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fi Q.. 3. .,.,,. -...-. N-, .,,, .....,,,.,, -v-- - 1 f-.--5, ,,-fy-, , ,.,-vw.-..-. ---'vy-vw g-pf W.. .--. .7 W sulfur' - I . - Q T, - , " yr ' 5 -' wg 1 3 .., 't f- .' -U il -. , ,',. -. -., - , ' 'y'-x ' ,, 1. - N . 2 W 1 ' 3 1 19 ,a . 'ff af 1 I , . f A muzlnmu W- 1 W ' MN Of MW WWW W Mix M W , 1, .QQ Qkjwxxoxzi ,gay 369.9 yymdfw ww A319602 www WM MQ QW .XO MQUAQ gl F LL '59 QU J QNX biwygxyvxg V xk gigs' Q Q , ww H QW PQ VXVQVN i ll KX CX qiwgjfk QQSEEQOD W7 wi fDs W, :WM wMf,m7!AfM WM mpmmyyac X . AaM4i, -EQRL We MMM WMWQ I r X y N.. Q! 1' Lff C n NEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL I- I L rf 'mm man ga I I EE EQ EE I -.55 ,- I ' wma ' WQ H I ff J:3Q .- ' A LIVING TRADITION MONROYAN 1980 CO Ns two' . y Neville High School-A .Tradition In Northeast Louisiana as dy . t Neville High School is a living monument to excellence. From the graceful oaks to the alma mater, Neville is steeped in tradition. Since the laying of her cornerstone, Neville has followed certain customs which have instilled pride in all of her students. Some traditions are old and some new, but all contribute to the excellence here at Neville High School. The physical aspects of Neville High School contribute to her tradition. The building serves as a reminder of days past. Built in 1931, Neville is the oldest school in this area. To those of our present generation, she has always been the same. Neville was built during the depression. Craftsmen labored long hours on every detail. Neville's graceful lines and symmetry are a result oflthis extra care. Evergreens surround the campus creating a peaceful atmosphere. In order to add to the beauty of the grounds, the Senior Class of 1969 dedicated the circular garden in loving 'memory of Dorothy Hodge, Neville's devoted secretary. The stadium has hosted a tradition of Tiger Pride since 1940. It has seen generations of victory and defeat, but always outstanding has been Tiger sportsmanship. To accommodate the ever-growing student body, the band building and the annex were added in the sixties. Though built in more recent times, they blend with Neville's stately grace. ' l s ' s. 2 ll 5' M . E5 gettin T? . ,ag -if " The Dorothy Hodge Memorial Garden blooms beautifully every spring. - , g ' , f l .- 4 ' 5 F f 2 -- -ri L 5. . . -9 drditalzu TD mum V 7 mamma, V . .,,,.,-i f ar:-:ra mi mul- 'af--L .6 he '.l....i.. W.. , 1.1 ...U ur: gblliruw .EU . ' flame loiaev Y raw urn ' . I 1 l - alma 5u'3'-.'Gq'g-"' "W" Emma' W! TM-. 'I . . ' use-mvglnlwv' S' aliulfvsifefamv . M ' ' ' 33-'?i5l5?3?u'9+??5'wf 37?-?55,"iJ2?SrsZf1 ' 5 " karl!!! x"x:g41rzainii1 Jxnnulaigl s ' ' . , , ,,.-BIFQIAILAE. uhm gtvmr: :sua Er fu S , V ., ',- ftggzvimuagam I EllLE.'4Q4!i1LE'V: .71 '- .,'v 1 gziismgfi Efflwflii Q 1 , - ,H 5 .Zz f ' Qiffllxt Izrffi-EJ? 7 4, V H. 5 1 V - . fTr 2 ' 'W 2 The Memorial Plaque honors Neville World War II Veterans. , ' ' V95 r Honoring the flag of the United States has become a tradition at Neville High School. The practice was initiated after World War II to honor the brave graduates of this school who died in the line of duty. A large plaque hangs in the auditorium lobby in memory of these men. After the war a flagpole was erected in memory of Theodore F. Terzia. Each morning all students stand at attention as the flag is raised. Afterwards they recite the Pledge of Allegiance. At the end of the day, students remain standing after the bell has rung for the lowering of the flag. This custom makes sfudents aware of their duties as citizens and exemplifies another living tradition of Neville High School. an Susan Johnson, Debbie Hanee, and David Brown raise the flag at the moming bell. The Alma Mater is sung at every assembly. A H The Neville Stadium-The Vanguard of Conquest. A 3 Excellence In . Academics- A Neville Tradition Ann Tyler listens attentively in .X ., Miss Whit's 6th period English class enjoys her humor. Mrs. Dixon's English class works diligently on their test. X HL. E iii li lt' - - N V William Erwin asks the Heavens for help. ,S gif Steve Nordyke consults Mr. Luther on a physici problem. Excellence in academics has always been an important part of the tradition at Neville. A well-qualified teaching staff help provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for college and work. We are proud of our loyal staff, some of whom have remained at Neville for over 20 years. This special distinction belongs to Mr. Charles Brown, Miss Kathryn Douciere, Mrs. Babs Hagar, Mrs. Dot Johnson, Mr. Larry Loftin, and Miss Jane Whittington. Former graduates Mr. Charles Brown, Mr. Joe Coats, Mrs. Dorothy Kiper, Mrs. Joyce Mehl, Mr. Willie Ragan, Mr. Jimmy Rogers, and Mrs. Sue Ward have returned to join the faculty. We are proud that Neville High School has always had National Merit Scholars. Our students have consistently scored well on college entrance exams. The members of the Neville High School Chapter of the National Honor Society continue to show the scholarship, service, leadership, and char- acter traditional at Neville. Furthermore, every year many students receive academic scholarships to colleges and universities all over the country. As a result of the excellent academic background obtained at Neville, our students perform successfully wherever they go. Mr Rogers gives Ashley Wilkins extra help before school Craig Salter takes out his frustrations on his pen. Spiritmakets Arouse Enthusiasm I . Neville High School has always been noted for its spirit. Membership in spirit promoting organizations brings both high honors and hard work. Cheerleaders, Tigerettes, and band members have boosted school morale since the school's early years. Cheerleaders put long hours into the organization of pep assemblies, bonfires, dress-up days, and other activities. They attend cheerleading camp each summer and hold clinics. The Tigerettes were established in 1937, but it wasn't until 1946 that, with the help of Coach Bill Ruple and Miss Mae Coker, they became more involved in school activities. Their support is the backbone of Neville's spirit. Band members bolster enthusiasm by playing team songs such as f'Tiger Rag" and "Loyalty." They also put on colorful half-time shows and represent Neville in community activities. t In recent years, two new Tiger attractions have been added+Shasta, our mascot, and the fabulous Bengal Belles. The first Shasta was purchased in 1964. School children of all ages contributed the money. Since then he has been succeeded by two others. Shasta has become a tradition symbolizing our great Tiger Pride. Since their formation in 1969, the Bengal Belles have won fame statewide. They dance at assemblies, athletic contests and public events. The Bengal Belles represent a tradition of excellence. il 'H' The Bengal Belles march down North l8th rn the annual fair parade. Mary Hunt thehengal a dance at ,M N 5 ,V Neville's feature twirler-Tami Tonore. Shasta looks on with little interest in assembly. 6 Throughout the Year T A-eff M J, -iw nhl 1 'I' W. V-of in -ni A if z x y 3 1 'R ,KT 1 1 X ag V 5 X Dianna awaits her cue frgm the director, The cheerleaders do a traditional cheer called "Tremendous Ty? by r K QQ" 1- ll- ll lfggshgfilii' Ann Tyler, Katherine Ryan, and Sally Mintz dress up for 50's day. T slfllll' f 4 T The cymbal and drum line make assemblies more lively with their beat. -f is 55 DQ 2 1 up P I Q Em Q The number of Tigerettes has helped school spirit. 1 Nwmi MGCMHU- Widest Mom. and Susan Judd dress up appropriately for Baby Day. 7 : s xl. A The Winning Tra di tio, l , , l 1 Coach Brown says the Tigers are No. ll! Brad Burch goes up for an easy shot. 'P ew be Bubba Brister tries for an extra point conversion. if V L , W , 5' If fe gi E 5 ' ul 1 ii N4 .J J Q.. -1 in The varsity cheerleaders get ready for a big Friday night game. Marcie Stassi outjumps an opponent for control of the ball. on tin ues I1 Athletics Mike Cage scrambles for yards against Ouachita. L lg The Neville fishing team places 2nd in the area high school tournament. Neville athletes have always upheld the winning tradition by excelling in all types of sports. We are proud of this tradition, and we show our pride on the scoreboard, not on the walls and campuses of other schools. Neville Tigers never boo officials or other players, and we never make excuses for losing a game. Although we are a small school, we constantly accept the challenges offered by larger ones by striving for the best from every one of our players. Excellent football teams are a tradition at Neville, and we are known all over the state for our outstanding performances on the football field. In the last 30 years we have reached the playoffs 17 times and claimed the State Championship 5 times. Our record since 1945 is 280 won and 81 lost. Other schools may come and go, but Neville has traditionally remained on top. Although Neville is known all over the state for football, other sports are not neglected. Our basketball teams always strive for excellence. We have captured the State Basketball Championship twiceiin 1957 and 1964. Neville won the District Championship several times in the 1950's and 1960's. The 1978-79 team produced the first winning record in 4 years, a tradition we hope to continue. The girl's basketball team, reinstated in 1978, has exhibited true Tiger spirit this year by organizing the homecoming dance. Spring sports are important at Neville, too. Our baseball team has one of the "winningest" records in the state. They have won 127 and lost 31 since 1972. Six times they have brought home the State Championship trophy. Five former Tigers have gone on to play professional baseball. Neville has had 8 All-State baseballers in the last 15 years. Numerous baseball players have continued their educations by earning collegiate athletic scholarships. The golf team has also traditionally placed high in state competitions. They won the State Championship in 1957, 1963, 1975, 1976, 1977, and 19793 and placed second in 1978. The Neville golf team has won its regional every year except one since the first year we had a team. Neville has had several players on golf scholarships, and there are 7 former Tigers presently playing college golf. Other spring sports that are part of Neville's tradition are track, tennis, and fishing. The Neville track team has many trophies to show for their diligent efforts. We have had many outstanding tracksters perform with the traditional excellence characteristic of Neville. The tennis team has always represented Neville well in various tournaments held throughout the state. Both our men and women players are known to tennis buffs. Although little is heard about the fishing team, they recently brought home several first place trophies. Fishing is a new Tiger sport which has already proved to be part of the winning Tiger tradition. The hard working coaching staff help to uphold the winning Tiger tradition. Coaches Brown, Coats, Pee, Ragan, Smith, and Vallery contribute their time, thought, and energies to maintaining the level of excellence in sports at Neville. 9 , g Tiger Assemblies and r Homecoming+Time,-Honored Traditions Since l937,' homecoming activities have been traditional at Neville. Homecoming week is always an exciting time. Every year Alumni "come home" to Neville and share 'in the traditional homecoming activities. Present homecoming activities center around the school. Different clubs and organizations make displays aimed at promoting Tiger spirit and place them around the front circle of the school. This National Honor Society sponsors a spirit link contest. Freshmen, juniors, .and seniors buy spirit links for 5 cents each, and the class with the longest chain wins. The football team chooses a Homecoming Queen and Court who are presented at the assembly by the nominating player and then at the game that night by a notable alumnus. ' sig , J 1 l W ,. 3 fi' 1. fis- The 1979-l980 Homecoming Court presides over the game. A bonfire held the night before the game helps to "Fire up" the students. The next aftemoon the Student Council conducts a multi-media pre- sentation which helps bring about a sense of harmony and loyalty toward the school. To further welcome our alums, the Home Economics Depart- ment and the Athletic Department invite guests at theassembly to a morning coffee. That night the Key Club sponsors a spaghetti supper before the game. Both of these events are part of the more recent Neville' traditions: . X E The Octagon Club places second in the homecoming display contest Queen Cara Medley add'-eggs the The Bengal -Belles performed exceptionally well at the homecoming assembly homecoming assembly. . 10 A A . it Y .1 t Many old traditions are connected with the assemblies at Neville. Every underclassman has dreamed of the time when he can finally march into the auditorium as a senior, envied and admired by the standing student body. The president of the Student Council presides over every assembly, which always begins with the opportunity for individual silent prayer, the Pledge of Al egiance, and the "Star Spangled Banner." Neville students take pride in the high standards of conduct traditional at Neville and behave themselves accordingly. , . Although we are few in number, no other school can match our spirit and enthusiasm. No assembly would be the same without Shasta and his own "Tiger Spirit." The students' response to such traditional cheers as: "'Gimme a Tremendous T", "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y", and "Z, Bits", is overwhelming. The freshmen, juniors, seniors, and band compete fiercely for the Spirit Stick, but no matter which group receives the award, it's always the entire student body that wins it. 'Finally everyone grows quiet as the words to the Alma Mater appear and the band begins to play. A shiver of pride runs down everyone's spina as voices rise together on the last notes singing, "and all our memories o 't ee". ' . - x 1 . The National Honor Society sponsors the Spirit Link Contest E Q- .y 152' hy taxi' K 13 . f . Seniors march down the aisle in assemblies. , A -11 Clu bs Link Classroom to EX tra -Curricular Activities ' it Qi i 'isii C I Q I ft ' ":' -'IL is "lY f"'2 as 9 ' t ,git ' T Q Q 4, ff ' 9 ' Sis -X F' t 3 7 ii C 1 1 F. Q 5 5 If if . f T Q45 Q 3. ' N sf ' i ' ., 1 Q ,,', ' 9 T ' i r.rr . 'T : T ' 1 1 1 ig i-,i 5 . Q The newly elected National Honor Society Officers of 1979-1980. :W Za. Teresa Free works diligently to help publish the annual. Miss Harris accepts a homecoming mum from Quincie Rivers and the Student Council. btklly H The Octagon Club members enjoy meeting together. Mike Lawrence conducts a Student Council meeting. Key Club members enjoy planning their spaghetti supper. Sylvia Wilkins and Cheryl Huff work on Octagon Club homecoming display. Mrs. Brosset and Andrian Antis discuss the treasurer's report of the Foreign Language Club. Clubs add to Neville High School's traditional academic excellence. The MONROYAN staff has consistently produced an annual. Yearbooks, formerly called the SQUEEDUNK, date back to the early years of Monroe High School. The title was changed in 1931 to honor the city which had built its students such an outstanding school. The Student Council is as much a part of Neville as Neville itself. Established in 1931, it is a time-honored tradition. Neville was one of three schools in the state to first organize the Louisiana Association of Student Councils and since then has held the state offices of President, Vice-President, and Parliamentarian. The National Honor Society also has a legacy of tradition. It was formed in 1932. Students having a B average, teachers' recommendations, and outstanding moral character are chosen as member. The National Honor Society produces an annual student directory, sponsors Teacher of the Month, and participates in various community activities. Clubs supplementing regular academic programs are not a new tradition. The Speech Club, Home and Family Living Club, Latin Club, Foreign Language Club, and the Future Business Leaders of America serve as a link between the classroom and extracurricular activities. The Key Club is a boys' organization which provides services to the community. fhe Octagon Club, one of the more active clubs, participates in civic, school, and money-making projects. It is an extension of the Optimist Club. Representatives from each club form the Inter-Club Council, which oversees the activities of the various organizations of Neville High School. Ss .ll as nl 1 .tt g The Bengal Belles love to pose for pictures. 13 LIFE 3 4. iw ,.,,- lu I 1 K S ATU DEN www ww ar ,Wk A ,U Vw .,- Y... ws llllllll llll! llll Supl -vw I H nm new E- v ' - +5 art- ,- Home and Family Living Club's display takes lst place. Jim Hollister and Betsy Moomey hug a Tiger. . - Coach Brown and Bubba Brister talk' it over during a time-out. ' Sharon Robinson, Donna Johnson, Becky Hessick, and Stacy Hollister get involved in student ' , Blair Cudd, Katherine Coyle, and Lisa Burch the day's coming eventsx . 1 . H Dawn Wilbanks and Linda Wolff pose for a great picture. Sophomores Maria Crisostomo, Barbara Gill, Elizabeth Tucker, and Kathy Roberts get ready to leavefor Carroll. Mike Lawrence, Student Body President, calls an gr-iquia We aee fe-S4lrJ'vi ' ' 6. -? it if f+ ii s 'E' ms nm Rf? 'SZ-:Lx ,Q 995 7. Students Exhibit Spirit and Pride :V 2 K .,, , K K M. 1 . T iit' 1-' ., . it-1+ ,. Q V . . I i My ,Z H V, 4. VV . e . . W Pg . i T Whitey Boyd and David Wade enjoy a Tiger victory. Susan Johnson shows school spirit on dress-up days. Kathy Roberts and Elizabeth Tucker support the J. V. Football team. YQ' , - 95115 .mas 1 'N Freshmen Ann Yee, Tracy Funderburk, Mary Baretincic and Karin Holdiness show spirit after winning the Spirit Stick. Joel Mintcr rests between pictures during an assembly, Brady King asks for student support at the Wossman game. ,A.. i a,v',t 2 r ,. Student life at Neville involves more than just coming to school six hours a day. Students participate in many different activities that contribute to their overall enjoyment of life. Students traditionally have derived much pleasure from working and playing together. Many friendships are formed at Neville that last longer than the four years students attend here. Spirit and pride are exhibited in all school activities. ,H -ffl, -rr W-f r ffrm. ff 'ff' fig, Q, ,, flew, AW 1 'iii' ff' g 1W',,.,?1f.f- if., . if-J.. 4, ,,. , ga., Ma if i 'L 3 df! gf ! 4 I , if ' v if f M . ,.,, . gh 1 "" It -V f ,,,. A I - ia Cheryl Huff's smile brightens everyonels day. . va.. ft Comments from the rear of the class never bother John Masters. Keith Carmichael practices his golf stroke Kathy Sims is glad nine weeks during English class. tests are over. an Y A L, . , ,ggi ,ilk iii, .. eee t tssta at This must not have been one of Laura Neill's better days. 17 Outstanding Students Gain National Merit Semi-Finalists: John White, William Erwin, Matt Meinel, Kathy Sims. Neville's tradition of high academic achievement was continued this year with the announcement of National Merit Semi-Finalists. Although a school the size of Neville would normally have .5 NMSF, Neville had four. They are-William Erwin, Matt Meinel, Kathy Sims and John White. These students are among the top half of one percent of the state's senior class. After being selected as semi-finalists, they become eligible to compete for other scholarships offered through the National Merit Program. Some 1000 National Merit S1000 scholarships are awarded. To be considered for merit scholarships, semifinalists must qualify as finalists by meeting further requirements-by being fully endorsed and recommended by their principals, submitting records that confirm high academic standing, and substantiating their' high qualifying test scores with equivalent scores on the SAT. The four merit scholars received mail from colleges and universities from all over the country. They represented Neville on several occasions, bringing recognition to their school as well as to themselves. Their pictures, along with those of the eight other semi-finalists from the parish, were published in the News Star World. They were also recognized at a meeting of the Monroe City School Board. 18 NF' as Mike Lawrence-DAR Good Citizen Mike Lawrence was this year's recipient of the DAR Good Citizen's Award. One student was chosen from each school in recognition for his outstanding achievements and contributions to his school and community. Mike was recognized at a luncheon by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Neville High School is proud of Mike and appreciates all that he has done to better his school. 4'-"Tb High Academic Standards Traditional at Neville in During the Summer three Neville Students, Annette Braud, Ashley Wilkins, and Chris McHenry, par- ticipated in Girl's State and Boy's State at L.S.U. The purpose of the convention was to learn more about the state government and how it operates. The students were able to participate in their own state government by running for state wide offices in the elections held by the students. After writing their own campaign speeches, Annette Braud was elected Commissioner of Health, Ashley Wilkins was elected to the House of Representatives, and Chris McHenry was elected District Judge. The participants in Boy's State and Girl's State were separat- ed during the week, until a joint convocation, where they heard Governor Edwin Edwards and Senator Gillis Long speak, to Girls State and Boys Statei Chris McHenry, Ashley Wilkins, and Annette Braud. ,pw STP' Debate Team: William Erwin and Steve Nordyke The Debate Team works long and hard throughout the year. They represent Neville in debate tournaments held around the state. This summer William Erwin and Steve Nordyke attended camp at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. They have attended tour- naments at Byrd High School, Acadiana High School, New Iberia High School, Captain Shreve, La. State University in -Shreveport, and the Tournament of Champions. Members ofthe debate team spend hours in the library researching for their competitions. They pore through magazines making notes of items of importance. They have accumulated hundreds of notecards on subjects ranging from the Russian influence to the Third World. 19 Bengal Belles Gain Recognition For Neville High School Mary Hunt presents trophies to Mr. Loftin at assembly. Bengal Belles add ZEST to Basketball half-times. 20 B lsssl B m y t A' s f affix 4- 3,22 ai 1. H1 K K . k,.,. K xr H kk,,, 1 2 fi . A ii L 'Y E .. '- W -- ' ' 5 L11 W"kk V 9:3 'ii-i" -, 8' 5' i . I i vi A L K t t t ssns sll,s ssjn ,X Q y gg g at B B alllss Q B Bengal Belles take 2nd place in Natchitoches. 1 High kicks are among the things that The Bengal Belles are noted for. I ll VLJ k:iijH1'l gv : -- The performance by the Bengal Belles at the Thanksgiving night assembly was exceptional. 1 Bengal Belles prepare to board the plane for Los Angeles, California for the national team competitions. qt: Mary Hunt shows her Tiger spirit on dress-up days. Sylvia Wilkins and DeeAnna Pee paint the gym during the summei. For the past ten years, the Bengal Belles have been a tradition at Neville. The 21-member dance team has continued to improve over these years, Their achievements have won them the respect and admiration of their fellow classmates and rival drill teams. Such feats can only be achieved through hours of dedicated practice. The Bengal Belles started practice early in April, only days after tryouts had been completed. The six girls who had been Bengal Belles the previous year already knew what was expected of them--Perfection! The new members found that perfection was not easily obtained. It meant getting to practice at 6:00 every morning and usually staying late during evening practice. The results of this extra effort were shown in Dallas at the S.M.U. Drill Team Camp, where they won a first place trophy in the Intermediate Division and the Show-Off Award on Talent Night. While not hard at work practicing, the Bengal Belles found time to do special projects for the school, such as painting the gym and placing the big "Welcome" sign in the lobby. They also provided entertainment at assemblies and during half-time at football games. The end of football season did not mean the end of practice. The Bengal Belles had to prepare for competition against northern Louisiana drill teams at Northwestern University in Natchitoches. Again their practice paid off as they brought home two second place trophies, which qualified them for national competition. December also brought basketball season, Apart from performing for basketball games at Neville, the Bengal Belles also gave excellent performances during the News Star and Pacemaker Tournaments held at Northeast. Practice continued, and on February 2, the Belles traveled to New Orleans to compete against drill teams from all over the state. The highlight of the year for the Bengal Belles was their trip to California. For weeks they worked to raise money by asking local businessmen to sponsor them. Finally on February 5, after weeks of waiting, they boarded a plane bound for Los Angeles. There they competed against teams from all over the country in the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Although the trip was filled with' more practice and tough competition, they managed to get in some sightseeing. All good things must come to an end, and so it was for the '79-80 Bengal Belles. As they removed their white boots and black and gold uniforms for the last time, they wondered if the past year had been worth all the extra effort. But as they remembered the standing ovation they had received at the Talent Show, their last performance before the school, they realized that it had indeed been worth all the tears and sweat. Pa l 5. N I i 3 up , N E 5 an F i .