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F' i"4' F ' I r '- . I I Q o I 3 L -..J W12f52"L2E,Rl3'W' ECJXCHIQ? ClU?7?75f Albany 19f+'ZO H,s.s,+. .GE-EN, Y 11 I JA 4 lll!fl lU W7 ene e overs 15 oo Jflnii feel The o s rhaps lhe leafs fellow sluilenl our orlQs ell done o I l EATQX, if, l ofigfge gou chagfefhlo folk Of lhese blllge gghls,of hgh school gears J? lldlloulefl oce lhls book has ulon. M- so -Weiss fm ,,f , , , Q 4,,iiii ,f W , , W ,,,,,, J 1. ... 4- . If X1 -X 4', , , Mx ' .Jr A jzmor Blotter ,7lioar2l ' galfor- m-mgwf WHTEQQEH L., Euwm fA-Phil:-" HHHQHF Wim jmfmiiw 'lfklinma MQWLHIIWMQ Zum Wmgwziln ,A-ssxslhnf Zhxfom warg jumvlll. E,HmfnABun1dL LUVWBFU Emfimnn Wm fmmvm, mug magma ibm rmwggugyu 3305111555 managers jaw Wjmmpgmw M Emfaign Giulia: W11:Q1a1AHe5-Kn WLM., BOARD SENIOR BLOTTER 1 ' iff' ---Q!!-gf-A iff" I Y , . 22 F' 2223 ' Lg 1 NP' H3 W -A lain -1. . U Glass Glffnazrs Zfmnknz Zwnor -' Flares. Zfalll 60215 - Um Zfres. imartlga Uznozr -' Jw. Elmer Zfiurh -' Greas. Glass Colors Ol' Frankie Zenor. I "I-'ull of fun? Yes. Studious? Yes. What more do you want?" Senior Class Pres., Speakers, Sec. V, Pres. VI, Club Correspondent, VII, Student Critic, VIII, Penelopes, Vice- Pres., IV, V, Sec. III, German Club, Sec., V, Lyceum, Choral, H. G. L. G., Latin Club, Tyler Contest, Sapinsky Contest, Second Award, Business Mgr. Blotter, Conquering Hero, Everyman, Sapinsky Gold Medal, IX, Tyler Contest, IX. Kenneth Moore. Martha ' "Ho-hum! Here comes a girl." Wranglers, Sapinsky Silver Medal. Venner. Her ability to do Is excelled by very few. Speakers, Treas., Pres., Club Corre- spondent, Student Critic, Penelopes, Sec., Pres., German Club, H. G. L. G., Class Sec., Business Mgr. Blotter, Everyman, Class Play. Wallace Duncan. Mary lliallace is the sort that causes you to wonder why one person must have all the brains. Wranglers, ViceePres., VII, S. R. S, Sec. VII, Pres., VIII, A. B. C. Treas., VII, French Club, Treas. VII, Foot- ball, VI, VIII, Choral, F. A. A. P. Wilson. "Some say that I am in love but what does a future school niarm know of love?" Speakers Pres., IX! Latin Club: French Club, H. G. L. G., Choral, Lyceum, German Club. k 1 Mary Russell. She's full of life, she's full of fun: Her tongue is always on the run. French Club: Speakers: H. G. L. G.: Choral Club: Sapinsky Contest. Elmer Burd. May he soar as high as his name would indicate! Wranglers: Senior Class Treasurer: Joke Editor Senior Blotter: A. B. C.: Choral Club: B. 0. R. S. S.: Junior Class Treas. Martha Klerner. She smiled so very often-perhaps it was the dimple. Speakers: H. G. L. G.: French Club: L. 0. L.: Latin Club: First Orchestra: Choral Club. Sam Wilson. Always ready for a good time. Always ready to help others. A. B. C.: Choral Club: F. A. A. P. Dorothy McQuiddy. Sl1e's a good pal: she won't let you feel blue. Speakers: H. G. L. G.: French Club: Penelopes: Latin Club: Treas. VI: First Orchestra: Choral Club. Katharine Bulleit. She is one of the few girls who can make a grouch laugh. Wish we had more like her. Speakersg Latin Club: H. G. L. G.: French Clubg Cinderella: Conquering Herog The Boorg Penelopes: Choralg Blotter Boardg Class Play: Tyler Contest. Thomas Corcoran. Slow but oh, so sure! Wranglers: French Club Pres.: Assistant Athletic Editor Blotter. Mary Hammerlein. "I never ever bluffed or bolted. I don't even know how." A French Club, Pres.: H. G. L. G.: German Club: Class Play. Dumont Kingsley. He came a stranger to our school. And taught us all the golden rule. NVranglersg Band: F. A. A. P.g Sen- ior Blotter Board. Katherine Davis. "Every why has a wherefore and I'll Und it out." 4 P Speakersg French Club: H. PG. L. G.: Latin Club: Choral: German Club. Kenneth Matheny. He was not loud, but he rang true! Dorothy Smith. Dot is little, but oh-my! H. G. L. G.: Latin Club: Penelopes: French Club: Second Orchestrag Senior Blotter Artist: Cinderella.: Conquering Hero: Choral. Lyons Moore. "I will tomorrow, and if that won't suit I will the next day." Wranglers: Choral: French Club: Robin Hood: B. B. B. B.: Blotter Board: F. A. A. P. Norma Orth. "Dark curls and dark eyes will sure- ly play havoc with someone." H. G. L. G.: French Club: Choral: Sapinsky Contest. Ralph Willard. "No use puttin' up yer umbrella till it rains." French Club: Wranglers: S. R. S.: Choral Clubg Blotter Board: F. A. A. P.: Senior Blotter Board. Maud Edmu Mclntyre. "Give me a. thousand hats to make and I'll be happy." French Club: H. G. L. G.: Choral Club. nd Rogers. "Pep without purpose is pifflef' Orchestra.: Latin Club: S. R. S.: Glee Club: Everyman: Choral: A. B. C.: F. A. A. P. Cassie Diedrick. "Oh, Maud! Wait for me!" H. G. L. G.: Choral Club: Class Play. Carl Schoen. How he blushes when a girl talks to him! Mary VVx-anglers: A. -B. C.: German Club: B. B. B. B.: Latin Club: F. A. A. P.: Class Play. ' Brown. A girl with a. million dollar disposi- tion. B. C. B.: Choral Club: H. G. L. G.: Delphians: German Club. ' Wilma Huncilman. - "She is called 'Angel' but What's in a name?" Speakers, Sec. VII: Vice-Pres. VIII: German Club: Blotter Boardg Penel- opesg H. G. L. G.g Senior Blotter Ar- tistg Choral Club: The Obstinate Familyg Everymang Class Play. Russel Baker. At last We have found someone who is studious. KWIIBH he isn't blufflng, dozing or doing nothing.J A. B. C.g Choral Clubg Latin Club: B. O. R. S. S.: Advertising Manager Football Team VIII. Ruth Mergell. "A million miles of giggles." Speakers: H. G. L. G.g French Club: Choralg Cinderellag Penelopesg Sen- ior Blotter Artist., Thomas McCulloch. "I love the ladiesf' Vlfranglers, Sec. VIIIQ A. B. C.3 Choralg Class Basketball IIg'F00tba1l, Il, III, IV: Blotter Board: The Boorg B. O. R. S. S. Roy Turner. "I'll be happy, I'll be freeg I'll be sad for nobody." And "Red" always lived up to it. Sergeant First Class, Chemical H Vlfarfare Service, U. S. Army 5 Wrang- lers: A. B. C.g Glee Club: Robin Hood: The Marriage Proposalg Foot- ball: Choral Clubg F. A. A. P. Mark Kahl. A If silence is golden he is surely worth a million dollars. Elizabeth Sieboldt. One who is wide awake and never afraid to smile. Speakers: H. G. L. G.g Choralg Latin Club Censoi- II: Altheans. Leonard Evans. "Some day I'lI rival Edison." Wranglersg S. R. S.g Pres. III: Dramatics Clubg A. B. C.: Band: Or- chestra. Ruth Bates. ' ' Ruth is one of those rare little souls whose business in life is to sweep away all the dark clouds. French Clubg H. G. L. G.: Latin Clubg Speakers: Penelopesg Choral Club. Dariiel Burke. "Fm always chasing rainbows." Wranglers: A. B. C.: Choral Club: F. A. A. P.: Football: Basketball: Baseballg Private Secretaryg Glee Clubg Track IX. Helen Martin. A "As quiet as a. mouse." French Club: Speakers: H. 'G. L. G.: Choral. Hubert Geyer. "Oh, Hubert! Oh, Hubert! So tendir and trewef' . Latin Club: S. R. S.g Lyceumg Or- chestra: Band: The Boor. Elizabeth Smith. A burst of silenceg a whiff of love- liness. H. G. L. G.: Choralg Speakers, Sec. IX: French Club. Harold Blake. A boy with pep and good spirit. Wranglers: Orchestra: Band: A. B. . C.: Choral Club: F. A. A. P. Margaret' Emery. "I was fooled on April first, but I'll not be fooled again." H. G. L. G.g Choral Club. Virginia Austin. She likes to sew and cook and eyerything. Orchestrag Choralg H. G. L. G. Bernard Schlater. "Girls bore me!" F. A. A. P.g A. B. C.: Choral Club. Marguerite Cook. "If there is anything I can do for you, just let. me know." Choral: H. G. L. G.g Penelopes. Henry Graybrook. "I can't afford to study much. It takes all my time and that's all that is really my own." B. O. R. S. S.: Choralg A. B. C.3 Class Basketball V, VI: Baseball VIII, IX: Basketball VIII, IX: F. A. A. P. L Rozelle Flanigan. Her genial disposition brought her many friends. H. G. L. G.: Choral Club.' Conner Henthorne. He likes to make the class laugh, He likes to tell a joke, He likes to wind his tongue up Until the spring is broke. Choral: Football III, IVQ Basket- ball III, IV: Baseball III, IV3 A. B. C.1 