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M 1 4 v I 9 'J ' Y 1 'ld y , .x E' v f.. QM-vs! I,-v'M , 5 M All x ' - 'ni Q' fi' c Z 1, 45 3 ' 'Q A ' s ' Y bf! 'I 54 f 'uf I ,W , at mfg' ' wtf Q 8 at 1 if' 5. ' 'V Q W ' , fn... J Y V' it 4: ll Q1 M ., . ' 5 MF w2f.? Q ' WS? gf 'U"'?4 fihsiv A 3 " I1 f 'ff Y Y R Q 1. 'xii in A Q, 5 Y fm ii xg, i x ' ' ' 1 st? MM! QUE Killa? ?Z?W ?gLL,L,1l ZMLL w J E qw, WJ? C,1M4,LpM gm! mf ZiHffW3ff e1g W we W,U jwwmwZg Zi ffiig aww Lffwfl ffl Min ,aM fflf 4MfJ4'fh' JNL All W4 ZJ5QLVW?Lg'aWMTg!.ilZ f MV 1 5L,,1LlL7,7 w4 JW lywlpdfajiafyuwcv I L60-fue HQWWQIMLMQ J! f 2,04 ,544 5,f'gEZ ,'4 EX LIBRIS Y f ' -Nfl W I 4 I , Y v 1 1 " -4 , , Q 4 'P ,, 1 ' ' 4 X 1 ,, fu , 4 .'.,-,, I i , I 4, W,,,l . K I,. , 1, 4,A' ' - 1 4 J I , ' s ,, '41 , 7 . n .r . ' 1 V ' ' 4 2 Wim limb -764,0 Q-105'-!Le, ,6.M,uL2..2 QLNJB, fgfgef, MQQZQ Amit f A' Wuxi mefm aww jmyzi i ftlfiz, 742205 JUL jQfjKZ, 744441, Lv1eQ i A I ijigkffxli VAL f"""""w -Q-mmap, 1 963 JF of Neville High School Monroe, Louisiana Presented by The Student Body Sage Redding Holly Bayne Co-editors Welcome To The School "With The Spirit" 1-T91 3' WX BIRTHS! N l . ml inn ' sk f fsfise- .ma 9'-Q .mmf ., . if . .W s Digi if. T f I f I . A.:,-.-.css - , 1' i .. ,V an . .W -v1...m.. +1 as , WF . .., . ui .- .Q f as , L.1.a.f, 1. . Ms -M ,f--. ig-.aff fr.. 21,5 ,ffLi'if,' f 3- f Nr' aff. Q tgL I . 1 73: .- ,fu . as riffs- VX' ,' . B. '-5,21 3. T . . 5, 4,232 ff T:-f 32- E-,Q -gags 511 'T 'T 315 55?-ET . X . , ,. gf ZH. A Q23 'f - T ig' -K ref s- if K V T " 1151 'Yi' L 43? 'T --io Q :iii ll I! gif as as ll I III-c sffi 'lll Il Q, iffy! Ill M. M sc.: . ---.:- -f-as '- use AM-.-W, .- -was f . ,.-as .M .gf ,wwf 4 i',, f Ld .J-' sLs.:.7i7+. VVhaT does Neville High School mean To The sTudenTs vvho have Treaded her hallvvays from one class To anoTher'? To each of her sTudenTs she may mean some- Thing differenT. To one, fellovv- ship, To anofher, fun, buT To all her sTudenTs she personifies a challenge. Each of Them feels a challenge To meeT The TesT she offers f if noT To pass an exami- naTion, or subiecf, or To graduaTe, iusf To Qef To classes on Time. CVVho hasn'T had a secref fear of Those pink - unexcused - Tardy slips?D ln every segmenf - noT iusf The academic f one feels The challenge of being a parT of Neville. For Tvvo consecuTive years The foofball Team has mef and overcome every obsTacle, ob- Taining The sTaTe championship. NoT only The foofball Team, buT The baseball, basl4eTball, a n d Track Teams have worked hard for The sTaTe crovvn. AT Neville, everyThing anyone does -- vvheTh- er vviTh The band, The TigereTTes, or The chorus, is done vviTh The desire To achieve perfecfion, and be The besT. Perhaps This desire To do besT is vvhaf is knovvn as Neville's famed school spiriT, al- Though iT shovvs besT vvhen car- ried over To aThIeTics. IT has been said ThaT when The Neville fooT- ball Team vvalks ouT onTo The fooT- ball field, The Neville spiriT puTs The Tigers Tvvo Touchdovvns ahead. EveryThing done aT Neville is done To be besT - and Neville is besT - as evidenced by our sTudenTs' scholasTic records, and The number of NleriT Scholarship semi-finalisfs, or in academics, and in aThleTics, as evidenced by The producfion of Three sTaTe championships in one year. Each Neville sTudenT is forTunaTe To have had a parT of This spiriT. Perhaps each sTudenT's life is made beTTer by iT, for The legend is ThaT when a Neville sTudenT walks dovvn The aisle for The lasT Time S Neville's spiriT will Walk ouT inTo life wiTh him. 9 4, wr,- Til Wright holds aloft The flag of Neville High School f- : i, , Ng, E' i .-s.. wwfu ! eville High School fl' . VBEE W !,4,.,f"" ff"w""' t,,,,,..44- .WL N NKSCW Q The Student Councul sponsored wcttvuttcs calendar for November presents a busy life for the students W ll Q' ll u i in .nm in . ul . 0 ' H' H H vu ts tt tt, pf 5' ,Q , 75' R V ,. 5 'M +5 9 xy ,. 3, , -H, , Foreword O Neville High we sing To Thee. You siarid a mighty loriress O Neville High vve praise. Oh Moriroe's cherished land O Neville High vve bring To Thee, God bless you, Alma Maier, Our love, all of our high school days. Forever may you srahd. ewa The renovation of the Neville High School auditorium was completed as part of the remodeling work done during the summer of '62. o New Views on Campus Opened for use in the spring of '62 was the completely modern bank building. CONTENTS Administration, Faculty, and Staff ........ Favorites. . . Organizations, Clubs, and Activities. . . . . . Sports .... Classes. . . Spring ......,. Advertisements ....... ,l6 .46 .76 l 14 152 208 224 5 ,twig -.X V f , .L,L 5.2 L-K, 355 .,Vk ax kj H Wh f,-ff-f, -- ' V -. 'f. , ' ,-L, , ,.f. , Qu,-, f . , , , . ,. , ., L A " xt f X t . . . ,, his ,V V., Af... .kkk F, S EXW? . f f f V7 F k. - , k , . 'f , ,N .27 WV V '- ' k '- ' k 5 A35-fa. '+z,1.'fLfg5-LM, X' . . . , ,, W3 'K I ,- ,f , , .V . ,V , .L,7 ,, f ' - A . ' 'P-,.,. , 1a...' Wx f. in , R Vky. 7 I SW KVIQMQRQ .Q , f a: z.. . qs. . iff , . , , af! K . ' 4 , I , H PIP' J ' 6 '7f.u..fs"-f ,135 , :xi sf? 4 ' A 1' H -"- ' . I V2 5, E N ' W f ,fy f ni? f MQ 6 ,mpm V ., . , ., EZ.. . X , Lx? . 4 12, Q--gh S .. 5 ..g. ,. h , .4 , Af ,. Rig f . ,, 5. v aff ., A t' ., 1.3. . . .,, '55, ki ,ggi .. W J? ,M . ., 1, 5 1: E S 1 M S F , , Q f i K I X wk, Z2 QM? , V, SL J? J s gl , I , , , ? 5, , f Z , f' . . 1 I H M, 'Q ' 5 ,1f ,,3 I Z iw ,f v s 4 ,SY 1 v i I i f i 3 i 5 ? Fi 1 P1 ag W.. M ,, Aw.. ...,W-Maw W. .WW Q 2123 15: M 4 4 K 11 - 1 : g JR. mx., Mwgq, , , .f f., . 5, , 5 K ,, ., ,..,.,,, Q S, . . if mf W k V! 5 Ti ---nw flllfw- - 1 - ,. . ,. w e , 3 ,,, Q. ,K 95 p w 11.1, 25 4 pmt O4-'wg-Zigi. 5 ? 1 5 , 1 4 ? 2 i z 3 W, XX new fv mn- . .. - f-5 -A .msg 2 S. F ' D ag: S. " Q Q W 1 , A 2? 5,2 X ff, Q5 .2 -Q. 9 i Us M fy E. A: ' 3, '::?'2'5-7'-f: - 4 "'I ' R, A " . xr I M 15, f x 4' Ai. N X -.4 KL.. 5 in M - -15.1 , VVVV: V Q Q aj f. . X -' , 'M f i Q .,..,,, ,,.,,,,,, . .,,,, , . ,,,,,, , HQ, f .1 QV 1 .yummy-su -.... Q , 1 ,. QQWQWYQ-Sfggffg 55 . Q ,5, - ' jf. Q 5 E ff V 453 "!" WT? 'V :,, kf,. g is3n8N V. 3 ,Mi dw" Y . V 4145 Y Neville Wakens 23 in l faked ig. Early birds do some studying before school - Amos Warner, Ann Steven- Q , son, Sage Redding, and RoberT NlcSherry. " I , . pf- r 1 - me M..-fi Monday morning . . . Time To geT up. The h ,ik 7 alarm didn'T work so There are only l5 minuTes I . A T To dress. Hurry, gaTher up The books. No Time T 'T M Tor breakfast There's The ride. GoT To pick up ' ribbons, Too. On The way To school, iT seems We I E , V . , The cusTodlan offlclally awakens The school To an caTch every red light Well, finally arrrved. l-low Owe, day. do These people geT here so early? Who said he saw a parking space on The circle? I0 . . . Stretches and Yawns at Late-Comers li S f I Dashing Through The empiy halls, one minuie before The bell. School is a hub-bub of excitement because The iuniors are ordering Their senior rings Today. Must dash To library To pick up a book. Oops, There's The bell for homeroom. ...... i s 2 1 1 if 4. "',' ,lbu i l , flgeai-ffi i .4 5,5 . QQ f .,.' l ,, Q ski ,gg U- C X X 1 , 6k ,A . l i. " X M . E "4-' U .D Juniors e Jane Head, Wanda Langley, and Sally PleI'CS Had to get a Tardy slip. There's a cheerleader sign That couIdn'1 - try To make a decision about their senior rings. be seen earlier. 0 I 1 Hunger for T 'TSI T f -V 5, Fly A ,Ta if :'.. . ,."5 QN- in- 0 , :.',,1?5g , fe ,v UL :gpg 5.415 In e if T llW'fr'4'fiL' 4 T fn' 4 'file' :HV Y uri T ,, if ' f K 4' xq,,kW-Ee ., QS!! ,Q ' .,!,1-fx. 4' Ja fi Jj , 'X A 0 MX ein: I .wel V M L: ,RV Q, ,Y ::. g5.: .ut K .2 , We wg, 5 w.:w'gg A .gl 7 ia' ' ,K "4 " T Ian, , Gt! K .iii K w il is 57 2, gi l 1 A '.yf,..-1-i M, , :.,,. - V. . ,Q . at , +951 gf- M ,hr -2 s.- .,. , 'Hi If ,gr -145,2 pi T, H - . Emi , 'M 11- 1 yy - '- Q ear- K M. 'i '-J' 'r . ' - 5- 1 ' Y. ... ' 3, T WE K e E T K ,354 krky ' ma.. ,N My V- z ' ' ..... ,I if -TX T ' A 'fifg rwrfs' ,Sis i Sf T " . if W - . -,g',.g:e:, y . al .1 .... , T ' T T H ,T fy - .--My .Q , Nfvygfl- T-my-,+4'g.:,,,,E,,.,1s,,: --f V , ALT W - , L' .. fr . A -. ..,. we 23-www The Time Tor quietness and ThoughT for The coming day, a l 0 4' I2 Q ww- Q wrmwerga aim Knowledge ond for Food Nha Sam Caverlee presides over a pep assembly, FirsT There's The flag bell and Then announce- menTs. Three bells - The signal Tor a pep as- sembly S ever presenT Tiger spiriT. A chernisfry pop TesT. STuclying surely helps. NOT anoTher his- Tory daTe . . . will lunch ever come? Seniors march down the aisle afTer an assembly. The lunchline is The place To caTch up on The laTesT. Only five minuTes To eaT. MUST drop by The sTUdenT council bookslore. You know, Shakes- peare vvasn'T such a load fellow aTTer all. Thank goodness Tor sTUdy hall. GeT sTarTed on This horne- work. ua-sn.-. Combine To Make The Day Complete kwqnllvs These are The announcements Tor Today. Wonder whether she has a pass One can almost hear wheels Turning. The School Brecithes ci Sigh cis the Day Encls lf you step on a tew people, you might be the first one out, S 3 i- s ,Kg At 3:05 the rush is ony at this time a new tad hits Neville, that of seeing how many students can be packed on one school bus. Oh, no, not now! That bus driver waits tor no one The 3:00 bell announces the end ot class and the bugle the end of another school day. Do we have Tigerette practice today? . . . a new show. Don't forget to bring your annual rnoney tomorrow - last day. l-low is that bus going to hold everyone? Well, now for some homework because it's back to the salt mines tomorrow. l 4 l But lf's Always Preparing for Tomorrow .. . W. J li H A2 . , A Teacher prepares for 1omorrow's classes. Classes are over, but There's always acfivify on campus - a ballgame, club meering. These halls are silehT, buf They will echo again Tomor- row wifh footsreps of eager sfudents. 5 One would hardly recognize These halls vvIThoUT students. Okay, Tigerettes, on The double! I5 msn UWM WWW W-fu... A wi Administration, Fclculty, and Staff With the arrival of Fall '62, comes the MR. VAN D. ODOM Superintendent of Monroe City Schools Expansion is the keyword in the activities of the activities of the Monroe City School System in 1962-63. To meet the problem of an increasing school age population, two new elementary schools, Minnie Ruffin and Sallie Humble, were opened. In addition, the School Board and staff will set up headquarters in new offices by March 17. One of the duties of school board members is at- tending regular monthly rneetings. Attending the December meeting were from left to right: Frank i opening of two new schools in the city system MR. PAUL J. NEAL MR. FRANK FRANCIS Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Breese, William Gannaway, J. H. Scogin, Grayson Guthrie, and Eddie Wlvetstone. Q is gg, , L ,it , M 5 , , ff MM i I L . -- A.-ma., MR. GUS PETTERSON Supervisor of instruction Neville registers over 900 students. Q. t wit. in t. MS: 3 an f a Q if In ri e " ia . YT' ,fzQ,n .- rf 37 5 ,K, I ZA.. 15. I as 1 if 1 MISS ELEONA BRINSMADE Visiting Teacher MR. A. E. CULPEPPER, JR. Assistant Principal 'SN' . . 1 in ' :- 'VC W Vi MRS. OLIVE LEIGH COCHRAN Supervisor of Instruction Miss Kathryn Douciere Mr. Hilton Lytle Guidance . . . enhances opportunities. Many varied services are offered by the guidance unit such as testing of students Miss Douciere serves as a link between the school and the home. "lf I were you, I'd. ." for aptitude, IQ, college entrance, etc., and counseling for various problems all the Way from vocational choices to dif- ferent kinds ot school problems. MISS KATHRYN DOUCIERE1 B.S., M.Ed., Louisiana State University. Counselor for Juniors and Seniors. MR. HILTON LYTLE: B.S., M.A., The A. and M. Col- lege of Texas, M.S., Gallaudet College. Counselor for Freshmen and Sophomores. Library . . . new, old books concern staff. MISS GENEVRA VVASHBURN: BA., New- comb College, MA., Columbia University, B.L.S., Louisiana State University. Library. "Quiet, Please," seems to be a phrase that is otten associated with a library. At Neville the library is a haven-for those who want to search for enjoyment or knowledge through the world of the writ- ten word. The library is an essential part ot any school, and we have one of the best. The library is equipped with books on all subiects, periodicals, reference ma- terials, and newspapers. All these make writing term papers and reports, especial- ly in English and in the Social Studies, much easier. Amos Warner finds enjoyment library books and homework. Miss Genevra Washburn Janet Brown, a library assistant, helps Kay Kilgore check out a book, in a current periodical, while fellow students occupy themselves wtih Jw .,,, ii 'k I si it 1' is Mrs. Rhea Buckner Mrs. Scott Hamilton Seniors, Donna Weaver, Barl-c Harrison, and Diane West study The construction of effective sentences. Mrs. Thompson helps Jim Caverlee decide about the wording ot a paragraph. Mrs. Melba Little Mrs. Mildred Mitchell English . . . provides the key English is the basis tor American edu- cation. It we could not speak our own language or write it well, where would our government and living standards be? Science, mathematics, anol history, and other phases ot education would not be possible without a language and an in- telligent means ot recording happenings and feelings. Our love of literature, drama, and poetry causes us to reach tor the stars from our tirm toundation of grammar and speech. MRS. RHEA BUCKNER: B.S., Louisiana State Univer- sity. English I. Red Cross. MRS. SCOTT HAMILTON: B.A., Newcomb College. Englishll. MRS. MELBA LITTLE: B.A., Louisiana Polytechnic Insti- tute. English IV. MRS. MILDRED MITCHELL: B.A., Baylor University. Englishlll. MRS. EDITH BROWN RODRIGUEZ: B.A., Newcomb College. English Il. Y-Teens. MRS. ELEANOR THOMPSON: B.A., Louisiana State University. English III. MRS. BARBARA WARNER: B.A., Northwestern State College. English I. Sizzler Staff. MISS JANE VVHITTINGTON: B.A., Belhaven College, M.A., Northwestern University. English I and IV. Cheerleaders. ' 'Y s 5 . z A Y Q, .,.. , Q uv , ' , , k,.,, 45,55 lr 'Lg-5? i"3h,5'Le' - . , I k "" Q 'W5 W , 5:-' , 0 ' f 1 .1 , M Y ffiff-1531fiir 'K f'.75Q4: 24gi ' 'f f 7' dx.. . .' ' i"l V I iw ' - L' . f. ' i . an vwJ'1 sf I f ff '. f 3 5 Mrs,Edi1h Brown ROdrigU9Z Mrs. Eleanor Thompson Mrs. Barbara Warner Ml55 Jane VVliiTlinQlOn to understanding. Mrs. Rodriguez gives Charles McLain an example of a sentence a dangling participle. Siudents in freshman English work on homework in class as Mrs. Warner helps Ronnie Clark. with Jesse G. Bergeron Mr. Edward D. Cascio f"'! "Now, it really isn't that easy, Mr. Cascio," says Sally Hover, while fellow students, George Cambell, Larry Flynn, and Mike Dispenza look on agrecingly. Mrs. Dunn finds two of her General Math students "do- ing nicely." . Y K, W YB? Mrs. Eunice Dunn Mathematics . . . builds a foundation "ThinI4I" is the watchword of students in the mathematics curriculum at Neville as their minds are filled with problems on percentage, factor- ing, square roots, and use of the slide rule. Ev- ery opportunity is extended to students who in- tend to pursue such courses as chemistry, physics, engineering, and architecture in college through geometry, Algebra I and III, and advanced mathematics. General and senior mathematics are also offered to round out the curriculum. MR. JESSE G. BERGERON: B.S., Northwestern State College. Plane Geometry, General Mathematics. Safe- ty Council. MR. EDWARD D. CASCIO: B.S., Louisiana State Uni- versity, M.Ed., University of Arkansas. Algebra I and II. Key Club. MRS. EUNICE DUNN: B.A., Louisiana College, M.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Senior Mathematics, General Mathematics. MR. D. VV. GRIFFITH: B.S., North Texas University, M.A., University of Colorado. Head of Math Depart- ment, Advanced Mathematics. MRS. VIRGINIA MULLINS: B.S., Northeast Louisiana State College, M.S., University of Illinois. Algebra I and II. MRS. RUTH SMITH: B.A., Louisiana State University. Algebra I. of logic 5, -1. . ,- an fp' mf an A X 22 '16 i if S' fi, f' i If Q E MVA D' WA Gflffilll Mrs. Virginia Muilins Mrs. Ruth Smith "Mr, Griffith, you really don'1 mean this answer is wrong!" exclaims Don Sager, Mrs. Mullin wonders if Newby McNeill and Laura Griffin wiil ever finish Those simple equations. ilk ii ' 'V E , s my L 1. - 2- Wifi f jfssmw WJ ky:A 1 f Mrs. Eileen H. Baur Mrs. Patsy-liing L Mr. John W. Turner advances understanding of "Ot course the Declaration ot Independ- Ray Harvey, Al McDutf, Donna Lomax, Jan Lanier, Kenny Duncan, Ronnie ence Was Signed in 177611, explains Mrs. Danna-all students in World History. Mrs. King helps Marilyn Daigle with her notes, Eileen Baur. All juniors are required to take this and they are encouraged to take a supplementary course in World His- tory. Problems of Democracy deals with the maior complexities of the U. S. and attempts to find its own solution ot such political questions as "Should the United States recognize Red China?" Civics is also required of all students. MRS. EILEEN H. BAUER: M.A., Louisiana Poly- technic Institute. American History, American Gov- ernment. MRS. PATSY KING: B.A., Northeast Louisiana State College. Civics. Tigerettes. MR. JOHN W. TURNER: B.A., Northeast Louisiana State College. Civics, Printing Department. Social Studies . . . world problems. 1 . l ffe .f ' Mr. Turner asks Jack Green to find an answer in the book, and Walter Leonard tries Looking over an article on Cuba in the "U.S. News and World Report," are Mrs. Bauer and Sage Redding, a sfudent in the Problems of Democracy class. To see, Too s Q 'mfrzrvzezeznrwwxf , Mrs. Bernice Hickman Miss Marianna Johnson Mr. Larry Reeves Barbara Buckner notices that she lust made one and one add up to tour. Diane West works To complete a practice set in bookkeeping. Commerce . . . prepares us for positions CGMMERCE The chimes of business machines and clicking of typevvriters are not uncommon in the regular day of study in the commerce department. Whether shorthand, typing, Bookkeeping, or clerical practice is the choice, the graduate goes on to college or career well prepared for vvhat- ever awaits him. MRS. BERNICE HICKMAN: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, M.B.E., University of Mississippi. Shorthand, Typewriting. MISS MARIANNA JOHNSON: B.S., Louisiana Poly- technic Institute, M.E.B., University of Mississippi. Typewriting, Bookkeeping, General Mathematics. MR. LARRY REEVES: B.S., Northwestern State College. Typewriting, Clerical Practice, Physical Education. of leadership. hu... - Mike Williams tries to finish a page of a booklet in typewriting-his 10th fry Mr. Reeves shows Big John Segars some hand exercises for Yypewriting ease. Connie Marshall, Sandy Rowe, Annie Sigler, and Randell Fallin work in the background. F56 ' 41 Nlf. L. D. Allen MF. William D4 Fritz Mr. Larry Loftin Mr. Ronnie H. Thompson Performing experiments in measuring the buoyancy of certain materials is senior Nick White. Using the scientist's basic tool, the Bunsen burner, to distill water s physics student Terry Hessick, Science . . . teaches organization ancl instills insight Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble." Only one of l the courses offered in the science curri- l culum is chemistry, where students cook up weird, sometimes very maloclorous, concoctions in performing their experi- ments. Along the road of hard study stretched before the eyes of the physics student are heat, light, electricity, and force. Potential engineers find this a most engrossing subject. General science and biology lay the ground work for a more advanced study in high school or college. MR. L. D. ALLEN: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic lnstituteg M.S., Louisiana State University. Chemistry and Biol- ogy. Science Club. MR. WILLIAM D. FRITZ: B.S., M.S., Gettysburg Col- lege, M.A., T.C., Columbia University. Advanced Chemistry and College Prep. Chemistry. MR. LARRY LOFTIN: B.S., M.Ed., Louisiana State Uni- MR. RONNIE H. THOMPSON: B.S., Louisiana Poly- technic Institute. Physics and General Science. Dark- li i. into the future. Pointing out some basic forms of living matter to a class which includes sophomore Jimmie Rogers is Mr. Lofiin. Performing experiments is a necessary part of any chemistry class. Here Mr. Fritz explains whaT's happening To Steve Huffman, Deas Parrish, and Bill Hunt. E 0. -, 1 K Home Economics . . . prepares students for "A stitch in time saves nine," not only in later lite but also in passing Home Economics. Careless stu- dents, unaware of the proverb, are always ripping out stitches in projects being done in clothing lab. If not knowing how to boil water is a problem, a course in foods is guaranteed to make one good housewife. As well as learning to cook and sew, a girl can learn child care, good grooming, etiquette, and many other features of homemaking. Family liv- ing, also, is offered as a co-educational course. MRS. DAISY H. DANIELS: B.S., Louisiana State Univer- sity, M.A., Mississippi College. Home Economics II, Ill, IV. FHA. MRS. DOROTHY T. JOHNSON: B.S., Northeast Louisi- iana State College. Home Economics I, Family Living. FHA. he future. an Diane Goza, Donna Wene, and Sally Ensmlnger a!! wonder, do wc dare eat this? Dogs add a Iiifle wildlife to the Future Homemakers of Amerkta style show. XJ 1 1 Miss Vera Dowling Mr. Lawrence McGough 5 Arts and Crafts . . . teaches elements of modern Mr. McGough explains a linear principle to Mike Pearson while other Mechanical Drawing students, Jim Mears and Carroll Clark, who saw the camera, work in the background. The camera stops the twirling action of the project on which Ronnie Clark is working. Industrial Arts students are well trained in the use of T-squares, thirty-six degrees right triangles, and protractors. The ex- hibition of the finished products climax- es a year's training in the art of carpen- try. Industrial Arts students don't need the modern "Do It Yourself" kits, they learn their skill in class. Whether to work toward a career or to develop an absorbing hobby, art students found in varied courses a wide area for investigation. They learn the elements of design and technique in painting, sketch- ing, and modeling. MISS VERA DOWLING: B.A., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Art. MR. LAWRENCE McC-JOUGH: B.S., Northwestern State College. Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Woodworking I and II, Ceramics. .1 if, X f Q. r ,, W vw' 3 , f ki , , , , . R. ,W 3, .5 QI- six 2 a ' JZ 52: H : Q 5' sy - -,Tk 77 1 y ww: ff -'S+ if V ww fx, Jgwa' I B A ,QQ A mg sa., Z1 , W .1 lb, - -f X gi M, if ' ig Aff Q mf 1' W My: in 1 1, 5?'3g' ff 3 2 -m k.., ,JL ig ,,,y 5 K : gf znsi .inn gwe ' .ii f l ? I K 1 - 5, .1--.11-1,-' myx, , ,ri 5,55 gf my . E X., fm-Qi 'H he W, 1, as 'Yfttrrlgs wqm, 4 , Miss Sandra Beach Mrs. Margaret Flournoy Miss Ruth Simmons Mrs. Margaret Taylor K 1 Eastland Gray dcrnands, "QueIIe I-loure estYil?" A I 'Grtfi J '-s B at IGar Lee take a F51 Ln- ul 515, UIUC FY I, EVIL Y , tago of the lab in learning a foreign language. III IIII I IIPII Ji, 8 its Vi dvan- Lcmguages . . oper I "Latin is not dead," says Miss Ruth Simmons, first through fourth year Latin teacher. The students who study this clas- sic language are those who realize that a knowledge of Latin is essential. French, another foreign language offered at Ne- ville, is presented to students in the most modern way, Lab, a fairly new addition to our school, aids our teachers tremen- dously. Although the Spanish department is greatly unpublicized, we realize what an important contribution it makes to Neville. "Adios, amigosf' MISS SANDRA BEACH: B.A., Northeast State College. French I, Annual. MRS. MARGARET FLOURNOY: B.A,, Radcliffe COI- lege. Spanish I and II, Latin I. MISS RUTH SIMMONS: B.A., Southwestern University of Texas, M.A., University of Texas. Latin I, II, III, IV. Latin Club. MRS. MARGARET TAYLOR: B.A., University of South- western Louisiana, M.A., Tulane University. French II, III. French Club. new worlds x SN Janna Rorex, Martha Easley, and Gene Galligan note Rome, the capital of the Roman world. Henry Ladshaw and Sherry Dlckenhorst repeat a dialog mn French 1 E W k wpM.we.u4,,eM.,,N we f ,WW .w,,L.,,4,m,-,,M,,4,w,e,,,.,,S.,,,.!,,,t,,,,,m, limi Q93 5 65834 1 A rf,urwa.wQm W .af- r. .- -35-. , MISS LOU Ann Bord Mr. Charlie Brown fig! gf- K 0 '.i.i we . if i 'I' at If I I Whitt A 1, Q i fr lists avi S an ' ai. , Mr. J. R. Childress MV. BGVWY HOIIIS Paula Moreland and Janet Moses demonstrate the modified push-up. Basketball is the major winter activity for boys' Physical Education. Physical Education builds strong PHYSICAL EDUCATION "Youth Physical Fitness ProgrameUgh!" How many times have each of us moaned this phrase? With extra emphasis on Phys- ical Fitness, the Physical Education De- partment has expanded rapidly. MISS LOU ANN BOYD: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic In- stitute. Physical Education. MR. CHARLIE BROWN: B.S., University of Southwest- ern Louisiana. Physical Education, Varsity Coach. MR. J. R. CHILDRESS: B.S., Northeast State College, M.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Driver Education, Physical Education, Varsity Coach. MR. BENNY HOLLIS: B.S., Northeast Louisiana State College. Physical Education, Head Basketball Coach. MISS BABS LEE: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Physical Education, Girls' Basketball Coach. MR. BILL RUPLE: B.A., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Physical Education, Head Football Coach, Athletic Di- rector. MR. WILLIAM L. SMITH: B.S., Louisiana State Univer- sity. General Science, Physical Education. COACH BUCK STEWART: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Biology, Driver Education, Freshman Football Coach, Head Track Coach. bodies fig Miss BabS Lee :nd strong minds pnnle Walker manages To find lQ roving cameraman, Wlwlle lwer students are busy doing Jslwps. at do 1::,.,: ..A -f Y 4 fl .W 51 3 Q.. la me . E F V "M--f - V lf -433 'i f,-221,-wax , .- ,K , , ff. f A if l Aux , v K F M M ,, , : . 4 3 drum . ,A Mr. Bill Ruple Mr. William L, Smlllw Coach Buck Slewarf Jan Touchstone says, "Ugly physical fitness!" as Paula Moreland Janet Moses, Amanda Cobb, Avon Wolcott, and Susan Benton look on I 74 the . 4' :ggi ,si 3 gr: ig". N vw. I is X , . T- f I f f' ft 363 .F Mr. ROQCI' DlGiUllG'W Mr. Herbert Gathright Miss Nina Hams Music . . . augments natural vocal, instrumenta The string section of the orchestra practices during class. Mr. DiGiulian raises the baton for attention. Sounds ot violins, trombones, and voices till the air in the music department. Glee club is ottered to all students who have a singing talent as an elective course. In the instrumental phase ot the program or- chestra and band are ottered to promote the music- ianship ot the individual. MR. ROGER DIGIULIAN: B.M., Stetson University, M.M., Louisiana State University. Orchestra. MR. HERBERT GATHRIGHT: B.A., Louisiana Polytech- nic Institute. Band. MISS NINA HARRIS: BA., Newcomb College. Choral Director, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus. talent The Girls' chorus pradices first period for a performance Mr. Gathright rehearses the band for its concert sch fi:-Q or W lrofr' rrrr r gym? eduled for February 8. l Pix. .fw- Mr, Jerry Lee Speech . . . follows in the great orcltors MR. JERRY LEE: BA., Northeast Louisiana State Col- legeg MA., Harding College. Speech l and ll, World History. Student Council. Mr. Lee gives Linda Williams a few pointers on presenting a successful argument. "How should I use my hands this time?" Stu- dent ot speech practices hand motions before a mirror. ln debate one must learn to say the right thing at the right time, then use the hand gesture at the most effective moment. Sometimes the whole meaning to the audience of the argument hinges on the hand usage. To prepare material tor the debate one looks at the problem from both sides, then thinks ot arguments against ev- ery argument one's opponent may have. Staff handles problems with efficiency ancl competence -iii MRS. ADELL VVORLEY Cafeieria Manager MRS. DOROTHY HODGE Secretary MR. ELBERT JONES Maintenan Director ww ' ,ww-A is " Sr Eg ,f X rr J' ,f ,C.Cf X, 'gflfizg gif. 5 If 9 if S! f I . f ,K V If lxrf 1 1? If ,ci 1' 14 ff 521 I XX f' 5 5 L J f 4 .. A 1' ' X , ,, KW fi 5 I L K1 ff X14 f" ' '- I All 1 f 5 I - ' f f Q , V , Aff fi D 5 ,Oc ni' LVL I 4, A' Ck, IX T . xg 5 , A f ft 1 ij L11 If I fn, ff' I L LL!! K 4 K2 v E: 42 lc 1 fi J 1 2 ff! 1 V. LQ S! I ,f YQ, QL' J 5 4 C L fi 5 LQ!!! A T L 6 T? gi 2 L1 X , J 1 , ,Qi 5 ci L fl Li A 8, . 4 L7 fi I' Cf' c ,hi I V4 I 'Z I X ALJ L I , T f ff f ' 6, 59 CQ if EL Lv- I' I TA K 41 K4 'X I A I X X I VM ffyxx- X ' 'jf' f ,f Q W f af Q Q T T 5,5235 FQCKJVZQL ,Q 1241 'L 'QL T 'ATT LI C T 'Z K1 V Y X f ff I, , A 1 A Q gf , , : I 6755 5 I C A' L4 I EP 5 f sjffiff 0491 X51 Q ff 45414 I if L , I 'X f X X I T L,A' 57 7! ii fcixffff ff' Cf! ,,Jf.f0f.,,Lff'L wx 'lrl if-'iff T' ' 4 I ,I ' , ' f 'jf f! I X - I I I . ,I I , Jug cr Z4 A I , If f 7 f K X f f L ' 7 ,f , 1, fffly V U f H 'I I X , , ,, ' , f I r I I I AJLXQ fi 1, -1 .1 JR if ' I if 5 f' 'J A 75 ff ' 5 X K X X ty C'c.c C7 KJ ,L f X C' audi i-7 5 1' L1 Tag IJ " ' I ff f , I ,T I , . " ' Z4 C 7754? ff cf K? Avg LI Q Q- - 'J ljfh LT! L QA!! L C 'I J ,ff L W' j A A '7 M , -, 4 I I N 'Ili I 7 9" fd! Q! if 1 A ,fl Lf Lf 4 A L ZifLf '-if , XX 1. , LV, Z! ' YT' if ' 7' Q x f 1 I V .x X7 , , - I rgxvfr 5' rd L7 1 fff ff! g f 7 X 7 1 f5C?Yg,4l,df if Agp 44137 1 , , if X! FQ 7 A A , ,X ' ,f , X - 'gif 7fL5JfC ,fgg LA .fjflf 5 I 14 rf ff X ff , I y 7 f .J X " w I 'Ifx ry ' I , K . 5 , if Vg Z' iff 6f,f!L.W' 714 6KH ff f ff I 5 yfj 5 . 6 T -D ,7 ' VQXL ,A f , J fc CL Wiwfa I A1317 Favorites EDITED BY TIL WRIGHT VICKI HALLMARK -, Wi. F' L1 .4 W A M n 4,V,,fi ., -,Ngiw 'f Diane Clark ,Qi s - A s X , T Img- A M W Q' 'ix S Q K James Willis K4 W , ' 4, 1 4 . 2 carol Kbontz .-, 52 ,H Z g V 12, ' LLNQ-,Hi . . 4 , X X X X X 1 X I 1 . N 1 X X W M- , , X X W X F. V i 1 X X i K i X? if izXz-Xiu? . 5,f.XX-'G if ,A 1 5' 1 AX 4' 4 f X A ay arg raves i . L K. -A ,Q Fi? 5 1 Q k 7 'F' - X 1. S 3 ,N . X-XX. K 1 X K gi- za i , ,v if A ,Gia -as -X nzffi A XMI,-has . Q Nancy Crossland 5 if ? , A g by X 5 . . Mr and Miss Nevllle Hugh School w l , 4 Q., . 4.1 Q . . Y , W AJ' A . , 9 F f v 4 5 - . ,155 , .gg 2 Y .,.,, K 4 2 g -5 aff . , fs . L. Ast A dc 1 aa fl F M A l ' Y-35? ' ' i 5 V-5 .gn f .. .,,, Wk . T ex . Q4 Silff S fl 5.45. T 5 Eff . ,v .mg I A ,, ,wg .Q V. .253 mm-mm wmmwmm 'f wwwamqmwwm, Y 5- "'IE I11," ..-, LQX f , 'J 1 Qi-' 4'5"7f 7 331' Vf"w:NM-s1fi- if :lf 'T N., ,ww'Vlg!!JQ41'sv'+ggSV'Wf2sLbx.wi' YJ?I.'ffig'lw-W5 'W -1 e l 'B 5?f l', f "V M :gan ffl, - : ,f -,lm I W, -:fn -ffefffwmf,p.,5ggf,11, ' 1 fg wif, rw , v ',1 . ,.:,,-. . by ., , f we-Q Most Intellectual www :mf- if lll' '2 1, ,f gz- sf ' "'A,: A As, vw, gs' 1 f ,iz R I 1 .r N. , W S' J: WH X W ,L 8, if , i ff if 1 2 5' 5 -.. X U -. 'P Q- . F-, fl "K I 5 W , ijy., ' za Friendliest , Qi gkgrii w ,I 2 , QL Kathy Geron , X A lg hi QA if 553 hfd 6 dr es K E Mo i Llkely to Succeed 5 .0 wh 'ff SV Q 3' ,Q g is QM gm ci? ., 32,4 ff I ,Wi ,Sgr f fl N. Q ggi' --afgfww' 1l,m.,' . -r 5' . ,:'f4.7 if?':'i ffl-YV" .. ., ,Sly f ' Q f K - -: -Wim. f. fu. .., . .Q . -'aw-WV:.,,f Y r M 1 Q iw! '12, if 'Q if 1 R an .fx 5 'P ' 3- Q A N. 'NSA 3 1 4 1 " 62 L, ,,,, YW , ,4 4 A1 , .,,, , ,,,. wwf -1 f'kf'f -. JT" iii Zak 5 Wittiest ' "'a'i?'7ff5- , A mx www, wg' N!- 1 JE- : ,n 1 , ,I lf C' Vi 1 "' ae. -4 6 WA A A A, M, my cw we , X 1 . M. . W, M, , UM ,.', E.- ,, Y 1 1 . , R E - i Q S , 4 X 1 wx, E , A imp f... Hedrtbreqk and Flirt I-1 ' I 1 1 5 I 2 F E 4 1 5 E y-nu - ,l 5 -XR I 1 Y Y Jimmy Gaiennie Ann Stevenson ' A 63 Mosi Athleiic S 1 A - W ' X f H.-L,-if,fSs5fi',5-55535 w 'mean Hn-,W armnw W--m...,, in Mathematics Richard Mulhern l sv-we-nm wwwe .www mcww .M-M-N 4-sw-.W .-,.-1-Mu ,,,.M,.W .M .W-ww ,MNH ,www ,ww .,....1-vr .,..-M ff RMM www' as chosen by in Mechanical Drawing Bill Davis the Faculty. in Woodworking Joey Dupuy frfx Joo ... tr in Foreign Languages Beverly Blackmon -w37L,f..Q,Qf-f:i'11-,z . , . ,. W,.,, Yzvfi 2. .W Q x Science Kurt Guelzow 3 1 in Commerce Sylvia Whitehead in Social Studies Sissi Loftin . , ,BAWy,,,....-- , in Physical Education Jimmy Howard Pam Grower fi. 1: 54. in Ari Sage Redding 'iii if in Home Economics Barbara Mulhearn P in Enghsh Shawn McBride in Speech K. K. Kite ,rr 1 4 l A 1 W ,wc 72 U 515 1 AMA, W in Music Choral 2 Instrumental Martha Guytogi Ann Adams N fa X I 5 ""'-e- Mr ,fp 3 ww, its QW' , W, ,,,,,,W I 1 l 3 r I H is ss E 2 M ..,..9W.,,,u.,,,m.,,m,,.,, ..,,. ,WM.,.M..M,M,QM MW ,M ,,.. W , ,L.,.,. .. ,M Crgcmizations, Clubs, cmd Activities Student Council makes plans for SASC W """"1 . STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of this organization is to pro- mote better understanding betvveen the ad- ministration, faculty and the student body. The Student Council has many activities to raise funds for its Foreign Exchange Student Program, including a talent shovv, a book- store, where paper bound books are sold, and a selling of shares, or bonds in the For- eign Exchange Student Program. At Christmas the Student Council sent canned goods vvhich were given by mem- bers of the student body, to the Goodfel- lovv's. Drive for distribution to the needy. Other activities included a workshop of Stu- dent Council members to LEE Jr. High School Student Council president Sam Caverlee presides over a pep assembly. Freshman members are from left tc right: Clyde White, Carol Hargus Sophomore members are from left to right: Charles Williams, Camille Carso, Margaret Rea, Susie McBride, Brenda Carso, Donna Porter, and Gene Galligan. onvention to be held in Monroe and a student assembly where students of Neville discussed ways to eliminate school problems. Delegates from the council were sent to the Louisiana State Convention of Student Coun- cils, held in Houma, and to the Southern As- sociation of Student Councils Convention held in Richmond, Virginia. In the fall of 1963, the Neville Student Council will host the an- nual S.A.S.C. Convention. The council sponsor is Mr. J. R. Lee and officers include: President, Sam Caverlee, Vice-President, Kurt Guelzovv, Secretary-Treasf urer, Cynthia Leigh, Sergeant at Arms, Tommy Sparks, Historian, Steve Huffman, Reporter, Louise Weir, Parliamentarian, Jim Caverlee, and Chaplain, Til Wright. Senior members are from left to right: Nancy Crossland, Kathy McSherry, Louise Weir, Tommy Sparks, Gary Gan- navvay, Nick White, Sam Caverlee, Don Saget, and Kurt Guelzovv, Coma! Pmxicstofe 4 Q l Mary Tom Keller, Janey Wilbert, Janna Rorex, Cheryl Montgomery. fr Q. air. A ,A Nts l rr. Junior members include from left to right: Gayle Kelly, Steve Huffman, Til Wright, Ronnie Factor, Judy Searcy, Arden Anders, Malcolm Smith, Jan Reagan. N"Q1nv-. Steve Huffman presents Bruna Clerico with an honorary membership of the Junior Classical League. Bruna is the center of attention everywhere she goes, A clrecm For several years the Neville Student Council worked to raise enough money to finance a for- eign exchange student. After numerous proiects, including a pancake supper, talent shows, and auctions of senior Student Council members, the goal was finally attained. Nevillites eagerly await- ed the arrival of the foreign pupil, whom they had heard was a girl from Italy. When at last Bruna Clerico came in early August, she was im- mediately caught up in the social whirl for which Neville is noted, and by the time school started, she was a favorite among her classmates. Never having spoken English before, she has learned to communicate easily with Americans, and has proved quite successful in her school work. What kind of life did this attractive girl lead before coming to the United States? Born in Sa- luzzo, Cuneo, an ltalian province, she moved to Turin at the age of one. l-ler parents are Francisco Clerico, who works in a factory, and her mother, Piera Clerico. She has two sisters-Rosalba, 25, and Milena, 23, Living in an apartment with Mi- lena and her parents, Bruna has always attended school in Turin, where she has won many awards. Not inexperienced with languages other than Ital- ian, Bruna went to Toulouse, France in i958 to learn to speak French more fluently. ln l96O, she visited friends in Germany, where she practiced that tongue for two weeks. After much compe- tition, Bruna was notified that she had been se- lected by the American Field Association to come to the United States. With only ten days left be- fore her ship was to sail, Bruna hastily prepared to leave her family and friends for a year to live in a strange land. Aboard the ocean liner, loaded with 800 foreign exchange students, Bruna had a marvelous voyage and thoroughly enioyed it. Af- ter docking in New York, she flew to Monroe to be greeted by happy Neville students. ln answer to questions about whether she likes America and its people, Bruna emphatically replies "Yes." She likes American food, especially bread, and has gained weight on her new diet. The customs and habits of our youth not radically different from those of ltalians, are exciting to her. Everyone concerned with the situation, including Dr, and Mrs. Cyril Yancey and Connie, are successfully carrying out the highest ideals of the foreign stu- dent program. Bruna has fit in perfectly with the active stu- dent life here at Neville. She is a member of the Student Council and has attended both the Re- gional and National Conventions. She was select- ed for membership in the French and Latin Clubs. Being a Tigerette, Bruna has enthusiastically sup- ported all of that organization's activities. She was selected as an honorary Red Cross member and was elected to the coveted position of Most ln- tellectual Senior Girl. Bruna is truly an asset to Neville and an inspiration to the Student Council's foreign student program. COINES 'l'I'U9 Siucleni Council for our Exchange sm ' +w..,,.,.rs:,-, ' in i-P125 f- 1 .Milam - - gfE,5sefei5fE'1 Rockin' Bill Trice reels out his rendition of several popular songs. Jane ECNVGVHS TlWlVll1S, "l know WlW Those lollipops taste so tonny, you should have taken the covers oft, Arah La Grange, Vicky Hallmark, and Jeannie Brice!" v '11 Ah I , "Come on, girls, let's all sing the same song!" The Waiting backstage for their turns on the talent show are, lett to right, Gayle "Sweater-Girls," trying a little harmony are, lett to Smith, Georgia "Elvis" Mullins, Martha Guyton, Buzz Redding, Gloria Lewis, right, Carolyn Murray, Janet Noland, Shawn McBride, Mike Pearson, Julia Hooclemaker, and Brenda Crow. Sage Redding, Sheila Rester, Cynthia Leigh, Kathleen Cochran, and "VVeezie" Weir. 82 Talent Assembly Foreign fuclenf .,..-qw Jan Reagan wovvs 'em all as she shows 'cm how To do ine Mexican Haf Dance Hop! 'i A group of Taient snow participants appiaud cniiwsiasticaiiy as Bruna con- Here they are-ine "OffbcaTsV' Left to right are Shawn cludes ner Taik at the Taioni assernbiy. McBride, Mike Pearson, Sage Redding, Buzz Redding and Mike Kcnwp. 83 Symphonic Band The Symphonic Band is composed of advanced musicians from The Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Fresh- man classes who meeT sTricT quaiiTicaTions vviih an audifion aT The beginning of The school year. The Symphonic Band is a EonsisTenT winner in Concerf performance aT The sTaTe Band FesTivai, The abiliTy of This organization is such That The members get The opporTDniTy to play some of The finest music in existence and Thereby geT The benefiT of a Truiy fine musical experience Thar They can remember for The resT of Their lives. 5 .iff 3' ii R -if T if T . . 4 -aaa , L - I TTI E CU G m - 73 Z3 " rn Q Q 3, -I -+ o I zu Z7 G7 I 'I U JP S 0 U ja N 'U S -4 A 2 D U' Z 5 f- .- We ae 1 E efgem-M R, ,mm V--M, Aw gg sz Efisiiiiifig 1 faf-Qwlviik. " .f"ff" Q5Zf5V'53:35iE'5f5i565f-: "' - -51iEfS':f"ie5??-V 'V qv' Half:-Mui: 05" k-3 - - 61235 . . ,53,:AI!1Q,-15:52. ,Af -ggi :- - , sf' ,. gs -yu . , .. .,, iii V3 ,. oisoiosss, i ? 'R4EEiHQi?f5WiiEiEiz:ss - V, A . R:,,-:M ifissisgmsisss i .... ,. me TTTT T. QQ- 153' 6.2 E Q szuiiii s 9 1 fm i R A E 2,553 wgixwi mimi ,QW Emmy Q 1,5 5- Q ' 'iff A R R, ,M 1 .O fb, Q QAM M W 3 2 P N Eu' 41 3 ,R A SX 5 15115 4 'Z i T A R ,E 5 5 A, , he T Q, ,, O Ei, R , f ss V . T, T Hi 44, T . -. :s 21 ., M b T T? W A' xi ,N Oi , an A XT Q if ' Tfffll' V' TRN A 'vs WR ""' A ' ??5wR ml 3 J T Tiss 2 e isffeqfen -ME +,s: . 1523! Smkgxghif Q ' we a rfwvimgggssifsfiw-61431m?5'lf2zfwzOEfwA:iz.fssa31f1w,se-TASRDL .,,. . 5 T 3 ,. A ,., gg - A , . 1 A f- - - A--M f ALL STATE BAND , 1 - V 5 g A Ti, I A 1 f wife ,E A AND QRQHESTRA A HQ. , ,L ,, 4 5' Oi-M-..,.. f , ,M 3 lf, T 31 , f f 1 1,-pmff A 6131 fp 'f ' Y O' 'fgllfifii-iff E, 3 5-!'.S'i" ,- 'T ' :fi ' V.,-f ,lf +8 - If Q 'Ti JERRY HAMMONS f ir' A ,fs Thai' - " ' :.""f?' in ,S V. f' ,aw 3,-Q-frjl,fig,,r,, f ,ii ANN ADAMS E I WARREN KLAM --21.3 - 1 3 11 1 ' '- ', 1 -' i , , - ' ., ' N ri ' i, T E A A - R ' DORIS SOLOMON ,z Sf rs, :mai , T , g . ' ' if A f A ,A-V ,R D, MIKE BEARD 1 , A 3 ri CAROL CROTWELL A 4 f f i I 1 DAVID MCCASKILL , . A Mi . ig 1-2 QT 5 R R T-as A BARRY MULLTNS I f - . ,,.,:m1-.- ,E ii ,Z we . A -A ..1: T .Rs . I A --f, . ii-- f E. A TH!-XD MUU-INS 'OAA if ri g: f 'i'. 1 1 ,zviwf . if if iii v A . f - T 2 JIM MATHIS KNOT Piduredj E . .1 , b - S f- 'TM s ' 54EifsQ.O- - ' - ,.., . ' A i A " 5555.2-.. -if m ,. ,. ...,,. ., , ggi: ,.,,, WM ---- AA--AA - , Ms : E mmm' fri ,wM..A.::,,W wfffesvwmm. S Marching Band H-wu M,navv"' ly-M W5- . YA 5 4 2 G DRUM MAJOR Aim Adarris 5Hl5Ulf'fWfi9ftB Starting during the middle of August, marching becomes the order of the day for the Marching Band. After three weeks of pre-school drill, the Marching Band is ready to play for all school pep meetings and perform half-time shows at all Neville Varsity Football games, In addition to the football marching season, this group prepares for an ahhual marching band contest. The I962-63 Marching Band attained the highest rating possible in the LMEA Marching Festival at North Caddo High School. .,-i r , -2 't" T' ii-i , i,ii' i,i' 3 ii ' I L -,,k '.', .V', in ,yr gig - k,kk , gt Q2 ,,: -, -, K. T , iw A 1 is ,Q T 2 QE - 'ixgf---1'v Q. ,L I iii I : ti ' i . 5 ,iis 5 , 1'-s..----k sl ' ' p , 'ff' I L- . , F H V, ,Ev . Vky ,,, , 1 ll 5 ' . f . to ,f.. ......,, 1- ' I fggL,:,,,: . I D . f 5.5 X . EXECUTIVE STAFF 6 4 . L . 'sz D ' I Captain-David M:Caskill, Drum W Maior-Arm Adams, Lieutenant and w . ' Dean of Girls-Holly Bayne, Lieutcri- W " . ant-Jane Edwards, Lieutehaht-Rich- 13 T- ., , i ard Kiper. in if L ' wwf, --,, rtiwrf gi, -,,, ' , 'f , I ,Iiii':i?3f ' ' 3 f 'zum -, -fr, ,, -,,.., , . Ll --,- 1 f W , 'f 2 f 'fgfif ISU- 7 ' 'KW ' I ,f, . Z H i J will I r," ii r ei ii i -ggi 5 is r ie, rr me 1 ' Xi rg - ,J Hi 11,4 1 1,2 , .,,, I I , Ii i I g sf fi Iii ' "" . 5' 'I mule MARCH ING BAND SQUAD LEADERS MIKE BREARD RICHARD MULHERN TIM GREER DORIS SOLOMON T LAWRENCE BENNETT CAROL CROTWELL RICHARD KIPER PAT CHAMBLISS PHIL GUTHRIE HOLLY BAYNE DAVID MCCASKILL 85 " ' V' ' f ' A . Y iw fi lly: fg 1i?5Q5Hi , . - A Y " , ' 3 ".' -. L-,' ,'., - . a f I ' f , '- , L ' f V i . - i H ' "--'- f -3, .L L"'- N H . , " - , F.: . wi: S gilgyggjligifffigigqtg 3 M ?iEgE5,AlE:, I ,W , , A ' , . msg 1261 H- ,V N , C : I A , - ' , i -- T ' T S O , T, Q i , ' ' s 1... n 5 . V. e4i'2m.wEm gfw. : , ,,., Q15 gg 11 as , T 'ilifwm-fJ-"""1". iff-aL--.W--'FED ,J f ' GA'L 'TT Qi """ 2 I ,mm W--Q 1 . - - ......---iff: ., J E 5321 ' 'f - U 2 . ' 7 - w , X Q Q'-A V . QM-Al Q, NW: Wh A wiv, -MEA, Q. 7, Ji f Q. Q, A , 'f"""E' 5 so-X.,--vo -- 4 -N-f-Af' 'Q ' 1 , s""J If 1?--s...--f 'Eb L an ' L,., f N, , - Y f, - 2 Q Ti H' 1 Y 3 4 -- ' . I ' M-C,,.,,..-W a A -.M A gs, k A .Gif-..,--1'-4F. ,D-..,,L 1, L hx ww 5 Qzhwmuw--f1+5 'P-H-.,,,.-4-K9 V, , ,.-49 '. 4, 'W Y f E QQ, 1 . Q, ,, Q , 23 1 'hh' fx fy W, fix 2 . 1 lull' fwfl 'www ,---vv T - ..-:: Teil' f ' J ' E dy A mmm ,,' mmm' "THE LOWTONES' +53-' L ' qu v.. Y- v, il, , 1 , . ,Q 5 T A75 Q ei' sn , fy ', Y 1 ii bi if E . . . Us .X :U A . -S ' 1 ' PT 4 Q H Q' .l., 8. C , Ap ,-.Y , - 'al' .W X L Sandy Rowe, Bcvcrly Richey, Cin- dy R Q BAND COUNCIL STAGE BAND L 5 vc w cw C and SCMOOT func? O PROPERTY CREW PHIL GUTHRIE BARRY MULLINS STEVE RUGG BOBBY ROBTNSON DAN GILLILAND VERNON HOUSTON DENVER MQCARTY ae ,, The Sfage Band serves as a wedium whereby We smdcm wusimms can Umm The cxpcriunce 0 3 fvwg Tm TH- 'wcdgm WEST: Tdfcww. TTW75 grcpp is wack- up of 'pimms from The Su'-1JT'c'w:c Band mai rs ami 3: 'fi I ms, Cadet Band The Cadet Band is composed of musicians with limited ability, who are being trained to become members of the Symphonic Band. Activities for the Cadet Band include playing and marching for Freshman Football games, marching in local parades, concerts and music festival participation. CADET BAND DRUM MAJOR SHERRY USREY Tigerettes lead schoo y ms.