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 - Class of 1917

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1917 volume:

Senior BIOHCI' Publislzeh by Senior Classes .F new Albany H1612 8012001 4 HCV Allmlly Ind. 'Cn QHHL QLFI. Iiuerlz GB111' superiuienhent, the rhznupiurt nf funfhall, H12 refuge uf 1112 hug, in iruuhle, :mir the frieuh nf eilerg girl, fnlqn, hezause uf his gentle kinhliness, hrull init mth great un- hersizzxzhing uf human nature has mahe nf eiwrg Seliinr 21 irue mth lugal frieuh fue hehirzxte this hunk. QR QLSEBHCDB-I CBQYYLTQQQ BLOTTER BOARD CRITIC Miss Suzanne Van Arsdale EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Marietta Sicer ARTIST Jessie Clipp ASSISTANT EDITORS Emily Jahnel Lorraine Brod Almyra Ryall BUSINESS MANAGERS Maurice Strack Photographs by Riddle I l S Catherine Lee Robert Kelso Theodore Stein Edna Dewees Ray Rudy 15:2 lllllll llllm llllllb ulllll I lllll lllllllll llllllll Ulu' 'D QI llll llllllll llllllllllllllll Nllllllb ttllllll llllllll 2, ' 1 1.911 ha t 9 vp nr Sato C R IA , 1 I J Q Gaf 5' lu 4 'L 'L an X1 F ff ggi 5: of 3 O D nshfurfnrz I lee: eau lzeur one i msg or of ev-1 fo .1 I C . . fl . 0 . JU-7 F ' Lf 9 91, 50 t 4 ,, v Q gg- '9 f :Qs 5 f I 09 c. f Hg M f 13. If gr' aw . ' oc co f Y 0 f 0 coo? Qi- "' I f H6 Q, p W : O 1 , 9' a v - 6 5195 4 X 7' fl ' 9 ...J X -O P? Q 'J I 3 fo ' cw is 5, ILU' , 1 , , ., Af -'-- - M f -A - - - ' f 1 L , Q5 - ii 'Q A 1 7 1' ' "eu qw-476 Q, - ' y f -ov if 0 . Q , o Ugg, Vg f .vo E fi' , Q' 0 f X :vw ,f I 2 I "4 1 og 1 , 0 f GE' f I a Z0 -1 s ' U2 I' ala! N , 0 w G - . 3 I ff fl' , QQ' 1 '5- 1, ' 935 V Q A. ,i -1. .U WXOC' X va A I qs J if j' 5 4 f' qos V , - 'gf tap cc as J 0, ,sf I uD f' M212 I la 12' Q 1 W I nov I . , . lv QQQL ESHCDR XE-QTYLTQQQ QA9ur I we ers MR. C. B. McLlNN, Ccenterj Principal. MR. GEORGE A. FERGUSON, ANTON EMBS, Mechanical and Architectural Music anzl Harmony. Drawing. MISS TRELLA WOOD, MISS LOUISE ALEXANDER, Bookkeeping and Typewriting. Latin and Algebra. MR. JOHN A. MUELLER, MR. EARL R. MARTIN, History and Civics. MISS MARY VAN ARSDALE, Geometry. MISS IVIINTA Mc QUIDDY, Cooking and Household Management. MR. LEO WOLFORD, Economics and History. MISS UNAVADAMS. Latin. MR. C. E. RICHARDS, Manual Training. MISS ALICE FUNK, Botany and Algebra. MR. EDMOND DORAN, German. I MR. CLIFFORD BELCH, General Science and Chemistry. MRS. HORA CE MELDAHL, Art. MRS. LEA WOLFORD, Literature. MISS ETELKA ROCKENBACH, German. MISS SUZANNE VAN ARSDALE Expression and Journalism. MISS TABITHA SOUTH, Sewing. MISS VESTA SIMMONS, Literature. MR. CLARENCE N. HICKMAN, Expression. General Science, Physics and Trigonometry. j S lllllll lllllll lllllll lllllll llllllll Hlllllll Hllllll Q 'I ll I Illlllll llllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllll llllllll 3, 1 ll... 1 1911 QXQSENZICDB 171' LTQ2? 3i"zll's'i1lvil tu iliigh Srltuui Svhool days, so dear, so gay, so bright, With daytime dreams neath sunlit skyg We gaze upon your early flight For you must die. Dear hooks, whose pages we have read And pondered o'er with aching eyesg We have our lessons learned and said, And lay you hy. True friends and faithful teachers too, Who with our whims did mild comply, We loved our happy hours with you, But now they fly. In our minds we fondly treasure Sweet memories of days gone hy, Painted lilies of joy and pleasure 1 1 - lhat ran not die. -Almyrrr tl. Hyfrll. li. .-'g, 3.-. Ad: 9, num num num uiuu umm unuui uuiuu M , 'I u ui uuuu unuu umm uiuuu umm umm i... I. ' I 1.911 QQQSEFIQ3 CEQITLTQZQ Y Z R .ffl- unn u nu u I lllllllllllllllllllIlull 1l lllllllllll mum umm Wlllllllbllllllll umm 1917 QQQSESZFICDQB- EBQITLTQZQ Ruth Borkenheim - First Honor Marietta Sicer - Second Honor Lorraine Brod Edith Bird Edna Dewees Almyra Ryall John Rasmussen Elva Trinkle Garnette Anshutz CLASS OFFICERS Maurice Strack - - President Naomi Klerner Vice President Theodore Stein - - Secretary Chester Helck Treasurer 2 g lllllll lllll I I I I I I lllll llllllll Q 'I ll I llllllll llllllll llllllll illllllli llllllll llll I I xi S as , S at S, ,,,. at , . ,,,,,,s so Q M-- 1917 X fx ! lglllnnumw-f f lv CATIIIVH f-J , Q, kf D lllllln--qu! IH: -f :PP flu rims?-azilw-Flllllllljllm N , 'lllIl', , 4 fs ' Y , I, W , ' s , Illli QE ENZIGB YYLIQQ? Class Pres. III, IV: Wranglers, Pres. IV, Vice pres. III: Bus. Mgr. Senior Blotter: Blotter Board II, III: Ass't. Bus. Mgr. Blotter IV: Boys Blotter Board: Sapinsky Con- test IV:Wrangler-l-1untingburgDe- leafs III: Varsity Basketball: Class Basketball: Class Baseball, Cap't. III: A. B. C.: Robin Hood Cast: Ssdalitas Latina: Class Play:Var- slty Baseball. Catherine Lee Flrlitor-in-chief Senior Blotter: Blotter Board II, III: Editor- in- cltief Fall and Spring IV: Editor- in chi f Girls Speakers, Soc. Treas. IV: Speaker-L. B. H. S. Debate IV: Sodalitas Latina, Cur- sus Honoris: Tyler Contest IV: Sapinsky ContestIV: Cinderella: W. W.: Choral Club. Naomi Klerner Pres. Class III: Vice Pres. Class IV: Speakers, Vice Pres.V: Speaker- Wranglers Debate III: Tyler Con- test III, IV, V: Honorable Men- tIon III, IV: Orchestra: Soprano Soloist Orchestra Recital Cinder- ella Cast: Class Play: Cricket On The Hearth: Blotter lBoard III: German Club: E. N. S. Ray Rudy Ass't Bus. Mgr. Senior Blotter: Blotter Board 11, III: Boys' Blotter Board: Wranglers Vice Pres. V: Orchestra Il: Hour Glass:: Much Ado About Nothing: Robin Hood Cast: Cricket On The Hearth: Choral Club: Class Play: Tyler Contest: So.oist Commencement. Robert Kelso Wranglers, Pres. IV: Pres. A. A.: Student Mgr. Athletics: Senior Blotter Board: Blotter Board IV: Editor Steinite: Bohemian Girl Cast: Robin Hood Cast: Varsity Footoall: Varsity Basketball: Class Basketball: Class Track Team: Baseball: Boys' Glee C.ub: Class Play: Orchestra. Jessie Clipp Artist Senior B1ott:r:Blotter Board Iv: Girls L--otter Board: Speakers: Orchestra: UIZSS Play: Cinderella: Cricket On The Hearth: E. N. S. ggi. lllllll lllllll lllllll UIUU llllllll lllllllll lllllllll llll Q Ill IU! llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllll tlllllll llllllll 2, ' 'T ,-.,.TQ,,,.,.. .... C. .,...E1'5--- - f C-ZSEDHLICDQ B ITLQ Theodore Stein i Wranglers, Sec. IV: Class Sec. IV: X Scnior Blotter Board Blotter ' Boardg Much Ado About Nothingg Robin Hood Castg Tyler Contest IV9 Varsity Footballg Class Baseballg Class Basketball. Marguerite Kohler Hour Glassg Cinderellag Cricket On The Hearthg E. N. S.g Deutscher Vereing Choral Club. Lelia Widman Orchestrag W. W.: Deutscher Ver- eing Choral Club: Cinderella. Miriam Haskell Speakersg Speaker-L. B. H. S. De- bate IVg News Editor Blotter Board Vg Deutscher Vereing Sodalitas Latinag E. N. S. Elsworth Schan Robin Hood. Lorraine Brod Senior Blotter Board: Girls Blot- ter Boardg Speakers, Serg. At Arms IIIg Sec.