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L 4 F 2 Q f 4 A 1 1 4 f 5 3 I, Q Y I F L, Rf jy5Q,Q. SE NIOI? BLOTTER jnnual of Q Pubffslwed B514 SENIOR CLASS NEW ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL NEWALBANY,IND.k CONTENTS INTROD UCTI ON ADMINISTRATION CLASSES om N1zA TIONS ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES nose X FG I f A ff? - .N'1i7 -1 A X X ':7:'I" - . -X 'X N - sa X ' K-its ififjk .R A Of X N fl, iw Foreword May you. our Blotter, reach our hearts and create there a Warm feeling for our Alma Mater. and may you serve to recall to us pleasant and happy days of our past. Three Dedication To Miss Elizabeth Currie To one who has given up so much of her time for the interests of the school: who has been our friend and helper outside of the classroom as well as in: and who, by her ability and her charm, has won our respect and admira- tion. we lovingly dedicate this book. Four fwx Q x .! fAlf"W?3 K ,5 . S 1 O ,J A M. QPQKY fg wx-x,x12xs?:4 " w xff1 ,F :H x. Rx Y SP 9 S V55 X- . ,,,,,..f ln' Qlillemuriam Samuel Reufmg ,. 4',Tx,--- rxm.,-y 5' wff--, 'x ,I A ,-X ,' 1 1 .YV-a '1YXXS'N-w' ,J , ,WE ,EW f, .,'.., ' A Q 9 X cya 7 nf L A O - q f--gm xi,- V Five T' History of Owr New School The site for our new high school was purchased of Mr. Anders Rasmussen for Sl0,000. It was formerly covered by immense woolen and cotton mills. To get the necessary frontage two lots adjoining were purchased for 37.500 and the adjoining mansion on these lots was rc- moved. This gave the schools a plot of 72 acres. To secure the necessary funds for an adequate school building, the School City bonded itself for S250,000, and the Civil City to the extent of S350.000. Citizens and alumni organized the N. A. H. S. Gymnasium Corporation and secured a fund of 875,000 for the gymnasium portion of the proposed building. Credit should be given at this time to those members of the gym committee who worked so faithfully in the bond campaign to get funds for our new play-floor. They are Messrs. J. B. NVilliamson. Joseph Krementz. Ed. Leaf. Sam Walts, Stanley Warner, and Frank McCulloch. Finally the building was completed and stood in all its elegant details ready for equipment and furniture. The trustees decided that a thorough equipment should be placed in the new high school. An expenditure of 375,000 brought this about. Thus our new home has cost S392.500. Our athletic grounds and gym are second to none in the State. These stand as a monument to the devotion of our fellow citizens to the cause of education and to the splendid co-operation of all organiza- tions and individuals in making this splendid gift to us and our fellow students. We will occupy it but for a portion of our Senior year, and our mem- ories will cluster most intensely around our former home, but we will feel a proper pride in being the first graduating class of the new high school. Following are some of the interior and exterior views of our new high school. Six loo C LP ffibwwo h G .P . 53 R A . qw ,O 3 xx.,-F'-""-"A-"'i""gx'fQ?" N - W -m,fNff-X'!s..V"rE 'LL3 xLi,L-iDTT 6 9 gf?- I 'YW CU 5 M., I PM MW. 'LX 1 S f f r i ww x 1 QQ ' V , 'Tk .:-' il' . ,.2f+Q+1.x, 'Q Seven 1 Eight X 1 M11 X 1 'Ni Sir, --,,, , , L x A. vt,-H.. ,KN X, W- , 5 f.1x x i Q. X.: ,J- ,. -.N X R. J. k , P if x w., ,4,. , 3- fb M 5 gf- Xu N X X -k x .wi N' Q y x ,Mx 'xi Qkf' ., .3 1 X Ck N 5' Q ,..K, K Nine ki txt 1 rw N I F r TFP L 1 1 Eleven Blotter Staff Richard Clark, Editor-in-Chief James Blythe, Assistant Editor Gladys Green, Associate Editor Margaret Morris, Associate Editor Lee McManus, Athletic Editor Ben Lipnik, Business Manager ADVERTISING MANAGERS Esther Jackson Eleanor Binford MOUNTING COMMITTEE Florence Wolfe. Chairman Carmen Mertz Richard Arnold Elizabeth Bosier Margaret Welclm Dorothy Jackson Virginia Deal SNAPSHOT COMMITTEE Wilda Landis, Chairman Martha McNamara .Amy King Mae Lois Wilcox Linmur Douglas ART STAFF Evelyn Aldrich, Chairman Nellie Wright Harriet Main Carolyn Bussey Margaret Spatig Mary Ruth Renn LITERARY COMMITTEE Shirley Zenor, Chairman Lucile Keller Jack 'DeVore May Markert Ralph Brasher Evan McLinn fl Mr. Throf Facylty Business Manager Miss Smith, Literary Critic Miss Currie, Art Critic Miss Wells. Snapshot Critic COLLECTORS Alma Beal Q Fred Michell Jane Potts Twelve x . x xw Thirteen 15 Y ll- 5 QX Xrxf---A ----Q,,--Xf'YIQl5?W":! ki 1 x 1 . ! P W Mfg 4' ,FW ' 3 X, egg .Q a w..x5lV,i 5, Q, ,fi f- -53133 ff? A li QW T? xx 'A" l .FN Poems Another Senior Class has gone VN'here Destiny will lead them. But I guess we can get along. 'Cause we don't really need them. Another Senior Class has gone. They only cause us more expense With Senior Blotters. Bothcration! And then they hold us in suspense Concerning that old dedication. They only cause us more expense. And then they tax our brains too much 'Bout P. U. P. S. and T. A. C. K. S. and other things. XVho ever heard of such Queer names, but gosh. we'll know this spring. And then they tax our brains too much. But after all is said and done. It's mighty hard to do wihout 'em. Tliey're really lots and lots of fun. And we will often think about 'em. After all is said and done. -John E. Lcpping. GOODBYE The friends we've made in High School, The many things that bind us. The teachers we have loved so long. We now must leave behind us. We'll hear no more the old school'bell To call us to our classes. But it will in our mem'ries cling I Though everything else passes. The door is open for us now, And verily we regret it. VJe'll leave this dear old High School, but We never shall forget it. --Nellie Wright. Oh, Seniors all! I might say to you All those things you've hea'rd beforew- About how you who leave this school Now stand before life's open door. I might say. "Your life's stretched ahead. now: This is a most important time." But you've heard all that ere this. I know: The only difference would be my rime. 5 might say, "We're so sorry you'rc going!" And, "Oh! how much we'll all miss you!" But you've heard this so much that now You ought to be convinced it's true. I'd like much to have shown my sorrow In a way that's different-thats really new, - But all I can think of is, "Seniors, Good- bye- l know. next year. that we'll miss you." -Louise Van Pelt. Seniors have always left us each year. We've been sorry to see them go: But ne'er did we dream when we said goodbye It would pull at our heartstrings so. Years there have been of work and play. Days filled with sunshine and rain. ' NVe treasure each hour of happiness: We cherish each pleasure and pain. Goodby, each comrade and teacher. Farewell.. .our gschool so dear. Vlaygall your days' be as happy and bright ' Asythe days that we spent here. . 1 4 V l -Jane Ports. We hope you do not take us wrong And say, "The Juniors are glad we're gone": For though it's true we'll ill your place, Each one of us will miss some face. I -Hamilton Dowell. Fourteen 5 -.--1.v-1-Q .BLGCKIS N ftccn K The Faculty FIRST ROXV Mary E. Payne . ..- ,- .. .-. , ,- ,.-.-.. Latin Elizabeth Currie -. . Art Florence Day ..- ...,,, ..--, French Cordelia Smith W., ., - English Bernice Watson ..,. -. L- -,, .. ., . . History J. S. Cantwell , .... .. .- .-. -. . -,- . .-- Chemistry SECOND ROW Albert Gchlbach .,., -. . , .... -. -- -- Printing Ruby Wells . ,r.,. Mathematics Arthur Cribble . ..,.-- -- Sheet Metal Irma Pritz ,. -., ,,,, .,- , Latin C. Arthur Thro, H.. -. Drafting Alinda Widman -- ...., . ..- ,.-- ,. ..- -. Cooking THIRD ROW Trella M. VVood. ..-- ....- .- -. . Commercial C. C. Katterjohn- .,- -- ,- ., Principal H. A. Buerk Superintendent Etclka Rockenbach . ,. -. ...,.. . .. ..- Latin John Kraemcr. ...,. Athletic Director FOURTH ROXV J. H. Thomas- .,.,...,.,. ..... . ..,.. ., History Leota Rusk .... .... - ., History Oral Terrell ....,.. H.-- ...., M., Shop Belle Genung -.,.-. -, -- ,..- ..- Sewing Edwin Kahl ..-.,. - -.,...-. ,-,-,,..-- .,. Mathematics Lena J. Board- ..... . .... ,..--.,. .,.... Physical Education FIFTH ROW Elizabeth Robinson .- ,-- .-., -- A ,c English Edward M. Custisw .r,, Shop Mary Vfilson -. ., -- . .,.. English Dan R. Ehalt , ,-., ,,., English Mary K. Doyle. .,.. -- Cooking Jean Kelso -. ,-.-.- ...... ..., . .--- ...,. ..-- English Albert Koehler ,-....-, .... ..... . .... , ,.- Mathematics SIXTH ROW Claude Hughes .... , .... ., .... ..- . -- Biology Jane R. Stokes --, . .. .,.. -- Music Grace Harper -- .... .... , .Commercial Edna Watson -- .... , ..... English Frankie Zenor -. ..., -. Secretary XVilliam 'A. Willer.-,., .... . Biology Bess Erm - ...,,,., .. .... .. Sixteen - .,... -..Sewing X X A ,. X. x N . x ' - as - w,1............,,, 'mi 5 Q: - " """ ""'Q,---fxfx-..x,gi. 'Q x 9' -f e 7 C' . KX? +..M.i K , A .-"' W C f , J,-r 5 I W 5 I f I . f Le ' R re ,i I' ' rf if . X ,fr 3 'ffflilfil !' ,ff ' il. Esau ' L' xi Ei -ki fa x gel W' Jw 'Nw 'L 4 J , , X, M Q,f'x"' -,Z x. . N xx X S e van I een FACULTY SNAPS Eighteen IOQ WY Nillvtem Y. GLADYS GREEN HGLAD' ' V. Pres. Senior Class: Junior Class Sec. '27: P. U. P. S.: Associate Editor. Senior Blotter: Speakers, Sec., '27172 '28: Sodalitas Latina: Consul '28: Legio Decima: Junior Re- ception '27: Boosters: Commercial Club: "Masque of Christ- mas": Dramatic Club. MARGARET MOR- RIS "MARC," Sec. Senior Class: P. U. P. S.: Associate Editor, Senior Blotter: Speakers: Soclalitas Latina, Quaestor '271rQ. '28: Legio Novissima. Consul '25: Bel Canto: Jun- ior Reception '27: Operetta '25. '26, 27, '28: First Orchestra: Boosters: "Masque of Christmas": Commer- cial Club: Typing Team: Legio Decima. Consul '259Q. '26, RICHARD ARNOLD UDICKN T. A. C. K. S.: Sen- ior Blotter Board, Mounting Committee: Dramatic Club: Boosters: Junior Re- ception '27: S. R. S.. Sec. '28. CAROLYN BARE- FORD "CARRIE" P. U. P. S.: Senior Blotter Board, Lite- rary Committee: Dra- matic Club: Boosters: Junior Reception. '27: Operetta '26, '27, '28. Twenty RICHARD CLARK "DICK" Pres. Senior Class: Pres. Junior Class '27: T. A. C. K. S.: Wranglers: Boost- ers, Pres.. '27, '28: Editor-in-chief. Senior Blotter: Hi-Y Confer- ence: "N" Club: Capt. Senior Class Basketball Team: "Rings in the Saw- dust": Junior Recep- tion '26, 27: Foot- ball. 25. '26: Track. '26, '27, Capt., '28. BENJAMIN LIPNIK UBENNYH Treas. Senior Class: Business Manager. Senior Blotter: T. A. C. K. S.: Wranglers! S. R. S.. V. Pres., '28 : Commercial Club: Dramatic Club: Boosters: Junior Re- ception '27: "Work- house Ward." EVELYN ALDRICH HEVIE-MAY" P. U. P. S.: Art Staff. Senior Blotter Board: Speakers: Romani Hodierni: Uranians: La Societe Francaise: Art Club: Camara- derie: Operetta '26, '27. '28: First Or- chestra: Bel Canto: Commercial Club: Boosters. CLEDICE BAB COCK HCLEETSH P. U. P. S.: Boost- ers: Art Club: Cama- raderie. - N MARTHA BARNES HBARNEYU P. U. P. S.: State Street Glee ' Club: Boosters: Cuisine Club: Opcretta 'Z6. '27: "Sis Hopkins Rel.1tions": Junior Reception 27. ' PALMER .BEERS "BUDDY T. A. C. K. S.: Commercial Club: Boosters : Basketball 1 Baseball: Football : Athletic Club: Dra- matic Club. ELEANOR BIN- FORD "BlNNY" P. U. P. S.: Chair- man, Executive Com- mittee: Advertising Manager, Senior Blot- ter: Speakers. Trcas.. '261zQ. '27, Vise. Pres. '271fQ, 28: Art Club: Vice Pres., 28: French Club: Boosters: Ca- maraderic: Operetta '26, '27: Junior Rc- ception '27, 28. JAMES BLYTHE "JIM" V. Pres. T. A. C. K. S.: Asst. Editor Sen- ior Blotter: Wrang- lers: Boosters: Dra- matic Club: Legio Decima: Junior Re- ception '27, '28: Ath- letic Club: Football. '26, '27: Sapinsky Contest '27: Basket- ball. 26. '27, '28: Track: "N' Club: "The Trysting Place.' Twenty-one ALMA I. BEAL "DUTCH"' P. U. P. S.: Collec- tor. Senior Blotter: Boosters: Dramatic Club: First Orchestra: Operetta '27, '28: Benefit Show, '242 MINNA BENSING- ER ' P. U. P. S. EVELYN BLACK- ISTON UEV' P. U. P. S.: Art Club: Mixed Glee Club: Camaraderie: Review of '24: First Orchestra: Commer- cial Club: Operetta, '26. ELIZABETH BOS- IER "BIZ" P. U. P. S.: Mount- ing Committee. Sen- ior Blotter Board: Speakers: La Societe Francaise: V. Pres. '273Sz. '28: Legio Decima: Boosters: Bel Canto: Operetta '26, '27, '28: Junior Re- ception '27: Tyler Contest 2 6: Tyler Medal '27: Dramatic Club: Commercial Club: "Masque of Christn1as": "Van Dorns' Merry Xmas"1 "The Work-house Ward." F 3 i 4 -.1-X 1. 1 .wx ,- -' ,, .X,:VJ...c- K -s-WJ... 1 PAUL BOWDEN ' 'BoD1E" T. A. C. K. S.: S. R. S.: Lcgio Decima: Boosters. A. RALPH BRASH- ER NBRASI-Ii' T. A. C. K. S.: Wranglers: S. R. S.: Pres. '271rQ: Mixed Glce Club, Pres. '27, '275Q: Operetta '26, '27, '28: Sodalitas Latina: La Societe Francaise 1 Dramatic Club: "The Lady Loses Her Hoop" : Band: First Or- chestra: Tri Kappa Medal '25 : "The Wonder' Hat." ' PAZULINE BUCH- ANAN P. U. P. S.: Art Staff. Senior Blotter Board: Speakers: ' French Club: Art Club: Dra- matic Club: "Van Dorn's--'Merry Christ- mas."' GERTRUDE 'BUSCH "GERTIE" P. U. P. S.: Dramatic Club: R. O. J. M.: Boosters: Junior Rc- ception '27, ' , M5 Q if Twenty-two SHIRLEY BOVINET USPLINTERH P. U. P. S.: Operctta '27, '28: Junior Re- ception '27: Commer- cial Club: Boosters. . KATHERINE A. BOWLING "BO" P. U. P. S.: La Societe Francaise, Sec. '27, Pres. '28: Junior Reception '27: Com- mercial Club: Boost- ers: Lcgio Novissima. ANN BRAZIL ' 'ANNIE ROONEYU P. U. P. S.: Dramatic Club: Commercial Club: Boosters: Jun- ior Reception '27: R. O. J. M. CECIL BURCH "CEC" T. A. C. K. S.: "N" Club: S. R. S.: Foot- ball '27: Basketball '27, '28: Boosters: Track '27. CAROLYN BUSSEY P. U. P. S.: Art Staff. Senior Blotter Board: Boosters: Art Club. NELVIN L. CLAY- COMB "NELL1E" T. A. C. K. S.: Wranglers: Operctta '26, '27, '28: Legio Declmac Boosters: Commercial Club: Dramatic Club: "The Lady Loses Her I-Ioop": Mixed Glcc Club: Orchestra: Jun- ior Reception '27: "Van Dorn's Merry Christmas" : "The XVonder Hat." MARTHA K. CLIPP "CL1PPIE" P. U. P. S.: Lcgio Decima: Boosters: Dramatic Club: Bel Canto: .Junior Recep- tion '27: Operetta '26, '27, '28, RALPH CONNER "1-IONKH T. A. C. K. S.: Seven Up: Track: Commer- cial Club: Boosters. 53 J t , N gilt, 1 . X. X , ,, z.',f . ff"-. I.: , Y . I , X J, km ..- Q. 1 Vg- - I X 1 X 34.19,-P.. H by . 