Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA)

 - Class of 1958

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.':.'i1S'i-0.x-p 7' ' . :,, ..',1:f 4 'Ai"" fi." 4 YWTWQQ' ffl, 05:10 WN "fd'wf 'f I Q I L. Onyx al 051 H11 2, 4 Y gi 0 J ! rL,.!Xa lf' W 'Q 5 1: -,Iii I0 nil J ,-.1 'lg Lb vb., Q.,.Jf ,N jj- V. JJ fl f- H ,iv 1, r 3111. 7- 21, I : M f ry iff X114 nib 4' 'Hq C G 'B 1' N f W' t, ,v'y j 2 , ,1 X H, dn' 5' SY fu ' so 'yyMA -N Ns Q Q 'L A, f X'--U'-'ff 'QR 1 l X h ji J' hx Q " 'QC W x . 1 A x fa w- fa, v,,,. 4 0 "1 M7 I iw N Nbr-. J,-,H N, 'QV ' A f ,Z 'rx '34 S 1, J ,lu -10, fl . A ,f ft qw, ' V' , in 7. Hx 1 'iw' 'Q ' 'w 2+ is r-if x gr dz 4 IRQ 51,294 X4 is Q 90. 'L 714. 52 Air, ., but tl 'HJJ X Q t IL if v X X VWM Gul. mv , , IL loeu., QAM, s Vp u PM 111,54 -Hu. voaurvwv-'K' df! WL ox ve,O""'1' ko yr' - 0x QQUOW NJ" 3 5 A Y7Q,.a" Ogsx' Q Xxx W Sump Wx . M9- Y ' ' uw 0 Q I Sq-1 'Xlgugw Q0 'N CLU -Wa. fxnro-00165 U tiiili i5?Q3"C:Qf Q af QM heb wht VU- qrunwux xv M VSWW X-SULS , ' ' ' ' X Ll x N ' ' . M3311 gm K B M X39 ff xv XX my Cwviw D1 , 9.91 E bf! my m W - my X ru-A :USC in gtg X . Q ' , W' x N , kv tk: .itil XXXDOV Q63 1 J up wumaumvi, VZ ' cfm vsevuf WN ' 5 . QQLL?tL?mJf1f"' fbi if .W , Wqgzsxq Am 21-ff-J 'M M wraww- ?tffiNi.'m TW t Demi qfsrgxggfoa-0.xL1lvX 'pf an., W ,Lf H 5 A fU,WJ-Ao kmk NWM9 1 V53 gb-.'0-s4cRkxx'a ,LL Aww AWWA 'KM all f.Al,0g-S Xyude., Mxvxkhxfl-grits gkbwa be - . ' C Aux' " -Qkqxl - A W ifBv.1'x,1,-1,vLf,1 P. Z, . . A. V. . A .. - f Oukbwofg, QALWJJZZJL fffeyzic XZ Q2 MW ,Z ff 95-U f 7 fl ,cf JELZMJZQ Z JM WJ M L41 Q ,WMM J A7 KX ff W? lcd' NV Dfwff LQ M Q MQ Hgfwwy wffw WWW WG? J !MM 55 Qwkwfvwgfijg A I ZA Aj Xjddx w 'Aff V AA' Z-xczffef ww 4 'A' M' f 'nk .L J 4' f '6'-'O"f2 ,L I A4270 C Qqfkfffi J and df IVV 1-4, Q, 'I AL 6 Liv U 4.4,,, V!-1 'L 6 XVLLA 4 Aman-,VA . MJLA' 1 f T' f JW' W v N ,if A , f 1 5 ' ' Q A A ' f'KAliff 'fL.1 wx Xi! f C N 'J , Q , L?',f1,g' H W yayykfy fwm f V If 'Wi ff Ju W n UM! ry! 0 L. M Wx J vk Q, w My gf al My 69. W dk fy yy ,tj Aw yy by fi Sk Mia 5101 V .feaoywvwmdww JW ZWjM N wx 55? S53 I H LZ 7 W ZW Aww hjlfff! 4 fd! 47 ,. " I ' 4Lfmdava4, 4 I A, ,M WW7'76f2 M ' M jf Jil 225404 -'f-ffnQQ,, Zi J I : Z ',4"wL J ww? Alf Agdzamllvfzid W 5 715016 3411149-roi? , 144 MJ ja, ,WQ44 """'9-""474z4az4, ,440 .wacky MZV 340401 4 aff!! L'.70pXA,L 'QW fi! ,MMa4ffv44 lzJnf'N-L,5lJNA-6-'WMNQ Qp.,Mm01j'0'Y"k mm hfww,O91-HMC' VMWAM DMM:-.M ,r wfffi ' JA- Af ,ALQ47.w4f' X by wily 521:12 5 N X? i J! lvxjv 3 5' P' W Q www N 2 2 F 4 JN fibxn' X X5 3, Q .V A Q5 NNXM5 . 32553, +JV-r,2aflQr?gN XENA 1 it rx .fx . 711142 fluff? bww, wh -xx 3315 's Yixirwv I W TX ' 4 . v h x J . 1 1 v 'N N un xl Xysfj-2 f Aw 71 ,Q J Q, Q if XX --K m mfs . 5 .x N J X x , N ' .1 X ' ' N ' ' . 'W - X . V'-3 -Q Y Q bg Q 6 my , 1 4 xx 7 M ,kv NJ Na MM KLJLWLL OGX ikirgw byxlmqfamx M-Lelxilf, MWA be 'liiimrgf f,,,..:Jci.-M-Q mg P51 ,L J I fyfifjw W 2 ROSPECTGREQX S QM Q YQ1958 Q W iihfix NwAq.NION SENIOR HIGH W B ki RQ . X 3 MU E1L'ii'E'i?E X3 5 V J x v M An -X x K ' V 7 V JO J b A x ,X hx Q, V JJ Nj I V 'fl O. ' f ly JI W N U JN x 1 JI L Q M fx 1 1 V , jx X h ln this day, when we hear more of Sputnik and Explorer than any- thing else, we turn gratefully for a moment's respite to the Tommy- knocker, a curious sort of elf. Found everywhere in mines where men of Cornish background have worked, he is represented as both helpful and mischievous. When disaster threatens, for example, to the air supply in the mine, the men hear a warning knock on the tim- bers by-who else, but the Tommy- knockers? Of course, they aren't above tricks of all kinds-a happy tradition, the Tommyknockers! VVhen the tea in a miner's lunch- bucket-with its pastie and saffron bun--is tipped over that is the Tommyknocker, who has done it again! Their life has always been a "fun" one. Now, with our mines closed, we fancy these "little men" have moved into our school buildings, and we welcome them by featuring them as the theme of l958 Prospector. ,og FOREWGRD 54"Q I I 1. 100 , 1 Q2 , gag .MLQLLZL -bwazwv .6',.g94u ,M fig fj?fg,4g5feL W VQLQZQ 7,4-50 -4241 L'2CLL4f4f', Qaeda M ' 44 JE -Q 1 I I DEDICATION This volume is dedicated to the happy, helpful, fun-loving elf of the northern mines-the Tommyknocker-and to sim- ilar "little people" that have lightened the hearts of men: the sprite, fairy pixie gnome goblin nym h d ad b 7 7 7 9 P 9 ry 9 banshee, troll, hobgoblin, leprechaun, the good folk, the little men, elfenfolk ' f - " ' " , in act all the little people! TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Foreword Dedication The School at Work Administration Classes Clubs and Activities Sports Spring Section Advertising -9 108-v1.04-J., L Al UR SCHOOL IS FUN, BUT ALSO WORK Our Nevada Union School District provides educational W opportunities to meet the needs of every youth. The next few pages illustrate only some of the subjects taught. An important activity of the human mind lies in communi- cating and receiving ideas. English class activities in speaking, reading and writing lead to speech, dramatic art, foreign languages fthree years each of Latin, Spanish and Frenchj and journalism fyear- bookj. Civics and Senior Problems, American History, and World History are required subjects, and, besides widening the stu- dents' horizons, also prepare them directly to become intel- ligent citizens. We discover the wonderful world of science and mathe- matics. Algebra, Plane Geom- etry, in turn, fascinate those who work in this department. Biology, Chemistry, and Phys- ics teach truths and laws, dem- onstrated, observed, and prac- ticed in experimental science. Agricultural Science II, III, and IV and Agricultural Me- chanics II, III and IV are imponant courses for our Fu- ture Farmers. This department will need an additional teacher next year. Biology is a "Life,' course, recommended for every stu- dent. Business majors may take many courses, such as: Clerk Sales, Bookkeeping, Shorthand I and II, Typing I and II, Work Experience and Office Practice. In music, we have an excep- tional program in both choral and instrumental departments. Students are very proud of their participation in begin- ning band, advanced band, boys' chorus, girls' ensemble, mixed chorus, and music ap- preciation. X, . SQ Dramatics, an elective course, and Drivers' Training, which is required, contribute to hob- by and occupation of a student. lla 2? ll? -l- Auto Shop, Cabinet Shop, Girls' Shop, Mechanical Draw- ing, Architectural and Machine Drawing, Metal Shop II and Ill, and Wood Shop ll are courses offered in our lndus- trial Arts department. Physical Education is 'so well represented on our sports section that we used no pictures on these pages. We also have students working in library, in thecafeteria, and in the fol- lowing offices: Counseling, Attendance, Principal's, and Superintendent's A 'tsl' 1 ART In the fields of fine and ap- plied alt, work in crayon, pas- tels, sketching, water color, oils, weaving, ceramics, leather work, papier mache is done in our classes of basic formal art, and arts and crafts. HOMEMAKING Homemaking ll, III, and IV are probably the most useful classes in school-for girls, anyway. Students pictured on these pages were chosen as out- standing in the departments. BOARD OF TRUSTEES 'Hagan' ROBERT PAINE ALBERT L. CASEY Chairman 2 1 'S' R' ' , J is 1 1 , T R rsres A lf Q.. ' JACK RRICKELL GERALDINE M. FRY HAROLD J. GEORGE SR Our Board of Trustees is composed of these five people who give of their time, their talents, and themselves for the progress of our school. ADMINISTRATION N..-411 9 I ,,. fc Q --n 'If-. ,IF-1 I .ft I 3 ,gi - .P---A4,',, .-r-"- ,., V - , ,. -an ' A-..4 0-no ,y-1 S 'Tp , r lhistricl S11per1'ntr'n1lc'nI WIIIIAM NI. WILSON 1 SUI'ERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE n -sg ,I 1' I NIIK5. B. IIAIIRISV .Svfrvlnry INIIIN I I ROFI lfnoltlmcpcr 'llu' funn- of the- lfnrnixh mint-r van Iw trutw-tl to anvie-nt time-4 whvu I'hm'nit'ian trading -hips vurrirwl tin from thv mint-s nt' Cornwall to tht- 4-mpirt-s bounding tht- Nic-clitvrranefan 5:'a. 'I'h.- firxt mine-rf tu vunigrutm- tu California Inrnught with IIIPIII tlu- tools of the-ir traclv. iuvlutliugl at Npt-vigil lmuuuvr vallml u ttuuxuyknockvr, whivh was used in tvsting tha' safvty of uve-rlianging it-wk-. Nature-'Q h4'l'l't'IS. strippe-cl from lIXllIt'TglI'UlIINI tunnf-Is hy gvnvrntimis uf pravtival ffurnish, pr:-wil llIXillllllI7l!' in tht- mlvvt-ltqmufnt of our th-vp quartz mine-H. Xlxthirul IlPIIIIIlYIiIl1I1'IU'fS in tht- shape' of 4-lu-w we-rv also known In inhalwit tht- mint-P and nftt-n wut lin---ziglw through tht- Ftuuul of falliuf' rocks. t'I't'ilIiIIlgI timlu-rs, nr a uiislwliavinv randh- flame- r- r- to mirn uf tluugxvr. Irutlitiruiul ,ripe-ntitinm. ft-ur nf the- unknown. ag:--ulrl prayffrs for "th-liw'ram'e' from tht- :Ire-zul tliinvs whivli fm luuuii in tht- ni"ht." have' Inv:-n tlisn-Ile-tl hv cultivation antl tht- r- r- F I . gn-ut tlixt-tm-rv that nuturt- np:-rutvw in u4'4-urelulwr' with fixvtl laws: that sri:-ntists study nature: are- williug lu ln- taught Ivy nuturv. Uur xumle-rn luugw vxpltm- in outvr Spun-. uutl luun-matic' pixif-s guide' virvliug satvllite-s whivh te-ft tht- ve-iliup of tht- llllIYl'I'?Kl' and svntl 1lIht'tlY'fIllIII uu-ssagvs, whivh Iistvnc-rs may hvar as mul:-N prv-'wiiig tlungvr- tu munkiml. Iwut which provide' tluta in nur nvvvr vncling se-arvh for truth. ' r H ik ,iw Mai lblluki -.