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:Wm F S 'H 523, A ? A 3 s E Q Q 2 E Q 2 ex Iibris presented by the student body of Neville High School Monroe, Louisiana Susan Wilder Co-editors - Mickey Harper the 1965 1 ' x ' Y s 5' , ms gkx N KR Q "" 'X Y R- onro A iw ya n U555""' -51-' wt . K4 4 N X-tjx D-I f 'xxx s. X V- ,Ex X LL N ,' 'H 6 sb, 4 QW-.wx K - Q-" X rs. xljwuy k Aw- X , ' 'Y' .XA Qx ig x wmv' Z k . of xv. I 5' Krq -K r s Neville High School - Tigerlancl of WS. if 0 0 'Ag A North Loulslcma. M ww ii X N33 Tb' ,Q1 T 5 1,100 Neville Tigers endlessly gather to talk, lo laugh, in clusters or in crowds to learn. 1 3 tigers ioin in daily affairs of classes, community clubs, cmd is El' 1 civic cincl industrial groups. Q tigers share work and 'S ki victory play, ioy and fears, and defeat. , Hi -- l table o organizations, . 44 -i-, clubs, activities un- p. 'IO6 C1fh'9fiCS Ill I- , M s rm p.2oa C fi P' 9 - y Q.. X if xrrl X Lx ,lf :ontents administration, i faculty,staf'f, in-aux P-14 and curriculum un-L favorites lllrl-ll P- 73 1 CICISSGS P- 140 5-. advertisements ----p P- 224 XXI 1,53 Y i I 3 5 's -":TXx, X Z: , - , N I ' 1 . W ff ,, SS QE QKZMV 1 7 . X X 4 ffm XS lnlu K,,Rx:EjgxQ1E X M MX Q M---W clclminisfrclt staff, cmd curriculum ion, faculty, , U iwmu-..........., X,,, , wf V 1 A ,A 41' city system formulates plans MR. VAN D. ODOM MR. J. H. SCOGIN Superintendent of Monroe Cify Schools President School Board MR. WILLIAM GANNAWAY MR. BILLY HARGISS MR. LUKE DANIELS for new high school in South Monroe. MR. FRANK BREESE MR. FRANK FRANCIS Secretary Assistant Superintendent School Board One ot the most important but seldom seen ot the groups concerned with the City School Sys- tem is the School Board. The Board ot Education represents the public in its supervising capacities. lt acts as an executive committee ot the public to see that policies, procedures, and expenditures are used in the best interest ot all. The Class of 1965 wishes to express its appreciation and thanks to the Board for making it possible that they have been able to receive their education from an ex- cellent faculty and have been supplied with tools with which to work. MR. PAUL J. NEAL Supervisor of Testing and Materials MR. GUS PETTERSON Assistant Superintendent administrators guide X 1-nalilvff' iNeviIIe's principal - Mr. Sidney Seegarsi students - old and new. MISS ELEONA BRINSMADE Visiting Teacher MR. A. E. CULPEPPER, JR. Assistant Principal My ., I . MRS. OLIVE LEIGH COCHRAN Supervisor of Instruction guidance counselors sf-'Q is ,BK A1 - Miss Kathryn Douciere Mr. Hilton T. Lytle Secretary to the Guidance Department, Mrs. Dorothy Kiper helps her daughter Dottie. help plan schedules. Mr. Lytle makes plans for Freshman Orientation. Whatever a student's ambition forthe future is, the Guidance Department, composed of Miss Dou- ciere and Mr. Lytle, probably has a brochure de- scribing the field. These teachers help students de- cide what vocation to choose, which college to attend, and how to apply tor scholarships. Only after graduation ,as the students begin to make their own way in the world, can the help of the counselors be fully appreciated. MISS KATHRYN DOUCIERE: B.S., M.Ed., Louisiana State University. Counselor for Juniors and Seniors. MR. HILTON T. LYTLE: B.S., M.Ed,, Texas ALM, M.S., Gallaudet College. Counselor for Freshmen and Sophomores, Red Cross. library is source of knowledge for all. MRS. MABEL H. HEMPHILL: BA., Northeast Louisiana State Col- lege, M.S., Louisiana State University. Assistant Librarian. Co- sponsor fog the Library Club. MISS GENEVRA WASHBURN: B.A., Newcomb College, M.A., Columbia University, B.S., Louisiana State University. Library. Library Club. Because of the store of information it holds, the library is probably the most frequented room in school. lt is an excellent place for working on re- search papers, making book reports, obtaining supplementary references for class work and the like. The library provides an ideal atmosphere for much worthwhile study and research for any student who wishes to take advantage of this op- portunity. K Y i Mrs. Mabel H. Hemphill' Q. '55 . . Miss Genevra Washburn 4' Mrs. Hemphill helps Connie Estes, Jimmy O'Neal, and Larry Mullins with their reports. Preparing a report for Civics are Gary Strickland, Marc Swayze, and Jeff Liner. progress in English means progress .W 5. ,fr Wifi.. . .. Mrs. Rhea Rivet Buckner Mrs. Charlotte Hamilton its Mrs. Joyce Mehl Mrs. Dora Lee Kilpatrick 'H -... Helping freshmen to start their study of English is Mrs. Buckner. Working 10 improve his reading speed and comprehension is sopho- more Art LaGrange. MJ QQ.-3 Q. 53: MU 4 3 a 1 I av .r .ry L .Jo .i sift N t -Q ll' , 1 5, w .quit ,-,vs -- - -riisiaitt ir' 1" ' ' u 'H :ssl as MS ,tk ,,, ,L . I- 'il-N r 5 t ts elif? gill. Y' 6fW,.,-. gtg NIO., YI., .. 13: ' ' '.NQf0.'Vx QNX ,,V Xxxxws H. x . v Km, , k L, ,. , W' AQ' X ' 5 Ayn ' L :'r:..,,,- ,O 't.1A'5+m ' max. I 'Ik v M .W . X, tx 1 jf r wma, - ...A-4. 1 """""" ' A, K ' ,Q . Mrs, Mildred Mitchell 'N - MRS. RHEA RIVET BUCKNER: B.S., Louisiana State Universityf M.A., Northeast Louisiana State College. English MRS. CHARLOTTE HAMILTON: B.A., Randolph College, Newcomb College. English ll. Junior Macon Women's Prom Sponsor. MRS. DORA LEE KILPATRICK: B.A., Northeast Louisiana State College. English Il. Y-Teens. MRS. JOYCE MEHL: B.A., Louisiana State Universityg M.A.E., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, English III. MRS. MILDRED MITCHELL: B.A., Baylor University. English III and IV. MRS. AUDREY E. NEAL: B.S.E., University of Arkansasg M.A., Louisiana State University. English IV. MRS. EDITH BROWN RODRIGUEZ: B.A., Newcomb College. English II. MRS. ELEANOR THOMPSON: B.A., Louisiana State College. English III. MISS JANE WHITTINGTON: B.A., Belhaven Collegeg M.A., North- western University. English I and IV. Cheerleaders. in other fields. .QT QL I' p J X ,gk I w N' l 5 Q , , Wa 5 x E A Mrs. Paul Neal Mrs. Edith Brown Rodriguez Miss Jane Whittington Mrs. Eleanor Thompson During 'the first semester, English students mas- ter the mechanics of the languageg the second se- mester is devoted to literature. Students may find themselves in the mysterious world of Poe, the' London of Charles Dickens, or the riverboat with Mark Twain. To create through writing and to ex- perience through reading are the goals of the English students of Neville. The art ot communica- tion is taught to all grades with the realization that through this ability good relations may be estab- lished among people. Pondering on Julius Ceasar are Sophomores Mac Ray, i ,L ' gm f,..,w--ei' ",.,.punlQ'f t"- Q "t' . i .3 -. T . W .. l 3 f 3 , 3 , k it 1 + 4 " 'Vi L5 A ."Q-... tt' X Great Expectations puzzles Lawrence Hunnicutt. Don Smith, Betty Jo Spargo, and Buddy Wallace. sssgwztr in i in 5 i Wild uns'- equations, proofs, and graphs Mr. Jessie G. Bergeron Mr, Edward Cascio "How does she do it?" wonders Buzz Redding as Mrs. Mullins ex- plains an Algebra II problem to Dana Tucker. Ken Lowrey works a General Math problem as Mr. Griffith looks on. Mr. W. E. Chappell Mrs. Eunice Dunn MR. .IESSIE G. BERGERON: B.S., Northwestern State College. Geometry, Mechanical Drawing. Safety Council. MR. EDWARD CASCIOz B.S., Louisiana State University, M.Ed., University of Arkansas. Algebra II, Developmental Reading. Key Club. MR. W. E. CHAPPELL: B.S., M.Ed., Northeast Louisiana State Col- lege. Algebra I. MRS. EUNICE DUNN: B.A., Louisiana College, M.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, Advanced Mathematics, Senior Arithmetic. MR. D. W. GRIFFITH: B.S., North Texas University, M. A., Univer- sity of Colorado. General Mathematics. Senior Arithmetic. MRS. VIRGINIA MULLINS: B.S., Northeast Louisiana State College, M.S., University of Illinois. Algebra I and II. MRS. JANE PEARCE: B.S., Louisiana State University. Geometry. MRS. RUTH M. SMITH: B.A., Louisiana State University. Algebra I. intrigue students. Mr. D, W, Griffith Mrs. Virginia Mullins Mrs. Jane Pearce Mrs. Ruth Smith ln the 1960's the welfare of a large per cent of the population can be affected by the mere push- ing of a button, pulling of a lever, or turning of a dial. Mathematical calculations have given this dial its povver. The study of mathematics is val- uable to a student primarily because it teaches him to think for himself. The fact that a2+b2:cZ may not seem very im- portant to the average student until ten years after graduation. This formula serves as a tool for solving the challenging problems that alert and sharpen his mind while he is attending school. Self-reliance and a sense of achievement are the rewards one earns when he solves a "tough" problem. Trying to factor axz-l-bx-lfc:O is Junior Eileen Ferguson. fpf' "' ,L -,. . ge One can hear the wheels turning as Bobby Heflin, Marilyn Denoux and Bill Causey take a test. social studies help stuclents gain Mrs Eileen H Baur Mr Bennie M Hixon Mr John W. Turner MRS. EILEEN H. BAUR: M.A., Louisiana Polytechnic lnstitute American History. Americanism Club. MRS. RITA S. BLANCHARD: BA., Northeast Louisiana State Col lege. Civics, Speech, English. MR. BENNIE HIXON: BlA., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. M,Ed. Louisiana State University. World History. Tigerettes, MR. JOHN W. TURNER: B,A,, Northeast Louisiana State College Government, American History, Economics. Printing Department appreciation for humanity. A sTudy of The socieTies of The world, The peo- ple ThaT make These socieTies, Their land, cusToms, occupations, beliefs, and governmenT, compose The social sTudies courses. Through These sulojecTs The sTudenTs will be beTTer informed To meet chal lenges. HisTory links pasT and presenT govern menT, enables The sTudenTs To assume Their re- sponsibiliTies as ciTizens and psychologically en ables Them To undersTand and geT along wiTh oTh er people. "Who was Charlemagne and whaT was he famous Tor?" asks Mrs Blanchard. Diligenfly answering homework questions for American HisTory are Naoma Dye and Pat Holloway. 28 COITIIYIQYCG PYGPCIYBS S1'UCl9I11'S ima. my Mrs, Bernice Hickman Miss Marianna Johnson an 1 Q, 4, a st, L J '. .L L LKL, V. Mrs. Sue Ward Diane Boyd, Carmela Sampognaro, and Cheryl Salter concentrate on a typing assignment. Trying to keep accounts straight in Bookkeeping are Dottie Decell and Dan Gilliland. MRS. BERNICE HICKMAN: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic lnstitutef M.B.E., University of Mississippi. Typewriting, Bookkeeping. MISS MARIANNA JOHNSON: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic lnstitutep M.B,E., University of Mississippi. Typewriting, Bookkeeping. MRS. SUE WARD: B.S., Louisiana State University, Northeast Louisiana State College, M.E.D., Northeast Louisiana State Col- lege. Typing, Civics. for the business world of tomorrow. Click-click-clicking heard in certain rooms at Neville and the strang symbols seen on the black- boards are not some kind of foreign code. They are the sounds and sights familiar to The future business and office workers of Monroe,-iNeville's students. The clicking is a result of hard-working Typing and clerical practice students, and the strange symbols are actually characters from a shorthand manual. A scraping sound of numerous pens moving over sheets of paper issues from rooms where bookkeeping classes are in progress. The business education classes hurn with the sound of an industrious office. .. ft' if pb' Carbon paper presents problems for typist Larry Sheffield Trying to catch up with the dictaphone are Judy Branch and Ashley Benton. ll 6, 'wi' Mr. L. D. Allen Mrs. Charles Kulcke science prepares one :FWHM -af-ii .wwf-rvvf Mr. Larry Loftin Mrs. Gloria Swindle A Young minds ponder the field of Chemistry. Absorbed in Biology are Judy Grigsby, Nancy Armstrong, and Bobby Young. ,4i' MR. L. D. ALLEN: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Instituteg M.S. Louisiana State University. Chemistry, Physics. MR. CHARLES W. KUCKLE: BS., Louisiana State Universityg M.S. Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Biology. Hi-Y, Science Club. MR. LARRY LOFTIN: B.S., M.Ed., Louisiana State University, Bioio QV- MRS. GLORIA SWINDLE: B.S., Northeast Louisiana State College Chemistry. for modern age. The science department with its goal ot im- proving our knowledge ot biological, chemical, and physical environment has served the students in their years at Neville, it has dravvn them out ot the "dark ages." Through science man learns the "Why's." Education in these phases builds the minds ot young men and women to devise and maintain complicated modern machines. The scientific ap- proach ot cause and effect not only helps them as chemists, physicists, or biologists, but also as bankers, nurses, and parents, it teaches them or- ganization. Georgianna Fink and Marsha McGough look apprehensive as Len Smith and Mr Loffin point out the organs of the Human Body 32 sN.5,A.,,. future homemakers pinpoint pastries, Mrs. Daisy Daniels Mrs. Dorothy Johnson Enioying a luncheon are Home Economic students Jeanie Brice, Carmela Sampog- naro, Susan Maupin, and Alyce Smith. "Dinner is served," says Paula Meek. 3 MRS. DAISY H. DANIELS: B.S., Louisiana State University, M,A., Mississippi College. Home Economics Il, lll, and IV. FHA. MRS. DOROTHY JOHNSON: B.S., Northeast Louisiana State Col lege. Home Economics I and ll. FHA. patterns, posture, and personality. . No one has to inquire where the Home Eco- nomics Department is located. Everyone can iust "follow his nose." Usually fragrant and spicy aromas of cookies, spaghetti, or some other delec- tables drift out from the kitchen. From a maze of tape measures, patterns, and miles of thread, it seems perfectly possible that no finished produce could emerge. However, the stylish dresses created by the imaginative girls are always valuable additions to their wardrobes. we State FHA Vice-President Susan Parsons models a green mohair coat in the Christmas style show presented by the Home Ec. Il, Ill, and IV classes. Jean Carter, Mary Tom Keller, and Janet White are interrupted in The process of cooking dinner. Et' Fi if if' i i rs 'null' I ... - . h -.I ai ll ,F , f t Q s .. I Miss Vera Dowling Mr. Lawrence McGough art department , l, ww Patsy Kozlosky, Larry Higgins, and Ann Craft work on their art proiects as Ronnie Tuey glances at the camera. Tesa Snively carves a Polynesian girl. I 525 f..,,,. , 34 V ff .31 MISS VERA DOWLING: B.A., Louisiana Polytechnic lnsfiiufe. Art. MR. LAWRENCE MCGOUGH: B.S., Northwestern Slate College. Me chanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Woodworking l and ll inspires creativity. Miss Dowling and Mr. lVlcGough lead Neville's sTudenTs as They plunge inTo The world of- arT. As sTudenTs Travel Through all of aris and craTTs, They learn The TundamenTals of proporiion, color, harrnony, and balance. A True appreciaTion of line and color in The world around Them develops in The arT classes. A creaTive group, The arT deparT- rnenT provides backdrops Tor The sTyle shows, Tor school plays, and in various oiher school acTiviTies. The "young RembrandTs"' emerge wiTh a sharp- ened sensiTiviTy To The flowing scenes of life. l as --....... 1......... 45 A woodworking srudenf learns The mechanics of arf. Tom Burrell knows That The first steps are The most imporTanT ones."i' foreign language creates cz l K V' I' fm L-.m..w.. r -' 6 . gg,' r " ' - 15 Q ' A L . SEQ ? 7 V' Alf i -. ., M . 5 HC, hx 5 . ,.'I . 35... fr ' , J va l 'sf 2'1i'msfrf' A .ujjggyg " .K . my . L Miss Sandra Beach Mrs. C. R. Crawley Mrs. A. F. Flournoy Mr. Guy H. Popham -.. ,Mrf ,E Mrs. Margaret Taylor if "Et tu Brute," thinks Latin ll student, Janet Hood. Drilling on Spanish verbs is Spanish teacher Mrs. Flournoy. MISS SANDRA BEACH: B.A., Northeast Louisiana State French l. Annual. Newcomb College. Latin ll and lll. Latin Club. MRS. A. F. FLOURNOY: B.A., Radcliffe College. Span ancl lll, English lll. English I. Latin Club. MRS. MARGARET TAYLOR: B.A., Urllverslty of SCU Louisiana, M.A., Tulane University. French ll and lll. .ti -L. Y-.W MRS. C. F. CRAWLEY: B.S., Louisiana State Universit MR. GUY H. POPHAM, JR.: B.A., Seton Hall University. College. Yi Nl-A., ish I, ll, Latin I, thwestern bridge to other worlds. French, Spanish, and Latin are the languages that have opened new roads to us, roads of knowledge leading into spheres of interest. Imag- ine the pleasure of being able to say "How are you?" or "Good morning." in another tongue. Speaking to a foreigner in his own language or participating in customs of another country add flavor to hard study. Neville offers four years of French, three years of Spanish, and four years of Latin to the ambitious student. These roads intro- duce new cultures, develop an understanding be- tween peoples, and add interest to history, art, and literature. 5 -. it Learning to be "Latin Scholars" are Sally Howell and Tommy Mulhern "Ah, non. Encore les cartssl J'en ai assez!" replies Bill McSherry to an invitation to play cards from Kerry Bruce. fx . Q, . ,K i,. ,L.L I , . 3? bfi lg ji' fn. A 2 . if-af S , 'lr K physical education study of first Mr. Charlie Brown Mrs. Linda Chase Mr. J. R. Childress Mrs. Babs Hagar In the Girls' First Aid class Mr. Buddy Ferris demonstrated mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration on a manoquin, Recessa Ann. Chest Pressure-Arm Lift method of Artificial Respiration is demon- strated by a girls' P,E. class. 4' Wife tis? i Mr. Benny Hollis MR. CHARLIE BROWN: B.S., University of Southwestern Louis- iana: M.Ed., Northeast Louisiana State College: Physical Education. Head Football Coach. MRS, LINDA CHASE: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Physical Education. Freshmen Girls' Basketball. Junior Class. Tigerettes. MR. J, R. CHILDRESS: B.S., Northeast Louisiana State College, M.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Physical Education, Driver Education. Letterm-en's Club. MRS. BABS HAGAR: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Physical Education. Girls' Basketball Varsity Coach. MR. BENNY HOLLIS: B.S., Northeast Louisiana State College, Physi- cal Education, Basketball Coach, Golf Coach. MR. LARRY REEVES: B.S., Northwestern State College: M.Ed., Northeast Louisiana State College. Physical Education, Typewriting, Clerical Practice. Head Baseball Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach. MR. BILL RUPLE: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, M.Ed., Northeast Louisiana State College. Physical Education. Athletic Director. MR. WILLIAM L. SMITH: B.S., Louisiana State University: M.Ed., Northeast Louisiana State College. Physical Education, General Science. Assistant Football Coach. Assistant Track Coach. MR. BUCK STEWART: B.S., M.A., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Physical Education, Driver Education, Science. Head Track Coach, Freshmen Football Coach. did prepares students to meet emergencies. Mr, Larry Reeves MV' Bill RUPIS Where academic subiects have strengthened the students' knowledge, physical education strengthens bodies and builds character. Sports- manship may be instilled on the football field, on the basketball court, on the baseball diamond, on the track, and applied at any time, any place, or in any situation. This trait is sometimes hard to achieve and is always admired. Physical education combined with mental training is not forgotten to- day but becomes a part ot us as we continue into our adult lives. Mr. William L. Smith Mr. Buck Stewart Members of the second period gym class watch Edward Dayton shoot "I shot an arrow into the air . . . And down it came I know not where," say Julia Hoodemaker, Marilyn Denoux, Susan Johns, and Kay Adams. em utmm:1mn.m ., f m , 40 I . ,. Q LZZLI Vryr y W I -Q I K I MY- -IOS CBSIYGY Mr. Roger DiGiuIian Q Q music instills Miss Nina Harris All District Chorus is only one of many events for which the Mixed Chorus must prepare. Kay Curry and Susan Martin strive to keep up with the brisk tempo set by Mr. DiGiuIian. 35:3- MR. JOE W. CASKEY: BA., Louisiana Polytechnic Instituteg M.A., Vandercook College of Chicago. Instrumental Music. Concert Band, Marching Band, Stage Band. MR. ROGER DIGIULIAN: B.M., Stetson Universityg M.M., Louisiana State University. Orchestra. MISS NINA HARRIS: B.A., Newcomb College. Choral Music. culture appreciation. The Freshman-Sophomore Mixed Chorus, the Girls' Ensemble, and the Junior-Senior Mixed Chor- us, and Ensemble make up the choral groups. Each year Miss Harris' students give a Christmas Program. Special activities include interscholastic competition and singing tor local business groups. The band, vvhich contains T23 members, includes the Cadet Ensemble and the Concert Band. One drum maior and tvvo feature tvvirlers complete the group. its members participate in marching, con- cert, and sightreading contests, football games, assemblies, parades, and concerts. The fine arts vvould not be complete at Neville vvithout the sott flowing melodies played expert- ly by the orchestra. Mr. Roger DiGiulian has made the orchestra something for Neville to be proud ot. They participate in All State Orchestra, the Monroe Youth Symphony, and programs for Neville assem- blies and various civic clubs. The Girls' Chorus rehearses diligen Concert Master Lane Allen and Robert Christmas lead the First Violins in a practice session. tly to prepare for a performance at the Festival. Q E P 32. ir 11 t 4 tm I, .i 'W 42 speech helps students master public speaking. Mr. Jerry R. Lee .Lax s .JM Af Gathering rriaterial for a proposed debate are Billy Walker, Dennis Venabla, Jeff Turpin, and Tom Holden. Penny Pugh refuses to concede to Elise Trimble's views on a contro- versial issue. ' "If Peter Piper picked a peck of. . Speech helps students to master any form of public speak- ing, be it tongue twisters or debates. As the teach- ers will testify, a very talkative group of people attends Neville. Many of these "gabbers" have developed a real skill in oration as a result of the efforts of the Speech Department. These students are gaining experience for future public speaking, stage, and television appearances. Through the year, oratory, dramatic readings, plays, and de- bates have given speech students chances to "sound off." MR. JERRY R. LEE: B.A. Northeast Louisiana State College, M.A., Harding College, M.Ed., Northeast Louisiana State College. Speech Social Studies, Student Council, Debate Club. personnel help keep school running smoothly PromoTing The primary duTies of The school is The rnosT imporTanT duTy of The sTaTf including Mrs, DoroThy Hodge, Mrs. Adell Worley, and Mr. EI- berT Jones. Each of These people fulfills his duTies so ThaT The school "machinery" runs smooThly. MR, ELBERT JONES Maimenance DirecTor .fl ,E 1 f S. EES' -Qsgmws ge 5 MRS. DOROTHY HODGE SecreTary 'X-, . 