F. A. A. P. Evelyn Gross. "I've a smile for everyone." H. G. L. G. Loren Randall. "Throw my books in the lake. I'm going to play football!" Wranglersg A. B. C.g F. A. A. P.g Choralg Glee Clubg Orchestrag Bandg Tyler Contest IIIQ Private Secretary, Blotter Boardg Athletic Editor, Senior Blotterg Baseball II, III, IVg Basket- ball III, IVQ Football, II, IIIQ Capt. IV: Track III: Capt. IVQ Daddy Long Legs. Ruth Haskell. Ruth is an amiable person. Blues she never has and we'd prescribe her giggle for any pessimist. H. G. L. G4 French Club: Choralg German Clubg Lyceum: Tyler Con- test. Earl Edwards. I-le has music at the ends of his fingers. F. A. A. P.g A. B. C.: Robin Hood: Lyceumg Glee Club: Choralg Band: Orchestra. l l l l .3 W Alden Fawcett. He agrees with almost anything ex- cept girls. . A. B. C.: Choral: F. A. A. P.: Class Baseball I:,A. O. T. T. S. Milasent Mitchell. She has a .peach blow complexion that is the envy of all. Speakers: French Club: Choral: Latin Club: H. G. L. G. Clarence Pleiss. "Happy am I: from care I'm free, Vifhy ain't they all contented like me?" NVranglers: A. B. C.: Varsity Base ball: Footlfall: German Club: F. A. A. P.' Esther Humbert. Joy is her middle name. Speakers: H. G. L. G. Louis Wunderlich. Q "I'll do anything rather than vote for a Democrat." Orchestra: F. A. A. P.: S. RUS.: Choral: German Club. John Thompson. 'Tm not a bit romantic. 1'm strict ly business." Wranglers, Ass't. Sec. VII: Ass't Treas., Senior Class: Business Mgr Senior Blotter: A. B. C.: Choral: F A. A. P.: Class Play. . Althea Dryden. -There are girls who make us happy, There are girls who make us blue. But the kind we like the "bestest," Are the girls that are just like you. H. G. L. G.: Speakers: The Mar- riage Proposal. A Allen Foster. As good a humorist as a cartoonist. Wranglers: Blotter Board Cartoon- ist: Senior Blotter Artist: F. A. A. P.: Pres. A. B. C.: Football II, III: Choral Club: B. O. R. S. S.: S. O. R.: Class Play. ' Mildred Gwin. The scribe of our tribe. A Speakers: Latin Club: Editor-in- chief Senior Blotter: Editor Blotter VII, VIII, IX: Blotter Board V, VI: Choral Club: H. G. L. G.: Class Play. Paul Goetz. May Dame Fortune ever smile on you. But not her child Miss Fortune. Wranglers, Treas. Pres.: French Club Sec., Pres.: Class Vice-Pres.: German Club: Business Mgr. Senior Blotter: Robin Hood: Choral: Class Play. I argl X James Wolpert. A boy with many troubles. Baseball Vg S. R. S.: S. O. R.: B. B. B. B.: F. A. A. P. Herbert Breetz. ' Much study will make one wrinkled. Wranglersg S. O. R.g B. B. B. B.g Choral Club. Clyde Huff. "What is so rare as a. good student and athlete? VVranglersg Latin Club: Blotter Board, Business Mgr.: Track Meet, First Award: Pole Vault, First Award. Marilyn Moosmiller. "Better late than never." H. G. L. G.Q Choral Club. KNO Picture.J l ,,l W Y CLASS or IQZI l High School is anticipating great tlliugs from this small but wide awake class oi' future graduates. Already they have gained a prominent place in school 'activities and hope to H11 commendahly the vacancy left by the graduated class. The following will complete theil studies at the mid-term: Allen Knight Bertha, Hollman Verne Scott Julia Hunt Harry Hittner, Nellie Short Jonathon Borgerding Marie Voyles Emma Zapp Cora Goodbub 5 jUN1oRs SOPHOMORE A SOPHOMORE B FRESHMAN A B FRESHMAN 1 , OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT "VVe, the Class of 191914 and 1920, being on the brink of passing from this rod- wielding world of education with a well-crammed head and glib tongue do make and publish this our last will and testament.. "lVe request that our funeral will be simply conducted by our beloved faculty and friends with a formal observance in view of our merits and accomplishments during our four years of life. V "As to the property which is left, we make the following disposal: "First: To our dear indulgent Faculty we do bequeath many sessions of sweet solemn thought, unbroken by the entrance of the Senior Class to recite or fail to recite its lesson, to misunderstand the assignments or to give the most perfect inattention. It has been a severe trial on them and we are sincere when we wish them the good old days again before we came to rob them of sleep and keep them awake far into the night wondering whether this one would ever learn the three conjugations or that one would understand his history. "Second: VVe hereby bequeath to our Principal, Mr. McLinn, our friendship, hearty good wishes and credit cards. And we hope that when he looks over our good and bad grades that he will overlook our bad grades and say, 'My, but that was a great classl' VVe also leave to him the fountain pens, money and divers articles that were lost and unclaimed during our four years sojourn. "Third: To the sorrowing students we give and bequeath our exalted positions as scholars, our professional methods of blufiing, arguing or evading and our notebooks over which we have pored, cried and sat up nights. VVe also bequeath our lockers holding the secrets of our lives inside the closed doors with the hope that they will ever be as neat and tidy as when we owned them. "Fourth: We again bequeath to our dear Faculty all the treasured memories and bits of knowledge that have been expounded both in class and on our examination papers. We realize that the information imparted in this manner was an immense surprise to them and we are highly rewarded if it has been used to advantage. "Fifth: Though the foregoing bequests may seem insignificant we trust that they will be accepted in a spirit of fellowship as a reminder of our generosity and sincerity. "lst: To all Freshmen the right to carve their initials on our desks and finish chewing any gum they may find thereon. la- -e w -at O U R LAST WILL AN D TESTA M EN'I'-Continued "2nd: To Miss Coffman future angelic French classes and the privilege of resting a year after vainly trying to make a certain second period French class pay attention and subside. "3rd: To Miss Welborn, all the aromatic orders we have manufactured in her lab- oratory. "-ith: To Mr. Mcliinn, at pair of rubber soled shoes and a club to aid him in sleuth- ing all bolters. "5th: To Mr. Carrick, our worthy janitor, the gong in the hall, which he may sink in the river if he chooses. "Sth: To Miss South, the little army of mice in the basement, providing she feed them as we have done for four years. A "7th: To Mr. Sutter, the sponge on Mr. McLinn's desk, with which he may amuse himself by asking unsuspecting individuals if they want to see something swell. "8th: To Miss Graybrook, our intelligent proofs to propositions and our permission to ring the bell when the proofs are too baffling. "9th: To Miss Smith, our Sonnets, ballads, and wit.ty DHHS, which she may use as examples for her future classes. "10th. To Mrs. Bentley, our history notebooks and brilliant test papers. May she find solace in their erudition! "11tb: To the entire student body, New Albany High School, on one condition- t.hat. they make it a better and bigger school than ever. "The remaining property of any nature or any quality whatsoever tafter funeral expenses have been paidl we bequeath t.o our beloved Principal, subject to his disposal whether it be to discharge his duties or to pay the debts of the future graduating class. To him, also, in behalf of the school we leave our picture in the ofiice where it may be a source of inspiration to others and a source of pride to the faculty. "In conclusion, we do hereby appoint the said Principal sole executor of this, our last will and testament." SENIOR CLASS, 1919 H43-1920. ls- -sm gs- -at LOST AND FOUND Lost-A shoe by a girl with a worn sole and long tongue. Return to Xvihna Hun- cilman. Found-A new way to talk fast. Speed guaranteed. Mary Russell. Vvanted-A job where there is no work but good pay. Henry Graybrook. Wanted-A pretty girl to make a fuss over me. No red haired beauty need apply. "Red" Turner. For Sale-A book, "BlufHng Through High School." Especially beneficial to Fresh- men. Earl Edwards. For Sale-My recipe for giggles. Very useful in history classes. Ruth Mergell. For Sale-My meinbership in the Flunkers' Club. 