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4. I1 K a .1 .,- -V V, ' 7 :"' ,, ni ,, 'I N ,y A' .xmjf 3,611 if : A- 'F .71 yd, ,Q I f j 3 1 Q . I 5 ix! kj Li' W iwJ.fyx!25kArx 11"""'X MAJ' " ' X F f rw ffl? k .wx-2' ' - 1' Q .. I , f v . " ..f'i..,,f-if . d J xv Aj 1 ,,f" A ' 41,135 9""Lf1 It , 1' 75 r fifuilff 3 ,fi fl f f .ff .1 ' " i. F , , ,' ,s ,314 f 'ff' R. 1 VN- KM. fx - , .- -, ,J . 'IHC'-ij f lf'f""1 Iffj f j ff .K fi., -. 'I 1' , -.vw V 'g . 47? ' il - 1- " 'lififzsu' -' 1 'F' 3-1,50 , ,Q g ig?-. ,I Q 2 WS fn" 1- -'sea sh. if -- '-if h 5232 , vc- .fuiljw , Q. I 'A - - f4'ff""' TPM C5 I A Ti .H Mvazfvvm J W Me., ..,...,.-.,---mura-w-v , ff ' ww ' A if JH- R 3'9K1"'l'. . QA - Vx ' Y Burfkibwvww MA In W L g,m,MwN Mm, 5 ,- "-'KKMVXT5 ' 1 ' 4 Q.,-1u.,,u5n 6 M. ASW K M I I , fin' ,. ,A ,34,W,5g W L "' , Q xp! 1'f.E"'--W ' ' ,M ,pr Q I x ., i,,,xtgwAh - 5 -,. g 513.5 A Q wwf 4 f , A 6 'f 3t.,,?,. 'S55 - " . - A 1 , , R Q Lx? , Wg Tv - 2 K s ' Q' ' ,, 'Y tv w ' Q' ' I J m f' 1 " K , gi 153 ' fi 'gvz y fgwyf it 3 I l . kmiwsgsg f'.- - . . X fi . Y' 5 - . .:t':"L . - ,.,4,.f, A ' N' 1 4 WDA. ' we .wh 4, "' J' . ri 7-- S wi-51' .1 ,, W, .W 'VW' 463. .3 ii! ? . ,:X f 1 I -a riff w. 1 w 1 w x .w ,, Hx u- W, Uv, i. GE' li? iw fl ..1. F4 5 ,Quan 5 Zz -4614423 ...I ':, , 4:5 I ff' i . H Q X I ,AX n Q, 0 M54 0 NEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL MONROE, LOUISIANA tr 'i' 'Y V v -L . M -. ef b i J, F?q,N!,. aka .0 .,-. P SRV 1-ww wmv' sf 14 Y, w -vi .. E- A H M, Wi, Magma ,hz l , f y Av , WJ" 'K ANY . 3 'hs H A my ,TPQQY 5 1-z Ax.. ,- v 1, A ,JV . 4 .L ww-- ., 4. .W . -5' ' . .Q .4 Q-5n1iQ'?wE.,4 W ' , . sw A 1 -f, . , ,, , ,. , ' -f 'Ms-1. . M, f1,, ' M ,m. 4 "we-.Hf:.1?LN.w,, ,-fwfr W ' W K gr JW ' 1-Az' ' " 1 "His" f'x'-M.-.-'-'f"f'v. - . ,--,.,,.,f- hxyxl .f 4 11,49 Q. vpn, X -f f wr-wwf W T sm., ,w,, ATP?-. EQ' '4 .AQ 'Fr' W P 3' ' ,. "".fff1, fad' . ,I ' W7 X . . . br .lk 'I aM 1 V, -R .ex ,X amiga M J' as ,A , gggg, . v ,N , xx. The ENGLISH DEPARTMENT at Neville is one of the best in the State of Louisiana. It is under the direction of Miss Mary Hester, an outstanding Eng- lish teacher. It is often said that Miss Hester's students always stand out in col- lege, and are prepared for their college work. Above, Mrs. Greer is teaching one of the junior High classes. Mrs. Greer plays a major role in the preparation of the elementary pupils for their high school work. Miss Hester, at right, is looking over the work of Shelva jean Wright in one of the senior English classes. fl' x,. ara'- nl. illn- lf! AMERICAN HISTORY is being taught in the top picture with William McDowell as the instructor. Mr. Mc- Dowell, one of the newest additions to the history faculty, is a great asset to the Neville history department. WORLD HISTORY is the big task at hand for the members of this class. Usu- ally taken as a subject during the sopho- more or junior years, Pat Anderson dili- gently tries to understand the meaning of the new terms he finds in his history text by wise use of the dictionary. AL., Q9 4 343 Aff, ,W XIX? V ,n Y Q5 J F Q J lf?7lf'i MR. HAMMETT is teaching his last semester at Neville. He retires this year, after many years of faithful service. MR. GRIFFITI-l'S solid geometry class is shown below. 664 S. 'A vim.. R r ' ld Wf f 1 , i ' f 1 I ,fi ,,,A .AMIQ If f 1' f f J I5 il , !,i,?'1ifii'V'Wv'flf"-"'f'9' 5 4 ,f 9 f ,J I my-4 L.-l 31 x v ox an GF' 'f:. F:Z' ' 151 Q W an V W g vwxqi I 23...- , , , ix, I f' ff Ai I, Q 1 , I . ,A 'I R W- ' 1 ' ,fxagx M' 3 ' E- R- VXV. l Y... C P -s ,,-if O "' 1. . ,ig A 1- is mug' ff " 'TY-S X ' E 'I' .1 , ' rl' H24 V J 1 Q x . ' 5 if M ,gg , " ' .3 A mx 5 1 ..- if L Z - Q ...fnntfl , 1' . ,..- Q l A'r'x 1 ' ' I E "-' "' 1 " "" ' ' ' 52164 ' . V, we" iff wrt" PL- ,pm . . - -gm, ,pgw--Y., 1- 1 ,-Q' JUNIOR HIGH students are engaged in one of their favorite class activities . . that of finding out about the world around them. AT LEFT, MR. SEEGAR'S SENIOR CHEMISTRY students perform more ad vanced experimental work in the Chemistry laboratory. ' .,,J4"' X A N .1 'KN 1 I N.. K .,. 5 'Lai 69 Y A .A it K 1 4.,gfiia' f I' g 1 ,L i Q A 'Q y A . 1 1 pl k in ,, nf' , ' Q Q - ' " 3 -: R . . yi f XE ., 7A ' ' 'ii' .1 ' 4 je A xx? 'Mg 1' " ,V .3 , ff' '!'4 , , 11.- 1 , 2' 'V A if -wana - 'ff' ff I 1 "-E if.. v lil I"l . Wm i., -1 I""""Ir' Sv ,, -, In il. -1-- ""'3l1nn..vy i 5 , X, 5-I f X ,, ,R ,A LN I -1, E .2 1 N I vinyl' V lx. f grga 31' In -af I X 4 k ,Q .K w . -f-1351 fp ff f -dh 'ga , ,:.. f Q , 'P' iq. - 424 'i , W 1 Q if Q .. - . - ., 'Wx ..f' I' 'meg lyfii .-:Fw I ,lf I .9 jk ng 1,"!",t N '4 . , F ' , 21, Q3 fwff 1KX v 3'2" 5' --Q ' P ,4 I in :F An ,qpsg R.. -if g' K, E Q J . .i '-f- ' -Y. . " H N-x 'X r in-ui 'LQ LX 5 WW J T' 'I-Ar X: Fx Nl -V I K' 7. V Jltf : M" ' F .- fi' Lx, Ga Y I uw 1 X "'v4nu-1 0046 I O O l FUTURE HOMEMAKERS learn some of the know-how in operating a home from Miss Sara Bres, Neville home economics teacher. Here, they are learning the techniques associated with setting a table. J! Qt? ll, , as .5 ,Fw-,x hw, 44 ' , 0 or-M " ' e. ,oAR MXN SUPERINTENDENT Ol: BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS is Mr. Lanis Pettit, Sr., who usually arrives first and leaves last on each school day. Through the years, the main- tenance staff at Neville has done 21 top-notch job of keeping the building of which we are so proud in the finest condition. Visitors frequently cannot believe that the main structure is now over 20 years olcl, U, 1V'.:f-M V , 1-ugnf. - MRS. METTIE CARTER is known by everyone as the one who "feeds" the student body in the free lunch program. About half of the Neville stu- dent body uses the school cafe- teria at noon. The lunch period is divided into three shifts to accom- modate the students without over- crowding. About 200 eat lunch during each shift. cz ezdcz GAYE OLCOTI' AND DIXIE JOHNSON use the adding machines, These two girls are only a small per cent of the students that learn the general procedure of office work. The commerce department prepares students so well that often they are able to obtain very good jobs in and around Monroe after graduation. MR. LANIER THOMPSON, one of the latest atltlitions to the Neville faculty from the Ouachita Parish system, and Miss Harriett Hoyle, who has been on the faculty for many years, teach the skill courses in tommerce. At right, 21 student is engaged in learn- ing use of the typewriter. Below, a group of Mr. Thompson's bookkeeping students work on their "practice sets" to get practical use of what he has taught them on bookkeeping techniques. ui- 'W"! K AMONG NEVILLE'S most tal- ented music students are those se- lected each year as members of the All-State band and chorus, These students annually participate in the activities of the Louisiana Teachers' Association convention. ALL-STATE CHORUS mem- bers from Neville, at left, are, left to right: jerry La Prarie, Pat Pat- terson and Palmer jarrell. Seated at the piano is john W. Davis, music teacher at Neville. ALL-STATE BAND members pictured be- low are, left to right: Charles Newman, Slick Lawson, Marianna Altick, and john Scogin. 13" L, game! L' enema!!! STUDENT GOVERNMENT AT NEVILLE is under the guiding hand of Sidney Seegars, faculty member and student council sponsor. MIKE CAGE, in his familiar pose at the microphone in the auditorium, where he leads activities in all student assemblies, is respected by all of the students at Neville for his qualities of leadership. Student Council presidents throughout the history of the school have been examples for others to follow in the realm of high ideals and character. Right, COUNCIL OFFICERS, pictured below, are, left to right: Les- ter Martin, Vice Presidentg Pat Reitzell, Secretaryg Pud Hucka- by, Parliamentariang Fred Allen, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Mike Cage, President. 04010 ' ' YQ' . v Marion Hutkaby, Pat Rcitzell Martha Coon, lilstncr lirazer, Gin ger Blanks, and Pat Ruplc, rcpre sented Neville at Pelican Girls' State. Zag! Phillip Ambrose, Lester Martin, Alvin Lipson, W. Haddad and Bill McRaney represented Neville at Pelican Boys' State. N1 - Q if i 'Lax ' J , . f3"1 .uv ' had a " 3 we ,avfy I' Q ,W 'im 5 H ,,.. 5' IIN is Sdafaticmd 66445 'xx' 1 -o-. U I K Q A . , . f , W a 1. Q4 ' 3 'li Af 4 1 V , 1 F If I I , ta. ' ' X : s 1 If g 4.12. b k 3 is 4 A . ' X ,L Q- ., ' k f ' MARGARET :ANN ,.I.E13,,, 'Q W - , , li A M A did 5 F- I R V , 3 ll' gf. 4- ' M 9 , owl .Q -QQ, hw J L, ' .1 Q' kk nmzbt V- 1-Vigyg.-fr"l"i. I -. A :QL , , .M my f , J H .?,'Y:ZK'h V. V v a 1. '1 ,, A M ' . -f. , ,, f- - ff weffi, I -1 fa - A ' R 'V L' A K5 Q 1' f- A ' ,K ' 'V 'gf ' ,K J M , mi. ' ' 'Q . ' . 8' ' Y QM W Pl .nf K 3 A A K A .41 .1 J, , , 4, ,. , nk?-pm RM,.'.JQA M B., rv O BUT . . . behind any winning team, there is much planning and practice. At right, Mr. john Davis and Mr. Luther jones, directors of the famed Neville Band and Tiger- ettes, plan, in minutedetail, all of the features of movement of the individual in a giant half-time show. Through t h e i r leadership, the BAND and TIGERETTES have be- come widely known and recognized throughout this area of the state. And for the PEP SQUAD, few such groups can boast having oc- cupied two columns on page one of the Sunday Q 'Fi . I1 ' Il L., f F 5 1 cr ' 1 '1 1 if L, lf 1"- 0 Ili CBL! 'ii W ,a,,?f,r1g9Sv35q at wma? r I. iii , w A s alhmffvda I. I' "' T 'l""'-'4""1- --ff-. "1 f 12,5 , iff A ., naw vow rvgfg, VL: " ji t f, W ' ' 41 i,ggv'7,y'f39.' 4: r , 33,-,-2 ,avg ng .''Q, i r - , , '- k 'ia , -, NJ.. 1-jf, r ry 4,5451-1 W fy ' af- - ' ug ig ii " --' ' , 23,59-?Yl5f t 1'xJbafi':1svf' , 'f:L.1,g,,' r ' af as . an W Qs,-effect K I If , , me is its e ' H ,' ny psi vw ff, ,W iw g--eb, Vg, .g0,,-.- rr, .,..-.ills Ma we ,Mgr .,,,,f,v ,,,.ta,,,f,,, . . X.-' at -3 f infix f- 5 gg2fwv1'e.f- sf ' f W ' leaf? t - f g'Q5ySE,4i . ,x y F , up is X . "1 'fv'w",'i ' 1 rj af, . , ,'fQ.,t+..,1-stfa If Kiev ymg. was-., ,X gg,,,.,.2, , r A fx A. i K-f..'