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gk? fXE2zZfZjf, Q0 QQ .oz A gf? DIAMOND 5 O Q ANNIVERSARY 'Z Q59 o 4, '33, 'fb A 1715? 6' 1885 lHf!HH::: 1960 UU U2 I-5.9 lfg lug nu me lm V 2,2 HE i'i i'i ii W 'i1-I- - - IQ.l" Neville High School Monroe, Louisiana NEVILLE PUBLICATIONS DEPT. Presents AW usa P Q N rg W ,g :WDP-'K P W " " h . M M,,.,.i,fm3,, NK 5 , , Aw'.wsm5W,,.,-cw-r"wkw,,,,.,unf ,Nh K an 1,551 ivwi ,mg-vw' MLW V., wk ,ov - PPP Commemorating . . . Neville High School Monroe, Louisiana 1885 THE DIAMONI 0 Neville I V ANNTVERSARY' h School h 1960 CONTENTS Foreword - 5 Dedication - 6 History of Neville High School - 8 Activities - 16 Organizations - 30 Features - 54 Athletics - 68 Administration-FacultyStaff - 102 Classes - 114 Advertising-Pictorial - 164 Main Building - Neville High School FOREWORD Monroyan has served as The name ofthe Neville High School Yearbook since 1932, Prior To That time The annual was known as Squeedunk, beginning in 1922 at Mon- roe City High School. Mr. William Wunsch, a Neville alumnus and Teacher, founded this yearbook and The school newspaper, Neville Sizzler. Since T922 The annual has progressed steadily unTil Today it ranks as one of The more outstanding ones in its class. This year's Monroyan is attempting to present a vivid historical account of The history of Neville High School in prose and pictures. However, The past year's events still receive The same comprehensive treatment as past yearbooks have enjoyed. The Monroyan staff and sponsor have endeavored to produce a yearbook that will not only be enioyed by its subscribers, but will be a credit to The school and This city as well. THE MONROYAN STAFF Neville Auditorium DEDICATIO To a Faithful Teacher, Efficient Guidance Counselor, Aggressive Student Council Sponsor, Progressive Principal . . . Great Educa lOl". . . TO SUCH A MAN THE DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY MONROYAN IS DEDICATED. . . HIGH l O Enifll Nga so AX QGOQD OF 7196A 40 5 2 O 2 9 ::::....:::: Q I' I 410 W. Founded I885 nrO9r MR. SIDNEY A. SEEGERS Neville High School Principal Mr. Sidney A. Seegers The History of Neville High School 1885-1960 ""ff?'fQiB' EH s , 3 . ' W? ill: 'W-4"'?' Monroe City High School - First Building 41335-190oy Franklin Garrett Mr. Garrett was quite a versa- tile man in Monroe affairs, for he was engaged in a multitude of civic endeavors. He served as City School Board Chairman from 1880-1885 and superintendent from 1885-1889. He is credited with founding Neville High School's predecessor, Monroe City High School, in 1885. He ac- tually founded the "modern" version of the Monroe City School System, that is known today. A Hlgh School Is Born School History by Sammy R. Danna Neville High School celebrates its Diamond Anniversary this year with an illus- trious and fascinating history behind this great institution of learning. lt was in the summer of 1885 that the Monroe City CPublicJ School Board creat- ed Monroe City High School. Lewis Allan, Jr. was board chairman and C. A. Down- ey and J. A. Moore were members. The proiect was initiated by the newly appoint- ed Superintendent, Franklin Garrett. The high school occupied the rented building, belonging to the former Ouachita Female Academy, from 1885 to 1900 Cwhen it was razedj. On the old academy site and including the rest of the block, the present old Central Grammar School structure was erected in 1900. The high school occupied the building until it moved in the present structure in 1931. Thus, the name Monroe City High School remained from 1885-1931 when it was changed to Neville High School. This should clear up most of the confusion concerning the beginning of Neville High School. Therefore, Neville actually had its beginning in 1885 as Monroe City High School before it was re-named for the late superintendent, Ernest L. Neville. When the City School System was under the Ouachita Parish System, from 1891-1894, the school was known at Ouachita Parish Central High School. The Monroe City School System was first chartered in 1820, re-chartered in 1869 and again in 1880 before Franklin Garrett came on the school scene. It is through his tireless effort and guidance that the modern Monroe City School System of today has emerged. Four Graduates Noted in 1888 Four young ladies sTudied for Three years CThe required Time for finishing high school in Those daysj and in 1888 They were graduaTed in The Monroe Opera House on SouTh Grand STreeT. Their commencemenT ceremonies lasTed Two days, June 26- 27, 1888. The graduaTes were Millie Hanna, Jennie Belle Weaks, MargareT GarreTT, 'and Rebecca Kern. Mr. J. W. JohnsTon was principal of The Male School and Mrs. M. J. Evans was principal oT The Female School when The high school deparTmenT was added in 1885. Professor Fredrick W. Blees was The firsT principal of The co-educaTional school, beginning in The fall of 1888. IT was aT This Time ThaT The OuachiTa Parish Schools demanded ThaT The CiTy Schools should be Turned over To Them. AfTer a long, biTTer sTruggle, CiTy School officials finally yielded, in 1891. The so-called merger lasTed unTil The fall of 1894 when The CiTy Schools once again became in- dependenT. In 1900 ErnesT Long Neville came To Monroe from Chapel Hill, NorTh Carolina, To serve as a high school Teacher and Two years laTer became high school principal. AfTer George W. Reid vacaTed The superinTendenT's posiTion, Mr. Neville Took over ThaT office and held iT unTil 1948 when he reTired. He also served as coach and founder of The Tiger fooTball Team as a varsiTy uniT in 1908. MosT of whaT is known as The Monroe CiTy Schools Today Cphysicallyj were esTablished under The farsighT- ed adminisTraTion of Mr. Neville. TS gain I0 li l Monroe City High School - 1900-1931 Ernest Long Neville 1876-1957 City High School Shows Much Progres Monroe High was the only high school in Louisiana with four grades lthe City System had a total of 12 gradesl, this advancement began in 1906 but was halted by refusal of the state to appropriate additional funds to support what it apparent- ly deemed an unneeded extra grade. However, some time afterwards the state added the extra grade, and so all Louisiana school systems have 12 grades today Csince the early 194O'sD. Neville enjoyed this educational opportunity loack in 1906. Mrs. Minnie Ruffin who ioined the Monroe City Schools in 1909 became principal of the high school in1915 and remained in this capacity until 1931. In that year Dr. Charles E. Kenny took over as principal until 1936. After serving as acting principal in 1936-1937, Mr. Paul J. Neal, former grid coach and science teacher, became prin- cipal and remained thus until he was made high school supervisor in 1958. Mr. Sid- ney Seegers succeeded Mr. Neal as Neville principal and, of course, still holds that position today. Mr. Van D. Odom succeeded Mr. J. M. Boyer as superintendent of the City School System in 1952 and still serves in that head capacity. Mr. Tom Scott has served as president of the Monroe City School Board since 1952. was ,fl V M, .5 ,aug is 5 E .Ni ., f lg' .Q S V2 srt it Neville High School- 1931 - 'Q in ance Moving Into Present Building Since the City High School moved into the present building it has progressed faster and to a greater extent in athletics, scholarship, leadership, extra-curricular activities and the like than in all the previous years put together. Neville has gained an enviable reputation not only in Monroe and in Louisiana, but throughout the South and the Nation as a whole. However, all of this is mere history, though it is certainly quite illustrious and great. Neville did not achieve her greatness by resting on past accomplishments. Neville is a school which is constantly looking to the future for further advancements and progress. The forward thinking of Neville in instituting the state's first student council, the first advanced science program, the first four year high school plan, and the many other "firsts" that have made Neville the leader it is now acclaimed, will continue. Yes, the future belongs to those who plan for it. Neville is doing that now to assure herself of continued progress and leadership. Truly, with such a system as that, Neville will go on living in greatness as long as the world goes on turning. WSW .. 1, L. I S ,ig as . k,., l ai . Formerly Monroe City High School - 1885-1931 , Minnie Ruffin Mrs. Ruffin joined the Monroe City High School staff in 1909 and became principal of the school in 1915. She became Dean of Girls in the new Neville High School setup. She was educated at the University of Chicago, Tu- lane University and other notable institutions of higher learning. Arnold Bernstein Mr. Bernstein became mayor of Monroe in 1919 and automati- cally President of the Monroe City School Board. Under his leadership and close work with Mr. Neville the greater portion of the present Monroe City School System of today was brought into being. Van D. Odom Mr. Odom came to the Monroe City School from Haynesville in 1952. Since he arrived on the school scene here, two new iunior high schools have been erected and many other notable s c h o ol improvements have evolved. ' Paul J. Neal Mr. Neal ioined the Monroe City High School faculty as athletic coach in 1926 and was a science teacher until he became acting principal in 1936. Mr. Neal was made permanent principal in 1937. He served in this capacity until 1958 when he was made high school supervisor and director of testing. Sidney A. Seegers Mr. Seegers came to the Monroe City Schools in 1953 as science instructor at Neville. He re- mained in this capacity until 1955 when he be- came part-time guidance counselor and science teacher, he served as full-time guidance counselor in 1956-1957. He was principal of Robert E. Lee Junior High before becoming Neville High prin- cipal in 1958. L '2-1 51 J' ie' M .4 A WAX .V QQ gf kg! -H,-W---1 .lfiffafiiyftkwf few: - ,Q-X Journalism Nevilleis Newly Acquired Printing Press Neville Photo Shop Choral Music Instrumental Music in Action 3 K KVL: -.:,,,,k 1, 3 3 Q ETS BEF-IT 2 2 Q Q , , ,W , , , ,, , . ,A M- ff 1' QB ww Typing ,4 Bookkeeping I . A vw: Five ,,,,,...-. Girls P.E. Another Five-Day Adventure - Science - Advanced Chemistry Experiments fWw,c Q Physics g 45-v Biology we-zrwwxi hx? FN-A W fi i Wx ,ii , I Lf N x rf WW -uf' f' .. 5' Woodwvorking Shop Mechanical Drawing X 7' any ' "hw-......4 ' r KN XR Art Jin... xx, Fi-o ,f Aj 5, ,U '1'P 'k Qc, Q inf Ceramics V k' ' U fin, "H i wl X194-" V s--9 Study Hall f K3 431.451, wx K Qi ""'--., If, Library Y , kg 1 1 fffff "l n " K A , ' 'W 'Wil fain: EV :W . 5 X ' , , h ,. fm f F 1 ...- Tw my ,, '4 A ' 1 f' ' HX., . . ' 1-1 ... ' .- , L Z ., ,.- N... f , ,f , it -nf -2 X- M- N-x", la' , y W , w 1 ffv ff - Q 'J' -: H, ,Wil Y M.. gfwg , 'pf English J s ff Forei n Language 27 Social Studies Mathematics C 3 . T ? K S ,,....----""""'A' fi R if is 1' Wiz . " 'Am 7 ' " N 1 Nl L P 1 Home Economics ww ,...,...f--1 M,,,,,...--'H 29 0 x I 1 E 'sf gy 5 ln, vw M NHS Student Council 193 1-1960 Junior and Senior Members of the Student Council Devone Payne, President FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL Neville High School initiated the state's FIRST STUDENT COUNCIL, in l93l when the city high school moved into this new building. Actually, this is one of the first student councils in the entire nation since the student council movement began in the early l93O's. Since that time, Neville has boasted great leadership in student council work throughout the nation as a whole. In I956-57 Neville served as Vice- President of the Southern Association of Student Councils. Neville has also served as state president ot student councils. I 3 I Those representing Neville at Pelican Girls' Slate are, BOTTOM ROW, Joan Williams, Ann Andrews, Darla Storms TOP ROW, Carolyn Smith, Billie Sue Dixon, and Sharon Mann. Representatives to Pelican State Those representing Ne- ville at Pelican Boys' Slate are, from let? To righf Slade Moody, Ron- nie Rushing, Kenneth Blue, John Shaughnessy, and Billy Hodge. l ls.. Student Office Staff X , - . f : 99"-X. f t f 5 i 'A ' 1 Q fr: .ses . lt . ff 'r if tx I K it 9' AER x it The office staff, a valuable aid to Mr. A. E. Culpepper, delivers messages, does clerical work, and helps with the gen- eral function of the school. This group is headed by veteran office worker Charles Garrettson Cstanding at extreme rightj. The boys actually receive little material recognition for their valuable services rendered Mr. Culpepper and the school in general. The Stage Crew is responsible for the light- ing and sound of all assemblies. This is another group of hard workers who literally do "behind the scenes" work which is seldom noticed or recognized by anyone. The responsibilities are great and the work is often hard and trying. The switchboard on the huge Neville stage is one of the most complicated of any high school any place. However, the stage crew takes such jobs in stride. Neville Stage Crew ig Neville Sizzler was founded in the Summer of 1921 by William X hu f it N Roger Reinhardt, Editor-in-Chief COMPOSED AND PRINTED BY THE NEVILLE PRINTING SHOP 2 ' ' lsr 'Tor the Good of lhe Schoof' "i Foundedm the Summer of 1921 mile zz Wunsch, teacher of rhetoric, at Monroe City High School fNeville's name before 19311. The summer school rhetoric class at MCHS carried the Sizzler idea through. The reason for the unusual name SIZZLER is that the weather was extremely hot at that time and someone, it is said stated that one particular day was really a SIZZLER. Also, an important hot news story is known as a SIZZLER. The school newspaper has been printed in many different formats, styles and arrangements since that 1921 beginning. The motto: "FOR THE GOOD OF THE SCHOOL" is exclusive with the Sizzler and has been passed down through the years as one of the most unique and famous in the state. Mr Leon L. Marx sponsored and directed the production of the Sizzler from 1949 to 1953. During this time it was printed by offset lithogra- phy except for one 1949 issue. Other sponsors of the newspaper in- clude Miss Mary Hester, Mrs. Austin Miller, and