- ,, ' ' ,ya ,mr ,,, W , mm i f- ,sm .cw s 5 Since their organization in l945, the Ne ville Tigerettes have leol school spirit in al Neville athletics. This precision drill tearr also performs at halftime football shows marches in parades and provides leadership training throughout the organization. To fi nance their projects and the annual senioi trip, the Tigerettes sell birthday calendars and candy. ln the pep squad, composed o' about 200 girls, each member must main tain certain grades and comply with specifiec rules. Providing leadership for the girls are the following officers: standing, at left are the field officers: Shavvn McBride, Company Commander, Gayle Kelly, Junior Alternate Commander, Carolyn Murray, Senior Com- mander, Paula Neal, Senior Alternate Com- mander, and .lan Mason, Junior Commander Seated are the executive officers, Brenda Carso, Secretary, Cynthia Leigh, President, Pat Porter, Vice-President, and Milann Gan- navvay, Treasurer. :ff gn spirit throughout the year. Paula Neal and the Neville Tigerettes were born The same year-l9115. In fact, Paula's father, Paul Neal, organized the Tigerettes. Paula was "adopted" by the group, who wanted to take pictures of her as soon as she was born so that they could be used in the yearbook. Mrs. Neal, now a Teacher at Neville, at first ran the girls off, but later consented to Paula's being a mascot. Paula was only Three when she wore her first "Tigerette Uniform." Even Then Paula was a neat and snappy dress- er, and her conduct and attitude when in uni- form have never ceased to be a credit to The Tigerettes. It is fitting that we dedicate This section about the organization To Paula Neal. -4 'H 'W tr: Members of Tigerettes are from left to right, first row: Shawn McBride, Pat Porter, Paula Neal, Jan Mason, Gayle Kelly, second row: Dana Mouk, Lucille Morton, Peggy Windham, Diane Crawford, Becky Middleton, Barbara Smith, Belva Polson, Pat Ayers, Janet Kiper, Beverly Nolan, Connie Poison, George- anne Wolcott, Sharon West, Brenda Crow, Barbara Jackson, Phyllis Freeman, Susan Sherrouse, third rovv: Pam Clay, Mary Lou- Reliac, Jean Colvin, Pat Holla- way, Paula Meeks, Vickie Clark, Tena Kimball, Diane Womack, Mary Alice Yeldell, Avon Wolcott, Harriet Lowery, Sally Ensminger, Sue Kelly, Terry Campbell, Paula Lyons, Linda Kay Willard, Judy Smith, fourth row: Amanda Cobb, Diane Halley, Kitty Vaughn, Karen Walker, Kaki Stone, Mickey Varnado, Linda Bryce, Robbie Hicks, Suzanne Mosely, Pam Burgess, Merrie Jo Simonton, Sherry Branch, Lela Rowan, Mary Myatt, Susan High, Mickie McWilliams, Karen Link, fifth ro'vv, Kathryn Bird, Tersa Langley, Janet Moses, Milann Gannaway, Cynthia Williams, Linda Adams, Ruth Ann Cowder, Susan Cochran, Marsha Frost, Nan- cy Pounds, Sally Wing, Kathy Stadler, Sharon Allen, Brenda Carso, Barbara Parker, Judy Grigsby, Rita Brandon, sixth rovv: Faye Cannon, Pat Kozlosky, Cheryl Brooks, Nancy Talbot, Sandra Wood, Elaine Butler, Donna Lomax, Nancy Gilliland, Carol Culpep- per, Marilyn Goldman, Susan Benton, Unidentifiable, Connie Marshall, Lynn Haddad, seventh row: Connie Yancy, Laura Griffith, Judy Branch, Brenda George, Sandy Heller, Charlene Wedemeyer, Diane Entrican, Gloria Stone, Jan Conlin, Unidentifiable, Carolyn Courson, Diane White, Wanda Phillips, Cynthia Tucker, Sue Cowder, Linda Atkinson, Sandy Ballard, eighth row: Kathy Hollis, Donna Spargo, Vicki Hallmark, Beverly Blackman, Lynn Allen, Janet Brown, Peggy Marx, Elaine Hanna, Judy Searcy, Shelia Rester, Linda Bryce, Janet Vanderpool, Billie Porter, ley, Mary Alyce Pankey, Fran Shattuck ninth rovvg Ann McElroy, Carolyn Rea, Sally Hover, Unidentifiable, Kay Joyce, Peggy Marx, Marilyn Denoux, Jean Lomax, Laura Griffith, Unidentifiable, Wanda Lang- Bonnie Baldo, Susie McBride, Unidentifiable, Carter, Donna Julie Amman, Gloria Abraham, tenth row: Margaret Rea, Sandy Rowe, Mary Lou Reliac, Ann Brinson, Deas Parrish, Donna Reed, Benita Williams, Unidentifiable, Mary Beckett, Donna Porter, Susan Allen,JPaula Moreland, Mary Beth Downing, eleventh row: Louise Weir, Janet Nolan, Bruna Clerico, Polly Johnson, Gayle Dunn, Unidentifiable, Lynne Bryce, Daria Dunckelman, Jo Ann Patterson, Cindy Rowe, Terega Bee, Ashley Ben- ton, Donna DeCell, Brenda Gresham, Mary Reynolds. Americcmism Club promotes American ideals. The Americanism Club of Neville High School was Tounded in The Tall of l96l. Sponsors now include Mrs. Eileen Bauer, Mrs. PaT King, Mr. Jerry R. Lee, and Mr. John Turner. This organizaTion was Tormed To promoTe The ideals of The American way oT life and To combaT The perils oT Communism. AcTiyiTies include club discussion, groups on pending governmenTal decisions, guesT speakers, and reporTs by club members on The meThods oT advancing Americanism. Those members comprising The Board of Di- recTors include: Seniors, KurT Guelzovv, Shavvn McBride, Louise Weir, and Nick VVhiTe, Juniors, Sharron Allen, Milann Gannavvay, and Deas Parish. PicTured in TronT of a map of The Uniied Sraies are The members oT The Americanism Club. FirsT row, left To rigl'T Sandy Ballard Diane Hall y Milann Gannavvay, Carolyn Murray, Cynthia Leigh, Holly Bayne Second row Jane Edwards Sharon Allen Louise Weir, KaThle-en Cochran, Shawn McBride, Third row Deas Parrish David McCaskrll Gary Gannaway KurT Guelzovv, and Dick Marsh. Key Club sign announces school activities. Collecting money from the program sales during a home football game are Spike Burton and George leevert. Neville is very proud of its Key Club. The Key Club has participated in numer- ous activities, among which are the sell- ing of football programs, the purchasing of an illuminated sign for the front of the school, and the raising of money for the next foreign exchange student. Key Club officers enioy planning the club's function, such as the annual banquet, FRONT ROW: Jim Caverlee, Secretary, Tom Sparks, Senior Board Member, Nancy Crossland, Sweetheart, Jim Howard, President, DeWitt Beckett, Treasurer. BACK ROVV: George Levert, Junior Board Member, Steve Huffman, Parliamentarian, Sam Cavere lee, Chaplain, Kurt Guelzovv, Vice-president. The Key Club membership increases at the annual banquet and initiation, Pictured at the Paragon Club after the affair are this year's membership. Front row: Mr. E. D. Cascio, Sponsor, Gene Gailigan, Charles Williarrs, Steve Huffman, Jimmy Howard, N'ck White, Terry Mahr, Bob Rowan, Micky Harper, second row: Nevvby McNeil, Robert McSherry, Richard Kiper, David McCaskill, Gary Holt, Malcolm Smith, Ronnie Factor, last row: Jim Caverlee, James Willis, George Levert, Tom Sparks, DeWitt Beckett, Don Johnson, Kurt Guelzovv, Sam Caverlee, Barry Mullins, Monroyan Staff plans, prepares, "sweat pppp HOLLY SUE BAYNE Co-EdiTor PEGGY WlNDl-lAM JULIE AMMAN : .3 rizzl, X gf,'fihs2-i f. fi?iiFffZ 5 - T T 2 is agua 1. Y: X an f .,- 1 q A, is ..., I s f , e . 4 A 1 SAGE REDDING Co-Editor "How in The World are you going To make ThaT horiZonTal picTure TiT in Thar verTical space?" . . . "And how did you manage To geT Those page numbers mixed up?" "Don'T Touch Those picTuresl" These are Typical remarks ThaT Till The annual room iusT before a deadline as The sTaTT scrambles desperaTely againsT Time To produce The flflonroy- an. Nervous breakdowns and menTal collapses Tollovyed The lasT shipmeni' in February. BuT Then The sTaTT musT work on disTribuTion plans and be- gin Work on nexT year's Spring seclion, MICKEY HARPER NEWBY McNElL BELVA POLSON ANNE SPURGEON blood" over largest annual in the city A, WANDA LANGLEY ROBERT REYNOLDS 'iz Q r e-S gg. V , Gill , RLS. ll ' '- :. lg ' K f- 5114 ff ,' ' AX fy, -A' G G , E , I V A A K JL? A . '--- g W ' """""" l a ll R j -i f .f::. M l E GREG HUTTS TIL WRIGHT WARREN KLAM JANE HEAD VICKI HALLMARK Publiccafions print football schedules and SHEILA TAYLOR programs, stationery, basketball "all the way to state" stickers l KAY KILGORE CAMPUS TIGERS JEAN CARTER Sizzler Staff publishes 1 Y r H ,. X5 4 KATHLEEN COCHRAN Editor X . 4 . . iw! , Q K E if if 5 f 5 mf .Y I W' Q9 N A X? 5' 9 Members of The production staff include from left To right: Sylvia Whitehead, E . . , f Mac Ward, Jean Carter revitalized newspaper S3 -5 Q2 25 Jgpv' BOB CAVENDISH Editors include from left fo right: Shawn McBride, Pat Porler, Sage Redding, and Janet Noland. va-we ,ef , 'K ess' LS llll Q, 15,44 Reporters include from left To right: Annie Sigler, Jeanne Rowan, Frances Byrd, and Sheila Rester. Red Cross sells mums at Homecoming .D- STudying before class are officers PaT Ayers, and Judy Swayze. The American High School Red Cross vvas iniTiaTed aT The requesT of leading eclucaTors in TQT7. lTs pur- pose is To enable sTuderis, Through Their regular school program, To par- TicipaTe in communiTy services. High School Red Cross is open To all sTu- denTs. In l9l8 SupT. E. L. Neville, one of The CharTer Members of OuachiTa Parish ChapTer called TogeTher school Teachers and formed The TirsT Junior Red Cross in OuachiTa Parish. The main proiecT Tor The Neville Council This year was selling mums Tor Home- coming To make money Tor a school chesT. Carol CroTvvell from Neville is The ChapTer PresidenT Tor OuachiTa Parish. The oTTicers Tor Neville are PaT Ayers, President Susie McBride, Vice-PresidenT, Carol OverTon, Secre- Tary, and Carol CroTvvell, Treasurer. Members of The clpb include from leTT Tc right up The slepsz Kaye Turnage, Donna Lomax, Smphanic Davis, Phyllis Middlolon Teresa Langley, BenITa Wllfiams, MarThz Easley, Pat Ayers, Jddy Svvayze. l ,, , , J Safety Council organizes Homecoming Parade The aims of The Safefy Coun- cil are To promoTe and help in- f sure safeTy in and around Neville High School, This year The Safeiy Council was faced vviTh such iprohlems as issuing parking per- miTs To sTudenTs, increasing The available parking space, organiz- ing The homecoming parade, pro- rnoiing civil defense and reduc- ing fire and oTher safeTy hazards ' around The school. The faculTy sponsor is Mr. Bergeron. Paula Neal serves The clup as presidenT, The remaining officers include Til Wrighf, vice-presidenT, in charge of civil defense, Paula Perry, vice- president in charge of school safeTy, Chip Planchard, vice-pres- idenf in charge of Traffic safeTy, and Jan Conlin, secreTary-Treasur- er. A l i l Shown wiTh Mr. Bergeron, sponsor, are officers Paula Neal, Til Wrighf, Jan Conlin, and Chip Planchard. Safefy Council members are from left To righf TirsT row: Anne Spurgeon, Paula Neal, Julie Amman, Kafhleen Cochran, Ann Brinson, Nelda Purdy, second rovv: Paula Perry, Donna Weaver, Fran ShaTTuck, Phyliss Freeman, Jan Colin, Til WrighT, Chris Conlin, Third row: Henry Florsheim, Rex Ensiriingcr, Jimmy Henry, EasTland Gray, Larry Mullins, Chip Planchard, John Parker, Mike Williams, James Brvand, John Beasley. , ,.if,i , ,. ,,,,,, My , 7 AV 4, ,V , ' - ' A' gf' if ff, i , V r if 6 g 35 fir? gi,yaqmfyrifg, i Neville FHA is represented at national FHA activities have ranged from play to hard work. These activities started ear- ly last spring with the election ot the ot- ticers tor the coming tall term. These ot- ticers were installed at the annual Mother- Daughter Banquet. In the summer a Lead ership Conference was attended by sev- eral otticers and later in the summer the National Convention held in Salt Lake City, Utah, was participated in by Nancy Talbot, State Song Leader, and Mrs Daisy Danials, FHA Advisor. Among the various tall activities were the Homecom- ing Car, Parish Meeting, State Convention Style Show Assembly, and Daddy "Date' Night in which the Neville Chapter has sponsored and supported. The outgoing Parish President, Nancy Talbot, presidec at the Parish Meeting at which Dovie Rob- erts, Parish Parliamentarian and Wanda Langley, Parish Treasurer were installec tor the coming year. These activities kept the members busy. Leaders ot the club are trom left to right: Barbara Mulhearn, Vice-President, Judy Searcy, President, Jan Reagan, Secretary, Dovie Roberts, Parlanrentarian, Wanda Langley, Treasurer, and Song Leader, Nancy Talbot. Members of the FHA chapter include the following: tirst rovv: Nancy Talbot, Wanda Langley, Barbara Mulhearn, Louise Weir, Jane Wilkerson, Avafee Boucireau, Nancy Ecliylramtrwr, Mar tyn Daiglo, Susan Dixon, second row: Jan Touchstone, Judy Searcy, Linda Blair, Pat Powell, Susan Cochran, Margaret Rea, Teresa Beep third row: Becky Beckvvorth, Jackie Gremillion, Sharon Medlen, Diana White, Alice Ruth Seriog fourth row: Dawn Collier, Sheryl Hendricks, Mary Reynolds, Gayle Kelly, Judy Varnado, Fran Shattuck, Helen Day, Barbara Buckner, s E l too , convention in Salt Lake City, Utah Wil .-X 'HGEFIS FHA officers ride in one of the prize winning floats, Helping to enlarge the number of girls in FHA are first row, from left to right: Linda Masur, Carol Genung, Darylin Morris, Dovie Roberts, Alice Panlqey, second row: Marie McFarland, Linda Porter, Ann Hathaway, Marilyn Goldman, Betty Tillery, Billie Porter, Brenda Crow, rlrircl row: Sue Spiglwt, Miclcie McWilliams, Jane Slwerrouse, Susan Benton, Cheryl Brooksg fourth row: Heidi Rowan, Lala Snapp, Mina Parrish, Chris Conlin, Toni Albright, Madeleine Hegwood, Elaine Butler, Denise Duncan. 4-me me Library Club members act as library assistants rgiret Head pays Secretary Mona Acosta hor dues as Jane Head and Grenfillion look on. Neville Library Club The Neville Library Club is an organi- zation composed ot library workers and "Friends" ot the library, those who en- ioy reading or using the library. Ot in- terest to working members Certificates ot Merit are awarded to those having worked at least one year. Plans are being rrtade, also, tor a spring trip to the new "TeQh"' Library in Ruston, an enioyable as well as educational-excursion tor all me-rnbers. The Library Club encourages interested students to ioin and welconftes new ideas on il7Tl3!iOVil'iQ, enlarging, and furthering the organization. Miss Washburn, Becky Parkerson, Billie Porter, Pat Powell, and Judy McDonough display the largest i book in the library, THE RAVEN, andthe smallest. swf nisciriiaf xii to me CID' Science Club plans field Trip The Science Club has made plans for an overnighT field Trip, deciding on The Esso Oil Refinery in Bafon Rouge. To parfially finance This proiecT, The group planned To prinr and sell a sTudenT direcTory. Neville has noT had a sTudenT direcTory in Three years, and They are always useful. ThroughouT The year The group has had many Monday nighT meetings wiTh disTinguished guesT speakers. PicTured below are some of The members of The or- ganizaTion. The leaders of The Science Club are its officers, left To righT: Linda Ladner, Vice-President Terry l-lessick, Program Chairman, Shawn McBride, President, and Sage Redding, Secrelary-Treasurer, The FaculTy Sponsors, Mr. Allen and Mr. Thompson are not pidured. On The front row, left To righT are The following: "Stevie" Gilmonf, Shawn McBride, Elaine Spencer, Katie Trimble, Sage Redding, and Ken? Dean, back row, leir to right: Tommy Knipping, Terry Hessick, Kurt Guelzow, Kenneth Easley, George Hargus, Richard Kiper, Jerry Album, Dick Marsh, Tom Dukes, and Joey Dupuy. French Club tours Cajun Country if Q ,!,:95 Gerrie Frasier. The French Ciub officers point out the date of their forth- coming trin to south Louisiana. Serving the club this year arc, seated, Barbara Suomi and Beveriy Blackrnon, stande ing ieft To right, Wade Brisbin, O'Brien Richards, and Sandy Heiier. Members ot the French Ciub are, front row, Barbara Buckner, Phyliis Freeman, Pat Chambiiss, Cynthia Wiiliams, Ailise Hughes, Connie Yancey, Faye Cannon, Judy Searcy, Katie Trimbie, Ann Sigler, Donna Lomax, second row, Renee Bre-ard, Jeanie Brice, Til Wright, Carolyn Courson, Ann Hathaway, Aveiie Boudreaux, Kathy Sfadier, Nancy Harbuck, Bruna Cierico, Beveriy Biackmon, Luciiie Morton, Barbara Suomi, Mary Louise Toiar, Bonnie Baido, Marie Guiiiot, Sherrie Dickenherst, Kay Kiigore, third row, Nancy Guiiiiianct, Sandy Heiler, Juiie Amman, Mariiyn Massey, Gerrie Frazier, Cheryl Robinson, Mimi Wiiiiamson, Arden Anders, Fran Shattuck, back row, Mike Breard, Wade Bisbin, Mike Pearson, Tom Hoiden, O'Brien Richards, Karl Suomi, John Armstrong, Roy Boudreaux, and Greg Hutts, , W ifwnllar 1 x0 IO4 1 Lf t W H This year Nevilie has tive members of the Society of Honor French- ' men, Looking admiringly at their certificate are, left to right, Bev- eriy Blackmon, Barbara Suomi, Barbara Jackson, Katie Trimble, and Na Latin Club members attend state meet in Shreveport Latin Club The purpose of the Neville High School Latin Club under the sponsorship of Miss Simmons, is to increase interest in foreign languages, classics, and ancient Roman history. At present, the total enrollment stands at eighty-six members. Many of the members attended the State J.C.L. Convention held in Lafayette, Louisiana, in March of T962 Cynthia Leigh was chosen as a delegate to the National J.C.L. Convention held in Bozeman, Moln- tana. Others, attending were Beverly Blackmon, Phil Guthrie, and Richard Ki- per. At the October meeting talks were giv- en on Vergil and the AEneid, and reports were made on the Revision of the State JCL Constitution and the Executive Board Meeting of the State J.C.L. officers. ln November the club presented an as- sembly at which Dr. J. R. Brown, Profes- sor of History at Northeast State College, was the guest speaker. During the month of December, the members went Christmas carolling to the Riverside Convalescent Home, where they sang carols and presented a short pro- gram. After the program, a dance was held at the Westminster Recreation Center during which Judy Searcy and Gary Gan- naway were crowned queen and king of the Saturnalia. s l Officers include from left to right, seated, Marcia Frost, Program Chairman Deas Parrish, Treasurer, Caroly Public Relations, Mickie Varnad ian, Steve Huffman, President, Chaplain. n Murray, Sgt. at Arms, standing: Bill Trice o, Vice-President, Dovie Roberts, Parliamentar Jerry Album, Reporter, Julia Hoodemaker Members include first row, from left to right: Derylin Morris, Mickie Varnado, Dana Mouk, Julia Hoode- maker, Jane Head, Lynn Masur, Marcia Frost, second row: Carolyn Murray, Judy McDonough, Mary Polk, Dovie Roberts, Janet Williams, Harriet Lowery, Diane Halley, Carolyn Rea, Donna Porter, Merrie Jo Simonton, Barbara Jack Ballard, fourth row: Torn Sparks, Amanda Cobb, Ronnie Dana, Gordon Hesdorffer, Bill Trice, Jerry Album, Mike Kemp, fifth row: Jay Merten, David Stanhope, fharles Williams, Bill Langston, Steve Huffman, Tim Greer, Newby McNeil, Richard Cole. Connie Yancey, Gayle Kelly, third row: son, Cynthia Leigh, Gayle Dunn, Sandra Debate Club attends meet in Lafayette X , The Debate Club cn the first row from left To right are: Nathan Antlcy, Judy Svvayze, Linda Blair, Linda Williams, Becky Parkcrson, Judy Morse, and Bill Triceg second row, Mr. Lee, sponsor, Gary Ganmavvay, Herb Kilpatrick, and Paul Plylcr. Stage Crew keeps show on the roacl BOBBY GEGRGE MAC WARD BRANTON KELLOGG Lettermon's Club helps good fellows The entertainment for the Football Banquet was furnished by our energetic cheerleaders Kathy McSherry, Nancy Crossland, K. K. Kite, Gay Hargrove, Diane Clark, and Diane West. Members of the Lettermarfs Club are the following: left to right, first row: Ronald Killen, Jim Ledoux, Steve Huffman, Andy Mapp, Tom Sparks, Don Saget, Don Johnson, second row: Joe Canal, Randall Fallin, Walter Causey, Danny Shaw, Nick White, Richard Wilkerson, Billy Langston, third row: Chip Planchard, John Yerger, Geron Hargon, Jimmy Howard, John Segars, Pete Terzolas, and Richard Slavant. Glee Club performs at community a,....., n -Q an an I08 Members of the Freshman and Sophomore Girls' Choruses are from left to right on the bottom row, Karen Link, Suzanne Keller, Suze-tte Lindsey, Margie Burkett, and Suzette Jones, on the second row from left to right are Barbara Powell, Sandy Rowe, Barbara Parker, Benita Williams, Peggy Windham, and Donna Kin97 On the top row from left to right are Peggy Gates, Cindy Rowe, Lynn Hantner, JoAnne Patterson, Mimi Willianfson, and Betty Powell, Officers of the Mixed Chorus are, seated, Beverly Richey and Becky Parkerson, and standing left to right, Martha Guyton, Marybeth Downing, Gayle Smith, and Janet Noland. Officers of the Girls' Chorus are, seated, Peggy Windham and Sandy Rowe, and standing left to right, Cindy Rowe, Barbara Parker, JoAnne Patterson, and Margie Burkett. nd school activities 4, ,M l Cindy Rowe, Beverley Richey, and Sandy Rowe enieriain at Neyillels annual FHA Slyle Show. They are accompanied by Peggy Windharn, Cynlhia Leigh, Thad Mullins, and .lim Mathis. Gayle Sfnilh and Martha Guyton were selecled to sing 'in The All-State Chorus. This was Gayle's second year lo be chosen, This year's Mixed Chorus consisls oi: bottom row, lei? to righf: Pat Ayers, Wanda Wood, Sally Farr, Sally Wing, Ann Edmondson, Sheryle Malone, JoAnne Belrnoni, second row, left to right: Donnie Walker, Janet Nolan, Becky Parkerson, Frances Bird, Martha Guyfon, Sharon Medlen, Par Poricr, Judy Morse, Beverley Blackrnon, third row, left to righl: .lim Brasher, Suzanne Moseley, Par Rowell, Gayle Srnilh, Mary- befh Downing, Jeanne Rowan, Beverly Richey, Marilyn Massey, Linda Blair, Dianne Gola, Gary Fuichg back row, left io right: Charles Ackel, Carroll Clark, Kent Dean, Bill Hochsletler, Edmund Burton, Barney Howard, Charles McLain, Don Osborn, John Parker, Ronnie Brasher, Ronald Dana. Officers of Y-Teens are from left to right: Suzanne Mosely, Vice-President, Becky Parkerson, Pres- ident, Janice Brandon, second Vice-President, Anna Miller, Treasurer, Marianne Robinson, Reporter, .lan Reagan, Devotional Chairman, Charlene Bogie, Social Chairman, Y-Teens Before school was in session the Y-teens started off their year with a Get Acquainted Tea. The next club activity was a Coke Party which served as the first meeting of the year. All girls attending Neville who were interested in Y-teens were in- vited to attend. The sponsors for this year are Silvia Pritcher, Mrs. Rodriguez, and Mrs. Warner. The Y-teens worked very hard on their home- nv Q coming float and the float vvon third place. Among their other activities are lectures on subiects in which the girls are interested, demonstrations trips, social events, and service projects. Coming up for the rest of the year are a trip to the Shreveport Y.W.C.A., field trips to points of interest in the Monroe area, State Conference, and many more addresses from prominent cit- izens of our community. I ..