.',b,fff1xf.x-.7 . -5,552 -I . ,K "2 x' ' Q , ,A t , My sw.-ijx ,psf f,.ssc,1 qu ' ... ' . 7, M4 I I-'jj fi' , '- K -h I-1 V ,si g .aqggfj ,gggfg-3-, 1 v -as payee V, , I I .1 ff ' , .7 is W-ffafytlf I' f -H N-wfS'F-'f. 'I' ""- sizlkiflg ' I me I 'Q' . +1 X ' X . if, -- '-" tx A r ,-'g2,,, 1' 'at ' ,- f, -, , , ' ,mf ,f ' I 4. ,, ' wan.- dg,ng2i5i:', limp! 'mi .J W .V ,I E' -4 . ,W is gQg,fh,:w:,V.M 4 xy .aff A ,X 5 I 11" , Q 1, l ! 1 V . '. '.', A, 4 . - ' I. f' 'vi v -- ' I '?:'-" f,f V , 1-D .1 at fi , . .x ,,-,i V , , W ,-fi' is ,Mawr gt '- , . ,,. .fx 1 4 : V wmaiffs M , ,IL I K .a , ,-QQQQQTAB 'i' ' "VM f fr , D ,gf-gi i g Q ,, 1. N til L. . -K Nfnwv! L.. Z: K . i, -l' A rail' . 'nf Giga U, Q h a .- .,, Mfg ,,,. , ..- - ." ,Q -3 an - ' . N'mHfl'2 "4 .-'ig Q 'W -. "' L - - 'I 1 ,?,. :s u'p- s .bil I , 1 v . ' 4' . 1 W Y ' M t. fairs-1, me I f I HF. A -adsl MUCH COULD BE WRITTEN about the famed Neville High School Tigerettes. But it can all be summed up in one statement: "When a group is needed to lend sup- port to school activities, you can count on the Neville Tigerettes!" But, again, the story doesn't end there. TIGERETTES frequently pitch in and help in community and civic activities, such as the March of Dimes campaign, and "Operation, Blind Corner." In the Dimes drive against polio, the Tigerettes raised approximately S500 in two hours on the downtown streets. In cooperation with the Monroe-West Monroe Chamber of Commerce, they surveyed North Monroe and the college area to spot traffic hazards in the form of "blind corners." AND WHERE NEVILLE TEAMS WENT, the Tigerettes went also. Always, in support of the boys and girls wearing black and gold, the Tigerettes follow, giving out with their colorful yells, songs, and just generally high spirit for the "Team." -sk- PAT RUPLE LEADING THE SPIRIT of the schoo. during the 1953-1954 season, these girl: have shown unceasing loyalty in the worl- they have done. Many of us never realize the work that goes on behind the scene: of pep rallies, bonfires ancl the sign: that line the halls. PAULINE BARRINGER CONNIE PICKERING 4' These girls and their abundance of school spirit and pep have been a credit :o the school as well as to the football team. Our hats are off to you 1953-1954 CHEERLEADERS. The Edimfr GINGER BLANKS CATHY NOEL ELSTNER FRAZER .F if AIDING CHARITY . . . Neville students are shown here in two capacities, donating to a fund drive, and ringing the bell. So, from two angles, Neville students aid worth- while causes, all the while learning the value of one of the high virtues-giving, to aid the less fortunate. THE TIGER BAND, shown here in its "Tower" hangout, is practicing one of the selections that it will use at the next half-time show. Without the music, which provide: timing and auxiliary effect, the movements of the Tigerettes, so colorful, would re main silent. I .xl I , YQ f .1 s. K, ,- KAK1 WALKER BETTY H1xsoN JN 34516 H fy J 1 .E txknfgox-6' - I K Q - ' . E QE - E f , QW 'Q M Mf"0f it-5 LW" b,.L,fVQf E -GQ W l 1 GEORGIA SHUMAKER I 4 f LS. ' N 1 f, x E 'Y' E EEEEEEEEH ' MOLLY NAFF BETTY MONTROZOS Z E , , I I N. I ...J i fe u if TlCiliRl2TTli BANQUET . . . A highlight each year to the Tigerettes is the annual banquet, Ceremonies bring about the installation of new officers and new members in the organization. Above, julia Bess Williains takes over at the banquet held last spring. RIITIRFMIZNT . . , julia Bess Williarims, who is shown taking over as president of the Tigerettes, above, is again shown below as she nears the end of her high school ca- reer, and her tenure as organization president, Her emotion is plainly visible on her face as she is presented a bouquet of yellow flowers tied with black ribbon. s1I1 C257 WE? OFFICERS OF THE NEVILLE TIGERETTFS-Standing, left to right: Fran Guth- rie, junior Commander, Martha Coon, Senior Commander, Pat Patterson, Senior Alter- nate Commander, and Annette Moak, junior Alternate Commander. Seated: Virginia Cage, Treasurer, julia Bess Williams, Presidentg Louise Doernberg, Vice President, and Carol Cage, Secretary. PRECISE FORMATION , . . The Tigerettes are noted for their marching ability, and ability to maintain precise formations on the drill field. The picture below demon' strates the beauty of perfect alignment. rf., -,J 1 . I1 :'5',.qp, '41 I - 1'l 'fur-,Q ,IQ 1 if 'U 'SJ I . , , vw. .. . Mr X 7 ' lp,-i ' f W. I s mfg? .ti M At .L U .Ugg-sfgm, M t Avi" I My K I g, K , X -fa MEA S' t it ,was ' 9 " H, ' m , it X 54,1-,,.', --fps, , w r - . , , ,1.,o4mf is gas5v,,f'fmi,,. , , ti , C M. '+,,if'1. .ya F- e'fa'X,, .A We A 1 it . 2 s, iii., Q, A C . i -f. . - f at ,Q we , V ei- V , . in +3 A ' - " 5 if. fafiffrviel ex' wvifixvkgrr 'ar-vt . v ' ' ' ' 4 56 'MNT-i it ' Misa Q.Wf'4?',.. aft 3'-1 f f Q, 5 H, Y ,Y , tr .V A i i wa' t,,..j-rQ,,g., ,, M 'r.gaQ.Wem?,.i, Lg At l H. if X "if rf , 'M K ' . Q- . A V. - ' , af , 1 up fi' ... ww . at wr-ut, M t C, T 2 s A i ,,Qfi', . .1 I JL 7 ir A is Q - K V KA - r T , A , he 't'fs'e ' s . i ,A S: C. ..., . 6 ,ggaay-.F - N q L. 4' ,, , I 'AN ' wi xi by A ,A igiffgd Q R 45,514 ,,: K . 'T 1- ii . Q ' T l ' "7" I .. ,, , ' K , .. .1 ,-,ia O H" .. K A F V ' Q 5 I f ,. 4 A ' -. 95-H C jg..-S v , A. . We mx , J ,a ,Y 7 'lf . V -C4 ' ., 35 ' ' "L'f3f',:g 7 t 551 , ' P ., .-K-f'f4lN"fg 2 i.:.1 F' .mdk rv t A C Ki, " . ' . .I w., z J? 1 .Q g'xx , X X " ' ,I x J ff 1 35, -AffX , f NQJX X I 1 XX X I KN 'Q, xl X f XV 57' X nf ' Q NA' A xXx 1:1 . :xi N Xxj- acaltg ERNEST L. NEVILLE .Superintendent Emeritus mai PAUL J. NEAL Principal O . ,,,,......-A----"'.. A. E. CULPEPPER, jr., and LEON L. MARX have served as assistant principals at Neville during the year 1955-1954. Mr. Culpepper is on a leave of absence to com- plete graduate studies at the University of Arkansas. OFFICE SECRET Dorothy Hod 6 l AR? . . . Mrs, Nev'11 g 15 familiar to all l 1 e students as registm is also the school bookke r. She has many oth - elm, and Cf duties as well. .rtlsgf ind H . SCOTT Sedan 244,14 ZX Q49 .Ns ,f ODOM VANT1 'l1J Sfbovh erinlenduz wp wht, C hs rf NES ANN Y E.E1O AWE aim.-A 7 Q MRS. E. L. AVERETT MRS. G. E. BOGGS MISS SARA BRES MR. ALLAN BONNETTE pu-5 MR. CHARLIE BROWN H 1 4" Q, 1 'bf .u 1,371-1 Y . ,.f .,f, MR. jlM COATES ix MISS KATHRYN DOUCI ERE MISS HARRIETT BOYLE MR. WILLARD CARPENTER MRS. EUNICE DUNN MISS VERA DOWLING MR. LORY FREY MRS. DOROTHY GREER if . ww. M, y N x Rwxvwix-1695 717' 1 'ik V' , , K. s N ,. 'fi X ' 1 X.. MR. JOHN W. DAVIS 2 A15 MRS. MARGARET FLOURNOY on---AJJ' A , --42'-uf Rf 5' 1, ' . 3 K ' if 2-4 +A 'I'-Yrg gi V ,. infrf ,Ulf 5 f 11-f f W P I!- ,J r Q a anti rim I and K?. Q ..,..., V1-. W 'I'-7 MRS, EDITH RODRIQUEZ . LA-M, -"' MISS KATHRYN ROGERS MRS. EILEEN STOVALI. aff fm 35 .nik 7 Q 14? MRS. ALF REID ,swqvf 'if' HT, MR. W. A. RUPLE '2Y5o?fU,MywjZAfdf -r Wea f X f 7 4 W FX 54' Y nr f . Q59 I ff'A9v'!1- Q P' ! X-.Z XY'- vu-H' mmm QA . 4 ,I 12526.19 A HHN" . 0 . ev va THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS led the senior class in all their activities through- out the year, These students are elected by their senior classmates. They are, left to right: Bill McRancy, Boys' Vice Presiclentg W. Haddad, Lawyerg Billye Faye Wil- liams, Secretaryg Pat Reitzell, Girls' Vice Presidentg Ginger Blanks, Prophetg Marion "Pud" Huckaby, Treasurerg julia Bess Williams, Historiang james "Skippy" Portman, President. Missing from the picture is jo Ann I-Ieinberg, Poet. N f L, M of,-rf ON THE LEFT is pictured Mr. D. W. Grif- fith, senior class sponsor. He is the guiding light for these students during their senior year, BELOW IS A TYPICAL HOMEROOM scene. These senior students meet together each morning to plan their class activities. This particular morning the students were selecting their graduation invitations. 'Q 5 x. TMJ S af... .fl QP GAIL BINGHAM . Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., Jr. Red Cross, Radio Programs, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Thespians, U Tigerettes. 5 VIRGINIA BLANKS ' FRED ALLEN Band, F.B.L.A., Football, Radio Programs, Latin Club, Softball, Student Councilg Track, Freshman Football. PHILIP AMBROSE Annual Staff, Band, Boys' State, F.B.L.A., Latin Club, Senior Advisory Committee, Spanish Club. .' All State Band. 2 l I I A I GENE BARHAM ROBERT BARNES Latin C17 fp PAULINE BARRINGER Annual Staff, Basketball, Cheerleader,- Executive Society, F.B.L.A., Home coming Court, Radio Programs, Sen ior Advisory Committee, Tennis. Thespians, Tigerettes, Civics Club. LAURA BARTON Tigerettes, Glee Club. Annual Staff, Cheerleader, Executive Society, Fresh- man Favorite, F.B.L.A., Girls' State, Radio Pro grams, Latin Club, Shorthand Club, Thespians, Tigerettes, Civics Club. Baseball, Basketball, Boys' State. - Senior Advisory Committee. ll fl w CW . ,WV ,L W My .A ,7,,.H.5. 0C,,Mv3wf MIKE Bocas , 1' Annual Staff, F.B. .A., all, Senior Advisory I I L, L 'z Committee, Softbal, l k, ,ee C b, Student Directory Staff , V Q Ba I ball. ibal ,r zz Staf .4 f To1dMYBjLLsl'!',SyNjgT X ICJ fy , ff KW FANNIE BELL BROOKS Future Homemakers, Glee Club. BARBARA BROWMAN Annual Staff, French Club, jr. Red Cross, Sizzler Staff, Tigerettes. Glee Club. l,,. 