New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN)

 - Class of 1932

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SENIOR BLOTTER CLASS OF 1932 New Albany High School New Albany, Indiana 'fha 63 l FOREWORD A DREAM was dreamed: A bridge came into form, Forever a monument to the Dreamer. A vision was seen: And a creation was made which compelled Admiration from countless generations. A far-away hurdy-gurdy whispered its Vagabond, luring, elfin song. Some heard and heeded And did what were then fantastic things. Others shunned the dreams the song brought And Civilization lost a step. Far-away call .... Dreams .... Progress. -Edna S harp. Sim Dedication E, the Seniors of the class of '32, Dedicate our annual to a man Whose loyalty to service, ideals of character, Knowledge, and belief in the necessity of the fitness of things Will provide an inspiration to us in the tasks we undertake When we pass through the portals of our school for the last time Bill H ermann Table of Contents Scenes Administration In Memoriam Faculty Seniors Underclassmen Organizations Athletics Advertisements Farewell Seven F.. , i ,W . .. ,- ' . ' ,. J... . " w mf 1'5" -wwf. W1 ,z A ...I-aug., ,A ,W gcr..- u.u,5y,H,,,,,x,,-MW, V, . K wggvlygcww f I 331. kg,.,,.. """'N A ' - f 4 - , V ,W - x - 1 V, . ,f K x,....Q...JQ..Q.,... 'kgifajiivfx-xmliffw FN3?'m'w'Wfi: AL 1 Q3l"f11 3- - f ' H- b ,1,. - nf 1 2-'Vw . ,g N' ' "L4"' A .f J """"+'fi,..'efz ..fm1.gvg :isa-.... ' R M , 'v,.zJ' , v f ,-T--,fgw M sh? ,. Xiu' aw , X K-nr' . gmac 'am wmmv-vmnfvw rr V,-W ,QI Eg. 454,-4 ,V und 4- as ? S ...f A.. ,yv ' ' , .Tia J. va-fr' 4 4. .-4-..-o-..........-.., 'W'W L , 'W' 'A m,..x-M W ,. .MA dl W- 2 X. '. , A ' A 5 Mg u.x,v'i. , ,J JV' wmv- z we , . M M ,, Q ,. , . A " M' Y?'M'wdr"':nma-gs-ae-snow, f. "' -f A ' l5,.N,3N an,-V-o.,.f-4-M. v m...v.,g,...,,. If , W'-.4,,, 4. . .vg , 7? vs ,.,r,g . im 22 1 ' - wx 'R 1. , A uit-V1 SW' ww!! fr 4 4, 1 af db r mx? .qf V . , A x Q, .,- - f At +L, -f ., 4. 4.4 ., ..,y...,,x.-M .ik .,.... v' ,. gn, 1 -, ,N -A , .,,,1,x ,xy gf'- J ' - , 'V' ' K -milf '-?f'5?,'fSQ -E '. W J. at I T 919, 7'1'f' 4 E 'rwt-fl? ' ia' ' x L' 2 7 r Q : ..a,f1i44' 'EQ , if V T- k 'A "c k , . " 2 A . , .- - -- V if ' . -s E ei. ni 1 i Wi N2 -Mar mf 1 Q'n.f,,u.i5 EQ I .f ,, . -,,,.,-,......- ,, ..MA'u---I ' 2-311'-3'f,x f.gfl1 . - ' F , - 'L 'rf . FJ 'b 'V ' L "" . .. 1 Nil? iE'ffLf3TT' IQ , . X 199 , 35-gfi . 'X , gf13wef"1,.'i? , if .1 h l ..-4-sgge' ' 7 ' v. F 55 A Lx J ' 'L 'f aelfiffi 1, R7 5,15 A , Q mv- Z I ,.,,1,, . V 121, K ' I . , ,ggi , 5335. ,, 'it . 5 x , 6 fa 2 , V? . J? 1. ff. L, N ' V ,M Y f. fs W 4 , . ., Z- ,Y N: , .gm .l K N143 g,,g-33W EM5 ' 1 . Q ' .' Q F 5-255 A Y T ge! .:e,gM, 9" - ' - L ' ' fl gy' A A N ,uw ' -fl, A X X 'Wi?',.5?zf?T"L,, 1 S 9 9 'Wa 5 " ,.'F .z2' 'H TQ' Q7 ii' ' 1 If . 1 1 If. W 1 s , 9- ,, 5631 '3 'S 4 1 i ? S if ,Q . Sf 'fi ' 22 7 l 5 al- , Q' I W'frw'- an K, eg , -, ' f ,, . A , .,, Aww' vw, r ' 1 2. 3 Mi 'fi' , ,. rf--f fiwg' 1 ! , ' , f ' ' L k "iiffig'1 w . ' ,I . fjjlllg, ,V , . ,+V ,A 5 :, +- Qf .f 5 -QW ,.9AQ112-, , ' 0 . Sf' , fi. ,Q , p -eff? ig, "5 ,f ' ' "' -"'-'Wil' 'W - 1 , - Qflffib S-"""4C1'A .. b. ., 'fx ., A Uii' - 7 i . , Q ' ' ' L '::.Q,,K., , , -"4iQQ'f,fl5J 4, Q93 X' E? V ' s 1 4 V-42 . . YK ,, .. ' ' Y 'M' 'H Ai , . WN- f- .. , -Qi ' g. .- ' . , h . ,r . ., ,, . ,..,. x .L K ,KMC V ' iff' ' iv" ff ,. I K , .A 3:3 ' , J L , ' V ' g , P , Q2 I , Q51, ' f ' M. 7 , 'Lf QV x' T56 -3 ' V .W ' f .. '-.. - ,. M-Wi' ' Y H1-Q2 A .- "VP P 'X Emi -1 595 ' '4 L 1 f ,, L .... , 'avr i W V ' ff .K .fl L -,LQ ,, 1' ,K '- "' ' "'. 1 ,Q x, I , X ' A 1, - -,, gf f f f I , iH,1,Ei"a ' 'V' , E ff' 3'5" '? f'!'ff' i".:"'2'5 in 5' ii fs' ' E 3 , i 5 J X Eff Wg. It xy K ,, 27,5 RQ? I KW, 2 tffljvlb 'QV . uf .. ' A ' ,, " Fr,-ff J" A E, 4 ' 3, . . K T??ig'5' f' If--'M ,Q gif' if . , h gg! . lt, F' 3 7g'fg,: V. mice M iq k k. .vimzay V Q , ly 51,-in . Q5 6-,.aQ 3 5 i f 'Sf' f" . ,X ' L 1 .gi i A 2 3, 'L 3 'rj V' 'l F kzfnf . 'f sbvftff f , 7 2 ' . , 2 Fai 1 E S. 2 . X' 3 4' b 'M ' K .:.'k"f' -4, 'gf , 55-I ix . 1 Q , , , ,N .. 4 N - ., 1 2 A wig m mf:-., - 'f Q 3'-KW' 5 . -5 q. ff' ,if ,M K f ' 559 L' ig.: SSH , wg K K-. 3 A f. ' xi a Sh Q-51.0 . ' K wg. 12,1 SU ffiwg, ,gary Hi- ,.?94.3: e 1555335 p ig. '- A 1 I Light Nine Tvn A dministra tion Miss MARY E. CLARK President Mu. H. Bum- Supa intcmle: MR. OSCAR BADER Secretary Du. R. W. Hzxluus Tfeaszwev' Elcmrn Tzcrfluzr Albin Qrihxuuin gffvluhcr uf the Huniur Qlluss Dinh Qgcpirxnhrr 215, 1531- EDUCATION FACULTY NEW OCCASIONS TEACH NEW DUTIES. TIME MAKES ANCIENT GOOD UNCOUTH: THEY MUST UPWARD STILL AND ONWARD. WHO WOULD KEEP ABREAST OF TRUTH. 1 MR. C. C. KATTERJOHN Principal Thirtrfvlr l"ourtc'vn 1- X, .f Faculty First Row MR. HUGI-I TQWNSEND ,..,.......... Biology MR. LAWRENCE ROSE ..... ........ S cience MR .D. D. FINLEY ,,,,,,.,,,,,.,.,,.,.,, Science MR. EDWARD HOWE .,,,,, Industrial Arts Second Row MISS lwAoIvII J, KIRK .,...,..,......,,, English MISS HELEN GREEN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, English MISS THELMA HUNTSINGER MISS EIJNA WATSON .,.,...,.. MISS JEAN KELSo ,.,,,,..,,...s,, ..,.English ....,IEnglish ....I,Eng1iSh MISS NELLE HOMRIGHOUSE ,..,........., Art Third Row MR. HOWARD W YNE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,...Y French MRS. IRMA PRITZ .,..,,..,,,,,,., MISS ETELKA ROCKENBACH ,,,,.,,,.,Latin ...,,,,,Latin MISS LENA B0ARIJ,,Physical Education MRS. JESSIE BEARD ,.,.....,..,s,,,,,,,,. Music MR. BERTRAM HECKEL .,.,..,,,,,,,,,.,, Music MISS FREDA ' LAAG .......,...,,,..,, Fourth Row Secretary MISS BELLE GENUNG ,,,,.,........., Sewing MISS MARY K. DOYLE ..,... MISS LINDA WIDNIAN MR. ALBERT GELBACH MR. E. I. DAFFERN .....,.Cooking Cafeteria ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Printing Mechanical Drawing MISS RUTH EWING ,,,,,,TT,TT.T,,.,,,,,.., Bible Fifth Row MR. EDWIN KAI-IL ,...,I,,,,,, Mathematics MISS RUBY VVELLS .....,I.I. Mathematics MR. ALBERT KOEHLER ..,.,, Mathematics MISS GLADYS EWBANK ,,.,,, Commercial MISS GRACE HARPER .,,.,,,,., Commercial MR. ALEX THUM ,,,. Physical Education Sixth Row MR. J. HARDIN THOMAS Social Sciences MISS LEOTA RUSR ,,,,, ,.,Social Sciences MISS HELEN SPRINGER..Social Sciences MR. J. VVENDELL BALLARD Social Sciences 1'ij'11'1'n Siwtwm ARCHITECTURE SENIORS WESTWARD THE COURSE OF EMPIRE TAKES ITS WAY THE FOUR FIRST ACTS ALREADY PAST. I A FIFTH SHALL CLOSE THE DRAMA WITH THE DAY: TIME'S NOBLEST OFFSPRING IS THE LAST. EDNYAKD L. Auxlcw --111'11" Academic .I11111'n11IiwI11g Jr, Ilcuep. '31 "i"' 1' Il X XI 1' S CI-lLl'1S'I' I N li 15.111110 XV General .1f111.-11111111115 1111115101-sa 11114 1-mana um. U. 0, 1.. L, 11. 11. N. 1 HIQKMAN BAXLEY Academic F. II. A, M. P. S. C 11 .x111,1:s B1:N Nl'1'l"1' Inrlustmal J11111-1111115111: 'l'1-ack: Wwst' 1111gg 13, ll, A. M. 1'. 5. L 1 SlC'l"I'l4I B1-:'1"1' A1 11 x N --1:11:'1"1' X " Commercial H111 1'a11H1: I!um1xtu1'e.g Suc- n114l Urr'l1cNtrz1: Sr. Iiloltel' x11111'g 11111-1-111111 vm. ':1:, .l1'. livrwlv. '31, T521 U. U. 1.. 1.. 1-1, N. s. JOHN T. BLACK ".l.wK" Academic 1:11.Q1e1-S: 1s.11ke1111111 '30, 211: 11.1111111111 211, 'aug sr. 11111111-1 smrg sr. mass Play: Jr. Ilecen. '31, '31Zg U. 11. A. 11. 1-. N. LI-Ili F1s111-31: BQMAN Academic Ilumtuxmz Lf. H. A. M. P. S. H1c1,1:N KATHRYN 'N BOKIJICRIIING Academic .IL'ste1'n' fhlild. Seny. '31 V25 51i11vr111 1'11111g 1:91 c'1111wg Hlvercrtn 750: A n fl 11 h 11 11 Uluh. Yin'-I'l'us, 'LINES Jr, lm-ep. tm. '31, ':s::g C. 01 1.. L. 141. N. JOHN K1:NN1a1'n BOWEN ".1u11Nxy" Academic .111111-11111iQ111g 1111111101-N. 1411111- 111111 'am 11115111-11m11 'mg '11-111-k 211: U, II. A. M. 1h S. Rl'Tl1 E. B11.x1aU'1'1u.xM Academic s11w1w1-S, 1'11-Q-mes. '3:g Srllhlliiaw Lulillug Ari, Fluhg I31111ete1r.: 111-11111 111111 Bugle I'411'1N1 Sr, lilutivl' Sizxffi sr. vm-1 I'lny: s1'11111f1rs111p 'ZSLIL Jr. Ile:-Uh, 'SL 'S523 U. H. L, T.. E. H. N. N. Sc'ventcw11 Enwix BRAMLN '1EDn1E" Academic Wranglers: Boosters: Bunrl: Sec-ond Orchestra: D. A. li. Contest., Sr. Blotter Staff! Sr. Class Play, .luurnzilisnx, Jr. Recep. '31, '321 U, Il. A. M. I'. S. WILMA Dmoxus BURG "w1I.Lm" Academic Bel Pantry: Roosters: llrum and Bugle tforpap Sr. lilut- ter Staff: Uperettu '32, Jr. Recap. '31, '32, U. 0. L. L. E. E. N. S. BASIL K. Bram: Academic S. R. S. Treas. '32, lions- ters: Rep. '31 V2 : lhuulg Sr. Class Play: Jr, llecep. '31, '32, U. II. A. M. P. S. HERMAN CA1cs.x1c 'ABUTCHH Special Art Seven Up, Pres. '31, '32, "N" Club, Sec'y, Trcas.: Art, Club: Boosters: Nature Club. Pres. '29, '30, Art: Editor Sr. Annual, Basket ball, Cant. '32, Grade School Bzisketlmll Coach! Baseball '29, '30, Truck '29, Football '30, '31, '32, Jr. Recep.: C. I1. A. M. P, S. CARI. CAuP1cN'r15u Academic C. H. A. M. P. s. Eighteen DuN.xI.n CARPENTER "DON" General S. Ia. S.: Glee Club, Vice 1-req. '31 VZ. '3:: Booxters tmeretta '30, '31, '32, Jr Ilcfvn. '31, '32, C. H. A M. P. Clfiomlu COAIPTQN "'1'w1N" Commercial Runs ters: Minerva Club s,-lm-ami club. Jr, Recap. '31, 'am U. o. L. L. E. I'.. 5. S. L.tL'1:.x CQMPTUN "TWIN" Commercial lkfmatersz Minerva Club: Sylxanian Club, Jr. Recep. 31, 32, C. 0. L. L. E. ll' Y S WILLIAM W. Co0I.MAx "BILL" General "N" Club: Oneretta '30 A. M. I'. S. .41-l'l'IlCR COOPER Commercial 11. n. A. M. P. S. 'I'rack '30, '31, '32, C. H. IRNA KA'r111a1'N Cox A-11:x1.x 1c.v1'1a" General 1461 mnmg .mae--Q '31, waz. lsmmmg lmewm vu: .11-. lcucw. ':s1. 42122 12 0. L. L. 14. 15. N. ETII1-11. CIlO3lXYI'II.I. -'1'u1,1,Y" C0mmr'rcial .1-1111-11111151115 lirmatexs: .11-. Kecelv. JI, Will: C. U. L. L. H, H. N. S. Emu C1'NN1Nu11,xx1 Academic Boosters: Minerva-1 0111115 cf. 11. L. 1.. Lz. 15. N. s, JEAN BlIl't'IG D.xx'1s ..1.M..I.-,. Gmfwral vlnnc lenmm-1, 1:1-11.: Iiaxkctball: '1'1-Mk 'amp '31, 152: C. ll. A, M. P. S. T1:0M.xs YVILLIAM DAVIS "'1'llM" Commwcial ummm, 111111, '3I1A. ':s:: sr, Blutler smrr. 1:u.i11m Mgr.: Jr. llecelm. '31, '323 C, 11. A. M. 1'. Du1m'1'111' IJ11c'1'R1cH Academic 12 41. L. L. 141. 11. N. s. J.xx114Ls DH'I'l'lCICH Acaflemic V. Il. A. M. 1'. N. JAN13 Imlcsxcs' 1'1114:v1L" GFHCTGI Mivxurum Club: Iirmstuumg Aumlxzhml l'lulJ 'LCUL Sr, Flaws Play: Jr. Ilucep. '31, '323 C, 41. L. L, li. N. S Numl D:v1'm:I..xS "INDl'li" C'0nznLcrvial 141115161-bg mnluwv-1-i111 'rem '::1q Jr. 1:eQ1-11. '::1, 25:1 mt ll. 1.. L. 141, 14. x. S. ElJXX'.XlCIY Emil-:1cT -A1f:1m11f:" f'0777,7IL!??'CfClZ t'. ll. A. M. I', S. lVilN'f!.'f'7l ROBERT ECKERT HBOB.. General S. ll. S, Vice-Pres. '323 lioys' Iilee Club: lhmstersg .Iournalinmg Fumball 'Lilly Track '29, '31, '32, Huw kvtlmll 'ZEN Jr. Ileceh. '31, '32, C. 11. A. M. 1'. S. Roumvr M. EDLIN Academic Boosters: Nature Uluhg Sr. Blotter Staff! 'l'l'au:k '29, '301 liuskethall '30, '31Z Graulc School Ii. 14. Uoznulxl Jr. llecell. '31, '323 C. ll. A. M. 1'. S. KHNNx-1'I'1I E1uuo1.z "IKE" Academic C1ub, Pres. '31 VZ, '32, Football: Track '31- '3L5g Wrestling '32l Jr, llc- ceu, '31, '32: C. ll. A. M. P. S. LUIS El,I.lll'l"I Academic Bel Vanin Vice-Pres. '31 15 I Jeslers' Guilrig Jourualisuxg Bunstcrsl "The Flower NhUD"Z Hpcrellu '31, '32: Jr. Receu. '31, '3i:: C. 0. L. L, E. E. N. S. FLOYD FARNSLIGY Academic v. u. A, M. P, s. T1cf'nty Drum FISCIIICK Academic c. 0. 1.. L. E. N. s. E1.v.x1:.u1 FLANN1-:RY -'11:1su" Academic Bel Punto: Roosters: Sr. llluller Stuff: Ulleretta '30, '31, '32, Jr. Recon. '31. 1 '3L. sf. u. I.. L. rs. N. s. ELlZAl4lC'l'l1 FLGCK 'XLIBBY' Academic Arm Fluhg Boosters, Sec'y. '31, '3:g sr. Izlmrer swf: .Ir. llccell. '31, '32: C. 0. L. L. li. li. N. S. JUIIN Ttfxxs GILCHRIST GBYLGTGI liomtvrsl Boys' Glee Ulub, Secy.-'I'rcas. '32p Journal- ism, Sr. Blotter Staff, Op- eretta 'USL '30, '31, '32C Sapinsky Comm '30, '31, '32, Im. A. 11. aww: l'hrm. Tyler Content '31- '32I Sr. Ulnss l'l2lYZ Jr. Re- ccll. '31, '31ZL C. H. A. M. I'. S. Pu1.I.Y Glu. Academic Sneakers, Jesters' Guild, Trezxs. 'Sli ViceAI'r9s. '321 Sr. Blotter Staff! Boosters, Smlulitum Latina, Quaesuxr '31, '32, "The Flower Shop", Jr. KBCSD. '31, '325g U. 0. L. L, E. H, N. S. PAN. Glr.1.1-Qs' "r:lI.I." Gvnrral Bowlers: S. lt. S. Sedy. tmvg, vw.. '31: An Club Vice-Prea. ':41v2, 'azz vhm, .lmmmlismg sr. 1:1111- tcr Stailn: 'l'1c:u. Jr. Claw '31 we : Ifuotbull '31 W : 'I'1-awk '::1. ':::, lxlukuxlmll 241025: S1-. Clash Play: Jr. llocvp. '31, '32g C. ll. A. M. P. S. Blassu-1 Luvlsl-3 GLAZI4: Gcnrral limlatelwt C. U. L. L. 15. li. N. S. DAVID Gunn .xx N "DUDU" Academic 1:11-U vmug lcfwsfex-5, mm- vlm '31, H323 Jr. lteculm. '31, ':s:g c. H. A. 31.12 s. lVI.x1:'r1m CUUIYBVIS Industrial Nzlhlru l' 1 ll lv: liurlwtcrsi Miucrm l'ln1r, Ser-'y, '31 M 5 l'rm. '32, Sr. l!1ntLerSt:nff5 Jr. Ilevexl. '31, 'Silly C. U. L. L, 15. N. S. iTlIANi'I'IS J 1'1.1.x G1:AN'1'z "Sl10li'I'Y" C0mmC1'r'iaZ 11.11.1101-S. 1m,.: 1101 mumffya 41puw11.1 ':::: Sr. lilnttm' Stnif: Jr. mfep. '::1, '32, v. u. I.. I.. 1-J. 141. N. S, A1.1:1:1:'r E. Guou MAL., Academic may. sr. mmm, xvrwglev-S, vice-In-eb. ':z:g Vluhg Uouilexm: Sr. llluttcr Sraffi Speaker - lV1':mgler Christ- mzu Play, Football '29, Tin. '31 : Sr. Claw Play: llaskutlmll '29, '30, '31g 'I'1'nL'k 'JNL 'lil 3 Jr. llvvvll. '31. '325 C. 11. A. M. l'. S. D1:1:1z'1'11x' QIROSSBACK "ln r'1"' V Commcvcial A1111-vm. c'1n11, sylvmliw l'lnI!: Izfmnl-1-5. Jr. Recap. '31, '32, C. u. I.. L. 141. 