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Alf-ry 'lethlely 'mlmg umpam ' , ,vb gfln' -g F 5' 1,9 E' W I fi M Lf' 3 Q C x . if ' flwer 'Ziff ' f"r:"J -?4+3!.a M " fi f' f ' Ng 22,2 Y X f 3 ? Swniov QEla65':bXH.' 'mme . - I Xbqilil fgigb US C 2001 f i 5 Q.4jMf4.W fs I 1 1 E M -f35NlQB BIQTTEHK gflrhirniinzr :mv hvhirzxfc nur Q3Infivrh1 Bliss gliifrrg Nan Psrshzrlv :mir gfiiss gtrllm 3KurIze11I1z11:Ig in Iuhiug zrppwriaiiuu fur flgv Igzzppg, Imsg bags 5lJPIIff11itI!i'I'fl'llI 'i9,nN,"? f . , , nv ,. ,A ya ',-'IH -X x, .fx wx.. ,N ,Z -- ,.,' . ,Q irc fgfxwl .L 4' I3 .QV QD M44-aQ:3-pr vf ily Q.. V D W 4 M -fiivlllllli Blllllll-e m Senior Blotter Yaoarb Q1-itirs Miss Suzanne Van Arsdale Mr. F. B. Mil mn Ehifliffi-'ill-QIl!lPf Kathryn Wolfe Elizabeth Hieb Pxrfists Grace Dykeman Robert, Harris Assie-tar1xt3fhitm1x's Jessie Brubeck Ruth Sonner Alma Borkenheim Field Sauer Joe Renn Jennie Miller llusiuvs-J ii'l'lZIlIZl5l'I' William Fawcett f:A55l5l2llll' Lester Sislofl' 0.31155 mffirrrs President Richard Zimmerman Vice President Elizabeth Hieb Secretary and Treasurer Margaret Nirmaier mn 'P W9 A 70 vein. - 3 ,1 1,B4,Y!.,i5ffN jN f3NlQB BWEHN W 11 T-T' jk fglllllli Emil-s . . . 'Faculty Roll . . M r. H. A. Buerk, Supt. of l-'ublic Schoolsg .X.l3., lndianag AB., Harvardg Ph.D., Austin College. ' Mr. C. B. McLiun, Principalg AB., lndiana. Miss Louise Alexander: Lating AB., lndiana. Miss Alice Funk, Botany: AB., B.S., Lebanon University. Miss Tabitha South, Domestic Science. Miss Minta McQuiddy, Domestic Science. Miss Vesta Simmons, English: A.M., lndiana. Mr. Farl Martin, Historyg A.B., lndiana. Mr. C. A. Belch, Chemistry: .'X.B., NVinona College. Mr. lf. H. Heudershot, Algebra: Perdue. Mr. C. NV. Byers, Physics: ill., lndiana. Miss XVillia X'Vigg'i11gt0n, lfnglish. Miss Suzane Van Arsdale, Expression: Ph.B., University of Chicago. Miss Una IJ. Adams, Latin: A.B., Indiana. Mr. Leo NVolforcl, History: All., l"ranklin College: j.D., University of Chicago. Mr. j. R. Cotton, Expression: .'X.B., University of Michigan. Miss Francis Hartly, Art: DePauw Miss Emily Brewer, Artg DePauw. Mr. H. I. Crugcr, Mechanical Drawing: Bradley Polytechnic. Mr. C. Richards, Manual Training. Mr. A. limbs, Music: A.S.N.M., Northwestern l'niversity. Ear 'qi fiif-1515 5,4 1 lififfsxfw fblhllli Elllllllw Kath 3 Richard Zimmerman. Persuasion tips his tongue when- e'er he talks. President Senior Class: President VVran,qlers IV: Lyceum Club A. B. C.: L. B. H. S. Debate: "Daddy- Long-Legs": "The Private Secre- tary." Cliss Play. ryn Wolfe. Her air, her manners, all who saw admired. liditor-in-Chief Senior Blotter: lid- itor-in-Cllief Girls' Blotter IV: .L. CTL., Secretary-Treasure1' Ill, lV:' Latin Club: K. lf. Ii.: Speakers, Vice- President, IY: "Conquering Heron: Cinderella, east: Choral Club. Cl rss Haj. Robert Harris. xvllilt shall l do to be forever known and make the age to come my own? Wiranglers: Lyceum: A. B. C.: Class Baseball I: Blotter Board lll, IV, Senior Blotter Board: Robin Hood, Class Pl y. Elizabeth G. Hieb. Intelligence, grace, and neatness, a splendid thing in women. Vice pres. Senior class: liditor in Chief Senior Blotter: lfditor-in-Chief Blotter IV: Blotter Board ll, IYL Speakers, See. and Treas. lll: Argo, Pres. IYI S. O. S.: Latin Club: Cer- man Club: Cinderella: Daddy Long Legs: Choral Club: Conquering Hero. Class Pliy. Willard Richards. I am a soldier. NVitty, courteous, liberal, full of spirit: A. B. C.: W'ranglers: Football Ill, IY: Basketball Ill, IV: Private Secretary: If S. Army. Jessie Brubeck. lt is good. 'llo lengthen to the last a sunny smile. Speakers, Yiee pres. IY, S. O. S.: Argo, Pres. IV: German Clubl Senior Blotter Board: Blotter Board IV: Cinderella: Choral Club: Con- quering Hero. I jwgfghlfli BIIIUEIIN N The sweetest noise on earth, a wo- man's tongue. A string which hath no discord. Speakers, 'I'reas. IV, German Club: Pres. IV: L. O. L., K. If. lf.: Choral Club, Senior Blotter Board: Blotter Board IY: Tyler Contest lll: L. B. H. S. Speaker Debate Ill: Cinderella: Conquering Hero: Sapinsky contest. Field Sauer. Yet I love glory-glory is a great thing. VVranglers, Vice pres. IV, A. B. C.: Lyceum Club, Blotter Board, III: Iiditor-in-Chief IY: Senior Blot- ter Board: The Private Secretary: Robin Hood: Glee Club: Orchestra: Class Baseball I, Il, III: Football. Alma Borkenheim. Her very frowns are fairer far 'llhan smiles of other maidens are. Speakersg Sodalitas Latina, Con- sul IV, L. O. L.: Vice Pres. I: Choral Club, K. F. Ii.: Cinderella, Blotter Board IV: Senior Blotter Board. Charles Norman. The orator persuades and Carries all with him, he knows not how. Wranglers, A. B. C.: Lyceum Club, I.. B. H. S. Ilehate IV: Class Play. Margaret Nirmaier. Though I am not splenitive or rash Yet have I something in me dangerous. See. and Treas. Senior Class: Blot- ter Board IV: Girls' Blotter Board: Speakers, Pres. IV: Tyler Contest II, lll: I.. B. H. S. Speaker Debate: Herman Club, See. III, IYQ L. U. I,. Pres. Ill: Ii. Ii. IC.: Cinderella: Choral Club: Class Play. Carl Harris. How prone to doubt, how cautious are the wise! Latin Club. MN JPSINIQII BSIQIIEHK William Fawcett. I am no orator as Brutus is But you know me all, a plain blunt man. lfVranglers: A. B. C.: Choral Club: Football IV: Baseball I, II, III, Capt. IV: Blotter Board IV: Senior Blotter Board, Business Manager. Annelle Barrett. Such sweet compulsion doth in music lie. Argo: S. O. S.: Daddy Long Legs: Cinderella: Shakespearean Tercen- tary: Orchestra. Elizabeth Furnas. I am here: I shall remain here. L. O. L., Pres. IV: K. F. Ii.: Cin- derella: Choral Club: Shakespear- ean Tercentary. Leslie Emery. How many times do I love again? A. B. C.: Vlfranglersz Football III, IV: Soorting Editor Blotter III: Football IV: Class Baseball III: Daddy Long Legs: Efranglers: A. B. C.: Treasurer Steinite Etta Reeves. Oh, this learning, what a thing it is! ' f ella. Argo, Sec. II: S. O. S.: Latin Club, Consul III, IV: Choral Club, Cinder- jW fSlNlllB Blllllilw Raymond Ruff. Though he was rough, he was kindly. A. B. C.: Choral Club. Grace Dykman. Au artist, with an artist's soul. Senior Blotter Board artist: Blot- ter Board lV, L. O. L.: li. F. li.: Choral Club: Sodalitas Latina, Ves- tal Virgin Ill: Cinderella. Vessie Marshall. ' An affahle and courteous gentle- man. Basket Ball: Football: .