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'f"F'4'7 -fx Wfafzff fag 435 X 'if We - 1 Q 4 m W 5 if vu' in ' f 6 K- 19" M ig Xa: I .. 90 f 5 .Elf Y? ,J 7 , l , I av .J W J' Ya. 'Q EX LIBRIS Published by the Student Body of Q Q 3? Neville Hugh School Monroe, Louisiana 1962 MC lil 1' gm ya., , f X eh' yzfpg f ' J. , Kid 5 . 'fill ' 6.21, VIYUUTTEYAYW' W 3 3 YH! El -54645: f I! mf V In on 3 Iii U ' 2 I i i 55' WW . n V ,. in .: ffq-f-as Q 5:15 'gi 'iii' S' Ei ww 2 ...E 5 fi ? 5 I x 1 3 -1,53 wwg , .L NIRCYAN if I 1 . ,,, I ' 'i : q Z 1 Q Q any f Y 3 4 195' I ' - " in alf4r' ' 0 'Q K ,':t,1i"9 +. he 4 ' - I 1 'Q 6:- VV, K 'fl' qv 1 A J .A 'al' g"g 4 if Z, 5 5 I ' 'gk v It 5 Q 4' 5, Ai' 'Q ?f 'Q vis-2 A gn If at ' . . s X 5 F' Q , A, -a Y . Q RWWWM ' ,s'oa' ' ,424 O U 'VJ , ,U A -A 'rr' Q A Mi 2 HI wi A E31 L, - im XTEWXEES . ll , A. . 1 ' ' f:5.a::?a2is Lg T " an A Ji? Ai A 1 k. 1 W AW A I A - 4 A W , in Hu A fm 5 Q 3 A Elm 1 z, A 'V 1 '14 .3 Q ' il Fifi ll , ll ' ll BARBARA BORGKVIST, Editor FOREWORD We, The 1962 MONROYAN sTaff, hope Thai This annual will become one of your mosT prized possessions and Thaf you may look back over The faded snapshoTs and remember The good old days aT NHS. In laTer years, while Turning These pages, if you should recall The many smiles, sorrows, and dreams of '62 we shall be conTenT, knowing Thaf we have done The Thing we were called upon To do. We feel ThaT your saTisfacTion wiTh This volume is our compensa- Tion, and wiTh This ThoughT we presenT To you The 1961-1962 MONROYAN. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS There are several people and deparfmenfs whose cooperafion and assisfance have been of greaf benefif To This book. STaff members, sTudenTs, faculTy, and adminisfrafors-all conTribuTed To The success of The Monroyan. The adverTisers conTribuTed Their financial supporT which helped make This book possible. To The Louisiana DeparTmenT of Commerce and lndusTry, To The Louisiana Foresfry PhoTo Service, and To Bob Sale-'s STudio and Camera CenTer we owe our graTiTude for phofographs. LasT, buT noT leasf, we say Thanks To our engravers and publishers for Their ever- enduring pafience. A SALUTE TO LOUISIANA YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW F 3 Ox H S ,v Q Q .f mx 34+ 1 1' '18 X1 if Of-44+ "' l,.ai41'wm '2,,--if T DLX .33 f' A ff f Aff- 5- T' O 35"5-wtf, . Q M, VViTh a hisTory as colorful as her soil is rich, Louisiana, The naTion's co- queTTe, TascinaTes a l l irnaginaTive minds. Frenchmen a nd Spaniards, Creoles and carpeTbaggers-all have had a hand in shaping her desTiny. Various Tribes oT Indians were The TirsT inhabiTanTs. HisTory records De- SoTo as The TirsT vvhiTe man To seT TooT on Louisiana soil, Though iT was leTT To The French To explore and colonize The TerriTory. BuTTeTed abouT Through poliTical TreaTies, Louisiana was nexT under Spanish rule, and Then back under French. They soon Turned her over To The UniTed STaTes, and The TerriTory oT Orleans became a sTaTe on April 30, l8i2. LOUISIANA LOOK! a if J' , , 34, . an s c ' f Q :, 1 Y 8 1 I x f O THE PAST - YESTERDAY Q W --an , J 9 f I ,L jfs? Pf'i'vi,dA , 34, ,M mm 2 if -'Ji"'5 ?Ef V4 .A """ I' irq-. .7Tf'1'T'7w,, 'sil " 1f'.'n'n'l'jt l 0' ,,.v-f':w""'jwfN-.vb -PM H Q E r -fu , X11 Q- , Q .. , ,pw 'mf ,,. N-, ,. ...N , -w 4 " ,-.N-h"""""----Q.. Zwmen- ""1"--L-.NWA -......, -me L., H W , ' 1 T-.w....,.... .W wr .we , . K as-6 eng Q' f i 5 -P EE 55? ....., Smoke billows from c h i m n e y s where once only coTTon fields sToodg The whir of machines is heard where once only The buzzing of bees a n d crickeTs disTurbed The calmg and Tree men ride To work where once slaves sweaTed under The broiling sun. This is The New SouTh-young and eager in iTs bid Tor indusTrial compeTiTion wiTh iTs sisTer regions. And Louisiana is keeping pace. The Esso STandard Oil Refinery in Louisiana is one of The largesT a n d mosT compleTe in The world, while Kaiser's planT is The largesT primary aluminum planT in The c o u n T r y. Louisiana is The second ranking pro- ducer of carbon black in The naTion, and leads in The producTion of paper- b o a r d and conTainerboard. Along wiTh numerous o T h e r indusTries, Louisiana is making iTs greaTesT gains in This Tield. LOUISIANA LOOK' ,Q.,,,,,M illliflil - E s , s T 0 aw NT THE PRESENT - TODAY Ill! F r o m an unbroken wilderness, Through a greaT many growing pains, Louisiana has emerged as a modern and efficient organizaTion, capable of meeTing The ever-increasing demands of Today's world. Progressive lead- ers have inauguraTed many programs for improvemenTs. One of The maior phases of ex- pansion has been in highway con- sTrucTion. Numerous hospiTals w i T h' The mosT modern TaciliTies have been and are being builT, while eTTicienT brick and sTeel buildings are spring- ing up everywhere To replace "The liTTle red school houses." As indus- Tries move in aT a rapid raTe, n ew Tacfories a nd commercial buildings appear on conTinually changing sky- lines. lVloTivaTed by a driving spiriT, Louisiana is expanding To meeT The needs of her ciTizens. LOUISIANA LOOKS TC R R O , J . ,R O 2 H A wb Q HE FUTURE - TOMORROW """"WW""' W 14-11 In ...,......,..., aw.- WW CCNTENTS I Administration, Faculty, Staff - 18 II Organizations, Clubs, Activities - 46 III Features - 80 IV Athletics - 108 V Classes - 144 VI Spring - 196 VII Monroe - 212 f ' if M, PRODUC is, I i I in 5 il wg. 3 Q X X e f fy. - v 1 4 - 'L x 1 3 f U . f , , E i as un lu m in :Z ? as in Us L n fl J' Qall 1 .shi W it I1 25 H4 'uf li A 4 U i .M 35 Q I 5 N I 3 5 5 1 S, 7 3 1 f! 4 H 5 af ' 8 . . zu - , I 1 . M, K., .. M pf-,Jw .. A ' P55 I :rw -,yy f i '.' 52? YZ? HL Q. ju 5 I , K,.+?:Q,:g, g.f V Q, f' -arg f 1,15-MT' if " . A , . wi., AY .E -ww .,...,,.. .Q W ,QQ f. Q ,142 ww .L ,N-'YY K ' ' ' N, .. , A ,QM ,-4 , ' ,V ".f'4,'5 .' Q 'rikku- . x..-' 'L if 21:1 l N f 2 J jan Z ' f J: V V125 , X, 'tlffx 5 Ly 1 , -. if Q jzfsw ,J 'W W ff", 'fi Y .Lx 'ii' VL 3 .f -, r"3f fl W' ' '- 'Eff 'X M' ' 'Q' V , . . L ,,. ,, . his I W , q , ,,Mw, 44" ' 'W' w- ,. - rf, . 'Q Q V. YJ, fl, 1 A W M . 4 Q , X, ,. ' 5 -ir 5' , V ' ' rug, . , ' ' ax ' .1 . -4 Q ' 'V ' A ' in ' n ' .L si f ' ' S ' I V ' , 5 ip' ' 1 w In 'VK' 1 V, agp, ni 1 1. K' I , , . ' f ' ' 1 W' " 5' 'rf lmmifrxi ff ' 'r ' L X 1 4' 'K ' f ' ' M aff. A -, ,Q 4, MA 'I xi, 1. 88,5 'rt , W' 4, df. + , -. -. n LOUISIA NA I5 MAIN BUILDING M' . If rf: AUDITORIUM GYMNASIUM WAX-X 'S STADIUM CHAPTER I ADMINISTRATICN, FACULTY, STAFF EDITED BY HOLLY SUE BAYNE BARBARA BORGKVIST 8 MONROE CITY SCHOOL lm. I 'W f' H . hA Nw l " 3 n""""Nw'H .. I Z -4 sr 'Ia I 4' l From left to right: Frank Breese, William Gannaway, J, H. Scogin, Grayson Guthrie, and Eddie Whetstone. THE PUBLIC TAKES ACTION THROUGH SCHOOL BOARD o - SUPERINTENDENT ff. i mf MR. VAN D. oDoM Monroe City School System iffy .nik-. " H Q ftw iv? V fb-s-,.- .B MR. FRANK FRANCIS MR. PAUL J. NEAL MISS ELEONA BRINSMAID Asst. Supt. Asst. Supt. Visifing Teacher MR. SIDNEY A. SEEGERS NEVILLE PRINCIPAL MR. A. E. CULPEPPER Neville Asst. Principal Miss Kathryn Douciere MISS KATHRYN DOUCIERE: B.S., M.Ed., State University. Guidance Counselor. GUIDANCE Louisiana Many varied services are offered by the guid- ance unit such as testing of students for aptitude, IQ, college entrance, etc., and counseling for var- ious problems all the way from vocational choices to different kinds of school problems. "College, career, or what? . . . " That is the question confronting Rosemary Upshaw and Suzanne Messina. LIBRARY Neville High School operates a modern, well- equipped library for The use of all srudenfs, boih for research and for personal pleasure reading. Each year more books are acquired 'ro keep up wiTh The advancements in subiecf maTTer. All of The basic reference books such as encyclopedias, clicrionaries, almanacs, etc., can be found in The library. f Y- 1, 1. , if i "" "W , M, A 1 Q"'W"""7 li' J Y 4 A, ,Q Y A 4.., Miss Genevra Washburn MISS GENEVRA WASHBURN: BA., Newcomb Col- lege, MA., Columbia University, B.L.S., Louisiana Sraie Universify. Library. The most popular spot in the library-The check-out desk. . ,Eli Q xx 3 z X X nsunq,,W,WmMm .HW uf iw wa' , QR .aaMmf,,,,,,w,. KU Miss Vera Dowling Mr. Lawrence McGough ii, 'EX ARTS AND Don Higginbotham and John Heimgartner apply principles of Mechanical Drawing I. Dale Young cuts out a part of his woodworking proiect. Art is an elective and is open to any student. The value of art is experimen- tation, coordination, and originality. Various types of drawings, paintings, etc., become student projects through- out the year. For students who intend to pursue engineering and architecture and oth- er scientific fields, mechanical drawing is offered. Woodworking and ceramics offer the student opportunities to con- ' struct objects with his own hands. MISS VERA DOWLING: B.A., Louisiana Poly- technic Institute. Art. MR. LAWRENCE MCGOUGH: B.S., Northwestern State College. Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Woodworking I and II, Ceramics. CRAFTS ii 5 . with Burch Cerniglia and Bill Spinks at work In arf class. ' 'am A 'rs a -.. - 11 .M .,' . 4' ,.b.. us-.Qpgv Danny Gurgiolo applies finishing Touches To proiecf in ceramics. W. -n fs: , my if gt .X gi ? - Q if L Mrs. Dale Bedgood Mrs. Rhea Buckner Mrs. Mildred MlfCl15ll Mrs. Buckner supervises as a student diagrams a sentence A freshman concentrates on his textbook. Neville High School offers four years of English, three of which are required. Class procedures vary according to the needs of the students, but in general, the year's work centers around the language arts, reading, writing, speak- ing, and listening. At Neville partic- ular emphasis is placed on writing. However, the goal of the department is to send students out from a high school career, able to think construct- ively, speak those thoughts in a force- tul and coherent manner, and if the need arises, write about them. MRS. DALE BEDGOOD, B.A., Mercer University, M.A., University of Arkansas. English II and IV. MRS. RHEA BUCKNER: B.S., Louisiana State Uni- versity. English I. MRS. MILDRED MITCHELL: B.A., Baylor Univer- sity. English III and IV. MRS. EDITH BROWN RODRIGUEZ, B.A., Newcomb College. English ll. MRS. ELEANOR THOMPSON: B.A., Louisiana State University. English I and III. MISS JANE WHITTINGTON: B.A., Belhaven Col- lege, M.A., Northwestern University. English I and IV. N M Mrs. Edith Brown Rodriguez Mrs. Eleanor Thompson Miss Jane Whittington Jim Ledoux files a folder containing his work during the year. Janet Moses discusses her work with Mrs. Bedgood. ,CQ .qvfbis wwf' Mrs' l-- D- Allen MV' Oliver W- Hargrove Mr. Lawrence A. Loftin Mr. Ronnie H. Thompson Students test the Law of Elasticity. Mr. Loftin exhibits a specimen for students of biology. Neville High School offers a well- rounded science program with courses in physics, biology, chemistry, and general science. Biology, the study of human life, is usually taken by fresh- men and sophomores as a beginning science course. General science is pop- ular for not only the student who wish- es to achieve only a minor in science but also the student who is preparing to study chemistry and physics. The course goals in physics are to enable the student to make high grades in any college entrance test in the sub- iect and to awaken a permanent in- terest in science. Chemistry is offered to prepare the student for college work in this field, and since 1957 a course in advanced chemistry has been of- fered. MR. L. D. ALLEN: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic ln- stitute, M.S., Louisiana State University. Physics and General Science. MR. OLIVER W. HARGROVE, B.S., M.Ed., Louis- iana State University, M.S., Oklahoma State Uni- versity. Advanced Chemistry. MR. LAWRENCE A. LOFTIN: B.S., M.Ed., Louis- iana State University. Biology. MR. RONNIE H. THOMPSON: B.S., Louisiana Poly- technic institute. Chemistry, General Science, and Darkroom. To supplemeni Textbook maternal students IH General Scxence vlew a film 3- Tc Test prnnclples learned In The lecture room, studenfs perform an expernmenf In Advanced Chemistry class Mrs. Daisy H. Daniels Mrs. Madge S. Wilson All Home Economics courses are taken by girls at Neville with the exception ot Family Living which has several boys enrolled in the class. Home Economics can be divided into three areas: family living, cooking, and sewing. Students are given the opportunity to learn the many phases of operating a home, its management, its decoration, its cleaning and the like. They are taught the latest methods of economy and conservation, plus general techniques of performing ordinary home tasks better. Various practical problems are discussed and solved along with practical laboratory work. Actually, lab in the kitchen, dining room, living room and sewing room constitute a maior part of the home ec. courses. Mrs. Wilson checks progress of students during lab work in the kitchen. HOME E MRS. DAISY H. DANIELS: B.S., Louisiana State Uni- versity, M.A., Mississippi College. Home Econo- mics II, III, IV, and Family Living. MRS. MADGE S. WILSON: B.S., Northeast Louisiana State College. Home Economics I and II. NOMICS ' . . . '-Q 2 H it 'alll' 5' 5 1 M 5, -Si .1 E . X W gtg. i if .it ' fin I x' ffffif HQ 2. Q, eff- f Students in Family Living class hold conversation in living room. Mrs. Daniels demonstrates a step in The making of a garment to a student in her sewing class. :rig mu.,-,,,. A Qu Vx ' ff? .9 S aj' . .,5g, Mr. Charlie Brown Mr. J. R. Childress wx "l made if," says Danny Gremillion. Students Try To Tie up basketball during game. . K L, ,.k, VY...g4 rg Y li . ,li Q A M --M R. of ai 43 , 5 f sf s Q I gl ,. . l l ..... iwiliim MV- GQOVQE A- Davis MV- Bill Ruple Mr. Charles W. Sfewarf Neville High School provides up-To- daTe boys and girls physical educaTion deparTmenTs, uTilizing The old and The new gymnasiums, The old baseball field, and The varsiiy TooTball and The baseball fields, as well as The new, modern Track TaciliTies. The boys and girls have every opporTuniTy To de- velop Their bodies Tully in a healThTul manner. MR. CHARLIE BROWN: B.S., UniversiTy of SouTh- wesTern Louisiana. Physical Educaiion, VarsiTy Coach. MR. J. R. CHILDRESS: B.S., NorTheasT Louisiana STaTe College. Driver's EducaTion, Coach. MR. GEORGE A. DAVIS, B.S., NorThwesTern STaTe College. Physical EducaTion, BaskeTball and Track Coach. MR. BILL RUPLE: BA., Louisiana PolyTechnic InsTi- TuTe. Physical EducaTion, Head FooTball Coach, AThleTic DirecTor. MR. CHARLES W. STEWART: BS., Louisiana Poly- Technic InsTiTuTe. Biology, Driver's EducaTion, Phys- ical EducaTion, Freshman Coach. MISS LOU ANN BOYD: B.S., Louisiana PolyTechnic InsTiTuTe. Physical EducaTion. MISS BABS LEE: B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic InsTi- TuTe. Physical EducaTion, Girls' BaskeTball Coach. PHYSICAL DUCATION 'AF' 'ni' . -.M--M nv- -Fiji' X i HW L , L Miss Lou Ann Boyd Miss Babs Lee A sfudenf makes a dash for home. Girls participate in spirited game of kiclvbali. M may N ffLZ?'Lf 'e' wwf., ,wh 4 ff.,V W M ,, my , H69"1X'..