2 g ,t .f B ill" :fl Q.: 5 QC, -' yxd p - Nfxxfi .4 tw- ' C "K, .:.r Twenty-three A Q... I X- Q' N CATHERINE CHE- NEY "cHENEY" P. U. P. S.: Literary Committee. Senior Blotter Board: Speak- ers: La Societe Fran- caise: Bel Canto: Camaraderie: Boosters: Junior Reception '26, '27: Operetta '26, '27, ROBERT CLAY- TON "BOB" T. A. C. K. S.: Jun- ior Reception '27: Operetta. '28: Boost- ers: "The Trysting Place." VIRGINIA COL- LINS "CIN" P. U. P. S.: Execu- tive Committee: Speakers: French and Treas. '28: Com- Club: Bel Canto. Sec. mcrcial Club: Boost- ers: Camaraderie: Op- eretta '26, '27: Junior Reception '26, '27. AGNES COURTE HCOURTIEU P. U. P. S.: La Societe Francaise: Boosters: Commercial Club. ... xx. XA 0 .xx 'fl -- VIRGINIA DEAL HGIN., P. U. P. S.: Mount- ing Committee. Senior Blotter Board: Speak- ers: French Club: Boosters: Legio Dec- ima: Legio Novissima: Commercial Club: Op- eretta '27: Junior Re- ception '27. JACK DEV ORE "JACK" T. A. C. K. S.: Com- mercial Club: Boost- ers: Operettai '26: "The Trysting Place." CHARLES LINMUR DOUGLAS "DOUG" T. A. C. K. S.: Sen- ior Blotter Board. Snapshot Committee: S. R. S.: Commercial Club: Junior Recep- tion '27: Dramatic Club: Legio Decimn. MAURICE EI- OHOLZ T. A. C. K. S. Twenty-four THOMAS KENT CULLEN "TOM" T. A. C. K. S.: Vlranglersz Football '27: Basketball '27. '28: "N" Club: Boosters: "The Won- der Hat." JOSEPH E. DEEM "JOE" T. A. C. K. S.: Sec. and Treas.: Pbotball '25, Capt. '26, '27: Track '25, '26, '27: Basketball '25, '26: N" Club: Pres. '283 Boosters. RUTH M. DONA- HUE "RUTH1E" P. U. P. S.: Boosters: Operetta '27: Tyler Contest '26: Tri Kap- pa Contest 'Z5: State Street Glee Club: "Her Most Perplexing Mo- ment." HENRY DREYER, JR. "HEN" T. A. C. K.:S.: Wranglers: Boosters: Lcgio Decima: Band: First Orchestra: Mixed Glee Club. LA VERNE ENDI- COTT P. U. P. S.: Camara- dcrie: Commercial : Boosters: Operetta '27, '28: Junior Re- ception 'Z7. ELSIE L. GARMAN State Street Boosters Pres. '24M: R. O. J M.. Orchestra '25 '27: Legio Dccima. JO GIBBS "GO JIBBSU T. A. C. K. S.: Boosters. ALMA GRAY- BROOK HGRAVYU P. U. P. S.: Boost- ers: R. O. J. M.: "Her Most Perplexing Moment": Operetta. '27. 14 ffl. w. X.f.: Twenty-five - .sm --------QL N! ,L EARL FRIEND "BOY FRIEND" T. A.:C. K. S.: Boosters: "N" Club: Football '26, '27: Track. '26, '27: Base- ball, '28. LEONA GEISER WSIS" P. U. P. S.: Art Club: Opcretta ' 27: Junior Reception '2 7: Boosters: Com- mercial: Cuisine. KENNETH EGRAVES T. A. C. K. S.: ALBERTA GREEN P. U. P. S.: R. O. J. M.: Boosters: Legio Novissima: Dramatic Club: Operetta, '26. N. x, '. Y. K J. I - , . TIN- .7.--...w..... D A' IT If. gi x 'B X ... w S-Q-4 K .1 . ,. ,J . - A . . 1 - J .5 ww.. R 1 CELINE HARRIS P. U. P. S.: So- dalitas Latina : Glee Club: Boosters: Play- ers: Operctta '26, '28: Junior Reception '27. G. LUCILLE HENNIES P. U. P. S.: Bel Canto: Junior Recep- tion '27:' Operetta '27. ESTHER E. JACKSON ..ES,. Executive Committee, P. U. P. S.: Senior Blotter Board, Adver- tising Manager: V. Pres. Junior Class: Speakers, V. Pres. '27, Pres. '27M-28: Be' Canto. Pres. '27 : French Club: Cama- raderie: Boosters: Commercial Club: Op- eretta '26, '27: Jun- ior Reception '26, '27, "The Trysting Place". EVELYN KAHOE HEV., P. U. P. S.: Cuisine: Boosters: Commercial Club: Junior Recep- tion '27. N Twenty-sz'x XVILLIAM G. HALE UGRXDYU T. A. C. K. S.: Bas- ketball '27. '28. LUCILLE HAYES "TOTA" P. U. P. S.: Boosters: La Societe Francaise: Junior Reception '27: Cuisine: R. JO. J. M.: Sec. '25: Commercial Club. DOROTHY M. JACKSON MDOT" P. U. P. S.: Senior Blotter Board, Mount- ing Committee: State Street Glee Club: Leg- io Decima: Operetta '27, '28: Junior Re- ception: Second Or- chestra: Commercial Club: Boosters. l MILDRED JOHNSON "MIDGE" P. U. P. S.: Cuisine: Boosters: Dramatic C l u b: Commercia' Club: Junior Recep- tion '27: Tri Kappa Contest '25: Operetta '26. vw. - , v gs'QsXshgy,,,,uM,.-,-v-was-i LUCILE KELLER "Lucx"' P. U. P. S.: Literary Committee. .Senior Blotter Board: Speak- ers: French Club: Sec, '27'7Q '28: Legio Dec- ima: Boosters: Junior Reception '27: Tri Kappa Contest '25: Senior Class Play Dance '26: First Or- chestra: Commercial: "Masque of Xmas": "The Trysting Place", MAX KRON "MAX" Pres. T. A. C. K. S.: Boosters: "N" Club Sec. and Treas. '28: Football '26 '27: Bas- ketball '26, Capt. 'Z7: Baseball '26: Capt. '27, '28. ROBERT C. LAMKE "BOB" T. A. C. K. S.: S. R. S. : Boosters: Com- mercial. CHARLES NV. LAR- MORE T. A. C. K. S.: Com- mercial: Boosters. N L f-., N I X we 5 1 -es 4 ,f FR ,Q QW KD f. 1 ' "N11""?, . . 5.2 fi L .. v , ,, , - W., . P ,-vi. 'Q us., ' 1- 1 , f N 1 L , in '-jf vt Q 5 ,wiv ci? in xl ...,:'i.- V MN.: s- x X2 as AAN XE-..1-------vw-----.-......-...,Q fx ., x ' 3 xx il .P ff K A K I. ., -me 2. if X5 X . A ' AMY KING P. U. P. S.: Seniol Blotter Board: Snap- shot Committee: R. O. J. M.: Boosters: Operetta 'Z7: Junior Reception '27: Botany Club. VERNER LAMB T. A. C. K. S: S. R. S.: Boosters: Legio Decima: Dramatic Club. XVILDA LANDIS "WILLIE" P. U..P. S.: Chairman Snapshot Committee. Senior Blotter Board: Legio Novissima: Le- gio Decima: Sodalitas Latina : Boosters : "The Lady Loses Her Hoop": Junior Recep- tion '27. LLOYD LEMMON "LEMON" T. 'A. C. K. S.: Boosters. 1. :yd A A .rl . ,q,.. X fc: .-- - Q ' 1 - 1 Cr" if ' "nity-sever? RICHARD E. LEXVIS QBIG BOYH T. A. C. -K. S.: Boos- ters: Commercial. BERNARD LOEBIG ULOEBIGU T. A. C. K. S.: Liter- ary Committee. Senior Blotter Board: Legio Decima: Junior Recep- tion, '27: Commercial Club: Boosters: Dra- matic Club. . HARRIET MAIN P. U. P. S.: Art Staff. Senior Blotter Board: Speakers: Art Club: Boosters: First Orches- tra. SLOAN MARSH "SOUPY" T. A. C. K. S.: Legio Novissima: Legio Dec- ima: Boosters. 3 1 Twenty-eight HELEN LEPTIC "WILLIE" P. U. P. S.: Tri Kappa Contest '25: State Street Glee Club: Cuisine: Boosters. LAURA JEAN LIB- BEY ULIBBIEH P. U. P. S.: Boosters: Opcretta '26: R. O. J. M. FLORENCE ,LOS- SON HFLOSSU P. U. P. S.: La Societe Francaise. Treas. '27LQ. '28: Legio Decima: Operetta '27, '28: Junior Reception '27: "The Lady Loses Her Hoop": Commer- cial Club: Boosters: State Street Glee Club. MAY H. MARKE RT P. U, P. S.: State Street Glee Club: Sap- insky Contest. '27, Commercial: "The Lady Loses Her Hoop": Junior Recep- tion '27: Shorthand Team. I l HELEN MATTHENVS P. U. P. S.: French Club: Legio Decima: Boosters: Dramatic Club: Bel Canto: Commerclal: Junioz Reception 'Z 7: Op- cretta '26. '27, '28: "The Wonder Hat." LILLIE CLARICF lX'lcDONAI.D "PILL" P. U. P. S.: Boost- ers: R. O. J. M.: Jun- ior Reception '27: "Her Most Perplexing Moment." EVAN A. MCLINN "MAC" T. A. C. K. S.: NVranglers. Sec. '27'rQ: Sodalitas Latina: S R. S.: Boosters: Op- eretta '27: Commer- cial: Legio Decima: French Club: Junior Reception, '27: First Orchestra: Band: Sen- ior Class Basketball Team: "The Trysting Place." MARTHA MCNA- MARA ' 'MARTY MC" P. U. P. S.: Snapshot Committee. Senior Blotter Board: La Societe Francaise: Boosters: Junior Dra- matic Club: Commer- cial. Twenty-nine : ., , .x 5 s...,.....- X X f HUGH McCAND- LESS "DIZZ" T. A. C. K. S.: Boosters: Legio Dec- ima: Audubon Club: Dramatic Club: Com- mercial. ROBERT MclN TOSH HBOBMACU T. A. C. K. S.: Wranglers: Boosters: Athletic Club: Dra- matic Club: "N" Club: Baseball '26, '27, '28: Football '26, 'Z7: Basketball. '27, '28: Operetta '27: Hi-Y Confer- ence: Junior Recep- tion '27: Commercial Club. LEE MCMANUS UMACKU T. A. C. K. S.: Ath- letic Editor. Senior Blotter Board: Wrang- lers: ' Commercial: Math Club: Operetta '26: Benefit Show '24: Football. '26. '27: Baseball '27. "N" Club: Junior Reception '27: "The Work House Ward." CARMEN M. MERTZ HCARMU Executive Committee P. U. P. S.: Mount- ing Committee: Sen- ior Blotter Board: Speakers. Treas. 'Z71fe, '28: Sodalitas. Cen- sor '271f2. '28: Legio Decima: Legio Nov- issima: Art Club: Commercial: Typing Team: Boosters: Tri Kappa Contest '25: Sapinsky Silver Medal. '27: Operetta '27: Junior Reception '27: First Orchestra: "The Trysting Place." '-. ,X , ..,, ,- V ' .X ..........,, .... wk. ei K, - lf' --:.....Q,,-f.,f 'ri -.,- ,.,..Y....,,....-....,......,.... ...- - A N... N. 4 si. RAYMOND NIEYER "RAY" T. A. C. K. S. HERBERT -MILLER 'IDINKH T. A. C. K. S.: S. R. S.: Boosters: Math Club. CLARA LEE MONTGOMERY -.LEEH P. U. P. S.: State Sr. Glee Club: Bel Canto: Junior Reception 'Z7: Opcretta '26, '27: Cuisine. MILDRED MOSS "MIL" P. U. P. S.: Speakers: Players: Sec. '259S. '26: Legio Decima: Sodalitas Latina: Jun- ior Reception '27. . 1 fx Thirty CHESTER .MEYER "CHET" . T. A. C. K. S.: Boos- ters. FREDERICK MICHELL "FRlTZ" T. A. C. K. S.: Col- lector. Senior Blotter Board: Football '26, '27: "N" Club: Com- mercial: Boosters. LEONARD MILLER UBLACKIEH T. A. C. K. S.: Foot- ball '26, '27: Boos- ters: "N" Club, V. Pres. '28: Baseball 'Z7: Senior Class Bas- ketball Team. THELMA MOON USCALLOPSH P. U. P. S.: Dramatic Club: Operetta '27: Commercial: Boosters. MYERS MURPHY UMURPHH T. A. C. K. S.: Boosters. JANE POTTS P. U. P. S.: Collec- tor, Senior Blotter Board: Speakers: Commercial: French Club: Bel Canto: Boosters,:Sec. B Treas. '26 : Camaraderie: Operetta ' 26. ' 2 7: Junior Reception '26, '27: "The Van Dorns' Merry Xmas." KATHRYN RADY P. U. P. S.: Speakers: Boosters: Glee Club: Sodalitas Latina: Leg- io Decima: Players: Operetta '26, '27, '28: Junior Reception '27, EVELYN ROXVE UEV.. P. U. P. S.: Legio Decima: R. O. J. M.: Commercial: Boosters: Junior Reception '27: Dramatic Club. 1 13 f 'V ,,....-..,z. -5 fn ,..xc,,f?'x,4 . XX ,. ., 1, i 1, .X . . X " N4 AN .x.,-. .S .... af- -if- - , N- S - .- 1 if N x LOUIS PFEEEER "PETE" T. A. C. K. S.: Boosters. EDITH QUEBBE- MAN "EDDIE" P. U. P. S.: MARY RUTH RENN "SUSlE" P. U. P. S.: Exec- utive Committee: Art Staff Senior Blotter Board: Sodalitas Lat- ina: Bel Canto: First Orchestra: Operetta '26, '27, '28: Junior Reception '27: Boost- ers: Dramatic: Lcgio Decima. SADIE VIRGINIA RUNDELS "BILL" P. U, P. S.: Boost- ers: Legio Novissima: Legio Decima: Com- mercial. V ' Li. 4. x J S Thirty-one KATHERINE SCOTT "SCOTTlE" P. U. P. S.: Operetta '27, 'Z8: R. O. J. M.: Boosters. DOROTHY SHACK- LETT "DoT" P. U. P. S.: Literary Committee, Senior Blotter Board: Speak- ers: Student Critic '275i: Art Club: French Club: Bel Canto: Mixed Glec Club: Boosters: Ca- maradie: Commercial: Operetta '26, '27: Junior Reception '26, '27 t HAZEL I. SHEETS HHIZIEH P. U. P. S.: Legio Novissima: Cuisine: Operetta '27, '28: Senior Class Play Dance '26: Boosters. THELMA SHEL- TON "TI-1EL" P. U. P. S.: Boost- ers: Camaraderie: Op- eretta '28: Junior Rc- ception '26, '27: Ro- mani Hodierni. Thirty-two LILLIAN SARLES "DlLL" P. U. P. S.: Legic Novissima: Lnglo Dec- ima: Boosters: Oper- etta '27: Commercial NAOMI SELTER P. U. P. S.: Lcgio Decfmaz Boosters: Players: Operetta '26. '27, '28: First Or- chestra: Junior Recep- tion '27. HELEN E. SHANEY 'ADIMPLESH P. U. P. S.: Players: Opcretta '28: Junior Reception '27. ROSCOE SHELTON "BUD" T. A. C. K. S.: Com- mercial: Legio Dec- ima: Boosters: Dra- matic Club: "The Lady Loses Her Hoop." KATHLEEN G. SHRADER "Foss" P. U. P. S.: Mount- ing Committee. Senior Blotter Board: Speak- ers: Sodalitas Latina. Consul '27l7Q,' '28: Legio Decima: Legio Novissimai: Commer- cial: Boosters: Tri Kappa Contest 'Z5: Operetta '27, '28s Junior Reception '27: "The Lady Los- es I'Ier I-loop." "The Van Dorn's Merry Xmas." MILDRED SMITH UPEGGYU P. U. P. S.: R. O. J. M.: Cuisine: lBoost- ers: Commercial. ELIZABETH STER- RET P. U P. S.: Art Club: Math Club: Boosters: Lcgio Nov- issima: Commercial. JAMES STIUCKER "JIMMY" T. A. C. K. S.: Lcgio Novissima. Consul '25: Boosters: S. R. S.: Commercial. Thirty- three .X ,.. N i L 2 ' X -x X- -'-'- -O f """"" .. ...f-'X' fx.. R. MARGARET IE. SMITH "MARC" P. U. P. S.: Mount- ing Committee. Senior Blotter Board: Junior Reception '27: R. O. J. M.. Vice-Pres. 'Z5: Boosters. MARGARET SPAT- IG USPATH P. U. P. S.: Art Staff. Senior Blotter Board: S. S. Glee Club: Art Club: Operetta ,Z6 '27 : Commercial: Junior Reception f27: Boosters. IVA MQ STONE i'IVY" P. U. P. S.: R. O. J. M.: French Club: Boosters: Commercial. MARY TAYLOR "MARY LOU" P. U. P. S.: Legio Novissima: Boosters: Junior Reception '27: ' Commercial: Cuisine. i 1 fr' il, U if fx ii 'Ji 'Ysf L. Q QIEPAB.: - . Pr-......-. R ex ...WM 5 ORPHA TYLER P. U. P. S.: Boost- Club: Sec. '2617i: Camaraderie. Treas. '24lrS: Boosters: Commercial: Junior Reception '26, '27. MARGARET XVELCH P. U. P. S.: Art Club. Sec. '26: Legio Dec- ima: Players: Operet- ta '27, '28: Commer- cial: Boosters: Junior Reception '27. GERTRUDE WEL- LER. UPEGGYU P. U. P. S.: Com- mercial: Shorthand and Typing Teams. ROMAINE AVIL- LIAMS "SXLLY" w P. U. P. S.: Art Club: Mixed Glec Club: Boosters. -., K3 Tl2i'1'fy-four HELEN B. TERRY "sis" '- ers: R. O. J. M.: Commercial: Book- keeping Team: Junior Reception '27. P. U. P. S.: French IRMA VON ALMEN "voN" P. U. P. S.: Boost- ers: Legio Novissima: Junior Reception '27, MARTHA JANE NVELCH "BABE" P. U. P. VS.: Art Club: Cuisine: Boost- ers: Legio Novissima: Junior Reception '27. MAE LOIS WILCOX P. U. P. S.: Snapshot Committee, Senior Blotter Board: Speak- ers: Legio Decimag Players: Cwlee Club, Sec. '265'Q. '27: Op- crctta '26, '27, '28: Commercial: Boosters: Junior Reception '27, --.. s-...K . . I LEOLA WOOD UWOODSIEH P. U. P. S.: Lcgio Decima: Players: Boosters: Commercial. MARVIN WOL- FORD HCARVERH T. A. C. K. S.: Boos- ters: "N" Club: Foot- ball '27: Basketball '27-'28: Baseball '28. VIRGINIA LYNN ZELLER f.GlN,. P. U. P. S.: French Club: Operetta '26. 'Z8: Boosters: First Orchestra: Junior Re- ception 'Z7: Commet cial. CLARK TUFTS 57' Q Q 1 9' Eb PJ I S. X ' I I Ja Q, f - 1 is ,fg.f.lg.N Xa FW fy jf W ,lx t 1-'QE ' :X I i I g N r pl E I- tx i ,.-.0-f.,., Q. w f f ww . I X x " I Nlixg--u-was-Www-UQ ,X X I w - H i' . S ' "iw " K we 'QU ,-,W .X F- gf., A - y 'XNY .xr .A E r Q, ,. I l I X FLORENCE E. WOLFE P. U. P. S.: Chairman Mounting Committee, Senior Blotter Board: Speakers : French Club: Legio Decima: Boosters: Legio Novis- sima: Commercial: Junior Reception '272 Operetta '27. NELLIE NVRIGIIT HNELLH P. U. P. S.: Art Club: Players: Legio Decima: Boosters: Operetta 'Z8: Junior Reception '27. SHIRLEY ZENOR "SI-IAY" T. A. C. K. S.: Chair- man Literary Com- mittee. Senior Blotter: Boosters: Legio Dec- ima: Dramatic: Junior Reception '27: Senior Class Basketball Team: Track: Commercial. JAMES SMITH HJIMH -B. O. O. H. S.: Boos- ters. i tx I.. 7 x 1 N I Q f. J X .T hmm AQQ?:x,...