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R x N, K i X v I i Q ' xr I ll Like It VL fl 'landing l. Al' . .1 P" gi U if r lljxm ' mvf IL", ffl 1 11 , " ll 5' lf,qi'l1'1alLI'I'J'i1"l'l Hy 'U' I, IM: 4,1 nil 1 Q JW' I I I Q I X , wg X: ,I I lf'1'jIl7fQ""' gf rg 1.4-5 ' Q U I? I 562.011 -.1 I T I l XA i'1Iqr" l!1,,i' 4 1,11 'lp ",,:,'?,,1,:s V S sunk. 0 In 2 I I xHefp,g"eIg yn' at ,f!v.n i"7f f 1 A3 vnllrvf' S X .13 if-gr -Qi I H 5 -111:11-, I7 ' -H fa -Ps: lv 1 i the world s a stagt md all th 11 cn and women merely players As You v . . . 5 l r, . V 1 I. .- -:-ix. fx N N ,.5. a rn- e 'im K fig- , 5,-,if ggiiiiisgh-3r5,g.e.5.s,l,gz I I, ! fl MMM' 23 7, 22,2 ' C F gg? f 'Q-E.. 7, I 5. 5 -lin? f 1.11. H35 'Hg ' 5 gg: lgl:lf'U! 5l'L'L'f ' Jkt 'I 'I 1 ''J''i:v""f:s'Jr5'f':753Ii"7'1fI' g F fx ' I . .te-:.v'1, ...,:.1l'g:f::, ' fx A 1: v N: "'j,--g--- .... -:l"i.t,:j 'ff yi: , 1 ' iii" "T I I ' I I ' f I f"a'-ffie , In V -.1 ,ff 1.!.l'2Ijil?I"1'5 ,-,gig-, 4 ggi., E ik. 'Qr'jIi :sf l"l? :,":,:,:I: -If "5 '-3 'fthwf' X :J View J 'Jg5.""" rlvjlw .milf L. S mr t , 'wit-I gr: , 1"9,1"v"v' I K L-I I f, X I 'like' ra' 'gffifiwxui 3,4-il' A E :E -- I-I I l 'Ili' " 1f-- IW. Ji. . 15 f' ' -L fwthkiftxt f" ','f.i.g ' ' I , .5 ,555 . , , -'lf' Q' I iid" 'liV5"" 'ffl -14 aff! if : 7 I -353 'Z it 'I' -' - - - ' 'ff W4 K? , If Wi, , 5 , ' 1 - , I , tu f x ,f .:.:.. xr- h s5.'-II:I- i Q 41 -:Z ,ff X f '.:.:. "Au ' t 1- - .HH TA-RAN-TA-RAI TA-RAN-TA-RA. TA-RAN-TA-RAI Hear yel Hear ye! Ye Senior Players Present A Right Merrie Comedie 'Ye Blotter In Eight Acts Time: The gracious year of our Lord. one thousand nine hundred and thirty Place: N. A. H, S,-Stronghold of Ambitions. ' Act Act Act Act Act Act Act Act I Il III IV V VI . In which the general situation is set forth. . Rather dry but undoubtedly learned. . The stars of the cast, somewhat high hat. , A great many actors of no particular consequence. . In which the social 400 entertain. . Wherein men of might and women. too. wield weights, run lengths. score goals. VII. Snappy reparlee modernly known as Wise cracks, VIII. The business men hold carnival. CURTAIN Three f 1+ ' 5 Dedication Nothing in our school is more to he Than the director of athletics. He Coaches as one studied in the art to Efface himself and glorify the boy. His teams though trained to play. not just Bring home successive victories. But best Is his imprint on student character. admired to win, The girls as well as boys are pleased to call Him friend, He shuns the stage. but when 'Tis in a succinct fashion. So we. Departing Seniors, dedicate this. our Book. to J. J. Kraemer, teacher, mentor, And to Jack, our friend. Four he speaks , if l 1, , ll I ll , . 1 i f I! lflfff 'll Il K if Ilif f' J I A N iq, Z H I ' l l W, ll' l l ll ' l . ikxir. JM s' Prologue And hither am I come A prologue arm'd, but not in conndencc Of authors pen or actor's voice, yet your Patience this allowing, l'll undertake To tell you. fair beholders, that our play Treats on. 'Tis a merry, serious play that ls now the present trafic of our stage, For we are come to play a pleasant comedy. What players are we? Seniors of the '30 class In fair New Albany. Here we lay our scenes, Here we relive the pageants of the past, But even so. 'tis ten to one this play Can never please all that will see't: therefore Like, or find fault, do as your pleasures are Now good or bad, 'tis but the drama's chance. Martha Jacobi. Five ix Seven Om' Diamond jubilee and Golden Wedding This year New Albany Senior High School celebrates its Diamond Jubilee. We are the second oldest high school in Indiana, being antedated by Evansville by the short period of Lhree years. Our history begins 1855 on West First and Spring Streets, the present site of the Scribner lligh School. This first school was for young men only. As the years went by it was felt that the young ladies were being discriminated against All over the United States had been growing a feeling that girls should be given an opportunity for education. Thus it was that in 1870 a seminary for young women was started on the corner of Bank and Spring Streets. the present location of the Carnegie Public Library. Our present Superintendent of Schools. Mr. H. A. Buerk, was graduated May 23, 1879, in a class of eight boys. The commencement exercises were held in the Opera House on Pearl Street. Young Harry Buerk received Latin Honors, in which language he wrote and delivered his valedictory. We think it is very fitting that we should receive our diplomas at his hand. 1930 marks a second notable anniversary. Shall we call it our Golden Wedding? lt was in 1880 that the Boys and Girls schools were united, Rather against precedent the young men moved in with the young ladies. From that time all classes have been coeducational. By 1904 the family had grown so large that a new home was necessary. We moved into "The Young People's College" at Sixth and Spring Streets. Mr. Buerk had come back to the school the year before, 1903. in the capacity of Principal and Football coach. ln 1908 he was made Superintendent of Schools. in which position he has since served. In 1928 we were made a Senior High School. Leaving the old home to the Juniors We moved into our beautiful new one on Vincennes Street. The two graduating classes this year number a hundred and fifty-one, the largest in our history. Our retrospect must of necessity be brief but we hope that it will carry you back and that all old grads will join us in celebrating this, our double anniversary, A Diamond Jubilee and Golden Wedding. LYDIA RASMUSSEN. High! Bocwcl of Education I SL 6215 'Efii' J, VJILLIAMSON Presfden! HI Al BUERK C. PRALLE ERNI Superintendent of Schools Nine Serrelarg DR. R. W. HARRIS Treasurer FIRST ROW HELEN GREEN, English EDNA WATSON, English NAQMT J. KIRK, English 'IAHIZLMA HUNTSINGER, English JEAN KELSO, English SECOND ROW CLAUDE H. IIUGHIES. History I'IIiI,EN I-. SPRINGER, History J. WENDELL BALLARD, History LEOTA B. RUSK, History J. IJARDIN THOIWIAS, Htv8IOfy THIRD ROW IVIARGARIET K. PETERS, COITHTIEFCE EDWIN KAHL, Mathematics RUBY G. WELLS, Mathematics ALBERT W. KOEHLER. Mathematics GRACE A. HARPER, Commerce Faculty SIXTH ROW IRMA H. PRITZ, Latin HOWARD F. WYNE, French ETELKX J. ROCKENBACH, Latin NIELLE HOMRIGHOUSE, An JESSII2 M. BEARD, Music FIFTH Row ORAL TITRRELL, Industrial Arts ALINDA WIDINIAN, Cafeteria Manager MARY K. DOYLE, Cooking BELLE GENUNG, Sewing ALBERT L. GEHLB KCI-I, Printing FOURTH ROW C. ARTHUR THRO, Mechanical Drawing FRANKIE H. ZENOR, Secretary C. C, KATTIERJOHN, Principal LENX J. BOARD, Dean of Girls JOHN J. KRAEMER, Athletic Director BERT-R xii C, HECKEL. Music WII LTAM A. WILI.I?R, Litmiriim HILDA CADLE, Nurse D. D, FINLIQI. Science RUTH EWING, Bible Ten fa I f5l'i2.MFHig fv --ffgf"'q '- ,. A h rf' " ' N :ff Bwr'1zG'H , if h 'J gif ' ,I L tx 53 X 1 X K x ' ' f v ' ' '41, '-4 151511 f kkk ' Vkr, 'V 1 H i-M W 'gl ' ' 'b 3: . . 4' 2' ri A Faculty "The attribute lo awe and mujestyu-Merchant of Venice. Eleven F if? .jg N. A. H. S. Revue The following theorem was evolved by Edwin Kahl, to-wit: If all the worlds a stage, and N. A. H. S. is a small part of the world, then N. A. H. S. is a small stage, too. Thinking Barnum to have been right, we decided to feature a Revue. William Willer, fabulously wealthy from "Penny a week day" supplied the financial backing. A sinister plot was woven by Naomi J. Kirk. Jean Kelso leaped into the lime-light as scenarist. Albert Koehler, having finished a course in College Humor, Whiz Bang. etc., was unanimously elected 4'gag" man. The play being French, Howard Wyne had supervision of the dialect and Edna Watson was chief prompter. Howard had quite a time teaching Mutt Gehlbach. villain, the correct pronunciation because Mutt's mustachios, had the habit of im- peding his speech. Helen Green and J. Wendell Ballard were cast for the leading roles, Jack Kraemer the dashing army commander, Ruby Wells the faithless wife, Helen Springer sym- pathetic Red Cross nurse and Claude Hughes crisp, eflicient surgeon, Alinda Widman and Mary K. Doyle were Salvation Army lassies and furnished "sinkers" for the poor extras of the mob scenes, the Seniors. They portrayed an excellent piece of acting when they saved the life of Thelma Huntsinger with a cup of coffee and doughnut. Pritz B Rockenbach, costumers, used Belle Gr-nung as wardrobe mistress. Beard iff Heckel. symphony directors, put on some hot musical numbers such as "Ethelbert, be true". These Were sung by Leota Rusk, High School diva. Lena Board featured several snappy dance numbers. J. H. Thomas arranged the historic sequence. Nelle Homrighouse furnished colorful settings which were painfully erected by Oral Terrell. Arthur Thro managed the finances with the aid of Grace Harper who missed making up her weekly bank chart because of worry spent on straightening out the books. The masterpiece was censored by Cecil Crecelius Katterjohn, well-known critic who left enough scenes in it to cost Margaret Peters, typist, ten cents worth of Oh Boy gum. While she was on her last paragraph. Demi Daniel Finley playing with a hi-powered ex- periment, sent typewriter, play and six extras thundering clown the ages. --Leeba Kehoe. Cues flVe never miss them! "Now we speak upon our cue and our voice is imperial"--Henry V. Thomas--"Take Babe Ruth." Findley-"If the shoe fits wear it." Peters-l'For crying out in tears." Heckel-'Tm not mad, but .... " Watson-"Now, boys and girls." XVilleri"Don't forget Penny-a-VJeek Day." Kelso-"Don't be facetiousf' B0arCl+''s not have any more of that two-year old giggling." Wells-"Not consequences--consequentsf' Katterjohn-"We will now be dismissed for our 7th period class." Kraemeri"Mr. Willer's all wet." Rusk-"When I went to College." Pritz---"Compana sonavitf' Beard-l'Everybody sing." Marper-"What's that?" Huntsinger-"When l taught in Gary." Greeniul-leavenly days, peoplel" Kirk+UI've had that experience." Springer-l'Please pay attention whether you want to or notI" Ballard-"All right, you fellows." Homrighousei'4That remains to be seen." Koehler7"Have you heard this one?" Kahl-"Since the last assembly we've travelcdfn Wynn-"Can't you be still for five minutes?" Hughes-"How ya coming?" Rockenbach-"l-isten. people." Doyle-4'You silly girlsZ" Genung-"You'll have to rip every stitch." Terrell-"Now, I hope this isn't imposing a hardship on anyone." Throf"About this Blotter money .... " Widmani"Lunch is served." Gehlback-l'Wait a minute, here's your change." Davis T5 Bcttman. Twelve "The Blotter of Blowers" The Blotter of 1930, published by the largest senior class that has ever been graduated from New Albany High School, is necessarily the largest and best Blotter in the history of the school-we admit itf There is a great amount of work connected with the editing of any year book and particularly is this true when the staff decides to produce an entirely different type of annual. The staff was selected on a competitive basis and the members have cooperated untiringly in the attempt to reach the high standard set for them. Our purpose has been to portray in words and pictures the year's activities, We hope it will be an effective memory book. The theme, the theater, has been carried throughout the book, bits of drama, photoplay, revues, talkies and the circus have all been used. The verse, imitative of Shakespearean style and meter, and other writings suggest the stage. We hope you like the colors, the theme, the work--in fact, we hope you like us, as we "strut our stuff". Betty Jane Hacker, Editor. Remember? Miss Kirk reducing Tiny Kelso's legs? Gimme da goo! "Betty, have you got I.ovey's head?" "No, but here's her body." "Will one of you clean Midge's face?" Those six o'clock lunches we didn't get! Watching track meets while working. fYeah Worhinglj. Racking our brains for smart sayings. "Somebody cut off Bassett's ear. Doesn't it give him an eerie look?" Getting the Then and Now's. How the Romeos posed! "Cut off Atch Janes' head!" Getting the cement off your hands. Liz Shine's deformed picture. Cutting pictures on the line. Getting the families together. "Who threw Roy Downs into the wasLebasket?" "Projecting the diagona1I" Edmonia cutting stencils. The "Soft" goo brush. XVhat's the principle, Miss Kirk? Losing Leo Meyer's football picture. Thirteen Staff FACULTY ADVISORS MISS NAOMI J. KIRK, General Advisor MR. C. ARTHUR THRO. Business Manager IVIISS NELLE HOMRIGHOUSE. Ari MISS ETELKA J. ROCKENBACII. llholagrclphpl IVIARTHA JACOBI LEEBA KEHOE LOIS KING MARTHA BANET ART HIIIJA TYLER DORIS CONNER MARY ULsH BERNICE ROssEI.L DAN ALEXANDER MARION CONNER LIIIA KELLEMS CI,II3I3ORD ROBINSON MOUNTING EDITH DANGIiRI1IIEI.IJ GRACE WIiI.CII RUTH MARIE IVY EI.sA FLOCK JANE I'IOGI.EN IEDMONIA KINTNER I2I,OIsE BICKEI. KODAK BERNICE KRON MARGARET DIECKFYIAN IVIILDRED BETTMAN RUTH VASER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BE'I"I'Y JANE HACKER ASSOCIATE EDITORS Fourteen JAMES BUCHANAN WII.I,IAM STEPHENSON HUDSON ANSHUTZ LITERARY LYDI X RASMUSSEN IVIADELEINE SMITH ALICE DOWD DOROTHY STALKER ELIZABETH GADIENT BUSINESS ELIZABETH SHINE CLIIIITORD ROUGH ROY PETERS DOROTHY TRAUTMAN DOROTHY BARNETT DOROTHY HOFFMAN HARRY MCGUIRE ATHLETICS ROBERT PETERS IJRANK STANHOPE GILBERT STOVER 'I YPISTS EDNA W,X'I'KINS EDITH WILSON JUANITA DAVIS Q ,." Mig, gg, , ,vt JM' f' we A rs, -F wg. .. ff , D ,. , rv V1 f xx . f 1 1 - Q 51:3 ' P' 1 -mv L . w "jg j 4 , ' -- '5 X. Y 255 wr ' "- - I 11 Y A is 1 W Q,, agf:p , A ya. ig. U V4 ' ,P ' if 3 1 . I ' if ww . 1 N v X ' LMJ, YT gri , 1 ' ' . .. , 3 x I K Q . We I -X , ' X .txwmf V in gggj 1 V 1. .1 4 w,gi,,ew,2 V 5 I A 'ab n x K N f z, I f .,,. W , L H 5-'U' n 'K 'li : 'fx - 1 1. . - 1. , X Af , V X- 15 ' , ' Ami' AH , . 4 rg LJ U W lx iw " f fyfffl 1 ,K N ,. H af ' .A x - ' ' .445 .. , V -' ,-as 'Y . , ' A K- .-f xn. L 6 , P.. P . ., , . ' - , - QM . . H Q , . dl W - ' , 1 3 . if ,F 'W . "1 0 f- ,fi X 5 jg 'A 1,0 it V 5 .qX'5X?Sf L" .'- x,,. , C- ,Q X Z ' f in S ka. ,1,f"Q,g1 MX' I L: ' -g xv fy Mill-xi . 1 3 W wx' .! fx fp 1X'T"! K f elf, Q I vm ss X in- V I I G N , ' J g . - , ,f 5 K , 'F i 'w ah ' , 5 A 1 ' -A, ' Q 'J ff, If 3 1 I 1 f u l ,K ,f-m f, ' agkulx ' x 'K-. X- mf h w Q -1' ' ' i '- Z1 Qf f 'M .wi-1s'gif.f 2 ' W , ' N. ,,. . X 'F ri- " sliimk wt, 'I 1' M' . b U 2 jf my V vii -MLM . r A Z5 1 J, Wg! 1 i 3 kms -x AX 1 "X X , 'f Q.. 'V 'L ' 1 ,: -ll . ,, M ' J QA 'U'-jgifg my MV. 1 an R vu ws ,N-LS' CYD Y X 3 - ,A vf A .y K Ax . , E , 2 J-Tj N 1 M kv f V k ,gag ' ,', - , Q fh .1 gl 5 - ' ' -- ' H1 LJ it A is 45 ,iff . . U "' ' f Q A fm ' , V n xr J JF gk ii 1 Y Q X fl .av E C41 41? f I 0 M 'N ,Q N xxx -Jx , K a I 1 V 5 5 K! 5 ,L .Q M .. Y- 3,71 gy 'X xsf xfvlk if i 'W LJ' ' K 595. fl' . , A , A W - , Z, . W , V V .pl -ggniig "In respect of a fine Luorhmanu-Julius Caesar. Fifteen THEN mu: ' NOW - .4 M, 4 L , fx.f4L 1:4-., f 5 -1 fr 1 Q - 57-, A Af , Q an - gg 4 V, ms .ww rf' fu V ,K . , M. 1 , mm we auqgy U., W mum ffm. M K - .Q , . MA' , f , WLK Y K , . , , A . b '13 A , g 1, . 35- 'fi ,-.Q A - ' ., 6 W ' 'mi ' . . I ' , ' 1.221.iif' I fy f. 1- :Wk 1 V ' ' was M , f. "" W" M Nf 2 f . no owe? '315fV'JH,Ufx Dfzfi--IQ? -1 Ju: mva um A .',-es? 1 25 'ajmg , xl Okkwlwas WE- u,1emff'Q'1f.Vf: 5.3 h 33,2 V i cuunv urn.: nun . 4, 5 I , f l , :J-'C K A t I f .' hmm sn: ws nc run man-rf Au, Q 4 4' ff iinsm Q W K ' 4 1- f 'wi uf, , E ' -. '- f 5,11 A .C A F, K A x. , .. Q5 ',-wfmml. ' 1f "'f W1 'fm W 4 155-3 ' ' ' rlrcnn -1, 5 F ,Z , .. .. , ' GWR? . w ,QW l V J ,uf if af 9, wrrv-prrvvv w-:um 'rua vnrus or mm' rnnmls rumen. Q R Ram mm: mmf M ' u Y..f,.., Q.. W. 'uf V774 TQQEQL g , R 1' iw, , ' .- M xx f, , W- Q ., -xerkqx P. L, 5 . jk j A 1. 4 -"" - if f A x k ' - 4 . V T f. , .:-- , Sf V . ii, - k ' Q . ., , 17 Q, 1? .. , Sim . 