311' 5 at ll RACHEL CONRAD Tigerettes, Glee Club. MARTHA CooN MIKE CAGE Baseball, Basketball, Sophomore, jun- ior Favorite, Football, French Club Freshman, Sophomore, junior Home- room President, Radio Programs, Sci- ence Club, Student Council President Ideal Boyfriend. TOMMIE CHATHAM Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., French Club, Girls' State. Radio Programs, Shorthand Club, Thespians, Ti- gerettes, Senior Commander. v jo CRoss Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., Future Homemakers, jr. Red Cross, Latin Club, Library Club, Senior Ad- visory Committee, Tigerettes, Foreign Correspon- dence, Library Service Award, Library Staff, La. Teenage Librarians Association. ROBERT CUDD Basketball, Football, junior Homeroom President, Spanish Club, Student Council, Track. BUNNIE CUMMINS French Club. RITA DAv1s Annual Staff, Band, F.B.L.A., Future Homemakers, jr, Red Cross. Short- hand Club, Softball. REX DILLINGHAM Cross, Track. N ALBERT ELLIS 3 Y . BARBARA FARMAR Annual Staff, F.B.L.A.. Sizzler. ELSTNER F RAZER Annual Staff, Cheerleader, Executive Society, Junior Favorite, F.B.L.A., Girls' State, Maid of Honor in Homecoming Court, Radio Programs, Latin Club, Thespians, Tigerettes, Civics Club. Best Actress Award, Ideal Girlfriend. Band, Baseball, Football I Rl Band. F.B.L.A., Football jr Red Wu! Cross, Radio Programs Golf :le-JZELWAK f , get K K JERRY GREGORY Debate Club, Executive Society, F.BL.A., Radio Programs, Thespians, Glee Club. CAROLYN GRAHAM Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., French Club, Radio Programs, Latin Club, Senior Advisory Committee, Shorthand Club. Tigerettes, Civics Club. BARBARA GRESHAM Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., French Club, Future Homemakers, Radio Programs, Shorthand Club, Tigerettes, Glee Club. W. J. HADDAD X H, ,,... FRED FRICKIE S Baseball, Basketball, F.B.L.A. LYNDA GAAR Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., Future Homemakers, Radio Programs, Senior Advisory Committee, Shorthand Club, Tigerettes. f- s v. 5 Twmswf , . A. .. - A- WILEY JOE GATES F.B.L.A., Softball, Track, Glee Club, Football Manager. VINCENT GENUSA Band, Baseball, Latin Club, Senior Advisory Committee, Softball. Boys' State, Executive Society, F.B.L.A., Radio Programs, Softball, Student Council, Glee Club. N x 7 A15 aff- HAMBERLIN PAULINE HANNAH ecabfw Band, Latin Club, Glee Club. Nm' F.B.L.A., Future Homemakers, Radio Programs, GMES. lil lr NSNQ51-illl-Q l BILLIE JEAN HEAD Annual Staff, Basketball, Future Homemakers, Shorthand Club. Soft- 10' ball, Glee Club, Volleyball. JOANNE HEINBERG Annual Staff, Debate Club, F.B.L.A., Girls' State, Radio Programs, Sizzler Staff, Softball, Spanish Club, Thes- pians, Tigerettes, Glee Club, Civics Club. MARION HUCKABY Annual Staff. Executive Society, F.B.L.A., Future Homemakers, Girls' State, Jr. Red Cross, Short- hand Club, Student Council, Tigerettes, Civics Club. JAMES HUDSON Basketball, F.B.L.A., Latin Club, Senior Advisory Committee, Student Council. Senior Advisory, Shorthand, Spanish Club, Tiger- BILLY HARDY Baseball, Basketball, Football, French Club, Latin Club, Student Council. JACK HARPER BOBBY JACKSON Trade School. LUCY ANN JACKSON Band, F.B.L.A., Latin Club, Library Club, Senior Advisory Committee, Library Staff, Library Service Award, La. Teenage Librarians Association. PALMER JARRELL F.B.L.A., Football, Jr. Red Cross, Thespians, Track, Glee Club, All- State Chorus. ED JOHNSON Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., Football, French Club, Senior Advisory Com- mittee, Softball, Tennis, Track, Stu- dent Directory Staff. ' 'Q .,. J Ib y J ToMMY Joi-iNsoN F.B,L.A. TOMMY KALIL French Club. MAUREEN KNIGHT Annual Staff, Latin Club, Glee Club. JERRY LAPRARIE Baseball, Basketball, F.B.L.A., Radio Programs Softball. Glee Club, All-State Chorus. Aly ' 59.91 4 I g ro f K.. O MARGARET LEE Annual Staff. Band, F.B.L.A., Radio Programs. Latin Club, Leadership Conference, Shorthand Softball Manager, Thespians, Glee Club, Major- ette, Drum Major, Best Supporting Actress Award, Sweetheart Ball Maid. JIMMY LEWIS Band, Senior Advisory Committee, ALVIN LIPSON Annual Staff, Boys' State, F.B.L.A.. French Club, Radio Programs. Latin Club, Senior Advisory Committee. Sizzler Staff, Thespians. MERILYN MAGNON Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., jr. Red Cross, Senior Advisory Committee, Short- hand Club, Tigerettes. Glee Club. Jr. Chamber of Commerce Bible Award. law in :PK 'y s IV. f. s J .AI M., l cc x I C z 5 A ff JACK MAHAFFEY Baseball, Basketball, jr. Red Cross. Executive Society, F.B.L.A., Football, Softball, Track Manager, Golf, Glee Club. LEsTER MARTIN Boys' State, F.B.L.A.. Football, Radio Programs. Latin Club, Science Club. Student Council. Track. .4 '7 , " '73 as flzkiifif C24 ' l A I .,, yum' ,UU , EARLINIE MATHUS F.B.L.A., Future Homemakers. Library Assistant. Shorthand Club. Tigercttes. ALTON MCCREAIJX' Band. Baseball. Basketball. F.B.L.A.. Football, Freshman, Sophomore. junior Homeroom Presi- dent. Softball. Track. Glee Club. GAIL MCDOWELL Annual staff, F.B.L.A., French Club, Homecoming Court Maid, Freshman Homeroom President, Latin Club, Senior Advisory Committee, Student Coun- cil, Tigerettes, junior Classical League. BILL MCRANEY Annual Staff, Boys' State, Executive Society, Sen- ior Advisory Committee, Softball, Student Council. i 4Qih CATHY NOEL Basketball, Cheerleader, F.B.L.A. Latin Club, Softball, Shorthand Club. Tigerettes, Volleyball. MARTHA JANE ODEN Annual Staff, Debate Club, F.B.L.A. Sophomore, junior Homeroom Presi dent, Radio Programs, Senior Ad visory Committee, Sizzler Staff. Tiger ettes, Glee Club. PAT PATTERSON Annual Staff, F.B.L.A.. Queen of Homecoming, Radio Programs. Senior Advisory Committee. m Shorthand Club, Student Council, Tigerettes. l Glee Club. All-State Chorus. Civics Club. SUSIE PENDER Glee Club. Softball, Track. JERRY MCWLLLIAELS Basketball, Football Science Club MARlLX'N NECTOUX Annual Staff, F.B.L A Future Home makers, Radio Programs Tiberettes -6 . 'W ' isa V , . ' f ' v7 ' r Pm sv RASBERRY Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., French Club. Future Homemakers, Senior Advisory Committee, Shorthand Club, Tiger- ettes. PHYLLIS RENFRO Annual Staff. F.B.L.A.. Glee Club. PAT REITZELL Annual Staff, Executive Society, Sophomore Favor ite, F.B.L.A., Girls' State. Homecoming Court, Radio Programs, Latin Club, Senior Advisory Com mittee, Shorthand Club, Student Council. Thes piuns, Tigerettes. BOBBY RODDEY Golf. REESE PETERSON Band, F.B.L.A., Football, Radio Programs, Track. CONNIE PICKERING Annual Staff, Band, Cheerleader, F.B.L.A., Future Homemalcers, Homecoming Court, Radio Programs, Softball Manager, Thespians, Glee Club. Major- ette. Drum Major. SKIPPY PORTMAN Executive Society, Freahman, Sopho more, junior Favorite, F.B.L.A., Foot ball Captain, Freshman, Sophomore Senior Homeroom President, Soft ball, Track, Glee Club. MACK POWELL F.B.L.A., Football, Track. ,fm Q PAT RUPLE Annual Staff, Cheerleader, Sophomore, Junior Fa vorite, F.B.L.A., Girls' State, Homecoming Court. Radio Programs, Shorthand Club, Softball, Stu- dent Council, Thespians, Tigerettes, Civics Club. DON SAMPSON Band. Senior Advisory Committee. JOHN SCI-IEPIS Trade School. GEORGIA SCHUMAKER Band, Sizzler. J Ol-Q 0 ,fhlfwl QF all WALTER SIMS ERNESTINE SI-IIREY French Club, Glee Club. DICK SEIDENSPINNER jr. Red Cross, Science Club, Glee Club, Football Manager. PAT SIMMONS Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., French Club, Future Homemakers, Senior Advisory Committee, Shorthand Club, Tiger- ettes. SALLY SMITH Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., Radio Pro grams, Softball, Tigercttes, Glee Club. RoNNII3 STARK Basketball, Football. Glee Club. HAROLD SMITH r F.B.L.A., Shorthand Club. HORACI5 SMITI-I Band. CLARA ANN STARNES Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., jr. Red Cross Latin Club, Senior Advisory Commit tee, Spanish Club, Tigerettes, jr Classical League. ROIJNEY STATI-IAM F.B.L.A., Football, Track. Lois STEPI-IIsNs Annual Staff, Basketball, F.B.L.A., Shorthand Club, Softball, Tigerettes. Glee Club, Volleyball. BARBARA STOLER Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., Shorthand Club, Sizzler Staff, Softball, Tigerettes. ARTHUR SWANSON Glee Club. RAY TOWNLEY .naiflli Baseball, F.B.L.A., Football, Senior Advisory mittee, Shorthand Club. Annual Staff, Baseball, Basketball, F.B.L.A., Foot- ball, Radio Programs, Spanish Club, Tennis, Track, Com- RONALD TRESSNER Latin Club, jo ANN WALSWORTH Annual Staff, makers, Soft Club. F.B.L.A., Future Home- ball. Tigerettes, Glee LINDA WELCH ' 3 l Glee Club. X. Q JOHNNIE WENDELL ff KL, 39 Annual Staff, Band, Football, Fresh- X A ' man Homeroom President, Science . W Wir. , Club, Softball, Spanish Club, Track. A ii ,:" 323, ' 5- Y Sli ng? - 52 wx lax 'I irf ,L A 3 3 PAT WHITE Annual Staff, French Club, Future Homemakers, Radio Programs, Tigerettes, Glee Club. BILL WILHITE Boys' State. A vga. , 'illfu-1355. 181 11 0 BILLYE FAYE WILLIAMS Annual Staff, F.B.L.A., Future Homemakers, Sen- ior Advisory Committee, Shorthand, Student Coun- cil, Tigerettes. CARL WILIUER Football, Tennis, Track, BOBBY WILLIAMS Executive Society, Debate Club, F.B.L.A., French Club, jr. Red Cross. Radio Programs, Senior Advisory Committee, Softball, Student Direc- tory Staff, Thespians, Glee Club. Golf. E , -, 1 -- - ' -'cl Glee Club. 1- ,Alf if wl- lX ALJ!- x 'lm xx X' 'w JULIA Brass WILLIAMS ' I Annual Staff, Executive Society, F.B. L.A., Jr. Red Cross, Radio Programs, Latin Club, Leadership Conference, Shorthand Club, Thespians, President of Tigerettes. JULIE ANNE WOOLEY Annual Staff, F.B.L.A,, jr. Red Cross, Radio Pro- grams, Latin Club, Softball, Tigerettes, Glee Club, Volleyball. Je! ' Khao Q H , X5 'L M j Ls ' i JUNIOR HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS-C. W. Statham, Mrs. Reidg Sylvia Masur, Mr. Penningtong Carolyn Futrell, Miss Simmonsg Ann West, Mr. Loftin, and Frank Webb, Miss Boyle's Homeroom. 'Nur ,us Q,1L"iE!E" .fave ,..w Marianna Altick jerry Aston Beverly Baxter Billie Beaudion Scotty Bennett George Boyd .P lf f Armand Brearcl XLT? .4 get iff? , P' 6 1- , is 'il -F 'Y Q Ruth Brown X ' X xv iw yyy fx" V xgii, Mickey Burford J Luada Burnett 9 rp my ., r -F-fwfr-F 'i 'ZII7 V , -- f l 'V' X D Dorothy Burroughs Doug Byrd .' Ernest Carter Wayne Causey Eleanor Cammack jo Ann Cotton Carolyn Courtney Allan Danna Mary Louise Danna Joy Dawson ff' L'-J Anna Marie DeLarot jan Demmary .7 , A Louise Doernberg l V. B. Dunn faniau Connie Falk Marcia Faulk K. Mary jane Ferguson Ellis Fitler Carolyn Fleming f Reba Forrest ymeafw wrwgrft'-' ' ' Kenneth Fowler Carolyn Freeman David Freund Carolyn Futrell Vi Raymond Gambino Phillip Goldman .- V or 1 ' G ' 'af7'fm an Q :L KK ls G Bettye Grafton Fran Guthrie 5 J Ashley Hamilton Willard Hancock f'j32J:?fw . diff- f""":L'3' , jf"""?