-wax xx f W- N ' 1- -a-: e....,.., -sa 'A I. '- fr-"f ff K -Mei Q' .f-"t 'c f f' Tl71'l'l y-live MARTHA KATHERN DAVIS UDAY-. V. Pres. Senior Class. '27M: XV. A. S.: Speakers: Bel Canto: Boosters: Operetta 'Z6. '27: Commercial: Camaradcric: Legio Decima: Uranians. BERTHA BADGER W. A. S. La VERNE JOHN- SON W. A. S.: Boosters: Commercial. MILDRED -KEPLEY HKEPY' XV. A. S.: Sodalitas Latina: Boosters: Commercial: Junior Reception Thirty-six THATCHER CARR HTHATCHH Pres. Senior Class. '27 M: Treas. Junior Class: Wranglers. Treas. '26Z. '27, Pres. '27Z: B. O. O. H. S.: Sodalitas Lat- ina, Consul, '27M: S. R. S.. Treas. '27 VE: Math Club: Legio Decima. Consul '25Z. '26: Junior Reception '27: "The Van Dorns' Merry Christmas". GEORGE BRASH- EAR "PARAGON" Sec. Senior Class. '27M: B. O. O. H. S.: Boosters: S. R. S.: Track. VIOLA BELVIY HLOVEYH XV. A. S.: R. O. J. M.: La Societe Francaise. RALPH JOHNSON ' 'SHORTYU B. O. O. H. S.: Boos- ters: First Orchestra: Band. ' ORTI-I MCDANIEL B. O. O. H. S.: Boosters: S. R. S.: Commercial. DONALD KENNEY HLEFTYH B. O. O1 H. S.: Boosters: Math Club: S. R. S.: Junior Re- ception TZ7: Track: Football. VVILLIAM MOOK HBILLH B. O. O. H. S.: Boosters. JOHN ROEHM UJOHNIEH B. O. O. H. S.: Band: Orchestra: Legio Dec- ima: S. R. S.: "Rings in the Sawdust": Mixed Glcc Club. x,l Thirly-seven EVA KIOSS XV. A. S. CHARLES MILLER B. O. O. H. S.: Boo: tc rs : Track. RUTH PHILLIPS W. A. S-I Cuisine: Camaradcric: "Christ- mas Spirits" 3 Op- crctta '27. EDGAR ROUCK UROUCKIEN B. O. O. H. S.: S. R S.: Boosters. we ., 4 I l " xx FN KSN, j .AL L 3 -gr xx , N I X 3 f P ' x I WILLIAM SEIBEL "BILL" 3. O. O. H. S.: S. R. S.. Pres. '26, Se J. Pres. '27M. In high school and college all over our land An event of importance is now close at hand. Each group of students called Juniors last year Have completed the course 'mid trembling and fear And as dignified Seniors now approach graduation. But of all the classes in our great nation. New Albany High School takes first place. We've a class we are proud to put in the race. This class alone can lay claim to Dick Clark Who is Senior President and lives up to the mark. The boys organized and called themselves T. A. C. K. S. And named for-their President "Cue Ball Max". Eleanor Binford, after many downs and ups. Was chosen to preside o'er the affairs of the P. U. P. S. They've spent happy years at Sixth Street and Spring But the School Board did not deny them this thing- The pleasure of going for a short litle while To our fine new building--the latest in style. Our gymnasium. the finest in our good Hoosier state A bunch of these Seniors helped dedicate. And now as we draw near the last of May, The exercises of their quitting day XVill be Hrst to be held in the new auditorium- Such honors don't come to each annual quorum, But when have we graduated a tiner class? Each manly lad and dainty lass XVill go out to honor old N. A. H. S.. And live noble lives her memory to bless. XVe hope they'll be happy-we know they'll be great- Goodbye, Senior Class of l928. -Maxine Lane. mf x VV ..XN 'XV .f .. Thirty -eight X - I If ,-,Jw -5-2' 'fi' EVQQQ Thirty -nina SENIOR B'S Baker, Anna Brown. Merrill Davis, Raymond Dowell. Hamilton Dunihoo. Martina Durbin. Herbert Emery, Byron Guilfoyle, James Hannan, Walter Hartling. YVilma Hedges. Lois Hublar. Martha Jacobs, Magdalena Senior Bs Forty Jennings. Sheldon Kockert, Jennings McCaffrey, Frances McCory. Charles Morcman, Walter Mullings. Lusada Oster, Violet Pockcr, Ray Shuck. William Sillings, Roy Stalker, William Wright. Marcia Williams, Velma l -1 .X N s 'J Q---aw,----1-V-M....-.Q VN Alexander, Charlotte Allen, Ray Alstott, Imelda Appleate, Clarise Badger. Morgan Baggerly. Emma Baker. Kenneth Ball, Catherine Barger. Helen Barrett, Ray X Beck, Leland Bell. Irene Belvois, Roger Bettman. Bernard Biggs. Elsworth Binford, Joseph Bliss. Rachel Bonifer. Edward Botts, Joe Brown, Lorena Brown, Mary Bullington, Kenneth Burd.f Edwin Caniporri, Manuel juniors Clark. Charlotte Condra, Nelson Connell, Dorothy Conner. Marion Cummings, Mary Cutler. Elmo Deal, Jean Dean, Dorothy Deis. Dorothy Dickman, William Dillard, Frank Drillette. Dorcas Dunihoo, Lula May Durbin, Thelma Ebelsisor. Otto Edwards, Leona Elliott. Genevra Eve. Mary Ferrell. Jess Gender, Norman Hall. Jane Hammett, James Hanen. Claranna Hanen. Stanley Forty-one Harbaugh, Lula Hatfield, Raymond Henderson. Edgar Hobson, Milburn Hock. Julius Hoglen. Joan Hottel, Harry Howison. Kathryn Hulen. Victoria Hull, Mary Louise Hutchens. Harry Jackson, Lieu Jackson, Warren Jacobs, Howard Jolissaint, Florence Kamer, Lucille Kehoe, Leeba Kleinstiver, Charles Knipe, Elizabeth Knoob, Robert Kraemer, Anna Mae Landgraf, Arthur Landis. Paul Lane, Maxine 1' if f i L. .... a,-L-.,w .V 'Lx 'P l4 X-, L N. Lapping, Dorothy Largent, Tilford Lepping, John Lcuthart, Valeria Levy. Nathan Lindley, Olive Maier. Le Roy Manly. Raymond Mazey, Rose McClain, Wendell McCulloch. Edna McCurdy, Everett McGrath, Frank Meyer, Leo Miller. Marshall Mitchell. Pauline Moliett. Henry Montague, Beatrice Morlen, Dorothy Moody, Mildred Moser, Edward Moser, Ruth Murr, Roger Neeld. Ruth Aldrich, Robert Alexander. Dan Allee, Juanita Anshutz, Hudson Armstrong, Elsie Baker, Katherine Baldauf. Mary Banet, Martha Barnett, Dorothy Barth. Jane Bell. Margaret Belviy. Mary Bensinger, Aileen Best, James Bettman, Mildred Bickel, Eloise Bickel, Simon Bowling. Russell Boylan, Braden Briscoe Brooks, Brown Bruder, Gladys Chester Clarence James Edward Edna Mae Buchanan, James Bulleit, Robert Carroll, Frank Carroll, Orville Chamberlin, Violet Chinn, Arlie Chinn, Ira Cliawson, Katherine ,AR juniors Norris. Harry Ollls. Anna Mary Orme, Marguerite Pectol, Helen Perry, Irene Peters, Roy Phillips, June Quinn, Alice Quinn, Freda Rasmussen. Lydia Reisert. Charles Ritter. Dora Robinson, Clifford Roth, Wilhelmina Rough, Clifford Royse, Helen Schechter, Kathryn Schuble, Robert Seitz. Kathryn Seymour, Martha Shallers. Alvin Sharp, Frances Shine. Elizabeth Short, Donald Sophomofres Cole, Jack Conner. Doris Conner, James Craig, Robert Dangerfield, Edythc Davis, Alice Davis, Juanita Deal, Kenneth Deis, Bernadinc Dellinger. Louise Dieckman, Margaret Dieckman, Spence Dillard, Forrest Donahue. Margaret Doughton. Harry Dreyer, Ruth Duffy, Kathryn Duggins, Herbert Dunlap. Mary Ellen Dusch, Robert Edmonds, Opal Mae Emery Marguerite Engleman, Virginia Evans, Louis Everbach. John Falk, William Falk, Wilma Fein. Hazel Feiock. Clarence Feiock, David Fisher, Margaret Flanigan. David Flock, Elsa Forty' two Siltz. Maragarat Smith, Virgil Smith. Wilbur Stanhope, Frank Stein. Mary Steinert, Aileen Stocksdale. Stanley Taylor, Edna Thomas. Kenneth Thompson, Mildred Thorn, Pearl Trautman. Dorothy Tribbey. John Trudeaux, Paul Ulsh, Bruce Utz. Helen Van Pelt, Louise Ware, James Whalen, Llewellyn XVilson, Joe Wright. Madelle Zoeller, Alma Flora. John Franklin. Elizabeth Gadient, Elizabeth Gahan, John Gatterer. Agnes Gerdon, Mary Gibbs. Elizabeth' Goldsmith, Hazel Gonder, Edward Goodbub, Camilla Graff. Harold Graham, Jane Groh, Julia Gunn, Thelma Gunther, Alma Gunther, Laura Hacker, Betty Jane Hackett, Janet Haller, Irene Hammer, James Hargrave, Lee Hauser, Beulah Hayes, Elizabeth Hegewald. Arthur Hicks. Robert Hinds, Maurice Hitner, Elberta Hoffman, Dorothy Hoglen, Jane Hoke. Charles Hollis, Earl Hough, Aulyne 1 , .N l T X f-1 L-. N , Ae, Y r' . .K X ig x-MSA--E.. X ,N i ,x -A C L N t, , ,,-' ,. 3 ' f' az, , . ,ff i W . 1 4, i xxx- X X'-,X KA 4 .. ,Q 1 N ,.x K .-s.N x 4 2 ie, .. X,-.g - xg ', X. 1. X -use N xxfflfz' X -... , House. Amy Hubler, Elizabeth Huth. Dorothy ' Ivy. Ruth Marie Jackson. Percy Jacobi. Martha Jacoby, Elmo Jenkins, Stuart Jenks, Raymond Jensen. Carl Johantgen, Ruth King. Irma King, Lois Kintner. Edmonia Kochert. George Krieger. Elva Kron, Bernice Kupperer, Audrey Lamb, Helen Lancaster, Nellie Laughlin. Mary Helen Lee. Robert Lindsay. Katherine Long. Charles Lyvers, Marie Mann, Orville Markert. Carl Marsh, Bernadine Martin, Albert Mather. Nelia May, Marion .Qs , Sophomores McAfee. Douglas McClain. Joseph McCown. Francis McCrary. Leona McCulloch. Ida Mae McGuire, Floyd McGuire. Harry McIntyre, Jane McMonigle, Marvin McSpaddin, Lyle Miller, James Miller. Anna Miller. Mary Mason Millican. Raymond Million, Grace Morris. Elmo Moser. Freda Murphy. Elsa Murphy. Margaret Needham, .Hugh Neely: Eskel Norrington. XVilbur Northam. Virginia Orth, Catherine Peevey, Elnora Peters. Jewell Peters, Robert Potts. Elmer Protso, Kenneth Rasmussen. Anders Receiveur, Dorothy A ,Mk .,' 1 ...- , , X fx ....-.,. 5 , ,. X. , N""1,,"' Reeves. Vernon Renn. Mary Margaret Roche, John Routh. Virginia Rowe, Jack Russell. Bernice Sandelwich. George Sayles, Dorothy Scott, Lucille Schaefer, Herman Simon Schaefer, A Schaefer, XVilbur Scharrer, Virgil Schechter. Ernest Schmitt, Viola Schoen. Arthur Shallers. Carl Sharp, William Shivel, Arthur Short. Margie Sigmon, George Smith. Esther Smith, George Snider, Claudia Snider. Paul Speth, Clarence Stalker, Dorothy Steele, John Stevenson, William Stocksdale, Jessie Stocksdale, Othella Stoll, Anna Straw, William Teives, Mary Thomas, Mamie Townsend, Robert Tyler, Hilda Utrecht, Irma Van Arsdale, Lawrence Vanover, Virginia Varner, Martin Vaser. Ruth Voignier, Norbert Walker, Mary Jean XVatson. Fern XVeber, Karl Vleber, Merida XVehner. Etta Mae XVelch, Grace Welty, Rosa Wheeler, Gladys Williams, Stuart XVilliams, Bruce VVilson, Edith. Wolf. Beveridge Wrege, Calvin Wyman. Dora Zeller, Herman Zimmerman, Freda X 3 V S Xi' X A..- qw. , ,.-ve ' -- ,fjf ' g..f3.,gr Q'--e--A-W Q - c, f tbxiessf q 5 X lforl y- three allen, bruce althen. henry applegate, robert baker, elnora banet, catherine barnes. helen banes, james barrow, richard beck, gertrude beck. kenneth - bertrand, nicholas blackiston. benjamin borkenheim, rachel bour, mary phyllis bowling, olive brashear, harold brewster, edna brown, esther brown, kenneth brown. louise bulleit, alice canter, frederick canter. jane carpenter. carmen chandler, mary Freshmen A coder. frank collins, emma conner, perry coombs, john constantine, arthur cooper. howard coyie. donald cureton, frank davis, melvin day. ledford dellinger. margaret denny, harry dieckman. martha lee dietrich, zelma drake, warren duffy, margaret elliott. agnes embrey. james emery, anna mae endris, louis endris. maurice evans, robert farnsley, elmer farnsley, esther ruth faulkenburg, minnic feiock, wilton fisher, dora fox, catherine freiberger, blanche gating. bernard gilchrfst, john gill, wilbur glaze, bertha glaze, kenneh gclhmann, martha gohmann, robert gonder, katherine goss, melvin graves, cornell green, edmund hampel. alice hanna, david harbison, catherine harmon, martha hayes, juanita heilig, mary hettiger. mary higinbotham, delbert hock, bernard holaday, ruth Forty-four holmes, emily hoppenjon, mary hubler, mildred husk, thelma james, mary jensen, stella johnson, anna johnson, thomas jones, margaret joy, evelyn koetter, gertrude kingsley. onetta kiper, marselle kleiber, bertha knight, wayne kolb, alice kost, dan krausgrill, vera lamb, margaret lamb, olive larmore, lois lewis, james lewis, margaret lindley, margaret linnert, irma longest, richard luther. lois maxwell. viola mccallion, dorothea mccandless, ethel mcquire, ida mae mcintosh, harry mckown. alberta mcmahel, wilma mertz, roy meycr, naomi miller, hazel miller, vincent millican, robert missi, gladys missi. sidney moffett, albert moore, james moreman, william morris, bertha morris, mary c. morton. martha mullings, katlierine munzer, milo nance, georotha neely. margaret newhouse. yvonne ncwton. harold oakes, marvin ollis. james perry, elma perry, james plaiss, margaret porter, kenneth potts. richard proctor. helen quebbeman. helen radcliff, catherine rahner, billie rainbolt. kathleen ranicke, freida ratcliff, gayle read. mildred rcister, benjamin richards. ruth robinson, mary rockenbach, elva roth, edna mae royse, martha royse, rena rusk. virginia sheler, frances siltz, stanley sloan. anna smith, fern smith. irene smith. jeannette smith, walter snyder. harold starr, annie e. staton, pearl stein, deweese steproe, pearl sterrett. robert stockton. dale teives, elmer thomas, paul , H thompson, marianne trlbbey. robert trudeaux. louis turner, stewart rush, chester von allmen, edwin wade. evelyn waggoner, Wilma waltz, damon webb, gladys wclch. thelma whiteman. walter whittinghill, alma whittinghill, ivan Wilcox. paul williams, dorothea wilson, william w'ninger, ilorene wolfc, emmanuel ' Wolfe. robert york. clay zapp, john zimmerman. thelma zoeller. jerome lizzies asher, melvin bailey, herman barrows. celestine baumann. alice bettman, eva blake. edward blunk. earl borgeding. helen bowen, thomas brashear, sarah mae brown, arthur burgess, ralph caesar, herman campbell, margaret caniield, john cory, walter denison. fred dorsey, jane downs, roy durbin, maurice cberle, irma eblesisor. margaret eblesisor. martin eicholz, kenneth engleman, lee fess, roger flanigan, edith fletcher, frances flora, dorothy friend, robert gibbs, margaret ,X .,'-s Forty-Hue x 1 X .R V F2 sQr5-M-- -M-----Q-.fx," A il! ij X2 x P If Q K 1 J, gilley, pauline goodbub, martha grose. marjorie harris. lemuel V ,- hartling. elizabeth henson. pearl herman, william herthel, mayme lfmmelheber, lorena howison. ardell jackson. bcrtha - jaegers, george hianes. alice keclm, Willard kirk. helen kist. ethyle knipc, dorothy koehler, bernard koehler, margaret kunzman, ruth lambert, clark lee, ma-ry levy. libby lindeman. john long, josephine lopp. julia lukemeier. william mcculloch. mary mcguire, violet mcmahel, james monihon, margaret montague, geraldinc moore, emma mae moore, louis pagel. diana paul, dorothy pennington. george phillips, maxine pocket, violet poutch. elizabeth quakenbush, jack quinn, charles reeves, maxine routh, leland salyards, manly saunders, edson schaaf. judy schmitt, edward schulz, paul schwender, julia smith, dorothy snapp. maggie spencer. floyd stocksdale,-' nellie streeter, margaret summers, sylva tebault. paul terry. elsie turner, jane ward. donald , walter. doris A if whiteman, ida mae .5 5 - F woods, henry B., wright, esther , 1. - ff: - - 44112.-as-' w .. A, """""""""""" K ,,. . V .wr -mmf t. MSA H00 000000 't Sr' 1.01111 wx E.M.HLDRlCH Q "ls: - X A '- - -, I 1 .3 xi.: , 31 .ggiqzi-:,1.i1v,k Q. .gg "gi ,f N s ,J ' -W N gf gr S , x f X A , 3 x P 1: 1 f I Qfg N 1 X W 1.1. !',' I 1 ' ' if '-7l:':41::-T 52 1' 7 'ISS 9 - 5 3 fa p ' ,-'F Q OTAXWPQN lg 1 E 2 Q ' an X Z . 'K 3 X 5 ? 6 ,. - A r :WCA I M We-. Q Q.. 'T jug: .. s 5' 'Q Q v 3 X80 I I lx AA ' Xfzsw 0 5 YW- Qu I s sh ff R f -' 'df we YW , ' ' 522 I, ..a4. ...,-5.5 .- Q, . . Z - -Ei'2si?:i9fQ?'f1f??-li2'E . X , 9 mi' ui 135235-'pzgfPf?f.: Eikx if .f-x X I 0 9 0 --1a?.:gl5g-i- r,g.w:z1:.':.-:..5:.-.-..5:h,a' K J tiff 55- X X , 2 0 ' - 24 f 'QED' " fifQ?s-.EITFNPS-' . N1 JY' !r"00A sv, QI 4,,. x. f,..,,., 3. .s e., 12,1 X f :TA .-:inf--m '...e. . gs- - X - .Q-,. ' E111 .23-:i.3f:ggf---,:-:fwiki., bfNyS,,'63Q-pu - Al. . 0 yi? f ... v " 'mia ,ff :W annum' 44 5 ' .4 X 'QS-" n- an 2" , " ' X Y 0 QX BQ 1 ii, SWIM vfiv, 14 ki psf' 4 P X JA R ' l X Q53 X A momma. -70 A- 9 5 NIZFITNN5 Forty -SGIJEFI P. U. P. S. NVhen the Senior girls organized. on February 24th. they called themselves the P. U. P. S. Since every dog must have its day. on the following VN'ednesday, each girl brought another pup to school, and marched out of assembly carrying it. and singing, "O Where. O XVhere Has My Little Dog Gone?" The annual hike was a very enjoyable event. About sixty of the girls. with their critic and some of the other teachers. hiked out to Mr. Bert Kenny's cottage on the Old Vincennes Road, on May 10th. After keeping the under-classmen in suspense for four months. these P. U. P. S. turned out to be PEPPY. UNUSUAL. PROMISING SENIORS Executive Board-Eleanor Binford, chairman: Esther Jackson: Mary Ruth Renn: Virginia Collins: Carmen Mertz. Critic: Miss XVood. Forty -eight j WW, W, ,,, . is 5 1 A45 La! gy is ,QL C5 N rx ' , yy-" A fkxx r -.h,.