Mr. W. C. Spight, Mr Sammy R. Danna became sponsor in 1956 when the Sizzler was revised and resumed publication after a lag of three school years, No Sizzlers were printed from 1957 to 1959. Again Mr. Danna was in charge of reviving the old newspaper. This time its printing was done right here at Neville High School, quite successfully. The Sizzler was also distributed free of charge to the student body and did not solicit ad- vertising, but did accept a limited amount by request. The only na- tional award earned by the Sizzler was a national first place certificate awarded in 1957 by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association of Columbia University. . Mr. Sammy R. Danna Sizzler Sponsor Monroyan Spon sor, Director of Printing and Public Relations Dolly Bassett Managing Editor .fini ltau.a.,. Jane Crawford, 1960 Monroyan Editor, is a veteran yearbook worker. Monroyan was founded in 1922 as the Squeedunk at Monroe City High School CNeville before 19312. Mr. William Wunsch was the faculty founder as well as the originator of the Sizzler. The name, Squeedunk, supposedly referring to a steamboat whistle, was changed to Monroyan in 1932 when Monroe City High be- came Neville High. Mr. W. C, Spight was yearbook sponsor and was re- sponsible for the wise name change. During the World War II years, no yearbook was published at Neville as was the case of most high schools throughout the nation. However, after the war, publication was resumed. Most of the annuals were printed by means of letterpress printing, a some- what costly method. However, after sponsoring only one letterpress year- book, Mr. Leon L. Marx started the offset lithography tradition of year- book printing which began in 1951, and it has continued to this day. The new sponsor, Mr. Sammy R. Danna, a former Monroyan editor, intends to continue with the offset process. This year's annual was sent to the printers earlier than any one in the last decade and one of the earliest in history. The Monroyan - 1960 "The Year in Prose and Pictures" Volume XXXIX OTHER STAFFERS INCLUDE: Deloras Calderone, Class Editor Lynda Keller, Intro- duction Editor, Beverly Franks, Neal Gunn and Charles Garretson, Sports Edi- tors, Betty Sutton, .4 Circulation Manager, I ' Beth Fink, Organiza- tions Editor, AND A MULTITUDE ' ' OF OTHER JOURNAL- ISM STUDENTS OF NEVILLE HIGH 4 ,i K .-f' . 4, .., er ' ff: -in 1 . K iffspag 'fa z" ' , 'c SCHOOL L in l-Ynda Basset' Served as Managing Edlfof Of The Connie Casey, left, and Barbara McCoy, right, Business Man MOHFOYGV1, deV0T'n9 mUCh time and effort to fhe ager, and Advertising Manager, respectively, did much to CBUSE- promote the advertising and yearbook sales campaign. 35 'wi A t.. ' .ws 1 ff. x YN WYNN JEFFERSON TERRY HESSICK These are the tour students who are mainly responsible for the pictures in the 1960 Monroyan. Under the close and strict direction of the darkroom sponsor and yearbook sponsor, Mr. Sammy R. Danna, over 95 per cent of all yearbook pictures were taken and completely processed at Neville. Neville Photographic Shop Neville High School's photographic department lotficially called Neville Photographic Shopj had its beginnings in the early 1930's when Mr. W, C. Spight was teaching chemistry and physics and sponsoring the yearbook. Actually, the dark- room that is in existence today was begun under the sponsorship of Mr. Leon L. Marx, former Monroyan sponsor. ln the last ten years the darkroom has progressed slowly but steadily. However, in order to keep up with modern trends in photography and progress along with the rest of the school, the darkroom needs to be radically remodeled and greatly improved, New and more modern advanced equipment is critically needed in order to meet the challenge ofthe 'Future with the rest of Neville High School. JERRY MEHL KENNETH BLUE 34 .qi v n Az' Riagg, ,551-i Charles Garrettson, Mr. Sammy R. Danna, director, and Connie Mott work on the Printing Press. Connie Casey Sydney Greenbladt and Kenneth Blue were also members of the priming staff. All of this work was strictly voluntary. 0 D I 4 Neville became the first high school in the state to have a complete, fully equipped printing shop. This is but one of the many firsts in the school's long, illustrious history. By using the printing facilities this year, the Monroe City Schools were able to save many thousands of dollars. Also, many items were printed which would not have been printed if the equipment had not been installed. Students gained much valuable ex- ence from working in the department, states Mr, Sammy R, Danna, director. Some of the items printed include the Sizzler, football programs, band pro- grams, posters, letterheads, envelope headings, report cards, tickets, vari- ous otfice forms, and the like. The printing shop should more than pay for itself many times in the next few years, according to present estimates. Truly, along with the photographic shop, the printing shop is one of the wisest investments ever made at this high school. The equipment was pur- chased for Neville and the entire Monroe City School System by the City School Board, Mr. Tom Scott, President. Present plans are that a special printing class is to be taught next school year. i 4. Douglas Kelly, left, and Billy Lewis, right, are two of the Robert Evans, left, performed much of the press cleanup work hardest printing workers. Their duties consisted mostly of while Dolly Dassett, right, did much of the special opaqueing setting type and making layouts. work. 37 Marching Band M wr ' .,,kf 2 5 I Jax' " 1 2, my 3 , gr r 5 5, , . . E? S' . E' , , g. , ,Lf. :f .Q gf: 5, ,yy W1 ' 5 'fx , . wi is, 3 stem? Q ,,k. Y - '4 Af ,Q " 2' J AS' ,iii nv,, Q .wifi ,nest-I ff-Pb rr"N"MiQQJj W., ALW" F. , ffky .K if, 41 V Q , ,,,L , .. ,wwfgasfi in 'iff Efylfiliii., .Qg A V,,. AK., 151, in Q-1254 ' ' 'LQQIZ ggsawiv ' .,,: 3 .rg-Q, f eff ,f.- .L,,AL i.s,.W,,,.is . I I Q F A Q A L ' 'J " 4 S' z ,. , , ,. EQ Q 45 3-at W- . ,f 1 , -5, 1 Q A t A. -'.,.Q,.Ni1 Q-4 .mv i L X , . fu., 4 I -S .Q-LJ .2-wifi-A,Q'+Q Q -4 Q yr A . . nga 'EQ 7. N' Ei' if . I f , ,A ' Q 4: V 1, - J 'J ,- I 'J ' J Wi- Bieff 'J .rd jf 61 ,. K QI, Fm, iw: KLM, x I iam 0 A ri J 5, Q, 4, at Q ri K tru 54, 5 L: SW 2 v . f ' 4,-ffmwd fi" M 23 ' -JW-if 5,2 l ,ff , ., ,g ,, - . .W , V K3 - 4' 'i1fW'RVL' "JT I M it - S 51 we xg :iw pr 5, , W P ,mi 4wfm,il1,J L1 ,gg 1, r J is . JJ 14? N 4.5. P 4 isis, sf sf f- 1 f an H W'-- 4' J J if s jus- s QM' . 'Jie 'SWL My '- " V3 'lg I l 9 ' W ' Z rl S ,. J J S ' f W ' 'T' 1 it--' Q,,.+ W f lf'-"" ' .. . Q5 S is i ..... Q ,j Q fir W ,Q l, .. J J if ."- 351, 7 Q' ,, mf . 1. ' ew ,rx wi 'iv .1 y t f V lirfhff f., 4' l, i I S., f, ii S ? - V K 4. K and ix, K 3 5 l 5 . aiu, 44-I r 'J N' W J' W - f" , gr y F ' g N, . + , - . f "I 'L " l ,f " V, J J , V., if -is 'A,- . fx , A , A ,,.,. , .gi ' W, - I .-L- s -.-, '-.' S f V, ,f -. ' 7 4 f-7 3 f ,:' ' ' ' 'Q' 5' . gy l' if -kt fir. NW ' We ' nf, A rr ..., ., J 'J mg: , . L iw?-,A 12 K . K r It V In 74 'L ,P 9 , J J S S J S ' r 5, The Marching Band has gained wide recognition as a truly fine marching unit. Marching sea- son was climaxed by performing at The Senior Bowl Game in Mobile, Alabama on January 9, l96O. Band Officers u::-:6 1 N- i , , .AN , A -R A A' 41 1 ea M me bfi .-qw,-t-Q,- -Q- A fini 3 l ...- M 3 g 3, Q nf 'fd pm! al' 1 at . ri lu' l S 1 4 . 'J' 7 l .. 5 4 i . , y g ll i ' l g Q, rpg E 4 K A A my ,LI ,,,.:l 4, ,,.. . f 1... J V S ji li m 0 -Q: A ,ui V VL Qq. M M . ,.. , .,... . . I Willard Turnage, Julian Mehl, Ginger Donald, Ellen Walker, Donn Kurtz, John Harvey Nelson, Sandra Guyton, Sharon Mann, Wayne Smith, Jim Guthrie, Tommy Ritter, Edwina Hopkins, Jim 38 Huggins, Howard Rivers, Leon Price. " 'Q - .I -2,11 1 5 I I I E f , y f .. P c Q ' X' rs ia L' F5 2 - H gn A ' If ,Gal X si " gi " . .49 -- , .- g I I ' ' il- I 'iz .- ,g,.'.. I' -...QA I 'K 3' T 'I' I A ix 's T L ' I 0 fi I A V I .T Or' 5 4 ' C! ' A , ,Av fu' 1 -I ng . ,, 4.1 -.2 1 "' ' - ,I-, s rq r A , Q l ' 1 Q I 2 . 'Y ' fl' r I ' I v-A VIH r Hi pf X. I Mia, ,sms C551 ,fi 1 Q ,A ,sf y kb... . , ,X I . , x 1 - . - . f X A 'fu A I R . . hh i qv . HH , AM ' , ! s , I . ,, Y 9 if I. ,eff -'.,.:f-'fi' .. is ' ww- TI an uw' s- ". .. ,',A',w..n :rr cV,,,-Q-A' V X ' ff Q' g KWAX 1 A X itz' 3 of 5 54 XX Y: Ax e 'ld gm X , J' : fy. ,xc K . H in y g Q ,. ' , 'F' .JP-5 'f i Q, I: X' , R' -" .M - . f ' 'Q Q , A 'M' iw , - , r T I Q , I 5 ' f 11553 W" I. , ' ' H -.1 gpg, 35 ,A g K ,v NV, gf, J Ce' i n f. ff K 3 an I ii, QW, wi ,, , Y ff, ,L,, T ,, Q , ,. ',A, Al, 'i , ' ' Q 9 , ,fs J , I ., , I . A iir, N A I . , ,Tia if .753 . 1 i Lv All in M : My I V, "'i I ' . I. , I If I ii i y C I .L,. ..., . 1 ' , ,I 'I 'XX' K , or I - , ., , ,sp 1 is 4 U V. . lq,Mf5M,f,,5,gmQ,g, 'f'k ' A ii fiuwlg I WV by is hinuumm ' .I -kQ- W , is-liseawwxqssf ' The Concerr Band is in its Third year under The direcrion of Mr. I-Ierberr Gaihrighf and is selecied on a compeiiiive basis, Thus creating a high regard for performance. This is a highly disciplined organizaiion conducted on a military basis, with The chief pride of The members being their record of consisienrly fine performance in all phases of band aciiviry. PVGSCVIIBTIOYW Of TVOPIIY Of Neville MSVCIIIVIQ FGSIIVGI TO The Neville Band in Formation in The Halftime Show of the I96O Senior Bowl Winnsboro Band a Firsi Division Raiing. game a1M0blIe,AIabam5A Q S I I l . f u P t A Wm ,M x ' vi 3 rw M.. N. A , ,, Aff ., ,, , , ,, J if Mar, if , ,M .pi K J A V -gy - K A-V ,, ' , 45, A I ,if i. if .,1 V 4,1 ,, Til W 7 I-u1,zm',,M V I A I W I -.. D fy My 'H - ,, 41, 7535, W fr g:V5g,iQ5 ,af f. ,ii 1 DIRECTOR DRUM MAJOR BAND CAPTAIN STUDENT DIRECTOR C519 O o,,,,, f' ' 'Saudi ti- Q ,fff ' I1 ,o-iff ' ' Herbert E. Gathright Ginger Donald Willard Turnage John Harvy Nelson 39 All-State Band Members Kenneth Calk Van Stewart John Harvey Nelson Ann Adams Sandra Guyton Sheila Culp Sherry Free I - HIGHSCHQQL M!! -J MONPGE, LA. Property Crew John Harvey Nelson Jim Huggins Howard Rivers Leon Price Frank Chapman Maurice Nail Cadet Band The Cadet Band is the Training group for the Concert and Marching Band and includes Freshman football games among its activities. 39 ai r " A lijtxi . i l i in i - all jjdrw r 5 ' Herald Trumpets e ,fa 3 V Q, . , AJ i V gf. John Harvey Nelson Ike A jg' H., A . ,,.w--"2 was Mah' N VK iw 1 ,aff q L au e Simpson 3 - N J, R .K . 1, - v eon Price L . ' ' S Y., 31--'-1"""" 'v Wayne Smith Q., . yi' 9 i 4 A ' z,,, ...M-Q-'1""Z' 1. -' .-'-' Jim HUQQUWS 2 l 4 ' ' ' mt Chuck Rugg Q? Hg, ' 4 I I Z, .:' Ken Lulher ,gf I' 'f - W , u-A r f up Mellophoniums Carol Crawford Edwina Hopkins Barbara Borgkvist David McCaskill Dance Band Organized officially only This year, The dance band has become popular as an enferlaining group for civic clubs and school functions. Neville High School Tigerettes vqwrpyewl Q, ,. 4. nf f T T52 f ' or W s -"'.:'f" -fs,-I .:s:. ' .:,-- as ---: 4 -f s :-, -4 -' I ww isa ll., ,, ss,.w,,.s....,,.....welMw,.sQ,....... or s Neville High School TigereTTes STand aT ATTenTlon Much TradiTion and honor back The TigereTTes of Today. ln 1945, forty-six girls banded TogeTher To form The nucleus of The presenT clay TigereTTes, who now are one of The mosT ouTsTanoling organizaTions aT Neville. They work To looosT Team and school spiriT, perform aT half- Times of fooTball games, and march in parades. H ww L...41i".Lf:,ium!3?'f -- 'HGERETTE FIELD OFFICERS Field officers are, from left to right: Gretchen Guelzow, Mary Jane Young, Joan Williams, Mary Jo Strausser, Dixie Williams, and Nina Jo Osborn. All of the Tigerette officers this year, as in the past, have proved themselves ca- pable leaders and top-notch NHS stu- dents. Mrs. Eunice Dunn has been Tigerette sponsor for nine years, now. During this time she has guided the girls in their many varied proiects and activities, tirelessly and graciously. TIGERETTE SQUAD LEADERS Serving as squad leaders this school year are the following, from left to right, bottom row: Billie Sue Dixon, Nancy Snellings, Harriet Mur- ray, Jan West. Top row: Gretchen Guel- zow, Mary Jane Young, Joan Williams, Mary Jo Strausser, Dix- ie Williarns, and Nina Jo Osborn. MRS. EUNICE DUNN This is a view of the Tigerettes' marching in the COACH RUPLE DAY parade, January il, the girls are on Sponsor Walnut Street, a few blocks from DeSiard. Besides marching in parades, the Tigerettes participated in halftime shows at the varsity football games, sponsored parties after the games, and in general helped 43 'err uill and Scroll Society 1933-1960 Members of the Neville Chapter of International Quill and Scroll Society for Journalists include, from left to right: Billie Sutton, Nina Jo Osborn, Kenneth Blue, Carol McKeithen, and Betty Sutton. Quill and Scroll was chartered at Neville High School on January 3, 1933, but it has been re-organized three times during the 27 intervening years. Quill and Scroll sponsors of the past include Mr. W. C. Spight, Mr. Leon L. Marx and Mr. Sammy R. Danna C1956-571. Mr. Danna is again sponsor of Quill and Scroll after a lapse of two years C1957-591. The Scholastic requirements of this organization are that prospective members must have a "B" average or better for all of their high school work, They, of course, must be iuniors or seniors and have performed outstanding work in the field of iournalism. Q :af The Future Business Leaders of America was chartered at Neville High School in the fall of 1952 with approximately a hundred students becoming members. Miss Harriet Boyle was the first sponsor. Miss Marianna Johnson and Mrs. Bernice Hickman are the present sponsors of the organization. Officers of the club are, right to left, Sharon Mann, President, Judy Reagan, Vice- President, Jan West, Secretary, Bunny Cannon, Treasurer, Alice Butler and Ellen Walker, Historians. vii? Ex 1 44 Neville Lettermen Club 2 IAN.. V Under the leadership of President Joe Turner the Lettermen Club has been re-organized at Neville High School after a long absence of nearly 30 years. The club has met frequently with the coaches serving as sponsors. One of the year's big proiects was the sponsorship of the con- cession stand at the Neville