-ii "sw, 5 if i siqges ,MTVN Mr. Roger DiGiulian Mr. Herbert E. Gathright Miss Nina Harris The Neville High School music program in- cludes both instrumental and choral instruction. Glee Club is offered to all students who have a talent to sing as an elective course. In the instru- mental phase of the program orchestra and band are ottered to promote the musicianship, charac- ter, and citizenship of the individual. These three groups are featured in public performances and in Neville assemblies. MR. ROGER DIGIULIAN: B.M., Stetson University, NLM., Louisiana State University. Orchestra. MR. HERBERT G-ATHRIGHTz B.A., Louisiana Poly- technic lnstitute. Band. MISS NINA HARRIS: BA., Newcomb University. Choral Director. Mr. Gathright rehearses the Neville High School band. wmnnnpm, 'A -at X K' A new sound at Neville-the rehearsal ofthe orchestra directed by Mr. DiGiuIian Q i i The freshman and sophomore girls' chorus rehearses for their Christmas program. ' "W 'vvlhugu Ill:-Mliirii ,, :wigs 01162 MVS. B6I'f'llCe l'llCl4mBH Miss Marianna Johnson The business education department of Neville High School offers courses which appeal not only to the stu- dent who plans to pursue a study in this field in col- lege but also to those who plan to go directly into business. Bookkeeping is a basic foundation for future study in business administration and is open to only juniors and seniors. Typing is taken by rnajors in busi- ness and by those who vvill need the skill for college work in every field. Student ponders problem in bookkeeping. MRS. BERNICE HICKMAN: B.S., Louisiana Poly- technic Institute, M.B.E., University of Mississippi. Clerical Office Practice, Shorthand, Typewriting. MISS MARIANNA JOHNSON: B.S. Louisiana Poly- technic Institute, M.B.E., University of Mississippi. Bookkeeping, Typewriting. 1 a:::r A vim' , Q X I - fAfi ef e V :S ffw AM 2 .V Ji , Q X Y A 'Aa 4.1 'mm - if 5 F K K ? W . RRR' W ' 1 4 N f' e a l 1 R . 7 W The iyping class members type a leiier. Miss Johnson checks sfudenfs work in bookkeeping. 1 1 1 1 I ,Milf awww? ,.'v I A :. . - 'lf' H- I , ,,V : 'T al 'T ' . K 4 LLLh ,,: M. ,N ,Fx .W-. :li 5 A wmiA YLA f : ,-,,. 1: I m'mk f L'K'fk V3 g,.k -A,,f M sr.. Q' - .Myr- Miss Sandra Beach Mrs. Margaret Flournoy Miss RuTh Simmons MVS- Mafgafef TEYIOV PresidenTs Tour foreign lands: missionaries explore remoTe islands. Throughouf The world people are con- sTanTly coming inTo conTacT wiTh each oTher. Whaf one facTor is The key To Their increasing harmony? The knowledge of foreign languages. Neville offers Three foreign languages: Spanish, French, and LaTin. The sTudenTs concenTraTe on gaining skills in vvriTing, speak- ing, and reading The language They are sTudying. ln addifion, emphasis on The culTural and hisTorical ele- menTs of each of The Three civilizaTions increases The sTudenTs undersTanding of The language he is sTudying. Danny Gremillion lisTens To a Tape in The French lab. sri' MISS SANDRA BEACH: B.A., NOrTheasT Louisiana STaTe College. French I, English II, Annual. MRS. MARGARET FLOURNOY: B.A., Radcliffe College. Spanish I and II, LaTin I. MISS RUTH SIMMONS: B.A., SouThwesTern Uni- wg versiTy of Texas, M.A., Universify of Texas. LaTin l, ll, lll, IV. MRS MARGARET TAYLOR: B.A., Unive-rsiTy of SouThwesTern Louisiana: M.A., Tulane UniversiTy. French I, ll, Ill. Fla Sm ANGUAGE ! .ww ' ft ga. As Martha Guyton looks on, Carol Crotwell points out Rome, the center of the Latin civiliza- tion. Students learn French by listening to master tapes of dialogues in the laboratory. in 'I . Qi lu W f rf' 3, S ., . 'f .... V -fury 2, , ?, . . Ev Mr. Edward D. Cascio Mrs. Dallene Danna Mrs. Eunice Dunn MATH Steve Huffman and Penny Nichols look at a proof of a corollary in plane geometry. Buddy Pearson connects tvxo points n a graph as Mrs. Danna looks on. MR. EDWARD D. CASCIO: B.S., Louisiana State University, M.Ed., University ot Arkansas. Algebra l. MRS. DALLENE DANNA: B.S., Northwestern State College. Algebra ll, Senior Mathematics. MRS. EUNICE DUNN: B.A., Louisiana Collegey N M.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Plane Geom- i etry, General Mathematics. i i MR. D. VV. GRIFFITH: B.S., North Texas State Uni- i versity, M.A., University of Colorado. Advanced l Mathematics, Plane Geometry. l MRS. VIRGINIA MULLINS: B.S. Northeast Louis- l iana State College. M.S., University of Illinois. Algebra l, Algebra ll. MRS. RUTH M. SMITH: B.A., Louisiana State Uni- versity. Algebra l. KATICS fn! far f i, Hi ,J .fs tl of 15 1 ,sr filivglf i, m,,L ,i K'-i ww ,- if i .gg 'fi-,jf 6935 5 i i N A M E A 1 A L i Mr. D, vv. eiiffiiii ' 1 Mis. virginia iviiiiiins Mis. Ruth M. smith Photographer catch Mathematics at Neville meets the needs of all the students because this program otters General and Senior Math, Algebra I and ll, Plane Geometry, and Advanced Mathematics. Neville offers the student who intends to pursue such courses as engineering, archi- tecture, chemistry, physics, and other general scienti- fic subjects every opportunity to fully prepare himself for college so tar as his math requirements are con- cerned. es math students taking an examination. 5 E I r - 5, . . 9 ir Q.. , .sr .1 if qui ,. , y r .LAV 1 Mrs. Eileen H. Baur 5 7 X ik ,A.1 Vg ill .ff 'Mfg'-Q John Taylor 25 - ve- S X 1' 'M J V ij 5 'fx Mr John W. Turner Mike Riley, Mike Stevens, and Minta Goyne are shown in Problems of Democracy class. These students are studying the history of their own homeland - the United States. 'ill' .x X' Social studies classes are the scenes ot battles retought by classroom generals ranging from the Peloponnesian War, Crusades and the Hundred Years War to the action during World War ll. The histories of the world, and the United States take on new meaning and excitement with the addition ot tilms, maps, newspapers, magazines, and proiects. These studies of history help us to understand our own complex world in the light ot the past. MRS. EILEEN H. BAUR: B.A., M.A., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. American History, Problems ot Democracy. MR. JOHN E. TAYLOR: B.A., Northeast Louisiana State College. Civics, Tigerette Director. MR. JOHN W. TURNER: B.A., Northeast Louisiana State College. Civics, Printing Department. SOCIA STUDIES vu '7 I 3 f f A ii' Q 1 'Z E Two history students look at the United States on a global map of the world Students of World History study history of all nations and peoples. lg ., 1 'N 9 . M' Q 358, ,wa Mr. Jerry Lee MR. JERRY LEE: BA., NorTheasT Louisiana STaTe College, MA., Harding College. Speech l and II, World HisTory. SPEECH Neville High School offers Two courses for The speech sTudenT. Speech l consisTs of general Tund- amenTals such as phoneTics, pronunciaTion, speech preparaTion, oral discussion, and The like. Speech II is primarily concerned wiTh debaTe and dis- cussion, iT emphasizes The proper olebaTe proce- dures, manner of gafhering maTerials, preparaTion of briefs, TormulaTion of maTerial inTo organized debaTe Topics, and acTual pracTice. Mr. Lee gives Bill Trice poinfers in making an effective oral T repor . ,Or - 313, ,... W THE STAFF MRS. DOROTHY HODGE School Secretary 1 "'4"f5""A"mXS'sCL MRS. ADELL WORLEY Cafeieria Manager MR. ELBERT JONES Director of Maintenance AMER: CHAPTER II ORGANIZATIONS, CLUBS, ACTIVITIES EDITED BY BARBARA BORGKVIST 'I1I. WRIGHT 46 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS SEATED, left to right: Gretchen Masur, Secretary-treasurer, Rosemary Upshaw, Chaplain, Dottie Amman Historian. STANDING, left to right: Bill Ethridge, Vice-President, Mike Riley, President, Sam Caverlee, Reporter Robert Payne, Sergeant-at-arms, Ralph Roberts, Parliamentarian. JUNIOR AND SENIOR MEMBERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Cookie Cookston, Ralph Roberts, Nancy Crossland, Tommie Dixon, Gretchen Masur, Rosemary Upshaw, Dottie Amman, Mike Riley, Gary Gannaway: SECOND ROW, from left to right: Bill Etltridge, Tommy Sparks, Truett Nolan, Don Saget, Kurt Guelzow, Sam Caverlee, Nick White. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE MEMBERS 48 FIRST ROW, left to right: Beau Turrentine, Susan Sherrouse, Susie McBride, Sandy Youngblood, Vic Hallmark, Donna Porter, Barbara Boutwell. SECOND ROW, from left to right: Jim Caverlee, Joe Cam Sally Ensminger, Arden Anders, Gayle Kelly, Judy Searcy, Sandy Rowe. ' 7-f.a.,,ai,w..a, ,,,,.,.,,, +wazf, m K fi ,.., y A B H- rriia rm, ia l licil 3, R , , J 1 - " T T f 1.2, , RSA ra . i 7 Q, , y ,f mi Pictured above are the opponents of the lettermen in a benefit basketball game. ROBERT CHARLES PAYNE, President BUNZY BRYANT, Vice-President TOP, from left to right: Butch Cerniglia, Frank Kieth, Jerry Jones, Corbin Turpin, Andy Mapp, Ronnie Plaisance, Sam Walker, Gigi Hargon Jimmy Gilley, Ronald Killen, Randy Lewis, Don Johnson, Richard Slavant, Don Brant, John Yerger, Nick White, Pete Terzolas, Bob Duncan Steve Jefferson, Robert Payne, Mike Wilson, Bill Yerger, Ralph Roberts, Eddie Kincaid. ' qcrwwfwlil L L7 K - if ,, l . Vg' ,fix U ' , T S T ic, 1 e L ,, . in 5 My Q KEY CLUB lit? itll l ,.. Dm left to right: FIRST ROW: Diclcy Harper, Bo Pasternack, Ralph Roberts, Mignon Scogin, Sweetheart, Howard Rivers, Sam Caverlee, Mr, Cascio, hnsor. SECOND ROW: Dewitt Beckett, Jim Caverlee, George Lavert, Don Marx, Mike Riley, Carl Stevenson, Ronald Killen. THIRD ROW: Nick jtite, Tommy Sparks, Kurt Guelzow, Robert Horton, Cookie Cookston, Gary Gannaway, Robert Charles Payne, and Steve Jefferson. , fs Officers are, from left to right: Sam Caverlee, Junior Board Meme ber, Kim Breese, Senior Board Member, Bill Ethridge, Vice-Presb dent, Bo Paternaclc, Treasurer, Ralph Roberts, President, 4 KAY ANDERSON JEAN CARTER The Neville Publications Department is divided into three areas: annual, print- ing, and the darkroom. The annual section is responsible for The publication of the Monroyan. The printing section is re- sponsible tor football programs, an- nouncements of school sponsor activities, and other such work. The darkroom must supply both the previous mentioned sec- tions with pictures with which the story of lite at Neville is told. NEVILL PUB ATIONS DEPARTMENT BARBARA BORGKVIST, Editor SECOND ROW: Eastland Gray, Robert Reynolds, v-" . C ,L f Editor Editors Editors THE MONROYAN 1962 PUBLICATION STAFF Ad Editor Circulation Manager Administration Faculty, Staff Organization, Club and Activities Features Editors Sports Editor Class Editors Spring Section Snapshot Editor BARBARA BORGKVIST TOMMY SPARKS SHAWN McBRIDE HOLLY BAYNE BARBARA BORGKVIST BARBARA BORGKVIST TIL WRIGHT CAROL CAHN STEVE HUFFMAN ROBERT REYNOLDS ALICE GOORLEY YVONNE WILLIAMS VICKI HALLMARK EASTLAND GRAY SAGE REDDING Other staff members include Diane Entrican, Art Smith, Bobby George, Bob Powell, and Branton Kellogg, Members of the publications staff are from left to right, FIRST ROW: Viclci Hallmark, Til Wright, Diane Entrican, Yvonne Williams. Holly Bayne, Alice Goorley, Steve Huffman, and Barbara Borgkvist. env il 1 I vu ii wi. , . L. ,., 5-2fI5Sa.,.s,M s 1 fl? at 'um Shi ., , N ' f Ti 'B 'Y L", 1 , , 'QA 53, , ,f S ,Q , , f ,. ' 7 . ,V , :Lg-'E 7Tf9'V55fflV ' 5" N 1,1gsg"wi22'Hvk,4Q,, i Vi Q , W A 4'c..,,J ' "ia H ,. "inn TOMMY SPARKS, Ad Editor SHAWN MCBRIDE, Circulation Manager AD STAFF Members of the ad staff of the Monroyan are, FIRST ROW, from left to right: Rita Brandon and Linda Ladner. SECOND ROW, from left to right: Adria Landry, Ann Casey, and Susan Sperry. TOP ROW: Tommy Sparks. WN' MITH BOBB NEVILLE DARKROCM STAFF LOGG B95 mmm it , W, h AMERICANISM CLUB 5 BOARD OF DIRECTORS FIRST ROW, standing from left to right are: Milann Gannaway, Diane Halley, Cynthia Leigh. SECOND ROW are: Mimi Landry, Sam Caverlee, Doll Burgoyne. THIRD ROW: are: Howard Rivers, Kurt Guelzow, and Bo Pasternack. 4 Q i T -LQ? , l :,a' .. , l 'f -L' v'?f,, .1'w-z-- as .z ' ' ,.. ,, ,M . f 1 , as iff , :si-Aff, , , I i ilk' , f f , 4, rf' 'f 4 fs , 1rgf.'9"g,'x2fY k J! X, 'UC T , 44 fm 22 X 4. galil. 75, 1, api, , ,' fa' pf Ms. ,ff ' 411' Lf, , A. 9 v ef 159. 0 4 41: 1 04 3:9 ji: , ,Q .fglf M , is , 1 ny, ,,, it Es 4 Q gf - , T8 gif' up i .. . , ,. , as ,,.- QW MR. JOHN E, TAYLOR, Tigerette Diredor we en- s-wi Q-W . an if ,L fm, .mm ww, aw rm, N we on f -N Maw! W -ww an W 4-1 K gays U, .5 'K im 79-N-2593 l NEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL TIGERETTE PEP SQUAD Since their organization, The Tigerettes have been The leading group producing school spirit. This precision drill Tearn performs during half- time aT football games, marches in parades, and provides leadership Training within The organiza- Tion. ON STEPS 1- man an M--fi. , an 1-ui bww? ' Q H ' 1 Z '97 e - - ,Q.'3gh,Qf9fr'V?EL a 5,1 5 A 2 jeg?- ,. 211 Q X fs 15,21 'f g. ' an' 1 OFFICERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Carolyn Thompson, President, Mary Lee Milstead, Vice-President, Louise Weir, Treasurer, Milann Gannaway, Secretary. SECOND ROW, left to right: Shirley Dean, Senior Alternate, Linda Collet, Senior Com- mancler, Carolyn Murray, Junior Alternate. THIRD ROW, left to right: Doll Burgoyne, Company Commander, Susan Fergu- son, Company Commander, Paula Neal, Junior Alternate. S i Fx 1 ,,- 'W . . W ,,-, . 7 7 A-" --W-I .f'.', IN FORMATION ifli, A. i 'rg s is ,, .gZ Q19 pf This is a view of the band marching in the T961 Homecoming Parade. NEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND The Neville High School band is organized for the main pur- pose ot developing the musician- ship, citizenship, and character of the individual in a well-olisci- plined organization. The band projects during the year include concerts, a district contest, and a state contest. The band also marches in parades and plays at football games and pep rallies. . S. 3 sh , - . K. J: 1 ,W Vg c is Vx The Neville band is com- posed ot Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman stu- dents who have met high standards of performance on their instrument by playing an audition at the beginning of the school year. Open to all students, the program includes classes for beginning, inter- mediate, and advanced stu- dents. at V, ,ig .iq ,K gk 7 Y fp . --Y - fi im '- 4, K yifliif - -w 5. f, f -. . K. . i K.-1 i I . f f . The band musters before a parade. 1 W .KW fs.:-iff X V K K . M Q 5 Q , at A ..,. , , , . .K . 3.K K .:z..,-s3.ig9?a.f3 ?,,iK,g KKKKYKK K jg.. KK ' 'fl I ' rf iiifi A' , 'jf S - K ' 1 in . lx K ,Q K . 82 lla. , 4 lt I 2 ' 5 , .. 64-71 V . 'A 1, fl' Jig 'vi' I 4' K K ,,.-Q. . is M A R C H I N G B A ND , 2 wx . I L . K - iw, lt. fir - g " w " " , . ' f ,. ,,a a55?3f:?53: VX..-ia, :lysis if' ,, ' 4' ' W, J wig sg, 41. 2 ,-1f'gft:5?" ' ' . if ' . K 1 ' ' l l ' J il Ari- ':f?I,,1fm,w . f . Y . W at 1 i A - ' ' mir qi f 1az1r',r. K 4 K K ,Kf K, , 4 .Gi K . , ,K K 'uKK,KfKi aa KKKKKQQK QKLKF Q, f ,Q A ' l '. ' .55 5' " ' 'fl if'Nif.Efi,r 5 A fQ3:?L'ijJ' J .7 ll, iffftllgs V W KR 1 KK5,,KSfi,i. K, , . 1 EW 4 l 1 . ' X 'inf xiii! 2 s, ,mf i A 'z-3.15 K :K K U L. ,ff - L ,I XMQ UCF .X " '-J' L: ' X' Q ., fl , ., aiigiw 09- t . - '- S . Y 4,9 in 'Q gi fa EY .Q .1 ky, if 3,',e5j9'S1J7 .1 vt? ?.,ge.'fi6j?'g4t?fgi l . ff :eil ' 4' :aa u ?gf?f5?ss'22ggtf ' 'ia as "ff, , . A , is u- tt' in W.. ff: . .f f. 5- , K , ' K V fs ?i.g--ggi, ,gg Q , A 6 I ff?rW 4 f I' . wifi" vt.. t fmt' -if :L Fei waQs..,.v A if t ffl, Q 4 in 1 ., i 's g ali M552 MR. HERBERT E. GATHRIGHT, BARBARA BORGKVIST DIRECTOR DRUM MAJOR ALL-STATE BAND An annual honor for outstanding participants in band programs in Louisiana is being chosen as members of the all-state band or all-state or- chestra who perform for teachers and administra- tors during their convention in Shreveport in November. The i962 All-State Band members from Neville again exceeded all other schools in number. They are from left to right Ann Adams, Peggy Southerland, Sheila Culp, Skipper Bell, Beverly Richey, John Harvey Nelson, David McCaskill, Barry Mullins, Howard Rivers, Jim Mathis, Richard Mulhern, Phil Guthrie, Jenny Welch and Thad Mullins. ALL-STATE ORCHESTRA Band members chosen as participants in the 1962 All-State Orchestra are, from left to right: Martha Guyton, Ann Adams, Carol Crotwell, David McCaskill, Barry Mullins, Howard Rivers, and Thad Mullins. BAND OFFICERS BW U Y',-'F-" 'Q 4- V 5 - i ' - , -- - .. - . ' -- .