- ff,r,'c A ymzau t 215 It Qing xhpv J Betty jean Hand" 1 Cynthia Hart ' , A 1 Noland Harvey Elaine Hesketh Marshal Hinton J. W. Hogan Sherwood Holmes Linda Hornbeak Amanda Hornsby jack Hover aww LaVe1l Huckabee Saral Lou Hudson :Si 2 345 'P if 2 2,-1-1:27 K 1 ff Ji., -- M - ...A :Su m Q - if-' My is 0, M lffml Bill jones Ila Mae Jones eff! ' ,aff gb L is df K fiifl nfl' D . X f' 1 L' Av f JL 'M if 'W , 'I Al I , fin A' is Dixie johnson gl ,, 43 1 .' , xx' ,!,fff 1 my iff, 7 'Y , . 'I ' r , , 1 jo Libby Johnston Beverly Johnston Sally Kennedy Louise Kinney Marvin Kitchens Wihner Lawson jimmy Lea J Grisham Lewis Maurice Lindsay Botsy McC1anahan Janet Mahaffey I Roseann Marks Prentice Massey ymma J ii Q K3 Sylvia Masur Gene Matthews fmww jerry Menefee Billy Miller Buddy Miller Annette Moak Gloria Moore Craig Morgan Charles McAdams Tommy McBride Tommy McDonald Monya Ann McKenzie ,f .,,n P . il 31.1 ' f l 1?- . V , feuzdou Louise Nelson Charles Newman Gaye Olcott Sallie Oliver i Betty Peden jo Frances Petagna "7 Mary Alice Petty Annette Phillips Catherine Price Esther Quigley ,, Dorothy Robertson Frances Rogillio LeRoy Russ Patsy Railey Nancy Rea Larry Reeves Mike Ritter imma Bobbie Jean Sanders john Scogin Dick Seiler fmzdaae Bobby Sellers Bob Pete Shamblin Shelby Jean Southall Mary Rita Smith Y V . ,gm Z s ' X . . - u y . x gl Q I .I 4 O 'Ci Q , ' , 5 1. . ' X 5161.4 Nancy Sue Smith Donald Spatafora Barbara Spence C. W. Statham Carolyn Stewart Lane Taylor v x If., lt l5"K"!E'S' we I Y, gundam . Coy Theus John Thomas Carl Thompson Sammy Thompson Barbara Torrance james Vickers Lydia Varino Jerry Waddell Frank Webb Jerry Weller 44' Q5 X Ann West ' Martha Kay Wfilliams Sue Wfilliams Qi 71 . . in ' Shelva Wriglat s I A jimmy Wfyche HOMIZROOM PRESIDENTS-Left to right: David Brinson, Mrs, Rodriquez' home- roomg Ronnie May, Miss Hester's homeroomg Spec Lewis, Mr. Thompson's homeroom, and Ralph Dollar, Miss Doutiere's homeroom. jack Serlberry, from Mrs, Dunn's home- room, was absent when the picture was made. 1 Sz xNilARY 2 Q 61 IT ,Zio 'F 91 i S ! Beverly Bailey Olleal Bannister Pat Barker Perry Barnes Glen Bassett Charles Bearden Ann Adams Bob Ambrose Pat Anderson jack Arant Nick Athans George Baber it f H ifi--, , ffff,?fQE5gL , fM"w Jw-. , .wr ' 'ID' 1 dm W"'i"Y s, f B 5 .M -., 1, ' 2 ff' "Y, 1 5- a it ' X f HQ.. yi vi"" V -u 'l 4. Dorothy Brennan David Brinson Diane Brown Beulah Burkett Bill Burroughs Genny Butz Betsy Benton' Mary Bishop Andy Bloomer Carolyn Boyce jimmy Branch Faye Brazzell . tw ill? R. Virginia Cage Kay Cantrell Mary Ann Cameron john Carlson Catherine Carso Robert Carter 'S W X na,3.Qg'? lb J' li -Q-TK Tom Causey George Cerniglia Randolph Coats Phares Carder Marilynn Crowley Anna Don Cummings jay Cummins joe Cummins Diana Cutler Mike Daniels Carolyn Dansby Henry Dawson 7'i jimmy Dimos Ralph Dollar Eugene Dupuy Margaret Durham Barbara Elliott Mary Fairly Jo Ann Fuller Janis Futrell joe Guerriero Johnny Graves Jane Gregory Gladybelle Gruber Mansell Fatheree Dale Fleming Ted Flinn jimmy Ford Dawson Ann Forman jack Fryday Q30 i Frank Hover Beverly Humphries Elizabeth Ivy Ann jarrell Rose Marie Johnson Bill King Sa 1' Bunny Hanks Peggy Hines Betty Hixson Howard Hobson Henry Holdiness Peggy Holdiness 'E 1 1 '-'N I 1' Nancy Ledbetter Bill LeDoux Howard Lewis Ronnie May Spec Lewis Hilman Meador ' f Z :asf Sqelamafzeo Wilma Ann Melder Theo Miles Wendell Moody Jane Moore joella McCleary Marilyn McCormick Elizabeth McCoy Ralph McNabb Molly Naff Roy Nash Margie Newman Kay McCue we-5 I-ui N.. Alitia Parker Bobby Peden Alan Petty George Phillips Betty Port Joyce Posey jack Rivers jack Robinson Leon Rachell Ardell Radney Henry Rogillio Billie Ann Ruple ,A r if We fe, sr W3-9' rf W . l te.. x' Betty Price Lillian Price Loretta Ray Charles Reed Mardell Reinhart Betty Rhea Wh we? - A jimmy Slavant Frank Smith Linda Smith George Sncllings Evelyn Stadter Larry Stcphcnx Janice Strong joy Sutton Margaret Taylor Sandra Tooke jerry Torrance Ann Trezevant Q . 1 "Wil George Trousdale Kaye Turner George Varino Margaret Varnado Jane Walker Kaki Walker Bnlly Wells Sandra Wilder Glenda Wxlllams 4 joe Williams jerry Womack Linda Womack O. E. Wood jane Worthen Lynn Zoll ?fze HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS-Standing, left to right: Mickey Yerger, Mr. Frey Henry Thomas, Mr. Hammettg Tommy Holzman, Mr. jonesg Dickie Abraham, Mr Thompsong Nat Troy, Mr. Seegars. Seated: Boofie Malone, Mr. Luffey, and Pat Hud son, Mrs. Flournoy. Dickie Abraham Emily Adams Billy Allen jim Altick Louise Arant Ralph Armstrong Carl Aron Anne Alford Jimmy Awl Bobby Barrett Dan Bates Trudy Baugh Alice Beacham Carl Berry Linda Bickham Frank Brookings Joyce Brownlee Charlotte Bruscato Carol Cage Kenneth Cagle Judy Calk Bobby Cerniglia Sandra Chitty john Cobb 7 Edwin Blackwell jimmy Boone Laura Bowles Nancy Breard Helen Bridges X Fred Brinson jvc-" joan Dupuy Kay Edwards Emily Ensminger Lynn Ethridge Carol Falk Cheryl Fink Pat Foley joan Fontana Mary Louise Franklin -cg W 7 Phil Corder Kay Cotton jerry Cross jo Ann Cupples Mary jo Davenport Roger Dean . . 1 if Tommy Frazer Carolyn Freund Sylvia Gentry Roosevelt George Marvin Gibson Maxine Gilbert K , Q ly ..,, 5' . .Y N cg Q lggigfggiii. K X i ix 142 1' AM Archie Gilliland jimmy Godfrey Mary Graves Leona Grayson Bill Gregory Norma Jean Gregory Faye Lynn Guerriero Alice Guyton Carolyn Hancock 7164401661 john Hannah Edward Harper Henry Hathorn Sharon Haynes john Hays jimmy Hegwood 'WR ,av flrs A . 2 A 43" Woodie Hendrix Felix Hernandez Sallie Hinl-cle jerry Hobson Russel Hofler Tommy Holzmann Norma jean Holcomb Benny House Yvonne Huckabee Janice johnson Janis Joyce Carol Jordon Dana Kelley Pat Kelly Donald King joel Kirby Charles Koontz Anita Laurent ji ff? , Q N. ?ze44men Pat Hudson Hugh Hyman Victor Irby Ann james Gwen John Bobby johnson HCL Q-4 ff- 1 :"' , . y is , 24 ll' K F, 1 Q. '- ?,,"" 1 1' rv Fa, 'ev' l K 6 --.qv I V. fy :www jimmy Lee Beverly Leach Arnold Liles 7ee44men 40' Q' Neva Lyons we I Alice Loper V jo Ann Mahaffey i I FOX e-- , ' Boofie Malone Billy Mathus 4 " i il 4 .rg 4, Scotty Maxwell W i 1 l Kenneth May Pat Mills Betty Montrozos X Nfl Tracy Moore ' ,A nn x Hugh Murray Pat McCarthy 'if Q w--k V J' 7w44mea Polly McDuffie joan Magruder Ouida McKinney Carolyn McWilliams Raymond Nelson Stephen Nichols nfv ur' -- I 31" for pgiffj 'file ,a Charles Nugent ' Barbara Panzico Frank Parrino George Patton Kay Perkins Ingrid Peterson Charles Phillips Jo Ann Phillips Roslyn Pitts if . i Clayton Plunkett Margaret Posey Penny Profit Terry Reeves Bob Renfro Brenda Ringo l I P 0 Martha Riser jerry Robertson Roxie Roberts Wanda Russ Bobby Russell Beverly Rushing Tom Sanders Martha Seiler Pat Sheppard A531 Q15 X X ws, "LF" Sonny Turner Elton Upshaw Roy Vickrey Don Waldon Marjo Walker Martha Wallingsford George Ward Merlyn Wathins Mary E. Webster T i i .las it-, , K5 M- at ii 'wa Q ., Fl ,I 5,9 'ff' " ,gf W . ,f,, , ,I 'f ..v 'VJ'-,, . 'K'- 'uf ' nu. C 7 Henry Thomas Larry Tilley Jerry Touchstone Norman Tressner Richard Trimble Nat Troy Qi -A 3 R . Ld , W, . 'Er Q f'1."'.:L .5 , , .. l - Qzecdmea Winston Wells joe Wheeler Martha Williams Harry Lee Williams Frances Wiggins Roy White Mary Emma Wilson Mark Womack Barbara Worley Kaye Worley Mickey Yerger Shirley Young Wad if f Al HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS-Student leaders, and their homeroom teachers, are, standing, left to right: Lee Talton, Mrs. Averettg Tipton Snipes, Mr. McDowellg Jim- my Sparks, Mr. Pettersong and Travis Oliver, Mrs. Greer. Seated: Betty Hemphill and Martha Burns, Miss Hall and Mrs. Boggs homeroom. 4.-Q I le YPHPMPTM fl 'T' ' 7 S6904 WW 'L '34 "WO Don Andrews Peggy Adams Gay Bailey Hartwell Barnes Barbara Bass Eva Gail Bearden Carol Bedgood Margaret Brady La Verne Bridges Linda Bridges Clarice Brown Elaine Brown sw- , A .. ll al l 23 C K in V 1 g'-d"4 If I wa: A y I y "'ff'F if A VBA' , ,, it -' A A .ii Joe Allen Brownlee Duncan Buie Billy john Burnett Martha Burns Virginia Burroughs Annie Carson Linda Clark Guy Coates Gayle Crow Shirley Crow Billy Cruse Hank Easterling W4 gm Ruby Faye Cloyd Carlene Collier Carolyn Cummings Brigette Cymbal David Dean Dottie Dawson Gerald Dean Gay Demmary Bill DePriest Fred Dollar Archie Dowdle Tommy Edwards if gs TLPM QP l"'? 'M CJ' I 1 ' af Y , a f f 'Q l bxi- 2' Ng uz r' rl 1 a eeer " , '::' i t f rj 5 f A xx ' X Bill Ellis Lyle Ferguson Katherine Fisher john Ford ,-hitrdwrf ew vii? johnny Ford james Fourmy flfiiff Barbara Freund I Alice Fullen . M- Pamelia Fuller ' ' Q My ., e 'G fl f Terry Gannaway 5 'zft Bury Gaiser 5. Francis Genusa w-.sf ,,,..,-auf' Donald Ray Hale Frances Haley Lea Hale Julianna Hales Frances Haley Ida Lea Hamilton Ann Hammonds Mary Hampton Marie Adell Hancock Judith Harrison . Duke Hart Henry Hays E :L '?' . rs 2,35 ' 1 ...M . ,L, mr. 41 r's?r-fi: ' fiflff L ' Jef' 4 J f::5::: vfgggggffak , G 'kwntttz U2-S, 0 ' gm' W4 gm Linda Gibson Gail Gilliland Martha Gilliland Billy Golden Peggy Goolsby Louise Gay Veretta Greenlee Tommy Grant David Greer Arthur Griffith Sue Grower Patsy Gulley gn'- Mgr Ki D-'18 r'.. 1 , 4 V, . ul 1 i u SER M. if is rrii '3 ,ffl-lla: i D -, H 5 r z swftw f 3 B Q-fry Fruit I ' l 'J31 fn fi 2 iff rv AM, , .m.?2'3f' u. - il WE , Betty Hemphill 49 Conroy Hines Betty Hines 71 Patsy Holmes Ruby Hughes 'A f ' gg Lanny johnson K ' Bishop johnson 5 116 K I Frances jones I g I ,i john jordan ,, I V Lewis Kincaid yr i Donald King 'Q .ts 'al f Y I X u , , - 3 ' .1. Tom King ,f if 0 w rs Regina Kirk Q Kenneth Kirkham wa- in-mil -a Mike Knight Judy Lane 1 fi bly. ,'V. Q Mickey Larkan ,Q ao johnny La Vasseur l i Marshal Lawson! jimmy Leverett 1 ee -s u L jo Lockhart Max Lowery Dawn McAllister Kenneth McCallum E' Q like l A i 5,9414 gm Y gs me 2 fa -A l w sae: 56,414 gm Ann McDonald Bobby McDowell Donna McDonald Barbara McMillan Preston McMillan Martha McMullin Larry McDonald Neil McDonald Nancy McDowell Raymond McFadden Carolyn McKinley Emma McKinney A i 3. wg 24 all ' ,W , . 