--,.,, l A. 'X Ad-rg fl' .3 'K Efiigljb QNX ?s.........--...,,, Qj X fm - .sei "lg use v " 'A" ....f-' x Kyf Ex,ffE"1' mCpX,'i ml if . fr. A. C. K. s. Max Kron. President James Blythe, Vice President Joe Deem. Secretary-Treasurer Arthur Gribble, Critic Vkfhat could be sharper and more useful than T.A.C.K.S.? Vlhen into our new High School we stepped. clankety. clankety went the T.A.C.K.S. NVe did not have any uniforms: neither dd we wear badges: but why need we these when we shine so brightly. Our main purposes for organizing were to promote brightness and sharpness. Thus far every member wears two heel plates fastened to his shoes with three T.A.C.K.S. Some think we might be The All Checkered Knickerbocker Students. Taking all cautions kind of slowly we form the loyal band of "The Almighty Collegiate Klan of Seniors." p.. 3 X,- Qj-xf , L. fwf-4 fur? XD--sf-was , '71, 1' H M W... . f . J. ,,, .K JV-hw .. ,.,,..,,,.,.,,,,Xw E xJ,xXj,.,Als.x i,,,y xffxf U in :A . . Forty- nine BOOSTERS I f If ii X " cl ki X 'iw l. 'J QXIQILL-.b.Q'.N'Nxk. X 4 ' 5.,,Qy11 get 3 f X , -x, is L-A Wh 5 g'5x,1.iv'f H- V if 41.62 ' . ..--.--W-Mi we, :RSV x- . . gg- In X n'QtT?lFi's' 5 ii it Boosters Dick Clark, President Joe Binford, Secretary and Treasurer Jane Potts. StudenI'Cri1ic Leota Rusk, Faculty Critic The Boosters Club which has always stood for good sportsmanship has had a very successful year. All the other clubs of the school entered into the spirit of pep by giving programs in assembly to arouse interest in the games. The membership has greatly outnumbered that of previous years and all members have been faithful in follow- ing their team to victory-and defeat. The loyal work of the officers has kept the club together and in good spirits. Our football team was one of- the four undefeated teams in the state: part of lh's was due to the pep and,enthusiasm of the Boosters. Torch light parades on the nights before the games brought everyone from the houses to see what was going on. ln this way our games were advertised and highly attended. A brand new gym to start the basketball. season off right! Although our team did not pile up many victories, the business end of the proposition came out victoriously. The Speakers and Vifranglers had a stand at the gym and made three hundred dollars. with which they bought the electric scoreboard. The school made history this year by having the sectional and regional tournaments. This will probably not happen again for twenty-five years. The dedication of our gym was the main event of the school year. The Boosters worked hard the whole week ,before the dedication game. We went to the business men of the city and asked them to decorate their places of business, and they responded readily to our request. We had programs printed to sell at the game. The students turned out one hundred per cent strong at this game, all displaying red and black. and yelling as only Boosters can yell. Mr. A. L. Trester. Czar of basketball in Indiana. delivered the dedicatory address. He complimented us very highly on our good sports- manship. To close our successful year, the school for the first time boosted the baseball and track teams. The Boosters of 1928 want to thank the alumni for their splendid co-operation and wish the Boosters of coming years the greatest success. always keeping in mind our motto: Good Sportsmanship. MCSE:-.1-"N . . R fi Af-f-X .wifi-M , 5 V, j.,,r. , .,..fN.Xg ---- --r .,.- ck .,.- -I-twig X.. VJ Fifly- one FH 'X In v l f -f-X A-.-M., 5 s f 5 f E 1 I S z E E x X Fifry-:wo Wrangler Banquet The Wranglers Besides making an effort to promote the main purpose of the club, i. e., interest in public speaking, the Wranglers have tried to be useful this year in other Ways. With the assistance of the Speakers, the club conducted the refresh- ment stand at the basketball games and with the proceeds bought the elec- tric score board for the new gymnasium. Amongthe assembly programs sponsored by the club were Dr. Murr's address on Lincoln, "School Days" pep rally, a saxophone sextette program, the Wrangler-Speaker Christmas play, and a Wrangler-Speaker debate. The banquet this year with -its setting "In the Air" was one of the most novel and elaborate ever given by the club. R FX. - X Fifi y- three N , Ex I X 1-my four KAN y" g ,N . . W.. er.,-3 . - C X f 1 1 ,. . I l ,tl kr v ff ,Q-file , INN .fo F.. f .NMNV S , it ' lj i - - ' ' XA 12 e Lsgfflh , i A ., X ,X-Vt .fli."'i xx' .wx tv XY .al If: X The Speakers OFFICERS listher Jackson, President 'Z7M, '28 Eleanor Binford. Vice President 'Z7M, ,Z3 Gladys Green, Secretary '27M. '28 Carmen Mertz. Treasurer '27Z-, '28 Dorothy Shacklett. Student Critic H275 Joan I-Ioglen. Student Critic '28 Q . Miss Day, Faculty Critic The ideals of the Speaker Club are Love, Loyalty. and Charity. It has striven hard to live up to these ideals this year. ACTIVITIES In connection with the Lincoln Memorial Campaign in Indiana, oratorical contests were held throughout the state. Several Speakers entered, but one. Alice Quinn, was more fortunate than the rest. For participating in the contests, she received a medal for herself and a bronze plaque of Lincoln for the school. On November 24th. at the annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner. the girls fed and entertained two hundred and twenty-five poor children, making it really a day of thanksgiving. The Speakers accepted the challenge of the Wranglers for an assembly debate. on December 8th, the resolution being, "that women are inferior to men." The Speakers, of course, chose the negative side. Both teams debated so well that the judges were unable to reach a decision. so voted it a tie. Time turned backward in its Hight and the Speakers romped and frolicked through a "kid party" at the home of Esther Jackson, on December 21st, On the last day of school before Christmas holidays, the Speakers and Wranglers gave a play in assembly entitled. "The Van Dorns' Merry Christmas." After the play inexpensive gifts from the tree. were distributed to prominent members of each class. Our new high school was nearing completion and we were anxious to do something for it. We gladly joined the Wranglers and started working to purchase an electric score-board. costing 329750, for our new "gym". The two clubs accomplished this by selling refreshments at the Sectional and Regional Tournaments, and all other games. Everyone worked hard, and by the end of the basketball season, the scoreboard was our very own. We were ready to move: the new high school in all its glory was waiting for us. ln the last assembly at our Sixth and Spring Street School, the Speakers. in a very effective "Farewell Program". bade goodbye to the old school. The annual Speaker Dinner was held on April 7th, in our new school. .-The cafeteria was transformed into an old-fashioned garden fenced with rosefcovered lattice work, and the entrance was through a large rustic gate- with-g wisteria' twined on it. Peach trees blossomed inqevery corner. and ivory andigreentapers, ,banked with ferns and jonquils were.on every table, Esther Jackson was toastinistress, -while Eleanor Binford, Carmen Mertz, Juel Kenney, Kathleen Shrader, and Genevra Elliott gave toasts. Mary Stein sang a solo and two Freshmen gracefully danced a minuet. - April 24th was "inspection clay" for the new school. .Everyone washinvited to come at any time during the day, inspect the new school, and see us at work. The Speakers were the Reception Committee. Every visitor was cordially received and con- ducted about the building by one of the girls. fu- 1 .J -w For the Seniors' last assembly, May 17th, the Speakers had Harry Brown and Earl Edwards to entertain us. These two young men are among the most popular entertainers of the three Falls Cities. They made the last assembly very enjoyable. Just to end the year right, the Speakers planned to spend the week following the 3, close of school at Camp Jo, near Sellersburg. i'1f':: F X R 8.5. .Q-5 3 - t-J Mrs! N VT f fa. x ' e 'A se s I , 'xlfpxji X1 Fifty-Hue "N" Club Organized March 3, 1924. Joseph Deem, Presiden! Leonard Miller, Vice-President Max Kron. Secretary-Treasurer John J. Kraemer, Critic First Row: Hock, Mclntosh, Vkfolford. McCandless, Moreman, Stocksdale, Kron, Deem, Friend. Binford. Second Row: Eblesisor. Miller, Michell, Burch. Clark, Duggins, Penick, Blythe. Third Row: McManus. Meyer, Goss, Hobson. Peters. Speth. Cullen. Coach Kraemer. Assistant Coach Gelbach. The purpose of this organization is to promote athletics in New Albany High School: to maintain high standards of sportsmanship. morals, and student activity: and toiencourage all movements with these things in view. The requirement for membership to this club is that a student must have earned his letter in some branch of athletics. Fifly-six X x3 I . N ,.:fllA..z, ff X3 ,Lys fgffix-' . N5 gy .ax 2 X dim IW Aw kc .,.4 -XX- ' , r., .K ip ' 'YK Ji? f ifgv- 5,4 . ' 4 7 ' Q2 N. ,Qs -1 1? 51,5 i f' 7 3 3 5 3 1 1: 1 Lx fi, I Cs i I ig- K?T'N'4'xb'Q?g tAf' Q3 '15fsQ:T?, , x M .. X M. i ,pa R --fi. ' , -, .1 - ,. 1 wb A-L,lQ4l4jiH-U,.' -f KX2 :ju KIFQA X5 Fifty-seven X ON Fifty-eight A V 'S' e'f1N'0 Y ll 1 -- nga x ' E W' I Glove efj A Tl A I ig' V 5 . r I, N u -I f 5 l I . . . I Sczentzjic Research Society " I I n i qs. R. sg ' 1 Founded in 1920. I I 5 I I Mr. J. s. Cantwell. Critic , I Sheldon Jennings. President I ' Ben Lipnik, Vice President I Richard Arnold, Secrelary - ii I John Lepping, Treasurer I I I ' ' PURPOSE I To promote an interest in science. I ACTIVITIES 5 Regular meefngs were held each week in our crItic's room. At these meetings . talks were ,given on subjects of scientific interest. followed by discussion. I With the help of our crltfc, Mr. Cantwell, our party. which was in the nature ol' a banquet. was a huge social success. l i . I I si n , , s in Qggw ii- Q Fifty -nine :TF l ,., ,W Aw -A,-up -X Commercial Club DISTRICT COMMERCIAL CONTEST Students of the Commercial Department participated in the District Commercial Contest at Madison on Saturday. April 21, 1928, and scored vlctories in each of the three events entered. The entries and their ratings follow: Beginning Shorthand Team. First Place: Mae Marltert, lirzt individual award: Gertrude XVeller, third individual award: Lois Hedges. Novice A Typing Team, First Place: Carmen Mertz, Iirst individual award: Gertrude XVeller, second individual award: Margaret Morris. Bookkeeping Team, Second Place: XVQll'am Dickman, hrst individual award: Bernard Bettman: Helen Terry. ,JN ft 1 Sixty .- WL. X in - X... 'U .5 ,tv -,Ke ----.,.........aLW,fNfXiE5H, 'X , fn' iff l ' a Se'uenfUp The purpose of the Seven-Up is to establish an annual scholarship. The past year besides giving the scholarship the club gave 5525.00 to help purchase an electric score-board and gave S75.00 to a fund to send the Commercial team to the State Contest. The club wishes to take this opportunity to thank the students for their patronage, and to tell them that they are hoping to serve them in the future. f'N if 25 Qi ii J. f A ,l fi. X I :X-4. Q, 4 x A .5 Timm., Q. , .-.. fl 1 A 3-TRIS? . --., 5-XM fd Tr fiixv YQ? . .f7E"9.jk .... we ' 2. x.. ,. 1 Sixty-one Evelyn Aldrich Imelda Alstott Clarice Applegate Catherine Ball Mary Bclviy Eleanor Binford Ralph Brasher Catherine Cheney Virginia Collins Agnes Courte Virginia Deal Dorothy Dean Leona Edwards Celine Harris Joan Hoglen La Societe Francaise Katherine Bowling, President Elizabeth Bosier, Vice-President Lucile Keller, Secretary Florence Losson. Treasurer Miss Florence Day, Critic MEMBERS Kathryn Howison Esther Jackson LaVerne Johnson Lucile Kamer Juel Kenney Elizabeth Knipe Dorothy Lapping Helen Matthews Rose Mazey Evan McLinn Martha McNamara Lusada Mullings Violet Oster Marguerite Orme Irene Perry Sixty-two June Phillips Jane Potts Freda Quinn Wilhelmina Roth Kathryn Rady Margaret Siltz Dorothy Shacklett Margaret Smith Mary Stein Iva Stone Edna Taylor Pearl Thorn Louise Van Pelt Florence Wolfe Virginia Zeller X, LN N N A ' 's Q fix X 1 A ,MX , R X -X ., , -.-... Ralph Brasher Dorothy Dean Celine Harris Mary Louise Hull Lucille Kamer Wilda Landis Maxine Lane John Lepping X Soclalitas Latina Kathleen Shrader, Consul '27M, '28 Thatcher Carr, Consul '27Z Gladys Green, Consul '28 Carmen Mcrtz. Censor '2795, '28 Margaret Morris. Quaestor '27M, '28 Mrs. Pritz and Miss Payne, Critics Evan McLinn Irene Perry Kathryn Rady Mary Ruth Renn Wilhelmina Roth Bruce Ulsh Louise Van Pelt Alma Zoeller ' , 'X' U 'R. f jx Q., f"s,'M J if,v'--+- ,J Sixty- three M ixed Glee Club "Music is the universal language of mankind."'-Longfellow The Mixed Glee Club was established in the fall of 1925 with Mrs Stokes as director, for the opportunity of joyous singing. Some charter members still remain with us. It has been a pleasure and a benefit to practice three and four part choruses and a satisfaction to render them at various public gatherings. This club has been conspicuous for its representation in the various operetta casts and choruses Ralph Brasher, President Elsa Flock, Secretary and Treasurer Ruth Vaser Catherine Moss Celine Harris Kathryn Rady Jane Hoglen Mary Mason Miller Mildred Bettman Ida Mae McCulloch James Buchanan George Sigmon Carl NVeber Roy Downs Sixty-fo ur Thelma Durbin Dorothy Dean Maxine Lane Elizabeth Gibbs Bernice Russell Maxine Reeves Jane Dorsey Tilford Largent Nelvin Claycomb Lyle McSpaddin David Feiock Simon Schaeffer X Bel Canto Glee Club "'God is its author, and not man: He laid The keynote of all harmonies: He planned All perfect combinations, and He made Us so that we could hear and understand' Elizabeth Shine, President Virginia Collins. Secretary and Treasurer Margaret Dieckman Irma Utrecht Bernadine Marsh Hazel Goldsmith Mary Ruth Renn Madellc Xlkfright Evelyn Aldridge Margaret Morris Dorothy Trautman Camilla Goodbub Dorothy Hoffman Lucile Hennics Sixty-Hue Dora Ritter Elizabeth Gadient Helen Royse Catherine Cheney Freda Zimmerman Esther Jackson Jane Potts Clara Lee Nlontgomei y Frances Sharp Gail Kenny Esther Schmitt Julia Groh Irene Perry Carmen Mcrtz Catherine Ball Dorothy Shacklett Charlotte Alexander Joan Hoglen Margaret-Smith Martha Jane Welch Mary Louise Hull Thelma Durbin Art Club Jane Hall, President Eleanor Binford. Vire President John Leppingf Secretary Elizabeth Knipe, Treasurer Nellie XVright Margaret Vwfelch S'mon Schaefer Robert Townsend Leland McCandless Orville Carroll James Guilfoyle Ray Barrett Margaret Spatig Sixty-.six Band Orchestra ,Sixty-seven Audubon Club Motto: Cognoscite et aves conservite J OFFICERS Stillman Knight. Hiking Captain Elmo Morris. President Elizabeth Poutch, Hiking Captain Helen Borgeding, Vice President George Jaegers, Hiking Captain Edith Flanigan, Secretary Mr. Willer. Critic Alice Janes, Treasurer MEMBERS Eva Bettman Iauline Gilley Margaret Koehler Maxine Phillips Thomas Bowen Hazel Goldsmith Clark Lambert Violet Pocker Allen Brown Martha Goodbub Dorothy Lapping Elmer Potts Herman Caesar ' Marjorie Grose Libbey Levy Forest Robinson Frank Carroll Lemuel Harris Julia Lopp Manley Salyards Dorothy Connell XVilliam Hermann Hugh McCandless Judy Schaaf John Coombs Maurice Hinds Mary McCulloch Edward Schmitt Walter Cory Lorena Himmclheber Violet McGuire Paul Schulz XValter Davis Ardell Howison Margaret Monihon Katherine Scott Margaret Eblesisor Amy House Geraldine Montague Dorothy Smith- Irma Eberle Bertha Jackson Emma Mae Moore Nellie Stocksdale Roger Fess Raymond Jenks Louis Moore Elsie Terry Frances Fletcher Dorothy Knipe Roy Mertz Donald Ward Dorothy Flora Helen Kirk Dorothy Paul Ida Mae Whiteman Margaret Gibbs Bernard Koehler George Pennington HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Jane Russell Stokes Miss Edna XVatson Sixty-ciglat . Q X ,jx X . X x 3 KU . I Q L 2 N. 