-X. H. C. Edith McDonald. lf you'd see her, you would love her just tl1e same as me. K. F. L. O. L.: Choral Club. Geneva Rhodes. Klan is not made to question hut adore. Speakers: Latin Club, Vestal Vi gin ll, lll: Qnestor, IV, L. 0. L, K. F. F.: Cinderella: Choral Chili: Orchestra. N JAXNIIH Bllllltlw fs Mary Edna Hester. A perfect woman, nobly planned To warn, to comfort, and eoms mand. Speakers: S. O. S.g Argo, Pres. ll, Vice Pres. IV, Treas. lg Latin Club, Consul IV, Censor III, Questor llg Cinderella: llaclcly-Long-Legs: Con- quering Hero: Choral Club. Class Play. Raymond L. Kiser. For if she be not for me, VVhat care l for whom she be? W'ranglers Treas. IV: A. B. C.: Choral Club: Football Varsity IV: Basketball Varsity lll, IV: Class Baseball! Class Play. Helen Rampp. Xlihat shall I say to you? XfVha1 can l say Better than silence is? K. F. E.: Choral Clubg L. 0. L.: So- dalitas Latina. Everett Wright. Sir, I would rather be right than be President. Choral Club: Class Baseball. Clara Seibel. Happy am I, from care I'11l free, XVhy aren't they all contented like . me? Argo, Pres. III: S. O. 5.3 Speakers: Latin Club, Vestal Virgin IIIQ Chor- al Club: Cinderella: Daddy-Lori? Legs: Conquering I-Iero. Lester Sisloff. "liar off his coming shone." Nlfranglers Vice lfresicleut IV, A. B. C.: Lyceum: Private Secretary: Basketball Varsitv III: Class Capt. II, III: Assistant Business Manager Senior Blotter: Class Play. h fhlhllli Emil -X Hewitt Shrader. "The world knows only two: th:it's Rome and l." A. B. C.: XVranglersg Choral Club: Basketball lll, lV: Track XVinner. Class Play. Helen Klosse. Heart on hor lips and soul within hor eye. l.. O. l..g K. lf. li.g Cindcrellug Ur- clwstrzt. joseph B. Renn. l :un not the rose, hut l llztxx- lived nt-nr the rose. Nlfranglers Pres. lV: A. B. C. Pres. lllg German Club Pres. IV, Treats. lY, Vice Pres. lll: Senior Blotter Bozmlg Boys' Blotter Board: Blotter llozird IV: llziddy-Long-Legs: The Private Secretary: lfootball Capt. lY. Class Play. Dean House. For nothing lovelier can bc found In woman than to study household good. l.. O. L.: li. ll. lf.: Choral Club: IJzitlcly-Long--Legs: Cfnderellzm. Class Play. Lee Bussey. l lill this cup to one nmde up of lovelint-ss alone. Wranglers Trc-as. lYg A. B. C.: Senior Blotter Board: Class Baseball lg 'l'r:1t'lt Nlvvt I, Class Play. Emily McBride. Fair was she beyond coinpure. L. O. L.: li. F. Choral Club: Latin Club, Vestal Virgin Ill, Censor IYQ Cinderella. ' iN f'3NlllH Blliillw - A Richard Hauswald. VVo111en? l never liearcl of tl1e111 , before, Wliat are women like? Wrangler Sec. IV: A. B. C.: Pri- vate Secretary: Football Varsity lY Basketball Yarsity lll, IV: Pnaselial Varsity lV. Mary Strain. Behold me! l Zllll wortliy Of thy loving. L. 0. L. Pres. lllg Vice Pres. ll: Choral Club: K. F. E.: German Club: Cinderella: Ol'CllCSl1'2l. Wallace Martin. To reaelx new spheres of pure ac- tivity. A. B. C.: Choral Clnlmi Class Base- ball: Class llaslsetball, Pearl Krey. clerella. Carl Fein. another yawn? cm-Iwsr1-n, Helen Gould Robertson. ' Sweet and gracious is tl1is maiden K. F. lf.: Cinderella: German Cl11b Orchestra. C Gentle, but oh: so 1llCl'l'y and gay? S. O. S.: Argo: Choral Clulwi Cin- VVl1v flotll one lllHll,S yawning: lllillit' A, B. C.g German Clnlmg l,yee11111I gaslffmlfli BWHEUN N Katharine Foley Anything but history for history must be false. Argo: S. O. S.: Daddy-Long-Legs. Bernard W. Wallace. l Find nonsense singularly refresh- ing. Choral Club. Frances Butler. Shalt show us how divine a thing a woman may be made. .Xrgoz Sf U. S.: Choral Club: Cer- tuan Club: lllotter Board, TY: Cin- tier-ella. Theodore Lang. I never dare to be ,Ns funny as I can. Choral Club: Class Baseball: Class Basketball. Helen Marie Bussey. AX beautiful and happy girl XYith step as light as summer air. Girls' Blotter lloartl lY: Speakers: li. li. li.: Latin Club, Vestal Yirgin ll, Ouestor lll, Censor lV1 Cinderel- la: Conquering Hero: Choral Club. Maybelle jestine Standiford. l'll be to you a true and loving friend. Argo: S. O. S.: Latin Cluhg Aeidile V IY1 Choral Club: Cinclercllag Daddy- Long-Legs. fmlllll Ellliiflw I I I Ruth e as P. Sonner. "Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls." Argo: S. O. S.: Blotter Board IV: Senior Blotter Board: Choral Club: Cinderella: Daddy-Long-Legs. Class Play. Edward Thomas. All men become great creatures- but so slow. lVrangles: Class Basketball: Class Baseball. Emma Michel. "True merit, like a river, the deep- er it is the less noise it makes." S. O. S., Vice Pres. IV: German Club: Choral Club. Earl Beach. Muse not that l thus suddenly pro- eeedl For what l will, I will and there an end. Choral Club. Elsie Osborne. See me, how calm