- :'Q ' A """ Officers are, from left to right: Guy Ogden, Captain, Barbara Borgkvist, Drum Maior, John Harvey Nelson Student Conductor' Sheila Culp, Lieutenant, David McCaskill, Lieutenant, Mignon Scogin, Lieutenant, Howard Rivers, Property Sergeant, Holly Bayne, Uniform Sergeant, Ann Adams, Library Sergeant, Doris Solomon, Library Corporal, Jenny Welch, Library Corporal, Jeanne Foster, Uniform Corporal, Phil Guthrie, Property Corporal. PROPERTY CREW STANDING, left to right, are: Fred Vogel, Steve Rugg, Barry Mullins, Phil Guthrie, John Parker, Richard Kiper. KNEELING is Howard Rivers, Property Sergeant. 64 fr we ansnnoewewwiimurm- me asm- mm-- SIGMA SIGMA SCCIETY Sigma Sigma Honorary Scholarship Society was founded in 1914 largely through the influence of Ernest L. Neville, whose purpose it was to'bring together each year the high scholarship students of the Senior Class. The Society has continued, uninterrupted, to the present day, and presently, it is the only scholarship or honor society at Neville. The charter members of Sigma Sigma were Edwin Marks, Alston Prophet, Virginia Russell, Emma Smith, Beatrice Callman, and William Wunsch, all of the class of l9l4. ln June of l92l, a special meeting was held to officially organize Sigma Sigma. Wunsch drew up the ritual and Miss Dorothy Schulze designed the pin and emblem. The society thus claimed all Monroe City High School students who had performed three years of work at the school, making a B average C9021 or better in all work and no failures Cin semester work.J At the end of three years of work at the City High school a student became eligible for mem- bership. The Sigma Sigma pin and emblem is in the general shape of a cross. The emblem of the crusaders forms the background and is of gold. The face of the pin is iet enamel in which is embedded a single gold star at the top of the cross-the Star of David-and three gold links at the base. On the two arms are gold Sigmas. ln the center of the cross is a Grecian lamp of learning, engraved in surface gold. The distribution of these pins was discontinued dur- ing World War ll when they could not be obtained. The practice of giving Sigma Sigma pins to members has not been renewed to this day. Also, the requirements are different now. They are that a student must have a B WORD average or better in three- fourths of his subjects and no failures in semester work for mem- bership. The requirement of doing three or more years of work at the City High School for membership in Sigma Sigma has also been dropped. Today, the primary recognition of Sigma Sigma members is the printing of the names in the graduation program and the reading of them during the graduation ceremonies. Sigma Sigma will always remain a lasting symbol of Superior Scholarship at Neville High School. THE FRESI-INIAN AND SOPHOMORE GIRLS' CHORUS GLEE CLUB ,. Ii Officers of the mixed chorus are SEATED from left to right: Pam Rudisill, Secretary, Mary Ann Caldwell, Accompanisf. STANDING from Icft to right: David Smith, President, Jimmy Head, Vice-President, Janet Nolan, Librarian, Billy Turpin, Public Relations. 66 Officers of The girls' chorus are SEATED from left to right: Sally Ensminger, Secretary, Peggy Windham, Accompanist, STANDING from left to right, are: Sandy Rowe, Public Relations, Becky Parker son, Librarian, Jan Reagan, Vice-President, Gayle Smith, President Pat Powell, Robe Chairman, Members of 1he All-Sfafe Chorus which performed for Yhe LTA Convenfion in Shreveport in November were FRONT ROW: Jen Dickerson, Gayle Smith, Herschel Walker. In BACK ROW: Billy Turpin, David Smith, Jimmy Head. THE MIXED CHORUS Composed of Juniors and Seniors ORCHESTRA The orchestra performs for Latin Club assembly. Q new -ffffgw 5 we , f f 1 -'- -- ,,1r.r, K W 5. My ,, W-ew-N 'Kh- . - WK. . i ,. TV' 'if Q 'fl wil Q rrfXel rerrer ,erre r L rr -A W sf A 1- 'Him . 1.9 ?"""" NATIONAL THESPIAN soclerv l l lll 9 ll lu B ' 4, Officers are Alice Goorley, President, Dick Kurtz, Vice-President, Beverley Bartlett, Chaplain, Holly Sue Bayne, Secretary. Student Shown rehearsing school play directed by Mr. Lee are Virginia Reynolds, Robert Charles Payne, Ralph Roberts, Nancy Crossland, Margaret Moore, Bunny Buckner, Herschel Walker, and Dick Kurtz. a 3 30:1 Left to right: Grefchen Masur, President Jan Evans, Vice-President, Rosemary Upshaw, Re- porferg Beverly Blackmon, Secretary-Treasurer. FRENCH CLUB 'Hur M241 n AA,. -:-- , Up, . af 15ff.,1ggijw5pva1' fa: -U , Dr. George L. Sixbey, head of Department of .anguages, at NLSC speaks to students at Latin Assembly. Officers are, FIRST ROW, from left to right: Milann Gannaway, Reporter, Carolyn Rea, Secretary, Gayle Kelly, Parliamentarian, Sandy Ballard, Vice-President, Martha Guyton, Chaplain, Jane Edwards, Historian, Diane Halley, Program Chairman. SECOND ROW: Bo Pasternack, Steve Huffman, President, David Mcliaslcell, Sgt. at Arms, Phil Guthrie, Treasurer. LATIN CLUB 7-1 lQii 1'- n-nm-.Q EK rFQwEi i9 xiiwi li. i i l'55 Pi awww. .ae-r Y um! WWW M 5 WSIS KJ w LIBRARY CLUB as Left to right: Mary Lee Milsfead, Ann McElroy, Kay Jones, .lan Evans, Pat Powell, Jane Head. SCIENCE CLUB wi Q1 X: ' , W S ,JU X 'r - 2' x ' , 23 , A 'Vi ,?f f , Q E aa Var 'iifwgsmf wif' Officers pictured from left to right, TOP ROW, are: Don Marx, Vice- Presidenfg Bo Pastemack, Presldenfg BOTTOM ROW: Wayne Smifh, Pro- gram Chairmang Robert Horton, Secretary-Treasurer. mi A My 1 ,gl 1 45479494 , ,wg 2 9 A We 5 'A W Qawfiw l S1 'W W, if Q I' mf fawz9z"a1amvwz-fmfwfqfmu .1-,fs nr' was-W N Ja HIGH SCHOOL RED CROSS Officers are from left to right: Carol Crorwell, Vice-President Par Ayers, Pres? clenfg Holly Sue Bayne, Secretary. CANJ0 49 4 S' 6 4 D o Q, fo CR05 FHA... Future Homemakers of America Barbara Mullwearn - Parish Historian, Nancy Talbot - State Song Leader, Darish President OFFlCERSfFrO Treasurer, Jen Kay Anderson Leader, Mary Historian, Doll rn left to right, FIRST ROW: Sharon Monroe, Dickerson, Vice'Presidenfg Judy Cobb, President, , Secretary. SECOND ROW: Nancy Talbot, Song Frances Jones, Parliamentariang Par Bassett, Burgoyne, Reporter. : 1 D i ,p xr NEWYNQN 4:50 I Om? Q, 9 s f f 'S Sf ' mrj Fu u' v ft v. O Q I5 xo 0 O ,J 53 V, pnniui unmmaunu , P i - '- - , , Y r,t . if ,1 , to E f wal F 4 oiilik Representatives To Safety Councll - l96l-62 SAFETY COUNCIL Safety Councll Offlcers - From left to right, FIRST ROW: Carolyn Murray, Vice-Presldent Pat Bassett, Vice-President, Carol Jean Cahn, Reporter, Paula Neal, Secretary, Molly Shelton President, Wayne Smith, Safety Week Representative, Anne Spurgeon, Treasurer. SECOND ROW Jan Mason, Vice-President, Ronnie Factor, Sgt. at Arms, Miss Danna, Sponsor, Pat McHenry Vice-President, Ronnie Brasher, Vlce-Presiclent. ! 1 -r . ,Q v FBLL. . . Future Business Leaders of Louisiana r 14' From left To right: Ellen Ferguson, Presidentl: Mignon Scogin, Vice-President Louise Weir, Secretaryg Par Bassett, Treasurer. Y-TEENS New l ,K six.. I I A ' , 543 Q .ay 'ML 7 ' :iw was ' , ' 043 it f IHA! . -1 'ss 5 E i Mm, V ,, an Ai N L. xx V 'H , a 2- V w -U , , - ' " :. 1 5 A , Q1:,W9Qf' K M55 1 V 553 .5 , My., K ',,. W, defy, Nfl, v, X 5 I ji .i K fir! X45 ' "'..5. f,,f"Et.'a'zi.w'1u!i5f V 1 f r' xg Qin' , lm 'Iggy-3, , "mm in-ff?f4'2-.QW ' nf 'j'hij.1 ',ga m. 45':,5 Ak V 'e:, h., , '- .vu ' Wf.- , A 4 z . L," Em 1 N ' 1 I c1,3f:qg5q ,,g,.5wff,3g - m ' - L H xv 'H-:3:,,w:g,:,:g5g45 7 f ifaffz i f f , ,.mups!' V - Ti e .Zu ,Jaw my fi : . , , .L , f' Q' 4 frm :,ll :?.fi5f?' A gg V 325453 gg, , ig i 4 'EY Q51 5' A' ' 4 ,, 'thi 12 11! A ., H VFY . N ' W K ' ff -, L',, ng. 1 'Yr 2, ' , I A , , A wav A ,Zj 1 5 A W, :rv f Q 'F 2 gb Q q?af'a,,.!K K -wg gferg? l225J Scene from "Ge1'AcqUaInred" Tea in September. K W i. HI-Y 3 .5 'em Uri, , . W , . . .,,,, K , A-'gr S 5 v'Hf 'P-N A A b . .. ...., 1 T X , V - s I? 'Q --L. 'K K f 1 N. 80 wif FAVCRITES CHAPTER III EDITED BY CAROL JEAN CAHN STEVE HUFFMAN fd if . X Q K: ' I " ,, . 5 Q, ' 1 N 4 2? K , E? 1 W ,, 3 I gk V E V, 45 .wp pg 'H' A Q, fl 5 , F X Q. A Q 'sf , wp M-if , .. V , Lqv. 3 2 k , ' 'Q' Q , 1 L ,M a'Mw.Qi'gg K A 'I' ki V V ff' , ?i"a"':w'f,iN'HV"ig,gZ' A' f ' img! -1 . Siysi -.QIQAS 8 W F, Lf. 1 , Q., 3 ,'. r 'I 'iff QQ K! Www -4 ww M, ' , TA 23 if " w.,,if. 1 Wu f ,legs M, " Pb up 6 Q Vw f f fi, ,ff ff 1, Q x 55' Q 4 Q ! if ff 3 if , , , 5 4 .Q , f 5 K, T' S1 S Xjgg KW x , ' 'fn Mi EMM 2 wx be aw K jf sg wzbif-Q K fl lv ffl ' V X ,eq F SX EE fs, 1 7755917 ' IS , ,, Beauty BUNNY BUCKNER SCOOTER MORGAN Handsome Qmuifim Mxifi-naw Q:-:ff SJN K' A ' W .LQ X A, f- - ,. V W . M , ' 'V .F J ' , Af--iffx' W- , I I ,f1V3:,w2Q3,hb. AV .?..rfL - ,, - ,Q f,,-5,155-, ,, PM KL Q vw mf f- g N.: ,Q -,,. . Vifr k t ' ,K - - .k -Q-L. Befwfv MARGARET Moons RALPH ROBERTS Handsome 9x X no A451 KAY THQMPSON BeclUfY Q J E's....1 5 Xu 1' , : 34? . -f ' 3 --T 5:5555-53 ,M ima, Nw "15!Qi5Qz?v1? -Qui? -mi? A121155 I 5,Q,.,U J, f w X 5 was-f n '-fL1gL4'.,,:,-'ww BUNZY BRYANT Handsome Beaufy TOMMY JEAN DIXON BILL ETHRIDGE Handsome 'Q' YQ V G SL ,iw kilt E5 5 ' W ' ,1., Y . 'O 'Q x M K yviwsw Lx 5 Y K .X pw K I hp' gg six if . ,li H' lu Nwyx ,,.M,,,,,,,, .fa A J ,I " 5 is ' A f Q " +253 7, A .. EM L. LAKT Xggfk i , .lj 'L ,im W Q4 2, 3 ,ki Mi, dr 2 xx 1? 4, 3 .+X 'f , Amy Q 5 Qc r , If I '- J, , T- Lg SLM. K da- ' 'W ffl, ,fy W if Y 14 ,. , V , 4 gi s 2 xi- Q 5' Z I if K I 'wsfkihff' -,affine f , in ., ,w,1g,igmgiL . 7 ,Q Qu' ug, if fs A ,LW 3, if W , ,H-e J df ni liwugs 4 fi Sw . . ,ww UQ V xg if .- ,far .ww , ..3 was EQPQM ,, 5k Wg .Q ag Q i .g M M. --Mg. ' ,, .ii QW ,..- Q . 5 Wy 'Jak ig 1 Eva I WWW .QW Y X Wm. S?" I .. mi5,:mQ , M,.1L by ,g.. ' ,M,:sx?l. W , -Mfg? mp: ., .- .nefeaggfwl H 'Rf -f ..,22j'5!zZYi K in if 'rsifhew .. R 2 my g 1 wsgysa H , 1 w :sm f Qu, ,fi ' M ,, , , -Q if , .17 , fl ii 65, M x w gs, 255 Wg! 5 xx.-1. ,gwgwwf A ' .Km 2 , Q5 " fx A - gf xx T ye! U iess ri gy N Q VZ.1z.:Li -fws-Q wg fi 3 in ffzwsi., wg M WHO'S WHO in Science Bo Pasfernack in Commerce Linda Crow in Music David Smiflw and John Harvey Nekon f-b--Q 'Sunny-,Q ,, 5 X KM mmm .N Hit In Home Economics Judy Cobb WHO'S WHO in Foreign Language Linda Collet Bo Pasfemack .V AME 'NK Rkiyxg N' wb lm ' 'xx -.QQN XX' in Mathematics Robert Horton ggi' , "UH- in Social Studies Gretchen Masur WHO'S WHO in Art Mike McKinley in Industrial Arts B y By T in Physical Education Kay Sanchez KeHon Duboh WHO'S WHO in Speech R y B k in English M L dy Tl' W , V 4, X . Q , w W1-Q-fs I X 'x M if f . if V 0, . J, ,, ,M , wk ,M . ...L . .. A .. W we f M 1 ' L- -wg, " ASM. rf 'Gif P. 2 H Q1 . , . i . gf f? ,,.-X f 1 is wx dim: -, 7 ev V , A uf 2-,Lg , , M 2 . f3,,m.,1-,fa j j ' 2 f "W ""' ' '- - MQ' " "L"' f --W " 'If N , ,. 'Ii- -' ff , ff w i I f 1 5-V arv-3 f . .,,. ' ,K fg. , , Lu, in , f , ,-f ' f2 ,.::,ff..a- 7 I 37 V ,if M . NWN ,uf 'nw " A N ,T W ' W ..,,, .,,A,, y 'gf , ' w ,Q -im in My hm 1 4' ,m i W 1, Y i K , ., . ,,- Z W , ,Wm M M. ' fi f 4. 3 ,wk rm' V V A s K., nn- A ' 7 n 5 K fa 1 K U 3, , 1 'V . , 'N U 7 xv K . y U M ,ik 51 M 'lx N . Q 1 ' - , fav, , V' . gm A 3 'ii 'id Y?-in, N, M 4 5 . Sf? i fi' in 9' in if -.+ N fx 1 aj., 4 4 'Q 1 .55 ,E ii 4. ,ur mf, A .433 I A2955 W 4 'K if 'X X a mf Q. EAW 1 Q Q wax m MKSQ' 5 .W nz . 95 f ff Q .wwf fri' 3 3' if 5: K ' 1 , if 'K Q Q E X mi 'X' Q 1 13 A ., , if , S' ' I 'lf' HY 1 '-'ix M L,A,, ,, x E .. . ,,, A it is an 3, - ,,,A ff Nl 3 H 1? HM mlji 4 Kflvfw FRESHMAN FAVORITES Robert McSherry Donna Power Brenda Carso Gene Galligan I f I V i v - ' ' gl ., ww, . , I IE' E If I mf. -5 S . ,KI , A ,, .Q ATHLETICS . ,Q .I Af ,I , . f , .1 . I? .if .I ag .. . ...Q -5 f 1,-,fix 6 . .f vb? jk N K Y, Q.. ,,w"'WZ. 011 CHAPTER IV EDITED BY ROBERT REYNOLDS 1961 NEVILLE SEASON RESULTS Neville SS,, Neville , 7l2 West Monroe i2 Bastrop a 3 eeeee.e 3 eeeeeee J Neville ,,,, , ,,,, 53 Haynesville ,,.,,,, Neville 7 ,WA4 Jena eee, Neville 3 rfff e 34 Jonesboro . Nevillenm, ,,,,,,,,,, All Ruston W ,, Neville ,,..,,,.,o ooooo l 3 Tallulah oooo.oo,oo oooooo, Neville ,.,, , ,,,,o, ol 8 Lake Charles Nevillem .,,e,,o, 40 Ouachita W , PLAYOFFS Neville H 32 Jesuit ,,,, , Neville ,JA Jennings Neville oo ,,,,, 7 Lee ,,V,,s WE'RE NUll st' ,T X ,y.Z5k,,f xx 3 f. . .,,,f ,L A , i. L ll A I S- 5 ' 'J v if Q sslf i QQQQQQ ii " M RWD itlt, amiga lsrrser l .. gs an J J Q A S g 5355? gnAhA ,isa jj W nf 1 Q it K 5 .1 , ,Q ', if it 9 iss S' l at 1 gif ,QQ . ffl - r 'A . k Q, ---- E its -l1,"ll'-ivwg. ,, ' i- ,M 'Tyr SQQQQ ,QQ --'l ig: ER 1 in 1961 N1 . was .nm an Eh QT' ,Q .mu- S Y ' , 1 Y Av V i ik . W fi ' ' ' E ' ' Q 1 .ff Q13 1 ' i K A . I ,' Z if . .f,, wi? ,A it W, ' " ' 4 W I gg Q " ' .L ' , W' Ti- ' 2 65W A- 'iyyz -if A N A 42, A N L " 'k ' f'- V if aw?' ,g 1' W A- Q ' Lu 1 K .. P ' . , A, fQ fs5W A A - A L, , - 'f 5 ' fy-.f,f, h- h . gg, ig? , Vh - , .451 A fn, , . , -W - 5. v Aff wwf fs L'f' ' vw 2 K K fi. i f -ff -I y if W 'wb ff ,,:' 4 ' I L", Q A ,, ' -'P,'L 'A'L ',,, I ff? m,,, f Q ff A YM Ly, 1 ., y L, V ik ,L mi, - 'eg M fger IV' gf ' 0 I ,W - ' W - -df-ffl' sf fiff -,,.. T - QQ, " pfwgi., 1. Z , ,, A '43 i ' , IL' ' H Q 1 A "'A- 4 fl fifj' ihwi 'L A ,,A , M V ,S W V ,,,. , ,, ,+I ' V ' 'f ,, ,- if xx , A' , . 'A fl W 5 . m- - H ,. , x"' I . 1, 45 4, f,,g wmsju LL A.ggW,?3N, E qw kk,h dw Lky, , 'A I - W 12 If 1 1 1sfi'9Lw wa Q' ' . 1 -fu. '1?,?'a ' 'gli Ki .L qw M ' fig I ' W .ff - 5 ,A "" y A V - 'Z "" I : uf H NEVILLE COACHING STAFF l i I . J- .1 ws.-fx ,af 'Far S... Ky- G kh Q-Q ,B t iii 34 ii is + From left To right: George Davis, head baske-Tball coach and scour, Chick Childress, line coach, Buck Siewarr, freshman coach and chief scout, Ch I' B b ' - ' ' ' arie rown, ackfield coach, Bail Ruple, head coach and aihletic dlrecfor. 4-. '4 5 Z 7' 3 if 1 ii K' if . A . may E' 1. yztfx K L C " , '75 -1' r 7:1 V A H ii 'Q 55.4-Alf, ' X' 'H' , M, Mika ,sa if f Tryxifi 1 Q.. drawn-'f.w fini ,- wvieisfg' C+ my 13?-13,5 sifh if 'SW sua- , . wirsge II2 52 ' X ? B fa W, CE Ll 2 If X Sf ,7 s Li .4 -, A.. . ' ' - . v ,i f .jf i:..grs25Sgf - , 7 15 f .6-'fl ,.r". ' X YA A mg, ' ' 3-iam irw Q f . V' 4 aj' ' riffs -fx- f,, - 5 7 EW Q ' 5' .5551 X .ff ., T5 V- f ig ,EAW H, . .5 X .-Kgs? , - .fLk'.5me K iii. f' 1 , ,-.K A .Q ...V -'.. , -' : Q .55 . fx ' fi - ri From lef ' ' ' ' ' ' ' T10 right. Head Manager, Jimmy HeaJ, Randy Lewis, Mike MckGee, John Yerger. '. 3 'c vm 'w va , Q, ',. i r 5 V 4 1 . 