-Treas. IVg Vice Pres. IVg Speaker-L. B. H. S. De- bate IVg Sapinsky Contest IVQ Argo, First Pres.: Deutscher Ver- eing Sodalitas Latinag Daddy-Long- Legsg Cinderellag Class Playg W. W.g Honor Roll. , X S 51:11 lllllll lllllll lllllll UIIIU llllllll lllllllll llllllll 'I ll llll llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllh tlllllll IIIIIIU 3, I 1 1911 and smog gag .iYI'Lle.5f f 1 I Verna Sagabiel Deutscher Verein, Cinderellag Cricket on the Hearthg Choral Club: E. N. S. Garnette Anshutz Vic-e President Class IIIQ Speakers, Vice President III, President IVQ Secretary Choral Club, Girls' Blot- ter Boardg Cinderella Castg Class Playg E. N. S., Honor Roll. Katharine Seigle Deutscher Verein, Vice President Vg Orchestrag E. N. S.g Cinderella. John Rasmussen Orchestrag Class Play: Cricket on the Hearth, Honor Roll. Ruth Borkenheim Speakersg Deutscher Verein, Vice President III, President IV, Vg I German Conversation Medalg Class Sec. IIIg Sodalitas Latinag Choral Clubig E. N. S.g Cindterellag Cricket 1 on the Hearth, Honor Roll. Marietta Sicer ' Editor-in-Chief Senior Blotterg Blot- ter Board, Editor-in-Chief IIIQ Girls' Blotter Boardg Speakers, Pres. V, Student Critic IV, Sec. Treas. IIIQ Public Speaking Contest Ig Sapin- sky Contest III, Gold Medal IV: , Tyler Contest III, IV, V, Honorable Mention III, Gold Medial Vg District Discussion Contest Vg Wrangler- Speaker Debate III: Speaker-L. B. H. S. Debates, Fall and Spring IV, Der Deutscher Verein, Treas. III, President III, IVg Cricket on the Hearth, Cinderella Castg Choral , Clubg Honor Rollg E. N. S. vi' 3, ye, ..,,h' f Tn . lllllll lllllll lllllll UHID llllllll lllllllll IIIIIIIIQQL' 'I ll 'ul llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllb llllllll llllllll 3, 1 1 1911 QQ A EEHCDQ A CYYLTQ5? Martha Hegewald Deutscher Vereing Orchestrag W. W'.g Cinderella. Chester Helck Vice Pres. Class III3 Class 'Tre1s. IV: Deutscher Verein, Treas. Ill, IVQ Wranglersg A. B. C.g Varsity Footballg Varsity Basketballg Roh- in Hcodg Cricket on the Hearthg Orchestrag Boys' Glee Clubg Choral Clubg Baseball. Helen Kern Hour Glassg Cinderellag W. W.g Choral Club. Bernice Wallace Choral Clubg W. W.g Cinderella. Elizabeth Williams Deutscher Vereing Choral Clubg Hour Glassg Class Playg W. W.: Cinderella. John Vernia Class Playg Hour Glassg Sodalitas La.i1,a. Praetor Illg Choral Cluug ' Much Ado About Notkingg Varsity Footballg Baseballg Basketballg A. B. C. 4 l gill? fic, Z A rw -' umm num num umu mum mmm mum Zig' 'D u lun uuun umm umm uumu uuun umm 1. v - 1911 Qi BNLICDQ-Ig C171 TIE . if Holman Rodner Wranglers, Deutscher Verein, Or- chestra, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Class Baseball, A. B.C, Boys' Glee Club, Choral Club, Robin Hood. Helen Wood Choral Club, Deutscher Verein, E. N. S., Cinderella, Cricket on the Hearth. Edna Dewees Senior Blotter Board, Blotter Board, II, IV, Speakers, Sodalitas Latina. Consul IV, Sec. III, Treas. II, Sapinsky Contest II, IV, Speak- er-L. B. H. S. Debate IV, Cinder- ella, W. W., Choral Club. , "Peggy" Knox Sodalitas Latina, Choral Club, Cin- derella, W. W. Edith Bird Speakers, Sodalitas Latina, Hour Glass, Cinderella, Class Play, W. W., Choral Club, I-lonor Roll. Raymond Shine Wranglers, A. B. C., Hour Glass, Class Play, Choral Club, Class Baseball, Class Basketball. J F. -Q' .1 fic. - -.v,'.' .7 315 lllllll lllllll lllllll lllllll I llllll llllllllb llllllll llll' ll QI 'ul llllllll llllllll ullllll lllllllll llllllll llllllll 2, I . ...1. 1 QE ENICD3 5? James Hook Choral Club. I l Hazel Sullivan Speakers Ilg E. N. S.g Choral Clubg Cinderella. Ruth Harmon Blotter Board, IV3 Choral Clubg W. W.g Cinderella. Marjorie Cole Speakersg Sodalitas Latinag Tyler Contest IVg Class Play: Orchestrag W. W.g Cinderella. Emily Jahnel Senior Blotter Boardg Blotter Board I'II, IVQ Class Play: Speak- ersg Speaker-L. B. H. S. Debate IVQ Deutscher Vereing E. N. S.g Choral Clubg Cinderella Cast. Zenor Dupaquier Wranglers, Sec. IVQ Sodalitas Latinag Class Playg Hour Glassg Robin Hoodg Blotter Board IVQ Orchestra. , li 'if PG, fro 7, Y. mmm num num mms umm uumn umm ug' 'D u ul uuml umm mum umm: umm umm I ...ll T 2.. 1911 QE M1031 51.2154 DiVil?'E.k,5? 1 Arthur Bates Varsity Football II, III, IV, Capt. ' IVQ Varsity Basketball II, III, IV, Capt. Illg Class Baseball I, II. Ill, IVg Class Basketball I, II, III' IV, Capt. II, III, IVQ A. B.,C.g Wrang- lers III3 Sapinsky Contest IIIQ Vire Pres. A. A. IIIg Choral Cluhg Deutscher Vereing Blotter Boardg Robin Hood Cast. Mary Hook Speakersg Tyler Contest, Honor- able Mention III3 E. N. S.g Choral Club. Ruth Sappenfield W. W4 Choral Club. Harriet Murphy Deutscher Vereing W. W. Frank Embrey Robin Hood. Mary Reeves Argo Club, Vice Pres. IVQ Sodalitas Latina, Aedile IVg W. W.: Choral Club. l I I , lllllll Illllll lllllll lllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllll I lllll I H ill! llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllll Illlllll 15111 ' I 53:1 L ' 1 9 1 1 ' QQQSEFIQQ i171'Lb5? Elvin Voyles Sodalitas Latinag Choral Club. Ada Black Speakersg Sodalitas Latina, Aedile IVQ Girls' Blotter Boardg Choral Clubg W. W.g Cinderella. Ava Parsons Choral Club: E. N. S.g Cinderella. Elsie Brock Duetscher Vereing W. W.g Choral Clubg Cinderella. Agnes Gwin Argog W. W.g Choral Club. Harold Pectol Baseball. -:nn ,iw .-3,25 Y, . lllllll lllllll lllllli lllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllllgw' Q 'l Cl 'UI llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllb tlllllll llllllll 2' 1.911 Qi ENQIGQ QQ .'?II.. 55 Calla Thomas Argog Deutscher Vereing L. O. L.g W. W.g Choral Clubg Honor Roll. Harold Fleischer Choral Clubg A. B. C.g Class Playg Class Basketballg Class Baseballg Football. Amelia Wolf Blotter Board IV: W. W.g Sodalitas Latina. Almyra Ryall Senior Blotter Boardg Blotter Board III, IVQ Speakers: Deutscher Vereing Argog Honor Roll. Wallace Craig Deutscher Vereing Choral Club. Elva Trinkle Honor Rollg Blotter Board III3 Deutscher Vereing W. W.: Choral Club. 'Y lllllll lllllll lllllll IHUU llllllll lllllllll llllllll Q ll QI 'ul llllllll llllllll ullllll lllllllll llllllll llllllll 3x I I 1.911 QRQSEFIQQ AESQCIVYLQQQ 5 Mildred Breetz Deutscher Vereing Hour Glassg Cinderellag W. W.g Choral Club. Chas. Pectol Baseball. Curtis Ulz Choral Club. Leah Swift Asst. Bus. Mgr. Girls' Blotterg So- dalitas Latina, Aedile IVQ W. W.g Choral Club. Alma Naville Sodalitas Latinag W. W.g Choral Club. George Ritter Deutscher Vereing Choral Clubg Robin Hood. 1 -Q5 hh ,Une-I ' ra ' nun: num unm muu llllllll lllllllll tlllllll ilu' g 'I ll lunluull llllllu llllilll llllluu llllllll mum 1. ' -: l I 1917 QQQSENZIQQ CIZBQCYYLQ Ruth Rupp Sodalitas Latinag W. W.: Choral Club. Theodore Scharf Deutscher Vereing Orchestrag Boys Glee Clubg Choral Club. Chas. Melton Wranglersg Deutscher Verelng Blotter Board. Hazle Wright E. N. S. Violet Schmidt Orchestrag W. W.g Cinderella. Clifford Keefer Wranglersg Deutscher Vereing Sap- insky Con- test III. Edwin Sampson Wranglers IIg Sodalitas Lat- in, Censora. .ZS .31 aa pf, - mek' Y, . umm -mm unm num umm mmm ununrw' , 'r u up umm mum mum umuu umm umm A 1.911 mrxwgu. 05 Q u va 0 2 3 :. r fn 6 Q tv o ? Z J 1' Y! 5' co li' H1 0 U 9 Q rl x X. 3 A 9 x. Cl? G 4 xl-Malo? ? E 3 G'-TJ 2 g E Z S E3 Ls! Asc Q ,g S 3 5 3 N Y DQV V-'QRS 0 2 2 4 ll 199 ya-'K 61 Q 14 e X ll. ' B Q I .1 22 H YK 3114130 3-S'Yl'DAQN aux emu rom-fxyz n No rn f' 2 o 11 'Z 5899!-qlfrx.ryu.Nvor:q1gQ rw ww gy: nvcvs Paw 4 :Ks-Nw-eg qyasfuu wfyaymwv emo AQQHLIQ Top Row Philip Siff Jessie Brubeck Annelle Barrett Hazel McCullough Etta Reeves Frances Butler Gilbert Marsh SENIOR B's Middle Row Marion Harmon Mary Hester Elizabeth Hieb Clara Siebel Pearl Krey Beatrice Ehalt Katharine Foley Mabel Standiford .25 Photo by Rlddle Bottom Row Paul Ziegelbauer Leslie Emery Joe Renn Edward Thomas Charles Harmon Edgar Parsons Albert Bence Richard Zimmerman 5313. ,Dpi 4. , -:ne umn num num uiuu mum Illllllll llllllll lily 'I ll Hlllllll llllllll llllllll llllllllb llllllll llllill' U ,. l 4 1.917 r OINIII' SH QIPPTH 541 010TId Photo by Riddle ORES M O II P SO NEIWHSEIIIH 9TPP!H Ml 010115 QXQ5EN'IC9QB fRBQiI'fI'I-llbgi HIGH SCHOOL LEXICON A--Announcements, advice, ain't, axioms. B-Blotter, black-list, blotting, bluff. C -Credits, commencement, couples, clubs. D -Dates, dense, diploma, debates. E-Exons, efficiency, enthusiasm. F-Flunkers, fun, friendship. G-eGiggles, girls, gestures, grind. H-Honor-roll, "her", hero. I-"I", ignorance, ivory. J-Junior-Reception, jokes. ' K-Knockers, knowledge. L-Lizzies, late, larks. M-"Mac", medals, mistakes. N-Nerve, nods, noise. O-Oh!, overstudy, orchestra. P-Puppy-love, ponies, powder. Q-Questions, queens, quibbles. R-Red-ink, rallies, rebukes, romance. S-Slang, spreads, simps. T-Teachers, tests, "talk". U-Ukulele, unsophisticated. V-Vacuum, votes, variety. VV-"Willy", wise, why?, willful, work. X-'xcuses, 'xpression. Y-Yawns, yells, yarns, youth. Z-Zeal, zest. li. .