROBERT MOORE "Roe" Academic Wrangler Debafing Team 4: Boosl- ersi Sr. Annual Slalzl. Row 6 WILLIAM MOORE "Bill" General Foolball 2, 3: Baslcelball 2. 3, 4: Traclc 3, 4: Grade Bb. Coach 4: Grade Fla. Coach 4. JAMES MORAN "Jim" General Booslers. GEORGE MOULD. JR. need. Commercial ARBY MUNZER lndusfrial I. A. Guild. RALPH MURPHY Academic Scholarship "N": Foofball 3. 4: Wranglers. Pres. 3, 4: Sodelilas La- fina. Quaesfor 4: Sapinslcy Conlesl 2: Wrangler Cup Conlesl 3: Debal- inq 4: Managing Ed., The Bloffer. MARGARET NADORFF "Marge" Commercial Sr. Annual Slall. X-15-G" ' " jf ,GST is i 52' J- , F I N X xr g f 1 ff, I 3 'Z e . -..w 40 zefifjfzzzzi II?l,qj,L...1-.'..-- k.! X El 5 . Pl lllPS:i"- Row I R 3 'lsr -:l' OW K BENNIE OLDAKER PAUL REISERT GERTRUDE ROBINSON 'Pen General Academm S. R. S.: Booslers: "N" Club: Track Academlc Booslers- 2, 3, 4: Foolball 3, 4: Wreslling 4. Speakers: Sodalulas Lalina Bcoslers eRovER PAGE Dwell: 2 Academk: DOROTHY REYNOLDS Soclalilas Lalina: Glee Club: Boosl- ers, Rep. 3: Band: 2nd Orch.: Sr. An- nual Slall. DOROTHY PARK ..Dm:.. Academic Speakers: Bel Canlo: Booslers: Schol- arship "N": Operella 3. 4: Orch. 2. 3, 4: Sr. Annual Slafl. NANCY JANE PEDEN Music Bel Canlo, V.P. 3. 4, Pres. 4: Boosl- ers: Jeslers, Pres. 4: Speakers: Oper- ella 2. 3, 4: Isl Orch.: Jeslers' Play 3: Operolfa 3. NORMAN PERKINS "Peaches" General N Club: Booslers: Golf 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4. ELIZABETH PERRY "Belly" Academic Bel Canlo, Pros. 4: Jeslers: Speakers: Sodalilas Lalina: Scholarship "N": Booslers: Band: Orch.: Drum-Bugle Corps: Speakers' Play 3: Operolla 2, 3, 4: Jeslors' Play 3: Sr. Annual Slafl. Row 2 JANE POUTCI-I "Poulchie" General Bel Canlo: Booslers: Isl, 2nd '5liCl'I. WILLIAM PROSSER "Bill" Academic Scholarship "N": Assl. Ed. Sr. An- nual: Wranglers, Sccy. 3, 4. Debalinq Team: Sodalilas Lalina. Consul 4: Speakers' Play 3: Ed.. Tho Bloller. ROSEMARY REDENS "Rosie" Academic Booslers: Scholarship "N": Sodalilas Lalina: D. A. R. Conlesf 2: Speakers, Sludonl Crilic 3. Pres. 4: Joslers. V.P. 3, Sluclenl Crilic 4: Bel Canfo, V.P. 3. Treas. 4: Operella 2, 3, 4: Isl Orch.: Band: Drum-Bugle Corps: Wrangler Cup Conlesl 4: Jeslers' Play 3: Speakers' Play 4: Sr. Annual Slall. "Dol" Academic ALMA RICHARD Academic Speakers: Sodalilas Lalina: Booslers: Sr. Annual Slall. OTTILLA ROUCK Bel Canlo: Booslers Operella 3 4 KATH LEEN SCHARF ..Ka+Sy.i General Booslers. ' MARTHA SCHARF "Mar'r" Commercial Tri-Bi: Booslers. M252 S lr? N I Q TQ .ic-...till l l X ik A ,iff ., if-A HELEN SCHLAGETER JOHN STEIN General Hgeebn Academic RQBERT SCHMITT Wranglers:'S. R. S.: Wrangler Debal "Bob" ing Team 3, 4: Sr. Annual Slall. Academic glee Club: Booslers: Band: Orch.: LUCH-LE STH-LER perella 4. -'LUCYH Commercial Booslers. EMMA FAYE STOCKSDALE "Emmy" Row 4 Commercial Booslers. JAMES SCOTT ..J. - .. A "3m'e. ROBERT STOCKSDALE ca SITIIC ' vrsfurnpu Glee Club: Arr Club: Hu Y: N Club: General Booslers: Golf 4: S. R. S., Traas. 4. Pres. 4: Baslcelball 3, 4: Foolball 4. MARGARET SEITZ "Margie" Commercial Tri-Bi: Booslers. VIOLA SEITZ ..Vi.. Commercial Booslers. I THELMA SENIOR I ' I General Ari Club: Ari Ed. Sr. Annual. LOUISE SHERRILL i"Waesey" ., Commercial Tri-Bi. Pres. 2: Tri-Bi, Sludenl Critic 3: Booslers, Secy.-Treas. 3, 4: Bus- iness Sfaff, Typisl, Sr. Annual: Schol- arship "N": Booslers, Rep. 3. 4: Op- erella 3. HELEN SMITH "Smilly' 'V Commercial Booslers: Band. A , Row 5 ISABELLE SMITH "Isle" General Isl. Orch. RUTH SMITH Commercial Laconia, Ind. I, 2. I. A. Guild: Booslers: Fooiball 2, 3 4: Wreslling 2. 3: Baslcelball 2. 3, 4 Traclc 2, 3, 4. Row 6 WILLIAM STRICKLAND "Bill" Academic S. R. S.: Booslers: Glee Club, Pres. 3. 4: Baslcefball 3. 4:' Isl Orch, Band: 2nd Orch.: Qperella 3. 4: Bus: Mqr. Sr. Annual. DOROTHY TEIVES "Dol" Academic Sodalilas Lalina: Booslers. DOROTHY TERHUNE "Dol'fie Lee" Academic Booslers. DOROTHY TOTTEN "Dol" Academic Booslers. H U DSON TR USTY General Easl S+. Louis High School I, 2 Boosfers: Grade Eb. Coach. LOUISE TURNER "Lou" Academic Hoosiers: Ope relta 3, -I "A V 4 ' x.,:f 1 'xii lilac. ,,qq IIT ,Q Q 5 : 52 F If Row I THOMAS ULSH CALVIN WELTY H1-om.. ncal.. General Academic Boosrers. Booslers. MARY WHITTINGHILL General FREDl3FII:+IZ1.BRElT Bel Canlo: Minerva: Operella 2, 3, 4. Academic Bcloslers' Booslers. JANE VAN ARSDALE R 3 Commercial ow Minerva: Booslers, Secy. 3, 4: Boosl- er Rep. 3: Operefla 3: Tri-Bi, V.P. 4. JAM ES VEST "Jim" Academic S. R. S.. Treas. 3, V.P. 4: Wranglers. Debaling Team: Glee Club: Band: Sodalilas Lafina: Orch.: Scholarship "N": Operella 3, 4: Sr. Annual Slalil. CECILIA VOLPERT "Dee Dee" Commercial ELIZABETH voLPERr "sew" Commercial Row 2 AN DY WALTERS Commercial LOIS WATSON "Waffle" Academic Booslers: Operelfa, 2. 3. ROBERT WEBER "Bob" General Track 3, 4: Foolball 3. MARY WELCH Commercial Tri-Bi: Booslers: Sr. Annual Slaff. ELIZABETH WIMP "Libby" Academic Minerva: Sodalilas Lalina: Booslers. Rep. 3: Operella 3, 4. MARTHA WIMP Commercial Minerva: Bel Canlo: Booslers: Oper- ella 2, 3. 4. HENRY WOODS Induslrial Arls Glee Club: Track I. EARL WRIGHT Academic Sodalilas Lalina: Booslers: Wranglers: Glee Club: Sr. Annual Slalf: 2nd Orch.: Band: Operella 4. JOE WRIGHT General Booslers: I. A. Guild: Foolball 3, 4. LEONARD ZELLER "Wennie" General I. A. Guild: Booslers: Baslcelball I. Row 4 DOROTHY ZUR SCHMIEDE "Dee" Commercial Tri-Bi: Minerva, Treas. 3: BOOSISVSI Operella 3. EVERETT BYRD "Jack" General Long Beach. Cal., High School I, 2. 3. GAIL CAMPBELL Academic Rep. RODERICK FACH ..ROd.. Commercial Row 5 SHIRLEY GRESI-IAM MILDRED. KING General HNESIRI Booslers. General Operelfa 2, 3, 4. HAROLD JACKSON Commercial ROY LEMMON S. R. S.: Boosiers. General Booslers. SENIOIQG Qi,,...- , V. ARTH U R LI BS HAH.. Induslricl Booslers: I. A, Guild. CLIFFORD McAFEE HMM.. Academic GERALD MONTAGUE "Jerry" V General Arr Club, Pres. 4. RICHARD MOSER lndusfrial I. A. Guild: Baslcelball I. Row 6 HARRY NEELY Indusfrial I. A. Guild: Track 3. CORRIE SEABROOK, JR. "Junior" Commercial S. R. S.: Boosfers, Rep.: I. A. Guild Secy.: Hi Y. Treas.: Grade Bb Coach: Foofball 2, 3: Baskefball 2, 3 Bus. Mgr., The Blolfer. GEORGE SHUCK General Booslers. JESSE WILLIAMSON. JR. "Jessie" Academic Foofball: Track: Culver M. A. 3: Bus Mgr., The Bloffer. FRAN K WILSON Indusfrial MARGARET WRIGHT "Rita" General Operefia 3, 4. I'-. i x Q --- 15 y ii :E 5 .,iI 3 SENlCQ Gay Marie is quife vivacious Even if a bil lcquacious. Peden and Parlc Shins 'rhey bark In fhe efforl lo be firsf fed: Boys give way Wifhoul delay And prove Thar chivalry is nol dead. Prosser prelends +o like English work, Buf insiders know his firsf-love is Kirk. Red "l-law! Haw!" Hawley Thomas Ulsh and Roberf Moore Keep mosf Their classes in uproar. Give a hand lo Carnahan She sings high C's wifh grealesl ease. Never ruffled, never flurried, Never hasfy, never worried, Always calm and quile serene, Zelda's mien befifs a queen. Though Nellie's answers are noi' loud nor long, When fesls are given, very few are wrong. 05 JlNQLES As infeclious as can be ls Margarel l'lardin's "ree, hee, heel" The Blofler never lacked lor verse Whelher good or rarher worse Wilh Allzins, Williamson, and Sfein Occupying 309. , E. Jaclc Byrd once played rhe villain Vowed +0 kill and do blood spillin'g When nor casl in such a perl l'le's a friendly guy af hearf. T1 D T in Jones-a very common name is Theirs Bu? noi' so offen found in pairs. The Hammer Twins and Baxfer, loo. Form quife a scienlific crew To learn iusr how The Choo-Choo-Choo Or wonder why rhe moo-cows moo. Vaughn Geddes is quire a ludicrous sighl When he loses his fighi +o siand upright Jack Fougerousse, Filloerl lo youse, ls ready wirh lair and pails, l-le's righl' on Jrhe spor when The going gels hor To aid any player who ails. Richardson, Read, l-iarmon, and Daughlery Snubbed Jrhe sludenl group: Though rhey had voices loud and hearry, They clidnur give a whoop. Ralph Murphy. S, ' A WS f.-,:,x' . 1- Nt X I , . r . ,3- e Q N I Q Q I-I o N o as ., ffdraas Typing Team-B. Perry, Wm. STriclcland, R. Redens I ShorThand Team-R. Mazey. C. VolperT, R. Cole CQIVIIVIIERCIAL CQNTFST ATTer much delay, including a clogged radiaTor and a Tew minor deTaiIs, The Typing and ShorThand Teams arrived in Muncie To Take parT in The STaTe Con- TesT. April 27. MosT oT The nighT was spenT discuss- ing The coming ordeal on The morrow, buT we arose "Tresh as daisies" aIThough The pouring rain somewhaT dampened our spiriTs. The groans and IamenTs ThaT arose when The TesT was over convinced Mr. Carmichael ThaT iT had all been in vain, buT imagine his land ourl surprise when we Tound ThaT boTh Teams had placed sec- ond in Their respecTive evenTs, and ThaT Cecelia Volperf had Taken Third individual place in ShorThand. The success oT The Teams speaks well Tor Mr. Carmichael. as This is his TirsT year aT school. PUBLIC SPEAKING New Albany High SchooI's TirsT aT- TernpT To gain honors in The Indiana High School Discussion League was crowned wiTh compleTe success when Ralph Murphy, represen,Ting The Wranglers' Club, won TirsT place in The Tinals aT Indiana Univer- siTy. on April 26, in compeTiTion wiTh seven oTher regional champions. Ralph previous- ly won The righT To compeTe in The STaTe Tinals when he capTured The regional TiTle aT Seymour. There was no opposiTion in The local disTricT conTesT. The quesTion Tor discussion was The same one debaTed by High Schools all over The UniTecl STaTes This year-Resolved: "ThaT The Federal GovernmenT should adopT a policy oT allo- caTing funds To The various sTaTes Tor The purpose of equal- izing educaTional opporTuniTy in eIemenTary and secondary schools." Under The rules oT The League, each conTesTanT delivered Two speeches, The TirsT, a discussion of a single phase oT The quesTion7 The oTher, a general discussion