5.5 MRS. ADELL WORLEY Cafeteria Manager .. 5' is T 'gui' 574-,gf 5:25 ff - 4 5 ' Mi Xu' Q' k yt!-f N V W AWK N Sw "5 organizations J' 1 1 5 S .KLQE gf.. student council sponsors fund-raising proiects To raise money, Coach Ruple auctioned off Bill Dunn. The purpose of the Student Council is to pro- mote better understanding among the adminis- tration, the faculty, and the student body. The Student Council has participated in many activities to raise money for the Foreign Exchange Student Program or, if this is not possible, for a scholarship to be presented to an outstanding Neville student. These activities included a talent shovv, a powder-puff football game, a sale of pen Council members eleced from iunior homerooms were from left to right, seated: Margaret Miles, Janet Hood, Pat Halley, Working enthusiastically to bring a foreign student to Neville were officers from left to right, first row: Gene Galligan, Vice-President, Donna Porter, Secre- tary, Becky Trimble, Chaplain, Margaret Miles, Reporter, Janet Hood, Historian, second row: Charles Williams, President, J. Dodd Brooks, Sergeant-at-Arms, Bob Rowan, Parliamentariang Bill Dunn, Treasurer. and pencil sets, and the Student Council book- store, Where paperpack books are sold. One of the main projects of the Student Council this year was to organize and publish a Student's Handbook. This handbook contained all of the in- formation important to students, such as rules and regulations, customs, and information on the var- ious organizations. A Student Council Workshop -and a student assembly vvere held to help de- Donna Spargo, standing: Charles Floyd, Charles Curry, Fred Amman, Nelson Abell, Kenny Brazzel, Clyde White. 'lf HDMI'-u for foreign exchange student. fi L 'Elf presenting the sophomore class were from left to right, first row: 'iny Heimgartner, David Stewart, Bonnie Bancroft, Mary Bass, Angie unders, Cindy Zollinger, Paul Marx, second row: Jimmy Faucett, David chstetler, Steve Searcy, Randy Branch, Doug Hickman. terrnine what should go into certain sections of the handbook, especially the section on student behavior. Delegates frorn the Council were sent to the Louisiana State Convention of Student Councils at Thibodaux, and to the Southern Association of Stu- dent Councils Convention held in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Non-officer senior representatives were from left to right: Mike Pearson, Brenda Riddle, Susie McBride, Mickey Harper, y ,iss , ,,,,r 1 e-1 ii! ex. . 7' Lf , Among the freshman chosen to represent that class were from left to right: Georgiana Fink, Susan Williams, Hughes Abell, Jeff Liner, Bill Caverlee. Supporting proiects sponsored by other organization, council President, Charles Williams, buys candy from FHA members, Janet White, and Donna Lomax. Performing a ballet number during The talent show was sophomore Sarah Ann Barnett. Drawing much applause during the performance for their folk-singing were from left to right: Susan Kilpatrick, Dorothy Culpepper, and Barbara Rea. 48 "Neville on Broadway" is smash hi Members of the folk-singing Burgundy Four, who performed during "Neville on Broadway", were from left to right: Johnny Hines, Mickey Harper, Milne Kemp, and Ronnie Dana. Completing a rousing number are Sandy Rowe, Margie Burkett, and Cindy Rowe. Inter-Club Council co-orclincites clubs' activities. W it ...ig ni I 4 C ... . .g 4 f 5 . Qi? " . l 4' if C 1- I H'-c - -X t 4 ,. 'gt ' Z 1 'sl at ' .to , Q' ,. ,1 I? l'i r :ffm-' 1 ",'1 lg fy il ln: 1, 1512525 iiili .mf5t4 . l we Representing Tiger clubs and organizations on the Inter-Club Council were from left to right, first row: Ashley Benton, Susie McBride, and Harriet Lowreyg second row: Gene Galligan, Bill Dunn, and Rett Porter. The Inter-club Council's purpose is the preven- tion of conflicting meeting dates and overlapping money-raising proiects among all Neville's clubs and organizations. Each organization is represented by its president or a special representative. En- forcement of the quality point system is also a re- sponsibility of the Inter-club Council. Though the Inter-club Council was formed only in l964, it is already very effective in achieving its purposes. The officers of the Inter-club for this year were Charles Williams, President, Dan Gilliland, Vice- president, Cathy Sherman, Secretary, and Rett Por- ter, quality point system coordinator. 'Ctr qs, QU! lr, Working to prevent conflicting club activities were from left to right, first row: Mary Eve Beckett, Pat Pounders, second row: Danny Shaw, Dennis Venable, and Charles Williams. 49 Tiger band's music enlivens pep Tiger representatives in the All-State Band were from left to right: Dot Rambin, Chris Johnson, Thad Mullins, Carole Overton, and Jerry Hammonds. The Neville Symphonic Band included from left to right, first row: Shelia Taylor, Barbara Kurtz, Linda Williams, Cheryl Bout- well, Diane Woodruff, Connie Cronk, Kyle Gregory, Pam Glenn, Carole Overton, Sandy Rowe, second row: Dottie Decelle, Lisa Schonlau, Mary Jane Wiley, Mark Nolen, Suzanne Rowe, Lawrence Hunnicutt, Jim Mears, Lawrence Pritchard, Amy Griffin, Terry Oglithorpe, Jimmy Brooks, Phil Scharf, Peggy Windham, Cindy Rowe, third row: Jerry Hammonds, Martha Krepper, Marilyn Daigle, Mary Polk, Chris Johnson, Sherry Usery, Judy Garlington, Philip Chapman, Jimmy Jernigen, David Barnes, Dickie Robinson, E T l i Q. George Lastrapes, Clint Moncrief, Dot Rambin, Dan Gilliland, Greg Powell, Eric Vogel, Jimmy Popham, Butch Thrift, Aaron Polk, Judy Varnado, Charles Kitchingham, fourth row: Steve Flannery, Delaine Hixson, Hope Little, Charles Dorman, Teresa Shepherd, Claire Schonlau, Willard Kirste, Donnie Wiley, James Whitlock, Jimmy Bright, Richard Hall, Thomas Dupree, Tracey Humble, Joe Walker, Donnie Newcomeper, George Temple, fifth row: Steve Laws, Gilbert Lee, Joe Kern, Vernon McCoy, Thad Mullins, John Spurgeon, Danny Cole, Vernon Houston, Toni Al- bright, Barbara Boutwell, Chuck Cain, Freddie Cale. E! i r si ji P assemblies. as av The 1964-1965 Neville High School Marching Band. The Neville High School Symphonic Band, an organization founded by Clint Walker in 1929, is a vital factor in the furtherance of school spirit, an element of greatest pride to the student body. After the preschool drill held during the month of August, the band members are ready to partici- pate in the pep assemblies, football games, pa- rades, and various other activities throughout the year. The members, representing all classes, must meet high standards of performance before being chosen to become a part of the organization. 0:5 1 DRUM MAJORETTE-Linda Williams Executive members include from left to right: Dan Gilliland, Captain, Martha Krepper, Dean of Women, Thad Mullins, Lieutenant, Dot Rambin, Lieutenant. QV' ' .aft eggs. 1 'Q i 3 ,J - .. :':e4'tim1f-' Q3 r marching bond performs during f The responsibility of keeping up with band uniforms fell to Mary Polk. The three programs open to all students are the beginning, intermediate, and advanced studies supplemented by the iazz ensemble, which per- forms for civic groups and school functions. ln each program the students develop musicianship, citizenship, and character of the individual in an organization ot vast educational opportunity. 52 Members of the Property Crew were from left to right, first row Freddy Calep Richard Hallp Vernon Houston, Sergeant, Gilbert Lee Danny Coleg and Joe Kern. half-time. Rowe, Sandy Rowe. Preparing to become members of the symphonic and marching band were from left to right, first row: Karen McKinley, Linda Correro, Valerie Fike, Lisa Bunn, Harriet Wadleyg Second row: Debbie Farmar, Debbie Holden, Kitty Holmes, Bob Bewick, Marc in Librarians for the 1965 Tiger Band were from left to right: Peggy Windham, Phil Scharf, Cindy Swayze, Walker Glenn, third row: Jimmy' Varnaclo, Larry Had- dox, John Davis, Albert Thomas, Billy Cole, Jay Tarver, Gary Strickland, fourth row: Lewis Fister, Ricky Fisher, Freddy Koz- lasky, Gary Shields, Vincent Sampognaro, Dan McRae, i E Tigerettes participate in March of Leading the squad which supports the Tiger athletic teams were from left to right, first row: Bonnie Baldo, Senior Alternate Com- mander, Susie McBride, President, Brenda George and Elaine Hanna, Company Commanders, Donna Spargo, Junior Commander, second row: Ann Murphy, Secretary, Kay Joyce, Vice-President, Mr. Hixon, sponsor, Sarah Cascio, Junior Alternate Commander, Cathy Sherman, Treasurer. The Tigerettes carry a big part of that Tiger spirit as Neville's pep squad and precision drill team. The organization performs at football games and parades and assists with charity drives and school functions. Under the leadership of Mr. Benny Hixon, director, and Mrs. Linda Chase, sponsor, the Tigerettes sell birthday calendars and candy each year in order to finance their many projects. Approximately two hundred Neville girls belong to the organization. ,f 1L.J1e.mli " 'N mflli ' 1, " I A , ,,.:,,. -,,,,,,,,, My .,,,,, ,,:a- 1' ,. -..:.g - 1' .,. K Q 7 sgwb i- W 'W' 3. . . .- - . 1, . . ..- ...Q , ,F . .. mv- . N , in J: -2, V G, ,. ., ., . , T . , . Q .... . ..,,... ,.-. ..., .,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,.......,..a...v... Us ,, ,. .. .c..,,.,.c,W..,,..,:, My Dimes campaign. Organization and efficiency are the qualities required of the highest Tigerette offices. Filling these qualifications were from left to right: Brenda Carso, Senior Commander, Susie McBride, President, Bonnie Baldo, Senior Alternate Commander. Members of the Tigerettes were from left to right, officers: Ann Murphy, Secretary, Brenda George, Company Commander, Kathy Sherman, Treasurer, Donna Spargo, Junior Commander, Kay Joyce, Vice-President, Sarah Cascio, Junior Alternate Com- mander, first row: Brenda Crow, Jo Anne Patterson, Gale Domingues, Judy Bruce, Judy Branch, Renee Breard, Harriet Lowery, Donna Lomax, Kathryn Glasgow, Mary Reynolds, Susan Wilder, second row: Sunnye Gulley, Karen Bunn, Sheryle Hendricks, Connie Polson, Donna Porter, Susan Cochran, Mary Eve Beckett, Paula Meek, Linda Moore, Lynne Allen, Terry Campbell, Donna Reed, Margaret Rea, Jean Carter, Barbara West, Beverly Braud, Connie Wilder, third row: Delane Ruddick, Mary Lou Reliac, Diana Dillingham, Mimi Williamson, Pam Richardson, Mickey McWilliams, Dottie Kip- er, Nancy Hammons, Mary Price, Betsy Taylor, Mary Lynn Rogers, Deborah Beaver, Barbara Fleischaker, Nancy Pounds, Rebecca Hull, Cynthia Williams, Janet Brown, fourth row: Susie Hines, Dana Tucker, Sissy Kotz, Mary Tom Keller, Mary Myatt, Margaret Miles, Pat Halley, Wanda Phillips, Sharon Masur, Benita Williams, Linda Porter, Linda Kay Willard, Rita Dillingham, San- Leading hand motions which looked sharp from the oppo- site stands were Sarah Cascio and Donna Spargo. dra Hudson, Susan Allen, Sandra Seale, Kitty Vaughan, fifth row: Lil Shaw, Ava Wright, Susan Farr, Sharon West, Mary Myatt, Roselyn Deily, Cindy McDonough, Rita Richardson, Carol Covington, Unidentifiable, Jean Tolar, Vicki Clark, Ann Brinson, Liz Folds, Teresa Bee, Linda Mantrozes, Donna King, sixth row: Kathy Parrish, Delores Phillips, Joan Gilchrest, Pat Halley, Joan Harris, Rande Herrell, Unidentifiable, Unidentifiable, Andrea Cespiva, San- dra Adams, Kay Ottnot, Karen Link, Marsha Hilton, Mary Ann At- kinson, Dorothy Culpepper, Sherry Shelton, seventh row: Georgi- ana Fink, Jennifer Frazier, Sarah Waldroupe, Jennie Robinson, Sharon Marcovitz, Terri McDonough, Ann Southwell, Betty Plair, Evaline Jones, Mary Vaughn, Susan Westbrook, Kaki Stone, Margaret Denoux, Susan Willey, Kay Curry, eighth row: Virginia Allen, Susan Lary, Mary Ann Eason, Virginia Harkey, Linda Dixon, Susan Williams, Linda Minninger, Myla Lance, Lynn Smith, Nancy Locker, Mary Bass, Susan Stone, Camella Sampog- naro, Peggy Dawson, Marilyn Maxwell, Carol Cooper, ninth row: Janet Hood, Carol Ullman, Sherry Dickenhorst, Kay Kilgore, Kay Odom, Unidentifiable, Mary Ann Eason, Diane Boyd, Uni- dentifiable, Unidentifiable, Bette Benton, Carolyn Cascio, Judy Jacobs, Unidentifiable, Roberta Cobb, Kathy Mouk, and Diana Michael. Q Key Club sponsors campus wide . - x GU uns Muni ,,......--5, Elected to lead the Key Club were officers from left to right: Mickey Harper, Treasurer, Bob Rowan, President, Dennis Venable, Vice-President, second row: David Stanhope, Chaplain, Walter Dunn, Junior Board Member, Robert McSherry, Sergeant-at-Arms, Bill Dunn, Senior Board Member. Service is The vvord in describing The Key Club. Under The sponsorship of Mr. Cascio, club mem- bers have participatecl in many school and com- Participating in March of Dimes Campaign were from left mully acllvlllesf among Wlllcll are llle Selling Ol: to right, first row: Charles Floyd, Tom Brown, second rovv: David Stewart, Bob Smith, Mike Kilcoyne, third row: Andy Marsala, Bobby Robinson, Danny Shaw. Aiding the Girls' Physical Education Department in buying archery equipment was a Key Club project. Enjoying the new sport were from left to right: Mary Tom Keller, Vicki Hallmark, Janet White, Alice Pankey. clean-up campaign. Seeing Key Clubbers ushering and selling programs is not unusual during football season. With President Bob Rowan, who seems busier looking at programs than selling them, were from left to right: Nelson Abell, Fred Rivet, Mickey Harper, and Bill Garfield. fooiball programs, The announcing of local events on The illuminated sign, and The placing of litter barrels around The school campus. Among members of one of the most active groups at Neville were from left to right, First row: Billy Walker, Mike Pearson, Gene Galligan, Brenda Riddle, Sweetheart, second row: Joe ww A- . .. Wm, We 1.. nn: 5 . I S 'Z 'ii ' B lu , ,TT rams un mx rnruruu w I m P l Qfmtsrzm zwfe V., A. I at I I ll lt I me Bill Dunn paints one of the trash cans placed on campbs by the Key Club. Goyne, Doug Hickman, David Hochstetler, Kenny Brazzel, Charles Williams, third row: Clyde White, Jay Biedenharn, Fred Amman, Doug Cookston, Billy Haddad, Johnny Clay, Bill Garfield. ,Q . R 0 . in than Lettermen purchase " " Club parkas. Lettermen officers were, from left to right: J. Dodd Brooks, Vice- President, Danny Shaw, President, Bill Dunn, Secretary, Ronnie Davidson, Chaplain. Lettermen who helped with Good Fellows' Drive were, from left to right, first row: Bob Rowan, Tom Coats, Mike Pearson, Larry Sheffield, Jimmy O'Neil, Ronnie Davidson, Tom Brown, second row: Kenny Cobb, Vernon Houston, Steve Gilchrest, Gene Galli- gan, Mike Boyett, Johnny Clay, Ronnie Clark, Bobby Robinson: Welcoming lettermen to club meetings is fresh-. ly paintecl Neville Tiger. Composed of lettermen of all sports, the Letter- men's Club helps the Goodfellows during their Christmas charity drive, sponsors the football ban- quet, and works at the basketball concessions. third row: MontyfMoncrief, Charles Williams, Hank Taylor, Billy Walker, David Baker, Ken Brazzel, David Hochstetler, fourth row: Dann-y Shaw, Scott Stewart, Ronnie Dana, Dennis Venable, Scotty O'Neil, Jimmy Greenlee, Mike Kilcoyne, Mike Mullens. orchestra plays for back-to-school night 22 it fm aw f LANE ALLEN PHYLLIS MIDDLETON SUSAN KILPATRICK Concert master Vice-President Secretary President Officers serving for the 1964-65 orchestra were Lane Allen, Concert Master and President, Phyllis Middleton, Vice-President, Susan Kilpatrick, Secre- tary. Orchestra members who participated in All- State activities for the Louisiana Teachers' Conven- tion were Lane Allen, Robert Christmas, Susan Kilpatrick, Ryan Rogers, Donna Duttey, Doug Hick- man, Melanie Stuart, Maryanne Hayes, Kay Odom, Judy Johnson, Pat Hally, Leigh Russell, Martha Allen, Jane Allen, David Stanhope, Will Reardon, Freddy Coon, Mickey Harper, Jett Stone, Charles Johnson, Jackie Gilmore, Billy Bryan, Kay Curry, Sharon Fox, True Guerriero, Frank Harmon, Kathy Parrish, Elizabeth Poole, Cheryl Robinson, Wayne Taylor. Neville sent thirty of the All-state orchestra members which performed for the Louisiana Teachers' Convention ns' had 21.3" X X X fx M. ACA' M A few weeks before the deadline everyone seemed happy: Julie Amman, Susan Stone, Clif Pearce. Monroyan staff ln charge of indexing the many names were Frederick Lutz and Cindy Zollinger. The l965 Monroyan, distributed to 1000 mem- bers of the student body, was the result of many hours spent by the annual staff. Four deadlines were faced and met during the year through the co-operation of faculty members and students. Each year a dedicated staff works to make its edition better than any previous one. In preparations for i ,Ml vu?- Typing the class section proved to be a chore for Donna Spargo and Carol Ullman. 60 Taking, developing, and printing the mounds of pictures were George McCarty and Charles Kitchingham. wi l a makes plans to attend publications worksho The only senior member of the dark- room staff was Gary Willis. annual work, staff members attend a workshop usually held on the campus of NLSC. Through group meetings with students from other schools and the opportunity to see displays of award- winning annuals, the staff gains ideas to be put to use in the Neville yearbook. Supervising the work of staff members David Burkett and Teresa Langley was co-editor Mickey Harper. 1 ,... K I .1 7 gpg 'W f 62: publications department prints program: Working at the press is Kay Kilgore. "Printing is their most important business." Whether it's printing school stationary or a foot- R 'b1f",", -. .. .. espons' S or prmlmg pnmmg and more pmt ball program the pnntlng staff unoler the direction ing is Shelta Taylor. ot Mr. Turner turns out professional work. The cle- partment does its own layout work, shoots the negatives, prints, and then cuts the finished pro- Helping to fold programs for the Latin Club are from left to right: Donna Porter, Terry Campbell, and Jean Carter. Mac Ray has a pressing engagement. TH 2 W - - for latin club convention Preparing a letter is typist Susan Cochran. ducts. Printed materials furnished by the staff include report cards, office cards, programs for such activities as band concerts, football programs, slogan stickers, and tickets for various perform- ances. Billy Walker stacks folders. Cutting paper is Jerry Liles Glenda Smith types a master sheet of a letter. Pfw, FHA models latest fashion styles for Members who attended parish meetings were from left to right, first row: Jeanie Wagley, Mary Ellen Polen, Gayle Tippit, Nancy Armstrong, second row: Alice Duchesne, Sherry Read, Vicki Cox, Carol Huffman, Linda Chappell, Rande Herrell, Toni Pace, Georgianna Fink, Jennifer Jackson, third row: Margaret Horton, Sandy Dotson, Linda Greene, Lana Davis, Marsha Burdine, Nell Martien, Debby Harrison. Among the FHA members attending the initiation ceremonies were from left to right, first row: Linda Massey, Ann Hanks, Paula Meek, Annette Burt, Mary Eve Beckett, Camille Carso, Marilyn Denoux, second row: Cindy Rowe, Pat Halley, Theda Hakim, Suzette Lindsey, Betty Tillery, Donna Wene, Linda Thomp- Starting off the year with a bang, FHA held a workshop in June of the past summer for all of- ficers. Working diligently, the officers organized the program of work and calendar of events for the 1964-1965 year. As the next two months passed the club entered school and began work. The first meeting was a success with 65 members attending. In October the members boarded buses and took a trip to Ouachita Parish High School to the annual parish meeting. Ginny Stark, acting Parish Secretary, and Jane Wilkerson, acting Parish Reporter, went out of office and Donna Wene was installed as Parish Vice President. ln November Susan Parsons, Ginny Stark, Donna Porter, Cindy McDonough, Donna Lomax, and Mary Eve Beckett attended the State FHA Convention in Shreveport. A charity project was conducted and toys were taken to the Charity Hospital. In December the club celebrated Christmas with a party and held the annual Style Show Assembly. The FHA con- ducted a cookbook sale with good profits. son, Ashley Benton, Elaine Hanna, Mary Alice Pankey, third row: Judy Addison, Margaret Miles, Barbara Smith, Mary Scruggs, Barbara Parker, Ann Hathaway, Nancy Pounds, Harriet Lowery, Janet White. -fFfL'1L?l .iifwrlsi ,. I iii M W "Kt7'f's7Tii'??5?P" . Nm- f- student body "Sew 'em Up" was the theme of the Future Homemakers of America's float in the Homecoming Parade. Officers installed for the 1964-65 school year were from left to right: Jane Wilkerson, Historian, Donna Lomax, Treasurer, Donna Porter, Vice'President, Ginny Stark, President, Cindy McDonough, 5 Among those initiated into the F.H.A. were from left to right, first row: Delaine Hixon, Jennifer Davis, Ann Southwell, Susan Laryp second row: Carol Covington, Rita Richardson, Mary Ann Eason, Robin Larkin, Susan Westbrook, Betty Plair, Judy Howard, Donna Mantrozos, third rowg- Bertha Dupree, Gwen McPhail, Joan Harris, Kay Otnott, Sarah Ann Barnett, Janet Brueck, Janet Stevenson. Secretary, Sally Hover, Parliamentarian, Patsy Quarles, Reporterg Diane Gray, Song Leader. is w it I , representatives to Red Cross oncl Safety Council Leading the club in many worthwhile proiects were from left to right: Donna Lomax, Parish President, Jane Allen, Program Chairman, Harriet Lowrey, President, Janet Kulinski, Secretary, Janet Brown, Vice-President, and Donnie Wiley, Treasurer. The American High School Red Cross was initi- ated at the request of leading educators in l9l7. lts purpose is to enable students, through their Officers, Janet Brown and Harriet Lowrey, were l'9QUl6I' school pI'OgI'BtT1, to participate in COmVT1Url- featured in the ClUb'S entry in the Homecoming ity services. High School Red Cross is open to every- Pafadef "H"SP'fa"Ze 'he Beafws- one. The main project for the Neville Council this year was selling mums for Homecoming to make money for a "sick room" at the school. Selling mums at Homecoming were members, from left to right, Ann Eason, Mifiha Fitch, Maflanne Waikeff CBndY Cain! ihlfd first row: Betsy Taylor, Janet Kulinski, Cindy McDonough, Sandy row: Deno Kokinos, Jeff Stone, Jackie Rosenberg, Mefiivn De- Rowe, Barbara Boutwell, Sharon Jones, second row: Linda NOUXI Greg Powell, Erie Vogel, Mike MUlle'n5- Weeks, Linda Porter, Terry McDonough, Carol Covington, Mary ussnuunnsmenns uunmwmnwm auanuuuuuuwr nnniamnnu aummmrenruwss :ummm Ql! MwC g ,,cc,,s , 66 elected from homerooms V,,. 