'hi ' 15":1S:E55 ' . ' i f , 3, Q 'S' qv a K K i f Y-Hi: ' - .7 F' if ,r Q H '1 vi 'Q-'Q ag 'M , I 1-qw ,fm rm 1. QQ is w. if r was v f" ' W t Q-Qs ryya - my Q :.' N it y 3 11 f Aa it 1- M is E 5 7 fmk Wayne Martin jackie Masur Sadie Mathews Don Middleton Carol Miller Kenneth Mills johnny Moore joe Montgomery Sally Moore Marie Nelson Sam Nolen Adrian Odom if 1 I f' .nf -fn' .,' I J x I I r,5ir4,, fx -J. '3' 0 .A -.ff - 'Q A E fi ' Travis Oliver 1. ' ' I 4 x' x ' f A ' K 1" ' my wwf '--'13 'f P we james Palmer ' A 'ff In 'nfs-5'1' 1 K 'l Jack Pankey ' i - WBA. . ' 1 Y X .4 X' 1 Barbara Parker ' JIU 3 8 - ,, ,wwf px K+ ny V A J 5 'V' George Patterson ""' 1--' eggy rerce Bill Pope :K I. i'ju , E ,:. n 'I ' Barbara Powell 'ii' ' i ' Bobby jack Powell 'f- A ,f VShirley Prince "' L l T' j W Frances Rabb A 5 r . l- . -4 A A 4 ' r ' 'P yy v William Ragan as Linda Ramsey Q, Qrri ,, Gaye Reno Q George Rhea lwfif "i' .I ,, J' X fi if Sally Ryan Danny Sampson Mary Lynn Scogin Sally Seamon Pat Shirah jerry Shields ggf Edward Shoemaker 'iff' Paula Simpson , P' fi 1 i" lv-f ' - VHS 1 Its li 1-'v -W' ' AP. Z' L va- Pat Sims Danny Slakter Marvin Smart Johnnie Lou Smith Paul Smith Tipton Snipes Fred Southerland Jim Sparks Ronald Spruell Ronald Squyres Bonnie Stephenson Virginia Stephens - 1 if .S 7 S. A Sf' l f ' , , v. -f f - .' - f 4 swf ig Qt l ffgl' 5 1 ' '. fV,g'k 41. 7 r Q' xi f .X V Y if ,Q wg? , Q.- ,f"1rXi s' Z sith' ..- -n 'Yi A T v S i a " L , .4 . : I at .A L . . M i X' ll ' in 1 xy R A fi' 1' eau y I 'S' A. ' W ip.s,i P B ip' p y A M- aw f 's..w-uv' . 1 s K We, . , M' 1 . I , L .... N ii Lynn Stokes Charles Storey Celia Strother Kathryn Talton Lee Talton Terry Takewell joy Taylor Warren Taylor Catheline Thomas joe Thomas Richard Thomas Mary Thomasie 254a4f4 Qzuefk Clyde Thompson 'K Jeanie Sue Thompson Martha Thompson Tommy Thompson Patricia Timmler ! Allen Trousdale King Trousdale Cary Lou Tunner S G' Joyce Turpin Don Updcgraff Ron Upclegraff Joanne Ursey 'W ski. ." A xwi NG? 'vel Www Fr 1 4 J I A f . L Q 3 a Q. Q r'P "' J M If 'Q. My :uv 5 HW 1 I 5-1, in , 5 .7 L ' f AD K - --mi, , as .sl 'ie . PQ? In v-fav ' A ' I J? F A-V ,Ji -of I 'NYY tk' F' Ray Walker Juanita Watkins George Weaks Quintes Webb Betty Wilkins Sidney Williams Charles Wilson Susan Wilson John Woods Dick Wright Jimmy Wroten Ann Youngblood Don Zeagler Robert Zeagler ,f f , Q, f fa ssss Q at 1 HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS-HPresidents of the Eighth Grade homerooms, and the rooms they represent, are as follows: Allen Foster, Miss Hendersong Landrea Ducote, Mr. Leighg Sandra Knowles, Miss Rogersg Betsy Blackmon, Mrs. Stovallg Tommy Davenport, Miss Bres, and Jimmy Knight, Mr. Ruple. fl' I' rf X , I Q . V fi Hershel Abbott' 3 Felton Achord .f A ,E 1 -it 23 Af lf! A 6 x Kathleen Aldenburg Cade Alford Mildred Allen Evelyn Amman ' Gay Andrews Paul Artman WX ' Annette Bubineau V Tommy Baily use Rosalie Battaglia joe Billingham f V, ilk Betsy Blackman we ,gg .1 Ruth Ann Boggs -M ' H' fw- a 'A 'N' A 'vfi l Ruth Boner ' ' ,s l Alice Bower 5 N - Bl ig H Q W: fa .,,i , Wayne Boyd Gail Brady Tommy Breard Fern Bridges 'K junior Bridges ,-L Linda Brooks A it Q ' F B If my 3' 'L .. 9' N in .9 Virginia Brownlee -' X-:-: pf exif-Q" I W 'Al . , y David Bryant W, -if 5 4 , , fi' ,Q 'il QQ f W" ,A 15 Xa.-f Seneca!! grade Georgia Burkett Sandra Burford f C Eleanor Burgess Kenneth Cail Newt Caldwell Guy Campbell jo Ann Campbell Sylvia Campbell john Carroll Rex Carter Kenneth Catalina Ronnie Catalina . .f,i,r , G -an ' ll 4' "' X114 6 , azaffff! ,C 115, ffiaeavkfq If 2 ri rartwfew ' a t'y fa- Q W C 'W-53' X ,, if z W 2 is ,-v av- if V ix, ,V ill RY? W f , i elif' v-1' 'JS' 1' V r+ff-'ij iw 3 ii! L' irgxtxmjff 1 F10 Bob Caverlee Charles Chatham Virginia Chitty Mary Lou Clay Ray Coates Billy Cobb Clayton Cole Rena Conway C i o Z' Patsy Cooper a ii Ann Cotton f Af james Cotton f V his Wayne Craig r . B rvre XX Seam!! Quads Norma Lee Croven Tommy Crow Paul Cruse Tom Davenport Virginia Davis Max Davidson Sandy Dean Larry Deason Joyce DeBoyce David DeLand joan Dillon Sandra Doernberg as' ' Jo Gul il w .dfiuiaiii as as --M -L -sr. in i -3 .. ,., Q Q . 'sl' i 0 I ' Vx A 2 Ag N ni xv " .ii A .f ya 1 i fir 1 1 T3 Z ' ,DQ , if ig ye' err A t 'Q N . , ,, mkfgp ' .9 . 1 .i , y Ny ' 'r ' . A 1, J 1 A 'P l I .4 4 53' I .f aa fe, Landrea Ducote Dorette Dyer ig Wayne Dyer Betty Echols Marion Edwards Lea Embry Larry Evans james Fatheree Diane Ferguson Buddy Fincher Lucy Fletcher Patsy Flint 3 ei ' wvgm - jay Goldsmith Patricia Graham - Elwanda Greer i Vince Guiterrez Donna Guyton Betty Rose Haddad Hardy Hall Patricia Hand jim Harper Bob Harrell Sherry Harris . james Horton ' my is iw F F diligta' iSeawz'4 Qaeda Robert Fontana George Foreman Bobby Ford Thomasene Van Fo Allen Foster Joyce Fowler Ann Carolyn Fuller Charles Garretson Joyce Gallaspy Ola Mae Gibson Bobby Gill ' Bunny Girault -sv' My 'fi 4 me I ai SSCI1 if mv' N 1, ix ii A 'Q 3: " M . 5 V 5 ,li f fx 'si w in affi' . Jackie Hopson Glen Houston Gene Howard Toni Hubka Harold Hunt Carrick Inabnett Carl Jacobs George Jacobs Jerry Jeffries Howard John Leon Johnson Betty Johnston vw-:ff 'se' i is -ai xr 2 Ai -E X -M, K .Nqr . n.f, went! Haynes Haynes J. P. Hogwood Linda Sue Hendrix Steve Henry Brown Emma Hibbard 'Of Linda Hines Buddy Hofler Pat Hoffman Harvey Holdiness Jerry Holdiness Barbara Holmes I My ' f""'D P mole za t La' ,,t W -6 ek I .2 I W W Q X1 "J 1 fi YE.:-' Clifford Ra.msey Bobby Rea Judy Reagen Hardy Reinninger George Riser johnny Rivers Linda Robinson Kenneth Rodriquez Linda Rogers Glenda Rogers Aubrey Russ Barbara Seegars XS Q. 'Q M V 1 S Seneca!! Qmde Bobby Nugent Linda Kay Owens Norman Pace Robert Panzica Sara Lee Peters Patty Pierce Charlotte Little Bena Plunkett Barbara Pow 1 Bobby Price J' Nora Sue Price 'Patty Profit f. .I e, . -is FVV4' ef i' av N ' , -1 f f,. xy '11 Frank Smeltzer Clare Solomon Fred Spatafora Diane Stancil jimmy Stanclley Dorothy Stephenson Frances jean Stewart Susan Kay Stewart Glen Stokes Ken Stone King Stubbs janet Takewell tw 02711 ?"'1' Sweat! Qaeda Tex Shelley S. j. Shlosman Gay Sievers Danny Singley Charles Tom Simonton Sandra Simpson Betty Slaughter Alice Smith Patricia Smith Susan Smith Suzanne Smith Virginia Smith 3 Q 1 . I t , I K ,N ,MJ gk gf Q fk VMS 'rg ,A it 493 tl jf! exif. . A if a r it tsl l S W 6 1' si t S 1 .kim V 'uf A V ' v .i K " K S qmde Ordie Nell Tarpley Mickey Tarver john Steve Taylor jerry Thomas Florence Thomasie Carol Thompson Sandra Thompson Shelia Townley Tommy Travis Eva Sue Trickell Ann Trousdale Doug Turner vsuflb s x . vw-ev K in 11 'IQ rf 'tif " f vu -in ,, 9? 425 3 if , Hr 1. . A - ,I if - 1 KW "s,s if snss, 3, 1441! ,nw r , H!! - M A' 4 if 5 A it ii wr 'YW Lucy Turpin Dorothy Vigg Linda Ann Vowell Ann Walker Steven Wallace William Watson Herbie Webb Ellen Wedemeyer Connie Wheeler Caroline White Terry White Patsy White Sweat! Qaeda Carolyn Willis Marcie Wi is ll , 'f "Y Peggy Woods if in 1 " ri g 1 'Y R' 'Z Q Don Wor e Ron Worley Frances Yeld ll Katie Y g X 74a 'S af I i We 'll I I l I y'a ll W ll iml l :nl -l ll.l. 1 H ' NW- lf!'l'O 1 , 'ill I A 'l 1 Qs w...J VM X-uv' V , gl f t L 3 A ,. 'X if ,gf N S iP"'N- t . f 1 1 iv -.1 ,. fifwf., . 7 . In It 4 32 ,i J rf - ' , 1- - 'A Tk Q. Ubi, swf' ,ai POPULAR among seventh graders, and all other grades as well, is the student can- teen, operated at Neville. The canteen sells candy, school supplies, and other items. Mr. Thompson and Mrs. Hodge are in charge of the bookstore operations, aided by student helpers. Ky- 'iv Q, tfllll PAULINE BARRINGBR 1 .A-vt.-f-:PI-Ke?-:".'f ' 4 ik' fl' A . ff' ,J I , ,lf " -f 14 f fg ' 'if 52 f-f vb ,Af I .f'fy if N -x ,fl 41,- if i,, Kean ty " 1 -,ELSINEK riifxzan A .iii-mms. -Q..,.m W. . 1 ,Q fu 1 ' , : 13' - A-1-aw, f P A- i ,, ,J x . V i 1 ' L., M 1 J- ' Y X L J," J' ,, YV -. T W fig 551, V 6 . . mn ,fx My 5 5 Lf-7? sf " 1' Q11 xg Q' 5 v 'L : I :Ja- X QIVI - .. fi: :Qi Y e 4 mix N 5"l"2S' it' 4, 's I 19" 1'7". fe. .'F . 'V' n- 'N - ago 1-a .- -an 411-and ...-131-v'v-1 -inne-q 1431 V1 1 13 Q 'Q . f N.. " , a l"f..' I .MN ""' .. ., ... . J .. 1, -nun ez, ,, 1 I . il. f .wa-'Hs I . I I ii ki' 1' -3 L ' ' I "V-qf:i"I-i?11'g9 4 It-mwii ,Mast Siudmus PHILIP AMBROSIY and BILLIE FAYE WILLIAMS e 4 l 1 Q I ,i , 1115. 'ff' ' 3 L f If ' V 1 U ' o is fq M A . 4 u I Cl' -9-u - l , Witiicsf BARBARA STOLER and SKIPPY PORTMAN sz".-J Yx Yx Vw vvv vw y XXQ x 'A X . X1 v w X NX K 'x 1' X Y f 1 N Y r r '1 X I Y f I r Y XY ,I f x if X Q 5 YN W xtfj i. r r v' v 05'-, '11 kV4V4 r Q CACA QA i' K.. ....,,,,jj' 4 ' 1 "- f rw 'mg U- , K ' ,Q 1 . ' 1 n ' 1. . f , -V 1 M, 0 , 11 X, - . " r , ' 1 5 ' 1 1 4' ' ,. 1 , . 9 v ' :I , ,fm I K Q g X' Q sq . 1 N I 1' lg' .r - ' ' .9 V . , ff- . M. ' 'E Q oft 4 5 X 2 A in-. ' v 1 , . Y .. -4, , if . 4 1 R W r , . M ..- , . ' a , , 1 1 A Q ' 'tw 4 - 1. 'tl 1,71 , ,iq fly , . , A' J - Fvlgfxl ' 'nf -, 4 H 1 I 0' . - is Qunnusa-lem .M r ,IA 1 XX V no 0 '44 FNS U V5 JE., 5 W iw S i gy im 4 Q 'i A 'H 'N' ' -1 ca Al, g I A .mv 'VL 7,1 , fl , In A . ,l , X ,it H ,I . AN I . 'fi .' LL:-h - " 1 11 3 3 . .N ' K' -- - ' Wi' 4' 1 xvuj Cad K L! J, :rin Lai A 5 K - 4 I cial! I H 5' ' if-5. , 4-. , . . '- ,FRQYQW v ., Airy lf, r ,, . NR . .ex 1 + ' ' I , ' IQ' K, ax-5 A-tg " A , ',,9.,.g 'wr ,Al . YA 5 x'y..,h . L, Q'-, :,.- - ,' f -5 uf, :Vf - -' ff'-P , , .:, W. 4- f - fix J- -Lk. 1, .jrivffx , ,Ag 1,1 fa jing'-1,3 N , I .'g4.-'ug' . A ip 5 ' . 'U V". 'f ". ':.-yi ' gk f, -K ' 5 f " ' 1- .. .4 "HJ A Vp, A' I 1-1 - , - f M! Q- .h.-1 L A -V 1 -f, ' 'C' - .ff .A . 4 - 'nf -V D A ff-'V' W5 sxy , J -.. ', 9'- , ,., 4 I , 'v :Til J ku .ls, 5 .2-1 1' X ' ',' ,,, Q' iv, '.- o ' din- wxr, . ...t-X . - Q' .- 1 LJ ,I x ' . fb I. Q. In I I X l Q vip 4 lg ' ' ' -,, .X-' " - " A - +A- - Xixf .. . ' ' .. -t l ak I, AYXM, . ,L-,QA 11.51 . xy: ' ., cf dc ,Y- ,." K f,'r- f a AQ' .' 1'v .. 