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pmecewtang., 7x ..... v.. ......- --"' if X K fx fs O 704 1' if Z5 E S 1 958 U lo , Q, Q25 ' Q AQ A H., XJ NFVIILE HIGH SCHOOI Monroe, lnllisialul ,4 4 5 A ,Wg 5 .K , .4 A 'Q : VI JL A Y -BV.. ...- - fm V M Llg, V - I 3 R H Q -sg A, QT V , M V. it . 1 V7 . t ' '-' -M 1.E3-5i'.'!'3i 1 i' 3' 1 U? w 1 'fr T 'fir in . H 4 LQ I a 'A' -,:'. X ii , ,il A 5 ,E,, " ' - NEYILLE 5TL'Di'fYT5 zmci f21l'l1iIX lIlC!IliDPI'N art- proumi of the main huilding on the high school vampus. il rviuuins Il chstirictiw. mmlc-rn Structure aftvr ahuust 30 years. Yisilors tri tht- vampiis van hardly hvlicvc that the structure was first ow-iipiml ami put into usfl in the early l'I307s. Students take pridv in tht' building. and make cw-ry effort lu keep it "ire-wfi The auditorium erilrarice. at right, is a dislinctix Q feature of the main huilfhng. Figures river thv chmrs imiicatv the riaturo uf the ac-tixity inside. 74e Sfadckcm 74a 1 dl 7494 -nd Ums :de ELECTROMETTRIC TITRATION is dcmonstratfrd luy three advanccd chvmistry studt-nts. Hvrschvl Abbott, Dickir- Wright and Altlen Foster. This is a sol-up to dvterminv the end-point in titration by 1-levtricai mt-ans. ratln-r than by chemical indivators. SPECTROSCOPILI ANALYSIS if fit'IIlUIl5ll'3lt'1i ivy Lyle- Fcrguson. under the tlirvctimi of Mr. Linn H. Collmrn, tvztchvr' uf advanrc-tl chvinis-try. The advaticml clit-niistry program. at thc mlh-gc lt-vel. is financially supported by Olin fvlathiewn Chvmival Corp. as 11 pilot projt-ct that may t'Yl'!li'.l21iij' hm- uiwl in otht-r arvax. tififfif 5 if M 1, 5 9 v..,,,,,f- ,-,,.,...f- r""' .-ff ff x .D Q THIS WILSON CI.Ol,ID CHAMBER is fwing usvd by Don Amlrl-ws and Herschvl Abbott. alarm: IVSE OF THE GEICER COENTER. ulsovv right. is dcrmlunstrzltvd by Don in the Advallcvd Chvmislry "Own House." BUILDING BIOLECLYLES is 21 gmml way Io learn. John Byrnvs has df'- vided. YViIh the balls rm-prmfscmting atoms. it pnssilmle to show their rvlaliunsllips in complz-x urgunim' molvculvs, O mm wif, 555 1. 5 ' ' as ...Z , fr X 35 in '55, 'g. If -, N wr' f ' . W.. . XP E4 ,, W EZ? WWA, L. .K ,E Mx. lr H4 iw Y- . ff ,iffu -,ik WM 70:5 I I I 14: ' THE ANALYTICAL BALANCE, being deni- onstrated by Herschel Abbott, is one of the most important tools of analytical chemistry. The second half of Advanced Chemistry is Qualitative Analysis, but the balance is not used extensively until students get into quanti- tative analysis. Qualitative tells what is found in a substance. and quantitative tells how much. NIATHEM,-X'l'lCS is an important tool for scientists and enginvvrs. At Noville, a well rounded program gives students tliv foundation for a good collegv pro- gram. .-Xt lop. left. Hr. B, O. Boyd gives two studonts tlit-ir first introducs tion to a slide rule, while at top right, Iwo of Mr. Griffith's students examine a drawing of tlic sign curve and a tlevice used for demonstrations in trigonomfftry. At right. Mr. Criffitli is shown dis- missing a prolwlom in solid geomrftry. Oda fs , www SN fwlkm f fun-M rw? e '1 Wm:-w -9 - www 1 f!!i!F"3Ef 9 5 MHUUQX Q , maww 'as XJ? AMERICAN HISTORY is just one of the many othvr Courses Q 'l 91 lic Fn lislr Foreion Lanfruaffes. offvrn-ml at Neville in .Uma R ur 's. . g r . ,, , ,. . ' ' " " ' "s first and similar acadenuc work. Almw ls shown Hr. Harp.. pvriml Class, 5 llII.L FLLIS is shown at right quickly rvvicwing the assigned lesson l Xfl - I-st in history. Students at Neville learn to read for facts me tfl a Q and information outside of Class. too. by supelwlscd lllprary work. , 0 1 A l NYUr'kir1g in 1'HIlIIl'I',Nllllll'UlN umkl- muuy lg N 1 lv-wx rlfffzl L . , , . 70446 :ax K: -'4L., ,, -- C'!l7ll'. llll' NW .l i'Q'.5" 'lliiffflz A 1 -lltihll 111 tln- slwp aftvr mmm- - , plvtmn. It 1- 1 tull IIH chft mv in verlar TERRY C.-XNNAWAN and Fl.lZ.vXl3F'l'll VAN Nfl'- Rl' ir ' cl.: 1-hire! Im ln plxceml in Ihr ,'A'a'n fm s s 1, vs 1 V ' W 1 Je . ,aqtozqcivzdts '. :II 'S'sg:.:" .1241 - . ' . V.,: ,gif I 'll ".. L .y Adrjrkn-pd my :fs "' F 'uh BWBFS , , . 2 L f- preparing ' ' y t -- N - L 'I ' f'1'1'an1im's kiln. Nut mnly mln Ihl- stmlvnlg lvurn Ihf' lt'l'lll'1llILlk'Q hy which l't'IAllIIll1'N arv mallv. hut the-5' 'M l an-lually makm- funn' for the-ir mm u-wi Ihr-5' ur'- w firvd in Ihv kiln in ilu- Nmillr- sxorkxlmp. L.f-" .. ,..,, 4 ,QL f ntl e f l fl fi , Q .1-f "'w-.qv 4 .ff 1 l 43' 'Z M w 4352, 4, fl' .uf ,yi we -no ill ww Yu ,ff I . I . my .K W. ap A IMX AT BICVILLF al- ways begins witli tlle tradi- tionzil flag-raising m'eremony. The sound of two sliurp liells lvrings all avtivity to a halt. in tlle lvuilrling anfl arouncl llie varnpus. for tlie lvrief time it takes to raise ancl lower tlie flag. lluring Vvorlcl Vllar ll. Z1 will was sounclefl for all to show more respect for the flag. and Presiclent Franklin D. Roosevelt asked for a ino- nient of silent prayer eavli mlay. The tradition of silent stillness during the twice-a- rlay Ceremony at Neville 4-onilwines the two. The idea has been vontinuerl every sc'l1ool'f.lay' since its adoption. r wtsmzxfrgamvmxwmtg wmsmm-.4 mmfmvwmscfxtswvaewmfumwm H I ' .1 5' .. at its es, so' Vt" - 'o s 's' Q flag one mlajv lust war. Tln-3' nrovirlm ' -sf' rf-rernony. slzozrn ul A JACKIE NIASUR starts the day. A SESSION in the lobby "I WAS only going une xx ax First-floor hlnchroflm V . 25 :iii ,. iw: ' 7 flfwwwl f 0 f :H fi 5 LATIN CLUB OFFICERS at a rval 'flussicalu party arc. left to right: Gingn-r Donald and Ura-tche-n Uuvlmw, historiani: 5111811110 Smith. repfwrtrrg Sladen Moody. parlialiwntariani .fan6't Hyman. program vhairmang Ruth Ann Boggs. sovrvtaryg Howard John. Nice prvfidenlz Nanny Snellingls. pn-Qidenti George' Rise-r, outgoing prwsident. V4 'ffl V f:I,XSSIC,'XI, sfltlingr i4 Ihr- party that was hvlml in 'gifgg-wx Q. ilu- QIJIITICIIS of Miss Emmy Lou Ilimhmnhurn by mc-rn4 M, -H QU- f A V Y' 'V '- rvrd nf Ihr- I.a11n Hula. , , 1 x K, 1 n f ' n-ww X , 9 Viviun-S and story of ilu' 1-'mr' lgg,-fi na. tionully Ivy the Turvh. nfihqil Hp . Q ff ' ' .lllniwr Clawirgil I.:-ugue. xt , si r K xx 1 5 2 ggi n xs n .- A ' J 4 nn Y R N. , . f ' 'P--J : K f ., LL. WZ: 4 W ww ,L f 2 'lm ,... A . , ' .. - A.f.A. Www in Sl' 74a UM? 7 141: W 3, V fgisfxiig--H Aff mf-'K -Qw Qiffiggwf FMNNW, . ,. . ,fad ,.-ag HV., fffzisw ,nr-ff :LQ D I 4524- + :iw 73:1 f swig- gf .,,, W. ,M . X PM F fm 1-mf.-..3, ,. : ,Jw f fm hw . ,,,,hQ.A :HWLQ Q1 A A miigiygj 'fl5,,m ', :ef2 2zaf?:fif in 1 14 - f K eat? WHA? .Nm , gg , I , rg-1 , ,,... -2 is ,Q 2 X ML my 2 1 2 4 .1 ,, mia K5 - . ,, . ,,. , My ,,.,, H,,, .g5g,,A. il, - 5142, : 2 K , . g2?52 Y2f, ax ' x 5 1 ffwilxngffegfwPM'fS M H - Yhiwiiiiwzilfkslivi, 7 2 7 f, - -,mm 7,,- - kk , mg195i3S5mf-vj--293,483-fKez,:,, ff ,k,kzx,. X K I X sw' fy m -1 qqp 'Q-. .41 as av'-3 N. r 1. 13 4' If Elf, .,. 'N A3 ' x f QIHIQERLEADERS FOR 1958-4LefL lo right: Carolyn Cummings. Margarvt Brady, Francis Jones Ylurlhu Burns, Bvtty Hemphill, Ann MacDonald. X s ll ly I ,r HOMECOMINC QLEEN AND HER COURT are. left t0 rigfll: Jackie Klasur. Margaret Brad Nlaicl of Honnrg Queen Ann Mcllonalcl, Frances Jones and Kathy Tulton. QUEEN Ann Nlellonuld is ln-ing crowned. below, by Super- intendent 'Van Odmn. Az right, she is shown at Neville before ilu- gala parade. ff' l 2 H 'PK Q IVE V . lk, , A , , f wi' , 1 f ' ' ,4 l lf M x Za Y' ' H4822 1 , ,i ,kf, A , ,- Q jest? 5 H1253 ,.',, Tp., V. qw'-A .Q 111 , ',,, , A ' f. , " ' sv im, 5z',imLzal t iii k'-, ' . 'ifbf ' V, ' QS? " in i -: 'ililfiiefii " dxf ,sr i f Q? ff ' Y ,L " mf. Q ' , gsm X I , wig My I Eigjfh i z, me ,w in I K ,rhk LV VV? he Q t 1, ' l 'if ? ' Q ' -, " in -"' ll W "t I 1 5' A SNOW BLANKET provided these rare pictures of the Neville campus. lt was light, but compared to other years, gave considerably more than "normal" snowfall for our area. WVAR ISROKE OUT quivkly as studt-nie began arriving at school. lt didn't tak Q, long: to get started. lxul tllz- bell had a difficult time in stopping it. a 1 Lf fm' fx Ns l I wk- '-,.:,. N , W QS., , NEVILLE is proud of its fine band proglram. :Xt top. thc haml and majorf-tres are shown in the first paradv of llw Seawu, wllivll was slzxgwl jointly with WTS! Hrxnrwe lwforv Il1P Neville-W'P5t llunrov football game. DIRECTOR CA'l'HRlCllT is shown at In-fr putting his students Illflvugll thl- paws in u practivv S1-ssion in thc- towvr band room, BELOW. the band lm-aves for a tour in Luuisianil and Xlissifsippi. W4 wmw ggi? 24 "'N-ng? if V i KENNETH BLUE WYNN JEFFERSON NEVILLIJS PHOTOGRAPHIC department is under the direction of Nlr. Leon L. -'lVlarx. who also sponsors the Neville yearbook. the Monroyan. O PHOTOGRAPHY LAB work at Neville is limited to two or three select individuals each year. To work in the darkroom. long hours are required after school and on weekends at the 'peak' picture periods. especially im- mediately before the annual goes to press. SAM CAMMACK, who left for the Air Force during the first semester, contrihuted several years in the darkroom. and attained a great degree of proficiency in photographic work. His successors are shown here. They, hy pres- sure of the fact that Sam left before the year ended, had to pitch in and learn the art much faster than normal. and both have done re- markably well. " GQ F4 1 ,W '4??ff'f'Wi W A, ERNEST IQ. NEYILI ,PI PAUL J. NEAL I I I A. E. CULPEPPER. JR. Q . X MRS. DOROTHY A. HODGE TOM SCOTT VAN D. ODOM W wk Mi' M BH LY GANNAWAY E. F. JONES ANNA GRAY NOE GRAYSON GUTHRIE WWW 2+2 5-fifff , A mf , ,- xx-1 if? K 1 'is A X, Q 5' .004 53 x 606' PQ' ' .Q og' 59 5 O 'Q 4 gp s 433 ' , C70 6 X X O 1 Y-, K ' - x "?iv,'v2'3v! 9 5 AN: 'Qs 1 'OO , X ', .3203 320' Q - ,e'5' TNC se ff . l ' si A ,E ? A , ,,.