home basketball games. Neville Key Club Officers of the Key Club include Ronnie Rushing, Presidentg Mike Boykin, Vice-Presidentp Slade Moody, Secretary-treasurerp and Robert Koontz, Sergeant-at-Arms. Joan Williams is the club sweetheart. Key Club has grown to mean a Service organization which has proved to be willing to perform almost any worth while school or community work that is needed. The club has worked in the Ouachita Parish Public Library this year and published the varsity football program. The spon- sor of this eneretic or anlzation is Mr, A. E, Colne' er. Q 9 P PP 45 K le I l yi Latin Club Rome challenged Greece in football at the annual Latin Club Assembly. ln the final analysis the entire assembly proved to be quite entertaining. The "fake" football game received much favorable com- ment and a great amount of laughter. For years, novv, Neville's Latin Club and Junior Classical League have been outstanding among the school's aca- demic organizations. Serving as officers for the Latin Club are, bot- tom row, left to right, Laura Allen, Kay Ander- son, Molly Shelton, Mary Beggs, Ellen Ferguson, Linda Woods, Mimi Landry, Top row, Mike Mc- Cready, President, Barbara Barghist, Jo Anne Ge- nusa, Gretchen Masur, and Bo Pasternack, Vice- President. These officers along with their spon- sor, Miss Ruth Simmons, guided the club through one of its most successful years thus far. The organization participated in many activities, both social and academic. The Dixon Sisters also entertained in the as- sembly with quite a rendition of a popular commercial. Th . Newly organized This year are The Thespians, a club Thai has nof been acfive esplans aT Neville since l957. The National Thespian SocieTy is devoted To the advance- ment of dramaTic arfs in The Secondary Schools. Library Assisting in The library during The day are members of The Library Club. L 'WE- NHS Glee Club z Kl- THE I959'6O GLEE CLUB .Na gi' N 4, Q.. Glee Club officers, are, from left to right, bottom row, Lucien Branch, Barbara McCoy, Delores Calderone, Robert Turner. Top row, Carolyn McCleary, David Smith, Joe Turner, Vice-President, and Carolyn Smith. Not pictured is Melvin Rambin, President. sq ", All-State Chorus During the Thanksgiving holidays these Neville students iourneyecl to Baton Rouge to sing with the All-State Chorus before the Louisiana Teachers Association there. The Neville All- Staters are, from left to right, Carol Ann McDonald, Barbara McCoy, Mary Lynn Armstrong, and David Smith. Joe Turner was originally scheduled to sing as an All-State selectee, but he was unable to attend because of football playing commitments. The chorus is directed by Miss Anna Rose Camp. This is Miss Camp's first year at Neville as Choral director. 'l qc it 1 4-si, moe ' The Safety Council is in charge of various traffic situations which arise in and around Neville City. lts aims are also to promote and help insure safety, especially around the school proper, Officers include, from left to right, Bill Hoclge, president, Natalie McDuff, Janet Hyman, Jan Adcock, Linda Keller and Pete Mulhearn. 49 .JV ar s at an 4, l " L, 'YV' 44:33 fl , lf' 'V' A QI. +V? gr 'y MEMBERS OF THE RED CROSS American Junior Red Cross l A scene from the annual Red Cross assembly. Officers of the Red Cross are, from left To right, Jo Ann Genusa, Treasurerg Kay Branch, Secretaryf Sandra Guyfon, Presidentg Lynn Smith, Vice'PresidenT. Future Home makers of America Annual F.H.A. Style Show -ff ' Officers of the Science Club are, from left to right, Billie Sutton, Secre- taryg Pete Mulhearn, Presidentg John Shaughnessy, Vice-Presidenty Kathleen Terrell, Treasurer. Medics Club Medics Club officers are, Betty Hakim, Vice-Presidentg Lee Skains, Secretary-Treas- urerg and Billie Sue Dixon, President. The purpose of the Medics Club is to interest people in different fields of medicine. Hi-Y vu 'QI to ,- Q- ik A Q- 'n The Hi-Y officers are Julien Mehl, President, Wynn Jefferson, Vice-Presidenfp Deuel Smith, Secretary- Treasurerg and Mike Boykin, Chaplain. Y-Teens 395 X 5 . li ,, 1 , 11':::-:uf ,mi Y 'm4rfs.Z,4" 5 f Weill? 5 V ,fi 5 5 2 ii P ' ,Qi X ,4 ffilwy e 1 i Q, ,.,,,f X e ' l iiii M if l' iii ui? 1 A I "E, H 1 1 35 l 12 Y-Teen officers, from leff to right, are, Linda Bradley, Martha Fosfer, Linda Keller, Sylvia Pritcher, Vice- Presidenfj Nancy Nolan, Linda Wood, President, Befh Schallo, Georgey Johnson, Nancy Miller, Shirley Curry. i may W' vm fwnfmwmxwwmxw ,.Mm:.mmM mgnnmwu . Q X Mum., nv ,ffmw gif V M, sp. fx if ffl' I . , h 5 f"""""w Q ,qnffk i 5 A I 9 Y X iff , . . l AW 1 .'.k l , 5 S ,nf-- A g . 5 5 .,.. V in A A ' K - Y 5? K: xg, mg el S f If AND MISS SENIOR CLASS 'N' Brllle Sue Dlxon Joe Cage 15 E' MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dixie Williams Herbie Ryland MOST INTELLECTUAL Nancy Smellings and Slade Moody Wfrwf 45533 my ,M Fifi. 51.-HA., A , V Xe uw Y, QQ 1. K U Q ' 5539 iunfam 'tvvaaemlx-:im i fv Joan Williams BEAUTY Bully Lewis HANDSOME "GTB: -Q , , , ,N 'V , Nw 1 .s MOST ATHLETIC Joe Cage and Kafhleene Terrell MOST TALENTED Julien Melh and Gretchen Guelzow VVITTlEST Jimmy Love and Limcla Keller FRlENDl.lEST Jol'mJoyce and Darla Storms HANDSOME Nea! Gunn Beverly Franks and Bunny Cannon l 0? "lk BEAUTY X Jan West N W Juniors y FAVORITES Courflanol Gray and Nancy Wilson v .1 ' w'g':fwxs'K W9 ' V --,ji1,3M . , .V fitfzsmwsf .X i X X BEAUTY Polly Parrish Nancy Crossland and Sam Caverlee ll IC YN ga ga it fi HANDSOME Jimmy Howard Freshmen FAVORITES Kathy McSherry and Tommy Sparks Kpqriqk, ""n 'W ,. ,,,,,,J, r .- , ,f. -5 .,,-'Q 1' -Q, ATHLETICS f fl ns , , , w I . UI 'H V' Q jrjigw, V 4 QM, f ' A sa .nw . I V kk 5 :QSM , Z L wx.. 5 'hm gf , 1' K S . ...,- ,., ,gm Ati. fgwwxk- 55511 M - 5?d'Q-"3 "WA, , f M ff, f," ' :f,. 3, , A ,.,, A M, 63 . ,4 15' Tkifg. 3 V MN. ,"'b-..... I us Wag w, ,I 2 : Q 1 K we-11-2' .31 s Neville Nevulle Nevulle 1959 Neville Season Results West Monroe Haynesvllle Bastrop Nevrlle Nevulle Neville Farrnervalle Jonesboro Hodge Ruston 1Com d next pageb .Q gsg 9 lleggillf lsss I an " ' l' l 2 'H' f lr- N ' A 3, s , -7' Q .vm elf?-23.60 5,20 36 5' xx ,os ffl,-I.,,,e,,t 'QI ex so f ,s 48 2 1 '99 .sf MES? ,s ww er S uad 3 'I L-uf-A naval - 1 - wma -us 4 fu--H -- '- ll vnu: .Q H: - mmm 1 w.2w- boom 1:1 1: , Y ff mpwa 1 but rd was mamma wmv 1 -'mf my - www -www mm.: mmm sb-an ww 91 www - w' Ibn A'-ww um- Inna mlm f' haul mms Drew i i wwf awk dun: .swf --ff -M 1 ann v-ni 11:0 U1 :www- 4-Mm wane nm wa-asm -' iw., if , .QM Q -my nun 1 my ...-lm 1 .wr una 1-:mf had and -"V new 'dll ffhvuwe- wwaim fu aww ,, ,,,my. ,V its iw , Q, fm, .W-,f W.. wa-uw vw- www iQ i 1A-'ww wk 'l mum www awww uns , y - -mf, anna Kfxwh .nu mann -- ' ,. M . mmm ,M We.-we mann ann ww: eww . V:-ff ? ' maui - - :www sw f - -W M ww 5 f -- on.. me 5 1, '57 , QR HMV ' 5 , 4, V' ' V "fm ,V V H, ,. ,V gy H M ,A L, ' , V "' 4' f ,, sf Z f lc, W fflgihg, 'ff . A ' V A 1 1 , , ,M . Champion f mf , , 4f,V -3- ,KU as -1 9. fain' vm 'W , fl ,fin , A ' 5 Q , I 8, 5. 4 va L Neville Coaching Staff . C A U M isftff 1 T me s f. ' we :- if : gf-, -'N f I K V5 gh H' Y '1-1 Mr. Bill Ruple, Head coach, Mr. Chic Childress, Mr. Buck Stewart, Mr. Charles Brown, and Mr. George Davis. These are the great coaches who led the Neville Tigers to their second Louisiana State AA Football Championship in tour years. These mentors have worked tirelessly this season, usually under great pressure and difficulty, to build a team that was capable of winning the state championship. Truly, these are State Champion Coaches. Coach Ruple came to Neville in i937 as assistant to Percy Brown. He became head coach in 1945 and has been at Neville in that capacity ever since. His overall winvloss record is the best of any Tiger coach in City High School football history, Tiger Managers John Joyce and Hank Biedenharn, managers, attend to minor sprain in Jimmy Love's shoulder. Not shown is manager Glenn Savage, The Tiger managers, according to Coach Ruple, have done a fine iob in work- ing with the State Champion Tigers this grid season, 72 SWT . we 1 ET Z T V' ,sig X Ae i 2 -Q, v Q. I n-. rg . 5' Q 7 'Q f T 1 ,., A. - M get , 'igfggiiig-ff 4, if ' ' imma . V , DEVONE PAYNE, FuHback :wx Neville 21 Wiest Monroe Nev cefeet-d "hes: '.'5rTrce QT-6 Jwer Taswg fc The Relnefs Two vears TTT a rowl This marks The TTTTh rw over The Rebeis size The r'vf,T'y began rn T953 DooTey Haddad mm The TerTgTh of The TooTTJaTl Tzefd 59' Trwe href TD Ter The Tigers ch The ogternmg k?ckcTT Joe Cage and Joe Turner added The oTher Touch- dou-.frws and Cage wade The Three SOWVGVSTOVNS The R'ebeTs made The?r ohhr Touchdown Tru The second c:darTer. AT This poimr Nevihe was being regarded by The rwewspapers as The Team To be-aT in dTsTr3cT 2-AAT Th Tam, The Tigers were acTuaTiy pre-season favorTTes To cop HTG sTaTe AAcharw1pTomship. R AN T l f E 5 S Neville 39 Haynesville O Progressing to the lirsf Bengal dislricl QYAA conference game of ilio season, Neville lseal Haynesvillc 39-O in a fomplele runaway al Tiger Siadiani, Tliis was llie last game lo be playefl in Neville Sladiuni Until Clclolqor 29,for1lwe next Tour conlesls were on flue road. In The l-laynesville encounter Neal Gunn scored Two for Neville while Joe Cage, Devone Payne, Ralpli Roberls and Joe Turner eaclw made Tallies lor llie Monroyans, C Golden Tornado failed To impress llie crowd vuillw any scoring. xW sim- 1 a 1 l A l gs.. HERSCHEL WALKER , End WEEE ,5- 1 , :E I ll age Converiecl lwo P!-lT's and Mickey Cox made One. The :' 12. ll Gi ,A I 5-if M . A 3 ,M ii 4,14 li-, , 1 , 3 hw , i K ii? ' W 1 my A yyyy K A T ' H If :f'.',: 5 'fm Q Elf T ' gif? , , .Q 1 25 ' ,A 'SE' T ' --ff7ffi'g, flf ii' me f l ' We -V .. , : if '-5'-EP' i' in T we " 3 , gy? . 'l if ' S' isp ,A "T iii , ly K ,ll ' A 'ww Wwe wigs' ,X , f ,,.,,:.,,35,f, . 1' if , V f va- l 4+ A , 'V ,ai flaw. My , , 52- mlm V15 " ,I-M. f V , 1 f ffsr' ,Q 1 iw gg . ,W , , 1 'L i af 'l , , , W .. "' ' ' A ' " . ,A U , ji, V AL K V .5 4 -, K, LQL6, JACK BURTON, Tackle Neville 14 Bastrop 6 According to The Neville coaching staff, The Ram encounter was the roughest game OT The regular season. The hitting was Terrific with many savage blocks Thrown on both sides. This was one of The closest clashes The Bengals encountered This season, a slim 14,6 victory over a line Morehouse Parish eleven. Bill Becton scored Twice Tor Neville with Joe Cage's booting The Two extra points, The Bastrop contest has always been one of the biggest games of The Tiger regular seasons in The past. BeTore Ouachita and West Monroe Were added To the schedule Bas- trop was The big game of The season, being played as thc last regularly scheduled game, ROBERT TURNER, Guard 'WW' ff' ,K in ' Y ' W' lin i.1'Q. , J 1 '-J' 3" 1 , W , T J. ' , mfg'-rg , . 1' rt, ii ,, Mi ly 'V f I ,, V we 7 , , ah , r 4 ' T' 35,1 ' ,l Z , ,i - Q 'wt ry gL,f,4y' i, a .. , 4, I I ' , . 1 f w , ir, Mr',i,,,g,fi1 ,H , , ,, fgx. + sg 1 aww Y W T -ic? ri' if' fi!" is, T: 1 rttr ' f 4, if "' 'i gf tl , "' ' - -nm , , J X S ki I 1 , 'T' HM, f . Q M ,..' ,, Q H f, t TL I I V N 4 Q ' If n 'NN xxx ,,, We llill eff BIB!! Tl f. M , -sr at Q! Q1 . f A el " :Wifi '1 4 f 5 4 '54 15? 'i" 4rf'3Q1lTT CHARLES SNAPP, Tackle BERNARD BRYANT, End 5 .,'Q , IV, T H T tit-ls .2 ..-if if As! vawam- Neville 40 Farmerville 13 Neville met one of the oldest rivals on its football schedule, Farmerville, in the big breather game of the season. Actually the AO-T3 score does rtot indicate the Tigers' potential in this contest. The Nlortroyaris scored at will and stopped the Farmers at will. This situation even prevailed where the entire bench was emptied. However, the Farmers managed to score two TD'S, a feat which only the great Thiborzlaux Tigers were able to duplicate in the state championship finals, Scoring for Neville were Dooley Haddad with two, Joe Cage, with tvvo, and R, F, Wilson. Mickey Cox kicked a field goal and Cage mariagefl tO make one point after touchdown. . 5 V f ,V-in v , , rf, 1- -ff ' BILL BECTON, Halfback SPERRY BROWN, End Wfv P l W P A I! gh fi E-'Z' 'l . Z K T egg 2 Qmwgy25, A r"""wti v,,.- 3 ,,,, llll :aw am mx 1. un LUCIAN BRANCH, Center R. F. WILSON, Halfback ix ,fps T . Vlihig Rh gn- 'Y -- -xfx ,I J- i-lv , 4 5 - agcafr 5 f - 5 , Q .Q ig X i 5 1: "' W T' 0 1" ' ISEEEI 3555! cg ,. lllll Ill!! x'a !llll lllll ' 3 I QW l K U 'K 3 Neville 27 Jonesboro-Hodge 0 Jonesboro-Hodge presented Neville with its second conference challenge of the season in a game which had the Nevillites quite worried beforehand, However, the Tigers found the going somewhat easy after the show got underway. The Bengals swamped,the host Tigers from Jackson Parish, 27-O. Two passes, one from Joe Turner to Joe Cage, and the other from Cage to Dooley Haddad accounted for the first NHS tallies. Jimmy Love, end, recovered a Jonesboro fumble on the TO yard line and raced over the goal for the third score. Cage, in the fourth quarter, raced 20 yards around end for the fourth TD. Joe also kicked the three extra points. WEE t si Ili 'E 'in l asa . -4 Nevllle 14 Ruston 0 Up to this Ruston game, the two elevens from adioining parishes were closely rated with Neville a slight favorite. Rus- ton had literally gone wilcl for two weeks in preparation for this all-important conference tilt for the district 2-AA champion- ship. This was Hoss Garrett Appreciation Night as well as Bearkat Homecoming. The whole town spared nothing to try to help its team beat Neville. However, such was not the case, The Monroyans actually destroyed the fanciful dreams of the Rustonites by shutting out their once proud and mighty Bear- kats, T4-O, in a brilliantly played encounter on the part of the Nevillites, Joe Cage scored the first touchdown while his team- mate, Devone Payne, followed with the second score in the second half, Cage kicked both extra points, Mickey Cox, Ne- ville's great tackle, led the defense in stopping Rustort's cele- brated Pat Shows, from scoring a point. This was something unheard of to that memorable game. At this point Neville was about the only team in the state to sow up its respective district title. Actually, the remainder of the Tiger season had no effect on the State Championship race, since Neville was not to meet any more conference foes. Neville copped the district 2-AA championship on October lb. , t, W ,Jin Y :WNV i Sh i 'X Ftx ' . ,LIT I ly FRWNKS, Quarterback All' i Q ' ' f Ll 1 'L ,YW if V alt , 3 vp ll 1, E 1 .M -af N i' Qi 9 NW . , tt Ut 'V' it i riee 'cr is Neville -13 Tallulah 0 new gi- -n P C7 vi ., A f In whaT is considered one oT Nevilles i W' , ToeghesT garres oT the season every year, ' Rafi!! Neville really goT revenge Tor pasT lick' EN, ' .V ings suffered at The hands oT The class A gg f- K Trolans, Acmally, The Tigers poured iT on S' HQ' A in abundance by Scoring -13 poinTs To The " 'Wh visiTors' none. UnTil The Tinal whisTle blew, , Q ' rf! Tiger Tans were showing Tor more scores. gi: 5 lT is very likely This would have Taken gg. A place iT There had only been more Tirne, IQ? W Joe Turner passed Three Times Tor scores, I T? Twice To Joe Cage and once To Neal Gunn 'I 9 r"i Tor Three of The six TD's. Turner raced 85 .. ,XE "Fm ,Y Q T yards To The Trojan Two and Then scored T-f for Neville. Cage plowed over from The 'Ti Two, for a Tiger score, also. QB, Butch U Franks Tossed The final TD pass To Ber- V nard Bryam in The second half. Mickey ig Cox kicked a field goal from The Ten yard T line. Cox and Cage were employed in ,,, PAT work. C . y Ln' edifmf I 'Tw A. 