-.f--f nn-.-. ik--v "'t""1 ii?" wif +4 Q-WR Q 0- ,- if "?Hnwy:w- . Q' . raw ,1- ,snr ,,.......-va 1' l --vw, - -I I at ' 'Qi 1 mu .- ,. s-ml MHS. 0'l,EAKY. Recorder MR. GEORGIA Prznczpal MR. HOOPER. Vive' Principal 1 l'IiINCll'Al,'S MESSAGE ltnagiitutiori lt-acls llr to ln-lit-xv that lhost- gre-iulius ol tht- 1-arly mint-rs tht- 'loiiiniykiitit-kr-rs f we-rv sir:-tl hy tlit- snowy whito- quartz. mothc-rt-tl hy tht- stratas of gold. gatht-rt-tl in invisihlt- 1-loistt-r to lautl tht- alulitte-s uutl skills of thost- 1-arly Lornish num-rs tht-y rt-lt-nth-se-ly lu--mlm-vilt-tl. "l'itl'ar4-ml is ggiftt-tl with tht- tlrillf' notltlt-tl out-. "Ayn-.U agrt-1-tl uuotht-r. "And Charlt-s with his tituln-rs iiutl ll:-ut-ry with his kuowle-tlgv of tht- wamle-ring of tht- goltle-u It-tlgf-." So right wr-rv tht- mint- 'l'oiuiuyl-uiot-ke-rs, lfw-ry man has a tale-nt for tht- fiutliug. lu tht- iufiuitt- putt:-ru of tlit- tire-at lla-sign:-r no two humans art- vast from itlt-ntivul lllttltli .-Kim-rim-uri t'tllll'21llUll rt-vogiiin-s this. .Mm-rim-u is not a rc-giiun-ut:-tl ttzltiott, Born fn-v antl r-qual. our t'luiuut-ls of t-are-1-r protlut-tiw-ut-ss are- intlit-att-tl hy r-arly tt-nflr-lit-it-s. YM- ara- proutl of our .-Mm-rim-an systt-m of 1-tluvution. 1-onsidt-rt-tl one- ol tht- first rt-quisitt-s of tht- volonie-s. This lwroutlr-ning of opportunity was sparks-tl hy AIlll'I'il'LlIl initiativt-. sacrifivm-. and tl:-tn-ruiiuatiou through 4-arly :lays of rlt-iuot-rat'y. tht- mow- we-stwarcl of .-Mitt-rivatis pt-opling a t-ontiuz-ut. tht- 1-ra ot' iiuuiigration. lt has forge-tl its way to tht- p4-ak in industrial anti ss-it-ntifiv e-xpatusiou autl worltl lt-:uh-rsliip. Througli 4-tlut-ation. .-Mm-rim-at has kt-pt ah:-utl. lhtily ne-ws lu-utllim-s talk a language- unknown at alt-t-atlv ago "nut-le-ar fission," "the- sountl lrarrie-rf' "iuau-matlt- satt-llitt-s." This is tht- hour of trihutf- to :Mitt-ric'a's st-it-utists, tht-mists, nuttln-uiatit-iuns. liut whilc- plautlits for tht-sv mt-n arm- sung: today. it is we-ll to re-me-mln-r that the-sv le-w th-pe-ntl upon tht- many. .'xlltt'flt'1lIl 1-tluvatiou has not lorgottt-u tht- lttllll ngiftt-cl with tht- drill, skillc-tl with tituht-rs. ol knowlt-tl--0 of tht- wautlt-rinws of tht- un-tal lt-tive-s." U mon the-st-. Alun-rivan 4-cluvatinu ve-nta-rs. for r- 1- r- l of tlnst- tht- Ure-at Ut-sign:-r has pattc-rm-ml tht- gr:-ata-r numht-r. 'I I 1-I -v A. C7 ...M f ...MQ "fvr!"x 1 MRS. KITTY IIACLEY Typing I and II Arithnwtir' MR. WILLIAM CRANKSIIAW Ifore-stry Iliology NIR, DON I"AIRIfI.0IIGIrI lliviv- and S4-nior Planning: English II Il, Illslnfy MR. WARREN IMMI-II. Ifnglish Il FAC LTY Tliirrl row: II. Liotta, M. Cordon, C. Hvintzv. K. Baglvy. W. lmmf-I. Svroml row: E. Corr, A. Cassvttari. R. Frost, W. Crankshaw. J. Iiradshaw. First row: G. Ellsworth. J. Davis, D. Dykv. J. Luckinhill, D. Fillfflllllflll. MR. JAMES BRAIJSIIAW Counsvling Iiivivs and Sonior Planning MR. .IERRALD DAVIS Agricultural Shop Agricultural Sci:-ncv Mittal Shop II MR. ROIIERT FROST Girls' Shop Wood Shop Il lfahinvt Shop MR. TIMOTHY KAYS Wrnrlrl History Boys' Physical Education MRS. ADELINE KIASSI-I'I"I'ARI Spanish III Latin I and III MISS DOROTHY DYKE Il. S. Ilistory Art MRS. MARTHA GORDON Girls' Pliysival Eduvation MRS. HELEN I.IOTTA Hom:-making II. III, and IV Arts and Crafts MRS. EVELYN CORR Frm-nvli I. II, and III Spanish Il English IV MR, GEORGE EIISWORTII Plane- Ili-oim-try Algvlira Il Advance-d Drama MISS IIARDI, IIEINTZE Girls' Pliysival Ifduvalion MR. JAMES I.lIlIKlNllII,I, Mvtal Shop II and Ill Auto Shop 3. Mui' iilfn In 'g .. 4.7, N Y -I , ,, 1 I l J I 0 I v I 5 ., I ' fi O, ,ni If NIIIS. Mi-XIIIAN I,lllllIfY Iiirls', linys' and Mix:-ml lllmrus Nlnsim' Apprvvizilinii MISS NIAIIIIAIIIII' l'IlARISS Ifnglisli lll Spunisli l Iilllll ll NIR. .IANIICS SOI,Ill'fRG Ilifllflgy World llistury XIII. Illl.lll'ilI'I' TICNNIS IIIIPIIIISIYY l'llysi4's MRS. Alll'1l,Allll'i INIl,l.l0'l"l' Typing I Ste-nn I Thi nl mir: K. Stvw-ns. R. Snortland, J. Sollwrg. ll. Tvnnis. T, Kays. Svvrmnl mir: Nl. Stvwiis, T. Wlicz-ling, M. Pliariss, U. Snapp, G. Pvavy, ll, Nlulvuliy. Hrs! mir: I". Nlvyvrs, NI. Lililmvy, If. Slvwns, C. Tvrrvll. A. Ifllintt, J. Yulvnlinn. NIR. Flilfll INIICYERS Ii4mkkvm'pii1g1 l lflvrk Salm-s Olfirl' IIf2iL'lll't' Stnmlvnl llooks NIISS NIAXINIC SLI'II'fI'ER Cnuns:-ling Ifnglisli III NIR. I-IIINIICK S'l'EVI'fNS Civics and Svniur I'lanning1 Spf-vcll Ilnlilivily NIIIS. GRICIIA 'l'I'iRIIEI,I, Il. S. Ilislory Yvurlll Ilislorv MRS. DOROTHY MULCAHY Typing I and II Stvno Il Office- Practici- VI'0rk Fxpvrir-nvn' llvan of Girls MH. IIRSAI, SNAIII' Boys' I'l1ysi1'al Ifiluvatinn Wuvrlml Ilislory NIR. KING STEVENS Analytiv Cvninvtry Algvlmra ll Illanv Cvmnvlry Trigononietry and Solid Ceann-t NIR. JOHN VALENTINO Algolira I Boys' Physical Ifmluvalion NIR. IZICORIZE PEAVY Ile-grinning and Advance-ml Ilaml llrivz-r Training NIR. ROlSI'IR'l' SNOR'l'LANlJ Me-vliuiiivzil Drawing I Arcliih-vliiml :incl Mr-vliaiiivul Drawing MRS. INIARUI VIIRITIHI STICVENS lfnglisli IV Spanish ll Yvurlmuk ry MR. TICIJ WIIElil.ING Ifnglisli ll English III w r N -1- MAIN OFFICE M. Ceorgc, S. Hancock, C. Fusaro, ,I Vcslcy, I,. Fifc, R. Wilcox, L. Strccter Mrs. Lois 0'I.z-ary, Sccrctary and Regis trar. Not Pictured: S. Littlc, M. Martineau. NURSES OFFICE K. Gilfillan, B. Clanton, D. Wildcr, Mrs, Dallas Fellcrson, School Nursc. 0 R HIGH CHOOL DI TRICT Our Nevada Union High School Dis- trict includes all of western Nevada County. The enrollment at the Senior High is 770, at the Junior High in Nevada City 44-4-, and at the Junior High at the Hennessey School 229, totaling 1513 students in our three divisions. To in- struct these students, the certificated employees number in each school: Sen- ior High 36, Junior High at Nevada City 23, and Junior High at Hennessey 16. These statistics are accurate for Janu- ary 24-, 1958. , -. 1 'F' df. t--- 'AV ,,- ' . ,- :hear N i w,,..--V--'M' A 5 r"jg.,.QQ4.w'V "' - .3 Ja, .,g,-J' ' c'..,.4.f-L""" x M4 Ne I . - - .-ag -- - ' H. f x r Q, .J - x ff 'q7F-Q - -e., ri th af f 'Z S J ' ' V I 'i'-Ji J J idx.. nxt , " "' .S b- 631' ' n .. V 'Q X V , 1 i .W Q V I X ,' 1' , - ., IX . A x . ' 1 J xi-. JI ,X-Ri. 2 ,- ' ,M xi, J A . A P ---fvixx. ' x . 'tx ' . - I H A, i , . 4 ,Y I WH ' rx A' 7 5 N36 ' X x V , , A xi -rj t A i .X .xi I g Q, 4- 'X f Z ' I 16.- CS.. f' -V 'Q . Y.-.V WM, -3 -1, .K Nevada Union Senior High Nevada Union Junior High at Hennessey School Nevada Union Junior High in Nevada City K 'v -9: f "'--s ., MLM K 1 My H0 ECOMI G This your wc had our first annual liomvvoming unrlor the vhairnianship of lVlr. J. liraclshaw, with all stuclmits par- tivipating. A parade of hancl. of niajor- vltvs. and of floats hy vlassvs and organ- izations was ont- of the lnain events. Also. wv won our game with Yuha City, ancl aftorwarcls thc P.T.A. cntcr- tainvrl thc' alumni at a Koffee Klutch. Rosie Crenfell. Junior. was crowned qw-cn: our princesses were Sonja Ron- ningvn, Senior. and Carol Wtmiig. Soph- omorc. Third row: C. E411-n. ,l. Erickson, P. Penrosv, W. Brooks, R. Winkle, R. Pc-nn. Serond row: l. Dodson, H. Osborne, F. Chan, J. McCauley, L. Lusk. M, Thompson, J. Bertoncini. First row: K. Ueatio, 5. Hanson, R. Crvnfvll, D. Dodson, J. Reid. T. Angrove, R. Mock. First Sernvstvr STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS First Semester President , , ROBERT WINKLE Vice l'rf's1Henl ROBERT PENN gecremr JEANINF MCCAULEY . y , . lfusinrss Manager JUDITH REID 5. i C .4 if 5 .. Af W x , . . Y Third Imax' K. l'ag:c'. lf. Uflmrmg ll. lislvn. D. Willwn, R. Pc-n XII. WY. 1:1'Ul'glQ', .'xliYiSUI'. Prom! mu? 'lf Angmv. ll. N1-wlun, D. Sh-wuri, ll. Uslmrm H. KQ'I1llQ'lly'. zrst rout ,l. livid, J. D1-rlum-ini. K. Oukie-. I.. l.ufk. J. Rude- N Dwllup, D. Dmlmn. Se-cmlcl S1-nlcstvr STUDE T COUNCIL S'l'lTIJlCN'l' BODY OIVFIQIICRS l'rvsi1l1'11I Vim' Pl'1'si1fr'llI St't'fl'fIIf-Y l?IlSl.IIl'.Y.9 fllnrml IIDIZICIYI' PICNN DONNA DODSON JUDY RADICR JUDITII RIGID Ill" 'E-1, g.. 1, li 1 .at f,m f 3 'F 'xt 'I Xiu' . .Wh .Q-.Q HQ Ps Pr-'-ffl, ,M 1 s ,. '? vf , . ef, fx-Q-.' 2'-Q O",v zvrtiif-' fwf"x ' vu- ,, ,n '- - ,x..s' bi Y - x ..+. QM, X 4 4. - f u , i . .. .4053 f"? -P' 1- , ' .fer , ' a- - 5 Q .1 F- .Ni X ,4 , , 'gy ' -Q5 -. . ,,., ff? x - . 1 x ' 'f ,OO.4,, ' u X, . 1 ' -'Ay - s .- lv ,, I l J . . ,-' - u l f rr . f ' A .o7,jN jf?-fl. - ,Q , . ,T N bf" , -f.-,-vi-fc' 1 - -JS., ixlllln. . In 5f , , ,f,...-.,-...,..n..., ., , if .. WNQ37 M. 5' be yd ,- NTA' -h.. - N H sw .a -F ' .- x u. x s Q L.. Us K ya -' I ' 5-Q r . x r 1. ' A X Q , Q n . e "' .0 I NS 5- x m' , a r fn! 0-A BP I L .,, 'nv I SECOND SEMESTER-Second row: C. Willson, ll. Trankle, B. Filler, ll. Schubauvr, A. Gresham P C, Osborne, C. Eden, R. Tok:-S, N. Rassmussen, ll. llolglase, B. Winklv, C. May, D. Williams, ll 1 Lowv, J. Harris, J. Caldwe-ll. . First row: L. Fife, M. artin, S. Allvn, L. Lusk. J. Radvr, C. Conway, S. Ronningvn. ll. Asnlcar 1 Alla! X Dill Q, , g fic D Q ol uid . Xl A bd rl 6 77 K ,fi - 1 M H15 lil W K 17 f ffl! C Ui fi L 5 f V A H, K, UZ, E 1012 CAB1 ET 4 M W . 