-31111 gc, .vc 53,1 lllllll I lll llllllh llll Ill Hllllll llllllll 'I ll 'Ill llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllll Illlllll IIIIIIU 2, V Y Y' V --1-1.1. ' --""" 1.911 W3 ss ' smog CUQITLTQ if C Photo by Riddle SPEAKERS Record for the Year. Sapinsky First Award. Old Fashioned Chapel Program. Louisville Boys' High School Debates. Monthly Reception to School Organi- zation. Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Charity Donation. Tornado Relief Work. With this important list of achievements and honor roll students, the Speakers proudly claim the leadership of the Senior Class in scholarship, public speaking and spirit of co-operation in social and civic activities. This, they admit could only be accomplished with such a critic as Miss S. Van Arsdale. Again we say, Thanks to Miss Van Arsdale and Hail to the Speakers! OFFICERS. '16LQ. '17. President, Garnette Anshutz President, Marietta Sicer Vice President, Lorraine Brod Vice President, Naomi Klerner Secretary-Treasurer, Elizabeth Hieb Secretary-Treasurer, Catherine Lee -5532? g g lllllll lllllll lllllll llllllbllllllll lllllllll illlllll lw' 'I il I Illlllll llllllll llllllll illllllll llllllll llllllll 2, ' I 1.917 my as ssaorigi ao frfrrysgf ! Photo by Riddle THE WRANGLERS The Wranglers have assumed new responsibilities during the past yeareethat of acting as a leader to the entire student body of boys. Besides their usual work in public speaking, debating and the annual banquet, they have successfully acted as leader in the "Boys' Exhibit," and the "Boys' Convention," and in the splendid relief work carried on by our High School boys for the tornado sufferers. The Wranglers were especially hard hit this year, because only ei-ght members were left from last term. In spite of this handicap, however, they had the only boy representatives in both the Tyler and Sapinsky contests, Philip Siff winning the silver medal in the latter. There was only one disappointment to the Wranglers during this busy year, and that was that the Speakers refused to accept their challenge for the customary Speaker-Wrangler Debate. OFFICERS. '16h.. '1T. President, Robert Kelso President, Maurice Strack Vice President, Maurice Strack, Vice President, Ray Rudy Secretary, Zenor Dupaquier Secretary, Clyde Huff Treasurer, Roy Turner Treasurer, Philip Siff -16422 I S 2. v 1 1911 seefs rgig frframye ' ' Phoio by Riddle - We SODALITAS LATINA Ecce! Ecce! Possumus! Oh we don't speak Latin but we do sing Latin songs and give short Latin plays. This year we have been studying the Roman in his home, and we have had a good time along with the work. The last meeting was the best of all. MEMBERSHIP. Alma Borkenheim Martha Montgomery Ruth Borkenheim 0 Alma Naville Zenor Dupaquier Mary Reeves Helen Bussey Etta Reeves Martha Groan Geneva Rhodes Elizabeth Heib Ruth Rupp Ruth Kay Philip Siff Jessie Liest Leonard Siff Mary Eicholz Clara Siebel Grace Dykman Leah Swift Emily McBride Frances W'instanley Virginia Winstanley Edith Bird .lohn Vernia Leslie Embry Alice Williams Maurice Straick Joyce Wray Mable Staniford Amelia Wolfe Lorraine Brod Carl Harris Helen Ramp CONSULS. First Term. Second Term. Edna Dewees Clyde Huff Mary Reeves Mary Hester H? S -fs - . lllllll lllllil lllllll U1 D llllllll lllllllll lllllllll " 'FII 'UI llilllll llllllllllllllll lllllllh llllllll llllllll T' " f 7 .1911 sei M103 .EQYYLTQ 5? Photo by Riddle e DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN The German Club ended its term work with a reception to the Seniors on May 26th. This year the club truly lived up to its name, for not only was the conversation German, but the entire meeting' parlimentary proceedings included, was carried on in the language which the club represented. The organization has many musicians among its members and the programs very often contained German melodies, sung by the club quartette. The club officers are: Ruth Borkenlieim ,..................... President Joe Renn .,.......,.....,.,... .,..., T reasurer Kathrine Seigle .............. Vice President Margaret Nlrffalef' ----- -------- S 9CF9tal'Y lllllll lllllll lllllli lllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllll 'I il I llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllh llllllll llllllll 1 1.911 sa ebtrog QQ iifrryegei Photo by Riddle E. N. S. Did you notice that the chaperon of the E. N. S. Club was German? Of course you guess instantly that the mystic symbols are German, and for once you areAwrong. Immediately after the chapel talk of Mr. Dawe, of Washington, D. C., these Senior girls met and formed their society. The frivolous colors of royal purple and emerald green were chosen, and frivolous times were prepared for. Every member passed through a blood-curdlinvg, hair-raising initiation ceremony. But what has this to do with Mr. Da.we's talk, you ask? Have you so soon forgotten his admonition, "Assert yourself, and say, I am"? Written in the plural, it is, "Ecce Nos Sumasj' "Behold! We Are." EASY JOBS Snubbing lower class-men. Acting as Vice-President of School Organizations. Writing plots for continued stories. Listening to Catherine Lee. Flunking. Making Maurice Strack believe he has a commencement date with the "only girl." Getting canned from class. Being employed to entertain teachers after school for bolting. Making a girl believe she's pretty. .?S -T523 Q51 lllllll lllllll lllllli IHIIU llllllll lllllllll Ullllllug' li U 'III llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllD llllllll llllllll ' -- , 2, I 1.911 set mrrcag A5QCI.'fI'L1b get Photo by Riddle W. W. W! YV! WVhat small letters-yet what inner meaning! Twenty-seven laughing Senior B girls and Miss S. Van Arsdale all with more snap and enthusiasm than even the history teacher suspected. Yes, they were the mysterious, aggravating group of girls known as the W. Wfs. Even in their Senior B year little sprouts of enthus- iasm began to show-"Let's start with our fun-why wait"Aand wait they did not. Have they ever been known to wait-in pleasure or in work? "Life is short-why walt!" What do they mean-will it always be thus? WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? A PLAY IN ONE ACT Characters: Three weeks before Commence- A Senior Boy. ment. A A Senior Girl. She: I heard you have a new car. Scene: He: Yes, wouldn't you like to try it A corner in the lower hall. out the 25th? Time: She: Why, that's Commencement! He: Well, can't you go? A Wee Small Freshman: An.l you cf.: Lzally r.':ite short hand? Emily Jahnel: Yes, but it takes me lots longer! -fr-lf' 51511 2. v --- T 1 .9 1 I ssl Qsrericag AQLQCFILQ if Photo by Riddle THE ARGO CLUB Clara Seibel ..... ,,.,.,.,............. P resident Mary Reeves . .....,............. Vice President Pearl Krey ........,..... Secretary-Treasurer Jessie Brubeck Almyra Ryall Etta Reeves Aline Youngblood Betty Hieb Frances Butler Hazel McCulloch Mabel Standeford Mary Hester Marian Harmon Lorraine Brod Agnes Gwin Catherine Foley Calla Thomas Miss Mary Van Arsdale ..,.....,...,..... Critic When the long green curtains of the auditorium closed for the last time on the caste of "Daddy Long Legs," a few nights before Christmas, the Argo Club had imprinted its 11ame forever on the High School Roll of Fame, The Argo girls had organized when 