'tTeany" Randall. VVanted-Railroad fare to Ste. Joseph, Ill. Katharine Bulleit. tAsk her wl1y.J For Sale-A preparation for curly hair. Norma Orth. For Sale-My memorandum book with helpful bits on health, social etiquette, dates, receipes, jokes, accounts and names. Of great value to one who must do a million things at once. For Sale-A bargain in a slightly used red hat, latest style. Owner wants to ex- change for one of darker hue, See Maud McIntyre. VVanted-Information concerning the disappearance of a dog by a boy with long hair, three legs and a black spot on his ear. Allen Foster. For Sale-My wcnderful piano polish. Shining results. Dumont Kingsley. Lost--A note while singing the other night. Finder return to Elmer Burd. Vtfanteds-A position in the umovies. Can cry readily. Dorothy McQuiddy. THE SENIOR BOOKSHELF Winning tYallace," by Mary XVilson. The Young Rutlianf' by Conner Henthoine. "Adventures of a. Sunday School Superintendent," by John Thompsrn. "The Trials ol' a Spinster," by Althea Dryden. Procrastination," by Lyons Moore. "Do Married Men Make the Best Husbands," by Paul Goetz. How I Vifent Movie Mad." by Ruth Bates. "A History of Birds," by Elmer Burd. "Two In a Bungalow," by Norma Orth. "Setting Up Exercises," by Tom McCulloch. An Honest Lawyer," by Roy Turner. "Willard's Hints to Pugilistsj' by Ralph Willard. "Easy Lessons in Braiding and Needle Work," by Virginia Austin. "Reduce That Double Chin," by Midge Gwin. One Minute Late," by Marilyn Mosemiller. . His Last Home Run," by Dan Burke. Mice Raising," by Elizabeth Smith. if is at in 4: lm- -w w -ml V -- ...N A . . k ye Q QQSE I B 130115 H V' -. 1 Q A: ' f f 5 1 l f. f' . T f I L SPEAKERS During the past year the Speakers have been active in both charity work and social life ol' the school. They were "big sisters" to twenty-five children of the New Albany Orphans' Home, besides supporting their French war orphan. Thanksgiving day dinner was served to poor children of the city and at Christmas stockings were iilled. At Easter the little orphans were entertained on the High School lawn. Besides their work in charity the Speakers have been hostesses at several delightful parties. Under their Critic, Miss Force, at few ol' the modern plays have been read and studied. I O FF I C E R S. President ........ President .............. ..................... li Iary Wilson Thelma Hunt singer Vice-President ...... , ........ , Secretary .,.....,....., Treasurer ............. Student Critic ........ ...........Elizabeth Smith .....,,.Earline Lampin Vice-President H92 ........................Martha Venner ........Wi1ma Huncilman ...........,.........Mary Lloyd Secretary ......... ....,.Martha, Venner Treasurer ...,........ Student Critic ...,... .........Virginia Huckeby ...........,.Frankie Zenor Im- -HI JA . ' - WRANGLERS It. is good to know that there exists in the school such fellowship as is evinced in the XVrang1er organization. Besides this there is much co-operation and progressiveness which have acted together in making the various affairs successful. During the semester parties were given at. which the main feature was after dinner speeches. As is cus- tomary, a splendid banquet marked the close of the semester. The school may well be proud of the Wranglers. They have always boasted an enviable record and been foremost in advancing that which is for the good ot' the school. OFFICERS '19, OFFICERS '20. President .................................. Stewart Green President ,....... . ,.................. ............... P aul Goetz Vice-President ........ ........ W allace Duncan Vice-President ........ ........ T homas Gebhart Secretary .....,..... ..... T om McCulloch Secretary. ......... .... ............. R 0 y Turner Treasurer .....,. ,,..,...... P aul Goetz Treasurer .......... ........ R ichard Kelso pe- e e- LA-Lkr YV 7 HAPPY- GO-LUCKY GIRLS FUTURE ARISTOCRATS AND PRESIDENTS OITIETLOSE1' Hfl'l3 l ESOTERIC CLUB The entire school owes much to this little band of enthusiasts who have so admir- ably shown what may be accomplished by student co-operation and true club spirit. Both the membership and good work have increased since the organization of the club in 1919, and it has the honor of being the first Freshman club ever formed in the school. Last semester. the club made its formal debut with a Thanksgiving chapel program that was on a par with many of those of the older organizations. Two lively parties also marked the close of two semesters while many more are in store for the coming year. The meetings as well as the parties Were enjoyable, characterized by dramatic readings, pianologues and ret'reshments. Tiny gold club pins in the form of the letter E and colors of Red and Gold were adopted early and displayed with a great amount of pride. Very fitting is the Esoteric motto "To be rather to seem" for it has been manifest in everything that has been accomplished. Long live the Esotericsl May their en- thusiasm and good deeds always echo in the school. OFFICERS H95 OFFICERS '20 President, Orland Schoen President, Orland Schoen Vice-President, Morton VVolfe Vice-President, Earnest Barth Secretary, Margaret Bulleit Secretary, Frances Kelso Treasurer, Muriel Ryall Treasurer, Margaret Bulleit CRITIC. Miss Irene Graybrook. MEMBERS. t'l'he picture on preceding page! First row-J. McCulloch, J. Tether, E. Barth, L. Smith, O. Schoen, M. VVolfe, Miss Irene Graybrook. ' Second row--A. Baker, M. Bulleit, G. Bence, M. Horn, A. Emery, J. Morga, F. Kelso. Third row-E. Gueltig, R. Lee, A. Wate, M. Matthews, N. Austin, M. Wiltheis, M. Bosier, G. Railey. Fourth row--M. Winstandley, C. Hixon, F. Lorch, H. Irion, K. Emery, R. Leaf, M. Walker, M. Ryall, E, Howison, E. Parsons, P. Harris. Members not included in the Picture: I. Brown, E. Embrey, G. Hines, A. M. Farr. R. Bates, V. Seahrooke, V. lwlontgomery, V. Kahl. IN MEMORIAM Charles YVatson, ....... Died May 20. 1920. lm- -El PUBLIC DISCUSSION LEAGUE ,v li V c N CLUB I AT L ALTHEAN CLUB I+., ,L FRENCH CLUB LOTUS CLUB SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH SOCIETY The S. R. S. has held its meetings regularly every Wednesday afternoon for the past semester and the programs have consisted of the discussions of various scientific subjects. Among the most interesting topics were the Aeroplane, Telephone, High Fre- quency, Air Brakes and Radio Telegraphy. This organization has attained a prominent place in school activities, while its members have had the opportunity of learning numerous invaluable facts concerning Science. - OFFICERS. Leonard Evans, President John Hagel, Secretary John Emery, Vice-President Russel Beeler, Treasurer ' CRITICS. Mr. Alvin D. Baylor Mr. C. B. McLinn Mr. George Sutter Prof. H. A. Buerk ' MEMBERS. Wallace Adolph Walter Siltz Leland Brock Dwight Lane James Wolpert Albert Gelbach Ralph Willard . - me 4 -w w I -el FIRST ORCHESTRA SECOND ORCHESTRA ND BA OOL SCH H HIC I' Q is :hp - .Xxx- 1 1 f If . ...Q lla.. Q N, 71825 ill! T522 ' IU ima'E4QwmHm - FOOTBALL When Coach Turner took charge of the football squad last fall his entire squad numbered only eighteen men, but with eight veterans the prospects looked bright from the first. Turner soon developed stars 'out of such "green material" as Needham, Barth and Kelso. The team was soon welded into a real fighting machine and New Albany enjoyed the most successful football season in her history. , Manual proved to be no match for the Black and Crimson in the first game and defeated them 47 to 0. 