- T WL.. e .att . .. A f Becky Kight, Laura Neill, and Debbie Hearn rest after their half-time dance. High, straight kicks are important in every dance performed by the Belles. :Q S515 Becky Kight, Carol Russel, Tish Bailey, and Linda Wolff relax after a long practice on the The Bengal Belles march into the football stage. games to the beat of the drums. 21 Holiday Season Celebrated With Traditional Activities we-1--w,......., - i Coach Brown's Homeroom won lst Prize in the The lnterclub Council's Christmas tree brightened the l humorous category. halls with Christmas cheer, l Mike VanVeekh0ven enjoyed his role as Speech Club sold candy-grams before school each morning Santa at the Christmas program. Mrs. Brosset's homeroom wished everyone a Mrs. Hagar's Homeroom placed second in the Mrs. Tucker's Homeroom wished for a whi Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. humorous category. Christmas so they could make a snowman, 22 The holiday season was celebrated at Neville with many traditional Christmas-time activities. The students were filled with the spirit of Christmas, which was expressed on the classroom doors, in candy-grams, and in the Christmas Program presented by Miss Harris' choir and the band. The Student Council sponsored the door-decorating contest in which prizes were awarded to the best doors in three different categories. Office IO5 won in the religious category, while Coach Brown's homeroom won in the humorous category, and Mr. Rogers' homeroom won in the most original category. The Student Council also sold homemade wassail and Christmas cookies in the lobby. The Interclub Council placed a Christmas tree in the center of the lobby. They also strolled through the halls singing carols on the last day of school before Christmas. Christmas carols were played each morning over the Intercom before school to help everyone get into the spirit. The Speech Club sold candy-grams every morning. Friends and sweethearts were able to send seasons greetings and candycanes to each other. On December I8, the traditional Christmas assembly was held. The choir sang Christmas carols to the accompaniment of Sharon Robinson on the piano and Cassandra Douglas on the flute. Featured soloists were Frank Bonner, Kathy Funderburk, Francis Henry, and Bruce McCoy. As a special attraction, Santa Claus and two of his elves told the Christmas wishes of several Neville students. The Neville band played a specially arranged medley of Christmas carols to bring the program to a close. Santa Mike VanVeckhoven does not mind his lap full of beautiful elves, Mandy Millar and Susan Southern. fllxfru. Mr. Rogers' Homeroom won first place in the originality division. Office 105 won lst place in the religious category. Kathy Funderburk and Frances Henry entertained everyone at the Christmas assembly with beautiful solos, as did Frank Bonner and Bruce McCoy. 23 utside Activities Are This year, students at Neville were able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of many different guest speakers. ln order to provide students with information not included in textbooks, several teachers invited outside speakers, who related their experiences in fields ranging from juvenile law to nuclear physics. Dr. Russ Williams talked to Mrs. Dixon's English lll classes about ALL THE KlNG'S MEN. Mrs. Kilpatrick's classes heard Lawson Swearingen talk about running a political campaign. A Navy Nuclear Physicist spoke to Science classes and the Advanced Math Classes. Mrs. .Iohnson's students heard several guest speakers during the Panel of ministers field the questions presented in Mrs. Johnson's Home and Family Living Class. Dr, Russ Williams, professor of history at NLU, gives Mrs. Dixon's English classes an insight into the real Huey Long. 24 year. Several ministers were invited to answer questions the students had written. Dr. August Dante warned of the danger involved in mixing common medicines. Officer Crocker, from the Monroe Police Dept., discussed how the law affects teenagers. Several representatives from the Substance Abuse Center spoke to the students in Mrs. Johnson's Home and Family Living Club. Mrs. Pat Meriwether spoke on coping with problems in the homes and families of today's young people. Former Neville head coach, Bill Ruple, spoke to a crowded auditorium at the Thanksgiving night assembly. He inspired the Tigers with tales of the courage of former Neville athletes. 'N Dr. Dante explains the dangers of mixing commonly used drugs. 5195111 Coach Bill Ruple inspires Tigers with a moi speech on Thanksgiving night. Educational Extras 'QX Steve Nord ke and William Erwin re are for a debate. Y P P F of as ft- 2 T . ...f f, ' , , 4 ptr -5.3 f it J Lgl, Q - Kg . .I i f if ' 'li' 2 A Mrs. Mehl's 6th Room. Hr. English class views a film in the A.V. Mrs. Mehl's clas antebellum homes ses enjoyed seeing the beautiful azaleas and on their trip to Natchez. Not only do students benefit from guest speakers in the classroom, but also they gain valuable experience from activities held outside the classroom. These outside events help make learning a more enjoyable experience for both the student and the teacher. Although students must often travel out of town, or even out of state. to reach their destination, sometimes events are held much closer to home, Mrs. Blanchard's Speech classes travel all over the state to attend speech tournaments and festivals. There they compete in both acting and debate, and by placing lst, 2nd, or 3rd, they are eligible to attend the Tournament of Champions. In April, the band journeyed to Knoxville, Tennessee to participate in the l980 Dogwood Arts Band Festival. Bands from all over the nation compete in 3 areas of competition-fconcert, parade, and street drill -relative to their concert classification. Area High School Seniors were invited to Career Day at Northeast on Nov. 6. There they were given a chance to investigate the different types of careers open to them. On Dec. 5 students were invited to the La. Tech campus for Tech Day. Students were able to visit the various departments they were interested in. The lst annual LSU Rally Day at the W.M. Convention Center gave area high school Juniors and Seniors a chance to become better acquainted with La. State University. Mrs. Mehl's Advanced English III class made their annual visit to Natchez. Miss. to tour the antebellum homes on view during the Natchez Pilgrimage. French, Spanish and Latin classes went to La. Tech for the Foreign Language Festival. While there. they were given a chance to participate in the cultural events of other countries. Many extracurricular activities were held closer to home. The Home Economics facilities were used to hold the reception for Alums after the Homecoming Assembly and the reception for the 32 newly inducted members of the Honor Society. Mrs. Sparks and Mrs. Tonore were only two of the alums who came to the tea after the homecoming assembly. Marcie Stassi and Mr. Hensley discuss musical strategy during the bonfire before homecoming. 25 New Decade Brings Many Changes s Karen Townley looks back on past decades. 1979-80 was an eventful year, not only at Neville, but also elsewhere across the nation. The new decade brought about many changes, and students at Neville were active participants in the ever-changing world around them. This year, more than ever, outside events affected the daily lives of students everywhere. On November 4, our American Embassy in lran was seiged by militant Iranian students. For months fifty Americans were held hostage by an angry nation demanding the return of their exiled Shah. Then, in December, Russian troops invaded the neighboring country of Afganistan. As a threat of war hung over the entire nation, students realized that they had been given a chance to view history as it was being made. When President Carter proposed the reinstitution of the draft, they anxiously watched news reports and discussed among themselves the effects that a war could have on their own generation. On the local scene, a statewide election was held in November. The Speech Club sponsored a mock election at Neville. Ballots were passed out in the homeroom, and, after the votes had been counted, Paul Hardy won and Dave Treen came in second. The Speech Club and the Octagon Club were asked to aid KNOE in reporting the votes on Saturday's election. In the December run-off, the Tigerettes reported the votes to the news station. By participating in the election process, students gained valuable experience and a better understanding of their government. As the price of gas soared past 51.00 a gallon, Neville students witnessed many changes in their lifestyles. Resorting to more efficient methods of transportation, some students traded in their gas-guzzling automobiles for fuel-efficient Mopeds. Although the seventies brought many changes to Neville, the eighties will bring even more. But whatever the new decade has in store, the many time-honored traditions of Neville High School will remain the same, 26 1-5 'r J b Mt, I A . LQQRK welll 3 ' A 'Un . kihr 'E' W lt 5 N Louise Seymour wonders what changes the next decade will bring. ,l C wifi w . . that HFC 3 i ' 1 at ., ,i .,. Susan Johnson and and efficient. Hance believe that way to get to .L .,., if if nz.. llll ll Ill! Mopeds is fun The Neville Tower gives the school majestic beauty. The 1979-80 MONROYAN staff GLADLY deposits the final pages of the yearbook in the mail box. Joel Minter takes pictures at the summer yearbook workshop at NLU. A typical senior ring. MONROYAN Carries O11 Tradition x 4 3.9 Emily Wilkey, Kathy Sims, and Louise Seymour discuss the copy for the closing pages of the yearbook. 92 'airi A relieved Mrs. Dixon buys the postage for the final copy shipment. The 1980 MONROYAN carries on a tradition established in previous years, The cover of the 1979 and 1980 editions are replicas of the first volume of the MONROYAN published in 1932. Throughout the years, the cover-depicting the Neville tower. has been reproduced in numerous volumes of the MONROYAN, The distinctive cover has won the praise of schools and universities from all over the South. The senior ring, another old Neville tradition is proudly worn by juniors and seniors as a symbol of their achievement. Star Engraving Company offers a beautiful engraving of the Neville tower on their senior rings. In later years the rings become treasured keepsakes of the years spent at Neville. 27 ' r -1 in i 5 if i .. A k at-Q Spring Has Traditions of ts Own i Sharon Robinson practices before Talent Show auditions. Mimi Kincaid's dance entertains everyone Spring is an eventful time at Neville. Most of February and March is spent practicing for the Talent Show. The theme for this year's talent show was "Tiger Night Live", a parody of the popular TV show, "Saturday Night Live". Many talented students-and some not so talented-were anxious to show off their skills in this annual event. The Bengal Beaus, a group of Senior boys who imitate the Bengal Belles, are a traditional attraction at the Talent Show. At the closing of the show, the Bengal Belles danced their last dance of the year. Much hard work and intense preparation went into the show, but the end result proved to be worth the effort. Superstars competition was held in April. Seniors participated in events ranging from "Hamburger-eating" to "softball throwing." The competition was fierce, but the best man and woman finally won the distinguished "Superstar" trophy. On may 22 the senior class realized a dream that had finally come true-Graduation. It took I2 long years, but the reward was worth the wait. As the gifts poured in from relatives and friends, the seniors were finally able to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor! -alarm clocks, dictionar- ies, luggage, and for some, new cars and even trips to Europe. 28 x Dr. Seegers traditionally presents diplomas at Graduation .ul , I. ,, WQUL ,J '43, .4 ytfi.. Mary Hunt hangs in there. High-stepping Debbie Hearn practices for the obstacle COUTSC. 'sv' , pg... U.. wmwwim-. . a........u f P 1 2 ,yi Superstar champion. C r Chris McHenry is the Twin City ping pong Teresa Free and Dianna Moore match wits for advancement in the ping pong tournament. 'pta ,, .. ., 'MM , , mem Laura Neill dodges the posts as Cheryl Huff looks on, 1 ., l Students Successfully Shoulder New Responsibilities During their years in high school, students begin to take on more and more responsibility. They are given the chance to participate in their own student governmentf the Student Council. Members of the Student Council have successfully fulfilled their responsibility to their fellow classmates. Not only do they provide a medium between the administration and the student body, but they also plan activities and special events throughout the year, Each month the Student Council recognizes the students who have made substantial contributions to Neville High School. The National Honor Society honors the outstanding teachers who have contributed their time and effort to aid both their students and their school. The 79-80 student body proudly accepted their responsibilities as students, and by working, playing, cheering. and pulling together successfully completed another school year, gig is i X i t t L ',x M s pe P , ,, A Miss Harris was honored as teacher of the month im Kennedy and Jon Bradford await their turn to make schedule changes. Kerrin Brown calls home to verify an excuse. V 6K !'.'! . ,f W 5 .. Molly Saterfield speaks with Miss Douciere about her classes. Amy Culp assures Mr. McGough th it this: 30 her first tardy slip. gy A X, Pink or Blue? The traditional open campus gives students many privileges, but along I with these, they must accept responsibilities. Tardy students have fairly common excuses, but everyday some far-out ones are given. Mr. McGough and his crew in Office 106 hear them all. Now it's your turn to be the judge! l. My locker jammed. 2. A man in a tow truck decided he liked my car. 3. Two mopeds, a Toyoto, and Mule's truck ran over me. 4. I was so hungry I ate my car keys. 5. Is that when school starts? 6. Somebody slit my tires. i 7. The bank repossessed my car. 8. The red light was stuck so I had to wait for it to be fixed. 9. I got caught in the middle of the annual police parade. OJ. Simpson would miss his plane if he had to run from the 3rd floor to the annex in five minutes. Mary Buffington fights the mad, morning rush, ,,.-.--.,,, Kathy Wilkinson's car is towed away after the mystery tire slasher strikes Kelly Messina prepares the Absentee List. again. ww If s g Q ix- .,,b'ae,u N i' it no f" . arab' 'QT Renee Weingart gets an unexcused tardy slip for not being punctual. Receiving tardy slips is an unpleasant event. 31 4,131 Seated: Kim Wiggins, Sandy Casamento, Standing: Kemel Burnley, Tommy Curry 9445 , if J' Left to Right: Eddie Robinson, Sonya Moore, Lisa Rizzo, Alex Antis ' . "Lf 4, Q ,:- 4 ' gl ' 1. if - L F lkX wA!, xx N' 1,1 fb f ff' .N 'V ' A - . A ,D r , , , f N if V . ' Ah " ' 1 .MQ 72 'f , X Rx X N xr X, 1 X . X 1 L 'Lv-5 T- ' 'I- I X X J J x x J -x xx , f A az 5-vs 5 If 1 f NN? Q I X ."" 4' K' N f X. ff f 'V t X x -. X N , Q W f x .-3 - x 3 5 X f A 1 XXX aw vi X X F' 11 X K ' ' N X YN I , f, Q , f J -V' , wb, ' VX 4 - J' I X .f z, fa X K ,A X f' xx 514 f f f J , '- f If X' , 12' X ' , . gg, 1 ' J , X Sf mx no iw - YO X X 'x W I City School Administration Looks -.dl School Board Members, l-r: Mr. Robert Newcomer, Mrs. Henrietta George, Mr. Kermit Youngblood, Mrs. Martha Henry. Mr. A. D, Forerna and Mrs. Frances Givens. Mr. Charles Edwards Supervisor of Adult Elementary Education Mr. Matthew Williams Supervisor of High Schools and Safety Education l Mr. J. R. Plaisance Mr. George A. Davis Business Manager Director of Federal Programs if J.. i muh: we 34 H, al Ahead to New Decade y fi nf li ' lf' S ' ' SLSQ' if . ,I ilk' , f., at vu,- ,yi "viva, 'Q4L .2 iii' ,! yztfyxlx- . ' 3,412 f',.....-we fjyg H Q' arf. 1-Y--'j'2X::f" Liga fi 'gf' 7 . ., .v-gli! .-g ' . 5321. :ip K if P -fl: as K . 41:-1" 1-1. 5'-f . , - '52, ,V v.-wg: ' V-L It rx. 4 fiiff-bf 99 1 , Q f ,frgrgj W L3 -1 7, V .J id .Q Qazfffi ,. frigss W me A l "'Ii"fflI55'? S uf i? f ' . 'ff Cf: ' Dr. Sidney Seegers Mr. Richard Miles Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Nell Cascio upervisor of Special ducation and Elementary ducation Mr. Gary Jones Acting Director of Child Welfare and Attendance, Transportation 8L Maintenance Va Yum . . ff -iw ,- w,,,K,.,,j ,, ,. 29951-at ia Mrs. Maria Maggio Supervisor of Junior High Schools and Career Education Mrs. Virgie Denham Supervisor of School Food Services 35 Leadership Begins in ffiee 105 vm wk Mr. Larry Loftin Mr. Lofun stops to hsten. Principal XX Aeef l b . 5 , L, . by X9 r b . 'i b Bobby Nola is suppoenaed by Mr. McGough. Mr. Lawrence McGough Ass1stant Principal nd Continues in ffice 106 Miss Kathryn Douciere Mr. Nathan Jones Mr. Larry Loftin does an outstanding job of leading Neville High School. He supervises school operations and projects, and guides teachers, yet he always has time for any student needing assistance. An ardent hunter, Mr. Loftin served bear meat to the teachers for lunch one November day. Assistant principal Mr. Lawrence McGough, is responsible for discipline and attendance. He has kept "skip days" to an all-time low. Mr, McGough is always ready to support Mr. Loftin or talk to any troubled students. Linda Whittington assists Mr. Loftin. She is in charge of all school correpondence. and a tremendous amount of other paperwork. She handles all her duties competently, then makes time for extras, such as decorating the door of office 105 for the Christmas Season. Jeanne Guillot spends many of her free periods helping out in office lO5. Without her valuable help Mrs. Whittington would be unable to complete her many tasks. Miss Kathryn Douciere is Neville's Guidance counselor for upperclassmen. At the Miss Douciere happily guides Seniors on their way to a prosperous future. i 1 Mrs. Whittington informs teachers of the day's happenings. beginning of each term her office is jammed with confused students seeking advice about their schedules. She also assists students with post high school plans. Whether problems concern scholarship opportunities, choosing the "right', college, finding a summer program, or preparing the best schedule, Miss Doucier is always there with a smile ready to help. MTS- Linda Mr. Nathan Jones assists freshmen with schedule preparations. He patiently explains Whittington the importance of a well-rounded education. Young tigers look to him for the knowledge Mrs. Dorothy and support necessary for getting a strong start. Kiper Mrs. Dorotny Kiper assists both Mr. McG0ugh and Miss Douciere with secretarial work. She busies herself typing, keeping school records, answering phones, and recording grades. The smooth efficiency with which Neville is run is due to Mrs. Kiper's devotion. Student helper, Jeanne Guillot, assists Mrs. Whittington in Office 105. Mrs. Kiper serves as secretary for guidance and attendance offices. 37 nglish, Speech, and Foreign Language The basics of communication are stressed at Neville through the English, Speech, and Foreign Language Departments. Miss Whittington, Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Mehl teach three levels of Englishgbasic, general, and advanced-enabling students to develop at their own pace. Mrs. Blanchard's speech classes stress oral communication-delivering speeches, debating, and acting. Students taking speech often attend tournaments and festivals to compete with other students around the state. Taking a foreign language under Mrs. Brosset or Mrs. Bedell enables a student to unlock many doors which would otherwise remain closed. A knowledge of Latin provides a better understanding of the English language, while mastering French or Spanish serves as a key to broadening one's knowledge of the outside world. A film library serving the entire Monroe City School System is housed at Neville, and films are shown in the Audio-Visual room by Mrs. Kulcke. These films increase the students awareness of things beyond the classroom, and serve as a link with the rest of the world. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Mehl enjoy a Tiger assembly. Mrs. Rita Blanchard Mrs. Kay Dixon Mrs, Joyce Mehl Mrs. Mary Tucker Miss Jane Whittington 38 Miss Whit and Mrs. Kulcke relax after feasting on lasagna. Aside from her teaching duties Mrs. Blanchard finds time to cheer at a Tiger football game. Are Keys to Communication ,?., , .,,, 1 6 " I ,2,,, , - - :.: ' 1 Mrs. Dixong works on the yearbook with her staff. 555-ff' Mrs. Brosset tries to bring as much French culture as possible to Neville. N15 Y--, ' rv n X: W.. Mrs. Tucker points out basic rules of English Ms. Dora Baker Mrs, Rosemary Bedell Miss Etta Bridges Mrs. M. Brosset Mirielle Mrs. Violet Kulcke Math and Science are Valuable Assets for the Future Mr. Rogers is always ready to lend a helping hand to any student. Mrs. Christella Dawson Mr. Harry Rushing Mr. Richard Wagoner All Neville graduates are required to have a basic workable knowl- edge of mathematics. Courses such as Math I and Consumer Mathe- matics provide skills necessary in everyday life. Mrs. Dawson. Mr. Luther, and Mr. Wagner teach these courses. Mr. Rushing and Mr. Wagner teach Algebra l. This course prepares freshmen for higher levels of mathematics. Although most students take geometry at Carroll. a geometry class is offered at Neville. Mr. Rushing instructs students enrolled in this course such skills as geometric constructions and proofs. Mr. Rogers teaches Algebra Il-fa popular course for Juniors and Seniors. The various functions and graphing techniques studied allow students to take college math courses without a handicap. Seniors seeking a challenge in mathematics take Advanced Math. Mr. Rogers presents a strong review of functions. a thorough semester of trigo- nometry, and an introduction to calculus. Mr. Rogers, a Neville graduate himself. has been a valuable asset to Neville's math depart- ment, often spending hours before and after school helping his stu- dents. C1471 7' 7-0 9 NICQ, C5 FJ: f-ff' 714' 64 ,T 40 .vp fofffffxfyce' AKWMZ7 Mrs. Dawson enjoys teaching her Consumer .,,,af' Class. I, l Mr. test. f . J. Rushing eagerly waits to give his students a "H-. Mrs. Harris is loved by all her students. Neville has an outstanding science department. Most freshmen take either general science or biology. Mrs. Harris and Coach Smith teach general science. Students taking general science gain a basic knowledge necessary for studying more advanced science. Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Harris teach biology. Living organisms, their internal organs, characteristics, and classifications, are studied. Students have different reactions when required to disect frogs, lizards, and clams. Coach Smith teaches earth science-the study of the earth, its composition and influencing factors. This course is very popular with students interested in their world. Students hoping to receive a Neville diploma are required to take either chemistry or physics. Mrs. Butler teaches chemistry. The periodic table, quantum mechanics, states of matter, and chemical equations are some of the topics studied. Experiments in the laboratory allow students to witness reactions first hand. Neville's chemistry class provides excellent preparation for more advanced college classes. Mr. Luther teaches physics. Students study force, acceleration, and energy. Principles of electricity and gravity are demonstrated. Physics provides students with a basic background in the physical sciences. Mrs. Bobbie Butler Mrs. Lula Harris Mr. Jesse Luther Coach William Smith we-f .L.. Coach Smith teaches Science when not coaching football. Mr. Luther contemplates a difficult Physics problem. 41 History and Business M... S tud1es Kilpatrick , , A .Coach Billy Pee of Soo1ety is fa " t if-9'7f'. as cs 12.41. " Z 42 M. Coach Rankins looks on at a Tiger assembly. Mrs. Kilpatrick works diligently in Free Enterprise. "" a ,f X' 2' Coaches Ragan and Vallery spend long hours coaching well as teaching during the year. Coach Pee teaches American History as well as fulfilling his duties as basketball coach. Coach Willie Ragan Mrs. Sue Ward N f Mrs. Ward serves Mrs. Johnson punch during Homecoming Festivities. Qt ,. ,IILL Quang be 'NWT 'mam Coach Ragan concentrates on classwork when not coaching football. Social Studies and business courses help to give students a better understanding of the past, present, and future. History classes such as World History and American History give the student a sense of the past-a much-needed background in today's society. Coach Peeis American History classes not only study history, but also keep up with current events by relating them to past events in Americais history. Courses in Civics and Government, taught by Mrs. Kilpatrick, Mr. Rankins, and Mr. Vallery, enable the student to better understand the present by understanding the laws that govern our society. Business courses help to prepare 5 students for a future in the business world. Mrs. Kilpatrick's Free Enterprise classes learnabout the advantages of our free market system, and Coach Ragan's General Business Classes learn how to apply the principles of good business to everyday life. Mrs. Ward teaches her students skills such as typing, shorthand, and clerical office practice which often prove useful in any career. All of these courses are studies of society, and no student can successfully complete his high school education without a basic background in Social Studies. Cfnfff 555 ffffffhfffif IAQ ?!f.9LxLfVe lk""-'fV"'2 C A2054 1 I C7f?fl5Wf5C5,C" Z!?gf'CZhZ'2'Ui1,,??AAjh,5JfLLE. wa f-4,25 Framed QFYW' Wg Qaffefff-aw M 'WW 7260412 5. X710 WW5 fivv P YZ? M43 rl-P EN I f ,- Q ,4 fVL,f7,cLf5ff6 Of' X31 Frcffffi fgmvy' fgtfi , Qpwffwl 43 P.E. Ed uca tion utside the Classroom Students like listening to Coach Coats speeches Assemblies While other high school courses provide for the development of the mind, physical education provides for the development of the body. Although only two years of P.E. are required many 'studtents' prefer to take a P.E. class all four years of high school. Students involved in all types of sports receive credit in P.E., including Tigerettes and Bengal Belles. Volleyball, basketball, ping-pong and other sports enjoyed during P.E. are all designed to improve co-ordination and build healthier bodies. The P.E. department at Neville does all it can to encourage students to exert their bodies as well as their minds. Mrs. Hagar and Mrs. Spears constantly think of new ways to make their girls',P.E. classes more interesting, while Coach Brown and Coach Coates often have to prod their boys into exerting some energy. Often a student will schedule a P.E. course expecting to get an easy A, but finds himself having to work very hard for his grade. Coach Charlie K 1 .g A Brown Coach Joe Coats Q ,,t. 1 i. f hu 'W-. Coach Brown introduces the Homecoming Court during Homecoming Assemblies. KD QQ..