'f-,tl neu: rqau f 9 K , ' .fs fs nu umannu k ,I ' r 'f , K ' - ' un mug- ' " ' - non -nun nn ' "If it live in your memory"-Hamlet. Sixlcvn ROBERT PETERS ..Rip.. Senior Class Pres., "SO: "N" Club Pres.: 7-Up Club Treas.: Wrang- lers Sec'y and Treas.: Boosters: Latin Club Consul: B. U. M. S.: Blotter Staff: Class Play, "Grandma Pulls String"g Basketball, , '29, '30: Football, '29, '30: Track, 'Z0. the '28 ELIZABETH SHINE Speakers Pres., '29: Student Critic, '29: C. H. l. N. K. S.: Vice Pres., Senior Class: Boosters Sec'y, '291Q, Rep., '30: Bel Canto Pres-. 'Z7UQ. '2B: Sen- ior Class Play, "Grand- ma Pulls the String": Christmas Play, 'Z8lfQ: Senior Blotter Board? Blotter Staff: Sodali- tas Latina. JANE GRAHAM "Janie" Sec'y Senior Class, '3Og Speakers: Sodalitas La- tina: Mixed Glee: Bel Canto: Class P la y. "Grandma Pulls the Stringn: Boosters: Blot- ter Staff: journalism Play: Sapinsky Contest, 'Z9: jr. Rec,, '29, '30: 'Golden Trail": "The G h 0 s t of Lollypop Bayn: "T h e Gypsy Rover": C,H.I.N.K.S. EDWIN G. BURD "Burclie" Treas. Senior Class, '30: "N" Club: B. U. M. S.: jr. Rec., '29, '30g Football, '28, 'Z9: Basketball, '28, '29: Track, '27, 'ZBQ Class Play, "The Buy Comes Home". DAN ALEXANDER S. R. S.: B. U. M. 5,3 Glee Club: Art Boys' Club: English Club: "The Ghost of Lollypnp Bay"3 journalism, Asso- Editor: Sr. Blot- ciate ter Staff: jr. Rec., '29, '3O: Boosters. gl'-'f' ,IAUNITA M. ALLEE Boosters: Latin Club: 'lone Economics: C. H. l. N. K. S.: "Pyramus and Thisbe". HUDSON ANSHUTZ ..-I-ony.. Wranglers: B. U. M. S.: Associete Editor, Blot- ter: Class Play, "Li- jal1": Class Basketball- 'Z8, '29, '30s Bank Cashier: Pres. Math. Club: jr. Rec., '29, '30: Football, '27, 'Z8: "The Loveliest Tliingn: "Boom of Blottcrburgn. ADDEl L AYERS "Daid" Pcmstr-rs: Opcretla, '25, '50: C. H. l. N, K. S. VELMA BAILEY Science Club: ,lesters Gund, First Orch., jf. RSC.. '29, '30: C. ll, l. N. K. S. KATI IRYN BAKER ..Kay.. Englsh Club: Home Economics: Commer- ral Club: jr. R'-c., '29. '30g "The Gypsy Rovern: C.H.l.N.K.S. Scuunlccri IFJ Vai 1+ f ...- nj . f .. MARTHA 'M. BANET "Marta" Home Economics: Latin Club, Boosters, Sr. Blotter Staff: jr. Rec.. '29, '30L C. H. I. N. K. S. DOROTHY BARNETT "Dot" Blotter Staff: C, H. I. N. K. S.: Home Econ- omics, English Club. DALE BASSETT "Bas" Boostersg B. U. M. S.g jr. Rec,, '29. '30: "N" Club: Math. Club Treas.5 Basketball, '29, '30: Football, '29i Track. '29, '30, Sr. Class Basketball Coachg Ass't Bank Cashier. ROGER BELVOIS "Roclge" B. U, M, S.: Boosters: jr. Rec., '29, ALINE A. BENSINGER C.H.l.N.K.S.: Speakers: Operetta, '29, '30g Blot- ter Board Bus. Man., '29: Booster Treas., '28, '29, Vice Pres., '30p jr, Rec., '29, '30S English Club: j. U. C. 5.5 La- tin Club. gal if mg s MILDRED BETTMANN "Midge" Speakers, Sodalitas La- tinag Bel Canto: Boosf ters: Operettas, '28, '29, '30, jr. Rec., '29, '30, C. H. I. N. K. S.L Sen- ior Blotter Board: Sen- ior Class Plays. J. ELCISE. BICKEI. Speakers, Treas., '291fi. '30, Bel Canto, Vice Pres.. '20, '29i HTIIE Boy Comes 1-mme". C. H, I, N, K. 5.3 Boos- ters: 'The Ghost of Lollypop Bay". 51'- Blotter Staff: jr. Rec.. '23, '30: English Club. SYLVIA BOBBITT C. H, I. N. K. 5.9 Boos- ters. CHESTER BRADEN "Chet" B. U. M. 5.5 Boosters: Band, '26, '27. 'ZB, '29, '30g jr. Rec.. '29, '30. JAMES BROOKS Hugh.. Pres, B. U. M. S.: Stu- '28, '29, English dent Manager, '30: "N" Clubi Club: Associate Editor Boos- Blotter, '29Mp ters, Orch., '27, '28, '29, '30, Band. '27, 'Z9: jr. Rec., '29, '30. Eighteen x i x EDWARD CHARLES BROWN "Eddie" Glen Club: Boosters: Basketball, '27, 'ZBQ Cperetta, '29, '30: B. U. M. S. JAMES BUCHANAN "jimmie" S. R, S. Pres., '30. 5ec'y, 'Z9: Boys' Glce Club: B. U. M. S.: Art Club: Science Club: Class Play,, "Lijah", "Golden Trail", "Gypsy Rover": Art Ed tor. Cartoonist Blotter: Band: Orch.: jr. Rec.. '29, '30. ROBERT C. BULLEIT 'Cannibal" S. R. S.: Science Club: Boosters: B. U. M. S. RUTll A. CARPENTER Boosters: C.H.l.N.K.S.: Cperetta, '30g jr, Rec., '29, '30. VIOLET CHAMBERLAIN Home Economics: Com- mercial Typing Team. '30: Boosters: C. H. l. N. K. S.: Sr. Class Play, '30g Glee Club. 535,075 If 'Q JACK COLE Vlranglers: 5. R. S,: B. U. M. S.: Basketball, '27, '28, '29, '30: Class Play, "The Boy Comes Home", "The Loveliest Thing"g journalism. '302 jr. Rcc,, '30: Boos- ters. NELSON CONDRA English Club: Boosters: B. U, M. 5. DOROTHY M. CONNELL "Dot" Boosters: C. H. l. N. K. 5.3 Orch.: Operetta, '28, '29: Science Club, 'ZBQ -lr. Rec., 'Z9: '30: Clee Club: English Club, -Arn, where Art Thou?" DORIS O'CONNER Speakers: Boosters: Art Club: Sr. Blotter Staff: Latin Club, '26: Eng- l'sh Club: C. l-l. I. N. K. S., jr. Reception, '29, '30. JAMES CONNER ..-lim.. Boosters: B. U. M. S.: "N" Club: Track. '30: Basketball, '2B: Foot- badl, 'ZBQ jr. Rec., '29, '3 . Nineteen MARION P. CONNER Speakers: Soclalitas La- tina: Senior Blotter Staff: Yell Leader, '29, '30, Boosters: C. H. I, N. K. S: J. U. C. S.: Math. Club, '26. '27: Operetta, '27, '28, '29, Jr. Rec., '28, '29, ROBERT B, CRAIG "Snick" Wranglers, Pres. 'Z91fQ, 'SOI B. U. IVI, S., Sec'y, Science Club: Latin Club: C'ass Play, "The B o y Comes Home". ' Pyramus and Thisbeug jr. Rec., '29, EDYTII DANCERFIELD "Erie" C, I-I. I. N. K. S.: Sr. Blotter Staff: Sr. Class Play: Tyler Contest, '30, jesters Guild: O r c h.: In1urnal'sm: Operetta, '25, English Club: Home Economics, Boosters: "Turtle Dove". ALICE DAVIS "Stinky" C, H. I. N. K. 5: Bone. ters, Operetta. '28, '29, '30s Jr, Rec., '30. JUANITA DAVIS "Dinah" Sodalitas Latina, Boos- ters: C. H. I. N. K. S., Sr. Blotter Staff: Short- hand Team, '30, jr. Rec,, '29, '30: Latin Club. JEAN L. DEAL Speakers, Vice Pres., '3U3 Boosters: Com- merc?rI Club: C. H. I. N, K. 5.1 sapmky Cvntest, '27: Class Play, "Grandma Pulls the Sting", Operetta ,'27, '28, '29, '30g jr, Rec. '25, 'Z9. '30, Shorthand Team, '30. FERNADINE I,. DEIS "Girlie" Sodalifas latinas Boo-Y ters: latin Club, jr. Rev. '29, '30: C. II. I. N. K. S. MARGARET DIECKIVIAN ..Marg., Boosters: Bcl C11-Ito, Vice Pres.: Home Econ- om cs: English Club. Cperetta, '20, '30, Blot- ter StaE: jr. Rec, '23, '30s C. H. I. N. IC. S. A is . ,, FORREST DILLARD "Mercury" Boys' Glce Club: Latin Club: 'The Golden 'Iral": Student Coun- cil: Bank Cashier: Boosters: B, U. M. S.: Ewglish Club: Science Club: "Pyramus and 'lhisbe". ALICE EUCENIA DOWD "Gene" jcster's Guild: C. H. I. N. K. S.: Operetta, '29, '30: Blotter Staff: Tyler Contest, '30: "Turtle Dove"g Boosters, jr. Rec., '29, '30, Twenty HERBERT DUGGINS "Herbie" Fffes- .lr. Class. '29, football, '27, '28, '29, Basketball, '29, '30, "N" Club, Vice Pres., '29: B. U. M. S. MARCUERITE E. EMERY Operetta, '28, '29, '30: C. H. I. N. K. S.: Boos- ters: Commercial Club. VIRGINIA ENGLEMAN "Gin" Glee Club: Home Econ. omics Club: Operetta, '30: C. H. l. N. K. S.: jr. Rec., '29, LOUIS A, EVANS "Fuzz" B. U. M. S.: Boosters. RUTH WILMA FALK "Willie" Speakers: Boosters: C. H. I, N. K, S., jeslefs Guild. Vice Pres., jr. Rec., '29, '30. x ax ?f,j HAZEL SYLVERNE FEIN Boosters: C. H. I. N. K. S.: English Club, Orch.: Operetta, '28: jr. Rec.. '29. MARGARET E. FISHER "Marg" jr. Rec., '29, '30: C. H. l. N. K. S.: Boosters: English Club: Latin Club: "King Midas". ANITA FLOCK Boosters: jr. Rec., '29, '30: C. H. I. N. K. S. ELSA FLOCK Speakers: Bel Cantoi Sodalitas Latina, Cen- sort Boosters: Class Play, "Grandma Pulls the Stl-ing": C. H. l. N. K. S.: Operetta, '2B: Staff, Senior Blotter "Paris of Troy", First Orch. ELIZABETH R. GADIENT "Tibbie" Speakers: C. H. l. N. K. S.: Sodalitas Latina, Consul '29M. '30: Bel Canto: Boosters: jr. Rec., '29, '30: Operetta. '25, '29, '30: Blotter Staff: Tri Kappa Con- test, Home Economics: English Club: Second Orch., '27, '25, Twcnly-one 4 JULIA GROII ...Iudyn Bel Canto: Boosters: C. H. I. N. K. S.: Ass't Editor Blotter, English Club: Latin Club, Jr. Rec., '29, '30. ALMA NTHER Boosters: Commercial Club: Opcretta, 'ZBQ C. H. I. N. K. S.: Jr. Rec., '29, '30, LAURA F. GUNTHER Boosters, English Club, Commercial Club: Jr. Rec.. '29, '30: C. H. I. N. K. S. BETTY JANE HACKER "Bet" Sneakers: Stud'-nt Cri- tic? Editor-in-Chief Sr. Blotter, Sec'y Jr, Class, '29, Jester's Guild, Student Critic Journal- ism Class: Operetta, '28, '29, "Turtle Dove", ' 'T h e Troubadouxfs Dream", Class Play. "Crandma Pulls the String": Boosters, C. H. I. N. K. S., English Club, Pres., '26, Latin Club, Sec'y., 26: Tyler Contest, '29, '30, Jr. Rec.. '29, '30: "Thank Goodness the Table is Spread", Tri Kappa Contest. '26. STANLEY R. HANEN Pres. 7-Up Club, Auclo- b o n Society, Pres.: Boosters, Vice Pres., '30, Football, '27, '28, Jr. Rec., '29, '30, "N" Club: B. U. NI. S. ELIZABETH I.. I-IAYES Boosters, English Club: C. H. I. N. K. S. EDGAR NI. HENDERSON ..Ed., S. R. S.. Vice Pres., '29, Treas.. 'ZVIQS F i r s t Orch,, Jr. Rec., '29, '30: B. U. IVI. 5.1 Operetta, '27, '28, '29, '30s Sec- ond Orch.. '26. ELBILRTA I-IITNER "Bertie" Speakers, Boosters: C. H. I. N. K. S.: Home Economics Club: Jr. Rec., '29, '30, DOROTHY V. HOFFMAN "Dot" Speakers, Bel Canto, Pres., '29'f2, '30, Boos- ters, jr. Rec., 'Z9. '30, C. H. l. N. K. S.: Eng- lish Club, Home Econ- cwwics Clvb: Ouerctta. '26, '29, '30, Class Play, 'A1.15ah", rn Kappa Contest, "The Trouba- dour's Dreamui 'The Ohstfnate F a m il y": "The Aviatornl Clee Club. JANE HOGLEN Speakers, Sodalitas la- tina: C. H. I. N. K. S.: Boosters, Class Play. "Grandma Pulls the String", Operetta, '25. '29, Blotter Staff? "Paris of Troy". Twenty-Iwo a JAMES HUGHES "jimmy" Vice Pres. jr. Class, 'Z9: Club: Boos- ters: Basketball, '28, '29, '30: Sr. Class Play. "Lijah": B. U. M. S.: Wranglers: latin Club: Debating Club: Class Team 'C" Champs '27: jr. Reception, '29, '30. RUTI-I lV'ARIE IVY ..IVy.. C. Isl. I. N. K. S.: Cleo Club: Boosters: Latin Club: Sr. Blotter Staff: jr. Rec.. '29, '30. PERCY W. JACKSON "Perk" Boosters: Track, '30: B. U. M. S. MARTHA E. QIACOBI "Marta" Boosters: C. H, I, N, K. S.: Senior Blotter Staff! Home 'Economics Club: jr. Rec., '29, '30. STUART JENKINS "Stu" Boosters: B. U. Nl. S.: Science Club: Track, 29: Sr. Class Basket- ball: Jr. Rec., '29, '30: goagh of Grade School 4. ? 4135 RUTH L. -IOHANTC-EN "Ruthie" Boosters: C. H. I. N. K. S.: First Orch.: jr. Rec.. '29, '30. LULA W. KELLEMS "Lou" Boosters: Art Club: jester's Guild: Operet- ta, '27, 'ZBJ C. H. I. N. K. S.: Gloc Club. LEEBA FISKE KEHOE "Fiske" S cakers Sec' Boos P v yi ' ters: Treas. jr. Class. '29: Pres. C. H. I. N. K. S.: Senior Blotter Staff? .lf. Rec., '23, '29. 30,: Operetta. '27, '23. '29, '301 Boosters: Yell I eaderg l0urnPl'sm Play, '29: Class Play, "The Boy Comes Home". LOIS KING C. H. I. N. K. S.: Eng- lish Club: Home Econ- omics: Senior Blotter Staff: Journalism: Op- eretta, '30: Class Play. 'Grandma Pulls the Stringui Bel Canto! Boosters. EDIVIONIA KINTNER "Nook" Speakers: Sodalitas La- tina: Boosters: "The Loveliest Thing": jour- nalism: Blotter Staff: C. H. I. N. K. S.: "Paris of Troy": Speak- er-Wrangler Debate. Twenty-lhrce ELVA DORIS KRIECER "The Ghost uf Lolly- psp Bay": Home Econ- omics Club: Sr. Class Play DanceSZ .lr. Rec., '29, '303 C. H. l. N, K. S. BERNICE KRON C. H, l. N. K. S., Sec'y and Treas.: Operetta, 'Z7: Senior Blotter Staff: Class Play. "Crandma Pulls the String"g Latin Club: English Club: Boosters: jr. Rec., '29, '30. FREDA MAE ZIMMERMAN "Fritz" Bel Canto: Boostersi lst Orch.: C. H. l. N. K. 5. MARY HELEN LAUGHLIN "Handy" jestcr's Guild, Press '30: Bcl Canto: jr, Rec.. '29, '30: Senior Class Play, "The Boy Comes Home": "Turtle Dove": C. H. l. N. K. S.: Op- eretta, '30g Blotter Staff: English Club, Home Economics Club. RAYMOND C. MANLEY ..Ray.. S. R. S., Treas., '29, Vice Pres., '291fZg Bons- ters: B, U. M. S,: Font- lzgagl. '29s jr. Rec., '29, CARL MARKERT Orchestra: Band Vol- unteer: Cashier: B. U. M. S. BERNADINE MARSH "Bernie" D el Canto: jesLer's Guild: C. H. I. N. K. S.: Boosters: "T h e G5 psy Rover": Home Economics Club: ' The Ghost. of Lollypop Bay", jr. Rec., '29, '30: "The Golden Trail". NELIA A. MATHER Boosters: C. H. l. N. K. S, IDA MAE MCCULLOUGH "Curly" Speakers: Clee Club: bel Canloz Boosters. Pres. and Chairman: jr. Ric.. '29, '30, C. H. l. N. K. S.: English Club: Home Economics Club: Tri Kappa Contest: Class Play. "Lijah": Cperetta. '28, 'Z'7: So- clal'tas Latina, Consul: "The Aviator". HARRY C. MCGUIRE "Mickey" B, U. M. S.: 'N" Clubi Football, '28, i291 Track, '30: Senior Class Play. Twenryffour LANE M. MCINTYRE MARGARET pv Speakers, Br-ostersg MURPHY Commercial Clubg Home "Marg" Econom'csLDistrict Q2 -5 - -0. Typing lcfmtest. '30, C. P 'ma' Z ' 29' 3 1335- K- 5-1 JT- Rec-v ters: Blotter Staff. c. H. 1. N. K. s., Boos- LEO MEYER IIUGH J. NEEDHAM "Horsie" "Neem" 5SC'Y and Trias- "YN" Boosters: S. R. S., ClUbI'B- M: 5-3 Foot- Track, '29, '30, Science ball. 27. 26. 29. CHP'-, Club, Class B. B.. '27, '29, Boosters: Track. '293 B, U, M- 54 jr, '27, '25, 'Z9. '30. Rec., '29, '30. MARSHALL C. ,MU-I-EB CHARLES GERALD Shorty NOLAN Boosters: B. U. M. s.- "snub" AN" Cub. Football, 'Z61 '27, 'za. 'z0. T L, 'zoq V - Baseball, '23, rain, '3o. Jo"r"al'5m' 30' Class Basketball, jr. Rec., '29, '3o. Boosters: B. U. M. S., S KHREDT MOSES ANNA MARY o1.L1s o z iQas atinap oos- -C 1 -- --A - -- ters, L. H. 1. N. K. s.. Opeiiffa 0'-Z7 nm?28. latin Club: Ho l l ' Economics Clubg nlre Poosters' Rec., '29, '30. C. H. l. N. ' K. S. E1-SA J- MURPHY ERNORA M. PEEVEY "Pcevey" 2 H- 1- N- K- 5-1 BROS- Buostersa c.H.1.N.K.s. fs. ..r,.uKph.. 'llwunly-fivd 1 X JEWELL MAE PETERS Boosters: C. I'I. I. N. K. S.: Commercial Club. ROY R. PETERS "Pete" Boosters: "N" Club: 7- Up Club: Senior Blotter Staff? B. U. IVI. S.: Football, '26, '27, '25, '29, Track, '27, '29. C. KENNETH PROTSO Wranglers: B. U. M. S.: "N" Club: Football, '28, 'Z9: Track. '29, '30: Band: Boosters: jr, Rec., '29, '30. ELMER j. RAABA "Smoky" B. U. M. S.: Boosters: Commercial Club: "N ' Club: Basketball. '29, '30, Operetta, '29, '30: 2nCI Orch., '28: lst Orch.. '29, '30: Senior Class Basketball. ANDERS RASMUSSEN "Andy" Boosters: B. U. M. S.: Football, 'Z7: jr. Rec.. '29, '30: English Club. LYDIA IRASMUSSEN ..Lyd.. Speakers: Boosters: State Commercial Con- test. '29, '30: Journal- ism: Senior Blotter Staff, C. H. I. N. K. S. V-ERNON C. REEVES Wranglers: Boosters? Science Club: Football, 'Z9q B. U. M. S.: jr. Rec., '28, '30. MARY MARGARET RENN "Renny" Commercial Club: Boos- ters: English Club: C. H. I. N. K, S.: Latin Club: Class Play, "The Boy Comes Home": In- ter-class Girls Basket- ball Champs, '30: jr, Rec., '29, '30: Operetta, '28, CLIFFORD C. ROBINSON Art Club: Sr. Blotter Staff: Sports Editor, Blotterg Boosters? Chairman Tyler Con- test: B. U. M. S.: Class Play, "Grandma Pulls the Stringn: B a n k Cashier: jr. Rec., '29, '30: Math. Club: "Boom of Blottersburgn. CLIFFORD IRVIN ROUGH "Cliff" B. U. M, S.: Sr. Blot- ter Staff: Football, '27, '28g Baseball, '27g jr. Rec., '25, '29. Twenty-six VIRGINIA ROUTH C. H. I. N. K. S.: So- clalitas Latina, Home Economics, '26: Latin Club, '26. JACK B. ROWE B. U. M. S.: Band, '27- '30: Orch.. '26-'30: Boys' Glee Club: "Golden Trail", jr. Rec., '29, '30: Boosters: Glee Club, State Street. BERNICE C. RUSSELL "Bernie" C. H. l. N. K. S.: Art Club: Latin Club: Home Economics Club, Op- eretta, 'ZSL Blotter Staff, journalism: Sr. Blotter Staff: jr. Rcc., '29, '30: Glee Club. VIRGIL SCHARRER S. R. S.: Sodalitas La- tina, Consul, '291A,, '30: "N" Club: Track, '28, '29, '30: Class Play, "The Boy Comes Home": Science Club: English Club: jr. Rec., '29, '30: B. U. M. S.: Class Basketball, '29. ERNEST R. SCHECHTER "Scheck" B. U, Nl. S.: Football, '27, '25, '29: Class B a s k e lc ball: English Club, Jr. Rec., '29, '30. W, fm' ig VIOLA M. SCHMITT "5chmitty" Boosters: C. H. l. N. K. S.: jester's Guild: Commercial Club: Latin Club: English Club: Operetta, 'ZBQ Class Play, "The Boy Comes Homcn: Typing Con- test, '30g jr. Rec., '29, '30: Girls Inter-class Basketball Champs. '30. ARTHUR M. SCHOEN S. R. S.: B. U. M. S.: Football, '27, '26, Bask- etball, '26, '27, Band, '26, '27, 'Z8: English Club: Science Club: Orch., 'Z6: T. D. F. Pres.: Boosters Council: Operetta, 'Z7. CARL SHALLERS Boosters: .lunior Recep- tion, '29, '30: B. U. M. S. GEORGE A, SIGMON "Gas" Boys' Glee Club: Boos- ters: Science Club: B. U. M. S.: Operetta, '28, '29p Ist Orch.: Band, journalism. Student Manager: jr. Rec., '29, '30g "Boom of Blotters- burgh". BICKEL. SIMON ..JaCk.. B. U. M. S.: Blotter Staff. Twenty-seven Eg L, IL!