1 W a '- ' ft' li ' .., 1 Rett Porter, Melinda Mabray, and Jo Ann Patterson issued parking permits. Safety Council car for the Homecoming parade said, "Beware Bearcats." Helping to promote school safety were from left to right, first Snively, Linda Wright, Susan Kilpatrick, Carol Covington, Barbara row: Suzanne Keller, Vicki Hallmark, Marilyn Denoux, Jennifer Parker, Susan Cochran, third row: Lee Vanderpool, Richard En- Davis, Mary Ann Eason, Susan Stone, Bonnie Doles, Kathy Coon, sminger, Aaron Polk, Don Smith, Glenn Burns, Billy Lockhart, second row: Linda Weeks, Jenny Jackson, Suzanne Mayo, Tesa Charles Wallace, Frederick Lutz. S he s ience club sponsors sole of "tiger tails." Assisting in sales of Tiger Tails were members from left to right, first row: Martha Easley, Margie Burkett Linda Coates Dawn Collier Elise Trimble Mr Kulcke sponsor, second row, Scotty Reis, Scott As a money-making proiect the Science Club introduced the tad called "Tiger Tails" to the stu- dent body, no one could deny that the idea was an overwhelming success. In addition, the club made student directories available. With the funds raised from these proiects, the members made plans tor field trips to Poverty Point and Houston, Texas. Selling student directories was also a proiect of members from left to right Louis Masur, Heath Allen, Allen Bealle, Johnny Ellen, Fred Rivet, Dennis Venable and Ken Braley. French Club plans trip im- 5 Conducting meetings which are always held in French were from left to right, first row: Mary Eve Beckett, President, Sally Hover, Treasurer, second row: Kay Kilgore, Program Chairman, Sherry Dickenhorst, Secretary, Tommy Usrey, President. The Neville French Club is organized to further the interest and understanding of those students interested in the history, language, and literature of France. ln the monthly meetings, carried on in French, the members not only enioy getting to- gether with students sharing their interests, but also learn a great deal about the French people and customs through various films and speakers. The highlight of the year for French Club members is the trip to a French section of our state. Last year they toured the historic, romantic, and exciting city of "La Nouvelle Orleans" and visited old homes on either side of the Mississippi. clown Bayou LciFourche A French chef serves a tasty dish of Ruston Bearcat during Home- coming Parade. Among the members looking forward to the proposed trip through South Louisiana were from left to right, first row: Suzanne Kel- ler, Kay Kilgore, Marie Guillot, Candy Barringer, second row: Carol Ullman, Teresa Langley, Jimmy Rogers, Charles Walker, Nancy Pounds, third row: Betsy Taylor, James Mears, Roy Bul- loch, Avalie Boudreaux, Sherry Dickenhorst, Sandra Seale, Liz Folds. K -C5 . so , f ... r 'wr' ,...... 3 x Tir '51-l 'fa 'L Latin Club hosts spring state JCL The purpose of the Neville Latin Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. C. R. Crawley and Mr. Guy Popham, is to increase interest in foreign languages, classics, and ancient Roman history. The members are very active in school and social proiects. In November the club presented an assembly at which Dr. T. R. James, Professor of English at NLSC, vvas the guest speaker. In December, they had a Christmas party, and in January the officers appeared on School Highlights. In March, Latin Week was observed. Various activities, such as a Latin Club banquet and an Olympic track meet, were held. The highlight of the Latin Club was its sponsor- ing of the annual State JCL Convention, A host of Neville Club members greeted 600 Latin students of Louisiana. The roster of Latin scholars included from left to right, first row: Cindy Zollinger, Susan Martin, Jackie Gilmore, second rovv: John Overton, Susan Stone, Steve Flannary, third row: David Hochstetlcr, Arthur Liles, Angie Poundersg fourth row: Susan Kilpatrick, Paul Marx, David Stanhope, Tom Ernst. HOSTIHQ 6 state convention meant attention to dSTailS fOT fT1SmlOGI'S third row: Mary Louise l-lunnicutt, Charles Dorman, Rebecca Hull, from left to right, first row: Barbara Kurtz, Dottie Kiper, Marsha fourth raw: Chris Jghngon, Ann Murphy, Linda Moore, fifth Hilton, second row: Gay Gannaway, Dee Strickland, Susan Farr, row: Doug Hickman, Kay Odgm, N convention. Dressed in Roman costumes, officers installed during the first meeting of the school year included from left to right, first row: Susan Kilpatrick, secretary, Pat Halley, chaplain, Mary Tom Keller, program chairman, second row: Paula Meek, reporter, Teresa Langley, parliamentarian, Sally Breard, historian, Margaret Miles, treasurer, third row: Will Reardon, vicegpresident, David Stan- hope, president, Bill Garfield, public relations, Doug Hickman, sergeant-at-arms. Among the members attending a meeting where plans were made for hosting the spring JCL Convention were from left to right, first row: Bill Garfield, Mary Tom Keller, Margie Burkett, second row: Margaret Miles, Teresa Langley, Pat Halley, third introducing Dr. James, head of the Department of Languages, NLSC, as guest speaker during the club's annual assembly, is President David Stanhope. row: Susie Hines, Paula Meek, Denise Duncan, fourth row: David Chennault, Frederick Lutz, Carol Hargus, fifth row: Will Reardon, Tommy White, Bob Smith, sixth row: Sally Breard, Robert Christ- mas, Andy Marsala. gg y-Teens host Valentine tea for Hi-Y Members were from left to right, first rovv: Larry Collier George Adams, Mike Lancaster, second row: John Spurgeon Chuck Cain, Jimmy Brooks, third row: Mr. Kulcke, Sponsor. Y-Teen Officers were from left to right, Persident, standing: Peggy Gates, 2nd Treasurer. 1 . 1 "Our iob is to be our best, to bring out the best in others, and so make a better world." CNevvtonD This is the motto by which all Y-Teens try to better their lives. As part of its yearly pro- gram, the Neville Y-Teens sponsor "a thought for the week" every Monday during the school year, a Valentines tea for the teachers, and service proi- ects to aid the community. Members of the club also participate in programs planned according to their interests, devotionals, social events, planned by the girls, and the building ot a homecoming float. seated: Katherine Glasgow, Vice-President, Pat Pounders, Vice-Presidentg Annette Burt, Secretary, Lynn Hamner, teachers. if . ln Freshman and Sophomore members of the Y-Teens included from left to right: Susan Kilpatrick, Kathy Calhoun, Alphia Bartlett, Diana Mickel, Connie Cronk, Linda Stewart. Junior and Senior members of the Y-Teens included from left to right, seated: Olivia Baw, Ann Craft, Jane Hendricks, Mary Alice Pankey, Ashley Benton, Marylin Goldman, Sarah Lee, stand- ing: Patsy Kozlosky, Sheryle Hendricks, Sandra Greenwood, Robin Wadley, Theda Hakim, Barbara Walpole, Connie Marshall, Donna Lee. Neville vocal music department hosts g Q : ? ,ffwyi i ' sr , ,,., 3 5 , . , , . J ,, fi ,. Members of the Freshman-Sophomore Mixed Chorus are from left to right, First row: Carol Huffman, Floye Mathis, Rande Herrell, James Masters, Mike Richie, Joe Aycock, Sallie Sudduth, Betsy Taylor, Jenny Frazer, accompanist, second row: Glenda Representing Neville at All-State Chorus were Cindy and Sandy Rowe and Kent Dean. Smith, Sarah Waldroupe, Debra Beaver, Monty Lockhart, Neal Robinson, Doug Brown, Mary Ellen Polen, Jeannie Wagley, Kathy Calhoun, Shirley Maddux, Kath" Heard, Carolyn McConathy. Students from the freshman and sophomore classes made up the first period mixed chorus. Officers of this group were Sallie Suddith, President, Debra Beav- er, Vice-President, Betsy Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer, Shirley Maddux, Publicity Chairman, Floye Mathis and Neal Robinson, Wardrobe Chairmen, Jenny Frazer, Accompanist. Members of the Girls' Ensemble were selected from many who auditioned last spring. They were chosen for their musical ability. Officers of the newly formed Ensemble were from left to right, first row: Cindy Rowe, Secretary-Treasurer, Margie Burkett, Vice-President, Benita Williams, Librarian, second row: Scotty Campbell, Wardrobe chairman, Peggy Windham, Accompanist and Public Relations Chairman. li xi il district music workshop. than Members of the Girls' Chorus were from left to right, first row: Janet Brown, Kathryn Ferguson, Marianne Salsbury, Mary Sherman, Linda Thomp- son, Margaret Hunnicut, second row: Theda Hakim, Carolyn Anspach, Candy, 1. Barringer, Nancy Pounds, Linda Massey, Kyle Gregory, Sue Spight, third row: Mimi Williams, Leigh Boudreaux, Kathrine Glasgow, Lynn Hamner, Carol Brandt, Ann Hathaway, Mary Scruggs. The NHS Ensemble, a newly organized choral group, has been very active, performing for var- ious clubs and the student body. Continuing their busy schedule, the choir hosted All-District Choir, participated in numerous festivals, and entertained Twin City organizations. Three members of the choir, composed of talented juniors and seniors, attended the activities of the All-State Chorus in Shreveport. Preparing for the district music festival were members of The Mixed Ensemble from left to right, first row: Suzanne Keller, Susan Ellinton, Margie Burkett, Peggy Windham, Cindy Rowe, second row: Charles Walker, Harriett Adams, Betty Hodges, Members of the Girl's Ensemble preparing for chorus festival were from left to right, Nancy Pounds, Candy Barringer, Leigh Boudreaux, Carol Brandt, Kyle Gergory, Sue Spight, Lynn Hamner, and accompanist Marianne Salisbury Susan Wilder, Bentia Williams, Sandy Rowe, Charles Casicog third row: Ted Stanley, Mac Marsh, J, Dodd Brooks, Danny Shaw, Scotty Campbell Tommy Ware. Debate Club presents "ls Your Halo on Straight." ,I' r Attending speech festivals atDNortheast and Southwestern were Gena Galligan, Jeanie Brice, Jamie Mafiien, Marilyn Denoux, Larry Debate Club members, from ieft to right: Mr. Lee, Scotty Reis, White, David Burkett, Kathy Bird, and Stephen Moncla. Stage crew members flashing the lights during "pep" assemblies were Tom Ernst and Tommy White. 76 Resp CFGW l onsible for pulling the curtains at the right time were stage members Mike Lancaster and Max Maxwell. Tigers attend Pelican State. X 'ficfcl Meeting with girls from all over the state at LSU were from left to right: Lynn Haddad, Camille Carso, and Elaine Hanna. Every summer, high school boys and girls from all over Louisiana gather in order to learn, Through experience, the various functions of government. Through practicing the duties ofthe office to which they are elected, students prepare themselves for their roles as future citizens. Among the boys from the student body attending Boys' State were from left to right: John Salisbury, Mickey Harper, Bill Dunn, Participating in mock elections were Susie McBride and Becky Trimble. and Al McDuff. 2 t 'SSN 7f! 4w k Lf "X KMIM X ll --- . xxx W W" X XR m f favorites W .g,5 ,,,. 'msg k was J.-Iv J i f Mr. Neville High School , 1-fgfrvfi' H. nag A , if Miss Neville High School 1 - X ' . . . . 'HE' ,Hi R X Q X X X gg! 'rx Xxx :bg f W 2 QT t , Q Rx A Q, ff 1' K fa x 3 xg X X 15 a 'is Y R f-ffigagf wsu gi 2 .-AJsf"fL if A , . ygifw f -' xwiw , vkg' ,-,. S Jw! . , .pw if 'a -' ff in Sherry Branch 85 been ufy beauty hand ome . ,gan A gg X X 2 X Tsifixgi " 'fsgiiw 614233322 'sief2sffsS -wwwx -fiqggrig I " 452: L? a , -fiiissegz . , WW, Sis . W wg - Q FE x Six x 522 5 beclut handsome most intellectual heartbreak and flirt s s K ? -aw . 'lf X xx-x, xxkwnca J 9 "wg , N.....,,,....X 1 .J xt f 7 no " 1 Q Q witfiesf W, 8 - . , fr-uqmnu T if " xv , f f 'H' 6" , 1 I . I V I ,J g ,M . 3' xx 5' ff 1, l ":'.. ' -as-f , "' W 2 K Q S' - - A A 4 Q ' g xla I 1 3 . W ' g' L ' : rw "F , 1 fr, Q 1 'Y ' 11 Q .Q f . H -, i UM, , Q25 5 'E 1 K f 'S Q' , Q. 'K-Qwaun..l l mm ,A awww . I - f A I I I ,. 'X gfgwlsiz 'J :QL qi' Af I J, ff 'Je g., . ifI 3 3. 1 it Ly Y K 'Q f Q -9-""""""' ,..fd!l1N w,M,w" " W Pam BU'fQ?.5s.- xQu -ff ' M , k Mif1cltf6'j7 Harper W. . ,av va 1 K 51 most talented Hg ug 1-' friendliest E v M,-f A 2 W, ii - , gifig -,Mil ali! N., Q ',,- ax fx X ff K -L Wu!! ' 1 ,, -if f La s WM rfll' 'Wifi . aw: 1, N P , .LA I JSWJQF limi -ri 5: A- ,A,,,M, i 4 f' Qfizff Y w 5 F' ",f'..'3 B x '-fr"-Grim A saga lim Wtlgff we if? -fig' 31 'f l 'QSM' lllifi ,gag mt? W: QTffis:f . 9 . . ,ni if Lwfx "r f Q' F, 4 f,-mf - J, y Q' 'X 'gill ff, ii' 'Wg l i x' "mga ,B W if mllle Curso Bill Dunn most athletic 1 f - ' Q H v N . 7 M5.,,,h I 55 Iva I X r i W S 5 : 'P' wiv ' ,Q 7? ' A , f L: -f - . Hwgg ' 'Ei ' 1 ,I an V5'4f"2p, 'SHI' war.. Q-wwf 1 wi' most likely to succeed ' . , aff- Q 3? gs.--M Becky Trimble David Stanhope 4.1 W Q 'YY ,gi Kenny Brazzel Charles Floyd iunior fclvorifes , , 1 jvwZJ7,, jk f WWW ,hiv f K A lb F6 Xxsxx Ax ,Ma ry M2911 ""' DoT1'l"fa Spargo X v W U 6 4 N sophomore favorites ii ee., ,- ur iiawlw mi Y ,f Cindy'ZoIIinger Ann Murphy Tim Allen David Hochsfefler freshman favorites ay 5 ' 1 - an ,. g fs, ymf ' - , Nw' xx, faculty selects fifteen seniors A --ff , T"CF.'?'f .R me I-W,,.,e-J" -qv. :n9l Selected to represent the Home Economics department was Alice Pankey. His interest and ability in the social studies earned for Mike Pearson a place in Who's Who. Nominated by the Industrial Arts department, especially for his achievement in mechanical drawing, was,Ronnie Dana. to Who's Who. Advanced Mathematics student Susie McBride was selected to represent that department. ln every graduating class there are students deserving of recognition for their outstanding achievement in each area of the school's curricu- lum, The faculty of each department must choose the student to be honored in Who's Who on the basis of academic vvork, interest, attitude, and .l For his success in the study of business subiects David Correro was chosen to Who's Who by the faculty An all-state chorus member, Kent Dean, was chosen to represent the Choral Music Department. willingness to do more than the minimum required of him. Talent and skill won for Linda Breard the title of Who's Who in Art IO3 Who's Who representatives are people on Wi' FEW Liv? Sf Department, Members of all-state musical groups, Lane Allen and Thad Mul- lins, were selected to represent the Instrumental department. Chosen the most outstanding student in the study of English was Janet Vanderpool. Captain of the team which won the inter-mural football champion- ship was Jessie Sepulvado, selected by the Boys' Physical Education Recognized for his achievement in subiects like physics and chemistry was Jimmie Rogers. ii y X I a Q4 Q ii y ,SE if 3 XE 4 1 ' Vis, fe C the way up. c,,. M ,S ew Representing the Spanish section of the foreign language department was Larry Mullens. Active in many school proiects, Linda Williams was selected to be Who's Who in Girls' Physical Education. Earning recognition by the Speech Department was Billy Walker. Nominated by the French Department was Susan Johns. 1 ' ' N. '-'uhm - 'wil 1 ' ,aff-ifQ'Q' ' ,gf it ggwwggetswgg Clair if L. at I 7,9 . R .1 . in an fr at -Mom 'X -Yr 4, L' , A ' 6 ,MS , iff, ff 4 . , 4-I 1 - ' ri. , , , 'x :'3Af.QK, 's f" ' - fx t:4-Qriwx' V' x f f, , X- t 55, A . was . I 1 -' , T 2 J . r . . ,, V in jgfimiil 4 A '4 Q5 'Q ' '-Y A Q ' E S Q 1, V 1 ' V . X gk, . sa , . if ,Q , 'H L 1,1 5 A 'C' N' 2 AQ A mi f u vga, :Q f V -I., vw 1 K 2 A V I at M y hs., X ik X. 'wx A '7 4 4 w 1' ' L , 'S B' Ii igifljgfgg 'V p A9 rg Jn. eq- X xx KY Q '-5-" .-i""'::Xx, ? rf" 2 'Vf' ' X , K xxx 61 "fix N S 'd i I 1y'v"'ffwfSXX Q nmfztllmklglglfgisa athletics I is W a Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville 108 Tigers sport winning "ooo" season 1964 SEASON RESULTS 4O Ferriday 27 Bastrop 29 Fairpark 27 Jonesboro 14 Ruston 14 Bossier O Byrd 14 Woodlawn 47 Ouachita 20 West Monroe Surprising Triple-A Teams in 1964 were from left to right, first row: David Chennault, Lee Burford, Ty Turner, David Stewart, David Hochstetler, Tom Coats, Doug Hickman, Fred Amman, Doug Cookston, and Dale Youngg second row: Mike Boyett, desire, pride, ctncl teamwork. "4 3--QS, :' , 1 r.LrjL:ty-A,,1 f v,,,Aw. fb r ,t f i. ag E' iii , ier 56 gzfafffffiig 3 fp?'f'f .1ff3t,,,f: gg, Keith Gunn, Mike Pearson, Buzz Redding, Steve Gilchrist, Alex SON, Billy Wellieff Lel'i'Y Sheffield, DenV1iS,VefWelJle, Hank Taylor Hayward, Skipper Riley, Monty Moncrief, Ronnie Clark, Murray Ronnie Dime, Cl1BI'le5 Williams, Kenny COl3b, Mike KilC0Y'We Salinas, Scott Stewartg third row: Robert McSberry, Bobby Robin- Rennie DPMOSS, and Ronnie Winborne, .nj 1 m0 5 ,WA , my - - -V .?' H N QW . , ww ff y 3 M K Naam p, +44 g,, N 1, Kr M, - 'NWQW Wm' 1 Q, Nana I Mm, . xx Mwmw mmwwm www. Wwwm. qwmmn 1 Q' f M w .-.. ' ' - J K A Q 2 'V' , : Vkky v A H 4 ' mph wa .yqf-W :Y ' 'f ' gm ,, '-Wf,-s- ij' . I I I ' 'L I awww ' iQMwM,mw, Tigers surprise "aaa" opponents. l Making movies of the Tigers' games is Mr. H. J. Cassanova. Perhaps the unsung heroes of many a football game are the student trainers and managers who are from left to right: Danny Shaw, Mike Mullens, and Bill Causey. Leading the Tiger teams to a 7951 rating during their initial AAA Buck Stewart, Freshman Football and Track Coachg Sonny Smith, season were from left to right: Bill Ruple, Athletic Directory B-Team Coachg and Larry Reeves, Baseball and Freshman Basket- Charlie Brovvn, Head Coachg Chick Childress, Defensive Coachg ball Coach. QVIZJQ tw W QA 7 3 1353? rf: tigers overwhelm bulldogs DENNIS VENABLE HANK TAYLOR ROBERT MCSHERRY End End Fullback ln Their TirsT game of The T964 season, The Tigers sTomped The Ferriday Bulldogs 40-6. Al- Though The Bulldogs surprised Neville wiTh a Touchdown on The TirsT play Trom scrimmage, iT didn'T seem To boTher The Tigers, This opening game was non-conference, buT iT marked Neville's enTry inTo AAA compeTiTion. Bobby Robinson sTarTed TIE Tiger oTTensive show wiTh a 47-yard Touchdown Tollowed by oTher scores by Dennis Venable, Fred Amman, RoberT McSherry, Dale Young, and Tom'CoaTs. On The line Ronnie DelVloss and Mike Pearson Turned in fine performances along wiTh Dale Young's key blocks in The back Tield. Quarterback Kenny Cobb oufmaneuvers would-be blockers as Tom CoaTs moves in, CHARLES WILLIAMS Guard is A ,I -,VVV 'Q K 12 gy 'T " ff ' T as f , and rams. Against The Ferriday Bulldogs McSherry goes for a score In Their first AAA conference game, The Tigers upseT The BasTrop Rams 27-O. Neville goT off To a good sTarT vviTh a Touchdown in only five plays vviTh Dale Young going over Tor The score. The Tigers scored again laTe in The firsT quarTer on a run by Kenny Cobb. in The Third quarTer neiTher Team vvas able To geT a scoring drive going unTil s A Ti 57, 1' if Q z , ' V' 'H 49? H . N ., ., ..,. i -. n if -... T V ij .gi-,..'