-1' ,,,,J--fr' ,rs lllllllfll Mfr Vlrs, Hagar takes care of homeroom duties as well as teaches P.E. Coaches Vallery duties 5 Mrs. Babs Hagar Mrs. Maydelle Spears 55 "L , Faq 2 'Ss if l ' ll ,H MW E' fl Mrs. ' ,V " I H f ,. , f,-- Jai..-W, S ..., I H , . r , .. . ' gg-H , " :' ' ' 1 u f f M W, I , ., . I I, Coach Coats enjoys reading newspaper during his Study Hall. her Electives Offer Variety The Home Economics Department teaches students the skills necessary to run a successful household. In this course students learn the most efficient methods of food preparation and service, clothing construction, and wardrobe planning. Students also learn the value of good nutrition and the proper care of children. Mrs. Johnson is always available to students for advice and counseling, and is always ready to lend her services wherever they are needed. In Home and Family Living classes students learn how to deal with problems, get along with others, and meet the challenges and responsibilities of life. Students are also given an opportunity to use the facilities of the Home Economics Department. Guest speakers included several ministers, a policeman, a psychia- tric social worker, and a representative from the Monroe Substances Abuse Center. The art department encourages the development of creative expression. Students learn the fundamentals of art-proportion, color harmony, and balance-as they progress through the four levels of art taught at Neville. Under the direction of Mr. Millard, students develop a true appreciation of line and color. Their projects are graded on a combination of effort and skill. The Industrial Arts Department teaches students a wide variety of skills. In this class students learn everything from small-engine repair to mechanical draw- ing. By learning to use power saws and compress drills, students gain a sense of accomplishment. Those students planning to become architects or engineers often take mechanical drawing. This course teaches the art of drawing buildings, objects, and lines precisely to scale. 46 Mrs. Dorothy Johnson Mr. Sidney Millard .I 133' s Q ,w ,af . I" Q .a .. .... . I v Q I ' "ii I'Ilal'll'lCl'. Mrs. Johnson directs FCSIIVIIICS In hcl' lv-" Todd Tonore accepts praise from Mr. . - Millard, Mr. McCarty listens patiently to a student's question. 5 5 ts - as VM . we . Miss Nma Ha N tl 1--K sttliti lf f wgivvi , NIOU'QQg, Hensley directs the band at the playoff essemably on Thanksgiving af . Music A dds A Bea L1 tiful 0 te The Music Department at Neville, which includes both the band and the choir, enriches the lives of all students in some way or another. Playing and singing at school activities are important functions of the music department. The wonderful Christmas program staged by the choir and the band was the result of long weeks of practice. The Neville High School Band provides the spirited and lively music at the pep assemblies. Miss Harris does an excellent job of directing and presenting the music programs of the choir. Mr. Hensley, the band director, also teaches band at several elementary schools and insures that the traditions surrounding the Neville band will continue. gm. l Special Education Teachers Provide Remediation for Students Mrs. Linda Clark Mr. Harvey Harris Mrs. Paula Kohrig Mrs. Julia Lawson Mrs. Sharon Taylor Mrs. Mary Trahan A broad spectrum of education for exceptionalities is offered in the Special Education Department. Students who are eligible can benefit from instruction in the Learning Disabled, Slow Learner, E.M.R. resourse rooms, and the Hearing-Impaired Self-contained classroom. Each Area func- tions independently with the co-operation of the regular classroom teachers to provide remediation for these students. Mrs. Paula Kohrig teaches special education classes. These classes are a tutorial service for students with learning disabilities in certain areas. Regular classroom students who have, through testing, shown the need for a tutor in one or more of their academic for subjects are elegible for this class. 47 H Eugene Smith opens Neville for every occasion. Eugene Smith is a favorite at Neville High School. His spirit and cheerful personality make him a real Tiger. Eugene, as the students fondly call him, is the head of the Maintenance Depart- ment. Versie Mae Gibson, Annie Johnson, Lorraine Landers, Willie Mae McCoy, Leonard Polk and Nebeth Wilhite assist him. Neville has a first-rate cafeteria. Dorothy McDaniel Cmanagerj, Ceola Barnes, Gladys Clark, Roberta Hunter, and Vera Mansfield prepare delicious lunches for hundreds of hungry students twice a day. Their efforts to provide better nutrition for Neville's students are greatly appreciated. Barnes, Ceola Clark, Gladys Gibson, Versie Mae Hunter, Roberta Johnson, Annie Landers, Lorraine McCoy, Willie Mae Mansfield, Vera Polk, Leonard Wilhite, Nebeth XX ff' X W 1 Wy' gwfxq X Three capable and willing leaders, Matt Meinel, Jim Hollister, and Sally Mintz, led the senior class to a successful and eventful year. President Matt Meinel was always will- ing to lend a hand, and was constantly available to hear any suggestions offered by his fellow students. The senior class held poster parties, had breakfasts at Sambo's and won the Spirt Link contest on Homecoming. The class of '80 proved that the senior traditions of spirit and leadership will continue through the 80's. Seniors of 1980 The 1979-80 Senior Class Officers are: Matt Meinel, President, Sally Mintz, Secretary-Treasure and Jim Hollister, Vice-President, Lee Allbritton 50 s Andrian Antis Fletch Ashcraft ii i ff5.w-'ww was 'ikiiwlwil 1r2?pfw" 1- 5 W 1 3 lilly ff 's.',f"'f , urn" 4' M - Wm, fwh i, . , ,Q S mf 0 mx B, W , y' Y f Linda Black Keith Boyd Annette Braud 4, v 4,4 "' h.L, , e,,- Kerrin Brown Kris Brown Keith Carmichael W1 I f , av., Meinel presents Mrs. Mehl, senior sponsor, with a homecoming corsage. 1 X ff 1 f 1 .4 y I , 7, 4 ..-. l I i Because they have attended NHS for the longest time, the seniors are the most familiar with the Neville traditions, and are admired and respected by the underclassmen. Although it may not always be true, seniors are often regarded as being older and wiser. Seniors realize this, and perhaps this knowledge makes them stand a little taller, walk a little prouder, and try a little harder. Often it is the knowledge that a freshman is watching him that prevents a senior from breaking some rule that he has often broken before. Underclassmen have long looked forward to becoming seniors, and nothing can contain their pride as they march into the auditorium for the first time as seniors, or when they march out the last time as graduates, ffl .1 'O Randy Cottrell Tony Crews 52 Underclassmen Look Bill Clark Kendra Coon -vw Q Todd Tonore offers a bit of adivise to Bobby Nola. Melissa Day Ross Dies Up to Seniors W f Cassandra Douglas Michael Dukes William Erwin fin' Dawn Finley Teresa Free Cathy George Juniors await the day when they can march down the aisle as Seniors. Seniors Are Recognized N, 'ff '-',, Jag: V , ,f,, ,, , , i W are V e 4 r M n lg- Joe Giovingo Keli Glover Clint Golson :Wh mm, 45' 'mfernv 'Ef""'f""-y 4 y -:S 1 Shannon Green Jeanne Guillot Debbie Hance ff , eno n lee eeo W 4,1 r- x f 1-ww ,.-V., Members of the National Honor Society induct new members. Kendra Hardy 54 X F For Academic Achievements 53 ahn White explains requirements for membership in the National Honor Society. .fe--v Debbie Hearn Jim Hollister Seniors were recognifed for their academic achievements. In a fall assembly. academic letters were presented to eighteen students having a cumulative "B" average for six semesters. Those long hours of study seemed endless but students were rewarded with the overwhelming pride and sense of achievement they felt upon the stage as receipents of this honor. Two seniors. Matt Meinel and John White, have above a 4.0 average. By taking special advanced classes, they received five points for an "Af Their consistent achievements should be Commended. Kathy Sims, William Erwin, Matt Meinel, and John White were the four National Merit Scholars from the Class of 1980. This title is awarded to only lfz of one percent of all high school seniors. Kathy, William, Matt, and John were presented to the school board and had their pictures taken for the newspaper. Jamie Holtzclaw 55 Class of 1980 Coordinates J ay Holtzclaw An exciting event for seniors is ordering caps, gowns, and invitations for graduation ceremonies. Representa- tives from Star Engraving Company sponsor a senior meeting in October to explain the procedures and answer any questions. For weeks afterwards seniors everywhere can be seen making their selections. Heads must be measured and sizes must be judged. All invita- tions have beautifully engraved corners with a variety of options offered for the inside. Extras such as Thank-you notes, memory books, and senior jewelery are also available. Each selections is an important decision to a graduating senior. After forms are turned in, graduation begin to seem more like a reality and less like a dream. 56 Dirk Hoogland Cheryl Huff .4'5..v..A ,K Sally Mintz fills out registration form. Jeanne Hughens Mary Hunt Plans For Graduation Z Wfif ll i 1 , W K em. ": K lli' i l K .. ' " "" 'paris-my William Erwin looks over forms for invitations. Susan Johnson Dianne Jones Erica Jones J im Kennedy Mike Kennedy Robin Kelley Many Seniors Acquire Nicknames ff , ng L , 1311 ii. i Becky Kight Brady King Sarah Lane iihfnr Lynne Laney Mike Lawrence Chris McHenry Tony Crews imitates Dr. Spock. 58 Durmg Then School Years When someone yells "Mule" in the halls of Neville High School, students do not scatter. They realize that Mike VanVeck- hoven is being called. Senior boys have some very interesting nicknames. In fact, some of the better known are: Lee Allbritton-Squirrelg Andrian Antis- Greekg Keith BoydfWhiteyg Randy CottrellYTreeg Tony Crews-Butkusg Joe Giovingo-Tater Totg Clint Golsone Leroyg Brady KingASweetpeag Chris McHenry-Colonelg Patrick Norrisf Meshg Brian Novak-Pollockg Rob Perryf Boomerg Craig Salter-Rockg Chris Sampognaro-Oxg .lim Sparks-J.D.g Tommie Thomas-Bonesg Jay Traylor! Rollog David WadeeD.W.I. Matt MC1nCl MlIChCll MllCICll0 Mike 'Mule" VanVeckhoven is helped from the field after a rough play. 59 Seniors Look Forward Joe Giovingo can't wait to jump on his motorcycle and head for Florida Mandy Millar Ray Rivers i 60 S Sally Mintz Dianna Moore if Cxciled ab0UI graduating Connie Moses Laura Neill To End of School Trips 191' to ra Annice Newman Steve Nordyke iz, Elizabeth Pere Erin Newport L Patrick Norris After successfully completing twelve years of school most seniors feel the need to take an end of the year trip. Friends get together and plan their vacation for weeks. Finally school is out for the seniors, and time comes for the vacation to begin. One of the most popular vacation spots is Florida. There, long days of warm sunshine are spent on the white sands admiring the frothy waves. Some seniors are lucky enough to go further afield to places such as Hawaii and even Europe. These trips are often the first taste of complete freedom and responsibility. if Brian Novak B' S? . 3 m -'- km ix 5- W H A ...,,. in . fr, . .K 3' awww' MF Sonja White and Susan Johnson get ready to load their car and head to Florida. 61 Term Papers Caused During the second nine weeks of school, Mrs. Mehl assigned tcrm papers to her senior classes. They were due the Monday after the Thanks- giving holidays, and, as usual, the students were slow getting started. The public library was crowded during the week of Thanksgiving with students hurrying to finish researching their subjects. Many students spent Thanksgiving Day frantically writing in an attempt to finish before the Monday deadline, The unfortunate few who could not find anyone else to type their term papers spent the weekend typing it themselves. Finally Monday morning arrived and it was time for the finished copy to be handed in, complete with rough draft and notecards. Many students breathed a sigh of relief, but then immediately began worrying about the grades they would receive. Although the work was L X over for the students, it had just begun for Mrs. 'M A Mehl, who spent weeks grading the papers. 'fff Rob Perry Rachel Reeder Quincie Rivers ll V. ,-.. ,e, Z .Af I , p l t gg 4 , atw,, h if 'Q V :EV My L- V J ,,L mf 01.4, tug-Wilt' rw , we fag. -rfr - -..,, 1 Debbie Hearn and Kendra Hardy smile after turning in their term papers. 62 Ruth Pickering V' :af-mwwwwus.awe1...,Mf ,,,. tm Steve Nordyke hurries to finish typing term paper before Monday morning. Seniors Much Agony Lauree Rizzo W ,,.4-iff! r 4' Katherine Ryan , 3 Brady King can't believe that he waited until the last minute to start his term paper Craig Salter - K,,,.sx.,, Chris Sampognaro Traci Scalia From College Applications Seniors H1 f Qoo,oy ee:ool.o . Louise Seymour Kathy Sims When the seniors finally leave Neville they are well prepared for college courses. Neville has traditionally encouraged stu- dents to take courses designed to prepare them for college. Students taking the required curriculum receive a Neville diploma in addition to the stateldiploma. This curriculum includes four years of English, three years of math, two years of science, and two years of a foreign lan- guage. An adequate background in these subjects is often very useful in college and is some- times the deciding factor in a student's gaining admission to the college of his choice. Most senior classes are geared toward the college-bound student, and teachers constantly remind students ofthe hardships to be expected in college. This diligent preparation pays off in the end. Neville graduates have always excelled in college, and college professors constantly praise former Neville students. 64 Teresa Free spends long hours working on the Monroyan Susan Southern J im Sparks Joni Spatafora Marcie Stassi Learn I t Takes More Than Readin' and Writin' . . . Keith Thomas Karen Townley David Stout i Tommie Thomas Joe Giovingo practices his readin' for college. fffiiff' ,. , W, .. Martha Stovall wana W ,arf ft. W 'W 4 Q 'i .f Fa MW? fttjff i it f 'E ffk 5 ,af ,f, -:tw w' M if ,,, gg ig K VV ,V fy, I +10 ei.- ' H heei T Ni ,W ,, T ttiii fati T it 'fi T T he 'eii 'T it iioM '11 ,,, '1 ,, 1, , ,.., , ., Todd Tonore 65 Seniors Are Proud t 733.769 I ' - 2 .T 3.2: i Iliff! ,A lv 1' Q 00,00 SCXKQM 9 The Neville High School coat of Arms is a tradition American Heraldic design. The basic color theme is black and gold. Ribbons above and below display the school name and motto, "pro bond scholaen, meaning "for the good of the school!" The tiger mascot leaps over the black and gold wreath at the top of the shield. Laurel leaves, symbolizing achievement, success, and victory, mantle the shield. The sheild is devided into equal quadrants separated by a chain of interlocking links denoting strength, unity and harmony. In the upper left quadrant is a quill, superimposed over a scroll, symbols of learning and literature. In the upper right quadrant, on a field of black, is the golden winged foot of Mercury, symbolizing athletic strength and participation in sports. In the lower left quadrant is a golden lyre on a field of black denoting music, its appreciation and study. In the last quadrant, in the lower right, is the science symbol of the atom, symbolizing scienific learning and advancement. 66 Neville High School at sunrise. 9 , J ., Jay Traylor Tal Troy YW M-uf Mark Turrentine Ann Tyler of Neville Traditions Ashley Tyler Tim Tyler ShastaAa true Tiger tradition Mike Lawrence and Joe Giovingo look on with pride at an assembly. Joanie VanBu ren ff KA? :Mike VanVeckhoven v yC?X Jfffil PM ,ko T Wim, ami Tea The last day of school is a sad occasion for the Seniors. This is the last time we will ever sit in class together-often laughing, sometimes crying, but most of the time, just plain bored. Those moments of hilarity spent laughing over the antics of a classmate, those moments of companionship spent sympathizing over the injustices of a teacher, will soon become only memories. We put away our textbooks and notepads, and, although we may soon get new ones, they will never seem quite the same without the names of our former classmates scribbled in the margin. On the last day of school we finally realize what has often seemed like a dream-fthis is truly the last day of school. We sit and stare at the friends we've made over the years-can it be true that we may never see some of them again? We will go our separate ways, do our separate things, live our separate lives, and we will never pass this way again. M7515 M9 David Wade Tfifzx. X-awe t "Mi-ft .1.gfg.-13:2 1 V t .Q 'ga 11.19. . -ji , K -2 . - ., it rs and Laughter i- 2 , if Kelly Wright and Ashley Tyler talk abou tf'.I.a,g I 5 il 2, John White Q41 'Q t plans after graduation 1 '1"Z,f,j".. Sonja White Dianna Moore and Dawn Finley celebrate being seniors. Dawn Wilbanks 68 Come With Graduation Ashley Wilkins Qi! si ff" Francis Wright vi' ' 52 'FIN' ' L L W L 'A i ,," iiii L sss, . iivi H 5 , ':"ffff , -fr li ' A ii , . L ' LL ,L 'K 155, ILV, ,LQ 2 I in w w, - w , 'B , g 1 A g ,"Z fy ,, , Kelly Wright Kathy Wilkinson Linda Wolff Lf Debbie Hearn, end. Q Yll L L L ,L L H iii W lsss L Susan Southern, and Laura Neill hate to see their senior year come to 69 ? 1 V QR 4 I I A's'?A' 'Q rw., I 43, ---qu-1 in fx f .- . fs , 5 Q , ,,,,. I L f-Qs. f -' if - 1, NY . Ni EMM? N -x Wig 4 2 1' 4 X SMG 1 s 1 , ., 1, . w z 1 li 5 4 . , digg' ,Rfk ,fx we-+ N' J X ., . 1 'Nl l l Junior Class Officers are: Seated, Tammy Bostlemann, Vice President, Susan Judd, President, Standing, Tommy Curry, Treasure and Denice Antis Secretary. Albritton, Sonya Antis, Denice Bailey, Tish Barefoot, Jan Bernice, Joylynn Beverly, Jacquelyn Bilton, Thomas Bonner, Frank Bordlee, Biffy Bostelmann, Tammy Bradford, Scott Bradley, Mary Briley, Glenn Brister, Walter Bruscato, Butch Burch, Brad Burnley, Kemal Burns, Curt Burroughs, Richard Cage, Mike 'ff .Q Cagle, Tommy Caldwell, Frank Canterbury, James Casamento, Sandy Clark, Tom Coggins, Patrick Coleman, Gerald Conti, Todd Coon, Jeff Craig, Jan Cranford, Krystal Cudd, Linda Culp, Amy Curry, '1 ommy Daniels, Derek Daughtery, Arthur Daughtery, Rita Davis, Douglas Dawson, Eric Dill, Debra Duncan, John Ezell, Lane Farmer, Steve Fogleman, Karen Ford, Glenda Frazier, Mary French, Randy Frith, Ronnia Funderburk, Kathy , a 4, Garner, Kim X Vx The first day of school was a special day for the Juniors. After one whole year spent away from Neville, they were finally able to enjoy again all the privileges of being a Neville Tiger. The Juniors soon proved that, even though a year had passed, they were still a part of the great Tiger Tradition. They were eager to enter into the spirited activities associated with NevilleAposter parties, assemblies, homecoming, and bonfires. The Juniors show how glad they are to be back at Neville by yelling louder, studying harder, and actively supporting all activities associated with Neville High School. 73 Spirit Comes In Gayden, Julius Geisler, Mary Flo Golson, Jeff Graves, Celia Hagan, Carolyn Hale, Lisa Harper, Kevin Harrop, Paul Hechler, Amy Hessick, Becky Hindmon, Todd Holdiness, Donna Holdiness, Jeff Holtzclaw, Kristy Irby, Ann Jackson, Mike 'S 7 W we-Q' -QW' . a 2 4 3 ,, Ha? 1 , 6 - f i l C' In A ,A I 4' iw! 1 1 '-vii 1 2,5 N 'C i if Y 1 3 t 5' W ., V 142,44 ' ' I X ' i V ,Q 'il' . 1. ,Q 'Lf if xx - , Q V l I ff Mi, '1 if 'qsqx Q F E-mill' Wllkel' dresses UP On Babb' D354 Marcia Wolff, Ann Irby, and Lori Rubin "ham it up on Cowboy Day. 'uma i 41 F5- All Kinds of Costumes ad' 41 -ty Q4---wv'ie 'NB .ay vs Mm t Betsey Moomey proclaims that the Tigers are if 1 on Sports Day. gg-sd' gzfv' N is' '. 1 it Nix Johnson, Donna Johnson, Mike Jones, Andy Jones, Chris Jones, Mike Jones, Tom Judd, Susan Kelly, Jim Kennedy, Norman Kilcrease, Paula Kincaid, Mimi Lange, Rupert Langhart, Robby Leroy, Katie Lewis, Martin Lowery, Debbie Lynch, Regina McCoy, Bruce McCrocklin, Naomi McLemore, Sharon McNeely, Debora Marshall, Derrick Marshall, Margaret Mathieson, Paulisa May, Anne Miller, Jay Mills, Tony Minter, Joel Moomey, Betsy Moore, Widget One Friday Emily wore her nightgown to school. The students giggled and the teachers shook their heads, but all at Neville knew that she was only showing her spirit by dressing up for Baby Day. Each Friday during football season the cheerleaders asked that the student body dress in some zany fashion to help bolster spirit. Students dug out their oldest clothes for Tacky Day, then they donned cowboy boots and overalls for Farmer Brown Day. Other dressup days included Fired-Up Day, Sports Day, Backwards Day, Fifties Day, Black and Gold Day, Spook Day, and Clown Day. Tests Can Mean College Juniors begin preparing for college early in the year by taking various college preparatory tests. Many take the PSAT in hopes of receiving one of the many scholarships sponsored by the National Merit Program. Those planning to attend a college or university in Louisiana take the ACT, while some juniors hoping to go to school out-of-state take the SAT. Taking these tests as juniors often proves to be to their advantage. Juniors are given two extra points on the ACT to compensate for their lack of experience Students spend weeks discussing the tests and trying to prepare themselves for tedious hours of testing. Neville students have traditionally scored above the national average and a high score often leads to advanced placement in college courses. Morgan, Carolynn Newberg, Marilyn Nola, Bobby Norris, Theresa Olvey, Scott Pee, DeAnna Peronto, Julie Pettit, Joan s ' Ponn, Paul - J Ratcliff, Wes - Reeves, Daren , Reynolds, Veronica gp A Robinson, Sharon A 'A Robinson, Tom Rubin, Lori I ii 76 Carolynn Morgan receives Bookkeeper of the Week award fro Coach Ragan fn Scholarships for W MJ 5 I if-w -f 5 5 X ls. Q 'TIG E X ali' I 'lin T, 1:'1: Juniors Runnels, Richie Russell, Carol 'Q , Sampognaro, Kim it -fl Saterfield, Todd Smith, Larry Solito, Chris ,if 11 t, .3 ' Q1 Solito, David Soulier, Paris - - --3, Squyres, Travis E Steinley, Sharon Stephen, Debbie Stout, Guy gl. ,, ' W , A A A 'Sqwagertyh Connie " p' orrens, rett - "' .C Tucker, David , - 1 Turrentine, Scott 1 , i. 1,52 Vining, Ronald Em. 1, X 4 Q Walker, Carrie 1 2 ' -.,eei"f A Y khih Aiiii Q f X ' T Wesley, Jim ff: an A M ,,, , , Q T 1 Whipple, Steve -ii ' V "' 'E 'A -S White, Dana " v Wiggins, Kim S ' , S Q vt. i sl S Wiggins, Robby if Wilkey, Emily , ef- r i i Typing proves useful to many juniors in college. ,t, ,N ' h- - ,, . A p V, ...N Donna Johnson with her usual load of books. 77 Wilkins, Sylvia Williamson, Bobby Williams, Colin Willson, Bill Wilson, Suzzon Wilson, Vicki Winegeart, Rene Wolff, Marcia Wright, Lori Zaldivar, Maria 5.1 ,sl The Juniors came back from Carroll with full steam ahead. There is hardly an organization at Neville that does not have several hard-working juniors as active members. Junior athletes have had outstanding seasons. Quarterback Bubby Brister led the Bengals to the 3AAAA football title. Daren Reeves scored many points for the basketball team, while other juniors led the J.V. teams to victory. Juniors support clubs by serving as officers or by just pitching in on projects. School improvements were made by juniors serving on the Student Council, Octagon Club, and Interclub Council. Then of course, there is that great Junior Spirit. This year the Juniors decorated Forsythe Avenue with signs, cheered with enthusiasm, and won several Spirit Sticks. Amy Culp, Mary Flo Geisler, and Naomi McCrocklin, our three juniors serving as J.V. 78 cheerleaders, attended summer camp and spent long hours preparin routines and decorations for games and assemblies. The twelve junior who joined the Bengal Belles this year were awkward at first, bu by September they really deserved their title-The Fabulous Benga Belles. Juniors in the Flag Corp and the Band promoted the winnin tradition. The beat of Junior dmmmer Robby Wiggins quickened th pace of assemblies. Since the Junior year is undoubtedly one of the hardest, student find themselves faced with a tnxe challenge. Juniors compete wit Seniors in many classes such as chemistry, history, and algebra. Eac class at Neville adds something special to every student's education Juniors-the next leaders of Neville High School-are sure to uphol the Tiger traditions. 