'i l mir ,wi .V H1 M W gli fe A army' f 1 0'1" A t ' V li 'g ,,1 Y , T - f-,1.f"'T?T!v'w M if itil' if fy u JOE TURNER, QUarTerback BILL LaFRANCE, Guard 'Whit 'Me 7"f n uf' 'of' ' a if Neville 21 Baker 0 Baker proved to be another Tiger breather, 2l-O. Actually the Tigers played around for almost three quarters with field goal practice and other antics designed, apparently, to hold the score down. Five field goal attempts were made, all unsuccessful, which is possibly the most made in a high school game in many years. Victory number eight in a row came easily as the Tigers rolled to two quick scores, early. Dooley Haddad's TOO yard run was marred by a holding penalty. This was the only real thrill of an otherwise generally dull game. Devone Payne and Haddad scored the first two Neville TD's and Cage made the PAT's, Payne scored the final touchdown which was welcomed by Neville fans who obviously desired to see more action than had been displayed up to that time, The encounter was preceded by Homecoming festivities at which Joan Williams reigned queen for the second year in a row. Perhaps, the Homecoming festivities added the only real color to an otherwise colorless, routine garne. Still the Tigers kept up their high rating as number l in class AA in the UPI weekly pole, a rating the Bengals held several weeks beforehand, and one they were never to lose the remainder of the season. i if ROBERT BRYAN, End JOEY McGINN, Center ' ' ' 'wg T t are I ? . EEE ,Q T s igi, ,,. if .. i jx g 'xxx :i l Xp T Q Kf 1 ligogl I ng. , wg, ' as X fit v fgg w T 4 QE . ,,,, A W we A 4f'ftW ,ii it-Mi - 'Tiff ,W ,, Li??5t" f,iQf my 1 ' ? 1 if 151' f K an Q, A f .fr W. 5-17 Q' 4 Q-5-11 nh. ea ff, g- 1 553" is ft 5? 5 , .T , gg, , ,L 3145? A .if fri L cs.. lit: yi . elf?-,fi V1 -. A A hia 5 1 K 'fa M K c .f ' iii 4 may - Q Us 1 iieff if tryed ia f We V' he H L 'V M. I :Jil 'Z ww'- .N-N. V r-A-A-M ' i"'fv' - l Q 'Il' ll fi z e, EQ' ,Q-Bind I r Edith. A 2-tht , .rm st.,i4g,9,sgi JACK YOUNGBLOOD RALPH ROBERTS, Fullback City Championship Neville 35 - Ouachita 0 Once again the Neville Tigers routed Ouachita in their annual intra-city clash, this time 35-O to make it a clean sweep of the Ouachita series for this decade. lt has been over ten years, 1949, since the Lions have turned the trick and beaten a Neville eleven. Neville CMonroe City High Schoolj beat Ouachita 3-O in the first intra-city encounter played in 1911, a season that found the Tigers undefeated and state champions. Neville's tremendous offensive drive was triggered by Neal Gurrn's 47 yard touchdown burst in the first three minutes of the game. Other touchdown scorers were Devone Payne, Joe Cage, Joe Turner, and Sperry Brown on a pass from Turner. Ouachita gained a total of two yards to Neville's awesome 398 yards rushing, The Tigers led in almost all other statistical categories. Joe Cage added the five PAT's to his big number of total points scored in the season play. This marked the end of the slightly abbreviated regular Tiger season play. Neville was then ready to meet its first victim of playoff games, Minden, the following week at Ruston, a neutral sight. The Tigers were favorites in that game and early favorites to cop their second state championship, as well. - 4' C"'H'3,,s il asQ!?i'j f A Q "W at all ' ,T ,W if , We v i ft , ' yi , f, 1 f .. " " ,, . 'X , V ,S ' M, f ,. ' 21- ,',,fi n 1 1 at fr- W . i 4, 'I' M 'C Vziky K i ig T i 1ff.g - , 2 KVTK lyr U S ix 'ss ',,,, , ii ,, T T if it ,,t 6 s cc,, y , T RQ iii Til l sz 4 MICKEY COX, Tackle, All-American Bi-District Championship Neville 28 - Minden 6 Neville avenged the 1956 upset of that great Tiger eleven, season three years ago in tragedy. The Bengals whipped the neutral grounds of Louisiana Tech Stadium. Neal Gunn was paydirt. Other touchdowns for the Monroyans were made by yarder, and Joe Turner's culmination of a 73 yard march, by responsible for the expert kicking of the extra points after contests of the season and really showed the superiority of of the Neville-Minden game would go all the way to take the as the playoffs progressed, later on. by smashing Minden, 28-6, the team responsible for ending the Crimson Tide in a really one-sided affair played in Ruston on responsible for the first Neville tally by racing 47 yards to Devone Payne on a one yard plunge, Joe Cage on another one sliding a half yard to paydirt for the final score. Cage was touchdowns. This game was one of Neville's better played the Tigers. The general opinion seemed to be that the winner state AA championship. The prediction proved precisely correct -. Q f DQ, 'xg Q?-' rail w , Billi - ,fe , IWW! 1 Kr if- 'Paz . 1 ' -.9..4'a , ,ik ,i'lIf,,LA,J11,,.l , 5 kg X , A x ki, i Li.: .ITV K. ..,glQ,g,i ox I 1 Wi, , Q , X, , fTiii!i'ffQ5n,gt!, i35. X, p L. 'Wi' - wi - If if in ,, ,c t l'i'fi'fR't 1'at ,M 41, 1 , gp ? , V 2113.41-,v. 5, Nz., f ,ary .52 .t ,,s-ti5f,g3, . -f1m-t- il' ' - L 5 i T Q L w aist' 'wife ,Ju i , ' , Ai gas, r Q , J . V ff:aa ,.V, i,.-,N 'T' -ff ivgTf.Q, . L Q "f J' fm' '- V ' 'K -le .Y.-x H . .ir-Us-ffll.ikhtA mia .1,,, 2"i.f'lQSfswff'Li5ff32tt.AH.1. 15 Mkhkistirk urzfws-aikii, at BUCKY BUCKNER, End NEAL GUNN, Halfback ROBERT TURNER, Guard ' WW O O x State Seml-Flnals Championship JIMMY LOVE, End Neville 24 - Natchitoches 7 After a week's rest Nevillites again played from Natchitoches, this concerning this game because of a three way tie in district 3-AA, the in Louisiana Tech stadium, meeting the Red Devils time. The Monroyans appeared a bit apprehensive since the Devils were undefeated, winning one more game than NHS, Then, too, the Natchitoches aggregation had a big, extremely well balanced team, more so than Neville, the Tiger Coaching staff remarked before the game. However, the Tigers proved to be mas- ters of the situation once again by plastering the Red Devils 24-7. Touch- down scorers for the Tigers included: Joe Turner for 30 yards wide around right end, Joe Cage, on a nine yard end sweep, Cage on a 45 yard interception, and James Hunt on another interception from the 30 yard line. ,x ,. s 1, 1 - g f, S is L L, Q., Zig X ,L in ,gyyg , L ,H i ' ',f,,N rw ,wa ,V ,QV ft Kit' V,Q1i4LW,gv.?QZ5v., 2 'X 5 ,, W tp . , A " - if I " -ff cc, at F Q T f T "" is " fi an 91.15, 1, ,I , 5 I L, ii " fj , l if I - , 5 . gh, 21. 5 , x -A V ' Jig? ' f a' ' - ' tt fl- f . , V rw, , ,gap ,M CIA? I if' I. iz, , wif I g ah, -N I. i f' Q' fx . l - 5' 'L' '1ig,1:, '-xii V , 1 f Mm:-'9ff9FV . ,, f41.1,Q!tw.. ,N ,Ying Q ARTHUR WILLIAMS, Guard 91 il 5 3 Qi' 'ik sate gmt t K '. if . K ,r T ai fgn g ,r jr ,mx Hi- s -,, af' 4 A I ka..g,5.?fgyiFgWtuJsKy Av I A JAMES HUNT, Guafd DOOLEY HADDAD, Halfback State Championship Neville 21 - Thibadaiix 13 x i Neville lourneyed to Houma, another neutral field of a sort, to meet the highly rated Thibodaux Tigers for the State championship. The reasorrtthe game was played in Houma instead of Thibodaux fthe South Louisianians won the toss of 'the coinj was because the Terrebonne High School stadium at Houma held more people than did its neighbors', T6 miles to the north. Buses loaded with Tigerettes, bandsmen, students and local adult Tiger fans, made the long trip to Houma. Certainly none was sorry he went to the trouble for the Nevillites proved themselves once more great, by copping the state championship by beating another great team, Thibodaux, 21-13, All of the Neville touchdowns were on long runs. The Tiger touchdown scorers were Devone Payne on a 47 yard gallop, Neal Gunn on a 54 yarder and Joe Cage on an electrifying 78 yard gallop to paydirt. This was the first time that a Tiger team at the City High School Csince it has been known as Nevillet has ever won a state championship with a completely spotless record. In T955 when Neville beat Reserve for the state title, the Tigers had lost two encounters during regular season play. ln T956 it looked as if the Bengals would go undefeated to the state title, but such was not the case because of Minden's smashing defeat at Minden. No team scored more than two touchdowns and one extra point against the Tigers this season. lt was a truly great sea- son credited to truly great Neville football players and coaches, probably the greatest in Neville football history. i f . T, ,QW J it tl tl Neville Varsity 'B' Team , ,, M- . em..- c.,.-,,.,.,,.-....e-- - C ,. s WEEE lllll llll - e.lllll.c.-,,, Ill. t A A, qw ew gl A .Y . L Y 1 Neville has had many fine 'B' Football Teams in the past with better records than this year's eleven. However, perhaps none has measured up to the drive and determination that was evident in this year's squad play. There is nothing flashy and showy about 'B' team play. Little recognition is given to the accomplishments and struggles of such squads. Part of the reason is that the 'B' Team is primarily a conditioner for the varsity, the ultimate in high school football. The same generally holds true for the Freshman Teams. 'B' team football gives the boy a change to play who would not have been able to play much, if any, varsity football. It also gives him an opportunity to improve to the extent that he may be in a position, later on, to be able to play regular varsity football. Much credit for this year's successful 'B' team should go to Coach George Davis and Athletic Director, Coach Bill Ruple, for their tireless efforts in promoting 'B' football at Neville, the state's number one football high school, Coach Buck Stewart coached freshman football to a creditable season record. 85 3,11 ,Z v 3 , 'Witt . fl A ., E is Vi 'E l ik s x . .-J ' i . 3' E. 4 , g A i :HI 11: z.,-ig 1-- s -A-s l ' Jr' g RQ, .W W .--............. .... W, M . .m!.,i.,..,.' T: Stillness: aswutrv-sun uni-an .W ,,,,,w.,,,,,w,,-,,, -. nrrlntinnemnvgqgggi V W or hw-aaa 'awww A A M A i. A A "ff" ' -ft W, ,gals-Ijot rw human "" 3 . an X 7 W i A 1 i i v. s glial' isplrflsy W ,ja ' , 3, . . f as ,V 'X3524 ,ggi Sr A'L,.,sf ' : ,iffw 'VG' 1 it sl Z," ' ' fwxxf , Q 4- , Y. t 7 , t Q, . ,M KV' . i .aff - ,I -, K i RL 13. K. W! R A l x V . I . ' ' l JIMMY HOWARD, co-captain BILL YERGER, ca-captain i Neville Freshman Team runs Freshman Football has for years at Neville been a stepping stone to higher football ranks, usually the Varsity 'B' team. However, some frosh prospects move directly up to the varsity squad after Freshman service has ended. There is a great deal of spirit and a moderate amount of recog- nition present in freshman football. The frosh team has its own cheerleaders, also. 86 Freshman Cheerleaders Freshman cheerleaders are, from left to ri ht D' CI k N Monroe, Kathy McSherry, and Polly Parrish. Q , :anne ar , ancy Crossland, Mary Ann Neal, Sharon 1959 Homecoming Court Neville's l959 Homecoming Court, left to right: Jan West, Maid of Honor, and Bunny Cannon. X 1 Q A, Z I' Jean Slaughter, Darla Storms, Joan Williams, Queen, 87 Varsity Cheerleaders BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Sandra Stancil, Darla Storms, Carolyn Smith, Carolyn Cordell, TOP: Shela lrvin and Ann Andrews CHEERLEADER NOTES One of the greatest ambitions of many Neville girls is to be come a Tiger Cheerleader. Candidates practice in the Spring and appear before the student body in a sort of audition, The general student body votes on six girls to till the bill. After the girls are elected, they practice during the summer, often going to cheerleader camp. The cheerleaders select their own uniforms, the display of them is a great surprise before the first Tiger football game. The uniform style is kept secret until this initial grid encounter. During the regular football season and during playoff games the cheerleaders make colorful posters for the 'lobby and perform other spirited services for the football team. For years there were but four cheerleaders, but in T954 two more were added to the list, making the total six, today's number. Often Freshman Cheerleaders move up the ranks to Varsity Cheerleader a few years later. Miss Ja We Whittington has been the sponsor of the varsity cheerleaders since T956 Neville Football Statistics - 1959 TEAM TOTALS - Neville High - Opponents NEVILLE Category Opp, 3212 Yds. Yds. gained rushing 1459 I34 First Downs 82 489 Yds. gained passing 7l6 S8 Penalty 54 Tried 8 Field goals Tried 0 Made I Made 0 46 Touchdowns 8 I4 Fumbles 'B INDIVIDUAL NEVILLE STATISTICS NHS Player TACKLES BLOCKS Cox IO3 50 Love 67 6 Wilson 78 0 Branch 7l 2 Turner, R. 60 6 Hunt 45 4 Payne 40 25 Gunn 45 5 Williams 36 O Becton 28 O Snapp 29 0 Youngblood I4 O Roberts 9 I Turner, J. I3 0 Buckner 7 O Cage 25 O LaFrance 9 0 Burton 5 I Brown I5 2 Franks 4 0 Morgan 4 0 Haddad 3 I Bryant 3 0 Bryan 2 4 McGinn 2 0 Mittell 2 O Walker 2 0 Jefferson I O Pickett I O INDIVIDUAL YARDS GAINED RUSHING-NEVILLE Name Times Carried Yards Gained Average Cage l20 875 7.3 Payne 96 559 5.9 Becton 40 203 5.0 Gunn Bl 504 5.7 Haddad 27 32l i2.0 Turner, J. 3l 286 9.2 Franks 4 Sl l2.7 Wilson 2 48 14.0 Roberts 7 35 5.0 INDIVIDUAL TOUCHDOWN SCORERS Number of Touchdowns I6 Payne 5 Name Cage Turner, J. 6 Haddad 5 Roberts I Becton 2 Gunn 4 Love I Bryant I Hunt I Brown I INDIVIDUAL TOUCHDOWN POINT KICKERS-NEVILLE Name Tries Attempted Kicks Made Average Cage 33 29 .879 Cox 2 I ,500 SPECIAL NOTICE ON ATHLETICS After long and careful consideration, the Neville coaching staff and the Monroyan Staff decided to include only football and basketball pictures in the l96O Monroyan. Since the deadline for publication was February I, it was impossible to properly represent baseball, track, tennis and golf. It was deemed wiser to wait and cover these sports in a comprehensive manner in next year's Monroyan as a part of the Spring Activities Section. We trust this will be satisfactory to all parties concerned. The Monroyan Staff. 