'Later on in the season, however, with a crippled team, New Albany failed to beat the boys and returned home with a tie game, 0 to 0. In the iirst Male game the "visitors"' as usual "succeeded in getting the breaks" and defeated New Albany 7 to 0, but later in the season the best team came out on top when our team showed their superiority in endurance, hard fighting and "pep" on the cold rainy day, November 1, 1919. The game ended 7 to 6 in New Albany's favor. The team then traveled to St. Joseph College, where they easily defeated the "college boys" 20 to 6. , Our old rivals, K. M. I., tasted the "everlasting punch" of our warriors when they went down in defeat twice, 14 to 7 and 14 to O. Both games were hard-fought, but New Albany had a "winning" team. Then came the game which went down in the history of the school. For the first time, New Albany had a team which was heavy enough and fast enough to play for the championship of the State. The opponents were highly recommended by college coaches as having the best High School team in the State, but such was not the case. New Al- bany won, 47 to 7, in an easy victory. However, the "jinx" seemed to come on the team after this and the Thanksgiving day game proved a defeat. The game was close but a failure to kick goal netted the opponents a 1 point victory. RESULTS. What They Did. A 47 New Albany High School ....... ..... 0 .I .. if .K 20 14 I4 7 47 12 New Albany High School ........ ........ 1 61 What They D1dn't Manual .......... Male ................ St. Joseph ...... K. M. I ........... Manual ....... K. M. I ........ Male .............. Greenfield .... Lexington ...... Opponents , -fx- FF F ar: sz' g 'll' M- ' l i I :Zi ' ' ' ' 1 ' fllflilltff Q 1 2 , Vuilfh be I V us:-11.121 ' Dv FOOTBALL-Continued FOOTBALL MEN. Daniel Bernard Burke, Right Half Back. Burke, as usual, was the sensation of the year. He was one of the best half backs in the State. This is Danny's last year, but his record as a good dodger, a good tackler and the best open field runner the school ever produced, will live after him in the annals of the game. . Clarence Pleiss, Sub, Left Half Back. Pleiss came out of his "laziness" and did some fine work this year. Although he was inexperienced in the back field, he was a tower of strength and many times his off tackle runs netted the necessary yards. 1 Leo Dupaquier, Quarter Back. "Dupe," playing his first on the varsity, used his 110 lbs. like a veteran, and directed the team in a record breaking season. He was always on the job when it came to returning prints and displayed excellent ability as a hard tackler. Thomas McCulloch, Guard. "Tom" played his second year at the guard position and as usual his "physique" was a great help to the team. , Allen Foster, Center. "Hiram," without a doubt, was the best center in the State. When the line seemed about to give' away, it was always Foster who revived their "spirits" by tearing, fighting and plunging into every play through the line. His favorite game was to get his opponent mad and t.hen make him bite the dust "every time." Ask Slaughter 14. Fred Theis, Guard. Fred played his first year at guard but did everything in his power to make the left. side of the line a tower of strength. He prevented many scores by his snappy defensive work. , Wallace Duncan, Right Tackle. "Dunc,', the old silent man, playing his last year on the team, made a reputation which will ever live after him. He never encouraged 'other players, but if they would have followed his tactics the team would surely have been nearer perfect. Conner Henthorne-"Jim's boy"-proved himself an all-round man. YVhenever or whatever he played he was always in the game. At end he was a "dead shot" on the defensive and at half back he was a star on plunging the line. Earl Benriett-"Happy" Bennett-the best lineman on the team, and his work often wrought much damage to the opposing teams. Although "Happy" was troubled with a bad ear, he did not use it as an alibi when the great game was on. His only thought was to down his opponent, and he did. Richard Kelso. "Dick" followed in the footsteps of the Kelso athletes, when he played at half back this year. His most notable game was that with Greenfield for the championship ol' State. Eighteen points of the 47 to 7 victory was the record for Dick and his work on the defensive was a great help. Faye Needham. Something that is very seldom recorded in the history of athletics is for a man to gain a reputation when he has never before seen a game. Needham started out this year, and after learning the position on the team he followed his team- mates until the middle of the season. From that time on he proved his ability and at the end of the season proved to be an end of rare ability. Ernest Barth. "Buzzie" also was a new man, and like Needham, he tried hard to learn the rudiments of the game. Whenever he was called upon he fought hard. He is sure to develop into a star in his three remaining years with "red and black" warriors. Roy Turner. True to the color of his hair, "Red" fought like a tiger when his op- ponent "vexed"hi1n. Red came back from the army and used his "barbaric" tactics on his opponent. He was a strong man on the offensive. Jake Schmidt, The saying, "You can't keep a good man down. Although Jake was unable to make a regular position on the team, he was ready and did fight when- ever called upon. He stood the brunt of the first team odensive every afternoon. His true spirit was certainly shown when three weeks after he had received a dislo at d hip he again reported for practice. V C e lsr - W. We -e .-el DAN BURKE ORLAND SCHOEN LEO DUPAQUIER NEEDHAM FAYE BASKETBALL guard and could always be found Needham played floor Faye Needham, Guard. of play. te rninu BY EVGTY fr he Oft St e mid th ill football, he sin teran. A Ve Ga lik OWII is dh 1 Forward. "Dupe' he rv Leo Dupaquie :S E U0 wa S3 .Q 'Q 0 -1 -I -as .-4 :- rn Cf: 3 E O I-4 '01 : .2 4-7 as .E E fr: as : Q 3 'cm as s.. 0 .Sn 0 .-E 4-I 9-1 O 4-7 F-1 Cd Q4 C3 o .3 as 43 o 4-3 U1 U2 cv .E 'U N as F-4 I L4 cu IP cu .-'fi I i H 0 O I 0 m 'U U .E In O ui -- Q1 3 o Z' aa 'QQ .Y-3 .S 1-1 Q3 Z CU P- L4 CD P 0 -a-1 5 C4 on E 'ci as 33 U' IB .- .-. GI .Q i-3 cv .24 fn N CQ o GT' ou 1-1 as 1-1 as .S 4-3 'U Q9 ,-. me 9 'vi 5.- L3 3 sl O In 6 x L : m : ns D 2 F3 C! dw -z: -u a cd 0 In :x GJ 8: o U C .S-'I V+-2 O .3 E El 0 5-4 +2 U1 3-1 o 23 3 3 cd .Q 'cs cl cd 5 me UU .3 +3 3 .E 5. eo 5 FI 0 U2 LE 54-4 o Q9 CJ C1 5 C fense. V ERNE SCOTT CARL SCHOEN STEWVART GREEN HENTHORNE CONNER Confirmed BASKETBALL ID ... .Q sf. '11 ee .... O Q9 s:- U2 0 ws ca cd .2 5-1 o 3 F- O o Q: Pa Q Qu Cd Cl U2 im P. O PQ hm E 11 Guard. enthorne, Conner H +5 :I O .Q 3:2 B o -1: O -4-3 -va S-4 fe .cz 5-1 CD aw. ce ... Q. as E .... .:: CD 'cs cd S 'cs 5-4 cv: E12 M O Q3 :D 4-2 53 'rn U1 GJ C1 CD D .I-4 n -O-7 'T o 'f .rc o ... -i-J U2 .SI O Q 5 cd 4-v U2 year. He has the making of a this all "new" m 2. HS W n rt Green. "Greenie VV 3 Sie year's team. t GX 0I1I1 2.11 ble m U3 d will be a val 2.11 star, 1 ay he handled himself W the by a 'regular" HS k that he w in th ld One wou rl Schoen, the fl N 0 I'. OH OO flashing, firm, and stellar basket-shooting ran up Scottie's Verne Scott, Forward. the visiting teams. many SCOTES OD F :- BASEBALL REVIEW The bad weather this year caused the baseball season to be a short one, but in spite of the fact, New Albany rounded into excellent shape eight "gre-enhorns" to be added to the one veteran of last year. The season started with a victory over Georgetown. This was an excellent game, and although a few errors and "boneheads" occurred, the result showed the possi- bilities. Although the next few games were defeats, they were played by such pro- fessionals as Louisville and St. Xavier. The best game and the one which gave our team a backing was the fourteen inning game with St. X. With a tie score of five to live in the ninth, New Albany settled down and played wonderful ball until the four- teenth inning when they shoved over two runs. They were handicapped when several players had to quit to be present at the "Grand Opera" in New Albany, but the "old faithfuls" stuck together and with Randall pitching an excellent game they downed the "unconquerable" spirit of the St. Xavier enthusiasts. r