4' I 1 Ar, LL W W gn FIRST SEMESTERkSef0n11 row: M. Millvr, C. May, C. lfclen. C. Strom. J. Jackson, C. Conway ll. Cummins, S. Richlin, W. Brooks, B. Winkle-, l'. Penrose-, B. Cray. Firsl row: A. Rainey, S. Wilson, E. Peard, L. Lusk, J. Rader, D. Duclsrm, Nl. LcCatf-, A. Davis. 4: ' 's ,Q Lx , Q 1 .Q mm 5 L I 1 , L , ' tv ' x an ' - X, . Q I i ical L1 Q- -wg-pax v -NH' f 'X SALLY MCBURNEY CHARLES WALLEN CHARLES STROHM ANNE BROCK LINDA HOUSER LEE DUNCAN FRANK BEITZ ROSE TOKAS WILLIAM HARVEY BETTY CLAYTON KENNETH CASPER .Q 2 L,, ...JE 35 'D AR'AC iv f SANDRA BRODDRICK HARRY BROWNING PAT .IONAS IIILL DAVIS MARILYN VISCIA RANDY KITTS I Q Q I Nr f E Y F, , 'sm 1. '5' x 2i,?,f fg:gf Wwxkilfifgs x A SIIEILA LOWE BOB .IANSON II ENE WILLIAMS HARLEY MONION ALBION WEST CONNIE JENKINS JIM KIRKHAM SHARON LITTLE X 'F I I x LYNN FIFE BILL CRAY MARY ANN NELSON X JAMES PEAT vii fic, 'H A ii"g.-hx N Eff., - fi 'N 'Wav i n MARIE PERSONINI LAWRENCE MAYWORM SUZANNE RICHLIN CARL INGRAM EARL SHERMAN ELSIE PEARD CHERRILL BURRO WS RICHARD MARIN BILL SCHUBAUER DEANNE McCAULEY BEATRICE CADDY TOM HUNT MARGARET PEMBERTON BILL MULLIS JEANINE McCAULEY REVA SUMMERS FRED WEBBER WILLIAM ELLIOT AVALINE ANDERSON JOYCE JENSEN GARY FROST ROBERT BECKY RAE ALDERMAN JERRY LUSK CAROLYN OLSON MARY LOU JEAN ROBERT LEWIS x I WK I W ,J 3' .L ,,,3 in x X CARY WIN N EY WES MOORE ROSEMARY WHATLEY LAWRENCE PHILLIPS QA? Q ww X , X IBO!! ll.-XQIICIDORN lI,-X'l'llH iQll.FlI.I,AN IIUUII fXl0N'l'llONlERY lilI,lCl-N N14-CAl'l.liY mi X xv J, x QT? S Xxx ,.x ,Q-L 1 f lHl,l. BOINIH RSI liilili.-KKK IIILI, W2-KRNICK HOOKER JACKIE VICNAI, fill.-XHIJCS Hll.l'l'1R'l' NIAIHQARIH' ICQIKNIAN Afifnwlx 1 J x P A, llll.-XRLES KLIANI JUDY RADER JINI DAVIS .-KRl,KNl-1 lliilllll-I IIORUTHY W DON l'0I.lZl.ASE ANN!-I'l"l'l'I DAVIS Clli.-Xlil.IiS Wlll'IIil.ICR URSBN HANSICN .llWlJl'l'll Klilll ,Daw QA5'?M1 I A I f of -fffff-6 Lffifgif ff C, V A fl' ff XV'-'ffffa if W4 fn fi W Pgfiffvff iff r 0 Q -Clic! MQ, yy -.ft 1k, 4 C0-fzjj p-1.33 .Lffwffafp .fZZQk0 JERRY PURSSELL MARILYN SIMS HILL I-6' M56 71 674 77 Zi ' I 'CJ .ffigffgf c, fctiadgf 7,1 X7 'A 61 .,,q,,,,1 ff Kgflf-I , 1.56117 ,L,.g4j Cc gpg Off., Q i Q! w.fQ L.ff,,c."O'-PHY! ,fiom exp V ldhkb 'NAV 6,b,yx Q fc fe, f A BETTY LEIGHTON EDWARD RODDY LARRY HUNT PHYLLIS HUDSON JEAN McKENZIE DICK MILHAM fa. ,Levy p1G1?ijM ,H Y ,CZ Z QT JA c 4AAAfdJ2, 7 V NLXLXXAIZ '.,ff,,C,UX,g-D kv fLc,,.cV4 Q N K. it ILL! J 4" 'Lf' diff F4 ff! All .U . , eVg1'Q,Lf67 - r -An fl acc K ,:., ma' Ad, l W A V V . gir l I ' A , "-' JIM WILLIS JEANNE CHARBONNEAU BUD WEST I HELEN LESTER JERRY HARRIS ADRIENNE GRESHAM X 1,9 I X II I J N2 3:52 fs DENNIS WILLSON DONNA RIDINGER JIM MALIN SHERON BOFFMAN ,K FH 6 xr A Z S I as M. .A 'cv' I , I X IRI GAIL GARDNER GEORGE MILLER LEANNE LUSK CHARLES EDEN 'i,"""' ' 6' ' 1 an. f Sr I' x 'fa DOB PA YNE .. wi- 'N , K, gziw 'EKG' Q K 1 f , cg .4 Q 52' , L MEL LANE JUDY SANDOW f. I"'I I ERNETTE PUGH BOB TRANKLE DANA STEVENSON CHARLES OSBORNE QNX 4 . - is Gi T, Nab! LORALEE BERNARDIS BILL SMITH NANCY LANHAM RONALD ANDERSON PAT WITCHELL CAROL QUINNEY ROBERT WELCH RICHARD LEWIS KATHY BRANDON GEORGE SCOFIELD KATHY PHELAN JOHN CURNOW DONNA GRANDHOLM JOHN CALDWELL GLORIA HUNNICUTT MARC MAISON MARY RAMEY LT LANA SCHOMBERG MILLER GEORGE COSTA MELANIE LeGATE GARY CUMMINS X ,. X-4 DONNA DOIJSON WARREN SCRIBNER KIM IIORNSBY JEANNE BERTONCINI CAROL MATTHEWS PAUL PENROSE WALLY BROOKS JO ITORNSBY rf w f - T. LI- ,Q , - U' 'L' 5' l, ,X 1' ' I f' wi ' f - A Ai' I1 iv -' , T L , A X 1 gl, I 1 I 1' WV ' f ' 4 Q l r 1 5 ,xv Xxjvf A IJ . L . ,,, 1 yr, J, . .1,, , I .X A 2 TU 0 . X l JW W 45 y if ' n V if 4 ' , I J x MAX MILLER BARBARA POTTER LESTER MOFFET JUDY ROGERS JIM JACKSON MARTHA PEARSON 'vw f, R9 AAA J A ' gig , figs A ' I -,famz xlg Kin PHIL GREGORY SUSANNE WILSON HERMAN GEORGE PAT MCINTIRE PAT PENIBERTON GORDON TAXIBLYN NANCY BOOM EDGAR STAHLSCHBIIDT BOB FILLER SHERRY ALLEN ARTHUR HOWE DIANE BEECHEL WAYNE NACHTMAN BIARIANNE MARTIN I ,ws -sf DOB WINKLE E IOR BALL PLANNED At our yearbook deadline we received the results of the voting for the Senior Ball models. The theme chosen was "The Sand and the Sea," as planned by Carol Quinney and Mari- lyn Viscia. Committees are being organized and already the Seniors are very, very busy. MEL THOMPSON BETTY HAYDEN . By the way, the Seniors won the Student Council gold pan for the best turnout at foot- ball games. Plans are being made for an outdoor grad- uation on Friday evening, June 13. DORIS ROBINSON BILL HOVAN No! Pictured LOUIS BUCKBEE JIM HENSLEE WILLARD HOWE FRANK LIND GORDON STEPHENS JOHN CAMPBELL PEGGY JOHNSTON DAN KINCH LEROY MACK DOROTHY MARSHALL DARRELL STINSON VIC BRODIE PATRICK HURLEY RICHARD ROBEY JERRY MATTHEWS RONALD STEELE DOUGLAS MEDL BANK OF AMERICA AWARDS I'I.AQl'E WINNERS: Ann Rainey, Foreign Languages: R0lmrt.Trankle-, Svi:-:uw-1 Loi: Nlagonigal. Hmne-making. Cl-IRTIFICATI-1 WINNERS: Donna Dodson. English: Judith Reid, Rusina-ss: NIQ-Ianit I.:-Cato. Nfatlwinativs. Not pirlurerl: Cathy Conway. Social Studivs. SENIOR AWARDS TO DATE D.A.R. Cilizvn of fha' Ymr ANN RAMEY Dil 1- Bausch and Lomb Scienre Aufard ROBERT TRANKLE Girls' and Boys' State ROBERT TRANKLE. ANN RAMEY. CHARLES EDEN xl I 'iss Q9 -A Q er? 11. 5 Elks Slurlenl lmarfvr .'1u'anls lfvlly Crorlfzfr H01m'n1akin,z' ,4u'rml .IEANNINE M4-CAT'I,EY. RORERT PENN BARBARA POTTER SENIOR SOLOISTS 1-1- The commencement speakers were not chosen at the time of our last deadline. ffuAr1I?rgaret HanSen or! ACC0"1Pf1n1sz 5 O MMMW ,Ivrry I I, V l ,us ' Vvrna 'I'hmnps1m Ril'Il3l'd Mann Charles Oglmm Don Pnlglagg Lorf-lla Hzuncy and H011 I NU10. 61071-1101 Solo, Soprano 111.11110 Sq-y0l,h0np 7'r11n1pr'l R .. s W.. W MW Y Hi c-cm Alderman DIIPI JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS I"lIiS'I' Sl'IXIIiS'l'l'Ili SECOND SIiNlIES'l'I-Ili I-'NVXNK CHAN l' f'11 1 IIARRY OSRORNIC .IUIIN ICICICKSUN Vi f-f, l'r f-.e1 ' fl f'r1 1 RAY KHNNICDY Mn l'f'wl1mvI ROSIIC flIildM"ICI,I, S f-f-1ff, lnry KATIIY UAKII-I II XlilCY USHORNIG liu.w'nf-.w.v .llnnagf-r.s CAR0l,INli NICWTUN 4IfXlCOI,INIC NlflW'l'ON IIARRY S'I'liWAli'l' ADVISORS XIISS NI. SI,liEl'IiIi MISS IJ. IJYKIC HRS. KL. 'I'l-lRRl'II,l, NIR. C. HLLSWORTII 'I 'I llalv BOYS Fourlh raw: C. Chili-ski, D. Mcllre-gor, H. Chappell, R. llvrnal, M. Casey, V. Browning, D. Cox, ll. Evans, K. Dorris. D. Crabtrvv, D. Brevoort. Thin! row: B. Brown. P. Curveth. C. Davis, D. Boothby, K. Deal. J. Abas, T. Eisenhower, J. liehrbaum, L. Aobersold. M. Coleman. Sevnnri row: D, Davis, D. Evans. F. Chan, J. Erickson, T. Casper, S. Amlrvws, R. Cantrvll, R. Almlvr- mun, D. Chapman. Firsf row: R. Brooks. C. llrvwe-r, J. Brown, R. Chappell. J. Conklin, M. Davey, B. Chapman, J Dunos. GIRLS Fourth row: C. Cau. A. Brown, K. He-yne, C. Burns, S. Howe-ll, B. Davis, S. lsnor, P. Bunning. S llollirigslivaml, T. Holloway. Thinl row: J. Carnvr. S. Dalaba, B. Crowder, L. Arbaugh, J. Boundy, B. Buxton, J. Feil, N. Conly I.. lluchanan. Sea-ond row: M. Atchinson, E. Cates, P. George, C. Fusaro, D. Anderson, R. Crenfell, M. Browning ll. Iv:-y. Firsl row: S. Garner. J. Biladeau, J. Jean, B. Franchi, M. Carofalo, R. Boodleman, M. George. UNIORS CLASS OF 9 BOYS Fourth row: J. Larue, F. Leal, M. Fleming, J. Jackson, D. Holman, C. Hoyt, A. Keith, R. Fluke. Third row: L. Lind, B. Falconi, D. Foote, J. Kirrene, E. Huss, L. Forbes, B. Frantz, C. Kennedy, D Harris. Serond row: H. Kirk. W. Gammon, B. Lotz, R. Jones, B. Lobecker, E. Hall, F. Langdon, A. Gallez S. Lellate. First row: B. Colder, L. Granholm, J. Cray, C. Gregor, B. Hooper, B. Cilfillan, R. Kennedy, 0. Fry GIRLS Fourth row: C. Dittrich, Z. Lewis, D. Madden, D. Moore, E. Lytle, C. Mathis, L. Lindley, M. Miller F. Romeo. K. Keck. Third row: C. Crm-nwell, P. Madden, M. Martineau, M. Lum, S. Kuhfeld, C. McFane, S. Mahaffey J. Kyle, A. Olson. Second row: M. Hansen, K. Oakie, C. Lawton, C. Plumtree, R. Martin, C. Newton, L. Pingree. First row: N. Kendall, B. Pepper, K. Rolph, B. Middleton, J. Robinson. v BOYS Fifth row: C. Sw:-ndson, W. Patterson, J. Walta, J. Skoverski, E. Suponch, A. Mack, J. Strutton, L. Stevens. C. Mooers, S. Schubauer. F ourlh row: M. Stromberg, C. Tanner, D. Porter, T. McGee, M. Mitchell, R. Walker, D. Murphy, B. Wood, R. Rasmussen, J. Tellam. Third row: B. Stenger, R. Tobiassen, C. Sweet, J. Martin, B. Tamietti, J. Phelan, B. McHugh, B. Miller. J. Miller. Ser-ond row: H. Osborne, H. Stewart, J. Preiss, J. Wadsworth, B. Thomas, D. Milhous, B. Meyers, l.. Sheldon. First row: B. Thompson, B. Wetherall, E. Montanari, D. Terrill, J. Sahl, R. Porter, R. Tumer. GIRLS Fourth row: B. Vaughn, P. Sullivan, C. Schiendhelm, S. Sodolski, G. Welker, B. Ramey, R. Stid- hum, N. Whiting, L. Willoughby. Third row: M. Shaner, B. Willson, P. Willis, J. Swartz, J. Valdez, P. Weir, P. Wright, B. Wolfe D. Woods. Second row: D. VanUden, N. Stephens, L. Streeter, B. Zang, P. Sbarcea, J. Tompkins, A. Wolfe First row: R. Wilcox, V. Thomas, D. Wilder, C. Smith, J. Vesely, C. Sanders, J. Santinelli. B-1 w.,..k 3 .e - ,H 44-?' "!'f'. .. ..x v 4 '3 , ff-4? 