.5 , V- if ri 9 . .ii ,M -- .ff S , -1 l f ' ,. vw, BUZZ REDDING may! M KENNY COBB Dale Young tangles with Ruston Bearcat. RoberT McSherry came Through vviTh a fine 75 yard run. In The middle of The TourTh quarTer Doug CoodsTon piloTed The Tigers in a nine play drive from Their ovvn 20 yard-line, ending in a Touch- down run by Fred Amman. Later in The quarTer Amman scored againi NlonTy Moncrief Toed 2 PAT's during The game. , . T 1Qwa,g.a, ,. MIKE PEARSON End Quraterback Center Desire wins for tigers over larger Fair Park and f Kaz M 5 1 . f . K . f 'V ,sffygy - T5 15,1 Q... mi T srrr i f or is srifs RONNIE CLARK RONNIE DEMOSS TOMMY COATS Quarterback Center Halfback In an inciporTanT conference game, The Tigers ball much of The Time, scoring Two Touchdovvns, foughT off a Tough Fair Park offense To chalk up buf Robinson scored again and MonTy Moncrief a 29-14 vicTory. In The firsT half The fierce Neville kicked a 32 yard field goal. Mike Pearson was defense held The Indians To only 9 yards ToTal of- oUTsTanding in The Tiger defense vviTh i0 Tackles, fense, While Kenny Cobb, Bobby Robinson, and followed by STeve GilchrisT vvifh 8 and Ronnie Dale Young piled up a good lead of 19-O. De Moss vviTh 7. During The second half Fair Park conTrolled The Tackled iusT before making a Try for a pass is Bobby Robinson. BILLY WALKER Fullback .mm ,-:'l,x,,v V . , L ,, Lif ff' .V K f f af, H . ll4 Jonesboro Teams. E Six opposing Tacklers are required To bring down speedsfer Bobby Robinson. The Tigers romped over Their old-Time rival Jonesboro-Hodge Tor Their TourTh sTraighT win of The season. ATTer boTh Teams were held scoreless in The TirsT quarTer, The Tigers rolled for Two Touch- downs in The second period, Taking a 14-O lead To The dressing room. ATTer receiving The second as f as -1, J. , ,, fi' -,W A 'Y ,ml Riu.. Q deg! jglilfs-Q "'f',.f A, -' Y 'if T.. ' - - f ' , T , X in , Called upon many Times To' Try for imporTanT first down yardage, Roberf McSherry goes for The necessary inches. half kick-off, The Tigers wenT on To boosT Their lead To 20-O aT The end of The Third quarTer. How- ever, in The lasT period,'The deTermined Jonesboro Team Taclcecl up Two scores, buT The Tigers wer1T on To win 27-13. EDDIE ALLEN BOBBY ROBINSON SCOTT STEWART End Halfback Tackle tigers defeat two teams nicknamed l,,fVs,1 'MEG' RONNlE DANA LARRY SHEFFIELD MIKE Kll-COYNE Tackle End End Neville's T964 homecoming Turned out To be a real baTTle in which The Tigers came ouT on Top by a score of lil-7. RusTon received The open- ing kickoff buT vvas forced To kick afTer failing To pick up a firsT dovvn. On second dovvn Larry Shef- field snared a Kenny Cobb pass ThaT covered 44 yards and seT The Tigers up in scoring posiTion on The Rusion ll. Several plays laTer RoberT Mc- Sherry scored from The l. AfTer RusTon vvas again forced To punT, The Tigers pounded dovvn To The BearcaT l, vvhere RusTon recovered a David Hochstetler and Robert NlcSherry move in To help finish off fumble and ended The drive, buT Fred Am- man recovered a Ruslon fumble on The nexT play. Ronnie Clark broke around righT end To score from The TO. BoTh of Monty lVloncrief's kicks dur- ing The game vvere good. BuT RusTon bounced back vviTh Their only score of The nighT minuTes later. ln The second half a,Tough Tiger defense led by Charles Williams and Ronnie Delilloss, along vviTh ouTsTanding plays by Fred Amman and lVlcSherry, conTained The BearcaTs. an opponent. FRED AMMAN Halfback W n -..Ki F '32-fg A . f ,X , T bearcats. i 'Qf"f'Gv6 Forcing an opposing runner to the ground are outstanding defensive Adding to the pile-up is senior Hank Taylor. players: Robert McSherry, Ronnie Clark, and Billy Walker. The Tigers boosted their winning streak to six straight victories with a T41-6 decision over the Bossier City Bearcats. After a scoreless first half, in which neither team posed a serious threat, ex- cept for Fred Arnman's nullified touchdown scam- per, Robert lVlcSherry led a 67 yard scoring drive at the beginning of the third quarter. Later in the third quarter Bossier put together their only scor- DOUG COOKSTON Quarterback ccicci 6 iyyas 1' DAVID CHENNAULT ing drive of the garne rolling A8 yards in T3 plays. However, the point after was blocked by Bobby Robinson and the Tigers led 7-6. Later in the fourth quarter Kenny Cobb hit Dennis Venable with a touchdown pass frorn the 6. McSherry was out- standing the whole night, leading the Tigers in yardage and tackles. DON SMITH End Bi wayne s .,.., 'ev' ilil . Shreveport proves to be the tigers' .sgfaff " " DAVID STEWART MONTY MONCRIEF DAVlD HOCHSTETLER Guard Fullback Halfback The Tigers lost their first game of the V964 Yellow Jackets, who seemed to get all of the season to the Byrd Yellow Jackets. The Jackets breaks at just the right time, led 7lO The Tiger won by two touchdowns, taking advantage of a linemen played a good game, but they were out Neville tumble and several penalties. At the halt weight by a large margin. Neville trailed by only two first downs, but the Turning on the famous Tiger speed are Robert McSherry and Mike Pearson. RONNIE WINBORNE End W 4 Waterloo. Noted for its defense, the Tigers stop another run for little gain. Shreveport proved to be a iinx to the Tigers for the second straight week as they lost to the Woodlawn Knights, 28-14. ln the first quarter Robert lVlcSherry strated things off for the Tigers with a one yard scoring run, so that the Tigers led 7-O at the end of the first quarter. However, in the second quarter the Knights bounced back with All-District Robert McSherry moves for necessary yardage. two scores to take over the lead. ln the second half the Knights added two more scores while the Tigers tacked up only one. Neville's last score was set up by a 34-yard pass from Kenny Cobb to Hank Taylor. Monty Nloncrief kicked two extra points during the game. MIKE BOYETT STEVE GlLCHRlST SKIPPER RILEY Guard Tackle End JV f ?,."'E'.-Q25 ' sv- initial season in "aaa" ends with y L n,,g f as .i,, b L Q , ..fLr 5 JVM M, V,.V, M, K -'ffwi ' 'i" Y ALEX HAYWARD KEITH GUNN LEE BURFORD Guard End Halfback Scoring in every guarTer of The game, The Tigers rambled To a 417-13 decision over The OuachiTa Lions. The scoring began early in The firsT quarTer when Mike Pearson and Joe Rosenburg blocked a Lion punT on Their ovvn T8 and Pearson grabbed The ball and sTepped inTo The end zone. However, OuachiTa quickly Tied The score. AT The end of The second quarTer The Tigers held a comTorTable 28-7 lead vviTh Doug CooksTon, Kenny Cobb, and Larry Sheffield scoring. ATTer receiving The kick, and Fred Amman defends against an approaching forward pass. keeping The ball only Three plays Trom The begin- ning oT The second half, OuachiTa Tumbled and The Tigers began a nine play drive vvhich ended in RoberT lVlcSherry's scoring aTTer which Moncrief kicked his TourTh PAT of The nighT. ATTer OuachiTa surprised The Tigers vviTh anoTher score, Bobby Rob- inson pulled dovvn a 47-yard pass from Kenny Cobb Tor anoTher Neville score. A 29-yard run by Tim Allen ended The Tigers scoring for The nighT vviTh TradiTional vvin over OuachiTa. DOUG HICKMAN Guard Q. ,,c.. - "2 , S sweet victories. Tigers bring down a determined Bossier Bearcaf. ATTer a long baTTle vviTh Their cross-Town rivals, The Tigers dovvned The VVesT Monroe Rebels 20-7 in Their Tinal game of The year. The Rebels vvenT ahead 7-O early in The game, buT The Tigers Tied iT up aTTer an inTercepTion by RoberT McSherry. The Third qUarTer was mosTly an exchange of TY TURNER Halfback DALE YOUNG Billy Walker and Mike Pearson managed To be in on many de Tonsive Tackles. bums, buT in The lasT quarTer Things began To happen. The Tigers puT TogeTher Tvvo scoring drives climaxed by Bobby Robinson's runs. During The game Robinson gained QT yards and capTured The Twin CiTy rushing crown Tor The T964 season. MURRAY SALINAS Tackle l 4 19' 1 .1 L -qllx '. J ' J iq . 0.-nw I Carrying tor the possible first down against Ruston is Jackie Rosen- berg. Other Tiger Frosh in on the play are Frank Hewitt and George McCarty. Members of the Junior Varsity squad were from left to right, first row: Henry Florsheim, Randy Branch, Mickey Osborne, Pat Mabray, Keith Moncrief, Pat Dayton, Ricky Packer, Claude Hilton, Brown, second row: Buddy Wallace, Lenny Heimgartner, Tom Jimmy Faucett, Joe Coats, Greg Planchard, Speedy Vinson, Ron- Freshmen and "b"-team increase strength B-TEAM SEASON RESULTS Neville 46 Bolton Neville i3 West Monroe Neville O Jonesboro Neville 26 Minden Neville O Bastrop Neville 19 West Monroe Neville 20 Bastrop FRESHMAN SEASON RESULTS Neville 7 Bastrop Neville 14 St. Frederick Neville 26 West Monroe Neville O Ruston Neville 32 Ouachita Neville 27 Bastrop Neville O Ruston Neville O Ouachita 7 Neville 12 West Monroe O nie Packer, Steve McDuftie, Byron Davis, Joel lrvin, Harold Par- sons, Ray Doncer, Charles Wallace, Don Ross, third row: Butch Statham, Bucky Hargiss, Bobby Tippit, Rowland Perry, Charles Freeman, Curtis Leckie, Brent Seale, Robert Patterson, Cecil Day, Mike Hibbard. V 'K asian, N, ,H ,k,L,qg7l,,,J, J f 5- 1 u .wwf ' ' Q, " '.' wi, . i i Y . W 'i get A we 1- f .. A ' fc' -1 1 N as ,fc 1. r 4 1 -1 as "Q A "'f'i' uk 1 Q "ffl" I22 and know-how of the future varsity. 'fn' Q Z if ' 5 A vb K We g Zi " A ' T. r 3 415 1 1 i 1, . ,, I, J w: , J Q I U3 T J 7 z " '3 9' ":' , at ,J , 7 s ., 1' , 2' 'I , - ' g I A ji , Ns I W -Q - , ll- " YJ .ll . A f , 1 at R A rs Q. ,tif F ,ca , Fa, - 4 "1 se . - ir- E' 5 I -L ai ' ' , A r '. -fa -, X- E S ' ,.- ' lg Q ' r 2 as f V , J I l 5 I ' V i.X'I-il 7 t .2 I In il , ks tl - El . A4 ' 5 ll I F4 A X it l r ' J Q r , f if -f v ' J " Y 1' LL-, , ,.., . , H 1. -PV A, ' we ' .t V-Af? ' " r i 45,3 ,, ' . -W' aff ' o f x A A , if M 'f ' N- ., .. f if zfb . 4 it , ,. ri.-1 J ' , F. o f rs . ' Members of the Tiger freshman team included from left to right, first row: Ronnie Hilton, Mark Hansen, Stacy Rainwater, Doug Perry, Alan Slakter, Al White, Dan Parker, Alan Ingram, second row: Charles Fury, Dray Durrett, Frank Hewitt, Jimmy Hood, Mark Hart, Mike Weaver, Randy Walton, Billy McSherry Frank Walker, third row: Mike Campbell, Jackie Rosenberg Dickie Touchstone, George McCarty, Bobby Hooton, Walker Glenn Larry Averitt, Jimmie Laudenheimer, and Frank Fury. Sandy Zollinger, Judy Bakery second Leading the Freshman Tigers in cheers were from left to right, first row: Ann Sherrouse, Sally Williams rowy Kathy Cobb, True Guerriero. WWW .ii it fill li Jr. .4 J ffillllllll lil ll Crowning of Queen Brenda Riddle LINDA ,. .Ev BRENDA CARSO Hignliglwling The Tiger homecoming acfiviries was The crovvnlng of senior loeaufy Brenda Riddle as queen. Elected To her court were Linda Williamsg Brenda Carsog Alyce Srniflwg and Dana Tucker, The only non-senior rnald. WILLIAMS Maid of Honor f 1 aww ALYCE SMITH DANA TUCKER 32, Qiwvry. L, cheerleaders pantomime field goal try Winning firsT place aT Cheerleading camp were from left To Brenda Riddle Pam Burgess Peggy Marx righT: Merrie Jo Simonionp Mary Alice Pankeyp JaneT Vanderpoolg Their enThusiasm Urges Tiger Teams To vicTory- They are The Neville Cheerleaders, sponsored by Miss Jane VVhiTTingTon. During sixTh period sTu- denTs can glimpse The never-Tiring girls aT work on decoraTing The halls or invenTing some device To Transfer Their enThusiasm To The sTudenT body. As Their yells fill The silence, The cheerleaders consTiTuTe The "back bone of school spiriT." l26 T McSherry selected tiger mvp. Ronnie Clark Kenny Cobb Ronnie DeNloss Robert McSherry Mike Pearson Bobby Robinson At the annual Neville awards banquet Robert McSherry was named the Most Valuable Player for his outstanding play in Neville's first season in triple A competition. Ten other awards were presented to some of the other seniors on th 1964 squad. The Best Back award went to Bobby Robin- son, Best Lineman to Ronnie DeMoss, Most Versa- Larry Sheffield Danny Shaw Hank Taylor Dennis Venable Charles Williams 'nib wiv-lid' tie to Ronnie Clark, Best Blocker to Larry Sheffield, Most Improved to Mike Pearson and Kenny Cobb, Sportsmanship to Hank Taylor, Superintendent Award to Charles Williams, Coaches Award to Dennis Venable, and Manager's Award to Danny Shaw for his work in one of the most important iobs connected with football. dK'f"7s W ' 510' 'intra' tigers move toward ci chance for ooo Contending for district and state honors in AAA ranks were Ronnie Davidsong Paul Marx, manager: second row: Coach Benny from left to right, first row: Don Guyton, managery Jay Eppinettef Hollisp Mack Marshg Johnny Clayg Charles Floydg J. Dobb Brooks: Jimmy Higginbothamf Lance Dreyerg Bill Dunng Jimmy O'Nealg David Bakery Bob Rowang Chris Turnerg and John Overton. The referee calls for two shots for Clay as J. Dodd Brooks and Jay Eppinette get set at the free throw line. Johnny Clay avoids a try for a steal by a Simsboro Tiger during the News-Star Invitational Tournament. 1l " v"11 .40-' trophy in Shreveport tourney. J, DODD BROOKS DAviD BAKER BILL DUNN On The Junior Varsify rosfer were frvm lvff T0 right first row: Smith, Bob Smirh, Harry Smith, Johnny Ellen, Herbie Frankovvicz Petey Smith, Marion Kulinski, George Tonoreg second row: Glenn ana Aaron Polk, Bob Rowan jumps against a Simsboro player in the News Star-World Tournament. Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville tigers lose only t REGULAR SEASON RESULTS Harrisonburg Jonesboro Byrd Ouachita Bolton Ruston Bastrop Woodlawn West Monroe Bossier Byrd Fair Park Ouachita Ruston Minden Jonesboro Bastrop Woodlawn West Monroe Bossier Airline JAY EppiN5TT5 CHARLES FLOYD JIMMY o'NEAL - shreveport teams during regular season J" fr i 1 BOB ROWAN JOHNNY CLAY MACK MARSH Bill Dunn goes up for a shot in the game against Ruston, as David Baker looks on. David Baker fries To block a Bastrop pass while Jay Eppinelle and Johnny Clay guard oiher opponenls. Eppinerte tries to outmaneuver a Ruston Bearcat and retrieve the ball. JIMMY HIGGINBOTHAM By defeating Ouachita in the RONNIE DAVIDSON CHRIS TURNER BASTROP TOURNAMENT Neville 62 Forest Neville 56 Kilborne Neville 54 Ouachita NEWS-STAR INVITATIONAL Neville 67 Simsboro Neville 50 RusTon Neville 56 Ouachifa There's no chair for Eppinefte as he is double-teamed. final games, tigers win three tournaments LANCE DREYER JOHN OVERTON OUACHITA TOURNAMENT Neville 64 West Monroe 59 Neville 54 Caldwell 53 Neville 61 Ouachita 42 Participating in the freshman 5-star league were from left to right, first row: Thomas Guyton, Frank Walker, Bill McSherry, ae '42 " x 0 ' gslnigf ' xiiilgii: f'm'sf'1' 1: ai , sang A uf 19 if if Eg, I f if 3 - g 0 T' w. 1 2sfg ,,1,11,5 f ww Q25 Q loses only one regular os o senior. CYNTHIA CHAMBUSS LINDA WILLIAMS NELDA PURDY Guard Guard Guard Captain BETTY JO SPARGO Forward Many are the responsibilities of student managers, such as from left to right: Janna Rorex, Debbie Slakter, and Suzanne Rowe. Linda Williams serves Guards Nelda Purcly and Linda Williams attempt to keep the sharp-shooting Ouachita Lions from scoring. As Betty Jo Spargo shoots, Dot Rambin watches for the rebound, NllNA PARRISH DOT RAMBIN JANE SHERROUSE Forward Forward Forward as varsity captain. DEBORAH FEENEY BRIDGET DOWD BONNIE DOLES Forward Guard Guard KATHY MOUK ANGIE POUNDERS Affef driving in fo me goal, Betty Jo Forward Guard Spargo scores Two against Basfrop. Deborah Fe-eney walts'for Dot Rambln to make her move toward the opponent's goal. Aicllng the Freshman team were managers Beverly Edwards. l Freshmen bag two trophies. Llncla Wrigltt and Placing first ln the West Monroe and second In the Ouacltita Mamen, Spidey Manoxl Linda Login, Sandy Zollingerf Judy tournaments were from left to rlglwt: Katlty Cobb, Kerry Bruce, Baker, Mcfse Woodburn, Judy Howard, and Lydia Guice- Susan Lary, Martha NlcGougl1, Judy Boggs, Ann Vincent, Nell sn: Ll cross country team wins first meet in schooI's history. After three years of cross country competition the Tiger Harriers of Coach Buck Stewart won their first meet of the season by topping previous- ly unbeaten West Monroe 25-30 on the Neville course. Before this meet, Neville had finished no higher than second place in a cross country meet. ' Led by iunior Don West who won the two mile race for Neville in 101228, it seemed as though the Tigers were off to a successful season. How- ever, the very next week the Rebels reversed the score to edge out the Tigers 31-25 in another dual meet. West was again the top finisher for Neville placing second in the l.8 mile race with a fine time of 8:45. After the Christmas holidays, much rainy weather, and the loss of three top performers, the Tigers' hopes for placing high in their own lnvita- tional Cross Country Meet went down the drain. After starting off the season so well, the Tigers came in a disappointing 5th place in their own Annual Invitational Cross Country Meet held in Forsythe Park. West Monroe won the lst place team trophy, with a low score of 49, Minden was 2nd with 56, Bolton 3rd with 75, Ruston 4th with 78, and Neville 5th with 79 points. Beautiful gold medals were given to the first five finishers, silver medals to the next five, and bronze medals went to the next five finishers. On the cross-country team were from left to right: Ken Brazzel, Don West, Alan Williams, Bill Garfield, Doug McFadden, Fred Cale, Vernon Houston, Wayne Taylor, Rett Porter, David Stanhope, and Fred Bealle. Calisthenics helped prepare the Tigers for the 65 season. Q? 'fiixxr 4 fi Wi! Wi '-:P-I-5' fy Wfffw WZ! if 1? 'X' fiflmy lx 4-M..fJ V553 S iff x N N , ' xm.f::,fs:,::QQ classes F I4I Senior class honors J. Dodd Brooks KAY ADAMS Safety Council, Y-Teens, Social Chairman, Red Cross, Library Club. LINDA ADAMS Latin Club, JCL, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Orchestra. KATHY ADDISON Transfer Student, Red Cross, Debate Club, FHA, Junior Homeroom Vice-President. TONI ALBRIGHT Student Council, Alternate, Red Cross, FHA, Monroyan Staff, Band, Symphonic, Marching, Freshman Homeroom President. JERRY ALBUM Student Council, Alternate, Red Cross, Latin Club, Reporter, JCL, Science Club, Americanism Club, Finance Committee Chairman, Golf. WHITNEY ALGER Freshman Track. Chosen as officers of the largest senior class in the school's history were from left to right, first row: Donna Porter, Secre- tary, Becky Trimble, Girls' Vice-President, second row: Al Mc- Duff, Boys Vice-President, J, Dodd Brooks, President, Bill Dunn, Treasurer. . vi! by electing him president EDWARD ALLEN Latin Club, JCL, Orchestra, All-State, Football, B-Team, Varsity, Track. LANE ALLEN Science Club, Americanism Club, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, Presi- dent, All-State, Monroe Youth Symphony. LYNNE ALLEN Safety Council, Latin Club, JCL, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Squad Leader. JULIE AMMAN Safety Council, French Club, Science Club, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Monroyan Staff, Band, Marching. WAYNE ANDERSON CAROLYN ANSPACH FHA, Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes. ANNE ARMSTRONG Red Cross, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes. DAVID BAKER Transfer Student, Letterman's Club, Basketball, Varsity, Track Seniors Dennis Venoble and Susie McBride PAM BAKER Transfer Student, Student Council, Safety Council, Red Cross, French Club, Senior Sponsor. BONNIE BALDO Student Council, Alternate, French Club, Americanism Club, Board of Directors, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Junior Alternate Commander, Senior Alternate Commander, Freshman Home-room Secretary, Sophomore Homeroom President, Junior Horneroom President. CANDY BARRlNGER French Club, Y-Teens, Girls' Chorus, Publicity Chairman. LINDA BATTISTONE Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus. ALLEN BEALLE Science Club. EDDIE BELL Transfer Student. l For excellence in scholarship, participation in extra-curricular ac- tivities, and contributions to their school, the Optimist Club selected Dennis Venable and Susie Most Outstanding Seniors Award. ' , N - as 6 :Jia X . M. McBride as winner of the :Q sr 1 ' mldlQ- i honored by Optimist SKIPPER BELL Band, Marching, Symphonic, Squad Leader, Section Leader, Stage Band, All-State Band. PEGGY BENNETT Girls' Chorus. ASHLEY BENTON KATHRYN BIRD Safety Council, Latin Club, JCL, Debate Club, Americanism Club, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Senior Sponsor, Senior Class Float Committee, Freshman Homeroom Secretary, Sophomore Home- room Secretary, Senior Class Flirt. BARBARA BOUTWELL Student Council, Red Cross, Latin Club, JCL, Sizzler Staff, Band, Cadet, Marching, Symphonic, News Staff, All-District Band. MIKE BOYETT Safety Council, Red Cross, Letterman's Club, Football, "B" Team, Varsity. Club JUDY BRANCH French Club, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Squad Leader. SHERRY BRANCH Student Council, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, Debate Club, Americanism Club, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Senior Sponsor, Senior Most Beautiful, Freshman Homeroom Secretary, Sophomore Home- room Secretary, Track Court, Maid, Freshman Basketball. Seniors learn what the phrase "cram CAROL BRANDT Transfer Student, Safety Council, Latin Club, Treasurer, JCL, Girls' Chorus, President. RONNIE BRASHER Safety Council, Vice-President, Office Boy, Mixed Chorus, En- semble, Track. LINDA BREARD Safety Council, Latin Club, JCL, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, FHA. RENEE BREARD French Club, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Assistant Squad Leader. MARY BREWER Transfer Student. JEANIE BRICE Transfer Student, Red Cross, French Club, Debate Club, FHA. Band members Vernon Houston, Eric Vogel, and Gilbert Lee await the bells signaling the beginning of the day. for exams" really means. J. DODD BROOKS Student Council, Sergeant-at-Arms, Key Club, Senior Board Member, Letterman's Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Senior Sponsor, Mixed Chorus, Senior Most Athletic, Freshman Homeroom Presi- dent, Sophomore Homeroom President, Junior Homeroom Presi- dent, Senior Class President, Boys' State, Basketball, Frosh, Var- sity, Track, Frosh, Varsity. LARRY BROWN SANDRA BROWN Safety Council, Red Cross, Science Club, FHA, Y-Teens, Senior Sponsor, Senior Most Athletic, Freshman Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer, Sophomore Secretary, Basketball, Freshman, Varsity, Volleyball. JUDY BRUCE Transfer Student, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Mixed Chorus. JAMES BRYAN KAREN BUNN Transfer Student, FHA, Tigerettes, Assistant Squad Leader. PAMELA BURGESS Student Council, Red Cross, Latin Club, JCL, Americanism Club, FHA, Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Senior Sponsor, Senior Wittiest, Sophomore Homeroom Treasurer, Cheerleader, Fresh- man, Varsity. MARGIE BURKETT Student Council, Safety Council, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, Secretary, Mixed Chorus, Librarian, Girls' Chorus, Librarian, Mixed Ensemble, Vice-President, All-District Chorus. Senior Tigers lead football team A group of senior boys struggle to restore the toppled class float during the homecoming parade. TOM B U R RELL Transfer Student. SCOTTY CAMPBELL Safety Council, Letterman's Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Senior Spon- sor, Mixed Chorus, Mixed Ensemble, Freshman Homeroom Treas- urer, Sophomore Homeroom Treasurer, Freshman Class Treasurer, Football, Freshman, Varsity, Baseball. TERRY CAMPBELL Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Assistant Squad Leader. BRENDA CARSO Student Council, Latin Club, JCL, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Secre- tary, Junior Commander, Senior Commander, Squad Leader, Senior Sponsor, Freshman Favorite, Sophomore Favorite, Junior Favorite, Miss Neville High School, Freshman Homeroom Presi- dent, Sophomore Homeroom Secretary, Junior Homeroom Secre- tary, Freshman Class Secretary, Sophomore Class Secretary, Jun- ior Class Secretary, Girls' State, Homecoming Court Maid. CAMILLE CARSO Student Council, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, FHA, Senior Sponsor, Senior Favorite, Friendliest, Sophomore Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Homeroom Secretary, Girls' State, Coroner. JEAN CARTER Red Cross, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Sizzler Staff, Publications. S fl 9511 1Hl 1312- - to 8-2 "ooo" winning season. RONNIE CLARK Safety Council, Red Cross, Letterman's Club, Office Boy, Mixed Chorus, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Varsity, Freshman Basket- ball, Track. JOHN CLAY Basketball, Freshman, B-Team, Varsity, Baseball, Key Club, Science Club, Letterman's Club, Senior Sponsor, Freshman Track. TOMMY COATS Red Cross, Letterman's Club, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Var- sity, Freshman Basketball, Baseball, Track, Cross-Country. KENNY COBB Transfer Student, Letterman's Club, Senior Sponsor, Junior Home- room Vice-President, Football, B-Team, Varsity, All Twin-City Quarterback. RICHARD COLE Safety Council, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, Football, Freshman B-Team, Varsity. CLYDE COON Latin