1' W Becky Wilson worries about the outcome of a Neville football Sophomore Remain Although the sophomores must spend their second year of high school at Carroll, they have traditionally remained a part of all the activities of NHS. Neville students at Carroll participate in all types of sports, the NHS band, Tigerettes, and clubs and organizations at Neville. Being away from Neville for a year instills in these students a deeper love for Neville, and, if possible, an even greater sense of pride. Sophomores love to come to Neville assemblies, and they show it by always yelling the loudest and longest for the Neville Tigers. Although the sophomores do not attend Neville, they still uphold all the traditions associated with Neville. They have poster parties, make homecoming displays, and attend all the nighttime activities at Neville. Many people believe that Neville has only three grades, but obviously Neville would be incomplete without the loyal sophomores at Carroll. I shen prepare for festivities. , ,sf Chardell Reed enjoys Homecoming Assembly. 80 Kelly Lawrence and Nancy Ber- 'A Tigerettes enjoy a Neville football game. :I ' of r-A X' halftime Neville's Laura Troy lifts Tiger spirit with her high jumps. Part of Neville , ,iffy ,ky KJ, ,,,. e v . ' I ' -L a i f . i f -Y 5 l i ' f kr , ,. .,,, y f ' ' at H - - AW,,, ,, 'M A f 'v 1:55 'qw Q H ig ' ff it 7 it y " Q ,,,,,g tw ,,,, it :-,, ,, it ,,,, m1,, , , , , l,, , W' ,,,, Tami Tonore peeks through the curtains to see if it is time for her to perform. My Q Laura Troy, Becky Wilson, and Chardell Reed -cheer for the .I.V. Football team. 'R W. - is xi X 5 9 E'xXlQl , . Sophomores prepare homecoming display at Nancy King's home. 3 s six in E I Q ai ' Y to J NX vt K Xxx at ' 1 W ?i.!"'ff-' 5 Shasta illustrates Sophomore feelingsfCAGED l 81 4? 1 fi " Sophomore Schedules are Similar and Challenging as 19 Lori Brown and Summer Futayyeh discuss Mrs. Walker's English Kathy Roberts worries about the outcome of her math exam lCSI. nina? fe Sophomore girls enjoy their short lunch break. 82 W 1 fx 3 - i ' Q . 4-3 Sophomores pose while waiting for the bell. Newberg and Barbara Gill form lasting friendships at I 'B 2 .A A by f 5 . .ns M 3 X if ,,... V k k Vtr 1 K, sls s s s ss r s is . ss s A as 5 . , .N Q 24. -ir .b - . . , '- . Y' ii' 1 'M Sophomores study during the lunch hour. Although many courses are offered at Carroll, the schedules of the sophomores are very similar. Students take courses fundamental for any education such as geometry and English. Advanced classes in those subjects are offered for the challenged students. Though world history is not required, classes are filled. Taking a science during the sophomore year is uncommon, though a few students do take biology. French and Spanish are alive at Carroll. Mrs. Bedell comes from Neville each day to teach two levels of Latin. Electives such as typing and art are commonly taken by sophomores. Scheduling a study hall is almost unheard of. P.E. requirements are often completed at Carroll. Sophomore boys playing on the Neville Varsity Football Team are allowed to leave after fifth period so that they can participate in practice at Neville. All in all, sophomores stay busy at Carroll preparing to come back to Neville High School. 83 Special Education Students Bagwell, Karen Knighten, Allen Lovett, Tammy Ponder, Michael Powell, Benny Rhodes, Billy Jo Williams, Marlene if-Q. All Neville High School students are proud of Shasta. as iff' esi 'S 1 , Q 'H '. WI , ff WWF' fi ,- W if W W, 4,fj ,f, mf QwZf X -Tw Di? -e zz 4'1" W Q N M N N 4 I X fV!Q4' iff Q K , ,YW 'X' X1 'XIX' J I 'fr I N 3' f 5 ' V' f I I f - X f I 5 -f 1 riff ff ! 3 " 'f 7 lxf W J f J f' Ar' Y . 1,7 f, J ' dl ff .,,1 ,Y ,.Jn,f , A gy M4 1 7 'f f Freshman Class Officers are fLeft to Right! Lisa Wright Treasurer Sonya Moore Secretary Pearl Dawson Vice President a Sandra Williams, President Atkins, Nora Allen, Carol Allen, Patricia Anderson, Angela Anderson, Henry Antis, Alex Ashcraft, Chris Ashton, Stephanie Banks, Rodrick Barefoot, Larry Baretincic, Mary Barnes, Trandy Bateman, Beth Baw, Benjy Beasley, Judy Beatty, Rebecca Benton, Jimmie Bilton, Zachary Bishop, Victor Black, Dawn Black, Lester Blanchard, Matt Blansom, Joyce Blate, Don , f V. , Qt 1 s X 'o 'fx t f x Bledsoe, Eleshia Bloomer, Andrea Bonner, Angela Bradford, Jon Browhow, Carolyn Browhow, Elois ,. K ' I ' . ts . . Ea " ' t , A A . A Brown, Katherine 7 gf 'E' ' . Brown, Monica 3 - I" Brown, Pamela 'si ,1 Brown, Roy U, ,tty B S , it Q f rown, ammy 'if-. h. M :Q --lk - -rj' t Brownfield, Lee . - . .Q L V .V Bruscato, Dean - ef ee ' Burch, Lisa V. N Ist. S'-Q if Burks, Edward ,W ' Burrell, Charles jf 2 U K ' Bynum, Linda . 9 Campbell, Chris Q ii' M . if Cannon, Jose Q5 - Canterbury, Robert 1 H Q Carter, Jerry we p Q", A' Carter, Sheila p ' ' X Q Ceasar, Leonard A K W, . -7. Chatman, Larry ii- ::,i f"','3'-'5 ,-,SZ 5 ',-- V I ' , V A . ,gtg Q Cherry, Kimberly F5 'T "Unix t ' .. . ,I Chisholm, Danny , fn-ts, , . t Q ' t 4 ' ' ' . if 1? Cloman, S0nYa A 1 V ' Vp 4' A Coleman, Robert . ' Q 'fp A1 Coleman, Stacey f,, ,,,,,, i Collins, Christine 15717 Mawr-rvwvvf' A-L.. e..,,...X John Gill and Frank Giovingo enjoy the Tiger atmosphere found at Neville. Freshmen have always dreamed of coming to Neville. On the first day of school, they find themselves lost as they take their first steps toward becoming true Neville Tigers. Soon they find themselves swept up in all of the excitement of fall activities. The Freshmen come to Neville High School as baby Bengals, but leave here as full-fledged Fighting Tigers-full of pride and tradition they find here at Neville. 87 Open Campus Is Exciting Conti, Julie Cooper, Aaron Cooper, Felicia Coyle, Katherine Crawford, Reynolds Croft, Clifton Cromartie, Lori Crow, Jeannie Cudd, Blaire Cupit, Risha Dade, Sheila Daggs, Bobby Dail, Cassandra Danna, John Davis, Colleen Davis, Kathy Davis, Martin Davis, Rokeya Davis, Sonya Davis, Thomas Dawkins, Lena Dawson, Pearl Dean, John Dill, Sherri Doublin, Carolyn Dunaway, Carol Dunaway, Vanessa Ealy, Arlene Edwards, Annie Edwards, Sheila Elliot, Calvin Ellis, Mary Ellis, Yolanda Elmore, Carla Elzie, Ramona Emerson, Anthony Ervin, Otis Finley, Dee Finley, Sandra Foggy, Gertrude Freeman, Lether Funderburk, Tracy X, be 'xl if 1 r 3+ 4 ft 4 R. ff an asf A 4 sp? a .ig , I N 1 is Q, k- O , iw.. 1 .,, ,qif - af A1 it 5' El? 2 1 3 ,X Y iff! A L , , A J ixat , 'T 'lr .. Xin? . 'nga f' Zi J "' New Feature of School Life Garrett, Holly , ki X ,L ., E fix If , af- ' ...J f, iq' 'J V-,e I EJ S, 2 l mv we ,si If I Gayden, Albert Gayden, Charles Gibson, Anthony Gibson, Ben Gill, Adrian Gill, John Giovingo, Frank Gorhan, Henry Green, Henry Green, Sarah 1 Green, Sharron x a fi i FJ Guillory, Jim ' Hale, David Hall, Carolyn . ,ggi Hall, Glenda 'ISF Hamilton, Liza Hannibal, Roderick Harris, Gregory Harris, Sherri Harrison, LeeAnn Hatfield, Danny Head, Daryl Heck, Maria .jp YY ,,,, iii i 1 It fflgu i i' fy 4 H, ,,. X L is : NX Open campus is an exciting new feature of school life for freshmen. At the beginning of each lunch shift, masses of freshmen can be seen anxiously looking for familiar upperclassmen who will give them a ride. Brandy's, McDona1d's, and Danny's are favorite places to go. Some students save their money for the week-ends by going home for lunch. The cafeteria also serves delicious lunches for those with no transportation. With only thirty minutes, lunch is rushed, but always fun. 89 l Freshmen Girls Try ut for Henderson, James Hill, Jerome Hines, Christine Holdiness, Karen Hollis, David Hollister, Sean Hollister, Stacy Holmes, Phyllis Holmes, Willie Hopper, Kevin Hoston, Michael Hudsal, Cassandra Huenefeld, Rachel Hunter, Lisa Inabnet, Robin Iverson, Ann Jackson, Audrey Jackson, Calvin Jackson, Donna Jackson, Jennifer Jackson, Johnny Jackson, Louis Jackson, Moses James, Danny James, Sheila January, Kenny Jenkins, Mary Jenkins, Vivian Jenson, Robert Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Tina Jones, Alverne Jones, Bonnie Julie, Jones Kace, Anthony Kight, Mary King, Errol Kirkpatrick, Tim Knapper, Rosalind Labor, Sherri Lancaster, Janet Lancaster, Todd Vw fe. , Cheerleader M E ' if Q . fi x lie ,I Q" 0' fr Q U J f Q, z 5153 'fl -J ' V 1 ',,,, ' W ,yiy Q.: he ,ax K X .f f v 'i , r A vs I Ula 5' I 9 ,, I A if - XX. .. , m it s i ' Jiiii J as H y I V fm , ,ff M t 4 ff li I - -D' ,,f V , '45 L1 ,,,,, i like xiii s Fw.. li QX, K 5 , Lisa Wright, Danya Sharp, Beth Payne, Lisa Burch, and Julie Messina anxiouslv await their turns to try out. Freshmen cheerleader tryouts were held during the second assembly after the opening of school. Over twenty spirited freshmen tried out for the coveted positions and the Freshman Class voted for the six girls they felt would best carry out the responsibilities of a Freshman Cheerleader. These six girls, Beth Bateman, Jeanne Crow, Holly Garrett, Dana Meeks, Beth Payne, and Lisa Rizzo, cheered the Freshman Football Team to victory after victory. J. . ii fig, Vi itff lf' as X x N ,ae ,N 1:- fti 32 91 ff , f " we? F -M in Q , by , Landers, Tommy Landry, Vaughn Landry, Martha Langhart, Bill Lauve, John Lawson, Valeria 4,4 Lee, Tazinski Lenore, Lawrence Lewis, Beau Lewis, Johnny Lively, Becky Long, Kimberly Long, Clinton Lyons, Dale -L, Q9 McGhee, Angela ' McNeal, Bari McNeal, Lee Marchman, David Marshall, Leroy Marshall, Rhonda Mathieson, Mike Meeks, Dana Menyweather, Gilson l Messina, Julie L .1'x?1T'- 8 3 A '-1l, ' V Millar, Russell p R , A 15 f as Miller, cami , 4 A J ' Mills, James ' Mitchell, Dejauana t ,V Q J Molner, Denise ,X Moore, Pat 91 Freshman Class ins 3 xi Moore, Sonya ,Q rs, D Moran, Kenneth "" :Q 4 if X 'lite ig EE' 1 Mosley, Dwayne Murray, Brenda Murray, Stanley Nappier, Amanda AA qi djxbxg 17. . Neal, Danielle Neill, Bill Melson, Mary Newton, Irma Nowlin, Kim Page, Doris Page, Michael Parnell, Trey Paul, Terry g J Payne, Beth 1 as II, Pee, Laurie - Q -10 it Perkins, Jimmie Peters, Chad Pleasant, Samuel Pollard, Naomi Pratt, Betty . . . . Price, Sandra , , . .- , Purnell, John 1 t" A. , 'S ' ' , .,.,,. ,sig ff! .'e: K ir I LA an . - C r . J, qfiii A new tradition at Neville is the Halloween Pumpkin Contest sponsored annually by the Student Council. Each homeroom presents a Jack-o-Lantern entry for display in the lobby. Entries this year ranged from an Indian chief to a Sesame Street character. Mrs. Tucker's homeroom won with a caterpillar entry, followed by "Miss Piggy" from Coach Vallery's homeroom. A bumblebee from Mrs. Blanchardls homeroom pulled in third. Do-nuts were awarded to the winning homeroom. ' 92 Ratcliff, Angie Reed, Michael Reed, Yancy Reitzell, Wimphus Richard, Tracy Ricks, Dernell Riley, Melissa Rizzo, Lisa Robinson, Deborah Robinson, Eddie Robinson, Matt Rogers, Patrick Rollins, Dawn Ross, Angela Rucks, Mary Runner, Regina Russell, Mandy Sampson, Antonio Sampson, Darrell Savanna, Chris Scott, Oscar Sellers, Kenneth Sharp, Danya Simmons, Craytoni Smedley, Ted Smiley, Candy Smith, Cassandra Smith, Gardner Smith, Greg Smith, Lawrence Smith, Sheronda Smith, Teresa Staten, Bertha Staton, Lisa Strouk, Morris Sumler, Sheila Surguine, Gari Swan, Debbie Swinson, Donald Tarvin, Domita Taylor, Leola Thomas, Amy Freshman Spirit Comes Alive .,f' In i,ii ei. , it ii Thomas, Haundrel is iifi ' J J Thomas, John ,, J , , "' ,jj ,A , s , Thompson, Mona H S' - J 3 Q5 ,J it J Q52 1.74" , iii ,ll . it ee' so Townley, Jimmy Ee .Q i iiiii g , L ig --' i Tramble, Michael 'J N Traylor, Standley I , fs V, K 0 1 i ,, ' 'K T . E 1 J i J J Q k-f'1 i 5 . f 5 is Traylor, Tracy i ' Tugler, Cynthia Turner, Lance Q Underwood, Rodney Vance, Todd Walk, DeSounthia Washington, Terrence Weathersby, Terra, Michelle Welch, Jackie Wheeler, Dexter Wheeler, Mary White, Andrea is if i f S 1' 1 -if Jug i 1 X x ,. , is Q e i ,lk --- -s isis K White, Donnie 'Q' re, ,. , ' I J. ll so whiineld, Felicia ' f i J j"f f' M 'i e Willy, Scott 'Qs 'ef' pig' ,Eg ' i i ax K, Wilkey, Jennifer I ' 0-,fl efe 'J Williams, Barbara f i'ii J' is ll'l ii eifz W yi' Williams, Colvin "',. ' ' A " ' if f K ,, .5 .. 'K' Williams, Jacquline J . ' -11- i i L i i - ' Williams, Sandra 5. ,E ' 5. Williamson, Melissa e if - J W' J 531 i"" ssee i sis wiuis, Denise , 'Q 't ' ' W , wiuis, Patrick ' h 3 Willis, Shirley f S ,Y ' ' i K er ' 'xx f' N iifei f - - i 5 N Wilson, Jamie iili 'ill fi ' "'ii Wilson, Kelly ,Qi Wilson, Michael Q Q Z , J , i Wilson, Rosie eg , Wright, Lisa , S i it - R Yee, Ann i it Q at f K exile sit? wi Young, Mark 'J n' '- 5' Yount, John Iil X Q J ,K ,s s,s ,X Rachael Huenefeld enjoys marching at half-time. Tigerettes take a break during the third quarter of a game. . ' 1 V ' W H' ,fi V .ml M X. W A Z' - I :Ll R. g yxxgafl .Sri yd 5. L it? 1 Gi . -'Q A i X if' 2 ' T f .3 ,,., at.. Y :jx it xi l V V ' S X iii li is L X is Lyee +R S y t 429' I nu 4-H 3 Football games are lots of fun for the Tigerettes. Although Freshmen are new to Neville, they are not new to the great Tiger Spirit. This young group of Tigers has more than the usual amount of spirit. This year, led by the Freshman Tigerettes, they won the Spirit Stick at their very first assemblyawhich shows that these freshmen are well-acquainted with the old Tiger traditions. The Tigerettes did have a fantastic year. Under the direction of Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Wilson, and the Tigerette leaders, they showed some of the excellence of the Tigerettes of years past. Their spirit and support at football and basketball games really spurred the players on to great seasons. They even performed complicated half-time routines with the Tiger Band. We are proud of these spirited young Tigers, and are confident of their ability to uphold the Neville traditions throughout their high school years. Freshman Tigerettes cheer loudly during assemblies. The Tigerettes march in the Fair Parade. 95 1 -v A-i- L-f.Q- - X + 1 -, gh I w . bfffn - - w il Y v v W I l J ld .3 9 bf' 1,1-gl K 3 . . I .L :J .Wi - -'HH + "2"-I 'N X . -- 3 . , V - -. , . Ai 1: ' L, Lb! li- yi 5 L A' A L' I + Y ' --x lv' -f Q! .-'I 1' wt 'f P fs ' - , A 1 j :J H.. ,L J. ii Lu w nn 4 bi ' , . ml 1 .. N l- 1 I I W '14-l"f', ' Y-1 .J A. 4.4 U LL- .1 ull 44' ul- In SCHOOLBUS . 14 Q , M fiaiiifl- -"'-- W .4 nl., fu--1 ' ' 4. Au 4 I-H ll- ' s qv 'NOOR GA , dw'i' ' ' ' , r f M m AL., r- Niggas ' I f 'g. fy 4 LU LJ la. LJ I L ' ' ' N B5 A 3 ' - "r , 'N - f- 'I H4 l 'S in n., . U , , . lies--AJ: .D L' V ' "" " Y - V ' t:"1ti'F7'T1x'Y'g ' L' Y 'i 'X ' ' - f - - , - - 4 , ' ' M ' A l - 2 ' - 4- 4 , 1 ' , ..?.: - . - W UL Nw-f M . . 1 ,r , . z-f an Q 1 Q, 1 ' HL 4 - will - ' 4. 1 H1 Q f A n . 1 'M Q u w Wil f 4 Y -A V NE ,V 'VIH x Q Q 511 , .I ' if B fi? A " 5' as ' 'ii' " be Q -nu 4 + 'rs F1 ww' Q. A .. '1 um ,, f, Hu X" c.:.-fi". ' '22-'14 x 115 9 43' flfwr! Q 14 M, ff ' j ' 4 Q J VW Jw .Q ' Tasfp - - - - Y -'L Y -- 25" 1 , X '1' L 'Y ff fl? as VS A 'T ' Y -- Y ,A U k , , V A 1 '2 , ' 'Q- i g 4 Aw.. ff ' . -l :,jg,."y ,, 'E f' T i n 14,5 N - ?r , Y .V .S f i L, fl' N MV .ill ll A 'in'eJ:-JV fl! l - -gi vrym'f,7v5n4g,. .24 .-- 5 -'EE'1g1','!f-,if IW ' . I ' H -rf -fr-::' - '12-'3:3f7rSx:f"'?"1Q7 -if? ' wg 1f-.4. '- -+,,-A " - "f X 1 -P - If 11 Wi - W. ' 'A .-Eff-, J ' 1 , M , , --Q -- P: - " ' ' I IX -nfl' 'f U- TE- - ,J-fi?i2na5i'9'.f 'N I Emilie'-Q 7- J "vi" Lfgify l 'f 'ig -, Q .gy gf. , il Y ,flaw 1 Q! Qllzifif 7? ,..R .LMM i1r'inn,p ir -'g.4",! '5fis2215?-i'f5fiigai2iie5559525.21wx .51 51 f-ffw ff? E-f M5 ,p I ' L. Eg!fi?Qg2iiEifggig45a5g9:g3!Sgwagifigie2!:3'5E'5.!4-,,,-,- -:Q S: " 'vw---41-A-J'--' - -2 M1i5' -2"'f:!'r-2.-'mushy-f'fffe,v.e-fa-L in-f-,ssl - ffffiw 9f"'I1il121 x hid:"12! '1ilI5"!"Q"1i1'2m2iJi41'w ' Q A - -W- 5 A , , L A " ,e-122. .A I ' 5s!111Ziiiiii + ,:Tg-,,,g:-43" , Ai LQ.- gl "Qi , Y ff- - -- j- 1 ' 1 - -A Q- "'S3f L4 J,,.i NSY WW rx i J, x W L Y-..-x...N. , ,,,,., V ,-.--ff-"' V I WW 7 Y , i W, HWY, W V - Y , ,-,Y ,Z , Y V V f 1-1 Y Y 15 1 -1 '1 1 l ""s"1 1 H1 1 P 1 10 1 +ii '12, - I Y Y - .1-if ' f Y F-'H-9 Q5 f -1 ,, L1'f 1 1 iv- I 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y ' 9 1 ' 1 1 1 v---d 1-- - --4-F -1 'l - ' N11 , V - ' 1 ' 1 1' 1 ' 1 1 f q4"i n, ' K F-2-...S l 11 'W W 4 L ! f 2 , . EXIF' .- .4-11 JI, 1, 1 111 .L Lp 411 .L In .. 11 1 1 1 1 f I 4.4.4 11 gf- -1-1- 1 ' h 1, A I 1 1 1 ' 'F 11 I HI 1 1 A1'4 .J rl .an 1 ' 1 A- H' 11 A Q' 11 ' 1 1 1 --v1 K 1 H 'A LJ. ' '1 '1 1 1 1 , LJ .... 1 1 1 +- - I-111 1 1 1 A ' 1 ' N .-Q.-"7 N 7 x L 1 V1 A-4 L 'V 1- 11 1 1 ' 1112111111111-1 PHOO 1 ,, 1, 1 1 1 1 1,11 1 11 ' ik W 1 ff Q L BJ 'fi' 1 1 1 1 ' 1111? L. uh 4 Q 1 1 J X1 ' ..11'1" ' 1 1 -J , .ik 13 .ah .r- 1 ,, 1 --1 V 11 , f W 7 7Ef'!ERGLf-AtYb1f1T 1 -K'f:::r:1 0 A-A 1 11 A 1 I .' fy - , 1 1+ 1 1 g ' 1 1 1 "Vg - - -fd 1 1 1 12 2111 1 1 1 1 111W1l11-1.- 1- 1 1 1 1 1 , P, ' 1 1 1 ' H ' 5 1 , 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ,-ff' 11 ' 1 1' ' 1 ----. f - , 1 , 1 V 1 - 1 1 1 ffv 1 1 , 1' if 'F WIn'Im'-1l'1"dn,A 1 ..--.4 5 1 I 1'T"A K V- lh7"1 " 1 1. 11 1 ' L I A ' ' , I 1 1Qv.,1ff l, QV' 1 21" 1' 1 . V V ' 1 1.1 9111 11 fa IL -vu 11 1 1,1 , 1, . V1 . A 1' 1. 'i 111150 11" - Q 0 F 5 '- - 1 1191 Sivl :gy , new 'L A Ai A - - A L L I H U 1 - 110,14 Aff . .. 1 1 4 , 1 L 11 .161 -1 if 1:-2"f"Z'f' ' ' ' ' " - 1 1 4' . "" '1 ' 1' 11 1 1 1 111 A - i J , , - ' ' I 'Ol'q- ' -IEQI111 -.M 11 Y in 9 1 1 f 1"" ff' -""-" 1 'mg 8035 'af' un' 1- - --I 7 , 1 ' W 1 "W ' GW wif ., ?'T""- 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 4 1 1 111 11,--A W 11-2+ 1' HX 1 11 1111- 1 T1 ' M 1 ff? " - 11 EAT - 1111- 1 Q 'lfmi 191 Q "Eslii?11Q2If1.giffM:i'?T -f-L54 " 5 Y 14 "'l f 1" 11' jf WT 1g1Gg: fbi! Q :Fm if? H15 GUEVETUYS 317 CY Rp Qi fl, 'ef 1 ' 1 A ' f Q ' '10 -4-N1 A . f f.f?5??fiQY-EESTS - ilggiif-Q1-'f'1'ffT:11g11' ""Affl377l2i-1 11 ' V1 1 A N 1 E' 1 1. 1 A" " ' 21 V 'F W HM ' Y, 1 11 1 1111 Q , V ' fx' '5' 1 1 1111111151 -'1 1- -N V1 N' X J eq?-S1-Har-zaefawiil 411115: '51 -1 1 f- -fav . 7 fx. ,sing W. 1,73-'-Q5 nl ' -1 .1 .g,-f5JEs' -- - 1-x1 L 1 'N-" P ' 'IFN -ix -, aww .- .- . -1- -- , -1 xx. ..- , 1 1 1 'sxQwi3ig45,+-N, ' 1 --T'-1 P' -1'-"N 1 F2 N- -1 1 1- 4-1-,Q2,gf x :: - t T':" Av v- LY K ,W " Q33 '5 . X -"'f ,fr- fA figs- ,fx ,K X f' -3 7 ' fn, ff X . ,mn RX N X 4 W! V 2 x , I . Z y Q ff 1' w V. o ol rn- fan 4 if .10 1 M. 'WLZLE7 'Wi Aw, Quincie Rivers unceasxng loyalty to Neville High School prompted the Senior Class to select her as Miss Neville High School for 1980. She has Quincie Rivers Miss Neville High School served her school in countless ways by encouraging Tiger spirit wherever she goes. Quincie has been a member of the Student Council for 3 years and is presently Vice President of the Student Council and President of the Interclub Council. During her junior year she served as President of the Foreign Language Club, President of Lambda Sigma Chi, and Secretary of ' the Junior Class. Last summer she represented Neville at the National Association of Student Councils Convention in Winter Park, Florida. Quincie was presented the Youth Appreciation Award by the Greater Optimist Club of, Monroe. . A Quincie has not only distinguished herself as a capable leader, but also as a warm, friendly person,' always ready with a smile. In every facet of student life, .she exemplifies the spirit and pride that is traditional of Miss Neville High School. 4 5 a N 1 S 9 Each year the Senior boy who has best shown the leadership and intelligence characteristic of Neville High School is chosen to represent Neville as Mr. Neville High School. This year the Senior Class gave this honor to Mike Lawrence. As President of the Student Council, Mike exemplifies all the traditional qualities associated with this honor. He has been actively involved in every aspect of Neville High School throughout his high school years. As a freshman, he was manager of the Freshman Football Team, and during his junior year he served as Junior Class President and Student Council Representative. Mike is presently a member of the Interclub Council, Octagon Club, Latin Club, and the Choir. He was a delegate to the National Association of Student Councils Convention in Winter Park, Florida and has received the Youth Apprecia- tion Award from the Optimist Club and the D.A.R. Award. Mike has served his school with devotion and loyalty. His efforts to promote school spirit and improve his school have been greatly appreciated. Mike La Wren ce Mr. Neville High School Faculty Selects Eleven ART BAND BAND Mark Gray Dianna Moore Marcie Stassi , 3 , , ef gl F . . ig I , Riff lg , I - . . V C llr 3 - ---- A K 45- fx k ENGLISHXMATH HISTORY HOME ECONOMICS John White Bill Clark Annette Braud C C Ylel g E !f For Who,s Who Each year the MONROYAN has the honor of presenting to the student body the names of those students who have been selected to Who's Who at Neville High School. These seniors are chosen without their knowledge by the Faculty on the basis of scholarship, attitude, and cooperation. JOURNALISM JOURNALISM Teresa Free Chris McHenry PHYSICS SPEECH SPEECH Matt Meinel William Erwin Steve Nordyke 103 A-'- Y ' KVM as 1 1 1 8 A ni 'R f" K f 34 tw? . 'ss' - '- " , 'X' f r5 , A nw A Q I , S - 5 wi 5 Rei! s Q 'Q ,w 4 f, : -'.:--' 1 sm 65151 gm bg . h h,1 - ,. ,f.,,gg. ,pf . L' ML. 3 Q 5 K Su .. ,U ri, fi 'H!Is...4unia'if fi . .. .-, t if Sw ?'i1vH , , MQ 'f v me , f - -, 1:1 A E!! ,ga , f " n 0 X .-124375 1 Lyfig far if l ,,., if ' 515 1 71 42: -K ' f 'fx er' we " 9155? - 1 C ,,.. ' . .. 6 1 Z.. -mi . 4- , ' Wm if wp , 1 QW. 1, 72? H Kgm. ?f Q9 1 Q L? QW2 ' My 5 3, f 'Kh -, . ,f,W f My , , J :yy - 'I f K5 , , 4 Fi-M, ' y, ff my 5 no l f 'Eff EY ff? 1-w gif., , . 1 I as 'IW ,, ' , - . aw . 'FP A , , , gg . A Y . If 'Eff Z . W gg 'lauu ' Mk v Q ' f , , in 'm1A 5 ' 1 X W f Q A we . V '+7 . ,. " ,J K I , sf mm my A ii, ' .7 :fi x 1 Q- V 11 H " M . .. ,A,, ., r 4 I K E + ml 1, an IM JC' mam 4: X 'f 1 Mf- , 1 ' ""' .EL,, , 16 nag 3? , M A LN' H , 2, 11-'-M9 f' -. ' fig: ' 1- , k . QQ Z, h 'A' Vk ZA k , XVAVV X X ,m., Lw,.LL 5 A V M by ' ", V --h- - L S , 'il M, M, 5, J ..,., ip. . ., My ,ff , f :NZ ff A 4' 1 2 few H if K 5 wa? 13' ' ' gfiq "kV I L if ' Q , ,1, .j:f: I ,,. ,im 1 : f ' ' Y' 4 xv 3 , . A . we 1,W,.,,,:.1W. .. I , 'L' 71 K M Ne K, M . 4 nga... E -i . 3' . ,.f. g ., . X we f .4g5,v:'f9!,,,4: . . ' QL aww my X ., Hs 1 'R G N4 fm ,, .3 .5 1 V Q V' rl, , 1 . w Q . 8 ' ' 'it' 5 'im 85, Q N1 ,F 'uf 'if P -if.-J' YN ' 'Y fwwd ifzm - ,J Q , Tiff! i ' . x -A 5? A A V 1 , N 'Sea Wa "vgWfvZ' . W Xe SE b its lyk, ff f,1m ,ij', mg? sgzw VVJXT Jigs, gf I MQ ' ,f",v, A 7 ' fd f X ,ff ff, - 16 X W f K f 2? '- uf? M ' si' ' QW' 5 R YI, L LJ: Q ,. J if .-Q vi ., 5 1 gg Q ff' It K . A , I-,ug , A M 9.8.01 fu if af' . fin 2, 9 'K ia: 1 'Q xx mia 1 If 1' SN ,,, J I , , ' sz' 5 .f-.,, Nh 4. 1 , ik. p I , F'-ff' K- 1 , n,wf,rf v 71 it . , uf In ,A 35 . . vu. WW- WW '44 :C QQ TYM5! 3:3 4 751' 2' f I f L' ' '."' "'k V' vaggfggfwfalfaf. f ,L A . 2 5 A W KA . b , , k , , 4. ,, H .- , .. 4 W M, ,,.. ,ggi Vffggggigf V If I ,V N . ., M- Q is 4. , , if Ww'f Xwegyk f A V Q af ,?5i1. f C' in f 5 -2 an 1,-+ 52 '55 sf N '55 E Q' f f "-L "g: 9 5 fig 'J" 32 A VA.. ., , Q . 5 , 4 , W. I me 1 , x W .,-, I M? 'Q xx, Nu .mm A w 'WE' ' ,W xwsfms S vf Q.. 4 X is ,xx gas? ,R -1 M ,,,. , kia N- -I . W Q wKe.,gg ' 71' , u1L 5 - 1 , M , --A HV ' vii? gxf, -mf U Q , ,. - h'hA ffangw - Q X 3 H12-invlunw f ' V, ,gf . - ffft . 7 ,fmmi Q B it 49 , ,, . ,. 9 ' ' I , ' 1 d 5p m ' 1 fj Q W AVVL ' Q 1 - -' U ' ii fi fL'Ki31' -fgiiaitli 1459124 L ': 'T if iff ?' ,L M uf . ,wf H iff O n ,Q .Q 1 A, 2 . V - x ,AWZ1 If -.2,.9'.Ivzff"f',x7,L14,. , A-.Dk .1 nr-1+-v..:.,,4, ., 'ix 'Il X X f""' , I www' X 51 QM. UL Z Q lf, My X X' n' ,K V! r Fr? I ' Y I ' f T' w ' 'I U , L I 4 I f , 5, 4 I kVVf i, , , by A t,, V . -.,. f .,,, 3 , k E ff If ,: I AV V M 17 1 ,L Z K""" ,,,f11 ' .. H K " :: 5 z: Alh M ,,," 'L Ili g,-vw .nz 1. -....q 1w..w7 Ig v, ,. x IM k -.. 'lvtlailx It I 1 + A 1 ' R. . ,ki 1 JF- , .. wi, . .. M :L ,f 4 4 Qi P ,Q , n ew A ., ,wyg . Q, ' KV.. , J ,644 2 'gn ,A ,ggi 4,.k .. xl 5 ,, Q , , 1 All 1153- ag, Q if' K ' kmu ,, . ,Y f -A 3 , A 5, 4' 4 - af' W . , , 1 5. 9 ' ' 'N L K' 1. yr fy I . l 4 K I R 'Tlx 1 as K N '-'Z' 'Aw Q, +1 like 'au fl ffx fm I N z - .fm 1 I Q r A A :M-N. 11, Bm uv , :-. . - , i b L L , 'L , H N..W .::, ff , -- k it f- J M M.,,5.,V . ,K .MW + -- if' 1 'f f...N . L, ,gi Z Q W sap, I at , -W -V V' an x" 'P' .fl ' 'V , W . - , . W, K. .., V X. -, .ww . - - t . 2' f A I , bg Q " 2 ,Q L E fu? 5 gh 053 s A N f 1' , ' A 1 xx., av ' A ' , 4 0 Y f t M ,Q t, 3' f in ' ' if nf j f - ff 111'-k 1fx mg SW?" jd White ,Q 7 "MKS f ,..'5f X W, A Lx Q QS ig ng ,1 AA , gv .s w .. f, I -Rf E . tg, J, ,,,, ,.- , S f 'iw ff 'wml n 'di , W M ff. 1' -Ln , . ,, . 1 .- Q.. , " 'Qf1fQ'W"' . ff' L , 2 ! A f 57,1 i-4 3 ,ga ,tg Q3,s4,,-.1 sn .f A ,g 5, 1. Y ,YZ '41, .Q ,I nf , FHM nk A K- K 3 .5 . k :Q k V' fig TN Q: M1 fix , 'fx 11 " K,-Lf: Fil.. -Q k We 5 ,sr w , , ,. ,vi gf Q-'M 4, ,, . M' - Q. - v f g 'F at 5 JAC " ww -Q 1 ' .L A f 581 ,M 5 . ' 4 ' if 'gf . b. , may V f W 1 mv N , 41 Q, , . I ,, t, ., f' . z y .ff ' bnfw- , , ' gg Y , 1 s lf . ez ,JJ , . ., M. a gi A . A -P 1 "' .Q f - ' ' f m , 1 -V -- . -- - N Y H 5 , fr W , .,., if H124 ffm' ' ' I, 4' 1' -5 f nfl Q4 mf Q15 'f W 5- ' U ug .. , f ,P A .-J, . ,fx 1- K - WV wr ,. .QA N. 1. A . 'X , 54 4.'s. M af Q .k . fx -ff , if ' , fa' ' -Effie . 1 WW , V. A . A .Maid 3 W VL ,sry HM. it A I XA NV. . 16 . zV,.yfLtwi S51 1uMN5,,,,,,iV, L L3 -, -1 . " , lg f JJ- '- 1 I' 'S'-sw- A fs-'I flf.e': -W ' 4, f 1' -K, Q3 's , ,M 'Z tiff 1 am I. ig in ja ,521 Jw f in L, ' 1' :Yi-M,-'zv f wi-"W X ' i, 'ffl J' 5 J' 7 "h ' . A A. K-lf! - K-'wf"s' ' 1"'44" fy Q In V ' 54 H 3' , f "f , , , ., 1- P- , M-N H: W., A, , QM, -1, LJ , 9 2 .g v 4 A . 1 K , v f 'PZ br? P, x14 ,f' ft .Rye f ,. 7'-1, rn., Avfv, V l 83.1 , Liv.: Wig? ,ing 5 I 155.4 I .rr ' lik, ,, , ,4., f I ,':.. ' 551.1 ,Ziff A .,-1 ff ,y. f W5 . , A , W, v' n 7331 J! fait., V ' ff'- , ? ,, . 1 I Q1 lxlvhufwh y W, ,qqf if W Q- Pu' N a V' if 'e 5, 3 i ' ,. jg ,W f yffyzf ,, W f ff Z4 wa yi 4 f' 4 L J, fs, 3557i Q 'i QM' A EM 1' ,ga Q , V 8 my ls Pl lil?