89 Joe Cage, Ark-La-Tex Athlete of the Year lf, . lf, fx 'S ff lasik!! Cage Romps in Football Cage Paces Cagers Joe Cage became the first Neville athlete to receive such an honor as ATHLETE OF THE YEAR of the Ark-La-Tex area when it was announced in the newspapers throughout Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas on January 27, 1960, that he had been selected to receive this honor. The selec- tions are made each year by the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce. Cage was officially honored ata banquet in the Washington-Youree Hotel's Crystal Ballroom on February 12. Joe Cage is one of those once in a lifetime athletes who is exceptionally good in virtually every sport which exists. Many people in the know have often stated that his actual potential is unknown. Joe has, what might be called, unexploited talent practically unlimited. His accomplishments in football, basketball, baseball, track and field, golf and other sports are a matter of record. The future, that of college and possibly that of professional ranks, lies ahead. It is a bright future, indeed, for the ARK-LA-TEX's ATHLETE OF THE YEAR. Cage Plays Golf Cage Sets National Javelin Record 90 Mickey Cox, All-American First Team Selection 1 K tie L is sei? U E ie T ie lr gg! T HHH . - Ill T it 'Ll T ll!!! nl" ' . Ill! ' ,, r 1- lllll ' ' f i- ivig gf' x 9' " ' c V .,l 1 k L AMERICAN M' ke Cox Neville High School Monroe Louisiana This phrase adequately describes the supreme honor that FIRST TEAM AL - IC y , , . could be accorded a high school football player in the United States of America. This is the first time a Neville footballer has been accord- ed such a tremendous honor. Twice before Tiger gridders, Leland Sims, 1953 and Elton Upshaw, 1956 were accorded honors on the third and sixth teams respectively. This was the thirteenth annual selection made by the Wigwam Wisemen of America. Mickey also made the All- State, All-Monroe and All-Twin Cities teams in 1959. 9' mmm ,, Wwwff m,,,,,.,....-fe Coach Ruple, riding in the Ruple Day Parade as Thousands cheered, bands played, Tigerettes marched. "Bill Ruple Day" Celebration Coach Bill Ruple received one of the greatest honors of his coaching career on January li when that day was proclaimed BILL RUPLE DAY. A parade kicked off the day's activities featuring the famed Neville Band, Tigerettes, Lee and Jefferson Junior High Bands and a multitude of cars. The first banquet in the new Neville Cafeteria was that honoring the veteran NHS coach that night. A capacity crowd showed up with standing room only available at the function. Herbert Gathright and his, then, recently organized Dance Band provided the music while hun- dreds were dining. After the banquet ended the people moved to the auditorium to listen to a series of speeches, and witness the presenta- tion of monetary gifts to the assistant coaches and Mr. Gathright. Coach Ruple was then led to the back side of the auditorium and presented the automombile shown below, Before Coach Ruple received the keys of this new Ford station wagon, Slim Scogin of Brown-Rivers-Scogin presented him with a model of a Ford for the coach's grandson, then he broke the good news about the "real car" gift awaiting him outside. 92 1 . A Lwiwwwwvamw- fic Q W' .M hmm 1. ?a42zr4 if ww -""' " - -QQ , .:4.,, , ,... ,Q , SX .fu ,wifi 1959-60 Varsity Squad l ' 1 ri T sr 2 'Z Q Y fi 295 , V Q .R ' viii" , iff! J F , fl? v 'fi , ' vi Fur A. 'Q-,, FIRST ROW, left To right: Herschel Walker, Frank Keith, Trueiie Nolan, Butch Cerniglia, and Donald Causey. SECOND ROW, from left 'io right: Eddie Kincaid, Mike Feftinger, Burrell Horton, Neal Gunn, and Bernard Bryant THIRD ROW, frOr'r1 lei? to fight? Dollev Haddad, Ray Baker, L, N. Welch, Joe Cage and Ad Walker. 1959-60 Freshman uintet . . Wm, E -f . . as I W R' Wal- M A. FIRST ROW, from left To right: Randy Lewis, Ricky Hyland, Jimmy Howard, Gregg Moore, Sam Caverlee, Gary Fuich, Garry Gannaway, James Willis, Tommy Thompson, and manager, Paul Aron. SECOND ROW,Ieft to right: Coach Buck Stewart, John Segars, Richard Wilkerson, Herb Kilpatrick, Ronald Killen, Rommy Sparks, Kurt Guelzow, Don SageT,Randy Fallin, and managers, Andy Mapp and Bill Jackson. 94 N28 -...MA wsu .5 WX M: 255515-eisw fqyiagd i ,-:- H lf- 1,-f rf, 45145 Nw' ' mm i 'fs ,S R mm, 5 w W .Q if HERSHEL WALKER EDDIT KINCAID . wgfemylv , . Y P A 'Rl 91 l ' ' il W ll lf f Q X K1 s l -,RK N--nr' L. M. WELCH The Seniors ,mc k A ' ,N 1 M., '-, 'gnu fi . 1 4 1 ' THE SENIORS, left To right: Dooley Haddad, Ad Walker, Russell Horton, Joe Cage, L, M, Welch 97 Basketball The Girls' Varsity BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Gretchen Masur, Carol Bryan, Bunny Buckner, Ann Hernplwill, Dalne LaGrance. SECOND ROW: leddle Dixon, Nancy Shaw, Brenda Cobb, Cecil Menuet, Carol Cole, Callxle Terrell, Dale Guilky, and Managers Lee Thompson and Joann Genusa. Girls' Coach MISS BABS LEE 1 6 G , r r v fix , f 'Mil 'f : I Ty, " f. ',, 1 wif f W A Q.,. ,pf "QQ CAROL COLE GRETCHEN MASUR BUNNY BUCKNER B 3ucg ' ' 'GPs f"",5 mah. wa K. 1 ,Q Wy: ik 'WSL Jw my J Q wt? wa- aiwxf Q ni F9 gs 23 W? M..-,,..,......,........ ,,,,..v....---w R Ag? sig?-KQ K ii-,,f J iq g S .ggi . ,,' Q ,RQVSVE ,, 1 'H Si ,, 'nal . Q, Q.' Q, ,S , y a, .fki Q k,,.uixzwE:4g,'K1-Q ww'ia.W , L ik f 5 skim 'W21555 551829 f 59188 3 R239-if iii Wqaiwm gegaliiax if WWQQR wwcxum 'Emilia 'wnasruw is is 'FUNK I-1feQ., ikkmgsb NUH3!'k!42 miiilx +33 if sb- SEP! W lf. L. MRXYQHWK 'amiusQ Qfmgmnwi favs ixnmamamfff flisnsxxwewf 'Y'Mr+ay1QleN2if iw' 138392 Qfiwwixifnvirf S is K SEQHSWP SVA 1 f Nw if 3 wt -S QfE'w.sw4ff WH 65652519 gigs-as YYH1-:Sea-MR ai-iswgggweafa: ffxkgfiv-:Q Qimvwww 29k-55i1.saPe ru-TQ W as 2 SWK., fm Q. .mfg E Ng, vs' :Ps kv -52 1 R35 if it vf 1- elim 11" TIO- - - STAFF Monroe City School Board EEA .annul k .v -V H Superintendent . , . -,-.e- .f -- f,nf.:v2,sifw-1 IJ..-,psf f sw- .Q M MJ! A Neville Principal Mr. Sidney A. Seegers MR. A. E. CULPEPPER Neviile Assistant Principai Monroe City School Officials fwfm W-QQ" MR. FRANK FRANCIS MR, PAUL Ji NEAL MISS ELEONA BRINSMAID Assistant Superintendent High School Supervisor Visiting Teacher I05 M Allen Miss Camp M L D AL EN MISS ANNA ROSE CAMP B S Lomsxana Tech B.A., Baxlor Umversxty M S SU Glee Club MR, CHARLIE BROWN B,S., Soufhvvesfern Varsify Football, Physical Ed, BUCKNER MR. E D CASCIO B.S. U M. Ed Umv of Arkansas Mathew afxcs Mr. Cascio X X. A X W- 1 v.-ifvf-"'M'i Mr. Childress Mrs. Daniels MR, J. R. CHILDRESS MRS. DAISY DANIELS B.S,, Nor1heastSTafe Coll. B.S., LSU Drivers Ed. M.A., Miss. Coll. Varsity Foosball Home Economics MR. SAMMY R. DANNA B.A,, Norfheasf State College Journalism, Printing, Public Relations Publications MR. GEORGE DAVIS Miss KATHRYN DouciERE ff? fs, B.S., Northwestern B.5., LSU ' -fs --,M cams M.Ed., Lsu Ci D24 "B" team Coach Guidance Counselor Mr. Danna Mr. Davis Miss Douciero 'T wi rl? '62, 'ak 'vs 19:5 -MMr.1 Qu TIM Kiilgkf ,f tZ1l?f-wx tied ii, ia, Aliases, , Qgykiygrf wlatfdo -7 . :Q Stuff af, Jwzxagfwli kwfgrfdi M161 ,L A NqY,5ii,NfZ"9 Wim A., 3 il it if XL A Qalf ' it "'5if5iifa'lgT"'.l' L iw llji lllzyc ',.AfJ-.L 5 W if if .' J A A: f W. L.: ifwwiw,e:5'ifle i filiwai, .T ink A A,i',,-xv,-25139, NIJ' is I - 'ii '51, ,l 57 I "3ltiliJ?5 flaw' with fits tp tt will 11 I 1 I 8416 li ,Ni it L :Z Miss Dowling Mrs. Dunn , 4 4 1' Ji g Mrs. Floornoy Mr. Gathright --ff?" I f 'WW an ll -gina!! I ' I ui 1 In Q 1 K .N 1-.5 2 A, .. X if 5 MISS VERA DOWl.lNG MRS. EUNlCE DUNN BA., Louisiana Tech B.A., Louisiana Coll. Art Mathematics, Tigerettes MRS. A. F. FLOURNOY BA., Radcliffe Latin, Spanish MR. H. C, GATHRIGHT MR. D. W. GRIFHTH B.A., Louisiana Tech B.S., North Texas State Band M.A., Univ. of Colorado Mathematics Mr. Griffith 'JCB M3111 lI',! rf wx x I 's'f"""!u Mrs. Hickman Mrs. Johnson MRS. BERNICE HICKMAN MRS. DOROTHY JOHNSON B.S., Louisiana Tech B.S., Northeast State M.B.E., Univ. of Miss: Home Economics, Business Education General Science MISS MARIANNA JOHNSON B.S., Louisiana Tech M.BE., Univ. of Miss. Business Education MISS BABS LEE B.S., Louisiana Tech Physical Education DR. WALTER S. LAPP A.B., Univ. of Penn. A.M., Univ. of Penn. Ph.D., Univ. of Penn. Advanced Chemistry Miss Johnson Dr. Lapp Miss Lee -J,,,fg - 'Sf' f fx M? """' f MD 4 5 1 x Q Ig W 'W V ' 1211232 ' X X mf ii .i 'iii if sn: if 19? S ii , MRS. STELLA REID B.A., Louisiana State M.A., Louisiana State Civics N Mrs, Reid Mrs. Robertson MRS. GLORIA ROBERTSON B.A., LSU M.A., LSU French MRS. EDITH B. RODRIGUEZ B.A., Agnes Scott, Newcomb English MR. W. A. RUPLE MISS MAXINE SANSOM B.A., Louisiana Tech A.B., Marshall College Physical Educafignl M.A., Columbia University Varsiiy Football Coach Mathematics, Athletic Direggior Physical Education Mrs. Rodriquez Mr. Ruple Miss Sansom ,ff -'UT' f Miss Simmons Mrs. Smith MISS RUTH SIMMONS MRS. RUTH M SMITH BA Southwestern Univ. B,A., LSU MA Univ of Texas Mathematics MR: BUCK STEWART B.A., Louisiana Tech Biology, . Freshman Football Coach MRS ElLEI:N H STOVALL MRS. LEA B A Louisiana Tech B.A., LSU M A Louisiana Tech English Mrs Slovall Mrs. Thompson Miss Washburn MlSS GENEVRA WASHBURN BA., Newcomb College B.L.S., LSU MA., Columbia University Library 3 l X cv if Miss Whittington rl- FT MISS JANE WHITTINGTON ,. BA., Belhaven courage M.A,, Northwestern University English, C Cheerleader Sponsor Neville Staff rx, M S V rf i i . I X it R W MR, ELBERT JONES, Maintenance Superintendent 1' K, I I' , MRS. DOROTHY HODGE MRS. METTlE CARTER, Cafeteria Manager Secretary ,2 if . ' if - - mg, kQ55 fIS"l'.14EEf'Si'AST 1 ffkifih f 2 V KM, 5 W W 4 M K Q jg? , 'vw Q. Q 'van ,,. gsfgggaixs, 7 2 I M .- ,ww 1 1 I ' gm - -. K sw uw. , -w 1 W lsr , 3 E551 ? .7g,,1,: aww aus ' af if WV' '9Vv!4+?'i5'i?' ' sg -Q: - ' vi O I I AL ALTENBERG Back stage crew. ANN ANDREWS Safety Councilg Junior Executive Committeep Freshman and Sophomore Homeroom Secretaryg Varsity Cheerleader: Tigerettesg Girl's State: FHAp FBLAJ Junior Class Favoritep Beautyp Junior Assema blyf Thespiansf French Club. MARY LYNN ARMSTRONG RAYMOND ARMSTRONG J Freshman Footballp Science Club: Back Stage Crewg Thespians. Senlors J EAN BARN ETT Y-Teens: FHA. LYN DA BASSETT Annual Staff, Class Editor, Managing Editorp Siz- zler Staffp Safety Councilg Student Councilg Junior Executive Committeeg FHAg FBLA. HANK BEIDENHORN Latin Club, JCLQ Varsity Football Manager. KENNETH BLUE Annual Staff Photographer Sizzler Staff Photog raphyg Quill ahd Scrollp Prinltingg Latin Club, JCLQ Hi-Yg Key Clubg Boy's State, House of Representa- tives: Science Clubf Junior Assembly. f"'W5' Q MIKE BOYKIN Latin Club, JCL, Hi-Y, Chaplain, Red Cross, Key Club, Vice-President, Science Club, Glee Club, Thespians. LUCIEN BRANCH Key Club, Student Council, Junior Executive Com- mittee, Senior Executive Committee, Vice-President, Varsity Football, Captain, All-District, Class Favorite, Handsome, Glee Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Lettermen Club, Vice-President, Freshman, "B" Team Football, Track, T959 Football All-State. EMY BROOKS Safety Council, Tigerettes, FHA, FBLA, Glee Club, Art Club. GAY BROWN Red Cross, Freshman Homeroom Secretary, Bas- ketball, FHA, Glee Club. MARY CLARE BRUSCATO Sizzler Staff, Club Editor, Y-Teens, Tigerettes, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club. ROBERT BRYAN Key Club, Lettermen Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Freshman, "B" Team, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Thespians. BUCKY BUCKNER Latin Club, JCL, President, Key Club, Attended Inter- national Convention, Football, Varsity, Lettermen Club. JOE CAGE Key Club, Student Council, Junior Executive Com- mittee, President, Junior Class President, Junior Favorite, Mr. Senior Class, Most Athletic, Baseball, Basketball, Lettermen Club, Football, All-Twin City, All-District, All-State, All-Monroe, All-Monroe Back of the year, All-Monroe Player of the Year, Track, All-District, All-State. 