-L 13520 'L ' 3, mg to - .2 FRANK STANHOPE R. ESTHER SMITH "Babe" C. H. I. N. K. S., Bel Canto: Boosters, Home Economics Club. GEORGE SMITH "Bud" B. U. M. s., Football, 25, 'Z9C Boosters, Band, '27, jr. Rec., '29. '302 Science Club. MADELEINE E. SMITH "smarty" Boosters, C. H K. S., jester's "Turtle Dove", S r, Blotter Staff. . I. N. Guild, PAUL SNIDER "Snape" Boosters, B. U. Nl. S., Football, '29, "Turtle Doveul Sr. Blotter Staff, Clee Club. DOROTHY EMMA STALKER Speakers, Sr. Blotter Staff: Blotter Board, E d it o r-i n-chief, '30, Class Play, "Grandma Pulls the String", C. H. I. N. K. S.: Bel Canto, Boosters, Operetta, '29, '30, jr. Rec., '29, '30, journalism. 5 "Racy Wranglers, Vice Pres., '28, S. R. S., Sec'y, '28, Boys' Glee Club, Pres., '28, B. U. M, S., Foot- ball, '27, '28, Basket- ball, '27, Blotter Staff! Operetta, '28, '29, '30, Boosters: journalism Play? Speakers-Wrang- lers Christmas Play, Jr. Rec., '29, '30, Sodalitr-1 Latina, Latin Club Style Show, Latin Club Play, Sports Editor of Blotter: T. D. F. Cash- ier, Boosters Council, Wranglers Thanksgiv- ing Play, '28, '29, Clee Club, '29, JOHN STEELE "Sammy" Boys' Clee Club, Sec'y, Boosters: B. U. M. S., "The Colden Trail", lst Orch., Band. WILLIAM B. STEPHENSON "Steve" Wranglers, S. R. S., Boys' Clee Club. Trea-'.. '30, Boosters, B. U. M. 5.5 Art Club: Science Club, Sr. Class Play, Sr. Blotter Staff: Blot- ter Board, Business Manager, jr. Rec., '29, '30: Football, '2B1 Track, '29, '30, Operet- ta, '29, jESSIE F. STOCKSDALE "Hivey" C. l-I. I. N. K. 5.5 ,les- ters' Guild: Latin Club, Home Economics Club: English Club, Glee Club: Blotter Staff: Boosters, Operetta, '29, '3U3 journalism Play, '29lQ, Class Play Dance. GILBERT C. STOVER "Crib" Baseball, '27, '25, '29, Basketball. '27, '28, Track. '27, 'ZBL B. M. S., Blotter Boarcl, "Nancy Pretenclsn, '28, ,lr. Rec., '30. U. T'lUCl7l y-eight 2' .....J' XVILLIAM ll. STRAW S. R, S, lst Orc'w., Band: B. U, M. 5.1 Science Club, jr. Rec.. '29, '30. MARY MARGARET TEIVES "Tibby" C. H. l. N. K. S.: Boos- ters, Latin Club, Eng- llsh Club: Home Econ- omics Club: Commer- cial Club: Glee Club: Operetta, '29, jr. Rec.. '29, '30. MILDRED THOMPSON C. H, l. N. K. S.: Jr. Recption. '29, '30, Com- mercial Club, Boosters. JOHN TOWER "Stretch" B. U. M. S. Treas., '30, "N" Club, Boosters, English Club, Science Club, Band, 'Z6. '27, Ist and 2nd Orch.. '26, '27, Commercial Club, Basketball, '26-'30: Football, '26, jr. Rec., '29, '30, Class Basket- ball, Glee Club, Operet- ta, '27. ROBERT TOWNSEND "Bob" Art Club Play, B. U. M. S., English Club, Boosters. fl- .-,. . A ' x ' "X 1 I,- 'av-'uf' ' 2531654 151: 2? Q DOROTHY TRAUTMAN "Dot" C. H. l. N. K. S.. Vice Pres., journalism, '29Z Speakers, Vice Pres., 1930. Pres., '30, Ist Orch,, Bel Canto, Pres., '30, Treas., '291Q, Sr, Blotter Staff: Class Play. "The Boy Comes Home", jr. Rec., '25, '29, '30, HILDA ESTHER TYLER "Billie" Speakers, Sec'y, Art Club, Pres., '30, Vice Pres., 'Z9'f5, jesters' Guild, Treas., '30, jr. Rec., '29, '30, C. H. l. N. K. S.: Editor-in-Chief Blotter, S r. Blotter Staff, "Art Where Art Thou", Class Play. "The Boy Comes Home", Operetta, '28, "Turtle Dove". MARY A. ULSH "Ulshie" Boosters, C. H. l. N. K. S.: Art Club, Sec'y, '25, Treas.. '2914,, jes- ters' Guild, Class Play. "The Boy Comes Home"Z "Art Where Art Thou", Blotter Staff, Blotter Board, Latin Club, H o m e Economics Club: lr. Rec., '29, '30, Girls Inter-class Basketball, '30, IRMA E. UTRECHT English Club, Home Economics Club: Bel Canto, Boosters, C. H. l. N. K. S., Operetta, '28, '29, '30, jr. Rec., '29, '30. LAWRENCE VAN ARSDALE "Bud" B. U. M. S.: Boosters, Baseball, '28-'30, Class Play, "Lijah": English Club, Latin Club! Bookkeeping Team, '30, Twenty-nine RUTH E. VASER C, H. I, N. K. S.: jour- nalism, '29lfQ: Bel Can- to, Sec'y, 19515, Operet- te, '28, '29, '30, Home Economics Club, Eng- lish Club: jr. Rec.. '29, '30, Boosters, journal- ism Play. MARY jEAN WALKER Bel Canto, C. H. I. N. K. S.: Operetta, '29, '30: Clee Club: Home Economics Club, jr. Rec., '29, '30, EDNA WATKINS "Becky" Boosters, C. H. I. N. K. S., jesters' Guild: Blotter Staff, Operetta, '29, '30, jr, Rec., '29, '30, Glee Club. KARL. WEBER B. U. M, S. Vice Pres., S, R. S., Pres, '29, So- dalitas Latina, Quaes- tor, '29, Boosters, Band, '27-'30, Com- mercial Club, lst Orch., '30, 2nd Orch., '26, Science Club, Latin Club, Blotter Staff, Jr, Rec., '29, '30, English Club: Glee Club. ETTA MAE WEIPINER "Wenny" C. H, I. N. K. S., Boos- ters: jr. Rec., '29, '30, English Club: Latin Club? Class Play, "The Boy Comes Home": Commercial Club, ln- ter-c l a s s Basketball Champs, '30. GRACE WELCH Operetta, '28, journal- ism: Commercial Club! Boosters, Blotter Staff? C. H. I, N. K. S. ROSA MARGARET WELTY ' Rosie" Boosters: Latin Club: C. II. I. N. K. S.: Op- eretta, '30, E n g l i s h Clubs jr. Rec., '29, '30, EDITH WILSON "Erie" Speakers, Boosters: Latin Club: C. H. I. N. K. S.: Sr. Blotter Staff! State Commercial Con- test, '29, '30, Third ln- clividual In State Final, Bookkeeping Contest, '29, jr. Rec.. '29, '30, CALVIN WRECE B. U. NI. 5.3 Boostersi Sodalitas Latina: Science Club? Latin Club: jr. Rec,, '29, '30, DORA WYMAN Boosters, Home Econ- omics Club: Commer- cial Club, Glee Club: jr. Rec., '29, '30, Eng- lish Club: C. H. I. N. K. S. Thing MARTHA SEYMOUR Przs. Senior Class. 'ZQPQG Commercial Club: "Ghost of Lolly- pap Bay"q jr. Rec., '29, '30g journalism Class: V. A. M. P. S.p Boos- XCYS. EDWARD A. BONIFER "Bus" Vice Pres. Senior Class, 'zglbi S. R. S.: Jour- nalism Class: lr. '29, F. I. V. E.: ters. Rec.. Boos- PAULINE STEWART Home Economics: Scc'y and Trcas. Senior Class. '29141g journalism Classg jr. Rec., 'Z9: V. A. M. x if-Eg? 0 'I af. LULA MAY DUNIHOO ,lr. Rec.. '29s V. A. M. P. S.: Boosters. VICTORIA HULEN ..ViC.. Bel Canto: Mixed Glee Clubq Operetta, '27, '28, '29, V. A. Nl. P. S-S Boosters. KATHRYN SCHECHTER Home Economics 1State Streetli English Club: Commercial Club? V. A. P, S. M- P. 5- IRENE E. BELL Commercial Club, 'ZBQ KENNETH R. THOMAS Commercial, '2'J: Track. r R C '28, '29: Boosters: F. l. Opcrctta, 'Z7: J . 0 ., 'Z9: V. A. M. P. S.: Boosters. V. E., Blotter Staff. '29, JOHN F. TRIBBEY FRANK ll. DILLARD S. R. S.: Journalism ournallsm Clas Class Ir Rec '29 lf, E., 4B,,,,Ste,Sfl F' I' 50,35 cial CluB-gl F. li Thirty-one Will I. H. S. Class, Sr,, City of New Albany, County of Floyd, State of Indiana, being sound of mind and disposing memory, do make, publish, and declare the following. as and for my last will and testament. thereby expressly revoking all former wills by me made. Item 1: I will and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid out of my vast estate, i. e., fund left from Junior Reception. Item Z: I give and bequeath 28c ftwenty-eighth to be used to uniform the Band. Item 3: I leave a lifetime subscription to "True Story Magazine" to be placed in the Library and cared for by Mr, Willer. Item 4: One drum with small hole in top to Girls Drum and Bugle Corps. Item 5: Nineteen 1191 bent hairpins found under mirror in girls' gym to all Junior boys and girls growing long locks, Item 6: Two Canadian dimes for special assembly programs, Big Rich, preferred. Item 7: I leave special proviso for Mr. Katterjohn to lengthen school-time to 4:00 o'clock. Item 8: I will and bequeath seven 179 old Bank Day reports for the Blotter to publish. Item 9: I will the remaining N men to the Sophomore girls. Item 10: I give to H. S, Class, Jr.. the privilege of using the word Sr, after his name. Item 11: To my very clear friend, Miss Kirk, I leave. un: I4 drops of goo: deux: one very stiff goo brush: trois: a tiny piece of crude rubber, to be used on next year's annual. Item 12: All old yoyos found in Seniors' empty lockers, I commission Miss Rockenbach to distribute as she sees fit, Item 13: Five Q55 lead nickels to be used in the NOOK'S orthophonic, This is for community use. Item 14: I bequeath to my son, Junior, the right to make an annual and challenge to make it as good as the 1930 Blotter, Item 15: I leave all feminine ankle socks in my possession to Mr. Kahl. Item 16: I leave as my special contribution to N, A. I-I. S,, the Tony Anshutz Iiord, to be placed in the trophy case among the other treasures. Item 17: Rather reluctantly, I present my precious vaccination certificates to the Freshmen, Item 18: I gladly give to H. S, Class. Jr. and his heirs and assigns forever the holding of an Alumni Banquet each Spring. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and seal at the City of New Albany, State of Indiana, this May 1, 1930. Signed, I-I. S. Class, Sr. Witnessed by Elizabeth Shine Betty Jane Hacker Naomi J, Kirk. Notary Public. Tlrirtgy-ltuo Farewell Farewell, a long farewell to this our High Schoolf This is the life of the student: To-day he ls the small. frightened Freshman, with the star ol Graduation shining faintly down through thc Years: and then the slightly surer Sophomore. Vkfith the goal still very far away and dim: And then the Junior, busy, jolly, hopeful, With only a slight tremor at the nearness Of that fateful day, Last of all the Senior Bearing his weighty honors thick upon him. Even when comes the first chill premonition He needs must think, deluded one. full surely He can 'scape the general end. But will he Nil he-graduates, lt must be ever thus. We would fain remain but are driven onward By a firm, relentless course: must bid farewell To all those things that are dear to the heart of A student. So we take our final bow And bid our fellow actors all good-night. Alexander, Dan Allee, Juanita ,,,, Anshutz, Hudson Ayers, Addell ,,,, Bailey, Velma ,,,, Baker, Katherine ,, Banet, Martha ,,,,,, Barnett, Dorothy, , Bassett, Dale ,,,,.,,,,, Belvois, Roger , ,, Bcnsinger, Aline ,,,,, Martha Jacobi. EVERYMAN An Immofftelle Play Dramatis Personae ,,,,,,, .W , ,W Fancy Dancer WW ., ,nn ,, ,mn White House Cook . Mechanic-Old Fords a Specialty , ,,Cigarette Vender ww W, , nw Bottle Washer ,wmlnventress of Knitting Stitch Hostess of Night Club , ,,,, Winner of Sleeping Marathon ,, , ,,,,,,,,, Handsome Movie Actor ,Clothier's Model ,,,,Coney Island Contortionist 'lihiz lg-1111 et- x Bettman, Nlildred ,,, Bickel, Eloise ,,,,,,,,,, B-Obbitt. Sylvia ,,,, , Braden, Chester ,,,, Brooks, James ,,,, , Brown, Edward, ,,,, Buchanan. James ,,,, . Bulliet. Robert ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bullington, Kenneth Burd, Edwin ,,,, Belvois, Roger ,,., , Carpenter. Ruth ,,,,,,, Chamberlain, Violet ,,,, Cole, Jack ,,,,,, , , .,,,, Connell, Dorothy,, Conner, Doris ,,,,,, Conner, James ,,,,. Conner, Marion ,,,,,, Condra, Nelson ,,,,,, Craig, Robert ,,,,,,,,,,,, Dangerneld, Edyth ,,,,, Davis. Alice ,,,,, ,, ,, Davis, Juanita ,,, Deickman, Margaret. Deis, Bernadine ,,,,,,,,, Dillard, Forest ,,,,,,,,, Dowd, Alice ,,,,,,,,,, Duggins, Herbert ,,..,, Deal, Jean ,,,, , , , Emery. Margaret ,,,, Evans, Louis ,,,,,,, Falk, Wilma ,,,, Fein, Hazel ,,,, Fisher, Margaret ,,,,,,, Flock, Anita ,,,,., ,,. Flock. Elsa ,,,,,, ,.,., Gadient, Elizabeth ,,.,, Graham. Jane ,,,,,, Groh, Julia ,,,,,,. , Gunther, Alma ,,,,,, Gunther, Laura ,,,,, Hacker, Betty Jane ,,,. Hanen. Stanley ,,,,, Hayes, Elizabeth ,,,,, Henderson. Edgar , , Hitner, Elberta ,,,,,,,,,, Hoffman. Dorothy ,,,, Hoglen, Jane ,,... . .,., , Hughes, James, lvy, Ruth Marie Jacobi, Martha ,,,,, Jackson, Percy ,,,... Jenkins. Stewart ,,,,, Johantgen, Ruth. ,,,, Kehoe, Leeba ,,,,,,..,, Kellems, Lula ,,,,, , Kintner, Edmonia King. Lois ,,, ,. Kron. Bernice , Krieger, Elva ,,,,,, , Laughlin, Mary Helen Manley, Raymond Markert, Carl ,,,,,,, Marsh, Bernadine ,,,,,... , ,,,, ,,,Clerk in Krogers ,, ,,Pancake Flipper in Childs . . Cheer Leader , ,, ,Editor of Blareburg Bugle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Professional Boxer ,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,Lounge Lizzard ,,,,,,,,Heart Specialist ,,,,,,,.Cannibal Chief ,,,,,,Parisian Designer ,,,.,,,,,Jockey .,,,.,,,.,...Soap Box Orator , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hula Dancer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Confession Story Writer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Absent Minded Professor , , ,, Recipe Reader Station B U N K ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,Omnibus Guide Bad Boy ,,,,,,,,,A Shrinking Violet ,,,,,,,,Professional Wrestler ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.Football Coach ,,,,,.,,,Lady Train Caller ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bearded Lady ,.,,,,Waitress at Woolworths , ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Flippant Flirt ,,,,,,Fashionable Modiste ,.,,,,,,.,,,,,Blues Singer ,,,,,,,Telephone Operator ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Circus Dwarf , , Head Fly Swatter ,,,,,.Prohibition Lecturer ,, ,.,, .,,A Second Sandow .,,,,,,Hostess at Dude Ranch ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,Artist's Model -Secretary of W. C, T. U. . .., ,,,.Chorus Girl ,,,,,,Champion Hog Caller .,,,,,,,,.,.,,,Great Scientist ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, High Diver , ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, C ynthia Grey II . , Caretaker of Dogs and Cats ,,,,, ,,..,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,,,, D i vorcee ,,,, ,, ,, Author of Eddie Ket ,,,,,,,,Underfed Mistreated Son ,,,,,,,.Ribbon Designer Prosecuting Attorney ...,,,,,Champion Pie Eater ,,.,,,President Sewing Circle ,,,,,,Champion Solitaire Player ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Personality Man ,,,,,,,,,. .Safety Pin Vender ,,,,,,,,,,Nifty Novelist ,,,,,,Two Gun Percy ,,Bill Tilden II , ,,.,,Futuristic Artist ,,,,..Conservative Grandma ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Police Woman ,,,,,,,,.Circus Fat Lady ,,,,,,,,,Truck Driver ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Wash Lady ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Masseuse Dress Makers Model ,,,,, Tasteful Tailor ,,,,,,Rattling Trumpeteer .,,,,,,,Radical Reformer Thirty-four flfigfwisiuh if ,4 -9 ' ? , ,Jem-., y ' , o ,F Mather, Nelia ,,,,, , ..,. McCulloch, Ida Mae ,,,,, McGuire, Harry ,,,,.,, Mclntyre, Jane ,,,,,,,, Meyer, Leo ,,,, ,,.,.., Miller, Marshall ,,.... Moser, Freda ,,,,,, Murphy, Elsa .,,,,,Y,. Murphy, Margaret ,,,,. Needham, Hugh ..,.,, Nolan, Gerald ,..,.,,, Ollis, Anna Mary ,r,,,, Peevey, Elnora ,,...., Peters, Jewel ,,,.,,, Peters, Robert ....., Peters, Roy .,,, ,,,,,,,,, Protso, Kenneth ,,.,,, Raaba, Elmer ,,,,,,,,r,,Y Rasmussen, Andres ,.t.,,, Rasmussen, Lydia. ,,,,,, Reeves, Vernon ,,.., ,,,,, Renn, Mary Margaret .. Robinson, Clifford ,,,,.. Rough, Clifford ,,,,,,,.,, Routh, Virginia ,. Rowe, Jack Y ...,,, , Russell, Bernice Scharrer, Virgil ,, Schechter, Ernest ,,,,,,, Schmitt, Viola Schoen, Arthur Shaller, Carl ,,...,,, Elizabeth ,,,,. Shine, Sigmon, Simon, Bickel ,,,,,. Smith, Smith, Smith, Madeleine ,,,,,,,, Snider, Stalker, Dorothy ,,,,,. Stanhope, Frank ,,,,,,,, George ,,,,,, Esther ,,,,., George ,,,,,,,, Paul ..,.,,,,,,. Steele, John ,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, Stephenson, William ,,,,,. Stocksdale, Jessie ,,,,,,, Stover, Gilbert ,,,,.... . Straw, William ,....., Teives, Mary M.. ,,,,,,, Thompson, Mildred ,,,,, Tower, John ,,,,,,,,,,,,YYY Townsend, Robert ,,,,,,, Trautman. Dorothy ,,,,, Tyler, Hilda ,,,., ,,,,,,,, Ulsh, Mary ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Utrecht, Irma ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Van Arsdale, Lawrence ,.,,.. Vaser, Ruth ,,,,,,, ,,,,, , ,H Walker, Mary Jean .,.., Watkins, Edna .. ,,,,,, .. Weber, Carl ,,,,, ,.,,, , Wehner, Etta Mae W Welch, Grace ,,,,,,, Welty, Rose . ..... , Wilson, Edith ,,,,.,,. Wrege, Calvin ,,,,,,,,,,, Zimmerman, Freda ,,,,, Quatre? Professional Fat Lady Melancholy Baby ....,..,Sentimental Shiek ,,,,.,,..,. Town Gossip ...........,..Wornan Hater Mamma's Boy ,,,,,,,.Tight Rope Walker .,,.,,,,,,,,,, Circus Barker ,,,.,,...,,S. S. Teacher English Professor Marathon Dancer ,..., Chain Store Owner Country School Teacher Clingmg Vine o,.............,.,, President of U. S. .. . Patient Piano Tuner Popular Saxaphone Crooner Ditch Digger Diligent Jail Guard ,Flag Pole Sitter , Wall Paper Hanger ,.......,. .., Efficient Dish Washer . Diligent Janitor Raucuous Radio Announcer ,m.W.. Scientific Lecturer .... ,. .A Geometry Teacher Runs Collection Agency .,,.,,... ,,The Flying Finn .......High School Principal ,.,,,o,.....lVlaster Violinist .. Collar Ad Model W Unscrupulous Lawyer ,.,,...Vaudeville Headliner ,..,,...,,,Truthful Reporter ..,.,....,,,,.Capable Carpenter Polite Clerk Grouchy Latin Teacher Cranky Sorority Chaperon Wm Absent Minded Plumber Poet Laureate of N. A. H. S. Street Car Motorman Side Show Singer ,,..........Traveling Salesman ..,,.Cross Patch Quilter Professional Ball Player .. Concrete Mixer Learned Librarian ,,.,,.Second Mme. Curie ...W Boot Black .............Hair Dresser Sewing Teacher Conductress of Travel Tours . .,,.,..,,.,.., Floyd Gibbons ll Chewing Gum Demonstrator m.o,o..,..... , ..