'Q N J' 3 1--A i Q59 2 U f'T,,gi 1" iii? 13:-ffxgkifh , ggi , 1,5 KLIC BROADCASTERS Winston Odom and John Lacey NEVILLE FOOTBALL MOVIE PHOTOGRAPHER Mr. H, J, Cassanova ,ham 'D .'9""?'tf SCOREBOARD PRESENTATION Pictured before the Tigers' new score- board are Lamar Greer, representative of Coca-Cola bottling company: J. H. Scoging and Sidney A. Seegers. M- 5 NEVILLE 12 WEST MCJNROE 6 gff'-,Q 3 -r Rein. T ' 5 f vw 'k ffl 1+ if 3' Neville halfback Jimmy Howard Took a long over-The-shoulder pass from quar- Terback Don SageT for 70 yards and a lasT diTch Touchdown ThaT nipped WesT Monroe 12-6. A sTanding room only crowd, iammed inTo Tiger sTadium, saw The iunior signal caller fade back from his 30 wiTh only 30 seconds remaining on The scoreclock, spoT Howard in The open and leT fly wiTh a long one. Howard Took The ball around The Rebel 40 and dashed To pay dirT. RoberT Rayne was rough on VVesT Monroe all nighT. Tackles John Segars and Bob Duncan, along wiTh end Herschel Walker sTood ouT Tor Neville in The line. STaTisTically, Neville had a slighT edge, gaining 2311 yards To 147 for The Rebels. Q T ..s. T T.. ' ,i "5 T E T f' DON SAGET SAM WALKER Quanerback Fullback Jerry Jones looks for daylight as Rebels close in. NEVILLE 12 BASTRCP 7 ln a renewal of The grid rivalry be- Tween Neville and BasTrop, The Tigers dined on Triple-A servings Tor The second Time in deTeaTing The Rams T2-7. Neville goT in a quick Touchdown early in The game when quarterback Jerry Jones cli- maxed a sTeady drive wiTh a plunge from one yard ouT, and iT looked like Neville mighT be on iTs way To a rouT. BuT The Rams made iT an even game, and iT was anybody's game unTil The Tinish. Jimmy Howard delivered The BengaI's vicTory clincher in The TourTh quarTer also on a plunge Through The middle from one yard ouT. Neville amassed 13 TirsT downs againsT ll Tor BasTrop. The Tigers rushed Tor T76 yards To T08 for BasTrop. Neville compleTed one of Two passes Tor seven yards, and BasTrop comple-Ted one of Three Tor only Tour yards. Un 1-TE. 8 r U BUNZY BRYANT MIKE WILSON End Halfback Sparks ancl Walker close in. ANDY MAPP Guard All Disfrici '-as-0. NEVILLE 53 HAYNESVILLE 6 The Tigers got their district campaign oft to a successful start as they crushed the Golden Tornadoes from Haynesville 53-6, The Tigers actually got oft to a slow start and were behind 6-O late in the first Q l if LX, i .f ii K L. .,-, ,ag is N s ffft' fl quarter, but suddenly came to life and r QW it fr' Y f --::'r . by halftime were coasting along with a f N-X ' i 27-6 lead. Neville was forced to punt 3 X' LA W "V f ,ff only once. Touchdovvns by Jimmy , j , ' "i i Z ' 1 Howard, Jerry Jones, Bill Yerger, Sam H, FA, Q Walker, Tom Sparks, and Jerry Ritchey ran 5 ,, . up the score. After making tive consecu- W . T N fi tive extra points, Pete Terzolas missed on ' ' li. .. ' T ' the last one. Neville had to be satisfied gg i f with just 53 points instead of 54. Z T Nz 'rw ,, tv. N1 ex sg fi 'sg JIMMY HOWARD HERSCHEL WALKER ltback End All Twin GW All Twin City A District All District All State All S7379 Walker makes another blistering tackle. Ronald Killen rushes in To defend Tiger runner. NEVILLE 44 JENA 0 if 'SQ' , , rf gzl T y my The unbeaTen Tigers used everyThing g H on The bench To deTeaT The Jena GianTs , T af fa, Arg 44-O. Five Tigers scored wiTh RoberT E? V Charles Payne leading wiTh Two Touch- 'L2" T' downs. The Tigers picked up 244 yards il T g VVA..:..A. rushing and 79 passing, while holding V X Jena To TOO on The ground and 23 in The air. Neville marched 89 yards in Three We l plays To score The TirsT Time They had The 3 , ball. Jerry Jones was The TirsT To cross uxug ,lg- ii , V, ' rw ,r The GianT goal line. Tigers who followed T i 3, , ' him were Payne, Sam Walker, KurT Guel- , W, fl l -rffr -1- zow, and Herschel Walker, and RoberT if 5 . 10.4,-gf?,,.V,..,.. g Ls... . I Goo le . , l A' ' , 'nw jr' T y T 17: Q ,iz ri Q. ,,gif'l,,'37 g Q f fin JOHN sEoARs JERRY JONES Tackle Quarrerback All Twin Ciiy All DisTricT TI7 NEVILLE 34 JONESBQRO 6 The Neville Tigers rammed across three quick touchdowns in the first quarter and coasted to a 34-6 victory over the Jonesboro-Hodge Tigers. lt was the second district 2-AA victory tor Neville's top-ranked machine in Louisiana double-A ball, and only Ruston remained to block the Tigers' chance to reclaim the district crown. It was the titth straight victory for the Tigers. Mixing passes and running plays with a tumble recovery and a pass interception to total the score, the Tigers managed touchdowns by Jerry Jones, Herschel Walker, Mike Wilson. Jimmy Howard successfully converted on tour extra point Tries. The Bengals from Monroe led in first downs, ll to 8, and rushed 227 yards against T29 for Jonesboro-Hodge. may yr-1 -n,5 ,, E ROBERT CHARLES PAYNE TOMMY SPARKS Halfback Center All District All District Tommy Head picks up yardage before the enemy moves in. NEVILLE 41 RUSTON O The fast and furious Tigers successfully defended their district 2-AA title by com- pletely routing arch rival Ruston Al-O. Before the Bearcats could settle the dust, the Tigers had scored four touchdowns in the first quarter. Halfback Robert Payne led Neville's scoring with two touchdowns, while four other players cashed in on trips across the goal line. Fullback Ralph Roberts and halfbacks Mike Wilson, Jimmy Howard, and Jimmy Gilley also scored. Howard also toed five of six extra point attempts. Nick White, Herschel Walker, John Segars, and Tom Sparks stood out in the line. Neville led in first downs TO to A and in yards rush- ing 263 to l2O. M .V 4 "- . KENNY DUNCAN Guard A ,., I gufi, as ' "AV if GARY PAPPAS Haltback 1 RONALD KILLEN End NEVILLE 13 TALLULAH 0 The undefeated Neville Tigers con- tinued their winning Ways with a hard- fought victory over the Tallulah Tro- jans. Neville scored once in the first quarter and then held off a hard- hitting Trojan team vvith a tough de- fense to chalk up win number 7. To cap an 89 yard drive near the end of the first quarter, Jimmy Howard scored from the one, after having one attempt Called back because of an offside penalty. With four minutes left in the second quarter Mike Wilson scored on a beautiful 7G yard run to give the Tigers their T3-O lead. The Trojans most serious threat ended on the one yard line as time ran out in the first half. Late in the final quarter the final drive by the Trojans stalled on the Tigers' l5, Although Neville was headed by the Trojans in the passing department, the Tigers left the club from Tallulah far behind in rushing yardage with a total of 248 to the op- ponents' 96. Neville also led in first dovvns TO to 6. Jimmy Howard gains a yard in roughly fought game with Trojans. RlCl"lARD SLAVANT Guard W iL RALPH ROBERTS Jim Howard, Bob Duncan, and John Segars rush in To smoTher The runner near The goal line. PracTicing Tor The season closing game wiTh cross-Town rival OuachiTa and a following chance aT The Double A sTaTe TiTle, The Tigers subdued The Lake Charles WildcaTs in The home- coming TilT l8'6. The Tigers sem' backs Ralph RoberTs and Mike Wilson crash- ing inTo paydirT in The second and Third quarTer To roll up an T8-O lead before The Lake Charles Team could score. Lake Charles was clearly ouT of The game by virTue of The Tigers' abiliTy To sTrike wiTh lighTning speed when The occasion demanded. There were Three inTercep- Tions of VVildcaT passes, and The Wild- caTs snared Two of Neville's. The Tigers clearly had The besT of everyThing. LMP ,.-,if x STEVE HUFFMAN Fullback Tackle I2 I - -xv .T -T T' My f 2.3, i i MIKE HADDAD Guard !Q',,,T NEVILLE 40 OUACHITA 6 The surging Neville Tigers used Their usual poTenT offense and savage defense To race by an ouTmanned Lion club AO-6. AlThough Neville scored Two quick Touchdowns in The TirsT half, ToTal yardage in The TirsT half showed only Tour yards difference. However, The Tale was Told in The second half when Neville came Through wiTh a pass defense To sTop The Lions wiTh only Two pass compleTions. Bill Yerger inTercepTed Three of The Lion passes. Jimmy Howard scored The TirsT of a long lisT of Touchdowns wiTh an 89 yard run only To be followed a minuTe laTer hy a 641 yard scamper by Don BranT, who scored Three Times. Touch- downs by Don SageT and Sam Walker, a safely, and exTra poinTs by RoberT Charles Payne accounTed Tor The re- mainder oT The scoring Tor The Tigers. Neville made T2 Tirst downs againsT 7 Tor The Lions and QTO yards rushing To 27 Tor Their cross Town rivals. A journey To ShreveporT To meeT .Jesuit High School in a hi-disTricT conTesT awaiTed The Tigers. Jimmy Howard goes for the firsT down as new scoreboard lights up. BOB DUNCAN Tackle All Twin Ciiy Honorable Mention High School All-American wg? Q -I Qifksz NICK WHITE Gary Pappas and John Segars move in on Jesuit runner. NEVILLE 32 JESUIT 12 Bi-DISTRICT cHAMPloNsHiP Before 8,000 fans Neville continued along the road to the state Double A title by defeating the Jesuit 'Blue Flyers' 32-I 2. The Tigers tied the game 6-6 in the kick-off following the Jesuit TD, then scored twice more in the second period for a I9-6 half-time lead. Before Jesuit could add its sec- ond touchdown, Neville pushed the score to 32-6. Halfback Mike Wilson tallied on runs of 88 and 60 yards. Jimmy Howard and Don Brant added two more. After the first Jesuit TD, the Tiger defense did not allow the Blue Flyers a first down, and until the fourth period, and then it came on a penalty. The entire line performed well both on offense and defense. Good showings came from tackles Bob Duncan and John Segars, ends Bunzy Bryant and Herschel Walker. Neville netted IO first downs to 7 for Jesuit and 233 yards rushing to IO9 for the Blue Flyers. JIMMY GILLEY Guard Halfback l r X, X . 5 , 3 . PETE TERZOLAS Guard Ralph Roltreris scores TirsT of The Tigers' touchdowns l NEVILLE 14 JENNINGS 7 STATE AA SEMI-FINALS Neville sTruck wiTh lighTing swiTTness Tor Two TirsT-guarTer Touchdowns, Then held OTT The Jennings Team To win a Class AA semi-Tinal TooTball game T4-7 l3eTore an over-Tlow crowd. ATTer Don Bram reTurned The opening kick-off To The Jennings 34, The Tigers used eighT plays To score. A T4 yard play by Jimmy Howard was The key To The drive, buT Ralph RoberTs scored The six poinTs. When The Tigers again goT The ball Jerry Jones made The Touch- down, aTTer RoherTs made several beauTiTul runs To puT The Tigers near The Jennings goal line. ATTer Jennings crossed The Neville goal line, The scor- ing had ceased, buT The Thrills had only begun. Before iT was over, almosT The enTire Neville Team was To sTand ouT on defense. RoloerTs was The Tigers' spark in The TirsT half, Tor he made A7 yards in seven carries. However, Mike Wilson was The big gainer geTTing T06 yards in T6 carries. The Tigers ToughT, and again They won. All ThaT remained To be conquered was Lee High School. DAVE CHRISTENSEN End r X . , 5 M f:,'2,. 9' f gl .af-rf-A 34 W 3 Y. ! X Q Q F M , , Q it ,Q + if v l M . 1 .M isa 'va 'Tl f ' M , viii" ' T".s 1 55 lv 'Iv 'sh x dr A I. T . .. W x - '- A .- :L A A T-A . ' r X fx .nd -- - 1 'f' K f Q53 ffl, vs' .Lv yfjil , , fm.: . K . A . 1. T' +A wsffsfw. A 1 .r,-my - Les.. s BILLY LANGSTON NEVILLE 7 ROBERT E. LEE 0 STATE AA CHAMPIONSHIP LefT halfback Gary Pappas infer- cepTed a Joe Mooch pass in The Third ciuarTer and raced A3 yards To score and give Neville The class AA cham- pionship on a 7-0 vvin over Lee High of BaTon Rouge before 6,000 fans aT Brovvn Sfadiurn. The sophomore snagged The pass and Tore dovvn The righT side of The field unfouched To bring The homeTovvn fans To Their feeT. Don Branf ouT maneuvered The Lee defense for The exTra poinT. IT vvas The Tigers' Tvvelffh sTraighT vicTory and The second undefeaTed Neville ball club in Three years. ln vvas a hard-foughT paTTle all The vvay vviTh a big group of Tigers sfanding ouT on defense and The Neville ground game working vviTh efficiency despife The muddy field. The Tigers racked up T5 firsT downs To five for Lee and smashed ouT T95 yards. The Tiger defense held Lee To a ToTal of 78 yards. .T +A . . ,Q Ac ,R T 5 "a3X"- w- .". an Y' 1' 4 ..:'-,'- I.- ..,,,.. 5, -'F xc -. xv, . isa A ' if fi. ng 15-fm , i. .X .Tray , Al 1 , .W , 5 ,H I ,,, J ...U v . A . --is .FY X T . A A g 'fa '- -K. 1 ,. " . wifi: QL ' Q. 1 Q'ff.,- :-'f- lg ,, R i ,nz T53 . ' ' 1 S . '-" ., X A K , , IQZN , A 24?'QN,Sl Y . fi--'lg , EJ' Vvf' ' A swf-'ws if-Y .. Ts. A ,, f fr: 11 ' .wiv 1 f gr' gl , 1- M gJ,1,g."Q ,,f,1A -142.4 . .'f94v,, 'T T 'xQ",,o,+Lg'1,A, 'H wif' :A-.:i'1',r,',1,- A A Tr 'L f ' "Q ,Z . n ..,. 35-T 31.2 3-H., ,cw 3 aff r'1'iV25t'sffgTTfr35fA1si,+1' ,T ,I -T .Y T 5 3,.3f3ya5kvL'v?g,E- iq? n,,W 12-2-A ' , , ni if 2 ' g5winA2'?i,,,z"f35f in exif 1 A A-v - . ' . ,A , . .A . uma ,rffw CHIP BLANCHARD End Halfhack Tigers geT ready for a fumble during rain En Brown sTaclium, 43' 'BA nf '13 'Tw' 1 Q. we fk MARGARET MOORE CAROL KOONTZ BARBARA MULHEARN 1961 HOMECOMING COURT SHARON STANCIL 1961 FOOTBALL BANQUET Those who received awards from left to right.: Ralph Roberts, Player of the Week, Best Back, Robert Charles Payne, Player of the Week, Scholastic Award, Jimmy Howard, Player of the Week, Best Back, Herschel Walker, Player of the Week, Most Valuable Player, Steve Jeffer- son, Player of the Week, Sportsmanship Award, Jerry Jones, Best Back, Bob Duncan, Player of the Week, Bunzy Bryant, Most Improved Player, Tommy Sparks, Player of the Week, Don Brant, Best Back, Mike Wilson, Player of the Week Awards, Best Back, Jimmy Head, Out- standing Manager. I28 Y 3 Q Z Q 1 C61 mi E if Us ,- e B EQ ' 06 -tg Y S5 3 5 , ,,. 3 jf, , an f i E 5 E ig Q is fi Yum nw a,mp flgzx, . if 5 5 New if ES 3? W E , 'sk FRESHMAN FOOTBALL """"""' 1 'l's'i3K3'f 'E1'1"i Av9YT'Z Q . i-: K L W 'c Q FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS y l3O Freshman Team 1961 STANDING, from left to right: Pam Burgess, Mary Alice Pankey, Mary Jo Simonion. KNEELING, lefi To righf: Lynn Haddad, Donna Porter, Brenda Crow. -s, elk 5332 5 I 1 f g Jw ef' 1 fpflwl Wa. ,xx 5: fax 1, Q . E, 'sri ii. I ff If I '7 M .i ew ' ' - ' " ,.,. I 44 . ' -. if-fgfsifigfxmgf - - si -'s5Q7g"fs.,aX,, GEORGE A. DAVIS VARSITY VARSITY COACH STANDING from loft to rlglwt: Joe Canal, Truetf Nolan, John Segars, Dave Clwrislensen, Bill Spinlcs, Burch Cernlglia. KNEELING from left To rlgnrz Gary Futclw, Randall Fallln, Sam Caverlee, William Coolcston, Ecldle Kincaid, Frank Keltlw. TRUETT NQLAN BUTCH CERNIGLIA EDDIE KINCADE Forward Forward Guard Senlor members of The Team are, KNEELING, from left To right: from left 10 right: Truetf Nolan, Bill Spinks, and Butch Cerniglia 'x 41' ' .Q-yu Q A ,Q .J f w,,5514f A EE?-f""'i5 i , - X .ff JOHN SEGARS BILL SPINKS Center Forward Junior members of the Team are, from Jeff To right Gary Fufch, Rendell FaJlin, Sam Cavedee, John Segars, and Dave Christensen. :ug buvk my-gamfk EWIWFQ wanliww 3 aol' ,gr M... K 'Q T , . , ew , , ETS A' -fgfx, A xf A I if . if 4 gw,ffX,3' 5 if X 1 s if ' ',-ff iff' 1 F, 1 " wi . ww-N. 1 JJ!!-SQQRS fi' . 1. .. y nil i 1'."! 5 Ki! ig L k - .Wx S 5? . - : l!':4i"if - Q .1 ,M ? if 1 f 3 fi 1 4 K u x ' 7 -- YH ' 'f- :-ze' 'sz Qs ,Q ' S5 w wf , f "j "" v X A W if K I ,f I 7 f azffgi 5 f .. A fy 52 ? 4, 'L 9 f 1 JOE CANAL SAM CAVERLEE Guard Guard Truett Nolan Turns loose a long one as Calhoun player tries 10 block. I36 The baskellaall seems To be suspended on the rim as Nolan and Segars walt for it To fall in, ' .mn Y..--. 4,5 ' 5 ' , , if A fl R F -F 4 ,- Y V v Q.. x. A. f y 1 5 , Q ' 4 M Q 5 i x 6 2 f b , QYILQ, f N N.-elf A. if 1 ml un R Q Vjlllfl F-W-lr f x 45 XREVILA, 'Pe as T Sophomore members of the team are FIRST ROW, KNEELING from left to right David Gremillion, Ronnie Factor, Johnny Fair banks, STANDING, from left to right: Malcolm Smith, Gary Holt, John Garrett and Walter Causey. Butch Cerniglia goes up for lay-up in Ouachita tourney, which the Tigers won. Eddie Kincaid goes up for a lay-up as Frank Kehh and Bill Spinks wait for The rebound during game with Eros in Tiger gymnasium. FRESHMAN TEAM 54 I N ai, , -R f gf fak e? Q . ' if Bb x J I , , - V"5 VP . Y ,-:' W Q ,M 5 5 4: . gas N ' . 2 W-..... , ..-4 ' ' ' ' "-"' kgs an I T 'W .1 I x . X ' j f: , nw Q i"V 'L - E -ww -1 E -'SN W 'sf hLL.,LL 1. i X Q fx, 42 . 5' I 5 L55 f W 1 fi fi ik!! . as ,M '. v,:.. if 7 BABS LEE M ...J Z From left to right: Par Ayers, Karen Crow, Mlckle Varnado, Becky Middleton, Jill Marx, Carolyn Courson, Kay Sanchez Karlwy M Sherry, Clwrlssle Terzolas, Pam O'Donnell, Polly Johnson, Barbara Mulhearn, Manager. VARSITY -WA-wrrmrAuww mm: i- -,-mu.-v-fa., ma-mn .W-W-Ei--M-ngramv-f-4----.T wmarv -annum-uinume 5 if W Lf ,E H "' A. , Q ? Q 3 3 .1 2 V f L e '-W QQ K Q s E I -M Q i 5 i is ,Q ff Qi 2 l Q H ii 2s s Q jwgig iq? sm 4' -QQ! ' 2 1 x XMTLQ w si 1 5 5 -hs BECKY MIDDLETON PAT AYERS KAREN CROW Guard F0fWHfd Forward POLLY PARRISH Cl'lRlSSlE TERZOLAS GUBYC3 Guard TOP ROW, left to right: Gloria Lewis, Manager, Malinda Mabry, Sandra Brown, Sherry Branch, San- dra Youngblood, Diane Gray, BOTTOM ROW, left To rlglll: Linda TURED: Patti Smith. Williams, Anne Hall, Janet Vander- pool, Aran LaGrange. NOT PlC- Xie 'fix E " i"7'V""w.z ' , WSI: vx,.,.l x .4 . v Fil 'K CHAPTER V ,,,,.4i-v-In P . M I, -4 , - W K bk VRF-. amz? Q A ., . I , . - A 4 ,- , ff'-Q35 ,ix,H,LB- AL Lf,-ajis., .xffgiy 7 , 4 I Wa? .1 A In AX ' If ' 2-1 , I . ' W .