-.. gg aw "' Q F-EYIOR CLASS OFFICERS-fl,ef1 in l'iK,Ql1f.' Jackie Nlasur tflirls' Vivv Presiclvnli JXFIIIC xifqlflllilld 4Sevretary-Tl'eaSurP1'I: Vrzirmvis Uvnusa tPrPsiflPml: Vanin SINHI 1Svrgearlt-at-.fX1'111sP 1 Trax is Olin-r tfioy s' Vivo Pre-sirlvnt I. MISS KATHRYN DOUCIERE BS., Louisiana State University Mathematics st'- ., -HQ 5 at K' .Q Q WILLI AM D. ISARRETT Vllransfvr studvnt from llvl view High Sclmul. Nc-lmraslcul U DON ANDREWS Boys' Statv: Hmneruoni President T. 8. 9g Junior Clas- sical Lcagueg Key Cluhg Lat- in Cluhg Scif-me Club. Vice' Presidcntg Stage- Crvw: Stu- dent Council: Thc-spians. ff? Wx NANCY BLAKE lfrvncli Clulmg Art Clulag Annual Staff: Snftlvall. Man- agzcr: Baskctlmall. wmilim GAY BAILEY Thcspiansg Civics Club: B1tllkSitPft'1 liand. Marching, Concertg Red Crossg Student Council: Suftballg Sizzler: Basketlmallg Y-Tec-nsg Tiger Culwsg FHA: Annual Staffg Gle-P Clulm. gsm 3 , my-Q, 3:33 V f V i i:5:I:i - it K - 2 ' 's fr it in MAliGAliE'l' BRADY JAMES BRASVVELL Chvcrlvadcrg Tllcspiziris, FBLAg Vllransfvr student Treasurer: Spanish Club, frum Wlehstvr Groves High Prefsident: Student Councilg Svhooli. Sizzlt-rg Baskm-tliall: Spm-ch Clulv, Prvsidvnt: Quill and Scrullg Tvnnis, Stall- Singlcs Champion: Glue- Club: Rod Crussg linrucvotningg Cuurtg Girls' Statvg Hornermun Prus- idcnt, 10. ll. LINDA BRIDGES FHAg FBLAQ Senior'Ch0- rusg Safety Council, Ensem- bleg Basketball, Freshman. Vareityg Softball, Varsity, Red Crossg Y-Teens. DUNCAN BUIE Thespiansg Speech Clubg Hi-Y, Vice President. FRED BRINSON BILL BROUSSARD JOE BROWNLEE Football, Freshman, Varsi- Football, Varsity, Vfrans- Band, Hi-Yg Flag Raising tyg ' Homeroom Presidentg fer studentl. Ceremony. Glee Clubg FBLA. BILLY BURNETT Football, Freshman, Varsi- tyg Baseball, Varsity, Basket ballg Trackg Homeroom Pres identg Annual Staff, Sizzler, Clem' Clubg French Club. MARTHA BURNS Cheerleader, Honn-cumin, Court: Tigerettesg Tiger Cubs, Girls' Stateg FHA, Vice President, Secretary, Treasur- erg Annual Staff, Thespiansg Glee Club: French Clubg Red Cross, Ouachita Parish Chap- ter of FHA, Vice President. VIRGINIA BITRBOUCHS FHA3 FBLA, Glee Club: Art Club, Secretary-Treasurer o MR. L. A. LOFTIN BS., Louisiana State University M.Ed., Louisiana State University Science, Biology 1 5 at . vw .g ig , , - 23,1 V-4 TOMMY CALDWELL Concert Bandg Marching Bantlg Latin Clulig Hi-Y: Thespiansg Junior Classical Leagueg Vfransfcr student from Byrd High School. . ...L ff. S LARRY CHAPMAN of AMAA ' X , .ah LINDA CLARK GUY COATS GAYLE CROW Jfll.g llantlg Latin Clulm: Frtmcli Clulig Hi-YQ Six- 'lligcr Culisg Tigorettt-sg lfrenvli Clulzg Rt-d Crossg zlvrg Stuclrnt Councilg Thai- FlSLAg Art Clulig Spanish FBLA. Trcaaure-rg Student piansg Rod Cross, Clulig Annual Staffg FHAg fllll1lll'llQ I'lonieroorn Vicw Tlxtispians. llrasidtlnt 10, ll. V ,. CG J 1 ' ,ejg,4e,lgt..:-H45 W .W -3255 1:22?l'a??2Q:asJ' - If ,,,g.' ' :ao- sat Wai, gf ,f i Y i ,iff ,- f . 5 PQ? fiirisu' ' IJ 2if2?7551,"-515 2 " "fin i" 75 fe ,watt-Lt., mfg. gg.. V New - H .in 1' A Zffi ' gf' 'it as rw V i ii if! Q ,NE we CAROLYN CUMMINGS Chocrleaderg JCLQ French Clubg FBLAg Cleef Cluhg Thespiansg Rnd Crossg Tiger Cubsg Tigtirettvsg Honivroorn l7I'CSlllf1l'1tQ Latin Club. BRIGETTE CYMBAL Tigerettesg Tiger Cubsg Student Cuuncilg FHA g French Club g Thespiansg FBLAg Annual Staffg Sizzle-rg Y-Teensg Glee Clubg Red Cross. MARY E. DAVIDSON FBLAg French Clubg Art Clubg Clee Clubg Thespiansg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettes. DOTTIE DAWSON Student Council, Secretary- Treasurerg Cheerleader. Fresh- mang' French Cluhg Latin Clubg JCL: Red Crossg Thes- piang Speech Clubg Sizzlerg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Clee Club: Basketball, Freshman, Varsityg Softball, Freshmang Delegate to LASCQ All-State Chorus 57. GAY DEMMARY French Club 3 Y-Teens FBLAQ Thespiansg Red Cross: Annual Staffg Tiger Cubs: Tigerettes, Company Com- mander. ' GERALD DEAN Science Clubg Hi-Y, Secre- tary, Vice Presidentg Annual Staffq Student Councilg Clec Clubg Advanced Chemistry Class. BILL DEPREIST AHCHIE UOYVDLIC HANK ICSTIQRLING Football, Vargfyg Track: Funtball. Freshmang Red liand. Marching. Cnneertg 'I:h65Pi2iHSZ KCy Clubg Red Cross. Speech Clubg Thespiansg Glee Qrossg Student Council. Clubg All-State Chorus, W-1 M Wf T M fix Y 5' MRS ,f 12' I . 'VR' ,, V Y .sa .- li! iff 5' f ik I fb 4 J ,Mg 1 ,, 'Vx 1 if, I . TOM GRANT Key Clubg Football, Varsi- tyg Tbcspiansg Trackg lfTrans- fer sludentl. LOUISE GRAY Tiger Cubs 3 Tigercttvs, Company Commanderg Thos- piansg Latin Clubg JCLQ Red Crossg French Clubg Spcvcll Clubg Sizzler. GAIL GILLILAND Clos? Clubg Art Club, Presi dentg FBLAQ French Clubg Thcspiansg Honwroom Presi- dentg Shorthand Club. ARTHUR GRIFFITH Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg MARTHA GILLELAND FBLAg Svivnce Clubg Soft- ball. .lunior High, Varsityg Basketball, Freshmang Tiger Cubsg Annual Staffg Ad- vanced Chvmistry Class. SUE GROWER Baskctballg Softballg French Clubg FHAg Safety Councilg Glee Clubg Y-Teensg Thvspi- ans. M ,,:, 2,V,lV 1 K. 9 f ' A 4551- J tt,, If H My LYNDA EBY TOMMY EDWARDS Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg Y- Football. Teens, Latin Club, JCL, Softballg Basketball. Manag- erg Science Club, Clee Clubg Thespians. BILL ELLIS Student Councilg Vice Pres- ident to Southern Association of Student Councilsg Science Club, Key Clubg French Clubg Sizzlerg LASC Dele- gateg FBLA. LYLE FERGUSON Boys' Stateg Bandg Science Club: Hi-Yg Thespians. JOHNNY FORD BILLY GAISER TERRY GANNAWAY Football, Junior High, Bas- ketball, Junior High, Fresh- man, Varsityg Red Crossg Art Club. FRANCIS GENUSA Football, Basketball, Fresh- man, Varsity 3 Baseball 3 French Clubg Art Clubg Homeroom Vice Presidentg Senior Class President. ,',,ol-c,' Q , 'f an o, 'm O 04' is MR. B. 0. BOYD B.A., Louisiana Tech K Mathematics t w t Ji O rO,'r,," .r0g.ap. .ve, Q ,xkvj nga' ,p-,,s,p'1, v'l G 4 p, 'rn 4 ..,, ','a.,' on JLLIANA HALES Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes: Clee Club, Ensemble, French Club, FHA, Art Club. LEA HALE Hi-Y: Homeroom Vice Pres' ident, JCL, Key Club, Latin Club, Treasurer, Boys' State: Science Club, Sizzler, Student Council, Tennis, Delegate to JCL Convention. PATSY GULLEY Band, Tiger Cubs, Tiger- ettes, Cvlee Club, FBLA, FHA, Secretary, Homeroom Vice President, Annual Staff, Thespians, Shorthand Club, Y-Teens, Art Club. MARIE HANCOCK Tiger Cubs, Tigerettes, Clee Club, FHA, President: Red Cross. DONALD R. HALF Football, Freshman, Varsi ty, Track, Varsity, Basket- ball, Varsity, Thespians, Speech Club, Latin Club, Siz zler. LORI HARRIS FHA, Speech Club, Span ish Club, Thespians, Valley ball, FBLA, Safety Council JUDY HARRISON Tigerettesg Tiger Cubsg FBLA. DUKE HART . ' -- FD, fait fi , as 9 YA BETTY HEMPHILL Girls' State: Cheerleaderg Science Club, President, Sec- retaryg French Clubg Thespi- ansg Tigerettesg Glee Clubg Basketball, Varsityg Softball, Varsityg Freshman Favorite-g Homeroom Presidentg Student Council. BETTY HINES Tiger Cubsg Tigerettes Glee Clubg FBLA. INA HIRSCH RUBY HUGHES BETTY JENKINS BISHOP JOHNSTON Red Cross: Clee Clubg All- Tiger Cubs: Tig6fCI!PS3 FBLAg Art Clubg Annual Student Councilg Thespi- State Glee Clubg Art Clubg Sizzlerg Clee Clubg Thespi- Staff: Clee Clubg Safety ansg French Club. JCLg Latin Clubg Bookstoreg ansg Ensembleg Red Crossi Councilg Ensemble. Safety Council: French Club Annual Staffg Tiger Cubs. 4 Speech Clubq Art Club. MISS HARRIETT BOYLE B.S., Missouri Commerce My N.-..N.n-My uni? S S we tif! Ek VA .. .:'- J 1' if ff , if FRANCES JONES Jamboree Queeng Home- coming Court: Chccrleaderg Tigerettesg Tiger Cuhsg JCL: Latin Cluhg French Cluhg FBLA 3 Cleo Cluhg Red Crossg Thespiansg Volleyball Team. ?.,,n-'1'.' V N, 1: . 