I ani. K. If. Iii.: Blotter Board IV. Daniel R. Trinler. Give nie a lever long enough I And a prop strong enough, I can single handed move the world. A. B. C. Pres. IV: XVranglers Sec. III: Private Secretary: Football Var- sity IVQ Class Baseball: Class Bask- etball: Class Play. gk filllllli BIQUEH K Paul Ziegelbaur. "Could I love less, I should be hap- I pier now." Lyceum Club. I Instructor Physics Classes. Hazel jane Genung. - "Nods and Iieeks and wreatlled Smiles." A, L. 0. L.: li. F. lf.: Choral Club: Cinderella: Blotter Board IV: Sap- insky Contest IV, First award. Y Class Play. Irvin Murphy. Quiet. silent He chooses his company. Choral Club. I' Hazel McCulloch. Shake down your hair, its shade is deep And sweet as l1lfIlllLyS. ' S, O. S.: .M-go: Daddy-Long-Legs: , Cinderella. Gilbert Marsh. XYhy stay we on the earth unless we grow? I A. B. C.: German Club, Viee Pres. IY: XN'ranglers: Class Baseball: Dad- dy-I,ongz-Legs. ' Clarice Worley. 1 ls she not passing fair? Ii. If. lf.: Blotter Board IV. W filllllli Blliilw Beatrice Ehalt. Hcr voicc changed lilac a bird's Thcrc grow morc of thc music and loss of thc words. clrrc-lla. Frank Walk. Night after night H0 sat and blearcd his cycs with books. Choral Club: Class Basketball. Annette Helck. Tho grass stoops not, sho trcads on it so light. Argo: K. F. li.: German Club: Choral Club: Cindvrollag Orclwstra. Albert Fischer. 'Tis looking downward that malics one dizzy. Choral Club: Orchestra. Ida Mae Goodbub. Thy simple doom is to bc lmcfmtilul. L. O. L.: K. F. E.: Choral Club: Gorman Club: Cindcrc-lla, Louis Hannon. Wlhcrc Libcrtv dwells theres is my Country. XX7raugl0rs. Argo: S. O. S.: Choral Club: Cin- W fdltltli Emil-sf Class Tfistory Our High School Finds place in a store of memories treasured up through all of our four years. The spirit of good-fellowship holding us together, we went with interest into Geometryg we shouted ourselves hoarse when the ball went over a goal post or into a basketg we experienced the thrill of amateur actors. Now, we as Seniors open our memory chest and recount the years so crowded with experiences. Uur girls of 'l7l6 meet together in their Freshman year and called themselves after the good ship Argo. The next term they began their activities with the "Temple of Fame" and later with the same stick-together spirit, presented "Daddy-Long-Legs." Our girls of '18 organized the L. O. L.'s with a desire to study all that was good in literature. They planned lrish, Valentine and George W'ashington parties, the last one always most attractive. XYe have ten Speakers and nine W'ranglers, girls and boys who worked to make the debates successes and other activities best. Music has found talent among us while Latin and German have interested others. NVQ, too, have had strong men in athletics: hard-Fighting football men who could hold cadets and soldiers: basketball men to pile up a score of l76 against their opponents 120: baseball men to give us a victory over old rivals. Behind these teams there has been a loyal crowd of .'X. B. Cfs founded by boys of our class. They paid this year's athletic debt by producing "The Private Secretary." Most of all we are proud to display a service flag' with its three stars: the nrst for David NVinn: the second for Clyde Huff: the third for NVillard Richards. XVe are proud too, that we could help in the Bazaar that.made money to buy books for our soldiers, in the Thrift Stamp Campaign, in the Liberty Loan Drive, with Red Cross XYorl:, and to make some little French Orphans happy. g?fm,s,g45 et t55f'T'flil"f fl ,eff N A -f"XNllll"l Blllillliw x Nlary Stoy -Icssic La-ist M zirtlizi M ontgom cry Martha Groan Virginia Winstandley Frances Winstandley Cleo lngram lucz Stzmdiford Gladys Hardy Alice Wdlliams Mildrcfd Craig llc-lvu Thornton Senior 55 s lrcnr' lX'lo1',-zgzui Margaret Tebault lilizzilictli Curric- Maydcllc Buckmzm .Xudrcy Borgcrding Mildred Uppling R2lylllOIld Kirk Roth Janes Bzirtlvtt Brooks Norbert Sclizicllcr Franklin l-lonpt .Xlccn Tcrstcgggfc nary frqn 'eff' Vmiv-Q-. SHOINDI' SOPHOMORES N3lNHS3B:l j63fXNlQE BKQUEQW fx ff,-"f '?fv 4? ., EBEESQI 1 H 3' , X A e1.ff,fX Tx T13 botograpbic 'Exposure Time.--l9.Z8. Place.-New York City. "Have you the pictures, Helen?" asked Mary Hester as she greeted Helen lxlosse, Alma Borkenheim, Annetta l-lelck and Edith McDonald in her apartment on liifth Avenue. "Yes, and there is the grandest one of Hubby Shrader," replied Helen, wondering ii' the rest noticed that she shook hands with the butler, who did, indeed, resemble Iliek Zimmerman strikingly. "Girls, we must be growing old. To think it is the end of,ten years, the time that the class agreed to send pictures to each other. Field Sauer expressed the box to me from Chicago, where he has the headquarters of the American Lyceum Bureau. Teddy Lang, his secretary, writes that a group of Senior talent is to tour America soon. Hazel Cenung is the dramatic reader and Carl Fein, Beatrice Ehalt and Clara Seibel, nmsicians. Then there is a cast, which includes Louis Hannon, Bernard XVallaee and llill Fawcett, called the befitting name of "High School Players." Edward Thomas is stage director, "Sleepy" Martin, advertiser, and Mary Strain, the ticket seller." "And what about the Harris boys?" asked Alma. "Well, Robert and lrwin Murphy are doing some kind of scientihc research vvork at the University of California. Lester Sisloff, the dean, writes that Carl was almost frantic because his book on "Hygramctry" was not a success. lda Mae Goodbub sug- gested