oT The whole Topic Taking eiTher The neg- aTive or aTTirmaTive side. Since The Topic of The TirsT speech was noT assigned unTiI Two hours beTore The conTesT. iT was neces- sary Tor enTranTs To prepare Tive speeches. CLASS PLAY The Seniors gave as Their class play This year "Slciclding," by Aurania Rouverol. The coaches were Miss Edna WaTson and Miss Jean Kelso. There were Two casTs, The parTs played as Tollowsz Marian Hardy ...........,.......... . . , . .Rosemary Redens and Jane Giles Wayne TrenTon lll ...........,..,.... ... . . .John Henry and William Moore AunT Milly ...,...................... . . . . . ,DoroThy Parlc and Freda UrnbreiT Andy. . .William STricIcIand and Rex Marsh Mrs. Hardy .... BeTTy Perry and Zelda HiIT Judge Hardy .............,..,...... . . . .Ralph Murphy and William Prosser Grandpa Hardy .....,,.............. ....Sherman MinTon and Edward Allen EsTeIle Hardy Campbell ...........,,. .....,....... .GerTrude Robinson and Mary WhiTTinghiII Mr. STubbins .......... . . ...... ..., . . ....James KaTTeriohn and Fred Michel Myra Hardy Wilcox ,,,............. . .MargareT Hardin and Mary E. LoTTich MAXINB HANSARD WVQB Row I-Eslelle Hammer, lrene Birlc, Norma Zeller, Norma Moran, Evelyn Beggs, Rufh Murphy, Mildred Horsey. Doris Brown, Marlha Parrish. Row 2-Chesfer Eve, Lesler Sfiller, George Blusl, Clarence Jones. Woodrow Collins, Jefferson Sfreepey, Culvin Reas, Clalus Volper'l', Joseph Naville, John Wrege. Row 3-Charles Roberson. Edward Schoonover, Don McWilliams, Keifh Farnsley, William Hub- bard. Norman Darrow, Charles Bush, Edward Zier. Sfewarr Brown, Jesse J. Paul. f flee C ff X ' X N i X lltll ,A 3x fag of .1 1 J ' in. . .5 - 4 3, X x if i ,V ,Ur Row I-Evelyn Schoonover. Nadine Overlon, Marfha Slaflery, Agnes Freiberger, Rosalie Whit- 'ren, Elizabefh Dyer. Edna Mae Miller, La Vena Thorn, Bealrice Smirh, Margaref Jennings. Row 2-Sara Marlow, Dorofhy Neeld, Bernice Yenawine, Mary De Voss, Marfha Jane Fischer. Kalhryn Hubbard, Juanila Combs, Dorolhy Missi, Marlha Caress. Marian Balmer. Row 3-Royce Miller, Fercl Wrege, Reber? Maraman, Glenn Rodman, Bill Hedden, Charles Trudeau. Arfhur Coleman. Kalhryn Jones, Lillian Pale, Lucille Moser. H2153 rx .em .- m HA Row I-Mary Louise Nicholson, Bealrice Kelso, Clyiuce Blair, Wilma Woll, Marian Groh, Mary Keilhley, Dorolhy Koehler, Mary Scribner, Ruih Newlon, Kalhryn Roberfs. Row 2-Mary Ann Tegarden. Dorolhy Day, Eunice Wilson, Laura Failh, Mary Elizabelh Rofh, Frankie Miller, Margaref Sloan, Mildred Moreman, Anila Leslie, Lillian Read. Row 3-Paul Berlrand, Charles Baxfer, Donald McDonald, Glenn Wade, Wilda Vass, Joseph Gohmann, Durward McCauley, Clarence Faullcenburg. Row 4-Jack Hendershol, Frank Berlin, Edward LeBlanc, Edward Weinmann, Roberl Shine, VVil'iam Badqelf, Charles Malz, Llewellyn Johnson, Nelson Bogle. Row 5-James Zoeller, Russell Erganbrighl, Wayne Sharp, Colvin Evans, Winfred Payne, Alva Limeberry, John E. Nolan, Harold Lamb, James Harlslield, William Day, Richard Durbin. ill 2 ii ' W'-....' 'Tl 'E l L-ii! F J Row I-Helen Owen, Nancy Jane Fess, Kalhryn Graff, Kalhryn Scanland, Frieda Eisenhower, Leora Bye, lrene Heckler, Dorolhy Beadell, Aileen Kelso, Virginia Murray. Row 2-Cecelia May Dwan, Eva Lancasier. Edna Reeder, Mary Jo Welch, Mary Adkins, Calherine Read, Mary Ann Roberfs, Mariorie Davis, Esiher Cory, Mary Jane Marlcwell, Mary Louise Hulh. Row 3-Marlha Moser, Virginia Johnson, Anloinelle Leslie, Malcolm Snapp, Clare Banef, Hilda Ward, Julia l-lines, Anloinelle Hess, Roberl Sands. Row 4-Marvin Kupferer, Edison Hollis, Bill Collings, Frank Copier, Bernard Bir, Judd Byerley, Elberl' Lacefield, William Ruofli. Row 5-John Ingram, Roberl Donahue, Arlhur Eisman, Sam Wriqhl, Roberl' Forsle, Maurice Monihon, Junior Ingram, Roloerl McNeal, Billy Himmelheber. Row ul--Virginia Scales, Mildred Barnes, Frances Ralliii, Dorothy Whiilinghill, Doris Whiiiingliill, Frances Siewari, Anifa Werncke, Wilma Roberls, Maryrose Coomes. Marie Kron. Row 2-Kalhryn Sherrill, Gerlrude Mueller, Belly Slephens, Lucinda Wyzard. Mary Mariha Kahler, Grace Wagner, Marilee Priiz, Margarei Zimmerman, Selma Behrens, Kalhleen McGuire. Row 3-Dororhy Kleiner, Magdalene Deuser, Julia Buckheisier, Oneida Armsirong, Evelyn Pale, Leona Graff, Mona Alice Easl. Gywndolyn Mae Goss. Mary ZurSchmiede. Row 4-Marlha Belviy, Kuba Lee Brinley, Doroihy Umbach, Howard Barry, Helen Serrnersheim. Lila Grace Snyder. Mary Wilson, Kafhleen Beaucond, Berlha Chrisiian, Helen Miller. Row 5-Charles Janizen. N. C. Smifh, Jr.. Siewari Graham. Paul Haynes. Slanley Thomas, John Floclcen, Kenneih Conlan, Jr.. Edward Wright L . '5 Xe-X Q" a- 'X A K. if 4 L X RNRQ legs. X igill with H , L K3 : 47" ff-j1,,,? l':'4f'lf Q Q Row l-Doroihy Biclcel. Veralynn Ergenbrighi, Sylvia Ferrell, Doroihy McKinley, Elizabelh Forward, Naomi Landis, Edilh Miller, Violef Haupi, Minnie Goodman, Cafherines Chapman. Row 2-Ruih Kleinsfiver. Carol Drake, Audrey Williams, Marjorie Siewari, Louis Sumner, Joe Knable. Kennefh Kleer, Aileen Lush. Jessie Lee Hall. Row 3-Wilbur Roulh, Garreff Tyler, John Bird. James Hardin, Orion L. Moclc. Marqarei Johan?- qen, Homer C. Money, Kalherine Evans, June Blunlr. Row 4-Boaz Gladden, Edward Donahue, Frank Oberhausen. Charles Roy, Herman Timperman. HA lIl3 l Q MDA Row I-Flora Barker. Kalhleen Wolfe. Roberl' Gonder. Tom Bailey. Lewis Allen. Sam Scoll, Jane Farrell. Berlha Granlz, Alice Jasper, Lillian Donahue. Row 2-Jack Oldalrer, Alberl Robb. Millicenl Jackson. Dol' Sleinerl, Mary Elizabelh Tribbey. Mary Parrish. Pauline Ulz, Efhel Spriqler. Juanila Missi. Charlolie Noon. Row 3-Slanley Moser. Edward Rouclc. Hobarl Jensen. Gilberl' Hoffman, Helen Probert Ann Holz. Vineila Eberhardl. Mary Frances Murphy. Clara Slafford, Jane Engleman. Row 4-Charles Chrislian. Jaclc Dyer. Charlie Sparks. Paul Jacoby. Slanley Vesl. Charles Biel. Lewis Ulsli. Mildred Beck. Golda Bunnell. Slella Baggerly. Row 5-John ZurSchmiede. Roy Yenawine. Arlhur Newbanlcs. Sam Miller. Earl Gresham. pi 'J ,,V'i' ' ki? i P Row I-lda Mae Sloclcsdale. Rila Beck. Sue Buchheil. Marshal Harman. Imelda Schulle. Jane Crozier. Caroline Slrassel, Berlha Wolfe, Helen Warman, Hazel While. Row 2-Berneda Knable. Mary Parsons. Lucille Davis. Louise Foreman. Jean Condra. Eslher Beclr. Kalhryn Ellis. Elhel McDaniel. Margate? Gerdon. Mildred McCulchan. Row 3-Alice Rice. Cleopha Rudy. Dorolhy Jacobs. Margaref Toqqweiler. Mary Elizabelh Graf. Miriam Bocarcl. Marlha Bunger, Elizabefh Zipp. Eslher Schwender. Rulh Kern. Row 4-George Myers. Melvin Weber, Georgia Melcalf. Mary Marfha Raaba. Dorolhy Busald. Janel Creek. Alice Kreulzer. Helen Wade. Berneice Wade. Mildred Lang. Row 5-Clyde Bryanl, Hays Brown, Charles Lufher. Bill Scnuler. Melvin Schultz, William Nicholson. James Byrd. Rolserf Beck. Forresl Keach. , r1-mum' mm n MDA Row I-Virginia Scoll, Clarence Sliller, Hazel Scoll, Jean Fawcell, Bernard Knable, Audra Quibbeman. Helen Scharl, Slella Moreman, Dorolhy Owsley, Rila Riclce. Row 2-Helen Shaw, Charlolle Scoll, Rosamond Loesclw, Geneva Sunderhaus, Harold Leidorl, Lois Alma Fenwiclc, Norberl Warlh, Belly Beaucond, Jane Maxwell, Juanila Seburn. Row 3-Paul Marlell, Violel Mcflallrey, Kennelh Roy, Lenne Keilhley, Freda McGovern, Geraldine Giles, Marqarel Slallery. Bernacline Libs, Belly Salm, Mary Alice Wilson, Pally McGralh. Row 4-Kennelh Coyle, Felix Losson, Nelson Wolfe, David Zoeller. Chesler Crumbo, Jimmie Zinninger, Roberl Mclnlosh, Benny Turner, Edmund Sloy, Louis Ulrechl. Row 5-Roberl Conner, Melvin Meyer, Herman Zinsmeisler, Raymond Allmeyer, Philip O'Bryan, Alberl Allqaier, Alberl Seebach. Xfjia' in-SX ,f ' t Q11 Qi NWM 5PaTS ff 'YS A exif lligaiy ' v JW bf .Vi ,,,. , 'r l' 'iiiwi:,-,,,,,,,,-Km , X ls Emil li Quw,,wee.....:..I1Xl.lg Y di ' ' l 1 Row I-Mary Virginia Largenl, Marlha Marqarel Conner, Hazel De Voss, Edmund Lollich, Edward Baker, Linda Rankin, Louise Teives, Marie Kaiser, Rulh Kirk, Belly Cearley. Row 2-Viola Phillips, Gerlrude Sleger, Marjorie Weber, Geraldine Thompson, Elnora Conner, Mary Flock, Margarel Feiock, Mildred Whillinqhill, Marilyn Rodner, Arlis Lamb, Anavelle Howard. Row 3-Mary Gordon, Mary Brewsler, Dorolhy Lee Brewer, Oscar Deich, Charles Will, Al Croxall, Max English, Bellie Rogers, Norma Jane Slider, Margarel Cannon. Row 4-Roberl Welz, Audrun Harbison, Ernesl Hedges, Sheldon Crone, Kennelh Hubler, Jaclc Gable, Slanley Widman, Melvin Bailey, David Hedden, Vincenl Kern. Reginald Rodman. lQl3 :AX SNf9XDS Masculine cyclers. Almos+ la+e for 'lhe bell. The S. R. S. candidafes. "Keep if clean." Our German Band. Culinary sfaff. How fashions change. American Legion Drum Bugle Corps. Sisfers and cousins. Thumbs up, Speakers. dn MAXINE HANSARD Row l-Miss Homrighouse, Lewis Allen, Paul Berirand. Dorofhy Dillew, Arfhur Eisman Elizabefh Hanen, Maxine Hansard. Row 2-Edison Hollis. William Hubbard, Wilbur King, Charles Malz, Gerald Monlague Mildred Moreman, Dorofhy Neeld. Row 3-Lillian Pale, Marrha Parrish, James Scoll. Thelma Senior. Mary Ann Tegarden Grace Wagner, Bernice Yenawine. OFFICERS Firsl' Semesler Gerald Monlague ...,......., Presidenl' George Gilmore ......,. Vice-Presidenl Mildred Moreman .... Secreiary-Treasurer Miss Hemrighouse ......... ,... C riric' Seprember finds The Ari Club busy re- organizing ils forces which have been ser- iously deplered by gradualion. Gerald Monrague lakes over 'rho conlrol of lhis body of Troops. ln order 'ro add lo lhe holiday spirir, rhe Ari Club brings ferfh lhe slained glass window made ol cellophane. places ir in rho alcove audilerium window, and decoraies a Chrisimas free, and has if lighred for December assemblies. Early in llwe second semesler lhe club is engaged in making scenery for +l'ie Opererla, and new members are added lo ifs roll. The aciivi- lies of lhe club are ended wilh a social eveni in The closing days of The school year. OFFICERS Second Semesler Maxine Hansard ........ . .Presidenr Marrha Parrish .,...... . .Vice-Presideni Mildred Moreman ,... Secrefary-Treasurer Miss Homrighouse ....,....,,.., Criric R E lg lg L C A N l Q OFFKIERS Firsl Semesler BeH'y Perry . . . ..... Presicleni Nancy Peden . . , .... Vice-Presideni Bonna McCauley . .. . . .Secreiary Rosemary Redens . .. .... Treasurer "Palm 'frees swaying wilh a genlle mo- +ion," naiive dances, Souih Sea moonlight all figured in Jfhis year's Opereiia. The girls wenl nafive in a big way, wearing flowers in Their hair and sparkling iewelled bands around rheir ankles. Bel Canfo girls are really iudges of good music lwhen 'rhey hear ifl. A+ leasl ihe orchesira 'rhal' played for l'heir dance in December cerfainly appealed To lheir finer sense. This was 'rhe firsl lime 'rhe club had ever had a parly during 'rhe fall Term, and since "a good 'rime was had by all" if probably won'+ be The lasf. Row I-Mrs. Beard. Helen Aflcins, Sfuarf Barih, Evelyn Beggs, Dorothy Biclcel, Dorofhy Carnahan. Row 2-Mildred Gadienf. Dorice Conner, Dorofhy Day, Kalhryn Dunn, Magdalene Deuser, Elane Forward. Row 3-Leylhia Hess, Zelda Hill. Rulh Howison, Marguerile Jones, Rulh Jones, Wilma Jones Mary Marfha Kahler. Row I-Dorolhy Kiefner, Eva Marlcerf, Bonna McCauley. Jane Merfz, Norma Moran Ruih Murphy. Row 2-Doroihy Park, Nancy Jane Peden, Belly Pery, Jane Pouich, Rosemary Redens Ofhlla Rouclc. Row 3-Kafhryn Scanland, Juanifa Seburn. Francis Sfewarf, Margaref Toggweiler, Marlha Wrmp Mary Whiifinghill, Norma Zeller. Buf 'rhe big evenl was 'rhe Bel Canio Tea Dance given May I llh af ihe Counrry Club. Spring blossoms and peppy music helped lo make lhis The huge success fhal il was. OFFICERS Second Semesfer Dorolhy Carnahan . . . .,..... Presidenl Mildred Gadienf . . . ,..r Vice-Presidonl Dorice Conner g. . . ..... Secrelary Marguerife Jones . . . .... Treasurer 4-fr, G 1 T, Q L AE E C L U E N ERI ff s p -Qs ,., 4 OFFICERS PresiclenT ..... .. .VVm. l-ledden Vice-PresidenT ..,. .. .Rex Marsh Sec. and Treasurer .... .... J ohn Floclcen CriTic . .. .,.. Mr. B. C. Heclcel The Boys' Glee Clulo, disguised as brown- skinned naTives in varicolored shirTs and Trim, whiTe-clad sailors, sang lusTily in The Row I Mr Heckel. Charles Bush. RoberT Conner, ChesTer Crumbo. annual opereTTa which They helped Bel CanTo To presenT. ATTer basking in The warm Tropical sunlighT and The smiles oT sun-kissed maidens, iT was hard Tor Them To remove Their makeup and seTTle down To work pracTicing on The music Tor The Good Friday Services held aT The school, lauT, aTTer sTrenuous eTTorT on The parT of Mr. Heckel, This was accomplished. Row 2 RoberT Dorsey, Clarence Faulkenlaurg, John Flocken, Vaughn Geddes, HuberT Graham. Row 3 Sfewaif Graham, Paul Haynes, William Hedden, John Henry. John Higgins. n nunmln1.2 fi is Row l-Roberl McNeal, Rex Marsh, Roberl Sands. Roberl' Schmifl. Row 2-Wayne Sharp, Edmund Sloy, William Srriclnland, James Vesl, Slanley Vest Row 3-Nelson Wolfe, Ferd Wreqe. Earl Wriqhl. Edward Wright, Sam Wrxghf A 'rhorough drenching was in order for lhe members and lheir guesls al lhe annual oullng, which was a swimming parly, fol- lowed by a dance, held at 'rhe Colonial Club on June 6. OFFICERS Presiclenl .... . . .Wm. l-ledden Vice-Presidenl. . , ..,. Rex Marsh Secrefary-Treasurer . . . .... John Flocken or-ance .... B. C. Heckel X I ,, 1 "-'Q 1. i as J AE S l le Q S y F55.3411--:f,Ai?f4lCLQ.,.,T.LQ.', ,, ly N391 k CT R V I T OFFICERS FirsT SemesTer Nancy Peden .............,... PresidenT Jane Giles .,.... .... V ice-PresiclenT DoroThy Kiefner . . . .... SecreTary Rose MclnTosh . . . ...... Treasurer Rosemary Redens .... . . .STudenT CriTic lnsTead of iTs usual balance-The-cup-ow The -knee - hold - a - sick- grin - and - wish -you-had-never-been-born Tea, The JesTers gave a clance for Their alumnae aT The CounTry Club, January Zncl. I935. The club members enjoyed iT so much ThaT They inTencl To make iT an annual evenT lunTil, of course, There are so many alumnae ThaT To "hire a hall" would be impracTical. Eva lv1arkerT says she enioyed wearing a busTle and peering Through a lorgneTTe as The rich aunT in "Her AunT from California," The JesTers' presenTaTion Tor This year. The supporTing casT was DoroThy Kiefner, KaTherine Sherrill, Jane BuchheiT, and Vir- ginia Clark. Row I--Miss Rusk, Kuba Lee Brinley. Jane BuchheiT, Virginia Clark. Row 2-Jane Giles, Maxine Hansard, Dorofhy Kiefner, Rose Mclniosh. 2zu:a:s,aaan.: Row I-Eva Marlreri. Jane Meriz. Nancy Peden, Beffy Perry. Row 2-Rosemary Redens, Virginia Scales. Kelherine Sherrill, Mariorie Siewarf The big evenf of +he year for 'rhe Jesiers was fheir annual picnic. The girls 'roolc "da+es." swimming suiis. and every kind of picnic food imaginable io Tunnel Mill, May lbih. Jusi aslc any Jesler how much fun she had! OFFICERS Second Semes+er Rose Mclniosh ................ Presideni Maxine Hansard . .. .... Vice-Presideni Dorolhy Kiefner. .... ...i.. S ecrelary Marjorie Sluarl' .... ........ T reasurer Janie Merfz .,... . . .Siudenl Criiic f . r .- K- if I e . J o U Q N A L i 3 M l -'rs T ' fail .. l' if " gl.-1:-. --.40 .it...ggL1 1 ' .Q ly L. he if l i .. 1 r When BeTTer BloTTers Are Published, The BloTTer STaTT will Publish Them." This was The guiding principle OT The ediTorial policy oT The Journalism class of '34-'35, The resulT was a class oT Tinished iournalisTs-do or die news wriTers, breezy sporTs scribes. digniTied ediTorialisTs. and snappy snoopers-sTudenTs who no longer labored under The impression ThaT The hell- box was where The prinTer's devil worked. As prooT oT Their abiliTy, They accu- mulaTed prizes and honors. In The TirsT Quill and Scroll ConTesT. Ralph Murphy re- ceived 3rd prize Tor a TeaTure sTory and honorable menTion Tor his knowledge of currenT evenTs, and William Prosser's edi- Torial won an honorable menTion. In a laTer conTesT, l-larry Amon won second prize in headline wriTing and honorable menTion in sporTs wriTe-ups. William Prosser received honorable menTion Tor knowledge oT news- paper Terms. These conTesTs involved com- peTiTion in The EasT CenTral STaTes. The veTeran iournalisTs and some as- piring novices iourneyed To Franklin College Row I-Miss l-lunTsinger. Miss Springer, Harry Amon, Helen ATkins. KenneTh Brewer. EvereTT Byrd. Row 2-Bernice Calhoon, Mary De Voss, Mildred GadienT, Zelda l-lilT, MargueriTe Jones, RuTh Jones. Row 3-Mary Lowry, William Markwell, RoberT McBride, KenneTh Mccory, John MclnTosh, RoberT Moore. Ralph Murphy. Row 4-William Prosser, OTTilla Rouck. George Shuck, John STein, Calvin Treser, Thomas Ulsh, Jesse Williamson. mz1 nee 1 sesu1l7l nl Row I-Casper Agnew. Edward Allen, Charles Black, Bill Bonifer. Alan Bugbee Dorolhy Carnahan, Curlis Daugheriy. Row 2-Melvin Dusch, Kermif Engleman. Lyndon Eurlon, Jane Giles, Elmer Harmon Charles l-lawley. John l-lenry. Row 3-La Verne Jackson, Marvin Jaegers, James Kepley. Mary Loifich, James Moran Don Moss, Arby Munzer, Dorothy Reynolds. Row 4-Roberf Richardson, Charles Roberson, Marvin Turner, Freda Umbreif. Mary Whirhnqhnll Jane Van Arsdale, Joe Wright Andy Waliers. on Ociober I7, I8, I9 for rhe Annual Con- ference of Jrhe Indiana High School Press Associarion. Here They ariended leciures on various deparimenis of journalism and were gues+s ar lhe Associarion Dance held in 'rhe College Gym. The clelegales were Mary Lowry, Bernice Calhoon, William Prosser, Rosemary Redens, John Higgins. Jefferson Sireepey and James Kaiieriohn. The aciivilies of The class ended wirh i'rs parfy a+ 'the Colonial Club. held Janu- ary l9. If -Lax , g .sis G"Qf3' -74. 1 Q GI ill I ,rift-' If lil ' ::f,1:::17li'r' 'xiii OFFICERS will go over some of The aclivifies of lhe Firsl Semesler Minerva Club for lhe pas? year. I wanl' lo Dorolhy Neeld .... ....... P residenl remind you of lhe purpose of lhis club, 'rhe Parfi Pierson , 4 ,,,4 Vice-Presidenl' wide lield of Home Economics. During 'rhe Mary De Voss. . . ..... Secrelary baslcelball season, our Club had a sland in Frances Rafliff , , , ,,,, Treasurer lhe lower wesl hall selling relreshmenls 'ro Miss Genung s.,, .,,, C rilig The crowds lhal packed our gym. The pro- Quiel, please! The meeling is now called lo order. Wi+h your permission l ceeds were used for scholarships given for sludenls inleresled in Home Economics. Do you remember The good lime we had Row l-Miss Doyle, Mary De Voss, Sylvia Ferrell, Marlha Jane Fischer, Leona Graf. Row 2-Rosemary l-less, Driscoll l-lollle, La Verne Jackson. Naomi Landis, Dorofhy McKinley. Row 3-Helen Miller, Dorolhy Neeld, Pal'l'i Pierson, Frances Rallifl, Jane Van Arsdale. Row l-Sue Buclwlweif, Mariorie Genung, Rulli l-lowison, Muriel West Miss Genung Row 2-Maxine Keilh, Nadine Overfon. Mary Marllwa Raaba. Olrilla Rouclc. Mary Wlnifllnglwlll Row 3-Elizabefh Wimp. Marilna Wimp. Lucinda Wyzard, Bernice Yenawine, Elizabeth Zapp Clirislmas, delivering loaslcels To llwe poor and needy? And fhose parries al Hue Colonial Club al Hallowe'en and Chrisl- mas? Lasl buf noi leasl, l musl nol forge-l' To menlion The pep session. "Ou1'wi+l'ing ol Alice". given in our audilorium. OFFICERS Second Semes+er Naomi Landis .... .... . .1 ..,.. Presidenl Driscoll Ho+'rle . . . . .Vice-Presidenl Bernice Yenawine. . . .... Secrerary La Verne Jackson . .. .... Treasurer Miss Doyle . , . . ..,. Crilic Row I- 5: L i . I X rfb A L ' isri Q D A li Q IQ S Pi" OFFICERS Thanksgiving, when, wifh 'rhe help of fhe Firsf Semesfer Wranglers, l53 baskefs filled wifh every Rosemary Redens . .. ..... Presidenf kind of food from Yeasf Foam Tablefs fo Zelda l-lilf ...... .... V ice-Presidenf Mushroom Soup were delivered ie me Dorlce Conner "" ""' S ecrelary hungry people of fhe cify. Buf alas! lf Mildred Gadlenl "" ""' T reasurer seemed fhe Speakers had nof yef done lrene