Club, JCL, Band, Cadet, Symphonic, Orchestra, Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. DAVID CORRERO Student Council, Alternate, Safety Council, Alternate, Science Club, Golf. ANN CRAFT Safety Council, Treasurer, FHA, Y-Teens, Chaplain, Mixed Chorus. Seniors represented by four beauties Most Talented Mike Kemp seems to be keeping other seniors entertained as they decorate the class float. Merrie Jo Simonton proves that she can sing and work at the same time. DlANE CRAWFORD Latin Club, JCL, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes. KATHLEEN CROMLING FRANK CROUCH French Club, Americanism Club. BRENDA CROW Student Council, Library Club, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Girls' Chorus, Freshman Homeroom Vice-President, Sophomore Vice-President, Freshman Cheerleader. RONALD DANA Latin Club, JCL, Letterman's Club, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Vaisity. RONNIE DAVIDSON Student Council, alternate, Letterman's Club, Chaplain, Senior Sponsor, Mixed Chorus, Freshman Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Homeroom President, Baseball, Manager, Basketball, Fresh- man, B-Team, Varsity. a f on homecoming court EDWARD DAYTON Science Club, Freshman Basketball. KENT DEAN Science Club, Vice-President, Monroyan Staff, Process Developer, Mixed Chorus, Vice-President, President. DOTTIE DECELL Red Cross, Band, Symphonic, Marching, Assistant Drum Maior. RONNIE DEMOSS Let1erman's Club, Mixed Chorus, Football, Varsity. MARILYN DENOUX Safety Council, Red Cross, French Club, Debate Club, Americanism Club, FHA, Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigereites, Girls' Chorus, Orches- tra, Basketball, Freshman. TIM DEVEREUX Freshman Football. MIKE DISPENZA Safety Council, French Club, Science Club. GALE DOMINGU ES Tiger Cubs, Tigerefies, Squad Leader, Sophomore Homeroom Secre- tary, Junior Homeroom Treasurer. Seniors Susan Parsons and Jimmy Pophom Fashion for pennies seemed to be the theme of the FHA style show. "Push- ing" the girls on stage at the proper moment was Kay Joyce. CHARLES DUBlN Transfer Student, Science Club. BILL DUNN Student Council, Treasurer, Delegate to LASC Convention, Delee gate to LASC Workshop, Key Club, Senior Board Member, Let- terman's Club, Vice-President, Senior Favorite, Friendliest, Fresh- man Homeroom President, Sophomore Homeroom President, June ior Homeroom Vice-President, Senior Class Treasurer, Boys' State, Basketball, Freshman, B-Team, Varsity, Baseball, Manager, THOMAS DUPREE Band, Cadet, Symphonic, Marching. SUSAN ELLINGTON Transfer Student, Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus, Ensemble, Girls' Chorus. JOHNNY FAIRBANKS Basketball, Freshman, B-Team. KATHY FERGUSON Library Club, Vice-President, Y-Teens, Girls' Chorus, Band, March ing. Siiisiiwifiiiff L'?TTs3a2:I:-rlafe,iii?HfQE??i3Hfi'i51iiFl'l5Zilwli?ifH l' hold offices in state organizations. BETTY FISTER Transfer Student. GENE GALLIGAN Student Council, Vice-President, Delegate to LASC Convention, Delegate to SASC Convention, Key Club, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, Debate Club, Librarian, Letterman's Club, Senior Sponsor, Freshman Favorite, Sophomore Favorite, Freshman Home- room President, Sophomore Homeroom President, Freshman' Class Vice-President, Football, B-Team, Varsity, Baseball, Prom Com- mittee. BRENDA GEORGE Safety Council, Red Cross, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Assistant Squad Leader, Company Commander, Orchestra. DAN GILLILAND Band, Marching, Symphonic, Captain. NANCI GILLILAND Safety Council, French Club, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes. JACKIE GILMORE Transfer Student, Latin Club, JCL, Band, Marching, Symphonic: Orchestra. KATHERINE GLASGOW FHA, Y-Teens, Vice-President, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Girls' Chorus MARYLIN GOLDMAN FHA, Y-Teens, Membership Chairman, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Mixed Chorus, Freshman Homeroom Treasurer, Sophomore Home- room Treasurer. Seniors measure for cops and gowns, order KATHY GOODWIN Transfer Student, French Club, Debate Club. JOE GOYNE Safety Council, Key Club, Office Boy, Mixed Chorus, Sophomore Homeroom Vice-President. JOE BAILEY GRANT DIANE GRAY Student Council, Alternate, Red Cross, FHA, Songleader, Delegate to State Convention, Y-Teens, Orchestra, Basketball, Freshman. JIMMY GREENLEE Letterman's Club, Track, Varsity. MARIE GUILLOT French Club, French Honor Society, Debate Club, Y-Teens. Feature twirler for the Tiger band, Pam Glenn, leads the way during the homecoming parade. fsiwl' -'f " invitations, ond wait SUNNYE GULLEY Americanism Club, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Girls' Chorus, Junior Homeroom Treasurer. LYNN HADDAD Student Council, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, Debate Club, Arnericanism Club, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Senior Spon- sor, Freshman Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Homeroom Treasurer, Girls' State, Cheerleader, Freshman, Prom Committee. THEDA JO HAKIM VICKI HALLMARK Student Council, Safety Council, FHA, Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Assistant Squad Leader, Senior Sponsor, Monroyan Staff, Sophomore Homeroom Secretary. ANNE HANKS Student Council, Red Cross, Library Club, FHA, Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Orchestra. ELAINE HANNA French Club, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Com- pany Commander, Senior Sponsor, Freshman Homeroom Secre- tary, Sophomore Secretary, Junior Homeroom Vice-President, Girls' State. STEVE HANSEN Safety Council, Red Cross, Office Boy, Mixed Chorus, Football, Freshman, Manager. MICKEY HARPER Student Council, Key Club, Chaplain, Treasurer, Editor of "Key Post," Reporter, TAP Representative, Science Club, Senior Spon- sor, Monroyan Staff, Co-Editor, Orchestra, All-State, Senior Favorite, Wittiest, Junior Homeroom President, Boys' State, City Judge, Football, B-Team, Track. Seniors will privilege of marching down Honored as Merit-Scholarship Semi- Finalists were from left to right: Su- san Parsons, George Lastrapes, and Jerry Liles. DAVID HARRISON Safety Council, Red Cross, Debate Club, Letterman's Club, Office Boy, Senior Sponsor, Mixed Chorus, Freshman Homeroom Vice- President, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Varsity, Basketball, Fresh- man, Track, Senior Float Committee. RAY HARVEY Safety Council, Red Cross, Science Club, Americanism Club, Hi-Y, Office Boy, Sophomore Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Homeroom Secretary, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Basketball, Freshman, Track, Freshman, Float Committee, Prom Committee. SHERYLE HENDRICKS BRUCE HERRELL GORDON HESDORFFER Student Council, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, Basketball, Fresh- man, Golf. BETTY HODGES Transfer Student, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Orchestra. -tn-is clisle in assembly to underclassmen. TOM HOLDEN French Club, French National Honor Society, Hi-Y, Orchestra, All-State, Monroe Youth Symphony. JULIA HOODEMAKER Safety Council, Latin Club, Chaplain, JCL, Band, Symphonic, Marching. VERNON HOUSTON Letterman's Club, Band, Cadet, Symphonic, Marching, All-District Band, Property Crew, Sergeant, Corporal, Track, Varsity, Cross Country, Tri-Captain. SALLEY HOVER French Club, Treasurer, FHA, Parliamentarian, Tiger Cubs, Tiger- ettes. NORA JACKSON French Club, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Mixed Chorus. SUSAN JOHNS French Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Who's Who in French. KAY JOYCE Student Council, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Treasurer, Vice- President, Company Commander. MIKE KEMP French Club, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, Americanism Club, Senior Sponsor, Senior Most Talented, Sophomore Homeroom Secretary, Track, Freshman, Junior Varsity, Thespians. Senior class includes nine Merit- JOHN KERSEY JIMMY KOKINOS Science Club, Football, B-Team, Track. PATSY KOZLOSKY Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Mixed Chorus. MARTHA KREPPER Latin Club, Science Club, Band, Marching, Symphonic, Section Leader, Executive Staff, Squad Leader, All-State Bancl, All-District Band, Drum Maiorette, Lieutenant, Dean of Girls. MARION KUUNSKI Transfer Student, Football, B-Team, Basketball, B-Team. ARAH LAGRANGE Student Council, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Senior Sponsor, Fresh- man Homeroom President, Basketball, Freshman. , 4. ' M- huh iii' NJ ff in ll Performing an experiment in chemis- try are Ned Whatley and Clyde Coon, who were honored as Merit-Scholan ship Semi-Finalists. Scholarship Semi-Finalists. JEFF LAWRENCE Transfer Student, Golf. ROBERT LEE GARY LICHT Transfer Student. JERRY LILES Publications, Merit-Scholarship Semi-Finalist. DON NA LOMAX Red Cross, Reporter, President, French Club, FHA, Treasurer, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes. HARRIET LOWREY Red Cross, Project Chairman, President, Latin Club, JCL, FHA, Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes. SUSIE MCBRIDE Student Council, Red Cross, Latin Club, 'Secretary, Reporter, JCL, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, President, Company Commander, Squad Leader, Publications, Mixed Chorus, Vice-President, Senior Favorite, Most Intellectual, Girls' State, Delegate to SASC Con- vention. RUSSELL MCCUE French Club, Football, Freshman, Golf. Seniors Brenda Corso and Charles Putting finishing touches on prize junior class float are Jimmy Tarrance and Bob Barry. AL McDUFF Student Council, Red Cross, Science Club, Debate Club, Vice- President, Office Boy: Mixed Chorus, Junior Homeroom President, Senior Class Boys' Vice-President: Boys' State, Mr. South Caro- lina, Freshman Basketball: Freshman Trackg Prom Committee. DAVID MCGEE Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist, French Club. RON MCGEE JAMES MCGRIFF CHARLES MCLAIN French Clubp Men's Chorus, All-State Choir, All-District Choir, All-Senior Honor Chorus, Freshman Homeroom Vice-President, Sophomore Homeroom Secretaryf Golf, B-Team. KEN MCRAE Hi-Y, Band, Cadet, Marching, Symphonic, Football, B-Team. xi QQ.. .. ML, r M. . sl.. Williams chosen as Mr ROBERT MCSHERRY Student Council, Safety Council, Key Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Latin Club, JCL, Senior Handsome, Senior Heartbreak, Sopho- more Homeroom President, Freshman Class President, Football, Freshman, Varsity, All-Twin City, All-District, All-State Honorable Mention, Basketball, Freshman, Varsity, Track, Prom Committee. MELINDA MABRAY Safety Council, Latin Club, JCL, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Senior Spon- sor, Freshman Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Homeroom Secre- tary, Basketball, Varsity. MACK MARSH Transfer Student, Mixed Chorus, Ensemble, Letterman's Club, Basketball, B-Team, Varsity. CONNIE MARSHALL Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Mixed Chorus. JAMIE MARTIEN Transfer Student, Debate Club, Football, B-Team. NORMAN MARTI EN Transfer Student. and Miss Neville. PEGGY MARX Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Freshman Homeroom President, Sopho more Homeroom President, Junior Homeroom Treasurer, Cheer leader, Varsity. MIKE MAYNARD Transfer Student, Science Club. Seniors look sharp, feel sharp, ln each of the classes one will find students with like names, but seldom are there brothers and sisters found in each class. However, from left to right, are Tim Allen, sophomore, Lynne Allen, senior, Virginia Allen, fresh- man, and Susan Allen, iunior. JAMES MEARS French Club, Band, Marching, Symphonic. PHYLLIS MIDDLETON Student Council, Alternate, Red Cross, Orchestra, Vice-President, All State Orchestra. DANA MINGLEDORFF Transfer Student, Safety Council, Red Cross, Library Club, Y- Teens, Inter-Club Council Representative, Girls' Chorus. STEPHEN MONCLA Student Council, French Club, Historian, Science Club, Debate Club, Americanism Club, Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, French Honor Society. LINDA MOORE Latin Club, JCL, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Assistant Squad Leader. RICHARD MOORE lb :a 51?x1:'.ssRfw's2exeiih'c:?La ' laemvimwwezfxzmswawamrf ,wan are sharp. LARRY MULLENS Safety Council, Science Club, Americanism Club, Senior Spon- sor, Who's Who in Spanish, Track, Junior Varsity, Varsity. THAD NIULLINS Band, Symphonic, Marching, Track, Cross Country Team. HERBERT MUNHOLLAND Mixed Chorus, Football, Freshman. JAMES NORRIS JIMMY O'NEAL Transfer Student, Letterman's Club, Senior Sponsor, Basketball, Varsity, Track. SCOTT O'NEAL Transfer Student, Red Cross, Alternate, Letterman's Club, Base- ball, Varsity, All-District. CAROLE OVERTON Red Cross, Secretary-Treasurer, Parish Secretary'Treasurer, Parish Parliamentarian, Latin Club, JCL, Y-Teens, Band, Marching, Sym- phonic, All-State Orchestra. ALICE PANKEY Student Council, Red Cross, Latin Club, JCL, FHA, Y-Teens, Tiger Clubs, Tigerettes, Senior Sponsor, Senior Beauty, Freshman Homeroom President, Sophomore Homeroom President, Junior Homeroom Treasurer, Cheerleader, Freshman, Varsity, Who's Who in Home Economics. Seniors make final preparations to step into Highstepping Drum Major Linda Wil- Iiams leads the Tiger band during the Christmas parade. BARBARA PARKER Safety Council, Red Cross, French Club, FHA, Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus. BILL PARKER Safety Council, Red Cross, Science Club, Hi-Y, Office Boy, Sen- ior Sponsor, Boys' Chorus, Sophomore Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Homeroom Vice-President, FootbaII, Freshman, B-Team, Track, Freshman. SUSAN PARSONS Transfer Student, FHA, State Vice-President, Tigerettes, Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. JO ANNE PATTERSON Safety Council, President, Science Club, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Robe Chairman, Mixed Ensemble. MIKE PATTERSON CLIF PEARCE Latin Club, JCL, Monroyan Staff, Office Boy. "cold, cruel world." MIKE PEARSON Student Council, Key Club, Let'terman's Club, Senior Sponsor, Band, Marching, Symphonic, Property Crew, Who's Who in Social Studies, Football, B-Team, Varsity, All Twin-City Honorable Mention. FREDDY POE MARY POLK Safety Council, Latin Club, JCL, Band, Cadet, Marching, Sym- phonic, Uniform Sergeant, Youth Orchestra. DICK POPE Safety Council, Red Cross, Freshman Homeroom Treasurer, Foot- ball, B-Team. JIMMY POPHAM Transfer Student, Red Cross, Latin Club, JCL, Louisiana State JCL Treasurer, Band, Symphonic, Marching. DONNA PORTER Student Council, Secretary, Latin Club, Program Chairman, JCL, FHA, Vice-President, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Senior Sponsor, Publications, Freshman Favorite, Sophomore Favorite, Freshman Homeroom Secretary, Junior Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class Secretary, Cheerleader, Fresh- man, Prom Committee. PAT POUNDERS Transfer Student, Latin Club, Y-Teens, President, State Con- ference, Inter-Club Council, Secretary. MICKEY RASCH Seniors send delegates to various national "Go, Tigers, go!" yells cheerleader Brenda Riddle during a pep assembly. MARGARET REA Student Council, Red Cross, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Assistant Squad Leader. BUZZ REDDING Red Cross, Science Club, Letterman's Club, Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus: Football, Freshman, Varsity, Leadership Conference. DONNA REED Red Cross, French Club, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Freshman Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Homeroom Secretary. SCOTTY REIS Safety Council, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, Debate Club, Americanism Club, Louisiana Speech Association. MARY REYNOLDS Red Cross, FHA, Y-Teens, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettesg Mixed Chorus. BRENDA RIDDLE Transfer Student, Key Club Sweetheart, Tigerettes, Senior Spon- sor, Senior Beauty, Cheerleader, Varsity, Basketball, Varsity. .-' ' 1 Il. aH I student organization conventions. FRED RIVET BOBBY B. ROBINSON Transfer Student, Red Cross, Key Club, Letterman's Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Hi-Y, Senior Sponsor, Senior Handsome, Track, Varsity, Football, B-Team, Varsity, All-Twin-City. BOBBY H. ROBINSON Band, Concert, Marching, Stage, B-Band, Property Crew, Hi-Y. JIMMIE ROGERS French Club, French Honor Society. VERNON ROGERS JOE ROSENBERG Safety Council, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, Americanism Club, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Varsity. BOB ROWAN Student Council, Parliamentarian, Delegate to LASC Convention, Delegate to LASC Workshop, Key Club, President, Junior Board Member, French Club, Letterman's Club, Office Boy, Senior Sponsor, Mixed Chorus, Senior Most Handsome, Sophomore Favorite, Junior Favorite, Freshman Homeroom President, Sopho- more Homeroom President, Junior Homeroom President, Junior Class Vice-President, Football, Freshman, Basketball, Freshman, B-Team, Varsity. LELA ROWAN Safety Council, Red Cross, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Senior Sponsor, Freshman Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer. Senior closs contributes many members to Even a Black Flag sprayer was used to help wow the judges during the homecoming parade. Junior Wanda Phillips sprays the paper black. I68 p ClNDY ROWE Red Cross, Science Club, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Sizzler Staff, Girls' Chorus, President, Band, Symphonic, Marching, Sen- ior Favorite, Most Talented, Mixed Ensemble, Secretary, Youth Orchestra, All-State Chorus, All-District Chorus. SANDY ROVVE Student Council, Safety Council, Red Cross, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Sizzler Staff, Assistant Business Manager, Girls' Chorus, Vice-President, Band, Symphonic, Marching, Senior Favor- ite, Most Talented, All-State Chorus, All-District Chorus. JOHN SALISBURY Red Cross, Latin Club, JCL, Sophomore Homeroom Treasurer, Boys' State, Track, B-Team, Varsity, Cross Country. CH RIS SCHUBERT Transfer Student. JESSIE SEPULVADO DANNY SHAW Red Cross, Alternate, Key Club, Letterman's Club, President, Publications, Mixed Ensemble, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Var- sity, Manager, Basketball, Freshman, Manager, Track, Manager. fs? ,Y 1. 6 5.0 . u . 'c N Y ffftill . ,itil A 3: 4:5 3 ill? all-state musical groups LARRY SHEFFIELD Safety Council: Letterman's Club: Junior Homeroom Secretary: Football, Freshman, B-Team, Varsity: Basketball, Freshman: Base- ball. MERRIE JO SIMONTON Student Council: French Club: Latin Club, Historian, JCL: Ameri- canism Club: Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes: Publications: Freshman Homeroom Vice-President: Sophomore Homeroom Vice-President: Junior Homeroom Treasurer: Cheerleader, Varsity, Freshman. ALYCE SMITH Safety Council: Red Cross: Library Club: FHA: Tiger Cubs, Tiger- ettes: Senior Beauty: Sophomore Homeroom Vice-President: Freshman Homeroom Secretary: Homecoming Court, Maid. FRANKLIN SMITH Red Cross, Alternate: Science Club: Hi-Y: Sizzler Staff: Publica- tions: Band, Cadet. GLENDA SMITH Transfer Student: Publications. JIM SMITH Transfer Student: Mixed Chorus: Junior Homeroom Vice-President. I LARRY SMITH RAY SMITH Track. Seniors anxiously await two weeks "Make that point" is the cry of Merrie Jo Simonton. EDWARD SOLOMON French Club, Science Club, Golf. SUE SPIGHT Red Cross, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Girls' Chorus, Vice- President, Freshman Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Homeroom Secretary. TED STAN DLEY Americanism Club, Registrar of Voters, Hi-Y, Vice-President, Mixed Chorus, Ensemble. DAVID STANHOPE Key Club, Chaplain, Latin Club, President, JCL, Senior Sponsor, Orchestra, All-State, Monroe Youth Symphony, Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, Senior Favorite Most Likely to Succeed, Track, Varsity, Cross Country. GINNY STARK Red Cross, FHA, President, Parish Secretary, Delegate to FHA Convention, Y-Teens. SCOTT STEWART Safety Council, Red Cross, Letterman's Club, Football, Fresh- man, B-Team, Varsity, Track, Freshman. 