T TRACK WORK Heretofore New Albany has excelled in every form of athletics but track. New Albany's past has been blot- ted by the fact that track work has had no prominent part. But this year, due to the call of the Louisville Amateur Athletic Federa- tion, New Albany set a record which bids fair for the future. With little practice and no coaching New Albany entered the Louisville Athletic Meet at the Arruory, but the showing made was to be considered excellent. The relay team composed of O. Shoen, Theis, Haslett and Oates pulled into second place with the Louisville crack track man just twenty-five yards ahead. Dick Kelso, although he was tripped by a Louisville contestant, got to his feet with the rest twenty-five yards ahead and passed tive men before one lap was accomplished. Randall defeated the Louisville champion pole vaulter, "Tony" Landenwich, and tied an expert from Cincin- nati Gym at 10 ft.. 6 in. He also put the shot just an inch and a half behind the Louis- ville champion. ' Hereafter, New Albany will be wide-awake and will train to put our Louisville friends on the "bumpers," , i 1 ' a 1' nl' -li V? V - 5 Nt' ,U fm in ,L rv A by .12 . ,MHZ 1 A 5-gi. Q, ' .fl v 1 'K ML .- September 27 'ff'- .1 ' 2? uuu W ' vi October IS C WA 2-ffj, 71 llllllmiylli December IQ X P X f - 'JJ CK December 2.5 fha Sept Sept. Sept Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. DAY BY DAY Everybody back to school. We never appreciated our stuniner vacation un- til today. 'l'eachers begin giving zeroes and students begin to bluff. Elizabeth Smith loses three cents in the basement and Margaret Emery asks her if it was all her own. 47 to 0. Poor Manual! Now, will you brag any more? Room 18 throws a lively party with its five dollars from the Blotter con- test. N. A. H. S. walks over St. Joe Col- lege, 20 to 0. Coach Turner takes his little foot- ball players to Indianapolis to see the Minnesota-Indiana game. No one lost. A comedy of errors. N. A. H. S. 14, K. M. I. 0. Never to be forgotten. N. A. H. S. 7, Male 6. Another wallop for K. M. I. The Championship is ours. N. A. H. S. 47, Greenfield 7. Speakers go marketing. Turkey too high. Bought chicken. Speakers serve the chicken to their annual guests, everybody full and happy. Cheer HD, we'll play them next year. L CM-I 1-me FIJKKTHUS E.VEN'NG' AZ, DSAKE DAY BY DAY---Callfiuued MARRIED 'ma ess X N Hunan! I-5 M 'V I, 'E A Y February ll 'ig ff.. -.E - :NH f Y .5 ,..,.c 13' , ,,, .. . 1 I tl .-limit . ,X if yt- .Ni-ll-If Is! is ew , E ' V MME mo Hif- THEY Loom ALIKE.-. March ll Dec. 1. Dec Dec Dec. Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb. Feb Just twenty-four days till Christmas. Earl Edwards says that he is not go- ing in any heavier than a string of pearls or some such bauble for his fair lady. Rotary Club gives a big feed for the football team. Conner Henthorne thinks it is an excuse to stay out the next day. V Clyde Huff and Tom McCulloch stage a iight,-not a real sure 'nuif onefthough-just as excitement in a play called "The Boon" Look what's here. Football team wear sweaters. Christmas. Elmer Burd gets a train on the track. Everybody back again and busy showing their new watches, rings, and everything. Carl Schoen was caught staring in the mirror at his new red tie. Dan Burke decides that it is about time to begin burning the midnight oil. He has a good hunch. Finals are here. Long faces in evidence. New Semester. Seniors are non- plused at the size of the fresh sup- ply of Freshmen. VVilma Huncilman wonders if they left. their baby car- riages outside. Dot Smith gets a suspicious looking package. We hope itfs candy but it proves to be her father's laundry! Paul Goetz makes a speech at the XVrangler party. Day after George's birthday. No re- lease from prison. Who? 6- 9 ' l. f 1 9 X vs el 2 -15131751117 ,W UML Igiffflff Q if X., March 26 , l b li: i' P ll is ' ig llllll X . Ie 'P JP x, Kip lx -Pwujleii M aggx xl , it-efyfi, Willis ga fi Fillet Pk . . , l l April I2 Feb. Mar. M ur. M ar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. April April April A. April April DAY BY DAY---Calziifzued 24. 11 12 17 18 22 26 28 29 1. 5 8 12 17 27 The Editor and Business Manager discuss the Senior Blotter. No hard feelings. Allen Foster and Dan Burke swear not to shave their moustaches until April 10. We are thankful for Friday. Senior girls upset school. Plaited hair and green ribbons cause Faculty to elevate their eyebrows. Senior boys puzzle over H. G. L. G. Of all the wild guesses! lVe think it is about time for Mr. McLinn to come back to his naughty little boys 'and girls. So does Mr. Buerk. No one absent! Some ambitious person cleans off Mr. McLinn's desk. Mr. ll-IcLinn returns to his deserted flock. - More people fooled! Dan Burke gets to school on time. Several Senior girls run screaming from the basement. Mr. and Mrs. Mouse and children remained for lunch and took a nap in their coat pockets. Hoo-ray! Miss South catches a IDOIISB. YVranglers "put on dog" at their an- nual banquet. Great explosions from the "Big Guns." A wild tribe of Seniors get an "ah- sent with leave" to advertise the Konecny Concert. "Jl1ll,S Boy" helps out with a cornet while "Hiram" spiels "Right this way for your tickets!" ' ..!hg... 'll: 1 r z . no in-lm ' 55. ' ITWWIII ilk! iiiihi . .' xii 4: s. l f- fe. --gr f'Qw xfll t tg , 2? ll e April I7 W 32915155-Q' . U .2 if f J, . .1 , 1 Z . 4 K . , , A f May 3 L x3 f 'N .fi f' ' gi . . Af l May lv Hifi Elf, " 2 ..- M ay 7 Q DAY BY DAY---Conlimzcd April 28. April 30. May 2. May . 3. May 4. May 5. May 6. May T. May 20. May 21. May 23. May 28. Four "important" Seniors welcome the Konecny Concert members and take them all over our beautiful vil- lage in an Oldsmobile, showing them the ancient landmarks. Oh, joy! The concert is over. No more tickets to sell. Signs of graduation-Sweet Girl Graduate Books and Senior Meet- ings. WVhere were you last night, "Red", that you have to finish your nap in English? Speakers have to t'pose" for another picture. "Angel" Huncilman broke the other plate. It's the girls' time to' guess now. Senior boys spring F. A. A. P. on them. "Cussie Dem" shoots unsuspecting teachers with her deadly camera. The Social Climbers take a trip to the school roof and do acrobatic stunts on the flag pole and chimney. Everybody cramming. Oh. Death, where is thy sting? Final exams over! 'A long breath of relief but the worst is yet to come. Baccalaureate. Seniors go to church for once. Commencement. How proud we are of our diplomas. Allen Foster in- vests in a gold frame for his. jL - 1 DIN UH S E T ID 0 G 3 .QD Q3 Owdag 4 QBEIENE 4 2 W 55:3 on FEA? .ESETSGE 'WEQB -D .H 2: wo WEE gat -gmmow UOOSEEEEQ OFF MMO? gsm -65582 :Enom .3505 :ESE ga .igegm Spiga lw .D 2: WO EBVWWEHH . 'seem 'Siam SCENE QEEOO J param Q0 wawqmm -25 TEE N wgegm bean E22-Q4 'Ugg gm M5 OB ,gi Q0 MOOSE 8 Sw OB -E053 MEEQH :WEEE N NG HVQEOEE 3 OB .WSE ,Siam HMEHOEW MO Eggem 2 OH .D 'H 2 Sw OH Sd? EPO as SSE OB -nigga 6 Us OB .OOD-Frm OH Om OB -Owdmidw MO MOTU .mam EE lm EEE OE Stwsbg: 'gina .mango Ng IWQMQGW UH: BM On OF .SOEWC Dggsmg A3 2 OB .MEEUEOW HO EUEWOVE Us OB '23 IOEOHEN in EPO OB -C226-E4 . Eamon :DDE O8 meat? .320 8 gdg .magma 23 Em AEE O2 EO? 26 :OE MEVEE .EB me E E3 3:30 REQ -GO: -EODEHOE Hagan -2:52 Swim SOOO' Sim mage its gg E MESS .mga wgrsgaa .ME SPED EUENEEE E :USE OB wigivh nw-Hgumgm 0:85 SEDAN ODE .WUMESWE 023 au 'EH 2503 2:5530 .EOE S KWEZFE Omg:-Q :dam ,SES 23: N Ewa ,232 I :CREW N34 2: ov Aww-NO 'Same Q aww ahmow H V :Ea 'su E03 meow How H N W N I N I I O O N I W 22:66 EO :Bmw RSO 2-HEEUOO 3:2 R34 :TASS 'Egg MEF: BSO -BOM Hd ENE an 2-S562 ME 2,2 H :JM-E802 :Swag 'S 525 S E Og :ah FEB :SSHOH 25 mme GENE ME .gm gm:-A Sn- : : : 3 : :.LUQ5SmSUdQ Ugg: -:Magi Q--Nmaadm 'nag MWEHES .1555 -:MEGA .-IWEUH: 'nhbzsmz lzggom .N-bam: .AIEEVM 'agoaiw 5:3662 wma? .zwpgehmmz mmm-4 VMWQQQU WQDUGM MDC I : : : : 3 : .OMS E555 :da taxa! 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ILA? lapgmx .