'f 2? JOHN JORDON Football. Junior High. Var- sityg Trackg Key Cluhg Thes- piansg Speech Cluhg Spanish Cluhg Student Council. .x. , 25. " nl. F fi J J, 3 3 ,sift ' 5 1, vassal' 2 DAN KEITH LOUJS KJNCAJD JERRY KNIPPING KENNETH KJRKHAM FrCHCh Club. Vice P1'PSi- Bust-hallg Student Councilg Trackg Red Cross. dem? SPPf'Cl1 Club? Student Key Cluhg Homeroom Presi- Council, Vice Presidcntg Thes- df-nt, Secretary. piansg Football, Varsity: Bas- ketballg Key Clubg Home- room Presirlentg Sizzler. xiii l rin ANN LANDRY Tiger Cubs: Tigerettes: Quill and Scroll: Thespians, Secretary 3 Speech Club: FBLA: Sizzler: C-lee Club: Safety Council: FHA: lTrans- fer student from St. Mat- thewsl. JUDY LANE Tiger Cubs : Tigerettes: Science Club, Secretary- Treasurer: Y-Teens: Thespi- ans: Sizzler: Basketball, Man- ager: Latin Club: Safety Council, vice president: JCL: Delegate to Safety Confer- ence. JOHN LETST lTransfer student from Chi- cago, lll.l. ,H we-warns-I JIMMY LEVERETT Science Club: Latin Club: JCL: Thespians: Safety Coun- cil, Secretary: Boys' State: Hi-Y. 'UN DARLA MCCALLISTER Tigerettes: Latin Club: French Club: Glee Club: FBLA: Thespians: Tiger Cubs: Red Cross: Student Council: JCL, State Vice President: Sizzler: Shorthand Club. MARY LOU MacCLENDON FBLA: Art Club: lTransfer student from All Saintsl. ANN McDONALD Cheerleader: Key Club Sweetheart: Senior Class Sec- retary-Treasurer: Thespians: French Club: Latin Club: JCL: Tennis Team: Basket- ball, Freshman: Softball, Var- sity: Tiger Cubs: Tigerettes. DONNA MCDONALD Girls' State: Homecoming Court: Cheerleader, Fresh- man: Tiger Cubs: Tigerettes, Senior Alternate Commander: Junior Alternate Commander: FBLA: Thespians: Speech Club: French Club: Glee Club: Sizzler: Red Cross: Volleyball Team, MR. CHARLIE BROWN B.S., Southwestern l Social Studies if t ft NEIL McDONALD CAROL MCKINLEY Student Councilg Hi-Yg Basketball, Varsityg Baseball. Varsityg French Club. Tiger Cubs 3 Tigerettes Latin Clubq JCLg Red Cross FBLAQ Safety Council: A nual Staff. PRESTON McMILLAN MALISE MAPP Football, Freshman, Varsi- ty? Track? Baseball: Key Club: Latin Club: Hi-Yg Siz- zler. piansg Tiger Cubsg Tiger- ettesg French Clubg Medic Clubg JCL. Red Crossg Safety Council, Vice Presidentg Latin Club: FHAg FBLAQ Y-Teensg Thes- JACKIE MASUR Student Councilg JCL: Lat- in Clubg Cheerleader, Fresh- mang Sophomore Favoriteg Sizzlerg French Clubg Thes- piansg Senior Class Girls' Vice Presidentg Tiger Cubsg Tigerettes, Secretary, Junior Alternate, Senior Commander. DON MIDDLETON Latin Clubg Band. BARBARA MITTELL Homeroom President: Band: FBLA: Safety Council: Civics Club: Latin Club: JCL: Band Council. f""?5?g.f 5 ii fi SALLY MOORE JIM NIULHERN GORDON NAQUIN Tiger Cubs: Tigerettes: Band, Captain: Band Coun- Red Cross: fTransfer stu- FBLA: Clee Club: Art Club: cil: Boys' State: Hi-Y: Thes- dem from Catholic Highj, Ensemble: Annual Staff, Ed- pians: Student Council. itor: Safety Council. MARIE NELSON Band, Lieutenant: Band Council: Band Secretary- Treasurer: Student Council: Spanish Club: Clee Club. SAM NOLEN Key Club: Latin Club: Sci- ence Club: Student Council: Boys' State: Delegate to JCL Convention: JCL: Band, Ser- geant, Lieutenant: Band Council. ' x 4 t ADRIAN ODOIVI Key Club: Hi-Y: Club: Latin Club, JCL: Sizzler. Sport Boys' State. Speech FBLA: Editor: TRAVIS OLIVER Homerooin President: Thes- pians: Spanish Club: Key Club: French Club: Senior Class Vice- President: Student Council: Football, Varsity, Co- Captain: Track: Key Club, President. MR. E. D. CASCIO B.S., Louisiana State University lVl.Ed., University of Arkansas if if-" ' w....,.,..4vP . ,dgaeif JACK PANKEY PEGGY PIERCE f Key Clubg Latin Clubg Glu- Red Crossg Annual Staffg Clubg Football, Freshman: FHAg Quill and Scroll, Secre- Baseball. tary-Treasurerq Student Coun- cil: Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg JCL: The-spians. t ,, JAMES PALMER Basketball, Varsity. Fresh- man: Football, Freshman. GEORGE PATTERSON Key Clubg Latin Clubq Sci- ence Clubg Boys' State-g Safe- ty Council. Presidentg Safety Council, State Conference: JCL3 Football, Varsity: Traek: Student Couneilg Red Crossg Tliespians. gg, BILL POPE BARBARA POWELL Clee Club. W .IANICE POWELL Red Cross, FBLAQ Short- hand Club. WILLIE RAGAN Football, ,Iunior High, Freshman, Varsity, Basket- ball, Junior High, Freshman. Varsityg Baseball, Varsityg Trackg Homeroorn President: Homeroom Favoriteg Class Favorite 9, IOQ Host Athleticg Honorable Mention: All-State Football, All-District, All-City Football: Clee Clubg FBLA. 3 W ,t lk iv' I W 4 ,, W ,fell , ,I I fi I 1 at l SALLY RYAN DANNY SAMPSON FHA? FBLA --V- Tiger CUIJSZ FBLAg Latin Club: Home- Tig6rCI!6S9 French Club: room Presidentg Homeroom Spanish Clubg Annual Staff. Favorite, YI in PAT SIMS Tiger Cubsg Tigerettesg FBLA: FHAQ Thespiansg Red Crossg Volleyballg Glee Clubg Medios Club. MARY LYNN SCOGIN Tiger Cubsg Tigerettes: Science Clubg French Clubg FBLA, Treasurer, FHA, Y Teens, Volleyball, Thespians. MARVIN SMART room Presidentg Thespians Art Clubg Red Cross. Football, Freshman, Cap- tain, Varsityg Track, Home- MELONIE SMITH fTransfer student from Carlsbad High Schooll. FQ,-..r.-F.--.-,..,....-av-w A , H --W--N V I 1. .5Z:V,1E.s,, ,,..: ki.. HJ, it WN , . 15" f we , , lbw 5 im W 9' 7lh5Qf9',:f,,,,, M,V 'Hgh School Tigers Football sfrwduna F West IAonmv: Bmw mid 7? Winnfield Here Rig.. V. Baitfop Thmc 'ew.,,s'E F ' Rom New Here Here 'e MR. J. T. COATS B.S., Louisiana College M.Ed., Louisiana State University Science FRED SOUTHERLAND French Club, Basketball, Freshman, Varsity, All-State, Baseball, Varsity. JIM SPARKS Football, Varsity, Captain, Player of the Week Award: All-State Honorable- Mention, All-City, Track, Thespians, French Club, Sophomore Fa- vorite. RONALD SPRUELL LYNN STOKES CHARLES STORY Band. Concert, Marching. Football, Freshman, Varsi' ty, Junior Homerooni Presi- dent, Red Cross. SARA STOVALL Girls' Ensemble, Softball, Captain, Y-Teens, Annual Staff, Tiger Cubs, Glee Club, Volleyball, Student Council, Shorthand Club, Siz- zler, Red Cross, Math Club, FBLA, Secretary, Girls' State. My W . 9.1 it , X, , .UNH tr RONALD SQUYRES awtflluo KATHY TALTON Tiger Cubs 3 Tigerettes, Vice President, President, Company Commander, Girls' Stateg Clee Club, FBLA, President, Junior Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, French Clubg Thespiansg Art Clubg Safety Council. s-.M dmv LEA TALTON Hi-Yg Football, Freshmang Latin Club, Student Councilg Key Clubg Home-room Presi- dent, Homeroom Favorite. WARREN TAYLOR Student Council, President: Sizzler, Managing Editor, Ed- itor-in-Chiefg Quill and Scroll, Presidentg Key Club, Spanish Club, Thespians, Treasurer: Science Clubg Safety Council, Boys' State, LASC Delegateg SC Workshop. CATHELINE THOMAS JOE THOMAS FBLAg Shorthand Club. FBLAg French Club, Golf Team, Captain. .l EANN E THOMPSON Red Crossg FBLA, Tiger Cubs, Tigerettesg French Club: Thespiansp Sizzlerg An- nual Staffg Medic Club, Pres- ident. MARTHA THOMPSON Basketball, Varsityg Soft- ball, Varsity, FBLAg Clee Club, Ensembleg FHAg Art Club. ,www-,. B .N f 'lnrc'aHLlrvr: Thespians. MR. L. H. COLBURN BS., University of Pittsburgh NLS.. Llniversity of Wisconsin MS.. Honorary . Carnegie Tet-lm Advanced Chemistry KING THOUSlJfXLl'l :XLlCl'i TURN,-XGE SUNNY TURNER JOYCE TURPIN lvnnis 'll-ani: 'lim-nnis lllnlnz lluntl. lhlL1l'L'lllIlQ. Cot1c'ci't: Annual Staff: Ch-1' Club, Uuslwtlmall. Frcslimun. Vat-SL Baskt-tlmll. Varsity: FHA: French Club: Tigvr Cubs ty: Softhall. Frvshlnzin: Latin lTransfn-r ftndvnt from llvr- Tigvrettes: FBLA: 'l'l'1Pspi lllnh: JCL: FI't'I1i'll Cluh: trio:-Higl1St-lwoll. ans: Clec-' Cluh: Shorthand Rt-tl Cross: Tliespiuns, Club: RQ-d Cross. TOMMY THUNIPSON ALLEN TRUUSU:XLlf Foothall. Varsity: Clee Kry Club: LIllIlN'I'4tUlIl Sw- Cluh: Track, FI't'SllIIl21I1. H-tary: Safety lfuunvil: Span- ish Club: Hi-Y. Svc'rr'tary- "'-Wk DON UPDEGRAFF RON UPDEGRAFF JO ANN USREY ELIZABETH Flfldfl Tllf'S11i2-IHS: l'll'9IlCll FBLAg Tlu-spiansg French Baskt-tball: Claw Club: VAN MATRE Club: -5HfPIyC0lll1l'il. Clullg Glt-ff Club. Softball, Red Crussg FI'l"I1K'll Glye Clubs Softballg Tiger Cllllli YFBI-Al Thf'SPlan53 Culisg Frfncli Clullg Latin M0150 Hull- Clulm: JCLQ Safety Council: t If' W ,- lyy V A A , RUSSELL VICK QUINTUS WEBB Vllransfvr studvntl. Boys' Flatt-'Z S114-evli Clulil 'Flin-spiansg Funtlmall. VHTFUY' Track, Varsity 1 Rvcl Cmsv FBLA. Y A Q, Medic Club. V I , vii.: :f l V If 5 A ? Wm SIDNEY Wll,l,lAN'lS CHARLES WILSON K1-y Clulnz l'lFt'IlCll Clulr: Fmxtllull. Varsity: Tram Buys' Staten Varsity. . , xi' . 5 . 