4 i ,lwx " -Lxj '44 ' WJ. Q' N. .xi MX V 4 41 4 x Q J ,, B- -5. if ,F FF e-- :xr f A ,. "W A -. ,N . an Q , , f Ilan-F' , , .,, . .1 . v ' fi? " S X f-4 M :yu 5 W .hw 6 ,M G' f- al. 4 A ,iq -., x .Ip ' JIMMY SPARKS and MARTHA BUEQNS 51 hth Grade Hazfarzfes p - gq'r ' 'r J' A -X 5 ' in LN ,' .AS 5- H , - .- an -1A'3" A-'v'.' Alok' 'N QQ!! . . . att Q.: -Q Q +4 QB? 4.. Q 550 ' f Q S ,nf K .gd 5 4-Kumi 9- H QL an A l 1.3 M9 if ,513 K x f H S Q . 4 in K wg. 3 ku ',v, ,g I dm XR Q 1-xx A i ,Fx yy s X wiv: g ,Q vssam Smpadaza "' Q l I X all UID iz 7 G CQ , 'gfgwv ,- L. 'f-s ,oi - ' 'Univ' V 3. .. X-.Ln W ...F 9, THE CREW . . . Without the help of the three student photogra- ers, production of the 1954 Mon- royan would have been severely handicapped. All pictures in the book are made and processed at Neville in the school darkroom by them. Scotty Maxwell, who has earned the title of "CHIEF" by showing professional skill in his work, has been the mainstay in the produc- tion work. He is ably assisted by Frank Brookings, also a veteran of three years, and the darkroom freshman, Roger Dean. Roo UKOOKINGS ,hy mi l 1559? C 4 l -a arm: Y' . A 1 , S, Where-5 Qhtt P- gil . RO A Bunn re- Co ach Way back' Neither here nor there . . , Sally, Emily Kay, Penny. Mary jo. All but asleep . . . DHWSQH Pat .laflife Kaki Norma Jane olvwgi rr 4. ff they 0 1 Zoll, Grubgrvyxgg 1 sifwx .fi uldy fthen MW' 1, "" W--.W 'Going to New Orleans" . GW! The Bxg A real' View ov.. Bzg Deal" Charles Koontz :jes Resurgue' joan: KaY' "The Cheedeader 1 Dupuy n by t h 6016, Y Ann RMll1St I uP1c- re-lin joan "BLM Sessi "Sop Mickey, Ha Mae. an on" erkins t a histicated juniors" d Betty o ast from the G 315 kin. zz na P MERCY hut MurrY'Maheigey. Yefge' The Hustler ' 5' ' Sr . and Sue StuZEi.N:f1,O,s 'X A BOW av-QN an - , Tn Like. VNV' an 5 B bb ., Car U les Catherine . ' dvwoo 0 GK WNBA Anon. 50, and JOY Sutton Upside Down Warren Taylor ff . ' Pm . .,.,.a- Large late p . ,. Al K fOpgrt ,. i' swg HY Mc'Cue y O U,-dy QA ' 'E X-Q ' N 'Q W ,sq --Q5 1.51 X -A -""' 'N -ff 'Y 'ff' .9 ' 3 " I ,,fv"'m p l 1- ,r f ' -X - s , , ggi "" S' 1 "Si- ennan 4016 SC' TW! BI - "' Dowmy Jay and Joe-ns Loversgcgliz All Legs-, and H rg f 1 sr - - 'es" "0 --Missxesligji Ha MGC Fra,,l12kE0'5man" Linda, Ann, rookinss '4- I l EH 3 SEEING DOUBLE? . . . Causing teachers constant trouble, Neville's twins frequent- ly keep them confused. It's confusin', but amusin'. K 11 , f' ff ' N - . 1 .I f'af ,5 , , . fx -, V 6 M is fig: ! 'N f , 1 4', A ! Q,-J 1-, f KA - f x u ,, Madam Lx :A -an "'-..'1'.'." Z N 1 O x H Q V .4 A - 'I Q WL X 1- i ' 4, 1 X 1 - V i ..Mi,.v, 5 s M. ,,, X , Q33 1 'Q 'W'Wfxwv ,- Q 5 W L ' 1 Q M 9 , Q - V1-1 'E ,P Z1 Y IO 7-I fl'-1 K 'iffyag L. X as . 411 W ag "' 3, N i V ' Q ,, d s L 'R x, I hs if ,Q si si A A i J 'n Av ' Q A Y? 4 is ,XXX :WW 'W 0 7 ,qklw is .. ' 1. X , . .J .. I 3:-... x 1.3 ,1 rl . :JV A 1 and Q xv , A1324 Md 4' ' h ifm-"f'5fxif - miif X l x 1 55 N ' wx 'Q' 'Q fa , is ,N A 1, A WP -ap +1 A MQ' 'Ei va., ' Q ,.,,v Q rx , ' K' nu 'f,Ya3. '12 ik 'Y -.A :Q " - 'H N f 55 ,A I .X 5+ ' is " 1' li ff' Q sz M J' ,W N If Q. N , ' T -- '1- gx x J 1 fr A 4-. A fn' an .f M vw K H E I I Q A X, ,W if' Q 5 M I ' E F A H ,Qvfx Q -ff .w -15 iw 4.4,f 'VLA -in if x . fs mg W if " s. 5,, 55 f,, w. ,?:fwrv"'-- , .f . 'L any O O I I vw.-'-7-v - v ,,x,RM,.,., -1-.- . ,,., ,, .V 'W , if wx 4 N A A -Sa., fi .,p- 2 at A f T ,Q X fx 'nik P Q ' 1. A fm Nia" . , 1 QUEEN PAT PATTERSON CONNIE PICKERING PAT RUPLE PAT REITZELL ELSTNER FRAZER Afaid-of-Hozlm' .am- H P ix K Ha i N! Aff 4, FEAF' N Q Q up 3 '34 Q Q - ,N an Q? fp , 5 . MIKE H0005 Tzltklf: NEVILLE 12-MINDEN 7 Making the first road trip of the season, Neville defeated the pow- erful Crimson Tide in the most spectacular game played by Neville all season. A McCready pass to Powell put Neville ahead, 6-0. But big Ken- eth Beck drove his team ahead to lead 7-6 at the half, A sustained drive for 91 yards put Neville out front in the third quarter. It was the hard driving of Powell, Cage, McWilliams, Lewis and Portman, with good blocking and tackling of Tom Boyles, Carl Wilder, Rod Statham, Mike Boggs, Fred Allen, C, W. Statham, john Greer, Sherwood Holmes, Ed john- son and Robert Cudd. All this en- abled the Tigers to defeat Minden, who went on to win their district title. MIKE CAGE Back si 1 1 v WN 7 ' f , NEVILLE 12-RAYVILLE 13 Returning to Neville Stadium against the fighting Hornets, after the Minden game, Neville had what is commonly known as a "flat" night. Being completely outfought and outplayed by the hard-hitting Hor- GERRY McWlLLIAMS Back ED JOHNSON Guard 1 X nets, the Tigers trailed after a Brown pass to Walker. This put ayville out in front, 7-0. Playing i spired ball in the third period, ry McWilliams and Mike Cage, A some pretty downfield blocking, moved across the goal to trail, 7-6.' Hendrix, Hornet Cap- tain, intercepted a McCready pass and went all the way to lead, 13-6. In the last two minutes Powell, on two passes brought the score up to 15-12. The point was not made. f-we fxx."fT":.'-Qzxw 1 Www' f eil" . i wi f -tw, K - , fa i 1 . . 7 i ',,,, --f' f 1 4 pf.!.,.1, 3 wJ:..,,,.--E-.K H .. ' Mg. 'H ' T Q . . , ,Va i .Q f at .H . , I -. 1 ' ! ? r, , h , x Qt. ,L. f. , A , gi ,Q M , .tk M . .V 'F 1 - ,v"-limifl X11 . 'sys , , f ,-4, i ,--, ,iw - ,G ,.,.. Q .. . .,',,-.,,.i.1 -- gym ,A , wi, - ' I N A LTON M4 CR FADY liritk NEVILLE 34fWEST MONROE 20 Playing the new "Rebels" of West Monroe at Brown Field, the spectators were treated to a widely scoring game. It was Mack Powell, Mike Cage and Jerry McWilliams driving out yardage and making tackle after tackle to stop the "Rebels," E. C. Roark, jerry Bros- sett and David Powell were the "big guns" in the "Rebel" attack. 'l Jlllllv lp af ff ROD STATHAM Guard wlln rm NEVILLE 14-FARMERVILLE 12 With sickness and injuries slowing them up, the over-confident Tigers found rough sailing against coach james Tins- ley's Farmers. With Skippy Portman in the stands with a back injury and jerry McWilliams on the bench with fever, the Tigers barely squeezed out a win with the edu- cated toe of Mike Cage making the dif- ference. McWilliams had to be called upon the last half although he was in no condition to play. Big Allen Curtis was the Farmerville star, going 80 yards for one touchdown. H 'SJW W ROBERT Cl TDD End CARL WILDER Guard V-v FRED ALLEN Tackle .Q-1 Ni: SPECK LEWIS Back v'4 . ,V ,. , ss. My 4. . ,,, . s NEVILLE 6-RUSTON 13 Meeting the powerful Bearcats in Ruston, the Tigers were defeat- ed by the Bill Smith-"Baby" Hin- ton led team. Neville's touchdown came on a long run by Spec Lewis and a plunge over from the two yard line by jerry McWilliams. Quarterback Alton McCready had his best night all season as he hit his receivers time after time with passes only to have them dropped. His faking and hiding the ball kept the Bearcats guessing but this wasn't enough to down the "Cats" NEVILLE 6-WINNSBORO 6 Playing shorthanded with sick- ness, injuries and ineligibility tak- ing its toll, the Steve Thompson- led team were a thorn in the Ti- gers' side. A blocked punt returned for a touchdown put Winnsboro ahead, 6 to 0. A bruising tackle by Mike Boggs forced Winnsboro to kick out from their own goal line. Mike Cage made a brilliant return to the Wildcat five where, on the next ng, play, he scored and tied the game, 6A6. Cage's try for the point was blocked. DICK SEILER Center M, GEORGE BOYD The punt return of Cage and the driving of Mack Powell along with the defensive performance of Ed johnson, Mike Boggs and Rod Statham enabled the Tigers to hold a tie with the Wildcats. Thomp- son was the outstanding back faced by Neville this SCCISOD. Back SHERWOOD HOLMES Tackle K . K a ' r 1'- JERRY TORRANS f...'N Back NEVILLE 41-TALLULAH 7 Homecoming at Neville with the crowning of Queen Pat Patterson found the Tigers showing their claws for the first time since the Minden game. , , . ,-C ..,,', x -x .... X'- t .- t PALMER JARRELI Tackle ri 50 Chalking up 18 first downs to Tallulahls four, the Tigers were sparked to their win by hard-run- ning jerry McWilliams, Mack Pow- ell and Mike Cage. They divided M .f"5n the scoring with substitute end Tom Causey who scored one touchdown on a 20-yard pass from Alton Mc- Cready. McWilliams kicked two extra points, McCready one, and Cage two. A new "star" was discovered in Palmer jarrell who stopped the Trojans cold. The blocking of guard Carl Wilder, was outstand- ing. The little 140-pound guard was .blocking downfield on every Play, being pushed for blocking honors by Mike Boggs. C. W. STATHAM End 'i wtf A TOM BOYLES Center ,I , r ,481 . NEVILLE 13-JENA 7 ll: 'X l ' y, MMC ,f N nw If lxp N ,f ,v vgl , BILL KING Back Making their last road trip of the season, the Tigers led by Mike Cage, I e r r y McWilliams, Mack Powell and Spec Lewis defeated a Neal Thompson led team, 13-7. Jena scored early in the first quarter on a touchdown run by Don Andrews who also converted. Powell, Lewis and McWilliams who by this time had earned the nickname of "Whirlpool" put on a drive. With the bruising power of a "Whirlpool," McWilliams scored. Cage missed the extra point. Jena led 7-6 at the half. Jena threatened in the third quarter, but Neville's defensive team rose to its height as C. W. Statham, Palmer jarrell, Mike Boggs, Sherwood Holmes, Rod Statham, Robert Cudd and Ed johnson threw the Giants for loss after loss. In the fourth quarter, Cage broke loose for a 56 yard run for a T.D. The point was made by McWilliams, and the game ended, 13-7. PAT ANDERSON Guard 'Y W b D 4,1 4, Q Vp' -- :A .. , -n -- ' gun 4 1 - The Tigers after the Ouachita Victory. NEVILLE 13-OUACHITA 0 Meeting their cross-town rivals for the fourth time in the current series, the Tigers had 16 Seniors playing their final game for Neville High. With Skippy Portman, Nev- ille captain, back in uniform after a back injury and john Greer returning to his erid position, the Tigers were not to be denied. Skippy Portman scored from the five yard line on a pass from Alton