'X X- -r ,I .. ag. , V Falling Run Anthology CAROLYN BAREFORD Alas! Here I lie. I got married, and learning that My husband admired slender women, I lived on orange juice Till it failed to sustain me. ROBERT CLAYTON My greatest ambition was to become a soldier. I joined the arrny, and we sailed for Europe. I was shot hunting for eggs In machine gun nests. LUCILE KELLER My husband objected to my using his razor for a can opener. The brute struck me with a croquet mallet. LINMUR DOUGLAS I was racing down the road in my old Dodge Touring. I was neck and neck with the Limited. We tied at the crossing. EVAN McLINN I was of Scotch descent. A series of tag days lasted for two whole weeks. ' Afraid to go out. I died of starvation. VERNER LAMB The summer night was bewitching. In a hammock. my girl and I. Romance called. I died of painter's colic. KATHERINE BOXVLING I heard that horse shoes bring good luck. I started on a search. I found one, but I must have tickled his hoof. HENRY DREYER I had a burning aspiration To be a street cleaner. But I failed to pass the intelligence test Required to be one. Disappointed, I pined away. HUGH McCANDLESS I lived in the West. We had a wild broncho. - I had heard of Paul Revere. My race is run. LOUIS PFEFFER I saw this man get rich. I saw that man get rich. I thought I'd try. I used one too many cakes of yeast. LUCILLE HENNIES I wished to be thin. I went to a beauty shop to take a steam bath. . The beauty specialist had a sweetheart. ,I am thin and cold. ALMA BEAL I wanted to be a flapper. I had my hair bobbed. my nails mani- cured. My eyebrows arched. But alas, I was thwarted. I was smothered by a mud pack. EVELYN KAHOE I'm here because I'm here. l have no place else to go. RAYMOND MEYER May all who read take warning. Beware of church weddings. On my way down the aisle. tripping on my shoestrings, I fell, striking my head against the arm of Deacon Zenor's pew. I never reached the altar. NELVIN CLAYCOMB I died nobly at my post, Defending the stand against the onrushing crowd at the game. . As I was being slowly crushed to death. l waved an "Oh Henry" above my head And gasped "All for the score-board." HELEN MATTHEWS One day I went blackberrying. I was tickled to death, And the chiggers were too. FLIZABETH BOSIER My ambition was to play Juliet. The night of my nrst performance, I leaned over the rail to touch Romeo's hair. The rail wasn't strong enough. The world lost a great actress. I-IARRIET MAIN I believed that the moon could be reached. And I tried to do it on a rocket. I was coming to earth above White Cloud. When an angry farmer shot me for a hawk. LAVERNE ENDICOTT - Q I was on a subway train. It was warm and so I raised a window. Someone yelled "Look out." 1 ,am . RICHARD ARNOLD I was spinning along on my bicycle. At the top of Mooresville Hill, I met a cow. ' The cow and I went through the Pearly Gate together. ' EVELYN BLACKISTON I who lie under this green mound ' Mistook a Roman candle for a wiener. ROSCOE SHELTON -After graduating, I decided to be a movie shiek. But I spent my life trying to earn money To get to Hollywood. I me ,.5W,.T..L Q3 ,.,K..?e::, . x cf -VW"'-f-'- -ki ..n.,i1... Sixty-nine Falling Run Anthology MARTHA WELCH I was the High School wit. Later. on the stage. my wise-cracks brought me fame and fortune. But I died of a broken heart: My husband had no sense of humor. TOM CULLEN My name used to be in the papers daily As having played somewhere. Now here I am in Falling Run Cemetery. No one cares now where I played. MARTHA CLIPP One night in my beauty shop. I lighted a match to look for the leaking gas. The world is now bereft of my daintiness and jabbering. CARMEN MERTZ After proving women were superior to men At the New Albany High School. I proved it again in 1935 by beating Four men in the race for governorship. Now I go to prove it to St. Peter. LEONARD MILLER I bought every hair dressing I saw ad- vertised. But not one of them had any effect. I died of sunstroke. CLARA LEE MONTGOMERY I tried to reach heaven by air plane. Alack! Now I am six feet Farther from the Land of the Blessed. ELIZABETH STERRETT I joined the "Dorothy Reeve's Musical Stock Co." I stumped my toe and took a fatal fall into the bass fiddle, NVhile doing the Varsity Drag. MARTHA BARNES I got monograms from every sthool in the three fall cities. And died under the name of "The 'Walk- ing Alphabet." AGNES COURTE Up-up-up-down-down-down From class to class in the new school I went. T.he,day after commencement, I died of e .U anf acute case of charley horse. MINNA BENSINGER . ' I now realize that- two can't live as cheap as one. ' I died ofg starvation. ELEANOR BINFORD I got muddled up. I saw one creditor as I was crossing the street. I started back, saw another on the other side. I stopped. The machine didn't. RALPH CONNER . Here I lie. deep in my grave. I was talked to death by my wife. BEN LIPNIK I became the leader of a brass band. One day while leading my "Tin Pan Parade down Spring Street. The Ekin Avenue car ran wild. EVELYN ALDRICH I was the joy and pride of the family. I attended three different art schools. I was able to draw everything but .1 salary, And died in a cobwebby garret. WILLIAM HALE I would have died another Sir Galahad. But a female with hair like flax and a cupid's bow Led me trembling to the altar. JOE DEEM I was a star in the high school, My name always in the head lines: - But, alas, after that commencement night. I had to die to get a write-up. JANE POTTS Here lie the bones of me. Jane Potts. I talked continually, incessantly, unin- termittently. I died of perpetual motion. HERBERT MILLER I broke my back. Reaching for the inkwell In the bookkeeping room. ANN BRAZIL Here I lie, cold and still. I stepped in a man-hole While reading a safety poster. AMY KING I took a correspondence course in physical culture. One night after practicing a new twist. I stayed in a knot, and died In the shape of a pretzel. ORPHA TYLER I was a quiet little girl in school. I always liked to sew. One day I took a stitch in my side. The doctors had a ripping time. MARVIN WOLFORD Those afraid to lie with me, smoke "Old Golds" Not a coff-in a carload. ELSIE GARMAN I won foiympic' diving honors. And then fell out of bed one night and broke my neck. PAULINE BUCHANAN I forgot. and walked across Spring Street without stooping. My head touched the trolley wire And my feet touched the railf Seventy N V x Falling Anthology VIRGINIA COLLINS My song is ended. VIRGINIA DEAL Not being able to swim. I tried to keep afioat on ivory soap. The soap dissolved. GERTRUDE BUSCH My soul's desire was to die honorably: But alas! I was run down by a Ford. VIRGINIA ZELLER ' I was a clerk in the dress department Till I told a 269 pound woman To go to the Tent and Awning Co. For a dress. LILLIE McDONALD I was baking an angel-food cake. The stove blew up. Now I'm baking devils' food. LEE McMANUS I was the star of the Olympic team. The world's champion hurdler. I broke my back stepping over an ant hill. RUTH DONAHUE My heart failed me When I fell off that cliff. I always suffered with nightmares After eating onions and ice cream. MILDRED MOSS I burned with ambition, with aspirations. But penury repressed my noble race. I spent my life putting holes in dough- nuts. CATHERINE CHENEY I sat down on my false teeth And died of hydrophobia. GLADYS GREEN Hear ye! hear ye! fellow vegetarians. I took the advice of my physicians And eliminated beef, pork. fish and fowl From my diet. But my course was not vigorous enough. I died from eating animalcrackers. EDITH OUEBBEMAN i I May 'Markert dared me to jump off The new high school building . I XVith an umbrella. ' I took the dare. MARTHA McNAMARA I was an officer in the Salvation Army. I died in service. 4 I burst a blood vessel, Singing hymns one Saturday night. EVELYN ROWE I was nervous anyhow and He sat back of me Chewing and popping gum like a rock- crusher. I beat him to death with my umbrella. I was hanged for murder. RALPH BRASHER I took the prize in all the baby shows. Every organ in me was sound and healthy. My ancestors all lived to a ripe old age. But. alack! I died of curiosity Trying to read what I had written. TI-IELMA MOON I was the first woman to jump off the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I jumped from the wrong side. CHESTER MEYER I was playing Santa Claus for the chil- dren when My wife built a fire in the fireplace. SHIRLEY ZENOR I was the one who wrote all these verses. Here rests what was left after I was de- tected. MARY RUTH RENN I had conquered solid geometry, I was a wizard in physics. But died a lunatic After trying to work the combination of Locker one hundred and forty-seven. ROMAINE WILLIAMS My hair was long enough to put up. I wrung my neck trying to see What it looked like in the back. FRED MICHELL I, "The Human Fly", known on two continents. Broke my neck when I slipped off the sidewalk. MILDRED JOHNSON One night as I was grinding the giblets For the Saturday rush. I became dizzy and fell in the grinder. I was sold the next day at 20c a pound. IVA STONE I was a missionary in darkest Africa. While I was teaching my class to sing , N. ,"The Table Is Spread". A l5and."of5can'nibals surprised us, And clevouredsme ,a'nd my hyrnn book. MYE-RS MURRHY ' I nowknow, that Iishouldinot ' Have: taken my red flannels off before -, 1' Easterfz K ' LLOYD LEMMON I was telling of my experience In killing a man-eating lion. XVhen la- ferociousfmouse Ran up my pants-leg and scared me to death. NELLIE WRIGHT I was a statistician. I almost wept with joy on finding That New York had the largest popula- tion. . Later I was crushed on a crowded subway. Seventy-one Falling Run Anthology SHIRLEY BOVINET I took Professor Stretch's daily dozen Until I was seven feet five. I hung myself on a clothes line in the dark one night. FLORENCE LOSSON My ambition was to swim the Atlantic Ocean. I tried. and was within one-half mile of the Scandinavian shore, XX'hen a shark punctured my waterwing. LEOLA XVOOD Bookkeeping was my favorite study. I was improving rapidly. I suppose I over-studied. The school sent me to Madison. ROBERT LAMKE I was leaning over tying my shoe string. She struck me on the back. I cut my throat on the crease of my IIOUSCIS. MARGARET WELCH I was the writer of the "How to Succeed" column For the Evening News, But could not make a living And was forced to exterminate myself. JO GIBBS I was out for football. Mr. Gelbach told me to tackle the dummy. I grabbed the coach around the ankles. MAX KRON A We were having football scrimmage. They told me to "Kick Off". ESTHER JACKSON The squawk of a chicken. A farmer in his night shirt. Me full of buck-shot. CELINE HARRIS My first period class was in the study hall. My second in Sewing. My third in the music room. I died of athletic heart. LUCILLE HAYES I leaned over the drinking fountain. I pushed the button. I died of pneumonia from the drenching I got. DOROTHY SHACKLETT I came to a bridge on the road And pulled over tb let it pass. FLORENCE WOLFE I had just traded in my horse and buggy On a new gas-buggy. As I neared a railroad, I yelled "Whoa". MAURICE EICHOLZ I was a sailing Romeo. I had a girl in every port. I died of the writer's cramp. MARGARET MORRIS I was so intellectual I contracted Bright's disease. and died. BOB McINTOSH It was my first time away from home. We went to the State Tourney In Bozo Moreman's Overland Touring. The engine blew up at Sellersburg. JAMES BLYTHE I. James Blythe. lie under this grassy blanket. I was a proud athlete. Women chased after me all my life. But now I'm safe from the crowd. PAUL BOWDEN I'd have been as great as Mark Twain. But for my fatal charm. Xanthippe Smith, the rich widow. woocd me. I married her and fed her eight children. Then I had no time to write. It was all over. I died of pneumonia after doing the fam- ily washing. MAE LOIS WILCOX I. who lie in this wooden kimona. Was the fat lady of a circus. They forced me to eat One too many custard pies. JACK DeVORE Because of my ability to argue. I became a Congressman. I choked to death trying to get the last word Over a feminine opponent. WILDA LANDIS I was the photographer for the New York Sun. One day as I was taking the picture of Miss America, A fly settled on her nose. It looked like a wart. She was brawnier than I. BERNARD LOEBIG One night when I was singing At the Firemen's Benefit. Someone yelled "Gimme a gun." They gave him the gun. LILLIAN SARLES I tried "Reducing in Ten Lessons." I practiced in my sleep. While rolling. I came to the head of the stairs. ' LAURA JEAN LIBBEY I tried horseback riding. Three frisky P. U. P., S. frightened my horse. I looked like a scarecrow on the barbed wire fence When the coroner arrived. Sezgenty-two im A- Q ' N ,fx N . I g....ev7 X A . ' X.......--..,,, . ...