9 5 2 MRS. DAISY DANIELS B.S., Louisiana State University Home Economics SUSIE WILSON Tiger Cubs 3 Tigerettesg Annual Staffg Red Crossg French Club g Thespians: FHAQ Y-Teensg Safety Coun- cilg Basketballg Softball. Managerg Delegate to State FHA Convention. DICKIE WRIGHT Science Clubg Latin Club ,lCLg Sizzler: Rell Cross Safety Council. JIM WROTEN I ANN YOUNGBLOOD ROBERT ZEAGLER HUGH MURRAY Key Clubg Clee Clubg Foot- Tiger Cubs: Tigerettesg Football. I11I1i0T High- French Clubg Art Club ball, Junior High, Freshman, Annu3lS1affg Sizzlerg French Freshman, Varsity: Tracks Red Crossg Football, Fresh Varsity. Clubg FBI,Ag Red Croggg Softball. niang Hi-Y. Glee Club 1 Cheerleader. FTOSIIIIIZIIQ Baskvtballg Vol- leyball: Softball. ki' ,UQNIOR HOMEROOM PRESIDHNTS-Lefl I0 righi: Terry Wfhite 4Ruplf-I 1 Tour bimonton 4 Ingram D 1 Linda Rogers 4 DUIIIIP 1 Norma Jean Magee tDanie-ls P 1 Wayne U5 er lBoyleb: George Forman 1Casc-im: Gene Howard tfieiclb. egg, was W, J' P53 ,ff A E t JR X at MR. GEORGE DAVIS BS., Northwestern State College Civics, Physical Education f lx ' 1 -,. ' 525 X l QW ti it eiiwaiilgr Tommy Hailey Wziyiic Bassett Call Rlilll' Rutli ,Min Bog F. Herschel Abbott Penm' Alger Gail Bearclcn Hutliie Boiler NON? ,VN Raymond Agnew Evelyn Amman Betsy Blur-kmou Alice Bower I ,5.,,w HF- .. .4 .rm ,' -f if , fa' ' ' 1.,. ,. , ,A K . :Q J I u li - f rpg.. ' A M, VJ Q . . Urge, ' in i PQ W 5 . , 9 will 5 , Y T X A ,.n,,. ,. 'EE 6 JF Y fwfr .M :walk J " . ..., F f f A if mg I ' FZ.- 1 , .. , 1 ,. . ,, fl. - ' msgs, ' ' lk 2 f Q i. .-,irf m f-'i,1gl Z sy zilwiie .- g Gail Brady Georgia Burkett Sam CE1ll1lI18Cli Rusty Campbell L 39 ,W .gig Tony Brearcl Linfla Burnham Newt Caldwell Boll Caverlee Fern Bridges John Burns Guy Campbell Jimmy Canterbury ,fl QL Sandra Burford Drury Bynum ,lo Ann Campbell Charles Chatham MISS VERA DOWLING BA., Louisiana Tech Art A N .N gp J ,fyifl q-iv- .4 4 kg ,, K 3 l E Linda Coleman Dian Collet PMS5' Cooper Jimmy Crawford , N. , ff. H -M ali' , t t F K l iy, "??4fM fxg " -HEE53' 7 ,, it w , ,,, . r. , N I ' . ,,,A'-f V Darencc Cloninger Billy Cobb Rena Conaway Joe Crawford Ray Coates Clayton Cole Julie Copeland Tom Davenport .if 'L fl' . ilk Q 'lf 29 if 1 Y ii- f N if is if J' 'Qu if iw' R if Q 5,5 WL if Q 'Wi aw Xi"-snuwwwgk idk-f ,, fl? ,W o .P 15 if 'rrkh if .M gn f Sandy Dean Bobby lk-lunge Joyce Du Bois Lanclrea Ducole Betty Er-hols Bill Evcritt Bobby lforcl Pat 'Ford wwf www K3 ff. lvl joan Dillon Jeannie Duffy Buclrly l7incher George l70flll3ll if 'Q Q aww ooif fps . A V A 5 Sandra Doernlxurg Wkljflltf Dyer Gloria Folds Allen lfoster MRS. EUNICE DUNN B.A., Louisiana College Mathematics, Tigerettes i K al Bunny Cirault Hay Cuimlry Elwanda Greer Cindy Guillq Joyce Fouler Charles Carretsfm ,lay Golclsmitli Donna Gllftilll gb ,F l 535, James Fourmy Bolnlmv Gill Peggi' Goolslwy Belly Rose Haddad "timmy ,-My zz , ,, t lfl' f lij fl- 5- 'Hf +1331 is Q 5. mf 135 " ,Z 15 si? fa iwvi-'fl' 21059' Hardy Hall Bob Harrell Lynda Hendricks Pat Hoffman Alice Hale Sherree Harrist Steve Henry Jerry Holdiness , ..V, V 'f ' gi A -":' J 2 , fy., , ,, . ,,., V "-, i f':. l' W' 5 l ele p ,y - I Z ,Q ...,, ., , ya r l if -2,,. ' ,'f 1 ' w :'V-.' , :.'V Pat Hand Doug Haynes Conroy Hines Walton Hooter J im Harper J. R. Hedgwood Linda Hines James Horton .. mf' ' x ffl was I..-fix? uma. W..-M'-1" , f A 1 HRS. MfXRC6XHET FLOIYRNOY HAH Hadvliffc l'11lQ.'fliSlL Spanish 4 x , Q 5 ?" if F Ci1l'l'il'k IIIIIIWPU ffurulxlm ,lavksnn Umm' Howard Hvlly .IHIIIISUII 'Xllwryt .lmws 'funn Hllliwku fr6lrIAf10 131-0115 SUZHIIIN' Kvll A' Glen Houston Harold Hunt Hoxszud john Sue Kennvy lf A, p , Ii, W 3 : .X ik ' 5, - In :,, ,Qi .f,. - gain .K V, W M lllll W l l l if W ,M WW J '-mv--' ffig M""" l - ,m h A 53 ' . l 1 V 'lsf ff? . , In Q' ' L 5 1' 'S 4395 Jerry Kirby Steve Lal7ranCe Marshall Lawson Raymond McFadden www . Q1 'N ibm, Thomas Kirklxam Linda Lz1Grrme Sandra Lea Linda lVlcfKe11Zie www C Q, . . W, N mme" 4 'mZ46i'r'!E4 xxx -Q , Saunclra Knowles Marilyn Landry 'lVlil1l1'ecl Levi Ronnie McNabb JoAnn Lallart Wvurrcn Lassiter Clycle Lowery Beverly McNeil -Hm- MISS JANE WHITTINGTON BA., Belhaven College lVl.A.. Northwestern University English, Speech w-qi? V ,.......-W" l l 1 is Y Nancy Nlilley Libby Mockahee Cordon lVlc:Ncely Norma Jean Magee lack Netherland Ross Nolan Chester Nlansker Ann Miller Linda lVloos Jeff Napper l George Olivier Douglas Palmer l -wha if ,:, N 'lk "Qui 'H w x A B' in P 1 ,f .Q-,N f K .1 as ,S , ' "'1'A'i:23:':!" 7 ' g-gg..,,j4,,f: j- .my- li S M A1 S in 'l F u4"'.-S.--v-- oft if ,ii Y IRM? Frances Virginia Warren Ringheim Glenda Rogers ' 0 Judy Reagan J Max Pennington Jerry Powell Patty Prophit George Riser Johnny Rivers Linda Rogers Diane Sanchez Sarah L. Peters Melvin Rambin Linda L. Robison Barbara Scott MR. H. E. GATHRIGHT HA.. Louisiana Tech Band. Chorus ,G HL ' . , Q ' 1 A - 31' Y s an Q Y Q , V M, E 3 ,, X X .nxtw 3 ' Zim 'ff -1-im, M - . T- - ' ' ni 'Nz- ,, av is -.ff Q 7 1 ' in wr l X .iw ,, Sandra Simpson Ronnie Sims Frank Shaughncssy Carol Sheppard Pat Smith Susannv Smith Cay Sievers Toni Sirnonlon Belly Slaughter Hill Sinullwoocl Clair Sulmnan Diane Southall l , Q' ,f 541 ,, Ea tw ?' 7' ,it t K 1 Y w, X' ' 35 1 l 5 K , L.LV, 1- ' 1 t W Wadi' is e ,. Fred Spatafora jean Stewart Kenny Stone Carol Tl10lllpSOH David Sprague Susan Stewart King Stubbs Clyde Thompson Diane Stancil Glenn Stokes Orclie Nell Tarpley Jaellyn Tlionipsun John Starnes Nlary Ann Stokes Mickey Tarver Sheila Townley +- v i A if MR. D. W. GRIFFITH BS., North Texas State M.A., University of Colorado Mathematics Lucy Turpin Wanda Waller -M 2 f 'ts Dottie Vigg Ann Walker aww - N51 , Ann Trousdale Douglas Turner Linda Vowell Ellen Wedeineyer . 155555 53? s Genie Tull Norma Turner Steve Wallace Connie Wheeler s W I ,, , 5 'A.. , ZE, V . ,-,'9V W A W W r ff?f? f7'7j'f 2' Terry White Jenny Williams Nancy Williams Carolyn Willis Marcia Willis Ronald Worley Donald Worley Francis Yeldell 1 fm vwneenuumvbnunu 'lingual' Qin mana mugg Q fkllnsugillbiu cuimznumm Hingis-taxi ix! WMQN Dnnrmum,-"'w"""ll I ' Inn Tulum,-W-': 1 Ulunusgg-LW' '1 imwmuun g i ?uunq"",2',':'-2 3'F'l!Qlduq .,,,1-5 iimmml ACL... I la Zl l .T RG J nib' mp af , 'll Lrg NR Q , X 1- dx 'Qu ,iv 1,15 'fi K F -qs . iawhw, -, V , L, Y 0 'W-'Wim 55 SOPHOMOHE HONIEROONI l'Rli5llJEN'l'Sffl,afz 10 righl: Slade Moody lGriffithlg Tommie Sue Whitfield lSlIlllllUIlSl1 Wynn Jl'fi-OFSOII lllavisl: Bill Hodge fC0alPsl llonnic llusliiug lMr'Cwugl1l: 'llmmny Eulmanks lBrownlg Darla Storms llVlurxl. MRS. BERNICE HICKMAN HS., Louisiana Tech Commerce M,,m,,? I K ,, W Liv' K Mm' J 51,4 '34 N. a if 5. Raw Arm iron Ann indre-ws Linda Ba tt H. Bic-denharn i sw 'Zh 29' Z K 4 -E I gm -Q wwf? X 2 Z cf 2 ev 'G gl H 4 is 6 A 1 .... 4 K f :EER 1 ,- 'V , - ' - ' .A at ,gf gsfgifi , ,w w ,1 . ' 45753314 51 . if k"' I W iff. 5' 5' 5:34 - ' K ., - iv A 5 g r . ' ' 551' 7 . 5 2 o,r"""'W 'Q' i A o '5 - D- id 4 ' ff f' i f m ,1 k f.: , 'ci " i xii i ii of .f f ,,,. A 5 5 V L L H Patsy Bail:-y Kenncth Blue Law-nda Allen Gay Andrews jean Barnvtt Hike' Boykin Al Altvnberg Mary L. Armstrong Norma Barnvs Carolyn Brady -' .,-A if '-milf ggi? Jw V229 ? -Q-M is l we al 5 may A-41 Bonnie Ethridge Ray Foster Sue George Carol Haddad if X X 1'-1 -M ag gd, 1 . a a ill Min Dick Ethridge John Frazzer Suellen Gilmint .lulius Haddad Tommy Eubanks Ralph Fryday Jane Godfrey Pat Harrison Rohr-rt Evans Ginger Gallien Jerry Graves Martha Hasse Beth Fink Larry Gathright Gretchen Gullzow Taylor Heard MISS MARIANNA JOHNSON B.S., Louisiana Tech Mathematics, Science -SRA S ,,... Y . -X .- 33 I. , ,. Q.. TJ : ,, S , J y i Q54 f f? E so MF, l S 3 X A wr gf .N si .xx f ,H I Q. 1 5 .Q fi i E an HR as is A l . 1 3 . . . I f -- vi S S l K M Q A 'Q ' 3 S -fs Q75 . A I ig : J Li'., ji Q A Si so ses in H Jo Ann Hughes Janet Hyman Shelia Irvin W J ff . ' ' YUT1 5' CTQOU Judy Jenkins Pete .J6I1k1I1S Bernard Heflin Bill Hodge Helen Jackson Carolyn Johnson , Q SX W ai fi of Ece , 'mf Marilyn Hewitt Harvey Holdiness Tommy James Dix Johnston 3. x , .Q M JJKK3 A ,- , ii , f ir 5 U ia li: SW' 1 P ,J V " , 3 MXL L fx K il ,A :f , 52 ,I '3 i S L. 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It l 1, ' - yd '.'-i A .,., Jeanne Rogillio Chuck Rubey Ronnie Rushing Richard Rousseau Roger Reinhart Tom Schooler Jo Ellen Scroggs John Shaughnessy Gwen Reynolds Ronnie Rohhins Herbie Ryland Judy SChall0 Sharon Sheppard Barbara Simmons 1 l lv" .-Japan! G' -A: , A Q' 2 I .1 ww' if R 5 9 :dv ek Claude Simpson .lerrie Smith Noel Standley Billie Sutton V D i 1 z l e i x 1 1 w an . Q 491112 , f wap-5 fi., fx? s , .. J .M W- W. ,..,.x.,..,,r....., dl Lx ,Ps ' 5 ' ' K' if , ,.- . . SA 'fi fini I AQ. rt . ,,l,i S 1? Fi K J' S Aw l Anita Smith Charles Snapp Tommy Stevenson Faylain Sutton Carolyn Smith Nancy Snellings Pat Stone Bill Talton .iv is as ui Chloe Smith Sandra Stancil Darla Storms Barre Tanguis x t -.X 'al x X -:Maw-qv ff 'fri 5. 