14. N, Hl'II.I'IN W. H.xcfK1cR "1iu1uD1Ic" Geneva! Minoru: Cluhg liomturx, Izvp.g ,lfmnmlism Minerva PIM' '31, Jr. HCCQD. '31, 'SIC U. U. L. L. li. ld. N. S. Di1I1lJ'I'11l' H.XLI.ER "now" 00 m mcrcial liumiursg C. 0. L. L. E. l-I. N. S. .l.w:c Gfncral 42 II. A. M. 1'. Ticvnty-one FRANCES ELMA HANCOCK HFIKAXKIIY' General nel mmm, Secy. ':s1 W. Vice-Pres. '32: Roosters: Sr. lilottvr Staff: Ilpervttu '31, T121 Jr. lleccll. '31- '32q C. 0. L. L. 141. ld. N, S. WILVA HANKINSUN "BILLY" Academic Spvalcera, Vice-Pres. '31. Pros. '31 V2 : Jcsbers' Guild- Yice-Pres. '31I Sndnlitas Lutilm: Art Club, Sec, '1'reus. '30, '31, Trens, Sr. Flaws, Sr. Blotter Staff: Sr. Vlass Play: Journalism 2 Npeulfer - 1Yraug19r Uhrisl- mas Play, Uuerettn '3Z2L Jr, llecvlv. '31, '321 C. U. L. L, lil. E. N. S. Wu.L1.+.M H.XlLRIllN 'f1:1LL" Academic S. ll. S. 'I'reaS. '31, Pres. '32, Boosters, Glee Club: Track '31, '32, Basketball '30p Baud: Firm Urches- trn: Oueretm '32: Baud and Orchestra Shih: Cou- tcmt: Jr. llecep. '31, '325 C. 11. A. M. 1'. 5, E1.Iz.usla'r11 ANN HNRTSI-'1la1.n "Lua" AClll16WLiC Sneakers, Stuflvut Uritic '32, Bouslersg Ncniux' 11101.- tcr SMR, .Ir. Recon. 'Sill C. 0. L, L. E. H. N. S. Wll.x.I,nr L. H1-:1m.xNN 'ABILLU Academic Buys' Glen Club, Pres, '31, '32!g Editor-in-Chief Senior Annual: Sapinsky Comes: '31, '32: D. A. ll. Cou- testg Journalism! Truck '31. '32 I liuostersi Grade Schunl Ccmchg Oxlerettzl '30, '31, '32, Senior Class Play? First. Orchestra, Baud: "Confession", Jr. Recep.: C. H. A. M, P. S. Twenty-two EARL Hass Academic C. H. A. M. P. S. HU1il4IRT HINKEBEIN "H1NK" Journalism Houston: C, H. A.M,1',S. ANNA BERNICE Home "ANN" Commercial 140-.Beers Hep. '30, '31, 'aug mlm- lslunm- Staff? Jr. llurzcp. '31, '32: C. 0. L. L. ls. N. HA1u:11f:1"r LOUISE HOCKIN Academic Speakers: Sodnlilas Latina, Consul: Bel Palxtog Bons- terS1 .lollrnalismi Stflmlnr- ship "NU: Sr. Blolter Staff: "Pirates", First Or- cllestrug flperntia '30, '31, '3Z5: Jr. Recon. '31, '32, C, U. L, L. 111. E. N. S. L1x.1.IAN HOYVELL Gcncral sr. Blotter Stuff: Jr. ne- cep. '31, '32g C, 0. L. L. 1-1, E. N, S. ARI!I'lI.L H1lN1'lSlIN Academic 14111 91111101 11111111 111111 1411- gle 011115: Smlalitas Latilmg liouslers: Sr. Blotter Stuff, Hpvretta '29, '30, '31, '32Z Jr. Ilecen.: C. U, L. L. l'l. E. N. S. F1c.xNu1-:s H1'141:.x1:11 "s11u1:'rr" Academic 11e1 m1111111 1111011111-sz 11111111 111111 1111g1e 1'0111N, F11-11 111-- clwm-11. Jr. 11uc1-11. '31, ':s:: 1111e1-em '32, c. u. 1.. 1.. 14. 111. N. 5. RAY1111N11 HLTISI.E1i "1:Ar" Ganfral Ulm- Club: limmsfersz Jour- 11111ia111g 1411,1w1111111 '29, tau, Fuotlwall '31C 'I'rz11'k '32, J1'. livcull. '31, '3L!S C. H. A. M. 1'. S. C11A1z1.1-:s Hlfuuris "'1'14:11:11r" Academic W1'a11121crs, Vice-1'rcsi1le11t '1Il'fQ: Iiuusfcrwi "N" l'l1111i 'l'1'uuk 'ISHS Haskel- hull: Illt1'z11111u'11l Ihsketlualll 'ISIS Jr. lluccll. '31, 2322? C. IL A. M. 1'. S. ANNA Ju11Ns11N "1-1-IGGY" Gl?7l,I'7'lll Ihmsturs: Jr, Recvp. '31 , "3" ' 1' H I 1' I' I . . 1, 1, L 1. MARY C11.x1c1.11'1'Tr: Jo11Ns0N "JL'N1u1:" General 151111511-1's: .I11111'1111liN1111 Jr, 1:w1111. '31, 11:1 C. 0. L. 1.. 1-1. 1-1. N. s. Mun' F111 NCES KAHL "u11.xN'1'z" Academic S111-:1kers: Iiunsters, Pros, '31, 21:1 sm-. '1'1-0111, Hom, '31, 111111101 Staff: S111111111111 111111111, 1111111-1111.. '31, spe11k111- - W1-111131111 v1.1-151111115 1-111,-5 sf, mm 111111-1 .11-. lzwep. '31, '325 1'. 11. 1.. 1.. 15. 111. N. s. G1..x111's KI'INN1'lY Commercial Hylr1111i:111 0111111 Iimmstorsg l'1J11l111l'l'L'i:ll l'll1h: Jr. 120- 1 een. '31, 'Jug 42 ll. L. L. 1-1. 141. N. s, EDWAH11 K11c1fN1aR "1-:11" Acadfvnic 1111,-1' rum 1111111 11.111115 F11-11 111111 s1-1-111111 1111111111-11, 1111115111-N, 111-11., s111111-111 1.1- I11-111-11111: .11-, 111-11011, '31, 'azz l'. 11. A. 11. 12 s, K1aNx1c'1'11 K1N1a "KENNY" General H1111Nlc1wg 131111115 First Or- 1-l1us11-u Q S1111 e 14111111 111111 lb1'vl1es11':1 1211111141: l'. H. A. M. 1'. S, Twenty-three T 1VI1I.DR11:D G. K1N1: "1a1.oN1m11c" General 1491 mmm. 'rre.1s. '32, nomo.-S, sr. 111.11m sem: .lrmrllalisml Upexvllzl '31, '32, .11-. 110111-11. '31, 'azz c. 0. L. L. 11. 15. N. s. STANNY14: K1NTN1:1a Academic Speakers: Jesters' Guild, Q 'v '31 Vice-Pres , ec ,. . -' '31 'Q , 1'1'es. '3L!Z Iiuomtersg Sr. Illnller Staifl Sr. Class Play: 1l11e1'1-Hal '30, '321 "I'irate-m"1 Jr. Revell. '31, '32: C. U. L. L. li, E. N. S. Woummw K N .x1s1.1'1 "1VUUK1ld" Academic Buustersg Snuinsw Content 'RUQ Baseball '30, Font- lmll 'UDL Iinskelbnll 'EPM '29, 'lilli Truck '3llZ .l1'. Revell, '3L3Z C. ll, A. M. P. S. Do1m'r111' Ks 11-11: "DUT" General Bel Czuufog Bfmsters: A111111- hun Ulubi 4lpcl'eO.1a '29, '31, 'zszg sr. 1110111-r Stuff: Jr. Revell. '30, '31, '3Lfg C. U. L. L, E. LI. N. 5. M 11.1m1u4:1r Kos'r 1'1111Ju15" Academic Buuslv1's: Sr. Blotter Stuff: Ilpcretfzl '30, '32: Sr. Class Play: .TO111-1mli5n1 I Jesters' Guild: Jr. Ilccup. '31. '322 V. ll. L. L. I-I. 1-1. N. S, lcvnty-four D01w'r11Y M. KRAFT "D0'r'1'11:" Academic Speakers: Sylvanian Club: Surlnlitas Latina: Boosters? Sr. lllutter Staff: Jr. Ile- vep. '31, '32L C. 0. L. L. 1-1. IG. N. S. lVl.xxs1-1.x1.1. L.1DL'K1c A-sNooK" General "N" l'lubg Boosters: Na- ture Club: Ilasketb11l1:1Sz1se- llall '3Ug 'l'r1lck '30, '31- '32Z Grrule Schuol B. B, Coach: Jr, llevup. '31, 'IEEE C. H. A, M, 1'. b. MA1-3 Llwsrzk General Sr. Blotter Staff: Jr, Re- ceu, '31, '32: U. U. L. L. 11. 11. x. s. AUBKEY LA13u11HUNN "AUB" General limmcn: Ollerutta '31, '32 L, L, E. lu. lN. S. C1-1.x1c1.1f:s L1c1s'1' "DUNN" Academic s. 11. s., sew. '31v2 Wranglers, '1'reas. '31, 1-res '31W, 'azz seven Up 1S1mste1-sz Jr, Class Pres 'fill Sr. Class Pres. '32 sr. 1s1f,11e1' sum, S. 11. sf W1-nlxglur lbebatep D. A. ll Fulltext: Sr. Class Play Sclmlzuslmip "N" '31g Jr Resell. '31, '322 C. H. A M. 1.'. S. .1r. weep. '31, 'sua u. of Nici-Im..xs LICIST -'NICK' Academic Jrxrlrnnlifm: Sr, Illutter Stalk sr, clam Play: Buns- ters: Jr, Ilecell. XIII, '3Z5i C. H. A. M, 1'. S, VIRGINIA RUTH Llclsr MIN" Commercial Boosters: Jmxrlmlinmz Sr. Blotter Stuff: Jr. llecelw. '31, 'SEQ C. U, L. L, IC. N. S. Cul.l:'1"1'.x Lorrulu Commercial Minerva Ulnb: Jr. lleculm. l:s1."3:g c. 0. L. 1., 14. E, B. S. Gluclc L. Llllllilbli "Lot" General Sueakorng Operettu 'iillg Sn- rlalitas Ilmmmp lsnosmmg Sr. Blotter Staff: Jr. Ru- cep. '31, '32: C. U. L. L. E. li. N. S. O1u:.x1s1a1, MAN N Academic Speakers, Sec'y. '31 H , Pres, '32l: Hel Punto. Pres. '32? Art Club: Girls' Drum and Bugle Corus! Sr, Blotter Smfli F i r a t Orchestra: limmelwz Sclmlawsllip "N" ':41V2: Upcmtta 'Hug lir- Uunteatg Jr. llecep. '3l. Will: C, 0. L. L. E. li. N. S, lVlAliY lVlL'CUI.LOCH "SLIM" Academic Bel Canto. Treas. '32: Boosters, Rep. '31: Sr. Class Play: Sr, Blotter Stall: Unerctta '3Zl: Jour- nalism! Jr. llecep. '30. '31, '32: C. U. L. L. Ll, E, N. N. lVlARY AGM-:S ML-D.rx1r:L "MAC" Commercial liuunlera: Sr, Blotter Stalfg .ny moon, '31, lzsug 0. 0. L. L. li. E, N, S. JAM 1-ls McDoNALD "1:AMs14:Y" Academic Wrlulglerhz S. Il. Ng Boos- ters: Track '30, ,31, '32: ll. ll. A. M. 1'. S. Vltl1.I4l1' McGL'u:l: '-v.xLl1'1'f' General Minerva Ulnh: Journalismg Boosters, ll01b. Till: Jr. Re- cep. '31, '32: C, 0. L. L. li, li, N. S. ALl5l'IlI'l'A Ml'KtDXX'N Hs1Iu1:TY" Academic Roosters: Sodalitas Latinag ,lr. llecen, .RL '32g C. 0. I., L, lfl, lfl. N. S. Twenty-five N,X01NlI L. M1cY1:1c "NMMA" General Iiuostersg Milxerm 1'Inh1 llpereiin 'BHIQ J1'. llecelm. '31, 'itll v. 0. L. L, 141, 11' N S S'l'I'1I,LA MlI.I.I'Ill General xylmkuwg 141-Uswrs: sr. 1:1-mer sum: Uvcretm ':41. 'azz .11-, 1:e1-011. '31, 'sms 11. 0. L. L. 1-1. 141. N, S. W11,1,1.xA1 A. NIONIIIUN H.111I" Gf'nf'1'al lmmterh: .Iu11r1mlis1l11 Boys' Glue Flllh '3LfC UlD0l'eltz1I .Ir. kecelv. '321 U. Ii. A. M. P. S. G1c1c.x1,D1 NIC MIlX'I'.KLilfl'f "JlCliliY" Gvncral Slruakurs. 'I'reaS. '31Vz I S0- rlfnlitus Lzntimx, Seffy. '31? Hel Fzulfllg Boostvrsi Sr, llluilur Stuff? Sul1ulzxrahi11 1315 Uliereltzl '29, 4350, '31, '323 Jr, liecexr, 1 "il "I" C U I L 1" SLE. . . .. . ,. ADA. M1x1u1: Murnnlc NAU Commercial Bundersg sv. Blotter swf. .11-. lzeffep, '31, 'rang C. 11. L. L. 141. 1-1. N. S. Turrrnty-six' K1-1NN1:'r11 Mmwulc --1c1:NNy" General 1:.u1.1: F1151 orff11cm-11: 14111111 and U1'rt11vw11'A C011- lcnn '313: V. II. A. M.1'. S. W1 1.1.1A 11 D. G. Mmcmmx -11:uz11" Gcnfwal 1111115 J1mrm111,mg N11- ture 1111111 x'1Q0Y1'mh. '::r. 'aug lzwm-1-my 1104111111115 1:.1hQ111111 '27, us. 1s.1skmA 11.1115 13, 11. A. 11. 1'. S. H1c1.1cN Lu1'1S1a M1'1:1a.xY C0mm01'cial Speakers: Nylvzxlliml Vhllvg IS1mmtu1's, ll11Q1'eUa1 'HEL Sr, lihvuun- Smtfz Jr. Imuu. Til. 'Jill lf. U. L. L. E. ll. N. N. VV11,11.x 151.1zA1s1c'rH O.11i1cs "1v1LL11-1" g1C!1,flC77l.lC' liul f'allIOQ 15011-Sicrsg IM, 21111 llrvhc.-t1'a: lirnm and 15111110 l'r11'l1s3 H111-1' '31, '323 Jr. llvculb. '3l, T525 Hznul - 1ll'1'l1Cx11'zl fulltext Till? C. U. L. L. Ii. Ii. X. S. V1:1cx A L1c1a OIT H1,1f:14:" Academic 1:11.merS: sr. Hlntter sam. zu 11. L. L. 141. 142, N. S1rlm.1-:Y W. 1'ALAu::a UPAL.. Academic Jvmrualirvu: licmsln-rs: Sr. Blotter SMH! Nature Ulnlxy Track 129. '3U. '31, Haw- kethall '23, 'ISIN Gracle School li. li. Frmcln '15 ll Jr. Rec:-U, '31, '3Z.5L C. ll. A. M. 1', S. lXI.xI:1:A1:14:'1' E. PENN Hx'x':xNY" Acadcmiv Iiuzmters: Jenner! liuildl Uperetta '31 : "Confes- sians"2 Jr, new.. wal. ':s:: C. 0. L. L. H. lc. N. s. MAXINIC PH ll.I,lPS "M.xr'Ii11-1" Gc'nr,'ral Minerva Club. Prep '1S1. Treas. '30, Sylvauizun Ulub. Ives, '32, .xmlnhml Club, HOOSICNQ Sr. lilrltlel' Sluffg Uperetta 'ZIUL Jr. llccrp. 131, '32: C .0. L. L. 111. E. N. S. V0u.r:'1' P00111-:lc Comma-1'1:ial Boosters: Sr. Blotter Statfg llperellu '30L Jr. llvcup, jill. '3Z3: C. U. L. L. li. E. N. S lW.x1rr11A R.xuY Academic Secy. '32g Sylvnuizm Club lirmstersg Sr. Blotter Staff: npereml '30, 'ring Jr. Kel wp. '31, 'arg xx 0. L. L. l-I. li. N. S. Minerva Clllbi Hel Czllltu. SU-I RAILING Academic Sneakers. Trezns. '32: Jes- ters' Guilrl, Pros. '31 I Ilel Vanta: Srxflzllitas Latiuag Il0sN!ex'a Rep. 130, '31 Q Nclmlzlrshilr "NU: Oberetta 'Img Vice-l'rus. Sr. Class: Sr. Class Play! Jr. Iiecep. '3l. '323 C. U. L. L. li, ld. N. N. IVIAKY KATHKYN Rims Commercial Iiuohterw: Jr. lh-ceu. 'SEL c. 0. L. L. 15. N, s. LlTL'lLI.l'2 M. Rmsz Acadvmic Smlulitxm Latina: Ilel Pau- tn: Journalism: Emlitor-in- Chief of Blotter 'lilbil Girls' Drum and Bugle Forum, Sr. Blotter Staff, Associate Eel.: Boosters: Uperettn '30, 'Zilla Saniusky Frllltmt '31, '321 D. A. li. Vuutestg .Ir. Hemp. ,3I, waz: c. 0. L. L. 13. N. s. lX1.x1a1:.xmcT E. RIUIIAKD -'MARGH Commercial lhmwturs: Jr, Iiecen. '31, '322: lf. 0. L. L. li. E. N. S. lVI.ucY K.vrmwN RlLTll.XliI! Commercial Iiuohters: Journalism: Jr. lien-ep. '31. '32s C. 0. L. L. l'l. Ifl. N. S. Ticvuty-scvvn AIJKICHT R111-IIIRI 'A1sl'11" Academic N Vlub: 'I' Basketball C. ll. A. M. 1'. S. ALMA M. Rolfuu "J 11: FF" Commercial ml wmmg Minerva Club 'I'rvaS. '31, Vice-Pres. '32 lsfmmwsg sr. lxlum-r staff urnhehtra: Oucremm '32 Tyler vmum 29: Jr, me cep. '31, '32g C. O. L. L H. li, N. S. LHLAND RuU'1'u Gcncral Boosters: C, ll. A, M. P. 5 VADA E'l'l11'II. RUSH General limmurhz .I r, llucvlv. 'ISI 'IKLEQ C. U. L. l.. li. 1-I N. S. MAMA: B. S.x1.Y.x1:ns Hs.x1.1.y" Academic men mm, '31, ,321 Hmmm 11-mg sumem Idlrmrimx .yum-1m1ism: open-mu '32 Jr. In-ffep. wal. 14:3 12 ll A. xr. l'. S. Tu-Cnty-cigllt M.4,Il'l'II.X L. S.xY1.0n "MAll'l'Y" Acadvmic limrnmexw: Sr. llluttcr Stalk V. 0, L. L. Ii. li. N. S. MANY M. S4'11M:::1:1: A'sI1.x1:1c" Acudvmic H01 Uzultlvi Iln0S1urS1 Jrullr- lmlihm: Sr, lllultcr Starfg Uluurvtln '31, '32Z l'. U. I.. 1., 1-1. lc. N. S. Mun' 1i.Vl'IIRYN SUIIOICN 4'A1.x1:y K" Commercial 1:0-mkf.-by Comnwrcinl mm. synpmfm mm.. 1:1.mur Ntuifg Jr. lkcvep. '31, '32i 17. 11. 1.. I.. lc. 141. N. 5. L1.ux'n SII.XI.I.IQllS -'suL'1'11-1" Grrnfral N l'luhg 1:-mhrmg 'mek '31, ':::. lem..-nlmxl wsu, 'mg xxwumlling 'zazg lum- hull: Sr. lilntlvl' NLAIWC Jr. lknrualm. '31, 232: C, II. A. M. l'. S. Enxx Lurlsl-1 SILXIIX' Acczflflnic Nlwzmliclw, Nevy. T521 Hims- tursg Sr, llfum-r sl.-rr: lv. A. Il. l' Szxninbky Uuntm-rt '3Z2: Scholarship Y 'IHW1 Jr. Ilvvvh. '31, T523 V. H. T.. L. li. Il. N, S. w V LIQNVIS W. SHUQLDS 4'suI1cK" ACi1lZC'I7L'L' N Cum: sr. Blotter smf: llumtermz Ifunklmll, '.,1: 'mf-k '29, 'zszg sz 11. .x. M. I', S. ElCATR1K'lC L'Vl'lSl'1 Szul'rH "HAPPY" General Sylvzuuirm Flnlmg Ilrunl xml Bugle Forum: Bunslursg Juurnnlism: Hr. lilutler Staff: Uperelta '30g Jr. Iiec-vp. '31, ':4:. C. 0. L. L F H Y S M.x1:c:x1uf:'l' SM1'rH ..sMI,1..l.Y,. Acazlcmic Nmlalitas Latina: Ilrro-tcrsi Sc'lmlm's1x9p UNH! Assnci nic Editor of Sr. Anmvll: Jr. Reception '31, 'zszg sup. iunky owne.: 'sly C. 0, L. L, 141. 15, N. s. 1VAI.'r1au D. SMITH "11'UI"' Industrial "X" Club: Boosters: Jour- lmlifnll Bzlsehxdl '28, '1!!P. T502 Foutlmlli Ulzlsn liar.- ketlmllg Grade Sclmul 11. 15. Couch: C. H, A, M. I'. S. M.xI:v EI.lZAlilC'fll Sm4:Ncl1:1z '4BET'1'Y" Aoazlermic Jewtura' Guilrli lluoflelmg Smlulitns Latina: "'l'he Pir- :xtes": Jr. llecuv. C. U. L. L. IC. H. N, S. G1-zounsla T. S'rAwu1m 'AJUDGI-1" Grm ffral Art I'luh: Sr. Blotter Staff: V. 11. A. M. P. S. Dams JANE S'rIiw.xR'r "s1'ooKy" Commercial liel Cznltui Minerva Uluhi .lmxrmnlimug llmmvrsg Oper- ulla '3Zl: -Ir. Ileccp, '31, 'azz U. 0. L. L. 14. 15. N. s. Vlmzxxnx S'l'o1.zr:xm:1:ur:u "G1NN'1"' Commercial B91 I'u!lN1Z 151. 