'L if ggi I ,- ,KKL A . if' ,ff 2 , 1 I ,Qf,i,' f? UI tifi if :J".'!c V 'X' :L ,- .' '. I' ',"' lxxm f :Q gg, Q Q W 'F iii WT 'Q +1-4' i - s in-J if Ei BOYS Fourth row: B. Biggs, R. Eekman. M. Cantrell, J. Burton, R. Bonde, D. Duncan, H. Costa, G. Dor- ville, R. Atkins. R. Dunlap, J. DeMartini, N. Bowles, B. Niccoli, R. Baker. Third raw: L. Burrows, J. Bigley. D. Bagley, P. Bergemann, K. Baker, R. Alderman, R. Boehme, L Davis. D. Comstock, K. Bader, K. Cantrell. Spf-wid row: D. Beisel, J. Busehmann, D. Castleberry, T. Angove, H. Cox, M. Blaine, J. Phelan, P. Cutlwrtlv, D. Barringer, W. Cartwright, B. Colburn. First row: B. Gemignane, E. Brown, B. Fry, R. DeSchepper, S. Franson, D. Frisch, P. Fly, L. Francon, M. Ballmes, D. Fickle. GIRLS Fourth row: P. Brumley, J. Davis, D. Banks, M. Griggs, J. Gau, B. George, M. Carson, N. Brandon C. Eddy, M. Barns, P. Fretwell, B. Clark. Third row: N. Bennallaek, L. Brown, J. Beck, S. Bishop, P. Gerick, L. Davies, M. Buckbee, K Beyer, D. Ammons, S. Beck, E. Cassulo, N. George. Second row: L. Davis, S. Bearry, I. Chauvet, D. DeMatteo, L. Boom, C. Caddy, E. Berg, L. Buster M. Black, S. Baxley. First row: 5. Asch, J. Caster. G. Burnett, J. Good, S. Davis, R. Clark, C. Davis, L. Davis. SOPHO ORE CLASS OF '60 a BOYS Fourth row: C. Peterson, 'l'. Harrer. R. Leighton, D. Mailer, B. Orzalli, D. Ousley, B. Molmley, ll Mills, l". Millhous, B. Colmreieht, M. Luneh, ll. Livesay. Third row.' B. Popielary, J. Cordon, L. Holt, M. Hines, L. Hafelfinger, D. Daniels, J. Hurley, E Hiseoek, J. Langdon, S. Lake. F. Hicks. J. Heather, F. Mellor. Second row: J. Paddy, J. Henning, C. Howe, B. Hart, A. Manchester, D. Malin, B. Kolstearl, M Merrill, J. Hodge, D. Jamison, M. Hillier, F. Mildred. First row: R. Piombo, J. McKinze, R. Con, B. Kalis, R. Bertoncini, D. Kennedy, R. Page, R. Moek R. Mc'Cuire. N. Paul. GIRLS Fourth row: J. Leabell. ll. Lambert. Y. Filer, K. Beatie. C. Morgan, L. Larson, C. Holt, C. Harrison C. Jones, B. Knapp, J. Harris, L. Hill. Third row: C. Kroplowski, A. Liedtke, N. Miller, M. Milham, K. Kraushaar, P. Mitchell, P. Nasey T. Moore, N. Jean, P. Milhous, J. Hayden. Seeond row: l. Dodson, S. Hansen, B. Maben, D. Jackson, L. Lowe, N. Noland, P. Morateur, C Lusk. L. Moore, D. Hintze. First row: K. Halstead, ll. Hendrick, l.. Hallenburg, ll. Hunnieutt, L. Hellgren, C. Meyer. M Hyatt, O. Hammock. BOYS Fuurlh row: B. Sickert, D. Tokas. R. Waxner, l'. Rankin, D. Todd, G. Swinney, ll. Warner, L. Weiss C. Porter. M. Reilly, C. Vaughn, A. Rausch. Third row: S. Youngman. ll. Woods, M. Stenger, A. Roberts, J. Shadburne, D. Willis, J. Stidham S. White, D. Rix, L. VanUden, C. Steiner, C. Roderick, J. DeVault. Szwnrirl row: C. Snell, J. Yates, R. Swing, D. Pe-ndergraft, A. llutsinpiller, K. Spangler, K. Skala, C Rasmussen, E. Wallis, J. Richardson. l"i'r.vt row: J. Rodda, E. Pardini, T. Trankle, J. Wetherall, C. Rainey, H. Spires, M. Sullivan, J Wadsworth. lllRl.S Fourth row: S. Strauss, A. Stunkel, K. Ratel, P. 0'Nesky, K. Smith, S. Stanford, R. Rhea, L 'l'rulvsclienL'k. XV. Wright, J. Robinson, C. llierse. Third row: J. Tremuwan, P. Strick, M. Rogers, G. Smith, D. Vessels, N. Welch, N. Smallridge, W llssery, P. Thomas. D. Sherrill, M. Sassaman. Semnd rmr: A. Stoll, L. Schiffner, A. Sommers, P. SQHPY, D. Yost, L, Tamietti, J. Olmstead, D Smith. J. O'Hara, J. Tamblyn. First row: C. Renfree, N. Parsons, J. Rogers, C. Wong, L. Russell, P. Rose, J. Thomas, C. Ramm. 1 1 11.1. - CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES .o., W Y NNPDB UN MGR l"UTllRlfl FARMERS OF AME Rl CA 1SICXlHli .NND .UNION llltlllb l'n',mlrnI 'lf lIA5l'lfK Inv l'r:'.mlr'nI U. S'l'I'fNUI':R Sm rrlurx H. l.:XUl'1l,l,l'. 1.ff'fI,XIlll'V ll. SXYICIYI' lfwpmirr ll. 'IUIKIASSICN S1'IlflVH'l F. H1185 'iflnwf WR, xl. IH 5 ,......,M L Q-:nl Z Z' -X ..- UI"l"Ilfl'1liS f'rr'.xl1lr'lll 5. XIAHCN I irc' I'ff'Sl-4lf'Hf ll. l.Ifl1lllTUN -N"'H'f0H U. XX Il.l.l.XXl5 1vIl'lI.SIlfl'V K, KICQQK llzfslnriurl Il, XX'Il.Dl-fli llwgrrl' f,II0lI77HIH XI, NIQISON nffllzfwr VRS. H. I.lH'I"l'.-K FUTURE HlfrMEMAKEHS OF LUIERN IA AN L FIRST SEMESTER FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President , ,,., , A,.,,..,, BOB PENN Vive President .,,..,,,. JOHN ERICKSON Serrc-tary , , . CAROLYN NEWTON Sergeant-al-Arms ,,,,,,,,. PAUL PENROSE Advisors L, ,F, MRS. M. STEVENS MISS E. coma CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President , ,,,. ,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,.I., J O HN ERICKSON Vice President ,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,.I B OB TRANKLE Serrelary ,, , E ,, ,,,,,,, . ANN RAMEY Sergeant-at-Arms .,,, DON BARRINCER SECOND SEMESTER f-an I .I -.1 . , . LH CE CD DCI mn: O Q2 EE E-4 E as .E an 5-4 O 90-1 rll QD P r-4 GJ 'll E GJ .CI 4-a DD .E prepar TC Ei CH -4-A .-4 LD .1-1 IP 'a O I-4 I-4 O E of To I'S 'Teache 6 s-4 5 O tech- the teacher's I'VC and obse cn v-1 O O -C U rn CD -Q E G5 O Vw cu -5 af ues. Al niq .-Q as 'U CI as D-4 cu 'U KD Fw as 3 needed. YC 21 UIIICCFS vol C as -CI 3 OH unted CO uo,,g"c:w EWJCE Bm.-C1 Em Q O.-C1 3 o EF QE-QE: '52 L. Ugg: 60 USN-Q -a 'g a.a.EuoO 'EQVEU 94-4 CZ.-Q,-E.-D 8 casa: F140-lfn :aut Q, . 53:55 ziwjb 3,2 C120 -4-a""' QJCq""'CIE s-. uso 33-535- aw- was? J E CD 'U .v-1 In U 5-1 D-4 213 L. CU ,Q S5 IT Q E '-o-1 O cn I-4 U O --1 94-1 94-4 C in A .9 C1 cu IT! 3 A3 -A-ICU CI.-C1 QJEI2 75-'S W:-1 Em ah: .32 PQ 2.2 03 'Q-cu M4 wx., -U53 56 'QCD FUTURE NURSES CLUB Q2 .-2 r-4 v-4 .v-1 3 fn ,-1 5-4 .,-1 CD an .E .nc o o 'Ti .... : .53 .2 99-4 54-4 cu Q2 V7 Q2 .:: E-' Z-2.5: CU img-E f-.E N550 353.5 will .- C, .5 .. Ne. ao f CID .--Q2 L.,.E' Sci: QQ .mi 1 O' 33 if gmuo: :::": -.-H :-o-1 ,eo 235 ,E3 SQJWCU 4-af-sl-4'-1 5""'QJ"U -4 A-em 5.335 :cc O.: 5,-.E etary, CCI' S YC club a he I of fficers O OH. I'S le TJ LX-4 U3 L- 5 L-T o 3 'U -C ld red Shanerg S Mk . - 'N ig . i10Nw.m,N PLANNKNK' il-'. if 1958 lJl'fl.l'Ill.-X'l'l1S llillis year. ,leamine lVll'Cill1lCy is l,I'l'SlIlt'Ilt of the 1958 liiclmrrlson Springs Ulflvr Girls COI1fCI'CllCF. with our school as the host school. Our rlelvgalvs are clmseii by tlw girls of tllc- school aml the faculty on the basis of sclmlarship. leaflorsliip. school servivv and viii- zensliip. . -..I ...nn 1 r PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Last fall our P.T.A. sponsored a hack-to-school evening that was most successful and worthwhile. Each parent followed his son's or daughter's schedule, and each teacher explained the class work covered. Mrs. Barbara Flynn and Mr. H. L. Childers were awarded Life Memberships. Besides this, the P.T.A. has a regular schedule of meetings and work. This year's officers are: MRS DONALD GREGORY , President MRS WARREN RIDINCER , , Vice President MR. FRANTZ. MR. GEORGE . Second Vice Presidents MRS. HOMER AEABERSOLD ,, ,,s,,s Secretary MRS. MARION LANE , , I , Treasurer MRS. ELEANOR LANEVE ,s,, . Parliamentarian MRS. JERRY VICNAL ,,,e,,,e,, A .. ,O Auditor MRS. HENRY PEAT , , .,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,. H istorian MRS. ELLSWORTH SHERMAN .,.,. , Publicity MRS. CLIFF CARVETH .,,,., ,, Magazine Chairman MRS RICHARD MCGUIRE Membership Chairman MRS ERNEST BECK. CHARLES HILPERT H , ,,,, , ., . ,.,,., , Hospitality MR. WILLIAM WILSON , , Superintendent 1 sf N-vii ,ww J LSL: 4 1, 14 3 of I ,, IA K x Ain" Q ri-Q ,wwnnfvn NIRS. NI. IIBIIEY. Din-rlnr CHORU Under the direction of Mrs. Mari- an Lihhey. our choruses have per- formed many times, singing at fes- tivals. hefore our student hody, and for 1-mmnunity organizations. Every time they appear. they demonstrate their superh niusicianship-we are justly proud of them! Vw - f J.- , g, 5 NP. 5 -xv, fi! ,fi -W5 lim,- HP S . , .sy 'sl .BL . Au.i 9- skis' BAND OFFICERS 'rvs '1 4' 1 C. OSBORNE "ve 'rvsiz rn! C. EDEN Sfmfvnl C0mfur'I0r J. LI TSK Y? fi.. . , 9 'T .45 l c NNJR6 gil . . f Nwsdwwkqf ' -2 D N115 CLORC I' IE KN X Z WWE? CONCERT BAND Y- I , F , o MARCHING BAND Our band was always a welcome sight at every game, school assembly, parade, and representing our school at the annual music festivals. Majoretle TREVA SUMMERS A. IIIF' D R U M C O R P S rf, I , 79 "THE RAINMAKER Director GEORGE ELLSWORTH CAST H. C. ,,,, Mike Coleman Noah Hugh Montgomery jimmy ..,,, Randy Kitts Lizzie H Jeanine McCauley File . , , Phil Cregoryt Sheriff , ,. Herman George Starbuelf , , John Kirrene Snoolfie Carol Quinney .1 El v. t- ' l'b The "Fabulous" three nights "The Rainmaker" was given made it definitely one of the best plays ever presented by the Nevada Union Drama Class. ,4.aail'?' cy Play in rehearsal. s p Ml :swims DRAMA "The White Sheep of the Fam- ily," a farce comedy, was present- ed as the last major production of the Drama Class this year. Leads were played by Sue Richlin and Herman George. CAST Un order of appearance! Janet .,ss,, ........Y...,,t,, Carol Quinney Alice .. l,,,,,,,,. Sue Richlin Paz .,s,.,,.,, ...,... E rin Lee Lytle James .,.,. ,...,,. H erman George Preston .,,.,,,. Hugh Montgomery Vicar .. ....l..... Mike Coleman Sam ,.,...Y. ,........... R andy Kitts Peter ..,,,, ,,,,,.........,.....,.,,,..,. J ohn Kirrene Angela ..,..,,,,....,a.......,,.. Avaline Anderson The play was directed by MR. GEORGE ELLSWORTH Stage crew in action? "How now, brown cow." You may hear this echoing from the doors of the Little Theatre any time you walk down the halls dur- ing the year. Here is where the budding young actors and act- resses display their talents. This year they have presented a recent play just off Broadway and a play from the British Theatre. 