'bi tlwfjwfi 'LL WW DOLORES CALDERONE Annual Staff, Class Editor, Red Cross, Tigerette, FHA, Civics Club, Glee Club, Library Staff, Junior Assembly, Sophomore Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer. LAURA ANN CARTER YTeens, Medics Club, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, Glee Club. V. J. CASCIO CONNIE CASEY Annual Staff, Business Manager, Sizzler Staff, Typist, Latin Club, JCL, Red Cross, Tiger Cub, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, Freshman Basketball Manager. FLOYD CHANEY Red Cross, Freshman Football and Basketball, Civics Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Glee Club, Junior Assembly, Homeroom President, Freshman, Sophomore. DARENCE CLONINGER Hi-Y, Football, Class Favorite, Glee Club, Junior Homeroom President. BILLY COBB Sizzler Staff, Sports Editor, Printing, Glee Club, Letter- men Club, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Football, Secre- tary Junior Homeroom. BETTY COMPTON Red Cross, FHA, Transfer. ff-an CAROLYN CORDELL Red Cross, Safety Council, President, Junior Execu- tive Committee, Varsity Cheerleader, French Club, FHA, School Hi-Lites Program, Glee Club, Homecoming Court Maid, Thespians, Junior Assembly, Junior-Senior Prom Committee. DONALD COTTON Freshman, "B" Team Football. NllCKEY COX Track, Baseball, Lettermen Club, Work Chairman, Freshman, Varsity Football, All-City, All-Monroe, All- District, All-State, All-American. CAROL ANN CRAWFORD Special Pubqications, Campus Directory, Editor, Marching Band, FHA, FBLA, Cadet Band, Concert Band, Maiorette, Feature Twirler. JANE CRAWFORD Annual Staff, Editor, Assistant Editor, Sizzler Staff, Student Council, Tigerette, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, School Hi-Lites Program, FHA Program. SKlPPY CULPEPPER Annual Staff, Latin Club, JCL, Key Club, Science Club, President, Semiefinalist in Merit Scholarship Honors, Junior Assembly. THERESA DANNA Latin Club, JCL, Tigerette, Squad Leader, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, Thespians, Junior Assembly, Latin Club Assembly, Tiger Cubs, FHA Assembly, Latin Club Con- vention. CAROL DECELL Safety Council, Tigerette, French Club, FHA, His- torian, FBLA, Glee Club. PENNY DEAN Red Cross, Safety Council, Traffic Committee, Tiger- ette, FHA, Reporter, Vice-President, Candidate for State Historian, Chairman of Program Committee and Chair- man of Publicity Committee, FBLA, Junior Assembly. BILLIE SUE DIXON Latin Club, JCL, Y-Teens, Student Council, Parlia- mentarian, Senior Class Officer, Secretary-Treasurer, Tigerette, Treasurer, Junior Alternate Commander, Senior Alternate Commander, Medics Club, Secre- tary, President, Girl's State, FBLA, Junior Class Favorite, Miss Senior Class, Junior Assembly. GlNGER DONALD Latin Club, JCL, Historian, Y-Teens, Marching Band, Drum Maiorette, French Club, Concert Band, Basketball. TOM DUPUY Freshman Basketball Manager, Civics Club. ROBERT EVANS Publications Printing Assistant, Latin Club, JCL, Span- ish Club, Office Assistant, Junior Assembly. THOMAS EUBANKS Sophomore Homeroom President, Civics Club, Glee Club. BILL EVERITT Latin Club, JCL, Hi-Y, Red Cross, Basketball, Glee Club. BETH FINK Annual Staff, Organizations Editor, Y-Teens, Tiger- ette, French Club, FBLA, Thespians, Junior Assem- bly, Modern Languages. . ,A. W I ,,q2, Fi' ax. ROBERT FONTANA RAY FOSTER Latin Club, JCL, Safety Council. JOHN FRAZER Latin Club, JCL, Co-consul, National Convention, Stu- dent Council, Junior Executive Committee, Science Club, Merit Scholarship Honors, Semi-finalist, sophomore Homeroom Secretary, Junior Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Assembly. FRANCES FREE Transfer Student, RALPH FRYDAY Hi-Y. I GINGER GALLIEN CBEARDJ Marching Band, lst Clarinet, Cadet Band, Concert Band, 'lst Clarinet. CHARLES GARRETSON Red Cross, Marching Band, Class Officer, Vice-Presi- dent, Junior Homeroom, Golf Team, District, Tri-State Championship Team, FBLA, Lettermen Club, Concert Band, Junior Assembly, Science Fair, Neville Fair, Region- al Fair, State Fair, Thespians, Sizzler Staff, Sports Editor, Civics Club, Office Staff. LARRY GATHRIGHT Printing Assistant, Glee Club, "B" Team, Varsity Football. 1 ., ,t--in WH 'vn- 'M was 'i SUELLEN GILMONT Y-Teens, Tigerette, Medics Club, FBLA, Junior As- sembly, Thespians, Modern Languages. SUE GEORGE Annual Staff, Red Cross, Tigerette, FBLA, Civics Club, Thespians, Safety Council, Junior Assembly. JANE GODFREY Latin Club, JCL, Tigerette, Medics Club, Science Club, FHA, Glee Club. GRETCH EN GUELZOW Latin Club, JCL, Historian, Y-Teens, Reporter-His- torian, Vice-President, Red Cross, Tigerette, Flag Bearer, Meclics Club, FHA, Junior Assembly. CAROL HADDAD Annual Staff, Feature Editor, Sizzler Staff, News Edi- tor, Latin Club, JCL, Program Chairman, Student Council, Tigerette, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, Glee Club, Varsity Basketball, Junior Homeroom President, Thespians, Vol- leyball, Baseball, Junior Assembly. DOOLEY HADDAD Red Cross, Science Club, FHA "Sweetheart", Freshman, Varsity Baseball, Football, Track, Basket- ball, 2nd string All-State, All-Twin Cities Baseball. CAMILLA HARMON Marching Band, French Club, Concert Band, Thes- pians. MARTHA HASSE Tigerette, Medics Club, French Club, FBLA. DOUG HAYNES Hi Y Secretary Treasurer TAYLOR HEARD MARILYN HEWITT Latin Club, JCL, Student Council, Tigerette, Softball, Science Club, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, School Hi-Lites Program, FHA, Class Favorite, Junior, Sophomore Home- room Secretary, Junior Assembly, 2nd Place, Botany Division in Science Fair. BILL HODGE Annual Staff, Class Section, Safety Council, Presi- dent, Vice-President Traffic, Homeroom President, Boy's State, Parish Officer, FLBA, Civics Club, School Hi-Lites Program, Special Club Delegate, Safety Convention, Thespians. BURRELL HORTON Basketball, Lettermen Club. JAMES HUNT Red Cross, Key Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Student Council, Sophomore Homeroom President, Junior Homeroom Vice-President, Class Favorite, Varsity Football, Honorable Mention All-City and All-Dis- trict, Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Freshman Basketball, Lettermen Club, HAROLD HUNT Marching Band, Concert Band. JAN ET HYMAN Latin Club, JCL, Program Chairman, Marching Band, Safety Council, Home Safety Chairman, FBLA, Concert Band, Official Delegate to the Sixth Na- tional Junior Classical League Convention, Junior Assembly, Maiorette, Attended Fifth National JCL Convention. SHEILA IRVIN Annual Staff, Assistant Class Editor, Latin Club, JCL, Red Cross, Student Council, Junior Executive Committee, Varsity Cheerleader, Tigerette, Volleyball Team, FBLA, Civics Club, Social Chairman, Chairman of Junior-Senior Prom, Junior Assembly, Homeroom President, Junior, Freshman Homeroom Vice-President, Thespians. HELEN JACKSON Latin Club, JCL, Y-Teens, Secretary, Vice-Presi- clent, Red Cross, Safety Council, Tigerette, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, Glee Club, "Special" Delegate to Y-Teens, State Convention, Mid-South Y-Teen Conference, Junior Assembly. WYNN JEFFERSON Annual Staff, Sizzler Staff, Photographer, Latin Club, JCL, Hi-Y, Vice-President, Key Club, Sophomore Home- room President, Science Club, Blue Ridge Leadership Conference. DIX JOHNSTON RAY JONES Red Cross, Science Club, Lettermen Club, Baseball, All District Shortstop JUDY JORDAN Annual Staff, Sizzler Staff, Red Cross, Student Council, Tigerette, FHA, Civics Club, Class Favorite, Glee Club. JOHN JOYCE Annual Photography Staff, Hi-Y, Key Club, Student Council, Parliamentarian, Senior Executive Committee, President, Senior Homeroom President, Spanish Club, Civics Club, Friendliest, Varsity Football Manager, Track, Lettermen Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Officer Assistant. LlNDA KELLER Annual Staff, Introductory Editor, Y-Teens, Treas- urer, Red Cross, Safety Council, Treasurer, Tiger Cubs, Science Club, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, Wit- tiest, Freshman Homeroom Vice-President, Sopho- more, Junior Homeroom Secretary. PAT KELLY Latin Club, JCL: Y-Teens: FHA: FBLA: Latin Club As- sembly: FBLA Assembly: Library Staff. SHARON KERBY FHA: FBLA: Glee Club. L if KAREN KIRSTI Tigerette: FHA: Freshman Basketball. ROGER KLAM Latin Club, JCL: Safety Council: Science Club: Medics Club. :rw ilfwuld- , ROBERT KOONTZ Red Cross: Key Club: Marching Band: Science Club: Concert Band. BETTY LA cf-LZE Medics Club: FHA: FBLA: Glee Club. BILLY LEWIS y Sizzler Staff, Layout Editor: Printing: Civics Club: Class - 'F Favorite, Handsome: Glee Club: Freshman Football. L' JOHN LOFTIN Latin Club, JCL: Red Cross: Varsity Football: Merit Scholarship, Semi-finalist. JAMES LORD Transfer Student. JIMMY LOVE Varsity Footballp Transfer Student. C. A. LOWE Sizzler Staff: Hi-Yg Red Crossg Key Clubg Handsomeg Freshman Football, Photographer. ANNIE MCCAA Red Crossg Freshman Basketball Managerg Mod- em Languages Club. CAROLYN MCCLEARY Red Crossg Student Councilg Tigeretteg Basketballg Soft- ballp FBLAg Civics Clubg Glee Clubg Junior Assembly. MIKE MCCREADY Latin Club, JCL, Presidentg Hi-Yg Marching Bandg Safety Councilf Civics Clubg Concertg Junior As- sembly. LINDA MCDUFF Latin Club, JCL: Red Crossf Safety Council: Science Clubg "Special" Delegate to JCL State Conventionp JCL State Oratorical Contestg Junior Assemblyg Thespians. DON MCELROY JAMES MCGOUGH Latin Club, JCL, Key Club, Board of Directors, Safety Council, Student Council, Associate Vice-President, Var- sity Football, Track Manager. CAROL MCKEITHEN Y-Teens, Latin Club, JCL, Quill and Scroll, Red Cross, Safety Council, Tigerette, Medics Club, FBLA, Civics Club, Thespians, Junior Assembly. KATHERINE MCNEER Y-Teens, Secretary, FHA, Glee Club. SHARON MANN Latin Club, JCL, Red Cross, Marching Band, Ser- geant, Band "Sweetheart", Concert Band, Sergeant, Junior Executive Committee, Chairman of Junior Assembly, Freshman Basketball, Girl's State, FBLA, Secretary, President, Junior Class Favorite. RONALD MARKS Latin Club, JCL, Red Cross, Hi-Y, Civics Club, Thes- pians, Junior Assembly, Delegate to State JCL Conven- tion. JULIAN MEHL Annual Staff, Latin Club, JCL, Hi4Y, President, Vice-President, Delegate to Blue Ridge Assembly, Key Club, Marching Band, lst Lieutenant, All-State Band, Safety Council, Tennis, Science Club, Most Talented Class Favorite. CECILE MENUET Freshman, Varsity Basketball, Civics Club, All-State Basketball, Speech Club, Modern Language Club. STEPHANIE MENUET Science Club, Transfer Student. DANNY MILLER French Club, Science Club, FBLA. PAT MILLER Junior Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Executive Committee, FHA, FBLA, Annual Staff. LOUISE MOAK Annual Staff, Typist, Latin Club, JCL, Red Cross, Tiger- ette, Squad Leader, Volleyball Team, FBLA, Civics Club, Junior Assembly, Neville Science Fair, 3rd Place Winner, Northeast State Fair, 3rd Place winner. LIBBY NIOCKABEE Red Cross, FHA, Glee Club. SLADE NIOO DY Latin Club, JCL, Key Club, Secretary, Safety Council, Vice-President of School Safety, Junior Homeroom Presi- dent, Boy's State, City Commissioner, Most Intellectual Class Favorite, Semi-Finalist in Merit Scholarship Honors, Junior Lion for Lions Club, JCL voting delegate to State Convention, Junior Assembly, Thespians. DOLL MOORE SUE MOOS Latin Club, JCL, Red Cross, Marching Band, Science Club, FHA, FBLA, Concert Band, Varsity Band, Junior Assembly. CONNIE MOTT Printing Assistant, Civics Club, Junior Class Fav- orite, Glee Club. PETE MULHEARN Latin Club, JCL, Vice-President, Red Cross, Key Club, Safety Council, Secretary-Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Medics Club, Science Club, Civics Club, Junior Class Co- ordinating Committee. EDDY NAFF Key Club, Marching Band, Concert Band. JU DY N EAL Latin Club, JCL, Custodian, Y-Teens, Safety Council, Tigerette, FHA, Civics Club, Junior Class Favorite, Junior Class Assembly, Thespians. NANCY NOLAND Latin Club, JCL, Y-Teens, Secretary, Tiger Cubs, FHA, Civics Club, Glee Club, Y-Teen Delegate to Planning Conference, Delegate to FHA State Conven- tion, Junior Assembly, Latin Club Assembly, Latin Club Convention. RICHARD OLSON Latin Club, JCL, Key Club, Vice-President, Student Council, Vice-President, Freshman, Varsity Baseball, Boy's State. NINA JO OSBORN Quill and Scroll, Latin Club, JCL, Y-Teens, Tiger- ette, Flag Bearer, Medics Club, FBLA, Civics Club, Glee Club. JERRY PACE Student Council, Library Club, President. DEVONE PAYNE Student Council President, Red Cross, Key Club, Junior Executive Committee, President, Civics Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Lettermen Club, Freshman, Varsity Football, Varsity Co-Captain, Track, Neville Ideal Boy, Football, All-Monroe, All-Twin City, All-District. BETTY POSEY MELVIN RAMBIN Hi-Y, FBLA, Glee Club, President, Junior Assem- bly. BOBBY REA GVVEN REYNOLDS Latin Club, JCL, Y-Teens, Tigerette, Squad Leader, FBLA, Civics Club, Glee Club, Hi-Y, Football. ROGER REINHARDT Sizzler Staff, Editor, Key Club, Glee Club. JEANNE ROGILLIO Latin Club, JCL, Red Cross, Tigerette, Squad Leader, Medics Club, President. RICK ROUSSEAU Latin Club, JCL, Spanish Club, Library Club, Commit- tee Chairman. RONNIE RUSHING Key Club, President, Boy's State, Mayor and Senator, Science Club, Delegate to District and ln- ternational Key Club Conventions, Sophomore Homeroom President, Office Staff. HERBIE RYLAND Latin Club, JCL, Reporter, Safety Council, Civics Club, Vice-President, Most Likely to Succeed, Class Favorite, Speech Club, Thespians. JUDY SCHALLO Y-Teens, Tigerette, Squad Leader, FHA. JOHN SHAUGHNESSY Annual Staff, Freshman Football, Science Club, Vice- President, Boy's State, FBLA. BARBARA SIMMONS Latin Club, JCL, Y-Teens, Tigerette, Squad Lead- er, FBLA, Civics Club, Glee Club. CLAUDE SIMPSON Ht-Y, Band. ANITA SMITH Annual Staff, Advertising, Sizzler Staff, News Editor, Latin Club, JCL, Y-Teens, Freshman Home- room Treasurer, Tigerette, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, Glee Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Assembly. CAROLYN SMITH Varsity Cheerleader, Tigerette, Girl's State, FHA, FBLA, Glee Club, Girl's Sergeant-at-Arms. CHLOE SMITH Annual Staff, Assistant Feature Editor, Sizzler Staff, Y-Teens, Reporter, Historian, Red Cross, Safety Council, Tigerette, Freshman Homeroom President, Junior Assembly, Delegate to Hi-Y-Tri-Hi-Y Conven- tion, Delegate to Mid-South Y-Teen Convention. DEUEL SMITH Latin Club, JCL: Latin Club Assembly: Junior Assem- bly: Junior Executive Committee: Junior Assembly: Hi-Y, President, Secretary-Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms: Thes- pians: Safety Council: Medics Club: Science Club: Civics Club: Office Staff: Delegate to Blue Ridge Leadership Congress: Delegate to State Latin Club Convention: Dele- gate to State Hi-Y Convention: Student Council: Fresh- man Homeroom President: Freshman, Sophomore Home- room Favorite. MIKE SMITH Latin Club, JCL, Civics Club. CHARLES SNAPP Freshman, Varsity Football: Junior Class Favorite: Let- termen Club: Varsity Track. NANCY SNELLINGS Latin Club, JCL, President, State Treasurer: Red Cross: Student Council: Tigerette, Junior Command- er, Senior Commander: Tennis Team: Civics Club, Historian: Semi-finalist in Merit Scholarship Honors: Junior Homeroom President: Thespians: Junior As- sembly: Delegate to National JCL Convention. CHARLES SPAULDING SANDRA STANCIL Y-Teens: Red Cross: Student Council, Historian: Junior Exvecutive Committee: Junior Class