-Fastidious Farmer ,..Bathing Beauty Dare Devil Aviator ,,.,.......,.....Vicious Vamp W....,,..,,,,,.,.,.Garbage Man Professor of Physiology Thirty-five .,.....,.....,.Gifted Journalist Sweet Wife ,,....Follies Premiere Chief of Police ,,,,,.Sophia Glutz Il How to Become a Famed Senior While having achieved the position of a senior is, in itself, a sure milestone on the path to fame, there are simpler diversified methods hy which to attain fame or 'iIt" as called by some authorities on the "Evolution of Mankind's Brain" if any, First: Begin when a freshman. Consult your doctor and if he finds you to be mentally perfect, which isn't likely, memorize some of the prominent seniors' names and speak of them frequently to your friends, They will call you "cute" and "darling" and various other synonyms for you can do I can't do, Thus with the backing of your classmates, you have your stepping stone to success. Nextly: In your sophomore year, make it a pofnt to be studious. Make A's in all your subjects. Soon the teachers will be holding you up as an example to the unfortunates. And a senior may even recognize you when he sees you. If that isn't possible, enter in the Sapinsky and Tyler contests. Your name will be printed on the program and even if it is spelled wrong, the publicity will give your teachers a quiet satisfaction in you and they may even remember your name fromrone term to the next. A further aid to greater intellectual capacity is the con- centrated study of the "Harpers", the i'Atlantic Monthly", or the Senior Annual, Third: In your junior year take art or shop or some other form of industrial art, so you can paint or erect scenery for all the plays and operettas. Every one likes to have a general utility man around and soon some far-seeing person may recognize you to be a child prodigy, It isn't likely, of course, but then worse things could happen to a junior, Anyway, you will have had the satisfaction of having done your bit for human welfare and think what you'll have to tell your grandchildren! Pay your club dues in a lump sum and there'll be a general impression of your vast wealth and you'll be given an important part in the operetta if the costume is expensive. Lastly: In your senior year, go out for athletics. Coach is always willing to give seniors places on the team. especially if they don't keep training because it will be the end of them eventually anyhow, 'l hen if you can make a touchdown in a Jeff. game, which isn't likely either, you'll have gained the self-confidence which only comes from the feeling of having contributed to the laurels of the Senior class. And so, having gained the confidence of your classmates, the faculty and yourself, you may get a look-in on one of the Senior Class Plays. But in case any of these suggestions fail to bring you the desired cup of fame, you might try taking a hurdle with ah eight day old vaccination on your leg. Signed-One Who Knows, Leeba Kehoe. Senior Advice to Sopohmores What? Yet here my children? Be gone? Gosh Sakesf The bell is ringing and angry teachers Have no mercy on the hapless tardy. Give your profs no tongue, for such awaits the Office. Be thou wise but not a wise cracker The friends thou hast, if their lockers suit, use Them and let them pay. Beware of entrance to A quarrel, the other guy may be bigger, Use other's books it saves you money. Avoid Skirts, for girls oft break the man. but if thou Date, so manage, that thy purse can bank and make Thy room a hundred per cent. not forgetting Penny a week Thursday. Forbear from chewing Gum or running in the hall and above All do not leave a room Without a pass. Control your grief when there is no Seventh Period class. Always a borrower Not a lender be. for it sure costs to Graduate. Eat in the cafe unless Thou wish a longer day. Flunk not one test. All these things do and it must follow that In time thou'll be a Senior. Farewell My humble blessings on thee. -Wm. Stephenson. Thirty-six 751 iii i fr ia 5 , 1, I V 5" ,t ii L ii ' , S ,Q .. "" QF 5 r ' . A V t ryt at MA AA h ' A 'gg i fa iff if A L ROW 1 ROV" 3 Robert Aldrich Sophia Jensen James Best Recd Kelso Clarence Briscoe Edward Busald Kenneth Deal George Deis Spence Dieckman Harry Doughten David Feiock ROVV 2 David Flanigan Elizabeth Franklin Elizabeth Gibbs Lee Hargraves Raymond Hatfield Arthur Hegewald Robert Hicks Charles Hoke Amy House 7-hlil'llj-SCUCII Audrey Kupferer Marie Lyvvers Louise Ludwig Orville Mann Douglas McAfee Joseph McClain Marvin McMonigle ROVJ 4 Lyle McSpaddin Catherine Orth Jack Park Simon Schaefer William Sharp Donald Short Walter Smith Claudia Snider Norris Utrecht 351 1 ll l i ' ' L. J K T2 la- fm e A vi, , 4. IK? ,k,. 53,4 JI, B' l A fe. , l is J , A ,,,, . is ' " ' l , . lr Lire, - .ss I 'H Y nf' iii we 9 ff V. L- K ...F . 3 W i O ff A l I ,V xi -an J L J W ii " ., W Y ii I K gfisit ,-" , -f fi J -ei X qlxdyff' T' v if ROW l ROW 2 ROW 3 Bfufe Allen John Coombs Billy Falk James Banes Gertrude Beck Nicholas Bertrand Rachel Borkenheim Olive Bowling Esther Brown Kenneth Brown Alice Bulleit Jane Canter ROW 4 Mary Goss Cornell Graves Alice Hampel Nlarvin Heilig Dorothy Hessler Mary J. Hettiger Ruth Holiday Emily Holmes Thelma Husk Donald Coyte Ledford Day Melvin Davis Paul Thomas Margaret Dellinger Harry Denny Margaret Duffy Janes Embrey ROW 5 Margaret Jones Evelyn Joy Marcella Kiper Vera Krausgrille Onetta Kingsley Clifford Koerner Gertrude Koetter Margaret Lamb Lois Larmore Thirty-eight Elmer Farnslcy Clarence Feiock Dora Fischer Edith Flanigan Fredrick Canter Wilbur Gill Kenneth Glaze Martha Gohmann ROW 6 Luetta Lemmcl James Lewis Margaret Lindley Irma Linnert Paul Loesch Lois Luther Martha Morton Alton Martin Francis Ludwig i 1 if " ' fix 351 fr :Meri E6 ' ' tix S he 5 at M I... pf ' f to ' rlte .af f A "' X , 5' , lit , ,. T ' ' i l fig figs' P 1 by I ROW 1 ROXV 2 ROW 3 Viola Maxwell Ethel McCandless Dorothea McCallian Harry Mclntosh Roy Mertz Naomi Meyer Hazel Miller Roy Millican Bertha Morris ROW 4 Benjamin Reister Ruth Richards Elva Lou Rockenbach Edna Mae Roth Martha Royse Christine Ruoff Anna Sloan Annie Elgin Starr Pearl Staten Katherine Mullings Yvonne Newhouse Marvin Oakes James Ollis Sara Paris Dale Parr Thomas Perry James Perry Gerry Phillips ROW 5 Pearl Stcproe Marianna Thompson Louis Trudeaux Evelyn Wade Damon Walts Thelma Welch llorene Vv'ininger Alma Whittinghill Ivan Whittinghill Tlzirly-nine Margaret Plaiss Richard Potts Elizabeth Powell Catherine Radcliff Billie Rahner Kathleen Rainbolt Freda Rannike Gayle Ratcliif 1 Mildred Reed ROW 6 Paul XVillcox William Wilson Manual Wolfe Robert Wolfe Clay York Thelma Zimmerman Jerome Zoeller Raymond Green Robert Millican te 2 . i .an .Ji L S 'K wh ' gg. t at lie ' s . 3, , A e 55 ,,,, fi 4 S 2 T lu b L s f t 5 we Q tr., A ,, I - '1' Q , , I 'ht i i ROW l ROW 2 ROW 3 Catherine Banet Mary F. Chandler Ardell Howison Helen Barnes Celestine Barrow Edward Blake Avis Bobbitt Helen Borgerding Arthur Brown Edna Brewster Herman Caesar Walter Davis Minnie L. Faulkenburg Dorothy Flora Pauline Gilley Lemuel Harris Elizabeth Hartling Juanita Hayes W'illiam Hermann ROW 4 ROV! 5 Bertha Jackson George Jaegers Alice Jones Helen Kirk Ethyle Kist Dorothy Knipe Frances McCoun Violet McGuire Geraldine Montague Louis Moore William Moreman Dorothy Paul George Pennington Violet Pocker Sue Railing Manley Salyards Dorothy Sayles liorly Edward Schmitt Julia Schwender Paul Schulz Dorothy Smith Nellie Stocksdale Sylvia Summers Wilma Waggener Donald Ward Esther Wright '52 fi' A l e, 1 A J' , er" z Q Y M D . in i are ' Q . H' , A me 'J L is 'L :G . if 5 - J 1 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 F Jennie Adams Leonard Agnew Ada Mae Bence Lisette Bettman John Black Robert Blasius John Bowen XVilliam Braden Ruth Brautigan ROW 4 Meyers Faith Elvarah Flannery Elizabeth Flock Paul Gilley Bessie Glaze Bernard Graf Imelda Graf David Gohmann Francis Grantz Robert Buchanan Wima Burg Basil Byrne Reese Caress Donald Carpenter John Clayton Irma Cox Georgia Compton Laura Compton l"orly-one Ethel Cromwell Joe De Voss Naomi Douglas Maurice Durbin Margaret Ebelsisor Robert Eckert Robert Edlin L ois Elliot Elbert Emery ROW 5 Albert Groh Dorothy Grossback Helen Hacker Francis Hancock Wilva Hankison William Harman Anna Mae Hartman Elizabeth Hartsfield Anna Hock lil 'ii , if 1 L, , ,Q lsi"':i?'i B an- : ii Q LJ? Qu wise' .ug -1 fi' fu Q: ia. 9 Harriett Hockin Margaret Howard Lillian Howell Francis Hubbard Ray Hubler Charles Hughes Mary C. Johnson Edward Kiefner ' , f K . I H we-4 ,,., , gi- . Q ft.. 'V ' eff 4' W , W5 'Q .- 5 : -, 1 'ti L' f J fr J me f J A F' qqsyv: :V 153, A ' . 'rbi Q ' 'f , ,,- -. - M .I V at A,-M' 11,51 ' .J ,J -sw A 9 - A -. 3' I ' 2 ' 1-ies. I Q34 ' 'if K a-- W J if ,. Ng I J? '1 jan Q E . 1 ' . , t J , , , - Q W' if Q, . , -,L N ,, -rd , 3, m f, ROW l ROW 2 ROW 3 Kenneth King Nickolas Leist Mildred King Virginia Leist Mary F, Klerner Libby Levy Evertt Kleinstiver Vester Llewellyn Woodrow Knable Grace Loheide Mildred Kost Emily Lukemeier Mae Lasier Orrabel Mann Mary Frances Kahl Aubrey Laughhunn Mary Agnes McDaniel Charles Leist James McDonald ROW 4 ROW 5 James McKee Alberta McCown Naomi Meyer Stella Miller William Monihan Ada Moore Paul Morthorst Helen Murray Norbert Neuhause l Wilma Oakes Verna Lee Ott Vv'endell Ott John Paris Margaret Penn Martha Rady Mary Katherine Reas Lucille Reisz Margaret Richard Forty-Iwo 352 :Lf ' tr Q 'fir ,jr A 'Iggy I 1-ff in liz . , W 'Me 554, ii ., , U X ' Q 'v a 1 el - 394 t. G t .H r , A h N' In ii. 'F 'ff ' K i L..........,...a' A K Ikkgr I K f- i I " , 35 ! Y ,M 3 2 ROW I ROW 3 Mary K. Richard Dorothy Roggenkamp Alma Rough Mary Kathryn Schocn Mary Schaerer Edward Schindler Mary Schoen Ifmma Schott Robert Seilcr ROW 2 Lloyd Schallers Henry Shivel Florence Smith Margaret Smith Vernon Smyth Elizabeth Spencer George Stafford Jane Stewart Gilbert Taylor Forty-lhree Mary Teives Charles Tribbcy Helen Utrecht Virginia White Thelma VVillian Jane Van Dalsen Florence Walter Gladys Warman Gertrude Welch ROW 4 Edwin Wilson Beulah Yeager Dorothy Zufall '55 , g in A4 , mira- , M " , , , b V A -" W X -f J! A' .- ,FQ sreo D O it is Vs er. he fa fel r h Q iiiiii W ii A ly-:H I gf my . r .4 'Y ' 1 , X f A-'- C 25. V as ., i LWMQ -f,,4,,,- N Q spree.: . 4 1 A a Q W ,. .. 4,4- ' - f , 2 ':. "is f s at aw. , one as ., is yi .... A as Q an if M K .. he zggifgr g,g.,. Wi 1 :f ' V" ROW l ROW 2 ROW 3 Helen Adkins Alvin Bettman Harold Crandall Ruth Allen Mary Florence Billig Clifford Davis Irma Allis Dennis Bir Kathryn Dean Ora Mae Ashabranner Jennie Mae Ayres Dorothy Baker Anna Margaret Best Etta Wright Best Franklin Best ROW 4 Wylie Gray Harriet Guthrie Gladys Harbolt Rogers Hartman Chester Johantgen Walter Kahl Denzel Keller Ruth Kemp Edith Kolb Dorotha Blackiston Margaret Campbell Robert Campbell Mary Carr Charles Cauhle Frank Clipp Catherine Dieckman Elmer Dieckman Walter Dietrich Byron Drumb Evelyn Dunn Polly Gill ROW 5 Ifurly-four Dorothy Kraft Charles Kreutzer Dolores Lang Louise Lasch Alice Lee Frances Ludwig Charles Manley I.loyt Markerl John Mason rf ff 3191251 'lsr if tae -ifff 'sz 2 ,LQYQQ 5.5-1,-4, 4. Q. ,Q 4, ROXV 4 NTT ., i .i ,.,. hir, any ff.-,V dxf . ' ' Y U' i If wif. ug,,,A,,.:. , i to Q- A I "' ' ti' ' a M sb - F -" X V 1 H F I t : , 'W F ', K 'i '5 "N Q -1 '4 1 O Q at F f f ' g g 9 l K r K ' is ,W m, F i K : M. 5 M k Y , 4-Lv . ,gm-I f f who J -i,f:3,,4 ' ROW l ROW 2 ROW 3 Freda McAfee Felix McCallister Frederick McCracken Katherine McSpaddin Gerald Montague Kenneth Moore Walford Oglesby Jane Overton Willard Parr Mildred Peevey Katherine Plaiss Willeta Pollard LeRoy Purdue Charles Quinn George Rasmuss Paul Rasmussen Wynema Rector Donald Reeves William Stockdale Edward Thompson XVillard Thorn Homer Treser Wilma Wade l.ois Evelyn Watts Cleo Watson lewis Wenzler Merrill Whitlock Forty-ffue 211 Paul Reinhardt Joseph Renn Edward Sanford Franklin Schoonovcr John Shiner Elizabeth Shrader Lola Kathern Sloan Beatrice Louise Smith Robert Stemm ROW 5 Farrell Wininger Dietz Wolfe Kathleen Wolf Robert Wrege ,fbeouzi Uozvrug frxnreff .4 - 4 R5 fun' Wet.-1 Sep! ' ' amfvzw if "Remembrance of days foregone lforly-srx ,S.R.5. SPEAKERS 5R.GU?LS SR. BOYS SODALITAS SR.CLAS5 DRAMATIC5 ART 7-UP N-CLUB BOYS GLEE BEL CANTD 5345- SODALITAS BOQSTERS uuunognn r. "But now you are a leader."-Merry Wives of Windsor. '52 "The rarest of all women!"-YA Winter's Tale. C. H. I . N. K. S LEEBA KEI-IOE, President BERNICE KRON. Secretary-'frcasurcr DOROTHY TKRAUTMAN, Vl'C9-ljfCSidCUf MISS PETERS, CFIIIIIC Because the Senior girls wished to display their coolie coats. pig-tails, and tiny feet Cqueslion markl, and other things suitable to Chinamen on May 16, Senior Glrls Day, they chose C. H. I. N. K. S. as their name this year. However, the Chinese nation would feel insulted if they knew that to Senior Girls. Chinks are just Carefree. Heartlcss, ldiotic, Nonchalant, Knock-kneed, Seniors. On May l9, the Chinks discarded their Buddha and incense. donned overalls, and hiked out to Blackiston Mill, an old Chinese custom. Forty-1:z'gl7l "Let him pass for a man."-Merchant of Venice. B. U. M. S. JXMES BROOKS, President CARI. WEBER. l7l'C9-PI'ESl'd?f1f ROBERT CRAIG. Secretary JOHN TOWER, Treasurer The reason for deciding upon such a name was that we wanted a name that every- one could live up to. On Friday. May 16. wc dressed like '4Bums". You probably Cannot imagine some of the sophisticated seniors as "Burns", but nevertheless they were that very thing for one whole day. Perhaps you didn't have exactly the right Words fitted to our title but we think most everyone should have the main idea of the "Brilliance and Unusualnessu. Here 'tis BRILLIANT, UNUSUAL. MASCULINE, SENIORS. This name is very well fitted for the boys of l930, don't you think? I7orty-nine S peakefrs Tag Day, the opening event for the Speaker season. proved to be a success, The money, 554800, made from the sale of tags was used for the annual charity dinner on Thanksgiving Day. In assembly on December 2l, "The Lovellest Thing". a play by Roland Pertwee was presented by the Speakers and Wranglers. This play exmplified the necessity for Xmas Spirit. On January 25. each member took all accessible heirlcoms and antiques to the market' house and offered them for sale. Proceeds from this sale, 5lS37.00, was used to provide milk for three needy families and a check was also sent to the New Albany Community Charity Fund. The gala event of the year was on April 19. That evening the Speakers and their guests gathered at the High School and basked in the light of a full moon and many stars while listening to loasts on Night, Knight, Moon and Goodnight. given by Misses Kehoe. Miller. lloglen and Conner. Miss Kirk. critic of the club gave the concluding toast on A'My Stars", A debate between Wranglers and Speakers took place in assembly on Thursday, May l5, The subject for the debate was, "Resolved: lt is time for the United States to enter the League of Nations". All aboard? Last stop Camp Jo! On June 2, with loaded omnibuses. Speakers entrained to Camp Jo to recuperate for two weeks. OIIITICURS Miss NAOMI J. KIRK, Critic 1 929 M l 93 O El.IZABI2'I'H SHlNE. Presidmi Douorm' 'l1tAU'1'MAN. Ifi-exidt-ni DOROTHY ,T-R XUTMAN. VlCPAI,I'CiYlAdL'I7l JEAN DEAL. Vftc'-PfUSld8V7I LEEBA KEHOE, Secrelary l'lll.DA TYLER, Serrelary ELOISE BICKEL, Treasurer ELOISE BICKEL, Treasurer BE'IA'I'Y JANE HACKER. Student Critic' SARA PARIS, Siudem Critic' frilly lf, 5 K x ii., x Q, K 4 fb Z. ,Q , f' 'x Y AFARYF4, LOVE I v v , pq, , W UML' x C-cz A 1 5' I.. . , Z. 1 . K , ,.., :Ziff .Qwu fa ' '54 X , 3 .J . J- pm Q i V:f,.:,fd Q if . ' ,Aff f- nb , ' 'Mr s YK! lair 92 x 4 YA .2 P 'L ,f X NA PLS ,f My 'fi , ff' ,Q S f ,xr ,. . 