1' f .- I' V L 'F' Y 'R 1-E, L 'in' K w ,fit ' 1 Q 95 Li wmv! 3x L.. Q, n. 'A x , fl ef' ,,, 3- , . A 0- -1 .YL ,l' fl .. V -' 1 Vg . ,MlWH'u fs Q . . ' -9 Y .Q-yr ur X u" - , W i Us Q 435 ' ' N M, W ,' 3 1 K , I K r 2"-Qfiaf ' K C S mik- Sv-'J' ge M .Ll my 'QA 5' I U4 2. m , 'E al ,wig , .2 pd, '+- .,,y. Syl fl,"ax, W 5 1 I -9 1 4 . af, , 4 5 Sacramento Student Le-ads-re Lonfcrence- .ii ovcrnor's C onference MRS. ELLIOT and MR STEVENS Advisors Bvrkfflvy Journalism Con fffrrnm- MRS. STEVENS Advisor s . T 5- SSEMBLIES We have been fortunate in having some wonderful as- semblies this year. We have had National, pep, and some on the more serious side, such as at Thanksgiving, when we were honored to have Reverend Cedric S. Porter address us. f- X 1 1 , 42 if I A -I - "' ,QAM 'WI 0 A-- ,ARMA ,AG A ,A BLOCK NNI' SOCIETY --I BLOCK '-N" SOCIETY 'SWS Officers FIRST SEIVIESTEII SECOND SEMESTER II. LOWE 1'rc'sifImI! II. HAFELFINGER J. JACKSON , Vive' l'rc'sidvlIt . R. BROOKS I'. PENROSE Sfvretary B. TAMBLYN C. CIIMIVIINS lfzzxirmvx .Ilnnager II. PENN Advisors NIR. SNAIIP, MR. VALENTINO G.A.A. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER .I. PENDERCHAIYI' 1'r1'xi1I1'lIt II, ASNICAR II. ASNICAH IIN' l'f!'SIl1l'Ill NI. IIIIIIWNINII .I. RADER , SI'l'ff'I!1fj' I,. LUSK BI. MARTIN Trvrlszzrvr NI. I.I'fGA'I'I'1 S. WILSON l'I. Rmwnfffr I.. IIOIISEII Advisors , NIIIS. GORDON, MISS IIEINTZE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 'S af' ispfvif L dffh I A 5, 4 Q- , W , L- 'AMuf 1m W' ff x. 21 Lx S If kg su n VARSITY HKEEPERS OF SPIRIT" CHEERLEADERS Jeanine McCauley Sonja Ronningen Leanne Lusk Jackie Vignal These vivacious girls can take most of the credit for the pep and spirit of our school. It is a great responsibility, but these spirit mak- ers are always on the job, rain or shine. Our thanks to them, and heartiest congratulations for a tre- mendous joh well done. ,Q . 5 ou to xxIK.,.iei-f5.L, ou 1- .vg,Q.,1,,-1-JLX-' ,XJ--9-1 1 ,vQ,.C,4, ,xg .CB,LL4,I ,y,.A.,s rx rvyk,-10.15-J ,SYNf0 Cf.. vd """ -V QIAJ5-sa., ,,0+'0'4-!""'-f J-fvo-A., L., ,L L, Nfrv I I H .V 'L JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 'tg , HH 4 Ld gp 6 Sharon Davis JL!V'a'xMXI'snA!'-1 Vlrsu Dido' I A O'H 5 LQ B l Cciarciirifn Meifleiis or ,1,..,-f1"""Jxcu ' 'kk-' ' Lynn 'Brown in gg W KSN--4-4'-J '-A-0' " . A I Q' 40521 R FFF 3 g ' fu -qw Thanks to Mr. Frost's skill, we finally have a drafting table, which helped im- mensely. Mr. Larry Farrell took the scenic pic- tures for five of our division pages- these are the pages that really "send you." Thank you. Larry, for being a genius! We had fun and partied. hut mostly worked hard!!! What we go through! Finances. pictures. dummies, copy sheets, advertising. sales. finance, more pictures. page layouts. write-ups, still more pictures. and three terrifying dead- lines-all for this one book! Ann and Eileen were "real gone" top staff, ,lean- ine and Dorothy ably assisted, Marilyn and Bob K. supervised advertising make- up, Sue was our artist, assisted by Carol, Carl did sports. Bob P. and Leroy printed away. and everyone worked hard. Carol's idea for a theme was adopted. Cary, Dayton, and Herman won the "Hundred Dollar Dany" contest for ads. llll ls Ann Rani:-y, Editor: Jeanine McCauley, Assistant Editor: Business Manager, Eileen Mc- lfaulvy: Assistant Manager, Dot Williamsg Advisors, Mrs. M. Steve-ns, Miss D. Dyke. THE PRO PECTOR TAFF 1958 l'HO'l'UGRAPHERS lNot pivturcrU: Larry Farrvll. Bob Payne, Le-roy Mack, and Tyle-r's. lloli Knlivkvy. Herman Ct-urge, Dayton Barnes, Gary Frost, Rirhard Alderman, Carol Mathis, Marilyn llill. Suv Wilson. l.inda l.intllt-y, Carl Ingram. I gg 1 .WT ry Q R488 :gags if-3 I Q Ci R ,- t . ,arf ,f Y -til . .'- , 1 v . U Q. N-gf. -, KM X . M? :I 'v Y v '- .+,', "' 41+F4'- If -2'3'?,"- ' ffft fx' I ' ' . . , 1. gff: Q.. 1 ,ik 4, I C .G .L.w.4',t'3f. - . M . ' Q geffdif?-.Q . ...hazy 3 ?-une. . 'yy M. 4' F ' 'd ' V 4 a 'mx' 4 -mph, W' ' iv" pf S' ., f if n'-' 2 "vm, , ' 'nf 'swf brig' ' X '-fe!5,'f4"-N.. "1 .-. "--' , - Pe -Q vw' . ' '--f A. '- Q' 42,63-f 4 f5"? . 'Wi X - " "',.A?,QRg5' ff? '43 1',, 3.- ':w.'f.-f an -4 .5-gf -:gr 95: 'YS'-' I ,. Qt' QQ. 'yzz 5:1115 t' 'f ' ! ,' 'xlg-lg., ' 'xii fvff-ff" - '-- x ff f ' if Wx P ' ' I wi 5- A QPR' -'-'sas "- 's-'lb v .iflw 1-'Jr 4 ' 545 gy :Q ' 'T""j-'E'j'.' 'ff 9 'Yu"" 9ifq'.lj5Q95AQi 'igi Arg Cf? 4:7 -615 2' 'iffg-' fz.f.sf'!' gm X fdff snub? -ff' " ' 41"--4 5' fffif Qiiku 41530.- ' 4v'7fMf"i:.f X 5 E Q- V.-. ffffgf QB'f7w " A .. 'f ,Q 1 , Mfg! 'll 3' if iv- 1-1 5 XL., 5 fs fi Q - ,,'- 9 . 43, ,,A4f.'.g',P.: Qg'Qv , 03' fy, ,f:.gg5j:.,. 1,255,Q.,Qf,g,3ff,, ....j1725,gLjig9 ?Lx1giU5-gg-234,315 gf. , , f uf ,- f'KXJ ,A n r, I i,.fi Y!! N .MN , ,f.....,,NX Klux, X fs if fx Xf ' -, X , fjj gd ' XX 5 'NN . N1 J., . 'X 5, M , 1 17 lsx g f XA Q, ,I A Nui' f I' . N fbfl' W....v.f"' XM .4 5 'Rl-If SX M I-A J 1 A QI- " Ly 1 Pl ' - t,-fw A uf 1 , X - wff,- sf mu -. 1 v..,,,,.1 if' 'A :llvxkf . Q-digg' gk A Q . Wim - vuuoywss- -Q -7,49 was 'F is . x'Wf' 1,'z,fA,Mff'. i 'L ,a- 4, Www m,.,wJg-fqyofwn-33:05 rghjg. g' gb L s., . . . X, f"' f'!'.f '- ' 5 . fy, A f.q,,.,mJ vu ,, In , I . . - .xx av u ,Y Q. go Br Num-, K - -w , fit? x - 'la x 4 X. 'X Nf.SSNx ' X PM! K ,ff 'Q 5 S-fvQQu't' Hf! -A 4 K KL 4.5 . 1 - t .. kg F n .. ,J s-,v 1 .3111 'wtf X -4.351 , ix nf, ,K W-. ' Si."-T' Q ,-... ':--..-f-Min'-.. ,- . . I . . . Tw. me 1 . f 3 K fu . K v , ' 'I . . xf A ,K 1' .K WEN: ,-,',,-L . 1 Kggxkxl , 4 mga' ' .gt ' KK'fsX,,+ .K 4. -K,..h-K wx '- ,', ., - K- 1 K , K . Q, K K ,531 JK. MK ,..f,,,.,g,.. -, K .K K-.X . . N, M-Kp' X K,- , wqgxf'-wifff-K K' - S.. AM . ,.-e,, 5Q354KK.,Aw -q K -, K Mi,K.,r 5,7 5 . .K , g 3. .,,.,, QW, - K, X X , , M- ww . - ., 1. , + , , 5:-.A -.y.. K,.. I ' ,. .ff-If , ..'. 'f - - ' - .- ' . . N, A - ... ,m1.K,... .4 .-. C "1-.Q iss.. x xx'-5. nl E5 K K if! f- " 'V V ' 1 ', X 'f-. . 2.1 ,x ' . .MM 3531 f f+.ff'+F L! X536 If ,hw Q, 2 , s , ,na . IJ T-55" 'QL-e:'v'57?5. if C a ,r,i,,,os 1:3361 Q ,'25U.?ffi rfifl fee!! Af!'2x ' V iwgff xgffgxgl 1. fav? .izrg ff'-X -ig,-.fjw.-'.'s':'f1z i ,641 ,,i:.,.5.,' R-MR 0 ' P f?,'fK.'i ff-'Qfij'ff 1,53-'. 3 f 5 "1I,.A ' I. ' . :.' 1, .Q Q. ,' ' 'Q Q , 4 3, ,+::h,,, .IX .y , ,Q . ,gd Ji? ik 5. 6 r 'Sf 4 0 ,Jw 9 ,, ff ,X-. A X N, x QL P ra ml , - Lx we. xihlf-'Q' N ,, 0,4 .fag ,Fw ,f4,1- x QQ f V, wL.,-,. W, , ,,,:.:.:' 3 ,J 535: 751 'xl' XX AXNNIC BROCK lill,l. SCHIHMUPIR LOC IKING f,.,,,,Y'rr:f 1 f' X, - ui .- ,Q ,f F .S rf X ar M an 1 2, xv - r ff-.1 ,K - 9 in M ,Q 'lb J, if Una 1 , ,. - Q, 2 F! X: 4 743. .V . my 5 3 r. 1 f . vii. R. A .Q . 'Q fh . ig .E . 53, FQ gif , gan . . .L. kk . in eg ,f , if 1 :95 1 '2.h"k'1:Q.,,?iL - .121 K, . wing K H' ,Ak S wggk . .Q f 'fi' QF' . 2 'vs- . X 1 Ni I -K vw3fEi?'. Q . K, X5,m"5g5?'N i ' 34 -if W .FS 5 5. Q5 , Q Le .sm K 5, . .si C I J. X+fME1:q:3- . .. .j . "' .Ui 1 ,Q P Q! v f Q P 'iii . 1 .A . a - -ivwfgg .. ' ' w 'fk5VlFi ffvsz X 1 -. ,x,...,.m. , . 1 . K 'J .P 2 W X B .Q N ,,,. ., 2? v ,A fw- K .S Q Q ' 1 1315, 2 M - Q Wi- .. .kg 4 . .1 -f J' S ' . -W- N .rx -' -. MF? .I M... 1 ,., 95:33. xf 1. 1. Q Ti W -'f 'Q A.. v I' .E Z' 'T ss. - 11. g ax' .ea -f..r+: R 'e:f"f1"" . - Q if-G :X ar .na,.',.v4 T -3' 5' xi?" ' - 9 fi c -X, 'few .93-3-Q 'f ' .0 .K :f -nl ' -:.- 2- " . '1- " mf, .X --'fix .1 .11. .-3 i 'ml -'-- 3 312:-gz- -,K 5 X .f.. s. -N ,- Q. 4-1 R 7' . , 'N' Qfi, ag' " . , . .L Q ij. x A""'fj"h5-Q2 . 1 fs-:N 124 ' - . Y sp "N, ,. 3.-9, Q-4 , " 1-ge "- hifi: if E' :- is - " ' asf.. Q: l ' 3'-'fn 'f 2' 'NS' 'if IQ ig' " 1 .: .-535 .J2 " I5 Ii'-. Si: 51853 -5" W ' 3. I W. rw - 5-at w .P .x '51 .J-. - - 'wear -- at ,rg 4,5 -, 'Mg 5. . -Q : A - f-' "5-.-an rv " 11221. s -,fx in ,iixxi i as ,IAX ' - . .. , 125. A E A fir'-'zo it ' Q EIIEICN ML-CAUl,lCY ECT LIKED BOB PENN 'ss x W. x 'Xi Xb ff ,QI Q v X QW X . , Q , I :':fWf, fix 'V . S! N . I-1' Us ' 1 1 X0 S 't N x A sg KNVVU , s 'f " - 1 f 4 A : I , X I , I N. , - ,W 'E fffxr, I 442 'A N 'Mx Y X ' Y S I ixk L , I gl io f fl ' ,Q L" " Q W . 9 ,I hfiizf ' N YS ' vw. ry J t A KF: 37 ' ' if-.4 why?-' sf., ' . . 1 ,, A ' ' 9.1, 'Y A4 3 vi M-gif R1111nc'r'.s-lfp ANN RAMEY CHARLES EDEN I?8i?w83i?N MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 'ax .1 'R 14 H.. NX A lx, "x X -1.2 fzzxdi Q 1:5 xg-NME A . Q- xN N x X 553 , XE h, K: .1-."1k'N.vX R. :M ' ' 2' .W W A 15225 .. W.. X X K N , up 'Fw F 1 O ' 0 'ron .,g il. .ID I I .-,'. 1. - H ll ,,,.v -W a 1J..uv 4. . . 1 wwf' . f., h V V . 4, , 3 J. . K .1,,. .. .1 , , -ff .4 . S H ,l .gag 3 3. 4 5 f f . .?31"Vk x Mfg. - 3. .vfX'w-'i 'Q .' Q lx5:""L-si ' js ,,f,,5,.3Y..W. A' in.-. - f . -1.- .Q v. Arp. Kun V . . .1 W ,sg 3. ,xt vfp LXW i." 1 R., 4 vs -,v ,V ,.:., f'gK.'Q,, 4 ,A 1 M.. g . , ,. .And uv: P' A2 . - 3 I+' Mfg, ' if - 7 , ,w,,.f.