-K2-NM: -:lem Moog: kung :nigga Hman? mmm-4 S5520 NMWAJQU QHDUGM MDC Qggam bmah: 4 .E-gan .U-ndwwmzhmz -M3525 'EO HO 262 REE ia: 5 8:5 an gba, 004 -mega EHEOUNH ,595 QEOZ 550200 EOF dgai 36:55 .5033 Egg GUEQEHSE SAECO .vaxdm :mags .satin S2541 -tim M650 utggm QQESSSH .SOOEHOOE BOB .SOOBEWM H524 .EEBNE S0322 u-VCNZ ,L - OUR OWN LITTLE DICKSHUNARY ATHLETE-A dignified bunch of muscles, unable to split wood or carry out ashes. BRAINS-Don't know, never had any. BLUFFING-A long way around getting your lessons. BOLTING-A dignified synonym for "playing hookeyg" prevalent in the spring. BUMMING-An easy way to keep from buying theme tablets, pencils, fountain pens and books. See Elmer Burd for a living illustration. CRAMMING--A desperate attempt to stuff the brain in one night with the work of a semesterg generally fatal. CLASSES--A period of forty years in which students are fired upon unmercifully. CLASSES--A period of forty weeks in which students are fired upon unmercifully. CANNED-'Nuff said. DEFERRED-A teacher's diplomatic way of gently informing one that the worst is yet to come. EXAMS-Teachers' revenge and students' bug bear. EDITOR-Anyone who does not care what is said of him: a martyr to the cause ot' writing. EXCUSE-A scrap of paper. FLUNKED-The saddest word in the English languageg common to day-dreamers. FACULTY-A society of gloom-spreaders who indulge in red ink and note books. FOOTBALL-A game in which one side tries to send the other side away on stretchers. GOSSIP-A germ with a rubber body and long wings that infests the school. GIGGLING-A shrill sound between the squeal of a pig and the cackling of a hen. See Ruth Mergell for professional instructions. GRIND-Anyone who studies all his lessons and never laughs. HALL-A congested thoroughfare in school were confidences and notes are ex- changed. INSPIRATION-Something that no one ever gets on an examination. INFANTS-The Freshmen. LOCKER-A much abused pigeon-hole for scrap paper, apple cores and other an- tiques. LUNCH-Brody's. LIZZIE-An unripe Freshmen. NOTE BOOKS--Little tragedies in the lives of students. OFFICE-Aptly termed the "green carpet" where students are tried, sentenced or pardoned. PONY-A means of conveyance on examinations when saddled properly. PET-Anyone who runs errands or shines shoes for the teachers, the envy of the non-pets. RED INK-An eye-opener. A little bit of this goes a long wayj SENIOR-Someone who knows more than teachers, encyclopedias, dictionaries or parents. The big gun around any school. SPEECHES-Hot air in Chapel. TALKING--A feminine indulgence in class. See Mary Russell. IH- -W W JOKES Martha Venner: "What is a ground hog?" Frankie Zenor: "Sausage" Virginia Austin: "Over tive thousand elephants a year go to make our piano keys." Marguerite Cook: "Isn't it. wonderful what some animals can be trained to do?" Bernard Schlater: "Queer, isn't it?" Ruth Bates: "'VVliat'?'i Bernard: "Why, the night falls-" Ruth: "Yes" Bernard: "But it doesn'i, break." Ruth: f'No." Bernard: "And the day breaks-" Ruth: 'iYes." Bernard: "But it doesn't fall." Helen Martin: "X'Vl1il-T. is the ofllce ol' the gastric juice?" M. Mitchell: "The stomach." Found on an examination paper: "NVind is air when it, gets in a hurry." Russell Baker: f'How many ribs have you?" Earl Edwards: "Don't know. I'm so ticklish I never could count 'em." Mr. Sutter: "I see I've got my-liat. on: now I wonder was I going out or coming in." An echo is the only thing that can beat Mary Russell out of the last word. By the time a Senior is ready to leave he feels awfully important and wonders what will become of the school. 1 Katherine Davis: "I passed Cicero today." James Xvolpert: "Did he speak?" Miss Coiimanz "I shall pass around the paper with the enrollment on it and if you are absent, check your name." Teac-.herz "Anything that is dug from the earth is a mineral. Can you name some?" M. E.: "Spuds." Q FUNNY FRESHM EN. I'm forever seeing Freshmen, Funny Freshmen everywhere: They look so green, Just. a perfect scream, Some day they'll pass and then be Sophs. Freshmen in the hall way, Freshmen everywhere, I'm forever seeing Freshmen, Funny Freshmen everywhere. le- W y I JO K ES---Continued SOME SUGGESTIONS T0 OUR TEACHERS. Mr. Richard: Give a few Punch and Judy shows for the amusement of your Manual Training classes next semester. Mrs. Pritz: Keep your eyes open for Caesar's pony. Miss Force: Conserve sugar. Not so much fudge, next term! Miss Graybrook: Pass your Geometry students on their figures. Mr. McLinn: Keep on hand a large supply of signed admits and excuses. Miss Coffman: Can people in three's and two's. It's more sociable. Miss Welborn: Don't daydream so much during classes. Miss Wood: Why not teach a new system of typewriting-the Hunt System. Miss Smith: Feed your Seniors with poem, sonnet and editorial writing. It's quite appetizing--they won't think. Miss Alexander: Don't scare the Freshmen out of a year's growth. Mrs. Bentley: Don't inflict notebooks on the next Seniors. Miss Kurrie: Less noise in your room, next semester. ' Mr. Sutter: Stay in your own room. Miss Funk: NNork your Freshmen harder. . Mr. Baylor: Don't give too many false alarms, tinkering with the bells. Miss South: Provide your sewing classes with muzzles. Miss Barger: Let the little boys in your classes eat tid bits during the period. Miss Wray: Not so good natured, next term. Miss Rockenbach: Sentence more than one to the fifth period. It's more cheerful. A STUDENT PROGRAMME. A giggling duet by Ruth Mergell and Mary Russell. New methods of mouse killing illustrated by Conner Henthorne and Allen Foster. A snappy arrrobatic act by Louis Vlfunderlich. A real tragedian-Cassie Diedrich in "Macbeth" SHAKESPEARE IN HIGH SCHOOL. FRESHMAN-"Comedy of Errors." SOPHOMORE-"Much Ado About Nothing." JUNIOR-"As You Like It." SENIOR-"Al1's Well That Ends Well." A CANNIBAL? Miss Smith: "I shouldn't want Charlie Chaplin for dinner, supper and breakfast." E- -w w -emi L JO K ES--- Continued A STU DENT'S PRAYER. Now I lay me down to sleep, With my History at my feet: French and English awhirl in my brain, VVill summer vacation ever come again? IT CAN'T WAS A peaceful Wrangler meeting. No fifth period for some of us. !Why mention'names?J A quiet hour for Mr. McLinn. Easy examinations. Utilized study periods. No work for Mr. Carrick. WOULDN'T IT BE A CIRCUS IF: Elmer Burd Wore short trousers. Dan Burke studied. John Thompson could find nothing to argue about. Mary Russell ever quit talking. Frankie Zenor fiunked. Dot Smith was six feet two. Louis Wunderlich voted for a Democrat. Elizabeth Smith was "canned" for misbehavior. Ruth Haskell recited in French. Norma Orth was a decided blonde. Martha Venner was noisy in Chapel. Ruth Mergell cackled instead of giggled. Ruth Bates stayed home from the movies one time. STRIKE ONE! "Red" Turner came out of the auditorium after working on the stage one day, his clothes and face covered with dirt, and a bright flower in the lapel of his coat. "Where did you get that flower, 'Red'?" asked "Hiram." "Where do you think I got it?" answered "Red". "Don't know unless it grew there." lm- w a- fa! L, 1 t JOKES--Continued Mr. Baylor: "When you come for Examination tomorrow, tie your ponies outside." Miss Force: "Some one name a spirit in one of Sha.kepeare's plays." Freshie: "Punk." "History repeats itself," it is said, but it never comes to our rescue when we are called on to recite. Miss Graybrook tln matlrj: "How many make a million?" Mary Vffilson: "Very few." Tom C.: "Say, Miss Welborn, how can you restore the natural color to ivory?" Miss Welborn: "Get a shampoo." Paul Goetz: "Are you a Freshman?" Holbrook Sweeney: "No, I'1n Irish." R. A. M.: "I wonder why Dr. Bain used such long words?" M. A. R.: "Why, he probably stutteredf' Dan: "The horizon is clear today." Prof. Baylor: "Yes, I just swept it with my eye." Miss Smith: "Can anyone tell me why Robert Browning is my favorite poet?" Ruth Bates: "Because he writes love Sonnets." Louis