- ..- F JF. ,,..,, fi. 1 , .t x,".,,. H V A-M i ,. f , ,- -ff '31,- , w k. "IE , 1 . Q - ?-,. C E S EDITED BY ALICE GOORLEY VICKI HALLMARK YVONNE WILLIAMS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS "' nr fr., 1. mi SSMNVA 'M - ' V 7 i ' - ., H R QW' ' K7 ' W W'-wx 'f hw 1 f- Af ,.- ww Seated in front seat Kim Breese, Presidentg Ellen Ferguson, Secrefaryg in back Robert Charles Payne Boys' Vice-Presidentg Gretchen Masur, Girls' Vice-President. Q, l SENIORS LAURA ALLEN-Science Clubg Latin Club-Custodian, French Clubf Tiger Cubsg JCLp Thespians'Reporterg Safety Councilg Red Crossy Y-Teensg Glee Clubg FBLL DOTTIE AMMAN-Varsity Cheerleaderg Frosh Cheerleaderg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettes-Junior Alternate Cornmanderg JCLg Student Coun- cil-Historiang Latin Club, French Clubg Safety Council-Reporterg FBLL LOUISE AMMAN-Fl-lAg Safety Councilp Red Crossg Tiger Cubsy Tigerettesg FBLL KAY ANDERSON-Frosh Cheerleaderg Latin Club-Parliamentariang JCLg FBLLQ FHA-Song Leader-Secretaryg Quill and Scrollg Safety Councilg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Sizzlerg Monroyan-Class Editori Soph Favoriteg Pelican State RAYMOND BAKER-Frosh Basketballg Varsity Basketballg Latin Louise Amman Raymond Baker Kay Anderson Linda Ballenger -Many' ' q-H'-09' H .ff fi7u'..."":-1 af- """ 4'-uv it ff W' Laura Allen Dottie Amman Clubg JCLp Debate Teamg Debate Club-President LINDA BALLENGERvTiger Cubsg Tigerettesy French Clubg Science Club SALLY BARHAM-FHAg Safety Councilg Glee Club BEVERLY BARTLETT-Y-Teens-Presidentp Blue Ridgeg Thespiansg Science Clubg Cadet Bandg Glee Club PAT BASSETT-FHAg FBLLg Tiger Cubsp Safety Council-Vice-Pres.f Student Council Alt.g Junior Horneroom Treasurerg Tigerettesy C-:lee Club JODY BIEDENHARN-Varsity Cheerleaderg Latin Clubg JCLg French Clubg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Senior "Friendliest"g FHAg Junior Executive Committeeg Safety Councilp Student Councilg Frosh Basketball Sally Barham Beverly Bartlett Pat Bassett Jody Bieclenharn ff? Wm V, . jaw., 'fm . K V ,A , NW!! L. ' albg in John Blackrnon Barbara Borgkvist JOHN BLACKMON-"B" Team Footbally Latin Clubp JCLg Ameri- canism Clubg French Clubp Office Staff BARBARA BORGKVIST-Latin Club-Chaplaing JCLg Band-Drum Maiorg Frosh Basketballg FBLLg Red Crossg Sizzlerg Monroyan-Editor DON BRANT--Frosh Baslqetballg Varsity Footballg Varsity Trackg Letterman Club KIM BREESE-Key Club-Vice-President-Senior Board Mernberg Stu- dent Councilg Junior Class President, Junior Executive Committeeg Junior Homeroorn Pres.g Senior Class Presidentg Office Statfg Frosh Footballg "B" Team Footballg Frosh Basketballg Glee Club Jane Brimberry Bunny Buckner Bunzy Bryant Billy Burford 'f si ' 7 Don Brant Kim Breese JANE BRIMBERRY-Transfer Studentg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg FBLL BUNZY BRYANT-Frosh Footballg Frosh Basketballg Sophomore Homeroom Pres.g Junior Homeroom Vice-Pres,g Letterman Club- Vice-Pres.p Varsity Footballg Varsity Basketballg Trackp Red Cross BUNNY BUCKNERAFrosln Homeroom Pres.g Frosh Cheerleaderp Frosh Basketball-Co-Captaing Freshman Favoritey FHA-Parliamen- tarianp Student Councilrljarliamentariang Varsity Basketballp Volley- ball Teamp Sophomore Beautyg Junior Class Secretaryf Junior Favoriteg Pelican Statep Senior Most Beautifulg Varsity Cheerleader BILLY BURFORD-Transfer Student Mg? dl' i Www' J :Y Senior sponsors I47 I is SENIORS DOLL BURGOYNE-Tiger Cubsg Tigerettes-Treasurer-Company Com- manderp FHA-Secretary-Reporterg Pelican Statep Sophomore Home- room Treasurerg Student Council CAROL JEAN CAHN-Safety Council-Vice-Pres.g Reporterg Latin Clubg JCLg FBLLg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Monroyan,Feature Editorg Junior Homeroorn Treasurerg French Clubg Science Clubg Red Cross MARY ANN CALDWELL-Latin Clubg JCLQ Cadet Bandg Science Clubp FBLLp Red Cross-Senior Representativeg-Treasurerg Bandg Thespiansg Safety Councilg Senior "Most TaIented"p Glee Club LINDA CARLSON-Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Latin Clubg JCLg Y-Teensg Science Clubg Olin Science Scholar BUTCH CERNIGLIA-Footballg Varsity Basketball-All-Districtg Trackg Baseballg Letterman Clubg Glee Clubg Speech I Butch Gerniglia Dee Chapman Mary Ann Caldwell Linda Carlson inf" an-"""f mmf' I 1 if ' h,.:, is ' -- I Strive L I ff' L , 'M E .L .,.,.. 'WY' mf' Doll Burggyne Carol JSBTI Cahn DEE CHAPMAN-Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg French Clubg Thespiansg Transfer Stuclentp Olin Science Scholar JUDY CLARK-Latin Clubg JCLg Science Clubg Medics CIub-Treas- urerg FHAp FBLLg Band JUDY COBB--Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Junior Executive Councilg FHA. Pres.-Vice-Presg Monroyan Staffg Safety Councilg FBLLg Latin Clubg JCLg Red Crossg Junior Homeroom Vice-Pres. SHELTON COLE-Tiger Cubsy Tigerettesg Medic Clubg French Clubg Y-Teensg Library Clubg Safety Council LINDA COLLET-French Clubg Thespiansg Medics Clubg Safety Council-Pres.g Frosh Horneroom Presiclentg Soph. Homeroom Secre- taryp Junior Homeroom Pres.g Junior Executive Committee: Mon- royanfFeature Editorp Debate Clubg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettes-Senior Cornmanderg Library Staff is Judy Clark Shelton Cole Judy Cobb Linda Collet - :: f i' -' ' "'- f ' ' bzqk . . :" J itt. it me V it . 'ii it V.: , z. in. :i . cvcf, V .i avg, Y"""H"'?' vavawg ' Mary COV1lif1 Cookie Cookston MARY CONLIN-Tiger Cubs, Tigerettesp Varsity Cheerleaderg FBLLp Latin Clubg JCL: Safety Council-Vice-President COOKIE COOKSTON-A-Frosh Favoritep Senior "Friendliest"g Latin Clubp JCLg Fresltrnan, Varsity Basketballg Science Clubg Boys' Stateg Hi-Y-Sec.-Tre-as.g Baseballg Office Staffg Arnericanism Clubg FBLLp Student Councilg Key Club GARY COOPER-Froslw Footballg "B" Team Football LINDA CROWATiger Cubsy Tigerettesg JCLg Latin Clubg Thespiansg FBLLg Red Crossg Science Clubg Safety Council Connie Cudd C6l'0l Curry Sheila Culp Sharon Davis 3 ,if Q Y , if if Jw W--4, ,cccc "7 f"""c Gary Cooper Linda Crow CONNIE CUDD-Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Latin Clubg JCLg Science Clubg FBLLp Medics Club SHEILA CULP-Latin Clubg JCLg science club, Fan, Red cross, Band-Uniform Sergeant-Lieutenantp All-State Band, l959-60, 1960- 6l, l96l-62 CAROL CURRY-FHAg FBLLg Thespiansg Safety Councilg Tiger Cubsg Frosh Basketball: French Clulag Nledics Clubg Y-Teens SHARON DAVIS-Transfer Studentg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesp Science Cluby Y'Teens-Historian Senior sponsors I49 411' SENIORS SHIRLEY DEAN-Frosh Homeroom Vice-Pres.g Tiger Cubsg Tiger- ettes-Senior Alternate Cornmanderg Safety Councilg French Clubg FHAp Student Council Alt.g Library Club MALCOLM DECELLE-FBLLg Science Clubp "B" Team Footballp Track JEN DICKERSON-Frosh Cheerleadery Tiger Cubsp Library Clubg French Clubg Safety Councily Red Cross, Monroyanp FBLLg FHA- Vice-Pres.g Glee Clubp All-State Chorus TOMMIE JEAN DlXON-Tiger Cubsg Tigerettes-Junior Commanderg Varsity Cheerleaderg Latin Clubg JCLp Student Councilp Frosh Favoriteg Soph. Homeroom Vice-Pres.g Frosh Basketballp Glee Clubg FBLLQ Pelican Stateg Junior Class Treasurerg Junior Executive Cornrnitteep Senior Class Beauty KELTON DU BOIS-Glee Clubf Red Crossg Office Staff Malcolm Decelle Jen Dickerson Tommie Jean Dixon Kelton DuBois aims. """Hf IQ" '21 -"La..z GINGER DEAN-Red Crossg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg FELL, FHAg Gln9e" Dean Shirley Dean BOBBY DUNCAN--Key Clubg Letterman Clubg Chorusg Frosh Foot- ballp Varsity Footballg Office Staffg Frosh Basketballg Trackg Junior Honteroom Vice-Pres. CHRlS EBY-Science Club Sgt.-at-Armsg Latin Clubf JCLg Hi-Yg Frosh Basketballg Varsity Basketballg Pelican State BILL ETHERIDGE-Student CouncilfVice-Pres.g Latin Clubg JCLg Red Crossg Science Clubg Hi-Yg Varsity Basketballg Senior Class l-lanclsomeg Soph. Homeroom Pres.g Frosh Favoriteg Sophomore Favorite: FBLLg Junior Class Vice'Pres,g Junior Executive Commit- teep Key Club-Vice-Pres. ELLEN FERGUSON-Frosh Homeroom Pres.5 Frosh Favoriteg Student Councilg FHA-Reporterg FBLL-Presidentg Latin Club-Secretaryp JCLg Safety Councilg Red Crossp Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Junior Home- roorn Secretaryg Junior Executive Committc-ep Senior Class Secre- tary-Treasurerg Frosh Basketball Bobby Duncan Bill Etheridge Chris Eby Ellen Ferguson or-'U ,W Q aallffk ws VT... ff., - A ' : Qi A T1 W ,,,, T 2 ' , I Susan Ferguson Jeanne Page Foster SUSAN FERGUSON-Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes-Company Commander Latin Club, JCLg Medics Club, Library Club-Vice-Pres.-President Science Club, FHA, Thespians JEANNE PAGE FOSTER-Latin Club, JCLp FBLL, Band-Uniform Cor- poral MARY ELLEN FRANCIS-Library Club, French Club, Science Club FHA, Band ANlTA FROTTON--Transfer Student A. D. Futrell Minta Goyne Alice Goorley Carlton Gresham 3'5- ,, ,abr qiauuk . A ,.,4,,M, M5 I 1 f . .wavy Ti? Mary Ellen Francis Anita Frotton A. D. FUTRELL--Glee Club, Red Cross ALICE GOORLEY--JCL, Latin Club, French Club, Y-Teensg Thespiansy FBLLg Monroyan-Class Editor, Cadet Band MINTA GOYNE-Latin Club, French Club-Historian, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettesg Thespians, FBLLg Junior Homeroom President, Safety Council, Junior Executive Council, JCL, Sophomore Homeroom Vice- Pres. CARLTON GRESHAM-Frosh Football Delegates to Pelican Boys' State are, FRONT ROW from Delegates to Pelican Boys' State are, FRONT ROW, from left to right: Cookie Cookston, Mike Riley, and Dems McDonald, BACK ROW, from left to right: Bo Pasternack and Chris Eby. iw SENICRS HARVEY HALES-Trackg Hi-Y-Sgt. at Armsg Science Clubg FBLL DICKEY HARPER-Key Club-Secrelaryg Froslw Foofballg "B" Team Foorballg Varsity Foolballp Science Clubf Lafin Club: JCLg Ameri- canism Club PAUL HARVEY-Golf Team ANN HAYES-Transfer Sfudentg French Clubg FBLLg Science Clubp Y-Teensg Safety Club Buddy Harrison Ann Hayes Paul Harvey -llfT1mY Head "'NMW ff 1. fm. R ggygrs 1 , Harvey Hales .lv gp., Y,-F 1 "E 5 Jill Dickey Harper JIMMY HEAD-"B" Bandg Hi-Yi Football-Managerg Lefierrnan Cluk Varsily Trackg All-State Chorusg Chorus-Vice-Pres. MARIE HEGWOOD-FHAQ FBLLp Y-Teens: Red Cross MARRETTA HEIDENREICH-FBLLg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Junior ExecuTive Committee, Junior Home-room Secretaryg Frosh Home room Vice-President Annual Sfaffg Soplw. Homeroom Vice-Presiden FRED HlLL-Band Marie Hegvvood Ma rretla Heidenreich Anne Hemphill Fred Hill Q-61 1,905 N' was-.. X J 'rn 'ff-ik ,, 3' , 1 . -Zvi? V ,.. Henry Hinkle Robert Horton HENRY HINKLE-Frosh Footballg "B" Team Footballg Golf Team ROBERT HORTON-Latin Clubg JCL: Science Club-Program Chair- mang Basketball'Mgr.g Senior lntellectualg Key Clubg National Merit Semitinalistg Frosh Horneroorn Vice-Pres. BOB HUTTSfHi-Yg Latin Clubg JCL, Office Staffg Thespians KENNETH JAMES-Transfer Studentg Speech Clubg Office Staffg Debate Club STEVE JEFFERSON-Football, Varsity-All-District, 1961-615 Trackf Billy John Mary Frances Jones Kenneth James Steve Jefferson as 'WN-BQ? 5 'WWW iil' 1 1 ag arm-'ND Bob Hurts Lynn Jackson Lettermarfs Clubg Sophomore Horneroom Presiclentg Junior Home- room Presidenty Junior Executive Committee BILLY JOHN-FBLL-Sgt. at Armsp Freshman Homeroom Presidentg Debate Clubg Debate Teamp Hi-Yg Thespians MARY FRANCES JONES-Latin Clubg JCLg Safety Council, Red Crossg FBLLQ FHA-Parliamentariang Debate Clubg Tiger Cubsy Tiger- ettes VS M-w .233-anmwwmwyf W - ... ,W c-,.........-.-.M . . M... ,,Q,.E:-s.av' ,,,..,K...,....4..,. Merit Scholarship Semi-finalists are from left to right Anne Hem phill and Janet Perkins. l53 f m s "wit SENIORS JERRY JONES-Frosh Footballg Varsity Footballg Letterman's Club FRANK KEITH-Frosh Footballg Frosh Basketballg "B" Team Foot- ballg Trackg Baseballg Varsity Basketballg Letterman's Clubg Speech I GLADYS KEITH-Red Crossg FHAF Y-Teensg Girls Chorusg FBLL MAUREEN KELLY-Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg FHAg French Clubg Science Clubg Medics Clubg Thespians EDDIE KINKAID-Letterman's Club-Sgt. at Armsg Fresh Basketballg Varsity Basketballg Baseball-All-State, I959-60p Second Team All- State, I958-59, All Districtg All-Twin Cityg All Monroe DICK KURTZ-Cadet Bandp Baridg FBLLg Thespiansg Dance Band Gladys Keith Eddie Kinlcaid Maureen Kelly Dick Kurtz f :-. :" f i it I Q K tk gf' sag N-.JB 56 if A i , , araa F , Jerry Jones Frank Keith MICKEY LANCASTER-Frosh Basketloallg Red Crossg Y-Teensf FHA MIMI LANDRYvLatin Club-Program Chairmang .ICLp FBLLg Science Clubp Safety Councilg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg National Science Foundation SSI Participantg Thespians-Junior Rep,g Sophomore Homeroorn Secretary-Treasurerp Senior "Most Intellectual" PEGGY LANlER+Y-Teensg Glee Clubg Library Statfg FHAp FBLLg Bandg Cadet Band, Safety Council BILLY LEDBETTER-Monroyan-Art Editorg SizzlerfArt Editorg Senior "Most Talented" Mickey Lancaster Mimi Landry Peggy Lanier Billy Ledbetter Mm, . 'aw' mei S-Li? at ti S rf f i della? -WJ, , ' , -wif :rf - 4- . , . , -' Wk ' 'f ff,'l 0' fl' JI'-.A 'Q' Wh-: Ea 'Wm - fLv,, ,Lil Don Marx Lyn McCready DON MARX-Key Clubg Hi-YfSgt. at Armsp Science Club Vice Pres- identg Latin Clubg JCLp Basketball-Managerg Sophomore Homeroom Vice-Presiclentg Junior Homeroom Vice-President LYN McCREADY-Frosh Footballg "B" Team Footballg Glee Clubg ' ' J nior Junior Executive Committeep Student Council Alternate, u Homeroom Secretaryg Pelican State Cl b Office Staff- "B" Team Footballg DENNIS McDonald-Key u 5 , Frosh Footballg Latin Clubg JCLg Science Clubg Pelican State NATALIE McDUFF'Safety Cou FHAy FBLLg Glee Clubg Reol Crossg Transfer Student Calvin McFadden Ellen Mahr h n Masur Mike McKinley Gretc e 'WW ,V--I bd? ncil-Vice-Presidentg Junior Assembly, W Denis McDonald Natalie NICDUTT CALVIN MCFADDEN-Key Clubg Bandg Dance Banclg Glee Club MIKE McKINLEYfF hate Clubg Debate Teamg FBLL R R d Cross Latin Club- JCL' Medics Clubg Safety HAg Glee Clubg Senior "Flirt"p Red Crossg De- ELLEN MAH - e g , , Councilg Science Clubg French Clubg Pelican Statep Thespians GRETCHEN MASUR-Latin Club-Historiang JCLg Frosh Basketballg Frosh Homeroom Presidentg Sophomore Homeroom Presidentg ' ' ' ' ' - 'd t Junior Homeroom Vice-Presidentg Senior Girls Vice Pres: en , Varsity Basketballg French Club-Presidentg Student Council-Secre- - if - du tary-Treasurerp Pelican Statef Senior Most Likely to Succee T? Delegates to Pelican Girls' State are, FIRST ROW, from left to right: Gretchen Masur, Doll Burgoyne, Rosemary ' ht: Kay Ander- U shaw. SECOND ROW, from left to rig P son, Tommie Dixon, Bunny Buckner. l55 if SENIORS SUZANNE MESSINA-Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg FHAg FBLLg Latin Clubg JCLp Thespiansg Annual Staffp Science Clubp Safety Council NANCY MILLER--FHAg FBLL, Y-Teens-Council Representativeg Mecl- ics Club-Secretary, Reporterg Safety Councilg Glee Clulo MARY LEE MILSTEAD-Tiger Cubsp Tigerettes-Vice-President, Com- pany Cornmanderg FHAg French Clubg FBLLQ Library Clubp Library Assistant JOHN MlTTELLeFrosh Footballg Varsity Footballp Varsity Trackp Latin Clubg JCL JAN MOORE-Cadet Banclg Bandg FBLLg French Club MARGARET MOORE-Freshman Favoriteg Sophomore Favoriteg Jun- Jan Moore Margaret Moore Mary Lee Milstead John Mittell "WK are wwgg ,,r or , Y-wwf Suzanne Messina Nancy Miller ior Favoritep FHAp Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesp Senior Beautyg Junior Executive Cornmitteep Junior Homeroom President SCOOTER MORGAN-Key Clubg Frosh Footballg Freshman Favorite, Senior Most Handsome KENNETH MULHEARN-Frosh Basketballp Hi-Y-Sgt. at Armsp Vicea Presidentg French Clubg Golf Team JOHN HARVEY NELSON---Band-Student Conductorg All State Band- i959'6O, T960-61, 196i-62p All State Orchestrag Flag Ceremony, First Chair Trumpet, National High School Orchestrag Key Clubg Student Council GEORGE NICHOLS-Latin Ciubg JCL John Harvey Nelson George Nichols Scooter Morgan Kenneth Mulhearn 91' Q ww . 