4. Deuel Smith Jim Standley Mary Jo Strausser Kathleen Terrell S MR. LEON L. MARX E l w tax 1 ws' . B.A., Louisiana Tech M.Ed., Louisiana State American History, Publications Sponsor Q. ' K 14 ' ' if ,. -h Q it H f 7 S R itsfffe -it Donald Thornton Tommy Whitfield Nelwyn Tullos Arthur Williams 1 I faff! joe Turner Dixie Williams 5 Q .rw 'f."i"' Billy Tomlinson Glenn Thompson Ad Walker Elaine Williams Q 'x 2 ! I 3 i ,-- . Jeffie Thompson Conley Thornhill , L. M. Welch Joan Williams I wi: L: R. F. Wilson Mike Windham Jimmy Woods Linda Wood Mike Word Mary Nell Works R b W 0 ert roten Stanley Wyatt Mary J ane Young Sandra Vigg 42? 'wr wa .H gi!!! V ,Mswwi Q.,,7 . 4 ,A .YF M' V, A , 1 ,Img V , , V W7 2 Ki! ,xkruqi M. 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W4 I, X g' N- X Awww ......,...ud. f -f QS . 3 .V ! if , ge' , fffs 5 -.15 W 5 , aa: eh gf? :gi ,,,,,.., 'X--A 52 if rf '.'L55:E': r,ll C .,.rL we if .Q J i i lr rl r if is K '-:' K K7 L A ,Q.+LjtwS -if Q Linda Bradley Kay Branch Jan Adcock Ed Alger Robert Arant Raymond Burch Jack Burton Bill Becton Ethel Becton Rox Becker C. Berlenllou Lynda Brice Aliee Butler Cliff Benson T. Broussard Mike Byrnes Linda Bird Sperry Brown Pat Cain Y- . f f l ffm Q-na' Q lay ' if 4' Ziff? C S iiii ,, f . all ill AZZAAAVZ E ' Q f ft, fi 3 -x, Hal Canterbcrry Frank Chafinam Sandra Crawford Bill Dickends Dick Ellis Bunny Cannon Dianne Clark .lim Cozine Teddy Dixson A. Ensminger 3, f-" f f 'i 1, ri,lr C , if W 4 J , 5' ofa if i o o f ,Q ' - 5: 'f A f , Y Lf- file? V - , I ' I ,E , :,. H , C n.,fJ'f- V f 1 E lf: E ,Aff 5 f 3 i gy ,Wa V ' , ' , fb Sandra Hickman Brenda Cobb Bruce Davidson Dan Doughty .lake Evans , ,mf 1 W , aa 4 2 T i 5 sn . f .. ,f Q I K ,g, .:,:. i 'Q gy!! . W, fi Lenora Carso Charline Casio Don Causey Carol Cole Joe Copeland .lohn Covington Jiles Davis Bonnie Dupuy Charles Fullin Lewis Davis Donnie Echoles Alma Faulk John Dawi Danny Edwards .lim Fitch MR. B. A. PETTERSON B.A., Southwestern Attendance Officer Addison Graham ,lim Guthrie Annette Graves Sandra Guyton x ff- X f 1 1 M 'M Z? 12 Q X 3 , H la ew X Q K -X in 'fjw Courtland Gray Gerald Hand Martha Foster Ross Ford Io Ann Genusa S. Greenblatt Trudy Hasse L my of WK, ,F gg., j it 4. . 5 FQ al Q t 1, f , . ire if g ' jo H G... .aa to. H., A Y in 2 'E r A W... ., Charlotte Ford Beverly Franks Gordon Gibson Dale Guilkey Nelwyn Hays if f Pat Ford Ann Futch B. Gilliland Neal Gunn A. Hedgepeth -7, ,E L 2 , . 2 fo' l i. .4 Q: of .i Ja. ff it QW QM- . ...., 7 J' Judy Hesketh Sandy Hollaway Judy .lohnson Mary Ladshaw Brenda Lyons an -1. Cecil Hill Freddie Howell Sharon Jones Billy Lafrance Lynn Marx .MW , .W Wsewv . 5 Q f. il l L ' Q . . . . Q if '1 A f . L qw. is Q 4 4 A .wg V 'ffv Q N, L f . X w-Bl' lk. Daiwa 3 3 i a MM it if s, 'E' 1,-. - ' ' .Xa v R as 'kr I , A. , gn af . rigs' V w this 5, 4"'D' ,FN Y new , man' 1 M. Q ...R -an sg X E K f w my NE J if iz sw i . V ' Q E J 'X Sue Hill ,lim Huggins Douglas Kelly D. LaGrange Linda May Pat Hines B. lnabnett Diane King Lee Ann Lewis C. McDonald Q T1 WW' 1' 1 I?,gr,2f xiii M, -4.9-of wow I N WI ' lllo A C. Holloway Roger Holloway Gail John C. Johnson Roger Klam Robert Lewis N. McDuffie Dann Kurty Gladys Lowery Diane Magee sr lv If? 5 Wy. . S 1 fi-ff. 6 ix 113 'hi s im? -1 Q ,Qi ' ,vii -ww ttyr .thy , ,, 33333 5 1 .-Q 1 'X .sf . MRS. ALF REID B.A., MA., Louisiana State French M . A ' ',- , wg y - f Q .. f "L:-512 V 'S t1 t X Q 'ti Bcity Uvenrton ,Iurlv Polk A 5 L f n W Q, Stew Parkvr Judy Puri v4.w-1 ,iff if N zx'L 1. .... . I '-?" 1 - Y 5 "f3'9 -i t' ' Q raft' "S, Q1 45, Cay Patterron Barron Powt-ll aff 6 .W A I L? iii' xx ak Q is an Q -L. . IQ it x R ,L X if wr -mf A in . 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WJ. at ,IKE P : 1 'JE .:52:.'f.: X at I ..,. if :fm ,. .M V.: , ' ,N T2 1 l . 5 1 4 o 1 f li' ' ' 15 If 31'--ali.Sits".:3."lffff2?iw -4 ' fszzamami fu, f .2 fy- - 2 H. nf, . fi me A14 .Ir 5' ff., ,fp r . I ff 3 My ,,,:l. N J im ! :'Iff.Jf.?'.i'14.i,f: W - f-:AA f i 5 , 2553? .X , F 1- jf A, .y '- A . 3 ' " '- J fa J .: .S lg MN ,I , ' S illt ' , . , ,':f' fr kg.. I , , . . ,J J !lVV J7f"'fifCf 'fx Tiff, '4""'?:' A' ,X k , t Susie Quillen Gene Rachal Judy Reagan Tornmy Ritter l. Roughman Judy Rushing l Thomas Ryland S. Shaughnessy Manco Snapp ,loan Stewart Glenn Savage Nancy Shaw Jennie Snodgras M. Strickland Tommy Scott S. J. Shlossman V. Sprague Jimmy Stringer Carol Slakter J. Simmons Bill Stadler B. Sutton J. Slaughter Dianne Smith S. Stancil Jimmy Taylor J. Shaughnessy ' Lynn Smith Norma Stephens . Glenda Thompson -J My nz. , X MRS. EDITH RODRIGUEZ BA., Newcomb English Q tf' ' . 5 La 3 ' ' grin!" " , l 5 H ' f, Albzn E ' . 1 as Y '. fy f i eh-11 wwf' 'V' Q I , 1 f .vb-Qrif - , 3 ,Til 2.325-1 ,V - a K F ' f- F Y t if V, EE.. ,,,EE,. x , V , " f 3, if OW314 f 1 ' V , ff f ff I W-55? ff AX " f in E , 5, 1 4 5' "MQ TE if f, , V I , E Jack Whitehead Richard Whitehead Ronnie Wilds Robert Wling Cecilia Woods Linda Woods -we A i, S lr iii -r . mfg r' i X' f 4' ff , :gg 27 . f ,, arp,if-+3-to .-..-: fl ,Y I James Thompson Teresa Tolman' Dave Turrentine Wanda Yvilkins Linda Woods it nn ,bw i 3 ff F fr at J , ,.,. N.. . F3 N 2153 ,l tk an 38 1 5 if wif : .. fri' fm 4 it. into -. --: T in- ima i wx 2gf""Q5f,-K1 .. ll WF 3 L in f, BY :+I L, Thompson Mary Troy J an West Williams Melony Woods Nik Sharon Thompson Robert Turner Mary White Nancy Wilson Nancy Wright -F--.f-qv X --,m...... It . if I my i - NIR. W. A. RKPLE BA., Louisiana Tech Head Coach MISS RUTH SIMMONS BA., Southwestern MA., Texas University English, Latin MRS. IQILFEN STOVALL BA., Louisiana State English MRS. ELI-IANOR THONIPSGN BA.. Louisiana State English MISS GENEVHA WASHBURN HA., Newcomb B.L.S., Louisiana State MA., Columbia University 7eamw MV, 'W Q53 f , X nv gi' a'2'Y-ff' 4- 'mg M552 Q1 W i f 5'm r yu' XM M X 6? Bk JQQSKQ Z1 N. 145- ffvsikif ,wifi :wwf W hx, X ,fyz V ? s-MM u S eff WM W f , , szljsgz., sv Xl 9 S 'Qi 1 X521 x X :J-.MQ - f fx X X 2 ,sg Lf ' '-wgfs--, - .QQ U kwaz.w12?422:asf1ifv3z f - L- aw S -.U1:'-Q-f --:fm 41425 j .1 gizraflkg 11iLf3y,f'f?2g.g-gg, S 4 1:5 , fig 3,7 - ::'fm:.g?Q.:v?x 'bil-if . A wards? 2 gg 1 'W f ANN XOL GB! OOD I , . f fifslggig .ggi ff:-1 K , ,pk f ' :xfEJi,fs:a,Lm. qsqgv 1 ff,,f--11? K ffz. affer- " Q:-K. ip 1. 551 '3"f13'E5f'i,11 - sf , 2 1? 21,4 x 1 E S My X, W 2 A if . .... 1 Yi. ,J 5 Z A . 5 3 3 s f' iw 1 5 3 S x iw ,ly 5145- W M- 5 Sf' wg " " f k i - .f re 'A In - " , V K . ff ARL, N , 'S 4 ' :L 4' f "Mx, x .. - A fx K fy' Y if r ' K4 WL 'ff ,A . , I .W 4, 5. ,. V ' 1 1' A f 1 ' wffg t 334. mf L . 4 . h,,.Lh W Q ef"i.f ' 1fQ2emq5enQ4i.i,w,,. X .,:f.: 5 , 'SL L' AQ . F, 7 M, 'K K 1- 4' V an -.Q M 5. Jw V ,, '1 lyk, 5 iv 'hw an if YP! x 'Vw Pew! -Mi A. Wm ' . MI 7 1' H Q' 'M .LSR A H? 1 xg.. - lx-'gf ' A--+?' .mx UQM A A , ci 3 - S 1 GLM 15 if . ' 1 .2191 X E I I 3 ! s ! 5 s i v I , ! v f V, SQ KW 1 M nf X 5 'www fs fo-f -f, 7' I Seachfz 5U5'XN XYIIJSKJN ANNIE BISHOP JOHNSTON fr' If 5 7065Z'4k44f 'farm 534 in 'S My A 1 LINDA lacafslsux W1 GICNIC HOWARD ff -4 A A 1? ,, L, f ,M , iw S JOE CAGE and JOAN WILLIAMS GAIL JOHN and TOM BROUSSARD + "'bf"f Q1...i:3,Z5f fi gi 5 M, , t"'f'f, . lngn., M,..1ff,,,,t-my is it , Q 'M-3 any 49' -as , 4, ak? QM: E 36 E ,Pi ,Vi L. if M.. li 5 'Wm-1 5 4 S315 , 00 llq - --1 ,f'-7 ak aboui 3 Parv' "How dare youl' .ww .sf , N, oxxwm an Don't ask me! Q in "Two little Brownies." Martha Burns and Betty Hemphill All wet! Lucy Turpin and Ruth Ann Boggs HCutie pie"-Connie Mott S'W0mcn talk too much." W .W f Q -ua f - , .,,. . W H in if 5 -',, f will 13 , . jj , Vw. N-,.w:.EM l , V N t 5 t w- - 4 A +1 1 -' ff - we 1- rf' .Qin -rg. f -w. ,,t-3? ' me I - f -S u r l 5 is 'T X "il, , U Q .1 it 11 . 3 W, 'K Nasir t A f ff' M , 1, , 4, ' f i i , ,, , K, Q ,Ii M 4, .J w,, ,,K time M - 2 1 ,I ' f 2 P 4 f 9 1. M' 1 in it " , Q p,. , 5 I mit 1 sf Q v 1 L nf v , 4 X . M K 4 Q3 3,20 at I 3 Q ,S . -. A ,. ,, 7. . , V M . if 2 krr. ui. . - V A-f ., ,I-f.. ., ,,, u -W . .2 ,f9'349L'55 V- t i f t ' M ", A - n ififttzf. tttl ' , V, by 3 n kv K '-., 1 t lW,,,g 3353 3256? Wlu-refs the lion, Earl? "Smooth operator." Tommy Grant and Evvlyn Amman 6444 Kathy Talton Ross Nolan Floyd Chaney ,lim Harper ? .1 H, Sherry Harrist qlw 0M "School days." Dolores Calderone qw' ,,. ,, 15 fa ilriiff g 1 ig i 1 ,gg JFK, , 1' CLASS OF 1958-You find them! Some of those above are Mickey Larkan, Margaret Brady, Carey Turner, Sally Seaman, Joe Allen Brownlee, Ann Youngblood, Kirk Fisher, Hank Easterling, Francis Genusc, Joyce Turpin, Bobby Joe Matlock, Tommy Thompson, Barbara Powell, King Trousdalc, Betty Hemphill, Briggette Cymbol, Jackie Nlasur, Melanie Smith, Neil McDonald, Danny Sampson, Bon Updegraff, Don Updegraff, Tommy Grant, Peggy Pierce, John Jordan, Ann McDonald. Jackie Masur and Bobby Gill - Q K s. Y ,,'.. ' 5? LL' - ,af f Emy Brooks ,f a L , P " L! f i ' J' 1- , Betty and Pe-te " - , f f 1211. ' . 