McCready, who passed and handled the ball exceptionally well all night. Cage kicked the extra point. It was "Whirlpool" McWilliams' greatest night as he fought and fumbled his way downfield to set up the second score. Mike Cage drove for the final score, going from 16 yards out. It was a team victory for Neville. The line play of the entire forward wall was out- standing with john Greer, Palmer jarrell, Fred Allen, Carl Wilder, Dick Seiler ,Tom Boyles, Rod Statham, johnny Wendel, Mike Boggs, Sherwood Holmes, Robert Cudd, and C. W. Statham stopping line drives cold time after time. The line-backers, Mc- Williams, jerry Torrens and Mack Powell, were suffering with knee and back injuries that would have caused most boys to sit in the stands. john Greer, Ed johnson, Mike Boggs, and jerry McWilliams, played the greatest game of their career. Whipping the Double-A Ouachita Lions for the third time in succession gave the underdog- Class-A Tigers the joe Guerriero city championship trophy. The Trophy is now retired and is peacefully resting in'the Neville trophy case to be admired by all. The trophy is symbolic of the most spirited student body any school could ever have. -474945 PATRICK MEEHAN With BILL WILSON ERESHMAN SQUAD--Front row, left to right: Haw thorne, Yerger, Reeves. Moore, Boone, Thacker, Turner, Kirby, Bates, Williaiims, Awl, Allen, johnson, Carter, Brin son, Kelly, Manager. Back row: Coach Petterson, Upshaw Cerniglia, Troy, Bassett, Altick, Burroughs, Parrino, Patton Miles, Carlson, Rachel, Vurino, Roberts, Snelling, Wheeler, Nugent. Sims. CHEERLEADERS - Left to right, front row: Y vo n n e Huckabee, jan Petterson, 1 o a n Dupuy. Buck row: Lynn Theus, Kay Perkins. Mary NX'il- son. Sue Stubbs. ELTON UPSHAXX' BOBBY JOHNSON C.1pl,zin,r 151 If k F , , - -- 1- 'rf eifg,-riff-em ..1--. . -. 41-ff ew-'. . - of ..-,,. E wwf" K L- . ' ' "J','l 'if' ' mls qw ' ,,- 'r " f' " 4 . - - Q , O : . wk- ' :usb L, F f - , . 'Yu' V W , .agw X 4 ' Q H -t v '5 .,,,,, -Q, g. ,W 1 1, - ug iv 5 Q ,M - N . . W 5 ' . Y ffm 1-My ' rw, . :kQL:.,,,M3 XM... -' ,wif ' r , . ,un .., Wg , Q 1-..,i?t-at gifs-I:x'sL's" . . , :Q ,? K W, N-,nu v,,,f,.x. .,, Q , 'gi x - M 'P 'Qwef 'L an .r ' -f 'X t-it -" ., - .,r is ,,.. 1 .-, wg 'ini . t, +5 -. 4 Q mahfz CHEERLEADERS - Left to right: Margaret Brady, A n n Youngblood. An n MtDonald, Betty Hemp- hill, Dotty Dawson, Mar- tha Burns. 494 ,IIMMIE SPARKS WILLIAM RAGEN C,1pIt1in,r THE JUNIOR HIGH-First row: Crews, Crow, Dollar McNabb, Kirby, Edwards, King, Gcnusa ,Howard Coates Second row: Oliver, Hedgewood. Davenport. Lowry. Cam mack. Third row: Wroten, Grant, Snipes, Talton. McDown Patterson, Carter, Sparks, Depriest, Bernctte, Nugent, I-lol diness, Smart, and the coach of the team, Coarh 'Buddy' Bonnette. .10 A '-AK 31,-gpigwf. ,-L, 5 'V q!.N- 'N' 4ftx'u'tk.: I . ,,,f -H 'C ti?-fiS?:rv'v A L r-'?fA:,"fCw,3.v L . 'dw ""Nf'1 -Y N , p G-f QAI'-vs-N1 ' lt 4 -W O gm' fs' E 31 7?54 3 6414! ir 'gd' LP THE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-From left to right, first row: Larry Reeves, Donald Spatafora, David Fruend, Wayne Causey, jerry LaPrarie. Second row: Earnest Carter, james Hudson, Freddie Frickie, Auther Swanson, Bill Hardy and Gene Barham. 1 'LJ' V+ FREDDIE FRICKIE Center WAYNE CAUSEY Guard IF .xx 1 1 -1' JERRY LaPRARIE Guard BILL HARDY Forward , GENE BARHAM d I Q Q Forward YA QA' ui- JAMES HUDSON Forward Qu 1 ,Q . ' 2 fm 1 l A N . ai X N-4 1 LARRY REEVES x ' 'LA Guard ' g MQ Q. ' RED SWANSON Center X, I . - 1 . A 1, A - V 1 ls' iii I . V 5 r 'Y ji: if X9 DAVID FREUND 1 WN , Y . I, , Q p yt r Forward Forward ERNEST CARTER Center 5 fl A A 1 11 it y lRRRR I l Resume of the 1953-54 Basketball Season The 1953-54 BASKETBALL TEAM is one that will be remembered throughout the entire history of the school. The great Tiger team won thirty-four consecutive games, and hopes to win more during this. season. They have played in four tournaments and have won all of them. The first tournament they played was at Weston. The next was the Ouachita tournament where, by beating Calhoun 55 to 53, they won the tournament. At Jonesboro, the great team again showed their talents as they won this tournament. The last tournament, again won by Neville, was the Neville tournament played here at Neville. This great team will represent North Louisiana at the State Class "A" Tournament to be played at Lafayette March 4-6. With the coaching of Buddy Bonnette, the Tiger team has brought to Neville the greatest record in games won consecutively. The only loss as the book went to press was to Ringgold on February 12. 1 'Y ht DONALD siwraroan 1 i g fmi? Na '94-wh ,' 3, we U K ' ' frvagp gf 9 V Q f .vg'f?'Ya,-Q A . ' ilk .y,k'-LH' - 1--Q. Q, .1 Q . ., V sag , I-9 ,Ya Q 7' swf' 5- 'vw K '42 'Pi gm "' ,, l ik il' glaze' ., Jw wi qt, 'Wig ,Q wh. an . H v STV? f v ii ' iga gx ' ' rv' f r ' f rf if - 'f"'B2f 'E?R,,.,,l sf an ,F ax lg if " S6 "LQg' af A X , N 4 . 5, Q ,Q V2 , if 1 - H if Y. if -. A , ' J 1. , W. , . 4 .x s 5 hi . .fr ,H gf" nl N 1 Y I s LV! 'iw 1 fl .. is 1-1 Q, x I I I I I I I K ifs1.Qg!ll lil es' M 'A' f 'L i"""i"'W yj' ' 5 ,'f,.l'H If flf ill' f' f-lei L "'wQQ,A Q " 51' ' " r gg-iraq f rrl' 1j6T'5-"ff LL s W " ' 'l Q sails- A ,M ni. - A ' www- My y 1 " t A-V L F gr ,ver . CAUSEY V , ,hay 'ffl up hem lu If if P . 1 Nikki, 1, Q K se-rt' AT BAT sf vp!-iy,rryv,g', gpg, 'KEY' L. ' "' 'R X-Q M T :aft 95 .le-,, A - ' Q sgyfk' - 4 ein'-.-tl '. ff. fenflu- . "ii ' ' 'A i':a ffwwwflbggli. lsijffkjgx 1- 'alt-??':" .,'i'31'-Xiaiv-li"3399'w " f """' 1-1 ,JJ ff" ' uu.1 ' 1 Q 9 BEHIND THE SCREEN Resume of 1953 Baseball Season THE NEVILLE BASEBALL TEAM brought much fame to Neville by winning the 1953 class "A" baseball State Championship. At the state play-off they defeated Abbe- ville, Lutcher, Berhman, and Marrero. The team won a total of twenty-three games and lost only one. The great pitching of Max Mays, Wayne Causey, "Red" Swanson and Gene Barham contributes to their winning. The teamwork and "will to win" of Guy Gannaway, catcher, Fred Frickie, first baseg Ray Rhymes, third baseg Billy Hardy, shortstopg jack Neal, left field, Larry Reeves, center field, Frank Scalia, right field, and jerry LaPrarie, second base, brought the Tigers a successful season. The coaches of this proud team were jim Coats and Bob Meador. Five players left the team in june not to return. They are Ray Rhymes, jackie Neal, Guy Gannaway, Max Mayes and Frank Scalia. I lm IW' llul .fan me ffgaifraallalsill Tiki Vitfiii iliiifriiffz - 24: K l ?b'h ,. EWS? S fl 2' T , aiae 1 1 A 5 X gm A ,--. M- EE.-fri "'f gfffie! 255 3 e wi HSQB aiawf 1 -'BHK fi THE SQUAD-Front row, left to right: Reba Forrest, Pat Kelly, Lois Stevens, Trudy Baugh, Bobbie Sanders, Mary Rita Smith. Back row: Cathy Noel, Connie Falk, Billie jean Head, Martha Thompson, Nancy Breard, "Teeny" De-Lorat, Coach Katheryn Hen- derson. 'l ivhisiv ...D .I W ... , -Q .L W - . - 61.- . .A Ugg' .M .v aw Nz.. ,Q . it f 1' 17.04 ev--' 1 x 4 1 r 1 rs' fx! S 04 I' -'la X D4 X , I C13 2 tgp ' A, J. . .1134 . ju Y ' 'ia A gl 'J Jul'--. .. I g JI -v -V W--, - lxm v . 2 i r 5 ,Q . ' will f ' x :L-44 A C1 f J - "Q-4. g -on-FE .vt K sin: X Q . H. 1 .g 'fa NI? Nga I3 .xx .443 - s 5 i N 'I 1 fo, . " 4' ' .Q ,V I .:, L 1 I X nv, ,. ,- My 'H ' ar' ,V fs' AJ ' M 8 Q . 'H-. -'T ' ' Q .v Wk ig,n4,.A. ' ,f:,' .4 we 2 ,N , . .w. .,, 1-f A...-'ff ju, gg,,j,f:l'3' f' H Q L' lufvy' 15,41-Q" 5.5 .,, -, r-.. , i" g ' ' 4' 'as-IAF - 'A 1 QW if-' wg D N-, ,Y -A vga 9 W ' Q. I as 51 -Q 1 'sf' 1' gl If pri, ulwaml' 4, . - -'curl ,ggi UESTINHTIDN VICTURY x 4 m ,W W LM in n v-Ag .-ro, .,..sf, ' sw , i . ,v-,., 1 1, .iz-7 oh-1' ev- X Q' 1 1 4!,-v-K 2: 3 Waller Reed Refrigerafion YOUR FRIGIDAIRE DEALER 209 Louisville Phone 3-887I MONROE. LOUISIANA Complimenfs of BROOKINGS GROCER COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Phone 3-7728 MONROE. LOUISIANA ,-QQQmsxxgg, ,,, , 5 x 1 COMPLIFMENTS 3 E 0 l f .Q V 5 and SPUR I 3 I CenI'ral Aufo Sales Y - , I RESTAURANT 1 . ,L ' Your Friendly Sfudebalzer Dealer i ll ' sin----.YQE""xx,,.1 Monroe La Dial 3446i "WesI' rn Foods Served , ' I ", .1 In a Howdy AI'mosphere" W' I .. If' "' 22I6 Louisville Ave. COMPLIMENTS of OUACHITA HILL LUMBER 81 SUPPLY, Inc. The Besi' In Building Maferials LOUISVILLE AT I7I'h ST. , 1 "Mee+ Friends Where Friends Mee1"' The Rendezvous Resfauranl THE GABLE ROOM-THE FIRESIDE ROOM THE CAJUN ROOMS THE TERRACE LOUNGE I400 Louisville-On Highway 80 P. O. Box l78 Monroe, Louisiana The Sou+h's Largesf and Fines? Drive-ln Resfaurani' FURNITURE COMPANY Qualify Furnifure and Appliances 209 Nor+l1 4+h S+. Dial 6450 MONROE. LOUISIANA VIRGINIA HOTEL Monroe, La. AIR CONDITIONED Bedrooms-Sample Rooms MeeI'ing and Banquei' Rooms Resiaurani'-Cheerio Bar L. J. HULIN Vice-Pres.-Mgr. S414 , . i x QW ? I .'.'i , g if RW JN MONROE L FURNITURE co. I32 Norlh Second Dial 3-2246 MONROE, LOUISIANA For that well dressed look on the campus, see us. I---I A l --II- -----A R --II- lllll 2 R lllll Q09 --I-I R R i I- -- LADIES' READY TO WEAR Qi2ill2illifWlflff,5!5f3llLl Nor+h Louisiana-S L6l'geSl' 5lLVER51'ElN'5 00? Women's Apparel Slore 342 Desiard St Dllllngham BEST WISHES Oplical Dispensary "GUILD OPTICIAN" Dial 3-5073 Dial 3-63Il I026 Nori'l1 bill S+. 80I Ouacl1i'l'a Banlc Monroe, Louisiana Monroe, Louisiana TURPIN LUMBER 81 SUPPLY Your Heallh is our Business Medical Ar+s Pharmacy I033 N. blh Dial 2-2778 Slagle-Johnson Lumber Co., Inc. WHOLESALE and RETAIL Lumber-Building Maferial Special Mill Work MONROE. LOUISIANA CITY OF MONROE Mayor John E. Coon Commissioner Frank X. Cline Commissioner Wayne H. Huclraby Wani' fo Subscribe 'Io Fo'-SY-I-he Your Favorife Magazine? Beau-'hy Salon Wri+e or Phone F0:YI'l'e ve. PAT MEEHAN Dia, 2-2507 Louisville Dial 8695 --LATEST HAR STYLES'- K DurreH's KMQVA. -,F GOOD G' I op 'COFFEE I05 S+. John S+. Dial 3-7202 Coffee Cup MONROE, LOUISIANA 502 Louisville MONROE, LOUISIANA Complimenfs of Daily News-Digesl' 504 Soufh Grand R. F. SEILER Louisville Appliance 4I 6 Louisville Avenue MONROE SOUTHWEST Riley GAS PRODUCING Supply Co. COMPANY, INC. I309 Louisville Ave- Phone 2-I446 Wholesale Plumbing, Healing Mill and Induslrial Supplies LOUISVILLE AVENUE MONROE, LOUISIANA Weil Cleaners 508 Norlh Fourlh Dial 2-l934 If II"s WorI'h While Cleaning- K Hemp's -I+'s WorI'h Weil Cleaning Cafellerla I N GOOD ,f Lumbermen's PLUMBING Kelly X-XX! C HEATING fi 602 Louisville Avenue MoNRoE. LOUISIANA ' PLUMBING CJ 8 CSJO Supply Company WHOLESALE EXCLUSIVELY Building Maferial-Mill Worlc Plumbing Supplies MONROE. LOUISIANA f f xx K. I E liifflgfff Hgh ILLEE II 55!!!g Ss !:!!! 