21111 Or- vhemiru: Nr. lilutler Stuff? Bain! A llrlthestrel Uolltest 'lilly Upcrctta '30, '31: Jr. liecep. '31, '32: U. U. L. 1-' Y S L. li. ....-. Sx'l.v.x MAE SYM Mmm LMT.. Commrrcial 1:1-1 Canto: lmfmevhg Amm- lmn Uluh 'rug :rpm-cm '32: Jr. llevelr, '30, T421 lf. U. L. L. li. E. N. S. Mun' Trzlwts HYEVYH Academic Boosters: Operetta '30s Jr. Iluceu. '31, '32g G. ll. L. L. ll. H. N. S. Twvnty-nina Liao Tumi .xs 4'FLu1"' General Hoy! H100 l'hlb3 UUQFUMQLQ Sr. Blotter Stuff: C. H. A. M. 1'. H. C11Am.l4:s C. TIIVLQMAN Academic lan-mem, lien. '29 V2, 'r.-ea., 'ang :ml umm-sem wuvz, 'szzg sr, Imam Staff: Wrmuglers, Trung. H1555 Sv. cum l'lnyg Jr. uvcvll. '32: lfmnmercial Vuulumt: C. Il. A. M.I', Cu,xn1.1cs TIRIIHSIQY "Tram" General Iiuomtnwsz Jonrnalismg Grade 9011001 B. IS. Coach: Trzlckg Int,crmul'zxl linmkellmll 'Sly llzlxketbull '29, '303 Jr. llecep. '31, '3Z2p C. H. A. M. I'. N. Ro1sr:R'r 'l'v1:N1c1c '4130B" Acaflmnic sm.-H Im. 'l'rcas. 'aug mm-g lmlmmlu lmskeemllp 'lurk Aus, tm. 'aug mse- mu us. 'zen N,-mm club . '31gC, ll. A. M. 1, S. HI'II.l'1N U'l'IiI'1l7Il'f Colnpnrrcial sm-aka,-.Q Sr. Blotter Staff: Iioostersz Scholarship '31 V2 1 Jr, Recs-11. '31. '322 12 mr, L. L. lc. lc. N. S. Tlrirly FIAT RIC N CH CICVI LIA W.xI.'1'1c1c ., Co in mcrcial lslmfl.-wg sr. n1.,m-.- sum. .Il. Ilcvvll. '31. 'lilly C. 41. 1.. L, 141. 11. N, x. Cl'IlI'l'RI'DlC VVICLCH A"1'ul'Iw" Acaflmniz: Spraknrs: Sylvaniau Vluh. 'l'rvus. '323 Ilunstcrsg .Tour- uulixmi sr, liluttcr sm-rg wlpercmx 'filly Jr. Itecep, 'ISL '32: C. 0. L. L. E, IC. N. N. V1Nc'1cN'l' vVl'lI.l'H Hvlxcl-1" Acaclmniv S, Il. S.: Boosters: Sr. lilottex' NNW: Smlalitaf, Lu- tina: Sclmlurship "NU: C. ll, A. M. l'. S. Tlllc1,M.x IULA Wll.1.1.xMs "I,lPl'ISVII.I.l1l" General Nylvulliull Ulu!!! Millerul Vlnh: .lfmrnmlimmg liomtorwl Nl, IHUNCI' Sfzlffj Ullvrellll 'ZHIZ Jr. llucvlr. 'ISL 'Kill 1-. 0, L. 1.. xc. L. N. 5. EDWIN B. VVILSON Ulm... General Seven Vp, Vice-mes.. 1400.7 terng Sr. Blotter Stuff: W1-9.1 ling 'aug Student Mgr. '21UfQ. '30, '31. '3L1i V. Il, A. M. l'. S. Em LAI! F. Ymux-:R -'1suo'1's" General xrauem muh, sur-'y. wsu: J mil Dali: ml Housiera. lien. 'IHC Jr. Her-ev. '31, 'I523 li. 0. L. L. li. li. N. S. Esrluzxa MM: Youxu "l'IS'1'I'IY" Comm rreial Run-,ters: Pommercinl Fun- ivst YH: Vmurnercinl Club? Sr. Bluilcr SMH! Jr. IIE- uep. '31, '325 C. ll. I.. L. ld. E. N. S. C.x1:l. K. Z.x11N General .lourualismg C. II, A. M. P. S. CLm1r:N'r R. ZURscHM11cma "CLI-JM" General Are Ulnh '31, 'azz .laur- nanlimll lluoatersl Football '30, '31: Jr. llecun. '31, '32g C. ll. A. M. 1'. S. BRUCE F. A1.1.mN GKHCTGZ Basketball '29, '3UI 'Prack 'Jill Jr. Recev. '3l5 Grade Suluml Coach: 1'. A. L. S. Rlc'u.xRn D. Bmcuow. JR. '-1uCH" General lfumbzxll un. uso. 'an C. xx. '12 42 us, 'zany Jr. ue- cep, wsu. ':+:1: 1'. A. L. s. Avis BORHITT "Milla" General Mincrvzx Vluh: Iluoatersg Tyler l'untost 'Jilg .Ir. R124 uw. '31, 'aug P. A, L. s. JAM: C.xs'1'r:n Academic Minerva Uluh: Booaters: .lourxmlimu Upcretta '291 1'. A. L. S. F1:.xM-les Cmwsox '1r1:AxcE" Commercial lmmtcrs: Library Staff Asa't.g Juurnalismg P. A. L, S. HAHKY DHNNY "IJING" General lmurwtex-st Journalism: So- llzllifzxa Lntilmg 1'. A. L. S, Thirty-one Lows Exmus 4'1.uU114:'1 General mum. Bznsclmllg 1'. A. L. S, M.KlTliIl'I4I ENDICIS ..FA.l.s.. Acadvmic lfmstbnll '27, Til: 1'. A. I.. S. Ll'IMl'l'II. H.XlililS "LEM" Academic S. ll. S.: Audubon lfluhg 1'. A. I.. N. M.n1uc E. Hl'1li'l'lIl'II. HISIGTTYJ' General I', A. L. S. LUKINA Hmm:-11.lx1cm:n "WINNIE" Academia Alan.-rv.. Vlnh: .xwlnmm 1'luh3 1:.msee1-sg Jr, In-cw. wal: 12 A. L. s. Tl1.i1'ty-two Br:u'1'll.x J.wKsnX "I1ICIl'l"' GSTLCTCLI In-1 Vuxxtfut 'vt Vinh? llormczx: Illuttvr muff: up- .-mm '29, 430: Jr. ueuep, "il-1' X I S C11:1.1:c.x-1 JA:-:uncles Academic Svxfy- - 'l'n-aw. Sr. Clams '31 M: liwysrm-5: .Ir. Ile- Cep. '3l: First Ux'clwr:trzxi lam-1. In A. I.. J 1-issue Jon xsox HJx1:'1"rI1a" Academic lImwtux's3 Jnurnnlismg P. A. L. S. CI.lI"l'40liD K!7l'IliX1'Ili "CL1L'b"' Genvral ,lmxrxlzxlimni I'. A. L. S, JOHN LINIHGM .XX N "SI.IM' Gcfncral Ilnu-.te-1-sg Jr. Ilecmm. 'illg .lmnmulimnq I'. A. L. S. JI'l,1.x E. Lum' General .Imu'1mlimx1 ltnnmtumi Au- Alulmlx Club: '2!IZ -Il'. llc! '- "il '3"' 151 ,nur run - , . -, 1 Stuff, P, A, L. S, R,XX'AIllNI! IVl!l.1.1cAN -'L'14:1,lx" General P. A. L. S. Rvzul-:lc'1' M1l,1,1c.xN General In A. L, 5. 1VIAm:.x1z14:'l' LVIUNIHON f'M.mu11-1" General lzlmxu-1-A, Auxlulvmx clung Um-11-tm WH: Jr. liucep. 31, 323 P. A. L. N. lin M A IVIM: Muumc "MAI-1" G enwal sljmlqm-4. ln-1 imxtog lm,- 11-rsg crm-mm 'um 'su ':41: Jr. In-awp, ':i1. '32 l'. A. L. N. Joux M. Duns, Ju. H1'r..xs'1'1c1:" ACClflf'7VliC Pre.. sr. Flaw '31!Q: S. Ia, S., um mm, '29, lan, 144.-New lizxml '29, '30, 'als .ng lm-fn., 'Mg mm rm-h.-:nm ':1r. 'xml mm- uua '::v, tang 1'. .x. L, S. C11A1u,14s E. I'lc'l'111cs ,.I,I,3TE,, Acaflvmic S. I:. S, View-I'v'es. '31 Q vm-. xmmglcr - N. la, s. lm,-1--1 L':u'ul1y-Suuim' 11. 11. Gzunug 12 A. L, s, Dumwllx' J1-:AN SMITH 'f1m'r'1 Avuflvmic sw-km. mm-. '31, ,1,.,. mv umm, s.-fy. tame: 1'r4-w, '31 'A I llnmsturs: Au- clubfm Club: Jr. llccup. '30, 'iilz Yirfr'-l'rL-N. Sr. vhm 'xl 115: tmpm-mm '::s, YU, '30, '313 l'. A. L. S. I'1c.x1:1. STA TON f'S'I'A'I' II-I" G an 0 ral A11 Vlulrl Jr. Hvcup. '31, '32: l'. A. L. S. JANIQ IG. '1'1'1cN1cu "s1l.xNI4:" Genwal xrimwm muh. Pres, '3lW. ww- '21-1' x I Q TlL5l'Iy-flzrrz' V ., :H Bkliclc WII.1,l,x Al S '4C111U" Genfml Bumn-1-5, 1:vp.g 12 Ax. I.. S. 1'residr'n,t ,,,,,,,,,,. Vice-Prrsiflcnt Scare tary and Cri-ti U ...... P1'f'sidr"rnf ..,,,,,, VfCl'4P1'i'S1!lf'7Z1 Sffcrrcta ry ...,. T1'casm'c'1' ..,,. Critic ,,,,.,.. Thirty-four C1..xY Yonli USUN4' Grlnrwrzl lzfmn.-I-H4 Srxdalitus Lu .mm-lmlmlnz P. A. L, Class Oflicers 19315 , ,...,....... Ioux Pmals .....,,Dn1ao'1'11x' SMITH qwpuxup-f-f AA,,V ,,,A,, G ICUIRGIC J.x1cu1cl:s ..,,,M1:. J. H. TIIUMAS Class Officers 1932 ,,....,C11,x1c1.r:s L1c1s'r ......SUl1: R.xll.lNu .,...7..,.AI,Iil'jli'l' Glaou ,,,,,WII.X'A HANIUNSON .,....Mlss J1-:AN KIQLSU VVill and Testament KNOW all men by these presents: The Senior Class of New Albany High School, being of sound mind and a disposing disposition, here upon our bed of death do make the following requests: - We grant to the future Senior Class of 1933 the right of publish- ing a Senior Blotter like unto our own Cyou are going to have to go some to beat oursl. We leave in due respect much grey hair to our Annual Critic, Miss Rockenbach. CDon't tell her we told you.J To all those who may be so privileged we bequeath the right to pester our beloved Class Critic, Miss Kelso. To Teachers, the honor of again hearing the sleeping tunes for in other words just plain snoresj of Art McFall. To you uncontrollable ones We extend the right to form a lVlcGonk organization like the one now led by the undauntable Raymond Hubler. QJ. K. is their critic, but she won't have it.J Here upon our death bed we do forgive our Principal for so rav- ishingly devouring Coach Thomys candy fyou wouldn't give us any, would you?J To you future students of Civics we bequeath you the privilege of arguing with J. H. Thomas "The Dry Champion". iHope you beat him. We t'think" we did.D We leave with much deserved pleasure to mathematical students Albert H. Koehler and his Umonkey shines" CTake a hint-give them the haw! hawlj We will to you Bulldogs of "33" that fight, that glory, and that victory that was ours over the Jeff Red Devils. CLick them again, just for us.D We leave to Juniors the enjoyment and laughter that was ours at the Senior Class Play rehearsals. 1English teachers contend that they brought them headaches only. But, oh well! why argue?J Thirty fll f For Junior boys, the right to toss your underclassmen into the cold, dreary showers on your Senior Day, next year. fMaybe then they will be all wet too.J We bequeath you ambitious and aspiring cnes the honor of climb- ing unmolested out the windows of Demi D. Finley, New Albany Einstein. QPlease swipe his telescope while you are at it.J To such individuals as may so desire them we do impart razzers found on school premises. fGive them a good blast for us while you are at it.J We do kindly instruct you of either sex not to cut, tear or other- wise mar the dignified pictures of said Seniors in this Annual. We do leave you, to prove our charitable natures, all chewing gum found under Seniors' desks. lt may be rechewed as long as the "Queer Ones" Cteachersj don't see you. Ho! Ho! We leave with you all love birds that have so worn out the "beau- tiful" halls of our 'tmajesticn High School by their constant shout- ing. CMaybe they will all be married by summer-who knows?J We hereon do charge that any trays left on tables of cafe of said school were forgotten thus by the faculty Cor Sophomores. But What's the diff-theyyre all a1ike.J We do make a law, in our dying days, that shall henceforth be put into effect. It, if stated, shall be: 'fln order to protect Seniors of New Albany High School we do hereby proclaim that no Sopho- more fiapper or a sheik of that underclass from this period till that class does leave this school during study periods may vamp or take by brute physical power any member of aforesaid Seniors that may be graduating. QThat's telling Baby Sophs, isn't it YJ And lastly, as we will with the shaky hand of a dying class, we do leave behind to future graduating classes the honor of feeling that same regret and that same sorrow that is ours upon leaving N. A. H. S. CThat's serious.J Signed and sworn to by the Senior Class of New Albany High School, here on the twentieth day of the month of May in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and thirty-two. New Albany Senior Class of "32y'. Being a solemn witness of this document as the last will and tes- tament of that class, hereon I do ailix my name CHARLES LEIST. lim ly-sir , .-, 1... . ,ii ! NIH and NN Q 9 l WE Q '1 If 1 v W '56 , ya. 2 Q .. i , E lm Q 4, I t Y ' Th irty-vight Senior Class Prophecy Ah, but a mah's reach should exceed his grasp, Senior Leonard Agnew .. Celestine Barrow .........,... Herman Baxley .. Charles Bennett .. Lizette Bettman .. Jack Black ...,,,.,.,.. Lee Bowman ,,,..,,. Helen Borgerding John Bowen ,....... Ruth Braeutigam Edwin Braden .,., Wilma Burg .,,.... Basil Byrne ,,...,,, Herman Caesar .. Carl Carpenter .. Donald Carpenter Georgia Compton Laura Compton ,. Harriett Conner William Coolman Arthur Cooper ...... ,...... Irma Cox .............. Ethel Cromwell .. Elva Cunningham Jean Davis ,,....,... Thomas Davis .... Dorothy Dietrich James Dietrich .,., Jane Dorsey .,,..,., Naomi Douglas .. Edward Eckert .. Robert Eckert ..,, Robert Edlin ...,.. Kenneth Eicholz Lois Elliott ,,..,...,. Floyd Farnsley .. Dora Fischer .,.,l,. . Elvarah Flannery Elizabeth Flock .. John Gilchrist ,,.. Polly Gill ........,,.. Paul Giney rr... O-r whafs a heaven for? Reach Newspaper Editor ......Y,,,,,... Personal Manager ..,,,.,,....,., Nurmi II ......,,,,..,,,,,,. ,........ Journalist .,,,,.,,..i.....,.........,,, Beauty Specialist ....,,.......,, Baseball Player .,..... ,,,,,... Cowboy ,,....,,.....i.... .,,c..,,. Lady of Leisure ,...... ,,,,,,... Dentist ,,.,..,.......... ,...,.... Gym Teacher .........,,,,,...,,.... Einstein II ,,,....v,,,,,,,.,,,,....... Expert Stenographer ......,,, Doctor ........,,.....,..,,,.,,.....,..... Futuristic Artist ,,... .......,i Political Leader .....,. ......,,, Radio Crooner .............,,,...,. Broadway Chorus Girls ..,.,,. Garbo's Double ,,.........,.,,...,.. Charley Paddock II .,..,,,,..... Auditor for Goodrich .i..,i..... Cigarette Vendor ,,,,.,...i,,..... Novelist ...,,,,.,,,,,,....,,. ........ . Governess ..,,,,. ....,.... Gigilo ,,,,..,,,,.v,,,,,,,,,,,,...,......... Clark Gable II ....,,....,,....,,..... Translator of Languages... Professor of Physics ......,..,. Bathing Beauty ,,.,.......,....... Bookkeeper ,v....v,,...... ...,..,,. Tarzan II ...........,,,.,....,,...,.., Chemical Engineer .....,..,..., w Wrestler .. ,,...,,,....,,,...,,,.,... .. Orthopedic Specialist ..,,,,., . Scientific Farmer ,,,.,,,,,...,,. Danseuse of Follies ,,....,..,,,, Concert Pianist ,,..,.............. Dean at Vassar. ,,,,,,..,.,,.... . . Principal of High School... Gym Teacher ................,...... Cartoonlst .... . ........ Showboat Owner ................. Grasp Janitor Newspaper Office Dog Pound Manager Fisherman Cow-boy Cafeteria Manager Soda Jerker Ring Leader in Circus Dishwasher Horse Doctor Personal Maid Geometry Teacher Fly Swatter Second Saxaphone Player Cameraman Bartender Drug Store Cowboy Matron of "Old Ladies Apache Dancers Home" Printer Junk Collector Doughnut Icer at Barth's True Story Contributor Divorcee 2nd Babbitt Sunday School Teacher Flirt Coal Driver Sophia Tucker II Button Sewer at Fines' Piano Teacher A. KL P. Clerk Piano Mover Aesthetic Dancer Blacksmith Berry Peddler Waitress at Fagan's Kerrigan Theatre Trapeze Performer Professional Hog Caller Mrs. Brown's Successor Bootblack Thirty nznr Senior Reach Bessie Glaze ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,, B iologist ..........,.,...............,,. David Gohmann ,............. Commercial Lawyer .....,..... Martha Goodbub ,,,,,,,,,,,, Beauty Specialist .............,. Frances Grantz .............. Prima Donna ........... ......,,, Albert Groh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, French Teacher ....... ,.,,...,. Dorothy Grossbach ,,,,,,r, Dancing' Teacher ..,...,,......... Helen Hacker ,v,..,Y,..,.,...., Snappy Novelist ,,A...,,......YYY Dorothy Haller ,............. Hostess of Night Club ......V.. Jack Haller ............ ....... S enator ......VVYY..Y..........w.......A. Frances Hancock ,...,.....,. Wilva Hankinson ...i...... YVilliam Harmon ............ Elizabeth Hartsfield ...... William Hermann ....,.,,.. Earl Hess ........................ Hubert Hinkebein .......... Anna Hock ..,,..,.............,. Harriet Hockin ...,.....l,.,. Lillian Howell . .... . Ardell Howison .............. Frances Hubbard ......,,.. Raymond Hubler .........,. Charles Hughes ............,. Anna Johnson ................ Charlotte Johnson .......... Mary Frances Kahl ......,. Gladys Kenney ................ Edward Kiefner ,,.......... Kenneth King ...... Mildred King ,,....,. Modlste ....l.,,.,.............,...,..,l. Newspaper Editor's Wifew. Parachute Jumper ........... .. Social Service Worker ....,.,,. Criminal Lawyer ...............,, Race Track Driver ............... Colonel ..l.,.,,....,,,,....,...........Y,. Home Town Booster .....,,,,,. Violin Concert Star ............. School Teacher ........,.,........ Ball Room Dancing Teacher .,......................... Ballet Dancer ......i..., ......... ,Deep Sea Diver ,.....,,, ......... Man About Town ,................ N urse ........ii,......,,,,..,. ......... Grasp Cook Motorman Housekeeper Chorus Girl Garbage Man Preacher's Wife Stonemason's Cook Lion Tamer Fruit Vendor Designer of Doll's Clothing Bare Back Rider in Circus General Nuisance Polly Moran II Beach Comber at Wawaki Purity Maid Driver Private Drummer Chewing Gum Expert Milk Maid Marathon Dancer Janitress Bible Teacher Street Corner Bum Poultry House Attendant Journalist ,,,.,,,....,................., Popular Co-Ed Dramatic Actress ..........,.,,. Radio Speaker ,........ .......,. Trumpet Virtuoso ............... Drummer in Damrosch Orchestra .,.................. Endurance Auto Driver ..... Starmye Kintner ,,,,,,,,,,,, Mrs. Penrod McKown ......... Dorothy Knipe ,,...,.......... Beauty Specialist ............... Woodrow Knable ,,,,,,,,,,,, Big Business Man ....,....,.,...,. Mildred Kost ....,.., ....... G lobe Trotter ........... ......... Dorothy Kraft .,......,,..,... Fancy Dancer ...... .......w. Marshall LaDuke .......... Babe Ruth II ....... ..----..- Mae Lafser ,,,.,,,Y....r......... Piano Expert ..... ......... Aubrey Laughhunn Charles Leist Nicholas Leist Virginia Leist Coletta Loebig .,.... Grace Loheide Orrabel Mann ,,,,,..,Typist r,....,.........,.Statesman .......Lawyer ...,...Novelist .......Auditor Pipe Organ Mary McCulloch ............ Lily Pons ,..... ,..,.,.., Mary Agnes McDaniels,. 1 orfy Interpreter ,.... ....,.,.. ...air Director of Punch and Judy Show W. L. A. P. Staff Artist ,Fish Pounder Pivet Pounder Snake Charmer Shoe Clerk Photographer Manager of A. dz P. Guide in Mammoth Cave Pop Corn Seller A Human Fly 5 Kr 10 Music Clerk Taxi-Dancer Junk Dealer Soap Box Orator ,Writer of Ads for Dr. Pills Telephone Operator Player ............... Cabaret Hit Riding Instructor Amateur Saturday Night Performer at Indiana Interior Decorator -Gr '54 5 Mile s Senior James McDonald .....,.A,,., Violet McGuire ..... ..,.... Alberta McKown .......,.... Naomi Meyer ....... ....... Stella Miller ...... ....... Ada Moore .........,. ...,..,. Reach Olympic Diving Champion Miss America ,l.............Y.Y....., Stenographer ....,.................. Ornament ..,,,,.,,...,,.,. .......Y. Artist .........,,...,,....,,............... Kenneth Moore ,,,,,,,,A,,,,, VValter Damrosch II ..,...,. William Monihon ..,,,..,.,,. Geraldine Montague .,..,. William Moreman ,.,,.,. Helen Murray ..... ....,,.. Wilma Oakes ....... ......l. Salesman ...,,....,,.,,,,..,,.,..,...... Siren .....,,,........,,,...,,, ......... Aviator .,,.. .,....... Grasp Comedian Druggist .....,..........,...........V.. .Hitch Hiker Miss Greenville Soda Jerker Chief Cook at Fagan's Chorus Girl Organ Grinder Ladies' Man Ingenue Ticket Seller for Airplane Rides at Fontaine Ferry Librarian ,,,, ...... Dressmaker Musician ............... ,...,..,. Verna Lee Ott ,,,,,,, .,,,,... P arisian Dancer ..... ,,.... Shirley Palmer ...., ....,.., lf Vill Rogers H ....... .,,... Margaret Penn ,,...4,,...... Interior Decorator .............,. Maxine Philipps .,,...,,,,.... Chorus Girl ....................l.... Violet Poeker ,,,,,,, ,,,,,... K indergarten Teacher ...,... Martha Rady ,,,,,., ,,,,.... T rained Nurse ......,,....,,,...... Sue Railing .......,,,,.,,,..,.,.. Lady Politician ...... ..,....., Mary Kathyrn Reas ,..... Beauty Culturist ....i.......,,... Lucille Reisz ,,,,.,..,........... Journalism Teacher .,....,,... Mary C. Richards ............, Margaret Richards ,....... Albert Roehm .................. Alma Rough .,.,.. ....,l.. Leland Routh ....... ........ Vada Rusk ..,,....... ........ Manly Salyards .,.,.......... Martha Saylor ,,..,, ........ Shelley II ....................,........ Mary Mary Louis Lloyd Edna C. Schoen ,,.,..,,..,..... Schaerer .,... ........ Shields i...... ......., Shallers ..... ........ Sharp ......... . ...,., . Beatrice Smith ..,.......,..... Elizabeth Spencer ,,,.....,. George Stafford ............., Jane Stewart .............,.... Virginia Stolzenberger .. Sylva Mae Summers .,...... Mary Teives .,.....,............ Leo Thomas ...........,...,..,. Charles Thurman ,......... Charles Tribbey ,,....,,....,. Robert Turner ..... ...,,,i. Stewart Turner ,,,...,.,..,.. Helen Utrecht ..,,. ....,,,. Bathing Beauty .v.,,.,,,...,,..,., Nurse .,,....,,........,............,...... Night Club Entertainer ..... Gertrude Ederle .........,,...... Millionaire ........,,..........,....,. Teacher ,..,,............ .........,,,.... High Powered Salesman .,... Private Secretary ,...........,.. Bookkeeper ....,,,,,....,. ...,.. Preacher's Wife Hop Scotch Champion Reporter for Palmyra Gazette Forestry Agent's Wife Cannibal Chieftain Side Show Singer Dish Washer Housekeeper Sophia Tucker Bug Collector Wash Woman Cabaret Dancer Street Cleaner Colonial Club Life Guard Pick and Shovel Miner Peanut Vendor Pawn Broker Bundle Wrapper Milk Maid Cynthia Grey II ....... ....... T ribune Society Editor Athletic Director ..... ...... Football Coach ........,........,... N. Y. Times Sport Editor... Actress .........,.,...,........,........ Orator ...... ,,................,.......... Hostess at Dude Ranch ....... First Lady of the Land .....,. Screen Star ..................,...... Edna Wallace Hopper II... Architect .................,.........,,.. Paderewski .......,....,..... ....,. Scientific Farmer ...... ....., Big Ten Coach ,,,,,,,, ,..,,. Raphael II ,,..,.,, ....., Skilled Typist ....... ....,. Two Gun Louie Bible Teacher ,Marathon Dancer Car Washer Housewife Horse Shoe Champion President of Sewing Circle Police Woman Editor of Love Lorn Column School Teacher Carpenter Hump Campbell's Accompanist Butter and Egg Man Gigilo Sign Board Painter Piano Tuner Forty-011 0 ...Jas Senior Florence Walter .,..,. Gertrude Welch ...,..,, Vincent Welch .......,,. Thelma Willian Edwin Wilson .... Beulah Yeager ...,,,.... Esther Mae Young .l.. Carl Zahn .,....l.....,,..,. Clement Zurschmeide Richard Barrow ,....... Avis Bobbitt .....,.. ,Jane Canter .,....,,....,, vFrances Clawson ...,,. Harry Denny ,,.....,.... "Louis Endris ...... fMaurice Hinds .......... kLemuel Harris ...,...,., Mamie Herthel ,,,....... Lorina Himmelheber Bertha Jackson .....,.. QGeorge Jaegers ..,..... Jessie Johnson ...,,,.,,,, Clifford Koerner ..,,,. Q-John Lindemann ............ Julia Lopp .,.........,...... Raymond Millican .... Emma Mae Moore ..,. Margaret Monihon ,. JSarkis O'Hanian ...... vJohn Paris ..,,i...., Charles Peters ,,.....,.. Dorothy Smith ,......... Pearl Staton ..,,.,,, Jane Turner ,,,,.,.. Bruce VVilliams ,,,.,.,. Clay York ....,....... l'orfyAt11rn Bruce Allen ...,....,, .....,,. Reach Blues Singer ..... Orator ,,,.,....... Track Star ....... Model ,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Medical Student .,... Mannequin .,...., Tap Dancer ....... Philosopher ..,,,.. Artist .i....,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,, rr,,,,,, l931V2 Baseball Club Owner ......,,,,. Ear Specialist .........,, .,..,.. Dramatic Actress ,,.,, i,,i , ,. Designer ..,.....,..... Masseuse ......,,,...,,i,, Big Business Man ...,... ..,,.,. Great Scientist ,,,...,,,.. ,..,,,, Print Shop Owner .....,,,....,,. Chauffeur for Denny Transfer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dress Maker ......,..,,.,., ,,,,,., Tea Room Hostess ............... Private Secretary ,,....,,,.i,,,. Moving Picture Magnate.. Hair Dresser .,., ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Politician ....,.,,..i,,,....,...,, , .,,,, Interviewer for Courier- Journal ,,..,,,,,.,,,..,,,....,,... Prohibition Lecturer ..,,,,..,,. Circus Manager ,,,..,,,. Spanish Dancer ,,... High Diver ..,,,.i.,...,i..,.i........ Capt. of Company B Guards on Main St ........ Doctor .,....,,.,..,,,,i.,,.............,. Chemical Engineer ,,.,..,,..,.. Nurse ............,,....,,... Occulist . ,,,.......,.. . 2nd Kate Smith ,....., Noted Surgeon ,,,,,,, New York Chef ......, Grasp Salvation Army Singer English Teacher Greenville Street Car Conductor Clerk in 5 KL 10 Watering Elephants in a Circus Hosiery Demonstrator at Kresge's Flag Pole Champ Cobbler Patent Medicine Seller Colonel's Mascot Lounge Lizard Operetta Coach Scandal Monger Cartoonist for Tribune Ditch Digger Hair Dresser Swindler Hobo Corset Designer Poultry Man's Wife Registrar at Craigmont .Owner of Indiana Theatre Dog Specialist ,Auctioneer Deep Sea Diver 1Oc Store Clerk Flea Trainer Zazu Pitt's Secondary Shrinking Violet Care Taker of Armory Checker Champ Concrete Mixer Dr. Parisls Helper Glass Blower Fat Lady in Circus Quack Doctor White Castle Operator TRANSPORTATION A UNDERCLASSMEN AND STRIVING TO BE MAN. THE WORM MOUNTS THROUGH ALL THE SPIRES OF FORM FIRST ROW Senior B RUTH ALLEN IRMA ALLES JENNIE MAY AYRES ANNA MARGARET BEST ETTA WRIGHT BEST FRANKLIN BEST DOROTHEA BLACKISTON ROBERT BLASIUS GENEVA BROWN ROBERT BUCHANAN SECOND ROW Senior B ROBERT CAMPBELL MARY CARR CHARLES CAURLE FRANK CLIPP HAROLD CRANDALL CLIFFORD DAVIS KATHRYN DEAN JOE DEVOSS ELMER DIECKMANN BYRON DRUMB THIRD ROW Senior B EVELYN DUNN BERNARD GRAFF WYLIE GRAY IIARRIET GUTHRIE GLAIJYS HARBOLT CARL HARRIS ROGERS HARTMAN CHESTER J OHANTGEN DENZEL KELLER RUTH KEMP FOURTH ROW Senior B CHARLES KREUTZER DELORES LANG LOUISE LASCH FRANCES LUDWIG FREDA MCAFEE KATHERINE MCSPAIJDIN CHARLES MANLEY LLOYT E. MARRERT JOHN MASON ROBERT MOSS Forty-thrcz 1 FIRST ROW S enior B NORBERT NEUHEUSAL WALEORD OGLESBY VVILLARD PARR MELVIN PEERS GEORGE RASMUSSEN PAUL RASMUSSEN VVYNEMA RECTOR DONALD REEVES JOSEPH RENN EDWARD SANFORD SECOND ROW Senior B FRANKLIN SCHOONOVER JOHN H. SHINER ELIZABETH SHRADER LOLA K. SLOAN VERNON SMYTH CHARLES STASTNY ROBERT STEIvIIvI WILLARD THORN WILMA WADE CLINE WARMAN "arty-four THIRD ROW Senior B MERRILL VVHITLOCK KATHLEEN WOLF ROBERT VVREGE Junior A ORA MAE ASHABRANER EVELYN BAILEY RUTH BAILEY DOROTHY BAKER NANCY BEARD JANE BEELER HELEN BELVIY FOURTH ROW Jlmior A LAVERNE BENNETT DOROTHY BERTRAND JOE BOSIER THEODORE BOSTOCK CATHERINE BURGER LILLIAN BUSH ESTHER BYE LOIS CAMPBELL CATHERINE CRAYDEN REESE CARESS FIRST ROW J zmior A WALTER CHRISTENSEN DOLORES CLARK SYLVIA CLARK LEOLA CLAYTON DALE COLE HUELDA COLLINS MRYTHA COYTE BOYD CUMMINGS MARIE DAVENPORT LEOLA DELLINGER SECOND ROW Jumor A IMELDA DEUSER WILLIAM DEVORE VIRGINIA DUFFY HELEN DYE LENORE ECKERTY VIVA EMERY MYRL EVERBACH MARGARET FISCHER JOHN FREIBERGER CATHERINE GARING THIRD ROVV Jzmior A ELEANOR GARRISON BETTY GILES ANNA LEE GRIIvIEs MARY MARTHA GRIMES IRMA GUILFOYLE MARGARET HALE BILL HALLER GEORGE HARRISON SYLVIA HOOD DOROTHY HOUPT FOURTH ROW Junior A LUCILLE HOUPT JUNIOR HAMPEL GORDON HENDERSHOT ROBERT HENDERSHOT KATHRYN HENDRICH BOB HOLMES WILLIE HOTTEL ANNA MAE HULEN ANNA MAE JAOORI FREDA JENNINGS Fort y-five Q A 5 r,-1,- . ., ,.'I.w . FIRST ROW Junior A EDWARD JONES DOROTHY KAMER MELVA JANE KEITHLEY MARIE KNIGHT BERNARD KOEHLER FREDDIE LEAF J ESSIE LLEWELLYN GERTRUDE LUDLOW LEON MACON DUDLEY MARLOW SECOND ROW Junior A CARL MARTIN GEORGE MAXWELL MATTIE NICCANDLESS CARL MCCLURE RICHARD MOCRACKEN MARY MCCULLOUGH ELIZABETH MCGRATH LAN MCINTOSH HAZEI. MCKIM VIRGINIA MCKINIIEY Forty-.siar THIRD ROW Junior A ELMA MCNAMARA MARTHA MILLER MELVIN MILLER EDGAR MINSHALL EDDIE MOORE RUSSELL MORGA B. W. MONIHON ARTHUR MORRIS CAROLYN MORTON MARY JANE NEWHOUSE FOURTH ROW Jimioi' A SHIRLEY NOON WILRUR OEFEINGER JANE OVERTON JOHN OWEN MAxINE PINAIRE LOUISE RECEVEUR PAUL REINHARDT VERA ROCKENBACH COLETTA ROTH D. B. ROUCK FIRST ROW Junior A JUSTIN SALYARDS ROBERT SCHROEDER DORTHA SENSBACH GERALD SERMERSHEIM JANE SHACKLETT ALMA SLOAN LEWIS SELLERS AILEEN SITTASON HUGH SMITH LoUIS SMITH SECOND ROW Junior A ROBERT SPURRIER GILBERT TAYLOR KATHERINE TEIVES THOMAS TEIVES EVERETT THOMPSON EARL TRIBBEY LOIS TRUEBLOOD KATHLEEN ULSH VIRGIN IA U NDERHILL PEARL LEE WAGGONER THIRD ROW Junior A EVELYN WAGNER EARL WAIIKER MELBURN WARD ANNE WATKINS BURL WATSON CARL WEBER