-ae... N Bottom rovv: left to right: Suzette Jones, Marilyn Goldman, Cynthia Chambliss, Patricia Halley, Nelda Purdy, Annette Burt, Linda Bradshaw, and Sandra Littleton, On the second row, left to right are Harriette Lovvry, Donna Gentry, Deborah Feeney, Peggy Gates, Marie Guillot, Jane Brant, Suzanne Preddy, The third row, left to right, are Lynn Hammer, Sandra Littleton, Candy Barringer, Sunnye Gulley, Susie McBride, Diane Gray, and Carole Overton, The back row left to right is Carolyn Anspach, and Ann Craft. 9 it 14 -I cn fb :s GD Q : Q. E I -4 1' O Q lil E Q h fb U! 32552 l : ss- l Third in Homecoming Parade . ' P 7 T .W . , p , y W ll H K ,r rr ci l 9 K k 1 xfxjlk ' f B. 4 , I l Q "5 . J ' 1 A3 B UTY S' fl'-Q M ' ..f-1sS""" .IE f ri Pop up with Victory" Hi-Y members include Greg Huggs, Butch Ditta, Donnie Walker Y-Teen members include from left to right, first row: Lynda Brice, Anne Spurgeon, Carol Genung, Pat Chambliss, Kathy Hollis, Jan Reagan, Donna Weaver, Niariorie Hammonds, Lynn Brice, Cheryl Brooks, second row: Virginia Beebe, Pat Powell, Laura Griffith, Billie Meeks, Anna Miller, Third row: Belva Polson, Marianne Robinson, Janice Brandon, Linda Mesur, Joyce Gill, Allise Hughes, fourth row: Robbie Hicks, Suzanne Nlosely, Becky Parkerson, Sally Farr, Charlene Bogie, Susan Williams, and Sharon Williams. .3-11-.l Q Q. wr Representing Neville at Leadership Conference at L.S.U. were Holly Bayne and Sage Redding in yearbook, and Jeanne Rowan in Speech. 'tit Senior girls who attended Pelican Girls' State were, seated, Sissi Loftin and Carolyn Murray, stanclin left to right, Jeanne Rowan, Martha Guyton, Kathleen Cochran, Linda Blair, and Cynthia Leigh, Herb Kilpatrick at Boys' State. ,fi if gif: Q., ,.f""" ,,-M ,.v-X-""' V' X' 11314. , ii Lf f5'.w,w . 7, ,wg . - if - Jig! '51, i s N -V ,. 155, ' ' L ,Lf Wg. ., , in M Y K VV , S W V . , ., .. MA ..,,.....w,.W. 1 'A vw' vii Mwfw ff W, '-4,4 i.Qg,g.lgw,a1g,'E5,aym::f ' ,L fi ' .W mm V . -' 1 - - ' Y .. , , - AMW 1w.,.ww,,ff: A , M W 1 ww.-I J, ,- 5 -h A ' A ' ' 4 ff 7 'N' 0- ' JM - . A E ' ikpw 0 4 4- N- Sports EDITED BY ROBERT REYNOLDS Neville 7,.,.. Neville .,,,l Neville ,.,e,,ee Neville ,.l,, ,, Neville ,,,..e , Neville, C Neville .eee,,,e Neville Neville ,e,e as Neville ,,,ee E Neville Neville llb 1962 SCHEDULE West Monroe Bastrop ,,,,....., Haynesville .e,., - Jena e,..oeo.., Jonesboro .ee. Ruston ,,e., Tallulah ,.,...,,s. , Lake Charles Ouachita ......., - PLAYOFFS Springhill Jennings Reserve We're the fi my 41 .Qi K- 4, ll .QW as Ilia JD BY Helping make the record of 28 consecutive wins are the following: First Row, from Left to Right, Jocko Holdsworth, Roland Killen, Dennis Venable, Barney Howard, Gene Galligan, Gary Hart, Paul Eason, Dale Young, Bubba Smith, second row, from left to right: Chip Planchard, Kenny Duncan, Jimmy Howard, Tommy Sparks, James Willis, Nick White, Pete Terzolas, David Harrison, Don Osborn, third row, from left to right: Andy Mapp, If A SZ' 1 best again in "AA" ,R L' if L if '- 5 Dewitf Beckett, Jim Ledoux, Mike Haddad, Mike Mack, Tommy Head, Richard- Cole, Scoity Campbell, Ronnie Clark, Steve Huffman, Richard Slavanf, fourth row, from left to right: Billy Langston, Ronnie DeMoss, Richard Wilkerson, Don Johnson, Kurt Guelzow, Walter Causey, Robert McSherry, John Segars, and Gary Pappas. Tiger coaching staff leads football lean' Members of the coaching sfaff of The AA stafe titleholders are Sonny Smith, Buck Stewart, Charlie Brown, Chic Childress, and Bill Ruple. Members ofthe hard-working Tiger manager staff are Danny Shaw, John Yerger, Randy Lewis. if Q QW T it .HMMY HOWARD Halfback All Twin City All District All State Neville 26 West Monroe 7 West Monroe took a 7-0 lead mid-way in the first period when Bobby Brice went over from the one yard line. Neville's first TD came with 4-48 minutes remaining in the first half when Kurt Guelzow took a handoff on first down, hit over the right side, found day- light to the left, and sped 70 yards to pay- dirt. Howard added the extra point and the Tigers had iust given a preview of what was to come. Late in the third quarter, W. M. punted from their own 34 to Neville's 44 where sophomore Ronnie Clark gathered in the ball, started to the left, but suddenly hand- ed the ball to Howard on a criss-cross. How- ard cut the right corner and sped the distance. Failing to drive after taking the kickoff, W.M. once again punted to Howard, who took the ball on his 30, faked a handoff to Clark and picked his way 70 yards for his second TD of the night. The Tigers still weren't satisfied and with T125 left in the game, Guelzow racked up a Rebel ball carrier behind the line anxd ended up with the ball on the T9 yard line. With 32 seconds remaining, Chip Plan- chard danced 6 yards for the Tigers' last TD. Howard booted straight and Neville had its Q6-7 victory. Taking over quarterbacking duties for injured Don Saget during the early part of the season, was Dewitt Beckett, shown here being tackled by a number of West Monroe players. ...iv I .33 'il DON SAGET Quarterback All Twin City All District Neville 19 Bastrop O Scoring The second Time They goT Their hands on The ball, Neville came up wiTh a T9-O vicTory over sTubborn BasTrop. Don John- son seT up The TirsT TD wiTh a 36-yard gallop, and Howard scored from The 3 wiTh 5:l2 leTT in The TirsT guarTer. Howard's kick Tor The PAT was blocked and The score remained 640 Tor The resT oT The half. BasTrop Took The kickoff on iTs AO, and in Tour plays drove To The Tiger 9, buT Tumbled and Neville's Ronnie DeMoss pounced on iT To end The ThreaT. Neville's second TD came aTTer a TO play drive from Their 38. Planchard ToT 22, Howard 7, and Planchard wenT again Tor l and The TD. Pappas Tried To run Tor The PAT buT was pulled shorT. LaTe in The Third, Neville began iTs Third TD march from iTs 110. A 21 yard iaunT by Howard was The longesT run of This push wiTh Planchard, Howard and Pappas ad- ding yards. Planchard wenT over from The one. Pappas ran for The exTra poinT and made iT This Time and iT was TOAO wiTh lO:l7 remain- ing in The game. When Chp Pl nchard cant move Through The line, he Takes The 9 5. ri . E7 KENNY DUNCAN Guard .ii . ' li , zjgYlpnd"T',' ' I I 4 ,, mg JOHN SEGARS Tackle All Twin CiTy, All DisTricT, All STaTe il we T aye! X ,s,,:,,f qi! XM M-41:2 -hm KURT GUELZOW Halfback Neville 38 Haynesville 0 Neville swept To a 38-O district 2-AA vic- tory over Haynesville behind The running ef- forts of HB Jimmy Howard. The Tigers scored within a minute ofthe opening kickoff. How- ard set up The first TD on the second play from scrimmage, ending on The 27 yard line, where Chip Planchard ran The 27 yards for the touchdown. The conversion failed, Neville scored again with Howard going over from The one after a series of first downs and a penalty put The ball on Haynesville's T2 yard line. The Tigers took possession again after a bad Haynesville quick kick and Two plays later Howard scored with Dewitt Beckett kick- ing the PAT. Mid-way in The third quarter Beckett scored from the three after a long pass play from Mike Mack To Robert McSher- ry. The PAT attempt failed. Mack scored in the fourth period from T2 yards out putting an end To a Tiger drive that started on their own 39 yard line. The final tally came on a 65 yard pass play late in The fourth quarter. 2 ,, W K li' 3, H. 2 A k- ffvs. RONALD KILLEN End All-District Quarterback Ronnie Clark makes a gain while Walter Causey and Don Osborn hold off the Haynesa ville L W Q Nuwv www we s-'s nf.,-n 1- mwnmft fa 'A-Mn.-r we 4, - - W ,T f f- Q., sf , f -.ti " mr' tv. i,s K Halfback Jimmy Howard starts one of his famous punt returns Neville 42 Jena 0 Speedy Jimmy Howard led the scoring with tvvo TD's, two extra points and a field goal. Tommy Sparks intercepted a Jena pass and sprinted 33 yards to pay-dirt, Don Jonn- son dashed 85 yards, and Gene Galligan and Gary Pappas counted on passes from Ronnie Clark on plays covering 31 and 33 yards re- spectively, to make the score 42-O. Pappas also nad an 80 yard TD run nullified by a pen- alty. Hovvard's tirst and third field goal at- tempts tailed, Clark, who did an excellent iob ot replacing Saget in the passing tield, also booted the tirst PAT ot the evening after Howard's snort plunge, but missed after Sparks' score. Ronnie DeMoss kicked wide tollowing Howards second TD. RONNIE CLARK STEVE HUFFMAN Quarterback T ckle Pete Terzolas leads the way as Gary Pappas heads for the sidelines followed by five opponents. o o o Neville 27 Wlnnfield 0 Neville wrapped up the district QAA race and extended their winning streak to T9 straight victories by blanking stubborn Winn- field 27-O. The Tigers, paced by haltback Chip Planchard, who scored on runs of 57 and 3, tallied in every quarter but the 11th. How- ard turned in a one-rnan performance to lead Neville to its first score by intercepting a wayward aerial at the Winntield 45. Ten plays later, Neville was at the Winnfield 3 and Howard went across with il seconds to go in the quarter. ln the 2nd period, Neville drove from its 47 in T2 plays with Gary Pap- pas going over from the 3. Planchard picked up the next score that capped a 70 yard 'Ne- ville drive, that took 9 plays. Planchard scored from the 3. Howard kicked all three conver- sions and the Tigers led Qi-O at the halt. Neville's final tally started on the Tiger AT. Fullback Don Johnson picked up 2 yards, and then Planchard went through the middle for 57 yards and the final score. BUBBA SMITH GARY HART End Gary Pappas goes for a crucial TirsT down in one of The decisive games of The year. s ., l ,Y , Neville 6 Jonesboro 0 WiTh 2:38 remaining in The game, Jim How- ard inTercepTed a pass from Jonesboro's Rob- erT Marrus and reTurned To The Jonesboro 29 yard line To seT up The winning score. Don SageT Then passed To Howard, who ToughT To The Jonesboro l2. SageT hiT Howard on The scoring pass one play laTer. Howard's kick Tor The PAT failed and The clock read 1:26. Andy Mapp made The longesT run of The nighT on a 49 yard sprinT aTTer Marrus fumbled a pass on his own 30 yard line. Neville Tigers, Jim Howard, Chip Planchard, Gary Pappas, and Don Johnson were consTanT break away ThreaTs buT found Themselves piTTed againsT a Team wiTh near equal speed. NevilIe's de- Tensive squad, led by Johan Segars and James Willis, sTopped Two serious Jonesboro scor- ing ThreaTsione in The TirsT quarTer and The oTher in The Third. ,Q-Q NICK WHITE Guard All-Twin-CiTy All-Disfricf All-STaTe - W' . .,,, PETE TERZOLAS DON JOHNSON Guard Fullback J why Howard refurns a punt for yardage as Don Johnson blocks The TV der Q Nevllle 19 Ruston WiTh Toochdowns by Jimmy Howard, Don SageT and Don Johnson, The hard-hiTTing Ti- gers Topped The RUsTon BearcaTs T9-O for Their homecoming yicTory. ATTer Taking a 39 yard pass Trorn guanerback Don SageT and baT- Tiing his way To The TO yard line, Halfback Howard scored The firsT Tiger Tally in The sec- ond dUarTer. In The TourTh period The sTiil in- jured Sager hobbled across from The 6-yard line. Fuilback Don Johnson scored The final 6 poinTer wiTh 2 rninuTes leTT in The garne. How- ard, who goT The only exTra poinr, Johnson, and Halfback Chip Planchard, who sTarTed The drive Tor The second TD, led in ball carrying. CHIP PLANCHARD ROBERT MQSHERRY Halfbick Fulib ck fi- ri' x f ' 'K ,f 5 rx .tx I X K Neville 37 Tcallulah 7 HB Jirnnwy Howard scored Three Times and FB Den Johnson went over Twice To iead Neyiiie To a 33-7 yicTory oyer Taiiu!ah's Ciass A Troians. QB Don SageT .yhpped Two Touch- down passes To Howard, one a 74fyard pass play in The second guarfer and The oTher a 27 yarder in The Tinai period. Johnsons Talv lies can'e cn piunges of one and Two yards in The second and TourTh duarTers. Defensive HB Ronnie Ciark inTercepTed a Taliuiah pass and carried iT To The Trojan 15 yard line To seT up Johnsons second guarTer score, His oTher Tai- Iy came aTTer The Tiger defense ThwarTed Tai- Vulah's TourTh quarTer passing aTTernpTs and gained conTroI of The paii on The Troian 30 yard line. Howard aTTernpTed Three field goais and succiessfuliy conyerTed Tour poinTs aTTer aTTernpTs with his booTing. nt v ,N-.. JAMES WILLIS PAUL EASON Guard Guard Unable To pass Don Sager decides To run, covered by Pefe Terzolas and Andy Mapp. Neville 20 Lake Charles O Neville Took adyanTage of Lake Charles' be- ing oTTsides and Trom There really goT going. Jim Howard rammed Tor T3 and Don SageT Threw a 26 yard aerial To Gary HarT which carried To The L.C. 30. Seven plays laTer, Gary Pappas plowed The Tinal yard Tor a score. Howard kicked The conversion. Neville's sec- ond score came on a 4Th and 8 Trom Their own AO wiTh 114 seconds leTT in The half. Here, L. C. dropped back To receive an expecTed Tiger ponT, bm The Tigers didn'T punT. SageT Threw To fullback Don Johnson, who picked his way Through The onrushing secondary Tor The TD. The aTTer aTTempT Tailed. SageT clicked wiTh Pappas on a 27 yard pass which he car- ried To The L. C, 39. ATTer SageT ran 8 and TirsT down, Johnson carried Twice sTraighT Tor anoTher score. Howard added The PAT. How- ard killed a L. C. scoring ThreaT by spearing a pass in The end zone. Pappas led in rush- ing wiTh 85 yards on T8 carries. SageT com- pleTed 5 oUT oT 9 passes Tor TT9 yards. Jimmy Howard geis ready To pull a fancy sidostep. ll RICHARD SLAVANT Guard .. Iwi,-'Agri' H 'shf ai: S ' , una -Q -Jai A s Ti T Neville 21 Ouachita 6 Hahfpack Jim Howard scored Twice and guarTerpack Don SageT crossed The goal once To lead The Tigers over 0uachiTa QT-6. The vicTory marked Neyille's second sTraighT un- deTeaTed season. OuachiTa had a hard Time bucking The Tiger line. Lion runners were on occasion Thrown Tor repeaTed losses. Howard's long run of 76 yards on his second score was The highesf in The conTesT. Two Tackles, John Segars and Richard Wilkerson sparked The Ti- ger line on whal' seemed like goalline sTands everywhere on The field and forced The Lions To The air. The TfirsT quarTer Touchdown by Howard was igniTed by Nick WhiTe's recovery of a Lion Tumble, and Gary Pappas, KurT Guel- zow, Don Johnson, and Howard combined To Take The ball To The 2 yard line in eighT plays. SCOTTY CAMPBELL TOM SPARKS Tackle CenTer The camera catches Jimmy Howard and Don Johnson before They hiT The line W1si "9'MZ4'W'.iJ'WY?'!fwKT5uMM'1 Everybody decides To get inTo The acT. ldentihable are DeWiTT BeclceTT, Don Johnson, John Segars, and Ronald Kille Neville 25 Spring Hill 7 MIKE HADDAD Bi-District Championship A capaciTy crowd of 6,500 specTaTors savv The defending sTaTe Class AA Champs score in each quarTer behind The quarTerbac:lcing ei- TorTs of Don SageT To eliminaTe The Lumber- jacks from The chase. Neville made sure of a 23rd sTraighT Win by pulling avvay To a 12-O TirsT half lead on single scores in The TirsT and second guarTers by Don 'ehnson and Gary Pappas, Springhill scored in The 3rd vviTh Miller Taking The scoring pass from Ses- sions and The game remained a TighT one unTil laTe in The 3rd period when Neville drove from The midfield sTripe To The Two, where Johnson Tallied on a drive Through righT guard. Neville's final score came laTe in The 4Th guarTer when Gary HarT covered a Tumbled punT on The Lurnberiacks' 17. Three plays gave The Tigers a TirsT dovvn aT The 4, and Pappas vvenT Through his leTT Tackle posiTion Tor a score. .3 Shri GARY PAPPAS Guard Halfback RICHARD WILKERSON Tackle Neville 26 Jennings 0 Neville used a bevy of hard running backs and a cluTch defensive performance To shui'- ouT The Bulldogs Q6-O aT Brown STadiurn be- fore a crowd of nearly 7500. Don Johnson, who was Terrific The enTire game, goT The firsT score wiTh l:55 remaining in The iniTial period. Jimmy Howard carried for Neville's second Tally on a Two-yard plunge wiTh 7:20 lefr in The Third. The SpeedsTer also scored boTh ex- Tra poinTs, kicking one and running one. ln The fourTh ciuarTer, The Tigers rallied around The fine running of Gary Pappas and rammed for 2 more Tallies To compleTe Their scoring. Pappas personally scored one on a 9-yard scamper, afTer helping seT iT up wiTh a 23- yard run, and duarTerl3ack Don SageT raced for The ofher on a pass or run opTion play which neTTed four yards. Neville's lasT TD came wiTh 5:38 lefT in The game. Guelzow and Johnson did a Tremendous job as line- backers and such boys as Tom Sparks, Richard Wilkerson, Ronald Killen, John Segars, Ron- nie Clark, SageT, and Howard came up wiTh imporTanT Tackles consisTenTly. State AA Semi-Finals Gary Pappas, Richard Wilkerson, and Jimmy Howard seem To be more inTeresTed in The game Than ThiS camera spying Jennings player. Bidi li V A 2 fd. T, pi L .K ANDY MAPP Tackle . - Af U fl l U 'rr irmfmei 1zwmsm ,yx , m T s 5 Neville 14 Reserve 0 For Their 25Th sTraighT vicTory and Third championship in Tour years, The Neville Tigers wenT all ouT To Take Reserve l-4-7. End VValTer ' Causey snagged an ll-yard ass from uar- p Ti me Terback Don SageT in The Third quarTer Tor The K 'Sr ":l" TirsT score of The game. ATTer a Reserve score TT 4- A 'T1' 3 Neville Haliback KurT Guelzovv rammed Vyyaf f Through The VVildcaT line vviTh A minuTes leTT R U l f, in The game To cap a 94 yard Tiger drive T T V .. . Q which broke The Tie. QuarTerl3ack Ronnie Clark Hi ' 'i"'g. U kicked boTh exira poinTs successfully. Guard l Nick WhiTe saved The day vviTh a Tackle in The fx Tinal Tvvo minuTes which sTopped The Reserve A' g advance. Gary Pappas carried The bulk of The ,W TET. lg Bengals' ground aTTack. Neville led in TirsT W ,pf dovvns i3-i2 and in ards rushing l73-l33. S Yi. Q L .,i, ,af y,3,fcr.,, k Y E, BILL LANGSTON GARON HARGAN n En State AA Championship Don Sargef Turns The corner as The opponent makes a lasT effort DAVID HARRNSON Center i' .. 1 A 'M' f Q- ,,3,,.L A j , li L 1 . , 3' A .... 1,-5:1 . , , ' .Q "fTi"f" . , ' 5 4 'Q " fy . fi' U ' Q., qui 1 , fimlgi , . j 535,538 2'-77 -Q ff, , A - ug , -ff ..: w LQ,, , 'f M -' X 4, ,ei a1Qie:?Swe+9-'ff"'W .A 7 A, .A f ,. 2 . ,.y,,,. .f'-' 1 ,-- - , Q' ' ' ww, m I JOCKO HOLDSWORTH Right Tackle DALE YOUNG LefT Halfback DON OSBORN it sf 'im ya' 1 H ' Q 1 ' 1 ,. . 1 ,nn fl. ,. V' , -3 W 1 11,0 f f, K ..,, ,- :Q mf :.,'LLwZef1M2?5W2i'fiQ1, 25252 WW A, gg , "K lv' 5 'P 6 1 I : fri, t 3 ' K ,Mg W, ,L ,, nv ,,. A W .ff , wi, 1 l., ,.:giA4'-2 Y ,, ,A x 4: 5,4 ' 'gay' fe n N 'QM-fy pl W' mflwZrQa ',,5w'g':S?i:. A t g I 5 as . lFEAl is 14mm The Neville Freshman football team sitting from left to right are: Keith Gunn, Glenn Peters, David Chenault, Harold Dickens, Henry Cohn, Mike Hart, Bill Hogue, Walter Williams, Lee Burforcl, Harvey Hammonds, Rowland Perry, kneeling, Henry Florsheim, Rodger Smith, Henry Ladshaw, Dennis Ward, Steve Gilcrist, Alex Hayward, Doug Cookston, Fred Amman, Charles Jones, Walter Dunn, standing, Reggie Kitchens, Bobby Heflin, Murray Salinas, Ronnie Johnston, Charles Floyd, Phil Owens,- Butch Whitlow, Ray Doncer, Steven Bell, Monty Moncrief. The Freshman Football team was supported by these tive girls who were chosen by the freshman class, Jane Sherrouse, Chris Conlin, Janet Hood, Dana Tucker, Jean Colvin. V: , Members of the "B" Team from left to right on the first row are: Marion Kulinski, Tommy Coats, Ray Harvey, Joe Rosenburg, Jimmy Kokinos, Beau Turremine, Larry White, second row: Hank Taylor, Everefte Roper, James Bryan, Larry Sheffield, Billy Walker, Robert Evangelista, Mike Williams, Dick Pope, Mike Boyetteg third row: Al McDuff, Manager, Eddie Allen, Billy Reynolds, Bill Hochsteller, Bruce Stovall, Scott Stewart, O'Brien Richards, Ronnie Dana, Bruce Herrell, Jay Harris, , I is i ,.,. , :zt t limi lgz, , l l - "" "--., "' f r if .. - ,V A at gli' er 's,, f i ,ls f f dnl: ' - ,.AVV 'J ' 41, , H. L V I' . Mr. H. J. Cassanova, Neville football movie photographer Jimmy Howard presented wig? 'yu Walter Causey receives his award. Most Valuable Player Award l. Best Lineman Award ,,,,,,,,,,,, James Willis Tom Sparks 2. Best Back Award ,,,,,,d,,,.,,,,,,, Don Saget 3. Most Improved Lineman Walter Causey 4. Most Improved Back ,,,dd,,, Gary Pappas 5. Sportsmanship Award ..... , . Nick White 6. Highest Scholastic Award..Kurt Guelzow 7. Coaches Award . .. ., Ronald Killen 8. Best Blocker Award . ........ John Segars 9. Nlost Valuable Player ,,,. Jimmy Howard Jimmy Howard receives his coveted MVP award. ,ao if Srila. Cheerleaders 1962-1963 vis? fe.-.WM Z l 3 . Jil? r ,Kgs my K Cheerleaders are from left to right, kneeling: Nancy Crossland, Diane Clarkg standing: Kathy McSl'uerry, Diane Wesfg seated on cage: K. K. Kiie, Gay Hargrove. I37 ,I D 1962 Homecoming Court S x,xQd S- :H '- f'NPXf.,,1. ' WTT17. Q -.- , 1 4 fiid' ' " a gy "" Y gf A. f ' . .