- X, an ,., + .ga - .-v-"s.wx 5 6 5.1 ,Wx .,,'x ' - v -"ui: V 'V 4.4 Q,. .YQ .s . by 0, vu .' ,M 1:01 V. 1 , . K .Q ' e '15 , an 1-1 if - nw . 5 .F , ..- ,x.,, ',?+'."v.-,. .-. ' d ,gi g',Q,H' .u .Q f2'5.,1,..'5 'M . ,Ili , ff", J -if .1 . f . wg .wr 1 -- fs. s 1 " A f 14 xr r: gm . Q. K-,ps ' ff Qs. -yu., .,,,., K1- .4 '..,Q,-5.5.3. , JH 'lj .'.',,inf' if -.-mg. . Q' .Rf -' J jf Q tj. Q, . W . g.Q'Q.'f.,, .-'Q' X",-',f'-'-,,-W... 'i f ,uf .K -. 5 ' as ,gy .1 ,S'. .KN f.,- q,x'....,..,'. 'Y fag' f,s'x,1 .Ja .v,' V .. ,au -3. .,. . x .- . K - . ' - ' fxwl ,n ,5'x'5.m9".,.,'y, . .. Q. an I . , - H+. - arf 'Q 'RW ' sw' my ui. ." . . . .Q P. -, , - V . . .f n , X af ,U Bn, ."'..x..,' .S 'uf 6 it ,Q -,, 5 ,kJ.,,,.M,8.,. ,hi ,. ., .. .,+,', IA..-4y..,1,, ,-,Q Y l. nw " .uf-". 2 .'!'.':'.' J. k..3b.:,y- .'1,-'Fm Xp . 'W i, a av :H 5 2 - 4.0K-N, wg.. a.,nf..w,,i ,,. .,.,.r ,,,.,n..-1 ' ,fn ,V ,'..,,.,.kv ,,, N vga.,-3-..',.:, ,.9,L15.e,, .MH5 Q .wma 3... V nm, ...V sv, ,J r. . Tek ,vwivv .Q-."'a rQ,,s.- L,- f . 0 . , 1 , awk.. Ma .4 1- wc 5 J . Q-Ns -fl--f'.sf.'u. ww.. .4' . -a."'5, 1 rf u. M X . 1 H u- 4 .g,.-.f Hn fs' in A ,Q fs. . 'As 1 ,az ,wh - ' ew L.". Ag k ew, ' 'iw V , K., '. Q. s" vw. - ' .a'e- - 9 , va Q wx' BQ: Q, . Q. . ' .E . . ,. , .. .-it, .Q - Fvrfugxn SH.: - ,I 1 ...R . pw '12 ,.',, . . a- - M. ,Q . I-,X ., . .- 2 5 ' W Q g 4 , 1, S. gi, - my gf Q- V, ,A . .S .-L . . . K.. . ia .N , y. 1 as . t V ,n 'N ,-N. , . I X xv... av R. . ,M W . . . ,. . H 1 , - r In .2 3 . ' . X swf' ' iv- ' A w , avg . fi. ,,. 3 2 - wx J A ff. . , , fx 1, 'fi X . Y X, NNQ .3-Nm Ng. af ...iffy 'A' 'Nm X U Qs? v,q -53 F 'lr 06 yn ix l 1 ....d" SPORTS VARSITY OFFENSIVE FIRST TEAM RE W. Brooks, RT J. Moore, RC W. Lowe, C G. Cummins, LG E. Roddy, LT J. Kirkham, LE P. Penrose, RH D. Hafelfinger, FB B. Boundy, QB M. Miller, LH J. Abas. This yearls football team showed our typical N.U. spirit on the playing field. Although we lost some of our games, these boys gave their all. We consider this team one of the best ever. VARSITY MIN ERS NU ,,,t,t I,,,,,,i,, I 3 Reno ,,,,,vt,,,,,,tt,,,t,,7,7 35 NU ,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,, 1 3 Chico .t,,.i,, ,t,,,,,,t 2 6 NU ,c,,,i ,.,.,c,,,c 4 0 LaSierra ,,c.,. ,,tct 0 NU , ,,..,, 7 Placer ,,,,,,. . 13 NU ,,,,,t .,,,,,,,,, 2 6 Marysville ,.,, i,,vcI,, 2 0 NU ,,,,A, ,,,,I,..,, I 3 Roseville ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 7 NU ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 0 Oroville ,,,.. ,ci,,,,, 3 8 VARSITY DEFENSIVE FIRST TEAM RE B. Penn, RT J. Jackson, RC R. Cantrell, LG J. Conklin, LT P. Hurley, LE W. Scribner RLB R. Brooks, RH J. Gray, CLB B. Cilfillan, LHB H. Chappell, LLB J. Erikson. .M-ru :IPP 'S - K ' 1 iff Y' ig "" , ,ig X . 'QI' Ile' . E 1 ? k,..., N QA fih IN' U1 dm 'gnu CT! k ' 6h,,L'g K 1 S31 WS 4 SS 3 mi W' 2 K Q , 1 li' Ib Q, ID 0' fm: 0 B99 Oo' I ly? ii.. TH fill C, Q4 , , -f N in -..:."l 'F.3 my H1 g r ,. Z J x -3 K 1 ,bm J ,A A f if , , Q ' I 'S Sf' s f af sp? .M r S AMEX? -Q-. 5 S F' in Aa E 'kv ? v "S ., T WE 1 N ,EX 'A E 'si it 5 I ' ' K " r 5 kk Y , 5 A LW 511,13-,-,, R , NF 4 . , 1 K X A W H W as 3 I, V A iw. 1 ,Q atq , Y ,J x - 1 A . if '- X -1 W , H IN 'Q Q: g 'Q' it rg Q .6 'H ? it 515 5 A A FE xm, gi S RQ if MQ F gg N Q 2 E ai B 5, . ? . , 3? ?f if .+I 'Q 'W y 'If Vw? f 'Q fl' 1 U' cr' F1 " ins m I U1 fU'l I 11 an ibx'-5'-I OJ 2 nam U1 ll o .,2.1U" u.: U1 M gm bl A . bm Q: .pg 5 P51-Q:-A- 1 T131-5 Q' X 'EM ' xy' 5 Wx ' , --,wha FE 1" .,, 'Q - l 013: WQQEQ-Q Ill 2 5 mm , qi H" -xx 1 lla A PM M Qs I ,,, Q 'S r Klfllg 2,1 .,, m W , j . ' nl wt " mf- Nw 12 8, . . 1 I PWS' K 1 ,al"' is-' -' 'fi I '99, .,..... i g I ..,.---4 1' Y! I ' f 41.3. J sk 51' tx f . ,1.'. -x, uf.. Y 01' , lf: " A Q Q ff? .Q T. . it A, A ,J vw wf' , J 5 fn. QS , kr: , H m'1'5Q Q5 . f' I- '- ' 9- 'S .A iff? li ' rf .J xl, 8' i 3 I 1 wjii ww 'uf-If I. ll K- Us U,,... ' X 41 vm, .A an .I ' ' at 5 Q 0 Q33 up 1 "' ' -... , . - ' Fflkyk 'xo BX J X X ww . I I 5Q' .M 'Q 9 R. Winkle, W. Scribner, B. Penn. J. Jackson. R. Brooks, M. Rassmusen, F. Montanari, W. Patterson, Nl. Mitchell, D. Bagley, .l. Lusk, B. Lotz. C. Osborne, C. Costa, C. Tamblyn. M. Miller, Coach Snapp. This year's basketball season saw many of the hest teams in action of the past several seasons. Nevada "U's" team showed a great deal of spirit and, on several occasions, won or lost games hy narrow margins. Inexperience proved the main weakness during the season. Much improvement took place. and it is hoped with three returning lettermen that next yearls season will he more successful. Varsity players lost in the Kendall- Arnett 'llournament in the consolation play-off lay one point. VARITY NU . 7 31 NU 43 NU 38 NU . ., 37 NU , e , 40 NU 49 NU Y T0 NU 33 NU 36 NU , , 33 BA.KETBALl Roseville Marysville Placer , Yuba City Oroville Roseville Marysville Yuha City Placer Oroville 30 41 'LO 6-L 50 30 -in 8 l 44 53 'l'. Angove, R. Mock, R. Porter, J. Shadburne, D. Leighton. ll. Miller, D. Crabtree, B. Lewis, J. Hurley, B. Mills, C. Brewer, C. May, H. Chappell, .l. Abas. R. MCC-uire. Coach Kays. JUNIOR VAR ITY BASKETBALL Short in height but long in hustle, that's the story of this year's ,l.V. team. The ,l.V.,s tried their best, no matter what the odds were against them. They eame close to upsetting the league leaders several times. Outstanding in both offense and defense was Bob Lewis, the team captain. Harry Chappell and Charles lVlay were outstanding in offensive play, while John Abas was the defensive sparkplug. All members of the team improved, and some will form the nucleus of next year's teams . . . NU NU Nl' NU NU NU NU NU NU NY Roseville Marysville Placer Yuba City Oroville Roseville Marysville Yuba City Placer Orovillc . 48 74 59 47 A117 56 62 54 46 64- NU 7,Y,7, .. ,,,,7w,. 15 Oroville , 50 NU .14 Yuba City , 12 NU YY,Y,,,,, ., 24 Placer , ,, .. . .. 38 NU ,,7,7 . . .. 19 Roseville 27 NU ,,7,,,,,, ., . 23 Placer 38 NU, .. ,, ., .19 Roseville . 26 NU ,,,,i ., ,7,, H21 Placer 40 NU ,,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,7 30 Roseville 53 J. Wetherall, R. Frantz, J. Sahl, M. Kirk, R. Porter, R. Turner, Captain C. May. This year's CSD teams showed a lot of hustle and determination. However. being short on experi- ence caused them to lose several close games. Many of the players will return next year with added experience to go with their hustle and desire. MANAGERS NU , 22 Oroville a,,a, NIT 21 Oroville ,, NU 26 Yuba City NU 15 Placer , ,, . N11 16 Roseville ., Nl' 17 Placer, ,. Nl' 18 Roseville ,, , N11 17 Roseville .45 1 .31 1 15 1 25 'SCU TEAM BASKETBALL "D" TEAM g "D" COACH WHEELINC "C" COACH KAYES J. Patty, D. Hickle, R. Page, F. Hicks. R. Be-rtoncini Captain 15. McGuire 43 30 36 28 u"v-'ayqxv B. Jansen, F. Webhe-r. D. Niehaus, F. Beitz. J. Harris, B. A R Steele. "A" TEAM if J. Tellem, B. Gemigani. M. Hiens. D. Kennedy, M. Reilly. "C" TEAM 1' CROSS COUNTRY TRACK 1958 SEASON L. Weiss, D. Medlyn, D. Chapman, J. Phelan, L. Duncan. K. Marshall, M. Davey, R. Kennedy, B. Miller, G. Davis. "B" TEAM Managers D. Caslleberry, B. Bauer, l... Stevens, Coach Peavy. 9 '- x . tr 'f 5 QL 3 km? P xzfgw. - 4 3 ' ,A X: A .- X + - , 1 . ' f as - ' -sf -Q 3 gp , ig EF 7 z-vt nk V f x if 'F 'Z 351- -at "'f' tg' 5 f 3- 5 V .R,. if WR 5 X ., ,K ,W i sh- if F 4 . KS A ,. Vx EY, , V 'V U m Q Q gt V" ! fly? X- V -auf Eg . xii? fy A 4-if gx f T A, . iqiftg .2 4 . " "K " 1 - 2 3:32 333 S 35' if f 'ff Q V ALP, xtifi -mv dx iizujg 1 Q Q 2 K, Qs? v 5 . W.-'.i1g 3'f3" ?f':f wH'f' , V V 'iff '-+,s ff a gg? ,, Q fu ' , I ' 'n'n J Q . 25' ' A ' "4" x ff . vb R' - ,isa ig . xt 5, E - ya -sw Q M A W-M ff" 'f g aff 'J V2 -- 'Q L , fy 2 ' if A i v V '-" ' L. J 9 E, xi sri iw Y " ':..5.. x 'K ' , XL xg xl v i L wig' HRX , Q 5 LQ f A Q xg-gf h gp Q Q? J A f ' M L, 1 9. f 2- 4 w 1,5 V 1 L- . ' g , Q, ' :Q f' K: jk' I3 1 . xgfyif fi? 8.4 W mA I, ff A , I h W - " - x "ff il: A X 5 f gk 3 3 Ali Q-M.-H-ff ,f-- --1 an 41,13 1 3 x ws' if ' in K.,-,f"" My as ffx'A?1'k'fu X I ff +1 B" TRACK TEAM H ' "AH TRACK TEAM Coaches: T. KAYS and G. PEAVY "C" TRACK TEAM TENNIS W. ININIEL, fiom-h JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL F. MEYERS. lfoarh VARSITY BASEBALL .I. VALENTINO, Coach rzu'lim'ing fur lmuskvtllall nhmnurv miulllxlvs. XII tugvl Yv 'vr ilu' nvt vmnpe-Ii TENNIS AND PEEDBALL Tenms pals Tled game Speedball but who s got the ball? Gettmg ready for practxce ,, ffwy. .N ' O 5 i A f ig:-1.-4 1 '5'5'h ....,' Q 53.a.afx,.Q.,fq.f.LfurQp1 a.eJ1f-MLM! JumL,J,,L,M,,a,t71uffLd4, ww vis un' TUMBLING fa.: G.A.A. CHAMPIONS G.A.A. VOLLEYBALL There are also championship matches played in bowling, tennis, and baseball, but since these take place after our last yearbook dead- line, no pictures are available. G.A.A. BASKETBALL -- Slrikz' thrvc' . . . ,-'M Elsie shows how ! ..l"' Elsie again S'l'l 'IJICNT SICAI. I-IlJl'CA'l' ASS I STA NTS uf m X 4. al' llil ll i l"".... 1 1 UI HCI BOWL! Nfl 700 Points. .A.A. AWARDS 200 Poinlf. 400 Points. J i.. if 4 44, uri RA-S., ' X 5 S30 3? . S wk -1 4- , I 5- 5 1 "I 4,'1 + . fg Q fgf, :CT y 1 JT' f, N . ., yy - f'7E , '22 - "."5"o ' f , 'mix juni - :xv "7 3' l . ,Q pd 3' ' . ' A -v , -'JY Q. Xa -' .sf Q' 1 xpkftgi Q- : - I-l W., Yi I ,, ,.k.. 5.4 Y .R . , , -3 . ' ' , Q -'fb,-'W ' - Jai, ' . 