- 6 REAL 9?- v R N Nm H R .X X ,X X. I ' "' "x . " L- - A f' f - , 1 , 4 f al W K ' NHEN Vx . f' Q ' Mm - k A T' PM A I X Q X , .X .V , , , , . w' :X 4+ rxixgp JV' W I - N 1 X N Y , XQ Y WN rx w A! 'L X, f X - If ffl L? 1 1 ,A V! , ff 'Q X 4'x WQCEQ f ,ff ' QV Hx M , fx if K X xx' ,ffl N fl", V 4 ' L L 8 X I , , Rr, Q ,f ' si 1 - X 55-NL 'S'fr4x'?wO 12 1979-80 Varsrty Cheerleaders Beginning last spring six special girls, Sally, Cara, Ann, Mandy, Katherine, and Susan, pulled together as one, and from then on they devoted their lives to the betterment of Neville High School. With hazy visions of their high hopes for the future, their goals gradually came in sight. Each summer morning these six girls were at the school from 6 a.m. till-stenciling and painting over 50 signs for the upcoming football season, writing the Alma Mater on the shape of a huge tiger head, painting the football roster on 'Our Tiger Family Tree', making necklaces for each of the football and basketball player's mothers, planning assembly themes, and constructing the enormous theme sign for the auditorium-'The Tigers are on the Move Again'. This touches only the surface of the work these girls didg it would be impossible to write down the innumerable duties they performed. They had various money-making projects, but the two most outstanding were holding a cheerleader clinic and the selling theme bumper stickers. With the school year starting, these girls knew they had magic to do and hearts to warm. Many people expected a great deal from them. In their great pep assemblies, outstanding skits, weekly parties for their players, organizing of Secret Brother Week, decorating for the Homecoming Court and the victory party after the Ouachita game, and always having smiles on their faces and open hearts to their school, they gained respect and reached expectations higher than anyone ever dreamed they could. It's never easy to say goodbye, especially to people who have given so much to one cause. This describes our farewell to these six girls but the memories they have left behind will never fade. We're grateful to these unique cheerleaders for lifting that special Tiger Spirit to its peak. We can truly say that these cheerleaders were by far the best. Thank you Sally, Cara, Ann, Mandy, Katherine, and Susan, you will remain in our hearts forever!! Sass Cheerleaders get fired-up for the Jamboree 126 N l i . um l MYS Cara Medley Ann Tyler Amy and Susan Southern 1979-80 Varsity Cheerleaders Straight to the Top! '37 UK it . ay, , ,M 1 i g by Viyy ,,,kk Z g,.M:,Jk M i , Sally Mintz and Katherine Ryan Mandy Millar 127 -674 ' 3' 4,,'x, 5 H gx ill 1 X lsfwll 9 , K 5. wf ,, v , 5, ,, , 130511 !'P ""7p hw W 1979-80 Freshman Cheerleaders Kneeling: Beth Payne, Dana Meeks, and Holly Garrett. Standing: Beth Bateman, Jeannie Crow, and Lisa Rizzo The six freshmen cheerleaders, Beth, Jeannie, Holly, Dana, Beth, and Lisa, won the right to wear the traditional freshmen cheerleader uniforms after a Friday assembly soon after school began. These six girls supported the freshman football and basketball teams throughout the year, cheering them on to victorious seasons. Their support and enthusiasm was appreciated by the entire freshman class. 1979-80 Bengal Belles at tigzae- 1 Left Side-Top to Carol Russell, Kim Wiggins. R' ht Side Top to Bottom Sylvia Linda Wolff, Debbie Hearn, Tish Bailey, Betsy Moom Linda Cudd Laura Neill Ashley Wilkins Widget Moo lg - a , , , Cl Kendra Hardy, Sandy Casamento, Deanna Pee, Amy Hechler, Center Front- Captain, Mary Hunt. Center-Left Right-Co-Captains Annette Braud, Becka Kightg Mascot, Polly Blanchard. Bengal Belles. S 1' 55' Bengal Belles perform on the field I ' ' , i - , . ' ,h . f 'sss ' if t . The Bengal Belles' Homecoming dance was different and exciting. Bengal Belles show their appreciation to Debbie. gf v. Debbie Roark Choreographer Christella Dawson Bengal Belle and Tigerette Sponsor Bengal Belles line up for half-time show. ongso sssn . il .I-all-" TURN YOUR ATTENTION TO THE CENTER AISLE . . . The Bengal Belles are made up of twenty-one dedicated girls who devoted their entire summer to practice. They worked hard in order to perfect the dances which they took to camp. This year practice paid off as they attended drill team camp at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. They won a trophy for outstanding dance at Creative Night and tied for first place in the Intermediate Division. Heads turn as these girls march down the aisles to the stage to perform their precision dances. They entertain the fans at football and basketball games. They compete in competitions in Natchitoches and in New Orleans. They were also asked to perform at Ewing Colliseum at the News Star Tour- nament and at the Pacemaker Classic. Their final dance came at the end of the year with their performance at the talent show. Through all the sweat of practice and hard work and tears of frustration and joy, these girls are drawn closer together. In a special way each girI's dream has become a reality. Truly none of them will ever forget her memories of being a Bengal Belle and each will always hold a special place in her heart for these memories. Bengal Belles have a Coke and a Smile! 131 1979-80 Tigere ttes K kkkk K - ,vw .,,.. , , I . ,..., M... K , ,zz C 1 .. 5 5 ,f ,.--L ,,,,,. , 2:2-. . aa! 1 K+ TX 1 'Q' A ixf is G E RL AND l m -...W ig , Q a t "L i t My A . at 5 , ,,g i 4 1 itt C so ' a S "" --he . A an ve 515 ,tw 2 Lf? l , L ,Sy x b V 4' ,f x X2 ..,, y V. . A .mt at 9 ii A twt a an is-ss -1 .fi 3 i E E aa 2, . 2 is 1 e ' . ,W . ,. -- -- E - 'M " ..'fi'7i" ' if if' fi" 'T N. giulllfll-..n, 'A H gpm, . ak -- jmf-'ef-Si - - - - lst Row: Dee Finley, Jennifer Wilkey, Mary Kight, Danya Sharp, Lori Pee, Melissa Williamson, Joni Thomas, Dale Lions: 2nd Row: Allyso Bodron, Shelly Hoover, Sharon Newberg, Rachel Huenefeld, Jeannie Crow, Mary Howell Sparks, Lori Gecho, Kelly Wilson, 3rd Row: Carr Dunaway, Kelly Hagstrom, Cherie Tarver, Jeanne Heuer, Mary Jones, Lisa Burch, Gari Surguine, Blair Cuddg 4th Row: DeeAnna McGe1 Judy Beasley, Tracy Funderburk, Sara Green, Bonnie Jones, Lynne Thompson, Summer Futtayeh, Marcia Wolff, Karen Jones, 5th Row: Angi Ratcliff, Danna Meeks, Beth Payne, Candi Smiley, Cathy Bernhardt, Nancy King, Rosemary Upshaw, 6th Row: Julie Jones, Mary Baretincif Lisa Rizzo, Julie Messina, Andrea Bloomer, Traci Stewart, Kim Thompson, 7th Row: Martha Landry, Kim Sampognaro, Lisa Wright, Mari Heck, Liza Hamilton, Amy Thomas, Holly Garrett, Lori Cromartie, Robin lnabnet, Lori Brown. 1979-80 was a big year for the Neville High School Tigerettes. The group doubled in size and spirit. The Tigerettes began marching August 15, working two hours a day on precision drill and half-time routines. Through the years the Tigerettes have been the spirit leaders of the school. This year they helped cheer the Neville Tiger Football team all the way to the District Championship. The Tigerettes take a rest from a hot and tiring practice. 132 N 'Q eu?-E' 'lf' XE, The Tigerettes march in the Fair Parade in October. Mrs. Wilson Tigerette Drill Instructor 'CU YL 3- 0 -4... Tigerette Officers: Brett Torrans, Commanderg Margaret Marshall, Presidentg Elaine Nola, Vice-President: Vickie Valentine, Alternate Commander Bonny Kingery, Secretary. 133 at l Cara Medley Reigm ,. .,,-,,.k -.,....., The Court prepares to watch the last half. Dr. Rizzo crowns Cara. Queen Cara Medley is presented to Tiger fans by Alumni President, Dr. Frank Rizzo. 134 Queen Cara Medley Katherine Ryan is escorted by Alum Ronn Shelby. Over Homecoming '79 'X . za, Maid Elizabeth Pere ,QV Maid of Honor Katherine Maid Connie Moses Maid Dawn Wilbanks Maid Ann Tyler The Saturday elections for the Homecoming Court began a week of exciting actixities. lo the girls on the court it seemed to pass in a blur. Un Saturday afternoon the football players nominated their favorites and then a vote was held. The excited girls spent the next xy eek practicing under the direction of Xlrs. Johnson. and ofcourse there was shopping to be done. The girls selected two outfits -one for the assembly and another for their halftime presentation that night. The entire school joined in the excitement. Clubs and organizations worked frantically to prepare their displays while the Varsity Cheerleaders busily prepared for the festivities. The football team practiced hard for their game against lfranklinton. The .l.V. Cheerleaders sold Howers in the lobby. Thursday night a bonfire was held to raise spirit. The liriday morning assembly was jammed with alumni. parents, and Tiger fans. Coach Brown presented the Court, who were escorted by the players who nominated them. Students dressed in the traditional black and gold were so excited that they could hardly concen- trate on their classes. The hard work ot' the Home and l'amily Living Club paid off when their display won first place. A large crowd was present at the game to cheer the Tigers and witness the climax of Homecoming Week. The Tigers were leading at the half, but the real excitement was the presentation of the court. Former Neville athletes escorted Connie Moses, lilizabeth Pere, Ann Tyler, Dawn Wilbanks and Maid of Honor Katherine Ryan, across the field through a tleur de lis formed by the Tigerettes. A hush fell over Tiger stadium as Cara Medley was crowned Homecoming Queen of 1979. She then reigned over thc remaining activities from her throne on the sidelines. The Bengal Belles next danced to the traditional "Hello Tigers" and the game continued with the proud Neville Tigers downing the lfranklinton Demons 26 to 20. A dance sponsored by the girls' basketball team was held after the game, and everyone celebrated the traditional Tiger Homecoming Victory. 135 Homecoming Activities Revolve Around the School Members of the Homecoming Court and their escorts listen as Queen Cara addresses the assembly. Queen Cara Medley is escorted by Chris Sampognaro. Maid Elizabeth Pere is escorted by Joe Giovingo. 136 Maid-of-Honor Katherine Ryan is escorted by Clint Golson. Maid Ann Tyler is escorted by Tony Crews. Queen Cara Medley gives her traditio address. Maid Connie Moses is escorted by J Tribble. x .i ss Maid Dawn Wilbanks is escorted by Sparks. Senior Football players enj ,. r 1. Q ,xl 3.3, 1 W 1 , xii!!! 'xt lwalf - fy The National Honor Society Spirit Chain Contest was won by the Seniors. oy the Homecoming assembly. 'bf QM' a ll .,- I V 41 The Latin Club shows their spirit with their homecoming display. The Foreign Language Clu their homecoming entry. LLE Jw Sophomores say, "Eat 'em bwon third place with 1 HUUNQJIL- 9 'B . gwg Q . at o fb Xxx esefas A at I up!" Student Council uses the enemy's weapon against them. 137 Tigers Make It To The I A . ", .113- . M, . S, . t,, et ,L W , Vi, 3 5- ,-3 vi knkagvk. N556 Bottom Row Sitting: tLelt to Rightl Mike Johnson. Guy Stout. Jeff Golson, Mike Cage. David Stout. Craig Salter, Joey Giovingo. Todd Tonor Rupert Lange, Chris Salito, Richard Burroughs, and Arnold Anderson. Second Row: Tom Clark, Keith Carmichael, Clint Golson, Jim Sparks, Scott Bradford. Tom Curry. Eric Dawson. Mike Kennedy. Pat Norr Jim Kennedy. Laraun Ambrose. Third Row: lfrank Bonner, Arthur Daugherty, Martin Lewis, Chris Sampognaro, John Tribble, Butch Bruscato, Brady King. Greg l-'inchu Randy French. Thomas Bilton, Fred Marshall Top Row: Bill Willson. Matt Meinel, Bubba Brister, Chuck Reed, Tony Crews, Rob Perry. Mike Van Veckhoven. John Deal, Brad Burc Bobby Nola. Daran Reeves. Tom Jones tNot Shown! Todd Hindmon, Kevin Newell and Randy Cottrell. Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville 138 l979 Scoreboard Ouachita U Ruston 0 Wossman 21 Airline 7 Jonesboro 8 West Monroe 7 Carroll 0 Franklinton 20 Bastrop 7 Ouachita 7 Lake Charles 6 New Iberia 20 tJamboreeD ll-lomecomingl tPlay-offj tPlay-offl Coach Brown introduces Coach Ruple at t Thanksgiving night assembly before the Ne Iberia game. y Regionals In The Play- ffs was I fs s'?T QC ff'-writ. 1 Q0 'K . 1 :TN ra nn Q lLeft To Rightl Mike Vallery, W, L. Sonny Smith, William Ragan. Joe Coats. Charlie Brown Players and coaches must work together as one. NeviIle's coaches offer the dedication and support necessary for the winning combination. Charles Brown serves as head coach for the Tigers, Nothing pleases the players more than receiving a pat of approval from Coach Brown, His strict adherence to traditions has made football at NHS a revered institution. Coach Brown himself is somewhat of a tradition, He has served 29 years as a member of the Neville faculty and coaching staff and I7 years as head coach of the Tigers. If ,i,,,,, QBQ' - 3' Willie Ragan. a former Tiger athlete and 1958 Wi" graduate of NHS. has completed 8 years as Tiger 'i defensive coach. He has inaugurated an out- .wi,, of-season program which includes weights. flexibili- ' 1233: ty. agility, and running for the NHS Footballers, "' Coach Sonny' Smith has served IX seasons as a member of the coaching staff. He assists Coach Brown as the line coach and trainer for the varsity football team, He is the founder and sponsor of the NHS lluddle of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. These three coaches and their 46 players have an impressive record to show for their efforts, They have a 9-3 season and were named Champions of District Ill AAAA. They proceeded to the Regionals before they were defeated by New Iberia in overtime. J.V. Coach Mike Vallery does an outstanding job as track coach in the spring. while l-'rosh Coach .loe Coats leads the baseball team through successful Qi? A .3-gf l SCLISODS. to Right! Larry Smith and Mike Lawrence, Student Trainersg Mike Jackson, Assistant Chris Jones. Head Manager, Glen Briley, Assistant Manager, Billy Townsend, Assistant 139 l Neville Tops Ouachita in the Jamboree The annual Jamboree against Ouachita opened the 1979 football season for the Tigers. After the Freshman Team had shut out Boley and Ouachita J.V. had edged the Neville J.V., 8 to 6, the Varsity Tigers totally dominated their 20 minutes against Ouachita. After holding Ouachita on their first possession, the Tigers put together an impressive 9-play drive, picking up 56 yards. But once they reached the 4, they were unable to take it in for the score. The game remained scoreless until the 2nd half, when Neville marched down-field on 10 plays picking up 80 yards. Mike Cage then went in for the Touchdown. Four different backs saw action in the game, with Joe Giovingo carrying the ball 4 times for 20 yards, and leading all rushers with 59 yards on I6 carries. The defense proved to be a powerful force to be reckoned with. They not only shut out their opponents, but also didn't allow the Lions a single first down. Clint Golson and Craig Salter lead way for Mike Cage. .5 Kevin Newell rambles through the front line. 140 Jim Sparks, Sr, Q'back Daran Reeves, Jr. Q'back Walter Brister, Jr. Q'back Arthur Daugherty, Jr. Q'back Craig Salter, Sr. H'back Neville Shuts Out Ruston The Neville Tigers and the Ruston Bearcats continued their 50'year rivalry with Neville winning its 9th straight victory over Ruston. The game was filled with errors on both sides, but Neville managed to capitalize, thus spoiling the debut of Ruston Coach Chick Childress. former Neville Assistant, Rob Perry got the scoring underway in the 2nd quarter when he picked up a Ruston fumble and raced 43 yards for a touchdown. Early in the 3rd quarter Joe Giovingo, the games leading rusher, scored from 3 yards out. That capped a Zl-yard drive that began when Neville blocked its second punt of the night and Eric Dawson recovered. The final score came near the end of the 3rd quarter when Laraun Ambrose returned a punt for 55 yards. The defense continued to shine, holding tough through several turnovers. Scott Bradford, Jr. H'back Rob Perry, Sr. L'back Lauran Ambrose sweeps around right end. .I A- .gi V ..-wie F .M "1 , -. I . 'V rm- ,,,,, f r , f- ilxffif Q4 if? QQ T1 " 1 " ' . wi? - - ai.. ' i .5 Arnold Anderson, Sr. H'back Defense is ready for anything!!! 141 Wossman Squeaks Past Neville The Tigers mel a tough Wossman Wildcat team for the 2nd game of the season. The Wildcats came prepared and ready for the close game to follow. The usually tough Tiger Defense could do no better than hold the Wossman Backs to 425 yards rushing. Wossman I4 and Neville -6 was the score after a half of play. In the 3rd quarter Neville showed some improvement in the Tiger's playing by Walter Brister leading Neville to a 12 to I4 catch up. After Laraun Ambrose blocked a punt by 6:54 left, Neville K went ahead 18 to 14. The Wossman offense went for a touchdown again and the score was I8 A to 21. Neville ended the game with a safety to make the final score 20 to 21, a heart-breaking 1 fzf - wx loss. ., Craig Salter makes a saving tackle. Q i s F 5 i L is I 5 Ag by ,Ui I Rob Perry heads for the goal line. Joe Giovingo tries to get a first down up the middle. Joe Giovingo, Sr. H'back Thomas Bilton, Jr. End Chris Sampognaro. Sr. F'back 142 Neville Flies Pas Here come our NEVILLE TIGERS!! t Airline Both the offense and defense shone in this 28 to 7 victory over Airline. The Tiger offense, led by Walter Brister. gained 196 yards rushing and 231 yards passing. while the defense allowed the Vikings just 31 yards on the ground and 160 total. Brister threw Zl times, completing ll for 193 yards. including a 39-yard scoring toss to Craig Salter in the first quarter. Tony Crews led the defense while the Tigers dominated the lst half, driving 79 yards in 6 plays on the Tiger's 2nd possession. Brister ran the final 29 yards and provided the PAT. A Scott Bradford interception led to the 2nd Neville score, with Brister passing to Salter. The 3rd scoring drive covered 67 yards in 7 plays with Todd Hindmon going over from the 2. After Airline had bounced back for their only score of the night, Laraun Ambrose took the ball at the Neville 3l and weaved his way for the distance. Bobby Nola scrambles for extra yardage. Rob Perry and Clint Golson are the captains. John Tribble, Sr. F'back Todd Hindmon, Jr. F'back Kevin Newell, Sr. F'back 143 Jonesboro Proves Tough The Tigers held up against threatening Class AA rival Jonesboro-Hodge, to win I8-I2 in a hard-fought battle. The defense held in the ground attack, holding the Jonesboro-Hodge Tigers to 66 yards rushing, while the offense gained 252 yards on the ground. Brister started the scoring with a 4 yard run in the lst quarter. Arnold Anderson continued the trend in the 3rd quarter with a 5 yard for a touchdown. After 2 touchdowns by our opponent, Laraun Ambrose broke the tie with a 29 yard sprint into the end-zone. Neville was led offensively by John Tribble with 98 yards on I2 carries and Ambrose with 88 yards on ll carries. Chris Sampognaro and Rob Perry topped the Tiger defense. BillYWilson makes an attempt for the ball Laraun Ambrose, Soph. H'back Clint Golson leads way for Arnold Anderson. Rupert Lange, Jr. H'back Mike Cage, Jr. I-l'back Tom Curry, Jr. H'back Frank Bonner, Jr. H'hack 144 Jim Sparks runs for a T.D. Tom Jones, Jr. Center Todd Tonore, Sr. Center Jim Kennedy, Sr. Center Neville Escapes West Monroe Threat In their lst district game, the Neville Tigers met across-the-river rival, West Monroe, before a full house at Tiger Stadium. West Monroe had a 7-0 lead going into the 4th quarter, but once again the Tigers showed that Neville never quits, Laraun Ambrose ran 67 yards for a touchdown, but the 2-point conversion failed, making it 7-6 with only minutes left. A 61-yard punt by Brister backed the Rebels to the 4 with just 3:37 remaining in the game. After Neville had regained the ball at the WMHS 27 with l:46 remaining, Brister set up the touchdown with scrambles of 9 and I0 yards. Ambrose then carried the ball across the goal line, and the game ended with the score Neville l2, West Monroe 7. Mike Johnson makes a hole for Lauran Ambrose. Mike Kennedy, Sr. Center David Stout, Sr. Guard 145 Tigers Creep By Bulldogs ln the final 28 seconds. Neville broke a 0-0 deadlock in a hard-fought battle against cross-town rival- -Carroll. The game was a struggle between the defenses as the offense failed to gain any points. Although both teams came close to the goal line, the defense always rallied to stop the drive before it could pay off. Finally with 28 seconds left, Laraun Ambrose got behind the Bulldog defenders and quarterback- -Walter Brister found him with a 60-yard touchdown strike, lifting the Tigers to a hard-earned 7-O victory at Carroll Stadium. Chris Solito, Jr. Guard Eric Dawson. Jr, Guard Jim Sparks and Rob Perry combine on a tackle. Keith Carmichael, Sr. lf ti if A M' -.N r , af' Craig Salter fum for 21 flfSl down, Joe Giovingo picks his way through the Guy Stout. Jr, End 146 line. Neville Wins Homecoming Full of Homecoming spirit and enthusiasm, the Tigers managed to overcome the Franklinton Demons 26-20. Late in the fourth quarter Franklinton led 20-IX. Gerald Coleman. who was called up from the Junior Varsity team to replace the injured Matt Meinel, caught a toss from Walter Brister, and with less than a minute left to play, pulled the Tigers ahead. 26-20. Homecoming week, with all its excitement and festivities, was successfully completed with the Tiger victory over Franklinton. Clint Golson, Sr. Guard Mike Johnson, Jr. Guard ' Craig Salter tries to fight off tacklers. Jeff Golson, Jr. Guard Martin Lewis, Jr. Tackle Bobby Noia catches a pass. 147 Neville Rolls Past Bastrop Neville rolled up the points in the District 3-AAAA Championship game against Bastrop. Seven different Tigers scored touchdowns as Neville gained 24 first downs, 381 yards rushing, and 62 passing. The defense held the Rams to 7 first downs and l47 total yards. John Trihble carried I6 times for llO yards and the first Neville touchdown, while Walter Brister threw a pair of touchdown passes, kicked 2 extra points and threw for one conversion. The first quarter was close, with Neville and Bastrop each scoring one touchdown, but the Tigers totally dominated the rest of the game. Most of the time the Tigers ran simple counters and straight-ahead plays with guards- Clint Golson, Mike Johnson and Randy French providing most of the holes for the hard-running Tribble and seven other Tiger running backs. , , I If J T 5 I l wwf I ,g or f F if , ,,,, Neville's defense makes a game tackle. Tom Clark, Jr. Tackle Tony Crews, Sr. Tackle Keith Carmichael helps Tigers defeat the Rams. Randy Cottrell, Sr. Tackle Pat Norris, Sr. Tackle Chuck Reed, Soph, Tackle 148 Ouachita Upsets Neville Although Neville won the 3-AAAA District Championship, they lost the battle against their arch rival Ouachita. A 65 yard touchdown pass by Ouachita on their first offensive play of the game gave the Lions their first and only touchdown. That one play was the biggest of their l-9 season. Brister scored Neville's only touchdown with 7:59 left in the game. The two-point conversion failed when Brister's pass to Ambrose fell incomplete. Neville led with 14 first downs to Ouachita's six, and the Tigers outgained the Lions l6l-60 yards on the ground. ,ww 1 i s o 2 'f" "" 1 wt 5? Mike Kennedy makes a diving tackle. Brad Burch, Jr. End m-if ..1f'f fgnf Craig Salter is surrounded by Ouachita defenders. Matt Meinel, Sr. End John Deal, Sr. Tackle Bobby Nola, Jr. End Bill Willson, Jr, End 149 Neville Routs Lake Charles ln their first play-off game the Tigers soundly defeated Lake Charles 22-6, While the Neville offense was rolling up 222 first-half yards and 13 first downs, the defense, led by Chri: Sampognaro, Rob Perry, Brady King, and Tony Crews, was limiting Lake Charles to just 3l total yards and no first downs until the final minutes of the half. After forcing the Wildcats to punt in the first quarter, Neville drove from its own 47, going the distance in 8 plays with Craig Salter following the block of Mike Johnson across the goa line. The second touchdown drive started at the Tiger 12. and in 17 plays Johnson led Ambrose across the goal line from 3 yards out. Brister then passed to Matt Meincl for the 2 point conversion After giving up 6 points to the Wildcats in the third quarter, Neville finally put the visitor: away on Brister's 7-yard touchdown pass to Meinel. The Brister-to-Meinel toss was set up or a 57-yard run by John Tribble to the Lake Charles 9 yard line. Mike VanVeckhoven, Sr. End K 13 Fred Marshall, Jr. End ty' ' F, ? 3 , ' ., , s fi +L ig to if A A ' 2 1? 2-' Jef M R, New Arnold Anderson goes up the middle. Brady King, Sr. End Greg Fincher, Jr. End Chris Sampognaro makes a saving tackle, New Iberia Nips Neville In Overtime The Tigers played New Iberia in the regionals of the state play-offs. tchool was closed for the Thanksgiving holidays, but spirit was high. The layers and coaches poured all their energies into practicing and planning trategies, The weather Thanksgiving night was wet and cold, but it did at stop alumni, parents, and students from filling the auditorium. A irprise speech by former Neville Coach Bill Ruple received enthusiastic :sponse. He related many incidents but his message was clear: "That little extra effort will make them winners", A large crowd turned out riday night to wish the Tigers well. The second play-off game ended in defeat for the Tigers, but for a thile it seemed as if the outcome would be different. Holding the Yellow if ,- . ,i .... . . .K ,.ii, K , ,, . Q Walter Brister runs for a first down. oach Ruple tells a filled auditorium Tiger Pride of the past. Jackets to a minus one yard total offense and first downs, the Tigers built a I4-0 lead, scoring on Walter Brister's 6-yard pass to Gerald Coleman in the second quarter, and on a'3-yard run by Brister after Rob Perry had recovered a New Iberia fumble at the visitor's five. But New Iberia came storming back, marching 62 yards for their first touchdown. Late in the fourth quarter they tied the game, driving 66 yards for the score after taking a punt at their 34. The game then went into overtime. New Iberia won the toss and chose defense. They successfully defended a tired Neville offense, and on their first attempt, raced toward the goal line to win the game. 1 'X ' Ti . fra :W Brady King, captain for the Jim Kennedy and Frank Bonner game, addresses the assembly. give support. Laraun Ambrose runs with authority. 