-Qfvi. ' ' Eb V "TTT-Qt""' VKWI?Ff3v It Falling Run Anthology PALMER BEERS I ate a piece of a cake mv wife baked. Then I went in swimming and sank. SLOAN MARSH I was the guy with a great big mouth. I used it at all the games. I chocked to death on a hat and coat That somebody dropped from the balcony. I' LBERTA GREEN They had a camera pointed at me. Someone yelled, "Shootl" I haven't yet been able to decide whether They shot or I died of fright. THELMA SHELTON We met. Here I lie no longer troubled by traffic regulations. HELEN TERRY My desire was to be a famous ghost story writer. I never quite finished my hrst ghost story. , however. My gruesome ghost scared me to death. CAROLYN BUSSEY I who lie beneath this sod quite forgotten, In N. A. H. S. was renowned for my drawing. After giving twenty years of my life to aft- I caught my foot in my easel and fell ,Q down the attic stairs. CECIL BURCH I made my keep as a vaudeville performer. I opened handcuffs and locks and solved insolvable puzzles. I d'cd insane after trying to take the pins out of a new shirt. KATHRYN RADY Lindberg was my hero. I took off at Johnson's Field near Daisy Lane. And landed nose-dive fashion in the Dye Vsfaters. CHARLES LARMORE I was coaxed to do it: it was against my will: I'll never forgive myself: I didnt want to marry. She was a large. athletic woman with red hair and big feet. I died of a broken heart and other injuries. RICHARD LEWIS I had always worried about dying. I felt sorry for the grave diggers. I had to buy a family lot And have my grave dug diagonally across. DOROTHY JACKSON ' My motto was "stop when the whistle blows". I was washing windows outside on the twenty-fourth floor. The whistle blew. I let loose. RICHARD CLARK In the movies I was a clarcdcvil. I dived off cliffs and fell head long From skyscrapers. ' I was killed. When the street car strap vo which I was holding broke. HELEN LEPTIC I was a great traveler. While walking through the streets of Madrid, I carried a red parasol. MARGARET SPATIG For many years I was a bareback rider And known throughout the country. I met my death when, I fell off a merry-go-round. KENNETH GRAVES I was a sword swallower. My reputation came to a miserable end While eating peas with my knife. JAMES STUCKER As a cletectivel was eclipsed only by the great Sherlock Holmes. I ferreted out many crimes of murder and theft. I met my end from fracture of the skull, Tracking a collar button under the bureau. MAY MARKERT My ambition was to travel And to taste French foods. I realized the ambition. I died from eating paris green. KATHERINE SCOTT I almost wrote a novel. I had still two chapters to write when I drowned myself in tears over The tragic love affairs of my heroine. ALMA GRAYBROOK I decided to make my fortune on a farm By raising first-class mushrooms. Moral: "Never sample your own pro- ducts." LEONA GEISER ' I worked in a match factory. My clothes were always filled with phos- phorus. One night while walking home in thc dark, Q 4- I I was mistaken for the "Chief of the Fallen Angels". 2 And shot by a superstitious negro. EARL FRIEND - I starred in every sport in school. At the age of tweny-three, I was a tough guy: but I over-exerted myself playing tiddlewinks SADIE RUNDELS I struggled hard, but I could not master the "Jew's Hopf' Q I slid into eternity. - is fri. -In - ,.,- 'Ia 5- f . . .fsj?f S0---M--MIK ?'sg,,, 1- 1 xi f wg X ,L . I - Seven-tg-lf1ree ...r t 4' J. ' . w- . skys- - .rf O- fe 1'-K .W I .- tt' NI . -1 Q 'i 4. 'y-V, "l'w..,.J r 4. ,X ,c ,,, Qgyfl .. x X You little freshies of the year That poorly satisfy our eyes More by your number. we do fear, Than by your wisdom wise. What are you when Soph'mores rise? You peppy Sophs. who excel in yells That are so cheerful and so gay, Conspiring against assembly bells 'XVith your yea! Yea! YEA! W'hat's your praise XVhen the Juniors their voice shall raise? You Juniors, who have grown so tall. Who side by side with Seniors roam And proudly strut around the hall As if the school were all your own, What are you when Seniors are shown? So when the Seniors shall be seen In form and beauty of their mind. By virtue first, then choice. our theme. Tell me if they were not designed The eclipse and glory of their kind? e -Jean Deal. The friends and classmates we have known so long Are leaving us for life in other spheres. We. who remain. are truly wishing that Success will crown their work through future years They leave behind them acts of brawn and brain. Fond memories will linger in our hearts Of deeds well done, of honors taken here As they, each one, have played their little parts. So hail to the class of '2S! To the Seniors who are leaving us now, To you who we hope will conquer the world, The class of '29 makes its bow. --Lois Hedges. .HAIL AND FAREXVELL Hail and farewell! dear friends and school, Towards the shelf we're hastening on, We trust your ardour ne'er will cool And that you'll carry on. -Mildred Moss. Seventy -four 1fha,41...f4 THLETICS' LJ... 9 ya. lvmcut S ru f"'Nx JWXR i 3+ ' b X, A WN t 'ws' fx ,.,."' 'X A 5' 2 I , V Yi, ,... A,.,.,mx X -X gg ,. . K. K A M. Sky X U 1 fm, ,fy iff I ., N NX Nw? fgqfgi ' ' W 2 X x N N ff' 'VW' j -I Q, i X 14-K... ,- 'Ng .... X K- x VW 9 X N K-. -2 X1 X X 'X v x Seventy -six MX e X , 1 ,O wx ,Ax ,XE RAL ,-1 X 5 ifxgsyl xwijx gm . ' Xh5lRfW-J.. U .W ,,,,xfNc,4iMi I N 55 1 A , D ,1 - 5? X 4 jk X kit if S5512 1 il? I i I I 1 fmt i X is 'BX 13 ff H Y 5 ' 'Vx X . m,,f3 'h ffg f LH Xu S -,XJ Seventy-scum N 5 I 1 Seventy-eight 1 Seventy-nine Eighty Football The Bulldog gridders of 1927 enjoyed one of the most successful seasons that any N. A. H. S. football team ever experienced. The team won uve games. lost two, and was held to a 6-6 tie by Jeffersonville on Thanksgiving Day. The Red and Black warriors held victories over Bloomington, St. Mary's College. Cathedral of Indanapolis. Jasonville. Jeffersonville once: they- lost to Male and St. Xavier. The Bulldogs should be given credit for defeating such teams as Cathedral and .lasonville who were regarded as two of the best teams in the state. The team piled up 113 points to their opponents' 79 during the season's play. - We lost the first game to Male who outweighed the Pups several pounds per man. It was a good game of football. however. even though the weather was more suited for baseball than for the gridiron sport. The team then won uve straight games Spring Football without suffering its own goal to be crossed. Had it not been for the unexpected touchdown executed on Turkey Day by Kehrt, Jeff half-back, the Bulldogs could have boasted a goal line uncrossed by any Indiana team. On this particular day, the game was fought on a water-soaked gridiron, upon which the breaks of the game sometimes decide the issue. Jeff had the break and lost no time taking advantage of it. The final score was 6-6. Vkfe had previously trounced the Red Devils at Pennsylvania Field to the tune of 27-0. The Bulldogs were fortunate in having eleven letter men back to start off the season's play. They were Captain Stocksdale, Deem, Kron. Friend. Michell. Penick, Goss. Meyer, Miller, Peters, and Hanen. Those awarded N's for their seasons work, in addition to the 1926 lettermen.-were Binford, Groh, Wolford, Clark. Cullen, Moreman. Burch, Duggins, Hock, Blythe. Hobson, McManus, Mclntosh. and Speth. Joe Binford was elected to captain next year's team, and we extend our heartiest wishes Io him for a successful team next year. Eighty-one Q 4! ,f ,, nf, N Q, C x ,X N X 3 NN xW N N X Dx LLVN 1 I , Q, fff' R g' 3-X Q I A Q ,TN Vx r, -Xxx, . Q, Xx r' '- - ' M 557..,-M.-gh -I - : .-.z, .r w , . g 1 My H l XX f:g---m.,-,,,,.M , , ,, , . . ,, f X X N X X -:1-vqtii -, -, N -'W -'Ax X x - X Eighty-two , N e K 1 t X '- K i . 1 N . W H K. i XV 5 pix H X tv fx l 'X w- N N X l Basketball The 1927-28 basketball season was a great one even though the team itself failed to win as many games as we would have liked. The team had a rather tough-luck year as far as the results of the games were concerned. The Bulldogs finished the season with eight vic- tories and thirteen defeats, including the tournament games. The team was greatly handicapped by the lack of that stuff called size. They had size alright, but it was not the large variety. The boys were out-weighed in almost every game and should be given credit for their pluck and iight against heavier opponents. The lack of a center tall enough to get an occasional tip-off also hurt. Let us pray for bigger boys in the future. There are ups and downs in everything, and this happened to be a down year. We hope for better luck next season. The games were all well patronized, and on two or three occasions the gym was completely packed. The townspeople are just waking up to the fact that basketball is an interesting game to watch. We had our biggest thrill of the year on Dedication night when the team came through with a 42-40 victory over Jeff. It was certainly a wonderful night to remember. Mr. A. L. Trester, the Czar of lndiana High School basketball, honored us with his presence that night and gave an inspiring talk. He evidently was well pleased with the gym and fans. as we were awarded both the sectional and regional tournaments, some- thing brand new to New Albany. ' The team piled up a total of 673 points to opponents 639, averag- ing 33 points a game to opponents 30. The Bulldogs started off wonderfully in the sectional tourney by defeating Borden and I-lenryville by top-heavy scores, but lost to Salem in the semi-finals to the tune of 31-16. Salem had a very good team this year and deserved their winning of the tourney. Bedford won the regional by simply outclassing all opposition. ' . - Next year is another year and with the playhall built and good basketball coming on, we hope- for another successful year. ' ' CK K 1 ffifsafar-Q--are----fcifgit Eightyathree ,, W' 4 "5 'Sl- -qf L at., " ta, 5 , V5.1 L-3 U ltr' BTS: '.t I Elf! I I 4? I UN s..- , 4, ..., -f ...K .,, New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New First Squad Results of the games: A1bany--,.--e Albany Albany .e,,,, Albany- ee... Albany Albany Albany Albanym ..... Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany, Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Corydon . 42 Two 5 min. ovcrt'mc 18 37 31 K. M. I.,, 52 Anchorage ..,e. M 5 2 Brownstown ...... 42 Jeff. ,v.... . .... ....,.,.. - Scottsburg .,,....... Salem .e.... -Mn Pekin ..,.. ....,. Sr. X. ....., ..,A, , Jeff. ..,, ..... - 30 26 40 26 Manual .,,.. ...,,, 3 2 32 21 40 43 38 Male ,, .,.. 33 One 5 min. overtime 30 Salem ..e1.. .,.e.- Manual ,ee.....e,..a... Scottsburg ..,.,,e... 22 24 28 46 11 23 25 Seymour ...,,. 28 29 15 27 36 Corydon ...e,. -- 30 32 47 19 33 St. X. ,. eo., ...,- TOURNAMENT SCORES 47 Borden ee,.....,.,.,. 6 58 Henryflille ...2... '14 16 Salem ,.a..,... ,,,,-, 3 1 Eighty-four A Second Squad First cmd Second Squads lg :gh I y- ll Uv The Senior Class Basketball Coach Kraemer found time this year. aside from to organize class basketball. Those boys who were or second team were eligible to play in this league. The Senior, Junior, Sophomore. and Freshman team. Games were played every Friday afternoon in his work with the basketball team. not able to play with the varsity classes were each represented by a the gym and each class backed its own team. The games were, for the most part, very closely contested and the winner was not decided until the last game had been played. The Senior team won out, followed by the Freshmen. Juniors, and the Sophomores in the order named. team was made up of Captain Clark. McLinn, Zenor, Marsh. McManus. Groh. Shelton, Miller, Douglas. Sillings. and Murr. Mr. Cantwell served as coach. Thfs team holds a victory over the High School Pups and hung up a nice record in the league play. A silver loving cup was presented to the team to be kept by the Senior Class for the ensuing year. This cup will be in the possession of the winning team each year. The Juniors were Captain Landis. Klein- stiver. Beck, Hobson, Biggs, Dowell, and M. Miller, This team was a hard bunch to beat and always gave the opposition a run for its money. The Sophomores to represent that class were Captain Spider Tower, Utrecht, Schaer- rer. Schaeffer. Anshutz. Kelso, and Schecter. This team was! notQs'o plintifuflyblesged with . good material' but 'under' the' leadershipg. of Captain Toyver, it pulledg through very well. 'The' Freshman' team had the following C players on its roll: Captain XVillcox. Zoellcr. Brown, Curcton, Sterrett, and Moreman. Mr. Terrellcoached theteam. The Fresh- inan team was made up of good material which can be used on the high school teams next year. i ' Inter-class basketball was very popular its hrst year and we hope that there will be more of it in the seasons to come. Eighty -six 5 :I .L lf' lf' 'F 3 r 5 Mlgg? QV,-TA' KT! v9i:AJ ,xx9?j...Jxj H' qi fig!! rt sex as ' mcg V+ phi' M il Q .1966 " Z II 1 a Z D : C 51 iff? 4:8 G 9 - Q '90 wan H arm Manned AS! Eg! A pg! so :wus 1 nu vnu!! 8 G .P ,G 9 I I U -V 9 1,3 QV X ff' U U W , X Y Y i. mn n '4"2n:,fe4i'b,'v ouqxh? N I . xananuvdc '01, 'W-M "eo0.v,""a 'U' C E ' kc U3 'lf ' 15 Gwinn Elk 8? x's:2:mfv'fs'?1'54'f-:L X 'ua-.. 4 Pg? UAX Q gm wh! , ff V11 5 Q Q no fa i' , v QP in ' X ai' SUN. G5 ix div gil' I Q Jai, W' T X ro 3 " ig- F5374 ' I ofix-Q 1w:'1:2,. I ' 2 2 fq O f IIC ' X ja 3 I ' N gm , sagging aus I fe a::L1sau.L A9 ' E 9 'ge ,cwumuanmrf sin R. .L new . X73 f- G I E0 s ss..,.r faq, Lb V Y 3 Q Q ',f,.nA ag X Ja' 2 . , 5 3 ff? "aa: gig 2 'K J caama'v3::baMl:'KX fi 95 Z I 5, Wg oof 0, 22 1? if 71? I I J - If Sly K' 0 ins 003' va- ff ksb :p 9 I . 652534, gf ff' Q I -7 Al Wi X C I '99 U Z W .mv 'J' eau nuns as 1:49008 34? ' 3-uvaa Ol 4 4' qu! 0 iff ha 3303 yu X y Dam.-NM oar'-' Us 9 mnusvsifrggl- fix wanna ww an,:IA 32:04 . ff! , Cay, A., Q 3 2'fl-fwfg , wel, - 50" N9 Eighty -scuvn r' NX x ng 5 Track The track team is working well this year under the tutelage of Coach Gribble. A quarter-mile track has been built around the football field together with jumping and pole-vaulting pits. At the time of this writing, the New Albany cindermen have participated in one meet: that the triangular contest in which Salem, Speeds, and New Albany figured. The Salem warriors chalked up a total of 47 points to take off Hrst honors. New Albany came in second. The New Albany boys who scored points in this meet are: Eblesisor, Hrst in high-jump and mile-run and third in pole-vault: Clark, first in high hurdles anal Hrst in the low hurdles: Meyer. first in half-mile run: and Dreyer. second in 440-yard dash. Ebelsisor led the individual scorers for the day with a total of eleven pofnts. The squad has been working out daily and hopes to make a mark in the coming sectional meet. The events and those participating in them: ' High jump-Eblesisor and Zenor. Broad jump-Clark, Dowell, and Blythe. High hurdles-Clark, Wilcox. and Grohf Pole Vault-Ebelsisor and Meyer. 220-yard dash-Blythe and Dowell. 100-yard dash-Dowell, Blythe and Dreyer. 