Secre- tary: Varsity Cheerleader: Tigerette: FHA, District Treasurer: Civics Club: Glee Club: Head Beauty: Thespians: Junior Assembly. JlM STANDLEY NOEL STANDLEY Y-Teens: Red Cross: Safety Council: FHA: FBLA: Thespians: Junior Assembly. PAT STONE Y-Teens, President, FHA, FBLA, Glee Club. DARLA STO RMS Red Cross, Safety Council, Student Council, Var- sity Cheerleader, Tigerette, Girl's State, FBLA, Jun- ior and Senior Class Favorite, Homecoming Maid, Junior Homeroom President, Sophomore Home- room President, Junior Assembly. MARY JO STRAUSSER Latin Club, JCL, Y-Teens, Red Cross, Student Council, Tigerette, Company Commander, Medics Club, FBLA, Semi-finalist in Merit Scholarship Honors, Library Club, Junior Assembly, Thespians. BILLIE JEAN SUTTON Annual Staff, Sizzler Staff, Quill and Scroll, Latin Club, JCL, Red Cross, Science Club, Secretary, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, Library T.V. Show, Science Fair Moderator, Latin Club Assembly. BARRY TANGUIS KATHLEEN TERRELL Junior Executive Committee, Secretary-Treasurer, Varsity Basketball, Captain, All-State Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Science Club, Treasurer, Most Athletic Class Favorite, Moclern Language Club. WILLARD TURNAGE U Hi-Y, Key Club, Marching Band, Corporal and Cap- tain, Concert Band, Corporal-Captain, Transfer Student. JOE TURNER Varsity Football, Player of the week Award, Lettermen Club, President, All-Twin City, All-Mon- roe. AD WALKER Latin Club, JCL, Key Club, Basketball, Lettermen Club. ELLEN WALKER Marching Band, 2nd Lieutenant, FHA, FBLA, His- torian, Concert Band, 2nd Lieutenant, Transfer Stu- dent. JOHN WALKER Key Club, Science Club, Junior Assembly, Transfer Student. ERNEST WATERS Science Club, Transfer Student. L. M. WELCH Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball. ARTHUR WILLIAMS Track, Baseball, Freshman and Varsity Football, Lettermen Club, Planning Committee. DIXIE WILLIAMS Y-Teens, Council Representative, Treasurer, Junior Homeroom Vice-President, Tigerette, Secretary and Treas- urer, Company Commander, FHA, historian, State FHA Delegate, FBLA, Civics Club, Most Likely to Succeed Class Favorite, Delegate to Mid-South Y-Teens Confer- ence, Delegate to FHA State Convention, Thespians, Jun- ior Assembly. JOAN WILLIAMS Latin Club, JCL, Chaplain, Y-Teens, Student Coun- cil, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Girls' Vice-President, Tigerette, President, Company Commander, Girl's State, FHA, Civics Club, Sophomore and Junior Class Favorite, Homecoming Queen, Key Club Sweetheart, Junior.Assembly, Thespians, Beauty, Miss Neville, Delegate to Mid-South Y-Teens Conference. R. F. WILSON Varsity Football, Track. MIKE WINDHAM LINDA WOOD YTeens President Treasurer Red Cross Tlgerette FBLA Delegate to Mid South YTeen Conference Thes plans Junior Assembly JIMMY WOODS Latin Club JCL Sergeant at Arms Key Club Gov ernor of the District Student Council Sergeantat Arms- Junior Executive Committee Vice-President' Junior Class Vice-President- School Hi-Lifes Pro- gram- Junior Class Homeroom Favorite- Mr. Neville High School- Most Handsome. MIKE WORD ROBERT WROTEN STANLEY WYATT Annual Staff, Editor-in-chief, Feature Editor, Add Man- ager, Sizzler Staff, Latin Club, JCL, Hi-Y, Red Cross, Boy's Service Chairman, Safety Council, Medics Club, FBLA, Civics Club, "SpeciaI" Delegate to Red Cross Training Center, Northeast Yearbook Conference, Neville Publica- tions Convention, Thespians, Junior Assembly, Co-or- dinating Committee. MARY JANE YOUNG Latin Club, JCL, Treasurer, Y-Teens, Council Rep- resentative, Student Council, Tigerette, Company Commander, FHA, FBLA, Civics Club, Junior Assem- bly, Thespians, Delegate to JCL Convention. y fn, f f 2 S 3 Junior Class Officers Left To right: Courtland Gray, President, Carol Slakler, Secrelary, Nancy Wilson, Treasurer, Beverly Franks, Vice President. Cln addirion To llwese Class Officers, lnere were also individual Junior Homeroom Olficersj I36 w",,v Carole Bryan Jack Burton Alice Butler Mike Byrnes Kenneth Calka Bunny Cannon Sandra Cararas Lenora Carso Kenneth Catalina Teddy Dixon Bonnie Dupuy Richard Ellis Arthur Ensrninger i Dick Ethridge Jim Fitch Linda Fite Charlotte Ford Ross Ford Donald Causey John Christian Mary Lou Clay Brenda Cobb Carole Cole Joe Copeland Joyce Coulston Jim Cozine Shirley Curry Martha Foster Butch Franks Bill Fugell Ann Futch Jo Ann Genusa Barbara Gilliand Annette Graves Janet Graves Jerry Graves Sydney Greenblatt Richard Greene Courtland Grey Dale Guilkey Neal Gunn Jim Guthrie Sandra Guyton Freddie Haddad Eleanor Harmon Ramona Jones Douglas Kelly Dianne King Don Kurtz Mary Ladshaw Bill LaFrance Dianne LaGrange Lee Ann Lewis Robert Lewis Pat Harrison Judy Hesketh Cecil Hill Jackie Hodgson Sandy Holloway Freddie Howell Jim Huggins Linda Humpries Gail John 11. Jane Loker Elbert Lozes Brenda Lyons Jimmy McBride Barbara McCoy Carol Ann McDonald Natalie McDuff Dianne McGee Joey McGinn . Q Harold McGriff Lynn Marx Linda May Wayne Murphy Harriet Murray Alex Myatf Maurice Nail Marie King Nelson Linda Nunes Sylvia Pritcher Judy Reagan Tommy Ritter Ronnie Robbins Thomas Ryland Glynn Savage Tornrny Scott Nancy Shaw M, ig Sarah Shaughnessy Don O'Bier Winston Odom Anne Pankey Steve Parker Gay Patterson Janet Perkins Jimmy Peters Patty Pierpont Leon Price 41" .P 3 . .f 5 ' ie- ss K N li .f f F Q' I -r. f 1 " J f' ,gg , l A .. t 1 J J pa 4 ll Dianne Simmons Robert Sims Carol Slakter S. J. Shlosman Jeanne Slaughter Dianne Smith Lynn Smith Manco Snapp Kay Snellings ,, 15, ' ':'v A f if., S' qv-3 r WW Q' 5' tiii ? ,VAX I . ,snug qw ,fy mr ,, S, - 1 H , ada' , ,f,f ' 41 Jeannie Snaolgrass Virginia Sprague Carolyn Spruell Bill Stadler Sharon Stancil Joan Stewart Maidye Strickland Bettie Sutton Jimmy Taylor Wanda Wilkins Sallie Ann Williams Nancy Wilson Robert Wing Mary Wright Cecilia Wood Leonard Wood Lynda Gay Wood Linda Lee Woods Glenda Thompson Lea Thompson Sharon Thompson Mary Ellen Trull Robert Turner Glen Walker Jan West Robert Whitherington Ronni Wilds Melanie Wood Jack Youngblood I Jimi' 'T' Qv emi fel made , AAA,,L., " Q ff3HS'afla B - me 1oo Q :mn ni ax In 1 -1 'Q Q QQ 'ga i Q ,W Coming to School - Morning Routine I me , "'v' 2'h2: xff g,,,,,L,n ,..f4f--.,,,.,,,t ., Leaving School - Afternoon Routine M if N 1 ,wb W., N, 1... X ,E new f :fa 10 2 -my 11 1 as an S on sawmill mum in iii! 49" 1 ! fi I45 P' rf as ,, N, Y. Sophomore Class Presidents Lett to right: Van Stewart, Gretchen Masur, Sperry Brown, Hersnel Walker, Steve Jefferson, Robert Payne, Bili Ethridge, Danny Gurbiola. I46 HQ wang 1-W-up MK' . WSW' J-""""'5" if 2 wwf' MZ?- --naar -,wav W"Zl'?' Laura Allen Dottie Amman Louise Amman Kay Anderson Sophomores Sandy Bally Ray Baker Linda Ballenger Danny Bannister Sally Barham Pat Bassett Mary Beggs Jody Biedenharn John Blackman Cal Boardman Latina Bonner Barbara Barghrist Don Brant Jim Brasher Kim Breese Beverly Brown Bunsey Bryant Sperry Brown Bunny Buckner Doll Burgoyne I47 Mary Ann Caldwell Linda Carlson Burch Cernig Carol Jean Cahn Frank Chapman Linda Crow Carol Clark Dianne Clark Judy Clark Judy Cobb Shelton Cole Linda Collet William Cookston Gary Cooper Mary Conlin Connie Cudd Shelia Culp Carol Curry Steve Davis Ginger Dean Shirley Dean Malcolm DeCelIe Jen Dickerson Tommie Jean Dixon QW? C if gi if f"""a 9' E Y "i' -, , L, fl 9' .I fl sliflf Jiixx' Q 3 ll 5 , Q .11 -1.555 in ,Q Q , ., zgikw has ,Q aka New . . f A 5 , ::: y F y y LL iytr y i F E it . ff " or .,.. , ,. get :., , . sfgp i :Q 'uh Dan Doughty Helton DuBois Bobby Duncan Helene Dynan Chris Eby Barry Erwin Bill Ethridge Jake Evans Charles Fallin Ellen Ferguson Susan Ferguson Mike Fettinger Jeanne Foster Mary Ellen Francis A. D. Futrell Bobby George Ricky Gibbons Tommy Gofemon Alice Goorley Minta Goyne Patricia Graves Carlton Gresham Danny Gurgiola Bettie Hakim Harvey Hales Buddy Harrison Dicky Harper Paul Harvey Jimmy Head Marretta Heidenreich Marie Hegwood Anne Hemphill Don Higgenbothan Fred Hill Alvin Hilton Henry Hinkle Robert Horton Gerald Houston Bob Hurts Lynn Jackson Steve Jefferson Billy John Georgey Johnson Mary Francis Jones Frank Keith Gladys Keith Kathy Keeley Maureen Kelly fiffZe?i?fiff3if2?5?E?i ' 7 , , -nam., 1 fun-r -1 ii? -A , fg S - i, Z. K A . gt he to H H K f ft - f A il is 5? 7+ - 7' ' ' ii ' il M fi- J J U. new 1, :sg "1 W . - . 7 K- 1 -I " ' S . J f 1 1 ., .351 . 1 i - -'-at Q . - K , 'ff'-1' J n ,.---i, , ' , -- ' . 'xg ' 1.2. ,t,t " it . ' . ,. f fye' - 3 ft. ?fll.s'fTf-if 1 " :wil J ,Af 'ill' Ziff: ' ' Au, , 2 ,-me i K --.Aft 31' -was . .tr MQ 'E' 'e will Z 4""" Silk. fm l50 x W ' aa .ft 4""Q. 4? are .5739 ir'-W.,-ppm' lr-HN' . jf.: 5 ,A-pw wif .19 K5 .ix ' L- - if ab Q? ' f 4 f' as , .3 'wi MDW' Eddie Kincaid Joe Koehler Dick Kurtz Mickey Lancaster Mimi Landry Peggy Lanier Billy Ledbelfer Lynn McCready Dennis McDonald Calvin McFadden Robert McGowen Mike McKinley Dwight McLemore Ellen Mahr Don Marx Mike Mason Grelchen Masur Gale Merhige Suzanne Messina Nancy Miller Mary Lee Milstead John Mitchell .Ian Moore Margaret Moore Scooter Morgan ' ?- Kennefh Mulhearn ' John Harvey Nelson if Trueite Nolan ii r , ia, .ff 5 K . 1 55141 P an fa My XQM ap 3 Judy Nowell 'vi Derlie O'Bier A Guy Ogden Percy Pace LW A f 'hi- 5 3 ,E i if A 2 Carole Parker V at , Q, ,- Bo Pasferriack ' J 5' Robert Charles Payne ffl Q41 Wilbur Perkins 'i ' 5 Mike Pickeif Ronnie Plaissance Jimmy Pollman Gene Rachal .pi A A-in 5 if ff.. Ag-wwf al? Lee Rachal John Rea Ralph Reeves Virginia Reynolds is Vmwff' fi n f '5 5 Egg f 5' rw af, if 1 Mike Riley J n fl-' J Q P Howard Rivers ' Ralph Roberts Pam Rudisell J J J ' N J J , -:",A ,.-' ' .K E i , ..i,, 4 V ' , . - I .LLA -Q 'A ,, J M I M: ..,. , . - , W : :', g A 3 m Eg 4 S Y, Q ,, Ng 3 are fine. 'QQ ..-Q2 'df' -t.....,,?, 'Da .MLW T M K If Y' Alz' L ii aww ' , . 2' i yi .V ? 5 J. f ff . .11 'Q 3 .raw 57 Sf V egif' Y. V ff gi, ,ij ' ' ' ff 2: , avr-W if " . ,,, , V, . , Elf I V W .aka 29345 fi? V. , xii. fl" Q I - f if T .,. , ,Ji gh fha , fffm -1-Zfevfilw aa 'W M Q, .git .x,, , 1 r , Ji- .1 :5 "J" ,.-we num, I . wif: ,ew-'Pri " 3 -, aw y yy T Beth Schallo Charles Rugg Kay Sanchez Mignon Scogin Molly Shelton Lee Skains David Smith Wayne Smith Bill Spinke Dianne Stewart Van Stewart Lynn Stringer Carolyn Stump Leslie Sturgeon Jim Theus Carolyn Thompson Kay Thompson Shirley Thrift John Tolar Helen Touchstone Linda Truett Rita Tuey Billy Turpin Rosemary Upshaw Hershel Walker Vevie Weir Eddie Walker Mike Wilson Glenda Womack Mac Wood Judy Worley Rebecca Wright WW Xwim CE all L 3 Fava W L rg? Q VE we l , 'sig-, 1 A ,- 'fu e-L fr qi ,,A?"f fi W S -W wg Q ,,i x S? fl eg-32 A ' .min em., 'Q Y e ao t . 1 4 SQ' in 'W-he . :I 1, . . H ur ,, 4' - W ' L, f Ar, 4 "K ,1 Y 1' ,L V L, QM Vi .H . V L A If wg S, A 4. My N ,Qi 4' V g .,, 3 ,QL Y ,.,. X MA, ' 1 A - J A 1 4 , , f M4 , ,V u e n, W ,af E P, Q , , t V Wim' 'JPY 2. ., 'L if .?"5 f L 1 if if sfwf .if -'H 1 - , Q . .W M., 5 N- p- an I ii' 1 19, f. J Q 'iidhi . n ,...,...,. I 11. l in ,pf-1 A . an . V 1 ff! S. f Q v f NU ,. in 2 fai 'Y fr i i pig, 5 an 'S' 4, . , f' 'X F is x. , Y ar My a.----nnquw-W Neville's Flag Raising Ceremony S J' V A . N K' in f -Grille, qt: i Freshman Homeroom Presidents FRESHMAN HOMEROOM presidents are, from left to right, Henry Cole, Lee Denson, Don Saget, Sharon Monroe, Mary Arm Neal, Charlotte Berry, Steve Updegraff, Herb Kilpatrick. l55 Virginia Accardo Charles Achel Gerald Acosta Mova Acosta Freshmen Ann Adams David Adler Rex Albright Dion Alexander James Alton June Apgar Paul Aron Richard Ates ,ww 'tmt rf" wa M J W? W fi em ,Q 5 r .. I is ur 'x .fa N J ,EA R ' ,.: ' , f ff V' .V iw: . . ' ' 2, f, .1 Wff ggaxffiiifsi 9 ilifgzfi-ikiigiei Q We f" 5 We 'Malv- F u. . vita ...M-mags Donna Barfoot Dee Barlow Margaret Barlow Gene Barrett Holly Bayne DeWitt Beekitt Lawrence Bernett Charlotte Berry Betty Bettis Beverly Blackman Linda Blair Steve Blue Latina Bonner Betty Bray Wade Brisbin Wendell Buchanan Johnny Clark Sandra Cloninger Kathleen Cockran Henry Cole Pam Conner Nancy Crossland Carol Croiwell Tommy Cruse Lee Denson Jimmy Dollar Merietfa Downing Kennie Duncan Daria Dunckleman Gayle Dunn Joey Dupuy Frank Eason Aki w ,WQ , f 4 fl ff! i 'Fw , in '-ir-0"-y 4 r Johnny Burgess Edmund Burton Wayne Bushnell Frances Byrd Ann Casey Carolyn Causey Sam Caverlee Patricia Chambliss Cherry Chapman Ruth Christian Carroll Clark Diane Clark ,, f ,..... 15. :M 4 . , , ,jr . 