3533! !!!!!!!!!I !!!!l!l!!: L WI IIITN. I xx I "3 ' N., ,iff 1 l 4 I I :"'1 FIS-. 4 -4' E I I 'H RSX. ' M' -1 u hh KL f I 'v I l min . GU' I L I ' ' 'f"4-. f ,4 1, ai:-"' i .f' l T"N- ' ' B ' , ,V J ,f '-L: , I NN - E I T"-1' fA1"" gif - . 3 ! I E E 3 .-1-...mfr-fiumum...-nn..-m-...-m.....,,.l ll '..a-""" OUACHITA NATIONAL BANK MEMBER E. D. I. C. Four Loca'rions for Convenieni' Banking Monroe Wes'I Monroe JOHNNY CARSO 400 Louisville Louisville Pharmacy COMPLIMENTS of HADDAD BROS. "Be++er Cloihes for Less .Money" LADIES' WEAR-MEN'S WEAR Dry Goods and Shoes 506-8-I0 DeSiard Dial 3-332I WHITE SYSTEM AUTOMOBILE LOANS PERSONAL LOANS I37 Norfh Second Phone 766I Krauss 8: Cahn "YOUR ADAM HAT STORE" 320 DeSiard S+ree+ Monroe, La. Complimen'rs of OUACHITA CANDY COMPANY Inc. 2I5 Walnui' S+r 'I' MONROE, LOUISIANA Dial 2-3l8I 25 QDZQ NM 232 XE ,vw X A WV E v! f VX X i -, -XII... fs 'I dk ., NM TT EE 7 V ME ZW MA X14 f - 1 x I XII... SEA AA CRESCENT DRILLING CO.. INC. OUACHITA BANK BUILDING Monroe, Louisiana The T :T ' :iff ' Woman V -'-'E'3?:F13' In nl IIIIII IE IJI ,, nzs DeSiard S+. ' "" I I 'I .f "' 'mov 5 N1cHoLs I ,J A INSURANCE Mary'S Flower Shop CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales-Par+s-Service 3I8 Norfh Second Sfreef Phone 3-3494 OLCOTT RVICE MOTORS QUALITY and SE Complimenls and Besl' Wishes MOTORS SECURIT COMPANY, INC 500 WaInu'I' Slreel MONROE, LOUISIANA IES Doing Business in Monroe Since I928 TO YOU . . . OUR LEADERS-TO-BE In Ihe nol-loo-disI'an'I fuiure, many of you will be leaders in your communilies- in sociefy, church, business, government This leadership will be a dislinci honor and a challenge 'Io your inlelligence and abil- IIY BuI', don'I' forgel' 'I'haI' leadership also brings an imporlanl' obligalionz FAIR CONSIDERATION AND REPRESENTA- TION FOR THOSE YOU LEAD. Only if you succeed in Ihis can our nalion con- 'l'inue lo lead 'Ihe world as a land of free- dom 'for all of us. OUR CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I954! ' Y hqxtiJRgLPeii'EsL Serving N. E. LOUISIANA for 5I years gt:---A-.... aim? ' I 1, ,, ,Ee -' 3, X ....f. -- ' Dial 8I3l MONROE, LOUISIANA MASSEY'S SERVICE CENTER - amf mmfs a - B. Fbhjoodlxh Tires and Tubes nco- olorola-Zemfh TV Sales and Service 7I2 Grand Dial 2-2604. Kelvinalor Refrigeralors Johnggn Sea Horse 80I Jackson Phones 9954 3-b6l6 Qufboard Mofors Monroe, Louisiana SALES SERVICE PIGGLY WIGGLY FOURTH and BREARD -law: 'A F0 s ues, uinmc. . Qfaov 1 ' L,,, ,si ij, Complimenls of Complimenrs of MARTIN MARBLE Xa GRANITE WORKS NICGINN FINANCE CO. 500 Jackson Sm, Phone 2-440l Monroe. La. SPORTS MUSIC KLIC "The Good Will S'ra+ion" I230 on Your Dial MYSTERIES NEWS Bring Your Car MCCAIN RICHARDS Home FIBM DJL I 'Q-,kg-ei: v!f,,. ' I 20 I Louisville Ave. Phone 2-268I We enioy +he fruifs of Democracy d 5 O , Why noi' culfivafe if? f FOI' FINE Fo COMPLIMENTS OF Monroe Wholesale ' Drug Co., Inc. MONROE, LOUISIANA visil --vQf+man'S 5' Cafeu J 1 SM, ill! Lennon Mofor Co., Inc. Third and Washingfon Sis. Dial 3-3464 A MONROE, LOUISIANA rr. , : V. H ' . 4 ' ,r,, ,-. lv ,V iflq- '-3' 'FQ . II BUICK BEST WISH ES SIG HAAS ancl SON MONROE, LOUISIANA V 'Gai , -3 1 ll X , A . 'vw Q V 'li f T 1 an :Bak :'f:- xt 1 -, " gi' M ,S A.VW.A , A If 1 I ' sf i . A , 'l f g,f'f9??Ag, -K N555 ,Lu ,MJ Yi? X 5 ' 4 I 'X . Q A s ! ,X V5 J"'iIf'W'1g ' 1 fl 1 1 Qijisfxgf. f1 1'5,3 f , ,fkft , 52: 3, . V A X ,. auqfif. rf - 6, , ' f ru,J5i9i'fjf7f3?v:.f-fly fax .f ' gr' 3 fz,r.,g,,. . Am 'Lf ,fix 3 AY.. A "'3,45'?,AQV'ff'5.'J31. Y Q F' 'XCSQ-f'5.f'w'byV ,Q 3 K- fs' 1QmQ'ff-if i -1 -:Z Af 5'-.q,+'Jf,.Q 1 YY"H5'ft'vil 'Jus' f:. fin ' H :QW -A ff! U15 K , 'H 2' '. s fri? . " . 5 . ' A ,, V. X ., ' y ily: I Q , ' 'M f Q K Ng?-Ni" 1 " 1 1 1- , kv H "' S xi x X M -an B f 'N wg ,' V A 1: z Wg, ml -1. f f, 5 . 1 -Y Q AFI - im-. Q X ' .v -- ix ' 1 J'1'YQiq"'F3 ,' ll -f"?x'g?h- Q in 1, ? 3 is J , ,M , 'Q I , 31 QA 3 K5 Q .Q K M ' V f f - 'f my 'QM-I . 'Y Q E 1 L ,ug MQ- . Mn q - . 'UQ if - -2 L - l' L A . , V ,, .rl -.fpezsqq - rw Y H 1 ?',.:i'F.5:l E,-Mm , - .- 'Dj ., 1 ',.z ,,:l-I 45 X ull'-"' I ,Q3 , . 0 4 0 , ' YL ' I 1- 1 ' , . D rl! Q .9 - 3 Q ..,-, ' ' ' . 'H I' . " , ' fi ' 'af' . lfli' -, ',.- . NEGLEY BAG 84 PAPER CO. TO A FUTURE OF HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Lilian Church IIo Pappas Li-Lo Youfh Shop Il2I Forsyfhe Avenue MONROE, LOUISIANA Jusf up fhe Sireel' from Neville D. Masur 81 Sons IOI DeSiard Headquarfers for McGREGOR SPORTSWEAR Cenfral Savings Bank 8: Trusl' Co. MONROE-WEST MONROE For 46 Years- "As Time Goes On" MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE and F. D. I. C. , game 5 5505 aging F. STRAUSS at SCN, unc. aaa DESIARD STREET DEL MONTE CANNED FRUITS 5,2051 fo! ig!-.Z Enfilz Qamlffy and VEGETABLES MDNRDE, LOUISIANA gl L: 1 1 NATIONAL SCHOOL PICTURES. unc. Dg5g,iggng3?fgSS Complimen+s of W MONROE GLASS COMPANY 'NSURANCE AGENCY' 'nc l l32 Jackson S+ree+ 4l4 Walnu+ S+. Phone 3-7737 7 MQNROEI LQUISIANA MONROE, LOUISIANA Dial 3,5778 COMPLIMENTS of BANCROFT PAPER COMPANY, Inc. Continuous Quality ls Quality You Trust Oulu: ann nnuouu an vu coulcou zouun u Ouachila Coca-Cola BoH'ling Co. MONROE, LOUISIANA STYLE SHOP R 8: A Jewelers Inc. CREDIT JEWELERS Largesf Collecfion of Anfique Jewelry FASHION CENTER AT MONROE In Nodheasi, Louisiana Phone 3-340I Paramounl' Theafre Bldg. II5-I I7 DeSiard S+. Monroe, Louisiana MONROE, LOUISIANA PARKVIEW PHARMACY A SMART NEW STORE Inc. Q J. W. CUNNINGHAM ls' f ,U J' 5:53 Q9 - SI3 Park Ave- A FINE om NAME Dial 3-3447 Monroe, Le. The ADA'S PAY KRAMER sl-lor Home of Handmacker 506 Bres Avenue MONROE. LOUISIANA Sui+s" Congraiulafions I Ouachi+a Cigar and Tobacco Co. MONROE, LOUISIANA WW 3.7 420 LEE'S PHARMACY I O9 S+erIingIon Road S 1 Your I954 Monroyan . . Prin'I'ing . . . Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas FRED ELSING School-Day Picfures . . . Naiional School Pidures DARRELL J. DeMOSS School Ac+ivi+y Piciures . . . NeviIIe Siaff SCOTTY MAXWELL FRANK BROOKINGS ROGER DEAN INTRODUCTORY SECTION-Ashley Hamilton and julia Bess Williams were in charge of this area of production. They also aided in the final completion of the book by writing needed copy and proof-reading. So many people have con- tributed a share to production of this book that it is impossible to picture them all, or even to name them. Those who have Contributed the most work. and the greatest amount of time HFC shown here on these two pages. jane Worthen was snapshots custodian during the UIUC fhC staff was collecting pictures for that section. Neville students, however, have not been overly generous in supplying the Pif' tures necessary to make a larger section possible. Any yearbook looks like simple job to put together. But on the contrary, it is a task filler with much detail work when each error may hurt someone' feelings. XVe hope that the 1954 1ll0lI myfnz meets with the approva of the entire student body. I-low ever, in any work of this scope errors are bound to occur, anc the staff begs forgiveness in ada vance. ADVERTISING-Fran Guthrie did a remarkable job of drawing up all advertising copy and selling much of it. The life-blood of annual production is in its advertis- ing, and Fran contributed much toward making the Monroyan possible. 9 P We do not even have enough .pace to list the names of the nany people who have con- ributed the time and effort to .ell the yearbooks and the in- lividual pictures this year. Nor :an we name all of those who tided in selling the advertising. Practically every member of :he senior and junior classes has :ontributed some small part to :he book. The nucleus working staff could not have produced 1 book without the cooperation of every one of them. X SPORTS-Mike Boggs, Pat Ruple and Ed johnson teamed up to do the entire sports section of the book, which in itself, comprises a large portion of the entire job. N fl' -a 'ya .. S Mpprii 4 19' cirlfkx CLASS SECTION-The most tedious and difficult job on the staff was done by the efforts of Betty Peden, Maurine Knight and Barbara Farmar, above. "Snuggle Burnett also contributed an important helping-hand in this section. Again, we have to stop and mention the fact that all of the pictures, with the exception of the class section head-shots, were done in the school darkroom by Scotty Maxwell, Frank Brook- ings and Roger Dean. just for the record, members of the staff will not see this page until the annual is pub- lished. It has been a good group with which to work, and all of them have done a good job in making the 1954 Mofzroyan possible. Thanks. LEON L. MARX Pzrblimtiom' Spomor ' ' ,- I , app 1 f f KW 015W S4 op W G?uo444' pgfahwf il: v.Z I cwflmiwcj 620' ' + ' URAQ1' ""'f2-4. my . WWZM, fm, JM, if-Q 94 444 ,ids-svyl 'fi'-"ff Kiwi ffffw , ZQWW AMW """"J.o.,K ,- -5 'L f ,- s,. -.,- rw ei' ,fe 1053 0' A I 7 J,-l .. ----,N .ff :,1-- --5. .7-, r',, -, vw- I, .15 51 I Q.-'B' - W Q.. 'ffvwfwmwzewrwasgsvsvwwwf 'M' " Sfxldffhl TY, f . ,WMWM .qnnwvr - Q www:-, 4 . ,, 54 wg mwwwrxw- h g W, .- M +.wfmf5 wi' ' N. ,,h, LEW! ,M A W is y L . . .. WA uwml Qi n 3+-i,5'? , . V T MA " vi? wail, at , . ff-9, Q y f fvgfw ,QUJ W .X W , H ,, f . . Q ' If V, , 5 M459 Q' f' ' ffm ' ' ' V V 2 " 4' f ' f . ff' Q K - ff-:fn " 7 1 I -14:34 ' i :.w1.zl'Vli- ' is an ' M k f m 3 W if m' Jef gb gf t ' w p ff Y., . 1 Q -f X , W QA .. .X , h,,AA l ,. W - V ' f , ,,

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