9 A's with Lorraine Brod as their first president and introduced themselves to the school with an elaborate chapel program called, "The Temple of Fame." Deciding though upon a better knowledge of the arts as their "golden fleece," the girls spent several .semisters in the study of authors, artists and musicians. Today, they are reviewing the best American magazines, The distinguishing features of the Argo Club are the spirit of co-operation and comradeship of the girls, and this has been largely due to the inspiration and kindly supervision of Miss Mary Van Arsdale. Truly patriotic, their last appearance in chapel was a spirited rally with music, talks, and a military drill to arouse genuine patriotism and practical patriotic service among High School students. -'Hit pea. "ai" S SP" lllllll Illllll llllllb lllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllll ull' ll U lu' llllllll llllllll Ullllll llllllllb llllllll llllllll " 1911 seesesalleg EQITLTQQQ' Photo by Riddle L. O. L. O11 the evening of March 17, the Lassies O' Liddesdale gave a St. Patricks party. a quaint fantasy in an Irish setting. Flowers, ferns and old Irish wells tllled the school lizxll. All during the term they have been reading Burns' poetry, so now they have decided to experiment in out-door life. One thing is certain-that is that they are going to secure it tennis courtg although, where, when. and how, they know not. This group of girls refuse absolutely to give up their meetings and expect to continue them all during the summer. h ,cf i - 1 lllllll lllllll lllllll lllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllllullu' ll ll l U1 llllllll llllllllllllllll lllllllll llllllll llllllli 2. ' 1 1191? QE ESHCDQ .'1'fI'Lk.59 rum by Riddle ORCHESTRA The orchestra recital, the trip to Charlestown and the opera, "The Bohemian Girl," were the three important achievements of the orchestra this year. The chorus and orchestra spent two months of hard work on "The Bohemian Girl"-the result was an opera or' perfect technique. First Violins Annelle Barrett Audrey Borgerding Marjorie Cole John Rasmussen Martha Hegewald Gladys Hardy Lelia Widman R: y Schaefer Helen Klosse Kathrine Seigle Geneva Rhodes Robert Kelso Esther Browne Second Violins Albert Fisher Helena Mcusch Forrest Vernia Naomi Worden Helen Robertson Martha Klerner Eugc ne Banet Dorothy McQuiddy Herman Gatterer Virginia Winstandley Bass Violin Clarinet Naomi Klerner Zcncr Dizpxquier Flutes George Brod Violet Schmidt First Cornets Second Cornets Carl Fein Chester Helck Hubert Geyer Loren Randall Trombones Horns Hollman Rodner Raymond Kirk Earl Edwards George Gohmann Drum Field Sauer Pianists Jessie Clipp Lcrraine Prod Joyce Wray 3521- 2 g -Qi? nn num num muu umm mmm nuuugq' 'n u mmm mum umm um m umm umm " 191.1 QR EHG3 fEx-QCl7I'LTb5? . i - 1 I. . .W--it ,Mft - f f, f - X J Photo by Riddle SECOND ORCHESTRA MR. EMBS. Director Bass Violins Mary Strain Mary Stoy Piano Annette Helck Violins Helen Hannon Eva Meyers Dorothy Smith Hewitt Shrader Helen Martin Louis Wunderlieh Bernice Stein Wilbur Gordon Thtlma Siltz Charles Minor Ruth Brooks Abner Schmidt Freda Newhouse Drums Malcomb Lewis Cornets Ollie Seebach Norton Hassenmiller FrenchZHOrns Harold Blake Walter Shacklett Clarinets Robert Kenney Ralph Hartwell MZ R .4, ,. . lllllll lllllll llllllb Hllllb llllllll lllllllll illlllll lllf' V' . ll ll lu! Illlllll llllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllll llllll l nf, ,.... newer 1 " V -Y -we---e - - - -- - -Y Y .. . , ' ---- f ' . , .- , su-nur-sq 1 " 2591? si EN-IGB ITLkf?1 DELPH EAN Photo by Rlcfdle The 10A girls became prominent in High School activities on March 19, when as a newly organized society, they were at home to the 9-B girls, at a Saint Patricks Day Reception. Since then the twenty members of the Delphean Club have held literary and sosiil meetings every other VVednesday afternoon, when they studied the works of Indiana authors and gave programs of short stories, musical numbers and dramatic readings. A real country picnic at Florence Snyder's home on the River Road will end the terms work. The girls are enthusiastic about their work and hope during the remaining two years of their stay in N. A. H. S. to make the Delphean an organization long to be remembered. The oflircers for this term werez. Joyce Wray ................................................ limeline Payne ....,,...,.,.... Ruth Kaye .,,,,.,....,...............,.... Miss Mary Van The other m Esther Brooks Mary Brown Mildred Caress Amelia Deuser Mary Eicholz Ida Ehalt Elise Fullenlove Mary Williams ...,..................Presidenl President ,. ...... Secretiry-Treasurer , . . Arsdale ............ .......,....,................,i,. C ,rltlc May Kendall Ruth Michell Helena Meusch Eva Miller Ivor Ringold Hester Shrader Hettie Parsons Naomi Worden ff" 3. . -bp, QL' f S, -EW" umll num num ulun llllllll lllllllll llllllll il-ly' 'I il lm uullll llllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllll llllllll 3? ,v , , ,,,, , , ' . , , , , , , 1.911 QE ENIQB CIZBQITLQQQ Photo by Riddle GLEE CLUB "Along the Rocky Road to Dublin" .... ........,....,.,.,. C horus "My Heart's Tonight in Ireland ".,... ....A.... R oy Turner "Eileen" .,,..,..,,,,...,....,.l.,.........,....,... ,.l..l, If Idwurd Davis "There's a Rose in Old Erin ",l,. . ,,,,,,,,, Paul Phelps "Mother Machree" ..,,,...,,....... ...,....,. D an Buerk Medley of Irish Songs ,.......,,..., .ll,,,,,, H elen Mingis "I Love the Name of Mary" .,,w.. ...,..,, H erbert Stein "Wearin' of the Green ",,ll,.. .....,....,...,..........,.......,,,.....................,.,......,,...,.,...........,...,............... C horus England had her Cromwell, France had her Napoleon, and High Slchool has her new Glee Club every St. Patrick's Day. Helck, Bates and Stein graduated into grand opera last year, so the new club is distinictly a Freshman-Sophomore affair. The Glee Club came into the limelight by starting the St. Patricks Day celebrations. As Mr. McLinn said: "The program was natural, simple, and was given with true Irish feeling." -From The Blotter. li vflzi- si'--' ' lllllll lllllll llllllb lllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllll 'I QI 'ul llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllll Illlllll llllllll 2' ' I 1911 QQQSENLIQB 3213-Q?Cl?I'Lk,5? 5 N 'E hvlr 2 S 'I -F12 ggi- umn num num muu umm mmm uuunggy' . 'I u lun n un umm umm m u: umm mum I, , ,-. , . , . ., ,Y ' ' ,-,.- -,. W- -. --,, - X., Bright Prospects for BIOQDU geiea Basketball N Stub Hg,-0 WS' Sog 56915 hrlinveihls is the second rnvellng 0 gal ' fl. H GPN HB0 S, PV C9163 v9g691'xxx306ee the Athletic Association for the sell urdql. I S d ' 4. S 0 Tx b one, 5vxg.xe5'm?tQX0'2N son, IPL us begin il with hlnisinmftbe' Q A. Tgh,-, Jeff'.7ff,Q, 17 5 J vb, ix We Give A We camo the wliole-hf-a,-lull spirit of b llzselp - .1 I Hquar B x hw' nbc: ' im 599 rouse New Pmost active pn-sidenl, "Der Sf Iollq G-Y ,O 0 19, I -V 6: 'llglo FWOCX Ac Wwanye- AW W9 awe. last Monday ziftornoun, Nor wf The be tb IIP1-ob V be naoge 9900 QVM Wan? .wagd S' 9, 51 the only spirit, fur prospvclivo 1 H7180 crowd 9 dfslrfl Droll ! V56 xafgrxcw Xxvxeq bk XA. NY we' umerosivd students. and the 5110011 0' of-B has 'Q' ns' 99805 0XNqc55kXe'x5?mV9AL5Xxc V Spoke fri-ely of class sc-rir the nga A l0oD1lh L7rgG 'Lne 340 adqcfk ,Sc-89' aah 'varsity warn, and oi' thi- wild Hvoq asks! gfoq ' ang x Y XK05 X new New vvofni 1-:aines bvfore the Clirislnia 'YI ' Th the Ch 00411 I sf-:NP 91, CVS xewto gy. W MA WWF- Aviv' Sums-ations biwnrm- pl:-r ba abby. GU .V 'UWQ H be and d 15 NGQH 05 uw cs-We slririt grow. but vvlwn in 'WSIS Sb,-?d"1lJ"' 'qtllrall 'Ile .. . J, gi e 5 ,A te M 9-V 'QV 'exxxgxii 1995? W5 GX X .X vniled ilu- arbutmiy siii:'aa570l7' HA foul noi' IN!!