440-yard dash-Dreyer and Briscoe. Half-mile run-Meyer and Stalker. Mile run--Eblesisor and McAfee. Shot put-Stocksdale. Peters and Dreyer. Half-mile relay-Blythe, Dowell, Clark, and Dreyer. The letter-men on the team this year are Meyer, Ebelsisor. and Clark. Dick Clark was elected Captain. 'N -- X x .1-, Eighty-eiglzt . .i 1 X .X . s ft X, ---V--..-.--. ..C.. ,. v - . s Baseball The baseball squad has been going pretty fairly this season, the team having won its first three games at time of this writing. A Five letter-men are back this year and Coach Kraemer has built a fairly smooth- working team around them. The letter-men are Captain Moreman, Mclntosh, Kron. Stocksdale. and McManus. A few substitutes from last year's squad and some promising new players have fitted well into the team play. The Bulldogs won their first game from Henryville by a score of 12-l. Kron's pitching featured this game. He struck out seventeen of the twenty-one batters who faced him and pitched a no-hit game. which is certainly no mean achievement. The next game was taken from Pekin to the tune of 14-4. Kron's pitching and the team's heavy batting were responsible for this victory. ln the third game, the Bulldogs de- feated Speeds. 7-5. Mclntosh hurled this time. Wolford worked behind the plate in all three contests. The New Albany team didhnot enter the Falls City Baseball League this year since Coach Kraemer could not get his team whipped into shape by the opening day of the league play. The squad was forced to practice at Glenwood Park again this year as the athletic field is being sowed in grass, Next year, the baseball team expects to enjoy the use of our own field. Games are on tap later on this season with Seymour, Jeff, St. Mary's, and probably with St. X.. Male or Manual. The baseballers are confident of bringing home the bacon in a good many of these conflicts. The team as it is lliied up now: Kron, Mclntosh, and Landis. pitchers: Wolford and Smith. catchers: Moreman. McManus. Brown, Zoeller, Ferrell. and Beers, infielders: Stocksdale, Schuble, Miller, Gonder, and Flanigan, outflelders. ' -.-.,....,e.s' 5' .- Ni - Eighty- nine le. IBXL. x 53 V 3 Q 's X,x P32 I ff? Kf7:5ET'f,lr"'3,ff ,- X-g1g1y4f- fx Q'X.m..... ,.,.b....,Q... 9"-ax H w l N f .D 2 Q 3 S x Q A I K 3 5 s S 4 s I 1 Z 's 3'.f x,., ,I KU.X 1 X Y-, 'Ex - N 2 , ., I KX L53 A -- X Ninety X Q X X X 1. 'QI ACTIVITIFWQHT V f Ninety-two ,,:.-4v ,X .nf Ninety- llzrcv it-A 1 NX o s t-mi. - A SCM B0 L"5TAkTS '- E in uve You srtu Tufbzw wuucmt 19' .JE NM!! ' U ' UHINUTGNG 9- IINITS All CNN OUT 6' BILLIN T0 ENTIRTAINS xv L - -- .-. Still-lla ON! OU! T'l'l5'L. CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 9-The papers announce that we are to be at school at nine o'clock: but when we gather, we find there has been a false alarm. SEPTEMBER 12-School starts this time in earnest. "Have you seen the new principal?" SEPTEMBER 14-One session! ! Out for the old swimmin' hole to cool off a bit. I SEPTEMBER 21-Rah! Rah! Rah! Boosters meet in the auditorium and elect officers. SEPTEMBER 23-"Betcha a nickel Dempsey wins." "Betcha a nickel he doesn't." And he didn't. SEPTEMBER 24-Male conquers us in our Hrst football game. 25-0. SEPTEMBER 30-Fate seems always to mingle sorrow with our joy. Jack Plaiss, an old High School student. dies. OCTOBER l-The beginning of our long line of victories. N. A. H. S. 25: Bloomington 0. OCTOBER 7-A fond farewell, expressed by a peppy assembly, sends our team on their way to Jasonville. OCTOBER 8-We defeat the undefeatable. N. A. H. S. 13: Jason- ville 0. And then we leave town inea hurry! ! I OCTOBER 15-Another hard victory gained. We send Cathedral back to Indianapolis trailing the score 14-0. OCTOBER 17-Wranglers initiate new members. OCTOBER 18-Miss Rusk delights us with a program in assembly. OCTOBER 20-Two whole days to ourselves. The teachers go to Indianapolis to discuss their trials and tribulations. OCTOBER 26-Reports. And how? ' OCTOBER 28-We have a parade before the St. Mary's game. OCTOBER 29-And beat St. Mary's 21-O. OCTOBER 31-Miss Ella Gardner entertains us with a group of monologues. NOVEMBER 5-After many injuries we return victors from Jeff. 27-0. NOVEMBER 7-Liz Bosier becomes romantic and daring. NOVEMBER 10-"Uncle Joe" Kraft gives Stocksdale the left hind foot of a rabbit. NOVEMBER 11-War songs bring back thoughts of the days peace was declared. NOVEMBER 12-Our high heads are brought low by a loss. St. X, 28: N. A. 7. NOVEMBER 17-Speakers sell tags to raise some money for their annual Thanksgiving dinner. ' NOVEMBER 24-About 250 kids are made happy with a big feed. Our team ends its season by tying Jeff. to a 6-6 score. NOVEMBER 28-Bel Canto gives a program in assembly. DECEMBER 2--XVe entertain Salem as our rivals, not in Basket Ball but in an Oratorical Contest. Our own entries, John Lepping and Alice Quinn, come out on top. DECEMBER -5--Mr. Cantwell takes his chemistry classes to the gas plant. DECEMBER 8-Basket Ball rally for the first game in our new gym. DECEMBER 9-Well. we lost that first game. but it took Corydon two overtime periods to make the score 42-37. Nr'm'ty-four b ' A King . Q N I Q Y' .W . tp , ,MTW E' G . CQ 9 9' 'Wigs Ufofrieft X N9 .DECEMBER 14-Speakers and Wranglers speak and wranglc over the s - question "ls Man Superior to Woman?" If you want to know - ask Ham Dowell. ,. 5 DECEMBER 16-We defeat K. M. 1. 31-18.4 g l g DECEMBER 22-Santa Claus leaves some gifts with the Speakers to i distribute to the good little girls and boys of the New Albany AWARDING or NZ, High School. n I The Christmas Holiday begins. l i DECEMBER 27-We are one of the four undefeated football teams in 3 Indiana. . i JANUARY l AND 2-Coach gives two banquets for the football boys. l JANUARY 3-All our new toys are broken. We make a resolution ,N Q to turn over a new leaf. 1 The football men receive "N's". l JANUARY 6-Big Pep Rally! The Dedication of our wonderful new ! gym. We sell programs. Jeff. 40 and N. A. H. S. 42. l JANU XRY 7-Scottsburg shows us it doesn't take a big city to whip News mwmmn S us. 26-22. '7 , JANUARY 9--"What's he wearing his sweater backwards for?" Q "Well, isn't that silly?" Then we learn that the new "N" men 5 are being initiated. Seniors Organize. - D i JANUARY 13-Manual puts one over on us and beats us 32-24. ' JANUARY 14-32 seems to be our unlucky number. Salem 32: N. A. H. S. 28. PUBS. JANUARY 15-Baccalaureate. ' JANUARY 17 AND 18-Midyear finals. V JANUARY 19-Midyear class treats itself to a banquet. ' JANUARY 20-"Did you get all your credits?" "Yes and No!" We bid the Senior Class of 27M farewell. JANUARY 23-New schedules to Hx and oh! what a job. JANUARY 27-Jeff. sends us home crest fallen. And who wou1dn't be with the score 42-23 in their favor? 'I FEBRUARY 3-We fight our hardest but lose to Male in an overtime -L-ACK5 period 33-28. ' '.. - -- ' FEBRUARY 4--Salem wins her second victory over us. 30-29. V A ,' FEBRUARY 6-Class basketball. and to think that the Juniors beat ,rs 'V the Seniors and the Freshmen beat the Sophs. 5,3 FEBRUARY 10-Manual 27: N. A. H. S. 15. FEBRUARY 11-Corydon 30 and New Albany 36. And what a gmel Athletic Association gives a banquet for the team at arnett's. FEBRUARY 15-Saxophone Sextette. FEBRUARY 16-Oh! those horrid snails! French Club initiation. APEPPY Asstnguf ' FEBRUARY 17-Scottsburg 47 to New Albany's 32. 1 FEBRrIi1-KAI? 2:3-ESegiior girls and boys organize. P. U. P. S. and , is FEBRUARY- ZS-Some business men, give banquet for the basketball umm: l MMM ' boys, as a pep-up for the tourney. A ' . FEBRUARY 27-Our first warm day! ' L Num. . FEBRUARY 29--Senior 'girls become childish and march out of the 6 I homing'-E' I assembly carrying P. U. P. S. S MARCH 1-"Anyone want a cap? Only 25c" "Pompoms 5c. Pin H I 3 them on your coat." All of this announcing our big day tomor- l. row. . ' .W if . Q. aft., fe ,' .5 K T . Q QQ. - ' .4 awed Q afg,f.isc?1s..ifrfN 9 f D ...mei .J .i . .. g is t, gg,- Ninety-Eve X I MXRCH 2 AND 3-The Sectional Tournament. We lost but we did have lots of fun! And why cry over spilt milk? MARCH 9-Nlr. Binford gives a banquet for the basketball boys. MARCH IO-We entertain Bedford. Salem, Seymour and Austin. The Stone City boys take the tournament and show us how itis done. MARCH 16-Everybody off for Indianapolis: State Basket Ball Tornament. MARCH 23-Senior Girls meet and decide on dresses and flowers for commencement. ' MARCH 29-Came out to look the new building over. APRIL 2-We move in. APRIL 6-We have church in our new auditorium with the Rever' end Winter speaking. APRIL 7-Speakers give their annual dinner. APRIL 12-Basketball "N's" are awarded. APRIL 12 AND 13-The Operetta, "The Gypsy Rover". is a great success. APRIL 20-Our first baseball game. N. A. H. S. 14: Henryville I. APRIL 21-XVrangler Banquet. "Up in the Air." APRIL 24-Our new building is open for inspection all day and is dedicated at night. APRIL 25-Another baseball victory. N. A. H. S. 14: Pekin 4. APRIL 27-Miss Wood and her teams leave for Muncie. APRIL 28-The track team makes its debut at Speeds. APRIL 30-Baseball game. N. A. H. S. 7: Speeds 5. MAY MAX' MAH' MAY MAY M XY MAY NIAY N 4-N. A. H. S. 18: Seymour 4. Revenge is sweet. 5-The relay race wins for N. A. Alumni 51: N. A. H. S.53. 18-Seniors say goodbye. 19-Junior Reception. 20-Baccalaureate. . 22--"Trysting Place", "The Wonder Hat". and "The Workf house Ward.'! 23-"Oh those exams!" 25-After four strenuous but happy years the Seniors leave N. A. H. S. P 1 ' . Ninety-six 2 1 vm? X ,V N 2 5 5 l 3 2 1 I I L I 5 . 1 Y i ? 1 E 3 Q 4 1 2 e x E J E ' X Km 1 x im ,- x - . , 1 fx, 'N .X 5, 4 S , N K Ninety-svucn Ninety-eight Nincryxninv X , 5 . ff? fc 52? fi P.. C9 new ' Qt? fi Q1 w es it f '. g . g :,,.-X , K fri? . 1-. of as-M--f-Q.- 3, 1 E "T J NX f i fyvv ' 5-lg regex ky, I9 Q glftyf 'lg ,J xii:-.ff " F V .f X fi jokes 5 l J kt Miss Rusk Qin history classj-The Indians took their last stand under Sitting QV, E Bull. ' 1 Earl Friend-Say, Boze. do you know why all Jews are not buried in a Jewish fi gra ve ya rd ? 3 Bozo Moreman-I'll bite. XVhy? 1 'V Earl Friend-Because they are not all dead. Lee Mac-XVhy does a hen lay an egg? 1 Carver--I don't know. l Lee Mac-Because she doesn't want to drop it. Max-Mr. Kahl, what's the difference between a lemon and a horse? Mr. Kahl-I don't know. Max--I'd sure hate to send you to the grocery to get a dozen lemons. i Leo-What kind of a car have you? Davis-I got a wreck. it ' Leo-A wreck? Davis-Yeah, every time I park it a dozen people come up and ask me if l'vc i reported the accident yet. r '1 Ben-Do you play the piano by ear or by note? . 1 Sloan-I get it down and play it by brute strength. Evan-Strange that medicine didn't help me. Ralph-Did you follow the directions? Evan-Yes, it said to keep the bottle tightly corked. Helen--Did you hear about Jack DeVore stepping in front of a train? Clipp-Was he killed? - Helen--No, the train was backing up. l l l ll - - i Roy Sillings-I can tell you something that will turn your head. 4 Roger Murr-What? 5 Roy Sillings-Your neck. 1. if C. Cheney-Jane Potts bet me tifty cents she'd have a date with a football man, 1 ,, M. McNamara-Well, did she? 1 C. Cheney--Yes, and she gets the half back. , 'ft K., it Earl Friend-I'll beat you to a jelly. . K ' J. Lepping-What flavor? M7 ' iXTi'ff'k Edwin Burd-Which is the quickest way to get a book out of the library? if-gg .iss 1 Miss Wells-Multiply' the area of the base by the altitude and you will get the 'Q My ,t-' 11 volume immediately. A, , .ik . it .' . Q-.aff 5 illi "Q'1'kt',tQe'i'f1'Iif firm 1 M. if .s..2 qq C3 NX V iw-.1 ' . s Q,-sr,--X ,, ,Tess-f'p"'rf', tif r' Ytfnlf- X5 n!x..,,.n-ri fff-,gif t'f,,,,N-..-r- ixwg., f-:J Wm-N. IN f:'i'e2f,vu:ag -' Q m""""'fc9 N19 One Ilcmdred Q CNIO Ui , ' y e SCOMEQ 49: O CS' l ev.. . eg 5 'i my as H I Ov S me . fu' s ,H Q I li Helen-NVhere did you get that horrible nccktie? Roy Downs-The laughs on you. You gave. it to me last Christmas. Miss Watson-When was Rome built? Student-Ar night. fi Miss Watson-Where did you get that answer? Student-Well, Rome was not built in a day. i Miss Rusk-NVhat are your views on suicide? Pauline-I think it is dangerous. Kron-l'd certainly like to play football in Heaven. Deem-Well, I wouldn't. , Kron-Why not. Deem-If you are dropped from the team. you'd have too far to fall. W '1"" 'r, Stalker-What did you get on your birthday? Joe Binford-A year older. Stump-Do you know how to make a peach cordial? Juel-Sure. Send her a box of candy. l-i i Miss Groh--Vlfhy was Daniel forced to enter the lions den? Marvin NVolford-Why' he'd spoiled a whole film if he hadn't. Shirley Zenor-It is a vcry sad thought. gentle readers., that your grandchildren. eight years from now, will be reading these same jokes. Atl1letic..Pe'rsonals V We recommend that .Iimrny'Blythe wear roller skates on his back, knees. elbows, , and chin the next time he plays basketball against Seymour. James says they are so rough. ' i 1 , i How about the facial expressions Dick Clark makes when he goes over the high hurdles? Have you heard Egg Landis tell how he got a hit during the baseball season? The credit for building our new cinder track goes to those boys who decided attend the track meet at Scottsburg this spring. Hats off to them! it ' ' D . ' to Q Q I xg. X an . X O D Q: 5 . . i K 9 One Hundred One Athletic Personals Ask Coach Kraemer what name he gave to those boys who sat in the last row of the football bus bound for Jasonville. You should have secn Blackie Miller taking the 260-pound tackle out of the play at Jasonvillc. Blackie said the big boy grunted like some of his QBlackie'sJ pigs that he has running around in his back yard. " Joe Binford promises us that he will be six and a half feet tall by next basketball season. 'lhat's the right spirit, Joe. Miss Board has been bringing her gym classes out on the track. Look out, you tracksters. for next year. Can you imagine- Dick Clark as a mute? Beu Lipnik playing "Liebestraum" on the violin? Max Kron with his hair slicked down? Carmen Mertz acknowledging that man is superior to woman? Margaret Morris getting an E? Evelyn Aldrich as cheer-leader? Martha Clipp and Pauline Buchanan with their altitudes reversed? The High School without Joe Deem and Romaine XVilliams? Sloan Marsh worrying about his grades? "Boze" Moreman passing in all his subjects? Joe Gibbs full of pep? Earl Friend or Elizabeth Bosier being commended for their quiet, restrained manners? Richard Lewis in a ballet costume? Wilda Landis without her camera? Jim Blythe as a woman hater? Esther Jackson alone? Fritz Michell playing jacks? A dance without Jack DeVore? May Markert strolling? Henry Dreyer with black hair? Carolyn Bareford refusing Ham? Evan McLinn asking no questions? Robert Lamke doing a Hoe-down? XVilliam Hale with patentileather hair? Lucilc Keller driving 10 miles an hour? One Hundred Two One Hundred xlhrcc I U If-f fb I f if NX-X ff- ' gf fa , -W-'MW---..,, Wi' wgggfaiiq, ff f - f W4 -vm-D, L3-1 W Q f f 'Q 'A 5 - MQ , ii g X , I N 1 N 'i Y W ff , f 5 Q Ruff? 6 Q f5MNi.J W M X X 1.,fgG2if ......,, Xu, . . N , x, fs fi vi-E Wx 'if H QQ, .31 X , 11231551 iii'i5f,Q3 VXI' One Hundred four VK.. If H ,S Q iw fl,-f KILLQQ P vw N' . C C -Q X: "gg if any ' X? N xx .f M---A-,---0-M X . g 5,5--W--.A , . N yr X , X ,.' n - . W' K+--'ff !mY'Tx'T EKU E 1 uf' 1 s Lf -A, y-1 QQ KN uf' ' 1 I X A X - . q Rf. f' ,n..S,gg fNIf-is XX. --F , ,,..