that he change the name to "The True Heart" and now it is a "best seller." "Chl herc's Hazel McCulloch," cried Mary recognizing a winsomc Red Cross Nurse. Um class should certainly be proud of her and Pearl and Etta-the three 'fangels of mercy." "And of Dick Richards," said .Xnnet.ta. "To think that he routed a whole German division at once!" Puzzled, the girls bent over the photographs. Could these two eminent looking' men be Les Emery and Gilbert Marsh? Ah, How thrilling it nmst be to be a comedian like Ray Ruff or a matinee idol like "Jelly" Hauswald. And of course, Helen Robert- son and Helen Bussey after their aerial flight over Berlin, and just missing bombing the Kaiser, could be expected to tilt their chins a little. Next, a Paris paper clipping' was found, the girls looked into the face of Annelle. "Thousands Cheer Xladamoiselle Barrett's Playing" they read. Mary laughed, as she gave Edith a charming little picture of llean. ,loc sends greetings but can not take time from his book "Value of a Co-ed High School" to have photograph taken, was the message. "NVasn't that terrible about Ur. Elsie Osborn's patent medicine?" asked Alma. "lt was declared by Chief Detective lxiser and Drug lnspector Schaefer to be a fake. But then Mabel Standiford wrote nie that Pat Brubeck wrote her that Geneva Rhodes says that Violet Schmidt said that Clariee XN'orley tried it for the headache and it cured her after only five days." "Extra" came a cry of a newsboy. Secretary of XVar NVright loses otlice! President XVolfe, appoints Jennie Miller -as successor. Senators Beach and XValk quarrel in Con- gress! Order restored by Sergeant-at-arms. Michel. Miss Rampp and Miss Furnas nominated on opposite tickets for Congressln The girls turned again to their pictures. This time it was Charles Norman, whom they knew to be lecturing to women on Yess Nlarshall's book "Restoration of Men's Riglltsf' "l saw Ruth Sonner starring in the 'Siege of the Young Lovers' last night," said Alma, "and that reminds me of Grace llykman. l hear that Lee Bussey has pronounced her portrait of Emily McBride as surpassing the Mona Lisa." Mystified, the girls drew forth a book called "Simplified Chemistry," On the frontis- piece was the face of Margaret Nirmaier with the words "Sympathetically dedicated to Paul Ziegelbauer, lnstruetor of Chemistry at N. A. H. S." "And now, one more surprise!" cried Helen. "Betty Heib is to be at the Metropol- itan tonight. l,et's go and take supper'afterwards at Butler's and Foley's!" W rm, A -..JeeXQ wQf+t'2ms.a l d if-?fXNVLQB EWITEHK N, - Gu illvnxrvxnxlxvr Smllg Qllitrlgell Alhrrt ?Bvnrv - ,. , ,Q f?"'fw1f2X - . , we- Q- M JPSWNXQH BIQTEUK K -fe-f'.253' w fariiiiariii-was Speakers THE YEAR'S RECORD. September 28,-Speaker Booth lmronglit S20 at H. S. Bazaar. Oetolmer.-5Fl0 pledged for Liberty Bond. November 20.-101 children fed at 'lllianksgziving Dinner. December 25.-56 pairs of stockings sent to poor children. january 5l,-ifililfm made at Cafeteria Dinner for Liberty Bond. March 22.-Willie Conquering Heron brongelit 560.33 for l:I'Cl'lCll orphan. Nlay ll.-Sapinslsy Silver Medal. Critic-Miss Suzanne Yan Arsclzile. OFFICERS. 'l7lb.' '18. l'res. Margaret Nirmaier. l'res.VMartlia Groan. Yiee Pres. .lessie Brubeck, Yiee Pres. .Kathryn XYolfe. Sec. Frances XVinstandley. Sec. Frankie Zenor. Treas. Virginia Nliinstanclley. 'l'reas. Jennie Miller. w 1 N flivllilllh Emil w w Wranglers The XX'r:1iiQle1's' one misfortune is that ivraetiezilly :ill of its uu-iulmers lu-long to other school Ol'gIIlYllZZlllOllF :uicl IJIll'lll'lIPZllCx iu ilu-ii' zletivilii-Q hut the XX'r:uig:lers fziil to receive full ereclit. Sueh was the ease on Sept. 28, when the Sicle Show was given it the H. S. Bnznzu' :mel on April 12-1.9 when the A-X. ll. Cfs gave "The llrivzite Seere tary" for the support of athletics. lleeeiuhei' 27 brought the Ninth .Xuuuzxl llzuiquet. The XYr:ui,-iglei'-L. B. H. S. lluzil llehfue of Kl:u'eh l3, resulted in I1 tie with Louis ille, :mel the Ol'f11lI1lZHllOl1 of the Lyceum Club, the O1'Q2ll1lZ1lllOl1 whieh has uizule SH? on the clehute, the four times it was given. .Xt the xY!'11l1fIlCl' Cafeteria l'5inuer, Xlziy U, the hoys :uncle 58,01 10 he :uhlecl to thi llreneh Hrplizln Fund. Critic-Nlr. Cotton. f5l7l'llL'lflQS. 'l7'f. 'l8. l'r'eS. -loe lleun. Ilres. Rll'llIll'll Zlllllllkllllllll. Yiee l'reS. liielml Sauer. Yiee l'i'es, l,i-Sim' Sisloil. ee. XYi-lliugtou Sieer, See, Rielizircl llllllSXX'2llll, llrezw, Lee Iliiseey, 'llri-ns. liziyuiruul lQ1llSl'l'. fqrwjff 'gk Mi ,y',rj1x -if-'1 f . . .ni 'i,c,l:fW"lf.34'5'bj:giLf,i' u2iwf.,f.,"'l3i? 0-. MN JFSENQB BKQUEEKMQX ARGO L. O. L. ,B 0 7,-X ,N 'T 3: ' A' .V 1 -Xf-M4 r QW?,ZfL9PbX2QfQsQri,1ffffVKfir Of, K SWB MTBE K s. o. s. ' Ul,lJN'T YOU LIKE TO JOIN THE GROUP? BUT NO, THIS IS THE USOCIETY OF SEI.l'K'T K. F. E. I'fVI'1liYTHING IS C'AMOUFI1AGI'I NOYV, XYHY NOT K, F. PL? 79 . if fi fsml? mf-QJ9"."'1f1 Q1 mmm 9iVXNl,Qi WEEK N DELFHIANS PENELOPES 'W f wk. fi? , ,-A Q, V XA I ff' 'Qfn . , x X, ZWFJPSSNXQE SEWER R f WENDAT CAMP FIRE GIRLS ALETHEANS ffffqm 5 fwp-A X15 My 1 ,QV fzfif ifwzvsk. MN JWKNQH BKQTTEHK LATIN CLUB GERMAN CLUB gf ri 7 fn ' ' - 1 'iff w Q ,W My my 0, WVSQNKQH BKQKTEEKQNX ABKTS LYCEUM 7917125 rw 1, 'X X' " NCQ, 5252 x N f35NiQi BIQITEHK 1st VIOLINS ilclcn lilossc' fllz1dyS Hardy Gi-iicvzi Rhodcs Virginia XYinStandl0y Nlzxrtlizi lilcrncr Hclcim Mcuscli Hewitt Slirzldc-r .Xnncttn Gohmzlnn llorotlly MCQuiddy Naomi XN'0rd0n Audrey Borgcrding Ruth Byrn Kntllrync Sviglc Lclizi NYidm:m 2d VIOLINS .Xlbvrt iiislicr Ilvlcn Robcrtson Ci1IlI'i09 Minor Tfrzis Nlcycr Frvcln Xuwliouse .fim- Tirsl Orchestra HORNS 'linrl Tidwzirds XY:1lt0r Slizicklctt TROMBONES Loren Rzlmlull Kay Kirk Hclcn Martin Louis xNiUI1df'l'liCil Iiclwin Rodgers Ycssic Klzlrslizxll Hrrnizui Gattvrcr lfiigcnc Bzmct l"0rrL'St X'l'I'1liil PIANIST Y CLARINET Ioycv Wray . ,, . .Xniicttn Hclck 1095" f"'0Sl'f"dm' FLUTES DRUMS RIIIICOIHI Lvwis Grorgc Hrod Lorrniiiv Broil TYMPANI Yiolct Schmidt ,, . P10111 Silllfl' CORNETS BASS Carl Fein Mary Stop' HlIil0!'f fivyoi Mary Strain if QW X? 