-Yuswud R-pb 6 gan 2 N cxxgx XXXWXX -A95 1-rinviliaul was .im-4-plc-Al 11 the auskv as 006 I x by Wa tion. A voniniilli-v 'M XX int sql YW? f r v A '11 ' .QNX .dv , .0 ,P 'Q ,Q ,ra C- Alumni Yi -. 'l' ff 45, - vice f vw' elds fo p1UCk5'J'p,,'z, V4.9 'S' 9 6. be Q0 wav Stars If , f.,, .3 ff no G so Q95 0 U- will 1 "f 'V kfn 'l of 990- Az xQ ova Soc 5 in thc seven wo!-mil.,-S or ,ii 1fl,,' 'Q ,xt , F. 21 wr 056 495 voiwxxyedwg dy ocsmilll wore mmwd um KI A I O0,42m,f1,nf,,0V.l- YU kbrxycw 1? lb - -V ,W A, . , 4, 'if V .- . .- .qf vooxsx Cxvwqve' an vi :mu "'u"l'5 Wwe unnmn-li swim 'NGOQ 4'Vif4'v ff. 4"4l"Z '02, ,X 45" ff '5 'QQ fr? 49 'asker b- ll i. , , 0 'Zi' 'V or 7' 'Y' GV V", "1 9 7 'Q'-3? 'Oz My no bxveqn so Q9 -A 'mm 'lddvd U' 'br ' dw 6f' hfv C' "f of " 0 ' , 11- 1 , ,. ' V , 1 Qlxaxxxvwe Qwocco 002994-, 046 .sioov vilion the Alumn: QI? Q kwa 73 f.Q,,,116, -frqxwb -Qivfvb c vo O .N iv Q- Q. ex' vl Q, XIQW Y. .. , 'L "Q, 'Z 40 0, 71, "r"f,- fy. Of fi 1 UQ. .vw ,oi 43. ex 09.195 6 osgsxpef-6x Q91 fill s yy .52 v, I7 fx 0, il, Q7 -QV! ,pl ill- 0 rv, J, 6 'la -Y' QQPQ ..e'9ax,Q."' 'F QFQQN .9 we X391 U1 Lyf mf? ,QV qfpfb fvff. ho", "2.- "0,"' V 'Q .4 ,gon go QQ-Aga 0609. X0 goof cb A Xosfx HV! 'POV 'ww YM 05.42, 94.-145 Q-1,4 -22, figs? fl we gk. vi 9 .bk ax G xN 690.9 0: fy 20, fr? 19,174 C., 48, nbvfyfq -v,-I nf, 1, Y V? I x 1 f a 'f ' . f A 000.-B0 Boca X9 IQGOQQQQ XQQYOQ, Q' 350 Q-250 X. f,,2"0, 42.1560 ,WG fry! x4 f14 'Va 'Y 0,424,520 I .14 '57 KQV 0 Cz' K' .0 gk "f, 'fr QQ of-. ' ' '37 'YO -'Q 6 ,,',5f ,V Jn 'bf B XQQLOQQXQQBGDB 09' K9 Q ' 'lib aff! 6'lflM"fZwr oh' "4 J" by QV?" of Qwox Q, t up 1, ,1f' ' . hyf, 17 NRA UM for 163 ,'iQjqi?.y!6ffz lzbof Q C3111 I-net Fa! 4, fi, ' fc, . 3 V., , , ,, Prospegtfv mov. 606091: sm, OG, I R ush offs Bef-or ' Y ll . . of 'QQ 6 'U .K 45. ,I-"P V- e Fi? Bran Ba5Ketbt3nml Klwcxuwqvkl' 5n'li.'k,'1- ,bay 0130 11611. wlndpfi '1lil'ln.f.t Vllllfv A' H' S ree I. mt, Svc- wr ylim 'f Q, ' Q .QQ Q4 be .ij nyarph I f1:rl,,.Un - linauv b - .It-g-Nils xbASsxii-iixlimxx nxxsiYll'5'lw ,' , "JJ 07,5 film- .ln in N- A H h"1'l'iurwA 'K U! likhl --gli . V U V -0 ' 'v.Q, ' 4 ' .g, ' i,..l .uf A - NU . 01 l, , .I 4 N . fl.. -.1 If m' :JNL Xwliux 'X ui FVUW 'wins ' A- vofb Clhhfn "le-r N"'1 bvllinl ml Hoff' rl-' no W in 'ls E - ' 'A " l ' S'f'-akay ' "lm ""f'n , yn' ..i ,I .V 1 fn, . 'WW nw if vu-SW' Basket Ball Games U "r'.'. "1' wmlll " "HO 'lan au-HY' 's..rnoun. . ' lp 'Pri' - 1110111 mail MQ' 19 , Nos At N. A.II. S. ii Salvsni, IU flif-1, b f hvgin . xml! H . wx l , , . ,- - J 1.1, 'ling . ms! ' H Svirl" um in Ai B,.X.ll.b, 16 Lliarlestown , I, Siu. wa. -1 WM, pl ng 'ho nn- "0 fn-ii -f.ind1" VW x. A. ILS, Qi at inn-ersily schwl 27 '-,mul f 'lm in 110 'mf' ::g ,U ,nu'l""' NNW ni wx , N.A, H. S. 22 at jeffersonville. ii I WHL!! Hu- MIND ubl, N- A 1-DOKQ4 V U-:uni " x ci Al N. A. ll, S. 22 Orleans ., H UH! "ri Daw, ll"'1dl1'lif1,.. -valid? wgore lllicm. N. A. ll. S. 9 at Orleans 21 no I' S wmn ,PHL gnincw Uncut? W X N. A. H. 5. 25 at Madison . 27 up O" !oi,Qhd00l'H' UMM F-Hg' M.,.w. Qhixlu. N.A. ll. S. 22 at Salem 17 in "HWS lm-,inns in 'ho elvllnx gm. qiylaiivw A! 5. A, Il.S. 33 lfniversity School 9 I Nth" swung, P llro and . ' K' . i . xnllcx- VJ xxzw fx W AL N. A. H. S. 29 Madison. . .. x6 P SI' bog, pa ptlm HA g-ununiiU At N. A. H. S. 50 jcffersonville. . ,. 0 'elle-r M ,wmv for N Win' .1 "' N.A. ILS. 27u Opponents ,.l6g ' Ulm- indiw' ,1.-v' QQ 15531103 3515-QiI'fI'Lk,5? Photo by Riddle FOOT BALL Exceptional team work, based on the bull dog tenacity of the squad and resulting in a terrific attack, succeeded in bringing the N. A. H. S. eleven to the fore. Beginning with the opening game on October seventh, in which Louisville Boys High sustained their laurels, by nosing out a 6 to 2 victory, the season was one of surprises, favorable and otherwise. K. M. I. played up to their old standard and outplayed us by using the forward pass to advantage. The defeat at Somerset, due entirely to the superior quality of the opponents' work which might rival that of many a college team, instead of dampening the New Albany ardor, resulted in bringing out the latent ability of the team. The rest of the season was one of victory for us and shut-outs for our adversaries The teams representing Newcastle, the Calumet Club and the Breckinridge Athletic Club were easily out-classed. The season ended in a glorious surprise on Thanksgiving day, when the Alumni, having several college heroes in the lineup, were compelled to bow to the plucky boys of the Black and Red. The following players helped to bring the total of the season to 119 points for N. A. H. S. and to keep the opponents down to 90: Burke Randall W. Bates Helck Renn Goulding Vernia. Coombs A. Bates Richards Kelso Stein Myers Turner Tegarden Winn Haag W Emery g Qjjz, Vlllllll lllllll lllllll Illllll llllllll lllllllll llllllll Q 'I il I llllllll llllllll llllllll l lllllll llllllll llll 3? U ll- 1917i QQQSENLIGQ CUQYYLQQQ li 53.2 mmn I Hula' Q 'lil I u I nun mum uma L , 1.911 as smog CI'fI'Lb 5? Photo by Riddle BASKET BALL LETTER MEN OF 1917 Walter Winters Chester Helck Arthur Bates Hewitt Shrader "Toots" "Tubby" "Batsie" "Hubby" Richard Hauswald Raymond Kiser Holman Rodner Maurice Strack Robert Kelso "Jelly" "Der" "Bill'l "Strackiel' "Bill" Total score of the season:-N. A. H. S. 522g Opponents 441 N. A. H. S. 21' Corydon 17, was a good way to start our basketball season. Ten other games with the score in our favor gave us a splendid record. The last triumph came when we reached the half century lmark in the game with Jeff. With the showing made by our team this year, and with four "N" men returning, event the most cynical student won't hesitate to buy a season ticket for 1918, and expe-ct to see the team win. Much of the credit for the scoreboard results belongs to the coaching of Mr. Mueller and Mr. Ferguson. Albert Bence and Mr. Doran wrestled with the Hnancial side. Two things that helped them were the lectures by Dr. Bulgin at the Tabernacle and the Indian Princess Neawana. In both cases the sale of tickets was handled by the A. B. C. ZS qi 23. 3:1 "Pal TW" lllllll lllllll llllllb lllllll Illlll lllllllll llllllll ' , 'I QI IU! llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllll tlllllll llllllll U . -1 I 1 1911 QE E-531103 QQ TYTLTQZW V Photn by Riddle A. B. C. Well-a who are, well-a who are Well-a who are, who are we, Well-a we are, well-a we are- Well-a we are, we are we. A. B. C. "Girls may be a real encouragement to our athletes, but if there are only a few of them, there is not much inspiration. What our players need is a crowd." With this idea, the A. B. C, Club was organized. Each member pledged himself to attend' all the games and "boost athleticsfl New yells, parades and a Haunting of colors an- nounced their presence at every contest. At the time of the tornado, the boys marched in a body to Anders R.asmussen's and helped to clear away the broken glass of his green houses. The name "Boosters" which is praise in itself, tells the purpose of the club. OFFICERS. Joe RGDH, President Albert Bence, Vicie President Gilbert Marsh, Secretary Leslie Emery. Treasurer Lyons Riddle, Treasurer -'Elf' 5153 mms num num muu umm mmm lillllllull' g 'I u lumuun umm umm ummm mum umm 25 ' I 1.911 QR QSENIGB E130 lk umm ll llllllclg' 'Ill ur l.lll llllllllllllllllillllllbllllllllulll 3, u T 1 .9 1 1 K' 9 .M ,ew X as Ka J' - .- 'X Q G' Q f av QQ ,fi X! VJLCQ if If 7 N f rf' 'I 7 ff X7 If M gw , ff SHCI' LITERATURE. , Q? I 4' ' - .X V YG?-v qsflv of ggyge Xi Qi Q0 f V . 