'H x 2 Jenkins ' ' 'l ,, f l 5 ,fi Jw- few M . gf' ff? V: f - 4 11 Q Ii' E31 E L, r r ,, Q -V Sm WVXOTEN If ,, gg- 2 ik WILLIE RAGAN GENE HOWARD TQ 4 . Q ' , I, Ii il M- r, ,. A . 'Q ' A 'Q . f V--- 5 " AEI' H - -I 4' I M- - X W A ' .' 5f?'fff '4ilik. Lf Q - 2 Q V :fx ' DQ-gf I mf ' ,. ' fi. WK'fW??'iL' 'f4fQvi?'-5452 M ' -5,4 15 'grip' , nl'-,. vz5',,9, E? 'fl' A' A-, gawk' - , Tai tifwf, WFP, V I 43+ " - 33? X'-A QMJQ Q. .V ,, L 3, g h xwzf: 9-. M, 47, ally ,zu . N ifiisig- I fi? EQ A 'fi f BFS ROSS NOLAN E 4 My GV7 gg 'ln 1 ES TON .1103 IILL 8 mm DAN KEITH JIMMY SPARKS ZR fl N ., , . Qi 2 E? :WS giwamm., , 4-: 5 ea 1 44, 3+ 2 RW X ,A,., ,M .. ,. , E- , El I ., , 2 W, 2 X i 2 E 2 a 2 2 Y z Q if 5? if 'E 3 E 5? W HQ? .T JL? .uf 2? A A 2 S gg , M , 1 ,W A it . Ez?" ll f, Lf ' ' ' 251- wa W, -,I , --.355 az, :awe 2' 'paw 1: 5 " gg 5 Y h isllif f y 71 Q, A M? 5 WW! A,- , , M 1 -5519329219 ff SW N .mf ,. , , ,Q Q.- 6 ,. , Q -- .W Mm? ww, f 4, 'fy 2, .. , sill? n,:: 1, ELY J ,A,,,,L1 ., S -A U lf, ?ev?eE1i?3 y 'MSW fxlgw 325 gzsi vl' I1 ,E Q ai Q '5 s, 2 Q y 'Q -fa ,,,,, D, , L L V ' af W V , xlxfmfv ,ivan f 4 f nf ef -V' f , A f mf:- 4' , "QW,Www,g:ggf My W W M v ft z, fx Zend NEVILLE STUDENTS are proud of their great band, under the able direction of Mr. H. E. Gatliright, who is dedicated to making a continued good music program at Neville even better. Above, they are shown in concert array, on the Neville stage. ll. E. CATHRICHT Direftor of .llusfr BIARCIA WILLIS All-State Bandsman NA.. '2IQ..fE . .I ' f 5 1 i . Q S 3 E ? 2 .s A ,ai Q ' '4 Y , TM ' ' l ,gb . 5 3 Q 1 X 4 if 2 Qkvrfvf idle 'E H 1 ALL-STATE CHORUS memlmflrs arc, left I0 right: Jack Ijllllklf. NIZIIBIIBH Lawwn. lluttir- Dawson, Sonny Turner, Jeannie' 'l'l1ompLon. Jim W'roIs-n. Inu Hirsch. Hank Hash-rling. BETTY HRM l'H1I.I. Acc'mnpz1r1ist 1466- i i A. i Q i4ii ?""'fl'lu . W si -" S - - ' ' www FIELIJ CONIMANIJERS arc: left Io right: .lavkiv xiiiillf. Svniur ffmmiiandvrg Ilmmu Nlffluiiaici. Si-niwr iiltwxiiiin' Cfwiiiliialuicir: He-tty How Hmlriari. Junior Cloni- iuaniiwrz Iiimlu Him--. ,luniur Ai- tvrnutr- llulimlurlnim-r: Guy Ilvm- luziry. ciilllljlllllf' Cmiiiiiamlerq Luuixx- Gray, lkuiipuiiy ffiiiunlzlnd- 1-r. and Ikaliiy Tultim. ffimipaiiy Cmiiiiiunili-1'. K iw 5 5 gg if ,..,f,..,q,,,gg,2fw'E. 3 M ' f . my .1 i i 1 M ? ? 2 J V3-Y' gy - M.-an P' "-f M wo. 7 a TIGEKETTE OFFICERS a1'P. left to right: Billie' Sue Dixon, Treas- urvrg Lina Thmnpson, FL-crwtaiyg Iiindu Lou Rruluismi. Vicv Presi- civut. :md Kallly Taitun, Pwsi 411111. ,J 9 9' .HA-"' I 1 5 Q 33" F" W., Wy, if , . .,,i,, ,, , , ,,v,v 4 7, ,V . M. , -1' s ii K View , L . .. i . . gi, i if .1 ii i ? 5 f iw -TLNIQZ' 4, Mr. 3? fy if 3 dk L?-ff.. X X .r .. air:-.f 'ff .M .. ish in 'E S. 4 I BANQUET SCENE for TIGERETTES A FAMILIAR sight early in thc season. Tennis shocs and sunglasses during practice session. A FAREWELL to Mary Elizabeth Webster at thc banquet. She was outgoing president. MRS. DUNN, sponsor of thc Tigm-rcttcs. gets an orchid. Mr. Cathright is the field commander and choreographer. 1125 W g.:?x-4159519 " ' Q ik rg, -fgagf wiv if X' " ' -x fsk V K ..i5'f'kfT?"S if 'Pdf'wfY'M i Q L. ' K Nw . . ., V ii'- 'iiilygm-Q ! Q 1 .... . .Wa W . .M ....... cw .. ,w....,,,,. .. .rar is sh W? " 3 . Tee if . 5- , mg ifg iiiafliliizii? 'ai E 4 Q ,fm ai 4 T25 1 1' E' . ni if 5 Mi" EEK fri M if ' f Yi. 2 Q-fr t " M 1 If A lg 4 n W W mln A M ' , k --,: Z.: ..r::":,-'l i ga V--- Ar ,VIA M. 7 LV f Z, - A V. ,. W :QVI L-I A: K I NH- ,...., Q:, , .., M A' . f f ' 'g li "Lli Q , ,Q.,, ' ii- MM m,4 In Qi Y " 'f '-f--w'--1:E,,:- .. mamma- f 'f - -f "'f -.. l , ' , - 1. -,i L, , i f -Q , GIRLS' STATE REPRESENT- ATIVES are, left to right: B e L t y Hemphill, Martha Burns, Donna McDonald, Sara Sue Stovall, Kathy Talton, Margaret Brady. ' r I 1 E, Q . y F -1 BOYS' STATE REPRESENT- ATIVES ARE, front row, feft I0 right: Sam Nolen, Warren Taylor, Quintus Webb. Sec- ond row: Sidney Williams, Lea Hale, Lyle Ferguson. George Patterson. Third row: Don Andrews, Adrian Odom, Danny Sampson, Jimmy Lev- PICII. ZW' Smeg 'GTB' SAFETY COUNCIL OFFICERS are, left to right: Malise Mapp. Vice Presidentg George Riser, Vice President of School Safetyg Donna Cuyton. Vice President of Home Safetyg George Patterson, Presidentg Judy Lane, Vice Pres- ident of Traffic Safetyg Jimmy Leveretl, Secretary. Bottom row: Sandra Simpson, Treasurerg Don Andrews, Louisiana Youth Safety Council President. SAFETY COUNCIL CHARTER given by Mr. Forrest Gaines. 5403019 ' 7. 2,41-if, 1+ 1 of We F.B.L.A. OFFICERS are Mary Lynn Scoggins, Treasurerg Barbara Mitell, Historiang Betty Rose Haddad, Vice Presidentg Kathy Talton, President. 716- Z is F52 I "" Q f NH , 12 N ,. 7 1 we ' Vw, LIBRARY ASSISTANTS are, front row, left Lo right: Linda May, Dianne Clark, Pat Otwell, Gail Brady, Libby Moc-kabee. Second row Joan Wil- liams, Lavenda Allen, Nacy Shaw, Judith Ann Reagan, Sandy Holloway. .....,m-Q We Hl-Y OFFICERS are, front row, left Lo right: Joe Brownlee, Terry White, Preston Mcllillian, Dougie Haynes, Ray Coats, Gerald Dean. Second row: Tom- my Caldwell, Don An- drews, Hershel Abbott. ,am-N XJ' X E I xl, , X. 1, .gg rg- . sm ,QF 'S A' f W--z M T I hf ME? V, ,f.- .Zi 1 '-QE 7' hw iQ D .A .Q new u ' Q 9 o o ff Q ,X 6 ,qvvvvvn .. 'Y Nm WH HL ro, IQ I' SCIENCE CLUB MEMBERS-Back row, left to right: Sam Nolan, Don Andrews. George Patterson. Gerald Dean, Dan Keith. John Burns. Fran! row: Mr. Cascio, Bill Ellis, Lea Hale, Jimmy Lf-wrette, Ronnie Rushing, George Riser, King Stubbs, Mickey Tarver. Carrick lnalinett, Kneeling: Betty Hemphill. Betsy Blackmon, Judy Lan:-. Martha Cillt-land. Mary Lynn Scogin. SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS-Left to right: Dan Keith, Vice President, Betty Hemphill, President, Judy Lane, Secretary, Bill Ellis, Vice President, and Don Andrews, Vice President. ix -gf? , X.. OFFICERS OF THE NEVILLE STUDENT COUNCIL are, standing, left to right: Dan Keith, Vice President, Travis Oliver, Sergeant-at-Arms, Don Andrews, Parliamentariang Bill Ellis, Vice Pres- ident, Southern Association of Student Councils, Warren Taylor, President. Seated: Sheila Town- ley, Historian, Dottie Dawson, Secretary, Marie Nelson, Reporter, and Sara Sue Stovall, Chaplain. ,gn- 'Me Sid!! l"EA'l'llRE EDITOR of thc- 1958 Nlonroyan was Stanlvy Wvyatt. seated, Ieftg Lynda Moos and Keith Nix, Editorial Assistants. standing. Bc-tty Jenkins. Chlov Smith, Lynn Xlarx. and many who worked long hours Could not he shown for lark of pic'turPs and space, -ati? ,anna IDQQIQQQQ SALLY MOORE LYNIJA IEASSETT JOHN SHAUGHNESSY Editor Class Editor Business Xlanagvr Typist and Associate Class Ed- itor is Louise Moak. lam- Craw- ford, Assistant Editor, is standing. MANY others aidvd in produc- tion of the hook. Mr. lXlarx's homeroom handled sales and pic- ture collf-ctions. The photogra- phers spvnt many hours in help- ing make the many picturvs in tht- hook. All of the many who put in their tion- and 1-fforts have made tht- hook possible. Few haw not contributed some- thing. - 1--msral:--N.--Qggfgf HQVAV4,-. 'ru Y wi s, ,, 'wx . 5 A 41' fi j' is ual I,-wx.. ' . f ' it 1 S , iw, , s 1 f 1" HA. OFFICERS-Lcjl lo right: Cathclim- Thomas 5-mu Lvanlv-r: Brigettw ciylllllill. Reporter: Patsy Gul J 11-v S1'CTl'ILlI'Y' Linda IAPLI Robison, Vim- fresidfllli .1 . , ,Nluriw Hanwvk. Prcsidcntg Sufau Wilson. Treasurer Hand. Paxlizlxlwllluriang Dixic W'illiam2. Hix Pat twria Ill. IR H Ei llS'1'R.'X'l'ION for Illv F.H.A. cIUI1VPI1lillIl ul lcft 712414, 1958 I".H,X. STYLE SHOW'-HSM4-ral Ill1Vt1Q'1 und Illvir 1-mriw are -hown Ivfllow. Lrff In right Vatw Gull:-x. Hulifv Nlupp. and Judy He-ugan. 1 mwww S 1-L 2 fb 'W' 4 X 'f' SEN fm. 1, - ' lvkffv vsmmf ,1 - .QWvf22' .. fa ' 21 W. f H---.aku A s m fzalfw' L-fy ":. FPO-:hwy - ' ' 1 , , M Apavuifagfrwiaiswmwfwmfif 2 maui 2 5 E 7957-55' ' ST ,.,. 