'Kim i W Q D N fiwmllli Elllllllw 1st VIOLINS Robert Nc'wl1ousv lris Cook Rutll Brooks Xl2ll'g'1l1'0f Balm' lflsic Nlilcllvll Lillian Sl1:1cl4lvtt llnzol xlnclason NlZll'lll2l lirni 2d VIOLINS llnvicl Vullcn Hnzol Fliclmm' Seconb Orchestra liclwurd Kzwgi Ncllio House Beatrice' XYilkinson CLARINETS Sllvrlvy lluor liclwin Bolnlrvy CORNETS xvllllillll Scott Norton l-lzxsscnmillcr CllCSlCI' lrion l':111l Cullcn Vfforrzxag? 'NU ' T A fi gffr , 1 ,Q fi fzsvfe rw Aa- WQQ0 'Y' SAXOPHONE l"lcrlJn'rt Stein TROMBONE lfflwnnl Davis PIANISTS :Xzalin Scott Yirginizl .Xustin DRUMS Kenneth Wells W'Qf55NIQQH BXQUEHN N ,gig 'Q vb Sm ELQEHHK -- Tl IZ O :E ' W ' ' as ff Q: CD ,Q X A in-'TT ef 'I ' 'N +315 N fi? 333 ggizlg ,g,f ii S 1 5 NEI' ry, .l':,T f Q9 'E' I fflugf 9'3,qW f f ' Av'4'u vi . in fx J UQ5 if ix-Ji X v 1 U 'Ji IE "- f 95X X X K e N IWW ,Sz ' B fothGr!I W A Yv W fwldlllfl Ewell Kea ffoolball ,, . . . .. , , , ,. . leant worlv and CO-OlJL'I'llllOll minus individual starring- gave X. H. lJXl'. ot the liiiest lioot llall Seasons ever known, which resulted 111 scoring 74 points to our opponents 37: losing l game, tying Z, and winning 5. XYith a team having that "Old Bulldog grit," it was able to hold L. B. H. S. to 25 points, even after shifting two new men into the backiield at the last minute. Minus two of the regular baekfield men, the team due to hard and heavy playing wiped out part of its former defeat by beating St. Xavier, 7 to 0. After traveling to K. M. l. in a drizzling rain to test themselves against the Cadets. the team, all playing together for the hrst time, held the Cadets scoreless and in the third quarter reeeiyed 2 points from a safety, giving the only seore of the game to H. S. lnvading the territory of St. Xavier, the team Came home with the big end of a score of I0 to 0, thus totally wiping out our past defeat, Again invading Kentucky territory, the team journeyed to lT'town, where the roughest and hardest game was fought. After being hannnered and pounded by those big country boys, rather men, N. A. H. S. dragged home with her a victory of 1.3 to 6. After defeating Huntingbnrg 27 to 0, a 6 to 6 tie was played with the 334th Depot Brigade, a game noted for its clean, sportsman-like eonduet of both teams. The Thanksgiving Day game, the only spot on our seasons record, resulted in a scoreless tie played XVltll Calumets. Although H. S. by fair means pushed the ball several tunes to the 2-yard line, by some means, fair or otherwise, she always was penalized, thus preventing her from scoring. I jf' firvr'3,b . Q -fuivllillli Bliliilw COACH CRUGER "N" MEN Joe Renn . . . Captain QR.H.B.J Dan Burke . . Loren Randall . Walter Winters . Richard Hauswald William Fawcett Raymond Kiser . Willard Richards Lealie Emery . Allen Foster . . William Renn . Thomas McCulloch Okra Duggins . Dan Trinler . . . QL. H. 12.7 . fF.B.J . CQ.B.J . fL.E.J . fR.E.5 . fL.T.J . qR.T.p . qL.G.p . . CR. GJ . . LR. GJ . . QR. GJ . CkCenter,! . QF. BJ W fxhltli Emilie t i Yvaskelball The team started out as a winner, and kept up the good work with a few minor reverses throughout the whole season. Much was expected of the team this year, as it was composed of four last-year letter men and two of last. year's first string men. Our expectations and hopes were fully granted. The first game of the season ended like this, New Albany, 35: West, Baden, 5. Other games were as easily Won, later in the season. Of course, a few stumbling blocks, such as Louisville and Scottsburg were encouna tered, but the team fully squared themselves by trouncing the Y. M. l. strong squad. No certain one of the team can be proclaimed the star, for, although Hauswald, Shrader and Burke made more baskets than did Kiser or Winter, nevertheless, it, was the careful guarding of these two that helped win the garnes as well as the crack shooting of the forwards and center, The season was a successful one, not only from the standpoint of games won, but because of the teamwork and spirit displayed. The "N" men are Burke, Sisloff, Hauswald, Kiser, Shrader, Winter and Scott. ff- te? , , h Z fxhlii Biiiiiiw 1918 Baseball Beam The N. A. H. S. 1918 baseball season was a real success. Never before has the school put such a hard-hitting, sure-fielding, never-give-up spirited team on the iield. We have an excellent record considering' the teams we played. The management booked games only with the schools larger than ours and we proved our ability to beat worthy opponents and didn't have to play small schools to attain a successful season. Never before in the history of N. A. H. S. has one of her athletic teams defeated the consolidated Louisville Boys' High School, but at Glenwood, on April 17, thru the air- tight. pitching of Miller and the brilliant defensive work of the team behind him, we suc- ceeded in accomplishing that which our athletes have tried to do in past years. Not because of individual starring, but by the consistent, hard, teamwork playing ot' every man on the team, we achieved success. The lineup and batting' order: "NV, Fawcett .. Biol ........... Burke ....... . . . . .Catcher .. . . . . .Third Base .........Shortstop K. Fawcett. .... .... I 'itcher and Center Fielder Hauswald .. ............. ...... lf 'irst Base Marsh:1ll ....... .......,......... R ight Fielil Winters .......... .. .Second Base Elliott and Stein. ,. ..,. Left Field Miller ......... ...... . .. ........................ Pitclicr ttflaptain Facility Managers -Mr. Belch. Student Business Manager---Roth Janes. RESULTS GF THE SEASON April17-WN. A. H. S,. 5: L B. H. S., H May 3-f-SN. A. Il. S., lil: K. M. I.. April 251- A, H. S., 2: L. B. H. S.. 6 tliiinnin April27-YN. A. ll, S., 8: Lexington... 0 May 9-f-N. A. H. S,,11: K, M. I. .. May ls--N. A. H. S., 43 L. B, H. S., 6 May15f N. A. H. S.,,2g li. M. I.. May16WfN, A. H. S., 16: U. of L. .. zz' Tivdm ,qw ,, 6543. isis. A Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. DGP. Jan. Jan. Jan. Ian. Jan. lan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apri May May 'May May May May May M ay M ay M ay 2. 6. 15. 20. 27. 1. 2. 3. 9. 10. 29 17. 21. 22. 27. 7. 8. 11. 22. 23 25. 12. 14. 23. 12. 15. 18. 22. 112 6. 9. 10. 17. 20. 24. 25. 26. 30. 31. lune 1. 10. 11. 29. N fglillli Blilitlls Day 2 Day Vacation over. Oh, happy days. Secret letters S. O. S. appear. Lizzies are introduced to the wonders and mysteries of H. S. The High School Clubs stop conflicting long enough to make 5127.00 at the Soldiers' Library and Bazar. Liberty Bond Campaign started. Lerchy's unhappy, Football team returns from L. B. H. S. bringing a score of 25 to 0 against them Fair sexes line up to defeat "mere men" in Blotter Contest.. Football team redeems itself by walking on St. X. K. M. I. entertains the girls after an N. A, H. S. victory. Farmers and Speakers' Parade. Suffragettes buzz in thrilling t?J political convention, St. Xavier more convinced that N. A. H. S. has the better team. The Best Blotter Party and the Candid 8's speak inaudibly. Football team convinces the Elizabeth n town team the same thing it did St. X. g turkey with the Speakers. weeks late, 101 hungry little ones eat Thanksgivi At last the Girls' Blotter is out, three Argoes serve punch to all. All out for a little vacation. Speakers fill stockings for some little Wranglers quiet down long enough to Banquet, Starvation Army Quartette entertains Mechanical Drawing Class is closed for the day. Students ride on the Toonerville Trolley through the Blizzard. Ponies arrive. tots that Santa forgot. entertain themselves and pretty girls at in the Mechanical Drawing Class. and 24. Fatal Final Exams. -13 Second-hand book store opens. Girls' cherished Liberty Bond bequeathed to Y. M. C. A. War Fund. K. F. E.'s try to fool somebody. A Atheans make debut by giving party. L. O. L.'s appear in costume at the best of their famous parties in honor of "George" Mr, Belch looking for a close friend. Adopts a crawfish from Mammoth cave. Wranglers tight and feast L. B. H. S. debaters. Lyceum Club starts business by planning debates at small towns. The Conquering Hero fails to appear. . "The Private Secretary" thrills High School maidens. Sapinsky preliminary-for girls. Wranglers serve dinner. Fair Speakers stir hearers, Thrift Stamp parade. Many unable to march on account of sickness. "Chimes of Normandy." Dan Burke gets a bouquet. High School shows that spirit is not dead by pledging 31,253.00 to the Red Cross. Seniors start their long trip to success. Juniors dress up,-makes dates, and incidentally entertain the Seniors at the Annual Reception. Baccalaureate Sermon. Numerous class plays. COMMENCEMENT. Oh, disappointed flunkers! Argo picnic. Argoes and "Miss Mary" take their annual ride on the Racine Derby. How you can help the Boys at the front 1 Buy Liberty Bonds 2 Buy War Saving Stamps 3 Buy a Military Wrist Watch for your soldier friend of A. J. IRION, The Jeweler 505 Vincennes Street own us A 'rmA1. time 1-hmm me mug 1 Royal Cleaning and Dye Works FRED L. coox, Manager Hatter, Cleaner and Dyer 122 and 124 West Market Street New Albany. Ind. McCULLOUGH'S PHARMACY F. V. McCUi.l,0UGH. Prop. Drugs, Physicians' Supplies and Biological Depot New Albany. Ind. JOS. T. KREMENTZ The Butcher Handles nothing but the best Meats, Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb and Sausage Also a nice line of Fresh Vegetables, Fancy Groceries and Oysters Your Patronage Solicited 615 Vincennes Street Both Phones qc 'W P Q fxlx ff Wm X X X ,lb Mp.. S f ft., xx KO! ,gag Xi' 4, ' WQEA X X ggi s 4 Q .f 1 - 1 A f .frfftt , l ' I " NS.. J Y ' . U Nw. . X W lk I X :Mis-H :: V' X x l l 'i ll all f! i l ' lla -1 -- .ll ill 5.13. 'I if ,QA l , Q,..3i'-W . it I lf, 'T Q f- W , if . iilb: , X ' Q ,ff 3 A 4 0 u x ll Ill lllllll l V 4 I 'III' lllll L P IIIYPON A CLOTHES . - ,g l I Commencement of the closing of our school session means more this year than it ever has during the history of our school. It means that every young man and young lady in our high school must use his very best efforts to succeed in winning the war. The world, as you know, is in a topsy-turvy condition brought about through things over which our government has no control. It is up to you to help bring it out of this chaotic condition. Our brave Allies are looking to the United States to be the ones to bring ultimate victory, and the United States in turn is looking to the youths of the country for their salva- tion. You must fill the places that are now vacated by our brave boys and