Birk .... .,.. S 'rudenf Crific Row affer row of sacks filled wifh beans, apples, pofafoes-green Speaker- fags displayed by everyone-franfic search- ing for unfamiliar sfreefs-mud-covered machines refurning for more baskefs-all fhis will remind a Speaker of fhe day before Miss Kirk, Sfuarf Barfh. Evelyn Begqs. Irene Birk, Jane Buchheif. fheir share. for Main Sfreef School sfudenfs needed sfill more ham sandwiches in fheir cafeferia. The club confribufed Sl0.00 fo fhe cause. ln fhe Speaker Chrisfmas Play. "Jusf Whaf They Wanfed". fwo Wranglers. Ralph Murphy and Sherman Minfon, were Row 2-Virginia Clark, Dorice Conner. Magdaline Deuser. Mildred Duke. Mildred Gadienl. Row 3-Jane Giles, Maxine Hansard. Margaref l-lardin. Zelda l-lilf, Mildred Horsey, Rufh l-lowison. l Row I-Helen Jacobi, Bonna McCauley, Jane MerTz, Norma Moran. RuTh Murphy Row 2-DoroThy Park, Nancy Peden. Rosemary Redens, Marilee PriTz, Frances Raflrllf Row 3-BeTTy Perry, Alma Richard. GerTrude Robinson, KaTherine Scanland, Mary Ann Tegarclen Norma Zeller. sTaged as very handsome husbands. while DoroThy Park and Zelda l'lilT were Their equally charming wives. Rosemary Redens was The l-Told-you-so "old maid" sisTer whose ChrisTmas giTT was noT "iusT whaT she wanTed". Two of The Speakers. living up To Their name, enTered The Wrangler Cup ConTesT while The oThers planned Their annual Speaker Dinner which was given aT The CounTry Club, May 25. lmmediaTely following The close oT school The girls lnoT TorgeTTing sunburn and poison ivy loTionsl wenT To l-lillTop Camp aT Nashville, Indiana, where They lived lraTher exisTedl Tor Two weeks upon peanuT buTTer and crackers, radio music, and DinTy Moore's pies. OFFICERS Second SemesTer Jane Giles ............,...... PresidenT Bonna McCauley .... ...., V ice-PresidenT Dorice Conner . .. ..... SecreTary Mildred GadienT .... ....... T reasurer BeTTy Perry ..... .... S TudenT CriTic l:s1 m: aAwmnw eo D A r i me Weff W-for V f A Y if '7 :rl 1 GFFICERS Zelda Hill, William Prosser .....,. Consuls Sherman Minlon ......... .... C ensor Ralph Murphy .... .. .Quaeslor Mrs. Prifz ...... . . .Praecepirix "Pugna, N. A. pugnal" was fhe cry heard af The very successful Lafin Club pep session before lhe Jrournamenl. Ralph Mur- phy gave a remarkable performance as "Caesar" Ballard. while l'he olher members cheered wildly for his chariol' 'ream as 'rhey careened around +he "spina." Two inilialion hikes were held and 'fhe luclcless nbvilriafes were 'rhoroughly formenf- ed by all +he Furies lmembers of rhe Lalin Club lo youl before Their names could be inscribed on Jrhe papyrus of fhe Sodalilas. Row I-Mrs. Prilz. Helen Aflcins. Sluarl Barlh. Kalhleen Beaucond, Nellie Marie Beck, Evelyn Beggs. Row 2-Marlha Belviy, Doris Brown, Magdalene Deuser, Mona Alice Easf, Veralynn Erqanbriqhl, Laura Faifh. Row 3-John Floclcen. Mildred Gradient Mariorie Genung. Belly Perry. Margaref Harclin, Aileen Hall. Row 4-William Hedclen. John Higgins, Zelda Hill, Mildred Horsey, Helen Jacobi, Rulh Jacoby. Row I-Marguerire Jones, Dorolhy Kielner, Aileen Lush. Sara Marlow. Jane Merrz Row 2-Sherman Minion, Dorofhy Missi, Norma Moran, Ralph Murphy, Rufh Murphy Row 3-William Prosser, Rosemary Redens, Gerrrude Robinson, Alma Richard, Mary Elrzaberh Rorh. Row 4-Evelyn Schoonover, Jefferson Slreepey, Dororhy Teives. Earl Wrighr, Edward Wrrghl' A+ 'rhe Sarurnalia, fhe Chrisrmas parly, lhe enrire program was presenred by The pueri. Earl Wrighr made a charming queen, and William Prosser reigned mag- nilicenrly beside him. The year closed wilh The banquer. rhe members reclining as gracefully as possible on 'rheir couches. sipping Their neclar from golden goblels, and arrended by willing slaves. , , 5 Zikviffsy ' yu J Ml, . ffl. Q5l'nl X A: Nav, , ' - :J vu V .,,,,3, ' i1!,fJfi1,Q.,1i: Lil ' yl . l ff! 'A lf il 2 " - OFFICERS Firsf Semesfer James Scoh' .......... . ....... Presidenr James Vesi ....... .... V ice-Presidenl James Kafleriohn . . . ..... Secreiary Vaughn Geddes . .. ..... Treasurer Mr. Finley .... .... C riiic The Scienhfic Research Socieiy, S. R. S. 'ro you. has been swinging along righl merrily-if a 'rril-le errafically for some lime. Alfhough if raiher sfagnafed for a while, flue club blossomed forlh 'ihis year and did some good work. Many in+eres'ring irips were Jralcen, such as The one +0 lhe Colgafe Soap Fac- fory in Jeflersonville and The Courier-Jour- nal building in Louisville. Besides fhe Trips, 'rhe S. R. S. sponsored quile a few ledrures, among 'rhem was one by Professor Burke on "Shells," and anoiher by Russell Haw- kins, an embalmer from Brazil, Indiana, who Row I-Mr. Finley, Sfewarf Brown. Charles Black, Keifh Farnsley, Jack Fougerousse. Row 2-Vaughn Geddes, Harold Jackson. James Kaiferiohn, James Kifferman. Donald McWilliams. 1nussv4 suwsw ,w,af,.r1seww,m Row I-Sherman MinTon, Paul ReiserT, William RouTT. James SCOTT, John STeln Row 2-William Sirickland. James Vest Ferd Wrege, John Wreqo, Edward Zier revealed The inTricacies of The arT of em- balming. The iniTiaTion oT The S. R. S. Club is considered one of The mosT drasTic as well as colorTul riTuals in school. We are noT al- lowed To disclose any of The deTails buT we may admiT Tha+ eggs play a prominenT parT. Because of The failure of Mr. Finley To show up To chaperone Their annual hilce, The looys had To call iT OTT and eaT Their lunch in The basemenT of The Kahler home. S. R. S. closed iTs year wiTh a buTfeT supper Tollowed by a dance aT The CounTry Club. OFFICERS Second SemesTer James ScoTT ................,. PresidenT KeiTh Farnsley . . . .... Vice-PresidenT Sherman MinTon . .. ..... SecreTery STewarT Brown . . . ..... Treasurer Mr. Finley . .. .,.. CriTic Y . ali' ,rf fam Q' fi!" V If ijlyfi, ,f 'fgx Ti T in T' : :"Ul1i...3gp1'g:,, l - lli E1 ff! X afiix OFFICERS sales wenT To Turnish The Tunds necessary FirsT SemesTer Jane BuchheiT ................ PresidenT Jane Van Arsdale .... .... V ice-PresidenT Driscoll l-loTTle .... ...... S ecreTary Thelma DuTTy ..,. .... T reasurer Pea-corn, pop-nuTs, soda-gum, and chewing-waTerl Yelling lusTily, The club members Tramped The aisles aT The baskeT- ball games, Throwing Hershey bars over The heads oT The crowd and iuggling lolli- pops! The proceeds from These candy To send The Two commercial Teams To The STaTe Commercial ConTesT held aT Muncie, April 27Th. Seriously now, a greaT deal oT crediT should be given The Tri'Bi Club because oT iTs eTTorT To promoTe superior scholarship in Boolilceeping. lTs membership qualiTica- Tions are sTricTly on a grade basis. The club members, discarding eye-shades and behind'The-ear pencils, TorgeTTing Row I-Miss Harper, Viola Bailey, Nellie Beck, Irene Birlc, Kuba Lee Brinley. Row 2-Jane Buchheif, Leora Bye, Bernice Calhoon, Virginia Clark, RuTh Cole. Row 3-JuaniTa Coombs, EThella CureTon, Thelma DuTTy, Lucille Elmore, Louise Floclc, Agnes Freiberger. Row I--Tommy Grimes. Virginia Harmon. Rosemary Hess, La Verne Jaclcson, Virginia Johnson Row 2--Aileen Kelso, Mary Lowry. Marlha Scharf, Louise Sherrill, Jane Van Arsdale Row 3-Dorofhea Weber. Mary Welch, Mary Jo Welch. Mary Wilson, Dorothy Zur Schmlede Mary Zur Schmiede. debils, liabilijries. and assels, and 'rhinlcing only of "balance", "shuffled" lo fhe sweel slrains provided by Marsh's Orcheslra al lheir annual dance, which was given al lhe Colonial Club May lOlh. OFFICERS Second Semesler Irene Birlc ..... .....,........ P residenf Virginia Clarlc ..,.... .... V ice-Presidenl Doroihy Zurschmiecle .... ....., S ecrelary Marlha Scharf ....... . . ,Treasurer A :Hi . K' il rf i is' ". E ,is5-fsf::: "',. fl4f5g..:4.:1,-,L3' .,',, L.f'i ll ., ff! ssl' X ' N l- lg Q S -f x ? ff , es OFFICERS Firsl Semesler Ralph Murphy ..............,. Presidenl William Hedden .... . . . .Vice-Presidenl William Prosser .... ....... S ecrelary John Higgins ..... ..., T reasurer "Hear, hear!" "The genlleman is oul ol order!" "Queslion! Queslionln No unseemly levily here! The Senale ol lhe Uniled Slales ol America is in solemn session, as Vice-Presidenl ol lhe U. S., Sherman lvlinlon. presides calmly over lhe healed conlroversy belween Senalor John Higgins, Huey Long. and Senalor Bob Moore. Borah ol Idaho, despile lhe heck- ling ol lhe radical elemenl represenled by Senalors Murphy, Slein, Hedden and Pros- ser. By resolving lhe club inlo lhe Senale. lhc members ol lhe Wranglers decided many imporlanl measures vilal lo our na- lional silualion, and inlroduced sweeping rclorms lo lhe invaluable benelil ol lhe public-al-large. As a filling climax ol lhe year's acliv- ilies lhe Wranglers held lhe Annual Wrangler Cup Conlesl in lhe High School Audilorium on May 23rd. This year's conlesl marks lhe lhird annual conlesl. Winners, herelolore, were Helen Dye and Rosemary Redens, represenlalives of lhe Speakers' Club. This conlesl is a discussion conlesl, lhe subjecls dealing wilh mallers ol currenl significance. Parlicipanls lor lhis year's conlesl were: William Prosser, "Our Changing Economic Syslem", William Hed- den, "Judicial Reforms", Marilee Prilz. "Youlh in This Changing World", Irene Row I-Mr. Thomas. Norman Darrow, Clarence Faullcenburg, John Flocken. Row 2-William Hedden. John Higgins. James Kalleriohn, James Killerman, Sherman Minion. Row I-Roberf Moore, Ralph Murphy. William Prosser. Wayne Sharp Row 2-John Sfein, Jefferson Sfreepey. James Vesf, Earl Wriqhf. Edward Wright Birlc, "Munifions", Thomas Hale, "Our Lighf Plane Sifuafion", Bernice Calhoon, "Social Securify". Successful in debafing, 'rhey were ready fo resf on fheir laurels and relax when, on April 28, fhe gallanf young men escorfed fheir guesfs fo fhe annual Wrang- ler banquef. Mr. J. H. Thomas has been fhe faculfy crific who has guided fhis club's splendid work fhis year. OFFICERS Second Semesfer Sherman Minfon. , . . ..,..... Presidenf Jefferson Sfreepey ....,.. Vice-Presidenf William Hedden. . . . . . . Secrefary John Flocken, . . .,., Treasurer X 7 ix X- 1 3,551 ,ri ,, , 'ff S ' I' ', limi' V , lylilkp ,J ang Q ll ii T f Za iarffw. I -f Nliiilgi y is-1,7--A-Y --1' i,liL..,,.c.. my 1' ., A , Hn , K Qs is N-M Eff' i. The esTablishmenT of awarding Scholar- ship "N's" in New Albany Senior High School has done much Tor The recogniTion oT pupils of high menTal aTTainmenTs. IT has sTimulaTed Those who had abiliTy and because OT lack oT recogniTion were in- diTTerenT To Their high school sTudies. While New Albany Senior High School does noT belong To The NaTional Scholar- ship SocieTy oT Secondary Schools, all oT The pupils who wear The Scholarship "N" would be members of This socieTy, because our qualiTicaTions are high enough. From The group oT people, who have won Scholarship "N's", largely come The sTudenTs, who are awarded scholarships in colleges and universiTies Trom our school. From This group, also, have come The in- dividuals, who have esTablished good records aT various colleges and universiTies. The inTeresT of This group has been cenTered upon high sTandards of menTal aTTainmenTs, wherever They may be. On The whole--They have noT necessarily been boolcworms, buf pupils who have carried on The maior acTiviTies in our high school. Among This lisT are members and oTTicers oT The STudenT Council, members and offi- cers oT our annual and bi-weekly paper, aThleTes oT consequence, and oTTicers and acTive members in club acTiviTies. The presenTaTion oT Scholarship "N's" was es- Tablished in I930. To gain This award a sTudenT musT re- ceive sTraighT A's for a semesTer in Tour solid subiecTs or four A's and a B if a TiTTh subiecT is Taken. Row I-STuarT Barfh, Virginia Clarlc, Lucile Davis, Mona Alice EasT, John Floclcen, Louise Foreman. Row 2-Mildred GadienT, Mariorie Genung, Jane Giles, James Hardin, John Higgins, Helen Jacobi. Row 3-James KaTTeriohn, BeaTrice Kelso. Alice KreuTzer, RuTh Mazey, Sherman MinTon, Ralph Murphy. Row 4-Grover Page, William Prosser, Rosemary Redens, KaThleen Schaefer, Louise Sherrill, Jefferson STreepey. 11mn lmi a , ,w1nm.e 1-M1414 fem.: 1 7 ffw ,ei D X ll x l l Q Row I-Mariha Parrish, Beafrice Smifh, Mary Ellen Adkins, Billie Baker, Mary Ann Tegarden Virginia Murray. Row 2-Tom Hale. John Bird, Frank Copier. N. C. Srnifh, Jr., Daner Durbin. Roberl Shine George Blush 'Row 3-Mr. Townsend, Charles Maiz, James Zinninger, Kennefh Brewer, Elizabeth Hanan Edward Allen. Clyde Bryant, OFFICERS Isl and 2nd Semesfers N. C. Smifh . . . ....... Presideni Charles Maiz ,.,.... .... V ice-Presidenl Mary Ann Tegarden ..,. ..,.. S ecreiary Virginia Murray ..... . . .Treasurer Billie Baker ...., .... L ibrarian Mr. Townsend ..,. ..... C rific Have you been under ihe illusion Jrhal Taxidermy was simple? Ask The Taxider- rnisis, ihey have had experience. The iirsi animal 'rhaf 'rhey lried lo siuff was a meadow lark liusl somelhing ihe ca+ dragged ini. Bul when 'rhey were Through wiih if, if looked as if 'rwo cais had dragged il' in and foughi over il. The business of siufling animals was forgofien as Jfhey slrolled on Their lasl hike of 'rhe year. Row I--Virginia Scolr, Cleopha Rudy, Emma Faye Sloclcsdale, Margarel Slalfery, Mildred Barnes, Audra Quebberman, I-lelen Keighley, Slella Maraman, Alberla Graf, Mary l-larbison. Row 2-John Mclnlosh, Dorolhy Jacobs, Ida Mae Sloclcsdale, Miriam Davis, Edna Mae Miller, Louise Foreman, Grace Wagner, Mary Frances I-Iarisfield, Belly Beaucond, Elhel Sprigler. Row 3-Melvin Bailey, Maurice Monihon, Eugene Kull, George Kleiber, Malcolm Snapp, I-lays Brown. Alberl Leffler, Roberl Conner, Reber? Sands, Ewell Wolfe. Row 4-Roberl Dorsey, Elberl Laceheld, Edward Donahue, Jacl: Dieclcman. David Hedden. William Day, Vaughn Geddes, James Vesl, Ernesf I-ledges. George Meyers. Row 5-Felix Losson, Kennefh Coyle, Roberf Sfoclcsclale, James Kifrferman, Joseph Howell, Vin- cenl Kern, Paul I-Iaynes, Don McWilliams, Charles Janlzen, Andy Walfers. Row 6-Ben Oldalrer, Kennelh Brewer, James Kalleriohn, Wm, Hedden, Roy Yenawine. OFFICERS Rose Mclnrosh. . . ....... Presidenl Louise Sherriil .,.., Secrelary-Treasurer Charles Black ....... , . .Vice-Presidenl Miss Green. . . , .... ........ C rilic Row I-Billie Lindley, June Condra, Marie Kaiser, Imelda Schulle, Eslher Schwender, Margarel Slider, Mildred Gadienl, Jane Ferrell, Berlha Granfz, Sluarl Barlh. Row 2-Dorolhy Tolleri, Frieda Eisenhaur, Thelma Duffy, Marlha Conner, Rulh Kirk, Elizabelh Zipp, Margaref Gerdon, Jean Condra, Wilma Roberrs, Bernadine Libs. Row 3-Magdalene Deuser, Irene Birlc, Barry Tunison, Virginia Johnson, Kalhryn Scanland. Norma Jane Slider. Louise Sherrill, Frances Rallifl, I-lelen Proberl, Virginia I-larman. Row 4-Martha Schari, Mary Vlfelch, Roberf Weber, Alice Rice, Freda Umbrei+, Charles Roberson, Eslher Curl, Alfa I-Iolfmeier, Arris Lamb, Margarel Feioclr. Row 5-Dorolhy Beadell, Marjorie Weber, Geraldine Thompson, Beily Salm, Freda McGovern. Tommy Grimes, Anila Wernclce, Dorlha Weber, Doris Brown. Row 6-Mary Marlha Kahler, Marlha Jean Bunger, John Wrege, Earl Friend, Edward Zier, Charles Bush, Frank Berlin, Belly Sfephens. I mm'a Qu4ml f-uaz ..4m . Q Row l-Hazel De Voss, Doris Whittinghill, Rose Mclntosh, Mariorie Stewart, Virginia Scales, Veralynn Erganbright, Leythia Hess, Mary Elizabeth Roth, Bertha Christian, Dorothy Whittinghill. Row 2-Martha Wimp, Mary Martha Raaba, La Vena Thorn, Kuba Brinley, Lucille Elmore, Jaunita Seburn, Ethel McDaniel, Helen Sermersheim, Esther Cory, Martha Belviy. Row 3--Martha Parrish, Evelyn Schoonover, Kathryn Graff, Kathryn Ellis, Lucille Davis, Wilda Vass, Eunice Wilson, Sue Buchheit. Sara Marlow. Berneice Wade. Row 4-Louise Flock, Mary Ellen Adkins, Marian Baller, Cecelia May Dwan, Bernice Calhoon, Oscar Deich, Alan Buqbee. Howard Barry. Edward Allen. Row 5--Joe Wright, Robert McNeal, John Flocken, Edward Wright, Oliver Hammer, Charles Matz, Franlc Copler. John Bird, Richard McCulloch. Row 6-N. C. Smith, Clarence Faullcenburg, David Hammer. On the night ot February 28, I935, the Boosters sponsored a pep parade, which was the largest one they had given during the year. Membership is open to all students interested in supporting athletics. Row I-Morris Best, Tom Hale, Al Croxall, Lucinda Wyzard, Helen Atlcins, Ruth Jones, Mar- guerite Jones, Mary Scribner, Mary Parrish. Row 2-Charlotte Noon, Mary Parsons, Gertrude Steqer, Max English, Kathryn Roberts, Audrey Williams, Elizabeth Forward, Jane Van Arsdale, Ruth Howison, Irma Budd. Row 3-Nina Badger, Estelle Hammer, Martha Moser, Julia Hines. Evelyn Pate, Oneida Pate, Margaret Johantqen. Ottilla Rouclc. Ruth Cole. Row 4-Robert Welz, Clyde McNutt. John Zur Schmiede, Jaclc Gable, Stanley Widman, Melvin Weber, Melvin Meyer, Stanley Moser, Orion Mock, Paul Loebig. CQQCQDILE Swaying palm frees, soff Tropical breezes, llwe silenf swish of sacred crocodiles in sun-warmed walers-such was 'rhe scene of Hwe annual opere'r'ra, "Crocodile Island," presenfed under Hwe direc+ion of Miss Hunlsinger and Mr. Heclcel, on February 25+h and 26+lx. lSLAND The principal characfers were aloly porlrayecl by Dorolhy Carnahan, John l-lenry, Rex Marsh, BeHy Perry. Paul Haynes, Roberl McNeal. Nancy Jane Peclen. Huberl Graham. Helen Afkins, Rosemary Redens. and Vaughn Geddes. ., My ss . 'ti 1 'SSPJG R . K 51' . X, - X, wii Q X v 1 L - Q. ,R ,. ,E 1 , , V,.,, gh x - air, , . A Q f K 1" R . , 7 SE :,. Ai ff A N-N.. m 1:1 , ,?3..- m3M' - 1 w gf Q ..., X A u . E j '31 1 . 5 X A x Z . M 1 Y Q I .xi ' ,v 19, 'T ,5 . H '- f K . - Q I 2 . 9- K ik It HM. .W 3 I k x Zxm k ,- gh 511. 15. :gn , Lmm.. L M Q? VJ Q Q. if . I X . . - iVA f g - ' ' 'xx W . ff Q .. A KKA .ik X ky T-X 51 . V : GN N ' M M Y X - Q ,f X . . X. w . . - A 1 Z y is .K xl . Y V. 4, X SEX A ig - X , . 4 , Wzfggg 5' 9 . 4 if V Yi k F ---', , .,.A.. , 4 Ai' 1 ' 2 Z H W .lf W I 'W ,, ' 'F f X t , . . x 4 i f kf R- -E -1 A. 1 if , '-'FM' . . ,A 5 x ., , AV , V ,, 1 it , N f E 1 Y Z ' ' -" . S SN as ' 5 lj K :E . S '55 K . . M 's I F 3 I ff ,:L,i:Q - . , ,, . ' 'UN V A .-4, f vv-v -- .H , . ,f f :pm .Aim ff' wif-v, :Ml f v 5 2 1- Av 2-f:ff3,1-sw-fy 1 f , , Nl ff K ' X 1 6 ' I . L V - Y - 5 i N ' 5 ' 'E 7 17 ,E F, 1 X ' ig ,Q ,. . 3 we , U m' 2 iyx i L I , 3 KR V Yr, ' , :psi K -k f -. mm, sa: fin .. QL A.L,. ,Mg 5 3 F, 2 1 II! 11 A If JW? giw -gwfjg b-x , ff, 3 X if . hiya-123 ' . :Fey 5 'fl ,, W ti li -mire--v----W - fr - . as iw- ff? ix Ita" -l r f .f ' A25 QR l' l illlixfii M, Lifera ry Slaff Rosemary Reclens Helen Jacobi Bonna McCauley Ralph Murplwy Belly Perry Robert Moore Harry Amon Ar? Slafl' Tv Thelma Senior. Editor Billie Hagen Maxine Hansard James Scolf Dorollwy Neeld Margaref Seilz pisfs l-larolcl Jackson William Kleiber Virginia Clark Louise Sherrill Jane Buchlneil James Kalreriolnn William Slriclclancl Edilor Business Manager FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Kelso Miss Homriglwouse Miss Roclcenbach Mr. Carmichael atumal Svrhnlaztir 3grwfriA55nfmfm1 1954 ALL-AME1ucANs YEARBOOK iC1QlTiCALvSER,VICE ly ' y ' rsf i rgjfig' iii! ll H ,N XV 1' li ' ,wif J' M is J my f ni XJ y'QQ g5 I Q i i In recogyzftion of ifSi.J7l6I'ifLJki.f awarclcrl yi ijflrstsdlilass EUUDFI Sliatmg y J ,, liiiiiss ou1jteentL atfonal Yvearlroiolry Critical ligervfce of they Iri F6SSiASS0Cfdf1'011 !at:.f'tI1e Ifnfversrgf of Mfnniesota, Dcljixrtrzzqrrf K .H i. ii QQQ'f12"'f'g'5x"""". i f ii 9 ,iff ssii pi. xminz: . ggi. I LQ l l E IQ C Mounring Sralif Mildred Gadieni Mary Welch Bernice Calhoon Doroflny Park Alma Richard Business Sraii Sfuarf Barll1,Ass+. Mgr. Thelma DuFly, Bookkeeper Louise Sherrill Thomas Ulsh Earl Wrighi Margery Genung Margarer Nadorf Grover Page Eslelle Fidler Roderick Fach Sherman Minion Thelma Denfon Phoroqra phe rs William Hedden James Vesf Junior Represenrarives Jefferson Sl reepey lrene Birlc Zelda Hill Jane Giles William Prosser Chrm. Mounling Commirree Associare Eclilor Associale Edilor X, ,C -N I. - ' 'aa l . "" 7 fx, ,,i fr The purpose of lhe P.