54 s -ey ' .,"al"w"'l 'l Url.: l' fi, v , , W4-.,4.-14 Z bf -NWA' 'xx ,, ,, n ,pg AP PRI Q 1957 SECTIO ULD N W FASHIONS The F.H.A. Spring Fashion show had the thenie Serelzty Years of Fnsltion. The local titties yielded many fine rlrvssef from H385 and on through the gay Ninetieseeto the tcrrifiv 20s. The hoy und girl hatliers oi the 20 s really etolc- the show. The fashion review ended with the Clothes the girls of l957 made und wear today. hut we could see the influenve the clothvs of gl'illlIlHI0lllPl'.S day and nmotliens day had on totluyl l'l0llll'5. -,....-.nan . 1.1- v", ,X Q N sys X -Q-. P RE '11 ' IGHT .1 I , A E-2 -YQ x. ,A1 v JN i 1 ' 'if , ..,::i"' 9 up ,f. Qt xg- .. l'1m'nls Nlglll allways has il x'1'l'v lilfgl lHt'IIil'lIll'lx. .N prugrunl is giwn. fulluwml ln' ilu' llilI'1'Illh YISIIIIILL ilu- vxhllnls that n r 1 m' 'll'I"lIlQ2Qt'il Hlbllliliil' slvlvu in llu' gun llu-sv am- unix aa im-w twplml pu-lurvs , A W2 mu .ill lIl'Ilill'llIll'!llS nn' l'vpn'wx1i4'1l. - 9 vo , ' x 5 x .-IIUUYBQI .,. 'e . :WW yW"" 1' aj A i. -.knuil s 4 Nl'-il ,f F1 5 MWHERE' CHARLEY?" All0lll0l' of Mrs. Nlarion l,ilmlmey's outstand- ing pl'0lllll'll0llS was the voxnim' 0p0l't'llil "Where's Cl1ul'lc-y?" givvn Nlny. l95T. The scenery, costum- f:n,.mwgf if I ing, lighting, and dranmatic dire-ction were all most excvllc-nt. It was truly a IICVP1'-I0-lie-fO1'g0llCl1 vxpc-1'ic-11m-0. , r CAST Iflzarlvy Wally Brooks ,lrlvlf , Tum Wlhite Amy Verna Tlmmpson Kirry I.orc-tta Berg Spvltigue Bill Bauer llmma Lllllll Sir Frnmis lflwsney I . . . and otha-rs Mary Jane' Isles luruld Covington ,fl rsffrz ic and UM l,11c1' This rollicking conwtly, direct- ed hy lVlr. Ellsworth, was received vntlnisiastically at each of the three evening performances. The vast was heaclvml hy Joanne What- lvy Tc-nnvll, as Aunt Alihy, and l.nrc'm' Nlvrrill, as Aunt Martha. PRI G DRAMATIC Our lnulmling young artms . actresses perforrnc-ml In-fmt tht stuclvnt lnocly last spring in i strange and unusual nivlnmllnni cntit lcd Tin' Rl'IllIiIIl1.'. , . ....... ,,,....Q-.,,....-.ucv ,dn in itll it ,y it it '. .Q mtl gaus- Nl: Nl' NU Nll Nl' Nll Nl' Nl' Nll Nll Nl' Nll Sain juan N1 urysville l,lill'l'I' Oroville Yulwa City lloseville San ,luan Mary sville l'lzu-er Yuluu City Uroville l:ll5CYlllP Total Nllz Wlon 8 Lost fl Cozleli Vlfarren lnnnel reports that last year we ended the season with 8 niatelies won, fl lost reeord. This yeurls team is lnolstered lay returning letternien Smitty Andrews and llill Cray, und also expeeted to lie on tlle learn are lid Nlontonuri and Bill George. liolr Penn, our No. l man, won the S.l".l,. Singles CllllIllpl0llSllllJ in l957 as ll soplloinore, defeating .lim llryant of Ynlrn City. also at S0llll0lIl0l'l'. Last year liryunt turned the tables on l'enn at tlie league tournament. This year. lrotli seniors, sllonld find llll'Ill ut it again for tlle S.l".l.. singles l'llilIllpl0IlSlllIl. TENNI 1957 Q f i"1"" 417-9' T ERP EEK llzlw you Pwr haul ihv urge to go to school lJHI'f'f00l.Cll? Ur rifle a hi- 1-yvlv through tho hulls? Or wear som:-thing rlifff-I1-nrt? If so. Twflrp WX-1-lx is for youl l'lzu'h spring, to lm-uk the monotony. the school turns into il potpourri of orlrl-loolo ing: people on Sllllllgfx vf-hicles. Crwrt fuul .v. H55 -59' A ,.. it WA ,. y.g..,1,. -, , cj'f-afsgiff l'1.s,e'f""'.l' "L'7f.'42-V. 4 r I - , ...V ., gtki, .eff A , Uv.,-V -v' W, ,V ,gwlxuis ,, . 3. ,,. . Va! .iw ,x .M ,, EW, 56+ - fs . JL 1-Mn-Mr 'Va' M' 123' .1 'fi 1 w., I , ,. . Bowling Chmnps G.A.A. D Trophy Baseball Champs inner if N' Winners gt, G.A.A. A W A R1 D9 S5 7 MRS MARTHA GORDON Advxsor Mill 5' BACCALAUREATE gl IWAV1 if t ,.,, 'r1's,1l1xti .1 4.1 1111 11 11l'l111111111 IlIQ1l1. Ll 1i1l'gL1' 1'l'1NN'11 111 111111-1115 111111 1111-11115 111111-111-11 1111 1 1155 111 19.11 11-1-1-1111 11l1'lI' 1111110111115 1111111 11 5111g1- III 1111- 1'f'Il11'l' 111 111-11111-551' .. .. . 1 1 . ,,. 111-111. 11 111.11 "1ll'S1 1111 NQ'N1ll111 1 1111111. 11115 111111111111 GI'il11lI1l110ll 1'x1-11-151 5 11-11 l1l1l1111111. YV1111 1111- 5111111-1115 111111 L111l111S. C11155 1'11-51111-111 11111 N1111111- 11111'11l111l'Q'11 X1'11-111- 111l11s1'll. 11l'lilIl 11lS1IilI1. 171-11111111 1X1lll1'1i1'X' 111111 N1-11 12115- l'11l 15.1111 51111k1- 1111 1111-11 1111-1111-. "11l'111gll'S 111 1111- N1111111." V1-1111' 11111511111 111111 111 1111 IlI'01Ll'ilI11 1111-111111-11 1110111 1111111-. X1ill'f' 1111111- 1511-5. 11111111 C11-1111111 111111 111111 1715111-1. .1111 1J11'fI1I'f'1l,.' 1111111111 11111'i11g11111. 1 3 -- , J ,r SENIOR AND BANQUET BREAKFAST L mu I . -1-QM, W? L. i 4 r QQ me 6 -1 5 - ' - 44...--:bf .v-.3A"7,""x: H .--A - of K .A A . -QL A D 'EHTIQINI xxvl'ilI'1'Q,l'illl'iLllI lu 0lIl'1l tlX4'l'llNt'l'N. go 5 A -- r ji - . ' -,, ' .,,,"'S ,y' j' wbaig . .. ' KQYQV5 ,jg " uw' 4 -Y'-- --'sax-iq-rp: .ur 4b'7'p: vi? Z. f fy IS- pglp-l 'tg CAL IDA LUMBER 'Q 4-"" " Ina ' is 'f' ,S in la -41 YG Tar f if ,. 75 L arp. L 'Q"L"" COMPANY ""'E 4 his .mfr j Jfi , 1 UAA 5 ritz: T- ,ifigt 'sa f f ef". "' 'Q ':...-.ffl , f'Av,,,,::':?:r.,. ,xd-rl' v , nv-ld ' ...J-Z, 1 'N is with ""ffi'?5f?' M 1 A g,.1Zll-141' h . ,. ,ga-1.,,w:y Ii HF, a ,N- JW!! -,,,.f -I Vs 1 if. Q N ,-'f' lf -'Q '. , 5.92 . vw? , .qv . -. A-Q-5 A W qv. f 4, 125 .L "' Q E 9 X ,Five WA . - 1 ...4..... ...Q ... .. vs, A Q ,, '5'v,.,.,v ,. . A ' . 1 J 42" HAROLD J. PERRY TIDEWATER OIL COMPANY Hills Flai' L XJ' .f-""' ,L EMPIRE HOTEL Empire and Mill Sfreefs GRASS VALLEY A Marysville Highway GRASS VALLEY wi., 5 "Ml-it L. 1:4 ' 2, v :wig wi Y Q it S r- r- uw O Z P '11 -I -I 4 P Z U P 'U 'U E P Z O rr1 cn H Um hh y V5 4 :sf . QMXGQ . ' AUTQEIISTYIU ww 59362, , Vrrw ARCH'S AUTCMOTIVE SERVICE Nevada Ciiy Highway GRASS VALLEY 9 . I .B '.wroM.vrl ww M 5 -5 L. 553343 e fig MS' K? R! ' 4 45 at My W-.. 'ww ' ,. -f . ,V KQWH xvaze. 1- T M- .. A O n .. V gy Q' M if 5 Q ,S I 1 ,M ni I09 STENNETT'S MARKET 317 Soufh Auburn S+. GRASS VALLEY GRASS VALLEY FLORAL COMPANY Nevada Ci+y Highway TYLER'S GRASS VALLEY Wesi Main Sfreef GOLDEN EMPIRE MARKET I05 E GRAS mpire S+ 1' VAL CONSUMERS Grass Valley " . jffif 3 I lg W S H+' , V 5- QQQ'1-""5.a--.""-!"".f: -mf., ..' ' - S S A S . v -' f,-4' .' -I4.,f-'.r-f'v ffljiffg!-' ,N K, Y,' N S .W . L11 ..f.r:'Ji':'2 - " - , ig, ' ,.1 ffg ','ij,rL?ff ,gL5s.:L4f.g32.-15 -.ig4::,:1jI,fi"'f Q' -r -5... vsrfg, 15 , .4 1 .1 .- .. , .,, - G .I 'Lv 'J-1: Jycilk ,it i2Af'4,1,2'Ls4 -'. . - x ' ' A ' BUILDERS AND LUMBER COMPANY Nevada Cify Highway 1' ffl K 123 at GOLD BowLf II5 Bank S+ree+ J Grass Valley BERGGREN'S JEWELRY ENOKSEN ELECTRIC 3I0 Broad Slreel' Il2 Bank Sfreef Nevada Ci+y Grass Valley x.w N 'fl ii? ,x I F ' -.. C ' 5,-, f i ,Q : Qu- Rf x ,f I 1 s f if 55 is ff? Q ,E+ ..51. . , ff X W9 Q 50? Q W. U 5' E. " fa" - .8 , If SSX ' iii 'l!:'. ' 5314 -Q f 'f7""'415 'A YSL-t'.4':'s" s - .L f T Pi' '55 .V 'er A a 1 1 3 .Y Il, s ' '92, 4 pi? ' J . Q ff an 1 1'..4Yf' fi " 1 . 5 ,. .. . Q. " . 9 .Q Q," ix. F' 'F ff-FX' ' ', '12 ,QTEWT55 ' ts" r -. - , , xg 5 fx. 41 N fx , S Q 1 kv, 1. V., u 0 ' 4 1 C Q ' .,'?"tt ' L it ' -M .Fr maj X jifiifi 3 X , ww wi, I UNI " ,. L ' .fgfat ' af' .. W -if ' v J- .i'4 Q 3' 3: .. f 5 ? N. L, Qian -.04 'Q xx - 1 ,Q-.i A ,gffffxx x 3 ' T' 1 , 5 , ' f ' v- A A V X ,, I I In -- L4 Virw Q .XA r""1vw-4 --Q-url 'Q fgg Lf., - Q, . Q P Q f - .aw-' f X ' - 1 AI . x ' ' 'lpwg ' Y gy f V' 3 wk 3'if"' M I gdb 5. K x 1 I 'V 'L H ' W .Kimi i 3 . yy , W 4 Q.. - - .. HM H -f "W ' Q' ' F- ,Yr ff Q Q , V 54 .Jeff ' K gunxvgq-'B-t x ' ,- F ' i" . i. Efmgb YUBA RIVER LUMBER COMPANY Grass Valley Nevada Ci+y Highway JOHN L. BEITZ JEWELER I67 Mill Slreel Grass Valley -.,.,,ILA KNEE'S RADIO ELECTRIC 230 Broad S+ree+ Nevada Cily Y..L.. f V awk' ', xr 3 -Q GRASS VALLEY DRUG STORE I24 Sou+h Auburn Sfreel V ll Grass a ey lv ,N ,Y . -is .X . 555' -.3 . k ,953 :gf fav Saw 1 1 A Q Q2 2: 4 ': HOWARD C. BRIGGS RIO GRANDE SERVICE STATION 403 Soufh Auburn Sfreef GRASS VALLEY BENNETTS AND STEEL I28 Mill S'IreeI GRASS VALLEY McCAULEY'S PASTRY SHOP I23 Mill Sfreef GRASS VALLEY pw LOOSER REAL ESTATE COMPANY ZI9 Wes+ Main Sfreei Grass Valley HEDMAN FURNITURE 256 Sou+I1 Auburn S+ree'I' GRASS VALLEY N. F. THOMPSON HEATING 81 PLUMBING Hills Flat GRASS VALLEY HOBBYHOUSE 81 OFFICE EQUIPMENT I20 Wes+ Main S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY CITY MARKET 303 Broad SI'reef NEVADA CITY 9 nwr GOLDEN RULE STORES, INC. l5O Mill Sireei GRASS VALLEY ALPHA HARDWARE COMPANY 204 Wes? Main Sfreei' GRASS VALLEY BEN FRANKLINS Ill Mill Sfreef GRASS VALLEY C. K. HEFFREN INSURANCE III Wes+ Main Sfreef GRASS VALLEY PHOENIX DRUGS I48 Mill Sfreef GRASS VALLEY G 81 H PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 22l Broad S+ree+ NEVADA CITY BANK OF AMERICA 300 Broad S+ree+ NEVADA CITY J. C. PENNEY CO II5 MiII S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY III .5 II , ,,,vw-nv vw. . .,,, IIT if S. 5- g' 9' . 5- ' -- ' . A r 'V x I.. , -,pw ,,,,"g Qs 4 rf-Y 'QV i I avg: 'Y 4, PL -h ffm'iff2.1f - W wie: 9 ,dd fri 4 p,..rv" vfk HAQKQR ,Ng - f., 1 1 ' 5 9 fin ' +1 4-Lflf 'sind 1 I-aqnk -nl Q., u ' -uh- 4 0 u un m 8 ' - ..: Q Q I .4 , rw' 19:1 ' s 'fa in 4. W ull ' C WYMJW Q , - . E if U I e 5 . Jilin? ' 5 V...