-vn,-ll-gg " A ,,,F-Le, 3 - . J-Lu,544--, MAID OF HONOR Sally Ensminger or . A... a l in-T-m fi The l962 Homecoming Courf included from left To rlglwtz Jan Conlin, Sally Ensminger, Amanda Cobb Paula Moreland, and Shawn McBride. E l 1962 Homecoming Queen Amanda Cobb ,Bif- www-A PM .Mu Q ' ws ww wuwwmm , Q' Aw M., , fs. H253 f Q 1 S sgfm ,mm ffiw ,,,, M Af Y 1 ff ,-mmm-new WW mir ,mm i 4 i JOHN GARRETT JOE CANAL RONNIE FACTOR Members of the 1962-63 Varsity Basketball team are the following: from left to right, first row: Bill Dunn, Ronnie Davidson, Ronnie Factor, Joe Canal, Randall Fallin, Bob Rowang second row: David Gre- million, Gary Holt, Bill Davis, Malcolm Smith, Walter Causey, J. Dodd Brooks, Sam Caverlee, Bill Irvine. Tigers win district for first time BlLL DAVlS GARY HOLT DENNIS VENABLE Gary Hol1 goes for two while Malcolm Smith is alert for a rebound. WALTER CAUSEY n school history. SAM CAVERLEE BILL DUNN BOB ROWAN Malcolm Smith fights for tip off while Bill Davis and Joe Canal stand ready. Tigers win three tournaments RANDALL FALLIN Randall Fallin gets a lay-up as Gary Holt stays ready. BH! Davis makes one of his long shots as Malcolm Smith covers. DAVID GREMILLION W I I44 during season RONNIE DAVIDSON Sam Caverlee racks up fwo more points as Joe Canal covers Members of the Freshman Basketball team are The following: first row: George Campbell, Charles Curry, Owen Moses, Lance Dreyer, Chuck Tidwellp second row: Nelson Abell, Ray Meeks, Charles Floyd, Jay - V as s f 'im Q - ' K Eppinette, Walter Williams. in-n-... Girls' Basketball 1962-63 l u 52 LTJFSW l""""f""1'l'snuu, FHMwnw,,,,,m ..., Lk 5 - mm ' A' .W - I Manager of the Girls basketball team for i962-63 is Barbara Mulhearn. Members of the team are from left to right: Polly Johnson, Linda Williams, Jill Marx, Karen Crown, Becky Middleton, Pat Ayers, Brenda Riddle, Mickie Varnado, Carolyn Courson, Sandra Brown, Patti Smith, and Melinda Mabray. MEHNDA MABRAY, Forward KAREN CROW, Forward Caroiyn Courson goes in for a lay-up. Polly Johnson blocks a shot as Mickic Varnado and Becky Middle ton stand by. , LP is By defeating the host team to win first place POLLY JOHNSON, Guard PAT AYERS, Forward Pa? Ayers goes high for a lump ball. i The girls line up for Carolyn Cour- sorfs free Tlwrovv. KM J N M Courson, Crow, and Johnson make all- Pa1Aycrs and Karen Crow go up for a rebound. MICKIE VARNADO, Guard BECKY MIDDLETON, Guard JILL MARX, Guard SANDRA BROWN, Forward tournament teams I PATTI SMITH, Guard BRENDA RIDDLE, Forward LINDA WILLIAMS, Guard Members of The freshman girls' basIce1beII Team are standing from Inf! ro right: Deborah Feeney, Jean CoIvin, CaroI Hargus, Bridger Dowd, Mina ParrIsh, Kathy Shaver, Janna Rcrcxg knoehngz Cynthia Chambliss, Mary MyaTT, Jane Sherrouse, Susan HIne5, NeIda Purdy. was Qiiaigi 9 aw ef fibvvf Classes EDITED BY: ANNE SPURGEON NEWBY MCNEIL MICKY HARPER 1963 Seniors set the course Winning first place in the T962 Homecoming parade was the float entered by the senior class, which honored Neville, the pride of Louisiana. Finally SENIORS? Graduation . . . what a fabulous little word, but then who knows? We are torn between love of Neville and curiosity about what's in the outside world. Four years . . . seems like no time since we stood up as freshmen for those '59 seniors. That was the greatest year we thought . . . what excitement when we were a part of Neville at the first freshman game, our first out of town varsity football game, our first State AA Championship. Who can say whether trips by student buses, Tigerette buses, or Band buses were most fun. For our first homecoming we worked whole-heartedly on our float, "Butcher the Buffaloes," and won first place! Our class made another dent in Neville life when Nancy Crossland became Queen of the First Annual Neville Re- lays. Clt even snowed on Valentine's Day . . . Remember'?D When we were sophomores we thought we knew it all . . . "Wise Fools!" Our boys played var- sity football, basketball, baseball, and ran track, our girls played varsity basketball. Many earned iackets. We were so proud of "little" John Segars and "Gabby" Killen. Cynthia Leigh headed the Latin Club. Barbara Mulhearn was a homecoming maid, and our float "Bury the Farmers," placed second. Our iunior year was filled with more fun. We worked on ideas for the prom . . . invitations . . . a theme, Peppermint Twist . , . decorations, red and white . . . favors, peppermint candy canes and charms. These materialized by May, and the Virginia Roof was a fairyland with l,OOO balloons . , . Ordering our Senior rings . . . Campaigning for Sam Caverlee and Kurt Guelzow, who became President and Vice-President of the Student Council respectively. September of '62 . . . "Lords of the Domain." For the first time we marched down the aisle as seniors. KK Kite, Diane West, Nancy Crossland, Kathy McSherry, Gay Hargrove, and Diane Clark led cheers. We have front row seats. Ann Adams is drum major, Jimmy Howard heads the Key Club, Tommy Sparks, the Lettermen's Club, Sam Caverlee, the Student Council, Cynthia Leigh, the Tiger- ettes, Paula Neal, the Safety Council, Shawn McBride, Science Club, Beverly Blackmon, French Club, Sage Redding and Holly Bayne, Co-Editors of the '63 MONROYAN, Kathleen Cochran, Editor of the revitalized Sizzler. Class officers are Kurt Guelzow, Don Saget, Kathy McSherry, and Carolyn Mur- ray. All of the privileges of Seniors shine brightly . . . big pictures in the annual . . . being excused two weeks early , . , the end of the year assemblies for awards and the prophecy. Last but not least. . , Graduation!!! "But deep in our hearts we will hold a place eternally . . . and there we keep our loyalties . . and all our memories of thee." for Tiger Underclassmen The T963 Senior Class has earned many distincTions and seT a course Tor The underclassmen To Tollovv. Winning recognition all over The staTe were eleven sTodenTs who became semi-finalisTs in The Merit Scholarship competition and seventeen senior TooTball players who helped lead The Tiger Team To its second consecwive AA sTaTe Title. Leading The class which also enTered The winning Tloaf in The homecoming parade are KurT Guel- zovv, PresidenT, Don SageT, Boys' Vice- President, KaThy McSherry, SecreTary, and Carolyn Murray, Girls' Vice-President .ju Merit Scholarship semi-finalists are Edmund BurTon, Richard Mulhearn, Nick White, Phil Guthrie, Kenneth Easley, Charles Phillips, seated are George Hargus, Cynthia Leigh, and Sam Cavcrlee, Not pictured are Paula Neal and Shawn McBride. Judy Abington Transfer Studentg French Club. Charles Ackel Latin Clubg Red Crossg Thespiansg Glee Clubg Fresh- rnan Footballg Varsity Footballp Freshman Trackg Varsity Track. Gerald Acosta Band Mona Acosta Bandg Latin Club, American- isrn Cluby Red Crossg Library Club, Secretary-Treasurcrp Med- ic Club. I56 Seniors bear mantle E 55+ Ann Adarns Band: All-State Band, All- State Orchestra, All-District Band, Drum Nlaiorg Fl-lAg Latin Clubg Student Councilg FBLl.p Sophomore Horneroom Pres- iderit. Bill Adams Hi-Yg Red Crossg "B" Foot- ball Team. Rex Albright I Bandg FBLL. Diane Alexander Tigcretiesg French Clubg Li- brary Clubg FBLLg Student i xg'-W 'YZF Councilp Sophomore Home- room President, of leadership Paul Aron Hi-Yg Latin Clubg American- ism Clubg Thespiansg Office Staffy Freshman Football Man- ager. Holly Bayne Band: All-District Bandg Ser- geantg Dean of Girlsg Lieuten- antg Squadleaderg Executive Staffg French Clubg American- ism Clubg Red Cross, Secre- taryp Science Club: Thespians, Secretaryg Annual Staff, Facul- ty Editor, Co-editorg Library Clubg Medic Clubg Leadership Conferenceg State Science Fair, Honorable Mcntiong Y-Teens, Parliamentarian, Treasurer. DeWitt Beckett Bandy Red Crossg Latin Clubg l.etterman's Clubg Key Club: Treasurerg Americanism Club: Varsity Football. Lavverence Bennett Bandg Trackg Letterman's Clubg All-State Orchestra. friv- Betty Ann Bettis Tigerettesg Fl-lAg FBLL. Beverly Blackmon Tigerettes, Squadleaderg Lat- in Clubg 3 state conventions and 2 national conventionsg French Club, Secretary-Treas- urer, Presidentg Amerlcanism Clubg Red Crossg Thespiansp Junior Executive Council, Chaplaing Junior Horneroom President. Linda Blair FHAp FBLLg Y-Teens, Secre- taryg Latin Clubg Student Coun- cil, Alternatep Glee Club: De- bate Club, Vice-Presiclentp Girls' Stateg Sophomore Class Treasurerg Junior Homeroom Treasurer. Bill Blair Banol l57 Steve Blue Latin Clubg Thespiansp Fresh- man Footballg "B" Team Foot- ballg Varsity Football. Latina Bonner Tigerettesg Latin Clubg Red Crossp Science Clubg Thespiansg FBLL: Sizzler Reporter, Fresh- man Basketball. Jimmy Brasher Red Crossg Glee Clubg Fresh- man Footballg "B" Team Foot- ballg Varsity Football. Betty Bray FHAg Red Crossg Safety Councilg Library Clubg Tiger Clubsg Freshman Home-room Secretary. I58 Senior Class of '63 produces eleven ,vm 4 8 tsmfqw quarr- 25253 Wade Brisbin Latin Clubg French Club, Treasurer. Johnny Burgess Hi-Yp Latin Clubg Science Club. Edmund "Spike" Burton Key Clubg Glee Clubg Fresh- man Footballg Varsity Foot- ball. Wayne Bushnell Band. merit scholarship semi-finalists Frances Byrd Tigerettes, FHA, Latin Club, Glee Club, FBLL, Sizzler Re- porter. i David Carlson l Freshman Football. Ann Casey Tigerettes, FHA, French Club, Red Cross, Safety Coun- cil, Thespians, Monroyan, Ad sfaff, FBLL. Carolyn Causey Latin Club, Red Cross, Safe- ty Council, Orchestra, All- State Orchestra, FBLL. Sam Caverlee Latin Club, Americanism Club, Board Member, Student Council, President, Reporter, Key Club, Junior Board Mem- ber, Chaplain, Mr. Neville High School, Junior Class President, Freshman Favorite, Junior Favorite, Freshman Bas- ketball, Varsity Basketball. Pat Channbliss Band, Uniform Sergeant, Squadleader, FHA, FBLL, Y- Teens, French Club, Red Cross. Cherry Chapman Tigerettes, French Club, Red Cross, Safety Council, Science Club, Thespians, FBLL, Medics Club. Ruth Christian Band, Americanisrn Club, Red Cross. I59 Carroll Clark Office Boy, Chorus. Diane Clark Tigerettes, FHA, Red Cross FBLL, Freshman Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader, Soph omore Homeroom President Junior Homeroom Vice-Pres ident, Most Beautiful. Bruna Clerico Tigerettes, FHA, Latin Club Red Cross, Student Council Senior Class Most Intellectual, Foreign Exchange Student. Kathleen Cochran Tigerettes, Squadleader, FHA, FBLLg Latin Club, Chap lain, Americanism Club, Safe ty Council, Pelican Girls' State, Sizzler Staff, Editor, Publica tions Department. l60 r Senior Class of '63 graduates witl' Henry Cole Hi-Y, Golf Team. Nancy Crossland Freshman Home-room Pres- identg Sophomore Homeroom Vice-President, Tigerettes, Lat- in Club, Assistant Program Chairman, Student Council, Key Club Sweetheart, Thes- pians Annual Staff, Freshman Cheerleader, Varsity Cheer- leader, Miss Neville High School, Senior Class Beauty, Freshman Favorite, Sophomore' Favorite, Junior Favorite, l96O Neville Relay Queen, Fresh- man Basketball Team. Carol Crotwell Band, Squadleader, Tiger- ettes, Latin Club, Red Cross, Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-Pres- ident, President, Parish Red Cross, Vice-President, Pres- ident, Orchestra, All-State Or- chestra, All District Band. Bill Davis Transfer Student, Varsity Basketball. l First Foreign Exchange Student Lee Denson Bandg Freshman Homeroom Presidentg Sophomore Home- room Secretary - Treasurer: Boys' State. Maribeth Downing Tigerettesg FHAg F r e n c h Clubg Glee Club, Robe Chair- manp Library Clubg Library As- sistanceg Girls' Chorus. Kenny Duncan Sophomore Homeroom Pres- identg Junior Homero-om Pres- identg Thespiansp Freshman Footballg V a r s ity Football: Track. ,A Daria Dunckelman T i g e r e t T e s, Squaclleaderp FHAp Y-Teens, lnterclub Coun- cil Memberg Red Crossg Sate- ty Councilp Science Clubp Glee Clubg FBLL. Gayle Dunn Tigerettesy FHAg Latin Clubg Red Crossg French Clubg Glee Clubg FBLL. Joey Dupuy Science Club. Kenneth Easley French Clubf Science Club National Merit Semi-Finalist, Frank Eason l6I Ann Edmondson Tigerettesg FHAg Red Cross Safety Councilg Thespiansg An nual Statfg Glee Clubg FBLL Sizzler Staff, Business Man- agerg Publication Department Freshman Vice-Presidentg Soph omore Secretary - Treasurerp Junior Homeroom Secretary. Jan Evans FHAg French Clubp Red Cross, Vice-Presidentg Safety Councilg Thespiansg FBLLg Li- brary Clubp Library Assistantg Library Award. Randall Fallin Varsity Basketballg Most Athleticg Baseball. Henry Fife I62 Senior float helps to make the '6 535, wet' Gerrie Frasier Latin Clubg French Clubg Red Crossg Safety Council: Or- chestrag Library Clubg Medics Clubg All-State Orchestra. Jimmy Gaiennie French C l u b 5 Handsomeg Heartbreaker. Gary Gannavvay Hi-Yg Latin Club, Christmas Kingg French Clubg American- ism Clubg Student Councilg Key Cluby Science Clubg Jun- ior Class Favoriteg Junior Class Vice-Presidentg Boys' Statep Freshman Basketballg Varsity Basketball. Bobby George Science Clubp Stage Crew, Lightingy Photography Depart- ment Photographer. -lomecoming better than ever Joyce Gill FHA, Y-Teens, Stu cl e n t Council, Science Club, FBLL. Stephanie Gilmont Tigerettesy Latin Club, His- torian, F H A g Americanism Club, Red Cross, Science Club. Robert Goorley Thespians, Freshman Foot- ball, Varsity Football, Track. Dianne Goza Transfer Student, FHA, Y- Teens, Red Cross, Glee Club, Junior Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent. Danny Gremillion Hi-Y, Red Cross, Science Club. Carlton Gresham Hi-Y, Red Cross, Glee Club, Freshman Football. Pam Grower FHA, French Club, Ameri- canism Club, Thespians, Freshman Basketball, Senior Class Wittiest. Kurt Guelzow Letterman's Club, Latin Club, Treasurer, Americanism Club, Board Member, Student Council, Vice-President, Key Club, Vice-President, Science Club: Thespians, Most Likely to Succeed, Junior Class Treas- urerg Senior Class President, Freshman Football, Varsity Football, All-State, Varsity Baseball. I63 Phil Guthrie Band, Corporal, Squad Lead- er, Property Sergeant, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Treasurer, Lictor, Americanism Constitutional Committee, Safety Council, All-State Band, All-District Band, Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist. Martha Guyton Band, Feature Tvvirler, FHA, Latin C I u b , Chaplain, Red Cross Historian, Safety Coun- cil, Orchestra, Glee Club, President, Pelican Girls' State, All-State Orchestra, All-State Chorus, All-District B a n d, Twin-City Youth Orchestra, Michael Haddad Freshman Football, Varsity Football. Marjorie Harnmons Band, FHA, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Red Cross, Safety Council, Tigers Cubs, National JCL, State JCL Convention. I64 Senior class sees 47 wins Geron Hargon Varsity Football, S e n i o r Class Friendliest. Gay Hargrove Tigerettes, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, FBLL, Varsity Cheerleader, S e n io r Class Beauty, Freshman Basketball Manager. George Hargus Band, Science Club, Most Intellectual, National M e r i t Scholarship Semi-Finalist. Jimmy Harmon Band, Science Club. out of 48 Football games Bark Harrison Band, Hi-Y, Varsity Football. Terry Hessick Latin Club, Reporter, Lictor, Science Club, Program Chair- man, Annual Staff, Photog- rapher. Jimmy Howard Letterman's Club, Chaplain, Secretary-Treasurer, S t u d e n t Council Representative, Key Club, President, Sergeant-at Arms, Ad Staff, Freshman Handsome, Sophomore Favo- rite, Senior Handsome, Foot- ball, All-State, All-District, All- Twin-City, Freshman Basket- ball, Track, All-Monroe, All- Twin-City, Freshman Home- room President, Sophomore Homeroom President. Bill Hunt Band, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Americanism Club, FBLL. Ricky Hyland Latin Club, Golf Team, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball. Barbara Jackson Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Latin Club, JCL, Science Club, FBLL, F r e s h m a n Basketball Team, Bill Jackson Freshman Football Manager, Freshman Basketball. Karen Johnsen FHA, Y-Teens, Red Cross. l65 Kay Jones Tigerettes, Company Com- mander, FHA, Y-Teens, French Club, Red Cross, Library As- sistant, Library Award, Library C I u b, Freshman Homeroom Secretary. Ronald Killen Letterman's C I u b, Latin Club, Student Council, Key Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Fresh- man Football, Varsity Football, Track, All-Twin-City. Herb Kilpatrick Hi-Y, Americanism C I u b, Student Council, Annual Staff, Debate Club, President, Boys' S t a t e, Freshman Homeroom President, Junior Homeroom President, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track. Tommy Kinkead Band. I66 Seniors' busy year Richard Kiper Band, Lieutenant, Property Crew, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Ser- geant-at-Arms, National Dele- gate, America-nism Club, Stu- dent Couincil, Key Club, Science Club, Boys' State, Freshman Homeroom Vice- President, Track. Mary Kathryn Kite Tigerettes, FHA, Latin Club, Secretary, S a f e t y Council, Science Club, Thespians, FBLL, JCL, Varsity Cheerleader. Tommy Knipping Hi-Y, Debate Club, Office Staff, Track. Carol Koontz Latin Club, French Club, Thespians, JCL, Homecoming Court, Maid, Senior Class Beauty, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball. seems very short Linda Ladner Tigerettes, Science C l u b , Vice-President, T h e s p i a n s, Monroyan Ad Staff, FBLL. Gretchen La Fra nce Tigerettes, Squad Leader, FHA, Historian, Red Cross, Safety Council, Thespians, Freshman Basketball. Adria Landry Tigerettes, FHA, Latin Club, JCL, Safety Council, Student Council, Thespians, Ad Staff, Tiger Cubs, Sophomore Home- room Treasurer, F r e s h m a n Horneroom Secretary, Junior Homeroom Vice-President. Joe Lane .Madam 'Wim if 1' Julie Larsen French Club, Science Club, Library Club, Red Cross, Con- cert and Marching Band, Medics Club. Steven Lazarus Hi-Y, Science Club, Office Staff. Cynthia Leigh Tigerettes, S q u a d Leader, President, Latin Club, Presi- dent, Americanism Club, Jun- ior Board Member, Safety Council, Student Council, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Science Club, Glee Club, Accornpanist, JCL, State Secretary, Delegate to National Convention, Girls' State Delegate, Senior Most Likely to Succeed. Sissi Loftin Band, Latin Club, JCL, Red Cross, FBLL, Girls' State, Jun- ior Homeroom Secretary, Vot- ing Delegate to State JCL Convention. I67 Janet Lovelady FHA, Latin Club, Red Cross, Library Club, Program Chair- man, JCL, Medics Club. Andy Mapp Letterman's Club, Chaplain, Freshman Football, "B" Team Football, Varsity Football, All- District, Freshman Basketball Manager. Dick Marsh Americanism Club, Science Club. Marylin Massey Tigerettes, FHA, F r e n c h Club, Americanism Club, Glee Club, Library Club. I68 mn. . ,,,..,....1-pf' A G Senior office boys Shawn McBride Tigerettes, Squad Leaden Company Commander, Latin Club, Program Chairman, Sen- ior Advisor, JCL, Americanism Club, Safety Council, Vice- President, Science Club, Presi- oenr, Annual otait, Circula- tion Manager, Sizzler Staff, Feature Editor, Glee Club, FBLL, Homecoming Maid, Merit Scholarship Semi-Fina- list, Americanism Seminar, Ne- ville Representative. David McCaskill Band, Concert, Marching, Squad Leader, Property Crew, Lieutenant, Captain, Latin Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Amer- icanism Club, Constitutional Committee, Key Club, Or- chestra, Flag Committee, Boys' State, All-State Band, All-State Orchestra, All-District Band, Senior Class Most Talented. Ann McElroy Tigerettes, FHA, Y-Teens, French Club, Library Club, Library Assistant. Robert MCG-:owen Hi-Y, Red Cross. replaced by automation Kathy McSherry Tigerettesp Latin Clubg Stu- dent Councilg Thespiansg Var- sity Cheerleaderg Freshman Cheerleaclerg Freshman Favo- ritef Sophomore Favoriteg Jun- ior Favoriteg Freshman Basket- ballg Varsity Basketball: Senior Girls' Vice-Presidentg Freshman Homeroom Treasurerg Sopho- more Homeroom Secretary: Senior Class Friendliest. Jerry Mehl Bandg Hi-Yg Secretary, Pres- identg Latin Clubg Annual Staff Photographer. Greg Moore Freshman Footballg Fresh- man Basketball. Derylin Morris FHAg Y-Teensp Latin Clubg JCLg Red Crossp Safety Coun- cilf Science Clubg Thespians. Suzanne Mosley Tigerettes, Assistant Squad Leaclerg Fl-lAy Y-Teens, Vice- Presidentp French Club: Red Crossg Glee Clubg FBLLp Li- brary Club. Zarbara Mulhearn Bandg FHAQ Vice-President, P a r i s h Historiang Y-Teens, Treasurerg Red Crossg Safety Councilg Junior Homecoming Maidf Sophomore Homecom- ing Maidg Track-court Maidp Sophomore Homeroom Presi- dentg Junior Homeroom Vice- Bandg National Merit-Scholar- ketball Manager. Richard Mulhern Band, Uniform Corporal, Squad Leaderg Latin Clubg Americanism Clubg Flag Com- mitteeg All-State Bandg All- State Orchestrag All-District Bandg National Merit Scholar- ship Semi-Finalist. Ruth Mulhearn FHAg Latin Club: Red Crossp JCL. I69 Barry Mullins Band, Property Corporal, Key Club, Track. Carolyn Murray Tigerettes, Secretary, Junior Commander, Senior Command- er, Squad Leader, Latin Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Americanism Club, Safety Council, Treasur- er, Vice-President, Student Council, Alternate, Girls' State, Freshman Basketball, School Hi-Lites, Senior Class Secre- tary-Treasurer. Paula Neal Tigerettes, Junior Alternate Commander, Senior Alternate Commander, Latin Club, Amer- icanism Club, Safety Coun- cil, President, Secretary, Stu- dent Council, Science Club, FBLL. Robbie Newcomer Band, Assistant Squad Lead- er, Science Club. l70 Seniors set examples fo Penny Nichols Tigerettes, FHA, Latin Club, French Club, Thespians, FBLL. Janet Noland Tigerettes, Squad Leader, FHA, Treasurer, Latin Club, JCL, Glee Club, Librarians, Secretary-Treasurer, Publica- tion Department, Typist, Siz- zler Staff, Sports Editor, Junior Homeroom Vice-President. Polly Parish Thespians, Annual Ad Staff, Freshman Homeroom Secre- tary, Freshman Beauty, Fresh- man Cheerleader, Most Ath- letic, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball. John Parker Band, Hi-Y, Red Cross, Safety Council, Glee Club, FBLL, Wlttiest. Unclerclassmen Buddy Pearson Band, Americanism Club, Safety Council. David Pettyiohn Transfer Student, French Club. Charles Phillips Transfer Student, Red Cross, Olin Science Pin, National Merit Scholarship Semi-Fina- list. Chip Planchard Letterrnan's C l u b, Latin Club, Red Cross, Safety Coun- cil, Vice-President, Thespians, Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Football, Varsity Track. Jimmy Pohlman Hi-Y, Red Cross, Freshman Football, Golf. Pat Porter Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Vice-President, Company Com- mander, Latin Club, JCL, Glee Club, FBLL, Publications De- partment, Typist, Sizzler Staff, Club Editor. Ginger Reagan Transfer Student, Red Cross. Sage Redding Tigerettes, Latin Club, His- torian, JCL, Americanism Club, Red Cross, Safety Coun- cil, Alternate, Science Club, Secretary, Thespians, Annual Staff, Co-Editor, Art Editor, Snapshot Editor, LSU Leader- ship Conference, Science Club, Treasurer, Sizzler Staff, Art and Cartoon Editor, "Who's Who in Art." l7l Sheila Rester Tigerettes, Squad Leaderp FHA, Reporterg Red Crossg FBLLg Medics Clubg Sizzler Staff, Chief Reporter. Sandra Jeanne Riddle Transfer Student. Chester Rousseau Freshman Football. Heidi Rowan Tigerettesg FHAp Latin Clubg JCLp French Club, Red Crossp Student Councilg Thespiansg Annual Staff, Advertising De- partmentg Glee Clubg FBLLg Track Queeng Freshman Bas- ketballf Varsity Basketball. l72 Howard, Segars, and White '1!'