-T. A., a naiional and inrernalional movement is 'ro rnainiain organized, con Presidenf . , ..... . .. Vice-Presidenr Secrerary . . . Treasurer . .. Chairman Mus sfrucrive cooperalrion of par- OFFICERS O .Mrs. J. A. Howison ..... .Mr. Earl Hedden . .... Mrs. Wm. Slriclcland Mrs. H. W. Arkins ic Com.. .Mrs. B. C. Heckel enrs and Teachers in rhe inreresm' of Jrhe children. and ro safeguard Jrhe welfare of children everywhere. F P.-T. A. Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Program Com..Mr. J. H. Thomas Finance Com..Mrs. H. L. Henry Welfare Com..Miss Lena Board Srudenr Loan . Mrs. John Gadienl Social Com..Mrs. H. S. Hansard Row I-Jane Giles, Bernice Calhoon, Aileen Richards, Zelda HilT, William Prosser, Irene Birlr Mary Frances Murphy, Naomi Landis. Row 2-C. C. KaTTeriohn. Principal, Max English, Louise Sherrill, EsTelle Fiddler, Alice KreuTzer DoroThy Jacobs. JuaniTa Seburn. VioleT McCaffrey, BeaTrice Kelso. Marian Groh. RiTa Beck. Row 3-John Flocken, Byron Himmelheber, Jefferson STreepey, Edward Rouclc. John Higgins Oliver Hammer. James KaTTeriohn, Charles Roy. James STroTher, Richard McCulloch. James ScoTT oT our splendid school communiTy-our high school-of which They are a parT. The STudenT Council in our high school was organized, because There was a TelT educaTional need Tor iT, boTh Trom The sTandpoinT Tor such an expression on The parT oT The sTudenT, as well as from The need oT guidance and leadership Tor The sTudenT body from The viewpoinT oT The sTudenT. The acTiviTies of The STudenT Council . so Tar have been consTrucTive in characTer. This group oT sTudenTs has sponsored The publicaTion oT a sTudenT handbook, which is a TelT need in our high school. This pub- licaTion will conTain various rules now used To adminisTer The school, cerTain curricula, and an explanaTion of each, a review oT oxTra-curricular acTiviTies and many oTher lT is noT sTudenT governmenT buT a sTep in +haT direcTion. The guidance given a sTudenT body by individuals oT Their own group is democraTic and leads To a beTTer and more sympaTheTic unclersTanding oT The adminisTraTive measures necessary in The conTrol oT a school on The parT oT The pupil. lT gives opporTuniTy Torrepresen- TaTive expression on The parT oT The gov- erned and Thereby meeTs one of The cardi- nal obiecTives of secondary educaTion-ThaT called ciTizenship. IT is hoped ThaT The STudenT Council will shape and direcT policies Tor The good imporTanT school iTems. The Council has also sponsored high school cleanup acTiviTies, which include care oT The school properTy as well as per- sonal care on The parT oT The sTudenT. The STudenT Council should give a new aTmosphero To our school and iTs acTiviTies. as well as give an opporTuniTy Tor mass sTu- denT direcTion. C. C. KaTTeriohn. Skefching from Life. SCMCDQL I A Pause for 'rlwe Prinfers. Library affer School. Ready 'ro Serve. Miss Rusk's Hisfory Class. SCENES Class in Harmony l Mechanical Drawing. A Sfilch in Time. Journalisfs wri+e Headlines. f Chemisfry Training' W---Af-e.f z- - "'- -- gM.1,f:awwgew.1m1u.r mlnm:smaw2wmn:L:..4 was ASSE Wil B LY Roman Boosfers al pep session. More Roman rockers. Auclilorium 'lo siege. Sally Needy-Eva Mcrlcerl. Presiclenf of Wranglers greefs Professor Marshall. Speaker-Wrangler Ch risimas play. Hifch-lciclrer. Mildred lSpeal:ers' Sanra Clausl Dulce. Jeslers' Play Casi. Seciional pep session. Roman vicfory celebralion. Roman sfafues. A . P A if v I 1., ,W -S gn., ,.. X '13,-. di ? -F? 5 . , E I I x Qi 3 ,g I nf, ,. YE.: 5 ., 9' A- 1, , sri'3'- 'ate si J 4' -fx A X Af, M A 31, Q Q, 2 , .,w x K F ii 5' J M W f:' 1 ,,.. . 1,-ff f. , 17 J ,Q by .f, if- , f f' L. .-Q-V 1, , A f , it 1 I if if 3 P sits , . 2 'RR Q . D-" S-. SQMCDCN Arfisfic affempfs. Band al Municipal Fall Fesfival. "Merrily we roll along." Seciional shols. Waifing for a ficlcef. Killing lime. Early morning ride. Our Secretary. "BloHer" day. lil Al Girl Seoul Camp. Affer fhe school is over. Clarenceburq af fhe Bass. "Philberl"' Fougerousse pro- poses. When Lucille's away, Miclcey will play. The principal decoralor. Vi and Jean af Girl Scou? Camp. "Three Iiffle maids from school are we." Speaker grads af camp. "Ich weisz nichT, was soII es IoedeuTen"- LeT me explain. IT is one oT The songs The new German Club is singing. This club was organized on March 5, by The sTudenTs of German 2 and The A sTudenTs oT Ger- man I. The members Trom The TacuITy are Mr. Thomas. Miss Rusk, and Miss Rocken- bach. ITs purpose is boTh Tor pleasure and proTiT. The programs endeavor To supple- menT The class work, To give opporTuniTy Tor inTormaI conversaTion. and To awaken an inTeresT in German IiTeraTure and music. GuesTs who have appeared on The pro- grams during The semesTer are Misses Ella Bn ie Rosie DEUTSCIJETQ VEIQEIN Gardner. LeoTa Rusk, Elsie Hedden, Celine Harris. RuTh EIizabeTh Kirk and Mrs. Mor- ris McDonald. The club held a dinner meeTing aT The WooIworTh CaTeTeria on May I and plan To make The IasT meeTing "ein AusTIug" To The aTTracTive Kahler camp on Blue River. OFFICERS PresidenT ..,........... ..Grover Page Vice-PresidenT ..., . . . . . .Zelda I-IiIT Treasurer .......... .. .Vaughn Geddes SecreTary .. .. .. ., ,.. .Marie HuTh Chm. Program Com. .... Mildred GadienT Chm. ReTreshmenT Com. James KaTTeriohn Wrege ig! BILLIB HAGEN KQQTTEALL Coach Thom Surprises, disappoinTmenTs, successes, upseTs, all go To make a successful TooTball season. Judging The New Albany Bulldog's I934 record by This philosophy. one would surely label iT The mosT successTul season played Through by a New Albany High School Team in a greaT many years. And iT was, noTwiThsTanding The TacT ThaT Two deTeaTs mar iTs record, Coach Thom con- siders The pasT season The mosT enviable oT his career here. To begin wiTh, on SepTember 27, wiTh seven leTTermen back Trom The l933 season and iusT Two days beTore iTs TirsT game againsT Columbus, The Team looked Terrible. buT when The final whisTle oT ThaT conTesT blew. CapTain, Calvin "Red" Treser Tound AssT. Gehlbach ThaT he and his maTes had employed Their well-known single-wingback TormaTion and old reliable number 66 oTT-Tackle play To The Tune of a I9-O vicTory. Then came The TirsT disappoinTmenT. On The Tollowing Friday nighT Male High School oT Louisville deTeaTed our boys by I9-7 on Their own Tield. The score, how- ever, Tells noThing of whaT ThaT game really was-one OT The mosT Thrilling in which New Albany Team has ever parTicipaTed. LaTer The Bulldogs aToned Tor This seT- back and walloped 'Okalona 25-O. Tollowing up wiTh an overwhelming vicTory over The KenTucky MiliTary lnsTiTuTe. 'Score. 39-O. The Bulldogs now had reached Their sTride. NoThing could sTop Them. Prince- Talking IT Over. AC Ton, repuTedly carrying The besT squad in SouThern Indiana, nexT Tell under The spell oT The Canine Team and wenT home on The shorT end oT a 25-7 score. Two new Teams on The N. A. H. S. schedule now hove inTo view. Anchorage, Ky., and SouThporT oT Indianapolis-boTh sTrong TooTball schools and boTh wiTh re- markable records Thus Tar in The season. BuT Their repuTaTion meanT noThing To The now sTaTe-wide Tamous Bulldogs. BoTh TelT The power oT New Albany High School TooTball-Anchorage by I3-O, SouThporT by 20-O. The Bulldogs had TasTed vicTory enough To make up Tor The Male seTback, buT once more before The end OT The year They were To Teel The sharp pangs oT deTeaT, This Time by Reih Memorial oT Evansville. For Three quarTers These Two Teams baTTled To a sTandsTill' in mud, ankle deep, and under a sky casT wiTh clouds black enough To pass Tor n'ighT, unTil a ReiTz player slipped Through Tackle Tor The only Touchdown oT The game. Now Tor The lasT game oT The season, presumably againsT SainT'Xavier oT Louis- ville, on Thanksgiving Day. All season Coach Thom had poinTed his charges Tor ThaT conTesT. OTTen he had spoken oT iT as The biggesT evenT pT The year. As a con- sequence The sTudenT body had worked IT5 self inTo a Trenzy. "BeaT SainT X!" was The password oT The school. And Then The news came. New Albany and SainT Xavier, be- TlQN 'Q cause oT Tinancial conTrover- sies, had broken oTF relaTions Tor The season oT I934. Bosse High oT Evansville was immediaTely engaged To Till The daTe, and The New Albany Bulldogs loosed The Tull Tury oT Their aTTack on Columbus ReiTz Memorial of Evansville Bosse OT Evansville PrinceTon The Bosse Bulldogs, sTaging a lasT-half rally To win I2-0. K' M' I' Thus ended The I934g season of New Albany High School's TooTball Team, a Team raTed among The big Ten in lndiana, a Team ThaT was as greaT in deTeaT as in vicTory, ER . . .. . . mmmwmcmmqwmegn-nr.: ,wan mama WEN Deusch-Tackle. Eva ns-Tackle. Bonifer-Cenfer. Monihon-Halfbaclc. Jaege.-S-End. Zoeller-Quaderback. Zier-Fullback. sw++-Quaffmback. Roberson-Guard. H ubba rd-End. Michel-Tackle. Hardin-End. Murphy-End., Hawley-Quaderbsck. Tnjeser-Capfain and End Sioclcsdale-Tackle. A 3. Fougerousse-Sludenl' 34. Money--Halfback. 4. 2. 4I. Manager. McDonald-Sludenl' Mmgef- aa. Kun:-fullback. 