5 in-. - .Iirwfi of DAR Good Citizenship Award. MARK STORMS Safety Council, Red Cross. MIKE STRAUSSER Red Cross, Latin Club, JCL, Orchestra, All-State Orchestra, Golf. DEE STRICKLAND Red Cross, Latin Club, JCL, Mixed Chorus. MELANIE STUART Transfer Student, Orchestra, All-State Orchestra. HANK TAYLOR Letterman's Club, Mixed Chorus, Freshman Homeroom Vice- President, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Varsity, Track, Freshman, Varsity. SH EILA TAYLOR Safety Council, Red Cross, Science Club, Sizzler Staff, Publica- tions, Band, Cadet, Marching, Symphonic, Section Leader. WAYN E TAYLOR Transfer Student, Orchestra, All-State, Monroe Youth Symphony Track. JOE TERREL Mixed Chorusg Sophomore Homeroom President, Junior Home room President. Senior Becky Trimble chosen recipient ED THEUS Latin Club, JCL. CHARLES THOMAS BETTY TILLERY Red Crossg FHA. BILL TIPTON Transfer Student. BOBBY TRENT French Clubp Science Club BECKY TRIMBLE Transfer Stuclentg Student Council Chaplain Safety Council Latin Ciubp JCLg Tigerefies Senior Sponsor Junior Favorite Senior Favorite, Most Likely to Succeed Sophomore Homeroom Secrefaryf Junior Homeroom Secretary Senior Class Girls Vice Presidentg Girls' State: Prom Commmee ,ru ,ymv wmv . sf misc: JZ of DAR Good Citizenship Aword. JAMES TRUETT Latin Club, JCL. JEFF TURPIN Student Council, Red Cross, Freshman Homeroom Vice-President, Football, Freshman. JANET VANDERPOOL Student Council, French Club, Latin Club, JCL, Debate' Club, Librarian, Americanism Club, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Senior Spon- sor, Freshman Homeroom Treasurer, Sophomore Homeroom Vice- President, Junior Homeroom Vice-President, Cheerleader, Varsity, Basketball, Freshman, Prom Committee. DENNIS VENABLE Student Council, Key Club, Vice-President, Science Club, Sergeant- at-Arms, Senior Favorite, Most Intellectual, Freshman Homeroom President, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Varsity, Basketball, Fresh- man, B-Team, Track, Freshman, Optimist Club Award. ROBIN WADLEY Red Cross, Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus. BILLY WALKER Safety Council, Red Cross, Key Club, Latin Club, Sergeant-an Arms, JCL, Letterman's Club, Publications, Freshman Homeroom Vice-President, Sophomore Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Home- room Vice-President, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Varsity, Track, Freshman, B-Team. CHARLES WALKER Safety Council, French Club, Mixed Chorus, Ensemble. BARBARA WALPOLE Transfer Student, Y-Teens, Girls' Chorus, Girls' Ensemble Seniors vogue includes knee-socks, porkos, A place on the float committee means work and, fun for seniors David Har- rison, Leia Rowan, and Billy Lockhart. AMOS WARNER Transfer Student, Hi-Y, Office Boy, Freshman Homeroom Presi- dent, Track, Prom Committee. NED WHATLEY Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. JANET WHITE Transfer Student, FHA, Mixed Chorus. LARRY WHITE Transfer Student, Safety Council, Science Club, Debate Club, President, Football, Freshman, B-Team, Louisiana Speech Associa- tion. SUSAN WILDER Transfer Student, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Assistant Squad Leader, Monroyan Staff, Co-Editor, Mixed Chorus, Ensemble, Junior Homeroom Treasurer, All-District Chorus. DONNY WILEY Red Cross, Parliamentarian, Treasurer, Band, Cadet, Symphonic, Marching, Stage Band. saddle oxfords, and straight hciir-dos. JANE WILKERSON Safety Council, Red Cross, Alternate, FHA, Parish Reporter, Chapter Historian, Y-Teens, Homeroom Treasurer. CHARLES WILLIAMS Student Council, President, Delegate to NASC Convention, Dele-, gate to LASC Workshop, Key Club, Latin Club, President, JCL, Letterman's Club, Office Boy, Senior Sponsor, Orchestra, All- State Orchestra, Senior Handsome, Mr. Neville High School, Junior Favorite, Freshman Homeroom President, Sophomore Homeroom President, Junior Class President, Football, Fresh- man, Varsity, All Twin-City, Inter-Club Council, President. LINDA WILLIAMS Student Council, Safety Council, Debate Club, Band, Cadet Symphonic, Marching, Drum Maior, Freshman Homeroom Secre- tary, Sophomore Homeroom Secretary, Junior Homeroom Secre- tary, Homecoming Court, Maid, Maid-of-Honor, Track Court, Maid-of-Honor, Basketball, Freshman, Varsity, Captain. MIKE WILLIAMS SHARON WILLIAMS GARY WILLIS Senior Sponsor, Monroyan Staff, Orchestra, Track, J-V, Varsity, All-State Orchestra. PEGGY WINDHAM Science Club, FHA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Monroyan Staff, Mixed Chorus, Accompanist, Reporter, Ensemble, Girls' Chorus, Accom- panist, Band, Symphonic, 'Library Corporal, Marching. KENNETH WINGO Seniors of '65 graduate largest class ever DIANNE WOMACK Safety Councilp Tiger Cubs, Tigeretfes VEDAH WRIGHT Transfer Sfudentf FHA. WAYNE WRIGHT Safefy Councilg Red Cross, Alternale. MARY ALICE YELDELL Library Clubg FHA: Y-Teensg Tiger Cubs, Tigereftes. Marching to a first place award in the annual Christmas parade sponsored by the Monroe JC's is the Tiger band. remember when? Junior Class chooses ci name bond Junior officers for 1964-65 were Doug Cooksion, vice-presidentg Kenny Brazzel, presidenfp Donna Spargo, secretaryg and Nelson Abell, treasurer. Nelson Abell Donald Adams Harriett Adams Judy Addison Jane Allen Susan Allen Fred Amman Barbara Antley Drew Armstrong Annette Baldwin Mack Barham Tommy Lee Barker Bob Barry Olivia Baw Mary Eve Beckett to play for prom. Teresa Bee Steve Bell Richard Benton Jay Biedenharn Avelie Boudreaux Susan Bradley Linda Bradshaw Ken Braley Kenny Brazzel Sally Breard Bill Brewer Ann Brinson Jimmy Brooks Carrie Brown Janet Brown Joe H. Brown Sharron Brown Roy Bullock Lee Burford David Burkett Annette Burt Chuck Cain John Calhoun Sheila Cantrell Charles Cascio Sarah Cascio Bill Causey Stewart Causey Cynthia Charnbliss Bill Chappell HCM? if l 5 WW Junior Class represented on Juniors place first for second year in a row with their homecoming float, "Sail to Victory." John Charrier David Chennault Vicki Clark Linda Coates Susan Cochran Henry Cohn Dawn Collier Gary Collier Chris Conlin Doug Cookston Richard Cox Gayle Crawley Jo Cumpfon Charles Curry Marilyn Daigle homecoming court. Byron Davis Stephanie Davis Chuck Decelle Janey DeVille Sherry Dickenhorst Harold Dickens Dianna Dillingham Linda Dixon Susan Dixon Ray Doncer Charles Dorman Bridget Dowd Lance Dreyer Tom Dukes Denise Duncan Walter Dunn Naoma Dye Martha Easley Nancy Edelman Sherry Edwards Johnny Ellen Rex Ensminger lll Jay Eppinette Tom Ernst Linda Fallin Deborah Feeney Eileen Ferguson Martha Fitch Steve Flanary Henry Florsheim s X . 33 E I W ts Q Q ' ffl . , . if ay ,Nr if ,,,.vf'l5?l H 0' If Q 594 ,L mv gf-nf we Eff fl :lx-, '4 X., 4, or E I N.. Junior Class Float wins first Kathy Shaver helps iuniors "Get Se?" for anofher first place homecoming 'float Charles Floyd Larry Flynn Liz Folds Tommy Ford Sharon Fox Charles Frost Jimmie Fuich Susan Fuich Bill Garfield Peggy Gates Bill Gaftis Donna Gentry Jerry Gibson Leila Godwin Denise Gonzales place in homecoming parade Sandra Greenwood Judy Grigbsy Keith Gunn Don Guyton Billy Haddad Larry Haddox Brenda Hale Richard Hall Mike Halley Pat Halley Harvey dHammonds Lynn Hamner Ronnie Haneline Linda Hardy Mickey Hargiss Carol Hargus Mike Hart Ann Hathaway Alex Hayward Charles Heard Bobby Heflin Jimmy Henry Charlotte Hicks Larry Higgins Susan High Claude Hilton Marsha Hilton Susie Hines Barbara Hodge Mack Hogue 5? ima .. . "'3Ei5i 3'3Z'c X is ...W L ai 'fm' il- Wa? Juniors sell Tiger Dana Tucker represents the Junior class on the Homecoming Court. 33 'iv Pat Holloway Bobby Holmes Janet Hood Sandra Hudson 4: 11 Nr as JE? my F Ae? ,'lh -1 wi ff J Rebecca Hull Mary Louise Hunnicu Caroline lnabnett Scotty lrby Judith Johnson Charles Jones Helen Keith Mary Torn Keller Suzanne Keller Bill Kellogg Branlon Kellogg license plates. Art Kelly SuSu Kelly Joe Kern Ronnie Key Kay Kilgore Donna King Ouida Kinney Janet Kiper Reggie Kitchens Sissy Kotz Henry Ladshavv Teresa Langley Steve Laws Donna Lee Gilbert Lee Sarah Lee Martin Lerner Arthur Liles Suzette Lindsey Karen Link Billy Lockhart Frederick Lutz Jenny McCook Vernon McCoy Steve McDuffie Doug McFadden Mickie McWilliams Don Magruder Linda Mantrozos Linda Massey JW Nw 'TE ,fm fm 5, was q J x Juniors trace the development X w Belween The Key Clubers and Cheerleaders everybody says "cheese". WM? 'fllz digg QW Wm Sharon Masur Paula Meek Ray Meeks Margarei Miles Louis Milner Monty Moncrief Cheryl Montgomery Owen Moses Georgia Mullins Mary Mya11 Donnie Newcomer Beverleye Nolan Eddie Olrnsied John Overion Mina Parrish of America's literary heritage. Harold Parsons Rowland Perry Glenn Peters Sieve Phillips Wanda Phillips Greg Planchard Crawford Plummer Linda Porler Rett Porfer Jerry Posey Jimmy Posey Nancy Pounds Lawrence Prichard Penny Pugh Nelda Purdy Patsy Anne Quarles Doi Rambin Will Reardon Mary Lou Reliac Pam Richards Skipper Riley Cheryl Robinson Dickey Robinson Janna Rorex Delane Ruddick Johnny Savage Mary Scruggs Sandy Seale Tim Sepulvado Alice Ruth Serio Juniors soy "working is how we get our Key Clubbers-Nelson Abell, Mike Strausser, Fred Rivet, and Mickey Harper-prepare for the pre-game sales. Cheerleader, Merrie Jo Simomon, aids Mike-.wi1h his victory ribbon. ,fn I M r Y Kathy Shaver Bo Shaw Teresa Shepherd Cathy Sherman Mary Sherman Jane Sherrouse Don Shlosman Mike Shows Debbie Slakfer Barbara Smith Chuck Smith Roger Smith LaLa Snapp Donna Spargo Pai Slewari isa , kicksp we're the Class of '66." Kaki Stone Carolanne Sugar Karl Suomi Jimmy Tarrance Judy Temple Linda Thompson Butch Thrift Elise Trimble Dana Tucker Ronnie Tuey Kaye Turnage Ty Turner Carol Ullman Sherry Usrey Tommy Usrey Judy Varnado Kitty Vaughan Lynn Vinson Mark Wagley Joe Walker Karen Walker Dennis Ward Tommy Ware Linda Weeks Donna Wene Don West Sharon West Clyde White Judy White James Whitlock .fs ,ir 'S fx., Ami , ' tw? , siss fin yy f ry? Juniors prepare for senior responsibilities. Dreary weather can't diminish the spirits of Tiger supporters during a pre-school pep assembly. Varsity cheerleaders-Alice Pankey and Brenda Riddle-help create a victory atmosphere. George Whitlow Janey Wilbert Linda Kay Willard Mary Willey Benita Williams Carol Williams Cynthia Williams Alan Williams Walter Williams Mimi Williamson Billy Wilson Claude Wittlief Georgann Wolcott Ray Youngblood remember when? Birihday party...Susan, Bill, Tom, Julie, and Linda. Tigers of long, long ago Early start at lead-fooiin Sponsored loy Mr. McGough, the sophomore class was led Stewart, vice-presidentg and Bucky Hargiss, secretary-treasurer. Sophomores are led by by Tim Allen, presiclentg David Sandra Adams Martha Allen Tim Allen Mary Ann Atkinson Albert Axen Pamela Bailey Bonnie Bancroft David Barlow David Barnes Sarah Ann Barnett Mary Bass Sonny Beach Fred Bealle Gene Bearden Debra Beaver Bette Benton Bruce Betts Steve Betts Judy Bolton Padg Bolton Cheryl Boutwell Diane Boyd Randy Branch Bengie Bretton all male Beverly Braud Peggy Breard Jimmy Bright Clark Brimberry Carol Britton Douglas Brown Susan Brown Tom Brown Janet Brueck Mark Bruscato Bill Bryan Betty Buckner Glenn Burns Chad Bushnell David Bushnell Fred Cale Buddy Carr Dale Carter Carolyn Cascio Andrea Cespiva Philip Chapman Robert Christmas Mike Clay Roberta Cobb Don Coker Billy Cole Danny Cole Tommy Coleman Wilma Coleman Fred Coon Kathy Coon Carole Cooper Linda Correro Margaret Cowart Mary Beth Crossland Dorothy Culpepper Danny Daniel Jack Davis John Davis Peggy Dawson Cecil Day Pat Dayton Roselyne Deiley Sheila Devereux Rita Dillingham Bonnie Doles Donna Duffey Ricky Dupont officers r . i r-f , ,wir B . i r I X 'Quail ii 1 gi ff af kv Ar IE Sophomore class fields Kaye Adams, ihe enemy Bearcat, entered her car in the homecoming parade. yfyg q, 9 m e a . ff l 1 Q 'KS' 0, is 9 k - V -- :S f. ' .' . . . , 9 1. as A ' im ,W 2 e ,, V' ,Q ' fi-' maj F 5 ,,.,, F 4' W is 1 or 1 T 'Q-ma Barbara Dupree Bertha Dupree Beto Elizondo Cheryl Ellioif Tim Ernst Connie Estes Susan Farr Jimmy Faucetf Larry Ferguson Valeria Fike Daie Finkbeiner Barbie Fieischaker Jodie Foster Mike Fox Ralph Francis Herbie Frankowifz Toby Frazier James Frost Edward Fryday Frank Fury Bill Galligan Gay Gannavvay Jerry Garlingion Judy Garlingfon many promising athletes. Joan Gilchrist Pamela Glenn Theresa Gonzales Kyle Gregory Phyllis Hamel Jan Hamilton Linda Hammons Nancy Hammons Bucky Hargiss Joan Harris Randy Hart Joy Hathorn Maryanne Hayes Lenny Heimgartner Mike Hibbard Doug Hickman Jimmy Higginbotham Johnny Hines David Hochstetler Debbie Holden Carol Holdsworth Dorothy Holler Kitty Holmes Pam Hudson Carroll Husied Jay lnabnett Joel Irvin Susan Jacka John Jackson Judy Jacobs Buddy Jarmon Jimmy Jernigan Chris Johnson Floyd Jones Jerry Kersey Billy Key Frank Kiese Mike Kilcoyne Susan Kilpatrick Wendy King Dottie Kiper Willard Kirsie Deno Kokinos Mark Kramer Janet Kulinski Barbara Kurtz Art La Grange Myla Lance -:xw."a it Q. . . fm ,F Y- r yy ,,-ga, K J xy if as " 'Na 1' - m y M fi, ' 5 45' fic fi-1 1 T if is ,J ku X i are me -. ay. V sf f an S S in 2 T , c iii? 'K N 5 wc: f -R E a 'Q 5 ' ,- i an ' 4 ,aww 137 T Q-fi L' fl If " ..m.' 4 ff A is are Q 1 'W ' F5- x Q 5 V ig ii aww . Q Q V is v 49 ' lf 4 "ui fi ,ff r ne 1 a mm 6 Q, I' " ,, egg 53 -. 16 xx Huw Sophomores travel fo Ruston "Another step to state" was the theme ofthe sophomore entry in the parade. 'f , ' -. if t ' lk' L L i . David Law Romand Lawrence Curtis Leckie Laine Lee Mona Lindsey Jim Lockhart Nancy Loker Connie McCartney Robert McCue. Cindy McDonough Warren McHenry Gail McKenzie Gwen McPhaiI Pat Mabray Andy Marsaia Susan Martin Paul Marx James Masters Louis Masur Floye Mathis Susan Maupin Marilynn Maxwell Ray Mears Jackie Mehi to see "Julius Caesar." Debbie Middleton Charles Miller Steve Mintz Clint Moncrief Keith Moncrief James Moore Robert Moran Kathy Mouk Joe Mulhearn Ann Murphy Kerry Murphy Linda Myles Haywood Myers Joe Namie John Nelson Mike Noland Mark Nolan Sally Norman Joan Nowell Kay Odom Terry Oglethorpe Mickey Osborne Kay Otnott Herb Orwell Ricky Packer Ronnie Packer Barbara Parrino Carole Patterson Robert Patterson Martha Perry Delores Phillips Aaron Polk Angie Pounders Greg Powell Mary Price Mac Ray Barbara Rea Mike Reis Judy Reitzell Phillip Reppond Mike Richey Neal Robinson Elizabeth Rogers Mary Lynn Rogers Don Ross Suzanne Rowe Leigh Russell Rannie Russell ,wr I l t sr ,X 1 W, -0- W-'Y we r. 4 .1 ,f .Hs .r,. NM- gl xi , If , Q it , .S, S if M' it '4- Q -4 . Sophomore - Shasta lives up An additional sophomore at Neville in 1964-65 was Shasta. 'l . aa S S V V IQ ff , S 5 ,gl . HJ if 'IW' ' 4 ', li, , I -r W L .f fr-as ,muy V- X- in it X 4' -tm mfg i 4 f Q Marianne Salisbury Cheryl Salter Carmela Sampognaro Pamela Sampognaro Vicki Sanders Jan Savage Nettie Scallan Belinda Schmidt Claire Schonlau Lisa Schonlau Brent Seale Steve Searcy Lil Shaw Sherry Shelton Allen Shoudy Jerry Sims Jimmy Slaughter Bob Smith Buddy Smith Don Smith Harry Smith Lynn Smith Petey Smith Steve Smith. to o tiger's reputation Tommy Smith Frank Snellings Betty Jo Spargo Ann Spatafora Butch Statham Janet Stevenson David Stewart Eric Stoer Jeff Stone Susan Stone Barbara Stuckey Sallie Sudduth Joe Talley Jay Tarver Betsy Taylor Bill Taylor Sally Taylor Sherry Ann Taylor Cynthia Terzia Michael Ticheli Bobby Tippit George Tonore Judy Turner Jimmy Varnado Susan Vick Speedy Vinson Eric Vogel Harriet Wadley Buddy Wallace Charles Wallace Charlotte Wallace Jo Ann Wesson Richard Westbrook Tommy White Connie Wilder Jim Williams Ronnie Winborne Ava Wright George Wright Rayford Wright, Jr. Mike Zambie Sarah Zeagler Cindy Zollinger f ,f Freshman clciss of '65 - first as "aaa" - First "AAA" Freshman officers are from left to right: Frank Hewitt, secretaryg Bill Caverlee, presidenty Susan Williams, treasurerg and Jenny Jacksong vice president. V .,...., -Q -:,, jg M :Wx p 1 . at ff I ' 1 1 g if? P A r iff-61' fl xt in 'Qu ,- W? V1 , fr? ,1 .. gg-ey We 3 y, xl L, 1 ', 932: -.. Q mr K iii S sin I 4' A Q .. 5 wx .. Y A E ? g Hughes Abell Anne Allernan Heath Allen Virginia Allen John Andrews Frank Anzalone Nancy Armstrong Larry Averitt Joe Aycock Judy Baker Sherry Barlow Alphia Bartlett Debbie Beach Bob Bewick Bill Biegenwald Judy Boggs Clark Boyce Karyn Branch Herbert Breard Charles Brown Kerry Bruce Lisa Bunn Marsha Burdine Dianne Burpo lecl by Bill Caverlee. Sleve Cahn Candy Cain Kathy Calhoun Mike Campbell Albert Canales David Causey Bill Caverlee Linda Chappell Kathy Cobb Larry B. Collier Carol Covington Vickie Cox Kimmie Cranford Connie Cronk Ronnie Cumpfon Kay Curry Jennifer Davis Jimmy Davis Lana Davis Margaret Denoux Sammy Diffa Linda Dixon Sandra Dofson Joseph Downs Alice Faye Duchesne Gary Dunlap Dra Durretf Mary Ann Eason Beverly Edwards Richard Ensminger Amy Fall Debby Farrnar Trippeft Faulk Georgiana Fink Ricky Fisher Carla Fishman Cheryl Anne Frazier Jennifer Frazer Frank Fury Johnny Gaiennie Jan Gannaway Linn Garrett Walker Glenn Byron Goyne Linda Greene Marshall Gresham Amy Griffin Lydia Guice A .-g, V7 Q ,, C -nr Freshmen win second place in Freshmen adapt clever theme "Pu parade. 3 V x 1 . I W9 gg c me RFE 4-qw s ler n n reeer c eA e A :I-r y e , -fl K 1' a Tiger in your Tank" and win second place in homecoming True Guerriero Thomas Guyton Barbara Halley Esther Halley Ann Hammonds Mark Hansen Virginia Harkey Frank Harmon Debbie Harrison Mark Hart Kathy Heard Petey Heflin Sandra Henry Rande Herrell Frank Hewitt Wade Hickman David Higgins Delaine Hixon Sandy Holloway Jimmy Hood Bobby Hooton Margaret Horton Judy Howard Ron Howell 'Sally Howell Carol Huffman Linda Hull Tracy Humble Alan Ingram Jenny Jackson N... ,f 1 nr i Q, FW' T in 'W , , 'V Fl, 53,1 7 A H A I gym ,,., ia ll ll homecoming parade with "Tiger in your Tonkf' 'Q Hank Johns Chuck Johnson Danny Jones Evaline Jones Sharon Jones Susan Keko Charles Kitchingham Mary Kokinos Freddy Kozlosky Reni LaBorde Michael Lancaster' Robin Larkin Susan Lary Jimmie Laudenheimer Linda Law Nancy Leigh Jeff Liner Hope Little Linda Loftin Ken Lowrey Doris McAdams Chris McCarty George McCarthy Terry McDonough Martha McGough Karen McKinley Bruce McPherson Dan McRae Bill McSherry Shirley Maddux Sharyn Marcovitz Nell Martien Max Maxwell Suzanne Mayo Robert Mays Judy Medak Diana Mickel Pam Milner Lincla Minninger Andy Mintz Donna Montrozos Donny Moore Q is .1 Q wa-,Q Y ii tl- lily? S ,win sw, lv Q lf' 4 is Q 1 .1 'Q' 'I hy J ,., i' C 5-V g':i,lr g it My A if EV K 5 E iliil fr 4 , .., ,i " , 5 .. Q an 2 .,. L Jxzwg, V " gf J-,Q ' L , nr r F ncs 1 A in ' A.: in Q . i P 20 Freshmen thrilled at first The freshman football team helps Coach Buck celebrate his birthday. Mrs. Rosenberg and Mrs. Robinson serve cake to Alan Ingram, Stacy Rainwater, Ronnie Hilton, Al White, Frank Walker, Doug Perry, Teddy Sutton, Mark Hart. ,dew Donna Moreau Sheryll Morse Tommy Mulhearn Jimmy Murphy John Nowell Robert Oliver Bill Olmstead Ann Olsan Toni Pace Ellen Pappas Kathy Parrish Douglas Perry Jerry Perryman Jan Petterson Sam Pettis Betty Plair Mary Ellen Polen Elizabeth Poole Sherry Pope Stacy Rainwater Donna Ray Sherry Read Jo Jean Reynolds Marcy Richards pep rally Rita Richardson Amy Riley Jenny Robertson Nancy Robertson Don Robinson Norma Rogers Steven Rogers Jackie Rosenberg Rusty Routt Joe Sampognaro Vincent Sampognaro John Sanchez Ann Sherrouse Gary Shields Patty Shoudy Gary Simmons Sally Simpson Alan Slakter Glenda Smith Robert Smull Tesa Snively Janice Snodgras Ann Southwell Kathy Stewart Linda Stewart Jan Stoer Gary Strickland Martin Stuart John Stubbs Teddy Sutton Margaret Swanson Marc Swayze Eddie Taylor George Temple Albert Thomas Gayle Tippit Jean Tolar Dickie Touchstone Pam Twiner Lee Vanderpool Mary Vaughan Warren Vaughan Ann Vincent Jeannie Wagley Sarah Waldroup Frank Walker Marianne Walker Randy Walton if in .- un, ,gt .Qu , an X .l.' ., .. - 1 ' arf? freshmen make rafters ring Frosh Tiger cheerleaders prepare for ride in homecoming parade. Leading the yells for the team were from left to right: Sally Williams, Judy Baker, True Guerriero, Sandy Zollinger, Ann Sherrouse, and Kathy Cobb. 'r e M. lg 3 fa ln E Sb If lf Dianne Warlick Mike Weaver Charles Webb Barbara West Susan Westbrook Jo Anne Wheeler Al Whiie Susan Willey Sally Williams Susan Williams Merilyn Wood Moise Woodburn Dianne Woodruff Linda Wright Pafiy Wright Bobby Young Sue Young Sandy Zollinger remember when? Brenda, Camille, and Chris wore playsuits . . . Judy Branch fought some Indians f o ik ff Chuck Smith, Nelson Abell, Lance Dreyer, Louis Milner, Jay Bieclenhar, Bo Shaw, Arthur Liles, and Bill Kellogg took' the Cub Scout oath . . . ferocious Tigers were only Cubs . . . ffp x ., ,.- 'V s v l l V'l' ll I V ,V 5 an 2 ,, we ' , at " + ri' ' ' - 5 l' - exif' b . .1 y 5 l N L. fgc,2q:e.22,'g L , .ri 1 ff "" " ' 5 Gene Galligan was not surrounded by girls , . . Brenda Crow, Bonnie Baldo, Jeannfe Brice, Brenda George .. "Simi: my my I AN Z My Q7 ix SQ ' '1.'-IJ-MT.-gx X if spring activities M, M Chosen by their fellow class members as recipients of the coveted American Legion Award were Judy Searcy, who was also valedictorian, and Steve Huffman. m'Qii ' '64 seniors cough Qigifiifiii- rlgl After receiving their diplomas, Lynne Bryce and Dwight May marched out to the music of the Tiger Band. On Thursday evening, May 28, the commencement exercises of the 1964 class were held in Neville auditorium. Judy Searcy delivered the valedictory address, Laura Griffith, the salutatory. Principal Sidney A. Seegers presented the Ernest L. Neville Scholarship award to Barbara Suomi. Of the one hundred ninety- six graduates, fifty-two were named members of Sigma Sigma Honor Society. L ZIO p in whirlwind of activities. , R L L Spotlighted for their outstanding work in Y-Teens were Belva Polson and Billie Porter. On Awards Day the faculty pauses to recognize Seniors who have worked consistently for four years. The award recipients for 1964 were Jim Mathis-Scienceg Laura Griffith, Barbara Suomi- Mathg Billie Lee Porter-Most Improved in Englishp Arden Anders-Most Able in English, Jan Con- lin-Most Outstanding Business Education, Linda Atkinson-Best Typistg Milann Gannaway, Diane Halley-Latin, Dovie Roberts-J.C.L. Serviceg Bar- bara Suomi-French Clubg Billie Porter, Jane Head, Carol Genung-Libraryg Gayle Smith-Choirp Laura Griffith-D.A.R. American Historyp Diane Halley-Sherrouse P.T.A.5 Gayle Smith-Music Guild, Sharon Allen-Woman's Auxiliary of Oua- chita Parish Medical Society, Sally Wing-Pilot Clubg Billie Porter, Belva Polson-NY-Teeny Pat Ayers-Jr. Red Crossg Art Smith-Photography, Milann Gannaway, Gayle Kelly-Tigeretteg and Gerald Braud-Key Club Award. Superintendent Van D. Odom presented an academic scholarship to senior .lay Merten. Recipient of the Music Guild's award was Gayle Smith. Trclckmen win lost Distric 'FY .., ,fn New - I Senior broad-iumper for the Tigers with a record-breaking 21 ft. 85-M1 in. iump was Gary Pappas. He was also chosen as the Best Athlete and Best Track and Field man in the Twin Cities for 1964. season's results Meer Place OUACHITA .... sv4,e. 2 nd NEVILLE c sss. ssri I st RUSTON .s,.s BOLTON E ,, L NATCHITOCHES JONESBORO ,.v, NEVILLE ....,,s,,v ,, ,,,,s, , WEST MONROE TWIN CITY RUSTON L, s,,,, REGIONAL s,,, LA. TECH ....,,, lst 3rd W-- 'lst lst 3rd 2nd 2nd lst 2nd 3rd Sophomore pole-vaulter Doug Cookston made a new school record with a height of I2 ft. 3 in. The Track and Field team of Coaches Buck Stewart and Sonny Smith compiled an impressive record this spring by winning lst place in five of their meets, 2nd in four other meets, and ran 3rd behind powerful Bolton of Alexandria and Baton Rouge High in the annual Bolton Relays. The Tigers also placed 3rd in their own Neville Relays behind West Monroe and Bolton again. Neville High-Hurdlers were, left, Eastland Gray, a Senior, and, right, J. Dodd Brooks, a Junior. KA crown. Members of the Mile Relay Team, whose best time was 3:24.2, are from left to right, Jerry Graud, Freddy Moses, Eric Borgkvist, and Gary Holt. The Neville Track Team of i964 were the following from left to right, first row: Rett Porter, Eastland Gray, Ken Brazzel, Bill Garfield, Don West, Bobby Hawkins, Johnny Reitzell, Doug Cookston, second row: Wayne Taylor, Jimmy O'Neal, Freddy Moses, Ken White, Bobby Robinson, Jimmy Tarrance, Jerry kWh 