- B w ' N" 'W"5"" 0 ' " 1,16 X5 QCT5 ---- - -1- -A--A---W K- X. J . One ll umirccl Five -?......... fm U ff 011118 Ivlizfisr fs X ,Mgr A . 5,1 .if A y fa ,fC3a"eN'0 I iiiiiid . I , .FQ QCOTTCQN' - 5 is I e .The Merchants who have advertised in this book 1 ,UO 1 A QU X Q .,, ,j 9 f ' W W f Q are our friends. We can show our appreciation of their friendship by patronizing them. Read these pages carefully. S Remember the names you find. Buy from them. They will serve you well in merchandise as they have served you well in making possible YOUR SENIOR BLOTTER KORTE-SMITH MOTOR COMPANY SALES s SERVICE Open every day in the year from 7:00 A. MQ to 10:00 P. M. TIRES 'Firestone TUBES SOLID TIRES 411-415 E. Spring St. New Albany, Ind. Phones-45 and 444 DR. W. M. BYRNE DENTIST 141 EAST SPRING STREET Phone 2859 Spying Silks Georgette, Crepes, Flowered Organdies 5 Fancy Voiles, Dimities and Batiste MRS. MARY ENGLISH 214 Pearl Street 3 . . , ' 9 I ,.zol2 , ' C One Hundred Seven If you want funds for a college education, start an account to get them. I xg 4' Mind your banking connections f f f f The New Albany Clearing House Association is an organization cem- posed of the Banks and Trust Companies whose names appear on the bottom of this advertisement. One of the objects of the Clearing House Association is the fostering and assisting of sound and conservative methods of banking. Other objects of the Association are: Tlte upbuilding of our Community by encouraging thrift and the habit of saving among our young people: aiding our citizens to own their own homes through mortgage loans: assisting worthy mercantile and industrial enterprises in maintaining and extending their businesses: in all things making ours a bigger and better community to live and to do business in. To the Pupils of our Public Schools, the Clearing House Banks extend cordial invitations to open savings or checking accounts with any member Bank most convenient or desirable. No matter how modest in size is your account. You may start with a dollar if you wish. We add 424 interest to your deposits compounded semi-annually. C Our bankinghours are convenient. You will be treated with courtesy. Clearing House Banks Second National Bank New Albany National Bank Floyd County Bank New Albany Trust Company Mutual Trust 599 Deposit Co. Industrial Savings E99 Trust Co One Hundred Eight If It Comes From Burd's I't's The Best Once more we take this opportunity to tell of our Ice Cream, Ices, Sodas, Sundaes ,-Jand Candiesxfx SANDWICHES AND NOON LUNCH 330 Pearl Burd's Confectionery ssOP2ar1 PHONE 2257 SPRING AT FIETEENTH Sporting Headquarters ED. LEAF E93 SCN SPORTING GOODS, RADIOS, TOYS KODAK DEVELOPING New Albany, Ind. 4 N. A. H. S. I . DISTRIBUTORS OE EQUIPMENT FURNISHED BY US A. G. SPALDING 25 BROS. Wlzolcsalc ' Retail Kaisefs Tobacco Store I Dealer in Cigars, Cigarettes, Stogies, Smoking Tobaccos, Twist, Plug, Snuff. Pipes and Smokers' Supplies Largest Varieties of Pipes in this City 326 Pearl Avenue ' New Albany, Indiana .. " - N Px,,.."" X One .Hundred Nino CUNGRATULATIONS W H A T N O W O IS IT THE BUSINESS WORLD EOR YOU? Then a part of that business world which is of very vital interest to you is the training given by a leading Accredited Commercial School New Albany Business School A School of High School Graduates only HUTDG PHS fhrever THE Lowm' sfruoio 204 East Market Street OHddT X ' QE Xxx X 1, 'K xx - -ii X3 -.1 , 'Y-. -c ' X ' N it - -vw N I -N ,-- fw- A 1 - Q, X- ' HI' ' wc.-1 'Q N ty X' l i .r ' V -v. - 'y ,K A -xc Gmx ' , 3, .V I , . ,. , 'x ' ,-'Nf-.M il' Li ' Q V ,' Q . A X X, 3 , is iifftl' N Fran' 9 We thank the Senior Class for your patronage and join with a 1 1 citizens of the community in wishing you the greatest s u c c e s s and happiness in life. Sincerely, F. W. .Woo1Worth Co., 5-11 F , 'QNX f- N ,. I A 2'X"'i .fx'rf-ff? . K ' 'A 'X fx'-""f"f 4 W X X h .Ln k-QAQJ L Ax- . g,a"'m""" " ' .. - M, Lyla Y. X One Humlrvd Eleven STANTDN WELCH BARBER BEAUTY PARLOR HAIR BOBBING PERMANENT WAVING 208 PEARL STREET NEW ALBANY. IND. 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Q: ,. .Q gi. ': -,'II. ,' 'ii 'I ' I fx w WW-he b V 24 'X , ' x, xi One H undrcd 71I7l.l'l0l'Il SENIQRS We'Te proud of you With mingled feelings of fond memories of the past and a hopeful dependence for the future, knowing that your welfare is strangely interlocked with ours, and ours with yours-as fellow citizens of this wonderful city-let us hope that a brilliant future awaits you. INTERSTATE Public Company Ono lIund:'ed Fourteen ,N K A ku , N , V I' 'N ,oily il Xwy C- . ' A X -A , K s t, , 'N , A L , Q i fxxf -fe--eff-------M----A 'K rpg? qQ-.-E...-Q4,,NfxjQL5ji-:.1e--fe- 3 N ' - P L c' Y "Zi: X ' 0.3, 5 Y NT t.: my if 1-ey EEEWZI A--pf CEO. J. SHRADER Funeral Dzrcclor E mbalmer LADY ATTENDANT Geo. J. Shrader f , 1 FUNERAL DIRECTOR 1319 E. Mam mor SHRADER Funeral Direct Phone ss A 'f Embalmer CHAPEL AMBULANCE SERVICE Every Customer a Sa,tisfiedL Customer when you buy from Huff Furniture Co. i ,N -1 New Albany, Ind. Q J O E I N ff ii.-1' 'QQFCT E: 'ilk xkkk U , Qixfx L. A A--it-.--..--Jews HF ,-e.: of 9.31 5 '-H xx! Q" ',,.- f,KQ,'w- re- f' -' H1 O 1lLll7!!I'0i1' I:l.ffl'l' The ELK'S THEATRE feif-X N-JVLI Means More Than All Cthers Combined FINE STATIGNERY XVEDDING INVITATIONS ete1'y-I- edde LEAP . ' . SPRING .- Q ' ' BOOM' 1 lflllflg 0111 pa 11 ST' OFFICE APPLIANCES TYPEXVRITERS RoYAL PoRTAI2-I.E TYPEXVRITERS FILING SYSTEMS ji Diamolgf Rings GOMPIJIMENTS of A Bulova Watch li Il l ' :I , make , The F aslnon ,l, ii,i fQI,i" A Life Time Gift Shop -' IRION E3 WOLF ' JEWELERS 2 19 Q 231 131 East Spring Strcct PEARL STREET See our display before buying- RIDDLE STUDIO M E M Q RI A L S PHCTUGRAPHS f""fs' M ark Every Grave ohn Vernia E99 Son Spring and Bank Streets N. XV. from ELKS HOME Victrolas Vwfindow Shades Grafonolas C I ' R d New Edison MGNTFORT FQ,'0f1ffam0pj ggxfhusic v Candle Sticks Records MUSIC Piano Benches Player Rolls Celdar Chests Supplies Phone 515 143 E. Market St. MIITOIS WE REPAIR ALL MAKES OF TALKING MACHINES Om' IIundrcIl Seven! II Thomas L. Mullineaux FUNERAL DIRECTOR THE MOST UP-TO-DATE BEAUTY SHOPPE IN THE CITY Lajade Beauty Shoppe JESSIE CLIPP Phone Z8 "-,H . Phone 2472 1307 E. Sprmg St. New Albany. Ind 301-303 Liberty Bank Bldg. Phone 132 Home Steam Latmclfry f-'N'-X . s.5,..f JNO. A. HARTIN, Proprielor 139 East Main Street Phone 134 1 -J I. C. Gander PIES AND CAKES Fancy Pastries of All Kinds U OD F51 918 East Market Street New Albany. Ind. DRUGS KODAKS AND KODAK FINISHING The McDonald-Stockdell Co. 1-INCORPORATED- Rexall Store Cor. Pearl and Market New Albany, Ind. Try Our New DANISH PASTRY Barth's Bakery One Ilumlrccl Eiglllvcll ,Cn .e fb ca, Q ,- eb pe ,W N1 He ggi? 5 :J of A l S C S 7 for Baby 5 sake use I 5 : P I 5 E 1 ! l I 1 E ! 3 s E E 3 K Purity Maid Milk i-Manufacturers of- Ice Cream, Butter, Buttermilk and Cottage Cheese Charlotte Lottich Frank Ehalt BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 6 7 7 ' WHOLESALE CANDIES 306 East Fourth Street Phone 352-M 1829 East Elm Hemstitching 5c and 7c New Albany' Ind- Art Shop THE XRT SHOP STANDS FOR GOOD WALL PAPER AND WORKMANSHIP KC EXPERT PICTURE FRAMING-AND A FULL KNOWLEDGE KJ CD OF THE ART NIATERIALS THAT XVE CARRY K RUSSELL 8' BUZBY, Proprietors 203 East Market Street Q C lie f ' T 2' if" 'x ' . f Q - One H und red Ninclcen Walter B. Creed Co. E verything in Hardware CALL US ' If you can't get i DELIVER Farmers' Supplies and Seeds lf' 'Own XVholesnlc and Phone as NEW AI.BANY'S LARGEST Rem, HARDXVARE STORE WE Pumps, Pipe and Pipe Fittings J' Cfffdis- if is not I 315 State St. New Albany, Ind. E. T. SLIDER New Albany Indiana Q Q 2 Q l'1'1 U Z' Q i-1 Z D1 er: Z J o :ij O23 O EE' U m W This is one of our Steel Dredges which produce Ohio River Sand and Gravel A PLANTS AT Louisville, Ky. New Albany, Ind. Tell City, Ind. "DOC IS BACK" J. OSCAR KNOEFEL THE PRESCRIPTION STORE "Just Call-That's All" PHONES 339-2542 EIGHTH AND OAK Nite Phone 339 Om: Hundred Twenty I I x --.-we----....--.n I. .A S ' MAYES DRUG COMPANY MARKET STREET ON THE PLAZA GEORGE E. MERGELL, Manager' THE COMPLETIE DRUG STORE Yes, We Have It Wholesale Cut Rate 275 Phones 2841 Fb ki lfm C omplzmenrs ggggg DRUGGIST and w i f EAEEQERZZEYANZEFSZRSOTNQAK' Best YVMQS In Business for Your Health to the PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED BY REGISTERED DRUGGISTS SENIQR QLASS FOR OVER 40 YEARS "Have you Tried our Chocolate Soda" K ' S Not for our sake, but for your Phone 2609 920 vimn Q h2a1th'S Sake QUALITY FOODS DRINK FALLS CITY fof EXTRA PALE LAGER High School Lads and Lassies "Home of Good Coal" The Meyer Coal Company THE BEST IN TI-IE COAL LINE Phones 303-373 I A . I One Hundred Twenty-one Phone 144 Quality Pharmacy Spring and Vincennes Streets DRUGS, TOILET ARTICLES - KODAK SERVICE LUNCHEONETTE AND CONFECTIONS Ar Quality Corner PHARMACY'S APPEAL High School graduates, who are casting about for a life's work, will find in Pharmacy a blend 'of pure science. pure business and historical romance that has a gripping appeal. Pharmacy needs young men and women of high character, high ideals and lideliy to principle. A postal card will bring an annual announcement outlining courses of instruction. LOUISVILLE COLLEGE OF PHARMACY INSTITUTED 1870 INCORPORATED 1873 Address G. L. CURRY, Dean, 104 West Chestnut Street Louisville, Kentucky Don't Forget to Stop at THE COSY COTTAGE SWEET SHOPPE 127 East Spring Street LUNCHES, ICE CREAM AND CANDIES One Ilundrccl Twenty I Compliments of AMERICAN BANK '65 TRUST CO. NEW ALBANY, INDIANA "IH-12? LN A A. ROBINSON Sales ' . XX SCTVICC JB1ggef xg A F1111 Line of Fresh and AQ and ,ll Smoked Meats gg Better 5,15 119 East Market Street dw' , ,MQ SMOOTHER THAN EVER Demonstrations Anywhere , Any Time Lcmg's Confectzonevy PHONE US 126 Chevrolet is a W'onderful Car BURUS ICE CREAM LOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES Chambers-Roggenkamp Co. 417-23 Pearl St. New Albany, Ind. PHONE 2480 E112 Seahrnnk Qlnmpemg INCORPORATED Under Managbmcnt of E. CORRIE SEABROOK FUNERAL DIRECTORS IVIARKET AT TYVELFTH eruice New Albany Ind Private Ambulance S Om- II UI!! 1 iw! Twcntgf-ll:1'vc GLASSES ARE A SIGN OE INTELLIGENCE fffnot of old age The old-fashioned idea that glasses add age to a person's looks is an entirely erroneous one. People of all ages now realize the importance of keeping young by preserving their eyesight with properly fitted glasses-which are constantly performing the unusual in relieving and correcting defective vision and improving the health of wearers. ERNEST GONNER OPTOMETRIST Conner's Drug Store, Pearl and Spring Sts. NEVV ALBANY, IND. Opposite the New High School DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, LADIES' AND GENT'S FURNISHINGS Let Our Place of Selling Be Your Place of Buying Elmer Q. Bierkman F uneml Director Successor to GWIN 25 DIECKMANN 615 Vincennes Street Telephone 39 "YVe are as close to you as your telephone" MM' 1601 EAST Member Florists Telegraph Delivery Association Om- Ilundrecl Y 'wen ry-four I ki, We haue the largest cut flower and rose growing establishment within a hundred miles of the Falls Cities ANDRES RASMUSSEN E5 SON MFLORISTSM Choice Roses and Carnations a Specialty PLANTS FOR THE HOUSE 1108 Vincennes Street Phone 96 COMPLIMENTS OF THE RAYMOND O. DAVI EMMA C. MULLER S FIOLUU Shoppe ALL KINDS OF ' S. 1611 East Mann t BOTH PHONES 1409 . 325-6-7 ELSBY BUILDING Say It With Flowers and Say It With Ours PHONES 1015 if . X 5 q i- IQ .. we i X GEORGE A. KRAFT f fy-wfitvl -1, gb FUNERAL M9 PEARL' DIRECTOR JOHN BAER 319-321 Pearl Street New Albany. Ind. 708 East Spring Strect Distributor of Phone 280 High Class Dry Goods. Notions. Cloaks, Suits, Etc. S Three Cheers For Basket Ball Team, Foot Ball Team and Coach Kvaemefr THE FRIDAY LEDGER prints N. A. H. S. News .- 2'X.,,-j One llundred Tu.fcnty-Eve snazffy Above Au Herfffjones Company Designers and Manufacturers Of SCHOGL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY Indianapolis Oficial Jewelers to New Albany High School - Bow. WEBB RAD1o Loo 143 East Spring Street 75' Q Dealers of , AtWater'Kent, Kolster Grebe, Fada Radios Radio Sales and Service Ollilfy I, 'x F I ' " M rw 1X ' LJ . J L5 ,X xx D . s ,.. is 1' ' -fix" F , F 2 if 2 'ixfwk Q ., , XHW' --,3-' "i ' V ' XVXNX fl--W--W ----V--S 'xxx ,LL V V xx '--+- N? Kgrk K - v pgff-WP 'xv I -, LL. ,-wA,.,,X, -Tx VV- I o,f.mj fi iid' ,Lxf j- 5 , ,..--Q- '5- ,,..,-, vi, W. 7 516 lj16:1uaf PERSON - A funusual 'Eg-2t1TcE14f' W RD Eh R H E - 5 f - M ji gaakhe ani liecili 3? , N' Your School IS obfamea X 'N ' X fhvouqh Ike Serwhces o I .Q ' of X H fe . . z ,K ,ylfg N " . . l fo", . 5 Q Q, 123, 0'A' ' P ' o Q WW' Q K1 f V YEL4 5" Mull WWFXQ' W mf f Wow w NI- .g?lj!'W,' I MKG ,,1hIIM,1gi Hp, ff H Wx 1f'r'W,1 f1W2Ef ' W M M fu ,Nm H M ,mr nw M V K N 1 if I I nr' kk X X it K I Q X Q if , Y Q, .Q-M I' , -50'fj'f.'Jf - 4 ,A U gush Kvibs -Qo X' 'J' ' 'YW ' L Arms-rs Enemvms O l ' bL' ' -, "'AA 1. f mo fo Jo W, , i It X ,X 1: . W X V X . .X limo.. , A, Al mf 1 ix x x WA N WR . X 'V4N--,. N It f wiv 3 Qin:-'YQJLTX Wk wx x o -Q M X K 5 xx x"""'N ..... X Q . Azlxxx .J Q oo- - f f 1. ,jg ' Q-.o ,oo. o A' q44 Nix Ngjv 3 Orin' ffu:nf1'.'cI 'IXLUUIIIQX-scL'un , l 14, "Always Set Your Mark -- Make It High - and Then Strive to Accomplish More." G This is our motto. I believe it is a good one for every boy and girl to carry through life. When down town make the NEWBERRY STORE your headquarters. We shall always try and please you--if We do not. tell us about it. - Yours for prosperity J. J . NEWBERRY COMPANY. Pearl Street FINIS ' Printed by The Baker Compaml IUIIAVIIS-lYATl00lEI5'ADVllTlllRk NewA!bnng,lndlAnn Om' Hundred Ttvcfrly -eight 11 77 X W 1 1 I l 2, ,L ' Er' , if l , l W. 1 s 3 ' n l 1 fy. T7! . iff w in 1 Nf ' N 1 1 'Q' Q rx 6 f '1 ..i .N T w 5 EQ 1 I 'x ! +L 2 uf - ' ' In " I r.N kg' fr I . ,ha ik -

Suggestions in the New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) collection:

New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


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