HENRY WEINMANN AILEEN WEST MARIETTA WVILLIAMS RUTH ZIMMERMAN FOURTH ROW Junior A ALVENA ZINSMEISTER JACK ZOELLER Junior B FRANCES ALLES WAYNE BICKNELL MARY LOUISE BOWLING RALPH BUCKELS MORRIS BURGER ROBERT BYRN JOHN CANTER AUGUSTA CARROLL 1"o1'ty-su von 1" FIRST ROW Jzmior B BERNICE CASKEY JAMES CHAPMAN RUTH CHAPMAN KITTY COOLMAN GORDON CREEK DOROTHY DENISON LEORA DICKMAN MELVIN EAST J OE ETHERIDGE THERESA EVE SECOND ROW Junior B RUPERT FERRELL GUY FOREMAN ARTHUR FLOCK JOSEPH HARDIN BILLY HARTEIELD VIRGINIA HARTMAN J oHN MARTIN HEGEWALD CHARLES HENRIOTT RICHARD KAI-ILER KATERINE KERN orty-eight THIRD ROW Junior B RICHARD KNABLE WALTER KOCHERT WILMA LANG MAX MACON ROSEMARY IWIALOTT REX MARSH CHARLES MICHEL JANE M0014 PAUL MORLEN LOLA MORGA FOURTH ROW Junior B WALTER MOSS MARGARET NAVILLE LLOYD NICHOLSON ROBERT N oLAN GLADYS REAS ELIZABETH REEVES JAMES REISING BILL ROBERTSON JAMES ROCHE GUY ROEHM ,I ..., FIRST ROW Jzmior B IWIARK ROGERS MARVIN RUSK VIRGINIA SCHULEY MORRIS SHINE FRANCES SILLINGS KATHRYN SMITH JOUETT STANI-IOFE EDWARD THOMAS FRANK THOMAS STANLEY TRESENRITI-:R SECOND ROW Jlmiov' If ELIZABETH VVHITTINGHILL CHARLES WQLEE Sophomore A CARRIE AMACHER AMBROSE ANDRES RICHARD ANDERSON GENIEVE BATLINER HILDA BATLINER HELEN BAXTER HULDA BECK YVALTER BEIIRENS THIRD ROW Sophomore A BIARGARET ANN BINFORD KATHERINE BISHOP ELIZABETH BOWDEN RUTH BREWSTER STANLEY BRYANT IRMA BUDD ELIZABETH BUSALD THELIIIA BUSALD GAIL CAMPBELL CECIL CARROLL FOURTH ROW Sophomore A ETHEL CLARK WILBUR COGSWELI. FLORA CONDRA HELEN CONSTANTINE EDMUND COOMES ROBERT CO0MEs HORACE CUTLER JANE CURETON MARY ELMA CIIRL EIINA CURTIS l"0I'l1j-lLi7l,l A A 1,2 3? ,S . V., A Q55 A FIRST ROW Sophomore A EDWARD CROSBY VIVIAN DEAN VIRGINIA DEMPSTER MARG.ARET DODGE MARIE DONAHUE VIRGINIA DURRIN HOWARD ECKERT VIRGINIA ENDRIS FAYE ENGLEMAN LOUISE EVE SECOND ROW Sophomore A RODERICK FACH KATHLEEN FITZGERALD JAMES FREEMAN MARY GATES KATHERINE GRAE SHIRLEY GRESHAM JANE GUETHE RUTH HACKER as xr, 2 , ff 11' .J THIRD ROW' Soplzomorc A CHARLES HEGKEL DOROTHEA HEIIIIG THOMAS TIIGHFILL STANLEY HILTON HERMAN HOLST BERNICE HOWELL CHESTER HUBLAR HAROLD JACKSON MERVIN JACOBI CLAUDE JACOBS FOURTH ROW Sophomore A MARVIN J AEGERS MARTHA JENSEN DOROTHY KEHOE HANS KEITHLEY DAVID KLARER CLIFFORD KLEER BILLY KLEIDER CLARENCE KNARLE CLETUS HARPE ETHEL KOST ETHEL HATFIELD ARMELLA KUNTZ f- Ififzy fum., ' A W, I 'H-.Lg ' ,A 'E jx .mf A A KKK , I I . A " V Y ' Q I' 7 Avi' A , I A I ' 1 A ,-vs Ni -33531 ATA I S ' 5 I ., nf' I ' I I I .B f - 13 if. 351' -f fivffiv YJ 1'-if . -, ... .,,,,,,4. A 1-fpff A .j . Agjgg ' g,.,if? V . . 1- .,.. V Q4 ' A ff? Q.- Af Q, 1 gmgi W FIRST ROW Sophomore A MARGARET LEATHERMAN DORCAS LEE IMOGENE LEONARD DOROTHY LEWIS GRACE LEWIS ARTHUR LIBS MAUD LINNERT BIARGARET LOEIIIG KENNETH LOHEIDE FRANCES LONE SECOND ROW Sophomore A BERTHA LONG MARGARET LUDLOW LAXVRENCE MAZEY CHARLES MCFALII JOHN IWARTEL JUSTIN MARTIN PAULINE MARTIN ESTHER MCCALLISTER ROBERT IVICBRIDE JANE WICCIJNTICK - 'R Q W R, 'T . .sd sa 2.31, 34" 3, .r iff., . V x A. . ,jk I Lggfl W an A. , 'Vg 1 I R- J 1... f THIRD ROW Sophomore A KENNETH NICCORY WESLEY MCCULLOCH DORIS MCGREW SCOTT MCWILLIAMS DORIS MEYER CAMILLA MILLER JOIIN MILLER MARY E. MILLER EVERETT MOCK ALICE RUE MORGAN FOURTH ROW Sophomore A KENNETH MORRIS RICHARD MOSER LUCILE NAVILLE BETTY NEWRANKS JACK ORERHOUSEN VICTOR OBERI-IOUSEN DOROTHY OyHANIAN STITH O'FALLEN .. PATTY PIERSON NIARY POTTS l"ifty-one FIRST ROW Sophomore A ROBERT PORTER JACOB RUDY GEORGE RUSSELL MARY JANE RUSSELL MAX SCALES CORRIE SEABROOKS DOROTHY ANN SHARP GEORGE SHUCK MARSHALL SMITH COLIN STILLER SECOND ROW Sophomore A HOWARD STILLER CHARLES STOCKSDALE BEATRICE PUSH JAMES ULRIOH ELIZABETH UNCLEBACK GERTRUDE VERY NELLIE WELTY JANE WEINMANN JESS WII LIAMSON QTACY WILSON zfty tu o fgx '.a. in "F-l -..,1fT'- I-My , A Q2 E .., xii! f ,. Hi' I 1 jg! , vm mr 13 THIRD ROW Sophomore A EDITH WOLF JUANITA WOODS ARTHUR ZAHN LEONARD ZELLER Sophomore 13 DOROTHY ALLES BILLIE BAKER JAMES BAGGERLY MARY BALDWIN MILDRED BURKE EVERETT BYRD FOURTH ROW Sophomme B MARIE CADLE BERNICE CALHOUN GOLDIE CHANEY CURTIS D AUGHERTY LEONA DEICH VIRGINIA EURTON COLVIN EVANS SELDEN FARNSLEY I OUISE P LOCK ELAINF FORWARD ,vw wx I frvff- 4 1? Mau' View ,D 5 Paw' '-41: ,, f . ' I ' ,ell Tv., Z! 1 J ' f ' O Ay ' i,.'ff1-:Q , . qv, 1. .:S:k9?" ,Ig ff TI -T .L fi?-Vial. : ' J ',si??'f,f :fi " ,. lie". 1 . 4 -rwys, A ' ,-...-A...-. 'Y -A 4 -H : 5' V, :jx A -N il., ,Mx ' W: K , ,, .Law ,nw A V. ,, 1- ' I T ' ' R "'5:'1'21' fi 7 ' 13 L Q -, Q nf--, ,-1.:,,.l, , 'J . E A ' N f . . ja-fp! f M gli 4 Z- ...L ' A 'f . ' 3 2 I A-.L+-.A I TNI? ' - f'3-fi? , 5 34, - I I A - A I fx I ' 7'f'.'7" MW L I . A FIRST ROXV Sophomore B JACK FOUGEROUSSE TVIILDRED GADIENT VAUGHN GEDDES MARGARET HARDIN ELMER HARMON ZELDA HILT DRISCOLL HOTTLE KATHRYN HUBBARD HENRY JACKSON HOWARD JACKSON SECOND ROW Soph.omo7'c B JAMES KEPLEY LORENA KLINGER ROY LEMMON ELSIE LOPP MILDRED MATHES CLIFFORD MCAFEE JAMES E. MCKIM MARTHA MEYER RALPH MURPHY HARRY NRELY THIRD ROW Sophomore B CLINTON OATES BETTY PERRY WILLIAM PROSSER RUTH RANDOLPH ROSEMARY REDENS DOROTHY REYNOLDS PAUL REINERT GERTRUDE ROBINSON KATHLEEN SCHARF JAMES SCOTT FOURTH ROW Sophomore L' JOYCE STALKER HELEN SCIILAOATER WILLIAM STRICKLAND ROBERT STOCKSDALE JAMES VEST LOIS WATSON JOHN WILLIAMSON ELIZABETH WIMP MARTHA WIMP IRVIN ZIPP KATHLEEN ZURSCHMIEDE .Fifly-lim rr Fifty-fo ur an SOCIETIES ORGANIZATIONS THE VIRTUE LIES IN THE STRUGGLE. NOT IN THE PRIZE Q 1"'fF- 1 24 QQ A 1 . 'gifs w 1' wx -- 11 1 211 L . g .. .5 . fl 1 , W. it , I ... f , '03 2' Nj C LFWST W HANKINBON 1JdLM,K!'sTiJN N MUKTIANN HXXUUDSVB F i5Nf'tfllTNLJ1?5 kvrlM5f'Yk1N J UVUXTCN U VIANN F GILLE7 WRANGLYRS HEAKLKS ART GRUB LD iN CHEF VILNLKNA UMM. UNI.: SRS 5fL LANH' M' L QAN fi? BUNCH H0711 JFNIUN H555 B675 QLEE 3VlfXhLK.S JK5 4 N ,f R 1 H HOOUN Y kkfhw, VU WWL N SMVXLITAS VN CAA' EOOJTEFS , 4 1: .5 4 ' 1 K "N 'W fa www 1' W-'X' JLQEN2, B., Q , Fifty-java f t 1 I I , V' A-if wg 1 in f . .Lili Senior Girls C.U.L.L.E.E.N.S. THE Senior Girls, in order to live up to their noted reputation as I. P. A. S. Clmportant People Around Schoolj, organized as C. O. L. L. E. E. N. S. early in the semester. Green, the color beloved by all coming from the Emerald Isle, was Worn by these flirtatious C. O. L. L. E. E. N. S. on Senior Day, May 27, and numerous masculine hearts were Huttering from the effects of this same green. In order to commune with Mother Nature and receive advice from that worldly-wise lady, these same C. O. L. L. E. E. N. S. went strolling to the country. Miss Green is the uncritical Critic of this group. Colleen Ruth Braeutigam is the leader of these dangerous charmers from the Isle of the Shamrock, but, after all, they are just Cheerful, Ornamental, Lovable, Laughing, Educated, Extraordinary, Naughty Seniors. Fifty-sin' :NX .- - ,Q-. QV- NW b The 1 'Sw .... - Nui, ,tim Agia . gm ' A-"QM ' 'fa V. Qu ani .34 . as ii- Q-my E yn? A Ha fry' ,A A 4r"!fi My .c .L . , , A A. . . G 1 f,:,M.5,g.f W, :wtf . f 111. "4-If Senior Boys -..s .,.,1,...,.?,.,.,..,,c..,.. .,' 43 C.H.A..M.P.S. N YISHING to give the present champions a reason to resign the post and to cause the World to sit up and take notice, the Senior Boys proclaimed themselves as C. H. A. M. P. S. de luxe. At their first opportunity these famed C. H. A. M. P. S. tele- graphed to far countries and all erstwhile champions that Paul Gilley was the C. H. A. M. P. of all C. H. A. M. P. S. To this day, yea, for- ever this dauntless king will remain unchallenged. Coach Thom was chosen as the C. H. A. M. P. Critic. On Senior Day these examples of fame justly portrayed their right to be called C. H. A. M. P. S. by their clothing, and everyone was impressed with the majesty of their dignity as Big People. Although these impressive C. H, A. M. P. S. were overwhelmingly important because of their status, it is found that, in the end, they are just Cheerful, Helpful, Attentive, Merry, Peaceful Seniors. Fifty-so Urn owmn MN-, rm- 1.w,f -QV, M fu -1, A2 1-L ,4My,V,,,, UM -,wqfy A.. ,,,,,,,,K vflw 'qmwuiow :Na 111'-.www -mm www. mmaw eww' f A- VX. :mm mmf- 0. ,ww YM-x -X L-V' 'ff"'iXf'1GRK.-, wx A sfo' :UH Fvuv"X -"' fin 1 N. .IJ E wx-.1 i.r21fL:x','VU 'Uv-.Wulf-. :AAN wwvv ,ww ww N-Nw' www mr. J' uv XMUL 'www' T ww L I x L r ulxmk ..sw-L,1w,xY. r-.-M -.-AL Muon vorwmv mm Fifty-eight SPEAKERS Speakers Officers Ist Semester President ,,,,,...,,,,,,.., ..,,,,,, X VILVA HANKINSON Vicefresideizf ,...,,, ......,. E DITH FLANIGAN Senretm-y ,,.,,,,,,,,,, ........ O RRABEL MANN Trcas1H'c1 ',,,,,, .,,,., ,,,,,,,, G E RALDINE MONTAGUE Student Critic ,,,.,,, ........ I IFILEN MYERS Zizcl Semester President ,,,,,,,,,,,,..A. ,.,,,,,, O RRABEL MANN Vice-President .....,, ,,,,,,,, R UTH BRAEUTIGAM Scc1'etfL1'y ,,,,....,,.A ,,....,, E DNA SHARP Treasurer ..........,, ,,,,,.,. S UE RAILING Faculty Critic ,,,,,,,,,,,.,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. Miss NAOMI J. KIRK WHE main charity work of the Speakers Club is the annual Thanks- giving dinner for the needy children of the city. November 20 and 21 were designated as tag day in school and in the city respec- tively. A total of 3207.36 was realized, permitting the club to in- crease its number of guests. The club assisted in the sale of tickets for a charity show given in the city and aided in other capacities whenever called upon. Speakers have presented two pep sessions: one on November 6 for footballg the other for basketball on February 19. Those participating in the Speaker-Wrangler Christmas play on December 18 were: Mary Frances Kahl, Wilva Hankinson, Robert Wrege, and Albert Groh. At the Speaker dinner on May 7, the Speakers and their guests embarked on the S. S. Scotia plying between the ports Then and Now. The cafeteria was transformed into a ship's dining-salon with fish and life savers predominating in the decoration scheme. Those making toasts were: Orrabel Mann, Ruth Braeutigam, Myrtha Coyte, Sue Railing, and Miss Kirk. The biennial tea for former Speakers was given at the Country Club May 21. The tinal activity will be a two-weeks, vacation at Hilltop Camp which all are anticipating with great pleasure. l"iffy-nim ZPJU 2 IT! UIIUFI 2 i ROBERT HULMES J H THOMAS UNIXM nl-K NDT Lifwlb biLl,Ui5 Aww cxqow qogawsgzmw www: mfofgo www BHXNDXNQ RUP! qw r'ximifLL CHARLESHUQHLS JAMKS MCDONALD FEM! MLM LIBWSQ JUSTNN MLYAQD5 FKANKLXN SCHOONOVEQ JOHN SHINED1 CHARLES YHUQMAN EMiLWALKk H QOBERT wqfqt JACK Z OELLU1 Sixty VVranglers Oiiicors Ist term Zvzd term President .,,,.,,.,,,,,, ,....,. . CHARLES LE1s'r CHARLES LEIST Vice-President .,....,.. ,,,,,,,, C HARLES HUGHES ALBERT GROH Secretary ,.,,,......... ,,.,,.,. R OGERS HAR1-MAN ROGERS HARTMAN Treaszwer .,...,....... .,,,,,.,,.,.,,,....,.,,. C HARLES THURMAN EDWARD SANFORD D URING this past school year, the Wranglers made great strides toward their goal-that is, to promote an interest in public speaking in our high school. Any boy who is a Sophomore A and has an average of "B" in English is eligible for membership. The quota of the club is restrict- ed to twenty members. The clubis activities began on November 26 by giving aid to the Speakers in helping to make their annual Thanksgiving Dinner, for the benefit of the poor children, a big success. Next came the annual Speaker-Wrangler Christmas play. Two Wranglers were chosen for the cast. In the debate last fall between the Wranglers and the S. R. S., the Wrangler team won. The D. A. R. contest was won by one of the four Wranglers who took part in it. Three Wranglers spoke in the Sapinsky Contest, and one of them was awarded second place. The Wranglers oiiicially closed their program for the year with a banquet held at the Colonial Club on April 30. Two Seniors and one Junior made speeches, and our President assumed the role of toast- master. The Wranglers Club in due respect extends to their critic, Mr. Thomas, their heartfelt thanks for his patience, his cooperation, and his good advice that has helped us out of many difficulties. We wish him continued success in his work and hope that he will also continue as critic of the Wranglers for many years to come. Siwfy-one 1 -hr 'in 'il-L Lsomq: Mmm mm ww was uuwrmwq me ww:-msg .mf www www 400' MAN "if"i 12 .Y '53 1-gy Q Y I2 I VU rar 1 'fl 1 xi irwmx :awww Mm :mm mm cw Nw :MCL I xv-wm' uLqwm'1 ,2 N wxgvyf ' mm N vm, K x.:N mm mn rw A mg 2.4 us wmv xozugwrq ,n :rn ,c 'mow som L-m:,m.v4 Smliuw Vmwi NDA xcvr numb w.wugm wmv 'mkwqr vm M-sq www LLu,1u Kms! r-ww mmvf uw vo n u vm www mum wnum sm, Au vcmn faux treo :S x v . Sixty-two tmfarmz awww mmm. NNMTY mg: rmnwwnl a wx Xffmmvffi rbwm runnin Fwy. x Gcmwsu wwf 3' fwvn fu vxoerquw ww E mmm A W1 X' fqfum,mm1,s ww. ,ww wswf-.M :mucus xmwsem mm nun wumliw nom wvmrm wsu A mx: --V ,,x,xu wquw. wanna -mm mm K www VNU mmm ,U Q W Wi M5 mg: MW ,mmm JN ,LM,,, 412 W.:-.rl wfmfv mmm ummm www www Momma , Ronan wafer mm :mm qw ZUQUA-qw, ' 'f ,M ..-. . V . . Szzcty-three j, V J F A .4 3j,.,, ' ,-. ,.x.. . P ,, .QL ---f . . ,,.s ,gi ,rsh , is . -,W-,-I W fsfaf' Y Jw rec umm PM 4,-:Irv was sua . .vw WW . 