4' "-' fav Q iq www gawk. WW .. .mum ,rx G95 Truen Nolan Virginia Nolan TRUETT NOLAN-Frosh Footballg Frosh Basketballg Varsity Basket- ballg Letterman Clubg Student Councilp Key Club JUDY NOWELL--Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg FBLLp FHAp French Club PAM O'DONNELLeFBLLg Varsity Basketballg Volleyball-Captaing Senior "Most Athletic Girl"g Transfer Student GUY OGDEN-Band-Captaing Hi-Yg Thespiansp Office Staff PERCY PACE-Annual Staff-Sports CoveragefAdvertising Staftp Frosh Football Managerg "B" Team Football Managerg Hi-Yy School Guy Ogden Carole Parker Percy Pace Bo Pasternack 0 at C, C' H, I 'wwf' W' 3 'O-'www-if N, M, ,A a,,c 1:65 Wyman ,, if Judy Novvell Pam O'Donnell Hi-Litesp Recl Crossg Trackg Speech I CAROLE PARKERYY-Teensg Glee Clubg Banclg Science Club, Safety Councily Latin Club, JCLg Cadet Bandg FHAg Thespians BO PASTERNACK-Latin Club-Vice-Presiolentg JCL-Official Delegate to State Conventiong Delegate-Two National Conventionsg Thes- piansg Science Club-Presidentg Key Club-Treasurerg Pelican Stateg Freshman Homeroom Treasurerf School Hi-Litesg Student Councilg Senior "Most Likely to Succeed" J si. 4 ,ws , X Mfr 'A . Rosemary Upshaw and Nancy Talbot model for FHA style show. l57 SENIORS ROBERT PAYNE-Freshman Homeroom Presidentg Sophomore Homeroom Presidentg Junior Homeroom Presidentp Student Coun- cil-Sgt. at Armsp Key Clubg FBLLg Lettermen's Club-Presidenty Soph- omore Favoritef Junior Favoritep Baseball-All-Monroe, All-Districtg Track-All-District, All-Monroeg Varsity Football-All-Monroe, All-Dis- trictg Frosh Football-Captainp Junior Executive Committeeg Senior Class Vice-Presidentg Senior Most Athletic JANET PERKINS-FHAg FBLLg Thespiansp Red Crossg Safety Councilg Latin Clubg JCLg Tiger Culosg Tigerettesp Student Councilg National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist WILBUR PERKlNSeBandg Red Crossf FBLl.p Baseballp Track CAROL PETTY-FHAg FBLLp Safety Councilg Medics Clubg Y-Teens, Ronnie Plaisance Lee Rachal Wilbur Perkins Carol Petty "wr SWS X ggi, . , it 3 , M 4 , Rfk , , it 4 . , . v , V -fig cy., Wig 4 f , ,giants S S T ., ff e' Ni fer- ,-- ' 5 Q Q 51 A1 . f T.. T xr? 3 Ja H ' W .Z L '.Vi N4 W L ,. u-9 ,L Robert PGYUC Janet Perkins Tiger Cubsf Sophomore Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer RONNIE PLAISANCE-Frosh Football Nlanagerp Baseball-Managerp Office Staffg Lettermen's Club VIRGINIA REYNOLDS-Freshman Favoriteg Junior Executive Com- mitteeg Latin Clubg JCLp Thespiansg Debate Cluloy Safety Councilg FBLLQ Glee Clubg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettes, Y-Teensg Sophomore Homeroom Vice-President MIKE RILEY-Student Council Presidentp Key Club-Vice-President, Pres?dentg Mr. Neville High Schoolg FBLL-Vice-President, Mr. "FBLL"g Thespiansg Latin Clubg JCLQ Hi4Yp Pelican Statef Office Staffg Frosh Basketloallg School Hi-Lites HOWARD RIVERS-Bandg Key Clubg Latin Clubg JCL John Rea Mike Riley Virginia Reynolds Howard Rivers M .. VZ?-fa f""" - -'A- www ,-ef 1. are ...If J L L J is , if-will 1. 1 ,arch vit' any wif' -new-an V Killi- Ralph Roberts Pam Rudisill RALPH ROBERTS-Student Council-Parliamentariang Key Clubalunior Board Member-President, Monroyan-Assistant Sports Editorg Glee Club-Vice-Presidenty Frosh Favoriteg Sophomore Handsomep Junior Favoriteg Senior Handsomeg Senior "Heartloreaker"g Frosh Foot- ballp Varsity Footballg Lettermen's Club-Secretary-Treasurerg Base- ball-All Stateg All Districtg All Monroyang Trackp Frosh Basketball: Office Staff PAM RUDISILL-Transfer Studentg FBLLy Y-Teens-Membership Chair- mang Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Chorus, Secretary-Treasurerp All State Chorus KAY SANCHEZ-Frosh Basl-cetball'Captaing Varsity Basketball-Co- Captainp All State, Second Teamg Senior Class Wittiestg FBLLQ French Clubg Volleyball MIGNON SCOGIN-FBLL-Secretary, Vice-President: Band-Lieutenantg Beth Schallo Molly Shelton Dian Simmons Robert Sims saw, ' itil' if' 1-nab' , Vt, M qy L 45? ,2,: gvyly V , if: t , F. , it x U , , Kay Sanchez Mignon Scogin Thespians-Parliamentarianp Key Club Sweetheart BETH SCHALLO-Y-Teens-Membership Chairmanp Historian, Vice- Presidentg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettes, FBLLQ Glee Club-All State Chorusy French Club'Historian, Reporterg Red Cross-Membership Chairman MOLLY SHELTON-Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesi Red Crossg Safety Coun- cil-Secretary-Treasurer, Presidentg Student Chairman of T960-61 Homecoming Activitiesg Annual Staff Organizations Editorg Latin Club-Reporterg JCLg Debate Clubg Debate Teamg Thespiansp Office Assistant DIAN SIMMONS-FHAg FBLLg Red Crossg Junior Assemblyp Glee Clubg Tiger Cubsg Safety Councilg Thespians ROBERT SIMS-Varsity Basketball Managerg Frosh Footballg Varsity Baseball Manager ...W -.-'- xvfl-tv 1 M wif We hit a gusher this time I59 P so SENIORS JOHN SIXBEY-Americanism Club LEA SKAINS-Medics Club-Secretary-Treasurerg Safety Councilp Y-Teensp Junior Executive Committeeg Soph. Homeroom Sec.-Treas, urerg Junior Homeroom Sec.-Treasurerp Tiger Cubsg Glee Club DAVID SMlTHwChorus-Presidentg Orchestra-Concertrnasterg French Clubg All State Chorus: All-State Orchestrag Americanism Club WAYNE SMITH-Safety Councilg Student Councilg Hi-T-President, Sec.-Treas.g Bandg Latin Clubg JCLg Science Club-Sec.-Treas.g Flag Committee David Smith Glenda Smull Wayne Smith Bill Spinks wrqnv- tl sr A, A tti X it ettt t we , fx f fr Wim.. , ,:.- l We rr Fed 5, llf :es 3 1 John Sixbey Lea Skains GLENDA SMULL-Transfer Student BILL SPINKS-Basketloallg Latin Clubg JCLp Freshman Homeroom Presidentg Junior Homeroom President SHARON STANCIL-FHAp Glee Clubg Track Court-Maidf FBLLg Red Cross Homecoming Court CARL STEVENSON-Transfer Studenty Key Club VAN STEWART-Hi-Yg Band-All State Band PARNELL STOCKSTILL-French Club Van Stewart Parnell Stockstill Sharon Stancil Carl Stevenson .fa-rr""""' ff rrr I 3, Q! we r,,, . P' fe ...rv +-...nav -agr . Jim Theus Carolyn Thompson JIM THEUS-FBLLg Science Clubg Latin Clubg JCLg Freshman Favorite CAROLYN THOMPSON-JCL-Official Delcgatep Tigerettes-Presidenty Red Cross-Secretaryg Safety Councilg Annual Stattg Frosh Basket- ballg Student Council Alfernatep Latin Cluby FBLLg FHAg Library Club KAY THOMPSONfTiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Student Councilg FHAg FBLLg Freshman Homeroom Favoriteg Senior Beautyp Safety Council SHIRLEY THRIFT-FHAg Y-Teensg Medics Clulog Tiger Cubsp Tiger- ettesp FBLL John Tolar Linda Truett Helen Touchstone Rita Tuey W9 Kay Thompson Shirley Ann Thritt JOHN 'l'OLARfHi,Yg FBLL HELEN TOUCHSTONEfRed Crossg FHAp Safety Councilg FBLLQ Glee Clubg French Club-Sec,-Treas,g Y-Teensg Tiger Cubsp Tigerettesg Sophomore Homeroom Secretaryg Library Clubg Frosh Homeroom Treasurerg Library Staff LINDA TRUETT-Nledics Clulop Red Crossp Tiger Cubsg Track Court- Maid of Honorg Glee Clulap FHA RITA TUEYHFBLLQ FHAf Y-Teens 1 -air me wee 'fur No man's land I6I my '--" My ,- j 2, ,,kk K ', rw- Q SENIORS BILLY TURPIN-Tracl-cp Hi-Yg Glee Clubg All State Chorusg FBLLg The-spians CORBlN TURPIN--French Clubg Latin Clubg JCl.p Frosh Footballp Varsity Footballg Frosh Trackg Varsity Trackg Key Clubg Lettermen Club ROSEMARY UPSHAW-Varsity Cheerleaclerg Frosh Cheerleaderg Miss Neville High Schoolg Pelican Stateg French Club-Vice-Pres., Reporterg FHA-Vice-Pres.g Student Council-Historian, Chaplaing Dele- gate to Southern Association of Student Councilp Red Crossp Tiger Cubsp Tigerettes-Secretaryg Junior Executive Committeep Safe- ty Councilg Junior l-lomeroom Vice-Pres. SAM WALKER-Frosh Trackg Varsity Trackg Frosh Footballg Varsity Rosemary Upshavv Eddie Wilson Sain Walker Miko Wilson wmuulll' ' 'QUT Billy Turpin Corbin Turpin Footloallg Lettermen Club EDDIE WILSON-Latin Clubp FBl.l.g JCLg Frosh Football MIKE WILSON-Frosh Footballg Varsity Footballg Varsity Track: Junior Executive Committee JUDY WORLEY-Track Court-Maid of Honorg Tigerettesg Tiger Cubs: FBLLp FHAp Student Councilg Monroyan Staffg French Clubg Glee Clubg Red Cross BECKY WRIGHT-FHAg FBLl.p Latin Club: JCLg Tiger Cubsg Science Clubg Y-Teensg Niedics Club HARVEY PERRYALatin Clubg Science Clubp JCLg Student Council Altern. Judy Worley Rebecca Wright Harvey Perry N. I Qs' ,- REMEMBER WHEN . . . l ' ' . .Q -. dj: 2 K . A " 4 l NK A 8 1-, ' 'fb .Q A r xw.,-H 4 V . , we L ,Q -W ? wa, I in Ll-'za-if ' Laura Allen Don Sager Kathy and Robe-rf Kite and Blackmond and Bill played wifh played Llftle McSherry played played "house" ,,,, played if dollies . . . League .... in the water , . . . cool! l?j "iii l-f: zzfswff,-www',,1sa,fwf..r111a 2-12 5 fK" N--a Q ml- A-Qraxf-:az Which was witch? fHer-nphill, Allen and doll, Fgrsy dre55.Up pany, The Big Hun? Jody B., Barham, and Updegraffl. lBarham, Theus, Updegraff, lWIlSOI'1, MOVQHW and Allenl . . . and P9'VYl rr x A mn, , l E f il R :1 Nieman Q 'L in l ,. 1 1. wx-1' 9, ' L you EWY, 3 5 Knock-out! What! No HalO??? lSanchez and The latest "fad" . . . Pam and f-ludy Cobbj Parkerj fl-linlcle and Dunnj Johnny even . . . .,,. E , In A l f A 1 L el wx, ef, fl --2 El if 4 . A L 4 4 'Q wp, , E 'T 3 , 'r I fff , 'ig ,, , 4 5 2. Ji ' ' .IW-nw 1 .. , ' " 1 ' ' 'wi Noland, Blackmond, Tlldf Old QGHQ of mine , , U A real P3"lYlll Cochran, Larson, Dunn and Anders . .. I63 I 4 1 -f l CLASS OF '62!!?!! ROW I: Cookston,? Ward,'? Worley,?'? ROW 2: Cudd,'?, Marx,?, Kincaid, Thompson, Scogin, '?, Blackmon. ROW 3: Mcffready, ?, Amman, ?, Foster, ? ROW 4: Messina, Dean Petty, Hollis, Milsteacl, Allen. ROW 5: ?, Brown, Touchstone Clark, ? ROW 5: Johnson, Reynolds, Calvert, Nichols. -. ,hx if-5 Pam iijilu , s 5 5 We f ..,- K fry, I ,A-, - V ,,l ,. John Harvey . . . Frank . . Herschell . . . Eddie , , af 'Q it f : gas! I rl 2 wx G Shirley 5 1:1.., K 2 ,:- pg, yr In .,,V in M ,W l 'R W H' , 'F W gg, i,s W ..4 'fir X' 5 , s ,, ,s it R , A K 2 any X s rr i t , on . "' A was H , j ll , -f 'lifxvif 14:5 R ' Q X R-W' nm.. A 9 ml M 11..+'n' I64 Tommy. . lThe age for pigtailsl . . . Kathy, Barbara, Paula, Shawn, and Steve JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS STANDING, from left to righf: Ronald Killen, Trcasurcrg Sam Caverlee, Vice-President Gary Gannavvay, Preside-DT. I65 L i , 1 2' f En Q 'F ,Fw l M ,, -. Lp A 2' 1 A N af? 'Bl Q if HFRE Y 'Y LPA 'Tm Class cl '63 wins again JUNIORS B. if iiniwmww V .W Aw .. me gi f -d""'nu i ' ii wg ..v 13 , , wo- mf- " rf . VV Y ,..V AY, Q, . . Z fi' We A M' if u ii' M - .W , I .gr-fm, F A i ln, 'MW Q Q J , J ,. Mu- 5 j -.W "h' ,,, Aw , 'S if 'reefxv' Q 'W xv! E if Charles Ackel Gerald Acosia Mona Acosta Bill Aclams Arm Adams Rex Albright Diane Alexander June Apgar Paul Aron Holly Bayne Devvift Becker? Lawrence Benner? Betty Bettis Beverly Blackmori Linda Blair Bill Blair Steve Blue Latina Bonner James Brasher Betty Bray Wade Brisbin Wendell Buchanan John Burgess Wayne Bushnell W Francis Byrd David Carlson Ann Casey Carolyn Causey Sam Caverlee Pat Chambliss Cheryl Chapman Ruth Christian David Christianson Diane Clark Kathleen Cochran Henry Cole Nancy Crossland Carol Crotvvell Frank Delange Jenny DeMoss Lee Denson Tommy Dickens Maribeth Downing Kenny Duncan Daria Duncelman 4--. M1 mm M, tw ,ig er f ' f. , ,J x, I uqgwg -774- -Nfl -ar. - ' , y 'i1ri'.' rr gg. ,. UK' -mu I if V ' I geese? 4 221 tw,-W , me L, uk A 5 2 l i "WL TX mv 'W ' 'wa j, ' ' - G if ifif A if,-. 2 ww. 4- My- ,jg -L K A -- . L., ,A M i f ff W- if as -' I , ,af , by -Q P .. Q , Gayle Dunn Joey Dupuy Kenneth Easley Frank Eason Ann Edmondson Jan Evans Randall Fallin Henry Fife Jerry Frasier Gary Fetch Jimmy Gaienne Gary Gannavvay Bobby George Tommy Gibbs Don Gicldings Joyce Gill Judy Gill Jimmy Gilley Sfepnanie Gilmont Robert Goorley Diane Goza Danny Gremillion Pam Grower Kur? Guelzow Plwil Gurlfirie Martha Guyton Mike Haddad Mariorie Hammons Geron Hargon Gay Hargrove George Hargus Jimmy Harmon Bark Harrison Cappy Hayes John Heimgartner Terry Hessiclc Jimmy Howard Bill Hunt Richard Hyland Barbara Jackson Bill Jackson Karen Johnson Kay Jones Ronald Killen Herb Kilpatrick ,4- R 1' 'ig Q: ng . 5:3 L:-ff. Owl! W 4? fi L f ' 4? s '17 Q-uv! .2114 wif' rs., F9 fi f M W., 2 f 'W' 5, .QM MT., .ln-L "vb-.. ..,..,. 7-R' 'S' VUE 1 3 Q .2,,. -f r K . iiiii ,J Hmm., I 7 1 , .Q ,,. S, J , ,Q . K liillih , E, , Q Q N, ,ir L Wifi- l M' 436' Q-0' --if rv. J' 11, 'W' -ua M05 '25 f if , - g A M if if , x an fi qi, M ,rai n J is M W V' ' -if ' nw W ,W R li ,ova-an J WMM pw- ' M99 ' vw E "Q, fm, 152' 4.2 Pm mb 'ha K ,f 'if , ay wifi, if rin 'P When happened To the Twist? L 'EXW Q frm .- Wflm f 9125 A f5,.5f r !!mff3 L - 3 'fix ,mbsf iff is -1 Ji - gi if f t ,ff A ,. 'H fi ,uw rf. . X 33 sr ra 'Wx M SWK- 3 5:1 ff.-A. 6, 5 ff L 1 A S 1, W ,Q ,Q if .L fi! KH rarr L M4 Wi AM, nw ss? -Q ...ww , - Richard Kiper K. K, Kite Wayne Knipping Carol Kooniz Linda Ladner Grefchen LaFrance Owen Landridge Adria Landry Joe Lane Julie Larsen Steve Lazarus Cynthia Leigh Randy Lewis Sharon Liifle Sissi Loftin Edwin Lovelady Jane! Lovelady Shawn McBride David McCaskill Ann McElroy Robert McGowan Kathy McSherry Andy Mapp Dick Marsh Marilyn Massey Jerry Mehl Sharon Monroe Greg Moore Derylin Morris Suzanne Moseley Barbara Mulhearn Richard Mulhearn Ruth Mulhearn Barry Mullins Carolyn Murray Paula Neal Robbie Newcomer Penny Nichols Janet Nolan John Parker Polly Parrish Buddy Pearson Chip Planchard Jimmy Pohlman Pat Porter fi is , .Qi V' -v 4.- 1 X 5 1 N if rr gi J 'W we--f , "wx ' H? X if . 'uf' -we " win " 'VM .-Q... 3 if K, -WNW ' It n o 7, I 1 F M ,Ai A411 M f 1 , L , si Jw- x ,sir N 'W nt"'H! al is i,ff 'Dm FMF if-uw-Q A66 'IN' Q-sv' ads' fm .. -fa'-2' .. .. fl """ wiv Q.-.W 5 Wh 248 use Q- 10' .us-vu , Q vhs, M Did he make it, or didn'f he? JUNIORS Q , xdww Q -S M ' 1 S ' ffr' -ew. ms. new A. , :ww X 6 f 4 057' A Nh ,i i il 'iw' , -.ff Q . L31 ' 2: git 'adv V 5 H 'gs 4 ,JH ' - 3 -,'f 3,5 , I .M 3 ',.' N V. . H ' , ,za fa.: W 1 ,. '-Y if-R 'i R gif, R' 42125 'fs A ,,:, ' .. 'M t Sandra Powell Gene Rachel Sage Redding Sheila Resfer Jerry Richey Hiedi Rowan Jeanne Rowan Steve Rugg Mac Russell Don Sage? John Segars Sandra Shutting Doris Solomon Peggy Soufherland Tommy Sparks Elaine Spencer Susan Sperry Ann Stevenson Diane Steward David Stone Crissie Terzolas Befly Tomasee Joanne Turner Sieve Updegraff Fred Vogel Hershel Walker Jean Wallace Mac Ward Alton Wasaka Donna Weaver Louise Weir Jenny Welch Diane West Diane White Sylvia Whitehead Richard Wilkerson James Willis Eddie Wilson Linda Wingo Bill Yerger f ,,AA,,,kk What's for supper, Kim? . . Tunin' up . . . Quit cheatin', Nleffle JO" - - i 5 is-wrigd Now X the way l figure it, tirst we cut Spike - no less . . . Rllfllle and -le""Y -- Wellfe 907 5 SGCVGY - -- ECVOSS . , , in ,M ,.,,, Wwswi IT 4: ma , fit E A N l irate 6 E ii it li Lig sr is - .. A miami . Qt, .5 At Neville, progress is our most I can't believe this . . . Pappas, our Golden Don't be shy . . . important , , , my Halfback . , . Wig ., Susar-Us only teasin' . , , The bigger they are, the harder they fall . . More freshmen again, also . . . Pantomimist - Billy Abstract Ledbetter . . I74 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Rf , 'E KX' A y x N.. t x X 1 N M. l va .mf 'Tm -EN ,X K From Iefr To right: Joe Canal, Treasurerg Steve Huffman, President Jan Reagan, Secrefaryg Tommy Head, Vice-President. SOPHOMORES -4, .4-.,, . an-A an ,,, - ' 'Gr fx Q-f X A A if 1? is I 3 f I f ,. Q . Q ' new ' ar' 'CIW egg A -A 4,139 raar li an 'P ' 1 k , 2 Q . ye 1 'H ' A A 1 N .