'il M - Qi - fi Members of the Neville 440 Relay Team, who placed second in the State Meet, are from left to right, Gary Pappas, Ken Brazzel, Gary Holt, and Freddy Moses. Braud, David Trousdale, third row: Eric Borglcvist, Bob Caven- dish, David Stanhope, Bill Langston, Don Johnson, Gary Pappas, Pete Terzolas, David Baker, Jimmy Greenlee, fourth row: John Salisbury, Richard Slavant, David Harrison, Walter Causey, Gary Holt, J. Dodd Brooks, Robert McSherry, Vernon Houston. ws M -4 ff-D l V sjffltzg like tosses Asus' Guiding the Tigers to their last AA District Crown were Head Coach Buck Stewart and Coach Sonny Smith. Neville trackmen who placed a strong third at the State AA meet were, left to right, front row: Gary Holt, Bill Langston, '-I-In-q.,, Mile Relay tear After winning the District 2-AA title in Ruston for the 2nd time in recent years, the well-balanced track and field team went on to the Regional Meet held at Pineville and placed 2nd behind Minden who went on to win the State AA Cham- pionship. Neville also placed 3rd in the very evenly matched State Meet held at La. Tech the next week behind Minden who scored 43 points, Northside of Lafayette who scored 38 points, and the Tigers a very close 3rd with 35 points. Most of Neville's points came from their fine relay teams which placed 2nd in the 440 and mile relays, and 3rd in the 880 relay. Neville also got fine individual performances from Gary Pappas who placed 3rd in the broad iump with a fine leap of 21'8V4"g Bill Langston who placed 2nd in the iavelin with a throw of 188'2 3111" and from J. Dodd Brooks who placed 2nd in the 120 high hurdles with a time of 15.0 seconds, and 4th in the 180 low hurdles with a time of 20.8 seconds. The mile relay team, composed of Eric Borgkvist, Gary Holt, Freddy Moses, and Jerry Braud, broke the school record of 3:24.2 which was set in 1962 at the N.O.R.D. Meet of Champions by running a fine time of 3:23.8. This was the 2nd best time run in the state this year. After making such a fine showing in the relays in the state meet, the Tigers were invited to run in the N.O.R.D. Meet of Champions in New Orleans and also the lst Annual "Preptacular" meet held at Bolton of Alexandria. These meets are strictly invitational and only the finest athletes in all classes in Louisiana are invited to participate. J. Dodd Brooks, and Gary Pappas, back row: Freddy Moses, Ken Brazzle, Doug Cookston, Jerry Braud, and Eric Borgkvist. .1 1, el' new mark at NORD meet. . . Q 69. Q . , 6 gg? Q T . i T. The members of the i964 Invitational Track Meet were: Sherry Til Wrightg Jan Conlin. Bran ch, Judy Searcy, Sally Ensmingerg Susan Sherrouse, Queen, The Tigers were sent to New Orleans in fine style by the donation of several interested business men in Monroe. They stayed in the new Monteleone Hotel and literally lived like "kings" for two days while in New Orleans. After placing 2nd in the 880 relay, and then being disqualified in the 440 relay, the Tigers came back strong to win lst place in Members of the 880 Neville Relay Team, placing third in the state meet with a best time of 'l:3O.3 and placing second in the N.O.R.D. meet, were: Jerry Braud, Eric Borgkvist, Gary Holt, and Freddy Moses. the mile relay with a fine time of 3:26.5. The winning mile relay team was made up of Eric Borgkvist, Ken Brazzel, Gary Holt, and anchor man Jerry Braud who had to come from behind to win. All the boys received nice trophies and cer- tificates for participating in the meet. Needless to say, it was a "fitting" climax to a fine track season. Mile Relay Champs at N.O.R.D. Meet of Champions were: fleft to rightl Eric Borgkvist, Ken Brazzel, Jerry Braud, and Gary Holt. Their first place time was 3:26.5. A Q ,s,We,m , 1 ' N'--""' Uimlg ifiilfii 1: 5 Baseball and golf competition A Tiger runner rounded first base after making a hit. ", f aim ,Q Raising his right arm emphatically, the umpire called this Neville player out. ,W J' Q Q 'LQ ' Y ,wav 14, if The i964 Tiger baseball team consisted of these boys: front Gary Collier, Ronnie Factor, Pat Stewart, Don Smith, Johnny row: Ken White, Gene Galligan, Tom Brown, Gary Jones, Lance Clay, Charles Floyd, Don Osborne, Joe Canal, Copelen Bradley. Dreyer, Jay Eppinette, Scotty O'Neal, back row: Bill lrvine, ZI6 l onclucles spring sports action. 111161 TIGERS eis3,,1f Named golf lettermen for the 1964 season by Coach Hollis Garrett, Gordon Hesdorffer, and Stewart Causey. were from left to right: Edward Solomon, Ray Mulhern, John Under the leadership of Coach Hollis the 1964 golf team ended the season with a record of four wins and three losses. Lettermen were Ray Mulern, John Garrett, Gordon Hesdorffer, Stewart Causey, and Edward Solomon with Jerry Album, Clark Brimberry, and Russell McCue finishing out the team. Highlights of the season were wins over Byrd High of Shreveport, West Monroe, and Bastrop. Ray Mulhern and John Garret received college scholarships for their outstanding play. Individual champion at the state tournament, Ray Mulhearn Set 6 course record on the LSU course. upperclossmen dance amidst "Moonlight and Roses." 1964 Junior Merrie Jo Simomon served as a member of The decorating commiffee. Carrying ouT The Theme chosen early in The year-"MoonlighT and Roses"-The 1964 Junior class hosTed The annual Senior Prom. Even Though The Juniors had worked during The day deco- rafing, They were sTill able To make The Virginia Roof sway To The music of The ChanTels. 2l8 s T i E T + as T 3 if tl, Indispensable during prom decorating Time is always someone who will clean up after The decoraTors. Bob Rowan happened To be around aT The right Time. Commitiee member Donna Porfer worked To separaTe hundreds of "sTars." id. .rl Q ,, 5 5 i .JE Silk Fw, 3 1 x gigs, cffufdd .2r1l:, ., 1' K . K as Vfmi iff ,Ji Tl, Y-Teens host appreciation tea. Climaxing activities of the 1964 Y-Teens, spon- sored by Mrs. Kilpatrick, the group invited all faculty members to an appreciation tea held in the living room of the home economics depart- ment. Pausing for a moment of refreshment and conversation during the Y-Teen tea were Mr. Popham and Mr, Lytle. Enioying a cup of punch served by Mrs. Richard Greene were Gayle Smith, and Katherine Glasgow. from left to right: a YWCA Board Member, Mrs. Kilpatrick, presentotion o The annual FHA Mother-Daughter banquet tor T964 was held at the Rendevous Restaurant. The highlights of the evening were the-Most Out- standing Home Economics Student Award, pre- .,,,,,. sented to Wanda Langley, and the Homemaker of Tomorrow Award, presented to Becky Parker- son. QW ll Outgoing president, Wanda Langley, welcomed members and guests to the banquet. Wanda Langley presented awards to Becky Parkerson and Carol Genung, as Ginny Stark and Pasty Quarles look on. ' A K ..-B uwclrds highlighted FHA banquet. l r l 5 1 wpfniba Enioying the annual FHA Mother-Daughter Banquet were Mary Tom Keller, Julie Amman, and Renee Breard. F left 1 ri ht V'r " Peebe Sally Pierce Nancy Talbot Wanda Las? year's officers Turned Yheir iobs over To able iuniors. rom o g : .1 game - , , , ' ' S ll H Langley, Ginny Stark, Diane Gray. Dovie'Roberfs, Donna Porter, Donna Lomax, Cindy McDonough, Jane Wilkerson, PasTy Quarles, a y over 5 HUMEMA -5,9 aw? Q 'W if y in as ci variety of events climcixec After having presided over his last assembly as student council president, Steve Huffman surrendered the gavel of leadership to Charles Williams. Taking part in a field trip sponsored by the Science Club to El Dorado were the following members: from left to right, front row: Charles Frost, Jay Merten, Robert Evangelista, Lee Boud- reaux, Nancy Pounds, Dawn Collier, Elise Trimble, Cindy Rowe, Martha Allen, Gay Gannaway, Vicki Langford, Maryanne Hayes, Terry Oglethorpe, Jimmy Kokinos, back row: Willard Kirste, Gary Lee, John Armstrong, Bruce Stovall, David Correro, Dennis Venable, Bill Irvine, Edward Dayton, Lane Allen, Kent Dean, Mike Dispenza, Roy Boudreaux, Jim Mathis, Mr. Kulcke, sponsor. he school yeclr. li D . gm Q ww --. -, ,DH-x ex F x 5 lr gg B' All Q S E Leading cheers during a pep assembly before an important game was cheer- leader Susan Sherrouse. , With the coming of spring life at Neville begins to move faster. With graduation near increased emphasis is placed on study. Not all the student's Time is spent in study, l'lOWeVeI'j lOl' there Eire Serving as a consultant during the spring American- ism Seminar sponsored by the social studies department was newsman Mac Ward. always athletic events, field trips, elections, and banquets to climax the year's activities. During the annual basketball awards banquet Coach Hollis presented various trophies to outstanding players. Among the award winners was John Garrett. . , s 9'-4-"5"'.. X 223 A X ' ff X H-mmf" --X W 547 ffffffy j N X Wy M 'WW' Q sw Q Wlln0Ma1l14"0B advertisements E 2 wh 5 Ai wifsilawgi 2 D-1 I LOOKIN' OR LISTENIN' You're Sure of +l1e Very Besl' in En+er+ainmen1', Sporls, News and Public lnferesl' Programs on A JAMES A. NOE STATION ln Monroe KNOE-TV KNOE RADID Channel 8 Dial 540 KC In New Orleans WNOE RADIO Dial I 060 KC Eddie Merhige THE - SETCO S Highway 80 Ea EE":"': 'T' Monroe, Louisian SOUTHERN EQUIPMENT TRACTOR Co., INC. , Monroe and Shreveporf 'L AMMAN 81 FLUKER, INC 4I7 Bernhardi Building Monroe, Louisiana 7I20l D. H. RODRIGUEZ R. D. FARR, JR J. C. MCDOUGALD Complimenis INSURANCE AGENCY HIXCN BROS- IIIO Jackson S+. 247 Soui-h Grand S'rree+ Monroe' La' Monroe, Louisiana Complimenis of TOOL HOUSE, INC. KUZN 500 N. 3rd S+. Monroe, Louisiana thmgs gg b tt with EQ CQKC Xl' 1 A .. we l Z f - l K li l ll X X I l I BOTTLED UNDEREAUTHORITY F THE COCA-COLA COMPANY L Y L I li I Complimenfs .EJLl.l'lZ66Vl'l'L6IZ 5 MCGINN FINANCE l---l Supply Gompcmqy MONROE WEST MONROE Wholesale Exclusively TELEPHONE AREA CODE 3 I 8 323-5I46 , Complimenfs of P.O. Box D - l000 Loulsv ll A MONROE, LOUISIANA ARTHUR GRANT Ze De. a II: 4 .. L Speczkzlty Siappe, 9nc. lcmuv :nov ron mnnn. vonoun , . 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Building Malerials of All Kinds Qualily and Service 90I S. Grand S+. Monroe, La Phone FA 3-5I94 Forsylhe af I2'II1 SI. Telephone FA5-7890 THE BARBER SHOP Personalized Service J. W. KEY PHIL LATTIER Forsyfhe Shopping Cenier "Bes'r Pie and Coffee in Town' LOUISVILLE GRILL 2400 Louisville Avenue Open 24 Hours a Day FAIrfax 2-03l9 Owner and Manager-SPEEDY PRICE Con+inue Your Educalion in Ihe U.S. ARMY Gel Choice Noi Chance Complimenls of SGT. J. C. GROSSMAN SGT. BEN A. SMITH I3O Jackson S+. FA 2-8570 R 81 A JEWELERS 323 DeSiard MONROE, LA. Monroe's Oldesl Jewelers MORGAN 8: LINDSEY The CompIe+e Varie+y Sfore YOUR FAMILY DISCOUNT STORI DEW MUSIC CO., INC. Conn-Selmer-Magnavox 339 Desiard FA 2-8I27 Monroe, La. SCOGIN MOTOR CO Quali+y Used Cars Norfh 3rd and Washingfon S+. Complimen'I's of: i EV 'W Ei QE " CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS The Shor+es'I' Disfance Befween 2 Poinis Bes+ Wishes Seniors PICCADILLY CAFETERIA Highes+ QuaIi+y Liberal Por+ions Fair Prices 232 Compiimenfs of CONTINENTAL LABORATORIES COmpIimenI's of Seven-Up Bottling Company of West Monroe, Inc. I I I8 NaI'cI1i+ocI1es Wesf Monroe, La. Complimenfs of EASON LUMBER CO. Manufaciurers of Por-fable Aluminum Buildings 39I5 OId S+erIing+on Road Monroe, La.-Phone 323-3I5I I I 1 5 I if-2, KVI I . .2 , 1 --: . 4, i ,. 5 ,H-,H T XfANfANfANf-Nf-NX-N5 AA A M 2 advertising agency, inc. 416 LOUISVILLE AVE., MONROE, LOUISIANA PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS SODA FOUNTAIN GIFTS MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY I8+I1 a+ Roselawn ROCKY ROBIN, RPI1.. Mgr. S3312 3254328 QSLEIS 325-2442 For BeHer Lisfening Pleasure Tune in IO KMLB HOWARD BROS. "JeweIers OI DisIinc'riOn" Twin Ciiy Shopping Cenfer FA 5-4505 233 AIRIES, INC. lldilk X'-'f-f,f.g.,:,:,:,: Z,-.:'.:-1---' pppp F OREMOST D I fggfcngfg "Where Freshness If Comes FirsI" as fzfffjf.Z.:.:.f.:.:.:.:::f'::E:EE I TEMPLEOEQ M Q 'xo asf I4 iIJrPepper 'ga I Q ,fox ' Nz.. 'XIX ff as i f 1 I XIX :V,. .- ' .- ,f i XS lf '.A. Q .,,s4 V iD'PePPerI T sess E HAIR srvusr I eeeeeeeeeee U4 ZZnZf fFor Discriminafing l - X X! Women , 1'-4 I , ,,A, ' loin! , I 325-7I7I I WlLLI?25f9TfMPL5TI1aif SIYIFSI TWIN CITY SHOPPING CENTER p oulsvi e ve. . Twin Ci'ry Shopping Cen'I'er I MUUVOG. Loumana Monroe, Louisiana phone FA 34048 NEED MONEY-For Any Purpose See A C SYSTEM I-ANEMAY 204 N hs ZFZONROE-'NG AIR CONDITIONING CO or ewf. hee" MAT:-:Es DIST Monroe, Louisiana F. Nor+h Monroe La Manager Phone FA 3-7728 52I5I Business -2 34 Ig, - PERSONAL LOANS MORTGAGE LOANS FRIENDLY THREE FINANCE SERVICE WAY FINANCE CO. DOWNTOWN OFFICE 3oa Ouachim Bank Building I A. T. ROBERTSON 'gi 2.222 phone FA 26,88 I-H.-K. TOUOHSTONE, JR. MONROE, LA, EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER OFFICE ,W ,O 3I22 Louisville Avenue I Phone FA 2-23I4 The Home of Friendly Loans J. C. IMoseI LOFTIN, Mgr. I Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors Besf Wishes CITY OF MONROE W. L. "JACK" HOWARD I I -CMBYCI' H. W. MCSHERRY E Commissioner W. D. H. RODRIDUEZ Commissioner Neville sludenl Jim Smilh shows Charles Williams and Kenny Cobb an array of young men's afhre. Zlliraxnss anim 0Iahn's OUACHITA NATIONAL BANK MONROE - WEST MONROE 906 Norfh I8I'h 333 Disiarcl USREY LUMBER SUPPLY CO. II5 DeSiard S+reeI' MONROE, LA. ' Exclusive CIo'Ihes 'For Women and Juniors 236 JOHNNIE USREY, JR. PEACOCKS LEADING JEWELERS "Where qualiry cosls no more" I 29 DeSiard S'rree+ CompIimen+s of FERD LEVI STATIONERY CO. IOI N. Grand ai' DeSiard Dial FA 2-8I47 Monroe, La. l BU RGESS OIL COMPANY, INC. I05 Soufh 5+h Slreel FA 3-0565 lull AMERICAN 'imr' Disfribulor American Oil Producls CD Q QMAISONE f GRAND FLORAL across from 'Ihe pos'I office a 9-lam P o. sox 834 Monnos, LA. Norm-:GATE snorrme csmsn o :sz-1 Fonsvn-le AVENUE OQCUG5 5951665 6563689 6365 FA 5-03I I-Phone LADIES READY TO WEAR MONROE-WEST MONROE FRANCHISED CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION ADAIR GMC. INC. GMC Truclzs FARMAR BROTHERS DODGE Dodge, Dari, Dodge Trucks I HATTEN MOTORS, INC. Chrysler, Plymoulh, ValianI', Jeep LEE EDWARDS, INC. Volkswagen NORTHEAST MOTORS. INC. Rambler RILEY BUICK. INC. Buiclr, Opel VAN-TROW OLDS-CADILLAC CO. Oldsmobile, F-85, Cadillac RIVERS FORD, INC. Ford, Falcon, Thunderbird, and Ford Trucks RYAN CHEVROLET, INC. Chevrolef, Chevelle, Chevy ll, Corvair, Corve'H'e, Chevrolel' Truclis SCOTT TRUCK AND TRACTOR COMPANY lnfernaiional STEELE MOTORS, INC. Mercury, Comef, Monferey, Monlclair, Park Lane, Lincoln Confinenfal, Mack Trucks STUDEBAKER OF MONROE Sfudebalcer cars and Iruclrs, Renauli TWIN CITY PONTIAC. INC. Pon'I'iac, Tempesl, Vaushall 237 AFR Betterliving begins at . . TKFULL CE TRAL SERVICE BANK G9 your full-service BANK MONROE - WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporaiion Complimenfs of CLOTHING SHOE REPAIR THURMANIZE CLEANERS 405 Pine S+. 70I Nor+h Fourlh l306 N. l8'l'h HADDAD'S ln Our Business Two Heads Are BeHer Than One OK B s BARBER sI-IoP HARDWARE CLEANERS T . C? Sh . C f 405 Pine S+. 609 Norfh 5'I'h win Iy Opplng en er SLAGLE-JOHNSON LUMB ER, INC. Wholesale and Relail LUMBER - BUILDING MATERIAL CRESCENT P.O. Box I7913 Telephone FA 3-4486 Monroe, Louisiana Complimenfs of DOMESTIC FINANCE SERVICE I09 Norlh Second MONROE, LOUISIANA HARRY COOPER, Mgr. Phone FA 5-4355 238 DRILLING CO., INC. Ouachila Bank Building FA 3-4478 Monroe, Louisiana CENTRAL SERVICE I NO. 2 LEO MONTGOMERY Between No. 2nd and No. 3rd Sts. Downtown Parking Texaco Products Phone FAirfax 2-7326 fou'll love shopping at . . North l8th at Glenmar Phone 322-747l "DOn't Cuss- Call Us" FA 2-9584 FRED PARRlSH'S Texaco Service Station I7l5 Louisville Ave. Monroe, Louisiana 4 . 5 9 f 1 0 E NRO 4 : ,HMO 4 r W P "The most walked about clothes in town" l PENN i ALWAYS FIRSI QUA-LITY! 328 DeSlARD-MONROE. LA. Count on Penney brands, 3 generations already have! -.., A good name ,is the hard work of years: in buy- PIPL ing, in laboratory testing, in maintaining quality. Penney brand names are our bond to you that 'we have done everything to iustify your confi- 'fi dence. l'l"S A tradition AT PENNEWS Count on Penney's for a full measure of value! rs sho untirm l for the markefs best Our buye p ' 9 y 1-1325" buys. Our laboratory tests unceasingly for qual- ity. 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CLINIC PHARMACY X , CLINIC BUILDING f 400 Sf. John S+. o Phone FA 3-69II Monroe, Louisiana FIDWER OTIS L. DERBONNE Emergency Regisfereci Pharmacisf Phone FA 3.85l7 BIsI-I MATHIS INSTITUTE xemuc 604, 90'-Grim Q fmsss "L N s ,A I 9 4 . if ...E Q 2 A ProfessIonaI I? rw 43, r lg . 4 G T A EDI D F SCLIOOI of BUSINESS 5 ' uE:ct 5 :I L-I a Mini' . I Q - I, '00 ' " S j 0 T Loca'Ied: EigITI'II Floor BERNHARDT BUILDING Monroe, Louisiana COME BY AND VISIT ANY TIME! 240 318 NORTH SECOND "C0mplete Flower Service" FA 3-3494 Complimenfs of SOL SNYDER'S OF EASTGATE BOB SALE STUDIO 81 CAMERA SHOP Illl N. 4+h S+. Phone FA 2-3425 MONROE, LA. Complimen+s of: KELSO'S In +he FoJsy+he Shopping Cenfer and Downfown Monroe G51 wg Gsvda 809449 gmiss sy 5 WSW: 756, in ....x k" 1, oo n Burgundy TH E 3 ?c1 !z.5?1zgzZ1zyaN2'.4 3eaz' gi' DANJ5 N. F h s+ + "'f5."A 563 933 'if J. F. HEIMGARTNER 620 Mon2,'ffLa.'ee QQ A MONROE' 'fA'j Area Manager Phone: FA 3-5Ib6 Ad sfaff mem ers con u Ay PHONE FA 5-437I THE FLOWER SHOPPE, INC. I004 Norfh Third Sfreei MONROE, LA. MRS. D. I. HIRSCH Roz AND HENRY HAAS. JR. T Besi' wishes, seniors PICCADILLY CAFETERIA Double your pleasure. double your fun- Highesi' Q'-'aIi+Y Ed a+ Liberal Porfions R Fair Prices 3608 Desiard FA 2-9453 WW P OTOGRAPHS 5 k7u1A M emi Ge cC7cmiq'4 if G ' if Cosy 0 JO W ly A Q T - N. Sffeei' F' 0 E f1QGHQLTGN 5-r FA 2-4335 MGNRDE L.OUfSiAHA and All Types of Phofography Go Tigers f N 'f Y ' f W Aa' PQ! C t I t - '9 'TJ onqrca u CI Ions f ' ' Q35 'mx CLASS OF '65 3 W F' " 'f C 5. 5. of f S , 1 ANY :A x Coach Hollis firsf six Maw- t T ,.Q.Lpc4, Z4,ccf?iA.f,Q0,af,44faff,L4,a. Mwwc cicknowlecl ements 5 -1 lb Jaw ,44,Q44z,64a,4gf ,aa-77z,zf 54 ? wf ffm raw , W 43:4 ' 41 fm wwe fe fs y peope helpe in compi in5The e I ionJ Xjdd of the Monroyan. To them the staff would like to-QL T I fufffcc' xpress deep appreciation. Among this group were! l JMLEAL Morgan and the Trend House, Miss Emy-Lou 2 MMD Biedenharn,Mr. John Fogleman, Mr. Richard Green , 847,11-!LJiy.Ld,-Z.,ZffMrs, George T. Walker, Williams' Studio, and all t 9 2 Quit advertisers. ln addition, the staff cannot omit thela p - idx!-ex faculty, administrators, and students for their pa- -f ,A L - tience and co-operationyyglflf 1,0 g 1. -Ltd! A s siet of copy WMS prefs, an e-usable4g0 ' f l er als were put back into the cabinets for th fda T f LAL time, and as the mountains of mistakes an !aLdf ELL' 4 materials and soft drink cups were thrown Way, the thoughts of the staff members varied coi3g4Z4, ,LLWJLK - Jqlrning the picture to be used on the last page. Sug- Q20 A0LlA6fH.,LLf70ge9fons ranged from the possible to the impossible. 