1 ,fl R51 I 1 I K I ,M A LK W CNW .3 , rm form cm ws rims Irwulxmu mx-,A mio-as E Simms ww I x I-saliva VY Txffs 'ww iimmisvraz I 9 za :yours xpuwqo Mflffhljlfkk mmm Mamow CARI, wALlIi'i FRANK CNW S H S Officers lst Term 2nd Term President ............. ....... P AUL GILLEY WILIIIAM HARMON Vice-President A.,.,, ,,..,A. C HARLEs PETERS ROBERT ECKERT Secretary .,.....E.....E,...,.E,,.,,...............,.... CHARLES LEIsI' ROBERT BUCHANAN Treasurer ,,,,,,L,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,A,,,,,.,,,A,.A,,L, WII.I.IAIvI HARMON BASIL BYRNE HE purpose of this club is to promote an interest in science. A series of reports on scientific matters have been given through- out the term by the new members. The old members performed in- teresting experiments in both chemistry and physics. On April 15th a swimming party was held at the Henry Clay Hotel Pool for the graduated members and guests. The annual banquet was held at the Colonial Club on May 21. pSl.1'f!j-1.011 r my nur. ' meme govrzai IYDMIIYS snow, 5.7 www wx--a vs rom Q., , A X -. 4 - U 5 J , , i. 2 V - 2" -X 23 NK x"x4 xL'- Y lr' - f1"NY'v.lN Q ln. UH Nei Aw - Hum. , 1 wr-rev 3 , gi wxiwf 1 Pew, xg . -gzs , s -,x ,.,i,X-N M ,ME wfmovil 'gow mlm mm lox movin iw' Lim iibfisiiiwuis DOROTHY aww A ' K 9 1 - Jesters Guild President ,,.. A, ,.A. ,, ..........AA.,,.AA.,., ,,,,,.,.,., S TANNYE KINTNER Vice-President .... ,..,,...,,.,...,., P oLLy GILL Secretary .,,.,.. ,,..,,..,..A..,. H ELEN DYE T'reas1n'er .,..A. .,,,,,, L EOLA CLAYTON Critic .,,,....,, ...........A ll liss RUSK ESTERS' GUILD is the dramatic organization of the school. "Confession" was the play given before the assembly on Armis- tice Day, and "Evening Dress lndispenszilwlen was given at the Junior Reception, May 28. The annual picnic was held May 20, at the Boy Scout Camp. Sixty-five Ms?" CZIYU A1-XFX! 13- UWOSEEUP N"YA ii0Uf,H EOQOIHYMKH1 V133 QEQQMW WTLLN 1HORLx9FgDiN1X LVFWN BN! P1 CikOlSQINlU"1PI0NA L RUBEN IOMNLW vmwi vm . :VN LAT VSENK UYXVTI N P LOMNA HIW1l4fLHfU'EH TNCLMAWKLQAN JANE swwmgf MW lulKNY.ix Alu EN wfsr BUJLAH YEAQU1 L. -i.W,--, Y -Y WU, ,,, ., , U ,Ak ,v...,-, ,YW ,A ..-.,A.,-,-.-,... .,,.... fgoxwmv w ov z max smug mam mm mam- M-+ w-w:- WM ww W ms W. A QW-.H M 1 . M ,W 1- W Mwu ww f vm .14 QW, was ww we vw ww-.,o.w wr Law-. W1 1 ,L mmm U N 5, QM, .1 ww. i ,1., W 14-4 . ,Rf V F ,ig .ls af We umm mwum 'awww www w A-X21 1 . Wwmm :az .gf-f,.w. A1 M qw, L.. , . fi N .Arm .wap M1111 ,ww .fly 1.1-V, W, wr-: :-A 4- A Q -,m Sixty-seven Sodalitas Latina Sir Quaestor ,,...,............., . ,...,,...........,,,,,,,..,....,....,,. POLLY GILL Censor ..........,,....,........,..,,.,,,.A........ GERALDINE IMONTAGUE Consuls ,.....,....... HARRIET HOCKIN AND ROGERS HARTMAN Pmeceptrix ,,............,.,,.,,.AA,.A,...,,,,,,,,.,A MRS. IRMA H. PRITZ HE Latin Club, Sodalitas Latina, is composed of forty-three members: Nancy Beard, Etta Wright Best, Ruth Braeutigam, Harriett Conner, Dorothy Deni- ' son, Viva Emery, Margaret Fischer, Edith Flanigan, Eleanor Garrison, Polly Gill, Harriet Guthrie, Wilva Hankinson, Rogers Hartman, John M. Hege- wald, Kathryn Hendricks, Harriet Hockin, Ardell Howison, Anna Mae Hulen, Mary Frances Kahl, Ruth Kemp, Marie Knight, Dorothy Kraft, Delores Lang, Wilma Lang, Grace Loheide, Freda McAfee, Richard McCrackin, Mary McCul- lough, Alberta McKown, Katherine McSpaddin, Geraldine Montague, Wynema Rector, Lucille Reisz, Vera Rockenbach, Edward Sanford, Franklin Schoonover, John Shiner, Elizabeth Shrader, Margaret Smith, Harold Snyder, Elizabeth Spencer, Vincent Welch, and Sue Railing. ty-eight 52 3' 1 S' l1'i i J in auf 3. ag 5 It ES' E i?s?, Art Club President ,,..,.,,..,,.,,..,,...,,..,..,,,,A,,,,,, DOROTHA BLACKISTON Vice-President .,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,....,...,..,.,.......,,......... PAUL, GILLEY Secreta1'y and Treasurer ...A,,,,,,,,A,.. GORDON HENDERSHOT Critic ..,,,.....,......,..,...,..,,A.A,,,..,.. Miss NELLE HOMRIGHOUSE KATHERINE MCSPADDIN RUTH BRAEUTIGAM RUTH CHAPMAN WILVA HANKINSON FRANCES Lunwlc GEORGE STAFFORD ELIZABETH Fnocx B. W. MONIHON GLADYS HARBOLT CLEMENT ZUR SCHEVIIEDE ORRABEL MANN NORBERT NEUHAUSEL F HE purpose of the Art Club is to create an interest in beautiful surroundings and to co-operate with school activities. The initiation early in the fall was held on Fawcett's hill. In November, the club sponsored the annual picture exhibit, and the proceeds from this exhibit were used to buy three pictures for the High School. A During the Christmas season hand blocked Christmas cards were made and sold, and several candy sales were held to increase the funds of the treasury. The club spent several Weeks preparing the scenery for the op- eretta, '4Up in the Air? Sixty-nim BOOSTERS Seventy Boosters Club Ollicers President ,,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,, M ARY FRANCES KAI-IL Vice-President ,,,,,. A.A,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,, E DGAR DIOORE Seci'eta1'y-Trenszi ti ,,...,..A..,.. .ELIZABETH FLOCK , . . Miss HELEN GREEN Critics ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,.,,, v Miss GLADYS EWBABK WITH the beginning of the football season the Boosters Club inaug- urated a new plan for a series of pep sessions. A schedule, which made each club in school responsible for a pep session, was ar- ranged by the Booster representatives. This scheme proved so satis- factory that it was continued throughout the entire basketball season. In former years it has been customary for New Albany Senior High School to have only automobile parades for the purpose of arousing interest among the students and advertising the games. This year, however, marching parades were found to be just as effec- tive. On the night before the game the students met at a designated spot and marched through the town carrying banners and red lights. In honor of our annual contest with St. Xavier High School we had a parade, followed by a bonfire and pep rally at Buerk Field. This brought out a large crowd of loyal fans, ranging from the dig- nified Seniors and some Alumni down to the grade school students and little raga-muffins who brought up the rear. Coach Thom, accom- panied by Captain Bob Turner, was forced to ride in a very old hack, decorated to fit the occasion with red and black and green and yellow ribbons and drawn by two white horses. The High School band led the procession through the streets and up to Buerk Field. During the football season the Boosters decorated the Held for every game. This was made possible through the efforts of a loyal corps of workers. As in the past years the gymnasium was decorated for both basketball tournaments. Pep sessions sponsored by the Club kept the school spirit alive throughout the year, and PEP reached its height when New Albany beat its old rival, Jeff, in the Sectional Tournament-the fans almost went wild with enthusiasm. Svirwity-olir -Se' L'r'l1ty-1100 I' lH.5'l' UKlIHFJ51IiA 1- 1 iii ,, .Q BAND VM ,vw nlyAlln'1f1f September 14 15 16 23 26 October 3 13 November 3 6 17 19 24 26 December 1 3 8 15 18 January 4 Nl'l'l'Hf1j-flllll' As VVe Moved Onward After three months vacation, we start to school once again. General commotion ensues, during which schedules are arranged and rooms and lockers assigned. First assembly of the semester held. Alvin Bettman, a school-mate, is injured in football practice. , Alvin died. Defeated by Columbus in iirst football game of the season. Rev. Murphy gives the first of a series of talks by the pastors of our city. Avis Bobbitt gives art talk in assembly. Pep assembly held by Speakers. Tag Day Rally given to raise money for Thanksgiv- ing dinner for the poor children. Faculty wins over Seniors in their annual tilt. Rev, Anthony addresses the assembly. Speakers feed children chicken and dressing galore. Saint X knocks us for a loop with score ending 27-6. Tuberculosis Organization program. Dr. Willis Sutton discusses the merits of high school students. Rev. Bassett continues pastors' talks. We are entertained by Henry Dryer's orchestra. Speakers bring Santa with presents for good little children. VACATION! With our tummies full of goodies and our heads full of resolutions, we return disconsolately to classes. February March April -May June Respect for school property constitutes the talk given by Mr. Buerk. We travel to Egypt with Rev. Hamilton in his talk on t'Pyramids and Passports." S. R. S.-Wrangler Debate, resulting in a victory for Wranglers. Mid-year commencement. Magician mystifies student body with some slight of hand performances. Sherman Minton and Robert Kelso talk in assembly. We beat Jeff! Final score 14-9. Sectional victory celebrated with mammoth cake in pep session. George Washington preliminary. Good Friday Services, Rev. T. B. Terhune, Operetta. Operetta. George Washington Contest Finals. Charles Leist is awarded the first prize. Awarding of basket-ball letters. History of World War hero, Alvin York, given by Thomas Skeyhill. High School band and orchestra take prizes at Ris- ing Sun. Wranglers hold banquet at The Colonial Club. Finals of the Sapinsky Contest. A Depression Idea is carried out in Annual Speaker Dinner. Sodalitas Latina Banquet. Tyler Contest finals. Members of Jesters' Guild go on hike. S. R. S. Banquet at Colonial Club. "What Anne Brought Homefl presented by Senior Class. Junior Reception. Baccalaureate. Tea for Senior Girls. Commencement. Sc L'Cll ty-jivu mum-xx arm ' fm TNLFR ""'f'fL' 'hi W r SHplI1Sliy Contest TIIE Annual Lee Sapinsky Contest was held in our auditorium on May 10. The following prizes were awarded: first, Lucille Reisz, whose subject was "Our Civic Obligations", second, Edward Sanford, speaking on "Our Attitude Toward Taxeswg third, John Gilchrist, who spoke on "Student Government" for N. A. H. S. Other contestants and their subjects were: Virginia Duffy, "Buy in New Albany", Ruth Bailey, "As Others See Usug Edna Sharp, 'fPlanning For the Futureng Rogers Hartman, "Improved School Play Grounds", Helen Dye, 'tOur City Railway Situation", Felix Mc- Callister, HA Municipal Park System", William Hermann, "Better Tyler Contest THE Tyler Contest in dramatic reading was held on Tuesday, May 24. Final contestants, and their subjects were: Kathryn Smith, "Lizzie Announces Her Engagement", Virginia Durbin, 'tThe Lost Silk Hat", Dolores Clark, KiAHtlg0H6l,Q "Wynema Rector, 'tThe Will- ing Workerug Ruth Hacker, "The Club Meetingug Felix McCallister, 'tThe Inmate of the Dungeon", Dorothy Denison, t'Wives in a Social Gameng Helen Dye, "The Mountain Phoebe". Miss Edna Watson was the faculty Coach' Commercial Contest Advertising Methods". AT the State Commercial Contest held at Muncie on April 30, New I Albany placed third among the typewriting B teams and fifth in shorthand. Every student taking commercial work entered into the prelim- inary contest this year, and the 25 schools ranking the highest were permitted to send teams to the finals. In typewriting the class aver- age was second highest, with Charles Thurman placing highest of in- dividuals in the State. In bookkeeping and shorthand, the teams ranked tenth and twelfth, respectively, out of the 190 schools com- Band and Orchestra THIS year marked the first in the history of the school that the music department entered the State Band and Orchestra contest sponsored by the Indiana Band and Orchestra Association. The Band, Orchestra, and the Girls, Drum and Bugle Corps jour- neyed to Rising Sun, Indiana, on April 23, where the Sectional con- test was held. New Albany's entrants were highly successful in this contest, the Band winning a trophy for the "Best Marching Bandfi the Orchestra defeating Aurora in competition in the class B con- test, and the Girls' Drum and Bugle Corps were given a pair of cym- bals by the Wurlitzer Company in recognition of their good work. Charles Heckel won a medal and a music stand for placing first in a Sousaphone Solo contest. On May 5, 6, and 7, the Band, Orchestra, and Girls' Drum and Bugle Corps went to the state finals in Evansville. Although unsuc- cessful in bringing home any prizes, the entire musical organization gained valuable pointers, which will aid them in future contests, from groups that have competed in the contests in previous years. peting. 523 Nc 1'r'nZy-Cigllt B 549. Egg? if. INTHE MCH31. PR- 1 I Q. K -: N3 z --if-' , V' 2,5 ii "Huw"-H Srfminty-nim: 4, 'f?:'Jf "W : 'Lk Class Pla y THE Seniors gave as their class play this year "What Anne Brought Home," by Larry E. Johnson. It was a three-act play instead of the usual three one-act plays given. The coaches were Miss Helen Green and Miss Thelma Huntsinger. Miss Kirk assisted. There were two casts, the parts played being as follows: Anne, Stannye Kintner and Wilva Hankinsong Dudley, Charles Leist and Charles Thurman, Alma, Jane Dorsey and Mary Frances Kahlg Herb, William Hermann and Edwin Bradeng Uncle Henry, John Gilchrist and Basil Byrneg Sam, Nicholas Leist and Paul Gilleyg Mrs. Bennett, Mary McCulloch and Ruth Braeutigamg Nina, Sue Railing and Mil- dred Kost, Raymond, Albert Groh and Jack Black. Oratorical Contest A GEORGE WASHINGTON Bi-Centennial Oratorical Contest sponsored ' by the Piankeshaw Chapter of the D. A. R. was held in the audi- torium Thursday evening, April 7. Mr. H. A. Buerk presided. Charles Leist won the award. His subject was "Washington, the Statesman." The other contestants were: Edna Sharp, "Washington, the Builder of a Nation"g Delores Clark, "Washington, the Man"g Felix M'Callister, "Washington, a Military Leader"g John Gilchrist, 'tGeorge Washington, the Christian", Rosemary Redens, "Washing- ton, the Unknownug Lucille Reisz, "Washington as a Leader"g Rogers Hartman, 'tThe Youth of Washingtonng Edward Sanford, "Washing- ton as a Presidenty' Rev. L. S. Phillipps, Mr. Sherman Minton, and Mr. Gus Wein- mann were judges. yllty E Y' L H - 1 . 