-an if M M .I if .- .f --A ., A V 4' M 5 'W' ,A 1:2 B. -rr' a ,ef 5 M ' Jffk kv ' mini .L f 1 1 Sl ' IL., run it . I KL -M' :3.. ,I ' A L Na Q ,X We B 'ff' . ae ,wmv !' H1 A E .e 5 ' A Q fm B K ., x i 3 may 'A' A :fi-fa: A 5 A '---Q-- 1 ,:1.. r J 9 - 'K :, ,,-- ,A , g4,..5,!5I:.-5 M ' f ig-F B " A' A v Am 'fli ix ir, A Gloria Abraham Whifney Alger Sharon Allen Arden Anders Casey Anding Nathan Anfley John Armstrong Linda Atkinson Par Ayers Lee Baker Sandy Ballard John Beasley Susan Benton Charlene Bogle Sandra Booih Eric Borgkvlsf Roy Boudreaux Copelen Bradley Richard Bradley Archie Bradshaw Janis Brandon Rita Brandon Ronny Brasher Gerald Braucl Anne Brearcl Mike Breard Nemery Bridges Lauralee Brisbin Ted Brode Cheryl Brooks Joel Bryant Lynda Bryce Lynne Bryce Barbara Buckner Elaine Butler Paulette Buttitfa Jimmy Bynum Joe Canal Faye Cannon Walter Causey Bob Cavendish Jim Caverlee Pam Choilz Dickie Cole Jan Conlin Carolyn Courson Karen Crow Carol Culpepper Connie Davis Donna Decelle Gail Dupont Paul Eason Jane Edwards Sally Ensrninger Diane Entrican C .rr,, 'mfs I ' Qui' ,,......-as . , gf Q :QVQWYV 5: --...ff K f -Y' " H G Aff 41 a me ? 11 Z A Wag U l ew-I E i . Milf? in .qv I a 9' 'swf i Q 3 11 Vi we :gg -1 'lk . M . Z' V '13 v my A 5 ,endif A--4014 fl' lil ,JZ "wi-' ., 29" 4'-Q'fa'y g fi ii Q' f sig W? ,pf M .Mu . " sr '- il ' ' 1 -if L , :g,p.,' K Q "' ,fe-ue 'if 63 is I , JF . Al lg W' ae." K it Ly, it 2 'F 22' ll: QMS? Q,w,rsij sax, ,:Z"' B me B . ,iii E ids? A .f A gg zlz r rrrr 5 if , Q f , . ' .f if 11 if . MSOISHOMORES CMN: "H-N1-av ,W MMAHwvxKfs'iii N ,M ea! ii 5 W 'TK we ,,a. rig, 'll' ir . fl? U1 9 ., 'W , P A W, r - ! Mg' 3, we-+i N1 T S N Mr Q., ,fu VA,' l Exe., I - . . -gg. ' V W 'M 5 mi M' 1-.Q ' ' L r ' - ff l' , ii' , rw- ,V I L 1 - ,,.1--A ' f A 1 ,Q , ,, gi.. i A, ' Wm ,, x , Q: Q ,QL ii me X -WW wP-. .gy 2 - ,Q in W Q, f . . f if . A M wr :. IW, -at-v'5L, Pj, ' ., ,fi'2"?Sf" V . .,. 2, .ME A ,Jn fl'- ang awk ,P MQW wha afsiwgn ,ggi eg?"-3'5 K F N . fa. ' if 'U Z 5 A Q. - 1""M'!ry, K ,,,, 2 V , A M , , fr "fr rn' -1 1' K J- , Sf 5 .fy . . QQ, - K' f us e 1 A , Sa rl ll" A , ff, .-i f 'f' . ., M 1? "" if is a J' J W' y U f Q .-P' pr"-ffi, Q? Q J Roberf Evangelista Ronnie Factor John Fairbanks Sally Farr Phyllis Freeman Marcia Frosl Milann Gannaway John Garrett Juanita Genlry Carol Genung Nancy Gholson Sheila Gidclings Joe Goyne John Graham Joe Grant Russell Grantha Eastland Gray Tim Greer David Gremillion Jackie Gremillion Brenda Gresham Laura Griffith Diane Halley Glenda Grower Richard Haneline Nancy Harbuck Gary Hart Jane Head Tommy Head Madeline Hegwood Sandra Heller Robbie Hicks Bill Hoclcstetler Robert Holdsworth Bill Hollingsworth Cathy Hollis Gary Holt Nancy Huddy Steve Huffman Greg Hutts Mike lrvin Steve Jackson Don Johnson Jimmy Johnson Polly Johnson Evelyn Jones Gayle Kelly Johnny King Corliss Kirby Warren Klam Judy Ladner Wanda Langley Billy Langston Janice Lanier Jim LeDoux AQ ,Q ,fi-.M ,lit at 9 M., ' aw A E k.,, fi' f-f tw. ,. - an 'W -'bw , 'l it J F Q an Win L ' 'vnnefil 1 , H B, 5 5 249 W Q .. e,ym,f,M .gm ., S Z " f Q ' 4 ,J i 'Mi' if - S fa , ' . ,J mi J Q it vs .., 1-gwf ""' -WT . ,ir ww- all 'W 1 - v?...7r .W -suv' six .J wwf 3 , ' ' X 7 , , .3 I iiiig we i ,E W , we use 'M A -,K Rl is 3 W.. , sn. ,WN J-an 'van' - Q 9'0" Q .fl ar--ew ' S kurt' , if wr was Q' .f 4' I J, ft! l 'W X V ,av ... .W i s-if v-fe'-fr J Q ---...L if if "I, is wg. , is .- ,I E 5 ,rw we-fa we-'v Www he 'gi J it vi . .. X J is ,- an if , of A .ti,' Q J 44' "', W A fr kr - , V , H ..:. J i' :'f Z" . A me L, X I: .W ,L A ,- M is .e -ww- f.....: JM, ,L W if-We A ff' 53 ,nur wi The lull before The storm SOPHOMORES 71--f J, . 'AW fl. 1. f ' We w J 'ff W' Y a' Ly an - J, 5 K' P Q X 5-eh ,-nw me , , 2 L lk ,W-up gli .zsvmmy fx ' '- fr iv-qi 50, 4' Jmlkkl ,li f .JVM gs' 'yfvw K N 'mv .Q.' Lag. - 31' J Lzi igff' I , -f Q J ,J J. 3 1 ills l ' W M ml f M y wo. an ,M .I L , lg, RFK wi Dallas Lee Gary Lee George Lever? Lois Leyencleclcer Waller Lowry Denver McCarty Vicki McCullln Judy McDonough Mike McGee Pa? McHenry Newby McNeil Jill Magruder Joe Malta Jill Marx Jan Mason Barbara Masur Linda Masur Lynn Masur James Mathis Dwiglwf May Sharon Medlen Martha Meeks Jay Merten Becky Middleton Anna Miller Nickle Mirza Paula Moreland Judy Morse Lucille Morton Freddie Moses Janet Moses Dana Nlouk Ray Mulhearn Harold Norman Jimmy Nowell Dale Olsan Don Osborn Gary Pappas Bill Parker Becky Parkerson Deas Parrish Mike Patterson Mike T. Patterson Paula Perry Carol Peters Sally Pierce Nancy Pittman Belva Polson Billie Por'ter Sally Portman David Posey Frances Powell Pattie Powell .lan Price Carolyn Rea Qi? al, L . fw- .avr ea' 5,4-funn. 'lit t' an-if ,aww--v' N.,-avi' , '15, ng aw' gif ,a A 2. 'P Q c ,B ,A r.,,,, P rir.,,,-fm. iii' c tir - r s ' .s ja' P ,. 'Q a L V, an 'ings V I , if '53 I al'-"s. f l i 4- '-- W or 41 ,paw :rr- Y we X if Y rf ,fr u a 'QA . T it , U Q 4""""vp S' is' M , tc,c, .., Q 5 as aa 4- ik lb' Well-known commentator Paul Harvey speaks to Neville students. SOPHOMORES K v' ga- , ws 5 ,ani'1lQm fu, "s.5"' ,hw -Y fi' 1 A .KI te. Y i M ,K an r ob - ,K , A -fl --J '-.N ' Y T., x I it . M 1- .1 ,fs Weig el, Q 2,533 if if Ea 'wi L1 - v ww - , fi: ,,, V- wr if 5, , X' s ., 1 QQ: we ' . ' l i,g:!,w" K VV t 6 2 , Mx Q ' . ' 2' 7 ll 7 X V' in , 3. - ,V I - q ' 3 ' i f 2' 4 "" E, Q-iv ,aw .ik 1' vfwng f Q-Q Sa .N ,A 2 E "M fe il : . yr- r an Vtxfwa: . Qi: 'lzfllfliff' . if -' . f ziieif lim-.W P Jan Reagan John Reitzell Robert Reynolds Billy Reynolds O'Brien Richards Bev Richey Dovie Roberts Evorette Roper Mike Savage Judy Searcy Fran Shattuck Susan Sherrouse Ronnie Schultz Mary Jane Sims Nancy Slatten Richard Slavant Diane Smith Art Smith Malcolm Smith Gayle Smith M'Lou Smith Anne Spurgeon Gloria Stancil Gloria Stone Bruce Stovall Barbara Suomi Don Swanson Judy Swayze Nancy Talbot Pete Terzolas Ray Thomas Lenoir Thompson Mary Louise Tolar Jan Touchstone Bill Trice David Trousdale Mickie Varnado Rosalie Wachowski Judy Walker Amos Warner Charlene Wedemeyer Edward Whatley Yvonne Williams Sally Wing Avon Wolcott Sandra Wood Til Wright Connie Yancey John Yerger Eddie Young 4. fm' 'QWN1' Q am .i C' ,K ,L . W, M wwaa si ,, F" ,P 5 i f., J' P' fi Q X -M' si ."'q2,,.,. M if A wt K ' .- .',:51f q:Z"35'-. ' ' ' glial' llil 5 :H fr A fl , A ' 4 y in T V at -f A ,.V, Y f k " , K, 4 - 4 'K f -A 8. " QL . fd Mg-,k"ffi'7f' M H EL o Q -'1 fi- , ,' .J M' 4 :Q M- Z' 2 E A? i K 'Y V' 1 Tiff i' ,J V "Q,-if Lat R inf QU" a ..,, if A . ww' , My 'Q' tim MJ 'fn' Hmm-dr ,W .131 'gk . ,wx Ns ,,,, A -L . f ,W 4 . A N . qi 1 My '72 ..f-wt" I 'V I83 A 1 55 Down the aisle again . . . Rockin' Kenny Duncan . . lim 9nl0Yl"i9 mY5elff l V95llY am - ' 4 ala V i, S ' X I 2 J 5 .W Wg , , , . X W Rm, 5 JB if Q ,if 1 fixing 7 iss, .f ig Oh - Those rash promises . . . Anybody seen our liuskie Team? Breakin' train-ing, Gary? fl 2' , , 4a 'N 3 Xl L , gtk sf K 17 .fr ie ,iss ..,Ag,:m f K i ww' , V - 'xrlf' AQHWW ,af Q E lvl ,.i Who mlllell your www? UH oh! .. .YGlCBUQl1Tl'T19lll 3 .5 Even your best friends you . . . I84 Try enioying life, even if it kills you . . Rl if V 5 -gwfv+.V.. Aww M ,Q if -1:-W-k ,, X f -Vwwrw - 'Nfl' L ii' J A 4' s V, V . 4 . . 1 . V VV 1 7 , -is Y 'l ' g. A 'V H V .V V Vmifiiff :'ffiV!V' f'-lifsggj --" JV -- N l w : ,A 4 Vw I ,, . I xx-v at L - 'AL lf ' u,., fyjijfj'-. V fg:Qiji55jgy3.V .V V71 ff vgfii if KV WV- 2 in in V V ' r V is A I A s?Z,f,i, f ? 1 g I V , 1n,s!ugg3V, Q. V , , 1, is .V gg . Q ., -, ,Y pf? jfs, f - i , 'Q F Sfllfri, , - ' i , ,.V. ,.,, . 1 , , Ly V , ,LV VV VVVA K ' i ffm - V - ' , Eg ' " f ' !'zZ"'.Q" V . -1 1 K won'1 tell Which way to the Homecoming Parade??'? Who is Coffin mad 31 now? ? ? ? FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS SEATED, from left ro righrz Brenda Cargo, Secretaryg Robert McSherry, President STANDING, from leff To rlghrz Sv:oT1y Campbelh Trcasurcrg Gene Galligan, Vice-President 3 4291 vu, sal .l QW' Wildcats' trophy afier homecoming game FRESHMEN 1 212, . i 5. . 755. ' Viviun A I A ra . K 1' Mp ,,,.,-gn. rf Qin .ww- wx Ali' 1 Hifizff , 1 : 'V M .w,,w' ...A ...l A fx in ww' We MQ? ,f 1 ,A:, 'f,,,,,,"'..,,,W'i ' unix Qui ...ef www 'Y fx? .1 ...ff wif' N we ev K Kay Adams Linda Adams Lee Albright Toni Albrighf Jerry Album Eddie Allen Lana Allen Lane Allen Lynne Allen Julie Amman Wayne Anderson Carolyn Anspach Anne Armstrong Bonnie Baldo Candy Barringer Lena Baffablia Linda Baffislone Allen Bealle Becky Bcckvvorth Skipper Bell Peggy Bennett Kathryn Bird Walter Boals Barbara Bourwell Mike Boyeffe James Bradbury Judy Branch Sherry Branch Linda Breard Renee Breard J. Dodd Brooks Joe Brown Larry Brown Sandra Brown James Bryan Scott Buchannan Pam Burgess Margie Burkett Scotty Campbell Terry Campbell Jean Carler Brenda Carso Camille Carso Charles Cascio Ronnie Clark John Clay Roberf Clay Tommy Coats Richard Cole Phamie Colvin Clyde Coon David Correro Susan Cowder Diane Crawford Brenda Crow gp .9-n.. 5 1 I' W, . ,M- affix , , ,ff fa...-sv" :X f Q., I A fl- ati if Q- Fl Y , X r , , F I A - 1, 'awry ig S13 . ,rc QS- X M ir 1 5, . f fi 5. .wx .L W K wwf' ,J , f ' 'B' wwf J ww M. I K M, 'FW' fi as if .L ag. 3' " A if 1 ., W W M . Q i,,i,.:f?T M , ... , . W2 , A-Q. , 'fb ff' 1 Q ' - f l 5 4 3 ,wg K 35 'IN wi 4. u my af gg, is if l" A ,gg 0 , ,. ,iw gi ...,, ' Ziff 'f las W ig 4 : A if li X ,lb Ti? f 4 I hw J I , of wtf M-r 1, ls, H' "l?'fg ,r li A J , 'wif I -,pw J A xr . ,, ,,, ji - ,iw 4 ""i ' -If 'T 'TV Look at The birdie, Buddy. FRESHMEN x ? .-ii 4 Eiifa I i ll, ' ik .i , Q21 Atl -Q. 'fx , fiwm . f- Q5- "M LW .A ' r Ii , 5 , - I ion' f, il Q! .ii -1? is Y .- I, . ., .. , ' . -' .,e' . K, ,Q V ,-Numa: , 7 .4-' W, V who . X . fag if? --,agp Q' l eg ff X ,wail if , Q if Q l.k 5' ..k, I 5 .mei Margo Daniel Ronnie Dana Ronald Davidson Tim Davies Dan Davis Vic Davis Edward Dayton Kenf Dean Dollie Decell Ronnie Demoss Tim Devereaux Mike Dlspenza Gale Domingues Gerald DuBois Mary Duncan Bill Dunn Thomas Dupree Kathryn Ferguson Suzanne Fisher Leonard Flynn - .Q N .. 6-Ha: 1 '35, , .Q Tommie Ford Y V ' ., ' ' Gene Galliean la. , A , " 1 f-fi w ' Brenda George . 3, -X 1 Q, Nancy Gllolson aww' fl, 2. f U Q V' l J Gb ""l""' Hal li L M. aa. . errY l son Mk , la? fi rf? K VVL, rs F : ' A V il . f ' ' Jil i ..'.','7 We H .. ' 1 ,. H v ga it JL: .. EL- We Kin -v 5 - ,. V 'f i f1i'M2Q A- l J i :air H K ,af K 83, -ss. 1315! im? 4' dif f K . Dan Gilliland y i G i Nancy Gilliland Q j 6 A I M Katherine Glasgow if -'-' T I, IN" ffl: 4 ' ""' Marilyn Goldman H -.Ji ' Diane Gray H 'W""9'!' an , ,,. l'l L ,,,, Jimmy Greenlee ,, Sandra Guidry Marie Guillof Jesse Gui1errez W Sunnye Gulley W nav' Lynn Haddad Tlwcda Hakim Anne Hall , Vicki Hallmark Phyllis Hammett Jenry Hammons Ann Hanks Elaine Hanna Steve Hansen Mickey Harper l-Wh , David Harrison ' , Sm V Ray Harvey Y im! . g - Ei' ' Shelia Heine ,n""1m',fg , ' ' .V 16' ' Sileryle Hendricks he ,F wi, NM . Jimmy Henry qi 5 M M : :HS , ' 1 - .1 r xx, i Bruce Herrell Gordon Hesdorffe Larry Higgins ,lf--f, g, ' , E IA Tom Holden . I Tom Holzem 5 -we W , f Mm WM. l" .J yay f ,fig .. T3 4, 'K 4 lf-if . 1 '14 1 . , ,, W., A "wk , axial .am , fr ei' , ll We -5, mf UQ! i 3 2' i S l ,V f as-E1 41:1 .fy ,1 fi.-w,f.' . 1llE'11w"'x"i'i'l ff V , fa Y. , ,... . I V , .FM .W,..- mn. if-fy if "QPF Aw galil l ff -uw , -wif i 1'-'1 , si y . Q b X , s . L - C 4 Q5 r 2 l . aw K . 'i i 5 W AQVV .. .s l WM iiii "i ' Qi E im it r l ar sy. L us' I iiiii if N ' 'i:- ll' Q , . in an -lr s i , ,. pf A aa J' N --wwf' 5 sir 5? iff .. ,gi A I . ,Mi- , eq... All together now, Slurp! FRESHMEN 'vw D. 'SWK me WS Q t J 21:11 2 at E me f 'rv' f V .,,,,,-,. ,E K 4 i ii ' aff ,,: :f 4,4Fw ,.. V o f 515 '--67" , 81. ,,., 1 ke ,,,7 I fm 5- V of .am-rang, we ww ..,,,p 5 I ' 1 fix I mh A, 'W ' V EQ ! W .an nQ .JNPS ' 'UB-an r if 4 L s at Q Xl 2 il ww my Q 5 to 5 ,WE rrr J fe or Q 3 VW? .mg mg WW A Julia Hoodmaker John Houston Vernon Houston Sally Hover Preston Howell Jimmy Hudson Nora Jackson Susan Johns Jeanette Jones Kaye Joyce Branton Kellogg Mike Kemp Tena Kimball Patsy Kozlovsky Ann Kraft Martha Krepper Arah LaGrange Gilbert Lee Robert Lee Gloria Lewis Sandra Littleton Donna Lomax Harriet Lowery Paula Lyon Melinda Mabray Susie McBride Russell McCue Al McDutf David McGee James McGritf Charles McLain Bill McNeer Ken McRae Terry Mahr .,i .sw-ur '. .1 .nz V J ,, is-R nm ,,m' 15 ,fr 2 rag P vw, wi,- ,Q fl 3 A 3 9 9 r f , 9 0 1 p , ' "0 ' ' - fx I rf J 4,. .va Oo o y A A N in e . 1 Q .if- AON h if 5 Q X ' 1 L R o b e rt McSh e H' Y , ,mv A L in Connie Marshall Jay Marx Peggy Marx Jim Mears Phyllis Middleton Stephen Moncla Greg Monroe Linda Moore Larry Mullins Thad Mullins Herbert Munholland Donald Murphy Lee Odom Carole Overton Ginger Owens Alice Pankey Barbara Parker JoAnne Patterson Clif Pearce Mike Pearson s2KeY1:fa' - . fr!! W aa! Q M: f - ,slag Sig!" j: 'i 3 . M W- 1 . . W3 ,f Q ,, A 1 ini'-is A Q 0 L 5 -'.1 L X? -'-r?'?' . fi . ' i si ' -, ' I.. ff. 1 t lg if ""fP,gp?,. 1 me K7 , A ,ww f ' , .. 5 si aww L - if L ,51?5V if -J sqm .1 g hlll v.,. f .. ss if LH if MW 'W"f" A' is P ' qw sm.. f X L fy 2 , , ' 2 A in P , f 9 .. Q J' ll 5 sl .5 ' mf, we L O, W .2 ,NW .5217 we :L -Q-a,w-P 'Wim is-Q, as , uf . ik .L N is y L if .. ifffzll fm g FA- xiii' 72438235 Bti, fff,.:ff f P V? on e-fy " 4' S ,L -, - mx 7 . , ' ,- 55. me sf L "" . , 'Sv i as f,4Jg,,s,f . L- Wang as, - vm in f-3 fa-L 'Q V .' L M ,455 'L In Hg ,mf My s f " P U, gg i . , . 21" if ,L W r,- K , V M- M, I - N M- i ,, . -. ,. HL... , f , . - K ,M L - x J ,QM ,- l Q 5 'p QL ......v- Pg, 4 . Watch those calories, girls. FRESHMEN if M . .. or p if "' PW' t ' Wir all Nix A R if wa P 4' R E S. ."'. ' , L ok.. g H 4 Q . ., . V Figs, ,. an if MW' e xml : ' 1 .dw ' vm--Wi" 197.42 i, k ' -is sm . kg, W.?E?--W ,, Y' xt- Q-Wu -W 1 Nah 1: fvmwr . 5 nf im ,ina S 4 N. , 1,:g,,,- Q an ferr . 4 1- i - s L A 39. . yeas ,K 1 f'f' 2 R if V48 .l' Q R EW' , ., ' A , J A, 31 . 5 2 '54 Ab. ..-.Ak k H' " .wr S Q K Q 4 x I K ,.,. W l i, rat tk SSW Bill Pierce Freddy Poe Mary Polk Connie Polson Pam Pomeroy Dick Pope Gayle Popvvell Donna Porter Bobby Portman Barbara Powell Bob Powell Tommy Price Mickey Rasclw Margaret Rea Buzz Redding Donna Reed Scotty Reis Mary Reynolds Hilton Roberts Bobby Robcrtso I1 Jimmy Rogers Vernon Rogers Joe Rosenberg Frank Rouch Bob Rowan Lela Rowan Cindy Rowe Sandy Rowe John Salisbury Ethel Salisbury Danny Shaw Larry Sheffield Don Shlosman Annie Sigler Merrie Jo Simonton Lenward Sims Alice Smith Frank Smith Patti Smith Ray Smith Edward Solomon Kathy Stadler Ted Standley David Stanhope Ginny Stark Scott Stewart Mark Storms David Stovall Mike Strausser Dee Strickland Hank Taylor Sheila Taylor Joe Terrell Chuck Thomas Ed Theus S- 1 as A J, , Hr . il 2 'af a E a . 2 a ' 52? ' .2 -- 1 A' ' T 1 if .3 'Eggs t fair Q F- is F- ,-,A -E A A. 'f?:""Ty'llrTF'l" 1-i' lb e "M: ii, A '-,sa .gk -iw to iQ35'?f' T wwf, at 5' S fl R: QA Q Q" 8 X fi ff 'T s .a r YJ , ,txi ,N ,.,A , -ai. eff? T F 'Z w W' rt aa? 1lfii,fZ of ff' .T j.,e if -sur,-I . . , -CMS? iw 'R '53 il T11 VV Mjwwl is i ,, VV I 1 Mgr' H' M i T r its T T' rt A M. QE 1 '55 all Af T Ti . M 2' l"'i 'W W-2 5 'T' -lg f 4 :gy T-J! ,W-, ff- ,f fx? T S R f'l M ykj-A ly W e' w 'ly f 1' I !l""'f" , ,Wh .,,. ,r.t, , ,',. ,i., , . I 'wil' TNHTYTQV' T M: MOU, w ' - .,.,,,' s Y N I .4 A - ' , al I ,.,.1?lBl?ll5 fr l -T T at R 2 aft . 4' . - 15" lp" 1 ' ,, ,a ,wav K' .HQ 1 ig J H, an 'fm 4 ' ' 4, FRESHMEN . ff' . K 4 nm g K ' .0 V 'W' - -vb' KK . - Ji, V : Q I W Q Yi' 3 A dry ln 1 E 9 1 J Q R 7 A' I . up 59" -i ,,. 