?'f"1 Jea n ne Rovva n Tigerettesg Latin Clubp Americanism Cluby Glee Clubp Pelican Girls' Statep Leader- ship Conference: Freshman Homeroom Secretaryg Junior Homeroom Secretaryp Sopho- more Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent. Steve Rugg Band, Property Corporal: Red Crossg Freshman Track. Mack Russell Office Staff. Don Saget Letterman's Clubp Student Councilg Freshman Footballg Freshman Basketball: Freshman Track, "B" Team Footballp Varsity Footballg Baseball. nuke All-State John Segars Letterman's Club, Sergeant- at-Arms, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Varsity Football, Var- sity Basketball, Varsity Track, All-District, All-Twin-City, All- State. Ronnie Smith Cadet Band, French Club, Vice-President, R e d Cross, FBLL, Library Club, Junior Homeroom Secretary. Doris Soloman Band, Corporal, Sergeant, Squad Lealer, All-State Orches- tra, Latin Club, JCL, Red Cross, Library Club. Peggy Ann Southerland Band, All-State Band, French C l U bi Red Cross, Science Club. DVS awf- Tommy Sparks Letterman's Club, President, Latin Club, Vice-President, Americanism Club, Student Council, Sergeant-at-Arms, Key Club, Senior Board Member, Science Club, Sergeant-at- Arms, Thespians, Annual Staff, Ad Editor, Sophomore Favo- rite, Freshman Favorite, Fresh- man Football, Freshman Bas- ketball, Freshman Track, Var- sity Football, All-District, All- State. Elaine Spencer Tigerettes, Assistant Squad Leader, Y-Teens, Latin Club, French Club, Americanism Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Science Club, Thes- pians, FBLL, JCL, Nledics Club. Susan Sperry Tigerettes, FHA, Latin Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Annual, Ad Staff, JCL. Anne Stevenson Transfer Student. I73 David Stone Bob Taylor "B" Team Football, Fresh- man Trackp Varsity Track. Marcelena Hill Taylor Red Crossg Transfer Student. Chrissie Terzolas Varsity Basketballg Tiger- ettes. I 74 Seniors look forward to their ,prom '15 are Katie Trimble Transfer Studentf Symphon- ic Bandg Marching Bandp Youth Syrnpho-nyg French Clubg Societe' Hone'raire de Francais: Science Club. 7 JoAnn Turner Tigerettesg FHAg Y-Teensp Glee Club: FBLL. Steve Updegraft Latin Clubg Thespiansg Fresh- man Homeroom President: Sophomore Homeroom Presi- dentg Junior Homeroom Vice- President. Fred J. Vogal Band, Squad Leaderg Hi-Yi Letterman's Clubf Boys' Statep Trackg Nord Meet of Cham- pions. day of triumph Mack Ward Hi-Y, Stage Crew, Printing Department, Photo Depart- ment. Donna Weaver Band, Feature Twirler, Y- Teens, Red Cross, Safety Council, Science Club, Thes- pians. Louise Weir Tigerettes, Treasurer, Squad Leader, FHA, Latin Club, JCL, Americanism Club, Secretary, Student Council, Reporter, Glee Club, FBLL, Secretary. Virginia Welch Band, Corporal, Student Conductor, All-State Band, Red Cross. Diane West Tigerettes, Squad Leader, FHA, Latin C l u b, Student Council, Thespians, Ad Staff, JCL, Varsity Cheerleader. Diane White Tigerettes. Nick White Lettermen's Club, American- isrn Club, Student Council, Key Club, Science Club, Freshman Football, "B" Team Football, Varsity Football, All- District, All-State. Sylvia Whitehead Tigerettes, Squad Leader, Latin Club, JCL, Americanism Club, FBLL, Publication De- partment, Typist, Sizzler Staff, Typist. l75 James Willis Band, Lettermen's Club, Americanlsm Club, Key Club, Senior Class Most Handsome, Freshman Homeroom Secre- tary-Treasurer, Sophomore Homeroom Vice - President, Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Freshman Basketball, "B" Team Football, Varsity Football. 4, Seniors - Bon Voyage issuer mrfggw Senior Beauties and Hanclsomes get to ether f Lincla Wingo Fl-IA, Y-Teensg Latin Club Red Cross, Glee Club, FBLL JCL. Bill Yerger Hi-Yg Letterman's Clubg Glee Clubg Freshman Football: "B" Team Football, Varsity Foot' ball, Baseball. g or group pictures. From left to right, STANDlNG: James Willis, Jimmy Howard, Don Saget, Jimmy Gaiennie. SEATED: Diane Clark, Carol Koontz, Gay Hargrove, Nancy Crossland. 7 . K -1 Q Q. Q "Goof Offs" What's a nice girl like you doing here? Hi, Sports Fans! R-r-r-r-r-i- f "' ,QQZIQQEQ-. ' i ,.:jfbf"i'?: i if T19 'f' N g?1':b'L.4 . were .47 i, ,K ,gig-'7'fLf5s7 wj:3Q:jfgk f i-efws 5. wi You're not really going to Take this picture, are you? He's talemed! There is a new dance and it goes like this -- I77 "'MWa Q Q32 1 sign, l E2 K 4 - 11-sf' ' fig sfws . fb'lW"V1 , -sl W '??Z?4539??'t" 's wfw i IRM A The float entered by the Junior Ciass, "Toast the Bearcats," lines up for tlwe parade. Junior Class led by able officers Class officers are from left to right: Jim Caverlec, Trcasurerg Til Wright, Secretaryg Ronnie Factor, Vice President and Stove Huffman, President, Gloria Abraham Whitney Alger Sharon Allen Arden Anders Nathan Antley John Armstrong Linda Atkinson Pat Ayers Sandy Ballard John Beasley Virginia Beebe Jo Ann Belmont Susan Benton Walter Boals Charlene Bogie Roy Bouclreaux Ronnie Brasher Copelen Bradley Richie Bradley Archie Bradshaw Janis Brandon Rita Brandon Gerald Braud Anne Breard Mike Breard F-Jemery Bridges Lauralee Brisbin Ted Brode' Cheryl Brooks Joel Bryant 'Nw News ra' ff A .. ,K 9 N,-43-, F1 9 'ri if Q, pa 'Uv Lg? fi 'f Am. h - 1 4 jr , ,af if-i 3 i vm . 'N' 2-iw ' 1 . W me . sa. 33 ' M K-I 4 i 1 4 k ' NU 3 iw. sf? K T, 5 xi 1 "ata, B 'B 1' is xg-fr W . Y C in-dw' 'ffm f ,TN Qwest. vw JK' 44" 'FIS LWJQ va' Lim, s..W Z Lynda Bryce Lynne Bryce Wendell Buchanan Barbara Buckner Elaine Butler Jimmy Bynum Joe Canal Faye Cannon Walter Causey Bob Cavendish Jim Caverlee Amanda Cobb Jan Conlin Carolyn Courson Karen Crow Carol Culpepper Connie Davis Joan Davis Donna Decelle Gail Dupont Paul Eason Jane Edwards Sally Ensminger Dianne Entrican Robert Evangelista Ronnie Factor Johnny Fairbanks Sally Farr Ronnie Fontana Phyllis Freeman Marcia Frost Pam Fulton Milann Gannaway John Garrett Juanita Gentry Carol Genung Sheila Giddings Joe Goyne John Graham Russell Grantham Joe Bailey Grant Eastland Gray Tim Greer David Gremillion Jackie Gremillion Q J: Junior Don Johnson is splattered wilh member Dewht Beckett. Juniors feel s .X as sf my Mal X X a r, 13 iw E e A lf ll. X SS S HE Sie 3,9 in K K f G deserved importance in new role Brenda Gresham Laura Griffith Glenda Grower Diane Halley Richard Haneline Nancy Harbuck Gary Hart Jane Head Tommy Head Madeline Hegwood Sandy Heller Robbie Hicks Bill Hoclnsfetler Robert Holdsworrh George Holler Bill Hollingsworth Kathy Hollis Gary Holt Steve Huffman Allise Hughes Greg Hutts Mike Irvin Bill Irvine Steve Jackson Don Johnson Jimmy Johnson Polly Johnson Bud Jones Evelyn Jones Gayle Kelly Johnny King Corliss Kirby Warren Klam Judy Ladner Wanda Langley Bill Langston Janice Lanier Jim Ledoux Gary Lee George Levert Randy Lewis Gary Licht Sharon Little Eldwin Lovelady Walter Lowery .E .itw Aww. Q wi If xt 'YK ti 1. -,at 1' S. ' 5k.gff4f5a,,,, - ,ww 4 1 N .3 an Y, .. luv 5 we 5 if 91 A 19' ' f M .elim ,,.,. fi be Q v 4 ff WB. Y' f x Q ,f. R NIO' f ,L- . Z A H 7 7 7 ig. Y 4llll2T'0' QUE: 5 f Lsmfvfww Q ' J Lrg. QA V' xx 5 w e ,M Y is L T .Q O 1 , W af l r ,vm 'Y' 'MK nw. qu-.fy ,iw ,K me ' -ws ' X: ig "" l Wh., sw -Q Q- M wa.. - A e n .- M, in ' T Tiger fooiball star, Kurt Guelzow, supports The basketball Yeam at The Tigers' game with Ouachiia Juniors don'1 have "tired bloody real Tiger Spirit lla T X QA VI -V .1,f H i a . R A is Ni is 4 '12 X 352 fl! ll -, H, ,ii Alix they have Denver McCarty Vicki McCullin Judy McDonough Mike MCC-:ee Par D, McHenry Jr Newby McNeil Jill Magruder Slif rrill Malone , ii Marx ,an Mason if Linda Masur Lynn Masur Jim Maihis Dwighf May Sharon Mccllen Martha Meeks Jay Merten Becky Middleton Anna Margaret Miller Richard Keith Moore Paula Moreland Jody Morse Lucille Morton Freddy Moses Janet Elizabeth Moses Dana Mouk Ray Mulhern Harold Norman Jimmy Norris Dale Olson Gary Pappas Bill Parker Becky Ann Parkerson Deas Parrish Mike W. Patterson Paula Perry Carol Ann Peters Sally Pierce Nancy Pittman Paul Plyler Jr. Belva Poison Billie Porter Frances Powell Pat Powell Carolyn Rea ,J 'Xml ,WW ffl it-1" 5' , i 3 mel P Q! is as J 11,1 ,xr ,f S Q, dm' ,nn MXN ,Wi uw an ,We M 5 A Ou sv if 3 r W 43" am, T' A' 'WY 'tt , 'iam Y' Jan Reagan Johnny Reitzell Billy Reynolds Robert Reynolds O'Brien Richards Beverly Richy Dovie Roberts Bobby Robinson Marianne Robinson Everette Roper De Lane Scogin Jwly Searcy Fmn Shattuck Susan Sherrouse Richard Slavant Art Smith Dianne Smith Gayle Smith Linda Smith Malcolm Smith Anne Spurgeon Gloria Stancil Gloria Stone Bruce Stovall Barbara Suomi Donald Swanson Judy Swayze Nancy Talbot Pete Terzolas Fred Theriot Ray Thomas Lenoir Thompson Mary Louise Tolar Jan Touchtone Bill Trice David Trousdale Mickie Varnado Rosalie Wachowski Judy Walker Amos Warner Charlene Weclemeyer Ned Whatley Linda Williams Sharon Williams Susan Williams was ,i 1 i K. 9 . ?f 2 ,. ,Z w Aw frtllh if 5 4" W w 2 ' ' 1 fv:43E:gf5v1ea1Z"'ia, vw 'I sv -my Sm, , if 'A , E, , it fs , I EW K ' ,59 5 'I Q in im 5 'Nb Y Coach Ruple speaks to the students during the pep-assembly before the game deciding the AA State Championship for 1962. The sign behind him gives the feelings of the student body as the Tigers made it two in a row. .i Juniors have one more year. H. . ..., i, L , Q I ' W wi -. - . Q 'F . i S? R V f g 7 sums as 3 fs !f 1 , ff ., 4 c x i'-A NW, . is 1-3 ai 3 . Y 1 V ' Connie Yancey ' -jj iyc ' John Yerger -an if Sifiif f iiik L'i: A' s ,ga Ltziii- - I88 if uf' ,NHL ,og ii -A fr E Richard Wilkerson Sally Wing Avon Wolcott Sandra Wood Till Wright After Hours Young man, may we see your I.D. card. Our group had 212, fewer cavities with Crest. ' ' a my . , .. Vfor victory. Any more cute tricks with those ice --so that's their big secret-- cubes, buster. I'm glad you asked that question-- Whistling should be easy now. D0n"f ask BUY questions, iUSf do GS I say. I89 -W. 5 if ' S W QW .,., M V . A group of class leaders stop for a minute before going to first period class Porfer, Brenda Crow, and Scotty Campbell. Sopliomores say, "We have arrived." -- J. Dodd Brooks, Al McDuff, and Bruce Herrell. Lenward Sims, Donna 1, We Kaye Adams Linda Adams Kathy Addison Lee Albright Tonette Albright Jerry Album Eddif- Allen La-V Allen lyme Allen Julie Amman Wayne Anderson Carolyn Anspach Anne Armstrong Bonnie Baldo Candy Barringer Linda Battistone Allen Bealle Becky Beckworth Skipper Bell Peggy Ann Bennett Ashley Benton Kathryn Bird Barbara Boutwell P. Richard Boyett Judy Branch Sherry Branch Lindann Breard Renee Breard Jeanie Brice J. Dodd Brooks Larry Brown Sandra Brown James Bryan Scott Buchanan Pam Burgess mf. 0-1 ,MC fiftg' Fr 'iw 32 .hi 530.49 'A fe Wx. Y a m..,,i2 , Q iii it-iX'E1wm J :.V, ,k, c l buu, i n fia ' A ur' 1 r-rr Qhvs E , - i ,eng ., .,, M .rr f. -H f. r rf:Q,,i.-,wr-f QV. zu:-wauziilzi . ,, , , ., 2 r . 1, 1.5. g ', I A,' .. . , Zzu ,. V .. . ,. .J , 1 ' ,Nagy A nfl X ., , ra Y te' 'fi -' 4- 1 l L f if gl" '19 W 3. "J -.ig-, V A 1 ig W ag .- " I A . , fa A gi QT A , 4 I we we , me Q. 5' -V A ,. ,V ...lan ,Lk , K, A 65.1 W, .,. A In I II: W ,yay i l, W . ' saw J 'ZF 1. . 4. ii. Noam """' me we fl il if Honey bees buzz on the Sophomore entry in the homecoming parade. Its theme . . . "Buzz the Bear- cats", of course. Sophomores are proud of many athletes. Johnny BuTtifta Scotty Campbell Terry Campbell - Brenda Carso Margie Burke-YT "Q' Eye ai SSS ' Camille Carso C Jean Carter Charles Cascio Ronnie Clark C John Clay wp-1, ,,--Q Km- ,-A Richard Cole Phamie Colvin Clyde Coon David Correro John Coursey Sue Cowder Ann Craft ,,., Diane Crawford Frank Crouch Brenda Crow Ear alt 'P 5 Ronald Dana Ronnie Davidson Helen Day Edward Dayton Kent Dean Dottie Decelle Ronnie Demoss Marilyn Denoux Tim Devereox Mike Dispenza ,ale Domingues Bill Dunn Thomas Dupree Mary Einhorn Kathryn Ferguson Tommie Ford Gene Galligan Jerry Gibson Dan Gilliland Nanci Gilliland Brenda George Katherine Glasgow Marylin Goldman Diane Gray Jimmy Greenlee Angele Guillot Sunnye Gulley Lynn Haddad Theda Jo Hakim Anne Hall Vicki Hallmark Ann Hanks Elaine Hanna Steve Hansen Johnny Harmon .,.. , .a,,a.M... Jia is -in 5 ,W me We f f, was . ri! ,mae mf- wg-3" 4'-ew..'W j ' x xt' L? M M i y ai. AIY7' Qs. W 5 af EL EA, ilifgis . f yy gg, 3 , r N Ma. wwgyw x... ? lv he aff V4 wg-ex ' S S ri ev fe, V, - L- ' ' z iif 4.. ii 7 7 f .f rx: : K L iii : ,V k, A ii f ' i 38 6 iii Z s ,W , fee 'els X es.. , .w 5 sv ae ugisem . -, ,, W "' .sie - '?,::i. . .. H .. fs - J' lf? i"': ,il 'I i U V R ,W V is - , . K Q , 2 x 3 1 ei i if 5 ., mi rw-X W , . iw 3' .Ne J r, y i nf you fo ow directions?" Jane Head d Sophomores are introduced to Shakespeare if f X -2- N Y ifwj sefagfif 5 1 , v as Av 4 4. ig ,F S, lf Mickey Harper Jay Harris David Harrison Ray Harvey Juanita Hedgepe-Th Slieryle Hendricks Bruce Herrell Gordon Hesdorffer Larry Higgins Torn Holden Julia Hoodemaker John Houston Vernon Houston -ally Hover varney Howard Nora Jackson Susan Johns lennie Jones Kay Joyce Branron Kellogg Mike Kemp John Kersey Ronnie Key Tena Kimball Jimmy Kokinos Patsy Kozlosky Martha Krepper Arah La Grange Gilbert Lee Robert Lee Gloria Lewis Sandra Littleton Billy Lockhart 'fbonna Lomax Harriet Lowery Paula Lyons Susie McBride Charles McLain Russell McCue Al McDuff David McGee Jerry McGowan James McGriff Ken McRae Robert McSherry Terry Mahr Connie Marshall Jamie Martien Norman Martien Jay Marx Peggy Marx Melinda Maybray Jim Mears Phyllis Middleton Dana Mingledortf WL ,qggiinnslnw ..,., A W me Placing first in the private car division of the homecoming parade was "Cage the Bearcats," entered by Sophomore John Salisbury. Sophomores try to make Neville the best. L, Q A Larry Mullins a fi it ma Mullins -. r if Donald Murphey 71 M. 4-"""' N ' Lee Odom -"i,.. W .. ,z 'Y l 1 ' 'fr -an .Q Carole Overton " an - 2? C nger Owens ,. e og tary Alice Pankev ' Q ! or it aa ' B 5 c f, at I -, il- " Bl 4 3, ,m . ,' if tri T - at . eleielt . 'll ' lv M al My N Barbara Parker f ' Jo Anne Patterson W f- by Cliff Pearce 'f f Mike Pearson H M W we Bill Pierce -1.." A. r... . y , :1t,,, '..: AQ' is ae 5 rg 103 .A ',,A- I k-kVh ,, : Q .ck. Q ,f K N A ,t rr V : J r 5 i in H Paddy Poe i " V '32 ' ' Mary Polk W' jg Ik' V , -- mi r -Sv Q L .N Connie Polson K aw .. .. 3 gi 5 . Judy pope .,:5 Qi Z A K .X is Donna Porter B gl., Anita. Greg Monroe lt H A Stephen Moncla 'N Q ' S 5 va... J HerberTMunl'1ollancl Barbara Powell Betty Powell Bob Powell Nlizlcey Rasch Margaret Rea Buz Redding Donna Reed Scotty Reis Mary Reynolds Brenda Ridflll, Hilton Roberts Bobby Robinson Jimmy Rogers Vernon Rogers Joe Rosenburg Bob Rowan Lela Rowan Cindy Rowe Sandy Rowe John Salisbury Danny Shaw Larry Sheffield Don Shlosman Annie Sigler Merrie Jo Sirnonton Lenward Sims Alyce Smith Franklin Smith Patti Smith Ray Smith Edward Solomon Kathy Stadler Ted Standley David Stanhope Ginny Stark 5 fwq Q There aren'T many Times pictures can be Taken at Neville without ihe suloiecfs' knowledge, but here is a candid shot of Coach Smith's biology class, Sophomores scramble for whispering row in study hall. ff? -'QV' L - ff' 'Rv Nuff -Q fr 'B in in if 9 , X 9 ii ge g a 4 ii T 'igs ii iii . A E V mag' -- sa 'T' we PL 9 . 7' 'mllgfiii is ,wliQifi,gif. swf -fw- Maw' 1l Mark Storms Dee A. Sirickland Mike Strausser Scoii Siewarf Urmas Talvei Charles Taylor Hank Taylor Sheila Taylor Joe Terrell Ed Theus Chuck Thomas Belly Tillery Bob Trent Becky Trimble Jimmy Trueft Cynthia Tucker Ronnie Tuey Murray Turner Jeff Turpin Beau Turrentine Steve Underwood Janet Vanderpool Dennis Venable Robin Waclley Billy Walker Charles Walker Donnie Walker Lynda Walker Larry While Chuck Wilds Donald Wiley Jane Wilkerson Charles Williams Linda Williams Mike Williams Gary Willis Peggy Windham Kenneth Wingo Mercille Wisakovvsky Dianne Womack WUs fa i Wigan., C 1 f ww 'QS '.T"V" Robert Wright Wayne Wright Mary Alice Yeldell Dale Young 'K-.Mr 'lqqerw' ff' iii my yyyii "The pause Tha? refreshes" 'For freshmen, Burch Thrift Cynthia Chambliss, Lincla Montrozos, Mary Scruggs Occupying a favorite spot for freshmen are Allen Williams, Victor Cascio, Owen Moses, Charles Jones, Ty Turner. l. Nelson Abell l-larier Adams Jody Addison .lane Allen Swan Allen Kay Alverson Fred Amman Drew Armstrong Paol Banks Tommy Lee Barker Mary Eve Becker? Teresa Bee Sreyen Bell Richard Benton Jay Bledenlrarn Tommy Billingsley Llnda Bloomer Raymond Boals Cynflwla Bonura Avelie Boodreaux Susan Bradley Linda Bradshaw Ken Braley .lane Bran? Ken Brazzell Sally Breard Ann Brlnson Jimmy Brooks Jane? Brown Joe Brown Robert Brown Carol Bryan Roy Bullock Lee Burford Annette Burt Clwuck Caln George Campbell Sl ella Cantrell oaralw Cascio Vlc Casclo Blll Causey Cynthia Chambliss ,,,..-... f Us yi, 5 lr ia , .M , . W li .. x, , , AR e 'i . .u i ,, 5 ' ve ga A I 5' f 4 I f J EW FL . vw- 1. .39 JH my we 3 B al ,152 le ..e, me 1 or I W C ' W , L M l,. ' '. ' - . VQ"lr 'lla , fa 2553 , is Y , ll" li, P. . A " Homecoming queen Amanda Cobb rlcles in ine honor car during the parade. 3. ., ..... arf V y f 'W X 3, 41 "Barbecue the Bearcats" is the theme of the float entered by the Freshman class. The prediction of the Tigers having victory for dessert came true. Freshmen J S li' , S 1 Q , XVVV Q J " , wt 'T' ' :.' 3 - deea J to in ts. ftftzwaal-21,1 VVVV VV5 A . K, 1 fl lt - at 'Vt I EV A " .kkV R V I g f"f 4 liar have largest class on record gs iii' BV Q--'sv' :T V V W we 'mi li hAer 2 if f' ' J QV V J ,. 'i V k,!,Z,, it he Qi gl 4? V 2 ii 5 VV t V it 1 , 'L QM , K 5 . -. -- 'Rai X! Q I' ..- ll ,-i i i ' A ' tt- . -A ' 'H H at i, L V V---ri 5 ,QV Z V .. VV . V5 V .VV V -..2:s,:- ' - V ay e, ff V ' V V is Mill VVVV - tx... ig 5 tl? . 1 V ,: Ve' Q V. ,,: H , V V a H s Elf? ' -I in i l . ll ' intl I .- ff, fx 3 ,, v 4' i if V 'ACT' ' M4 A , Y Bill Chappell David Chennault Barry Clark Vicki Clark Pamela Clay Susan Cochran Henry Cohn Dawn Collier Gary Collier Mary Jean Collier Chris Conlin Jenny Cook Doug Cookston Julice Cotney Ruth Ann Cowder Richard Cox Jo Cumpton Charles Curry Donney Curry Marilyn Daigle Byron Davis Stephanie Davis Chuck Decelle Suzy Deen Janey Deville Sherry Dickenhorst Harold Dickens Diana Dillingham Julie Dimiterchik Butch Ditta Linda Dixon Susan Dixon Ray Doncer Charles Dorman Bridget Dowd Lance Dreyer Tom Dukes DenEe Duncan Walter Dunn Arthur Earl Martha Easley Nancy Edelman Sherry Edwards Rex Ensminger James Eppinette Tom Ernst Linda Fallin Deborah Feeney Eileen Ferguson Martha Fitch Steve Flannery Henry Florshiem Charles Floyd Larry Flynn Liz Folds Charles Frost Jimmy Futch Susan Futch Bill Garfield Peggy Gates Bill Gattis Donna Gentry Stephen Gilchrist Leila Godwin .lack Green Sandra Greenwood Judy Grigsby Keith Gunn Don Guyton Billy Haddad Richard Hall Michael Halley Connie Halley Patricia Halley Harvey Hannmonds Linda Hammons Lynn Hamner Ronnie Haneline Linda Hardy Carol Hargus Mike Hart Cathy Hartman Ann Hathaway Alex Hayward D v- it 4 ff .4 A 5. 'L 'rff' w .T . Q ,q . -. 4 1 'tt w , K, af 4' ,. !,, -vw X fb ,, 'fic . if L .ax X M . x -mg.. 1-, ,.. :.,,l,:: f,. .: 1, uw - ..i 'A -v , ' 7 lv ill' F' ii? 1. if all 'tw ,, , N. L L iaaii f I 0 gn sa an X ,, 5 if ' fa xx gi, 1 N WW' bans F' A X L V ,gn Q , "' v 4 r ew f, " ' ' we-.7 K f' :. .A ' X 1 ww .. 5 . r, . A! V A . zi vs -' D t' Hs. L Us - , , f 'M N" . -' ' , ' A . ' to .,.f 'V 4 . K at 3 fp, F tm 0 .- J, E ou, ii at ' I 5 lg v- ar K A I L f gi ,Jfiiiiizir K . . Q i 'qv-1, ' Q I M" l W 1 V 17- Q0 , .V f : f gi mm, f f ,1g,53555iMi1.i Aint fi' A wi A ts M V lm- is ,P W 2 6: A W Q km H W . " F 'N , ' iii iffy A ' . L F s g 195 F 1 ' ' la -- . 'fi V,V., i , ' J J +V 2 V me ' Za ' N F V any 'asm --mr? L J " A A A , i'l ' iiii F Ziff- a,raa'r'rr L f J ,1L132g5fie L' -' ' F B, B35 Making a trip to Baton Rouge to tour the capital and meet Governor Davis were the following stu dents: From left to right: Eddie Olmstead, Art Kelly, Tommy Ware, Dallas Lea, Scotty Irby, Ken Braley, Karl Suomi, Mark Wagley, Frederic Lutz, Allen Bealle, J. Dodd Brooks, Pharnie Colvin, Deborah Feeney, Mary Eve Beckett, Mercille Wichowsky, Elise Trimble, Jane Allen, Bo Shaw, Kay Kilgore, Linda Dixon, Mary Einhorn, Kay Joyce, Suzanne Keller, Linda Thompson, Vicki Hallmark, Clyde White, Bonnie Baldo, Mr. Turner, Edward Solomon. s Y'Y!'f4f rg Freshmen cheerleaders wave to the crowd during the homecoming parade. Left to right: Jean Colvin, Chris Conlin, Janet Hood, Jane Sherrouse, DL 'na Tucker, Denise Duncan, and by the way, Bill, are you a cheerleader, too. Freshmen strive to attain favora E. rf . - .fits ' A- ' .ij ' , I' in ' V. 0 M gi :A L it J I . ' K ' 1: N. ls s K " . ' 3 lk :V ' '. Q - . in it - we is 1 ,1 it , , J - L -vw . '- mn , V my 3 le X ,Lil . r sv, r ah is ,. , V K t V. , g K M ,sl ':" 311-4' ., ,,,a:.,-L K 'M W Vi- A ,H 1 : g K" S if 2 ii, ' 4 .LQ is Q K ' ' f Y V H . z r' 1 B 'rf-.. 4 ' ' .. .- ,, ., . .. gy, s s aw - J JAQW V 1 1' " "Q' it 2. g f I ' ,pl N K ,. ii V, .5 K 2 L, A , -Vx.. Q 'gf ri 5 .- ,. , .if f, ll J ws A-PM - -- -N, ik - . - - vs ' .. v I A Q -:ke A .,. , 7, . , . ,, . ,L ,W K ,f .L .. 5 ,.f- 5 ,pt 3 - to "' WX , .- -A r is , lffgf ' , , il l . M gl? 1 '- '-Fi 'ik Lei. ' x My Jie' A 'fin K f. A 4- 6 I , - J it Q 1 .gn S S f' J L we 'l rtsw. L A Z' L' s A, . -tt, 1 5 f i -r sim 4' M1 1 1 rl ' " J 4 5 'L 7: L i 1 L 'M' ,Qf M .N ,,,, -1:2 . f -f " , r f ' . . l' is 1' I ,zr M I L k If .,.,. , 1 L 5 . . I A, . , X f 3 , L Q t , Zi.. L J um 5 it 1 K , ft E, r rr i fi -4 ':' q '13 mi E if 'PL ' L L "Y Q' - ' ' 'N M X ' J vi ', gs , - 1' ' 4,1 ' ef J' X if fi ,A f- H KM. nw ble niche Margaret Head Charles Heard Juanita Hedgepeth Virginia Sue Hedgepeth Bobby Hetlin Susan High Red Hilton Susie Hines Barbara Hodge Bill Hogue Patricia Holloway Janet Hood Linda Hooper Joe Houston Sandra Hudson Rebecca Hull Mary Louise Hunnicutt Caroline lnabnett Scotty lrby Judy Johnson Ronnie Johnson Charles Jones Suzette Jones Helen Keith Mary Tom Keller Suzanne Keller Bill Kellogg Art Kelly Su Su Kelly Joe Kern Kay Kilgore Donna King Janet Kiper Reggie Kitchens Sissy Kotz Starr Kratzer R. J, LaDart Henry Laclshavv Sidney Lancaster Teresa Langley Mary Larsen Donna Lee Sarah Lee Walter Lenard Arthur Liles Suzette Lindsey Karen Link Frederick Lutz Vernon McCoy Mike McDonough Steve Mclfiuffie Doug McFadden Mickie McWilliams Don Magruder Linda Massey Sharon Masur Paula Meeks Ray Meeks Margaret Miles Louis Milner Monty Moncrief Cheryl Montgomery Linda Montrozos Owen Moses Georgia E. Mullins Mary Myatt Donny Newcomer Beverley Noland Ronnie Noland Eddie Olmstead Johnny Overton Philip Owen Mina Parrish Harold Parsons Rowland Perry Glen Peters Freddie Phillips Stephen Phillips Wanda Phillips Greg Planchard Crawford Plummer Linda Porter Rett Porter Johnny Posey fs' f' S W. 5 1576 'P 3 i-,ak 1' -a gr Q.. E3 :ii "" ' . ' if ,fm 'li M L f -"" iz: 5 "' ,. - - , A " r " rw is 2 , xi fd L 2-at . . ' 1 ,, l milf . fs --4 ,.i 7f'Wn' " EQ . We K ij is K '- t is -. , . I si , W' 5 ig?