2 E A x - Q E . I . 5 K , ,. N H , o L I. 5 '- fi, ,A 3 fw U . if W D 5 ., x N E L E m N A Xi 1: A " fi J F r v 'Z Q 5 T' T ' M L v ,V J 1 u I 1 s L T x4 I f N wx 5 E A x R V A W H 2 4 f N W R fl Q l 5 E L "' x N J fl R 4 31 L N l K V Z 3 3 3 Ii iw Q X ' V. f I 4 K 5 if 1 :ig 1.21 1 ' 'Q' I -4 if 3 357, P gi YROPMY Torx wxucmwq Q l 'Q ' WON BY BAND ' V, ' vumsrmcr comm? ---w A f www cm A11 Q X .wa- TROPHY wow ov " ORCHESTQQ vw ' :QU DNSYRNCT CONTEST g TROPHY NON BY TVPINQ TEAM APRQL 50- 1432 15152 YALLS UTY I3 B TRUPHX' HIQHEST xmas mom Som um. s,.1oN av,-ygggmsxmja caasgn Eiglztymnc L Eiglity-tivo Parent-Teachers Association 9'QF'PAy54' 4,5 -sg, '4- 5 1523- 3 fr 1:2341 'a 3 .1- NY 1.13, Q , 2' i 5,4 1 , . I? 4 i 1 ' 15, 'i1"Ii 'ith' Q Q, oi H ,Af pw, ,5 4811 C,GARRi50N. NRS Officers President ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, MRS. CHARLES CAESAR Vice-President ,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,A,,,, M R. J. H. THOMAS Secretary ....,...,. ....,.. M ISS GLADYS EWBANK Treaszwei' .,,,,,,,,,.,,..,,,.,., ,,..,,,, M RS. KENNETH COYTE Publicity Chairman ,,..,,.,,,..,,,,..,,,,,.,, MRS. CHARLES GARRISON Chairman Fiiiaizce Committee ,....... MRS. KENNETH EICHOLZ Chairman, Hospitality Committee ....,, MRS. BERTRAM HECKEL Purpose Cooperation of Home, School, and Community. Program Activities this year were concerned with student welfare work SLHOOL CLOSED FED-22,11 1 WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE? ROLLER SKATIN evmvooov- Evfrw NlQHC1x H3 I SWNG H32 ky!-FT 52 N 5 ig? 1554 H N nf x- Jess gg f MIQLLIAMSONW' ' Q Q , -ren: .5 CARL wmma ' Q' X MARK TnnvFuruasSuAnnw Cunsmfr a:L'1,,:'g'gq,E"::,og I! Ma.Kav-rsnuoura Avzouno, FIRE TOWER '1 Tu TRACK me' on Joumnnlsm Tlx' msg ' ,! nv' ron CAMPBELL N. fl Fuss oven. ounmcf THE r 1 ' Pnlih, CANDY SALE ' I ' Q " W , I , I QP I I lx 49,4 - I ' ,J ' , Q 44 x , v 1 Q 0' OLD W cumusmy VICTIM op A CAFETERIR RUSH Zz 1 V r f r uevsvz W' I' . ' L ww MrR'N 9 , 'I f X HQ, KATIEGLIONN 694,63 ae? m 5 4 - 'Q MJ" X' I N Hsfwsasuor S d W N QS J? ' ' 5 .539 5' gf or Q' 'lg 103- WREGE' Q . " NEUHAUSEL- THEN! Cmetr KN ooR SPORT Eightylfh l'K ni! xg, NX q I Xe 'Eg X ,vm 5 A ,Q Q T 191,514 AB QQ + X NP' ,mf .fx 1 e 5 .MV ffm ' Y 5 1 2 . . 5 " ' J J f Q+ l ,jjfftx i k z V Y 5 E 1 N! JWARUIU '7 ll ,, ' X, 2, X In somev , A 1 , EFF F Y KLARER -' BALLARD X" Xi! q..?Q . ,' Q W' JTHPUJLLV X! Q NELPW M, :Q . 'xsxmz 2 -XE9,-' : Ovpggm O Q L j 5 Qurogii B- A ' 1 :ET Q, QQ gow 5:2 -. ,nf X K J 2 4, 2 9 Q N r R it 'ZX ff: H5202 In X ,- is H I XA W . , N :turf f X f fx X fm ,. A, x N XAJJLL 5 it 74 WX I . F . W ,, . . '--:. . -1 V ' EAig?! 4 Milgz ., 4 ,, Q 5 2 f HARD srxuem ' ERE Bmmime PROFli5'fS '. : 53 Z, 2 V, . -1 W fffa fv M A' ' 'K' ' . X 1 gel v My fx 1 f ww E X slow ' Zi -A.: AGAIN X' f'xl -151' ,- , KNABLEAND A UT. OX X l X fm amfs3a2a1 W w WALTQRSMIIH Y 1 5 X L' U l RUNNWG DOWN! X WOM, 1-'X ms omom iff? H X H dey' XX -1E!E::5::g3!EZEE" WILSONXGI 2- f' X! !6y - 12 ,I I NEED 965 , X KVX am X L ' ', 1 Cusvmner Q im ka E 9 fam 'msc WILSON 4 ONT TELL ON A p, 1 UP AT HNVBODY 'E I My DIE ' BLOONHNGTO Y' BUT THIS - gd mx X I5 sow snmfrzs wgm ighfy-jour New New New New New New New New New Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Football The Seasons Record for 1931 Albany ,,,, ,,7,,,,,,,7,, 0 vs. Seymour ,,....,,.. .,,,,,A 8 Albany 7,77,,, ,,7,, 6 vs. Columbus , .... .,,.. W 0 Albany ., .,,.. 6 es. Cathedral .... ..l. . 7 Albany ,,,,. 7 ,,s,, 0 vs. F. J. Reitz .,..,.,,, .....,. ...13 Albany ,,,s,s ,,,ss 7 vs. Reitz Memorial ............ 6 Albany ,,,, ,, ,,,,, 0 vs. Princeton ..,.,.,.. ....l,...... 2 6 Albany ,,,ssss ,,,s, 6 vs. Bloomington .............. 20 Albany ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 6 es. Manual, Indianapolis ...31 Albany ,,s,,,, ,,s,, 7 7 6 vs. St. Xavier ..,,,,..,,..,.,.,... 27 ' Total Points ,,....l...., 138 The 1932 Schedule 24 Seymour ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , , ,,,,,,, H ere 1 Columbus . ,..... ..........Here 8 Open 15 F. J. Reitzn. A .ssss l.,, , ,....Y ........, . . .......Here 21 Cathedral-fNight Gamel ,,., There 29 Princeton 7, 7, Here 5 Reitz Memorial-1Night Camel There 11 Manual, Indianapolis ,,,7,,,, ,, Here 24 St. Xavier ,.,. ,,,,.,. , .Here 1 x High ly-ji rr EAVXL ness rbi ELMEIX DIECISMANN LE. C A PTMN PXOBE fi! Tklvlm ti Alum qqon qs Louis Hutos L El ,H ' g i. , 4, iv 1ffflllf!!'Sl.l' Football WITH the start of the 1931 Football season Coach Thom had a world of material around which he hoped to build a winning combination. After the first couple of practices the prospects for a winning team looked very good, but if Coach Thom could have fore- seen the many misfortunes that lay ahead of him he probably would have canceled every game on the schedule. The season opened on Septem- ber 25. The team journeyed to Seymour, Ind., to play the Sey- mour Owls, the game was played in a downpour of rain. The Owls succeeded in getting a few breaks and emerged victorious by an 8 to 0 score. The team played this game without the services of three of the regulars. The following week the Bulldogs journeyed to Columbus and de- feated the Columbus Bulldogs 6 to 0. On October 10 Cathedral High of Indianapolis invaded the Bull- dog camp for New Albany's first home game of the season, and went home with a 7 to 6 victory. It was in this game that Coach Thom started what he might call a first team. But his hopes of a victory were shattered when Caesar and Ott had to be taken from the game in the first quarter because of in- juries. srzwfm swims CVHRNIAN L.C1. LLOYD I WENDELL OTT EB. cAqL HAIWS 3.2. F. J. Reitz was met on October 17, and the Bulldogs suffered a 13 to 0 beating at the hands of the Reitzmen. October 24 the Bulldogs beat Reitz Memorial. Coach Thom took his team to Princeton on October 31, and there met up with the powerful Prince- ton tigers who succeeded in de- feating the Bulldogs 26 to 0. Bloomington was the next team to tackle the Bulldogs, when the game started Coach Thom had three regulars in the game. Due to injuries and other mishaps the iirst squad sat on the sidelines and watched the team go down to a 20 to 6 defeat. On November 7 Manual of In- dianapolis came to New Albany and went home with a 31 to 6 vic- tory. This game was the first of a three-game series to be played be- tween the two schools. On Thanksgiving day the Bull- dogs met the St. Xavier Tigers of Louisville. The game was played on a typical Southern Indiana Eiglzty-svutlz CHAQLES ELMOQE if QEOQGIE ZIMMEFIMAN QQ, or ,fy wut i IAM 1 C. , 'i F' ' 'fi s S Q. 4 RICHARD TUQNEYKH-B. K ., , V CLIFFORD HRENDIQES QE. Eighty-eight Thanksgiving day. The field was sloppy, and this, mixed with a cold bleek rainy day, didn't do the crippled Bulldog team any good, and they went down to a stinging 27 to 6 defeat. Although the season was not an impressive one in the win column, Coach Thom and the members on the team deserve a lot of credit for sticking it out through such a season as they had. Old Man Mis- fortune seemed to be with the team this seasong almost in every game Coach Thom was forced to start a new line-up. Two days before the Seymour game Mr. Thom was greeted with the news that three of the regulars would not get to play because of skipping school. The following week the school received a severe shock when Alvin "Buddy" Bettman, a Sophomore and a member of the team, had died because of an injury that he had received during prac- tice. Not one time during the sea- son could Coach Thom say that he didn't have someone on the ailing list. We hope that next year the football team will not suffer such severe set backs as it had this year. FIRST TEAM SECOND TEAM Eighty-nine Baske Lball FOR the third time in four years Coach J. W. Ballard has succeeded in winning the Sectional Tournament and going to the final game of the Regional Tournament. Coach Ballard started off the 1931-1932 season with two lettermen, Capt. Herman Caesar and Robert Turner, with whom he molded a team that was to have its up's and down's all during the season, a team that recorded one of the greatest achieve- ments ever done by a New Albany High School Basketball Team. They came through in the semi-final game of the Sectional Tourna- ment to defeat the highly rated Southern Indiana Basketball Team of the Jeffersonville High School by a 14 to 9 score. The team was strengthened at the start of the second semester by the addition of Walter Kahl to the squad who put much needed drive into the team, that helped them to come through in the tourna- ments. The season started with a bang with the Bulldogs winning three games in a row, Corydon, Madison and Paoli. The Corydon game was an over-time, but Madison and Paoli fell by rather large scores. Central High of Evansville invaded the Bulldog camp and went home with a 24 to 20 victory In the next three games the Bulldogs were victorious over Greensburg, St. Xavier, and Salem. The St. Xavier game was played on New Year's afternoon. On January 9, the Annual Blind Tournament was held at New' Albany. In the first game of the afternoon New Albany defeated Corydon 35 to 22. Salem took the floor an hour later and whipped Paoli 27 to 21. The consolation game of the night brought together Corydon and Paoli with Corydon emerging the victor by a 46 to 29 score. In the final game Salem defeated New Albany by 20 to 17 to win the tourney for the third time in four years. In resuming their regular schedule the Bulldogs took it on the nose in the next four games. They were defeated by Male, Seymour, Corydon, and Mitchell. New Albany defeated Salem in the next game 18 to 11, but lost a Charity Game to Manual High School of Louisville by 26 to 21. Nznwty Mitchell and Columbus each took the measures of the Bulldogs, but Brownstown and Huntingburg bowed to the Ballardmen by 30 to 26 and 23 to 19 scores. Washington and Scottsburg defeated New Albany, but in the final game of the season the Bulldogs came through with a 32 to 23 victory over North Vernon. The New Albany High School Bulldogs entered the Sectional Tournamtnt as the under dog team. They were not considered by sports writers to have much of a chance of winning the tournament. New Albany opened the tourney by shipping Borden 22 to 8. On Saturday morning they defeated New Washington 24 to 8. In the semi-final game the Bulldogs played their best game of the season and defeated their old rivals, the Jeffersonville Red Devils, by 14 to 9. The Hnal game of the night brought together New Albany and Silver Creek, and the Creekers went down to defeat at the hands of the Bulldogs by 23 to 17. The following Saturday the Ballardmen left for Bedford for the Regional Tournament. They met Bedford in the first game of the afternoon and defeated the Stonccutters by 18 to 16 in one of the best games ever played on the Bedford Court. In the final game that night the much smaller New Albany team appeared tired after their heroic struggle with Bedford and were toddled by the Seymour Owls by a 27 to 17 score. 1 A W' 3 4 1 xi A . i ,' '95 , "" Q . 1 , I 7 ff' K I - ' A-f W' . . , R' f lift gif, I ' g A Q' ' S XY 'X ,. ' ' R -if . l x i 3 . S 5 l , RUQERT FERRELL F. WV :CTD Dix :WV LWNYE. T S wif, C lid-4 Vxl L N CARL HRRRA5 C. iYi7lUf1lOll0 X I 7+ ' f A or l rf ' NRS eg 'A if . la, l -, X 5 -ma ji gg i i 33, JEAN wxvxs Q. ' A L .t 5 wg ' .X cwr. Q HCBMAN CAESAR E LHARLE5 WOLF ig. MARQMALL LADUKF' V. wu H ig mm E. vlowili TRUAER Q Basketball New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School ,,,,, New Albany High School New Albany ,,c,, ,, Salem ,,,e,,,,,, 7 Corydon ,e,,e, Salem , W New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School M14 "Corydon New Albany High School ,,,,, New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School New Albany High School ,fOVertimes. N lIll'fjj'fll'U . i:Corydon ,,e,,, Madison ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 7 Paol' 1 cc,, , ccc,c,, ,ec,c,,,e,ecce, , Central of Evansville, ,,,,,,, Greensburg ,,,,,, ,,,,, St. Xavier ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Salem ,ee,ee ,, Tourney Corydon ,, ,, 7, Paoli , , W W Paoli fConsolation Gamej ,, New Albany CFinal Gamej Male ,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Seymour ,,,, Mitchell ,,,. ,,,,,.,, Bosse ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Salem , e,,,,e,,,,,, 7 ,, Manual CCharity Gameb W Mitchell ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, , Columbus H , Brownstown , , W Huntingburg , ,, W Washington Scottsburg North Vernon , Dec Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Dec. Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. 