girls who :re abroad. You must do it well. Help sell Liberty Bonds, War Stamps and any other hon- orable effort that our country demands. Put your young shoulders to the wheel and push-- push hard-then get around in front and buck with all your young might. Patriotism and honorable peace will be achieved-Peace with Honor-and all will see that the young and sturdy people of the United States were the great factor in saving the Civilization of the World SAPINSKY'S Men and Women's Wear Pearl and Main New Albany, Indy Indiana Veneer 8: Panel Co Hoosier Panel Co.. I er Qteryijilgfuffcg Manufacturers of Bed Room Furniture hree mportant actors to be considered in the purchase of a Tarm ir Heating Plant FIRST-Satisfaction and Comfort. Obtained by correct installation, fur- nace of ample capacity, proper size and placing of the registers and warm air pipes. 4.. ,L SECOND-Economy of Operation. Obtained by a furnace so designed and constructed that the heat units in 1 the coal are utilized to the greatest extent to heat the house. THIRD-Maintenance. Obtained by buying direct from the manufacturer who can furnish the repairs promptly without the added cost of freight and dealer's commis- sions. These can all be obtained in New Al- bany by the installation ofa GARDNER L Warm Air Furnace 4 - m is. I I-f Manufactured and Installed Complete i by the Heating Engineers s J GARENER Founnnr at MACHINE co SPENCERIAN COMMERCIAL SCHOOL LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Speed Building, Entrance 321 Guthrie Street A fully Accredited Commercial School Trains young people for business and good reliable employment In session all summer The New Albany Business College The School Wm, the Faculty offlbility ""0"'m"l" Are you prepared to take your place in the business world? 'GFS iii E55 'E , f 1 X, 1 i Kg!!-7Z'6J.J 2 -izffiiii' s'-3,1 Prepares you thoroughly and quickly Established l865 FRANK ll. KRAFT, J. J. PAUL. President Business Manager G0 TO Bnomrs f FOR YOUR LUNCH Corner Spring and Fifth Streets 'PUQFECT PATLW For Those Who Want the Best 1 , EUREKA EIQRQJIEA , EETTEP Q. X ! J. H. SHINE 8z CO. X ALBAN4 Q e I ssssl s ssssss if The White House The best place to shop After all EDITORIAL As Each Day Dawns Suddenly, across the sky, great rose- hued bars steal forth, dispelling the morning mist, soon to be followed by a beautiful yellow orb-another day has dawned, another fraction of life is here, bringing new opportunities. Yesterday is passed: tomorrow never comes: today must be filled with good things, if we are to progress. Here in this store we strive to make each day a successful unit in the months and years of our business. Each of your visits a pleasant, profit- able part of your friendship for this store. For these are the things that strength- en the bond between us, and permit us to look forward to your continued good will. Our future depends upon doing each day's duties well. 923' .. sv wel .nv l i i l .--v sf if-A fill -.A . . ewburger Sz Co. Im. pl New Albany, Indiana 37 "W 53: 3?Ql,5f5fi713?5i?E'+s Aff? T so F F. L. SIEVEKING Groceries, Meats and Produce Phones: Home 619 Cumb. 148 1515-1517 East Market Street The Home of Quality and Service Satisfaction Guaranteed EXTRA SPECIAL SALE OF Men's and Boys' Tennis Shoes and Oxfords We give the Brown and Red Stamps by the page. book or any part of a book 218 State Street We would like to do your Kodak printing and developing Just a little better work is our motto Cameras, Kodaks and Kodak Supplies Conner's Drug Store Pearl and Spring PETER J. PFEFFER MONUMENTS John Vernia 85 Son The Ice Cream Maker We always have a large assortment of 401 Vincennes Street m0nu:2i'I3lYnl'VP:3ctlP. hutfvu see Call to see us before buying Both Phones Pearl and Elm Streets Good Shoes for every Member of the family at C. W. FLEISCHER'S Corner Oak and Vincennes Streets WE DELIVER FREE Lester's Fish Market 405 E. Market St. llome Phone 971 Cumb. Phone 773-y New Albany. Indiana FRANIf A. ICRAFT Funeral Directors and Embalmers Phones 280 llome Phone l372 DOUGLAS 152-154 East Main Street New Albany, lnd. COMMERCIAL and ADVERTISING SIGNS ll mnlxx e Phone 148 Cumberland Ph mrll e 973-y Home Furniture and Carpet House 220 Pearl Street New Albany, lndiana J. C. GONDER Confectionery and Bakery All kinds of Fine Pastry, Ice Cream, Soda Water. Water Ices and Sherbet Made to Order omc Phone 255-a Cor. Fifth and Market TRIBBEY BROS. Fine Auto Painting 214-2l6 East Third, between Main and Market Home Phone I977 New Albany. Indiana ' ROWE-FAWCETT CO. Wholesale Grocers Distributors of Baby Bunting Brand Products Best Crop Insurance Hopkins Fertilizer Company's High Grade Plant Foods Manufactured by HOPKINS FERTILIZER COMPANY West Tenth and River R. C. ELLIS. Mana P. N. CURL GROCERY CO. Wholesale Grocers 1 1 7-1 1 9-1 2 1 Main Street Handle our line of Silver Hill and Royal Blue Food Products and increase your sales Curl's Blend Coffee once used, always used High School Students Come to Lerchy's And iind Home-made Candies and Ice Cream The very best made Home Phone 254 127 East Spring Street Lerchy's Confectionery Anders Rasmussen Florist Choice Roses and Carnations a Specialty We have the largest cut flower and rose growing establishment within a hundred miles of the Falls Cities Both Phones 1 108 Vincennes Street The Students of today are the Citizens of tomorrow Would you build a weak foundation under your house! Then don't neglect the students in our schoolsg back them solidly and give them encouragement in their activities that