1 1 61, Finally, it was decided to end this edition as it had H44-A begun-with Shasta, the symbol of Neville Tiger 5217131 QAJZQSN,-5.14.7 spirit. Off-W, g l 244 .," I . , , 1:Qfg13,f,QE A fffhgfdsvaw W K I K SY ba wi K 5, , Abell, Hughes 47, 200 Abell, Nelson 46, 57, 178, 188 Fred 139, 192 Adams, Donnie 178 Adams, George 72 Adams, Harriett 75, 178 Adams, Kay 39, 142 Adams, Linda 142 Adams, Sandra 55, 172 Student Index Beach, Debbie 200 Beach, Sonny 192 Bealle, Allen 68, 144 Bealle, Bearden, Gene 192 Bearden, Shea Beaver, Debra 55, 74, 192 Beckett, Mary Eve 49, 55, 6 178 1, 64, 69, Addison, Judy 64, 142, 178 Addison, Kathy 142 Albright, Toni 50, 142 Album, Jerry 142 Alger, Whitney 142 Alleman, Anne 200 Bee, Teresa 55, 179 Bell, Eddie 144 Bell, Skipper 145 Bell, Steve 179 Belmont, Jo Ann Allen, Edward 115, 143 Allen, Heath 68, 200 Allen, Jane 66, 178 Allen, Lane 41, 59, 104, 143, 2 Allen, Lynne 55, 143, 162 Allen, Martha 59, 192, 222 Allen, Susan 55, 162, 178 Allen, Tim 100, 162, 192 Allen, Virginia 55, 162, 200 Amman, Fred 46, 57, 108, 116, 178 Amman, Julie 60, 143, 227 Anderson, Wayne 143 Andrews, John 200 Anspack, Carolyn 75, 143 Antley, Barbara 178 Anzalone, Frank 200 Bennett, Peggy 145 Benton, Ashley 29, 49, 64, Benton, Bette 55, 192 73, 145 Brimberry, Clark 193 Brinson, Ann 55, 179 Britton, Carol 193 Brooks, J. Dodd 46, 58, 75, 97, 128 129,133,147, 212, 213, 214 Brooks, Jimmy 50, 72, 179 Brown, Carrie 179 Brown, Charles 200 Brown, Don Brown, Douglas 74, 193 Brown, Janet 55, 66, 75, 179 Brown, Joe H. 26, 179 Brown, Larry 147 Brown, Sandra 97, 147 Brown, Sharron 179 Brown, Susan 193 Brown, Tom 56, 58, 122, 193, 216 22 Benton, Richard 179 Betts, Bruce 192, 242 Betts, Steve 192, 242 Bewick, Bob 53, 200 Biedenharn, Jay 57, 179 Biegenwald, Bill 200 Bird, Kathy 76, 93, 145 Boggs, Judy 138, 200 Bolton, Judy 192 Bolton, Padg 192 Boudreaux, Avelie 69, 75, 179, 222 Boutwell, Barbara 50, 66, 145 Boutwell, Cheryl 50, 192 Boyce, Clark 200 Atkinson, Mary Ann 55, 192 Armstrong, Anne 143 Armstrong, Drew 178 Armstrong, Nancy 30, 64, 200 Boyd, Dianne 28, 55, 192 Boyett, Mike 58, 108, 119, 145 Bradley, Susan 179 Bradshaw, Linda 179 Bruce, Judy 55, 147 Bruce, Keith Bruce, Kerry 37, 138, 200 Brueek, Janet 65, 193 Bruscato, Mark 193 Bryan, Bill 59, 193 Bryan, James 149 Buckner, Betty 193 Bullock, Roy 69, 179 Bunn, Karen 55, 147, 200 Bunn, Lisa 53 Burdine, Marsha 6-4, 200 Burford, Lee 108, 120, 179 Burgess, Pamela 94, 126, 147 Burkett, David 61, 176, 179 Burkett, Margie 48, 68, 71, 74, Burns, Glenn 67, 193 Burpo, Dianne 200 75, 147 l Breard, Barring Ave ritt, Larry 123, 200 Axen, Albert 192 Aycock, Joe 74, 200 Bailey, Pamela 192 Baker, David 58, 127, 128, 131, 143, 213 Baker, Judy 123, 138, 200 Baker, Pam 144 Baldo, Bonnie 54, 55, 144 Baldwin, Annette 178 Bancroft, Bonnie 47, 192 Barham, Mack 178 Barker, Tommy Lee 178 Barlow, David 192 Barlow, Sherry 200 Barnes, David 50, 192 Barnett, Sarah Ann 48, 65, 192 er, Candy 69, 75, 144 Braley, Ken 68, 179 Branch, Judy 29, 55, 145 Branch, Karyn 200 Branch, Randy 47, 122 Branch, Sherry 82, 83, 145, 215 Brandt, Carol 75, 146 Brasher, Ronnie 146 Bratton, Beniamin 192 Braud, Beverly 33, 193 Brazzel, Kenny 46, 57, 58, 90, 139, 178,179, 213, 214, 215 Breard, Herbert 200 Breard, Linda 103, 146 Breard, Peggy 193 Breard, Renee 55, 146, 221 Sally 71, 179 Burrell, Tom 35, 148 Burt, Annette 64, 72, 179 Bushnell, Chad 193 Bushnell, David 193 Bynum, Jimmy Cahn, Steve 201 Cain, Candy 66, 201 Cain, Chuck 50, 72, 179 Cale, Fred 50, 52, 139, 193 Calhoun, John 179 Calhoun, Kathy 73, 74, 201 Campbell, Mike 123, 201 Campbell, Scotty 74, 75, 148 Campbell, Terry 55, 62, 148 Canales, Albert 201 Cantrell, Sheila 179 Carr, Buddy 193 Carso, Brenda 64, 65, 81, 124, 124 Barry, Bob 160, 178 Bartlett, Alphia 73, 200 Bass, Mary 47, 55, 192 Battistone, Linda 144 Baw, Olivia 73, 178 246 Brewer, Bill 179 Brewer, Mary 146 Brewer, Rickey Brice, Jeanie 32, 76, 146 Bright, Jimmy 50, 193 Ca rso, Camille 64, 79, 96, 148 Carter, Dale 193 Carter, Jean 33, 55, 62, 148 Cascio, Carolyn 55 Cascio, Charles 75, 179 Dana, Ronald 48, 58, 102, 109, 116, 150 Ernst, Tim 194 Cascio, Sarah 55, 179, 193 Cascio, Victor Causey, Bill 25, 111, 179 Causey, David 201 Causey, Stewart 179, 217 Caverlee, Bill 47, 101, 133, 201 cespiva, Andrea 55, 193 Chambliss, Cynthia 134, 135, 179 Chapman, Philip 50, 193 Chappell, Bill 179 Chappell, Linda 64, 201 Charrier, John 180 Chennault, David 71, 108, 117, 180 Christmas, Robert 41, 59, 71, 193 Clark, Ronnie 58, 109, 114, 117, 127, 149 Clark, Vicki 55, iso Clay, John 57, sa, 128, 131, 149, 216 Cumpton, Jo 180 Cumpton, Ronnie 201 Curry, Charles 46, 180 Curry, Kay 40, 55, 59, 201 Daigle, Marilyn 50, 180 Daniel, Danny 193 Davidson, Ronnie 58, 128, 132, 150 Davis Byron 122, 181 I Davis, Jack 193 Davis, Jennifer 65, 67, 201 Davis, Jimmy 201 Davis, John 53, 193 Davis, Keith Davis, Lana 64, 201 Davis, Mike 133 Davis, Stephanie 181 Clay, Mike 193 Coates, Linda 68, 180 Coats, Coats, Jioe 122 Tammy 5s,1oa,112,114, 149 Cobb, -Kathy 123, 138, 201 cobbjkenny sa, 109, 112, 113, 127, 149 Cobb, Roberta 55, 193 Cochran, Susan 55, 63, 67, 180 Cohn, Henry 180 Coker, Don 193 Cole, Billy 53, 193 Cole, Danny 50, 193 Cole, Richard 68, 149 Coleman, Tommy 193 Coleman, Wilma 193 Collier, Dawn 68, 180, 222 Collier, Gary 180, 216 Collier, Larry B. 72 Conlin, Chris 180 Cookston, Doug 57, 108, 117, 213, 214, 212 Coon, Clyde 149, 158 Coon, Fred 39, 193 Dawson, Peggy 55, 193 Day, Cecil 122, 193 Dayton, Edward 39, 151, 222 Dayton, Pat 122, 193 Dean, Kent 74, 103, 151, 222 Decell, Dottie 28, 50, 151 Decelle, Chuck 181 Deiley, Roselyne 55, 193 DeMoss, Ronnie 109, 114, 127, 151 Denoux, Margaret 55, 201 Denoux, Marilyn 25, 39, 64, 66, 67, 151 Devereux, Sheila 193 Devereux, Tim 151 DeVille, Janey 181 Dickenhorst, Sherry 55, 69, 181 Dickens, Harold 181 Dillingham, Dianna 55, 181 Dillingham, Rita 55, 193 Dispenz, Mike 151, 222 Ditta, Sammy 201 Dixon, Linda 55, 181 Dixon, Linda 201 Dixon, Susan 181 Doles, Bonnie 67, 134, 137, 193 216 Coon, Kathy 67, 193 Cooper, Carole 55, 193 Cordell, Hardeman Domingues, Gale 55, 151 Doncer, Ray 122, 181 Dorhan, Charles 50, 70, 181 Correro, David 103, 149, 222 Correro, Linda 53, 193 Covington, Carol 55, 65, 66, 67, 201 Cowart, Margaret 193 Cox, Richard 180 Cox, Vickie 64, 201 Craft, Ann 34, 73, 149 Cranford, Kimmie 201 Crawford, Diane 150 Crawley, Gayle 180 Cromling, Kathleen 150 Cronk, Connie 50, 73 Crossland, Mary Beth 193 Crouch, Frank 150 Crow, Brenda 55, 150 Culpepper, Dorothy 48, 55, 193 Dotson, Sandra 64, 201 Dowd, Bridget 134, 137, 181 Downs, Joe 201 Dreyer, Lance 128, 133, 181, 216 Dubin, Charles 152 Duchesne, Alice Faye 64, 201 Duffey, Donna 59, 193 Dukes, Tom 181 Duncan, Denise 71, 181 Dunlap, Gary 201 76 Dupree, Thomas 50, 152 Durrett, Dra 123, 201 Dye, Brenda Dye, Naoma 27, 181 Easley, Martha 68, 181 Eason, Mary Ann 55, 65, 66, Edelman, Nancy,l81 Edwards Beverly 138, 201 Edwards, Sherry 181 Elizondo, Beto 194 Ellen, Johnny 68, 129, 181 Ellington, Susan 75, 152 Elliott, Cheryl 194 Ensminger, Rex Ill 181 Ensminger, Richard 67, 201 Eppinette, Jay 128, 130, 131 216 Ernst, Tom 70, 76, 181 Estes, Connie 21, 194 Ethridge, Edward Fairbanks, Johnny 152 Fall, Amy 201 Fallin, Linda 181 Farmar, Debby 53, 201 Farr, Susan 55, 70,194 Faucett, Jimmy 47, 122, 194 Faulk, Trippett 201 Feeney, Deborah 134, 136, 1 Ferguson, Eileen 25, 181 Ferguson, Kathryn 75, 152 Ferguson, Larry 194 Fike, Valeria 53, 194 Finkbeiner, Dale 194 Fink, Georgiana 47, 55, 31, Fisher, Ricky 53, 201 Fishman, Carla 201 Fister, Betty 153 Fister, Louis 53 Fitch, Martha 66, 181 Flanary, Steve 50, 70, 181 Fleischaker, Barbie 55, 194 Florshiem, Henry 122, 181 Floyd, Charles 46, 56, 99, 12 Dunn, Bill 46, 49, 56, 57, 58, 77, 96, 129,131,133,152 Dunn, Walter 56, 181 Dupont, Ricky 193 Dupree, Barbara 194 Dupree, Bertha 65, 194 Flynn, Larry 181 Folds, Liz 55, 69, 182 Ford, Tommy 182 Foster, Jodie 194 Fox, Mike 194 Fox, Sharon 59, 182 Francis, Ralph 194 Frankowicz, Herbie 129, 194 Frazier, Cheryl Anne Frazier, Toby 194 Frazer, Jennifer 55, 74 Freeman, Charles 122 Frost, Charles 182, 222 Frost, James 194 Fryday, Edward 194 Fury, Charles, 123, 128 67, 201 , 132, 181, 37, 138, 181 64, 201 8, 130, 1a2, 247 213 Fury, Frank 123, 201 Futch, Jimmie 182 Futch, Susan 182 Galligan, Bill 194, Galligan, Gene 46, 49, 57, 58, 76, 153 Gannaway, Gay 70, 194, 222 Gannaway, Jan 201 Garfield, Bill 57, 71, 139, 182, 213 Garlington, Jerry 194 Garlington, Judy 50, 194 Garrett, Linn 201 Gates, Peggy 72, 182 Gattis, Bill 182 Gentry, Donna 182 George, Brenda 55, 153 Gibson, Jerry 182 Gilchrist, Joan 55, 195 Gilchrist, Steve 109, 119 Gilliland, Dan 28, 50, 51, 153 Gilliland, Nanci 153 Gilmore, Jackie 59, 70, 153 Glasgow, Katherine 55, 72, 75, Glenn, Pamela 50, 195 Glenn, Walker 53, 123, 201 153, 219 Hamel, Phyllis 195 Hamilton, Jan 195 Hammons, Linda 195 Hammonds, Jerry 50 Hammonds, Ann 202 Hammonds, Harvey 183 Hammons, Nancy 55, 195 Hamner, Lynn 72, 75, 183 Haneline, Ronnie 183 Hanks, Ann 64, 155 Hanna, Elaine 64, 77, 155 Hansen, Mark 123, 133, 202 Hansen, Steve 155 Hardy, Linda 183 Hargiss, Mickey 183 Hargiss, Bucky 122, 195 Hargrove, Tom Hargus, Carol 71, 183 Harmon, Frank 59, 202 Harper, Mickey 48, 47, 56, 57, 59, 61, 77, 94, 155, 188 Harris, Joan 55, 65, 195 Harrison, David 156, 174, 213 Harrison, Debbie 64, 202 Godwin, Leila 182 Goldman, Marylin 153 Gonzales, Denise 182 Gonzales, Theresa 195 Goodwin, Kathy 154 Goyne, Byron 201 Goyne, Joe 57, 154 Harrison, Susan Hart, Mark 123, 202 Hart, Mike 183 Hart, Randy 195 Harvey, Rah 156 Hathaway, Ann 64, 75, 183 Hathorn, Joy 195 Hayes, Maryanne 59, 195, 222 Hesdorffer, Gordon 156, 217 Grant, Joe Bailey 154 Gray, Diane 65, 154 Greene, Linda 64, 201 Greenlee, Jimmy 58, 154, 213 Greenwood, Sandra 73, 183 Gregory, Kyle 50, 75, 195 Greshan, Marshall 201 Griffin, Amy 50, 201 Grigsby, Judy 30, 183 Grimes, Kenneth Guice, Lydia 138, 201 Guerriero, True 59, 123, 202 Guillot, Marie A. 69, 154 Gulley, Sunnye 55, 155 Gunn, Keith 108, 120, 183 Hayward, Alex 109, 120, 183 Heard, Charles 183 Heard, Kathy 74, 202 Heflin, Bobby 25, 26, 183 Heflin, Petey 202 Heimgartner, Lenny 47, 122, 195 Hendricks, Jane 73 Hendricks, Sheryle 55, 73, 156 Henry, Jimmy 183 Henry, Reggie Henry, Sandra 202 Herpin, Joe Herrell, Bruce 156 Herrell, Rande 55, 74, 202 Hines, Susie 55, 71, 183 Hinkie, Jan Hixon, Delaine 50, 65, 202 Hochstetler, David 47, 57, 58, 70, 100, 108,116,118,195 Hodge, Barbara 183 Hodges, Betty 75, 156 Hogue, Mack 183 Holden, Debbie 53, 195 Holden, Tom 42, 157 Holdsworth, Carol 195 Holler, Dorothy 195 Holloway, Pat 27, 184 Holloway, Sandy 202 Holmes, Bobby 184 Holmes, Kitty 55, 195 Hood, Janet 39, 46, 55, 184 Hood, Jimmy 123, 202 Hoodemaker, Julia 39, 157 Hooton, Bobby 123, 202 Horton, Margaret 64, 202 Houston, Joe Houston, Vernon 50, 52, 58, Hover, Salley 65, 69, 157, 221 Howard, Judy 65, 138, 202 Howell, Ron 202 Howell, Sally 37, 203 Hudson, Pam 195 Hudson, Sandra 55, 184 Huffman, Carol 64, 74, 203 Hull, Linda 203 Hull, Rebecca 55, 70, 184 Humble, Tracy 50, 203 Hunnicutt, Lawrence 23, 50 Hunnicutt, Margaret 75 Hunnicutt, Mary Louise 70, 184 Husted, Carroll 195 lnabnet, Jay 195 Inabnett, Caroline 184 Ingram, Alan 123, 203 lrby, Scotty 184 Irvin, Joel 122, 195 Jackson, Jenny 64, 67, 101, 2 Jackson, John 195 Jackson, Nora 157 Jacka, Susan 195 Higgins, David 202 Guyton, Don 128, 183 Guyton, Thomas 133, 202 Haddad, Billy 57, 183 Haddad, Lynn 77, 155 Haddox, Larry 53, 183 Hakim, Hakim, Edward Theda Jo 64, 73, 75, 155 Hale, Brenda 183 Hewitt, Frank 122, 123, 202 Hibbard, Mike 122, 195 Hickman, Doug 47, 57, 59, 70, 108, 120, 195 Hickman, Wade 202 Hicks, Charlotte 183 71, Higginbotham, Jimmy 128, 132, 195 Jacobs, Judy 55, 195 Jarrnon, Buddy 195 Jernigan, Jimmy 50, 195 Johns, Hank 203 Johns, Susan 39, 105, 157 Johnson, Charles 59, 203 Johnson, Chris 50, 70, 195 Johnson, Judith 59, 184 Hall, Richard 50, 52, 183 Higgins, Larry 34, 183 Halley, Barbara 202 Halley, Esther 202 Halley, Michael 183 Halley, Patricia 46, 55, 59, 64, 71, 183 Hallmark, Vicki 56, 67, 155 248 High, Susan 183 Hilton, Claude 122, 183 Hilton, Marsha 55, 70, 183 Hilton, Ronnie 123 Hines, Johnny 48, 195 Jones, Charles 184 Jones Danny 203 Jones, Evaline 55, 203 Jones Floyd 195 Jones, Sharon 66, 203 Joyce Kay 55,157 139, 157 03 Keith, Helen 184 Keko, Susan 203 Keller, Mary Tom 33, 55, 56, 71, 184, 221 Keller, Suzanne 67, 69, 75, 184 Kellogg, Bill 184 Kellogg, Branton 184 Kelly, Art 185 Kelly, SuSu 185 Kemp, Mike 48, 95, 157 Kern, Joe 50, 52, 185 Kersey, Jerry 195 Kersey, John 158 Key, Billy 195 Key, Ronnie 185 Kiese, Frank 195 Kilcoyne, Mike 56, 58, 109, 116, 195 Kilgore, Kay 55, 62, 69, 185 Kilpatrick, Susan 48, 59, 67, 70, 71 195 King, Donna 55, 185 King, Wendy 195 Kinko, Susan Kinney, Ouida 185 Kiper, Dottie 20, 55, 70, 195 Kiper, Janet 185 Kirste, Willard 50, 195, 222 Kitchens, Reggie 185 Kitchingham, Charles 50, 60, 203 Kokinos, Deno 66, 195 Kokinos, Jimmy 158, 222 Kokinos, Mary 203 Kotz, Sissy 55, 185 Kozlosky, Freddy 53, 203 Kozlosky, Patsy 34, 73, 158 Kramar, Mark 195 Kratzer, Star Krepper, Martha 50, 51, 158 Kulinski, Janet 66, 195 Kulinski, Marion 129, 158 Kurtz, Barbara 50, 90, 195 LaBorde, Reni 203 Ladshaw, Henry 185 LaGrange, Arah 158 LaGrange, Art 22, 195 Q Lancaster, Michael 72, 76, 203 Lance, Myla 55, 195 Langley, Teresa 61, 69, 71, 185 Larkin, Robin 65, 203 Lary, Susan 55, 65, 138, 203 Lastrapes, George 50, 156 Laudenheimer, Jimmie 123, 133, 203 Law, David 196 Law, Linda 203 Lawrence, Jeff 159 Lawrence, Romand 196 Laws, Steve 50, 185 Leckie, Curtis 122, 196 Lee, Donna 73, 185 Lee, Gilbert 50, 52, 185 Lee, Laine 196 Lee, Robert 159 Lee, Sarah 73, 185 Leigh, Nancy 203 Lerner, Martin 185 Licht, Gary 159 Liles, Arthur 70, 185 Liles, Jerry 63, 156, 159 Lindsey, Mona 61, 196 Lindsey, Suzette 64, 185 Liner, Jeff 21, 47, 203 Link, Karen 55, 185 Little, Hope 50, 203 Lockhart, Billy 67, 185 Lockhart, Jim 196 Lockhart, Monty 74 Loftin, Linda 138, 203 Loker, Nancy 55, 196 Lomax, Donna 47, 55, 65, 66, 159, 221 Lowrey, Ken 24, 133, 203 Lowrey, Harriet 49, 55, 64, 66, 159 Lutz, Frederick 60, 67, 71, 185 McAdams, Doris 203 McBride, Susie 47, 49, 77, 92, 103, 159 McCartney, Connie 196 McCarty, Chris 203 McCarty, George 60, 123, 203 McConothy, Carolyn 74 McCook, Jenny 185 McCoy, Vernon 50, 185 McCue, James Robert 196 McCue, Russell 159 McCullin, Jackie McCullin, Terry McDonough, Cindy 55, 65, 66, 196, 221 McDonough, Terry 55, 66, 203 McDuff, Al 68, 77, 160 McDuffie, Steve 122, 185 McFadden, Doug 139, 185 McGee, David Y. 160 McGee, Ron 160 McGough, Martha 31, 138, 203 McGrift, James 160 McHenry, Warren 196 McKenzie, Gail 196 McKinley, Karen 53, 203 McLain, Charles 160, 75 McPhail, Gwen 69, 196 McPherson, Bruce 203 McRae, Dan 53, 213 McRae, Ken 160 McSherry, Bill 37, 101, 123, 133, 203 McSherry, Robert 56, 91, 93, 109, 112, 113,115,116,117,118,127,161, 213 McWilliams, Mickie 55, 85 Mabray, Melinda 67, 161 Mabray, Pat 122, 196 Mabray, Pat 201 Maddux, Shirley 138, 74, 203 Magruder, Don 185 Mantrozos, Donna 65, 203 Mantrozos, Linda 55, 185 Marcovitz, Sharyn 55, 203 Marsala, Andy 56, 71, 196 Marsh, Mack 75, 128, 131, 161 Marshall, Connie 73, 161 Martien, Jamie 76, 161 Martien, Nell 64, 138, 203 Martien, Norman 161 Martin, Susan 40, 70, 59, 196 Marx, Paul 47, 70, 128, 196 Marx, Peggy 126, 161 Masters, James 74, 196 Massey, Linda 64, 75, 185 Masur, Louis 68, 196 Masur, Sharon 55, 186 Mathis, Floye Ann 74, 196 Maupin, Susan 32, 196 Maxwell, Marilynn 55, 196 Maxwell, Max 76, 203 Maynard, Mike 161 Maynard, Pat Mayo, Suzanne 67, 203 Mays, Robert 203 Mears, James 50, 69, 162 Mears, Ray 196 Medak, Judy 203 Meek, Paula 32, 55, 61, 64, 71, 186 Meeks, Ray 186 Mehl, Jackie 196 Mickel, Diana 55, 73, 203 Middleton, Debbie 197 Middleton, Phyllis 59, 162 Miles, Margaret 46, 55, 64, 71, 186 Miller, Charles 197 Milner, Louis 186 Milner, Pam 203 Minninger, Linda 55, 203 Mingledorgg, Dana 162 Mintz, Andy 203 Mintz, Steve 197 Moncla, Stephen 76, 162 Moncrief, Clint 50, 197 Moncrief, Keith 122, 197 Moncrief, Monty 58, 109, 118, 186 Montgomery, Cheryle 186 Moore, Danny Moore, Donny 203 Moore, James 197 Moore, Linda 55, 70, 162 Moore, Richard 162 Moran, Robert Moreau, Donna 214 Morse, Sheryll 204 Moses, Owen 185 Mouk, Kathy 55, 134, 137, 197 Mulhearn, Joe 197 Mulhearn, Tommy 37, 204 Mullens, Larry 21, 105, 163 Mullen, Mike 58, 66, 111 Mullins, Georgia 186 Mullins, Thad 50, 51, 104, 163 249 Munholland, Herbert 163 Murphy, Ann 55, 70, 100, 197 Murphy, James 204 Murphy, Kerry 197 Myatt, Mary 55, 99, 186 Myers, Haywood 197 Myles, Linda 197 Namie, Joe 197 Nelson, John 197 Newcomer, Donnie 50, 186 Nolan, Beverleye 186 Nolan, Mike 197 Nolen, Mark 50, 197 Norman, Sally 197 Norris, James 163 Nowell, Jimmy Nowell, Joan 197 Nowell, John 204 Oakland, Berny Odom, Kay 55, 59, 70, 197 Oglethorpe, Terry 50, 197, 222 Oliver, Robert 204 Olmstead, Bill 204 Olmstead, Eddie 186 Olsan, Ann 204 O'Neal, Scott C. 58, 163, 216 O'Neal, Jimmy 21, 58, 130, 163, 213 Osborne, Mickey 122, 197 Otnott, Kay' 55, 65, 197 Otwell, Herb 197 Overton, Carole 50, 163 Overton, John 70, 128, 133, 186 Pace, Toni 64, 204 Packer, Ricky 122, 197 Packer, Ronnie 122, 197 Pettis, Sam 204 Phillips, Dolores, 55, 197 Phillips, Steve 187 Phillips, Wanda 55, 168, 187 Plair, Betty 55, 65, 204 Planchard, Greg 122, 187 Plummer, Crawford 187 Poe, Freddy 165 Polen, Mary Ellen 64, 74, 204 Polk, Aaron 50, 67, 127, 197 Polk, Mary Eleanor 50, 52, 165 Poole, Elizabeth 59, 204 Pope, Dick 165 Pope, Sherry 204 Popham, Jimmy 50, 165 Porter, Donna 46, 55, 62, 65, 165, 218 Porter, Linda 55, 66, 187 Porter, Rett 49, 67, 139, 187, 213 Posey, Carole Ann Posey, Jerry 187 Posey, Jimmy 187 Pounders, Angie 47, 70, 134, 137, 197 Pounders, Pat 72, 165 Pounds, Nancy 55, 64, 69, 75, 187, 222 Powell, Greg 50, 66, 197 Price, Mary 55, 197 Prichard, Lawrence 50, 187 Pugh, Penny 42, 187 Purdy, Nelda 144, 135, 136, 187 Quarles, Patsy 65, 187, 220, 221 Rainwater, Stacy 123, 204 Rambin, Dot 50, 51, 134, 138, 187 Rasch, Mickey 165 Reed, Donna 55, 166 Ray, Mac 23, 62, 197 Robinson, Bobby H. 167 Robinson, Cheryl 59, 187 Robinson, Dickey 50, 189 Robinson, Don 205 Robinson, Neil 74, 197 Rogers, Elizabeth 197 Rogers, Jimmie 69, 104, 167 Rogers, Mary Lynn 55, 197 Rogers, Norma 205 Rogers Ryan 59 Rogers, Steven 205 Rogers, Vernon 167 Rorex, Janna 135, 187 Rosenberg, Joe 167 Rosenberg, Jackie 66, 122, 123, 205 Ross, Don 122, 197 Routt, Rusty 205 Rowan, Bob 46, 56, 58, 84, 85, 131, 167, 218 Rowan, Lela 167 Rowe, Cindy 48, 50, 53, 64, 74, 75, 95, 168, 222 Rowe, Sandy 50, 48, 53, 66, 74, 75, 95, 168 Rowe, Suzanne 50, 135, 197 Ruddick, Delane 55, 187 Russell, Leigh 59, 197 Russel, Ronnie 197 Salinas, Murray 109, 121 Salisbury, John 77, 168, 213 Salisbury, Marianne 75, 198 Salter, Cheryl 28, 198 Sampognaro, Carmela 28, 32, 55, 190 Sampognaro, Joe 205 Sampognaro, Pamela 198 Sampognaro, Vincent 53, 105 Pankey, Alice 56, 64, 73, 90, 102, 126, 163 Pappas, Ellen 204 Parker, Barbara 64, 67, 164 Parker, Bill 164 Parker, Dan 123 Parrino, Barbara 197 Parrish, Kathy 55, 59, 204 Parrish, Mina 134, 136, 186 Parsons, Harold 122, 187 Parsons, Susan 33, 164, 156 Patterson, Carole 197 Patterson, JoAnne 55, 67, 164 Patterson, Mike 164 Patterson, Robert 122, 197 Pearce, Pearson, Mike 47, 57, 58, 102, Clif 60, 164 118,121,127,165 Peat, Mimi Peat, Jackie Perry, Douglas 123, 204 Perry, Martha 197 Perry, Rowland. 122, 187 Perryman, Jerry 204 Peters, Glenn 187 Petterson, Jan 204 250 108,113, Rea, Barbara 48, 197 Rea, Carolyn Rea, Margaret 55, 166 Read, Sherry 64, 204 Reardon, Will 59, 71, 187 Redding, Buzz 24, 108, 113, 166 Reed, Donna 55, 166 Reis, Mike 197 Reis, Scotty 68, 76, 166 Reitzell, Judy 197 Reliac, Mary Lou 55, 187 Reppond, Phillip 197 Reynolds, Jo Jean 204 Reynolds, Mary 55, 166 Richards, Marcy 204 Richards, Pam 55, 187 Richardson, Rita 55, 66, 205 Richie, Mike 74, 197 Riddle, Brenda 47, 57, 88, 125, 12 Riley, Amy 203 V Riley, skipper 109,A119, 187 Rivet, Fred 57, 68, 167, 188 Robertson, Jennie 55, 205 Robertson, Nancy 205 6,1 Robinson, Bobby B. 56, 58, 89, 109, 114, 115,127,167, 213 Sanchez, John 205 Sanders, Vicki 198 Savage, Jan 198 Savage, Johnny 187 Scallan, Nettie 198 Scharf, Phil 50, 53 Schmidt, Belinda 198 Schonau, Clair 50, 198 Schonlau, Lisa 50, 198 lhubert, Chris 168 Scruggs, Mary 64, 75, 187 Seale, Brent 122, 198 Seale, Sandy 55, 69, 187 Searcy, Steve 47, 198 Sepulvado, Jessie 104, 168 Sepulvado, Tim 187 . Serio, Alice Ruth 187 Shaver, Kathy 182, 188 Shaw, Bo 188 Shaw, Danny 49, 56, 58, 75, 111, 127 168 Shaw, Lil 55, 198 Sheffield, Larry 29, 58, 109, 116, 7 169 Shelton, Sherry 55, 198 Shepherd, Teresa 50, 188 Sherman, Kathy 55, 188 Sherman, Mary 75 Sherrouse, Ann 123, 205 Sherrouse, Jane 134, 136 Shields, Gary 53, 205 Shlosman, Don 188 Shoudy, Allen 198 Shoudy, Patty 205 Shows, Mike 188 Simmons, Gary 205 Simonton, Merrie Jo 126, 169, 188, 218 Simpson, Sally 205 Sims, Jerry 198 Slakter, Alan 123, 205 Slakter, Debbie 135, 188 Slaughter, Jim 198 Smith, Alyce 32, 87, 124, 169 Smith, Barbara 64, 188 Smith, Bob 56, 71, 129, 198 Smith, Buddy 198 Smith, Chuck 188 Smith, Don 23, 67, 117, 198, 216 Smith, Franklin 169 Smith, Glenda 74, 205 Smith, Glenda 63, 169 Smith, Glenn 129 Smith, Harry 129, 198 Smith, Jim 169 Smith, Larry 169 Smith, Len 31 Smith, Lynn 55, 198 Smith, Petey 129, 198 Smith, Ray 169 Smith, Roger 188 Smith, Steve 198 Smith, Tommy 199 Smull, Bobby 205 Snapp, Lala 188 Snellings, Frank 199 Snively, Tesa 34, 67, 205 Snodgrass, Janice 205 Solomon, Edward 170, 217 Southwell, Ann 55, 65, 205 Spargo, Betty Jo 23, 55, 134, 135, 136, 137, 199 Spargo, Donna 46, 55, 60, 99, 178, 188 Spatafora, Ann 199 Spight, Sue 75, 170 Spurgeon, John 50, 72 Stanhope, David 56, 59, 70, 71, 98, 139, 170, 213 Stanley, Ted 75, 170 Stark, Ginny 65, 120, 220, 221 Statham, Butch 122, 199 Stevenson, Janet 65, 199 stewart, David 47, 56, 108, na, 199 Stewart, Kathy 205 sfewan, Linda 73, 205 Stewart, Pat 188 Stewart, Scott 58, 68, 109, 115, 170 Stoer, Erik 199 Stoer, Jan 205 Stone, Jett 59, 66, 199 Stone, Kaki 55, 189 Stone, Susan 55, 66, 67, 70, 199 Storms, Mark 170 Strausser, Mike 171, 188 Strickland, Dee 70, 171 Strickland, Gary 21, 53, 205 Stuart, Martin 205 Stuart, Melanie 59, 171 Stubbs, John 205 Stuckey, Barbara 199 Suddith, Sallie 74, 199 Suomi, Karl 189 Sutton, Teddy 133, 205 Swanson, Margaret 205 Swayze, Marc 21, 53, 205 Talley, Joe 199 Tarrance, Jimmy 160, 189, 213 Turner, Ty 108, 121, 189 Turpin, Jeff 42, 173 Twiner, Pam 205 Ullman, Carol 55, 60, 69, 189 Usrey, Sherry 50, 189 Usrey, Tommy 69, 189 Vanderpool, Janet 104, 126, 173 Vanderpool, Lee 67, 205 Varnado, Jimmy 53, 199 Varnado, Judy 50, T89 Vaughan, Kitty 55, 189 Vaughan, Mary 55, 205 Vaughan, Warren 205 Venable, Dennis 42, 49, 56, 58, 68, 92 109, 112, 127,173, 222 Vick, Susan 199 Vincent, Ann 138, 205 Vinson, Lynn 189 Vinson, Speedy 122, 199 Vogel, Eric 50, 66, 199 Wadley, Harriet 53, 199 Wadley, Robin 73, 173 Tarver, Jay 53, 199 Tate, Bill Taylor, Betsy 55, 66, 69, 74, 199 Taylor, Bill 199 Taylor, Eddie 205 Taylor, Hank 58, 109, 112, 117, 127, 171 Taylor, Sally 199 Taylor, Shelia 50, 62, 171 Taylor, Sherry 199 Taylor, Wayne 59, 139, 171, 213 Temple, George 50, 205 Wagley, Jeanne 64, 74, 205 Wagley, Mark 189 Waldrop, Sarah 55, 74, 205 Walker, Billy 42, 57, 58, 63, 105, 10 1 17 114, Walker, Charles 69, 75, 173 Walker, Frank 123, 133, 205 Walker, Joe 50, 189 Walker, Karen 189 Walker, Marianne 66, 205 Wallace, Buddy 23, 122, 199 Wallace, Charles 67, 122, 199 Walpole, Barbara 73, 173 9, Temple, Judy 189 Terrell, Joe 171 Terzia, Cynthia 199 Theus, Ed 172 Thomas, Albert 53, 205 Thomas, Charles 172 Thompson, Linda 64, 75, 189 Thrift, Butch 189 Ticheli, Michael 199 Tillery, Betty 64, 172 Tippit, Bobby 122, 199 Tippit, Gayle 64, 205 Tipton, Bill 172 Tisdale, David Tolar, Jean 55, 205 Tonore, George 129, 199 Touchstone, Dickie 123, 205 Trent, Bobby 172 Trimble, Becky 46, 77, 98, 172 Trimble, Elise 42, 68, 189, 222 Truett, James 173 Tucker, Dana 24, 55, 124, 189 Tuey, Ronnie 34, 189 Turnage, Kaye 189 Turner, Chris 128, 132 Turner, Judy 199 Walton, Randy 123, 205 Ward, Dennis 189 Ware, Tommy 75, 189 Warlick, Dianne 206 Warner, Amos 174 Weeks, Linda 66, 67, 189 Weaver, Mike 122, 123, 206 Webb, Wene, Charles 206 Donna 64,189 West, Barbara 55, 206 West, Don 139, 189 West, Sharon 55, 189 Westbrook, Susan 55, 56, 206 Whatley, Ned 158, 174 Wheeler, JoAnne 206 White, White, White, White, White, Al 123,206 Clyde 46, 57, 189 Janet 33, 47, 56, 64, 174 Larry 68, 76,174 Tommy 71, 76, 199 Whitlock, James 50 Whitlow, George 190 Wilbert, Janet 190 Wilder, Connie 55, 199 , Sue 206 Wilder, Susan 55, 61, 174 55, 174 50, 190 50, 190 206 Willis, Gary 61, 175 Williams, Alan 139, 190 Williams, Bonita 55, 74, 150 ' Williams, Carol 190 Wiley, Donny 50, Wiley, Mary Jane Willard, Linda Kay Willey, Susan 55, Williams, Charles 46, 47, 49, 86,109,112,127, 175 Williams, Cynthia 31, 55, 19 Williams, Jim 199 0 Williams, Linda 50, 51, 105, 1 135, 136, 164, 175 , Mike 175 Sharon 175 Williams, Sally 123, 206 Williams, Susan 47, 55, 206 Williamson, Mimi 55, 75, 190 Wilson, Billy 190 Winborne, Ronnie 109, 118, 199 Windham, Peggy 50, 53, 70, 75, 175 Wingo, Kenneth 175 Wittlief, Claude 190 Wolcott, Georgann 55, 190 Williams Williams, 57, 58, 80, Womack, Dianne 176 Woodburn, Moise 138, 206 Woodruff, Dianne 50, 206 Wright, Ava 55, 199 Autographs Wright, George 199 ' I Wright, Linda 67, 138, 206 I wright, Pany 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Suggestions in the Neville High School - Monroyan Yearbook (Monroe, LA) collection:

Neville High School - Monroyan Yearbook (Monroe, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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