3 Ku M v:'f"e1l' V .i Q, .. ,r , x fm MW E5 V J it D i"l'i 'uw' J- l iii. J -M N Ui f 4 ri 2 4+- if F ff, f sa ,fm f j i1iV Y L il Sm? 1 J a M3 qua f Ann Edmonson Linda Engstrom Kenneth Eurley Jan Evans Henry Fife Gerrie Frasier George Frazell Sherry Free Gary Futch Marshall Gahington Gary Gannaway Robert Garly if 1 .d""' iia A 1, l rf E M ' . ,k"'k'j xiil Jw . ,, . Q. QQ 1 13, Joyce Gill Judy Gill Tommy Gills .Ian Gilly Stephanie Gilmont Danny Gremillion Pam Grower Kurt Guelzow Phil Guthrie Martha Guyton Michael Haddad Saul Hakim Robert Holdsworth Steven Halsell Mariorie Hammons Geron Hargon Bud Jones Kay Jones Ronald Killen Herbie Kilpatrick Tommy Kinkesd Barbara Kirsie K. K. Kite Richard Kiper Tommy Knights Tommy Knipping Carol Koonrz Grelchen LaFrance Andria Landry Joe Lane Cymhia Leigh Randy Lewis Gay Hargrove Jimmy Harrnon Bark Harrison Terry Hessick Edvvina Hopkins Jimmy Howard Bill Hunt Ricky Hyland Barbara Jackson Bill Jackson Linda James Karen Johnson K , Jr'a 'V' Sissi Loftin, Janet Lovelady Sharon McBride Donnie McCullun Anne McElroy Kathy McSherry Dick Marsh Marilyn Massey Jerry Mehl Sharon Monroe Greg Moore Lawson Moore A J EQ- an if i ::: uw. Q., N .mv as Q14 E 4 3 v 'Q O 'u-,f ," Derylin Morris Suzanne Moseley Barbara Mulhearn Richard Mulhearn Carolyn Murray Linda Nail Eddie Naroznial Mary Ann Neil Paula Neal Robby Newcomber Penny Nichols Janet Noland Virginia Nolan Wayne Noland James Parker John Parker Heidi Rowan Jeanne Rowan Mac Russell Don Saget James Shaw Gordon Shelby Gary Shook Larry Shook Sandra Shutting George Smeltzer Charlotte Sodd Kitty Smith Ronnie Lee Smith Doris Solomon Peggy Ann Southerland Tommy Sparks iuwnwum' " " """iiiml"'fs' ' Polly Parish l Buddy Pearson ' Carol Petty Charles Phillips , l 1 l l Chip Planchard Pat Porter l Sandra Powell Sage Redding 1 Steve Ruggs Shirley Repurt 1 Sheila Roster 1 Chester Rousseau 1 st 3 5 If I3 ei Q Z3 fs -5 f is 3 E i S! 1 3 B .i fs E K. 3 t 'Q t if 2 Elaine Spencer Susan Sperry David Stone Randall Tallin Bobby Taylor Crissie Terzolas Betty Thomasee John Tolar Charles Tomlinson Tommy Thompson Jack Trousdale Steve Updegraff X , L T 355 ,- 'ssf t - - "-- A :-I X 1 S my 'E gif ie 45 is "' .ff Q J We an img ., Aj Fred Vogel Jean Wallace Alton Waschka Louise Weir Jenny Welch Dianne West Dianne White Nick White Sylvia Whitehead Richard Wilkinson Shiela Williamson James Willis Linda Wingo John Woodburn Wanda Woods Bill Yerger ev' Q if -- K , 1 if gan l A aw ,M is A. ay... J ..., RA-rl:-1 V-3 ,wh .,. i ., , , J " 3 . -Sm? Neville Gymnasium E M EEE! inseam: Neville Stadium I63 ,Q- W ,., Q ms,,,L- iiefwegl 1211531 f- 11,911 'MEL' H2153 Q 1 .1, LOOKIN' OR LISTENIN' You're Sure of 'l'he Very Besi' in Enferfainmeni' Sporfs, News and All Public Inferesi' Programs on A JAMES A. NOE STATION KNOE KNOE-TV RA-D'0 Channel 8 1390 In New Orleans It's WNOE KLIC "The Goodwill Station" REG. U.S. EXCLUSIVELY PAT. OFF. FRANCHISED IIE HOUR v nnfzfzm oo -- MAGIC CLEANERS PHONE FA ZOI66 l026 NORTH 6'rh STREET MONROE' LOUISIANA DELTA AUTO PARTS WHOLESALE DEALER IN Aulomolive Parls anol Supplies Machine Shop DIAL FA 3-3838 23II S. GRAND Congrafulalions NEVI LLE on Your 75+h ANNIVERSARY TWIN CITY GLASS, INC. The Palronage of Sluclenls and Facully of NEVILLE HIGH Is Greally Apprecialed PHONE FA 3-9366 Good Luck, Tigers FERD LEVI STATIONERY COMPANY Booksellers S+aHonerS AsphaI+ Driveways--Parking Areas Office Suppliers Diff IOI N. Grand al' DeSiarcI 4I5 Howard S'Iree'I' DIAL FA 2-8l47 C. D. TURNER MONROE, LA. MONROE BUILDING LOAN A.SSOC. L , LOUISVILLE COOPERAGE co. I MON ROE LOUISIANA Monroe-West Monroe New Cor and Truck Fronchised DeoIer's Association ADAIR GMC, INC. GMC Trucks BROWN RIVERS SCOGIN, INC. Ford, Thunderbird and Ford Trucks COLEMAN-EDWARDS MOTORS Volkswagen JACKSON MOTORS, INC. RambIer and Me+ropoIiI'an LENNON MOTOR COMPANY Buick, Opel and Volvo MONROE AUTO MART Dodge, PIymou'I'h and RenauI+ RYAN CHEVROLET, INC. ChevrIoe'I Cars and Trucks STEELE MOTORS, INC. Mercury, Edsel, Linc:oIn, Con'rinenI'aI, English Ford and Mack Trucks STUDEBAKER AND PACKARD OF MONROE Sfudebaker Cars and Trucks TNNIN CITY PONTIAC, INC. Ponfiac and Vauxhall VAN-TROW OLDS-CADILLAC Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Fiai' TWIN CITY TIRE Besi' Wishes for Your 81 Confinueol Success RECAPPING CO. BAILEY GRANT srzmrznmmn Box 882 and, ' ' MONROE, LOUISIANA Depuhes WCOD0 DY' J 523 11: A Besi' Wishes CAN IEIRALAND21 MAIL ADDRESS: P. o. BoxIeo3-Momma L. R. C. ZI8 Grammoni' S+ree+ 229 Tren+on S+ree+ I MONROE, LOUISIANA wesr MONROE, LOUISIANA S. A. ORCHARD FA-s6a4s FA-303I9 Mrs. ThOmpsOn's HOmeroom- IOOOXO Yearbook Sales coMPLlMENTs A. LEE BOOTH CONSTRUCTION CO. MASSEY'S SERVICE CENTER 8OI Jackson "Builders o'F QuaIi+y Homes" "BUBBA" HEINE Sales Manager BILLY WEAVER - Salesmen - BILLY MORACE COMPLIMENTS CONTINENTAL A. LEE BOOTH Po. Box 1 TRAILWAYS P.O. Box 303 I Archibald, La. ZI4 G + S+ M""""e' La' PHONE zaon rammon ' FA 2-6898 PHONE FA-25I8I Qi? Y Mr. Childress' Homeroom- IO07, Yearbook Sales BALLARD'S Air Condi'I'ioning - Plumbing Appliances WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES 'Washers and Dryers 'Refrigerafors 'Television and S+ereo 'Small Appliances SALES AND SERVICE - Complimenrs - KEENE's SHOE STORE, INC. 338 DeSiard Srreer PHONE FA 3-466I Shoes for +he Eniire Family Monroe, Louisiana YORK AIR CONDITIONING BERNICE, 'Commercial 'ResicIen'I'iaI 'Heaiing I 'Refrigeraiion 81 SALES AND SERVICE Beginning our ninfh year in Monroe. The finesi' service in our +own on everyfhing mechanical for 'Ihe home. Complimenis COLLINS ELECTRIC COMPANY, Inc. Wholesale EIec+ricaI Supplies MONROE, LOUISIANA OUACHITA NATIONAL BANK MEDICAL AR-I-S MONROE--WEST MONROE PHARMACY I800 Roselawn Ave. DIAL FA.5-4328 Monroe, Louisiana I IIA ' II I . '-AI III P PER PROD NUR TURED BY Q NATURE INTO QUALITY WOOD PRODUCTS, CORRUGATED vs'.'-' wa-C S ,N Q g I. II CON VER TED CRAFTSMEN f CONTAINERS KRAFT PAPER 81 BAUS Sv 'I AI fx I X A .A ul? ' III I ' M 10 I IB XMI ...g 'ix ,,.r , . 'I -ESQ 0 Q KAI. INN YII "Aix I N , I4 D .. ' . M . if .'q,m XI 'I?'f Q, I I I ' 1 vi IP Q 1 E II 5 ws I 1 , ,gh - Q, A, LM xx ,X X K 'A .A L XII 5 MNT 'tw D .Ogg 1---kg 'QI II , -XX X' , 'QQ' 'EQ .4 fx ITD! I I Ilgmn Ifgfxgx .P I -III: II s , X LQ Ugg' gf' .I IA B Y -I. IQIII1 'fi' III .IS ' . PM .X I I .Imfg . I I, I1 I IIQ, I ig IM wg I ,L Is IN ' . OLIN IVIATI-IIESONA PACKAGING DIVISION f ,X 0 N xx X fa 4 ,Jxf M f u fu XY X V NSQSW X ,X X .bLk ,VT ' , ,. f ,,f mymmfmm if mi class of '60 ffaflff'-, XL ji: s L1 BIITI h dTeIegrahC Miss Sansom's Homeroom- I00"fo Yearbook Sales PHONE FA 5-437I PARKVI EW PHARMACY INC. J. W. CUNNINGHAM Pharmacisf IOO4 NORTH THIRD STREET DIAL FA 3-3447 Monroe' La. 8I3 Park Avenue Monroe, La. MRS D I HIRSCH ROZ AND HENRY HAAS BELLA SCHERCK DAVIDSON, INC. ee SOUTHERN THE WOMAN'5 SHQP EQUIPMENT 81 TRACTOR uzs DQSIARD COMPANY, INC. Ladies' Ready-+o-Wear MQNRQEI LQUISIANA "Exclusive, N01 Expensive' HANELINE'S MENIS WEAR MOTOR SUPPLY 703 No. 4+I1 S+ree+ MONROE' LA' MONROE, LA. HERTZ RENT-A-CAR SAUL ADLER GARAGE COMMERCIAL SECURITY Leeeeeee 'T Bed Wishes- So. Grand and Grammonf FA 3-8805 ESSO U S ROYAL PRODUCTS TIRES FRIENDLY FINANCE SERVICE 308 OUACHITA NATIONAL BANK BUILDING MONROE, LOUISIANA DIAL FA 2-6I88 The Home of Friendly Loans J. C. IMoseI LOFTIN, Mgr. 7-ELEVEN FOOD STORES No. I 30I Layfon Avenue No. 2 IOI6 NorII1 4I'I1 S+. No. 3 I50I Cypress S+., Wesi' Monroe No. 4 34I2 DeSiard Rd. No. 5 I8I0 ForsyII1e Ave No. 6 7900 DeSiard Rd. No. 7 I2II Orange S+. No. 8 29I6 NorI'h Seven+h S+., Wes'r Monroe No. 9 I I I I Winnsboro Road No. IO 24I0 Lee Avenue DICKERSON SOUTHSIDE SKELLY SERVICE STATION Guaranfeed Grease Masier Lubricarion Phone FA 3-5540 Souih 8Ih af Winnsboro Road PuroIa+or FiI+ers-AP Mufflers and Tail Pipes Free Pick-Up and Delivery GRAND FLORAL OPPOSITE POST OFFICE Flowers for Any Occasion RODRIDUEZ-FARR INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 247 SOUTH GRAND ST. Monroe Louisiana W. D. H. RODRIDUEZ R. D. FARR, JR. MCGINN FINANCE CO. Congra+uIa+ions +o Seniors B.M.I. A Professional School of Business BERNHARDT BLDG. Monroe, Louisiana BEST wlsi-IES HOWARD BROS. JEWELERS I I6 DeSiard amz :Lx 'nnueggaza Downfown Twin CiI'y Shopping 320 DeSiard CenI'er The Place Io Go for Brands You Know POLL-PARROT, VITALITY, RAND Home of Famous Brands of Men's CIo'I'hing In I'he Cenfer of Ihe Cify 333 DE SIARD ST. LANE-MAY AIR CONDITIONING CO. MATHES DIST. 50I NorI'h I8I'I'1 Monroe, La. WHITLOCK'S BARBER SHOP 39I4 DeSIARD In Fron+ of Norrheasf College FREE DELIVERY sAMPoGNARo's PHARMACY F. C. EASON CONSTRUCTION CO. FRANK C. EASON I General ConsI'ruc'Iion CBTBIPB . Phone . Home Planning M , L . omoe a 34OI Loop Rd. Monroe, La. DIAL 3-3I5I - Im A having ,J f""F A aliy? 33 I Q N X' .I ap rex I USREY . I L I f b UMBER SUPPLY co. art WI 3 I II erm- I mc. frosty man frostyf YDU nm A urr non: AT m-2- :um 4 JOHNNIE USREY, JR. SPATS REXALL DRUGS EDMON DSON '700 LOUISVIIIS BRICK 81 TILE CO., INC FA 3-037I Monroe, La. 2004 Sfubbs Ave. MONROE. LOUISIANA Sporfswear - CIo+hing Uniforms Neville Band Uniform FURNISHED BY GAY'S Buying Offices: NEW YORK CHICAGO ST. LOUIS MIAMI DALLAS LOS ANGELES I I I4 ,gi ,II , 1 S I ,I I I I T I' - I I I I I , Q X I wig-, Nt E .f 1113 in-I 3' . x I J'hh SILVERSTElN'S WOMEN'S APPAREL 342-344 DeSiarcI S+reeI' MONROE, LOUISIANA Office FA 2-28 I 7 AMERICAN PLUMBING 8: HEATING CO. Free Es'I'ima+es and Promp+ Service 503 MORRIS AVENUE JOSEPH A. BATTAGLIA Monroe, La. Besf Wishes . . . OUACHITA SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MONROE, LOUISIANA TOWER SERVICE STATION Infersecfion LouisviIIe Ave. MONROE, LOUISIANA MONTGOMERY INS. AGENCY, INC. For Your Insurance Needs I32 SouI'I'1 Grand S'rree+ MONROE - LOUISIANA PEACOC KS LEADING JEWELERS l29 De Siard, Monroe, La. DRILLING COMPANY INC. HEMP'S CAFETERIA I2I DeSiarcI Sf. "Good Food Is Good Heaiih Popular Prices 'UQ I CREDIT BUREAU OF 'fm MONROE -WEST MONROE INC. l03-I05 Wood S+. CO. Monroe, La. Ofc. 602 Norfh 5 Monroe, Wesi' Monroe Louisiana DEW MUSIC CO. 346 DeSiard FA-28 I 27 ENTRAZ ANKJ .favuzgs AND TRUST COMPANY pw. f I gicswmi ig, 4 9 9' x 5 5 'il R 81 A JEWELERS 323 DeSiard S+. MONROE, LA. CHARLES BRUSCATO 81 CO. General Coniraci' MARK BUSINESS CENTER Monroe, La. FA. 24000 P.O. Box 265I WEIL CLEANERS 508 Nor'rI1 Four+h S+ree+ MONROE, LOUISIANA Phone FA-53I62 Congraiulaiions From MONROE SCRAP MATERIAL, INC Always Buying Scrap Ma're I I'I'l9 Firm of Warehouse, Office and Railroad Y 300 Norfh Ninfh Sfreef Dial 8I72 P.O. B I008 MONROE, LA. MONROE CONCRETE CO. and MONROE SAND AND GRAVEL I-EES COMPANY VARIETY STORE I I I9 Forsyfhe Ave. MONROE, LA. BOWLERO BOWLING LANES I 402 Louisville Ave. CompIimen+s From CLARA and STAFF of CLARA CARTER BEAUTY SALON 30I Plum Phone FA. 3-0242 SAM THOMAS APPLIANCES MCLEMQRES JITNEY JUNQLE FurniI'ure -- GITTS - Draperies - Carpefs Shopping Cen+er PHONE FA 5-5272 712.4 ffme I200 N. I8+h S+. MONROE, LA. COMPLETE DECORATING SERVICE I32 N. 2nCI FA 3-2246 in Cgnfidenge "MeeT Friends Where Friends Mee+" and Service ED CROWLEY RepresenI'ing LAMAR LIFE INSURANCE CO. ALL FORMS OF LIFE INSURANCE s. Phone FA ZI974 2I6 Bernharclf Bldg Off. Phone FA 36320 Monroe, La. THE RENDEZVOUS RESTAURANT THE GABLE Room-THE FIRESIDE ROOM THE CAJUN ROOMS THE TERRACE LOUNGE I400 LOUISVILLE-ON HIGHWAY 80 The Sou+h's Larges'r and Finesf Drive-In ResTauran'I' MONROE HARDWARE CO., INC. Monroe, Louisiana Congralulalions, Seniors SCOTT TRUCK and TRACTOR CO. Fairfax 2-4432 720 Desiard S+. MONROE, LA. The Penney Idea The J. C. Penney Companyis policies and purposes are the key to its growth To serve +he public as nearly as we can fo i+s enfire safisfaclion. To expecl for +he services we render a fair remuner- afion, and noi' all +he profil' lhe fraffic will bear. To do all in our power +o pack 'rhe cus+omer's dollar full of value, quali'I'y and salisfaclion. To coniinue fo lrain ourselves and our associaies so lhal' lhe service we give will be more and more inl'elligen+ly performed. Cons'I'an+ly 'ro improve +he human fader in our business. To reward 'lhe men and women in our organizalion fhrough parlicipalion in whal' +he business pro- duces. To deal fairly wi+h fhose from whom we buy our merchandise. To fesl' our every policy and mefhod by 'rhis rule: "Does if square wi'rh wha+ is iusl' and righl'?" STAN DLEY CATTLE CO. Regisiered and Commercial Oa'H'Ie Rou're 3 Monroe, La. IKE HAMILTON JIM STANDLEY Good Luck and Besf Wishes MOTORS SECURITIES Loans of AII Kinds J. LEON DENNIS, Gen. Mgr. FORSYTH E ESSO BEACON HOUSE 500 LouisviIIe Ave. IIOI Forsy'I'I1e Ave. 24 Hours Open MONROE, LA. APPLIANCE CENTER coLE AND LEIGH Dealers in General EIecI'ric Appliances I020 N. 4I'I'1 SI. INSURANCE CO. W. E. LEIGI-I, Owner MONROE, LA. Bes+ Luck Io NEVII-I-E of Monroe HIGH SCHOOL -A LoYAL FRIEND- Forsy+I'1e Shopping Cenier MONROE, LOUISIANA MONROE WHOLESALE DRUG COMPANY, INC. I3I N. 2nd S+. Phone FA 2-I484 J. L. TERRY MARVIN TERRY TERRY'S USED CARS "Dealers in Fine Cars" Phone FA 3-3504 2628 DeSiard S+. Monroe Have You No+iced +I1e Difference? HYGI-CLEAN PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANING UNIQUE CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY of +I1e Twin Ci+ies CAR IMPORTS 507 WasI'1ing+on S+. Dealers 'for MG, MORRIS, JAGUAR. AUSTIN HEALEY AUSTIN SPRITE Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors F. STAUSS 81 SON Inc. DEL MONTE CANNED ERUITS AND VEGETABLES Bes+ Of Luck TOM SPATAFO RA GROC ERY 8 I9 DeSiard S+. CONTRACTORS EQUIPMENT COMPANY 3I II Louisville Ave. Monroe, La. Congra+uIaI'Ions, Seniors Bes'r Wishes CITY OF MONROE W. L. "JACK" HOWARD I I H. W. McSHERRY W. D. H. RO I UEZ Lel"s Roll, Tigers FIRST FIDELITY MORTGAGE COMPANY HADDAD CLOTHING N. 5+I1 a+ Pine S+ree+s BANCROFT PAPER CO. Wesf Monroe, La. BARBER SHOP DisI'incI'ive Haircu+s 'For AII I308 N. I9I'I1 SI. Across From Ihe New YMCA MONROE AUTOMOBILE SUPPLY CO. 300 WaInu+ Sfreei' MONROE. LA. MONROE CANDY 81 SPECIALTY CO. MRS. G. M. NASTASI, owner Wholesale CANDIES, TOBACCO and SPECIALTIES 7I2 Wood S'I'ree+ Monroe, Louisiana All Pic+ures in +I1e MONROYAN May Be Purchased in I'I1e NEVILLE PHOTOGRAPHIC SHOP "Every'I'hing in Hardware" Serving ROYAL N' E' LOUISIANA FEED 81 SEED STORE for 55 Years 8I2 DeSiard S+. Monroe, Louisiana I--... F L: ii. Sims. .f- -zligi.. " f ' A. f il 'f A A FASHIONAIRE BEAUTY SALON "Beau+y af Your Convenience" La+e and Eariy Appoin+men+s Welcomed MONROE- LOUNANA JULIE CHAPPELL MARGARET wlLsoN RALPH THOMAS BETTY BROWNLEE 2l5 S+erling+on Rd. FA5-4224 AUTO G RAPHS IAN' T I JAN 1' ':5A" Refreshing remembrance ,iigff ...........a Y . E , Tl il V W - DRINK h Bonlod undef authority of The Coco-Cab Company OUACHITA COCA-COLA BOTTLING C0. hwy? we :gg 5 M1 if A ,, L, ms? - ,. W as 'rh end of msiiwffx QQ wjgfswff ,MQ 7 q Q " f, ,wk gk 5 1? e T nnug 'I'IwyyB cg: ,K . Y 5 " M. gl if year. 4 decade. H S gi A ggi, Km " A ,L 5 T We 1 Mm MQ, K f ff-W gxawggsgw Hzgh we Bran a mighty you, Alma you if ss hi. 'U- we sln Tot ee 9 Afwzlziiwmfggagw VM, ,awww 9' M ww 9 Thee, M www -- i Bwwhw N5S4S"fS?W Q ,FQ I .L f Quizzes' V I-Km, mfs-mn, Agua N Q , 'PST ' -M ' .iw . .,,. , k 4, F, R, I. 13, ..A. , ..,,A,, , V! ii .,sQm, AUTOGRAPHS .J. . J ANU , Avg"-ff, ' az! X "3 Jxggl ff ' Q1 ff 52652257 fwawigw 93+ Q 5- pd Q ' 73" ' Q , 437-f.p A I 20 0- QMEJWOQMQLJMH ' figff, ' QUWJMVQAQ I - - , M VWMWAMMQ, Miha 2 x .ff A J f 4 if , ' QL Z7- f ,, f xg L M ff md 1 LVVN ,YQJJLL JP If 4 j A D IN .Alix f li .' Q1 WXXVAQQ OV' UL gybiqlf .UJVUJ LW U ,V if 1 Iwi. fuV3'fi"yq10g AML ZJWOWEUZTL' r Lk M2 V X w J AOQN I EZ ,Njgdjv cpfwffdif ffm if 7M fa,A,1a, A f fylvlkfk 7 64,19 V12 x2 GM img? WW ,zf . 0 .V Kfv , fn , 1 ,Mft Kagan! 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Suggestions in the Neville High School - Monroyan Yearbook (Monroe, LA) collection:

Neville High School - Monroyan Yearbook (Monroe, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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