Wunderlich: "My dog can scent a storm hours beforehand." Bernard Schlater: "Then his nose must be some storm center." Miss Kurrie: "Are there any further questions about Methuselah?" l Freshie: "I'd like to know where all his birthday presents are buried." H. Graybrook: "We used to have a dog that would howl when someone played the piano." L. Moore: "That's nothing: I have seen women act that way." When you have: Hot weather, and a. Headache, and A note book to write, and Five examinations, and A play to rehearse, and You're bound to graduate, and You can't study, or Even land a date for Junior Reception, then HOW CAN YOU CONSCIENTIGUSLY SAY "Good morning!" WHAT IS IT? Mr. Baylor: Mistletoe is a parasitic plant having no use." Dan Burke: "I don't agree." me -w w in-mi J O K ES---Continued Martha Venner says "Every time I get on a ferry it makes me cross." Miss Welborn: "What is the lowest type of animal starting with Lyons Moore?" Girls: Never judge a man by what he has been, so long as he isn't a IIRS-Dddll. Frankie Zenor says "The more I think about some people the less I think about them." 4 ' A man is like a watch. After a woman gets him she finds he is either too fast or too slow. , There are a lot of people ot' few words around school, but they surely overworlt the other few. Kenneth Moore wants to know if seven days make one week. how many will make one strong? Ted Turner tto soldier in next bunkl: "Are you asleep yet, Mike?" Mike: "Yes, partly. My arm is." Book Agent: tTo B. Schlaterbz "Sir, can I sell you an encyclopedia?" B. Schlater: "No, I couldn't ride one if I had it." Tom Corcoran: "What makes you spend your time so freely, 'I'eany?" Teany Randall: "Because it's the only thing I have to spend." Dot Smith: "Every man that meets me falls in love with me." VVilma Huncilman: "Some men don't care what becomes of themselves." Katharine Bulleit tin Historylz "I think illiterates and ignoramuses should not be allowed to vote." Bernard Schlater: "Don't you think I want to vote?" Mr. McLinn: "What first called your attention to the fact that your locker had been robbed?" Althea Dryden: "I missed my hand mirror." Katherine Davis: You know Henry Graybrook the butcher. What do you suppose he weighs? ' Elizabeth Smith: "I don't know. What?" Katherine Davis: "Meat" THESE VANITY CASES. A litt.le Freshman asked Althea Dryden the other day why she had to carry her lunch box around with her during school. , E- -e w e-at Yes, W e Heoe fllebea' Into our new plant, which is both Nlodern and Sani- tary in every respect. Extend a cordial invitation to the general public to . . . call and inspect the plant. You ever been disappointed by not getting your order . in, in time for delivery? "VVe deliver any time, any place, in New Albany. By the desire to serve you better, we have made ar- rangements to sell' Pints and Quarts at the plant. Stop in on your way home. HUBER ICE CREAM CO. 4.01 East Market Street mmpomed New Albany, Indiana Home Phone 1967 Cumb. Phone 161 Carl Schoen: "I think girls are so much better looking than men Mary Wilson: "Oh, naturally." Carl: "No, artificially." Handle Owe Lzhe 0 N Silfver HH!! em! Ryze! Blue Food Producti 1 Small enough to appreciate your business Large enough to supply your requirements P. N CW! Groeefgf Co. Illrofparntnl' 115-17-19 Ease Mez'fz Sr:-'eer T be W 11276 Home The Best Place to Shop, aftef all S. VV. Newbur er Sc Co. Inc. Q NEW ALBANY, INDIANA Frank Zinsmeister 85 Co Distributors of the Valley Wlew Brands noted for their high qualities. Afwcgys up to Stafzdarri BUDWEISSER AND BEVO Leaders in SW Drinis Goods Sold to Dealers Only BASTIAN BROS. CO. Class in .9 Cfass fPz'm uY1f6letz'cJfl'fea'afs U if Commencement Announcements and Invitations. Calling Cards JEWELERS to the Class of 1920 34.9 Bastian Building, Rochester, N. Y. fawfffar we Pm-f BO RGERD1 NG ls Combined in Our jewelry T O R C O . hr. 0. ENDRIS at SON t QAg87ZZJ' fbi' Tzzicfi 617107 '7eUle!e7,.lv N I L C6617 OZCLL , . Our Pleasure ifwe may show yo ln business 41 years V ' A u 23O Pearl Sr. East Frith and Sprmg , Success is Originality's Laurelg the Popularity of f i C 1 BREAD Every Good Grocer Has Ii! Is due to its pleasing taste and its keeping qualities BILLY H , I , Q Q 'IL . ,HADEWITMX WM L THE MODEL BAKING CO., Inc. ' Tl ll '14, " MA05wlTH I MLLK l 4 mm A0 GEO. A. KRAFT 561121138 lumrpormd S h O C S Fmzerfz! DZ-7'6C'f07".Y S ati S , Schan The Shoe Man S. YV. Cor. Pearl and Mnrlt I J 708 East Spring St, llwnes 280 Sfzoer Repfzireff 'e Go to Broagfs for your L If N CH Cor. Spring and Fifth Streets mfr Qter z'tUfe M lVlIllNll.ZlCfllI'Cl'S of U Bed Room Furniture All of the new novelties aswell us the more Iohn I lvlor an 85 Sons conservative models can he found ut the - - ' g M ,, Boston Shoe Store l ULORS Q VVe fit the hard to lit. Latest Styles 3,04 PEARL STREET , . Popular Prices SEE US FOR YOUR COM MENCEMENT SHOES Corner East Fourth and Spring f'3.1N:lfX5lt 2-aging, , .,, J ' :'1Sf-XXX? iLx:QSr.:g::+r'eG-in-,rg11'- '. , 1- :g,'2f,,5Hgg1,,1 xx L ' - M f - J- Win f 9 f .Q 'N v .,-jf,-Md' if Wu, X L,gk 3 347 53 " . W ' 'An' V Sl? b 1 ' VC f o m a chu - P 11 '- e Annual L ' I ' lf6lVC1ff E 'f . .L O V I J' V P 5 . ' ,, 'GPL' KI-N 'rvc ' W. K Y V l wjs B -XJ.-5334 . wh W - A 1 ff. A.5, . ' ' TN X J' " gf iw f7"F4'74?i12f',"T'tf . ----1 , V gf G '55,--lp? 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Vw kexxlgen an e V N- Xa-- ' ' Y ri C in P U gf- 4 ,, 'Q C0 Q5 5 f X ,MC H -Q 1. m-Q:-wi-ww-.--.--. 'cp 0 e T' 0 QA ,. ", : a ah M1465 I 'Waals s' eff: , 545' fakgfgas 'QQJM X I L U t - I .X 'J , 9' . ,lf ,5: I pl.. M, wmv 1.3 Mix" Q V uf! le, yd, mtg rt U 9 1 ,F 1'-'M ',.,6,-.-,191 , .f,, 7144174413 f ' -A . ""w"" TLEE t W -f Z? r, 1-13,-L-!1- S -.Nr V, .. .., g l - I xrl?v,.,. xg YY ., wvh- N' -1.2 .W - ' " -A V. 1 - . , 1 MV f"A fAf.2:f-N " ' ' w' kfzw ff' ' - u y,'4y vi ' 'ig' r l -xg, y -.... Y, W ' ' W? PARQUET RY FLOGR In proportion to cost rhere is nothing that adds as much to sale or rental ofa house as a fine hardwood floor. Ir iss clean, cool, beautiful and sanitary. Housekeeping is made much easier as there are no heavy carpets to sweep. Housekeeping is robbed of its horrors as carpet beating is abolished. They can be laid over old floors in an old residence or a new one. Wood - Mosaic COMPANY, Inf. New Albany, Indiana Buy Your Ef66fVZf F072 NOW Before hot weather catches you unprepared -lust received a full line For hot Water after the fire is out use the A Qbn gay Water Heater' United Gas Sc Electric Company American Bank 8zTrust Co. R S. ELSBY, President --A T. B. SONNER, Secretary-Treasurer CHAS. KREUTZER, Cashier Capital 3200,000.00 N. W. Corner Spring and Pearl Streets NEW ALBANY, IND. i Elsby Building Open fi-om 8:00 am. to 8:00 pm. Ambition and a BANK ACCOUNT---Requisites of Successful Youth Leonard: "I had to kill my dog this morning! Frankie: "Was he mad?" Leonard: "Well, he wasn't exactly pleased about rt A Gift Beyond Value : Your E lzaiagmpla See RIDDLE Bank and Spring Streets, New Albany, Ind. EMERY-soorfr SEED F0f Ca1' COMPANY CLEANING oo. Garden Seeds, Garden TOOIS We do Repairing and Alteration Poultry Supplies, Lawn T41 East SPHUS Street Both Phones I2 MOWUS, Etc- y C. N. BUNCH, Manager- 1. C. GONDER Confecfzbnefjf and 361.56731 Fancy Pastries, lce Cream and Sherbets Birthday and Wedding Cakes a Specialty i Corner East Fifth and Market If our thoughts could be read, isn't it true that our faces would be redder? Two hearts may beat as one but two mouths can never eat as one. Friendship doesn't mean any more to some folks than a license to borrow money. If you cannot have what you want, try to like what you have. When you think of odaks S Think of ..... noefel's Tbe Illost Complete Kodak Hoz4i'e in the Falls Clif!