604509 'ff .Tw C X X., ig l 4454 , '?' fffv f-ii 5 3X 071 7, X 7, .ig Y N fdwi E f I JY, 067' 62 . v w ef '41 ff D X S, sq " ' f V f , ,v i 1 X30 I ,L Comms. 5100670003 0VNE2-- Q2 7 E051 - - W PusuSneDBy Tue Srcmms Co. OR 'N Q' P Rosfnr R.14ELso H8943 'r6Nr Emroq- T,I.S1'gW Cir, E UETOR - B05 KELSO N E WQEDDTOR R.Rm4 :mu kg .. L SPORTWG EDFTOR- Beam! Kal. Mtwecms Enirog- R.K5L50 RFPGRTFNG STAFF- F1 up Sao f fxf, X1 mx' fx ., X 5 AA . 65 NQSB VI UL 75 G0 X' Q X 69 .- ' 691 W 'JC O 2 -1 yy xg xg N X -I f M Z J! 4 x X Q W X so s ' o ,woe 0 R6 STAFF RsE1'-.LEELY Efqcgy STAFF Cemouis r.. 111. S TE PRQFP Rnwfg- miss Q.,- in as NIQ7'-50N f? WM Z QEe,SEfb?ICD1j 1 :gf 5? WRITE-UPS WE HAVE NEVER SEEN ANOTHER BORE! The "Entertainers" Give Program. How on earth this club had such a name with such a program is more than we can understand. "False Pretensionsu would be much more suitable. The audience might have enjoyed the solo of Gay Lark, had the accompaniment drowned out all the queer sounds coming from her throat. As it was, the least said of her, the better. Horace Voyce's sing-song recitation of "Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight" needed only the baton of our musical director as a finishing touch. No one could possibly have recognized "Annie Laurie," as sung by Rose Busch, if it had not been announ-ced by the chairman. "Chopsticks," played moderately well, would have made a better impression than the murderous interpretation of Schubert's' "Serenade" by Gladys Finger. The crowning insult came when they attempted to close the program with the High School song. No more mention will be made ot' it. TH E LOYAL ROOTERS. Four-and-twenty rooters, Sitting in the sung Listen to them yelling, Now the game's begun. When the game is over, The yells then die away, "Wasn't it disgraceful- The way our team did play ?" Soft, faint glimmers of the moon reflected' themselves on the creek, some the color of silver, and' some the color of dull A yello-w gold, and some the color of long, thin splashes of LaKay wine. They glimmer, and reflect in the changing waters as dancing elfs over the cool green. They change swiftly to the color of peacock feathers fringed with flame. The banks of Silver Creek are covered with dark mysterious shadows oddly in ke-eping with the creekls tickle shimmering light. I am watching all this with a Senior girl. She is charming And I feel that I should ask her for a Commencement date. But I have broken so many with her that I am afraid to repeat. Mr. Hickman Clooking at a lonig line of radicalsJ-Something is radically wrong with this problem. .2 .1.. . . 'a' 'C -'fi '-Ha, ,gp ' lllllll illllll llllllb lllllll llllllll lllllllll llllllll Q 'D ll 'UI llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllllb llllllll llllllll 2, V l 1.911 ssh smog gzgcrwr. if While surveying the K. Sz I. bridge from the muddy banks of the Ohio, one of the boys lost his equilibrium and formed a precipitate in the mud. BIG BOW-WOW H ELD. On May 4, Miss Vesta Rhea Simmons entertained for her dog, Collie Simmons, which had been presented to her two weeks be- fore. The occasion was the fourteenth anniversary of the pre- sentation. Decorations were dogwood blossoms and souvenirs of old shoes were given to the guests. There were barks of delight when a dozen cats escaped from a bag and an exciting chase fol- lowed. Sport K. Seigle re-ceived the prize, a new collar, for capturing the greatest number of cats. After refreshments of meat and dog biscuits, the guests took a waggish leave of their host and hostess. There once was a "brother" named Bence, Who could talk without making senseg A person he'll grab, And begin to gab, Without giving time for defense. THE REVEFIIE OF A SENIOR BOY. I like little Freshmen, With ribbons a flutter And curls astray, Little Freshmen with smooth pink cheeks An-d freckled noses, And shy, pink blushes That come and go. I like neat little Freshmen, In stiff white middies With blue collars and bright red ties. Little Freshmen with clean little faces And big soft curls, well brushed, And restless tongues That are never still. I like little Freshmen. PATRIOTISM. To show her patriotism, Martha Montgomery has planted a garden in her back yard. To hoe it, she has to stand outside, for its dimensions are so small, that if she stood within its boundaries she would succeed only in digging up the ground outside. . 5,21 Q51 num num num mlm umm umm: unuugw' g 'I u lm uunu unuu umm mmm mum umm 2. ' 1 1.911 QQ i Q,SE-SFICDQQ 53-QCYITIQQQ NOTICE The Business Managers give notice that, after their experience of man- aging the Senior Blotter, they are now in a position to assume the responsi- bilities of successfully managing any of the larger publications. SHORT STORY. Senior Boy Good Intentions Freshman Girl Long Lessons Many Dates Final Exams. Deep Study Red lnk. Chet. Helck-I was an inch above height in the army requirement. Miss Avis-I always did think highly of you, Chester. "Prof," Reader-Robert, why have you "posession" in one place and "possession" in another? Steinite Editor-That's economy. I didn't know which way was right, so I spelled it both ways. I only have to correct one now, instead of both. Leslie Emery 1writinfgl-P-h-i-l-l-i-p. Philip Siff-"If you leave an "1" out of Phillip, it will still seem full up to me." Edna Dewees-I want to write. Is this the right room? -ye """'- Kill!! YI I' , , , 1 'fhis IS a Hxgfh School en-trance. n f Vijr' A 44 - gk, --L-Epi!! gui t is not the ront en trance. f s It is the en-trance for the pu- ,...-. In , 75? ' 4.- '-'H' plls' .,, The keys to the en-trance are in U Ll. the poss-ess-ion of' Mr. Car-rick. i h i , i Lock the 'doors' now, Mr. Car- ,- -,H N EE,,,,M., rlck, School IS out. Fflf- 2 g llllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllluluf' -0 Q 'UU lllllllll llllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllll 1. ' L? 1 1911 l ADVERTISING l JN these pages the business men of New Albany offer their wares. They have paid for the space in order to help the Annual. What commercial value there is in it, neither they nor we can say. This they have done for the sake of the High School-that the "Blotter" might live. Show your apprecia- tion by reading these pages and patronizing New Albany's merchants. ---SERVICE--- Ambition and a Bank Account-Requisites of Successful Youth. Hank anb Ernst Glo. Germehfilmerican Y Capital 3200300.00 S J ELSBY, President T. B. SONNER, Secretary-Treasurer CHAS. J. KREUTZER, Cashier ELSBY BUILDING N. E. Cor. Spring and Pearl Sts. NEW ALBANY, INDIANA THE FLOUR QUESTION is ..,..n A i f SETTLED Because B P1 I lsbu ry S Best ALSO Ballard's Obelisk and Magnolia Flour. CHICKEN FEED FOR BOTH BIG AND LITTLE CHICKS AND ALL MILL PRODUCTS Louis Hartman 8: Sons I 54 1.1 - ... "Youth Will Originally Referred Neither T Refreshments nor Clothes ost Appropriately Applied To the Garments In Our Store Which Combine So Happily--- The Brightness---T he Style Th 0 Yet It Might Be M .4..,,, --- e Distinctiveness So Delightful to the Hearts of Those of High School Age. YOUTHS' AND MAIDENS' WEAR l ,, J., ff ,',, if. wzvif 'Q lf? e M W ,, ,fgff f,,,, , V ,, A' A iih l ,ff W r'rl or 'f'tf t 72 xii 55 Be Served' I-IASKELUS May Sale ls Now Going On! We give and redeem the Brown and Red Stamps by the page, book,ora yp t f b k Bring your st ps and red m them for th g and value we offer. 218 State Street New Albany, Ind. "Father Was Right" VVHEN HE ORDERED Burd Sc Stratton's Ice Cream BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST. We Are Now Located In Our New Building A 505 Vincennes Street A. J- IIQICDIXI Tr-n- l'A:sT l'Nl1.Jn-vvr-1 I-H YOU ARE INVITED TO SEE OUR NEW S TOCK. JEVVELRY REPAIRING A SPEC'ALTY. Jos. T. Krementz THE BUTCHER Handles nothing but the best MBHIS, 3681, Plllk, VBHI, Lamb and Sausage ALSO A NICE LINE OF Fresh Vegetables, Fancy Groceries and Oysters YOURIPATRONAGEQSOLICITED 615 Vincennes Street BOTH.