they may be strong to bear their future burdens. At the same time never forget that the environment surrounding them is a vital factor in their life. A better city makes better citizens, and again, better citizens make a better city. Our honest intention and purpose is to make New Albany an excellent city in which to do business, work and live. Chamber of Commerce of . CHmgE553,:5?gMERCE New Albany, Indiana UF H , s. J. GARDNER, P fd 1 Anoi,Pn DAY, Th' a v. P l"'ll.'lllffI.lll.5iZuil'l5ll'CA ceo. A. NEWHOUSrEilFigt v. Pres. w. P. BREWER, Tiiasurerrw -'wSBl'w"'G- m""'G"1"-"-C- C. c. BROWN, second v. Pres. Gm. A. STEPHENS. sammy C. W. BRUBECK 81 SON You can get YOU' The Home of Good Noon Lunch for 20c Dairy Products Or any snecial order served quickly at the 2l0 East Market Street n...l.m,.,.,.S Hoosier Dairy Lunch Room C. C. BROWN JoHN J. WALTER "The Tailor" .- H d F . h Hardware, Kitchenware atter an urms er , Household Paints No. 320 Pearl Avenue Home Phone 150 104-106 West Main Street THE GEO. E. STEINHAUER WALL PAPER CO. Incorporated INTERIOR DECORATING Picture Frames, Mouldings, Window Shades and Floor Coverings l09 East Main Street New Albany, lnd. H. C. BORNWASSER IMPLEMENT CO. Incorporated Wholesale and Retail Dealers in FARMING IMPLEMENTS. FLOUR, FEED. SEEDS, FERTILIZERS 424-426 State Street New Albany, Ind. Home Phone lflfil Cumberland Phone 71 Voiles, Tissues and Ginghams Beautiful White Skirtings MRS. MAR? ENGLISH 214 Pearl Street FORD The Universal Car GWIN-MOTOR-SALES-CO. Third and Market Streets All Kinds of Tires Accessories Expert Ford Repairing Both Phones 444 When in need of Cut Flowers and Design Work call or visit FRED BETTMANN,S FLOWER SHOP 1608 East Main Street New Albany, lml. Cumh. Phone I60 Home Phone 2l3l Hlpposite the old place? New Locationfne 316 Pearl Street Ask BAKER About It Fine Stationery, Engraving Books, Sectional Book Cases Guaranteed Fountain Pens United Brethren Church Silver and Elm Streets Is the peoples church HOME STEAM LAUNDRY E. l. BUCHANAN, Proprietor l39 East Main Street New Albany. Ind. B l lh nes Your soldier boy as Wants your photograph Have It taken TUDAY jsp wi at -ffs fax! ' lm! - , , fx? A lr .N .X X., RIDDL ooo L Nx o r rr Bank and Spring Streets p AUGUST BARTH LEATHER CO. TANNERS Collar and Saddlery Leathers New Albany, Ind. ALBANY MACHINE MFG. CO. g. Co. NEW Successors to New Albany Mf FOUNDERS AND MACHINISTS Henry H. Martin, Owner New Albany, Ind. C.W.M nrtin. Mg I'- "DO YOUR BlT', ls Obsolete "DO YOUR BEST" ls now the Slogan Suppose each soldier. after firing one shot, would say "I've done my part, let the others fight," do you think victory would rest with our side? Don't hesitate to give when called upon for patrioric contributions, but dig, dig, dig. These prominent movements should receive your earnest support. Liberty Loans, Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., Knights of Columbus, War Camp Community Recreation Fund, War Savings Stamps. Thirty seven of our members are in service. More will go. We have one hundred left, and each of them is doing his best to make life worth while for the boys at the front THE CALUMET CLUB Class Pins Class Rings ENGRAVED Commencement Announcements Wedding Invitations Embossed Stationery Athletic Medals and Awards For all events Write for Catalogue Special Estimates on Request Bastian Brothers Company 666 Bastian Building ROCHESTER, N. Y. We manufactured special design for 1918 Class THE NEW ALBANY MILLING CO. 427-33 State Street Hay Wheat Flour Feed Grain Barley Flour Bolted Meal Rye Flour Graham Flour Ralston's Purina Scratch, Chick and Pigeon Feeds Purina Chicken Chowder American Bank 85 Trust Co. Capital 9'p250,000.00 Resources over one million dollars Solicits your business ZIEGELBAUR'S SUPPLY HOUSE Invites your attention on the basis of adequate service, right price and proper treatment Hardware, Tools, Cutlery Paints and Painters' Articles And General Home Items 603 Oak and Vincennes Street New Albany. 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Best Service guaranteed by the en- tire membership of the Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association. 1' Assortment of Ferns Q if D' 'EQ H4 One Dozen Roses One Beautiful Box One Ribbon Take Weekly Repeat Indefinitely The above prescription has cured more cases of grouch. weariness, headache, heartache, despondency and actual illness than any other we know of. If you don't believe it, ask your physician. A line assortment of Bowers for every occasion of sadness and gladness. In such cases we are the doctor JOHN G. BETT FLORISTS N8zCO. 1601 EAST MAIN STREET Auto delivery to any address in Falls Cities WHEN YOU'RE 65 Your hand will not be so nimble or your brain so quick when you are 65. Your active days should be over then. The autumn of your life should bring tranquility and rest Prepare for it by placing your financial affairs in the hands of a reliable Trust Company. Such a Company is the MUTUAL TRUST 8: DEPOSIT COMPANY JOHN J. MORGAN 81 SONS UP T0 DATE b MY ..TA,L0RS.. 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Suggestions in the New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) collection:

New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1916 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1919 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


New Albany High School - Senior Blotter Yearbook (New Albany, IN) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


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