'W K x 4 f- I A- . , 'ha "P ' ' ff 1 wwf .WM MMM 1 "Speak the speech, I pray you, tvippingly on the tongue."-Hamlet. Fifty-one E 1' Q. 5. W A X 5' 9 W dw 'L I "WTdHglCTSi, The purpose of the Vilrangler Club is to promote an interest in public speaking but this year the activities have been mainly social. Heretofore any boy who was a junior in High School and had an average of 'BH in English was eligible for membership but this year the Constitution was amended to the effect that any boy who is a sophomore A in High School and has an average of "B" in lfnglish is eligible. The Hrst task was to give the Speakers what little help they needed to prepare the annual Speaker Thanksgiving Dinner for the poor children, The Wranglers gave a short sketch showing the Schools football victories in a pep session, Next came the annual Speaker-Vklrangler Christmas play. On l,incoln's Birthday Dr. .l. Edward Murr gave a talk on the life of Abraham lfncolii under the auspices of the Wranglers, One the largest events of the year was the XVrangler Banquet which was held at the New Albany Country Club on May 26, in "Ye Vylrangler Inn". The speakers were Vernon Reeves. Hudson Anshutz, Jack Cole, Frank Stanhope. Mr. Thomas. the critic. and Mr. Katterjohn. The most important of all events was the annual Speaker-Wrangler debate in which the XVranglers took the negative of the question: Resolved: "That the United States Should llntet the League of Nations". Hudson Anshutz James Best Edward Blake Clarence Briscoe Jack Cole Donald Coyte Robert Craig Kenneth Deal Hargrave Reed Kelso fifty-tu.'o James Lewis .lack Park Thomas Perry Robert Peters Kenneth Pi-otso Vernon Reeves Simon Schaefer Frank Stanhope XVilliam Stephenson Paul Willcox Scientijic Research Society qs. R. sq Founded in 1920 MR, CLAUDE HUGHES, Cffllt JAMES BUCHANAN, President LEE HARGRAVE, Vice-President RAYMOND IVIANLEY. SeC1't'!l1ftf ELMER FXRNSLEY, Treasurer Our earnest ciiorts are for the promotion of an interest in Science. ACTIVITIES The old members enjoyed themselves immensely at the initiation, the new members not so much so. The society was very fortunate in obtaining Henry Dreyer and his orchestra for an assembly program. They played popular songs with vocal refrains by William Hawley. Our critic, Mr, Hughes, at a regular meeting of the society gave a very interesting talk upon the subject of "Regeneration of Animals". The annual S. R. S. banquet was held April 5th. The hall was appropriately decorated with the club colors, black and wite with the various colored lights blending into a myriad of hues. The toastmaster was James Buchanan. Professor Buerk gave an illustrated talk upon thc Chambered Nautilus. The other speakers whose subjects dealt with light were Elmer Farnsley, Raymond Manley, David Feiock, Jack Parks, Donald Coyte and Mr. Hughes. Mr. Wyne gave two piano selections. The society gave a social hike which brought the trampers at last to Devil Steps. After all the adventurous individuals had their taste of climbing and had eaten their fill, footsore yet in high spirit we plodded home. Each member invited another couple and everyone had a "grand old time". The Club has planned some early morning and afternoon bird hikes. Prof. Buerk talked to the society in a regular meeting at the Junior High upon "shells". Beside telling us numerous amazing things about the shells and also the animals which are protected by these hard coverings he passed around the various specimens for us to examine as he explained them. The Club has striven toward its purpose of the promotion of an interest in Science, At each meeting every member gave a short talk upon some subject of scientific interest, followed by a short discussion. As a part of the initiation, a prospective candidate must give a thesis upon some scientific subject. These proved very interesting as well as beneficial. VJe, the Club members, wish to thank Mr. Hughes, our critic, for his great interest and in making this .1 most successful year for our society. Filly-four Y 5' fxb "Struts and frets his hour upon the stage."-Hamlet Fiflgf' Ilvrve The sciences that should become our country."-Henry VIII fifty-HL'u X Sodalitas Latina OFFICERS ELIZABETH GADIENT. VIRGIL SCHARRER, Consuls ELSA FLOCK. Ccnxor CARL WEBER, Quaestor MILDRED BETTMAN, Srnpzor MRS, IRMA H. PRITZ. Praeceptnx lirluzlrfl Blake Hmlith Flzuligam Alive James .luck Park Frxurk Stxnlmpc Mice V. Umuner l'zuuline llilley lflrlxmmia Kimner Thomas Perry Avmic Elgin Stan' Marion Fuunev' June Gmluuu Janne-a Lewis Sue Railing Iidwill You Allnlaul Imnnlzl Foyte ldrlmnnd Green Ilnrothea Melialliam Elm Louise Iiockenlmch Flay York .Iuanitn Davin Idlizaburlu Hartling Freda Mover M:u't!m lioyfe Jerome Zoeller llvrllurlillel Ileis .lane Hnglen .Imnes Hllih Hlizzlheih Shine Iilmel' Furnwley .Xrflelle lflowimn Sam l'zn-is Hurnlr! Snyder "They have been at a great feast of languages."-Love Labour Lost. Fifty-six ,E ., rzfasfl, 3:49 First Orchestra Band Playing on pipes of fern."--A Midsummer Nighfs Dream. Ijlfl!.l-SCUCTI MJ: X skaiiiyi., zib ik ' l ,W M if '57 '04 ' 'gf ' I ,r Q x + A ,Q J, Viy in 9.1 f .,, V ... - 5' l V. MN, , , Qi5 , Y ,M , sm N , Q , up E gr , , , v A, GY YW. X . Ja i Q' Q 'F' K 1 X " if " . V f . -f f. . f A. ,A .,N, ,, ,S -M , f... . ,.f, I ,,,, K, X, W, ,, ,,g, 5' 3 in "' if-' " Q r X .Q E 11 'A ..,, W L .1L,,,,, if ,M.,,,, w 1 A- iw QE? Q .,.,,, ww ,Juv f ' "Music oft hath such ll charm."-Measure for Measure I-'iffy-eight eh X Ex, W, X., mf X Axf W ' " og :gi s is Q 'A W U1 Ml W W 1? f V ' 1 fi.. .N T .nn f7fa:f-,fuwffr - Q Q5 . ,- ., 1' 5 . 5, ' V nit 4 . , Sf 'l - 'X -..ii 1. - ' A x' ' . ,f 2' ' " 91 ' .5 . 'P' V W. I 1 Rx Q- . Q , :U if' , 5 , asa' ' 2 , K. ,I -yn - Sfmwy -Fffffw-'M' "'v.w1 if' Y J''P-'f ML. ,, W , puff lie, ,,, ff , 'n , A ' wk-,K ,f N A aff H 2 ' if Q V W V T., .... ,. . A v , .fd w , . 4 1 , 1:35 g' Y 9 'M s , , 4? -1- ,fy 5 ..,7,,My,fiw,,, .1f...,E',:aX.Q?.,,,,..v -'1WHwn,,,Mp , WMI . -,Q f :S 1 -wx, J 1 . ,. f la, 4 I , .fs , :M 'Q 25 , V A 2 . Q A rw - 'rf' 3 'Uv ' , 3 X if I H 1 fum. gf, , , Z A ,.,4,,M,p,,,,M A W., . Vqu l . 55 4' , Q .. f M p B . , , txt, - J 1 . lg, - ' 1' A WNW 90122 yx,,M.,.-. JIAMW fmmysmfw 1 "What harmony is this!"--Measure for Measure. Fifty-nine 6 43 s e rl' . 2, ff' ve' L' P " , . , f J' Li L , , . ' am Q:l-:i,::W' gg, ' . ' Hifi: mb A W 1 - - ,g'Q2,- L :mf lifi " 'HW is H' ,tiff if M Q, A WV, M, , 15 ON - , ,, ,,W..., - Q1 vm 'Mow V ,mf v K 3.g.:g:'kL?.Lf'f If .wh 1 H15-11 :Winn L X.. 111-4-L L L :,.:v.:rf:::a:.,,m,x.,- W ms, LgL,-14. -V Lk I1' ml 11 'wifi--2542 Ml ' ' 5,'iLI.l5: . - 1f'2-'IM' TQll1f',l'1l S f:'f3'X5fi3'lQx:-- I Mimi 1 L. ?Li2il,'5T-f5'f W Ti L '-fm '..,J - ffi,Zi1'i1f N " " N"" LL L , Q IN ' BPOOKS IMA! 4 EXANJED L Q W" L L """"' qi , A , M --LL ' A L , - mxMs 57,4,yffop5 m Azlfvfzamsfyvagfa 1 flIZ Ai77'lE12' y m 1 -E' V,:.fq-" fy' L V - Q. r ' - 4' A L .- -M1 f ' .,fif34':zAfla"'.:,.'f "" , T H' yall! L 55 yy., iwm -, f -Q, K' 'f 1f,, Q5 H 2' ' :::,,s:'1,:,Q,..,::.'x.fg , L,4, f ,LM 2221 F9- 1 'ffgziwf-it-fi.if?:41.,.f' :flT:- X5 "':?a::.2 ' Wf .ff2'f?fQ:57 i T ,y V iflfgpl ' .:f'i-QEE: 12314 IWW f jf Kg, . i1H'i'35Q?3 T L'L , ' " ' , fr j L N . , L fl? comm 'S ' 'fvffff ffvwlfvf ,K g:12ig1g'gq:'3ig'ii1' V :fi Q .Aa::1"'1'."' '- - L W::'sf'1g'fTI.'3 YL ' , IAM ::1'Q", z'3gg.m- x ,:r' "1',fo,z4 'lim M i. ..., ,, 1 L J . . A K fvf. -5 gk. i if 1 K L 5 A X " p 5' ' ' L - A 'H' A . ' A .-,,'l5.T.'3?ii1T .V Lf., . 4 NM 14 5FYff0fW H Tcfmw M X VWZV 'L ' ..,V::lm,f,l..,,,.,.y,W. R . I Tl-K Lum.: Kai:-L M ' ' F:'fQQfl"f,':"L1l 1 L, M., ,,,,f"f ' ' - ' . X ,L MT Q' , , L LM - 1 f 1 E . , . L L - gsm smcma SX X L . L L bmw L msm - ' 'fs .2 ,z - L Lf my - 5, E ia.f ., ' fiQ A Q 5 L V 1f,Qfm ., 1i1isk1, .Q1. f l L 1 fig s - 1 , S I 5 5 L 1 g"2Q'jfQQ 1 ' , . L ms:-m ,, QQ: .- - - - 7 IYEIWIZSTYT V was - if' X55 'Lfw1Lz'fg M., ....M,A.aMfqu..m., 1. ' ' .t ' , Lf L L A ,LHYIZ 121 Y .N mm W A g 15 L WW" M' ' 'A 13 . ff ' "M 'WWW - - iijaiujkllfll M5512 f 'L I mf 1.1 "He writes brave uersesf- Sfx! if As You Like Ir. IIMNQXIII RG FRJJWYJUIV , 13.61715 Write lil! your ink be dry."-Two Gentlemen of Verona. Sixty-one "In framing an artist, art hath thus decreed to make some good, but others to exceed."-Pericles. Art Club MEMBERS Marvin Heilig Marylynn Kennady Elva Louise Rockenbach Annie Elgin Starr Stewart Turner Mary Ulsh James Buchanan Orville Carroll Doris Conner Jeraldine Phillips Simon Schaefer Nicholas Bertrand Lula Kellems Bernice Russell Thelma Welsh XVilliam Stephenson Ada Mae Bence Hilda Tyler, President Gertrude Beck, Vice-Presidenl NVilva Hankinson, Secretary-Treasurer The first activlty of the year was the presentation, on November 22. of A'Art Wlhere Art Thou", a one-act play by May Robinson. The scenery for the operetta Was made by members of the club. Our purpose is to more fully appreciate the beautiful and to have a greater knowledge of those things that go to make our environment and community a better place in which to livc Stix! y-two r U lf 31455 'P Je. f 2 Ot G uf!!! 5 F E fl Q 9 'Q 11,45-Q65 os 03 on v as 46 65" QT" --" e q f f, Q Q ' EXW Pi 25 , . , 3, 1 V.f1f'fi , .Ei ' T if ' J M sf , if 55 I k Sfww SCHAPM +219-'4 5 fb- Y ,.., ,.,, rf in .,.Y ,.-' :,'wf,v-,'v.,,.v 'K 'W . "" x nfs . Q 2' -1 QP sf? MM Mlfsmfwff P -4 b P . ,,.LQ1 i X J -S I fr . . , wf- y zfzivgy . ,,5,,,f.,.A1L4f-s, .Af-mf5,.fw.m my "-A-fn Qwfwf wvww .iw-fw .Z :aw ifawm .ii B wg, W- B.: ,. Q5 .fmfwygifjxfmz L , , V' 24' Q4 3, ' F' , . Qu. . f - A 5 ' -he H... 4 ' , P I , I , , , L iff,-. f if ff - l y N 'Q x ' "' .ef 5 , .. 14' I -1-5 X 1 r 1 H4 I I 1 , .Aww ghuyfnwif imrfffv 53124 2 1 Mn, -w ,-1A,,,,af:p1u' 'T M 5 mf 5, .. , . - at 'Sig ' ' ff? , Q 3 .. Q M as .. ,- ' isfgg W 1 It 5' f. S511-'-' 5f'f""f fiff.,,.M1-1 ilihsafv' F104 all bkffnlf. mf "What harmony is this!"--Measure for Measure. Fifty-nfne in I M K , , , ..,. , W H ,A mv:-,?qfVf -- Y4 I K ' v Q 4 , 1 , . A kr! 1 1, ' 5 :r?.:.z.'i:91."f' ,T Wi- V g ' M L' ' W1 -JV Y V W ,QW 'W-1. P25 53 .L . f 'ln -ji 'V , ,L "4:,f:'L1: i -f LM WAN Wx K mm- ,g mf -- V ,..,x 1"'5:f3-:':,.' R Z -' A VVVV f AV g ' 'f Y i 4 , K . .m, j3j y y I uf L i mm W V050 'c'ig7N , - 'f:p?W ll-41ff'i5i V :':1,::mp,"a1'.Q. M211-,..1 W "1" ' 31221 if '17 " ' 31 11-ff 25 i H JM 12::igi 432111. .:,.,, Z. Wi V1 Viil?:1.'::QV:'if:gA , H , ,v,...f' '51 A 3 14 1- -5 ,7,,.mu:Q,.gg. V' '7" " ,EE 'Q 5" 1n 'n o1fs1 azw . mmm . S-1' 1 V g Vf V""'. ' .E 1 5 , ii - K 1 1 . KFPAIVK '57llfXf0iE 2,1 AlllVEI5fW15.WGf0 9 . , s V V A , V V V 4: , A111011 772511 Q A V L ri ' 2 hm m K. 'VK Jrwlv ' i . sz 'ms E. 1 T, YE M x x V' , V i f ' " A .. . R , 0 K 5 ,A I .u..M3si., ff , Iv z 2' 1 m 1,2 IL. if 5,1 , :H-::f" 4: 'mf' i l ff? Q ' k PM , Dwff k f ff'A 513 13" SFP' i 1,-earn ' k -V x ,. A, , , - fag, .. ff:- V .m tl K V9 , , fy ' k cqjff W V ,V , 'fn if-'i L 'E L E V 11Vp:fff fi,ifF V , 3' " 2 444. fa :Qf.Ei?'il -V ' VM- V ,fm wwf '57 iff A z5V2gi1:sgV A , . 32 3,3 54 V kr V , i l , 5 1 i :M K V M4 mfvm A gain , . ,, , -fl , gay! paypal? X 4 W -- V . 2 EFL? .4512 k""' aj X-" - ' 'tl' 1 1 A IALXE I 2 - , 'li, f'jlf ':'Hgf K I V 1 i,1i1"V:RjQiJL5f,'5F "" A Q, Q- M Q, V 'N' A 11 1 L f V V f ' ' 5 - ' b 9 - 1f ,.l..'V Q. . , ' M gfyfvlgw ' gf N T EL QQ 'ff "2 1:x5t'X A f gl " 1eVSf-ua, Q Y e X . 1 'W I ' L -f 55515 57005504 H V omni msm 1 I . i - . , .Hx , . ii ' V' ' in 527 W ' .'f33'41f.7:Qi1'1f::'Lf. - ' . , 1 EEL ' l f g L f, 1 ' Y 'i i 'Vi 3 A " fx ' f 'fMf'V ' 'A"'V .:Si'Q?F" :,7T5"f' A ' i X 3 ' rawuilm . . M ,.,, 3:14 WV. W V fu mgizgg 5:21 , N 1 f f '7 V fy,-rx V n.E:V'5f,5g5 ' zblh' -715' V - , . I 1322 ? , 1 7: TD. - T , W. K - VL 3 gif! 5 'E if 5 N 1. 5 I V i A LV if " f 5 I 1 ig " 2:fr.i:.b, ff? 52 V mf Y V 5 f f i 'E Hfsifeffiwiezsm figs, .52 V .. jf'f""?f' ' 5 ?:j3iZg'EQ fTfQf'IITT'fIQ.Q V 12 , 1: V ::,':.z:'x:12::z'nn:'a:x:f:,z ' ., - ,f , 1 1 V I A . ,x .. ., ' -1 2 Q, 1 Vg-Hwy Q: 1 A . 'Lz':72wJf'W2'x" 'f?:'iVmf. Q A ' A 1 W ' i: . . Af' QW, N 3 Q: V. .1z'zV11zz1 zaQwzwY V , V I . M mmm V - . V V wwf .217 1 ""77f"m5f' 0121110 QQ "He writes brave verses."--As You Like It. Szxigj zuffqzzfrws' If 4101907901 Wrile till your ink be dry."-Two Gentlemen of Verona. Sixly-one "In framing an artist, art but others hath thus decreed to make some good, to exceedfl-Pericles. Afrt Club Marvin Heilig Marylynn Kennady Elm l,ouise Rockenbach Annie Elgin Starr Stewart Turner Mary Ulsh James Buchanan Orville Carroll Doris Conner Jeraldine Phillips MEMBERS Simon Schaefer Nicholas Bertrand Lula Kellems Bernice Russell Thelma Welsh William Stephenson Ada Mae Bence Hilda Tyler, President Gertrude Beck, Vice-President NVilva Hankinson, SecreturyfTreusurer The Hrs! activity of the year was the presentation, on November 22. of "Art Vvlh rc Art Thou". a oncfact play by Nlay Robinson, The scenery for the opcrettn was made by members of the club, Our purpose is to more fully apprec those things that go to make our environ Eate the beautiful and to have a greater knowledge of ment and community a better place in which to liv Sixty-Iwo Q1 my . K 1 if ' A' s ' M - K' ' - B . L ' A? F5 2 is f AQ Q Ji! L iz? ' fff V , ' . mp Z If p V. fi p, , X . ' I iff, 94 . Til e ff QW c' E 5 - X H f -- x Sa. A rf - saw .9 ' 1 ,WKIN Mx Q "We have been up and down-"-Much Ado About Nothing. Se'uenfUp Club MEMBERS 5'l'ANl.lEY HANEN, Pf'9Sfd?l7I l.Eli HARGRAVES lflfNNE'l'l"l BUl.I,lNG'l'ON, VIICC-Pt'6Sfdl?V7l DAVID FLANNIGXN ROBERT PETERS-74f9l1SU!'l?l' Roi' PETERS STANLEY SILTZ, Secretary ARTHUR THRO, Critic The purpose of the Seven-Up Club is to establish an annual scholarship. ln order to obtain this scholarship the Club has maintained a second hand book store in the school which sells books for the students and retains a certain percent of the proceeds. This amount goes toward making up the scholarship fund, The Club wishes to take this opportunity to thank the students for their co- operation and to assure them of our services in the future. Sixtyflhrce "ln that day's feats . . . he proved the best man in the Held."-Corlolanus. as "N Club OFFICERS ROBERT' PETERS, President REED KELSO, President-Elect I'112RBt2R'r Duooms. Vife-President LEE HXRGRAVE, k'vliC'0'PfE?Sl'dQf1l-EIECI LEO MEYERS, Secretary-Treasurer CLARENCE BRISCOE, Sec.-Tr:-as.-Elect JOHN KRAEMER, CFl'ItC MEMBERS Roy Peters, Hughes, Bassett, Burd. McGuire, Miller. Brown, Zocller, McAfee Protso Higginboiham, Wilbur Schaerer. Virgil Scharrer, Caesar. MCMonlgle, Smith, XV,lcox, R. Vilolfe, Hanen. Allen, Schechter, Eicholz, Turner. McCoun, Raaba. Tower, Flanfgan, and Brooks. The purpose of the "N" Club is to promote a hlgher standard in athletic and scholastic work. Any boy earning a letter in any branrh of sport is eligible for membership. Members of this club composed our football, basketball, baseball. and track teams, all four of which ach'evecl their greatest success this season. A number of new men who earned a letter for the first time in the spring sports do not appear in the picture or in name. Sixty-four I -,. .,, -C w..,,,, , . LM. ,..f,..,,e.s-...4......a.-.,..