35:3 , ., , ,..... .. if. fr J Qi. M 43 1. ima: ei.. ,il I fig., ' A. Q? i 'Qs ,iw Q3 if F 2 t s ,xv M ,, 4 5 3 gy gr, M431 sf 9 S I , 5 Sr , , ww ' ,Q , ,Q 3, '-,I-,:'v:Q'1'., .,,,,ss 'K ' -,psy fu, ' ,s,.f,.,4,f, - W 'Q ' -,:w,., 59" L X4 , , , ,,,k ,sr ' , - z iff.: as .f 3 W. A. RUPLE , ffis-' NE 1957-58 TIGER SQUAD are, sitting: Donald Cotton, R. F. Wilson, Arthur Williams, Robert Zeaglcr, Charles Storey, Bobby Gill, James Hunt, Jerry! Kirby, Charles Snapp, Tommy Edwards. Kneeling: Devon Payne, Bucky Buckner, Robert Bryan, Joe Turner, Doug Turner, Conroy Hines, Tommy Grant, Preston Mcllillian, Lucien Branch, Travis Oliver. .Standing: Joe Cage, George Davidson, Charles Wilson, Bill Rambin, Gene Howard, Willie Bagan, Bill DePriest, Marvin Smart, Bill Broussard, Rusty Campbell, Donald Bay Hale, John Jordon. Back row, standing: Wayne Bassett, Ross Nolan, Jack Burton, James Horton, Ronald Squires, Jim Wroten, Jim Spards, Dan Keith. g if 595 Schc V 'fx ff i Football Sf West Mon I Wsnnfieif Bam,-,p -, wif . fs n -.rk gig 'E ' ., ,lfgip , we RW ., ik P r U V2 ,,.,L-k if. JIM eoATs B. A. PETTERSON CHARLES BROWN 7 'Smgf 5 1 5 , NEVILLE 6. WEST MONROE T A lHl1Cll-llIlI1l'OVGtl Rehel team upset the favored Neville Tigers, altliougli the Bengals led 219 to 1053 in rushing yardage. Willie Hagan, the Tiger field general. scored from l0 yards out midway in tho first quarter. Rf-lm! rlilarterhacli Jolimiy Huntsman svurecl for the Helms in the third quarter Lifter a long Wlest illmiroe drive. lle then kicked ilu' winning point. NEVILLIY 13, IIXYNFSVILIJI 0 Neville got off lu ai good start in 1-mifereiice play lw irouneing llziynes- xille. It was Neville all the way in ai game rated ll lossup on the kic-k-off. Cone lloward smrrvd first on u plunge over from lhe seven in the lirsl quarter. luv Cage-is Conversion was wide, Xvillie Hagan scored the sm-vmicl TD from the three. and Cage kicked the point. The Tigers had l3 first downs tu llayiiesvilleis une. x x HN sxlxiil Ililfi ii WIILIAUIHWAW-O11211'If'1'lf21f'k CLFNIClIOWARD.Halllmi-k ui . 'QW NEVILLE 12, BASTROP 13 Bastrop High School presented a rude shock to the Neville Tigers when they took advantage of a partially hlocked punt and scored the winning points. Charles Burks passed to Walter Moore for Bastrop's first TD, hut the point was blocked. Bill Depriest scored on NeVille's opener from scrimmage for 50 yards. Cagels kick was wide. Hagan scored the second TD, hut the point was no good. Then the Rams scored to Win in the waning seconds. NEVILLE 26, JONESBORO 13 Although flu-stricken, the Bengals mastered the Jonesboro-Hodge Tigers in a conference tilt from the opening kickoff, when Howard scored-only to have it called hack. Then he did it again. He scored later, also. Hagan scored in the second quarter and made two extra points. Rusty Campbell Chalked up another six points. Troy Bryant scored seven for I-H, and Morris Douglas scored the other six points on a pass from Lamonte Massey. CONROY HINES, End JOE CAGE, Quarterback - , , M?- 7, my NEVILLF T. RVSTOX 20 fPla-V611 al season wld! L, ' :Xlter oriffinallx lweinv clelaw-rl ln' the flu. the Ruston Game Coxl re P . C . . D LLL, llgers the clisirivl 1-llampiolrslmip. ln nasty weatllc-r. llw Bearcats Qporlec H V a fine ball vlulm. Juv Cage mzulv the Tigers look lml as luv hit pax' clir 1 If x J WL'L Sammy 5111191011 soured Tlglll Imvk. lwul wrtlroul the pmnt. lt was 1-6 it tu lullf. Roland ,lilf'l'iFUIl Scorwl ne-xl fur T5 xarmls. uml Ulm Sllowi 1111 thf if "MM , pomt. Waynv Hourly took u ll!SIt'I' fumble aml ,lllfliifill pusherl ilu lu 'A . uwfr for tlw final izlllv. gf W Wg.. .-.Q ,Q ' ,-qyh . A , . , , , A54?jp3,f' fy- 'f' ' NEW ILLT. GW. NORTH C.-XIJIJO 6 L, ' k ' ' 4, N6'X'1llCS llUIll1'I'UlIlll1g was u gre-ai suvcess as lllc FIQQCTS trounru If L ' , iii if lffaiiikg i,,V,.. ,Qi Z . Q 5Qig'g1f5M+X flu-stricken Nliflll Caddo Hfllnfls fur Quveu Arm Nlf-llmmlfl and lmr romt , WV'-,g,w. K 5 , rpgisfi ffl' A V g L , Hagan Scorcwl hm TUE and lllIAl't' 1-mmvclsiorrs. Dc-privsl. Storey. Nmar .., aiigf H' 352 , vlgaqg .. thc lwbs hllll il IU-yurcl tfrm-lmrlmsn run rn the fourth quarter. . . , V.. ' t ri' ' .AE-' 5. - Q 9- Q43 L .HH WROTICN. iLu4ml VHQXYIS OLIVER. lll'Ill1'!' JAMES HKXT. Guard IJONQXLIJ RAY HALE. ,X in A Q mig " Q .S.i:,M. A . " ff! N ,Q 135 'A , , ' A s i K F m E' a t Q ' ugh . -- 1 , LLZL Ll z V l,.., A riifw ,QM Mlm r 2235325 ' ' rl ls ff iff z X- ,V Ll s 'W w , A4 w Avg-gpm f-1 K Qgmw , mf.-wanna-.wvmqgwwnmww - V,,f w:n1nw-s. wing-,g,,,igmq ' zmfl Pawn- all urlrlefl one lUUl'llflUXKIl Oucll. ljrzmlc Clf'Hli'llF Savefl luv ur Fw vw R m '18 M. 4 FW ,..1.. E N 'A F .. ff" f V.-A" 3 . . , , .v .n 4, -an ri 7 1, - . V N H sf ft -, ' B L m",, L " . 1 -:" 1' 'f igffrlif Q f f L V,?, '-'-'. tif W gh A. T' 'I A " yr nf f 41" + U Tu- 'ffm V' 4 ' X R l 34 QQ, 1 t Wilkes y K Q Q? 5 f fm me s K f gym? 13 ni il f K .i , 3 rf Ng' uw IW 1 tl iff' y 'K g 4, H f 1 5 "4 X We - .v , iw, ev ,' ,Qi A , ie' 1-24, ' -Ml,-V, 7.5 Wyre t',,- .K A " 2 7 if V, .5 , 'g ' Q, , 1' ff" ' A ' V If as i f, ' fi f v -- f my 1 -,,.- -gf W , t 431, X , A W:-,ft T- 1231 'diva 3' A Q ,g.'J'L-lgui, 1 . V-gs,-,gf a ' t 'ff V ifge. 'ifgfw " f L' fag? 'eg-11 gf SW gf Vfs'2 we t , 1,,f wt QJEW' WJ, t- , B V My A Ufpqeiffgfi ttf? ,fffir ., ,L K -V A ' ' fx, 3954. - . tt yr' ff ,Qi,'HQ' Q5 "lZf5'5 'Y K Af-Y 'I t 'ka 'f1Wg+,u2,'f+ W, 33 'fit Q V, 'Q 1 .f -tp . V4 t. . 'fam ROSS NOLAN. Tackle RUSTY CAMPBELL. Fullback eel , egg 1 ' H' . wax- fig?-TT, K . A , I .V f I A :pm A , , Q f,:lL,l,,, , , Q . H511 gf :ff Yam' 2 Agcizsft Q if?ffl.vf'3' ' - Y, ,fm-if - I , ' S-':,.J'fL We xgri' I 'E V ' .S U t 1,-1. 'Q V ,'. ,. .,Q'f.Q'?h X A, 1. " F '-1 KW' gf ffm . A an - W - Q f 'ff 1' 1,2 We Gv V fa. . ' L uw , 4. .1 ' z ,,t,, A ' fi- , , Mark!-I gf J' ,. .,'MZA',w,gu1g, A 5 ,f 3 V, f, ,gf f PN ,ara EXW HS' 1 .75 R , , . - L X -5 2 . NEVILLE 21, TALLULAH 0 Neville played Tallulah in true Tiger style as they stopped dangerous Danny Neumann cold. The Black and Gold team fought hard for a TD in the first quarter, but when they were denied it, they settled for 3 points when Willie Bagan booted a 12-yard Field Goal. Before the game ended, he scored a TD, and three extra points. after his TD, and two by Gene Howard. NEVILLE 21, NATCHEZ 0 4'Shocking77 best describes the quick hite of the Black and Gold Tigers as they downed a higger and supposedly more powerful foe. Before the game was two minutes old, the Tigers were in front to stay. Howard scored from 43 yards out. Next Bagan scored. Joe Cage passed to Bill Broussard for the final tally. Bagan made good his three conversions. uTuhhoH Edwards played a stellar game for the Tiger defense. DAN KEITH, Tackle BILL DEPRIEST, Fullback X , .tw 1. W. W ...L wr e 1 it if k gl fa 252 .ff NS. Q - new--1, A pf r fl 4 Ni f y 1. M J IK. was-1, Y X, fvw My W 34. any ,, 4 ge,WJY3Q r 'W w,..,, ,f tk-. 5. f J ,M ,e hx N,-'U X, 'fm V. Y x -v , :- m'?5"'i'R Q fig 5 v 1 , ' .. ,F.yv, fgsxgw, , QM- 11 wx M, . " Vw. 3552 K 1 A . 1 -- f. ' 'G J if Y -X , wr., 51' f-gfbigfw-1: Tfigf .5fQfvg-,Q . . QQ M. , ,I 4 , H '1 f - A J v L Q iq: 4, f , fggfggfff.-v1.,,,Q ' "W Q f uf - if-2-1, xg iw! Kgs 21 jf. ' 56' i , Q ' ,A mg, Y '1 A.- -4 ,y Era 5, .:, Lit' 24' 3' :L x ,3" ,1e ,f :Z 1 H XRLES STORICY. liulflmck IERRY RIN !N.llulfIu1L'k OHN TOLD KN 1111111 NU IJY N fm A. W Rf. gd FRED SOUTHERLAND, Forward NEIL MCDONALD, Center RONNIE MQNABB, Guard NCY'1ll6 Oppgnent 69 Calhoun ,A ,, 54 58 Gibsland , ,,,,, 45 45 Natchitoches ,,,,, , ,,,,, 52 45 Bonita ,o,7, ,,,-,A,,, ,,,,,, 2 4. 53 West Monroe ,,,,, ,,,,, 4 5 52 Ruston ,,,,,,.,o, ,, ,,,,,- 11.0 51 West Monroe 47 43 Columbia , ,,,, 7,,,, 3 5 51 Calhoun 7 , ,,,, 45 56 Eros ,, A,,, 49 110 Simsboro 63 A117 Calhoun 7 7, 46 51 Ouachita ,,,,,, 45 49 Calhoun W ,,,,,, 44 42 Jonesboro ,,,,, W ,,,, ,C 60 52 Haynesville ,,,, W 28 39 Downsville ,,,7 , ,,,,, 34 39 West Monroe ,,,, W 40 44 St. Matthews 28 55 Bastrop 7 30 46 Ruston ,,,,,,, H W 53 49 Eros . N 7 7 33 74 Winnfield , ,,., ,, ,, 52 69 Quitman 7 ,,,, , . , 54 44 Ouachita 7 7 , , 40 47 Ruston 7, 56 47 Weston 41 62 Farrnerville , ,, 7 4-9 63 Jonesboro , t,,, , , 52 61 Ouachita H ,,,, H 53 38 West Monroe ,, -14 58 Bastrop ,t,,,t , ,t,t 54 61 Ruston H , W 7 49 2 Haynesville ,,,, 7 0 55 Oauchita , ,,,, . , W .V 52 ,X .fm f ,Sy had sz? 'i 910' ' N-.4 aww A f wmv V Aw-qw ,, M . , ., xm. wwf W 150- . up W-an 3 2 Hx S , ln ts: , 'ww -N...-M' . ,Q-N I 'mmm V ,W mn' .. ' """"""- a f' ' X' wiiw ,ffl 1 f , , A , is 1 gif B img jg. GIRLS' Basketball squad, which has dropped only one game during the current season tat press llllllnl is shown above. top, left In right: Manager Sara Sur- Stavall. Carolyn fNIcClf-ary. Brenda Cobb. Alice Turnage, Nelwyn Tullus, Diana Southall, Roxanne Bevker, Alice Hale. Seronrl row: Linda Bridges. Ann McDonald. King Trousdale, Betty Hemphill. Cecile Menuet. Kathleen Terre-ll, , 1 QlV6'L7l.N6 Opponents 46 Calhoun ,,,, Y, ,Y,7 Vrrr Q 39 34 West Monroe , ,, 38 42 Lake Providence , H 36 43 Cleveland 7 ,,,, r,,,, Y ,,,, 4 7 39 Oauehita 1 ,rr, , 21 50 West Monroe ,, , r,r, , 42 45 LaSalle ,,., W ,,,, 25 51 Mangharn 1 rr,,r, r,rrrr 3 8 51 West Monroe, 7 ,,,r 39 53 Mangham ,, , 7 29 63 Mangham ,, 41 47 Calhoun ,,,7,,,, ,,,,, 4 2 41 Downsville 39 37 West Monroe 1 .,,, , , 30 33 Central tDelhi1 .7 34 42 Bastrop ,,,, ,,,. , or 36 56 Ouachita ,,r, ,,7, 3 3 46 Calhoun ,,r,, 38 46 Wleston ,,,, ,,,, 3 7 ,M N ,W 'x f Q 2 I ., A .- "N, an 1 I N Q s A 72 xwnte X MU? WMM- ,...,.