-GX BRUNO KNOEFEL Sc SON Fifteenth and Spring, New Albany, lnd. Developing loc per roll. L Prints 3C and 4C Compliments If it comes from the of BAKERLRAWFORD S. Gardner CUMPANY -X , I 316 Pearl Street, New Albany, Ind. l' ounclry and Machine You know ir will be right Com anv Stationers, Printers P f 'Engravers CHAS. B. GWIN, President and Treasurer dforecd THE UNIVERSALCAR Gwin Motor Sales Co. Authorized Ford Agents New Albany, Jeliersonville and Salem Home Phone 414.-b Cumb. Phone rz4 East End Motor Garage H. G. SCHLENK, Proprietor S. S. DIECKMANN, Manager Day and Night Taxi Service Also Baggage Transfer Cars Stored, Washed and Polished 1637 East Market Street New Albany Steam Laundry ,Pearl and Main G D061 good Worli Ralph: "Do you still walk in your sleep?" Tom: "No, I take ear fare to bed with ni Dan Burke: "I do hate to leave old N. A. holidays so much." e now." H. S. I have enjoyed the vacations and For . . Coal, Cement, Lime, Sand, Gravel Gall zooo Arthur Newbanks qw. A. H. s.1905y Pearl and Market Streets Grocery Specialties Fine Fruits and Vegetables Wcllsworth Spectacles for Children :SS brid S NELLI E CONN ER, Optometrixt 514-516 Elsby Building Special attention given to the eyes of young people HlJllTS1i8Z3O am. to 5:00 pm. Home Phone 330 Depeszf he flze Cfeezrzkzg H ease Eames Of New Albany A We pay THREE per cent. interest on time deposits and savings accounts. The highest rate which may be paid with safety SECOND NATIONAL BANK NEW ALBANY NATIONAL BANK MUTUAL TRUST Sc DEPOSIT CO. FLOYD COUNTY BANK NEW ALBANY TRUST CO. All Foster: Did yo - see'a, dog that would eat dirt? P ul Goetz: Has some dog be n bit' High School Students come to 0 f eeiifzeb and Hnd the best home-made Candies em! I ee Cream 127 East Spring Street---Home Phone Q54 fhgla Safzool 735110175 and graduate! Are always alert to the vital questions of the day. There is none so important at present as the extreme High Cost of Living. Let us all help reduce it by working shoulder to shoulder, no fads or foibles, but an honest-to-goodness en- deavor with the two important factors, production and economy. You do your part, produce or encourage production, and we will do our's by helping you economize. We have taken the initiative for New Albany and have started a Crusade against High Prices by making a very radical reduction on everything in our house. Sczpzizfkjf Jlfen and W0men'5 Wear PEARL AND MAIN STREETS J m s Bov: "Why is at crying baby in a theatre like a good suggestion Ruthie 'I'l1 bite. Why?" Jun s Boy: "Because it should be carried out." When you need C G I Or Sand, Gravel, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Plaster Paris, Fire-Clay, Cinders We can furnish you the best also prompt delivery E. T. SLIDER Home phone 137 Southern Phone 408 134 East Market Street i ' When in need of Cut Flowers and Design Work, call or visit Crockery, China, Glassware FRED, BETTIXXIANN'-S Cutlery and Kitchen Furnishings Ffotwer Shop 1608 East Main Street 133 East Market Street Opposite the old Place Home Phone 404-a Cumb. Phone 160 Home Phone Zlgl Hopkin's Fertilizer Compan MRIILIHCYLIFCFS of High Gracie Commervzkzl Ferfilizerr Ruth Bates: "What's the hardest thing when you are learning to roller skate?" Mary H.: "The door." I Teany: "Give me a size eighteen collar." Clerk: "Pardon me, but the harness shop is next door." ex LARGEST HOME FURNISHERS In Southern Indiana - B ' F - d :,m.,f ,-,,,,5,.. ensinger urmtu re an an-ws? ':3f.3fg?92 . Y 'iz' Carpet Company Inc. gv 5 W - Corner State and Market Streets ii Hedden Block Homes Furnished Complete fi-om Kitchen to Parlor f The Ildivern We Invite You to Open a Charge Account From George H. Zeillmann Electric Company Efvefyfhing Elecfricrzf Vacuum Cleaners, Washers, Irons Fixtures and Construc- tion Work EYE STRAINS Cause Headache, Blurring Vision and Nervous Disorders Have your eyes examined Consultation free Ernest Conner, Optolzzetfirf At Conner's Drug Store :: Pearl and Spring Do your part toward a if Greater New filbcznyf' Buy at home. Trade with New Albany dealers and ask these dealers to fzzzyfiem New Albany Wholeralerf. TIRE SALES CORPORATION Wb0le.rnle 07761 A Automotive Accessories QII State Street Miss Smith: "What are you reading for outside reading B ' 'dz "Nothing," exnal Miss Smith: "How do you like it?" Caesar crossed the Rubicon on a bridge but we crossed it on a pony. Tl1C E. G. Mayes Drug Co. New Albany Nhlhng CO' VVholesale and Retail +27-433. State Street .Excellent Line of Perfume ,and Purzmz Feeds' T .1 Lx . 1 ForChickens, Hogs,Cows, Horses 01 et L rue CS Distributors for Agent tbl' Bl1zz'cQjQrd'r Producti' M1z.rfic and E. G. M. Pfzifzfr .. ff ff, E ' I- ' Ig S Ge W x 3 C J ,. F I ,Z 4 1 Q - --3 . I' f Qlvfiw -dvi-T if our ' xy 'aff -7'-SA:-. - h x A ur Prices ' ' Z5 64 '12 Prices fe fe 'A A Are f if X9 Y re Lowest , I 3 5' A Lowest " x" Q' QW IAQ? 'Fife 2145, IV' f' 1.1, Sixl ' "Iv ,1:.,i' L, T 5- -yiem-'K:' 'Z' "" :T as t 2 ,M ,,, . 15 :gli Q L1 -- V Gel . ,, , -., ,f - - Iwi- aw, A, " 1 - ss Wise 'I' ,a X 11. .ew f A , "' . WISC 5' : Q ' ,iT 'rs 7 10, ff, fir' 'lid' ' ff r-1 ' 0 :fry Q Qt I A 7' '. 0 1 K if ' 'X , e , - F 41 Ezzrehz Ffozzr giiCTl'4 vi vPw"'5' rt EUREKA 5a51,'5'5s , I4 BA 1 J. H. Shme 81 Co. ,'m I4 LN For Those Who Want The Best "'m""""" ' 1 A "Lizzie" asked EL Senior the other day if Norton Hassenmiller was "that little McCulloch boy." MATI-IES DRY CLEANING COMPANY VVALTBR H. MATHES, Manager 205 EAST MARKET STREET fOdd Fellows Buildingj For Service and Satisfaction C1111 Hoffzrf Phone 685 EVORK CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED VANILLA QQEIQA A'I OUR FOUNTAIN A . L. -t - ' g.'.e:-'ya-mfs-:,.l-.L t, .Li Q-ge..-y.: a ,. ,uv . M'-3 4 I 5.::ggj1u.v4gu 1 Eyqgg .j -1 A U ,-,sf,x-41,1-E13 Liewn: ' -f f", 2nr1"i"F-L4t?:'FVLHN'-Gi' S4 f m ei' ORener than anywx here else outside her home She is a constant visitor here because she has learned there is no sodft l1Le ours in town Drop in anv day 'md you ll find the most exclusive girls 111 the city enjoying the products of our fountain. , 11' N, NIU? YOU'LL MEET HER M , N iv I 1 E rg Ii" l Q , I N55 . 3 I ll A ,I N' J. '. .A . . X-4 f wr .52 elf-:" ! 4, I I w 1-,lp ,egg H! - t xpitxqf li, ' r ' ' A ' ' ELSBY BUILDING 220 STATE STREET ' ' L, -f- 3 KODAKS , fe C .X Catalogue Free -W i f ' . -f r H The Sutcllflae Co. V -,.-g et 220 South Fourth Street 1 'Q' ' V' -F ' f 'Mk K rx . fDefvel0pz'fzg arm' Prz'mfz'7zg 2 w e ' lf' - LOUISVILLE, KY. L, f' 4 E AT ALL GROCERS Teerlefr and Sdlbl Ann Bread Made by N. Stein Bakery Co., Inc. NI B ,l VXI t s the ld l .1 d . ond?" D Burke: The Ace." Royal Cleaning 81 Dye' Works Hatter, Cleaner and Dyer GIVE US A TRIAL 24 VV. Market St. New Albany, Ind. Home Phone 2166 Petery-Ee dde rmungm ompan Przkztzkzg, Bzkzdzhg, Efzgmwkzg, Statzbnefy Printers and Engravers to the Class of 1920 CREED'S . fewelrfy, Tlze Gif? af Lofue Wholesale and Retail Hardware N. LEIST SZ. SON Sgjjs jewelers 317 State Street Elsby Building Nananal, Sindeaalrer ana' Oanlana' Cans Cpen and Closed Bodies Let Us Demonstrate Flqfel Cennzy Ania Ca. Boil: Phones 1094 323-27 Vincennes Street Street Car Conductor Cas "Burd gets offb: "Room for th -st p l' I pl What most people need is a sp g t nic for the int ll t W H Cleve G. Welsh Irwin VVelsh Puritan Dr Cleaners Modern Sanitary Plumbing y and Heating ' 307-309 215 East Market Street East Main Street Both Phones 346 Home Phone 1900 IF YOU WANT THE F. C. Hinkle G. L. Na BESTIN FLORAL SI-IOPPE L1 FE INSURANCE Elba Theatre Bldg. SEE We raise our own plants and flowers F. C. LORCH, Superirztezzdefzz' thafs Why We S611 Metropolitan Life "Flowers fha! Lfzrt Longer Elsby Building Home Phone ' . f'Say It PWM Fl07a9em"' John G. Bettmann Sz Son, Fl0fZiI'ff 1610 East Main Street . Home Phone I7 Cumb. Phone 558 Corsages a Specialty L. W. 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Suggestions in the New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) collection:

New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1918 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1919 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


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