-e.,.s-.s , Cf . ,, o,.,.:,,,t.,a .f L. . ii.fL..sasa -M X. g.,.,.,,.a..f, ,,.4,sv-wi 'Q "Your helps are many',4Coriolanus. Booster Club FIRST SEIVIESTER RAY ALLEN, President ELIZABETH SHINE, Secretary ALINE BENSINGER, Vit? PI'CSid0f7I KENNETH BULLINGTON. TrCdSUrL'r SECOND SEMESTER IDA MAE MCCULLOCH, President ALICE JANES, Secrelary STANLEY HANEN, Vice President CHARLES THURMAN. Treasurer CRITICS HELEN GREENE. Publicily MARG XRET K. PETERS. Financial CLAUDE HUGHES, Administrative The Boosters Club is the only club in the Old High that offers membership to every student and has for its specific aim the backing of all legitimate activities undertaken by the student body. At the beginning of this year a constitution was drawn up which outlined a plan for the organization of the Boosters Club under a Board of Directors which would effectively and expeditiously carry out the club's business and policies. It was this: The Board of Directors was composed of a representative chosen by the students in each session room. This selection is made at the beginning of each semester. Officers of this Board were chosen from the student body the first semester, but after conferences. arguments, etc., it was decided that the work of the club could be carried on more efficiently from one semester to the other if officers were elected from the Board of Direc- tors. This plan will henceforth prevail in the election of these officers. To pay homage or otherwise to the members of the basketball team, the club presented each with a valent'ne at the pep session February 14. To let Mr. Heckel know the club's heart is on the right side, a check was forwarded to him to help uniform the members of the Band. To prove our aim IS extensive the commercial department was presented with a check to help defray its expenses at the contest this spring at Corydon. Will all pupils, organizations who helped us put on the old pep sessions, and teachers please stand by for our hearty thanks for their kind cooperation this year? Sixty-five "Such noble scones as draw the eye to flow."-lrlcnry VIII. festevs, Guild The Jesters' Guild was organized at the beginning of the second term hy girls of the class of '30, who wished LO make this club their contribution to New Albany High School. The purpose is to foster dramatics in High School. May lst, 'iThe Turtle Dove" was presented before the student body in general Assembly. The annual picnic party was held at Camp Jo, May 8th. OFFICERS MARY H. LAUGHLIN, President HILDA TYLER, Treasurer XVILMA FALK, Vice-President BETTY HACKER, Studen! Critic ALICE DOWD, Secretary VELMA BAILEY, Student Director Sllxlgf-six "The harder matched, the greater the victory"-Henry VI. The State Championship Bookkeeping Team Catherine Radcliff Lawrence Van Arsdale Rachel Borkenheim William Vkfilson Note: The team was Hrst composed of Radcliff, Borkenheim and XVils0n who won the District contest at Corydon. William Wilson was ill at the time of the State contest and his place was taken by his alternate, Lawrence Van Arsdale. "Come, and take choice of all my library."-Titus Andronicus Student Librarians Sixtyeseuen . GOLDEN TM A i H, .f f ww "A, .n,.,e f.G'y,,,.J A 4,9 '4 QW A21 2 Of- Q" Witzfffg' '-f x F , , V s 'gi rig- K -M x ...s , .. P . Yw' S ,ft -A A "f, ', lx Y A lf' 'E' mga! ILE Charm 55' Jia: 1310 4fR.1r.fVZm'x. 7 , :X cfolfzasg-1QvN?jZa1v 'X f .H L. Jvggngg L Au' .Eg-' ,L,j"f:z 1af j . :'-.,..-4 -uf Q, ar: ng, . 1-'11-22 Egfr", ,ywqfg W H' 4- '11 fig., 7-' J . . ., wr 1 , L" .gif mm ,QLIQW HW af wa we ' M fl '-Agfa. V- 1- -f' ellltgh ' M 1361 54 , g 5 '.. z?cNG4Rz.0.9 Srzfmno C9myv4,.v A V , ' 4 . ' W ' 4 1m'm1o 11.14419 zfzzmiyrx. , 4 5 W1 - V V- K SYLVIA K .f K. isfit 12,3 '.l'q0. s Q' " L , '. 'Q .wah I - I f 1 . M. , aaa 423551 llg 1:-.-, ofmws On-Jef-:zu-A ' I ' gg, 'I I Q .DWPMRO 'Q t. QHALKANZA Q EAR:-g2:rvaJz'A zhnpifgfaq ii- ' Q6 E 3 , 5' . 3 "" I-. if . ' .ffl I ' vf- '-, A MINMQE: Nzmovx "Make a great show."-As You Like It. Sixly-eight , . - , , . . - . . y 1..:.QL.:,,, -2.11 rf 'f bb Jllirrrapzs ZZQAZL W KOH 4 f-.x V' Pri , f .... -few: 1" W7 A FLA SH IN T175 ZQHV TIM? AA? L "She dances goddess-like to her admired lays."-Periclcs. , Sixly-nine - 4, ro C- 90 ,L 'U Sl Q G1 3 PP X 'll CH A2 if 713 Pu E Cn O Q Pl. S1- P+ ti. O 3 nf 66 r?iiPAlR: , :fr-it US, r W, -, 2'-2221-1 U is ' 'gf -4 , i. 'J 7 l X 0, ii- 6' af, ,, "wi V5 MRS. BEN MERTZ, President MRS. JAMES KINTNER, ViCe'PI'8Sfd9f7! MISS LENA BOARD, Secretary MRS. CLARENCE BROWN, Treasurer PURPOSE To bring the home and the school togethcr in the interest of the student. ACTIVITIES OF THE YEAR Sold pencils and had a play to help Hnancc the student loan fund. Bought additional shrubbery. Contributed to the band uniform fund, also the girls' gymnasium class and the commercial department. Scvemy 'a K-. Q S, 752 A H 1 1 - ff , ' X gm, Li! x 55,8 x. . MEAKY1 3 Wfi, 5 'F " ' ,, m Q. x s Q-Ax 4-J K kk"' K , ' NF ' ,f Q5 fn X N ,' , In V x I 5' f. fm A Q 45: a l 'A ' ' W V1 1 " "- 3 I 2 W 5 z :: A Q 3 1 fi ' '5 :nl .' "f, 1 Q f . 6 V3 is ,Lg f. E "., -' ,gi 3 I Q 42 5' 3 2' ' ip j MYER 1 " f..wwf,f,f ' Fm, A . MEYER Af- M R, ' 9 .. Q Q Q si A T? ' ' AND H A Vg, gh f Q S 4 N ', I 'fm 5 , Q ,, , , , ff f if N , f v x " -wa AAAEMELR JHALM-29 -xff ,lk p gf ' , 'iggsfif' ' f " pw. J 9 ' RAIAJN' 712,oc'K 45144, yawn 9 aA:x,e,3,w,, . ,. mu, .7 f .44 H. whxqgmxs-ks.bui..uw,zw..p,'lpL Sevmty-one 6760's JRLL ,wcxey Girls' Athletics Each year linds the girls taking a greater interest in athletics and health and this year has probably surpassed all others in the great value and fun they have derived from the various activities. l,ast fall we were given full equipment for two hockey teams and while the teams were not organized in the classes. the girls never tired of "bullying" and playing "ground sticks" on the athletic Held. Then when the weather grew colder, basketball came into its own and the girls excelled in shooting baskets and guarding. The classes were fuller than they have ever been and the tournament excited much interest with Anita Flock's team finally emerging victorious. After basketball season. our newly acquired muscle was tempered with the more delicate, graceful form of exercising-clog and rythmic dancing, These. too, accomplished a definite end by adding to the lightness of the operetta. Then we were ready again for more action. Baseball and handball took their places with "l.ovey" swatting her usual home runs. These were supplemented by stunts on the mats and horizontal bar which was recently put in the gym. Then the weather made us yearn for the "wide open spaces" and the sun brought the bloomer girls out on the field again. tilting the hurdles and doing 440 in 4 Hat. The tennis courts, too, were always well filled and helped to furnish the all-around exercise needed, Miss Board. never tiring of her interest in the welfare of each girl, personally, has given all of us a spirit of abandon and happiness which will always remain with us as a part of her, S4't'c17!y-Iwo - v 1 6, ka 5 ,f x . Q A-i f'gf1,g-'5'v?S.5g,x C5 ,ai2AQ5E5?Hx5?i355gMX. QAq,, y "V y 1 153573: 'ii":"5"2f?: fuf u-wif? 13- f . ' ' ' g 'N A , 1 'i 181, 'E " " L21 'Q ' ' ., 'E 5 7' w iwu - if - . . ge fif Eff . 1 , 5.1. ' 'K --L 'uqnna-ilu-' f , If . ' A MQWRUQEPSWWW 2M?Aw?ox 73225 Lnqyff hy OERZQHTTE.E wk3x E W mx 'iii xy' x Max! EW S332 fa , 1 : WM jlfillf OUT Ybnlnszzzs' Zffzwef Seucnly-Ihrec .553 Gum? Seucnzy-four 1- A X w ai l - ,p ,, . 'YV ff Q ' 7195 7 M10 my fffw l ':'4 eff I Q ' A W 84. AA 1 uw WE Q05 jofzv GUEOP5 Seven! y- live 2 Mwwrm . W Q. ' W Q A p il CAESAR-HE V., hz " k kk E. , A .., my Qx I ,aff L W M1LLER-TB. fSOHEG TER-F. 3' L., s M, .4 '. L ffl Q - 9 MEYER-HB. 7 .j a - CAD? AQ- , f ' A wifi: . F 5 K. . Y' A fa :DIfgQINS"'E BRQWN-HE. g 3 . m f "fx ,ff ,M ,M,., W. ....,. - W-Q27 M, , Seventy-.six f A5 mi, V , -Ty' "' L ..Lh- , x - 'f' 31 . .fx 1, .,., W., . - 4 . X . EEE I-I , 1 5 fQ'Q Q 5 - u f liz V 'f s i , N A i L Eh I 3 , -'Lg '34, E V gif f MLLC cvx-J5- 'URN ER-ul-':' A A M i G' ETOELAB -HB. ' Q R - EIQHOLZ-Q P ..- , , ' , ' . 5 ..-. - ' ' X 1 . . 9 3592 - :Q .. In 2' E K fgga' 3 ' f ' A .5 21:2 b A, qw. , V ffl L -x Tv J. M - I 4 Q OUN - ZZ ' A A f at I Nia , 5 SSE QE my E. R20 T50 - U. X1 3 TIKMCQUIRB - jj PE TERS '- G. I Q V , gi., i A 3 fl ff f' f VA ig . . h K K1sLso-Q. 5, Ll .ffii A'A. A V V, A M...,W....M...,,,m-M.,,-,m,,M, ,, .X . -...W...m..,.....M-4 Seventy-scum Football Resume The past year, John J. Kraemer guided h's football team through its most successful season since his coming to New Albany High School seven years ago. Not a single one of the eight games on the schedule ended in a victory for the opposing team and only one ended in a tie. That contest was with Francis Joseph Reitz on the opponents field with Jack Kraemer absent from the game because of his fathers death, 1929 was the first season that the Bulldogs have passed through without at least one loss. The 1924 comes nearest to this record. Only one team crossed the goal line both years and each time the team that tallied, accounted for thirteen points. ln 1924, however. New Albany did not make thirteen points, which makes this season still stand out as being the best under Kraemer supervision. On probably the hottest day in September, Coach Kraemer's lads started their season by overcoming Anchorage by 6 to O. Seymour and Cathedral each fell to the Bulldogs in turn and still, the goal line of New Albany was untouched. Then the fatal day of October 19 came and passed with New Albany suffering not from the sting of defeat, but a sting that probably meant as much to them. Reitz had tied them, 13 all. During the rest of the season the Kraemermen seemed to vent their ire on the teams that remained on the schedule. Columbus was the nrst that the Bulldogs met after that, and was humiliated 33 to 0. Lindsey-Wilson and Reltz Memorfal each fell 20 to 0, Only one game remained on the schedule and it was with the Red Devils of Jeffersonville. For the last two Thanksgiving Day games, New Albany and Jeffersonville had tied, but the third time was the charm perhaps Cas they sayl and after four quarters of unrelenting slaughter, Jeffersonville was carried from the Held by the dirge cf 72 to O. During the last five years of Kraemer's tutelage, the team has accounted for 1,123 po'nts while the opponents hunted around for 295 tallies. ln other words the team has averaged 18.7 polnts to its opponents 4.9 points. This year New Albany was honored by havfng an All-State end chosen from the team. This was Herbert Duggins, whose work in the line was commendable. Only three teams in the state of Indiana finished their 1929 season undefeated and New Albany was one ol' those three. Just one thing mars the season of 1929. the fact that Coach Kraemer has resigned to take a more favorable position in lronwood. Michigan, as head coach of basketball, The least that we can do is to wish him the same success that he has had in New Albany High School, Seventy-eight , ,,L gf: . , ,Defi F ifrst Team Second Team Seventy-nine Basketball For the second time in as many years, Coach J, Wendell Ballard has given New Albany lrligh School a wfnning team in Basketball. During both of the seasons that Ballard has reigned, the Bulldogs have won the sect'onal tourney, but this year they took a step farther, The New Albany basketeers won their opening game in the regional tournament at Bedford and gave Salem a hard tight in the finals of the tournament. The Bulldogs were undefeated in the Falls Cities and took the title as every other team in the Falls Cities suffered at least one defeat, During this season the Bulldogs set a record that may never be equaled because of the lack of playing four games with one team. Four times during last year the Bulldogs and the Red Devils clashed and four times the Bulldogs won, Twice they won by very decisive scores and on the other two occasions the score was not close. Male High of Louisville was the only school that New Albany played outside of the state. Male was conquered after a hard struggle by 16 to 14, The schedule was probably the hardest that any New Albany team had been asked to face and considering this along with the fact that during the first part of the season. Coach Ballard was teaching his players a new style of play, the season was a most successful one. New Albany lost five straight games before it Hrst hit its stride when it met Corydon and won by one point, Another one point victory was chalked up, this time against Bedford, In the next game the Bulldogs played bang-up ball against Connersville only to lose after two over- time periods 34 to 32. Columbus, Scottsburg and Salem were the only snags left in the Bull- dogs path until the final game which they lost to Seymour 13 to 7. The New Albanians avenged themselves upon Seymour, who by winning the final game on the Bulldogs' schedule. had broken a string of six straight wins, The Ballardmen defeated Seymour in the opening game of the regional. New Albany Madison New Albany Salem , W, New Albany Scottsburg New Albany Central New Albany Corydon ,,,. New Albany Bedford ,,,, New Albany Connersville New Albany Columbus , New Albany Mitchell New Albany Jeff .. a ., New Albany Male ,,,,,, ,, New Albany Scottsburg New Albany Salem ,,,, New Albany Jeff ,,,, New Albany Paoli ,,,,, New Albany Mitchell New Albany Bosse ,,,,, New Albany Reitz H M, New Albany Corydon ..,, New Albany Seymgur nr Eighty E HA-RffRfWE'9i L L v NIQAN-Q 7 QL. b BASSETT-F 'Y' +1 X Q' Q V Duqgms-0. . .imllkwff LAFT N gg r fivfrflffiv- 'S gg 4 WC E3552ii5ifi3fEfi2 i "f'K, RMBME A A PETERS-G iii?Lili3 i i E?T 2 , . ,??f'fff?t ?1 ,, F W , E ghty F iofst Team Second 5'ea-rn Eighzyfrwo ' Elf 595' F165 'Fi r , ' l - - A ' t A at A' 'A ' .-g. ','2g,.ne-ff f.fy5'ev " .. .1 .. - ' , ,-'-, as 'K'h ' r , 'V t WIA- .W,'- 9 A 5? 2 A e - . lyst f V,.V , I A M u' an In . I . - KAk 3 1iT'fg:'f 'ff' '-'. A i 'Wt '-" f- . V AQ? . 1 .Mi ' A,-,,.' 1 , " -A '-,'. Q , .. l'n'H,fwQ1-' ,'1fvQli:. tflxflii ' A .,"' :QW fh."f" 'f.n , I gfaltit-rm 3' 'vp' 'AFR' ' lf , :Sw V- if, In W,.- . , W, , . W My . , e. M .- tan ff 1 : 'LL-L a, t.wx,u,,wt M-f,'1ay1, 'W ' .-Q 2 . . ii: .cgi lezmfa-ge.,-5,4,gl.,,-as . .' 'K'L A A r , t Im2tv,u,,,gMa,4,,,t...t,Lgt,saNs....,,-itt..sMa.a.a..,t..a,a,:f1fa..tmua..a..a..a.s.u,t.t.w2-afQs.e,awt.1' .- tmf'x,i tv .me an BASEBALL LETTERMEN A favorable break from Mr. Weatherman and the settlement of the schedule controversary were all that the N, A. H. S. Baseball Team needed, On April 8, eight lettermen and forty reserves held their first real practice, With only three days before the first game the team rounded into shape. Coach Ballard had little trouble filling the positions but found a dearth of opponents, All tuned up for a real game, the team won its first from Hardinsburg 7 to 3. The next two games were hitting sprees, New Albany on the heavy end in the first and on the short end of the second, The season is only half done but the boys seem to be hitting their stride and will give every team a sharp tussle for victory. BASEBALL TEAM Eighty-three 1: -Y ,Q at-. I 159332 3 Track Resume At the time of this writing seven teams from the various Southern Indiana High Schools have contested on the New Albany track only to bow to our Bulldogs, Several new track men were discovered this season such as James Lewis, who is a high jumper and a pole vaulter. Coach Kraemer discovered that Francis McCoun was a good dash man and he has been using him in every meet. Our track is considered to be the best in Southern Indiana and with the best track seems to come along the honor of having the best team, as in every meet that New Albany has entered, it has carried off more points than the others combined. In every meet with the exception of the .Iffeersonville one, New Albany has been thrown against two or more other teams. A dual meet with Bedford and the Sectional remain on the schedule, Eiglztyffour JBA 02g , 2 guy ,5 1 .Li WV, .N V. m .Maximal :I - 'fy lCSl.,E A , at 'K'L A 't' , , ... , Vol' A A ' ' 1 z. N j S , wi. rr Ml., fig, 11220 .50 Jdssaw N fs , .2 sffgapfvbz I . f s , .'