---1 Q. .. ..,4..W- .4 . ..-nv -an-1 .ab-1 1 S ww an FJ 'WE Mi! 3-SW wh ,, k QQ E Q53 fl , ,, , . F53 ii! 9 sgiw Wil, 11153 saying: ffslk ,, fy .vs AMONG MEMBERS John and Sieve Hvnr of 1110 Nvvillf- Gulf Ivam are. left to rigfzt: Clayton Colm: Jon- Thomas. Howard y. by 9 H rig A ,.,,, , ,zfilg ,ff 1 55: ' , 15,53 u , Q, 1-Y '04 Q - TENNIS TEAM Inculbers arv, bavk row, left zo right: Cvorgo Riu-r, Frank Sllaugllnzfssy, Ima IIUIV. - King Stubbs, Tom Simonton. Kneeling: Nancy Snvllings, King Trollsmialm-, Ann 'I'muS4lalv. N mi 63 -'v vv.-c,r---g- XBLJQP7 3 , I. 3 "' X ...- 4 , ' E h f , I ADVERTISING I 1 I 5 ,V 'X' X 1, N X x, x V O . '- - A X I ,Nei xi ' - - Oo-pl:-FSI O , M, X A 1 -' I III ik 6-IX X II 'IS NI Q . PAQ xi hui W ' xii am , I ,I J E, R I T5 - NURTURED lux gk BY 5 AC' ' II? IM 'IIS M I I X IQ x lp ati II' If I I I IIII I kg I I X 4 S BQ NATURE ' I I CONVER ren Qi BY ,Q XIX I CRAFTSMEN . . ' ' N' iw. "I: X. 5 l INTO QUALITY WOOD PRODUCTS, CORRUGATED IX CONTAINERS, KRAFT PAPER 81 BAGS :Iii N N ' LX .- x I .yi ., X 'qi I ,I R, i 'Ur I C I IK- II .iqii ros -I +I OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA FRQSTKRAF1' FOREST PRODUCTS DIVISION Besi' Wishes, Seniors CompIimen+s of . H... DeSIARD "' .F OPTICAL co. pn X95 42l DeSiarcI S+. w-:mu-I MONROE- LA- Home of Fashion Park CIo'rhes Knox Ha+s- Florsheim Shoes 34 DeSiard S+. Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors C0ngra+uIe+ions Complimenis of DRY CLEANERS BAILEY GRANT FAirfax 2-3025 50I Cypress WEST MONROE DONCER BEAUTY SALON Besf Wishes, Seniors From Your Favori+e I904 Forsy+he Ave. FA 5-3686 MONROE, LOUISIANA Com Iimen+s giwwf 31M 1, FAMILY SHOE STORE OPPOSITE POST OFFICE Home of Flowers for Any Occasion Vi+aIi+y and Poil Parro'r Shoes 320 DeSiard S+, Monroe, La. Sewing Kellogg Oil N. E. LOUISIANA for 54 Years IQ " ki.: "Distribuiors" MONROE' LOUISIANA Dial FA 3059I Wesi' Monroe I 1 ff' 2 . X lf Compliments 2 V. of MONROE HARDWARE Home of Famous Brands of Men's CIo+hing Kszvse f In 'I'he Cenfer of 'Ihe Cify 333 DE SIARD ST. CompIImenI's of SOUTHWEST GAS COMPANY, INC. SI'uden'rs Everywhere Come Io FRENCHIE'S RESTAURANT "THE HEART OF COLLEGE TOWN" 3205 IHwy. 80, DeSiard Rd. MONROE, LOUISIANA TILL l FOOD STORES I 7 ADDRESSES: 30I LayIon Ave. IOI6 N. 4I'h SI. 34I2 DeSIard SI. I8I0 Forsyfhe Ave. I50I Cypress S+. 7900 DeSIard SI. I LEGRA -- A PHONE FA 5-437I Sul 11 pb Q T5 or X 4 G W, 4 o X ! Q L.: Q A Emir 1 I Hur! "L-nrL0". THE FLOWER SHOPPE, INC. I004 NorIh Third S'IreeI' MONROE, LA. MRS. D. I. HIRSCH ROZ AND HENRY HAAS, JR. MONROE TIRE EXCHANGE Q NM, -K--XX h fx X f h Wzgmfzzfmaizgp iw class ofgg NN Southern B ll T I phone and Telegraph Comp AICompIimenI's of MEDICAL ARTS Good Luck, Tigers AUTOMOTIVE PARTS PHARMACY CO. lo33 N. 6+h S+. Dial F.A. 22778 40I-403 WaInu+ Phone FA 2-SI88 MONROE, LA. FREE DELIVERY MONROE' LA. CompIImenI's of Good Luck Seniors! CAHN ELECTRIC CO. MONROE, LA. H EMP'S CAFETERIA I3 CompIimen'Is of MCGINN FINANCE CO. OLCOTT MOTORS --:QQ L , 20 'YEARS YOUR DEALER STANDARD OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. - - in ,F I25 S+. John SI'ree'I' Q 0 MONROE, LOUISIANA Monroe's Leading S'I'a+Ioners for More Than ThirI'y Years 508 Nor+h Four+h SI'ree'I' Phone 5-3I62 MONROE, LOUISIANA R 81 A JEWELERS CREDIT JEWELERS TWIN CITY PRINTING CO. Larges'I CoIIec+ion of Anfique Jewelry Prin'I'ers- Li'I'I1ograpI1e in NorI'I1eas+ Louisiana Sfafignerg Paramouni' Thea'I're Bldg. Scum Grand ai, Wood MONROE LOUISIANA TH E CompIimenI's UNION OIL MILL VIRGINIA HOTEL Nncorporuted W. -Manager I n , all CongraI'uIa+ions, Seniors fy Bes+ Wishes A VIN 1 . r jjbfglji.. .gif AQ f,ffWZf ff IJ, J L! gg wif wjclfy of MMI- WI.. M5 MoNRoE LUN! 'M , Jig IIJIUJI' . zxvjs I L-Crt, ' I' W. L. "JACK" HOWARD ssss,. . .....,,ssss,,....,s Mayor H. W. MCSHERRY ...,............ ,,..,....,. C ommissioner o o W. D. H. RODRIDUEZ .......... ......,.... C ommlssloner 1 y1C9NfIYI KUZN Rodk: 1310 on Your DMN Survey Proven +I1e TWIN CITIES Leading Radio S+a'I'ion X CompIimen+s RODRIDUEZ-FARR INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 247 SOUTH GRAND ST. Monroe Louisiana W. D. H. RODRIDUEZ R. D. FARR, JR. Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors SCOTT TRUCK 81 TRACTOR CO FAirfax 2-4432 720 DeSiard Monroe, La. STANLEY M. WYATT CompIimen+s 6I6 BernI1ard'r Building, P. O. Box l45 MONROE, LA. HARDWARE CO. DiaI FAir'Fax 2-3I26 l08 WALNUT MONROE. LA. '. x I I k I v ,Ki X ' 5 5 , 1'- . i 'R TTT' 5 A Capi+aI S+ocIc Dealer Compnmenis of Congra+uIa+ions COLEMAN-EDWARDS MOTORS. INC. of VOLKSWAGEN MQNROE I2O Hall S+. Monroe, Louisiana One of Nor'rI1 Louisiana's Largesi' and Finesf Women's Apparei S'I'ores s I I I ,l I THE ::::: I :::: ' Iilllliia llll WOMAN s SHOP Q---- EM, I 25 DeSiard S+ree+ EIIIIII IIIIII I 5IQ QL i . Qi4'!I .,fy ,f -SILVER-ST-EINIS I TH E CongraI'uIa+ions BOWLING CENTER I3I2 Louisville Ave. MONROE, LOUISIANA CALDWELL BROS. FREE INSTRUCTION FOR BEGINNERS f C A c ' DALY'S li DURRETT'S CAMERA sToRE 8. sTuDlo . Q I V924 GIFT SHOP Every+I'1ing PI'1o'IograpI1ic 2I8 Grammon+ Monroe, La. Monroe, Louisiana l05 S+. John S+reeI' Ph FA 3635I ,u, I 4, j fvj ,fy j -. II .fI N-C Y ' ' 'X N Ivfff ff.J1Xfiifw.,f li'Lff,f"- ,f .. C., 7 , ,z 1 L 45- ,JJ , . Q' , S f .VVCJ LNW44 ,Lf Jvgj, Jg.XA ,3k4i!j XR f PM N f.:!I'Q'!AA' I J . ,M , ,S V Best Wishes X1 -A -Ji QQLX' If rd , R11-7 f I From V S' 4.351 FIRST FIDELITY MORTGAGE CO. L. 81 J. CONSTRUCTION CO., INC ADCOCK- BOOTH CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. fi? Gooci Lucik Seniors! WEST MONROE TRACTOR WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA Congra+uIa+ions Seniors APEX SUPPLY CORP MONROE, LOUISIANA Bes+ Wishes Congra+uIaI'ions CHAPMAN ENTERPRISES, INC. Swimming Pool Specialisi' MONROE, LA. CompIimen'I's of BERT COVERDALE Your Assessor Bes'I' Wishes DIXIE BEDDING 81 FURNITURE CO. Nin+h a'I' WashingI'on GAY'S CLOTH I NG Jusi' Up The SI'ree+ From Higher Prices Com pIimenI's of ALBIN P. LASSITER DISTRICT ATTORNEY Bes+ Wishes ...-1-. GRAYSON SLAGLE-JOHNSON LUMBER, INC. Dresses Q Spor+swear 300 APPLE ST. FA3-4486 CoaI's Q Sui+s Lingerie Q Hosiery MONROE CANDY 8: SPECIALTY CO. 228 Desiard S+. MRS. G. M. NASTASI, Owner MONROE, LOUISIANA Wholesale Phone Monroe 2-0440 Candies, Tobacco and SpeciaI'I'ies 7I2 Wood S'rree'I' MONROE, LOUISIANA O O MONROE, LA. LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR Fea+uring 'rhe Finesf Feminine Fashions a+ Popular Prices Coa'rs, Suifs, Dresses, Spor+swear, Lin- gerie and Shoes Use one of FieId's Three Easy CrecIi'I PIans or Our Convenieni Lay-A-Way , aio DESIARD sr. P1-loNE FA2-4404 T I I I. KLIC KEENE'S SHOE STORE 338 DeSiard S+ree+ Shoes for +he Enfire Family "The Goodwill SI'ClI'I0l1u MONRQEI LQUISIANA I Oual.a+y Flow X and Friendly S l EDI? ' Q I 3I8 N. SEWCEQQLOWER HANELINE'S I 1 I , Phone FA33494 703 N' 'HI' S+' I E PHONE FA 3-i048 I I M L Nex+ +o Nor+hside Pos+ Office COmpIimen1's of 001,03 MONROE I BRICK 81 BUILDERS I Infan+s Through Teens I07 DeSiard S+ree+ MONROE, LOUISIANA MONTGOMERY HILL INS. AGENCY, INC. LUMIBER 81 SUPPLY For Your Insurance Needs I32 SOuI'I'1 Grand S'I'reeI' MONROE' LA. MONROE LOUISIANA , , E MONROE WHOLESALE DRUG CO., INC. Congra+ula+ions Seniors MONROE, LOUISIANA HOLIDAY INN Pafronage of SI'udenI's ls Appreciafed FERD LEVI STATIONERY COMPANY I07 DESIARD Complimenh-, On you will depend Ihe fu+ure of our of counI'ry ancl 'Ihe sysfem of 'Free enfer- prise and personal ini+ia+ive which has made Ihis na'rion greaf, and which will keep i+ great We of Uni'red Gas are proud Io be a par'I' of American indus- 'Iry and Io supply Io home, business and indusiry 'rhe world's finesf fuel . . . na+u- ral gas. Complimenfs of s 1 n v u u o r n I A FRIEND 6ff5f6Mzt , ,lf if ,MQ 'wwf wa nv ,WM aw MIWWL QW M WW W .j JM J' Milf IGM MJV',j1fU, J' JN? CU c L1 I ,M ff ,M M5 Wfilfw My L0 M, www ffllfflf QW W. W ef 0 jf Compllmenls of W MONROE WJ AuToMoBu.E DEALERS ASSOCIATION ADAIR G.M.C.. INCORPORATED G.M.C. Trucks BROWN, RIVERS, SCOGIN, INC. Fords COLEMAN-PONTIAC, INCORPORATED PonI'iac JACKSON MOTORS, INCORPORATED Lincoln - Mercury LENNON MOTOR COMPANY. INC. Buick MONROE AUTOMART, INCORPORATED Dodge - PIymou+h OLCOTT MOTORS, INCORPORATED Cl1rysler - Plymouflm RYAN POLK CHEVROLET, INCORPORATED Chevrolefs STUDEBAKER 81 PACKARD OF MONROE Sfudebalcer - Paclcard VAN-TROW OLDS. CADILLAC Oldsmobile - Cadillac ' STEELE EDSEL MOTORS, INCORPORATED 0 I Q1 Ally 7- l ,fun 7 I I I J I Edse . ff I , 1, If I V, r fi f . . I lf'f7f1, 'f f f I f if K 1' Ymy 955 fy rl QIBOAMJQKRQQS ,yygxywf MWUWW ,ff NNW ,EMK WWA!! ZAQMWWW' yr,,,,,J 1f6ff"W ,im AMG ,Z4LjM7'LZe pC 31941 75 , CLK, A7-fgcgci cg QKAVLQM X A Z -f:cf7f.,4, 'jam fl 2. fgf 1

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