30' RelSe""6"a'd' Gehlbach-Ass? Coach. Durbin-Gua rd. a Team Thar will go on in 'rhe years lo come I. Thom-Coach. lisf of honors Thar if has already broughf fo performing grealer leafs and adding 'ro Jrhe Hs school. I935 SCHEDULE Sepl. 29-Columbus There Od. 26-Princefon There Ocl. 5-Cenrral llfvansvillel Here Nov. 2-Anchorage Here OCT. I2-K. M. l. Here Nov. 9-Reilz Memorial Here Ocr. I9-Male Here Nov. I6-S+. Xavier There Nov. 28-Bosse llfvansvi Hel Here AND CQACHES BASKETBALL Coach Ballard Lyndon Eurlon, Keifh Farnsley, William Hubbard, Calvin Treser, Arfhur Brown, Kenne+h Brewer, Paul Able, James Hardin, James Weinmann, James Zoeller, and Maurice Monihon. all champions, composed our Team of "Figh+ing Bulldogs." The season was memorable. because our Team suffered only Tour defeals and won 'rhe an- nual Blind Tourney. Theirs is a record, one never before equaled by a local learn. The firsl game of The season resulfed in a demoralizing defear for The locals by a less powerful Team a+ Salem. The Bulldogs, how- ever, picked up momenlum and dashed rhrough The following four games, scoring Varsily Squad ford, Bosse of Evansville, Salem. and Sey- FTQHTINQ decisive vicfories over Silver Creek, a new- ly scheduled Team, Greensburg, Corydon, and Norfh Vernon. A Trip To Madison ac- complished noThing. The following week- end The boys iourneyed To Columbus where They won by a lop-sided score. A win from ST. Xavier in Louisville gave The Team The necessary encouragemenf To win The Blind Tourney, in which Paoli, Salem, and Cory- don also parficipafed, on The following day. A fling aT The Washingfon Hafchefs aT Washingfon proved fruifless and resulfed in defeaf. The nexf nighT, however, Paoli be- came our vicfim. Valuable wins from Bed- mour followed. A Thriller aT Jasper ended wiTh The Bulldogs in The lead and on The following nighT They sfarfed a five game home sTand by winning from CenTral, also of Evansville. ScoTTsburg came nexT and They, Too, were defeafed. A speedy and powerful aggregafion from Vincennes op- posed The Team nexT, and The "Alices" were defeafed. Mifchell won from us, buT The successful season was finished by a win from Male High of Louisville. Preparafions were sTarTed for The Sec- Tional Tourney To be held The follow- ing week in our im- proved gymnasium. By defeaTing Borden and Corydon we advanced To The semi-hnals w h e r e we were defeafed by Jeffersonville. The schedule was a hard one and To complefe iT wiTh only four losses was harder. For nexf year we have added Bloomingfon and Franklin. No one could pick a sfar on our Team, for individualify was noT shown. Fair play. unusual heighf. a fighfing spiriT, and superior coaching by Mr. Ballard are probably The reasons for our successful season. We are proud of our Team, and no TribuTe Too high can be paid To Those who made if. l935-36 SCHEDULE Nov. 22-Speed Here Dec. 6-Corydon There Dec. 7-Norfh Vernon Here Dec. I3-Jasper Here Dec. 20-Greensburg There Dec. 2I-ST. X. Here Dec. 27-Blind Tourney Here Jan. 3-Washingfon Here Jan. 4-Paoli There Jan. IO-Bedford Here Jan. I 8-Seymour Here Jan. 24-Mifchell There Jan. 25-CenTral, Evansville There Jan. 3 I-ScoTTsburg There Feb. I-Columbus Here Feb. 7-Vincennes There Feb. I4-Franklin There Feb. 2l-Male There Feb. 22--Bosse. Evansville Here Feb. 28-Bloomingfon There Feb. 29--Salem Here Eurfcn Cenler Farnsley Guard Hubbard Guard Treser Forward Brown Guard Brewer Forward Abel Guard Zoeller Guard Hardin Guard Weinmann Forward Moniluon Forward Ballard Coach BULL EGGS AE TAPE 2. 3. 4. 5. I. MILE RELAY TEAM Bassham Sfoclcsdale Reiserf McWilliams ONE-HALF M HiIIon ILE RELAY Mariel KIPER AND MARTEL-IO0 AND 220-YARD DASHES. FINISH OF THE 440. Reiserf Bassham SIoclnsdaIe KLEER-220-YARD DASH. LOW HURDLES AND POLE VAULT. . TQACK IQYDLI As a climax To one already successTuI season, The New Albany Thinly clads coached by Alex Thom scored Tive poinTs in The sTaTe meeT aT Indianapolis. The mile relay Team composed of Bassham. ReiserT, McWilliams, and Sfoclcsdale placed second in The mile relay. Frank Kiper, TIeeT TooTecI sprinTer, placed TiTTh in The IOO-yard dash Tor The oTher poinT. For The second Time in as many seasons The Track squad was undeTeaTed. They won Two Triangular meeTs, a dual meeT Trom Male of Louisville, and Their secTional by a Top heavy score. They qualified aT IeasT one man in every evenT excepT The 880- yard dash and broad jump Tor The sTaTe meeT. 3 Led by Kiper who scored 5l poinTs, sevenTeen Traclcmen received IeTTers: Kleer. IvlarTeI, I'IiITon, lvlcCory, Creek. ReiserT, Bassham. STocIcsdaIe, McWilliams, Weber. Fenwick, Roberson, Hubbard. Miller, Kahoe, and Turner. RESULTS OF I934 New Albany. .85-2X3 ScoTTsburg . ,4-IX3 Bedford ......... 27 New Albany. .85-lf3 Salem ....... 2I-If3 Corydon .... IO- I X3 New Albany ..,.. 69 lvlale .... .... 4 0 SECTIONAL New Albany, .69-IX3 Corydon .... 6-If2 Salem ...,... I7-I,f3 ScoTTsburg ...... 5 Madison . .... I5 EIizabeTh .... 3-5X6 V I VV 2 5-E :f.ZQK,35gf::i STATE TRACK MEET 1934 ifilr sns,fnmlz s1mi Clwampion leams and Pxcrobats Crocodile Dance Pearl Ballet , wvm- , 15,-.F f.-.f ,, 1, .. W 5 -W -A wv F 1 1 J CDl3ElQl2ll DANCE? l QI RLS STMLEWCS Gay Nineties N N Class Stunts and Games Vitamins V W nrunQn.l 12+-:zu,s:w1:fwmmuw.mfw.:msfxmwwQfm l xw nL, amz ,qu 1 1 1 K GGL? For The TirsT Time in The hisTory of New Albany High School, a golf Team rep- resenTed The school. The Team was composed oT CapTain Jim ScoTT, Jim Hardin. Billie Hagen, and Norman Perkins. Mr. Ballard coached These boys. The golfers Took parT in Two TournamenTs. In The Falls CiTy TournamenT They capTured boTh The individual and Team diadem. ScoTT deTeaTed Brown oT KenTucky MiliTary InsTiTuTe Tor The single Trophy. The com- bined score of The Tour players deTeaTed K. M. l. and ST. X. Tor The Team TiTle. A week laTer ScoTT again demonsTraTed his abiliTy as a golfer by shooTing his way inTo second place in The Indiana STaTe High School Golf Tourney. The Team as a whole Tied Tor sixTh place wiTh Tech oT Indianapolis. The Tour boys who com- posed The Team re- ceived minor leTTers. All excepT Billie Hagan are on The Team This YSS F. JAMES scorr To the following advertisers who through their advertisements have as- sisted in malcing this Blotter possible we extend our sincere thanlcs and appreciation. Wm. Stricleland C A L E N D A R SEPTEMBER School slarls like Bedlam buf we grin and bear H. Seniors view wilh alarm lhe small crop of sophs-nor in size bu'r in slafure. . Sludenl Body iniroduced lo lhe "Neophy'res" via 'rhe parade across lhe slage rouie amid lhe ieers of The upper classmen. Bulldogs win 'rheir iirsl 'loolball game from Columbus 20-O in rain and mud. OCTOBER Team loses 'ro Male in firsl nighl game of season. . Two days vacarion while The fac- ul+y aH'ends convenlions al' Franklin and Indianapolis. IWe make up lhose 2 days al' end of lerm. lvlarvo lhe magician enlerlains wilh his wonderful Tricks ol magic For Better Ice Cream CAIQI. E M E R Y ICE CREAM COMPANY We Deliver Anywhere in lhe Cily Planl'-550 Beharrel Avenue Phone l905 ll Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Creaml LOOSE LEAF BOOKS MIMEOGRAPHS WEDDING INVITATIONS OFFICE APPLIANCES eteyyl- edde P1'1111:1119- gmpan I33 E. Spring Sl. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS FILING SYSTEMS PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS ll'rn I-ledden for The Lasf Roundupl NEW ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE -Since 1865-- MODERN TRAINING IN Al.I. BUSINESS SUBJECTS No school puls more energy and sincere enlhusiasm inlo making Hs sludenfs successful-and lhe cosl is less in New Albany. Know your school and 'lhose who run il-we are homefolks. Phone 795 6OI Elsby Building lTake a Number from I lo lOl ENDRIS 84 SON JEWELERS New Albany I'-ligh SchooI's Official Jewelers CLASS RINGS AND PINS-QUALITY JEWELERS J. O. ENDIQIS Sa SON 320 Pearl Slreel lRings on I-Ier Fingers, Bells on Her Toesl -Q SOUND managerial policies and long, successful experience have provided us with sufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers ol fine printing plates. That you will be secure iroxn chance, is ourllrst Promise. JAHN 8a OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. B11 Wes! Washington Blvd.. - Chicago, lllinols ILove!y To Lo In the foreground- Fr. Dearborn referected rn Grant Park on Chicago? lake front. Illustration by Jahn Gr,OlIier Arr Studios ok All ii .Fill in 1-1 1-asf --H 0 1 lg MAXINE HAN SARD FINALE Slilled now are 'rhe noles' lasl' clear vibrafions Thai fused lhe final echoes of The Theme, Shouiing in iovialify and joy, Breaihing a noslalgia, and sooihing +o conienl, Or slrilcing in a rylhmic primal heal To iangle and blare a iarred discordancy- The concerl' hall is quiei, and 'rhe lisleners Are leaving in regrel' and eagerness- Regre+ for rneledies possessed buf once, And eagerness for whaf may soon be heard. William Prosser Complimenls ol JQMN QIWTCMELL "QUALITY APPAREL EoR MENI' 306 Pea rl Sireel lMy l-lal's on The Side of My l-leacll A. TQASIVI LJSSIZ N EA SON "Flowers For All Occasions" TELEGRAPI-I SERVICE TO ALL OUT-OF-TOWN POINTS Phone 96 lAn Orchid lo Youl OUALITV PRINTING 3I. Cosis No More Ai Tl-IE NEW ALBANY LEDGER Phone 23 2 lYou Can Prinl II in Ihe Paperl 3 Always Ihe Newesr in 9 Ladies and Misses' Ready-io-Wear IO Coais--Suils-Dresses Sizes ll Io 52 BE SURE TO SEE ouR SELECTIONS ne I-I E L M A N ' S 308 Pearl lLovely lo Look ATI I7 CALENDAR OCTOBER Firsi reporl cards issued wiih a record number of 32 on ihe honor roll. NOVEMBER S+. X cancels Turkey Day Game. P. O. Sampson gives inleresiing Iallc on "l'leal+h Conirol by Food Con'rrol". Enleriains sludenls by his peculiar pronuncialion of "lo- ma'ro". Anchorage succumbs To New Albany. Speakers presenl "Louso The Magician" in Pep Session. Bulldogs win anoiher fooiball game lil's geliing 'ro be a habifl 'From Souihporl. Homecoming Game. Bel Canlo gelfs socially inclined and gives a Tea Dance al N. A. Couniry Club. Thirly girls Irudge in sireeis sell- ing bils ol green cardboard wiI'h slrings hanging from ihem. C A l. E N D A R NOVEMBER lOTherwise, known as Speaker Tag Day.l Salem romps all over N. A. bas- keTeers in opening game. STaTe TiTle hopes are killed by Memorial when Bulldogs lose To Them in iooTball. "No, No, a Thousand Times no!" is The Theme song of The Jour- nalism pep session. Speakers deliver 200 baskeTs To The poor. We wind up our successful fooT- ball season by deTeaTing Bosse I2-O Turkey Day. DECEMBER BaskeTbaII Team shows Their power by Trouncing Greensburg 42-I5. Our own Cecil Cornelius elecTed PresidenT of S. l. A. C. More reporT cards. We're used To Them by now. ComplimenTs oT WOOLWORTI-VS CAFETERIA of Col'Tee. a Sandwich, and LA JADE BEAUTY SHOPPE JESSIE B. CLIPP 343 Vincennes STreeT lToo BeauTiful for Wordsl SEE US When ln Need Oi SAND, QQAVEL, anal E2Ull.lDllXlC7 kflflxl-ElQlAl. E. T. S l. l D E Q Phones: 52603, 2604 and 3009 llT's GeTTing Fair and Warmerl Compliments CARL BORNWASSER IRVIN WEBER BARTI-I LEATHER CO. INDIANA CANDY CO. KRESGES EWING 84 ZELLER of NATIONAL ICE 84 PRODUCE CO. BORNWASSER-GWIN IMPLEMENT CO. I fMEDLEYl C A L E N D A R DECEMBER Inc' 6. Sophs esIabIish a precedem' by organizing and elecfing class 225-227 Pearl Sireef officers. I7. Mid-year Seniors follow Sophs' Oualify Clorhing for Young PeopIe example and OVQGDIZG- eIeCIIfIQ Kennefh Iv1cCory President IB. Prof. Buerk honors 2I fooIbaII IHome on 'rhe RangeI men WI'I'I'1 NIS- I9. LaI'in Club Safurnalia: whafever Thai means. 