-PHONES READ V THE Q! p Q? X! TONIGHT WE DO GOOD PRINTING WE PRINTED THIS BLOTTER 56 A . i I Store of -'iv Q Individual gl .4 'Aff Shops- " N W k"' 'I' ' , Q e hite House . Showing daily X X ' "New Models" X, Emphasizing the newest ideas in the most fgfvf wanted styles and fabrics for Men Women Young Men Misses Boys Girls and The Little Ones EQ An Exposition Our Big Third Floor display of "Home Needs and Com- forts" is an elaborate Expo- sition of all that is new for the home. This wonderful showing merits a visit from you. The Value of Being Normal HiY0VIl1fll.' Pt'l"t1l7.lLI'7?f1 or r'0n,forming Io cz more or I1'SS1I0l'llI!llIfl'l1f sfuwulurrlf' "Sffl7'IIl1ll'll IJ1'i'l'1r511r11'y, There you have this Store's cardinal rule to a nicety. There is an oft-quoted couplet from Pope's "Essay on Criticism," which says: "Bc not the jirst by ivlmnz. flu' new arf' trier!- "Nor yet the Inst to My the old aside " Neither faddish, nor yet stick-in-the- mudg holding fast to that which is good, yet quick to sense what is of real, endur- ing worth in the multitude of new ideas constantly cropping up-this is the golden mean to which this normal Store adheres. The backbone of our business is found in our enerous stocks of standard, always wantedg merchandise. This we buy in quantities corresponding to the great de- mand for such things, and at the low prices which the size of our operations make possible. Thus, the Store's object-to serve well the greatest possible number of people-is achieved, and it becomes what it should be a great Public Utility. S. W. Newburger 81 Co. Music Room- Victor Wctrolas-Third Floor 57 The Best Prescription Dr. Cupid, M. D One Dozen Roses Elssortment of Ferns One Beautiful Box One Ribbon Take Weekly, repeat indefinitely in the world- The above prescription has cured more cases of grouch, weariness, head- ache, heartache, despondency and actual illness than any otherwe know of. If you don't believe it, ask your physician. A fine assortment of flowers for every occasion of sadness and gladness. In such cases, I'm the doctor. JOHN G. BETTNIANN Ss SON FLORISTS Eluto delivery to ciny oddress in Folls Cities 160' E. MAIN STREET BRANCH OFFICE-MISS ROSE DEATRICK Opera House Building CALL FOR STEIN'S PEERLESS The Bread That's Always Good to Eat Baked in New Albany by New Albany Bakers Sold and Demanded at All New Albany Grocers Labels and Coupons Good For Prizes IF YOU CAN'T GET IT AT CllilD'S IT'S NOT IN TOWN WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HARDWARE, SEEDS, ETC. 317 STATE STREET 1 u LL, The Geo. E. Sleirnclialuir Wall Paper Co Wholesale and Retail WALL PAPER 109 EAST MAIN STREET Manufacturers of Picture Frames, Mouldings, Window Shades and Floor Coverings QUILMQTLQ ifQIlAUDLAlTlD ESEEBLYICET GIVE US YOUR NEXT ORDER FOR COAL Cement, Lime, Sand, Gravel, Coke or Kindling RIVER COAL 81 SUPPLY CO BOTH PHONES zooo ' OFFICE AND YARD, PEARL AND RIVER GIFTS IN EXCELLENT TASTE FOR THE GIRL GRADUATE D- mond Ring Brooches This year's novelties in gold and silver are more La V ll' Bar Pins enticing than ever before. We have only named B Eel I Mamcufe S I a few of the delightful trifles which so gladden D B jewel Case - - - S 1 C dl sticks Writing Ca the feminine heart. Our stock IS so complet Dinner R gs Hat pins that it offers you an almose unlimited selection Lingerie Clasps Vanity Boxes Come in and let our experienced salespeopl Pearl Beads Scent Balls help you choose' N. L. E I ST EL-S5!s,2QUEEiL'z?'NG YA 59 HUME STEAM LAUNDRY 139 E. Main St. New Albany, lnd. BOTH PH ONES Leonard I-lasenstab, Sr. Louis I-Iasenstab L Hosenstab 8 Son 217 E. MARKET ST. Tailors of fashionable Clothing Home Phone 1461-B New Albany, Ind. A MODERN SCHOOL MEETING A MODERN DEMAND AT IVILJINJCDIE, INEJIANA A Standard Normal Rating A lace for ll p co ege work of hlgh grad An Accredited School of Music lPublic and standard rating School Music Emphasizedy A t s rong and well organized faculty SCHOOLS OF Law, Agriculture, Business, Oratory. Home Economics Fine Applied and Manual Arts.-The most diversified i and the highest grade of work. Magnificently Located Elaborately Equipped Con eni lAt h g a mosp ere Expenses Low Fully Accredited MID-SPRINGTERM SUMMER TERM MID-SUMMER TERM Begins April 23,1917 Begins June 4, 1917 Begins July 16, 1917 MUNCIE NATIONAL INSTITUTE H. T. BLODGETT, Dean M. D. KELL Y, President H. M. JOHNSTON, Registrar 9 6 G. W. BRUBEGK ri SON The Home of Good Dairy Products CALL US-EITHER PHONE ewianci Gwin Funeral Director and Embaimer East Third and Market Streets BOTH PHONES 39 60 I ,, ,i , Eu , Pe1'e.1'y-gedde Punting om pan 0. OFF CE APPLIANCES ' 1 ' uw-funn FILING SYSTEMS PEARL Ano spnme s'rs. NEW ALBANY. INDIANA PRINTING- BINDING nusezn sums-s BOTH PHONES 726 ,o?,L'fr1',?,4NE,2'Qs HIGH GRADE PAPER FOR SELECT CORRESPONDENCE AND ALL SOCIAL USES WEDDING INVITATIONS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AND VISITING CARDS ENGRAVED OR PRINTED A SPECIALTY OF HIGH CLASS WORK FOR ALL OCCASIONS High School Students, Come to Lerohy's and Find Home Made ' PC0540 Candies and Ice Cream Pe V cflvfvsmf 12f'EIZf5p'ET.TGeS25SZET The Very BGS'f Made Frank Zinsmeister 8: Co. INCORPORATED WHOLESALE GROCERIES Fancy Valley View Canned Goods and High Grade Valley View Rolled Oats. 317-319-321 State Street New Albany, Indiana G n1s1mau1on or HJEJGJM amen MM JS5vE3lQvE'dQ!I1S5, l f ,E mmmm aaa, 3 I 9 - 3 2I P EAR L sr. A IW. 9100 Clfgungflnal. 61 VALP RAISO UNIVERSITY VAPARAISO, INDIANA FOUNDED 1873 THE UNIVERSITY was founded with the idea of giving to every person the opportunity of obtaining a thorough, prac- tical education at an expense within his reach. That such an institution is a necessity may be judged by the fact that each year since the beginning the attendance has been greater than that of the previous year. It offers excellent equipment for doing the highest grade of work in the following twenty-two departments which it maintains : Preparatory, High School, Primary Methods, Kindergarten Methods, Commerce, Phonogra- phy and Typewriting, Review for Teachers Bible Study, Education, Arts and Sciences Engineering, Architecture, Manual Training Agriculture, Expression and Public Speaking, Music, Fine Art, Domestic Science, Phar- macy, Law, Medicine and Dentistry. ? 7 7 The expenses are the lowest. Tuition 3820 per quarter of twelve weeks or 375.00 per year of forty-eight weeks if paid in advance. Board with furnished room 339.00 to 351.00 per quarter. For Catalog Address, HENRY B. BROWN, President, or OLIVER P. KINSEY, Vice-President. The Forty-Third year will open September 18, 1917. 