- - -' . - -5 i km, s,'3:SZ5,f'2sif , :lf -' ,isp -' gig,-ar a. 5 qi wi L.- f. gl. Q L L Bfww fi W 4? A ' Q. W- i " l ,. ., yi W " ,,:, --"miie: " in - iswi.. gl- I-:vi .. 1 'iii ilu iii '- tg , f , we , :.. ig 44, ,, 5 1 K .V -. ,wr im. A 1? ,M r, 1 s 1 ri jg wg P - fist' .1 -11 'mr 5 .W 'A' " 5 , 1 U in K3 ie XP' 1 up Y ,Q . M ,,-. a s M M lawns fff' fFf3+sewE5 J 1, .L so 1, ' rrses i 'ssia W A f L 1, .v,, Z . - glut. A I s,.,, L , A ' i vi , , r, -- 7 I ,E 'l , :. , , t"" 1, , 'PI' f S ., 2 ak as in Q N. 2 L Making slaves of a group of "Bearcats" are members of the Latin Club. VILL R 3 Y is 5 s,s,ss wel , W S we tffr , W: 'H M 9' ,. LV 3 ,Haw 3 1 -1 Charlene Bogie models during The FHA style show in December. Freshmen learn true meaning of school spirit ,.,. . . ', ,,, T s -'S ,ai ,Q-PM, rn W W K kj ! 3 - V wi - .- ' I at 'gil s 1, ,rp ,S ga V '-'- 1 T' G fl. X 5.1 . ,r S .Eg as . . , L .., 51 fe-f f1:-- img fi ie J T V f ' oz it 4' i .. khr T' T M T fe -M f"'f " .J c K ' i ,,.. -- 1 .Q H ,N a S X ' ' . z I 5f,'i?ff3g,f,3 ,E vip YT S 4, 7 Lk . i ,W , - I 4.4 M 5 is' f 1. K gf ' TT 4 ' I I K' i ' K , W 'T Ti K' i T ssi T? 1. M i .,, s. nw4 if sz, W, f' A - s v ws Q M -S J . ' - env r - K ,Q SL f Wk W Nancy Pounds Nelda Purdy Patsy Quarles Dot Rambin Will Reardon Mary Lou Reliac Skipper Riley Jeff Riser Cheryl Robinson Dickey Robinson Janna Rorex Delane Ruddick Phil Scharf Mary Scruggs Sandra Seale Alice Ruth Serio Kathy Shaver Bo Shaw Teresa Sheppard Jane Sherrouse Debbie Slakter Barbara Smith Chuck Smith Judy Smith Roger Smith Lala Snapp Donna Spargo Sue Spight John Spurgeon Pat Stewart Arel Stockstill Kaki Stone Dianne Strickland Karl Suomi Jimmy Terrence Judy Temple Linda Thompson Butch Thrift Chuck Tidwell Elise Trimble Dana Tucker Kaye Turnage Carol Ullman Sherry Usrey Tommy Usrey Judy Varnado Kitty Vaughn Mark Wagley Randy Walker Joe Walker Karen Walker Tommy Ware Dubby Weaver Donna Wene Sharon West Clyde White Diana White James Whitlock Butch Whitlow Janey Wilbert Bonita Williams Carol Williams Cynthia Williams Walter Williams Mimi Williamson Linda Kay Willard Mary Jane Willey Billy Wilson Claude Wittlief Georgann Wolcott if l P 'U A ,f V ff -Af , In l IM, , .ykkyy It K , . A . 2 K M.. my g ,zii y ,N K1 l ' M A X if i na .. lip , R . at E ,V ::A A Q y L, I I h in V ,V an , -I yn lr yi VE ., W A Vi W 9 ig., Z I N 4 M 2- Q 1 il Q' ff Ll -at K Z , Qi 3 its H K 5 i s ee ayy K C Y C' X.-V l f,' 'C .al Q . is Q' ili at fi fi ii' 6 , C M .. " ' Q , :" . .:,,,' ' -i- - -1'- M aiss - 1 at i th y V H i,l,, .. is 'pvfj ia . 'I -" : -. L if A EM i,,y ,1 331: I A 4 iv My y M .. E. rg ' . V kay I WM ,,f, r 5 -s K N I iil i' - ' Alan Young A ,Q , , L Bobby Young f 52' -:...--f i :pi Marching in the homecoming parade was the Tiger band led by Drum-Major Ann Adams. - . f - ,- ml ff-, L ., J: 4, ' " " 5 I . ' A .wL..:wH1fi7.f-',f'W f . . ,A P v 1 "l " Af W - F111 111 2+ A -e,"1 ..:-1ff-gm fm- , f--f .w A , A if ,f .. JW " x. -'V .,,' ww f - Y- .. -M W gf 5, V-'Ee ,, f ,f 1 'V 5--F W' ?5x,,. '1 A 1 W 9. " 7 ,. " I M rr ,1,5xX'f J. ,. - A ,.l,,3,Q 'JjjfQ?gfA A. Q N I Q ?3gz 1 , . - H , 4 . ,W A: V H 'M 'U ' f U- ,M ,,,,, , W, ,ff u -gf ,,.. vm I 01,5 V fs S- -f Wyfwwwmswmwy+4mww-awzmzwemw ,. . f i 3 M ESE. 3 1 .. , JE. 5 gf? f N I I A f Spring Activities EDITED BY TIL WRIGHT WANDA LANGLEY 'I962 - 75th Annua 8 X, Neville Hig zlo Commencement Z! 4 Li, I li ff W ,,,gii ,2. QQ? gizmgtwigf is 233 Haig 5 f .lm 31853552 ig Q ,ii 6, ai i gi 'JL ' 5 2 A 3' 4 ' x 'FE' School 2II 1 kj! Track llllfgf I 0 A lll6 D 1 962 f S3134 my if 6 H . "Best in AA" 5 'E :E -H The 1961 62 Track Team Members are from left to right KNEELING Malcolm Smnth Davld Trousdale Sam Walker Barry Mullins Russell Grantham Jerry Braud Steve Jackson Ronald Klllen STANDING flrst row Randall Fallnn Mxke Wilson Robert Charles Payne Freddle Moses Don Bran? Jimmy Howard David Gremslllon Eric Borgkvusf STANDING second row A D Futrell Jr Harvey Hales Fred Vogel John Segars Bunzy Bryant Kurt Guelzow Joe Canal B1lly Langston Gary Holt .ous M ,K "' - ,,., .s f. as 'L J. lfff f g s "W J rr . i l 2,' ' A J ' lf-'Q A 'A':i- A A ' r, M 'J ' We y a cc J y yy J M A J , Q K . . ,Q K AQ Q B -1 Q. :Nil . A, . K :Q-1. Q - : ' h. : A . - ff -M ,Tl -2 V . M " , - - ,.. .:1k . - ' Q 'I ' . A ' . , A 1 'i',,.,,, A, ' , , a n a. , Q s? ,Q -V" ' :g y 9' swag J A 6 is Y ,L A . . .- -f so 31- f A, A 6- Q- 394- ,, r -1, 4. - Q I 1 .1 5' T-,QQ 'A as 'gy - Wits, fe s .T f--,g wks ,'2.,:g.,g: 'K O' J L. - ,, A U, gf wr ,gg ff fl- . at qs, ffm gi, yu - kv if gf,,, "1 ,Q ,Aft LN. Q V9 W - ' N M Q4 - K WD . '1 -.f ,ww i- - i"f'3g2w,':f.+ 5 4252 Vffi v S ,X A :Mm-,, ,mx .57 5 VE ,AV Q., en J' ai Hf,igWfM 6 5 is c A A .. f 6 ' "'-- SSH K' A ., ' 1 ' 1 QA' 4 I - 4,9 1. an - H l I 51 . , ai A . , 1 ,Q 5 ,sm 4 f'f,:, qv ' K N fps W A District Meet The Tiger team broke tive marks as they racked up 102 3 f5 points to take the trophy at the 2-AA District Meet held in Tiger Stadium. All relay records were bettered by the Tigers, the 180 low hurdles mark tell and John Segars bettered his own discus record. State Championship Making it "Two Down, One to Go," tor Neville's state championship winning athletic department, the Tigers scored 50 points to 32 each for Abbeville and Pineville. Don Brant won the 1OO in 10.1 and the 220 in 21.8 and ran legs on record breaking 440 and 880 relay teams to pace the Tigers' victory. The relay performances were 43.3 and 1129.4 Other Tiger team members who placed in the meet were Fred Vogel, second in high and low hurdles, and John Segars, fourth in the discus. Members of the Tiger 880 relay team are from left to right Don Brant, Freddie Moses, Mike Wilson, 1,34 it :gee ."r,r'.' 1 T Www, WW ., ,.., W-f ., Fred Vogel leaps out in front ot his opponent. High Hurdles Twin City Relays The Tigers staged a last minute rally to edge West Monroe for first place in the Third Annual Twin City Relays. The turning point came when Mike Wilson turned on the speed to come from behind and beat the Rebels' entry to the finish line in the 880 run. The Tigers placed first in seven of the run- ning events. Broacllump Robert Charles Payne at his best. Mile Relay Jimmy Howard breaks the wire. NORD Meet o Champions Annually, The New Orleans RecreaTion DeparTmenT sponsors a meeT of Track champions from all over Louisiana. The seven members of The Tiger Track Team who enTered were Don BranT, Freddy Moses, STeve Jef- ferson, Mike Wilson, Bunzy Bry- anT, Jimmy Howard, and KurT Guelzow. The sTaTe Double A Cham- pion Neville Team deTeaTed Byrd in The mile relay wiTh a Time of 3.24.2 The vicTory ful- filled a season long ambiTion for Neville. "We came here for one reason," The Tigers' Jimmy Howard said aTTer The races, "To beaT Byrd." Howard, Bunzy BryanT, KurT Guelzow, and Mike Wilson ran on The winning Team. BryanT, Wilson, Moses, and Don BranT also ran on The Neville's record-breaking 880-yard relay quarTeT which was clocked in l:29,l. Neville Relay Track Court Leff To righh Barbara Mulhearn maid Judy Searcy maid Sharon Sfancll maid of honor Heidi Rowan queen, Jan Conlin, maid Jan Reagan maid Baseball 1962 "Best in AA" The 1961-62 Baseball Team Shown with the Double AA Championship trophy they had lust won by defeating Abbeville by winning a best of three game series from left to right are Gene Galligang A. D. Futrell, Jr.g Coach Charlie Browng Bill Hochstetlerp Ronnie Factorg Robert Charles Payneg Ralph Robertsg Scotty Campbellg Eddie Kincaidp Don Osbornf Ronnie Davidson, managerg Mike Mackg Herschel Walkerg Joe Canal: Randy Falling Don Sagetg and Bill Dunn, manager. gif M 3 mx. ' 3. . Li Mike Mack crosses fhe plate. W M ' ' Sei .. Lj.wff-51,37 Robert Charles Payne leads off first base. 'sq' wie X V' ' f ,:. A ff' 'tw fi! T X 1231 .A W M, W wh'-Lf ki'm'?' 'v 361437 ,L ,, Q 4'f'5?iaf f?"' f ,L A Y ' 1f421,Q2"fW11','5Q wg-1 , f ,X if ., Qziigfx-mf-wifi 4' e f V M, M , ,ee- W A , ,? -,e': ' 1 e :Q M :ZS , if -:If 2 5 ' U ' ' 1 A e,, Mg Ffff el zg, V ::.::'. I -.::.' 2 ."-v::.,- ..', Y ' I V K Ay W 3 WV K, YES' - J --,. , :ig L A511 v i. Q f tx. Q , , W . .. if ff -..:, -:- .. f e ? ' .. - W :.:-'- ::' -- --:' Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Neville Tigers Win 3rd AA Trophy Northeast Freshmen Ruston West Monroe Ruston Bi-District Minden Minden Semi-Finals Menard Menard Menard Finals Abbeville Abbeville ln the movie "lt Happens Every Spring" a chemical formula was discovered that led a team to the World Series. Neville's magic combination of training, team cooperation, and school and pub- lic backing proved to be the formula for winning another Double AA State Championship trophy as the Tigers defeated Minden, Menard of Alexan- dria, and Abbeville. Herschel Walker hurled a four-hitter and Mike Mack belted a three run homer as the powerful Tigers defeated the Wildcats from Abbeville to vvin their second straight AA Championship. Mak- ing the All-State team were Joe Canal, shortstop, and Eddie Kincaid, catcher. Randall Fallin in action against the West Monroe Rebels 2I8 is l 41, ,Q X.. -1. . 1 1v-- - .fr s y , A .,.. f , . ff l -Q I 4--as , . f- f ' ,. " - - J 1 ' . Ha .fa . i am: J - s , 355 ga ,, M.i.a, ..'s?, wa. .-".A, Q, an Mike Mack breaks his wris1s against West Monroe pitching. Don Sager pulls Menard first baseman off the bag. Ralph Roberts crosses home plafe as fans watch The ball sail over fhe left field fence. l - . all irsa as as -R ,rsy ,i.s, W, , as ai ,. 4,1 T W' J 4 . l N A ",, 5 1 Um: 1 ws . ' , fa, 5, W' 2' i, ' - V f 523 2 , .,, A 555 VVV X VL,w i,,,L,, V gwi,,ff:i,v, I - I , , 'V I will . 1 N V' ' K 5 H ., . Lg 5. W ff f "' - ... , . . 'Z 'W' lv .P 'fl i" rf fr-ds-,af '- M" ' Q., as Q ,Wm nw Q, -www. A ,Q M lim ' ffl - 'V 4- I I 53, ,, , 'W 1 Y 2I9 Last Days Were Filled With Eventfu A highlight of The class of 1962's graduation activities was participation in the annual Class Day program. Musical numbers, reading ot the rollicking class will and prophecy which proved to be funnier to the seniors than any member of the audience, and awarding of medals to class officers were included in the program. Mr. Seegers presents an award To the President of the l962 class, Kim Brees-e, The prophets of the '62 class, Jody Biedenharn and Cookie Cookston, foretell the future. cfivities for the Class of '62 Seniors Q ., Miss Washburn gives awards to seniors, Mary Lee Milstead and Susan Ferguson for outstanding service to the library. Awards Day 4 ,,., ..-' 3 if-Li . pg ti I. Mr. Ralph Caldwell hands out advanced chemistry awards to Don Marx and Wayne Smith. Mr. Griffith awards Robert Horton his math trophy. 22l Spring Activities Brin Latin Club To promote the study of the classical languages, the Latin Club celebrates Latin Week. During the week students used colorful posters depicting Roman life and culture and initiated new members. Auctioning oft a Roman "slave" Jerry Album is Bo Pasternack. 222 J Student Council "Join the Calvary for Caverlee" proved to be the winning slogan as Sam Caverlee defeated Kurt Guelzow after a spirited campaign for 1963 Student Council president. Outgoing pres- ident Mike Riley presents the gavel to new proxy. Q , fax E-we-+"" wwf , il ',l fit f pi .. 'gy '-:,, i y i lg t 2 5: 'l HWKX1: f fx :lii as , ,C " H .Q K Advertisements 4 2 9 A c LOOKIN' OR LISTENIN' You're Sure of +I1e Very Besl' in En+erI'ainmen'I, Sporls, News and Public Inferesl' Programs on A JAMES A. NOE STATION In Monroe KNOE-TV KNOE RADIO Channel 8 Dial 540 KC In New Orleans WNOE RADIO Dial I 060 KC Q. .. .. ACCREDITED X o Complimenfs of SELIG MAN UFACTURI NG COMPANY, INC. "Besf Pie and Coffee in Town LOUISVILLE GRILL 2400 Louisville Avenue Open 24 Hours a Day FAirfax 2-03I9 Owner and Manager-SPEEDY PRICE Complimenfs of CompIimenfs KI LPATRICK gf 5+a+gone,s MAGIC CLEANERS 8: Prinfers, Inc. 6II Norfh Fourfh Sfreef Phone 325-I266 I026 Norfh bfh FA 2-OI66 The Pafronage of Sfudenfs and Fwaculf NEVILLE HIGH Is Greafly Appreciafed yof FERD LEVI STATIONERY COMPANY BooIcseIIers Sfafioners School and Office SuppIiers IOI N. Grand af DeSiard Dial FA 2-8I47 Aufhorized Dealers for Smifh-Corona Porfable Typewrifers III GAY CLOTHING BISH MATHIS INSTITUTE ,pninc fo ' wr E '91 Q6 5 I I VKV' if soo ! I 3 ' fa A Professional fb rx N . D ' N' I T i . ' School of Business 5 T 5 " T., cove: new -, 'T' . 0 QITQQN ,Q T T B MJ 05lNESS 4 S 0 KLIC Radio Loma: MONROE, LOUISIANA Eighfh Floor "The Good-WiII S+afion" BERNHARDT BUILDING Monroe, Louisiana COME BY AND VISIT ANY TIME! 227 V'k'HIl k dS Rdd'+ ' 'Ih D' ci a mar an age e Inq ry on FIHQS In e Ia- Ond Room in Howard Brofhers Jewelers in Twin Ciiy Shopping Cenier. HOWARD BROTHERS JEWELERS Twin Ci+y Shopping CenIer SV X T535 FORSYTH E ESSO I I205 Forsy'I'he J. C. SCALIA, Owner Tires BaH'eries Acc. FA 5-SIO9 Tune-Up Brake Work SLAGLE-JOHNSON LUMBER, INC. Wholesale and Re'rail LUMBER - BUILDING MATERIAL P.O. Box I793 Telephone FA 3-4486 Monroe, Louisiana Never a BeHer Time 7 I Q, O Never a BeHer Place , 'Io Save Money ed FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS sr LOAN ASSOCIATION ss 5"c"'fff-f'?Ff'f M W '28 SOM Grand S+' W 9 s l,,..m .,o. N..N,. I MONROE, LA. Complimenrs Palronize Ihe of MON ROYAN PARAGON SUPPER CLUB ADVERTISERS ,.., c '- 52, ,mm ,V j 'J Xe .e 0.1. I - x . Norfheasl Louisiana's Finesl Depar+men+ S+ore for Over Half a Cenlury. F. C. Eason Lumber Co. Conslruclion Co. FRANK C. EASON 0 General Cons+ruc'rion 0 Home Planning 0 Componenl Par'I's 39I5 Old Sferlinglon Rd. 323-3I5I MONROE, LOUISIANA GENE GALLIGAN INSURANCE AGENCY Fire-Au+o-Casualfy-Bonds Dial FA 2-2I84 308 N. TI1Ird P.O. Box 804 Monroe, La. OUACHITA NATIONAL BANK "Monroe's Camera Cen+er" WQGIDYW CAMEIRAILAINID la r MAIL ADDRESS: P.O. BOX I803-MONROE, LA. 2I8 Grammonf S'rree'r 229 Trenlon SIree+ MONROE, LOUISIANA WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA FA 5-6845 FA 3-03 I 9 Congratulations, Seniors MONROE-WEST MONROE NEW CAR AND TRUCK FRANCHISED DEALER'S ASSOCIATION ADAIR GMC, INC. GMC Truclcs BROWN RIVERS SCOGIN, INC. Ford, Falcon, Thunderbird and Ford Truclcs HATTEN MOTORS, INC. Plymoulh, Valianl, Jeep and Mercedes Benlz LEE-EDWARDS MOTORS. INC. Volkswagen NORTHEAST MOTORS, INC. Rambler, Renaulf OLCOTT MOTORS Chrysler, Plymoufh, Valianl' RILEY BUICK, INC. Buiclr and Opel RYAN CHEVROLET, INC. Chevrolef, Corvair, Corve'H'e and Chevrolel' Truclcs SCOTT TRUCK 8: TRACTOR CO. lnlernalional Truclcs STEELE MOTORS, INC. Mercury, Come'l', Meleor, Monlerey, Confinenlal and Maclc Truclcs STUDEBAKER-PACKARD OF MONROE Sludebalcer Cars and Truclcs TWIN CITY PONTIAC. INC. Ponliac, Tempesl' and Vauxhall VAN-TROW OLDS-CADILLAC Oldsmobile, Fial-, Cadillac NURTURED BY NATURE . . . E f' ' LIN PAPER PR D 0 S R OLIN MATHIESON 3 "9 FQ 'if W icy' Em, we M15 'lg W f .xx I ' -T- CONVERTED BY CRAFTSMEN Ii, Q, N . Ef ,QQ ,LM -SQ K " C: 1 -mlb o K ,' 1,52 .Tia M ,A my K MR. RUPLE'S HOMEROOM-IOOWJ YEARBOOK SALES 23l xx: , X 1 xxx Q x 9' Z ',,,...n1C-N-. ., K ,X f I EN' X V f , , f 1 A I i 1 x V' . al ' .5-as -, Af Q X Q Complimenrs of Your Local B. F. GOODRICH STORE 900 Louisville Avenue SIMMON'S ESSO SERVICENTER Give S8zH Sfamps Truck and Trailer Ren'I'aIs We Buy and Sell Coins and Coin Collecl' Su li OPEN ALL NITE PI1One FA 5-9333 Walnul' ancl Louisville FA 2-l20I Ing SS Complimenrs of MONROE CONCRETE CO., INC Posr Office Box 36 WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA 0 z9+h .I+ MO..P. R. R. PHONES MONROE. LA. MONROE FA 5-3l78 . . WEST MONROE FA 5-ana ' D""""'9 PM Road RUSTON AL 5-3782 WEST MONROE' LA' 9 Wes? Arizona Plan'Is Localed ai' RUSTON' LA. WATCH THAT CHILD MONROE STEAM LAUN DRY "An lns+i+u+ion for The Care of Fabrics" MONROE WHOLESALE DRUG COMPANY, INC l3I N. 2nd S+. PHONE FA 2-I484 YOUR FAMIIY DISCOUNT STORE I HI'IIEI',5 I 900 Louisville Avenue MONROE. LOUISIANA Telephone FA 3-2I54 DIAL FA 2-5l27 Q 0 0 E! iafllluy 9. A JOHNNY CA R50, PRUR Louisville a+ Fourfh MONROE, LA, 232 A. LEE BOOTH CONSTRUCTION CO. "BuiIder of Qualify Homes" A. LEE BOOTH P.O. BOX, 7 P.O. BOX 303 ARCHIBALD, LA. MONROE, LA. Phone 280l FA 2-6898 LOANS Signa+ure I . I uni 5 Furnllure Au+omobiIe "'+-'- Supply Gonzpcuzy, Wholesale Exclusively LOW RATES-QUICK AND CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE AREA CODE 3I8 CO., 323-5l46 P.O. Box D - IOOO Louisville Avenue 700 N. 2nd Phone FAirfax 2-3I36 MONROE. LOUISIANA MONROE, LA. 233 W. L. "JACK" HOWARD Mayor H. W. McSHERRY Commsssloner W. D. H. RODRIDUEZ Commissioner lI5 DeSiard S+ree+ MONROE, LA. Exclusive Clo1'hes 'For Women and Juniors PEACOCKS LEADING JEWELERS I29 De Siard, Monroe, La. POWELL'S BARBER SHOP "Dis+inc+ive Haircu+s 'For AII" I308 N. I9+I1 S+. Across From +I1e New YMCA Complimenis of ARTH U R GRANT Mike Breard, '64 Office AssisI'anI', says: Banks pay inI'eres'I on wI1a+ you save. We pay DIVIDENDS on wI1aI' you spend for securify and peace of mind. BREARD MUTUAL HADDAD'S BeHer Clofhes for Less Norfh 5+I1 and Pine INSURANCE AGENCY HADDAD HADDAD'S . HARDWARE FA 3-3321 Home, Au+o, Business Insurance aol Auburn Ave. Phone FA 3-5282 FA 39639 MONROE, LA. LUMBER STANDARD BUILDING-REMODELING Cuslom Plan Service Financing Available 'For New Homes and Remodeling SUPERIOR LUMBER 2900 Louisville Ave. OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY . . . INCORPORATED I25 S+. John S+ree+ Dial FA 3-3438 MONROE, LOUISIANA Monroe's Leading SI'a+ioners for More Than 40 Years TROY AND NICHOLS Real Es+a+e Mor+gage Loans Insurance Il3 JACKSON FA 5-2625 MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY I800 Roselawn Ave. DIAL FA 5-4328 MONROE, LOUISIANA 235 ,ZR Refreshing remembrance 1 nQ,, L AUTOGRAPHS Y Z ,-ff' fi ou, 9 ,Xa .. K Ny: 'W s Ig - IWW? UIAEH -. - x 5.4265 9 555259 T h l N I Eli' - Boiiled under auihoriiy of The Coca-Cola Company by OUACHITA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. USREY FRIENDLY LUMBER SUPPLY co. FINANCE SERVICE INC. JOHNNE USREY' JR' 308 Ouachiia Na+ional Bank Building Monroe, Louisiana DIAL FA 2-6I88 The Home of Friendly Loans J. C. lMosei LOFTIN, Mgr. CRESCENT DRILLING CO., INC. Ouachifa Bank Bldg. FA 3-4478 MONROE, LOUISIANA CompIimen+s of DOMESTIC FINANCE SERVICE I09 Nor+I1 Second MONROE, LOUISIANA HARRY COOPER, Mgr. Phone FA 5-4355 KEY BARBER SHOP N. I2+I1 S+. MONROE, LA. FA 5-7890 ,,o""'vL E. STRAUSS AND SON, INC f-Ibm VET RILI3 kwa 2930 COMMERCE AVENUE 00 S10 MONROE, LA. SPONSORING YOUR FRIENDLY. NEIGHBORHOOD TRIPLE S COOPERATIVE FOOD STORES SAVINGS-SERVICE-SATISFACTION GROCERIES, FRESH PRODUCE, FROZEN FOODS 237 Jimmy Howard and Don Saget shop at Sol Snyder's. SOL SNYDER'S ot EASTGATE 328 DeSlARD-MONROE. LA. Count on Penney brands, 3 generations already have! .1 --..,' A good name is the hard work of years: in buy- 1 '53, ing, in laboratory testing, in maintaining quality. "' .Tayi, Penney brand names are our bond to you that 'we have done everything to iustify your confi- dence. IT'S A tradition AT PENNEY'S Count on Penney,s for a full measure of value! .g.g25g. 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"Headquarters tor the Smartest Junior Styles" 347 DeSiard St. MONROE, LOUISIANA PHONE FA 5-437I THE FLOWER SHOPPE, INC. IOO4 North Third Street MONROE. LA. MRS. D. I. HIRSCH ROZ AND HENRY HAAS. JR. fs 1 I fp i XV J BX V NX - L 'Y if IXXIJXRIV f f Ewa' KX X - ff if Q1 Tariff! 67ZfiWfHfdE07Z.5' if mini 0 xii cIass of '63 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEC-BRAPH COMPANY X "Mee+ Friends LANE-MAY X Where AIR coNDiTioNiNG co. Fffef1dSMee+" MATHES DIST. 5- K 5OI Nor+I1 I8'I'I'1 Monroe, La. W f On Highway 80 MONROE, LOUISIANA GRAND FLCRAL Bm mark OPPOSITE POST OFFICE Flowers 'For Any Occasion Twin Ci+y Shopping Cenfer MONROE, LOUISIANA '--1-....,,,,.wmWNOM MR. CHILDRESS' HOMEROOM-IOOWQ YEARBOOK SALES MONROE , X lj CANDY 8. SPECIALTY Co. 7 llIIIIIl1I"H'IIiM1,IIm I MRS. G. M. NASTASI, Owner In IIIIII I L, I Wholesale Dr pepner Xe I - Candies, Tobacco, and Specialfies 1 7I2 WOOD STREET QMMWQM I . QMIIE II Monroe, Louuslana Complimenfs of IX, X Q94 I f - I' "QI 5 ,f u " .. STANDARD LUMBER 81 HARDWARE CO., INC. 32 I9 Breard MONROE. LOUISIANA Congra+uIa+Ions, Seniors 3608 DeSiard FA 2-9453 fran , a mar, I rx ,an ene a I an. Abouf 'ro enioy a Hamburger are Bob Rowan, Vicki I-III kTIWgIwI CICS GIIQ URPINS CompIimenI's of The HAIR FASHIONS SALON Where a new coiffure creares a new personaIiIy 205 NorI'I1 3rd 0 FAIrfax 3.