20. Dickens' Chrisimas CaroIs pre- senI'ed by F. L. MarshaII. ,X 2I. Speaker-Wrangler Chrisfmas Play CJ and dismissal of school for 2 QT Y b f I Jr weeks. I-IeyI Hey! CJR' ou can uy or ess a 'T 28. Team beafs Paoli Io win our firsi Q Blind Tourney. I-ILJI3P'S 4. 5. 7. JANUARY Losf 'ro Washingfon and Won from Paoli. Smirks from The facuIIy. sighs from 'rhe s+udenIs as we discon- soIa+eIy refurn Io school. CALENDAR JANUARY . Jusl a couple of baslceiball scalps from Bedford and Bosse. . Siudenis I'urn info miniafure Frank Bucks afler a Ialk aboui Africa. . Red LeHer Day! "Bad Boys," Hagen and Read. apologize for creaiing dislurbance in assembly. .Baccalaureale services for 27 graduaring seniors. . Finals and more finals. . Mid-year Commencemenl. . New Sophs creaie small disiur- bance, buf school soon seHIes baclc Io old rouiine. FEBRUARY . Seniors organize and eIec'r "Red" Black president . Annual Sfaif shows Ilweir abilify by presenling "And 'II1e Lamp Wenf OuI" in assembly. . New Albany loses iis Iirsf home game Io Miichel 24-I2. Complimenls KOIQTI2 - SIVIITI-I VIOTOIQ CO. CHEVROLET BUICK OLDSMOBILE PONTIAC IMerriIy We Roll Alongl Eslablished I 865 IQENIXITS BOTTLIIXIC WQIQKS Manufacfurers of HIGH GRADE BOTTLED CARBONATED BEVERAGES lPop Goes Your Hearfl W. E. SI-IACKLETT CO. I-ZINIGIQAVE RG 1695 Portland Ave. Louisville, Kentucky lAn Evening in Junei TTQINKLE MOTOR SALES MARKET AT will STREET DisTribuTors DeSOTO PLYMOUTH GRAHAM GOODYEAR TIRES C455 "Always the Best in Used Cars" Phone 2l2 ll'm Wild About Horns on AuTomobilesl C A L E N D A P Com limenTs FEBRUARY ls 2O. We prove ThaT we hold The up- of per hand over JeTT in some Things anyway by winning The JeTT-N. A. T DebaTe. 22. Minerva enTers iTs second child- hood in iTs pep session, "The OuT- wiTTing oT Alice." 25-26. "Crocodile Island" presenTed by All on Accounf of a STrawberry Sundael Bel CanT0 and Glee 27. Oicfice swamped as secTional Tick- eTs go on sale. 28. "Pugna. N. A.. Pugna" cheer The LaTin sTudenTs in Their colorful 1 Togas during The SecTional Pep CompllmenTs Session' of MARCH 2. The Crimson Tide barely beaTs N. A. 20-I7 in The semi-Tinals of The SecTional. lWe had a loT DU IQITY MAJ O oT aiabssi. 6. l.enT begins. buT iT doesn'T mean X anyThing in our school curriculum. lWl'e" The Cows Come Hemel lT's iusT as dull as ever. 8. New club, Der deuTsche Verein, organized by German 2 sTudenTs. 9. I5-I6. 20. 2 I. 26-27. 4. IO. Il. 16. C A L E N D A R MARCH Jeff goes 'ro Regional, N. A. fans slay home. save money, and read aboul' il in The paper. The Bulldogs aHend 'rhe Srale Tournamenf as specfalors. APRIL Wranglers forgef abouf debafing 'lor a nighl and hold Iheir Annual Banquel. Easier and new spring oullils for 'rhe lucky ones. Commercial Teams enfer Sfaie Conlesl a+ Muncie. MAY Derby Day-N. A. I-I. S. is rep- resenfed as usual by our Princi- pal. Tri-Bi club gives a dance al The Colonial Club. Bel Canlo holds ils annual lea. Seclional 'Irack meel. Jeslers disregard anis. efc.. and Ihoroughly enioy 'rheir annual pic- nic. . Ari Club gives "Arfy" parly. . Slale Track meer. Minerva Dinner. . Speaker Dinner held al The N. A. Counlry Club. JUNE I. Junior Receplion for Seniors 2 . Baccalaureale Services. . Senior Annuals! . Cornmencemenr exercises and nor a wel eye in The house! J. GILES. LOW CUT PRICES McDONALD'S DRUG STORE Marker SI. belrween Pearl and Srale Sis. Norlh Side of Plaza-New Albany, Ind. IA LiHIe Lunch For Twol V. IVI. YOST Dis+rilou+or of C. v. and ow RIP BEER Phone 2278 lThe Nighl She Cried in My Beerl GRAF AUTO COMPANY DODGE and PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE 4I 5 Vincennes Sfreef Phone 89 lRiding Around in The Rainl Complimenfs of ZADUS OAI IQY IYou're The Cream in My Coffeel ELLEN LAWRENCE GARDNER TEACHER OF VOICE AND COACH-ACCOMPANIST Abe C. Levi Building S26 Soulh Fourlh Slreel Louisville, Kenlucky iLife is .5 sangy Ll!11ZiA'l'Z,ZLU STU DY LAMP 'Q MAMA ' MWJJQZLQ WMM Realizing that the then available study lamps were not furnishing proper light- ing for his daughter, one of the leading lighting engineers in the country enlisted YQ-X his own efforts and those of his col- X N f leagues to design a study lamp that would meet all needs . . . Now you and. your children can benefit from this research. This lamp is designed to give the correct Q amount of illumination to prevent eye- ,:,,,-- ,i- A strain, and its diffusing bowl eliminates SW X harmful glare. See this new lamp at your My dealer's or our salesroom. Y f . ,T X ,Cook for tins 1 - -xtggggww t X Q K M CERTIFICATE f 'X il This tag, fastened to each ol !, " li these lamps, shows that the .ff if fy' l N v, X,-QW Illuminating Engineers' Society '7l- Q- lil, . X Wi t'-- ' has approved design construc- I Q10 l WY---I-i,iT1 A - . . ' W X Y it N tion and lighting effects. ! Emi , ' ' -..4'.....-.l..-x. PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA y qwhen Lsghfs Are Lowl Compliment of MUTUAL TRUST AND DEPOSIT CO. IVV'e're in The MoneyI We Wish You A SuccessIuI Future WALKS DRUG STORE ILeI's Take a Walk Around Ihe BIocI4I Complimenis EWAN THEATRE "New AIbany's Finest" METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER: FOX: PARAMOUNT: FIRST NATIONALg AND WARNER BROTHERS PICTURES F. SHIRLEY WILCOX, Manager IYcu FII info The PicfureI "II They Wear It We I-Iave It" E3 E I2 L I IXI ! S Incorporated IYou've GOI Everyfhingl LQUISVILLE CQLLQQQ QE DMAQMACY InsIi'ru'red I 870 Incorporaied I 872 PROFESSIONAL TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY A Tour year course leading 'ro Bachelor in Pharmacy Degree Enhance requiremenfs, graduafion from an accredifed high school or iis equivaIenI. SESSIONS BEGIN IN SEPTEMBER. CLOSE IN JUNE For prospeclrus and fur+her informaiion, address G. L. CURRY, Rhar. D., Dean IO4 W. Chesrnur SI. ICoIIeqia+eI LouIsviIIe, Ky. Compliments of The IILOYO COUNTY FUNERAL DIIQECTOIQG ASSOCIATION T GEORGE A. KRAFT GEORGE J. SI-IRADER ELMER I-I. DIECKMAN THE SEABROOK COMPANY THOS. L. MULLINEAUX lTl'1e Song is Encledl flK'SIH AIRE . Home of Firsf Run Picfures OF METRO-GOLDVVYN-MAYER UNITED ARTISTS TWENTIETH CENTURY R-K-O PICTURES COLUMBIA 8: UNIVERSAL F, P. TRACEY, Manager lYou Ouqlwl fo Be in Picluresl For Dependable Coal DEPEND ON Tl-IE MEYER COAL CO. "Home of Good Coal" ll-lo? Time in flue Old Town Tonighll Complimenfs of FINGER BROS. P. 84 K. COAL AND COKE CO. HOME OF Famous "MECCA COAL" Norman Richie, Mgr. V. J. Pfeiffer, Assl. ll-loaf Wavcl Clif M. Harman Marshal C. Harman HARDWARE EXCHANGE A COMPLETE HARDWARE STORE A "we Sell I+ For Less" 334 Vincennes sf. Phone 222 lViking Sonql We appreciate the patronage you have given us for the past year, and especially your gentlemanly behavior on our cars and busses. May these mutually profitable and pleasurable relations continue. l-ICDNE TRANSIT, Im. New Albanu E7-4 l-ouisville Electvic Qailvoad Covpovation, inc. lJimmy Had a Niclrell IF YOU PLAN TO ENTER ANY LINE OF BUSINESS it will pay you to have specialized training. There is no position in any business house trom ottice boy to president. where one with business training would not be preferred to the one without it, every- thing else being equal. We have trained and placed thousands. No doubt we could help you. Write or call at ottice tor our new illustrated Journal. 1 Spencerfian Commevcial School 8l5-I9 S. First St., Louisville, Ky. lSix or Seven Timesi The Photographs in this Annual were made by Tue Qipouc Swoio The negatives are lcept indetinitely and 204 Easqr S rin Shea copies may be had at any time at any p g . New Albany, Ind. price. lPretty As a Picturel Complimenis of Tl-IE Ml-IITE l-IOUSE SOUTHERN lNDlANA'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE PEARL STREET NEW ALBANY lxl'm Going Shopping wilh Youl L. I. Sl-I QADEQ HARDWARE '-Ulflgglfd CO Two Winchesfer 540,85 Phone IO9 I5+h and Elm S+ree+s Elec+rical Supplies and Sporiing Goods, HAH Malerlals Under Govern Painls, Oil and Glass We sell one board or a carload in can Do wmwn Youl lA Liflle efey Home in lhe wesn The Caps and Gowns used by Senior Class were furnished by l-LAQIQY K. IJXNDIS COMPANY CQSTUMQQS 837 Norlh Illinois Slreel' Indianapolis, lnd. COSTUMES FOR ALL OCCASIONS lAll Dressed Up Wifh a Broken Hearfl f 4 4? Q f QP Q' ff ,fxiegfy OK QQx5!!f W ,fire X ,fl V Zdlfljy Delights and Charms you in Fetter annuals, welcoming you to the pages, giving distinction to your boolc. Anal it typilies the Fetter spirit... a spirit of helpfulness and pleasure in worlcing with you year alter year to produce better annuals. f ceo. Q. Vcirggmcom DANY 4'lO-4'lQ-414 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky lMy Heart Is an Open Bookl M 1' Ill - 4 . 1 4 QQ

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