1, ff- . g 2 an " ' il i 'K ,Ile -- 4 V139 ig. ,5 'V fi: 7 , J AG-gk ""'i ,. . fi i 5 K I we e y . ,,:: l ,., . K' -is if Q 4' nb .W 'V at 2- .e,- N.. X ' 7' A, 44' I - fd' I .ur ggi 4' fi. i 'A !"pr.'d , fi 5-'F' Arm ff. - f' - A' ' , 2- an '- f ' x . 4 - E 5 632 :L K 3 . 'F ML 4 Q waxy lx- 1631 X A N Y ,M -in if - ,Wu .ii"""'B" .- """""""' : ' " z ., . '- - V Q Q--4' ' -5 M- 7 In fix' ff Betty Tillery Bobby Trent Jimmy Truett Ronnie Tuey Murray Turner Jeff Turpin Beau Turrentine Steve Underwood Janet Vanderpool Dennis Venable Robin Wadley Billy Walker Charles Walker Linda Walker Linda Watkins Ann Wetzel Larry White Chuck Wilds Donald Wiley Jane Wilkerson Charles Williams Linda Williams Mike Williams Gary Willis John Windham Peggy Windham Kenneth Wingo Mercille Wisalcowsln Diane Womax Robert Wright Wayne Wright Mary Alice Yeldell Dale Young Sandy Youngblood We took State! 3 ' l 'if am- 'Q 3 I ,Q . Q- fa, 3 . ,, i ,W ,.- 'Clk ,,,,,..i, W' " ,xl R fl. Mi I I . ,,, N ff A 'N f 'W K 'fm 6 la, ' Ns l A M K uuzu 4 im., iw ..j ft st' I 1 :ii ,db i sh. . was ,gm EET, 15 .35 A ,AN a 411455 .V J Q xy i NY f' -.W u " , if .. - by 1 , v If . ,, Z- -i if 'W' - 5 A i f Si :wait if s mn-umm, iff gill , N Wifi , i x V 'F .V X ii 2 WX 195 W ff . ,FY wif , L I I' Fisffyi!-WW di Ng s ' an. fe--4 A - , V ff' ,W 4 ig. sl SPRING ACTIVITIES CHAPTER VI was gy. 3. li' S S L 12 ,, fa: A, K 'fs S sf ff pe.. ,K Q fx fs as JS? f1"ffvffMm 'E Wfiifw 5411753555485 3? E K 35535 2 if: I 5 1 .Q A 1 5 , M1 TRACK 9 9 h nfl av' 4 F... dw 'H The l96O'6i Track Team from Lefi to Right FIRST ROW: Robert Goorley, Eric Borgkvisf, Chip Planchard, Freddie Moses, Sieve Jefferson, Mike Wilson SECOND ROW: Jimmy Howard, Roberf Payne, Courtland Gray, Freddie Haddad, Ronald Killen. THIRD ROW: John Segars, John Mittell, John Christian, Winston Odom, Jack Burton. 5 :xv :EQ I k . J M .Q MILE RELAY BROADJUMP NEVILLE WINS AGAIN 7 9 " 'ive ,,,,,5:v,,,' 'SG' A N 91695 r 1 sglf-5, 1353 A .X ,N M we -ef ,, .W 1 .ff STATE AA CHAMPION MILE RELAY TEAM Holding baton from lefi to right are Couriiand Gray, Mike Wilson, Bunzy Bryant and Jimmy Howard. Jan Reagan Reigns as Queen of 2nd Annual Neville Relays Members of the court from left to right are Lea Thompson Linda Truett Barbara Mulhearn Jan Reagan, QQueenJ, and Sharon Stancil 1 y .,,. y . 4 A I 7 fr- rqgiyifi 1--A E' . I R 'Wir K 'jo ., , ' ,A ll, Qhi aut' fi fer W N. gm. 'Q at 91 bf Roberts ready to hit one. 'I961 TIGEF 'lil sr p 'QW'- - f Members of the team pictured above are standing from left to right Joey McGinn, Kurt Guelzow, Butch Cerniglia, Frank Keith, Sperry Brown, Neal Gunn, Randall Falling and kneeling from left to right Herschel Walker, Bill Yerger, Eddie Kincaid, Ralph Roberts, Joe Canal. 202 Members of the pitching staff pictured above from left to right are Yerger, Guelzow, Gunn, Roberts, Fallin, and Keith. BASEBALL Rayville ,,eA W, Monroe W. Monroe Ruston ,,,, Ouachlta . ,,,, ,,.. kayviile Ruston ,,,u,, Haynesville Ouachlta ,,,e,,, u , Haynesville .3 I '- ff,I,..zag -ik--Z4 'D Q Pa x S rl ,4 .ef 'Ak . xl z,....v.,bk . 5. ,. . 5 ., 44,1 3 R 1 mg I - W, ky ,QV if M M ?-..,,,,,,1,,.,' . fals- a ,. , A ,, 1-wwf J , ,L,fg-f:'93g'n3a5e: A ,VU:n,vkL .sew K:,g?:2,k, A: ' Z- -17 5 ff fu T?" Fallin slides back to first f 1 NEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL WINS AA STATI The l96l Neville Baseball Team lefT a mernor- PLAY-OFF SCHEDULE able record aT The end of iTs season when iT vvon The sTaTe AA baseball crovvn. The outstanding piTching of Neal Gunn and Herschel Walker, a greaT Team, and The ever-presenT Neville spirit broughT seven OUT of nine vicTories over Minden, Menard, and RedempTorisT. f Minden 7 Neville Minden 7 7 Neville Minden 7 Neville Menard 7 Neville Menard 7 Neville Menard 7 77 7 7 Neville RedempTorisT Neville RedernpTorisT Neville RedempTorisT Neville Qgi Sperry Brown lays down a bunT 49' -"I ,Lf 7 ,.:V Wd, xl RIA LQW ar? i gr lf v...,- W I AWARDS DAY P 5' I 4? igim 5 jg f 1 , 0 v f , 1 fr ff ,, 1' V f f . .fl 5 ff? Y' s f Zz fi -, ,,, .,,,,.. f PWE5? 1 5 Q? .-.4 'H' A Q ' , .5 wilsii ig? A r "'A Sax . LL 'A .W F' L,., ,W . , , .. , .., . 1 fa b? MW , :,' 1:: - SPRING CONCERT Choir performs a1'Corvcerf Q S ix ' z N5- 14 ' .ff A., f. 1: 11 1 i i ' 5 is 3 , 1 ef K ' ' 5 lk? "-. wsmff 'K ., Q ' 1 207 SPEECH DEBATE Linda Byrd stresses her point STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY mmf 208 J QT ww 5 5 KB Mfg www s'::Nf!1 . 5 ' V 'I'-.K ., , . .. . . 1 T , Ei: ' Q LNLT ff 'Q . , Mfg, - i . -z,.g-sw my - ,, Q1 1 ...T I - A was Y f hr ALUMNI BANQUET Mr. Breese gives welcoming address Yo the class of 1961, Neville bids good-bye To Mrs, Reed DREAM CCHWE TRUE Tigerettes' venture to Florida LATIN CLUB Installation of new officers FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT AUCTION DAY ple asks bid 5515- TALENT SHOW MON RCE CHAPTER VII LOOKIN' OR LISTENIN' You're Sure of +he Very Bes+ in En+er+ainmen+ Spor'I's, News and All Public In'reres+ Programs o A JAMES A. NOE STATION KNOE KNOE-TV RAD'0 Channel 8 1390 In New Orleans It's WNOE 7-ELEVEN FOOD STORES No. I 30l Lay+on Avenue No. 2 IOI6 Nor+h 4+h S+. No. 3 I50I Cypress S+., Wes+ Monroe No. 4 34I2 DeSiard Rd. No. 5 I8I0 Forsy+I1e Ave No. 6 7900 DeSiard Rd. No. 7 I2II Orange S+. No. 8 29I6 Nor+I1 Seven+I1 S+., Wes+ Monroe No. 9 I I I I Winnsboro Road No. I0 24I0 Lee Avenue RALPH's HAIR FASHION SE, ,,l,, ,,,,,, ' PHQNE FA 5,4371 I205 FORSYTHE AVENUE ,NT iw, "Early and La+e Appoin+men+s "HO Welcome" THE FLOWER SHOPPE, INC. FA 5-4224 I004 NORTH THIRD STREET Monroe, La. MRS. D. I. HIRSCH ROZ AND HENRY HASS J "Beau+y a+ Your Convenience WEIL CLEANERS 508 Nor+I1 Four+I1 S+ree+ 2004 Nor+I1 I8+I1 S+ree+ MONROE, LOUISIANA Phone FA 5-3 I 62 DEW MUSIC CO. 346 DeSiard FA 2-8 I 27 SHARRON'S of Monroe Reacly-Io-Wear-Millinery and Accessories EasI'gaI'e Shopping Cen+er FA 2-6443 Forsyihe Shopping Cenfer FA 3-2795 MONROE. LOUISIANA F. C. EAsoN coNsTRucTioN co. FRANK G. EASON ' General ConsI'rucI'ion ' Home Planning ' Componen+ Par+s 340I LOOP RD., MONROE, LA. DIAL 3-3I5I KELSO'S Every+hing for Boys and Girls Infanis I'o SixI'eens -TWO LOCATIONS- I07 DeSiard Slreef II3I Forsyfhe MONROE, LOUISIANA MASSEY'S SERVICE CENTER Monroe's Oldesl Appliance Dealer SELLING AND SERVICING KeIvina'ror Refrigeralors Freezers Washers Zeni'Ih Radios ancl T.V.'s MoI'oroIa TV - Radios-Fisk Tires 80I Jackson FA 3-66I6 FA 2-9954 -eff g "MeeI Friends 6, i Where Siem af CEM Jef. I, L ai X Friends Meer' jf 7 f f ' T5 Posl' Office Box 258I ik fdf4IJ MONROE. LOUISIANA Q1 WW fd MMM csgfzfww SIMMONS' ESSO SERVICENTER 2 I Louisville Avenue We Buy ancl Sell Olcl and Rare Coins FEATURING THE FINEST IN TEENAGE FASHIONS .1 a n cl ee a n e in FROM TOTS TO TEENS Twin Ci'I'y Shopping Cenfer MONROE, LA. PH. FA 5-7558 2:5 X , of 5 XX XX I if' ll g 4 '-JFXVY' alll ,V J ugly X V Nxx 'Y fl' KJ ,X I ,I ' nvzgmfafazmy l I class of 'bl K V f Sou'l'l1ern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company USREY Fllxfsgzllio LUMBER SUPPLY co MONROE, LA. I INC' JGHNNIE USREY, JR. LANE-MAY TWIN CITY AIR CONDITIONING CC. PlTlilNTIll:1G Ci' MATHES DIST. rm erglgonzflap ers 50l Norllw l8l'l1 Monroe, La. Scum Grand 6+ Wood MONROE, LA. 2I6 MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY I800 Roselawn Ave. DIAL FA 5-4328 Monroe, Louisiana "DON"l' CUSS - CALL US" FA 2-9594 gffzea pfmisl4's ZEZl','Qj,'j 1715 LOUISVILLE AVE. POWELL'S BARBER SHOP "Dis+inc+ive Hairculs for AIl" I308 N. I9I'h S+. Across From 'I'he New YMCA DIAL FA 2-5I27 TROY AND NICHOLS Real EsI'a+e Morfgage Loans Insurance II3 JACKSON FA 5-2625 O o 0 7 I -If-I -E91 A JOHNNY CAR50, Pnan Louisville al' Fourlh MONROE, LA. Now Three Cf sAMPoeNARo QQ , PHARMACIES Q +o Serve You Q FREE DELIVERY Sampognaro Pharmacy -40I Cafalpa College Pharmacy - 3400 DeSiard Orange S+ree+ Pharmacy-- I2I5 Orange LUMBER BUILDING-REMODELING Cuslom Plan Service Financing Available for New Homes and Remodeling SUPERIOR LUMBER 2900 Louisville Ave. Q Congratulations, Seniors Best Wishes CITY OF MONROE W. L. "JACK" HOWARD ,s.ssss .,es,o.. ...,..,... M a yor H. W. McSHERRY as .... as s ......... Commissioner W. D. H. RODRIGUEZ ..... ..,.,,..,, Commissioner SILVERSTEIN'S Women's Apparel 342-344 DeSiarcI Street -MONROE, LOUISIANA Home of the Beauty Queens .. ,....---w M 306 PINE MON ROE P. O. OX 1633 MONROE. fifmt HDWTY POST oFFicE PHARMACY Monroe, Louisiana Besf Wishes 'For Your ConI'inued Success BAILEY GRANT TOM SPATAFORA'S GROCERY AND MARKET and 8I9 DeSiard FA 2-8560 MONROE, LA. Deputies I Gllllzqpx 'magma LOUISVILLE COOPERAGE COMPANY D 1, T 'n Ciiy Shopping Cenfer azcimtgesfia M2213 Louisville, Ave. 2500 Jackson Shea" POLL-PARROT. VITALITY. RAND MONROE, LOUISIANA Exclusive. Noi Expensive Ladies' Ready-'Io-Wear The Pafronage of Siudenfs and FacuI+y of NEVILLE HIGH Is Grea+Iy Appreciafed FERD LEVI STATIONERY COMPANY BooIcseIIers SI'a'I'ioners Office SuppIiers IOI N. Grand af DeSiard DIAL FA 2-SI47 Aufhorized Dealers for SmiI'h-Corona Porfable Typewrifers Rec-5. u.s. EXCLUSIVELY PAT. OFF. FRANCHISED f in vhnlnbnqnhbu V nzhgun 1 N X. Q 745 5 PAPER CO- IIMRUIIIQIIIIQ the - '-'-'--' AG-IC CLEANERS TCIEQNFTOIRATHZQXII6 STREET MONROE' LOUISLTZIA HANELINE'S MEN'S WEAR ManI1aHan SI1ir+s Nunn-Bush Shoes Timely CIo+I1es Twin Ci+y Shopping Cenfer MONROE, LOUISIANA McGregor Spor'rswear EASY PARKING In Our 59+I1 Year of Service! MONROE, LOUISIANA CompIimen+s of KEY SOUTHERN EQUIPMENT BARBER 51-Top AND N. l2+h S+. TRACTOR COMPANY MONROE SHREVEPORT MONROE WHOLESALE DRUG COMPANY, INC. I3I N. 2nd S+. PHONE FA 2-I484 FRIENDLY FINANCE SERVICE 308 Ouachifa Nafional Banlc Building Monroe, Louisiana DIAL FA 2-6 I 88 The Home of Friendly Loans J. O. lMoseI LOFTIN, Mgr. PEACOCKS LEADING JEWELERS I29 De Siard, Monroe, La, Congrafulalions 'Io Seniors B.M.I. A Professional School of Business BERNHARDT BLDG. Monroe, Louisiana BEACON HOUSE 500 Louisville Ave. 24 Hours Open MONROE, LA. Ceil-Et-Albert Louisville ai 6'I'I1 SI'reeI DANIEL APPLIANCE 81 MAPLE SHOP 209 Louisville Monroe. La. PHONE: FA 5-4455 FA 2-4649 GRAND FLORAL OPPOSITE POST OFFICE Flowers for Any Occasion , "Your PhO+OgfapwC speciauy Dealer' BYKBI' 5 WQQDYJ YOUR FAMILY DISCOUNT STORI il I 900 Louisville Avenue MONROE, LOUISIANA Telephone FA 3-ZI54 Corner of N. I8+h al' Hudson Lane MONROE, LOUISIANA Telephone FAirfax 5-6845 Complimenfs of DOMESTIC SKELLY 0 FINANCE SERVICE SERVICE IO9 Nor+h Second MONROE. LOUISIANA HARRY COOPER, Mgr. Phone FA 5-4355 IIOI Norfh I8I'h Sfreel' PHONE FA 3-6859 BILLY HIGDON, Owner PERSONAL LOANS MORTGAGE LOANS R 81 A JEWELERS 323 DeSiard MONROE, LA. Monroe's Oldesl Jewelers I08 N. 2nd A. T. ROBERTSON FA 3-I386 H. K. TOUCHSTONE, JR. MONROE, LA. MULH EARN FUNERAL HOME, INC. Burial Insurance Phone: FA 2-I456 FA 2-I455 CompIimenIs of MARY CARTER PAINT STORE 400 NorIh 4Ih SI. Monroe, La. A FREE Can of PainI wiIh every one you buy CLAUDE M. GUILLOT-Owner 7' Ze CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY l8I'h and Glenmar FA 5-603I FA 5-603I MONROE. LOUISIANA RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL Dial FAirfax 3-2009 If No Answer CaII FAirfax 2-3I24 WELDON WILLIAMS Building Con'rracIor RouI'e 2 Box 485C Smi'rh Rd. W. Monroe, La. The Penney Idea The f. C. Penney Companyis policies and purposes are the key to its growth I To serve Ihe pubIic as nearly as we can Io ifs enfire saI I cfion Z To e f he services we fend fair remune d I II Ih II h I II' 'll b 3 T d II I p k h I d II I II I I Hy d I f 4 T I I d I Ih I I1 g II b d I Il g ly f 5 C II I p Ih h f I b 6 T d h d g I h gh I h h b p d 7 T d I I I Ih h f h b y h d 8 T ' h' I D I II pl d hub 1" Ih h 'ie 4 'mn' ALWAYS runs! QUALTY. Home of Famous Brands of Men's CIoI'hing In Ihe CenIer of Ihe CiIy 333 DE SIARD ST. EDWARDS 81 SON'S GARAGE 2206 LoulsvlLLE Transmission Shop 30I6 BREARD EDWARDS 81 SON'S AUTO SUPPLY 3019 BREARD 24-Hour Service FA 2-4077-Garage - Parfs-FA 5-3258 FA 3-0955-Transmission Mike Breard, '64 Office AssisI'anI, says: Banks pay inI'eresI on whaf you save. We pay DIVIDENDS on whaI you spend for securify and peace of mind. BREARD MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Home, Au'ro, Business Insurance 80I Auburn Ave. Phone FA 3-5282 MONROE, LA. Radio SOUTHWEST GAS PRODUCING CO., INC. MONROE' LOU'5'ANA 1309 Louisville FA 5-4303 "The Good-Will S+a+ion" Il5 DeSiard S'rree+ MONROE. LA. Exclusive ClO1'hes for Women and Juniors NEW YORK HARDWARE AND FURNITURE CO 625 DGSIARD FA 2-4494 MONROE, LOUISIANA MONROE - WEST MONROE NEW CAR AND TRUCK FRANCHISED DEALER'S ASSOCIATION ADAIR GMC, INC. GMC Trucks BROWN RIVERS SCOGIN, INC. Ford, FaIcon, Thunderbird, and Ford Trucks HATTEN MOTORS, INC. PIymouI'I1, VaIianI', Jeep and Mercedes-Benz LEE-EDWARDS MOTORS. INC. Volkswagen RILEY BUICK, INC. Buick and OpeI RYAN CHEVROLET. INC. CI1evroIeI', Corvair, CorveHe and CI1evroIe+ Trucks STEELE MOTORS, INC. Mercury, Comef, Con'I'inen+aI, English Ford and Mack Trucks TWIN CITY PONTIAC, INC. PonI'iac, Tempes+ and VauxI'1aII VAN-TROW OLDS - CADILLAC Oldsmobile, Fia'r, Cadillac Congratulations, Tigers "THE HUDDLE" HADDAD'S BeHer Clolhes 'For Less PLATE GLASS COMPANY Nom' 5"" and Pine 9l5 Louisville Avenue HADDAD HADDADNS HARDWARE FA 3-332l FA 3-9689 FOURTH STREET THE ESSO SERVICENTER H. L. CLEVELAND. Owner Minor Au'l'o Repairs lnC0l'P0l'Gl'6Cl 32l Norlh 4+l'1 S+. Monroe, La. WEST MONROE, LA. FA 3-8485 226 Refreshing remembrance 1, AUTOGRAPHS xx, AN ' fm H, : A sux' -.. S Q5 'I .L-V1 AM 175513 M5552 M822 x if 0 MN' :I I I I N I x VIII 1 DRINK BoHIecI under aufhorify of The Coca-CoIa Company by OUACHITA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. EDMONDSON BRICK 81 TILE CO., INC. 309 Nor-Ih I8+h MONROE, LOUISIANA Headquariers for The Smariesf Junior SIyIes" 347 DeSiarcI S+. MONROE, LOUISIANA PARKVIEW PHARMACY INC. J. W. OUNNINGHAM, Pharmacisf DIAL FA 3-3447 8I3 Park Avenue Monroe, La. LUMBERMAN'S SU PPLY CO., INC. IOOO Louisville Ave. MONROE. LOUISIANA CRESCENT DRILLING CO., INC. OuacI1H'a Bank FA 3 4478 MONROE, LOUISIANA OUACHITA NATIONAL BANK MONROE - WEST MONROE CongraI'uIa'rions and Besf W?shes I'I1e Class of '62 From THE STAFF of the MO N ROYAN OLIN PAPER PRODUCT NURTURED BY NATURE . CONVERTED BY CRAFTSMEN L L X K A A N Q N 2?- e TIM 1 A 'I . 'M .4 1 -' if l 4 sr OLIN MATHIESON PACKAGING DlvisloN .L ssSrI -:Q I ' ' 'rx I 'sm 'S qs 'af' kai If 'Pi 'Isis III I. ' Q. " I 'L xxx Q . M 3 1 X1 In -"""', I X A X, X , iI'I P ' ' 'II .XS I I gk "Jig XVII 5 I I ' ,fy I I I4 I F SQIII Insured SafeI'y Has No SubsI'i+u+e MONROE BUILDING LOAN ASSOC. I06 S+. John PHONE: FA 2-447I Complimenis of ARTH U R GRANT -CompIimen'Is- J. E. DUPUY KEENE'S Flooring and Acous'ricaI 338 DeSiard SI'ree+ 2007 Roselawn Ave. Phone FA 2-I923 Eas+ga+e Shopping Cenfer MONROE. LOUISIANA Shoes for 'rhe En+ire Family MONROE, LOUISIANA 229 M4531 A ,. , :iq Z Q e . 25 ,MM ww fy, E 'N-Q., wk f Ng, Ag rf' sf hh if N X 5 . . ii: f t ' 1, 4 iffy in g Jw 2 5 E sig LL MISS l.EE'S HOMEROOM - IOOM YEARBOOK SALES ,nina SNOW GAVE NEVILLE A HOLIDAY IN JANUARY LOUISIANA SUNSET X I and now, mes amis, cesf fini AUTOGRAPHS mcg M4631 +6 QM? 1551 7646? 415661 ,ff ' fy L4 L15 L Z Jaw zwwffv MM 40 2 Q ,f I cf, L, X ,gwew f 5ffQL?i44f56Zfff 5 f ffffzcwwd 1 in 7-gffqg 626 ' 17515 l .. .J ' ,. 1-, f, . V M' C 1 JL "ff, . I N! W PJ u 5 Bt- I g , ral rf if 3- ...f e . p 0kQ,AfJ'z1fA,jH3, -f1.An.f.J,AfxL..-EQ! A x'Jai'i2D 5, .,., M, .,,,, .Qxenyw Tgnmlkvpl -gm ,Q 25430. 'XMJAJ , 1455504 L35 M KW IW ' . J-Aff Wigfgpfpffw JM! fyjdfd,-2 Oxy mm Am! 234 WMV bgyff Q '1 J 7 L,4o'7 A W fl 24' ff jf" 'I J 42 I, Q54 jgjlfjfff , jiv fo , iw JA' J f 4 3 X . --, ..- ex., SQTJWMTQEQM W mm. 'VME MT wg 4469466 Zi. dJcd6,a4a-6464895 6641, eww. 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