-M Q'1"""'PNxP""!' W, W4 . 5 I ' afff f I 1 , . li' . . At Q I nun... 1 I 'I , .3 SAVE-MORE VARIETY 3I2 Broad Sfreef NEVADA CITY 'We Give SXH Green Stamps" OAK SUPER MARKET Oak and Barker Drive GRASS VALLEY FOSTER AND SON PLUMBING 206 Wesi Main Sfreef GRASS VALLEY BRET HARTE DAIRY 334 Jordan SIree'I NEVADA CITY 9-V-T HAl?r J in 6 s K 6 I---, 0 9 Nfl' X ' X N113 ,, 41.9 . Y' Q 5 QQ .. H LIDELL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Hughes Road GRASS VALLEY "Your Fu'rure Home a+ ,,...,,A ..Q,A ff"7f,.+J9"e.gL1vl,' ,W-,, ,,II,,,1.I.f..u e-f,I,.,,f I Counfry CIub Terrace" Asif-I - ' M H A' "1 "' W' I A' I ' - H '-: vmrgg-elf.-fghsu3,,pqa4g-rA.',c -A - - H L-, TQ MW- v A- fella P v PARKY'S GAS SERVICE I02 Wes+ Main S'I'reeI' GRASS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA FLO'S BEAUTEE SHOPPE I27 Neal S+reeI GRASS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA GRENFELL INSURANCE 2I0 NeaI SI'ree+ GRASS VALLEY TESS' GIFT SHOP Mill Sfreef GRASS VALLEY FOOTE ELECTRIC COMPANY -,I AIIa SIreeI Q GRASS VALLEY I En UNION SERVICE STATION GRASS VALLEY CRAMER S PONTIAC AGENCY HII FI + - GRASS VALLEY .GQ HARTU NGS JEWELERS I24 Mill Slreef GRASS VALLEY Y LOLMAUGH JEWELRY I08 Mill S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY ..l 7 DEL ORO SWEET SHOP STEELE SUPPLY GRASS VALLEY Soullu Auburn Sfreel 203 Mill S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY - .W L -I dh: F L ' . ENC DIAMOND MATCH COMPANY 205 Easf Main S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY JY' GLENBROOK GAS CO. L Nevada Cify Highway GRASS VALLEY DLENBRDM u -ale EARL COVEY'S GARAGE I43 Eas+ Main Sfreef GRASS VALLEY ALEXANDER'S RUG 81 UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS TOWN TALK -M v- I I., I v fm R N. I r- x. .4 - - X I mwah. In NEVADA couurv rms ssnwcs ECAPPING 5 REPAIRING an-rg GOLD BOWL BEAUTY SHOP I2I Neal S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY CHATTERBOX I22 Wesf Main S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY I:-J , fe' I W -"YT, . cl! Q f If . . 5 , ., I T I...,. I rs I M. I NEVADA COUNTY TIRE SERVICE Auburn Highway GRASS VALLEY HUNNICUTT'S MEATS 754 Zion Sfreei NEVADA CITY GRASS VALLEY MAP AND BLUEPRINT CO. 240 Mill S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY 1-in COLLlER'S SHOE STORE xmQ3l"""" SL,-V I26 Mill Sfreei' "M GRASS VALLEY X. 'IL LADIFS 'ESTNII .KK 74' ff T nd HELBACH MOTORS GRASS VALLEY ' , .-. P 3 1 J fr S, .... , GRASS VALLEY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS III BenneH Sfree+ GRASS VALLEY 'FRP""'w F SN., ., Y N 4 A f A Saws VALLEY LAUNURE, ""' K XY CYIJIIID ll . Y? CENTRAL MOTORS CO. Hills Flal' GRASS VALLEY GRASS VALLEY HARDWARE II4 Mill Sfreef GRASS VALLEY VALET CLEANERS 42I Soufh Auburn S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY RAM EY BROTHERS P.O. Box 566 GRASS VALLEY GEORGE BROTHERS GARAGE I49 Easf Main S'rreef GRASS VALLEY CONWAY'S I38 Mill S'I'reef GRASS VALLEY .is-sw - . tr"T"!"fS'45"l2R'5x . E543 A NEVADA CITY BOTTLING WORKS Washingfon S+ree+ NEVADA CITY SPGNSORS Aney Real Eslale, Nalional Holel, Tel. I22, N. C. Angelini Brolhers, 320 Sacramenlo Sl.. Tel. Il2, N. C. Arl's TV Radio Hospilal, 20I Mill Sl., Tel-. 984, G. V. Bank of America, I33 Mill Sl., Tel. I2l0 and l26 W. Main Sl.. Tel. I2I4, G. V. Barb's Gill Shop. I54 Mill Sl., Tel. I735, G. V. Bearry's Elaclrical Shop, 640 S. Auburn Sl., Tel. IBB, G. V. Bennells Boolery, l40 Mill Sl.. Tel. 937, G. V. and 3I5 Broad Sl., Tel. 732, N. C. Bergemann, Paul, Funeral Chapel, 246 Sacramenlo Sl., Tel. 203, N. C. B. 8: H. Aulo Parls, Auburn Highway, G. V. Bon Allure, I4I Mill Sl., Tel. 3I0, G. V. Breurs, Vic, Men's Weanfi Shoes, 243 Mill Sl., Tel. l258, G. V. Broadway Beauly Shop, 308 Broad Sl., Tel. 376. N. C. Brown's Fuel Co., I49 Park Ave., Tel. 476, G. V. Brown, John, lnsurance, IO4 E. Main Sl., Tel. 780. G. V. Cafe Royal, 67I S. Auburn Sl., Tel. l485. G. V. Casey Reslauranl, 202 Mill Sl., Tel. I073. G. V. Colfax Fruil Growers, Hills Flal, Tel. I57, G. V. Curnow Halls Insurance, 3l6 Broad Sl., Tel. 633, N. C. De Marlini Rexall Drugs, Broad Sl.. Tel. 225, N. C. Dodini, Herberl C., l23 Bank Sl., Tel. 766, G. V. Dickermen's Drug, 2l9 Broad Sl., Tel. 30. N. C. Don Molor Sales, I20 N. Auburn Sl., Tel. 303. G. V. Eisenhower Berber Shop, Main Sl.. G. V. Food Palace, 203 York Sl., Tel. 398, N. C. Grass Valley Real Eslele, I30 W. Main Sl., Tel. I867, G. V. Greenwell, Ralph, Occidenlal Life Insurance. P.O. Box 9I8, Tel. I044, G. V. Grizzly Creek Sawmill, N. Columbia Haddy Shell Slelion, Main and Nevada, Tel. 590. N. C. Harmony Shop, l25 Mill Sl., Tel. bl, G. V. Halch Plumbing, 2I2 Main Sl., Tel. I07, N. C. H. lx P. Food Slore, 3l9 Broad Sl., Tel. I28, N. C. Hocking, Thomas F., 242 Colfax Ave., Tel. I730. Slale Farm Ins., G. V. Hoover Mobil Slalion, Burri View Dr. and Ridge Rd., Tel. I466, G. V. Horne, William, Men's Furnishing, 207 Broad Sl., Tel. I46, N. C. lnler Counly Tille Co., 23l Commercial Sl., Tel. 7l, N. C. Joseph Dey 8: Son Real Eslale 8: Ins., l08 N. Pine Sl., Tel. 286. N. C. Karl's Chevron, Commercial and Broad Sl., Tel. 666, N. C. Knighis Painl Slore, I46 Mill Sl., Tel. 998, G. V. Kopp Bakery, 320 Broad Sl., Tel. 500, N. C. Miners Foundry 8: Manufacluring Co.. Spring Sl.. Tel. 3, N. C. M'Lady, I06 N. Pine Sl., Tel. 3I8, N. C. Nevada Counly Cleaners, II6 Broad Sl., Tel. lI8, N. C. News 8: Novelly Shop, 3l4 Broad Sf., Tel. 5l0, N. C. Novalrs Deparlmenl Siore, l07 N. Pine Sl., Tel. 29, N. C. Osborne Flower Shop, 205 W. Main Sl., Tel. 98, G. V. Pacific Dollar Slore, I57 Mill Sl., Tel. 465, G. V. Parkview Markel, Colfax Highway, Tel. 454. G. V. Painlers Merkel If Pee Wee's, 228 Broad Sl., Tel. I76-J and 754 Zion Sl., Tel. 2l7, N. C. Parlridge Holel, 20l S. Auburn Sl., Tel. l70, G. V. Pengelly Shoe Slore. lI2 Mill Sl., Tel. I380-W, G. V. Plaza Grocery, IOI Broad Sl., Tel. 86. N. C. Prenliss's Pholo, 205 Broad Sl., Tel. 227-M, N. C. Radio 8: TV Cenler, 209 W. Main Sl., Tel. I262. G. V. Ralslon, I22 Mill Sl.. Tel. lI02, G. V. Rascos. l6l Mill Sl., Tel. 98. G. V. Relailers Credil Assn., l23 E. Bank Sl., Tel. l030, G. V. Sampsons Slalionery, I20 Mill Sl., Tel. Il0, G. V. Schwarlz Sporling. 323 Race Sl., Tel. I409-J, G. V. Sierra Truck, Auburn Highway, Tel. 987, G. V. Sprouse. Reilz, Mill Sf., G. V. Squeeze Inn, Mill Sl., G. V. Sleger Aulo Supply, Ill N. Pine, Tel. I44, N. C. Slork Shop, l32 Mill Sl., Tel. 92, G. V. Tahoe Sugar Pine Lumber Company, Washinglon, Tel. l00 Carllon Thomas, l5I Mill Sl., Tel. I035, G. V. Van's Frame 8: Axle, 205 S. Auburn Sl., Tel. 920, G. V. Wanda's Gifl 8: Beauly Shop, Mill Sl., Tel. 285 and I366, G. V. Washinglon Grocery, 4l6 Washinglon Sl., Tel. 804. G. V. Williams Slalionery, Il2 W. Main Sl., Tel. 66, G. V. Woody Smilh Jewelry, 224 Broad Sl.. Tel. 787-W, N. C. Youngs Barber Shop, 233 Broad Sl.. N. C. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Ballou, John W., M.D., I52lf2 Mill Sl., Tel. 952, G. V. Berryman, Melvin, D.D.S., I29 Neal Sl., Tel. l225, G. V. Boles Oplomelrisl, 242 Commercial Sl., Tel. 88, N. C. Bouma, John Chiropraclor, 258 S. Auburn Sl., Tel. 424, G. Carler, H. E., D.D.S., l39'f2 Mill Sl., Tel. l057, G. V. Conanl, Roberl F., M.D., Hills Flal, Tel. 99, G. V. Frey. Jerome, M.D., 205 N. Pine Sl.. Tel. 400, N. C. Fry, Orvin, M.D., IO4 S. School Sl., Tel. 630. G. V. V Hummell, Bernard W., Physician and Surgeon, 400 Broad Sl., Tel. 395, N. C. Hawkins, Waller, M.D., 3l2 Broad Sl., Tel. 95, N. C. Labbe. Joseph, Physician and Surgeon, I23 E. Bank Sl., Tel. 678, G. V. Lang, Dwighl F., D.D.S., I38 S. Auburn Sl., Tel. 900. G. V. Lang, Oscar F.. M.D., Communily and Clinic, l38 S. Auburn Sl., Tel. 900. G.V. Mullis, Waller, D.D.S., 435 Zion Sl., Tel. 283, N. C. Padgell, Vernon W., M.D., I29 Soulh Auburn Sl., Tel. 72, G. V. Pallerson, C. O., M.D., 20l S. Auburn Sl., Tel. 764. G. V. Reed. Waller D., M.D., 4I5 Broad Sl., Tel. 362, N. C. Ross, Roberl L. Jr., opfomefasf, I47 Mill S+.. Tel. 624, QV. Slewarl, Harry, D.D.S., Slewarl and Bank..Sl., Tel. 27, G. NEVADA COUNTY COURT HOUSE Assessor Charles R. Kills, Tel. 93, N. C. Clerk John T. Trauner, Tel. 26, N. C. Recorder John E. Nellel, Tel. 92. N. C. Sheriff's Office, Wayne Brown, Tal. 9, N. C. Slewarl, Harry, D.D.S., Slewarl and Bank Sl., Tel. 27. G. V. Treasurer 8: Tax Colleclor Miss Elma Hecker, Tel. IB, N. C. V -" q53,,a1 , ' dl i QSC' we Y B-'Ur enlovgwgonjf rj S ' TEE? ' fr i -5 ,, .,. .Far , A F Siu L' v f . - 1 .W ,. , , ,f'Ni'Q., ,A . . s ,. . .. V ' nu U' 5' .--1 1 ' ' -Ein' . ,Q ?XmwH'- -f' , '1 V " L' ' '1 v X, v .K+ r' .ff m K , K 51 A ' U. 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Suggestions in the Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) collection:

Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 88

1958, pg 88

Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 34

1958, pg 34

Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 106

1958, pg 106

Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 142

1958, pg 142

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