151 Annual Banquet Brings Successful Season To A Close On January 28, many Neville Tigers gathered to honor the players who had distinguished themselves on the football field. The Varsity Cheerleaders and volunteers, under the direction of Mrs. A. T. VanVeckhoven, decorated the cafeteria in black and gold. The J.V. and Freshman Cheerleaders, as has always been the tradition, served the dinner. After the introduction of the players and special guest Bill Ruple, the 1979 football season was highlighted. Coach Brown introduced the Varsity Cheerleaders, who received gold necklaces from the football team. The Cheerleaders presented Coach Brown with a portrait of Neville. They were given a standing ovation after singing their farewell song. The football players presented the coaches with gift certificates as a token of their appreciation. Football letters and player-of-the-week plaques were presented to many players along with the following special awards: Student Trainer's Award, Mike Lawrence, Manager's Award, Chris Jones, Sportsmanship Award, John Deal, Leadership Award, Mike VanVeckhoven, Highest Scholastic Achievement Award, Matt Meinel, Scholastic Improvement Award, Joe Giovingo, Most Improved Defensive Player, Brady King, Most Improved Offensive Player, Todd Tonore, Special Team's Award, Arnold Anderson, Coaches' Defensive Award, Jim Sparks, Coaches' Offensive Award, Craig Salter, Best Defensive Back, Matt Meinel, Best Offensive Back, John Tribble, Best Defensive Lineman Award, Tony Crews, Best Offensive Lineman, Clint Golson, Most Outstanding Defensive Performers, Rob Perry and Chris Sampognaro. Walter Brister, Clint Golson, Rob Perry, Chris Sampognaro, John Tribble, and Mike VanVeckhoven were named All-District Players, while Tony Crews received All-State and All-District recognition. Superbowl Star Lawrence Anderson speaks to an attentive audience. Scholastic Improvement Award, Joe Giovingo, Most Improved Offensive Player, Todd Tonore, Best Offensive Back, John Tribble, Best Offensive Lineman, Clint Golson, Most Outstanding Defensive Performer Award, Chris Sampognaro, Special Teams Award, Arnold Anderson. 152 Coach Brown proudly displays the painting of Neville by Bet Hearne, presented to him by the Varsity Cheerleaders. Joe Giovingo and Chris Sampognaro present the Varsit Cheerleaders with gold necklaces in appreciation for their year hard work. 'Sf' The Most Outstanding Defensive Performer Awa was shared by Chris Sampognaro and Rob Perf Rob was selected to play in the La. High Scho Coaches Association Annual All-Star Game whi will be played this summer in Lafayette and received an athletic scholarship to N.L.U. "N-x Student Trainer's Award Most Improved Defensive Player Mike Lawrence Brady King 'ls Sportsmanship Award Coaches' Defensive Award John Deal Jim Sparks Leadership Award Coaches' Offensive Award Mike VanVeckhoven Craig Salter Highest Scholastic Achievement Award and Best Defensive Back Matt Meinel f Best Defensive Lineman Award and recipient of NLU Athletic Scholarship Tony Crews ff 153 1979 Junior Varsity Tigers W'-H - r.i1 N51 fii 1 N Q 4 r 'eg WU 2 SY, fl.. First Row: llineeling Left to Rightl Doug Green, Kevin Sumlin, Kenneth Mansfield, Cratonia Simmons, Jeff Ernst, David Logwood, Harvey Guillot. Second Row: Tony Harris, Trey Wilson, Glen Eskew, Kevin Haynes, Vent Risinger, Larry McGough, Leon Dennis, George Sumler, Kevin Jones. Third Row: Lester Lawson, Nathan Jones, Tim Glover, Frederick Huenefeld, Howard Coon, James Ponce de Leon, Matt Blanchard, Ben Boyd. .3-:YH The J,V. scrimmages in the Spring to get ready for the Fall games 154 1979 Freshman Tigers l it'-fi Q A , - K - V1 737 4 W .X 3 ee i QQ -'kd e A f -i i --M ,yiy,,,+F,e,.,...0-Mft :rf A . W,,,,,,....-- irst Row: QLeft to Rightj Lawerence Ellis, Roosevelt Bluford, Jim Guillory, Anthony Gipson, Scott Witty. Kenny Moran. Bill Langhart. Chad eters, Willie Holmes. Second Rowt Mike Reed, Pat Rogers, Pat Willis, Mark Young, Mike Page, David Hollis, Collen Williams. Roy lnrksn Pictured: Lance Turnerj The Freshman Tigers have a terrific season. n Row: Alex Antis, Hosea Cannon, James Shaw, John Yount, Larry Barefoot, Reynolds Crawford, Johnny Luuve, Russell Millar, Todd Fourth Row: Frank Giovingo, John Johnson, Victor Bishop, Johnny Ambrose, Daryl Head, Russell Kicey, Todd Vance. 155 1980 Varsity Roundballers Enjoy Successful Season 5 Q C J I C R tt is B ff . B i t 2. ' .2 , . . - - .. 5. A 1 t - . .s.:.s , K' Q '-'s sss s " ' l 5 f . ' i 2 a , is ' C' K l Q as wh . , A , . , R K V ... X. iw.. ,.:' ,l 5... - A . ,N 1 5 ,.., s-N- ,1 W' ' P' . 2 - . Y ' N-gli, X -' M. , .s,11 X f , ff + l I W , SEAM Y N X Ns-gs A, D X . I V. Q E 1- Kxb 506, Q T Q, X J .. 7 txxg '. sys 7 I P Axegp K ,gig Ni: 5 .. xxx 'QS 'Z ' L 1 O i if L V, ' I yn " lt , .. S . X WS K ,Q 9.9 .1 1 2 2 V 3, kli, 5 3 5 A Q C C l B t - ' if i at Q I 7 fl 35 , , K .Q is 5 N VA itk 1 X I - i XX r f X 1 ,.2f Y 'R . 'fa W M " , . f ,C Q P X I . E 'x 2 476 3 S , 7 S 3 '-s, .. :. ,113 I Ogg 0 T S4 V I C 1 re Q1 A tl l 3 F 33 2 . ll R t .2 X f' ' is , , X, y l , s l Qf C 4. lf-'ff-I ' Ci' BN "' is if 4 -'Q 1 B C 4 -4 ,J ' R . J I V Q Q ' i - ' C sss s . B Q,s i ' .1?, ' B as C B ' Kneeling--L. to R.: Mitch Thomas, Bill Clark, Bill Wilson, Kenny Moses, Matt Meinel, Andrian Antis, Bobby Williamson, Danny William Standing-L. to R.: Daren Reeves, Brad Burch, Scott Stewart, Julius Gayden, Curt Burns, Derrick Shreck, Fred Huenefeld, Toby Mickle, Bub Brister. Charlie Mansfield makes a practice shot. Coach Billy Pee 156 NEVILLE VARSITY S AA S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE S' l97'9-5 Nov. 10 w. M. There Nov. 23 o.. N0v.21 if W 'l Nov. 29'l EE, l:L"'- , ,ere Dec- 3 fSff' ,, wifiefffkiz Dec. 2-8 .y Q Deqrqll 5 e g Dec. 13-15' N W4 ey it X ,y,l . ',,. Ja' V,,. . ,,: Basketball Student Trainers: Jim Gui KB f t,,B' t ,dw-will 4 . K - BLELBBB r ' "'0uac re Jan ' 'Carml b'.f 1, There Feb:-IW-"' "'W. ,J 'Zf',,,:: There Feb...5-J 'Bas rf V.,,V1 Here Feb.8 win Q - ere Feb. ,IT '0ua ere Feb. 15 'Carro Here 'DISTRICT GAMES Coach Warren Kemp Curt Burns warms up before a Varsity game. Bobby Williamson E-v. kQg"'::!.'-5 ,x. Z BWEYILQ. A :sn , sritfgk I I W 1 llory, Henry Green, John Gill, Jay Traylor Jeffrey Maltox Kemal Burnley 157 H- W' -an f -gefw-'annul Basketball Team Bo unces The 1979-80 Basketball season was a tough one for the Tigers. The competition in District BAAAA was among the best in the state. The Tigers started practice early in the fall. Coach Pee's assistance in learning old plays and new ones helped the team through the tough season. Although the Tigers had little heighth, they were full of spirit and energy and ended the year with a great season. 411, A t . Wm-fsntonn-all Q ' Mitch Thomas Charlie Mansfield Toby Mickle sinks two. John Duncan Bill Wilson - a I .K 1' ur so u t 1 Q Q , v-if AA 77 O O' 0 -1 -- Q O II' 5 VI O D U N 'J 'J '4 E. 3 IA OQQ. BPD? Bic 2-1 ' -1 D7 ki O '1 E. Q. 5. UQ E W P- O CL D. C 2. :I UQ O 5 0 9-, .- 158 To A Winning Season 2 1 f Bill Clark Tobv Mickle goes up for the rebound. Neville wins another tip-off. hw 5 K 5 . B nnfen g is B i 4' eine il ee n Q is V .... X Q. Brad Burch Bobby Williamson makes a good practice shot. Andre Jones Hughy Jackson Kenny Moses Coach Pee Inspires Team On To Victory Coach Poe and the team discuss their strategy during time-out. Tim Glover Toby Mickle Derek Shreck l Andrian Antis Fans enjoy a Neville Basketball game. s fi' --n Q. Matt Meinel Daren Reeves Walter Brister drives for a lay-up Julius Gayden Curt Burns Fred Huenefeld .w Junior Varsity Basketball Team 'flag -fwz 3075114 ff'174'. . . ,. W ., r, '.,'..+,1,,, kjf, V, ,hiviyflyl l f KneelingYL. to R.: John Johnson, James Shaw, Andrea Jones, Kenny Moses, Bobby Williamson, Mitch Thomas, Danny Williams, Robert Johnson. Standing4L. to R.: Bill Wilson, Tim Glover, Brad Burch, Julius Gayden, Derrick Shreck, Fred Heunefeld, Daren Reeves, Hezakiah Perry. Freshman Basketball Team Kneeling-L. to R.: Sammy Brown, Leotis McNeal, Anthony Gibson, Greg Smith, Danny Chisholm, Johnny Gill, Lance Turner, Jimmy Townley, Ted Edwards, Enuice Brothers. Standing-L. to R,: Dean Bruscatto, Mike Tramble, Charles Gayden, Anthony Cage, Sedric Barnett, Hezakiah Perry, Willie Holmes, Trandy Barnes, Kenny Mason, Henry Green. 1979-1980 Lady Tigers L. to R.: Sonja White, Lisa Burch, Monica Turner, Cathy Funderburk, Judy Beasley, Dawn Finley, Nancy Mattes, Kathy Rhodes, Matilda Williams, Julie Messina, Kim Long, Stacey Hollister, Sonya Moore, Jennifer Wilkey. Student Managers: Melissa Williamson, Lori Poe, Lynn Thompson, Karen Jones, Pearlie Dawson: Mrs. Spears Kim Long Julie Messina Judy Beasley Sonja White ffl? A' 'U Stacey Hollister Lady Tigers get fired up! Sonya Moore 163 Girl 'S team led b two Seniors Jennifer Wilkey Cathy Funderburk Nancy Mattes Matilda Williams s-. 6 a '11 arf' , t Anxious players await the outcome of the tip-off. Kathy Rhodes Lisa Burch Monica Turner Dawn Finley 1979-80 Neville Tennis Team 1 A 'wi ,f A Q gi 3, :g - ' . on vgv H it v ' .1-' Ei' -P T' ' V Q A I 4 First Row L to R Julie Messina, Julie Jones, Sarah Green, Blair Cudd, Kelly Wright, Katherine Coyle. Second Row-L to R Martha Landry Mrs Hagar Tom Coyle, Tal Troy, Mike Johnson, Tom Robinson, Tommy Curry, Dawn Finley, Mrs. Spears. Sophomore Tennis Players: Danya Sharp, Candy Smiley Tennis was a year-round affair for the members of the Neville tennis team. Starting in August the members participated in a 6th period tennis class credited as P. E. In February a round-robin tournament was held to determine the five competing teams for boys and girls singles and doubles. The players began staying after school to practice for the first match held in late February. Neville sponsored her matches at Chennault Park. The team attended seven out of town games at places such as Shreveport, Alexandria, and Ruston The Robinson Boys, Tom and Matt, were valuable assets to the Tiger team. Last year Matt placed first in the State I4 and Under competition, while Tom placed 4th in the 16 and Under class Mrs. Hagar and Mrs. Spears sponsored the team and accompanied them to matches. Mrs. Charlotte Bolton has worked with the Tiger tennis team for many years. She was on leave this year but she gave the team many hours of her time and support. ' 1980 Neville Track Team Coach Mike Vallery Laraun Ambrose We Matt Meinel Thomas Bilton Arnold Anderson John Tribble Charles Gayden Gerald Coleman f v , asf" X J X. . is uw' 5 William Erwin fs: EM ,F , , wl . M . ,gags fr ll'i1l Xl if :ll ,ly T A. T ' ,J A i 'aa Chris Sampognaro it T M A o "ii , " 3 ' Rupert Lan e Fred Marshall 8 , g 'gf gh- ski 4 , . ,5f ', ' i , L C 7 . . V , . , Z ' i me '. as :ij . ff , :www -k,VVVf 5 N ,fii w Av 2: JV K TM , i .La ,,,a "ff ' , iii U ' f for ' - ,hi . N, ., . l , y ai.. s H Q ,. . 5 .eh it ls.. Eric Dawson Mike VanVeckhoven Neville tracksters sped through a great season in 1980 under the direction of Coach Mike Vallery. Practice began in early February. Athletes from many different sports were attracted to the challenge of track. The boys worked out with weights and practiced their individual events. The Tigers combined the speed of their relay team and a surprisingly strong show on the field to win many honors. Entries were made in the long jump, the mile, the half-mile, the quarter mile, the mile relay, the 100-yd. sprint, the pole vault, and a new event, the 300-Meter hurdles. The Tiger track team participated in indoor competition at the Civic Center, the District Meet at NLU, other meets around the state, as well as the annual Neville Relays. Mike Vallery also coaches the J. V. football team. Though he has completed only two years, he already has a record he can be proud of. Last year his team won the district championship and this year he had a 7-2 season. Coach Vallery has a big responsibility preparing his boys for the challenges of the varsity team, but he handles it with ease. 167 Winning is a Tradition with the Neville Baseball Team .Wg ef . steve Farmer Steve Wipple 00' Kevin Haynes 168 The batter prepares to hit a pitch. 543' wa? M 'W , E :Z ' gfffl nn- , V , i i' ' ,Q A 2 , ill, I I W' sf!! 'T . r, . -- .J ' N311 4 rvi , v 'fs .N i- gp ,ang el a rl 51 ?1.,,g 0 53 ,7 is "xp M , I i" l f? "" ,, ' 'H' .f W if 4 , r sf 'fl t m ai ll Mitch Thomas . ff.-E s N ieai ' f w, 'ts 4 eq X554-,,'g, ?k ik AV.. . I .ga "-me as r f if s .,.1.-an t - 0 s c: .1 , . . I Brad Burch -Qin Andy Jones -- 1 i Q K -ze x 'Z - 3 J if 1 1 - NV f ' R r sw ., 1 wiv ' is " Im. ' ' -as ' "N . ,, ,..- -wh-. f .. a""'h "'i 3 H fi is ,Q ig , - f ill. "' . , sl 1 fri is ' ,xi . x 1-W e -A af' iii E if f ss:- 7 Todd Saterlield J im Sparks Russell Millar Every year Coach Joe Coats leads the Tiger Baseball team as well as the Freshman football team to a winning season. In the last 15 years, Neville has had eight All-State baseballers and has brought home the State Championship trophy six times. The team spends the spring months practicing in Forsythe Park and playing area high school baseball teams. With most of last year's team returning, experience proved to be a valuable asset. Coach Coats grew up with the Tigers. He is a former Neville linebacker and his father, Jim Coats, coached at Neville from 1949 through 1957. Neville Baseballer runs for first base. ax 3 wg, , . . . ,,..,., 653, 5 ii iff, cf' Q' s t , -J 2 X if M x Q qv' v f fa ,. fa. gf O 4 1 i 1 2? L Arthur Daughtery Bubby Brister Daren Reeves w' 9 N- ,,,, , 5, ' we 3 ti r 'iff aft i f fi L 1 e 1 . pgggk 7 I N ' itt lg, mv " s 't 2 fi- ' SE ke Om, ti 4 ' , G no 8"-..,, 5 L T :ef ni ,,, n in X c. .I ,gm J... Todd Hindmon Alex Antis Craig Salter K A Scott Bradford Randy French Coach Joe Coats 169 Golf and Fishing Round Out Years Spring Sports p ,LK W -fwevgil f -' k 1 - K' W- N' 5' ,L it ix f K 1 4 - ,. - M. N .5 L. to R.: Mike VanVeckhoven, Mike Cage, David Stout, Todd Tonore, Keith Boyd. On April 29, 1979, a Fishing Tournament was held on Lake Darbonne for High School Students. There were 102 contestants with 10 area schools participating. Neville, represented by Chris McHenry, Tommie Thomas, Mike Kennedy, Jim Kennedy, Mike Farmer, Bob Thompson, Mike Cage, and Todd Hind- man, placed second in school competition. Individual tro- phies were won by Chris McHenry, Tommie Thomas, Mike Farmer, and Jim Ken- nedy. We are proud of the young men who represent Neville so successfully at this annual tournament. Top Row-L. to R.: Tommie Thomas, Bob Thompson, Mike Kennedy, Mr Loftin. Bottom Row+L. to R.. Chris McHenry, Jim Kennedy. L. to R.4Chris McHenry, Tommie Thomas, Mike Kennedy, Mike Farmer, Ji Kennedy. I F ' N A XYXNSNS VIN X 11 JA X, xv X ' X is X 1 "I QL L ff- A lxrx : N' ' - Nix .YSL 15, -- JAN 'L ' . "f f:z:Q.- 1 , ,nb ,f A -4 , lffu 'J ' L, h ,". 3 , I- Q '14, ' 5- A .15 x ' .5 .5 L, I ., , N , Mfr, J X L ,kj ,Nw -pf N . F . v ' ' v , l ,TQ " ,J I Nga' "-Vjjy I V'-:Qi .1 4 - f A' V' .1 I - X , fx! .A if 2. . 'P ' if 'Q 1 -1 Ks' Qf .. Q 5 y tsaifil A455813 lst Row: Debbie Hearn, Mandy Millar, Susan Southern, Ann Tyler, Quincie Rivers, Cara Medley, Sally Mintz, 2nd Row: Tazinski Lee, Christine Collin, Beth Bateman, Holly Garrett, Lisa Burch, Chris Sampognaro, Mike Lawrence, 3rd Row: Bill Langhart, Carol Dunaway, Ann Yee, Sarah Green, Kerrin Brown, Craig Salter, 4th Row: Ramona Smedley, Sandra Williams, Sonya Moore, Pearl Dawson, Ann Irby, Linda Cudd, Andrian Antisg Top Row: Tish Bailey, Sandy Casamento, Cathy George, Matt Meinel, Tommy Curry, Thomas Davis. Hiif i g K "E f 1 Q l ee -1 Q A iyaa, MT ,..i 4 ist Kow: Kim Cherry, Amy Thomas, Mary Hunt, Lee Ann Harrison, Kim Wiggins, 2nd Row: John Masters, Adriane Gill, Angie Ratcliff, Todd Lancaster: 3rd Row: Beth Payne, Sheila Sumler, Maxine Jenkins, Jackie Williams, Alex Antisg Top Row: Brady King, Liza Hamilton, Tammy Bostlemann, Kendra Hardy, Jeannie Hughens, Scott Bradford. i an Dnlwnvpr-mann-pq' Miss Harris Mrs. Kulcke Mrs. Dixon 9 if ,, qw: Executive Council: lst Row: Debbie Hearn, Treasurer, Mandy Millar, lnterclub Council Representative, Mike Lawrence, President, Quincie Rivers, Vice President, Cara Medley, Secretary, 2nd Row: Craig Salter, Sgt.-at-Arms, Sally Mintz, Reporterg Cathy George, Historiang Susan Southern, Chaplaing Ann Irby, Interclub Council Representativeg and Matt Meinel, Parliamentarian. The Student Council, through its various activities, attempts to represent the student body and school by providing a forum for student expression and to initiate projects for the good of the school and the community. In preparation for the I979-80 school year, the Council was busy this summer selling Neville hats and pennants, organizing Freshmen Orientation, publishing a new student handbook, entitled "Tiger Tracks", and convincing the city to repave the front circle of the school. Workshops and conventions provide many opportunities for Student Council leaders to learn to be better leaders in their school and later to become active leaders in the community. The Neville Student Council was well represented this year at NASC in Winter Park, Florida and at Regional Workshop in Natchitoches, La., by four members, and at LASC by six representatives and two advisors. Homecoming again this year was a success with the help of the Student Council's sponsoring a multi-media show and entering the display contest. Homeroom representatives spearheaded the pumpkin decorating contest for Halloween. The winning homeroom was awarded donuts for their outstanding effort. During the spring semester the Council sponsored the annual Talent Show and The Senior Superstar Competition, as well as a computer dating project. , 17 3 H 6 I' U I1 U i. I lst Row: Traci Scalia, Elizabeth Pere, Francis Wright, Quincie Rivers, Ann Tyler, Mary Hunt, Katherine Ryan, Lin Black, 2nd Row: Debbie Hearn, Susan Southern, Sandra Williams, Tammy Bostlemann, Lynne Laney, Debbie Han Teresa Freeg 3rd Row: Laura Neill, Mandy Millar, Kim Sampognaro, Pearl Dawson, Ann lrby, Sheronda Smith, Laur Rizzo, Matt Meinel, Mike Lawrence, .lim Hollister, Susan Johnson, Top Row: Connie Swagerty, Lisa Wright. Ch McHenry, John Masters, Sonya Moore. Andrian Antis, .lav Travlor, Craig Salter, John White, Cheryl Huff, Mar Wolff. The lnterclub Council serves as an advisor to the various member organizations at Neville. lt sees that each club llulfills its obiectives as outlined in its constitution. ln order to prevent conllict. the Council coordinates the activities of 4 vsp the member organizations by spon- +1 Q., soring a school calendar hung in the lobby. This year the lnterclub Council was responsible for organizing the llomecoming displays, promoting 1 communication throughout the f . . L school. the Christmas tree in the lobby, sending Christmas cards to each member of the faculty. and Teacher Appreciation Week. OFFICERS: Traci Scalia, Chaplaing Lauree Rizzo, Secretary, Quincie Rivers, Presidentg Melii Day, Vice Presidentg Debbie Hance, Leadership Control System Chairman, Marcia Wo Treasurer. 174 1 e .- Miss Douciere, sponsor, Senior members-tleft to rightl-Kathy Sims, Annette Braud, Ashley Wilkins, John White, Jay Traylor, Clint Golson, Scott Stewart, Sally Mintz, Cara Medley, William Erwin, Chris McHenry, Bill Clark, Louise Seymour, Elizabeth Pere, Rachel Reeder, and Linda Hurt. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to honor students who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. This year the club has been quite active in its duties and services. During Tiger Homecoming '79, the club held a spirit link contest between the classes with the Seniors forming the longest chain. To raise money, they N printed and sold student directories. Another activity of the club has been 3 choosing and honoring a "Teacher of I the Month" each month, The National , Honor Society would like to express its I appreciation to Miss Douciere, its most O valuable sponsor and advisor. Il I , Hi Utne C2711 - 41 'J If L rf.: -' 'J I fl A15 f' E 4 7' 'll A H Calif-27 "'7G"""- 'W uf I 714l.A, Ae f,u'ff urf7.L' Z HQNY dmmil ,See you lwler 0 ,U - , l fr LU ENE 6 ffl r . J S run lcv Un " 0 N c i C' I Y Matt Meinel SE President i' H ig! R Left to Right-Dana White, Carolynn Morgan, Lisa Hale, Becky Hessick, Biffy Bordlee, Sharon Robinson, Mimi Kinkade, Linda Cudd, Suzzon Wilson, Maria Zaldivar, Naomi McCrocklin, Donna Johnson, Joylynn Bernice, Kathy Funderburk, Amy Hechler, David Solito, Shelia McClemore, Glenn Briley, Julie Peviouto, Chris Solito, Amy Culp, Ann May, Marcia Wolff, Larry Smith, Sylvia Wilkins, Tammy Bostlemann, Tommy Curry, and Mike Jackson. CLeft to Rightb---John White Clnterclub Representativel, Ra- chel Reeder fReporterJ, An- nette Braud CChaplainl, Clint Golson tParliamentarianJ, Ash- ley Wilkins tTreasurerJ, Elizabeth Pere tSecretaryl and Bill Clark tVice-Presidentf75 I W' fy' 1 l gi , ' if 1 7 ' f' 1 ,I C E2if+Qie'e 11 g. 'Jr I' ,J V F . rlji, I i 6 5 X.e, SX E E Q I S 1 5 O I W a I1 S '? A I p I 11 O 1 f e I 6 f S 1 5 1 t ,ag is -fl J gi fl Left to Right: Craig Salter, Scott Bradford, Todd Tonore, Anthony Gibson, Chad Peters, Reynolds Crawford David Stout, Todd Hindmon, Guy Stout, Larry Smith, Daryl Head, Chris Jones, Frank Giovingo, Todo Lancaster. The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to confront athletes and coaches, and through them the youth of the nation, with the challenge and adventure of following Christ and serving him through the fellowship of the church and in their vocations. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is not an assembly of saints, but a fellowship through which ordinary people help each other to become better men and better examples of what the Lord can do with a yielded life. It exists to serve Christ through the church. 176 of, .. -f L OFFICERS: Craig Salter, President, Todd Tonore, Secretary-Treasurer. Vice Presidentg Scott 1' "9 l : A gs- ., . , - 'F i ' x iz Officers: Chris McHenry, President, Tony Crews, Vice President, Jay Traylor, Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Willson, Party Chairmang Brady King, Sgt.-At-Arms. 6 l U lst Row: Brady King, Kim Wiggins fSweetheartl, Tony Crews, Jay Traylor, Chris McHenry, Bill Willson, Kris Brown tSweetheartJ, Frank Bonnerg 2nd Row: Keith Boyd, Andrian Antis, Steve Whipple, Lane Ezell, Derek Daniels, 3rd Row: John Masters, Glen Briley, Todd Tonore, Dawn Wilbanks CSweetheartJ, Ray Rivers, Jim Kelly, Sandy Casamento tSweetheartlg Top Row: Bill Neill, Martin Lewis, Richey Runnels, Mike Jackson, Mr. Rushing tSponsorJ. The Neville Key Club, 30 strong, is a service club for the betterment of Neville High School and the surrounding community. Among the Key Club,s projects are: a Homecoming Spaghetti Supperg changing the sign in front of Neville, weekly, a Christmas danceg and participating in various other fund-raising drives. The Monroe Kiwanis Club is the Key Club's sponsor and the two clubs have exchanged many ideas throughout the past. 177 C I 3 The Octagon Club, under the sponsorship of the Optimist Club of Greater Monroe, has participated in many projects this year, both school and community. O School projects included a second- place win in the homecoming exhibit, H preparation of a paper-back book library for disadvantaged students, and attending the state Octagon Club Convention in New Iberia, Louisiana. Community projects included par- ticipation in the collection of results in the governor's race, sale of Optimist Christmas trees, drive for the leukemia U fund, junior high school track meet, and preparation of a basket for a needy family at Christmas. OFFICERS: Ann Tyler, lnterclub Council Representativeg Tish Bail Historian: Susan Southern, Secretary, Chris Sampognaro, Vice Presideerl Chervl Huff. President. f.,-' fix N T' -4 Y K Ai yiyg. .. lst Row: Joe Giovingo, Elizabeth Perry, Cara Medley, Chris Sampognaro, Amy Hechler, Tish Bailey, Sandy Casamento, Marcia Wolff, .Ii Craig, Carol Russell, Widget Moore, Mandy Millar, Guy Stout, Sally Mintz, Ann Tyler, Amy Culp, 2nd Row: Jim Sparks, Dawn Wilbanl- Ray Rivers, Kendra Hardy, Laura Neill, Debbie Hearn, Susan Southern, Cheryl Huff, Marcie Stassi, Ashley Wilkins, Brady King, Ke Carmichael, 3rd Row: David Stout, Linda Cudd, Becky Kight, Rita Daugherty, DeeAnna Pee, Linda Black, Kell Glover, Melissa Day, Ma Meinel, Frank Bonner, Quincie Rivers, Mary Hunt, 4th Row: Martin Lewis, Brad Burch, Chris Jones, Mike Lawrence. Naomi McCrockl Standing: John Masters, Jim Hollister, Chris McHenry, Mike Cage, Todd Hindmon, Andrian Antis, Larry Smith, Scott Bradford, Tommy Cur Daren Reeves, Jay Traylor, Auther Daugherty, Eric Dawson, Bobby Nola. i 178 inf!! Seated: Sheila McLemore, Lynne Laney, Mary Frazier, Mary Bradley, Elizabeth Pere, Diane Jones, Standing: Mrs. Ward, CSponsorl, Deanna Pee, Connie Moses, Mandy Millar, Debbie Hearn, Martha Stovall, Connie Swagerty, Susan Southern, Dawn Finley, Robert Micklewright. The Future Business Leaders of America is the 21 national organization for all T high school students par- "' ticipating in business and office programs. It can function as an integral part A of the instructional program of the business and office curriculum in secondary schools. The purpose of the organ- ization is to provide, as an integral part of the instruc- tional program, additional opportunities for secondary students in business and Mm office education to develop T vocational and career sup- DFFICERS: Debbie Hearn, Reporter: Martha Stovall, Parliamentariang Robert Micklewright, Treasurer, portive Competencies and to Lynne Laney, Secretary: Susan Southern, Vice- Presidentg Dawn Finley, President. promote Civic and personal responsibility. l l l 179 The purposes of the newly formed Home and Family Living Club are to provide opportunities for the development of creative leadership among members in home, school, and community life: and to further emphasize the importance of the home and family as the basic unit in society. This year the Home and Family Living Club held a Turkey Raffle, in which eleven turkeys donated by area merchants were raffled off. The club made two contributions to the Goodfellows at Christmas, and also bought ads in the MONROYAN and the football program. Contributions to St. Jude's Hospital and the Cancer Crusade were also made. For a newly organized club, the Home and Family Living Club has certainly accomplished a great deal in only a year, 180 F""71f ,Ls 1 i. .. , 4 , ga: - at ' Seated on Floor: Toby Mickle, Billy Joe Rhodes, Susan Southern, Debbie Hearn, Mandy Millar, Diane Jones, Kart Townley, Melissa Day, Susan Johnsong 2nd Row: Cheryl Huff, Annette Braud, Sonja White, Joni Spatafora, Laur Rizzo, Louise Seymour, Erin Newport, Mrs. Johnson, Francis Wright, Joanie VanBuren1 Standing: Mike V: Veckhoven, Rob Perry, Julie Pironto, John Tribble, Carolynn Morgan, DeeAnna Pee. V57 3' H .