62 l 1 h: ' i LISTEN i- We sell THIS and TI'-IAT in WALL PAPER. And can furnish you THIS and THAT in PICTURE FRAMES, And if you want THIS and THAT in ARTISTS MATERIALS We have it 203 EAST MARKET STREET ANDERS RASMUSSEN ecwoziorli Choice Roses and Carnations a Specialty We have the Largest Cut Flower and Rose Growing Establishment within a hundred rniles of the Falls Cities Both Phones 1 108 Vincennes St. Buy Your Electric Fan EGR I-IOT WATER NO W After the Fire is Out Use The H Before hot weather catches you unf IILION prepared just received a full line Gas Water Heater UNITED GAS AND ELECTRIC CO. 6 3 I 1 IF' IT COMES FROM F GHT N QU LTY B A K E R'S HT S IT WILL BE RIGHT RIGHT IN PR C Wedding Invitations, Calling Cards, Printing, Stationery and Books X x X x Baker's Printing House PEARL STREET "Ask Baker About It." You Can Get Your NO ON LUNCH For 15 Cents, Or Any Special Order Served Quickly and In The Best Style at the HOOSIER Dairy Lunch Room Well Dressed Men Are Particular About Linen --Therefore They Prefer ew Alban Steam Laundry Co. PEARL AND MAIN STREETS A dainty piece of Jewelry carries with it the happy thoughts of the day. J. 0. Endris 8: Son J EWELERS 230 Pearl Street Our New Spring and Summer 1917 Styles are now on disglay. An early visit will convince you t at we are amp- ly prepared with offerings to suit every taste and every purse, and our business inetaods are an assurance of satisfaction o a . are 951'-anog gi Ciflflllbif Rays of Radiance by Rfggy SOME COMMENCEMENT WANTS Catherine Lee-A Vote. "Bob" Kelso-A Commencement Date. Marietta Sicer-A Vanity Box. John Vernia-A Scholarship. Naomi Klerner-A Hair Dresser. Harold Fleischer-A History Credit. Jessie Clipp-A Flesh Reducer. Ray Rudy-A Machine for His Date. Helen Wood-A Little Home. John Rasmussen--A Few More Inches. "Peggy" Knox--A Scotchman. Arthur Bates-A Fighting Chance. Miriam Haskell-A Little Prominence. Zenor Dupaquier-A Book of Beauty Hints. Katherine Seigle-A Crochet Pattern. Charles Melton-A Teacher's Certifi- cate. Emily Jahnel-A Small Office of Her Own. Maurice Strack-A Finished Blotter. The Seniors-A Lot of Attention. 'TWAS EVER THUS It was their last date. Early in the morning he was to leave with the cav- alry. She twined her Mary Pickford curl about her finger and with drooped eyes she murmured: "You won't forget me, will you?" He answered soul- fully, "How could I ever forget those blue eyes?" 9691-5663 N For days now he had been conscious of a strange girl, caring for his wounds. At first it was like a dream, but now as he held her soft hands and looked into those large brown eyes, he knew that it was a reality and murmured, "My love!" and then she smiled back, "Your first?" He held her hands more tightly and answered, "Yes." DID YOU EVER SEE A Flunker studying? A Pony in a Class Room? An Easy Latin Test? A "Flower in the crannied ALL FOR AN AD. The Bold Entrance. The Long Wait. The Speech Rehearsed. The Interview. wall" ? The "Come Back To-Morrow." A Meek Senior? The Following Day. The Consent. RIDDLES What is it that can knock and has As square as can be neither hands nor feet? Ans.--The Steinite. Gold on top and brass in the middle? Ans.-Class Pins. Something attractive and yet never wanted? Ans.-Red Ink. 2 lllllll lllllll lllllll Illllll llllllll lllllllll lllllllll Ill I Yet round as a dollar? Ans.-Our Class Treasurer, "Chet" Helck. On "terra firma" yet up in the air? Ans.-A Peeved Teacher. Something we see and hear and yet never notice ? Ans.-Sophmores. + Q I IU! llllllll llllllli llllllll lllllllll tlllllll Hllllll -1. pa 1.4, W. 1. ' 1 1917 ATTENTICDIXI! HILE prosperity is BOOMING and the wheels of COM- MERCE are ROARING, we are training and furnishing RECRUITS for the front BATTLE LINE in the WARFARE of LIFE. Show your COLORS by ENROLLING for our courses in Modern Bookkeeping and Accounting, Gregg Shorthand and Sci- entific Touch Typewriting-all of which mean efficiency to the highest degree under our system. ESTABLISHED isss WRITE, PHONE or CALL NEW ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE H. o. KEESLING, Pres. 601 THE ELSBY R.RUGGLES,Principa1I O LJ I-' I- I: I: We W1llDel1Ver Ground to Order, also To You Pulverized Sand and Gravel SELLING AGENCY FOR Any amount from a Barrel to a Barge-load Richelieu Teas and Coffees Richelieu Canned Goods, all Lime kinds Any amount from a Bushel to a Car-load OUR SPECIALS Home Boiled Ham Cement Any amount from a Sack to a Salads-our own make Car-load Home Made Pimento Cheese Fresh Potato Chips Plaster Any amount from a Sack to a ALL KINDS OF PICNIC AND Capload LUNCH GOODS GET ACQUAINTED WITH OUR PROMPT SERVICE O 213 E. Market St. Both Phones E' T' HOWARUS PHARMACY Particular Prescriptionisls East Market and Fourth Streets Both Phones 151 - 66 Films Developed 10c per roll Film Pack 20c Prints 31: and 4c each. The iilcD0nald:St0ckdell Co. Photo Finishings Kodaks and Supplies Pearl and Market New Albany, Ind. 'PETE QUESITIQTNT: "WHERE SHALL I ATTEND COLLEGE?" 'TNHE ANSYVIQ R: If you Want a sound college education, with wholesome associations, in a thoroughly equipped, standard college, under an efHcient faculty, at a minimum expense- lf you Want to have your education in the college whose graduates! have the highest percentage of success- If you want Music, Normal Training, or a PrefMedicaI Course -- ATTEND Hanover University HANOVER, INDIANA WRITE FOR CATALOGUE. Finger Bros. D. 8 K. Coal 8 Coke Co. COAL, SAND, GRAVEL, LIME AND CEMENT. 221 Pearl Street Both Phones 500 I+ 67 Diamond and Pearl Pendants - Sterling Novelties - We sell the famous I-Iamilton Watch gl. w. KESLER Jeweler East Spring Street FOR SERVICE, FOR PRICE FOR VARIETY OF STOCK -- VISIT -- Ziegelbauefs Supply House Oak and Vincennes Streets HOME PHONE 2008 NlONUNlENTS John Vernia Ss Son We always have a large assortment of monuments in stock. You see exactly what to buy. Call to see us before buying. Pearl and Elm Sts. New Albany, Ind. ' EASTMAN 8: ANSCO Kodaks and Cameras and Photo Supplies AEPLENDID STOCKQALLL PHQTO NELCESSARQ WE DO EXPERT DEVELOPING AND PRINTING. CONNER'S DRUG STORE PEARL AND SPRING Fred.Tyrauf Grookery, Ghina, Glassware, Gutlory and Kitchen furnishings. XIII. OF THE NEW NOVELTLES AS WELL As The More QONSERVATIVE IWGIIEESTCANFBEFFFOUND AT THE Boston Shoo Store 504 PEARL STREET SEE US FOR YOUR COMMENCEMENT sl-loss Homephone 404.a. I 7 133 E. Market St., New Albany, Ind F ll E . G. M A Y E S Successor to Chas. D. Knoefel Drug Co. XNIIOLESAIJID Drugs, Paints 3,IO1CDl Uils DISTRIBUTORS FOR PARKE DAVIS Sc CO. LLOYD BROS. MERCK'S CHEMICALS P. G. 8: CO. MASTIC PAINTS 110 South Side Market, Between State and Pearl Streets Home Phone 103 Cumb. Phone 176 QLJAYLE ETIIFI IINCEFRAVEIQS AND Manufacturing Jewelrymerg TO American Universities New York ALBANY Chicago 25 W. 42nd Street. 19 Chapel Street. 64 W. Randolph St. SAMPLES OF WEDDING STATIONERY UPON REQUEST. CORRECT FORMS MODERATE COST GUTHRIE BROS. Brooms, Mops, Cotton Gloves 6 JOBBERS Paper, Paper Bags, Brushes, Twines, Sole Leather, Gas Mantles, Grocers' Sundries, Notions, Etc. 69 585C Represents the true circulation of the HOME ORGANIZER Call, 'phone or write EWING :Su ZELLER ADVERTISING SPECIALISTS Young Men of Taste go to Morgan for their clothes. X There's a distinctiveness in fit, fabric and workmanship that stamps a fel- low in Morgan's Clothes as "up-to- snuff," both in society and in the business world. John J. Morgan 8: Sons 4Two Blocks from N. A. H. SJ Prices Reasonable. I Colle 'eAnnualsand analogies I College E.nQravinQs are our specialt Ask for samplesprioes and Instruction boo BUSH-KREBS COMPANY 403 w Main stfm""'om I DLouisvilIe. Ky. Frank A. Kraft FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER Q Both Phones 280 146 and 148 East Main St. GO TO The W ii Tavern x I7 is 1 . FORA gtg J ' I 4' , I -' Y -' mzmvuuu Q wmraurumzm V. ng VE ,X , Y. if W3 .555 ' , .fr 1, X? ' fi 'I .- IF 1 4 P' QQQ 1 4. ' fe Iiood Dinner , I NlcCULLOUGl-l'S TIIE EIGJITII STIQEICT DllUfl STOIQE A GOOD PLACE TO BUY wFlthletic Goods, Comeros cmd Films! Where you get your D. SS Nl.Bc1sebc1ll. TheyDeliver Free and Fr ly The Dainty f 5 Girl Graduate t h ? f, Q1'L,?5i s , a, 2 Q giv K Must be X tl 1 7 X Photographed. llfllnflllllfl J fe ZX, s"llll .. a ,, MAKE THE APPOINTMENT ' ix ll EARLY .... afaf The Riddle Studio ECT PA df Arfw For Those Who f Want the Best EUREKA EUREKA ALBW Nfl J H Shme 8: Co. V9 - r X , ITLOUR "FINISHED" THE LEDGER PRINTERS New ALBANVJNDIANA

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