1932-l933SBasketbaH Schedule Corydon ,,,,,,,,.,.. Paoli ,,77,,,,777,,777, North Vernonm, Madison ,,,,,,,,, Columbus 7,,,,,,,,, Salem ,,,,,,,,7,,,,7,, ..Here ,,,Here ,There ,,,There There There Central . ,7,,,,,,,,,,7,7 There Washington ,o,o.o There Blind Tourney o..,,, Here Mitchell ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Here Seymour ,,,o ,, ,F ,There Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Salem .,.. Male ,,,,,, .e.i.o,Here ,,w,,Here Corydon ,,,,,,,,,,,o There St. Xavier. Manual ,,..,,.,..,,.. There Scottsburg ,,o,,,, Here 10 Mitchell ,,..o,,,, ..,There Huntingburg ,,oo There Greensburg ..,,o,o, Here Bosse 7 , ,,,,,, , o,,,,,,, Here TRACK SPIUNG 1951 Ninety-three 3 9 L4 25,151 2 -M 1 msxsema mmm K L I Ninety-four I-'NGN T C 53 ,, " 9 VH? X ,::....... mm vwr, 3 Q 4 X MARX SNTERS 'FLYING HIGH OVUXHE AD h i Ninety-five - N i I Girls, A thletics MISS BOARD, physical culture instructor, is doing much to promote further interest in girls' athletics. Although no athletic work is done outside of the regular gymnasium classes, we find a great amount of enthusiasm aroused in the interclass bascball and basket- ball tournaments. Last fall Elizabeth Flock's eleven Won the baseball tourney. Cool Weather brought the girls indoors to perform more stren- uous exercises as: tumbling, pyramid building, and stunting. Tum- bling is invaluable to people, it develops courage and initiative, per- severance and self respect. Tumbling accomplishes a self satisfaction and pride that no other gymnastic activity produces. A lighter type of gymnastic work done is the rythmic dancing, consisting of national, characteristic, eccentric, and aesthetic types which were used in the Operetta and Class Plays. The interclass basketball tournament was played the first of April with "Liz" Flock's team again victorious. Warm Weather brought the girls outdoors to mimic the boys on the track in hurdling, high jumping, and relay racing, Volley ball, baseball, tennis, and archery round up the spring activities. -Mary Schac7"r:1'. .N i 11 fly-s ia' PALS f' F MIN rf' . SENIOR BLOTTER STHFF 4 Ninvty-eight BIOL Lei' Qtaif Faculty Advisors General Advisor .....,.......... MISS ETELKA J. ROCKENBACH Literary .,,A,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..A...... M ISS JEAN KELSO Art ,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,YY,,, M ISS NELLE HOMRIGHOUSE Photog1'apl1,y ......, ,..........., IW IISS GLADYS EWBANK Snapshots ......... ..,.,...... ............ M I SS HELEN GREEN IVIAKGARET RUTH BREAUTIGAM HERMAN CAESAR DONALD CARPENTER LLOYD S HALLERS WALTER S M ITH LISZTTE BETTMANN FRANCES HANCOCK ARDELL HOWISON VIRGINIA LEIST JACK BLACK EDYVIN BRADEN DAVID GOHMANN ELIZABETH HARTSFIELD WIIIINIA BURG JOHN GILCHRIST MARY FRANCES KAHI. CHARLES LEIST MARY TEIVES ANNA HOCK STANNYE KINTNER MARTHA RADY IWILDRED KING ESTHER MAE YOUNG BERTHA JACKSON HELEN DYE Editor-ivl-Chief WILLIAM HERMANN Associule Editors SMITH LUCIIIIIE REISI4 Business JWUIIIZQCV THOMAS DAVIS ART DORA FISCHER PAUL GILLEY ORRAREL MANN ATHLETICS LEWIS SHIELDS MOUNTING GRACE LOHEIDE STELLA IWIILLER HELEN MURRAY BEATRICE SMITH BUSINESS COMMITTEE VERNA LEE OTT VIRGINIA STOLZENBERGER GERTRUDE WELCH LITERARY GERALDINE MONTAGUE SUE RAILING EDNA SHARP CHARLES THURMAN SNAPSHOT ALBERT GROH ROBERT ECKERT ARDELL HOWISON MARY MCCULLOCH TYPISTS DOROTHY KNIFE JUNIOR ASSISTANTS I 1 EDWIN WILSON CLEMENT ZURSCHM VVILVA HANKINSON ROBERT TURNER FLORENCE WALTER DOROTHY HALLER LEO THOMAS IVIARY SCHOEN NICHOLAS LEISI' CHARLES LEIST MARY SCHAERER HARRIETT HOCKIN GERTRUDE WELCH MAXINE PHILLIPS MARTHA GOODBUI3 DOROTHY KRAET HELEN UTRECHT THELMA VVILLIAN JULIA LOPP VVYNEMA RECTOR IF Ninrty ul Bu ZYKXQSSXXKQ X . Q 1 X, ww-ruasr ww """ M' "" " 5 ' fgfj , 3? f 4? A Q MUSXCAL In! ' 5 2 Mcevmmcgs Q 5 A ,,, aww 5 f " M E 'Z v R X mmm 3 - ...., j x O U if 1 , t,.f" BVuKokihxokX XXQNJXOUN WN xhiewlm Q! 1 l ' ' 4 Q vw, 1 Q i,fV11 51 if? J'-'K' 3 TV' W L wfgyzjggfp X3 Nmzgiff K QUUEXQIEXIYUFQ ff! K 4 Z-Q2 n' 2 ? ,Q f- ,f - . , n ai Wm wxxamx 31 ' A :QA-41N usb: fi L ,Q yi 7 . Qvxxgiuxywfl fs, ft jhv I 8 nxxfc fxwfff Q fu Hn? 'K '- gf 7 bw , Lg? em g , A A f' ' X 0 'mc ", !uPJWuFN ' L41 H X! in 1-32021 fy H1 CN mwiv R f r 1 Y ' .- Y '.i'f,,, iam 5 W wx L2 gimizm ' W' 0 4 , E JR A ' B ,lx CL V nl 'S UWB mm W" , 1 ' , .X ,R 1 7 P ,. ' V X A Q SN iff Wm I t Vo? Ehxxiy ff 6 New YJ 1 ' Q, fipvhug f-X g diff fever' L4 1 ,Elo S 1 W 5 W , 5 M FD S? X W' my' J- f QYQLME NL , 4106020 shui l I 7 X 5 Q WC Kun at N is 3 X jiiifiwwxw I H13 wwf i?if it aa QP 3 'fn QQv GBA Gown ' Q E josh SK it j :Q j Q Kim Mk 4 '-'. ,-'b'+- p Y 'V ldqjf l3YxdcY5On g-53 One hunrlrvd Z n 1 Om' Iz'zmd1'c'1Z and two COMMUNICATIDN ADVERTISING l THE DESERT SHALL REJOICE AND BLOSSOM AS THE ROSE Advertising WE do set aside this section for advertisement in respect to Progress. That social function of the world as a Whole would have been much hindered in its course, had it not been for the adver- tising mediums Whieh so presented themselves as to carry to the people of all ages, sexes, and nationalities the fruits of a fast climbing civilization. Were it not for progress there would have been no need for the great advertising facilities of today. Truly, they do go hand in hand. We must, however, bind them more closely together. Let them become as one. If We advertise We must progress, if We prog- ress, We must advertise. So let us fight depression, fight rebellion, and fight the dragging down of the American Youth to lower business standards through our many types of advertisement. Let us, in truth "Fight on for Progress". -Charles Leist. One ltumlrcd and lhrcr, CAPS and GOVVNS Worn by the Senior Class furnished by HARRY K. LANDES CO., Costurners 837 N. Illinois St. Indianapolis, Ind Coftumey for all Occayiom If It C F f 1 1 1 Omes ,rom PHIL rBAldnP1 UO. P7'Z.l1f67'.V of the 1932 It's the Best Blotter Burd's Confectionery 330 PEARL ST. uxm-znwoon 'l'Yl'I'1VXRl'l'I-IHS W. E. SHACKLETT CO. Engravers 1625 Portland Avo. Louisville, Ky. U I I ml um! four JOHN G. EPPING Kentucky Club Ginger Ale Orange Grusli and All Popular Flavors 423 STATE ST. Plants Also Operated At NEW ALBANY, IND. L ll L gt C pb ll ll Ky ouisvi e, exin on, am e svi e, . COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF VVOOLVVOHTHS Citizens Security 5 81 10:3 Store Cornpany MARKET AT PEARL KRESGE BUILDING W. WELLS, Mwwwvf' NEW ALBANY, IND. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS or M THE HOIHG GRAND, INDIANA Steam Laundry H1111 KEPIRIGAN THEATIRES A. RASMUSSEN SL SON cflflowers For All Oeeasionsw Phone 96 Telegraph Service To All Out-of-Town Points 0 'I I"l and 7' For Better Ice Cream CALL COMPLIIVIENTS OF F Cr m - A Jmelly me J ea lndlana Candy Company ' We Dfriizleg 6E1E3v7Wh61'6 fi101I1pany PLANT-550 BEHARREL AVE. PHONE 1905 LANGIS C 1 , , JOMPI IMFNIS OF Caonieotlonery Burefs lee Cream Purlty Mald Low11ey's Chocolates Perfofnming Every Service for Your Car Kortc-Smith Motor Co. Buick Chevrolet Open every day in the year from 7 a. m. to midnight 411-421 E. SPRING ST. PHONE 444 Mayes Drug Co. "Yes We Have It" NIARKIYI' S'lklU'II'l'I' UN THE P X NEW ALBANY, INDIANA GEORGE E. MERGELL, Mavmgm FINE STATIONERY WEDDING INVITATIONS LoosE LEAF Booxs OFFICE APPLIANCES Petepyl- eddeq I21'111t1119m QIIIQEUES 133 SPRING ST. TYPEWRITFIRS FILING SYSTEMQ ROYAL PORTABLE '1'vPEWIcITE1:s For Dependable Coal Depend On The Meyer Coa1C0. "Home of Good Coalv K 111111 Zunls COMPLIMENTS OF THE WHITE HOUSE ENDRIS 81 SON Jewelers New Albany Hzlgh School? Official Jewelers Class Rings and Pius Quality Jewelers J. O. ENDHIS Sz SUN 320 PEARL ST. Cofzgmfulafiom, Graduates We invite you to visit this shop Where you Will always find a smart and distinctive line of young men's suits, hats and furnishings displayed. 306 PFARI STREET E. TCRESEIE EUILDING Cgenrge A. Kraft Funeral Director 708 EAST SPRING ST. PHONE 280 N. Leist 82 Son Jewelers COMPLIMENTS or FINGER BROS. P SL K Coal SL Coke Co. FRED C. REISZ, Treasurer Noiuux RICIIIC, Amt. T2'0asu1'f'1 NloDonald,s Drug Store Market St. bet. Pearl and State North Side of Plaza New Albany, Indiana L. H. MoToRs iifiizfxsziizixpii, Karl L- FGHSGF Sales Sm-mee Hardware Paint qaiizxrixia in urs "Hl'AllAN'l'lGlCS .mul 1'lltYl'l-14" '1'1-:r.i4:1-iroxics 71: :mil :vs NEW ALBANY, IN11. Sporting Goods 104 Main St.A31G Vincennes St. O I I I and vigil! SAVING MONEY EXPENSIVELY CRIMPING and scraping and pinching pennies is not always real economy. Being "Penny Wise and pound fool- ish" is an only too common failing. You may Waste time, health, beauty, re- creation and opportunity for self-culture by saving pennies-pennies that would pay the wages of Gas and Electric Ser- vants to Work for you and make possible any or all of those other things. The cost is only a few cents a day. Use Gas and Electric Appliances To Save You Time and Labor PU BLIC SERVICE COMPANY O F I N D I A N A G. H. BARR, Division Manager A Part of Your Community Ona In I um: COMPLIMENTS OF FAH NTERS Sz NIERCHANTS EXC HANCE I 1xr'41l 110 l'zn Lcd Feed Seed Grain Corydon Pike New Albany, Ind. T rinkle Motor Sales MARKET AT 15TH DeS0i0, Plymouth Di5f7'l.!7Hl0lA5 Coodyoar Tires Always the Best in Used Cars IIB ION SL W OL F Thr' ATKTUESZ Bulova creations rfpnffant ouwtandmg mlufs Bulova Vifatehes are dependable, accurate time keepers and richly finished 131 SPRING ST. PHONE 1785 COMPLIMENTS OF The Star Cleaners CoIvIPI,IIvIENTs oi' THE MOST UP-TO-DATE BEAUTY SHOPPE IN THE CITY La.lade Beauty 7 I 'W Zapp S Dairy 51109196 ' JESSIE B. CLIPP Phone 2472 301-303 LIBERTY BANK BLDG. Ernrna C. Muller Flower Shop Flowers for all 0L'C'6l.S'l.0lI5 Bonded Members Florists Telegraph Delivery Asso, Slm1il'lunm HID llrwlilvluvn' I'lmu02il1ll 1611 MAIN ST. NEW ALBANY, IND. J . C. Gonder Pies and Cakes Fanry Pa,vzfrz'w' of all Kimfx PHONE 1341 E118 E. Market St., New Albany, Ind. rn rf 711l?1!II'Pf7 and fvn Good Business Training Helps ln Any Endeavor Continue Your Education WITH US fx! New Albany Business College PHONE 795 ELSBY BLDG. LOUISVILLE COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Institutcd 1870 Incorporated 1872 Pharmacy offers especial inducements to those who are properly qualitied. The course at this College, covering a period of four years, is designed to combine theoretical and practical training in all branches of study. There are five laboratory courses with experienced instructors. A PRACTICAL COURSE FOR PRACTICAL PHARMACISTS Requirements for entrance are four years of high school with credits of at least fifteen units. THE COURSE LEADS TO THE DEGREE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PHARMACY For catalogue, address G. L. CURRY, Phar. D., DEAN - 104 W. CHESTNUT STREET LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Uno ll'lL1IIl7'Cll and eleven Elmer Q. Bierkmann Funeral Director Thomas A. Mulhneaux 615 VINCENNES PHONE 39 FLllIe1'dl Df7'6Cf07' We are as C1039 to you as UOU7' Plloxl-1 ZS 1307 E. Smuxu S1 telephone NEW ALBANY, INDIANA COMPLIMENTS or Gulf Refining Co. L. 1. SHRADER CO. All Mdf67'Z'dl Under Cofver PHONE 109 15TH AND ELM ST PHONE 419 PLANTS OF ALL KINDS Cut Flowers and Design Work a Specialty ,Ffed 1361111131111 COMPLIMENTS or 'Y 81 Sons A , f . FLOIQISTS M. 1 hofflton "Silverton Flower Gardens" East Spring Street and the Concrete Bridge NEW ALBANY, INDIANA Compliments of Judge John M. Paris Unr' l11m1I1'r'1l and Mrrrlvo COMPLIMENTS OF Edward H. Meyer CANDIDATE FOR SH E R l, FF COMPLIMENTS OF Robt. Ar. Leist, J r. CANDIDATE FOR TREASURER If wash day is not a day of pleasure, let us send you a Maytag. If it doesn't sell it- self, do not keep it. The Daily Tribune Southfrn Indianak Lfading Nfwfpaprr High Quality Job Printing Rornvvasser-Gwin llnplelllent 141-143 EAST MAIN ST. NEW ALBANY, INDIANA Piioxi-3 1061 424-426 S'r.xT1c Srl: ' " PHONES 25212523 Ranges C 1 f Heating Stoves 03. Fireplaces Furnaces Stoves Coke for Ovens Sand, Gravel, Cement for Buzldifzg and Repazrbzg E. T. SLIDER Phones: 2603-26041-3009 and 30l0 Um, llzlnrlrf I tl I l Its A F act You Can Buy For Less At H F F I NEW ALBANY'S BEST FURNITURE STORE PHONE 2480 E112 Seabrook Glu. new-poi-.nm ffunvral Birertnrs MARKET AT TWELFTH AFTER ALL There is no substitute for a Savings Account in a Well managed Bank. MUTUAL T RU S T 52 DEPOSIT UO. 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H K 516 lqmxuaf 1 15' E- PERSSBVALITQZ 5 ' ,1 X 'lsvgasuctl fgelgmfqf if " f -Q E ' ' 1 Y 9 X ,KJ Q 2f'm21,:z::ea.1a15e,if5zf ff Your School is obfuinea li tlififggg lhvouqk fhe Services o W,fg7vi?f!l' ffl, '75 A 9'1Sk,K1c?lff42O- 5',7,Q'h'.X-XJR" ,- ffk A AKTISTS-.EAGKAVLILS fggygxfg " ww Xjz- H wwf Qm':ffJ!','w1Q ff: A- KF gf , T H L rdgX"'1kz ,VN ' V Wvf' U 1 Kxifllbw N QMS xx fecfgf .X-JXEFN " FAREWELL A DENSE grey curtain held us backg The curtain that Veils the future, Causing rebellion to seethe in us. A restless spirit urged us on But a cruel sardonic Fate re- fused release. Eager to follow the call of Visions inspired by Youth, To follow the trail that the Song of a dreamer-Vagabond music- Brings to our yearning eyes. Our souls, in answer to the eltin call, Filled with the spirit to do and dare, Take their place in the march of Civilization. The curtain is slowly drawing back: Dreamer's song .... answer. . . . Progress. ' --Edna Sharp. Xlltcmggraplls Xl1l ug'r'apl1s

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