-' Yggzl E Q F , A i rw is Seated: Linda Hurt, Kathy Wilkinson, Reba Smedley, Dott Bias, Celia Graves, Jan Craig, Connie Swagerty, Ma Gray, Traci Scalia, John White, Jamie Holtzclawg Standing: Mrs. Johnson, Cathy George, Karin Ryan, Debbie Lowe Chervl Smith. Todd Conti, Erica Jones. 6th Hr. OFFICERS: Connie Swagerty, Vice President, Traci Scalia, Presidentg Jan Craig, Secretary. 4th Hr, OFFICERS: Lauree Rizzo, President, Rob Perry, Vice Presid Joanie VanBuren, Treasurer, Susan Southern, Secretary. First Row: Jim Hollister, Joel Minter, Sandra Williams, Karen Townley, Steve Nordyke, Joanie VanBuren, Chris McHenry, Lee Allbritton, 2nd Row: Tom Coyle, Gardner Smith, Daryl Head, Matt Blanchard, Dott Bias, Arnold Anderson, Ann Tyler, Katherine Ryan, Cara Medley, Chris Sampognaro, 3rd Row: Teresa Norris, Bruce McCoy, John Deal, Melissa Day, Andrian Antis, Paulisa Mathieson, Denise Antis, Margaret Marshall, Mary Hunt, Sonja White, 4th Row: Kathy Sims, Cheryl Huff, Marcie Stassi, Kathy Funderburk, Frances Henry, Kendra Coon, Rachel Reeder, Kevin Newell, Kim Garner, 5th Row: Jan Barefoot, Sarah Green, Rita Daugherty, Marcia Wolff, Kim Wiggins, Widget Moore, Ray Rivers, Carol Russel, Linda Wolff, Mike VanVeckhoveng 6th Row: Susan Johnson, Maria Zaldivar, Miini Kincaid, Biffy Bordlee, Annice Newman, Lynne Laney, William Erwin, Jim Sparks, Dawn Wilbanks. WL-V, 5. 1" if Officers: Left ro Right-Mrs. Blanchard, Sponsor, Andrian Antis, President, Tom Coyle, Forensic Vice Pres., Dawn Wilbanks, Drama Vice Pres., Mary Hunt, Treasurerg Melissa Day, Recording Secretary: Susan Johnson, Forensic Secretary, Sonja White, Drama gecretaryg John Deal, Sergeant at Arms, Jim Hollister, Parliamentariang Joel Minter, eporter. The Speech Club this year decided to expand to take into account the varied interests of the group. A division of both drama and debate were represented by having vice presidents and secretaries for each. The members joined Thespians and National Forensic League. The Speech Club participated in several speech festivals and won awards in debate, duet acting, dramatic interpretation, and poetry reading. As a group the students were able to attend workshops with some professional actors, among them Anthony Zerbe and Frank Conway. School activities included conducting a mock governor's election and collection of the results for KNOE for the governor's race. Candy-grams were sent at Christmas to students and balloons were sold at Homecoming. 181 The Foreign Language Club promotes and maintains interest in the French and Spanish languages and cultures. Members raised money for a trip by selling candy and calendars. They entered a homecom- ing display to be judged and won third place. Other activities included a Christ- mas party, a donation to the Goodfellows, and a Mardi Gras costume party. The Foreign Lan- guage Club also participated in the French festival at Louisiana Tech. ll fff OFFICERS Francis Wright, Vice President, Andrian Antis, Treasurer1 Lind Black, President: Joanie VanBuren, Secrctaryg Paris Soullier, Prograr Chairman, Mary Flo Geisler. Sgt.-At-Arms. lst Row: Mary Baratenzic, Ann Yee, Danya Sharp, Beth Bateman, Kim Long, Mary Flo Geislerg 2nd Row: Mr Brosset, Sheila McLemore, Linda Black, Emily Wilkey, Paula Kilcrease, Debbie Stephan, .lan Barefoot, Glenn Brile 3rd Row: Carol Dunaway, Chris Ashcraft, Pearl Dawson, Francis Wright, Joanie VanBuren. Margaret Marshal Keli Glover, Jan Craig, Arlene Ealy, 4th Row: Lisa Burch, Chris McHenry, Todd Lancaster, Kemal Burnley, Tomm Curry, Holly Garrett, Traci Funderburkg Sth Row: Amy Thomas, Alex Antis, Butch Bruscato, Guy Stout, Todd Tonor John Duncan, Dawn Rollins, Adriane Gill, Top Row: Brad Burch, Beth Payne, Andrian Antis. Richey Runnels. Mik Cage, Paris Soullier, Cedric Williams. - I C lst Row: Sylvia Wilkins, Theresa Norris, Lisa Hale, Ronnia Frith, Anne May, Chris Solitog 2nd Row: Jamie Wilson, Ashley Wilkins, Lee Ann Harrison, Amy Culp, Amy Hechler, Betsy Moomey, Joylynn Bernice, David Solito, Karen Townleyg 3rd Row: Lynne Laney, Elizabeth Pere, Rachel Reeder, Tammy Bostlemann, Bobby Williamson, 4th Row: Mary Hunt, Naomi McCrocklin, Jay Traylor, Matt Meinel, Larry Smith, Cedric Williams, Top Row: Mike Lawrence, William Erwin, John White, Scott Stuart, Scott Witty, James Canterbury. The Aegis Latin Club spon- sored by Mrs. Bedell, has continued to promote inter- est in the classics and the Roman culture. Activities for the year included an initiation ceremony, a bake sale, Halloween and Christ- mas parties, Christmas cards for the teachers, the Louisiana Tech Foreign Language Festival, a community project, and a spring banquet. The year was highlighted by the club's attendance at the Louisiana Junior Classical League Convention in Baton Rouge. Clst Rowj Rachel Reeder, Sgt.-At-Arms, Lisa Hale, Secretaryfheasurerg Anne May, Vice Elizabeth Pere, Presidentg tTop Rowj Tammy Bostlemann, Telephone Chairman, David Solito, Cedric Williams, Historiang Jay Traylor, lnterclub Council Representative. 183 gm , Vrryk Lismtml .. A, -mmm 'Hmmm My tes:-In . DU QHDQEBLSC me fungi J Qt p Q , EPM J "' M e ai HS K i Q Q Fi lg H., . t 2 I L, we gm 11.1 , 'P ' - - . H .,,..,, A , S JW J' 'ill -, gum at A K A W H f J A 'V-W -' H-f..,k'sg, : ' I t . 5, if all . .5 . . .,-m 3, . R , .. Left to Right: Dianna Moore, Chris McHenry, CBusiness Managerj Emily Wilkey, Maria Zaldivar, Teresa Free, ilidit Louise Seymour, fCopy Editorj Dawn Wilbanks, lArtistD Kathy Sims, fCopy Editorh Mrs. Dixon, CSponsorj. 1. H ' mf! M , 1 A - 51. it 8m ls Photographers: Left to Right: Steve Nordyke, Marcie Stassi, John Masters, and Joel Minter. We, the 1980 MONROYAN Staff, have worked unceasingly to bring this annual to the students of Neville High School. Under the directit of Teresa Free, our editor and only returning staff member, and our sponsor, Mrs. Dixon, we were transformed into an organized team. We attended the Henington Yearbook workshop at N,L.U., where we discussed the theme and learned new and useful skills. Marcie Sta: won the award for Best Overall Photographer, while John Masters brought home the Best Candid Photograph trophy. Following the worksho we spent long hot days selling ads, hoping that our S300 minimum would soon be met. After Mrs. Dixon outlined our theme, the rush began. Emily Wilkey, Dianna Moore, Maria Zaldivar, and Chris McHenry cropped, organize- identified, and alphabeticized picturesg proofread and typed copy, and drew tripaks. Kathy Sims and Louise Seymour began a semester of writii copy. Our artist Dawn Wilbanks spent long hours perfecting details of each sketch. Despite this, nothing could have been done without t time, assistance, and support that Mrs. Dixon so lovingly gave. John Masters, Joel Minter, Steve Nordyke, Marcie Stassi, and Craig Tarv spent a semester taking pictures-always looking for new ideas. The long hours they spent in the darkroom developing pictures and trying make life easier for the rest of the staff did not go unappreciated. Extensive research was done in order to bring you Factual information. After thumbing through old yearbooks, questioning students, teache and staff and pooling all our memories, we felt a little eerie, but immensely proud, for we realized that students, now older than our paren walked these same halls, felt the same emotions, and followed the same traditions as the students of today and tomorrow. Tiger Pride is root in tradition. This realization is the essence of the l980 MONROYAN. 184 1 ,. 4 IT A , if l- lst row: Denice Antis, Dawn Wilbanks, Jeanne Guillot, Mary Flo Geisler, Cara Medley, Rachel Reeder, 2nd row: Greg Galyen Mike Lawrence, Joe Giovingo, Chris Sampognaro Left to Right: Pearl Dawson, Kilcrease Knot picturedl. ,xv gi' -.rf Julie.Peronto, Jim Hollister, Sarah Green, Kelly Messina, Marcia Wolff, Jan Craig and Paula JC R.H 3 I1 186 lst row: Mary Hunt, Biffy Bordlee, Amy Hechler, Denice Antis, Lisa Hale, Katherine Ryan, Kendra Hardy, Jeanne Guillot Jamie Holtzclaw, Annice Newman, Linda Black, Mary Bradley, 2nd row: Kim Wiggins, Ashley Tyler, Veronica Reynolds. Le Ann Koehler, Francis Henry, Sharon Robison, Tracy Funderburk, Kris Brown, Ashley Wilkins, Kelly Turner, Traci Scalia Robin Kelly, Teresa Free, 3rd row: Marilyn Newburg, Laura Neill, Dawn Wilbanks, Jackie Beverly, Lee Allbritton, Arnol Anderson, Mike Lawrence, Chris Sampognaro, Bruce McCoy, Becky Smith, Kelly Wright, Cara Medley, 4th row: Connie Moses Sylvia Wilkins, Kathy Funderburk, Kendra Coon, John Deal, Julius Gayden, Todd Conti, Charlie Mansfield, Sara Lane, Marth' Stovall, Jeanne Hughens, Kathy Wilkinson Not pictured: Mimi Kinkade. Leslie Toadvin Chorus provides the opportunity not only to explore musical values, but also to learn to cooperate and get along with others for the good of the group. The mixed choir is composed of juniors and seniors. This choir presents Christmas and Spring assembly programs for the school and sings for civic organizations. Students from this group participate in All-State Chorus and area festivals. The freshmen chorus is a mixed group which assists in presenting programs. The choral program is open to all students. For those who are interested in music, but do not care to perform, a course in general music is offered. l l Choir Accompanists: Veronica Reynolds and Sharon Robinson Yi: ,K 4 E 1 -H gf at A Qui.: f ' A f3F??4 17 A I , 131 U Y F 4 f 'S' W' 'lu f '4 Fx l BA l N l D V l , 7 9 f S x Kneeling front: Tami Tonoreg lst row: Karl Freeman, Carol McBride, Dawn Black, Cassandra Douglas, 2nd row: Laur Johnson, Sherri Dill, Cathy George, Dianna Moore, Amanda Terry, 3rd row: Colin Williams, Edward Burks, Sean Holliste Donna Johnson, Jim Hollister, Debbie Hance, John Danna, Mike David, Brian Dawsong iNot showng Todd Vancej Bac row: Kenneth Mansfield, Becky Hessick, Deborah McNeely, Kathy Funderburk, LeeAnn Koehler, Sherri Labor, Conni Ryan, Karen Townley, Susan Johnson, Robert Canterbury, Stacy Hollister, Ronny Wiggins, David Solito, Robby Wiggin Marcie Stassi, Mr. Hensley QBand Directorlg fNot Shown, Regina Lynchj ,li Q' 1 Drum Majorette: Susan Johnson , l I 3 Students seldom consider who is responsible for the smooth operation of assemblies. Tony Crews, Craig Salter, John Deal, and Bubba Brister, Neville's 1980 stage crew, took care of details ranging from opening curtains to flashing overhead lights. Though they received little appreciation or recognition, these boys were always there, doing a fantastic job. C I' C W Tiger Crew rf Everyone knows who Shasta is but no one knows who is responsible for his being at assemblies and at all home football games. This years Tiger Crew, Ray Rivers, Bob Satertield, Dirk Hoogland, and John Masters made sure that Shasta was at these assemblies and games. Shasta, our mascot, is a vital part of our school spirit and a special attraction for our student body and the public at our games. 190 I Q ' . s, 53 an MC:-v ...4 j 3 , o 4' , . ' -A' .' r 7 -W We '. K 139 L: .qv--'Q A E '- an-an-nil G. . Q , W . . . w 1 i .g .. at lst row: Tony Crews, John Deal, Bubba Brister 2nd row: Joe Giovingc Craig Salter Left to Right: Ray Rivers, Todd Saterfield, John Masters, No pictured, Dirk Hoogland +- Jake Tatel and Scott Nettles show their spirit with signs. itf.t .ag iii,ss 'Tm .ff T if o' Y tl al, 1 all lt l 3 .K gba. Julius Gayden and Bill Willson anticipate a rough practice. After 5th period, Emily Wilkey waits impatiently to go home. Look Ahead Each will go his own way, pursuing his own goals. Memories of laughter, excitement, and sorrow will be the binding, always beckoning, force. We shall return, but Neville will belong to others. Just as she will become but a small piece of us, we shall be remembered as only a piece of her. Tiger Pride will be as strong as we rememberedg the alma mater will still stir our hearts. But others, Tigers of future generations, will score the touchdowns and receive the honors. We shall have moved on. Neville will still be moreanot just a school. She is a Tiger tradition. G Glenn Briley gets ready for a day of classes. Typing has to be Jamie I-loltzclaw's favorite subject. Acting as only Jay Traylor i can- l Tracy Smith a transfer student is a new Neville Tiger. Susan Johnson, Robby Wiggins, and Dianna Moore perch on the rail by the Band room. N 5iQiNale'FVWW Q K -n ,rf tif' 191 . Remember The school year has endedg only the memories remain. As time passes, these memories will become more precious. As one leafs through these pages, fond ,QSM . 'I mv' Z u L 'S 9 4 V' ,A . T' 4 M ' .ge .f .x v .7 Haan., .,,, ,gfyfw or I t .V memories will spill over. All the love sa, and Tiger Pride will come surging back. This book represents but a single chapter in the lives of the students of Neville High School. Soon the years spent at N.H.S. will sit high on a shelf, always there, always remembered. Todd Saterfield enjoys Physics class. Friends are forever. 5-.' aa. ' x . if Pdf 'lv' 90 Kendra Coon, Kelly Wright, and Traci Jim Hollister will always look back. Scalia serenade Jim Kennedy forming a lasting impression of the alma mater. 192 Joy Lynn Bernice, Ann May and Shei McLemore seem to have enjoyed th lunch. his Neville students are happy to have free ti together. ii Cheerleaders will remember that great Tiger forever. Chris Southern looks forward to his coming years Tiger. K ,..L . K ivhi . g ' .E :.V , ir, . QW. N ., .. U li K N , ART in F . Q sf if F K .. J . ' - , we .11-,1...sQt Never Forget Hama 1 Friends like Brad Burch and Cheryl Huff Bengal Belles get ready to go to California. enjoy Neville activities. Everyone loves Ji E I rw i LE Maria Zaldivar accidentally shoves Dian- na Moore out of the window. m Hollister. Interruptio attention. ns always get Steve Nordyke's rl Report cards are always a surprise to many students. Conversations before school interest Lisa Hale, Sharon Robinson and Dana White. , s l 193 4 9 Pride IS The True Tiger Tradition The Tiger goal is to reach the top. A real Neville Tiger will not stop until he is number one. The students' support, their constant striving for the best, has made Neville what she is todaywa CHAMPION. Whether on the playing field or in the classroom, students give their all. Desire to achieve is a Neville tradition. Many years ago a handful of Tigers-Tigers with a goalyset out to make their school the best she could possibly be. They worked, never stopped, pushed, and did not look back. Neville became number 1. This desire to achieve is as strong today as ever before. Greatness is never outdated. Neville is smaller than rival schools, but she has something special-632 dedicated students, 632 students who believe in their school. Each student contributes his own special talents, but talent is never enough. Nevilleis secret is something deep in the heart, something stronger than brain or muscle, something that demands the very best-PRIDE-THE TRUE TIGER TRADITION. N Frank Bonner, Richard Burroughs, Tom Clark, and Matt Blanchard form lasting fnendships. Brian Novak, Keith Carmichael, and Tony Crews support the Basketball team. Kris Brown sets an example for underclassmen. . Q' Ki! I T It ,gi . . ,.. in ,Q - AI rg , , it V s . - F 1 3. -. . ,..., 'X 1 'fi -I ,..- . . 5 'ik . 3 , . ., ,T , . fr' - -sh' '5 - .nn its I gf ' ef., , if ip 1 .tit . it sgiim T lan Robert Saterfield thinks about his last yea at NHS. Jim and Mike Kennedy-the Senior classes' only twins. .L 'Q 'Q gg lbritton, Lee-Speech Club, Choir. nderson, Arnold-Speech Club, 2 yrs., ack, 3 yrs., Football, 3 yrs., Qntis, Andrian-Student Council, 3 yrs., tterclub Council, 2 yrs., Senior omeroom Vice-President, Octagon ub, Key Club, Basketball 2 yrs., peech Club fPresidentl, 3 yrs., Foreign anguage Club CTreasurerJ 2 yrs. shcraft, Fletcher-Foreign Language lub as, Dorothy-Student Council, Flag rps, Speech Club, Home and Family ub, Choir, 2 yrs, Student Advisory. l lack, Linda-Tigerettes, 2 yrs., For- n Language Club, CPresidentJ 2 yrs., tagon Club, Interclub Council, oir. inner, Wendell iyd, Keith-Freshman Football, C.A., Octagon Club, Key Club, omeroom President, Tiger Crew, 2 S., Golf, 4 yrs. aud, Annette-Tigerettes CTreasurerJ Irs., Bengal Belles CCo-Captainl 2 yrs., itional Honor CChaplainJ 2 yrs., imc and Family Club, Homeroom cretary Treasurer. own, Kerrin-Student Council, 4 yrs., ident Advisory Council, Y-Teen lpresentative. wn, Kris-Cheerleader CFreshmanJ, Eerette, l yr., Key Club Sweetheart, oir, 2 yrs, Senior Beauty. trmichael, -Keith-Football, 4 yrs., seball, Wrestling, Latin Club, 2 yrs., by Club, Octagon Club, 2 yrs., Senior Jmeroom President. ark, Bill-Foreign Language Club, mor Society, CVice-Presidentj, 2 yrs., sketball, 3 yrs., ok, Shelley on, Kendra ttrell, Randy-Latin Club, Band, otball. yle, Tom-Tennis Team, Speech lb, Senior Index Crews, Tony-Football, 4 yrs., Key Club, CVice-Presidentj, 3 yrs., Latin Club, Octagon Club, Stage Crew, 2 yrs. Day, Melissa-Transfer Student, Speech Club, fSecretaryj, Interclub Council, CVice-Presidentlg Senior Beau- ty, Octagon Club. Deal, John4Football, 4 yrs., Stage Crew, Speech Club, 2 yrs., Interact Club, Choir. Dies, Ross-Foreign Language Club, CHistorianJ, Basketball Manager, Col- legiate Program. Douglas, Cassandra-Band, 4 yrs., National Honor Society, Who's Who Among American Students. Dukes, Michael Erwin, William-Track Team, Speech Club, CPresidentD, Debate Team, Na- tional Honor Society, Latin Club, National Merit Semi-finalist. Finley, Dawn-Band, 2 yrs., Basketball, Tennis, 2 yrs., Interclub Council, FBLA, CPresidentJ. Fogleman, Marc Free, Teresa-MONROYAN Staff, fEditorJ, 2 yrs., Interclub Council, FBLA, Choir, 2 yrs, Student Council. Gallien, Gregory-Transfer Student George, Cathy-Band, 3 yrs., Student Council, CHistorianJ, 3 yrs., Foreign Language Club, Home and Family Club. Giovingo, Joey-Football, 4 yrs., Ba- seball, 4 yrs., Speech Club, Octagon Club, Wittiest. Glover, Keli-Foreign Language Club, 2 yrs., Octagon Club, Choir. Golson, Clint--Football, 4 yrs., Student Advisory Committee, Interact Club, National Honor Society, Parliamentar- ian, Foreign Language Club, Octagon Club, Senior Handsome, Baseball, Golf Team, Scholastic Letter. Gray, Mark Green, Shannon-French Club, Latin Club, Tigerettes, 2 yrs., Speech Club. Guillot, Jeanne-Cheerleader, 2 yrs, Choir, 3 yrs. Hall, Richard-Transfer Student Hance, Debbie-Band, 3 yrs., Interclub Council. Hardy, Kendra-Foreign Language Club, 2 yrs., Tigerettes, 3 yrs., Bengal Belles, Student Council, 2 yrs., Interclub Council, Octagon Club, Choir. Hearn Debbie-Tigerettes, 2 yrs., Bengal Belles, 2 yrs., Student Council, tTreasurerJ, 2 yrs., FBLA, Octagon, 2 yrs., Home and Family Club, Interclub Council, Senior Homeroom Treasurer, Foreign Language Club. Hollister, Jim-Band, CCaptainl, 4 yrs., Student Council, 2 yrs., Speech Club, CParliamentarianJ, 2 yrs., Junior Favor- ite, Vice-President Senior Class, Oc- tagon Club, Most Talented. Hoogland, Dirk-Football, 2 yrs., Wrestling Team. Holtzclaw, Jamie Holtzclaw, Jay Houston, James-Transfer Student Huff, Cheryl-Tigerettes, 2 yrs., Bengal Belles, 2 yrs., Octagon Club fPresidentJ, 3 yrs., Speech Club, 2 yrs., Foreign Language Club, Home and Family, Interclub Council. Hughens, Jeanne-Tigerettes, 2 yrs., Foreign Language Club fTreasurerJ, FBLA, Choir, 2 yrs., Student Council, 2 yrs. Hunt, Mary-Latin Club, 3 yrs., Speech Club CTreasurerJ 2 yrs., Octagon Club. 2 yrs., Junior-Senior Choir, Interclub Council, Tigerettes, 2 yrs., Bengal Belles CCaptainJ 2 yrs. Hurt, Linda-National Honor Society, Home and Family Club. Johnson, Susan-Band lDrum Major- ettel 4 yrs., All District Band 2 yrs., Flag Corps, Speech Club CSecretary of Forensic League Speech Clubl 2 yrs., Home and Family Club, Wittiest, Band Secretary and Squad Leader. Jones, Diane-Student Council, Foreign Language Club, FBLA, Home and Family Club, Tigerettes 2 yrs., Bengal Belles. 195 Jones, Erica-Student Council, Foreign Language Club, Home and Family Club. Kelly, Robin-Choir 2 yrs., FBLA, Track Team Kennedy, Jim-Football 3 yrs., North Louisiana High School Fishing Tour- nament Participant. Kennedy, Mike-Football 3 yrs., North Louisiana High School Fishing Tour- nament Participant. Kight, Becky-Tigerettes 2 yrs., Latin Club, Bengal Belles CCo-Captainj 2 yrs., Octagon Club 2 yrs. King, Brady-Transfer Student, Foot- ball 2 yrs., Octagon Club 2 yrs., Latin Club, Key Club CSergeant-at-Armsl, Most Likely to Succeed, Delegate LASC to Summer Convention. Keohler, LeeAnn-Tigerettes 2 yrs., Flag Corps, Foreign Language Club, Future Homemakers of America, Choir 2 yrs. Lane, Sarah-Speech Club Laney, Lynne-Tigerettes CPresidentJ 2 yrs., Latin Club 4 yrs., Interclub Council, Speech Club, Senior Homer- oom President, FBLA fSecretaryJ. Lawrence, Mike-Student Council Re- presentative, 2 yrs., Interclub Council, 2 yrs., Octagon Club, 2 yrs., Latin Club fHistorianJ 3 yrs., Student Council President, Mr. Neville High, Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Award, DAR Good Citizenship Award, Choir, Homer- oom President, Junior Class President, Football Manager, 2 yrs., Football Student Trainer, 2 yrs., Delegate to LASC Summer Workshop, Delegate to NASC National Convention. McHenry, Chris-Key Club CPresidentJ 4 yrs., Foreign Language Club 2 yrs., National Honor Society, 2 yrs., Speech Club, 2 yrs., Octagon Club, MON- ROYAN Staff, Interclub Council, Most School Spirit, Golf CManagerJ 2 yrs., Basketball, Baseball, Boy's State, North Louisiana High School Fishing Tour- nament Participant, Sr. Homeroom Vice-President. Mansfield, Charlie-Basketball, 2 yrs., Speech Club. Masters, John-Student Council 1Alter- natel, 2 yrs., Interclub Council, Tiger Crew, Key Club, Octagon Club, MON- ROYAN Staff fPhotographerJ. Mattox, Jeffrey 196 Maxwell, Travis Medley, Cara-Tigerette, 2 yrs., Student Council QSecretaryJ, 3 yrs., Octagon Club, 2 yrs., Speech Club, Choir, 2 yrs., Foreign Language Club, Junior Favorite, Bengal Belle, Varsity Cheerleader, Interclub Council, Homecoming Queen, National Honor Society, Academic Letter, Junior Class Homeroom President. Meinel, Matt-Student Council iSer- geant at Arms, Representative, Par- liamentarianl, 3 yrs., Student Advisory Committee, Junior Class Vice-President, Senior Class President, National Honor Society President, Interclub Council, 2 yrs., National Merit Finalist, Latin Club, 3 yrs., Octagon Club, 2 yrs., Most Intellectual, Foreign Language Club, Football 4 yrs., Basketball, 4 yrs., Track, 4 yrs., Delegate to LASC Workshop and Delegate to NASC Convention. Micklewright, Robert -Transfer Student Mickle, Toby Miletello, Mitchell Millar, Mandy-Tigerette, Bengal Belle, Foreign Language Club, Octagon Club, 2 yrs., Varsity Cheerleader, Student Council, Representative and Executive Board, Interclub Council, Home and Family Club, FBLA. Mintz, Sally-Transfer Student, For- eign Language Club, Octagon Club, 2 yrs., Student Council, CReporter, Execu- tive Boardj, 2 yrs., National Honor Society, Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, Friendliest, Academic Letter, Varsity Cheerleader, Tennis Team, Junior Class Homeroom President. Moore, Dianna-MONROYAN Staff, Band, Tigerettes Uunior Commanderj, 2 yrs., Junior Homeroom Secretary Trea- surer, Student Council. Morgan, Michelle-Transfer Student Moses, Connie-Student Council QRe- presentativej 2 yrs., Miss Senior Maid, 2 yrs., FBLA, Choir, Beauty. Neill, Laura-Tigerette, 2 yrs., Bengal Belle, 2 yrs., Foreign Language Club, Interclub Council, Octagon Club,-Senior Homeroom Treasurer, Choir. Nettles, Scott Newell, Kevin-Transfer Student, Foot- ball, Speech Club, Baseball. Newman, Annice-Tigerettes, CVic Presidentj 2 yrs., Latin Club, 2 yr: Speech Club, Choir, 2 yrs. Newport, Erin-Transfer Student Nordyke, Steve-Band, Student Cou cil, 3 yrs., Debate Team, 2 yrs., Foreig Language Club, MONRAYAN Sta: Photographer, 2 yrs. Norris, Patrick-Football, 4 yrs. Novak, Brian Payton, Johnny Pere, Elizabeth-Latin Club CPI sidentj, 3 yrs., National Honor Societ fSecretaryJ, 2 yrs., Octagon Clu Interclub Council, Homecoming Cou Academic Letter, FBLA, 2 yrs., Seni Homeroom Secretary. Perry, Rob-Football, 4 yrs., Basketba Handsome, Heartbreak 8a Flirt. Pickering, Ruth-Band, 2 yrs., Stud Council fRepresentativeJ, 1 3 FBLA. Reeder, Rachel-Home and Fam. Club, 3 yrs., National Honor Societ QHistorian, Reporteri, 2 yrs., Lal Club, 3 yrs., FBLA, Speech Clt Academic Letter. Rivers, Quincie-Student Council C15 ternate, Representative, Parliaments ian, Vice-Presidentl, 4 yrs., Forei, Language CPresidentJ, Octagon Clu Interclub Council CPresidentJ, Tigeret' Miss Neville High, Junior Class Secl tary, Committee Chairman