-- 'W,M44,,x sax y 1, C 29 New 1 ,. RM Q N13 f iifllxls E .-,A .. . . at OF V . - - 4 V if? V H-ftf , qf,..J:1i' .Ps ,E . m Q... V ig, ,W W., , 1-,iff A Y' A QE' if A5-9, pzyaoaum M JIPITI' R ,Rv ,1 5 Q f ir ..,.,. sh., .Lap ..........,,..,,,.....,,na-.a,,o.,:i.ta . f Track Record FIRST MEE'l'7New Albany, 72: Corydon, 18: Charlestown, 9. SECOND MEET+New Albany, 682: Jell, 292. THIRD MEET-New Albany, 502: Scottsburg, 252: Salem, 222. FOURTH MEET-New Albany, 492: Scottsburg, 383 Mitchell, 622 100-yard 229-yard 440fyard 88Ofyard l mile run-Turner, Coolman, Meyer. dash-Protso, McCoun, Miller, Zoeller. dash-Protso, McCoun, Miller, Zoeller. run-Briscoe, Higginbotham, Wolfe. run-Meyer, Scharrer, Needham. 220-yard low hurdles+Walts, Conner, Bassett. 120-yard high hurdles-Bassett, Willcox, Walts. Shot put7Ott, Wood, McGuire. Running high jump-Bassett, Lewis, Walts, Constantine. Running broad jump-Elmore, McGuire, Meyer, Pole vault-Wolfe, Lewis, Meyer. 2 mile relay teamfMiller, Zoeller, Prolso. McCoun, Constantine, Ott. l mile relay team-Briscoe, Higginbotham, Wolfe, McGuire, Meyer, Scharrer. Eighty-live Lima' Iifoafzf- Orleans, 5. if . - .-Arif' ' ilu- " ag31.f,:a"" '40 g w v fi 2 E K, 5 E . 3 A R , ' '27 - Q" 2- "'fQ,f v- ' ' ,. P 'S 41743 . K .4h'f7?k"5"'Fi4 Q- 7 'io' ,, i T, f 1' f-if Aff ' 2 -- , g,,, R'5f5f.1-if-,. ' 'K 'ENMS Hams, JEAN Bfwsv f PROF if Yi- f- f yr 1 , cf , I ig mimi Q Arwwcr iys-Sffcifysg, K , . . . 1 33,5 9,9 1 BEFORE NAHS Vs JEFF AFTER 5' , ' x -E v ' -7" ' A A '94 .. . 1 v I , ' 5 11.5, IRI-Sf A G G B1.orT5n-row,-HN -r-Hs-HRW-19" ., .K ,. .K 'S f SPOPTY H H' fx. .,, - - ,L 1..eQ..-sw . - ',,Am4. A505841 lt ' in E 5, EQ, ' L swz. , , 1- gy xg I-1 "Look upon this picture and on this."-Hamlet. Eighty-six X dia fl: 5 'Y S... fxX SKIVWQ Mauna nuff' 'PADS 0 S gpunav Q . 45 ,, e1 h he .,,f F '33 ,EA Xp -' V-W m, I U e ' -a.14m,JfY 7' mmf ' '77, V Z . 3 fe, K x WM ,Nm rwmany A NWS' STAGE "I shall laugh at this twelve months hence." Eight y-seven Miss Frankie: Why are you late Arthur? A, F.: Because the bell rang before I got here. Mary Ulsh: How did you list the money that fortune teller got from you? Berniece Russell: I entered it under the heading of "Prophet and Lost." .Iohnny G.: I have paid my fare. Street Car Conductor: I don't recollect it. Johny: And you won't re-collect it either. Miss Board fin gymj : Lots of girls use dumb-bells to get color in their cheeks. Voice from the rear of the room: And lots of girls use color in their cheeks to get dumb-bells. Jack Cole: What is a synonym? Louis Evans: It is the word you use when you can't spell the other one. Edyth Dangerfield: Say, what keeps us from falling off the earth when we are upside down? Mr. Hughes: Why, the law of gravity, of course. Edyth: But how did folks stay on before the law was passed? A short article on a football game7"Rainv-no game." Arthur Schoen: How many senses are there? Hugh Needham: Six. Arthur: How is that? I have only five, Hugh: I know it. The other is common sense, Miss Watson fuse of commab: I'll show you how to do your dates. Whole class laughs- Miss Watson: I mean the kind I know most about. Dot Hoffman CSeated in the parkj 1 Oh, we'd better be going, I'm sure I felt a raindrop. Si Schaefer: Nonsense, dear. we are under a weeping willow. A Trial Balance Laura Gunther: Isn't it difficult to keep a budget straight? Ida Ruth Young: Oh, it's terrible! This month I had to put in four mistakes to make mine balance. Shorty Miller: "Why do you call your fllver a runabout?" Tony: "Oh, because it will run about 2 blocks and then stop." John fFishJ Steele: "I'm going to be a bookkeeper when I get out of school." Mr. Willer: A'Well, my boy, you have a good start now, You've kept two books out of the library for six weeks." Mr. Koehler: What's your name? Jane Graham: Graham. Mr. K.: Oh, yeah. another wise-cracker. James Embry: Cto senior. looking at her pictured This is the best picture but that one looks more like you. I.yle McSpaddin: The partner can bind the partnership by signing any instrument. Cliff Robinson: An instrument! Lyle: Yes, a note or draft, Cliff: Oh. I thought you meant a saxophone. Mary H. Laughlin: Mr. Miller reminds Coach Kraemer of an ocean. Ed, Brown: Why, how so? Mary I-I.: He says he is all wet. Mr. Finley: Kenneth. why do they put a wire gauze around a miner's safety lamp? Kenneth: To keep them from breaking. James Best: Why aren't you good in Geometry? Edwin Burd: Oh, I'm just no good along those lines, Eighty-eight I 21 Q 'if ii 221 :: QI 0 3 4 V' V' A 'J I V tg . I N gun 4 Ai ' 61? l'lWa'f" "'s I r cw 4 I V I V 1 I f I f V "Mr I I E L3 I I I IJ I 'MI I I-L I 1 ZX 'A 5' , f7 Q 1: . I I I 5917 if I I I I I 'IAA f .v MQ X if QI, I W I V I HO, 9 tlf R meo, 'f th d s't love p unce it f thfullyf' Ljlzy Student Soliloquies ON VACATION To work or not to work-that is the question Whether 'tis better in 'your pride to suffer The restrictions of empty pockets or to Get a job and give up a gloriously Lazy summer before starting in on Another four years of studies, But then Perhaps you need HDI worry about it For the questfon will probably be decided By your paterfin the affirmative. fJames Best. ON POLICY To eat or not to eat in the cafeteriaf That is the question. Whether it is sensible To buy good substantial food in the School Building or to go elsewhere for a Lollypop and coke. To eat no more, and By neglect to end the cafeteria And by our act to earn the administrations Ire and have a longer day with the Four o'clock closing. gLyle McSpaddin. ON TESTS Giye thy thoughts some time and every Unproportioned test its work. The knowledge Thou hast and its remembrance kept, summon To thy brain for instant use. But do not Dull thy mind with day dreams on outside things And it must follow as the night the day Thou can'st not fail on any High School test. 4George Kochert. A SCENARIO On 'iTwelfth Night" "Two Gentlemen of Verona" met the "Merry Wives of Windsor". Making "Much Ado About Nothing" they visited the little "Ham-let" in which lived "Romeo and Juliet". They do not know they are entering a "Tempest" until "J, Caesar". Nearing the lovers' home they saw a strange scene. Juliet was bewailing "Love's Labour Lost", and Romeo angrily said. "It is As You Like It' Romeo, head of the house. set about "Taming the Shrew". With the aid of "CymbeIine" and "Othello", he quieted Juliet. knowing that "All's Well That Ends Well", The party felt that they had committed i'The Comedy of Errors" in believing that lovers never quarrel. Thus ends the "Winter Tale". --Madeleine Smith. Ruth Ivy: Mr. Thomas said that he didn't get home from the operelta until about one o'clock because it started so late. Lydia R,: I wonder if his wife believed his story? Elberta fin letter to Martha Jacobibz I have to dust the bedroom, parlor, and sink. Ninely N OUR SENIORS ANBITIONS A Q x KK All 2naf5O ,I Needham LU. slwlelxs A Nw J. Sizzle, Wm Sfrew T'- Pr-ofw and Peters V Ecicffiijlfenferfnine - ' Q H M ff' Q I Lmehliu 3 ., 1 To be :ku ' 0 V5 il! V "H "wf"i"6 'Wie """""' z firlxlm 'nm"A 1 Mafr cb. A fl Q fm II If' A GF 3 in Z I Z L ur W Q ' T , 1 "5Lgr,..,. LL.,.ff....- "O, he has drawn my picture."- Nrvnvly-one I.ove's Labour Lost. PALS Q ':' 11ifs5 3Qi21 c f ggggfggw Y tg 'il t ff .al ,Q f War, ? 1, ,M ,. ,W it in . Q, . ' ! 1 K 1 af ,L X Q A va. ffvf " 'z 1 , , 'Q x I S "1 wei Ygg,?3L fax Y K 1' F95 ,Q fi.- K, ww ze? 9 4 .VM W ,sf LN. . 9' 3 swf, 1 'IJ'25'1' ff' 'FT' L , if U , , 'fi I -JL, QQ fx f in 5 Q I' , , 4, .. if 5 + E if ik 'H gh my paI's affection with mine own." Nincly-Iwo axw iz , V . fivp? Qfu' V " '. ' 'I X f f , J --1 f--'- . 4' X . Q ki A 4 X X V x RY" n'LQ'i4Vlf V X ,. X ll X ,. W N1 -.w T8 Q Q W ff! M K A ' Won, M e 4--u A f' I i - A QP A' I He nw P - x e Unform Us o Q an Q.. 0 .R i II- if ls f 1 4... ll ' - - ' +A X and Tx Kgimtfxy .X fggififipgw f gl j Mirage 'UWM WMA Q ml J ' I g W, :I m ev- ' '1 ,w' 1 5 I 'F ' "nf 11,qma'5 U I' xl ' H fly Q ' J YKHJ Glee Club Xmas fr 1 5 Keg 0 I H2245 I Mhiru M +TlxomaS :Wow , F Q Crxnrlzelzm-xlT1lCD Owiion on AK f x i A 'W The rmreummnxiave IM 4 Plyfxui Me cha ' Q y 1 1 The x Q I xg H! Crjxumxf ZX E 1 wan Two I Spring Styles 1-0 Hjfgr-ivrgs je I nf 'V i f ffl 4 A'Lafin-A Sl up " -- V 'rw' A if -1 Q, 1 . HBNEI H AQ B K 5 w' Kduwjdvn ral A Q yo' E f . HIM Wu' If HN ' M X w Q Q 1- X I1 , , EJ ' L , nn' Dx ,SMQKAKANK "We will draw ..,. and show you Ihe pz'cture.',fTwe1fth Night. NIIRUIH-l,7FCU We thought it queer Edgar Henderson volunteered to start the recitation in English one day. He had a bad cold and couldn't talk above a Whisper. Miss Watson: Give me a noun of common gender. One Student: Relative. Miss Watson: All right, another. Forrest Dilliard: Uncle. Tall girl: Don't you think you could grow to love me? Calvin Wrege: 'I'm afraid not, I've stopped growing. " this sink in" said Mr. Terrel, as he drove another nail into the box. Miss Rusk: Why did the French call our soldiers "dough boys" during the war? Ruth V.: 'Cause they kneaded them. Bud Stephenson: How did you find the weather down south? Dot Trautman: O, I stepped outside of a hotel and there it was, Miss Kelso: Give me an explanation of three punctuation marks. Ida Mae: A comma is the brake that slows down the speed, an exclamation point is an accident, and a period is the bumper. Charles Peters: I am very happy to meet you. Jim Buchanan: Fortunate, is the word. sonny, Miss Peters: Kenneth. don't pound your typewriter so. Kenneth Protos: What shall I do. bounce it? Here's one High-class flunkey, will be wish washer. house-maid, bookkeepcr, utility man. and horse doctor. Will also double for the ice man.fApply--David Fciock. Heard from Miss Homerighouse in the make-up room during Operetta. "Come here Dan and let me work on your lips," His Father: So you know as much as the teachers, do you? Where do you get that idea? Art: They all say they can't teach me anything. James C.:'s get tied. Margaret D.: Let's knot, Ad-Use our track pants. Best in the long run. In economics: Mary Jean, can you give me an example of a rigid economy? Mary Jean: Sure, a dead Scotchman. Helpful Hints to Teachers Mr. Willer: Put vanishing cream underneath the tables so the chewing gum will disappear. appear. Mr. Heckel: Procure a boomerang to throw in the next Operetta, It takes so long to retrieve the whistle. Mr. Kahl: Get a scooter to ride down the steps when making an announcement in Assembly. A New Juliet It was about la,m. She crept softly through my open window, having ascended by means of a trellis. She came over to my bed. She spoke softly: I stretched forth my arm. She evaded it and came up to the head of my bed. I closed my eyes. She bent over me but instead of kissing me, she bit me. It was a mosquito. Stanley Hanen had offered to give an imitation of one side of a telephone conversation in English class. After patiently asking several times for his number. receiving no results. he finally said, "The line is busy, Miss Green, so I guess I can't give it today." Catherine R.: When is a Lilly not a lily? Rachel B.: When it's a medicine plant. Nine! y-four' . . 3 'Z' VI. mf- ' , I gi 2 Y ,Q , .f : , v hi , Q .TL "U Ya Fox we 1 f fl-, .f, , ,xw.,, if 1 Ou! - I 6 ' 12 2 7z',4'i, :f Qi 4 f ?f'fyfyif gifwvq i5 ffrw Af. A am, 5 ., wf V al ' 1 Q 35 f I -5'nasf1.zw25p1ZYwn? 9 712452 ,7?f:fmwvAi. K Fivmnfn-V '? ,fax liipxm, .Aifmwwmw "You must put , 1 4 -4 M5 ,, QQ 59 5, C2mw.6?1,vHfJ Ygiiw' Mw 5v :r 3 6 yi ,Mug 1 .525 ?r2?2f Z '! EJHKQF ' " Mgt H 125-:Ng D:-mfw5rmrf- , up - , Mm. one k K we Ali A 1 CMMJLS. K 6 ey uma K K Jun nafmfo - ' , 'A ' I , , F7 '71 8 Q M A . i' J 5z:12v7uf'.",f'Lms1,! 5? ., kv , L, 4 if 5'f4KE. Skmws " 3 A gg 65 gnfffga .,, ,. W, ' gvmww ff AT 2' . 1 1 f H K i, ' , G. - ,W - - 2 ' .- bf - Ib ,1-7 Q51- WA 1 . A L ' 3 'Q U . ,. 2 ii , ' ""5ii'5-Rf' my so swf W ,fQ.M,,m 5m,X.5 09 u. 1 gQ 11,,,,,,,, fyymw,.f,uzw ' , ,. ,nk W A, fn Q 9 ' fs Q 'If fly ', 0 LQ as A , A ,R V 4 t E , , ,X . " X 7' I 1 22 'Q , i Q' ff .3 xi , Q., 90" ,.' ' is fg.f Mg, hifi! f 1 'ig if 1"fQjjYjjyMf'G ,-g,ZTI'p,,.,,, 2'-fi I1 them in your heart for friendsf Ninuly-five 15111 Nwnr Om.: 6 ,,5Qy f A 1 , ,ff 51: f Q '.-.4 , - 1 f - A x , , V 1 L. V ' If LJ, a ODHXALP LIHMDY l .- f K ' Donfew, Q 1950 CZIIFALPY ,717 A N 7,42 V x ' ,A f-h- . , , . . lf. ? "?"-3 f 'i .x ' in A f21a,'fm7' G 'N PJ' '-'K . v 14405 .Mmm A K V L0fvg,f5,sf0ar i -- 6000-1J5P.m4Z'7lVf Qfjf 'M , V A vom: , V ' 3 4'A5fZg',Y I Us dm ,t ,A HT ' if 5 l X ' 4, 45' . 54:13 ' V L I :'zmi207L'fm1ffw4 H 'mffy , zTU0.E1vT 'L i ' ' 4 A f f7f11V.46lD . , x X 2' A FRE 5W5iQQffffy fwwzf74S ,I Q K 6 'wa 'E 131,51 Qi IVWVC' Q 'L UVA! sazamsl PIKXFODP Crcwwnm quwgg CASE ' ww ' TUM LGIS "So pass our days." Ninety-six sw-EF' 915' z9,E'7?Z'k' !MZf 1 r r UIREQ g 1. W r ' r r 'JI .FAMILIES .TS gQg,g- If L 'if A 5ff5 ' + ,, r 'B-' .5 r 1 Q , 5: ,g A PM Qiiwmwls V1 N'1'EF9r 4 4 V W WV, f A els ' K K K . . K 4 K . tKi g ' K KK: , . . x A . K . A .K fg-25: 8 1 r . Q al - Kb . . ,F 9 r r 9 4 i K . K Jrwgffs 1w.'5ir,r L C7O,lf17'Z'O1Y .75'vmn5,. Q 'V A r r K r QR 112'-AJWl7J9'AJYS .1 It : ' ' Jil A 9 pil. ,V - K K, 4 , 1 r m My K L' ,f a ' 1 , "x i 11 .- ' . X. 62' -fl Li r w -w,A - xi ' r Q' , ' r MGK525 K - 1 ,Q .Q QRQHS b V i Q 2 X QUENTHEFS T I 1 K iK mugs K K . XK KKKK QK , K K f 3 5: " 5 1 QJLLEY Twzyms' , , ,1 :gf r K . K 'A , A 7 ' ., r N 1 y 1 i 9, N g ,K 3 , V f - I 1Lgg:4z?,, 9 ,fr in 'fl?.!' V A .lg A-'1 :L-577-SJIYS, E , , l .MONJKJOAVS i ,. K , Uomzarvsi M , , .gf "Here comes another of the tribe." Ninety-seven Want Ad classifications in the Adver- "Hidden Want Ads" The Blotter's Treasure Hunt BIG PRIZES OFFERED! Start here-Then turn to the Advertising Section It's red and cream With good things to eat Can always be seen 'Cross Locust Street. Clue: This poem represents one of the tisement Section. Decide which class- ification the poet had in mind, then run through the ads in that Section to find the first hidden Want Ad. That will tell you where to look for the next one. START NOW RULES This offer is open to all-men, women, boys, girls-except members of the Blotter Board and their families. You pay nothing-just prove your skill. Entries should be mailed to "Hidden Want Ads 'F' ", The Blotter Board, Senior High School, New Albany, Ind- iana. All entries must be postmarked on or before August 30, 1939. No entries will be returned. The prize winners will be announced forty years from now. Ninety-eight LIST OF BIG PRIZES 1. Ticket to the 1930 Sec- tional B. B. Tournament. 2. Free pass through the halls, one that Mr. Carroll will accept. 3. Trip about town in the Anchutz car-Tony driving. 4. One-half cake of Oh Boy Gum, slightly chewed. 5. Remains of Blotter Board -Makes splendid kindling. I DEFY you to trail BAFFLING BETTY through these want ads. You may use this handy blank. I have found the following hidden Want Ads in the Advertisement Section of The Blotter, I believe their proper order to be as I have arranged them below. No. 1774..-- No. 217-W-7 No. 3--W--7 No. 4 ----v No. 5-- -777 No. 6-Y---Tv No. 7+-7-777 No. 8..--V777 No. 9a-g----- N'o. 107i.7 No. 11-If you find No. 12-If you find No 13-If you find No. 14-If you find No. 15-If you find No. 16-If you find No. 17-If you find H18-Ifsyou find No. 19-If you find No. 20-If you find Milne lc! Prqudice s Qivin Way to a ew Time.: There was a time, and it still exists with many families. when the purchase of a cemetery lot was not even considered until death in the family forced its immediate selection. When that time comes, there can be no choice. not even rain, wind. nor snow can permit a day's delay. Compared with Owning a Lot Now, before this emergency arises, there can not be a single argument for delay--not even, "I I-Iaven't the Ready Money"--for the GRACELAND EARLY PURCHASE PLAN is built to fit your needs. We are having some interesting literature printed. A telephone call will bring it to you, Grattlalltl 'M emorial Park THE F' CEMETERY 4' BEAUTIFUL OFFICE ON GROUNDS. ONE MILE FROM CITY LIMITS ON CI-IARI.ESTOWN ROAD Telephone 3240 New Albany, Indiana postpaid. Thais Hnef Huue you prepared for Ihe future by a bank account? Nz'm'1yenz'nc' We wish to take this opportunity to thank the Faculty and Students for their splendid Patronage FRED. J. BOCARD I-I. B. CRECELIUS Lcis-EuclynwDoris4Grace-YEdyrh--RLzlh PHONE 2480 - - 4 . gh? gpahrnnk Qin. Elmer Q. Bterkmau Incorporated F I D' t FUNERAL DIRECTORS lx mem 'rec Om Under Management of E. Corrie Seabrook Successor to GWIN T5 DIECKMANN PM-vale Ambulance Sew!