-2677 Com pIImen+s of BAILEY GRANT CompIImenI's of: KELSO'S In 'I'I'lE3 ForsyII'Ie Shopping CenI'er and Down'I'own Monroe CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '63 No, RonnIe, d I Compllmenfs of: i A fj ' AE DANIEL APPLIANCE si MAPLE sl-loP 5 ' 209 Louisville Monroe, La. CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS PHONE: FA 5-4455 The Shorfesi' Disfance Be'l'ween 2 Poin'l's FA 2-4649 SlLVERSTEIN'S SOUTHWEST Women's Apparel GAS PRODUCING CO., INC. 342-344 De-Siard 5+ree+ l3o9 Louisville FA 5-4303 MGNROE- LOU'5'ANA "Home of The Beau+y Queens Mre Dunn's homeroom - 'IOOM in Yearbook Soles 242 Abell, Nelson 145, 201 Abington, Judy 156 Abraham, Gloria 89, 179 Ackel, Charles 109, 156 Acosta, Gerald 156 Acosta, Mona 102, 156 Adams, Ann 65, 72, 84, 85, 15 Adams, Bill 156 Adams, Harriet 201 Adams, Kaye 191 Adams, Linda 89, 191 Addison, Judy 201 Addison, Kathy 191 Albright, Lee 191 Albright, Tonette 101, 191 Albright, Rex 156 Album, Jerry 103, 105, 191, 122 Alexand er, Diane 156, 89 Alger, Whitney 179 Allen, Eddie 191 Allen, Jane 201 Allen, Lane 191 Allen, Lynne 89, 191 Allen, Sharon 89, 90, 179 Allen, Susan 89, 201 Alverson, Kay 201 Amman, Amman, Fred 134, 201 Julie 89, 92, 99, 191 Anders, Arden 79, 108, 179 Anderson, Wayne 191 Anding, Casey Anspach, Carolyn 191 Antley, Nathan 106, 179 Armstrong, Anne 191 Armstrong, Drew 201 Armstrong, John 108, 179 Aron, Paul 157 Atkinson, Linda 89, 179 Baldo, Bonnie 89, 108, 191 Ballard, Sandy 89, 90, 105, 179 Banks, Paul 201 Barker, Tommy Lee 201 Barringer, Candy 191 Battistone, Linda 191 6, 207 Student Index Beckworth, Becky 100, 191 Bee, Teresa 89, 100, 201 Beebe, Virginia 111 Bell, Skipper 191 Bell, Steven 134, 201 Belmont, Jo-Ann 109, 179 Bennett, Lawrence 84, 85, 157 Bennett, Peggy 191 Benton, Ashley 89, 191 Benton, Richard 201 Benton, Susan 41, 89, 101, 179 Bettis, Betty Ann 157 Biedenharn, Jay 201 Billingsley, Tommy 201 Bird, Kathryn 89, 191 Blackmon, Beverly 67, 89, 108, 1 Blair, Bill 157 Blair, Linda 100, 106, 109, 112, 157 Bloomer, Linda 201 Blue, Steve 158 Boals, Raymond 201 Boals, Walter 179 Bogie, Charlene 111, 179, 206 Bonner, Latina 158 Bonura, Cindy 201 Borgkvist, Eric 212 Boudreaux, Avelie 100, 108, 201 Boudreaux, Roy 108, 179 Bayne, Holly Sue 85, 90, 92, 112, 156 Bealle, Allen 191 Beard, Carol Sue Beasley, John 99, 179 Beckeff, DeWitt 91, 116, 120, 121, 130, 157, 182, 223 Beckett, Mary Eve 89, 201 Boutwell, Barbara 191 Boyett, Richard 37,135,191 Bradley, Copelen 179 Bradley, Richie 179 Bradley, Susan 201 Bradshaw, Archie 179 Bradshaw, Linda 201, 110 Braley, Ken 201 Branch, Judy 89, 191 Branch, Sherry 89, 191 Brandon, Janis 111, 179 Brandon, Rita 89, 179 Brant, Jane 201 Brasher, Jimmie 34, 109, 158 Brasher, Ronnie 179, 241 Braud, Gerald 212 Bray, Betty 158 Brazzel, Ken 201 Brea rd, Anne 179 Breard, Lindann 191 Breard, Milge 84, 85, 108, 179 Breard, Renee 108, 191 Breard, Salley 201 Brice, J eanie 82, 108, 191 Bridges, Nemery 179 Brinson, Ann 89, 99, 201 Brisbin, Lauralee 179 Brisbin, Wade 108, 158 Brode, Ted 179 Brooks, Cheryl 89, 101, 111, 179 Brooks, J. Dodd 190, 191 Brooks, Jimmy 201 Brown, Janet 23, 89, 201 Brown, Joe 201 Brown, Larry 191 Brown, Robert 201 Brown, Sandra 147, 150, 191 Bryan, Carol 201 Bryan, James 38, 99, 135, 191 Bryant, Joel 37, 179 Bryce, Lynda 89, 111, 180 Bryce, Lynne 89, 111, 180 Buchanan, Scott 191 Buchanan, Wendell 180 Buckner, Barbara 30, 100, 108, 18 Bullock, Roy 201 Burgess, Johnny 158, 189 Burford, Lee 75, 134, 201 Burgess, Pam 89, 191 Burkett, Margie 109, 192 Burt, Annette 110, 201 Burton, Spike 91, 109, 155, 158 Bushnell, Wayne 158 Butler, Elaine 89, 101 Buttitta, Johnny 192 Bynum, Jimmy 180 Byrd, Frances 97, 109, 159 Cain, Chuck 201 Campbell, George 26, 145, 201 Campbell, Scotty 116, 129, 190, 192 216 Campbell, Terry 89, 192 Canal, Joe 73,141,143,145,180 212 216 Cannon, Fay 89, 108, 180 Cantrell, Sheila 201 Carlson, David E. 159 Carso, Brenda 74, 78, 89, 192 Carso, Camille 78, 192 Carter, Jean 89, 95, 192, 194 Cascio, Charles 192 Cascio, Sarah 201 Cascio, Victor 200, 201 Casey, Ann 159 Causey, Bill 201 Causey, Carolyn 159 Causey, Stewart Causey, Walter 107, 116, 122, 128, 136, 142 180 Cavendish, Bob 97, 180 Caverlee, Jim 24, 91, 178, 180 Caverlee, Sam W. 12, 58, 78, 79, 91, 143, 145, 155, 159 Chambliss, Cynthia 85, 151, 200, 201 Chambliss, Pat 108, 111, 159 Chapman, Cheryl Lai Chappell, Billy 202 Chennault, David 75, 134, 202 Christian, Ruth 159 Clark, Barry 202 Clark, Carroll 36, 109, 160 Clark, Diane 48, 49, 107, 137, 160, 176 Clark, Ronnie 25, 36, 116, 122, 123, 192, 223 Clark, Vicki 202 Clay, John 192 Clay, Pam 89, 202 Clerico, Bruna 59, 80, 81, 89, 108, 160 Coats, Tommy 135 Cobb, Amanda 41, 89, 105, 138, 139, 180, 201 Cochran, Kathleen 82, 90, 94, 96, 99, 112, 160, 194 Cochran, Susan 89, 100, 202 Cohn, Henry 134, 177, 202 Cole, Henry 160 Cole, Richard 116, 133, 192 Collier, Dawn 100, 202 Collier, Gary 202 Collier, Mary Jean 202 Colvin, Jean 89, 134, 151, 202, 204 Colvin, Phamie 192 Conlin, Chris 99, 134, 202, 204, 101 Conlin, Jan 89, 99, 180, 186, 215 Cook, Jenny 202 Cookston, Doug 134, 202 Coon, Clyde 192 Correro, David 192 Cotney, Julice 202 Courson, Carolyn 89, 108, 147, 148, 149, 190 Cowder, Ruth Ann 89, 202 Cowder, Sue 89, 192 Cox, Richard 202 Craft, Ann 192 Crawford, Diane 89, 192 Crossland, Nancy 56, 58, 79, 76, 91, 107, 137, 160, 176 Crotwell, Carol 84, 85, 160 Crouch, Frank 192 Crow, Brenda 82, 89, 101, 190, 192 Crow, Karen 147, 148, 150, 180 Culpepper, Carol 89, 181 Cumpton, Jo 202 Curry, Charles 145, 202 Curry, Donney 202 Daigle, Marilyn 28, 100, 202 244 Dana, Ronald 28, 105, 109, 135, 193 Danna, Tony Davidson, Ronnie 145, 193, 216 Davis, Byron 202 Davis, Connie 181 Davis, Joan 121 Davis, Stephanie 98, 202 Davis, William G., Jr. 66, 142, 143, Day, Helen 100, 193 Dayton, Edward 193 Dean, Kent 103, 109, 193 Decelle, Chuck 202 Decelle, Donna 89, 181 Decell, Dottie 193 Deen, Suzy 202 DeMoss, Ronnie 116, 133, 193, 223 Denoux, Marilyn 89, 189, 193 Denson, Lee 112, 161 Devereux, Tim 193 DeVille, Janey 202 Dickenhorst, Sherry 39, 108, 202 Dickens, Harold 134, 202 Dillingham, Diana 202 Dimiterchik, Julia 202 Dispenza, Mike 26, 193 Ditta, Butch 111, 202 Dixon, Linda 202 Dixon, Susan 100, 202 Domingues, Dale 193 Doncer, Ray 134, 202 Dorman, Charles 202 Dowd, Bridget 151, 202 Downing, Maribeth 89, 109, 161 Dreyer, Lance 145, 202 Dukes, Tom 103, 202 Duncan, Denise 202, 204 Duncan, Kenny 28, 116, 121, 161 Dunkleman, Daria 89, 161 Dunn, Bill 143, 193, 216 Dunn, Gayle 89, 161, 177 Dunn, Walter 134, 202 Dupont, Gail 181 Dupree, Thomas 193 Dupuy, Joe 67, 103, 161 Earl, Arthur 202 Easley, Kenneth 103, 155, 161 Easley, Martha 39, 98, 202 Eason, Frank 161 Eason, Paul 116,127,181 Edelman, Nancy 100, 202 Edmundson, Ann 109, 162, 177 Edwards, Jane 82, 85, 90, 181 Edwards, Sherry 203 Einhorn, Mary 193 Ensiminger, Rex 99, 203 Ensiminger, Sally 35, 89, 138, 181, 186 Entrican, Diane 89, 181 Ernst, Tom 203 Evangelista, Robert 138, 181 Evans, Jake Evans, Jan 34, 162 Factor, Ronnie 78, 91,141,178,181, 216 Fairbanks, Johnny 181 Fallin, Linda 203 Fallin, Randall 31, 64, 107, 14 218 Farr, Sally 109, 181 Feeny, Deborah 203 Ferguson, Eileen 203 Ferguson, Kathy 193 Fife, Henry 162 Fitch, Martha 203 Flanary, Steve 203 Florsheim, Henry 99, 134, 202 Floyd, Charles 134, 145, 203 Flynn, Larry 26, 203 Folds, Liz 203 Fontana, Ronnie 181 Ford, Tommie 193 Frasier, Gerrie 108, 162 4, 162, 212, 216 Freeman, Phyllis 89, 99, 108,181 Frost, Charles 203 Frost, Marcia 89, 105, 181 Fulton, Pam 181 Futch, Gary Futch, Jimmie 203 Futch, Susan 203 Gaiennie, Jimmy 55, 63 Galligan, Gene 39, 74, 78, 9 241 Gannaway, Gary 79, 90, 106, Gannaway, Milann 89, 90, 181 Garfield, Bill 203 Garrett, John 141, 181 Gates, Peggy 203 Gattis, Bill 203 Gentry, Donna 203 Gentry, Juanita 181 Genung,Carol 101, 111,181 George, Bobby 106, 162 George, Brenda 89, 193 Gibson, Jerry 193 Giddings, Sheila 181 Gilchrist, Steve 134, 203 Gill, Joyce 163 Gilliland, Dan 86,193 Gilliland, Nanci 89, 193 Gilmont, Stephanie 103, 163 Glasgow, Katherine 193 Godwin, Lela 203 1,116,193,216 113,162 Goldman, Marilyn 89, 101, 110, 193 Goorley, Robert 163 Goyne, Joe 181 Goza, Diane 35, 109, 163 Graham, John 181 Grant, Joe Bailey 181, 189 Grantham, Russell 181, 212 Gray, Diane 110, 193 Gray, Eastland 38, 99, 181 Green, Jack 29, 203 Greenlee, Jimrny 193 Greenwood, Sandra 203 Greer, Tim 85, 105, 181 Gremillion, Danny 163 Gremillion, David 144, 181, 212 Gremillion, Jackie 100, 102, 181 Gresham, Brenda 89, 182 Gresham, Carlton 163 Griffith, Laura 27, 89, 11, 182 Grigsby, Judy 89, 203 Grower, Glenda 182 Grower, Pam 62, 69, 163 Johnson, Judy 204 Guelzow, Kurt 61, 68, 90, 91, 79, 103, 116, 122,155,163,184,186, 212, 215 Guillot, Angele 108, 193 Gulley, Sunnye 193 Gunn, Keith 134, 203 Guthrie, Phil 85, 86, 155, 164 Guyton, Don 203 Guyton, Martha 34, 72, 82, 112, 109, 164 Gurgiola, Danny 34 Haddad, Billy 203 Haddad, Michael 116, 130, 164, 223 Haddad, Lynn 89, 193 Haddox, Larry Halley, Connie 203 Holler, George 182 Halley, Diane 89, 90, 105, 182 Halley, Michael 203 Halley, Patricia 203 Hall, Anne 193 Hall, Richard 203 Hakim, Theda Jo 193 Hallmark, Vicki 82, 89, 93, 193, 228, 241 Hammett, Phyllis Hammonds, Harvey 134, 203 Hammons, Jerry 84 Hammons, Lincla 203 Hammons, Marjorie 111, 164 Hamner, Lynn 109, 203 Haneline, Richard 182 Haneline, Ronnie 203 Hanks, Ann 193 Hanna, Elaine 89, 193 Hansen, Steve 193 Harbuck, Nancy 108, 182 Hardy, Linda 203 Hargon, Geron 60, 107, 132, 164 Hargrove, Gay 54, 107, 137, 164, 176 Hargrove, Tom Hargus, Carol 78, 151, 203 Hargus, George Jr. 103, 155, 159, 164 Harmon, Jimmy 164 Harmon, Johnny 193 Harper, Mickey 91, 194 Harris, Jay 135, 194 Harrison, Bark 24, 165 Harrison, David 116, 133, 194 Hart, Gary 116, 154, 182, 223 Hart, Mike 134, 203 Hartmann, Cathy 203 Hathaway, Ann 101, 108, 203 Harvey, Ray 28, 135, 194 Hayward, Alex 134, 203 Head, Jane 93, 102, 105, 182, 194 Head, Margaret 102, 204 Head, Tommy 116, 177, 182, 189 Heard, Charles 204 Hegwood, Madeline 101, 182 Hedgepeth 194, 204 Hedgepeth, Virginia Sue 204 HefHn,Bobby 134,204 Heimgartner, Johnny 177 Heller, Sandy 89, 108, 182 Hendricks, Sheryle 100, 194 Henry, Jimmy 99 Herrell, Bruce 135, 189, 190, 194 Hesdorffer, Gordon 105, 194 Hessick, Terry 32, 103, 165 Hicks, Robbie 89, 111, 182 Higgins, Larry 194 High, Susan 89, 204 Hilton, Red 204 Hines, Susie 204, 151 Hochstetler, Bill 109, 135, 182, 216 Hodge, Barbara 204 Hogue, Bill 134, 204 Holden, Tom 108, 194 Holdsworth, Robert 116, 133, 182 Hollingsworth, Bill 183 Holloway, Patricia 89, 204 Hollis, Kathy 89, 111, 183 Holmes, Robert Holt, Gary 91, 142, 144, 183, 212 Hood, Janet 75, 134, 204 Hoodemaker, Julia 82, 105, 194 Hooper, Linda 204 Houston, Joe 204 Houston, John 194 Houston, Vernon Dale 86, 194 Hover, Salley 26, 89, 194 Howard, Barney 109, 116, 194 Howard, Jimmy 53, 69, 91, 107, 116, 120 123,126,128,129,131,136,165,176, 186 212, 214, 215, 238 Howell, Preston Hudson, Sandra 204 Huffman, Steve 79, 80, 91, 105, 107, 116, 123 178, 183 Hughes, Allise 108, 111, 183 Hull, Rebecca 204 Hunnicutt, Mary Louise 204 Hunt, Bill 165 Hutts, Greg 93, 108, 111, 183 Hyland, Ricky 165 lnabnett, Caroline 204 lrby, Scotty 204 lrvin, Mike 183 Irvine, Bill 183 Jackson, Barbara 89, 108, 165 Jackson, Bill 165 Jackson, Nora 194 Jackson, Steve 183, 212 Johns, Susan 194 Johnsen, Karen 165 Johnson, Don 91, 116, 107, 125, 1 182,1 83, 223 Johnson, Jimmy 183 Johnson, Polly 89, 147, 148, 149, Johnson, Ronnie 204 Jones, Bud 183 Jones, Charles 134, 200, 204 Jones, Evelyn 183 Jones, Jennie 194 Jones, Kay 166 Jones, Suzette 109, 204 Joyce, Kay 89, 194 Keith, Helen 204 Keller, Mary Tom 79, 204 Keller, Suzanne 109, 204 KeHogg,BHI204 Kellogg, Branton 106, 194 Kelly, Art 204 Kelly, Gayle 79, 89, 100, 105, 183 129, 130, Kelly, Su Su 89, 204 Kemp, Mike 83, 189, 195 Kern, Joe 204 Kersey, John 195 Key, Ronnie 195 Kilgore, Kay 23, 95, 204 Killen, Ronald 107,116, 122,13O,166, 212 Kilpatrick, Herb 106, 113, 166 Kimball, Tena 195 King, Donna 204 245 King, Johnny 183 Kinkead, Tom 166 Kiper, Janet 89, 204 Kiper, Richard 85, 91, 103, 112, 166 Kirby, Corliss 183 Kirby, Donnie Kitchens, Reggie 104, 134, 204 Kite, Mary Kathryn KK 71, 107, 137, 166 Klam, Warren 84, 93, 183 Knipping, Tommy 103, 166 Kokinos, Jimmy 135, 195 Koontz, Carol 52, 166, 176 Kotz, Sissy Kozlosky, Patsy 89, 195 Kratzer, Starr 204 Krepper, Martha 195 Kulinski, Marion LaDart, R. J. 204 Ladner, Judy 183 Ladner, Linda 103, 167 Ladshaw, Henry 39, 134, 204 Larsen, Julie 167 LaFrance, Gretchen 167 LaGrange, Arah 38, 82, 195 Lancaster, Sidney 204 Landry, Adria 167, 189 Lane, Joe 167 Lazarus, Steve 167 Langley, Teresa 89, 98, 204 Langley, Wanda 89, 93, 100, 183 Langston, amy 105, 107, 116, 132, 183, 212 Lanier, Jan 28, 183 Larsen, Mary 204 Ledoux, Jim 116, 107, 183 Lee, Dallas Lee, Donna 204 Lee, Gary 38, 183 Lee, Gilbert 195 Lee, Robert 195 Lee, Sarah 204 Leigh, Cynthia 61, 82, 90, Lenard, Walter 205 Levert, George 91, 183 Lewis, Gloria 82, 195 Lewis, Randy 118, 183 Lewis, Stanley Licht, Gary 183 Liles, Arthur 205 Liles, Jerry Lindsey, Suzette 109, 205 Link, Karen 89, 109 Little, Sharon 183 Littleton, Sandra 195 Lockhart, Billy 195 Loftin, Sissi 69, 112, 167 246 109,112,155,167 Lomax, Donna 98, 28, 89, 108, 195 Lovelady, Eldwin 183 Lovelady, Janet 168 Lowry, Harriet 89, 105, 195 Lowry, Walter 183 Lutz, Frederick Lyon, Paula 89, 195 McBride, Shawn 71, 89, 83, 90, 82, 103, 97, 138, 168, 186 McBride, Susie 89, 78, 195 McCarty, Denver 86, 184 McCaskill, David 65, 84, 85, 90, 91, 112, 168 McCook, Jenny McCoy, Vernon 205 McCue, Russell 195 McCullin, Don McCullin, Terry 195 McCullin, Vicki 184 McDonough, Judy 102, 105, 184 McDonough, Mike 205 McDuftie, Steve 205 McElroy, Ann 89, 168 McFadden, Doug 205 Mcnuff 28, 135, 190, 195 McFarland, Marie 101 McGee, David 195 McGee, Mike 37, 184 McGowen, Jerry 195 McGowen, Robert W. 168 McGriff, James 195 McHenry, Pat D., Jr. 184 McLain, Charles 25, 109, 195 McNeil, Newby 27, 91, 92, 105, 184 McRae, Ken 195 McSherry, Kathy 107, 60, 137, 155, McSherry, Robert 91, 116, 126, 195 McWilliams, Mickie 89, 101, 205 Mabray, Melinda 148, 195 Magruder, Don 205 Magruder, Jill 184 Mahr, Terry 91, 195 Malone, Sherrill 109, 184 Mantrozos, Lind-a Mapp, Andy 116, 107, 127, 131 Marsh, Dick 90, 103, 168 Marshall, Connie 31, 89, 195 Marshall, Sandra Marx, Jill 147, 150,184 Mason, Jan 89, 184 Mason, Mike Massey, Linda 205 Massey, Marilyn 108, 109, 168 Masur, Linda 101, 107, 184 Masur, Lynn 105, 184 Masur. Sharon 205 79, 169 Martien, Jamie 195 Martien, No-rman 195 Marx, Jay 195 Marx, Peggy 89, 195 Mathis, Jim 109, 184 May, Dwight 184 Mears, Jim 36, 195 Medlen, Sharon 100, 109, 184 Meeks, Martha 185 Meek, Paula 89, 205 Meeks, Ray 145, 205 Mehl, Jerry 169 Menuet, Henry Merten, Jay 185 Middleton, Becky 89, 147, 148, 150, 185 Middleton, Phyllis 98, 195 Miles, Margaret 151, 205 Miller, Anna Margaret 185, 111, 110 Milner, Louis 205 Mingledorff, Dana 195 Moncriet, Monty 134, 205 Moncla, Stephen 196 Monroe, Greg 196 Montgomery, Cheryl 79, 205 Montrozos, Linda 200, 205 Moore, Greg 169 Moore, Linda Mooe, Richard Keith 185 Moreland, Paula 40, 41, 138, 185 Morris, Derylin 37, 101, 105, 169 Morse, Judy 106, 109, 185 Morton, Lucille 89, 108, 185 Moseley, Suzanne 109, 169, 110 Moses, Freddy 185, 212, 213, 215 Moses, Janet Elizabeth 40, 41, 89, 185 Moses, Owen 145, 200, 205 Mouk, Dana 105, 185 Mulhearn, Barbara 70, 100, 147, 169, 215 Mulhern, Ray 185 Mulhern, Richard 66, 85, 155, 169 Mulhearn, Ruth 169 Mullens, Larry 99, 196 Mullins, Barry 84, 86, 91, 170, 212 Mullins, Georgia E, 82, 205 Mullins, Thad 84, 109, 196 Munholland, Herbert 196 Murphy, Donald 196 Murray, Carolyn 82, 90, 105, 112, 189 Mack, Michael 216, 217, 219 Myatt, Mary 89, 151, 205 Neal, Paula 89, 99, 170 Newcomer, Donny 205 Newcomer, Robbie 170 Nichols, Penny 170 155, 170 185, 223 Patterson, Michael Travis Nolan, Beverley 89, 205 Nolan, Ronnie 205 Noland, Janet 82, 97, 109, 170 Norman, Harold 185 Norris, Jimmy 185 Nowell, Jimmy Odom, Lee 196 Olsan, Dale 185 Olmstead, Eddie 205 Osborn, Don 109, 116, 122, 133, 216 Overton, Carole 196 Overton, Johnny 205 Owens, Ginger 196 Owen, Philip 205 Pankey, Alice 89, 101, 196 Pappas, Gary 73, 116, 124, 125, 130, Parker, Barbara 89, 109, 196 Parker, Bill 185 Parker, John 62, 99, 109, 170 Parkerson, Becky Ann 102, 106, 111, Parrish, Deas 90, 105, 185 Parrish, Mina 101, 151 Parrish, Polly 64, 170 Parsons, Harold 205 Patterson, Jo Anne 89, 109, 196 Patterson, Mike W. 185 Pearce, Cliff 196 Pearson, Buddy 171 Pearson, Mike 36, 82, 83, 108, 196 Perry, Paula 99, 185 Peters, Carol Ann 185 Peters, Glenn 134, 205 Pettiiohn, David 171 Phillips, Charles 155, 171 Phillips, Freddy 205 Phillips, Stephen 205 Phillips, Wanda 89, 205 Pierce, Bill 196 Pierce, Sally 185 Pittman, Nancy 185 109, 185 Planchard, Chip 99, 107, 121, 126, 171 Planchard, Greg 205 Plummer, Crawford 205 Plyler, Paul toe, 185 Poe, Freddy 196 Pohlman, Jimmy 171 Polk, Mary Eleanor 196 Polson, Belva 89, 92, 111, 185 Polson, Connie 89, 196 Pope, Judy 196 Pope, Richard Porter, Billie 89, 101, 102, 185 131, Porter, Donna 74, 78, 105, 190, 196 Porter, Linda 101, 205 Porter, Pat 89, 97, 109, 171 Porter, Rett 205 Posey, Jerry Posey, Jimmy Posey, Johnny 205 Pounds, Nancy 89, 206 Powell, Barbara 109, 197 Powell, Betty 109, 197 Powell, Bob 197 Powell, Frances 185 Powell, Pat100, 102, 109, 111,185 Prichard, Lawrence Priddy, Suzanne Purdy, Nelda 99, 151, 206 Quarles, Patsy 206 Ramdin, Dot 206 Rasch, Mickey 197 Rea, Carolyn 185 Rea, Margaret 78, 89, 100, 105, 197 Reagan, Ginger 171 Reagan, Jan 73, 79, 83, 100, 111, 18 Reardon, Will 206 Redding, Buzz 82, 83, 189, 197 5 Redding, Sage 29, 10, 70, 82, 83, 90, 97, 103, 112,171,177, 228 Reed, Donna 89, 197 Reis, Scotty 197 Reliac, Mary Lou 89, 206 Rester, Shiela 82, 89, 97, 172, 189 Reitzell, Johnny 186 Reynolds, Billy 135, 186 Reynolds, Mary 100, 197 Reynolds, Robert 93, 186 Richards, O'Brien 108, 135, 186 Richy, Beverly 86, 109, 186 Riddle, Brenda 147, 197 Riley, Skipper 206 Riser, Jeff 206 Roberts, Dovie 100, 101, 105, 186 Roberts, Hilton 197 Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson, Robinson Bobby 133, 186 Bobby ea, 197 Cheryl 206, 108 Dickey 206 , Marianne 186 Rodriguez, Daniel 186 Rodriguez, Daniel Rogers, Jimmie 33, 197 Rogers, Vernon 197 Roper, Everette 186 Rorex, Janna 39, 79, 151, 206 Rosenberg, Joe 135, 197 Rousseau, Chester 172 Rowan, Bob 74, 91, 143, 197, 241 Rowan, Jeanne 97, 109, 112, 172 Rowan, Lela 89, 197 Rowan, Heidi 172, 215, 101 Rowe, Cindy 86, 89, 109, 197 Rowe, Sandy 31, 86, 89, 109, 197 Ruddick,,DeLane 206 Rowland, Perry 134 Rugg, Steve 86, 172 Russell, Mac 34, 172 Saget, Don 27, 57, 79, 107, 120, 127 132 155 172, 176, 216, 219, 238 Salinas, Murray 134 Salisbury, John 196, 197 Scharf, Phil 206 Scoggin, DeLane 186 Scruggs, Mary 200, 209 Seale, Sandra 206 Searcy, Judy 79, 89, 100, 108, 186, 215 Segars, John 31, 34, 107, 116, 121 130 73 212, 223 Serio, Alice Ruth 100, 206 Shanas, Robert Shattuck, Fran 89, 99, 100, 108, 186 Shaver, Kathy 151, 206 Shaw, Bo 206 Shaw, Danny 107, 197 Sheffield, Larry 197 Sheppard, Teresa 206 Sherrouse, Jane 75, 101, 134, 151, 2 Sherrouse, Susan 89, 186 Sigler, Shlosman, Don 197 Annie 31, 97,108, 197 Simon, Terry Simonton, Merrie Jo 89, 106, 197 Sims, Lenward 190, 107 Slakter, Debbie 206 Slavant, Richard 107, 116, 128, 186 Smith, Alyce 197 Smith, Art 187 Smith, Barbara 89, 206 Smith, Chuck 206 Smith, Dianne 187 Smith, Franklin 197 Smith, Gayle 82, 109, 187 Smith, James 116, 124 Smith, Judy 206 Smith, Linda 187 Smith, Malcolm 79, 91, 142, 143, 144, 187 Smith, Patti 147, 197 smith, Ray 197 Smith, Roger 134, 206 Smith, Snapp, Ronnie Lee 173 LaLa 101, 206 Solomon, Doris 84, 85, 173 247 Solomon, Edward 197 Southerland, Peggy Spargo, Donna 89, 206 Sparks, Tommy 79, 91, 1 Spencer, Elaine 103, 173 Sperry, Susan 173 Spight, Sue 101, 206 Spurgeon, John 206 Spurgeon, Anne 92, 99, 111, 187 Stadler, Kathy 89, 108, 197 Stancil, Gloria 187 Standley, Ted 197 Standhope, David 105, 197 Stark, Ginny 197 Stevenson, Patricia Anne 10, Stewart, Pat 206 Stewart, Scott 135, 198 Stockstill, Arel 209 Stone, David 174 Stone, Gloria 89, 187 Stone, Kaki 89, 206 V Storms, Mark 198 Stovall, Bruce 135, 187 Stowall, Anna Strausser, Mike 198 Strickland, Dee 198 Strickland, Dianne 206 Suomi, Barbara 109, 187 Suomi, Karl 108, 206 Swanson, Donald 187 Swayze, Judy 98, 106, 187 Talbot, Nancy 89, 100, 187 Talvet, Urmas 198 Tarrance, Jimmy 206 Taylor, Bob 37, 174 Taylor Charles 198 Taylor Hank 135, 198 Taylor, Marcelena Hill 174 Taylor, Shelia 94, 198 Taylor, Wayne Temple, Judy 206 Terrell, Joe 198 Terzolas, Crissie 174 Terzolas, Pete 107, 116, 124, Theriot, Fred 187 Theus, Ed 198 Thomas, Chuck 198 Thomas, Ray 187. Thomasee, Betty Thompson, Lenoir 187 Thompson, Linda 206 Thrift, Butch 200, 206 Tidwell, Chuck 145, 206 05,107,116,129, 63, 173 125, 127, 187 1' Tillery, Betty 198 Tolar, Mary Louise 108, 187 Touchtone, Jan 41, 100, 187 Trent, Bobby 198 Trice, Bill 82, 105, 106 Trimble, Becky 198 Trimble, Elise 206 Trimble, Katie 103, 108, 174 Trousdale, David 187, 212 Truett, James 198 . Tucker, Cynthia 89, 198 Tucker, Dana 134, 204, 206 Tuey, Ronnie 198 Turnage, Kaye 98, 206 Turner, Janne 174 Turner, Murray 198 Turner, Tyrone 200 Turpin, Jeff 198 Turrentine, Beau 135, 198 Ullman, Carol 207 Underwood, Steve 199 Updegraff, Steve 174 Usrey, Sherry 87, 207 Usrey, Tommy 207 Vanderpool, Janet 89, 199 Varnado, Judy 100, 207 Varnado, Mickie 89, 105, 147, 148, Vaughan, Kitty 89, 207 Venable, Dennis 116, 142, 199 Vinson, Lynn Vogel, Fred J. 113, 212, 214 Wachowski, Rosalie 187 Donnie 41, 109, 111,199 Wadley Robin Sue 199 Wagley, Mark 207 Walker, Billy 135, 199 Walker, Charles 199 Walker, Walker, Judy 187 Walker, Joe 207 Walker, Karen 89, 207 Walker, Lynda 199 Walker, Randy 207 Ward, Dennis 134 Ward, Mac 95, 96, 106, 175, 194 Ware, Tommy 207 Wedemeyer, Charlene 89 Weaver, Donna Merce 24, 111, 175 Weaver, Dubby 207 150, 187 wear, Louise 79, 82, 89, 90, 1oo, 175 Welch, Virginia 175 , Wene, Donna 35, 207 'west Diane 24, so, 107, 108, 137, 175 West, Sharon 89, 207 Whatley, Ned 187 white, Clyde 79, 207 White, Dianne 175 White, Diane 100, 207 White, White, Larry 135, 199 Nick 32, 79, 91,107,116,125,155 Whitehead, Sylvia 68, 96, 99, 175 Whitlock, James 207 Whitlow, George 134, 207 Warner, Amos 10, 23, 187 Wilbert, Janey 79, 207 Wilds, Chuck 199 Wiley, Donny 199 Wilkerson 100, 199 Wilkerson, Richard 34, 109, 116, 131, 188 Willard, Linda K. 89, 207 Willey, Mary Jane 207 Williams I Alan 200, 207 Williams, Benita 98, 109, 207 Williams, Carol 207 Williams, Charles 78, 91, 199 Williams Williams Williams Williams 1 I Cynthia 108, 207 Linda 44, 105, 199 Linda 106, 187 Mike 31, 99, 135, 199 Williams, Sharon Williams Williams, Susan 187 Walter Lee 134, 145, 207 Williamson, Mimi 108, 109, 207 Willis, Gary 199 Willis, James 50, 51, 91, 116,127, 176, 223 Wilson, Billy 207 Windham, Peggy 89, 92, 109, 199 Wing, Sally 89, 109, 188 Wingo, Kenneth 199 Wingo, Linda 176 Wisakowsky, Mercille 199 Wittlier, Claude 207 Wolcott, Avon 41, 89, 188 Wolcott, Georgann 89, 207 Womack, Dianne 89, 199 Wook, Sandra 89, 188 Wook, Wanda 109 Wright, Robert 199 Wright, Til 4, 73, 79, 89, 93, 99, 108, 178, 241 Wright, Wayne 199 Yancy, Connie 89, 105, 108 Yeldell, Mary Alice 89, 199 Yerger, Gill 176, 204 Yerger, John 37, 107 Young, AlanQO7 Young, Bobby 207 Young, Dale 116, 133, 199 248 4 ' Th La f Page!!! . 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Suggestions in the Neville High School - Monroyan Yearbook (Monroe, LA) collection:

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