Superstars. Rivers, Ray-Transfer Student, Tig Crew, Octagon Club, Key Club, Inter Club. Rizzo, Lauree-Tigerettes, 2 yrs., Hoi and Family Club CPresidentJ, Intercl Council CSecretaryJ, March of Dirr Representative for NHS. Ryan, Karin Ryan, Katherine-Transfer Stude Student Council, Foreign Langua, Tigerette, Octagon Club, Homeroi Vice-President, Varsity Cheerlead Beauty, Speech Club, Homecomi Court. Salter, Craig-FCA, 4 yrs., Footbal yrs., Student Council, 3 yrs., Octa Club, 3 yrs., Interclub Council, Ha some, Most Athletic, Key Club. i l S Track, 4 yrs., Octagon Club, 3 yrs., interact Club, 3 yrs., Speech Club, FCA, Interclub Council, Student Council, Freshman Favorite, Sophomore Favor- te, Handsome. ampognaro, Chris-Football, 4 yrs., aterfield, Robert-Tiger Crew, tudent Council, Football, 2 yrs., Stage rew. calia, Traci-Tigerettes, 2 yrs., tudent Council CAlternatej, Home and amily Club CPresidentJ, March of imes Representative for NHS, Inter- plub Council fChaplainJ, Speech Club. N eiler, Patricia eymour, Louise-Transfer Student, oreign Language Club, Speech Club, some and Family Club, Tigerette, ONROYAN Staff. ims Kathy-Foreign Language Club, peech Club, National Honor Society, 2 vrs., MONROYAN Staff, Academic better, Latin Club, National Merit emi-Finalist. Elmedley, Reba-Transfer Student, ome and Family Club Smith, Becky Fouthern, Susan-Freshman Cheer- eader, Student Council tChaplainJ, 3 rrs., Tigerette, Octagon Club fSecre- aryl, 3 yrs., Foreign Language Club, Secretaryll FBLA fVice Presidentjg omeroom President, Student Advisory ommittee CSecretaryD, Varsity Cheer- eader, Bengal Belle, Senior Beauty, -Iome and Family CSecretaryI. parks, Jim-Football, 4 yrs., Interact lub, 3 yrs., Speech Club, Octagon lub, 2 yrs., Foreign Language Club, tudent Council, 2 yrs., Interclub ouncil, Baseball, 3 yrs., FCA, 2 yrs. Epatafora, Joni-Transfer Student, BLA, Home and Family Club. Ltassi, Marcie-Band COfficer, Property Irew Sergeant, Section Leaderj, 4 yrs., Lpeech Club, 2 yrs., Octagon Club, 'oreign Language Club, Student Coun- il, Basketball, MONROYAN Staff Photographerj, Most Talented. itewart, Scott-Tennis Team, 2 yrs., Basketball, 3 yrs., Latin Club, 4 yrs., ational Honor Society, 2 yrs, Academic Letter. tout, David--Transfer Student, Foot- all, Friendliest, Octagon Club, FCA, 2 rs., Interact Club, Golf, 2 yrs. Stovall, Martha-Choir, Student Coun- cil, FBLA. Taylor, David Thomas Keith Thomas, Tommie-North Louisiana High School Bass Tournament Par- ticipant, 3 yrs. Tonore, Todd-Football, 4 yrs., Golf, 3 yrs., Foreign Language Club, fParty Chairmanj, Octagon Club, Interact Club fParty Chairmanl, Key Club, FCA, CVice Presidentj, Student Council tAlternateJ, 2 yrs., Sophomore Homer- oom Representative, Tiger Crew, 2 yrs. Townley, Karen-Tigerette, 2 yrs., Flag Corps, 2 yrs. and Captain l yr., Latin Club fParliamentarianJ, 3 yrs., Speech Club, Student Council, Junior Homer- oom CSecretary-Treasurerj. Traylor, Jay-Key Club CSecretary- Treasurerj, 4 yrs., Latin Club, 3 yrs., Interclub-Council, Octagon Club, Varsi- ty Basketball Manager, 4 yrs., National Honor Society, 2 yrs., Academic letter. Tribble, John Troy, Tal-Latin Club, 2 yrs., Tennis Team, 4 yrs., Sr. Homeroom Class Officer. Turner, Kelly-Choir. Turrentine, Mark-Student manager of football team. Tyler, Ann-Foreign Language Club, Student Council, 4 yrs., Speech Club, 2 yrs., Octagon Club, 2 yrs., Interclub Council, Choir, Tigerettes, Freshman Cheerleader, Bengal Belle, Varsity Cheerleader, Homecoming Court, Most School Spirit. Tyler, Ashley Tyler, Rondall Van Buren, Joan-Tigerette, Foreign Language Club CSecretaryJ, 2 yrs., Home and Family CTreasurerJ, Speech Club. Van Veckhoven, Mike-Football, 4 yrs., Interact Club, CParty Chairmanj, 2 yrs., Speech Club, Handsome. Wade, David-Football Manager. Waller, Christopher- -Transfer Student. Wayne, Monroe White, John-Latin Club, 4 yrs., National Honor Society, 2 yrs., Inter- club Council, Home and Family Club, National Merit Semi-Finalist. White, Sonja-Basketball, CCo-Captain and Captainj, 3 yrs., Speech Club, tSecretaryJ, 2 yrs., Tigerettes, Home and Family Club, Student Council, QAlternateD, Foreign Language Club. Wilbanks, Dawn-MONROYAN Staff, Key Club Sweetheart 3 yrs., Octagon Club, Speech Club CVice-Presidentj, 2 yrs., Homecoming Court, Tigerette 2 yrs., Choir, Senior Beauty. Wilkins, Ashley-Latin Club, 2 yrs., Orchestra, 2 yrs., Student Council, CAlternateJ, Drum Squad, MON- ROYAN Staff, Tigerette, National Honor Society CTreasurerJ, 2 yrs., Bengal Belle, La. Girl's State, Octagon Club, Choir, Academic Letter, Most Likely to Succeed, 1977-78-79 NLU Summer Science Program. Wilkinson, Kathy-Choir, Home and Family Club, 2 yrs. Wolff, Linda-Student Council CAlter- natel, Tigerette, 2 yrs., Bengal Belle, Speech Club, Senior Homeroom Vice President. Wright, Frances-Tigerette, 2 yrs., Foreign Language Club, CVice Pre- sidentj, 2 yrs., Home and Family Club, Interclub Council. Wright, Kelly-Tennis Team, 4 yrs., Basketball Team, 2 yrs., Choir, Speech Club, 2 yrs., Foreign Language Club COfficerJ, 2 yrs., Chairman of Homecoming Committee. 197 A D V E R T I 1 S E M E N T S KEY CLUB TRADITIONALLY PROMOTES TIGER SPIRIT' NEVILLE TIGER Xq"lq '80 ROUNDBHLLERS I5 Express Their Wihmhg SPIRIT Thr-ow houeg Pwmiher -IXGJE SEHSON 6 wr TH E jim W 2 M .X 92 'I I 6 h , J X X 4.4 N 'F 'Qi G,-O -TXQEPXS-C10 , CO OS XXg:'jwjvpY.. The :S-.XYYX3POJ'l'XS,iyT' ,T 1 Fafvllxk 3 , . 4 gf' I 0. A EQ D GET ON THE TIGER TRACK! SUPPORT YOUR STUDENT COUNCIL i V E R T I S E M E DUMAS ELECTRICAL HEATING AND AIR HEATIHGGAIR Contracting Installation Service Residential Commercial Industrial 51 l Cypress St. West Monroe 396-8700 Serving the Twin City Area Since 1960 J l ARON'S PHARMACY Dial 323-2242 1209 N. 18th St. Monroe, L Charge Accounts Welcome-Free Delivery Compliments of l 9 9 Vieux Carre Best Wishes to All Students and Faculty For another great Successful School Year. Compliments cg of cy UQ 2114 Forsythe Avenue Monroe, Louisiana 71201 200 Compliments of Southside Drugs ooh in ahh Candles and Things visit our 2nd shop "Everything Under the Sun" Twin City Mall E X 1? . , E., . S -C g 2. , T 3 is li i 'lf E ' is C. . f- M Q22 -. J J 1 'T " 5 5' C k :in " ' C NORRIS ET . McMillan Mall West Monroe 322-3676 Best of Luck Tigers! Ach? Forsythe Ave, at North 19th St. Run-Tigers-Run Compliments of Phoenix Construction Inc. Once a Tiger- Always a Tiger! Compliments of Bobby Johnson 20 4 - 3140 LOUISVILLE AVE. MONROE, LA. 71201 Shoes for guys 8: gals Junior Sportswear Whitlock Realty 81 E Construction, Inc. P. O. Box 4286 4130 Sterlington Rd. Monroe, Louisiana 71203 Congratulations to the 1980 Senior Class ,, ... ,U-L . 42.1. ' I ' ,iff ' 100492- K - ' n 1101 OLIVER ROAD . MONROE, Lou1s1ANA 71201 KATHERINE W RYAN, Manager 202 M z ,ff 4 it 1 FOUR SEASONS TRAVEL Group Cruise Trips For Students Hawaii Group Tours Camping Trips Colorado Raft Trips M ' F ' t exico ies a Cancun Scuba Trip Let Us Plan Your Trip At No Extra Cost To You Auburn 388-3140 I WEEE f HAI RDRESSER PHONE 388-0855 The Tigers Are Moving On ,i wish I - ex! , s A - , Compliments of STRAUSS DISTRIBUTORS i 20 'PI ." 'Q 5 f V' i',R'. W5 '!f""I' 4 . "'f , We,-'. , 1 ,-qyfgj. x,"I'tdA 4 f I 5:-I3 :Q 7777 Lfffm FIRST IN SALES X FIRST IN SERVICE X FIRST IN LEASING 7707 Diver Road ' 387-2222 ' Open 777 7-PM .M gif III ,JN A I I g.: I Q 1 Football-Basketball Baseball H. MICKEL SPORTS 109 C t lp 2106 F yth A Monr 2200 N 7th St West M L 7 292 Look What I Found Z5 n'i'ill'.E'i"'i' A New Bank In Town Marys Flower Shop of Monroe, Inc. 318 N. Second St. Monroe, La. 71201 Phone 323-3494 MQW A M JL WWW M' VW QKWMA WMM VAN-TROW OLDS CADILLAC TOYOTA Jer i Louis HOME 8z FAMILY McMillan Mall The Fashion ,I CLUB we e r Goooo . . . and Mid City Plaza 18th 8L Louisville Win Tigers! Phone 387-1588 Monroe, La. SEYMOUR INSURANCE AGENCY is I ff 3 7 1609 srubbs ,6,,,f,n 388-2400 Monroe, La. 71201 YO U R IMIEIDKIZJEIZI' Ifzsumme AGE N I "SERVES YOU FIRST" QNAIA SERVING YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS IN NORTH LA. FOR 50 YEARS 27 TS "When you're looking for fashion, you'll find it first at Levines." "Famous Brand Namesv I l twin citV mall shopping Cen if Y' 1' f . Q7 208 Freshman Cheerleaders Salute a Winning Freshman Football Team 22 iv- g ,.4. . fin.. GOUDEAU'S HEALTH AND RACQUETBALL CLUB Fun and Fitness for the Entire Family! Ph 323 6437 2518 F d St Monroe L 6185325-0657 LICENSED AAMCO DEALER WORLD'S LARGEST TRANSMISSION SPECIALISTS PAUL MATHIESON Operator 81 Owner 2210 LOUISVILLE AVE. MONROE,LOUISIANA 71201 GdLkTg. BUILDING MATERIAL SALES E Johnnie S. Elbert, Inc. 106 Roselawn WHEN YOU THINK OF NOVELTIES L mber-PlywoodwF P d AND GIFTS Wholesale O ly . CALL . . Antls AdV6FtlSlHg C I Speclaltles Co. O' B T I FaCtOI'y JObbCl'S onme, L 71203 322 1496 S our Showroom Pho N 314 Ark. at 4th sr. 318 325 1241 Monroe, L 71201 74a 70221 72 'swap Wen women l1ailz9tgQeQ" Cbang Qobcnts P4 . 945 -2119 5101 deadcvwl OCTAGON CLUB Salutes the Neville Tigers LANE WILSCN CO., INC. Flower Shop-Fencing Swim Pools 8a Supplies 600 N. Fourth St. Monroe, La. Phone: 323-4345 KJZE i ax -mm lm. 1 8 if xqq k 4 " pf' q u Monroe, La. 2831 Louisville 323-8553 Congratulations Seniors 1980 212 THE ARK-LA-IVIISS ENTERTAINERS MONROE - WEST MONROE, LA. WE GET TO THE PEOPLE KNOE 540 Contemporar 50 24 Hours A T O O THE NEW ORLEANS ENTERTAINERS 1060 AM I Contemporary Hits Contemporary H 24 Hours A Day 24 Hours A D 500 00 If it's Borden, it'S got to be good. Travel Trailers: Motor Hgmesj Shasta Tioga Koumry Aire soiiiliwirrd Carriage Midas Royal International Mobile Traveler Supplies and Accessories Hope's Camper Corner, Inc . 100 Bridge St., West Monroe, La. Hope Meeks, Owner Office Phone 322-0112 Bula Mae-You're a sister to me, and I really don't know how to thank you for always being there whenever I needed youfThanks for all the crazy, fun times!!!!! RubyeMy sister and friend who I've gone through anything and everything with . . . I'll never forget any of these times!Thanks for the waterproof shoulder!!!!! Ethel-We achieved our dreams together- Thanks for all the times you never let me give up!! Bea-We've become so much closer this year . . . I hope this will continue in the future!! BettyfFrom our B'day parties to our Graduation, and all the times inbetween . . . They've been fun . . . I hope they'll continue!! Rah-Rah PalsAI've learned so much this past year with you 5-It's been a year and an experience that I'd never trade with anyone. I'll always remember all the fun, hard, happy, sad, crazy, frustrated, confused, but definitely the greatest times that we spent together!!!! Neville HighAThanks for the best Junior and Senior years ever! To all of you, thanks for all the lasting memories! all my love, Berta Corneilla I 214 KEY MILLWORK 8: SUPPLY STUART OPTICAL Optical Dispensers-Eye Prescriptions Filled FASHION EYEWARE Hard 8L Soft ContactsfFrames!LensesfSunglassesfMagnifier GLASSES fSingle Visionl as low as S19 BIFOCALS as low as S29 CO On the spot repairs Gold 8: Silver Soldering ., . Open 9:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Mon.-Sat. 1000 N. 6th Street Monroe, La. 71201 322-4437 Phone C3185 387-9995 Specializing In Residential Millwork Legend in Us Owr, D Full Line of GE Appliances "5 mei, V. J' Casamento The Office Disco Peggy Casamento Lounge 8: 4200 Jackson Street Monroe, Louisiana 71202 Restaurant Gary 8: Janice Shelton Owners 1 L :Q 52 -'59 I BS . el EP 13 S 3' Y 22 Eg: 63 Q i :W E! . . 5' -f ...Q FREEMAN CHEMICAL 8: CEMENTING CO., INC Acidizing Floating Equipment Cementing Complete Service ROBERT K. FREEMAN President Office 665-4495 Unit 0792 or 0766 Mobile No. 387-3064 Home No. 343-8447 Box 667 Sterlington, Louisiana 71280 21 Compliments of Hurrah for . Tigers! Parkview Baptist 5 Church The Reeds- iii'- 'ffsq Bin " , B h Darby mg, W. ,Q Powells Mug 8: rus it X 3, Chuck 11.1 gil Chardel ' sJl eee . . .. . , 56 t " s s Q 1714 Roselawn at 18th Street Qhar-Broiled Enjoy Seafood 8L Catfish Dinner At Its Best Steaks R Hwy. 165 N. 318-322-0545 THE 1 l H1181-I PUPPY Q Monroe, Louisiana 71203 James Machine ROYHI C Works, Inc. 1601 DeSiard St. 318-322-6104 P. O. Drawer 1752 812 Desiard St. Monroe, Louisiana 71201 P. O. Box 1177 Don't settle for less, get the best at 325-5114 IAMES MACHINE WORKS, INC. Monroe, La. 71201 216 Feed 8: Seed o. TROY 81 NICHOLS 1811 Auburn Avenue 388 3900 Mortgage Loan Insurance 2209 Forsythe Avenue 388 3904 217 ELEVEII A DIvIsIoN or THE souTHLANo coRPoRATIoN ,fx 7-ELEVEN FOOD STORES MID-SIOUTH DIVISION 2317 TRENTON f WEST MONROE, LA. 71291 ,f C3181 323-5172 THE COTTON PATCH SoIfi31YiiiiX1TC22uiprflZ.NE I SPORTS CENTER, INC. 2528 Ferrand St. Phone 387-6980 AC 318 Monroe, La. 71201 Commercial Batting Cages Gene Southern Mike Harvey Ralph Lane 218 I if K H D9 x j 3 iw fl ll wi qw 1 J ffsrxlj D Co' x 'XX it u 45 ue Si yu X 3 8 it y 6 C5 3 X ii 'kip 3, J we 3 gs XRJI342 FINKS HIDEAWAY RD. ' ' ,NM 1 sl' oNRoE, LA 7I203 I qi t by gi 5 X . ' K X x gt A ,Qi Qi moi pw X XMB in wil it N X I UlN5Q'1i all X A pl, X ' For the Best in if it FN, ', X it 'Pet Supplies , J- V it i xi WJ 'Tropical Fish Nw X sw I 'san water Fish FN 1 K V rl X' 1 X 'Birds , x, X " NLE 3jQl"'Boarding 8: Grooming "' X f ' fi lQ By Appointment Only l G I NNN N .A ,ry , Q XS lQxiqMonroe,s Only Complete" is-Pet Center 'ff 2 Locations ' 1342 Finks Hideaway 343-6035 2221 Justice ' 387-5147 Owned 8: Operated by: Henry SL Judy Florsheim Both Neville Graduates GO TIGERS! 219 N.. w - A -.u 6 S 1. f fx , fw-? 1 ,,. is Q I! -,lu xg 1' 1. ' ,ip- N5 fs i Ifqiilffja Q84 'Th-n if Q' if "Q, 1 ' .if f l A' Fl ax' E 9 px NA! tg-W! .'..,' .F . 2-ga, Q Y- mp., , effgfp ,g 4 1. F-. .5' 0 TQ 1 ' igi' .,j.1 3 . Iv N I , R X u Rei! g 6 I K , xi" u, :J ff f o - - .ga-f fell, . . .-fag X . , Q 2.51 'fi . ' Filfg K " Q' " 'Q 3, ' . ., N - -9 I-' , If -f' ---qi f-5 w Nf.'i'f Ei-N2 X: Dru' sl" 'file' if ' ,:!fi'+lq E .g. .g ff:.4fi..51-'1Ei5f?" He . life -4. ,, pw i , ., . f'-F n A 1 ,Ed -up-, ff . , E f 1 Education should be as gradual as the moonrise, perceptible not in progress but in result George .lohn White Nlelwille ULINKRAFT ll1x1clqL1.irI1'rs: Hirst Mmmrcw, ld. 220 MC Compliments of Lay- Visa Aways Bevo,s Your Junior and Missy Shop for Smart Looks at 30721 to 6076 Savings Come See Us At 1966 Louisville Between Wilson's 8: Sunflower Open Mon.-Sat. 9:30-6:00 LAUVE'S D 9111 rkbfalzrnff 325-4115 Fffpff Jpffflflkp ISCUUNT DRUG CENTER 1201 N. 18th ST. MONROE, LA. 71201 PHONE 387-4763 0INVlyfAf77y 2' guahfy REF LECTION S HAIR DESIGN Thanks for a great year! We love you! Good Luck in Monroe, La. 71201 the future. ' 1979-80 VARSITY C Sally Cara Ann Q3 7 WJYQ j s, 10 'Q HEERLEADERS Mandy Katherine Susan MONROE Main Office 1500 18th St. University Office '9 WEST MONROE West Monroe Office 2103 N, 7th St. Claiborne Office Hwy. 165 North 0 Hwy. 80 AIIl.61'1C3.l1 Bank STERLINGTON MEMBER FDIC Sterlington Office Hwy. 2 ON THE GROW IN OUACHITA PARISH! 221 HOUIS Pharmacy Mrs. Mac's Inc. 1820 Forsythe Avenue 1402 North Eighteenth St. Phone: 387-0194 Monroe, La. Monroe, Louisiana 71201 Free Delivery Chi1dren's Clothes 8a Shoes CUSTOMPRINTING 4+ O PUBLICATION TYPE couvosmon 6 W 1 3 ouse 'Q +1 ounurv PRINTING coMPANv I Steaks ' Pr1mcRib'Se11food PHONE 325-3829 B111 Bobo 1601 N SEVENTH ST PO BOX 426 WESYMONROE LA 71291 SHARRON'S, INC. 1123 Forsythe Ave. Monroe, La. 71201 ,ff -+4 2 5- --4 - , --...J7.-.-,f.'f- 323-2795 323-4121 I 1 , so A gi! '23 222 G NM f ,QU f b SP5 X X YR MLJQX A NX lp , AUVXQQS XJWEQJL QSM K DX Q b rx MU! R X N If XX 3 ' X UQ55wQ5f Qw N L of QD C59 N M WW XY NL iam Q Wgkgwwitag SW f .XL N XT V 'X' Q23 ww W Mr f v 4 ff., 9 WN? wb UM 9 BUFF1 GTON X CORPORATION WQXGX UW .X A W Q59 ' QW M53 Q M WJ Q, V " NK VQSL N X NN Q5 OM . f , it iii WJNJQU Tke, 1O1'1C1-80 X 'V -A f NGY 'n U-6, M gd 1 2 . 2 ?oo+bn.LL Team 1 'f - ,I . QNX? M Nu X ' xi X -,K vw Vg xy. W1 xg jj X 1,4 glx 3 :X 'xx xx' 427, Qppvi-1C10C1'6 Your 2,51 Kwugosm 'fhroughoui The, Fa' Q 5-L 1 YN-,V 1' Yffar' . BRANDY'S H b g P by St k 2000 N 18th 3 1781 K Q M BOB OWENS BOWL 1402 Louisville Ave Monroe, La. 71201 323 9431 ' r e've Gal' l'h Stuff Congratulations ' Seniors of 1980 . of all Ages. Compliments LA. ROCLFING Co. GIRLS THRU PRE-TEENS BOYS THRU SIZE 18 T INFANTS THRU 24 Mos. W7 """9' BOYS STUDENT S HUSKIES Comer Hideaway and Old Slenington Ph. 343-9582 9230-5230 NSS 'M VILLAGE SPORTS SPORTSMAN'S CENTER 2601 Ferrand Monroe, Louisiana 71201 BOB SALE STUDIO Sz CAMERA SHOP 1111 North Fourth 322-3425 Monroe, La. 71207 22 MQW, W L BO 59 XM? x?i5wi3g2ff?S5mgf,3ifivLW ww gzffffiwy 0, My as . . ' gevfxnenq Safety Yvwfgi QRD NKOW 41, 5 The Monroyan Staff thanks those firms that contributed to this publication through their ads and asks that students, parents, and alumni patronize these firms. Specialist Volkswagen Toyota Mercedes Datsun REPAIR HADDAD F""E'G" CAR 3600 DeSiard Triumph Monroe, La. Porsche Peuggot Compliments Q' of mi, , ,- viii 'il' A Nevins 6, . 4 Your Tiger Crew ' :ft '-' 'Pail - at Z' iff. lr yu ' McDONALD'S foREvER 3 l N. 18th 1 Aff if ul Julie Peronto M Karin Ryan -7 it Lori Wright fl Q 227 .1 Af BASKIN-ROBBINS MEIN Q 8 1862 Forsythe Ave. 388-14 Compliments of Dr. J. W. Rundell and Family Compliments of H. R. Speed Draper Insurance Agency Inc. Compliments of NEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATICN f Cxj PHONE 325-8078 , XI I ,, ,, EASTGATE WELDING RAMSEV ELECTRIC WINCH KOENIG ELECTRIC S1 POWER WINCI-IES 107 STANLEY A.B. THOMAS MONROE,LA.7I201 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Q '2 Vs 1.7 J 0'S JEAN SHOP I , ,HTL II in ' ,yn , - ,ga i I ' sw g I VIIII , , . ,.,, I .., W I I I I I 31 I ' Q uia? ' Igy I i K I I CIII I ' I I E 307 Hideaway Rd. Monroe, Louisiana 71203 it's sold fi :Sf 'v o - iid! ' 1.224 ' ' Ig ' Ioodis' Xxgino IIJz,I.Inx Ofan 01250 - Iz,1oo 24215 QorswxIIf1f,'IIOf,. ?'h. 52.3-5405 onroax Iowisimu.. 22 Specializing in Automatic Transmissions General RepairsATune Ups LEO EARL TRANSMISSION SERVICE, INC. 114 Powell Avgnue Monroe, Louisiana Leo Earl Phone Owner 387-4012 Modern Fabrics, West Monroe, Inc. Dot Patterson 'k Jane Simpson Ph 318 325 3536 one X - 2938 Cypress Street West Monroe, La. 71291 211131112 815 Louisville Ave. Monroe, La. 323-5166 "A Paint, A Store, A Whole Lot More CARTER'S CAMPING CENTER "We Sell Happinessv Sales-Service-Accessories TWO LOCATIONS Apache Jamboree Prowler Starcraft Diamond Pace Arrow Mobile Scout Serro Scotty I-20 West at Cheniere Exit 6000 Shreveport Hwy West Monroe, Louisiana Tioga, Louisiana 318-396-2225 318-640-0039 230 "Building Material Specialists" p HL V r, " - A Y Jlxgs, . D F .ji ,r ,ly h --B315 K v " 3 3. ' IBll- ,x:-e'w:- ,E ff ll l . Q -f sig: H ff Q 1 r .- l,.. .- we 5 N! " "1 'L gf , llll -. 1 . if kj? ' R " M ie, .-nf- - f: TEL. V' J' FI' C .,. .F C. stizauss playhouse - lamy lane 5 Mfwff, 8 O H :. 1: limi i im 51-ww-smwzrwlilmirwswl 'ww jf?-g?2?'U1'Q j15fHEQ2'a?ff'f F1201 i e theatre nl monroe home of lttl 1,3 13,1 xl lil Phone 322-3104 2900 Louisville Avenue ai I 3 D 23-E Men 8a Boys' Clothing 415 Pine 323-4421 fe ebb 1 Big 8a Tall Shop 1 ski, Backpack Sc Tennis Shop A l fi Appliances 3 405 Pine 387-5043 231 MILLHAVEN INDUSTRIAL PARK SITES FOR GROWTH FRED HUENEFELD I-20 East P. O. Box 4480 C3181 343-2126 Monroe, La. 71201 College Town 1VIARIANA'S Tigers Before the NLU Textbooks New 8a Used Cliffnotes, etc. Art Supplies School Supplies Football Games QW The Today of the Twin Cities Visit Our Junior World Phone 387-1616 Twin City Eastgate Westworld Highland Shopping Center Q, 1 Store 7 BRADFORD LUMBER Best wishes Q Jim Bradford Hwy. 165 North, CP. O. Box 41205 Monroe, Louisiana 71201 318-388-2033 232 702 Hudson 9:30-5:30 Mon.-Fri. 11:00-3:00 Sat. Imrztta CH. Bite V' ASE is ,, . x,., Wm fxrr T A Qwi ' 2 , , - -rr - ak Brass 31 COPPCF "' Custom Drapes "' Porcelam 3" Carpet Sz Flooring ak Gifts "' Wallpaper 8 Crystal "' Woven Woods 2 Catch a Smile Zeagler's and Music Shop a Kick from the 1830 Tower Drive BENGAL BELLES "Enjoy Life More With Music" Go Tigers" 'xxx , ,f 1555-,IQQ it MMA wit h- P M Compliments QW 'Will in sativa of the 2 i y Terry Kings ' K HEIRLOOM QUALITY CLOCKS At Reasonable Prices Largest Selection of Clocks in KLOCK KRAFTS Northeast Louisiana 231 1 South Grand Sales 8: Service Compliments ' 'Q i'ii S. ,l,' fl' R. Gary Hart, III of ,'lfff'l Vice President Business 8: 5 r'J1AFJCa,4 Q Estate I ff? Planning Ray's Pe Geis 234 HANELHWH3 Twin Cit Sh ' C t 323-9657 Have a Pepsi Day! LA. BEVERAGES Pepsi-Cola-Seven-Up 2301 Ruffin Dr. PEl?SI'C0lA OW mxxmunmsulnllnllllwuw XX H 4 mlm rm H a j 7 W X T AS, ig? V r w Wg i :Z if F10 laii5 ? JW Qvgv Je We're proud to be a part of your crowd. W' - U I v ' R vfx i f Ty I 0 .gn ,- 1 7 L 'YNL .' 4 ' - Q df' f 2 X, F N F? ',D,,, 't vf A A fm 'rv by + ,Lg fi N L"'v'! gdb x..- J? Oi ,O S S '4 7' 5 sf' ' Amencaslongesfuneofsnaauoodn RIVER CITY TOM'S SALES WHOLESALE ONLY 504 S. 2ND, MONROE 322-5590 RANDALL'S FORMALWEAR TEXQQCU 1614 Louisville WILLIAMSON'S NORTHSIDE TEXACO REALTORS Piggly Wiggly No. Irene Reid, Inc. 275 ,l W Oyqflldc' WAX' 6, is L REAUQQ. J!-X,'gE53gKL"' 9 wwtuna Ave. state ' ers', THREE WAY FINANCE CO., INC. Keep in Step e '? eI5 hAx V' ,y , 9 Q B' ,,,3, f' 4 Om 1 E5--1 EBM With the 1979-80 TIGERETTES HOWARD J OHNSON'S MICHELLE'S MOTOR LQDGE ENTERTAINMENT 610 Civic Center Expressway Monroe, Louisiana 71201 C3181 323-4451 plj5f,i1QgfQjkjf'ggQj,,1 ' Paul I. Mooney Q 9 ' 'ie ' ' ' General Manager CENTER 4008 Desiard 343-5309 Pool--Free Backgammon Foosba1lvPinball games Open 12-12 Daily If you have nothing to do, come to Michelle,s 'cause we want YOU! 238 Qi? Compliments Sol Rosenberg .. 5530 1 nd, Q M FSS fi N psalm PIPEW 8iSTEEL, INC Herman Rosenberg 'A' ..J' P O Bo 2407 il lb 1 , . . x ? - Monroe, Louisiana 71207 Airport Road Selman Field ' Compliments Compcgments of . T0 I f Ouachita R Q A EAlicia. Pearson xecutive Editor - ,it f f XXX l ' m 1 ' . it ' 7 A iii ,WM A? ia:-'PQ rf" A ' ,lg-1' - fa-, . nl A H x ppm!-m,. Kalb. R ti! 1 l l . K ,g f4 t 1 l N i 7 U L llirg, f 'Q 3'-0 ,' K7- if 'Y 4 ' X , ' Qu. T IGJERS PULL To QE THEQ--""-"- eomvxxmems oi FUTURE 'USERS :Ym Qgmniien Ichxsun Compliments of FASHION EXTRA Weil Cleaners 508 N. 4th St., Monroe: 325-3162 2004 N. 18th St., Monroe: 325-8428 2503 Sterlington Rd., Monroe: 322-9918 2505 N. 7th St., West Monroe: 396-1334 If it's worth while cleaning . . It's worth Weil cleaning SYLU xgfllufff -SJLOIIIIIH 291111 P o Box 2766 "l5l2'g,"'s' IOO4 N THIRD STREET MONROE, LOUISIANA 71201 MARYH GUERRERO NIGHT PHONE 13181322-1307 IBIBI 325-4371 POZ HAAS NIGHT PHONE 13181323-6577 KITILB - WEZ Robert E. Powell, President P. O. Box 4808 Monroe, Louisiana 71203 Phone C3181 388-2323 240 Monroe Mid-City Plaza Exciting famous Brands of Clothing for Featuring Men's Suits Ladies 84 Juniors Clothing Sc a Nineteenth Hole Barber 81 J. L. Fitts Jan Wright Judy Fryday for Appointment Phone 323-6558 or 323-7420 Beall's West Monroe McMillian Mall the Entire Family Complete Shoe Department Charge Card Styling A 3 l 308 North 19th Monroe, La 71201 Future Tiger Chad Giovingo says Tiger Pride will still be Alive in '85 ' are . fu LQ! 4 " n 24 11' ff x ' f X X f K , f , ,V K, , if ,, ff A ,K KQ K, b f V Q' Y Q' ,W N w Dx! 'ff-x -f rlxrf g, V J XJ XX! G .Lf f i f wk LV, Ps ! Jj,! Q C!! ,I Q5 iv ' JW N wx - Q x ,HJ , , 4' X kj if -L' w, fw W " MI HLE1fW' ,JP V fl R, ff' D f 3 1' J J ' XL if ' K gf 4, 'B' Q, ' A " X PKI U RN ED ON Crkk QR I- rj 1 ,K 1310 , Q8 AM EW V Mm WSU Qy v PM MGVQGAN BVQQA DCASTHXIG SUXTIQNS Q Dairyette 1 101 Cypress West Monroe Ice-CreameHamburgers " ki' 45 O19 01 of-Qssfjkf :,giQQJ Q4 T32 Qin QM Q WK! Tar R QSQQZQ Wilban sggig IQalty' ,97 T T L , Q Q If 325-5361 TRO YJ Honda 1977 Council of Sales Leadership Patsy J. Wilbanks 1911 Roselawn Broker Monroe, La. 71201 Ralph R. Waller 3'8f323'5l84 GRIFFIN HONDA AUTO 1800 Louisville, Monroe, La. 71201 318-387-6013 Z J 1 - 41 - J 1 , . 11011100 ?i111c1'wif1f Offiuifw 19110 Y! 'FY W 'Y B02 NORTH STH STREET y M noe, Lou 71201 1 813 6 6 14 CMULLEN ne s. rvuanag is an 343 3344 Foreign Language Club Salutes Seniors of 1980 245 Q4 QMS ' f 1 ' , da! ,Dfti ,mfg Here's Wishing Yo a Succ ssful Year! 4401557 Compliments of P5 WWW bail? j , gawijrwym was THE HANGOUT LPSL Ad 372 - Nuclear Power ISmall1 Distributors of Industrial, Electrical and Plumbing Supplies to Industry 9 5'. N l and the Contracting uc Trades for Over o Power' 70 SUPPLY More than ever, it's necessary ' iff " With over 70 Years Experience ll M Monroe West Monroe V i i l mwmm "im" """ " Alexandria-Pineville RUSIOI1 l- l 1 i Eg ""' jj """""" Shreveport, LA "' it ii 4 ,Z , S J Lili I L L M H "lil llimlllm " Natchez, Mississippi Pine Bluff, Arkansas Marshall, Texas Timo energy shortage New Orleans-is an ini- lias niacle one thing portant step in this di- , vcrx' clear: the iinpor- recition. Its vitally neocl- tance ot nuclear power. Ml so that LPKQL can 0 It can lessen our cle- continue to inc-et vour ' ' me pendencfv on fuels in cle-citric' needs. u , short supply like natural ' . gas and oil, Waterford 3 -. .-.-.--:- fm, C-i,,,,,, 5,,,,,g,, WE I wr -LPtQL's nuclear power C'onilJam l fx , plant that is living liuilt ' I. haggilegh if M, XJJX 25 miles upriver troni EESEQEIG 'QQ Compliments of the Speech Club 244 . X w33'1i4.?.?,'I,?L. W Mfgm QAM? ww w2w f9PL7Q25Qi W 4 JL'Vn0QACra53 wcrww. www' 4601, fvmmm wmmwm + Ju . X, uw . 101 c, , I 9 ee fad 50Em1i30 Moaueswono ' T 1 1 Y l J , , 7 k Denise, Alex 8: Andrian Antis Mrs. Wayne Black Mr. 8: Mrs. Bill Blanchard 8: Polly Mr. 8: Mrs. Hubert J. Briley Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Brister Mr. 8: Mrs. Burch, Brad, Lisa 8: Brian Laura, Mike, Liz 8: Sara.Cage Charles E. Carmichael, Jr. John David 8: Carolyn Crow Mr. Robert Lee Curry, III Mrs. C. Dawson, Eric 8: Pearly Melissa Day 8 J ,IQOYAL NEVILLE k Jim Dimos Mr. 8: Mrs. Joe H. Dixon, Jr. Calvin 8: Freddie Free H. 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