-Ce 615 Vincennes Street Telephone 39 MARKET AT TVJELFTH NEW ALBANY' IND' "We are as close to you as your telephone" l' f ' " 4 ""' 7 7""'4I 7 " 1 i' A. RASMUSSEN E99 SON RETAIL - FLORISTS - WHOLESALE Cut flowers and Floral Designs One Hundrcd ED. LEAF E99 SON RADIOS AND SPORTING GOODS General Electric Refrigeration Junlzen Swrmrmng Suits W Do O Own Tennis Racket R 1 q q PHONE 2257 SPRING AT 15TH ST "Ouainl. use! d l ly ' d' 'd l Wonder how g gl I2 hf t il you." How about one letter from ea h d. Don't Give Just Any Watch New AllJdHV7S Gm a BULOVA i B O N T O N 1 IRI WOLF ON E33 WOMEN'S APPAREL jewelers I 131 E. Spring sf. 308 Pearl Sf' PHONE 1765 CLARENCE BENJAMIN, Mgr. l After High School should come Business College f-f If itis hestEWhy not? NEW ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE Figure it out for yourself. Lanortan Ecz Slcudorp. O HdclO Compliments Fleischefs of Shoe Store Fine Stationery Wedding Invitat o LOOSE LEAF BOOKS OFFICE APPLIANCES Pqtepy - edde I21'1111I1119 om an 133 SPRING ST. TYPEWRITERS FILING SYSTEMS ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Thomas L. Millineaux FUNERAL DIRECTOR Phone 28 1307 E. Spring St. New Albany, Ind. J. O. Endris E99 Son Jewelers no PEARL ST. NEW ALBANY, IND. Compliments of M. C. THORNTON I 4 NEW ALBANY, The Friendly City Here At Home X NEW ALBANY FRIDAY LEDGER He shouldered his gun Bangf A shot rang out. And lhought he'd haue some beef Lo! A bird fell from a L E AF. Om! Hundred Two Time IS Tow' Owl Real Wealth llfler taking one leller of each word, see whul you haue. And your public Llllvll-l!USffQC1S and Eleclrzrilyf- are engaged in saving Time for you lhrough it hundred Drfferenl Channels, Wonderful and numerous as the uses of electricity and gas are today. as you go through life you will End their services increasingly valuable. Engineers and technicians are constantly finding new uses for them both, until today they are among man's best servants, and imagination fails to forsee their many new uses for tomorrow. , As you go on in life you will End these two giving you more and more help in the conservation and best use of that real wealth that comes to each of youkTIME. ll Service Ilerliculnl To Relief from Drurlgcrgf and Ilan Sawing of IIllvI771'. INTERSTATE PUBLIC SERVICE CGMPANY IVl7gf, gfcu did find mc, didn! you? Ihr! licres a hard nu! lu rrafk: "Sparrows. robms. woudpeckers and doves make--ff?" One llumlred Three are ee e -O V! Compliments of Compliments of 4,j7fV-'-'uV5'9- ' Cm?mU.W.Mvf X H CHESTER V. LORCH i 339 339 HAMILTON ELGIN New Albangfs Real Drug Store KNOEFEL'S 7th and Oak Sts 1 5 We recommend American Watches New Models in Both Pocket and Wrist Sport Watches The only Knoefel in the Drug Business m New Albany A W KESLER The Service Drug Store Jeweler JUST CALLgTHAT'S A 339 LL 339 PHONE 664-W -, , W Y I A-A rw 7 Y Compliments Of THE WHITE HOUSE New Albcmyis 'Two Great Stoves Vi W HILYTPX H slif A l f 1 n'f f ' 1 ""' f -,V, ' wg, in -- Ell ' ig Ei ' -A E. L ...A ' Us W1 E E Q 55 1 5 I JF Jig s mfs., ' as W swsun zn i igg ,L xi limit firviN15?i'wT"'g C MEL H -1 - . ' -W 'm' 1'5'!5- 'i V lg' Y Y I Y F fx . f- W, - sisnir icee m m 'ff-'W , f ': 1 -fi MQ M 1 " .V mfg H I' . li f' ,, 9? , 5' i' 111 WJ' N O 'Aif " VY A A Furniture Store Department Store One Hundred Four ROBBINSPOPE ENGRAVING COMPANY LOUISVILLE Furnished Invitations for Senior Class Also solicit your orders for visiting cards, wedding invitations or announcements, monogrammed social stationery, greeting cards, etc. Compliments of F. A. KNAPP ,I I, It li l ll li li lt ll AKERS SUPPLY HOUSE Satisfaction Guaranteed Ha fdW3fE'P3lHIS+Gl3SS and Sporting Goods 1023 Vincennes St. New Albany, Ind. Across From New High School Free Delivery This fine steamer is the latest addition to our fleet of Boats, Dredges and Barges COAL, COKE, SAND, GRAVEL, CEMENT, BRIXMENT, BRICK AND LIME E. T. SLIDER New Albany, Tell City, Incl. and Louisville, Ky. 'Smile dear. and watch the birdie." One Hundred Five Louisville College of Pharmacy INSTITUTED 1870 INCORPORATED 1872 Offers a three-year course in PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY ALLIED SCIENCES Well Equipped Laboratories Experienced Instructors Number of New Matriculants Limited Next Session Opens September zz, 1930 - Beginning 1932, the course will be four years Announcement and Detailed Information on Application to Dean. Address Ci. L. CURRY, PI-IAR. D. 104 W. Chestnut St. Louisville, Ky. CLARENCE A. FEIOCK SANITARY PLUMBING 1910 Ekin Avenue Cas. Steam and I-Iot Water Fittings REPAIR WORK A SPECIALTY Trinkle Motor Sales Distributors DESOTOS, SIX AND EIGI-ITS PLYMOUTHS MARKET AT 15TH B. T. SERVICE CORNER C. I-I. Thromarshaus Gas, Oils and Auto Accessories All makes Radios Serviced, Day or Night. THOMAS AND SPRING STS. PHONE 623 Compliments of MILLION'S RESTAURANT Regular Dinners and Sandwiches lst and Market Sts. Phone 257 Ont' Hundred Six N A .M i V! 11's made in New Albany. YVhat's m Edmond Steam Permanent Wave NM Albany makes New Albany. 85.00 Y "STAR FLOURU Ask Your Grocer Charlotte Beauty Shoppe 1 I , oo E. fem ST. PHONE 677 A Zabel Mllllng CO" Inc G, C. FLEMING. Pres. and Treas. Compliments of Compliments of P. N. Curl Grocery Co. p. GULF REFINING co, Use Sugar Creek Products CALL 2000 rv-fFOR X1-X COAL OR BUILDING SUPPLIES River Coal and Supply Co. PEARL AND RIVER Look for a Baker bu! wzlhout pies and cakes. One Hundred Se UPU QUALITY ABOVE ALL HERFFJONES COMPANY DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY AND COMIVIENCEMENT INVITATIONS Official Jewelers to New Albany High School l COMPLIMENTS OF 'l'l x MOVIETONE 'VITAPHONE A UfOTfTO C OTTO 11,1 1 F. SHIRLEY WILCOX, Mgr. ll Stand by for anotherf W Sul don'! get Huffy. If If Comes From We use FEINS Mayonnaise in B U R D S all of our salads in our cafeteria It's The Best Bvwd's Covifectionevy EEINS 330 Pearl St. 1727 Sprlng St. A w look for a place where folks are afrazd PHONE 271 zu go laze al night. Om' llumlrccl Elght KORTE'SMITH MoToR COMPANY "Courtesy and Consideration" SALES SERVICE The Ford Leads In Sales Because It Leads In Value 411-421 E. SPRING ST. . PHONE 444 NEW ALBANY, IND, Compliments of , Comphments of CITIZENS SECURITY COMPANY NEW ALBANY KLOTI-IES SI-IOPPE Kresge Building 210 PEARL ST. NEW ALBANY, INDIANA COIVIPLINIENTS OF American Bank E99 Trust Company "For Your Convenience" OPEN 8:00 A. M. CLOSE 8:00 17. M. Come on, Iefs yu to the show! Theres a GRA ND one, Ona llunzlrcd Nine qjealic New Albanyls ONLY Exclusive Dealer In MAJESTIC PRODUCTS MAX H. MCCULLOUGH, Manager 137 E. SPRING ST. And still you persist in following mel 'l'hat's lhe spirit-keep it up! "Or, Ylppus Dna Laoc Reuirn ,Y ,, if , 1 V 3 N Baby Bunting Brand Products Complimcnts of X The best that money can buy MAC f' SPORTS EDITOR ROWEfFAWCETT oo. N Distributors Pleasing Sounds Ave Pleasing to You That is the reason the Management of The Elks Theatre is ever alert to the newest and latest improvements for the sound pictures. Our goal is always the best of pleasing sound and delightful pictures. The latest improvements by R. C. A. Phototone licensed under the Westinghouse and G. E. patents have been added to our equipment. A few of the bigger features already contracted are as follows: PUTTING ON THE RITZ with HARRY RICHMAN BE YOURSELF with FANNY BRICE SHOW GIRL IN HOLLYWOOD with ALICE WHITE THE CUCKOOS with BERT WHEELER and ROBERT WOOSLEY QThc last two commedians are your favorites from RIO RITAJ This necessarily is just a partial list of the many attractions we will offer you. The ELKS THEATRE is a home owned institution. It's pronts are for the purpose of completing payments on the beautiful Elks property. Of Course Your Patronage Is Appreciated THE ELKS THEATRE HARRY HERLE, Manager One Hundred Ten ' 275-PHONES-2841 I 4' j , AfVlfifWllfE EWING Eff ZELLER 1, DRUGGISI1 11 ' 4,12 ' N502 vlNczNNss,con.oAK, I WV'-if':7l"LL-.Q NEW ALBANY IND Pl'l'17l0l'S. Publishers and SfC1IiOf76?!'S 3 In BUSINESS for YOUR HEALTH' 1 Prescriptions Hllea' by Registered Druggisls. I-47 E. MAIN TEL. 59 1 Ask your Doctor. X Banks pay 47 on what you save. We pay 6? and IOC? on what you spend. Cash and Carry , Best Wishes to the Graduates COIUPIIIHCHIS of 'E HOPKINS FERTILIZER Home Steam Laundry COMPANY Qs. You Com Bu ,Qs I X F ofr Less at HUF F ' You wfll surely win if you keep Ihis up. You're nearing lhu goal. After you disroucr what 13-I-I0-5-I9-203-3 means, Um' Hundred Elcucn U PHONE 3161 II U ,Quality Pharmacy Gg0y'ge Knoob Where Spring and Vincennes Meet PHONES 144 and 1945 When Ailing Call Us KENYON TIRES. Guaranteed for One Year when Well Come and See Us I The Best Is None Too Good Autos Recovered and Upholstered 1 i Business World 227 stare sum NEW ALBANY, IND. I 'ha' ff'f2eS.f0m"w" Semen XVhere Se 0 R I rzzors g VY YYVY W ivrrr k LI When they commence' 'VVV W WY H QUALITYD SERVIGIS Le! I rm 12 fr A WALK'S PRESCRIPTION "mm W' I DRUG STORE I M EQNQ CLEfWER?,E1 W' Y N R "Fill Your Prescription N - II I Phone 12 CoR. VINCENNES AND CULB, AVE, f Model plant ll 831 Pearl St. WZZMMMM ll M I Y' 07 ESTABLISHED 1865 RENNS BOTTLING VVQRKS MHIlUfilCfUfCfS of HIGH GRADE BOTTLED CARBONATED BEVERAGES Factory Phone 601-603 State Street 219 One Hunalred 'I4LuelUe Phone 1341-J 1. C. Gender if PIES AND CAKES Eancy Pastries of A11 Kinds o an F11 918 East Market Street New Albany, Ind. Compliments of Baefs PHQTQGRAPHS Live forever' Heres tl lclzer, You m THE LOWRY STUDIO 5th and Market Streets ight as well give up now. 19-15-I-9412-IZ-9-Z3 One Hundred Thirlcen If Wash day is not a day of pleasure, let us send you a Maytag. If it cloesn't sell itself, do not keep it. BornWasserfGWin Implement Company Phone 1061 424-426 State Street J. L. Russell H, J. Buzb Y Stanton Welch E112 Aff 9111111 A BARBER, BEAUTY PARLOR Wall Paper, Pictures and Frames Hair Bobbing 203 EAST MARKET STREET l Permanent Waving Odd Eellows Building Phone 1501-W 208 Pearl Street New Albany' ind W, B,,,, ,W ,,,, W, 1 M, i W ,H WW O T' T A Combination Hard to Beat Quality Workmanship Price , I SUITS 325,00 Up Lcmg s Confecttonery L. Hasenstab E33 S011 l BURUS ICE CREAM New Locflfifm LOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES 409 E. SPRING STREET "l'rar1ical Tailors for a Half Century , l MAYES DRUG COMPANY MARKET STREET ON THE PLAZA GEORGE F. MERGELL. Manager THE COMPLETE DRUG STORE Yes, We Have It Wholesale Cut Rate Om' Hundred Fourteen Wi11iam's Bakery BAKERS OF THE BETTER THINGS Telephones 2582-2002 1001 Vincennes and Beeler I want lo congratulate you for being able to follow me so skillfully. One more und the prize is yours,fNogred. 7 GO TO TI-IE Baxter s Grocery Shine Service Co. 18TH AND SPRING ST. For Complete One-Stop IVilliam's Pastries, Ice Cream . Auto Service ,L ,,1. - '1 , , 4 , , , Phone 419 PLANTS OF ALL KINDS We specialize in beautifying homes , with Trees' Shrubs Evergreens and Cut Flowers and Design Work a Specially Bulbs' Fred G. Bettmann E99 Sons Gyaham Nuyseyy Silverton Flower Gardens E. Spring St. at the Concrete Bridge State Highway 31 NEW ALBANY, IND. "Sweet Girl Gradualesu of 1928 and 1929 carried arm bouquets made by G. L. Nancewwlilorist MAPLE COURT STATE ROAD No. 31-W One Hundred Fifteen The Baker Compang ENGRAVERS- STATIONE RS -ADVERTISERS N eWA1b any , Indiana Publishers of The Senior Blotter Look for Ihar Green Chinese Beauty Shop. Compliments of Compliments of Clhambevsflloggenleamp W PEARL STREET l l l l ,E , l i THE MOST UP-TO-DATE BEAUTY - l SHOPPE IN THE CITY Genrge A. Kraft - La ade Beam: Sho e Funeral Dzrector 1 y JESSIE B. CLIPP 1 PHONE 2472 708 EAST SPRING STREET 301-303 Liberty Bank Bldg. PHONE 280 The M A I Den wandered down the SIFCCI, So PURE. so neat, so good, so sweel. YOUR PERSONAL APPEARANCE COUNTS Successful business and professional men as Well as social leaders have thei r clothes made 'to their individual measurements and styled to harmonize with their personalities. It pays lo be well dressed "WE FIT THE HARD TO EIT" JOHN J. MORGAN ee soNs "MY TAILORSU p ing Two Stores Vincennes and Spring 4th and S r One Hundred Sixlcen J. J. NEWBERRY oo. Nor for our sake, but for your healtlfs sake ll l. DRINK FALLS CITY A! EXTRA PALE LAGER YOUR GLASSES SHOULD BE Comfortable Have Your Eyes Examined ERNEST CONNER oPToMETR1sT At Connefs Drug Store Pearl and Spring Compliments Of 5 A WHOLESALE CANDIES LON SMITH 1829 East Elm BARBER A E Phone 352-M New Albany, 1 d for Balayls sake use Purity Maid Milk 1 Manufacturers of lee Cream, Butter, Buttermilk and Cottage Cheese fhe girls were coasting when. "Slider, Bill, 1' er!" ro e Sla' b k the still air. l One Hunzlrcd Sruunl Let Us Be Friends in Winter and Summer WE MANUEACTURE AND DELIVER ICE AND WE HANDLE BEST GRADES OF COAL. NATIONAL ICE E99 PRODUCTS OO. 322 East 15th Street PHONES 141-2638 I bel you ci1n't earth me now-I'Il try iz code on you and see how far you can go. 9-14-20-5-18-19-20-I-20-5 Holz. Bros' Service Stations 253212 S AND TWO LOCATIONS KODAK FINISHING Rear Market at Silver , PHONE 3109 I The McDonalds Drug Stove Market and Vincennes 'NCORFORATED PHONE 840 ' 1 Rexall Store FISK TIRES AND li l I3 Market St, New Albany, Ind. There Is Only Orie OrangefCrush 6m ' HAIIJDA-Ulla.: l:Arrlkt 6 Clorlvlllt Contains the PURE JUICE 306 Pearl sneer Demand the GENUINE NEW ALBANY' IND' Wholesale Retail Kaiserls Tobacco Store Dealer in Cigars, Cigareltes, Slogies, Smoking Tobaccos. Twist, Plug. Snuff. Pipes and Smokers' Supplies 326 Pearl Avenue New Albany, Indiana One Hunrlrecl Eighteen New 1 rnunwn' - oven W N RCW For Stafford has been a. Indian frail zig-zaggxng through the only a tradition. The white settler it, but scientific road building gain a mile and save half an era demanded a direct, s of highways methods have been Experience has blasted The eat up energy and block StaB'ord your the direct 1n books bearing ved by Sta ENG LIS :A xx One Hundred Nineteen ll Epilogue And now we'll ring the curtain down XVith hey, ho. the wind and the rain, Bid you farewell. with .1 smile-or a frown For the rain it rziineth every day. We'1l soon be using the world for a stage With hey. ho, the wind and the rain, Acting our scenes of youth and age For the rain it raineth every day, The years were brief and full of fun With hey, ho, thc wind and the rain, But thats all onc, our play is done For the rain it raineth every day. Martha Jacobi NEW HIGHWAY OPEN Indian trail zig-zagging through the all BBW XR For a tradition. The white settler it, but scientific road building to gain a mile and save half an era demanded a direct of highways. Stafford has been a methods have been Experlence has blasted eat up energy and block Stafford your the direct books bearing ved by Sta only ENG :A sw The Swift, One Hundred Nineleen And now we'1l ring the curtain down Epilogue XVith hey, ho, the wind and the rain, Bid you farewell, with a smilefor .1 frown For the rain it raineth every day. We'1l soon be using the world for a stage With hey, ho, the wind and the rain, Acting our scenes of youth and age For the rain it raineth every day. The years were brief and full of fun With hey, ho, the wind and the rain, But thats all one, our play is done For thc rain it raineth every day. Martha Jacobi LH A I ' - ' 4

Suggestions in the New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) collection:

New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


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